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The weekly true Democrat
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Weekly true Democrat (Tallahassee, Fla. 1905)
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Tallahassee Fla
John G. Collins
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November 16, 1906
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United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
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The Tallahassee Weekly True Democrat was established on March 3, 1905, by John G. Collins. The "True Democrat", as it briefly called itself, explained that its name showed dedication to the "true and tried doctrines of The Old Time distinguished from...mischievous fads and fallacies of the day." Though not intended, never more true words have been spoken on newspaper title changes! Milton A. Smith bought the Weekly True Democrat in 1908. In February 1912, the paper started publishing as the Semi-weekly True Democrat . In 1913, it reverted to a weekly again under the title of the Weekly True Democrat . On April 6, 1915, the newspaper became the Daily Democrat . Frequency of publication dictated another change of title later that year when the Daily Democrat became the Weekly Democrat . Sometime thereafter, exact dates are not known, the Weekly Democrat became the paper of record for the state’s capital, and the title changed to the Weekly Democrat and Florida Record to reflect this development. If ever it was a record for Florida, it would have been a digest, since both the Florida House and Senate have maintained continuous and detailed recordings of their deliberations. Today, the same newspaper is known as the Tallahassee Democrat . Because Tallahassee is the seat of Florida’s state government, the True Democrat has been quoted copiously in journal articles and theses. Of particular note is its usefulness in tracking Jim Crow behaviors in the early 20th century. During this period, African Americans constituted about 80 percent of the population in Leon County, and white supremacists felt particularly threatened. The True Democrat, whatever its name, would come to influence--and some might argue, make mischief with--the State of Florida’s democratic processes and the deliberations of the legislature. While it may have shown leanings toward one party or another throughout its history, the newspaper has been affiliated with neither the Democratic nor Republican party but can be said to have exerted its influence on each.
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 3, 1905)-v. 7, no. 52 (Feb. 16, 1912).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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NO. 3A1

Good Govammeat; Honesty in Public Office; Equal Justice to All-Special Privileges t-None.


e*md simrn ande Who
noei" new****** m n v
tsay Me It.
The eleton is over and allreport
so far received indicate that the dalr
Amendment to the constitution ha
be defeatedby a big majority, som
estimates placing it as high as 00
although Aeems to be nearer th
correct iure. This should put an en
to y effort to again ask the peo le
Florida to confer on any set of me
arbitrary powers. or to delegate le~ru
lative authority on a board of executive
ofleere.-St. Lucie Tribune.
Mr. Broward's stock seems to b
watered .. -Mr. Broward, as a Sena
trial candidate will be of little force
The people of Florida have set down oi
him good and hard.-Dunnellon Advo
The drainage campaign was a mud
slinging affair in more senses than one
There may be more mud-slinging ii
politics, but there will be no more mud
slinging in the Everglades.-Nassai
In our own State there was veri
little interest in the election ex
cept in the matter of the Governor'i
drainage amendment. Though income
plete, sufficient returns have come ii
.to make plain the fact that the drain
age scheme aa embodied in the amend
ment has been knocked into a cocked
hat by the sovereign voters of Florida
and now Mr. Broward will have to takl
u 'his "lack" and come again -.. We
Florida seems to have been more
friendly to the drainage proposition
than the other portion of the State
In South Florida, with but two or three
exceptions, every county was against
the ropoetion, while the middle coun
a'-' ties it the propoition a large series ol
solar plexbows. -Plant City Courier.
On Tuesday the people of the stated
informed Gov. Broward that it waI
Sdaed- The Deloo News.
The o Iae of Interest in Floridh
was the r10e amendment, and thi
result ows t the people of thi
&te do mteare to ITveet five me
wit morchi powers, the amend-
ment havin been defeated by a vot<
of at leat twMto one. The vote 0
this u In Alaebua county is ea
pecilally gratifying to The Sun. -Gaines.
ville Sun.
Florida's good-natured governor
grows threatening. The ddeat of his
pet scheme of Everglades and other
drainage has caused him to feel blue.
He told a prominent gentleman in
Jacksonville last Wednesday that he
is "not through fighting yet. By way
of explanation, the governor added :
"They have beat me, but I am not
through fighting yet. In fact, I feel
better prepared and more in the mood
for fighting than at any time since I
entered politics. I will have another
constitutional amendment offered at
the next session of the Legislature,
and I will have some bills put through
which will cause weeping and wailing
and gnashing of teeth in certain quar-
ters. I am going ahead with the drain-
age of the Everglades, regardless of
a obstacles that may be put in my
way." Take to the woods, ye anti-
drainage voters, for ath adverse major-
ity of nearly five thousand voters is not
going to save you from the inevitable.
-St. Augustine Record.
Governor Broward has said that he
would veto a measure to tax the whole
state to pay for the drainage of the
Everglades. So we are safe anyhow so
long as he is governor, unless two-
thirds of the legislature could be in-
duced to vote for a measure making an
appropriation.-Winter Garden Rico-
chet. [But has he not made promises
before that he treated lightly. Such
treatment as he handed to Major
Tench, for an example ]
Nothing but leaves are now left to
remind the people of the drainage dis-
cussionand thee, scattered from Bag-
dad to Panaaoffke, are fast becoming
raked up to feed the insatiste maws of
kitchen re... Governor Broward
opened the Jaeksonvile Carnival with
a speech, introducing the various coo-
make-ch ra sad dog-faced men to
the waiting people. There area large
number of people in the State who feel
that the Govetror I especially fitted
to shine nto a permanent position of this
dlnd....As matter of faet. some of
the most active of the anti-drainage
apouters were eough to east suspicion
of .oation Influence upon all who
oonet oppoesd the eheme. And yet
the fgt was really one In which the
honest, thinking people of the State,
for ita decent regard for the rights of
all, were pitted against a really vicious
Sraicway corporation, aided and abetted
by a eoerie of official rafter. whose
(met ,oteat stoek I. trade is an ability
to fool the inorant and unthinking a
large p of efs time.- Palatka News.

The Time-Union claims Dade county
ave a majority of thirty-ine for
drainage. It df no sh thing; it


nor Broward is the servant or the mas-
ter of the people of this state? He
stated publicly that the board has
already spent $160000 in this wild
scheme of drainage. If this statement
is correct, then it is the duty of the
le islature to investigate and ascertain
where this money came from. Deduct-
ing the 228,000 they were enjoined
from spending, the Trustees have had
no such sum as $160,000 to invest in
drainage. Where then has the money
come from which Mr. Broward has ex-
pended without authority of law and
without first receiving the permission
of the people to whom the money be-
longs ? We know of no authority un-
der the law for the Trustees of the In-
ternal Improvement Fund to incur any
"ndebtednes whatsoever We can not
believe that Governor Broward and his
board have violated the injunction and
used any part of the $8,000 enjoined
to build his dredges and do his work of

Last Tuesday's election ended the
long campaign over the drainage amend-
ment, when the people by their ballots
voiced their sentiment against the
ado tion of the amendment. We have
not beeable to get the returns in de-
tail, but there seems to be no doubt as
to the amendment having been voted
down. This will doubt lessfor the
present end this drainage scheme.-
Lakeland Sun
From present indications the drain-
age amendment voted upon Tuesday
throughont the State of Florida has
been defeated by a majority somewhere
near three thousand votes. This mea-
ure was the mumt interesting feature
of the election, and to it can be
attributed the fair-sized vote that wa..
polled. There can be no question now
out that the amendment was generally
unpopular. The returns shw it.L Lee
and eacambia counties are probably







the only two counties that will show
really large majorities in favor of the
amendment. In Middle Florida the
sentiment against drainage was over-
whelming. The administration used its
power to the beat possible advantage
and t up a strong figbt, but the peo-
pe hae refused to endorse Governor
Broward's pet measure for good and
suffieclet reasons, all of which will be-
come more apparent as time passes. -
Tituaville Star.
Huasal Hussal The "baptizin'
pawnd" is safely Drainage is ausge-
spielt.... -Jefforson cauntv's vote
showed a majority of about 200 against
the drainage amendment... .The News
and Bill Girardean voted for drainage;
Pasco was absent, Bill Lamar and Mays
sat on the fence, and Jefferson county
went just like Maine did for Governor
Kent. -Monticello News.

go.es0, two, three time that V
Siitotit drainae. Bet e = as WMo
adw't Hke to be
when we have ut gon ad did
a hing we eoulda't help do -Miami y n R NlgpeiMa ele L S rew.

Th. total vote of the oanty on the WUP, i Oa-of the Stats *I
dramai e anedmeot was for, 614 rleasg.
* against. Thus the views of the Herald ... .
and of the Arcadia News were n- In aerdance with a custom sacred
tained. The idiatlons are that a lin the memory of the peop Florida,
- the eon inthe Evergladesdra ge I hereby s it Thbewn the 29th
, district, with the exception of LeM day of November a day of
0 have given majorities against the THANKSGIVING AND PRAYER.
dranae amendment, thus proving And I recommend to all the people of
f how uterly groundless was Governor this State that Om that day, in devout
n Broward's oft repeated assertion that assemble in their respective places of
. the people of theme counties were prac- worship and in flad gatherings around
tica&ly unanimous for the amendment.- family resides they give thanks to
Punts Gorda Herald. Almighty God 9or the prosperity which
e The Record very gracefully tips its fills our land with plenty, and for a civ.
. hat to the democracy of Volusia county ilization which endears and consecrates
for the big majority given at the elec- associations of home.
S tion Tuesday against the drainage prop- And I further recommend that the
- position, and it is especially gratified people make ready for this festival
over the big majority given against the with love, which binds all hearts and
measure at its own home. Ever since brightens all homes; and with charity.
- we studied and analyzed that proposed that blesses alike both the giver and
amendment to our constitution we have the receiver, so broad that it shall
determinedly but consistently opposed reach its needy one in the State.
' its adoption. It would have been a Given under my hand and the Great
moat dangerous and autocratic measure Seal of the State, at Talla-
in the hands of five men, for whose poe- haisee, the Capital, this 8th
f possible extravagance and the levying day of November, in the
- of an enomous tax that could have been year of our Lord, one thou-
1 perpetual, te people could get no re- [L. s.] sand nine hundred and six,
Stress before the courts of the State. and of the Independence of
I It was the best service the people of the United States the one
* Volusia ever performed for their State hundred and thirty-first year.
and all her people. The Record has N. B. BROWARD.
i gone through many contests in this Governor.
county, but it feels today that it has By the Governor: Attest.
SJuat finished the best efforts of its life H. CLAY CRAWFORD.
In behalf of the taxpayers of the State. Secretary of State.
It has resorted to none other than cold .
facts and honorable means in its assist- drainage. If the board has borrowed
ance Ino bringing about the result in money for this purpose it has borrowed
Volusia last Tuesday. The drainae t without authoriy f law aWd the
amendment was defeated in the State lenders have incurred a most serious
by an overwhelming majority, nearly risk. We trust thatasmon as the Leg
all the counties voting against the mesa islature meet the Hou of Repreen
ure, the Governor's home county, Du- natives will inastite an investigaUton in
val. casting over 200 majority against regard to this matter, for the money
it.-Veteka ReAord. thus expended Ither bed to the
Returns from all parts of the State eutie fo"r g oa s fMourth
indicate that the amendment has been of it belongs to the school fund. If
very properly rebuked for his unprece- Governor Broward a Md board have
dented efforts to foist upon the people Wllegaty ewd the of ts p
of M a ar eshaember oranaton borrowed Om I, w 0ai t-.
clothed with mperal powers and with. debtedmne la e tw. s it
out acountality to the Leglature, is the duty of the house of ee t-
the courts or the people. Indeed, it native to tmpech ever man f them,
seems that nearly ever county a theand upon proofet of thr I set It
State has given a majority against that will be the duty of the Senate to find
preposterous proposition which should them guilty and remove them from
never have been submitted to an intel- office. The time has come for plain
ligent people. -Punts Gorda Herald. speaking, and when we And the gover-
The indications are now that the nor of the state defying the people it is
drainage amendment has been lost by the duty of the people to call him to
a decisive majority. But there's account and to give him to understand
scarcely any doubt that the result has that he is their servant and not their
not:defeated the indomitable will of Gov. master. We repeat, that the matterof
Broward. He is too game to be de- these expenditures should be investi-
feated in the first round--Taylor gated. Regardless of party or of fac-
County Herald He says he has on Lion it should be done and an end put
his fight in clot es but as le to a disregardof the law, a disregard
hsee im, and his doins, more.t as h of the people and the squandering of
are. there can be no doubt that he will moneyheld in rust for hem.
meet a just rebuke and defeat in all lavares herald.
the schemes he and his ill advisers may Bradford county gave an overwhelm-
attempt to work for selfish purposes, ing majority against the drainage
against the best interests of the people.] amendment. The Blradford county voter
By a vote of five to one Bradford got Lt into his head early in the game
county voters refused tn ratify the con- tria the drainage scheme was a risky
sttutional amendment providin f or proposition, and all the arguments that
the drainageof the Everglades. Whi couid be brought to bear by the advo-
itwasbelieved by the bet judges of ca of the amendment could not dis.
county politics that the county would el the first imresson So far
_ave a majority a.inst the amend- the people at large have to do witn
givet majority against t.ea e .dreenage," the question was settled
ment. no.suh ands ide wits edpec t n Tuesday's election. What else tne
The amendment several ardent ad-. .ecLion. What elt. tne
vocates wno lost no opportunity t politicians will do with it remains to be
extol the virtues of the drainaf seen if the drainage amendment it,
scheme and it was thought tha te defeated, as now seems proubble, we
sum of their efforts would cause a invite all prospect ive verglades sugar
closer division of the vote, but the ofl- cane planters to come to Starkand
i. canvass of the returns shows that grow strawberrie. Bradford county
pinly ninety-four ersons in the whole has plenty of good lands that do nut.
contynerecoverrteotnhedr ingeh have to be drained to make them ten.-
ounty were onvStarke Telegraph.e raag able andbble of producing paying
standard.- Starke Telegraph. crops.-Starke Telegraph.
Call Him to Account: In his last ay., don't you think Hillsborough
proclamation to the people of Florida county should know something about
Governor Broward definitely asserted its neighbor the Everglades? Well.
that even if the people voted down the Hillsborough voted against drainage,
amendment be intended to continue the And don't you think Duval should know
work of drainage. usi funds belong- the Governor? Well, she has turned
ing to the Trustees ofthe Internal Im- him down as statesman twice. Oppor-
provement Fund, held in trust for the tunity doesn't always inspire wis-
peopleof Florida, and withoutregardU toreom, ut certainly it should teach us
their will on the question. This in ef- something sometimes, and this record
feet was hi declaration; and now the deserves notice.--Times-Union Short
question arises whether or not Gover- Talks

to `saet a g ways to. "
ow -at least I o faraao
demon1hra w-is her st nw it bS
be.- It is lto be tfl hewBever, r
will reognise publl entimet ands..- rakes m p
pend operations. -Tampa News. remetativea tim e j
the Housem. Th ea't
The returns thus far Indicate the de- out them; they w 't get
feat of the drainage amendment. The out them. In tbhe l1 M sr
Recorder is proud to chronicle the fact must listen to the demanded of -
that Madison county again records a nos interests."
majority on the people's sIde of an im- His unconcern mesas that he and his
prtant issue Madison Recorder. co meddlere will be on hand from the
[This man's own newspaper puts him beginning to the end of the next sea.
in a false position, as he ia a staunch sion of congress, and throughout
and warm supporter of the governor, the session of succeeding con-
and in synmpthy with him in his greses; that they will appear before
schemes. Must have felt sure of sue- the committees of the Senate and the
ce* s before the vote was cast. and sent House, and their statistics will be
his editorial in from the Railroad Comr- eagerly sought and freely used by leg-
mis.-ion office in Tallahassee ahead of islators; and that senators and repre-
time. Sometimes "our lond. at hope sentatives in and out of coamitte*
decay." and we deeply sympathize with rooms, will give heed to the "gentle
our friend Dunn.) men representing special interest
The Tampa Tribune intimates that affected by the bill." In other words,
Hon. S. L. Carter, of Gainesville. at- they will mold legislation-as they have
torney for the Atlantic Coast Line Rail- in days gone by.
road, was repudiated by the people of Theoretically, the members of Con-
his own county, and will try the Legis- gress the mselves form the people's
lature as a candidate for th, Speaker of lobby. But, strange as it may seem,
the House. Mr Carter was an enthu- the people are not adequately repre-
siastic drainage man and ~tumi'ed the rented in the Congress of the United
State for drainaire with Governor States 'Thu interests of the people are
Broward. Alachua county a lare often neglected--sometimes as much
majority aRainst drainage -.Jackson j through carelessness as with intent.
ville Metropol [The administration What can the people do about it?
p at, it were They intend to tsand Elect new members of Congress who
hm for Speaker of the Houe, but will be representative of the people?
what Editor Eugene Mathews. of the Yes. But it takes time to overthrow a
Starke Telegraph. or some other good machine. The substitution of inde-
man will do for him will be a plenty.] pendent for subservientrepresentatives
Florida says: "Down with graft !" and senators as a slow process. It
Now that th# drainage amendment has should go steadily on. But, as an im-
been defeated, the State Legislature mediate safeguard to popular govern-
should at once proceed to provide some ment-- as a factor in achieving govern-
measure of relief for the people of the m"et 01 and b the there
Caloosohatchee Valley, who have suf- should be maintained at as ton
fered serious losses by the overflow of A national. non-partiman or a
the Caloosahatchee mfler. Senator J. Independent of concentrated capI
H. Humphreys, of Manatee. while on and organized labor, establiead to fur-
Lekc ," . A"? there in a practical, effective way, leg-
the Okeechobee trip, promised that he islation in th intrests of the whJ
would introduced measure in the Leg. and to expose and defeat mi.
islature which would meet the require-. pe c lnd to v i i t mi.
will have an opportunity to redeem his ormalti.a bunreauoeftf .
pledge -St. Augustine Record. [That tiomiuionor abywatoflaeses
man Ddoe sensibly and practically by tiv inquiry, or .hat name
local option legislation. Lett hos mt nti ng. But iwill o
pie settle that matter tosuito e known as the peopiel'sloy .. -Henr
selves, and let all Floridians lend them Beach Needham . Success Magain.
a helping hand in doing it. ] Tallah eaas Preametld.
Hons. N. B. Broward, H. Clay Craw- The many Tallahaasee friends of Mr.
ford and W. V. Knott. of Tallahassee, R. C. Snipes will be pleased to read the
arrived in our village last Friday morn- following:
ing. as per Governor Broward's plan Georgetown, S. C., Nov. 6, 1006.
to speak to the voters of this county To Agents and Connecting Lines:
on the drainage amendment, but on Effective this date, Mr. R. C. Sipml
account of the people not knowing it, is appointed general freight and paen-
only a 'small crowd was present, but ger agent of this comp-my, vice Mr. A.
hin argument was strong and we be- Campbell, assined to other duties.
lievi won some few, i not more, W. l. ANDREWS, Supt.
voutel. 'rwfordville Breeze. Approved-
-- --.... ........... K. S. FARR, Pree. and Gen. Man.
Mr. Chas. A. Cay has completed a
cement sidewalk on Il i residence prop- Mr. B. J. R. Boatwright, one of
erty on North 1Mlorue St., and the Leon's uldest and best agriculturista,
same presents a remarkably attractive I wa in the city Monday and made us a
ipearAie.* '. pleasant visit.

. d

Looks as if the entire State went
"dry" Good morninG! Who does
your draining? That proposed drain-
age company is "knocked sky-hirh"
Carry the news to Tallahassee that
Florida has redeemed herself.--Lake
City Index [The news came to Talla-
hassee, and so will the Legislature a
little later, when some more important
steps may be taken in drainage mat-
ters. Florida's Governor now says he
has only begun the fight. He, and his,
may expect to meet still further upsets
to his and their gigantic schemes to be-
come the masters of the people and
to build up that Mighty Machine.]
The people of Suwannee county want
no Everglades drained by constitu-
tional amendment in theirs, and more
especially do they not want to take
away from their Legislature the aover-
eign power of taxation and confer it
upon a close corporation of five men to
he exercised by them indefinitely.-
Live Oak Democrat.

with the active and well ~a dip
made agaMat eIt theL ro vW
thas anntoued ahis etl a M
bu glt



tloa at WaNhMus o ft Camat
Atteraeys f speda"
A Washington correspondent has nar-
rated this incident:
One day at a hearing before a com-
mittee of the House of Represetatives
a man in the rear of the crowded
chamber came forward a asked to be
allowed to speak theon a der con-
sideration. Apparently see of the
lawyers or representatives of manu-
facturers who were p mlskm him.
"Whom do you repreetthe
chairman of the eom t ,
"The people.', wa ted
response. "
,'What people, asked theebalrman,
"The people of the United States."
The congressmen burst 1ito open
laughter. .
"I am sorry that we 0anMoi
any time'" bea the v.y
We have he aa nume-
men reprasentig spe liHa ts
affected by theMI, and twe ote
what time we have tothem"
The senate of the Unitd la.e,
sometime obstructive, hat de-
clared by many obeervqr given
over to radialism, Il, s %the
cism-much or It fob
dered senator taetable.
dent Roosevelt d tlUKm .
nation of the 4
Is unaltered.
of theio



a Tun 3O~A
-M 4L UM vssem esese


Clow SOOm.N& uvbMev e. W5.15a
K.P ~sa Tmr. is vs. lls.ui
~~dfowosis 1n PUmb SIM

Bleed i s the a hs s at sad
eajeym YTmma mentbes m ther
eed to kbemaldtaa aaI a Sp*q
tu o O m meast Mbas e, iaumi
to emaptleymt all their lves, they
break dews and die when left with
nothing but time their hands. Week
is the greatest blesa-ing of the age. The
eurse of work is over doing t.-Gaines
"That follow John Collins, up in Tal-
isihase, s publishing the best weekly
newspaper in Florida, with no exeep-

.-e. tonss" is the way one of our exchange
lte wTes sufera O t oniem Newwsew friends put it this week, who knows
e1 Lem cseSy. what he is talking about when it comes
to newspapers. The True Democrat is
Taslla ee*, Wida, Noev. 6, 19. certainly one of the best, and reflects
great credit upon those who are behind
All Florida, wherever he was known, it. -Taylor County Herald.
was grieved to learn of the death of o n -tdi
Hon. 0. M. Nolan, the honored re- The vote in Bradentown on the drain.
HspetOd and ov* mayor of Jackson- age amendment to the constitution in-
pted and loved mayor of Jck dictates that ex-Governor Jennings did
a / 'l &le r. -not quite clean up the opposition by his
Tampa Tribune: Now, if Frank speech in favor of the scheme. His
Cisrk had delivered his Tamps speech sympathizers numbered 88, while those
in every county in the State, it is doubt. who did not see it as he did numbered
Sfulif the ward amendment would 106.-Manatee Journal. And there be
WV* reeevdhy vetes at all. many Floridians who do not see things
Dru .-'w'.Prairie as Jennings does I
DOlhaia aad ild Paine's Prairie -1
wil ra n t people of Gaines- It Is impossible to misunderstand the
ville eoald not bA the idea of having the instructions of the people of Florida
their A0s supply out off.-Galneeville on the drainage question issued last
Sum. Ditto, for Leon's lakes and ponds. Tuesday. The decisive vote on the
Sw'' d f amendment was a clear statement of
They will be losely athed for, and their wish that the State should not
it listntv llulikeely that the e Ad- undertake the drainage of the Ever-
minletotadve Measures," we are threat- b .
ened with, will slide through the next glades. And their wish should be re
Sso easily. The tricks spected in spirit as well as letter. It
Lsgiutew re lasy. IT tricky will be dangerous for any Florida poll-
haps, ob wor ed again so easly tician who cares for his political future
Now what will Governor Broward do to mistake the meaning of Tuesday's
with eoxSheriff Brown-give him a po- vote.--Live Oak Democrat.
siteo in the Everglades drainage or mpi- As returns come in from the more re-
pott him superintendent of convicts? mote districts of the State, Broward's
The latter job, we guess, and there are snow.under grows deeper and deeper,
countless umbers seeking that appoint. and veril if the thing keeps up the
moUt nmt dredge "Everglades" will have to be
lt* brought into action.--Tampa Tribune.
T&Jlehasee's business men evidently In which capacity-as a ferryboat at
believe In advertising. Editor John iJacksonville, or as "Philibusterers?"
Collins bha about as liberal a patronage You will remember that some weeks
as any weekly paper in Florida, and ago The True Democrat suggested that
hls Ultloa n ranks among the neat- some day a large lump of rusted
t tv raphically. St. Augustine dredges and dredge machinery would
probably Pe sold at auction, cheap.
.... -- Perhaps in the near future they will go
Florida lost a good and valuable a song, and Floridians will keep an
sen in the death of Hon. W. G. Robin- eye out as to who are the purchasers.
soo, register of the U.. land office at -"----- --
aesvills. Mr. Robinson was a Rs. A large Contingent Fund is all-to-
pFuh-ea. He was a member of the gather unnecessary in Florida, and no
Irm of U. U. Dutton & Co., bankers, doubt money for such fund has been ex-
* ad connected with many public enter- travagantly and wastefullyspentduring
the last several years. The Legisla-
.- ture will of course look into such mat-
While the Star claims no part of the terms when they meet, and a good slice of
victory of anti-drainage in Pasco it no doubt will be cut out when a good
county, yet it opposed the measure sized fund is asked for again. That
from start to finish, and said so through $00 said to have been paid out in the
its columns. We are proud of our Cooper case, maybe some of it in the
county's vote of nearly 2 to I against Caldwell-Larkins case, that $100 reward
the "pet scheme."-Dade City Star. paid a Florida sheriff, etc., for exam-
-^'- pies.
The State Pardoning Board has been ....-- -* -. .
INrA during the excitement of the The True Democrat would like to
drai ge campaign.-Polk County Rec- have that $6,000 or $8,000 it has been
rd. Yes, but a grand jury in South accredited with having received added
a huasaked Governor Broward to to its bank account (which by the way
l the people know what he intends to at no one time ever exceed over a very
do about the Cooper wca. There Isa few dollars and is now nothing), as we
mo ething funny anyhow in that C per need money badly to meet pressing ob.
mgeh. ligations. Is it not a little funny that
some few who delight in misrepresent,
On Inquiring we lea that a ovation, will persist in having It appear
those outstanding accounts, which were that we have been paid to do our duty
due by a very highsalaried official, haveas we saw it. We are not worrying
recently been settled, and promises are over such affairs however why should
out for the rest. We therefore defer they. Only help us to get honest dough
the promised chapter until we see how that's what we are out after.
auch affairs go In the future. The True ------
Democrat helped along some in the col. The Live Oak Democrat, of 18th, ex-
lestion, presses our sentiments in the following

.......and we copy it: "The organized Con-
Hon. R. Fleming Ilowden, elected federate Veterans of Florida will meet
sheriff of Duval county at the late elec- in annual reunion in Gainesville tomor-
tion for two years, to fill out the term row, and when weconsider the charsc.
of the late Bloxham Pickett, has fully ter of the guests and the character of
i quHfed, been commissioned, and is now the hosts, there is no room to doubt
BI charge of his office. lie in well quail- that the fine old boys who marched
fled for the office, having served his away to the great war in their youth
sematy and the State in the sheriff's more than forty years ago, will have
e e before. the time of their lives. And they do-
"Thankgiving will be the next open serve it, for no country ws ever
date." and we Floridias who consieon- blessed with a better citisenhip than
tiualy oppose all kind of official schemes the men who fought the battles of the
have, more than ordinarily, lots to be Confederacy in the er 60'"
thakful for. Let's all give the right The people of Florida have hboome
kindof thanks for delivery from the at- disgusted with the abuive methods
tempted polteal bondage guaranteed to adop thed in pol in this State anomed Itreform
Sis hoped "ht therewill be sone reform
us by the vote against the drainage song this line.-Lakeltnd Sun.
scheme last Tuaeday. Let the State officials and their al-
~ lies start the reform then. Was not
Private advites froam Monron county Governor BrowAsed in his interviews,
give t t the sae amend- letters and stump speech more abu-
M a follow: For the amendment, sive than any other Did he and his
1; agalmt the amendment, 5L4. The crowd not heap gw e 6t on
smalles of the vote was caused by everybody who di ed with hiT I
apaty oa the part of the voters, they he not nowa eve after beg defeated
belvintg that the Mpatter could not at. -inhisscheas d ela a V t is
feet their te and the fat that matsnd otat me
that regia was vsilted by a severe d are opposed to sh* '
-srm sod tm day. lag adviers to e Ut

it. -: -

Broward theory that the Legislature of
Florida had no right to graft "swamp
and overflowed" lands for the con-
struUon of railroads, the courts have
already and long aes asttled the quea-
tion by specifically declaring that rally.
roads are objects of internal improve-
ment legitimately Aluded In he terms
of the great of thoe lands to the
State, and of the Internal Improve-
ment Act of IM1 uider wiobh the dl-
position of the lad has been admini-
terd. The revt o f the Jennlngs
board, and Its aff to rNverse the
Supreme CoWurt y eig to sake
deeds asadered by a, is
a matter yet to be W e u t ia ti


but aadmen tmw if rea4 t ihrd0
glaring, l ae I uwr be r iay
Tamp atM Henthe vto m n t u
ightlr yet," dMt he "will have a
-easWutlnoad sUlament offered at
the monext sesiaa f mthe Legobtae"
and that "I wB have some bis peut
through wc wMi l w eane weepi and
wal lin a ing d 9of teeth la er-
tab quarters." And in a formal ltter
to the Pemeoa ok Journal he solemnly
affirms that "whe the voters nd ouat
that we, as trustees, must continue to
dig with the two dredges built from
the money derived from the eale of
their swamp and overflowed lands,
thereby relalming the millions of acres
of land already given to the corpora-
tions, they will ee that they were mis
led in voting against the amendment."
The opponents of the drainage amend-
ment (whose number now officially in.
lchide a two-thirds majority of all of
the voters in the State who desired to
express their vietw thereon at thde ols
in the recent election), have never, for
a single moment, imagined that the
drainage raid upon the pockets of the
Plorida taxpayers would terminate with
the defeat of the amendment. They
have always realized the fact that hn-
gry grafters are not so easy choked
off. They have expected the scene of
effort to be transferred to the Legisla-
ture and the courts. And they stard
quite ready to meet the advancing hosts
of the "plunderbund" on the fanks of
the battlefield, and to "do them up"
in quite as complete and conclusive a
style as when the attack on the center
was so gallantly repulsed.
Leaving the amazing audacity of the
Governor's language to be realized at
leisure by those who read it, we desire,
just now, merely to consider some of
the salient points of the situation as it
really exists.
Surely, there will be no disposition
anywhere to seek to prevent Mr.
Broward from "offering" to the con-
sideration of the Legislature any amend-
ment to the constitution he may desire
to suggest-that is a privilege to which
even any member of that body Is clearly
entitled; but whe he has the unmiti-
gated gall to announce the character
of bills which he purposes to "put
through" that body, he simply makes
a disgusting display of the arrogant
swaggering of the ward boss who im-
agines that he carries the vote of his
little precinct in his vest pocket. If
Governor Broward or his advisers had
"kept tab" upon the sentiment of the
membership of the Legislature which
meets next April he would have known
that that body will be firmly and un-
alte rably opposed to his fantastical and
deceptive drainage schemes by. a
majority of about two to one, and he
consequently would have been spared
the temptation to make such an
offensive exhibition of his estimate of
the character and independence of
The bombastic announcement of Gov-
ernor Broward's to "continue to dig"
the canal upon which he has already
spent so much of the money which
really belongs to the people of Florida-
he has stated the sum to bet about
$160,000-was to have been expected.
Dominating the Board of Trustees, as
he does with the willing aid of two
ether members, it was evident that, so
far as the wasting of the funds is con-
cerned, no relief could be expected
without an appeal to the courts; and
the board having spent mot, if not all,

ate prospect of making any more sacri-
fice sales of the lands within its con-
trol, the effort to prevent further
waste of public funds would scarcely
be worth while. But be should reflect
that a day of reckodnng is at hand, and
that for every dollar of the people's
money wasted or misapplied there must
be an accounting that will satisfy the
people's representatives.
Finally, with respect to the Jennings-

e. t.

t In do

aeMpdstal but 1 t k osat Wss

allant work wae daeqsuf IMmm- e ewU met abE s iepieh.
Sr w .ido~am wAAthoreha i a. i

infor the ihts and te Inoerw thed I r i

people, and the work of the Florida amnl e wi m amplels w e
News Bureau, which sent out manore au nr m1t
than 400,000 pieces of printed matterto s"pldo' of' and soutd m soe oer t
the registered voters of the State, was O funn lFlorida as the outeom of
indispensable, and was thoroughly &W many i nnyo little W mtrsaom inthe
intelligty performed. p d st few mouths, smehbw liv

There was "glory enough for anl, gaog to happen at T SandJ loand
but we cannot turn from the constem- ait isjust pible some y ae J m, mt
platoon of the o of t without possible follow. Governor
expressing our profound and s anem is does veotmount
predationof theoestant and anstinted Browed abraggadoei o does fset simot
encouragement we reelved from per- to muha, and the ptple ar fast Is .
sonal friends and value dmbeOribersand upwhat those gigantic ears coun t for.
readers throughout the entire Jus t turn m and a plenty of rope
pain. The sceptance and enjoyment o ths. angels will probay
of the innuperable manlifstatloms of
approval received from all sections of We are at a ls to figure out what
the State, by wire, by mall, and aps. the trusts' pian are now.-Tropical
ciaily in person from those whom we Breese.
met on a recent visit to Jacksonville, You will not bei "lossed" long. Those
make up an experience which will not drainage and I. I. Board people are not-
soon fade from our memory. in the habit of being very much shy on
Now that the people have spoken anything except taking' the people into
there remains a final settlement of ac. their full confidence, publishing statd-
counts with the inventors and advocates ments of their varied and many expemdi-
of the unholy conspiracy, and the Leg. tares and transactions, Doing public
islature will attend to that. sacts under cover has created a suspi-
^cion throughout Florida that all things
ROWARD'S WAT9LOO. are not just as they should be, and noth-
By a vote of two to one the outrage- Ing but a thorough and complete in-
ous drainage amendment has been do- vestigation is going to satisfy. There
cisively beaten by the people of the will be something doing at Tallahassee
State. Governor Broward has discov- during the next session of the Lagisla-
ered that leaving bis executive duties ture, and If no wrong has been done,
to stump the State in favor of the then no one will suffer.
drainage amendment has not influenced
the judgment of the voter. He has The Suwannee County News, one of
also discovered that abuse of indvduals, the newly established administrative
appeals to prejudices and tempting drainage organs, is evidently taking
their cupidity has not weighed with the drainage defeat hard, judging from the
thoughtful and intelligent mases of nsinuations that its editor has been
the State. making at some of the prominet citi-
There was no party or factional assue seas of Live Oak and Suwanne county
in the question involved in this drain- who made an open fiht against the
age amendment. Aside from its plung- drainage amendment. However, it is
ing into an unknown expense, was the thing new for some of the followers
monstrous and unprecedented power of a certain political faction in this
vested in five men. The people of State to cry out corporatioens, railroads
Florida are not prepared to abandon and money every time they am turned
the the tenets of Democracy for those down at the polls. It is not necessary
of plutocracy. They are not ready to to insinuate that money defeated drain-
say that government by the people is a We, espeally in our county, since the
failure, and that it necessary for good people down there voted against
their protection and safety to vest le. the proposition attheratioof more than
isolation and judicial authority in the five to one. Take yor medicine
hands of five irresponsible men. For ^^^
if it was right or wise to vest five ex- Me fight, at his own expense, in
'lye ox' the interest of the whole people, oet
ecutive officers with the power of tax- the eoe refused their own, b1vtin
nation in the matter of drainage, it aitdrainage aedment, and they
would be equally wise to vest all power must now sept results of their own
of taxation in the hands of the same acts.-Mante Record.
men; and if it was wise and judicious The above refers to Governor Brow-
to vest autocratic power in relation to hard's view of the election returns. The
taxation in the hands of ve met, ito Governor's view is quite different from
would the equally wise to vest them that taken by a majority of the voters.
with supreme legislative and judicial The "fight" was a fight, sure enough,
control of the State. but was not made "at his own ex-
The defeat of the drainage amend- pense. What he did not get out of
meat is therefore a distinct triumph his postage stamp proclamation he
for democracy. The people of Florida i probably made up from internal im-
have declared that they are able to provement funds. At least, that is.
govern themselves; they have pro- what most people think. The "
claime nd in no uncertain tone that it i ture will probably find out. And r
not necessary for the safety of theo pople, who repudiated the dreinge
State that five mei should govern the scheme, will gladly "accept the re-a
people of Florida without check and sut." That is why they voted as
without accountability, they did.t *. t_..*.
Congratulations are in order. Fur Honor to whom honor is due; and also
or five weeks ago there was grave dan- true merit is frequently hidden under
ger of the adoption of this amendment. eessive modesty. The other day the
and simply because the masses of the Demoerat called favorable aatetion to
people were not advised of its full anew book, "TMhe Fori WilMs," by a
scope, effect and purpose. The momet p lorida author, whose nam was given
their eyes weren opened as to its dan- ona the tt pag as Edwln Albrte..



ger there was no question as to bow But that Is not his tre name, Whih is
they would vote. Not even Governor A. E. Phillips, and be is a well known
Broward will dan assert that corpora- druggist at Sanford in this State. Mr.
tions have thwarted the will of the Phillip has no need to be ashuned
people in this contest. The people have his book, for it is jet te kind of ier-
spoken uninfluensed by any corporate nature needed in this btrinIa erMid,
power. To aesert that two-thirds et nerve-raeklag age to relax ad em a
the people of the State on sany question tih mind by giving m goed ste es
were purchased or infueneed by aor- of manly adventue In tbewliv e 1fr-
porations is too absurd for serio* s co. ida, and o m est, busdthy laughter
siderato. over ,o d ed p and
The drainage beee s bedly asereed CIekU yar Weamn tda Mr.
but not killed. Now lt the people of Ups tI esde that i
the State kill It and bury It-Tavares "caught on" is thd ights s-11'd4
Hsei the be @" be te a sv -is d adM
ce ^a-n asn ^d about--LiUve Oak Demet.
1U p oge f ot-It Is eit, ean and .. -
iWterating. ae very o et f It. Owners GIaosm; Wem Lagwer; ee.

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Mr. T. A. JenmtI a from Pensacola
was in t he city TueSy.
Elegant and ty toilet sets. H.
N. Sweetig. F 88
Miss Mry Lee Scott left Tuesday to
attend the State Fair at Tampa.
Read Dr. Carter's interesting All
Saint sermon in another column of
this issue.
Mr. J. C. Hatch, a prominent railroad
man, was In the city Monday, from Sa-
Mr. R. M. Davidkon and Mr. J. W.
Wriht, Jr., of Quincy, wen in the city
100 come poet d livered to any
city 1 theState f cents. Capital
City Pharmaey (Th t Card Shp.) 88
Mr. John W. Garwod. Jr., of Monti-
eello was on a short visit to Tallahas-
se Tuesday.
Mr. P. G. Russell, the hustling insur-
ance man, made a business trip to
Quincey today.
R. L. Matthews, of Tallahasse, was
in the city yterd attending tobusi-
meen aff X..--Lve Or k Democrat.
Is Tallahassee dead? Why so many-
nsurance men here? We're not kickJ)
lfg, though. The more themerrier
The largest and lay of post
l inow on sae ale Captal Cit
gmnmm y (The Pot rShop).
Major J. W. Bushnell, of Tallahas-
see, arrived in the city last night and
is a guet at the Aragon. Times-
Union, 12th.
Mr. A. L. Randolph and daughter re-
turn today from Baltimare, Md. They
abve been an extended trip through-
Sst the North.
SHating season is at its height, and
F amy loversof this sport ae takingad-
ventge of the fine weather that brings
agam a pletiftL
. Mmesr. Sas' Brm.,theemtorpu
NSe M ate ave oeuped
-Mt' Avemnse recently
va Hed by Join erte.
* COt. W. C. LWm -M daughter re-

mnk Trl. W by ffrm thefirm
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~ueswbeti- ""'JIM W.
11 ut !W. OawedWasfta&vbisime
Ot ws* .... -Mr. Clows

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The most comlt of toilet sets
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Sweeping. 88
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Croom, Miss Jetf-
formM Bell, Miss MarionMr. Jefferson
B. Browne, Superintndet Holloway
and Goveroor N. B. Broward went to
Tampa Tuesday to attend the opening
of the Tampa Stae Fair.
Only rta-sg d local views sold at
the Capitl ty Pharmacy (The Post
Card Sbov 88
Mr. Saula, the popular photographer
of Talisahasee, was in our midst Fri-
day last doing some work for th peo-
ple --Miss Ola Brown was called to
Tallahassee Monday last to see her sis-
ter, Beulah, who is very sick.-Craw-
dof vilim B o-

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While ba Jackdamvflte lst week, It
wa oar pasure to meet sad esjd the
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F P. 'R.l* e, .- Arthut Nash, where 1,1.1410 the m atme ae .
G. C. Horne, Charlie Roup and B. W. de ,ption ~ otaxcSr Ws
Gramlng, before Coroner M. Powell. to e Co.mptroersad
ave a verdict to the effect that the returned to thm ot
killing of your Mr. Baum by his the State Auditor to -
brother was accidental, as all who knew ter and find out by what
the particulars believed from the first, is made. Now that the' is over
ta, _rd which wmad Nowtmattledtohim
ugly mos tothe contrary notwith- they may have tme to doths.-Lake
standing. City Index.
Julius Mass this morning received a Toiletand manicure sets for
potal card which was mailed to him . N.. mee t rhomay
from a friend in Kentucky, when he gifts, H. N. Sweeg.
was spending his vaetion at Bethle- The ladles of the Home Mipmon
hem, N. H. In some way the postal Society entertained the ladies of the
authorities arrived at the conclusion Methodist church Tueeday afternoon at
that Mr. Mass was visiting in Palestine, the residence of Mrs. F. C. Glhiore.
and the postal shows by the post marks Vocal and instrumental musia was rMO.
that it has made a trip to Jerusalem. dered, and a liberal eontributo w
back to New Hampshire, and finally received. Llht refreshments were
reached Mr. Mass in Tampa today.- served and all who attended enjoyed
Tampa Times. te occasion very much.
Capt. R. E. Rose, State Chemist, and He's gone; and on hiflnSgerbears m.y
Hon. W. E. Ellis, Attorney General, sIoNEr, which is to him a eeptre.
arrived in the city last night from Tal- Elegant IstoNT Raos. P. T. Nfehol-
lahassee and are among the guests at son, the jeweler. U
the Aragon. These gentlemen are here While in Jacksonville last week the
to make fnal arrangements for the editor of this neowsper, through the
convention of the Southern States Asso- courtesy of Mr. E. L. Huteinsoon
eiation of the Commissioners of A ri. became acquainted with the head and
culture which meets in Jacksonville business men connected with the large
November 19. 20 and 21. The meeting Covington wholesale stores in that city,
of this association was held at Rich- and we enjoyed very much being shown
mond, Va., last year, at which meet- through that large popular and prosper.
In it was decided to meet in Jackson-; ous establishment. It was a treat ad
viLe in 1906.--Times-Union. 12th. we enjoyed the visit very much.

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in price for some time.
Our prices have remained the same, be-
cause we were reared for the advance.
An elegant line serviceable grades that
are real bargains. Nothing cheap or shoddy.
They contain the money value-and service.

In hundreds of styles, few of them dupli-
cated beyond one or so of a style. Well
Cut, Perfect Fitting. In Panama and
Mixed Suitings, Plaids, Checks, and new
Gray Mixtures. In the New Pleated

4 ,
' ^



rWlrc~r~c~~wc WcntIwrlwr WY Yoo oim Io oru swoooY eww i+iP oooewe ooo e1Y Ig, WYWe lYi We O We We Wa We Wess

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Uma. .st VraAy MomoWW raG.. ollises on stoer t

W TO sEEP PeiLY vam eaty mmad whle the ae is kept
5 UUelsT I TO LEARf thm k o of itlulud

S9 .. Ia.en. P.- apUtiong to on. t or or CON
etw Sleep ma a ew MNet Applications to contest entries or
goh, eto enter land and all other appliea-
W Yth of oes time stIonG requiring joint action of both o-
S o e o which ma be praentd during
lOwthto uPtwho th fu toe vacancy wilfbree ived the time
Snpeakingrl p whouer Ooderd ow toofthpresnttgon noted ithereon, andt upon t 1
lteppropl~nrb. t "5 pI5_ gto ion resumptionof buuinee such applicato n
moM theh bet tes w will be disposed of in their order D Sash and Blinds
manrtr to bdy vnttoale ntaed stuaf -.^ ^ ^ ^ n /tiso
Iweoom,, with of evy araa wni STe sepew. Business, (ten years in the north
Stho o-thimof s in t r rngoint actin o and perform all that is required
*w clothing usuit to the funSti Wpp; it' frequently hard enough to
s&kin, curl upunderelderdownquits kep *t going. People, with ambition
Ssa. They p artake of lat suppers, of dress, or with schemes to promote, can
day; the when the, r h a cn- demand exists for a nw paer nthe and as this is a part of the Buil
wh*re ep no n comes to community They forget that the sanitary goods, and have them)
f. eompin .f evevbody reading men or women don't change | W
Isn were to blame andtake their newspa er habits over night any rules laid down by the city. W
quiet the nerves n more than tey cat of one set of i
There houl be no heaV y dra- twen sunset and dawn. Millions of rs -.a
Sl.lyntgornamedts. f dollar have been expended in t he enyt aine n
oh rf a their hda above water and in add -in____a_ _1_- O
the st thei of iten hypodermic infection of
n ,tp, and one houid lear n t ing. e ar get Stired Jn
smnderombdinss weather oftthhhopaless struggle, suspenion or tee J h e- C

Im sopnrtt s should be of e t cation e place. Thhe sitation re- Everything Nww an
The* speqr should lie at full calls Hornce Greeley's poem: O raLINSI J P
*oft eo f and &on the prght sdo, s f Prc me romoeann
,the hued but slightly raisd. By "Manis avfwor, Know dow to UnT
owng tbee directions the sleep will Full of woes; r
thenwontheyeacha con-dbemande Starts a paper t a sh i rt-- Trt Xs
h and one ll aoewaken s go '" Al .
Ivand body t npehatoer nl ct. Wi
.4 of pt per sleep n is shewn in ear- The buineas of tarting newpape rs *
f ac ut, nerves and increase has been tremendously Jca s o nen t o
i&Ibity,. Sixoreven hour ofg many communities may be found moreI
sneiep aron e s auffl nt for the ournals than are needed, more than
a.neerson, proved te above con- can be supported and more than the
fmrn have been observdl. The habit Public has any use for. An incidental ________________
throwing the r above t Thead result is that millions x of dollars areI
drawln the knees up against the annually spent trying to h olsttyer u -
y, ".n t f n t pl profitable properies. --.Hartford P. *The new Laxative
m should be careful avoided. A -e albovef w ld
S .if taken during the da .should be oa tan-- toi Ine .ri
briefest duration. t i. better cold not bring as much happiness to r
on lf on the couch, pron e e rh on Mrs. lhucia Wilkes of Caroline, Wt. sr Raniato.
back, for tm or fifteen minutes, as did one 256 box of Ilucklen's Arnica "at..eatL
e or w twice a day, and simply lie at Salve, when it completely cured a run- hi b ae
1g5,, with wcrjt nt.hed for the time. ning sore on her pe, which had tor- tprtea..t h. tare. er
Aa rest for ovmratralied nervel and toured her 28 long years. Greatest an-
m eda it t r i mote b siefleil Usept haler of Pil, Woend and jINf: d
04fo dI mJe .' ". Pvapor

v too n whih often Sores. a all drug ators. i L. i
ira rate o delrvat.r, and whiah Iseo- n
at ht.- ow to Live. Preeldent Roonvelt seem deter- W LWIIe asIap
the-o U---p-e-'s-e- mined that the United States army
Pref l at&akd loPractie, shall obey the spirit and letter of the i
In aws r cit o verwheingl law for whleh it stan, and that law- General Repair Shop.
Sulan e scl o forwhelmiongly leanes and disorder on the part of Hoe Shoeofing by an ex-
rwblleIn ts polftieal ceomplxon, those who duty it is to defend and and t
arep b arin a district wth e he vr y c shall be punished to the limit pert who has had years
r ben majority, there are eralof Its demrt. of experience . .
repMllcan dally newspaper. but no The Preilent has given evidence of
Aodthem dalynwew ler. The head. this determination in his prompt action ll
oelt, s longo been pretending amy the battalion of npego fropo po bto Of the pubic
-O ftru Bn^ for hhr ideals in the Twenty-flfth United Statro In- of p ortr onae of heA blcl d
Stein d b eerd lifo a ind ha bern rstpo entioryth o bo lr d ate rat etlon-T n Luan.
loudly andvoentier the doctrine of the vi., Tex., hilch resulted in the death teed.
eua tli t I." of onoe itiren and the wounding of
Iurnth esam pe lgn this dally news- others. He ha adopted no half-way,
*iqg crlot theas oppose y to ito thlnal extent the recommendations of
~oOw olcy, and then retfuing Inspector-General Garllngton, who, byay -
Uitoa hom i t attacked an opportunity the way i o Georgian having bn If yontnd to do Fe-
W Nl~ly. But it did refer the partwe a yoonti to the army hromiAuiun.e ing, it will pay you to see
itiot ho It be lcThe s o fd only mut these three companies chasing
e.t was a that th r es of negroes leave the army In dis race, I am General Agent for
ked oud ave spa n w to for having shielded the actual crimi- th e of the Economy
f p nthegumof76centsan nals, but they are forever debarred Fene, and know t to be
wA s papiul.r from returning to it and from holding the very
A few earso ageto a lhator edo- aney civil position whatever under the
S anr ta aen l hor con government.itisnt t right. H
ptunghto pay him larba he. oe HisaB E T e Iythes tndettrOte
wo ml e'ortan articles ut of his pa prompt and decisive action in this mat-
Ss. Thal ahows. whet a foolish bua- ter will be generally commended tHlGePES7
i* *to ^ hp war te inhould his ve ata While the disrace so-called will have
st' t oed them par tiN in hib sc end but little efect upon these n egro Ca:n be built for les than
isomielle them to buy apace In troops, the action of the President will, 1 6 cents a Rod.
I The Incident oreerred to above opena tas e tedy ader on thathesm ebea .
ps wide a I for the dspleay ofs which has done much to tir W illiam Robert
Stalentr accordingth to the mod- up trife and retard the progress of
r defniton of nthat ter.Tne But there the negro-the instinct which prompts SALES AGENT,
cia lot of ol.fhlongtb i newspaper nythe average negro to prutrts the crimS- p ,i t
Saand lot of old-faohioned citizens nal at the expense .l order sad Centrevlle. -- Florida.
in other walks of life, who are Inclined deeny. This poinf i s w el put by
to belev,, in view of these things. General Garllnt, ut o.l in
that it is high time to rsvie the deft plication wlo the nro ro,,py, hut lo Aa
nitlon of hblackmail.t' he omn. the race as a rul, when he a, in
-.e .speaking ofthebattaiioa: '2 ream Vermifnu_
...... .Sucha thing would have he..n im-U
Tleug umne. possible in a regiment of white troops
A popular woman is seldom able to i t. pefrhapn the direordeai but tht i ToE EimF ITen EI
disloe the, secret of her charm, but clannish racial prejudice wh bh pre-
one uch pern dropped a valuakles vented the detention And p.uni.hment W O M
hint the other dmy when ohe .aid she o nly*mostty haw threex ane eo ,nfriept me e II U
thought women lia dW her because she and justice If th.. eerio wolds riee I am Ge
wrote them note. Iteemethatwhen- himselfin the etimaion of cthem- h R te E y
ever a joy or sorro w com es to any of hmreti, m ust lemtndtrm le by d.eds n RE Y
this woman's acquaintances she al- his wibingney. his readiness to .sIint t
waM writa.a little note of symh ath ny the supprosiion of la*lte-viesr On

or ii tq he' oun -`the ~rt his own rece. "-Asti nto
Snongretustt. When a young gilfi a own rece. Alnta CHILDREN'S FAVORITE TONIC.
announces Oeagement or ap- Consstituion. O Ma .
proachinf marria the popular wo- rtate Nissoureas. .. a se5 psao van es
man always sends&a few lines of fe- P Liniment Co.
bettetin. "When I was a hdrub gi.t, .i Livonia, denow LnIment Co.
When a friend i.11. she writes a Mo.," writes T. J. Dwy-r. new of .Lo M
ete of sympathy. If there is trouble Grayeville,,Mo."threeof mytuutomers OR SALE BY HARDEUB-MITH CO.
r deat n a family, she write a let- were permanently cured of consump- -
ter of condlnee. Frequently after tion by Dr. King's New Diacovery, and
nuualy able well and strong tody. One waK BR K BRICK t
lal tunition send a, of notet Utrying tooell his property and move to
emadeatlaga pretty compllmet, which Arisona, but aftir u,,ng New Di.
m the hostess think the a t of covery a short time ht. found it un-
5 ta about the sender. When a O to do On. I regard Dr $7.50 F. 0. B. Depot
M who ha hm en in mourning re- l'sI w Discovery as the most
tWms to the social world, theI larm medicine in exstemes."
write her a word or of est Cough and Cold cure and Thot $8.50 delivered In city
bac k to tosoit a r d LuageIaler Guarantved by all
La I w0e ow $l. Trial bottle
-I 2 .1 -- 0- 1 OILMORB & DAVIS CO.,
J4few o JHrt Tall uS, Pla. .
ii mlM 0= S Wemm w rl u i



Awd kisre b

Cement and Plaster. Our experience of 85 years in the Building
th and twenty-five years in the south) enable us to guarantee,
d of us in this line. We also make a specialty of

ding Business we are in a position to furnish the latest improved
installed by thoroughly competent workmen and according to the
Ve solicit your business.


olllns About Your Job Printing I
d Up-to-date In Machinery and Typ, the Best
d Card Stock, and the Best Inks, with Men whe
'hem. Theo essentials assures the Best results.

ptly dol whi prm lisd We Nr dIs8i1IMt ill.
PRINTING OFFICE, Tdp*honeBu*ilag.


Stomach and Liver
.V e o. ,* trouble and -4
.-...V F .-!= S*,5 Chrron-c Constipation.

- NEW YORK. - -


train, composed exclusively of New Pullman Equipmerit; Dining
Car, Double Drawingroom Sleepers, Stateroom and Observation
Cars, operated between St. Augustine and Jacksonville to New
York, via Washington leaving St. Augustine 12:10 p. m. and Jack-
sonville 1:20 p. m. daily including Sundays.

Operating Daily Through Sleepers from Jacksonville
to New Orleans.

For full information and sleeper
Seaboard Agent
Assistant Gen. Passenger Agent.

reservations call on any
or write
Passenger Agent.

Live Oak, Perry & Gulf Railroad G'

Mail and
No I
A. M.
as Is
8 5
Ar. 8 9
Lv. 46

Ar M-soi
Ar. 1 M

No. s
P. M.

Ar 0
Lv 446
....Ac 4
S 00
a l0
s a
Ar 64

Fre iht
and Pa-
No 3.


Ar. 340
LT. 1
A Is
Ar. 42
Lv. 4#10
4 41
4 ia
Ar. 40


ive Oak ..
.... Roky Sink ..
-.-. Starr ...
.... LAAeammter .....
...Dowling Prk....
. ......Cmw.......
.. ay Junction ...
....... Dar.--....
.. ...... i .........
::::-- m-M -::* *

Mail and
Daily ex.
P. M.
Ar 4 I
a 411
*' U
Lv 04
Ar In
u 9
3 W

LV 2 1111

Peaaon- Peown-
ter. NW.

P. A.
L 3
Ar 45


Lv am
Lv so

No. t2
A. M.
Ar 1' 00



a A
LV $so
Lw I R

NO 4

Lv 5
Ar 852

8: "


11 4% N ag STFATIONS.aI w m

A. IL.
LV a



P. L


............... i ............... A
............" "'





h -m w a@ nud romm



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-. ^ .JMtero






(f-f )

Da't ysou w to tart a bak account? Would'nt you like to have one of these little im-
proved peIket bak to help w to save your nickle and dimes? It is so arranged that
y Oe- ifa dollar or mailer colmas. It is of a sine convenient to carry in the vest pocket
* ora la It asway sdY to help you resist the temptation to spend money. We
want aso accout wteve#%o thi vidsnity.
SurWe 0aae of t fte to everyone who will deposit one dollar and promise to
open an e t with s within thirty day from receipt of bank. These banks are delivered to you
locked and a m .be .e.d by us.
You would b1surprised to know bow much money you can save in five years by taking care
of your small heag sand depositing g a savings bank.
It Is not wie to save money by kee it in the house, because there is danger of loss by
thieves and fAre, and besides it is not marokn anything. But place it with us and it is earning some*
thin. We pay 8 per cent interest on all deoits of One Dollar and upwards. Intenst periods are
rst day of April and October.
Below we give a table showing how savings will accumulate in five years, computed on a ba-
sis of I18 working days in the year, at 8 per cent interest.
Ain't deposited. Interest earned. Total am't
10c per cay for 6 years.... ..-...........$1.650...----...-..------..--... $11.14......-----..........--..--$167.04
20e per ay for 6 years .---.-----......... 818.00...-..-----..-....--..-.. 22.2.........--------..--.--...... 88.
25e per cay for 6years........---..-----....----.. 891.26.....---....--.....--------.. 2786---....---.....------........... 419.10
80 peroay for 6years...-......---.....-------.. 40.60-------.......-.....-..... 88.42--...-....--.--.........---------. 08.
50e per cay for6years......---------.......----.... 78560--------......-...-.....-... ---66.70................... '888.
100c per cay for 6 years.........-----.......1,56.00-..................111.40..-------......--........ ----,7.40
The capital stock of the savings bank is $20,000.00 with individual deposits amounting to
Your business with us will be held strictly confidential.
Call and get one of these little banks while the supply lasts.



-0. S. L ZwB VlC..mA-t6

r. '

Pe Wom't eke Tow


Deaersa -
Live and Rolling
BUGGIES $35.00 and up
WAGONS $30.00 and up
Also ri&, Sto t A~ d Tile
for uil ng and Paving.


, ne s ek in book formin
Sreptea. You st. g tie
It eoukm wn ethr vo
Nu or Dle mea at d thatd
rpe e nt.

A Mtua of the Thri -he
M ha been It MrOJ fAdolL
s novedi b the best auwor
d, n wwkkh in book form
0 GPM", amd its high stand.
respect will be maintained
re as in the t.

M arMd wit a the
cerat together for one yeau
lar subscription price of the
Sis 2.

PHONE I%. P. 0. box 338. oor rit tor: d to hab abnd .
to enjoy all tH hts. pris. fs ad power. sec.
T* Whassee, Pla. 39m t..e am"nt and obrson of
The amount of the capital stoek this eorpora-
Don't Have Vour ton shall be twomty-five thousand la divided
inr totwo hundr sand flfty aas mthe p v e _ va
Cart Work BOTCHED of o hundred dollars ach; fital toc
C^art. Work BOTCHEDriC *hall be paid for in lawful mo oft United || M
At the Mi S or in p t labor or es at a just
At the jM ill. valuation, to Ie erd by te tamr. or by the! e m MP I Go b r A V= s Msie
directors at a tint called or such purpose. W M pris a,
i AM THE ^ A ..C .IV
I This corporal shall axis for the peri d of
ninrety-nine yes unless dissolved accord.
TIMBER CART Ing to law.
The business of is tIon shall tbe en-
*duted by a board not than tree nor n re
build them under a thn five dirJte.The of irato. *shall B. C. W I L L I A M S
e n alt from ~as a K nt. a First VieI-
Guarantee,havebuilt a s4nda u Ver. GENERAL AGENT,
hundreds and build havw athyt, Ito RES- * FLOIDA.
this anr Widml of t he!',-"" ak CHAIRES. FLORIDA.
more every day. be e.. t principal asies. u t
eorporparson on the e nday tIn eab year. at
For prices write kI *'liir h -, i.. the r a. t se r.
W H. Adkinson, "E dwards. SO & C0o.
-m b- t --.fir" I, dwa'-' r 1 ., o
of* the- el el tUo Uhdnl Ue Nof wMan Ci1er *
Tallahassee. Florida. ..".I-ben M, S City Market,
Scum= oou.. &TAT d, f-AN. ol Stalls Nos.5 and 8.
3 .ShinS Ef Sh4W%' 'U- ,umua. PHONE NO. 169.
It i a i m d to he biD The bieW meat 44 Ilnaebedam or tlbtllt
.. t. .amm.t.tsmy. ,es... sJ.e Keep in stock at all times,
aM the Is tweno ve thousemd dellrs.
m's bo ok,301.3 ,, all kinds of Fresh Meats,
ofli5 2 ,Se,, .bW Vegetables, Chickens, Eggs.
75 I *teH: Wire---___
A. IA" ms. e o..." If you wish the very best
& ,. t . and cleanest the market at-
w,-we eb Wu whe"e Seo .le. ... .v fords tall us-by pork, 14,
su pdm tn. tMs. the aYth dY O Novemer. A. D. 11,.
ItSi. oiw ~~~~ Ow c.,rJM. S OL -or visit our stalls in
as to Th tem market. L
At1'"*:LT. PSas t Tnk BabRetribe t The True D am t Se CoUsAa M tw

A mw alm"
Jv~~by a,&.&WAM. aUms

Wand is l a better posm than eer befoe
to weat b ap e appeiatvpe bMe. . .

I -m.p. T, NICHOLS..oN.,4

'1 # amdtakee okatonrmesmaesuMl
y will re d ay see e . o
hiring teams from us.. I-t yp me
I eustomed to much driving, Nmo ibt
-ur prices will strike you as *
smalL Do no harm to ask them &a.

J. P. S. Houtoux, Prop.
Phones 79 and 39.

L.. C. YAr R,
Dealer In


Stoves, Tinware, Wagons,
Carriages, Plumbing
and Plumbers


iunluerr arau

,,,.. ~ipplles and Spa


Ir(Iic 0~ ~ ojs.


S to write for our literature, yet that minute ma de 'de Your Fgture.
-lil Ymi' W U We ,,make a SP.-; IALTYor thoroughly
,vow M a l Y WO N" ,qauatlifyiol -4u ,or puaitlons of honor
and hig responsibility, as BOOKKEEP S, STENOGRAPHERS. Etc.
Remem ber that every day lost in starting euta off Deide to enter NOW -ODAY. Address


P. 0. BOX 210.


General Builders and Contractors.
Repair Work and Painting
buildings a Sp: tialty.

fiantracts for

,k i n-tie country
Utlop- in All lnt

- -- - r -- - -- 7 r

__ _~_ F .1 ; YL--; -~L~ iiY


,'4 '-

^r (:'*'*

Hardee Smith



-m 1F


O4CAL NTMI Of INTREUST. Headquarters fo co local and all Congressman and Mrs. Lamar will
Other kinds of poet a. Capital Cit return to Tallahasse Saturday from a(
Mr. J. C. Trice came up Saturday Pharmacy (The Po_ Card Shop). 8 ten days' trip to Monticello, and will be
mr, Pa." e.. u Saturday Another teach or is wanted for the with their sister, Mrs. Clyde Lamar
wmr P .W 3nhigh school rt t of the Leon Walker.
Jr. Mille, of Quin y, was reg- County Hi lh Aplicants will Miss Louise Lamar, of Monticello;
at the Bxham on sturday.. address Willi Sheat. principal, Miss Cora Hutchins, of Atlanta, and
Xv. Prank Simon, from Monticello, at Tallahame,e Miss Addie Anthony, of Griffin, Ga.,
J9 Waiting friends in this city Hatur- Their Tallahassee friends were muhA will arrive in Tallahassee Saturday and
pleased in meeting Mr. C. Blomquist spend several days with Mrs. Clyde
Mr. J. H. Thompson, of the Gadsden and his excellent wife at their stop-over Lamar Walker.
nty Times, was In the city Satur- here on returning from a visit to the Prof. A. Williams attended a meet
M*ry "old country." They were both well ing of the Florida Presbytery thil
Mr. Ir. W. Armstron, of Valdosts,! and showed the journey had done them week. He returns loud in praises o
Was in the city the early part of the good. the abundant hospitality of the g
week, Col.. Fred I.. rt, o 'rala- .people of Monticello, where the Pres-
Miss Mary E. Nicholson, of Havana, see, Assistant Adjutant General of the er ete ca th meswesr wesull
b visiting Miss Fannie Wilson this United Confederate Veterans, was in represented and the meeting was suc-
r k. the city yesterday en route to Gaines- ceful fom every standpoint.
" Mr. idgar Bown, from llainbrid ge, ville, to attend the annual re- Rev. William H. Zeigler and Mrs.
#mtamenghis friends union of the Florimda division.-Timee- Zeigler, late of Albany. Ga., arrived in
awly prt of ee friend Union, 13th, the city on Monday afternoon and are
Mlys Jessie May Farley, of Tallah now at the Presbyterian manse. Tal-
Mrs J. WGraham of Tampa, and Mis has accepted athrey, of Talahas- lahassee extends a most cordial wel-
Mr . Wytt of radentown, are ee, has acep the posFranklin County L as opmber come to both of them, and at the same
the pleasant visitors of Mr. and Mrs. ator for the Franklin Couns Lam r time expresses the hope that their stay
A. Spiller on North Calhoun street. (om hanty her mn friends ae de- here will be pleasant to them and profit-
Ighted n having her n their midst... able to Mr. Zeigtr will conduct
The people who think their newspa. Mr. C. Blomqut and wife returned athischurch next abbhwill conduct
per a poor one are usually those who Sunday afternoon from an extended trip at church
SIt nelther support nor encourage- to their old home in Sweden.--Carra- Cut glass ware aays an accet-
hL .-Dunnellon Advocate, belle Advertiser. able gift. H. N. .5i ting. 88
-^ *'-, ,,

The Gov
nearing coi
centss an at
Stain you
keep them
son a floor
hardware n
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to have in
try dusty
hassee wou
is no estimo
rson and
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Never fo
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portment I
ger's estir
you can ai
Every doll
away from
county thai
the means
will give
not kick a
simply beci
Taylor Cou

ernor's Mansion is rapidly Dead rs-Meet me at the Post Card
completion, and already pro- Shop. 138
tractive appearance. You residents of Clinton St. (College
Floors with Jap-a-lac, and Av.) hurry up and finish the sidewalks
i fofM condition with John- on your property.
L. C. Yaeger, the Now suppose for one moment that
n 38 the drainage scheme had passed by five
meeting of the city council thousand majority, or five hundred, or
the purchase of a street by five for the matter of that: it is
This purch a mightof a stretching improbable that all who denied the
a town, especially might theseing '"authority of the people" would have
da town. especiany Timthese win been denounced a pblc enemies and
of the same kind in Talla- condemned for seeking to "thwart the
ild be a good thing, for there wishes of the. eole as expressed at
eating evils and ills to both the ballot-box?' Wouldn't the oppo-
property in inhaling street sition be condemned in the most abusive
aving it blown soi-lavishlytt terms for refusing to take the medi-
eas and husinet s places. cine prescribed by the terms of the
s and husinees places. game? Nor are we denying that there
rget you are a part of the would be an element of justice in the
county and that your own de- charges though the courts were created
helps to make up the stran- to keep popular feeling as well as men
nate of the place. Sell all within the bounds of the law. But
nd buy all you can at home. what do we see? Those who invoked
lar that is sent or carried the test refuse to abide by the result-
hor.e makes the town and those who claim to work for the dear
t much poorer. If you have people refU toe accept the d~lion of
, invest in something tnat the people-those who have cleared
somebody employment. Do that the people should and must gov-
at a proposed improvement ern insist on governing the people!
cause it is not at your door.- Now let somebody subside.--Timae-
nty Herald. Union Short Talks.






Ever brought to this cii




ty now on display at my Store.
An asso ment that is beyond


Beautiful Toilet Sets, Manicure

comparison, for


Everything in my line to please the most careful buyer.










THAT IS OUR THEME. And we want to prove to ydu some
great things about this product. It Is pure. Yes, we mean
Iti Absolutely pure l It would stand a scientific test to the
last piece in the box and be found a pure and whtoleme food.
Its quality is better than any other candy, made anywhere. A
pretty strong statement, we admit; ,but we mean that, too.
As a proof of what we say, we want you to compare It with
the very best candy made by any other manufacturer and sold
at 80 cents per pound or over. The result would be a fine ad-
vertisement for Nunnally's.
As it is pure and wholesome and its quality the very best, it
goes without saying that we sell it; and nobody else in Talla-
hassee. In other words, we are the exclusive agents for this
high-grade confection, and always keep a plentiful supply of
absolutely fresh goods. We would appreciate your patronage,
and will promise you a "square deal." May we expect it?

-rf "--


., -... .



S ahadow of fe ar. as wli the sdMes e.
S a rlmee. I t wer elMy a gift It
S mht matter little to what use we put
it, t it is much more than a gift. It
S isa trout, eopla with conditions that
S we can no mos repudiate than we can
refuse the iftItself. It brings to us
S so much worry and care that the condi-
tions are forgotten. It require ao
S much work that the conditions are neg-
S ected, and yet the character and
methods or that work form the mot
important part of the conditb"s We
need not complain that life was not of
our choosing, or it is given us, and we
cannot help it. We need not quarrel
with the conditions, for they come with
life and we cannot help it, and neither
Seon w nor e-rng w -wi eaMn
S in fuMfillnthe trust. It Is probable that
S those sermant to whom the matter
gave the various sums would rather
not have received the money, but their
consent was neither askad nor a-
peted. It was rather a mark of con.-
& me and a test of their ability and
faithfulnem. So the Lord of life would
have us worthy of the trust and prow
our capability of improving it. Does
any one real' y believe thatlife brings
S no responsibility? We know it with
gladness when we find that others ar
S the happier through our life. We
know it with sorrow when we find that
others are the losers by our indiffer-
ence or selfishness. We may claim
that all life is a failure, but that con-
fesses our own unworthiness. It is
true that we all feel sometimes as if all
life were frittered away in trifles, but
the servants were commended because
they had been faithful in a few things.
The inference is that the profits had
been gathered slowly and little by
little. Is it a small thing that brightens
by a short and cheerful visit the shadow
that has come over some household? Is
it a trifle that the wolf has been driven
from some door that he was eager to
enter? Is it a little matter to And
and point out the silver lining on threat-
S ning clouds? Is it easy to take up
daily duty when the soul rebels at the
monotony? Is it easy to put our trust
in the divine promises when God Him.
self seems to have turned against us?
No wonder that the grasshopr some-
times becomes a burden, and the loos-
ening of the silver chord is not dread-
ed. Every life has its own share of
responsibility. We are not to try to
avoid it, but to discharge it with faith-
fulness. Let us realize that there are
two shades of meaning to the word
"faithful." It means a patient and
often a discouraging persistence in
well doing, but it means also that we
are to be full of faith. Faith in God
who will not suffer us to be tried above
that we are able, and faith in ourselves
that we can, with God's help, do what
is expected of us. Faithfulness in liv-
in suggests itself to us especially at
S this ASaints. We cannot forget, we
would not if we could, we cannot
understand, that which God has for-
bidden. It may seem to us that it is a
temporal as well as eternal failure,
but God is merciful as well as just,
and will save from the result of every
human life whatever is worth saving.
That it is often very little is the fault
of the human will that refused to ful-
fill the responsibility of living. That
some will leave us even as we ourselves
will go is part of life itself. We miss
them, but we would not recall them,
except in memory. Who could grieve
when God gave rest to her whose
only physical trouble was that "she
was tired." She was In her
seventy-second year as a com-
municant of the church, and always
faithful and regular during that long
period. It is a remarkable record, and
naturally her life of nearly ninety
years could recall many of the changes
that come and go so rapidly. She was
the daughter of a Governor of this
State, and kept up to the very last an
interest in every social and political
movement. Ever cheerful at home,
and active in church and charitable
work until increasing years prevented,
many will miss her, thoh none should
grieve for her. The weAb-gore.Christ-
mas I ofclated at the funeral in the
family burial ground of one wh lhad
passed her eightieh birthday. bherlse
was the daughter et a Govesuor a thea
Territory, an honor whih abe never
forgot, but always lambtad tu.mud
the many changes of a leng Me. 0
the Feast of th Purilcation we bured
oaawW had paaaad teaattedtem of
ts took a part in o life.

was aslayas inB hr diqa i
often charite beyond the merits at
the ease. Os Palm Sunday I buried, la
whose womstie tw the paeiah was
( llaggia A tha ~ltas eof the
AA 55" TI oer year before I
N, had esiuated at the fuaeral of her kmi-
besiut beti Lest tha spirit of
a Ut. eainad hum fllsdy etem

) tha two i-d ila'swm )-e asar



section and that we c a full li\
their Fine Clothing. We also have chf
clothing for those who want it-gar
That are excellent value at $10, $2.50
S~ $15. Come and see the New Styles.

i "

"The Cash Store.

< *
44yyyyyyyyyyy~y ^yyy y'.yy1 y*^
lggS *^&

ing upon young womanhood, and with its interesting and amiable inconsist- Easybright, the t
whom our good wishes go on their encies, or given better pictures of the on earth. L. C. Ye
change of residence. On the night of type. "Old Hugh" and "Billy Mac- 1---
All Saints Day there died a man who leod," who appear again and again Fl e Pair 1
had come here in the hopes of restoring through the different stories, are "good Wagon and Harness
a health which had been impaired by fellows." well and clearly drawn to the 1;ly to W. L. Moor,
the conditions of his employment; but life. All of the actors move about in a
it was not to be. Too serious inroads simple, wholesome outdoor atmosphere,
had been made upon his strength, and breezy and stimulating. The Florida Feq Sal
the vital forces failed to rally. Day scenery is all around, the soft Florida Several hundred bi
before yesterday we carried from the sky above. Here and there one may Oats. Average vig
church the body of one who had been find some really delicate and sympa- to bushel. Ae.dre r 1
of our church parish some years ago, thetic bits of description, whose truth
and whose fine voice many of us who makes instant and strong appeal to any DIsnhar-. I
can remember took great pleasure in one who has ever traversed the "Flor- D-scharge I
hearing from his place in the choir. ida Wilds." NOTICE IB HURiBY a
As sheriff, chief of police, and mayor, Night is settling down over the prai- thon ht. eIwill
he proved himself worthy of the confl- rie and the great forest: "The air was county Judgeofi U Om,
dence placed in him. So life passes for still, except for the songs of the locusts for my.dchiar. a Ad
each of us. As yet we hold the trust, and the forest birds. The thrush gave C. P. Mvyldesem" e A.
but the Master will surely demand an forth its peculiar, low, vibrating cry;
accounting. Will we be like foolish the partridge was whistling to its matd, Talialmasm rTi.. Nov.
children who would destroy the object the sun-down birds were uttering their
by which hurt has been received, or lonesome calls, the whippoorwil sig-
with greater confidence and skill gain naled the nearby evening shades, while --
advantage in place of loss." It is well other of the little feathered natives
worth life's work. "Ruler over many were chirping and flitting about, as- Old K eJI J
things" means far more than we can electing their shelter for the coming
now understand. Is God so careless night. Across the broad prairie could
that He will forget His promise or so be seen the dark outline of the great
poor that He cannot redeem it? The forest on the western side, behind which
risk of failure is not with Him, but the sun had disappeared, and the bluish Undei
with those who hold the trust of life, atmosphere throughout this wide ex-
and are not faithful in fulfilling it. panse seemed perceptibly susceptible to EVERY THING
Past forgetfulness may have made faith- the slightest sound 'EVERY TINGI
fulness more difficult. The more reason, Taken as a whole, this book of Flor- GO
then, that the future-no not the fu- ida stories is certainly worth reading 0.
ture. but the present-should find us for itself alone. But when t when It is remem- OEPN ALL HOUR
faithful in a few things: so few to be bered that Florida is the subject a na-
rewarded with eternal life. tive Floridian the author, the "Florida d
d"o... pWilds must surely make an added ap- .
A 3 E Of FLO3IDA STIE,1OM peal to a Floridian, at least. Why may
_, -not Florida develop her own school of
"The Flerida Wilds," by Edwti Al- writers, as Indiana has already done? rT
blrtes. This is possible, but possible only when IN eatL
The scene is the wedding of "Bud" native Florida authors are read and _
Moseley and "Mandy" Gillson. appreciated. XXX.
"Waal," said the parson, gravely, O ----.^^^^^-" ^
"ye mus know thet according' ter scrip, Grand Jry to Goverar. Cre
ter an' their laws uv their Modes an' The DeSoto county grand jury, in 0 oT
Pershuns, which changith not, er priest their presentments mide to the court
an' preacher uv their unly true church last week, expressed themselves as to bu Ui
in Ameriky kayn't merry people unlesss a famous case in the following language w n
they hev been dipped under their war- which should prove very interesting to
ter. Now, I ax ye solumly, in other Governor Broward and his associates O
presence uvail these people, ter answer on the pardoning board: 0
me es true es ye hope ter git fergive. "We find that I. E Cooper, who was
nessfer all yer meanness on other ymarth, convicted of the murder of Marshal
hev ye both been dipped?" Bowman and sentenced to hang more
They "hev both been dipped, "though than three yerrs ago, is still in the
not in the orthodox fashion, and the county jail We are advised that Hon.
"cracker" wedding proceeds. but not N. B. Broward, Governor, paid a de-
without further mishaps. tective $600 out of his contingent fund f
"A Cracker Courtship." in which to investigate the case to ascertain if Georgia
"Bud" and "Mandy" figure, is but one any evidence could be found that would
of many contending stones and sketches show or tend to show that Cooper was
with which Edwin Alberton has filled innocent; that said detective went to
his volume, 'The Florida Wilds." This see every witne,. that had made affl-
book hasthe distinction, perhaps unique, davit before the pardoning board and
of being about Florida exclusively, and all other witness that he was advised N,,rthbourv
by a ave Floridian. Edwin Alberton knew anything boutt the case; that -.... ......
is the no. de plume assumed by Dr. A after making said investigation the de.- 600 pm M00osm
B. Phullps, a native of Putnam county. tective made i written report to Hon. .. 646pm 8.920am
sad at present a resident of Sanford, N. B. Broward, Governor, of all the m .i4amt
na. HMeAWm t together stories of evidence he f,,ud, and in said report ..4 am smoU SmI
te he thg di1ys f his youth, when stated that in his opinion Cooper fired .40am 3.0pm ....
F Wa yo@.g in civilization; the gun that killed Bowman; that the 7.17 m aii m .. m
a ro and cracker charac- Hon. N. B Hrowa, d. Governor, has L.,a m..............
ter on the old plantation in slaverystated to several th.t he Is fully con- 7.10 am ..... .
days and a romance or two, without vineed that Cooper is guilty and should 7.17 m Sntam
whth an votuame of abort stores would be executed; in view of which facts, we U.3 m Is pm ...
beeomplet .. respectfully call the. attention of the 9 ...............
Any man who ever has hinted big Governor and other member of the par- 06 '
gm wIto el ala 1puslo quwekca Whenf doning board to the fiet that Cooper is I.1lam .
eaSsO W. O f wild still conned in the county jail of De- "i l Forest. Great boaters 8oto county. Floride, a.d trust
they wre, those days, tracking they will have back hone enough to ds .......... .. .... ..
r a be, iat d der to pose of the case and not turn it over to ......m ......
da ad lar; rw-h= m at i th n he next Governor -Punts Gorda Her- .o pm t o m.......
S lth r, or an akL lpm Sam- ........I
Sdo b t with or to -- -----
Ma .author, however, is lwt oily a The window u nde Gilmore-Davis g ..............
hataer, asta stddeat of eatmr, of Comloany is satraively decorated di ......... ........
dsltamtef erhlmatleB. Hae deirstamds tamng the Wilson Air Tight Wood
1WtIesm the, eadpert stsbrass tee pfireeose tsand ates.l
teastad I eradMer' Pha ar, wtHf these people deserves crediGt. sa.

etil polisher
Sr. 87
for sale cheap.

elrs fine Seed
t over 32 pounds
ano ate to pe
t4, ilyaB ad mpply
t tate of

* .~ A'

ne of



A bmam iN ON&MA r

7i V

aper Livery Stables.


r New Management. j


68 TO 100 N. MONROE ST.



rates a good impression among yu
sepondents and helps to give your
ness prestige.

Florida & Alabama Ry.,
C. T. & 0. R. R.
Corrected to June 22, 1906.

11.36am Lv CanmbWilc
31160m L1v lAlnark.
12.22 &m Lv 5ovcboppy.
IL46 am Lv .. Arran ...
146 pm Ar Tlaa
LO am .Lv. TUha~
4.06 no.. A r mvmam..-

7.00 pm .
2.M pm 3.40 pm
28.H pm &so ptn
1.56pm LUMpm
12.51 pm 12.80 pma
pIpm ........
T1 ipm .......

I~i- m


8.00 am .Lv Qutner.. Ar 1.Ispm &45pmW .M .......
s.4 amn Ar ...Havan .. Lv 4.46 pam m......
4.06m Lv ..... H .. Ar 1.0 pm ...... .. .m &T s
&.1Sam Lv Bnabrse ..Ar 11.00pm .... . imL T. m
10 m ..Lv ...Cqtt .....Ar .0pm .... .. ......! |
.. Ar i ... Ar ....... ....... ... 4
7.M am..Lv .... Sia ....Ar.. .LUpm ........ ....... WB
&3.5m. Ar. Cutb.t....Lv.. 7.Mpm ....... ........
1.0 pm..Ar... :..v .. .. .. ........ LOse --

L am..Ar .... M ....L.. .M ........ Lo...n. U
ILW pm..Ar ... ... w...L .5pm ................
T.Mom..Ar ......A ts .....Lv.. U.01Am ....... ........ 1B i
.h mew -- easui ,NethmK ad aut. oeam1a *&wt
VV.?.~m .

___ _

__~_ ~_ __ _~ ___~_____~____~


_ ~_ ____~______

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .1.. .-. .1 .1"

V ..,


At Edelen's Emporiul

N 2 W "ow ', o -S -l --

m, 204 S. Monroe St


Opposite Gotit House.

Tomorrow and Each Succeeding Day.

A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend this, our Fall Opening of Pattern Hats and Fine Millinery Novelties.

This will be the


ever shown in Tallahassee.

Several hundred of the latest American and Parisian styles will be on display for your inspection.

give us a call on the above days.

We will produce the goods that will be convincing


W. F. BANKS, Manager.



*IOLL oIEDu4e=

C. I.Raynd Cay, a veteran of
tb *a, has se out letters of Invita-
tion to the survivors of the Liberty In-
dependent Troop, Fifth Georgia Cav-
#I*dn dewi him at the DeSoto
Savannah, Ga., on November
at ock n the afternoon.
jf -dere fto mNst hiS old
recalU the early days of
40'. His letter isa a follows:
aksnvville, Fla., Nov. 6. 1806.-To
iSrviving Mem ber of the Ub*erty
t Troop G. of the Fifth
valh : My Dear low
I s t is to bi you to Join In
L a what wilsmot likely be
s n of our old troe.
m mory my brother and I have
a lit of all of those we know.
you know of any others, do brinA
with you and write to each old
ar our list, promising to be there
-ae-outagg eaeh other to eome.
ea iet at my room at the De-
otel, on the afternoon of Tuoe-
November 18, to dine with me at
Vlibt that night. Undoubtedly
Wnyf you ontemplat e attending the
ate on o thi date, and it is the
Sfavrable opportunity we few will
a have of aeein each other
r e, too, must answer the
cat cll as so many of our corn-
panloas have done before us.
Yours truly, -

Sewtan A-mout of Baum Ina lack
sd es Coeir s et Otober.
The following i the monthly state-
ment of Treasurer Knott of balanese In
the several State funds at the close of
business Oetober 80, 1906:
Omerlreve fnd----.......$ 4,111.48
ne mill ehool fund .... 82,80.14
te of He 67,M .57
Soschool fund (un-
Inest of 0h i fund...... 17,7.67
P in of Seminary fund
(an tested) ............. 981.78
Hilr of State eonveits fund. 14,M0.81
Indian war elau fund..... ----- 000.00
Ariesultral Collee fund ... 8,808.46
White CollMe orrill fund. 12,487.15
SClored Merrill fund 11,87.54
Hatch Experiment Station
f ............ 8,84.86
Am- periment Station
Sfund................... 6,00.61
narid reN iefCollee, lad-
U"d o, Deaf and Dumb, la.
destal I n..... ......... 0.56
K as ad y I
I= ......*.---..-.---..-.- 41.86
Colored No I School, eon-

a fund .............. 206.16
University, Incidental fund. 90.26

Notice of Intentic
for Ltters I

on to Apply
PAi nt.

ed to o"ly to the
do.afer t pubi-

M^aaas'. y

By Chicago wholesalte and mail order orm te apsesa.wema
house, assistant manager (man or T.he amou. of te oa k shall be ton
woman) for this county and adjoining lt tho eamndla, to bet Intohtwot uar
territory. Salary andexpenses pad f.ftd w uty obar.
weekly expense money advanced. p do-^eT, .i^"ee theo.-a
ork pleasant; position permanent. No s ,be. NOI & d A S"d,.
investment or experience required. Iemd oDirects w deemine. The epita
Spare time valuable. Write at once k mr h ibe inc a eaw time., ra two.
for full particulars and enalose self-ad- a d do ttkle.ldr to twty-ve
dressed envelope. Addreoss General ARTICL8 IV.
Manager, 184 E. Lake Street, Chicago. The li eampany alli exlst for nifty yos., u,-
8M'tf. sow oeir dissolved.
` ^- &4 ARTIOLI V.
The defeat of that amenment was TIM bus of th m y sha l conducted
one of the most scathing rebukes ever by the fotowing on. voesr President. a se.
administered to a Governor of Florida. e'IS. Tresur of Diw.toe, and
ouch -ubMrdite ofWle U theBowd of Dirmetors
That merciless "Waterloo" to the m?,a pont. TheMeseo wotw ndmTr
drainage amendment was a merited re- urw may be aed by thee pmne. The Bosd
buke-not to the reclamation of the ofLDirshaelenchlonstf.embm to be
sleeted I-wUthe I tholder ftN *s their number. at
Everglades, but to grafts and graft. the annual mstin of sthe tkholders, which
in ....In theme days of graft and shel be held. until otherwise aed by the stock.
grafters it was asking a little too much holdesm tOUsA Wedmoear tf mJul to mes
of the people of Florid. to give Into by .wtte st ost c resod
the hands of any five men the powers meg. The B ad of e shall t the
eoatamplated in that amendment-and teath n ua eV Msthei meer Tin
that is just what defeated it The f he annuml eeti th1 tkholderuc The
vote on that amendment was no Indi the buinemutthe mup uetllthMoeeleetest
nation that the people of Florida are the Art election by the estoeeldemad directors
aainet the dralnaae of the Ever- dent Wiftda. remes i.doJ. i.
Fadese but we are safe in the asser. Thogns H. Lloyd. Thnome d and A. B.
n that it was a knock-out blow to Blackbrn. Diroeten.
Broward. We have never known a AWMcLvT.
more ignominious defeat. Let it go at Tbhebsmt amount of itdoedaes or liability
thatl-Jackeonville Floridian. W All betont.M sa an m subet It.
Chunkk oetces. AnRWA6 vt
The names and reaidemes of tsubseribe
Trialty M. Church, South, W. M. with toe n rmb of shares sle by each
Pbage, Pastor.-Servlces Sunday at 11 wthtesb4 a e ew:
a. mB and .0 m. Junior p- n fM
worth League, 8. p.m. Senior Up. T3Is*
worth Leasiu, 4.00 m. m.All a d
an pe"ly Invited to wohip oT.a.
with u. OTIL. L. Shr.
First BaptChuehen .LntpSt., A. a am. I1harse.

50o cent, of your Shoe 3n by bevia*
Repair your Boots and Shoes. First Class Work. SLa efetion guaranteed.
Also we have in connection with my shoe bmluaes the
CI=ea.n. Dyei and Pressing. PtCla Workmen do ths work. Y
suit e new for little money. PFrst-Clam Tailor Repairs and Makes
to fit. Old Panama Hats Cleaned and Made New. No take.
No. 342 C t.oA St.. Tdephoie No. 275.


When in need of any such work au in my line I
will give the closet flfures on the beat woik that
c;a& done by ordidarym nsk h Pals,.
PbUrtins, FrieofiLft tfilr Deeoriin, Crdhin.
Hardwood Finishing, arbeIt.
Art Work a Specialty.
J. W. LYNN, M. A. Tallahassee.
Studio, corner Adams and Clinton Streets.
w i,-m me -,me

F. C.


Confectioner c Crooer


Prompt Delivery.



Telephone 89.

aOg. W, OULS

Child Bros. Building and Lumber Co,

Nib day
Neo"" Pa~O, I& GUM Meas10"mis
my oummwiftoeexpm prnsFb.3 kmow

I MIBabmeyor o
Subscribe for UTreot ueVmmat.

ON sm"W" do Ialk ho h "modoti
me ~ ~ ~ Wn -To 11 -b
baob snb"hw
T swo

i AN -. w94mfood"-
tov b" dm I& amw wasomr.
ftsaetbmw 4m.a

SoU& W sa
baiG iL

Mea cm c aft



*D *f







" .'*



Tallahassec, a m Florida

-- v,5U -- -

car or ears, lobe lo wts any k
It e nbed i ar ofsi

cation the character of theftht the
withatin four afm en o lo
n th the dnfsih pctoth
1 athe shipper makes writtm
plication sp af raiesar company for a
ha desires to be asi th f t
of freight mbralock inthe tariff sa
olow sh transportation thin thelo
cation the character of h freight; the

company shall furnish uear or arsame
mon or h ore the day specifed i the ap-
r.when the shipper making such ap-
plcation, species a future day on which
he deres to make a shipment of fruit
ort vy tablesivib not less than two
than four days notice thereofp com rut-
sIven o'eme a. m. t clock a. .oi the dayw

fswh pps application, the r railroad y
compshall furnish such ar or car on or ea

noroe th day speiied ln the applica-

For failure to comply with this rule
the comn so offoeding shall forfeit
and wM the shipper applying the sum
of car per da, o future day on
a day's do m ake a shipment of fruiee

dimay noti demand n writing made
within tirty days thereafter y the
shi per;
ev o'led, however, That the ollowinge-
suchtion of the demurage herein authorized
shall not deprive the shipper of his right
to recover In any court of competent
jurisdletion, such damages as he may
sustahein by reason of the delay in urca-
For failures; furtho comply, That this rule
does not slter, abolish supersede or re-
peal Role 5,mpany of theding shall fCommis
sion's o thRules Governing the he ransporum
station of Freiof freght."
This rule shall not be effective untcollec-
December 15, 1906.
Ofiee of the Raheilroad Commission of
the 8tatl of Florida:
To all the railny court ofad companies and
common carri doing business wholly
or in part withison the State of lorida:
You are hereby notified that there
will be a meeting of the Railroad Commis-
snsionere of the State of Florida, at
their office n the ity of Tallahassee,
Fi, at 10 o'lock ., on be effective until3d day
of December 16, 1906, to consider the ad-

regulat of the Railroad Commission of
sthe onStas s follow, by rida: the foow
in to the Dmuarroad compare Rles:
or 1. A shipper on wthe Statorder a of Floar
or ar have reby notifplaced for loading
shall be allowmeeting for the loading of such
their or office in the city of Tallahasseeing from 7

o'clock a. 10. o'clock a. mte such ear or
cars have ber, p190lac6,ed to considet to the
ordervisabilit of shipper, and therfter a de
murrage charge of not more than $2
pegulati per day or fraction of a daymi
may be asoll and collected on allow-
such car as have not been tendered to
the railroad company with shopping inof su
structions within said forty-eight hours;;
provided, however, that should the
shopper fall to begin loading within
o'lock a. m.-eight hours after the expiration
of free time, the railroad company shall
order of shipper, and theeafte a de.

consider the car or caf not moreleased, thand 2

may es and collect ed4 on each carll
aun care as have not been tendered to

covering the demurrage then due.
the railroad company wies shall not be com-

structio parties thin said fault to theours;
payment of the demurrage charge,' .
herein t provided for, until should the

shippemurrg fe charges have been within
"Iforty-eight hours after placing theear or cars re-
of fure by time, rule, the railroad com-pany shall
empo ly remove all or s r eleased, and
or nmay anyssess and collect, on eatruct, or de-h ar,

layov the loading of same, the shopper
lied to furnish eare for future shi
ments to parties in default an to the

shall enot of te charble with the dela
"When, by reovide of dey or until such -
"If. after placing the car or cars re-

ar ty on the part of the railroad cornm-
lnayc of the d uaing y of the shipper

and dtinct e of free tim within
whcash to load tbe ear ory. specified

the rlontead ompanes and common
payers doing bodness wholly or tn
N within othe Stat of Floia, shall
ten hppe tall S be hoerd and to

in s osloaa their oreae In thsecied

baro 190L.
JsraXason B. BaOwas,
Attesat: L C. Dxo, Sesretary.
No. e M
i eeby adered and aJued
ttthe rutes sad regelatisa.-otet

Ism... do tatuloom
habltmate. ~ A* d e- -
ants, e to te R-t re-
,,l i e f esecs. th.
_f take o an Intermin/1a of me
hour for nnr."
Uis rule to be effective on and after
November Is, 106.
Done and ordered by the Railroad
Commissioners of the State of Florida,
in session at their office in the city of
Tallahassee, Fla,, this 1st day of Novem-
ber, 1906.
Jurrausox B. Baowvu,
Attest: R. C. DUNN, Secretary.
By Rev. Luthwr. Hutbebl.
The most difficult task anyone has to
perform in this world is that of self-
control, and this is one duty in life in
which but few prove perfect.
The knottiest knot that but few sue-
ceed in chopping away is the "I will
not." Cut this away from your obsti-
nate disposition and say "I will," then
your life will be sweeter and more sue-
Self-praise is half scandal, and none
can become so good that they can praise
their own strength. We can glory in
nothing save the Cross of Calvary.
Endeavor to teach your child the way
it should and then go some other way
yoreelf and the child ie not apt to fol-
low your teaching; more apt to follow
your steps. Teach by example, as well
as precept.
If all the burdens and difficulties of
life were piled in one common heip and
each person required to take their pro
rata share, no doubt you would be con-
tent to take the ones you now have and
go your way.
As the eye is to the body, so faith is
to the soul. Faith is the eye, revela-
tion the window through which the soul
looks up to God and scans the vast
realms of lis eternity.
What Ilbert Hubbard Says Coacera-
tag the Jews.
Today the Jewish clothing merchant
is the very touchstone and symbol of
integrity. From him you get a guaran-
tee as to fit, quality and price that is
above suspicion. Moreover you get a
guarantee against your own whim-the
Jew gives your money back on the re-
turn of the goods, and this without
quibble or question.
The Jew, above all men, recognizes
that honesty is a business asset, the
righteousness merely a form of corn-
mon sense.
To make one sale and make an enemy
in the transaction is a very poor plan
for making money. The winner is the
man who has friends- people who be-
lieve in him-and this fact is best rec-
ognized by the successors of the men
who used to take us in, being strangers,
and do for us.
The only people not interested in the
meat inspection business is the Jews.
This because they took up the question
of food inspection 8.500 years ago and
disposed of it by making it the duty of
their rabbis to Inspect and kill all ani-
mals designed for food and put their
stamp of approval upon the carcass.
A part of the education of every
rabbi now is the inspection of meat
from hoof to can. Even the slightest
suspicion of disease or wrong condition
causes the rabbi to withhold his
"Kosher" endorsement.
The word Kosher means cleanly, good.
right and legal. Therefore meat that
is good is called "Kosher;" meat that
is bad is "tref."
The Mosaic laws are all sanitary laws,
designed for the good of this world and
the folks who are alive The Mosaic
code is founded on science and common
sense But inorder to enforce its edicts
and make people obey them, Moses re-
sorted to the expedient of saying,
"Thus saith the Lord," or, "The Lord
F. M. Barnes, manager of the White
City, Chicago's world-famous amuse-
ment resort, arrived in Tampa last
week and at once began to make prep-
arations for the appearance of the
great White City Hippodrome at the
St Fair. This attraction, which will
cost the Fair Asso'i.tion $24,000 for
two weeks, will appear only in Tamp a.
*ever having been bouth before. "My
firm, said Mr. B.irnes. 'supplies the
state fairs of the West with practically
all of heir atract.,n) in all my ex.
perience, however, ,ny firm has never
known a state fair to contract for a
single attraction as co tly and magnifi-
cent as the White City Hippodrome.
Having leased the Happwalrive to the
FloridA State Fair sao.i,,tion for a
certain sum for two weeks, I have no
financial intent at stake, and there-
fore my epinimn is not bited. A show
the equal of the lip.odmone to be pat
on during the Fair h,,s never been

equald at any Stese in the South or
ewhee. In view of the great ex-
peese I do not see how the Fair Asso-
elation can realize any thing from the
predus.m.L They tell me they are not
the b eifoer the perpo e of mak.
O ePley. Their contrAct with me,
wseh I ver oese thought wo be
made, apparently proes thM truth of
this staemt. The peope of
abhoml appeietste thiwr Ubaty.'



Talking Machines



A w.ll see:LeJ

stock of records

always on hand

I have in connection with my Furniture Department,
where I can take care of any repair work brought in.

a General

Repair Shop

I buy, sell or exchange anything of value and can save you money on house.

hold goods.

Call and see.

m v mom






Tuesday Oct. 23.

Miss Adele Gerard,

149 N. Munroe St.

Tallahassee, Florida.

Fancy work material a specialty.



Say ladleonce have Proven ere
Hanfatl.thaa S l-aL
To the Citizens of Bradford Count :y.
It is common rumor, I underst-
that I have, since being elected to the
office of sheriff, indulged too freely in
intoxicating liquor. fn the main the
rumor has not been without some foun-
dation. Owing to the exposure ineil
dent at times to the discharge of my
duties, I have felt that a little whiskey
would be good for me and have in.
dulged in it. I wish to say. though,
that I have found out and ftly realse
that such indulgences are a great deal
more harmful than benefcial, and from
this time forward shall abstain abso-
lutely from the use of intoxicants as a
beverage while I hold any office within
the gift of the people of Bradford
county. Very respectfully
A manly man. and he is of the kind
of material that goes to make a faith-
ful and good official, and we say this
without being personally acquainted
with Mr. Bennett. The people of
Florida will judge him by the tone of
his card, published above.
Distresslag Accident.
Mr. Clinton Dawkins, while picking
pecans last Saturday morning, lost hi
balance and fell from the tree, break-
ing and dislocating his ankle and dislo-
cating his shoulder. Dr. '. C. Moor is
in attendance and the young man is
rapidly improving under his able care.
For Sale.
A small new omnibus on hand. For
sale cheap. Apply Adkinson and Cox.
Cheap for Cash
One more Runaway Hoes for sale.
Must go as we do not prompoee to keep
am unaale animal. Four already soL
Apply at the Kemper Stables.
W-m C. A. Shoemaker. Proprietor.
IBeree a-n 119.
Just received, a nice lotof horses and
mules; for sale at eloe prices.
Keomper Stables,
I8-1m C. 9. Schoemaker, Proprietor.

An Iron Safe and| Show Case-
for sale cheap at
R. 3 An' Store.
Subscrite to TIM 1M lMIs

"-" 4:


No,Matter What Your Property Is Worth, or in What Town,
City, State or Territory It is Located.
Io rto pay fari Vie''vesh ai
.FtooM a aw mbe ad1 w M"W I*mn s1=4 9m "s


sow twm em ~IL.
ahesi wtdaso.m laL Too bad a*5'W4t

413 KinsesAveuse,

If Tee Wa. nua ms. Cet em
Plase mmd. without emt to me a plan for
Anding a ch buyer for my property. which
eonssata of..............Town ..... .....
County .... .........Stat........ ...
Follmin o as brif d-sriptlom ........

LN w t ..ea. .. .. ... ........... ....... ...

I d&gs to barrp ._w,.-- -ty
profatl b with th feAllaw
Town or sty ... .... ...............
C4uty.. ..tate................
Pree, etwm 0 -. Iads........
will pay ............
an. ... ............ .. i n .... ..........
a . ... .- ... .- ... .......
eA~ dO .........................

Health is
More Than

Use V'





you will alway have rood health. What Is more to a man
than good health? All the money In the world can't make
happlnen where health is unknown. Baard's Saow L et
'TDrl~RC! ematism, ButsSms, psoa Nimgla,
80-- 1sd Cs fb Con tractned Muledse, Lame
Sc sakand ime I Fr Heir to.

One Who Knows.
J. O Boott galt Lake City, 'Utah. writes I cannot
too highly praise your Ballard'a Snow Liniment for
the relief of &cut rheumatism, caused by sudden Sange
and exzaeure to the weather. I also reoommea& ur
3Jlard's Hoaehound Syrup for coughs and y mw,
These usedl6fgether defy al&paln. ..I
OBT TH13 OENUINB. ThOe Sh oe, 8t 6 *SIMO

Balas now L00men
88-M N wodSemi tre

5I~ W~g


. -

-. .

- .1 ',

, *' .

ILt 3

. t'4


s- 0 11s .. Torft ew.

ro@.Lk L va3 UvATY MO3NNO.

It looks as if the fair State of Flor-
idM was still beset with a fock of pobit-
ieal vampires of the bloodasuking kind.
-Banlabridge Search Light.
The verdlet against too much Stato
government grows more proneuneod as
th retwans ome in from theM entry
districts in all parts of Florida.-St.
Augustine Record.
To properly display your advertiso-
ments copy for mne should always
eome Into the office at lat by Wednes-
day morning. It would be better togot
it into as on Tueeday I
The Dumnede Advoeste eomesat'eom
as follows: "The best fixed man on the
L I. Bo4sd is ex-ovenor JaJ
Itdoen'tmattr to him how things #4
S he alwy bo up with fat saleary.'
AB hom to Hon. R. H. M. Davidson
smd Se ator James Z. Braomo, who
same at i the open and fought so see.
mfefly and faithfully in having good
dM Gdein sonty help defeat the- gs.
-aeI soeme to amend our M tate ono
tetiMm, aesto a board of five esars
-end to aike a political mill that
w hM v worked serious hardships
a 00* d Florida. To b ae *
asAjlmst A- d p8eoo most
S to vwetmIbr all, and the last one
sbsIeks trishetera .
Ak ~v M eae en ty *mmi"ee*
bet se*o Instead oa Send,
had pwuaiauM ea him a surgefal opera
an, sftl wM" they made him drive
MnuMt b* to Jail .&a aamtr reelv-
aH m@A oal attention he was again
plMdleJaA, tobe trod legally for Ms
dense, 4 s tMhe ewvldsme asinst
is o e, ewlhow me odobt be hung.
t may pMse the maet eloftive leo.
saM 0ait brmtoa and if more vlst-
I smittMs m-e formed and the
;%Mw isd M was this wretch It
e a whltoesme effect. That all
gmjmhsb noed to have swift and
S imt meted out to
m. ise no doubt.
True Democrat is
SS and is the
S i f tld a lebisMt edited weekly
So it is "agl the government"' and
a it will beo until the government o&-
eaw see toabuse the power and onfl-
denMe the people have placed tn them,
take the people lite their full conf-.
dense and pubsbh statements of oex
pemndtores in all things. The people of
Plorlds have a right to know something
df the official transactions of their sup-
psed ervw'ai. Florida's wreat I. I.
e0d dranhase omleals will some day
ive to account to somebody for what
tey how dow and are doing!
AAeRm the Sheetiag.
Wabpt's ood for the country
We ak o re we vote
MeeNot day we've inquarln
"What's good for sore throat?"
-Washington Btar.
ML IL lDethel went to Monticello
Tueay n business.
Df. Greene ad wife, from Green-
villo, were i a ety this week.
Ah e la&ty If"M y Seed Oats.
L. 0. YSeOSr, f hI areman. 88
S. J, m ball, Miss gemhall
rs. C.Alexander, of Apalaeht-
istol, a spedig the winter at the

ade a business
t, pin and ball.
e afforded a
(assortment of
china, on die-
Drug Co.
of Penacola.
ronal Tallahas-
y and made the
at visit.
or. Use rugs
y foor stain on
atisfactton. L
*man. 88
r and sister were
mn Jaeksonville,

AD who know wbsreo

l wor Isould write toa
M. B Towr, Arv Park, Fi. Mr. Bor
lr IS the Goeral Ilsionary of tB
Amrican Sunday School Union, and
will be glad to help.
-- -- - -
Petmester ebbed.
G. W. out., postmaster at River-
ton Is.L, nearly lst his life sand was
robbed of l11 comfort, according to his
letter which mays: "For 2 years I
had chronic liver complaint, which led
to sueh a severe as of Jaundice that
evn my finger nails turnedyellow;
when my doctor prescriod Electric
Bitters which euaed me and have kept
me well for eleven years." Sure cream
for Bilousne, Neuralgia, Weakness
and all Stomach, Liver, Kidney aad
Bladder derangements. A wonderful
tonic, At all drug storm. Miecents.

The Elks' Club held a delightful
smoker at their club rooms last Friday
evening in eommemoration of the Oird
anniveary of the installation of ther
lodge. iAU of the Tamllhaseemembers
'd Vrs et, likewise several visitors,
and a most enjoyable evenin was
spent It was a social jathrin in
which everyone threw off the mantle
of car and formality and had a od
old time. There was enough va
to pleae all, and no part of the event
was om. Good cigars and excl-
lent r ments were served during
hr vonL. If t he lks were un-
oeular (weh as not the case) just
0a itt amide at me sueh amoeer a
this woOuld be eaoh to onvertthe
most Ak LL T--bis not another
it at haa a ter record and
It I.
Mr. R. Wilooa and Mr. Harris,
who have been in the cit represntng
the South Zsterm Tariff Aasoation
In their atrest of a due l1n the
CIty loram rate Wteft, wk.
It Is ot kawsm dei tol What decision
will be rendered, but aldp son th
report ta tlemen make to their
hoemea Thy were very much
pleased with the Dertmnt, but
thee is some doubt as to the water
works system
Any color of stain you desire for
Erfoor. Jap.-ae-lk is the best. L.
YMW, th ba dwareman.
Men who are adept in their particular
line of work we appr ted w a a mi
eon t5!dmbbIn houses to-
dav. TheStre r-
tahly tob for the ex-
part man who th ave In charge of
their soda e dep w artn t.
On a p&eia l tr ahrg quantity
of several eto f iwe eream, this
gentlom ma q tty of crem
that was impy sad It a em safely
be said that ever was better made
in this city. And the thatthe"
people reelvo o many spe o do Is
a fSng token of the reard held for
what tey supply to the trade.
Whn wedd time comes around
the ai mp rtatquestion is what will
make a Sultable ift. Cot-la.sware

inexpensive. The Tallahua-

Low a StolSe .

Three diamond ring- two so'ltairea
and one with cluster of three. Liberal
reward given to person finding or fur.
nishing reliable information about same.
Mas. JOHN T. BRADFORD, P. 0. Box 264

- ----~A~I



rev Ama mia
Twr =M-- a -1144 0

as it d the i t ghter of Come ad enter YeTOw Baealp for Tese
nbouser, v.mern to Dr.,
Mannin, o n who now mak All children ive yed d and under
his homo s ELilMville, P. Tam l
marriage took p at 11
o'clock and lowed by a recep" FIDAY, NOV .
tion at 11.J bridesmaids were r oM 8 TO o'CLOCK P. U., I THE
Mises Clyde and Clars Lewist LEON BOTL PARLORS,
and Mary D. sister of the bride, Under the auspisn of St Agnae GOld,
and Miss the groom's sister. St. John's Cha r.
These ym wre W owned .
green emu e ssred wr The V1ou0i Reord p.ut it thusly:
hadoo o Mntemumap. The "The drainage prepositi was not
br ar u late over atn popular anywhere in th state."
terd i fmilax on the arm s ince Met just at T. B.
a.-n-thewed Byrd&CCoa. '
ding march, s rendered by Mrs. John At last we have penmasson from
T. 8radtord. The houme was taste. Governor Broward to be thankful, and
fully desosted with smilaz, ferns and we aseare him that we will be. But
chrysmtheems0. and there were many will he kindly show some 'love and
floral peces of great beauty from the charity" in his next published inter
friendsof the yong bride. The prees- view.-T.-U. Short Tal
eats were numerous and bandsome, A large quantity of May Seed Oats.
and attested the popularity of the L. C. Yaer, the hardwareman. 8
Iyu N o l thomeadlboad.Dr. MessrM L. C. Wiluams and 5. B.
I left on the after Coleman, of the Ap.ahIos Northern
noon train for ltimo, Railway, wre in city Monday on
will spend the winter. Amongthe out.-business.
of-town guests attending this marriage
wen Mrs. and Miss Manni, mother Hons. H. Clay Crawford and Had-
and sister of Dr. Manning. i Bess son Burr went to Diekinson bay Mon-
Denham and Mr. John Pasco, of Bala. i a- a bunting trip. Mr. Crawford
bridge, Ga. took with him a -fne new 10 foot duck
'___ boat which was made eseeially for
aEl Jehaen. him by Mr. Marshall of Gilmore Da-
Invitations have been Issued announe- vis C o
I the w IlMiss CIvy We leoma all to our Now Store, at
h amedS f Mr. Mia ISn -the ld Stan T. B. Byrd & Co.
Franklin ,to Mr. Leows.MilesaJohn- Owing tolack of space in this iseoa
son, which will be solemnased at the we are compelled to omit the minutes of
home of the bride's parents, in New the city council meting, but fool that
Smyrna, Fla., on Wednesday, Novem- they will be of as mucinterest in our
ber the 21st athigh noon. next issue, and therefore withhold
Sw. i tmhem.
C I Everything in Faney and Staple Gro.
A quiet wedding was solemnized at series, and prices right, at T. B. Byrd &
the home of Mrs. Stewart on Bronaurh Co.'s. 88
St. last Sunday evening at 7 o'clock. After attend the Confederate re-
Rev. C. H. Cox and Miss Henry Stow. union at Savanah, where all had such
art were the hpp couple. Rev. W. M. an njoabl time, Hon. and Mrs. J. D.
Pe ofitd.s -Cay topped over for a few. day visit
Te bride and roo ft Monday with Col. and Mrs. Raymond Cay at
morning Colevean, hio, Wh Jacksonville. They will return home
they willmake their home in the fu Monday.
tus. fFrult Cakes baked at T. B. Byrd &
Rev. C. H. Cox is a well known per.- Co. ,Bak Tuesda Now
son in this city, and his many friends Sery i d T a y
wish the oupl much abappine, ss.autly,
p thereafter nd Dec. 30th*
Juf Milton H. Mabry, eterk of the Parties deiritg ttbei i baked will
Supreme Court. left Monday for Louis. lesget them to store not later than
vie whore h will wed Mis Irene I o'elotcksm. m s
Wasiburn on Thursday. Judge Mabry Dr. S. B. Chapin, of Tallahassee, is
and his bride will return to Florida, visiting his wife In this eity.-Gaines-
visiting Tama sand other points before ville Sun. Dr. Chapin returned to Tal-
returning to Tallahassee. lahasse lait night.
Call and see our fresh stock of Pure
The Tallahassee True Democrat, hav- Candles. T. B. Byrd & Co. 88
lag performed a really important ser- Comptroller A. C. Croom, Mrs. Cream,
vice to the people of the State, has no-nol Miss tate Su tend-
tifed his home readers that it will now Scott, Miss Maude Marvin Hon. Jffer-
give more attention to local matters. son B. Brown and Editor Claune L'En-
And yet there are hundreds of people l*e left Tuesday for Tamps to attend
in all parts of the state who are going tSe opening of the fair.
to look to John Collins' True Democrat We have opened up the largest stock
of high grade T 7 lo and
to keep them enlightened on state mat- dShells in M Flrida upstairs
teor as they are viewed by an honest in our newly remodeled store. Call and
man from the head-oenter of political see us. T. B. Byrd & Co. 88
scheming-the state capital.--Palatka '-- t^^^^^
News. u A white and k potted setter
Parties wishing t best ruit Cake (male) puppy, a t oen months old.
Materials will do well or meelves by He had on a col was last seen
rehasing them firt r. B. Byrd A Sunday morning. e finder will be
They carry the quality to be rewarded by retu him to
had. 88 88-1mo Jar B. BaowwNi.


A Lwp Assortmwnt of tbe Latest Cred oIs tn Lades' Collars, Usully 25 and 50c. for 10 and 25c.

f. Stylish, Up-to-date Novelties in Ladies' Belts.

Sings, Worsted Plaids, Percales, Ginghams and Outings.

.. Beautiful collection of Cloaks and Jackets, correct styles and matchless values.

The lAmerican Girl Skirt,

A Tailoremade Garment of Bxelalive Merit. You must see
It to appreciate Its real Beauty.

A complete line of Blankets and Comforts. Full of Warmth and Good Serv-

Sice Qualities.


ThellEconomies of this system enables us to assure our patrons of a Positive Saving in Money Values.

PM w rN N' rd k 9 t iR' RA)t fh

Monroe StreeL

Suheih for8lb.h *ue Dfomt.

* 'd



_______ _



B^M^W -

I : -tm -d, M

County Commisuae-s
4M; R. 0G. ; J 3..t
4M, W. D. 'outmius, 41; W.A.
f M o Puable -Intrction-John H.
Patterson 466; Geo. I. Davis, 41;
O f eitra -8. P.
Chaires. 870.
Constitutional Amendments--In favor
of Dainage, 118; Against Drabc,
8S4. Amendment reltit to aae
of Supreme and Circuit C t J
Yes, t5l; No, SOL. Ame dmet to
salaries o Criminal Court Jude-YeTs,
184; No, LS. Amendment providlnt
for etablihment of Court of Resordm u
ecambisa county-Yes, lo8 No, 186.
Amendment relative to Am Con-
stitution of Florida-Yes, 86; No, 6.
, ... -... . ..
Sese Wesemates ofe Wemss Clubs
Tallahassee is to be honored with the
Conventio of the State Federation of
Women's Clubs. which will be held in
this ity from November 0th to Mth.
and the members of the Women's Club
of Tallthassee are makof ary pr
ration for th event, whisd It no d
forward to with much teret, a the
present hnueations show every
of an '<,piolly large attndn f
ladies representing the vtriouee a
throughout the State, onumberag Wian
Mrs. Richard Adam, of Palatl is
President of the Federation.
Follow Is a lit of the committee
that hav been selected:
Entertainment Committee-Mi Ma
S. Lew, chairman, Mrs. Napoleon .
Browa d. Mrsa WJohn thro Miss
Annie Chairs. Mrs. John W. Wdman,
Mrs. Julius Hirhbg, Mrs. Julius
rMT ., Mrs. Chasa.A. Cay.
Committee on Decoration and t
Charge of Halle-Mrs. Pbelp Warden
Wilson c-birmin. Miss Ulla Lewis,
Mrs. C r Dawk. p,. Mrs. C C.
Peare, Mrs. Henry lay Crawford,
Mrs. J. Stewart Lewts.
Committee to Arranpe for Drives-
Mrs. Geoe I. Davis. chairman. Mrs.
Wm. M. HollowayMrs. Henry T. Fel-
kel, Mrs. J. J. odges, Mrs. Aaron
UMsic Committee-Mrs. John T.
Bradford, chairman, Mis LidLe Tatum,
Mrs. Geo. W. Saxon, Mrs. W. L Moor,
Mrs. L. C. Edronda.
Committee to Meat Guesat-Miss
ailltoBlake, chairman, Miss Mary Da-
mon, Mrs. R. C. Dunn, Mrs. Chas. A.
Cay Mrs. A. R. Bond, Mrs. P. T.
Committee to Solicit Homes-Mrs.
L. C. Yaeger, chairman. Mrs. R. C.
Dunn, Mrs. J. Stewart Lewis.
Committee on Badge-Mrs. R. E.
Rose, chairman, M. S. May Walker,
Mrs. W. E. Lewis.
Press Committee-Mrs. J. W. Wide-
man, chairman, Mrs. Crosby Dawkinsa,
Mrs. George Greenhow. Mrs. William
Mr. L. C. Yaesger, the hardwareman,
has added an attractive office in the rear
of his store.

44 jk V U M

"-' ,

* ~ ~T ~jC U ~. ~ ~

Bi su w vet w2* here all thi aS

r M ad ism or l emd hper whowinga
S1asag ofOf tMJeai'tl Jeek-

glak weo e vu te tbo no -

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H4Mk f o al.
liel s, cDyspepsi 8Od proida 11dty of
rid l etropols ad br whole o
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Thcan po s e. e to t
rig, y ou san't beot Herbine for
i. The fratest re later river
S hed to dffeoin h monity. If you
Was a MtV, omlit you an
SI fretful, I'a your lver, and
V M=in pt int iti proper condi-
S Ao lrolv euro for Coantipation,
Dypgkia hand all ila due to
ui er. y a bottle and you
will never use anything else. All
Tallahasee, Fl.
Dear Sir: If you could get the exclu-
'av sale of a coal that would give
Mble heat and cost so more, you'd

Devoeo i like that among paints; a

moretan two of many po'pnr paint.
Suppose you have painted your ouse
about once in three years ever since it
was now. you buy the same number of
gallons oe, have a third of it left,

about $75. Put 'era toaet* : $100.
and it wears six years. Count your

Can't reckon so r psat; t as that
but you see how it goes. Paint isn't
alike any more than coaL How much
more is coal worth than i slate?
Your* truly
F. W.b bvo &A Co
Now York.
P. S. Gilmore & Davis Co. sell our
paint. -_, -16
Hardware Seal..-
A hardware deal has been consum-
mated whereby tho stock of the L. C.
Yarer hardware store will be organ-
todinto a stoek compay't to known
as the Yafer-Bethef hardware ComN
pny. TThe capital stock of the comr-
uaay will be $25,000. The offers will
. C. Yaeger, president; Lottie M.
r, first vice-preident; Annie E.
Botl, second viee-president; Henry
L. Bethbl, secretary and treasurer.
The company will occupy the quarters
now occupied by L. C. Yaeger,
South Munroe street.
Deaths hem Appendicitis
depress in the same ratio that the use
of Dr. King's New Life Pills in-
m ey save you from danger
vi qick and painless relief
from onm and the ills growing
out of it. 1-Dfth and vigor always
follow their o. Guaranteed by all
druggists. 2e. Try them.
Asual 3assar.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Pres-
byterima church will have their annual
hrbtm bazaar on December 7, In
Clark store nearthe CapitoLr Th
is cordially invited to attend and
blmiws will be displayed for sal. at rea-



If you become totally
the Company pays your
without interest and these ]
are not deducted from


face of

'm-M IM ---I

Surplus toTPolicy Holders $1,634,364.00

Mr.lliam Cat, f aekfm=i4
has hM hW dw offin
*9Atmetlk Cc" Up tO
Ids comob
4 s%=m esiL.


Wee ~
Desirable oet~eemwmfly iocate&
to W.D. Wiles. or hines A.





Roume and 49 "bt ad, form.
hi 1w a. 7t.W 4la
~Is has


um.utaker md Fumrl Dinctor.
Open Day and Night. Prompt Attention to Telegraph Orders.
G. H. HOLNMS, Proprttor.
i s i f I i l IN I I II

0 0



Not take our word for it,
but let us prove it to you.


IRA SANBORN, General Agent, Central Florida.
Carrabelle, Fla.


For the next 30 days my entire stock will go at re-
duced prices in order to make room for the large fall
stock which is beginning to arrive.

In the mean time we are going to7have a Rug Sale.
Will give you a few prices:


60 Tapestry Rugs, 27x60,--- ------ --------- $
48 Velvet Rus, 27x60, ----...--..----...--....--
120 Velvet Axminster Rugs, 23x36,.------------ -
60 Axminster Rugs, 27x60, ...........------------..---
48 Axminster Rugs, 36x72, ................-------
72 Smyrna, Assorted, from....-----.-----......1.50 to
TGrantr Art Rugs, 9x9, ..-----.......-----.----.......--..
Tapestry Art Rugs, 9x10,...--------------------

It wil pay you to look my stock over and get my
prices before buying.












and Shoes, also Saddles, -

Trunks, Suit Cases and Telescopes, all I

at popular prices.




Now located next to Levy Bros. Big Store,
Monroe Street.

My raD ead Wint Goo9
Prepaired to do Pirst Class Work at the Lowest Pries and
ries a full and complete line of samples for Gentlemen and
Suits. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Cleaning, Altering and Iusinsg a Speeialt. Cue.- _d.
D iammi 6. %.r &L v ...- t. _. _*-- -


7 r uqin uj iweU Uln i na riUonable pnres.
Will carry in stocx for small men, misfit clothing made by MO.
hant Tailors.
Agent for Japanese Cleanall for removing grease, paint, ptal.,
ar. etc.. from all kind of wearing apparel wtbhout iaJ Pim

: 5U1NI NC TiM E]


r11.4 -

74A~7.. oI1

/F -Y KI/



A Cup of White Houe or Bue Label
NM a Mad Java Com e
Is what goes straight to the heart of
every man at breakfast time, and every
one knows that only good grocers keep
good coffee. We take special prido in
our brands, as they have made or
store famous. Just as good aa the ooft-
fee we sell are teas, which priasple
holds good throughout our entire stask.
We sell nothing but the best of food
products-those we have tested oar-
selves, and so can stand by them.
.J. W. CLLNms, Grooer.






Hot and cold baths unurpasseed.' Good table, Good beds. Ra-
ning water in every room. Bowling Alley Billiard
Telegraph and Phone connections. Well equipped stables h
Pavillhons. Boats, ete :
Rates vlaon. 1 MMile from LUve Oak, on Live Oak P~ft
Qu Lt R. Commum at Uve Oak. u u ,
^" ,.:;."


*.t 6


Just Stop In

And see what we have now on Sale




J. E. THEUS, Propr.


__ ____ ___

for Fall and Winter.

I -%

Drem Goods, Do-


; 7 / *

- r",


mestic Goods, Notions, Gents and Boys




) Y t

... .*. -. **( *... S ;' *

- U~4I" 'yZ,1




We have the LOW PRICES,
If You have the CASH .




We can save you

from TEN to


Lots of












iA *4



* **^

* I



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