The weekly true Democrat

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The weekly true Democrat
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Weekly true Democrat (Tallahassee, Fla. 1905)
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Tallahassee Fla
John G. Collins
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June 29, 1906
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7 v. : ;


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Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
30.451667 x -84.268533


The Tallahassee Weekly True Democrat was established on March 3, 1905, by John G. Collins. The "True Democrat", as it briefly called itself, explained that its name showed dedication to the "true and tried doctrines of The Old Time distinguished from...mischievous fads and fallacies of the day." Though not intended, never more true words have been spoken on newspaper title changes! Milton A. Smith bought the Weekly True Democrat in 1908. In February 1912, the paper started publishing as the Semi-weekly True Democrat . In 1913, it reverted to a weekly again under the title of the Weekly True Democrat . On April 6, 1915, the newspaper became the Daily Democrat . Frequency of publication dictated another change of title later that year when the Daily Democrat became the Weekly Democrat . Sometime thereafter, exact dates are not known, the Weekly Democrat became the paper of record for the state’s capital, and the title changed to the Weekly Democrat and Florida Record to reflect this development. If ever it was a record for Florida, it would have been a digest, since both the Florida House and Senate have maintained continuous and detailed recordings of their deliberations. Today, the same newspaper is known as the Tallahassee Democrat . Because Tallahassee is the seat of Florida’s state government, the True Democrat has been quoted copiously in journal articles and theses. Of particular note is its usefulness in tracking Jim Crow behaviors in the early 20th century. During this period, African Americans constituted about 80 percent of the population in Leon County, and white supremacists felt particularly threatened. The True Democrat, whatever its name, would come to influence--and some might argue, make mischief with--the State of Florida’s democratic processes and the deliberations of the legislature. While it may have shown leanings toward one party or another throughout its history, the newspaper has been affiliated with neither the Democratic nor Republican party but can be said to have exerted its influence on each.
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 3, 1905)-v. 7, no. 52 (Feb. 16, 1912).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Good Government; Honesty in Public Office; gqual Justice to All--Special Privileges to None.


IA%% to t.-%! VIA ;.III% 7 i T of i* .IIf kF lri'I, ar'Mid th- hi-muntil,Z.!roii (
'fori t I,-,i1)tir; ,S*.'r.i *, I hefit, t~'ti tin '! .' nih nu.Qt be 101A I f tv -,ri
me th..t t he '- Il.ihiV r .1 1 irtI Ic d1%'~ ~ ~ l *~
wi.t1,1 n,.te-( miron tn,-- arol, fijr iT*. ii. .l .'*. *j .ep .i till
OYft .Soii~rty i d' i:I'cr ;clitiral ;'~,~.
MV t v'' 1.Se,dtirSpviR-u afl l lit. i.-' An ts 0*lcti-itecragitih ,)4 flj
os~t4 )e I)IA it' 14 .:M im- to rw'. %it i ''n .ti jI ti l te h t tte'rYTjk it (.t
theatre ai'el i- 11 Thk-v sirvifficiii21v addJru*-,

The fact that there is a l'. of tI. a

t tI o i' ) lil i d- f Florid.& i' ( -e r i
Brrxw.Ar'l t re;,eat kaain *he juc -t it,

r RV RGCLAO EUt State which provides for the distribu-
...... 9Wtin c of this funda the several
PPOt MILONS eouIties for the p=!mof IoCstrcOtAMg
no or r n. ra .s; thai law ha M W
declared mwrtitattimal, M
m--e Ae rhaie' Les N.T.9 Shew- oblD the trustees, since they
------ 1 dicial power. have no!;m l
iauI he wpago asumem that the law is llegal, hoTd
for Wht It is Weth. of itself have prevented the use of any
part of this fund for the construction
Jacksonvlle, F., May 2, of these dredges or for bay drainage
Jacksonville, Fla. May 2,190. scheme. whatsoever. The gentlemen
To the Edktor of the Metropolis: composing the board are purely execu-
Already scandal is busy with the State tive offers. They ar without power
drainage scheme, and I feel that I am to determine whether a law is constitu-
doing a service to the members of the tional or unconstitutional Thus, wheth-
Board of Drainage Commissioners in er the scandal I have referred to be
calling their attention to one report true or not, nothing can be clearer than
now current, but which is certainly that the money heM by these trustees
worth investigating is being used to build dredges for drain-
AN UGLY R*,"ORT. ageurposes not only without authority
A. UGLY RPOR. w, but absolutely in conflict with
The reportJU to the effecV that the the law as it now exists.
Board of Drainage Commissioners has ...p .. .rBN
made a contract for the construction of SuPER-SCRUrULOU$Nr, .
two dredges, with the necessary ma- Nothing amuses me more than the
chinery and appliances for dredging, at gravity with which Governor Broward
a cost of $50,000 each, or an aggregate claims that a contract exists between
of $100,000, and that the same kind of the United States and the State of
dredges, with the same kind of ma- Florida whereby these lands must be
chinery and the same appliances, had drained by the State and that all he is
been offered to other parties for $38,500 insisting upon doing isa the carrying out
each or $67,000 in all, or $8833.000 less of this contract, as the honor of the
for the two than it is said the Drainage State requires it should be carried out
Commissioners are to pay. This super-scrupulousnese on the part
As to the facts in the case I do not of the Governor and his coadjutors is
know, but it is being steadily and per- charming in its high and lofty sense of
sistently spread, and If there is no truth hofor. For fifty years this contract
in it the scandal should be put at rest has existed, and the government of the
by a formal announcement from the United States has not bothered its head
Board of Drainage Commissioners as to to enforce it. It is a well settled prin-
what their contract is for the construc- ciple of lalkfthat if a contract is made
tion of these dredges, etc. the only persons that can compel per-
W3N3 P DOES PONy COME FROM? formance of it are those directly inter-
If the Board of Drainage Commission. ested. Again, a party who wI wait
era has agreed to pay (100.000fothe"* forever Ay yartoenforce a contract
two the question then arises is very likely to be met with the objee*
u they t havebwenpr a tiontt the statute of limitation bam
as tod have gotten enforcement of the contract or that it
?4tsJ W ave Cone tto' is a "stale claim" sad not enforceable
tWo 0 4th money & ^ either at law or quity.y
of the of the trustee is tied up AN ADtSUDITY.
by injunction. Thedraiae tax hag Nothing u- be more absurd than this
been enjoined. Indeed, thequestion claim of cayng out a contract with
arises, b wh autbotity is th Board the United States made by Governor
of Trust of the Inte l Imp-ove- Broward and his allies. Having sold
meant ld r tnmg h usea of any the Ilad to innocent persons for a val
fund in thr hands the Board of bed consideration undrained, aOd se-
Dra soe com lreonIrst I kaw no curd their a we cos told
law which author this. Even if the a ry patoto out e ota I t i
act of 1906 Is constitutional it clearly -a the u r, prt
vel no authority tothead the halh of thft e ladfo s
Ae Internal Improvement Fund to use to drain them. The claim that they
anmoney for th is D e. bo ht those la nds s ect to this or
asdft ish oayg 00,0W0 t tino t t. o we will be next told
dredges of the e ki und that the people of this Stat undetood
tioc. and with the Same machinery and w hhon y ted tteee tu pdrsto
quired o be ur_ lp led ardng w h &rcpted these lands from
a fhi vso, that have been offerW to the Untte States as a gift that one of
.I parties for $33000 les, then an oue
ovdm! tha ll suru Iunds ^shoud lnds to other that they should be
inquiry should be instituted ad e taxed to drain them. I have heard of a
reasons discovered why this board hou ook that was so scrupulous in her clean-
pay nearly 50 per cent more fr themliao that she wased-the m hells of the
Uman they could have been purchased g before he broke them to drop into
for by other pertieo. I repeat that I n Bftry e rnan e h to ame times
have n means of knowing how this spat into ing th fi pan to fand out if
reort originated or the extent of it ritwa hot enough for the frying ot -
re bihitybut feel it a duty to publicly e. The scrupulous sense of nonor
call attention to it.and the high and lofty regard for the
TRUSTEES WITHOUT AUTHORITY. sanctity of the contract now displayed
As I understand it, it is not denied by the Governor is about on a parity
that the fund h4ld by the Trustees of with the over-scrupulous cleanliness of
the Internal Imatrove ent Fund is being this worthy housewife.
used for the construction of these GARBLING DCISIONs.
dredges. I am unable to find among of the he ti Grn
the laws of Florida a.single stautg u&o..In ones of the pampnrte lwish or
thorizing this. Ow econtrarh, ufr rerowt M noodn g e ao Stt with acre
tie law of this State this fund-s mtde garbled extracts from judicial decisions
a distinct and set rate fund, and is re- which only tend to deceive te pubc.
quired to be strictly applied acth ding He has the effronteryi n one pamphlet
o the roviion of the law. Thi law to say that the State has not sold the
providing that all surplus finds should lands to other parties, an is. not now
be invested in a certain manner deuig- attempting to compel these purchasers
nated by the law. The only auth to y fority to pay for the drainage after pocketing
in regard to drainage is the authority their money and applying it to other
given to the board to make such ar- urposes. Thi. i exactly what the
rangements for the drainage of the I Board of Drainage Commissioners i at-
swamp or overflowed lands as in their tempting to do. The 3.000,000 acres of
judgment may be most advantageous to land now taxed have been purchased
the Internal Impiovement Fund- and paid for by the purchasers. The
Heretofore this section has been c.,n- Boaild of D)rainage Commissioners is
truedd by previous trustees as not au- now r-equiring these people. after paying
thorizing the expenditure of any parn for the lands to pay a tax to drainm othtr
of the fund for drainage purpose, but landj now owned by the State and for
an authorizing entering into ontrcts the iteeIft of the people of the entire
with individuals and corporation.s to Stats It io immaterial whether th-
drain lands by payinr for the uraii.age Truxtces of the Internal Improvement
in such proportion 01 lands as might bf Fundl.nd the State receive fordraming
mutually ,greed upon. leavin, the reTM. the.e- lands an expenditure of million,.
due for sale bv the trustees and tner,.ev of dollars hy capitalists in the construc-
swelli' g the iund without incurrin -an ti,,n or ]lnes o*f railroad, in the Statl, ur
ri-k hiv undertakin- the work of drain" P'al l"1, ciash a'e_ th.. m- lves. Iram unabl. to learn ,f it;+e trustees' th.,y reeeiv,.d agreeul
ofa single contract having been mauUn i|, i ,."nsidleratilon f'or the landls lIt
to dr'in landsexcept upon this basi--. I !'re.n" ,,wners of the lands now tax.,.
am unable to learn of th, trustees ever ;.urch~w'lthem either from the trustee-
before expending a s.ngk' ldllarof ther ir : ri the railr,,adcomjianl.eS towhic
fund to drair lands. O th" contrary. t u re' -'edel and pid. .ir them in
in +,.- after the lan..,s ha.l b,-en re- Ca.'+ti. The ti-ustee'- have not ,.xlieilit,.
lie e ed t'r,'in the decrees aw l judi ment. .i ..> < l nsil.-rt t -i i : nc.
agairxt t.roni. I recaAl, in m,' cionect i......"". al 1 were y'ti.-.-l :n tn.>ii
w ith t *.. .. ,-ij., t o f rir mn inr the .-\ |...|. ;t ( 'ir ''t .. ... t 'h n ',n .- '. a.. "'y ".
m ick '.!r~l?, zi . .^in t '|ii -. 'i ti. ., "".t ",' \i.riiiit ii c i "1
with Mr Huugh A. I. '.' Icy. w", lio'> ...
then he:il ,,if tr~e i.;irid I *'.parr' tr-it, ;. lFi H 1K II ,, '. :'
to s h,' et'-i r no t It.' u 'ru-',,'- tf tjn i i, tr, ....(.) --- 1 rn ; l: .
s.'l'. -,'. ,i', .rta n ,.02 .- r, ] I i- ., ,it . .,t, ,.ig" ttiirty Jl, g',.* iirl ;.i t,,,t:,,+,,
al .vi.if+ T-,* t" r.y h ,, -. 2>..; , : . "n;. nI ,i', (>, in n.l, !. ,( .,
th ).+.'! +-," ,,\' t,,),t' o ).' ,v,.*A''. i:.,'.' t ',* ... ,; i., -'i.-t a n,,n t ,,,vter *>,' f 'th,,.*',ta',

C I -
. e'Te- '.* - '- -' I-' 1 . -

I *.,.e-ri lii:
na.' i-u u -
- ti Ii,'
.i.t ,- -
~~A~' ~%% ~.. 7- -
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- 'I,..: -
* '4, -i
* -. i*t~
iii'., I
I -- -,
1 ~''x .t ii' at 'i '-

i I 'jii~uil.' I

-1 r.'-''. it- I
.1... -
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.4.. -4 ,*- .
- .1,1' ''1

I ii .111 iijig..:...i
- i*. '- it~-.C- 4 s.C er:.',~

-~~~i LA I I' *tI'I* I ,I i

I t'r .,

14.1 It. 4 1, CIt k s! hi- 'A. -i at.
S-et, C l- i, f r .,,jir J tjit) ri n tn


I J-i 'v i'i"l' ri-i' %-,v.n is the
IPA! ..i.:,,'- Hitthe c:'N of .Jackseon- litl"Ii.cti oi i tw.u e Three.o



Ai. .x 11- CLAR-ABRAM

FurPO"T FROM Byr. Mrs. Alex. McDougall, Mrs. C. AN ICE TRUST TO
B. G= Mrs. J. T.Roberts Mrs. B.
KINGS DAUGHTERS B .a Mrs. Wombwell. rs E. A. Ug INVT1GATKn
iww 9 ^-~ aHoustoun and Mrs. Powell-81. v -
Of the little band who started out
Thki Sacellest lo aalae. Sheeld with the bravo determination to aid ..
suffering humanity ad provid, a hos.aPrO e be Ja1e4rl te Se Own
I* laseer~sd Ia Every pital to receive emergency cases spe- Its Ow lee Fatesry.
c Maselvale Na er. cially, a few of them have moved away ,TheMetr. of the th says:
rl .... ----and found homes in other cities-our _.. 1,apolo f ne9Mmyg.
Since the earnest appeal of the King's hearts are with them; we claim our own, Alleging.. t th seresinopesaton a
Daughters several weeks ago in the no matter where theo be-others have full-eked k* trust in J S11e, in
newspapers of this city, such cor. "fallen aslee ," and in the presence of vltio of the laws, J. Bra
dial response has come to them from the King unite the circle below with 0unty licitor today filed Information
leading citizens that they deem it ad- the one above. May the chain never in the CriminalW C ot Record -L
visabli to acquaint these friends with be broken. Hlam r an, G RG oo-t. Gm
an account of their funds on hand, etc., How faithfully the circle has kept to- H otrrds r.Str is;R-1 er Gabl
just at this time. gether, and through discouragements "a owa d. ""ak w.
In May, 1905, the circle had on hand and hard work have toiled on and on, County Solicitor Bryan for several
$486.86. till the Silver Cross Hospital now opens weeks past has been Investigatingthe
Hospital, emergency and cor portion, its doors to the ill and weary ones need- matter. and says he s onvincedthat
all combined, May, 1906, 30.21; but ing quiet and rest. It stands a monu- the called combine in this city is a vio-
June, 1906, finds as with an increase of ment to the King's Daughters' success- lation, o the laws. He proposes to vig-
$129.44, owing to the generosity of Mr. ful work, and to the sympathy and as- prosecute the case, and believes
W. M. McIntosh, Mr C H. Dickinson distance of the good people of Talla- ehewi sbucc .l....
and all friends who interested them- hassee. who never refuse to aid the cir- Mr. Bry an's information, as niled in
selves in the baseball game for the ben. cle, but whose interest and generosity the Criminal Court of Record today, is
efit of the King's Daughters and the go far toward making the King's Daugh- as follows:
banquet given them to serve by the ters a success in their midst. Itis your TRH OFFICIAL PAPERS.
Kappa Delta Society. Donations have own house of rest people of Tallahas- In the Criminal Court of Record of the
also come in as follows: Mrs. Robert see; claim your Silver Cross Hospital; County of Duvaland State of Florida,
Williams, half-dose sheets; Mrs. Julius *ake it beautiful within and without. June Term, A. D. 1906.
Diamond, half-dosen pillow cases- Mrs. It only adds to your own homes to have The State bf Florida vs. William S.
Hirschberg, half-dosen towels; Mrs. J. a refuge for the sick within reach. Ware, George H. White, Harrison D.
R. Cohen, half-dosen towels; a kind The King's Daughters want to aid Stratton, RobertGamble and Howard
and interested lady friend, $6; Mr. you in any and every way they can. E. Hakishelmer: Information for
George Greenhow, 51 Woman's Auxil- Call on them to carry out your sugges- Conspiracy.
Iary 5iety of the Episcopal church, tions for beautifying the grounds and In and by the Authority of the State of
thro gh Mrs. T. H. Randolph, presi- the building. In nd by the Authority of the te o
dent, half-dosen towels and box of vio- Any contributions, memorials or Flo..a.
let toilet soap. These contributions are changes in any way will be gladly re- W. J. Bryan, county solicitor for the
for the use of the Silver Cross Hospital ceived by Miss Mary S. Lewis business county of Duval, pr.oautig for the
and were much needed. manager, or Mrs. W. M. kclntosh, State of Florida in said eo .der
The entire circle unite in heart-felt treasurer, oath information make that William
thanks and appreciation for this gener- A monthly report will be given in as S. W are org, H. White, Harri
ous gift from theb kind friends. our kind an erous friend The True D.Stratton. Ro Gamble ad How.
Sitee December the King's Daugh- Democrat, offers to publish free these ard E. Harkia emer of the of
ters, aided by ome of the grandest or- reports from the "In a Much Circle" Duval andl Stateo of d .th
ganisationsa on reord, pa the rent of Mrs. B. A. M1o:muO a, day of April, A. . o
an aged, Ill f ste s and his Cor. Secretary King's Daughters. contia y until theof
,.ol wit.. T- n .is. oigof con- .------ A.-D. 1s ,
sumption and utterly unable to render Fire Wessetad NWslg. inform ti o n in
himself or wife say assistance; In fact, Wednesdayr morni at about half- aforesaid., m&*law 3 m
strvation has long Ibeen tarng them ta 1to'clock the slumbering popu lace .-, aieM AM" 3
i the face. The are a worthycouple, o... ... nhv laud rso asofk .-, wt r to
too, and objects of deepest ommisea awakened for the lod strict fully sonolise the sal
tion; so thatwhen an acre of land on aiver A few atsouthelTal s-a u. oit Mtet
wtich to erect a smaller busli f1 was n vu eerie many. wfiran -th eont h county and s8ttteri
offered them at Bristol, the King' s s ot. wit i ee boa ,a h a wse-a d And tyour lao afu id ll
Daughters, aied again s t he hos e" The lad-ane th e w ter thwsa.b ytheer saamoe
-oble ,Ilhor n he "~ In on. The kitchen had fallen and the .a- esOthata i~m t m
nobl oraniuztion, ucceeood in as hous was tatt-r- T7Uboy.srushed makes that WHltam 11.a",
$72, with which they sent thu n manwsin He.rW aav mushof white, Harrnson D. SSlptlSI
his wife to Bristol provi s with a the householdfurniture as possible. Gamble and Howard ALs
bountiful out o utlay ood fp4to l t V"O l M' Th fire was firt e th'e, r, bM F eoritd h .sJ I
days after reachi-n their friends. TO AustinN Mamwhoai downthe door, d e e 17th ujes~pm..
this fund was added 6 from Mr. R B. rushed in A grabbed up a child, tell- l a nd tomhen
Lutterloand$1fromMrs. Winthrop's 26t* d oC n A.T tl PRIIa
Ltte and $10from r n p sng the people to hustle outasthe hiA ; oJuneA.
T"Ladies' Aid aSociety anied eO f rs Thebsan the row t e th of thisa.
ptime in the 'Wo asfro s which Mrs. bie glasrw r and carrying g of p- t o s arro D
Winthrop hase kindly tedtKing lowsyo -t, th Kng'sm lows.rki111.u
Daughters through mayworY plae. The lace had been bought in Janu- fido ~ toe there flnt t
tManks are LWs due Mr. Vason for TT c hobrses o en bogomd Ja. Ou -adf. ardthenc0e co thenand the
his words of encourage ment t the oarya by rs. Silas Allen from J. A. u 1- conth rola ogong then a the yat
n's .w b! ernAug1nt o the s rmondson, and was being usend by the cntarlling e eof e tef. if mU ethI and
King's Daughters and for his approval huraer asa boardMing house, and we Stmte aforesaid of the whole suply of
of their efforts and desire to ai tthem earn was not insured. auracturend ice to ult p Ihslamers
on to success. When a reporter asked a fireman if tref in te county and Stat afore-
In April b10 was added to the King the os w ver; great, theo answer said, did unlawfully and mallcioel
Daughters' exchequer from a patient was"There isanice lot. awell. some io and .there, and m pursuftle
who was ill for weeks in the "Bloxham weatherbardin fried, and porch said conspiracy, purpose and intent
room" of the Silver Cross Hospital, andhste, left n ether wite ta ha u- control f le o the sale hole of
and who paid all her own expenses while hold go fr' t rit room t tre ice H-to tWhepeHrrs
an inmate of the hospital. thereof in the county and 8toe ore
There was also a small contribution LfTTER TO TALLAASSE PAINT said, to the injury and detriment of
from another patient occupying the aia purchasers afohed.
"Levy room" in the hospital. This s1 id NCrcaINhas Taf E omai .
last ward is for emergency cases, and Tayiw ,1 ri And .our i foirmant aforesaid, uo
no r-rg made unl-.e the patient iso Ana your hn ormnin lror sul i, upn
able s aDear Sir: Let's talk it right out be- his oath aforesaid, further information
Jable to pay fore s l m re s t.r
The hospital has latel ben aint fore folks; there's nothing to hide in makes that William S. Ware, George
and put in thorough repair; is as neat your business or ours; if there is, we'd H. White, Harrison D. Stratton, Robert
and attractive it w dress as any.. better hide ourselves. Gamble and Howard E. HarkisheWmer
building in the We are in trade to make money; so of the county of Duval and State of
Twotrees avei been contributed by are you. We make it by saving our J Florida, on the 17th day of April, A. D.
Ms. It res. L ... d s. a M customer's money; so do you. Our ob-! 1906. and thence continually until the
Shack leford, to be planted by the., Ject, in trade, is to save your custom- 26th day of June, A. D. 1906, the day
man's Club early in Aumgust on the side. er'a wood from rotting and iron and of the filing of this information, having
walk in front f the Ho.spital steel and tin frorwrusting; yours the then and there unlawfully and malic-
Newk ir cren oame. iouhay agreed, combined, conspired and
New wire creen dr have been or- We w(rk for thousands of property confederated together, with the intent
dered for each end of the hall, and the owners; you for a few. We can d',- to enhance and increase the purchase
circle greatly desire to wire hcreen -lJ eome things that you can't do; we ha'e price of the whole supply of manufac-
the windows, in order that the patients the facilities You can do some things tured ice in the county and State afore-
may not be troubled. with flies and mo- 'that we can't; yuw are there-. us said to the general public in said county
quitoes; but for thi- great comfort the w.rk together; be faithful ti one.- and State aforesaid, did unlawfully,
circle will have to wait for another ge-n-1 another We can Ferve our cu-tomers mnaliioup'.y, fraudulently and curtuptly,
eruus Iriend to ciirne torwairJ nd a, b,.ter by working together and b.-ing in .ur-uau:ce of said conspiracy, pui pBse
sist. faithful tie one-another. and intent .(f them, the said William
We would like aln fi.ends intere-sted Y'our dollar. pu.,t into ''ur authi, will S. W\ hre. George iH. White, Harrison
ininecrcleti, r(ote +', '' publisn i,.i.-w tme l" t .f ti&and th,- paint wiil Int Ingei 11,i- ariii E Harkishermer, then and there
i,tih,'t, of treer sr.- 'i 1 Jane. |'-;4 Mis ., S a'"; Vou rnon' -and I - v' ,.i eriutuice arnti inc rease the hiurchase jrife-
Mdi"";ft l'e-trc Mi- J h. ... .+ iri.s, ,tne-rs' m i'ey. That' -.I t :,.*;- I- .r ) sai l c- untv and Stat.- afores.aid of
l I -sly. .+ M r-. I. Ti.iri, M i..-. .'r.wh'... ', sine e e i""hole supply of m anufaeturt*? ire
l-e 'earL-. 1i1i M 'g 'o'r 'rist. '-,ri i'. in s.,idl utiri' 'v -innd State- afforesaid to
,ti., |{e.d Nleg .:-+- Ernrmd \Vil.,n, I \" .[ i F ,'i ',) thi' I:.-n, 'ai {ullic in sa ni county and
L.;7 (i t"l.n T :-".nt., tt- ia y \\ .' -r. ,'.,' '' r'k ,'ti>',- ;.i' ir. id. to th.. injurv air! i detri-
Jan e l..rk. KI .u, l, I wejl, M ,.na, s. ,:mmir,- A 1 t.:-- l i ..1 it. m.-n s, re- ni rnl 1ut'Ii n sul
_.,:\ . .rai .-,l, 'it inrm L ena rati -, M i, \ a *. Q .. .+. ,-, .f .. .-ueui v- .
." !- '. *; .,. i*'-.1 ^ :', U,- '." ni ^, ;ii -ii.uue! in r.l h caie-y

'4l '.w.u ;f- < iiiz t "n .\r':'i". .ittu'-r ," : .1 -I -N ,



THE TRUE DEMOC .AT A sBUIL. ISM.ANATIon. TBAT 41 24 C rTS LAND SALE. i the rld ou er a-le ds TE m TUE .l ,
JOiE G0. COLLIS., Preprleer. Boasting is shallow satisfaction. Once As the True Democrat was the first recd one way or the other by ay a The "*Why is this thusnea" of aUl of
the constant habit of our profession, it newspaper to get on to and publish the drainage of the Everlades. It may be
PUBIlJHKiD sVRY FRIDAY MORNING. is, outside of the yellow branch of the facts relative to the Internal Improve. that lands in the Everglades will be this Everglade dranage scheme has
S3tsred M Soeoned Cis" Matter March 31. a1.5, at press, falling rapidly into disrepute It ment Board's recent sale of lands at the worth, after drainage, a cosiderable continually suggested tself to us for
I Owamount more than they are now worth, several months.
the Pt at Tah F,a uer certainly with no pleasure, therefore, ridiculous and outrageous low price of but these lands can never be drained The various new pers throughout
Asto fCoArre" or fMarch a .7, that by the feeble dying struggles of a 411 cents an acre, we take the liberty being subject to tide-water overflow, The vario newspaper throughout
I T on Build ,rr dam -d disreputable weekly we are forced to of publishing Mr. Jennings' explanation and there not being a fall of one foot the State are constantly filled with ed-
011 11 Tinpelphone Builking, Corner Adam and in ten miles of gulf-coast line where itorials, pro and con, on this subject.
Clinton Street. TeIohone No Iw say editorially a word about the money of it, from the "People's Forum De- in ten miles are located. But in a decided majority o this ubj we
side of Collier's. Since one person out apartment" of the Times-Union. No There ae only, so far as I know, two can easily see the ear-marks and brand
subscriptton, t.0Per Yer, in Advance. of a hundred may have been misled by one has doubted that Mr. Jennings concerns in the United States that
Advertoi Retm Ast .lcatlon, the blackmailer's representations, wet "was the purchaser of the lands out- would have any use for the lands. One of the "hireling.
give, in succinct form, the business right," and no citizen will blame him of them is the leather trust, and the It doesn't matter to us by whom one
The Tree Dmorat ts Sthe office Newspaper efact. n acout oor realfr ghettg his ae sad other is A Kll ptein & Co.. of New of these hirelings is hired, the effect is
T.Tr.Dt ,.w. t On account of our growing real-Y for getting his 59,i4 acres, andaYork city, manufacturers and whole-
w ization of a newspaper's duty, we de-. many more acres as he may be able to sale dealers in acids, chemicals, dyeing the same. As long as it is appa-
Tallahssee. Friday, Jame 19, 916. cided to reject this year a class of ad- secure from that great (i) pvinstaking and tanning materials. And I will here rent that he is the toady, the tool
,7bvertising whichla.t year amounted to and eople-protecting rd, at the state that A. Kliptein & Co. are inter- or puppet of some corporation or indi-
vertising which last year amounted to ,,d ,,ple.protect, ,,rd. at te eated in the Palgrove Comoany, a cor- vidual to write editorials for which he
A pointed question Floridians are now $; 7.ov^. In spite of that rather sub- ridiculous price of 414 cents an acre, ipration formed under the laws of New *u eatons or whch ne
asking the drainage board is, How do stantial sacritice to, logic and public for it .has seemed the thing for them to jersey for the express purpose of ex- receives compensation, we care not
they separate the $.54 lands, from the duty, so great t.a- been the re,,ponse of dio on several occasions during recent tracting tannic acid from this mangrove upon which side of the fence he may be
411 cent lands? other line.- of busine. that the amount years to sell I I. lands in a chunk for bark the inanca success of whi yet found.
rc ver muc Th o remains to l nseen. But in all of this waste of words, not
........... -'' voluntarily thrown out has been rnoue prices very much smaller than the lanJs The lands could not possibly be at-
If you wish Tallahause to be a moral, one of them has thus far shown this
clean, healthy and pretty twn, k than equaled by rew business, a re,- it, a very short while afterwards were, fected one way or the other by drain-
clean, healthy and pretty town, ba roarkab- and to u. unexpected re,.lt, re.oidl for to other parties (the Barr. age; were bougght bona fide by me; the subject in the light in which it should
up your mayor arid other offierm, and, e of sale was carried through, as all other really be seen.
the ladies' club, in their -ffort-, to have a v,- thought tahe pa' ,f patent rnd- jurchafe anud Willan,- .aerWy .dale fur Psales it, the history of the board has They all tacitly acknowledge that the
it so. I ciries, v. tke,, and ,*.r would b> example-); nor do they i.anie Barrs for ever been made; were sold at a good Il
We ri tr, rm Bar, v i y at t ai i 1-:7 i tg aiie to work a by which price, and no other than myself was in- scheme is entirely practicable and that
We ari.p o io Iform h.e II ard Bd (, r, ',.rnarant- ArerA a np,,ent f,o~ for he ,ot hi4 chunk for :', entS; rnor do terested ain the least bit therein it is only a question of the expenditure
thmy appear to kea p il t.-td on -; t ', her'.-. I t.*i, the t,., or have the) ver lamed Mr. In fairness to me and the trustees of of a certain sum of money and these
matters that the lat.,t qusotaltir.s aon aIr: tr. .* tha t vt th r lr Mrthe Internal Improvement Board of the millions of acres of saw-grass will be
Florida ifangr ,,, a li a rno.I t v,',l ,.., .t;, at l h tit .t.'.nit W .ilars tor making a- n.cch out of his State of Florida, I ask y o u to publi.-h transformed int, harvest fields.
Fand the leather trau.,t p- t. biz a r. u dur tit.' ta rvt r tr .- i a the cheap r. ard under thi orrection. transformed into harvest fields.retion.
and the'leather trout i t l ,,,, 7, An, inter~. , the Jennng admrni,.itautir and now Very respectfully, But it is time now for more reason
it it a ,ignificant fu.- ,. t ,,.v .,,-.. apart ,i lo urt ,bii t i,,. ;s.- ,-r BfowaOr'. ;.i.,.vl d, it the JoSU l' JENNINGS. andl less prejudice. How do we know
ernor's home city and ount J 'i-.a-r, t a tn, .al ,a ta, *. i '.,'ra.p, ,, .rr,- *.Pi o: f Floria ,i ,.,.: o In w rIion r l ur attempted explanatin of these tat the reclamation of those lands is
ville and Iuval coun t., a.d he'. c-..,*,t': ,,,... tiat i p;p.. vh. is i ,it an azernent that J. things con- tranact ans fails to explain the main .ven a poshihityt Have we ever had
in which the capital of the State 1,,- ,I , r ,.. lt' :u ,., I,, h.,r ,,.., rot tt,,,, to happy w er. ': tt.Lt toward, with point. t Why doe. the Internal Impnl v t.: of ar, reliable engineer?
coated, Le.on, all we.nt .;anrt *.irr, rl t,1,, t l!.i p. ti' a i in. t- A..n.ta lh. wad t hea pr. r~irnt Boardi continue ttI make cheap Has any survey ever been made of this
hicsadt L niatre tio n in *'t.t racetr,- i. ti rt, j.i'J n z t. L.oIU i,. nn to t.i *, thote m lan ,l ales, when it is not at all eces- particular territory,
ries --a 'm .usiia I n.Ico'i-. l.' 'I rue L..mrc rt .,-t,,- t.' ;,,lad it, a,. verto,,iwed laWIP a ring $ per *rt'y to fi, '. ? W lh (do the-y alwayss go Answer these questions in the nega-
Wonde.r if the. 1 I .J. asd h.o n o, r 'a*r. it t.n'a ie' in>u,, nat ar re n..i ot it'.- .ia and .1,,I? I about su-h matUter .) quietly? And it tive, a.s y ou are compelled to do, and
chunk of South Flornia latd,- t.,: W r. 1t ; t, g t '.e.'r.i a .I'.. j, .e., "dratr g ft., I. I. ,tnl to the very w' ,ull now seem, through tht- informa- we have nothing more than a wildcat
to sell cheap. If so. t a tihetuth 'a. tan-d It,,. n ia .-en. t,,ra,,n" r thei.tir np. a,.ta,,,s. If the tlin ifrnished by Mr Jennings, thatthe scheme of a fanatic, who blindly plunges
your organ a Ift the,. ti .,,i kn of e'-**. \V. l.av. ;. ,,fa-t '. ,.. ,,a.d ,o ian we.r, w torth .l ,he P'lgrove great leather trut has a finger in this inti a reckless squandering of the money
of it. You might, pi 1 l a g, t .tia. 1un ,l rt..:,.i t, ,,,f ,, .,:r., a l.a,.! ( ,om pa.lar and t ,,.. e,, d fully i'"e of pie, too! Is there a reader of and credit of the State for the benefit
better pricte ti a ,for ,u;r u boardd i "it ,I titt.t h u- a tct a wilnp and thi d pay it t,, Mr. Jennings, th e, newspaper w will doubt that oun!y of a favorite few who will thus be-
dig ditches w th. w,! I -r -. to e.. rally I a to ,: w hm to maKe ~..n spk t trust company did n6t know what they come endowed with' that proverbial "li-
navw thle middle man's roit ", CmClri' t. Ev.vr:.nw- that ,of th dt.eal in l.s th,, ,.t. month, why1 were doiinwhn-hey invested an Flor- cense to steal
-. -. Li. l uo, u Ir u.e.alTr ,. a ru. o, n,.-tr al,i .1:1 not that board go, a,,.fully, jut as ida lands? Wonder if that great board We repeat that no duly authenticated
TiP .W Il, ~~,i rr' i- ir ly..ik ,i .,,taai"t'l.Tray gUtreu;,iv ,r adver- each .would have don na h 'owd als noo agreed not to assess a drainage tax rert has ever beer made of a survey
arnldhtiosanho~i togsin thsas rtsuLip, ti-ag -,a good wlll and piafronlgi of the i/.vrt li'i4 tuar.' to carry conviction that we wr that $3.4'9 34 -fr tH. I 1. funds, in- should the (overn'r's pet the 'horseback opinions" of a few en-
corrupt, anid go into a r aaparntlv l ,.irg g i rnr,'yv ,v ye.- tead of the much saller.urnm which jo mt resolution at the next ele .g-ineers who have of tneir own volition
schemes for plunder urad robbery. a ,; culir R ".ad-" for i principle. Mr J. paid them? If the lands were tion. Strange and funny thingdo hap.,veritured into this "'barren waste." are
oppose all things that tre uplifting ami V..havi cxpo... corruptlon Li public manrove wam," th P r en you kndw very widely divergent The most con-
against the %od moral fd'his emmrn n- tticial and denounced their actions In ('ernpany at least- saw $1.00 pir acr We have a vivid recollection of heart servative of these reports we have ever
lty,',in.a .bad an'd "fange'.ous citizen. well-do.erved termi.s, apparently having value in them and gave Mr. Jennings reading recitals, in the columns of the'!yet seen or heard, gives a level of only
Proud are we to believe there are only nmuch' to lose arnd nothing to Kwain. andl that price for them, and we will wager Tallahassee'Trte Democrat. of the suf- seven feet above the sea
a very few such in thi community. an moe of our friends to caution that same Palgrove(rompany would not fearing of Water Tylor in the convict With such figures before us, it is, to
camp We were in symi.athy with these say the least, the manifestation of un-
*. enral ert W. Gichri"t hans !us. that those we were attacking were today resell them to Mr. Jennings or expressions of our brother. because to
"Genral Albert W. (;ichri. t hais a- it'l to strew our pathway with tiran.- the Internal Improvement Board for our mind it is difficult to picture a situ- warranted haste in jumping at conclu-
nounced that he will follow in th,. foot- cial rocks if net to accomplish our ulti. .several time* what both got out of the action worse than that of a white man stons and buyingand building expensive
fstepIntof William J. ryan. Thi t the ate downfall. deal for Mr Jennings himself says his confined in any of the State convict machinery at such exorbitant prices as
first intimation we have hathat the canps. however well conducted they to invite the suspicion of fraud-all of
Geel a prudential aspirations." ~We contfe'.s that the outlook has at plurchasers are of the "Leather Trust, may be We take it rather unkindly, which is done and is being done before
-Penaol had Journal. No teilin whit tirnei been gloomy and that temptation and the other is A Klipst4in & Co of though, in Brother Collins to have so which is done and is being done before
-Pen wacola Journal o .t He may d to pursue an easier course andt compro. New York. wholesale dealers in acids, harrowed up our feelings without ap- a survey of this territory has even been
hechemicals, dyyen!and tanyng materials, parent cause, for we note that in the authorized, and before any estimates of
togo fnt te se for the 'zrsh f) mis with these elements was not lack- chemicals, dyeing and tanning materials, i oft Tala ee u em r authozdand fore any estimates of
Slorida;" nth "Ki Bll ng. but we kept our pubbec respotsi. and that they are interested in the Pal- following the pardon of Taylor, Editorbe made
lordaveto hunten there King rur ,ilitis and duties n the foregroun i grove companyy .t.,. and that the sale Collins extends the' thanks of the citi- We most respectfully submit that such
have to hunt another hive for su forizl always in view, and are thus able was carried through as were other zens of Tallahassee to the managers of precipitate haste is unwarranted and
Gilchrit would sure win the e. iay to ay that we have demonstrated as f th rh ord all of the Marion farms for their extreme! unprecedented by good business judg-
I that it pays to.)strive for a high ideal in f that ('arsh Hoar, all of kindness in giving Mr. Taylor. at lu-I ment, an will unquestionably be fraught
The True Democrat warn th "Bras the ondutof a ne aper nd to keel, wich needed n telling or explaining creative salary, th very lob he had he- nt and will unquestonably be fraught
Images," whom a few ie-ople in For-. ir view the inculcation of honesty, so-. from him or fram any other source, fore, and in which, according to Collins. with scandals redounding to the detri-
Ida yet worihi., and toalvy to, that ttir Iri,.ty,. morality, and that only which The main thin the people of Floridal he suffered so much while serving the; ment of all Floridians save the few ad-
di yl worhat to thae lt general welfare of 4t.e pet.- ,ire1. (hijt t i;|in pu b.1 State without salary-Ja'ksonville-Tal- ventures who are scheduled to profit
days of official abiui,. aind revklmst-l.s lh. t,, rlo. wel burns came to, are n,,w t i. our puh 'hasee Sun. Jane 2. -Jacksnvlle Floridi
lilt- i i- awhol'.Thehnin rca me toasee Sun, Jane 23,
every day grows shorter. Ahout tw us. and it will to other w pur-c land t 'h beautifully low price., by our loss -DemocJacksonvilleFlridian
years from now better mren will sue like ours. and keeping the transactions covered The True Democrater Tayl never had If thecountesare to go into the good
eing thcveredsingle time that Walter Taylor had;
found to fill their positions. and thu'-ir upI un l- they atl- .atcildentally gotten on been abused orill-treate, by the officers roads' business, considerable of the
early fenc-building nd planmg i 1 isrr it th e to at Marion farms, where it was furtu- county commissioners' time will of ne-
reelection will ...bof no uavil. (uii pc ,n- ,,riuaryandohe h1ctin ino',mi..ra>r- t,,- t l at, annul rl'et- printed rnate for him that he was placed But cessity have to be given to overseeing
ple are fat 'orninig to #et thernm as the-\ ,thoror good government joIl, will hi. va- y, t% 0 4"-'rlard .- '* retary. and then, very w have i in this r'wspapier in n- the same that good work iis done, be-
are, anrl truei aril ;,tt,(r ei n vif w l tI' '.t hil sut Jn aI t. at t. f tle l ;c- f.. 'lnrld;t. ,v.r see a .,opy of i t mi ttak lu n lan Mua that tho great h et -ach omm-a i oi, her's time
elet- t nne xt ti t,;,t'lo. ''fI, a til.:l n .:\.. ,t l ,, ; e a., New. a a i .f't l rtl i'eadting 4sf these "Powers. that HB,." J,,ine, with h"it- i taKen outside of the days they are in
,.; v40i1 1\t t lo''I4 t Ia." .i .i Fe L tr iwi, t; t v Oe intgo
nI ,xt ta.i..t '. ,- ta' .c c "i i o',. l I, ,', .. '' ',,' ".' ,, a,.,,,,'i. , r. at ,i "'.,. ni. t ', a t*ds"';l ii ilil n. t ln .,s ',, (.,, r tim e,,
flrecti on. a u., ',, F a,,, ,r '*, l I at I ,t I I ., ''t aiv. I Ii,',' ','\ '' u I a'.1;'\ ,, s ., c.I' r ,' ', t. i' -",, I,''- t. tt,-I "' ,'" ,'' atL,; l,,.\ .', I t i 'v ': .i ":u iea'azing
ftrolnt taa 'ostl.a-..I '". ',,.'i c ,,',i I ,,' .. \ i u- i' '''c t"c m t'! 1 7. ',,,.o ..'' ta-. h" a, \\' a .. Is, cc' ,a, i's t;'aa'es tt', e
being ild.,i .' l .at ,, ., a' r a I," i I '' ,I u ., l,*t i,.f ..... I f' .- HI''- l''' ,' ' '' ' .,' "''.,' ,-':,,',' '. \ ,' tt ....'r ;',' 1, .. t . ,... ; '., a 1.. t he
ge cis nltu.1 'il' t t ., '. tt, 't ' *l I l I l i n i l,. ; r l i il:t 1 .,i 1 L (* I u I I ia a .' I .1 :' a : .. ; .1. .. y i r'. *. s ; .:-..*. ,. l . ''V : 'i .1'- ,. ts'.' '''"- i *, ** .' a aa I t 4 A .. ( her
a rt tni t y 0''is l.' ;'.- , .' F ,,. , ,, i ' I. I. i t \c .''I ; is th c t l ',, ' .,.-I ., ;' '., I, I i.."'la,," a' '. s 1r' t . ", '. ,- : ti :..,, ;. i ,: ; ,. ,,th

ll Vl 'j ',, 1, '- .:..' '* ca** c i s ... ntil sjaa. th s. M, F. a .,... of . p a.. ''1- i'i' a. l'B's ore
a ia, ,1 1 .1 ,- ,,i, I,. , .' a 'i'- "* a, ','.. t ,. s ,. t.a' h,'',,i.i,?',e' t. aT''.' n, '.e f :,t a''. a .... c,, i*.- 'i l.'. ,, h x,

tHee, l ft' ,i' i, t , ,a ' 'i u ''aI,, t),,,l i ..) i ,,l'i..ri l;i tt ',,.', i aft -, .' *, dh c t .ul \v'lh t ,,. \ .. H i,,.vr i, a a: r,.r thr,,Iv. \\\ nler
th o iii.) .', *.r 1 *,, .,,,, ; ~ ,v. i.'~ ,~~; >*l ."*- ^ *r ,n ~ ,M j .u t a .' i e w c *, ~ .?, u n i M | ^ i ,,h ,

of t ie ol i41:o : r' I-I, I , ', '' h i't ;,.,i. 't h '. .. ... o.....
iol nit oo et.,til,,1 0,1 ,1 ',. s '. I i l .. r t Is. 'i,. .,. hila t .n th , .a I t,,', ,, -,,,h] t' r o; a v I ve l tiay e t o t tras, the e .ta '' w th',U t It' '.-t,'It. d. ti
the South.w aild in d i , .r 'i, ,:' .. '-o, 1 .. ,\ til tli-', ,. tf the, lio "'.; iltr of the Trure ls'm,>crat Ju.t namn a iaghte.ou, kick' (anrot l.e.,,, county
wi .ll fa e,, I i .t i t' an.1aol v 11 r'l II l i', aRil we'll give it t', \, l. \ e' haid o'te'la'I tatKi' &. ,ili care ,1 F f ci" n -
year will far xce.,d a nI t, i Nt...' I ,' ;, |. i t a r I ., ,t ,^ ',t., .l.k. \Vhv w,, tin .,- ho,,.i ,that our .'ditorio al relating woul.j nal. arnl a.. safsiv and as w.e as the
ear ing in Fh ornia I' .i'.- ',: I, a I luln, n A .spalper l \ al \i,i.. l ;i has.lut l the land, fa.- ph as.a nt and ei, s o e. lt, i ,,,n o ca nt a d fival c u' they
hphr ,. willt h t>h it a.. t i .t.,Iit .l .,, |i' s ,t'.. lo a t 4sa ,o',,Unt It ,rt l. ot r I wa- t ,i n, mislii.dual, ,'I k% as '4 l'a-ant't and1 ht i' y5 t. 'nt n..i an I 'a' t t,'r at Daval c ,uity? At
t .li- \ i h ll i r. ,t attii,' un1it.r which lard assurt. ,u y,,u wil' he, able to find u.i n, tine since tL,,.e negrote. were first
department., aatd an i x.',,li, -a,, T M:t polo,. aiad we takli' .-lla.tre co,,uhl i, t' ,,ii,, tol tt, others who wished when .,u want us H'.t assured we put in has th. re been any danger
for the first yar, vhch ,' a ,.', , .. t ,, t,,or ,dxchangi .stt .ul t0 't at l, ein,,', ki known thn the mat- hr.\e never considereered your feelings in 'of harm coming to them from any of
of the great inilproverlnriat mio ,l ill .1! ., : ,',,.s. N\'thinti dots more Flr ter? And if really bought by other par- .
ment we may reamonaitil o I..,'i. 'a.,,, It t .ai a. gn,'od. ch.'an, l t thal the o' ne named, who were. pubimte matters, nor will we. lan you our citizens. personal. and the manner
S h they?" I do, not consider that I was not be satistled to have in y.,ur charge in which our people have been treated
better fur the youno a women a1 i ,, .., n ,,,t ls ht Sar ht, uch fv, ,red, and i d, ni t Ilieve any fair- the whole Capital Publishing Company. in the matter i a reflection upon the
could be found anywhere, a h,, a anta cuntan should give, minded man wull who knew the cir- and with it the State printing contract, citizenship of this county, both white
all Floridians will educate the-ir dlu hu ,i It,d support a backing. cumstances I have already denied. h lim ht e
&*.. *i.-o I"t.iheili aln wi.hich :t,

,twre at1 ieI own'I I.-'Io -- - -I it '. 98V
and most assuredly will the pri t st wek's issue of the Tallahassee lands were bought anfor others than myterested
our citisena. In behalf of the collhgo Iui u Dm.u,'-rat contained ten pages. ,th n The l ands are all low man
we thank the brethren of the press for anil they were well filled with useful in- g ve. swamp and border on the Gulf of
their assistance in publishing that arti- lfr*,iatin and live advertisements Mexico, and were bought for the pur-
le.. The college is a great State insti- go i reading from start to finish It pose of procuring the bark.from the
ele Thd Fcollridans should pride and cov the field and an a State paper mangrove trees growing thereon. Such
toton ad Floridians should pride and has nit) equal an Florida- LiveOak Dally lands have heretofore beenconidereda
petronise it. Democrat absolutely worthless, and no drainage

make money out of? the world as desperadoes. and high of-
And we accept as true, too. your state-1 icials are responsible for it.
ment that "your mother gave you the s a poor old shanghai rooster ha
money to get it all with. Now, you won't stand up and eight for w ts his
just go on and attend to your own bus-t for whas hi
ness. and we will endeavor to do the jn his own dung-hill, makes no differ-
same." We have plenty of our own to ence if a fancy game-cock does intrude
keep us busy. therein.





,.4 #'



- ,

That's right, now just keep your eyes his gun. What we want and need in r te .t
open and the True Democrat wil! con- this country is barkeepers who will pull i for therein, to ree-vr- and revolutionize
open and the True Democrat won their gun and go to shooting just as the the whole spirit of o.r Constitution and
tinue to keep you posted Don't be negro enters the saloon door. If they of American constitutional gov.-rnment.
afraid of it either, for when we give it would take a "pop" occasionally at placing the taxing power in a political
to you, yoiu can depend on it being white men who loaf around the saloons,
"straight oods and we will vouch their chances for "wearing a crown junta of five n..n, with powers superior
straight good and we will vouch hereafter" would be better, no doubt -- to those of the Legislature itself, and
for helping you defend our position. Live Oak Democrat accountable for their acts to no other
It's time honest, consistent newspapers That editor on the Live Oak Daily governmental authority whatever?
everywhere were finding out and post- Democrat can always be depended upon ---- -- "
ing the people on the true inwardness t say just thd right thing, and at the If your stomach troubles you do not
of all public official transactions; and if right adm proper time, and ~y it to the conclude that there is no cure, for a
we will form an alliance against abuses point, too. Thi State truly, too b Chamberlain's Stomach and
and rascality, we can help to stop it full of gentlemen of leisure, who hang Liver Tablets. Try them they are cer.
and fl ffees with worthy men, who around dives to beat not only barkeep. tain to prove beneficial. Th only cost
will eethat public lands are not frit- era. but ny One who mit fll into a quarter. Sold by all d ist. *
teUMd awy for A son, and all other their cites, sM a "pop" very oft Call n e eour lino ofPlmbing
abues have a e aput to them. at w b geetlmn amd t have a whole. Ges Sadf1fsture. "lt's
Mr. Pau Eaes. who ws in om *est, p sd s t o 1"4fP-t P -s _W"
Cu1r't4 aes. **sspeat hi imst bu-M supprt thw-*si Qglt.cimll. D4e0ed1 a16..w.rtoINP

Je- wS CL b ILL. Closely following the introduction in
Ji Hon. Frank Clark, member of Con- the House of Congressman Clark's bill
rULUBRD mVET RMDAY uoNINo. gress from tle Second Florida district, to divert a portion of the funds hereto-
has introduced the bill of which the fol- fore devoted to the reclamation of arid
IC TRUSTO T U3INISTIGATED. lowing is a copy in the national House lands in the West to the purpose of
4 (Continued from Pirst Page.) of Representatives, and purposes sing drainage in the Everglades, Senator
ville may possibly go into the ice busi- every reasonable effort to secure its en- Mallory offered a resolution providing
ness. The matter has, in fact, been actment into law: for a government survey of that region,
City Atted for the a mayonthat he will H. R 20,048. in the words following:
gladly prepare the ordinance, and that A bill providing for the use of 3,000,.. Resolved by the Senate and House of
the city could, at a great advantage 000 of the money that would other- Representatives of the United States
both to the people and the city, operate wise become a part of the reclama- of America, in Conress assembled,
a lant tion fund for t drainage of cerm- That the Secretary of Agriculture be,
a plant. tion fund for the drainage of cer- r1?r ?17.01 A14^ut,"r be
Speaking in regard to the city going tain lands in the State of Florida, and he is hereby authorized and directed
into the ice business, Mr. Bryan aid and for other purposes. to cause a survey of the Everglades of
todA House Florida to be made, with a view to as-
de city has the power and all the it enacted by the Senate and Ho certaini and determining the feasi-
of Representatives of the United States bility and" probable cost of-reclaiminU
water necessary, and can, with very of America inCongressassernbled. That an d r on reclaiming
t. and drawing said Everglades for agr.
little expense, manufacture ice at a cost $3,000,000of the moneys hereafter aris- cultural purpose, and also to cause an
much lower than any company in the ina from the sale of public land, and cultural purposes, and also to cause an
much lower than any company in the ig from the sale of public lands, and examination of the soil in said Ever-
country. which, under the act of June 17, 1902,
"ceis soldt continue d toMr. Bryan, ould otherwise become a part of the quality and adaptability and probable
at a profit at from 3 to 5 per ton in reclamation und, may e used for the I productiveness when reclaimeand de
small cities, while in Jacksonville the purpose of constructing a suiable and voted to a sricultural ur ases
ice trust charges from $10 to $12 per c om hense otedt dooralulps t
ice trust charges from $10 to $12 ber comprehensive system of drain of- Sec. 2 That the sum of ten thousand
ton and to small consumers a great the lands known as "The Everglades" dollars be, and is hereb aroriated
deal more. in the State of Florida, under the su- out of ant, money in the treasury not
w I have for some tim e been studying t' e t.o Secdetar a Th ..... l. . .re. not
the site uation here, and I owe st to studying pervison ofthe Secretar of Agriculte otherwise appropriated, for the purpose
lthe situattionhetre, ard Iowe itto the ture: Provaided, That allexpense of of carrying out the requirements of this
people to protect them and to prosecute such construction, including salaries resolution, and that said sum of ten
what I consider-a combination that is and the maintenance of works for a pe- thousand dollars, or so uch thereof a
absolutely contrary to law. nrod not exceeding ten years, shall be may be necessary be reserved from
"With the municipality operating its assessed againstthe lands proosedto the sales of public lands in the Stateof
own ice plant, ice can be provided to be drainedto in proportion to benefits, Florida and paid into te treasury of
consumers at one-third the cost the saidaasessments to be levied and thethe United States in lieu of any portio
people have to pay at present, and the money to be paid in not to exceed ten of the ten thousand dollars hereb y ap."
city could, in my judgment, make a good annual installments, under such laws oi the puros d ned
profit With th the present equipment of and regulations duly enacted by the by this resolution.a
the city, a large producing ice plant can Legislature of the State of Florida as, Se 3 That the Secretary of Agri-
be built with but little expense .The in the judgment of the President of theI culture at as early a day as possible re-
city attorney, I understand, is convinced United States, shall be adequate to in- Iort the reslt eo sa su ..rve reywt
that conditions are ripe for a city ice pr altoeea the result of saod suvys, with
dthat cdithintre plt wt ice surethe repaymentto the United States such recommendations as he may think
plant, and that the plant would prove a of all moneys expended under the term proper to make a
most successful one. of this act: Provided further, That all pop to make. ...
Should the city go into the ice busi- moneys derived from such assessments IIn th preliminary consideration of
ness it willattract widespread attention shall be paid into the Treasury of the his resolution Senator Mallory said:
and other cities would doubtless fall in United States by the said State of Flor- "This measure does not propose that
line. tida, and when so paid shall be covered the government shall drain it, but aim-
It is also stated that the city council into the reclamation fund to be used I ply to ascertain whether it is feasible
will probably pass a resolution in order under the provisions of said act of June, for drainage The Everglades are sub-
to get City Attorney Barrn legal opin- 17, 1902: And provided further, That ect to overflow from Lake Okeechobee
ion on the subject, and if he states of- any money paid in by the said State of Lake Okeechobee is a large lake, some
ficially that the city can go into the ice Florida in excess of the total amount forty miles long and forty miles wide.
business, then there will be little or no paid out by the United States, when It overflows annually and floods the
friction in the establishment of a plant the said works are completed, including Everglades and makes them uninhabit-
At any rate, the people will watch with the maintenance of the works, shall be able Whether the lands are drainable
much interest the present case against! returned to the said State of Florida. or can be reclaimed is a mooted ques.
the ice dealers and manufacturers, and tion, and it has not been settled. The
the testimony in the hands of the county Those who are opposing the drainage authorities of the State of Florida hve
solicitor. board's expensive, arbitrary and im- been considering it for some time, and
It is claimed that there is a kind of practicable plan for the reclamation of the reclamation of they are contemplating making an ef-
trust or combine among ice manufac-
turers and dealers all o erng the State, the State lands in the Everglades can- fort to drain them; but there really
r ad eaesa te ehas been no survey made and nothing
and the above proceedings will be not fail to be pleased at the possibility to determine that the project is feas
watched with interest that the United States Congress may 'ble. J t s ea
A AL OP GLAD LANDS. be induced to take charge of the enter- The resolution was opposed by several
A S nAhEdoFV EoRhA thE nD S praise, furnish the large amount of Senators, and was placed on the calendar
Governor Broward claims that the money which everyone now knows willto be further considered in its order.
!and in the Everglades, when drained, e eseuiong te reqii te ic to be further considered in its order.
will be worth between fifty and one be needed for securing the requisite ac- During the brief debate the fact was
hundred dollars per acre. Leaving out curate and scientific information, and disclosed that Senator Hanabrough. of
of consideration the State and county then, if the project is deemed feasible North Dakota, had previously intro-
taxes, an efforthas been made to collect and expedient, conduct the work on duced a bill for the drainage of one
a tax of five cents per acre on theseut
lands for drainage purposes. This cer- carefully prepared and scientific plans, million acres of overflowed lands in that
tainly should indicate a value of five thus removing from the arena of State State
dollars per acre in their present condi-' politics a most vexatious anddisturbing Senator Mallory, in his remarks,
Recently the Interuestinaon of tate policy, needlessly in- quoted aiyve from the Congressional
Recently the Internal Improvement .
Board, of which Governor Bruward is ejected into public notice by self-ap- Record, struck the key note of the pres-
the most influential, if not the con-! pointed and dangerous advisers of the ent situation, viz: that there has really
trolling member, has sold nominally to: present administration, been no adequate and authorative and
one man 59,0)6) acres of these lands in I Th ill a il een adsue ad ote ni
Monroecouvry for41 2-3 cents per acre The bill. &s will be seen, carries an detailed survey maie of the region in
The amount of money the State is to appropriation of $3,sNi.iooui, provides for which the Drainage Board wa proceed-
receive through a private sale is $25.- the assessment of the cost of reclama- ing to operate. A tentative preliminary
763 for land that, according to Governor tion against the lands therebly benefited survey which had been made by Assist-
Broward's lowesl estimate, would be
worth 2,9, when drained This whether they belong to the State or ant Engineer Keller. of the Disston
land was sold for a little less than one to individual, and requirequires the State Company. demonstrated the fact with
cent on the dollar of what the men who and such owners to pay the same to the sufficient certainty that the particular.
sold it say it will be worth after drain- unitedd States in annual installments section of drainage wrk for the begin-
If the Everglades lands are to, become under regulations to ue pri-scriled by niag of % which the I ,ard had constructed I
so valuable, why does the Internal Im. the lorida Legislature with th+ ao dredges at Firt I,;uldr(iale woul1 cost!
provement Board sell them now at such lpr(oval of the Ilresid.-nt something like tw,, aid omne-half million
a nice? If they were to be sold at all. Until the actual passage and' approval dollars Tnu I,.ard .ither knew thi.s
why were thev sold "on the quiet?"'d r ( / i i r i llars T' -lf,.l eithe knw thiati,f
Why was riot an effort nimade to secure of di'.* Clark Ii i ,1 fa!luti tI and ruckl.ely \o-v, the gigantic .n-
a hfl.tter price ,y having ,o en e crrnpeti- c410 a law, thf,. 4,nJ't of ,iirmng the t,.riri.,e wit a fritl 'If les\ that 1'',.
tio,'i frheir ,rchase. h wa- (n vigl.ti.- r;v w .ll ,t, u-trii-pr.el.,i In i. o (T rigLn t, ti, u. of which was
irj,' d ua' thus favored' Or was it one ,h,. t,'.antini.., it inl rn'"iurt;..'n rl pI n- .,t ii,'a.'t ,,: I.'f*, ,.," ii was ,J',,'...,,dlui i
imdiv ii ial <^' was hi- rnervly a uifmct . t h-. .. ,
un i,',' xhich lai! couhd ht. convOvPeI to ++d '- '-1at .-till a ofi(ther 'ioiig a d q, it, a'- IkI.. ,-i', in utter ign oth,',ri wh, wish di t" g't iutihot Ixt' l 'int re.asoi. fl.r th, dic.isivc, defeat of the ex'stint n ,,'' lition s il citthiir
- being known in the matter'.' If toe 'f thre tr ,lsed drainage amendmitnt to cas. p.,I'ui iiir a 11 ,1-'+ the exact "-
lan i wa- r-aliy oughtt l,v ','ht.r p~arti-, tr. ( .'nstiitj,,', 'k hich. if ad fltt .Id, will site 'If that \n.ih w ulhl ha~e l,..I n !
that: the ,r'ne named. win wir,, t t ix ilon the leon ,the S t.r re- ado;,td ,' liv i :.! I.htl itlill ras,,rialli-
Al+.i.: ti.; n> [,r";ate nal,+ 'f iU!i.t lY s liJ'- lv+, *y and in t',p rprtuity a 'i q', arn.I tltisih,...e s ni; i ,, ',, .'f m,'n. It wa,
Ior an inad''1'jate cin-.ide'r;at:or.. The trar. ;inil dlang.r U<,u publi,. 1,licy. tit- equivalent t,, ,',iii!;,.!clii. g wolrk ,,1 the I
puithic ha- a right to' fu l in f an'^i it soul~l be forti unmihg li: ru ,..-- ,it of it, purpo.tse, anid in- merely riddi,.ir ,, .j 'i. jiroimosed i,,.,c I
t '" ,r t t v lying so much ,,f gro,,, injustice to If. th,,ref,,r, .i v ,. ,',li'ui,,ui f,,, the
\f c,, vc t r d for thi n e t r eft t rm th e irnnocent individual taxpa .\ fac te ir, th se of land s.e refirrdr, ti Idemo it in tihe irnation oif all self- enterprii.,. (If -i,.h ,;,ignitud.' withiut
in the la~t issue of this l.ewsp~a[rr. but re.jiecting arndI fair-rninde- .itizeni ,anfy preparat ,,r ;.,,r, would it liot
copy the Times-Union editorial that our ..i..the heght of to. fir the ;eeoj 'f j
readers ma. see that some othor A barkeepuer in Jacksonville shot at a lri I v in
papers have begun to awaken to the negro elnes','av night for refusing to Fi,,,ia , t ,n.
pay for three bottles of beer. That of the Draanage AT,,.ridment. to plhc',
fact that there have and are still being man is a barkeeper 'after our own ,in the har,ds of ,.u'h a b,,ard the unre
some funny things done at the capital, heart." except he is a little slow with i an d,. ,j t,, gir.vide.l




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THE TRUE DElMOCROAT. OSs! sUGGIESI! ARNism S Grav l vs. Talahssee.
U i3.0LtUU1.. hI. You should call at the establishment Talk about exciting games, thin was
3J11 61 1LLI P se0. 6. the limit! The Greenville team was a
of J. D. Cay, opposite Masonic Temple, cracker-jack, which had not been de-
PUSLIMHED EVERY FRIDAY MORNING. when in want of Horses, Buggies, or feated in games for two years! but our
y arnewere twice as swift as they.
insinuation th Harnetss. he game began with Tallahassee at
reeind outpouring, t toa torpid He carries the best assortrn'nt of the bat, and Watts umtring One run
lcr- liver, em the devoted heads of the pres- Buggies in Middle Florida, which he tired.
ent administration, has a t ttired-
tlemen c oistrngit thbiieanu toThel- ls at reasonable prices, and on favor- Then came Greenville's turn. They
in inut it a ble term were filled with confidence, expecting a
hassee,fid the insinuation that it is able terms to responsible parties snap. And they found it! They landed
their money thpt we are using. is fool- Hhs*ah t
h. Jckonville Tallahassee Sun, His stockof Harness is new and upto on the ball one after another until,
when the ?streak was over, five of their
June 23. date, and includes any and all articles men had crossed the plate, and their
We have never made any such in his line needed for county and city rooters were yelling like wild men
charges, and while we do not care who Things looked gloomy when in the
puts upyour money, or how persistently U4 e. next inning the locals went down in one,
you may defend the "little tin gods" In Heavy Harness he has no rival, two, three order.
The visitors did likewiwei.
who rule or ruin affairs about the capi- To turpentine and mill men he offers The sun, which since the first inning
tal, we will remind you in the outset goods made especially for their use, arnd had been behind the clouds, adding to
that we have "made specific charges" the dismal and gloomy outlook. peeped
against them. in their abusoe,'f official at prices that cannot be duplicated. out again when in, the first of the third
against them, i their abuse of official n his Stables are to be seen as fine a another Tallahassee man crossed the
power, mnis applropriation of fund('<, p: '- plate.
ing feen illegally, hiring unrceessary Iot of drivers, single and double, as The visitors popped, flew. and fanned
help to give employment to politicall were ever brought to this city. out in perfect order man ame home
In thetfouith another man came home
healers, padding contracts at,! payir.g call orn him and examine his sto;k., for the locals, making the score 5 to 3.
more than contracts warrante'd. buying ,t - Hope was revived. The crowd cheered,
unneceesary supplies, and ot.herwie; $50,0C0 TO IMPROVE CARRABILLE and the boys worked harder
selling I. I. lands for a song, uand thi, HARSOR. The vi,;itors in their half were unable
n d I. I. n ,, se to find the hall, and i,, r side was re-
only contradiction we have over seen or After a business mr-twvr, of the offl- tired without a score
heard of it, was that occasionally nonie (ial, held ;t Iainhr,dve tist Friday. In the fifth an,,ther .n fur Tallahas-
public man who conversed with one or President J. I' \Vill;i .P ',ave the fol- see left the s'or, at 7. '* 4 in fa.'r of
more of them would be told "i'ts only lowing information to, thi Tribune fo, (;reenvhlle.
hot air from Collins, who i more be- publ-ation: In the seventh Ta-ilahu: ee struck a
cause the State printing contract wan ",Smrnmed up, we rlr(op(,,o to make streak of batting Thi,.' laceul out sin-
given to Hilson," and "given" was C(arraibelle a great euapo It andl the di. glus and two-bagger-rintil the diamoln
good, for it was a freeze-out armri, ro,,ctors has appropriated $50.01 ,to be- .rcae a erry-go-ro br. When the
pure and simple, and the c' tract ai an gin trie n y work in the ne-ar fu- f,,ur notches hwh, r, I: akinl it >- to .5
outrage that will be looked into when ture for Tallahasse -.
the Legislature meets. Now, you rest Thle schemrne is t I redge .-4 ,o, feet to A change. ,!( 'p;. ", I in the' eighth
satisfied that ('ollinm is full a0,1e to take .ie.uret a depth of 16 feet of wat.r at wrott ;v i at in,i a. t t run
care of himself and his business, arid mean low tide, thereby providing for (;reenvill. got iv. r ..n in the first
believes he will behoble to compete with tracks below a wharf which will have a inning and no more ohirrit. the game.
you, an he once ,lid with another Jia'k- fr'ontage' of 1.*i>m feet O(n it will be Th next g; a ri v;ll he on JIuly 4th
sonville gentleman who 'arne with erected cornriodious wareh9ou4es an and oetur boys. In ei T r' e i' t will be
money, secured the old Floridian, gave shedd to accommoelate the freight that the fastest game y,-t Bloth of the
fine banquetM, ind atteTiptedl to put will be. handled above named town- h;.ve eoxc-ellent
Collins out of business in a few weeks. "This will be the beginning of the t-ams, andi the Tail;.n:isee fellow.
After spending a pil" of irtoney for Mr. general plan of development whereby it have ot t winx-
liect to win
Dunn and associates, we saw the re- is contemplated that the entire channel I'osters and notificiati-ins will be sent
ceiver take the whole shooting match, upil to the present wharvenshall he deep- to all neighboring towns, and a large
and Collins is still at the capital to give er.c to 20 feet. with a width of l14) feet crowd is expected (< ur boys are I)lay-
ing fast ball now arm ,hooi M he encour-
attention to anything funny that may at the base of the river, a st ball now beed
occur, and todenouncerasnality, wheth- In this more extended improvement Score by innings-
er It comes from the "lhio Tin ,God" or the river channel will be straightened 1 2 ): 4 5 fC 7 8 9
the "little gods You are welcome to and docks constructed no as not to in- Tallahassee 1 0 1 1 1 0 4 1 1 lo
(;reenville 5r 0 (10 o o 0 0 (I- 5
the whole shooting match; just nurse terfere with the free movement of vei- L.ocal line.-up: p:; .lacohy, c;
them well, and you may succeed. As .elso in the river. When these are car- plittman, lb; 'iuleston, 21>; Wilson, ss;
for ourselves, we shall do our duty Is r Ied out, it will afford us an available Hamlin, 3b; Elliott, If, Hancock, cf;
we see it. whether it te with a "torpid whirf trornage of about oneandaq .. Due to an error the Monti.ello game
liver" or by "hvt air. through the hat. tert nowIs on the north hide of the river ue to an errord st week; we print it e-
was omitted lust week; we' print it be-
We have your darlings "n the rirck," arid about Ithe mharnw amount on the ,low
however, and they must do a mighty souti smile. making in all more than two Tallahassee vs. Monticello.
lot of explaining before they can again rind a half miles of wharf frontage The game began with the ls-'alk at the
stand in the good graces of the pe'opl*. 'In t|,hede implrovments at (arrabelle ,' at a Finlday'in in the lbx for the
vintlors. The lnings :tis given to the
of Florida, und that you can depend on it will lee our purpose to fill in ,olidlyi sorer were in asie to the
The orhimdro epo ter has gIne into thegroundm covered 'y nalt marsh Tallahas.e Monti'ell,,
lbv making sritficiernt rorn to ai imn' Haam li> Giarwo i.i
what it see's as iI holv arnd righteons vu k rfficint room t oic .a (airo ,t
late' 7.g ) to( ) or rCi i i twi'e c ( ; Ns. t'ul. <,,ri 2i ,iraid.e ,u
fight agitinrst the c and its abusem., and w i admire its de- ary iuileing will al, ,r, tt cl, I' lnl ,n
terrninatni to o ',lin t,,n wrong and i ri( m a .helle and the hottel we haiite i,ni, r .Jiac', c O ;e-t,
a o ( t i o b I Wy wil dI opened 44t -oin i ra- 1e tiWd WiIoSn I IS iiOh r:on
fight for what it sv. to b|e right. It l ,, lliottI I. f Ti ker
proposes using c'onvicti to thuild gis.<| a i l(ithl tei t(ramrling r. f Erild
road As we have, nrot given the sulb- All o the directors of t h. i,,..i ,Mth Flancock c. f May'
ject suffi lent attention to be in a poi- the exception of Mr. M;,ik Mn-r,,, i of The ), r,, I,.N minning- wal f- o 'lo:a
tin just n ow t, de iidle just what w( ul Quincy who wans ,e'.taiIl aiv ilbe-ys 1 2 *l 4 7 !o
(ion '.i" amt I(hown c toat i T' llaia ..t\. I i 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 9 '2- _r
e.. be-.t alo ng Ihis line, we will hold aoff h h we'e ornaAnt h At tI, ,tAr 1 T **-tr, I -w Mnt.slln 1 ( it 0 rg ) 0 ir or I -3
from it for the Ire'ent, ipromnising our Ihhl at the Iln Ar Hot.I. "I. ,. w,.r, It w.s an ting gait,,, fr,,om the
readers to, lool into the matter fully. ( apt. .l., I Williarms. 1r i, ent ,, si ltjmp At the -,ndlng of the. s- l the
Star and treasurer. J. (. tlatcth. .1 .1 core was tsid, aind when W il en scored
When we have sat isfied ouremelves,n then McDr .I.I of (uthwrt; Dr. \Willi, 1.. r the. locals n the third the crowd
the True lDemor at will vtorne out in the Mo torm 4 ll (wuthsv .rt 1N( col, ,t will.I h#,i sxth indidl with Mo1n-
open ranki l for what eemr to ,.. Mor cf T'allaham-,. .1 ,J M, I ticellto on.-, rii in the le:Il Tle cheers
done with the ct.onvi-ts. ind heow they I tln .1. S. 1,ish of ( ,luitt. T. A .en.- from the ,eo,wdi were en.,'oura;ging. and
,, t he flgl, w ll kn wn 'IlI-;. i.ri.ti> \% o i, thi' s ore w.. as a in tie 1in the seventh .
should ie hintfilled to uor'fit ti the ilr,,nti ,vi fi,,r th re t i v rr r ,,of ,,- III the' eighthh there Wa t ni.thring doing
State amnd it taking care of th-in in a 11 1the tb ttig line for the i.oa;li. three
humuine man ner. Ah we .i', it now,,' w ne tt ,h I' h ", .' i , n i <,,r, g ,I,,wn in idcer The viut\or'.
of the iniet tiiirtant liriy. i rr .'te l iatl I. 'r.'ll, of this cityv e,,,.cv er. fiid the li>,1 '"'ood and
with tlaeui ot inp .. t i ti a tn o -(. i t thr,,i, .r. T ,1nlull w.. thro..wn out at
with them houi t t,,, t,,uin t(hen l..:,'k t f..'t that t'lade L.'Enr ie ha- tirst .,ohir ,,ns m.ade' aantU e -ingle. Fin-
on tlihe world e'.t r ie then >,(, t. to r.eitn ,heran, f spoH-,eie,' witll ln, ntut,, e it atnd .,.talbih.h an i- a lv r ru .1 ,Inh on m to< thur, W ith .hne
n ao nw ii, arid the ,n-n...e t, il, ..-L 'l in
not n,,e sh,.ilI ,, tu n,',ed ft ,rn ;arsnri l'uIn strated \weekl in ,ace thi.'re,,f. with ,.cttled ilevn to tlusines. and -track out
morP hilhe.i+e. e.ritiit, ul. fi,,i the fl an- ity I,. 'a c.,rt.nir r a, in the,.Ia.cksonville the next ta'> up.
ier in which he wi t,..>tedl .aiisl the un, dl,'s n,, ,t ldisturb .Jitor Collidm of The niiith began with the'. ore- tie-d
aurroundings, n at tl,,.y w i,', t hi't thl. Truie I i er ,,,rat He does not look in a knt. Wli..nii got to tr-t on an er-
sentenced to ervrItu i. for ,<.k kng the for any o,,f the. "" on' lowe i with a hlit' Jac.t ,v wtku d.' EI-
laws and cornmittin g crinet ,,f his ,,(ttm.n ,,,raries h.rve pri dhi'tel. go t to tir t on a ball to left field.
It is neat. chen .tid newsv, arrie's uit welcotmes Mr I.'Erngle with his Wilsonr siorilg (;ramling put up a pop
ten page tilled]lwith I te,,et,.. ig rme.almi, Sun. evle.ntly feeling that the tield i. 1y atIt ei ot Hanmk wais thrown
matter, and .vry onat- ,',l t in the roal enouh tor twogoodpapers H tiew out Hiidi struck outit. and May
home and in their rii, nies 'lhe True. i, :.' "Fo'r ourselves' we hall coi',itinue popped out in the last of the rinth for
Democrat we are ,..i., cialln, ,,tur at- t. atte,.d strwtl'y to our own business the t'ist, .r ,nt ar the
tention to; it will I: you monii..y if ti run ati newspaper alon,, the limni. we ga me' tir'ihlv enjoyed
... ili i .. o. I .. ll . i.*L ... ..... niraci .. .. .

you Us* it am aI n l'vi erti .ti0g i;i 'iu i
and your money will be returned tio you
many times .ov.r ift the' ','. fit N\'u wi l
receive in n iubscri'let n ii\ v i' i,,iur
patronage and mn oi l >i| .,rt, awii \oiu
can depend oin onwir g'ivitilg ,ii a irw.-
paper any Floridima imiy ie Iprod lof,.
The True l)ei.mocrat works and stand.
for the general, best i(terepsts of the
people of Florida, and partiu larly ho,,
for Leon county

n .iw\' |Iti o i ti o'm tiv ver''y irst is,,s'-
the True I emonwrat, for ;aui in the in-
tret t o f the Slat ..f F;iiida We
wlil've t he Jacksmvillh 'u i',r entter-s
tlih tfie l in the s t, .e pint Florida
will be be-lfiedhte v IVy tw we-ll eit.ied
fWW')tA'p.uc- with Pfltfen- et*c' e tlitotsf at ait
capital. Timer-l'tmou. .2'ti.
I liul. l l' n le'.s l. i u /,, ,e
't im ach aml knis tI \ i nut I'e hurt;t g
him con-it,'rabily since he moved h.,4

Hons. K Hudson BIurr and .) 1.. Mor- S'.un t 1Ilalih. h-.ii. nid imahed upi tihe
gan, two of Florida's able tlrvi.d gienit I apit;,l I' 1.' hng i 'Comptarny'.t
Commissioners. arrived in the city yes- great prduinctiotins by canting has "'sun-
terday and left for L.eeburg. where shine over it As we note Panacea
they go on official buminoes. While here water riow cuome s in 2.-gallon lot*, pre-
they were apprised of yome of Live sumably for those complaints an him or
Oak's needs an regards transportation his associates, perhaps he. tot, is dys.-
facilities., a w li/st tWher visatill pjeptiq. a uone may readily be excused
eventually rMI in mucS tood for aor in udlang,. from his puny efforts in dig.
city.- Live pak )rejocrat, 270ht i usaM hbist fitr TaUahassee issue.
-.. ", j+'-- ',. '. ,. i*')

She-riff Brown, the Gtovernor's pet
who gIa' Ihi the (;overnor'- private
.-,'cre't ira l te o tetake the apl)l,(intment
to suc' i-ild She'riff Pickett, who died.
was not i iit a1 "little bit" in the recent
p primary -lIctihii in I uval county, and
after the election in November the
(;r'v.,rn<,r ill io doubt give him an-
other job Now, would it not jar you
,'.mewhat if the, "Big t'hiwf saw fit
to give him Mr. Blitch's position, which
will be nisde vacant by his election to<
the ailroad commissionn? 'Ti true
there will tbe un army of aspirants after
that fat job. but the political pets and
helleri generally get the persimmon
when the "plum tree is shaken "
Subscribe to the True Democrat.

fte. -o mss e*at O -.-

D. I. A. C. Eo L.
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. .


~3!inemuEuIs. PublIsh..

III# : = -- It- - -, w -

-Kw- T 1S 1r1i4 Igsgo.

The OalmeviBe Sun, whose editor is
4 useful emamt, oespias tM fMu w
Smibl ~ imod ly artebh ima the
ui. srdutwiw Beald, WO epdtor i
bso .- anbitep l sad vls e Senate,
next time t serve at his eeade Aiso:
: A MabercOmal iof t e Logis-
btuf M v lor Goveamor Brow-
rd'a sl hM lanI y hoasse they
believed I be, et=don thet -
ue rad siMd be fr an opportunity
todeiMote itooprtetabillty. Sen-
ator J. H. Hemphia, who epraisenta
DeSoet and Manatee counties, was one
who took this view of the question, and
in the last issue of the Bradentown
Herald be refers to the subject as fol-
"The Herald in the campaign of 1904,
as is well known, did not support Gov.
ernor Broward, but was for h. W. Da-
vis, a man who though beaten at last,
was known to the Herald as a safe and
brainy man to whose care the beat in-
terest of Florida might be safely en-
"But when Governor Broward was
elected and inaugurated, we, as loyal
Demoerats, yielded to him our most cor-
dial support. We even went so far as
to give our sanction to his drainage
scheme. And this we did not withdraw
itil after the matter had gotten be-
fore the United States court and that
tribunal had sustained to a material ex-
tent the contention of those who had
opposed it from the start. Then we
*ere forced to look into the matter
more closely in order to express an in-
telligent opinion to those who looked to
us for information as to the real statue
of the case.
"We early learned that the Governor
was making the mistake of setting up
his opinions, supported by his interested
counsellors, against that of the courts.
Still adhering to what we conceived to
be our duty, we mildly counselled cau-
tion and the suspension of all work on
the scheme until the suits already in
court could be brought to an issue and
trial, and the merits determined, so
that the Governor could know just what
his powers were before jeopardizing the
State's money and credit.
"It seems that the Governor could
not, or would not, take the safe, if not
the only sensible course, but with his
peculiar filibustering bent, decided to
proceed with this gigantic undertaking
without any regard for the courts at
"This aroused the whole State to a
more critical investigation as to what
was going on, and at last resulted in
the campaign that is now distracting
the State. And unfortunately for Gov-
ernor Broward, the opinion is being
formed that there is a syndicate of land
sharks formed, who, 'by the ways that
are dark and tricks that are vain.' have
pushed the Governor into methods that
are, to say the least, very peculiar.
After passing the drainage bill, it was
so apparent ly unconstitutional that they
framed a constitutional amendment,
which it is hoped can hbe forced down
the people's throats, to make a law en-
acted two years before a valid law iDo
the lawyers in the regislatire, or the1
members generally, know the meaning
P of retroactive action? Have they ever
heYd of any State that has passed n
code of void laws and then made them
valid by making amendments to their
con .itution? Have they ever learned
the legal interpretation of void and void-
able? If there is any of them that
think they have, It certainly is here in
the State of Florida. For nowhere else
is such a thing possible. Even our
young school boys know the distinction
between constitutional powers and leg-
islative powers, even if some old fly-
blown jurist has said that 'the constitu-
tion provides so and so.'
"But there has been a horde of use-
less officesand officers, with fat salaries
annexed, that have influence, fixed up
to bleed the State. We can't believe
that Governor Broward has willingly
walked into the trap thus set for his
unwary feet. But, Iw that as it may,
the masse. are looking to the incoming
V. Legislature to loohk into this unholy al--
liance who now, though nesting in Jack-
sonville, have their hadns upon the Gov-
ernor, and to snatch him nas a brand
from the burning, and put a brake on
their schemes until the question can
again be sent before the people."
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The management has been and hxis fair
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What 1 M"aa Ut S heM L"vw
T ,4ty. n V an Lgeadr.
Wtht ibeemn amabrasee from Mr.
John D. Rockefeller' own physician
Paud Aen, M. D., that Mr tekefollei
has every prospect of lving to be 100
an old, a most inteeting new qua-
ha arisen as to the pba himn-
e sity of the. Rocket r bilonas
dt three years from now.
.Tfty-three years from now-or, to
be exact on July 8, 1988-Mr. Rocke-
feller will celebrate the one-hundredth
anniversary of hi birthday; provided,
of comsme that he lives to fulfill his
phyians prediction.
AdI thirty-three years from now, it
his dUions continue to increase at the
prmheet rate, Mr. Rockefeller, at the
Sao of 100 years, will be worth $25,-
7U.000,000--almost three times as much
gold and silver as there is in circula-
tion, in banks and in all the treasure
house and mints on earth today.
It is impossible for the human mind
to comprehend the vastness of such a
sum of money as $25,732,000,000. But
if anybody wanted to count it, all in
one-dollar hills, counting steadily at the
rate of $3 a second, day and night, with-
out stopping for a moment until the
task was ended, it would take two hun-
dred and ninety-five years, five months.
two weeks, sixteen hours and thirty-
five minutes and thirty-three seconds
to complete the work.
Nobody knows just how much Mr.
Rockefeller is worth at the present
time. It is doubtful whether he himself
could give an estimate that was not a
million or two off the mark. Careful
investigators have computed his wealth
at 4615,0( .000,0 within the past few
weeks, and this figure is believed to be
as accurate as it possibly can be.
In 1906 Mr. Rockefeller was worth
$5b0,000,0K), showing a gain for the
present year of $65,000,000. In 1900
he had only $400,000,000, and the year
before that he was poorer still, $260,-
000,)00 representing his total wealth.
In 1885 he had $100,000,000, in 1875
$5 000,000, in 1865 $5,000, and 1855 not a
solitary penny. During the past fifty-
one years his fortune has increased
from nothing at all to $615,000,000.
Mr. Rockefeller is now 66 years old.
On the 8th of next month he will cele-
brate the 67th anniversary of his birth-
day. The details of his early struggles,
his thriftiness and amazing business
aptitude are too well known to require
repetition here. Besides, they belong
to the past and have nothing to do with
Mr. Rockefeller's future and the posmi-
ble extent of his wealth by the time he
reaches the age of 100 years
It has bwen repeatedly declared that
Mr. Rockefeller is already a billionaire,
this estimate of his fortune being based
on the value of his holdings in Standard
Oil and other interests. As a rule
these estimates may often he regarded
with security as fictitious, being founded
more on inflated than actual values.
So for that reason it is more reasonable
to take the most conservative estimate
of Mr. Rockefeller's fortune, which
places his present wealth at $615,000,(00).
Mr Rockefeller has over T3 years to
live before he reaches his one hundredth
birthday. During that time it is reason-
able to suppose that his millions will be
entitled to a natural growth, just the
same as every other person's money
grows when it is judiciously invested
and carefully guarded.
From 100, to 1,NW) the natural growth
of his millions added $iT $(,(i),() to the
principal. Year after year at this rate
the natural growth should become grad-
ually larer and larger, until, when Mr.
Rockefeller is 99 years old the mere in-
terest on his money should be $2,7i57,.(7X
in one year- over four times as much
an he is worth at the present time.
In 1904, when Mr. Rockefeller did not
have very much more than half a billion
dollars to his name, his income was two
dollars and a few cents over every
second of the day. The average man
earning $2 a (lay can appreciate the
difference there in between $2 a day for
six days a week and $2 a second for
seven days a week
If in 19.'9 Mr. Rockefeller's fortune
reached $25,7B2,.00,IM1 and he has
reached his one hundredth birthday an-
niversary he will be drawing interest at
the rpate of $9,496.56 a second. This is
more than a great many men succeed in
earning ins lifetime. Jacksonville Mo-,
Cared of Iright's Disae.
George A. Sherman, Lisbon Red MiUl,
Lawrence county, N. Y., writes: "I
had kidney disease for many years and
had been treated by physicians for
twelve years; had taken a well known
kidney medicine and other remedies
that were recommended, but got no re-
lief until I Iegun usirg Fuley's Kidney
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Thin m i uary PreJsetmeaL
Editor Tree Democrat:
Seuh a comment rarely comes to the
notlee of the courts of Florida as the
recent report of the grand jury at Tal-
ihamese Surely it stands unprece-
dentead ud excelled in paradoxical
staten and ilical and contradie-
tory eochllom We would recoi.tnind
a course Ito lic to the gentlemen com-
Ima maid jury before they again at-
ept, what appears to be, a covert
defamee of aloons and a disparagement
of prohibitiUon. Let s note a few items
in thi report and see how it looks.
"There seems to be no difficulty for
any one wishing to purchase liquor in
finding some one willing to sell it."
Before taking up the statement which
directly contradicts the foregoing, we
wish to may, parenthetically, that any
one wishing to gamble has no difficulty
in finding some one to gamble with
him. And knowing this evil is being
carried on in many places, would it not
be well to open up public licensed gam-
bling houses and encourage it all we
can? A man bent on any form of evil
has no difficulty in finding an accessory;
therefore should not all these evils be
properly looked after by the good peo-
ple, opened up to the public in a respect-
able way and made more easy to perpe-
trate? Were the worthy men of the
grand jury to apply this argument con-
sistently to every form of evil, nothing
would more quickly hurl the human
race into ruin and perdition. But we
are thankful to say they have made the
argument void even in in this connection,
as will be noted in the following:
"O0ar sheriff and his deputies have
been zealous in searching out the of-
fenders." If this statement is true,
the preceding one is false. Either the
sheriff and his deputies have failed to
do their sworn duty, or there in some
difficulty for one wishing to purchase
liquor in finding some one to sell it.
But as though they would defend the
sheriff and his deputies (and why de-
fend them if they have zealously per-
formed their duty?) the report says:
"But he cannot arrest without sufficient
and direct evidence of an actual sale."
Why do not these men, who seem to
know so much about "the ease with
which liquor can be obtained," furnish
the evidence? If members of the grand
jury know there "is no difficulty and
that "it is easy to obtain liquor," why
shouldn't other people know it, and if
other people have the evidence, why
should not the sh'riff have it? Aside
from the weakness of this argument,
the grand jury have shown themselves
ignorant of the law. For their benefit
we will quote acts of 1901,pages 61 and
62: "It shall be the duty of all sheriff,
deputy sheriffs, constables, and police
officers in their respective jurisdictions,
and they are hereby authorized amnd
empowered to enter any building, booth,
tent or other place or part thereof with
or without warrant, in which they have
good cause to suspect that liquors are
kept for sale contrary to law, and to
seize the same and arrest the parties so
engaged in such sales, nd if liquors are
found in such quantities as to confirm
the belief of illegal sales, the same
shall be prima facie evidence of selling
liquor contrary to law." There you
have the law, and it doEs not nsy that
the sheriff shall have "direct evidence
of an actual sale." Which shall we be-
lieve, the law or the grand jury?
The grand jury would fain defend the
officers, but if liquors are sold in such
quantities as they assert, they have
woefully made ground for the Iwlief
that the officers are in collusion with
the blind tigers, which is a very unfor-
tunate conclusion.
Again, this very remarkable present-
ment says that "the law as now en-
forced and it must be enforced strange
enforcement of law when there is no
difficulty at all in obtaining an article
which the law plainly says MURT NoT HE
soi.)j. may well lead to much false
swearing and bribery." Here we have
the argument that if a man is guilty of
an evil and swears falsely concerning
it, the REMEiDY for said evil is to license
it and make the law such that the man
may engage in it to a limitlesn extent,
carry it on publlicly and under the pro-
teetion of the law.! For if not, the man
MIKHT lie about it, and you know it's
wrong for a man to lie! (can it be be-
lieved for one moment, by intelligent
people, that false swearing and bribery
is a product of prohibitionm? There is
scarcely a term of court hele in any
county of the State at which false
swearing and blrilbery are not charged.
in cases too that do not involve prohibi-
"The ease with which liquor can be
obtained points to a great danger that
threatens (our Ixboys." Shades of the
aloon, protect us!
In the year lNu, in our capital city,
a grand jury, sMppoAed to be compostd
of reputable citizens, indirectly states
to his honor. Judge Malonme, that the
barroom is n Ietter protection to our
boys than prohiliitiont Indirectly, they
cry: "Give us the saloon, where our
boys may drink undisturbed! Give us a
public, licens d hell up on the front
street, from which the tormenting

breakers of aw and doers of evil, big
and little, rich and poor, are being
marched up to the toe line, and "sight
down the finger points of mighty jus-
tice," they behold the handwriting upon
the wall, and the fortresses of these
latter-pay Helshazsars are crumbling
like pillars of ashes. The proceeion of
those who are carrying on this good
work is going steadily on, growing as it
goes. and the people everywhere, -of
every religious faith and every political
belief, in every walk of life, are join-
ing hands and hearts in the crusade be-
ing made against vice throughout the
whole country. In Kentucky Governor
Beckham is receiving the plaudits of
the people because of his efforts to
"clean up" louisville. Gov. Folk, of
Missouri. has knocked the black out In
that State, and Governor Handley has

blind tier, ton g to the bad by way
of the saloon. Why not speak in favor
of the larger number, even if some
men have togo to Work and make an
honest living? W. J. C.
Mrs. *eoer W. P umm *.
Emerett Cook Plummer, wife of Ge.
W. Plummer. died at her home at Lib.
erty Cornerson June 14, aged 5 years.
For 22 earshe has been affected with
paralys. About four weeks ago he
a stroke, and in falling to the floor
she broke her left leg at the hip and re-
ceived a bad blow on the back of her
She is survived by her husband and
one sister, Mrs. F. P. Bull, of Liberty
Corners, and many relatives and friends
Funeral will be held from her late
home; interment at Liberty Corners
cemetery at 10.30, June 17th,-Tona-
wanda (Pa.) Daily Review.
Mr. and Mrs. Plummer have many
friends in this community who are sorry
to learn of her death, and extend sym-
pathy to Mr. Plummer in his sad be-
The Very Best Remedy for Bewel
Mr. M. F. Borroughs an old and well
known resident of Bluffton, Ind. says:
"I regard Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and D[)iarrhoea Remedy as the very best
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statement after having used the remedy
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never without it." This remedy is al-
most sure to be needed before the sum-
mer is over. Why not buy it now and
be prepared for such an emergency?
For sale by all druggists. *
Goed Reads.
At the good roads convention in Tal-
lahassee a deeper interest was Inspired
and a broader conception was gained of
the question of improved highways for
In a State like ours all sorts and con-
ditions of men and women are more or
less dependent upon the best means of
communication and transportation.
Good road building is a public matter,
and a greater necessity than some real-
ize. We are far behind in the construc-
tion and maintenance of good roads
which is a reflection on our energy.
The difference between good roads
and bad mads is the difference between
profit and loss. Good roads have a
money value far beyond our conception.
Good roads mean prosperous farmers'
bad roads mean abandoned farms and
sparsely settled country districts.
Everyone should have an abiding in-
terest in the all-absorbing question of
better highways. It means progress
and prosperity, a benefit to the people
who live in the cities and an advantage
to the people who live in the country,
and it will help every section in our vast
Good roads, like good streets, make
habitation along them most desirable;
they enhance the value of farm lands,
facilitate transportation, and add untokid
wealth to the producers and consumers
of the country; they are the milestones
marking the march of civilization; they
economize time, labor and money; they
save wear and tear and worry and
waste; they beautify the country, bring
it in touch with the city, and aid the
social and religious and educational and
industrial advancement of the people;
they make better homes and happier
hearthsidet; they are the avenues of
trade, the highways of commerce, the
mail routes of information, and the
agencies of speedy communication; they
mean the economical transportation of
marketable products the maximum
burden at the minimum cost; they are
the ligaments that bind the country to-
gether in thrift and industry and intel-
ligence and patriotism; they promote
social intercourse, prevent intellectual
stagnation, and increase the happiness
and prosperity of our producing mass;
they contribute to the glory of the coun-
try, give employment to our idle work-
men, distribute the necessities of life
the products of the fields and the for-
ests and the factories encourage en-
ergy and husbandry, inculcate love for
our scenic grandeur, and make mankind
better and greater and gander.
(,ood roads have made the glory of
the nations of the past, and good roads
will add to our greater glory and make
us all that we hope to be. the most be-
neficent power that ever blessed an ad-
vancing and progreming humanity. -
Tavares Herald.
A Wave of Refore.
There is a wave of reform sweeping
over this country that will never cease
until every evil is stamped out andgoeod
is established throughout the land
Everywhere people are demanding that
criminals, high and low. cease their op-
erations; that they Ie apprehended and
tried in the courts of our country, and
that justice be meted out to them in
full measure. There is a sentiment
spreading in every State in the Union
against crime and vice of every nature,
it matters not how insignificant. In-
ldeed the day has dawned when the








Special Train Service.

At Lanark on the Gulf.
Ideal Place to spend the
Months. Hotel modern and
to-date. Reduced round
rates from Tallahassee.

Return limit 90 days, -
Return limit 15 days, -
Saturday to Monday limit,




(Panacea Springs.)

Return limit 90 days, -
Return limit 16 days, -
Saturday to Monday limit,


For Rates and other Information
write to:
J II M Bainbrilge, Ga.
Tallahassaee, Fla.



Tinning, Plumbing

Sheet-Metal Work

All work in the line of
Roofing, Guttering, Spout-
ing, and Sheet-Metal Work
solicited, and especial care
taken to please my pat-

rons. .

Plumbing A Specially.

A ood semtre, colored or te.
Apply to Goodman, mext to 8Tager
Sewing Machine office, at eaee.
See Collins for your Job Putbinf,


__ __

the evildoers o theso. M W w
of Pliidelphia has b ainde l Ae" m"
der the n owlc of th ad thm i
to that Vhb btorto pt d
evil by aa efoeemet of dthelaw hao
bemn felt by the eltwa and w'
breakers thoUmhout the whole Stat. of
PeNavInaf And now come p
from New York and from Chie% ot: S
the poope of those two fgret eilb a-
tak p thin U rad eform m oeme6
andw *1"ve to becoIme lIade in this
*lorio s ht to put down evil and e*-
lbah a= X ter standard of morality
throughout tire country.
Reform momn are not de
to the work of any political aty-th
are de to a detemit ationa n the p
of the people to pini crime, to con.
viet criminals and to build thrjne Ope
which rlrhteouanes mutt reWg. re
pleof allpolitical parties ar BeiMAd the
servants in otee, demandinW t th
perform their duties well, d b
people that mighty power, th
conmacones of right.
Ye., this movement of reform i
lreadiag. and evil is on the wane.
The "rafters" and other thieves Is
hih positions are being brought dow
on the level with the petty thieves and
common criminals, and are receiving
punishment in accordance with the enow-
mity of the wrong committed.
All hail to the world-wide movement
of reforml-Femandisa Star.


Built to order at
reasonable prices.
One now ready to deliver, size
axle 31,. wheel 7 feet, tread 7
All kind of General Blacksmith-
ing and repir work done prompt-
ly and at reasonable prices.
Horse Shoeing
A Specialty.

W. H. Adklnson,
New Shop North of Kemper StaWe.

fumen may iasnu and tempt the pamser-
by. Give us Ithe saloon, bright and en-
ticing, where our boys may drink in
style and elegance, amidst strains of
dreamy music and all that guilds and
sugarcoat. asin." Ah, men. why nso
anxious and solicitous about our boys
now? We never heard of your Interest
before, when four saloons were running,
night and day and Sunday too, with
serens, blinrf and frosted windows,
behind which they could hide, drinking,
rambling, swearing, using all sorts of
obscenity, etc ; lingerg till after mid-
night in an atnphere putrid with un-
cleanness Why was your voice not
raised in their behalf then? Let the
men of the grand jury inform them-
selves and they will fn&I that for every
boy that goes to the bad by way of the

* .

*. U






Don't you want to start a lank account? Would'nt you like to have one of these little im-
proved pocket savings banks to help you to save your nickles and dimes? It ia so arranged that
you can deposit half a dollar or smaller coins. It il of a size convenient to carry in the vest pocket
or a ladies hand bl s. It in always ready to help you resist the temptation to spend money. We
want an account with everybody in this vicinity.
We furnish one of these' bhnks free to everyone who will deposit one dollar and promise to
open an account with us within thirty days from receipt of bank. These Lanks are delivered to you
Ilo-kef) and can only hew opened by us
You would lI* surprised to know how much money you can nave in five years by taking care
of your small change and delpoiting in a Pavings bank.
It in not wise' to save' money by keeping it in the house, because there Is danger of lows by
thieves and fire, andl Ic-ieles it is not making anything Hut place it with us and it in earmi some-
thing. We pay '4 [er cent interest on all deposits of One Dollar and upwards. Interest periods are
first inays of April and O<'loler.
Itelow we give a table showing how savings will accumulate in five years, computed on a ba-
sim of 313 working ilayp in the year. at 3 per cent interest.




p per day(
per day
Isr day
p4,r day
Ipe day

for 5 years
for 5 years
for 5 years
for r, years
for 5 ye'arm
for r5 yearn

A rri 't (I Rd.

W1. (25
469. 160
7842, 60.

Interest earned.
22 2 ...
27M)... .
33 42
.i5 .70.. .
.. .111.40.. --

Total am't
--....-- ......$17.64
.. .. 386.28
.... 419.10
......- 6502.92
... 838.20
.. 1,678.40

The capital a-lwok of the savings kiank is $20,(XN.(NI with individual deposits amounting to
Your businem, with us will Ie. he.Id strictly confidential.
('all and get one of these little h unks while the supply lamts.

Ipswo 9w)



ONE DREDGI NOST COMPLETED. cut is to, I' only toi feet 'deep and liN,
fe'et wide, which, therefore, is much
"Rowley," writing to the West Palm work than in the ability of the' MILLINERY
Bleach News from Fort lauderdale, dredges to perform."
under date June 14th, many of (;overnor d. a
Broward's drainage machinery, the' Unslown Fri s, and
building tf which many honest Florid- 'hrl.r art any li, oil whole and ir FANCY GOODS.
lanN believe if a wamtoful and expensive' rhoiena Reme.dy with plenldid results,
piece of ofMicinl extravagance, in view but who are unknown li'e.ause they have )Dainty Collars,
of the fact that the practicability, value hemitateI about giving iatestimonial of Handkerchiefs, Ices
e h same', i almost their experience for ,pullic'ation These lHlndkerchiefs, Laces,
and success of (th'e am i Immot to a iop|le. however, are none the' les and Embroideries.
certainty in great doubt, and that the' friends of this remedy. They have done.
money no wantonly and foolishly being much toward making it a household ('ORSFTS and HOSIERY.
spent could tel put into many channels word by their sprsonal reco'mm.-nda- a
t wn could vat. pyt ,int .nutnt h l n-r arins teo frie'ndhn and nrieighlrs. It is a
that would vaiy eneflt the pei.-1e f a ,.,.,li in,, t,, lea ve inthe haome and The Newest Material for
Florieda. lItedul what Mr. owleyh says is widely known for its curen of diar Fancy Work.
about those costly dredlging miahines: rhoeaa and all forms of lhowel trouble
"Pleaaant weather in now prrevailing l'er sale hy all druggists. itoia W(ools in German-
here and work i being pushed on the' town Saxon and
drledges that (Governor Iroward ij hav- Mr. Clark's Scheme. townSaxon nd
Ing built for ume' in his project of drain The Tribune im reliably informed, Shetlan(l.
ing the Everg laden. from a source' very close' to Waishing-
"The first d re ege that work was coim tonian oracle., that the fund which Miss A(ele Gerard,
menced upon ashort time-ng o is nearing I Representative Frank ('lark, of Florida,
completion and will probably .Ie ready I priopme' to '"touch" for the num of
for work in a couple of weeks time', eor I $.1,30.1X t toti uned in the drainage of 149 N. Munroe St.
kIC The Iomom and dilppelr are lewinI the ivergladelhe does not exist. In other
now put in place The e'n.cinies and all words, should Mr. (Clark's suimirable
the other machinery have already heen legislative "grabi" lws-ome a law, it Tallahassee, Florida.
Installed., ane the finishing tlouchen aire, would then ibe necessary to '"lind the'
heing put to thle luairters for the rre'w. fund" tiwfore their cah could Is- realize 4
and one' or two other pnlace's. 'l'hi may or may not li literally -
"Reteed A. Isryan is in in charge of the, true It in stateel .hat the fund at -- STATINENT
work, and is generall stslerintendent, which Mr. (.lark in aiming his adoles-
with Capt. 8 W. Skinner, of Wilming- evnt acquisitene's in a fund that is yet Mn.i, .ini.Tr sectrfn m., (Chaptor 411r. LwN. of
ton, Del., as construction foreman, arnI t I I- provided that is, the fund pro- Ilr' She ol'nh te .crh nt of It ,' eouni t hiorla
H. .1. Cassklay, assistant foreminn and p oised to the net apart for irrigating the, l, St.o,, e.,lliertl for ih,. current ye-ar IHai. arm
Capt. Thomas Iturgesn. of Chicagio, arid lands of the West. This fund is th.'i |,lrnrnnnt>n # f( he' lm. to the several
who) was sent here' Iy the' manu fact r one of Mr Itmoeovelt' |f't ideas. abut fsa li Tfr i Y.r hIa'. r7h.4.en le
Ing Coompany ia ,4h111f1 engineer, with IJ as yet it ialleairs to exist ntily in Mr. Ano,.u t nie t. Jun. Ini, \I.i 10.14A.91
H. Hendricks, malso or Chicuago, as an Ito osevelt' and probably in Mr
saltant engineer (Clark's mind. AI''ITIONMNT
"The dredge was bIuilt here, on the 'here, in a little more than a suspicion e;e.,r,.rl it..venue $ 7T.m'l.w,
banks of New Itiver, the machinery it this part of the country that Mr. A,'s .aI i.n Juni 1.t. ~t. I Z,.o.n rI *
eominff from the Feutherstone Io>nuInlrvy lark is indlulging in a bit of political .... 1" *-m
and Machine Works, in Chicago "gorandh tined phly,"' with the pur aae An.t Ii.Ja. i1. 10, .e
"The nize of the hull of the' dredge i of keeping everliastingly before thie 11..11"r,
Slxft, with 4 I 2 feet draft It will minds of him enteenied consititiiuents that l'."ilh .. ..114.4 1
be equipd with a and dijl -r raphle ht, is still in Washington and still in Ami't iw. J,. m I..i 01
of handling 4 1-2 yards of cirt at each a"ti on Another theory is that Mr. m,,ail ,i .r," o'.,,,c,,. -.'X7.1
load, and a iock dliper of 2 1-2 vyard l( 'lark eie'sire'a to give the pe'iople. of Am't*>akil t., May I1.t. i', 06 li1,7i0Wt
capacity itlher Ilo Ie, hung on 1i al si Floridla an idea for future adiloptont i,.lf anit i,, zu7tr ziN Is
foot boom. namely. t hat if the Everglades arc, t4 1M' Anm' il1s l t Mnav 1-1. I:Lio; 70i.17
"The engine is of double cylinder, drainedi, it would IN.Iiot cheaper tohave --It a.,. ,,-,.t N,, I :i; 771"
l .nder being of fI' horse jwer I'lncle Sam dig lown into his capaciou Am'S ~si. i- MIy I- ii o i2
T 1er, engiine and other machinery, paoket anel pay the bill, than have the -i
Including a small enine for running n Oeast wrung fnrm the flattened purineof arafp
dynamo. are all on the, main dlck, the struggling tax payer.t of the region At i. e H.T. 'in. I,
"The seeind story, or what might l e it t' tI'nefitll CI. rie tim,to ir Ir. Ion Conty .krrtaa .un
called the cabin. contains sleeping At uny rate. Mr. ('lark, with his little i.*. ri.-O
rooms for a c're'w of 11 men, dining, hill. bids fair to out-lrnward iHroward. shernI's s1le.
bath and cook raomai., clalets, mink un1t flor we hear now much of what Frank I TNPI IAND I i VIINTU OF AN IEX'i-.
tlmr onmvenlne. aill eiators anal wi in gingK lo do with the .Everglndeh and i 1..1 NI..>i I, i otr th1e 1Orrueit '-orI Or 'ftih
d ol being irreenel. lThe dIreelge will Ivery little, Af what the governorr is tryv ' ,,'loi J t Iile'sCr u ai of sorela In and few th'
aOw be equlipled throlughouiti with hi er, K ha t l. a'ITmpn Trllbune. ,n. Alfr-" io.Iln a o plaintiffea& :i eM.
tooU hI M,,'nrmirk i' ,lfx."tafe it. I have Irvi'd Imuponand
N *5l deOardi nc toi m Iiilt here',, mi Otikt tIe SrgeOn. w.ll it ait ilmiar ,ii'mty hrmtep the c.unty court
he timbers for the 'end omnel it,e l t A complication or female trouble. i S ty." the l>Ml-ir rfla'ltal. oi the w ei diley
called the Okanch lie., already loNing plut with catarrh of the stomnchand if wela'.~ J.Iaia. A IW Im, lt.twn m e houinof ei on'ehrk
IN place and sll the ma.i.hinery n te Ihaid redulaced Mrs Thoman S. Aus~lin. or mn .' l- ii al -
goud ready to w,' instlle'l. I.eavenworth. Ind to much ade|ier'alri leh' trt (ft iot No. i. in the narthwm addlition of
**BDth dr oed art of the lateltl im condition that her doctor an opa. MIe c'rity, l. el.wrrie.i rikw.. to.wit: wreineiln.
-tpior the' w.rk rel'elroide 'f ration; ht lshe'r husband l farin fatalI ,h41 ,fe't "h.i .miene'o" ..ftmdha O theMne'
iem, n will b not only fully e 1luiplIl result. IMt lImni'-d this te t ri l'.lcrn c matc n,. ninrheen. hnsh.-. wM t taii i,,S le
for that work, but at o sOrrannr'eil ass 4 itters, and to the ama..ennI ,f alsl w thenet'nor h in fri and e Inch.. Stohe
to be as comfortable and convenient as wh< knew her, this medicrie' completely "Pl" of"nn'"""" i'"eh earltsafel.m
pmlble for the men To further thisn curenl her. (Guarantneoli cure flir torpid HA stI iHOPKiNe y.
letter objct one of the dredlge'.. proli- liver, kidney dliseam,. hiliousne'.cs. jaun-
bly the latter, will have a snimll uit dice. chill aInd fever, ,general deblility AIMINI.STRATORN' N(TIrr'..
complete Ice plant. nervousneess and 11lew ipoin l iing. lhleni Noete r.I hhe eh riven allai el daitw. I w atees
Among thle numerous workncn in tonic mlae. i'rice to'al. nt all ilrunzgimtu *nidt t t'ltte'fthe' 'etat. of Hrriiet Kit. sta-
the dredge are George M. TaIylor ..iad Try it 0 Ir.diamt. ielre1.IM.w ci'.seal. .rida.S aMto
J. H. Dick, of Mangonia, the flormr ins .* t-A tr t t roIm .nm, lr>Mcd to iaw. widhm
charge of the cabin finishm in anld hlie Lost, Strayed er Stolen. tsw 'ye rri this.dsat. tow day Sot FhOe.
latter asiating; llobinson, thIe pointer, Pn, oIay mare. white pt on hin p, h1 .f^'innrn aeh ^ .tM
R. D. Taylor, Inatalling the' electric left hind fNoet white; 6 years old, weight W. A.-sMII.LY.
light plant and A. M. Lonpes assuxising. about hoN oer 1,iNN)pi oundsr ) Disappeared Adminb.tnetnv t lnrMilm ILta4trw.
C. and i.P. I, Rawllin doing the watodi c)n Surndy afternoon, June 24th. Finder LONG DISTAUCE T1'SL3,PSL
work, while James Anderson is at work will please notify (Ciamar Seasions at LO t n ditanc tLON ,
on the hull of the second idreedge. Spring 11ill. Fil who will come for
'The capseity of the dipare to i mitre' and pay literal reward. ('et I an be given to anyl
uad son the dredge are th alike, at long distance telephone a& Central ofe:
given already. and they will twI' able to Cou ticket hooks solid at a diacourint.
eat a canal 20 feet deep and 140 feet A at Telephone i
wide if necessary, but the canal to eto *e.s. shae n M W 1. oo. Manager.



Repair Work a Specialty.
AN Work Dom Prompty. S.afhacto. Gauwut4.

anad take a look at our conveyances and
you will readily see the advantage of
hiring teams from us. If you're not
t accustomed to much driving, no doubt
our pricca will strike you as being
small. Do no harm to ask them any-
J. P. S. HoumsutoN, Prop.
Phones 79 and 39.


p PoPrTOR Op vr9M

Old Kemper Livery Stables.


U TO 100 N. MMNRO* ST.


%MWsa AUt 41'tPO.

P64rcs ?A

SN M Mown" a

SEdwards. Son & Co..

City Market,

Stalls Nos. 5 and 8.
PHONE NO. 169.
Keep in stock at all times,
all kinds of Fresh Meats,
Vegetables, Chickens, Eggs.

B. C.


Mc~sh~~ dmaami~ a m.

day at Vsa. A. D. IIUL M .TAM
to". ofMev, J. Mumbm Jmm1.MU-L .


or visit our stalls in the
see J. D. Cay when you wiah to buy
a nice home or anmy kind of vehicle. He
will give you the best at the eesest
prices. 1-tt
F. M. Brumby will save you mosy
In new and seed haad Fnmiture. t.
See Jobs Colins for Job Primtimq.


(p.Volgaepsmft of)


If you wish the very best
Roo= 2- and cleanest the market af-
WILLIAMS, fords call us by phone, 169,

_~ __

- - - - - -

- -


Next Monday, July



Where and When

You Get

Un -heard






LOCAL AND PERSONAL. Moonlight Picnic to Dog Island. Ire florida Lie Stock Insurance Association
On Monday night, July 2d, the G. F.
Mr. Abram McDougall made a busi- & R. R will operate an excursion to Madison, florida.
ness trip to Qaincy Thursday Dog Island via Carrabelle and steamer
Mr. I G. Alford spent Sunday at his Crescent City. Train will leave Quincy Is the only Live Stock Insurance Co,
home in Lloyd. at 2:30 p rM., arrive Carrabelle 5:5.. in the State that guarantees the face
Best Cabinet Photographs in Talla- Return, leave Carrabelle at 10 p. m value of its policies inco.ntesible from
hassee, $2.5Ca et per dozen. in-2t arrive Quincy a m. date of issue except for fraud,
Trip will include short sail down the Bond and principle thet are absolute-
For Fresh Groceries, 'phone W. T. bay after leaving the island ly safe and sound, and in the reach of
Damon. 'Phone No. 19,. 35-tf Bring your lunch baskets and hiathing every owner of Live Stock. avail your-
We notice that Governor Broward is suits self of this opportunity to insure your
home again. Round trip tickets will be sold for the Live Stock which is the Ibest asset you
Mr. W Nored. of Pensacola, was at occasion at $2.0t1 per capital have when your living dtp.'ndsun them
t Nham Tred If your annimal dies, an( your claim isI
the Bloxham Tuesay. There is no kick against an ice trust a just one, the company will mail you
When you have Plumbing to do see in this city that we know of, and our its check for face value of your policy
Phillips & Simpson. 14-tf people can make themselves satisfied imrneadiately upon proof of" death un-)
Hon and Mrs W. V. Knott returned with what they have to pay for ice. but der the by-laws our claim isguarnteed.
fsom Panacea Springs Saturday. we do hear lots of complaint, every day. EDWIN F DL'KE, AGT.
Mr. Robert Bradford and family went about the delivery of it--many claiming Tallahassee, Fla. Office Capital City
to St. Teresa today to spend the sum- they cannot secure ice until in theater. Hotel. Room No. 14.
mer. non, while others say it is always along ---- --.--..-
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer; Devoe. towards the dinner hour. It may be Ancient Rome.
Best Cabinet Photographs in Talla- our ice men cannot afford, for the Tal- is now merely a memory of the past.
sado a 1-2t lahassee patronage, to put on more Ballard's Snow Liniment is the family
hassee, $2.50 per dozen 8-2t teams, and in that case, of course, some liniment of the twentieth century. A
Mrs Jeff Ferrell and daughters are just have to wait until the ice wagon positive cure for rheumatism, burns,
visiting relatives in Wakulla county this comes around to them. The company cuts, sprains, neuralgia, etc Mr. C(
week. might help matters, though, it seems to H. Runyon, Stanberry, Mo., writes: "I
Mr. Bradford Byrd went to St. Te- us, by establishing sales houses in sev- have used Snow Liniment for rheuma-
resa Friday for a day or two. eral parts of the city, so that those who tism and all pain. I can't say enough
A large crowd of outing seekers went cannot get early delivery by wagon in its praise" Sold by all druggists. *
to Lanark Saturday night, returning might send to one of such stations and .. -
Monday morning, secure their ice City water does not On June 2i6. near the depot in this
Mrs Welch an daughter, who havego well without ice in summer time, city, one Alexander Bradley, an old,
beMrs Welch guests oa dugf M ers. T M Shackle- and an increased consumption might brute negro, in a car of a working gang"
forbeen, have guestsrned home to Jackson- ay this extra cost to the company of which he was cook, committed a das-
ville. r e it. tardlv outrage upon a small colored girl
Miss Platt, one of Jacksonville's Panacea Springs is enjoying a nice 6 or years of age, whom lhe had en-
trained nurse, is in the city, caring for season, the hotels and cottages being tied to te car. An alarm was given
Mr Lee, who is ver ll with typhod filled with one of the st pleas ated many negroes who learned of it
fever, ant lot of visitorsit was ever our pleas- ated, many negros who learned hfTf t
feverl.eHtihtr!W n re toeetthere. everyone sevng timaking threats to lynch him Th. girl's
Mr Lee Hart field returned Wednes- rvie to meet there, everyone seeming to mother. Martha Moore. swore out a
day to the city from Sycamore. Fla .vie with.Jut J B.e htit i nian iHpn.e warrant for t-he scoundrel u arrer. but
where he has been .as!.iting in a pro- and Mrs W. V. Knott havin just re ifFarrit oer huld he old rved leputv sn her
traced meeting. turned from there a few iys ago. io ff Farrier had then hli w rdpr date in hi s
Misse% Williams and Beckwith, of leaves down there of the Tallahassee. elutchts, andJ h was hig, .a fel'Nh : i
Jacksonville, who have been the popu- ans Mrs. RIt. H Gamble,. the Misses (i- jail Justice John C'raig .oundl h:m '
lar guest. of Mrs. T G. Rawls. re- rard, Hon. G. E. McGriff Mr. and Mr-. over to the circuit court, and now l.en
turned home Monday Ferd Ilenrv, and Miss Farrier Mr Ira county may have another legal hanurng
Don't tak. our word f,,r it, but come Sanborn, wife and daughter. of C'ai ra- sometime an the not distant future.
and see for yourself, and you will admit belle, and a goodly number of Georgi- If you knew the value of I hamlir-
that we are leaders of lo-w prices. ans and a sprinkling of Floridians from lain's Salve you would never wi.h to be
Tallahassee Mercantile Co. other points; Gadsden'spopular sheriff, without it. Here are some ,f ofhe di(s-
WANTED-Furnishtd apartments, or wife andt daughter, and a ftw friimfar- eases for which it is especially valuable:
two or three furnished rooms arranged ther up the country. Sunday night all ;,,re nipples. chapped hands, ,urn.,
for light house-keeping, having gas enjovyd rnce services ih the pJavi,,:, frost whites. chililaIins. 'hronic w.ort evey..
range or where same can hbt installed all on1ng in singing many' oli-tiie itching piles, tet.ti. salt rheunm arrd
Good location a neitit. Addre "sngs arii hymnr. with o le readmirg eczema 'rie t. iti per btox. For
Box 5o, Citv. 17T-t and talks on the subject electedl. which sile ty all *
The True I)D ni< ,crat had a pleasant w an tritertn furtin
visit fro Dr J. M Carn this morning. Mr. W. S McGiyrt a,id fanmiy have %ill Cure Consumption.
visit fbroe. M ag ts mr ni r'turnf.d to Tallaha.ce after a very A. A. Hi-rren. Fitch. Ark.. wiit -
Mr. Albert Shine has acct'epted a po. pleasat sviit to West Fiordcl. **Folev's Honeyo .In l ar is the t It
sition with Gilnmore & Davis ( a where visit o West fiorida. n. preparation for'e anhs- cold a ,sd l.-(
he is learning the pluniher's trade. H o1n A. S. W ells has tir.i!-h +, t/,e 'ion- preti.ration fir ',', i hs, cuolds atihd 1 Wigr
he s learnmgthe plum er s trade tract he s working on in .
M. James W\\ilhams was called sud- a and returned hnome. "sumption in tli- tiret tages. onu
denly away Thursday p. m., hert ni+s
inot r a ary Tserioursly p. llm., her y Citizens of T'allaha-see. it I rumored never heard of an v one u-ini: F, v''-
Snoter r. i htte ren qu H t f i niIt wth nev and Tar an nit i :, :-. ,i.
friends syml .t -I.ze ;Y ,v v,:?h h1 4. trAj-kl llre %I -itt h sol- -v all t ( ifll ,.
frie s F r e T Mr. i a ". t w to askiria for a w!t and orv e4ec- foi all di ol; n 1
Mrs Fredi T Mvy r- ar.,i l ia.t ;* "t:, rn i, I<.ton county The time to tbei Automobile.
M rs. E z,+ne P' ,rK>ir,^ I. :,' h ,!, a re ,.,- ,h .t t, k ep 1;,, ,,.-: e ,Ir rn ,.r I N i
cupyM ng th U'. r trdI. 't ea 1 k:, ,. No thesumn S.:tr r-i ', ;,rd show that te better 'itizi. ayv of the hr-.I s wagn 1 juray
them as often as he can h l 'ave ~ aw n ut t rt r r re .-venirg H i ..-hli ta.e, lI wn
offiW"', ai' v against finances. It would tle a Munri, etrc.' at a 2 ,o goit adiiLus V
Rev A. I. Woodward is in th, c;t% ,,,gra'(. to have tarnon Vl voted it r- av iimg, with i. ,'s:, ig vel,,.t. the
visiting rehtTives- : n< hji: many, Tall.i- 1,11 1 % your capital Let's Lt th.i.n wi avy r ig arms m ;1r ,,1 4 t*kl,'- s hi, tf
hassee friendly. He dr(,ve up tr.rItuL.h ..i,,l ,1id tigers" with such a v,. w,,u" l-he i.ero'.- itil he canI to th.
the country i:, a rthuggy anrd ma(ne the ,t..t tirlymayvbee the ,greatest and h)est watering trough, wi. r" he bugyv and hoim ,- a resent to Mrs. F .-v.,tin .rt t is against them, and \w i l halt t1 imili'O,. it,. aqua l aula. I h,
P Wiodward, so that she might bI pr(o- tI, able to keep rid of t.iarroonM ail river calpturd 0 Irn th7lt v
vided with means to go and come from "hiir d tigers." Stenorapby.
the farm, n"t being strong enough t rof t W. Vhn Brnt. a ioted e du. t i t nogra .
get out much since her serioutii an pror- e t h i PIi Iaties (Ie ii in ST rio IIf,.ii. .rA k
tracted i ne M r Woodward ha i c.- r (i t he state, and for three vear.. I done can lie acc.iiirnidated Iv ,.;viyiL
treated il!ness! Mr W oodward has al-rirxlc al of the Starke High .ihool ot necM s (oaTS. tilth.c= at ( .pir &
ways een as a loving father to hi r o the rSt e ih cod, to ( STA. tice Mt (ir:i &
S ahe ri-rted, will rengae in mercantile he.
daughter-in-law, ard she anti hers a,- t ViC.s in hTallhaAioe st'enacola.
ngtn d go, kinhfields May h- live trat an,,rher flower ut !h.e flock cof her phoneo No. o i,. 'ht,lips & SFmi,-.1. 14
l'ng todo ,l inhis field wiacrs. 1. ome Wnoe buy anvo.hni' add ell ev.srdtheoo.
17 py,undi Sugar for $l.on at tia( k i-rne to engag- i1 it ,Ines-. Th e he sur. an i- s..forel yv u i ohr
Tallahoasee Mercsarnt!i- ( i w.',rs a welcome awaiting the i+- m ers rat whforat it s.
Mr C" M Strange,. f th-. Tall.ih-- turn hi, pee Wholepile GrKocery ('omtanv, went li.h,.:d Van Brunit. .
to Monticello and retu'lrned Mo, (Lay.. qc- The Madison New Enterprise ti' June Notice for Publication.
companies tby his excellent wife nd s,' b.,.va *The elegant home o: Mr.s. pIp'i:R.TMr- I TIN INT.KI" Iki
two children. As Poon a, their furni- 'A. Fraleigh was the wcene of a brsd- T LANI' (< ,A T ',AI-VII.AI... Fi
ture chn be paced into it they will ,c i' ,.nt function on Wednesday afternoon Jul e-. I,*'..
cupythe beautiful and comnfortatide new in honor of Mrs Cobbt of Tallahas'ee. s tht f,';-
cottage recently completed by Childi Mrs. Mitchell of Jacksonvilie and Mi.t" no kwk io sl t in mi,'ilo hrclim iuria i ht
Bros. for themselves on North Munro Bessie Pattersonof Pennacola. Besid street Mr. and Mrs. S8trang are valu- these, ad the hostess, Mra. P. S. 'og. *, mkmr Iat LtTlah.q.F-':-.
-ealth.theillsips 'M s.pP.nS.14,t- .-1d.lll a I & .IL--A
able acquisitions to Tallahaa-ee, and we gins also received the guest. in their vii.i, a. Hd. 5,0 fIR tRW SW' of sw,, ,,t
commend them to our people Let'I most' gnrcious manner About one S.tin '. T",. 2 5 H z2 K.
make them feel so much at home that hundred invitatiot were isued. The H. nle3 tIoS1.^ to It,5ve h'
& they will always wish to reside in Tal- large parlous and the reception hall. ithi- Sl lIE ie,,. utsue a eutltt ,,t
Lbaaase. eluding the dining room, were thrown $.M.'1% .A MI PNrPeA. r,. Godwin. William
Sanitary Plumbing insure rood open and were most artistially decor- I *" y Womd'I. r W. [. Jo. Itf .
bhalth. S Phillips Simplon. 14-if ated." I 'IMW.

From Jefferson county to Africa is a
far cry. Mr W. M. Girardeau shipped
(in Wednesday an order of five bushels
of beggarweed seed for the Soudan.
They went by express to New York and
thence to Alexandria, Egypt, and utip
the Nile to the Souday His melon and
beggarweed seed are considerably
planted in South Africa also, and he
as some interesting testimonials from
the dark continent. Monticello News.
For Rent.
A comfortable .-room cottage, with
kitchen and bath room. within 5 h blocks
of Leon Hotel. Rent $16.0MI per month.
Apply to
W. 0. W.
A watermelon cutting will be given at
the camp the second Thursday night in
July. All choppers are requested to be
there and enjoy the melon cutting

Woodville News Items.
Everybody here is busy finishing up
A jolly party enjoyed a pleasant trip'
to the coast last week. After an out-
ing of four days they returned, report-
ing a good time. The members of the
party were as follows: Messrs. P 1
Lewis, K Howard, Jacob Miller. T P.
Lewis, J S. Revells. T. I. Page. Geo.
Horton; and Misses Nellie Hall. Nettie
McDaniel. Clyde Cooper, Ella Lewis,
Jessie Lewis, Clara Page. Ruth Page,
Gladys Williamson. and Mrs s 1. L
Messrs. It. L Rhodes. W Hoi tor ani
H. G Lewis made a flying trip to the
Caiital (ity Thursday.
Mr. C. A ('u!bei son recently l]ft our
town to accept a )osit ion as sawyer at
a mill in North 'arolina. We regret
his departure, but wish him success in
his novel surroundings
Every oine is making ready for the
W. (. V'. picnic here on the Fourth.
Ther- will he a hall game on the after-
noon of th-, 3r'rd between the Crawford-
ville and Woodville boys. and one on the
4th between Ashmore and Woodville.
EveryKbody is invited to attend.
See John Collins for Job Printing.
m1- _1--1---- -- -11

How to Breal Up a Cold.
It may be a surprise to many to learn
that a severe cold can be completely
broken up in one or two days time.
The first symptoms of a cold are a dry,
loud cough, a profuse watery discharge
from the nose, and a thin, white coating
on the tongue. When Chamberlain'
Cough Remedy is taken every hour on
the first appearance of these symptoms,
it counteracts the effect of the cold and
restores the symptom to a healthy con-
dlition within a day or two. For sale by
all druggists *
Phillips & Simpson's Plumbing Shop
and Show Room opposite city market.
All telephone subscribers to Tallahaa-
see Exchange will have the privilegeof
holding conversation with Miss Bettle
Bradford, Mr T. H Hall, Mr. W. H.
Lester and Dr S. R. Radford without
additional charge. Non-.subscriberswill
be charged the regular toll rate.
W. L. Moou, Manager.
See display advertisement of Messrs.
Tully, Yaeger & Co. in another column,
offering live stock, rolling stock, brick
tiling, etc for sale
Many Tallahasseeans expect a fine
time next Monday evening on the ex-
cursion to Dog Island.
Mr Geo. W. Tully was among his
Tallahai.-ee friends again Wednesday
and was looking at rol-stock at Mr. J.
D. Cay's, and the same day Mr. Cay
Was ,rrl)>trinr to ship a nice buggy to
Mr R,,iertl at Sopchoppy.
If you are tired and need rest and
recreation, just run down to pleasant
Panacea for a few days Our word for
it. Mrs. Morgan and Mr. Tricewill make
it so pleasant for you that you will hate
to leive
There will be another pleasant gath-
erir.n at Lanark Inn next Saturday
night. A good hand has been secured
and the young people will enjoy dancing.
The True Democrat is indebted to
Mr. W. L, Blake for a large basketful
of green corn, fine Irish potatoes and
beets. a trent our whole family enjoyed
very niuch





I represent the best
Life Insurance Co. doing
business in Florida.
All forms of policies.
with exceptional options.

no medical examination
required, children of any
age are eligible. Cash
Loan in two years.

Total and Permanent Disability,
Policies containing this
option stand paid up up-
on receipt of evidence af-
ter one year.
Other Policies with at-
tractive features.

IRA SANBORN. District Agt., Carrabelle, Fla.
Soliciting Agents Wanted.



II _

L I I ~1

_i_ _I

4t -

---- --- -I- - -~....--_'

----'-----~1T__1~. _.._. I_.. ~-- :I-~_~1.1. .. ~. ------- --- ---~----~~~ ---I~~- :---- --- ~:-r

316 CoLLux. Psbllbher.

There are Few
people who know how to take care of
themaelves-the majority do not. The
liver is a most Important organ in the
body. Herbine will keep it in condition.
V. C impkins, Alba, Texas, writes:

"OG VERNO" AIR1S. "I have used Herblue for chills and ie-
ver and find it the best medicine I ever
Editor Harris, of the Ocala Banner, used. I would not be without it It is
has done his best to discourage his gu. as good for children as it is for grown-
bernatorial boom, but it refuses to keep up people, and I recommend it. It is
lu et. His friends put him in the lime fine for La Grippe." Sold by all drug-
Cht now and then and if an "Old gt. -
lighbor" in the Tampa Tribune can
have his way, it will be Governor Har- Charch Netke*.
ris next time, sure. Stranger things Trinity M. E. Church. South, W. M.
have happened, and very much worse Poage, Pastor. Services Sunday at 11
things might happen. There was Bill a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Junior Ep-
Jelks, over in Alabama, who operated worth LeAgue, 3.00p m. Senior Ep-
and edited a country paper all hias life- worth League, 4., p. m. All members
but he did that well, jfut as Bro. Harris requested to attend The public and
does-and now he's one of toe best strangers specially invited to worship
Governors Alabama ever had. And with us.
there are others Live Oak Democrat. St. John' Epimco pal Church, Rev
Yen, and there was McHweeny, over I Dr. W. H Carter, Rector -Services:
in South Carolina, who ran the whole Sundays and Holy Days, hly commun-
gaunt of newspaper work from office ion 7 o'clock a m. Sunday, 11 a. m.
oy to owner of a country paper, and and 7 30i m. Friday, A p.m St. Mi-
who made an excellent Governor A chael's (elored). Services: Sundays,
good editor is fit for almost any posi- 4 p m Fridays, 4.30 p. m.
ion. artow (,ourierlnformant. Christian Science Services are held
Hlion. Frank Harris will fill the bill, every Sunday at 11 o'clock a. m., in the
and we are sure no mistake would be front room, second story, of the build-
made by placing the reins of govern- irg east of the po office. This room is
sent in his hand. lie im a man, made also used as aChristian Science reading
room, and is open daily except Sundays,
of the right stuff, anyhow, whether between the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock
we make a Governor out of him or not. a. m All are cordially invited.
Mr and Mrs. (George I'erkins are A Texas Wonder.
giving a house party this week to some 'T here'm a Hill at Bowie, Tex that's
of Tallahassee's Irettient and most twice as big as last year. This wonder
charming young ladies, viz Misses ii W. I,. HI I, who from a weight of WmJ
Kate Moor, Clifton lyrd, Eunice Hawlk, pounds has grown to over 1 0. He says:
lucile -Saxon, iers he Meginnisn and "I suffered with a terrible cough, and
Fannie Coles. They went to Lanark, doctors gave me up to die of consump-
there embarking on the Lizzie, of Apa- tion. I was reduced to ) pounds, when
lachicola, for St Teresa, where they I began taking Dr King's New Discov-
will remain for a week or two, return- cry for Consumption, Coughs and Colds
ing via St. Marks, Now, after taking 12 bottles, I have
Best Cabi,t hotogra s i Talla- more than doubled in weight and am
Best Cabi hannee, $2.6r per dozen 1-.2t and cold cure. Guaranteed by all drug-
Mr. Sam Teague, of, ALalachicola. gists. 50c and $1 i0. Trial bottle free *
was in the city Tuesday. \ -- -- -- -
Mr G 1. S. Watt., ro.lre4,srtinrg the R M iL
Cable Piano Company, was in town (n VUMA
Tuesday. a *kj Id aod SBladde ight


FOR --

- NEW YORK. - -


THE SEABOARD FI4ORIDA LIMITED is a solid vestibule,
train, composed exclusively of New Pullman Equipment; Dining'
Car. Double Drawingromnn Sleepers, Stateroom and Observation
Cars, operated between St. Augustine and Jacksonville to New
York. via Washington,. leaving St. Augustine 12:10 p. m. and Jack-
sonville 1:210 p. m. daily including Sundays.


Daily Through Sleepers from Jacksonville
to New Orleans.

Prices For Buttersaes.
Butterfly collectors are seldom able
to estimate with any confidence the
value of their collections, since the
prices for specimen so constantly va-
ry. A case In point In that of the blue
butterfly of Brazil, specimens of which
were originally sold for from $50 to
$75. Afterward some collectors who
supplied the London market ran Into a
perfect swarm of these butterflies and
shipped to England such quantities
that better specimens than the original
Insects sold for $1 each. It not infre-
quPa.tly happens that two or three
specimens of a certain family are dis.-
covered by collectors, who, encouraged
by the high price received for their
fnda, are tempted, to prosecute their
search for this particular variety with-
out result for spverni veyoun. Snddnuly

they or m other collector oa the
tnsects grown plentiful and the cher-
tabed varettes of the cabinet beeoas
among the eommoaset Ispeema -Ch-
cago Poet.

A W'emedertl Pfedla.
The great Roddhist shrine, the
gbway DaM at Rangun. Is no ten.
pie, bt a meat pagoda, risla from Its
platform to a Ieght of M feet and
all completely covered with gold leaf.
This platform, with a permetes of
nearly 1,400 feat, Is the place of wor-
ablp. The pagoda Itself bas no Interior.
It is a solid etupa of brick raised over
a relic chamber. A cutting made Into
Its center baa revealed the fact that
the original pagoda bad seven casings
added to it before It attained its pres-
ent proportions. The shape of the pa-
goda is that of an elongated cone. It is
divided by Burmese convention into
twelve parts: Pirst. the base surround-
od by a great number of small pago-
das; then the three terraces. called
Pichayas; next the Bell; the inverted
Thabeik, or begging bowl; the Baung-
ylt or twisted turban; the Kyalan or
ornamental lotus flower; the Plantain
Bud; the brass plate for the Htl or
umbrella; the Iltl; the Hein bwin or ar-
tificlal dowers; the value, and, last of
all, the Belnbu or bud of diamonds.-
"The RSlken East." by V. C. Scott,


I- Ir




And Dealer* b


doorss Sash and Blinds, Lime, Cement and Plaster. Our experience of 35 years in the Building
Business, (ten years in the north and twenty-five years in the south) enable us to guarantee,
and perform all that is required of us in this line. We also make a specialty of



and as this is a part of the Building Business we are in a position to furnish the latest improved
sanitary goods, and have them installed by thoroughly competent workmen and according to the
rules laid down by the city. We solicit your business.

Print and Prosper!

For full information and sleeper reservations call ,on
Seaboard Agent or write

A. Ait' l G )NiK. l.,-tg-i go

.1 A( 'lS( )% \VJI LAX


C.4. lW'YI.S'loN, JR.
I '.-.-.r~'' Agfit.
F"L( )IPlL)A.

Live Oak, Perry & (Gulf Railroad
SC I I l i I I I V I'; A I'1 II . 1 J '. ;'."

l~ 'b'

1 i II '1 N -

N .4, N ,.

4 0.
I '.I-

6 IA
f. 301

6 *1 Ar


a I
4 2'
4 2.
4 4'
4 5.
~l 12'
'. 2.'
r, ~.
eq :I.

Fri and I'awawns'er. l'aan'frpr
No. 7 No.5 v No. ItI
l)M~ly g.g. Mfly on.em.1uuoay
Itunda,. sunday. l"nly.
AM. N P.M'. P.MN
L19 SOWiLv 4 iLv KAt0

Au t0 leAr & 414Ar 9 W


Su t'.. 1


liveIPark A' I t A I

I to). .

IA, AN) AIV.__v

4 4 1 .%
W At


% ~I'A

'4 1'
.4 I

* 14'
* 12
- 0"
* (N,
. (4~
'- (Ni
7 44
7 V.
7 fl*

!F-mt and lamw'nwor Pan' kgir
9 1ATIONS. No. No 10 No. 14
Sudy.' Sunday 'n~
A. M P. M. ~AA. M.
1h'wilne Park Ar 0 S19At ms64
..Clark e a~
~ V~~2 41

a suir .toO.p.
VT w"ubut"3. LP. MW W GemW ul pinsALeet.

See John 0. Collins About Your Job Printing!

Everything New and Up-to-date In Machinery and Type, the Best
Orades In Paper and Card Stock, and the Best Inks, with Men who
Know How to Use Them. These essentials assures the Best results.
Try us.
All Work promptly done when promised. We never disappoint you,


The new Laxative R f f Cures
that doe.- .ot gripe S I1 U Stomach and Liver
)r nauicatc. Ltie Fr t Sy trouble and
l~lasanttotale. Laxative Frflvit 3yrL Chror.i.c Constipation.

Economy Fence I W rI '
IfyitendtomdFene Cream Vermifuge
inmr it will l i v You t, o tI'v

me lefh-re ureasi 9.

I an (Gentral Agent for
the sale of the Economy
Fence, and know it to be
the very

BEST and

Can be built for les than
15 cents a Rod.

William Roberts,
4-tf CeMtrevile. - Florida.




Jeff. D. Ferrell,


General Repair Shop.
Horse Shoeing by an ex-
pert who has had years
of experience. .

"s4ows0~"9 6mv in. e A "ton of the Pakito
BallardSmew Lu.msmt Coe* ~ P& ..- s litked
PT And t"acuem jwami,

-mt befor l yerpw SFoeutAksmey. bw prim as 3.J.


A M 11


Ar lo Io As-


Spider have been observed in Ma-
dras which live In a sponge-like neat of
branching network, penetrated Inter-
nally by canals of communication and
furnished with a number of external
apertures. The nests, which may be at-
tached either to the tips of branches or
to leaves of the prickly pear, are ashy
gray in color and constructed of leaves,
with an external covering of the usual
sticky threads. The spiders are similar
In color to their nests. Their Incon-
spcluous, sheet-like webe radiate In all
directions, and as many as fire or six
nests, connected by Intermediate webs,
may Ie found on a single plant. "The
connecting webs., which are very
strong, often form tubular bridges be-
tween the nests. From forty to a hun-
ilreil splilerm may be found In a single
nst., anl males and females Inhabit
their anie neit In the proportion of
about seven to one.

How the Bulldoe Was Evolved.
In the north hall of the British Nat-
ural History museum skulls of domes-
ticated dogs are arranged which Illus-
trate the evolution of the modern bull-
dog from a breed which, according to
old picture., was more of the mastiff
type. Hull butting was a common sport
in the thirteenth century, and there
is a later record which draws a dis-
tinction between bulldogs and mastiffs.
Low, in his "Domesticated Animals of
the British Islands," points out that it
is essential that a dog which makes a
frontal attack on a bull should be both
underhung and short legged, that It
may get a firm grip of its antagonist
and avoid its horns. We may therefore
be sure that, as the bulldog was gradu.
ally evolved from the mastiff, these
points were held to be of prime Im-

Dewmned the CeemeL
Dmperer William L ot Gormany wa
a strclt dlscip- arlan. One day durtag
the maemvers of the anry a caValry
regiment charged at a strongly Sla
trenched sand membaMtwI vtlu of r
which the gaadem walls were laed
with marksmae. "Look, look" s
claimed the Ruselan rpseemOntatlv
"That regiment Is lost" "No," was tle
emperor's calm reply, "this realment
Isn't, but the colonel certalaWy Is." And,
sure enough, at the cloee of the mane-
vers be was placed on the retired list
Two Kiads of oye.
"My son got brain fever from study-
Ing too bard," said one mother to an-
other, trying to repress a thrill of Intel-
lectual pride.
"That's bad, but my boy broke his
leg and two ribs in hi first game
of football," replied the other,
with motherly gratlifcation.-Baltimore
Thiakiag of the Cook.
Jones-What makes you think Snubbe
Is absentminded? Freyer-We went In-
to an auction store yesterday. The
auctioneer was shouting, "Going, go-
Ing!" and Snubbs shouts: "Please don't
go! I will give you $5 a month more
and hare a girl to help you with the
Advtoe to Yoeng Mon.
If the average young man would read
the want ads. as closely as the baseball
news he would find that he had as
many "chances" as a first baseman.-
Erie (Pa.) Times.
Duke McGluke Why do you call
your dog Feathers? Count Noaccount
-Because I dislike to call him down.

Don't express a positive opinion un-
less you perfectly understand what
you are talking about



(fricoi t-t atoed.)

I Li fUd-'s what W 4 b4 drained-Of all the Land.and Cash held in trust by the Internal Improvement Board JM

TH TMUl DAMOCRAT. anu-sege.. irs.*Tr.
a&* At nins o'clock yest morning Mr. Vn Mrs. Gelorge B. Pe
_J3_ IihI' Mr. Eutn Hi ill Plid to Mi Thrday for St. Tere t
kt. Patbo girls to loyj; their hospi
mom L0u ISS I. Cars. W. Bach. of whom Miss Doug as have cheated "John the
was a guest. Owing to the fact that the boat for ten days and will cru
UTATi sN1AT3. contracting parties have no relatives in the coast, spending a day at D
District 1-Thoe. F. West. Milton. city, only a few most intimate friends and other places of intere
8-John S. Bearla. were present. A beautiful andtouchingo in the party are Mr. and Mr
'john Noel, Westville. feature of the ceremony was the soft B Perkinsm, Emmie F. Perkin
-Theop. Wet, MiriaMa. rendition of "O Promise Me" by Miss Fannie Cole., Besh Mginni
5-A. J.. Alford, Carrabell. Florenoe Bache during the solemn inter- Saxon, Emmie Rawhl. ate I
6-James E. Broome, Quincy. val required to perform the marriage Cliifton Bxyn ---
7-Park M. Trammel, Lakeland contract.
8--John W. Henderson, Tallahassee. Mr. Pichard, who is a native of Talla- A TlhousaId Dlli' Worth
9-W. K. Jaekson, Inverness. has., has been a resident of Live Oak "I have been afflicted wit
10-C. L. Legett, Greenville. for several years, and by his honesty and and bladder trouble for years
11-James E. Crane, Tampa. integrity won the admiration of the en- gravel or stones with exe
12-Al. Winburn, Mallory. tire populace of our city, having filled pain," says A. H. 'Thimes, a
13-F. M. Hudson, Miami.' everalpositions o(trust here, and now coal operator of Buffalo, 0.
14-F. P. Cone, Lake City. holds a lucrative position with the Live relief from medictia until I b
15-J. BCrews, Lake Butler. OakBank. Mr. Pichard, who is not only I ing Foley's KidneyCure, then
16-Thomas S. Davis, Fernandina a young man of capable business ability was surprising. A few dose
17-J. R. Newlan. Live Oak. enjoys the distinction of possessing the the brick-dust-like substance i
18-H. H. Buckman, Jacksonville. most manly morals of character. His have no pain across my kidn
19-Louis C. Massey, Orlando. bride is a young lady. who also. by a rei- feel like a new man. It has
20-D H. Baker, Orange Home. dence of about a year in Live *iak, has $,.000 worth of good." Foley
21-N. R. Carter, Levyville. endeared herself into the hearts of a Cure will cure every form of
22-W. M. Girardeau, Monticello. host of friends with whom she is very bladder disease. Sold by all
23-1I. N Withers, Ladylake. popular She is a yong lady of many
24-W. Hunt Harris, Key West. attainments aind p>',gesses a lovable di- Wmarehose Storage.
25-S. W. Clark Blountatown. position which is an assured fact of a I am now prepared to stir
26-E. S. Crill, Palatka. most happy unison, and we heartily con- clean and dry warehouse ahiV
27-Jos H. Humphreys, Bradentown. gratulate the fortunate groom upon win- goods, furniture or article oiet
28-Frank W. Sams. New Smyrna. niVn heart arid hand stored away for sate keeping.
29-E E. Canova, Sanderson. For the present Mr and Mr. Pichard R. A >
30-Frank Adams, Jasper, wil! board with Mr and Mrs, J .. ftf At Armory \\ .i
31-Lewis W. Zim. St. Augustine Fletcher at their home on \Va Buren - -
32--H. H. McCreary, Gainesville. street. They eXpect t(o leave on Ju:v If you want Hay. LCorn. (),
HOE (F E AIESlth for a few days visit to Tallai,asse,. kind of Feed Sturt. go it 1.
HOUSE OF REPRESENTATI\VES. the h,,me (of Mr Pichard, anti t'rn- Mercantile Co. They are hedi
Alachua-T. A Duke. Santa Fe; Syd there wiji go for a short tme to the -
L. Carter, Gainesville sea shore. -Live Oak Dlemocrat. For Sale!
Baker-L. C. Cobb. Olustee: -Le. A seven-year-old gentle 1
Bradford-E. S. Matthews, Starke; Prof. Clarh Goes to Quincy. huA eeyotl exceUent cor.diti
H. C. Peeples. Dukes. We regret to learn that 'Prof Asa B. seil cheap. Apply to
Brevard-Wade H. Jones, Titusviile. ('lark. who it was understood wouid ll-tf J. G Calhoun-- A Max W\ilon, Blounrts- ih;ae cl)arge of the Manatee (v'cunty
town high school as principal, wouid not re- Good Board!
Qitrus-J. W. Knight, Floral City turn to( us. but go to Q'uiniic.. i thii Se-veral lai'artiers can get goo
lav-J. B. Long, Green Cove Slprins' State. under the pre-xure of a higher imoations with niivaltea itail\
4iolumbia-M S. Knight, Lake City: salary. i)ur board, we understand. this othfe. or address P 13 B.
H.AL. Avant, Fort White were under the impression,asinl. ounces, -- -- -
Bade-John W. Watson. Miami. that they had met all the conditions totr To Rent!
geSoto-W. H. Hooker, Arcadia making a contract for another Year. A comfortable 5-room house
Puval-I L. Farris and S. H. Mel- But a Ietter from him dated Tallahas- Apply to Mrs R. McDougal,. "
ton, Jacksonville see. June 6. inform us that he has ac- Boulevard.
iscambia-Chas. M. Coston, Pensa- ceptedl the Quincv offer
cola; M 0. Baggett, McDavid. Our board, however have ample time Plumbing, Pluabiang Plim
oranklinm-J. P' C. Griggs, Apalacihl- t'secure another prineipiak rnd.; fort- Watr;, Jceiig1 ftrii
co. unately, there is good material from 14-tf PHILLIPS & Sl
Gadsden -J. H Willis. Quincy; W. L. which to make a selection. But. as the
TNvlor. Branchville. I. tter las supposed to be closed, the For lent.
amilton-John Br lshaw, Jennir.s; jard a isaoie L .f Register, Jasp0 : Jr, [ en.- 3- ded .eerald. A pily to MiCo M CI
Hernando-C S. Wilson,Brookille. I --- ,-.. eto
Hillsboro-W. W. K. Decker, Tampa;i Certainly 'the flgisla~tre tried to ottages-tb rent. Phone No.
John R. Dudley, Plant City. grant the land of the 'Evergladas to a -- ... -.
Holmes-D J. Paul, Bonifay. railroad, whether it succeeded in doing Two good things-your mone
J -kon.-d. Wiliams, Graceville; so or not. Is it not somewhat unusual, goods Let's exchange.
H.-el- R6 i t0'. i .- for antbe &Atte authority to at. % 14-
Jgffhi3~.'^ Csime, Mootil; i ck Ow validity of-thisaact? If the prip--
j 'm.I pan HLlnda. cipal is repdonhibr tf r the'Wats of his -Warranty Deeds, legal forn
tte-ar, Mayo. m Pim IFmd the State weAfig agai- Democrat Office.
I irkland, Altoon. 8. F. not itilfr7 The Internal Improvement ,------ -
b.-Laaurg. Board as just now constituted is surely jl.QAi.Chickens and f00 busby
"-.F. J. WTlson, Buckingham. like man himself in that ft is fearfully wanted by July lSt,- Lr-
Leon-A. S Wells and Gilbert Harts- and wonderfully made.--Times Union. Tallahassee Mercant
fidid, Tallahassee.
Lev J. N Willis, Williston Best Cabinet Photographs in Talla- Change la Livery Pric<
Liberty -Sidney D. Johnson, Bristol hassee, $2.5. per dozen l,-2t Beginning on the first day
Madison--R. H Rowe, Madison; R .19 ., prices will be increased fc
L. Millinor. Ellaville. See Collin. for your Job Printing. owing to advance prices in fe
v)natee-John A Grahamn,-4raden- and everything in our line. as 1
ae Ad nson Pond Items. cents perday per horse, fui
Marion-E. L. Wartman, Citra; Geo. $1 per day for double tean
G. Matthews, (cala. Munson Pond, June. -'. Mr. (,,o J. P. HoIte
Munroe-C. L. Knowles and W ti Levy was in town one daty ths week andi l16-lm JOSEPH L)('N<
Malone, JrKev West rel)ort< his crop otf telor, a;ndl corn in
Nassau-.'. A. Ogi'vie, Callahan; Jas. ine cnlition. Subscribe for The True Dem
E, Clkintv Fernandina. Mr Isaac Alligooi, was in town Mon- .f. -.T
Ordnge-G. W. Crawford, Conway; day with melons..
B. C. Abernethv, Orlando. Mr. P. L. boatwrinht was in town this
Dsoeola-A I Donegan, Kissimmee. week and reo rts hog and homrniny all-
gco-R. J McCutcheon, Dade City. right on hi" farm.
olk -%W J.Durrance.rFort Mead; H. 1 ose Mie,,y. of Mun,,n P,,n,
W. iSnell, Winterhaven. ha- ,ild his ix miles pond pos-ession to
Pu'anam-H. A McKenzie and W. A. a twii, man f(or tl-+Lun, o: $4,0. IHur-
Rusill. Palatka rI'M"tor Mr-Joe.
S ta Rosa J H. H arvell. Bagdad; Mr. ,Je'.s., A ,.n s tne
A. J Peaden.l'(ak (;rove. .;r,,- i M*r I J. AtK in-n | ,, :.r. .1114,B-
St. J ,ohns--('. J. PIuP,,?,t. Matanza;.- .hi ha- ,orne ianw : rented.
W A M.cW iliian.-, St At.i tinie. L l* 't h ~r ,-.uni t; iv .*r..
St. Lucie <..i .l- i ,.n tead. Ft. ,- . t ' T .
ir c'. W -., ( .; 1K '..i.d ,.:. '

S u ,,,,. .. > .. \ . .1 '- ,,. ., ,
h ,l, u W m > : I ,l^ ,t !- r, . 1*'t .t n t '..i , 1 G- f

.al' ', H l';K lf ar -n -, r ';,'.n 2,-
W a .. H W ,L :,,,'. . I .' ,. t..' ,:,ll, I ' ,, ', ,ry
Oliver .; r t t i ; . v ..
N ,- r .e . ., l . , , , ,o l ., ,,t, , ,-:O urlr i e r s 'l. ', I I I .,I I Y[ l

lbh U ,.- u.:,n., ,pce.d ani ;. .,' '. i fW. ', Live and Rollin
k n h, 'f r ,* ". '. .i 4 .% 1 1 I. I I, I .: i I; ." I.I, ". I I ,,I .
t h F .I e :, i .I I - t # I !v l' k m a r M .1 1 I '.!, I . ". ,., ,r" iS t. .
('r.,t -ei ,,1cft4at- ri-. yI v i i I t1 N f 4 .1. It S I TI* IU a.r '
d au>ht f W (4n M i and N \ M I(t,. I' ,i iA'V ani .
-' %.'* i i I,.' a *r. ir a,' ;cnl oi' tn, t"h V- t'*
t' e ',.r no) n i-; n a l.'.v'' o f th'I I.' ', M fun (in l',,ndi n Ju!v. t Ihe
(Capital City Light and Ful fo o an .: .I at. ilnv;t dttiattend. (' i,.' BUGGIES $35.00 and up
r i n m - ,.r- a l 'ringrr' rr or box
l.romi._ vun- o thing and le. 4 have a god WAGONS $30.00and up
Mr Eu'2,ne M. Davis left Thur',,d
aft,.rnon for Poughkeepsie. N 'i .IIAlso Brick Stone and Tile
where he will take a .ix months' nisS cotJlt'I ,, -'tvvur child suffer with that
-- ----.. cag h n you can cure it with ial- for Building and Paving.
Loag Tenaessee Fight. i!:-,i'- Iirehound Syrup,. a sure cure
For twenty years W. L. Rawls. ,f tr cou hs. bronnitisr intiuenza. croui.. PHONE 15. I. (). BOX 3u..
Bells, Tenn.. fought nasal catarrh. ,. an tr uonary di*ases Buy lleee Fla.
*writes: "The swelling and soreness in- and try it. Laughter hasee, a.
side my nose was fearful, till I began 1ites: "I daughter, halia, Missh
applying Btcklen's Arnica Salve to the writes: I have two chien who had
sore surface: thisa caused the soreness croup I tried mpanydifferent remedies,

? vm9 Long's Grove Addition; Separate kitch-
A ood rehabe man wted. Good en, good porches. Afine well water, ta-
posit and good pay for the right kind bless, etc. Apply to Dr. B. J. Bond. 17 Pr.
of man. AddrmP. O. Box 4, Talla- "-.... At d r .
bar"s, Ma. 14-tf Subscribe to The True Democrat MVU-Qo-u MFa'. co.. aJesew,. ,

rkina left
baUtiful I
2 Reduced Prices
uise along *
og Island
it. Those
Mr, G .e We are now offering our figured
ass, Lucile
Moore and lawns and odds and ends of other dry

of G.ed.
th kidney goods, laces and embroideries at greatly
s, passing
,ell known reduced prices.
"I got no
egan tak-
the strult Have just received a good line of
and now I
e one me ink and pencil Tablets' and other Sta-
r's Kidney
kidney or,
dealers. tionery, which we are selling cheap.

e in my ...
k in d o f" i__ - ...
niay wish

tt, or any
liahtaszee .__ ___________


'EAi t:' : __

a. llitt

,-c emS411 9

Now Ilocated next to Levy Bros. Big Store,

=- V. --

Prepaired to do First Class Work at the Lowest Prices and car.
trr. ries fulrand compile line oflamples Gentlemen id Ladies
SSuit Saixtisfaction urantAd.
y and our Cleaning, Altering and Pressng a specialty. Cleaning an4
Pressing by the month at reasonable prices.
FMN ^ T M I ii 1 1 fl f r i i 11 ii lii ^ K r

't7b 't rutnt-Tailo?, -.-y ..
GX = -- I .
IA'A wlpw V 15,.mj...J.a VTW8

Agent for Japanese Cleanall for removing grease, paint, pit
tar. etc., from all kind of wearing apparel without injury. Price

f I j l| -. ^ M .<


SP^C r,



e%'0 .


CAtF.A Ay.

A Cup of White House or Blue Label
hoca and Java Coffee
i .r o,. straight to the heart of
, '\ a ,.; oi rea; t~at tnime, anid every
,,r' .. at o:.,\ gi.odil gicers keep
io,, ( ,',,. \S'v :i;,k si.'cial ipridle in
,di iri ,>r .-. i- thq ;>ve i itade our
. .* ...11 ;i ), ..-. \v'hl('ic Ii Uiciple
.Idt- .. i li'l i it r iI itie s.ack.
..r ., ; i \ hboiv. 'ooo'l ur-

.1 \\ C{ I.ol.I s.C (;I l'.





Hnt and onld baths iinsnuimna.A.

ad. Goond table. Good bed

ning water in every room. Bowling Alleys. Billiarx
Telegraph and Phone connections. Well equipped stables.
Pavillions. Boats, etc
Rates n7 Miles from Live Oak, on Live Oak
Gulf R. R. Connetion at Live Oak with

ds. Run-
d Tables.

, Perry &
all Tralma


mmm a ngemm


`- '-."'-~CI- '--- --


[ unu Si wsa vuwat

~d ~e,

oocor0 00






















Trunks, Tnuks, Tnaak,

Trunks, Trunks, Truaks,






Trunks, Trunks, Trunks,

Trunks, Trunks, Trunks,



little trunks.

,------~~ A.~I ~---- --_.~






Buggies made in Georgia. Buggies made in North Caro-
lina. Buggies made in Virginia. Buggies made in Ohio.
The Famous Fish Bros. Wagons made for fifty years at
Racine Wisconsin, every one warranted. Now in transit.
Harness of every description, from the plow to the four
mule team. Anything in Leather needed on the farm.
Plain and fancy Buggy Coach and Carriage Harness,
Whips, Laprobes and Horse Blankets, Saddles, Riding Bridles
and Saddle Blankets
Turpentine and Mill Men will find what they want here.
The best in Heavy Harness.

J. D. CAY,

South Adams Street Opposite Masonic Hall
Telephone No 291





I -

k4tllp ~ .


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