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The weekly true Democrat
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Weekly true Democrat (Tallahassee, Fla. 1905)
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Tallahassee Fla
John G. Collins
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January 12, 1906
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United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
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The Tallahassee Weekly True Democrat was established on March 3, 1905, by John G. Collins. The "True Democrat", as it briefly called itself, explained that its name showed dedication to the "true and tried doctrines of The Old Time distinguished from...mischievous fads and fallacies of the day." Though not intended, never more true words have been spoken on newspaper title changes! Milton A. Smith bought the Weekly True Democrat in 1908. In February 1912, the paper started publishing as the Semi-weekly True Democrat . In 1913, it reverted to a weekly again under the title of the Weekly True Democrat . On April 6, 1915, the newspaper became the Daily Democrat . Frequency of publication dictated another change of title later that year when the Daily Democrat became the Weekly Democrat . Sometime thereafter, exact dates are not known, the Weekly Democrat became the paper of record for the state’s capital, and the title changed to the Weekly Democrat and Florida Record to reflect this development. If ever it was a record for Florida, it would have been a digest, since both the Florida House and Senate have maintained continuous and detailed recordings of their deliberations. Today, the same newspaper is known as the Tallahassee Democrat . Because Tallahassee is the seat of Florida’s state government, the True Democrat has been quoted copiously in journal articles and theses. Of particular note is its usefulness in tracking Jim Crow behaviors in the early 20th century. During this period, African Americans constituted about 80 percent of the population in Leon County, and white supremacists felt particularly threatened. The True Democrat, whatever its name, would come to influence--and some might argue, make mischief with--the State of Florida’s democratic processes and the deliberations of the legislature. While it may have shown leanings toward one party or another throughout its history, the newspaper has been affiliated with neither the Democratic nor Republican party but can be said to have exerted its influence on each.
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 3, 1905)-v. 7, no. 52 (Feb. 16, 1912).

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University of Florida
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Good Government; Honesty in Public Office; Equal Justice to All--Special Privileges to None.


Govet er Steward App tats the Fler-
ida DeleatMs
Governor Broward has named 225 del-
egates to the Inter-State Sugarcane
Growers' Association, the date and
place of meeting and purposes of which
are set forth in the following from the
L- official notifications:
The fourth annual convention of the
Inter-State Sugarcane Growers' Asso-
ciation will be held in Mobile, Ala. on
February 7 8, and 9, 1906. The Hlon.
James Wison Secretary of Agricul-
ture; Dr. H. W. Wiley, chief bureau
of chemistry, U. S. Department of Ag-
riculture; Dr. W. C. Stubb, New Or-
leans, La.; Prof. B. B. Boss, State
Chemist, Auburn Ala.; Prof. J. M.
Candless, State chemist, Atlanta, Ga.'
Prof. W. L. Hutchinson director of
Mississippi Experiment Station; Hon.
John Dyniond editor of Louisiana Plan-
ter; Hon. 3. J. Watson commissioner
of Agriculture and Immigration, South
Carolina; Mr. W. B. mddenbury of
Cairo, Ga.; Col. R. R. Poole, Commis-
sioner, Alabama and other distinguish-
ed spekaere, will be present and ad-
dress the convention.
The aim of the committee, in select-
ing speakers and essayists for the occa-
sion, has been to make it educational in
every branch of the subject, and histor-
ical in the evolution of every sugar-
producing plant within the limits of the
United States, upon the broadest line
of thought, experience and actual re-
The composition of the convention, to
make it thoroughly representative, will
consist of delegates as follows: Five
delegates from each county or parish in
each State named above, appointed by
the Governor of the State.
Each sugarcane planters' association
is entitled to five delegates; each agri-
rcultural association, five delegates;
each commercial organization, five del-
egates; industrial departments of rail-
roads, two delegates each; and each
State agricultural department, two del-
It is desired that each county in FIlr-
ida be represented at this, probably the
most important gathering of farmers
and citizens, ever held in the South.
A True Democrat.
The following definition of a Demo-
crat is by Congressman John Sharp
Williams, minority leader in the lower
house of Congress. It occurs in a letter
written last summer to Congressman
Lamar, whose recently acquired radi-
calisms led to his placing himself in a
position where he was made the laugh-
ing stock of the entire House of Repre-
"A true Democrat is neither a con-
servative nor a radical. He is both.
He is conservative when it comes to
conserving, or preserving, or saving
right and Democratic and American
things. He is radical when it comes to
tearing up by the roots radical abuses.
He is simply Democratic always, and
meets each question upon its own mer-
its from a Democratic standpoint and
solves it with plain common sense.
Common sense frequently suggests that
a cause can best be. carried to success
by going slow. Common sense fre-
quently also suggests that a battle can
best be won by an impetuous charge.
Everything depends upon the condition
of the ground, the situation of the
enemy and your own forces.
"There is no such thing in my dic-
tionary as a conservative Democrat.
There is no such thing in my dictionary
as a radical Democrat. There is just
one thing-a Democrat. Too many men
who call themselves conservative Dem-
ocrats are really at heart Republicans.
1t Too many men who call themselves
radical Democrats are really at heart
Populists or Socialists, as the case may
be-the two things being, by the way,
by no means the same thing.
"A party cannot win ultimate success
by having its differences emphasized.
There are always differences, of course.
The way to wmin ultimate success is to
minimize differences, as far as possible,
|^ without sacrifice of fundamental princi-
pie. and to emphasize agreed pur-
poses." ____
A Tragic Fla lsh.
A watchman's neglect permitted a
leak in the great North Sea dyke,
which a child's finger could have stop-
ped, to become a ruinous break, devas-
tating an entire province of Holland.
In like manner Kenneth Mclver, of
Vanceboro, Me., permitted a little cold
to go unnoticed until a tragic finish was
ony averted by Dr Kin.'s New Dis-
covery' He writes- "Three doctors
gave me up to die of lung inflammation,
caused by a neglected cold; but Dr.
King's New Discovery saved my life."
, 60c and $1.00. Trial bottle free. All
druggists g
'4JA Cause for Wrath.

"A soft answer turneth away wrath
ometime remarked the observer of
events things, "but it doesn't make
ny difference how soft the answer is,
It oesn't have that effect if the answer
bapstobe: 'Line's busy!' "-Yon-
. k en Statesman

Dea't Adrtise.
Dun't advertise if you believe you are
wasting money, says the Gainesville
Sun. Let your competitor waste his
money on advertising and perhaps in
this way you'll soon "put him out of
business." Fix his elock-works for him!
Just stand back and laugh at him when
you see him squandering his money for
printer's ink. Once there was a boy
named John-we think his last name
was Wanamaker, or maybe it was
Moneymaker. Anyhow, his name was
John, with some sort of maker attached
to his last name. He owned fifty yards
of calico three yards of jeans, a half
dosen pairs of boots. He called this a
dry goods store through a Philadelphia
newspaper and offered to sell a pair of
socks for 89 cents. The don't believe-
in-advertis merchant laughed. Young
John spent with the Philadelphia
LKdger to advertise just one time and
hadle than $100 worth of gooda. He
was cautioned by the merchants who
"knew it didn't pay" It was through
sym pathy that tey offered him advice.
But Johnr didn't listen to them and went
and blew his money in foolishly and to-
day poor John sees the results of is
miadoings-he has so many large dry
goods stores that he can hardly find
time to study his Sunday school lesson.
There are many men who will say
that there was a field open for just such
advertising, yet there are many spots
where similar fields can be opened by
careful attention to this branch of the
management of a large or small store.
The people all over the country are
watching for bargains and if you are in
the habit of giving them they will
watch you.
Chrealc Ceastlpation Cured.
One who suffers from chronic consti-
pation is in danger of many serious ail-
ments. Orino Laxitiv Fruit Syrup
cures chronic constipation as it aids di-
gestion and stimulates the liver and
bowels, restoring the natural action of
these organ. Commence taking it to-
day and you will feel better at once.
Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup does not
nauseate or gripe and is very pleasant
to take. Refuse substitutes. Sold by
all dealers. *
Harper's Weekly says that one after-
noon recently there entered a hospital
in the poorer quarter of Philadelphia a
little girl of about eight years, bearing
in her arms a fox terrier whose forefoot
had been crushed by a heavy wagon.
To the attendant who tells the story
the little girl explained that she desired
to have the doctors "fix the doggy's
foot." The physicians were for re us-
ing the case at first, but, in view of the
great distress of the youngster, they
finally permitted their good nature to
get the better of them. Chloroform,
instruments and bandages were pro-
duced and a neat operation was per-
formed, the child bravely assisting.
"Now," said one of the doctors,"
"you may take the dog home with
you. '
The little one's eyes widened, "Oh,"
she explained, "it ain't mine! I jest
found it, an' I think you oughter take
care of it."
And off she went, leaving the dog in
their custody.
That is a very pretty story and one
which should be read to children and to
folks generally.
The men and women of the future
will be kind to one another if the boys
and girls of today are taught to be con-
siderate of dumb animals and sympa-
thetic with their afflictions.
Rev. Carlisle P. NMarti, LL. D.
Of Waverly, Texas, writes: "Of a
morning, when first arising, I often find
a troublesomecollection of phlegm which
produces a cough and is very hard to
dislodge but a small quantity of Bal-
lard's Hoarhound Syrup will at once
dislodge it, and the trouble is over. I
know of no medicine thaais equal to it,
and it is so pleasantto take. I can
most cordially reefimend it to all per-
sons needing a medicine for throat or
lung trouble." For sale by all drug-
gits. _
Neither Defender mer Apoleoist.
Rev. A. M. C. Russel, President of
the Educational Association, County Su-
perintendent of Publit Instruction of
Hemando county, and editor of the
Southern Argus, published at Brooks-
ville, gets off the following, which we
believe he is consistent in and means:
"The Southern Argus is neither a de-
fender nor apologist of railroad or' oth-
ther corporations, nor their prejudiced
enemy, but feels that a public journal
representing the interests of the whole
people, it is its duty to criticise them
when they are wrong, and its privelige
to approve their acts when they de-
serve approbation. It wears neither
the collar of railroad corporations nor
blatant demagogues. Untrmmeled
and indepeuden t, it marches and bat-
tles under the banner of "the rtlhts of

the entire people," and by that decla-
ration and principle it will stand or falL
Money cannot buy its principles, nor
threats of vindictive prejudice drive it
from the path of duty.
'Unawed by power and unbribed by
Hereshall thipress the people's rights



Two ef Tallahase's Prettiest sad
meat Pepular Teuag Ladies
orm ly later Sciety.
Charming in every detail was the
beautiful reception Thursday evening
given by Mr. and Mrs. George W. Saxon
at which they formally presented to
society their lovely daughter, Lucile,
and Miss Bershe Meginniss, the beauti-
ful daughter of Mrs. B. A. Meginniss.
The beautiful home was artistically
decorated for the occasion. In the IF-
brary, where the receiving party stood.
bamboo, sprengeri and maiden hair
ferns, with white chrysanthemums,
carried out a dainty effect in white and
green. The same effect was given in
the parlor with white roses, save for
the pretty touch of color given by a
vase of American Beauty roses. Red
was the color used in the hall, and also
in the music room, where white japon-
Icas were banked against the mantel.
In the receiving party were Mr. and
Mrs. Saxon, Miss Lucile Saxon, Miss
Bershe Mginnisa, Miss Bessie Saxon
and Mrs. B. A. Meginniss.
Mrs. Saxon wore a handsome gown of
black peam de sole, with duchess lace
and garnet. Miss Bessie Saxon wore
an extremely pretty gown of hand-
painted chiffon over blue satin, with
princess trimmings, lace and a diamond
rooch. Mrs. MU4nniss was gowned in
black silk with ucehess lace.
The fair debutantes stood under a
shower bouquet of white chrysanthe-
mums, which was suspended from the
chandelier by white ribbons, and were a
lovely picture of girlish grace and
beauty against the background of green.
Both wore exquisite gowns of white
radium silk, built on white satin, with
girdles of cloth of silver, with dainty
garniture of white chiffon roses and
green leaves about the neck; each wore
a pearl brooch and carried an armful of
bride roses, and were as dainty and
fair as an artist's dream of lovely
In the parlor Mrs. W. M. McIntosh,
Jr., Mrs. Benjamin J. Bond and Mrs.
James Messer received. Mrs. McIn-
tosh's delicate beauty was enhanced by
her pretty gown of white voile. Mrs.
Bond, a recent bride, was lovely in her
wedding gown; Mrs. Messer also wore
her wedding gown, and looked extremely
In the dining-room the color scheme
of pink and green was effectively car-
rid out.
Pink satin ribbons, caught with
maidenhair fern, were festooned from
the chandelier to the corners of the
table, each end being caught with a
pink carnation; a handsome centerpiece
of Cluny lace almost covered the table;
on it were silver candelabra, with pink
shades, and a handsome silver service,
from which Mrs. Eugene Perkins, grace-
ful and pretty in a gown of pink crepe
de chine, served coffee.
Pink carnations were caught in the
festoons of bamboo above the windows,
and a tall cut glass vase, filled with the
same exquisite flowers, adorned the side
board. The cut glass candelabra on the
sideboard had pretty shades of pink tu-
lips. The mantel was banked with
pink roses. Here delicious refresh-
ments were served by Miss Clifton
Byrd, Miss Eunice Rawls, Miss Fannie
Coles and Miss Jennie Myers, a quar-
tet of pretty girls in dainty frocks of
pink organdie.
The refreshments were turkey, salad,
sandwiches, olives and beaten biscuits,
In the hall Miss Mary Calhoun and
Miss Henrietta Ord Ames, in girlish
frocks of white silk, presided at the
punch bowl.
During the evening the Tallahassee
orchestra, stationed in the music room,
assisted by professor Turner of Tampa,
Florida's noted violinist, furnished in-
spiring music.
Among out-of-town guests were; Mr
Mr. J E. Rumbough of Asheville. N.
C., Mr. S. E. Teague of Apalachicola,
Mr. Julian Howard of Jacksonville,
Misses Elizabeth and Mamie May s of
Monticello, Miss Beeman Milton of Ma.
rianna, Mrs. Hart of New York.
Many exquisitely gowned women
were present. Among the most strik-
ing were: Mrs. Broward. in a rose-col-
ored satin gown Mrs. Charles B. Park-
hill, who looked extremely well in a
gown of white chiffon over pink, with a
blaciek picture hat; Mrs. Hayward Ram-
dolph and Mrs. J. C R. Foster, two
brides of last June, wore exquisite
gownas of wnite lace over silk. Miss
Mamie Mays wore a llilac pompadour
net with pink roses. Mis Elfuabeth
Maya wore a cream lace brown over
pink silk. Miss Clyde Raney wore a
chiffon. Miss Clara Lewis, a pink chif-
fon with white lace. Miss Elsie Dour-
lass, pink radium silk with white chif-
fon plaetings, Mrs. Jefferson B.
Brown, charming in a beautiful toilet of
white liberty satin with pearl trim-
mins. Mrs. Robert S. Cockrell wore
a dainty frock of white net with hand-

some lice bertha. Mrs. T. M. Shackel-
ford, of white cloth. Mrs.
James H. H ph heliotrope crepe de
chine Miss Ena Taylor wore a white
auq~ eited s with bodice of
wfoer *VN6me.

A spider carefully wove his net in the
corner of the room, and waited for a
victim. By-and-by, seeing a fly mean-
dering along in that direction he invited
him in to chat awhile, casualy offering
to set 'em up as an extra Inducement.
"May I ask,' said the fly, ashe brushed
a bread crumb off his left eyebrow with
his front foot. "why you are so blamed
anxious to strike up an acquaintance
with an entire stranger? So far as I
know, you never saw me before in your
life." "True," replied the spider, as
he fastened another strand- "but as
soon as I saw you I was stuck on your
appearance, and determined that you
were the individual I had been looking
for to go in with me in a great business
venture. I can see in a minute that you
have a great head for business." But
the fly. instead of being taken
this sort of talk simply said: "My
fussy-headed duffer, I might possibly
be caught by the sort of glucose you
are giving me, if it wasn't for the fact
that I see the remain of a friend of
mine from Missouri hanging up there in
the corner of your establishment. He
had to be shown-I don't." And with
a light "Tra, ta-I will see you later,"
the fly wended his way toward the bald
head of a fat man who was slumbering
on a neighboring couch.-The House-
Mr. D. J. Apt, manager of the El
Proved cigar factory, and Mr. Rosen-
burg, a partner in the firm, returned
this week from Cuba, where a large lot
of choice Havanna tobacco was pur-
chased for the company's factories.
They had a profitable and pleasant visit
to Cuba and took in the country about
CMred Lumbago.
A. B. Canman, Chicago, writes March
4, 1908: "Having been troubled with
lumbago at different times, and tried
one physician after another, then dif-
ferent ointments and liniments, gave it
up altogether. So I tried once more,
and got a bottle of Ballard's Snow Lin-
iment, which gave me almost instant
relief. I can cheerfully recommend it,
and will add my name to your list of
sufferers." For sale by all druggists. "
mosey ad NRea.
Richard A. McCurdy, as president of
the Mutual Life, drew $150,000 a year.
McCall, of the New York Life, drew
$100,000. Even the Frenchy little Mr.
Hyde, of the Equitable, drew $100,000.
None of these was worth the salary
paid, and in no other business in which
ability and worth are properly esti-
mated could any of them command or
earn such sums as they received. Men
in positions requiring long training,
study and experience or great learning
and large ability, receive no such sala-
ries as were paid these insurance graft-
ers. Admiral Dewey's salary is $13,6'00
a year. General Chaffee, chief of staff
of the army, receives $11,000. Admiral
Togo's salary is only $3,000. The com-
mander of a battleship receives $3,500 a
year, and so does a colonel in the army.
The Viceroy of India, head of the gov-
ernment of 300,000,000 people, receives
$756000 a year. The President of the
United States gets $50,000. A cabinet
officer's pay is $8.000 a year. That of
a senator or representative, $5 000. The
salary of the Chief Justice of the Su-
preme Court of the United States is
$13,000 a year, while the Associate Jus-
tices receive $112,500 each.
Long years of study and experience
are required to produce a leading edu-
cator. The dean of college presidents,
Dr. Eliot, of Harvard, receives $10 000
s year. The average pay of college
professors is $2,000. Some are paid as
high as $4,000 in Cornell, and a few as
much as $8,000 in Columbia, Harvard
and Chicago.
A few ministers in rich churches are
paid as high as $10,000. The salary of
ministers is oftener from $2,000 to
$8,000. The salary of an Episcopalian
bishop ranges from $8,000 to$ 12.500.
A Methodist bishop receives $3,500.
Emerson, who wrote his name high
up and indelibly, lived on $1,000 a year.
The list might be extended to great
length, and made to include statesmen,
warriors, prelates, scientists, teachers
and men of genius, high accomplish-
ments or great ability in the world of
thought and achievement. The matter
of salary does not seem to measure a
man's worth or ability. A base ball
player may receive as much as a United
States Senator and a prise fighter
more than the President of the United
States. An insurance president has re-
ceived three times as much, while a
bank robber has been known to acquire
six times as much in a single night -
Miami Metropolis.
The OriteaLt.
Foley & Co., Chicago, origins ted
Honey and Tar as a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of the great
merit and popularity of Foley's Honey
and Tar may imitations are offered for
the genuine. These worthless imita-
tions have similar sounding names. Be-
ware of them. The genuine Fol'v's

Honey and Tar is in a yellow k .
Ask for It and refuse any suoMttute.
It is the best remedy for coughs and
colds. Sold by all dealers.
Legal Cap Paper, 8c. per quire at IL
J. Evals'.


urtire Shoel MNewdFr rm also
Gass State to the East Coast of
A jolly party of school boys, 150 im
number, rolled under the union station
shed at noon yesterday on a s'p
train over the Atlantic Coast Line from
Bashaws, Ky., en route to Eau ,alle,
on the East Coast of Florida.
The special was in charge of Joseph
H. Settle, city passenger agent of the
Louisville and Nashville Railway at
Louisville, who went through with the
train to Eau Gallie.
This special contained the students
from the Kentucky Military Institute,
which has established a winter colleen
at Eau Gallie. On the special was Col.
Charles Wesley Fowler, M. A., C. EL,
superintendent of the institute.
At Eau Gallie the students will enter
the Sarno Hotel, which has been se-
caured for winter headquarters. This
hotel is located on the Eau Gallia river,
a half mile from the Indian river.
As soon as the train stopped under
the shed the students piled off and
rushed into the union station restau-
rant, where they secured sandwiches,
coffee, etc.
Tite special did not remain in Jack-
sonville long, but while it was here the
boys attracted much attention as they
nustled about the station. It left over
the Florida East Coast Railway for
Eau Gallie.
On Saturday, immediately after the
cadets returned from the holidays, the
whole school, boys, faculty, family and
servants, took the special train for the
orange groves of Florida A short stop
was made yesterday at St. Augustine.
The special will return about April 1,
going to the Blue Grass region via a
different route, giving the students a
chance to see the various interesting
sections of the sunny South. The re-
turn route will be as follows: Eau Gallie
to Jacksonville, Florida East Coast
Railway; Jacksonville to Tifton, Atlan-
tic Coast Line; Tifton to Macon, Geor-
gia Southern and Florida Railway;
acon to Atlanta, Central of Georgia
Railway; Atlanta to Chattanooga,
Western and Atlantic Railway; Chatta-
nooga to Nashville. N. C. & St. L. Rail-
way- Nashville to Bashaws, Louisville
and Nashville Railway.
A Thousand Dollars Worth of God.
A. H. Thurnes a well known coal op-
erator of Buffalo, Ohio., writes: "I
have been afflicted with kidney and
bladder trouble for years, passing grav-
el and stones with excruciating pain.
I got no relief from medicine until Ibe-
gan taking Foley's Kidney cure, then
the result was surprising. A few doses
started the brick dust like fine stones
and now I have no pain across my kid-
neys and feel like a new man. It has
done me $1000 worth of good." For
sale by all dealers.
A Card of Thanks.
Editor True Democrat: Please allow
me space in your columns to express
my most sincere appreciation and ex-
tend my heartfelt thanks to the people
of Tallahassee for the expressions of
friendship and support which were em-
bodied in a telegram to Mr. J. M. Barr,
president of the Seaboard Air Line
ailway Company, in my behalf, after
receiving the news that I had been
summarily discharged from my position
as agent here, without any cause or
reason, and without any notice of their
intention to take such action. I wish to
thank you all individually through this
medium, and assure you that it most
gratifying to me to know that the peo-
pie of our city realized that we were
doing the best we could to render satis-
factory service to both the railroad
company and its patrons, hampered by
lack of sufficient clerical help to serve
either properly. I wish also to explain
that the only reason for my removal
from this position was the fact that I
had insisted on being allowed additional
help, which has been a necessity keenly
felt by every agent who has held the
position for the past ten years.
Respectfully yours,
Oaly *X Tears 01d.
"I am only 82 years old and don't ex-
pect even when I get to be real old to
feel that way as lon as I can get Elec-
tric Bitters, says Mrs. E. H. Brunson
of Dublin, Ga. Surely there is nothing
else keeps the old as young and makes
the weak as strong as this grand tonic
medicine. Cyspepsia, torpid liver, in-
flamed kidneys or chronic constipation
are unknown after taking Electric Bit-
ters a reasonable time. Guaranteed
by all dealers. *
J. W. Davis has added two neat ad
latest improved barber chairs to his eel.
ored barber shop Wesley Davis Is a

polite and useful colored et d a
good example for theyouag aMse
of this community to patted afte,
1in industrious, polite to ovryem st
attentive to bham.
Beat line Wof Pants s e vgj
lahassee, now at Dw.

. IA



I j 0. cnsums. InreSeW .
Ustnd a Semod Clues Matter March 21, Ij, at
the Pont C- at Tali:avsam. 7 rm. umor
Aet ofCone. of Nr a 1Tm.
Oe la Tolepbhome ASdtIne, Corr Adam M
Chae sItroms. Tol*ehoe No. 10.

ubserlption. 1.00 PFor Yeo, hi Advans.
Advartis InDatea on Appliestion.

The Tree Demcret to the Offkca Newspeor
of LMn CGmty.

Tallahassee, Frida, Jam. 12, 196.

The Pure Food and Industrial Exposi-
tion is in full blast at Jacksonville and
every Floridian who can do so should
visit it.
The insurance inquiry has ended and
the prisons are filled only with little
(riminals 'Twas ever thus," and
we expect it always will ble!
In coming contests every citizen must
either stand for representative govern-
ment or against it. The fight is on
everywhere. It will continue to victory.
There will be no halt and no compro-
Now that the Standard Oil investiga-
tion in under way the President should
inquire whether Commissioner Garfield
has promised immunity to all the Stand-
ard Oil magnates, from John D. Rocke-
feller down.
"Moral forces in society are the dor-
mant ones. Proclaim the need for the
people's sovereignty, and no one will
dare to openly combat it. Question
your candidates, and you will win the
campaign for the best,"
A Marion county statesman writes to
the Ocala Banner to know "who is
boss," as he wants to "declare him-
self" a candidate for a county office.
Some time ago there was no one able to
tell "who was boss."- Gainesville Sun.
Burlington officials have been indicted
for giving rebates to the steel trust. It
is a shame to Indict these gentlemen
before they have had time to take
breath after stating that the practice
of rebating had been stopped long ago
We don't see where Billy Lamar is so
important in Congress that hr' should
have been better treated by the minor-
ity leader in the selection of committee-
men. Mr. Lamar is most famous as i
nephew of the late I,. Q. ('. I.amar.
Deland Record.
Sylvester Lamb, recently elected to
the' Ohio State Senate frm Toi',led am
an independent, is the envy of the' en-
tire Legisliture'. The Sen rte. is cornr
Peeled of Dmesocrats anl RIpltubli'atms in
iiul Inumber,,ji nd Mr l.mbh holhinir

11T lI NM UTm il.
Did It ever occur to someo of the kick.
en against the electric light manage
that if they, themselves, wre ibral
patrons of the electric light plant, the
managers would be better able to give
the city better service? Better facili-
ties are ezpeted In a short while and
the service will then be improved. No
citizen of Tallahassee can be made to
believe, for one minute, that the Board
of Managers of the plant in this city
have done a single act that is wrong, or
that they wish to cncal from the pub-
lic. The records are open for inspection
at any and all times, and either of the
present board stands ready and willing
to furnish any information any citizen
may wish. Now, be fair; if there is
anything you wish information on, con-
sult them and the records before going
into print with malicious insinuations,
which is generally understood at this
particular time as being done for selfish
political purposes.
1Let us all hope that the editor of the
Tallahassee True Democrat fas turned
over a new leaf and is going to stop
grumbling. The world will look bright-
er, anyhow, when he is made State
Printer. Wauchula DeSoto Advocate.
Another yelp from General Gilchrist's
neck of the woods The True Demo-
crat is always ready to turn over a new
leaf when we can do good and become bet-
ter by so doing. As a conscientious duty
this newspaper has been compelled to
call attention for several months to ir-
regularities, misdeeds, etc., in public
affairs; and for this we are dubbed a
"grumbler". Well, well, isn't that
bad, now; but you and your kind had
better fall in line, and as honest news.
paper men, lend a hand in showing up
to the public the misdeeds of the big
"bosses," for during the next primary
elections there will be plenty doing
along this line. You are away off yon-
der when you suppose we are wanting a
State Printer's job. We did that work
for nearly fifteen years, when
conscientious officials were at the head
of printing affairs, for the "glory there
was in it," and surely we could not ex-
pect to handle it with any satisfaction,
or to any profit, under the manipulation
of those who now give it out, and who
receive the kind of work being done for
the State, paying good prices for it,
and at theme time, condemn wrong-
ful acts and give "publicity" to them.
I)uring our long time as State Prin-
ter, nor since, has anyone connected us
with wrong or smutty acts. We gave
the State, always, what our contract
called for, and we were paid just what
the contract atgrerd It, give us there.
wa.s nf "winking at things" in those'
days. Just get the General to give you
somrnthiing stronger to dig us with,
fotr we shall continue our "grumb.

l.' .'> "n "F "...... ........ ........ ir I JUIg ju t IIon11 H w 1111e Find wr iong do-
the deciding vote, can 4get anything he' ,ng sufficiently plain to "grumble "
want a. ;tbout
Live Oak i)emni'cr't: "No lexgtitimat What'll you hb't the Czar doesn't wish
enterprise makes a SIuceC'ss these days he had home nice, quiet joio at about
without publicity, and this fact has $m.;:L'3 per week? Chipley Banner.
come to lbe so we'll understood among What Czar? The "Czar of Florida?"
all classes of Iweople that any huminress lie has a pretty gctd| job, thank you!
scheme seeking support by public pat- one', to 0, that puts him in position to
ronage in at once claasifled an inferior treat his subjects just a bit better than
unless it in fully and persistently adver doe' the Czar of Russia
tised with printer's ink The Pratt Publishing Company has
The Houston lPost says: '"Some me'n be *n organized It will I'. a newspa-
are born infamous, some' gradually lone per and publishing house, and some of
their reputations, and some' have their the most influential men of the State
reputations taken away from them by are said to 1w connected with it. Col
committees of investigation luft. 'rank W. Pope. of Jacksonville, is
powerful and influential lobbyist ., such president, and Mr. l'ierre Pratt busi-
as ro)sted around the capital of Florida ness manager. They intend making it
during the last session of the l.egisla- one of the largest plants of the kind in
ture, sometimes prevents investigation, the State.-... .
when "investigation" points to mis- William Rainey Harper, ILL. I) pres-
deeds they or their henchmen had a ident of the University of Chicago since
hand in committing its inception in 1891, regarded by many
Editor John M. (alce.ll, eof the, Jas- as the foremost Hebrew scholar in
per News, closely onnOe of his editorials America, and equally renowned as ed-
last week in the following plain and ucator and business man, died Wednes-
pointed Ila guage: "The liallot Ibox is lday. Jan. 10, of cancer of the intes-
the supreme power in this land. To it tines at his home on the unive rity
supreme courts must Iaow. iy it p)liti- campus Although his death was
cal jugglers are scluelchel and tricksters known to be inevitable within a comrn-
occupying high positions of trust are paratively short time the end of his life
relegated to the shades of oblivion. The due to physical exhaustion, came sud-
best laugh-r in the wo Ild i th m n denly lte was forty-nine years old.
who has the last turn at it. The 'Ix- ... .
ples' turn will come in di.,- tmne." The Governor's message was "bound
Show your appreciation of such t ini teards," says contemporary. What

newspaper as we have been endenavr-
ing to give you for nearly one year lby
giving us a liberal patrinageK in dlve'r-
tisements, job printing and suebstrip-
tions. If you have not paid your tuh
scription, do so as soxn as you can, and
thus help us to meet our outstanding
obligations. To begin with, our means
were very limited, and unless we can
make prompt collections it is extremely
difficult for us to make all ends meet
and keep ourself in good standing We
highly appreciate the kind words of
commendation we receive daily, but it
takes money to do business in a print-
ing office.

KIII II of liardi : pine tmarmu, cypress
Im)ards or Tallahassee board bills ?- Ap-
alachicola Times. Wh y, "Binder's
Ia.irds." of course. The binding part
of it was all right. It was the artistic
"meat in the cocoanut" that made 'em
ashamed of it; anti which when "pub-
.lie" attention was called to it. to with-
draw it from the market; but we learn
that a new edition of it has been, or
will be printed. Our informant said
there was to be 100 copies of It, and
the price to be paid was $300, but he
didn't tell us who was to pay for it and
that leaves us all to do some guessing.

It Is eo-rn mow to bear complaints
of the scaity and unreiabiity of farm
help, many large holders of farming
propert l h la that It is becoming
veTy to secure tenants tt are
iadustuib- sad reliable to rent to, who
will akote reps do their places, sad al-
most next to impossible to hire men for
wages to enable them to put in as large
crops as they would like. There are
several reoso for this state of affairs,
among which is the fact that too many
able-bodied men who should remain on
the farm are moving to the cities and
towns, where they catch a few hours'
work occasionally and loaf most of their
time, in idleness or about the streets,
and who perhaps have their women
folks and children employed, which
helps them in a manner to eke out a
poor, but easy living. Another reason
is that numbers of them are leaving the
farms to work at the mills and on the
railroads that are now being constructed
in different parts of this State. It is
unfortunate that they give up farming,
which affords them work year in and
out, at not, perhaps, as much pay as do
the jobs in these other enterprises, but
of which, if they are honest and indus-
trious, they can make a living at much
easier and be at home with their fami-
lies, than they can in these mew fields
where it costs them a great deal more
to live and very little, if any, to send
home to sustain their families. It is
not so much against those who leave
for what they think betters them, as it
is against those who stay in idleness,
that the largest kick can be justly
made. It is a shame, and a hardship
on the industrious working class of both
races, that so many great, strong, able-
bodied men and boys are allowed to
loaf around the towns, in country vil-
lages and in the country on the farms,
and be in idleness the greater portion
of the time. Florida now has splendid
vagrant laws, and it does seem that if
the remedies were properly applied, at
least a fair per cent of these gentlemen
of leisure could be made to prefer mak-
ing a living working daily at some hon-
est labor, rather than to live on a long
suffering but patient people in idleness.
Once give such elegant (?) gentlemen
to understand they must get some hon-
est work for themselves or they will be
made to do service as vagrants, and
things will change. Make them work
or make them leave here for good Try
the remedies provided just a little bit,
in all neighborhoods, and see what will
be the result.
The Tampa Times says: There is
good reason in the air to put down Gov.
N B. Broward on the list of candidates
for the United States Senate at the
next primary.
There is much demand for "clean"
politics, also "clean" business adminis-
tration; likewise, "clean" money. No
wonder soap is expected to be dearer.-
Times Union.
-.--., -- ---
The prompt response of Governor
Broward to the reqnest to issue a proc-
lamation recognizing and fixing the
Pannma canal exposition in Tampa, will
receive hearty commendation and ap-
preciation in tnis city.--Tampa Times.
On a simple issue of fact as to wheth-
er one boy stood another on his head.
some of those young cadets at Annap-
olis, supposed to have come from among
the best homes in the country, show
themselves to be as cool and hardened
liars under oath as the veteran perjur-
ers who so often defeat the ends of
justice in our courts.-Live Oak Demo-
"Ordinary men must work to live.
From that fact come the world's great-
est goods and ills. Ten dollars a year
stolen from each man or woman, who :s
struggling to maintain a safeguard for
the future, may suffice to keep a score
of men in luxury, but the thorough pub-
lic understanding of this method may
decrease the general reverence for
wealth "
This newspaper has grumbl.'d" or
"kicked" some against men and official
acts of the past, as charged by a few

newspapers, but we have done so feel-
ing it to be a conscientious duty, and
not selfishly We will do so again, and
again, so long as we are conscious that
wrong is being done. To do so is no
pleasure to us; rather it makes us feel
sorry to have to do it. We feel that a
duty at such times devolves upon us.
and we are not inclined to shirk such
duties. We have no apologies to offer
for what we have done. Publicity often-
times prevents wrongdoing., and a
journal that will be honest with the
public in dealing with public matters
should always be upheld and sustained.
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Mr John Johnston, and a conductor,
Capt. Mulligan, without giving them
any notice of it or reason for it. That
all three have been faithful employees
in every sense of the word every citizen
of this city knowing them will affirm.
Another illustration of the fact that a,
"Smart Aleck" underling of some cor-
poration will now and then do acts that
his superiors must and would condemn
if they were made familiar with the
facts. We are informed that a good,
strong denunciation of the above action
of the superintendent has been sent in
to headquarters by our business ma,.
who realize that a great injustice has
been done some of our most worthy and
deserving citizses.

suAVIUDT 01 Tu 3NIUiM.
Whsm twitted by Mr. Clayton of
Alabama, the t that the Repub-
lica party pwmitted slavery in the
Philippines, Mr. Hll, of Connectiut,
made a "catchy" remark, when hbe re.
pled: "Oh, yes, and we would bate
slavery in this country today if it had
not been for the great P-pbwlem
party." In this ase, as in mot others,
the "catchy" remark was intended to
divert attention from the merits of the
discussion. For any other purpose it
was worthless.
The fact that the Republican party
abolished slavery forty years ago and
tolerates it now, was the point that Mr.
Clayton was making, and Mr. Hill's
"catchy" remark, while probably draw-
ing more or less of applause, was an
admission of Mr. Clayton's charge of
The abolition of slavery is the one
result which the Republican party has
accomplished, which the people, with
practical unanimity, approve. It was
accomplished in violation of law, in re-
pudiation of compact, and in gross in-
justice; but the people-even the South-
ern people, who lost their all by it-are
now so well pleased with the result that
they are willing to ignore the method
of its accomplishment and forget what
it cost them.
It would require no violation of law,
no repudiation of compact and no injus-
tice to abolish slavery in among the
Moros. The Moros could be liberally
paid for their slaves. If slavery had
been as cruel in the South as its bitter-
est antagonists pretended, it would still
have fallen far short of its horrors in
the Philippines. Mr. Clayton speaks
for the South when he says to the Re-
publican party, Live up to your princi-
ples and abolish slavery in the Philip-
pines. -Times-Union.
If the Tallahassee Democrat don't
watch out it will become known as the
common scold of the State. It is for-
ever finding fault with somebody or
something. It sees nothing good in a
political enemy and nothing in a po-
litical friend. This is perhaps a reason-

ably good platform if it is not carried
to excess, as the Democrat seems de-
termined to do.-Tampa Herald.
We must have hit some close friend
of the Herald to have brought forth
such a condemnation. Can't help it.
It's better to have the Herald call us
names than to sit with closed eyes and
ears when crookedness is going on. But
we want to assure the Herald that we
have no "political enemies"-nor any
other save those who show that they
are enemies to truth, good order, good
government and fair dealing.
The Tallahassee True Democrat quotes
an article about General Gilchrist and
The True Democrat and gives credit to
the Citrus Chronicle. You are wrong,
Hro Collins. we never s:id it, and don't
know who did say it-but the Chronicle
is one of the Florida newspapers that
is not supporting Gilchrist for Governor.
In fact, we are not supporting anyone
as yet. as it is too early to commence
that campaign, and we are fighting
along the same lines as The True Dem-
ocrat-less graft, honesty in State gov-
errm 't, and the election of men who
will give us an economical administra-
tion. Citrus Chronicle.
Sorry, Bro. Jeff, we gave you credit
forwhat youwere not entitled to. Just
a simple, unintentional slip of the pen-
cil in putting the credit on, but we got
at the (;General all the same. The peo-
ple of Florida, who know you well, how-
ev r. appreciate the fact that any news-
pap r you have a hand in making up
w 11 always be found on the clean and
right side of public questions.
Somebody has invented a telephone
by which the conductor on a train can
talk to the engineer in his cab while the
train is in motion. Where the compa-
nies are going to get engineer who can
talk into a telephone and keep a lookout
ahead on the track is nt explained in
the application for a patent.-Tampa
Tnat invention is not to be compared
in the least with the inventive action of
the District Superintendent of this di-
vision of the Seaboard Air Line Rail-
road. who this week laid off an over-
worked and faithful depot agent in this
city, an old and most faithful engineer,

frank hand of friendship, so that pas-
sion may not use up our vital forces
and friction may not destroy what ood
we may accomplish unitedly. These
are things to think about as we write
down 1906.
The Calhoun Democrat comes out in
a long editorial announcing the candi-
dacy of Walter Kehoe. of Marianna, for
Congressman from the Third district to
succeed Hon. W. B. Lamar, the present=
incumbent. Now the Democrat could -d
hardly center on a more popular or more
deserving Democrat than Col. Kehoe,
who has been a Democrat all of his life,
and has held public office to the satis-
faction of his constituency. In the
event that Col. Kehoe decides to enter
the race he need not look for any detri-
mental remarks from this pen.--Bristol
Cottages toeet. PhoneNo. 8 45-tf 1

yeao .a s. hees.oe 61.y

Capt. ellutm 3. G rme whh ThayIT
eletedpreeldsat of t nW iaf &
ando Trast Cim p te
te1 osmtntin wiethe Stte and the n
bak nk the State harba aepital
stock of .me mUil dolan.
The board of director declared v
kdend of 6 per ceit on thea $1,ot
which amounted to W000. aad aso
-d (.,000,000 to the surplus fbmd
amount 6hthe balance of the
earnings main in undividedfl6t.
This excellent gfor e first
year of the business o the company
was extremely gratifying to all, a the
ffia wen complimented upon the
excellent management which Us- en-
abled the company to declare such a
handsome dividend.
The annual reports of the officers of
the company were submitted, and then
a board of directors for the ensuing
year was elected, included among them
being the following gentlemen well
known to Tallahasseeana:
Jefferson B. Browne, Tallahassee;
Raymond Cay and F. P. Fleming, Jr.,
At the meeting of the new board of
directors, which had been elected by the
stockholders, the officers of the Florida
Bank and Trust Company to serve for
the ensuing year were elected as fol-
President-Charles E. Garner.
Vice-President-Arthur F. Perry.
Vice-President-Charles B. Rogers.
Cashier-W. Albert Redding.
The president and two vice-presidents,
together with W. F. Coachman, S. B.
Hubbard, D. T. Gerow, Raymond Cay,
D. H. McMillan and A. M. Ives, consti-
tute the executive committee of the
Former Governor W. S. Jennings,
who was a vice-president of the com-
pany last year, has severed his connec-
tion with the company, and it is under-
stood will engage in other business in
the future.
To have a good, popular government,
we must first of all, and before all else,
have good citizens. Burke's well known
words have been often quoted, but we
cannot too steadily remember that, am.,
he said, "there never was ong a corrupt
government of a virtuous people."
When we find any self-governing com-
munity afflicted with misgovernment,
we can safely and fairly believe that it
does not deserve a better fate. It may
indeed wish to be well governed, just
as many a drunkard, in his seasons of
repentance and headache, wishes he
were temperate; just as many a de-
faulter, as yet undetected, in saner mo-
ments wishes he could repay what he
has taken, and feel himself once more.
an honest man. But, as such men do
not wish hard enough to keep away, the
first from the bar, the second from the
faro table or Wall street, so such a na-
tion, State or city does not wish hard
enodkh for good government to make
bad government impossible.-Referen-
dum News
If Editor Collins of the Tallahassee
Democrat ever gets to heaven (or vice
versa) it's dollars to doughnuts he'll
find graft or mismanagement in the
executive department.-Zolfo Adver-
If we do, and can get hold of print-
ing materials, we'll publish it.
The Blessed Tear.
Nineteen hundred and six has now a
fair start, says the Orlando Reporter.
We are supposed to have shaken off as
a worn out shoe the year that is gone.
It may have been a year of hardship;
let us look forward to a year of com-
parative ease. It may have been a
year of failure; let us take heart and a
new start for success. It may have
been a year of illness; let us take a new
grasp on faith and hope and determina- /
tion, that with such aids as science and
good sense may extend, we may reju-
venate our bodies and overcome dis-
ease It may have been a year of sla-
very to some person or some habit,
dominating our better selves and redu-
cing us to the lower level of the beast.
Let us shake off the shackles and be
something better than mere "dumb
driven cattle," summoning to our aid
the latent spark of manhood or woman-
hood still within us, and be something
by doing something. It may have been
a year of bitter enmity, so that our
usefulness may have been destroyed.
Let us bury the hatchet and extend the

S1 t'Jr.-

JiM s. CJLLIMS. PtMhr. *
we LivMthMe. so bd. as boom;
That-mteii-tlo m e
S Die lke the ve, .Uat whae thou'rt saoe.
*wa*k hamr dhumses at thm,
Like finest Me o waves, wrt be tswn
Alowes thy ee. -Ho o

John Steta. avelw ity, DeLand,
True Democrat: The winter term
opened January 3, with a great in-
crease. The fall term was large and
exceedingly prosperous. Last year a
decided forward movement began. The
clouds that hung over the University
began to break. The sun is now shin-
ing on it full and clear. The sky was
never so blue or so full of hope. A
charming lady of this State wrote to the
new president last year that she hoped
he would bring the University out
"clear as the sun, fair as the moon,
and as terrible as an army with ban-
ners. "
Every one at Stetson University has
been quickened and revived. No one is
living back in the days of the past, but
in January, 1906, and we are stepping
out into the new year forgetting the
things that are behind and reaching for-
ward to the things that are before. All
have plucked up courage. The vrofes-
sors are doing their work with increased
energy and enthusiasm. The cheerful
face, the glad eye, the pleasant greet-
ing, the quick step are all evidences of
the hopes that burn in us all.
Mr. John B. Stetson, in the last eight
months, has added to the income from
the endowment fund the sum of $15,600,
making $48,000 to meet current ex-
penses. The money was used to wipe
out a deficit, to pay teachers' salaries,
to put in readiness 26 new student
rooms, to repaint the buildings and to
improve the grounds. Last winter 26
students from the University of Chi-
cago were in the University and there
are four times the number registered
now than at this time last year.
The religious and moral life of the
University has been greatly blessed.
The whole student body has attended
the Bible readings of the president.
This past fall the Gospel of St. John,
the Book of Amos, the Book of Esther,
the Two Epistles of St. Peter, the Let-
ter of James, the Book of Hebrews and
Paul's Letters to the Corinthians, the
Ephesians and Timothy, have been read.
The Vesper services also have been at-
tended by hundreds. This service is
greatly loved and prized by the citizens.
President Lincoln Hulley has addressed
the students each Sunday afternoon.
His subjects have included Character
Building, the Investment of a Life. the
Temptations of College Students, the
Mastery of Self, the Struggles of a
True Christian. etc. The Christian As-
bociationsof the University have a great
deal of vitality and are doing excellent
work. The piaye-r circle, composed of
teachers and students, have carried on
an active campaign of personal Chris-
tian work with individual students.
The Rev. D. J. Blocker and the Rev
H. B. Gibbons, two consecrated minis-
ters of the gos) e have brought the
discipline and the mral tone of the
dormitories to a very ii'-h plane. Dean
Smith has exercised such close super-
vision of class attendance and class
standing as to drive every loafer to the
woods We do not want, and we will
not have idlers, incorr gibles or vicious
people on our rolls.
Ti.ere have been many improvements
and enlargements all through the Uni-
versity this year. The buildint-s have
been repainted, the plumbing has been
perfected; every part of the Universit3
needing the lea.t bit of carpentry has
been attended to. The laundry has had
new tubs, new boilers, machines and a
lot of appliances put in. All the build-
ings have received some new furniture,
rugs, mats, carpets and complete fur-
nishings for 26 rooms. Seven hundre(
doulla:. has been spent in books. T'wo
SUniversity bulletins have been issued,
the college paper has been enlarged, a
new hymnal containing the b a. hvmr,--
oloh gy of the Christian c lurch has'beet
rut in the chapel The toot ball I,*; (
hs li,.'n covered with cl.y. The f.o,
ball team has won the champiorship o:
the State, andI Ed'tor George W. Wil-.
son, of the Times -Union. has present
them with a trophy cup. Additional
shelves have been put in the law libhar
and the general library. Threedisti ut
Sifts of books have been received fromi,
friends of the institution. The Te h-i-
nolog'cal School has been nr organize d
A School of Mechanic Arts has h< en
testablished. A chemical en in, ri g
course has been added to the civil, 1. c-
trical and mechanical courses of the
College of Tvchnoiogy. Mr. E. (
Painter, of Jacksonville, has four dd
two chemistry scholar-hips, each for
$75. The University has added this
year 12 new courses of study and will

offer 12 additional ones next -year
Three extra instructors have bex-n add-
ed to the faculty. one to the ci air of
chemistry, one in the school of peda-
gogy and one in the school of music.
Among the new chemistry courses arr
courses in physical, sanitary, industrial
and agricultural c iemistry The Nor I
fnteal School has been reorganized also.
Its courses have been extended, the
practical is being emphasized, and the
work is correlated with that of the I
State in education
The Music School has never been so
active. Prof. Morse is an artist; he
has the soul of a master; he is all a
tingle with his music. His orga re-
citals, his reproductions of oratorios
and operas are a unique feature of the
University ufe tht year. ly thap.
b-tcompoqsre ar ntU~peted. o

Morse was educated in music by the
highest in the professimon in Enland
and Australia. He has a gle club of
20 male students. He has a University
Choral Society of 00 voices, augWmnMted
by the music lovers of DeLamd. The
choral society has rendered the Meiah
and the boys have rendered the Boston-
ian's Robin Hood and given a great
esacert of flM Uef fall.
Florida for Christ is the University's
watchword. This is not meant in any
little, mean, narrow sense. The Un-
versity Is broad and generous in its
sympathies. It gives the glad hand of
fellowship to every common school in
the State, out in the highways or io the
pine woods; to every high school in
every town and city of Florida, and to
every college, academy and private
school in the State. There should be
no jealousy among the workers. All
are helping in a fight against ignorance.
All should work harmoniously. As long
as the work is done, why should any
one care who does it? The important
thing is that the work be done. That
is the attitude of Stetson University.
It is only a little factor itself among
the many that are building up a future
for Florida. Every newspaper, every
public school, every minister of the
gospel and his congregation, every in-
vestor and promoter, the railroads, the
business enterprises, the builders of
towns and cities all are agents in the
building up of the commonwealth and
our glorious twentieth century civiliza-
tion. Stetson University wishesa happy
new year to all.
How to Avoid Pneumonia.
We have never heard of a single in-
stance of a cold resulting in pneumonia
or other lung trouble when Foley's
Honey and Tar has been taken. It not
only stops the cough, but heals and i
strengthens the lungs. Ask for Fo-
ley'sHoney and Tar and refuse any!
substitute offered. Dr. C. J. Bishop ot
Agnew, Mich., writes: "I have used
Foley's Honey and Tar in three very
severe cases of pneumania with good
results in every case." Sold by all
dealers. *
Hard Luck.
"Las' night I dreamed I died an'
went to hebben," said Toot. "St Peter
met me at de gate, an' I ax him ef I
could come in. e saya he hatter weigh
me 'ginst mah sins fus', and wid dat he
git out a big pair ob balunces an' put
me in one pan an' a great big bag in de
udder. De bag outweigh me way von-
dah, so he sez' I can't come in. I ax
him foh ter tell me whut's in dat bag,
an' he bus' it open fo' me. Well, suf,
it wuz plumb full ob wattarmillions an'

chickens! An' I sez, sez I, 'Ef you'll
leabe mah sins out yere wid me,' sez I,
'I won't ax ter come in.' Sez he, 'All
right But, doggone mah skiin, I wake
up fo' I could git ter dem t'in .O"
Soree Oeldas Preventa Psieisla
Subscribe to the True Democrat.

as an Idal Hunters' Resort cannot be
surpaed. 46 miles south of
Tallahasee, Fla. on the

6eorgla, Florida & Alabama
(C., T. & G. R. R.)
Within A Wakahw& Distanes of the Bet

Huntiag Grounds
In the South: Quail, Wild Duck and
Turkev, Bear and Deer Plentiful.
Trains stop at
Modern, Well Equipped Hotel, Steam
Heated, Electric Lights, fronting im-. I
mediately on the Gulf. Every facility
afforded for fishing in Gulf waters.
White Sulphur Springs on Hotel
Grounds with Heated Swimming Pool.
Round Trip Rates via G. F. & A. Ry,
selling daily, final limit April 30th.
For information call on your nearest
Ticket Agent or write to,
Lanark Inn, Fla.
G. F. & A. Ry. Bainbridge, Ga.



Fancy Goods

Dainty Collars,
Handkerchiefs, Laces
and Embroideries

Gloves, Corsets, Hosiery

The .Newest Materials for
Fancy Work.

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Men's flats, ntI'- line, going cheap.,
at Evans'.

The Popular Liver Medicine
Will Keep You Well
A GUARANTEED CURE for all diseases produced by TOR.
PID LIVER and IMPURE BLOOD. Do not fill your system
with Arsenic, Calomel and Quinine. They act as rank poisons
which vitiate the blood. debilitate the system, and leave a trail
of bad symptoms which require years to obliterate. HERB-
INE is purely vegetable and contains no mineral or narcotic
poisons, is absolutely harmless and is the simple remedy of
nature. It carries off all poison in the system and leaves no
injurious esects.
Mr. L. A. Hicks, Iredell, Texas, says: I was
sick in bed for eight months with liver trouble, the
doctor seemed to do me no good. I was told to try
Herbine, and it cured me Jn a short time. I cannot
recommend this wonderful medicine too highly."

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ier, Builder.' Supplies and Sporting Goods

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Plans and Specifications turn shed. All kinds of buildings planned
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MUl Work-Manufacturers of all kinds of rough and dressed lmbe*
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P. 0,m is

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A medium-sized second-hand boiler, OnTICE 1 HKREBY GIVEN THAT a Xt
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ply at this office, or at Leon Hotel, and, CountyJurvot mf L eonau mdty. Pld ."
see it. 31-tf I for my dicharg A malOerat of tM t m-
of Henry J. R ha d

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Confectioner & Crocer

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ia a.. W^a^^^H^^ the

,__ _____

- -- 4~

___ __ I ---

-F- -- --









Jse e. COLLUMS, sbloser.


Thb Orga n ectal.
It was announced from some of the
pulpits on llst Sunday that an organ
rectal would t.e given in the Presby-
terian church on the evening of Friday,
January 12. by Miss Bertha Foster, of
the Departmer t of Music of the Florida
College for Women. Mr. J. A. Turner,
Jr., of Tampa. I ad promised to give
two or three violin numbers during the
evening. Mr. Turner has been called
to another part of the State for this
week, and thet efre the recital has been
deferred until Friday evening of next
week, at the .Tme place. Mis Foster
comes to the College for Women from
the Lucy Cobb Institute. of Athens,
Ga., and is an organist of great ability.
Her recital is sure to be a treat, and
should be enjoyed by a large number.
It is to be regretted thatTallahasaee
does not possess a large and magnificent
pipe organ such as artists are aecus-
tomed to give recitals upon, but it is not
likely that any one will be disappointed
on the evening of the 19th. To this re-
cital the people of Tallahassee are most
cordially invited. There will be no ad-
mission fee.
Itesas reo Ashmre.
Ashmore, Jan. 10. The Ashmore
school, the Sopchoppy school and sev-
eral others throughout the county will
clone in a few days.
The Willis school, taught by Mr. Joe
Gray, secured the two extra months
granted under a provision made by the
hat lgialature to give State aid to
those schools making an average of
80 per cent of the enrollment. Itis our
humble opinion that very few of the
country schools will receive any benefit
from this law, unless the Legislature
had gone further and passed a compul-
sorv attendance school law.
Rtev. and Mrs. L. S. Hutchens and
their guests Mr. and Mrs. Hatfield of
West Virginia, left this afternoon for a
visit to Carrabelle and Apalachicola.
Miss Gertrude Clemons, who has been
confined to her bed with typhoid fever
several weeks, in still seriously ill. Dr.
Palmer was called to her bedside yes-
Mr. Walter Ashmore of Hilliardville
has put a stock of goods in the post-
office building. The new store is in
charge of Messrs. J. II. and G W,
The Crawfordville school will open
Monday, Mr C K Allen, who is com-
pleting the Sopchoppy school thin week,
will be the principal We have not yet
learned who the assistant will be
The house of Mr McRaney, a woods-
man of the Mcl~aurin-Hoyd Co caught
fire Tuesday night, but fortunately the.
fire was discovered before it had made,
much headway and was sMoon extiri-
gul hed
For Sale.
My farm just ,iitoide city on the, we.t.
Eighty-five' a<'res iooxi land; g i(l five-
room residence'; plank und wire fene-
ing; city water; telei hone; gIool burn.
Adrmirbly dwhipted fur poultry, mtock
or truck.
46-tf A. I. WInI)WARI

Jacksonville people have just organ-
ied a life insurance company with a
capital stock of one million dollars
This is an it should have been all along
and in decidedly better than sending
Southern money to New York every
year to feed such parasiteh as McCurdy.
Mc( all, Hyde, )De'pew and other who
toil not, neither do they spin, yet Solo-
mon in all his glory never "ported such
diamonds, rode in such auttomobile's or
oardedl at such swell hotel nas they itdo
The big New York life insurance com-
panies are all solid. but what good
reason is there why we can't have some
big and solid ones down here and keep
our money at home? Live Oak Demo-
A meddlesome sort of boy went into a
blacksmith shop, and seeing a new
horseshoe lying on the floor, picked it
up. As It had come out of the fire only
a few minutes before that, the boy
dropped it with a yell and began to ex-
ecute asort of green-corn dance on the
smithy floor. "If you will learn from
this, young man," said the smith as he
tied up the boy's hand, "to use your
eyes more and your hands less when
you are in other people's placesof busi-
ness, you will have more friends and
fewer scars to carry." The Household.
A man who was fool enough to con-
tributeof his substance to a lot of graft-
era who flattered him into believing that
he had a chance to be elected to office,
was one day bathing in a pond. when a
leech fastened itself to his ler. As soon
as the man discovered it he hurriedly
pulled it off and threw it away Then
he leech, looking after the man as he
walked away. said: "That fool won't
permit a little blood-sucker like me.
who only wants a drop or tuo, to touch
him; lut he keeps that crowd of big
bleeders about him and lets them drain
him dry. "- The Household.
It coat a Richmond, V.. man $100 to
hug a girl against her will, that being
the amount he was fined by a country
justice of the peace, at his trial for the
offese. Guess he will not take any
more hugs at that price.
Conmreasmai'W. B. Lamar writes a
e alfriend here that he will be in
roiwda some time la March in a canvass
fW the emolnaties for r-eleeton, and
wfls opsk at several places i Walton
itsaot laterwet-Deo Unisak

Mr. A. L no wi take yoe a
try v l od eMO W-aoo nl

iss Gertrade ChitSteade New elds

Tallahassee lead Thursday night in
the Times-Union voting contest to de-
termine who is the most popular and
bentiful girl in ill Florida, on whom
will be conferred the honor of present-
ing the Speed King at Ormond-.Daytona
with the Times-Union $1,000 crown
jia iGertrude Chittenden of Talla-
hassee secured an unusually large num-
ber of votes, and climbed from third
place to the lead. Her total last night
at midnight was 8,646, giving her a lead
over the next nearest competitor of 242
Miss Mary Simrall of Ormond, who
headed the list at midnight on Tuesday,
is now in second place, with a total of
3,404 votes. Her gain yesterday was
202 votes, but this was not sufficient to
keep her In the lead, the Tallahassee
favorite being given a total of 663 bal-
The race is now narrowed down to a
spirited contest between Tallahassee,
rmond, Palatka, Daytona, Fernandina
and Ocala, and so close is the contest
that any candidate may easily jump
from sixth to first place in one day a
Miss Chittenden is now the only young
lady from Tallahassee or this part of
Florida, in the race. Let every citizen
vote liberally for and elect her.
Church Notices.
Trinity M. E. Church, South, W. M.
Poage, Pastor.--Services Sunday at 11
a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Junior Ep-
worth League, 3.00 p Senior Ep-
worth League, 4.00 p. m. All members
requested to attend. The public and
strangers specially invited to worship
with us.
First Baptist Church, Rev. Frank W.
Cramer, Pastor. Divine worship by
the pastor Sunday at 11 a. m. an 7.30
Y. m. Bible School at 10 a. m.
Junior Baptist Union, 3 p. m. Sen-
ior B P. U., 6.45 p. m. A cordial invi-
tation is extended to every person.
Strangers will be especially welcomed.
St. John's Episcopal Church, Rev.
Dr. W. II. Carter, Rector--Services:
Sunday and Holy Dayn, holy commun-
ion 7 o'clock a m. Sunday, 11 a. m.
and 7 ."0 p m. Friday, 8 p.m. St. Mi-
chael's (colored). -- Services: Sundays,
4 p m. Friday, 4.30 p. m.
Christian Science.-- Services are held
every Sunday at 11 o'clock a. m., in the
front room, second story, of the build-
ing east of the postoffice This room is
also used a a (Christian Science reading
room, and is open daily except Sundays,
between the hour of 10 anti 12 o'clock
n. in. All are cordially invited.
Paotodraph Work
Excl; r g ,(l for Feed Stuff and Country
I'ro ucet'. ('all and t siet me.

Secretary J. Emmrn tt Wolf left Thurs-
day fr 'rPensacola, where' he will spend
a e.w days.
Mr. 1'. T. Nichols o.i, the enterprising
Jeweler, is to be' congratulated on the
fine line of Jewelry' and Cut-(lass Ware
that he carries in stock. It would he
well for interested parties to inspect 45
Miss Mary Newton, of J.ackson, (;a..
in visiting the Misses Chittenden, and
will Ie one of the attendants at the
Chittenden-Wight marriage, which is
to take place on the lth
Mrs leila Taylor in spending a season
with her sisters, Mrs. W. 1). ilartt and
Miss Nellie Itassintt. Mrs Taylor'm
hosts of Tallahassee friends are always
delighted to, welcome her back to her
Virlhorl home'
Mr. Selim Myers and Mr. Hlugh Law
are. expected to iarrive' in the' city Sun-
dlay, Mr Myers to visit his parents and
hosts of blxyhood friends. and Mr.
to s:pnd a season with his grandfather,
('ol. J iI. Law.
Mrs. M E Cherry of Tallahassee ar-
rived here last night and will make her
home with her daughter, Miss Mamie
Cherry, and Miss (Chlds, teacher in the
kindergarten school.- Live Oak Demo-
crat, 10th.
A council ticket composed of Messrm.
Aaron Levy, 8. D. Cnittenden, W. H.
Markham, Wm. Childs and J. D Cay is
published in the Capital. All are busi-
ness men, and either on the council
would make a good officer
Miss Augusta Chittenden will be the
fuest of honor at a pretty luncheon to
be given by Miss Eunice Rawla on Tues.
day, the 16th. Miss Rawls' guests will
include the attendants at the wedding
of Miss Chittenden and Mr. Wight,
which will take place on the 18th.
Those invited are: Miss Augusta Chit-
tendon, Mrs Dexter M. Lowery, Mrs.
Dudley Frisbee Chittenden. Miss Chit-
tenden, Miss Mary Newton of Jackson,
Ga ; Miss Lina Gerow. of Jacksonville;
Miss Mary Page Randolph, Miss Beoaie
Saxon, Miss Bershe Mrinnila, Misa
Hlenrietta Ord Ames and Miss Clyde

Sheriff's Sale.
tkm issued out of the Circuit Court of the
second Judicial Circuit of eortda In and foe the
county y of I.em. upon a judgment eovwered In
the Court Of the County Judge In and for ad
county, in a ertaln tau*e pending therein, wheorta
Jnmsph A. idmoAdmn sam plaintiff and Richael
Mann wa defendant. I have le* led upos na will
IlI at iubl eoutery to the highest bidder ffr
eah. beore the county ouert hoes de r In te
city of Tallaha*. In said county, em the Mh day
of february. A. P. IOM. betw*e the eowar ofII
ol*oek a.m.4 and e'I e p. P .. all, .. ala.
or ae of lad tmate to the ety f tBb.
a k seaM. e a-d e* .i W .

Na= WW
aBB~a FIa---t~L*f^W1 4~l rBBB^i11^-

I-- ~ U

Pofldce Aumoucesmts.
5 w be11 1 pu. bl10hb.1 w thwo
Im ad U "s he, r mm he aM. lmoatisk
ao ia lia, Sdo f MB o. I-
To theA People f LVoe Co nity:
I hAeby seimmM oi esridaw for the positim
o stow a a atoru fs MM lArhth Somerlal Die-
trit. To I Ia bu she questie of my quai.-
ttios to repo"" esInthat M a ote y.
1If amilIi dby to Dsmacel. pr.rGY. I&W
ice, apoor iataersO Wnd welfare a&MI be rmy

F r see***e f sr@eao-ve0.
To the Democratic Voters of Leon County;
We hobv anssews Outd rt Hertaleld asU e- for. BoAAR.presentativ. subject
to the ction of tr Democratic Primary.
Vox Po VLnt.
,01d18-e TkKOL
cnsisest neo. t

For Tax Collector.
ForTas Am.sesr,
For CIrk a&nd Tr uer
For Councilmen
To the Voters of Tatlahsese:
I respectfully offer myself as eandidat for the
offTe of Mayer of Tallahasee, subject to the t-
tion of theity Dtomecr primary, and Pd
-eltIfI, t elctd, to perform all the duties of
at lto hbest of my ability.
P. C. OmsLoss.
Fer Mayor.
The many friends of Dr. Henry E. Palmer an-
nounce him a a canddat for Mayor, subject to
the action of th city Deocratic primary.
t oruCMy COek.
I hereby announce myself s a candidate for re-
election to the ofiea of City Clerk of the city of
Tallahaesese lorida, aubject to the action of the
city Democratic primary.
I thank the voters of the city for support In past
elections, and will appreciate It In this one.
eot Ct Tan Cellemor..
I hereby announce myself a candidate for re-
election to th oe of City a ny xCollector of the
city of Tallahassee, Florida. subject to the action
of the city Democratic primary.
It elected, I promise to continue to do my best to
make a faithful and efficient Collector.
Fr CIty Taxa A-se a.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for re
election to the office of City Tax Assessor of the
rity of Tallahassee, Florida. subject to the action
of the city Democratic primary.
Thanking my friends for the support they have
given me In the past: I respectfully solicit the same
in the coming primary.
W. H. CHAnCaY.
Ceadreseoaal A oam -at.t
I hereby announce that I am a candidate for
Congre in the Third Congreessional Districtof
the State of Florida. subject to the Democratic
primary that will be hekl in 1906. And I shall, if
elected, work unceasin ly and vote for:
lt. Appropriations for the improvement of the
various tayht, rivers and harbors of this congres-
sional district.
Znd. I shall oppose the reduction of the South's
rpresentation In Congress.
ird. I shall do all that I can to have free rural
mail delivery established throughout the district.
4th. I shall endeavor to have a thorou h geolow-
ecal survey made in each county of this (I strict for
the benefit of farmers and all concerned.
fith. I shall work for the proper advertisement
of the State and its resource. and encourage the
Investment of capital.
6th. I shall work to lace Florida on an equal
footing with the leading States of the Union in
education and Industries, and the various rognrem-
iyve developments that will be beneficial to the
7th. I favor the Increast and extension of the
commercial relationshipiu(f the United States upon
an suitableh basii with the various nation and
islanmis of the world. in order that the farmers of
the South may find a ready market for their cot-
ton and other products at paying prices, and that
the manufacturer may find an outlet for his sur-
plus manufactured products.
The above are a few (of the many thine that I
favor and expect t) work for if elected.
JcrraasoN I). STKSPH.NM.
For Sale or Meat.
The IHoustoun Home Place, one mile
east of the city. For particulars, ap-
ply to
3,f-tf J. P. S. HOUSTOUN.
For Sale Cheap.
Set of Text Books -General History.
English Composition. Latin Grammar,
Arithmetic, Algebra, and Cwesar's Gallic
Wars. True Democrat Office.


Its bttr
and more





* 0



J. [. TH[US.




Comfort and Elegance are combined In our

well selected stock of Rockers, Easy Chairs,

Lounging Chairs and Morris Chairs. You will

do well to have a look at them if you want

First Choice.

A Very Heavy Line of Fine and Medium

Furniture for Every

Startling Prices.

Room in the House at

Suits, Iron Beds, Household Furnishings,

Carpets, Mattings, Etc.


bdik^itr Bxi^x^x ^^x xit xiibdbdcJi



Repair Work a Specialty.

All Work Done Promptly.

Satihfactlon Guarantsed.


and take a look at our conveyances and
you will readily see the advantage of
hiring teams from us. If you're not
accustomed to much driving, no doubt
our prices will strike you as being
small. Do no harm to ask them any-

J. P. S. HoUSTOUN, Prop.
Phones 79 and 39.
i ***** j** m ,O



J. D. CAY, 140 S. Adams St.
I carry the choicest livery in
the city.

My teams cannot be duplica-
ted by any stable in Tallahassee.
My Carriages, Phetons, Sur-
reys, Buggies and Robes are
new and clean, the most fastidi-
ous will be pleased with them.
I ask a liberal share of the
patronage of the people of Tal-
Sahassee, and of those visiting
here. In return will guarantee
.. -best service possible.
After this date I wi I ul eate no public hacks, but will be pleased to
take orders for famiels or indivaluals to meet all trains arriving or
To traveling salesmen especially I offer the service of good teams and
competent drivers. There are no others so good. A trial will convince.
In the sales department will always be found a good assortment of
draft and saddle horses and mules for light or heavy work.
I keep on hand various grades of buggies and harness. Any one look.
ing for either will do well to call on me before purchasing elsewhere.
Come t) No. 140 South Aams Street, see for yourself and be con-
vinced. Number of phone t1.

Cr sites a good impression among your
correspondents and helps to give your
business ptetige.




The town 'was crowded this week
with drummers, but all seemed to do
Dr. James H. Randolph spent last some business.
Sunday with his wife and son in this Mr. Hooks, of Georgia, has moved to
city. Woodville, where he will engage in
State Treasurer W. V. Knott made farming.
an official business trip to Tampa this We are all glad to see our dear old
week. friend W. D. Levy recovering from a
Popular Julius Solomon has been serious illness.
home with his family and friends again I wonder how the Senators are mak-
this week. ing the race? Hon. W A. Rawls was
in Woodville some time ago and made a
Miss Genevieve Parkhill has returned speech. We think John had better get
home from Tampa, where she visited to hustling. We can say rally, boys,
several days. this campaign, for No. 16 is out, so she
Mr. J. W. Collins has returned home, can help the good and worthy ones who
after a visit to friends at Mt. Pleasant, may need it next time.
Gadsden county. M. Hall will soon be running his
"We have had a carnival gang with us new saw mill, and we are listening for
this week, and so far as we have been the sound of a mogul whistle along the
Informed, they have kept orderly line of the Woodville railroad, which will
grounds and done a fair business, run front Panacea to Perry, in Taylor
It is intimated that at least onemem- We will miss the presence of Hons.
ber of Congess has used his frank to G. W. Rhodes and J. L. Robison and
send a milk cow to his home by mail. Joe Crosby, who are spending some
This is one case in which publicity time in Jacksonville this week.
would be punishment. His name?-Pa- -.^^
latka Times. As a Representatilve.
One of the features of the Donnelly Editor True Democrat : As the time
& Hatfield Magnificent Minstrels. which is now approaching when the people
will appear at the opera house Monday must choose their representatives, and
night, is the daily street parade, which the great need of the times now is to
is given at 11 a. m. In addition to its have honest, capable men in office as
parade, two concerts will be given each such representatives the public mind
day, under the direction of Professor naturally reverts to the necessity of se-
Finning. electing the best available material for
Tallahasseeans are delight to learn that purpose,
Taahasseeans are deiht to learn Among those that stand prominent in
that Mrs. Raymond Cay is now rapidly the public eye, as fitting to represent
improving and that great hopes are held he pe e of this county in the Legisla-
out that she will entirely recover from ture, s Mr. W. N. Keith, of this city,
the severe wounds she received by being who is well known to be honest and
thrown from a carriage at Jacksonville fearless, and fully equipped to safe-
some days ago. Mrs. C A. Cay is ex- guard the interests of all classes of the
pected to return home today. people. He would make a capable and
Mr. Dudley Chittenden and wife are efficient representative, and if the peo-
expected to arrive in the city tomorrow, pie want a man who is fully competent
and will be guests with Mrs. Chitten- to meet the requirements of the present
den's parents. Hon. and Mrs. W. A. issues, and who would not waste the
Rawls. Miss Lina Gerow, of Jackson- public time with lobbyists, but work
ville, will arrive Sunday and be a guest zealously for the best interests of his
of the Misses Chittenden and will be an constituents, he is the man to be se-
atteandant at the marriage. elected.

Mr. Wm. Chipley Vason accompanied
his brother, Mr. Jack Vason, and wife
back to San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Va-
Fon and wife spent the Christmas holi-
days pleasantly with the family near
the city, and his Tallahassee friends
were delighted to have him with them
again, and tu become acquainted with
his wife.
A case involving the title of several
hundred thousand acres of land in Leon,
\ Wakulla and Jefferson counties was ar-
gued today before Judge Swayne, in
the United States Court, and prominent
attorneys from Atlanta and various
Florida cities are here in the interest of
their clients. The ease is that of Ray-
mond Cay vs. the Coast Cypress Rail-
way Company and W. C. Vereen. The
case was brought up on demurrer, hav-
ing been in litigation for some months -
S Pensacola Correpondent Times-Union,
Jan. 4th.
All Florida school teachers hail with
pleasure the remarkably kind offer of
John B. Stetson University Normal
School and Teacher's College. That
offer is to give all Florida school teach-
ers free tuition, free from room rent
and a discount off the regular rate of
board during the next pring term, to
enable them to prepare themselves for
the comir county examinations. This
ia a most liberal proposition and it is to
be hoped the teachers will avail them-
selves of its benefits. -Fort Pierce
Miss May Alford was the charming
hostess of the Young People's Card Club
Tuesday evening at one of the prettiest
of the season's parties. Miss Young
Wad Mn Myeras who are visitinKMis
I Awford..a=dtd in recivng, The
were seven tablesof five-handed euchre.
Th ead prize was won by Miss Ea.-
beth Mays. of Montiello. Mr. Ed
Manning won the gentleman's prse,
sad Mr. Beggs, the consolatios. As
seenscare d were ketses of the
A Iwo^ the uitisv wak at

-- amsh guu-* M^-i- L

Seven hundred and sixty-seven shares
of Georgia Northern Railroad stock,
at Moultrie Ga., on the 7th inst, passed
from J N. Pidcock, Jr. president of
the road, to C. W. Pidcock. The stock
represents a controlling interest. The
next largest block is owned by Frank
B. Pideock. Negotiations are on for
the sale of this to C. W. Pidcock, who
is slated for president and general man.
ager of the road. J. B. Pidcock will
dispose of his interests in the road to
C.W. Pidcock. and will retire. It is
understood that W. S. Humphreys, gen-
eral counsel, has resigned, a will be
succeeded by Jessie Walters of Albany.
C. W. Pideock, of the Natutal Bridge
Railway in Florida, has disposed of his
stock in the road to J. N. Pidcock, Jr.,
and has resigned as general manager.
Governor Broward has assigned Hon.
WS.S. Bullock, Judge of the Fifth Ju-
dicial Circuit, to hold a part of the ap-
proaching term of the Circuit Court of
Hillsborough county. Judge Bulloc k
will relieve Judge Wall on February
29th to try the case of the State of
Florida against Hop and Sam Wilder,.
charged with the murder of Oscar Bran-
non. Judge Wall being dqualifted.
The Governor also assigned Judge Bul-
lock to hold a special term of Cir-
cuit Court at Key West, beginning Jan.
uary 80th, to dispose of cases in which
Juge Wall is disquaified. Judge J. T.
Wils, of the Ih Judisial Circuit, was
assigned to hold Spring termof court in
Hamilton County, bslring Januamr
2d. to trya in wh Judg B. .
Palmer is d- allfiet
The Gainesvile SaO advocating the
thef pui 6 0f of a ftories. ay;
"By the rcto of eann fator
ia tis State, we a beat the wo
on any Hlies of a d goods.
can et the fruit get thoro ime i
th before it lis put up." Prdhas
In abais aary everything that t
Ia eam, ad whes the f4
toy I -. dw^Ig twt jl "

maastrl Neday1 NMWht. OFFICIAL CALL.
Theatre goers of this city will have
an opportunity to see the Donnelly &
Hatf'eld Maniflecent Minstrels at the Qly Degcrtfi hl7r Eecl [Cled to
opera house Monday night. This com-
pany is under the personal direction of Be HIe Tuesday, Jemary 234, 1906.
Al. G. Field. Flattering reports have Thi Democrte Exeutl Committee of the
preceded this minstrel show into this ity of Tallahasse Florida, hereby all and pro-
city. Capacity business has been done Mide for the holdia of a Demoerstie Primary
in all the lead cities in the count-, Election tto be holdi of Talhassee, For-
ial sda, the8 in t court house
and the heavy advance sale here is indi- of Lon county. on Tueeday. the Sd day of Janu-
cation of a packed house. ary. A. D. 106. from eight o'clock a. m. until sun-
It is said the first part is as refresh- down, for the nomination of all Democratic eandi-
dato for offices to be voted for by the Democratic
ing as a dip into salt water. It is a electors at the municipal election to be held on the
tonic, and with the conclusion of its 20th day of February. A. D. 1906 in said city, and
melody and its merriment and its lights also for member of the City Democratic Executive
1d tt Committes. Provided, that a second primary,
and shades, for the first part is said to where necessary, shall be held on Tuesday, the
be done in as many colors as a chame- 80th day of January, A. D. 1906. to choose between
leon's coat, the minds of the audience the highest candidates, where nominations shall
not have been made by a majority vote in the first
have been soothed and the general ver- primary election, and at such second primary ele.
dict is that Messrs. Donnelly & Hatfield tion only such electors a were qualified to vote at
have given to the public a necessity. the first primary election shall be permitted to
The olio is said to be rich in special- "The Democratic City Executive Committee call-
ties. Each act is touched with humor ing said primary election hereby declares the
in smvathy with the keynote sounded terms and conditions on which local electors offer-
in t t ar Crawford and Finni n to become candidates or to vote at such elec
Sin the rst part. Crawford and Finning tion shall be regarded and taken as proper mem-
are said to do a musical act different bers of the Democratic party and therefore enti-
from anything of its type. It is serio- tied to participate and be candidates before and
d th vote at such elections, as follows:
comic and passes with snap. Thoe,. and on lythose persons shall be permitted
Many feature acts are on the program. to become candidates before or to vote at or par-
One of the entertaining acts is the ticipate in the management of any primary elee-
tion held by the Democratic party in said city. who
Darktown Circus, a burlesque upon the are white Democratic electors, who declare their
most popularof America's amusements, adherence to the principles and organisation of the
the circus. While one can count five Democratic party, national. State. county and
the audience is introdty who re by thelaws of the tae of id
the audience is introduced to all of the and the ordinances of the city of Tallahassee law
accessories and atmosphere that go to ful electors of said city; who have paid their pll
make a typical one-ring circus. The taxes legally due not less than ten days before
entire company of fosuch primary election held and who shall. when
entire company of forty people take challenged by any elector, pledge in writing upo.n
part in this scene. The setting is both oath before an inspector to abide by and .upl-'.rt
gorgeous and realistic. This act is re- the remlt of such primary and vote for the-.. nom
of nee t heeeof.
ieved by the Toledos, impersonators of r ,ovi), .that some i,-rnon deiiienattl tCy the
animals, reptiles and amphibious mon- City i-mo-rsatic ExecutiveC'mininittere shall oupn
sters. They give feats of contortion registration books and keep th same.. oper. for the
S -- t reiiintration of voters in saul city nm the sth lday
and acrobatic agility. of January. 190M. to January a21th. 1\. inclusive.
-- ...--- and shall re.riter in said ioolks any white Ihorno-
Value of Weekly Papers. cratic pe rson applying who i entitled under the
ps tateri City Election Laws to itm register. .snd
"No man can ever measure accurately P wrin. s> registered shall for the' purpo w of Naid
ormman can ever measure accura y ry election te dOmed to I, lawfully re(in-
the value of even the humblest paper. lter,.
It is safe to say that every issue of the Each elector in sild city qualified to vote in said
most ordinary weekly journal has some- ;Pimary election shall have the right to vote fior
ete to h o rnana ome- oh e casndilate for Mayor, five candidateN for the.
thing in it either to help man in nhim (iy Council. one, candidate for City (lerk. one
business prospect and temporal affairs, i aniidate for City Tax Aweassr. one candidate
or to do goo to his spiritual nature in for (City Tax Collector, am five candidates for the
some of a thousand ways--impartingK rih per.ondeilIn Uto have hsr name printed
joy, comfort, hope1 inspiration and pur- on the l'Prmary Eletknm IalloWtm as aandltsU for
soe of reform.' very man should any of the above mentioned offices. including
eep up with the events of the world. of the City Democratiue executivee (mm-
eep p with the events of the woild. nmttee hall leave with the Chairman of this
He misses much by not doing so, but committee on or before the lith day of January,
he misses vastly more by not keeping IWi. his notice of candidacy and application to"
posted what is going on in his own have his name no printed upon a blank to be fur-
posted as tow hat IS going on in his own nshed by the said Chairman, and accompanied by
community. The local paper is worth an amount of money usal to four cent of the
more to the man who takes it than an annual compensation of the office which he is
thinghe can buy with five times a candidate, and no name of any such candidate
thing ne Can Duy Wt ve tm e te s hall be printed upon, or counted, or returned if
amount of money he pays for it.- Chip- printed upon any such ballot, unless this pru-
ley Banner vision shall have been complied with. alid Chair-
Sman shall, immediately after the 12th day of Jan-
uary. A. D. 1906, furnish to each newspaper. pub-
Preaching and Lecture. listed in said city. for publication, a list of alit e
nam which have been filed as candidates fo
The attention of the citizens of Tal- such eofie.s.
lahassee is respectfully called to the The voting In .aid primary elections shall be by
following announcement: ballot prepared and ued in accordance with the
fannou ncemen provisions of the State election law. and shall be
Rev. rHoltshausen, formerly of printed and distributed under the direction of the
Wittenberg (Luther's city), Germany, said City Committee, and on maid balots shall be
will preach In the Presvterian church printed, first, the nme of all eandiate for
n aext S -yJanuay .1 J at 11a M mayor; co d. the name of all candidates for the
next Sunday, January 14th, at 11 a. m. City Council- third, the name oat all sandidset
In the evening at 7:30 o'clock he will for Clerk; fourth, the names of all candidates
deliver his instructive and inspiring c. I ftor Tax Ahores; fifth, tU names of all candi-
t.reon Dr_. U-Mat L..u.thr te h o data for Tax Collector; and sixth the names of all
tur on Dr. Martin Lnuther. the hero of candidates for City Democratic Executive Coin-
the Reformation. Everybody cordially; mittee: the name of each group of candidates to
invited to attend both services. be printed la alphabetical order on each ballot.
L Ww. 10 .... l TheCity Democratic Exemtive Committee shall.
L. W. BUCHHOLZ. at noo n the th day after such primary, or
sormner, If all the turns ma e in. mint at the Cty
Mr. 0. J. Keep. representing the Hall and opbiicly eavnas the returns and declare
popular Dodson Printers' Sp lyCom- what endttes have been somiated by a maJor
r r-- fin t yif of the
ny, of Atlanta, was in the city Mon- CIty Demtocra ti xmUve Committee, and In
aay and sold the Colored Normal and what ases a send primary will have to be held.
Industrial College a nice little outfit of abc and am idater fn oe e0was voted for snal
__J_, ....... , .. l ...L.l h te *e rich& to pieon wewatcher and halon
printing material to replace that which the w ld water land c allengr
was lost in the fire. just as the old year shall eutd to be present during the entire
was passi g away and entering into the the the Mpole are epen, to1hallee voters, alo
new. Mr. Keep Is a Florida oy anda of witns theratn of thevoe andcl ratifying
practical printer, having at one time The alets. poll Uata. return and other records
owned the Quincy Herald, is well known of the election shall be prso ,ed by the City Es-
in this State., and his many Floridla e Catte after th pr r has been
friends are pleased that he is connected I harsby eutify that theabove is a true and er-
with Dodson's Printers' SuI me re py of the call for primary election a adopt-
wh-ict. de s. .. c. o bmie .. I~s p ms a d theb Democrati Ee outive Committee of the
whh does much buine in Florida. C of TaiThsea, Florida, on the 4th of January.
If you get it from them., it's always the A. i.0L- .
b01t. 01101 I. DAVit.
s .l- Ex C D- l Ecutve Committee of


Joan L N nesr, Scrtary.
Te feo sla eern were m ,appointed by the

JpIer 36m
0 iso1t




eold Weather

Warm clothing.


Bell System Suits

In 6assimeres and Worsteds, randlng In price
from $10 to $18 per Suit.

Every Garment guaranteed.



Walk Over



r Johmam


Notice is herby iven that the ndern d will
ap" to Hon. N. 8. Broward. Governor of Floria
at TWhaese. on January o 1. for Letters
Patent incorporating the "Oeklockon- Brick
Company" under a charter of which the original
is ofile in the ofie* of the Secretary of State of
0. I. DAVU.

The undersigned hereby associate themselves
together for the purposeof becoming Incorporated
under the lawsof Florida under the following pro.
posed charter:
The name of the corporation shall be "Ocklock-
onee Brick Company." its principal office at Talla-
hares. Florida; its business shall be conducted in
the Stateof Florida. any other State of the United
States. or foreign country.
The general nature of the business shall be: To
buy, sell. produce, and manufacture bricks, stone,
pipes, or any article made from earth, lime, ce-
ment. or other thint or composition: or any mate-
rials and machinery used In or required therefore;
to build and construct any building or machinery
required therefore. and to do a general business of
buying, selling, and manufacturing bricks, stone,
or similar commodities: and to act as broker or
agent in the handllin andsaleof euchoommodities;
to buy, sell produce and manufacture turpentine
and naval stores of every kind- to buy, sell and
deal in merchandise of every kind; to buy. sell.
lease and mortgage lands, and sell and diispoee
of any of Its property, at will, and rein-
vest the pnroeds thereof, as provided by by-laws:
to borrow money, and secure the same, or moneys
owinr, by mortea e or other obligation; to sub-
ocribe for and purchase, sell or make advances on,
Mtock or securities of other corporations, when-
**ver it shall be to the interest of said corporation.
to receive payment for capital stock sublcrimed
for in money or ,t her property, at a just valuation,
to be fixed by the Hoard of Directaor: and to 1)o
all thinirs and have all rights allowed by the lawn
of 'lorida. necemnary or to its Interest.
The rcaital stock sha'l Ie twenty thousand dol.
lara, to Iw ,vlivid d into two hundrli shares of one
hundrdli dollars each, ten per cent thereof to be
.ultritbd and paid fr before the corporation
shall transart All or any larl thereof
may In-w ayahle in. or issu"d or usei for the pur- of any pirorirty at a just valuation, to eto
tfixl by the Hisni of iire-ctors, at a motfifm to
lo calhol for that purp, '.e.
The term for which sail corporation shall exist
shall be ninety- ine year..
Its business shall be conducted by a President
Vieo-l'r.aident, Secretary. Treasurer and 1,inrr
of l)rectorrs. The otfree of Swretary and Trtas.
urer may be hrld by the same person. The nium
ber of Dirrector may tl changed by, but
at no time to b lem than three nor more than nine.
The Hiard of Directomrs may appoint other officers
or agents. with powers and tirms an provided by
by-laws. The I)Mrw.tors shall be elected by the
Stockholders at each annual meeting. All other
officers shall be elected annually by the Directorm.
or vacanies supplied by them any time. Annual
meetinri of the stockholders shall be held on the
first Monday of February of each year. but such
date may be changed by by-law. Directors shall
hold annual meetings on the mane day immedi-
ately after the meeting of the stockholders a afore-
said. The subscribinfg Incorporator shall meet on
first Monday of February, 1306, at the office of the
company. Tallahasee. II o'clock a. m.. for the pur.
pose of adopting by-laws and holding the first an.
nual meeting of otlin officers and completing
Its organisation Until the officers elected at the
first annual meeting shall be qualified, the busi-
nes of said company shall be conducted by fol-
lowing officers: G. avia President; F. C. Gil-
more Vice-President; A. C. 8piller. Secretary
and Trliaurer; F. C. Gilmore. G. I. Davis and A.
C. Spiller, Board of Directors.
The highest amount of Indebtedness to which
the corporation shall at any time subject itself
shall be SM.OW00.
The names and reldences of the subscribing in-
corporatorsa, together with the amount of capital
stock subecribed by Lach, are as follows: I.
Davis, Tallahassee. a.. 7 shares: F. C. Gilmore.
Tallahassee. Fla.. 7 shares: and A. C. Spiller. Tal-
lahasee. Fla.. 6 share.
0. 1. DAvIa.
F. C. Gi.Moans.
Tallaha see, Fla.. Dec. 20. 1906.
Legal Notice.
months after date. the underairned will fle
their accounts as Executor and Executrix of the
estate of Martha E. Flemoin. late of Leon county.
Florida deeas and apply to the Honorable
County Judge of said county for their disehar
as such executor and executrix.
L. A. CRAWFORD. Executor.
L F. CANTEY. Executrix,
of the iEstate of Martha EI. Fleming. Dec'd.
Dated this Slot day of July. IL la0i
NOTICE of the Insolvency of the Eitateof Reb.
art L. Collins.a. med.
Inseoleoey of the a eatt hv hba vbe -
b t s0% 4 e h.
aes o t. t rt. e uadi rn. i I s" m .V

Usee aiis s we t Fb Whales.



JOHN 0. COLLINS, Phbllshe.
I weeod't ever worry
If I'd work eouh todo
To kep weood sod Iby.
With ao Une for getting blue.
And though the per were smple.
The perqwliites but few,
I'd live within my Income
And be happy-wouldn't you?
I wouldn't ever worry
If the day wre old or hot;
The Lord who make the weather
Understands it-I do not.
lut aomewhere In the landscape
I'd try to fatch a view
Of bright mldeummioer sunahin
And be happy-wouldn't y'ou?
E. E. Kier..
Tewa Tapics Owns Tom Watsea's
One of the most sensational develop-
ments of the week was brought out in
New York on January 2d in the case
of William D. Mann, of Town Topics,
Fads and Fancies, etc., against Norman
H1ayiood, editor of (Colier's Weekly,
on the char f of criminal libel, is the
testimony of the treasurer of the Town
Topics Publishing C(ompany, whonwears
that Tom Watson's Magazine in owned
by Town Topics.
It will be recalled that Collier's
Weekly ha., been very active in expos-
ing what it termrn'ed the venality of the
Town Topics pu bliv'ations Evidence
has been submitted in abundance show-
ing where worthy citizens have been
forced to pay sums ranging all the way
from $2,.0() to 16,(sJ for sulbsriptions
under threat of being attlicked through
the Town Topism publications, jf they
did not do no.
William L. Daniels, m.crctry and
treasurer of the Town Topien Publish-
ing Company, under oath, wai a star
One of the strangest and most unex-
pected developments of his testimony
was the sworn statement of Secretary
Daniels, of Town Topics, that the pub-
lication known as Tom Watson's Maga-
zine is a subsidiary publication of Town
Secretary Daniels' sworn statement,
stenographically reported, in as fol-
"What are the subsidiary companies
of Town Topics?"
"The Efs Ess Publishing Company,
which has the same officers and board
of directors, but not the same stock-
holders; the Tom Watson Magazine, of
which I am treasurer, but in which
Colonel Mann holds no office; the Tales
Publishing Company, of which I am
treasurer, and the Publishern' and
Printers' Realty Company, which has
only a charter, never having done buni-
nems "
The announcement hans beun receivexi
as soi.thing in the nature of an ey.--
bee', n 111 N t'd t thait Tow'l iw 'l'li t's anl
Tom Witti mi's MtMagazine' w'rt, under
o'r ni. id heii sMrnr ii trt l, thoughh it Wa t."s
known thilt thils M r.'tiiry witil lti.etsureir
lti wn t ieth t .,,' othe, i
Twenty Year Battle.
"I w .i 1 lI, ,r It)ll a w ,Ill y ,.;lrt t -
thI w ith I hI,1rl :' pl.lh,- I iFil I ,>t l lt i l
M ',r t4, luitm l l IIri ',i lIti 'kl.r i' .i A r ,ii '.i
Salve'; which turii tl Ilh' tiol<., HIp 4'irigl
i ,Illi, til nle4 it t rill 4' I'-iil *.i, ,' I i ,t
A M Iltire',,, uf +Irr iviil,', \'. li ,st
for old I Ih wt'r., I it Ituirrim in W ,e'l,,
2.''. All drel ,v i *
Same Condition Elsewhere.
DuringK tIhe timen th.t the' l'xe"-0iv *
wet we athe r turnedil the' ty stit't in-
to a mudl puddle', we' ldl enot relatf, i'
bit of n'Wi which cramne uriier lour ohl
servation, for fear its ufTf(.t might o l-
c'rate agairnnt the city u1iel iltluc'i'
others to follow the examuile'h of the'per-
sons we are xout to mention. 'ThattI
danger lsnow over .ee'lcnu"se any stran-
gernm who "'ntuck" it uit now know
thut a few d.ys oeI dry weather make's
all the ditffer.<'ev' ii thI. writlhl -u to the
rondltion fo ti li. tie'.t.t. Hut thet fat
is this, we lost sue'' vihilein le' taiiil *,'
of the mim lueer he erethitnun ilet U niieg.
One faniil.v wie t, V icIter l'amk aiiil
other p.'ruon'* wet e'lsetw he're'. 'I h
|a)nint We niik', i this. thut ,lioui;h it i.
true that this n m.'r.eihle 'eeiieltieinii is neil
the rule, if the c.ty slh, thl le. c',iighlt In
that way a fe' ui (t,, tin,' it i e,,lel
inot re resident, teo e'aei'a I, Ii'eib', h teo nlauk
u N wish wl w 'rt i,:p,\ e.I ili h ;olil l'm ks
Oraige (;ity l' I ',i'e, t

Imperfect Uhiuestlon
M etn- As lt'1 0I'i l 1l.,tn, iiel eIII 'Cs11 i '-
uuue'nre l'M \ v'i lit ., hv'ri ticl livi.,
aills o t et ee,'le lele'. Ohi' I loI,.+I hie ell I e e
loadlml w vith ,i th ili h r |li'>hui the ili
ges tion i. 'i' ei hu ini iie il c i el 1t l h ,' l ,i'w
eli COlmtjilt' il r Irl, e f ill 'cnlt. i
this; it i e,'- te ll' tI thI I teie I c' h. li\h, ,
and kidnve'.N ciri'.'t lh e ti ,' ll l ,ti ,.
clears and i11 rl e, sthe cctiollcl e'i,i. |i
fuPses t>\ life .at i \% ije1 t lihc' whuh'
alyl teln ,' c.,l l.. 1i i ,t F I ,I\
fll tl glilriNtm.
l'unta (orrda llorIl I ., hn (i I.i n
ing, uol l.e tmhur wh u I e. '1. %i ) 1Al.I, ,t
tloconfidential chlrk tio ,,in. II I' Mcr
lin, Cominimipsioner ,o, Agr culturee, in a
gentleman of tt I c ftni-t intir'r.iy.
conselentious, lovyi and in every sense'
of the word, rtehiile. lie will never
knowingly do a thing that im wrong and
he can at all times at d thider all cir.
cumstances be absolutely' d(ek'nded up-
on to do what is right Iv every walk
of life the great is for men of l,u-
nin's character. C'on m sioner Mc-
Lin is truly fortunate in having secured
his servicee.-Leesburg Commercial,
W. T. BANNIs oAN will do your Sur-
veynlg anywhere In the State. P. 0
Address, Meridlan, Fla. sipt.l1mA

Is the ladicteat Tret A Jnsi Lady Sper Highly ot Florildsa eal Ack Chapter we. L
Rabbi Hirsch preached a Christmas ser- Chimberlea's feegh Uady. At a ur meeting of Florida Roy-
mon to his congregation in Sinai Temple Mrs. Mkihael Hart, wife of the super- al Arch apter No. 1, hold on last
in Chicago, last Sunday. The sermon ntandmet of Cart Service at Ki aton, Moday n t. In Masi Hall, the fol
was, perhaps, apropos of the eason, Jamaica, Wet Indie sa s says that lowing officers wmeted and install-
but was something different from them aim has for some yoma umd Chaber ad for them e mau Masonic year:
usually reported at this time of the land's Couh Rmdy for oughs, croup High Priest-F. W. Armstrong.
year. What the Rabbi said may jar and who eou, and has found ft -i-W. Lewis..
and grate on sensitive nerves, but6 It very bmlLaL s as has Imp"n on. albe-A. A. Murphree.
not well to look his presentment square afideu a It and would not be without Trmrer--John P.Spears.
in the face and ask ourselves if the in- a bottle of It in her home. Sold by all Secretary-Arthur Williams.
dictment is not true? druggists. R. A. C.-H. N. Sweeting.
In part Rabbi Hirsch said: "We are -. ^ C. of H.-May S. Walker.
told Vat the star of Bethlehem usher- Gov nor Broward issued a death war- P. 8.-Bobt Gamble.
ed in the ra of peace but such is not rant for theexecutonof Isaia CO M. 1st V.-F. C. Gilmore.
the case. There hasbeen more pes- er, ho was convicted In March, 1 M. 2d V. A. H. Ginsberg.
cution of people on account of religion at a special term of the Circuit Court M. 3d V.-F. W. Cramer.
since the b inning of the Chrtian er at Aradia Deoto county of the mur- Sentinel-W. H. Chance
than in all te years preceding it. der J. H. bowman, marshal of Puntrc -... --
"This pFrticdlarChristmas time, with Gorda, the execution to take place on A Mard Lot
its associations, is intensely dramaticFriday, the 23d day of February, 1906. of troubles to contend with, spring from
because of the contrast between the Warrants for Cooper's execution were a torpid liver and blockaded bowels, un-
feelings of the Jew and of the Gentile. issued twice before, but were revoked, less you awaken them to their proer
In the churches around us are burning once by Gov. Jenning and again by action with Dr. King's New Life Pills;
the tapersof p e around their bells chime Gov. Browtrd. After this final consid- the pleasantest and most effective cure
the message of joy and happiness All ration, it ls now almost certain that for Contipation. They prevent appen-
is peace and contentment in the Chris- Cooper will be executed on the day dicitis and tone up the system. 25c.
tian sanctuaries, but how different is amed .- .-- ....-...- All druggists.
the feeling which pervades the minds HOUSE NOW OPN. r. .''
of those o Jewih lood at this time. I U ow OPEN. Dr. R. A. Shine has returned from
The light we burn flares with the flame All modern conveniences. Transient Boston, Ga., where Mrs. Shine was ta-
of the warlike spirit which comes to us and Table Boarders can be accommo- ken sick. Mrs. Shine is now recover-
across the chasm of the ages. Our dated at usual rates. ing from her illness and will return
hearts are sore, for we hear the moans MRS. R. C. LONG. home soon.
of the dying and the cries of the help- ----- - ,,- See our line of Fascinators, Circulars
less. Our blood burns with a desire to The Grip. and Newport Shawls, and Ladies'
bring to justice those who are so cruel- e r Blouses. R. J. Evans.
ly maltreating our people. Before we can sympathize with
ly"I read but esterda that the Chrit-others, we must have suffered our- Haw to Prevent Bill*=. Attac*k.
mas-tide hel a vita l significance he- selves." No one can realize the suffer- One who is subject to bilious attacks
cause it marked the beginning of peace; ing attendant upon an attack of the willnotice that for a dayor morebefore
that before the star of Bethlehem rose grip, unless he has had the actual ex- the attack he is not hungry at meal
the world was one of oppression and perience. There is probably no disease times and feels diullafter eating. A
strife; that by this great event peace that causes so much physical and men- dose of Chamberlain's Stomach and
was heralded throughout thelworld and tal agony, or which so successfully de- LiverTablets whenthee first symptoms
thio message brought all mankind to- fies medical aid. All danger from the IpTi fet Te
gether in a spirit of brotherly love and grip, however, ma be avoided by the appear will ward off the attack. They
forbearance. This is not so. More prompt use of Chamberlain's Cough are for salebyall druggists
wars, needless wars. have been waged; emedy. Among the tens of thousands
more tears have flowed; more blood has who have used this remedy, not one Negs For SaleI
crimsoned the spinning earth since that case has ever been reported that has Five fine Sows and a fine Male, also
day than during all the ages before. resulted in pneumonia or that has not 26 head of fine Shotes. Apply to or
Taking for their motto, "By that sign recovered. For sale by all druggists. address F.P. Woodward.
ye sh I conquer, men have waged end- "-.--. To Rent!
lI-H warn and op(ressed r Ilion" of
people. s f1 I1 IEj A tenant wanted for the newest and
"An end to all this sentimentalism ae W Ia K is anMd mlddw 111Mg1 best office room in the city. Call and
aut g.ool will to men. Only those o i look at it, up stairs, over The True
mabenut ar worthy of gooen will whoreally See Collins for Neat Job Printing. Democrat office.
show themselves to be men. The
translation as given in the revised ver-
nion of the New Testament, issued in
IMi1, is the true spirit of the original. MO E &
It say, 'l'eace on earth to men of God's
good pleasure,' meaning men who are RJ
worthy in the sight of God." South
Florida Record.
.(incot p atMd.)
Dragging to Death.
A miserable invalid suffering from

uim ordereil female iunc'tions, lmontidy
pains, ne'rvoumsness, falling fe.i'lings.
dizzaines, indligention, bilioumnems, con-
soipuation, etc., will find relief in Wine
,f ( ';srlii andu Thedtford laluck-, two of the rni-st valuablle., r.-
li.Ih, I', 1 ( i, rln ii ic', (e nrilt ive m ,-d'ln'iin,.s
il) I i twrfir leh't o rittr c 'nicnnut f mi'k woulc'ri.
'I he'v artn ,lid at all IdrugK tores, arnl
hiil Grover Cleveland Gets Fat Job.
An liigr'ee'ienrIt to al)oish re'aitm in rl
1i-',- i ini h .s I h1--fn r rt.rr i int, by
th,- Ne, 'nk I.t. Ifri-,ura. ('un ricla'.
i, lh' l':, itilttl'll i lif' A4.ssii l ail' o
ely it l It'h Metea il l.if' rinsir.inct 'C' I-
,p.ri A 'Ili rincu ''til' t wi.s nlii I|' '0 'iihtir -
,i .I n. It h. that i ,l '..V'r ( 'alev'.ela
hi es le.,i ;i.l, io itc'il ir'fi r'er to deri I. all
|li, si ii n i elisiute' that cmay Hrise in
in. i t i it(tters., arid that hi.s sitl:i'vy cs
rl-f' *v ; I, l' $12.IN*$ e r arnulrfn toi I
lt a;ointl Iv by the thrc, ce.omPnanies.
Mr. ( le'hvflnil hamt ic.tciptd with thi
uriule rstaicliiry tIhat thli ollficers of thlI
thre'e- rcompaniet are' to second him inr
,ITerrt4 tou mto,( re'hatin/i .
A simnilar aa[eintm'rit was held lIy
lthi lite' Thimarinln HI l{H d. Any agent
whl, gives relates % ill hue hlimviised
from M'srvic'' oadl will ri t Ibe re-employ-
es I any of the' '(iricmp[ti ei s that are par-
ti e', (c the' agre''riee-mnt. It is the desire
of th0' '.ti,.tiniM'O to secure the co-oeper-
at in cut'f I < other life insurance cem-
epani.ute in thin agre't'me'nt It is stated
thlt if rebatinK can hl entirely uholinh-
",il irst year's /re'iiiumn can be redu-
*'.*1. It i' un(l' o ru'rnt is the result of a muggerttion hv
I'r,,silehnt lPaul Mortun of the Equitahhle
Life Anmurance' Soc'iety.
Short Teats.
Crowliur., ('ice under the hieil iof

A r lmn who is content with his Iet
sni't Ilw;'.ys .satisf,,i'n' ith hisl -'nhltidnhe.
No) yv iig rmnitn tc'r txicr'cee' ulr.icdl to I,-. i hitt;e' n ope than he is
1i:1l for

A g ,,iI l m in.y tli ,,i ,,gc t, thi rI in
ho Ie r, Iio ltj-'y, h, i.mtllna thitt 1ie' has lie
t liet' to W all.
Seiit.' pj4ople' wiit until their friends
; .re' toin of kirnil w in s u ritil flowers hi
i'Upa Ne( W1.

r. II. I .it't r', e'. Live Oak, huiv'
l'e'en iiulnit teud t(u ; t'actice huture' ihe
Su.o nie 'ourt
Dangers of a Cold and How to Avoid
Mere fatlliht iem have the-ir origin in or
r''siult froen a cold than from any other
('nuse. Tiin fact alone should make
|-p(ile, more careful. as there is no dan-
wer whatever from a cold when it is
prieuurly treated in the beginning. For
many years Chamberlain's oughh Rem.
edy has been recognized as themost
prompt and effectual medicine in use
for this disease. It acts on nature's
plan, looens the cough, relieves the
lungs, op*pw the ameret and aide na-
ture in rmetor ia the system to a
healthy somndto. Sold by all dn'
gists. *

/IS CO.,

won WVMC


And Dealers in


I)oors, Sash and Blinds. Iime, Cement and Plaster.

Our experience of 35 years in the Building

Husines-ss. (ten years in the north and twenty-five years in the south) enable us to guarantee,
an(ld pIer'l'irm all that is required of us in this line. We also make a specialty of



andl as thi is a p irt of th lil n i:n ,-; ~ a w ar in a p);iti)on to furnish the late improved
sanlitar e,,, I,. and have them in ;talledl by th roughlyy competent workmen and according to the
rules laid do-Wti by the city. \V, solicit your business.

Print and Prosper!

See John 0. Collins About Your Job Printing I

Everything New and Up-to-date in Machinery and Type, the Best
Grades in Paper and Cnrd Stock, and the Best Inks, with Men who
Know How to Use Them. These essentials assures the Best results.
Try us.
All Work promptly done when promised. We never disappoint you.


The new Laxative
that doe1 ot gripe
or nauJeate.
Pleasant to take.


Physician and

[HBO&*** of the I: r. liarand No** a Specialty.

Offf.s inold capital eWHY DAkb

Stomach and Liver

Laxative Fruit Syr Chronc Cospaontion.



N H' RREBY G eIINTO*LL ~r @&a O eI' 100
NOT'c 'aT~a a glod~mw Umeaimea4ST
me m.seiet sail no te bpqm. m o s eemed-
man m@ns sawidetthintwo sagaRn*Yei- LOUIS. MO.
faun UK m worm!Das. 4 ML


Jeff. D. Ferrell,


General Repair Shop.
Horse Shoeing by an ex-
pert who has had years
of experience ..

A portion of the public
Patron age .Is ille
and atfaction jwimaram

I~~~~~b vi tlmwhm at IL 3-J.

One day last week Mr. J.le Solo-
mon, ome of the best knows traveling
men in Flords, was in Pensaeola one
of his regular trip and he spent the
day and last night ere.
oMr. m Trod hiMatelft
very tteratenadwt Uporli le
perous appearance of thaias iofn
cols, "but," as h told a Joiurnal
resentative he has "always had tv r
utmost faith and confidence in the future
of the Deep Water City."
"*I am not only glad to see times a
good as they are here," continue this
ovial knight of the grip "but I want
to say that every West h ridla fools
the same confidence in your city and
pride in her advancement that I d.
And, by the wal" said Mr. Solo-
fattering talk in reference to the ex-
cellent timber which one of your citi-
zens would present as a candidate for
Congress, to succeed Mr. Lamar, in the
Third district. I refer to your former
representative in the Legislature and
mayor of your city, Mr. Moreno Jones.
If Mr. Jones would only become a can-
didate I believe he would sweep the
district."-Pensacola Journal.
Room for Hope.
"I have been misquoted," said the
new Con resaman.
"Well, answered the experienced
statesman "wait and see how it turns
out. Sometimes a man is lucky to be
misquoted."-Washington Star.
Nicest Ofce* In cty.
To Rent. A nice new, clean room,
with all conveniences. Can be used in
one large room or made into three
rooms. Would make a splendid place
for lodge or club room. Apply at True
Democrat Office.
Tell your friends to subscribe.
Notice to Creditors.
Henry J, Richardson, deceased. having been
suggested by the administrator, all persons hav-
ing claims against maid estate are hereby notified
to appear and file the same with theCounty Judge
of Leon county. Florida, on or before March 7th,
1906. R. A. WHITFIELD,
County Judge.
Tallahamee. Fla. September 1t. 1905.-lem-em.

__ _~ _~__ _~__ L



Tht TRUR DsMOCRAT. sanw a.
The ftogbwla is the monthly stae-I
S. CaIL ; Won Pwwnw lmeat of Tesirer KnEstts of sa s
.r .D. uTT sM Mea aasrr .. ( w
O"-mill s oil tax fuK d ...nd .,
s. ....Pension t f l oa.o.d.------- -.
st $hubs "t s tm "w ,y oruState Boean of Health fund-. MULs
apN nM Prinrilalnof State school fod
ft ere stCofStatese soorl fund 14 S.
eM.with and sthe of i eat- tentai of sandmi. f'nd. ,.31
to the ast ora tom of Standard m w rof ate onvit fund. U.
This i not a &ition of the imsgina- lidun .alC.j oes uda . 11
tion, but the doubting tnase but iperatStation tafund 310.61
to* p enhiseyesto seethat it true. White College. Morrill fund 7,30.7T
The lmb industryIis btt than It Colored Colle Morrill fund ,06.77
ver has been; the demand s ever in- Florida Female College, inci-
e and the Pric satifato dental fund----------..........--. -- 1,08.
byo T nthe m n wh0 d8e sawt mill Experiment Station, incident-
ad timberlands in Florida has a for- a fund A --------------- 1.88
toe at his finger tips. University, incidental fund 704.9
The hophate Industry is now con-Colored Normal School, con-
trolled by a few operators and those tingent fund..-.. ...---------. 174.22
who are tunate enough to be mem- Proceeds of college property
bern of the syndicate need not consult fund 5 699.8
a palmist, for this product is active University of Florida,Gaines-
both in the foreign and domestic mar- ville donation fund------- 40,2222
kets, and the price remunerative. Florida Agricultural Insti-
More than this, chemical factories tute, Kitsimmee fund- 3,.963.85
are being erected near the mines for Flordia Hospital for Insane,
the manufacture of the product, which fire loss fund- -. h------- 129.70
will make the mining more attractive
and profitable. $401,940.856
Railroad building for the new year --mesretem
promises to tell a wonderful, almost Lae e City Becomes Frantic
fat likesto for Floidians.itya
Coastoairoad is to Notwithstanding the fact that the
T ^t CotRlo in Supreme Court has passed ado-

West. Itc nd is tdao buffet the depths, as cided the absolute constitutionality of
well as the waves and the tides of the the Buckman bill, which has satisfied
sea. It will not only be uni e and mar- nearly every one of the opponentcsof
velous in its construction, ut in view hat measure, t seems tha Lake Citiy
of the completion of the Panama canal,ost south thisllsubject, makesnd If the threatof that
will be entirely practical in its results. city reflects the sentiment of the place.
It t will become the key to trade is the itizpeople nsof Lake City resort to qes-er
traffic, and its daring and picturesque- on mined to hold tthe location of
ness will draw travel from all ndth s. the college at Gainevi e.
Down the west coast the Seaboard The last issue of the Lake City Citi-
Air Line railway is being extended to sn-Reporter, in a reckless tirad on
Boca Grande Pass, the most southern this subject, makespr theve threat that
point for a deep-water outlet. it is a the people of Lake City are deter-c
id to be one of the f, and inet harbowill c on minue dto re hold the State Agriculturaled."
of the Seaboardrailway to this point the recent decision to the contrary not-
America and other foreign markets. decision does not prevent further litiga-
The orange industry of Florida is rap- tion. Injunctions or other processes of
i recuperating and most o fh e r law can be instituted and prosecuted in
groves have b rehabilitated since the the State courts and can be carried to
great freeze of 1896. No fruit equals the United States Supreme Court, as
the Florida orange, and it will continue there is a federal question involved."
to occupy the front place in the mar- Surely the people of Lake City are
.be i lletting their tem per run riot with their
The pineapple industry continues to good judgment if they=propose to raise
widen its acreage, and the fruit is so the matter of race diacrmnation to
choice that it enjoys an almost exclu- further their personal spite in this mat-
driving out all competition. Section 14 of the Buckman bill makes
The vegetable industry, while it has this discrimination, but we feel sure
had some severe setbacks, still holds that if the matter were carried to the
out attractive inducements to its vota- Supreme Court of the United States, it
ies. If freight rates can ever be equi- would refuse to interfere.
tably adjusted, the raising of early veg- What, then, would Lake City be ben-
etables will always be a tempting Flr- eIted by such proceedings except to
ida industry, embarrass and delay the Board of Con-
In no department of endeavor ismore trol in carrying out its plans?
enterprise shown than in her newspa- If the citizens of that place are back
pe, and in this field Florida occupies a of this movement and are in earnest, a
front place, and her enterprise in this, this paper states, they will find that
as in all other lines of industry, corrects they will receive the righteous denunci-
and sets at naught the story that her action of the people of Florida-indeed,
climate is enervating and her people th.y will invoke an indignation that will
shiftless. appal them. Come to your sober senses
The population of Florida is increas- at o ice, and lot this matter rest before
ing, her cities are rapidly building uph; you lower yourselves deeply in the
her educational facilities are being en- morAl estimation of the people of your
large and improved, and her charities State. -Tituville Star.
are not overlooked .T S
The year 1906 promises big things C. T. 2 G. Sold.
for Florida !--Ocala Banner. Special Master Fred W. Marsh, of the
.- .-. .-.---- United States Court, has returned from
Home Insurance Company. Tallahassee, where he he sold at public
The new Tampa insurance company, auction the Carrabelle, Tallah.asee and
The American, which commenced busi- Georgi.i Railroad on a foreclosure of
ness a few months ago, on Monday paid mortgalre by the Savannah Trust Comn-
its first death claim, and did it so pany The road was bought in by the
promptly as to make a record which trust company for the sum of 425,0U0.
places it at the head of the list for but it is understood that it will again
promptness. revert to the original owners, who took
At 8 o'clock Monday morning one of this procedure of clearing the title to
its policyholders, H. F. Wright, died of the property. The roads o now being
pneumonia. The company was informed opera ted in connection with the Geor-
of the death, and within four hours gia, Florida at d Al Tbama road. both of
thereafter had paid to the widow the which are almost entirely owned by
full amount of the policy, the transac- eCol. J P. Williams, of Savannah. The
tion being completed and the claim en- stantemlnt was made today that both
tirely satisfied within four hours after railroad rooperties were now in the
the company was apprised of the death most flourishing condition known of
Fr-ncis Br ne them for ye irs, and that considerable
Pleasant and Nest Effective, improvements would be instituted now
ST. J. Chambers, Ed. Vindicator, Lib-' that matters had b er. arranged satis-
^rty, Texas, writes Dec 25, 1902: "With factorilv. -Pensacola Correspondent of
pleasure, and unsolicited by you, I bear Times-Union.
testimony to (he curative power of Bal- ..-'...-. .
lard's Horehound Syrup. I have used Solid Traimlo-ate Wfl or.
it in my family and can cheerfully af- Thirty two carloasds of flour was
firms it is the most effective and best started for Jacksonville last Wednes-
remedy for coughs and colds I have day from Nashville. Tenn., by the Tri-
ever used." For sale by all druggists State Milling Company forJacksonville
Str h rr^t. atrn i ; This is the largest shipment of flour
Start the new year right. Patronize ever made to a Southern city, and the
home industry, and incld the name train will no doubt attract much atten-
P. T. Nicholson on your shopping list tion en route, especially as it is custom-
for 1906. 46-St ary to place banners on each car of a
Francis B. Winthrop and George W. train of this kind containing a solid
Perkins, wife and boy, of Tallahassee, shipment. MJr. Jay Young blood, the
were among last night's arrivals st the secretary of the Tri-State Milling Com-
Arafron.-TimPs-Union, Monday, Jan. 8. eansy isim Jacksonvillesnd has installed

Mr. Walter McLin, one of the most at the Pure Fo, d Exposit on a booth
popular young men in Tallahassee, who where the famous White Wings flour,
for several months has been employed manufactured by this company is ex-
at L. C. Yaeger's hardware store, is hibited and demonstrations given of
now holding a situation in the agricult- cake and bread making. The C. B. Van
rural department at the capitol Deman Company, of Jacksonville, re
Rev. F. A. Holthaunsen will preach the State agents for the Tri-State Mill-
at the Presbyterian church next Sunday ing ComP"ny a will have the distri-
morning, and in the evening will deliver bution of the thirty-two carload ship-
his instructive and impressive lecture ment of flour.
')>r. Dr. Martin Luther. Everybody is ISTAC T
invited to attend both services, no ad- LONG DISTAN TIL E L
mission being charged for the lecture. Use the long distance telephone,
.Gov. Broward has not yet divulged Connections can be given to any point
tb. names of the newspapers that sell on dthe0 athereinphn sjtIen. Public
editoria pace. The boys are waiting ongdtaetelephonea Cetal oet.
on him.-Lake City Index. Yes. we COpon tket books od at a discount.
are waiting on h im; and we will wait on A -Ap at Teleon of ace.
him again when he olern for the U. S. WL.Moon, Manager.
Senate. -Tropwcal Sun.
For Fresh Grceries, 'phone W. T.
Damon. 'Phoem No. 191. L 8-tf r *m e , 4 s -a

A MUm we LMA O 3O.
Of two s. ... m eoliatto e
AMZ wheos wsto -d Iy.
Tm 0ttle t es elbaud up em a chair,
Two bieg qa papf over a big lf
S y cake, a fasted and fair,
tbje ,ua dot day.
The mth grow re"ad, ad the eyes
At of sugar, the spice and the
And ta little Anger went dig, dig, dig,
Into the eake that day.
And whamamma kisled the curly head,
Cddling it closely up nla bed;
"I wodr was ter a mouse, she
"Up on the shelf today?": '
"Yes mamma, yes," and a laugh of
Like fairy bells, rang merrily-
"But the little bit of a mouse was me
Up at your shelf today."
-Selected by Lillias.
70,M6 of Nail Matter.
Over 70,000 pounds of matter will be
mailed at the postoffice herm by the
Record Company this week. Every day
dozens of mail sacks are filled and sent
to the postoffice. This huge volume of
mail matter is made up of the H. G.
Hastings & Co. seed catalogue, of whiot.
an edition of 250,000 was printed. In
addition to this is also the Alexander
Company, of Augusta, seed catalogue.
This edition numbers 40,000, and, com-
bined, the two catalogues weigh over
70,000 pounds. Thee catalogues are
mailed under a permit granted by a
special act of Congress, which carries
with it the privilege of mailing without
*t4mping. The postoffice collects for
the entire volume, thus saving a great
amount of extra labor in stamping. -St.
Augustine Record.
"A good beginning is a thing half
done." You make a good beginning
when you consult P. T. Nicholson, the
Jeweler. 46-3t
The Supreme Court convened Monday
for the January term, and on Thursday
heard oral arguments in the habeas
corpus cases from Escambia and Duval
counties in the "Jim Crow" street ca.
matters. After the court decided, some
months ago, that the law passed at the
last session of the Legislature was un-
constitutional, Jacksonville and Pensa
cola passed ordinances requiring sepa-
ration of the races in street cars. In
both cities the test was again made by
negroes, and the provisions of the ordi-
nances sustained, and the cases were
again brought before the Supreme
Blanls for Sale.
Among the blank forms kept in stock
at The True Democrat office are the
Deed-No. 1. Conforming to thestat-
Deed-No. 2. Same, with extended
acknowledgment for dower.
Mortgage-Nos 1 and 2, as above.
Chattel Mortgage or Bill of Sale, with
Crop Mortgage, with Note.
Turpentine Leaso'.
Promissory Note.
We also have a supply of "NO AD-
MITTANCE" silmns.
Call and see them.
Schedule T. S. Railroad.
Effective November 22 the T. S. E.
train for Wacissa will leave Tallahass'ce
depot it 2 p m. daily, except Sunday,
returning to arrive in Tallahassee at
4:30 p. m
F. P. WOODWARD, Agent.
Warranty Deeds, legal form. True
Democrat Office. tf

Economy Fence I
If you intend to do Fenc-
ing, it will pay you to see
me before purchasing.
I am General Agent for
the sale of the Economy
Fence, and know it to be
the very

BEST and

Can be built for less than
15 cents a ItoRd.

William Roberts,
40-tf Centreville, - Florida.



laos of A s Se w 4r DmWse'r

Sra Va Gardemsa.
Turnip and Ruts Baga Seed, onest
quality, at Yaeger'a. tf
Mackerel C Spt and Holland
Herring, at TB. Byrd's. 0

With bath. IW 1 or ae antle-
me. C4tm.l, mTros Demroert. tf
c ow h ass.
A high n s eow, fhrek, for .I.
chep. Ap t SomL
Conm m e and Vbiqia St.
Blanket.. Comforts -nd SpreIds
at varieties., at right p at
Syrp Bambrre for aw. at t

A Cup of Whlte eas w BlMe Label
mesa and Java Cimo
is what goes straight to the heart of
every man at breakfast time, and every
one knows that only good grocers keep
good coffee. We take special pride It
our brands, as they have made our
store famous. Just as good as the ofd-
fee we sell are teas, which principle
holds good throughout our entire steak.
We sell nothing but the beat of food
products-those we have tested our-
selves, and so can stand by them.
J. W. COLLINS, Grocer.



- NEW YORK. - -





Operating Daily Through Sleepers from Jacksonville
to New Orleans.

For full information and sleeper reservations call on any
Seaboard Agent or write

Assistant Gen. Passenger Agent.


Passenger Agent.


Sc edule I:fVectlve November lst, 1905.

Lv Tallahamie, ;. F & A.
Ar Ia'Ke Jacksn, (G F. A.
Ar Ilavara ; A A.
Ar Hiambr.,irU F. & A.
Ar Montgrmiery. A. (C. L.
Ar Brunamwck. A. '. L.
Ar Savannah. A. C. L.
Ar Cuthbert, G. F. A.
Ar Macon. C. of C.
Ar Atlanta. C of G.

North lhound.
il46pm :b


7:36am lIMm

South bound.
Lv Tallahassee. C. T. & (. 200pm 8.m
Ar lanark Inn. C. T. & G. .3:pm ... 104l
Ar Carrabtwle. C. T. . S:6pm 11J:o1
Ar Apalachicola. Steamer 7:00pm i
Through ticket and quickest service to all points North and East. Fur full information apply
to nearest G. F. & A. Ry. Agent, or write. to J
J. H, MrWILLIAMS. G. P. A., R. C. 8NIPES. T. P. A..
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Fresh Meats.




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Water sets.

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All kinds of Furniture needed in the Bedroom, Dressingroom,

Diningroom, Hall and Parlor.



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