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thi l hit. l.irAn' r ta l l'it.h gie' hm t l skhl their
rl'-h glow il e hlr tllhi. Ilie iKgits., I l r
IOlOK 1t. tit .I l. ot1 .H (J :), ON "0. c tlrm V 4.1 r),
li ro'e's 1r.' I- ild. Mnsti I I miint frnI >v wrltit g
l"i l IU l'i <'<>.. A4l,4ti't . iv l -. r<4rl
ercil,l. it,,l froe rei .'ll,:.| wilvilo'i ,r t In
*'*thlo, lott-r. M ,',l'iei c'witct utI ea'c c jre-

A. l ; il! : i ''t iih"it is i ( carry tit' e
tollt ie I 1:*t b l'k.

it lot vin only ,'ci" for Mwilo-iis~, qmatliol4
Timed. A,'tclgcu', h wesii'V*',of,t or t itif
I Sued ra. Apolt fr Allent's boiALl -V.41414, RINI %,qin
t ii ,.o 4wlkoil, iai ht t h' 51iiA.4Coiooi % iliillo %' P
walk. At Alilblruicilqtoo willt h,)@ Sttrt"'u0. te
D0111 i641," iot aily 411111AL It tol. 1416111140 sedt

('hAr It cve-rs a Milltitudie of &ins. but
it tloosua't r,'tioit)e te
11. 11. (laSmSWA tioms.,of Atlanta. (OA., Are
the onlysuoi000t4f 1Prsopsy 111eolaisla U1 the
viorld. &Leslifolt M1becel o~eirlan adven.1ee
heeutl u "asthc'r onlusnn of thlis Ifoave.
CAdet@ At IW.'".t l'ocnt anid Annapolis are
to be taught Jil jl )101.
AMr.Wila"OW'. s u80tullm, I .iyelap lot eb~lidreu
teetblnd'solotem tafe 1urU4, fednewtafnfllmnsuo-
dOUOU lays pain, Oare wind OtQUO.AW.Gbot"O.

Pl~sin' amestbuli-fishter has marrid

noweos &Jreoabumot be too Zalkily saoken D.
seasa"th ouras. -j. t. U daatumraalra
AV" ue0, M.. 9M1 u*apo lis, Me1ia t., J ^u. 6 i.&AA
Kyr1,,lr ikt*esays c stureare bum sandi
Dlot U1dv



Every womaa j4 Am 4.isInt2'.
sated in Twoe Thwaf ofrwa

He DMe In Seveal Ways.
Records of the aselent city Oeor-
geems founded Ia 1040, better known
at the present time as Yort Harbor.
Me., contain mey gquam t and anusal
store of the frly lift of the town.
At the entrance to Tork Harbor a
bold promontory, known sa Stage
Neck. exteads some distance Into the
sea, from which formerly In stormy
weather a temporary light, in the
form of a lantern bolsttd upon an up-
right pole, was displayed as a warn-
Inc to mariners.
One dark winter nlght a loop was
wrecked on these rock,. A survivor.
on being questioned about tho catas.
trophe, uaid:
"The Teasel struck, turned over on
br aide, and the sklppr rolled over.
The local Coroner was summoned
and this somewhat startling verdict
was returned:
"We find that. the doreased fe'l
from the masthead and was killed;
he rolled overboard and was
drowned; hai floated ashore and froze
to death, and the ratA ate him up
alive!"-Portland Adv.r'i-, r.

Wealthy Men In Colocrado.
David Moffatt, of D v. r, ri tfe
wpalthliet man In (Co'i:io, which
outranks all other Statc., In pv*r-capiri
wealth. (olcrado hasm tH. further dis-
tinction that most of It.s vast fortunsa
were mal.* within its boundaries, not
alone In mining, but in he' cattle in-
dustry. In realty apecu!atin, in fruit,
sigar-bhet culture, potato farming
and in manufacturing and other mer-
cantil.e pursults. Therp aro 108 resi-
dent millionaires In Colorado, their to-
tal wealth being $20U,0(00,/U0. Mr. Mlof-
fatt Id worth from 125,000,000 to $30,-
000,000. About 100 men worth seven
or more figures made their money in
the State and reside elsewhere.-
ansap City Journal.

Lecturer on the French Revolution
-It is Impossible to Imagine the chaos
that reigned-confuslon and anarchy
everywhere. In our more peaceful
conditions we cannot even Imagine
such a state of things.
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Dr. Itn'. r.i v rel t.'( 1l A"' |'hlln. P .
'rvie i.ni,,it of ,rrnm a Lrri|Prri $1,4'Y),.
000 in 'I





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rimt is i tt' c
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Patient--My greatest tuouble is si
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Ioetor--Oh. that's sally remndtled.
efoe rturing soak your feet in hot

Iastlent- But t don't think the trou-
bWe is to my fee, doctor. It seems
to be inI my hasd.
Doctor-Oh, well. sok your head-
sDotrolt Tribune


lIng In ato -:
days ;eiter'to a permanent ciare
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AANTED*of eiou"e oo
AN53 no, t Ivi. wt ny t"'tz

army, to it) ibe is
A imiyl vitawon km- re taitolsh salI yerw
Riter*4 ermi *qstnwur Ain. -rto h nail&14W A4
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Miss Maria I)htiharnie, 12 St. Elizabeth
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mane, and I decided to give it a trial.
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Ss$carted o use Petrita anss d .ovnt I
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my tlife nd my health l i yV r won-
derfrwl wedloene and gratefuity eo-
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T1t91PRA D_. ce.mzst. inr v auwmaimuuTU -sT3r-uss.

p;3mmp uvKrK rnuar MOaNWsO thr Mall NW 0t It appears to 00s that Mr. Chas. Dick-
.. S_-_Foretoo_-_ __ __ _ioOwhta n at w te secretary to
You have now ben receiving The ploye ; for th of all prop- a seo Governor Brow-.
Weekly True De t for one quarter ry,f tubahmnaala and matd g, 2 ; h
f a year. If you wll kind as te for M ltud the p rop er ovnor amn. h I
for bripto for year it mat of the am and with Tallaha ss
w11 greatly obige us. Will you do it? m4m mimenr by which the expense it Tla as tm e ...f cn
-. D^nMI SS hnof th arao, oesup port and mal e, fM ta co r a pur
Mr. Dkslaes ---t*l .e---- -- -a--a, .p--a, chaaes wwo made for the inmates of
Both houses of the Legislature hav- the ..a boS d i tslacf t'th s kinson
I osaU the bill ting a pension of sU;ubt o t conto and getting a rake-off. These statements
o1 o fo S t ott.'anuf a bdt ickinso nware made in the com-
25per month to the widow of the late of tato Board of Edu and fiotrte report invetigating said State
General J. J. Dickb on, the following providing for joint meetings of the insutiton-DeLand ReSo
eloquent and touching repose was re- same; creating the aid Bad of Con-n .
ceived from her and ordered spread trol a body corporate and prescribing We have always been under the im-
upon the journals: its powers and duties; appropriating preoson that to sure work from the
To the Members of the Senate and the assets and property of such institu- State-the bulk of it, anyway-or sup-
House of Representatives, Tallahas- tion so selected to the location, estab. ply institute oni with drugs, merchan.
see, Florida lishment, support and maintenance of dise, provisions, etc., it was necessary
Kind Friends:-The telegram inform- the said ilatitution or institutions that to put it to a bid, the lowest bidder be-
i;n me of the aaeof the aDropri- may be so located; providing as to how ing awarded the plum. But it seems
aton bill introduc- my behalf, was the said funds, assets and property of that our information along this line has
a happy realization of a long ch r died#thu e abolished University of Florida bon naught, as was proven by the
aio, thao thr.e iw ldd be f shall be di ed of, including the funds committee of investigation, when the
iiton by the State of my husband's arising under the Hatch and Morril acts, fact is revealed that Charlie Dickinson,
faithful services;not only on many bat- and as to the establishment of the Ex- who held office by appointment, can go
telelds, but his unwayring devotion periment Station provided by the United into the business and furnish a State l
luring the time of dire peril when for States; providing for the disposition of institution drugs without having enter-
.en weary years her people suffered a any endowment or funds belonging to ed into a conmract.--Jasper News.
nost grievous thraldom that tried the the said State Cole and not the Mr. V. F. Balkeom, a drug. t of
ouls of the bravest men, and women, property of the State of Florida in case Tallahassee, testified tha Mr. H.
oo. The laurels he won I proudly none of said institutions created or Dickinson [the Governor's PJv&te
wear-a precious legacy, treasured in maintained by this act shall not Sbecretary purchasing agent 16 the
Lhe sanctuary of a loyal loving heart. lae at Ta.lah.,as.s..ee, ^and in.. s on asylum, pubased a one-fourth interest
The provisions you have made for of said institutions created b t his in (Balkeom's) drug busine. n his
me, in his beloved name will be a com- shall be located there, an for any (Dickinson's) wife's name, and that he
fort in life's decline, and my soul now necessary accounting between the sold the asylum drugs, surgical appli-
-hantsa "Te Deum Laudamus." GodCity of Tallahassee and the State ances.etc., on which thefirm realsied
hle s you. May your names be record- of Florid in regard thereto; pro- an average of about 20 per cent. p.'olt.
-d in the Lamb book of life, is the vidig for the establishment in th From the above extracts of the commit.
ervent pray... er of you friend, iUniversit of the State of Florida cre- report, t.
fervent prayer of your friend, ed by nia of a i I tee's report, there is something decided-
MRS.usrJ.J.al a Mech anical epa rtmen lyrotten in the management of an n-
May 29, 1905. s trial and cha^.. ..^ ^ wi e^ i ea et stitution that, aboveall others, should
f--^- bor the instruction of white teacher, free from even a suspicion of scan-
College Debating Socisties. summer schools, a classical and scien- dal-the State asylum for the insane.
The opera house was crowded last tific department, and suc.h other The parties who have been guilty of
Friday evening with a large audience I artm ts ofhighered io as such inhuman brutality should be dealt
to hear a joint debate between the i oad h ^ dm nes a with as severely a the lawallows. No
)Platonic Debating and the Gordon Lit- vhduforbted, eino .-.of more mercy should be shown them
*rary Societies of the Florida State sthe "mi ion of student for scholar- than they showed the poor unfortunates
p4ollege. The subject of the debate ship, for rules and regulations in that who were in their charge. Jasper
,was, "Is the Mcdern Tendency More re r, and as to gdes education News.
Coward Industrial than Intelectual and the powers of said boards in rear istive
Pursuits?" thereto; providing for theappropriation I The report of the legislative commit-
Hon.s W. N. Sheats presided and in- of the Seminary Morrill and Hatch |tee upon the conditions that have ex-
tr ed h p. aers.p M. P. Dic funds and the interest thereon as re- Iited at the State insane asylum at
troducedthespeakers.Mr.nC.P.Dicn-quiredby the act of Congress granting Chsttahoochee and made public last
inson and Mr. Clyde Evans spoke on he same; providing for a settlement week, can be but regretted by every
the affra tive side of thndMre queton with the city of Gainesville and the citizen of the State. ow immorality,
M...... P e s... o. town of Lake City in case neither of mistreatment and neglect of inmates,
Duncan for the negative. The yom the institutions created or m untainedi misappropriation of funds, etc., as
men acquitted themselves most e. e -w by this act shall be located at either of charged by the committee could have
bltya. Five inutertheir ject said places and for the refunding of do- been carried on in such a high handed
h ability Five-m. nute re oinde rshih were nations made by said places respective- manner, almost within sight of the
then allowed on either side which were ly to the institutions formerly located board of state institutions, under whose
made byich the Judges J. BMr. PeWhitfeld, tnereat and abolished by this act, in supervision the asylum is, is beyond
after which the eral case that none of the institutions are comprehension. The committee is to
R. S. Cockerell an Attorney Gthe ra located by said boards at such points; be commended for the fearless manner
W. io seet the. irine providing for the sale and disposal of in which it handled the matter, and
Ssionanselect ret winner.the all th ts by this act not pecifically while we insist that the charges be
entc wa eontfta'er d with delightful appropriated, and for the creation of a prosecuted to the utmost extent and
aenco^ w os. Du~ the early iartoful fund arising from any surplus assets the blame placed upon the proper
thepiano solos. During the iiel orchesra and property, and the disposal of the shoulders, yet, in the interest of
thndered soev meof their delightful selec- sme; proviinfor an appropriation by humanity and the fair name of our
onse, but we re obliged to leave before the State for the purpose of aiding and State, .we hope that further investiga-
the compleoon of the debate to attend assisting in carrying out the provisions tion will reveal the fact that things
the comPhi Alphaion of Banqu debate to attend. of this act, and for a continuing appro- have not been altogether as bad as was
On the return of the judges it was priation for the maintenance and sup- represented to the committee.- Man-
announ ced that the negaive side, port of said institutions as may be re- anna Times-Courier.
argued by the Platonic Debatin So quite and necessary from time to With ear to ground to catch the faint
ciet, had .won and that Mr. W. time; providing for the auditing and echo of popular approval the Legisla-
Peters was entitled to the medal, approving of all accounts in the opera- ture of Florida has heard a rumbling
whieters was presented to hi m by Judge tion enlargement, maintenance and noise, and this has been interpreted as
.ockerell with a few appropriate conduct of-the institutions provided for a demand for an upheaval of things
wor "s. and maintained by this act, and the that be. A spasm of virtue seems to
wors. ,....... modes and manner of their payment; have seized upon that body politic, and
IANONIA NEWS. providing as to who shall keep and have it is even now gasping in the throes of
possession of all funds provided for un- 'a novel sensation. A fierce impulse to
From Our Regular Corre"pondent. der this act and subsequent acts in re- be good, and to whelm in the abyss of
May 31.-Miss Maggie Brown of lation thereto, as to how the same shall public scandal all men and things that
Dogwood, Fla., has gone to spend several be paid out and disposed of; providing are askew, has our Legislature now en-
days with the Misses Howard, at Oak for the powers and duties of the Board grasped. So sudden a wave of reform
Ia un, eight miles from Thomasville, of Control in relation to the prescribing i is viewed with more or less suspicion,
Ga of examinations and the forms thereof especially as many of our legislators,
It is next to impossible to hire hands in the public schools of this State and having served in previous Legislatures,
to chop cotton up here. as to admission therefrom and fiom I have known of grafts" galore long
The recent rains have helped the other institutions of learning into the before this day. Pitchforking over the
wells very much, and they have begun said institutions created and maintained dungheap of politico-official corruption
to afford drinking water. by this act, and the issuance of certifi- will doubtless create more or less stench
Quarterly Conference convened at cates in regard to the same; for the but such things must be once in a while
Pleasant Hill, one of the churches of vesting in 'he State Board of Educa- for the clearng of the atmosphere as
the Metcalf charge, South Georgia tion of the title to all the assets and with thunderstorms. *
Conf rence, last Thursday. The pre- property of the Colored Normal School It is well to flush every cesspool of
sidin elder, Rev. E. F. Cook, occupied and the Institute for the Blind,,Deaf rottenness in the State, and we hope
th. chair. All the churches except one and Dumb; requiring the abolition of that the probe will go deep, and that
were represented by their official mem- such trustees, managers and officers convincing, convicting evidence will be
bers. and the surrender of the management, secured against every offender.
Messrs Floyd,' Howell & Co., who possession and control of such institu- Should no guilty man escape, still will
have a turpentine still near Pleasant, tions and their property to the Board of the evil be uncorrected. The fault lies
Hill church. have added a large saw mill Control-the vesting in said board of in the system of paying political debts
to their turpentine plant, and are now all power. now provided by law and with appointments to offices which
sawing up the old turpentine trees and this act in regard thereto; the duties should be above politics and with ex-
selling quantities of lumber. of the State Treasurer, Comptroller, travagant appropriations for cross
Farmers have begun to cut oats and Superintendent of Public Instruction, roads schools, mis-called colleges.
rye. Some are giving corn its last State Board of Education and Board of State schools with cheap skates mas-
plowing. Cotton chopping is very Control in regard to said institutions querading as "professors" are asking
much behind, to provide for a normal department and tor thousands, while county schools,
Mr. and Mrs. C. E Dickey visited the summer school for white teachers in the with more competent teachers and stu-
/, latter's parents at Dogwood, Fla. last Florida Female College and a summer dents enrolled are fighting poverty.
/O Sunday. They say Mr. R G Jonson school for colored teachers in the color- MonticelloNews.
is able to go about adittle now and ed normal school whenever necessary "*--- -
will soon be quite wl, it is hoped and to repeal all laws in conflict with Deuble Dailly Service etwees Tal-
Everybody ia glad to hear it we know the provisions of this act la see sad S. rIasas.
Laamrsvk tLe. Gul. Miss Bena Crawford, of Quincy, in I Commencing Sunday, May 28th, the

The hotel at Lanark, Fla., on the C visiting Mrs, C. A Myers. Seaboard Air Line will operate egeur-
T. & G R. R., has been remodeled and Select stock of light Spring and Sum-- ion trains between Til and St
refurnhe and quipped with electric mer Clothing at Wight & Burns' Marks. making a double daily service
light&, hot ai cold.bathband mineral Miss kos Belle Girardeau, of Monti-, as.follows:
bathing pools, and is in every respect a cello, ws the charming guest of M Leave Talla- t. Marks, - 87.0 a. m.
most attractive hotel. It is now open Fannie Coles this week. iAve St. Marks, - 8 30 a m.
for the reception of guests who are in ,.. Lave St. Marks.- 8.30 a .
search of asAho re creation, affording For ent roo Cottage. Apply to Arrive Tallahassee, - Iv00 a. m.
an peilly fne opportunity to those Miss JanieCl ark. -tf Leave Tallahassee, - 4.80 p. m.
whorofnd of angling. Mr. R. H. Davidson, a popular knight Arrive St. Marks, - 6 00 p. m.
For special rates, schedules. and other of the grip hailing from Qu ncy, was Leave St. Marks. - 600 p. m
nformaston, apply to E.0. Alston. Gen- registered at the Bloxham this week. Arrive Tallahassee -- 7.30 p. m
. eral Passenger Agent, Bainbridge, Ga. Call Phone 41 or see G H Averitt Round trip St. larkswandteturn, 90
E p Ss.hes f ,,n forcheap ruling d team. cents. F.P WODWA
E. P. ,Agen- eAOt 0. A. L.
t a graduate of St. Mary Col- Miss Puleston, of Monticello, is a -
leg, a .,toiM e61tSd chari- g guest at the Florlds State Mr. C. E. Bradley, of 8pencer, N. Y.,
S 3rudad g Imin Colltoe. Uwm r of the ow ope dairyfarm,
th e Is. e a nt Wig't and Burn* are h art, wher he s bee. spending th Ae winter.
5e veuyt whaar Iewned to his Northera home thi*
e..a.t cm.m..t hesofem o b~ At i l l
Flrid, as comsud at Cape Haltieon Re M, O Mr.. A. M of .mira,
oube doH be ehanappo Mr. B W. BeWa of Lloyd, was a _T. ohab.r im nwin-
Would obtaabeveryappcopriste. recent Vato in the city. ter mW th .


Pbyudsa cm

basms .4 th eE", Ea m" 0Me"as Spedtr.

omC* fit old @aplrot.i ty&an*



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and they are largest In their line on their plan.
The only Nursery in existence allowing you to see trees
growing before you pay for them. Is that not enough to
convince you that you will get exactly what you buy and
of the best grade
They fully guarantee their trees and are absolutely re-
sponsible. Prices are right and I give guarantee oo.
Budded Pecans, Pears, Peach, Plums, Figs and all other
kinds of trees, Ornamentals Roses, etc.
Remember that no other Nursery makes such a libel
proposition and hold your order until Salesman calls a*n
e will submit you the proposition in a few words.
In what home is frut and flowers not appreciated and
worth their cost? L. C. YAEGER, Agt


Repair Work a Specialty.
All Work Done Promptly. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


~= --

_ ____ I_~ __ __ __~~~__ _~__ _I_

__ ______ _I_~ __ ____~ ~__


- - - - - A.

J3e0 U Coeus. PmsW r*
There was a regular meeting of the
City Council last night.
Mr. W. H. H. opkins, of Bloxham, Mid
this city a business trip last Saturday.
Tanglefoot fly paper, two double
sheet for 6c, at R. J. Evans'.
Miss Octavia Chaires who has been
attending college at Salem, N. C., has
returned home for vacation.
Mrs. Florence Gibbons and herdsugh-
ter, Mrs. Louis Peck, of Jacksonille,
are visiting friends and reli'res in the
Pahionable Footwear at all prices at
Wight & Burns'.
Mr. Charles a Choate, editorially con-
nected with this newspaper, is on a
visit f his family in Pensaeola this
Dr. Andrews, our worthy county
commissioner, was in the city this week
attend in the commencement exercises
of the Florida State College.
Look out for coupon contest at Capi-
tal City Pharmacy. Further particu-
lars of it next week.
Sam Jones has made agrafter own up
and tell Just how he stufed a ballot-
box.-Times- Union. Sam might do
some missionary work in Florida just
Easybriht cleans everything to be
found at L. C. Yaeger's &
Miss Jtnie Garwodd, of Monticello, is
visiting relative and friends in Talla-
hases this week and attended and en-
joyed the commencement exercises.
Call at Evans' for a Lap-robe; they
are cheap.
The Board of Count Commissioners
and the County School Board were in
regular session Tuesday and transacted
busin~s for the month.
Mosulto Canopies, $1.00 up, at
Evans. *
The Japanese are said to be ignorant
of the meaning of the word "graft."
No wonder that there is a tendency in
this country to look on them as half
civilized.. Time-Union,
The perfection of light-running sew-
ing machine-the ball-bearing Wheeler
SWilson. oldbyL. C. Yaeger.
The college cap and gown may be
quite the thing and highly classical, but
the sweet girl graduate of long ago, in
her pretty graduation gown, was decid-
edly more artistic and prettier to the
masculine eye.
Summer Hats of all styles, kinds and
prices at Wight A Burns'. e
A Memphis clergyman recently as-
a irted that free government is not a
failure. It is very evident that that
man has never been in Tallahassee. -
Go to Evans' for the greatest values
in shirts, for the least money.
The president wants a canal commis-
sion that will do things exclaims an
esteemed contemporary. It would be a
welcome relief from the commissions
that have been "doing the people."
Hammocks of any description and at
any old price at Evans'.
Rev. W. E. H. Mabry, who has so
many friends and admirers in this city,
has accepted the pastorate of the Meth-
odist Episcopal church at Springville,
about 10 miles west of Birmingham,
Meons Shirts worth $1, going for 50c,
at Evan'.
Hon. John H. Patterson, of Chaire.
a member of of our county school
board, was in the city Tuesday attend-
ing the meeting of the board and made
us a pleasant call.
Japanese Paper Napkins, 25c per 100
at R. J. Evans.
Dr. R. A. Shine and wife returned
home Wednesday from Seabreesze Fla.,
where the doctor attended a meeting of
the State Dental Auocation He was
re-elected a member of the Board of
Examiners. There were 21 applicants
hiefore the board, 22 of whom passed.
Dr. F. B. Hannah, of Umatilla, was
ileeted president of the board and Dr
rstee, president of the association.
Dr. Shine reports having had a very
I leat trip for himself, his wife and
hi*s wife's lster.
- Call hone 41 or see (,. H Averitt
for cheap hauling and team. *.
Ia Nad Clhase.
Millions rush in mad chase after health
from one extreme of fadklisn to another,
when, if they would only eat good food,
nd kee their bowels regular with I)Dr
KIg's New Life Pills, their trouble
would all paK away. Prompt relief
and quick cure for liver and stomach
trouble. 26e at all druggists; guaran.-
v *.-^- -*' '' ^ 'v v \.

On the snd of May, last. Reeves Gol-
(den living on the Arevard plantation
ear Lake Jackson. was shot and killed
hvone Jim Douglass, who immediately
iard a F. A. train at Lake
JI n and made his eseepe to South
rlorida. Our wide-awake sheriff, Charles
Hoakins, and his deputies so n located
Di as ast MulbeWy, Pok county.
A whbih plaee he wpi arrested
at c to Tllahas *3. On
M .bwaw r t before Jud
WbtiI dchao ed w murder in
: remanded to the county
Sbal to awa t he fall term
e e oeurt 1Douglass claims
w drunk ant t iat he knows
i" SU beut the killing. At firt.
hw eor, he said it was an cidesnt.
For clean Job Printing, see Collins

The Walle* Claim. The ITom e aSm ry. eM- 3 U W K Ipl
J stie, t to the Times-Unio On lat wMle all the family for
In the"othe amedmnt toCaptW r m S I T M ATi Ai RANK=
mater= weAea fnIR AIIONAL BANK
the House bill as to the Wal i-Bead nor a t warken intoand ces I s IIL AI
claim in the Senate Moday, not e bewem 1000a otherars" ATTA _AmA
that Senator Wilson votes for the of value ween l The robbery was
amendment (to allow Wailes et aL to first diCSSvhlpiey, the young a the Sta f Flti sa o a of bl
n in the state courts) ad e plais *o of the cat on hi return from N
that, while hedoe not believe the slim town where been to take cream nmoum
si" 1he beli It to ben ar cume After putting up his
thVe G claim should be setle1d ba m he entered the ho through the 3
tribunaL The writer, with many isk dorfor t nr ofchanin .ih .i
s, would like to know the is clothes and b.lydiscoV .s
reasonwhy the nayss" voted against the confusion of everything inside a ts h Natone anm s mtMe.. ll s
allowing thematter to come up an our te house, that al intruder had been r .... ............. a
State ert on its merits. Their action present, and hMwni a noise, he hasten-.O tefrom state ake aid ,as Bi .
place tur State in an unpleasant posl- ed to the AfMi to inform his father. Dcosmm w m' esm ... f.
Do they fear that Wailes can On the captains examination of the ws other N I askia s
tablish his claim? If so is it not their remiew he discovered that the thief FrVtena plper ereme. malski sad
sworn duty to allow it? To refuse to ad entered thr o33h the back of the ." n - -..r. in *... uss
pay a claim because it is for a large house, and hadritoken into his trunk, as. ro.m.,. ", In 3" *
amount would be a poor business prece- breaking off th lock, from which he s!r.no". .tu. n4kso -- Ma
dent. Can some of the Senators voting had stolen the money, some checks and ton fund wiU. Tres
"nay" give a good reason for refusing other valuable papers including the cent f reuoe ...........
to ow the claimant to sue it in our captain's Insurancepolicy, all of which Tota .4/ U
own 9" urts other than that they do not were in a box. Chipley's appearance LIABILITIES.
think the State can afford to pay the evidently frightened the thief for be capital tck hd in .n
claim anyway? Senator Adams says hurridly raised a front window opening. S rlfu .. oo00
Wallek has received lands and mon on the porch and with long jump dedots le expenses and
in payment (on account) of this claim. ed in the front walk, leaving the im- National ank notes c-t *ndi, r.00
Seatr Harri, chairman of the comr- ression of his heels in the ground. DI- to oti NtionBl Bake .5 M
mittee in charge of the bill, says that The captain immediately followed the -to pae r Sa.v... m"p "
no such payment of lands or money. tracks and found that they lead down Bank. .... 2.900
have been made to Wailes on this claim, into the fields, passed a ncgro woman's ndivldual deposit ubJect to check 316.4 71
but for other services. The courts house where on inquiry he found that Cashier's checks outstanding 1.10 48
ought to be allowed to let any honest one Robt. Galnus had just passed by
man present h.o claims, and no honest and was now down in the bottom. In Total M I.4 7 90
man ought to object to an honest, lejal a few seconds Gainus, accompanied by STTItOF oLRIDA,.
claim being paid. No business man two other negroea, Abe Crowell and cunty of Leon.
would consent to have is mecantile Bill Carter who live at the house, bk s wearhat the above tme
claims go before the Legislature; no came out. being unarmed the captain is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
man would want to advance money to did not attempt to arrest and search w. c. LEWIS
the State under these conditions. Gainus, but hurried to town and got the coGnur-Att.t: ,o. ULa
S..'^ ^^s^^.^^. sheriff to come to his assistance who a. K. LAwNs.
The Supreme Court had another draw- arrested Gainus and placed him in the E. B. LawIs,
ng for the chief ustiehip last county jail. No track of the money or D. B LW.or.
Tuesday. This time Justice Shackel other valuables has been as yet found. Subscrii and sworn to before me this 6th day
ford was the lucky man and became Gainus works near the captain's house, of June. ne 0
chief justice. Besides the honor thus on Mr. Schnidaer' Live Oak lantation. c. WHITFIELD.
acquired, he gets an additional 0 per He has been hanging round the place AL.] Notar Public.
s To th- .un formed t may for several day s and when asked what --
me f that Ju ge Whitfield, who he wanted asked to borrow a plow line. STATEMENT Of THE CO ITION
s monuld e ol s ti einJanuary last, e He could sly observe from his field
should hold it for so short a time. But when the remises were vacant and OF THE
they will readily ndstn thesit- was seen the field just before the! TAT SA I A
ton when theyrememberthathe wasap- time that the robbery must have oc- ST AT E AV IN 6 A
pointed by Gov. Je tfilltheunex- curred. OF TALLAHASSEE.
paired term of Juf well resignede). When asked why he kept so large a I
who was apponted by the Governor a sum of money at home, the captain In the State of Florida. at the lose of business
on. of the mree judges made by consti- sAid he needed some money at home, June 19. 5.
tutional amendment, whose term began but that his collections had lately ac- RESOURCES.
June When Judge Whitfield, there- cumulated on his hands more than Cash 25,00 00
fore, drew the chief usticeship he was was usually the case, and he had Due from National Bank 17171 81
lling the unexpired term of Judge no opportunity to lace it in the banks.S c 42.497(
xwell, which r expired Tueday, We trust that e will recover the and Securit BIL.
on which day he began his new term, to money but Gainus had ample time to Total -3.04,0n
which he was elected last Novemtr concea it, if Ind eed he be the thief. LIABILITIES.
Trtre- *f ar-her. The captain is one of our hard working. Capital Stock aid in $- 8o.0 0o
The story of the torture of Rev. industrious dairymen and can ill aflor Surpdlu pFund 101 017
The story of the torture of Rev. 0 D .to lose the money.X it a 1 .0.511a s
Moore, pastor of the Baptist church of o emy... D-t ..
Harpersville N. Y., will interest you. A Fearfal Fate. Total ..... .O 7
He says: ".'. suffered agonies because It Is a fearful fate to have to endure Co?,nty of Lo'.
of a persistent cough, result ing from the terrible torture of Piles. "I ca n I. B. C. Whitfleld. Csher of the above named
there. Ihad to sleep sitting up-in truthfully say," writes Harry Colson, Bank. doisolemnly swear thattheabovestatement
bed. r tried many remedies without of Masonville Ia., "that for Blind, is true to the best of my knowledge and beie.
relief, until I took Dr. King's New Dis- Bleeding, Itching and Protruding Piles, R. C. WHrMELD.
covery for Consumption, Coughs and Bucklen s Arnica Salve is the best cure ComarcT-Attest:
Colds, which entirely cured m cough, made." Also best for cuts, burns and (Go. LawK
and saved me from conaumption." A iui'e 2 at all r,,iit w.c.aw
nd reo e di s o injuries. 25c at all druggists. E. Lawts,
grand cure for disease conditions of Direc ....... .. ;:tor
'hroat and Lunga. At all drugIgta s% s Paseende aete Lat i srllb .~ d Sworn to and ,ubscribed before me this 6th day
price Oc and $1, guaranteed. Trial Seehliepy, .n.,WheasforPanmaaScpeia ofJune. 16.
bttle free. Tallahassee. Fla., Apl. 13, 1905. NELLIE E. BASSEr.
.. .. .. The C. T. & G R. R announces the Ntary Pulc.
The Times-Union Sunday had a very following rates to the above Gulf Coast
interesting account of a granite shower resorts or season of 1905. beginning A
given at the home of Mrs. Willis E. April 1th, 1905, and ending September eorgia F lorida Alabama
Gerow, to Miss Luella Clark, the fRan- 30th, 190 6:
ce of Mr. Hayward Randolph of this, $186 tickets sold Saturdays, final; RaliWl CIIom".
city. From all accounts the affair was limit following Monday. (C., T. & G. R. R. CO.)
a most enjoyable one indeed, the bride- $2.06 tickets, sold daily, final limit fi--
elect beging fairly overwhelmed with a teen days from date of sale. -~-
shower o granite articles of every de- $2.40 tickets, sold daily final limit Schedule Effective 7.0 M., May ., 190,
scription. Accompanying each article thirty days from date of sae. South Bound
were short rhymes and Jingles contain- R. C SNIPES, S'd'
ing advice or household receipts from Traveling Passenger Agent. only. only.
the young matrons, who made the prei-- No.I No. 3 No.5 No.
entations by which they hoped that the GUARDIAN'S NOTICE Lv Atlanta I.Iam 7.5iam ....
young couple would be guided to steer I. .... LvMacon . s.,m unam ......
orulng coupe r l between tho steler NOTICE IS H IEREBY GIVEN TO ALL WHOM Lv Cuthbet 5101mm 4.o06p0m -
a straig t' course between the Scylla N may concern. that the idelty Trus Com Lv Arliton 910m pm .......
and Charybdis of novice housekeeping. ny. a corporation under the laws aofthe State of Lv BainI 1.00am 6.6pm 6.0m ....
S.-. -~ --.-- uKntuckys, uardian of MI Winston Hum Ar Tallahassee 1.M5pm 3.40pm 1.0am.
Furious Fightila. an .orotyu Hsey, minor ehdMwn of PrOd*iei Lv Talahe.e
v y.... ," wri r1 W Husy deceased will make a"pplietleon to-the (vias.A.L.) 1.5pm 4.00am
"For seven years, write Geo W. countyJe JUdof Lrn county. tori t hib office Ar Jacksonville 740pm 10.0am. ......
Hoffman, of Harper. Wash. "I had a in th eort hoe-. in he ety of Tauil.h on --e --
blttLr battl withchronic stomakh id oln,. July t5 H for suth ority to sll the un. Lv Tallahasem 2.00pm .00m 8.18am 8.0pm
,bitter batte wt Chronic stomach and d....idvi one-Wf tn it o d minor in nand to LvSopchoppy. 8.14pn10.00am 10.0ia 1.5pm
liver trouble, but at last I won, and te followIng eeribted a ituated intheLv aLanark 314pm 10.4am 10.06am10.5pm
cured my diseases, by the use of Elec- county of Lae.. state of rtlidas, to wit: The aut Lv Carrabelle 4.00pm 10.1mm 10, 6pm
trick Bitters. I unheattatin y recomi- t o nr ortheat quanr, M south harf Ar Apalachicola 7.O0pen
mend them to all, and don t intend in northw-t a'rter of the nthae-arter. th* North Bound.
the future to be without them in the -.t half the southeast quarter, and the east
hous.. They are certa.nlyu a wOnderful hallf t e northwet quarter .1 the southat sund- a tda
house. Iheyaare certainly wone ,,U, Sr Baection Thlirty-one:; the wt half of the only. only.
medicine/ to have cured such a bad cain thw-st quarter of SectiUon Thlrty-two, Includ- No. 2 No. n No. 6 No. 4
as mine Sold. under guarantee to do t. the *rt thwerof eowed b the wate. of Lv Apalachicola 6.30m
the same for u, by allI druiMts. at lake Ovwretret; and all that partdf the sat half Lv Carratmbell I.ll30Mam .pm .00pm 4.0pm
toe ame ro teouT y te t .ruggsdy of the southwest quarter of section Thirty-two Lv Lanark 11.4am Xs5pmt646pm 4.4am
Sa bottle. ry them today s lyl wt of tha shor of Lake Ha, nd wt and Lv Sohoppy .1pm .14pm 7lpm lm
.. .. uth of ditch and felnea- lie,.,nig f.0opm n.,La e.
At a Darga|a Hall in the northwestern corner or pert. thereof 1..5...5 6
At a in a northwtarly diretUon to Lake Ovretrt, Lv Jacksvi
For sale several good large voung all asaild and. ing in Town.. p Two. North A 9.. 6mm r 4I0pm
--.,.-- i.. .>l ,' Rang e One East. and containing threw hundred Ar laia.,a- .15pm 6.... 4p .,
mules Apply to and forty-four aeres. moror ie. Lv a t.pm aIm 8.4pm S.atm
GrO. H AVIRKTTr FIDELITY TRUST COMPANY, Lv Belnbrtidsg lpSm ff3aml0.26pm 5fam
..- ............ .;- ualian of Mary Winston Huee anrd lorothy Ar AriIn_ 7T.3pmItO.Ilam 10o.anm

Everytody who attended the State Lv Cuthb"Srt
College commencement exercises at the ADMINISTRATORS NOTICE. Ar Atmint
House of Representatives Monday even- NNi..i t he.by iven to all editors of the -*- _
ing enjoyed the splendid program very tate of L. Colla. deseamed. and to all paermn Notic '-Trae'
much as they do all entertainments havin claims against / him or hi.s estate, toprm- arrive at oot of. I
thathave come from that institution, t.h i d.ata e mh o day.o .,tw ohero ft s.eme. bt
his h da ootDe- I.t= at 6.D0am. will 1
but there were those in the hall who wise all much claims and demands shell be hrroed. hn0 Gro.om C
qot particularly stuck that night -stuck Ad. JOHN G. OLLIJN.in. breakfut.
fast and tight by a yellowish glue ... w. m. Legs.
which held trousers and dresses fast NOTIC. oneral Man e
and tight to the seats of the chairs I ADISON COUNTY BTATE BANK, LOCA-
As for ourselves we did not know just od aIt Madian. lorida. Is elsain up its af
what kind of a predicament we were in ai. A note holde ma Oethe nlte of
and could not igure out which woukd PsEamtadft r 1the note
win in the struggle for freedom, the oralnu am s other aiea sf samd hankwill be ADMINi
britches or the glue. We brought the VMbThM r et Natmmil u MaI'a aut-Mase.
glue off with us however. IO ~su., ysIInt. PSSt-
Governor Broward is credited with A o N A.DJ
having plenty of backbone and a will of ADMINISTRATORS NOTICE. h
his own, which we believe, but unip Ne ot*ue t n duewetoeasrets aof rthe' lsta edmai
h6 demand of his private secretary to tat*w eo s.. s M. OdIM.l. a--- dMW al wqart or
"show up" his reason for trying to Mt" twA y'm "n
"do" the State without having entered otoiuSdle, tSh Mth o .wo b W.In
into a contract for the purpose of hand- *wiall*mbIhehas" .$aS. l
I'ng a trade with the aylum and profit. A&a isJtf hae. =t 0LeS
if thereby at the State's expense, we h am eSStf emSa I
w11 uesatlon his ability with plenty of Only one machine in a Mfetime is nee- M.eamtP s
backbone as our chief executive. as. eear if you buVythe Wheeer Wilson e.ea...the
per News. No. 9 from L. C. Yager. Adea't s

7.Skm .5MOM
mNo&.6 and 4 will depwrt frewn nd
ISho~twell street. Bmlnbridge
WIn & leaving Dainbildee undmym
be an @&W at the o.ee of the Cal-
will stop 36 minutes at Lffak for
K. 0. Ablem.
r, GenealPosiPeewev Agent.
P. C. 111lps,
Trarisits P mengee=sk

myea June, A. D. 19W5 L soAd-

he allowtTbatinth
theatwm~s qm, of m
9 a two theyd,

mom wos Mkh"I -mm& m
"em NeMI" nsand als eme
am "Mme e-
ofb moo

Moaf & Fleming,

Dealers in
AUkinads of Second Iad M acbia-
cry* Srap. %& ad &a&
bogt and moMM
SpeMl i Mattedma vema t e Reairs
of Saw MII, iom, ans sad Gsllmkef
Eabese, L camd~ e ME.

Shope near G. F. & A. Depot.



Fancy Goods

Dainty Collars,
Handkerchiefs, Laces
and Embroideries

Gloves, Corsets, Hosiery

The Newest Materials for
Fancy Work.

149 N. Monroe St.


Feed and

Livery Stables.

Teams furnished at any
time, night or day at reason-
able prices. Best and new-
est rigs in the city.
Also stall at City Market
where all the choicest meats
are kept and sold. Neat,
clean delivery wagon.

Phone 127.

No. 26 West Lafayette St.,

Jeff. D. Ferrell,


General Repair Shop.

Horse Shoeing by an ex-
pert who has had years
of experience ..

A portion of the publ c
patronage Is solicited
and a8tlfaction #uarano


TOil sVSIm,


Tallahassee, -* Florida.

Os*te TIMe LeAe Ha,.

2E, w amm 4o omammi.
Agemcy FoPr Thw RVaIt Ta.


-b--w-l -s



JORN IL ORiormcw.

The weekly true Democrat
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Title: The weekly true Democrat
Uniform Title: Weekly true Democrat (Tallahassee, Fla. 1905)
Physical Description: 7 v. : ;
Language: English
Publisher: John G. Collins
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Creation Date: June 9, 1905
Publication Date: 1905-1912
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
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eetM rut

40- ~ .w- w .-.- ..

VOL. 1.


'Good Government; Honesty In Public Office; Equal Justice to All--Special Prlvlkeg to None.


absence. - UBem wU lest newspapers in the State. Mr. Waededay ev Ju-e 7, witnessed whole asylum binees as bess white- a al of sai lts-t-b -
Graft in any form is a orlm. Graft- Poeival iso an enthusiast on the subject in the assembly t d sad washed. Walt until the u eatesad proved to be supp
ers are criminals. The law ma not be of imration, and he has dee some Oal exercises of the oida StateCol- nale come fort with Itsaidq s be. ad m atanoby ts act, andto pm.
able to reach tshem i the beginning but xexeisW in the direction of in- .leg A little after th howIr eso a hnal vev foWr ther a tant, te
they wl grow bolder as they proceed general pubM In that im. the graduating lass of 10,n their e r lovely eeharWCm r A
soner or la ter th will e ght. Portast c Andmuch more may esap aid gowns, made a imposing en- f nb thosewho should kow thatg. oompaet. mdes s
O.e of the crimes of ha ec of him, in which he try. 5 followig these were the it does not, by any e. make manner o payment and tw
unearthedby the present Lgistatr have adent cooperation t The preid itcuiy ana trmates of the of thae wbho ahand state s. nted therewith; grintig esi
in its nvesgas of the State lase Trm Deemorat. coUllege, e Goveror amd is cabinet, u matters. '(COheiSd e senweth paea.


WHAT THE STATE S m. somewhethea eSt ed e te Gh ". womat .haa COMPtL Tr TITLc
So oT a han 'TCthy OEv uMw K Soesth Jobn Temple Graves, to 60 T wak? uu.
N WSPAPMgS SAY. = w g i. .-- -... be-platform.A KL
-- --_mTI iL. matter shou 6 be Fl Ms s College lnals. The stirring straisa of the Tallahas-
to the very marrow and if the hee n 7U a ee ewis of the Floridas etra relring a eeto
ofme aNt b e d let it be punias dI to the ftu State Co4ege weecelebrated this weak. tfrou Mueioal FWswywas a ftting In. Sh- wlag I tvI M I its
Sonon% t pt it roachcns tda Skthe tie-h .0.the k -tor 7 -brilantmt
STes.Who5W. *crownedbse Fort Pierce News. clud tee d*t4O w .follow Mr. Fre w Namm Pm e .
-- Governor Broward and h's Board of the excellence of the work done te l Buch wi is to be Florlda's .. .- c
BumCKAl nCOLsB LAW. State Institutions have sent to the Leg- graduates of her varied de t tata Oxford, delivered an .Thenow celebrated "Bockma col
DUCEMAN O LLU isalature an exhaustive denial of allthe vindicated her claim, bas on that SatZ on *TeCeoesi n dueation." ef bill." which passed the Semidte
If the Buckman bill ma fewer charges made against the insane asy- primary law of nature, "the survival The composition showed study and a ray evening, is a decument of fonrmi-
State schools, sad better ones, At much m management by the legislativeI of theltttest," to a future of wider diascriminatig Judgent wheh dable len gth, and entirely too long efor
le stha evry yer is inte" committee appointed to visit and inves- opportunities than the past has at- veloped will make its mark. A vocal publication in our limited speQe. We
tested in it. At present money is bei tgate that institution. By this de-I forded. solo by Miss Margaret Buhhols and therefore give below a co of its title,
squandered on State schools whi h fense it seems the Governor proposes The opening exercise was on Sunday, the encore to which she so pleasingly which will convey a very fir dea of its
should go to making the ..l school to stand loyally by the bridge over June 4thi,whetheBachalauriateaermon rponded was received with insistent and provisions. The vote in
better,ut i. t is only natural that the which he passed to reach the executive was delivered by the Rev. J. E. Dickey thpple. Il O the Anal passage of the bill
towns that have been enjoy th-n chair-the Jennings administration. D. D., prmsldMent of Emory College, MisS Pattillo's oration on Literature thugh the Senate was as follow:
schools will feel their loss.--ronson The charges made by the legislative Georgia. and Life opened vistas of delight to all Yeas-Senators Adams, Aford Ba-
Times-Democrat. committee were a reflection on the ad The students formed in marching or- Ii1di* through the carefully prepared kin, Blount, Canova, Crewa, Davis, Gil-
That it was hasty, ill-advised and ministration of Gov. Broward only in der at the Presbyterian church headed rufarea of literature in the close len, Harris, Humphries Jack1on, New-
badly digested the most cursory exami- that it wan left for the legislature, in- by the board ant faculty and the grad- association of immortal minds. She lan, Sams, Stockton, Wadwort, West
nation will show, and at the same time stead of the executive, to discover orluating class, arrayed in caps and showed that all countries had such high- -16.
an investigation of the reports of the report the rottenness. But these gowns. From thence they marched on ways well worth the travel and open Nays-Mr. President, Senators Bai-
committees Appointed to investigate charges do constitute a nasty reflection to the Methodist church and filed in by tall. Miss Pattilllo's address was most le Crill, Hudson, Zim-&
these institutions, as well as the mat- on the Jennings administration. The pairs. An elaborate musical program p lea. The bill, as it d both hoes, was
ters aside from these that have come to charges were "hot stuff." They may proceeded and followed the impressive The Tallahassee orchestra followed in the shape of a substitute offered by
the knowledge of the general public and not all be susceptible of proof. But sermon. this with the "Myriad Dancer." the House committee epte the
so to the members of the Legislature, there was enough that was specific in The Methodist church was again President A. A. Murphree In most author of the bill, Mr. Baseman oDu-
makes the action of the Legislature less them to make the "righteous indigna- crowded in the evening to hear the ser- complimentary words introduced the val. The title of this substitute fol-
surprising than it would be otherwise, tion" of the Governor and his board of mon to the Y. W. C. A. and the Y. M. Orator of the evening, the Hon. John lows:
even to those who were in Tallahassee cuntrel appear in any but a favorable C. A., delivered by Rev. W. E. H. Temple Grave of America. Prei- A bill to be entitled an set to abolish
and learned something of thp methods light. What the people want and what Mabry formerly pastor of this church. dent Murphrees introductiongave all in the Florida ATricultura, CAIti, now
bywhich some members wereinfluenced, the Governor should demand is a full, Special music was prepared for the the audience a share In this gifted gen. officially designated as th Unversty
* Should the Governor sign it, it free and sweeping investigation of the occasion. Mr. Mabry is much admired tleman, some as Floridians, some as of rida, heated at Lae Cit the.
may be taken almost as an assured fact institution. That is the only honest in Tallahassee and his eloquence causes Georgians and all as Americans. The West Flor ida emnam am known as
that the matter will go into the courts thing to do.-Palatka News. all denominations to contribute to his Hon. John Temple Graves is macha the Florida State t
and end no one knows where. -DeFu- congregations whenever he is with us. He holds his audience in his hands a e nsk Spring; teJl l
niak Breeze. Sommar Toerist Rates On Monday morning at 10 o'clock in master holds his violin, the emnar, loathed at; t
The Buckman school bill, which has Now on sale, via G. F. and A. Ry. and the opera house the annual exercises of the emotions of his hearers tey South aCoBer a
aed the Legislature, abolishing all C. T. and G. R. R., to all Mountain and' the PIlosophian society were presided vibrate at his touch to laughter or to tow; rthe=uAgr utte,
te educational institutions andmpro- Water Resorts. Elegant schedules and over by thep resident of the society, tears or rise with him to the elocatedg insOne"M f,a isa te
vides for the establishment of two splendid sleeping car connections made Miss tora Knight, of Sumterville. The heights from which all M lwd re e Ir"Z o"W9 0"
school instead, a college for females to all points. program, comprising music, oratory seen attainable and all e* th inpgs R ranchises praisvWa
ind a university for makes. Upon first For rates and other information, phone and debate, was enjoyed by a large aa hadowsf nht before e un. ish t Mr boards of tr'atee
thought this might appear as being a 26, or address R. C. Snipes, Traveling audience.. His subject, thef dRe De aend ebe e W a ; to deelatn their V
step bVckwards, ut with a little con- Passenger Agent, Tallahassee, Fla. The subject of debate. "Resolved, fogue. should be delivered the hear- property the propertyof theAlN
sideratin it would appear that it is not That the Efforts of the Russian Nihil- in of every Ameran, old and young, ord and to ve the t to ae I
so bad. There is hardly any excuse for Senator Geo. P. Raney is at Ports. ista Are Entitled to the Sympathy of The pictures o draws of the dem the State Board of
the State's conducting half a dozen or mouth, Va., on official business. a Free People," expressed to the light gue looming up like the f in for the purposFeM ps v il tat;
more schools, all poorly patronized, Miss S. E, Reed, one of the young of public opinion in thiscountry where Arbian Nights from a pual smoke to require the oe v~ma f title ad
when the two as proposed by the bill, ladies of the Florida State College last P.ublic opinion is allowed free illumina. until he obscures the Sun of Freedom the deliver of a p to WWI&N"
will answer every purpose. But it is of session, is paying a visit to her Alma tion a most abhorrent suppression of is a warning not to be ignored. The of said abDa V to sold
little use to discuss the merits or the Mater. ,, freedom as we know it. The contes- scathing denunciation of thoes who Stat e Board f
demerits of the bill now as it has al- Hon. W. B. Lamar and his charming tants were Miss Johnnie Ruthland and would sell their birthright bought by tees, man ther eing
ready passed, and, be it had or good, wife have gone to Pensacola for a short Miss Lila Bryan for the affirmative and the blood of patriots for a moes of the title, pesiss control
we Win have to give it a trial -Mari. visit. Miss India brandon and Miss Dorcas potage, the tyrentand oppre r- of the ametse of M re-
anna Times-Courier. ,ir among the prominent Floridians pres. Broward for the negative. suiting from unlawfl combinations 0ul a1ln ac sOap mtstherol
The Buckman bill has passed both ent during the State College closing ex- The judges, wo were Mr. Evans based on the votes of the Juda the Ii.e Mllllthe r
houses of the Legislature. This bill is ercises were Hon. Samuel Pasco and T. Miss Gallie and Mr. Blanton rendered expulsion from the glorious field of pos. ti-m ovahw of theme;
wide in its scope and effects, abolishing L. Clark, of Monticello. a decision in f avor o f the affirmative iti o nf the s el oofatemoanakihl ,
Dr, T, 'ucke, a g oft ofe'ColumbiatheVulturesor 5ato?
all the State colleges and providing for C. G. Lambert, of Atlanta, general 'College and the Ui oir of the society, da hastyv dissoluton f our Inspired I,, ngM ti O-
three schools, two white, and one col- agent, and J. R. Wills of Jacksonville, delivered a most appropriate and timely constitution. But he also show edthe latU dew .
ored. This is the best bill that couMld supervising agent of ihe Singer Sew- address on "the In uence of prejudice silver lining to the lowering clo and or 7 f
have been passed. The measly little ing Machine Co., were in the city Tues- and the search for truth," w ich was I brightly was it reflected in the Intei-. 1 M S. i
schools were draining the State, costing day. heartily applauded. gent faces of the class which he ad- . 3 31 3 1, Si 3 1,
hundreds of thousands of dollars an- r. Geo. W. Saxon, president of the On I ueay June 6th, at 10:30a. m., dressed Education, liberal educaon th s
ally and doing less good than a third Capital City Bank, left yesterday t at-the oratorical contest for the Hilson for all, which would make the spacious Florid relating to the tion and
grade schooling the rural districts. The tend the annual meeting of the lorida medal was held in the Assembly Hall. falsehoods display their hollownessand estabhment of the Floda Agrcul
Topics congratulates the Legislature State Bankers Association, meeting in The speechesofthe various contestants wi the veil of prejudice from en. tura Coll tsoanlatl, power
hte nd eyes. a, I, a n, ,,, .were excellent but space is inadequate lihtened eyes. r a Privils matter per-
eneral benefit to the people.-Perry Hon. W. N. Sheets and his wife re- for a full discussion of the merits of Vr. Graves' eulogies of all our great tai thereto; for the al of
p Ms N S T turned last week from DeFuniak them all, but there are none who will! and glorious ones, Washington, Lee, tons 80, 80 84, a, 06, 807.,
MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS. Springs, where Col. Sheets held a posi- object to being classed as second best Grant, Davis Lincoln, McKlnley, Alex 808, 80 810, 812 818 814 816,
It is now "Mr. Justice Parkhill," tion in the State Normal College, and to such two orations as "Jefferson Stephens, and a galaxy of others was 817, 818 1, A
Judge Chas. B. Parkhill of the first clr- are again domiciled at their former Davis," by Miss Shirley Long, and as a brilliant light to draw others on in 826 and 8R7 of the evlAedStatutes
cuit having resigned to accept a seat on home. "America s Mission," by Mr. Sam San- their footsteps. 9f lorda relating to the or-anlsation,
the supreme court bench. An able Mrs. Jno. E. Gammon, with her little borne. Miss Long had the choice of The presentation of diplomas to the creation and establishment e the Blm.
jurist and most excellent gentleman daughter, of Marianna, has been the subjects for a southern audience for class by Mr. Raws, a trustee of the naries East and West of the Suwannee
Justice Parkhill will bring additional guest of Judge and Mrs. Francis B., while our loyalty unalterably belongs to college, followed. These degrees were River, their location, powers, right
lustre to our highest legal tribunal.- Carter during the commencement exer-. our country and her mission is very conferred The degree of Bachelor of privilege and matte pertann
Madison New Enterprise. cises. His son Frank is one of'the grad- clear to us, our very hearts are wrapped Arts on Fritz William Buchholz Ida thereto; the repeal of Stion of
The appointment of Judge Carter to uates this year. up in those great souls who made such Grace Cramer, Samuel Franklin 6am- the Revised Statutes of Florida t-
the bench in this circuit, and also Rev. N. M. Long of Memphis, Tenn., a country and such a mission possible. mon and Robt. Bryan MeCord; the doe Ing to the establishment of a White
of Judge Parkhill to the supreme will preach at the Presbyterian church Miss Long's touching eulogy was most agree of Bachelor of Letters on Nettle Normal School at DeFunk pr s,
bench has aroused criticism in some next Sunday morning and evening. I beautiful and her address was charact- Clare Bowen David M. Cook, Bersha and providing for the e..o or a
quarter and by those who evidently do, This noble, Christian gentleman has erired by a loftiness and a finish most Archer McGinniss and Arthur Joseph faculty therefore; the abolishing of the
not understand the situation. It has hosts of Tallahassee friends and admir-i remarkable in a student so young. In Shutan; the degree of Bachelor of Normal and Indultrial department cre-
been an open secret for some time that ers and he will have large congrega- the evening at 8.30 the annual recital Science on Agnes Kennedy Athro, oted in the St. Peteaburg Normal sad
Judge Carter has been anxious to retire, tions. The public is cordially invited of the department of music and elocu- Burton Ellis Belcher, Wm. Parish Byr, Industrial School floated at St. Peter-
from the supreme court in order to en- to hear him preach in his old church tion under Prof. F. W. Kraft, director Ruby Diamond and Nellie Patillo. urg. and the repealing of Cha 48
, gage in a more active life, and it has again. of the department of music and Miss The Hilson medal for oratory and the of the Laws o Florida, entitled "an
been his intention at no distant da to Every citizen of Tallahassee was Ella Day, principal of oratory and phy- Winthrop medal for the Platonic De- et to assist in the maintainIng an In-
regn and take up the practice of his pained to learn of the serious illness of sical culture again filled the hall and an bate was presented by Governor Brow. lustrial and Normal departmetin the
profession. This would leave a vacancy Mr. B. A. Menniss early in the week, extendive musical program containing ard to Miss Shirley Long and Mr. Dos.- Petersburg Normal a Ind adstrial
which Judge Parkhill is in every way at John Honkis Unverv Baltimore. fifteen selections, voea and instrument- ier Devane. ool; to create scholarships therein
qualified to fill, and his elevation left a The latest news is to the efect that he al, was Interspersed with pleasing reci- Prof. Calhoun then arose to express d to make approp tiaons therefor,"
vacancy on the bench in this circuit, a underwent a successful operation last nations. the love and admiration of the faculty approved May 101; provide that
place that hundreds of Judge Carter's Tuesday, has since been improving and The medals givenby Mr. W. N. for their president and his estimable. o further approprioat s or State a
friends have long been anxious to see, will return home as soon as his physi Sweeting. and rof. Kraft for the do wife. They begged that he would ac.' shall be ma to said institute tm,e
him in, and for these reasons the ex- cians are satisfied he is able totravel prtmen of music were awarded to cept from them a small token of re- striking from tiname of d istt-
.hange, if such it may be called, was i if no wro has been done in con e Mises Lila Bryan and Ada Hodge. membrance. This was a handsome tion of the words "Normal ad Indus-
made, and on account of it both the tion with the asylum, and along other The atng exercss of the com- present of silver and was accepted by trial," ad the re uhing to the
judges and the ople are to be con- lines in State affairs durimr the Jen- nrrmert and normal departments on Pres. Murh ree with pride and pleas- county of Hll sbohu of alt Interest
gratulated.- De uniak Breeze. I nings administration, why Luld an 'Wedneeday, June7,100. m.,brouht ure. He disclaimed the credit for the posessed by the Stat In and to the
The True Demoerat in its last issue one connected with it do a single act t forth a class of graduates in its di er- ~notable advancement of the collie and said school or it property reason of
takes to making editorial out of scrip- hamper investigation. Yet, the ex- ent branches, nineutng. The orateions I shared most generously with the faculty the appr tions made -nd aid grant-
ture and quotes partly from several IGov. and some of his henchmen were were all good a d to the po nt. The and st.dnm s the justly earned con- om _ed there; for the met of se-
books of the W.,rd. pa. Ira phs which kept busy, eas, v b-u-s-y duri the music was delightful aid added yet an- mendations of the public. tion Sof the Revised Statutes of the
seem to bpec lsaiyflt tngjustatthis last several days ol the session. nno-! other measure to the well-deserved Thus with the most brilliant corn- Stateof FlorMida rating the estab-
time to conditions reported to exist in cent angels do not fear an investigat- fame of the Tallahee orehtra. The mencement in its history, the Florida ment of a normal sool for colored
Florida.-Mudison New Enterprise. Ing committee. class and theme audience was treta to State College closed its doors. teachrsamprovdiag for the election
J CB hi h resigned hi The parent and a ia ubro an min g address Hon. W. J. Bry- -" -o--f of s faculty therefor;t estabHlishment,
Jud. a uashtico the. hse eo ed ardel n .. mr an, o rtksonville, '. who prOfesse d Ss 32 ermtton a lecatiron of the University
iu ICp of circuisrt and fdrinds of Mts Whitteies musi class to havefund the grun for an o Lewi -tiof n kno w the Unvenr-
p th piano eital en' to this business class alrssof State of Florida, and one
court by Governor Broward. He: takes at iss Whit els' residence W nes- readyb xcetwh Ex. iton.Port Or n, es fStaytobekn s
the place of Justice Carter, who re- day afternoon, May 81. The program n r d hids but whn nevtrs wis be on sale any date until Sfptema Florle minaly Collbe and for athe
.a edin order to be ap pointed Judge renderd was a very elaborate one, and e was not rK fore material hr ue 1904, aimlt o dt dnyt from SSrdena e mad sepolrt of tahm
.thefrst circuit in pce of Judge was composed of some choice selections of the s kind fmwhich te onstrut date o sale. for m776t round trSp, but maknM for adsu tof lomt
parkhill. In other words $h two have from well known composers of the a st brief and hatrstive dourS not beyond NovembJO tr 80. 1806. he tute for t nd, Deaf and
ejichaniged oSs and aW, places of musil worl. The young lady which was hearty aladed. v2? Sor other Information, address R. C. Dumb now located at 8t Augustine
residence. Te Iriends and relatives of did honor to their teacher and sustalne4 e i to ., Traveling Passenger Agent* and Its ealarge nt maintenance Mm
Justice PsrkhW will belasd to learn her a a well known reputation a rmal, Miss Henrietla Uak. stek- ISIIUUUUW support; profl Set the maintenance
thatne In artighamy ts Tae- n cheran musical dirator. -y- jJithA A. Waitk Ell-aabe Q, The evidence taken by the Noble ,port ,ad geaterI eciecy of e
that he wN brina hits f i Talla- teace a m diu shcd a leco- rEluS. Hattie Idela White Robert G. House asylum investigating comm tes CoDIpsd Normal Schooloeato at Tt.
county the pee of s rth and i ant call Saturday from Mr. J. T. Pem- Pitnan; besia Lane g D. Carkduff, has not en handedout to u tmp biHe shMee, and for the ceaof eans.
no ott, p to weom a editor of the Gainesvile Star, Caritm Brith iAi. Irene Hat- yet. The report has been ezethS y of the ame. aas. hbea ; for the
distinguished .- ater maSty years of which is u.M of thme neastest and live- cher, and hI Tnaea. usd sad e ,s. the iea e t eStkO of a Baoa of 1 to .



f--~ZI~==-~=-~;lt~===~=~,'~~ --- -5-




rMwieR MiA0 T.

Bnttoed Semmd aer Mci.. larer h e 1U, Mat
the Piat ON at es Hem.. ,AL wade
Aet af Conse- of Mmk IU&M
Oaks In Telophmww IhkCta ms, Aw m
H ataSn tma Tepeim. N &19L.
suo.eriptlu.. h0 Per Yw. er, Advane.
Advardl l o mes o A| plems.*

Ta-lahu ee, eFuis, JMse 9. 10.
"But the way of the tranmressor is
hard,, isn't it?
And Noble's hospital committee still
to hear from! That is, the evidence
taken before it has not yet been made
public but it will be.
At last, the fraternal and other as-
essment orranisations for furnishing
life insurance protection at actual coast
are about to have their day.
Some wag in the Capitol corridors
suggested that we might have an extra
4ession of the Legislature "to investi-
Wate all the investigating committees."
There's a whole lot of rich investing.
tion material about the Jennings ad-
ministration which the Legislature did
riot have time to deal with. It will all
have its day.
Many have endeavored to differentiate
bItween the Jennings administration
and the Broward administration, but
the Board of State Institutions didn't
want it that way.
Theydo tell us that a candidate has
been announced from old Leon for the
next State Senate. Early! But then
'ti. said "the early bird catches the
worm"-that is, If the worm does not
get the bird.
If anybody can point to any serious
disadvantage undergone at Tallahassee,
to its moral or material interests dur-
ing the session of the Legislature, by
reason of Leon county prohibition, no
one has yet pointed it out.
Last year, during the Senatorial pri-
mary campaign, accusations against the
Jennings administration weonregarded
by some as "merely campaign lies."
Now that the truth is being reluctantly
revealed, belief is easier.
All honor to the two special commit-
tees which "turned down" the broad-
side of the Board of State Institutkion
Blount, Raney, Harris, Adams and Baa-
kin in the Senate, and Knight, PIllin-
gim and Sledge in the House.
The action of the Senate committee
to Investigate a rumor that "certain
person" were or are Interested In the
work and contract of the State printer
was as fine a sample of "how not to do
it" as ever was seen here about.
The Tlie-Union's prediction that
the elosin hours of the Legislature
would be "marked with moderation,
conservatism and wisdom" came true.
Note the dignified and truly generous
action of both houses anent the screed
of the Board of State Institutions!
The Qunoy Herald and Era well says
that Attorney-General Ellis' contention,
when the new management of the hoe-
pital was appointed, that the board
should proceed to a vigorous invetigeua-
tion of condltions at Chattahoochee,
should have been heeded and adopted.
There is nothing wrong with any of
our State inlatltutions, according to the
Governor and his Cabinet. Everything
i lovely and the gooe Is hanging high
ltoe pity the Legislative committee
should have made such a slanderous re-
port. Tavares Herald.
Senator Frank Adams took especial
deight in laboring hard for that one
vote which defeated the bill to allow
the settlement of the Wailes claim in
the court; but he had his reward when
Senator W. Hunt Harris, the champion
of the Waltes bill, talked to death Ben.
after Adams' pet measure, the Statn in-
suanoe bill. Itwasa sortof poetic

justice which manySenators and spec-
tator thoroughly enjoyed.
On the mae day 08 wbhh the two
hob el of the Lgislatm returned to
the Board of State mtittion Its comn.
munistlion consernig the report of the
hospital investigating committee, Ur
Home remesved a similar eommunleas
timon rm Mr. Geoo. W. Wilson, ad-
dressed to one of its member, on be.
hlf of the trustees of the University
of Flrida, eritle tag the report of
the committee ant to Invetigateo
that iatitWtmo; which w$ laid on
the tab by a uaimou vote, as com-
tainlta reaeetions apon them emittee
sad the House of Repreentatives.

garten work must be maintained as a
section of the Nermal department, and
the further fact that coeducation, for-
bidden In the University. must be prac-
ticed in the Normal, are other excel--
lent reasons for the location of that de-
partment which we have suggested.
Innumerable other good and potent
arguments In favor of the location of
the Utivesity at Tallahaeee.will nat-
urally suggest themselves to thoew
whose function It will be to look after
TaUlaha-e's lntersts before the joint
meeting of the boards.
in ph=^^^ *W
ng machines- the tbabe th r
& Wilson. Sold by L. C. Yaeger.

I I I I I I '

ITe, ausseo ll w require
the State of Ehuion and the
Board of Control created by the act, in
joint session, to determine the perma-
'met location of the University of the
State of Florida established by the act,
and in so doing smalll take into consid-
etdon the lands, property, buildings
and altuaati of the respective tInattu-
dtio named in and abolished by this
act, having regard to the permanent
location of ueh institution at some een-
tral point in the State, both geography.
call and as to population, as well as to
the needs and requirements of the asme
as prescribed in this act, and the pow-
er given thereunder, and the funds and
means at their command, or which may
naturally come to the control of the
State Board of Education for such pur.-
poae; and may, if advisable, after
careful codsideration, appropriate either
temporarily or permanently, the loca-
tion, lands, buildings, property and of-
feets of any one of said abolished insti-
tutions four such purposes. Said board
being hereby vested with an absolute
discretion and power in the matter of
location and sites of this said institu-
There will be strong efforts made to
locate the university at Lake City or at
Gainesville, and it may be possible that
Jacksonville may desire it, as it is cus-
tomary for that enterprising city to
reach out for almost anything that may
be in sight. And thrre are indications
that Tallahasses may be expected to
content Itself with the location of the
"Florida Femasle College" to be estab-
lished as provided in the act.
Without Indulging in a single word of
critleism of any of these localities, or
making any invidious comparisons with
either of them, we aee no good reason
In the existence of any of the advan-
tages either of them may be expected
to claim why Tallahassee should not be
chosen in preference to any other city
as the site of the university.
According to the act, the new univer-
sity must posses the following depart-
ments of instruction: Agricultural, in-
dustrial and mechanical; classical; sci-
entific, "and such other departments of
higher education as the said board shall
deem necessary;" and besides all of
these, it must also embrace a "Normal
department for the Instruction of white
teachers," whose pupils will be of both
sexes, and which is intended to be a
continuation. so to speak, of the State
Normal School, heretofore located at
DeFunlak Springs.
The joint board, which must assem-
ble In Tallahassee at an early day,
should be fully advised by those repre-
senting the City of Tallahassee in this
matter of college locations, of the emi-
nently superior advantages possessed
by Tallahassee for the location here of
the University; and the fact that this
place possess, in an eminent degree,
all of the various qualifications indica-
ted In the act, with refreneeto to the
richness and variety of its soils, the
adaptability of the school property now
belonging to the State College, and
particularly the udrivalled healthfulness
of the situation (which is a point not
mentioned In theact.) Geographically,
and with reference to the population of
the State, Tallahassee has no superior
within its borders. Accessibility, which
years ago was a matter of moat serious
consideration, has become secondary
because of the wonderful Improvements
In the State's transportation facilities,
which has resulted in bringing places
formerly remote into positions as com-
pietely and conveniently accessMible as
the most central points in the State's

Tllnecesaity of providing for the
accommodation of the Normal depart-
ment sla another reason in favor of Tal-
aishassee. If the present buildings of
the State College are insuficient to ac-
commodate both the University and the
Normal the latter could be located,
temporarily, at least, if not permanent.-
ly, on the premises formerly occupied
as the home of the West Florida Semi-
nary in the center of the city.
The fact that instruction In Kinder-


- I

A New reT re etlhe I o -LiMr in the
stained the 'advertIsement i f Assurasne Society,
The recent ii of the suprem headed by Henry C. Frik, has made it
court of othe U ed Statesa t ort to a general meeting of th
I5 8a & reortstockhoagemrae mpoet g oAfa. the
wherein the fm SAte securedee e
met the tter on two emwoval of Alexander, Hyd sand Tar-
o ting with n-ell, and declare that every who
to he been participated in the syndk&te'ha mut
S rS LtedS .. bonds be pay back society money to the stock
aNe it etelaw' andJ holders. Iteondemns the lagealaries
pro by wi they can be en- of Hyde and others, and fnds etrava-
msed.. ...gance and waste In every department.
T Am lttee, In 1901, Mulions, It is aig tod were used per-
08010d i na-ll oIf North Caro-
oa1d Sad S Oadth lepi just sMily to pront eotai offierm and a.
above sated were brought travagant charges were made by Hyde
about and we obtained a settlement for and Geore T. Wilson for traveling ex-
the individual borhok-4rs at a littlett in l for
less th of t heir entire holdings of penses, the former puttingin bills for
these bon. $40,000 and the latter for $60,000.
This committee is now ready to pro- The officers of the society are sharply
ceod with the collection of all other re- criticized in the report, which condemns
udiatd bonds of every class in eac the practice of individuals connected
This committee has no connection with the society entering into under-
with any other committee, and it knows writing syndicates, where these syndi-
that it alone is now in a position to cates had transactions with the society.
avail itself of the above mentioned de.The report also charges laxity and neg-
Those who desire to enforce the col- ligence of management, disapproves
election of their bonds will deposit the certain high salaries paid, and declares
same with the North American Trust that the entire business of life insur-
Cty anyd, r v rwrecelt teN wor ad nce should be thoroughly reorganized
agreement under which the undersigned in the interests of policy-holders.
committee will undertake the collecting The report further sets forth thatex-
of the same. travagance has existed in practically
Another case not mentioned in the every department of the society. Ex-

foregoing, is that of the State of New travagance in expense accounts also is
Hampshire vs. South Carolina. in which condemned. One feature of the report
payment is demanded of bonds of the of far-reaching consequence is a recom-
latter State amounting in par value to mendation that the Epuitable abandon
$80,000, willed to said former State by the various forms of preferred dividend
the late Benjamin Thomas, of Durham, paying policies, and confine its atten-
N H. tion to the old forms of straight life in-
In view of the fact that some have surance. The latter recommendation
doubted the statements which have created considerable excitement, not
been made concerning the enforced alone in Equitable circles but in the of-
collection of repudiated claims against fices of all the insurance companies in
a State, we reproduce the advertise- this city.
ment above set forth, and take occasion Under such a showing az this, it is no
to give warning that the people of great wonder that the policy holders
Florida are quite likely to be the vic- have failed to enjoy the extravagant
tims of similar proceedings based upon promises of return for their "invest-
State obligations incurred by the former ments" in the shape of generous "div-
carpet-bag government and later repu- dends," and that the entire system of
diated by the State authorities. We i "investment" insurance should have
know of no remedy for this condition as fallen into public disfavor. The time
there appears to be nothing to prevent is at hand when the public will demand,
any holder of a State bond or other more than ever before, forms of life in-
obligation, payment of which has been surance which can be furnished at act-
refused, from pursuing the course ual cost, with the wild and unreliable
above indicated, and unrealizable prospect of get-rich-
.^.N ^^^^^IRv quick dividend allurements entirely
A.MRT SE.INOLES. eliminated from the proposition.
Two weeks ago we commented on the ~---- --
misplaced enterprise of a citizen of West SUPRESSING THE NEWS.
Palm Beach who had removed the corpee There is a disposition among many
of a Seminole Indian from its last rest- people to withhold information from a
ing-place and purposed taking it to the newspaper man, oftenwithout appar-
North for public exhibition. A recent ent good reason or other motive seem-
North for public exhibition. A recent ly than to thwart him in his legiti-
issue of the Miami MetropolIs gives a mate pursuit of giving to the public
sequel to the incident, as follows: such information as in his judgment
Tommie Tiger, a sort of leader among may be of interest. on the part of
the Indiana, accompanied by six or eight As a rule, such efforts on the part of
other Seminoles, is in the city for the these secretive and mysterious person-
other mno ns lt in e cwity ar t ages are wholly fruitless. Given a
purpose of consulting with lawyers rel. .... .. a of thorough training
ative to having the bodyrought back newspaper man for p aing
tois .having ment.o k..and averace fitness for his profession
to its home and the punioment of Mr.and he has a knack of discovering the
Neafor taking and removing it The most carefully guarded secrets, where
Indiana were very much oxereised over these sec .ret are of such a nature as to
the affair, and, before seeking legal ad-, constitute the commodity in which he
vice, called upon several old settlers, deals-legItimate news
with wh om they are very friendly, for A newspaper man worthy of the
intruction. Iin each cae they were ,name" never a p"- ng t usybod.
yven encouragement in their effort to name is never a pryingvate
ve the corpse brought back and the Family skeletons or private
mav h opa brought back and th have no interest for him. The sanctity
man who e too k I t away punea d. iof the home is always respected. But
Tommie Tiger, who apeaks Englih is not to be thwarted by the idiotic
suffnciently tobe undertow ,wa trong whims of those persons who refuse him
in is denunca nton seei n"bad white information merely because it does not
Jman edwa to have him ,ing Cou suit their personal pleasure to see a
Judge Heyr to have himarreetdgven matter in' rint. The moral to
Tomm'osaid that the dead Indian who this littlecreed t when a news-
had been carried away was named Dr. ta t on fo information
Wilson and has been a medicine man. s vei to anymslts in which you are
roud gitsve noIn a ve to any matter in which yon are
Further than this he would ve no in- terestedit would be to your interest
formation. The other Indium were | ,onil with the request or give a
very Irum and silent, though their eyes cour. rea o ew -thes orwi "you
spark o winth nre wme thatue was y rest assured you will see the story
in print anyway, ad while It may not
committed rint one of their de be de with from vyour point of view
The result Xthe r a invosatigatis it-sorrectnessin all essential details
Could not y osafw n thie blftievon. w .illsurprise you.M- Lakeland News.

acm has no moro right to take and re- I David Starr Jor present th
move one of their dead than they would Leland Stanford University, in a speech
the body of a white on, would at Chicago last week said that he "be-
have even voluntered It nerstood lived that graft is unknown in Japan,
to aOssist them in getting back the body
of Dr. Wilson and punishing the one whereas in Rustia he doubted if one
who took it away. dollar in one hundred ever reached its
If the lndians peri t ito p a the proper destination.
matter, it is possible that one o the proo r tat. grafter are at work
most interesting ease@ ev r eosl t be- 19,- --,
fore the courts and the public win re. all over the world."
suit. -.--
-tt ---o^r ii TheG Peneacola News, whteh is en-
State SenatorMcCrearyin Gaines- gaged inwhat itregards as vigorous
vill n. of the 4th myshve n etr ant-priary campaign for municipal

se on to settle up the asylum dim. offes, pleads with the State pesto
culty come to its reoeuoe, mbut pleads in valn.
.culty. .The Florida Democracy is too firmly
Leaving all, or nearly all, of the nu- committed to the primary kId and
morous counts of the og iMditment we it iss antagoied in connection
against the Jenninge adalstratlon with the e o negro votes to defeat
hanging in the air, to eqivalent to a regular Democratic primary 0us*mi0,
formal rerenauce of the whole matter as in the PFiaea ,yo contem t,
to the peopleof atthe Stat. for their di. th Florida pr rei de
eoen the faets, aas they have bea to jot iin the male. 8 d"M. tm i
or will beo asertalaed between ths scom Journal is hMad the eti"
time and the asemblng o the Legis- situation with seh ma em il that
tare two years heane. Tht Legist th-e cam be bat oM* *tem.-the tri-
tare has dens we-all- that euld be umph of the white Democratic pimary
expected of it. Idea.

*o. C -v ass
Away "the M U wMilW s of Hernando
emant, where Florlds' Demoeratic
earpei s gn o earme e s there
Is a weekly newspaper w hih does not
yet msali that Mr. Jaeigs is no
tager Floridas,dietater. Reed these
xtracts from the Broouksville Southern
S members of the Llisature
SrOe werw worth. We tef stOme
tu I tlies itin
vain effort to beoieh Jaming.
admnietratlon They failed because
t adminilstratiof was e* of thb t
and purest thOs State tae ever had.
A lotofPeanut politicians licked the
boots of Je mings administration
while it was in ofle, and now, because
it has neither office to give nor patron-
age to dispense, they have been throw-
in mud at it, usin the legislative
committee of investigation as a s ln
shot. These fellows cannot et it
through their skulls that while e Jen.
nins administration is dead the mem-
bers of it are very much alive, and have
lost neither memory or power.
Trae, some of them, including the
ex-Gov., were very much alive, and
very active during the investigation
period of the session of the Legislature!
That their power was felt in the effort
to prevent investigating committees
from bringing corruption to light has
been proven beyond the shadow of a
"reasonable doubt." Keep cool, brother,
just a little more time will place all
things right, for crushed truth will
arise again to stare those evil doers in
the face.

One of the most interesting incidents
of the commencement exercises at the
State Normal School was the present-
ation, by the graduating class of the
Kindergarten department to the insti-
tution of two rare and beautiful pic-
tures, very handsomely framed, one
representing "Peace-A Little Child
Shall Lead Them"; and the other the
Bodenhauser Madona, both being copies
of celebrated paintings; also a statuette
- Mercury for the library. These
gifts were presented in a charming
manner by one of the class, Miss
Mamie Cheny, who is a niece of Mr. A.
H. Alford of Tallahassee.
The class numbered four, which was
a good record for the second year of
the department, the entire number of
graduates in the academic department
being but seven. Next year and here-
after much larger classes in the Kin-
dergarten department may be expect-
ed, because of the new law providing
for Kindergarten instruction in the
public schools, which will largely in-.
crease the demand for competent grad-
uate instructors.
Flerida ad the Rallreads.
From the Tituaville Star.
One of the best addresses delivered
in the House last week was that of Mr.
Watson, of Osceola, during the discus-
aion of the franchise tax bill. As offi-
cially reported Mr. Watson said In part
that he was not here to defend the
railroads-they needed no defense at
his hands-but he was sick and tired of
seeing members of this house and some
people all over the State continually
nagging at the railroads.
He has been a member or the Legis-
lature for five or six terms and his ob-
servation has been that the railroads
have done and are now doing more to
advertise Florida than the State itself
has done through legislation.
The East Coast railroad, to his cer-
tain knowledge, had spent over $50,000
last year advertising Florida and her
wonderful resoureea, and their effort,
together with other railroads of this
State, speak for themselves.
Mr. Watson's statements will be
heartily approved by a vast majority of
the people of Florida. This is a great
State and there should be no room for
disagreement between the railroads and
the people they serve. Their Interests
are ndependent, their aims and objects
are mutual as regards the building up
of a great country and the making of
this one of the most fertile and pros-
perous states in the Union.
PM Alpha Iaa"et.
The Phi Alpha Fraternity of the
Florida State olege held I annual
at the Leon Hotel Friday even-
w h T dining oomn was taste-
Ianyfeteoed with Florida saulax and
flowers, while over theM eAnter of the
table in graceful folds were hung the
colon of the Praternity. The tables
were amo decorated with cut lower,
evergreen and color, of the Fraternity
thtout ensemble present a charming
An elaiorate men, wed under
the auspices of Missc= Hampton,
was thoroughly jf by those p"

et19 Ti waaspad Wnehs
jo pm with- I" and Cfnaf
'W&t NoaWih with soft

The Thea Deoerat was the m
newOM ae IndtheStte to dmmos the
dssalOf a Smises burial pthce
Sta cfse i have amew j-ie
in the I pGm th atral
right. of that peple.

NeAt Printing

Creates a good impression among your
correspondents and helps to give your
business prestige.



IN ACREAGE By President oosvelt in Conference
IN AC EAG With Cassini, the tRuin Am-
L .. -- J_- _l tln-u - --. __

According to Report Just Issuel Ey

According to Report Just Issue1 Ey
the Government.


Difference of Seven Per Cent Between
Uncle Sam and th: South:rn Cot-
ton Association.

The following bulletin on the con.
edition of the cotton crop was issued
by the department of agriculture at
Washington Friday:
Returns to the chief of the bureau
of statistics of the department of ag-
riculture show the total area planted
in cotton in the United States up to
May 25 to be about 28,120,000 acreb,
a decrease of about 3,610,000 acres, or
11.4 per cent from the total acreage
planted last year.
The average condition of the grow-
ing crop of May 25 was 77.2 as com-
pared with 83 on May 25, 1904; 74.1
at the corresponding date in 1903 and
a 10-year average of 85.3.
The Acreage Decreased.
The percentage of decreases in
acreage in the different states (the
comparison being with the total area
planted last season) is as follows:
Virginia .............. 13
North Carolina ...... 10
South Carolina ...... 11
Georgia ............. 11
Florida .............. 10
Alabama ............. 8
M .s ssils pll ........... 12
Loi siana ............ 14
Texas .............. 12
A ri:l nsl s ............ 15
TeniIn .,se' ....I....... 1)
.i, .- in .ri .............. 14
(O : laih inia ............ 11
Ini,],in Trritoryv 1.... ]li
Stat K.:' !'fin Hli lt,' li1id no f i') 'ini.L :t
tr, if o ; oe 1 wti 11 l' a ';rr n il a l :w,':ron
os iln:>;t' of the' l '1 ''an of -: itsi',s
4j I "ar :ui" ; i; f J agr!,'ltuir \\',i;cI was.
issut il a! nrofn lFridlay. Wihetn -(fcn,
he si .1 ti' did not l iat to lise i-s the
fl'rii .s o(f his birie au, inor tlhosi of
any of the other lfrms., or -i'i;/ationsl
or in livil,a.,als who hl\a fAil,(i est l-
mtate s of the i acnrl'lg(.
To Have Report Verified.
()Owilg to the ,litoronire of 7 per
cent in t l :.i rL' !nimnl'n i r'j:ort, and
the S it't'ri ('ro'ton Association re
port, :s.ui' !. .aI y 1. on the rtlietiron
In areaa;;' ith, Soitth('rn Cotton As-
socit('ian has taken action look.ng to
a vrillc(ati n (iof ihi_' two r'; ()r:s.
S4r,(r:ary ('hi ;thanru of t1r1' Soith-
ern '.ttton Assoniation has L,1.'n in-
stru;(te'l to -ake th manitt'r l)p with
the governiuvnt officials and hias ad-
dres. eI the following letter to Sta-
tisticlan John IIydte at \Vashin gton,
calling on him for the sources of the
govern nimti,'s Information:
"Atlanta, Ga., June 2, 195.--John
Hyde'. Vahtihington1, (.-l;'ar Sir:
The goverunmf nt ''pnrt on rd'iiitlon
In cotton acreage for 1905, Issued from
your department at noon 'rlday.
shows a differencP of 7 per cent less
than th0 report Issued by the South-
ern Creton Association at New Or-
leans., a., May 31. The association
has be most painstaking and con-
servatlvn its reports and desires to
verify It with that of the government.
and will ask that you forward to its
office a copy of the detailed sources
from which your report was made
and the manner of Its final tabulation.
"The aassociatlon also stands ready
to furnish your department with aim-
* lBar information giving names and
postofflce address of 'the 17,500 re-
porters and business In which they
are engaged, from which reports the
assoriatlon tabulated Its final estl-
"A prompt compliance of your of-
fice with th!s request will very much
oblige. Yours truly,
"Secretary Southern Cotton Assaoela-



Russian Cruisers Not Allowed Time
for Repairs a: Manila.


Granting of Permission by Admiral
i a.n is Revoked by Washingtoa
Officials A.tecr Conference.

CUT IS 11.4

bassador at Washingtoo.
President Roosevelt has made a
decided move for peace in the Far
East. In a conference at the whitc<
house Friday afternoon with Count
Cassini, the Russian ambassador, the
president expressed the earliest hope
that Russia would forthwith conclude
peace with Japan. Prolongation of the
war, he Lelileves, will not result in
victory for the Russian arms, and can
only serve to Increase Japan's de-
mands, and render more difficult the
drafting of a treaty of peace which
the czar, as well as the nrlkado, can
sign. The president spoke, he said,
as the friend of Russia no less than of
Japan, and on behalf not only of tho
Washington government, but in the
interest of humanity.
The president Informed the ambas.
sador that in expressing hope for an
%arly, peace he voiced not only his
strongly personal sentiments and those
of his government, but he believed
these were held by all of the powers.
His opinion was that it would be a
mistake for Russia to continue the
war. In addition to the suffering en-
tailed by the naval conflict he did not
believe that Russia has anything to
win in prolonging hostilities. The
president did not enter into details,
but the personal character of the con-
versation and his long acquaintance
with Count Cassini enabled him to
talk plainly regarding the decisive
character of the Japanese victor:* s.
What Japan's probable peace terms
will be. the president was wholly un-
able to say, but he did not hesitate to
express the opinion that difficult as
these conditions might prove In tho
light of such a victory as ;hat gained
In the Korean wralis, they would In.
creas" in s,,'vrityv with ev-ry day thlit
a state of war continli'l.
jivii~.g ri' 1i\t'. no word from his
gov'rn i t'". t :n( tl: aninih:1l lw h o f
lojrst i ,llky'sia tf i t. iA r t to ! i'1r`-f
o ff l 1 il. ()rt r't' !!!:^ o rf t ; <, 1-
; 'i ',h Cn ('C int ( -sAii! w% ;) u i:t i.;
'o io li Oore than i ;.'i, th i pri s.-
ii l it Iis .own [ I rtsqi ;1i 0inis o Il
thi 'l itiii i on i. Thf aIII!w s a'lO(yr wi i I
i|' < ily t'o h ':l lby lh o ini( ('re c id il -
Ity of hi's re! ''l ill.n ait l the frank ;anli
Irinilly :.itinflr in wJiih the lpre-sl
deni't ;" n"o. 'I'" I'iiuld not see, how-
ever, that i', *-' was anything In tho
pirt li; s! iiti on., i iufortuinal a, It
Unlin. tilit?'lwy was for his governienwn.
'which n . -.iatnt'l. llii.sia's s iiilig for
It was :he amnia sadlor's firm opin-
ion t1+it this was not "thli psyvcholog-
Ical miomnirt' in whii / h to (disclis pescfe
with ,Japin, whatever nmiitht I' theo
iiNllinateo d( Ilslon of his goverrinm, nt.i
ml, took thr groundl that litcs a conild
,;os( nothing olthfr by waiting or by
(otinltln,n :he war on land.
There was hope yet of a victory for
the Riiu5iian arms. It was suggest-'d,
and, in any" event Rtusila had not yet
lost ,ne foot of tirr.tory, nor was
the Russian front ler endang(er-.d.
The ambassador pointed out that
thero was not the slightest offiklal lh
timatilon from any i,ource as to Ja
pian's probable terms and that those
demands as stated unofficially were
"altogether Impossible." If Japan's
terms should prove anything like se-
vere as they have been reported, It
was the ambiasador's opinion that
Russia could advantageously continue
the war Indefinitely, and eventually
win a victory on land. That his gov.
ernment would go decide he did not
wlih to predict, but, at last accounts.
the emperor was for a contlnuatlon
of the war.
Count (assinl will transmit an ac-
count of the conference to the czar.


Central Section of empire Ilolved But
Cue*ties are Yet UJnknown. *
Severe earthquakes have occurred
In central Japan extending generally
from the rrovlnce of Hiroshima tothe
trait of Hhimonoeekl. The extent of
the damage and loll of life is not yet

known, but, it Li feared, it is very
I heavy.



Schedule In Effect January 8, 1905.
-------------------------, ---- -----p

12:25p 12:55p
2:35p 3:23p
5:07p 5:25p
11: O)p
11: 411P


1q.: 302P
1 : 0a

43 33
Daily Dally
12:10a 9:25p
7:23a 12:12a
9:42a 2:37a
10:50a 4:30a
2:20p 9:10a
2:57p 10:02a
5:10p 12:45p


9: 25a
9: 54a

Lv Ne'YorI Ar.
Lv W. Phila. Ar.
Lv Baltimo. Ar.
Lv Wash'ton Ar..
Lv Rlcehmond Ar
Lv Pet's'b'rg. Ar.
Ar .Norlina Lv

. Sut

:5a5:1.1p 1:401)Lv .No,
2:25a 5:37p 2:10p Lv How

It: ('O

2: 10p


Nio'th Ar 5:30p .
folk. Ar. 4:54p .
ina. Lv. 1:40p .

II: 30a
9: 50as
6: 23A
5: 49a
3: 3*4&



orlina. Ar. 1:15p 1:")5p 3:21a
id'son. Ar. 12:37p 1:10p 2:56a

...... 4:10p Ar Durham.. Ar.
- -- - -

4:1 a 7:00p 4:()0 p Lv ..RkTcigh. Ar.
C:2oa :S51) 6:16p Irv So Pines. Ar.
(Pinehurst J.)
7:15a 9:553p 7:3!0p Ar Hamlet.. Ar.

A Washlngton special says: Admi-
ral Enquist will not be allowed to re-
pair his ships at M1anila. This gov-
ernment has decided that as Lte in-
Juries to the vessels were not caused
either by sea or stcrim, they will be
obliged to refuse vttimis.ion for the
vessels to be rei, t'id tatsmre. Monday
Secretary Taitl abhe'I the following
Instruiicons to Got crnour WrighL at
.Manila regarditi. lth. shlt.;,
"Tini, cannot be ttn for the re
pair of the i k ijnJA .t rceit .1 l battle.
Theri'tori,, t.'e \, .- i ca1 ol t be re.
paired l miles iinti t.d until the end
of hol stiliti's.-
Adminral Train has Leen lns:rucied
a< cordingly. It was st.ited by S c-ci-o-
tary Taft that if the Russian vesseib
ugrt ed to leave Manila in their lpres
ent condition they were welcome to
do so, but as it did not appear that
they suffered from any damage caused
by sea or storm, this government was
obliged to take the position above
The President's Decision.
The president's decision regarding
the disposition of the Russian vessels
at Manila, that they shall Interne or
put to sea is, it is said, in Wash'
ington, in accordance with the best
naval opinion, and is in pursuit of the
policy of strict neutrality followed by
the Washington government from the
beginning of the war. It Is specifical-
ly declared that there is no Intention
to show the slightest favoritism in the
matter and everything possible will
be done for the comfort of the wound-
et Russians. The shipIs when Intern-
ed will, of courbo'. be allowed to bit
put In a habitable condition, and such
rtlpairs as are ne t'ssary to ,keep then
atleat will be allow ,d.
The dcn.slaon of tlihe ir(s'ldent was
announlictied after conference with Set
r(tari':s Mortoni ani Taft. Rear Adini-
r.i,; ni'.v re, chief of t e htI re aii of
ii;av:gw;i (ii, li,'tstiallyI t), c charge e of
t i r i ); a n of ii,:struc t its to 11 tir
.'..;" .ralA TIla.in, who Is rt Ine in ,lls .
I :;. : t h l .' : t
i, "., ib II :l, .' n l :!i 'il i l rt
; ; ;* i i' ,; i i 1

in i u. tion'? to Tri.1,i.
t "i' 1 i ; i t i li I j .'.i ; i a Il T i n

'. t l' ,I I ;i u l ] I l i :l 1 y
(| i; I' i 4' 'i \ i1 ; V ] r
.: i %if i "i E i t.', I '- :I i 4ll II ,' ,i
it'i of 4 i tl r. l i ... I ",M i l 3 ,h .,t i .

I <' :ii.ti On ll li n ', i W \! 'if:lill.
ton ii oi r o l'. in i i, of tlhef
(li'ir: t i t of i ti' w hat at lotion '. !

i4ll iln M. tili: g | Iity, Afl(rii ti t ry
l 0nil..- a t '- rlviie,,l 'cii .i vwh ssr t
W Ollltl i I tl ) ,i ']i l hii y 1 ,1,
IIlnot 1 r. t : I- li a r i .Ir u i i r T wi.S
Sx( ) 11 ii i i l :i. t1 eli tn i 1 4 i et r to
fti tir'i: i .' 'v il t ti:it 1: i h iir.li. -],y
lf whr l 'i S t r- !()1. 1. ',r il't, n
tion o(f .* '.s< ,. s : M'. 1 .l a hl i l)orI
lintil hi' 'B iin of th '!#, .
Ru s a Leaves It to Enquist.
A S1 I'< ,'l'4lii4 i' il'g i.'iteh l aKElYS
Botih t Ji fJrll 'ip an i l', u alri til uil -
be!oif ('orry 1ior iltris)in whahigr to
('iarin : ,, iiro ii'S-,ai criil-. rst at
Mlt;!;ir "r sf t rie; ai'rl thers awl
oi ,..ir I rfach a Hilill', 'an port waw
e fi t> \o.:!ilrral IEnqu.et, to determine
acordilling to his best jivdgnit'nt. l.Tt-
Stir d ilit wad flt that the crrilsr.
will bm 'ak'n until the end of tlin
star. as bfro bhe repainrs which Enf
qulant .ahll *re Imperative could te
effect,.d, a Japane4e squadron would
ibe off Correghldor Island, waiting to
eapnure or sink the Iuselan boat.


hei of Nivel Store Comrtesa Blgy
conducted Ulder Oifferll PI*a**i.
A Bavanah dispatch says: Thuraday
marked the expiration of ti*e naval
stores contracts between the fawtorn
and rxporters, and it is expected that
it will mark the beginning of a great
hiadiag<1 In th.e trade.
The Nival Store, Exprt conmrany
organl,',l with a capllal of $1,'3 .<,,0


9: 15a
1 : 30'
11: 47a
12: 33p
12: 57p
1: 52p

For further

10:15p Lv Hamlet.. Ar
11:55p Ar ..Monroe. Lv
12:il a Lv ..Monroe. Ar
1:20a Ar ..Chester.. .Lv
2:45a Ar Cllnton .Lv
3:35a Ar Oreenwo'd Lv
4:02a Lv Abbeville. Ar
4:32a Lv Cal. Falls. Ar
5:05a Lv Elberton Ar
6:0a Lv ...Athens .Ar
6:46a Lv ...Winder. Ar
7:20a Lv Law'ville. Ar
8:40a Ar ..Atlanta .Lv

information regarding rates,


S:3kia 9:45a 11:201)

7:30~a S:51), 10:30p

7: 10a
5: 40a
5: 35a
4: OGa
2: 45a
1: 56a
1: 33a
1: Ot)a
12: 28a
11: 23p
10: 43P
10: lop
9: OOp




1: 0p
12: 0p
10: 1ti

Pullman reservations, etc.,

apply to the underslrned.
FRED GEISSLER. T. P. A.. 116 Peachtree Street. Atlanta, Ga.
W. E. CHRISTIAN, A. G. P. A., 116 Peachtree St.. Atlanta, Ga.


Creates a good impression among your corres.
Spolndints nnd helps to give your business pres-
tige. '0 ( do neat printing at reasonable prices.

when you buy a SEWING MACHINE. You'll nda ll ort andkisat
corresponding prices. But if you want a reputable rvieeabisMachise, the talm
27 yc as experience has enabled u to iang
WELL-BUILT PRODUCT, combining in its
make-up all tbc good points found on high
grade machines and others that are exdlively
WHITE-for instance, our TENSION INDI-
CATOR, a device that shows the tension at a
glance, and we have others that appeal to care-
S||ful buyers. All Drop Heads have Automatic
r ?Lift and beautiful Swell Front, Goldes Oak
Wookwork. Vibrator, neRotary Shuttdotylesl


Old Kemper Livery Stables


68 TO 100 N. MONROR '







Voe liiave been very for;i itt in s securing the
services of one' of tl i',t iand mIOSt e.l)perienced
Spriit4,r-4 IN THiE STIA'I', ijnd are now able to
S,.\xcUtot .ob Priitilin t." every description in all
Sthi li-ading styles. I'li,. c1iils4 of w\vk turned
out by us iS n1( n1\,'clt i' i tio 1ti ti- i JINEST
an(l 11 PU 4:'"S ili 1 1. 1 of iy printers. /j

3: 41 p
4: 4.1p
5: 23p
G: 31P
7: 5p


_ _~_ ~

by the fat orn and operators who felt
aggrieved because the exporters wolfld
not agree to a renewal of the oli con-
tracts, began taking the fpreiits at
the closedd ports" of concerns that
Imve agreed to do businea with It.

'- *. ... _Y .t.n


JOHN 0. COLLINS, Proprietor.

Published Every FRIDAY Morning.

Half a million men have been sum-
moned to arms In China. China pro.
poses to have a share in the division
of the carrcas of the Itmusion bear, the
Atlanta Journal re:narkl.

For more than a quarter of a (ton
tury IBuffalo 11111 haa bIen regarded as
a hero, b;it Mrs Hill has effectually
disposed of that tradition, commentss
the Memphis C('ommr.Tlal-Appeal.

P'roiibnly fh,'r- 'never waN 1 nmilltary
nilov'riE'nt It a I a( .ved a mior.- aIN-
toriin dln tilt',,i'C H than that orf (P'r-ral
Kuropatkin whi-rn it.' mtart-td riorthwaird
for the pitrpo',e of Juring on those
Japanexps gKiIeerals, says tho C(hu ;tgo
Amnirlo an.

H,',''fle''I atiples, wlr<.l.Hs teleoKra~ph
and flow they havy. dlis,' ovred a brlun-
l'IAH Man Iin .Now York' If Hm( Iofirits
Iv111 now irvlrn t:j a1 ar ha 'le'is I it.ruIn Ir
I,,be haityot dIys of Iih'' jgod ,ill Hutm
iII$ r t llmf' iIl h, all tI1 .t th,-y aift'
t rl<'r;('l lp I't' I by tl h" pim al' lai',eH
the' I'a t ifl)ial, .r.

Tllh Il< 1 toj I, lrttr th, I' t o f t it'
w ot'/ ill !: ,i i',' i i I tI a 1a atl '0 1 I (' l 1f |
M Ir if l'i l t'I tO,, a'f : pil ,' for
the Ilnw 'll io:1 of :I duri blla ,' r t r;J Ih ':p
Inm atl'iia' ll w l l bi l wo lnll i'. r'.,' lita W it 'b-
Stln1 t' f.r I :itfhl r i I blt rI ;ln, l shi,' s,
Siay' l f I"ltaiil.fort SI h biliuaIrl.t. T'lit
Coun(W I iat oJ.'ai'i it Hii aH< rlpliln.

We hcar of rmanny retired farne ,,
mnoving to thle taownis aund (tlls for
hornm'.. Th1 ilden sorns to lie hat they
hope to Ive more pleasantly there
than on the old farm. This may sorne-
times be true, but is not usually the
< e, and should not be expected to be.
'the Indli na Farmer comments. The
'farmer has been a busy man if he has
succeeded, so as to be able to retire,
sad to eot him down on a little town
hlot, with not even a cow, or a pen of
pigs to look after, In too great a
!change. oHe cannot become reconclledl
to such aIL idle mode of existence, and
be pines for something to employ his
time and his muscular energy upon,
even more than he longed for rest,
while he had too much on hand. )Dys.
peplla and the many ills that follow
are extremely liable to fasten upon
him. it would b the wine thing
where the farmer thinks he must quit
atlive work In that linl to seciur a
half acre, at least, In which to locale,
In or near the town, and keep ip the
business In a small way, making a
food garden, keeopnK a cow, a hlorne,
iA few plgs and a doxen chicketni.

Europe sMarcely even yet recognizes
how prodigious an Influence this rlisn
of a new power on the edIg. of Asia,
In the ocean which must, dlecilo by
decade Increase In Importance till its
freedom will preoccupy all anarlltime
powers ai the freedom of the Atlantic
does now, the London Hplttiaitr pro-
pbheles, will exercise on her policy.
tier ambitions, and her commerce.
Throw aside all apprehensions about
the "yellow peril," leave China out of
t-he calculation as sunk In Irredeemableo
dotage, assume Japan to stand alone.
and still urope has to reckon with a
power which ten years hencb will have
twice Togo's fleet, and which han
proved that wherever she can land an
army, an army double Its strength must
be called out to render defeat of the
defenders improbable. Of the Iteas.
SMplrations and ultimate plans of that
rower nothing, It may be said. Is
known; but of her capacities and her
strength we now at least know some-
Ihing. We know that she can keep a
eCret for years, that her people will
lght to the death at the word of com.r
land; that she has the European be.
f In science, and that she counts
ong her stateemen and soldiers men
the Intellectual capacity to control
d guide huge masses of trained men
any end she has decided on. No
ai thinks that he can conquer Ja-
; no statesman Imagines that
can set aside her vote in the Pa-

a or the Indian ocean as a negilgi.
quanUty. she may not govern
lnas, but all the long-devised Wuro-
plans for gaining dominant In.
in China or In the archipelago
without her permission, be

Florida State News.

^^ 4^**^^* 444^*

Five Convicts Blown to Bit&.
Five negro convicts at the county
camp at OJus, near Biscayne, were.
biown to atoms by dynamite Thursday
The dead are Sam Knight, Louls
Knight, Henry Jones, Will Badey and
Jonas Martln, who were each serving
a short sentence on the county roads.
Dynamite In large quantities Is used
In road building, and the negroes had
ecomern careless in handling It.
The bodies of the dead convicts
vere. In every .ase badly torn and
mangled. One, that of Henry Jones,
wwu blown three hundred feet into the
bra(n lies of a tree, were it was sub-
hequfii.nitl. found.
IThe exa t 'eause of the explosion
will never be' known, thougJh It Is at.
trilbut#ed to the d(slchargo of dynamite
which ne.t off a box containing 150
pounf|dm of the flde.'ily explosive. 'I'ie
It I', It .'nTsm, had l n!nshed their work
of loading, a car with rock a little
'*arll'r than tha other onvlcts, andi
had gonert to t he stockadle, carrying
with I i 0'ri e le-f'-ove'r ldynirnlae -ap .
''w o of tfhem, Will lladoy and .JonaI
M.irtin, a rordlling to tite tatemenfits of
John Ar ',,trritg, th haI J oit ,'*f th.e barracks., w Tilrig n a :i ; cox iitniriln g .' po I niils (of
ilvi:rtilitf' anitld I ld ldlil n with th,' c';al)s.
".'lt il'" 'aaa' f n1'. hadl (traw1l'-d In o)
i Ir i t l nl.:', ''i'-r wi'rF' no others "'it
1h1' Ih l. r;u l', ai t th' f 1fle ArmsHtrorit
li;i, I's 4w r' Ini th r ;.,.ia d but a i short
(I P iln- i \" v I tih o 'lasio fn )' 'irreld.
I1 watH I(lO(k't|o d 'i( wii i ra l Hliiiiiiic
for hNOrn '. lili e tint' afterward.

Confirmations by Senate.
Ilefore rilj t iirnmrnri't the, nonato, In
(executive ?. ;Htlon conflrnl ld thr fo,
lowing ex'-'rttlive appolintm .entl :
('lark Knight, to he) harbor mnatlier
in and for the ort of Tampa.
V. II. Merivolnm, Alv<.n Trice, (eo.
II. Ilenjamin, .J. 0. Wilson and T. M.
Jones, to ho pilot comumlssioners, in
and folihe port of Tampa.
J. Frod I t'r In an I for the port of Fernan.
1), 1P. Mialarkey, It. Golditein. II. K.
Itlchardtson, W. II. TMell, H. A. Swan,
to hli pilot commilstonern In and tr
the port of lernandilna.
.1. C. Wilson, to ho plot commis-
stoner In and for the port of Tampa.
Isaac A. Stewart, to be judge of
the criminal court of record In and ftor
Voltihla c urnly.
I W. Perkins, to hie solicitor of
the (crilnlnal toart of r'('r )rdt Itn anl
for V'olimliut orinty.
.1. I'ldwin Alrercrornble. to bIe harbor
irnstnr In arid for theo port of l'eni'at
c(au, il so T .A. Jinnings., G(eorge I..
Iatp|)lltngtm. J. II. Ilarw ll, I. II.
Altkln. tlrhard M. Cary'. to bie pilot
forninilaltawi-.i in and for the( port of

New Road for Lake County.
J. C. Gross, the well known log
and croestle man of Altoona, who has
recentUy bought out the large log
and crostle business of the St. Johns
Iog and Tie company, Is now pre-
pared to extend his road to Eustis,
which will be of great benefit to the
people of that place. It will afford
them competing rates on both the
passenger and freight transportation,
-as the road will connect with the
steamers of the Clyde St. Johns River
Line at Alco.
This road will pass through a vast
amount ')f uncut timber, which w111
furnish hundreds of men employment,
and cause a large amount of money
to be paid out daily for whi h the
people of Rustis and Lake county will
get the benefit. Mr. Gross says that
the road will be complex, by Novem-
ber, 190.5, and that ,a~s' ger trains
will be running dally. 'I !ie road will
also pass throng ha vast amount of
ti nri ttled country It is to tit- thirty'
nlls in !-ngrth, of which s,.\.ntev4n Is
already laIld and In opi-r.'!on dally.
movingt' a %ast amount of timair.

The Legls!rtive Sesslcn of 1905.
On th i is, 'rirg of th- Ja. sI:'nr-,
Thei Tirna e- 'n:otr rn.ar'.-. T Ih: l.g.
lJ:, ntiir lir s adj)o irr >|l .14 ,' Ilh It.-
work i; m l.'!'', lts re'r'erlt- hnial.. lia l
Its arts' r. s' now ;' atild tl'. tr.-' of
tim'r ar l t ,n. Ha III i'i.a (.: ;; I' ,
In t f t '' ;lia r of tII'r !,f -
', 'ir< ,'. C'a\a nP I ;) ai; ,'r 4 na -
'lor f-' ar uidlo whai its ; '"l', .-or ;ti -
< a11l; lish:d.l
T'.l 1' i o.4st noiabil fa itir' ll of' (. f lit ,'
i'on, from ione poit of \.'o w, tias bh,(r
thtl,' ila., t 'r of the tfluckinnti bill.
w il'ch at one t;,:ow re' o!utli iril z a's o ir
entirere <'lia national s.y 'mrn, so far ;1;
tli' state schools are c(irl .'rnail.
Ono bill has been passed, wvhhi ,
thouiigh locally, iIn on'e H1'nsa.- of tthe
word, Is nevertheless of g('neral In-
t.reat. T':,, bill creating the new
county of St. Liclee.
Perhaps the bill of International ini-
portance and of the great,'Kt concern
to the people at large is the one
providing for the extension of the
Eant Florida railway from the main-
land to Key West.

It'ters patent have been granted
for the Iniorporation of the St. Mary,
'uwannee and Gulf railway company
of Hunwannee eminty, with a capital of
$2 of,I*oo ;o construct maintain andl
operate a railroad for the (oninll
to 1,olint n township S north, rangi,
.'7 enH', in the county of Nassaii. and
thence( lby the most direct routf'
through und arro.s the counties of
IHak wantiv, in lFlorida, to the town of
1.1 .v Oak, anti to construct. maintain

l'Per ioli1 trand operate a railway through the
coi' ntlem of Siiwanno'e. Latayette, Tay.
Bankers to Meet In Joint Session. ltr. J<'ff'r;on and Wakulla, In the
'The (Ieorgla andl Florida bankers swa'e or Florida, a distance of IS,
will meet in joint session, at the l ('n i llas', lfiara, otr Cio's,
tinentsal hotel, Atlantic beach. on i .lr ,", ----
9f. and l ii, and ithe Indleations are Th" Pennacola (it'y campaei n asu
thel gatlXI'ring will le one of the large I a Irtr t Inte'restri asie 't when tin
e't andtif out Importin ever held bly a rtC rn. ta Inaper, which is support nri
the two aed(iehs. Elaborate prepaIrn (' Shin' pthish' t a lengthy aril
iaons are bhlai mahde for the meeting 'charging thut Charles H. liss,
aind latire gM frtt e till h.e''thii of bt,.' I the iop1iwm I (andild te, was a Mormon.
Awnd xlnalte' will n itt lc'rti. 1' f t l nd off*'rd' as roof of this a letter

Ito ). i'. i ll. t ali'her of Jack .)t. fri)rn Mrs. TIIlli Illism, who still r'-,
Villae will deliver an taddre'm of wel- mid's II I 'lah, In ''hhl'h she statam
come' to tIlh (leorgia Iankers, and Iln.. that Mr. Ills" was of the Mormon
Itoiert' F. Madlhix of the, Mn.adI)x churchh when they were married. It
lrteker lt-inking company will reply Is nainderstoo on h'alf of the oorgiann. thls charge by sttngK t lhat he was
Miller F I1,'l of Milleddeville is dilvor(aed from his wife In Salt
pr'ident aof the (ieorgla assoelation 'Lakl (' y abouIt 'Ilghteen years ago,
4of Iankerw, and hly fobihnson heads I)lt has always k"lit In communlca
the Florilas contingent. tlon with his c'hildre.n.

Sam .1. Carter, captain of Tampa The Dally Florlda Sun. an afternoon
police, was shot and fatally woundedal papr of Jacksonville, which was
by 1P. W. Knapp. a local aewing ml started as a daily seven mont.he ago.
chine agent. The shooting occurred announces Its voluntary suspension.
on the steps of the Hillsboro high the ground alleged being that the own-
school building. Carter at the time er having other large Interests. was
being In conversation with Knapp's unable to divert from them the at.
stepdaughter, a girl of siaxtepa. Knapp tentlon the publication required. A
walked up and. according to 'Tarter few days ego Claude L'Engle. the
and the girl, shot Carter without a editor-ln-chlef. was asked to resign.
word, the bullet passing through the and, at the same time. Joseph Hugh
offer's abdomen. Knapp claims that Reese sent in his reelgnation. Sinee
he followed his stepdaughter to as- that time many wild rumors have been
certain whom she was to teet. and, afloat asi to the Sun's future. Now it
when he walked up, Carter shot at Is understood that local capital has
him, he returning the fire. Carter purc-hased the plant and will corm-
says the girl made an appointment menace the publication of an up-to-date
with him to talk about the persecu- paper in a very short time.
#inns t .Wl.. .% .AI, .. ..-

iluuns to whincn she an been subjected
by Knapp. Carter was removed to
his home, where he later died.

The Sanford Lumber company la
still at work pushing the rallroafl
north from Westville. .a. C. Ander
son, vice president and general man.
ager. la pushing the work, as the needs
of the company demand it, In ordet
that the big mill at Carydille ma) keep
running on full t*e.

1lm Jackson, the negro wife mur
derer, who was recently arrested in
Tampa by Sher Perry, was given
a preliminary hearing before Judge
Mackey at St. Augustine. The man.
who says his correct name is Andrew
Jackson, la charged with murdering
his wife at Evanavillle, ve years ago.
At the hearing. Jackson pleaded
guilty to the charge, and was helai
without ball to await the action of
the (all term of court.


It wru Innfr thie 1 ',Ft of American
rn, r., of hiii aN:i iag maac:.iin.cry that
thc *' l.' pt hl'i' tfi I a. % I ahn':ll 1
forigrn i itni'(r- int ll, i: a inl'r, and
vi no'ro th tia-i f il I to do btisiness un-
d.e r their 'r. v... -s. A -inrlar op.
1i tli::lty w -( 1 bI h :.ifrIoa lld if c':.c-
tri 'il tiiachi'- ry \v' re e;.p:il.e of ftur-
th':'t d .vtlop; it. pro'vidt d. of conirsf ,
tl.at thOe )prin'citl l conm:ptitors of the
inti d] Siatf',- wre to exhibit lvss orl-
r d!ir;';ty in Inv'ention. Whu n the rest
cjf th' word has taken th i meas-
ur, off .I:ap n in this matter. it will
know hb-ttr than it does now how
much It has to fear

President Johnson Poor Writer.
The letters of Preside:'t Taylor are
rare, but perhaps those of Andra \v
JJohn on are the rarest, as he did but
little of his own writing. His son con-
ducted most of his correspondence and
signed his father's name to the letters.
It Il related that one reason why Pres.
dent Johnson wrote so little was ow-
Ing to an accident which happened to
Lim when he was working at his trade
as tailor. One day a tailor's heavy
iron goose fell on his arm, so Injuring
that mriembher that he found It extreme-
ly difficult to indulge in penmanship
thereafter. Andrew Johnson was the
poorest writer among the presidents
as well as the rarest. His iiandwr!t.
nKg was very much of a scrawl and
c;rn s~crcrly he (deciphered by the av-
era e reader.

Only Born Pilers Succeed.
'1,., t itInr' .of fruit on the stand ac-

rordinz:: to a Kansas City fruit seller.
doe.s mich In the way of selling. Ap-
ples nicely piled will attract attention
much quicker than will apples in a
basket. and the same Is true of
orang s. "When I get a now clerk,"
said the fruit man, "the first thing I
dto Is to teach him to pile properly."
"Thten you 1.ow him how to work off
spt''cked fruit with the good kind,
don't you?" was asked. "Well, frank-
ly. no." replied the stand man. "He
has to have that born In him. Other.
wise te cannot he a successful fruit
salesman "-Kansas City Times.

Young Rockefeller's Training.
At Brown university, where John D.
Io(l:tef('ler. Jr., %\as grad lated in the
(I\a.s of 1097, tales are .'t!ll told to
Fhow how his father impressed on him
tI;e stamie scrupulous regard to detail
that n:adoe the Standard Oil Company
\:' f,'ul. Ore day when John Jr.,
*-.'t, d ow\n In the city of Providence
with a courIpe of girls, he took them
:nto a convenient drug store and treat-
ed them to ice cream soda. After he
had raid the checks and before he left
the store he surprised his fair com-
pLnlons by pulling out a pocket memo-
randum book and c.:tering: "Three
Ice cream sodas, thirty cents."

A man with lots of time on his
hands has figured that $25,000.)00 i~
spent on cabs in London each year.

Mrs. P. Brunzel, wife of P. Brunzel,
stock dealer, residenc( e 3111 Grand
Ave., Everett, Wa.slh., says: "For flf-
tten' years I suffered
with terrible pa)in la
my back. I did not
know what It was to
enjoy a night's rest
alid iirose in the rnorn-
i4ng feeling tired and
unrefreshvd. My suf-
fering somnetlins was
b, 1 siiiply ilndescrii hble.
Ib "When I flfislhied the
\ l tirsthox of Dotan's Kid-
S l ey i'ills I felt like
b a different wonman. I
S "y continued until I bad
N^. taken five luoxes.
Doan's Kidney 'Pills act very effective-
ly, very promptly, relieve the aching
lmins and all other annoying ditticul-
tl Foaster-Mlhurn Co.. Buffalo, N. Y.
For stile by all druggists. Price 50
cents pter box.

S Cuba's immigration last year was 20,000J.
Three-fourths were Spanmards.
S Whly lao We <(o to te1 at Night ?
Bnl'aut, tlie bed will not o'ome to us, but
Spalin in the' bowels will, whli'h can bh re-
SIived byt Dr. BiRgger.4'' lluiklhberry Cordial,
I whil'h aniures all bowel trouble. Cureo the
children when teething. Cholera Morbus,
hold by all I)ruggists, 25 and We0. bottle.

Perild Your Brnln, *ni It Will rae I You
31aury andi i r*mue. Coon Versus Mountain Lion.
Jamei A. McCallum has a mountain
"Ever since Iboyhood I hnve been lion that 'e is now willing to part
esp<.i"s lly foind of meant, and i a con- with to any one as a gracious gift.
vinced I ate too rapidly, and failed to When he received the fine looking
tna:sti'ate my food properly. cougar a few days ago from a friend
"The result was that I found myself. in the Rocky Mountains he thought
n few years agt), afflicted with ailments that hte had an animal that could
of the stomAich and kidneys. which in- w'ip anything that wore hair, but
terfered seriously with my business. when the king of mountain beast
"At last 1 took the advice of friend was fought to a standstll yuteday
and began to eat Grape-Nuts instead of by an ordinary old ring-tailled coon,
the heavy meats, etc., that bad constl- McCallum lost heart. The lion was

"I found d that I was at once een a few days ago In his age by
by"I foundthe chage that I was eot onrellereited Jack Cook. The lion tipped the beam
thehane thPat I soon re at 175 pounds, but Cook said his coon
from the heart-burn and the Indigestonat 'ould lick him.
that used to follow my meals. that the could lick him.
pains in my back from my kkilney af- The other morning Cook's oon
feetion had ceased, shMowing that those was thrown tnto thle cage with the
organs bad been healed, and that my lion. The fght began at once. The
nerves. which used to be unsteady, and lion made 0 vicious strokes with WIs
my brain.which was slow and lethargic paw at the coon, but the wily little
from a heavy diet of meats and greasy salml proved to be an adept at dods-
foods, had. uot in a moment. but grad- 1g all the blows. No quicker would
ally, and none the less surely, been the blow of the lion proved futile
restored to normal efficiency. Now, than the coon would grab him by the
every nerve is steady and my brain throat, a Gr begin to claw with all his
and thinking faculties are quicker and might He would soon loosen his
more acute thaou for years past. bold and Jump away. This was re-
"After my old style breakfasts I used peated 'for about twenty-five minutes,
to suffer during the forenoon from ni Wen the lion, blooding profusely.
feeling of weakness which hindered mwe skulked to a corner, and refused to
seriously in my work, but since I battle further.
have begun to use (;rape-Nuts food I The coon was taken out of the cage
can work till dinner time with all ease with taerdly a somratch on him, and
and comfort." Name given by Postum apparently. proud of his work with
Co.. Battle Creek. Mich. his heavy antagonlot The little ring-
Thbre's a reason. I tailed animal weighs about twenty
Read the little book, "The Road te pounds, but Jack Cook says he is
WellBe*," In each pkg. wwrthhis wv1a MO ., .,

Facts Are StIubmrn'Ms

Uniform excelent quality for over a qulwtr of a
century has" xts lylncre AOd the ae* of LON CO
The leader of All package cofeen .

Uon Coffee
fi now ued in mos of omest Buck
Spopularm ce spak for itel. Itisa
isl ve prod tat LIMN CFEE has the
Cm deaee of the people.
The uniform quality of LION
(COFEE survives all opposition.
UION cOTEO kseelp i od4 Irlitns and

lON COFFEE has even maoe
than itstrseg navor and Qum.-
Ity to eommn -4 It. On arrival btro
the plantation# It to aremully roat-.
ed at our factories and severely
packed In 1 Ib. sealed packages, .
and not opened again until needed g ,
for use In the home. This precludes
the possibility of adulteration or contact with germs, dirt
dust, Insects or unclean hands. The absolute purity of
UON COFFEE Is therefore guaranteed to the consumer.
Sold only in 1 lb. pa'kages. Lion-head on every package.
iave tLese Lion.he.ads for valuable premiums.
WOOLSON SPICE CO., Toledo, Ohio. A


1 p,%

* * *rU-(4r. <. .


w F -. V r I 7

Ptifit nf Prosperl

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Everything New and Up-to-date in Machinery and Type, the Best
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All Work promptly in whop proeisd. We nver ilsappolnt yous


L, C.


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Carriages and all Kinds of Agricultural Implements,

Sugar Mills and Kettles, Mill and Plumbers' Sup-

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Plans and Specifications furn ished. All kinds of buildings planned
and constructed according to the latest improved methods.
Mill Work-Manufacturers of bll kinds of rough and dressed lumber,
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Louisville and Nashville Railroad.



(In Effect April 10, 19C5.)

River Junction and Pens&cola.

G(01N G E A ST.


No..'2 No. 2 Trains do not op at StLit.onH No. 3 No.2.'
Daily aily where no Tit.;, is shown. Daily Daily

lot: 26a

I1I 22a
12:1 4A

1 :2'

1 :"5p
2: 13P
2: 31 P
3: 3 P
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Galt City
Ynlesi rs
Pensac la


12:.15 p )
12:012p 6:6-2
11 :52a C,: 4Ea
11:45a 6:311a
I -215a r):t60a
11: ""$a 5: 111
10': 47a if: (ofla
10': 3()s 4: 33a
10:15a 4:08ts
111: 1'Ila 4:00's
9: 57A 3:40-,
9: 441t 3:18a
9:35a 3:03a
8: 56a 2: ('0a
8:3Sa 1:33a
A: Yos 1 :20a
8:15a 12:65a
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11 : 20op
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7: m)s 10: 55P






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I -


Grim Reaper Claims Nloted Soldier end
Newspaper Corespondet.
General sI. V. Boynton. pretiesnt of
the Chickmuauga Park commniss&on,
died at Atlantic City, N. J.. Salur
day from a complication of disca,
lie was seventy years of age.
General Roynton had a notable (a-
reer both as a so!'ler and a news
r per correspondent. AH a ,hlller,
he partlciiated in 5o0' of tle most
stirring e V'ns of th' civil war and
served ago ri In the war mith Spain
As a journmlst he was liitlnintly as
sociate] h- lth national r, Ta;ff alr as
Washngto ewspaper r resp orndent.pond
ent. V. Boynton, pre

Beet I-am to combeate V teurm
I"uale., LoutNevl, Ky., June 16-
18-l10. 10OS-Vey7 Low Rate.
Stop eves allowed a Mammot Oeve.
Amelea's Great NstaMil Woeder. Pas
through bas Shatotre eSae Felow. sMa
opens to all. Tiekef wNd JA* 10h, lRtk,
Fifth and 1th. Ask fore ieta via L. &A .
iull ifaormsaUon furabed on appuestlu
ag J. G. nOLLINBIC1.
DistAet Peasb t Agt.
Atlanta, Os.

MrMs. 0rye I ees SO of 50to* 6**-
glaermal -Id Iesdiril*.
As a result of a correspondence be
tween President M. M. Parks and Hon
W. J. Dryan of Lincoln. Neb., a do
nation of $500 has been made the
Georgia Normal and lndustrIal college
Thla is from the Bennett scholar.
ahip fund of P10.000. whieh was left
to Mrs. W. J. Bryan for distribution
among the oolleme and untseralties


Ing an honorable peace is Incrolsngly


fe Whlde ee a d a Whito Wemaa
Loaded dl CilevM JDaIL
Monday morning Jobe Prady, Thom-
as Elliott, Mart Wellborn, Ballie ra,
dy and Zadle Cardon, all white, were
lodged In jail at Clayton, Ga., charged
with the murder of Malinda GOales, a
year ago.
The deceased was found star her
home in Persimmon district, In Rabun
county, a year ago. It was then sus.
pected that foul play iad been used
and that the motive was robbery. The
decedse was seventy-ave or eight:.
years old.


Represetatlvns of Fovers Mr With
President oosevelt In Ro to
Stop Russo-Jap War.
A Washington special says: Short-
ly after nine o'clock Saturday night,
Mr. Kogoro Takphira. the Japanese
minister, called at the waite house by
appointment He was immediately re-
ceived by the president and a confer-
ence ensued. Following so closely the
visit of Couht Caaainl, It was atu-
rally Inferred that the president took
occasion to communicate to Mr. Tak-
abirt the views of Russia as present.
ed by Count Cassini at the conference
with him Friday. Whether the visits
had anything to do with the appear,
ance of the three Russalan ships at
Manila could not be learned.
Diplomatic activity In Washington
Indicates that the European power*
are prepared actively to assist the
president in any efforts he may make
in the Interest of peace In the Far
Oatit, and it is now learned, on high
authority, that the German emperor
heartily shares the earnest wish of
President Itoorsvelt for an early ena.
ing of the war. Neither tihe president
nor the emperor, however, is ambi-
tious to assume the role of petie.
maker, although anxious to do what
is possible to assist Russia and Ja-
pan to enter upon peace negotiatloini
as Foon as practicable.
From Information received, it is be-
lieved that the king of Italy can he
relied upon to cast his influence for
peace, and the long rc ifrence of
Baron des Planches, the ?!."ian anmbas-
sador. Saturday afternoon, with Count
C'assini after the latter's call at the
white houst-, Is but one of several evi-
donces of the activity of the king's
envoy at Washington in the Intercs;
of peace.
Sir Mortimer Durand, the British
ambassador, In a recent visit to the
white house, placed the president In
possession of the views of King Ed-
ward, who would welcome an early
peace. The views of the French gov-
ernment are well known to be of a
similar character.
For an hour Saturday afternoon
Baron Von Sternberg, the German
ambassador. was at the Russian em-
bassy, discussing the situation with
Count Cassuit. Thus far the latter
has not heard from bhis government.
Financial Influences in Paris are
again aiding to turn the tide toward
peace in the Far East. A banker,
who is a member of the syndicate
which handled the recent Russian
loans, said Sunday:
"Russia's credit has not been af-
fected by her naval defeat for the
reason that it is believed it will
compel her to make peace after a
period of hesitation. Whether it 1,
peace or war, Russia must have more
money, but it will be an indispensa-
ble condition to any further loan from
here that peace be made."
Sunday night, liaron Speck Von
Sternberg, the German ambassador,
spent two hours in conference with
President Itoosevelt at the whiteI
house. There isa very reason to be-
lieve that much of the time was oc-
cupied with a discussion of the gen-
eral question of the war between Rus-
ala and Japan, and the possibility of
No official word haa reached Wash-
ington regarding the probable stti-
tude of the czar toward the ending
of the war. Meantime exchanges are
In progress between Washinlgton, Betr
tn. London. Rome and Paris regard-
Ing The whole sialtuation.
Mr. O'llDeirne, the BrtiUah charge
d'affaires, was also at the white house
Sunday and discussed the question
with the president. It is fully expect-
ed that weeks may elapse before Rus-
ala decides on her course, UTntll fount
Casalnt has had some reply to hil
cablegram to his government, and las
In a position to speak authoritatively
and officially on the subject 6S peace,
It is Improbable he will have another
conference with the president.
A St. Petersburg special says:
President Roosevelt's offer Co tender
his good offooe to bring about peace
is favored by the Russian press and
by the public, and a desire that some
Itepe should be taken toward oear*.

WOwtm oMEnS 10 140AV OWL.

Wil e oifet aiea Sob Cracker se b0
dare to ieOAMp e fieIBs
Mrs. Prank Duncan. wife of the lo.
torious atfe blower and murderer.
who was captured In Florida
banged In Birmingham. Ala.. and
Prod Stafford. wife of Dunoa' s
ner. now doing a sentence of
years at Holder, Fla., ~Drealh
have been ordered to leave J a
vllle by the authorlties.
The pollee bellove that if t
men remain in the ctty, their
will be a shelter for brooks io


Thousands o Russians Wen: Dows
in Great Naval Battle.


Edimvit of Four Thousand Ptsoanm
Between Sevea ud Mae Thn-
sad SlaV arc lilSa.

Advice from Tokto, under date of
June lat, state that the Japanese l Ow
es in the battle of the Sea of JaJpam,
were 113 officers and men killed sad
424 officers and men wounded. The
completion of the revised list shows
that the losses were under the or*g-
Inal estimate. The flagship Mikas%
was the heaviest loser, losing sixty-
three killed and wounded. Commas-
der Togo of the Adzuma was wound-
Rough estimates made of the Rus-
sian losses, exclusive of nearly 4. 00
prisoners, vary from 7.000 to 9,040.
Calculating the complements of the
sunken and captured ships at upward
of 10.000, 7.000 men remain unaccount-
ed for. it is possible that the ships
which escaped rescued some of the
members of the crews of the iese
fortunate ships.
Many bodles have been waL..eA
ashore on the island, and on the
shores of the tieighhoring coasts, near
the scene of the battle.
The navy d(cpartim-at in Toklo made
the following announcement Thurs.
"LAter reports from the different
divisions of the fleet engaged in the
naval battle of May 27 show as fto.
"The Russian battleship Oslablea wes
heavily Gamaged in the early paft oa
the fight, going down at 3 o'clock la
the afternoon. The first Rustian vm-.
sel sunk was the battleship 81|sI
Veliky. The protected Cruisers. Ad.
miral Nakhtmof and Vladimir "bao
mach, afer being in the engagement
during the daytime, were till torp
other damaged by the torpedoes dusm
Ing attacks by night, and were eventu-
ally completely disabled. They drift.
eor Into the vicinity of Tau island,
where they were discovered on Sub-
day morning, May 28, by thle auxib'
lary cruisers 8bilano Yawata, Tal.
oan and Sado, which captured them,
but they all sank. The crews of our
auxiliary cruisers rescued 195 of the
crews of the sunken Russian ships.
The battleship Navarin was torpe-
doed four times after sundown ft
Saturday, May 27. and sank. The
survivors of the Nevarin's crew cow-
firm the story of her destruction.
"The cruisers Nitaka and Otaws
discovered the Russian cruiser Svloi*
lana at 9 o'clock Sunday morning, la
the vicinity of Chappyan bay, and
Immediately attacked and sunk her.
The commander of the Nitaka re.
ports that it is suspected that the
Russian cruisers Almas and AuroMr
were sunk by torpedoes on the nilgb
of May 27.
"Later reports show that during the
night of May 27 our torpedo boats
Nos. 84. 85 and 69 were sunk by
the enemy's fire. Comrades rescued
tMte majority of their crews. Besides
the above there was no damage worth
reporting. No warship nor destroyer
suRfered any loss of fighting or natvb
gating power."


Bettittlto ees teI rateraedfer Ie te
cover et Adesieil.
A repor; Is current to the effeR
that little hope li entertained of th
recovery of Admiral Rojestvensky,wl4
Is now in a hospital at Sasebo, 9
It Is expected that the emperor 1
toads to direct that the Russian
ears captured be given tersa of uM
role Identical with those granted tb
army officers taken at the surremd
of Port Arthur.

'~4. V..,


NbV Mary BIMMIck of Weashluo~n tolls
* ow ioya 5.L ?tskbam'o Vegeo~uo
tUOmpU0g Made am WeU.,

It Is with great pleasure we publish
the following letters, ae they convile..-
klly prove the claim we have so many
Ve made in our columns that Mrs.

Pinklharn. oft l.yri. Mua in fully qual.
fleiIltoIive hPIpfn Iadlvl'<' tohoil,'k t" utuen,
Iteel Mrs. II)inick a Jsletters.
Her first litter:
Dear Mris. 'liaklAmn :-
I have ben a fviTtre-r for the. peat eight
eart with a trt,,ihl, whi ch fli't orlgilat.,l'
ronl plitnful lts'-"nati inHt1ii ti lare o w.,ere
ex'r 'Tli ci.g. villi haitfladauu, ti.Ii *r'l uilc,-ra.
tionr, of ti" womi)h. "The lntf.r myso I niint
ha',, an o efration h r I 'sitmit lijve I Io tiout
Want to)bisinlt to an n operations if I 'n i iMl.
hly void it. I'ltPlso Ihelp iii."- Mrs. Mary
J mrnrl.k, Washington, D. C.
1Her second letter ;
Dear Mrs .inkham:-
You tolI r.eissmnlermy "nmdltisewbmen I
last wroto you, ail' thtt-th, doctor said I
Punt bave arn oiratlon or I could not live,
rIwilvwl yomir kind letter and followed your
advice very carefully and am now entirely
well. As my e's wd Was so m rlou It seems an
miraclee that I am cured. I kJnw that I owe
only ntay hmlth but my life to Lydia E.
akham's Veglatale Compound and yto our
advice. I can walk miles without an aeq.h or
a pain, and I wish every suffering woman
would read tbh latter and realse what you
am dot fwr tiem."-MrU. Mary Dimmlek.Ath
and East Catol ltrets, Washington D. C.
How easy it was for Mrs. IDmmlck to
write to Mrs. Plukham at Lynn, Mass.,
Mad how little it cost her-a two-oent
stamp. Yet how valuable was the eply I
As Mrs. Dimumiekaaya-itsaved her life,
Mrs. Plukham has on file thousands
of Just tilkh letter as thn above, and
Offers ailing wumen helpful advloe.

Appointment Recalls Brave Act,
Capt. Harry I eonarl (if the I'nited
State'i Marine (Corpin his lt,on ordordil
by l'rlesident Hiooni-ve'lt to th Chilne' o
Caplltni R n i lltltary atitrnth of the
Amlli'ui('n lf ;tfloan., lI)iring t(ih TIetin-
Trin cll miiiniltil lin rpliho l hil llfr,, by
g lltng re tite r*'Mcii sof 'i wt ucifrilil l'c ii..
r ld '., ilr. IgK im ira I ) -nfrty nll lis
batrl iiacrftw it ft lit w .e-jpt fli l, in l l,,,t0
tilli alrin it a pneiilty fjr hli iP chliv, -,

The Vls,tr lI I.' old acru you,
The l)loy- Aw;N MIa itya l'n tot)
yOUIIK It r<) ta4 l l, hltbiic r I i Ike, eIn'
I'm -o stlld ois ry> whiii I dun t gtI
'alU.- larger ca lsiar

J0sil arlmealnatlion In llnllway Ilates.
A ll r llminil cD l l cisn lcilied|i to pi.iii
*Il the' l i Ijc'c'I ii t rci.ts,, iPn lh vw y
are liki-ly I v i, 11 i(|lh I iir,1 h01 i it Sau1 .
t rl .Sp 'cr'i'rf, io thie. ., itlisrn lltil| ,
W ln'11 li m1 I M1 : '"I |p tV 1,4 it, )i l lvisi o r
onllilon i tio I p, l ih iriril)ll||y glig ill ,n1rc l .1 r o r nj **ll) li rrli- it)lu .
torr.v (IP ir.m- i ll| pir rlai ,n of 4 |h tt.o-
ev'er cli 1 i, I 1
M r. Ii,'ciiii tr i ;l,ilntw f or "tillijil t.
ly dlc'rialint i f ,le ." 4isle. cmiii clvih' c .
l lk 's n all i i Sti ir n i i hi e ii it llce

bl lls I l' l:ita t allt it i ft l'tigh t ra tNi
WlIllch Is Junt, l'snrm 11,tlIh al il l lis'rtia.
tlvely rs.ililrel Icy flice ,,,11,ll.,x ,,la .-
Uler.inl idiiel Kricyl'hlliil'I 'I(lllhHl|ln
.Welh ii clitci l'XllPi't rel liaiiki ls ii p1.' to
dea.ih. 'I'o i h,,i lh alaalh M IIII l dia rld ilslitntlin sii ullt lnriil)e, le II .
dUstries of <'le's., htilteni niitI W ho',! s.(w.
tioiis of our tiilitlnal l territory.
This dielltatctlon li -twscn m ui t andl
unjust dlaarlitinalltitIn e'is inrly recog.
ilged In thoe clcnc'lumlon of the Intier
Slatlnial liallwAny Congress, publaliled I
"TarilHi sbhotld tie hand on eommner'lal
ptunolples, tablag Into account than speotal
conditions whielh tlar upon the ouuinorelal
value of the aerviles rendered. With the
sservatloa that rat shall be charged with.
eut arbitrary diserlmrnuatioa to all shippers
alike under IIke onditiows the mnaklti ofo
sates should as sar as p'usmole have all thbe
eastleity aeel permit the develop.
weat of the U So produce the great.
eat results iS 0 a"d to lbe rl roads
The present proposal s. as Mr. Walk-
er p). Hine. of Louitevlle. showed In
his remarkable testimony 'the other
day before the Benate Committee at
,Washlngten. to crystalse flexible and
ljustlz discriminatory rates into filed
Oovershment rate. which cannot be
ehangoid except by the Intervention of
Soils Government tribunal, and hy this
Ilery process to Increase "the teaaipin.
(MId io depart from the pulllshed rate
'lld tbo ltwful rate in order to nmeet
S oniOc oerrrpoiowing and urge t C40in
mfercal conditlon."-New York Sun.


mi,r5Tv'~t ~C'4 PC(A 4U PARK

0te..4 4. |.reD -tq .*#f eV,-. '*.

of x.l.--' rI....riv. e ..st r.l-h...
Chieknann.in P'nrk.fin. Mnr 31 -3 Ii
t'nitied Ptntrsn (;orernn e'nt hlia h'ore
In opern/ti ion O A ov f th lIrgp t n'-.ti. .
Ione -'n rp lnit, I. th I .- Td T'hli ill-
If/tryr p et ,it the -"#- to, .. tlI, fitw.
tf,,''.';,l r'hi l' n',n',,.'i ,n ftt,-rt.lf'. w'lio'r
* thirty thon)ni l I'nlnti nmitl C- nif<<1er., fo
sol'di-ro werp !mot9 In file )mnornhlo
nbattleo nf Sptml)r 19 'end :'. 1 'fl.
rontn lns aIunt onp, li,,n,'r'd In )il1lna.,
thle. Tv*enty-five prir' -inu' tiu of wliteh
nrP lIlhted with arr-tvylenr To serom.i
pllh this ix nl and i rm.hin,f a 'lom of
rinlni nnil tw'I nile. nf *.r"'p le pipes
nr' In eio. whilel *ix ')--fl a -tr,.et In)mps
hrlilll rtly Illluili:n:.< thl ei 'Mevrnnl of
th. po1et
lie 1 $.1 the Welnr Dopirtii,.,,t In-
Iatnill Myerr. V rlinin. T'l r.aul it \ir" so
grr tiflf lint aninl thi<. 'te rlf ri'tyr of tihe
lil'in lirn t -) r-ivlflii t tl.nt *h.- (;'.\ 'rn-
tinil t. .ir h hi t, lvoI. prnl. ' tra.'t f'or lwi (hli;; whillsli .very 'ltIl'r, of the I l'lit-,l ?Mttet.s
mslie'ilel hcm \' hlil pro rAntf of lridle.
Hut thlie f;,o'rir lint lin not 'onfiltted(
Itsh necepi' intie. of n ,i tr cnyl.n to ti;. Imilll-
inry porst. SiI-r. lhe'nllomling ntIfi'l of
th, Onl'ltris'y, ip.eriority And nel onmni-
eit'l ;as iiantigos of thins pnrtiiulnr il-
1li111rinit, li. r Unlted Statfln han In-
stileld a niimhbr of plants in Indian
ashliools and other (;overniennt lnstl-
Acetylene gnas I one of the simplest
as well as the most perfect of artlflcial
lights. It i s mads by the contact of
water and parbidt la manufactured
product for sale at a nominal price), le
absolutely safe and lvpes a beautiful
whlte lIght soothing to the eyes nod
nervM. It 'nan be produced anywhere
--in the farm home, the village store,
the town bhll. the chureb-and is so
easily maintained as to be practical for
all classes.
It Is a matter for national congrat-
lation that In beautifying so historic
a spot as 'Chlknmauga, nothing but the
beot, lincludl .g the llghtlrng system, has
been deemed good enough fur the
Atnerican peiiople.

Mama--I thluk e- cau s u.ppo rl
Mau ClItOrUctil.
il.uit -(lad to hbar It. It's getting
buyolid mre.


l'alairil s te'.fip l.atao rrseai i Klaei to Feet
MitInoe il I s ia ratl i-f'stl i ir i,
ils11 Ndil ite .ry.
Another of lthle.- r'intrll ne crurpe by
('lit I llt sItI 1's l t ret i. l 1 el cie..' haidi
, i .t in,,I ,% I, M I N ,.@, (IF
4*. airl J 'e .11 .1 teli m| i n)emria g Ic'tlter:
I' 1 i t'0l 'r I I i ,ii .,I tI t 1
l i, lt i 'll 4 iiil, .III 'r i|,-,' h. t irn laiy
r,1 1 ta i . i i, I itI i rl i.,'i li r I c-
l',i 1 i I tii (I II li til I -> ( 146t 0 11 'i llt 11'l I 'c l I, iv li It
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