v City, ut CtUmi VUiUag About twenty met and the situation was i I ,Coming Events and a Whicl U .Most Uterest to the minute that the gentleman mentioned Everybody General and Nobody .

Octet the City. < thoroughly gone over I i. I i/ Galaxy of Current Gossip. .' I Client of.Dade County above, 'or any other human being is In Particular. 4

t- .t.-. The first and almost,, only topic that I .1i,'rrr.Nr-!..1, capable of EARNING that much moneyin ,.._,.--i 4 "i:

'I W. L., Widmeaer.. ,down from gained universal attention was the subject Frank Idner will lead the Christian BYPOLCIO HAPPWIiCS.' one year. Here is where the fraud of The waters in the Lake are exception:

t Neptnaa Friday last., of the shipment of ,ice from Miami Endeavor at the Congregational Church : 'Smith monopoly comes in. ally high jus' now ; the heavy and continued .

lira. W. 0. Bndd and children were to this point. This was thoroughly\ discussed -. Sunday at 6:30 p.m. Mrs j'. and granddaughter' i Mr. McDonald is undoubtedly a very Easterly wind is the came.
t and as the rival,ice companieswere of ,Delray;; are 'v iting. among their large stockholder in the,Standard Oil -
passenger oa today train loa their : Will Whidden is enlarging his market friends' this place. The Town Marshal is keeping a sharpeye
I both represented; the discusoion many at r monopoly. As such he is able, with the
hove la upper Florida. .building to meet the demands 'of his y ->> weatherthis out.for strangers nowadays, aud all
was lively. R. A.McPhemn stated that We are iaviny some very bad mutual assistance of other large stock-

Mr*. F. A,,UorinfaTdi children left undoubtedly infection could, ,be Conveyed -t constantly growing business.. week, heavy northeast wind'and holders, to vote himself and them info have selves.to give a good account of them.

for EM G&11S.hit morning. on a visit probably would be,either throughthe The probability is that 'there will be r in.:; Lett hope we dou't g t another the company offices and fix the respect.

to her mother: and sign. Ice .or.sawdust in' .which,,It was I po session of County Court at Miami asset storm..', '*v' ive salaries in a similar manner. These Harry Cook expects to leave in a few

T. A. Taunaan left this morning for packed. through: the car used which I for next Monday a week. i Dan savs that he U certainly making salaries are of course included, in the days. for.Miami. leaving. the. manage--

JaIl home at Ankona alter a busy year's bad probably been ;used ,by je/ugees ; Charley Charters is the proud posSessorof the roots and muck fly down on his new operating eX Dses., All operating expenses incur of the ice business in the baud of

work at his trade in thin community.tin. further offered to supply distilled water the Layton team and 'wagon, the best' clearing: And, wants "'everybody to'.go are tfcnally paid before dividends Emile Anthony. a

free. of charge to all who 'would. call outfit of the kind ever owned in this down. andjiave a look" at the..land., are declared. Therefore if the concernis The Congregational Church bad a
JI H. Wilkinson< of Hypoluxo, for it between the hours of and to
for its methods
9am. community. .called account robber :
It fitting at the her daughter -, J. }I. Harper has sold hi* mule and present of forty Bibles aud, TestiueuU
bomeq( \ further esptainC.mattei
JEJe not in compelling a consuming public to
Pimkk' tin wagon to -Sunday of Delray.' Mr. from the Philadelphia Bible Sodety .
Mrs B H. the EaSide.Tbe )
pertinent to tbe of.the D. Ruffin has rented'the' Semsnole
meeting J. much
purpose twice as for the necessity .
Sunday will plant a large crop ot tomatoes pat through Rev S. D. Paine.
Hon. Fred 8. 'Mone U in town that he had ,never refused to sell ice Barber Shop and the 'place is now this the' which it controls as such necessity costs
tt place tbis'yeal' on .same. ,
Shaking hand with bas many friend except to the editor of TaE TROPICAL moved from Narcissus' street around to land he cultivated last season: .- to produce, the officers. of,the monopoly A letter has been received from Frank

He U.a aiueg advice from Miami be SUN. To. this statement H, N. Neal, i Banyan, street,'*.--- J" ; ; point to the usually .truthful fact that Gardner stating that he is e tjoyiag life

fore proceeding South. proprietor of the City Marl et,demurred ', tA .Sow is this for one' night's 'cat-catch their company is not paying any, or.at in London. He does not state when he

and stated that no longer since than a novel notice posted,in the Bicycle ing?i; Wild' cats have been.catching Mr.Garnett's most small dividends on it capital- will return to West Palm Beach.
Richard Gardner wu up from Boynton Hospital would apply nicely to the fever chickens of late, having carried very
dy put had Mr. McPherson caused ization. But they never explain that at of the best
thin week, greeting old acquaintance situation, vise avoid giving: advice and nice hens He Delray some
: (away tea or more :
him to lose the meat in his market by the.legitimate of the business ;
profits are lands the t
vegetable on East Coast for
here after an atweuce of several months idiotic'qnestions.Carl ,
asking determined .put' atop to. its anda,
refusal or failure to deliver ice ordered. w ,1'. : eaten bb that princely salaries of the either
up rent or sale terms.
Is the North and West ; easy Applyto
_The many plain truths that have been Schrebnick,has been,entertaining few lights& ago be alt t; lx tips! and visitingftbcm 'I large stockholding; pffixrs.: Gleason Brothers, Eau Gallic Fla.a

i )diaa.card Chcatham concluded hers published in the columns of THE: Spa his friend, Schneirteman, of M ami, nejtt: naming, found that two The largest salary ,paid. to ;a. public
'p' .wa of until month wjhtr! lativf# the past summer seem,to, have,rankled' for several days past, the'latter being oUbis uf tbn.arauders_ v .a ,had: been; caught.., terrntgf.tbe,greatest..republic: of,the, 'The F. E. C- Ry. have announced the .

t and Mead here and left today for h- i }Jnlb" lvirtuous bosom. Although be way home frosq}Ttrip"North." .Ml.JCrotzer is 'jimpjng'around with a world }$.'so. 09 per,annum-the salary discontinuance of the accommodation

hone to Utttat......, AW *y>st > designated:these' 'staieBttaU-'orjaA"acnnllous <' ......... .---: ': """ 'naethi3,d.it had just gotten well of a of.tke"Presi T ,Tonight the'YouDg. Men's'I, ) 'v.1tb'hoe winch tq the freight trains running between
the of the : done
rest. assembly aerere'cut: whp presides in part one the material
L R* Decker, of TUuivtlle, "was In I that THB SUB; had"published, only the Club will ventilate I their original views whilf, sharpening it, and ,handing: some destines of 80,000,000 people isthere- this town And Miami.Dr. .
town a few day Uat week the guest of and launch their
mighty'arguments! on timbers ;
truth and the it.had hurt a- few days he unfortunately
reason heavy ago
10 badly the Woman's fore limited to a very inadequate allowance Burn ham now has his suite of office
kit kin U K. Gruber. He
; Suffrage question.
because it the ttutk. After had his hand betweenthe ,
retarned hi bone was was a caught 9T else.such salaried nabobs as iu the Seminole Block nicely fitted up

to Saturday., : spry interchange of compliments between We have"it w Delray some of the best lumber and wagon tire, and as luck the' vice-president of the Standard Oil and furnished. At present he has a ,

the rival ice companies, the following will always have din such cases, the old and
Frank, *IcyaoJJs came in Saturday vegetable lands on'the East Coast, foreither : Company are getting several times more reception hall operating room
motions were carried : cut was cut again and his hand is very than their services justify. What these iboratory ready and in use.
hues Key West where be ha been locate rent or sale; easy! erms. Apply
Moved by L. W. Burkhardt that the sore and badly swollen. citizens like Mr. McDonald
: fur several .;rottbs.Iltu, and.hU to Gleason Brothers, Eau Gallic, Fla.it private get before the next issue of Tnrt Suit '
all had the fever while there. Mayor, ,communicate .with. .Dr,..Jt .Y. '-. ... would of course be nobody's business
family j the fishing season will have opened on
; I Porter, requesting him to have the C1\V.... .. Rpvn.iliU. nf. PatrtiiTPl, R 1 ._ Z "A.t i so d t no t a hale were it not for, the. fact, ._, that. the oil con. .
---J-----. :: -- I es er''ay sec ay were wo ---- -- Gale worth. This is the: one inaiuirythat
Frank Fuaa and Cullen Pence, two Muiui mails fumigated, and also ask instructs us to forward his SUN to Lake occasions in the.material history of south sumers-the toiling masses-pay these brings iu ready cash aud great::

nost successful fanners and him if the shipment of ice in sawdust or 1 Worth. This of course' indicat e his Florida.i .Last night the first: carload of salaries. They no not pay them of their deal of it to the merchants of the tow nand

oIl1oJl&f" ., wen, were la town Mon otherwise and if so to was liable it. to convey infection, return to his winter home on the Eat golden fruit from the Manatee country own free will but 1 b.c use a few men is a big help tq all busine&i interests
a stop .
Tux So* call. Side. ... have succeeded in monopolizing
( a pleasant reached. the. city on the steamer. Manatee, one heie.
_. Moved by H. B. Saunders that the .
< i/aa nj of the necessities fltfe
o -anecessaty I
and was quickly loaded into a freightear
'J C. B. ( .ate Wft for FUt Rock. Ky.. T"*n Council suggest to Dr. Potter the The general ,proprietor 'of Schmidt's and, started In rapid time for' the which God intended for the use of all of The killing of Editor Gardiu-r at West

bia ukl home after a >ear's ojournon advisability of placing a guard at the Restaurant is. ,making a 'great deal of Cincinnati market t. The shipment was His people just as much as lie did the Palm Beach the other day removes from

the Lake.. tits Sox will follow and Inlet and mouth of the canal asking preparations for a big spread' for Thanks; made over_ ,the Florida'Central & Peninsula air and the suw.hine-and watever the the personnel of the journalistic fnter-

keep him potted on the doings and development him{ to use his good offices to have sucha giving. It istather. early, but the "early it must be paid. uity of Florida one of its most unque:
and price
guard placed. bird." ; every possible precaution.,was
of the Great State of Dade. etc. and in moat original
many respects
This is of tbe eulsuf utb-
Moved by W. N. Hull that the railroad taken to see that the oranges were rushed one' many
and 'with the least ible nopoly, ai d sometime people are going members. He was fearless, intrepid and
Fraakljm Sheen. County Surveyor authorities be requested not to leave Major Boynton son George were through pos 4klay.
leaves tomorrow on an important bus, empty cars from Miami on the sidetracksat to have left Port Huron, Micb ,for Boynton The fruit came from the grove pf H. T. to wake up, come to their senses and ask out spoken in his editorial utterances,
disguising nothing, which
toe. trip to Atlanta. }lr Sheen will West Palm Beach while the er identic ; Fla,- last Monday.- ,The. Maior- has Montgomery. _and__consisted_____ of n ao: boxes_____ themselves why these things are thus. naturally
: made admirers of some, enemies of !
lasts. extensive improvements. in prospect for The ;cat', ,was appropriately decorated Espec ally will the last two years of
accompany: him to New Smyrna, wheie I this rule bring these evils to the others. lie was a copious writer and_
'Moved by Qeo. W. Potter that"the season. with large banners on each side, setting republican
the will. be the guest of her aunt until wielded his pen with trenchant sit ill.
front. The Administration
communications be forwarded the McKinley
by forth th )tr. Sheen relarns.Mr Clerk: u from the citizens.. DaD Ross looks as happy as. a clam This :evening' the second car came has been made notorious by the organi lIe was as genial; kind.hearted and

*. George WtUrnf arrived Monday Moved by Geo. L. Branning that com i today over the arrival early this.morningat from the Manatee""section, and was as zation of more trusts than have ever uhole-auuled a friend as b= wa &u able
munications his home of a sweet little, girl baby. in similar of exponent of his chosen proC !.- ou.
's been formed period
after nine day out from South- to the railroad gent'be expeditiously 'ha.dled by the Plant any
made at once. Dan ,don t believe i that any three of a. the also banners I American history.! Trusts, it not mu }Fen unfortunately, knew him suiTici-
System car bearing
himptoa, Eeglwd. )t if usele to
wy kind will beat the pair he holds. ently well Iu appreciate his real south
Moved that meeting adjourn. I nopohes at first, eventually grow iuto
that urn Wcllialoa greatly enjoyed her telling of tbe contents. This is the .
or understand his motives to place a ,
An amusing incident (jn the light ofMcPherson' and when we begin to
plait to OU England and to relatives Cullen opening of the season of plenty, for monopolies, reap
Pence estimate his ciiar
returned.Saturlay icier ui a
emphatic denial of having thousands of dollars will come into the the results of the two tears: Inonop J1y- proper upon
there and seedless to that
eqtally uy his home at from South citizen and Palatka Advertiser.
Boynton a man
refused to sell ice to editor" makin just by, watch out for c.
except "ye )) Manatee section for and a large gone
kr friend here de. oranges
tasty are greatly Ind. where he the
Whitley spent summer -
the of aud distinct kinds of
occurred after close the meeting several different --e--
of this money" will to
Ughte4 to have her safely at home aaiu.81.MafOl' portion come
Mr. Pence combined business
A citizen went to him and accused him ; : Tampa fnr nnrrliacpe hv.the. thriftypeople __ upheaval, political and otherwise.-Pen- Senator MiHory's Position. t
J. p. Lanottd accompanied tq bas face of having refused to sell him .with{ pleasure while, on his vacation. giving r------in that section-" -:Tampa- n' sacola Journal. __--_:: _-. \ "

ice when he needed it for his sick cliFL completing a business course in a commercial Hou Stephen R. Mallory, Flori.'a's i.
bJ bin wife joyed a FOUr yf days fa Cor. in Times Union and CitizenIn ...
college at Huntingdon Ind. --
who soon afterward died ; this almost senior United States Senator, ar.d who
tnt of week their
town the the tislitng I
before for caused a fracas, and would'have done so P .- -,1' e ,1. aD'excellent -article on "Florida'sProsperity Coast Hotels. is also a member of the Industrial Com I
former hone town leaving East
'S. A. Watkins of Washington, D.. C., '
whete fine only for the gnod offices a bystander.. ," the Savannah Morning mission now in session at Washington,
California they HI. orange is a recent arrival who has visited Pompano ', --
grove and will make their permanent As all the citizens know.lhe"way the and fell victim to its charms'and ,, Neassays: "A traveling salesman for The hotels of the East Coast Hotel in an interview published in I'riday' f

home. !Since Mr. Lamontt'i return horn "Ice Autocrat" treated them hile he prospects., This week he purchased an one of the largest mercantile houses in : Co will open for the season of 1899'i9won issue of the Wasbmton Post, takes a

hi* Klondike venture be lui been South- had them in his grasp, his attempted outfit and eqw: ment for..,farm life and this city-a house which does an immense dates shown below : Ii strong position against the Republican

tars Bipreta agent at Port Tampa, denials limply showed his belief in tie set sail down the aal to the scene of business in Florida-returned St. Augustine tc1 Alcazar, November policy of expansion or inipernlibsj. It

Lamond' cashier ..public'lgullibility.. Sunday from a .trip of several months Hotel Ponce de Leon is one of the most elaborate iuU-ll:6eut
attbtcd by Andy a* his improvement and operations. Htre's i, 1899; ,
If there is ice talk in this article
the Utter sncceediai to hi*brother' fever mute to a full measure of success to him and through, that. State, at.d, reportedi( that January 10, 19J0.OrmondHotel! and conviucmjtleli\( on the subjectyet
than talk it
potUioa U agent truthfully depicts the to all his neighbors. he had never. before, except once.. in his Ormond, January 15, published. The Senator lakes tl! c
so-cilled "citizens' meeting. in proper position that the Filipiuos: are
r.-- .. experience of many years the trade of I 1900 *
ONE OF tag TWENTY a& Florida'sold there. The : fighting for their rights their homes
so many Palm Beach-Palm Beach Inn, December
The Very Best -' Isn't it True ?; and their firesides he
-4f : business have and ; predicts I
1 m .. men money they are .23,1899; Hotel Royal Poinciana,
The Utrary and Social Club.PROGRAM are even if A uiua1do's lorces are compelled
buying They not
liberally. only
At a recent seeking of the advertising i ." An exchange pertinently remarks : January 15,1900. to surrender 'e..m. the cud
having a good trade, but they'are expecting Miami Hotel Palm

Royal January
""tl" Chicago railroads, whichpeal : FOR NOV. 2. "\ ben a church pastor wants an an\
of warfjie Refenin
theguerrilli to ,
times to be even better. "
hundred of thoaund of dollars from Moore. nouncement he goes to a local paper. 8. lip) ,._ U..1''M.. 1.
Quotations West- all-- Cul,a S ena t J. -....,.y ....1 &..e n Iii. i
West Hotel
s year fur advertiiiag, a vote, was Uken Bleak House-Miss Potter. When a lady wants a notice of a church Some of the stockholders of the Louis Key Key open mate fate of Cuba is
to determine what is the beet advertising Points of Interest-Misses Anthony,, supper published, she goes to a local ville & Nashville Railroad have!obtained the year. United States. To my mind there i ia ,

SMdiam, and U was naanunouslr agreed Tbomason, Moffatt and Kennedy. paper for a write-up. When a political an injunction against the State Railroad Nessau, N. P. (Bahama Islands)- absolutely nu doubt of it Of course the i

that newspapers are the beet They also Reading-Mrs. Paine. party issues a call for, or holds a r Commissions, through which States said Hotel Colonial January 10, lip; Royal : people of Florida do nut ""ant annex. I

determiaedtqhUcklut' ."(ake' dverti- History-Mrs. Gruber. meeting, it calls ,on the 'paper for pub- railroad passes. restraining them from Victoria. December 21, 1899 tion. but that is j.ist what is ,KOing to t
lax abcmq&l4 everything and every'. ... licit ..: When an obituary of some loved lowering passenger rates on .said 'rail Other hotels at stations on the line of happen There is no other way. out of it. '

: body connected with, them. Said, one Senator JTallory III. one, is' wanted in print' .the .local- paper road .until ,a,hearing is had and the I the Flunda East Coast Railway! will open. I How then, can we expect that the 1'hil- \\ ..

I general peaKagcr agent of a prominent a United I is I called' on.. Society in general tarns i matter. is determined by the Federal I between November i and lo. &899. ippiues will fare differently, an Washington States
road t "We are trying to'ettradse this to't. he' local prperi; yet we find many j Courts., The Railroad Commisssoners I --- .. -- 'I the greater cause for regret at the present
The is the *tadvcr< Senator Mallory, of Florida whcj, a people so selfish that the hesitate and "iof Attorney-General
newspaper member of the'Industrial C mmiSsi n.'is }- Florida, the. and S;txition. Understand, I du not oppose
tiling medium** often refuse to subscribe for it or te give the sq yen, States, Attorneys are made We have at Delray some of the best : expansion on constitutional grounds but
Providence in this .
HI* coming to U generally accepted: ill lie at is suffering from Hospital an enlargement city.of it their job printing in partial return for'parties to the suit The papers are vegetable lands. on the East Coast for merely upon the question of the best

that se class of..lynLiDI b of equal the liver, but his condition is not alarm the gratuitous work it does for them and made returnable befure Judge Pardee. at. either rent or sale ; easy terms. Apply policy for the interests IIi the Auuricaa 1

f tine to that ff newspapers. ing. Times-Union and Citizen. the public every year." New Orleans November a t. to Ckason Brothers Eau Gallie, Fla. peoplriUDp.l1.lm .

=> ?T
-a ir

.- .. -
r """"" ' r
T -' .- -9.- ... ---''i -' 7lw -- -- -"-- <.'..-. \: ,'-" ,-1.- ..." -,. i :.:: '::::.;_: ,. "' .' ----' .._ ","" "'.... ... ,- s

'....t- .... ,", P-.,' .., ._ -... : .' '. TT- "
x v \ S3 f-.. .'","'1o'--" ; _".;" ...:- ..
,: f' > f'-r !'. c ;: : .
r. *. --0 :; :
1'i :
1 :

: + ,, : > : .. '_ ..

-r >
\r u .

... .

THE' TROPICAL ,EDITORIAL CUPPINGS.. ought to bf enough for at least ball DEALER '
.N'1 a century.- IN...
t a fiuerer Paper of Dade County, Florida.TKOMCAL t The editor flf the State prwtfl, with I i .

ifj exceptions, approach the gobs:. So far none of the somewhat no- I .j'; ', CROCKERY and =

tle .. GUY Pt'BUSmSG COMPANY nHliorial candidacy of J.NC.,Stockton merons candidate for governor has J

L HKTCAtP, $l1oa. a. if his name 'was hedged about issued any platform. They remind : FURNITURE.

ruaUIMEO VERT THURSDAY with quilltt sharp as those of the na of a little story ol a teacher and ,-

t- A'-WII'. ALM B1ACM.32.00 DADS COUNTY, FLORIDA. fretful porcupine Friends;lie assure bin clusa.' One day he displayed a wAr ,twA All Kinds of Boat Coeds.

:. SUBSCRIPTIOM YUR.a' you that you can approach Mr.Stock fine peach in front of file pupils nnd caatrnotaw Store,Tinware, Door,But sad node

8 Urcd at thc'toetulicc of Weft calmBach ton with perfect safety. There Is absolutely said he would give it to the lx>ygiving > -,
U second claM matter. All Kinds of Fishing Tarkte and girting Jo id.
hand hia the best for claimh
no need to If name reason g r
THURSDAY OCTOBER Gasoline Store Blue Flame KerOMM OIt alone. 'Eh
26,11499 I with BO much caution!and tenderness. it. The b-iys gave the most. ingenious Glaamre,Ump aad Laaterai Harriam Broa.' Ready IIts" Flirt "

Ocala Banner, jeanona they- could- Invent.- i wt ,...lIul Order Circa fr.mft Att..&tea. I..."?

One said be ought: to have it because --

Commenting on' the recent large' of his good conduct. Another, tie.
purchases mules 'io' Mwaoari by cause he would take it to his sister

British, government agents' for shipment at home. Another because he would Whose Cards Appear la this GUARANTEED PAINT

to South Africa, an exchange save the seed and plant it. And soon

says : "Hereafter when anyone until tbe last, who said he ought CUMlflad Alphabetically.

rJ) wants to detiuately locate the war tu have it because he wanted it tout PARIAN PAINTS

cloud in any quarter of the globe be He the An ARCHITECT:
got peach. our can-
7 + should watch the direction io which .di la tea! for Governor seem to be like T D Brown, West Palm BeachBANKING Gnaranteed not to Chalk. Crack. Rub Off Peel nor Bitter Art Mt

} the Missouri mule is headed." We I the last boy, but the Governorshipcan't ... by Salt Water or Sea Breezes, and are giving better ntisbeUM

should think it would he more to the be divided among them.- : any ether paint known. It is the coming paint in this State u it b
purpose to watch the other end of the Dade County State Bank, !
Tampa Herald. the climate of ftorida.
West Palm 11 adapted to
mule if a glimpse of war is desired.
,h _,..
Ams .> Tavares Herald. The New York Journal claims that -

: the necessaries o' life are today on BARBERS: ..

The Ocala Banner claims to.be. the an average' of 15 per cent higher Milo Cooper, West Palm Beach EDWARD WILLIAMS,

first newspaper in the Uuited Statesto .. nBICYCLES'
than they were a year ago ,The Aieat for Carrara and Parian Paints
W. J. for prai-
nominate Bryan
wage earner who lived on $1,000 :

I Ir dent. There: are .a lot of other good during last year, must now pay Geo S Adams West Palm Beach East Bay Street, JACKSONVILLE, FLA.
things which the Banner has taken W R Mitchell, West Palm Beach
$1,115 for precisely same necessaries
the I lead. The rights of the common -...-.-
and comforts. Crops are plen -

r people as pgaiiibt plutocracy,, the tiful. The supply of raw material BUILDING SUPPLIES:

1L5O- advocacy of the free coinage of silver of all kinds was never larger. The Ceo S Hacker & Son. Charleston LEGAL HOTiCES PROFESSIONAL CARDSI I

s uud the wiping out of sectional trUe amount of manufactures Is in excess ... SALE.

tire alone sufficient reasons why the of that of any previous year. Vita CIVIL ENGINEERS & : I(I W.. MLTCALF, I :

(._)t'1111l. .. ... Banner should have thousands ____L___' tiers....\.,...:.... CVttAM i West P 1mDENTISTS c .
oat maninulatioa b--- -- -
any uuuaiurui : 01 a anal decree 01 10ree.OtIure ATTORHEY.tr. i
of grateful subhcriher both in the ... by the Hon. Minor S. June*.Judge LAW
these conditions would decrease
THE CALLING FOB BIOS by the :emi- cause a NOTARY 'UIL/C. I
North and South.-Dt-Sota County Judicial Circuit ot Florida la
Dole Manufacturing/ G,. of Volutia Champion. in price instead of increase. : County. In Chancery aittlng,at Will practice Oraaiy.stats sa4 Federal

County 'for the clearing: of 500 in-reo Trusts have forced the increase upon D A Thomason West Palm BeachL *, on the 13th day ot September. Courts.LAND CASKS A tNtCUtYY.Office .

culture trmvthatsho If Mr. Croker can drive fromprominence the people. The price are going T Daniel, Cocoa tn the Chancery use therein Pain la Tau...... Bv* Stock.,
of land fur catwavn a up
itnd influence wherein Mrs. Louise Krunb U coin- &:aell. Dad Cuialy. flurUa.
4 s the growth of faith antis political and the 15 per cent increase which -- and guide A. Buell and Irving B.
Kuch Democrats aa
s intercut in the culture of that t*ted Bennett Hill, the triumph of the heads of families must pay fur DRUGGISTS: defendants the underlined Special St. CLAIU-ABUAMS, i ii
Chancery will, on the first Monday, ALEX j
:, Bud profitable crop. It further Tammany in New York will go necessaries goes directly to make 8 H Dimick, West Palm Beach '
shows that oranges are not the only far to ruin the party in the dividend for largely overcapitalized Is. of November, A. D. 1899, ATTORNEY-AT.LAW,
nut inn. Jackson villa TimesI'nion JACUONYIUJI, FU
ol Fl mda and that Brining combinations. GOODS AND i
u fHOur .. and Citizen. DRY outcry, to the highest and beat iI I Practice all the Circuit CMUts.State sad
dimiater hart resulted in ouch diverKiaYHtion Thomaaon & Brown West Palm
a front ol the Court House door la Federal.
As between. the corrupting.infto-. Everywhere(except in the newspapers Palm U- ''\I8.
W st
e in culture that the Carl Schrebnick: In aald County of Dade, within the "
crop ence of Hill and the equally corrnpt ) tbe name of J. N. C, ", ol sale. the mortgaged premises

HtatrjU LiigeiM just awakening to bossism of Crt.ker, the party in the Stockton ia being canvassed for -;-- 5 In the bill of complaint in this SAMUEL T. EBATLOS. Coaoon ... 'stout.SAATLOIt .

|its( wonderful poMsibilities uud rv- will be the Governor. His name In Florida FERTIT.IZERS: In said deeree particularly described
nation not by
: would be what GoebeTs U to & Co Jacksonville to be told, to-wit: & UltOOHB.
itourmi.IF Wm A Bouta f
trimph 0'- defeat of either. One ia the railroads in Kentucky Whata all of the blowing described land

I S. about a stand-off for the ,other. spirited campaign he would .., la the County of Dade and State ol ATTOKUrS-AT-LAW.

1 THE IU:CLT of the International I'ensacola Journal.) arouse. There would be such a FIRE INSURANCE &REAL vb: The North half ot the South. Wilt practict la aU the Cowta of UM Matt.
of Section Thirty-three (88)), la
J Yacht Itltt hall done nothing else it rattling of dry bones as has not Brelsford Bros, Palm Beach Forty-tour ((44),South of Range Office lu

has given.the admirers of all honest The Monticello ,Tribune still been heard in Florida in forty Wallace R Moses, West Palm (U) East. Also the two follow Law wags JACUOKTlUjr ftA.IT .

sports wholesome example of what alleges that State Superintendentof years. Why not Stockton- -+..-.. tn Section Thirty four (&$).'of the
Ocala Banner and Range above mentioned: The O. HOOD, H. D,
U true Mood in the conduit Public Instruction Sheata U a FURNITURB. : -- .
sporting -
of the Wet hall ot the(!tenth-went a
born educator. Well, opinionsdiffer Whatever might be said of Stock ,
throughout of the challenger Sir D E Cooper Mfg Co, of said Section Thirty-lour (M), and PHYSICIAN AND 1UIC&ON
When we first heard of ton candidacy it would a ,.
possess ot land described an follow: B*
Thomas Upton. He has at all time Sheats he farmer in Gene oaks aid Resideae
wax a least one element with which the ADS in Township Forty4our.South near Royal I\obIdua / <
then above the rmtKirraHMments incident gia and then In Florida. Someof GRAIN : Fast Dade County, Flor >PALM BEACH. 11-111I '
the best educated in Florida other candidates not seem to be Wm A Boars & Co Jacksonville
to the presence of u challenger men beginning at a point 300 led north "'"
hare said, In'point of educate afflicted, vii : People would know placed by County Surveyor George T D.
on u rompt'lltn"jbl'8th; at no tiii.c ion anti schoolwork, T, F. Mr; where be stands and what to expert: /' on the center line ot Lot Three, In DUOvN."y"
hall IIP ak...l for or Hmed to exjirt Thirty-four thence running west to '
Beth ward far the superior of when it the of the HARDWARE ; ARCHITECT MD BUILDER -
comes to adoption
Uue ot said Lot Three thence north
8ny t'pt'l"idl favor or considering Shcats.! -Metropolis. U B Gruber West Palm Beach : Pleas and speclficatloas prrvand
national platform and the nomina- ; thence east to the shore of Like
anti when the great disappointmenttared The aboue coarse and vulgar fling tion of the candidate for President.The ..' ; thence south along the shore 100 Jobbing Datara work ghee prompt .'lMhIMt..

Y hint in the face after each tin{'- at one State official who will not be west to the place of beginning, p oa 8treU

: tensive race ol the series he accepted made the tool of corporations will present candidates may have HOTELS: four acres, more or less; all three
The Barman House
ideas upon those subjects; but the above described tracts, containing D B. POITEB H. OH
} the miult cliK-rfulfy and without a do MoBeth mole harm than Sheats, Mrs James McCsnn, West Palm more or lees.HUTSON. 11.
has not been informed .
voting public
sulk or murmur. Even his generoiiRrbeeriDgolthfl8nocen We know farmers who are educated yet The Travelers, Jacksonville B. SAUNDERS, a-as-98 PALM BEACH. 'LA
to that effect.-Pensacola Special iiater.
>ful.triumplU\J t men and it is an honor to She.atathat Journal. S.' UETCALP Complainant's Solicitor.

Columbia and her crew nun for himtbtfplaudita ) : he made his living/ behind the glow JEWELERS: N.S. BUltMlAM.H.D
In the of the Savanah
i of every broad-mind.>o1! while professional office holders were opinion Idner & Son, West Palm Beach.LAUNDRY .
News the silver question l is not dead. o'A BURGEON AID PHYSICIAN. ;:
mace of this nation. With no vain Billing the wool over'the eyes of the ..' .

gturj, but with the spirit of an un armer. Sheats was not put in office The people are not paying so much : Eye and Ear Ipeeaat.Office r :
attention to It did because
as they once
danntei sportsman, be now announreB by the railroads ; hence the wail of Wo Kee, West Palm Beach iI Court, Seventh Judicial Cir at Besidea8atab Cotta

hU desire to again try eon. their organ.-Levy County Demo money is quite plenli'ul in the --55' of Florida,in and for Dade County .

clusioiw with a new boat iu 10U1. crat. West now, owing to two good crop Chancfry. i T\ A.THOMA80N.D.D.8.Office .

-- years and good prices, but it doesn't LAWYERS: .

Somebody could add a valuable follow that they would not pay as W I Metcalf. West Palm Beach P.vs.METCALF)Vln Divorce. : Corner Clematis Ave sad Once K*
& Broome
OUR TIME IS CGM1.6. and interesting chapter to Florida much attention to it as ever if the Alex Shaylor St Clair.Abrams., Jacksonville.. ...L UBTCALF.,UL.U j .. '' WEST. _. _PALM_ .BXACB._.. _rt.'LO .\. ..
Ale au. Defendantureeung: 11 AUJLIUllaOmlMJ.UIUJ BMTWS. tMprofeskioa.
I history by telling how the amendment prices of farm products should Gold amd
: 1 The Jacksonville Journal is one of again in from the affidavit ol tin-complain specialty. Teeth extracted crown without brid&e oth a
including the docks and fall below the profit line., The Re- P. Uetcalt. filed la the above pakk
the few papers in Florida that : MEAT MARKETS: cause,that you are a non-realdent ol Office Hours: a to u a. ..amt I to 4 F. ..
have remained loyal to the caubcof used by the railroadea, of publican feaders are not telling the A B Otwell, West Palm Beach ot Florida, and that in his belief ioai98I .

the ''common people" and! Florida in the jurisdiction of the truth when they assert that the Win.Whiddeu, a resident of the city ol Youngstown,

State tilroad Commission silver is dead. Ohio; that you are over the of T. DANIEL
have ttittutood) the pitiless imposition came to question If it were _..._ age .
ae years, and that there la no one
be omitted from the bill while it was dead they would no longer have a
and prt>AAllre constantly brought: MUSIC HOUSE: State of Florida upon whom legal DEMTUT,

tn l*,ar by those influential politicians presumably in the hands of the en. fear of it. That it still causes them Luddcn & Bates'S M H, can be made ID your behalf; it in COCOA INDIAN RIVER, 'LOll"'.I.SM
wIlt groHbinfe committee. There has uneasiness is shown by the fact that ordered that you do appear to the
t have sought, and ton ..-.*.-. complaint filed la said cause, on or
already transpired a deal of they take occasion
/good whenever the the
often succeed.!, in placing amfkeep-) NOTARIES PUBLIC: WALLACE B. MOSES,

lag the reins of County and Stall* scandalous matter in regard to tbe opportunity presents itself, to try to W R Moses, West Palm Beach Day of November, A. D. 1899. '
list hours of that committee find it impress tbe 8rcceuor I. A. W. .klt.
upon country that there
I affairs in the hands of ihe corporaUInterests t Guy I Metcalf, West Palm further ordered that thin order be
would be interring if not is not REAL ESTATE A0 INSURANCE
that too dominate profitable any longer a question. once a week for tour vuoeeiwlve
nearly to have authentic details in regardto This of itself proves that they do not -'S.NURSERY prior to said 6th day of November, Agent West for West Palm Palm Bearh Beach Water Town....rk......... .IN

Florida today. the above mentioned believe what they say. In both the STOCK: !. THB THOPKAL Sc.x, a newspaper NOTARY rTBUC.
j While it cannot be denied that disappearance. Nebraska: and the Ohio campaignsthe John B Beach, West Palm BeachPHOTOGRAPHER In Dade County, Florida. Clematis AvraM. sear tilt.Street.
i '" It Im been a long time since Democrats this 2d day of October. A.D. 1899. 5-21-97 weal 1-alB lead ITorUa.FRANKUN .
sometime noon there will lie n flay of are pressing silver -...---
the late legiblutuie! has been A. F. QUIMBY.
!" referredto question to the front. .
with these self
reckoning traits
same the most intelligent that had as- : the. Circuit Court of Dade County SHEBM. CKO. 0. ftBTUK.O1IEEN i
ore to the teople's ('HU"it a Wit kl'lI- &
eim the sympathy of every honest Kemlilwl Mince the war. Such compliments The versatility of Mr. Bryan, his J B O'Donoghue, West Palm UETCALF, Solicitor for Complainant. -

; man to uitnetu thetftrnggWof: those were frequent during its e-irly superb capacity for adapting himself 555 SURVEYORS AND CIVIL fe/ttf

days. It must not he understood, to widely varying conditions, u illustrated PHYSICIANS AND OF CONTEST.DftrABTUSNT Office at West r\lsi B aekLaads
loyal l feu. The folio*ing from Editors legally b-lUld0 aa4 ra .
\\ IliBlUtlon' last week shoves however, that m uh circumstancesas in the striking contrast between R B Potter:West Palm Beach nlsbed. Selecting aDd Rradla*laads.Map hieaU
pen these is ther the tone and temper of his H C Hood OP THE INTEa1Og. lag aad estimating timber a ..-Ialt,. r'a*.
the mettle of the men carrying on anything reflectingupon N S Bnrnham U OFFICE AT GAINESVILLE FLA.. V Inlaid correct work raarutowt. I"wtw.
( the "intelligence" of the body. speeches on different occasions. Before September 13. 1899) mnnleatlons by mall reedy* prwn L( arks.tiou. .
this utruggltf Wertby'' week against contest affidavit having been filed Man and Blue Prints si Issw..t rrtce .
the students of ---- .., WEST PAUl
odds -Tampa Herald. a university he by Bristow Williams, contestant t t.a. 11T.53GEORGE
great : can discuss live 1 issues with Hd. entry No. as.m. made September "
: for of
I. W. J4' Sec
This has labored S-
j-aper earnestly Just at the time when the Louisville iS N Range
for the cause of tbe struggling massesof '- calmness, and, even in his bursts of G C Matthams, West Palm LeemaD ot W A.; J4'Bard Sec.contestee iu which 1J S. ADAMS,

the people since its inception. By Courier-Journal, the Jackson rhetorical eloquence, avoid offendingthe ..' -- that said Bard'has wholly abandoned
the terut FKOPLH we mean those ville. MetropolisCroker, Morgan and and changed his residence therefrom Deputy Supreme Commatnttr
most sensitive. At the trust than six months since making said
who rare their UVI..G "hy the sweat Hill, el al., are tumbling each RETAIL GROCERS: next prior to the date of said affida KNIGHTS OF THE UACCASltt
of tutu faces," as the la sofGod conference in Chicago he showed a L W Burkhardt, West Palm parties are hereby notified to appear, For the State .
intend that we all should. other trj ing to get. aboard the Bryan conservatism that was not less surprising J F Oliver West Palm BeachJ at and io offer o'clock evidence a. m. on touching otlobcrr.S99: said alle, eFlorida

Ucfoilunatcly for the paper's band wagon and making the Democrat D Mathis, West Palm Beach I. Metcalf, a Notary Public at West Will instilut Tents a.-118I"IIa t.,8t.te. r--
Editor M HU endowed with that to many of his hearers than Glen G. Strohm West Palm Fla., and that final hearing will For InformaUuD address
nnenvi -ble adjunct in modern livesa ic. bugleMiund the most patriotic creditable to himself. Even when begat at io o'clock a. m on November 14. 11199. UEORQE 8. ADAMS ,
.. Register Receiver at the United
CONSCIENCE. If we could be airs-at a time when even "Editor outside the boundaries of Dem- Office in Gainesville, Fla. fi-1-99 West Palm Beach Florid. j
"re :e"er.tc and born agam," good George" is constrained to SHOE REPAIRING: contestant having in a proper affida jJ
; sweet
I/vpl del vet us from a consdtuce.Mouey say ocratic doctrine in suggesting a constitutional August 38.1809, set forth facti which ;
W R Mitchell, West Palm Beach after due diligence personal service
things of the Nebraska statesman I
kuo_cth BAUDEU
it not. SHOP
Poverty amendment augmentingthe notice can not be made, it Is hereby or- C17Y ,
with it is doomed despair.The the 'Pain ati Tribune prints a long lot of the federal --..a.STEAMBOATS directed that such notice be given by
Journal Las, >(roiu its first authority government proper publication. .
of absurdities from an Agusta, Ga., W. G. ROBINSON. Register. Banyan Street.
Issue, treat a lonely and deflate he exhibited moral courage AND S. CHUBS Receiver.

1 path, hut "streakings of the nioriiiii paper anent the insane idea of and a display of that high quality Merrill-Stevens Engineering Co, 9-11 J
,lifht," are now plainly visible in I the (iMnoeratie party nominating I '9tf MILOCOOrEB.Pr*..r
t its horizon. We have earnestly and always commands respect. When headdresses $55TAILORING_ f
I zealously struggled for a triumph of Admiral Dewey for President. The Democratic meetings "in

what we believe to be right;but without Tribune can always relied on for the enemy's country" be shows bow : GUY METCALP,
t money or influnenttal friends to doing the Abe Safranek & Son, West Palm BARBER SHOP.
improper things at the NOTARY PUBLIC
ameliorate our position we have suffered an unpopular policy can be advocated

t the tortures of the damned m'>tit inopportune times. Dewey in a way to inspirit its adherents ---..5.TRANSPORTATION. J. D. RUFFIN, Proprietor. For the State of Florida at t.,,*.
Instead of swerving us from the { would not even mike as respectable I IH Deeds, Mortgage, Leases aad ComtrarU
path of duty, this cnn.iition hat '. without increasing the hostilityof Work. Polite Attention. Draftetl.ConeyallrlD.a.
made iPtll'N J 'ratic ca ididate as Gretley Spede.,.
ns more desperate aud the faction. !
ue.crI dissenting -Washington AU
Ocean S S Co, Jacksonville Shop on Banyan Street ?rk Guaraatfttl L* Wy Oarmt
4 mined io juccetd. did, uul 1 one' bluuder of, that tort] Post. Olfke ln T onc L8rni Blork.
fF' i j FBCRy, Jacksonville PALM. BEACH FLORIDA. West Palm Beach Pad Coast;, fMW.rn. ..


> '-, '., '.. .
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,:;.." ,.,...'_-'r--- ,' ,' :,,;. ...- ..,;- .' ; __, _' F
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I E'TROPICAL /sip; :WiST 1tMiBilcl; tt liwi'f.rii R1Ifl i o 1Qtn'Ri s ;lm. J J Jw.

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if lTJUI d' &h '\''Q'pa ,RURN T UREr.'Y: '.EUCJ f'Mj, j

ln T W1\\NI& t auftt'r Jiauhut 4\ 'plant System "

; 'v'ee upod.J btuuh nc.tr her consort i'-
Household ksc\viug Maniiiies, F FT
Mii 1.tbttthe 1'lutuu and I'uior had
'{ RAPID WORK \OF, THE. .BATTLESHIP \ di au! thii .t t I g stole
goue f U t t u(1n4 '
I INDIANA AT.SAANTtAOQ., :' I 'her fcB .attention abut lbieI14 THREE.. SKIPS\ A. WEEK. TO KEY WEST. AhD HAVANA.
Bret tJu- EI 3i1 t I -
the iiter of Spanish feet i
Ariit fpr, the inuwui '1111 4 l\. "lbws I Table la Effect j' &"_JleM Up
.. 1'6iug beeupe dt-iJ-fiat, altl.u4 the t T'w OV9. .eea 23 IU;S .. '
s .t I'!B --.ti IA.hCu1Te m. tn.nkGMat h' No.SDNa".r o :U11. Nw:7N %L 11:1e
Pliv Krio M .rr: sad fcorap !rafl;e wut louj. for Uie VLsi-aya had .u.t'h.l1 .J h. (II If. J i. j11PJalIII.UI I ttaoili MertdUn) Ttm VadJ-I| Daily b1Ry 1.1.1st.IIa -

0IJ(1"pixHl Captain Taylor ux& his ..._. 7 tiiPta 7 Sum tr. .Fun T. Ar. ..... II : liitI .-.
i UulN atarll itlYlaeNv J liYeetl I FURNITURE .....l L. .. .:...'-I.... Lv Tampa baylloul.Ar ........:.. .-... .-
.. I. Vr.lr 211..... forward 11 Dud H inch suus upon her ft t' 'th1ll ,to.1 aa 1 l5fJl Lv. ......Tampa..Ar. ._... It Ie Iota! 1Nt -
"yr I until $e horned us It to avoid Lattle. 01 all <]rMrripil<>ti at IhirL Ii4.:(<>ni I'ti.rs.huth :"' r w '111 9 BWrf 0 W8I LT. Lakeland ... Ar. ...... 1 5UPJ I ._..
(Coprr1ibt.I W. 111 I. $tlmir.PERT1: : .1 Aub v .._..F& &. 1211Pa 10 *Jn t9 4n( LT. ..Lrsim.u.....Ar. ......- t alii'.-_ '
ofS I The cugeof| the'Viw'aya'aiclhlot'sieenihoixlc 4'hdtaarilesadlislnlC l'anlagu tromCo t6 ..ll JiJil WfaLv. .... OrUwla...Ar. ... :.4 s a ._... ;
I $ aitiiouzii.slie.T.-as tin l\re. l,01 up to f.o. Caruti Ia4r.geratt.ni, Ire Cb PA., ._ _....)| 115fJ.l! synll > ?1 Lv. .,WInt rl'ark...Ar. ,..... .i' i 45 a ._.... {
+'hh'y'. flatting Etc.. : Jaip i ..Iii +I a .:; 7 63jrta33 ,li4jUll3tfULT.. ..&Df..cI..Ar. .. 5 I .---
pUpi Iti11.. In- watcLtts .on till Inaionalsh1e'em et1to -- ..-..-.. 'ljI 2 iSJB 1 riUI 1 tUi LT. raueo l by Ja. Ar. ._... rG I I .N....
be ttiulttg.-to/YstnywsLy Kfe ..... r 3013 I'V ... ......:4 .. .._...
i divldual part to lack'to tile t4Wttpniet la pSII' i.1t,1 Out I'liu-m and V .... U..H: ...... _.Lv....Iie LliDI.... Ar. .. 51711 .... I
''I. .''pl:1rJ1UWlat.tk' + tlwr! |? uf 4oulini harbor.To :Nl Rockets that will t<- s"IIlJ'rrlow.. \\ eliaiMlte .tiwou i jam s iuji 41: 'lall Lv....r&UUa... Ar. .,.... Ii a .11 I$l5ri
with Cerera' foSlj! tliisl: inovvirii-Dt J-'ayMUv.Taylor; >'.eJ rioiiruat: 1"'tland and- JlamUtTIII : i d }uoo I 05" II ?8-j SSU529JI1 S iia Lci.retuC.vuSpnugsAr. .. IU I II'
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turncilkLpJndiaca head lII"'a a rill .!" i 2911 agrrol a --- .
Inshore to her Y< .. .
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\ 'kwt off lllnp.llIIIIOPJl"' 7 t ?M 1 IWArJACYSON1'1LLfrLr. __n' IhOM '
Santiago, July off. Rtt-iie 7lttiij-awdsi; >ut'of .the '-".n.:0.' <" < .; = : S90U541U- ..... .....--'I' >T. -M.- 'r..llq-Ai : IU', _._.:.' =

i fight for il'V continued until she struck r>iH.ralatirntliiO! given to i>nr Mall Ord. rs.r ..... .....1! ..... ......|'Lr...._ BeLeair...Ar. .....11 ..... .... __.
3.rli' that wtZ tauantea'+twtishttb'etlNtA 10 :01.115 cud'.tiers. I ....... ....1I Milfl s:.;.. .... L.. .'llllJl'q t pn.p..h ..11.491:_. .__ .-.
Buodaf rooming |to beactffnd then hauled ilovraher2poicfi Loa ... _....'Lv'{ .....Tnl.f .... Ar. .._... 'IIIOfJl....... ....... .._
L Call on us or send in jour iirdi-ri> to .r..A.I.I.O I 'I'.... .. .. ....
a t: \ I ts?. ._'" ....... LmeLu: __ S iin..N.'t -
.the..1J& filar '" sounded bug 15aDdI7LalraSL. C I aU\\ \ : OOtl. _..I J OOM1z ,....__ ....._ Lr... UU._.. Ar. _._. 14fI6._. __.N 3Pa .,
Captain; II." C.Tnjtor.'resuintid. Waieias'! on the Ot'ILL.FLA'i; i ONLY 16.00 .t: 4 i41 _.__.. ...__ .. Giia..vi, ... LT. _... I __ -. ft .
... 0 I rptrti the Indiana when the VizcayaknpcfimlHja wi* 17ri'VArten iw :l.-j-l. ..'n Tepid._... .._...,.'.,,. I; evllla..Ar. _... ..j...-- ..-- ....
-, -. and in a second tbeswarmpd shIp D. L. rgCO. s '. \Y\\\zcs ,\\ r.t':1 L1 "riv.f f 4 OIrosi4.Vfc..t&uu. ..... _'Lr.' .. H *tb.rt6....AT. .-. ) -.t'. ..-.- rTHM .L
the staUoir pre+ l' ; .._.. ..?.. ''Ar. ,. .' ..Lv......1154FJP...:._ ._...It 123ra 3
yith powder blackeaed sailors I 11210i...:.:: 70TJ1. ..... ArJ.WKSOa HLLt.Lv. I ZJU"... .. ..... NtPa
slousljjck1 nl ---- -" -------- --------- --- .
tb.t edt f L hnjrohing over their first victory.But ...: .avi aa, i ? ', 7L xtt4ta a45P11f ..-..'.!-8-1IOf.I..... ao.:5Lv.JACKSONTILLLAili IwilYi15 __.
ti < 45r1 ..,.1" 11lJl.._ It 4 5... Wayeiwa... LT.U 10 KM 1 left 11 I _.
toleaeaap'rnsgnd of the' prpspcct of rest was cut, short >ao\ t11\, ttltt .ti t 4P. .1..... 11 m..... 4ZU Ar. ...... Jevry .;....Xv.tjavat It Z8P. 4 5QWI 1 4 :A ._..
i Wcekaging when the stouts brpugl It .wg t.d.tliat, '. .,. _, ,.". 8 4NA'._./ 12n1. _... U 4ira AL .. Yak...XT. ( sn1UWKM a IOU a a 1. _.
i '
911 rt there ivuka SPanls6 -ship coming < or 1' "" .,. .IS.." If... .. ._.:;.... I 6 U'JI,._____ 4 24:1M.a ('!.ariesV... LT.EichutuuU I!SOPS 1 i3IJ. G _.... .__
ahlpa. Aa on board tha other \' '- upover.tter'pu :\ ? ...:: t..t 'i 2Ji111 ... aaa Ar,3 ... LT. ._._ 7 WJI'_.
1tI. the muster and ? .east ut.&uiU32ft '\: demo __.. ._..,,ii &i'JIj__... 7 .'IUIAr.rig \Va.hniua.. Lv. ._... 4 s CW-... _'
crew war.but ( tor. '(ill/lain Taylor thought t fie wade "Recognizing the d; in West Palm ...._ ....1'l"lJI .... Mil Ar. 2 \ &!tUnure..Lv. ...:._ 5 sou s Jim1....... ..__
Uuj>wtlon Vjhin tw! Ftuntsh fleet was ._;.3. 61S111_: ....1) ZS/Ax. Piiilaiiilpaia.XT.AMT ..... u KUI ia omt___ ._ _
Ixbted. ..TU ftt the In pot once affiiu the call was sounded for .... ..... t (aura G W'S Art .. Bwtoa i... IT. .....11..12 OIIA ..... -..
nortlrwtU wltb MomrCaVtLyfroxvn'tnc the men 1'10 l> their i"They : -; ; j l11'hm : _.:,-..... IJJ .;.... is 1:11 Lv. .... Wiycrole ...- az( rM -S4VHI- _.
about two eels ili unt off the(.fair- pet y guns. .... ,."....I24S15 ... .S .is Ar.......TifS..Lv. ...... 1 ._... sufi._. J V
board lZ Tb ewrtfteo to the clan; : Lt ahead, b& n agudr three,hO"fll. '. Ccc 1Iceyat.Rcasccabie. r?tes; i {n : ,? -M. .. .,... ..., UI ..... 4 l5ttAr. .....MICOIl _...Lv. ..... II liON. ._. it lour_.. .
but the mptum they respond tothp ._ ... .E, 7 __... 7 3SPJ Ar. AtUuU Lv. ._... SJPM'.;_.; f !._
says wulu
Bf bat Wrtt'of 'tt-t"aw; 'and wbt: : ,a... .:... 11 25AJI1. ...... 1 :Ar. C.utaoo lp..L1'. .. 2 b5Pt...... > .__
tbu first gun of the taorulug broke up- stolid call with a..trcmendousa :. : )) l8ciiTfea6otci I All ,Pate % ... .... 5 pa _.._. G 4UU Ar.- Kavl.Tiila .LT. .. ...1..1.1 lUtf..... 1 MMl ._..
cheer showed great "disappointment ---1' .1 .-.... .-.. ..Ai ....... .. .
tb. gabtatb kUUactf all turn- a114 ... ,,,-.I..iU awa ii ou WIote.I MO, -_.
00 "ye .. .. .... .. .. .. .
[when, as they wore about to ...I.. .I11S PHH VifJl 'Lr.; Itapont Ai. 8 ed westward. t'pwLkl'akj>f tbeIowa _...' ...1.11 liiM\\ I MX-.....'Ar. .-.--...Let 7MFJllrHM 4 IUI'__.. ..._. ._._.
1. which jar ibreasriof4jie en- open flreon; the stranger..signals were ... 1 I loP.II, _....|.Ar..TboPlilIYllIe..Lv. .a5'I ._.... ._.. ...._
uwad@ out tinon her shoring that Ue The Arctic' I eWo'rKSi : i .... _..i.I,..._ 810a 9 SO J'.._.; .lI..IJtOIItII'..Lv. r '... ._... _._.
trauc, ter tanUnjt fenal wau.riad"Eovafi ....1.:... a BIQ, j 9 IV 1''....:.'I". .;.\lolltl"1IIIf7..o UlUi =...... ..... ._.
kSffnao&fiMv*' Wt s tbe. :\ trlan ship KaiserinaeMariae ... ...... f.I..l:1 3 :......." ...DullIlIIg Ill.Lv. ii5P.I .. .. _.. t! *
TkFIcsa-F ; ..4J. j &I :0-. .1.;, ".,' ..' ....:.1...;. 7 WFJ 0 WJ" .. 'Ar- ...Nuhtule.L. SJWJIaiiu t owi.V ...... ... .... ,.
A1tboac the Mo* that yCwjrpra : : U PJ|7 V'Jl7 Sail Lv. ...Jj.hTllla.Ar. ..... n! ..
would cowe ip1L$15eegrbipdoatdFthe \' \iktaX'.perlmps the signals might .L.-'I"- .-.7[ SOU 12SfJlJ Z5J Ar.... L e..Lv. tur S =..... s s a1._ t"4
of hi hud b'a rnsrf tne Indiana approached dozy ,- ... OJUli.H."", *.larJI.Ar:... UmtiiutU..LT.. I 45t = ;= I ,
puMtbillty doing so ly wltltt'uus trllinr- ul ibatl tnj3 sb 4+a ? -. iAlti --"i-r'-: f.9A4. g :.-1 I3P11Aiar. -3.<.ie.5.L ern l _.. ..*.!... J
been UlfctHl over andplajmt/d for untfltrvrf : .i>|Have made arrangementstb'carry: : jiIll' -..:c.: II01'JI..1 t JSa Ar. .Nnta 2..Cbiag..Lv.! alota U 1 f.1. +;
siaa la tbJ'Anx-rfc-aa'lI feet w" Then tam a ba lll'l.f iv.riues .r e umunente' '--:.L ."'I T'awiU22UI_ 714i'J. 7'ltVAr. Ball! Ism....L>r.. j 55r1 :..U 40ta.:...... 'II 1

tally to meet the mwBfiicy should ItCUUMI vtb hon to. nu'nl n' to supply of Ice which will be bejdelivered r tall .' ;::--T( ;. "II ssfji ......'L--.,)1U11tjOIlleJ'.IAr. .- 8 IIOPI.:.....- ...Tl N... 'f 1 3
CaptiAi writ of U'ian., lieutenant In full uniform ..brilliant .::. .... 4 r.?.111 a KUl .....Ar.. .Mobile.Lr; 11511.-... .. ,. .-. !
Taylor pive a I .. :: .. ....Tar.L1. .... ...1.:
a to fpaiilots and gold'& which parts of town promptly and-regular- 4"...p..... 8301'.11' 4otw. !.Ar.: s5Ps t 5a. .. ,
order alaiu In a breath, whk-U turn \
--Sofe--Vu Bv.5avfhe.ut.2tfa t 1Yd'ta.u Of ... Haw tt &ati8u IIIBrW ; ;
ed the Indiana front a .peaivfvl "hilI autl' tluitbe sti'ftgjrfrft-liftne smoke L ly. We will endeavor to; merit. your' IJ.DII t fa rial I\. u..et&lDd.,. lime Khawa it lU other Utteu U dally.TUWiccn J 1
dn\tl| ceTsapd'hatrnakudi
> : .
of iwra&i Into a ligtnlrijj twrur. 'Vicar c6K.cloy.a .

hip for"W10c:''< IK; -aa ral the American and went to the .knnvilia ai.d.ew fork fir Ar Untie Coast Line rml PI nnijlvmii Kiibwd.Si .
call -
"Hiuta. <
tu glut juartiivbkin briO o to Reek Captain! Taylor.; .ttl'raJVt1f ; I 1,, a T'It! 113.awry 1 ullm.11.1..I'e'I 1..J.eknll.sod Yew Vert. .
t k.' r.J ?7 .t4' f ii r .' ..2J and.Ieatrtiu'tu.suseep.-..._)VrlT'.jjidJ.ck uBTUi .
fjffirrn took the work.e a.sli\l..for; news, too.the. i .. H. COO i& Local Mgr.I : No*. Z.il,d1 tsar PrUu-ko: il.tr!" t.tain Jaciauotilte acd Mactaaatl, tk Haatg..sry
'l JIIIi L. & 1.. H J:. SleeprronSu.rersiroa.PortTampstn *CtuCuiatL.
, and rapidly the ifcfliuuaiutej."went . I ,I.-. -5 iM1 bar .'.11 an tie pas b>tvru JwkM>.\pal awi kU L .l.l via Maotisoeiy u4UnbiisA
round Turn tli w the ;' i 4\ ,., ., 1 I (Uinl'-li .h twven Jsck: ouTiUe and St. l.aw..,' Uootganrnr and r4
r : on jraJtunt ., .' vine 1'B ; and Ul >r.n J rl 'uvil.e and tk Loul. via TUtoo AOaaU.CkattaMao XaakTifla,
tW-trtc bobur "Stcaia'aod pevAlilreIto '" 'i.. ." ,1 -.Ii s. Cj ;: Martin and IlJaoi c uttal l.aiiway." .
,1..., ,. .

d dug.r the and tunvtir Ill Anoll aloft itulgelinLraj. ( battler l Ly % I I 11. ., i,"< ... ., *; qU. .t ,113. '.. 154 _:Tat Stg'' Iship; liana Stssastips! OWa -2Btl Mat*

tie tots and ftty "It* oar tth tanc froni.Horror 1 ttr- "f r fist;'.and M'n... .13 37Jh LT,........ naT.ni......;:Ar. I .1011..... . r 31 t., Wed mllt"I1't.: 7t MKu. Ar. ... Key M rgt.....LT. I I 1 t P......Twa frt std tea.
4i6j%1 g igpT -- .-,- : ,. -t-'t-4.: r--- .r t., V.'H. lnll..ln v 9 vvJ I J,,. ....K.y We.t. .At. t '..._. .si.Trt asrl Kai .
hG.tidnk f tiuu.Tm,a-Ld '1'2 3U.J Ar. .Pun'Tau.ps .Lv.. r*i. 11. TlIva.aM lot
Ttrhit EstabMshedlaiS. "
Captain -r.
I tt did not n-Qnlre'nxirc than two'min A .. i. I'.,*.- ., ., : ,; .: .1. ./ q 8leel.j g tar uicrvj-.Iot.t rre"ai Imglh ,.f t we in ad.:._ .iTal UkiumativK faraUM4 a* .
.. tie! City Pi.U Ct.. 1-i Wmt nay biiect JIArLvill. K II atUreMiaf
vtft to exccttte
with tbv'ttore bclltger'taton 1- William. A. .lqtJ..rs &Co::;; r I IGrain' 133 W. tray bL.Jua.kllOu\'Ule.l. Tamps, fl*.
"HiU .peedabHdr-rL.e-llt: &fJ- f > ,t i ; 1 i. E8',I IX, U. }'. TLAST.rrtjidnA D. PCKBAV. IIY.. ..

"-' ? r .'. Tics ideaL..... Oat._..upi Pti Tsar M_. I
battery will i-nistgcr-and et"your t ISW. ti iC 11" .I.S. ww.i .
for t 'ttl p = : Fertilizers .111 trt.tl ill Cards be s..ar.d a& U&It .a..k .
alffhU 4.0fW yarJr: teii Oarilen1 'Sees: entl _1'Ial g caD p.e. appUeaJq m
AH bands rushed U-low". or. In fact ; : p to agents oi the Plant System, V

threw thrainclvf down tb 1I'r\to "! "_. _

. thrtr |Mnit. IlrulM-d a'iM"'blecitlugIt : t .. No. EAST, BAY STREET1 f JACKSONVII. VLA.Ve .,, -* ""_0f ,
i. .
their plaf1llY' ': tai(au; ; -- -- Lf--r.i_ .:. ...II Io..t'f''l'r. 11;" 1. -:.'. : -. I
the \ nsthbtg there'iiukid the S '
\ handle.iely thi-lV''l anal hint Reliable .1 .VacpnujH.'tfjFtovk.t/ .. Florida EastCoastRy.I
: .
walat 1%ben Captain Taylor ordered _

t the ball opened,, naylne. .-Lad iqu Hay, CornV Oats, Flour, Bra "W1) at.GritsJ.; f; J: [ :, -
cbanre had ipodri 'at last,** tTtemoutiuadd I'- .UfTABLE NO. 21. IN EFFECT S_ EP1'. H* 1893. tBdLmi

: a with i) yell |ha(,:a..6sp5es .j'0 .. ;,' Ideal,- Cotton Seed Ile i:jBothMght: :and'Dark. "

F In etaupyttmi+wi del,. O..M. at flu- 'BOf Wfl EKK 18 rpKV EU\'scaptain fLHT tYtlt ,< .;; (Bead Down NOETU HOUND had UpV

B| nlartlk"TJCO the-,''' and TJzetya aid. n'rf he tells 1n' Ms Vntnry AT WIIOL $\L h.- '039._ NeTl .
htoryj tlt the ,Aniericiin.fiivt hat just -t' "f. ,t 9 'tr:. 1'- STATIONS. nat1.Y I
t-anw out from' nndcr old Mom. 1 /- b. ,4 .' Ezsa.r Let
; W
It 1I\'llkod to tbtH\'Itht'I' cviue" o\.l i>f fie Il'n. ;. : < StlLt.-A rcntAroi Tygert-NIen I f e.J."*i erCo.. _. _. '1'05pl; 6& diana that 'OO'Ihl".ln-1 'ilwtktla're has Ixru a battlot'! asked :0.1' llrroa4 Fertdieer---Uuarii.Ui.I t "a. AO hi ia. Orinl.M Irw nD11'jlttalt"** 1' rtlliz"'r. PanegrouI2dlioouNiIrIiDubtMiiialeull' 81'p'IO:1la Arrive............... St.Augustine ...............Leave $ l* f5nip
they were the AiLsttwu.Vcis' : .>ia.U, .-u!i'iali- I'otion.Kimitel\ ThemK, -. iu9aaLeave. ................St.Augustine ...............Arrive IiOa
first'.bolm4 i .. _..... ,... .. .
the In hand IIlIhPrl hoer PII Mix>iii i >r in Die Market oat x!riiil'will ronviuce.I jpUI ; Ra.nnes. ...... Leave S' 111.
tatumtog1 6r tatm'a1ttu"O" Thff ',r !. :implied Captain Taylor. Sindforlattloe1rl.i.r': IO.1.!. ISTp'11 aSa Arrive..._ ...... ? IV.ktka: ... .. .on 6 a
And tike result ; -
Inch pun.fi tft 1oodtod.I l.v,ti>.rosU l lt ;- H'pUUOa 1i-ye
\ linn ik-fttited them. -- !
\ e t "f&p--
at abort range any i1alah ship ate "Hut i\here ia Cen-eia's fleet now?" :111 Leave _. Saa Mateo ........... ..... ArriT 1 wGir

;t tempSM to break .through% the* line' w." sae)1Lh.".l Austriun Jqui".t 'Ocean"Ste'amship Oompany.X31)1SAVANNAH : n sn Leave. ................. East NJstka.._...........Leave i.i. flSl4pTUi
? pant the ItKlteni1. 1- ........ ... .
i p -. Oraoad .?............. |
i 8u Mt.nly, ther.euiy turned westwartl'kirplne Pointing t. the 1"-ueli| ilie cap tbi4 fT.t I H'Jp112>l M ......... ..._..... Davtona......... ................ S isHp tot* !
"Hid ;tlJ "lill the Maria $'refayis; LIRE "L.I --. I .....:... ...,..Port orange... ..."..... .. _.. /Ma
tip a brisk ennnoimdoUQ : .......:...... tifw 81111r. .................._.. II Sale
tho Indiana. nut tlll fhelb thorry{ Ifeoti-nant. ; lilp 12'p ............. Oak HU1 ...... .-,......._.... II s6atOcup
.: pass T ut 1 si\ flotilla;; but some smoke, loritl ; Bllllp ................. Titusville ...._.............- IS 5b$
.tl over. Th Indiana bail'u iH-rfin-t rS1rtJBI .:: .. alOp ..............city Poiut................_ lUy ...
1'1l1IWn" .... ................. ........ .
range Mpoi M rro. and a* thp Span!!*: sari. I* vOCOft .. .......... 1 It ...
smoke of'the Teresa ; .... : ................ .
"tk'ts) ;the burnIng. :111' ............. twp .. ..,
lltM almost tuuchnl tbe, polatl when To'NOW York And 'Boston. ( .... 41Jp 1. .......".........F.wua14ie..NN.N.......... its, .
they emerged from the entrance there ii|Shot I Is a wreck upon t tlijj "':(-lt. f w\ .... 421p a ................... Uelboorne...._.._......._.. a USlp...NM.
Clones!toj her you'll(sew autifier'coiunin; '. .... 4577i' r ................. ".& ._.................. a It T ....
wag no time "Jat ia pouring etYectiveahota ..... 6VIp ," .................8eboHtiaa ..............._....N... lira .
I Into tJ<'I>rnmy.'Withi{I Intense. olysuiekei tlioQiiucijiilo,vbrau3ngiOi; : :A.Short. Rail Ride to Savannah, Thence ..... Ss'p a. ...............-fit Lucie_.....?_..... WK n,,
this side,, nearer'to us. Is tim'rinfousuuk'iu .' ..._ etap ............... Fort Pierce"..........__.... lob* ... .
rapidity. Nearly all ot.tb. l, jp the lirenktutk. ia .. A Short Sea V IHlp ....... ...........&ll"u...".._....._.. It1144p -
-The Furor, ,. .
project i,Jijsq j frOm berg gun'that ':; : 9yage.. ............ .... Jensen_..... ........ a IOIbi
hear her.but is on the !bottom in deeper Savaiiuab Srt ......... .... ... ......N" a td
day wt'rw exl en led la the.first 40 ,minute watcf and Is \ Visible.- .. i Sailing from ? S lI\p ................ iT Hobe souart.us........... ...... 'lOa
of the n<;ht, 111 tllp ................ West Jupiter_.........v 7...... attte
For a short time the Indiana "But you have then destroyed half 5 Ships Each Week 6. V .,. F. 8UIJJ .. .......... .....W II. Palm Beach..?....._..... a tVid5P
uaa thost4sliltmlhl'vesssrls( of Cenl'rll'sr1 '. I ........... .....Boynton..N..N... a I t .1
tltkltrax..trrwt/wJiurroand NuMtfJft' "" I ..' 84:a a ........ ....,.. .Delray ...... ....... 75 alt.
: \Va It .lieutenant and look few .. < .I ._
; a I\-n ........... .Rttt. .> .je. ... 'I
batteries but wli-a" All ucKei hotels with saii'ng schedules.Tire for VV V a e r .. "
au i are -
Captain Taylor dies] farther to the ttrstuiirt:" Vald ;: agents < supplied general { I.,10 .... ... .._. LeIllOll Cltr .... ;_.. .. I' *'I !
aw that the Spanish toipedo boats the cuiiain "und yowl see another information sailing schedule, stateroom reservation or call fill !I.- IOJ i Arrive................... Miami.....". ..... .N..... a rt+

Wen not to be feared{4iid;he enemy coluiijn &I smoke. 'That Is the Vizcuya E. Hi: HINTON, Traffic Manage{." WAlTEtnTAWErt SrFiarraSTAKtT:'V ""' IIKTWKKN KKW S3IYKXA ANt OBAXUK; CITY'JrxcfJlHI.NoJKoJ .
It'tttngl'a, to the w.f>'rar on the beach m'llrSI'rndl'ros. ..tttothe ttni 4JF I if: Jacksonville Fla. 6-10-98 ) 8TATIOS3. '
hi* helm end ran for the coast, redoubling Colon she is still farther tDej'estwa'nt aSavanaahrtfi Sfi is vuei 11I1..s( LT..... ..........New Smyrna. .. ........ .Ar Wi".pjIT935"pJ12U I >
to ': ....... ........Lake Helen..7....... M.... .LrU10 ***
hkf npoo jQerVcr hrpe. : out of sight from us here" f 4u-'pilixal"( !, .?... .......... .Oranw ,1\1. ............... Hwa 4N94Uuplll4jaAr
The Intll4b*wae'ilnanlf npon'thoCauk Ills';eye* ranged lIu the shore as.I aaIJIOH 1 .....::.. ..Orange City Junction........... a lUtiaiAU U l

of the Spanjah fleet. One of her pointed; unit the dill'.rt'nt'esscls.. The F1o1thtCeiitia1 trains between New Sn-.yrya and Orange City Juactioa Daily eicopt Bnuday.

abell the beavleiit of tlieQi; struck the "M l1r":
Teresa and et ph did agifust IIl'r.11- .
you lia\ :destroyed,. the whole of tbat Ko.ll STATION s4d5Lv
Other struck the Vhtcaya. and she luii J'8miadrbnI'dld t f- ..................... ...TnusMlla.-.......... ........... At a'qt
lenli hot think
fl> < it I.s .........................Mims ..........._..............Lr
mediately bunt Into flauu.1. Whvu the IKjsslilejj And, '?' !tnJ urts, cftj'tai 11?". and peninsular R R. S2 .......................Ooihen........_.................. .. I I dS
Oquendo aDd )':I141! /'wltLln thkTprouip'f" ."' (I If ......................Enterpri".................*.. liar
Iudianii "NJJJfpppyr, was II Vila ................ Enterprise Junction-...................... t lilt
range both treated The to "Bi t. L nptaic/ y )Mary broadsides. In re nrh 'the Indiana stand" Kid the exerted foreigner. "It All train*hetwi-eu; Titngvilte and Sanford-Daily ttc-cpt Sunday.: t

struck the Q iuoU several Id Wba'fasunltl,"8hli)- lost .or disc ; (,-* ;'.. .- -OFFKRS-T < A l )tt
ttnw and the Colonlal/ felt the abtedj; tout I usk." : 4 d 4 ; a KEY WEST AND HAVANA.

Wright of one of her beavy projectileo. .
"Ntiu4 Jh'utl'Dnnt.. 'The IndfU1t'risstruc" ; <-\jj 5 .
Its lilt url el the Florid Eo.t Gout Staainnbip Cumpaaj art tpiaUtad tail u tuU..
About the Mt ejtluje the torjHilo; l>oaL.. t\vlce, but suffcrwl no Injury, Unexcelled Service in al directions between
destroyer I'W\lli ivfJutieyu'y bfii ; ; STEAMSHIP COCOA.
< no loi. i l'lie other ships are I.tl1ally .

18 Inch shell from the Hoosu'r battleship In th{ KBUO i-ouditloo. We are all of Florida and the other. !portions of the SOUTHBOUND

which set her f -In'flaunt and. ex- us iHfik4ly ready for another battle.as Leave Miami Sunday and WednesilAiii; Arrive Key West Moadarii sad Taar

pIotW bcr bollt'1 m l efore. Cerrera came out 'hi"U 1it States Canada' Mexico. days.. Leave Key West Mondays and Tanriwlaja 'ArrH llavaaa Ta ; '
watehcd :
Captain Taylor the fight of this 4iorntag." Captain Taylor then I I 11'rtdals NORTH&OUNIX

I the. plucky Gloucester with the dettroyers ff/e great battleship where h* '4J4 H& u.; r 4tr1 flay ir; 4 :

U4 trUxl fto f Kl vatlttw i pI U.nltJtldl! watch the barter's mouth for ,! TJ ( mittT Leave H.TaDA Tuesdays aid Fridays; Arrive Kej Wed Tuesdays and FrtdsJL
bnt \VakiwrlChr fakir bdrantage Hnf |pony and turned his attention Leave Key West Tuesdays l and Friday*: arrive M nab W.daeadaTi and SatunU}* I
QU\filt. *) trains danv.the. sear round i ettvjE Jacksonville and New York.i Departures from Miami will btJ madtf MM aa potkiDl fur arri* l of bola U
the siuoke ob eured the signals, also to rv-&-ui'.i! Uui bfipjes Suauianl.i. i .. ..> .-. .; fie on sailing days i ,

eoduertntr the houalstkr tp tI e"ru } During; t& night 213 prlsoiiers were on ToSthis is added a Superb Veslibtttedi'rain during"" V Tbww Time Table show the tune at whitb trainand boat may I*eapae ted laarrtvvaa
of tBc ludiana jiod ludu: wDkhtn'eretogt botH"!, ilHOli2 "tH* li H lif ltfcflJlOt'of theIdestrpytV -t/ depart hum ith. several atationa and poria bai their arrival or departure at the Uatatttated
-I.t i* not guaranteed, nor does the Company hold tuaj napiiaatb) luf .
f o.J aay ttt Mcor.wqufnces /
that of the fiiht *
ther at J"
i rlutou. The lieutenant t told, '. the Toiiii-fiieason.l .' arising therefrom. =
r 'furntnL the_mnln .'aemy" Captlil 11tCu Ltlnt'Taylof'that1eihad 'olon I :n. r : J.P.BECKWITH Traftio X.naller. J. IX BAHSEB A.Q. P.
Taylor raw the ( speeding rapidly tor a 1{month. Said he. In explanation |I f Rt A.tnanee A..
away with, QO
dlitano behind.'tbt Vki yaUiugttvd. Y -. .
Borne have teen -
trying jtocouieoutjwith t'e.flutoli
,' : .
/ OineinirUl anti the. b eat,
with the marks of the Indiana'sbatteries ?ut you kVpt such a good DV /'L1Y"Tn"IA1\
upon her. Last In'the Spanish watch on i the Indiana that I never1 ., .!.VV. "for Ne
i.' line at tblotlme were sth. Tertt ar ":t todaet the ten minutes needed to'get .:w J a g.e.

aDd mwd G.;x".andnpo tneWthe' Indhma'ai4)c6udary' cl ac of the Mcrro." I Through Pullman Sleeping Carbon; t all Through5 R utes.-- i -- I
Finest storkS of CtU8 tad Lrttoct Black
u. Cauliflower Celery
) battery was trained. JEOKOE; L. KlLMEH. .1 ., e. ,
J E. and then a shot to help the t 1 \\\Vu\ ,, 4 '; ; CoHeu and V.ltn'it* Wax Bt rs; Georgia and Florida Rye ; Ttsaa
with now \ "Y'r :
IF' 4'if bftVV rr".. 0.r. ,. .
and J J ce- '. .J ., and F.1orida"'Rusll'roof. Oats. lVrile for price luU
rjuton .
. Gloomier against Sewing For Another Oeoaston.y. .
Furs.A n : Il t ., i 11 > WeII 3ohuny. U shall forgive you : ,.-V1 "'_., *- ** -- L CAMERON, Sre drag !25 East Bay; Street JACKSCHYILIE FlIL
8tdd l71ieS'ettte| .D11i4Jtlhe) ,,tilllh1nl\ and it's very pretty gf yoittd lf9 r full information,.apply to my ogeut of tbe F. C.!& P. C ,
beach with fir1 pouring up through wrjteSf letter to say you are Mrry' II 1(4 Its yonttceti ,igii Jt\1 + t '. l": ',' -- -

bet hatches. Wbetrah* struck her colors I I "rt lUL Don't tear it tII). please." t. .

the men at the upper butteries of "Why f Johnny! r .fI \! < V

the Indiana set,.up a about o( erulti. i I ti"gceause .-jtwllldafor! tbe" X':Il{EI D '. ,A. )..cpONKtL: L.. :SnIP tAX,

tkw. wnk-L Lad it'nrehyd1.d away lit- "i'' 'l-Cfn D -CWliWffciaT"I. 20rw.:I aySrreets. 'Gnl'1 -s mgpr Agent. ..ASS'L Gt u. Pass'r Agt SUBSCRIBE! FOB THE SUM

fore It' waa calW to life again by the un JACKSO LIC. FLORIDA. V
MTlft eolbipw of the Oquendo. Tbiaiii



:! .w ... .
- .
- -
-- -

11111 I

: -- -


--I: -
-- --"- -- -
-I :- -. ___ __ -- -.._ : 1 p
: -- : -
_ -


----- ,-"", -=iI."r- -- ._"" --_".'_'.'.'O...,.... -_ 0" .,,'O. ;,.;;.:..:,,...;;.-"- "-=- =' -: ,- : ;- j ;;;' -61'11 v.: ::-
; : : '

'c'r'S: : :: ..
; ; I
: 1: '> '' 4

'joY, iTT: -' : : I- ,.'.,. ': '. i> :rii/iiBit i;{ stii'Wstl1ili l1B iTi: { IDI, fBuisDA ; ] TdiE (. 1899.flT -

,- g ( : M' t / J j---: .J t
wm-; : The niaml Section.ReviB i. ; n f
Box of
t : ,A ..Jgwelsttf : :
y m : ) BTBlaikman of Miami-whom { : J

thing : 1 I .. ,. They are that, to my before.place is Remember we kn&ui; r3c}a_ conscientious ,man, ,,,,,,. ,,,.....4: ,1

writes to_th nst (Late, Region,to cor,
... 1)) t
fLORIDA HEADQUARTERS I rect :some ..errors. of. ;.a 'previous. .correspohde _Fur: Town Clerk.
t OUt -1'01.-! fc/tuaV We take few"
paper. I
liver Stan ling on record ,as Clerk/of ;
Pine Silver Table-Ware. Watches, Birthd paragraphs : -f- ,

I ....- and 4* &y and WeddinjrGift5f Watches .'Ye.s._pr8irielauds$ ..zentor-"- : ,|i5-aa nearly a year past Thereby ajtaoance .
:i. and Clocks.K. my candidacy for re. lectio. to the position
pa ; '
.. acre This to an 'Old Correspondent,
iell I ,ami solicit ,the support andjaf.
seems high.Take'the experience of the'Iucceful' -
devil .. J. RILES, truckers those who. are satisfied f rage of my friends at the Tows Caacaa
The I \ ?( lor the nomination of municipal office*.
!rHEJEwE1I..R, with mating from $ko to $1,200

:: : JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA. "' 1 per ice off of their land, and ask themif Cm s. AOAM&
he ,
,,' "_ _.1_ _ _ _ _ _ __. _ thejthink' $15 per acre 'large rent.*
"Ii met_ For Town Clerk.As .
but it'is the new people that come, or
best : .tii :F i RS' I BOYNTON BREEZES. those that have tried and failed Let
tax and
quet __ me sayMu this connection that the man property-owner payer
to .I' -- 'S.The citizen of this town for several jean
,Farmer'8peeh, ;sun Collection of who comes to Dade County'and makesan been
Comcpuadent'i past, I have requested by many
honest eflort. and will take the adviceofthose
hate !.*. 'Newsy Note About Oar Neljhbor of my friends to become a candidate fw
who have had experience
and South of Vs.Mks. the Town Clerkship. I hereby annoosca
>. I '3 .'& P -.I I here will not fail nine times out of ten.
-- \ }' has. his.own,. 'nose.__ my candidacy for that position,. promise
"H says : 'Do they know that
; but\ hi U turning the C. W. Pierce bass sore throat my faithful attention and best effort to
: vegetables must be started with stable
.i alid new b1cyeIe.o.' > ; the performance of all duties connected
to I[ .
fertilizer in this soil? Have they any
If therewith and solicit the of aQ
plhat l take all.. m- .Andrew Freedlnndwas at home over idea of',the extortionate price demanded support
-' fc'v. i '- Sunday, but returned to resume work in who consider, me competent and. entitled '
IsI is.not the producer of for this kind of fertilizer V We know oi ,
g: to their suffrage and support
Jb Royal Poinciana '
Monday morn- severa planters that i'ease. stable

and L< laborer.... .;.. ., '.' Ing.1 mnnp. ..... IInl Iii..I,, .r" IImnna ti,.. IilnctJ Very respectfully,
; --- --- --
told if ad ----.b.---- A. B. Onrw.
c t me we Two more cat loads of lumber has been snccessfurplaateisln the',County.- 'Fur I

\ SERMON OF REV. S. D.- PAINE c Xtne rich''Demo- sidejtracked' beret One for the new ther; a _carload, of stable manure will
For Marshal Arid CoIl Cur.
; i the Part I didt t :school! house and one (or Vfl ..eCx.HJB. COt'about; $60 laid down here. This
II hasri4d will fertilize fully ten acres. This estimate
then. I'said Murray ve first I
At Ui. West SW. CotT KttoBl Chmh in hereby announce my candidacy for

"-. ...day Moraine; October ... >-nblican..- --: will "be. with, car.load of hardwood n'adja asses consigned is given me by Mr. John Hooks re-election to the position of Marshal i
not know the poor Re- to this place this season. who'is well ,known in your I county and Collector,pr mising the same" faith. i

Acts ri I for They ought to have West, Thornton of Delray, has taken Again, aur'01d nrpond t says: 'Do attention to the { lirties I a,41.respoasfibilhies !
The text was taken from ,30-31: ,
know that here'are sob-
n Who wtrdfivlng dontract they vegetables that Ifbave'endeavored
c the to build W. H. Cox house. to give \ [
I VSirs what must I do to to beluedl"And ; n to blight, which sometimes ruins I
they aaid, "Believe on the Lord l klck'ed pvf f the:dash He ttas the reputation of being a firstclasi ject the -position in the past :
Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved, de of bit legs in'the \mechanic and work under bus *uperv entire crops?' Shades ,of nigbIs I : 'ACT- ",C.,-J9QS.

mad thy bou e." of : said ; "Come lull sion is progressing nicely. there a country anywhere on this terrestrial -

In the year 53 of the Christina era when yon'come in I'll '11 my Thornton of Delray, has been | globe that is not subject to some
Free $ I at D. Thoma-
four men'stood near the site of old Troy, : .. : -. engi ged by Mrs. A.M.Cardnerta work drawbacks? This 'Old Correspondent'must' son's store.25 Bicycle Successor to'THOMASOOf

in Asia Minor waiting for a ship to is Democrats was the pa her gardens.! fMS. 7' be ,looking. orjpine place 'where & BkOWV.
I carry the m to Europe. They were'Paul ted for a stogie .ian* f J chilling winds ne'er come nor blight

-- Tlmolheus. SLt *. and Luke the physician I ; fanrieo!only one pre; j'have_ .returned A. )ul. Gatd 1rom: raa "ertended.oaRisbard, the herbs-destroy.' A, few years ago The Gainesville Sun U pretty near

ard traveling companion of Paul. siai I. It was out in throjigh the northern an states. trip blight :swept the great tomato fields of correct if not quite ,so,>vhea ,it says:: ,
They *
t. They landed at Neapoli., a reaport town an and, then .there were report having had an enjoyable trip but New Jersey and Delaware. 'An Old "Help a dog'out of a ditch and he will,

I of Macedonia, journeyed to Philippi, the precinct. They ale glad to back to Florida Correspondent' will sever find that wag his tail and exhaust tier, muscle'
,very get Sunny
\. some -ten miles distant Finding no ( again.. Welcome home. place wher| there,_are ,no drawbacks, trying to .tell you that every drop of'

synagogue open on the Sabbath day : : 'bii > Secretary :of until be crosses'tie; 'u how-a*; stream,' blood in his veins is 'at your service.: ,
outside the city _where company ( A4uong those who went up to West and 'safely anchors his soul 'in fields '
they went as, 1898,. to Help a'm n out of a ditch and what \
of Jewish women bad a meeting to ,blcb he'set forth the Pala Beach last Saturday I. on business arrayed in living'green<< ,' and, his weary follows will depend very much on the

i- Itlld! the scriptures. Paul took part ( and 'pleawfefonti': ; were 'c'aptv C. Wi feet press the gold-paved streets of New "breed.
( ;... rVatJonrt tgree> _ _ _
mid reasoned out of the scriptures with I OWI Republicans are Pierpe 'J{. B. Murray C. E. Chase L. A. Jerusalem. Again,he says : .'Have they
from King Hall Bros and J. A. Bump. You puncture 'em, we repair 'em; jou .
tutus. Lydia, a business woman standard. any idea of the large number of unem
break 'em down we fix 'em mp-at the
Tuyatira.a seller ol the famous purple ::: whett'gbld: cojnesfrom1 Forrey Bros.' fine two story residence ployed-who" work In vain??' We Bicycle Hospital. I

dre. was converted.. The next convert ? Th ip6; iS'DJtaring completion. 'It stands out will' guarantee this, that there is UQ __ '_'- : -I'". ,
was a Thracian slave girL Paul and of i ; BO Tight because'in bqldly against a picturesque hammock section in ,the State of Florida where You can sliootdeenlts' any.. county. In I

; Situ were cast into prison through thi tad gold ..eqOlrbU b/tcliground, and forms a auspicious there are so unemployed persons as Florida from October lit to January 31st. :

last C ZVC5OU. At the hour of midnight h tb nwe: would have land I mark at the foot of beautiful Lake in Miami and surrounding country. You can shoot quail or turkeys In ID'I I

: P..l and Situ prayed and sntg, is IjyA J ID>'$?P j.i?! Worth.. .. C| Business blocks are.being bnilded.'not part of the State from November to
10 that the prisoners beard them. Au f4j .ooolcpp more now .Mrs. A. M. Gardner has brought ,her! one, butmauy ; cottages; are being February 28th. ,All non-residents, .

earthqukke shook the jail the pri90&1cJoun gO to do easiness with, hou.! keeper with her from the FOrth ii tected btbedoens-threh, :'work-in pat a fee':ot. ten,dollars tothe, Cocnty -

f new open the jailor rushed out t f '.thy'mon : oesnot whub will leave her more leasure tot plenty for those who desire to work. Clerk', bef&re'tfll'i will be allowed to

I and wu about to kill himself -when ..,; The.i/anner.is! ever. s9pnltend garden work '-** :J Again_he lays; 'Truckers have told me Iiu this deer State., turkey or quail in any County

'. Paul exclaimed "Do thyself no' harm. I : aay..truat- .He knows :;Onr congenial and substantial citizen, that it takes a third more fertilizer hereon in _

w* art all here. He called for a light tnut.beit the-priosof! Cullen has these' Miami lands than it does in SQCA&K PIANO for sale at a bargain.
Pence returned from his
.. hi and uttere* the words of the itieiii Lab This is another In.trument'u condition. Inquire at
sprang 'h.\i&M, t County. whopper.The '
visit his
LdI summer's to old home and SUN OFFICE. .t8.tf
What must I do to be saved?*' lands io'this section have been and il
test thfcf rmer to OB ([ri tida in Indiana. During his absencehe -
We notice that the question: ol,. be: : who..yt that there also took a business conrse at a commercial i are noted for the sin"n amount'of 'fertilizer Weighing the nai .,

-. Jailer was a practical one. He did .not : :: ,&tft VaoWn\ m a 'i college at Huntington Indwh .. i it takes to* *make a successful* crop.> ". -'- '! '- ; I

want to know whether ther the Mosaic | Ur4a\ial t 1. i will no doubt prove a great benefit To wind npt-with'"?,Aii Old Correspondent'he.ayar'Tbeivanderers d- I Postmasters. all over i the country t cgma fon"October ;

account of the creation ,was true or i PoU ".;'canw.1 .expect- ) to'him irftee future.'His father A. H. who are 15 for a period of thirty-five

whether ,the Ilk was large' enough b> I -i '... Pence...WHO-spentJas,$ wlnerhere, and here will tell you that the cold in Lake days t to weigh all mail and its equip

tike in all the anlma1a, or where Cam r'j' .:"c toiN\, potfcf.-, "aM the1 :Irest 'Or.ftbej1tinityilf' follow in a County is too severe for crops. Wnen ments. The government,, although It
gjt his wife ; what Cotiwaigolug to do 1 year that" few! weeks. it freezes down the crops in Lake Countyit pays the railroad 'companies'for transporting -
;.f1.1tD... i il'It. |fencet.is one ourmost ,
with the heathen, or when the worlil !3tnwere.Ife., I pirjf resdvl aid successful I.4 gardener freezes them down in Dade County.I the mails has not weighed the

.. was coming to aa end. He was inter : I tifc --Adniniktration :1 inmadetslveralhhottsand dollars see no difference.' Now this is untrue mails with a view to finding out theentire

etted In his personal salvation. Christ I : : !,'.whf,. heri will be from his gardens last season besides attending as a; rule.: Last year, when the) freeze volume ;for twentyearsjbut, of '

amr answered questions that were : !ntly,in'poWe x ,e-J to his laborious duties express came and( swept the beautiful orangegroves late the bills for transporting have increased !

nereiy speculative or prompted by mere : know what'Imperial agent >We welcome his return. in Lake- County from the face of so rapidly that that it has te'een :

; Idle ntio.tt,. ODe time an individual ad the trjalyjnade: I the earth we had a little cold here, and decided to weigh everything in its par
Frank Funk and
cam to Christ and wanted to know il : tni'' Salfcn .of Snl .' t West--I Palm Beach Cullen Pence went to some of our vegetables were.cut down- ticular class, and, furnish. '.1 r,;_the figure' to

; there were few or many saved. Christ $ herejbuUh'at'treaty! business. Monday on important some more,some less, and some entirely.But the head of the department TLe entire '

_z could have told the nan the exact nurnI for Cullen, incidentially pur- the farmers replanted and everyone weight of the mails of the United States
-- it slave working nothing Chased about a half car load of furniture.What __. . t__ ___ ..:..:............ L_ .__:"._,___.I T. .
b.t. Instead He turned to tile group ais liberty when he gets n'n tnat SUCLtO, HIS crop maae a crop ana 1VII",uiuiuu wiu uc*sceruunea. roei-
: landing near and said "Strive to enter 'Js1 fixed ,f'la. does it all mean? just keep your the transportatioa and fertilizer com masters all over the country have received t
I.. for ma..1aalllet'k' shall not be of the'.Repnhlican party our express agent. panies did,nut get it all."-Times-Union instruct ions and necessary blanks.

u able." To strive meant to agonize, topat r ad'a1loYer Philip. sine of our nimrods went hunting and Citizen .- .

forth effort like the competitors again!: just to redeem their reputation.
L great : of a':13 inch shell: This i .. The Agricultural Department has sent
in the athletic games of Greeo- ? dl and ltijjg i'people! to They killed thr.ee deer and a couple of :. i to Mr. E. F,Sperry of this place several'

: i and Rome. To seek meant to put forth : the point of a bayonet raccoons.- J fa4'theTiassed. around- *a JCew BHckensderfer Typewriters, the hundred Easter lily bulbs and has ,
f-li feel-le cff>>rts, to make no great exertion. aH'ovtfaad! it failure slice of delicious venisonyour scribe very best, in the market at Potter'sAgency.1 notified Mr. Sperry that an expert from ,
God refused the of would no doubt have them Call and see them. They will ..
Kingdom given
1 never id a" race-good enough I a glow. bear tie closest investigation. the department would be here within
-ii Heavrn to an honest soul that strove to ric- I lag half column>> notice but with nothingin few days to select a suitable location:

I eater. Dtry.bat t grveaThnadredf u ? sight to estimate our appetite we can and superintend planting. The object
The Bovine of the Indian
I On another occasion Peter wanted to lives in establishing the bnty; take their word for it, so a fewlines correspondent 's to test the adaptability of the '.
know .hat would be the manner of must River Advocate Titnsville, says :
I cannot'owtalfc Easter lily to the conditions prevailing
inan suffice.4S _. "A grand sight is to look over the prairie .
John's death. Christ said, "What istaatlothee i ei(; h'aV, we should *. f'r.as in Florida, in the hope of establishing a
I as the eye can see, nothingbut
? Follow thou Me I" Some I ; .
new industry that yield
I people ate nil of interrogations about foreclose a mortgage- on You have been told it is just as good. water f just the tallest trees can be may It a ls revenuctothepeopleofthestate. as established
; ; "> Dont for a moment believe that any seen. The water is higher than at anytime fact that most bulbous ..
rth ion and never strive to enter iu plants
I < it is a (Christian'duty U other is as good as Bever Brand Ashes.If since_ 1878. The, )loss of cattle is flourish here, and those who have grown
of *
i themselves. The reply Paul was. ; st i.w.: -t they are, why don't they brand them
i vGuiI i e i i them on a small scale have succeeded
g estimated at 'five hundred heal, which
so will buy again. For
Believe on the Lord Jesus ClariaLIIWhat you prices in producing fine Easter
;) and christianize them M. il. LYMAN, Lautana. are floating everywhere and over a exceptionally
is it to believe on Christ? It baD lilies. There is always a demand for
that in out
nothing like thousand hogs can be seen floating. bulbs. This
effort. W know experiment of the
intellectual #! must Kite last depart
christ U order to believe on -Biffl ; that I : I. ,. C.'L. shipped week to Philadelphia The high water surely wiped out every. ment will be watched with much later
i FilipTnos the gospel 1.. the first cucumbers of the thing on the prairie." est-Orlando Correspondence in Times-
christ wa born nearly lyn years ago in I and brotherhood of man. season, and returns received yesterdayshow Union and Citizen. '
I a remote corner of a remote part of the
to link'tathe low level of that they brought $3.75 per crate.
ii.. great It, man Empire; that he Uogot, There is a good profit in cucumbers at She was horribly burned by gasolin'e.Get Judge M. S. Jones Titnsville, who
U worked miracles, waa crucified and rose Earbpe'and' be,re presenta-! Kiltyre. Save your goods and has been holding Circuit Court in Kit-
of Christian e: ? .We have already this price netting about f 2.60.-Gainesville friends. It is king of fire. AtIDXER& simmee was in town Saturday'on his
are part
aX'II. Sun 'Oct. SON.
; 22.
where might makes
We have just as good evidence of these way home. The water was so high from

facts have that Alexander the the recent heavy rains_ he adjonraedVMirf
u-- we- sav I .if_ we rite." .,UD. ',the Removal, Boat building done right ;at home, in lr tilnwfhs.. .. .."_,,1r......._ "i.. .... .......:.......;.
Crest lived or Joscpbetb or Haonlhal', m 1 -i 'II the most approved manner good work ----- -- u 5"

or Cotisuntiiir or Mohammed, ot Xapoleofl $ llro will said)laughatfW.' We i have" -moved in the New Palms manship and at living prices. Calf on and attend to their stock. Judge Jones .

,vr Mtty other character of history fathers all men Ste Hotel where we hope to meet all our old Capt, A. T. Rose. says the water in Lake Tohopekaliga
f f laughed, ,d ;:when and new was so high a gentleman five
Tbia is the lutclkctaal part of f.iih, '. patrons many ones. caught a
Tbe attb that aires hat also the element n t1 ,only! by,consent G. W. IDNER & Son Jewelers.1st Just received a full line of new tires at pound bass from the veranda of thehotel.New
they.Unghed at u. door South of post office. the Bicycle Hospital.
', tI trilL We believe that Chrirt cam, I Smyrna Breeze.
) ? Why the aristocracy
die-l. r ..r. nicrtMlcd, lives, and we try to ,The Gainesville Sun refers to Mr.
: I td h ds.- ., ,
be list Him. We an saved if we are W. W. Hampton, who was a visitor to "
fc Do YouWantaWe
'r""flag sacmid an emblem
Ilk, llttUt. The goinj to thatch do1J'tII" I Ocala last Tuesday' "on legal business'as'one I
of brute force
_ ti*. We are saved U we have the & of this of the ablest lawyers fn Florida1." have them to Sell.and If we have' STEAMBOAT?
'i I
spirit t4 Christ It U an operative 'iu.BiMrvtUI 'ther't We say in parenthesis that Mr. Hampton 1 none ou han't to suit,we can build-
? *n thtr nation' to Just what you want. .
tain. It makes good man and I I I \ ; ,'struggling\ to- .: be' 'i.-free C can- rtctntiy received the largest fee of any

Mura with the Christ spirit. We go ,and moral support 1 'lawyer in Florida on a single case, be I Ii We are also PreparedTo
about UJnK good. received
Uje comfortable of
.-Ex. i sum' Furnish _ _ _
-The trend of thought today I. from :, $50,000.-Ocala Ea ner. I ,
eccle Uid*.n 10 Christ. We want the ta- ,

religion uf the first celtar,.' We want ;'ciagffjor o 4:' For Sale At Rare Bargains' -:' : Pumping Outfits for Irrigation.Write : 4' !

the religion of the fishermen Apostles. : .:.. .1-

We want the refigloothat makes the \eV.'pntge'st: ; ets_ 'tbittb, Stock of Merchandise Dry.Goo3s,
Shoes or call on us for An thing! in
Notipns Ladies' and Gents' Fur.rds11ings. )
granted. 'new trial &
wufk better; not a religion to die by, hat ,, Jewelry, Store Fixtures, etc. Our Line that you need.

but a religion to live by.WhsiiahtobcaavtdP. n cue,voa victed of cow' Reason: for selling; otqet'business de. '

I tInD."fully to two 'yeab'Jin.! mauds time. THOHA&M & BROWN, Merrill-Stevens

describe It. II It to have all your sins I ntfaryj,iilTthe\ ,aesslbn:of: S> 7 West Palm"" Beach Fla. Engineering Co.,

pardoned. .t" to he a new man in ($ 'UL.tldl county year, r n-
: No need sending from home for! FLA.JacksonviUe .
CirUt It U to be. IOU oC("tC1It.! It islabtftlWUwlUcartfl. 'will prohibit:be' up*for ant J boats when Capt'A away T. Rose can I ", .\ JACKSONVILLE, '

It 1" to have Detiflaber te, ibn of, build, yon one as fine i>r\u cheap as you u.i4-9a \ 'rBonllTOa Marine

-; frtad, 99&9 duraacr. Ills' to die : Kecorcl:6ct zi.:' I want. See him. and plto your order. I EaUways

S _- "" __-'. ---
-- -- f -- :: __ : .r- -

-- -

The Tropical sun
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 Material Information
Title: The Tropical sun
Alternate Title: Sun
Salerno news
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ;
Language: English
Publisher: Guy I. Metcalf
Place of Publication: Juno Dade County Fla
Creation Date: October 26, 1899
Frequency: weekly[<1913-1926>]
weekly[ former <1891-1902>]
semiweekly[ former <1903-1906>]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Juno Beach (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- West Palm Beach (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Palm Beach County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- West Palm Beach
Coordinates: 26.709722 x -80.064167 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Available on microfilm from The State Historical Society of Wisconsin.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1887.
General Note: "Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; its publication a duty."
General Note: "Official paper of Dade County."
General Note: Published at Juno, <Mar. 25, 1891-Jan. 3, 1895>; and at West Palm Beach, <Jan. 31, 1895-Oct. 8, 1926>.
General Note: Editor: <Jan. 21, 1892> G.I. Metcalf.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 5, no. 5 (Mar. 25, 1891).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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-- '-_ t
y 1/ --- _

,-". -.

..... .

.- .. 4> < ... ... .. .. "?, .. ...... t''" J
,. S' .,.. 'Wf ... .."" .alj.c ,.ii\1i I :hi.u.U1t.r. S AY t OmohEIt'_ __. !t'f 1. .tJ9.. ._ "'. _.... '. i'r _' .
., .--,_..._ r, > c.r -c. ..,.. "y ,,,,, ",, -. ", "
-- ,' .: 0. ..: ::- :" ', t '
," : ,,/ .
',,' r"i'.4. ; .. ..,.. ...- "-/ ;; .. ); '
., <-:" >< ;*,,. ; ) """" .r.l'J' -; ';-" --
( .... '
< f"
_. : ,: '
t ", t" :,:: _/ .
,.. ;... .
: 'I '. 'L .r. .. .. -
"' ::1.< .' t- '

-___ -.' ..-. .., .. .. ''_' ___ -j.-_. ......: r .- .... '

; .

.; : AW'nPl: ci Et Iici a 3 lvi ; "P..1..1. .. !. .. '"

-1 p. 8. ... ,. ; :.L; _AH I -k) (1.1. t -.p-. -r 1--- .__:_. "';41)t-' .<:", : a


"' '- .: .
.,;t-, .. ,
1\1\!!> .

: .

4 T
> J- '.'\

j;.iv.!.'-- .". .,..:. .( .

: ;f

'f' .. -' '.:, ...
.: .




t J ru "

.. t C aTURYj ee4e.c4 I aee.da travrt ko+twr s l ti+rarit ras+yctlhw ti&Q 1, $ i 4- xjx CENTURY.r .
., II z. r -

T -

:{ I, cL! raururtar.rw.wt.rsr yrarsv..rrpn.rto.r: +,I::;:] J If.I (J \V1f fAIJI BEACH, BADE COUNTY, FLORIDA, THURSDAY.OCTOBER 26, 1899. VGLUm Xm. 10. :5xt :

.t:: i PuRELY PERSONAL. CUlzeu' au-_Carnival. I LiVELY I LOCAL; LINKS)THE-'COUNTY TIDINGS Monopolies--4e-Pay Good Salaries. I HERE AND THERE-, '

.:,. I"Yw ..-.;, A clU egs' meeting caJle4bj oitIK'.oI .'a y t .. ... ".*i, The'largest salary ever given to any _e_

....J to bi I rrCom: ,rand Go-People the Mayer, met _at, _the..nj -K.-.of.J P.., Hall at. What the Me n Heard In The A r Budget of Interesting Items From official is that which is paid Mr. H. C. I Scraps of News About This and That k'
S p./m. Wednesday suppcsedly to discuss McDonald vice Hesident of the Stan-
Manor%'y.f' I adoptaome'preca prevent'In '
deemed to be worth $200 coo.-Gainesville ,1
chance of from the fever e ii--i _e_ ,.
I refugees
V # ; ; 1\ Sun.
A slange ef tersea