The annum
t tenth C )"I. O. Williams, &t: ; ,AUXU: .:/ ,,'rllli I kj' < Vl
t Florida, 'State Federation of Women'8Clubs for r. ," ".':) SM ,
The total amount 1>f expenses Inc, piaTROPICAL _._ :: .
I' 'met lA Miami' on Thursday with carrying on tha' government FlorIda ,. i. ',' ,::', : : :I : ,.

'a, 'good :Attendance: 'and 'following 'the for tie: year 1904, was $d13,"89,80.. '. ReAL, eSTATH, AGENT :/' ,; ., i, ;- ':,: ."......., /

i days' program a reception "Was given ,________, I FOR RENT .' \'' ''r'a.I, : .,. '" "> 'I i, \;: '. :. '-" ; .'..

at the Royal! 'Palm 'in 'the evening' "by; Fort-iileade' baa organized a board of OnV'6"'I'el'' Roon'vColiintehiiidsonu.': 'r I, ; :";, ''b"i'1, I ; ,: dt

the,, l*lles'of the! Mtetnoon C1hb.t trade, and 'It'Is the Intent of the citi' I'y furuinheii. Luke* front, located 300 '

L. t.' zone 'of that community to push the )I.rdll north' of.Kuyal......-.... Poinclaot. iiutcl $175 ::12soH:3oo3.S: : : ,' ::4,00, : 5OO: 6OO, ./'
-, Rev; Carlisle p B. MartIn, iJ.'Or merlin\ of'their town. :, FOR S.4LE ; j'l
Waverly Texaswrites: "0f a mornIng I" : ""r '
;' ', ; .," .. :' : :
when first arising L often Andy a Chocolate. \ Bust bale: oaks front property, amiles > '
CaUler': \ Swiss Milk |
troublesome +'collection ''of phlegm. north f>f Royal Poincinna. Hot"I'1 ', .
which produces 'a..cough'' and Is very: 'Som' tll.lng new' In '''town ts "Milk; mall cottage, owner oou-ieaident. WI.I.. .
bard to dislodge; but a small quantity Chocolate" Suet. Imported from Switzerland ell cheap. ___ .,

,:: G il of Ballard's Horehouad Syrup ,wlll by Broad well &: Moore. < Town l lots Sand farm lands for ..Ie! : ,. P PI3RAN'NING

at once dislodge It, and the trouble+ Write lor ,, '' .....
f Is ove.', I know of no medicine that The Tampa. Electric Companyare to prices 't i
s ,is equal ,to' I it, and it 1a ao \pleasant build some '$200,000 worth of new track: Cottages cud hotels for 'rent, ; :' "

to take. I can most 'cordially recommend in 1 that city la 'the .near future, There W .t.Went Mttculf, ,, Bench.Manager Ma., BlROS. Ladies' Outfitters 1
It to all persons needing a 'med Palm
t icine for throat or lung trouble" 26e. will be required for this! work BOO tons ,

60 and |100. 'Sold by A., G. Rlegel, ot 'new steel'. .

I Lieut. ',0en. {Nelson 'A. Mllie: Retired, .Imperfect' Indigestion. LA W f 0 i h.

., was 'one' 'oftha speakers at'the Good.. :Means leas nutrttlpn and In convey ,

Roads tonventlon 'in Jacksonville, quence less%vitality When the liver o.o. '>11lILLlNliVUlt'l11: $ r

apeaklog upon the iut>Je t, "Good ally, to secrete bile, the blood becomes I .
Roods aa :an 'Aid"to the At''mye', loaded with bilious 'properties. the dttceation ATTORNEY ANO CuUHSflCOfi '!1, -.>.>.. "' "'" %% 'h
; becomes' Impaired and the 'r
\. Bowels constipated Herblne wilt rectify \Vt'KI I'ulni Heath. i-'la.. ---
Pleasant a"d Met p.ff"crl7e| 'gives tone to the stomach
T' Chambers. Ed, Vindicator, ''Lib Iyer this and/lddf'eYB.: It strengthens the ap I icAttorney. U.' ULIUUh rn Buffalo Gasoene! MotorA

k: erty. Texas writes Dec. 25. ,19Z"Wlth() tetlte clears, aud Improves the com earl f'ullnsello.iJ.t.J.N W i
pleasure and unsolicited by you.: I bear flexion. Infuses new life and -vigor to ''

testimony to the curative power ,ofBallaro" be whole system, 60 cents a bottle, Wk4T:: ...PLMBKACU...... ., 'I''LOk1UA HIGH.GRADE'
-- -
Horehound Syrup I / !'
G. RIegei
Sold by 'A. *
'used It In my family and can aheer-\! H. Automobile Motor

and fully pleasattest afSrm It, remedy la the for most coughs.,eff entire and ''Dtn'l'. ''Early Risers' ,< dttormiyandCpvi' 1/tjeIlCJI.-t.J..a.w f ,, : ecdAs For Speed Launches

colds I have ever tilled" 25e; BOB." and Tho famous little pitta.ASSESSOR'S (ONCo.e.'Benk.lWI3'C ere known by what tbryr h r.rvwu. .
11.00.( Sold by A. '0. Rleg.l. 'j> :: PALM UUACH, FLA ( For bslt a century they
have been for eundanl-bneo't Absolutely reliable.

1I Orange county, wMci".l8' one,of the''m'st I NOTICE. ll'Eu. )l, ItOJHU1\.S, failed all orupe deulere.once tban to prnduoe env 1505 ohhera lte.d blazer Lo...kddby het.ter r' Perfect Speed Control. 4r

progressive in the :&tate;'h'as over 'I will be at the following points Attorney and COllnsltlu,- t-Law., nod Me to ail.ppltuate.D. Tend for 1008 Catalogue ("
one hundred) miles of paved roads'anc), da.te'siiamed' purposed M. FERRY & CO., 1 _is '
s' t>n the for the WOI I practice: In 1 MuteauU Pedcnl Count GEO. WALLACE ,
f' ..;no bonds. .,assessing bade -county taxes, reap i '/ TITUS VI LLI$. FLA. netrolt,Mich. WentTalm Beach fit,S

and personal:

t' No More Stomach Trouble Lantana, ... .,... .. January 30( l l\V .1. ,U.'l'liALJ". _

Allstomach trouble is removed 'by Boynton .. ... ...., February 1, 2: Y. 4TrORfltr.AT.LAW. ,
I the use of Kodol Dyspepsia CureIt 4 Ilioca NOTARY PUBLIC. I Atlantic Coast Line ry
by digesting Defray .. .. .. February ,
glveo the what stomach you eat perfect; without. rest the stom Itatone .p. .H. February ff i t'.urta Win practice. Count,bl:..l. ..,. better [F/langonia Poulfrv

i ach's aid. 'Tbe food built/II! up 'the Deer field ;... .,' ... .. 'February, "f j LAND' CAlliE" 'IiPECIAL''Y.l'lIIce.u : ./ THE GREAT THROUGH CAR LINE FRCM LORIDA Zl j''
t body; the rest! ''restores the stomach Pompano . .. .. ... February S I I'La THOPIIUI. SON! Stocks
: to health ., You don't have to diet \V., ear Palm Bvaeo. l'ltdll 'iouiity. florliliT Farm CONNECTIONS
when taking Kodol Dyspepsia dei" ale ... ... February 9, JO ilf

,yourself Cure J. D. Ersklne. of Allenvllle Danla ..,. .,.. ... .... FeW *ry It J, 'Lt-\vit., White i the Over its own rails to .Savannah

t.I :Mich., says, "I suffered neartburn and Hallandale . ...., February) 13 I S AT10RNIY LAW White 'Leghorn; Wjran- East

stomach trouble for, some ,slime. My Fulford ...,y........ ..February It a,4WJAHY- PUBLIC.A dot tea.,, Eggs and btouk Charleston Richmond and Washington -

.,,, Bister-ln-law ha* bad'the acme\ trouble weeks. Little Rivet .. .. February -16,10 ,a.nt of tb.V. S.Hl.lellly. 4 duiraitty Co .oiUiltlmur For :ale. I; thence via Pennsylvania.Ry.,
for 1 ,
: and jvas not able to eat *. Md. via,All Rail .
She llvedentirely''on, warm water.'! After Lemon-City : .. (February 18 )IHce nt vornoi C'luiuuilH, '" Avunnu ana :NarclnHUH ; W. ''r. OALF, Xanager: .- _- .._ -- _-. -
ta'.'tng two bottles of Kodol Dyspepsia Cocoanut Croye February 20, 21. i j jLarliln Muetit, o..cr. I uttvn'n Ulc-yc'fntorB' .
'. Cum! ,she ''was entirely: cured. .. .'.. . ..p.* February :22! I 1-4-liK: W t.H'r'ALM: 1IEACU.MEDICAL IUIIII&'t"ila., 'I<'ln. rile West The .Louisville"" & Na>livllle,.'via Uontgumeryhe

,. She now ''eats heartily and Is In good '. . .. 24, 25 .
health. '1 am glad to say Kodol'gave Cutler February .AND'VNGiC.'AL -: I Mobile & Ohio. via ,Montgomery
instant relief." Sold by A. O. Rle.ael. Silver Palm ..../..:. ;F b"Uar7':/ jU.0!:- .
roe 7j7,1ituuu KOHOK 0.UUTI..KKCIVIL :
i i ,
Miami . .... eb. 28 to April 1 : p for .New
to Via Savannah and 'Ocean Steamship Company
I S.50Gofwliich NOT h1L; PH1SICHH AND SUKQEONIfflta The York, Philadelphia, Bunion n+'r
t''; Miami has' 'a population of PERSON over .pt>tl"r'' hii'jcle uto e. WEST ENGINEER East t Via N-irfolk Steamer to New York, Washington and Billt.:
i ""nuuter there are 'at least The law requires 'eve'.v property' ,PALM: UUACII. Pwl.lonceneur. Royal PALM RRACIl'; KLORIflAL more. 3
bolored. owner, "or' legreprsseniailve ..of' tha( Puluclau8Hotel. .PALM UKACit.: : ia-1: Via Savnntinh and Merchnntn & Miner Trans rteoun Com
llJ owner"' to t' lurn'all property real andpersonal.on .-.- -- -- via I steamship panv for Baltimore sad. Pbilwlelphia. "l
; l l 1*. YUL"1'FatBl. '!>.. .
t) + :'Night wks Her-Tttror, Wanks( turnl>ll1e.1' ft-? thai; It. A. WILSON

} :"0'1 "would 'cough nearly all 'nlgbt purpose by the Asscaaor (these blanks 8-/Id-ua WAST; PALM BEACH.: -FI.A. M.\HJIrAUTV'ICI\U! : Oil' TO KEY WEST via Peninsular & Occidental.

log'"wrttes Mra.' t .Appl agate'of'Alexandria. wlU' be sent >y "mail'to"all"-applicants D8NTAL and' ,,

Ind., "and could tiardly bad get who 'fall, to 'meet Use asieusor, on retetpt I Boots and Shoes HAVANA Steamship.Company?
I 'had consumption\ so U, l'IACJ1
any sleep: between Ih.| |
of stamp) 1)
cougifrightfaily postage
block I would ..
that If I walked a / I SOMETHING NEW
and spit blood; but whet first' day ot'Jaauaryand the first dry ENTJST''' ) Repairing( ( In All l..ea'h": .
( lone Interchangeable mileage tickets good over 13.000 mile oj nut'>ni; tot t>rm".iprxilroHcla t
all other' med: 'Inee failed, three' 11.09 of April o'each'year.' It saoh'nerton Office I 10 Jefferson Block. 1 .Goods Neatly ) tr the Southern Ktalen: are on dale by the principal. gents:
bottles( Of' Dr. King's New Discovery 65rounds. or their' Agents, fall to return thelf Wltll'l' PALM DBACU./ '. '..' "PL'OHIDAI Through P wholly cured me. and I gained 'as Prank C. B yleMon, Commercial Axe it. W. D. Stack, Tr vt-linx r"ult'nlC'r
requli'ijtl'oy L1l1UY ,
mnt. Bnchih
for assee : Indian Tapied d
it'a'abeolutelyguaraneedttl ( property I ", J. K :
V' 1 \>irr.138 est Biy Street, Astor Building.: Jacksonville. FU. 'H M E; trsi>n
cure Coushs./ LaTlppe, Bronchitis law the Alsusor.I' commamlo'd'to as ,T..amcMalia er, W. j Craiit. General P.sle'll\er'Allieot' \ Wiltninicton.: N CI f
and all Throat and'lung Troub' sees It as "unknown." Dentist" and tabifle Sloes s

d, lea. Price 50c.and $1,00. Trial bottle*r It is, not the legilMityof'trto l Assessor -( inioe First door west 'of. Pada colll"ty'"' Dtote .
free* at all drug'' slorea.TheJ Arcadia, has 'to examine the the'rersorls of asoeinairlua of the:; WEST PALM BEACH. FI.OUDA FOB TENDER FEET mnrnmrmmmm11r"rm"r, 'ittt'''' !1UUrt?",? "n, 'TTU11nrt1nr2j1e '' ''

Orphans 'Borne, at .county for purpose BIILDEkt Olive St, North of New Jefferson! Blo ==
1 twenty-three\ boys and girls tie Inmates the ownership of real'est3te: in order ARCHITECT AND ---

s, : and the work o( the 'Institution' l II.1: than, be may assess the projart/od: L.IfttOWJr t : i I l1ie el }'farmaeyCrernatia I

branching out.. I Its egat owner; but' it is the duty CONJflAOTOa AND BUILDER.
I' eve 1 property owner If possible, td FOWLER BROS. & KING
P NO. Box r= Avenue and Narcls u Street
and Day. meet the Assessor 'at the) appointed;} 134 :
Working Night : '
.The busiest and mightiest llttla thing place and: time or' at his office in the' 'wgR PALlo BEA('nlFLA: MACHINE SHOP E ''gfieoialtiea FOP

that ever was made Is Dr. King's weakness New ccSurt hou'.. In Miami and -return hieproperty. OAt ENOINE nEPUHS A SPECIALTY the :holidays ... :a
Life Pills, These pills change This I respectfully urge all 'T. -CAMPBELL : AL,, KINDS LAI HE and 8HAPEH WORK '
Into strength ,listlessness Into. property owners to do.: If ,the property == Cortex Cleans!/ $2 hi.x of'25 ... '' .llnh..lt Chrirajl. l.nx Of 23: ,a
energy bralp-f i Into mental powerThey're GAS ENGINE SUPPLIES K..y Went. Hmnkpre. fa ai. bm: of bJ u
wonderful In bulldln* up' the bw ers will co-operate with me,, I hop Jam TJpToNowJLACKSMITHINQ ::1 == a
health. Only 25c per box. !told: > .b1 Hdruggists. the, result will be mutually aatlsfactort. FOR SALE] EH and other brand i* tun niimeroiM' to mention! :::::&

r !, HORSE' Ne..r Ferry LIIn.'np'LMke,' ( Front, E2: Cut Qla,.i and Fancy Holiday Perfumes ;:; I
..1 ;::;s
Assessor to $8.00The
Geo 0. Butleri; Tax :C:=- from 75 cents t
The next session'of the Grant Lodge Address, Mlaml4 l"la: Box 487. f -SHOEINa, QENEKAL. WEST PALM =, Farnnu +' OlbJOfi *' BQx Stationery SOC boa a
/ t ot 'I. O. O. F., ,will he held at Oalne T I REPAIRING 'ANDWAGONS FLORID =2 Otner .Panty Stationary ije to $1.50. -a
\U wfnbe .
vine'nd tfSa'-largost! It safe gathering to predict of that the "thr? Do Not 8u pe'rsS Cough., \ \, .P AIN'J'ING'I' UOWlftfs'Hasel::.: t i A G. RIEGET 'fmtElSSS&atS : -::;;;;

; ever witnessed In the :When you have a cough do not trj| I For Plies;Burnt, Sores.Tonic = Ur iluaW New Turk ('oils-go 1-bxrmnrT "'
lln The past year has been one of C to suppress It. but remove the of'eause some) BUILT TO ORDER II11111UUU1li'1jUlUll11111iUl11lIIIIUU111U1111U; / ] / / 11Al1l1111l
State an4the The cough is only'symptom / to the Sf..em.For .
r advancement ,all along the line disease, and the disease is what ,yon w
liver troubles and constipation ,
'brlgbR with, promlee. then the'cough'will stop ,Cl.m.ttaAvr.Wedof RailroadNOTICE
future la should cure
ti of Itself. The most common. cause ol there Is nothing; better the than famous DeVVItt'nLittle little ] '
Early Risers, I
TorturfdA coughing: is & cold. Anodynes will 1 BUDDED Mulgoba .Mangoes.Largest ,
3 Brutally 'the cough.and! preparations OF STOCKHOLDERS' pills ''They do'not ""weaken the atom. .
o&s8' ame to light that for j rssH! promptly suppress chlorofor-n. opium,, ach. Their action upon the system U a
ent and unmerciful torture hail perhaps containing purpose.-bu -- mild pleasant and harmless Dob Coil. 1.lhn of Crotoao'la the United Sa'tr.alm.., Phjllan '
equaled. Joe Oo'' k. etc., are, used for that Moore of LaFayette, Ind., ears' "Nose Citrus StOCk '
never been. 1> I they do not cure the cold. Chamber rotleerta'hefeby're&that the! any thus, etov AJVi.rtt grown. Full Line Of "
.years Rl
Cotu a. Calif.Insufferable, writes.For pain from rheumatism Iain's Cough 'Remedy on the Olhett'but, iual, nesting, of the. 'stocU>!d9'* of vnJAo talking that DeWIU's'work All-other-pills Little Etrlj I- grown on nllth.- pruet'O Pine .t.an". .Adirp8n "
fh endured the Ioulh.! '
I Md nothing rell T M ,toe hand does not'suppress removing' from .the lhe Boyntoq'Packing 'Compauir' will hare used gripe and make me 'sick In ..!O.'N B. BEACH. ,West! Falm'EJeech'FIa.
though I tried everything known, 'I relieves it' by which obstructed be'. held In the company's; packing the stomach and-never cured me.-De- ,
Blttert and frl throat and lungs the mucus ',Early JUsers".proved ; -
JIll came.across Electrlo the ,breathing, and allying; ouae'ln' Boyntbn'Fla-i' -Monday; Witt's Little

II> the greatest medicine bottles on.of earttt It Com for.,inat etec' -. the Irritation and tickling 'la the "ebruarj-: l 06jat: :7 o'clock V. ,nt., be the perfect long' sought Persons'relief traveling'find They are ';THE TROPICAL: 'SUN'I; I }
trouble. A few secretions simply
ly relieved and cured 'me.'; Jnt\ as throat. It .also opens psrmanently'cures the TJy, order of", the Board. ; : little EarlyRlserj;;: the most reliableemedr 'F't' .pr lJ?'tq 1 ) Dertlnen1' '

,.' good for liver and kidney, trouble* and and effectually well and as the cough. 'For sale IRti3,; '.; ROU"'I'Secrea.t1' \-' : to'carry with tam. Sold by \ ; i j%,a ok' ,. mFI1, '.
flop cold aa
Satiate '
"'" general debility. Only 80c. the und'medlclae dealer :,:, ; j A..G..JUqet,1, 0dl ,:' .
druggists ,
al1 '
't guaranteed .by rfl'drugglstLI f by ; !
! I &S't r

,;; '. t;. .
.; .,...
.:, 'iN
t 1

I r' t l Ct Ir ,y r'k i ia 1. .I"',' ..,:I ". ., .". ,..'.1 Jrl'.,".,. .,A"1 1"(. ". I 'I"' .! ,,,.. (' ', \,,',,"'., "t'.,,', ,: ,'.' \," '"."S'..ti.,.,.'.t..' ..e

iwT' yirroW... W.i T'WOT'ttia -' .
** "'
> ';4ffftf

I Ik

\ ,. jgry',,

PACK rOIJR .. ._
k? __._. ....._. :::. -' r-- ------ -
; _.--- -- .' .------------ "" '" ::1\\
""' i

''i.. COMING COMING !Yr l' ;-cal.q, -, -..vcYO.ga--- _._-,wr G-vl.ao.w.----.gtl.f ,--."l -- ,. ...-". -.. ldbi"; : 'I

The Beaeh : '


The Greatest and Best Show in America' J qAo HoJZa dl \Jirgiriia ,INODIt 'QfA5'Pp) !

tVlroly!< elrUatetl uaU"maU"
I .. ..........d. .a.IJ- ._ ,.., (9! Avolllt' estat.t .ttapt ;
t .n&.u.J"I"- IIJI. (it Beautifully! Looat d A too\;. '*.' Meat paten a..b ",........ ;) ''I '.\''-t.,

9 Lake> 'ront.eonmenelnQ: a.Ftn ... ., r ''h1.4 1.11.bi'ryV' ""
THE MILES ORTON'S >> .l ''Vliw. of the Voy.\ *t tt ,, .'.:.." '. ,, .. "" 'I /'''." .\ <' '1\\"'
j ,: ( 'v' 1',"
> Folacltio and Lake Worth ,.,. ; ,
I I : ,
(k \ All Modern Conveniences ... \.. 'c,",,' ;\Z'",',! i ii41. ,.' ,i 'I ,' ':' .' .I ,\,'t, ."'
SOUTHERN SHOWS ) ,iuifiae Guaranteed, '' *' .71t3t1eQkfQst" "' Iiuncheoir a.Dinneit; : ,;' :

I \ ffrsi-Class Rates : :' ... ,t. ,' ,
'',' ," ( ''''' ,
," 'J.
TNlJwmlts/s '
.No ',' .1 I" ''II
i 1 ; r: )'
f ftttifnis Ta lltfI..e'e1 8 $1.0 a ,(J' $12 "i"I" ,', ''.,,., 'AT'ALL' HOURS'',,,"', '''''' ,) \ ',fi" .
( ;, .: .1< :,h "
: >fle oe'o ebeot e!. Per Wile/ 1' ( '' : "+, pA,, t'' I.f., .>t< t ci\I' ,kl1 ': ,
; \1"
8 \ I., ,' '' ,) ,' "If.
-- : :. ,.t' ,,1 ( \1""
'' ; I' ', ;..
; '< I: ", : ( ;!:J// ,.i 4 i. : ((1 ,,','if..1 ,".
......,......4>.4>4'>.4>4>4>4>.....N'': PEN !IO'VEM l' 1164' 1904 1 ;u'i' ;')" .Orders'I'I' ;'" I. .h ,','. .;' t ,. .

,. ,,- < SpecIal: I\' : Received ,. fOfr..tIrH\\ :\ <: <':'i ,. \ r
palms A. L. "AU tI. Prop. ,' ; ;' rlore" 1.1 :" ") hJ' ';t ::1:4'' '11, :
< e /Mr p. < :,. ::01 Three' qr :'' ., .' ,
r4, \ ; (; .\"
;h ?/ < :
? r ,
I'fj\ '
< .
,: ,' ',I
OO'D000f50Oooooo000OOObOOOC "
J ,Icrn I < '" .. : : I. ', I" .t," '
: ".
'I .
F" ,: : Now Open r' ., I ". t. 'v..Y

i I ., 'if. I

A. lame, homu-1lke Hotfl, well appointed ooceomB i "Open To''NMembers' Only a'r
) and beautifully located.! Rl' '. '
.. :: Inn t.he Comfort without.' the Ci>"t SEASON OP 1905
the more vxpennl va onen.' "Hltnated' 'V'I i 13 riggs Cot ago 4..aa''f{
',. i Lake Worth. opponlr the I .
t .. Polucluna Hotel. White wall :; ,MRS. H. B. BRIOaS. ProprletrtuEvernl ,.,, ,, ..".., '

Elm-trio bells. Good Hxhlnv, hunting : i Street : '
tl. and btiallat nab.I: SU:. 00/nd I8.0O I
per day; !Special! rate by' tile w eek i "" ..t Palm.. B.dob, loelda : ,

H : The Palms : Situated Near Lake Worth ;

1 1'I ::i 'W"t Palm, Beach Florida :. A SELECT &" INTER HOME .fIl Lccal Tims' Card No 58 In Effect Jan., 10,, ((905. ,. ,I:;" ,;

.......4>4>4>..4>.4>4>4>.4>4>.4>.4>4>: : HOT AND COLD BATH J'" '\

J. RBAO DOWN. ,. ,,'
in West Palm Beach ......................... !!: WBOLBIOUU HOMI COOKmU 40: >
Will appear '' 11I0..78 1iI.28 NO II No. ; .
8tt No.35 NO.29Dally "
i Vo' S'JU.'lv No STATIONS. Dally 1>all, Daily DrU (.",

I .Two Days : cph.o IboamengtOn.: : ..j j'104 D IIY p Dailytaw p tuou) a Lv..JaoksonTtlle ......Ar.. TnI 78U: P P T,.'18.S8".". a a ... '

{ >'''' a .4oJuekaonvtlie..1.v. ,''
1la HI O.ItM.
t p ..S"-AU.II.ttue..L.. 8 VII p a0 p T ,
I "!"''I" a* p '120 p HUali "- .... ...... IIlIJIp 114 a 1nYA\ a '';, ,
i .
.. ...... .
.. .Ha.111. + r
: A. B.a. MBTCAU B P oprl tr ie BoardingDoDlrulila I hl t' \vldp U !>Ijp gOOp 1910"n" p ..........E..tl'alatlLD.......... -5tlP'589p- -IIwa -1"11,1.'

and TuesdayJAN. : -+- ----- fI'4 IlYO" ,, .
Monday. ......... tk..L.. f411p 'IIII' a
I :. WEST PALM f AO FLOfi DAOpen .. people Who wish' n pl uHnnb I ..I I". 1UH6 ma p pUS 9vA p Jt.t'lllllp> attnip LT.AM.....'.,..("alntka...... ,4.AT. -elop -1\111"'- -1111I> 11IIIbII./. -.. ', ''

it place to HtupJ at while Id Went rat > .-. -- Ar.....'....Sin M t o.i..Lv' .Mp 'I\r.p 11'0.1'i: +" '
30 and 31 all tbe j air Beautiful location : Beach. will fad "MINAItBT COTTAQB.'" I n__ p _8 oi),a .....Ann Matvo.Ar_'lUllTUlIp- -TU 1, lUU p'" :,'I",,.
ou Lake Worth. Bright cheer : oa Olive,street between Krernln.: and V ...,.......... ..........L. 1&6 P 979 a" ,
r Feru. Jnet "u'b. place. Nice, clean '' I' 3545p r.........,.Burnell.....,....... 495 P pie a'.
lul room. and wide yerandaa, Special! : rooms, neatly furolxhed enuitortacle! 'I, :: I' > IM 00"\ > .., ........Dupont ...1........ P 9114 a' ,
r '- t p ,
,, I' ..,.......Bo' Ormond....... 99Ua )I' Itl
Rood, wholenome food VERY ; \I\ .............417 .4"p 4118a 1110. ., .'yVMI'
r ra1!! ., for the *eu oni ee: b@tlMt t lat p .., ....._..Ormoll.. ; .
I f"a
tIY moderate price' are the recoomnnnaatlonn 1160 ...t.. ,toun.'V..1. 41111p 'N'\;\
.........................It "Only n limited number of,rooiirvoreuu .. I' 8t8p 14 pllr.o pINS .,.......w.Port....New Smyrna.Orange................ M7 p P Hlllp f1lla, 1U0/ a.aj:''> ,,';'qU "'0''r""r" "
be occoiumortated. Table bearda.peelalty. : atop 861. p V/IJ: p ,4..., .,Oak Hilt.......,...,, p VI'Jf.j'\',! \ ;;"
p ......w.......Tltunvllle..roi.o .,........... 1000p IUa& ..' {W' ,.. ,
I. iio' a80S .44S p tin p ._ .-... : ....... ..,...,.S p 116& r; \ 11",r
,)1.:,! ____ ..------iiJ: MRS. FRANIC-DARLINO.pC 4"lIp"' ..... .n...ROl'kl..lle....,......... ilL. 'S'f\ "'"':." J'
: 40ft "
t 83.1! p 4 IK p p ..7..ROOkledl4a H..tel........ UII I' 1111II'P 141., .'. ''F'V,,",
ie lWp
0alle..4 p '
h.s 'Iii 142. +c. .l\IIp...,.1..n.......III.lbourn N.n ..........?.. UII P 14i 1 p lIt a ...
2a.r.ma.n t'13A4sarl I W a' 6 III P ,1. ........... 11'5 a ,:." VP'
< Ygt p. IIUU p ........... aeb..nu.' c ,, rIIJ. .\ .+ '
[ ,.. .. a "r.
: I' $t. I
: !<. fl 4A p ..Wort Ptewe..5. 1:1: d" 111111p: '.I! :: :!.
: 4 lit a 706 p II 4U p ... ...:::... 11611.. :; 'kr.It';
Wed Palm Beach. Florida ( 6 ::::.::...:..'J.lbhltl. t
... t) i \ CottZtge- TOU .............Kdpu...'.....,,,... 069 .. .' '\. 'Iff' .
.' 1 7040..1. .........,J..U..I1............. \l47a. .t..I'J.; : .,
A winter resort that III) plan *)you. 70H p *! ,
I t f .,. ..........llul\rt.j. 1t1l6. rc;
... WEST PALM BEACH FLA. : TIT p .. ., ... VV '(
sear Lake Worth end) e.>ntrolI.T lor 'nn p .*. *. -.H"be tjnund. eels'V Yt' ,
I I ', .. ,;...Wt: Jupitrr.......... "
ted. All I modern Improvement. ] taiuil.v Hotel with hume :$: 767 p Ar..W..tl'l\lmB..aol:> >.....i. lUll a 1045 a 94M1 P. ;
: : .
1. 1 i (s I) Alqulet.oelmt: 1. Qi) DOS.I4A! ... 840 p VIM pHAUp Lv.: .....,PalmB..oh.......... .l0lI. 1oeUa' 1111I1 P 'If"
< .
I Addrea. coin > @ \ Snip :, ....West palm lieaeh..Ar 7t" a OJ"a 111"1'" ,
: '. 7Na Hit p Itlllp! ......,.....Boyiiton./ ....... .Lv 'Ilia S'l\p ,' "+, ,
I MRS. S.. BBnJtm"BARI1AN I :21a snip .............v..lrn'. ......,.. TOIl a 88P"! ,
r. i : Pleasant location, adjoining! City : 7 an a 1000 pIOBO ........ .n LnndPrdele. ....... 811. qM P '
hour earllci. I : | HOTHtn a p ... .....,... 569a 7&6 I> '
... ...
Doors one
at :a and 8 m. open Park unit taring on LakeWnrth. I .
Two p. 1101p ,
performances Wet Palm Beech' Florida I. ........ HallnCity.,........ 111II& 71sp t., . A gaud free oat.ideesbihitiou before eacb performance. I' : ; i Cool citinforfublu routnii wltb. ffood.abli ." onuao a a UlOp l40p II 111 p Ar.........,.Ul.ml.7o..L 11:11I.: IIl1Qa, T1Up, '" ./;t'" .,'

The Champion High diver of the World by Capt. David Lattllp, on the I.--------'. -'" I ( nle.. *, l.' n trnln aa,8fi:75 and 28 and Buflet Sleeping Carl on tr..tn. M end IIOPtuecOJ.okkonvlll.andMiami. p,'if, 'c tRurtet
CUM on
--- : N : l-nrlor no and ::,
how grouodii, Clenialln Avenue west of The Tropical Sun Building. IDA B. HAYM.Pruprletree.'he \ \ (
Lx 'l'W Mmyrnn. "
Don't Forget the Day's and Dates! Monday and Tuesday Jan. 30 and 31. .., :. :'' "

Na .. tv t Na iS} 1'1.. ...w a 37. Ng v9t ...,...,JfDally No. I S' '. ,
q..o. Dully
aot l 'andRestaura9t DtHBOUMD. DdHpDo11y DallyIt .4..1.' 4Iffy. M... CS.uily' Mow. Dally ,Ex. Mod.828PM .
.ease Clematis \'' ;; : 8&;;.
.. jHJ IOWIAM 1R;; i nor; :s..;; '
I. urueuua..7U46AM. Pit 86tJ..M 400 PM .1I1II1'M 111/61'1&/ lij,1I( PM ,
.. 110
C.... Ct.meat. :Jt...... p.I..t 8C "r. & _"'
lil- N.. la* N... 9Zt f.ft No.44* 1'1.. Nt I N. 7&); N.. ISt ,

LUMBER SUPPLY COMPANY C.W. SCHMID. Prop. Meat and served.at European; all plan hours Dining on American and N.l1It DallyTHRAH _EI.Dnily Su' .. Dally I eslun Daily- E 1)>. Sra.- Dally-I\r Dally Daily Dally t..,.-:

Clematis Ave Went Palm Bench Fia.i Selling R.jotns connected. Firm-class ,v.86 Auft.tlne.... 760AM 870AM1110AMU4la4l; lOM 010PMJ ; 90PM .6111'11'( '
iccomm wlutiona. Table 8upplird"'witl Ar.Jn'.k..a.u.vIU.. ..... 8 40 All 8t1OAIIIIIIIO".tUO..JtIl4U.: IOP. TIIOP 740TM.
Manufacturer*)!!) Deniers In Lumber and Building Malarial i Ct-otrally located. RateM.'1 SO UP Fresh 'Yrentable: from our Eve: rlar1|)[ .. onn. fare will be charged. ,
Everything to Construct a House : t r The only Hotel keeping Dining Room Farm. Very select rooms. 'Rate* I I e t Train Day coaab|&)operetedonibe.etralnaouwhicftueetiraoraeattar.1*oharRed. ',

Planter and llalr, Lima and tJ..m..nt. for late train 1'1. IN' "
Brick. IS' Na J I Na
( *.. -RtioilitK ....d bh.eIeM! Paper ftfallM and Hardware open Mrs. L. B. Boyd Na I' Na 11 o\YPORT BIIANCU Na Bun ORANoe CITY BRANCH s4

Turned Work. Uour Hra"krt.11 and Window t.or.eua.Maar.ry' and CabinetWork Proprletre.sBi1LLJETIN ..3uneay!!,'.!l.. ply Dally .only. !. .Ds11y.. .. _D.Ily_. Deily Dnllyrt'_.!. .; ,,,:.,'f'I".. Y" ,
Palnta and Varntnltn Lv. kaon..t1ht. Ar.811&.6IMlp 400p tllOa Lv. "Map" 730 : >.
11001.411II p akrHr1nnmLv.14 J V"V h,' ,s. .:..g
44 10 IIle I Le I a va
Prices Are Not Always The Lowest But Stock is Always The Best II 146 tU"a II 1114 IU P p Lv l.v.A .hlo"tlo Beaeh..Lv a..eh L. 74'7110(' a5 a820:111 P p 4 460 p P 10 eva r.... Oran" :1&.1': L., 1211II1'4np 't4 p;' I II, "j jIV
PIERCE n'n 1111II p Ar.... ..,port....L.,. 7/10/ a100__ ) p a 00 P 104b4 Ar O..l1I1 OUT Ju? IJ: IIJpltIIi, P ,.", :
VtL.LBlVjkor- i.KOKT .
1 ITUS ,
KAU GALLoIti /,WKtoIo-r PALM li7eACHteolsoleotaoeoeotaotlolaoltoltoleolsasao Geo. S. Hacker & Son N.. IIII Na II' ,
I 0.11, EOMEST DUy Dally t .
'..Su es t "

++r -OF- euo a L. ..........MI ........_.. 1100 p 11110 a l.,....... Tltu..tlle..A; llJiO p V ,
146 a AP..Home pad....,.....L., 140 P 900a Ar..8anford..LT.: 1000.) .' rt',
oyoisotso>toktosaotloxolaotaoleor 11 .

J. 8. M'GINLEY: i
:lose CoDoecllon Made t
o received 1arxe shipment HAVANA AND KEY WEST.. :. ':.VyThtia >::

| puberal Director I au''aaara.t of Oak. Chain, to be sold atONE *Tim.Table*chow UM time at which train may hi pect..d to arxlT and dr,..',: .''' '
I rom til. ....& .UOLlon.1 but tWlr arrival or dvpartur at the time used t.no, pruarantaed. "" "'
or doc the ItuK ponibla for any delay or any oooa qu.nu.arialog \b...-( .,
+ ,
DOLLAR'EACII t *>" i < K j ',
AND E1VIBAlk1VIE MANUFACTURERS OP For Cpy f 1h. UOpAl.. TIM!: CARD or 'Oth..lftr.II... .: :"' ;,

Bed Springs, Mattresses, Cola,, '
I nc Doors, Sash ; 'SEE T>1E TICKET AGENT." ', ")

O Jffovsd Qorn&T of rr i Blinds,.MouldingsAND Bureau. Washstands,. and ;I.'D. RA.HNEB. A.*t. CU'l. Pa.a.Atfu ST. AUGUSTINE F1.A.-; ;_'""' )'" ,
'': '
": : ,'

o ,Clematis 4eve. & J/aroisS"Us. .sts. i iIt Building Material, Tables. >, ,. --T--- ..'uLlu. 3d.MwMaar..arnkmsatia...-- -; ',

$ o n..c ca )Burl bardt'a BPOO.ryuNOitoetostolto5to.to5tostokorostaROROeIOkOkOtOM JIt CHARLESTON, s., c. : ;CJ CJAre .'

R09toKOStORt0ltONC C e_- Largest Factory. South.. Don't forget; the place.. Tbo'eAwtuI11Qa.diilib: { :.:

Price _
Send lof
: :'
'BTDTO Indications soma fm:1Io: sf t.1\.P.i i'' (" I

The Exchange 'troubl$ biliousness or n bad liver Mrtnrla) "':'. ,', .' \'':ine.r.t
1 ottprtako you. Don't) rlok it, bets r.bJ'\o" J.i,:,' ..;.,' ::1//'
,',t;,/, '.. ,' "4
oculom5lorq'11111no--buthCradotl;', \ ,
VVVn.n..nVV don't '
.mVVn.VVnsVVnrv sans nV.ny. FOLEY.3lIuill I at the Palms.Corner "
.taan'h.coadb aDd 1'50.1ft" J., B. McQINLEY Prop.TOTICE'TO I '

Dade County State BankWest I i .,'ERBINj3%* .

;, '
has ni their virtuea--nono of ::
Palm Beach. Florida W. ARTSON TAX-PAVERS.l '
loudly offioota. lIEI ., t'oguhulyvllifoebetulllwa47! +x1\ .' ,....;'
i. I 1 TAILORING Public notice Is hereby given to the '-"" \ t thodiqr1 sUn or I1I14Jn pofieul < : A' ,

I la All Its Bnnehn taxpayers Jof the city of West PalmBeach. V* ,tlonli a4loRbillouinasshcA.r l / ,'. II. Ii
Capital. Stock. $40,000. -- Florida hat I will be !In my t l \ jiyivfii\ J ilia, :keep you la gcxJJ(, Itr '. \':: ,

Surplus, $10,000 CLEANING office In the city council chamber between 1 \\ 1'' TRV IT 0-LtlI4. t :It
AU I7su,
;defile A 1
j' 4 DYEING AND REPAIRINGShoP the hours of 10 a. m. and, 3 p. .5T+ VV ;._. ._. _.. I P: to?:, ';'/5fS3fcTB%,,c.rY J5)'r"?;! : |
m., on Wed Del Jay of each week during \ '

N., Dimlck.OFFICERS Prnldent 8. N. Dimlck DIKSCTORSl O o. W. Calnhart on Olive SI. West Pnlm Beach the Booths of January Februa.-/1: Sold at: Riegol's Drug Store. i j,
Oeo. W. Potts Vice PrnldentO R. B. Potter R. M. BrtlafolJ r and March 1905;: for the purpose of re- V -
.... .. arannlaa.. C..hler Gen W, Potter W.H.8IV.rq I M.EAf
B. A.MaxlleUI; ,AHlatant Caahlcr Ueo.1.Brnt'i 'K eetTlne taxes due'the said city ol West Cll'1{ MARKET f//

TO 2 P M. Palm. Beach, for the :year 1901. "
OPEN FROM 9 A. M. ; / W. W. Hendrir.kaon Florida #uJ UVslefn Men' 'ouitry U'lirae and Kggs.urful ., ', 'C
banking tnuineo ttnMC1ed. Collection promptly remitfit ou day
_. of receipt.A general Drafta bought! and std on tb*prtvctp.lefts IB Halted the ra.ew 3 ruts .IgaatareAa on every box of th. g aolia% City Tax Colleutor. Mail Order Receiei Attention l1r

SA.FET :SOXES: FOm: RENT Laxative Bromo-Quinine TableW West Palm Beach, Fla., Jan. 7,1905.
JefTorfaon : PALM
w .
*<. ramedv thai ran*) a oM l a'! a lWS. "
L' Alaaala aAA1A1AlalAaaAIIaIAAhaAAaAAaaAe4arrae. ,

ti':. -For estimates on'plumbinK. work call Go to R. B.Hartford Porter, tires.Olive street{ -for ..H. RICHMOND, Agent 17-Tr V V BYSFlKlA CUKt ':

Hardware lb. famous

\, ;/,,-, on the Hatchett-DaCamara. i i'J R. B. Porter, the well known Olive ferae, Grant 'Land Company t; DICES IIAT YOU EAT

ll\ CompanyLadles' Bazaar" Cart street bicycle man has a new line of .ES..A'l.E.. fk* f 1.00 botty|
;'iW nlck's new store on Clematis SCbreb-1 Dayton: .and Rambler bicycles: ,for sale .... N-t Part, ..t,T.. MMOATOIT O* '
( great values In CtJTI.BBt FLORIDA & C. CMiWXTT iLl. i
l- Is offering or rent. .. PANY. CUXCAGO.I :: '
t ulahlnc '
4 1 1GI
,1" .
t.: o41 r


Us f + + ,, 1 :, I.'.'j ,1 "I \\J""\ ;'t', //Ai4u4f. !, 'L, ,,' .,' A r ?t1,1 ,.,
A it 1
'I ( '
', ,,
'" '' '' 1 .
1 1 .: _,:':':' :. ; ., ,


2 2tr



1Q 'a


-.... -...-. ---. --- .._ .. _. _. ... _... .... .. ... __._ ., .
--T"-- --- -- ------ '-"' --- -- ---- ---- ------------- -- -
.OPLOCAL Motor Boat Race Course.The' I

',I MESSENGER I course forte' races -will be .. .. ..rrrrrnrrrrm rrrrrrrrrrreC

INTEREST i eJghtjf&tM\ } south; JuAbo center of the [ VGO TaPOTTER'S I II E

,. -- I! lake, with three turning buoys at ,elth-
I Original.[ | er end. For the safety of the public C "
"Jlcellsed! News Paragraphs Per- The rat Is an animal not appreciated i "
>JallllJg to West Palm Beach for xv Lilt b9 la worth The intelligence all boats not competing' are requested CREX

of rats -vouched for by their deserting I to.;keep on the ea st and west shores E'
and Vicinity. I
sinking ships, and they will also of the lalter Do'' not cross the course u" '. .

--- ,leave', /mine when there In danger as some( of the boats are so fast as to E "

,f;! cure your tickets for Gorton's. ahead. .1 once vu light .a rat In a trap make an accident possible. Flat Iron Building : .. .. ".. 6

,.i iaErels.It by the foreleg, and 1 -shall never forK The Palm Beach Power Boat Ass'ri, '
t his expression, which said ploluly! OPPOSITE CITY PARK ,

'tuna: 'Where: Potter he has went returned to attend from the"Day-au- "I'm Niles ranglit.Uleknmn.Do please!miner release kissed uie."his MOT R BOAT Fred Sterry. Sec'y. BICYCLEAND : From the p ains'of Wisconsin !'and Minnesota!; i;!i;

} k o le] l"aces.f 1011llg wlfttutid baby one, tnorulngond, up I I ,
'::'\ going\ to the uilne. was told there was No Pity Shown. Springs spontaneous grot
:Doi': 't forget the sa red concert In trouble on the level and he "For fate after I e+ of colored
third{ waa years was' me -con-, = setb exquisitely n'-
.:"t'pirk Sunday afternoon at 8:31)\: byOAtan'e SPORTING GOODS ralf '
to go-down 'mud Invextlgute.. Catering Unousl)' writes, F. A. OulleJga. Verbena b : ( which has .
\ Dand. Everybody invited. the cui'rlugo, be was lowered to the re- Ala. "I bad a terrible case of I : itr r graMProw '
have j' "lIlrl'd,, depth and walked along the I. piles causing 24 tumors, When all STORE : 1I f1i +lrrif = ;ill'' created the marvel of modern
.., e a practically unllmited.sup- failed Bucklen's Arnica Salve cured I E ,
r till he the .
Kiinitrway came entrance commerce! familiarly Known' asy
'Pl of funds to loan to farmers. Realty me. Equally good for 'burns and'all West Palm Beach ; ; .
' v ,of '( Jwln'l'.
u ( ': (Jolnif to the breast, he
(Mortgage, Company West Palm Beach, wall looking about him when suddenly I aches and pains. Only 2Go at all drug I II Florida I *! 'tiny' "Crex Gress Prodacti." This .r'r'

; tli nUtfJ behind him, there was -deafening stores. E 11 :I-rH: wonderful grass the worjd'n

d Rex "Flint Kote" roofing will stand noise A wails of rock bud fallen and I Tne very latest In laces embroideries I II t msaI'il 1i 1 j !I: moat beautiful harveht-grows
'hp'test of time better than, shingles shut off f'"I'eSI1 froui" the t'Uiiiubor. '
Ulckiuan had two things of value trimmings, etc., at Carl Schreb-! High Grade Bicycles I ; from a purely veRfUbl* soil
o half the Ask for '
tiut at money. i
. ( with 111m-one a lunch eaIlile. Hardrare Bicycle Sundries '
; '; i Company. ,.alr could enter the chamber but.there Do Not Surpears' Cough. I Sporting Good /
tlartford, tires each rim and f Iial I = < / thnt enliven the aspect of
new Wflu u Miuall stream running through It, When you have a cough do not try I .
sites: $1. At Oruber's. 1wMr and this reassured him. There vu'nothing to suppress it but remove the cause. dishing Trckel 'I= o ripening grain and testify to

r to do butt walt till be was The cough is only a symptom of some Ammunition I = : the and wholesome life
:: and Mrs.. Joel A. Dean .of tn'a: and pure ,
palsw'd. and even then no one would disease the 'disease Is what you '
y, are receiving congratulations up- know where to look' for him. How- should cure then, the cough will stop I New Era and Carrara Paints i gg5 9/ of this prairie'country.. .

yijW..tne, birth of a son, who arrived at ever, there was nothing for It but to of. Itself. The most common cause'of E I {a

|'ift|, lr pleasant little home o'Tbur.A begin a patient wait for release or coughing Is. a cold. Anodynes will Anent I= The nstpreW! the soil- t''
promptly the cough.and preparations -
death and blowing out his light to containing suppress; chloroform, opium Orient Duck Bottftta, and) Motor = freed from all inintrnl sub&taaces--makes the erusn wholly, fibre, another
tinyMr, save oil be sat dowu despondently .
; C. B. Sawta a-iwi w1te.' Mr. Edward wltb his head between bin hands. etc.they, do are( not used cure for the that cold.purpose Chamber-but blarhtnes. II word for Belal| t,bility lo the many methods of' .manufacture",and,very long

P. Colllna and Mary C. Collins Presently something ran over his' lain's Cough Remedy on the other Agent( = wear. Practically It (Indestructible by wear -.

of i Bouthboro, hues, form a pleasant. foot. UlcUanin lighted his lump and hand does not 'suppress the cough, but Marine. mid Stationary I IFag1A = Being wholly fibre it Is a sanitary product and juolh will not attack
f party of sight-seers In the Cottage- there before 'him was u rut looking at relieves It by removing from the t"llhi"H I -
Minaret blui 'os thouith delighted to sea him. throat and lungs the mucus which ob- = It. \
J The living thing though only a rat structed the breathing and allayingthe r = Furniture nil designs ,
e ttage. !I was 'companionable, 'and .Hickman Irritation and tickling in the AJl"nt.
\ 1+ throat It also opens the secretionsand ArnrionrV, ; A meriom.: "PI''', 'ViI'I' = Art Squares 6xgSito; 9x12
[:lira B. Meyer and Mrs. F. Blrlcxneyer wished to keep It by him. so be pickedit
and cures & TootriT'K and Painter'sFertilisers
effectually permanently son '
fondled It and It bite *
Bertha and Many- BIrkmeyero up. gave a '"
id all sizes
the cold as well as the cough. For sale Rugs
,<,GrtnclnmatI, were geusts at ,Minaret from Ills lunch cun. It occurred to.hIm by all-druggists and medicine dealers. E I .,
that possibly( the rat knight be made (
rt this week. They are pleas- I of
ottage available( In carrying a message. Taking B. M. POTTER
tare. ; seeking people and will -remain from his pocket a bit of an old letter IIII M : E GRUBEKJAAAAAAAAAA1AAAAAAA Y

hero until spring. i i ., lie wrote on It that be was Imprisoned I I ;

'. III Brlnton's chamber, cn'the third .f F Lodge Directoryl I ,.
.Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Burford of Elms- j.Searst j. ... /
'Ie'el. awl<< tearing a strip from his I .
L. I.; have arrived in West clothing tied the about the 6 I ; i

;' 'alm Beach for their second season rnt's neck. Then he.message bunted about for', F. & A. n. NEW TIMK-CAHD.(; . AAAAAAAA AAAAAg.i

"out are pleasantly located at The Vtr- a hole but didn't find any so' be let the Harmonla Lodge No. 138. F. & A.
The arrival and departure of trains I -
nja; where they will spend the .win- rat go Its own way, and It went to a M. meets in the Masonic hall the sec- .,
\ r.x. corner lying In shadow where there. from this city and palm Beach. under '
ond and fourth Tuesdays of every
/ j' yIi'We
: Goodrich tires 'all prices and quail- was o hole and disappeared; month at 1,30; p'. m. All visiting the time card effective January 10, .. 1
It was then that HIckman remembered j brothers Invited. A.Nil- I Solicit Your
lee 1 at R. B. Porter's Olive street. are cordially will be as follows:
W j that few people ever see a rat son, W. M.; E. L. Hosford, sec'y. Trade In
: lailbert S. Wright secretary and without killing it, and this took away R. A. M 1. SOUTHBOUND TRAINS. I

,Treasurer of the EvamavJlle & Terre from Ills expectation that his device" Lake Worth Chapter No. 24, Royal Train No 99, leaving'Jacksonville at poinciana
the having '
would effective. Still rat -
,.TBt'aute': : Railroad who with his wife ,: been killed, the message tied to Its Arch Masonry meets In the Masonic 8:05 p. m.wll; reach West Palm Beachat firstClass-
bas been at The Holland for the past third of
Hall the first' and Tuesdays
nl!(: ,DJlght be noticed. 6:23: a. m., crossing the lake to the '
lrewk, left for his home' In Evansville i if every month. O. H. Maltby H. P..
The hours and there
passed was no
.. Jnd. on, the morning train today. change! only the darkness not a sound F.,.'' Ft Bahnson acting secretary. bast Side and leaving here at 7:00a. : < .d

;,;;, .MIss Virginia Crutch'field' In the Illckiuun opened hU lunch can and ate l. b.: o:'" 'p.' m for Miami arriving In that city i BrocerH +

f5tj on a visit to her sister Mrs. lIarit sparingly. Then be lighted bill lamp Lake Worth Lodge No.43, Independent at 9:20: a. m. I
and took out hIs watch to' note the
Train No. 29 local leaves Jackson-
;L. Brown. Miss' Crutchfleld has I Order of Odd Fellows meets In Groceries
) time. It was 4 o'clock. He-bad been
Iteen spending the early winder at Imprisoned nearly ten hours. Puttliu I the Masonic Hall, Clematis avenue Ivlle at 10 a. m., arrives at West Palm .

cllston\ Spa N. Y., ana New York out bis lamp he continued his waiting every Thursday evening at 7:30. Visiting Beach at 8:30 p. m., and after. cross-, '

:ctt1. and Is now on her way to .her la darkness. lie had only so much oil. brothers always cordially welcomed" biff the lake leaves this city at 9:25: I Prompt delivery, Pnlm .Bench: or Wt nt .Palm Beach Prices thee .

Eiliome- West Palm Beach. St Au. end that might be necessary to save : II. S. Miller N 0.. E. Kus- rea.chlngflaml at 11:40 p. m.: rue aa all other I'lIWT-CLASS GROCERS. ;

{Su"rt1ne" Record. I Ills life. Ills ears were constantly chel soo'". Train No. 35, leaving Jacksonville r
"' strained to bear some sound to Indicate at 12:15: p. m., arrives at West Palm i ;
said yesterday that his comrades him K. of P. I ,
tbnt digging
herlff were
Beach at 8:40: p. m., and after crossIng )
.he had earned nothing new relative onto Tbere was nothing to disturb tlteetlllnl"ss. Evening Star 'Lodge No. 46. Knightsof L
lake leaves I:
second and tie here at 9:15 p. m.. I
meets the
Bi.. the muTder of a young white wo- ,
'imam-at-Jupiter, and "which crime' ,waa I'or five hours longer he waited then fourth Wednesdays In every month in reaching Miami at 11:40<< p. m. .tt.
reported to him the day before the lit his lamp again and looked flt his tbe Masonic Hall at 8 o'clock. W. R. Train No. 36, leaving Jacksonville ---- k.,
watch. It was 8 o'clock. Going to( the Montfort, C. C.. J. W. Sanders K. of at 12:15: p. m., arrives in West Palm '
liBflormatlon the murderwas
hat .
: being < wall b* put his ear against It. Tbere Beach at 8:40: p. m., and after crossing ".. .I
committed a week or more .} .go.d was a sound of many picks faint but I!. S the lace! leaves here at 9:15. p. m.. ,

This morning he left for( Jupiter to unmistak ble. What did It mean? The Red Men. reaching Miami at 11:20: p. m. !
ii' ,; give the matter' a thorough( probing mine was not being worked at night. Hypoluxo Tribe No. 20, Improved NORTH BOUND TRAINS.
and if possible to capture the guilty These picks must be worked for a spe Order of Red Men meets In Zapf's hall Train No. 78 )-....ves Miami at 5:20: ,

party or parties.Miami Metropolis. clul pl1rp "e. Friday of each week at 7th run and a: m.', reaches West Palm Beach:40

Mrs. M. M. Gordon of Dalton, Ga., : Turning be saw his friend the rat 30th breath. a. m., and after. crossing the lake tobe. Ttt: I',,
i looking up at him. In- isle joy at BoeIng -
i a cousin of Ce>Y. John B Gordon, arrived the creature be took it up to pet It, II. H. Harter, sachem. ; D. W. Fenton, East Sld@, leaves this city at 8:15 }

: In West Palm Beach Wednesday and his fingers became er.tnngled'In a chief of records. a. m., reaching Jacksonville at. 7:30'Train : ,./I.,

eight and will remain here for an in- thread. An end was tied about- tbe Hypoluxo; Tribe of Haymakers. No. p. m. '. ,'J

definite length of time. Mrs.; Gordon rnt's neck and the thread extendedInto .28 1-2 meets on the last Friday of No. 28 leaves Miami at 8:20a : '

la a most affable lady of refinement the darkness. He followed it to each month in Zapf's ball m., reaches here at 10:10 a. m., and ':

and will be heartily welcomed by the the bole through which the rat bad W. W. Thome chief baymaker; D. after crossing the lake leaves the city ; 1
; '' gone.out_nd of course bad come in- W. Fenton collector of straws. ffl,
104B Jacksonville
boat of people of this Cottage City.who at a. m., reaching ,
and began to pull on It gently. After I 14j<
told her cousin's memory In gratefulremembrance. pulllug la more*than a dozen yards of Found a Curs for Indigegt on. at 7:40 p. m. Maar + W'"n 'If' IL be tlhTriWeekly :(,
1 which Train MO, US leaves Miami at 7!10 .. ,
thread a string followed was I use Chamberlains Stomach and \'
,I When bUT bread why not have I Jollied to twine. To the farther end Liver find p. m., reaches here at 9:10: p. m., cross-
you for and
Tablets indigestion
the best? The splendid reputation of the twine was tied a dozen feet of es the, lake and leaves the city at 9:45 tf
i L(,' Majewskl's bread la malting for Itself :]' lampwick. saturated with oil and beyond Ithat they suit my case better than any p. m., reaching Jacksonville at 8:40 )

is due to the care taken In baking. It this a roll of cotton cloth the i dyspepsia remedy I have ever tried a. m. ? ,)

always the best; Its quality can not I' shape of a bologna snusuge containing and I have used many different remedies ;"1 1'i

be excelled. Try It. fowl. There was also contained In the I am nearly fifty-one years of Speedy Relief.

The Realty Mortgage!; Company of roll/ n note stating that the prisoner ae: and have suffered a great deal A salve that heals without a scar
I' Went Palm Beach Fla., has an abundance I would be dug out. but that it would from indigestion. I can eat. almast Is, DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve. No "

l of funds to loan farriers. nfltf take u long while to do It. 'anything I want now. Oeo. W. Emory remedy effects such speedy relief. It ,)
J I Never did man' heart out to one draws out Inflammation, soothes cools
and go Rock Mills Ala. For sale by
Rambler Dayton
line pt
A nw
and heals all. cuts burns nnd bruises. Sailings Between''
,of tbe brute creation as Hlckman'swent druggists and medicinedealers.When .
'l received at R. B. Porter'sOlive and skin diseases.
wheels Just I to tills rut Though to divide sure cure .piles

street; i his (provisions. with it might endanger bllllous try a dose of Chamberlala.'s DeWltt's Hazel Salve Is tne Beware only of genuine counterfeits Witch JACKSONVILLE NEW YORK

S. Crane of California hIs life Jie took out bread and meat .Stomach and Liver Tablets O.
Mr. Wm. I they are dangerous. Sold by. A. Calling at Charleston. fir CV both wave.
Md., suffered for years from rheumatism and fed bill little messenger. Then he and realize for( once how quickly a't Rlegel. THE FINEST STEAMSHIPS IN THt COASTWISE: SERVICE
and lumbago. He was finally advised put bill ear nguln; to. the wall and Us-..

to try Cnamberlaln's Pain Balm trued to tbe music of tbe picks. first-class up-to-date medicine will correct >> SalvoFor THE CLYDE NEW ENGLAND AND HOllTHKltX
Z'oWitt'oIh; LINES
: ,
which be did and Jt effectedacomplete' Hlckmniv bad no knowledge of the the disorder.' For by drug-

g.' cure. This liniment is for Hale by volume that had fallen between\blw gists and medicine dealers. Piles, Burna, Sores. I Direct Service Between

1 all druggists and medicine dealers. nod the shaft and wets not prepared JACKSONVILLE BOSTON AND PROVIDJJNCE,
r --
ilk; "Piedmont.. wagons one and t"o for the Blow advance hU rescuers were I AND ALL EASTERN POINTS.
service making. Every few hours be would I / Calling: at Charleston both way. rv
Made for
43 to $70.
horse $ Hardware Com (put hill ear to tbe-woll, but twenty- TO CCijVSUMEIlS'OJYLYRemember ;- "MKMI.WIfiKKLY; !: "' ''IU NOM.
ti Hatcbett-DaCamara : four hours 'passed without any apprecl- Southbound I From Lewis! Wharf Rctton
pany. I able Increase In the sound lie kept You Will Get Your Money Back, If Not .Pleased* Northbound From foot of Catherine Street Jacksonville

For Sale To Rent. Boardlng.Furnlsh-Lot cards at his little preserver by him dividinghis We have turned on the faucet of our Think Tank in re"pon e to the numet- 4
ed Rooms and'Rooms Sun ofii e.l To. sc'anty' provisions with it, fearing ours Inquiries of readers "f the Tropical Sun why ..e bad discontinued our Au? .. CLYDE ST. JOHNS RIVER :LINE
The Tropical ,thnt It would go away for food and ,i We plead: Our mail orders had increased to /Koch an extent that It was simple
l f Samson windmill mace you Inde- not return. Two days passed before Ill11polllible to take care of (hem all: We hAd no l idea, oo* plain s'aietnenr of Between Jacksonville and klanford.
pendent of weather. They work while i the prisoner could detect any considerable I facts would' revolt! in such shower of orders as to> dOlt oti.delivery department ; Stopping at Palatka Astor St. Francis; Beresiord (DeLand) and
you sleep. See sample In onr window. Increase In tbe sounds of thei I lit Is Proof positive that the Tropical Sun Is the best medium to reach the Intermediate! Landing on''the St. Johns River ,
We have a special price for 30 days. i best people.: Seud for our price lint '
'picks, but after that they suddenly of Jacksonville"
Hatchett-DaCamara Hardware Co. I I I1uu't pay 400 for a hack 01 batter whets we will deliver to your door the "City
grew louder Indicating that the diggers !'very beet Elgin' Creamery'Block Butter for 31* ft pound block' -it is guaranteed to Steamers .
All the !latest magazines!; at Idners" .had broken through one barrier Ibe far superior to Fox River. We bold auld out the first contract and have succeeded Prod k BeBary :
I and had come to the' one next his In renewing at a slight advance a Dew Butter Contract, to Blocks at AM appointed to call aa follow,!-Leave JackaonvllU, daily exoopl8ntnrd"ya lOr ':110 p. mKuturnlntf

Tome to the System. chamber. one time >f F3 co. \ .l ,leave .Sanforii.Uitilj extwpt Sunitav at 0:811..1" .

For liver troubles and constipation I Three days passed and nickmnn and Ij Ibex Granulated Sugar, (l.o3 Lipton's Tea' 35 and Jot SIb Boxes Southbound H.tti4> there Is nothing better than DeWltt'SLittle his little messenger' had eaten nearly Nice Mealy Irish Potatoes 35" peck Mrcha & Java Coffee in lib Read down head; impLav.

t Early Risers. the famous little I' ell their provisions when suddenly one bushel tin 25 cent y so pm .. .......... .... ..... .. ..."rrlv"'ooa,,,
pills. They do not weaken the stom morning Ilickman could hear the picks Irish Potatoes per $t.25 Royal Pmnciana Blend 230 Ib Se pm...... ..... .. .. .. ..... ..... PALATKA. .... ..-. '.. LmreSoopm. ''
' ach. Their !notion upon ,the system is on the wall and soon after Sweet potatoes 350 peck N'. 14 Blend soC S mam .1.. ....0... .................. ASTOR .... ...-,..'...... v- I 30 pm
mild, pleasant and harmless. Bob striking break Armour' Hi mi. the 'very hen. on earth Purr' Rio IJC: Ih. .. 30am .... ......... ..... .. .. ..-FRANCIS........... ...... .... .. '.. ,Joopmo
Moore of LaFayotte. Ind. says "No saw the point of one of them I 150 to rye pound Pet Cream 3 cans 25C .. .. ... .. prJt8F'ORD; (t'.UND)...... .. .. 1 opatArrleea
use talking. DeWltf. Little Early Rla- through. It was a welcome sight.It 'Armour' Brtakfact Bacon the best on Cue $3 So. ] >m.,.,?..,. .......,...... ..... ......8AP PORI< ....._..h a ;Lora
,ers ,do their work. All other pills I was not long before HIckman i earth l8cT' pound.. Mils 3 cans sac "ls.ooam.i .............................._._. & >tn g.r. ..._..........". "lnnnaaGeneral :
and make me sick; In carrying the rat In his arms, passed Royal Baking Powder 450 lb. Case: ja* 73
have used gripe i
and never cured nia. De- through I cheering gang of men.who Paoaenger and Ticket Office 122 W. BayS, ., JackgonvUta.M. ..
the stomach Caeh Groceries and climb out of' the hole
| Pay ue for ? t
edge and .
Wltt's Little Early Risers proved bad dug him out to the up .' IKiN IUNUICK.Jr.: A,..'. >...'! fa**''Ait! Iti: Weal Hay StW'.,.Mkwnvtiiu.. ri-v
l>e>tbe ,long sought relief. They are Into the daylight where his wile'an.,! THE LAKElWOBTHnGROCERY CO. wit..000k'Eit.Jr.:: Prelh'l AH t.I'L; +>V KLU 1111"L"..
traveling; find I I child awaited hint; and the three were : i ont of Hogan Street. .rau..8.m" PlortdaA. c ,
simply> perfect. Persons ''' C. JtAdKRTY.. fimn $at'a J"_ Art. Sew York, CLVtlB MILN.Oesq Frt Acv M,.t:
Little Early Risers the most reliable I',I united" a single embrace. -y H. 'J,. BTJRKHARDT ,:-"KO" <*. KUBR,: WM. f.."..YDt!: Jt I u", d
remedy to carry with. them. Bold-'by [t BaUCE PARKER Across The Lake. ienera 9r.na".r. StrMt Uenerat- .1,.".. '
(:: A alldlshaebroaaa [ 1" Btaw Raw Tnrk
!v R1egsLYAyLt

.v nil ,

d. d Ilhd!\ 1ftir

y i,,'. .l ix .:.-,. "" ;0 ,,>.I.t, _+' ':', r" :...,. ,i't _'," "_',,' ("_' ,",'.'l : :; '.'L:." :'1';"' ''_'''''..-:. :' ,'.i ;\: f' ',"'>\":...,' ,.- :' '. ,\ ,-_',,' ,'.,. "r.o.-. ''','''' .'',',,:r,''' .'......' .<"

.I snr0 ro' s

'. I"
v I
( 1 it {


______ _.__ _______ -- ... \ : .. .':" ':' '_'" "h_. __'___ .."
_-- _,_. ,-.J, .: "- ..... _-... A ,.,.,.,. _'\ _'__'_'_'" -,,-'" ........_.........11"-----17- ':: ",._A 'I1"N1
JIIW ;E ""'t"""" {! .
'''' : \ .
'> "t !
; ;
"" ". ,! :..,' 't""I"'" m: $ pll' \I ,
., '
1 ,t J 1 !'t'i' 'I.I "74 JI.. ****#$*&-i.*wI 'J.. ,
1j. 4.
I 'H. "!';
__ ,
., I ,
.. \ r ,'. '\ S

* I : ,' : .'
: ; : : t.', ,.'
'' : ,: .' i'"d"'"" ':'"

," + : c1iitioi1j E :: .<3 rotft.S. -: ,;,jA;:::' i:';,. i, .

,.,' '. \ :...." ....',:' ..,\\t.f'".:!'' : ,;",(" ;J !!' >>

7 ,.:.."4'1. : , (. ,' e,i '' ,'. .,,'., >\F)":r'.4,,!I';,;. \1 ,1' I ill' "
correct: ,1es{ ,21tciY //I ,
Stj f for '
'If. ', 1\, \ .,, :: ," ; ':' j jI
'." '('I, """ I"
.' .,



'. ,


__ ...._ __. .______.. ,_ _._ """' n ----. --- .......-.., ,--- a- ill

____.______.___.___.___.____ ___.___._.--_ -__._u ------- .' -:- 1

IS, MOTOR BOAT RACES ."COME TO PALM' I: b''av'o'4 ; ..' O'*o; 0 .'0".101o "+


of BEGIN NEXT -- Attorney and Counseller-at-Law. Notary Public and Conveyancer.
Conllnuad front page 1.In .
an effort to have 'the President accept "
A halt dozen more 6aite> and launches to blink In a cunning and mysterious
an Invitation to be present at the

have been prepared< With their manner. As for the tall, there will Weet Palm Beach Water Carnival,, TROPICAL REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE

frameworks for decor-attons; for the ap- be an arrangement that will swish to February 1 'toi., Inclusive has' been I I R :

,; proaohlng water carnival next Wed a considerable extent and! churn the received. |

4Sneaday< when the 'tnot or boat 'races waters of the lake as the Argo elides I shall be pleased .to se 'Col. Davis \ S
and co-operate with him and the other ,
begin and the carnival will be in full along..

wing there will be a beautiful pang One at the leading attractions will members of the delegation endeav- Abstracting Titles a Specilaty.
oring to have the 3'retjldent accept the ,
rama -decorated boats an'' Lake be the large and 'commodious houseboats : nvltatlon. It Is probable, however ..

Worth which will participate In the that he will not visit the South lathe

Cottagers up and down the lake who parades. Susceptible of elaborate dec- near future. I understand he,expects

have small boats and &auncbe ,'(\8 well orations, these will not be, wanting, to go to Texas -after the adjournment
ot Congress, but understating of
as of the residents .Of 'thin city! who and aa their owners are men of wealth I Fii.rniSh' '
hla plan is that 'he will only at.and d Cottages*
have sailing boats and'croft of various three will be an effort on the part of : .
the; reunion of Rough Riders and return -
kindswill; decorate their vessels and each, to have the prettiest decoratedboa l
Immediately bo -
participate In the parad-oa at day and in he parade, with the result that Washington. k ,.'
However, as to this, we ,will be able ::1
t i nl ht. the entire fleet of these floating palaces I.
to advise you more definitely withina
Mr. Sidney --MaJJook. owner .of the will alone be a sight worth a travelof aFIRE
days. +
Hotel Palm each, wn the east side, many hundred miles to see.
-' I hope, and have no doubt, your carnival Tourist Forms for protection of i
.Special per
,' has several boats which will each be Two of the houseboats arrived the
r decorated In a unique .manner. ,111'8'boat first of the week The Buckeye.owned will be successful In every way. INSURANCE aonaleftecta, wearing apparel and t jewelryof
Very truly
Argo will 'be transformed Intoa by ,Mr. T. H. Snyder, and the Everglades yours. p travelers, -Good In transit by rail or. water
(Signed) Jas. P. Tallaferro
a monster alligator, 'giving a distinctively which Is the pride of Col. ''W. 1 and anywhere in America Europe, Mexico or Canada. <.<
Floridian touch and nffbrdlng, H. Thompson. Among the other boatsto .;
h Mothers, Be Carefulof '
variety In decoration( from the :other arrive since are: The Ruff House, r
the health of your cWldren. Lookout
boats. In every way It Is to be an addition The Roamer, the Bonito and the Man
I for coughs.colds croup and whoop-
to the fleet'of'ooats which will atee. The latter Is owned iby Lieut, Ing cough. Stop them In time-One o I

attract more than (its share of attention. Hugh L. WI11 ghby. The Bonito :Minute' Cough Cure Is the best rem- ... S' St
There will be, wide open and well known In Lake Worth waters Is edy. Harmless and pleasant. Sold by .. 'NOTARY PUBLIC, ,WILL CALL AT ANY TIME ON APPOINTMENT. I

partially movable jaws with large and owned by Col. Louts Fitzgerald. An- A. Q. Riegel. '

foinldable 'looking teeth, while the usual I other houseboat frequenter of these t
Hartford tires, all prices and qualities -
l dull and sluggish.ey'ea-of his alll- waters Is the Ruff House Mr. A. R.'
i I at R. B. Porter's. Olive Street.
:1 i gatorshlp will, In t1ll6' case be replaced I Whitney's boat. The Roamer Is own. :

c with glaring eyes of electric lights ed by Col. H. C. Rooms and Is one of Fine line of style
'\"*lhat will from time to time, be made the new houseboats In this section. cards and latest in letters, visiting at The OFFICE :NEXT TO BANK WEST PALM BEACH

Tropical Sun. Call and see sample
i iV.ha
-- ---- I
4 Circus Coming: Next Week. next .Monday and Tuesday will be the Finest line of candles at ,the Ma- r ..".a +,, o: ,, oaK om+R:.. ,La fsAt $. =
beat ever witnessed in the city. JewsM" bakery.
:Miles Orion's Great Southern Shows! very
The shows carry two great brass -
win visit West Palo Beach.pextMon- .
will'doubtless --- --- ------
ands and their street parade D. W. FENT0N
& e0.t'
S day and Tuesday, and will pitch their draw the attention of great .
mammoth tents fa the recant. lot on rrowda who will want to witness ).,. '- ::. ":'i iy
: .
j ; :.:; ::1 :; .
; ;
Clematis avenue went of The Tropical their performances. Has ,:'\, : rM. -rot.. ..M Undertakers and
Sun office. settled down to business for 1905.E' ; 'BAA-;' '.'
I See the large advertisement on the '
i ,
,,: t\7l1fl.1t': "
These great shown hare been tourIng fourth page of today's Tropical Sun. r ... EmbalmersGruber
the State arid vE'l'jcity where I yearjwe:

they have played baa < t Jean highly Hartford tires at wholesale: R. B. I
Block. Narcissus: Street WEST PALM BEACH FLA
their'performances.. Mean
? pleased with All Porter's, Olive street. to do our best .
of the East Coast ''papers: speak lathe

very highest terms of the shows, FOR RENT. On all occasions, to keep on'hand t .
and in St. Augustine and Daytona thearge "

tents were crowded<1 with specta Seven-room newly furnished cottage, Due supply of Perfumes, Soaps : ill
with fire-place and all modern conveniences -
J.ors.: There Is every.reaaon to believe for rent for season. Apply; '-1' a
I .'that the performances given\ ,here on Sheen's Real Estate Agency.Epps. Ecu de Cologne and other articles

Likely to please our customers' / '
.. p '
--- -
-- - ----
--- : '

1. I Peep in on our new and : H

ttat1ttis' & Handsome display of BATH-ROOM .
Accessories & see what adds \
HIGH-GRADE Worth of .

'' Real comfort lavatories i

Men's ', & Shoes
.'Furnishings : nixing Drugs is Scientifically done t

At our Store where delicious Ice. 1 I:Optimus ShoosJust

1 Sole Agents for this City for the following CREAM from Famous BILTMORE,

Strong Lines of L Herchandise You I
may have served to you

: i Shoes for MenThe .- .- Received .


Hit Distpr" Sho $.'.00( and $6.00 Consisting of Black Patent Colt Vici's .
The Crossett" Shoe:! ,#3, |4 and $:; Fire Insurance '

Tlii Hamilton Brown .Shoe f2 to :f 4 ., KangarooslN'eubianICalf| in High Top, '

'J INSURE IN BEST COMPANIES and ,Oxfords. A complete line '
: Shoes for Women .I


'flu" '' LaPrnnce" t'! SPECIALTY
Cut in Bals
i Blucerjand
The I'etern" Shoe ,
|:2.50 nod |3.50
,, Note their assets: Button Styles

r AHHurftnce' Company of America ..................>...........f 1,180,00V

:'fiawes tats Urltfah-Amerlcao, of Toronto (American assets) 1,421,302 The Prices from $3.50

Continental of New York..................;...................... 14,102,175 up'S.SOHNEID

Firemen1 Fund of San Francisco .......................... 5,858HUO '

Claett Shifts Oerman-."rn rlf's oof New York.................................. 13,074,800 ,,

New York Underwriters............................................, 14.516.361Nrwl

h Dninu Bmttand. : American Assets........... 2,03l429| I r I ,

S /, Our'Shoes are at Home PhiladrlphinUnderwritere........................................ 17.524.H67 J fl i MAN I

; SAint Paul, of St. Paul, Minnesota.......................... S,700,77 I :
i; Every Household Sprio fleld.of Maaaacbusetrs.........?.................'........ 6.282.402'WALLAOE'R.IMOSES .
I '' .

r Palms BiOck '.... West Palm Beach, Fla., CLEMATIS. AVENUE.. WEST PALM BEACH, .FLORIDA! '.. West Palm Beach and ,..MlaMi.I d

'- w'
I -- -- -


v '. ,,,,' ,{1'1". ,"",/ ., ", ... I,. ',.s", +. ', I. '' ", .. .," ,t. I" I. ,
,,. '
o/i "'.J"r"!" "" / ". ,:"."' -,""" ., ,',,+', 'J. ',#j" ,, ',.' "

The Tropical sun
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Title: The Tropical sun
Alternate Title: Sun
Salerno news
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ;
Language: English
Publisher: Guy I. Metcalf
Place of Publication: Juno Dade County Fla
Creation Date: January 28, 1905
Frequency: weekly[<1913-1926>]
weekly[ former <1891-1902>]
semiweekly[ former <1903-1906>]
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Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- West Palm Beach
Coordinates: 26.709722 x -80.064167 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Available on microfilm from The State Historical Society of Wisconsin.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1887.
General Note: "Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; its publication a duty."
General Note: "Official paper of Dade County."
General Note: Published at Juno, <Mar. 25, 1891-Jan. 3, 1895>; and at West Palm Beach, <Jan. 31, 1895-Oct. 8, 1926>.
General Note: Editor: <Jan. 21, 1892> G.I. Metcalf.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 5, no. 5 (Mar. 25, 1891).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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PJ fSfpSwplpt






.' = -- --

ew. -,--- \ ::- .

I A .

''f ,
". I ,IJ'

> :::::
+ N :
+ .... r : i .+ w




." 1 NIURY .1.aswxw .. cado.$w-vi I'- 'MS ktiwa s% .,1 r1'we C -F1vro.r a X X CENTURY 1


CTHI(! "i/Ne W.fN,NaL'reaNew.el iN0 iRPI/eNL r r eUN rw,";:::rti/ .feel.,] vnt *Tvm, Mn. 98, WEST, PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 1905. PRICE 5 CENtS. WHOLE NO. 1055



J YEARS: SMASHEDThe "Challenger" Meets .a Mishap Miles Orion's\ Great Southern I BEACH AND LIVE

While' Being Launched.. Shows Next Monday and

This Morning Tuesday.
I .
cold -p-ave predicted Wednes. money and months, of hard labor, t I Mr. W. I. Metcalf last Wednesday extend to you a most cordial and earnest '
II.n While launching the "Challenger" Speaking of the Allies Orton's Shows I M1'
_' day's issue,of The Tropical Sun provo la crops. To them it'is a heavy loss, night received a later from President Invitation to 'be present' on'that'oo! f
W: Gould Brokaw's fast auto boat, that will visit this city next Mondayand I Roosevelt, containing formal regrets casion. kIt

ed even worse than warn feared and and in fact the freeze means a loss of from' ,the railroad dock this morning, Tuesday, and pitch their tents at not being able to visit the is mot only our wish that you

i, I when the population of Dade county many thousands of dollars to Dade. an accident occurrd that came near on the vacant lot west of The TropicalSun | city next week: While this was to should be here to enjoy what will r'

awoke: '(Thursday morning It; was to county farmers. while to the growersall placing the pretty Little vessel In a building the St. Augustine Record I have been expected It is to the city'scredit doubtless. be one of'' tha'most Inter& t- tl

find that a mantle of Ice had been over the State It will probably condition .that would, unfit It for the has the Hollowing' to say which I that the Invitation was forward- ing, novel and unique events .In.'the Jh

races 'for ,which .It Is entered'I next shows the high character of the performances led and that tnis city was able to pre- history of ,this country, but It Is our
} spread! over: every tree,and plant from reach an eggregae of millions of dol
.. week. : I Bent such a pressing Invlatlon express- earnest desire to extend to you the t'

{ one emd.of the county the other the lars.While In lowering the boat from the dock No show that has yet visited .this. i'I' ing the unanimous wishes of the elti- hospitality of this famous resort 're-

lY .temperature having fallen as low as It will _be bard for 'many to to the water, In some unfortunate city gave more genuine value than zeDS that the nation's chief executive gion and a heartfelt welcome from' d

25 degrees during the night.'Thlals I take .a cheerful view; of the situation. manner;' the veBilel name In contact, Miles' .Orton'a ,aggregation last nightat :! might be able to lay aside the cares the citizenship of one of the southernmost -

r ,,the coldest since 1895 when! It lathe. .opinion of many: man of experience with ,the water or some obstruction theirtents! on the lot east of the ', of State and enjoy a few days In our sections of our Sunny Southland.t

with .sufficient force to knock a large depot: The tent was Veil filled, In glorious' climate. The letter from the We 'trust you will receive this Invitation i
In.a single night rich men were madef .that the disastrous freeze of (
hole in the side, about mid-ehlp. The spite of ,the''fact tthat the circus had President and the correspondence that not as a mere formaJlty, 't t }1 1in

paupers. I and the losses reached' 'way this week serious: as it was, will prove workmen realized the situation imme- been advertised but a short 'time and led up to It are printed as follows! : the spirit of sincere cordiality that

Into the millions. eventually a blessing In disguise and that the I leads us to hope that maybe able
f up evening 'was 'Usaigreeably you d4
diately and at once set to work with I I Washington, D. C., Jan. 21. !
The itreesse1 l '' of Wednesday, and, the men who have the nerve and backbone pump.rellevlng the vessel of the water .- cold The merit of, the show was To the Hon. W. I. Metcalf, West Palm to lay aside the burdens of State and

Thursday! night, however did not play to push through will come out with which It had filled and by emphasized by 'the fact that, no one i Beach, Flo.: official duty to join with the people

the than noon It had 'bash raised. Capt. A. T. left their, seats after entering not- of Florida In the celebration of'' this
the havoc that resulted from one more conquerors. President Roosevelt deeply regrets

truck M too view Rosethe veteran boat builder, was called withstanding the discomfort caused by j his inability to attend the water car.lI auspicious occasion.
ten' .years, ,ago. .While all the any rate, despondent a I Most respectfully submitted,
the Those mot hes-
In as eoon as possible; and he xpects cold. present I nival to beheld on Lake Worth, Feb.
f throughout the county Js, wiped out, of the sltualon should no be taken itate to express their appreciation.For I I Fred Sterry ktl
fa. '
tohave the break repaired } to 4, Inclusive, but with Congressin '
xl the ,growers It is said'', still have their until the extent of 'the damage can be ,''time for the '"Challenger"' to enter two solid hours the big audience session' he can not possibly do so. Sec-Treas., Palm 'Beach Power Boat

{' need beds and yet have ample-time to fully ascertained. the races next week. i' was entertained' by acrobats clowns, He will write both you and Mr. Jeffer- Association.. *

crow: crops for the market this ,season., The temperature .climbed last night The goat l lia one of the prettiest ever and special trick performers. son. Robert W. Davis. Deo. E. Andrews ,
Commodore Lake Worth Yacht Club.
Owing to the dormant state: of allvegetation \ and this )horning, the air balmy and seen on Lake Worth, and all lovers of Prominent among the daring trapeze PRESIDENT'S REGRETS. Ceo d. Cur le"
performers were the Orton children
water sports will learn with regret
caused '''by the protracted spring-like. and' everyone is Inclined of the misfortune' that; has befallen It. Ivk and Claren.ce. The former a Little I White House Washington. Jan.21. :Mayor, City of West Palm 'Beach ,

"cool, dry weather: the but fact its injuries are not
be anything Like.ae groat as was feared situation. I I cordlaly appreciate courteous Committee on Invitation.T. .
swung on a trapeze at a dizzy your
of a more serious nature will be hailed
and from what
Thursday morning; Speaking of the damage in the southern with delight. height Juggling with her little brother, Invitation to be at West Palm Beach J. Crier it
!a information that can be. gathered this part of, the county, the -Miami Metropolis I I. who is It-WO years younger. With their on February 1-4. next, and wish It G-eo. Wellington: ;

'.morning..the orange' trees Are' practically .of yesterday has the. followingto Everything In the printing line at feet entwined, the girt swinging from were In my power to avail myself of B. M. Potter,'
; uninjured though as a matter of say boy'' but unfortunately It is Representing City Council of' West }
: The Tropical Sun, and all work exT the bar by her hands and the your courtesy;
the fruit as a rule that remained -
cpurse "Deputy Sheriff DAV-Moran came In cuted ]in the very neatest and latest swinging head down with his feet lap- not.With 'Palm Beach Fla.

\ on the trees Is done for; today at noon from bill home at Lemon style of the art 'I\ ped over the girl's as his only support ){I regard and renewed thanks, E. T. Moore, Prea.,
much discouraged
Pineapple growers are City' and stated that durlog the'' swung, to and, fro at 'great' height like j believe me, H. P. Brannlng.Sec..

but those who have the morning he had visited Little River Special Service. ; the pendulum of a clock Again the I Sincerely yours, Gee W. looer.I yl

greatest acreage claim that! the ,damage and 'other places In that vicinity to as- I girl drops' 'the boy Into' a net undorj j I (Signed) Theodore Roosevelt. I Represnting Board of Trade 'of Wast
,first feared Taking the place of the regular evening -
will not \w\ as great as '
certain the extent of the damage. At neath and the 'men holding the net j Committee on Invitation,, Palm iBeach, Fla.
fre'several ,
In the Methodist
1t"I To service
l days ascer-
k Q Little River and Lemon City he- asserts I toes the boy high into the air, where'', W. t. Metcalf, chairman. West Palm
tdo' the extent of the damage.A tomorrow at 7:30( the following pro- Beach Florida. "The Reef," Palm Beach, Jan. 16. S
the vegetable crop Is completely I heis gracefully caught by the other
prominent stated gram will be rendered by the young To His Theodore Roone- "
orange grower Excellency
: child and soon 'regains his place on January 14, 1906.
wiped out M Hurabuggiis .
to The Tropical Sun 'this 'morningthat people of the church and the public I welt. President of the' United Stated. '
than two-thirda of It Is gone, and at the .bar; The girl drops to the net
there was absolutely no damage Is cordially. invited: I Hon.Robert W. Davis Member of Congress Sir:-Many prominent citizens of
and is- thrown back to the roof of the
all other places in that section the : I
to his trees, and that ) the 1. Fifteen 'minutes' song service. she turns with Washington D. C. West Palm Beach have fluttered me
injure loss Is Irreparable. canvas, where a grace-
fruit on the trees were He I 2. i Organ voluntary I'hif motion and catches the bar of the Dear Sir: vt by suggesting that, if I wrote to you
stated further that he did not believe "The orange and grapefruit trees, I 3. Song. i swinging trapeze. enclose herewith an invitation to personally, that an autograph letter

there was any. damage to the orange Mr. Moran is of the opinion, are' uninjured 4. Song. i Probably one of the most difficult his excellency the President of the' from me might have some slight influence

industry .tt( Dade County; for the extremely .. in fact, he brought In fruit' 6. Lord's Prayer. i feats of the sawdust ring Is that of United States, to be present at our motor in persuading your excellency
t '
e; cold weather. will have a tendency from his 'place that was unaffected. 6. Solo. | head batan'"J'as demonstrated byI I boat races and water carnival on accept their Invitation.

to stimulate, prices and preate "Mr. Tom Peters known as the To- 7. Scripture reading, Alfred Hel tz. With nothIng 'broader I Lake Worth, February 1 to 4 Inclus Presuming upon our Blight (but to '

a better ,marketOne mato King of- Dade county and who .8. rrayer. than a trapeze br for a support he ive.It 1 me) very agreeable acquantance, I do .
g the aad features In connection with his brothers has a large acreageat 9. Qurtetle. :
Of stands his head and lights and has been thought best by the this trusting that I am not overstepping -
Is the total destruction Cutler Is la town today and in 10. Reading 1 I committee tj
with the freeze smokes: a cigar in that position. The I to ask of Florida Senators the bounds of decorum

of the scores of. pretty yards speaklinig of the effects of the freezeon 11. Violin solo. i trapeze Is, set In motion and the dar- I and Congressmen to present this Invitation -i Some poet has said: "See Florence,

feed flower gardens lrf West Palm the crops of that section replied: 12. Song. log performer with arms and legs ex- personally to the President asa and die." 'I say with less poetry, but
Beach the young palms and many "Cutler" Is wiped oft the face of the 13. Address. I ended, balances\ himself on his head.I(I. body of Florida representatives or more fact. "See Palm Beach and live."

,, other trees and plants' having been earth. 14. Solo.. I The clowns convulsed the audience I as many of them as can conveniently I beg therefore; to endorse every word

completely, wiped out. The ones to Others from nearby places' xpress 15. Reading. j with their 'burlesque on baseball. :i I do so, to present the Invitation to the that the good cltlzema have written

be pitied .however, are those growers I the same! opinion which? show that the 16. 'Offertory and. collection. !I I Norman Orton's stunt of riding a ,1 President on our behalf assuring him Hoping that you can accept the invitation -

of vegetables who had their all,, both: I crops have sufferd severely." '17, 'Musical selection. | bicycle forward and back on a tight | of a moat cordial: reception should he I am, with great respect
18. Silo. With hJa 1 1
la another clever and risky feat honor- ns presence. Sincerely yours-,
-- ------- rope
10. Song. I I and always evokes applause I For fear that you might not be in I (Signed) Joseph Jefferson. 4
I \
DIVINE TOMORROW meeting every' Wednesday evening at
WORSHIP The double trapeze act of the Orton Washington when this reaches there,( I
7' p. m. A cordial welcome is extended United States Senate Washington.
To Officers. have sent of the invitation to
Elect a copy
Service at Holy Trinity Sundays,' brothers 'Mike and Myron, was thrill. I
to every one to all of the services, Jan. 18, 1905.
Celebration 7 a. m., morning prayer I According to !the State Constitution Ing Jn the extreme, and at times made each of our Florida Senators and to '
W. I. Metcalf, Went Palm Beach Fla.
and sermon 11 a. m.; evening prayer'' of the United Daughters of the Confederacy I the spectators .hold their breath. Congressmen Lamar and Sparkman. I'w

and sermon 7:15/ 'p. ,m.: Sunday-school NOTICE.The the' 'local chapter will! hold 'The ponies mule dog and bears Kindly: advise me at your earliest Dear Sir:
I I beg to acknowledge receipt of your
1:3: ( a. :m. Fridays: Litany, 9 a. m.; I East Coast Electric LlghtPower a meeting on 'next Monday afternoonat I contribute: their share toward entertain convenience to the President's' ac- n!
letter of the 16th Instant:, luC: closing (
Celebration! Holy Days 9 a. m. .,and Ice Co. wishes to call the atten- 'o'clock at the residence of Mac | Ing. ceptance or declination.

'Tomorrow at the Congregational I' tion of ,all persons using current to W P. Hatchett, corner Evernla and I I Capt. David Latltp, the champion With the alncre hope that you may copy o-f an :Invitation addressed to t

church, the pastor will speak at ,!! Article 6, of the rules and regulationsof Olive streets, ,for thepurpose'pf electIng i I high diver of the world Js with the be successful l in the"mission. we have \ President Roosevelt inviting him to
I attend the Annual Water Carnival at .,
on the subject of "Christ's Pres- the company which read as follows :- i officers of the chapter for tile en-, j show, and Is one of the big'attractions.. Imposed upon u. and with the high- .
4.1.10.+ '' West Palm Beach on February 1, 2, 2
est personal 'regards I
r-j Our Salvation." At 7:15: p. m., : suing year. j The management of the show is I '
ence and 4: and re the subject! will be 'Divine' Care of "No. 6. Consumers are not permittedto This will be a very important meet composed of a gentlemanly set, and Very respectfully yours,
Mr. Davis and, other members
o 'nLlfe.! A welcome Is extended to all. [ use the current for any purpose,nnr ing and It )la urged that all of the they are offering, an exceptionally W. I. Metcalf of pany the delegation In a personal call on
fall members of the chapter 'be present clean moral show. In which 'nothing Chairman of Invitation Committee.
la any place except as specified In
be held at Invitation
The usual services will the President to present the
1 agreement; and the consumer 'will be offensive or objectionable will be \ P. S. Also please 'present to the
the Methodist church tomorrow morntug" which you say bas been Bent to .Mr.
"Sermons DevilSM !bread
held responsible ,for any damage occurring by the foum o'clock and In the eveningat .
at 11 Davis.In
It Idner'aLAKE
to transformer other Mr. Nichols, the press agent la a to invitation -M,
7:15.. conduoted by the pastor R.v. any or _. response I ''beg to nay, that It,, will
appliances of the Company by reasonof courteous gentleman ta well pleased /
Dr. Hlce. the use of more or larger lamps or .WORTH 'EXCURSIONS.For (} with the, success of the first day. West Palm Beach Fla., Jan. 14. give me pleasure to joint the, .other ;
will be morning prayer at the membrs of the delegation and personally -
There To His Excellency, the President of
In any way Increasing the designated a ride on Lake Worth five Performances are scheduled for to- ,
Bethesdaby'the8ea the Invitation tithe Prea-
church of -
( present
Episcopal: the United States Theodore Roosevelt ,
service without first obtaining permission miles and return, take the famous day and tomorrow afternoon, and eve ,
o'clock ser
at 11 idnt.
tomorrow '' Di. C.
f theReT/Charles The from the Company for such la- "Lady Lou ,he largest gJa I -b torn ning. Washington.
mon'by Temple. Very truly etc.
J Sir:-The citizens of West: Palm
boat }In .the, w.'>rld. Doat leaves the *
Palm Beach. will leave the (Signed) S. R. MaTlory
city: dock dally at 7:30. 9:30( and 11:15 Beach in mass meeting assembled'and
and all
We particularly requst' you FOR RENT.
Royal PoincIana at '' United State Senate Washington.
the Hotel and
wharf of Its Council ,
In the morning. and 1:30( and 3:15: In' through 'Mayor City *
others who may read this notice tonotify '
I030for, ,Jhe..church, returning| Immediately the afternoon leaving the dock at thealm'"Be 'Completely furnished new cottage; Hoard of Trade, co.operatJng'wlul": the January id.-''1906." ,
after the servIce; )I I us at an.ume.10U. 'may wish a four room and bath oa lake front IAike'Worth Yacht Club'and the Florida' 'Mr. W f. 'Metoa.l1.;' weSt.Palm tleach
_ 'change made. It will cost you but the ch .Hotel ten minutes later, south of town. %Apply to E. W. Burk- : Florida.: '

w +' ,..Regular, services ,at the Baptist time and material and, In ,some. case Fishing ,tackle and bait., 60'cent* for holder, West Palm ,Beach. :last Coast Hotel 'System'under My Dear Sir: t
church folJcrwii Sunday-school at whoae auspices wiU 'oceur the,, Annual
s smalf'a the round trip. U .
mak '
tinny be too matter to
Id'aTm: : !. preaching every Supday'at It Ladles visit Carl Schretmlck's: Bo. Water Carnival and Rates'of the Palm Tours of the 16th 4ngt., requesting:
'' ChlldrenVmeetilag a charge.of.. jalllnTh ".Gfil ). east and''' lee, the fine dlaplayt ,Iad- m. to, oo-operate"wl.th1 Col.Da9'I. and
aatatlone7y the
I 11,4u;m.: and T'pC'm., i Il'e.ttl t''JI ne I Beach Power Boat ASSoc.latlon" on \tl\

every Sunday *!3 p... m.,__H._Y. P, .Tropical- Sun 'U.-always.-- oat ".11&1.. busln.esti'card. *,?'etc.,.,.'.,".er ,een", fn, city, !etc furnishings.' *Ne t. door, to lace..Burkhardt's.,, embroideries. store. :', water '0'(!' Lake Wor.th.. 'Florida. :on the i other members! :: roT;' the "delegationfcnnUnnxt -

IT. every:S nday it we':30: p.: m. Prayer Idrier:*..Son's. The,,Tropical Bun.: Clematis avenue: February 2. :3 and 4,,1906, ,do hereby from VBK.. 6 jt\\' '

x xljlf .

r.", ..,
to 4/ i,

"I. ;t.# -i'-
> '
a? ,'r ,. ,c ." \ \
A ," t,,," ', "",' "", F ''.' : '"- ", .-' I'" .", : 'J' : T ,,' T'." ", ',' .: .; <} ', c '

.... .

? v t auVl

,' -t"v't,

'. () r',' LYI..o IY, t :j" ,
f ', :fit< A "b"
i d r i 'e '. I ''I..
un I U. i \I., t" I I'c '
,\ .
;f "
I '" < 11"AaE

''c L I MTUJ" 1 t y aft,. 1 Ow,!:: '.,' v"> '

:, 'rWO TUB!: TKOP10AL SUN, WKST PALM BEACH, FLXmiOA, .. .. tl'1W -; .1' ,."'t"' .;:: .:;.,......,..,...
,,"-' ,, '" '\ i
.. -- ,V" '\___un' _.._."_". > J_.. mmoI>= I'IIII/IIIIII/ ..JI' l\\.
----- ,_. .. 'I IJ -jJl"f'
I-7 "..n. ,
n ,,
'( THE THUPICAL- SUN.Khinwr J GORTON'S \ THE ,, \ r 'I. \ I ,) )

> pale County. Florida '
1 .... -f .' =-
r -==-=-:-: = =-: ===
,, !',,""eh.1i Every \\ e
  • r.rta\ and SaturdayT I .1 J .1) il '

    W._T BALM"' ," IIRAOM.," iOI COUNTY. FLOHID ComIng to West Palm Beach SIRKIN CO. n t o ., r. C,'.
    : I
    I y'
    : Next Monday and ,
    ; S1IiK'tUI'TICIpaWl'\ ;, a.id I'KU YEAR I ,
    .. =- Tuesday.Gortoa'a DRH/' f/TV/ 10 MEV # e ,

    : Tropical Sun Pu.ilisljlng C mp'y. fI
    Minstrels' !will hold down '
    ('' CHAS.: B. KENDALL, Manage Men's I ," <, ,' ,
    :;., House on 'Young : .
    .it the boards In Zapf'a Opsf I "r r'I"' '
    { "
    I .',," ;:, ., \. ,'o'i"
    L sullied *| the ......t.."'... ol XV CM P",'". 'Itrach. Monday and Tuesday evenings of next Correct ,. : :
    ..nronA ...", ," tIl. this Jfla/W tEO i'i'1
    week tbla being, the first.TUlt of DaI :fAsttIJa.Gctma.ra, ,
    ... _.__.. ._._ _... "IIi :" '(
    --- N'iI'i. >\ .
    -- to : .
    ker8 Clothes'IS ,
    band 'ot'erry..lU .
    celebrated : .' \1 \ "'( .
    AVOCADO PEAR Wept! Palm Beach. "' "_;, "' ,'',".. ,,' ,',,;">U': : ', boieHale J ',".Retailers" of/,Hardware'BEACHi' ; .:,,".'",, < (;,1,, '' \,,,,'":,....,1'1"\ ,,
    v .
    4 A r>RSriNCTIVEPE ,,, \ I)' '' "' "
    ik bruit, anti Produce 'T "
    ThaNrw'' Yt11 \ '"'' \V ( .' FLORIDA i'
    ; is
    Minstrels new
    Gorton a ; />'f "
    TURtS WITH WEST, :PALM-- ?\i '. .,, ,," f '. .
    i, New'!*, in $lU hint iwi-ue" conttmm the: granlzatlon, however, for besides being ..' -.I,. .T ; ?. "
    .US > : ... 1'." ,
    ,:, '
    oldest minstrel troupe traveling, r. Y'S
    following!; ri-lnllve. tin the the ,. .
    It can be truthtully said that It, Is .,' / "' ..", .-
    lift of interest to the -
    wllii-h will "- ( -
    among the beet, and thlj fact will be Hand Tailored Faultless T ,
    grower \d-lovert$ of the fruit. in. attested by thouAlL ,ts who have witnessed FIT
    Ha performances In other cit ,
    'Ike DllflpCmmlV. Workmanship .
    ; v Exquisite
    y '. tiro the avocu ies. a'S.
    Up to the present Gortoa'a Minstrels number 'among Unbreakable Shouldersat ',. /

    +:I <)o pear has IM ,MI n luxury foe the; Its performers such well known people :::

    fruit fn comtnoni. Welby and Rearl. Gorton and
    't'.Ilthy.nnd note as
    Prices \, .
    Leo, Cleone Pearl Fell, the Mardo Very Low ijiI
    ; oonsumhtiun. The p "jr {gr.nwl4rplflilJ11ln I'' I
    troupe the Crescent City Sextette, the I

    FloritlM.! ) HIH) tile northern ,Faron Trl o, 'and many others. EspecIal We also Make ClothesTo : ..,. ..h-. .01--4-0

    rnmkpt, would liuvc: n gon"d) showing! ; attention has been given to the selection \
    ... .
    i iol Ordr ----
    ---- --- -- .
    kee qiiiilitipH of the vocal contingent; comedy "
    tlt fruit if i its (>ui{; -

    were 8 rPIitl'r. been and liberally blgb'provided class special and,acts as usual have Fall HatsWe 1oo<>-ooo ;Q
    : The aviic-ailo la n summer frnil, with this company the Instrumental, 'NotEat wM.'m' Iii' eb.tanunry "H,1GO >*
    show the New Shapes Why JIt'R" 11\ II II'I"H .
    aDd when Kliippcd to New York music will be of the highest order. 8 .
    in Stiff and Soft Hats I i .
    han '"
    connection with the coming of the Launch and Sailing
    wl'Hhh.y people are out of the" city street parade ,
    3crtons will bathe great THESIRKIN I
    their littt of c'lHioinerrt ix sronll.Deoltrn >y Gorton's famous band, which Is Are all the more enjoyable if there is a bite to eat aboard, Surprising :-. 2

    have trim piecing th..., fruit acknowledged. The to parade be one will of the take best placeit Inxistence. CO. I IJ.n..n.otl Faber 'Bros'BREAD how the fresh air will lend,you an appetite. <5 5We

    in cold hut i it i.. impoHHililpto for the occasion, and reaJy
    s ;V etnrntri noon Monday, and there will be anther mock i have lots of nice think', just right 0)
    to nn avocHdo even in cold) T The
    open-air concert at p. m. to eat on, the pot. .
    etoragP lifter a rertnin lenpthof t time nanagement has kindly consented lo West Vnlm' reach, FioiIdaapf's I II II ? There's Crackers, Cheese, Potted Chicken, Ham, and Tongue

    (trenwrslly. about ten tiiiyr) with nut avor the citizens of West Palm Beach I .. Beef Ha"h Minced Steak Ham and Veat.Loaf Baked Beans Imported '
    vlth a rare treat in the way of a'sa- I Kippered Herring Cooked Ham,
    ? Club Cheese
    and Domestic Sardines
    its tia and qunliJtien.
    ,Y, impnring vor : red concert which will be given In --.--- Its quality is guar. little individual Plum Pud tinge (ju-tVemly. to eat), Pickles, Olives,. 6.
    afternoon at 3:30: in and ,
    Sunday all. Come
    i he city park mention
    RelUhes-in fact, (bells*.H! too large to
    "As the excessive i heat of Jnly nf- !I clock, we ither conditions, permitting. Opera HOUSE anteed. look over the store. You'll be jurprucd how cheaply and easily\!"you

    4 tectM 't he fruit while! In tniii..it, it 1 f.* I This' Is something out of the ordinary .Baked fresh every day can take an eDJ())able lunch witb'you, and no cook too bother. S "
    and will -
    found that it will Wep. on ripeninir or traveling be enjoyed( troupes by a large crowd MONDAY AND TUESDAY I Delivered promptly at' t

    (pa; no mutter what Ilie,, teinpeniturf. There will be1' no charge for the concert January 30 and 3ls1C5 I your house? .Finest Groceries ;

    after: it michea: northern markciHand'tit end every one Is invited. L. w. BURKHABDT .
    Reserved seats for the entertainment
    F il i' ; input in fold 'storti,,:", The, Monday evening" ar now on sale at I Oti TOWS X- X oXTRY nrlt will pay you to purchase"par Coupon Books,

    l ml'lJt of the: (pear turns" (gray and! I llegeTs drug store and those who are I FAMOUS. (Alt White) I I

    n gradually darkens end the flavor desIrous of getting desirable> seats! willveil S
    'I Iul not to delay the matter;; too long BIINSIRE ds 1 1C IT
    btol'onieM> impaired; until the fruit is' 1 I ., ,

    llllIhle. 'Fruit, tlist. reaches tl Flped for Shooting at Ducks. II [OSEPI-LOORTON C PEARL, Founder&I'ro- Marage] i I ..........................*..........................

    New York markets in cool wentiin r Oen'l s
    C W VREKLAND. Agent
    Just before> dark Tuesday afternoon \ I4ILLIER'I
    keeps well A rc nt iiprH-hle RllllIH1t a representative of The Tropical Sun ; PKKHKMTINONTIRELY H. L. i iS

    '' cpnien. into the Btallu in Uetnbe'The ". I heard the firing of several shots trom NEW, 5

    Avocado pcnr U growing: mor a boat on the lake some distance south :ottUp.VDate! fpnf I t Ul nrnr COVchly Faber Bros. .. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL\ '- i
    'of the olty. Suspecting: that the partIes i' :
    ' and more popularnnd deservedly Bias were shooting at ducks a reporter I & Pearl, Gorton & Lee; thlarvelous < Clematis Avenue : TOBACCONISTCigars
    it is a iiioft desirable Mind fruit, hurried to the lake front, and arrive MardI Troupe'. Premier i '

    being a fine sulmtitute for meiit: at the ferry landing Just In time to see Acrobat, Crescent City Quintette Th< Heats and! Groceries : Tobacco,, Cigarettes, Pipes,. Etc., Etc. ': ,'
    fire into several Won<1"rful Faron Trim Comedy Aero
    a party of tourists :
    -- DIES..o.
    Many persons fe..I"R" much strength/ ducks in the middle of the lake, the bRts. Cleoue Pe rl-Pell, comedienne :C 'AN I '. r

    neil l after pntinjj; n dinner in wbiilavu l shot striking the water near the hot and Dancer, James Logue Tramp; :: A FULL LINE OF LOWNKY'S CELEBRATED,CKC COLATES :''

    <- doo ere served KM if they ht..1 of the ferry steamer Palm Beach. Wit! JUIl (''er. Felix Thornton, Ctaracteinirerannntor "MOTICE. Cold Soda SeasonIce

    ' eaten a bpffotpuk or plr-ire of roustNo ,the assistance of Capt. DeBerry of the.. anti twenty others :. Ice Cream s oda Lunches to OrderDuring__ :

    Palm Beach the reporter finally securad MATCHLESS aTREKt' PAKADK I t Special Meeting/: ol Stockholder Cream SHMINOI.K BLOCK, WEST PALM BSACHo rie.

    what elw-trioity will dt the arrest of the parties, who' wer I .iORTON'SCBLEBRATED BANE- Special stockholders meeting of the ............ .......................... ...."......
    telling/ promptly fined ten. dollars and costs) ..- --.---.- -- "
    befort- lonjr. French en /:ioepr annonnces For the Information( of winter via S".I.. now on sate. at Rieeel'a ProK Store Fruit and Vegetable Growers' AssociatIon -
    will be held at Its office, In Del- "
    invention of suit of .itors and others the following' extract OltOliltoliltoltOltOItOltOltOItOltOItO"olt.o..o..0..0..0..0..0..0.0..00. .) ,
    his It
    ray Florida, at 7 p. m., Saturday February
    from the Florida law are published, o o
    elpctrir clothinfr, :" Ith fine wire WOT and Jt is to be hoped that there will 4, 1905, called for the purposed V o M

    c; en in the goads un i,o xtoratie{ halt. be no further cause for complaint: C. A. DUPONT'S their> considering charter. propositions to .amend K O G. G.' Strohm Company o

    13.mpltOtf of this invention hattlrnin <" Chapter.2683, Laws of Florida: : K
    ery. establish O ,
    First. To enable them 5o
    Firearms In Public. -
    X i'
    that the body' win he kept al ind conduct a canning and preservIng O
    discharges pubic
    Whoever on any Livery and K !
    a ronifortiilile tern pern ture in the highway or in any unincorporated 'vii business. O FAMILY RECIRIESFancy '
    the amount of V o .
    To increase
    coldent wen I her. There la no .tir I age. within,_ th/ee 'hundredyards' of: o K --

    1' parent rptllOnVIi.1' /' he should btop any the permission premises,! any from firearms the occupant, with out of; I Sale Stables ion ndelitedneas may become for liable which, to this an Assoc.Amountn .a- V o V Food Products K.O o

    with tliin.. Little if any more current. and premises or In the defence of life, proportion to its increased. capital- K o .w Ir o

    would\ he needed to produce alight shall punished HASTINGS, FLA. zatlon. O K
    > limb or property, I Dy order of the president.W. Grain and Provisions. O '
    swell us persons on the vaiider- iy Imprisonment not exceeding sixty Can supply anyone on the East Coast W. Blackmer, X W 0 '
    lays, or by -a fine not exceeding nftj I 'with and Vegetable Growers o. I
    Thou '
    di pltl.v. every ,
    villa wtH/:e BLOCK'
    lollars. JEFFERSON .
    Association. ott '
    pe'plltrittn:' at night t would become Section 1, Article 4531, of the Laws JIorsesules.lIarness o ox

    a wulkjnir! lamp l | -past, with electric of 1897: r West. Palm Beach, Florida g

    force enough to ehock on Inebriate Whoever takes and carries away Single or Double I ? Indian River Oranges o r .Ia" 49.. 0
    ram any, farm, garden orchard, cringe Fancy .otsolanrr
    who tiiidht: wish to clinjr: to him. It andWagons tsaeioteoyoi.ol.oyoyotaatso+an.oyrteouio7.oiolao.os.otsm
    Buggies WholriiKlVKiKlltcta.il
    or lemon 'grove, or destroys am ..
    P would IH priictleut, too. for an vegetables, fruits 01 'I
    arm I 'juUry1 and Eegs, Dobbins & Quiggs'Bread .... .. ......,, ..... ".. ..'. .. ......ror.l:: -' ......
    American inventor to connect thp lowers corn or cotton from, the stock,, I J 'I I fresh everyvday1 x < v Jt1-- ,.! .. .. .7-.r-...<. ..-"" "+ .T.i'JV'..., -w.. ,.: ...., J ....,..,
    thun at.every or from any vineyard any grapes of'' AT REASONABLE PRICES I Ii ,
    9' current with roller fchHten '
    any money value without the consentf I WORTH PRODUCE CO. 1' J-.i .
    low ins. man to he his own the owner or manager. shall be punIshed Write. him al above address lAKE i: "' 't Sold by :

    trolley cur.-Gre"n>\\tJOro. N. C. Hi**. by imprisonment not exceeding C H. PRICE Hanaser 'f&.vlOADwELL

    cord. three months or by fine act exceedIng Hive Street West Palm BenchFla : rot
    --- ------ fifty dollars or by both euch' Im- E. M. BKELSFCFRD i t C Dear Slrt {f r '

    At hint the ppnwion roll of the> rlsonment and line at the discretion ; ;ty '' Ibedinluwdaul.M..i'

    United !State: exceeds one million of of the court. Real Estate [EOTHASLEHURST & SON .I Vrtaa Gillette&C I..,. I \
    Chapter 495G, Arts of 1901: ,j, k ; .
    persons. tin, number now being An Act prohibiting killing capturIng PALM BEACH FLA. Contractors and Builder n' ) .a ety Razor /JlqORE \ fI

    1O.7Hl.)( [t la thought that the or shooting any deer, alligator Ren +f' : "'It. A.rmaoCue 1
    SOLary Public. Collages t() p. o. BOX :v 4Kodol I ,. 14: e Ire' tWauh be '
    ''I maximum han hewn' reached' There 'rooodlle, water-fowl or any wild bird I f ,'t J hi l.. i."', ,v.4 ,.liAfH. Vka Vlt. .It FS 1.iJ. :
    increasein (except crows) within one alls of the 010.,...CcMitli Pnlnclaim lintel ,I i.. i1.enduuolewiead DEALER IN 't'It '
    ban teen u rorreHpomlinjr) icorporated town otWest Palm Beach ( Dyspepsia Curo : t.l ,., I. ;., ':Crews end "
    i1 V Au :. -\ h.n.,- ttuw.othM15 ,,
    the pHjmeDt, but it in given! out lorlda. I.n 'voinlny. undertaker: and em-j ;[ i s d.d to e.Cwd I'
    eat '
    what ,
    Digests you 'I 7 % ., r f "
    Fla. I : ; -
    aimer. West. Palm Beach : < ? t ISM 1014 'r
    of running the Be It enacted by the Legislature of :
    tho Drug
    a" that ,expenHex" the State of Florida. ;ar &r ;\ fVJ'5,; ,a r.i." ..SrftSi __ ,; '_
    ,' bureau arp to curtailed'iJ, and that -- a ;:an.i tfefl f.ic /,* ,".lrnt' '-"* 1i.I
    Section 1. Any ,person or personsho I C i t<>is.utv.Attcu j r :Ire t m.oNo
    t S in the near future Borne five hundred;! ahal) kill -capture., or shoot any I wlnh to Inform e ",wriion within, an? I 5f1'o>ntt3:: mCdzCTIiQ3y I II
    .tVBim, Iti-ni'li. llist) Iim I .tyr
    clerks may be di"vetll'PII( with. Many dter, alligator, crocodile, waterfowlr hundred tier in to I leu rupali pf *W your wlll.Ohe..clocko( l i JS5.telf
    wild bird (excepting crows) jewelry-to tic your with n.eclRl eo ol. You u.nnan ar!.;I +aalreruurwlr 5ta.tiono{
    nulanea any
    ',, of then are receiving larger eyuglnise. and to anything you s.nroo.L: dcii. I..1
    within one mile of the corporation llm- may wane In my lino. I am mitrn "vrlnwiMitnr. ,. .hew. AOSIMIe I.e. cur y.era '
    than they could l earp if left to their ." but A 'iM'rmiintfni r ttfiltmc. a \H"nMirty > 4 I if' (J.' 'f.I, Vhen.es: hum tMcdaacU of the yad.eauuttldn.i
    Its of the City of West Palm Beach, ownar I In l>ud.O>. and i rfeotly' r9uoimlbl y t1 r<*ura to u. art aZtQ.
    own reaonrces and reductions' are Dade> county, Florida, shall be punIshed for any b"olne.Watch. you mat-",have lrj' i +y 1 r _' .'" ......Uhlye yon.l& new pi iU with
    to triMwiK'.l mo. .b.D"" ni no 1 eort to
    on conviction thereof by a One not In need I.r.r.nirinu| may koxint bjr reiclaierml .- '? ? g l 'rani..Rtlditln&nl b|.de..t hwInel.f qrano'tr Goods
    proposed i mull ue oxiireiMk I will\ .n.l and rel .
    exceeding one hundred dollars'nor less ">rl C..u Mt lijr iwturn m tl-If the piles in nottmUnfiictory 1 7 I. Call and ...m". you can outer tint gucnl.. re- I r I '11/-/. It alit) oo-H o..oth'.to sw <
    for muinloK the. In- dollars or by imprisonmentexceeding ..
    The eipenws ( than ten liu.u..I'h..nloh.r/le. I bay. hart tw ny -

    sane aayluta lust year weref 84,695- uc>k ninety days: or by both' 'house yoara* In experience Now York with and:some Ih.Ulmo.l.ll ot the bent l. : "
    t'Ino' apd Imprisonment at the diarrhea head Wat :' tnJ.ek.nnvhla.Then. \ .lan'ur \

    45. ,:_ | of the court., liiwnleal I) tnrt.A brol onirnt' to h. nuUlcient ->..' {\
    nee thai I nmloi ttanit mY bunlneaa' tad. ,) 1
    Leave'your" orders at The Tropical 'All farmers desiring loans should guarantee.afaotion In every coao.

    Sun' ,office for all kinds of engraved Idresa. or call on the Realty Mort- B. A. WALKER. EXPERT' WATCHMAKER AND OPTICIAN '
    and monogram stationery and Tl.ltlnoardt. ta*e Company. West Palm Boach.Fl Jefferson Block West Palm Beach iUBSGRIBE FOR'THE
    Palm Beach Fl*. nlltt SUNIe

    a J.y

    i re__f y: ?y f ,I. 11f'M

    it ,

    r '. o. ....., -'- __ ..___ ______ -- r'''' .-- -- .., I, "'1 :,-." ,
    -' ----- -' -- ---
    flans for. p. I" '' '' .. ror oror' 't.rI" Ie olwslr tint, lt,
    WB now belJil!; prepared", ; '' "" ':'
    : '
    AHD the erootlon: of a new dourt 1I. use W Everybody Column :" :" '
    :. ,
    I ,Ocala, Marlon odunty.CpraJ .
    STATE NEWS_ == -!:= i' .
    .. WANTED* ,
    Lumbago. _4._.._-------- ., ..
    'rt.c;Duk6 and Dinhoss of IIlan.ches- A B. Gunman, Chicago, writes Mar. KESJR.K:: i'USlllON AS r. J. / ..
    tef' Mrs' Howard Gould\ and panj" i I. 1003: Having been troubled with ,LADY References Ajjpl I, : ,

    .' and several) private car 'parties axe ex-: 1-uinbago at different times ana tried+ Tropical, sun., .,._. ,_.. _. '. ';, I'It.1'i VJ ,," .., '." i' i ']

    peot4I at the Royal Plnd8.IH.late\ to- i one physician ' and liniments, gave \ "
    'tl'&b.t from Ormond.IA 'i :mber i tt( ;
    tt up altogether So I tried once more, t'.I.: Write Zlll & Green De1(1i', FlI' ; .. ,
    1 ople who are At Palm Beach for the 1 \ '; :. : '
    and got a, bottle of Ballard's Snow : .. I .
    reason, and who went up for the auto-. Liniment which gave me almost instant I j" MONEY. ,. \ ,TO LOAN." ,. .. I., .' "" .",.', I :', "." '. '\' ;,
    S rlkobl1e graces! returned last night relief. 1 can cheerfully recommend YOU UAVK PROPERTY THAT >. I ".

    ( It, and will add my name to your; IF you want to Improve and need moDe,. ,Ii : .,1': ,, ,
    list of former .suiter em," 2&c:, 60c and( to do It with apply l to 'teo. O, Cuiru;: .. ,' ,/ .
    1 y Bought Cbam >er alnf", Cough Rernedj' $1. Sold by A. G.. Rlegel. West Pului Bmch. I ', :: r :1 : .. '" ., I ,,., '
    and tent It to Friends. ,. ""'"'"" nt' '"' _, I : '.1 ,, :: 1 ;, I.1\\'I, 1 :: ; :', .t'il, ;" ,
    a ,.' } l: i '
    i "Mr. F. W. J, Fletcher 'la Penaaoola's mt&de' FOR SALE, "
    a druggist police 'department
    Victoria Australia;; lays: "A cuttomei over, 6,000'' arrests during' 1904. '-->" rv1'.""" .""' oW ;' ,' : fricmejuck.\: :1 'andW' ,; ':':\.Linen: ," ,':, 'r.: "
    tit mine was to pleased with ChamDerlala'a \ C.HIERMANS POINT1' ON' LAK! ,, ..'I. \
    .' ', .. ""tIT. .." ",." 1'10; ,' ,' .
    ; j
    whlcb shi Inlet a3 acres land; i : ;
    9 Cough Remedy, I o Worth nellr the / ; : ; ,. .' : I
    'had used tor'her children when suffering Coughs and Colds. 10 'acre garden: balance pineapple* :': r :: <, I 1 ,','" "t' '\ 1)) .

    t from"colds and croup,, that Judos! All coughs, colds and', pulmonary 300 fruit, ,trees, one buodrwd ,.bettrIDe.! ." ,1-1 .i' ,'.
    Be ulifiliulldioK l'
    k forinlght'a time the obtained at mj 40 large: cccoanut trees. : .' ,
    complaints! that are curable are quickly ," ,
    IIhop" nine bottles; which 'she sent to I cured by One Minute Cough Cure, site. One bound d1feet .Ittke '. : \ At
    .. of the froot Ideal winter home netrest beifisbing P} .
    her friends In different parts Inflam ,
    Clears the phlegm, draws out y '
    y I state, telling; them haw much good I It oration and heals and soothes the affected Apply to Box: 155 VVpst Palm. t ,.,: : "
    'tad done and advising them to give Beach PlaUR __ ___ '>I' .
    parts, strengthens the lungs, ,' I
    f a trial. For dealers.sale by all druggists wards ort pneumonia. Harmless and TRADE PORNAIi'THALAUNCH" ',' ,!,,' ,,,1 Sq. ,, "..'. .:.If"\ :R ,:, '.,"''',',... S.\ i ""

    t medicine pleasant: to take. Sold by A. Q. Rle. ... 'i.. rea fine pinrnpple land ._ \ 'I, I : it 9* .<
    gel. 1Do .ud. Acidre ,. R "
    convention of the facing railroAd neur :