The Ocala evening star.

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The Ocala evening star.
Alternate Title:
Evening star
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Place of Publication:
Ocala, Fla.
Porter & Harding
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v. ; 61 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers. -- Ocala (Fla.)
Newspapers. -- Marion County (Fla.)
Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Marion -- Ocala
29.187778 x -82.130556


The Ocala Banner was founded in 1883 as a successor to the Ocala Banner-Iacon, itself the product of a merger between the East Florida Banner and the Florida Iacon. In 1890, the Ocala Banner became a daily. Over the years it bore alternate titles: the Banner, the Daily Banner, and the Ocala Daily Banner. Situated in rural Marion County, the Ocala Banner covered farming, business, and civic issues in Ocala, where the Freeze of 1895 had devastated the citrus industry and paved the way for diversified agriculture and the growth of tourism. The most important of the early editors of the Ocala Banner was Frank E. Harris, a veteran of the Confederate army, who ran the paper in the 1890s. Other editors included T.W. Harris, who had published several other newspapers in Ocala, and C.L. Bittinger, who before moving to Florida had served as a commander in the Grand Army of the Republic. In 1895, the Ocala Evening Star surfaced as a rival to the Ocala Banner. Beginning in 1897, it also appeared in a weekly edition, the Ocala Weekly Star. During an address to the Ocala Rotary Club, R.N. Dosh, editor of the Evening Star in the 1920s and 1930s, recalled that the “Star first saw the light of day in the press room of the Florida Baptist Witness”, founded in 1884 as the weekly press organ of the Florida Baptist Convention, a branch of the Southern Baptist Convention. Former competitors, the Ocala Evening Star and the Ocala Banner joined in 1943 to form the Ocala Star-Banner, which remains the daily newspaper of Marion County.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 5 (June 24, 1895).
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Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Seymour & Sr


Fresh Meat

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We keep on hand a ful line of the best Beef, Pork
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;ava z tL L Is the best line to Texas. Has two Inle24 ,ID 1Spells.SAnd It a
d"g "drusto trains daily from Memphis. Reach- uon aisOmut only 6. i-
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Is the "True Southern Route" to
CALIFORNIA. Coasuj Damse before byla yoor
MANMow"1 Will sell tickets at greatly re- trit. alwttys has the most the
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'0" ? ONLY DAILY :.c : ';.. ' 'i#:
: :BEST '


{ IN OCALA. _.


. Volume J. VII OOALA FLORIDA TUESDAY FEBRUARY, 18, 1902 Number 212



The readers of this paper will be EDWARDS BROTHER; ; o ,
ot Illeti pleased to learn that there is at least .
Latest News of the Day, Served to one dreaded disease that science has Along Picturesque Lemon Avenue. -
been> able to cure in all its stages, and 0
Repairing the of the ]
:Star Readers Before the that is Catarrh Hall's Catarrh CureIs Ravages AT THE CITY MARKET.

Metal.Is Cold the only positive cure known to the v Frost King
Mince Meat.Cranberry medical fraternity. 'Catarrh being a Leading Wholesale
constitutional disease,,requires While the editor of this paper on B U
a constitutional CBERS
several 'occasions
\, Sauce, : PACKING HOUSE FOR TAMPA Cure is taken treatment.internally Hall's acting Catarrh directly what is known as Lemon passed avenue,along running And Retail 1 i

Jellies and Jam : the blood south from town and east of the .
Fla upon
: Tampa Feb. 1,8. -The CudahyCompnay' mucous sur- Seaboard .
u' railroad, and
faces of the paricularly -
j will build a big packing system, thereby .destroy-

Olives. *.. house Water,at streets.the corner of Whitney and ing giving the the foundation patient of strength,the disease by building ,and- 1886, when remembers he made'the cold a trip morningof afoot Western Meals, Fish and, C e dar' Key: ,"t i(
Celery Salad, : up the constitution and assisting along said highway, when the weather Oysters Received Every J .o
nature in doing its work. The proprietors was so-cold that it chilled the heart Day.
India Relish, FOR RENT IN THIRD WARD' have so much faith in its curative and hopes of everY orange grower in t, fS' ,
powers, that they offer One he. land, and it was for a' few' days CHOICE ,
Tomato Chutney One 6'room house, good well of wa- Hundred Dollars for any case that it thought aU'.the' orange groves of the FLORIDA
t er and, large yard. Apply at Otl1en, ails to cure. Send for list of testimo' country: had. been iso severely struck 'I

Sweet Pickle Peaches. at Star office after 6 p. m. nials. Address' that they"'would be food for fire wood, Celery and all other VegetablesioMseasotiFREE : :
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. with .two exceptions he has. not beenon
Royal Salad\ DressIng. COLD ON :THE CHESAPEAKE Sold by Druggists, 75c. that road since until last Thursday _.. .
Hall's when in DELIVERY.. TELEPHONE, I 108.,
Family Pills are the, best. company .with Mr. Joseph J
Asparagus 'Baltimore, Feb. 18.-Chesapeake T. Lancaster and Mr. Cloverdale, the <
Bay Is completely closed with ice and Indiana: insurance. man, the editor of '
Asparagus Tips. the ocean steamers are all blocked.' Opera HOueIonday the:Star:.took a day off to inspect whatof .
The! coldest weather that has been late years is known as the Richie Arc We Justified ? I ]I
place; but.prior to the freezes
experienced In years is now sweepingover of 1894-
Also, just received the latest thing this country. '95 was celebrated as the Marvin ii. M i.i.... ,i MI i i, in. i ani M ,! 11 -_ -.. fm "
. in Sugar, night, 24. grove. Its distance from town is 'I
' a little, over three ,miles, and in get Perhaps we ought to be satisfied with present achievements.::Butjyoii ; /:
Ha\; eineyer's Crystal TENNESSEE BUTTERThe ting there one passes over what is lo 'I. know "the more a man,gets th e more he wants." Thii bemr true, : :
cally.termed MLLebanon, said to bethe we are then justified in soliciting new'business:,and especially 46;'since ,;
7V Domino J H}1 Lu PsurlPresents highest point in 'Marion
Sugar county <
Carmichael Son well,
& Co. hare effected t 1 above the sea level, and its summit we are so equipped to handle., It. ', :
arrangements with a Tennessee ;1
was famed in .i. ;
Put in lb. Hesperian days the
cartoons. as
.. up, dairy to supply them every day old Anthony grove, later sold to'an MUNROB & CHAMBLISS BonkeriOcala ?=
AT THE TEAPOT GROCERYHOUSE with fresh' butter in firkins at 25c. for'the first,time here the Englishman,-wh lived there in baronial . 1 f ,.&a.
pound: Also country smoked sausage -
great moral play. style, but who lost his life in Florida. i:1
at 15c..per,pound. crossing the, ocean a dozen years ago ; .- . ', .. ..... -'
FOR RENT on his passage to visit his people on :
THE NORTHERN BLIZZARD the shores of old Albion.

'\jtti; residence on Ocklawaha aye-, New York, Feb. 18. -The. storm extends REAPloNCTHE' .largest Since'and then' most Mr. George successful Close truckerin the 5u/o jQles U/ify l BdVa L &i9 l le 5Iouft? i
nut known as the Wm. Fox place is
from Delaware to 'Boston and
; Marion
county, if not the largest>; .
,for rent. It is a very desirable home. Buffalo: In ,.some, places the snow' is the state of. Florida;bought the i "
Apply to Jules Cohen, at the. ice fac ; place i 1T
two feet deep. Drifts in many places and has' made it ever since a model Comforta
.,./. 28d llw' have blocked 'traffic and it.' is.,almost truck farm, and to pass his well tilled ,. ..'r"
.. Impossible for the railroads to do bus- field and note the well kept appear '
t: MEPHISTO ness.Hurricane signals are displayedat ance of his home and barn, and the ''
the' naval stations. The squadron. care he takes of his rolling stock, an.mals .- T s the 0\1
Copying Pencils just received. here has prepared for the storm. HARVEST and farming implements attest

>.Also of other kinds. The I : the above statement, that there is
plenty .
EYES; examined by latest scientificmethods. method 'and system in his operations, Kind of SolesOur 1
Ocala News Co. No charge We are here which has been 'a large factor in the ?
all the time. Satisfaction, 'guaran A"Comedy Drama' in" Four.,Acts which have been a large factor in the ; '

liow Are'Ywcr Kidneys w teed. ,Ocala:Music! :Co. success that has .attended his unceasing ales' :
Tom Fitch :1
. : 'By
Dr.Hobbs"gparainis Pills cure all kidney tils flam-- labors. >
tie free. Add,Sterli n*Remedy Co..Cliiewso, or 1,;..Y, , fc ,
'.I f Mr. Close has just completed plant.
FOR RENT . ing 100 acres of Irish potatoes the $2..50 Shoes ;
A for the' multitude the
story field
: presenting the 'appearance of a
New York, Feb. 18.--'The coroner
The McCall .house in the fourth ward.: Jury' has exonerated Edward Thomas sweetest ever, told. Comedy, garden. Mr. Close is not only a successful t" "-
Apply to Mrs. T. J..pwen.. the automobile flyeiywho was Sentiment and Pathos weighed trucker but his ability as a Have. '. i. t I
x charged with running'over'a boy' and I the scale of Purity, Pro- farmer ranks side and side with his < Sf' !-f. _ ,
killing him last'Wednesday while rid 4uccdwith special and other chief occupation,.'&nd ,last year .1 . ";' :"'I '-.r

1i ing recklessly through. Fifth"avenue.. mechanical effects_ scenery- he raised 1000 bushels 2000 bushels of sweet of "corn potatoes andover They are not' only comfortable, but,..tasty and/artlstic V/rfJ# '!in sty le.

IlE The same applies our :Men's lone $2.50 Shoein Vici Kid,
to'say nothing of the tons and tons"of
K NEW SHIPMENT, : (OF, 'HUYLER'SW. Velour's Calf and Box Calf '
hay for forage, with and'pindars ; to our Monarch Patent Leather $3.50
Prices: 50, 75 and' Seats peas
I $1. at ,
M; Martin has just.,received afresh I the Post 1fice Drug Store. for fattening his hogs and feeding his Shoe, which we sell for $3; to our Vici Button, which you have
c r shipment,of Huyler's;;fine, pack Y'.t milch cows. ,Among the latter he has seen man Ocala window at 3.50, we sell for $3.25. We are doing ,
age Candy. He1 will receive a shipment ' ,: r0' several fine Jerseys, and the butter business 'On. :the s u.are.
every: two 'weeks;.through the; which his'w1te makes from their rich
balance of the'season. ..' : > ; Wo milk is equal-to that of the most cele- . -- : ;,.
,, ; t'f, brated Goshen or Elgin dairies. TH E RAGKE i : CQCOMING . e

WORK OF, .CONGRESS. .' From the summit of Mt. Lebanon, :.J.j._.. _..
no finer panoramic view can be had ,
a S14e SQ.uar :.
I < of the country surrounding, Including .
,I In the ;Senate ' .;
S Washington, Feb. l8.-The senate fI the city of Ocala, the lime works, : r r

S yesterday afternoon, passed the, permanent . ; "Oakhurst," renowned in romance,
o and to the west in SOON
census bureau bill. plain view the quiet
.j I .A message was also sent from restful and hospitable home of .
President Roosevelt recommendingthe the; Munroes, mother and son, Mr. T. ..::. .. '...... ..,....:/:11.' :i..'ft i:. .aL. ". E4'S''N-.. ../ ...... ', . ...
..' _
retirement of Naval Constructor Pt: 0 T. Munroe, Ocala's. successful and . .. : rlol,. p'l'11.. .; . ..z..".,,;: '
1 Hobson The bill,as" it was introduced popular banker and withal a most
White Red ,
vs. provides for his retirement 'oaccount' -'> '
::v'f agreeable gentleman.
"; > : : .r ..HARVst
of.his ,disability. / i A few miles further we came to a '

hi the House. stone fence, none'other like it in Marion : . . ..
Admitting that the; red maw! .r .
The bill repealing the war revenue G) I4 h county, if in the state, 'which 'AC.fE DRAMA IN FOUR ACTS <.: BY TOM FITCII
; :
ff : :
was the first to use tobacco, it, tax act passed the house'this afternoon marks the boundary line along the . . < .

is still:true that the white man at 3 o'clock' ; The .bill went public highway of the ,Moore place 'a
has the best of it; the red nian] through unanimously, -and,: no voice .- 'd for a distance of three-quarters of a
smoke as was raseCgainst(! it.. mile and which cost the .
never enjoyed a owner $1500
'good asThe I 4 (f) but time the itself.durability of same will mark _

r The buildings on the Moore place
Cigar.If .rcQJ are not visible from the highway, and
one has to mount a gently ascending
man's'style rM
the red
you rise and reach the summit ere'
of smoking, let us fur come to them. One is a large roomy you MID WINIER STYLES-
n.ish'your pipes and tobacco.T. I HA two story and attic house, the other .
i equally roomy, but' a one story building -
W. TROXLER cd 0 Z and only a short distance away, I
the larger building being the winter -
1$ home of L. T. Moore, of Kansas City, MRS. ,L. T. TOWPKIN8'. >-g
CROAKING ABOUT CUBA the'' other, the residence of Mr. Reed

w. a brother-in-iaw t to Mr. Moore. The latest Paris styles and exquisite designs in
Richmond, Va., Feb. 18.-Dr. Lionel r $ 0 Mr. L. T. Moore was the son of Mr.
de Peau, of Santiago Cuba, declares Moore who was one of the partnersof t
that another war is imminent in Cu, . the famous dry goods' house' of .;- MILLINERY ART M1" ' '
baHe predicts that .Senor T. Es, Sullen, Moore & Co., of Kansas City, .
trada Palma, the new president, wil 0' Mo.and known throughout all thatpWrle LADIES DESIRING SOMETHING NOVEL
not be allowed to land, and that if by land as the most extensiveand -;S"AND
any chance, he does a conflict will follow G Y2IGMT m r successful firm in Kansas City. EXQUISITE CAN\ FIND THE IDEA' '
between the whites and blacks. d Mr. L. T. Moore's advent into Marion :
Dr. de Peau says Senor Palma was A CLOSE INSPECTION 1\ county dated in 1884 'and so well IN PARIS. PATTERNS AT
never wanted as president by the.better r-d pleased with this section was he after 4 ;
element although his election OF HARNESS. 0 .
allowed (f Mrs. L. T. (
was by element ands< ) (Concluded on Fourth Page.) Tompkins'Fashionable
that the moment the United Exhibited in our, fine stock will .
troops another are conflict.withdrawn there .will be reveal the reason for its superiorityover 0 d i Millinerv. \.J j.1

i all others.: Its splendid workmanship -

perfect finish, trimmingand QJ' Opera HO\ 3COrnmereia1Rank
shows the with +rs.
mounting care
. .. :-or. .
< .
t Lately starved in London becausedigest he which It is made, and that the Jii.

could not his food. Early use quality of the leather used is o f r Saturday Matinee. I ; ,
of Dr. King's New Life Pills would .A ? ..
l have saved him. They strengthen tstomach the best grade. For beauty and CD *1 .IIo\ .
aid digestion,"promote assim, style it is without a peer. BRANCH OF ',:
nation, improve appetite. Price 25c < .
Money back if not satisfied Sold by rI1 The Popular :: COMMERCIAL BANK JACKSONVILLE y : 3
OCALA j .,.
Anti-Monopoly Drugstore FLORIDA m .p. .
.... .;
ij Ilptre Co. ,
.' ..
@) W
"- < -
THE WORLD I.In an entirely new Repertoire pi f J ,.' ..
7 < Plays, Costumes, Music, Spe DOES A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS. DEPOSITS RE' : .'

'r fi 'Tis, not met with elsewhere. m T cialties and faces. 4QIIi:7K CEIVED. LOANS MADE. EXCHANGE' BOUGHT AND SOLD. '

p What; ? AVhy, better butter than -....

'.: ',. we are selling at 35 cents a O ,. ...L.r ? .

.: pound. It will pay you to buy .: w.T -' .. BE.! : 'CL E5TO3V# c&5 'BR.e> .

your groceries here, because we Fine Family Grocer!e 5

,! b, " = always give the best value for the F2
/ '
A choice stock of new and fresh rocenes. Careful attention -
i ;;rrr:.. .'.':. ,/li :': BUTT money, and you can rely on anything to the family trade Prompt delivery and low prices .

we, sell. Seats \ KUigman Fine Hams'at 13 1-a cts.Qi ",, -
BANNER _SAS.V2 now selling Prices ;.25, ,F .

W. e. JEFlfOBDS the most healing salve in the-'"world." 35 and 56 cents. >i>osJLtet tHe 'City a1! ST i

; ,
f .

... ."..."", > _:..i ''' ''- ;, __-,.._'..... t- ,, ,, .,,. .. .. y" .." :. .,4-.7 .. ' = '< '. _>:5."-Zt'
.ab- .. ,: .p. "'Q $ >-i'1-" '__. _t___._.___ ,.r -"*** .*, ,,><;;'-.'->- i, _, ,;J" t, :.,_ ;_. ", _,:;....:.. :! ; SL r ::-_ ::"'!:!

';7i. ,w,i':',"T,_.i.wof.f.- ',:'g' ":V-&> j"tf''' ?+.- ':f' ;'!..-: rt' ..,;;'t---'."",<' :;.y, .",-.,..>,<'tf.-'",-+'_-'.- .-.-';0 ,'. '1'">.",""' ... ."... .;r;:""'- ,;;J:"-' ;:. "1..' ;;. lt.,",....,>.' "-t" "-M. '".; ;<' ';;-'. 'if'-:"""ik.0"", -.."--,.:"'-<,-" .". ..-.--- ..=-t_,,
':''.".'. I --< 4f.of',0'9.; .e ... "'._...-.........!,"- -J i01:: ----o._." ::1__""'""";;' ,...t .;..;. ..:.:z...;,:_....."".'._- ;;!!;;:;:<: "'"

i . .
_-.9 ,. f6
;J ( Nt
\ '
J _tef
.44 dy \ .
r. ,
!,t ,..
!,. t, _
"',. : \'/; .f' .

._ ...... 1
--- -- ---- -- ---
.. -..-. .

COLORED FOLKS COLUMN SOME FLORIDA.1 'r" -FARMS- - .- -,' -. ._ .'.- - ' '
: - :.:: ::; : ,:: ::: ; = -- - .: :
:, ; (Continued from: First Page.) .\ -

".. .- i Dr, D. H. Brown has ''received by e4
looking over:'the Whole, stated that the
.. telegraph the sad intelligence of thedeath
: J''f '
Hon. C: M. Brown, then"one of the
of his sister's husband and a >
.t\i\: most successful "sand anda
1 summons to come on the first train. shoyelers"
New J Firm leader in realty sales,,sold to Mr.
\ : Hence he is absent from the city.
Moore 285'res"of "rich
: fine vir'gin
..- Mrs. Mattie F, Holton is in the city asj ,' a
/ hammock 1a dS'uthe "shoneon
f now at the bedside of her sister, Liz sun
x" New Store; zie Gattis, who has been sick for for $19,000 "spot. cash.' Of this

i : some time. Mrs. Holton is a teacherin hammockjand' .125 acres was r cleared'
", at'a cost of$40' an acre and set inor-;

>' : Mew Groceries Pond this school county the having past two taught-the terms. Hog She ange trees,which- had come into bearing for Infants and Children.
and w'ere"
; closed her last term Friday, Feb 6, '
;' fruit, being marketed under the name Castoria Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pore* !fJ

'" ., with a creditable. examination and exrhibition. of the El Mbro' Orange'co., when ,the J :Boric,! Drops nn{ ..Soothing! Syrups. It is Pleasant.' 16
It was a big day for the
': Call and see us.. Your trade is respectfully" 'solicited.Cor. patrons and pupils. On the follow frost king came. along and :claimed contains neither Opium Morphine nor other Narcotic ;
'!Ie. this grove with thousands of :othersas substance. It destroys Worms and! allays Feferishnei s. 'fIt
o' Ft. King and Plant Sy tem. ing Thursday night the following his 'home; including :a thirty 'acre ( cures Diarrhoea and "Wind Colic. It relieves Tee ,; ,'
and ladies
; young gave ing'Troubles 'and cures ,Constipation. It regulates/ i.
grove adjoining the 'property I 10f' Mr.
,/::::'<7 .-,. .: __ their teacher surprise: Messrs. H., A. Ford how of the firm :*>f Ford "Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural :Sleefe1The 't-rt
.L -- "u Lee Peck Walter Williams W. J. Mc-
& Hiller, the most, extensive phos- Children's Panacea-The Mother's Friend. 1(;:
Cleary B. L. Smoak and Mr. Daven-
port; Mrs. Elizabeth and Miss Julia phate dealers ,in the state.' The Kind You Have Always Bo gllt1Bears
The disaster
Manchan. She has been asked by the ot,1894-5 that befell orange -

LUMBER FOR SALE patrons them the to coming teach term.their school for Moore. grove to change property: his occupation caused from Mr. the Signature of .."

''i The gold and silver entertainmentgiven orange :growing to_ cattle raising in '
Texas and from which "industry he ".' . .. .
at Mitchell's Hall last night for e ...1 ...
the benefit of Mrs. Lizzie Gattis was, recouped all the losses and more too ',,, "" '..:

AIR-DRIED FLOORING' CEILING AND SIDING; $n PER' all things considered, a success. The 'of'the freeze and he sold;the place to r
Mr. RichieVa Parisian gentleman of
cold weather kept a good
THOUSAND F. O. B. OCALA. ALL KINDS'OF BILL who would have ,gone. The many recitations away means for$5000' thinking :'he saw' .....

declamations etc. fortune. ,in ,growing av fine grade'of cigar -
STUFF CUT TO ORDER ', songs, were In Use For Over 30 Years. ,
of a very high order. Special mention tobacco and In the Improvementsmade > -

: should be made of the recitation' to carry "on this 'work he pent tae, :erxrau, It e.O.II !...-TT_Munfttr_ .',TOUR_. _,errr.__ __ -t, _' _i-o_ '
Crate Material .i __ ,_ '' --It'ir-- _
Cantaloupe ,. ." _. by Miss Florence Roberson; subject, $5300: which Included 'two large tobacco : : # : : = :- :: : ... :.. : _. .. .
: barns. that cost ,$1200 an Irrigating "
and Cabbage Crates a Specialty "Style. It was well rendered and :
greatly pleased the audience present 'plani'as much"more. ,- and in
A special feature of this entertainment adding attractions' to the natural

& Sl1i'th was that whIch'offered a first .beauties .of the homes, which 'are

Seymour> and second prize to the funniest shaded with some splendid' specimens --G. A. HUNTER--

dressed couple in the house. Mr. of oak plants(, enclosed in love
ly grounds; and on the ''shore of Lake
00a1s. &: 3o'icia.REAPI : Columbus Roberson won the first
prize and the second prize was givento Hiawatha, a sheet of spal'kllng.waw: Practical and Mechanical---
.' come unknown party. ter, covering several' acres, and remarkable ,
-- --- - from the fact that it
--- rests
Quite a number of ministers were
fraw In town today. We do not know like a' gem on the summit' of the elevated :- GUN AND LOCKSMITH ,

what the attraction was. range, fully sixty feet, above *...**
'- the roadbed that'skIrts the foot of the .
s1&ThE' Repairing a Specialty.
SftftSI elevation a quarter of a mUe';awar. !
ACw.inAe 4 comrade Mr. Cloverdale who in a ,Box 374, OppositeGity'.jarket; : [ b ala'Fla., .

Pt'MPLESP1cl.sant. modest way being an insurance man >t.;".!'

PURAj CON'i of a retiring .disposition, had casually .
intimated on the way out,* when he
*'2Iy wife bad pimple on her face,but learned how numerous the fish were, SOUTHLAND RABBITRIES
FD she baa been
taking CASCAKETS and
he.Vo ld ,stake his "rep" as the
.. hare all disappeared. I bad been troubled ,
y with constipation for some time, but after takng champion angler ,of Bluff ton; Ind.,1 pa '
c -= the first Cascaret 1 have had no trouble the banks ,of the "rasing Wabash"
ia F&1 2a, with this ailment. We cannot speak top high ALA FLA.
to hook ,
1 ly of Cascarets." FRED WARTMAH, the party-a full and complete .
i .yy LOOK Removes all Cores,unions and\7arts, 5708 Germantown Ave..Philadelphia,Pa. fish .dinner, or: forfeit his reputationas Ir '
FOR i without pain,speedily and permanently a worthy discipleof; .the great and D alers'in Imported and Fancy 'Breed :

_ : : DONKEY s\> AZVmgi&to LAST L > is Cons elABBOTT'S fiat *Av *Sr \,\, A1 CANDY immortal ,Sir;. Izaak but here .let the / .
ON EVERY v3k *y'i, LIPPwstt i B30S. 6 CATHARTIC reporter remark that the weather
; SACK and the bait was against our;'piscatorial ..G-l.ZiH. HARES. '' A.,

.Ss* Hoosier friend, and we let him ., = .. .?, -. . 4' f-oz'" "
off accepting in lieu of fish several
easy SOME RECENT IMPORTATIONS, : Queen Lipton, Yorkshire L&ai/Vub i
medicinal stories from the .famous ."
TRAD 5 MARK REOIS7IRCO Wonder; Duke William.Write us for Information. "
'ARTHER THAN CORN AND OATS. Indiana health resort Mud King Wantage. ,

Lake. : ,
Several months ago. Mr W. H. W. D. MORTON, Manager.

Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. IX Whitworth of. Powet, Ga., who for a
Good, Never Sicken. Weaken.or Gripe.lOc, 2Sc.50c. number of years has represented the p-

S Fresh Meat and Game ,... CURE CONSTIPATION.' .... Nashville Tenn., Saddlery this
3ltrilf,Renniy Coupler,Cblogo,Ucatrtal Sew Tert."Ala territory, and who took a liking' to
t Florida climate, 'and the possibilitiesof
I!A Tn Dlf* Sold and guaranteed\ by all drOll 41 1 ,.
1IU-U'BAU lUSts M cX'UKTobacco Habit.J its soil, chanced to. meet up with d -
We hand full line of the best Beef Pork ?Mutton and -
keep on a ,
Mr. J.: T, Lancaster whom he had ,, "
Sausage to be had. Oramem 'season. Fresh Vegetables, etc. been informed was an experiencedand

Careful attention to orders and quick delivery made. J. A. COLYER t & BROTHER reliable'real estate man and commissioned -' Beauty is Health

.a. him' to- buyIarg'e tract of lri.
\ I ' good land near Ocala; The Moore Walnut Lake,Art,bane 8,1900.
'ilr ,L. JONES, LONZO WALK&R, SUITS FROM EIGHT DOLLARS UP place at once suggested itself to Mr. I thank yon for the benefit received from
i your advice and the Wine of Cardui I took ia
Butche. Lancaster as the spot Mr. W. ;was; .5,, my terrible condition. Mr life wu no pleasure
Material '
for the
Proprietor. Unequalled looking. for, namely, a ,stock farm, in to me at all and I wu of no OM to.anrbody.
connection J tl; 'After receiving your advice and medfeine.l
with the of
growing cassava -
CITY I IVI 4& FA KET_ CLEANING DYEING AND REPAIR and. ,velvet: beans etc. The' 4 I + commenced. The t&kbe pains it and left began me and immediately the mensei isimprove. ,

ING NEATLY DONE place was visited and so pleased was ra which came at the correct time,continued thre* t
Mr.. Whitworth that, .Mr.* Lancaster. day*. I have gained strength and. medicine
has increased. My husband says the
was authorized to make the.:purchase;; has made me better looking than ever before.
Spring Samples in Great Variety for which he did, the first Monday of thismonth. MM.LIZZIB MAHMELL..

THIEF IN THE NIGHT.How Inspection The.,place ,is an.ideal.. one for the fc checks Womanly,''dear health complexion means And bright elastidty eyei of,form rosy 4

SEST SUITS FOR ,THE MONEYIN purposes designated and we trust Mr.
TOWN Whitworth and his brother-in-law, This is the youth unmeasured by year*-tiut
beauty of perfect womanhood. Beautiful women >
Mr. C. C. Woodridge. who is:to manage
and out of lire than
are happier get more
Catarrh Robs Its Victims of Health and Life. Our $8 Suits Are a Ten-Strike the place will have their .most "d their sisters whose faces indicate suffering
sanguine I expectations\ realized. IrWoj Wine of Cardu!made Mrs.Manneil"betttr look.
NORTH MAGNOLIA STREET :>ridge is now in charge and Js
Catarrh lathe most insldlons of Ingand infinitely happier because it cured her
s: disease. If neglected,it invariably Next Door to Geo. K. Robinson, the preparing to'begln operations" /3 r; of those terrible l pains. But she is no exception.VlNE'Ql.EARDUI .
reaches the bronchial tnbes and j sight zr
lungs,, readerlnjr ,them''weak and Y: r W Cotton Buyer 3
Our vis t-to this delightful spot was $
susceptible to consumption. \
P. 0. BOX 134 made more enjoyable ,by the excel

P. P.., lent dinner,served us by Major) -T-, D.
,is giving thousands of women health beauty and freedom from the dragging
Great Remedy), 1 Lancaster who was temporarily'; pants which made their lives to miserable. Wan faces,,hazard eyes
Is the only logical 'trutmeu't for L.1iLEXl1ND ER charge, and the array of .delicIOus mo emaciated forms are the results of suffering. What suffering can earn

this loathsome. disease. Catarrh is vegetables served would have ravished pare with the torture of irregular menstruation leucorrhoea ana fH& ef.
now cogais d as an affection of PracticalCARPENTER the stomach of-a confirmedTveg-
the blood, and not a mere local trou I etarian -supplied'from. flourishing .; 1 The
ble. The best blood purifier is there sharp pains : face.
fore the beat remedy, and the best AND BUILDER garden in the, care:of Mr. Hentz, a r. Menstrual irregularities rob the eye of its fire and complexion of Its
blood purifier is acknowledged to be <
t. P. P. Under treatment with P. note4 French ,gardener. transparency. Leucorrhoea drains the body of Its strength, but Wine of
P.P.the sictenln discharges,with Careful estimates made on all con Looking the .whole' field over, we :Cardui restores the natural beauty,brightens the ,dears the complexion,
hawking and cpltuag and offensive tract work. Gives- more, and better are. so Impressed with the outlook 'In rounds out the figure and brings back the vigor ere health. Every druggist

odor,aged radical recovery ear and toon permanent results. '' work for the money than any other' the plans. Mr. Whitworth' has' forniulated ti In this city handles; $1.00 bottles of Wine of CarduL
man in town. that we cannot help congratulating -
Tot tinte and literature addreff,drlng 7mptomi,Tti ladlM Adrlwry
Messrs. LimtAN BROTHERS, Savannah : '1 him on_the splendid bargain Department" The Chattanooga Medicine Company Cfiattaaoop Tena
,Qa.. secured and the bright prospects
Gents-I have used nearly four bottlesof \, ahead of him.SEVEN. '
P.P. P.,L[ Great Rem dy. I ,C o
wag afflicted[Prom the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. Your P. P.P..has cured my difficulty ! ,
of breathing, smothering, palpitation of the heart, and has relieved me of all pain. One., YEARS IN BED
nostril was ci a edfor ten years, tnt now I can breathe through it readily. 'II' C
I have not slept on either side for two years; ia fact,I dreaded to see night come.' Now sleep "
sotndly in any position all night I am$o years old, but expect soon to be able to take hold of the "Will wonders ever cease? ; Inquirethe
plow handlev feel glad that I was lucky enough to get P. P.P..and I heartily recommend to friends of Mrs. L. Pease, of Law-
my friends and the public generally. Yours respectfully A. M. :l.AYSEY. rence.Kan.. They knew she had been
TUB STATE OF TEXAS-County of Comanche.-Before the undtrsigned authority on this day 'SEABOARD _
personally& neared A. M.Ramsey, who, after being duly sworn,says on oath that the foregoing leave her bed.In seven. yearson __ _ .
statement made by him relative to the virtue of P.P. P.medicine is true. A. M.RAMSEY. account of kidney I and. liver trou-
Sworn to and subscribed before me this August 4th 1891.A 1r
]. M. LAMBERT N. P., Comanche County Texas. ble, nervous prostration and general -

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M. P. j-*. aciiutitoc and successful remedy for old sores, pimples, blotches and all Bitters enabled me to' walk," she
.dee.sea! of the skin and blood. writes, "and in three months I felt 'A R LINE
rv (ippman'8 Great Remedy)la well known to physicians,who prescribe it I '
P. |-*. la.R?ly in their re ftilar practice,the being: printed on every a new person. Women sutteringfrom' 0RAILWAY1OnlY
carton. Sold by all Dru gi8tS. Headache, Backache, Nervousness -

Sleeplessness;Melancholy, Faint
Brothers Savannah Ga. and will find it :
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trains daily from Memphis. Reaches .is ''guaranteed. Only 50c. Anti- Line withIncluding
and all
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Oklahoma and Indian .
Territory.Is Monopoly Drugstore.Consult .
the "True Southern Route" to J i "

.... -- ewro..t CALIFORNIA. \ Dame before buying ,your : Doubls Paul BrvjGB'L t1:

__"-..,.r./vtiw.I wvvrnTe.. ..,rvw. ..._ 01. 'Will\ sell tickets at greatly reduced fruit, lie always. has the most, the :
... .. ( 1\1 best and the freshest ..
... .
"'T '; I WHITE'S CRttvv n J rates to Texas, Oklahoma, , l

i ORM81! 'I v/ i a m i FU c s 11,\: and Indian Territory on February4th : ORLANDO SLEEPER Sundays ,

( J .,;..tnt&slBSk r ::tlaQniLty. (' and i8th. Write for ,books The,Seaboard Air Line operates Pullman 'To Savannah, Columbia, Camden,'Southern. Pines, Richmond"Washington -
( .. ......... .,..
y.J1>Si> Ni ,!var. ..%\/>: * ,*-\ -" -! +N.tMF.N'. and other literature of the West, Sleeping Cars between Ocala. Baltimore New York. ;
: \ ; 1t f _. : .. : ; ..
\If.Y 2C1 ,u u:1(l i:>Tt': '!a..o:,.y. .,... ''".....-..';...4. ;9iw?: .;{ ...:.i tr.-. \,',.,'',.>'i:J..f.t.'"....."i-..:..,'. i1-1-'Y! e?OJ............'alw.l r Northwest .and Southwest.H. Jacksonville and, Orlando. Secure ;

It" o :fl A.. "T.,......:.O-:7t.r.z..z' : : rr3c: C. Townsend, General Pass. Pullman- tickets at City Ticket Of Pullman's Best Cars .' '
', "S '" r; "" fice.
ni" )
e11f 4r ---r--- "_ t..";';. : :'.f.:4"t.'u..: l.r'aJJ _V'I4\'' ., I
: .a : .. St. Louis Mo. I. E. Reh-
iv+ ., """, ,,,"v"'N''#'''' ."",'- .r.--"r e"'For -....-."'-. Agt., ; .

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J ; YourLifeawayl '
_:-- : You can be cured of any form tobacco using A. olid vestibuled train, St. Augustine nd Jacksonville to New
-- --- --- easily; be made well, strong magnetic full of
PINA new,life ancvigor| by taking MO-TO-BJIC,' 'York. Consists of dining, compartment,' composite; : observation

ten that pounds makes tn Jweatiaen/ ten; days.strong' Qict S Many Q(I,OOOcured. gaia and drawing room sleeping'cars.. f '. .. '. > ; '.f':' ,

& Mcpuff : All druggists. Cure guarantee Book *; r *:
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Hardware Stoves, Farming Implements.PJlospllate \EVERY ON ',PARLOR- --- 'CAR. Sleepers JACKSONVilLE TO NEW OBLEINC"For '.

SACK. The. Seaboard. Line..Railway ,now
and Sawmill f 'K I operates Parlor Car on day trains .
Supplies, Jacksonville and -
: ;,. KEEPSMULES t between Ocala, A

UP ,; Tampa. sleeping car reservations and information! write A* O. Mac--:

Sash Doors and Blinds AND FEED I cr a.STOnX.. .E3.. i Done,- Asst.. Gen Pass. Agt., Jacksonville, Fla. 9.

i BILLS DOWN I i Sigaatnraof$eara t'.. -. .TkKi' Yw D"Iliia A8'21s:.... Boot4 'R.E.* L. Bunch, Gen. Pass. Agt.; J.: M. Barr, I st, -V./:P."-an4. <,j rG. -'
Etc. ':#
,Pipe and Fittings Ammunition, TRY ITI "A/A( 1,1'[ ,"'Portsmouth, VaK ..

.-- .

r r- ,x. '._ _>-:;, -< --1: A ,.".- .f..t4 ,..,-": ,,:;:, ---s :> ., c__ :.,

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'$', , . ...,.,. ' ''''= -.: ",: .- :.<' .., :; ,,.' '-rfl'r ..... J.J' J' ", ,;: ..... ."l- :;-7.'.,;.;,;<';
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.,. "';oI!! J' < :1'l -r ". .. '" -
4\ I ,.' + g>..:'., ., .""I' -::.. _
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,. ,. .... .. ._ ..,.. .' . .-- --- .
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_ -- v, (' .r_ .. ___ .:: --iT ;.:: C A.- '" 1' ., ." U. I
d .. _
I ._ ...
: *A Man's 'Comfort OCALA OCCURRENCES A' PLEASANT AFTERNOON : ' t-- .- . .t:"
: :'F:.''0'. Mrs T4llL. The ladles Of the Presbyterian S $ THEOERASE. :. .-
: I the best' thing to Spring dud 0
,"...,: $ i1rs. Fls ihurcii held their monthly eo&al/ye.v UJIllllCr Those .w'do not see the bsou'
insure his health. :erdayVfteraoott! at the homt> Mrs. Theater Co anyr who ?are af the opera

'/ ; We.carry; a line of Rossie,, ng iter George NacKay. A venyrfteresting house ;a4 thi$ week,, vfl miss a

': ;;; men's underwear Cedar'Key Oysters at Mento's., game wasTjJayed of aaming all thethings 1 P; ; i I ,STYLES, I IN NECKWEAR. ,: UN- rare, treatright" ", 4s the company is "all

. that will keep the Pineapples at the Hole in the WalL to'be rSanJ n a penny. Mrs. III I II t- and witI thoroughly tmue anti
Bessie McCdairclW the prize for please you. The preseatatloi: last "
';\ ., r body. warm ,but per- store.Hot."Drinks at the Post Office drug answerj "iDver sev&nteen questions. } H DERWEAR,: SHIRTS,., CLOTH night of "A Southern Romance :waa

mit free ,circulation JJefous refreshmentsS served very clever aad the ptece appealed
-' Choice new 'Florida,.syrup at MeGahagin's. and the ladies .
and keep'the pores cleared 'ov43. IN'G, HOSIERY'ANDMEN'S: AND more'strongly > the alienee's sympathies
1 ) I on account of the local inter
condition. '
C in healthy Kodaks rented' at the Post Office. 1 ; I est. as. the' scene Tr&s&id In the op

.. They are .the host drug store.Seaquads. TYPEWRITER PAPER c. BOY OUTFITTING3.. ARE NOW ening' act at' Sti 4u4st1ne, All the

". 4 j fleece-lined garments. 5c. a can. at the Hole fn ,We haye just received the biggest; well way through, th4 pJaf was good .and.

r ever sold for $I.OO a suit. We the WalL lot of fine typewriter paper-any fii- /j: i, 4- : COMING, 'IN. THE PLACE TO: their, presented particular Ai 'rts.people There good In

have them in all sizes and in tin An elegant line of box paper, all Ish or thickness, .desired and full ,: *" ,several, t are
: ability, and
lengths-ever carried in Ocala and
es and tints. OcalaJIw&
z BUY ULOTH..4G, AND FURNISHINGS many a comediiof was produced
and :
(Elmo/Davidson/ has been very sic will make special prices on ream lots <. by their
(500 sheets), Ocala News Co. '' specialties
iut is able to be out again. q "s were refreshing /but, quite -amusing.and .

SHAPELY AND PLEASING Burl DOn celery. at the Hole In ISThe there were/seviral particularly

rtit' the Wall. A CHARLESTON EDITION to good songs an
U You' can't be U77" tor Colds' and Grip- 'at.the AntiMonopoly -.) ---.- --" L ota 'Clyde Rogers afcd Beatrice La
I 'The Charleston Veishn. Mr.
Exposition edition
drug store.. :, special
r too careful of I of the New York Sunday World. 011 mention aor ,his gfcecialty work.
.. :health, and you . W. E. S uel yesterdayfrom sale by the Ocala News Co. between actst and MniRp\}soa ,has -
Newbe "
I ,. 'equjre.garments : HABERDASHERY lost'none o his power'ta amuse and

designed / ; 'A complete line of fine canned goodsat Rev. '3. c.. Porter 'returned yester- : captivate and found man! old friends
In "
McGahagfn's.Ripe the audfence. \
: day from _Presen. ay Stetson .
'for comfort andstyle 'l
I, jii i I tomatoes at, the Hole in :the University an aid that ove $75,006 !. SNYDBR: ; Prop :, The- company willggire war $10 'la
too. These'I : ,. Wall. in -cash property had been < : \. :': cash Saturday night. The* Is a box
fur coats, and ':' ."Smart $erl3S4tvuh. at Ocala presented to the ith versIty. Dr. f -..:f : : : : at the head of the stairs write'your-

I , fu.rjtrimmedjackets I' N Strong, New York,Ma: or Fletcher, name Op"a slip of paper aim deposit
of Jac nville, Govern Jennings, it as you go in each night, ana on Sat-
are care- Albertus- Vogtcltv i Dr: E ter,' -Chicago- J. Spark- urday night a slip will be draVi from

fully made of today. I man of DeLand, and Dr. Forbes ot 'bilL' Spring Suit! .r.. the box, and the name of thelperson

-r. 'rich materials,. Garden seeds for spring *r arriving i Ste n University, made* excellent therein' will receive a prize ofCflO.
at Tydings &. Co's. Tonight the new Russian
Which comedy
i the occasion de-
and every point, which in- sp>> che on IF PURCHASED. FROM US, WILL GIVE YOU BETTER drafea, "Sitouka/ will be '
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:Lures shapeliness.'THE of every kind at Tydings & Go's. I tic wnicji gat&eral in the FIT AND'STYLE THAN YOU CAN OBTAIN time In Ocala, Admission -
i ,ELSEWHERE.. is 25, 35 and 50 cents.
The tom
lar of
Japanese napkins, all grades and : e auditorium the iversity.

BEST STOCKINGS 'I pretty, designs.. Ocala News C<>. !Th \university' n'owh abo fOG PUTS A FULL LINE I OF'THE .FAMOUS ED. V. PRICE l $, C.OVS SPRiNG J.1JiY';?ernoon! will matinee give the, usual. Saturday 5!af-

. U 1.- '. !L7 Weir I pits oiled. } forty tea.c com? I. ; .
For winter wear pose fjicutyy. f ts' c1sh'40WI lf AND SUMMER SAMPLES 4UST'fE CEIV I D; : . r
L" : I after his oaugy/ ove .1 : '_ > ..; ,DWELLING FOR 'SALE \
which and pn ty is how mated .at : "
are those ,
; The finest line of the freest candIes f COME AND SEE US, <
", .. I will keep the feet | at Dame's.Best I nearly a mi _,s, and its poprani My two-story residence of eight -
I uJa.rUy and usefulness is increasingvery ..
-'- : -
rooms cistern
; lot 72x150 feet
warm and which Smoke, 5 cents, Porto Rlcam rapjdjy I -'- Dough
: don't pull orThey'll tear 'Cigar at the Post Office drug tore._ street near Ocklawaha avenue.
t*** May be Inspected any day.after. 2
wear bct-U >r. and Mcfi off&ingham, of- Ka, Young gil Newsom, of our Ocala News Co.Israel's -. m. Octavia M. Cilly, Ocala Fla.p.
[een, n town. ..
and be 2-15-St
t'er a pleasure stee .townsman. D. New-
; ,
Florida and California at _ _ _ .. '
every cold day oraages som s progressing rapidly long boy- .- -----. l -
We have them in the Hole In the Wall. h days,, For a year or E he could 'FURNITURE;. FOR SALE

solid colors in Cemetery lots leaned and cared for. b seen daily on his black) oldfacedaudience , ( Old Stand.), c A lot of household and kitchen fur-

or .by the Greenhouse. nYa Now he has progressed so farthat \ :;' :,.' niture and' personal effects will bet
stripes, or a t her, M. cTLtWIpii||ant luJifn iiTTTji last he has hitched his ho to'a new :, ; -- ,.- ' __--_____* :-- -"..- 1; sold at a very reasonaole price. The
: ,:
. The kind will me: night Da business ror, e. wagon and goes:around n with' ht ",: : : goods ,are stored In the, rear of Dr.
figures. .
you 1 -and other and sister, as panions, andno' Full. Stock. 'of' ,:Blank" Books,, All Sizes, New Popular Bound :Books.b, ::'r.i : .' Toph's office. Theodo e"L1ndberger.
Turkish Egyptian Cigarettes at .
that :
like to wear, and the kind es a playmate, in : ';' <,:; . :' .
will the most. satisfaction th* Post Office drug store. Rulings and Prices. Standard Works in' Bound'Boeks.
.give you for good. measure. ,_ ) A THOUSAND DOLLARS THROWN
Fres} Apples and. cabbage at, the .> t':.; '-._- ,
Foley's Honey ,and Tar cures the Stationers'Supplies { "* '. AWAY
In the ; s :of All KInas.' Dictionaries. ; ;" f': ;'. ,
M. FISHEL .' WalLliejrjck, of Lie' x. i' cough caused by attack ot la grlppe '! : ,". r t -. Mr. IV. W. Baker, of PlaTnview,

Pencil Mills, at.Crystal Rh er,', It heals' the lungs. Ajiti-Monopoly Best Line, of Box Papers.' ,and Tablets, Bibles... , :' J-\:\ 'Neb.. writes; "My wife had lung

-- in t Drugstore. . , t< ,-'V ':.-\. ''*1.- ', trouble' 'for over fifteen years. We

BLANK BOOKS. Florida sponges, for bath or buggies - urner, the photograp> now Any, Color, Finish, 'or Price., 'Games. and 'Playing,Cards j over.ried: a number of doctors and spent
4 < ;
f \ a thousand dollars
a without
cuples the Harter any'relief.
at Tidings & Co.'s. cottage on ortli ::" ,
We have Just added a new supply Magnolia' ,street, and has also purchased Paper Bound Novels., . ; '. Pen Carbon Letter Books. ,. ';."':- .' She 'was very low and I lost
to" our already .complete1 line of Blank Bottom nsn and' mullet always the photographic outfit eta the > ,. ;'" alt hope. when a friend suggested tryIng

Books, and now have the largest aud frU-M ier of North Second__ /Northia Foley's Honey .and Tar which I
best stock of Blank Books in all'sizev Naval Stores Operators DJ; A. 'Cork , -. did: and thanks be to this great remedy
prices and rulings of any house'in t'i\j and Walter Ray, of Marvel and Ellsla OcalaNews'Co. It saved her life; She Is stronger -- .

county. Those wishing anything In tmim trnla When you lack energy, do not relish and enjoys better health than'she-

this line will find sp inducements; !Baskets, all' sizes and shapes 1. , (the your food, feel dull and stupid after has ever. '_; n known__ __ _In_ ton.__ vo-tra..___ Wn'"yo
eating! all"you need is dose of shall
;atour: store. The Ocala News,Co. Ocala, News Co., a. _
Chamberlain's gtpmach! and Liver and Tar and. would ask those afflicted '

'-.. '.' A CONVINCING ANSWER Terkewetn Oil, the best liniment Tablets. They will'make you '{eel der'At PIANO CHEAP to try. it" Anti-MonoppJly Drugstore. _
hobbled into Mr.. Blackmon's made, guaranteed by Tydings &'Co. like'a new man and give you an'appetite t reatment ot Dr. Calhou '- *

; 4"I .M IUrIWrtaIna like' a bear. For, sale by AntiMonopoly ta for the past twoweeks for his TODAY'S FIRE ome evening! says-Wesley I H-H Anyone
wishing high grade
piano, _
'f eve I ,cards. ars, returned this morning /greatly
Nelson, of Hamilton :GA., and he ng.t.. very cheap for cash, would Ido'well to '
.asked 'me, to..try Chamberlain's Pain tnnjnr TiIirnrrT nBl flrffnVr :for "M. ansen, 01 uamDrreg viass., -roved and Wil esmiMnEis posi- call at this office. '' There was an alarm of fire at 2

Balm for ,rheumatism, with which J March-at-tlie: Ocala, News . tore. ai',ved' In.'tlie CIty Sunday mor'hg' jon at tae Anti-Monopoly Drugstore.J. o'clock -this"afternoon from the north-
met by 'Mr. Morse who took R. .Moorhead, with 'a of 1 eastern part of town. The fire department -
had suffered ,for a long' time. I ..told Jf you like your food careftUY"'and er gang ,
him .had, no faith in, any medicine, skillfully prepared, try the Club. ;House Lake, Bryant and will -visit"- tl graders, went down to Bay City this were out and after It In .a
as they, all failed. He said: 'Well, tables. : ., and 11rs. Morse a month or afternoon to grade, the- railroad'.spur CASTOR tew'seconds, but could 'not reach the '

If Chamberlain's Pain Balm does not gge'in' M. DmSen was' Mr. ,' Morse' tner which Mr. Moorhead has contracted fire, with 'water. The fencing around
tourisi this
:help you you need not pay.'for It.' J morningRive r.from F' tal I inthe 0 the big to put in for Miss Annie,Ball, the 'woman - For Infants and Children. a negro's property, which was very
: dry and
surrounded with: dead
freeze. phosphate miner. ; gras,,
took a bottle of it- home and used it _
-according'to the directions and in one ; 'Coke 'Shampoo and Toilet' Soap for Messrs. Geo. K. Robinson and ''. ,G. Ftie Kind You HaY Always Bought was 'bUrning fiercely and the boydwentout
and tore
'Week I was cured, and have not since Atlanta; Constitution, daily'and Sun the hair, scalp and skin, cleans, beau Bright played off their tie of Saturday the fence and

been troubled with rheumatism." day, for' J5. cents' ; per weekV Ocala tifies. For sale, ,by Anti-Monopoly yesterday afternoon on the golf Bears theSignature , house beat out the fire thua saving the _
0 'and the thanks of the
Co. .
; Sold by Anti-Monopoly ,Drugstore. Drugstore, links with first honors for Mr. Robinson ofBLACKSMITH .ia u' were profuse. owner
-' _
"___ J] Fernandina eJ ." ,
Clear .Cigarettes 'ten
,... Havana in. a I "
..... ".JJU.lHi.u'NClI/TS <: !ch wilThere e" Jne. box, 25 cents,) at the'Post Office drug -- '." A RAGING, ROARING FLOOD

store.IrsT.'____ ___, STEPPED INTO LIVE COALS Washed down
REAPI6TEE m] Is good as'our AND REPAIR WORK a telegraph line which
[ none so gen.ube
S .. -
Charles Abson will enter in "When child I Chas. C Ellis, of Lisbon, Ja had to
burned foot
Creamery Butter-fresh a my
CrJIfln AMJU fit'feet ten '.'.: and pure. I
. at progressive wfcjst. '.tomorrow a r.Xl' frightfully," writes: W, H. Eads of We have'opened a blacksmith shop repair." -'Standing waist deep in icy ,_ _
W.J. Jonesville, Va., "which caused horrible and general wagon making and repaIring water he writes, "gave me,a terrible '
: B.-.Lucas, the well known, h vy- business,In the Sanders' old cold and cough. It
i.HERMITAGE DAIRY Stove wood, sawed any length, all leg sores for 30 years;' but Bucklen's stand grew worse daily.
.. weight naval stores operator, 111 pine all oak or'xnixed. desired between the laundry and the railroad Finally the best doctors in Oakland
*Swefct Separator Creac. kept on 1 th0 year round. Sweet Milk aerated big one horse lead, delivered to any after everything else failed." Infalli-. and are ready to do all kinds of black- Neb., Sioux,City and Omaha said I had

and cooled to take out the animal heat, Porto RIcan Cigars, the best FIVE part'of the city, for 75 cents..' HobrtGrahanu be for Burns, Scalds, Cuts, Sores, smith and repair"and guarantee Consumption and could not live. ThenI

improving flavor and keeping qual CENT smoke in the cIty- at the Post at Olles' Cotton Gin. Bruises and Piles Sold by Anti-Mo- satisfaction as to quality of work and began using Dr. King's New piscqv* _

ities. Geo. B. Tyler. Office Drag Store. 'R M. 'Honeycu pttst nopoly Drugstore.: 25c. prices.. Call and give us a trial, ery *and' was wholly. cured by sir bot

Box 821, 'Ocala. Fla. travel each way, through Oca 1s ster who bas been here fo sev- )rfcQuag Bt 8. ties. Positively guaranteed for
V | both roads Coughs, Colds and all Throat and
very heavy over Just no al weeks, has accepted a cal thep
"tfou can help anyone whom you find Every train is crowded and many, f dij vv* tethechurefrachua.Mothers FOR RENT FOR STOMACH TROUBLES"I Lung'troubles by Anti-Monopoly Drug
e peoplestop in town. Not having made a sale of my Ocala store. Price 50c and $1. Trial bot.
suffering from Inflamed throat; laryn- have taken a great many differ
can safely give Foley's
ii residence, I now offer it' for rent for ties free. , '
jgealitrpuble bronchitis, coughs, colds, Bannister, Foot Glove'and Backard Honey and Tar to >their children for ent medicines for stomach trouble
this Apply' to' Mrs. J. H. Hill -
tc byn.advising the use of BAIr & Field Korrect Shape' Shoes for coughs ,an<1 colds, for it contains no Ocklawaha year., Fla. ,. and constipation 1." says Mrs. S. Geiger f
LARDS HOREHOUND SYRUP? the men, at Rheina. er's. '!' ,' opiates 'or jother poisons. AntiMonopoly of Dynkerton, Iowa, "but never A BANKER PRAISES |
great remedy for coughs and colds. had as good results from as tromChamberlain's _
Hard water soap, four cakes .for S Drugstore ___ Are you nervous, run-down, weak any '
Price 25 and 50 AntI TYNER'SDyspe.psia '
cents. nopo Stomach and Liver
vents t t Antt-Monopoly drug etson University trustees and dispirited? Take a few doses of _
ly Dm Tablets. For
sale by Antl-Monopo-
e. ave re-appointed Rev. J. Cjjgpfter HERBINE. It will Infuse new ener- '
Remedy _
C. W. Turner. of Pine, ,v in the ease 'of gy, new life into the exhausted nerves, STOVE WOODAt

't thattieig.S onday and stated_______ e would salary. the overworked brain or mjiscular
time, in size In kills lots of
beby be at AntnbnyTor some time'tp 'come For Rent-Furnished room; hot and system, and put 'a new face on .life any any and any; Worry people and
'ula aual in U of the sto1dcr3 ; cold water; close to square. Apply atRttirnfflfft : and business. Price, 50 cents. AntI !- quantity at the lowest market price. sometime bankers. It impedes digestion -
the Ocal ater Comp4v ti1lbe "666" for Fever or Chills is guar tf I Monopoly Drugstore.FOR' Drop a card in :Box 5, to L. 0. Booher. .
d 4n cIty of Od4a onWedn antecd to cure, 'at the Anti-Monopol i 1 irritates the nervous system

ay, br y tl19 for drug store. ms M. Tompkins, one of Su ,,erIn- SALE Admiral George. Dewey writes: "I and in many ways destroys the _

.thgeI 0 f offic anuch thers1nes Fine family grocery trade Is solic- t{ndent Cam's competent teachera)! at have used COKE DANDRUFF CURE health If you are worried with _

S may be eMIly rcgiitefor ited and fresh first cJass.,..goods only meo,fin renewing for the St)/; (.x- Vacant: lot fqur biqcks from patmc for' the past year' and found it an excellent business or other troubles, Tyner's1)yspepiia

B '. Anders are sold. W. E. McGahaginu.! ten s she8'for..Ua.auctess.'When square. Apply at this office. preparation." For sale by An.

Campl1, ec'4. PYCIdL. ] other remedies fall, Arkansas ti-Monopoly Drugstore. Remedy will meet and
'B1 S va-J\oqro e r atte.beTh Chill and Fever Tonic will break up The most ,reliable preparation for baffle all ill effects; It cures indigestion {-

Oysters served in any style, at anytime tzgerf14. TFt to chills and fever;}. Tydtn ft Qfv ley's'kidney Kidney troubles 'on Cure.the Anti-Monopoly market is Fo PULLMAN 'TICKET OFFICE _and dyspepsia tones up the

of the day or evening, at Dame's. .Our fancy Four Crown Creamery e t4r received three new sub- Drugstore. stomach and thus, insures calm, refreshing -
ribers 'today. One 'from? Kinsley, Seaboard Air Line
Butter .is unexcelled. W. E. McGaha sleep and a good healthyand
gin. xone from, PfflflS-***" one' from. We take a Just pride ii* gur pre- Sleeping! car reservalons can now _be invigorating appetite.

IIDNEYDISEASES Smoke the Little Porto Rican Cigar. Boston,' Mass. scripiiqa! .'department We .use only made at City Ticket Office, next

Five cents at the Post Office. drug -The best table and best service in the purest drvjgs. Tydings & Co. door to post office. WHAT A BANKER SAYS

stor', Ocala at The St. Denis. - Mr.. Chas. E. Currier, pf the At-

are them1ata1ofa1di! 4-"A7 W. McDonald, L. ,B. Me d ." Wm. An4erson is slowly PURSES, CARD' CASES. ETC. Cures Cancer, Blood Poison, Eating; lanta National Bank, says:. 'Tof

( and J. B. McDonald, pf :ParadiS3,'\ere ing from his severe illness ecovis Sores, Ulcers Costs Nothing ten
.use Tyner's Dyspepsia Remedy
eases. among yesterday's guest r-t the The Ocala News Co. has just re to
e to sit up a little e ay. Try
House. ceived a very handsome line of ladies', for acute indigestion, and have always
KIDNEY CURE IIII ; ,'- The "sTTOefitTT-oCePoffers special Don't let the hand of time' paint gentlemen's and children's purses; Blood poison and deadly cancer'are found that it 'gives' immediate -
fOLEY'S wriaIae'Qi your face. Keep young. the worst and most deep-seated blood
pocketbooks bill books card 'cases
I Guarantied Bemedj.y ,f attractions to families wishing a first ; relief. I consider it a medicineof
by keeping the blood pure and the digestive cigar cases, etc., in genuine alligator. diseases on earth, yet the easiest to
class a d..qUiet1rltfte"'t
refunded. Contain n -J'T."Parish, a young railroading4rom ; tion. HERBINE. will do this, Health finished. Part of them have Ocala, used. If you have blood poison, pro- Pries 50 cents per large bottle. For
money Alabama, is now ni ti ., af nt a.t is yputh disease and sickness brings ducing ulcers bone-pa1ns-
Fla., burned into the leather. The pimples, sale by druggists Six bottles for _
remedies recognized by eminent U e'r depot. old age. Price 50 cents. Anti-Mo- prices are much under those usually mucous patches, falling hair, itching $2.50, or sent ,by express on receipt of

physicians as the best for Just received at McJver &: MacKay'sa. TinpnTj. :PrncPtmr.-......._._ asked for this character of goods. skin, scrofula old rheumatism or offensive price fby Tyner's Dyspepsia Remedy

trouble handsome line of window sides at xfhe Woodmen of the Wortd n ve Call and see them. -" form of catarrh, scab3 and Co, 107% S. Forsyth St, Atlanta Ga.

Sidney and Bladder moderate'prices. received a complete set of parapjter.lia scales, deadly cancer, eating, bleed- Send 5c. to pay postage. for a sam

PRICE SOc. and $1.00. Foley's Honey and Tar is b sst! for for the initiatory cer aids. .r- ,, tug, festering sores, swellings, lumps, pie bottle. ,

croup and whoepiog cough, containsno Kidney complaint kills more people PROFESSIONAL CARDS persistent wart or sore, take Botanic For sale by Anti-Monopoly Drug Co.,
AnU-Mon poly Drugstore, Ocala, Fit. opiates, and cures quickly.l'Sionopoly Car I than any other disease. This is due Blood Balm (B., B. B.). U will cure J

tul jnothemkecpJUn4jiiou ,. A's' to the disease being so insidious thatit even the, worst case' after everythingelse
R. D. FULLER -: fails. B. B.;& drains the poison
Drugstore. gets & good hold on the 'system be- : CornandUtsllioft
r- out-of the system and the blood, then
( W. .E. McGahagin's little girl: 'hsbeen fore it. recognized, Foley's Kidney "
: DENTIST: every sore heals, making the. blood TRY
sick I Cure will prevent the development of -
\ quite but under Dr. Ne -- I
fatal disease if taken in time. Anti- 1 pure anu rich, and building up the
DONKEY ON CIQ s skillful attendance, tg g i Monopoly Drugstore. Office Over Munroe &'Chamblist Bank broken-down bo<1y. Botanic Blood

bet ere 1 Balm (B: B,,B.) thoroughly tested for PURii''FEEDvFor
Sage 10 n'esin packages for flavoring
There Is probably no disease or condition :I OCALA'JORIDA.. . tt: 20 years. Drugstores, $1 per large
FEED of the human systen that meats at the Anti-Monopoly drugstore ' bottle Trial treatment free by writIng

causes more suffering and distres I ; ,IScgateujupouBd,*-6-...ccnte a Blood Balm. Co., Atlanta, Ga.. Describe -
,1 than piles. TABLER'S BUCKEYE I package ..-..... J. E. CHACE, trouble and free medical ad-

PILE OINTMENT cures them quick 'G. Horses ly, without pain or detention fron( the Ocala.< Foundry and Machine' DENTAL SURGEON not: contain mineral poisons or mere = NMAr= (Ian! _

business. Price, 50 cents in bottle3. ; having succeeded Weath-
Works Mj> Office ( Commercial BankBldg cury (as so many advertised remedies
)5 e.n4 Tubes., 75 cents. Anti-Monopoly. Drug eibea&1udayr' Upstairs do), but Is composed of Pure Botanic 4''d/" > %'Gtk1ig! :

'_.. store. Best selection of Lace Curtains, OCALA.FLORIDA. Ingredients. Over: 2000 timonlals -

Cows. ,A, beautiful'line of toilet sets nd Mattings and Window Shades., at of cure' by,taking'Botanic- Blood Stoc

tine, lamps 'at Mclver & MacKay's.. .Rkeinauer's.' 1-.. TERMS CASH .Balm {SB,. B: B.), z ; _

'., ,1 -' __

... .. .' ; - _
-.' ; -' - ;: Kfio% Y :- jf. -"; "s'f- .......,'t ,w.' t=tt1"ft.' '" 0'"-:..., -'-' ' -. '' 'J- '-' ,-


t i .
.. 'tt. ,c . }_ ,,'L ; ,__'.
<;.: : ', \. -" "-
; : : : .
: '' ,
: :
'- J i'; ;. ',-. : ,

fl'f'. {,1.1THErA" ;}',. : RI !. FACTORY SALE OF F WEATHER. FORECAST 1 I,;;r", AI 4'iivi- 9, Editor. CARD. Star, OF By THANKS the .request, --.' and'. Gala Furniture Cl ]

_ '<' ; r' : (Courtesy of Postmaster Groves) in behalf, of the Ocala RUles, I take' ;

,ir ? BITTINQER: AND COMPANY f j jt Washington, Feb. IS For Eastern I All women who; suffer this mode of expressing our warmest
,,; Florida alr and continued cold tonight thanks to the many who EO kindly
;. :iv Proprietors and Publishers .. : from ,chronfo B. C. SMITH, 'Phone ;e. to.'FURNITURE*
with fr&HJn/iorthern and cen I eat their aid to the'success of our
; { j:r tral portions weekday fair with 'play. EspecJ Mfc&oks are due 'the
I. C. L. t-BITTINGER' 'r r to writ lto Br .PSQPCQ." '
t rising temperatt&e.. Star and .Bann r puK dailies, also
:, Editor and Business Manager. t rI I That advice is based, upon ,practical Prof. NprChcutt wnbs. nave been' of .
; I .: I MRS. CARMICHAEL BETTER experience,: After suffering -months, much assistance throe out. 'We also
.' 'R. R. CARROLL, City Editor. and'finding no benefit result from the wish express our sin erest thanks '-AND
I 'to -
th orchestra :
which furnished
':, Mrs. Ed Cazmichaei, jfrho.has been treatment of the us 0
Ratersd at the 'Ocala Postoffice' as sec lying at thepoint or death for the], ."' 'local physician with ;uch sweet .music; [so'essential
to th
Miss Belle Hedrick success of any may of like
past week, Is very uch'better today, UNDERTAKINGGet
ond class matter. we are glad y. ..(L wrote to.Dr. Pierce kind also to Mr. Adejbert Moody.
\ for' advice. She Capt. ._V. Roberts"deserves great
acted on the advice credIt thanks, amrProf. Rutledge,
:., WE. SECONj IE. NOMINATION, DEATH AT WlLLlSTON e"J7 regained her appe.;. of ,the RobU&a-Sfcfafer Co., who'came
!I." the, recovered her In pat in an emergency and Mr. K.
i.: The umteryllle Tiines nominates By the Mrs. Sam Wiljisr-wile of the -
popular and Wallace, and others well
strength, gain many as as
:{ r ,D. H. Baker, \of Orange agent for HesPlant System at WilIston ed several. pounds the kind, people who,made.up the,au- Our Prices. '
r.;i Ho/fie, for railroad commissioner; If and/a son oTyCL W. Willis, for .-.= 41\ 'in weight dience. We sincerely thank them all. t
i Spator Baker Is a Candida the peoe CABLECOMPANY whom tire town wasXnamed, died at 1, .... --I': ".\ ",\\me to Doctor i John,M. Graham t

'; *'.le could not confer the o upon a her home yesterday afternoon after a -.. vPierce" is good advice ..Secretary Ocala -Rifles.t Northwest Corner of Square'
: ore honorable, capable a d conseF !- short Illness. I :=:;?,. 1L' for every ;
,.. jtlous gentleman.., We ow them The community deeply sympathizes f, woman to follow.
The claim of other
!- and.can vouch for hi .-Galnes- with tie sorrowing husband in the It costs nothing.Dr. . cough medicines
viI Sun.t' loss of\hls bride sf only a few tc be'as good as Chamberlain's Are r
Pierce invites :
effectually set at rest In,the following cLJN lI$ l
{ Wem Senator cer a good, months x / sick women to con testimonial of Mr. C. D. Glass, : :
an em.
t tried an Ie servant and A casket wwgent out on the noon : letter
-. Florida's Interests In his hands will Plant System train and the funeral ehimAdd Dr., ploye of Bartlett & Dennis Co., Gardiner -
Me. He
be faithfully and honestly admlnls- took place this afternoon., says "I had kept
R. V. Pierce
..tered. valids' Hotel and adding to a cold and, cough,in,the winter Dry and Dress
of 1897 trying every cough medicine
OCALA HOUSE ARRIVALS 1 'SufR cal Institute, Goods
s I heard of without permanent department
.Mr. and Mrs.. J. R. Avery of Mt. One year ago our factory shipped Buffalo, N. Y.. help, until one day I was in the drug

Alto, Pa, accompaflT&nJyvMra. Mary to Ocala a carload. of twenty pi Monday In a little over thirty years,Dr. Pierce, store of Mr. Houlehan and he advisedme is z ow complete.
Duncan' of Qidmbersburg, arrived : assisted by his staff of nearly a score of
ya. anos.. We so'd this ,big number of to try Chamberlain's' Cough Rem
Saturday afternoon and Chas. W. Winter, Florida; F. S. Ir- ,. has treated and cured over .
guests o /the Monte ma until were'Suns pianos inside of ten days and had bey, Atlanta; D. S. Woodrjfwe, city;' half physicians a million women. edy and offered to pay back my ,*

day afternoon, when\ they went to to order others from our branch Miles Furry, St. Louis; M B. Oliver, "I suffered from female weakness,, for five and money bronchial if I ,was not cured. My lungs -
C.! S.'Sn der. Jacksonville; Wm. Emmons months.",writes Miss Belle Hedrick .of Nffc tubes were very sore at XIne -
Weir Imrk and tarried] with Mr. and store in 'The
success Satannah; R. BT Davis, Gaines Putnam Co.. W.Va.III was treated by a good this time but I was completely cured
Mrs H. L. Martin on4 night, when e'met with during that sale has ville: -E. B. Simmons, Louisville; W. physician,but he never seemed to do me any by this remedy and have since always .
they proceeded to Lalfe Bryant and good-' I wrote to Dr. R.V, Pierce for advice,
will be the guests of, Ar. .and Mrs. J. led[ our'factory to ship.anoth'er car H.: Jones, Baltlmpye; E. C. F. San which I received,telling me to take his'Favorite turned to it when I got a cold Big of Shoes
chez, Horatio Davis, Gainesville; Mr. Prescription and'Golden Medical Discovery.' and soon find relief. I also recom-
In this we.have
A. Morse for monOl Mr. load, shipment .
& or more.
I took thirteen bottles of Favorite Prescription mend it to
and Mrs. my friends and am gladto
Clra. Michel
Avery haY&yery fl /orange grove on the finest cases of 'our celebrated Thomas, Gjrfnesville Paris; C. C. and eight of'Golden Medical .; When say it is the best of'all cough med- and Hats Spring
A. W.
Lake BryanVef-iw also ; I bad used the medicine a month my health\Vaa
nty-nvo acres, makes, Conover, Cable, Schubert, ; L. B/McD\nald, J. B. McDonald, mu\d improved. It has continued to improve icines." For sale by Anti-Monopoly 'Goods.
one of ten acres at Moss Bluff, which until BOW I can-work at almost all kinds of Drugstore. coming sonG
are looking well. Mr. Morse has the Kingsburry and Wellington Pi Powell/AlbertuVVogt, Dunnellon; J. hotrr/ork. 'I had scarcely:any appetite-but it
In anos. We manufacture them at B. Ljrcas, Daisy\L. G. Billings and is all right now. .Have gained several
groves wife; New York; I\H.- King, Atlanta .. I advise all who suffer from chrome
our. own factory pnd sell them di J. W. Morris, SelmV Ala; Mrs. W. to write to Dr. PierceDr ,

.. The Star iv'Prme.d' to note that rect, to the:customer in this way.: W. -Smith, Cincinnati: S. R. Jones, Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulatethe Mrs. Mary Allen announces"'that the "

Mr. llle. Tt>former resident of ...... Atlanta; M. H. Chambers, Jfew York. bowel Dixon House, now ,a handsome twen SIDE cf PUBLIC SQUARE

JOe"i' an excellent printer but ty room hotel, opened oh January 6.
for few, year an assistant! in You save the ,MOZLEY'S LEMON ELIXIR MONTEZUMA. ,ARRIVALS, This' well appointed house faces the ,,NEWS AND. OPINIONS'
the office of the. Miami Metropolis ,
river 'and is well located Fishingand -Of-
has scf advanced his fortune, commer A Pleasant Lemon Tonic' Monday hunting were never, better. Mrs. NATIONAL 'IMPORTANCE

dally that he has se/erect his connec- Prepared from the fresh juice of Lem w., M. D s, Lbckhart; A. Waterman AHem has- made arrangements to fur
tIon with the Metr oils and is now MIDDlE J MAN'S PROFIT ons,' combined with other vegetable city, J. L: ReynyTds, Southcksonville nish boats and guides for her guests.
asslstinjf'his fafcHer In his racket liver tonics, cathartics, aromatic stim- Carolina; F. Parker,, ; Write for rates. 1-20-02-lm + .
store,.*in/wirfelfJoe. has an.interest, THE SUN
A. R. W .
and the growth o/ the business domanded ulants. Sold, by druggists.. 50c. and Toph, c ; S Cogwell, f i
Belleview Mrs
?, 1 bottles. ; Benedeck, OCALA HOUSE BARBER SHOP
his assistance.
For biliousness and constipation.For Belleview; L. W.'J on,,Lake City;

p-. Indigestion' foul stomach H. W. Meeker, assa; H. Elli- The 'Ocala House Barber, Shop, J&cated ALONE' '
iRey. C. K. Marshal] of Bowling .You can save'$40 to For'sick and nervous headaches. son, Florida; W Savannah;" ;in the.middle of.the front of the CONTAINS BOTH ,'. ". '
Green Ky., the ""ailedpastor : For ,palpitation and heart failure K. W. Horse Abe, ; L.. Haley, hotel; offers the best: service In, its -
'of'jtho Ocala risua church; and ,$75 on a Piano if you take Lemon Elixir. city; A. L.>rerlack, Jac 1 son ville; C. line.of any place In the city. Comb; Daily by mail, -/ $a'ayeirDally

1 Rev J. R., Blj s,. edit of the Religious For sleeplessness and nervous,.pros. C. Wooldrwge, city; H. Whit tent and skilled workmen and courteous and Sunday, by mat'I/ $Bye; r
Digest, left last night for Date BUY tration; worth, city; ,J.'W. Morris, 'ftJcRae; H. treatment. Geo., F. Williams. THE SUNDAYVSUN-, -
t Land to atten the convention rOw. For loss of appetite and debility... W. Frachtman, city. Proprietor.
: is the greatest ,Sunday newspaper; In
of the Chrlittfvenes ch ch, which con For I fevers, malaria and chills, take :- the world.

there today. Lemon Elixir. A NIGHT ALARM GREASE,YOUR BUGGIES, Price Sc. copy.. By mall, t2"year"

1 Remens ber the Robson The er Co 1/ 1 M1y} f Tfl Days From a Prominent ,Lady ; Worse than ,an,alarm at nightis f; 'AND .HARNESS Address THE SUN New.York.

\ who play tU week and 'Sa day mat I have not been able in two yearsto the brassy cough of croup, which We now' have: .

fuse, will glvurdajr. ay $1 n cash Sat- walk pr stand without, suffering sounds like the children's death'knell Frank :Miller's Axle' Oil; quarts .-, r., SEABOARD t .,
night, to" person whose 27.f .great pain. Since taking'Dr. Mozjey's and it means death 'unless something and pint, .
is done quickly.; Foley's and ..
." '
name Is drawn fr box contain- without suffering the least inconve-
I This last from Frank Millers Harness Dress .
Tar never fails to give instant relief :
ins tho namevfea attend, nience. Mrs. R. H. Bloodworth; < ,
and quickly cures the worst forms 'ot mg. SPECIAL RATES
+ :
yoj 'name in the box you Griffin, Ga. ,
1. enter t door., Monday, 17,, to'Thursday / croup. .Mrs.; P. L. Cordier of Man Frank MtlI' er's Harness Compo. Extension to Feb. 28i1i. }bob
.may ?
At the Capital nington, KY;, writes: "My three year -
Feb. old girl had a severe case of croup; sitio l. ; tained by depositing with, agents

Ocala nesville well Thej e re were ented at the in ...-.------ ... I have just taken the last of two the 'doctor said she could not live.,,.,,]I These' preparations are recognized I- at above'points l Bn or before Feb. ,
bottles of Dr. ,Mozley's Lemon Elixir got a bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar #
4 everywhere as the bestS
Ocala House froiyXihat city, C. C. for headache 15 and' upon payment of fee 'of
Yhrtall nervous indigestion; The first, dose gave quick relief and
Thomas, A. B. Qnvet B. Davis E. buy a Good( A. .
Jl. ; with diseased liver and kidneys. Tha saved her, life." Refuse .substitutes Standley. 50 cents. '
I C. Sanchez, fa Horatio '
J axis. Elixir: cured me.; I found it the greatest AntI-Monopoly: Drugstore. \ I Toronto Qmada. of
n account
Upright} Piano for medicine I ever used:, WANTEDTEA ,
Winter 'resultin Student
coughs to Volunteer
are apt Movementfor
consumption if neglected. They can 1225 F Street,Washington; D.'C and COFFEE salesman con- Foreign Missions, tickets, will
be soon broken up by using 'Foley'sHoner _ ..
and Tar. Anti-Monopoly Drug Ik new stock of Pen Carbon Letter change can make advantageous be on sale Feb. 23, 24 and 25 at

store.. $249 Mozley's Lemon ElixirW. I Copying Books. Letter and note 'size; up-to-date arrangements house.. Only those with control leading $47.15 for.round trip from Ocala,

A. James, Bell Station;' Ala.. Just received by the Ocala News Co: ling high grade, wholesale .and retail limited to March 6, 902. :

The treaty ylth Denmark; by Which writes: "I have suffered'greatlyfromindigestion I grocery trade need apply't P, 0. Box ,
the United Suites acquires the Danish or dyspepsia., One bottleof O.a.STOtt.A. i 603 New York City It OA.S onA.:
West Indies toy $5,000,000.has ''Lemon Elixir: done me more" good aears The Kind You Nape Always ; i
the EzngMSignature kind Yaw i A'ea' !
.d fie ire.tFe, !!! :Y&1
been ratified br-ttrrSenate. than all the medicine I have ever i ttdaesteYour: bovcCf,TTilU Caae&r'9ta. .
-- $10 CASH $6 PER MONTHWe taken." ( J. i Candy.Cathartic, cure cetuAipatffin forever. ? ci11 /' ;
The greatest danger from colds_ and -. cf r t . d/U .! 4250.: : 1C 0'C.CJaiI.! .Vrrgk.tsve!end Kfone? '. 't' : .it'. 11vM'IVER &
la grippe is their resulting; in pneu Mozley's Lemon Hot Drops' _
'J for
want to your-
see '
monia. If reasonable care is used, you Cures all Coughs, Colds Hoarseness, -
however and Chamberlain's CoUgh selSo, ., put SIQ| ,in your pocket, Sore Throat ,Bronchitis Hemorrhage, 5 : l

Remedy taken, all danger will bf arid if you ,don t find things just and all throat aad lung diseases. i:, Ele-

avoided. It will cure,a cold or an attack as advertised, don't buy. gant, reliable. & HAOKAY
of la grippe in less time than 25c. at druggists. Prepared oiiiy by --- -----

any other treatment It is pleasantand Dr., H. Mozley Atlanta, aa, .

.. safe to take. For sale by 'AntiMonopoly Each piano is guaranteed for I

'. Drugstore five backed PARLOR CARS.
years,, by our capitalof '

Mica :-Lula Xjlshon of Pensacola, $2,000,000., Cash bargain between Pullman's Jacksonville'best, are and now Tampa operated

was burned f to de &h Monday, her hunters, this is.your chance, as we the Seaboard Air Line Railway over, on THE LEADINCFURNITURE .HOUSE

dress.catching fifeTrom\ a cook stove. are going to;give a their day trains, and Pullman drawingroom
buffet sleepers between Jacks'onville -
Cotton still keopsxjomins in. Saturday SPECIAL DISCOUNT and Tampa on their night trains. .
Giles &/ ;o. qpught over 500

pounds. The also/ urchased more WEATHER 6Of
moss SaturdagJ&fan' any other ,day FOR CASH ,

during the past year., Central Florida
Blown From the Ocala, Foundry and : /. ;
Nervous children are almost always The' Cable Company's branch Machine Works ; "'

thin children. The "outdoor boy" is store has now been established in -- .", : "
.. ..I .-' ,
seldom nervous. WHITE'S CREAM Jacksonville over two years ,and The Warning Signal Which is One .: .,:- 'v: ;-. "

VERMIFUGE, the It strengthens best preventiveof the during this', ,time we have sold: Long Blast, will be Blown Daily z" r _._ //;1i.

system and assists to that sort of over 900 pianos and organs to the at 11. a. m.-Sundays'.Excepted ,' . ,: ." "'- ,,
flesh which creates strength- and best families of ,that city and this ",

Anti-Monopoly power of endurance.Drugstore.Price, 25 cents. ,state. Our'liberal- and courteous One Long Alone- We have beyond doubt the l largest and best', stock' of

treatment to our large number of Fair weather stationary tempera- :, _

It costs live t ght dollars customers has made each custo- ture. House Furnishings in "the central and: southern parts

for new paint n Axle mer a friend.. Stop and think it ,

Cutter does- the prk for two- o '3. over-900: phnos and 'organs ,soidin Two Rain Long or Alone-snow, stationary tempera, of state.. We have everything new and_ up-to- '

this short time! Why did we '
Souvenir China ture. date in the
at the AntiMonopoly sell them? Because we. gave the \t House FurnishingLine.Handsome -
Drugstore-scenes of the Ocala r _
Three Alone- :
House also Silver Springs. customer the agent's profit. \ :, "
.'Ci , ,
local rains stationary
Cloudy weather or ,
: ,
__ ._ -
r-v- temperature. '''''); /. '
When pain or Irritation exists on A Piano Recital will be ) ( ,
any part of the body, the applicationOf One Long and One Short- ; < : < 1\ ,
: \ < ; ;' J: :
BALLARD'S SNOW LINIMENTwill given each evening by Fair weather, lower temperature. ;; \i; ; '. : : : i
gIv .prompt relief. Price, 25 and ) Mr. Daniel Keith, one of rL4 : : : ,
50 cents. Anti-Monopoly'Drngstore. I Florida.'B Best One Lon'and Two Short- ." all sizes arid: ; -< .- 'Y>, 'c, Leath-" ' ,
Rugs and
>; : : Beautiful Upholstered.. ;! I
.. .
Fair -r '' '
weather higher : '
temperature. :
1 Wo invite you to come. : -:: :: : ,:-.- -. -LV "
; .c r-
prices. er.Sofa < ,
OLD POINT COMFORT VA. I - ---- .--- Two Long and One Short- ;; J < ;., .. ':_/ Vf. .=-;- -:..

r. Rain or snow, lower.temperature. i .. .
The Seaboard Air Line Railway announces . . ':. .
that they will inaugurate a Two Long and Two Short- ", .. "t, ", ... >.:; =

daily Pullman Drawing Room Sleep! THE Rain or snow, higher temperature.Three .

ing Car Line between Jacksonville { ..
and Two Short- ; :
<;: and Old Point Comfort, Va.., to be Long ', Druggettes; Fire and other _. t' a .{
operated .over the Seaboard, Jacksonville 1 Local rains, higher temperature. ", ,
to Richmond Chesapeake I 11D1PJJllLL a Screens. t ' '
thence : -
& Ohio.. t Three Long and Three Short- : :1.- "\.
This ; sleeper will be' scheduled toj j Fair" weather' Cold Wave. .

,arrive Jacksonville dally at 350; p. RememberOne -=.- ,. ,,:::',;: "
m., and to leave Jacksonville daily } t J'. , '" '
long blast precedes a signal to
,. at10:10.a.m. . -: ;, ) :
; ... --
:" ,The first car southbound to leave Old I attract attention ere signal given. ; v .

Point Comfort February 18th, first Lace and Portiere Curtains and Chiffonleres Wardrobes, BookCases /; ;:

car northbound to leave Jacksonville Manufacturers of Pianos and Organs. Educate Your Bowels. Table Covers. '-, and Secretaries. .' .'t

February 19th. ..
This will be the only sleeping car service FRANK CHASE, Manager. Your bowels can be trained as well : ':'-"

; between Jacksonville and Old Cor. Main St. and Ocklawaha Ave.J. as your muscles or your brain. Cas-

Point, Comfort carets Candy Cathartic train
A. Jordan: ,
Choice bottom fish and mullet all Fred R. Morgan, bowels to do right Genuine tablets

the best'v rietles. fresh daily and kept t Daniel Keith. stamped C. C. C. Never sold in :M6IVER

CB lge| 'at Otto Mente'a, City MArket. Factory Salesmen. bulk. .All druggists, ice. s'y'

r r
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xml record header identifier 2008-11-04setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title The Ocala evening star.Evening starStardc:subject Newspapers. -- Ocala (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Marion County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 5 (June 24, 1895).b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher Porter & Hardingdc:date February 18, 1902dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. ; 61 cm.dc:identifier (OCLC)2052267 (ALEPH)sn 84027621 (LCCN)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Marion -- OcalaUnited States of America -- Florida -- Marion -- Ocala.North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida