I..,.ii in-tru- foreoth-bou copy. Addre Dr. I V ChIs. a. hearical a..- ar E. takenh- Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
"., M manr< i Mn rsuatL Buffalo, N. Y. Els. A theatrical aent, who 'as taken'
into custory by the police during their I ORDER A CASE FOR YOUR HOME EXPLOSION AT JOHNSTOWN
: T 1T i I'" ls ;\'a"n i Invesftgation of the death of Mrs. Mar- T
S 'T DH don't it chill you to think that two garet Leslie, the actress, who was dis- TODAY Seven Men Killed in a Pensylvania
NTI.-THAM foet of snow fell in Colorado Tuesday; covered dead in her room at the Pal- Mine
that it blocked trains and impeded ace hotel, confessed late yesterday to FIVE DOLLARS REWARD Johnstown. Pa.. Oct. 25.-By an ex-
...., .f ',,unty 'm- travel and broke down telegraph wires the murder of Mrs. L> lie and to the memorandum book 5x8in- psl n the myest of ta Cambria
.*. !,-all over that state. A week ago they stealing of diamonds valued at $1..00 s bound emoran lather, contain- teel Co. here yesterday seven men
: \\ HI] .'ENICRI had a snow 'torm in Michigan that from her. ing it; y statistics and other memor- are reported dead and two painfully
.+. i' ;,L'I> la.\r.' |<.,', lthe r-,f of a freight train of D anda. Return to Herbert A. Ford and rn
S2. I. ar- with six in. h of m now and DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CURED get reward. Most of the victim were foreigners.
",, ,i.' w:n,.,irly fuined th- celery crop at Kal- apiations as they cannot The explosion occurred in a heading
S :. n- f motst va'uabl as- reach the diseased portion of the err. Pound, raisin and citron cake, at the three miles from' the mouth the
t.- of that ~ondrful town. And to There is only one way to cure deaf- O0. K. Grocery. shaft.
i ...-. '-t lis>tr;ict think we in Florida are going around ness and that is by constitutional Eighteen men are reported Impris-
'* LU' 'K "in our b-hirt sleeves. We are glad we remedies. Deafness Is caused by an NEXT SUNDAY'S WORLD heading.
are not in that frigid country just at Infamed condition of the mucous n- WILL CONTAIN: A MOST WORTHY ARTICLE
S. -. l,'tM'I this time. lug of the Mustac7hlan Tube. When CONTAIN A MOST WORTHY ARTICLE
IT AN AWFUL COUGH CURED bintu oundor nflamed you inhave a rum- Poisons Tht Lurk in Fresh Eggs When an article has been on the
-ling ound or impe arg an Astounding discoveries by scientists market for years and lans friends
-E SCHOOL C HILDREN AT "Two years ago our little girl had when it Is entirely closed. Deafness antddctors in the foes we eat and every y earit isor ae to a this ied
THE FLORIDA STATE FAIR a touch of pneumonia, which left her is the re-sult., and unless the inflamma- drink., b ectery ya it r afe to c this m'o
with an awful cough. She had rells tion can be taken out and this tube Where Boys Can be Trained to Beom I Horeh found Syrup. It positively cures
Sr.. ..ont f the of coughing. Just like one with whoop- restored to its normal condition, hear- Moy Ki Hreound Syrup. It positively crea
f,. ,,r ,rk in Ing cough. and some though she would ing will be destroyed forever. Nine The interesting school in New York couns and all pulmonmr dchs sI.
1h. 0 Fnridla not get well at all. We got a bottle of eases out of ten are caused by Catarrh. Wall street district where future Mobile, A., says: "For five years my
; , '., #reat many Chamberlain's Cough Remedy; which which is nothing but an inflamed con- Rockefellers and Morgans are being family has not been troubled with the
i t, s hol a(ted like a charm. She stopped dition of the mucous surfaces. educated to control the stock market.. We owe this to B
";.," I, i.l... n,-n coughing and got stout and fat, We will give One Hundred Dollars The Greatest Woman Detective on lrds Horehound Syrup. I know it h
S4 t. 1 :,lx.. the writes Mrs. Ora Bussard. Brubahl:er, for any care of Deafness (caused by Earth saved my cs Horehound Syrup. I know it hack
Stnd probably a Ill. This remetly is for sale by all Catarrh) that cannot be cured by and how she Is teaching Uncle Sam's spellsmy." ochld by the A nti-onoy sick
*.- rniing fro m druggists. Hallrs 'atarrh utire. Send for circu- Secret Service sleuths to catch crim- spells."Bold by the Anti-Monopoly
...n.-in oalle suh- lars, free. F. J. Cheney & Co., inals.' Drugstore.
*... n t, almo-st NEW GOODS ARRIVING. Toledo. Ohio. nA Royal Bluebeard Who Wants to.
h ,h ople of I have bought this season, the fin- Sold by druggists. 75c. Take Hal's Come to New York WHOLFSA ARRESTS
: rt ,,-fft-red to I have bought this seaon, the fin-r
*r the e stock of goods in my line that I Family Pills for constipation. He has had over 400 wives already
have ever carried. The goods are be- and thinks nothing of killing seven at Fifty Mexin Agto Taken Up n
S.. .ti ginning to arrive, and the public can Our stock of wedding presents is one time. Chihuahua
tiwi-n -nsnd r.st assured that the stock will be complete. We have a large line of Startling New Fashions Which the El Paso, Texas, Oct. 25.---Governor
1 -'"' o wnsecond to none In the country and will sterling silverware and cut glass, a Stage is Setting For Us Creel, of Chihuahua, last night and
S..in u own fown I their every want in my line nice line of Rookwood potters and Tricks which make you gasp-and yesterday caused the arrest of more
us-.d in A. E. Burnett, Jeweler, Merchant's many other suitable articles. Ocala how they are done. than 50 persons, letters from whom ad*-
.... e n and Bleweler Music Co., Jewelers. dressed to E. Fore Magoon. the for-
. *t :- *'i-, n ac-. BlocLEST Wk mer head of the 9t. Louis Mexican
-- t --o.ning Prize, CASHIER WANTED W Junta. were found in the possession of
l. Turn-r. In- A LUCKY POSTMISTRESS A ....... I....... h f.... t forget-baby Is restless, can't sleep at the volution.... recen arrest.

Is Mrs. Alexander of Cary, Me., wtho
S t.ur banker and has found Dr. King's New Life Pills
' Z 'litibli.ss. It to be the best remedy she ever tried
S~:r- t :n. tiwau- for keeping the Stomach. LIver and
i::.;..'Teni-nt f a Bowels in perfect order. You'll agree
with her if you try these painless pu-
.- :* ,n th,. ad.lsabill- rifiers that Infuse new life. Guaran-
:, 1, 1 .,f ,4an.ike trees and teed by Tydings & Co., druggists.
;,n.-nt andl contin- rice. 25 cents.
St- L .r *\ [h i n. Prize. a'
I *.in 4" ".ting $3. orj Governor Magoon's conduct of the af-
; to ,. y Z. 'Chambliss. fairs in Cuba has mistifled the LUberal
.. : insurgents as to his policy toward
:1,, "., S y ,*fthe la.-t them. He will appoint no cabinet at
S' I': .i $3 (, the prize present. except certain American army
*.1 ,.%a upiptl resid- pIwost commanders, with whom he will
< on'.fer on the situation.
I :, "I .r ;-.-titiin for,
..h school pu- A CARD
Interest. No-
n n reain. and This Is to certify that all druggists
~oainu will be are authorized to refund your money
S' L.,r,. t us hope if Poley's Honey and Tar fails to cure
: (, -- "itest Oala your cough or cold. It stops the
': aira.1st of the pu- cough. heals the lungs, and prevents
S,:hr .h-ols of the serious results from a cold. Cures la
grippe cough and prevents pneumonia
and consumption. Contain no opiates.
The genuine is in a yellow package.
OUR STREETS Refuse substitutes. For sale by all
.*. ..I ,:. hs heard a great dealers.
in, hi, ~T *-'t season-- f f __ __ ___.. .. ..
f .i i * ..-TS.m eof -- -

* -.. ... is.,- so bad that It. D. FULLER. L. F. BLALOCK.
, ... ,,-n and the coun-
t* .;,-r- t .,nal- FULLER A BL AL CK
,. #., t, I thi% .tate
,.dv,, c mes U ieAL SURGEONS
L \ .uncil i% aware of
i, n ..f so.ne of our, lke Ovr um & CkamblUss Bauk
h fars. lut the
;- no .tinn the make- OCALA. LA

A young jla yU cas i111er wanelltU U wo
weeks. Apply at this office.
Is no worse than the terrible case of
Piles that afflicted me 10 years. Then
I was advised to apply Bucklen's Ar-
nica Salve, and less than a box per-
manently cured me. writes L. S. Na-
pier of Rugles. Ky. Heals all wounds.
Burns and Sores like magic. Price
2&c.. at Tydings & Co's.
You can get the Atlanta Journal ev-
ery day nd Sunday at Allan Bridges'
news stand for 12 cents a week.
In most cases consumption results
from a neglected or improperly treated
cold. Foley's Honey and Tar cures
the most obstinate coughs and pre-
vents serious results. It costs you no
mome than the unknown preparations
and you should insist upon having the
genuine in the yellow package. Sold
by all dealers.
The registration books for the city
of Ocala are now open, and will re-
main open at city clerk's office till the
second Saturday in November. 1906.
H. C. Sistrunk,
Clerk and Ex-Officio Supervisor of
Registration of City of Ocala.

Ocala People Must Recognize and
Heed It

night, won't eat. cries spasmodilcay.
A bottle of White's Cream Vermifuge
never falls to cure. Every mother
should give her baby White's Cream
Vermifuge. So many times when the
baby is pale and fretful, the mother
does not know what to do. A bottle of
this medicine would bring color to his
cheeks and laughter to his eyes. Give
it a trial. Sold by the Anti-Monopoly

Has reopened his meat market near
the Seaboard Air Line depot. You will
always find at this place the best of
fresh beef. pork and mutton, while
fish and oysters will always be found
in season. Reemmber
Near the S. A. L. Depot, Ocala. Fla.



Carries a Complete Stock of
Jewelry, Consisting of

S *A: ing the streets. Kidney ill come quietly-myster- FINE CHINA,
.: y teminrary. and Term, C U iously. LADIES' UMBRELLAS.
\ '.... \. : .t 'ste.|** IIIBut nature always warns you GUARANTEED CLOCKS
I - --- -YI -through the urine. -And-
: .... ; '.t ';in ". the AT "Notice th kidney secretions. A -
S, .. as per- ABOUT THE. YES see if the .olor is unhealthy- -vNIR CARDS.
,, *tit-nent street.
.- t tut teet Your eyes are ub to as many If there are settling and sediment. ALL KINDS OF REPAIRING.
LYourb. le osubjectiP the Passages too frequent, scanty, pain-
I)n learn what different defects as the body is to de- ful. .
rI .,.It s time then to use Doan's Kidney OL
like and be- formaties. Whereas it should be one P;Pill O.ALA. FLA
..' .,k, gre-at pleasure in of the most perfect organs of the body. J To ward off Bright's disease or dia-
SL -ie, iedtl upon by It is natural that you should need M J. Divine printer, living at 751
M.,: Ihe permanent im- ......
: 'rets and it will glasses for reading, writing, sewing West Duval street Jacksonville. says:
-cn t *I can testify to the g,-* qualities C. J. PHI LLI PS
e nxit for said and other close work. Between the of Doan's Kidney Pills. I used them C. J. PHILLIPS
., :tr method is ages of 40 to 50. a perfect 4 e should for kidney and urinary trouble and C ator *
nd glasses at this age to relieve them found great relief. I have been afflict- and Budder
isms of Homo- t this e t e th el for the past three or four years with
.m..t ' iu o've-ly from the strain when used for close or backache and troubled with kidney se- lans and SpecIfcatio Furnished
..-tt.' hammocks near work. Many young people need cretins The kidney secretions were Upon Reque
S i.. s ar. or rer e the annoying., dark in color, and contained n R
S .i .h,,nrmal apte- glase sey in life to relieve the sdiment o standing. I was also 129 Sot Thd S
Sf the various s of bliged to ari-f several times during
.'nf eh. palmettos eyestrain which the night. and was also troubled dur- OcaIa, FL
the cause of 75 per cent. of all head- ing the day from the same cause. The
ITh -ckatche prevented me from sleeping ...
IT IS FOR LADIES, TOO. aches. Just think: It has been proven backache prevented ma e from sleeping

Mexican Consul Mallen. of this city.
to receiving scores of letters signed
"The Junta," threatening him with

Showed, at the battle of Austerlits,
he was the greatest leader In the
world. Ballard's Snow Uaniment has
shown the public it is the best Linl-
ment In the world. A quick cure for
Rheumatism,. Sprains. Burns, .Cuts,
etc. A. C. Pitts, Rodessa, La, says:
"I use Ballard's Snow Liniment in my
family, and find it unexcelled for sore
chest, headache, corns, and in fact
for anything that can be reached by a
Mnlment." Sold by the Anti-Monop-
oly Drugstore.

John Skelton Williams Kicks Against
Thomas F. Ryan
New York. Oct. 2s.-A meeting of
the voting trustees, of the Seaboard
Air Line railway was held here .yes-
The trustees recommended that two
of the present directors, John B. Den-
nis and James M. Barr. former pres-
ident of the road, be dropped and nom-
inated as their successors, to be voted
on November 8, H. R. Duval and T.
John Skelton Williams, a former
president of the road, protested against
the re-election of James A. Blair.
Thomas F. Ryan and T. J. Coolidge,
Jr.. giving as a reason the dissatisfac-
tion of the stockholders with tie
present management of the Seaboard.
Henry E. Jones of Tampa, Fla.,
writes: "I can thank God for my pres-
ent health, due to Foley's Kidney
Cure. I tried doctors and all kind
of kidney cures, but nothing did me
much good till I took Foley's Kidney
Cure. Four bottles cured me, and I
have no more pain in my back and
shoulders. I am 62 years old, and suf-
fered long. but thanks to Foley's K'd-
ney Cure I am well and can walk and
enjoy myself. It is a pleasure to re-
commend it to those needing a kidney
medicine. For sale by all dealers.
The Church Home and Hospital at
Orlando has recently added a fine
build building for the nurses' home.
Keep the bowels open when you
have a cold and use a good remedy to
allay the inflammation of the muonus
membranes. The best is Kenedys
Laxative Honey and Tar. It contaens
no opiates, moves the bowels, drives
out the cold. Is reliable and tastes
rWn Pald v thew .. A wnt-e.mm..aw



-~ ~z40


4w -IMF-

jo Be BROOKS, '

- -.-*




For Lwb eHta Thty DMys We Wi


Trunks, VallIsesI, o
Cases and SafchflB

So if s yo ae gol to ttiv i

immense in befoe bu7ing We-.

oveta CAt load of Taknuis tM all u69

styles ad pices. We hae Sit Cm,

Satchels a"d Telesc-oes ro evly ad at'

opposes, at ay price deed It


please to show -you the stock.


mAaltml mma"P
B^^^^^^^^^JS^Mft^^R ~~ ~ ~ ~ ( "^^^k^^^k^^af^^^^^^f ^^^^^^^^^^^fVi
*^^I-:- y2 P-== U *SU JfrOX. .... D-... U__,


Smissir t S. A STAME & C.

A Full Stock of Wagons, Carriages, Buggie,
Saddlery and all the Accompanying Lln


Exclusive Agents for the Famous White HickoTy WINS
tine Wagon. Prompt Attention tooutofTomOrden.



* *

. 0 0 0 b

It's a little ealy, btowt fagl stss& h

ativig daily, and we ae in a

save you m ey. All we a


ii "Is. aloir

mites of v alftable tim to dl

you t"ogi ott stock.


ItO Beds, $2.50 Up*

Sideboads, $1 *50W p


Closets, $15 aa4

O r.SU-1'N V9I








Over its mow rails toS eva imb Ch.... ar
and Waabatgtom. theme via Peaasyv&a"a MaM a.

ViaM 7 ald KAsiOs A
"Dixie FIYW' RON"e and AMMWA6

Via savn annF md (bm sm clsom

TO Tiffs York. Piaelhaand Base& v ia NwbUtgi heIf

EAST York. wasmagcssa u s vft
VIA *TA W* IV n Mmr iptaim ~ h


| -

;rcl -~cs~

- LALd










, V






Healthful cream of tartar, derived solely fror
grapes, refined to absolute purity, is the activ(
principle of every pound of Royal Baking
Powd er.
Hence it is that Royal PalinU Powdet
renders the food remarkable bot' for its SnC
flavor and healthfulness.
No alum, no phosphate-which are the
principal v4e n'to ofthe so-co Il 14Aeap
baking powders- and which are derived
from bone, rod: and sulphuric acid.


- ', eese at tne 0. K. Grocer).

% ',, l? I 1 .-

C ~ .C~"1'' ifl


.i rn


1-t xrm-,R d H,,tcl at !2 a ).y hi F lorida. Up-to.Date
t4 oa mi a :ll1 F1vii lFur nisi'Te .xinms aitl Plenty to Eat


Mr I'-- V' \" 1 -;\i ns"<"...i Wen) to
lI-nn,.!ion ye--.i rday.
Vest and ,oat r'tcket electric lights:
t..itt .:' n ) l.. I- ha.s letn in Jack-
->. -i' ,,,'- : a:-t tv, days
!' *I: I.F r. 'HEAP -One s square lpi-
!',* .\ i t. z .> d li pensionon.
!-N T",.wi- St-x".n ha.- returned
- ,,I. JfI ok- ,,-k ill% e.

Pound. raisit and citron cake. at the
0. K. Grocery.
4., ',* J I" Martin. f (Oklawaha. was,
:; rii ,iCf ih <-eala House yesT etil:ty.
\\.\NTI:I) -A lady to !each in a pri- C
\.t.. t ;iy IrV Must h- atble to teach
,:iu:., -', i.articulars. ad8 lrets. Box

' 4 it: :I

In wdltw


Hp ,. (x2 lH
^^^^^^- .-.-,^ .- -;,^ggK^^^^


This will positively be ow Last Rg Sal. tik yin I

The board of trade will hold an Irna- I An members of the First PrWy-
portant meeting Monday at 8 p. in i tertan church of Ocala are req-ute
the city council chamber. A full at- to attend a meetia of the congreM-
ti.-nda.rice is desired., tion to be held on Sunday, Oct. 2th,
('has. Rheinauer. Vice-President. 190., at 11 a-. .. at the church.
C. L. Bittinger, Secretary. A. Y. Strunk, Secretary.
Captain "Buckshot" Williams. of the! VOICE CULTURE
Homosac.- run. said the worst scare Mi.s Sarah Whitfield will give lee-
a lot of negroeq got down his way oc- sons in \,ice culture at her home, one
curred a week ago. New taihn hands I door east of the armory, Fort Kig
were handling the train and in back- avenue.
Ing Into the sidetrack for the night e of a-
the m,,mentum was t:,o grc.t f,,r the b Olince saltl theo n ala N ews
t rain to atop at its usual resting place. blanks a npy-aly a the Ocala NMw
hut sent a car full of darkles with a Company.
ra-h ,ff the end of the spur and run
i ,o big tree with such force that Mr. otto I.ohrig went out to Fair-
ithi. -l,,'k .plit the rear end of the car field this afternoon to his father's saw
(,rxTn. "ht- -h.,-k was i-o sudden that mill and store.
the oc(, u,. nt ,,f the car haven't got
ov etr it t. Bamtoo and grass screens. work
bxes, nat and skirt boxes, etc.. the
,.?ettlest of the new furniture novel-
S. R_ Jtihn-.nt. -.,n of the !ate (apt. tues. to be had only at Melver & Mac-
Johnson. was in to-wn this morning to Kay's.
look for eight of his hogs, which dis-
appeatred from their range around Rat wheat. 10 cents, will surely kill
north of Ocala. Diligent search found mice and rats. All other kinds kept
one near Blitchlon and five in Levy in stock also. Tydings & Co., phone
, ,unty. the brands on which ha-s been No. 30.
c 4hangned.
haned. The reading room of the Ocala House
Knight & Lang. the vehicle and har- has been repapered. The work was
knight & Ling. the vehicle and har- done by M. V. Dosh. of Mclver & Mac-
n. -s men. had a big day on the occa- Kay's. and is a work of art.
-i n o.f the laying of the corner stone,
. ,etlling? thati ,lay four bug~trte and five ,. **
ing that lay fourh buggies and ive If you contemplate a trip via the A.
v ae',ns. Thk Is the biggest wagon
andi bug sale in one dsay for this L.- or wis ha mileage book. consult
IL T. Adams. the city ticket agent, in
Firm since they have been in business. t Oa He
the Oca!a House.
M r. J. A. King, manager of the Dainty willow goods for dainty par
Meadow's mill was in t,,n today. He os. t wYuow goods for wlinv pir-
said their foreman (if the mill was lor Yor p o onne
down with fever and he was doing you of their merit. OMcala Furniture
double duty. Company.
WV, wart your prcsrlp!,on trade. %Mr. A. P. Mitchell. one of the leading
IV- giiv, tlio best service pcs.sible. Pure anid successful merchants of Summer-
'lrus. C'onpet.-nt lpres.c-riptinnists. fair field, with his son-in-law, J. A. Fra-
l.rfe's ar.,! prompt delivery. Please zier. Nathan Mayo's partner in the
sen.-, or btring your trade tI, Tydings general m'rchandlsing business, were
& ('o.. ph. ne 30. in town today on important business
and dined at' the Montezuma.
JudlRe Be-ll issued a marriage license
Saturday to Mr. Alford M. Daivis to FOR SALE-A lot of fine Kentucky
\<-d, Miss Louise Ward Boring. The horses and mules for sale at prices to
corkt-::nony took i,>ace today at the home z uit purchasers, at D. W. Tompklns'
of the bride at Pine. I very. Ocala, Fla.
! Foley's Hoii-y anot Tar cures the A counnon with every 10 cent nur-

,t l




.1st obstinate eough- and expels the jhase at the Ocala Nws Co.. that ,
lhi from the system. as it i.s mildly I puts you in line for a piece of hand-
xaiive. It is pguaranteed. Do noti painted china. (
.k taking any but th- gcnuin-e in the '
Ilow packagi-. Sold t.v all dealers Mnst everybody seems to have a
iou 4h oif the fall epizootic.
1Miss E'ina Ne.lson. wvho has lbet-n soi
ck for the pasit month that she has Tou get your money's worth at the
en prevented fr,"m attending school. Ocala News Company, and a coupon
i recover sufficiently e efor a $25 piece of hand-painted chl-
s recover sufficiently t resume na. You can see it in the window.
*r school duties i
r ~ht ui A beautiful new line of oak and ma-
If an article is imitated, the original I hbogany music cabinets, in the newest

I...... i is alwayss best. Think it over, and
"* - wh,.n Yu go t)o buy that box of salve
S. t.i kPeep arounil the hTuse. get DeWiltt's
WVitc'h Hazel Salve. It is the original
andi the name i si;itanje1d on e ry
box. (o..d for eczema. better. boils,
'uts and hruiseF. anid -spe'ially re-
S *comm.n-ndd for'opile. Sold by the An-
mod S ti-.MNibni.lv Drugstore.
Srs. J J. Williams f Hmsassa. !
a nk ith her t\v children, tame up this
aftern-oon from 'matilla. where they
have been visiting relatives for a few
inev'bak. i-

,lesigns., on display at Melver & Mac-
Mr Peter 1L. Durisoe. from across
the raging Oklawaha., was in the city
this morning and reports that cane
grinding time is drawing near.
If you want a phonograph, absplute-
;y free. read the Star's free phono-
graph ,ffer, and supply your home
with one.
Kodak time. We have everything in
the line. The Postoffice Drugstore.

Mrs. C. C.. an'Hers. o.f-rystal River.
For backache and rheumatism u-e *ame op today.
DeWitt's Kidney andi Bladder Pills.
Cleanse and purify the blood. A week's "If you are not now getting The
treatment for 25c. Sold by the Anti- Sun, printed in Tallahassee and pub-
Monopoly Drugstore. listed everywhere, you don't get the
full and correct light on things. Write
Solid quartered oak three piece suits premium and clubbing list. Subscrip-
and individual chairs in the newest tion price $2 a year. Ask a Sun read-
designs can be found at the best fur- er what he thinks of The bun, then
niture store in town. That's the Ocala send in your subscription. Better do
Furniture Company. it today.
Mrs. I. WV. Ogle. who has been down Saws hammered and filed within 24
with a long siege of sickness. Is once hours, by S. A. Davis. filer for Martel
more able t, be up and about. Lumber Company. Martel. Fla. Prices
reasonable, tf.
Hludnots. Pogers. Gallets. Colgates
and many other fine toilet waters. L.)ST OR STOL.EN-One black bird
perfumes and soaps. Bath waters a
specialty. A full line of Nadinola dog: four white fet; white breast:
goods. Tydings & Co.. phone No. 30. with tag and collar on marked "C. S.
D." Liberal reward will be paid for
WANTED-Purchasers for cut glass, i the return of mame to owner. Claude
We have the largest line iii Ocala from S. Deveneau.
which to make your selections. We
are just opening -ip a new lot. Ocala IA)ST-At tw-o o'clock today in the
Music 0o.. Jewelers. postriofflce. a roll of bills. $37 In all.
consisting of three $10 bills, one $5 and
Mr WA B. Milligan went down to two $2 bills, with other valuable pa-
Crystatl River yesterday to visit friends pers. Finder will be liberally reward-
andi eat fish and oysters. ed by returning to Rev. T. H. Rogers,
Ocala. Fla.
WANTED-3 rooms by gentleman
with children: furnished or unfur- A severe cold that may develop into
nished. 'Will engage to take meals if pneumonia over night, can be cure.d
agret-abhle Apply at the Star office, quickly by taking Foley's Honey and
Tar. It will cure the most obstinate
Hall racks for all manner of hous- racking cough and strengthen your
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Try us and see. Ocala Furniture Co.
Mr. A .T Thomas. of Hernan.,o. sup-
,-rintendent at that place fir the Camp J. E. CHACE
Ph.osphate i'-i.. i in the city today to
purchase a re \%il! buil,! a residence anid move his
fail ytt, thi. .ity ,t reside, Ofc Upsttirs, Comercial Bilk Bld' g
-The opaa News Copanany is opening OCALA, FLA.
iin P:a. in all of 'ie most beautiful domes- T eJrms, -r
iic and i:r'',rt'd eoods. The line is _____ __ __
tl t e largc'., the m',.-t expensive and
*t'-L---st st-,lr-tii they have ever car- 1h
rieJ. The130110
Mrs. Ma':r..'-y and :iltt!e sn. Ht-rbert.
hae rone to Fort Freeman. bet%-t4een o atzY
"'harlesi.n anJ Savannah. t-- vi it Mrs- '
M1!.neyv', ...chter. Mrs. Hunter. wh,
..'.-handi i in The r,- tulaar army. i
We.- or'- h.adq.ua,'terc f.-r school
t.-:,ks an-i h.t.l sur.l'.-s of a. kinds.
_,-'ala, Nws 7.NDIE

F I : - at -h itiS ii
\^ S~ydddoumnds
WAN 'TF '-Y-.vune '".an- *-r hv- y -- asJ
si.~ rn .'.,.-',' and -e'-ln "h,- bu-;"' ss. j5 E Y 5 S
,., 'A M'^'it ,',..,e,-lfs | 'f'ietomtlam i


7 1

5 yuou wuy ImiuuaAiy w wy -
ou freglal p&i;es. We' ha**a fir 4
-very latest designs and am I'
for this sale will be

iches by 7:2 einc$, .S
-2feet by 9 fetst Srt .........-.-

etby 12 feet 6 .......... 4


with any Rog dealer and you will find tha we ant sarig
you at least Fifty Per Cent.


r eo.



Smartest Suits of the



The newest things from
the famous A. B. Kirwch-
baum & Co., Tailors, are
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tions. They have all the
new lIinks known to the
tailors of the world and
embody all the genuine
worth that can be put into
clothes. They are ready-
fra-u-".r and Kr n iw t&on

thwough tMhuy weeu madeU-,
case a man they look as
though they were made es.
pecially for that individual.-
so very gracefully do they fi and hang. A. B. Kirschbaum & Co's. Fashionable Clot
never lack anything. They are simply the bst garments your money can buy. Our
store is now stocked with new clothes and we will, as heretofore, dress the well dremmid
men of Ocala. We invite your inspection of our stock.

ON rKiC. E WrAT.-tRS.

A" AM V" w w -v ~rv A W W-FV M A -WV w"VVQf



My kZ1 ~


6 34-~6
4F,, 5 0


Top and bottom bars No. 10, galvanized wire; Intermediate bIm No.
wire; Stays, No. 12, galvanized wire, 12 inches apamrt.

/'he Largest Stock of Light




: .. 2 S-Carried In Centml F1
We are Exclusive Agents for ELLWOOD Fence Alwx



11, gliIVUI3Ed

and Heavy



-I.na arIbuf-
*f-' a": r- h '-p'--,--3r..i Call
IarA tse he"-AtN!-I"'-& NacKay's.




.5 -

- E- ~ JI- I- U ELMI J EU 1

'a 'b.j Il

. -. :fe -,

;. %: ., '*' .. <


In N4laxine

__ ar -- -7 ml

In All the Leading Shades.

Ccntcmcri Kid Gloves

Extraordinary value at $1.00

16 Button length Mousquetaire

Gloves at $2.75 and $3.50






'~ .5
% 5.




That All Important Bath Room

4 -
~ 2'
..5~ 4
- .- >








IL ~











I ;IN c m-


H&RRY 13. AIUgSON, Gmeml Ilamqt
II Ill


A Womau's Health

Is a too cred to be experimented with Fr her peculiar ad
41b" a ts only m ._i-nea IM Inown cs pft son mad which con-
tia" ati or other harmful or habat-foraming drgs
SAoudThe Mo medicine which fulkils all these require-
pentis DrI-Pikere's Favorite Prescription-a remedy with a record of
orer forty yeas of cures to recommend it; a remed, the makers of
wh'ch print its formula on every bttle-wran. an attest it. comnDplete-
ness and co[tti.cnc under oath: a remedy devised and adamted to wom-
ans delicate constitution by an educated physician-a*i experienced
specialist in wman's diseases; a remedy, every ingredient of which as
receive heLwritten endorsement of the most eminent medical writers
all seveal schools of practice for the cure of wOUM s peculiar
diseases, rmcdy w ch as more b&m-fide cc&J its credit than any
other sold by druggists for woman's special requirements. It is not
given away in the form of "trial bottles" to be experimented with, but
is solA at a fair price by all dealers in nwdiins
Delicate, weak, nervous women should feeble women generally, Dr. Pierce's
specially shun the use of alcoholic Favorite Prescription ia the greatest
medicines which, frr)m their stimulat- earthly boon, being unequaled as an
ing and exhilerating efftms may sveem,. appetizing cordial and restorative tonic.
for a time, to do good. but which from As a soothing and strengthening ner-
the inevitable ealts of the alcohol in vine "Favorite Prescription" is un-
ashrinking up the red corpuscleks of the equaled and in invaluable in allaying
blood are iure to do great and lasting and subduing nervous excitability, ir-
barn La the long run. Besides they ritability, nervous exhaustion, nervous
beget a craving for stimulant which is prostration, neuralgia, hysteria, spasms,
moast deplorable. S.Vitus's dance, and other distresseing,
Only invigorating and nerve strength- ; nervous symptoms commonly attendant
uening deacm ca follow the use of this. upon functional and organic disease of
famoas medicine for women. It can the uterus. It induces refreshing dleep
"t possibly do harm in any uate or and relieves mental anxiety and des-
tidUoa of the system. It has been pondency.
ow"lly adapted to woman's needs by No woman suffering from any of the
an experienced physician-a specialist above symptoms can afford to accept
in their dseawS. It makes weak worn- any secret nostrum or medicine of un-
an s gff and sick women well. known composition, as a substitute for
If a woman has bearing down. or a medicine like Dr. Pierce's Favorite
draing pains, low down in the abdo- Prescription, which is Or KXOW CON-
mn, or pelvis, backache, frequent Po rmox and has a record of over forty
headaches, dizzy or fainting spells, is years of cures and sella more largely
nervous and easily rtanled, has gnaw-'to-day than ever before. Its makers
ing feeling in stomach, sees imaginary withhold no secret from their patients,
aaing speck, or spots before her believing open publicity to be the very
eyes, haa melancholia, or blueses" or a beet guaranty of merit.
weakening disagreeable drain from pel- Dr. Pierce invites all suffering women
vic organs. she can make no nmistake t cnuit Lim by letter free of charge.
by resorting to the use ofD r. Pierce' e All leettrg .,f consultation are held as
Favorite Prescription. It uill invigor- strictly private and sacredly confiden-
ate and tone up the whole system and tial and all answers are returned in
especially the pelvic organt. plain, sealed envelopes. Address: Dr.
Dr. Pierce'a Favorite Peracription ia R. V. Pierce. Invalids' Hotel and Sur-
a ientific medicine, carefully dev-ased gical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.
by an experienced and skillful physi-; Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con-
mw and adapted to woman's delicate stipation. Constipation is the cause of
system. It ir made of native American many diseases. Cure the cause and
.n r.os. .inpefe.. ym- you cure the disease. One Pellet" is a
mednal roots and i perfectly harm- gente laxative, and two a mild cathar-
leM in its effects rn inay M t6u1 of the tic. Druggists ell them, and nothing
fema fyem. i .-jnst aj good." They are the original
As a powerful invigorating tonic .- Fa- Little Liver Pills first put up by old
vorite Pre ption" imparts st--rength Dr. Pierce over 40 years ago. Much
yrts t,-- at" ..... imitated, but never equaled. They are
the whole system and to the organs tiny sugar-coated granules eay to
distinctly feminine in particular. For take as pandy.
over-worked. "worn-ont." run-down." Dr. Pierce's great thousand-page illus-
ov>"*- "**"" ""- '.iuz."^
.ebilita.ed teacher-,, milliner, -dres- treated Common Sense Medical Adviser
makers, teamsresss,m hop girls." will be sent free. par-bound, for 21
ake, eamtees, "shop-grirs nne-cent stamps, or cloth-bonnd for 31
hoause-keepersm, nursing mothers, and stamps. Address Dr. Pierce as above.

lMore Than





ru will always have good health What is more to a man
han gxd health? All the money in tt. world can't make
happinef s wher- health is unknown. Balard's Smow LUbdmeUt
STir~ rC' he,,as Cuts, Burns, Sprai., Neuraslgia.
lCUR Sores, stiff Jos Ca treated Muses, La
Back and al fe Hi tat I%" Is He& to.

One Who Knows.
j. 0. Scott, Salt Lake Ci'v. r.tah. writes; Icannot
too highly praise vour RBilard's Snow Liniment for
the relief of acute rheumatism, caused by sudden change
and exposure to the weather. 1 also r.comnn.nd your
IBallard'a Horehound Syrup for coughs and colds.
Theoe used together defy all pain.
OET THE GENUINE. Three Sizes 25c, 5(k, $1.00

Ballard Snow Liniment Co.
SOO-S02 Nor W" Seod Street,

Sold and Recommendcd


Jacksonville Carnival


Anmounevs a Rate of

1AL E3

JackionvUile. F%, Oct. 25.-The i
Third Annual Carnval. which will be
held In this city on November 5-10th..
Inclusive, will be one of the most ex-
tenive amusement weeks ever plann-,

isv I, Baby Today?
Better, dm yom. Inh fat quits e wL
Fat, round and full of life and mischief
Pink and white *esh, dotted with dih
Dles. No comi. oi mdiB ri96M

ed Sn the Southern states. ---------.--- -'
The carnival was Inaugurated three All on account of
years ago by prominent newspaper __ ___________ __
Smen of the city for the purpose of at-
tracting visitors to Jacksonville. and | |Il l
ha- tw-n one of the phenomenalsu-|I IlI I Iu-
coss"e in thit line of enterprise. it! r ll l -ili
has )1... .- s distinctive as the Cin-_i_ ___________
-rnkri Fail Fi-tital for the Pilttsburg!j
E xrLgitton. and thi,% ysaar it will, with t __,...J-.
xposton. and hi ar it wl, with-administered by a mother whose love
South question. -ituai. if not eclipse. --
either of the two eve,,'-. W tempered with common sense.
SThe Carnival Assciatitn whpn It She knows that OZOMULSION hS
began to plan for this year's e'.-nt a fountain of energy for grown-upk,
i some six months ago. conceived the too. It stops waste of flesh. It makes
idea crf putting on a hippodrome fash- I
i'ed after the famous hippodrome of, plenty o f rich blood. For pale. feeo
I New York City. and negotiations were 1olk it is the chief nourisher at if0'I
' immediately begun looking- to bringing (east It cures Consumption wh
a large part of the New York acts to Itaken in tim-. An druggists sell il-
Jacksonville. These negotiations have ... .. Je.w he- btdL Ld -
been in progress for several months i cents a tt
and now completed, whereby not less send you
I than IS or 20) of the most celebrated; C. i l I M
acts in the wirld will be seen in th1Fee5 515 leI b W
South only at the Carnival this year. I Write letter or postal to
SThis one feature of the Jacksonville .. ....
Samuselneat -week will cost between; OZOXrWUl.sOlI CO.
:.$.',;, oandi $v.'O.; and it is safe to say ,- Pine tret. tw Y-| j
that i' ill attract visitors, not only . . . . ... .. .
From al! zertv of -4lorida. but from all i
i section if the Southern states. The HOW IS IT DONE?I
Shippndrome will be shown in the Car-
Snival arena. An immense platform. I T .W.ul -m
1i6X10< feet, on which there will be 1
two equestrian rings, a stag, and va- .i to he done by:
nrious ,other constructions, espec-ially : ^ --" "
Shuilt for the purpose will be used in magicl. Thel
the arena. In the hippodrome acts I hullian voice
There are more than a score of horses,, ming from a
a large number of performing animals; ; f ig
Sand various artists imported from the: o WO de n. box,
I leading amusement organizatli-ns of i-th all its well
this country aild Eur 'Ipe. All of these know.n toine..
la,-t havf bcen f-wntRged for thf (Car- I Bkn/'i"u ]I10^'! toUe .
Sniva\; Ass,-iaton by the Carnival As-, If' ,J and its mllsic
i SA iuLion',- New York booking agen.S, l t ri
Sand will be brought to Jacksonville T e
on a special ship of the Clyde Steam- n n*n
ship Company, which will sail from I. HONObRAPH
New York on the 27th of October. P HONO RA
The entire shows of the Jackson- j iS now t)o Well
ville Carnival, including the Hippo.- known to n. i_
,ir*me i.nd the Wonfderway acts ag- Known lt eed,
; gregate in co.'t over a million dollars. script bI
Sand they are brought t,4 Jacksonmville ; f^ BIR idewiptll~ai but
at an xpen that would astound the the pleasure of
average layman who Is not familiar .iny ,P h onoi
S\ith the oexcesive cost of high-grade pg H
attraraior. i slnot kllnown
SThe Jacksonville Carnival will be .to ever vonIe.
.held. a stated, during the w reek be- We e \_ _lI the Ed.
!ginning November 5th. and the first. ,
performance will be given on Monday I in011 Phono
Afternoon. Nv. 5nth. at three o'clock. Ul gI and the gates of the Carnival will e lose 1 g r a .
a midnight on the following Satur- h sortl I ent ofI
dlay. The formal opening of the Car- records always n hand Your
nival %ill be Monday night, at which,
titim governoro r Broward will read a I leisure lhOUrS (-an be made!
telegram from the president of the :e instructive and enter
IUnited States authorizing the gates er lt e an enter
of the great amusement event to be tailnilg with a Phonograph.
formally opened to the public. The
governor will also deliver an address C
I on this most suspiciouss occasion. i'l, .I
During the week theie will be va- k L n L
rious special features, such as horse ",'- ,
show. wrestling match between champ- ,
ions of the world and others of equal --
attractiveness. I ...
One of the big features that will be . ... ..
. seen nightly at the Carnival grounds M ONT H S
I will be the great fireworks display. l,-' -
manufactured especially for the Jack- 6 6UARANTA -
sonville Carnival, by the Nordlinger- a".. .. m"
Charlton Fireworks Company, of New ,;1e -,yuab uy 1
York. This display shows among va- r
rious other pyrotechnic exhibitions, a I -leI poI. aP I
grove of Florida palms. 500 feet in the
air. containing thousands of the fa- .. -- .
miliar trees; a canopy of tropical flow- All th e tpopul0110 I
v P-r len-, Worsted
ers that will cover several acres of sb"old only in lots ot
ground, and scores of other special 6 pair for$.50: Cot
exhibitions prepared particularly to too. 6 pairs for St.5o
amuse and to instruct a Florida au- PSrLaies itEgzlan CottonsixpairsI
c.for $2ou .AS. a ratee tac~ wit/
dience. .Jk hasr.
The hotels and boarding houses of *= n$A2
Jacksoinville are preparing 'to enter-
tain not less than 50.000 visitors, and
the indications are that this number M. FISHEL, Ocala, Fa..
will probably be exceeded, although m
am ple accom m odations can be pro- - -... .. .. .. ..
\'ided for all.
All railroads and other transporta- M-Ilrl1T R ks m
tion lines reaching Jacksonville from NlC lK hL- -FllOOT
all parts of Florida and Georgia. are I W---II U WV
o~ffer ing special low rates of one fare The neet mos atrctv and-
both ways, good returning as late asr Thl newest'of tit t elan
the 11th of November, the day after ..vel package of cigars is the latest
the Carni-al closes. It Is believed,. Production of the El Tropico cigar tac-
therefore, on account of the great story, Ocala. The idea is original with
variety of exhibitions, both Instruc- Mr. cha.. Peyser, the proprietor, ad
tive and amusing, which will be seen attracts a great deal of attention. and
only in the Southern states at the the goods are fine and sell at sight.
Jacksonville Carnival, that thousands The brand is Nicke -Foot. They
of people will come to Jacksonville are as fine as mn nickel goods and
for the opening performance and re- the reason they are sold chean isbe-
main until the very close. cause th are made by apprentices.
To showv the great interest in this The cigars are 6 inches long, packed
enterprise already over ten thousand .wo in a Package and retail at 5 cents.
tickets have been sold in advance, hence 12 inches of solid comfort for
and the demand is already steadily In- nicket. Try them and be convinced.
creasing from all parts of the state. For sale at first class dealers.

Looking at it from a strictly impar- V K MJ i
tial standpoint, your correspondent is ll IlA-lll /
prepared to say that the thousands of Nilllv l -a I l
people who will attend this year's Car- -M\AD Elr a^Rt11 v
nival In Jacksonville will be more H'. lAND'MAUDE "
than pleased and will see exhibitions in \ l
comparison with the money expended J /
that could not be seen anywhere else \ V /"
In this country at anything like the (-' /^
Can you win? You realize that to
win in anything these days requires ..- -- .
strength. with mind and body In tune. l
A man .or woman with disordered di2- em mIfl.
gestive organs is not in shape for a | I UII| I II
day's work or a day's play. How can
I they expect to win? Kodol for Dyspep- OWI-- -- ----I
j "ia contains the digestive juices of a fn* |m ---I
i healthy stomach and will put your SWhII I lI
stomach In shape to perform its im- Ten ymws -o wua god typowritr
pirtant functions of supplying the Five rago wasa betertypewriter
body anl brain with strength-building Today Is the bs attypewriter
bltod. Digests what you eat. relieves .o. t,, f
,Indigestion. Dyspepfia.Q.sur Stomach.
Palpitation of the Heart and Constipa-
tion. Sold by the Anti-Monopoly tooI
Drugstore._tfeI i
FOR SALE-, Forty arres of pine And
land. half covered with goo+d timber TI tI i
half in exi-elltnt state of cultivation. UIl1
Ssitnated ,n the Silver Springs harr wi I1
romd. three mile-a from, ,'aca.lA,.\ ..
1:.,)vk ,,,+ igv. farm nsr u,,Osn. -v I i I I

i.. m,,tIng mavrn e, raKe -.i,,ws arn,.
Plus 25 vnts to Jacksonville and return for the Pilit,. a ,8 1at,,,lis ah,od rea.,n ,for, seeing
one -vnt ir mile forr Militar Cominpanits anwl Bra-s Iand u" liiHral Inr' e p Call on .or al-
1i 11 6 a -,. I'It-,zs wn 'J. J E. Whaley

I w w II


$44.70 San Francisoo, and Leos Angeles,
Cal., one way (second class), on sale
dally till Oct. 21st. *
$3.40 Hot Springs, Arki., on sale dally;
limit ninety days.
$61.06 City of Mexico and return; tick-
ets on sale Nov. 22 to 28th, inclus-
ive, limit 60 days.
$16.25 Nashville, Tewn, and return;
tickets on sale Nov. 10 and 11, limit
Nov. 4.
$9.25 Augusta, Ga., and return; tickets
on sale Oct. 27. 28 and 2$; limit Nov.
15. 1906.
$9.65 Columbia, S. C, and return: tick-
ets on sale Nov. 4 and 5; limit Nov.
9, 190X.
For information regarding rates to
other points, apply to T. K. McCall, C.
P. and T. A.: James Freeman. D. P. A.
Phone 743. Jacksonville. Fla.
Many other attractive rates.
For further information apply to
City Passenger and Ticket Ant.
District Passenger Ageant.
108 West Bay Street, Jacksanville. Fla.
Phone 74.
The Louisville & Nashville Railroad
".-ill sell rouno tnp rates from Jack-
nonville to points shown on dates In-
dicated. Proportionately low rates
from other points.
$38.40, Hot Spr'ngs, Ark, ani rtun.
Tickets on sale daily. Final return
limit 90 days from date of sale.

Many of tm- ilabaMtaaft m ss
are good ju aill -m admo rl
(e tIUee e5. wAsr nw --
etbiwd the tarponm t IIy m a a
6ilver. I W the Finale wabrM t2MiM
an ally of the hene ,m 1.tb i u
for its leaqps. Uss a
sweepa up the Maest. a t- wUt
ask. on f iing 9" pml, are
ean tn the a ir to every dhbl. Tey
dart like an arrow, tarm gracefully live
or six feet tI the air and come down.
k -epiiusi a water ft ac A in a foa.
and. if not the greatest. they amr U-
tainly the most graeftal tha JM-
ers oftheow.

B llets from the thMrty ialbur as
of the United StMU army WI wMth
great rapidity. The rt111 grv16 -M
revolution of the bllMt about lo axis
Ia to iebes. At the miki the yv-
lodty ot the ballet Is 2M fet a
second, wkbh m eans 2.7B ta a sec-
ond, assimaing that the bullet doss not
strip In the rung. The circumaffree
of the bullet a .942 Inch. whieb gIve
a peripheral velocity of 2,6e00 t
each second, or 1.000 feet a mhX.

fl ks--Your wife is a M ty soMn-
ble woman, isn't sbe?
Wikets-hue! Sb a tli mS.-4Sm-
rvlle Journal.

The bankroty court cma bost some
delightfully naive rejolnder*. "How,
air, Is It possiMble." angrily demanded
the opposaing eomonsel of the bankrupt,
"to live in the luxurious style you ave
affected on $200 a year? 'be witnea
replied, with an air of Jnstflable prlde.
that that -was a problem to whick he
had Cevottd cBl.e. tble time in the
Interests of 'owal economy, and-the
result of his humble efforts were wnow
beforee the courtt"
5.wwllgss lye.
"Cee nhiz!'" said George for the
twenPtieth time "It snakes me mad
every time 1 th:nk of the $10 I lost
toJday. I actually fel as If I'd like to
linav umehxyiy kick me."
"By the :way. ;eon're." sald the dear
.-r! dr.antily. "-tan't you think you'd
hNIt?-r :a-: to father this evening?"-
Philailelrlii; i Pre %.
"Some mRn are so Asupieloun." aid
the .esiqnjiqt. "that If they went into
the organ grinding btsine*s they would
compel all the monkeys to carry little
-.ash regixter-."-PhiadeIlphia Bulletin
Happens Sometimes.
A man and wife shouldn't take them
-'elves too seriously. There's such a
ihing as falling ont by sheer force of
Gilding the whistle will not raise the
Atlantic Coast Line Railway
$12.30 Augusta, Ga. Rate of one fare
plus 25 cents. Tickets on sale Oct.
27th, 28th and 29th. Final limit Nov.
$19.30J Nashville, Tenn. Rate of one
fare plus 25 cents. Tickets on sale
Nov. 10th and 11th. Final limit, No-
vember 18th.
$12.70 Columbia, S. C. Rate of one fare
plus 25 cents. Tickets on sale Nov.
4th and 5th. FInal limit, good to
leave Columbia midnight of Nov. 9.
$8.30 Jacksonville, Fla. Rate one fare
plus 25 r'ents. Tickets on sale No-
vember 5, 6, 7. 8 and 9. FInal limit,
Nov. 11.
Gainesville, Fla. On account of state
reunion of Confederate Veterans.
Rate of one cent per mile plus 25
cents. Tickets on sale Nov. 12 and
13th. Final limit. Nov. 16th.
For any Information call on ticket
agent or J. G. Klrklaqd, D. P. A. Tam-
pa, Fla.


;r 4 -



c. aSMIH, %mpise in -%Any,

It= froin Deoota" Ste"m Sbhj

I e-l`=

PN -dow
16 maLhm


-Aped RLoss or
fih oSime of JD
WouOrqn rnv~mw



aMO B. ,fa




For 0Ir

Thirty Years.

LU -CMOr .i

Florida East Coast Railway
w ri M Cwl ul a. is amc Sblit V6 ML
IamlTh wi k1. hl0h01"Pon

USn? 2 STATION& *yu
9* *t uo Lv................Js. ,uem lt...............Ar t72 a* I -
P *2B *............S.. othJa9 OuTW .............L I 71 .
7 m 10409 M ................... Auasuuae.... .......
715 }11 m1 .. ................a A w ................ b
Itp at m .. ................ Iszt h ............... .
S12up A Ar....................okika..............4..... Mfl
74 U. U. .m Lr.................. P a ...............At. S.....I
9 up=. ............ IA ................. g ateo. ................ ............ .
pm............ a .i ...................f M o .................. "" 4 w ... l
as 12 SrIa Lv..................0a,,le,............... .A t UP =
** iU pm L ................... D uP Ls ..................-.. 42i 9
doom I ,, ..................DP OSC. ................ Upon
It > 1P|> A, r .......... .^. y w ..-- ..f -le o ....-- .....;.....'* +i-U y *-S
u11 m 1 p "I........A.......Orne i ................a. I a -
_1 M_ __ 0- i-..........0rn9fltyJnctloB.......... I" W i Siltm
slo'w IB t-rt( prs H................. ........' r 1", 4
103 l 2A .pm A.................. New r ........... .........L 5
1 lmam 444pm AT*Lk............L. e T-..i..................Lw I SW a

11 0 1pmm u-pn i.............. ulle.................T. 1"* fil &
11 40m I 6m ............ ....... l. M ul r ................. ,. 12 gm
10 p 2 210p ................ ti m ..............A- Sr I S4 a
! I0A :.................. ow l................... ... .... .U.
11 AIn pm ..............a.... ,dok r .............. .. ." 11 MO
S. p= 1 1................. r 4 .............. _.... WM
a 0pm Lv.............. .t.................- IS iSM
I at we m.................. tI ............... A rS 3 m
am 8 a.@ '.............. w t lIm-s""-9................. .l *
10a1 1 41 pm .................... -a.aM e.............. 3.. a1 m 2
1 Oam 4 -pm -................. .... ibb 111#................. i. 1 I0 a
2 m 1 pb". .................... e -................. 1.1
S 0- pa. .................. ......... .... ..
a Gle 6r7p -................. .... orti ay ............ .... 1* I.
I UM 9 97p= ................. mi Ml ..... . -, M. B.
3 M 41pm ................. .. ..-en .. ... ... .... .... .t"
IS B @ ?p ... ................. J@f-- ...... : 90M wu eg

3 .i.m ..i .pm .................. l. lrtl........... ....... .. O M *
4 3 .. p .. .... ............. H oe t. ., ....... .. .- 1 Z
7 .ft ...............' uper.. ... P ; OM

i y o0 @ UV ............ 1 Ir . a &e
4&an s9 U p .. .. .. .. Bo*uIv d! e ... .. . ... x A M V
_6_____I _W.. .................. -im. -
7 Main 9 90J ............... .... e wru le. .......... .. i

Ua .CP.. ni -... ........ :I ,
........ ... .. ... :::WR e.. 0 -1 SO
7 ?4,3 l Ia. pm 1............IA- th.,y ......w' s, UM
Api s Y)*.pf t ................. .....iam .......... .... it TM ls
6*-. ............1............. ... :awl.... ........ .
to...i... ..... AH ......... ..joB.t .. . ... 5.. ....... 22
Bnff9t Porlw' r. nt on ttraim M 2' n~l 7RL Bu9ff "pii< <*Ca., u Irain,#q 8 a4 Id

2 Mnpi P) :f ..w4m *ApmlgOau tar --- "*k #.ot Us U
2 4kf l-t Imew 4 th-pt gr^Aw \-*. -.* ' ~!- *| r- w ;2- -T^ *
2t0 n i14) 10a f t *-.o 9 :a ....... I-'hl e i>ow-h .. 7 ; 4 t *1 jtm 41
3 *pH w V 4 7 tWNU 9 9i ts ..... A;u. .. 7 M It 11u S



**'' '

S '


~RJ E=


ThcAtA 3- .

_: "'> '' -' ':. '.'" -
..- -,

Volume 12. Number 118 OCALA FLORIDA THURSDAY OCTOBER 25 1906 Fifty Cents Month,- $5 Year, '

. .

'# -

-' ; y. tII .8. .. BUTCH' Manager. ___. -. J.. C.: BOOZER, AstL Manager.. -
-- ; :i-.( GOING TO MARKET. ,
: GEO. J. BLITCH.! TeHer. '

Graham Flour, :Captain and Crew of the Water.Logged Our Mr W. W. _Condon wIn leave t '," A. General Alteration in the Arrangement

Buckwheat Flour I Schooner Sirocco are Trying November: 1st for New York of the President's Official The Strong Hold 'theCOMMERCIAL _
frbere he will buy one of the largest .
to Sail Her to the Cuban Coast and finest stocks of jewelry fine china Family ; .

Rolled Oats I and cut-glass music and musical Instruments -
New Tork Oct. Somewhere fat TVBhington. Oct. %&.-The following .BANK:
and goods in the lines usually .
in the .Atlantic off the Florida coast official statement, regarding prospectice ,
Self-Raising Buckwheat in half a dozen men on the roof of'the carried by the store that this chang in President Roosevelt'a .

Packages.A after house of the water-logged Brit I city has ever seen. Any speciaLorders :cabinet, were made public tonight: OCALA LA. -
'left at the store will be given personal -
Uh schooner Sirocco are struggling "On the "'tlrementof Secretary
attention by Mr Condon; and against wind and tide to reach a Shaw and Attorney-General Moody
selections made bz; him while he Has Upon Public Confidence i is Evidenced by Its Large
Cuban port with their almost helpless ; ,from the'cabinet., the followingnew.
'_ Is,In the city.OCALA.
charge. -. 'appointments will be mad: and Business
Spratt's Dog Cakes, MUSIC CO, Jewelers Increasing
The plight of the men Is due In partto Secretary of the treasury George
the heroic devotion of their captain B. Cortelyou DoW postmastergeneraLPostmastergeneralGeorge -
Wesson's Cooking Oil, who when help was at hand Von I*

chose to face death rather than abandon :Meyer, of Massachusetts, now ambassador
Nuts,Raisins and CitronAt his ship and her cargo of lumber -- -- to Russia. Winter
He declined an offer of assistance from -Attomey-genaal-CharJes J. Bona-
TEAPOT GROCERY the steamer Parima. which ran down DEATH OF LITTLE CARL: PROCTOR GAITERVILLE I,parts, now secretary of the navy.

,,0m him last Sunday when she was wallowing Secretary of the nary-Victor B.
I In the sea 160 miles east of Carl Proctor, the Dttle JOn of ).fl'. II :Mr! and Mrs. A. L. Roes made a :MetcaJf! now secretary! of commerce e

!Florida after paving through hurricane and Mrs. James Proctor died Thurs- business trip to Dunnellon Saturday. ,and labor. wish call ,.
McIYER & HAcKAY The captain asked for supplies day afternoon at 2 clock. He was Miss LulaDease returned home last I Secretary of commerce--Oscar to you attention -
I only to replace those ruined when his I only sick a couple of days and was not Tuesday from Shady Grove where she 'Strauss of New Tork.Those .
I ship filled with water. thought to be dangerously Ill. The I has been visiting for several days :
Who Will Hold Their Jobs
FUNERAL DIRECTORS The Sirocco called from ,St. Johns. little fellow was four years and seven' Dr. and M,-*. Bishop of Holder, were! to the ,tine i of Capsin
The members will retain
I IMr following
N, B.. September 27th with a cargo of months old.Everything in our burg Sunday. I I
j I lumber for Cardenas. that loving hands could I N. C. Dease and family of Shady '. their present positions Secretary of
Undertakers and Embalmers do was done for him. But God called spent last Wednesday and Thursday In j'lt i State. Ellhu Root Secretary of War Cloth and Leather for
William H. Taft Secretary of the Interior -
'and said: "Suffer little children to Gaitfcrvtlte visiting relatives. i: ; ,
D. E. MclVER ALFRED 'E. OWEN I HUMAN BLOOD MARKSA come unto me ,and forbid them not.for Mr JI C. Brafa of Holder was In i t Ethan A. Hitchcock Secretary -

Undertakers tale of horror was told by marks I such; Is the kingdom of heaven. And Galtervne: sund.a.y" of The Agriculture James Wilson. men boys and children
general understanding for
we all know that God knows best. He sometime we
of J. W. ,
of human blood in the borne has been that
Ale Caskets and Burial Relies r \\VUlfanw a well known merchant ofbac. was laid to rest In the Oxford ceme- THE TEXAS WONDERCu AttorneyGeneralMoo4y
Oct 19th. would retire on Jan. 1 nexLand : .
Ky He writes; "'T\centy years tery How we will miss his face :es all kidney. bladder and rheumatic I that Secretary Shaw would followon have j just opened which
All Work Done by Licensed Emfc [ago. I had severe hemorrhages or the and cheerful He was merry a bright troubles. Sold by all druggists March 4. The above announcement ,

....r. and :Fully Guaranteed luntrs.!: and was near death when I began and cheerful child ways and seemed to love I or two month treatment by mall for was made after a prot et>dcabinet
taking Dr. Klnjfjs i-ew Discovery. everybody. $1 Dr. E. W. Hall. 29Z6 Olive street I meeting today. we consider the best line
it completely curol. me. and I have remained I St. Louis Mo. Send for testimonial -
I The parents and relatives" (;f the lit- I I
l well ever inc e. It cures Sold in Ocala by the Anti-Monopoly JULIUS CAESAR
tle fellow have our deepest sympathy
I IIernorrha Chronic Coughs Settled Drugstore.
A Choice Stock tes. Was a man of nerve but sickness' left ever displayed Ocala. .
Colds and Bronchitis, and Is th' '
A BOX SUPPER its mark and be became aged before
only known cure for Weak Lun,s. Ev- BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE LOTS
I his time Sickness is often caused bya ,.
Of Fresh Beef Pork ery bottle guaranteed by Tydlngs & CHEAP.
The Star \a requested to announcea torpid liver. Herbine will regulate
Co, dru COc and $1 trial bottle -
I ffls'ts ; box: supper to be given by the ladiesof Two of the tfrettiest residence lots. your liver and give you health Mrs. :
free W. J. Chambers Sloe
And Mutton, I Kendrick at the school house the I I front on different streets in the very I I Carrie Austin. Hollon. Kansas writes: Co.FORSALES
night of Nov_ 2nd for the benefit of !'choicest' residence part of the city for "I consider Herbine the best medicine .
BELLEVIEW the new church The public la cordially J j rule cheap for cash. Inquire at this 'I!' ever beard of. I am never without
Vegetables, Fruits. PoJtry.1 Invited. 1 j office. I II t." Sold by the Anti-Monopoly Drug-I
Eggs Fish, Oysters and! Mr. and Mrs Washburn are slowly "tore.I .
improving It is hoped they will I

Choice Fresh Family Gruc both be better before our next writIng -I FREEZER T WEDDING

cries, always on nand from s ALLEN W. I ?! A FEW
Mr Manvllle Dudley of Horseshoe ofBRIDGES Th M. E. church was comfortably
which to do your marketing. 'Fla, came up to see :MT and UTS I I filled with Invited guests Tuesday I'

Washburn Monday, and will remain up :: witness the ofCharles :
Send to
: or bring us jour orders evening marriage .BY.
here some time. ... ...
A. Freezer and Miss Fauna
I 1 zNo.
and they will hate :Mr. Gardner, from Plttsburg Pa. arrived Pore
Ice Cream and Cold Drinks G. Albright, which interesting and very
Friday and will be with us for beautiful DITTO & MALONEY
prompt attention 1 event took place at 9 o'clock ,
the winter Choice Candies, Fruits, Confections, that evening with. the ceremony by II I
:Mr. Boyd and wife and two daughters ,
W. E. S lITH.j j have arrived and Rev. J W Engle. 1-Good five-room cottage on nice lot near In on Ocklawaha _
i from the north I Full Line of all Brands of To the strains,of the .
I are now staying in the house. belonging Popular Cigars. I lelsphoa's wedding march.splendid Rev Engle Men- Avenue; housecan easily be'added to..Cheap at..*.. .. .... ..., __

No. 98 North Magnolia St. to :Mr E.: R.and AbbotL Mrs. Green made Come in and enjoy a cold drink or sauper of cream under preceded the bridal party followed by i No. 2.-Splendid eight-room, twostory residence on Sanchez street =-
Mrs. Hanes a
I the little flower girls Gertrude Hauger Second Ward; has bath and wide halt a good two-room servants house *
Phone 132 I business' trip to Ocala last week the electric fans. Don't forget the place. I and Marvin Bishop. They were followed -I i two fire places, separate yards etc, good two-story barn buggy ...
We to hear of the deathof
are sorry by the bridesmaid' Miss Daisy i shed three box: stalls good chicken house, storage bouse and wood
Mrs McClure one of our winter Jetbeny and the groomsman, Daniel shed a good cistern and well and city water in bath. All in good,order -
residents whleh occurred at her home ALLEN BRIDGES' ICE CREAM PARLOR, Wotrlng. then came the bride on the on large lot facing two streets. Cheap at .' .. .. ..,.$1,600
DISTILL WATER-Free Oeliv.ryICE in the north several days ago. I arm of her brother. Vlvtor., and the -: .
The residence of Mr. O. M Gale Is Next to Munroe & Chafnbliss' Bank. groom accompanied by Mr. W. M.Rlahnn No. 3.-Good two-story six-room house wide 'halls, one block' east of
I going up rapidly under the management Vktor .a.lhrfvht th e )'Ide's I post office.. on corner. In rood condition. x300 cash, hatsnce In"two +
G I I of Messrs. Shedd and brother, gave f away." 1- years-i-.Pe--cent interest: Price: :. '.. :. .:::.. .. :. ** :;.'.::iuO) () -
C 0r Mr Gale's friends will be glad to n-I The bride : attired a dainty
Z Z him occupying it in the near creation of pale blue silk, trimmed in: No 4.-100 acres land 30 acres cleared and cultivated, balance woods '

toW t Mrs Nellie Millson is expected, FURNITURE FURNITUREDon't lace aplique with bridal veil and beautiful some good, timber. A big bargain. .. .. ._. ... ,.. .. .. .. .." .. ..;.(300
Z Shortbeach. Conn, Friday. Her many orange blossoms and carried a!
Z O 'friends will be glad to see her again. : No. 5-A good five-room cottage. nice lot on Tnscawllla street, near

'I Mr AShworth and W. R. Bryant bouquet'of wore the conventional bridal roses black The with groom a Ocktawaha. Avenue., .. .f .. :. ,;. :. .. ., .. .. .. ..- :-. .. .. ,.. ..$1.100'No. -

J* visited the Brick City Tuesday.Mr. <-Very pretty lot, 7o.1l8.on Fort King: Avenue,' In Gary: Grove. 1
_:_____n_ __. __ _______ ___ Chas. A. Tremere went to Jacksonville think for a minute that we have gone white white organdy vest. The trimmed bridesmaid in! lace wore and Big bargain.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... ._ .. ,. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ,:.$550

OCALA ICE & FUEL CO. Ocala Fla. on a business visit today. out oi the Furniture Business in Ocala.: Were carried pink roses. The tiny! flower No. 7.-Couple of nice five-room cottages, nice lot etc.. In Second

Mr. Cauthen of Heather Island, was girls looked like little fairies in dainty Ward. Price.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ,.. "._ .. .. .. .. ..* ..$1,100
in our midst Sunday visiting his here to stay and have some exceptionally:
white silk lace frocks. and scattered
No. 8.-Good twotory ten-room house In Fourth Ward, very desir-
daughter. Mrs. J F. Pelot. He has all roses before the bride as.the wedding able for boarding house newly painted and roofed good cistern good
Electrical fiae;bargaias to offer in FURNITURE and ; ;
Supplies. purchased the Wllcox place and will party passed down the aisle from the lot eta Very cheap, .. .. .. ...-... .. .. ., .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..$1.000
occupy the same shortly. kinds of HOUSE FURNISHINGS both new and altar after the marriage- ceremony, to $$500 cash; balance easy.
I have a well selected stock tbe strains of lohengrin's bridal
WOUNDS, BRUISES AND BURNS secondhand.Our march, which was very beautifully
of Electiic Fans, in both the! ..:..-- rendered by Edna Forman. who presided If you wish to buy or rent apply to
By applying an antiseptic Pressing holiday line is coming in and contains at tbe crgan.Immediately !

General Electric Co. and the 1 to wounds, bruises burns and like beautiful Give after the ceremony a
rare bargains in goods.
The latter injuries before Inflammation sets In. many rec eption was held at the bride's hometo DITTO & MALONEY '

tinghousemake. they may be healed without maturation us a call and we will save you money.PITTMAN which a goodly number were invited _
and in about one-third the time to enjoy the splendid supper that -,
cost little more but require
required by the old treatment. This was skillfully and artistically prepared "ALWAYS READY T0SHOW YOU."
less" current to operate Is the greatest discovery and triumphof for the occasion. The newly married -
modern surgery. Chamberlain'sPain J. A. & SON couple left on train No. 4 for Atlantic
them. I alt=o carry i in stock 1 Balm acts on this same princi- City eel other eastern points,

ple. It is an antiseptic and when applied where they will remain for two weeks. Fort King Grocery.
FAncy High, .
to such injuries causes them to The West Virginia Republican Joins
Lights, etc. J JAllldnds heal very quickly. It also allays the THE FURNITURE MEN. I I their many friends in wishing them a

f pain and soreness and prevents any happy wedded life-West Virginia I have bought the Fort King Grocery and restocked \*- ,
: *
of electrical work danger of blood poisoning. Keep a Republican.
bottle of Pain Balm In your home andit The fair bride is a sister to Mrs. it with a complete, fresh line of Staple and

and repairing done at reasonable will, save you time and money not FARMSColumbus F. W Bishop, of Anthony and with Fancy Groceries for the family trade I will carry

under full to mention the inconvenience and Buffering whom sbe spent the summer at Anthony the freshest and best to be
price, a guar such injuries entaiL For sale making many friends while only goods had .and <

antee. If your lights are out: by all druggists. S .E3 LE S there who. will be Interested In hermarriage. will guarantee to sell them to you as.cheap as any

: one in the city. Country produce bought and sold
of fix, or you need wiring (INCORP ORATED)
Swiss cheese at the O. K. Grocery. NOTHING 10 FEAR and fruits and baker's bread will be put in in a few
done phone to No. 222.:?
PEDRO GENERAL LIVERY Mothers need have no hesitancy in days. Give me a share of your trade and if good

Walter, Tucker. I continuing to give 'Chamberlak. goods, courteous treatment and: low prices merit a.oontinllance .
Mr and Mrs Perry of Leroy are here FINE CARRIAGES BUGGIES Cough Remedy to their little ones as
trade with
of itt will continue to
visiting relatives this week. It contains absolutely nothing injur- you

Mr. Sam Grimes is busy grindingcane TRAPS CARRYALLS ous. This remedy Is not only perfectly me' Respectfully ,

this week. SADDLE HORSES ETC. safe to give small children but it
IEiL They are holding a protracted meet- Is a medicine of great worth and merit.' '
ing at the Baptist church here. Seven It has a world wide reputation for its N. L. WILLIAMS Prop. .
members baptized last Sun- ,
new were cures of coughs, colds and croup and
cTVIozley'sLemon: day night. can always be relied upon. for sale
Corner Fort King Ave. and Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
Mr and Mrs. John Priest of Anthony AND MULES FOR SALE by all druggists. ,?
Elixir.Is spent several days here last week with
Mrs Priests' parents Mr. and Mrs.Alfred HORSES BOARDED BY THE :MONTHMARION SOUTH LAKE WEIR ---

a sure cure for all Will Proctor.Mr. Perry. of Oxford was In A. C. COBB, General Manager. :Mr C S. Gates and Mr. J. C. Marsh The Original

LIVER Pedro Sunday.Mr. took an overland trip to Ocala Mon

a preventive of Ernest Smith of Coleman. and day. They returned by rail Friday. The idea of a Cough Syrup that will act on the ;
Miss Mattie Leitner of Oxford visited
Mr and Mrs. F. EL Haskell returned
TYPHOID bowels, and thus assist in expelling colds from the
Misses Lizzie and Blanche Proctor home Sunday after a pleasant visit In '
system is new and original m Kennedy Laxative ovrmis txo ,
and other fevers. Sunday. Cane Mills the north. Honey and Tar. Nearly all other cough cures are .
Our community was shocked by the Mrs. W. W. Reed went up to Ocala
death of little Carl Proctor last week." Sunday. constipating especially those containing Opiates.'
( Grandparent The people around here must be : Mr. Richard Carter: with his family Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar moves the -

Good for < Parent expecting cold weather by the way lull J2 and 13 Inch Rollers. came overland last week to see his bowels,contains DO Opiates.Laxative.
( Baby they are ceiling their bouses. father who has been quite 111. but la
Cane grinding time is coming one I now much: Improved tOne
Ask Tour Neighbor more. The young folks are expectinga SYRUP KETTLES IN 60 AND 80 GALLONS day tost week while Mr. W. I*

SOc and $1.00 bottleat big time. Bard was absent from home a bold
per Mr Chas. Lewis returned from aseveral A certain safe and harmless remedy for aSCouzhs. !J
thief entered his room and secured his
Drug Stores.wor. days' visit to Coleman yesterday A car each oi Sash, Doors and Blinds just received, purse containing about fifty dollars. ,Colds.Crouo.Wboootnz CoBzh.La Grippe

and his revolver A load of buckshot Bronchus,Influenza and all Lung and Bronchial ..
and make special them. Big stock of Shot I
on flUJ
we prices
.- : = .' }Ir. Chas Drlggers of Oxford was in i is the thing for such a rascal as this affections. Mothers praise the children's favorite .1.-
--- -- -
Pedro Sunday Guns, allj; kind of Ammunition, etc. Buggies. Wagons, if caught. I Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar.Cough .
airs Nathan Mayo of Belleview was Mr. and Mrs. Baker have arrived at
in Pedro Tuesday Harness and a general line of hardware. Reliable goods Welrsdale and are occupying their residence TAR
L C. C. seems to be la doubt as to Syrup
I what the matter is now. Tell us and and prices as low as any in the country. Mr E. S. Cpham came FrIday. He

I we will help you out. is looking wen. as ,usual, we are gladto Prepare at the Laboratory of J:. C. DeWTTT CO.* CHICAGO, O. B.g0r A.

A Big Load for $J t There folks were here quite Sundav a number of Ox.fora T. W. SMITH & CO. Mrs.say El H. Gates made a false step _TH*RED CLOTtt m.ossoD TEE BOUT aD IS OS STKBT BOTH!

one day last week and sprained her SOLD BY THE ANTI-MONOPOLY DRUGSTORE. OCALA. FLA

Miss Julia Slgmon rut her foot with

Science has proven that the moon an axe quite badly while splitting Fish ;;
has an atmosphere, which makes life some wood. an rn1o7
H. SEYMOURPhone in some form possible on that satellite; Mrs. S. P. Fortson. from Alacbua .

but not for human beings who have a FRESH MEATS' \ AND VEGETABLES county spent a few days last week I now have a first-class stock of Fresh and Salt Water
Messrs. J.
185 hard enough time on this earth of with her two brothers Cand
.I ours; especially those who don't know H. C. Groft. Mrs. Fortson hasweeks. "I Fish: of all kinds; Cedar Key and Crystal River Oysters .
that Electric Bitters cure Headache Western :Reef- Veal. Florida Stall Fed Beef Mutton.. Armour's been _at_ Green Springs tar several___n_

HERMITAGE I i Biliousness. Malaria. Chills and Fever Star Ham, Armour's Pork Sausage, Cabbage She returned home Saturday Fresh Beef. Pork and Mutton at all times Tbe Goodsare
: Jaundice, Dyspepsia Dizziness. choice varieties; the prices as low as the lowest, and

DAIRY !Torpid General Debility Liver Kidney and Female Complaints.Weak Rutabagas, Turnips. Beets, Sweet True and tnea Little friends Early of the Risers.famnyDeWfltt'a customers will l receive prompt couiteoas,. treatment, :_:.. .

nesses. Unequalled as a general Tonic Potatoes Irish Potatoes.Spanish Onions. Best for results and best to take. Rosy and their orders will be promptly delivered '
and Pur. Milk and Cream D. _
Fr.ah and Appetizer for weak persons and cheeks and sparkling eyes follow the :

,livered Every Morning at Your 'I especially for the aged. It Induces W. P. EDWARDS.PHONE use of theee dependable little pills. ==_The'Last Stall on the ':'_: .-
DoorPHONE do not sicken. Sold I. T. ;
sound sleep fully guaranteed by Ty- They gripe or by Tompkins .-
104 CITY MARKET Right City Market. r i
150 dings & Co" druggist Price only SOc.;c the Anti-Monopoly Drugstore. ,. '_ ', -,a .

= ,. -- -
'" -, -- < '. '#" ; .


-;. !


: '..' _'. ...J,4 _'_..-'_ _.-., .

-;- "' :';;: -,. ;

... :r' 2I :
I --$ ="". ----, .. .. ; .
: __ ._ ":_


-A: Womans! Health I Haw Is Baby Tiiay Many of the lahabitaats of the .sea'
Jacksonville .FlaOct. 25. The]t aoni.
Better thick are ,good Jumpers and .hare become -
In weJL
Carnival which win beheld ; you. fact, anita
'!s a hers ge too sacred to be experimented with. For her peculiar and :,Third In Annual this city on November 5-lvth. ,! Fat. round and full 01 f lift and mischief. famous. Among them should be L=- ",:,.. r-_ "':-- ::- :- .' : f 1 I A'Pkasant: ;; HmBd&eHeesrI .
mentioned the tarpon or aQTvr t1.IC. a c <<;t << j'R"t:: KElegant
pf-known composition and which : Inclaalre wfll be one of the most *x-| Pink and white !uh. dotted with d'itvpes. I
d te submits only rpedjcfpy con- r '
Luce flan with scales that cteam lIke !,
AsRo aa4 tfce
i tensive amusement weeks ever planned : ," ms ..
No indigcition.AH t ,.. "
cough no 'S
sarcotics other harmful habit-forming drugs dlrer. In the Pacific waters the tana
taiif.nl* alccjjoj or or [ In the Southern states. II t : '_ '!o -..,; ,- _
inaugurated three oa account of an ally of the horse mackerel.-te noted ; .- : -; TaWe Bea &
should DcfeSptoyfrA* The one medicine which fulfills 4111 these require I The carnival was :, -? very Choicest *
years ago by prominent newspapermen | for Its !leap. Sometimes a school :,/; : .
rnents is Pr Pierc 's FavoriteJPrescription remedy with a record of j I for the of at- sweeps the
of the city purpose op coast and tile powerfulfish Rates to. s.t8
over forty yeai. of cures to recommend it ; a remedy, the makers of i i trading visitors to Jacksonville and I! I often weighing BOO pounds are _:IYjdU Special ,
I I has been one of the phenomenal :suef f ID-tbe air to
seen! every direction. 'Ibeydart
and atte5ti i i's completeness Bakers. .
which print Its formula on every bottle.wraprer ceases in that line of enterprise. It' like an arrow, torn gracefully five Weekly and Me&t&y

and correctness under oath a nmedydevise-d and adapted to worn' has become as distinctive the Cm-
: rfnnati Fall Festival or :FUtsburff,! or. six feet la the,air and come down. "
an's delicate constitution by an educated phvsjganan experienced with- keep &bc &. water f-r*cre la a foam, -
I Exposition and this year it will administered by mother whose love
remedy of which has if not eclipse, a and if DOt the greatest they are certainly MRS. HATCHELL
specialist in uoman'sdiseases; a every: ingredient out question equal j ,
,I was tempered with common sense. the most graceful of the'JumP-
1 1I I either of the two events. .
received the written endorsement of the most eminent medical writers I The Carnival .Association when it], She knows that OZOWULSION is ers of th* sea.Tli _; _; .'1: Proprietress.

of all the several schools of practice for the core of woman's peculiar.: began to plan for hi* years event I' a fountain of energy for frown-op. l 'e' -.;';..

; ajsgajy which has more bona- fc cm-es to its credit than any I some six months ago conceived the I too. It stops waste of flesh It makes WhtrttBs .( m'1hIDet. IOCAI.- FEORIDA

Idea-putting on a hippodrome fash- J t plenty of rich blood. For pale. feeble Bullets from the thirty caliber rifles ,,
-- -------
-" -
other sold druggists for woman's special requirem t'i. It is not toned after the famous hippodrome of of the United States army whirl with

given away in the form of"trial bottles" to be experimented:. with buts New immediately Tork I City begun and looklnr negotiations to bringing were j,i I folk .it is It the cures chief Consumption nourisher at when life'sfeast. great rapidity. The 'rifling atTN* one HOTEL WINDLE,,; 15..11. 19.E. F Flrsttl Stfltt
revolution of the bullet about its axis
sold at a fair price by all dealers in medicines* a large part,of the New York acts to I j taken in tim:. AH druggists len it- la ten Incne At the muzzle the TClodty 4
; Delicate,weak.nerTOUS women ebould\ feeble women generally .Dr. Pierce's Jacksonrilie been in progress These for negotiations several months j; 59 cents and $I.QO the bottle. Let as of the bullet U X300 feet a : -' _- New and Ffrst-Ckss to. all

especially ehan the use of alcoholic'': Favorite Prescription is the greatest and now completed whereby not less I end you second,which means :'iOO't1lma a second .-. ill' : ,: Appointments
than 1$ or 20 of the most celebrated assuming that the bullet does not .-- iv,1
medicines ..which from their etimulat-\ earthly boon, being unequaled aa an Free Sample Baffle by Ian / .
I act. in the world will be seen in th t I .strip In 'the rifling. The circumferenceof --
Ing and exhDerating effects may seem, appetizing cordial and restorative tonic. ? American Plan ?2.00 to
I South only at the Carnival this year.I! Write letter or postal: toozdD.1uLs1o1 the buDet Is 2H2 Inch which gives S ,
: for a> time to do good, bat which from As a soothing and strengthening ner This one feature of the Jacksonville a peripheral velocity of 2.000 Inches : $2.50 per day

the inevitable effects of the alcohol in' vine "Favorite Prescription* 1 is> nn amusement week will coat between I i : : 'CO. each second or 13.000 feet a mInute. t' tIi Plan Rooms
Ira I European {\
shrinking up the red corpuscle of the equaled-and is invaluable in allayingand *lLeao and 20.00/ and it is safe to say I .fi Pin Stre-t. New Yarfc S :>S ; ,
: I I that It will attract visitors! not only i '11J41 person75c.. day and
irritability -- -- -- -- -- per
do and L
blood' are sure to great lasting subduing nervous excitability, c.RSSH ; !'
from ail parts of Florida but from all ; ,
harm in the long run. Besides they 1 nervous exhaustion, nervous sections of the Southern states. The' HOW IS IT DONE? Hicks-Tour wife 1s a mighty sensible = ,, 1:1;: : up. Special weekly ratea

beget a crating for stimulants which l:81: prostration,neuralgia hysteria,spaems, hippodrome .will be shown in the Carnival ,: woman. Isn't abe? -r-- Center City. Near all

: S most deplorable. j St.Vitna'8 dance, and other distressing, arena. An immense platform. I:' / It would seem I \Vicks-:'Sure! She" m tried me.-Somerrine ;n Car -Lines. Open all the
and attendant H&xlOO feet. on which there will be't..o Journal S .
invigorating strengthening commonly .
nerve nervous symptoms
Only '
and to be done by Yeai Rooms with Bath
equestrian rings a stage various -' .
effects can follow the use of this upon functional and organic disease of C I -
1 r other constructions especially The ..... -
It !: It induces magic. The Extra Charge.C.
famous medicine for women. cannot the uterus. refreshing deep built for the purpose will be used in I The bankruptcy court can boast some

S: possibly do harm in any state or i i and relieve. mental anxiety, and des the arena. In the hippodrome acts human voice delightfully naive rejoinders. "How.

condition. of the system. It has been pondency. there are more than a score of horses, J coming from a sir.- Is It possible." angrily demanded B. SMITH, Proprietor, Jacksonville, Florida.

,, carefully adapted to woman's needs by I No 'woman suffering from any of the a and large! various number artists of performinganimals imported from tbe 7 -- wooden box, the opposing coonsH of the bankrupt. Bus from Depot and* Steam Ship
above afford to "to live in the luxurious style you haveaffected
an experienced ,physician specialist_ symptoms can accept -
leading amusement organizations ,
1 I with all its well -- --- -- -- -- -- -- -" ---
It m.ketII..nk i secret nostrum or medicine of on $: I) a. year! Tbe witnessreplied
In their diseases. : women any : Unknown this country and Europe. All of theseacts _
strong and sick women well. i composition as a substitute for have been engaged for the Carnival ; 7 ; known tones, with an air of Justifiable pride..

i' If a woman has bearing down, or : a medicine like Dr. Pierce's Favorite Association by the Carnival Association's -' t'c- : and its music.: that that "was a. problem .which be
I Nr Turk booking arenas., hod tleroUU sUerable: ; time in the
dragging pain., low down in the abdomen Prescription, which is or KXOWS COMPOSITION
: I I and win be brought to Jacksonville' ThePHONOGRAPH Interests of 'social economy: and the
i I
:! or pelvis, backache, frequent : and has a record of over forty on a special ship.of the Clyde Steamship results'! of bis humble'efforts were now '

;,- Leadaches, dizzy or fainting spells, is ,I years of cures and .sells more largely Company which will sail from before' the court." GASTORIA

: nervous and easily startled has gnawIng : to-day than ever before. Its makers New York on the 27th of October.

feeling in stomach,_sees imaginary withhold no secrets from their patient. The entire shows of the Jackson- "tk is now too well ........"..

before her believing publicity to be the very'best vine Carnival including the Hippodrome known to needdescription I Gee whiz! !" said George rortwentlC"th the
i, floating specks, or spots1 open and the Wonderway acts aggregate -
eyes baa melancholia, or "bines or a t guaranty of merit. in coat over a million dollars. but I time.It makes me mad _:' 1-I :For Infants and Children.
time 1 thhtk! of the $10 I losttoJay. 1k
weakening disagreeable drain from pel- | Dr. Pierce invites all suffering women and they are brought to Jacksonville: '' every : -
i I I the pleasure of I I actually feel as if I'd like to
Tic organs, she can make no mistake !to consult him by letter free of charye. at an expense that would .astound the lThe You
layman who is not familiar hare somebody kick me.- Kind Have
average possessing one
All letters of consultation-are held "I
: by resorting to the nse of Dr. Pierce'sFavorite as I with the excessive cost of high-grade "By the way. Hfortf.; Rid the dear
'1 Prescription. It will invigorate -i strictly private and sacredly confidential attractions. i is not known cirl: dreamilydoo't you think ,you'd

: and tone up the whole system and and all answers are returned in I The Jacksonville Carnival will beheld '.t, to everyone.We better s.eak; to- father tbi,i. evening?"*- ItLIII Always Bought

i-- especially the pelvic organ plain sealed envelopes. Address: Dr. as stated. during the week beginning sell the Edison Phila.letftbl" frcsL *JweefaUePreparatkmlbr

Dr. Pierce's Favorite Perscription is, R, V. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel and Surgical : November 5th. and the first I statindTood&klRcgutaIII J
L i performance will be given on Monday Phono
... IC".....
,3 a scientific medicine, carefully devised Institute, Buffalo N. Y. i j *theSkiBflriis amiI30weis of
I afternoon. N.v. 5th. at three o'clock.\\ said tinj :Bears theSignature
graph. }< assortment Some mea are 110 suspicions.!
by an experienced and skillful physician Dr.Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con !f and the gates of the Carnival will closeat I
the pessimist "thjtt if they went into
and adapted to woman's delicate etipation. Constipation is the cause of ,. midnight on the following satur- .441- of the grinding btifcinesa they would iIiIIIIWs.I,
system. It is made of native American I! many diseases. Cure the cause and day. The formal opening of the Car- records always on hand. Your organ
all the to little
yon cure the disease. One"Frlleti.agentle nlt"al10 be Monday night. at which compel) monkey; carry
medicinal roots and is perfectly harmless I i I laxative and two a mild eathartic. time Governor Broward will read a I leisure hours tan: be made cash resiKter*.**-Philadelphia Bulletin Promotes'Diesfion.CJurruJ-

in its effects *" any condition: of the Druggists sell! them, and nothingis telegram from the president of the j: udHestJContaios neither
instructive and entertaining ness -
female fyttem.AM "just as good." They are the original United States authorizing the gates very HapP<<'iio. ... ... nor>ftr*>rai. of
a powerful invigorating tonic,"Favorite -" Little Liver Pills]) first put up bv old of the great amusement event to be : with a Phonograph. A man and wife Khookln't take. them OpnmuMorpatnd
Dr. Pierce over 40 Much to the The NOT NAH o TI c.
years ago. formally opened public. pelves too seriously. There's snob a
Prescription imparts strength to j imitated, but never equaled. They are o governor will also deliver an addresson thing as falling ont by vbeer force of
the whole system and to the organs i tiny sugar-coated granules -easy to this most suspicious! occasion. vtty.Puck..
distinctly feminine in particular. For i take as /:andy.Dr. j1 j1i During the week therg will be various gra

over-worked 'om-out," rnn-down,* .Pierce's great thousand-page illustrated special features, such as horseshow I Gilding the whistle will not raise the Ji.i.reJ-
Common Sense Medical Adviser wrestling match between champ- : #
debilitated. teachers milliners dressmakers -

will be sent free, paper-bound, for 21 ions of the world and others. of equal In
seamstresses, -shop-girls one-cent .stamps or cloth-bound for 31 attractiveness.

house-keepers, nursing mothers, and stamps. Address Dr. Pierce as above. I One of the big features that will be I LOW ROUND TRIP RATES VIA THE

seen nightly at the Carnival grounds MONTHS'GUARANTEE I Atlantic Coast Line Railway .
will be the great fireworks display i
manufactured especially for the Jacksonville 5- $12.30 Augusta, Ga. Rate of one fare 9 0

i Carnival by the Nordlinger- Aast plus 25 cents. Tickets on sale Oct. ApcrfectRezriedyorConstlpation.SourSlowacti.Diarrhoea.. : -
Charlton Fireworks Company. of New I darnitg rk %7tb. 2Sth and 29th. Final limit Nov. .
York. This display shows among various lath. Wonns.convuts ns, rjsh- "

I .. = Health \is other pyrotechnic exhibitions a HalBRraaPtDsiBry $19.30 Nashville, Tenn. Rate of one class and LOSS OF SUCEB F 0 r 0 V e r
grove of Florida palms. 500 feet in the \ fare plus 23 cents. Tickets on sale
air containing thousands of the familiar Nov. leth and 11th. Final limit No- !.acs; Sgnatere ot
Lq More Than trees; a canopy of tropical flowers AH the popular: colors.Pyr vember 18th.
I Mm; TTomed
[ ] that will cover several acres of I ,old ontv in lots o* $12.70 Columbia, S. C. Rate of one fare Thirty Years
I : Wealth I $ ground. and scores of other special! II I i 6 pain for$1.50;Cat plus 25 cents. Tickets on sale Nov. .NEW
too..6 pairs Sl-
exhibitions prepared particularly to 4th and 5th. Final limit good to
1-- amuse and to instruct a Florida au For Ijvlie EjrjT'ian Cotton six,]pain leave Columbia midnight of Nov. 9.
Use for li.au. jt framtee: ticket vul m1
reLLas dience. GIT. $3.30 iTacksonvill, Fla. Rate one fare
::- J see.... The hotels and boarding houses of -..... I' plus %"cents.. Tickets on sale November YORK.CASTO
1 / BALIARD'Sj Jacksonville are preparing 'to entertain 5, C, 7, 8 and 9. Final limit. RIA
1- KING not ,less than 50.000 visitors and Nov. 11.Gainesville.-
OF the indications are that this number M. FISHEL Ocala. Fla. Fla. On account of state
---- j will probably be exceeded although reunion of Confederate Veterans. I ..
-- -aewseos-
THEM ample accommodations' can be provided Rate of one cent per mile plus 25
I : )' LINIMENT for alLAn cents. Tickets on sale Nov. 12 and

I ALL I lines rallrqads reaching and Jacksonville other transportation from- NIGKELAFOOTThe 13th. Final limit. Nov. 16th.

: AND. all parts of Florida and Georgia. are For any Information call on ticket
offering special low rates of one fare and agent or J. G. Klrklaqd. D. P. A. Tam-
newest! most attractive
you will always have pood: health. What Is more to a man both ways good returning as late as novel package of cigars is the latest pa. }'la. Florida East Coast Railway
/ than good health All the monpy in the world can't make the 11th of November. the day after production of the El Troplco cigar factory -
happiness where health is unknown. Bollard's Snow Liniment the Carnival closes. It Is believed Ocala. The idea Is original withMr. MANY ATTRACTIVE TRIPS Local Time Card No. tt. la Efftct September !II, I9CI.SOUTMBOUND .

L: Rheumatism Cuts, Burns, Sprains Neuralgia. therefore, on account of the great Cnas. Peyser the proprietor, and AtEXTREMELY -READ DOWN. NORTHBOMHtWREAD UP.Bn9trarl .
S variety of exhibitions bothinstruc- ____
Sores Stiff Joints. Contracted Muscles, Lame attracts a great deal of attention and -
Back and aU the Ills that Flesh Is Heir to. tive and amusing which will be seen the goods are fine and sell at sighC LOW RATESSOUTHERN N..91 I. 2t !TATIO'tt. I'. 7. I.. "
only in the Southern states at the Via _Daltr Otily D5IIV Daily ,,
One Who Knows. Jacksonville Carnival that thousandsof The brand Is Jflckel-a-Foot. Theyare a 0Iipm .iiii':. Lv..J.ck.oevUie.......;........Ar 72ap. I Glaw
will to Jacksonville as fine as many nickel goods and RY. a tSp.! S sm ....._....SooUi Jacksonville..I., 7 s..... I 435w
I people come the reason they are sold cheap is because 7 2Dpm 10.-.m. .. ........._..5t. AGpllCt..............." S i.p.e 7 Stew

J. G. Scott praise, Salt Lake City B&llard's Utah.Snow writes Liniment; cannot for for the until opening the very performance close. and remain they are made by apprentices. FROM.JACKSONVILLE. __1== u :=_ :::::::::::::::F.est..lia$1ngs..:::,.... :::::::::: : Npa Sips. :eisa Siam

.too highly your To show. the great interest in this The cigars are C inches long, packed iilIiis ........._..... Pm Taw
,' the relief of acute rheumatism, caused by sudden change enterprise already over ten thousand two in a package and retail at 5 cents $44.70 San Frsneisco, and Los Angeles. _'Cpm 11 lisa Lv.................. '. 11pm S ttamC
and exposure to the weather. I also recommend your hence 12 inches of old! comfort for Cal, one way (second class), on sale IWIiID ............. Ar..1'&a : :::::::: e.a
i Uallard's Horehound Syrup for coughs and colds. tickets have been sold in advance a'nicket.. Try them and be convinced.For daily till Oct. Slst. -............. 15&m L........:..,....... a $.p. .._..
1_ These used together defy aU pain. and the demand is already steadily increasing sale at first class'dealers. $38.40 Hot Springs, Ark., on sale daily; 9 osjiiirii; '.....,...__.... 1IUpa S ....

} S GET THE OENUI E. Three Sizes 2Sc, 50c $1.00 Looking from at it all from parts a of strictly the state.impar- limit ninety days. : II= 12 1 ;g= 1.;. :::::::::::::::::4X: : ::::::;:::::::: :: : ::= :0 halO

10 _...............
NICKELAfOOTJl"HANDMADEJ $61.65 City of Mexico and return: tickets O'lf-a 12-1paa 10. .4 .pa 4 4am
tial standpoint! your correspondent Is % on sale Nov. 22 to 28th. inclusive 3I UptB 1 IMipm ..___...._..I'on 3a.a e r...
prepared to say that the thousands of 10 3:1pm 2 0Jpm .&r..S. 4 1Mmii
Ballard Snow liniment Co. people who will attend this year's Car limit CO dars. lam .44plD ;AnI................ isLe :: .U _

S SOG-soz't'Iorth': Second Street than nival pleased in Jacksonville and will see will exhibitions be more in 16.25 tickets Naahvilla on salp, Nov.Tenn 10. and and 11 return; limit; linism 11 lisa __5 Slbps o :t:..::::::: i.j, :(;Pslatk&.a::: ::::::f:: .::,=__ : =-:-

comparison with the money expendedthat Nov. If. U 10 tiS 24..pa 2 lOpre ":==:...:::.....*'.k pa i=:
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI. could not be seen anywhere else $9.25 Augusta, Ga.. and return; tickets 11 S itt ., : :: .pm

i ,- in this country at anything like tbe on sale Oct. 27, 28 and 29; limit Nov. '.iile.iii'0Jpa ....................... .......;- -. alpS -
cost. 15. 190 .... alps u_11 ial.: ............-...: jiaa
9.65 Columbia, S. c., and return; tick- 11-ilpm S 14pm Lv._.._-....... cipm C elsa
._ ............-
ets on sale :Nov. 4 and S; limit Nov.; U lisa a aipa '.- tsp2 taa
L i Sold and Recommended by Can you win? You realize that to 12 atam a&ipm. ....,. ....._.... .... 2'''pi is.-
9. 1905.For ..
win l in anything these days requires 1 04cm 4 ur.m: ._.._.........Fas elpI 1J ;.-

THE ANTI-MONOPOLVDRUGSTORE. ..trf>ngth. with mind and body In tune.A other points information-apply to regarding T. K. :McCaU.rates to C. I I =; : itipia : :: ,?:::::::: .: ::::::::::::::::: = 5 E.es!...
man or woman with disordered digestive I S 4toa. S topm .__....._....... 15cm ii 4a'I
organs Is not In shape for a Remington"Sholes P. and T. A.; James Freeman D. P. A.. a a.m S Fq.m .....__.._....I.ert $'ieree................. .' .e :sea It a.pa
Phone .43, Jacksonville Fla. Slew I r.paI ..;:..':..._........TlbbeIk................ .. ". It 1.1. li-lisa
day's work or a day's play. How can Item S tip- ... .......-.f4es........ "
a. lam 11
they expect te win? Kodol for Dyspepsia I i eo. C Sepia ....s..............Jeewa.......:..... ., u lIsa ii Oqia n.m
ET Many other attractive rates. alan e t71.m .. .. -..-....SCart ...... ... ...... ,, -a
Jacksonville Carnival contains. the digestive Juices of a TVPEWi For further Information apply to j I 2lp ... ......... .Hobe5.me4... ............ ', jl
healthy stomach and will put your 0uniT MA T. K. MeCALL Silsia 7 4e.a' .,...... ., Ae4 Jsptee.* ..:........... -
stomach in shape to perform its important lM S i'ipm ..., ._......ue psim be.e ............- .j'
Ten years ago was* good typewriter City Passenger and Ticket Agent. 43mm 5 Slpia .. :.............Bnr.toit..... ,.,,_ I 5 as,. C cipa
functions of supplying the JAMES i 1Mm 5 .. ........ ,
Five years aeo was a better typewriter FREEMAN. E'p* I. .teir.g ,. ..-. t.;.&,. It&ri -

S NOVEMBER 5TH TO 10TH, I906.AIRLINE body.and Digests brain what with strengthbuildingblood. you eat relieves ul.twet..g.Iii.Today .I. the be_t typewriter 10S West Bay District Street Passenger, Jacksonville.Agent.'Fla.: :7 41 53.a :C Eerm:= : ::..;:. :...;.:-.llsatad.ie.::.Forl....Isederdale.Lssia... ......::::.:::':: : t I i; r: i :;:

Indigestion. Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach. .carnaL,. ... Phone 743. I =: 10 3p : : :::: .::::. Jateen lity:.:.:::::::::::-:: i 7 : i 1 5p--uplhaa

Palpitation. Sold of by the Heart the AntiMonopoly an-1 Constipation. flbb TscV sinsta lIspAt........ f:;::::..::::::jiL :::..:::::::::: :;i ..... J
SEABOARD RY. Drugstore. f.stw. LOW ROUND TRIPS VIA THE 10 ham ._::_ ______::t Ian. .. ::.:. :......:I! gp-
lees : r Cars on train Z> 7$ BaaXSleQ43raF*o.n.b9.; ... JilL /
i FOR SALE--Forty acres of pine A rs.l .ie _ -- S iiaity eicei-l bandar.O.I .
I Announces land half covered= with good timber Tab&itwem The Louisville A Nashville Railroad I I *.17 -- ----: --- 3'
Rate of ; .
t a half in excellent state of cultivation _______________________________ Trill sell ronoa tnp rate from Jack- ha Ie.n he4ay-. 2' I.I.D.B..:WE t/e-H MATPOST .."CIf. I I j,.*. !.! ..-20 t,...n
CiM. : ...
situated the Silver bard ,
on Springs .
sonville to points shown on dates In- "

i-- ONE FAR-E road. three miles from Ocala. AlSo> a dicated. Proportionately low rates 2 OOP ; 19 t<*: m 4 l0pC I, {*-!7.'I.v........JArk-A,.!... .-.Ar'S..m--'W Woi
S stock! of hogs farming utensils' suet' from other points. 2 iSpIC last Clf>-! C tfrsasate. J. and ....... . itSS4&S
as mowing machine rake plows h4lijml5ism! 3Mt 55'wp f-.hltiiMH.fc -7 ...
:i *::: 'Plus 25 cents to Jacksonville and return for the Public; and cultivators. Good reason for selling LiIIdMIU $38.40 Hot Springs Ark., and return. S4-.pi., 1 5iiaa .4 ".:..-! .*.buol" ...... Alfa..:>, fce *....... lOam m 11 t'Ioaa' -. -
and ,esiWI. .......... Tickets on sale daJljr. Final return amymjll 1'r.. .. .._.... ..M.r nrr .._....ju, ls_ II SOua 4 3CJS

_., Hands l Rates;: apply to all Agency Stations OWU T. J. E. Whal y. ..1 the...,e..........-. --,..il.w Full information schedules time tables rm.SlUiOCCm 4t_SrW5tr.co.i1Cn3! \ AT !lUIL
..... ... .
bsehe ift is list t eevius, etc.. will be furnished promptlyon -- -"
S', on the Seaboard in Florida. WILLIAMS' CARBOLIC SALVE Sent anywhere in the Veiled States Os application. G. E. HERRING. Close C.aiecti.. Made at'Miaml' sub StnanfcZps ;(; tie P. &ai: S. eo..7.

4- I with ARNICA and WITCH HAZEL tea day iet to .rove. it. .upertqrtiy. Fla. Pass Agt I. N. R. R. Havana and Key West. .
I Dates of Sale: NOVEMBER 5th 6th, 7th, 8th and ?th. The best salve in the world for cuts, vahuble"Besult.rrpewrlter Cocmt. a handsome iaform&t1oa.book and of 111 W. Bay St.. Jacksonville Fla. souraicam: I -
S bruises sores ulcers cait rheum. tetter same of easiest reprewcntaUTe. free IVITHUJXDI

-I !i ;*. Final Limit. AU Tickets, November JXth, J906. chapped hands and all skin erup- 11JIGreql2flt.. REMINCTONSHOLESMajestic SEABOARD AIR LINE SCHEDULE IoI..X"T."e4..IOnD.vt.x.. ....T.-1.'.. i'ecsi.vc.ui44ei<.:.'',., I epa i'i L.nAvA1eA A5..tT"Ii.. "'.". ..Thun.1.y".1 n._.......... .!.fII'Ia"..._
: tions. It is guaranteed to give satisfaction I.e I.IE.q.: : .......edw-i.r.-: .-.... .. C Kita Lt' Ewg4r: rser..r..)I.-Iay.
: or money refunded. Price. hIt Building. Chicago Arrival and Departure of Trains at ACUAVAXA.._..._.TbGr..c2.!,.__...... srnw I AtklAltL.SrMay.T..es1y! .., .5pa U>a
I -- CALL ON Sold by William Anderson. William 3 and Jacksonville Fla. f ILt'
:Manufacturing Co.. Proprietors. Cleve- I OcaIa Additional $tiThiags between Key West snd llavaaa.
Chas. n. P. A. S. C I cylston Ass't. G. P. A. land. O. -- -- --- .
; ,
G. ,
Ryan. Day Trains WET 1tT..srr..oaot&p.J'rtd.- S apa j, Lw HA\"A:!( ...T-'.". tnrd..12..r eisa
HAVANA.Tn *l&;'. sarurdays.. 45"a.a Atkrr EeT TCT-&JJ*.
: Portsmouth, Va., Jacksonville, Fla. NOTICE. TAX PAYERS i i UALEXAlVDErtPractical :Northbound. .. .... .......12:67 p. m. I aatardaya.: a-pa
(Southbound... -... ........ 2:21 p m. Trains Discharge Pasjenzers ct Ship 5Me. No Transfer
I f'V.. \V. CONDON City Ticket Agent, The tax roll of the city of Ocala for I Night Trains a ,
the year A. D. 190 Is now completed The Th Tafcte rtwur toe,!.....at wMeK fain*CM;be" eert fc, .rrfT at.-4 decartnaa
i Ocala. Florida. and in the hands of the city tax collector : Korthbound...... ..... ..2:19 a. rn.Southbound the n.Tai luuo>..faot tIer arrival...frtar at the ri;:..>.. tas I1 t. tu e- John M. Graham. All taxes!I CARPENTER AND BUILDERCareful ;....... ... .... 2:38 a. xa. anr Is thiS ftxaioy I..t..!htM resest41M! for aay 4eiay ct any eonwqseees.riogrm: .

roust be paid on or before December estimates made on an contract For Copy of the LOCAL TIME CARD or Other luf'. matloa
: I. 1CO John M. Graham. work.. Gives more and better work WANTED colored cook; coon-
7LEYM1O1JY2OcfL411 "
t- ] KIZYSHONET try; family of two: reference requiredas -"SEETHE TICKET AGENT. -r:
Tax Collector City. of Ocaia. I for the money than any other conS to Good
honesty. place to right
S 4 IIsa c.wu.P.. .-.__ lr cUdiwa,..,.. .-.. .t.. This October. 1505. i tractor in the city. party. Address Box 44. Sparr Fla. J. D. RAHNEK. Asst. Gea'l. Pass. Agt..ST.I AUOUflNEF1'.A1;

I .' ... '
-- 4 iE-
:. 2 -
.> -




:' '..i'1..1f''i: : :> I

; rf-'J 0.-. ) : _

n =' ..

PAGE TWO .OCALA EVENING :stArt,' '-HU-JtSOA'y,! "'OIEI( i.ot- _ _

---- --- -
f .. >

STOMACH. On the 17th the Ocala Star Issued Hew Laws Adopted by the Supreme_ MONEY J

Let the greatest athlete hal"fldppfOpF'a. a splendid illustrated edition. in com- ; Lodge Affect Ninety' Thousand TO LOAN_ V
and hi rouble would 11.h4.:
C. L, BITTINGER &. CO. *KH memoratlon of the laying of the cornerstone
rat l strength u dfrited nom food if a Drink Pabst Beer Mberw .
of the new courthouse In that .
Las iaauCicfont kft
he k
man : JtrragthH
C. L. Bittinger and R. R. Carroll be baa no food be Uit.. t'oMl:: Is eon- city. Picture and biographies of! With Your Meals New Orleans. Oct. 25.-New insurance Every Merchant; Farmer and Tra4esman. i is Invited
reTied into natriUon Uirrmgb. the t-tom-:: many of Ocala" most prominent and laws, affecting ".toG poIlcyhoMers. -

Proprietors and Publishers. cb and bowels. It depends on the enterprising citizen were in this Issue Itisrichinthefood were officially adopted by the su-I to see us when Wanting:! Loans Xeeded t<> Push

strength of the stomach to what extent besides picture and write-ups of Pabst exclusive preme Lodge. Knights of Pythias, '
of -
food eaten is digested and assimilated 0 elements
C. L. BITTINGER. other distinguished gentlemen of the and his Business.
People can die of -Starvation wLo have eight-day malt day.The
Editor and General ManagerR. abundant food to eat. when the stomach. state. We congratulate the publisher the tonic properties of features of these law are an"

and iu associate organs of diff-rtion and of the Star upon getting out such an choicest bops. It nourishes increase In the maximum policy to I '
!nntrltion do not perform their duty. excellent edition.-WUdwood Hustler. the whole body. I9.M4. an increase in the age limit togo MUNROE .& CHAMBLISS.
R. CARROLL. Thus the stomach U really the t hal organ O malt years and the creation of a,' new

City Editor and Bu..r.... Manager. of the body. If the stomach is k'L' i iI The 17th Ini-t. was a big day In0cirJa. Pabst all the eight-day cat ofthe. fifth elas of Insurance. BANKERS.
the body will be weak also! N an- get
On that the layingof tbe All policies under the new "system
1 stomach the day barley into the beer.
-- upon tl btxiy relIes for: Its j Ocala
-- -- -
I I strength. And as the body considered asa corner stone of the new court house become Incontestable after three years. Z Florida.

DEMOCRATIC TICKET whole. l Is made up of iu several mem-' took place and Governor Broward and Pabst

hers and organs fo the weakness of the Hon. John S. Beard bad a Joint debateon _MAGNETIC MASSAGE

For Member of Congress. First plstrUtSTEPHEN" body a* eonaaqneiwe of 'weak stomach the drainage question. Te*. the BlueRibboa

M. SPARKMANFor.Justice will be distributed among the organs "Brick: City" spread herself on this occasion Health U conceded be the mosti
which compose the bodjr. If the hundred of people precious Jewel in the of life and
and many crown
bmlr Is weak hecauso it Is ni-nourifrimi has highest food valueboesusemadefnsnFabst
of the Supreme Court that physical weakness: will be found In from the surrounding country were within the secrecy of your own borne THE CENTRAL NATIONAL BANKOF

CHARLES B. PARKHILI. all the organ*-heart, liver kidneys etc. present, 'and whenever thenoon hour eight-day malt. This you can secure perfect health. No ;

JAMKS B. WH1TFIELD. The liver will he torpid. and Inactive rolled around tbe crowd was Invitedto together with exclusive matter what the ills paralysis, rheumatism ,
giving rise to biliousoeM. loss of appt-Ute. participate In a barbecue dinner all features many of the neuralgia nervousness and

weak wrvea feeble or irreguLar action of of which they enjoyed Immensely.WUdwood .- female disabilities they can be relieved OCALA
Railroad Commissioner
For heart, palpitation, dizziness, beadarhe, 8 brewing process,
Hostler. by stimulating the circulation and
backache and kindreddistarbanc and gives it that rid ; met.
HUDSON BURR. weaknesses ... low flavor found in no relaxing muscular 'and nervous ten Is modest but progressive and
)Ir. hosts Pare. of Quebec, writes: "For PLEDGES OF PEACE other beer. sion. No drug. or any thing of tbe ,
rear after my health U-KUI to fall Ill y bead -- kind need.be nsedv Simply restore the V
.. Senator Twentieth DistrictD. dlu '. palo U DM. and Ill 'ktorcwth ; ; Pabst Blue Ribbon
State crew ) eyes ) offers induc
was core ail the time. while everytliiiis I Arms of Cubanlnsurgenta Being Beer is always pure andO system to normal condition. If carefully every legitimate '(-
1L BAKER. would eat would seem to lie bearf like lead Dumped Into the Sea I clean the most healthfulbeerandthebestto- followed and applied "Magnetic
on aunnarh. The doctors claimed tb.*
my Massage" equalizes the circulation
U was sympathetic tenable due to dTfcpeptia. Havana. Oct. 25.-* The statement I ment to customers. Correspon-
rur tlM Houre of Representatives and prescribed fur me. and altbouteti 1 look made by Secretary of War Taft on theee drink. It is the beer for and the nervous forces thus enabling

OBORGE G. MATHEW8.IflDWAUD heir powder rrcnlarlr ret 1 felt no better. of his departure from Cuba that I family to drink- them to throw off disease., Each application "
Mr wife advised me to try t r.Pierces Golden your dence visit i invited .
WARTMANN. makes the better or a
L. person a
UedVcal 11bI-oTm-an4 top taking the doctor's lie would put all the arms surrenderedby the beer to ZPonhandSTRAUSS ,
medldBei. hbe bcucht me a buttle and the Insurgent where they -woulddo in your and stronger man or woman.
For County Judge we coca found that 1 began to Improve. go I no further harm was verified yesterday I have opened a "Magnetic ]las.aageOW ] B. BROOKS Cashier.
kept up the treatment. 1 touk ell tlevh. mytomarh : parlors at No. 64, Fort King .
JOSEPH H. BELL. beram normal the digestive urgancwurked when a company of the Cuban
perfectly and I ooo began to look artillery spent the afternoon throwing avenue. Ocala Fla, where I will apply -
like a different penoo. 1 ran never 0to instruct in the
or art "Magnetic
I-Vr Tax Collector these weapon into the sea from the
be grateful for what medicine ba done
roar "
RPHRIAU L. CARNET. for me and I certainly rive it highest praise.' outer bastion of Morro Castle. Thou- Massage or I will. call at private
Don't be wheedled by a penny-grabbing sands of rifles and carbines were sunkIn : houses and give such Instruction or
dealer into taking interior substitute: for thirty fathoms of water. apply such massage and explain the
.,.. For Tax Assessor AND VALISESFor
Dr. Picrce'a medicines recommended to benefits thereof. Office and consulta-

.. ALFRED AYER be To"just gain as knowledge good. of your own body- CONFESSED TO THE CRIME & CO. tion rooms at above address. Consultation -

in sickness and health-semi for the I'PO- free. Office hours 11 a. m. to

Fr, County Treasurer ple'Common Sense Medical Adrtw-r.: A Nichols Killed Mrs Leslie for Her South Main Street Deals Florida 2 p. m. Call or write Mrs. Jennie the Next Thirty Days We Will

THOMAS E. PASTEUR. i book Of 10J pages. Send 91 oue-cent Diamonds i PHONE 22 Whitfield. No. 54. Fort King Avenue

stamps for paper-covered or 31 stamp* Chicago. Oct. 25.-Edward E. Nichols Ocala Fla. I Give SPECIAL BARGAINS in
I cloth-bound IL.E V. Ribbon Beer
for Address Dr. Pabst Blue
.... Mwa4>er Board of Public Instruction copy. a theatrical agf'nt.ho was taken | .
ll'ierce. ( 3 Main Street, Bogota, X.Y.
E Into custory by the police during_their ORDER A CASE FOR YOUR HOMETODAY EXPLOSION AT JOHNSTOWNSeven
ISAAC STEVENSB. --- ---- 1 Trunks Valises Suit
-- -- ----- investigation of the deatbvof Mrs. Margaret -

R. BLITCH.J. Don't It chill you to think: that two Leslie the actress who was discovered -j I Men Killed in a Pennsylvania ,

S. ORANTHAM.Member feet of snow fell In Colorado Tuesday; dead In her room at the Palace < -- ----- -- Mine Cases and Satchels

that it blocked train and impeded hotel, confessed late yesterday to FIVE DOLLARS REWARD Johnstown.Pa. Oct. 25.-By an explosion
JI'w Board of County Commissioner V travel and broke down telegraph wires the murder of Mrs. Leslie and to the I I8-1n- in the mines of the Cambria
Lost memorandum book. $
week stealing of diamonds valued at $1.509 I Steel Co. here yesterday, seven men So if are
all over that state. A ago they] ches; bound in red leather containing you going to travel. see oar
WILLIAM J. CHAMBERS. had a snow storm In Michigan that from her.DEAFNESS. !' city statistic and other memor- are reported dead and two painfully

JAMES M. MATHEWS. covered the roof of a freight train of anda. Return to Herbert A. Ford and burned. line before
immense buying. We-have
SAMUEL R. PYLES.NOhi.MAN !92 cars with six Inches of snow and CANNOT BE CURED get reward. Most of the victime were foreigners.The .
FORT. at Kal- explosion occurred in a heading
A. nearly ruined the celery crop
by local applications as they cannot
CHARLES. TURNER. of the most valuable I three miles from the mouth of the load of Trunks all
amazoo. one assets I reach the diseased portion of the err. sound raisin and citron cake at the over a car in sizes,
wonderful And to I shaft.
of that town. ,
There is only one way to cure deaf O. K. Grocery.
of the Peace First DistrictS. think In Florida going aroundin Eighteen men are reported Impris-
C- Justice V we are
ness and that is by constitutional styles and prices. We have Suit Cases
A BULLOCK. our shirt sleeves. We are glade oned In the heading.
remedies. Deafness Is caused by an NEXT SUNDAY'S WORLD

-,. are this not time.In that frigid country Just at Inflamed condition of the mucous lining WILL CONTAIN: Satchels and Telescopes for and all
-- For Constable First District of V the Eustachian Tube. When I A MOST WORTHY ARTICLE every

C. \V. SMITH. this tube Is inflamed have a rumbling i
AN AWFUL COUGH CURED you Poison That Lurk in Fresh Egg tVi,.. ,. ., .. ..,. ._ !
.. .. ...5.. 'th.t. .h. 5. _.. .nn.. ...
sound or Imperfect hearing. and '-'- at desired. It
price is
"-- -- I a
Astounding discoveries by scientist purposes any
market for years and pins friends ,
"Two little girl had when it Is entirely closed. DeafnessIs
our I
and doctors in the foods we eat and .
which left her the result and unless the inflammation every year. it is safe to call this medicine
I I a touch of pneumonia -
THE FLORIDA STATE FAIR I drink. pleasure to show : the stock.
a worthy one. Such is Ballard'sHorehound
with an awful cough. She had spellsof can be taken out and this tube Where Boys Can be Trained to Become you
\V-e see in the announcement of the coughing. Just like one with whoop- resored to Its normal condition. hearing Syrup It positively cures
be awarded for work In will be forever. Nine Money King cougns and all pulmonary diseases
premiums to Ing cough and some though she would destroyed
The interesting school in New York
the students contest at the Florida not get well at alL We got a bottle of eases out of ten are caused by Catarrh I \VaIl street district where future One of the best known merchants in McIVER & MacKAY

State Fair Tampa. that a great many Chamberlain's Cough Remedy; which which Is nothing but an Inflamed condition Rockefeller and Morgans are being Mobile Ala. says: "For five years my

prize are to be awarded: for school acted like a charm. She stopped of the mucous surfaces. educated to control the stock market. family has not been troubled with the ,

ork. namely: The Times-Union offer coughing and got stout and fat. We will give One Hundred Dollarsfor Th Greatest Woman Detective on winter coughs. We owe this to Bal

$W; A.V.. GUchrlst. 150; the writes Mr*. Ora Bussard Brubater. any case of Deafness (caused by Earth lard's Horehound Syrup. I know it has Furniture Dealers and House Furnishers.

Griffith prizes of $%0 and probably a IlL This remedy I* for sale by all Catarrh) that cannot be cured by j and how she Is teaching Uncle Sam's saved"my children from many sick:

hundred other prizes ranging :from druggists. Hair Catarrh Cure. Send for circu- I Secret Service sleuths to catch criminals. spells. Sold by the Anti-Monopoly

$! to $3 each. on all conceivable subject lars free. F. .1. Cheney & Co., .' Drugstore.

that have reference to almost NEW GOODS ARRIVING.I Toledo Ohio. i A Royal Bluebeard Who Wants to KNIGHT &: LANG

"",ythlng of interest! to the people of Sold by druggists. 75c. Take Hall's! Come to New York WHOLESALE ARRESTS ,
have bought this season. the fin-
the tate. The prizes are offered to est stock of goods In my line that I Family Pills for constipation. I He has had over 400 wives alreadyand Successors to S. A STANDLEY & CO.
stimulate the school children of the Fifty Mexican Agitators Taken Up in
have ever carried. The goods are beginning thinks nothing of killing seven atone
Our stock: of wedding presents Is Chihuahua
I time.'Startling.
MaHere to arrive and the public can *
are two of the questions andprizes complete We have a large line ofsterling New Fashions Which the El Paso Texas, Oct. 25. Governor
rest assured that the stock: will. bo A Full Stock of Wagons, Carriages Buggies llarpess
to be competed for: and ,
sUverware cut glass a
second to none In the country and will Stage i i. Setting For U* Creel, of Chihuahua last night and
J771. Best description in pupil'own A3: their every want In my line. nice line of Rookwood potters and Tricks which make you gaspandhow yesterday caused the arrest of, more Saridlery and all the Accompanying LinesV
the method to be used In
words of
other"suitable articles. Ocala
A. E. Burnett. Jeweler Merchant's they are done. than 50 persons, letters from whom ad-
th verification of a drowned person and Music Co. Jewelers.
dressed to E. Flore Magoon. the for
Block. .
of the aid to be given In common 'ac LEST WE mer head of the St. Louis Mexican ,HEAVY FARM AND TURPENTINE WAGONS.

cident "and use of poisoning: Prize CASHIER WANTEDA Junta were found in the possession of
SS. Given by Supt. R. I* Turner. InTern A LUCKY POSTMISTRESSIs forget-baby Is restless, can't sleep at
young lady cashier wanted for two the revolutionists recently arrested. Exclusive Agents for the Famous White Hickory Turpen
_. Florida. Mr*. Alexander of Cary, Me, who weeks. Apply at this office. night wont eat cries spasmodically. Mexican Consul Mallen. of this city
The other is by our banker and has found Dr. King's New Life Pillsto A bottle of White's Cream Vermifuge is receiving scores of letters signed tine Wagon. Prompt Attention bout of Town Orders.

cattle raiser. Mr. Z. C. Chambliss. It be the best remedy she ever tried DEVIL'S ISLAND TORTUREIs never falls to cure. Every mother "The Junta" threatening him with

I* a question that pertains to the beautifying for keeping the Stomach. Liver and should, give her baby 'White' Cream death. KNIGHT & LANG
no worse than the terrible case of .
of Vermifuge. So time when the
and general improvement a Bowels In perfect order. You'll agree many

town. with her If you try these painless purifier Piles.'u'advtsed that afflicted me 10 years. ThenI baby is pale and fretful the motherdoeaV NAPOLEON OCALA If rl-ORIDA
34 2. Best paper on the advisability that Infuse new life. Guaran- to apply Bucklen's Arnica not know what to do. A bottle of BONAPARTE

of the planting of shade trees and teed by Tydings & Co, druggist Salve and less than a box per this medicine would bring color to his Showed at the battle of Austerlitz. .

the laying of permanent and continuous Price. 25 cents.Governor manently cured me. writes L. S. Napier cheeks and laughter to his eye. GiveIt he was the greatest leader in the -- -- -

sidewalks by the town. Prize. a of Rugles, Ky. Heals all wounds. a triaL Sold by the Anti-Monopoly world. Ballard's Snow Liniment has

studentship fair pin. costing S3. orS Magoon's conduct of the affairs Burns and Sores like magic. Price Drugstore. shown the public It is the best XJ.nl-

} in cash. Given by Z. C. Chambliss.. In Cuba has mlstlfied the Liberal 25c. at Tydings &: Go's. men? in the world. A quick cure for FUR'TITTU7REIt's :

banker. Ocala. insurgents as to his policy toward OLLIE MORDIS Rheumatism.. Sprains. Burns .Cuts
The Star than this to say of the last them. He will appoint no cabinet at You can get!: the Atlanta Journal every etc. A. C. Pitts. Rodessa La. says:
day and Sunday at Allan Bridges'news Has reopened his meat market near
prize: That it will add $3 to the prize T use Ballard's Snow Liniment In my
certain American
present except army stand for iz cents a week.: the Seaboard Air Line depot. You will
if the same is won by a pupil residing post commanders. with whom he will a.ways find at this place the best of family and find it unexcelled for sore a little early, but our fall stock is

In this city. confer on the sltutatlon. chest, headache.. corns and in fact
RESULT OF NEGLECTIn fresh beef pork and mutton while
We trust that in the competition for for anything that can be reached by a
most cases consumption results fish and oysters will always be foundin arriving daily and we are in a position to
these prizes the Ocala high school pupil A CARD Hnlment. Sold by the AntiMonopoly ,
will take an active interest. Nothing from a neglected or improperly treated season. Drugstore.
This U to certify that all drug&ists cold. and Tar OLLIE MORDIS '
ventured. nothing gained and Foley's Honey cures All ask is few
are authorized to refund your moneyif save you money. we a
the most obstinate coughs and -
whether you lose, of win you will beth presents Near the S. A. L. Depot. Ocala. Fix NEW SEABOARD DIRECTORSJohn
Foley's Honey and Tar falls to cure
gainer by the effort. L t us hope serious results. It costs you no
that in this interesting contest Ocala I your cough or cold. It stops the more than the unknown preparation Skelton Williams' Kief Against minutes of your val able time to showyoxi
heals the lungs and
will be found fully abreast of the pupil cough prevents and you should insist upon having the
Thomas F.
.* from the other schools of the; serious results from a cold. Cures la genuine In the yellow package Sold THE Ryan through stock. -
...te. grippe cough and prevents pneumonia by all dealers. New York Oct. 25.-A meeting' our
and consumption. Contalsn no opiate the voting trustees, of the SeaboardAir

The genuine Is In a yellow package. REGISTRATION NOTICEThe Y Line railway was held here .yes V V

OUR STREETSThe Refuse substitutes. For sale by all terday.
Ocala public has heard a great dealers. registration books for the city : : JEWELER[ The trustees recommended that two V A FEW LEADERS .,
of Ocala and will
are now open. remain -
.deal lately-during the wet season-ol of the present directors'John B. Dennis V.
.. u.. condition of our streets. Some of open at city clerk's office till the i and James M. Barr. former presIdent Iron Beds $2.50

the streets have become so bad thatIt R. FULLER.. 1.. F. BLALOCK. second Saturday in H.November C. Sistrunlc.1906. Carries a Complete Stock of of the road be dropped and nominated up.
Is every day comment and the coun- as their successors, to be votedon

dbnen have been appealed to personally FULLER & BLALOCK Clerk and Ex-Offlcio Supervisor of November 8, H. R. Duval and Y. Sideboards t
and collectively to correct this stateof Registration of City of Deala.NATURE'S Jewelry, Consisting of Yanderberg. $ I.5O'up. V

&<<.1.... The answer invariybl comes DENTAL SURGEONS PINS DIAMONDS. John Pkelton: Williams a former
back that the city council Is aware of WARNING president of the road protested againstthe
the wretched condition of some of our Office Over Monroe A Cbambliss' Bank RINGS. WATCHES. re-election of James A. Blair China Closets, $ t5 and tip

streets and thoroughfares bur the Ocala People Must Recognize and CHARMS FOBS Thomas F. Ryan and T. J. Coolidge.

council proposes' to abandon the makeshift OCALA. FLA. Heed It CHAINS. CUT GLASS Jr. giving as a reason the dissatisfaction -

method of repairing the streets FINE CHINA of the stockholders with the
Kidney ills come quietly-myster-
which at beet is only temporary, and Cash. present management of the Seaboard,
iously. UMBRELLAS.
get down to a well developed systemof OCALA FURNITURE CO.
But nature always warns you
permanent improvement. GUARANTEED CLOCKS Henry E. Jones of Tampa Pta.
-- --- -----------
through the urine.
Quite a time has elapsed since thecouncil -AnJSOUVENIR!- writes: "I can thank God for my pres-

told the people it was perfecting ABOUT THE EYES Notice If the the kidney color Is secretions.See unhealthyIf CARDS. ent health due to Foley's Kidney E. C. SMITH. "' C. ROBERTS.

a system of permanent street Cure. I tried doctors and All kind;

Improvement and it is now about time I f Your eyes are subject to as many there are settlings and sediment ALL KINDS OF REPAIRING. of kidney cures but nothing did me
Passages too frequent scanty pain-
that the should be let Into
people the V much good till I took Foley's Kidney
confidence of the council. learn what different defects as the body is to d.. fuLIt' Cure. Four bottles cured me and I
"time then to nse Doan's Kidney .
their proposed system Is like and begin formaties. Whereas it should b* one 4'O I have no more pain in my back .and
work ,
on it. shoulders. I am C2 years old. and suffered
The Star will take great pleasure in of the most perfect organs of the body.It .I To ward off Bright' disease or dia -. long. but thanks to Foley's K'd-
publishing the plan decided upon by is natural that you should need ney Cure I am well and can walk and
M. J. Divine printer. living at 7S1 .
the city council for the permanent Improvement 1'V'est II enjoy myself. It Is a pleasure to recommend THROUGH CAR LIN E FROM FLORIDA /
Duval street' Jacksonville :
for says
glaa..s reading
writing sewingand
of our street' and It will It to those needing kidney
not cost the city one cent for said ether clot work. Between the 1 can testify to the good qualitiesof C. J. PHILLIPS, medicine. For sale by aU dealers -CONNECTIONTO --.
Doan's Kidney Pills. I used
We all
space. are anxiously waiting
to And out what their method Is. ages of 40 to 50, a perfect 4/* should for kidney and urinary trouble and Contractor and Builder. I The Church Home and Hospital at THE Onr Iu own rails w Savannah Chadeston RlchlltOD4
V found great relic I have been afflict- ;
need gl..... at this age to relieve them with Orlando has recently added a fine EASTL I and Washington thence s-ia. PelUlSJ'IvaLla RaIl....,.. -.- V
el for the past three or four years .
V Cspt. Buckshot Williams of Homo- build building for the nurse*' home. AU, &41 -
sacaa, says that bears must be overly from the strain when used for close or backache and troubled with kidney secretions. -; Plan and Specifications Furnished TO THE <
The kidney secretions were ,I Via :Montgomery' sad Louisville St Nashville via
plentiful in the palmetto hammocks near work. Many young people need Upon Request Keep> the bowels open when you I .or
around that place this year. or recently annoying, dark in color and contained I I have a cold and use a good remedy to W EST i -Dtxie flyer"" P.oule and Atlanta. V V ----q
glasses early in life to relieve th > sediment 0 nstanding. I was also
developed an abnormal appetite 129 South Third Steet, allay the inflammation of the mucous Via Savannah and Ocean Steamship COMpany for NewTo
arIse several times duringthe
for palmetto buds. for the bears: various. forms ef eyestrain, which is obliged to I membranes. The beet i* Kennedy's TirE
are literally debudding the Jl8lm tto.. I night. and was also troubled during Ocala, Fla. Laxative Honey and Tar. It contains I York PhIladelphIa and 1JonoD. via Norfolk Steamer,to New
V ,the cause of 75 per cent. of all head I the day from the same cause. The
backache prevented me from sleepingand i iI no opiates moves the bowels driven EAST York Washington and: BaJtbDore. ria. ,.&Ya.nnabaDCI. ,
IT IS FOR LADIES. TOO. aches. Just think: It has been proven I out the cold. Is reliable and tastes V
often I awake for several Merchants and Miners for BaitV
lay Transportation Company -
V /- eminent authorities that 3 peopleout I'I'b I hours during the night 1 used everything I r J. Zenas Preston.iTypewriters., Drugstore good. V Sold by the Anti-Monopoly via 8TUXSBIP I more and Philadelphia.

of every 4 that have headache I could get In the way of kidney

They ('.. step Their Hair FaI1Uc o.tWith remedies and rubbed my back: with I had little Key West Via Peninsular L-Occidental- ; Steamship
Baby a pain.
have defective eye. *. Glasses are the liniments. but nothing did any good. I '
lIrrpIcIdeLadles Father said: "That H3 again! j Company ,
A friend recommended Doan's Kidney and HavanaV
remedy because they CORRECT the I Mother gave her Ca csw *t-
wap have thin hair and who** Pins to me and I procured a box I
hair is faC&g out. can prevent the halt DEFECTS. When properly fitted there used! them and my back:: became I All machines guaranteed for Father *said "It can't be beat. Route of the celebrated trains New York and Florida Special Florida
Is vegetable corrective
railing out and thicken the growth withewbro's stronger. I have no backache at an, Cascasweet a and Weat Indian limited Chicago and Florida Limited and: Dixie Flyer
is no' eye strain. When get j for the stomach and bowels of babies
you reaoyto I
"Herplclde." Besides. ITerpi- and difficulty with the kidney secretions -twice as long as others.
I and children. Contains no opiates and SerVice
tide u one of the most agreeable: hah be relieved of these headache can I has been corrected and my general -I i i iSecondHand the ingredient are on each and every Quickest Schedules. Superior ,
there Is. Herpteida kits the health Is greatly benefited. I take
dandruff germ that eats the hair off at and see me. I make a specialty of correcting pleasure In recommending Doan'a Kid: I Machines from bottle. Pleasing to take. Sold by the For Information as to rates. ache doles etei consult the Purple Folder,
the root. After the germ Is destroyed. eyes where others faiL Satisfaction ney Pills." I II Anti-Monopoly Drugstore. or communicate with

the root win shoot up. and Use hah grow I For sale by all dealers. PrIce 59 I $5.00 Up. I' 1. W. Carr Trav. Pass. Agnt. J. O. Kirkland Div. Pass. Agent' *
guaranteed, or refund The democrats of Orlando '
long boldIng .
as ever. Even a sample will convince money cents. Foster-Milbura Co. Buffalo, N. are Tampa. Fla.T. '

any lady that Newbro's- Herpicld ed. My references are those that I T. sole agents for the United State a white primary today to nominate C .White Gen. ,Pas* Agent W. .1. Craig,, Pass Traffic Manager.
b .n Indispensable municipal officers. Wilmington. N. C. VeOLEY3llOI1ETAIDTAI
toilet requisite. It Remember the name-Doan's-and
V coBtalns no oil or grease It win not stain have relieved.DR. take no other. RIBBONS & SUPPLIES

JT.0.- Bold by leading druggist Send The Ocala Music company is In receipt
V stamp. lewmple to The Herpld4e D. M. BONEY I of a nice lot of violins accordeons FOLET3UOETMIDTAR
the () !(
Co.. Try VIctor. single cone. eteel )
Detroit. !.Uch. Eyesight Specialist. Optical Parlors tempered springs. fully guaranteed to Send for Catalogue and Prices. .120 mandolins guitars strings and .

Tidings Co.. special agents. OcaJa 2 and 4 Gary Building. Ocala, Fl*. last a lifetime at Mclver A MacKay 'West Bay Street. Jacksonville, Fla. trimmings, for all instrument ___ C.ldss Preeeet.?s.a: V f.". e&.Udeew, ee'..- .1(. epjaeeC



..d. -E' :>
f9 Kt

& .. JTOB:

A E !N".S''ATHj; ; ( S ; !t.... 6: L J'.ii ;r PAGE "HRE

u __ _


d of trade will bold an Im-j All members of the First Presbyterian R.ticSALE :
tlng Monday at 8 p. m. in i church of Ocala are requestedto :
chamber A fall to attend a meeting of the congregation ,
desired. I to be held on Sunday. Oct. 28th,
at-I 1S06'at 11 a. aL, at the church.A. .-
Secretary. Y. Strunk Secretary.
"Buckshot" Williams of the VOICE CULTURE ,
run. said the worst scare i Mi** Sarah Whitfield will give lessons
got down his way ocJ in voice culture at her home onedoor

the ago.train New: and train in bands back- I avenue east of the armory.. Fort King This will positively be our Last Rug Sale this year, therefore .

sidetrack was too for great the for night the, I I Office: supplies of all kinds and it's your only opportunity to 'buy Rugs at less than;

car at its fall usual of darkies resting with place a blanks Company.Mr. a.specialty, at the Ocala News our regular prices. We have a few ,of the

<< end of the spur and run Otto went out to Fairfield ,' latest and ..
with that : designs our prices >
tree such force / --; very
this afternoon to his father's sawmill epUt the rear end of the car -
shock was so sadden that and store. ... -: for this sale will be \ .
of the car haven got -
Bamboo and grass screens work '". '
boxes. bat and skirt boxes, t"teo. the as follows: .
pettiest of the new furniture novel-
: -, son of the late CapL t.es. to be had only at Mclver & MacKay's -
-&II'ln: of town his hogs this which moring dis to i f 28 inches by 43 inches, Asst. 'Carpet Rugs____.__ _.98c

I. from their range around I II Rat wheat 10 cents will" surely kill 30 inches 60 inches
Diligent search found I mice and rats. All other kinds keptIn by Smyrna Rugs________________98c
I BHtchton and five in Levy" stock also. Tydings & Co. phoneNo.

brands on which has been.! 30.The 30 inches by 60 inches Velvet __... .____- ____________$1. 1 9

I ,. has been reading, repapered.room of the The Ocala""orkas House 27 inches by 60 inches Smith's Monquette Rtigs.__$ J .98
the vehicle and har
done by M. C. Do b. of :Mclver & Iae.Kay's -. *
I had a big day on the ocaI 36 inches 72 inches
by $2.9&7 "
and is a work of art. ,.. ..
laying of the corner stone
I day four buggies and five J-2 feet 9 feet Art
This is the biggest wagon If you contemplate a trip via the A. by Squares.... ____________....$2,48
C. L. or wis ha. mileage book consult
sale in one day for this K. T. Adams the city ticket agent In 9 feet 1.2 feet "
they have been in business. the Ocala House. by u____ _..____________$3.48.
King manager of the :
mill was in town today. He Dainty willow goods for dainty par-
lors. Your inspection will convince COMPARE ABOVE PRICES
foreman of the mill was
of their merit. Ocala Furniture
fever and he wa,. doing you

your prescription trade. Mr. A. D. Mitchell, one of the leadingand with any Rug dealer and you will find that we are savmg-

1 I best service prescriptionists.possible. Pure fair field successful with his merchants son-in-law of J.Summer-A. Frazier you at least Fifty Per Cent. .

prompt delivery. Please Nathan Mayo's partner In the
i your trade to Tydings general merchandising business!, were
30. in town today on Important business
[ and dined af the Iontezuma.FOR
i I Issued a marriage license
to IIr. Alford M. Davis to SALE-A lot of fine Kentucky
j Urniise Ward Boring. The horses and males for sale at prices to .
took place today at the home suit purchasers at D. W.: TompklnVLivery. .

i! Honey at Pine.an* Tar cures the A coupon. Ocala.with Fla.every 10cent purchase I OCALA, FLORIDA. .

I coughs and expels the at the Ocala Nfaws Co. that
-------- ---
the system, as it is mildly puts you in line for a piece of band-
I It is guaranteed. Do not painted china. a
: ;; I t any but the genuine in the .
; Sold by an dealers. touch Most of everybody the fall epizootic.seems to have a AS FASHION WOULD HAVE JOU DRESS

l X lson. who has been so '-
past'month that she has You get your money's worth at the I
: from attending school Ocala :News Company, and a coupon Smartest Suits of the Season
i ., for a JI5 piece of hand-painted chi
I sufficiently to. resume na. You can see it In the window.A .
I duties. The newest from -
beautiful new line of oak and ma- things. \
i i is Imitated the original hogany music cabinets,, in the newest
best. Think it over, and designs on display at Mclver & Mac- the famous A. B. Kirech-
go to buy that box of salve Kay's.Mr..
the house, DeWitt's baum &; Co., Tailors, are !
I get .!
Salve. It is the original Peter I.. Durisoe from across I ...
I name Is stamped on every the raging Oklawaha, was in the city | way beyond our expecta

for eczema tetter, bolls this morning and reports that cane I tions. They have all the i
I bruises, and especially re* grinding time is drawing near. ,I
for*piles. Sold by the An- new Ijinks; known to the
If you want a phonograph, ab lute-
Drugstore. ly free, read the Star's free phonograph -I I .tailors of the world and ; =
I offer, and supply your home i i
I J. Williams of Homosassa, with one.Kodak I embody all the genuine t 1 -
two chUdrt'D"ame up this
I I from Umatilla. where they time. We have everything in I worth that can be put into -
visiting relatives for a few the line. The Postoffice Drugstore. j
I ; r clothes. They are ready. t, ? ,
Mrs. C- C. Sanders of-Crystal River to-wear and when t2
they encase
and rheumatism use came up today.
Kidney and Bladder Pills. look :
a man they as
purify the blood. A week's I "If you are not now getting The
for 25c. Sold by ,the Anti- i Sun printed in Tallahassee and pub- -- though they were made es-
Drugstore. lished everywhere you don't get the
full and correct light on things. Write __ pecially forthatindividnal," __._ _

oak three piece suits premium and clubbing list. Subscription do they fi and hang. A, B. Kirschbaum & Co' Fashionable Clot
chairs in the newest I price $2 a year. Ask a Sun reader so very gracefully ea;
be found at the best fur what he thinks of The bun, then
never lack anything. They are simply the brst garments your money can buy. Our
in town. That's the Ocala send in your subscription. Better do
Company. it today. store is now stocked with new clothes and we will, as heretofore dress the well dressed

W. Ogle, who has been down Saws hammered and filed within 24 men of Ocala. We invite your inspection of our stock.
-BOARD siege of sickness is once hours by S. A. Davis filer for Martel
to be up and about. Lumber Company, )Martel Fia. Prices

Rogers Gallets. Collates reasonable tf. GUARANTEE CLOTHINGSHOE CO.

)" other fine toilet waters.
and soaps. Bath waters a
dog four white feet white breast
; ;
A full line of Nadinola
& Co. phone No. 30. with tag and collar on'marked. S. ,ONE!PRICE DEALERS.
D." Liberal reward will be paid for
-Purchasers for cut glass. the return of same to owner. ClaudeS. .
the largest line In Ocala from Deveneau.
make your selections.!! We
tip a new lot. Ocala LOST-At two o'clock today in the
.. Jewelers. postoffice a roll of bills. $37 In all. .
I consisting of three $10 bills one S3 and ,
SIl t Tf
B. Milligan went down to two tZ bills with other valuable pa- .....
yesterday to visit friends pers. Finder will be liberally rewarded 6U'11 I t

fish and oysters. Ocala by, returning Fla. to Rev. T. H. Rogers. See -HR t : P F T F1t3f I j These

-3 rooms by gentleman .
How 6 tt : : Close ,
; furnished or unfur: A severe cold that may develop Into 6 .{ 1-.w: ,,-
Will to take meals if 1-
engage -
pneumonia over night can be cured --
ftIeshes .
Apply at the Star office.; quickly by taking Foley's Honey and close lir'r' I. f Zf"Hf.2=- ''-
f' r-__ I J.. 1 .. _
Tar. It will cure the most obstinate ,E.. I r ; ,Waff "'
I for all manner of hous- racking cough and strengthen your ;These .. __s___ -- \ -. -
most presumptuous to the lungs. The genuine is In a yellow igg ;; J .. I- .-; Tura
Meshes ,
.. -
Prices are decidedly right. package: For sale. by an dealers. : """ -- -----' r- UftIeAre.

see. Ocala Furniture Co. :.. -_---jo. _-- ....----..-....---_.--..._<......- -.-.._,. ..OE :
------ ,
---- -- '- -- Pl gH: 0
T. Thomas of Hernando sup-
J. E. CHACE ::
at that place for the Camp HEAVY WIRES CLOSE MESH. PIG TIGHT.: ..
Co Is In the city today to
a residence lot, on which he DENTAL SURGEON -

this a residence city to reside.and move f his Office Dpstiirs Commercial But BId', Top and bottom bars Xo. 10r galvanized wire; Intermediate bars. No 11,. galvanized

wire; Stays, Xo. 12, galvanized wire, 12 inches apart. ...
News Company Is opening OCALA.
advance line of holiday chi -
; of the most beautiful domes- Terms Cash. LARGE STOCK, QUICK SHIPMENTS. -

Imported goods. The line Is _._
---- -
[ t. the most expensive and The Stock of and
selection they have ever car Largest Light Heavy

The bottom layer "
] "
Y and tittle eon Herbert. of a box ofsurpses ,
to Fort Freeman, between I
and Savannah to visit Mrs. .
{ daughter Mrs. Hunter who .
is in the regular army. .

headquarters for school y ,
1 I school supplies of an kinds. *


Briles of BushneU was at the i ? hfadasmlIly:

yesterday. y" v dimosaasdsj z Carried In Central F1oritla-

-Young and learn man the er boy business.to as I \Ve are Exclusive Agents for ELLWOOD Fence Also.! *

ic Co. Jewelers. atet.mlafezj j t.

: business..(>D Priest .-510. town to-I L W. TROXLER. I M RION HARDJ/tfKRE CO..:

new china closets and buf HARRY B. CLARKSON, General Manager.Mr. .
china closets combined. Call
at Mclver & MacKays. -

today.Withers of Lady Lake was_I f t r +. t TenU S.Lumber J. Hess COL,engineer at Terrell.for I"1-the)t! E. C. SMITH C. Y. EOBEBTS

:1 while aslMln some of the men inturning )
over a logwith a cant book!
r was struck: oo the bead with the book I j
Is!! Nlckel-a-foot.
and was badly eat in the back. He t
was brought to tbe city today bj- Mr.I do the Best Work and use Only
Baldwin *f DeLand. was a are Equipped to Very
A. J. Beall anplaced in the Gleaaoodhotel
Ocala House yesterday
t the t yCn.I where Dr. Hood is attending to the Latest and Best Methods.
I his injuries.
rare *>argalns In HavOand r
the P>.toace Drugstore. I II I Mr. Ernest Pawls who for the best TELEGRAPH ORDERS, RECEIYE moot ITTEIT10I
part of a year has been steward en a i
were twent -f JUr arrivals at to and Parlors Main Street and
Cbattabooebe river boat running Chapel, Undertaking Corner
House yesterday. !
.. CarrabcJl from Bainbridge Ga., is in
town and win take a poeftSoc as clerkat Oklaw aha Avenue.
Lotion for I
s Soap eruptions
tie Seaboard depot 1I0 day.
diseases at the Postoffice
1 t Phonographs from Jl. to J5. Over OCALA FURNITURE COMPANY*
4" different records o stock to selectI The very best solid mahogany three '
G. Leg of Eastlake. came up I I from. A. E. Burnett the Jeweler exI piece parlor suits can be found at ths Xo. 10 Night-Fho 91 /
Phone x
; to transact business. I desire agent for Ocala. Ocala. Furniture Company. Day. ; "e'! .

.: 0' .... ./-. ;;;?

.. ,
A"':- ,"-' 2'


The Ocala evening star.

Material Information

The Ocala evening star.
Alternate Title:
Evening star
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Ocala, Fla.
Porter & Harding
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
v. ; 61 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers. -- Ocala (Fla.)
Newspapers. -- Marion County (Fla.)
Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Marion -- Ocala
29.187778 x -82.130556


The Ocala Banner was founded in 1883 as a successor to the Ocala Banner-Iacon, itself the product of a merger between the East Florida Banner and the Florida Iacon. In 1890, the Ocala Banner became a daily. Over the years it bore alternate titles: the Banner, the Daily Banner, and the Ocala Daily Banner. Situated in rural Marion County, the Ocala Banner covered farming, business, and civic issues in Ocala, where the Freeze of 1895 had devastated the citrus industry and paved the way for diversified agriculture and the growth of tourism. The most important of the early editors of the Ocala Banner was Frank E. Harris, a veteran of the Confederate army, who ran the paper in the 1890s. Other editors included T.W. Harris, who had published several other newspapers in Ocala, and C.L. Bittinger, who before moving to Florida had served as a commander in the Grand Army of the Republic. In 1895, the Ocala Evening Star surfaced as a rival to the Ocala Banner. Beginning in 1897, it also appeared in a weekly edition, the Ocala Weekly Star. During an address to the Ocala Rotary Club, R.N. Dosh, editor of the Evening Star in the 1920s and 1930s, recalled that the “Star first saw the light of day in the press room of the Florida Baptist Witness”, founded in 1884 as the weekly press organ of the Florida Baptist Convention, a branch of the Southern Baptist Convention. Former competitors, the Ocala Evening Star and the Ocala Banner joined in 1943 to form the Ocala Star-Banner, which remains the daily newspaper of Marion County.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 5 (June 24, 1895).
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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12, Numbe 118


-.7, 7z



"k wheat Flour.

Rolled Oats,
:si- Buckwheat in

Dog Cakes,

cn 's Cooking Oil,

s. Raisins and Citron



p ,'s and Embalmers

t- r-FD E OAE%

anr 3rurial Rec's
L -- nsd Em.


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K Al ~%1

,NA E R -Free



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* .~ 'In :11 I-:i'-. lii.

A 2 .1. lull ~..rll:iF*
I ~ ;i I' a il it

*--: I 14 4 1 N% ir, I


Lemon Elixir.
-.: ,'..re or all
--vc-'tive of

"'.i, fc\'eers.

S '- -!ar. nt

/ -r *.'

-- *i.;'t! *

Captain and Crew of the Water-Log-
ged Schooner Sirocco are Trying
to Sad Her to the Cuban Coast
', Y,.:k. owt. 2.5.-Somewhere far
: n.\';n-P. Iff the Florida coast,.
-. ,: i -n ,n,; the" roof of the
.* ,r... w.ner-logg-ed Brit-
..i S '.*<. are struggling
S n- :: ,nl 'id to reach a
r : ; r i' h th-.ri a!?:. t helpless
c:,-- ; f inetn i- due- in part
':,, hi-r.,|' d( votii n *)f th,-ir cap- i
* ,.r: t .. \vhen %-:[, va- at hand. '
* f '- death rathe- than ailan-
: i i- -hip and her cargo of luinljer.
. .. i,,-d an offer ,,f assistance fro1i
a',-r i'arima. which ran d'wnxn
st Sunday when she was wal- j
.: h- 4'-a ;4O0 niles east of i
S. i r pas-ing through a hurri- i
. <. ..t.ltaiir asked for supplies
.:. a- those ruin-d when his
S.... al from St. Johns. I
"7 ,-'1*.' 7-' .th. NiitI a cargo of1
i .'4 i ., .

:i. ., .,. r *r -xa- t .Il by rmarks'
f thut.in t. ii-A in th,- h,"me of J. W.
\\ .;- ; v ell known merchant of
. Ky He- writes: "Twenty y.-ar.-s
I a, s,-vert he*morrhages ot the
] ,-. near death when I be-
SI' King'.. New rPisovery.
.. ur.-.l in and I have re-!
,I : i v e It cur
*. . .-n'4 4bu* h Set -
* 'ii.. i.- 's lisah Si '.
.- I:r-. hitl *-. and is th-
..' , ., it f,: Weak Lun.s. Ev-
S *. ,r .- lby Ty.ilngs & &
:*, fi-'- :,,, ;,t.l $1. trial bo*-

O0ir Mr W. W. ".-ndon will leave
rn N." -v.t-er I sT for New York.
Svh-re t- 'i..i, uy ne of the largest
and fli)-t --)',. ,f j-vwelr'. fine china
'Ini *t -i.-. i: n and musical in-
.*-: n .*.i-1- in the lines usu-
: y !L. r. that this
... 1 Any s'-cial orders
. f: i; th+- ,r.-, ', ;: ix- '-i person-
a.: a :.I it, n l. Mr. *'.i.,, n. and eare-
fil .,-:*.-;ins made by hinm, while he

is. in !hpEtty.


daiy afit~rn. ,. ;i t L .-', i- Tk e wast. I
only sick a .. pt(if ija ,!A.*,..as ilot
thought to)I, h dangt-r:)i~ly i Tie
lit: le fellow %-Las four ,ars and ls-e tti
months old.
Everything ihat loving )h.1nds ou~i
dsp iap done f-r him. Ilut 'God 1 a]. d
ainti maid- "Stiffer little (tnil'rpu :-
c''tmi- unit,' movand f''rl-id tt'n-f'!. for
-tich 1i0- i.k inzgdlai .f hr-ax-nt''.-A ni
;eail kn'wN that 'jo] kn-%, btst. H..
wa k '1;4, t,) -st In-ithe (ix'.rit cemlt-
tery 0-'t. 19th.

and c hee~rful elahidal'l -.*vvn'lt?. lx
1'1.#- uuirenr .thl 'ind tx .f the Iiii-
Ile rtelizow laivvour d.'ep.'-t a;ah
T'he Star is rt-iltioFted t., :m .unce
~a box suppo-r t.1lbe gv~I .v IIl- adlie-s


A General Alteratien in the Arrange-
ment of the PS~adent's Official
Wshingt-n. Oct. 24.-The following
,ffi-ia; statement. regarding proepec-
tice changes in President Roosevelt's
cabinet, were made public tonight:
"On the retirement of Secretary
Shaw and Attorney-General Moody
fom th& eL ilnt the folloawnin nw

man Aftih

The S roag aHl


r A; -
. -*. ** K :..**


Has Upon Publik (

tr. ate,. In, 1 ..nh new
appointments will be made: ani
1" CO,.. Jewelers. "Secretary of the treasury--4eorge
B. ('ortelyou. now postmaster-generaL
Postmaster-general-George Von I.
Meyer. of Massachusetts, now ambas-
-- ---- sador to Russia.
"Attorney-general--Charles J. Bona-
GAITERVILLE parts. now secretary of the navy.
I Secretary of the navy-Victor B.
NMr anIl Mrs. A. L. Roes made a Metcalf. now secretary of commerce
busines-s trip to Dunnellon Saturday. and labor.
.Ml'- I.ula Dease returned home last! "Secretary of commerce-Oscar vW
Ties-lay fr,,m Shayly Grove, where she Sttrause. of New York-
I as 1een visiting for several days. Those Who Will Hold Their Jobs 4
Dr. and ir,4. BPishop of Holder. were ,
in andr hurg Sunlpay. were The following members will retain
Mr. N. C' D-ase and family of Shady 1 their present positions: Secretary of
S'lit last -'ednesday and Thursday in State Elthu Root; Secretary of War
*;,.v;il'. viitling relatives. William H. Taft; Secretary of the In-
Mr Ii 4. 'Brs.4. of Holder was in terior Ethan A. Hitchcock; Secretary
i;.trvil SuinLay. of A.griclture James Wlilson.
j The general understanding for some J l 1
THE TEXAS WONDER I time has been that Attorney-General
e u -Mo'jdy would retire on Jan. 1 next.
'u s al. ki'ne:-. bladder and rheu- anu that Secreta Shaw would follow
anatic troubles. Sold by all druggists., ion March 4. The above announce-
,or t io month's treatment by mail for ment was made after a protrictd
!$ Dr F. W. Hall. 2926 Olive street. cabinet meeting today.
St. L uis. Mo. Send for testimonials.
S.,Id ill Ocala by the Anti-Monopoly! JULIUS CAESAR
Was a man of nerve, but sickness left d
BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE LOTS, its mark and he became aged before
his time. Sickness is often caused by
CHEAP. a torpid liver. Herbine will regulate
'I '. we of the zire-ttiest resilience lots. your liver and give you health. Mrs. &

.4 Ke-ndIri'k ;at th. ,so, hool hl .. .he fr ont on1 dififer-nt streets. in the very Carrie Austin. Hollon. Kansas, writes:
night of Nov,. 2nd. fo.r thi. ..i-n-tit of .ho st re-sidence part of the city. for. "I consider Herbine the best medicine
BELLEVIEW i.the n-ew tlirchr. TheT public' is cor- sult- clheai for cash. Inquire at this!I ever heard of. I am never without
-dially invited. jioffice. it." Sold by the Anti-Monopoly Drug-
M .. s Wusashburn are slow- store.
;.i. .it. It is hopedd they will' IlIl
.r. M. nlil.Ii. )DuIlhy of Horseshoe. 'A ]L 1 Th M. E. church wa* comfortably
. .:.i ui. t., s.,. .Mr aind Mr.s filled with invited guests Tuesday
\\,-. ni M.n.lay. ani p ill remain up IIhpensr of evening to witness the marriage of
., -o .....'. t. 1 Charles A. Freezer and Miss Fanna
S ; n Pitt-hurg. Pa.. ar-ea ad Cold D, G. Albright, which interesting and very
l i.., in. il with us for beautiful event took place at 9 o'clock
Choice andivt, Fruits, COnfcton, that evening with the ceremony by
i.l.n wif*. an I txo daugh- t;Rev. J. W. Engle.
S..n, ,, ",,., have. arrived and" Fall Line of all Popular Brands of Cigars. To the strains of the splendid Men-
.. -'.,. 1it the house belng-I o o dels.;-honn's wedding march. Rev. Engle
?I rn.'- (reen made ai ol olle ll i 10denjoyi a olf drink or sauiCer of cream under preceded the bridal party foHowed by
S I. n. .Mrs (reen mae ai the little flower girls. Gertrude Hauger
-,. ala last week t el'tri fans. ol't forget til) pace., and Marvin Bishop. They were fol-
\v. t,, .,ory t,, hear of the death lowed by the bridesmaid' Miss Daisy
S :of.. . ur winter ALLEN BRIDGES' ICE REAM PARLOR Metheny. and the groomsman. Daniel
-1-.n;. ,hih., h r A ,'ALLEN BRIDGES ICE CREAM aARL R Wotring, then came the bride on the
ii' n rih -eeral lays ago. arm of her brother, Vivtor, and the
T. ,",,v.i'f-i r Mr MN. Gale is Next to Mnnroe &a Chlambliss' Bank. grom accompanied by Mr. W. M4
S"; rai"l itundier the manage- _Bishop. Victor Albright, the bride's
,* .f .1Me-.- Shedd and Hanes. _----- -- -- brother, gave her away.
ri ;:,'-f. n1 .'- ill lt- glad to see The bride was attired in a dainty
ini, i: in th t near future. creation of pale blue silk trimmed in
.M' N.. :.i. Mills-n is expected from, lace aplique with bridal veil and beau-
s ;i:,,,. :, -nn_ .rl-lay. H i...1. %01! ito. lad to see. her again.A bouquet of bridal roses. The groom
Mr A-~\o..r h and \W. R. Bryant wore the conventional black with a
..,h i, k <'ity Tuesday. Don't fthik for a nxte Mthat we have gone white vest. The bridesmaid wore
S".' i Tr-int-re wvent to Jack- white organdy trimmed in lace and
.i' a t'usi,.ss visit today. Out O the Futtre K nsS in Ocala. We carried pink .*oses. The tiny flower
M ':uth!,,.n of Heather Island, was girls looked like little fairies in dainty
,n i mni.ist Sunday visiting his are here to stay and have some exceptionally white silk lace frocks, and scattered
i. z, ;. .Mrs J. F. l'elot. He has FR ITUR ruses before the bride as the wedding
S... t h. 'lcox place and will tne: bargains to offer in FURNITUREa all party passed down the aisle from the
ts. shortly ainds of HOUSE FURNISHINGS etao new and altar after the marriage ceremony, to
o if US F NI I newthe strains of Iohengrin's bridal
WOUNDS. BRUISES AND BURNS SeCond-l"and. march, which was very beautifully
rendered by Edna Forman. who pre-
Biv applying an antiseptic dres.ing Our holiday line is coming in and contains sided at the organ.
t. \,.,unils. bruises. burns and like ma rare bar ain b'autfuI ooImmediately after the ceremony a
;,,iurii.s b.tfore. intiammation sets in, in grec eption was held at the bride's home
I n,'x Ni he he-aled without matira- uS a call and We will Save you money* to which a goodly number were in-
S n .,n l in about one-third the time vited to enjoy the splendid supper that
I.. t\ l ,e old treatment. 'his was skillfully and artistically prepar-
h.- t. girt-atet distcovery and triumph ed for the occasion. The newly mar-
t" n ..,t surgeryr. Chamberlain's ried couple left on train No. 4 for At-
in h. acts on this same princl- J lantic City and other eastern points.
li i;- an antiseptic and when ap- J o T where they will remain for two weeks.
,'i.-.i t- . -..d ii,.! uicklv. It also allays the THE FURNITURE MEN. their many friends in wishing them a
-.in an.i soreness and prevents any happy wedded life.-West Virginia
.,' ^.- ,,f lbli&d poisoning. Keep a -- Republican.
.f oin o home and A I A M The fair bride is a sister to Mrs.
Sil! se ou time and money, not F. W. Bishop, of Anthony, and with
i,. m ll..ii i he inconvenience and suf- n I F A R M whom she spent the summer at An-
,,l. t -m,-h injuciv.n entail. For sale ndl a 1 thony, making many friends while
I Luch ju2es entail. For sale there who will be Interested in her
i, l .41it 1 it lts. W- marriage.
Sw ss cheese at the 0. K. Grocery. NOTHING IU FIEAR
PEDRO GENERAL L V ERY Mothers need have no hesitancy in
G EN- |nittL ,VR cnt ic tol rive (Chamberlahi s

Mr' n.d M- Perry iof Leroy art here FINE CARRIAGES BUGGIES, Cough Remedy to their little ones, as
1:-1ti1 r,., ix ,i.s this week. it contains absolutely nothing Injur-
M' s;'n ;-irines is busy grinding TRAPS, CARR AIL.LS, ious. 'This remedy is not only perfect.
S'"t t" "v"'-" SADDLE HORSES, ETC. ly safe to give small children, but it
"i', \ .t, holid.iiic a protracted meet- is a medicine of great worth and merit.
a.ic ,', tih. baiptiz; .hurh here. Seven IYFV HCC F S H RS It has a world wide reputation, for its
i ..i atized last Sun- V, FAST HO RSE cures of coughs, colds and croup and
Si. '.:iht can always be relied upon. For saJle
Mr. ,!i -M,- John Priest of Anthony HORSES AND MULES FOR SALE by all druggists.
-!; several dia s here last week with
N\i' .! .rr\'of Oxford ivxt.,in
,,: ,-.,iry of Oxford was in A. C. COBB, General Manager. Mr. C. S. Gates and Mr. J. C. Marsh
P.':, Suin.l. AB t.,,k an overland trip to Ocala Mon-
.1I i :..,-st Smith of Coleman. and day. They returned by rail Friday.
M!-- N:.Ilt. Iitiner of Oxford visited ,. Mr. and Mrs. iF. F. Haskell returned
.. a.-- dz7 n Blanche Pr"ctor home Sunday after a pleasant visit in
Suyu.\ the north.
,': inimity was si-ocked by the Mrs IW. W. Reed went up to Ocala
i-;th i ..f li';;l, :trl Prctor last seek. o lub u sj C an e l M, Sunilayv
T ). ne ar.uni here miusi be i Mr. Richard Parter with his family,
-, i ....i weather by the way c1 I. 1 ad 11 nh Relitf. came overland last week to see his
..g. their houses. 2 and 1 3 Iouers.father. who has been quite Il, but is
A' n. :':'.,in litme is corning one A am i now much improved.
S':ung folks a expecting'" SYRUP KETTLES IN 0 AND 80 ALLONS o -y lt week while Mr. W.
SYR' ,TTLES INO, N.S, i r fr a I 6 Bard was absent from home a bold
M.1 .ha.s .Lewis -eturned from a Bid at L r4 thief entered his room and secured his
-. ".,. -. vt-it I" Coleman yester-. A Car each o Sash, Doors au B1ins iust recv purse containing about fifty dollars.
r'fs 'and we make special prices on them. Big stock of Shot and hi, revolver. A load of buckshot
M.r <'hs pDrig,-rs of , w:a s,,y Gats, al4 kind% of Amm.mition, etc. Buggies. Wagons,!f cauthit.
.M' N.\;thi lt M.iy,> of Relleview waas R ,g M r. and Mrs. Baker have arrived at
,. p-i.e T,.-ti.y Harness and a general line of hardware. Reliable goods eirsdale and are occupying their res-
I. -* sno. T.l he in dout taso as n the idence
.*' the "m-atter is now. Tell us and ad pMiCES aS IOW as any in the COmtr Mr. E. S. I'pham came Friday. He
-* .in .444 .A*Dt I ------

v v, J. t

*' .

4*-*-- '*^

... ,. ,. .. l

.-. t[




' '-.4

14. &J

kers Skscd(7
S- .*- -,- *


No. I-Good five-room cottg m nice lot etr aIn on Ocklawat ,-".. <..*
Avenue; house can easily be added to. Cheap at.-.... ... .... ... "-'
No. 2.-Splendid eight-room, two-story residence on Banebe street. -
Second Ward; has bath and wide hall, a good two-room serrasts' hbese
two fire places, separate yards, etc.. good two-atry barn, ay
shed, three box stalls, good chicken house, stornge bo- a a wood
shed, a good cistern and well and city water In bath All t soed r-

der, on large lot facing two stree. Cheap at.......... ....
No. 3.-Good two-story six-room hou e. wide ballj, M e t oe
post office, on corner. In good condition u$0 eab, I te Io
years, 8 per cent Interest. Price.......... .. .. .. .. .. ..
No. 4.-100 acres land. 30 acres cleared and cultivated. balance wee&K-
some good timber. A big bargal. ..... ..... .... .. .. .....
No. 5.-A good five-room cottage, nice lot on Tuseawilla streeLt ao
Ocklawaha, Avenue... ............ .. ...... :. .. .... .
No. 6.-Very pretty lot, 7xlh8, on Fort ACin Avenmem, a Gary Orow* ""
Big bargain................ ........ .. .. .... .. .. .. .. ...
No. 7.-Couple of nice five-room cottages, lce lot, etc., In S inai
W ard. Price.... ................. ..... ..... .... ......
No. 8.-43ood two-otory ten-room house In Pourth Ward, Vwey dA-
able for boarding house; newly painted and rooted; good ckftr, go
lot, etc. Very cheap......... ................
$500 cash; balance easy.

If you wish to buy or eat apply to


Fort King

I have bought the Fort King Grocery and reea-b
ed it with a complete, fresh line of Staple aMd
Fancy Groceries for the family trade. I will arry
only the freshest and best goods to be had, .and
will guarantee to sell them to you as-cheap as any
one in the city. Country produce bought and sold
and fruits and baker's bread will be put in in a few*
days. Give me a share of your trade and if good
goods, courteous treatment and low prices erit a
continuance of it, you will continue to trade with
me. Re0pvctfally

Corner Fort King Ave. and Atlantic Coast Line Railrod.
-- ---- --* -- -- --

The Original
The idea of a o Syrup th wit actmthe
bowels, and thus assist in expelinU colds m fmto
system is new and original in Kennedy's Laxative
Honey and Tar. Nearly all other cough cures are
cowrtipting, especially those containing Opkie,'
Ke nedys Laxative Honey and Tar move tie
bowels, cooains no Opiat->

A oertain, safe and hminms medy for an
Coughs. Colds. Croup Whooping Cogh, La Gripp
Bronchitis, Influenza and all Lung and Broshbial
affectios. Mothers prai the children's fat rits

- 9

4, .4
"-41'~' .4.



I.*-~ I


-.4 '~1
-* k~.

- 1-


~ouIig -rup

Faqmi m -




1'.~ 1)

4 4

nimfidnc is nvkidud b.-#

.Wish to4.cay-Iwt

a to Ofe CA


boys and

Jusrt opeaed,wh


: FL EL CO.. Ocala. Fla.





-- -- ---- --- -------- I I i --


- F,.;

- :. T .


U-011tillujls t KA--= %- 114L~ue 14914A





AA' Ii



C L. BITTINGER 4& CO. sld h 7-mumesvld &-n faP'T~l
eWSi strength a defri%ed ;tnImmfuEd..if a
Wan LasA iuuffiickza(afod helw ~wmt
L Ettinger and R. R. Carrell 11 he has oufood be dis i. Fnadis coi-
'~ ar k'ubisher pvrtfed into nutritiam thrao Uhtie mm-
sell and bowels. It depre n s wi h
Strength of tbW i'U=Wae to what exta'm
C. L BITINER.fwxd eAtenIs digested and awsimilpted
C. L BITINER.People can die of s~ar%:ttin who havre
Ez-ramd General Manaqu abuindant food topat. when tbt ..omrach
an i ti~ associate organs ofd is, .it i(.n a no
antrition do not perform :a.rditx.
R. R. CARROLL. Thus thoFemma riem-ly theijial or.
Editor and Busg;s mnagw. anelfthebri-dy. If them-lsemach L%"Pskl
.*asmaftrw.the body wail, 11heuwak a'4o.!v -&-i- t 1
up'.z1 ti swtnmah the hooly rvr-1w. lwn its
DEVOrCRATiC TICKET strfwrwth. And as the body, considered as
aw1hole. Is Made up of its SpVeral Rni-
~~I %T-, ~berb and orgas. Po the weakeem of %he
Di~ ritbody as a ucumnoesee pof *we" 0k aIIIm-
I.KSAN Iach 'a illbe distrIbutedawrng Utheor-
t~swhich compose the brody. If the
.yis weak beaus~. it Is ill-raouriahd
that hyr1-al w-&Ln*4 %ill be found in
P\Hl~lI.1. allUthe organ*-hbeartliver, kidites. emc
A HIH~:Li~ The liver wigl he tarpid &adl native,
giving rise to Wilkniusn. ks* of apiedtt
weak nervea. feeble or invwu'gjaraciou o
~i n'r heart. apitatlon. dluznesw. hea~dache.
V~IJT*Hback aebe anW kindred distatrbnces aod
Mr. loui% Parm.of Quewer. writes: "For
Ier after wy health btwcai to fail. my head
~ I n? crw dizzy. eyes vain* -w. and my %!uflrhw
K!:II ws 'wYAil &dthe time. while CYCTythine I
soulil eat would a"-m to lie heavy like lead
on mny stutnach. The doetoy- claimed thrit
~.. ~It was aymwaxbetlr trubt. kdueto jdj,4pepia.
and prr~critprd f4,,r me. and altbao~gzj 1 look
~i i i- ~.ztheir puwdprs ywgularly yet I felt no better.
My wife adrkwed mc to try Dr. Pierre'b Golden
tug's medicine. she bovwht mr a Ixut te and
we u~un kiund that I began to lapnpre. so I
kept up the treatment. I took W-1 .~i.my
I atcw&mb bIxrame normal. the d~ee,.t iv4-orans
wtwked pelfetv-y and I mjom began to look
liiie a different person. I can never tea'%e tu
~be grateful for what ycmr medikino hai done
forwe ndIcervtailty giveIt bigbem'tpralse-'
L A .1-At Don't to- wbpe.dled by &a nny-gr&Ibbng
d a ler i nto ta.lk- I eIn fe;rk w su bitlI t t t(+for
A Dr. I'ierce~s mp~diclna, recomwzacded to
1'. F1 A Yj-, be 1wht as good."

On the 17th the Ocala 8tar Isaed I
a splendid Ilustrated edition, in cnm-
meuaoration of the laying of the corner
stone of the new courthouse In that
city. Pictures and biographies of
many of Ocala's most prominent and
enterpruing citiUens were in this It-
sue, besides pictures and write-ups of
other distinguished gentlemen of the
state. We congratulate the publishers
of the Star upon getting out such an
excellent edition.-Wildwood Hustler.
The- 17th in-. was a big day in
i-lJa. On tat lday tne laying of the
corner stone of the new court house
took place and Governor Broward and
Hon. John S. Beard had a joint debate
on the drainage question. Yes, the
"Brick City" spread herself on this oc-
casion. and many hundreds of people
from the surrounding country were
present, and whenever the noon hour
rolled around the crowd was Invited
to participate in a barbecue dinner, all
of which they enjoyed immensely.-
WUildwood Hustler.
Arms of Cuban Insurgents Being
Dumped Into the Sea
Havana. Oct. 25.-The statement
made by Se-retary of War Taft on the
#we of his departure from Cuba. that
he would put all the arms surrendered
by the insurgents where they would
do no further harm, was verified yes-j
terday. when a company of the Cuban
artillery spent the afternoon throwing
these weapons into the sea from the
outer bastion of Morro Castle. Thou-
sands of rifles and earbines were sunk
in thirty fathoms of water.


New Laws Adpted by thO SIupsme
Ledg" Agest f iagy Themm

New Orleans. Oct. L L--MW liam-
aace laws. affeettig W9, pfBlcybeM-
ers. were offcally adopted by the -**
presse Lodge. Kights of PythMaM to-
The features of these laws are an
increase in the maximum poiley to
$5,0. am Increase in the age limit to
" years, sad the creation of a new
fifth elass of Insurance.
All policies, under the new sst m,
become incontestable after three yemw
Health I eooeded to be th m et
prl Jewel aI the cram&ew f t nd
within the secrecy of yo wn bheme
yu can secure perfect hbelth. Nb
matter what the fila, parlyab rdbe-
matism, neuralgia, aervousnem and
female disabilities, they can be reliev-
ed by stimulating the circulation and
relaxing muscular and nervous ten-
slon. No drug, or any thing of the
kind need be used. Simply restore the
system to normal condition. If care-
fully followed and applied "Magnetic
Massage" equalizes the cireolatim
and the nervous forces. thus enablag
them to throw off disease. Each ap-
plication makes the perse a better
and stronger man or woman.
I have opened a "Magnetic Mas-
sage" parlors at No. 54, Fort King
avenue. Ocala. Fa.. where I will ap-
ply or instruct in the art of "Magnetic
Massage." or I will call at private
houses and give such instruction or
apply such massage, and explain the
benefits thereof. Office and consulta-
tion rooms at above address. Consul-

i osgait knodetbdgeof yourowntbiPy- .. station free. Office hours. 11 a. m. to
S" -4re r l"cCommon Sene Medical AdvL--r. A Nichols Killed Mrs. Leslie for Her South Main Street, Ocal, Frida 2 p. m. Call or write, Mrs. Jennie
1 i'.STEI i bo4k of I1o pag*. St-nd 21 ow. -ciEt Diamonds PHONE 22 Whitfield. No. 54. Fort King Avenue.
stamps fr pape'r-cover-d,
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