The Ocala evening star.

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The Ocala evening star.
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Evening star
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Ocala, Fla.
Porter & Harding
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v. ; 61 cm.


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Newspapers. -- Ocala (Fla.)
Newspapers. -- Marion County (Fla.)
Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Marion -- Ocala
29.187778 x -82.130556


The Ocala Banner was founded in 1883 as a successor to the Ocala Banner-Iacon, itself the product of a merger between the East Florida Banner and the Florida Iacon. In 1890, the Ocala Banner became a daily. Over the years it bore alternate titles: the Banner, the Daily Banner, and the Ocala Daily Banner. Situated in rural Marion County, the Ocala Banner covered farming, business, and civic issues in Ocala, where the Freeze of 1895 had devastated the citrus industry and paved the way for diversified agriculture and the growth of tourism. The most important of the early editors of the Ocala Banner was Frank E. Harris, a veteran of the Confederate army, who ran the paper in the 1890s. Other editors included T.W. Harris, who had published several other newspapers in Ocala, and C.L. Bittinger, who before moving to Florida had served as a commander in the Grand Army of the Republic. In 1895, the Ocala Evening Star surfaced as a rival to the Ocala Banner. Beginning in 1897, it also appeared in a weekly edition, the Ocala Weekly Star. During an address to the Ocala Rotary Club, R.N. Dosh, editor of the Evening Star in the 1920s and 1930s, recalled that the “Star first saw the light of day in the press room of the Florida Baptist Witness”, founded in 1884 as the weekly press organ of the Florida Baptist Convention, a branch of the Southern Baptist Convention. Former competitors, the Ocala Evening Star and the Ocala Banner joined in 1943 to form the Ocala Star-Banner, which remains the daily newspaper of Marion County.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 5 (June 24, 1895).
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University of Florida
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Fmh Saltwater

In One and Two Pound Cans


Shells Free


Volms 9, Nmaber 216





Fifty CAnts a Month, $5 a Yea

OSco Over U
Bmk 1

omc@ uputan OMMM6
Building. INN
v3aw CA


Allowing Russia to Use Her Ports and
Coaling Stations, and Sending
TrMops and Ships to Asia, is Causing
Much Disquietude.
Lion.lon. Fe-tb. .-.-l.Ilyd. is ;asking ai
pr-mrnium of 3" 4 I-r -nt- aig.ailist lh*.
,utbit-e k of .1 Anl<,-i-'r-n'-h w.z
within thre-+ months. This hi.zh ratn -
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I~~a~msm I~ d piece I !nut .rt%--n a ftoirmal .-lilttn' oi
~ ~ attitudese (on netutality ti'r ard th.- Ear
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Jery S elthave- a Fr.'n. ~h ti.-*t in Asi:itat-
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11:111 %-. It;Iitis Iirat.
That isath.' feel-1
Stiair hAI :111l of tier


l, ia I i--A *1 1 higury-t

J. W. Castel. Proprietor,

W.W. Carma &C.

The French Explanation

Paris. Fe-l. 241. -An offiT r.ial *exlisl.i-
tio n lu.ts i issu.u l iv y t .- l.-'r Int hi
ov,--rllil-llt. S.l.lilil llihtl tlh s t 111-
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t hi.- gl l-l irll ull -St ,i| ,- hI .I.Itpd. it
i-vi> tri .s i.s P1p.,. ilti t, I'1 .111 .ill
.<'hinl.i. n;111, m s.q< tl I'r, i. h
1f Japs Preparing to Submerge Port Ar-
thur With a Wave of Men
i.ilondii. FIl>. 2. -Th. iluirn r of
Jigp'itn's troops l 1 hi, h h.ilt> l,-lt JftJ.ia
i for .1:-in. l1ria is li.4 .. Ti'>,-y ail
Slia. ;i l:ilny or ian thi viilily f -to1...
SThis Inr.iis a cl ash will pro'lolily < .
t. -isi soon-i. has lI..t i. L -n.-i.r lly

I -ilng ruishil-l to ItheI .i.eio-Tur iig nliil-
s t ll.i s l t-ii **I- till. A.1 to 1iS 11 11 aliil ,t4 .
U h "' t e ls'o 11tit'. evin t 6. al dist 5 e1'. :Iwo
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CiliK that this is th.- poililnt o
l1 majo4ri-ty of tlh, 11 i'iis i, ll.s w\hi'h1
have h%nen o
prts flor s'v'ral l:ays p.stl. TI' pl..;in
is tIo o lri. h-lielI Pot1t .1,l it r.


WA t Th1 ..-u1. h L. 1 th i t t h ut B t

.l e nt i n roug e I ti h ice to the b ottom
S iof Lake Baikal-A Loss of at Least
V- Three Tho usand Men ,. .

Ith: t.,,, :-.. .: S: . -




I I I i I I I, I! .*.. F, iia. ,I I- It'a i sIc.' I-:it 1e.IL

tII.- StIt. k:4 .I ii a' I II-Ity h, i .': ;tnl t.

.1 a 1
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tIc r.. L- '
F tee' Stir IlIt'
I. "- "'- -
tL.'. NI-- y
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a - .... .. a
XX .. '--

Is Estimated to be the Loss Caused by The SultanHas a Lively Little War
Sa of His Own With Some of His
the Baltimore Fire Al
'Albanian Subjects

S~.As-olii ca. !ii ii -Ioij~a. Fl.20I.--The
Albi~iaroz.e as ''.hi '.towrt lit-st'agiiig Shoni-
shi Paashla. %Ia'. ii, 'Aitli Ttirul kcah
Irliitja iit 111t hilet"gullas, wads l~'a
.it 17tabljhosi. ha'.. latoui liotted. I.t,'a-
ing -ol'it' nollkillt-ti .as %i-''.tuita'Ia'. The
Turkish lqo~s*Se.1re sail l t. 1.-',%Y.


X. tlh. I ..,I sI..i 'at..ts .a :-.. .-.l ss I at A little thing somietiti-s results in
lh:- -f-1, tlil l I itS. \.L 1 th l i-i l. tigure.s dilatih. Thus a nip--r sc'raith. insimniti-
,a !i 1 ii: ti .m ,..t l o,.s l1 ,-isiii of iraniit uts or puny boils hiav'- paidl the
* ; i i' '. i Witl '. t-,a,.t.tna ;it thI low.- dt-ith penalty. It is ia iseto hai ve Buck-
*-I :.!,-, lei's Ainica Salve ever handy. It's the

Ia- i''.'';.-:ts t~i I it t he IgO-x
-a. :- i: a '. '- t iia It nt'

bet- t salve oni earth andM will prevent
fatality., when urns., Sores. Ulcers andl
Piles threaten. Only -i'. at the Anti-
M.tllan ly IDrugstiore.

The pli-asurie launchl Alma is ni. on
Silver Splrings., for charter by the h ur
or dlay. Hunting an'l fishing parties a,

I.'.,.F ts IfIn.-y a:n Tar cures the specialty. Rates reasonable. We
cough ';iiis.'.l 1y% :an k oif la grippe. guaranteed to please you. Give us a
It h*-,al.s lth lhii,:zi. S)ll by the Post- call. Pierce & Farmer.
office Irugstore. Telephone or write to the springs.


Tell more goOa talts ailout our can-ly
Ithan TI woul'l tIare to print. even with
ulluolesty le.a laliel with pri-le. If you
.inll to) knoi\ the im-ritis of our ornfeie-
tionTry pn'tily. deliiouS.iin-ss. swe'.-t.-
n'ss., Ltaste laS to flrinl ii ltid ;ak -you
hav'- only to i k those who buy. eat
:I-l ila light in ll .Lowney's a.' ,-tl-i--ats.

to.u qlill tildi a well .lectetl StOck o. ODifference in the Treatment of Troops
grw .rivt at by the Opposing Nations
u thMai il north ioficity mar- .h. i. s h--iaia
oIn X

SIN'4 ialt i's-

UIa' lw1lissialit 11ru.-cs :lI-*ie-jI i il. 4 1'.'.1'I
EGGS *"tIill 'MT'I ~I I AY%*f 1- -ighlt o'.kiVS lik-' P
such mvrld- hotIdisa". I h~at I tt'Il. f, .,'1

Ranernilmio'r the place "andl rest assur- -UpplyIvis. nwu.tger *att l't 11.1yailt filling
ed wet will tra'at you right. I..ii.'' *e-IJj /(
I#%- (AMA & O II-4.;V LlUt-(ftl, 11oUvo.
W. C HM At.& C al diffte-l 'ut 1Ti4,'n this Is t h*-n n
,: j~~-j ~3p QYST ~ i t) ic ~. It.II#- Ira~ lev~'a l c 'aitIi aHG ES El fifO
FIHO ST R uait Lets. N,'.ith i 4417iity eei' sula.ii' GRAD)E .-. 51 CIiIRf
Na'. It ith h-.vyI'.y lilbillig 10 t'i eea ua i tai -
haveJ~ ttc--h Be 'tt rn Fish and ''.f1 h*it 'i' -ltl t"ti-AN 1)-
Mu"et alwav-s tallhand: ,ihIil-i It% a I.'l.l miitll'IIIIZ .'1' li- TeCeera
Cedaur Ki"vand Crv"atal RKe It i1r 011a iIIll'.Siti'.'. Ci' 'te'.La
-. L '" h' ~a~iit"o ''.ii. lt t~uiaal't- '&E.L TRO(PIC()"

KSCEIV B FREWHO oDAILY 1 :;~;' tl;;*tt'i.]~ 4 -f. I lit- ''.r
Oipenied asnd deivere~t~.d upo n reqjues4t Isa iia. ''iLi'Itli-uIe't a.tI PYSIPr

City ~ -st'ilt 4#'f this h*t.!ha' .. 1 fir's.,tatav ____




Work called for ad deliver-
ed. Special rates for month-
ly membership in the dbb

Opposite City Hall P. 0. Box 374


--. .... .G U N ..:..

American Nurses for Japanese Soldiers

* i ll l ai i: i i llN. M \, i \\i .i ,. ,, : -
XX 'i- a -ti .. tA l.i .X M a ;*iu t.... I,, ; ,. 0,
a :-- .'. .: ill.t- si,, lia' ." -.

k f ti k Mi- a '
\l .;.ii .. t 1 \\"'., h: iu T h. \ .i
t lit.- l of '.his i *,.t ,

The t i n ,, y 01 t::. nc.t, .Il s, i .

t\ n ,- ; . .

*. !. 1 .. . :- .. . . ; ,"

-At -

%% antt ol 11 .1 ig rIvasir es thain
amll I'A .1I. fvtI.V kidii1I--r ill]
!:"i ill -et.'i& .' l ja t1il-b1ii ar L knowv
tha, t I. li, .- .ait *1 or e il Ill; I t -I at
I i% t. i.-S t f Ithpe f-yIv 1w st yv.-IIII .w 1.i:14
in.-ullIi ncs. ymill 'Atk. slimiatl.*r. .,ni u f

bu'ufling u ale,.


Ocala, Florida,

Phosphate, Mining and Washing Machmy

Wagons, Buggies, Phaetons, Suneys, CarriaW


Building Materials, Every Kind and esc


Phosphate Plants Installed Complete


arion Hail

Iaf Go.

We Wouldd Be Glad
Whem you wish to buy any kiml
of a Stove or Range to have
you carefully


to Theory the Numbepr 1* In a Better
t nit I baa. t1% ti

i-'A 4 2'... IQ l oop T ttt VVr:. Ii:1 11

avll o tci' .Ii -I. 'av4t1 : .r k
tie 1 iii ltr lill.! aa i r

doon-i 'si*i't*i ii '.l. ::a i r. la

actierN S iU"'.111 !:l1'. *. ci-. I. 41i i ."
10 a nil 11, whi iit, :.,1 *-, firA\ i . %'A

tel peIfd'. T"~alelv l iii- 1. r Iii. c'Ii Wt 1
and lo l-.'a rir'--' iia w . low, i I.

Ih a h 't",huid 1,1. IllrT111, -11 tountr4 :
(nnl-t d oil* 10 1% .-,i11n
gotruskfI~lcn i!t l r"~i a*a- h ''
W~ou-ld hao'. :1, -i .. '!'. ~* :~-
trnia t1mvlo ii 13 4 .. w I ;11, l11,:8 eat I-
(Iuzitryi01 h t .4'--v4 a' :4 a 1' l.a1
a ut S it I'S 1n1"t ii :.', -a r 11
a year 11." st11. 1 4Ire--' A m, Ili' V. :'
eaandrlnasue'ly tliwii -,lt alCrk sat.MLi.

Te Wiuay thi e Fa' the i'k. i onr
an Cuz'icd a rtet':i:ne-arpl 'lun.

bowuse a .' a' .t v* -l Y of '21.r li
tnml tim.'v iii tu ,% 'a'. I ;it :t'la i t' I I t,

Ctloiuinttry m lait- L, 11 TlInIs. Xf
lthe-s'a'i i 'I Ili-t l l= t I ., ha t -1 ii. t
ate Sixhatt'.z of ireo---- W-ia.tsa -
astcrib i -aiusin l i it~a i i :, It i .1 *-t
slilver knee:i nl ian-lieliti k a 1 ui
esik s st~'Ii Ntw Ia rk...a.I .a i -tt
i on t ile- ag tc r c- t' lk 'r in.. ii:1 't*
and fklo i.v g ov' i a irlit iia i i-.d ha
hion hand.Exaiin. 1t. a'. -,-;'

th Chiime.. 11urriai~iL: oiai v.ilqt and
edt i.Icm remu,

-beting so) ha tal .N\ t 1ailI-4 tip Jl IielV
theg The u..liiii %i~t- 1-t toa w:t. .ia

thc 1ribo .' is dt'."..-1.-t '. L tja! a.
alve rede gaiiii -liraa tim, i_.,.: s i
silt ito lckings'. Il-I!, pia!' d. .1 !I., d
bl :a Sik. 111.1 g 1 4i-Ul''. 1- A li. I. I I T-
Ye~lci low love :1!4 i ['. a .'>d a *.h*i:in
hi ay iv lt'ha'rfrt-:.l'-an I y.r -.atl

At thiee ;at ar. int ittflt a s. ipt-j and

'.tt nis l l k if. twa1an1. !... ... 1 is
the Th tl s'. i lt' 'a w1 1.#.i hr' i* -a * i'.r- 4

Rtl.1 lituj ii !. t ;-. a .. a' la
fcort '.v.d I.A ,'' 1 1I

bit'-..1 l,
ar:.ttile i L.) o, ,a
Itlice who-..
sta t.,.1-

Jeffor& Buiding.




Old Stand

gewly Fmnishe


-ME MP m -







Come and See our Line of

With any other naum
We feel yomr decision will
be favorable to the

Therefore we court careful
compermsoo. We know they
aremot o aled. *
We also cary a f1 ie i of

IEL TROIOf'k (11if .tkFMIIJI{

Makers of the





Marylnd Mrath'

Cu Rebuilt, and D

Pure Rye tastes
old because it is
old. t, It is a
-'hikpev "which





A Complete line of Builders and General HIardware Farming Tools
Guns and Ammunition.


----./IN STOCK.







J 3,V

FPeh Saltwater

In One and Two Pound Cans


Shells Free


Vomei 9, Nmnber 216




Fifty Cmbt a Mmowd, $5 a Yew

Owfie Over Uvs
ftk00" af

Oak*c CpsuainCm
fuildtng, 0m. Blwn

Opposite City Hall P. 0. Box 374


THE ATTITUDE OF FRANCE! Come and See our Line of

Allowing Russia to Use Her Ports and
Cooling Stations, and Sending
Troops and Ships to Asia, is Causing

Men's O=fords


W I N TE R Much Disquietude.
W INTER Lon, F.'h. "-".- IloydF.. is asking

STY LES ""hofi r '**;r.,lc THE W. J CHAMBERS SHOE GO.
i .* h in th- ft mon t rhian. h ra

I~min ~ bee I Cd p not giccc-tia fc-nac ce.Ic .ti i e ef 1ic
goods~ ~ck~ ~ i ttitu-le on n'utralit% ttmar dxi th- ';-,Pc
ft ock be vas Eat-?r ti "liig'~-r-tits. III facct. tI
hem I MW eYefmats. I r .'zech geecc4'1? !Ii-lt, iI9C;11dl cit i%.I.\i)LZ
1. U(h :suan hacs :clieeewcc' Russ.:
Weare Mo.4ate i a
C ct-c~~~~~Is.' J itutt-l,.%'cchi'.-h is a lri.h c~''
WCW mw wm UNl~i~ i'c a hbas-.fcitrcae'Ic'zcceus. Thins is '"I-4
A N e ntm 11;11), ti opc ethc'.ccicrlwc etgm is41101,1' .1.111Ai i
N Mir] 11 111 a.wAg.tin l'r-c'c'-tw %J s tA .c* ie!-
idji',s h~ccc-' J."'?c eet'I 1-0'cl '. F tin' F'.c,
Idy y~a t~ f cti I-1ttt:l", ijir e tis knoecmcit
Repcfulthact Russn'iac isUsitig tIll.-Uttflcestt *'fl'i Is
RespeettuseyI tcegget the' l-rc'neh toe sire.t. h e~
lceeA ~oit in I heat' ;icc ct'l3 id icsemixiwi
Jur B m f h~i-a c s tItr-ietg I'r-nc. h tect1-4iiiAsic tic-
Nerchaat l%%s a t.If s am .1I cne 'tietheOlt- e~
% ss'l.The IBritish, fiet tglc ecffjct- 'is
unc.':sy t*e'g:itrqiiig twiii' ettl-euek. '%%hlt-!.

tic ee :lil' te ui~ek.FT 'The French Explanation


Is Estimated to be the Loss Caused by
the Baltimore Fire

t'cre''. *ts~ tl :--''. -It isecIt-:t I nl#-,

'Aee 4 o >.c S l 't 1404'I in t 11,h1

.~'e ~c i I'-l i ndt' diiS C' r tt

_V4 'tcIii"~I.-.11.,htcS its'c' atre
IIr. cl -I i. Ii I '- I caIits % ih l' x c'. I igIl cc
A nil. '

The Sultan Has a Lively Little War
of His Own With Some of His
Albanian Subjects
Sailontica.. NMtt,..ltiini. F'-.#. -:.-I-Th.-
.\lot> ,ia.iins. \ hoe \\,- crc'ignii g Sh-in-
slhi l'i.shai. ", h,,. '\\ iii in 5e Turkish
tI'roop) s in th;t-.- gUth.. '\as l>.-.'-i,''aI
.it aiIbadjhosi. h;i't- lie I- rlut..,!. li.s-
inig --l ti>h-n kil l-i .ltt 1, \ourn.lti. The-
Turkish Iliss s :it;-" i.;tlI tto t,- hervy.

,]a lit

S h Paris. l'0 h. Z'-.--An offi i .il expl.ii- lr.inu .1; c- \;.,.I: ts sits e thi.t tilel atg- i 's t
utI h 4 t tion h.cs >I.< i s issuIe-tI by thc" e'I"c'i, h L'- i, a. I*,.I I,.I% \ ill I,.,* c>onsil- fltal]
-1 I -1r voii f.-1l ;sR- 01 'lr r iwiree i t. s it ii liIg th t 1h1i c s I I 'iii n *,i'.he! ..11 ,l I it -i i s It il1st *e' I'ilt-
s'ut.u I th ls :\i I Ill- "- f'i-ci**in s th .' ; l'"'at sl 1c Ihs c** t'.. T L. ", ',' i.. <|IiN" A.t iiti-lt nt 1Mel"
1-no sinisi t -ig tll iiti,'.ti -. It II- s h t Ih 1 i ... t. -. l. tht.-
. 'f llh. hil. li.- ic ity -:ntl th.' I i<- i e't \ic-tl ris is ip'-i. liin. too It1.ihii ,i li, ic! i ii ,I \ ill ii, It.. ich icl.v $;6.'.- Ti
sleet ce *', t' hi h j<'hin.i. ..n -,oii.'c'-s thii-r rIi--uit sr4:-nigth1l iiig. --. ,or dl,
tl:itc, c.eit is eight. F,.1,' s io,,i..y ,ila Tar cures the spec
B- i Japs Preparing to Submerge Port Ar- i i. th,- f -l- coouih 'i lis', ***I o*y" :i attail-k of la grippe. guar
t l.i ic rK thur With a Wave of Men it he.iis the lungs. Sl ly the Post- call.
].,,ll,|i,- I i ln'c. Fe'he. 2. -Th*'- itinl.'r of oTic ,e 'Drugstore. Te
JUSe" Ja p.* i- i is tioo3 i s i \ hic'li hai v" I'-tt I.Is.-ictI
el-I ff I r l1i :cu ulTriaei is lni.nin. The'y a':i ',- -
DRUGS d ilv t l*iiny or in ilthit vic'ilIiIy tlol: I
This tia s- ll tT I I.a.h ut ill rc *li s .id l c > cel c '
Ac TI ica c t le tOI adi -
Se 'lisp l .iio te'\ i t" ha lhiha II :4- I-.1
Thi t alll inttn 'it-lls f'ert-e ,cif tl, cil,'s is m
w ill lroi .it.T ell tt oo t h,- t11111i1-,et. '
ANTI-MONOPOLY DRUGSTORE i'i les it,. rltT'.r,.eil. bit .all isalItche' .i i ol
lispll y.I" r.n itl1k1h:1 i. i:1lih it in sl il Still-
J. W Castel. Proprietor, i-n Ie lit. t .lli ',ti, ii ,,ft-'. i;li
lic 1 th:At tis is t '- **bj'ctiv- poin i li
OCALJA FLA ;i ie;,a.ji i tyi o t h.y e tti.fisi.r s \\hish i ti,1e
have- l.-:1vinc g v.ariilous J;elp.n tt;i -I. l'S
w lw C l & C0o.' fis t| s fi''": ; 1i ,,,, T,', t,-
YVol will find a wetll selected stock of Difference in the Treatment of Troops
ro0.rit't at by the Opposing Nations *
"l'C i,|*'i.l h I" ,11 llc ni-nt is .' illl. .ill. -
on Not het I*iti.ic Iroecs liy i lic o i.pos'uc .nrasi' ( h l plf tn v

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. TFh ut.ssi:n fc,'e' Q'(" i"'iF '-I LolY-
CHICKENS AND EGGS e'.I in ,rcll.iry f', ,,tls ikc- ", MakeS Of the
ciiu. h Iiti'i c a'll lisc'. th:ct lt h ,a'i" I
RemembnliTir I he lilac and rest assur- suIpIpy i tls ie.-.ea'l l.iiy t falliiig V
ed we will treat 'you right. ,Icy vh1 h,.- i;v it. .iuSe It l. thc' e 1. O t J ?
W W CARMA., & CO: Fill-" lilffel-lit fi1.t1 this ;- th," nli:tilii ,
-- in \hi tli.. .f-le t. Thfri.pfi ; i lei4. trit.a f.l.n ouit IG H EST o1
FISM aND OYSTERS .,ua'..,... ,,th ,.,..,ty oif s,,.,,.s .i GRADESC.. CIGAR
\ lil hticvy lo hiiin to ke'--' the l-it 1-1- ;
I have tresh ll tt nt I:i.-'h and I.. ,. .,,, 114-. Th \... enic,. u -AND- D
M ullet ai\voins Cetir K v and Cr-.lal Ri%,r '1 17 S l., i lie..., .. o.t, i.,i- The Celebrated e
..iar k atl Cvt ,,,,,..,, ,,,,....s ,,h,,,, t,,,,.,..,,.,t- "EL TROPICO"
0) ST I'I'S. 111 iii..j ,, oIf ith.-e e..-i'. u.,, ,,Havna m Cigars
i ll* wo -.en i i Si h cll' ie il eic' l .di c,,, i ,lil I
ECEIVEO FRESH DAILY I,,. i. i '..,,' .. ,,,, i.. ,, '..,,,
Oipend'i and delivered upon request .itan,. ...,-t n o.. tn ,i1 PV .,
MolAR. Pw a Sa a- Pra =

s11: 11. M I CAN
Fll.. il'hk 'WANTS
Cty Market.L



I.- lsut ci iliet olffecn 'cti l'
;cIchit i iit i %l l ~tcl SS I #-? .I-i'l ej'-

American Nurses for Japanese Soldiers
hi c 1t13 .ci t'tl-I I. -, Fci .'' -IceI, A I
11?. 1. w I''lcd !ii.X%1k li-i ic.d. I
cc?.m Drc Act 1 4;' l,'-i s .... 1.' I .1 ''


little thing sonfetinies results in
h. Thus a mere scratch. insigniti-
c utsi or puny hoils have p:iil the
h penalty. It is \\ ist to have Buck-
Arnica Salv-e ever handy. It's the
salve on earth anIl will prevent
lity. when iBurns, oi't-e. Ilcers awln
, threa:tetn. (Only i .c. at the Anti-
ol-cly 1 lwtgstore.

e pl'-asur-' launch Alma is n ow on
-r Springg., for i hartfr by the heour
ay. Huntilig and fishing parties a
ialty. Rates reasonable. We

'antee to pl-ease you.

Give us a

Pierce & Farmer.
lelphone or write to the slpringf. i


More gooeI tales ab;tjit our candly
1 \We Uoull l;ir0, to printt. even ith
esty le..nvieel with prioleo. If you
t to ktnoi the -ir'its,4 of our confe .-
lery purity. S., sw\
. t;ist- ais to forni atiil nimike -you
* only to .ask those \\ ho huy, eat
*h'liKht in lowc. y's .\ .c tmnats.

-At -


\', X\:tllt It l.i ;i lLi' t'.ibsui.ess q than
, .1'.c i ii \ "- \\'. ilt evi'.r v li.l ,r .ian I
t-' .. nt itti. -stt.l in ll ui ld:!' to know
l "ir : \\." ;% ',i c I .; i,.'.tc'a I;ic --i.l'"r ti' -Il
tii,'- s.t t ,1 i..-I,'t s,. ic-e ill lI :,diin pt ,le-
li k '-.!a. ,,f tt1. very best yell,,w ,i.". 4

''cu'-. hlitiliez ,f c\,cc>.>l it,' .c'.iJ U t i o1
teli! iini. ti ale.





5 1'a -c :.e :':' :. 2..
ce' I..' ''xc''. !.i tic
>1:: s 'c'i:auI, ~~*~*' -I" i:.c
IlictIl I .ecicc.c'.~I I. s:..* Ir.-'' cc
it u.s I cc'c- ~e clc'-~''cc.! tit Ilw~1~~ --Icc'
.~-..-- :.ccccc.: C cc. :e -a.. '1':s l.a'


Went Through the Ice to the Bottom

of Lake Baikal-A Loss zf at Lc~
1Three Thousand Men.

th'' t. . .

In Theory the NumbPer 12 to a Belli
t nit Thun In3.teo.

Ti% vIcc #- IN%......I:' t

It re I I I r Y
all tL12 w.1z: 1 .-W 1- :
Tccr.'icc'- i i tw..,,,Lr.--.;,

inl ha'! n; .1-4 !.1
IlulScienti f zic r t :iI It'. 1 1. 11 -i t-r
ID tell" asvomilel : it. dciiI
10 and 11. whtiti lei. 1:11-II I ic *
atell -l. T he 11111l 11141, i -.ut'1 1
10 inil II Iwiw itt' 12 :,, 1:14% ;!.. o:i I. :
tIv$' wlie. I" *I.I ll fiii lie c ~cc.I'If
boildre d yea*ir. oirt ,I.I ...-1' i h i.

got Used I IIe it. the'.1tc. ;' :;1.11 -Yc .
W ould ltov jun t'It a;cc4" '11% : ;1-c' Th..c* oil
t~twelve' fe't a r."l. ;nil 4c '.u
Il 1111-.41,taaciieIc :. ; 'I- c j
and im -a stre'- \. icc 'le c, '*4 el e.

The Way the Father 4of Him 4Iounu
CoIIducted It.-reltilonx.
f r r I idcitt r 1 44 i a hc e\i
&Cosititrv 110-11 1,-- ;1*, 1] I :,-~
the' ie cra c'i. I'. :..I'iii:c I
the svit-ii'. I I.-jcit, .lc !:..1n
ait ?tiXt~l ,,I ~ r tc tI' .-cW
a yeazr aand *lrc'".-d cl icc-e ;I nli, ie
elailecc)r; I *tI'i1 het 11:11 c11.-i1:1(1 Ic 1*.-r -z" : t I..
casiotis it N Y..r itk.
('tIjiIiiil :1 i4c!l c ii icc c!.,].. :~'ii n:?l'
anld fccriai*d Za c ircc' :: ii: 1 11., iq
the roctain faxcc cerij~i cc ;I cnc% i : I
bow ~ 'aiiii a I fewcc ii io. nI I.., ".11
ed to his lo:I~idie ~cic I. i.c

I"be'inig S41c'~l~~9,j;~tc il~
Wed ccc'jthi As?. .:lc' t t i
thc' irizittrr cc! iiii'-s -' ii, .
thrie 4llatt1 1 f t 411- 1- \V; I Ik-1,:!, cc. I
silver knee :tticl.'lc lit,,I, c- ca Ipl;a
silk stcickiiigs. hi!,4 cwcc 'i-ol li~ic-T t
In a silk lhag fir4-u.e'whil:itl.l.i.H--ci.'
Yellow glo~ves :1114! lait-Ial eNI e 'cl ha.1
bis anl-EtI.n
A Chlnesse larriagce In a _M~li~t n~
%olem n (eI sn
A ('Chnc'sc' iiaririini:c 4- a -i'it
ing. 'Thit*, s1' ic i c.-f a '' a I.
Sv aIlIs. After tic.' x, .t..
thbe Iricic' is dr ... ....I x.c:1, .~~c e.i
a red hcrccaii-' .I .. ~ ..
get it; he~r i'i'cl- ic- 2.:, 1 a

Lelc'4,. to ic inc It,- I -%Na. '' 'c' I

Itt Niaccei. ta ...:..-. . ..rrv

I' 2.
'ccc~'-.~ '

d.c I'-:..-
I.. '
I. :. ec
l"cer her
IL". M:- j 'cc


Ocala, Florida,

Phosphate, Mining and Washing Maaefm

Wagons, Buggies, Phaetons, Sueys, Cafdag.


Building Materials, Every Kind and Desclptim


Phosphate Plants Installed Complete


aron Halwaffl G o.

We Would Be Glad
When you wtil to buy any hind
of a Stove or ]Rage to have
you carefully


With any other make
We feel your decinlou will
be favorable to the

Therefore we court careful
comperleeo. We know they
are not Equmled.
We also carry a fll be o


A Complete line of Builders and General Ilardware Farming Tools
Guns and Ammunition.



Jdfords Buildng.

THE CmlGHfll & SON GO.


./ ... t 'e 'fj
M a'. 8, :me HAr.




Pure Rye tastes
old because it is
old. # It is a

SMcCrath's Old Stand

Rebuilt, and Newly Fwnaed

INm RRFl AIn lIDlsm TDA m 'E



- c-c

Gleaning s" l I
and c'e't li '. c't g" If li~zi 111,0 T 11lt i "

Pressing ~icI 11cte.tclIi~tcYtc

We& caW fe raandeavr- 1--gt --cif.e *h- 'v. '.'I-! i .: 1--:: a
ed. Spmecialra 1wte ormoth. ttic t'.i:I.'
ly~m Im es in the dub .:


? 'q a" ,l



* Ocala Evening Star, Saturday, Februaty 20, 1904,



C. L. eim Mr sd i. R C.mca
iotors and Proprietors.

Japan says she will not annex any of
Chne. no matter how the war turns

Dr. Manuel Amador is the first pres-
Meet of the republic of Panama. He
was lnaugurated Friday.

The funeral of Senator Marcus A.
Manna at Cleveland. Ohio, was attend-
ed by over 60.000 people.

Raesta has f Pe--ted the proposal of'
the United States to respect the integ-
rity of China during the war.

The Panama canal treaty will be
Veted on in the Senate next Tuesday.
Only seventeen senators are said to
be against it

It is reported that none of the rail-
roads entering St. Louis will give
pa-ses to the World's Fair this sum-
mer. Editors will have to pay or walk.

The trustees of Stetson University
met in DeLand Friday. They accept-
ed the resignation of Dr. Forbes and
voted him a pension until October 1 of
this year.

Political editions seem to have the
right of way. The Jacksonville Me-
tropolis. and the Tampa Tribune and
Tampa Herald will each issue one. The
Metropolis will con-** forth on March

What Japan has done to the Russian
navy will be a swarcity compared to
iwhat England will do tio French ships
and sailors if Fran e is foolish enough
to allow her-elf to be drawn into the

The Times-Union is attempting a
nmoet laudable work-that of providing
Florida with an exhibit at the World's
Fair. The state failed to make the
necessary appropriation. and unless
the T.-U. su(ee'Is we* will not be
there. The task is a her-cu e;n one.
and the T.-l'. should Ise encouraged.
It is proposed to get out three manm-
moth editions of this paper, descriptive
of West. East and Middle Fllorida. To
properly distribute these, six fair
daughters of our state will be in St.
Louis. at the e'xlwens* of the Times-
Union. What the T.-U'. desires in this
matter is the cordial co-operation of
the people of the state to nimake- it a
big uuce-ts. Every( county in the com-
Imonwealth of Florida shtoul l be r--pre-
Mented In this edition. awl we trust
Marion will not Iwe slow in doing the
banner county of the state proud with
a f rat class write-up.

When you feel blue and that every-
thing goes wrong,. take a dose of
Chamberlain's Stomach and .i-ver Tab-
lets. They will cleanse and invigorate
your stomach, regulate your bowels.
give you a relish for your food and
make you feel that in this old world is
a cood place to live. For sale by all

The Senate .rnmmittee on comnme0ce
has agreed, by a strict party vote. t
favorably report the nomination of the
megro ('rum to le collector of the port
of Charleston. S. C'. Senator Tillman.
aided by other democratic senators,
will fitht the confirmation in the Sen-


A strong. healthy, active constitu-
tieon depends largely on the condition
of the liver. The famous little pills
known as DleWitt's Little Early Risers
not only cleanse the system, but they
strengthen the action of the jiver and
rebuild the tissues supporting that or-
ian. Little Early Risers are easy to

act. they never gripe and yet they are
absolutely certain to produce results
that are satisfactory in all cases. Sold
by W m. Anderson. Ocala. Fla.

"Little Japan" is a mtisnom.nT-. Japalln
has iover 4t.leis.eqe ;pl,.l.'. She is tin
of the lwsrld'ec great p.,\\,.rs. 'inking
Italy Miad t., Aust:(ia. Slh. is
thre- timetna .i siroeng as ;ind is
strong-er than ltth X.'tlh iand South
were in our civill wuat. She is stronger
than eitherr <;.'in.tiny -,r,"- .'re
litn li., anl .' ouIl iroI.ibly holId ho"
own with .ith.rt of thin todal.y.


Mrs. B. VW. Ev:;ns. Cilearuater, Kin..,
writes: *My husband lay sit k for three
months. the doctors stated he had
quick t'onsuniption. We procured a

Which the Ocala board of trade is
promoting and will pull off Wednesday
night, protnmises to be the biggest thing
of the kind ever given in this city as a
business proposition. That there may
te noi misunderstanding among the
members %-e will say that each mem-
ber has been assessed 5)0 cents extra
for the smoker, and the s-ecretary will
call Monday to collect the same.. le
ready %with the change or authorize
your cashier to pay it for you.1


The democratic voters of the various
precincts of Marion county are hereby
requested to meet in their respective
districts and elect their committeeman
to serve for the Aisuing term as mem-
ber of the county democratic executive
committee, in time for said committee-
Ien to meet in Ocala. on Saturday,
F-bruary 27. 1994. to consider the
recommendation for the appointment of
a successor to F. S. Lucius. county
c-ommissioner from the third district.
resigned, and to transact such other
business as may come before the com-
mittee. S. R. Pyles, Chairman.
This February 3, 1904.


Mrs. H. Haggins of Melbourne, Fla.,
writes: "My doctor told me I had Con-
sumption and nothing could be done for
mne.. I was given up to die. The offer
of a free trial bottle of Dr. King's New
LDis.covery for Consumption induced me
to try it. Results were startling. I am
now on the road to recovery and owe
all to Dr. King's New Discovery. It
surely saved my life." This great cure
is guaranteed for all throat and lung
diseases Icy all druggists. Prices SOc.
'-nd $1. Trial bottles free.


Dun an 'lark's entertainment con-
sisted iof specialties. and there were
nico ;atis or words during the perform-



The entertainment of the King's
Daughters last evening at the armory
wa sa great success, notwithstanding
the inclement weather, which kept
many away, but in no wise dampened
the social ardor of the meeting and
the heart expansion for suffering hu-
manity. for which the entertainment
was given. The program, as advertis-
ed. was carried out to the letter, and
greatly enjoyed.
Miss Peyser played beautifully. Miss
Sara Whitfield. Mr. Clifford Anderson,
Mrs. Hale. Miss Rounsaville. in their
res-pective roles, sang beautifully. The
reading of Miss Bernice Mark was
given with fine eff-ect.
The "Happy Pair." as personated by
Mr. Clifford Anderson and Miss Eloyse
Izlar. showed marked evidences of his-
trionic ability, and was greatly relish-
ed. The music furnished by Prof.
Goodsell and Mr. LA-on Fishel was a
pleasing feature of the evening.
The eatables and drinkables. as pre-
pared by Mesdlames Waterman. Brum-
by. Hubbard and Bittinger. and dis-
pensed to the audience in their seats
by the Misses Mattio Williams, Izlar.
Whitfield and others, were abundant
and toothsome.
The ladies who generously gave their
time and assistance in the prepara-
tion of this fease were Mesdames Mc-
Ive-r. Groves. M. E. Robinson, Baker
an'l Misess Williams and Izlar. The
last named were the committee on en-
tertidnme-tit. and are deserving of the
thanks of the King's Daughters for
their untiring anlI unselfish labors in
this noble cause.


Mr. W. W. Baker of Plainview, Neb.,
writes: "My wife had lung trouble for
over fifteen years. We tried a number
of doctors and spent over a thousand
dollars without any relief. She was
very low and I lost all hope. when a
friend suggested trying Foley's Honey
and Tar, which I did. and thanks be
to this great remedy, it saved her life.
She is stronger and enjoys better
health than she has ever known in ten
years. We shall never be without Fo-
ley's Honey and Tar, and would ask
those afflicted to try it." Sold by the
Postoffice Drugstore.


Walker's opera house was well fill-
e'd last Mlondlay evening. Many lasies
were in the audience. and seemed toi
appreciate the- entertainment as well
as the veriest there. Dun-
(can C'lark's show consisted of song amil
dance specialties which we're of a na-
ture that would not in the least shock
the most fastidlious.-Seward (Neb.)
I Reporter.
At Marion opera house, on.e night.
February 24.


The startling announcement that a
preventive of suicide has been dis-
covered will interest many. A run
down systefn, or despondency, invaria-
bly precede suicide and something has
been found that w ill prevent that 'con-
dition a hicth snakes suicid- likely. At
the first thought o(if self destruction
take Electric Bitters. It being a great
tonic and nervine \ill strengthen the
nerves and build ulp the system. It's

arl- t~i an I-lycol~ltak- tff.1140 also a grt-at Nt-lnach. Liver and Kil-
at. Stovit- 4f the qw-t-tators were dis- noey regulator. I nly -ole. Satisfavtion
:q~~ontd.Soe avnggoe hee*guaranteed by the Anti-Monopol-y

%with the idea that it was a regular
-'.ill-can 1perforbmaince.-Aurora (Neb.


Dick's belief is Mr. Allan Rsodg-
e s of i ;eala will make a true and
faithful sh,-riff. :is h.' is w,'ll ve'rse." i
.all ,f its 'ulties. As a road overserw
he. tilled every point with cr-edit to
himself iandi the. co 'unty. lIick can
testify I, th.e Hustl-r. ine
Fllow ship s ,ri espoill device.

Whei in in idoult. smoike- iht Miloi It)yo
i'. -i r. .Allprinilnli vl dealers.


S.p.t-ial attention given to the treat-
ment of Chronic Diseases and Dis-
eases of Women and Children.
Ocala. Fla.

btIttle of Itallard's IIorehound Syrup Offlee ever Ts dings' Drugstore. Of-
an it cure hm. That was six years ie hours from 8 a. m., to 12 mn.:
and it cured hinm. That as six ye:irs trm : p. m. to 5 p. n..
ago. and since then we always kept a Residence--No. 60 N. Main St.. known
bottle in the house. We cannot do with-' as the Nash cottage.
out it. F.or coughs and c4l',s it h.s no ti
equ:d." :'w.. :e,. and $1 a bottle at the W WILL SELL
AnUi-Monoposly Drugstore. WE WILL SELL
Colonist tickets to CALIFOR-
All remember the al.imrity that 1".- NIA. OREGON. WASHING-
fell the city of G;.alestn. Te.xas. In TON. IDAHO. UTAH and the
19%41. To ;prevent .a recurren.e of I, GREAT NORTHWEST
tidal w'ave. again deva.ista.ting the city.
a wall three a:nd a half mnils iong :in,l
ie'venteen feet high. r't;:.a o.' pil!: ng H E A P

i Drugstore.

Only "-*'5. ;uaraintt-eld by the Anti-M1o-


Tstlijies. P. aI5iI. I- the f I 'an t h'
'-r.ttww it''t.'n ''s~i.'' ewi .tl aifwuic

tion ha.s l.,'.-. i p,1i :ilis .i!,l. ini opirdi r that
The Carmlchael & Son Co. keep th.y n S"y l"'*" et a lll ,ii'1 t nti.ce
constantly on hand. receiving a fresh .,l h, I ul.i1 ,: rir w f,,r .\.itli..iiw in-
sLpply every two days, delicious, pure ',- '!ni, ii hth. l."i
Georgia creamery butter. 25 cents per
pound, kept on ice. Phone No. 37. DRESS MAKING

WEAK AND LOW-SPIRITED Mi.s. J. 4;. In;in:.. er,-. a.t .Mrs. J. M.
l---~ ThilosonI's .si.l-ie ,-. will do diess
A Correspondent Thus Describes His 1mi.1kinli. iSuits ;i p ,.ialty.
Experience -- ------
"I ca:in strionigly recom'initriI Hliline ARE YOU GOING NORTH OR WEST
as ;i meiivine if r.emark-ihls. efi<' y v----
fo4r indigestion. loss of ippll-titt-, sour The Louisville & Nashville R. R. of-
tast e in the mouth, 1pallpitation, h ;te- (ers unexcelled passenger service.
a tressing ni- liepr-essio.ns al l low rs. up-to-dlate coaches. free reclining
spirits. Il-Ibiite mniust Ie a iuniloue pro- chair cars and dining cars, between
piration fo1r cas.-s such a.s ine,. f or a Southern and Northern cities. The
few doses eontirel.y t y 4 4,O- finest dining car service in the South.
plaint. I iwont.r :it pople ',ing siur- All ag.snts sell through tickets via
fearing or tspendling their imoi-,y on L. & N.
,worthless things. w hen IH.-rldine is pro-j For rates. schedules and sleeping
cu.rable. :in, so c.heap." .h. a liotile Iat 'car reservations apply to J. M. Flem-
the Anti-Moslnopoly lerwigstolrse. ing. Florida passenger agent. 206 W.
Bay St., Jacksonville. or C. L. Stone,

Will Probably Compel Us to Add An. The sci, tin of a piltn nmy''yause the
other to Our Already Incongruous l;iss -if ra linltl'l f r even 'leth whc'n blood
Collection of Islands. .ini. .

~V~ishigtcsii I--'-cly'i. 1'e,' cyi'his-

fli I'tr SISt.'Tiii 4-f fw-M-ts~i ''IIli-*

t''w-sts iti- ttitcs ls', iizs i w.ikiii-,f iii-

.isyhint nttlwtiw. St' s.111-ii St1 11"'. is
.iily t~.' as *I listt sf aI i's
N li, 1h hi.IS Itui-'I thi ot' wtr'it i.

ti-i, ,. I,.fore that tlh,- ,: ir.n\:tinl,
RELIEF IN ONE MINUTE inllients we,e tht. killing of .l,,h ,,.
iOne Minute (Cough Iure gives relief iiri.hiiiist. of thi' Y.wink... -y ih- iusul-
in one minute, because it kills the mic- ..'i. s of the. S.iri. I hmil-0 i\. ,i,,i
robe which tickle-s ilthe mucous memn- th.e sT5l inilii t' ihe. i lil s;.t'-i,.: < i',,. -
brane, causing the cough, and at the k.e..
same time clears the phlegm, draws I is ll,.. s is st.isln.,.ii n., l h- I '., k
out th in ti ;intii d heals an-1 .Puli,' i'l.iltili,-ii- ,. I i...- i'.-
ssothes the affected parts. One Miw- \llei.,ii, :aI, o\.'!iii. I,' iu- ih. ,,-
Ute Cough I'uree strengthens the .wli s-.ils .iil tii lih- t1. *' : *h. ,, .
lungs. warn s otff pneumonia. an, is a It 1 i n,.,, .s.iry '., k.-";. .1 v.. t -
h.irmless :ind i ne'v.r failing cure in all :"' t .' .s li.]. r |* ..' :
curable cas.s of C.s ughs, ol.Is and, \ i,-.. \ ,Thirir '.- ,. ''
T'roup. One Mirinute osligh i'luret- is '' t''!,. Kr:ltiy -.uY, :' ','., r. to take, harmless an, l good i ,l N -i ,. i- t u,.,_- .
alike for ycung iml old.. Sold by Wm. :. .
And-lerson, Ocala. Fla. iltt t . .. t ,. iu :, ..-. .,-

THE SEABOARD AIR LINE : ,!,. ,..-, u,*.." -

Following is the time of arriv:il and
,lepaiture osf trains on the S.-:iloard,
Air Line rail-ay at Oc.ala:
No. *toi. from Tampa, 12; 41 p. in.
Leaves for J.icksonvile andl other
points nurth at 1 1. m.
N,-. ,'*. night train from Tamtna.
- .1 I..s f,-r J c'ks,:.ville ait .2.:. a. m.
No.. .L'. southtloundl f',n J., ks.*nvi:e.
S.rrit es 2 1;2 -. m.. :in 1 I..ive-s fir
;. .it ; '- irr.
No. ",7. southlbtu'i from Jackso'n-
ville,. le,.v-es for T.imna aT 12 ;, a. ,m
All trains c.a'ry sieo;e-s arn -I
railway post-,ffi-. e. an I -lay tratins t stp
:at i.1'ala for dinner.

A .- ... k ItY, :' -: ,,f .,t ::.- ';'
.~~~~ 1' i . .. .. .. .

-- ..
, -. *..'" ',.' 1 : i. . .


T \ \ t = ' I .

*i:1i?.1 ofl tIslll nh.m y lt>- av ile,l how-
* .v, b1y p.1.ritly al'ly ing C'hanniler-
lait 's I'.,iini lIalin. It is ain antiseptic
iil quick ih'.iliigf linimi -nt for cuts,
bruis-.s :tipl burns. F l'r sale by all
1I uggists.

Thirty head of stock hogs at
I '.ii ly. in ,et l atlii n: pies. shio t.
.i :l arl rv. l ;ill;: li n i!.. .\,l lr,-SS iRoblr t
M 'i h. I'.ii-v. I L.T *,r Is. J. 'Carri!l,
O .n- f ** llar .... e >he,. ad l.
One dollar per head.


No appetite. loss of strength.
nervousness, htapache. constipation,
bad breath, general debility. sour ris-
;, ard catarr'- of the sto .ach are
a!l d'.e to ir.digs'ion. Kodol cures
in": gestcn. 7his r.ew discovery repre-
se-.:s the natural juices of digestln
as they in a healthy stomach.
com.b.n.ed w.-h t-e greatest known tonic
ar.d r sc'r.sru';:.e properties. Kodol
D..speps:a C-re does r.ot onr.y cure in-
d.gestion and d. bs-ersia. but this famous
re-7 .edy cures a.; sto.nacn troubles by
c.ear.sir.g, pur.fy.:.', sweeter...-.g ar.nd
s'i-.r.:.-rr.:ng the .u=us mcrr.bra.-.e
i.-.;..g the to-.ach.


Gives. Healthto .. .a *. m-_

Three People
Ogden. I'tah. Feb. 2,1.-Two cars of
lynamnite attached to a work train on
the *gse-n-Lucien cut-off of the South-
-rn Pacitic Railroad. exploded with
territi.' force late Friday afternoon at
.Jackson station, eighty miles west of
gt tgln. killing at least twenty-three
Personss. injuring as many more and
-lestroying a large amount of property.
The- aicc.ijiet was caused by a water
tr.tin running into the two cars loaded
with powlletr. Fiv-e locomotives were
!e-.u'eld to s. rapi iron. and the big
steain shovel at Jackson station was
,. impllete-ly eniolishedl. Late tonight a
train arrive-, from Jackson bringing
tw.lve# of the injured. Some of them
S-r*. apparently lifeless.


"Two physicians had a long and
stubborn fight with an abscess on my
right lung" writes F. J. Huges of Du-
-pont. (Ga.. and gave me up. Every-
lodly thought my time had come. As a
I:ast resort I tried Dr. King's New Dis-
covery for Consumption. The benefit I
ir, -ivel was striking and I was on my
fe-t in a few days. Now I've entirely
regains- my health." It conquers all
*'oughs, Colds and Throat and Lung
troubles. Guaranteed by the Anti-Mo-
nolipoly Drugstore. Price 50c and $1.
Trial bottles free.


A special sale of furniture, new and
second hand. I must sell to make
rionm. Positiv.-ly have no room to store
it. KF. C. Smith, Oeala Furniture Co.

B. F. Hare, Miami Cycle & Mfg. Co.
MidIll-tomn, Ohio, suffered for ten
y,-tars with dyspeepsia. He spent hun-
,tels1 of dollars for medicine and with
*l:htors without receiving any perma-
nent benefit. He says, "One night
whilt feeling exceptionally bad I was
;,lout to throw down the evening paper
w hen I saw an item in the paper re-
g.irling the merits of Kodol Dyspepsia
'wure. I concluded to try it and.while
I hati no faith in it I felt better after
the .- ,seonI d-1 se. After using two bot-
tles I awn stronger and better than I
h:i\ve be-ni fosr years, and I recommend
Ko.slel I)yspepsia Cure to my friends
.iMil acquaintances suffering from
,townach trouble." Sold by Wm. Ander-

FOR SALE-Forty acres of good
melon land; 36 acres cleared, but not
f':nced; has been out of use for sever-
al years, and is in the very best con-
,litrion for growing melons; one mile
from Summerfield. being the ne of sw
quarter of sec. 13. tp. 17, r. 22. Address
Jacob Short. Paola, Fla.


M.ty tt.y hadt' -z*-ma so bad that its
a i as a. solil mass tof se-abs, and its
l.i airt out. I triel many rem-
S-' ttut nr,.- -me-tl tsdo dany per-
': .;--.t r'z'-! until I used] DeWitt's
\Wi'. h H lz-1 .:Iv*-. The eczema is
,' . .!. -' ls ,ir- ir. and] the lit
S .. .. s. -'p is p rf- "y l-an and
''y. ::r'. i ;'.' hair is growing b*au-
:"' : :;in. I .tniot gri\e too mui h
,, IW--Wtt s wiT. h Hazel S:Ive.
t-" *'k .:rnr.--r. Bluff ,'ity. Ky. In


Washington. Feb. 2A.-Rain tonight The 4G:frnon-Poll,.. k '.m..i.y
and Sunday; (older tonight in central I a v-ry gwoo, I-rfor-P ;.,,ri,. .at th.. *. ;.-
and south portions. h,.u.- iaLst night. but o'.', in t., *.- .:
\>-:itho-r th- .tu'li*-ni, is s i n 7. 'h:.
$100 REW ARD, $100 is .a v.-,y '..... ,.!,.;.., i ,.-... -J
-- h- h..-t ,.f i.::.";i ... Ti.-. i ; .:' .
The readers of this paper will le c, h' v. .- :.-.. .-.- I .-;,.. 4,..
pleased to learn that there is at least s.-ii-r t.-: T .. :. :
one dreaded disea;ie that scie-nce ha.s th.s- \ ho .i t .: a t T 1h.. ; Y. .iIti
been able to cure in all its stages, andl th- lpt-'s '".-'- i ".-ir" "T:-
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure iv --.A \\-A' S .: : . !: I. hi.
is the only positive ure now known to ,n,li to, itn-ss th.- ;.l iy ., t,.- t t, "
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being'- ,ay ,,f .i th- -'.*--*.;r .
a constitutional disease, requires a
constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca- N..thini as .,., f,, ..-u:. a
tarrh Cure is taken internally, acting ,;, ,,. i ,,, ;i* Zr. i. ,v ,
directly ulipn the blood and' mucous il .
surfaces of the system. thereby de-
stroying the foundation of the diseasee, AMAZONIAN TIE CUTTERS
and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and as- Th- ,th.- .,
listing nature in doing its work. The
proprietors have so much faith in its atin. lr ilB S ALL
curative powers, that they offer One
Hundred Dollars for any cas. that it ' h- .'. -- Mr. Mrti t *ut *l ,ii GEO RGE ., M
fails to cure. Send for list of testi- t, klln \ if h. 4bli l ,l i, t
th-n. They \-ro ,n th-ir y v, uth
monials. Address,
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O. fm Gtorvi to At lia n i l ish-
-. to, hav.- ;a '..L of .sh -lt.-r. Th-v \\-".
Sold by druggists. T5c.
;,'~eon' in.> Th. initrrk.ibl. phyv-
Hall's Family Pills are the best. ',.,
si-iue of th.'- u.nm-n i tt, t. -.i tt n-
Miss Ruth Hall. teacher at Weir tion. They w,-u- fully '* f-.*t. 1. intshs
in ho-ight and latirg ii, propo, ti.'n. ai.i
Park. was in the city today. She re- N 1BI
ports her mother as being quite ill. \isler N,- 14 ,th"ey i- r iln.!.d ti itR BER
\w ;is l] irn,l the-y \\w -!- T iil] ti,. rut-
. trs nl '-iontro,-t,-'s. si*n., of th.. \,o- E
(reen Hlush of Lake Wt-ir was a
tie--n ..iil s.h.- iaii jn t .,Ir-,i : trie t
pleasant tcalller at the- Star office to-
dlay. of 31, '... *-. in ;.-orti i. h:d .se,01 th.. TROUBLES OF OUR


tah Costs the Lives of Twenty-

S.'.. .. \V. h H z-: S.,;'.-e lo,-,k ,,ut for i ull'" k. Jul- e- ,of th- *ir- uit court ,of
..ith inal the- fifth ju-ii' ; il ;r uit of l'o-ri i a Ma-
S th- r.y on'- o-r.Tainir.t pure .ri "'n ,county. in c h.'.- y. in ; ',-rtin
\V.'. .z-:. Th- rr I ous'% thper.- r. i'-r.lin t. % hare-in R. 'P.
; .- n v'-ry x. Sol by ri-.t n.;-l.inirant and Albertu.
An-.-n. eala. Fla- "t 't ux. .\-r- e-f-ndants, the un-
1-rsign Ml s ip-. idl master. appoint-l
N' 'TI' "-' **F" APPI.I'*ATIi' N F"iR .*n n:tmirI in sa 1 fir.lA de re to ex*-
'T':x I"-U- tn'-r .-. tion r of '*hap- ut- the same., '*ill on
-" 4," L,:.- ,sf Fl'iril. Monday, the Ith day of March. A. D.
---- ION ,

LL, - $SO,000.



*^fca *



At the C1y MM"Mi

Feh Meat, Poultry, Fih ad VesdtaUe

City and Country Trade Solicited
F efttnDtulluPh 121.

Special Sale

of Sewing Machines

We have a large number of sewing machines that have been used-s
but little- hat we will close out at Bargsin Pries. Theme shisen have
been thoroughly overhauled by expertemled wei oand aN wer' parts re-
placed and made as good as mew for service. Each mashie is adjuesm trid
and guaranteed to do perfect work before it lavems serawtor. Can be see
and tried, if desired.
We will soill these machines very l w for ecah. Priee run from V a .IZ
and each is a bargain at the price.
We are agents for the celebrated -New Hem" and Wheeler and Wil-
son" Sewing Machines-with or without button-hole attachment.
Graphophones and Records. A Graphephene and Records for OIL


Funitwe and Home Fum iAS Goods at



rr MuN1oi







Yolk now our ep-ftatlo H anot e-te wwwth
of a day,bt has be* n bulk up bm y
of cateu _9, m --- A

January 19, 1904.


Ae tv- 0 'aew l y

For up-to ate Fmniture

and ood Teateat

They don't mind showing aMd qm-tg i'- I

those coutemphtittg isysl in the mv.


Iro Beds, Polished Rock, Wilw

Rocken, Side-boamds ad Go-cars

They have afAllhteoi


rI'nd-r :tnd. by virtue of a final do^
re-- rrl,-r.l ,ri on the 23rd ,.-!y of J.riju-
,try. A I. **. l,y theif Honorable W. S.


and hmftg hg ow

hip 14;. -. range 14. east. containing -
:* ;,. .e mor- or les1-. and more partei-
ul.arly kno'An as. Rovsebank. the home
;'1a. of Maggie Vort iandl her husband,
.\:r-rtu.' V'ogt. anid now occupied by
the-rij ,.t a r idonn e, or so much there-
of as %ill satisfy said decree and coft.
L S. Beck.
SpecitAl M;aster in h"hancery., it,r. W. K. Ze-wadisk.

Tax -old tUnder Se etion 8 of Cihap-
t-r 4,%,4. Laws of Florida.

N'n,.i'-- is hereby given that Fridy ai
PR,'. ;.ur hpse-rs of tax c.rtifk'ates e.







r A.



l.en'l ;i.l ,is. on hewr wavy to In-' turn-
Will Dale came in from ;aines..vill.- h-r. Sih- i -tally r-m.rk.I that 1 ii.i..,. 2.- -u.. t. MRe a d
this afternoon. .she vas wazii. nl that h,- hi six privat.-.s of th- y have
landl h:,l h--'n hnedJ. Th'-y .rt,.irnly i .. kil.- I iy ,a hl, rush of .i fanat-
Mr. 0. W. Reagan came down from l"ok,-, as if they 'oull tik!** e whl' s \whil,. p.i,.tIlli:,g th. .es-,t t, :tst of
Hague this afterinolon to spend Sunday forest with the ax'- ani fil it. th., isl ,nl of . with his family., 'i ,'- ;. ,la>:.,in of thwi Fourt.te-nth
PUTS AN END TO IT ALL ,.,.ijy. t.ttoni..,l ;it jolot. ,,s :lsco
Mir. and Mrs. N. R. R-eIl of Cutler. i-- kl,'-,i -y I.elsni-in.
Ga.. arrived this afternoon to ia visit A gri.'vous nail ofttime's .omies as ln
to Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey. parents a; result from unh-arabl,,. pl:tin from And We Seem Anxious to Add to Them
of Mrs. Reed. overtaxe-l organs. Dizziness. Back- \\.hiiiutoii. I-'. 2 -.\If th,- P'a-
ahe,. Liver coniplaint :anl Constipa;tion. ili' t: :nipoi t ', t.-" rig 1 -ti.'tiiin l ate
A THOUSAND DOLLARS Itut thanks to) Dr. King's New Lif-e S.1: l-'ri, iis in 'ori.r th;t th.-y imay
Pills theyy lIut an eulil Ito it all. Th,-y .. !'e.:-ty i th ,- *'v t :1 su.l.1,-1i .*nie-r-
THROWN AWAY .are ge.ntle- but thorough. Try them. L.-i'-y .v- 'iut i:.-!nl.eii. tti.- s-n'lling of

I In U



Ocala Evenang Star, Saturday, February 20, 1904.

- ______________

--P -

mwIn umSuSrf ,Fwi



AhlIutOly ftire


OCALA URORa.1DR s4c2 J. W 't'-. ai sionz. th.* oil oif~il~~
I., is ~ a'ulp trosin his %'.ll at IBush-

Tit- no%- t'*.' tl-yf jg t ta',Ve'ls. 44 h la t;1ltily. I.. still K SIi. rloulbl'.-illgetri~
N..4 4 '40. IIll~i oac; kiioz sputlit of th hielt. t4Ut isli.'tt
+-l.-s.'eat-dig. ;111.1is '.,nhi'lleln as 4-V4.1
Th*- )Mlarch ttl.c.4zines nol(w inl. Octala Ih- tol.-; stuff 'Aill rnmt.-ai~aliz"..

Iftsou %%ish a g-owd triuik 'f' milk.
INwI)~'' tek ofPCt .tage tH ill %,,am it, the- try t h. o*,**..I.ei.*s'y r.-;amry. P '
(*ity tetoday. flailk. I.di' P% tii #' i.Py fl'Plir .

Tom itan get h~ot sti-iks'. eggs. coffee,.
etc.. at 1hattle*s. .M1tte'aPr4,etor,tt. l-nM1d ~h'
he'rs'ae-of th*-l'."Iro s5-t-clioll. was 111 iIl-
Mlr. all'.'. .'llof4 H.ath.-r Islatiol %%-.isly' vshalki aig laati-I v.'. th h lis
in th- -eiy t~oday. uttl f i atu~ls..

Anty kiiiel of lun4-h. hot or vqolal,. quick- [.rIo.tial k le.~ .ks. antl all k intIls ''t oo-
I)R-y '4P alt I*f -5 i stat -s. %. %#. .$e .x* l.aliU ti5
S4. ;ial N.-Ne-.s Co4.
Mri. S. A. IR '.. s %%ew.-,UPtoJa..ks,tiwa-

lti'/.,'is 40f thit '. a'. l11% fli''iae Ili'l.I- aa1-
liuse Hilo.- of '. ll'''.'. rokorRat J. A. ialer *itai *a'..' nI a it% yet' -
Pittiniall aa ~t' 1~~

The mnowt elegant display of candy Motihers vanta .fely give F4oley's on-
In town at Diane's. ey an-l Tar to t~ir o-hil~ldro-nfor coughs'
-in'1 *4col-Is. for it contatinas ao opiates or
It you vant a homen*. st-o- F. W. Ditto,. theirr Imoiseons. Sold by the Postuffice
Merchawats l,14ov. ck. ala. I rugstore. -

1111T. the t-U gaine. -. at beh~ad at Puarest dlrug., carefully eornpoilnale4,
the I'e4ostooffjce Ilorugs'tore. in our p4rescription department. Ty-
dings & Co.
Lunelat's. steak, c'off.e. ittilk, pies. etc'.. at litanttie. Tt.MoiLyii-

Fine candies. fresh and of (excellent :0 tth.. t1111',f.1.,thlt- Wal-Tf4l it~il-l
quality. at the French bakery. j'll.aI ilaes %%i ll II"'l~ ti i'it.l In
to%- 11-rt S .Uli a %%.e li. all'et)i
Troty Hall vai-;etue botie,...I. st ma ht fr~i' it

TWA mnwi t conpl4-te line of toilet art 1-
des in the city at Tydingsi & Co.

Iatouso- t ell WIl.- faightel tfI 'itai.:.

T. It. Ilarttia. .'eittor ct lif eatawImol-
botn ~ 'C .Lt' '.'.LitP iin tie. it% tX'.s-L%

Thie f icila Jersey ('iosat'-ry 'can sup-
ply a f-a mre e** istoiti-is wlih appre-
eia to. g."Iel si.all fe-Il iilk or .'icrea.tit.
I:*-s. of ,iair. give ii tea ite haLitllifing of
f*nilk. Is. M. BHontey, P'roprietor.

An unusually largt- andi pretty line of
toil-,i attiide-s at Tydings & Co.

M r1 s i. \V. l.i\l s ,* -ltt'ut.iil.-,I the

iaa sa .'. li-h.'. el ':tt Le-t,''l;It
Etiglite' el' itlel~atill'.p..l ~i e-a K It. R. J q liste-11 Il I lis-I otttilh~ .3

P. t~ep ci te-l"'.tsuta si aa. .'l Fal-'. 'IRELNT ('Ft S.3LF- The W. P-:
Itlaslaiall1. av. alt alla.- It% folfeet LI '' -LIN.e mne '4u.ta .it It12.acr e st t 'acr uvi4,

W. It. Ja etI e utmel.t se .a all ils.I 'a -avt'aa. l.1 i i
fliatla. a..I-$ et Ille- 3tetitt-ztilia.e ILast Ia igh~t A. l o.u' it t. v tv s p l o i

ltigL.K.sat ,-tue.-k o ,it' qsek*Lt v. 4huiar at m.
atISS ist Illv .'.-it% 1a-ic-es I aghlt. 4cI.tal VVA"' I 4 ilS. I.-. tt 27-. teat:ass-ist
%, vk %Na I I a i ;,--I I .tse' atI oiif i o i a i -.k. N ti zta~

Pure drugs careflly comonupande'd "In'-It I. 1. 4eSt~ar.
In our prescription depaartmecnt. Ty- o h.i-
dings & CO.
has)'T ffI ll,41 It-11'. l oe.h Pirl S-I'f p this

Tha.' he.l-it I-- 1- ;11 Illl., 'iSnliedk- j

4 'lit. sall.'.,ia'- ''alta6'a'eef-44! '''t''iit-N
-lai t itsaga I''etc lso~I~et..

Foil. 'tREtNT A5* i ''Star-. ip!'

Avid Coutgh S5ytip. tlth e-het (cough

,.'' ua.*t 5'a.'a~t~ hut 1 .ata.I 151.4' v.a. aSS a

remedy on the market. for sale by'
T ydings & Co t. K al'hi,. t ,,i .'int kills- ir, l-.'o .le
1th.iii ally <'tli<" ,is.'.it- e. This is i e to
th.' iis,.- s hb'-inl se alisti,li.a s tIlhat it
I will s.'Il u i hl.nn- > !iaeip. .tl onpiS
C 3 t.snw. I. itt, .. Met ci t s a i .1 h ,l 'i **n the lfore'
it.. k. 1 lt. II.I. tFolv K i n i e
\i!l pl, '.-nt the ,l-'ev,'lo I nnit ,of f.atAl
S.' lis.'.is if t.ak'-i; itl time. S,,Id by the
S's| i 8 oh.T! *r-- \\ ; **:.p*:t 4.ii,
i'ti<>nw; .>l*rui^ toirs

s'a h'sa. W s.S 1-. ta .3'*t-,Il. tills .at-t
tt.e'a ~ai ; k% a.IttII p is V

Ththt hot chacu".iata' serv'ed at Tnox-
her's founataian is madec with ltauyler's
pu~re. delivi'apetchoft-olate.

t- I.. ITI, M, Kic Y ha'..' *us'ttre'-
ce'.e a'm.'ofi.' t la.'han-tsalsa'' t'$ !a I ie'-
desks v% ..*t it s- nVt1-los aa.

~Iti ste-. o 11,1- %*111'.at a faare. :a tto10 .1-
.h.,, & th.. nta*-w $We.4S --

Biggest Cut



Ever Heard Of.



The s5il,,.niial ,l-ratir company.
playing l.,ii,:'- ;i1dtl Julietto. will Ihe
in t..lal. It,. a.hlit. lF-',br ry t ... at
Mai in rl i0,ti ho .us,.

Hot drit:ks of all kinds at Ti jxler's.



Room 12. Merchants' Block, Ocala. Fla. i


J. H. Kfnn-y an wif,'- Miss Gladys'
Ke-nn-y. .,,in L,'.e,-n%-t.-i. anl 'wife-. Lh'i~t-sini. "inton. Ohio; S.
l.. i.-. Iain.i .its I i if*-. .Mrs. .M1. 'ohri.
N.shvill-. T.-rin.; L. Fibk-r. M. Flick-
N-. N.wv Yr k 'itty. J. W. T;iylcr ;andl
11 ife-. *'hi .ag',: .Mr. .Aii'l Mlrs. \'rn.
\'a!retal. lot t'",n; S. It. P.tyli-. Th-.i F. F. E. G. MN.':all. N.-w Yurk. H. H.
Kit;'. Atl:lil.a Ji thn J. I'tlh-y. M..ion;
1t. I.. ;;ir. ,-l,,n. St. L umis; Ail.-n C'hild.
l'..itin-r: DD. H. ons.l-sa, Svannah;
H.arol l .MT',rlalnt. intima Forsyth, 4'.
I. J-.--. ;agliimi-Poillik StK:k C'o..
\rn. R.-.lI-r. H. S. 'r.nim-r. N.-w York:
\\'. A. WVray ,iril uif, Mr.. J. f;. Stu-
,it. Knoxvill-.. T.-iin.. Mr. ;an' Mr.j. 4;.
E. .l. .,>ti. ti: \V. H. Curtis..
A'l.rt..>: t I.-nry J. K+lly. Nw1 YPrk.
M. If. 4' J.ark.sjntivill.: R. L.
I rt.hi,-.. I.ti.y: ;. R. F'R anz. J.ia kson-
\iil. \W. IR I'..tisOni. Tiily W.It. H.
l' -11 .ll < J. R -rs. J ks..nvill..: P.
l'itifrin. liurn,-llai: V. V R. \\'i eight. <'hi-
.. u,> ).. . S 0l nn. ,,I..l,. .(; J.
E. '... -. J.. ks.,,n illf-: .-v. M Pitt.
mtnii. N'.v *ei l,.;; Sam F. L,-igh.
J ks. rivill*-; Thi s. H o, i,,-s. r N stc'hs-
t.-r. Pa.: MI. H. .-li.rg.r, T.Sav, iiiah:
R- Y. Mulk.-y. *'inti In:iati; H. 11. Marks.
J!-. 'hi< .aig,. E. 4 Fult. h. J. ,wk-.nvill-.,

New Line of
-Just Received at-


Row. h.ts oyst'.-rs I oll fish. Sttisfatc-
lti i gj raint,,l in qu:antity, quality

I Offer for Sale My Residence. Near
the School House. in Ocala. Containing
10 Rooms, Bathroom and Kitchen; is in
Excellent Condition and Fitted With
Electric Lights Throughout. Half Cash:
Balance on Easy Terms: Title Perfect.
Room 12. Postoffice Block


Thte v-11 known ;t\aval st,,r-s firnir *f
Luc.s ans.l titrntes I. .is,.y. this run-
ty. sold,, th ir rin,- l : t""-.r i, lwatli ii, H |
ye t.i.lay to .I t-sss. HI,'g.-s a;lin
i 'H.i..i f lonll n tl .., ks.,nv Mll,,-. Mr.
Lucas.,. \ h) li.~ ;a \1,llu.tle h,,ti -l pirp-
t-rty in Texat.s. i% hi'h r-..liiiI-*s .*io'ot ,*f
hisi titn-ii. has just l nuIlht a half ilit-r-
est in l l I v.1lu 1 bh* 11i-: I .-
ti i. f,,l le i, ly t ',,hli,-ll ofi .lM ;l,,i.
II :" lti.n ,,W th,- r .- lit til il i1 -ilil
l{uckk-tt tall L.Ucas. S.



L-. r:il holidi.vy F-l. u:try .-'l. Oiffti-
will tlos.. i.--n for 'Sal.- ,of;.s
andl btox i-liv-i"y fruit tpI 1l a. Iln.
STh- nimail .mrri-!s will th. n,,,rn-
ing pl-liv,-ty. 1i '* ,. n. i :, > 1,. n.
*ul-., tli(OI,. of ii.1il. tt. *'. 4:,,\- .



t St. I'lhialit,- 'thlh hut4r, tl-n.,
in.l trU til l .it lI .:," ." x I \L >tl.a ll!,l
I.*-nt- r-eat l.i ins .itial st.;t:i."< ,tf
,'r,,s. .1t I 11:. I+'" .. 1 i l i i !\ l l.
. II. l H .tt, ,l. ,'i l ,l. > t<>!.

T. W. Troxler. Agent for Huyler's Christian
Candy. Fresh Shipments Received .;.. "-i.L
W"eekly.11..a.P:'alig t\.*- 'M.

.high school is Ieusov l'..lav ima;kin ingJ~.- ~ '~~l.~dP .I
patrki441R oji-1'ho- IWat r'--ai g~ild liaelk-a~f .I.II 'I11
W..-Il ~etoo All1Pt4p
k1oltitemtN~t-lenolay alght ;it tht. aLumPiry.
Th.- i P-v44c'p 4m 'a ~'lwojist.-s a.t tll in lter-i
-%tilg g~ath-r-irag. .1i'it mois~ppt Liati-tatil.. Grace Episcopal
e-iltluiusiai ia is iitalile-st'.-t Icy thla',s too In a 5;. S11 iIa. lI..'.
lo;Ill.. I: Ill,-

The fan iaitt:,lie- t ontt uthte New~
114it lim'iac~hin-e is ct-it tiiily gr an.. It
k~o'ps t he- 11i".4;111,1 gula ts ''IT :tnI the
441P4-itler coo'l '.vhale' s.'-a.jug. uOcala
F~urniturae (40 'tiailtty.

Mr:. 51. Fished Iec-.C.-j.'elt h- sail ill-
tt-lligt'iact' yestt-r 'lay thait Mrs. M1auric-a
Stt-im-11 f 4 h~tLattaueb'g~ iS tleaIhs
elt4lo . and lie-r lphysiv-i~ans ha '.* given
Up : all11401w. Mrs. s tS e fl w;as a Miss'

* :u I. Ai. t 3.M, sla

3~e'ilisl~~ ~"' i '. '. % Oh *-i-~

'I'aa,.al~v. St. 4 alt ,-. all


No. 1.-For the Best Home in the City, tiuosl ~ ta,.Te~ .n.aat.~.~ :.!
tlh s.*. 1Illeks. ft ltat".jl1a'. ue' t. h~as t114.%% s its Sete ixve-lheld~ xxitil Ituch Salpl- 11 .. lt *ii'a t. tt-
4c 'hi ist n10111 t- t'aa-
140 a ontas andl whole block 31. I*".'3' ~al L .'
pt K 4P II ,ai f ii-ll.. ,aIaIIma. #i- t,.' II lri', ".I
$.Ue14. '.-'.-.*a~s.' c-I~a..FOR S.VE--A ge-tatlfe horse, with,
buggy an.] hatnoiss: h4lrse 'Is lit atraiNl Sl.-I.. M1iss Itw siaa. aail. i
No. 2.-Beautiful McConnell grove;-, ofianything. chillI or lady oan drive 'I 55 tV.I.U
lolls 1141iX117.. .titl-~tt 11itag in i I iD. fitfll'- i ::' I. a. ssi.a lx -

No. 3.-Good 6-room house, and lot / M1IZ. ". *. 4 i of tIlw liaakiiaa
4' ''' f.... lot i. 1*. seiol. Lt of 4-t. 'ft-ill a of Ma11411i-to la~ll I 4 'h1 llibliss. as doli l l
the- cininiljto'-o 't1 al~t.auagtaia''zts fill, the-_____do__.
No. 4.-Several small houses that pay a-t.'.k gre~am.PI-. zts Lseeilt~i(IIl ep1`t th.- '4tea. Presbyterian
a ;.ltp. i' e.taigt. Ii fiet~lia i p lotI. heeIl.1 I I kVi ita' a1~ ~,- 411 ill-, .2lajd
160*11toa.$141.1. To.t I d-a toi u'.
A. ltitla.-Il. '3 1 Is t i. IA5 II .i 4' I .
/'3~.NJ 1% illsA 11L Kiia1.wtek of Nlilajt ill. Tie'lt- S-HaN. Sn PIPL11tjoIlle.
Ia \illh is :t ..a.-las.4ei '.uht,'. 1is' kidliwy fl-totailo.-l oll ta h'- iltk-S is i-
.No f'l,... It'',- 4trn iti 4 Ktitue-",NJ it. ley's. Kidlwy ~4 'liit .Seil fly tlt- ihelstlet- N ltV
l~ta~St hi. lii' Selsi Cean'ewl~. spelet ttice [
Tlaw S1.7-I1.11 1 1 1 t'ta a '..- I I aI t ''all lasl
a..'- isiat 4 tal. sta I ti .-s .i e-ft q -latti'Sill1 L s
Tla.y' 1.- 1 hal s ll.iada' l ia 'eSs. X3Vjiait'.. .lg te's 1 N S~imlt.t'it ..f
tiea~.. s_.a111' -Sttsi' of' tly 3 a.3~I~It il,1 DixonI spI. 3 Ial 1.0at %t.- Ill-isa. t-1-*,j.I

a.. I ,% a'.ilich a ti'e 1,ss isaa It a !s 1.~ tatItIn
N1s. Kiie-lil-cpk cta- tile this stle'Staltg. I la1Int is liz1iag \N1111itha t .. aa I-...-

t-e '.i'it ftI''l ia-ld 't tel 'aa. ,pasIi- e-. aa.11- ivs.ititaista a. f.p' sattIs S it.111,1 i

\Villi;llll Tu'I'. k-.r n1'w ; :I full stock
-4f frish l.-f. po;'k. imuttl-ni .al sau-
s aa,'. isa a,'ltlitin' Ie li-lh .ia yste' is. .


A bIautiful line of stationery-as.
fine' as c in Ie found in town-at Tl'-
.1ings & Co.


l li t it s *t' I,.i TnI lhh- tiln.-st iyste rs
, ..I -.l*i z'hl tIl , I I.i ."I 'rv1' i1

ita''.i n it! -.Y z s t.I- t. tiIIi t i. kl-s th

a. a .' it, S i .. 'l it lish of < stler s g'I


A lar'e ana I w', s'' <-',<'te' sock of
inilpot tedi tsr( ,,ri t,'-. the '.st in the
city. at the -'Frncah !,akery. All orders
will bei pironimty d41elivered.


rla k-'!sii t ,i' s ,-t IPS.ii
In g ,11 1.1 1.. it n ..l *.1.1 1in

I. T 1 -lilha .at i 1 t i ii t *St I'' !!
K ilm .i,' -litiu.'. I *, a\,','is .a iLn*, y ,1 l.1 ai.v
1t l.'l.4 ai i . l 1 .1 ,' !- ** *. | l.-e -
:.n l.-s I l .Io I, ]. i .. ; l,0 h i. i.i ,'. l.'in r t Y ret il it t i' .li ili i i ,il It :it ik. J.
1. iH;r'. >.

M.1t. .IlhnISe i I f i;.''f r a ;i, t ir al.',
I'f IhI thlill ,-s V. ti!i, :a,.l!i le.' luIt li i of
'I.i, k. Itiy .ii.I J hsll ,,ni. iat 31.rtlt-1.
\\ 1h i, : b,.'0ii h --'"" ft r .t f,-\\ 1Iys ni : i
bu ilr' ss \ e-it. .*t iir'.ti- haiio. ,.i.:iy.

I-,.le'Y's Ift ti- .n a .l 'r. i: i oiest fao:
cte i ;l il1 \\ hL.t'itili a''.l'h. '' lit.alns5
It0 i ilp -s t tit s Ii i. kly. I '.I.-ful
till, i !'sth k,'-- it ii] ti'-* i-'us.a -. St,1.1 ly
tit- IP sl. ti I l li^ t, ,.-.

thS, I :! I-i. gntK. ,, m ;". \],; l,. + :. ;i

If ll;..i !.*s .1 III -, .l; + ,, .k. ktt,
t'h.ltt., h.... h I. th;- I : ,' i II. s ,
*, . ,.t' s .1 a .1 ,K', .,r .i ,1 ;, i, .

V I 'n, t.i','l;, ; r ,tt I '.lni. l l." | '-s!
: i !:, a. n u n.i : i.! ... f ',..,l1. 'T y li;p s '. 'iili u.

* tars I aa i 0i i: '.!i e- '. -
a s- s ,t ,/ "'ta .',M ; ,
I l -t a" I1 , it ta. s "*I.' a
Si' a* > t s s -' Vt.a' i :3'' a 'yt.z. h :it
4*.alal y"l'!t: .k. 5'L" 0 '" t !'la .

1,. ,, t, -. ":
, ,; .. **.. I 0'. . 1 h: I ; > I ; .

The h ht.'lsoni-'t lin, or !nP .'-I rh:'-

te<'s. :a-r kint tha!r--. r.-,e;apt>,: a-Lair:.t
,;s hi" ;i..- I',rt. rn of ;i,' -ta L..a-
*,v,-r i, ;:.t r- ,i, alvy 1 cl\. r

3!' --a -- L~*.. a
.1 *

3\ '. 1. J ,' ,. .,t th. t'.' tat Irket r '
. .'. .- t.a'p. it.. '!. J. a!sI. .:. '. T! i Sl"-, k- j PI sT tl;., I;-\v Ir g; '.... .- I,.. I I ;- 1 -t
L.. ... P I

THE OCALA POSTOFFICE Vt: -.'1: e. ha' t a. .... h." i

Mails Close. North Bound : t .. f .T' !, '' t ":":. "
1 ................. ,tally
S A I. . .. .. .... .. ' i aiy .-. . ily
A ,. I- S. S. & ,. ni'th .'f Jli-; MARION
-. .. 3 'l.MARION \

Mails Close. South Bound OPERA HOUSE
A I.... .. .. .. 1-:" pl. *aay ONE NIGHT. FEBRUARY 24
S. \ ". . i-.- -.- ,Ia. y







Old Delouest Stand.


y Am

"Th -Is


Notice is hereby g I V that so
underipigned. will apply to the -m
of the s.tte of F .rlda 6 w ~
the public-ation ot thl o mefte. f
terms patent under the 10 Mwt ifs
e-1 charter:
R. S. Hall Tbhe C. IlI YT. 3L
Brils. L. J. Knight. Iferbat A. 9e
B. W. Blount. S. A. Rawl&, IL -ieL

COy of P peiChalker oi l-

We. the undersigned. hereby am -
a.te ursrelves together for the pry
of becoming incorporated moer tOe
laws% of the state of Florida fappMebl
t) corporation for proft
The name of this corporatik e AM
be The Marion Hardware Comagym ,
S.ail Its< l.lace of businee shai be ft
, i' .l.i. Mtarion county. Florwid


The general nature of the beim ft
be transacted is:
1. The buying and sewUM at whole-
,4ale and retail. for itself and for elMUM
manufacturing and dealing IS hrd
k.iare and mill and miningt sppl
crockery, carriages. harne~M p t
an.1 all kinds of merchandise aid e-
2'. To buy and sell all hiada of per-
.onal and real property.
3. To do all such things as are B-
'i.ltental or conducive to the attal-isnt
of the above objects.
The amount of capital stock authwr-
izedl is thirty thousand dollars (<$P,)

-i i-'e-i into three nundred (300 s)aiv
oef the ltar value of one hundred dollars
DED WARDS WBROTHERS* ,$.l eacPh. twenty thousand dollars
4$-,,>..'*4 of which shall be payable is
AT THE CITY MARET property. at a just vgluatio tio be On-
edl by the directors at a meeting i to be
S.:illed for such purpose and te-a thm-
and :l dollars 4$10.00) of lech capital

Leading Wholesale & Retail ButcheIts l ued.






Standard Fire Insurancu Companies and Penn Mutual
Life Insurance Co.

Rooms 7 and 8
Merchants Block.


4-00- Florida



First Class Meals

Oysters in al Styles


Dining Room open until midnight. Perasoal
attention given to special ordeM anything
the market offers prepared for the table an
short notice. .

Dumb Waiter Connects With Bar

Skilful Cooks, Attractive Waiters and Choice Viands
Special price to Regular Boarder


At McGrath's Stand









merchants Block.

The term for which this corpornati-
shall exist is ninety-nine (99) years.
The business of this corporation shall
be conductedd by a president, a vice pros-
ielent and general manager, a secretary
ani treasurer, and a board of director
consisting of not less than seven (7)
iersmns. to be elected at the saulI
me-ting of the stockholders, to be held
on the 'wc'end Tuesday tIn January MI
each year. from which board of direct-
ors the foregoing officers shall be eleet-
":I; provide. that one person may hel
the **ffi-es' of vice president and genera
managerr. and that one person may hold
the* offices of secretary and treasuwer.
The following named officers are i0
,onduitt the business of this corposa-
tion until those elected at the lrst ds-
rnual election in 19,5 shall he uafI34
viz: I. S. Hall. president; T. C. Mal,
vice pire-sident and general mUMk-a ;
L. J. Knight. secretary and treasuw;
anIl R. S. Hall. T. C. Hall. T. E. Dridgas,
I. J. Knight. H. A. Ford. B W DIoM
..i.l S. HI. Blitch. director
The highest amount of indebtednes ito
a hio h this corioration can at any tiee
sul.j.- t its-If is thirty thousand deMaIU

The names< and places of residece
of th+e uhsi'ribers. together wtth the
.tamunt ,of capital stock suabcribed tl r
lyv ,eah is as follows:
R. S. Hail., c 'la, Florida. elah

Thos. C. Hall, Ocala, Florida, f rty-
six shares.
T. E. Bridgess. (Oala, Florida, Ifty-
fly..- hare-".
L. J. Knight,. O;ala. Florida, thirty-
"~e'-rn shares.
h-rtwrt. A. Ford, .'t.a re-m.
IIt. W. lMount. f-'ala Florida. Ifte
.!hai r-s.
S. A. Rawl.s. (_Oala, Florida, twenty
"h;. r'--.
S. II. Ulitch. ,t":ala. Florida, iltee
St.,~s- of,
M.tri,ron county.
lefor- mer. the undersigned auther-
ity. pernally appeared R. 9. MaS T .
'. Hall. T. E. Bridges. S. A. Rawls, UM
i. Nlit, h. andl L. J. Knight. H. A. Frdt
.,.1 1;. W. Blount, to me- well known to
"- th- ilh;'.tua'l.' who signed the fOeS-
,"+g ..r,,q,.a. l harter, who severally
ii'i, ;.-.Il, before me that they
lncn,-lJ th' sarne for the purpose there-

I further certify that I am a dly
rnmi.siotniwl notary public in and I
"h- '.ite anda countyy aforesaid, and
h.,* rn.y 'romm.ssion does not ea 4
intii! th. '!th 'lay of June, 1904.
Itn. -.ipn,-j "whereof I have herewi
s t-t my h.antl a.n1 affixeu r my ofeial
u-., th.q rhe- ",th ,Jay of January. 1941.
-^.L F. L Watmson.




In Spring and Summer Dress

Goods, Silks, Trimmngs, Etc.




. I

Ocala Evening Star, Saturday, February 20, 1904.

y Commercial Bank y



- S 50-000.00





F NWm Imfl(=

NO. I-NiCE 5 ROOM (X)TTA4;K ON (WKI.AW A HA A FI'E-Lange yard 1'.' by 150~
Cotmaue in Gosod Uondfition. Ne'wly Painted. t-tc. #:"iu. Part Ua-h.
NO. iN(gCOT1 A4mE 'p t" P!M AND,(004101)hRAIl1. ET -In %se-ond Ward.Cot-
be toIr imme Condittion. Two P-.nbreui-. Pr:'- S19lu~. PIart 4sb.
NO. 3-4i4polD IdoME IaK451M'. Wad'- l PoA4si Firi-plae--um. (on Payed Street In
fti Ward. Prictt- S16-p cin fEazy T.-rm-a'.
.NO. C-916; BARGAIN IN NIC;K 7 ROOM I'tLFinm' Bath. Cistern. Large
Yard finw jnfeet. Pared !-tri--t. (iotmi L.i-patio-ir. ..
NO. 5.-FiNE-; BIuLN0%.. LOT AND HAcK LIaT tWITH l '%1.1, l hu't 5-..Pays S$I%
per Yeaor La ents. 4.-iitd Lopatiton in Isat Ward. Prive !.-r af&Jim
No. s-4.opolo : 'mTtokY ~t-:2 IBLOC4KSFR'.Ol I'oT 'IPF-ltE. Fine -hadle and
bMs LAMoeu'. hauih. etc. Price Sl'.-o' Part 4 a-I.
NO. 7-FqKItsK I JROM kgIKi~CCK FRO~ ~-I~'M "IuI ARK. SplendlidiBathns.
88rm. i-tabkl. With iAh#4- Ie l.-'k. A Bargasin at P.. art 4 tat,.
.No %s-riK Hf'.MK to.%OcI.tW.1HA AN'KNI*I,. La'aAC-- yard sijil-i- feet. t.o'lKN
Use, sad 4%tahlp. Kostt Locat~ion incity.h'teSi. rt4a-l
N(P.. V-4ismofo ILtINI(, LOT-tIN FIK,.T 'a AkO (iN PAVED '-TKEET. mi'.'xui
feet. Prie-N .;5:, to'it*#".
HUqmet. Price $-" I it.Slusa.
NO. 11---40010 IIOMK 1%N sCIPCND A'A .IP. Newly i-aint.e.l etc. Pric'- $11001 half cash

40. 12-1, AURE .GROVK ANM HI'?>K with Fine Viw wf lake W-ir..,:e .ran- skirmish with the F.en.-nmy. an account xN 'TI 'E -oF A I'PPLICATI'ON F, '
esthi eswon. lPrkic .:.. ,of hich was givenll by the Pensao'la T.tx l,,-l I .. ti.ln ii of 4'hap-
F. W D IO|T T O ,.rsiv.-r. m,-4-f I4'' -1,.i .,f] .'i.l,>.
SW I native from th,.- that .Ii,,, .- is h-t,, .,- gi ,., tht J. I...M,'- .r a ca. didatet for govt.'rnr ,pf
.-,,1. ,urcha- ,of t.x lx rtit.'.t .
Re l Estte thestate. I shall watch the ca n,', 411. *It th, th day f August. A. D.
ReAl 4111 with nmuch int..r,, and ,.li] tht "
I'il t:. h,tas tilt-i s.i.i s rti liii ati e lii Imy of-
S M hi' Block. Ocalla, Florida. th, 1 ile l t d'o their stat. a ti-. .. Il h s,. n,.:,l. ..,li, .ttion f,'"I tax
egrt-att-r honor than by honoring you l
to, fill th .e high p,,sition ti p hitch y' 'u h Yugu
asir -. W ith f.-elings of high,-st re.-
TK:ill I- **ai ir -"t .itu.. I in > M an
.@C Il I KH(D O R H Sa< uil t -t. t .
.. .E. D J A YA,'A ... t-I 1:. r "21. ,1 ",l,.. 1i-l lu t l ,,.hwili
.s..I s ssi, :at thl ' f th.- ij,-'Si:n, ( of
GROCERY DEPA~lli.JNk JUST ONE MINUTE siui1h ''-itii,.t., iIn thiv IIn.Aiin. of M. -E.
Mill-r. Uinl' ss saiId tilicta.l shall le
Deliveted B rrOne Mihute Cough C ure gives relief r.-Il~-'-0n.l ;: 0,)Iii%' to i\\. tax *leel
Stand Fancy GOC tes ievi oin t minute. bl.,'aush it kills the mitc- %ill issu- tlli.- i. ii' l ti. ih da.iy of
l roi .be which tickles the mutous nIein- . Iitch. A. 1). ID"14.
to All Pa ts of the City ,,tY rilane, causing the tough,. an-i at the Wi 'tn.-ssI i.y offi i-i!. an;i,
s.ime time -hlears the phlegm, draws out s,;itl this th.- -th *1l:y o,,f lF.r u A.m y. A. I.
P H ]'^^^,^ 16T^ ^ g the intla1nitnaion. an'd heals and 1;'*4. 1.. ,.Sii-lk
PTI*O N E N O. 163 s _Cough Cure strengthens the lungs.
war-ls off plinunionia. and is a harmless Ni ,'I[I , .I \p I I '' \'rA l \T I-'I it
WNOR M A L A X D T;artd nev.r- failing .ure in alla t.,-lh Tx I ,.,-.l nl-, a.,- i,,, ,* i. ,l"iflr-i
NOR M A L A nses f 'oughs. i',,s and ('iroup. ( no t.r 40s l.ilas i. 'riot.
I DU ST R I L SOL .rMinute 4'oughu 'ureis iltlasalnt to take. N-itis- isi hlt,-hy -A v,. tht mA. T.
IiDUSTR Ail- ss an' go-'l ike for yo,,ying and ,,,. uh,. *.f ix ,,
old. Sold by Win. Aderson. .
St. PetersbWurg Fla A. '. il0.,l il lii
*0* CAUSE OF THE RUSSO- My 'ffi'.. ath.1 hi.. lI' ,.,-iiti,,i
Offers unusualadvantages to those who wish to review before taking JAPANESE WAR for, tax ,I...,I to, iu.,,- i, ,,,,,,n,.i.
the Uniform State Examination for Teachers, and to those -- ith lla. .il .*. iti,.t.. .-,,ri,..
who wish to take short courses in manual Training, Th.. story is simply a matt.-r of his- ti. f..11ii,,l t ,l.-s.,i.. it,,..-tyv sit-
Domestic Science, and Physical Culture, during tory. Japan fouuht its \\ar with ('hi- I .t ,.,iin .Mi,,l i ounti.v .ri,,ila. to-
- __ __ _--,, I. It lickt- China. a, a as ll'.tOf I ,, a it: -A.4 -hs ,, ,, S IY :!.20;, ,is l
t.-rmns of p a,.; it was grI i lt.I Po 'rt '\\ in ,11. .or, .,. 1 I T,, .12. r .*. T'hl-
This School has a faculty of sixteen teachers, four fine school Arthur. Talienwa.m bay .1t1,l a Iltr .'-1 ,ii .,nl. i,.-im ,'.s..-,., :,it 1. ,1.t,..
buildings with modern equipment. a Normal department, a Hligh strip of Manchuriia. Th- ii.k was I- ,of th. issi.,n,.. of sn, hi ,1 .tine tIC ii
School Department: a Model Graded .Schol, a tinely equippeLd shop I.v ,Iry uonI that ..t-ssioi hir..r,' ,.. the ,l.,,,11. oi ji.i H. 1 .1,. -inl.s-s
for Manual Trainiing, fne equipmnents for teaching cooking and sewing, triple alliance f I-'r: .,.-. i;..ri ., ii *.-itii,.t,.- shiaii 1.. r..i.n-.,i .. -
a good library. a fine laboratory, a magni ficient Gymnasium and Drill Russia senti wor, to th- Mi:kai that .r.t tg.,w. o .. ,i .-.. 1n ill isu.
Hall, a Physical Culture department for young ladies, a adet Corn- it would be a stin.lingt mtiena.e to thi- thl-r.on on. th. i;ih l.iv oif M,,, h. A.
pany, good literary societies. a School Orchestra, and a fine location I iwace of the world for Japan to i.occupy 1 ,.04.
On western shore of Tamnpa lIay, in one of the most progressive and that ti-rritory. al ith.-y ask.,I him to, \\it, ,, offii,;.i .viiltur.- ;ii
beautiful towns in lorida. Two fine dormitories will be available give-. Man.-huria back to 'hina. Th i, s l .this t- t1 i:th ,i:,y of I.-.,m-'.rv A.
April ith. This is one of the best equipped and organized schools in n.-.u,-st was ma,.e in ,t om.. iingtiat.. i. !'1. 1. "r. sistruiik.
the South. but they-" w'er'e hl hiild it. tand 'l.-ik ,Cir.uit ou til. M.iri. n <',.. Fla t.
TUITION IS FREE th. Mikado dlared' not refuse. Hi- gav\ ---
it back. althou th t.Japane -,.l N' 'TI'I: , ''i'. i
Necessary expenses for board, etc., for the special six weeks term Pt, tkiek. ,lthnunh th-i Jutup:s teol" t, TIi. **. i IitPI.I.- TI..N ., r it
beginning April [n. 1904. need not exceed 824. Hoard at the dormi- "nunt w l.u.. i' th .. rt- 4. h, ,.r <'h, ,-
tories will cost $3.oo per week, and everything is furnished. Writecfr that thl. i .., liths. ., ,, ,, n....
for circular giving full information in re g.ild to the special term. ;tt'' that th- ;-,.inn.!s ..i:mnm.dss of j '. .- i .i t ii ,,,,i ,it i .LIr.
lt .v C... .''hin.i th. i Ki.acrllhow, l.y ;. i ,, ,,
J1 S. E. (A I- SING ER, Prircipal. I n Iil.,. 1,'l- M I it +,1.1, 1' 1 i ,i ll Il.. .


Columbian IBeauty Seel Corn. the pre'iuum 'o'rn of the world. It took the
wrentiumn at the Worl.l's Fair. The ''rrn is sti.. \%\ hit.. l;irc.' grain. an.l small
cobe. weighs O Pounds to the Bushel. 3 to S Ears to the Stalk; grows from
M to Ml Bushels to the Acre. It is w-,rth its u+.icht in ,oll. The S-eed from n
which this Corn its grown wuias brought h i.:r t:omtu ;,ti,..*i. Italy. in 1%i0.t* by Col.
C(e-. $ie'.ers. The prii.e tof this v:ilua1'1,-. ',Cn is. te1 |,ost.i- a e p:ti,l:
Half Pound, 30c.: One Pound. 50c.; Three Pounds. $1; One Peck. $2.50: Half
mishel. 4: One Bushel. $7: Two Bushels. $12. Ex:.rty 1p.. kag., guar.ntee-l to
gveve satisfaction. or mon,-y .cheerfully r. f;;t '.-1 .At ,';, .. I r.-f.-r you to E.
Stew att. e. W instoii-S.ilem. N '. ..
or to any reliaile.' i r..r hali.'t in thi sity. !.-.: t*.,* i.v I. y I -.. ri-,.ly to i
when the .seasitn co.n.s. Tih-i l-,st is als .i\\.t th he-,-'e-st. For ai success,


] ro\ince of Shantlui.r. Th,.ir r ic,,,st
Wasm' a grantl., thtrt-lls.on ltussi. s- .-
ittl, t '1 ,l th t .- i o''ii f l'ort Ar'thur fori
I th ttrit 'if tIi nty-litt ve ye.;s andi l th.
right to e-xtend he-r railroad thriou h
Ma. ilhuritia to the Yellow *.aS This
" t.1 also tgrantl igd; J.II.;IItI s.Iw w th "
territory shi.- hlad fought sm hirdl f't.
anl' w hi ch sh.' I-..- i. o rnp.,-il.-*l to '
ii\,.- u,. hanisi.'l ,o\..r to th.- Itussi i.<.
\\hho hal l-.,.'n th.- ,hr-.f .. tr- in th..
* ,l |mpulsio, i. TI,'h ..I.ip.i ,.<.. \\,'. ." v
.till 1 ,1lm ost o.'. ty l,,o i- thl-'i. 11 t Ith,'
ILus.-ans thi.y Ti.nly \\ .i' ,-n .I
-plai for ;th,- i r1.ilr,,ml- ..I i thi..
p0, mi!;s,-, to ,\.\ a n t,..i11. M ,i. t 'i : *,\\:ti-
in a ,ei t.,ii; tin,.. T h*. .I.,; .* ... ,s-
s .n ,.,l to th:. .,!,, \ .i:t. !. ,1"T h*. t,
'.tn .. . !" t 'tl it ." l{;;..s: .' ": I -

P. 0. OenK Winston-Salem, N. C. "i. i t.. T':. a ':,\.- x. -s,.s f..- r.--

T |t:.-t ly 'I .'uIt h iv."

sonlern Paciic Com panyI
itII s1 I-. 1 'as 'o1- 1

li I +. c' . .. ; .'. :: ,l : .- . :' .. :.

Best Service to Texas, Mexico and California. '
Oil Burning Locomotives, .s.
No Cinders, Dust or Grime.


Through Pullman Tourist Cars to California A MOTHER'S RECOMMENDATION
from WVashinsonn via ,.fliants lulnn ,- ,

A Is- 1.f 11 s III- : I m ,s i ii-! 11- 1 .I t st;li
1; 'flt )1..'.. I ,I L i'lIl I. !- 'Ii -;.;I- v I Ii )I I

TIIIA II NIf I!is' imz Ol it.1;,!l ss.!! s

v'-'tl '. p. -~.

N,-N 'll5 I -'A'FI





One of Those Who Shared With Corn-
rade Brown the Dangers and
Hardships of '61-'65
N-lli'- Wilsox County. Ala.
February 10, 190.4.
Hon. C. M. Brown. 0,-ala Florida:
Dear Sir: Some onw- in your county
sent me the B'-ll-view N-%ws-Lett-r in
which w as a marked copy of th-
speech delivered by you at the re-un- I
io,, of th U. 4'. V. at St. Augustin-.
Hlorida. Please p,-rnit an old Ala-i
hama comrade., ho, gav- th- four I
ye-ars of his life fighting to ,-stablish
the C nfei-rJ-r y. to ongr.itulate y.u
on this gran-i s.e'- South'-rn ring soun lig th-',-in. I ami
sur*- such b-.;utiful. ex;r..ssivw anl
hoble so-ntiner-nt coull h tV- isu< -l
from ,1 ,pur- hart, ov.-irtli ing x %ith
patriotism and bur.di-n,-i with love for
those who fought for the lust cause-,
whith. though lost to us. the priniplt-s,
an-d rights for which we- cotiit-n ltd.
can nt-ver die. so long as man r-m.aiihs
a fr-*- and liberty loving animi.
Though cold in the dust our pr-rishe.i
hearts nay b the principles that a '-
tuat-,d the South,-rn soldiery, the ubi-
quitous Jac liv,- on and on. an.1 lbe ;i-kniiwl,.,lg.'l
anlld 'stablish#'i- by g,-n,-rations y-t un-
born. Yea. -v'- nmow tht+y ar.- s.,nc-
tion'.-' by th- gove-rnilnrit who fought
us. as shown by the a:cts of its chi--f
-x-cutive-. in th.- ri., cognition of tih.-
state 'of [Panaint.
I hlal the honor to conim.tanl the
squad who fire, th first small a:ris
of the th,- roast of your aoi)pteo,.l state itn a

Quite often results in bad health, because
what is termed "good living" is usually
the gratification of the palate without
reference to the nutrition of the body.
When the good liver is a business man
and rises from a
"ful, meal to plunge
at once into work
requiring mental
effort the result is
almost sure to be
disastrous. because
i digestion dra ws
upon the same
nervous forces
w ich are em-
1pl!oved in thought.
in time the stom-
Sach becomes din-
H eased, the pro-
cesses of digestion
lanl nutrition are
imperfect'v per-
formed andi there
/ is a physical
1% breakdown.
Ir. Pierce's
Golden Me,!:cal
Discovery cures
diseases of the
stomach anid other
organs of digestion and nutrition. It
eliminates the effete poisonous matter
which originates in the system as a con-
sequence of imperfect uligestiun. It gives
sound health to the whole body.
*I wish to sav to the wurld that Dr. Pierce
Golden Midical Df., vpTy h.ts proved a great
blesaini to me w-:t.r Mrs 'ier. E Bacon of
Shute"- urv. Fran!:.::: Cc, "U'lr to
September. :-7 : !:-a v !cwt .re! f r my -.t, :ua.h
trouble for severall v .y r in.r thr ,ug, h i -rt e
of treatment witfi .ut any re-i: 'cnefit. In
September, 10f. I had verv rick -pc';: an,! grew
worse could eat '*it'.e I r neT::,:e in
September !-,' to take Dr Pierce. me!:cn-e.
and in a shirt time I could eat an 1 w rk I
have gained t'wu tii w aais : :. *o. r:4 ",
FREK. Dr. Pierce's Common Sense
Medical Adviser is sent free on receipt
of stamps to pay expense of mailing onI.
Send 21 one-cent stamps for the !uok in
upper covers, or 31 stamps for the cloth-
und volume. Address Dr. R.V. Pierce,
Buffalo, N Y.

Atlantic Coast Line Railway Company



TRAIN NO. 32. 1:20 A. M.

TRAIN NO. 78. 1:20 P. M.

TRAIN NO. 39, 3:25 P. M.

TRAIN NO. 21, 2:31 A. M.

TRAIN NO. 47. 3:30 P. M.

TRAIN NO. 45. 10:30 A. M.

TRAIN NO. 49. 7 A. M.

4 *tms. l-'.?,.is.. '~~s.'
IA.. -sltmi~i-I. sm. N.
Ihst I-i; -I:. N

5. 5. '.. '1'

l, ~. ,s.*.
I'.. L--m~

I- -' -, i. '
I-.-: .~.:-

-, It. -
ji.. 5.', -

I-- .1 -

- 2. is

V 1

Ne -w

ii s

Baptist Church
11. 1"

I'. U
- 't','

I: 'i It
~- -
.t' I,
-, liz.

N- '
*I*-* 5 ~--
~. t-.
,-, 1
- 'q,. I-- -.1k.

5 -' 'i.* tt.


-* ~.~'It .m
\ i .-:


hi . '. - I r ~a' iter anil
u.s ~' ti-I sb..;
* 5 Ii'--. 'amil gi's,.-
-'-.5 -
'1$ ,.
- '[-am fv-..v~m
*- =.m i ill ~ q
S i -- -- lm4vim m t~ .ml.

,- I. *.- *'!* hI~--i.hi k
. Flmtmi --~.'s

,1 l :. .nri.i *Soup every other day at W. 0. Par-
v *. M ". :i r k..r'rs.
'" hn:, 4 1.,
-- :TriP.4havr. Canl, Th.- Ro-. H. W. Littl, will preach at
- .- .. -.':. .,,ir -t and you, J t. ., ..,- 'rot.-stant E pias o-i al church '
'.P' S-_h:ah. l. hair i,,r ht it 7 2. The public i.s -or-
,- : azor c. : C.oncave l. i rvit. ti.., te out anl hea
S' .v. fi-: ,!a N o ,.
-- N.x" i door to
.'- i .. +%T; W,.-tT I;uadwayv.
S.....wa k to,.,r i No. In. the new blue-
S' . '- ,.I -.t.l for ilemats of all kind ,
S" : .i waterr fIsh. 0' etar
S \ ... :,- iK. nI rivs-r r oyt tersA. .arriv* daily.
'\- , '.-r ,ri, .-ir until M.l:onday will beo
i .-i. ..I ', r. +'t .. tcillo.n. :*'.- I will xuasran-
...- rh-rn, to o,. All1 4. K. I am only a
'1--.. ,.\. *rt0toik.. thi. we-Pk. *loenem l
. :' i on .;imt. (';il l .t 'ont-e with your
.-. ; .I ,d ,on ine'l. I. -. Tomp-
", nr t- ?.Till No. lot. ,'ity marke-t.

.Can,0,' Do*

*1 1-
-- I '.1

A - -.

, ..

I.- It -

-r ~-N- .~ -~ .1*'-~ T*2 '5 - - -.
N -. -i-'i ..- -

I' 's. si

--5. -is j~5 .,:.Fi.s:tT I-.


"kf- am begIVns e kg f

win Ai. m ei




F. W. Ditto. Room 12. IMeshamw
Bloek. Oeala. Fl6.,

.,- r,, iull ,,n. from $I" to S t No :
. ,' !.-- ir, froni 7. .. too SI4M.
... ,. ..i th-.'-. gO, for #,.uh indj wome
S -. -.. rn- I "..irr int all title .

I-. ,- . = .. : .... ,- ..: . .

* -- \x-Iv.-I: [i-.-... I. -

'.1 i .. -


X\e kecp 's-,p.32 a t...:ne oft'- e e Bc.I:
a".,-; t : e DC : ar.. Game in sea-', F'> '.c.
Caretr4'atten*:,f:).lto orderss and u ;*-. .c

wIk 2 IL I V


''AI.J. AT 'N~

". ". '* h ,i-tY gi.-n that under
of '. .1 tin;al e.-re-e of fore-
":. r,-, on the .3r, 'ay of Feb-
.. I'. 1,-I. by tha Hon. W. a.
. k. j!i.- of th- vir'uit court of
. .... ,*'..' \ J ';i ..isi t : i r. t of Florida. il
: l r .-vri collunty. in 'h:an.ry, sit-
: :t -rtain ;sut*- then pending
,- -,-"r; John A. Ml.fnall and A. W.
'4 I ,sn;ldl w.-r& -,omplalnants and
.-i." ';. Ei', h-elbrp-r et alsi were de-
S-r. it. th- undl-ers.ign-d speow-iti ma
-" i.L:nr -ry will on
Monday. the 7th day of Marsh, A 6


Will Appear nto Next Issue.

For Information Relative to Trains




Rev. J. A. Keeler. Edir


Mt. Mor;ah Baptist Church
,Dr If Brotwn. Pastor.)
* : -I. 1-.

r* ... r choot'
}i' .n ; -x i .a.tor.

Mt. Zion AM.M Church
.n-- R LiQar'erman Pastor)
." :.-- S :r ly school.

: "* ..< y pa,. or.

Covenant Baptist Church
it N tC. ::.;e-e. P.x tor.)

;:. y school.
: : .. \ .

St. Ja-yes P. E. Church

S" : : ,. S h, i41.
; .

Second Baptist Church

--. .

Zion M. E. Church
,.' v. or.


mr, -";-

inme"am calla aa.C l


Careful estlmatens made e= aM eaer
Work. Gives more and better wert a gg
the money than ay fta r i

1, A* Cslyet DfWs

aMcrchfat Ta-M.,
FHave in .gtock one of the laest amwrl
nients of suiting for holiday soft
ever presented to the Orca puble.
Style and fit guaranteed. Clelg,
y.ving and repairing neatly dome.
and winter suiting to your tkf
Best suits for the money in town. Ib
-ptction solicited. No. 3. North NalA
St.. two doors north of Orala Home,


aI "mp ft o ft "isMwinemod aft b

PintuMceI Dnr t*O. Oeala. 7

--.ri,-% %ill f held at at venant Rap-
tis4t church tomorrow night.
"Call at the e Mack efor
stai she lo gin ad board at e
No rates. West Broadway.

# ; ttoo e.,lah ;t'- -toro on T u ,.ke r H ill 1

Furnished e rooms and board at Mrs.
.Marie Ruth's corner Ue aad West

Broadway. upstairs.
Mt. Zion mivtmhers. you mre *r-allol to
lulY ,y >oiiAr pastor. Rev. R. Quar-
im.ii. I." :i. t vyiaor po t ti morrow.
'.\ -:. II lot .of hanl clothing
f ,r s. t1.- I. l- th- litr of this column.
J ik- Th fish mniketi l i. itour-

*R*m* enemoe on *es*0 0611


OSavannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern Pine,.m
* Raleigh, Richmond, Washington, Baltimore,
Philadelphia, New York. 0


Seaboard Express, g

Seaboard Mail.


Dally Through Sleepers from JacKson- 1

Sville to New Orleans.

* For full information and Sleeper Reservations, call on any Ageut O
* Seaboard, or write "
A. 0. MacDonell, Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, *
D Jacksonville, Fla. 0
S S. C. BOYLSTN, JR.. PassMger Aget., Jacksonville Fla O
.I.........ll U... .UlEl@IElE








Fresh Saltwater

t .. -: y=

1 Dainties Office Over ;Munroe t4 Ch&mlttlss' '-


In One and Two Pound Cans J. E.


__ _
CRAB MEAT IN POUND CANS Office Upstairs Commercial But

Shells Free Volume 9, Number 216 OCALA, FLORIDA, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1904 Fifty Cents a Month, $5 a Year Building Ocala, FloridL

i ____"!" _._- ----- -
i ii
i I



Allowing Russia to Use Her Ports and I Went Through the Ice to the Bottom ';,

THE TEAPOT GROCERY. Coaling Stations and Sending : Oxfords I I of Lake Baikal-A Loss of at Least :

Troops and Ships to Asia is Causing :; I Three Thousand Men.
I Ocala Florida 0 :
I ILon.lon
Much Disquietude. ,
Virnna. F..b.The newspaper .
Feb.-Lloyds:: is asking a I NarroJni. of Prague, prints a report ,
that two regiments of Russian ,.itl- I
premium of 30 leer cent against the
: \ n.-risuJ a regiment of raih\a> mops i
outbreak of Anglo-French war I Phosphate Mining and Washing Machinery
horse been drowned while iro.iiig ,
ithin three months. This high rate ) THE W. J. CHAMBERS SHOE CO.
I L.ik in Russia. I IDUODEC1MALISMS.
is based on the fact that France has

Handsome line of not given a formal declaration of her i I I

piece attitude on neutrality toward th Far J !I'In Phaetons
Wagons Buggies Surreys Carriages
goods in stock for suits, Eastern belligerents. In fact, the''1 EIGHTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS i 1, ROUTED THE REBELSThe I Il ,
1i Theory the Nnn.tier 1:: hit wetter
:1 trousers and overcoats.We French government instead of giving; I nit Than hIli. I II i iHerliert

up-to-date in I such assurance, has allowed Russia to Is Estimated to be the Loss Caused by Sultan Has a Lively Little War I Speneer' was ever uP1N.d, |I
are ma-
use Jibutel, which is a French colony, ;i the Baltimore Fire I of His Own With Some of His tL;' metric fv uui. He was noui I hill, i HARNESS AND SADDLERY OF ALL KINDS

terial and workmanship.All us a base: of rendezxous. This i is contrary I Albanian Subjects as to call the present Kriu-h re.'kt.n!! .

orders skillfully and to the action of other neutral Haltimore, Feb. 20.-It is learned i ins; in inmniK -hillim.: ; '* and pciuei tt r
: from authoritative that I! Salonica, :Macedonia: Feb :20.! -The isfactoty.: His was that the uu!!, '
French and soldiers source now
powers. Again ships an Materials Kind and
promptly executed, work I IImrned Albanians who were U-st-iging Sh -m- \\n-t I 1. was a IHUITiu\\ than In t Building Every Description
have been ordered to the Fast the tax assessments on the realty j
shi Pasha, who, with 2500:; Turkish Twelve i is twice diu-ibic where It' i- ,
fully guaranteed. Mediterranean:: ports It is known district were approximately i, \
!j troops and three guns, was besei ed j only once divisible. Oat>-luartl'r of 10 I)
that Russia is using the utmost efforts! I between u.uuo.Oud:: and Jii.Ouo.ouO.::: and i( _' I
Respectfully, at ISabajhosi have been routed losing 12. not an integral; uttlber. Thereare
to get the French to stretch every I that the assessments. ; on average other reasons, based ujiou the observed FURNITURE OF ALL:
SuO men killed and wounded. The KINDSt
point in their power and is anxious to stocks of goods consumed in the fire workings; of the human iain!.
Jerry Burnett Turkish losses are said to be heavy.
have a strong French fleet in Asiatic were between $::;v,000OOQ and JJ5.00'-:;:; 1 all tending; to show that to reckon in

waters; as a menace; to the Japanese OIJt). At this time! of the year however dozens i is; more natural than to reckon

Merchant Tailor. \essels. The British foreign office! isuneasy the stocks carried by the merchantswere I THE DEATH PENALTYA in tens as soon as; man grows beyondthe i Phosphate Plants Installed Complete
-- t finger counting: stage
much heavifr than the ; j
regarding the outlook, while: average.
In scientific dundevimalism new characters '
admiralty is'g..tling ready for the As the real estate was as>g-ssed atthinefourths little thing sometimes results in
Ithe I I would have \to IH dt"'ii.rnd: fur ,
M1SB1 ,. I rapid mobilization in case certain of its value there figures I death. Thus a mere scratch insignificant 10 and 11, while 12 it-elf would.. written '

eventualities develop.The \ would indicate a total loss by reason of I cuts or puny boils have paid the ll. The number now called 141 j

the tire of about $ia..t1II1J.II"i) at the lowest death enalty. It is wise to have Buck- would be written as lw.\ and 1.7; > |

to be able to inak ): S French Explanation tigures.Insuiance. lens Arnica Salve ever handy. It's the would be 1.(."'. The present' nuuilivr ;,

lim I would be S4. In the course( of :|
best salve on earth and will prevent a
1 Paris Feb. 20.-An off! Rial explanation experts state that the aggregate !
Purchases at a store r hundred years or !-o. \\Len pe has been issued; by the French insurance loss will be considerably -! fatality, when Burns, sores: Ulcers and I
pot used to it, the 11ttlll]'C' mal
\\lwnyou feel\ as- government, stating that the sendingof smaller than was at first t-x-I 1. Piles threaten. Only :;;c. at the AntiMonopoly system !
I would l lee jut as cximenit-nt :I'< the ilec- .
fiuril the K Nxls arcof II I reinforcements to the Far East has ln-cted. They are now quite confident ,:: Drugstore. imal.! Twelve i im l hiss wuullmak.I foot. I I ali n HaI WaIVe Co.

no sinister significance. It is stated that the insuiaiu-e loss caused by thej I Ii i twelve feet a rod. and su on. I II'
the highest \- j I
.IualIy r I 1 the general unrest due to JapaneseI conflagration w ill nut exceedt SI"II"- NAPTHA LAUNCH FOR CHARTERThe In the ry duoilct'iuiui! >:a is sound.

anal the pikes r I victories is spreading to France and >)< and that it will nut !be under $33:!: ,- I i pleasure\ launch Alma is now on I' But! it is not an ea: "y thin:: to ihan;:e

I 1 I China and consequently; the French lll.UI. I Silver Springs, for charter by the hour :' a people's standards of money, weights I
cent higher I .
not one
and measures.-New York World. ; .
forces there require stiengthcning. or day. Hunting and fishing parties a IWASHINGTON'S I

than what is right. i Folej's Honey and Tar cures the I specialty. Rates reasonable.' We
Japs Preparing to Submerge Port Arthur I METHODS. \ Would Be Glad
That is the feelIng \- cough caused by an attack of la grippe. I guarantee to please l ; you. Give us a -,
With Wave of MenLondon
It heals the lungs. Sold\ by the Post- I call. Pierce & Farmer. The Way the Fallier of IIU tountryt
that all of our l umlurted lt.-<- -iliou.. When you wish to buy any kind -
Feb. ::!tJ.-Th. number of office Drugstore. \ Telephone or write to the springs..
iu.-.tuint-r.s h.i'e I I Presidential nvcptioiis, at the White of a Stove or Range to have
Japanese loops which have left Japanfor I I
j House uouadajs \'a..tldjtY'r..ut I II
; are j jI you carefully
e..111I..1I.r -- ---- -- -- --- I
.Manchuria is 10. .Ofll' They arei
I I from those given: bj theFather, of His I II i
DRUGS I i due at Dalny or in that vicinity today. I CtuutrIIt'Ii Le was at the head of I COMPARE

I This means a dash will probably! come i- the government. Philadelphia\, wi: then | .
't-d. I
at a moderate ad- PLEASED .
4 even sooner than has been generally 11,1Q CUSTOMERS the scene. The jm-ident renttnl a house '

Vant ion ixnit. I'er- '-x|>e.ted. i ice at :Sixth aud Market :streets: for .>o.i*..t i iI | ,

-,1a That an immense force of troops! isru" I a year and dres::>cd himself much more j .
these I lguresHill I than-he had for similar ..
I elaborately oc 7 '
i icasions 1
i being to the I.I.wTung.nin-
prate it.ANTIMONOPOLY. I F Tell more good tales about our candy i in New Turk.I i 1
sula seems eel'tain. As to the number,
I than we would dare to piint, even with; I On the occasion of a presidential reception :

\ DRUGSTOREJ. reMiita are different, but all dispatcherdisplay I, }' leavened with pride. If you i :t olio-en\ few were admittnl |
remarkable unanimity in stating '! and formed circle around the ivivpj j
W. Castel), Proprietor, i ;'"" n want to know the merits of our confectionery a
that this is the objective | of i lion Hjui. Then the president nude j
,+ -puiity.' deliciousness, sweetness -
OCALA, FLA a majority of the transmits which r I f the round, favoring each with a t'IIrlllal 1 i
taste as to form and make--you, bow he
and fewvurd Then
have been ]It'a'ing'arluus Japanese I a + returned i
4/ FttP1t' have only to ask those who buy, eat. to his iHjsition before the tirephi\, '. i -AND >-
ports for several days past. The plan I
W.W. Carman &Co. is to overwhelm Putt Arthur. | and delight in Louney's sweetmeats.At .' 1/t1l,1 they in turn were conducted to j 4wizAI

I him bowed and retired. j,!

You will find a well selected stock of Difference in the Treatment of Troops I i I There was: no hand-hakim; his hands! \

groceries at being so l eMowed as to indicate that '!;
by the Opposing NationsConsiderable I ak CHAS. E. TAYLOR'S.EL .
the salutation was not to lit accompanled \
< comment is being ,'ausI| -- ---- -- -. --------- -1 I with shaking hands." At these i ilevees With any other make

on North Main St., north of city mar ed.1y the difference in the in.uim-t of I jtrutsi.rllug | : our Cr-t I president shone, too. ini
ket. i the maUd of dres<. Washington; i- des IN THE WORLD

Specialties fwrces.The. troops by the opposing; I i I I L IMHOJ['![ 0(1.111(; \ FICTII f R scribed: as res-pU'iuletit\' in blackvl.1d, .

1 silver knee and shoe tul'klt'slul1:: Mack! Wo feel your decision will ...,
FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, Russian forces are being crowded silk stockings, his io\vdered|, hair lied. I' be favorable to theFAVORITE

CHICKENS AND EGGS in ordinary freight cars like !Ill Makers of the / / .., ; in a silk bag;; or cue behind. He wore I !

imuh merchandise, that their food yellow gloves and held a cocked hat in' .

Remember the place and rest assured supply is meager and many are fallingby kCr his hand.-Exchange. I' \
we will treat you right. I I the way because of the cold.Far I Milo Deyo Therefore we court careful C

W. W. CARMAA & CO." different fiom this i i.. the manner iI I I I r WEEPING AT A WEDDING.A I comparison. We know they .

-- in \\hiih the Japanese are traveling to :< 6
Chinese Marriaee li H toll and : are not Equaled. _
the front. They are given 1'lIl1lmu.lillu'lt! HIGHEST 1 I Iquaiters !solemn' trremonj. .

FISH AND OYSTERSI with plenty of supplies, and ;: (GRADE .! 5C. CIGAR ; ,. A Chinese marriage 1 Is a uletun ere-- <: We also carry a full line of ::1
t r Ao
with heavy clothing to keep their t."l- L estiAND mony -no talk, no !levity and much cry-

have fresh < m Fish and iO'sarm.. The inconvenience causedby \ 21 ing. The solemnity lit'l funeral piv-1 l '

t ,, vails. After the\ txchaime of SASH ;
Mullet always on hand: land travel, by tramping over frozen j v !: i-rc-cuts 1 .
I The Celebrated the bride Is dressed with much care in
ground and in deep I'nuis r l ,
Cedar Key and Crystal River a red jown-bnx-aue or ilk. ii >)lte tan ..
ed I by the Japanese, who are Oln-iat-I "EL TROPICO"Havana l -
get it; her eyelashes arl'I II11 a deepblaek.

OYSTERS. ing the majority of their forces far up I Cigars \ / and she nears a heavy red. veil: A Complete line of Builders and General Hardware Farming Tools
the ,' shore in tran. and
poits attached to a senrlet headdress> from Guns and Ammunition.CHATTANOOGA.
thus cutting off considerable of the :I II i :1-! *<'!! : whu imitation \pearls han:: over the '

distance between the home cities and J forehead A feast i i.; spread upou a table
and delivered
Opened upon request j I I the expected\ jiolnt of hostilities. ; I II 'CHAS. PEYSER, Prop. to which the Mushinir bride i is led PLOWS .

SEE MK, I CAN I I by five of her friendThey are :seatedat
The result of this difference of tran.- Ocala Florida.
I the table, but no iw i-ats. lwsi i-
FILL YOUR WANTS portation will doubtless tee readily\ apparent : 'STOCK.
i knee prevail' *, when finally the motherstarts _
in the condition of I -
more -- -
II crying, the maids follow and the
the Japanese men when the time for I bride joins m the chorus. Ttllu:111 the Jeffords Building.

City Market. the display of such hardiness come I 0 WITH THE COMING j bridesmaids leave the table and tin

OF THE YEAR I disconsolate mother tak'< a seat l beside
American Nurses for Japanese Soldiers
,. I the chair! of state, where the bride sus.
__ ... '
-;-- S -
OCALA Washington.! Feb. 2rt.I -"'uurm..ri- V Wf want to do a bigger business thantnvr The liride;:rwuu now enters; with f eir
I I I of his men friend. The men pik u;>
can trained nurses who will accompany -
s -- -- -
1 andve want every builder an] I -
PRESSING CLUB Hr. Anita X. MoCiee to Japan to I I Ihelji I I the throne on which the brideus\ and.j .
a = ; vision interested in building to know i j pnivdi-d by the bridesn'oi (urn ..nprocession
care for the sick and wuumledof I E r
and walk around tt.t- HH,::.
'! that we are prepared to render them
PHONE NO. J67 war have been selected. They an- vS Yh 0 : or into an adjoining room. fri:;;nitv.n. : :: :
Miss Mary tUadwin of lUiston. Miss ht_ r-vrt the must efficient service in prompt de-
a. that he is tarrying;r her away<> iii- q\' i II
Cleaningand Alio Reiner of Indiana. Miss Kli/ub.-thStotk .I 1' lUeiies of the very best yellow pine I home. The guests then throw ri. eat TflE CflRPOHHEl"Me&ueJ & SON} GO.

of lirooklyn.! and Miss KirluraVidnun t A at mouldings, mill work, shingles and of 1; the happy couple, a custom We ha\e ;

\\ ,.Washington.: They 5.111\ burrowed from thciu.Macfdonlan. .
I : .l everything of wood needed in the I
about the last of this month. I : ,
building II aJ@. i (;Irh.I .
PressingNEATLY I In Macedonia ;girls usually marry at I "ED'S
C.I.GRACE. I the as: ? of thirteen or fourteen, and a i PLACE"McGrath's
TENDENCY OF THE TIMES ;i by the steihigluurs j
RELIABLY husband will pay Hi to i 2" for a wifeIf
: she is a ;ir-xid realer and expert at
: -- ---
DONE The tendency 01 me medical science housework and pinning Whn ;girl:: Old Stand

is toward preventive measures The !!, from the villages marry tnwnMii n.i i

Work called for and deliver |I IK-SI thought of the world is being g-i\- money is paid, the biide instead !.:.1! ;-4;. r Maryland

I HUBBARD & MACDUFF iUe her trousseau with her in %,.'t.i.i _' WEST SIIXE SQUARebuilt RE
ed. rates
Special -
1 letter as it +t ere, for the privil'-jo; ..f !i- :..'

membership in the club I'' been fully demonstrated that pneumonia in! a "town lady." In the l.f. r <'. and Newly Furnished

I. the bride most likely will be r"'ju.; r-" '" Club I
diseases j
one of the most dangerous .
that medical men have to contend j 1 do Httle or no work in the tit.'k. ..:.>l i I FINE WINES OF ALL KINuS, FOR FAMILY USE. HIGH GRADE .:
E.E M1Opposite HENDRICKS. : that is the great aml-ition of Ui'ist. girls
with, can be prevented by the use ofChamberlain's there.-London Globe. t :
--- -- --- I Cough Remedy. Pneumonia
City Hall P. 0. Box always results from a cold or I For Her ISIooJLady I.

I from an attack of influenza (grip) andit I FOR de fete-su) >nu Wished to see : old because it is I COURTEOUS TREATMENT ASSURE D TO ALL. '. .It

remedy'' me, Mrs. "artlJ'r'Irs.. Farm..r-Y..-. .
H. R. HUNTER has been observed that this
lady an'using a* you are full of 'eaithnn' i WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS J t
counteracts any tendency of these diseases old A I It is awhiskey I :
'appicess. Well i ium <-os jourWli.let
."- : : sez to my Emily! a,. ;sheS gott, nHue which ,
-'GUN . I
been tullI'Nn'n in many thou turfs ut : blood in 'er "..ins. St 1 makes\ AND DEALERS I ALL ii
and cases in which this been s;ncti. .... SS 11tH. so Lhild: as t,+ bring up a bottle of :'"' '

used during the prevalence of colds and! No T 47 restirs.. famous blood mixture as; set my old time has brought !' KINDS OF WINES AND LIQUORS t

LOCKSMITHRepairing grip in recent years, anJ can be rel.ed r.hii on his j'm*. tl.nk'n': ; you wuuid It '
4' I trial-London! rhroakle. to ripeness. I GROCERY STORE AT
upon with implicit l'Qn.'iJt"I1I'n"a- -4- --r 39 n gave it a R S. A. L. DEPOT -
a Specialty. trumi-i often results ( slight told 1 is "written down I
rem a
n 1"I I I'r..unlpthe Iidf'ur OF GROCERIES; WITH FREt >
:6 tC.sC
I when no danger! is apprehended untilit "Whatil..ll"t' hawwe.." asked the! : 3I
is "u.Idt"ndi"'tIf'ft'J\ that there i* .s 5 teacher in the night school "that people I 0 Id'ith ate i WE DO THE LARGEST MAIL 0 RDER BUSINESS IN THE STATE. :. :

fever and difficulty In breathing and: ." : live longer: nowadays than they
----1i I characters of ALL ORDERS FILLED ON RETURN TRAIN.age"mellow .
E. WILDER pains in the chest, then it is announced >. Used to lire

-. ST that the patient has pneumonia. lie on _--....-_ _____ .:o: re The eeted.youn- man scatcfced his ear and Separate White and Colored Bars at
the safe side and take t'hambeilauisCuugl'
Regular Style Special Nor, Horse and Cattle Stjk "Weil," he said the people I that u>ed
Both the S. A. L.
Remed" as soon as the cold is Suy s U in,or 0 in.apart Stays i] ins or 6 in.apart to live are all ,dead aiu't they'heagu i ness, ripeness, and ug town places.

Painter and interior decorator.PAPKR contracted. It always cures. For sale
Made of large strong, high-grade! steel wires, heavily galvanized. Tribune. I! {
by all druggists. flavor. Our Liquors, Wines and Beers are bought in
HANGING, : Amply provides for expansion contraction. Is practically ever -

KALSOMINING FINE CIGARS : lasting. Never g,,_s wrong, no matter how great a strain is put on it. ARE YOU RESTLESS AT NIGHT i There are several so- Car Load lots direct, and our prices are the

Does not mutilate, but does, efficiently, turn cattle, horses, hogs A.i' harassed by a ]bad cough U.Ialiard's .* called "Club" Whiskeys Lowest.

PAINTING IN nnd pigs. : Horehound Syrup, it will siure ".
ALL 15UANCHKS. The Xorma Martinez the C. II. S. .. that are not "We Always _
the El Solo, and the Fama Kacional, yon sound sleep an-1 .ff"J:
four of the best 5 cent made in EVERY ROD OF AMERICAN FSNCE GUARANTEED li.-i.mpt and radical ure. :;:".' .. "'''''. ;ar.-l 1 I Maryland Club. You [ j i

SIGN PAINTING AND LETTERIN'' Tampa, and many others cigars to be foundin 1, by the manufacturers and by us. Call and see it. Can show you how i. $1.. tollttl.:1t the AiiU-.M-i.-ii-.dy! I': ltg- l can tell it by the taste. Th'8'0 PalmI'Cba ac 8 I & uDn uD. uoa I a II 18' __}

First class work only T W. Trailer's cigar case. it will save you money :and fence your fields so they will stay fence4 -t.,r c. -,.1 : :

1 ,3


-.1 1 '- ... ,
..:..... r"J..i- -,4- _, ..,,,,,... ,+ ""' "" ", .,. -

< < 'i: .;....--
..,- '
: -- ; -
--- .
< '
: .: ::

7s t

I ( OcaIa Evening Star, Saturday, February 20, i904.j .




' THERE IS NO SUDSTITUff ThR J. II. Kenney and wife. Miss Gladys GEORGE'S BIRTHDAY T And .

Kenney Sam LowensMn and \\ ife. I -L 1Ii"D" .Y ,_ .:- _' : _'_ jj" =-' REPAIRS
Miss )"'t-n"tein. Canton Ohio; S.
Legal/ holiday Frbruary 2:!!. Office
Jihcrnun anl \\ift.. Mrs. M. Cohen. -GOTOPC.B.MLEIH9- .
will close. t'pen for sale of sumps ;(
Nashville, Tenn.; L. flicker M. Flicker -
i and Lox delivery from 9 to lu a. m. i
New York City: ..1.V.. Taylor and j
The mail carriers will make the morning j
wife Chicago; Mr. and Mrs.Vm.. The Jeweler 4
delivery. and 10 a. in. and C p.: m. : ,
Warren Cotton S. H. Payne Theo E.
collections of mail. H. C. Grows

Webb E. G. McCall, New York; B. H. I
OIL King Atlanta: John J. 1.'tlt'Iaeon: :

1'. L. Garcelon. :;1. Louis; Alien Child I LETTERS PATENT

Baltimore: D. II. Monsees Savannah:

Harold [ rdaOnt. Emma Forsyth C. Notice is hereby given that we the

It Jenese Gagnon-Polloi-k\ Stock Co.; Offer for Sale My Residence, Near ; Spring and Summer Dress undersigned, will apply to the governorof

Wm. Reeder. H. S. Cromer. New York; : the state of Florida four weeks after
the School House, in Ocala Containing
W. A. Wray and wife Mrs. J. G. Stu- the publication of this notice for let

10 Rooms, Bathroom and Kitchen is in Goods Silks Etc.
; under the
: Trimmings ters patent following proposed
alt, Knoxville.\ Tenn.: Mr. and Mrs.[ G. ,
Excellent Condition and Fitted With charter: :
E. Cam wall.\ Boston: W. H. Curtis *.
Atlanta: Henry J. Kelly Xew York; Electric Lights Throughout. Half Cash; I R. S. Hall Thos. C. Hall. T. E.

I Bridges. L. J. Knight, Herbert A. Ford.
M. II. Chambers Jacksonville: : R. L. Balance on Easy Terms; Title Perfect. I
Barnes B. W. Blount, S. A. Rawls a H. Blitch.
Daisy; G. R. Franz. Jacksonville : -
; W. R. Peterson Trilby; W. H.Poell. I
POWDER Room 12. Postoffice Block of Charter of the
C. J. Rogers, Jacksonville; P. RHEINAUER & CO.' Copy Proposed

P.urgin Dunnellon: V. R. Wright. Chicago Hardware Company

; It B. Solomon Cordele Ga. .1. NAVAL STORES DEAL
Absolutely Pure ; We the undersigned hereby associate

E. Pace, Jacksonville; P.1[. Pitt- ourselves together for the purposeof

man. Xew Orleans; Sam F.igh., The well known naval stores firm of becoming incorporated under the
Jacksonville Thos. Hooptrs, W stth s- Lucas and Barnes of Daisy, this county !
; laws of the state of Florida applicable
ter 1'a.r; M. H. Xewbcrger, Savannah; I sold their fine WO-acre:!< location i 'J :1____' ._..... .": .- .'r--";;_:_. ;_ -,J- -_- .. __: -_ '.-:: -.- --,----.:.-"--",. _---.-: I I II II i to corporations for profit.ARTICLE .

R. Y. Mulkey. Cincinnati.: H. :M. Marks.Jr. yesterday to Messrs. hodges and I I

----- ------- --.__ __ ___ __ __u _n___ .. Chicago: E. O. Futch. Jal'kson'i1e.I\ I O'Hara. from near Jacksonville. Mr. 1

Lucas. who has a valuable hotel property I The name of this corporation shall
J.v.. Pearson, the oil of
I I New Line of in Texas which requires most of h.-.A *-Phif... .--''rt"n..-.. -U"'r.1u..-' -..-arA.- fVvmTianv--...rand -...
Florida is up from his well at Bushiifll -
hits time, has just bought a half interest its place of business shall be in
I in the valuable :.000-j.cre I nation. Marion Florida.
Ocala county
\ The OcalaXeWS family. He still has trouble in getting
newcopyiight I --
DENSMORE HAMMOND f..rm..lykt: 01"1..11 and Melton THe FHIR
('41. I I the packing out of the hole, but is not near Bartothe present firm beins CatholicAt ARTICLE 2

despairing. and is eonliJ-nt as ever
TYPEWRITERSJust Bucket and Lucas. The general nature of the business to
Catholic church
Phillips mass
the oleaginous stuff will materialize.If : .
The March magazines now in. Ocala
be transacted is:
I Received at- and instruction at lv:34\ : : explanation ONE AND TWO POUND TINS JAVA AND MOCHA COFFEE, THE

Xews Co. of Lent's regulations and statues of 1. The buying and selling at whole-

you wish a good drink of milk. OCALA MUSIC COMPANYDON'T BEST ON EARTH. 35c. AND 70c sale and retail for itself and for others
the cross att p. m. Friends invited.Rev.
Dow Beck of Cottage Hil) was in the try the cala Jersey Creamery. Pure 4' manufacturing and dealing in hard-

city today. milk. Delivery made every morning. FORGET D. Bottolaccia pastor. I FRESH ARRIVAL OF FANCY CAKES, POSTUM, GRAPE NUTS, ware and mill and mining supplies

I>. :M. Boney, proprietor.
) Christian EVAPORATED APPLES IN POUND PACKAGES. crockery, carriages harness, paints,
T. W. Troxler. Agent for Huyler's
You can get hot steaks eggs coffee, and all kinds of merchandise and commodities. -
Rowe has: oysters and fish. Satisfaction Candy. Fresh Shipments Received
Alfred Proctor. the democratic wheel 9:41;; a. m,-Sunday school. TWENTY POUNDS GOOD RICE FOR ONE DOLLAR. .
etc.. at Dame's.
guaranteed in quantity quality ". ,
horse of the Pedro sfction.all in th. .' .S 11 a. m.-Preaching services by Mr.
--.... 2. To buy and sell all kinds of per-

Mr. Caldwell of Heather Island was city today shaking hands with his and 1'1 ic'e. 1 Principal-- (Woikman. of the Ocala Putman of :Xew Orleans. La. I THE FAIR KEEPS EVERYTHINC sonal and real property.

3:30 m.-Jumor Itand.T .
In the city today. many fl I.-nds. ROMEO AND JULIETTEThe 'high schools busy today making preparations : p. 3. To do all such things as are Incidental -

itf-the Warren gold medal( p. m.-Preaching. or conducive to the attainment
Welcome to all these services. B. L. HALL PROP.Old
Any kind of lunch hot or cold quickly For blank books und all of office splendid operatic company, Vontest Monday night at the armory. of the above objects.

Sened at Dame's. stationery we are headquarteis playing Ruineo ami Juliette, will be 'T'ht'-occasion promises a most inter- Grace Episcopal Delouest Stand. ARTICLE 3

Ocala Sews Co. t'slin"ath..rinK., and most !laudable
in Ocala one night, February 25, at I a The amount of capital stock authorized -

Mr. S. A. Rawls went to Jacksonville Mai inn o|>era house. enthusiasm is manfested by those to 9:3t:::> a. m.-Sunday school. :
is thirty thousand dollars (20,000)
this afl rrlOon. Dr. 11 C. Parsley one of the oldes parliiipale in the contest. 11 a. m.-Morning prayer litany and ,j
divided into three hundred (300) sharesof
citizens of the county from the Fleiningtoii HOT DRINKS set mon. j I
the value of hundred dollars
Fine line of willow rotkers at J. A. distik-t, was in th. dty jestrrday. Hot drinks of all kinds at Trailer's. The fan attachment on the .New 3 1'. m.-At Orange I tke. i I ($100) each twenty thousand dollars

I'ittinan and Son's.The Home machine is It 7:30\ p. m.-At Idntu h.
certainly grand. I
-- - ---- $20,000): ) of which shall be payable in -
keeps the Hies and gnats oft and the During I.-nt prayer daily at 4 p. m. .
AT THE CITY MARKET property, at a just valuation to be fixed -
most elegant display of candyIn operator cool while Wednesday sj-ecial service, with address -
sewing. Ocala
Mothers can safely give Foley's Honey by the directors at a meeting to be

town at Dame's. and Tar to tlft-ir" children for coughs CALl QN DITTO Furniture Company.Mr. S p. m. called for such purpose and ten thousand -

:Monday, Marguerites: (lurid! !, at 3..
and colds for it contains no opiates or I I dollars ($10,000) of such capital

If you want a home see F. W. Ditto. other i-oisuns. Sold by the Postoffice :M. Kishel reiu....] the sid intelligence p. m.Thursday.. Wholesale & Retail Butcheis stock shall be payable in cash as is-
St. Catharine's Guild. :3 I Leading
Merchants Llu Ocala.
<:k. Drugstore. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE I yesterday that :Mrs. :Maurice p. in. :; sued. ,

Steam of Chattanooga is at death's ARTICLE 4

PIT the new game. can be had at Purest drugs carefully compounded, I door: and her physuians have givenup I

the Postoffice Drugstore. I Room 12 Merchants' Block Ocala, Fla. Baptist AND CHOICE FLORIDA MEATS The term for which this corporationshall
in our prescription department. Ty- :I all hope. :Mrs. Steam. was a :Miss WESTERN exist is ninety-nine (99) yeari.

dings & Co. Pauline Israel! formerly of Ocala. The 9:45: a. m.-Sunday s'hool.
No. 1.-For the Best Home in the City
Lunihes steak coffee milk pies. I news is received here with much sad 11 a. m.-Sermon b> the pastor."Christ ARTICLE 5
three blinks from square. House has ;, CELERY AND ALL OTHER VEGETABLES IN SEASON
sandwiches etc.. at Dame's.Fine "
ness. our Refuge. The business of this corporation shall
The oratorical contest Monday nightat .10 rooms awl occupies, a whole block
.Anthem "':less. O. :My Soul, the Living ; FREE DELIVERY. TELEPHONE 108 be conducted by a president, vice president -
the armory for th.'arrtn gold of gtound.: line barn etc. Price, I
candies fresh and of excellent God"-Wely.Solo. _. __ and general manager a secretary
medal contest will be paiticiputed in $:!:;illll. Very easy terms. FOR SALE-A gentle horse. with .n
quaity.. at the French bakery. :Miss Rounsaville. and and board of directors
treasurer a ,
by Hariy-Shaw Johnnie Gattis. Herbert I buggy and hal ness; horse is not afraidof
No. 2.-Beautiful McConnell grove; 6:43: ;; p. m.-H. Y. P. C. I INSURANCE consisting of not less than seven (7)
Counts and Addie Cappleman.The anjthing; child or lady can drive
Troy Hall came clown last night from lots lM \o5.; finest thing in town for II him: he is sound and sleek. Apply to 7:30::: p. m.-Sermon by the pastor. persons to be elected at the annual j

Lakt' City to visit his itarents. homes. Prices, (ruin $:::110 to $3jO.;; "Salvation Through the Christ." I meeting of the stockholders to be heldon
Box 720.
Ocala Jersey Creamery can sup- I
ply, art'11I111'1' customers who appreciate They will go quick. Anthem. Now: Cod lie: With Us"- HALL & RAWLS, the second Tuesday in January in 1

The most complete line of toilet articles !- stall No. 3.-Good 6-room house, and lot ; .O"f Sudds. I each year from which board of directors .
good fed milk or cream. I i Z. C. the banking AGENTS
!in the city at Tydings & Co. !It'XIU'' :: feet. Pike, i if sold at once Seats free and a ,'ordial.It'ome to FOR the foregoing officers shall be elected -
Best: of cure given to the handling; of Tin of MiytAic and Chamblihs. is (on I

milk D. M. Boney, Proprietor.An $'\111. the ('committee' arrangements for the all. Standard Fire Insurance Companies and Penn Mutual ; provided. that one person may hold

Romeo and Juliette at the o|>er.t No. 4.-Several small houses that I the offices of vice president and general i
pay stuck growers'association;; of the stat,
house on the night of February :2j.:; Presbyterian Life Insurance Co. J
unusually\ jarge and pretty line of \\...1as\ imest'nienls.. l'riees from to lie held at J-uksoriMlle on the :22ndVu.l manager and that one person may hold

toilet articles at T>dings & Co. $11111 to $';1.oJ. T""III" to milt.Mr. 22id.x : 1<::45;; a. m.-Sunday school. the offices' of secretary and treasurer ;
T. editor of the I flIflIft4J.o FIRE LIFE !
Hartig -
The following named officers are to
------ :.=..:..:. 11 a. mu.V.'orhip..fltheln. .

Advocate. was in the city today. .\ "Just I Am" (VKane. conduct the business of this corporation -
Mrs. D. W. IVixU entertained the : as -
martin] ladies'curd party yesterdayifterii4MUi / William Knotilixk (If :Martin; :? reliable l ineparation for I I ,'rIl1l1n.I p Rooms 7 and 8 I until those elected at the first annual -

Big line of fine tablets and latest / \.ith his ircr.*,HUi; ) Tr-'l:1ughtE'r.Ii": kidm-y troubles on the inaikrt is Fo- :Merchants Block i election in 1905 :shall be qualified
: most delightfully.! M lrs. G. Solo, "Ho,>{'essl'-: (llt-Ko\'en'-\ii I : is: I
sl I..s in box Ocala. News Co.P Nor.i atifl her ehrrnmirf le>"'s Kidney t'ure. SnM by the Pustof1 I .
) pui-r. K. Rolmixon the XUI1lt' '. I viz: R. S. Hall, president; T. C. Hall,
won 1riz. ) Ocala Florida
:- -:- -:- -:- -:-
l'1! Drugstore.
Lillie snf tho of South Carolina, spent 7-30: p. m.-Worship. vice president and general manager

Root of the !Pearson oil well at u \'t'o-k lot Crystal River FOR RKXT; OR SALK-The W. 1. .Anthem "IMiuld. Bushiiell. is in the city for a few days.W > :i tishing and oystering excursion. The Star hud! a pleasantall lastcuing and R. S. hall T. C. Hall T. E. Bridges
Cline resideiue, with! i acre of grourt4lOiOSjte :
They had! splendid sUeess.Vhiio' i>\' floin Mr.J.: X. Simmon!" ofMclmosh. .I L. J. Knight. II. A. Ford, B. W Blount
Fausett's Westein ()eal.\ Sermon.A
D. Jarrett the Dunnellon sawmill there they were guests of the Dixon who came to make the ditur's RESTAURANTSFirst and S. II. Blitch, directors.
cordial invitation to all. Visitorswelcome.
Will sell on easy terms. Apply to ij
Moiltezuill.L Uat house conducted :Mrs. 1 heart glad.Vhile in the city he
Iliall. was ut Ilight.Biggest so ably by Mar,
A. Fausett. j -- -. -. Seats free. The hutch isnewly ARTICLE 6
i jV \..lkfl"They wei-p royally\ : enteitained.Mr. ; I purchased' a mule from Standley and
The highest amount of indebtedness to
finished inside in term cotta, I
sliK'k of troitkory. c"hula and! KnoMixk came up this morning. <'"., with which to assist in his farm
Class Meals
harmonizing with the organ decoration" -X- which this corporation can at any time
WA\Tii>-Gill, IS:; to 25:;. to assist
wink. lie said his section
glass III the dt)'. Prices right. Oca laXews but the \oun.l 1a.Ii..s.nt to \\ \\lislon was a legu-
itself is thousand dollars
with and office tork. thirty
light house W Must
lar bee-hue of iIiJustr\-f.lrm..I's and
Co.Pure to visit; friends for a few d.ijs.'!
not cibjett to country life. Address at truckers out early and late preparing : Oysters in all Styles ($3v,000.)
drugs carefully compounded ..nice B.! I I. I. ., care Star FRESH MEAT I the soil for crop!" MELON SEED "v

Cantaloupe and melon the best varieties The names and places of residenceof
our prescription department. T"I Father ]Bottolaccio; of St. Phillips William Tucker has now a full stockof I : CAREFULLY PREPARED LUNCHES the subscribers with the
dings & Co. fresh beef. iuk. mutton and sausage I.II T-J-ith..r: at armory or on Fort and guaranteed fresh reliablesel. together

hurch. Ocala. called on Secretary Bit- King avenue, between al mory and my Tydings ,nd Co.The amount of capital stock subscribed for

linger of the Ocala board of trade this in addition to fish and oysters. Room until Personal by each is follows\
The hospital had a patient today residence, a pair! "f gol.l-riimned sjiectacIes /- Dining open midnight. as :
itfteinoon to acknowledge receipt of an in l.Knk I leather / orders R. S. Hall Ocala, Florida, eighty
from the coloied orphans' home at STATIONERYA case. Ocal.y Telephone Company i io: attention given to special anythingthe

Bclle\ie\V. imitation" to be piesent at the "smok- ] ; return to Commercial Bank. putting up( ..j1if' from Ocala to IMninellon. < market offers prepared for the table on shares.

er. and to express his regrets, that M. Ha reo. ( Thos. C. Hall. Ocala, Florida forty- -
and hat re.uhed Mattel in its
beautiful line of stationery-u short notice.
owing to the condition of his eyes an.lit ] < six shares.T. .
I Iii the night of February 23. RomeoiiuJ construction.
fine as can: be found in town-at T/- I
JuU..U.ill IK* pre-vnted at the being.Lenten season he cannot co- :Mr. Johnson of Georgia, a memberof II E. Bridges, Ocala, Florida, fifty-
& Co.
mingle with us. but feels deeply honored dings the turpentine and lumber firm of I five shares.
lll..l house.PC.i. Oysters served In any style: at Dumb Waiter Connects With Bar
and trusts we will have a pleasanttime. : Clark. Hay and Johnson at :Martel L. J. Knight Ocala, Florida, thirty-
DAME'S OYSTERS Dam 's. "Parson" Young the famou I
< and quiet prevailed at police w ho has been" here for a few days on a Viands seven shares.
Ocala oyster cook prepares them. Skilful Cooks Attractive Waiters and Choice
he.idquarters today. Xot a solitaryICtllll business it. returned home tolay.Folly's Herbert A. Ford Ocala, Florida ten
FOR m' XT-\ neat t'ott /:"e1'1"1)'. Dame is receiving the finest oysters i Special price to Regular Boarders shares.
\ J. D. Pope the Belle\iew turpentine
ever brought to Ocala. and is serving
ct'iner South Third and Tuscawillastreets. I Honey and, Tar is best for B. W. Biount Ocala Florida, fifteen
them in every style that tickles the operator was in the city today. J

Acid Cough Syrup the best cough palate and satisfies the inner man. If croup and whooping cough. containsno I i THE GARMIGHAEL & SON GOAt shares.S. <:

remedy on the market for sale by real fine dish of opiates and cures quickly. Careful I The handsomest line of buffets china A. Raw Is, Ocala Florida, twenty ,
you want a oysters go
Kidney complaint; kills more people mothers keep it in the house. Sold shares.S. .
& Co.I
Tj dings Dame. closets dining room chairs and tables McGrath's Stand
than any other disease. This is due to to the Postoffice Drugstore. : H. Blitch. Ocala, Florida sixteen
rocking chairs, reception chairsets.
the disease being so insidious that it shares.
will sell you a home cheap and on FANCY GROCERIESA ., that this portion of the state ha; -----
gets a good hold on the system before
Lowky Gore an unfortunate from
terms. P.V.. Ditto Merchants'bio. received Mclver &
easy ever seen just by
it is recognized. Foley's Kidney Cure large an.! we"!! selected stock of i State of Florida,
the Grahamville section whose "
Ocala, Ila. Mac
the best in thecity. Kay. A E. BURNETT Marion County. iH..fore
will prevent the development of fatal I imported groceries was greatly! aggravated by an attackof "--.- l
I the French All orders me. the undersigned authority ..JI
\ disease if taken in time. Sold by the at bakery. t*
MtH.. S. Chambers will entertain measles a month ago. was taken.toChattahoochee
Postoffice' Drugstore. will be promptly deli\ered. :Messrs. U:>! man and Wallsre. tnt) personally appeared R S. Hall T. .111I

in honoiof Mrs. B. Arentz this afternoon this; morning. He ,1s a knights ofHi-.c, giip.\ '",lffil: in this after. i TIlE JEWELER I C. Hall, T. E. Bridges, S. A. Rawls. S. V
with whist .. son of the late Kinyoti Gore ajid a I
a llart) LAKE BREAM AND PERCHW. noon to spend und.,)' with their f,im- II. Blitch and L. J. Knight. H. A. Ford
brother of J. R. John ;nid Jim GoiV 11' I
I '... ilies.< and B. W. Blount, to me well known to :
I. Jones at the city market receives -
The hot chocolate served at Trox. "
Biggest Cut : b: ? the individuals who signed the fore- ,
hrs fountain is made with Hu>ler's ,Iaily.a..mouth bream speckled PIT. the new game can be had at FINE: WATCHES GUARANTEED SILVER
going proposed charter who severally
pure delicious chocolate. I..r'h. trout and j.ukfish. fresh from the Postoffice Drugstore. The best physic. "On e tried an ,

you will always use Chamberlain": acknowledged before me that they

in Stomach and signed the same! for the purposes therein -
Liver Tablets, Wil:
Smith of Candlrr JEWELRY
llinrlordon. of lIunndl n. ,':1I1.1id. Vr. i.tme up .
I Ham A. Gerard. Pease VL These Tablets expressed.I
.,.. t'i. sheriff was in town today.j'1oft. to t?- hi" fnth-r who i i" sn

..! ing the "glad hand." SHIRTSEver S Mails Close North Bound inmate of the hospital I are the most prompt must pleasant .: I H AND further certify that I am a duly

and! most reliable cathartic in use commissioned notary public in and for
S. .\. L..1:3'i: : p.m. dailyS. I
I For sole all the state and county aforesaid and
1I<'1\'tr and :\ Kay have just re- A. L. . . 9:1'0: p.m. dailyA. by druggists.W. a I CUT GLHSS that my commission does not expire

cei\.ej some of the handsomest la lies' C. L. (S. S. O. & G., north of Juli- MARIONOPERA -."
until the 9th day of June, 1904.
desks ever seen in }'loriJa.lI.UrJSone Heard Of. ette . . . 10:10: a.m. daily "'. I'b.[ .ut returned this after.i 1
In witness
whereof I have hereunto

Mails Close South BoundA. I I HOUSE noon from attending' the grand lodge o: : REPAIRING A SPECIALTYMerchants set my hand and affixeu my official
: the K. of P. at Tampa. He reports .
baby carriages automo- I I C. L.. . . 1:00 p.m. dailyS. seal this the 25th day of January. 104.
: .
ONE NIGHT. FEBRUARY 24 I til.- time.Jake
bili running gear the new sljles. See .\. L.. . . . .- p.m. dailyA. I ( Block. Seal) F. L. Watson.

them J.\. Pittman and Son. MEN'S C. 1 I-. . . 2.33: : pm. dailyA. I -a Xotary Public.
Brown, II. C. JOII -!!. C. LMooie
II -- -- ----
C. L.8.. S. O. & G.. south of Juli. Farewell Tour of the World I .
and P. E. Yonge, Sr.. who ,t.t'i.ld DAY PHONE 117 NIGHT PHONE 39
The X.lIome sewing machine will ette '. . . . 3O: p.m. daily: TAX ASSESSOR'S APPOINTMENTS 5
the gran/l"lg-! ..f K. of P.x:
mak- N our home complete. For sale 75 Cent Top ShirtsIn ,'tt II\:' ; SIT.K i
S.: .. Fla.. S
i A. I. for Tampa. daily '
p.m. .. I will be at the following places to
by the iVala Furniture Company. iI Tampa, stopped. \;.-.r at :)I
I Star Routes noon to assist'the iMd Feln\\- ft.d: receive returns of real and personal

I (Daily except Sunday.) DUNCAN CLARK'S tOWn to initiate half a doz.-u ,.IIl.H- property and agricultural reports, as
MtW.. .\. Siurkman. one tof'mtoers All Colors and Sites
II Fellowship. Blitchton, Berlin and Ma-: FEMALE MINSTRELSThe dat.... .f the law requires:
of the film of SparkminBrothers : I
zie.:3) pm. GENERAL LIVERYMENFine February, 1904
was in the city today.

for 49 cents Connor Grahamville and Silver Best Vaudeville and Burlesque HAVE YOU INDIGESCTION? Daisy. Friday. 19. p. In.

Springs. . . . .2'30: p. in.Caharv j
Fort McCoy Saturday a. m. '
Rev M. Pittman of Xew Orleans arrived Company Traveling If you have Indigestion. K..i I'-:
and Shady . 3'00: m. Carriages Buggies and: Traps
p. Anthony. Monday 22.
this morning aul is a guest of I pepsia Cure will ,cur >. u. Ih! ,- -

the Ocala House. Rev. P. has received I LIVING PICTURES. ed thousands. I: !j" !. ; '- .:'. Drummers, Carryalls, Saddle Horses, etc. Sparr. Tuesday IJ, a. m. i
a vail! to the pastorate of the Christian; I i SEABOARD AIR-LINE ..ry day-every !. 'uY"j ....> it to t Greenwood Tuesday. 23, p. m. .

hurch. and will fill the pulpit tomorrow THEY WILL NOT FADE i SPECIAL RATES A CHANCE TO LAUGH. I y'iurs-lf! to .sue. I it .! tn.l 1. Y'i w... .:FINE VEHICLES FAST HORSESHorses Citra Wednesday 24, a. m. ..

..iiUi.ue to suffer' until you -i-> try n.* Orange Springs,( Thursday 25, a. m. J
I There is no other combination of di- Ocala all of March.
and Mules for Sale. Horses
FOR SALE-A good Washington The !! $11.95-ATLANTA. GA., and return. Advance in Prices gestants that digest and rebuild at the The law requires all returns to be!

cheap for cash. Call on or address \V BOSTON STORE i, MJ : .mining l-eb. ;27.: 1904. Extension]I Secure seats now at the Fostuffur! i'ur..!'. strengthen .ir.J !jel.uil.l,. S..I.I! Alfred Ayer -t

8. Smith Altoona, Ha. I nl.1Jo te ..Lt.. n..J to 31, Ut. Drugstore. I by Will \nd..'"....h, tia. 11*. i CROSBY & MARTIN Tax Assessor Marlon County


.S ..'- -- ,- '_;'''. _-'-_-,. ;..-J'
-- -
,. -

-,, : i "' '-':-
:r' ,_' ;

4 .


-- ---- -------- ------ -- ------

Saltwater R. D. FULLER, '.


? Dainties Office Over Munroe & Chamtdise
OCALA STAIt Bank Ocala,'Florida. '


In One and Two Pound Cans J. E. CHACE,


-- -- -
CRAB MEAT IN POUND CANS Office Upstairs Commercial Bank

Shells Free Volume 9, Number 216 OCALA, FLORIDA SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20, J904 Fifty Cents a Month, $5 a Year Building Ocala Florida.

----- -- --. --_ on __ __ n ____


Allowing Russia to Use Her Ports and Went Through the Ice to the Bottom 1,

AT THE TEAPOT GROCERY. Coaling Stations and Sending I' of Lake Baikal-A Loss of at Least

Troops and Ships to Asia is Causing Oxfords I II Three Thousand Men. i i I Ocala Florida .. -

Much Disquietude. I : ,
Vienna. Feb. 20.-The newspaper .

WINTERSTYLES j Narrndni. of Prague prints a iei.urt I;
LonJon. Feb. :20.-Lloyds: is asking a
f I that two regiments of Russian I.i- i!
premium of 30 i"'?r cent against the i I :
neers and a regiment of railway troop\
outbreak of Anglo-French war I Phosphate Mining Washing Machinery
have been drowned while oro.-'sirnj ,
within three months. This high rate j jla THE W. J. CHAMBERS SHOE GO. :
"Utke Baikal in Russia. I
I based, on the fact that France has
not given a formal declaration of her
Handsome line of piece I I.

attitude on neutrality toward the Far I DUODECIMALISMS.In i iI Wagons Buggies Phaetons Surreys
goods in stock for suits, Eastern: belligerents. In fact thl'1| EIGHTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARSIs I ROUTED THE REBELS I Carriagesv"
Theory the \on.l>rr 12: In a Ilettrr I
trousers and overcoats.We French government instead of givin:; t I I n'l luau In lo.Herliort i iI

in I such assurance, has allowed Russia to Estimated to be the Loss Caused by The Sultan Has a Lively Little War i i I Spencer was ever opined I.' i iI

are up-to-date ma- I use Jibutel. whkh is a French ('ol"n.1 j; the Baltimore Fire I of His Own With Some of His I the metric !svsteni. lie vva- no uUi f.i; ; HARNESS AND SADDLERY OF ALL KINDS 11

terial and workmanship. 'as a base of rendezvous. This is contrary I Albanian Subjects .I as to call the pn-eut British rl"tlll., .

All orders skillfully and to the action of other neutral Ualtimore. Feb. 20.-It is learned ins in 1 IOU nd... ..hitill: :''" and peiuei: ;
I Salonica, Macedonia Feb. :O.-Th.! i l"factoQIIi." tea that the nii'iiIKT !
powers. Again French ships and soldiers from an authoritative source now that jaunt Materials Kind and
promptly executed, work have been ordered to the last the tax assessments the realty j Albanians! who were beseiging Sh -m- Ii: was a bt-lt. unit than li> Building Every Description

I shl Pasha who, with :2JOO:;; Turkish Twelve\ is twice di1 i where It<> i i- I I'I
fully guaranteed. from Mediterranean .,rts. It is known I burned district were approximately
{ .. ,
I ''troops and three grins was beseimted I'I only once diri ible. tme-quarwr of 10\ .1
that Russia is using the utmost effortsto lwtv\een l l.'y.twu.uuo:: and $:? ;\I"'J.tIlJO. and is uulier. I
Respectfully I at Babajhosi have been routed losing :U'-j not an integral Tlrt'ft'I I :
get the French to stretch every that the assessments on average are other reason, based upon) the observed FURNITURE OF ALL .
i Soo' men killed and ounded. The KINDSt
point in their power. and is anxious to stocks of goods consumed! in the fire workings of the human mint!.
Jerry Burnett i Turkish losses are said to be heavy.
have a strong French fleet in Asiatic were between $30,000,000;; and $;;;;;;,000- I all "'lI :ng to show that to reckon in

waters as a menace to the Japanese \JOO.t this time of the year, however,I4 I dozens i is more natural than to reckon

Merchant Tailor. \essels. The British foreign office is the stocks carried by the merchantswere 1 I' THE DEATH PENALTY in tens as MXJII a- man grows beyond I Phosphate Plants Installed Completearion

the finger conntiu.taire.: .
uneasy regarding: the outlook, whilethe much heavier than the average. ; ; j I
I In scientific dundtHiinali-iu new charasters ,
admiralty is'g..tting ready for the : As the real estate was as-uhsed at A little thing sometimes results in i
; I j'! would have \to IK desintl! : fill'I i
P14EISAYI'jt\ rapid mobilization in case certain three-fourths of its value there figures death. Thus a mere scratch, insignificant '
a t I 10 and 11, while 12: itself! would be written -
: eventualities dt'\"dol" would indicate a total l loss by reason of i cuts or puny boils have paid the I 10. The nuiiiU'r now called 141 ,

the tire of about' at the lowest death i-enalty. It is wise to have Buck- would IH written as U>0.! and l.T > ,
The French ExplanationParis.
to U- ably to make l figures. I It'n'srnka Salve ever handy. It's the would be I.lMMI. The present numtx-r ,

best salve on earth and will prevent : UKI would IK S-I. In the course of a '
I>b. :20.! -An offktal explanation Insurance experts stale that the aggregate I '
J.uivluisvs utaMoievlun I huudred years or ,,<1, vvl.en i ,
when Sores, ricers and
has been issued by the French insurant! loss will be considerably -j fatality Burns. uSt.'ll'
got it. the Ihllhltt" U1alh'lU :
fl 1 anFUi''l smaller than first I Piles threaten. Only :25c.!;; at the AntiMonopoly .
you government stating that th. sendingof ; was at exixited. !
I would !IH' just as convenient a-- the ilei- .
the Rtxxls ar. r : reinforcements to the Far Hast has They are now quite confident Ii'ugstore. Imal. Twelve 1mlevvotiM make a fuot ,iI ; HaraWarB Co.

no sinister signifiVame. It is stated that the insuiaiu-e hiss caused by the 1 1I I twelve feet a rod. and so on. i i'I
hI the hih..jt'lual-... i'i the general unrest due to Japanese conflagration will not exceed $hl.U" woo,- '! NAPTHA LAUNCH FOR CHARTER I In 1111') dundt-< imaiiu! N M.UIH!. I the jiiu-es i I ,lories is spreading' to frame and ". and that it will under S3: :_.- I, The pleasure launch Alma is now on 'I But it i is chit. an easy, thin to ilune, iiFresh

I 1 China and consequently the 1"f"'lwhfun'Es u".OOI Silver Springs, for charter by the hour a people's standard ,if niniiey. weights; ;| .
Hot oat rent higher i ; and 1ll1'asurl's.I'W York \Vurld.WASHINGTON'S !
', there require engtlu-ning. or day. Hunting and fishing parties! a I r

thanhut U right. I Folej's Honey and! Tar cures the I specialty. Rates reasonable Weguarantee i Would Be
I I Japs Preparing to Submerge Port Arthur METHODS We Glad.When (
That is the fwllns 1- ; cough caus.,11y an attack of la grippe. I to please you. Give us a .
t With Wave of Men I .
/ a I It heals the lungs. Sold by the Post- call. Pierce & Farmer.Telephone The Way the Fullier of his loualryCwu i
that all of our \ luletl Ierei>lion.. you wish to buy any kind -
; h London, Feb. :20.: -The number of office Drugstore. or write to the springs.. I I
:'ustotih-l's h:i'e '' I Prfsidt'titial receptions, at the \\"UitcHoue of a Stove or Range to have .
I! Japanese troops! which have left J..rl.anI
w: E I iioxvadajs are va-tlv different you carefully .I
g.-II - -- -- -- -- --
Manchuria is lurt.OoO. They areI
/, I from. thOM? t'Hi-ii bj the Father of His I '

DRUGS ; I due at Dalny or in that vicinity today. Country when L.01""; at the Lead vt COMPARE .

This means a dash \\probably\\ rune the govi-rnuient. i'iii tadrlphia wai; then :
tk. ', I "''
ut a. : -
'4/ even sooner, than has been generally PLEASED CUSTOMERS the scene. The president rcntiil a house! I

f tin lost. IVi- 4.; at Sixth and Ial'kl'tft -ls for >;o.t"-t I

,,:i +rs I That an immense force of troops is ccZ.; H : a year and dressed; himself uiuch wore I '. .
11.1I'io-| thtsTiKurts .r elaborately\ than-he Lad for similar occasions i
being rushed to the Liao-Tung peninsula I .IJ
will prove it.ANTIMONOPOLY. Tell more good tales about our candy I in New, York.. I Ii
I seems ('N'taln.s to the numbei.lepoits ". :
i than we would dare to print even withmodesty i On the Ol'I'ISiolof a presidential reception

\ DRUGSTORE i are different but all dispitrhevdisplay i -' ; leavened with pride, If you I chosen fl'wCl'e admitted I
remarkable unanimity in stating a h i
'' and formed a circle around the !
J. W. Caste), Proprietor ; a' 1 want to know the merits of our confectionery -
\ that this is the objective point of : room. Then the iin-ident made I

OCALA, FLACarman a majority of the r >yir -\putity. dehciousness, sweetness the round, favoring; t-aih with a formal r

have been I'a"ing'arluuil Japanese\ _I / %i 1't l + taste as to furor and make--you bow and a few words. Then he returned I j .

t1 have only to ask those who buy eat I to Lis position before the lift-place I -
&Co.You ports. for several days past. The planis + tt jand j I
and delight in Lovvney's sweetmeats.At they in turn were conducted to i 'With
to overwhelm Port Arthur. I II
I him bowed and retireil. i,

will find a well selected stock of Difference in the Treatment of Troops : -At- I There was no Laiid-hakiiiA; his hands :

groceries at "being; so 11l'jloWl'fl as to indicate that '!
by the Opposing Nations :
I I Ii the salutation was not to IK accoinpanlcd |
i I with s-hakin hand! At Ib.'S' '!
Considerable comment Is L'lneallS- I i'ed --- - -- -- i any other make ,
on Noith Main St., north of city. market by th. difference. in th. m.tUlI.u! i i itransporting levees our first president shone. too. iu
the matter of dreVahin.toii i- described IN THE WORLD
I the
troops by ,
opposing as ret-jilendent in black vilvet, .
Sjtocialties- fortes. I H L TrrmlI (; fACT Rf
j I llUAIl. silver knee and sL'iv buckle loir. M.ii'k We feel your decision will

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES The Russian forces are being crowded >I silk stockings, his powdered' hair tied j be favorable to theFAVORITE

CHICKENS AND EGGS in ordinary freight cars like !50 | Makers of the r in a silk bag or cue behind. He wore i i '

much merchandise, that their food j fellow glows and Lt-ld a cocked hat iu .

Remember the place and rest assur supply is meager and many arc falling 'a 1 ,*t apt. e his hmd.-Ex<:bant'. .

ed we will treat you right. by the way because of the cold. !i Miio Deyo Therefore we court careful 4

\v. \v. CAKM.VA & co.' Far different.. from this is. the mann f j': .ta WEEPING AT A WEDDING.A I comparison. We know they _

-- in which th* Japanese\ are trawling to i t' 0 !
not EuualecLWe
Cbine e Marriage Ii a Mulit and are
the front. They are given tommodiuus HIGHEST Cp v lemu (eremonf. .

FISH AND OYSTERSI quarters with plenty of supplies, and ] GRADE. .; JUi CIGAR ; A Chinese marriage l.> a solemn ceremony : also carry a full line of

with heavy clothing to keep their hodi } --no talk no levity and nimh try-
have flesh Butte m Fish and i irs warm. The inconveniente caused I -AXD- rf1't ing. The solemnity; of :t funeral pre- ,| '

:Mullet always on hand: ; b> land travel by tramping over frozen i +C vails. After the txehange of lrl''lnts: SASH DOORS BLINDS.
The Celebrated the bride is dre-ed with much care in
ground and in deep snow. is obviated ,r f ,
Cellar Key and Crystal River I a red !gown-brt K-ade or .ilk. ir' >:lie can
the who "EL TROPICO"Ha. i
by Japanese are transporting | -
set it; her 'yela-lu are paintiil a drip\ |
OVSTKRS. the majority of their forces far up .vana Cigars \ I / black and she wear a heavy t. l veil: A Complete line of Builders and General Hardware Farming Tools

the Coiean shore in tran!'poits. and attached to u x-ariet Headdress from Guns and Ammunition.CHATTANOOGA.

RECEIVED FRESH DAILY thus cutting off considerable of the i: :.!.... .. : which mutation !pearls ham: over the ;
I III' '
and delivered distinctbetween the home cities md forehead. A feat -pread upon a table

) Opened upon request I' the expected of hostilities. :, CHAS. PEYSER, Prop. .. to which the blushiU_ bride i is led PLOWS .
II' by the of her rietidv. They are seined
The result of this difference of transportation i OcalaFlorida..
at the table, but I'at I> :
no one ;; ecp silence -
FILL YOUR WANTS will doubtless be readily apparent ; INSTOCK.
__ ____ __ prevails when Dually the motherstarts _
in 0
the more hardy condition of -- -
i crying the maids follow, and! the
W. M. TUCKER, the Japanese men when the time for bride joins in the chorus.; Then all the Jeffords Building. -

City Market. the, display of such hardine ('om,,". 0 WITH THE COMING i bride-maids (leave the table, and the

II :' disconsolate mother takes: a scat be-ide
American Nurses for Japanese Soldiers OF THE YEAR
: the chair! of state, where the bride ,.i'- s

OCALA I Washington.\ 20.' -Four .\rnt'riI..m I lye want" to do a bigger- business than I The bridfirroom; now t'nt..rsilll fir

trained nurses who will accompany t i, of his men friend4.; The men pi', k ui';'
ever and we want every builder andpel .
PRESSING CLUB Dr. Anita X. McGee to Japan toI j jh..II' | the throne on which the bride sits amid
-o ;.,' son interested In building to know I precedi-d by the bride::room. f iru, .n
tare for the sick and'.1of
'I that to render them : proecs..ion aud walk around the i 1":1< ':t,
PHONE NO. 167 war have been selected. They 'trr' + we are prepared i or into an iujnitr.u_ room jiIL; i> ;.11-
Miss Mary lladwin of Ho.-ton. Miss k1 z wr. the: most eftkient service in prompt de-
I that he is i carrying; her away tn !hi-.n' i iI L & GO.

Cleaningand .\ho Renter of Indiana. Miss KluabethSuxk I ,' i ,',- liveiies of the very best jellovv pine I Lome. The pueats then throw rb.; at THE CflBJIIICrlHEL SON \

of Brtioklyn. and Miss Kirl>ara mouldings mill work, shingles and of the happy couple, a custom we LaI \-, .

\\Vidman Washington.. They sail I borrowed from them.i .
i f of wood needed the -
-- :Z everything in I I
at out the last of this month.
building trade. I I i Macedonian (.irl.

PressingNEATLY I j In Macedonia .rnrl u-ually marry atthe I I "ED'S i"Jfel
$ C. I. GRACE. ace: of thirteen or fourteen and a
TENDENCY OF THE TIMES .d by tne stilling
RELIABLY husband will pay it. to i 2it for a wifeif .
QUICKLY. : Hour ej rtare.SHAK.
she U a ;irnod reaper and t.\i'.-rt .it
---- -- ----
DONE The tendency 01 the medical science'i Lou'ework and !piunng When :?:.rl- McGrath's Old Stand

I is toward preventive measures. The !'i from the villages marry towiiM.i nn.mioy "

Work called for and delivered. best thought of the world is being I"iv- i is (pjiiJ. the bride instead !t.:.' .: MarylandClub

MACDUFFI 111,: her trousseau with her in <,v"'...i I-' WEST SIDE QtT. .ICE
Special rates for monthly t-ter HUBBARD & as it were for the privil-ge i i. ,' : .

membership in the club I been fully demonstrated that pneumonia luz a "town lady:' In th- )l..f .. >', -.' Rebuilt and Newly Furnished

I I the bride most likely will Kr" ';jii..-" >! > I
of the dangerous dis-
one most
I do little or no work in the n....k! :_.i FINE WINES OF ALL KINuS, FOR FAMILY USE. HIGH GRADE
\ that medical have to contendwith | :
L M HENDRICKS. rases men
; that is the ;great ambition of tu"3t !girls I WHISKIES, BRANDY, ETC
i I
I ;, can be prevented by the use of ==== OCAlA tbcre.-London (;iobt'.
-- - -- -- !
'tumberlain's Cough Remedy. lneu- I Pure Rye tastes !! QUORS OBTAINABLE ARE KEPT BY US. SKILLED BAR TENDERS.
Opposite City Hall P. O. Box 374'II' monad always result from a cold or For HIT ItlooJ. '
Lady de Vere: -NJ y.u wished to seeme. i r ; COURTEOUS TREATMENT ASSURE D TO ALL. -i.
from an attack of influenza (grip) andit FOR old because itis
I Mrs.; Farmer? Mrs. Farru..r-Y.-. : '
H. R. HUNTERand has been observed that this remedy
lady an' 'opnc; : a'' you are full' of Valtb : WHOLESALEANDRETAILDEALERS
I ounteract any tendency of tho;.' 1-!, !I old A It is awhiskey f

-.-. -.tars'' toward pneumonia. This. \1.,1" AMERICAN FIELD AND HOG FENCE an; 'appines sz to my\Vell.L&1:1is!!: I eumos-, he's x.j.nrW.olet .nu ': IN BEER AND IMPORTERS OF
0: m.- "whichtime
:.!. ...! GU N ts.-n fully proven In many lh<>u" iu !k "t! I H'K 1-loud in 'er wems. S> I n...*<.- I AND DEALERS I IN ALL i

il ts.'s in which thU remedy ;-. I.... t. !Int: S3 LNCN..1tv. so :ou'd as trt bring up a bottle ..f ''..'
has !
used during! the prevalence of < "j! 1 j.. .i::,1I 1 I s s f.:u..ius blood mixture as set my 'M brought KINDS OF WINES AND LIQUORS J

LOCKSMITHIR I grip upon in with recent Implicit years\ ,confideim anJ can be I'n-a-rehe I "I I s _41 39 r T1..t *... a i.bii; it on a his trtall,'l:-London Ohromc.le.Presumptive you would. to ripeness." It I I GROCERY STORE AT S. A. L. DEPOT ,. rlI

pairing a Specialty. monia often results from a slight toll I u rI": I-s r n tr rrs l.idenee."R'hat I is "written down I 1 A CAREFULLY SELECTED STO CK OF GROCERIES; WITH FREt ,

OCALA FLORIDA. when no finger is apprehended until 1'- n" zs tr "e eMdei.t-e La\..- \\..:' asked the DELIVERY. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALL ORDERS. 1

it is suddenly discovered that there is ; :o 1"s t tLLJ teach in the nigbt school "that in.trp.e old'uh ate ; WE DO THE LARGEST MAIL 0 RDER BUSINESS IN THE STATE. ;

fever and difficulty In lor..lthillI1.r .4\ ..1 live longer: nowadays than tht'YuSo.d I characters of ALL ORDERS FILLED ON RETURN TRAIN. ;
H. pains in the chest, then it is announcedthat to IiT '
EEEjE1 ? The scatcbed his ear and Colored Bars <
the patient has pneumonia lie on Id._ youn. man ; age"-mellow- Separate White and at
DOLuHFRTYST ""'" refiectecL
the safe side and take ChamberlainsC'uugt' Rcgt.iar cq k Special flog Horse an J Cattle St>Ic "Weil he said. "the that Used
people" Both the S. A. L. and town places.
Remed- as soon as the cold is toys u io.or 0 10. apart Slays u in. or 6 in.apart C'Licaju i ness ripeness ug .
to live are all dead ain't they': !
md interior decorator. .
Painter contracted. It always cures. For sale
by all druggists. Made of large strong, high-grade! ; steel wires, heavily galvanized. Tribune. I! flavor. Our Liquors, Wines and Beers are bought fax L

PAPER HANGING i Amply provides for expansion and contraction. Is practically ever
Car Load lots direct and thi! f
; OUT prices arc
KALSOMININGPAINTING FINE CIGARS : lasting. Nc\er; go-s wrong, no matter how great a strain 13 put cn it. : There are several I so-

Does not mutilate but does, efficiently, turn cattle horses hogs _V.'.I harass''i by a bail cough U".. called "Club" Whiskeys Lowest. !-

: I IN nnt! pig i.urd's: : Horehound Syrup, it wl:! s oj --
The Norma Martinez the C. H. S. that are not "VV"e A.1waySMaryland
ALL BR\ CIIES. the El Solo, and the Fama :Nacional j cure: you sound sleep and efte1pi'impt a
anll.l.l..iI ure. J"' < :'i ]
four of the best 5 cent made i in :
SIGN PAINTING AND LETTERIN'' Tampa, and many othera to be found I by the manufacturers and by us. Call and see it. Can show you how I $: ..ttl.. .Itt.. .\I-M-: : ,,!-,-::. 1'- ',gt" I can tell it by the taste. 1M aImiGnael & o Co.O Gala flat

First class work only in T. W. Trailer's cigar case. it will save you money and fence your fields so they will stay fenced :t:. ,



-4. t r

-,. -. - - .ri'ti;

-- : .' -i!' '-
-- -. gy. !!- .
--- -
- :



Ocala Star 20 J904
S Evening Saturday, February ,

I: ,

The entertainment of the King's Washington Feb. 20.-Rain tonightand Gagnon-PollQk- 'ompan g.n. I

, BITTINGER & COMPANY Daughters last evening at the armory Sunday; colder tonight in central a very good pt-rfurmani-e at tht' opera

wa. sa great success, notwithstandingthe and south portions. house last night, but owing to th? h.d '- ENTRAL ATI\A'} \ lANK OF\ OCALA

C. L. Bittinger and R. R. Carroll inclement weather, which kept weather the audience was snuill Thisis

Editors and Proprietors. I many away, but in no wise Dampened $100 REWARD $100 a wry good company and J.-,.en, t"': lllLl J L I

the social ardor of the meeting and the; best of patronage. The 1.I..y 1 I.lsl

, the heart expansion for suffering humanity The readers of this paper will be I night was well rendered despite' the ;
she will not of I
Japan annex any
says for which the entertainmentwas pleased to learn that there is at least slrnder attendance The verdict of
China. matter how the war turns
no given. The program as ad'ertlsI I one dreaded disease that science has those who went was that the play and ,

out. ed was carried out to the letter, and wen able to cure in all Its stages, and the players "were all risht." They

-- greatly enjoyed. that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cureis give "A Woman's Sacrifice" tonight
; Dr. Manuel Amador Is the first president -
Miss Peyser played beautifully. Miss : the only positive cure now known to and to witness the play will be a first

of the republic of Panama. He Mr. Clifford Anderson the medical fraternity. Catarrh being of CAPITAL
Sara Whitfield. rate way passing' the evening.Nothing $ OOOO..i.
was inaugurated Friday. ,
Mrs. Hale. Miss Rounsaville. in their a constitutional disease requires a

reespective roles, sang beautifully. The constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca- I .
as good for consumers as a ..
; The funeral of Senator Marcus A. .
tarrh Cure is taken ...
reading of Miss Bernice Mark was internally acting (rand Royal Ilk cigar. Sold by all
Hanna at Cleveland, Ohio, was attended ...
., given with fine effect directly upon the blood and mucous nncipal dealers.AMAZONIAN. .
by over 50.000() peGI.le.Russia .
p- The "Happy Pair." as personated by surfaces of the system thereby de- .

Mr. Clifford Anderson and Miss. EloyseIzlar trojmg the foundation of the disease .
the of TIE CUTTERSThe :
has proposal
.1. showed marked evidences of histrionic and giving the patient strength by
the United States to respect the integ-
ability, and was greatly relish- building up the constitution and assisting -
of China the other evening a covered two-
rity during
: ed. The music furnished by Prof. nature in doing its work. The
horse wagon drove up to Crosbj an,1'Iartin's ':
Goodsell and Mr. Leon Fishel was a proprietors have so much faith in its I R. S. HALL R. L. ANDERSON CLARENCE CAMP
: The Panama canal treaty will be > livery, containing two women .
leasing feature of the evening. curative powers, that they offer One .
: voted on in the Senate next Tuesday. who called :'tlr.Iartin out and deciriJ
The eatables and drinkables as pre- Hundred Dollars for any case that it : I GEORGE MACKAY
to know if he J. K. CHRISTIAN
Only seventeen senators said to could accommodate GEORGE FORD
I ,
pared by Mesdames Waterman Brumy. fails to cure. Send for list of testi ,
be against it hem. They were on their way South .
> Hubbard and Bittinger and dispensed monials. Address,
from Georgia to Arcadia and wished'
to the audience in their seats F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo O. HERBERT A. FORD.
It is reported that none of the railroads to have a place of shelter. They wereaccommodated.
by the Misses Mattie Williams. Izlar. Sold by druggists ..5c.Hall's .
entering St. Louis will give The rt'markableI.hy- .
Whitfield and others were abundantand Family Pills are the best.
passes to the World's Fair this sum- sique of the women attracted atten- .
toothsome.The President
: mer. Editors will have to pay or walk. tion. They were fully 6 feet 6 lathes : Cashier :
ladies who generously gave their Miss Ruth Hall. teacher at Weir
In height and large in proportion and
time and assistance in the preparation Park, was in the city today. She reports -
The trustees of Stetson University wore No. 14 boots. In conversation it
of this fease were Mesdames Mc- her mother as being quite ill. i iwas HERBERT A. FORD. F. L. WATSON.
f met in DeLand Friday. They accepted learned they were railroad tie cutters .
Iver Groves ),1. E. Robinson Baker
\ the resignation of Dr. Forbes and and contractors. One of the women -!I
and Misses Williams and Izlar. The Green Bush of Lake Weir was a
voted him a tension until October 1 of said she had just cleared a trot ,I.
last named were the committee on en- pleasant' caller at the Star office to- 1
of 3100' acres in Georgia had sold the I
\_ this year.Folitlcai terytinment. and are deserving of the day. I TROUBLES OF OUR OWN I A TERRIFIC EXPLOSIONIn W. P. EDWARDSAt
and and was on her way to new tim-
thanks of the King's Daughters for I
ber. She remarked that
editions seem to have the their untiring and' unselfish labors in Will Dale came in from Gainesville Manila.\ Feb. ::"o.-Lieut. McRae and Utah Costs the Lives of Twenty-
she was a widow and that her husband I the City Market
,. right of way. The Jacksonville Metropolis this noble cau-. this afternoon. six privates of the constabulary have Three People
had been
and the Tampa Tribune and hanged. They certainly been Killed by a bolo rush of 5uO fanatics '
looked if could Ogden Utah Feb. 20. Two Fresh Meat Fish and
as they tackle a whol- cars of Poultry Vegetable
Tampa Herald will each issue one. The THAT SMOKER Mr. O. W. Reagan came down from while patrolling the east coast of :?
forest with the axe and fell it. dynamite attached to a work train on
Metropolis will come forth on March Hague this afternoon to spend Sunda the island of amar.Prh'ate .
Which the Ocala board of trade is he Op en-Lucien cut-off of the South- in Season
19. with his family.Mr. Solomon of the Fourteenth
promoting and will pull off Wednesdaynight PUTS AN END TO IT ALLA iavalrjitationed at Job was also rn Pacific Railroad, exploded with

promises to be the biggest thingof I Trifle force late
Friday afternoon at
What Japan has done to the Russian and Mrs. N. R. Reed of Cutler. Killed by bolomen. City and Country Trade SolicitedFree
the kind ever given in this city as a Jackson !station eighty miles west of
grievous wail ofttimes
will be to comes asa
: navy a scarcity compared Ga., arrived this afternoon to a visit
what England will do to French ships business proposition. That there maybe to Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey parentsof I result from unbearable pain from And We Seem Anxious to Add to Them Ogdt-'n. killing at least twenty-three Delivery Phone J 2 J.

and sailors if France is foolish enoughto no misunderstanding among the Mrs. Reed.A overtaxed organs. Dizziness Backache Washington, Feb. 20.-All the Pacific persons. injuring as many more and

allow herself to be drawn into the members we will say that each member Liver complaint and' Con!'tipation. transports are being detained at destroying; a large amount of property.

war. has been assessed 30 cents extra But thanks to Dr. King's New Life San Fram in order that they may The accidejit was caused by a water "

for the smoker and the secretary will THOUSAND DOLLARS Pills they put an end to it all. Theyare be ready in the event a sudden emergency train running into the two cars loaded Special Sale '

call Monday to collect the same. He THROWN AWAYMr. _gentle but thornueh.__ Trv_ them. should demand the sending of with powder. Five, locomotives were
The Times-Union is attempting a Uu
ready with the change or authorize W. W. Baker of Plain\iew Neb. Only :25e.!: Guaranteed by the AntiMonopoly an expedition to China. reduced to scrap iron, and the big
laudable work-that of
most providing
jour cashier to pay it for )'OU.' writes "My wife had lung trouble for Drugsto're. Xo ttoops' can be spared from the steam shovel at Jackson station was Sewing MachinesWe
: Florida.lth an exhibit at the World'sFair.
over fifteen )'ears. We tried a numberof rilipmeThe warships on the Pacihc (completely.demolished. L'ltetonight a
The state failed to make the S
necessary appropriation, and unless CALL FOR MEETINGOF doctors and spent over a thousand CREAMERY BUTTERThe station have been coaled and ammuni- train arrived from Jackson bringing have a large number of sewing machines that have been usedsomebut

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEThe dollars ithout any relief. She wasvery thin has been put' aboard in order that twelve of the injured. Some of them little-that will
the T.-U. succeeds we will not be we close out at Bargain Prices. These machines have
hercul/.m low and I lost all hope when a they may leave at a moment's notice \eie apparently' lifeless.
there. The tas.k is a one, Carmichael & Son Co. keep been thoroughly overhauled by experienced workmen and all worn parts replaced
friend suggested trying Ile "'s Honey should( (occasion ariM for Aemrican intervention
and the T.-U. should lie encouraged. democratic voters of the various > constantly on hand receiving a fresh -

It is proposed to get out three mammoth precincts of Marion county are hereby and Tar which I did and thanks be sLpply every two days delicious, pure in the Far }':ast. END OF BITTER FIGHT and made as good as new for service. Each machine is adjusted, tried

editions of this paper descriptiveof requested to meet in their respective to this great remedy, it saved her life. Georgia creamery butter 25 cents pei and guaranteed to do perfect work before it leaves our store. Can be seen

West East and Middle Florida. ToJropt'rly districts and elect their committeemanto She is stronger and enjoys better pound ktpt on ice. Phone No. 37. DRESS MAKINGMrs. Two physicians had a long and and tried, if desired. *

health than she has ever known in ten stubborn fight with abscess
serve for the Aisuing term as member an on my
( distribute these. six fair We will sell these machines very low for cash. Prices run from $4 to $12,
daughters of our state will be in St. of the county democratic executiveomniittee jears. We shall never be without Foley's WEAK AND LOWSPIRITEDA J. G. Uamsauer at Mrs. J. M. right lung" writes F. J. Huges of Du and each is
bargain at the
a price.
Louis, at the expense of the Times- (' in time for said committeemen Honey and Tar. and would ask Thompson's residence, will do dress i'tnt Ga., and gave me up. Everybody -

Union. What the T.-U. desires in this to meet in Ocala on Saturday. those afflicted to try it." Sold by the Correspondent Thus Describes His making. Suits a specialty. thought my time had come. As a We are agents for the celebrated "New Home" and "Wheeler and Wil.

matter is the cordial co-operation of February 27. 1904. to consider the Postoffite Drugstore. Experience"I last resort I tried Dr. King's New Discover son" Sewing Machines-with or without button.hole attachment.

the people of the state to make it a recommendation for the appointment ofa can strongly I recommend Heibine ARE YOU GOING NORTH OR WEST ) for Consumption. The benefit Ieiened Graphophones and Records. A Graphophone and 6 Records for $5.

big success. Every county in the commonwealth successor to }o'. S. Lucius county FEMALE MINSTRELS as a medicine of remarkable efficacy was striking and I was on my

of Florida should be represented commissioner from the third district, for indigt-htion, loss of appetite. sour' The Louisville & Nashville R. R. offers feet in a few dajs. Now I've entirely SPECIAL ATTE.. 'ION TO MAIL ORDERS

in this edition. and we trust resigned. and to transact such other Walker's opera house was well filled taste in the mouth, palpitation headache unexcelled passenger service. regained my health." It conquers all

Marion will not be slow in doing the business as may come before the com last Monday e\enmg. Many ladies I drowsiness after meals, with distressing :'- Modern trains carrying Pullman sleepers Roughs, Colds and Throat and Lung Furniture and House Furnishing Goods at"SMITH'S"

mittee. S. J). were in the audience, and seemed to troubles. Guaranteed by the AntiMonopoly j
banner county of the state proud with Pjles, Chairman. mental depressions and low up-to date coaches, free reclining

This February 3, 1904. appreciate' the entertainment as wellas chair Drugstore. Price 50c and $l'.
a first class write-up. spirits. Heibiue! must be a unique prelaratum cars dining cars, betweenSouthern ;
the veriest bald-head there. Dun- Trial bottles free. .
o, for cases such as mine>, for a i and Northern cities. The

When you feel blue and that everything ESCAPED AN AWFUL FATE can Clark's show consisted of song and few doses entirely removed my tomilaint. finest dining car service in the South. ;i

goes wrong, take a dose of dame speiialties whkh weie of a nature I wonder at people: going suffering I All agents sell through tickets via SPECIAL SALEA Ocala Furniture Co.

Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab- Mrs. II. Haggins of Melbourne, Fla.. that would not in the least shock or spending their money on L. & N.For .

lets. They will cleanse and invigorateyour the most fastidious.-Seward (Neb.) special sale of furniture new and
writes: "My doctor told me I had Consumption worthless things, when Heibine is pio- rates, schedules and sleepingcar

stomach. regulate your bowels and nothing could be done for I. Reporter. curable, and s<> heap." :50c a bottle at reservations apply to J. M Flem second hand. I must sell to make

give you a relish for jour food and me. I was given up to die. The offer I) At Marion opera house, one night. the Anti-Monopoly: Drugstoie. ins Florida passenger agent 206 W. room. Positively have no room to store

make you feel that in this old world is of a free trial bottle of Dr. King's New i|i February 24.SUICIDE. Bay St., Jacksonville, or C. L. Stone, it 1-:. C.. Smith: Ocala Furniture Co. MONROE & iAMiiiiSsl

a good place to live. For sale by all I Discovery for Consumption induced me 'I THE SITUATION IN SAN DOMINGOWill G. P. A., Louisville Ky. -

to try it. Results were startling. I am I I
now on the road to recovery and owe : Probably Compel Us to Add An. The S'rl1cn of a pin may "ause' the YEARSB.

The Senate connmttee on commefce all to Dr. King's New Discovery. It startling announcement that apre.t'nti'e other to Our Already Incongruous loss of a limb or even death when blood F. hare Miami Cycle & Mfg. Co.
has agreed by a strict party vote t<- of suIcide has been discovered -
I surely saved mj- life. This great cure poisoning results from the injury. All Middletown, Ohio, suffered for ten rn
favorably report; the nomination of the will Interest many. A run Collection of Islands. WANT YOUR BUSINESS
is guaranteed for all throat
and of
lung danger this may be avoided, however years with djspepsia. He spent hundreds -

negro Crum to be collector of the port 'diseases by all druggists. Prices 50c. down sjstem or despondency, invariably Washington IC)). :20.! -By anarchistic by promptly' applying Chamber- of dollars for medicine and with You know It has
I not been the
of Charleston. S. C. Senator Tillman precede' suicide and something has j] our reputation; growth
and $1. Trial bottles free. disiegard of th. laws of nations and lain's Pain Balm It is an antisepticand dactors without receiving
aided by other d"mocratilsl'nators, I been found that will prevent that"condition I any perma- of but has been built ::3
l a day by
Ii by i-rsistent oppression of foreign interests quick healing liniment for cuts, nent benefit. He says, "One night w up years

will fight the confirmation in the Sen i OPERA HOUSE, FEBRUARY 24 which makes suicide likely. At Santo Itoimngo is making inevitable bruises and burns. For sale by all while feeling exceptionally bad I was oi careful management.
ate. the first thought of self destructiontake I
punishment at the hands of druggists. about. to throw down the evening paper
Duncan Clark's entertainment con- Electric Bitters. It being a great the United States. The invasion of the J OCALA 'witrn.
when I saw an item in the paper regarding -I m .
AN tAKLY RISER tonic and nervine will strengthen thenerves
sisted of
specialties, and there Anieruan consular
were agency at Samana
FOR SALE the merits of Kodol Dyspepsia
no acts words and build up the sjstem. It's I 3 j January J9 J904.
or during the performame by armed Dominicans who took there ,
Cure. I
concluded to try it and.whileI !1 1i2S2.S2S25252525252.5'252252S2S2S52525252525252522fJV
A strong healthy. active constitu- that also: a great Stomach Liver and Kidney Thirty head of stock hogs at .
could take from
any lady offense a political refugee who mght 5
had no faith in it I felt better after
tion depends largely on the conditionof I at. Some of the s'pectators were disappointed regulator. Only oOc. Satisfaction asylum under the Mars and Stripes, is I Daisy, in good condition: pigs shoal the second dose. After using two bot- I

the li\er. The famous little pills guaranteed; by the Anti-Monopoly and grown animal Address Robert ----
I tome having gone therewith only the last of .1 list of outrages ties I am stronger and better than I
known as DeWitt's Little Early Risers the idea that it Drugstore. which has tried this M.irsh Dai'y. Kl.i. or D. \J. Carrollare j jha'e
was a regularcancan government's
I r..l- been for jears and I recommend< J. A. PITTMAN & SONAre
not only cleanse the system, but they i>erformance.-Aurora (Neb.) tience.. Befoie that the aggravating <' of ( K.ila Seed Store, Ocala. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure to my friend;

strengthen the action of the Jiwr and Sun. RELIEF IN ONE MINUTEOne incid..ntst're the killing of Johnson One dollar t>er head.
and acquaintances suffering from
rebuild the tissues receiving new goods daily
supporting that ----
or- ma''hinist.
of the Yankee --
Minute Cough Cure gives reliefn the insurgents "
I stomach trouble. Sold by Wm. Anderson. -
gan. Little Early Risers are easy to BELIEVES IN RODGERS one minute, because it kills the microbe of the Santo Domingo city anil II' .
act they never gripe and jet they For up-to date Furnitureand
which tickles the mucous membrane the stopping of the mail steanu-i t'hei- Ii

absolutely certain to produce results Pick's belief is that Mr. Allan Uodg- (causing the cough and at the okt'tBusin."s i SourStomach FOR SALE-Forty acres of good Treatment
that are satisfactory in all cases. Sold good
ers of Oc.ila will make a true and same time clears the phlegm draws is stagnated in the flliik melon land; 36 acres cleared, but not
by Win. Anderson, Ocala, Fla.
faithful sheriff as he is well versed in out the inflammation and heals and republic. Plantationsowned bj th- fenced; has been out of use for several
all of its duties. As a road overseerhe soothes the affected parts. One Minute Americans are overrun by first tht- msurgHUs years and is in the very best condition .
"Little Japan" is a misnomer.
Japan tilled every i*' >mt with credit to Cough Cure strengthens the and then the tro"'I' for growing melons one mile
has over Id.OiW.OOi people. She is I No appet.ts loss of strength ; They don't mind showing and to
one quoting prices
himself and the county. Duk can lung, wards off pneumonia and is a It is necessary to keep a wholt"iu i Iron I nervousness, headache constipation, from Summerfield, being the ne of sw

of theorld's and great jxmers ranking testify to that.-Dick. the Hustler in harmless and never failing cure in all! warships under K.-.u. Adiiuial : bad bream general debility sour risII quarter of sec. 13, tp. 17, r. 22. Address those contemplating buying in the future.
equal to Austria. She: is .
FellowshiI) correspondence. curable cases of Coughs, Colds anc} Wise within easy rea< h IIf :'.1 mil !>'<,- II irgs: and catarrh of the sterr.ach are Jacob Short Paola, Fla.

three times as strong as Spam and H Croup. One Minute Cough Cure is Ining,). Kindly efforts nothinsNv all! d.e: to indigestion. Kool:! cures THE SPECIALTIES NOW ARE
stronger than both Xorth and South
When in doubt. smoke the Milo Deyo Ileasant to take, harmless and good; general is strong is strong enough j ini gest.on.: This; new discovery repre- A CURE FOR ECZEMAMy

were in our civil! war. She: is stronger ".c. cigar. All principal' dealers.W.H.MAREAN alike for young and old. Sold by Wm. to win and remain seated .is president > eras: the natural: juices of d.gestiin! Iron Beds Polished Rockers Willow
than either
Germany or France were '- --- -- .- -- -- --- Anderson, Ocala. Fla. against the treachery of his fellow- : as they exst: in a healthy stomach. ,
In 1S70, and could probably hold heron tountrjmen. I combined; wi'h tue:: greatest known tome I baby had eczema so bad that its
head was a solid mass of scabs, and its Rockers Side-boards and GocartsThey
with either of
them todaj M. D. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE ON The state department received today i i and recsns-ructi:;) properties. Kodsl l ,
bur all canto out. I tried many rem-
; Dyspepsa Cre does not on'y cure in-
us first information of the >
CURED CONSUMPTION HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AND THE SEABOARD AIR LINE amana. outrage at ':, dgestion: ad: Jspe rsia. but this famous --dies but none seemed to do any per have a full line of cooking and heating stoves

SURGEON remedy cures a..J stomach troubles bycear.srg rrwnent good until I used DeWitt's
Following is the time of arrival and The department was also today i i
Witch Hazel Salve. The eczema is
V Mrs. R. W. Evans. Clearwater. Kan.. If'Clal attention given to the treatment briefly informed by Minister Powell pur.tyir.g; sweeten;:{
of Chronic Diseases and Diseases departure of trains on the SeaboardAir at s-rergtr.erurj the mucus 'ured, the scabs are gone. and the lit. NOTICE OF MASTER'S SALE
rites: "My husband lay sick for three Santo I ship s, range 18, east, containing
Domingo city that Jetn Vil-
i of Women and Children. Line railway at Ocala: l.rur.g the sto::.ah. tie! one's scalp ,is perfectly clean and
months; the doctors stated he had I.tin.'ke consul : 30 acres more or less, and more particularly -
at Sarnana. had
Ocala, Fla. No. 66 from Tampa, 12:41:! p. m. agent i Wealthy, anl its hair is growing beautifully .1 i known
quick consumption. We procured a informed him under date of Ffbruafv '! Under and by virtue of a final d as Rosebank the home
Leaves for Jacksonville and
otherpoints again. I cannot too mucraie
bottle .of Rallard's Horehound Syrup Office over Tj dings' Drugstore. Office I 9. that an rmed force had entered the I cree rendered on the 23rd day of January place of Maggie Vogt and her husband,
and it cured him. hours from 8 a. m., to 12 m.; nurth at 1 p. m. ; to DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salv Albertus Vogt, and now occupied by
That was six years consulate and seized two refugees. }Ir. I A. D. I&y4.! by the Honorable W. 8.1
from: : 5 No. &
p. m. to p. ru night train from Tampa, -Frank Farmer. Bluff City, Ky. In
ago. and since tht'nw always kept a FE'sldt'nctXI.: 60 N. Main St., known PovvtfH does not state whether thearmed BuUo<:k. judge of the circuit court of I them as a residence, or so much thereof -
leaves for Jacksonville 2.3S
at a. m. tmv in? Witch Hazel Salve l look out for
bottle in th-> house. We cannot do with as the Nash cottage. force represents Dominican I the fifth judicial circuit of Florida, Marion as will satisfy said decree and costs.L .
No. :20.! southbound from Jacksonville, uunterfeit DeWitt's is the original
out it. For coughs and colds It has no the i in chancery. In S. Beck,
government or Moraltpro"ilional county a certain
I arrives 2: 12:! p. m., and leaves for Tam j r.d the only one containing pure
equal. 25c.. 50c. and Jl a bottle at theAntiMonopoly government but a later dispatth shows I I cause therein pending, wherein R. P.Priest Special Master in Chancery.
WE WILL SELL pa at 2:32: p. m.No. | Wlkh Hazel. The name E. C. De- '
I Solicitor, W. K. Zewadskl.
Drugstore.All .
that not only President Morales himself II was complainant and Albertus
57, southbounl from Jacksonville | \v itt & Co. is on every box. Soil by
Colonist tickets to CALIFORNIA but a member of his cabinet were Vogt et ux, were defendants, the undersigned -
leaves for Tampa at 12:5S a. In. \\ m. Anderson Ocala Fla.
remember the calamity that befell OREGON, WASHING. All trains carry Pullman sleeper and responsible for the violation of th-- special master appointedand NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR

the city of Galveston Texas in TON IDAHO, UTAH and the railway postoffices and day trains stopat :: l'oosulatl"slOlitkal safl& tit .. KodolDIGESTS NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR named in sa d final decree'to exe- Tax Deed Under Section 8 of Chapter -

1900. To prevent a recurrence of cute the will 4SS8 Laws of Florida.
a GREAT NORTHWEST Ocala for dinner.Ajtotk I Tax Deed Under Section & of Chapter same on

tidal wave again devastating the city, CANCER CUREDMr. 4> S. Laws of Florilaotuo ,
Monday, the 7th day of March A. D.
a wall three and a half miles long and WHAT YOU EAT Notice Is hereby given that Fridy and
Brothers of MoultriGa..,
seventeen feet high. renting on piling CHEAP have purchased 25.000: ( acres of land W. Pn. kett. Smithfield Ills.! Gives Health to the Sick .all ,I :\ is hereby given that Geo. G. I Ibetw..n Rou. purchasers of tax certificates No.

; driven forty feet into the ground. witha I Strength to the Weak.&ae. the hours of 11 a. m. and 2 402 and 403, dated the 3rd day of October. -
19" of certificate So.
of Alford and Ses, "om* at ('hiple) : writes Sept. lu 1. 'I had been suffering I K.ihie. purchaser tax II'
rock and cement bed. has been built. During March and April. Our o'clock: p. m., at the court house doorIn A. D. 1SS8! have filed said certificates
consideration. more than $100000. several years with a cancer on : : ; only. Jl 00 Size hokSrf 2H times .3": :;. dated the 7th day of August, A
also a canal. 150 feet wide and twenty route takes you through ST. my face, which pave me !great annoyance the trui fcie wtich seij' tr Sic. I'. 199. has filed said certificate in my Ocala, Flon.:la. offer for sale and will in my office and made application

feet deep has been cut. and the gradeof [ LOUIS KANSAS CITY, COLORADO .. sell to the highest and best bidder for for tax deed to issue In accordance
A NIGHT ALARM and unbearable itehiEff. I was Prepared by B. C. DC Witt 4 Co., Chicago.5ol !!ke, and has made application for I

the city is to be ra >'t'J. The wall and SALT LAKE using Ballard's Snow Liniment for .i : 'IX deed to issue in accordance with cash the mortgg premises described with law. Said certificates em-

Cost $1,500,000. The raising of the CITY. .mJ : .. ", Said certificate embraeis the fol in sail final decree, to-wit Es and brace the following described property
Worse! than the alarm of fire at nightb sore leg through an a> -'nt 1 : : b y WM. ANDERSON Ol'aa: i i

grade will cost $ .OOO.O)O. The bonds the brassy, cough of croup whichsounds ,: rubbed some of the't: <'!I i- I i! .,", H.g described property situated In' nw '. of sel, of se ,i of section 27 town- situated in Marion county, Florida, to-

for this were taken by home people, "THE SCENIC LINE e : __ n __ __ wit: Lots 10 and 1!, block 13 Reddick,
like the children's death knell canter and it gave m. ..ilrrm: *:. 0 : USE TflYLOR'S 2 si inon >ount Florida to-wit: NH ot

and the state remitted the cit 's taxesfor .. e'r: .* sec 10, 13, 2L The said land being -
> OF THE WORLD." and it means death unless! somethingis relief. I decided to t'1tdU- i.. .., .Ai4 of 'w14 of swU. $ 24. tp 16, r tp r

fifteen )'t'ars. Galveston has become done qui,kl-. Folej-'s Honey and liniment on the cancer. In.t -:. .! : .': Remedy of Sweet Gum and .J:: The said land being assessed at V. B. POTTS assessed at the date of the issuance

one of the most Important centers Make your arrangements nw.i Tar never fails to give instant relief the cancer came out, my f" e !-.' :eand :h.. date of the issuance;;: of jch c rtif- I. 1 of such certificates In the name of Fla.

of trade in the world, and has and quickly! cures the worst forms of : there is not the slightest s. i: ;..:'. Mullen for Coughs, Colds, I' ate in the name of H. A. Lamb. Un- CONSTRUCTING AND BUILDING j Commercial Co., and F. Q. Brown

grown greatly! since its disaster of three I. E. REHLANDER croup. Mrs. P. L. of Manning- I I I have implicit faith in the n.rnts of LaGrippe. Nature's GreatRemedy irss soi-i certificate shall be redeemed Carpentering and I.i; Trustee. Unless raid certificates shall

years ago. Its cotton receipts' for the ton. K).. writes: My: threejearoldgirl I this preparation. anJ, it cannot he ti.o for all Throat and I 0 i.rdme to law tax deed will issue! : be redeemed according to law. tax

past year were 2,100,000 bales, or (:it\- Traveling Passenger Agent had a severe case of croup; the I highly retommended.m.; ;; .1 'h-r..on on the :jnd! day of )March A. General Repairing deed will issue thereon on the 16th dayof

000 greater than those of New Orleans.It doctor said she could not live. I tiJl.: For sale by the Anti-1vny; Lung Troubles. Thoroughlytested I' 1s'4.? March A. D. 1904.

is also a large shipping point for MISSOURI PACIFIC a bottle of Folej-'s Honey and Tar: e''I Drutrstore. for 30 years. 25c., ; Witness my official signature and Satisfaction Guaranteed Witness my official signature and

grain. Its exports since Septemberwere RAILWAY first dose gave: quick relief and it saveher I seal this the 17th day of February, A. AddressBOX I seal this the 13th day of February A.
50c. and $ i For Sale by !
14.000.000 bushels. Thus does life" Refuse !Jubst,tutt's. Sold by Handrome parlor lamps ar'fluieread s I D. 19"4. S. T. Sistrunk. I II I D. 1904. S. T. Sistrunk

time work wonders. CHATTANOOGA, TENN. the Post tri.e Drugstore. toilet sets; at Mclver & JIacKay Anti-Monopoly Drugstore. 1Clerk Circuit Court Marion Co., Fla. 691 OCALA, FLA Clerk Circuit Court Marion Co., Fla.



_. .... .....iL
? -
....::... .. .

,, ,, :
-; __ _____ .- ------ -- --- -- : --



Ocala Evening Star. Saturday. February 20. .904.'J .

'J;, v
0 ---- ---
--- --- --
: I -- \

Commercial I FROM AN OLD SOLDIER r -I \.
One of Those Who Shared With Comrade Quite often results in bad health, becaas j I PEOPLE'SDEPARTMENT

f BRANCH OF 0 what 16 termed "good living is usually !I FLORIDA EAST COAST HEADACHE
Brown the Dangers and the gratification of the palate without

; 0 COMMERCIAL BANK, JACKSONVILLE Hardships of '61-65 reference to the nutrition of the body.

Z k I O When the good liver is a business man I -Vj titker bad beet tiffenr from
I II .. Rev. J. E. A. Keeler ilei trtditk*
Editor for Vke Utt
Nellie Wilcox County Ala. tad rises from a tventr-flT T UI mi BCTer foani say
: CAPITAL S50.00O.OO O full meal to plungeat Railway t b relief.11..sail bran ba began UUaf you CU February 10, 1904. I once into work the budaebe.t&k..c Cueueu b. bkt ..Te bKi
SUNDAY SERVICES They bar entirely cored bia.
Hon. C. M. Brown, Ocala Florida: requiting mental j I Cw weu do wba y<* rceomaend tbeo to do. I
. f" INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS O effort the rtsUlt is *iU girt TOIl tb. prlrilect of uiec bu sain.."

Dear Sir: Some one in your county': alcioEt! sure: to be Mt. Moriah Baptist Church ,I tM.PiekIoaflae.iacrWJa4juu..lPleasant ) .

: O DOES A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS. DEPOSITS 0 sent me the Belleview X ws.u.tter in I i! disastrous because (Pr. D. II. Brown, Pastor.) ,

I RECEIVED.: LOANS MADE. EXCHANGE BOUGHT I Ir. which was a marked copy of the ,. digestion: draws 9:30 a. m.-B. Y. P. U. II I

.: f AND SOLD O speech delivered by you at the reunion upon nervous the forces same 11 a. m.-Services. I Ii

I IJ of the U. C. V. at St. TIME CARD I
Augustine which are employed IN EFFECT FEB. 16 p. m.-Sunday school i,

__ _ _
- Florida. '
------ --- Please ,. in
permit an old Alabama thought. 7:3d p. m.-Preaching by pastor.

: comrade. "ho gave the best four II I In time the stomach .... i iI
IT MAY TAKE becomes diseased Will Appear in Next Issue. iI I
years of his life fighting to ML Zion
fflDKE DB OfFER establish the processes _. A. M. E. Church I

THE FOLLOWING the Confederacy to congratulate you of digestion: Rer. R. S. Quarterman Pastor)

r. r on this grand speech and the true I \\l and nutrition are 9:30 i PtJiUbU.Po.nLTut.G
t a. m.-Sunday school s od.Do Good,
a- Southern 1'' imperfectly performed i ever bickea. weun or Grip. lie. Se.: We.Ke.*f
ring sounding therein. I old in bulk.
amsure ( and there 11 a. m.t r\-icl's.: Tht reusing &&11.' citspcd CCC.
I Gunnteed
such beautiful expressive and f is a physical 3:30 p. Preaching. Sterling Remedy Co..Chicago cr N.T. 598

noble sentiment could only have issued I breakdow 7:30 p. m.- I AN X U AL
: FOR SJtL6: BY from a pure heart overflowing with Dr. Pierce'i Preaching: by pastor. --- SALE, TIM MILUOH BOXES

Golden Medical -
patriotism and burdened with lute for Covenant
Discovery cures Baptist Church

F. W IITTO I those who fought for the lost cause diseases of the '" (Rev. R. X. Counter, Pastor.) LALEXANDERPractical

which, though lost to us, the principlesand stomach and other

rights for whkh we contended I organs of digestion and nutrition. It I. 11 a. m.-Preaching

. eliminates the effete poisonous matter !::O p. m.-Sunday school
NO. 1-XICE :5 ROOM COTTAGE OX OCKL.\ can never" die so long as remainsa
W.II.'ESLELargi> yArd 1-w by 130 man which originates; in the stem as a consequence -
1\ Collate In Good Condition. Newly. Painted etc b...u. Part Ca.h. free and liberty loving animal. of imperfect digestion. It gives 7:30 p. m.-Special* services. CARPENTER AND BUILDER

F NO. :3-XICE: COTTAUE: EO our pensheihearts
t In Fine Condition. T,.o I'orcheri. Price fl. Part Cash. St. James P. E. Careful estimates made on all contract
UI wish to the world Church
say to that Dr. Pierce i
f XO. J-GXJD HOME H ROOM' Wide lUlUGcKxl Fireplaces. On Paved Street In may be the principles that actuated Golden Medical Discover has proved a great work. Gives more and better work for j.
, 2nd Ward. Price $1I'n Easy Term4XO. the Southern soldiery, the ubiquitous t- blessing to me vrntrt; Mrs Ellen E Bacon. of : IT. L. McCoy. Lay.n ader.) the) money than any other man in \

1.-BIG BARQAIX IX NICK 7 ROOM nO[ i.. Fine Bath Cistern, Large Jackson and immortal Lee will i j September!,? I had doctored Co1...(.'Jr. izHumana"Pnor to: 9 a. m.-Sunday School. town.

Yard luuxJuu left. Paved Lret.Good Location ll.liw." l live on and on, and be acknowledgedand I trouble: for* \'l"r..1I"IT: .. goini through a course 11 a. m.-Preaching.
NO. 6.-FIXE BUILDING LOT AXD BACK LOT of treatment without any real benefit. In
- WITH :sMALL HOtsE:: Pays Us is.6 I had very and 7 p. in.-Senkes: I A.
pt'r'ear in Renu. Good Location in lit Ward. Price fur all $-":-.0 established by generations yet un II worse could eat hut I1tt.l"icVpells. I commenced grew in "SEE THE TICKET AGENT" Colyer Bros.

O.6-GOOD2STO1tY! HOC:,E 2 BLOCKS FROM 1-O-.T OFFICE. Fine :shade: and born. Yea. even now they are sanctioned !September 15yo: to take Itr Pierce 9 medicine, -
kit Location.Bath etch Price H government who ..
foughtus. have gad tu.' .t.' I"J. I. t- -,110. Tailors
J 1
>plendid Baths as shown by the a. m.-Preaching.
acts of its chief FREE. Dr. Pierce's Common Sense
Barn. Suble.! With Whole. Block. A Bargain at l: m Part Uab.F i( Hare I in stock
t i Medical :3: one of the finest assortments
Adviser is
executive, in the sent jru on p. m.-Services.
:co.FINiC( HOME OX OCKHWAUA AYES""' :. Lu'Ard, kuxiM: fi-et. l.ooJ recognition of the receipt i
1 Barn and ..liable Kn Location la eity. Price $2': *>. Part Ca->!U.XO. state of Panama. of stamps to pay expense of mailing oniy. I 7:30: p. m.-Services. of suitings for holiday suits

(.-l) BUILDING LIT IX FIRsT WARD OX PAVED STREET. I'mxluo' I had the honor to command: the Send 21 one-cent sumps for the book in I - -- --- -- _-" -- ever presented to the Ocala public.
for the clothbound II
feet. Prices J.ii; to liiw.\ paper Corers or 31 stamps I I Zion M. E. Church Style and fit guaranteed.
squad who fired the first small arms volume. Address Dr. R.V. Pierce, Cleaning.

Street.XO. JO-GOOD Pni-e IJU to LOT$luo.NO. SEAR. M-OKE: RIM FACTORY IX CITY LIMIT- on Paved of the civil war. They were fired on Buffalo, S' 'V.NOTICE .I .ISI .I .ISI Bi .i 102 CIGI I lRe\. W. O. Bartley, Pastor.) dyeing and repairing neatly done. Fall

11-XJD HOME IX sECOXD WARD Xcwly Painted 'te. l'ric..nlJI half cash the coast of your adopted state in a '. z. in.-Sunday schooL 'and winter suitings to your liking.

O. 12-lw! ACRE; GROVE ANt) 1IOOK with Fine View of J.ake.Ir., some oran- skirmish with the en.?my. an accountof APPLICATION' Ff : 1 11 .1. Preaching. Best suits for the money in town. Inspection .
ellthl"Mason. Price $'.;;0. I SEABOARD I :: solicited. Xo.
which was given by the Pensacolaobser Tax Deed Under Section 8 of Chapter i p Preaching. I 3, North Main

\'er. 7. :'i": p. Preaching. St. two doors north of Ocala House
F. W. DITTO 4 S*. Laws of Floiida. I _
I notice from the News-Letter that I I
Notice i is hereby given that J. L. Ic-
you are a candidate for governor of : AIR! LINE RAILWAY : New Zion Baptist Church ,

Real the state. I shall watch the canvass 11..0.1. purchaser of tax certificate N o. j: : f a. m.-B. Y. P. U.

Estate and Insurance.Room 411, dated the 6th day of August A. D. I i I .
with much interest, and belie\e that FOR o p. m -Sunday school. LA GRIPPE

the l9''M), has filed said certificate In mof.- ( i 7: ..',. i I'. m.-Services.Ea .
12 eople cannot do their state .
Merchants' Block. agrt'att'r
Ocala, Florida. honor than by honoring you flee, and has made application for tax Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern Pine*, '!! S

to fill the high position to whkh you deed to issue in accordance with la\\". ; Raleigh, Richmond, Washington, Baltimore I Tht- marriage of Rev. '\". O. ntrtlt-y Pneumonia follows La Grippe

aspire. With feelings of highest regard Said certificate embraces the i Philadelphia, New York. J Q t'. \ii-s, Luvinia I1a'wood took pl., but never follows the u se of

I am Your comrade, described property situated In }[arion'l"Ountr 11 "Jj| ,.t \\ n:1i..ld. Ha. at the home of th -
C7fli7I $ BED !l @I E. Florida to-wit: Sw > of TWO < '
Sam C. Cook. 4 se4 ELEGANT TRAINS DAILY. Q IHI i Ii's( patents on Thursday evening, FOLEY'SHoneyand j
sec 5, tp 13 r :22.!:! The said land being, :
a i' is. at 7 o'clock, Rev.' J. i::. A. f 1
assessed at the date of
the issuance of Seaboard _
Express h-r otTidating. Nearly 50ft 4 jvmm .
GROCERY DEPARTMENT JUST ONE MINUTEOne 'u'h certificate in the name of M. I E. ,
wtic present among whom were SfvBS "- ,, It stops the Cough and heals the lungs
Miller. I'nless said certificate shall I be t : Seaboard Mail ,..rtt ministers', with Prevents
I quite a large num- Pneumonia and Consumption
Minute Cough Cure gives relief redeemed according to law
Staple and Fancy Groceries Delivered tax deed !"i of white people. The bride uas'g ';

in one minute, because it KilN the microbe will issue theieou on the 8th day of'': flODERN PULLHAN i..illy dressed in KB.0. VACHI.I, of 157 Osxood St, Chicago,

which tickles the mucous membrane March. A. D. 1C04. : EQUIPMENT. cream cashmere.,' wl..stiIiIully ,U05. hfj wile bad la grippe sad it left h.

to all Parts of the City ) trimmed *'ith white sil k. with a very bad cough on her loon wlusfc
causing the and .
at t he Witness official '
my signature at taR : The grooms attire was very 'uu, .Hour AXP TAX eor.J compUulI /.*
same time clears the phlegm draws out seal this the 4th day of February, A. D. M.i.k! it.thi I Postoffice Drugstore
ONLY LINE OPERATING j Parnell and :Miss nora Smil j Ocala. .
the inflammation ,
and heals and! 19t 4. --
S. T. Sistrunk, *S -
PHONE ipiicaied ---
NO. 163 as first groomsman --- -
soothes the affected parts. One MinuteCough Clerk Circuit Court Marion Co., Ii 1:1.XOTH.'I [: Daily Through Sleepers from JacKSonville !* J.r1.h'l' i followed by J. Thomas and.MI..S. will be held at Covenant Baptist -
Cure strengthens the
wards off pneumonia and is a harmless : to New Orleans. Elsie Smart Mr. and Mrs. Ben church tomorrow night

and never failing cure in all curablecases : liPl'I'LIC.TIOX Foil _ _ gg H"\v\ood, parents of the bride, spared *Call at the
AXDINDUSTRIAL Tax 11..1 Under Section 'S of ('ha:I- For fall information and eSeaboarJ ; puns in making the occasion a House for comfortable -
of Coughs, Colds and Croup. One) Sleeper Reservations, call on
any Agent lodging and board at
ter 4ss5! Laws of Florida. tri: r..n.1) success. A sumptuous feast was reasonable
Minute Cough Cure is pleasant to take, or write rates. West Broadway.
Notice i is hereby given that W. T.Ta'lor S "'' "-d1 ill the old time way and everyv9 -
SCHOOLSt. harmless and good alike for young and A. 0. MacDonell, Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent l..'l\ made
purchaser of uelcome.
old. Sold by Wm. Anderson. tax certifn.iteNo. Go to 'alana's store on Tinker Hill
I 4'), dated the 4th day of November, Jacksonville, Fit. '! :> i"ii,. ale pouring in on all sides. for bargains.:
Petersburg Fla. S. C. BOYLSTJN, JR., Passenger Agent
Jacksonville Fla. e
A. I>. 1S93: has filed said rertifii.U in

Offers unusual advantages to those who wish to review before CAUSE OF THE RUSSO- my office, and has made application i sisieisiss 1. 1S s .ICnemC2 '! .J. W. Howard the swift barber and Furnished rooms and board at Mrs. ;
taking Marie Ruth's :
the Uniform State Examination for Teachers JAPANESE WAR for tax deed to i issue in a"l'orlan u.t. Mp""th shaver, has now opened shop corner Lime and West
?nd to those -
Broadway, upstairs. J
who wish to take short courses in manual Tr :lining, with law. Said certificate t-mlJral'; ''' j ',[I.OSMP Liildon's stables, and will give I '

The story is simply! a matter of history. the following descried -- -1': :><>.i fit st class work I
situated at
Domestic Science property regular rrlces Jit
and Physical Culture, daring! : I Zion members you are called to 4
Japan fought its war with (Chi in Marion county. Florida to- i ministers at cut rates, viz, : shave, 10c.. duty by your pastor, Rev. K. S. Quar-

The Special Six Weeks Term, Beginning April J J. na. It licked China. and as one of the wit: 54 chs n and s by 19.26:! chs e ;and Atlantic Coast Line Railway Company ': hair cut and shave, 25c. Open from terman. Be at your post tomorrow.

This School has terms of peace it was granted Port vv in ne ear, St'C IS, tp 12:!, r :2'X! The, I 16:11. ::: a. m. until S:3o p. m.; Saturdays

buildings with modern a faculty of sixteen teachers, four fine school' .Arthur Talienwan bay and a Ia Ige I) said land being assessed at th. date I II J Ji i open until! 11:30 p. m. Give him a triaL 5A small lot of second hand clothingfor
equipments, a Normal I I '
department I
School a High i i strip of Manchuria. The ink was ha rd- of the issuance of such certificate In'' sale by the editor of this column

for Manual Department; a Model Graded School, a finely equipped shop I t ly dry u|>on that cession before the the name of Julia II. Hall. T'nless TIME TABLE IN EFFECT JAN. 10, 1904 Old Brother Jake Lcitner of Ke
Training, fine equipments for teaching cooking and sewing, triple alliance of !France, Germany and said certificate shall !he dropped dead Thursday Jake Thomas' fish maiket in flour

a Hall good library, a fine laboratory, a magn ficient Gymnasium and Drill'I Russia! sent word to the Mikado hat i-ording to law, tax deed redeemed will issue ac- -- night and was hurled yesterday. He ishing.
a Physical Culture
department for young ladies, a adet Com it would be DEPARTURES FROM OCALA was one of the faithful and .
pany good literary societies School a standing menace to the thereon on the 16th day of :March A. leadingmembers Soup every other day at W. O. Par-
a Orchestra and
a fine location of
I iMMoe of the world for Japan to occupythat V. 1<*04. Millwood M. II church, ker's.
on western shore of Tampa Bay, in one ot the most progressive and I Tor P.ochelle, Talatka, Jacksonville, and his death has afflicted
territory and the
they asked him i to Witness church.
beautiful my signature
towns in Florida. Two fine dormitories an.} Waycross, !
will be available ThomasviHe Savannah, God has called him.
give .
back to SERVICEThe
China. Theand seal this the nth of
April nth. This is one of the best equipped and organized schools in day Fl'hruar.1 Charleston, Wilmington, Richmond,
the South. request was made in polite language, 1). 1901. S. T. Sistrunk. *L.
I Washington Norfolk Baltimore, Green, the lightning s'haver. Call!]I
but there were armies behind it, Cleik Circuit TRAIN Rev. H. W. Little will preach atSt.
Court Marion Co., Fla.XOTICK NOS32, 1:20 A. M. and try his shave and hair
TUITION IS FREE Philadelphia, Xew York Boston and cut and youtrill I
the .
Mikado dared not lefuse. He gave; James Protestant Episcopal church *
all Eastern points. Also for all Western always come. Share, lOc; haircut
Necessary for it back although the Japanese people i ] tonight at 7:30. The public is cordially -
expenses board, etc., for the special six weeks term APPLICATION FOR points in connection with Chicago 25c.; honing razor, :25c.! ; concave i
beginning April II need storm"d, denouncing Ru"ia a'l!' th.. iI I invited to come out and hear
1904, not exceed 824. Hoard at the dormi Tax l>fed Un-ler Section S of Chapter and honda Special. razor 75c. All work first class. Xo I

tories will cost $3-00 per week, and e\er) thing is furnished. Write: cause of the trouble. A few months 4SQ, Laws of Florida. long delays; two chairs. Next door to him.

for circular giving full information after that the Germans demanded 1 L of For Kochelle, Palatka Jacksonville and
in the Alberstine
special term. Notice is hereby given that Robt.X Smith on West Broadway
China the cession of Kiachow bay anda TRAIN NO. 78, 1:20: P. M. all points east. Also for llucon. Atlanta Look towards No. 10 the new blue-
E. ; Ilowell.
JOS. GL'ISIXGEK, 1'ri-cipal. purchaser of tax certificatethe
railroad and other lights in ... Nashville, Chl'agoa Dixie We thought that by the time we re- painted stall for meats of all kinds.
ToV;: dated the 3rd day of October
:' I province of Shantung. Their request .\. D. 1S9\ has filed said certificate in Flyer route. tuined from Lake fity the manager and frefh and salt water fish. Cedar

was! granted, and thereupon Russia demanded of the Afro-Amencun Benefit Key
Association river oysters,
. ,my office, and has made application For Leesburs, Croom Trilby, Brooks- daily.
THE the cession of Port Arthur for I TRAIN NO. 39 3:25 would have been married.Vt Oyster prices until Monday will Le.
DAISY SEED FARM.Columbian (for tax deed to issue in accordance P. M. vile Tarpon Springs, Clearwater,

the term of twenty-five years and the I with 1..w. Said certitlcate embraces Itelleair, St. Petersburg Lakeland think he would make an ideal husband Qart. 2"c.: : gallon 90c. I Hill guarantee -

right to extend her railroad through but don't mention it to him. them to be all O. K. I am only a
the following] described property situate Tampa intermediate points.
Beauty Seed Corn, the premium corn of the world. It took the Manchuria to the Yellow Sea. This 1 little overstocked this week. Opened
premium at the World's Pair The corn } in Marion county Florida to- For Irf-esburg. Croom, The People's Restaurant, owned and I
is snow w hue, large grain. and small: was also granted and Japan saw the Trilby Tarpon I while you wait. Call at once with

cob. weighs 60 Pounds to the Bushel. 3 to 5 Ears to the Stalk; grows from territory she had fought so hard for. wit: Se4 of su >4 and sw'4 of se' TRAIN NO. 21, 2:31: A. M. Springs, Clearwater, Bellrair, St Petersburg controlled by Alberstine Smith is pails and be convinced. I. K your
250 to 300 Bushels to the Acre. It st-c :il! tp 11. r ::o. The said land being opening for the spring, cool drinks ataU
is and
worth Us in and whkh intermediate points.
gold. The Seed from she had been compelled togive kins stall Xo. 10, city market
which this Corn is assessed at the date of the issuance l hours. \Vm. Parker is in charge.
grown was brought here from Genoa. Italy in 1S90 by: Col. up handed over to the Ru'siall". TRAIN NO. 47, 3:30 P. M. For Juliette" Gulf Junction. Homosas-
Ceo. :::; eieri. The price of this valuable of such certinV.ite in the nams Tour patconasB; solicited. West Droad-
Corn I is. wh.
by mail postage paid: ) ha.l been the chief actors in the sa and intermediate
Half Pound, 30c.; One Pound, 50c.; Three Pounds, $1 One Peck compul.-ion. of Sam Houell. Unless said certificate I way.
; $ 50; Half The Japanese were angryand Call On DittO
Bushel, $4; One Bushel, $7; Two Bushels, $12. K\ery almost shall be redeemed according to law For Juliette High Springs, Live Oak I .
package! guaranteed to ready to fight then but the The editor return(>d from Lake
give satisfaction, or tax deed will issue thereon on the 16th TRAIN NO. 45. 10:30 A. M. Dupont, Waycross and all points east City
money cheerfully
refunded at once. I refer you to S. E. Russians said they only wanted a I I this morning via Jacksonville.
Stew ait. day of :March A. D. I1O4.Vitness I and west. The
expostmaster and
merchant, R. 1D.. Xo. 3. Winston-Salem X. C., place for their railroad and 1 theyitn" I b aldnee of the report of-his
\ trip will be REAL ESTATE
official INSURANCE
or to reliable my signature and
any merchant
in the city. Order today and be ready to plant I, promised to evacuate Manchuria w seal TRAIN NO. 49, 7 A. M. For Juliette. Gulf Junction, Homosassaand in Monday's issue.
when the season ('om.,s. The best is this the 11th day of February, A.
always the in
heapest. For a success, a certain time. The Japanese assented intermediate points.
D. 1904. K. T. Sistrunk, at]. Bennett.
"The Ocala
to this and walt pd. The I Evening
TIlll; DAISY: SJ3BIJ FAKM Clerk circuit Court Marion co., Fla. Trains Xo. 32:! and 21 carry Pullman Sleepers. 5 f. r Shoemaker," w ith J. E. F. W. Ditto, Room 12, Merchants'
and went and the, Russians; reinained. _ _ I IXOTI..E Sharper-
P. 0. Box 352. Winston-Salem, N. C. Th.l"t> excuses for re- Trains Xo. 39 and TS; carry Pullman Buffet Parlor Cars. I son. West Broadway: will do your rein Block, Ocala, Fla.,

,)1inifl.'. lout the fir.. TTira tn.i"...... OP APPLICATION FOR I P. & O. steamers sail from Port Tampa for Key West and Havana on airing first claw style. and to or-
-- --- For
lots to build on, from S10 to $;;00
They are not only there, but have Tax Deed Under Section S of Chapter : !'. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:15 p. m. dr. ('all and see him. '
I.I.unday houses to live in from $75;; to 1000.
1..1pUl'hing their outposts farther I Ind 4>S>$, Laws of Florida. Train :21! connects at St. Petersburg with Independent Line of steamers The
ejitor Some
of of
this these
column will here go for cash and some
Southern farther down toward Cor", and for Tampa and :Manatee river points.
Pacific :! Xotue is hereby given that S. S. a\-I aft<-rollert the" Star dues on Monday Pr on easy terms. I warrant all titles.
Copallyj Japan .s afraid that they will For full. complete and reliable information I
:; cross ahe ge. Jr., purchaser of tax certificate regarding rates through cararraignments. evenings! and Tuesdays. Let ail take

Yalu and go down the Coreanpeninsula 1423:: dated the 5th day of April. A.xO'1 : : sWeji reservations etc.. tall on any Atlantic Coast Line due not l'{. and govern themselve ac- CALL AT OXCE

agent, or address I. .
to the bottom where their 1M>:2.! has! filed said certificate in my of- or'lingly.LostA. '

guns might be mounted within cannon ti,.... and has made application for T. f'. WHIT!:. Division Pas.ngr: Asr'-'llt. I 1
"SU SET ftOUTE hot of the Japanese empire. deed to issue in accordance with law. j I II. M. EMEKSoN Triffi.' lan'1"f'r. W. J. rKAIi ;. I ;.'n"r.1 1 I'.i"< Ag rtWiirningt'n I I sorrel mare blaze face I SALE

Russia for 300 years has been Jand Said certificate embraces th- follow ing N"th '..!'ii lOa. n.f'iiuni size branded on right shoul- Notice is hereby given that under

I hungry and by various means few of df Si"ribed property situated in Marionounty > I, far.lI w ith letter O, one white hind leg I' and by virtue of a final decree of foreClosure -

them honorable has forced her to j -"ho I in front. Liberal reward offered ( entered on the 3rd day of February .
Best Service to way c Florida to-wit: Xwl4 of se'4sec :
Texas Mexico and California. the Pacific ocean.: Once planted in I William Leaver, Kendrick, Fla. A. D. 1904, by the lIon. W. S.
IT; tp 15 r :23.! The said land bir.gssessed ]FRESH :
MEH'-S 7SND CAME: Bullock Judge of the
Oil Burning Locomotives Asia she will not rest content till she circuit court of
I a the
at date of the "
isuu.: < of j I We Jeain that Dr. D. U. Brown the fifth

No Cinders Dust or Grime of absorbs ambition or conquers is religious the Orient.bigotry Back and 'I such certificate in the name uf un- '! \\'e keep on hand a lull line of the best Beef, POI k, Mutton 1 and i! J j.rea.hed: one of the ablest sermons and for Marion Judicial county.circuit in of chancery Florida, sitting Ifl-

known. Unless said certificate shall Sausage to be had; Game in Fresh i l lift Sunday that has been heard
fonatuism to set up the cross in placeof : season Vegetables;: etc. I in in a certain cause then pending,
be redeemed according to law. tax dr-d 'Caretul attention to orders and : .... i MI. Monah chunh for a
the dragon and the quck .er> maae. : Ions time. wherein John A. McDonald and A. W.
moon. Japan
will issue thereon ..
on the :20th! Jay i
HOMESEEKERS 'then j is lighting for her ITY MARKET i *E. L. McDonald were complainants and
RATES very existence February. A. D. 1S04. W L JONES Proprietor. ; Johnson, in bosmeas for :tei -

I and Asia for the .\Iatil'Ex.I Witness my official signature ..n,1 T i.h,-ns. two doors below the market, Douglas G. Eichelberger et ala were defendants -

Through Pullman Tourist Cars to California seal this the 19th day of January A r>. -- -- -- -.- -- --- --- -- I I.r,- -...s, dyes and cleans clothing: at the undersigned special mas-
j t ter in
I MOTHER'S tifiiiit m m m .. chancery will on
RECOMMENDATION ft -;*- il rates also
. from 1904. ?. T. Sistru-. jj 1 : keeps a first c1auI"t.

Washington via.Atlanta, Montgomery I Clerk Circuit Court Marion Co., 1"i., i I i Monday, the 7th day of March, A D.

and Intermediate Points. I h.ttI"ed Chamberlains CouhRemedy ; Nine HERBINE I 1904< ,
. for iir: i> an>i TJii.-' are still doing a
a number of
years andhave I In tne Circuit Court of the Fifth Ju- 'j-h.riK; bustr.-t" during the legal hours of sale. in frontof
r.o .t the '- market..
ALL INFORMATION hesitamy in saying that it is dmal Circuit Tenths the south door of the in
CHEERFULLY of Florida in anJ f.'r court house
GIVEN! I IJ. the best for f ._o"' :
remedy coughs, colds and I Marion County, in Chanct'oJ.' *Ri.-hard fmith. the boss shoemaker Ocala Florida off.r for sale and will

J. F. VAN RENSSALAER croup I have I not have words ever to used in my family. Thomas Graham. Complainant y-. I-I of Pure Juices from Natural Roots. I'I .....- g-.Io"'ra! -t'AiTWg of shoe, boots, sell to the highest and best bidder, for

express confidence .
my Anni'raham.. Defendant. t : I' uetc.. Work neatly done. Two cash, the mortgaged property mentioned -

I Central in this rt'mt'd-\lr1: J. A. It is hneby ordered that the .1f.-; : I all the .;.H'IS jdoIkt' Tompkins' restaurant in said final decrt-e and described as
Agent, :Moore North Star, :Mich. For sale by the liver Stomach and Bowels: f
r ant lurin unHl.. Anni Gr-hir. I REGULATES follows: The east half of the northeast
Geo W. Way, T. P. A. 13 Peachtree St. Atlanta Ga !, ta!! Jruggists. and sh.- is herel PeopleSuffer the Purifies Tht? is one of the best
: >> rnjutre ; to .; ; I System, the Blood, 1 . quarter of section twenty-nine and the
to the bill of ., using n.-liums in iliddle nor.r -
complaint : :t' < .- south half of northwest quarter of section
I A. C. L. CITY TICKET : '. Tit: -
on or before Monday the'iJ .Ly: f fI flURES' Malaria Biliousness I twenty-eight all in township fifteen
.. Constipation!
....... - - ..........- }
'V" I I May, A. D. 1994. I U Weak Stomach and ;.} to S. S. IVIamy! for fine south range twenty-two east
: assorted
WORMSI!' Tickets to all parts of the United j I It is further ordered that a coy .,; I t from a Impaired Digestion. .'ia>-'- .'. ire. cl->. }.-. watches, jeyelry and the same being situate in :Marion county -
( States and Canada on sale. Schedules! i ..
j. this order be published .
one :n k W. W. :Martin.
I v:'''I.d r>p:; ".:..'. West
and route cheerfully! t DiseasedLiver Every Bottle Boaraateel to t Siu: Sitsfzsfos.Prite ; i flroadwa r'
. Xltet 13 QUBtltr. Pot|9 Q-A..O- furnished to for eight consecutive weeks in tli* I i I',"' LIO<'". Special Master in Chancery.

For 20 Years Has Led all Worm Remedies. (V W prospect: % travelers! by calling o Ti:' Mar. i 'A.F\.GoFBOTTL1. S .LLD051-:: William Hocker

phonng. Agent for all of I r;O CE>nt... .
. the \n
trans- i Done this the unprat ,% thf'1
. OLJ:>> Uf ALL nntro-G-ism 13th day of Fbru.-\ 4 rson is one of Solicitor for Complainants.IOLFYMIONEYAK1TAR by- 4JAMES F. BALLARD c : Atlantic steamship lines going to any: i ii A. D. 1?"<4. S. T. 'trul.k.i J -- ..-: 'h"tt i m I- (und on thf'1
St. Louis.
. i lot the European Prepared by JAMES f. BAllARO. St. LouEs. Mo 1 ... ,
ports. J C. Maughs T 1-;. I I'n'"
for sale by the Anti-Monopoly Drugstore and all other leading druggists City Ticket I II Risrgr! Clek Circuit CtuitCQn44.tta..nt f>>*>*>i* 44< nX *>> .* *" >- -"'?'' '' >"r 1
. I i I1L Agent Ocala House. I 1 : : : I
s &/JidlOr. For sale< by tie Anti-Mosopoly: Drugstore and all other leading drugstores. I :5h ._.. .1 HI ,' .... h-r i-rniit social
Cure Mta ....nctaS Paeuuaia.


.. S .- : \ t .. .<.. ,-4" .. -a.- :. .-i .. > -' -

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