The Florida star

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The Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star (Titusville)
Florida star (Titusville, Fla.)
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Place of Publication:
Titusville ; Cocoa, Fla.
Titusville Fla
S.W. Harmon
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Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Titusville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Cocoa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Brevard County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Brevard -- Titusville
28.591111 x -80.82


Situated on the banks of the Indian River, Titusville in Brevard County was settled in 1867 by a former Confederate officer, Henry Theodore Titus, and his wife, Mary Hopkins Titus. The town was incorporated in 1887, by which time it was already famous for its citrus and pineapple crops. The arrival of the Florida East Coast Railroad in 1892 laid the groundwork for a tourist industry as well. The Florida Star and later the East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle provide a diary of these developments. The Florida Star was a weekly newspaper published by P.E. Wagner from 1880 to approximately 1882 and later by S.W. Harmon. On November 1, 1912, the newspaper moved from Titusville to Cocoa, Florida. The Florida Star ceased publication around 1917 and was succeeded in turn by the Indian River Star, which operated until 1920. Another Titusville paper, the East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle began on July 13, 1900, as a continuation of the Indian River Advocate and East Coast Chronicle; the latter had been preceded by both the East Coast Advocate, edited by W.S. Graham, and the Indian River Advocate. In 1920, the East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle merged with the Indian River Star and was subsequently published under the title of the Star Advocate.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1880; ceased in 1917?
General Note:
Publisher: P.E. Wager, 1880-<1882>.
General Note:
Published at: Cocoa, Fla., Nov. 1, 1912-<June 5, 1914>.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 23 (Sept. 29, 1880).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Copyright Florida star. Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder.​
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L .. .. i JULIUS KLINE, class hape .P._ BRowN, strong's visit-June 12. One day
retraining order from the United Titusville, Florida. sheriff Breard Co., Fla only. Headache, nervousness and excessiverain.
iSta eolatop tetimtlb ae. Fur- .- all eye trouble overcome without Re
the de opmedt will be awaited For Sale Church Notes drugs and cross eyes straightened _or Rent
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SModO for t S in ter rev i ldge at 3:30 p. m. this trip. member, one day only,F.M. aylor.
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'. nin emilt, eqauluedwith both 0.00, cost new $450.00. Buying Gabriels church, Titusville, on Sun- Goo Shoe Reairin cream at all times at Banner Drug
i Inm.rgi nd mikand-bnrek. larger engine. AddressEngine,care day, June 13that11 a.m., adin Store. _
M fore than haf t of A St. Marks church, Cocoa, on Sunday; Northern German shoemaker now 5 or 6 doses " will cure any
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Pnnw ber The Alpine for lodging case of chill
mid a qui lunch]u when in Tlusille. Rev. Herman G. Porter, district leding to Hotel Dixie rstlommen.inFor
superintendent willhod artery w Ma. Fist lass wor For Sale Cheap for Cash
I o6 do ill n ForSale meeting or theEau Galeeo. BLECK. About 88 acres of good high land
Sfdd~l da Poeel. Mon & Hamlin o~ n. chas Srnd, June Sl3 at r- .On3 and Grapefruit Tr on the east oof the In-
Ma son Price ua-i---- All -Orange and Gr A;ap efrui tt tTram Ndw riivriM

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MWeoestedtobe. AlUtbouh
e Wasm efflvTe agas the New
T* Oiants. COv Noek sems to be
0 = t hat loter on Coveelk
w pere mrwth.
all that kind of thing, are not as good
a they were last year. when they won
oet oel by the skn of their teeth
and boesa McOraw forgot to hang
a sd lantern n second base. But the
team that Save the Cut their hardest
ight-the OItata-are not as strong
Sthey wer last year. either. But the
te are. and. t fact, at prent
Plttaburg it plytaf1 the bet ball of
ny teams I the league. It started
out eptioddly. and if Absteln con-
tmoSS to rnst sack up to his early
standard rI Clarke' team will have

y^.' '

the Ccleatnad club; bout four year
ago. That was his frst big league en-
ggemeut. He was beraled as a
phenom with cyclone speed, but some-
bow be ailed to make good under
Hanlou. The latter made a trade with
Presieat Murpby whereby Overall be-
came a Cub.

IndinasWpeIs' Now Spdway Traek.
Barney Oldaeld. king of circular
track automobile drivers, ay the new
ladlanapoUs motor speedway track
Vrl be toe fet In the world.
Only Part.
"We Is the old grouch?'
"'A celebrate civil ecgineer.
'*Ahervfil part didn't take."

Lwer Califoria to Have sa $ 3,
It s evident. although the ban Is on
,the sport I California. that the fol-
lowers of borne racing will not want
for their favorite pastime. W. C. Cre-
veittc, who promoted the Santa Anita
mee track to Ls Angeles, haa con-
armed the report that he had obtained
a cocesslom from the Mexican gov-
ernmoet to establish a race track at
Tis Juans In Lower California, with
the prtvlege of conducting borse rme
itn and bookmaklnm This location is
Just beyond the reach of the at-bet-
tig laws. It is mid that the track
wl cost about 80.000.

made by a less robust slammer.
Ty Cobb of Detrot bugs the plate
fairly close and stoops just a trifle. He
doesn't take a big swing at the ball.
but puts all his straoth Into the effort
Like all good bitter b e uses his hboul-
ders In the swlg and never pulls
away from the plate. Cobbs great
speed belps Ha batting average won-
derfully. It's not so much in the hits
he beat out, but simply because when
he's at the plate ote opposing team Is
all on edge, knowing that the ball must
be handled fast and clean an order to
get the souterner. The result Is that
Cobb gets a bit on many a ball that
would have been handled pesfeetly had
not the opposition been overanxjoqa.
There Ia so player more graceful at
the plate than "Waboo am" Craw-
ford, the star right Gelder of the De-
trots. His san air of condence from
the tim e e leaves the bench until be
assumes his posltlon at the plate.
Crawford uses a big, heavy bat, which
he poses o hbi shoulder in such a
manner that It always makes the op
posing pitcher feel better when he is
out of the way.
Unlike Cobb. he stands at the plate
with his feet wide apart Instead of
close together. Crawford takes a
omghty awing at the ball and generally
bits It on a line and far away. It's
not exaggerating In the least to say
that Crawford goes out on mere hard
hit balls than any other player pla tn the
major leagues. With men on the bases
there is no more dangerous man In the
hal...tan ..

an Oil Stove

When warm dray and
the kitchen ire make
is te tto try a New
Perection Wick Blue
Flame Oil Cook-Stov.
Marvelous how this
stove does away with
kitchen discomforts-hew
cool it keeps the room in
conupatrion with coadi-
tions whte the coal fiv w
burning. The


Wick Blue oa Cook-SlW
i the only oil stove built with a CABINET TOP for kold-- pl-
and keeping food hot after cooking. Also has usful drop shelve
am which to tand the coee pot or teapot after r moving ftom hoan.
Fitted with two nickeled racks for towels. A marvel of comfou,
simplicity and convenince. Mad ia thr
asize-with or without Cabinet Top. If not
n with your dealer, wrife our nmeaiet agecy.

TbIre lamp as
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y-i. sBpo 1l fad et meer s Ir es w Mtote M mi
tor l mee st rhi a1a the ese.
"e *,, ,p fw ha mt ,- --I
.* pwbsk J wa1 that ass se- 2
..Iamldd 8dIm Mrb a n

-l -od deH o. IIt o a"- b w
A I0 __r a4 lt _om oma o* ae w

Snm^ 11o4 oe 1m:1 aa1. 11 0- h m e ha also t

of-wh m e omeb*e a ae. 5- hi w. e,. -i:
Im s t t. -ot.o dU -t Wh -lo t~t bo at banb e -f aa in .bll, ar<
W be t fo. o eatN m di o: h am110i lia I1 owp imil, o mll h h e

whe B em M b hemns etha hant swane w e a r ,"r may be s r -- .
jI hene Id ehwi h
oMme amahafmo to4ao ~wa that haf-aemenfOefem .emAe
s a MM h1 SIB We n N- arXr il t t u s reaa d .-. -" y t O
.A3 tto ARhue tw -rh sr as-

d Af"Plr t nt w os a mNeIa aLe p-m b at Ne a oms a- i
dos he s 1m11 0a pr tut Us* 0b, -elksba b Wd to aIr wb6o e

Swat ud r a t *S*O ate l ot
Gt asee a s wftrUes ma is tow tot yo e membat t thee 'rl .,
6 l ee asved ort tabarmed a sles Gis army e the at ta.
t h wwered in the ae.rdOative. Ju f t n-

to-omes baselvem,^ hHet weth enoo hot tr emote weome4 wo iot the ..l -' .r
aa eWa meo am s Imt m t e th process 1e quse Itrt stle, ad ors at t stke: ., ,oi
Sther 81. kltheym wo nt t a the Btlm had gr r urw" the
-00 fto d SM twa-tiee analassoONO bned Ur3o calraa lakor u-
me mm h l tr. He sswimp hh. om p pr h. aavamr olf hes w. e' -.t
I whm he mL &he tbal e e0 Ii at e eie.

.,- 811 at -e L- d 3 1I10 at the N bal b 8t Adlne belo ani tw yer ol. r h Ae of M ourr otu 1 0. h'e IM, *r
a t 1 te t anMa loe Wie sk wtolt- i W aI-s Iw 'os t
111,.a w eeatsaa" smar et tme bea ay humIsom l se bllewr mIbnedteos -r'm .

d o o. bI ws ha t I oru Is a ith to 1- yhear r t.l.t,
1 "at ,t itA b ll e i f antob er.t siss ssyg ito snut khelIsrO wil d ita 4
V S re o twbe e hom, oss my talhe e Is ew te a- vteL
SnI wits a asb i to- head hr e ..l wih t
The bal having bem owessd by the
bam t011, m .100agoNaOmha shimet, bat, Ma"y b the nder bM e b. onIs
"ah-OiN on athande ata dowwats lay-d' -l. EletriN mor slm andweb kd
desbItbfs no arc at all sad ts Into USb as s arnddo sube" sdt lrv
ohe -re. mo pdaotfs blued.
o ,Thtisn ararlly r ebs It of some of its I
speed and converts ito a o1ne s hit NO*E esf G nwaUinM
what would bare been a two bagger
Mor bette had tm e ball gone p a trile m I- ar tuKs *s*ama6 01A How Chamr- L Davie Cam I *
SIt lft the bat. bat tas Dutchman 1 110 loawan Called "Paes.oU
ltan i hard that whet would he s .40 ellp b as a wedertal batt~la Many years act (charle K Dacrv.
out a bsR truc w ls to, feat for a yngster who Is whaklg his ono the bt Lknou srr-i- bry.t
but to prsely th same way, -. debut la seb taut company. In the rld. w rebriqret of r
comes a base hit with him. sLenanao covers bin position at third In tha wr* wha to11.. eobrl!r at 01
Wagner's bard bittlan prowess base grt stle. r lt f a.
3 Wasybs cagry w ag mealn the a t des trbo like rie shot to ases. "annltg a O'LVesrL wr u' *.'=
Sera LAnnox was born at Camden. was engaged i walki is
pr I S sd I fiesd pod- Impst-to btll hb. Atr blt and is twenty-four years old. He wa Madis qur id'*s rk
tlea with as mCh speed as oa man te le --we tM oa eCUpat tried out by Connie lack of the Phila- On one oct alon tWl i::i Is \ oedte
mh "Coar to te grond." He fe y and a sure ut i made by andephi club of the Anderl an league sa hmIn at g rer a Z T%
is motly hin trra speed, wbich ibty pttag less forn i bo two years ago, hot as he did not hit bydhis atarance. trd twe1-
o little Iss, if sy, than that 4of the o ed Teto Wagr, well enough to suit Mack he wis turn- a'ndo s tht clas cfu. wonl b i dreb
"Hasier Cylosme," Amos Buse, ed however: doss not always take a d ed adrift. He then got a job with the iMm ae .. r
the ltter wp in his prime. Ovtall slm. Hes h R sl na bochester club, and his work wit tht geimr"etoke. -s a roia
has good curves alas, but hO doa not o a tillIt be anerl o club was so brilliant that the Brooklyn neat Chicago sportluy clWan
e the spitbtall He can et enough and therefore makes more hitboc balls club promptly put in a bid for him. "WhYg" said Vmnderbilt *he k os
rooks and bends to bi delivery with- bit o the handle than most players- Eterdg' ,ricd-r. Tomas' Electric ore like a bandsoe paruo."
oBUMt tht. that i, a ball hit on to hnadle b Oil. Cwres tootgche, earache, a ore Ihroat. u A sn6o of persoas hd the gma. b.
Overall in a gradsute of the Univor.- hi Is more likely to go safe than If Heals cu bruises, steidi. ts to any paih. o tame staec1 to Dvies

.' P


.11 S
41o IW f.., ,


,r .~~Q~ f~e
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~~~7 OV I N& win "wve ISAF yIs
-omdgnNIU Net e

sm -il Im'4d, d

~s1*IM 2%m germ
Asa b M' inq

ofs4~ kamw M*.hso ma
teWa un t IOnt
* wei sna i -n o"ba hineer

Ppwam" um aw ~ L
Ps@*f a ow ft w"

psnob wm amm aw awk c
"~~r m;~ -'LI1Iblndm ~ h

w "f t ~ .-- I- Iba-pleft hl
sa. kanaari Maet ftws that e

the be idonamWn hi smiere
~baeskr p Y 9s)In weI N Ifre
~in ~lthe tw arsthat the athi0
'-uh un ~~t rns~

git a dmitte bert*as ft athse

ag W stra8 thenfth
OL "r two etw pns Swmth
ad heL bad- p at teI ahead of
MuI el nadlieawn

=amFL=O r IM 01 LA'

the asute manager has Injeted Into
the member of the field and outfield
account fcr the splendid showing o
the team. The catching department Is
not any too strong. Lapp and Uving-
Mton. the two youngsters, cannot be ex-
.--.--A.. _tk b fMm a t falnhnnv




Rwr aep MeAltIr Is to Pwat Wih
Ea* ItPe Pitewh Jehlmesn
Rumors are now ln eIalaton thMat
MasmU-r McAleer of th t. LAois
.,uIP :**-* is to part with his star out-
.eied*r s:id ibtter. George Stoa. to the
"Vauuingiom for Pteber Walter John-
so. Stone war- th batting nsaton
of the Awmertn eague n 1906 lead-
lag the sphere mailers with a per-

emran srow O w 'a r. LOUIM, wIo
MUI wurna aan so wasEIaNGYs.
eentage of 58 In 1907 and 1908 he
ell off woefully In bis stick work.
Marly this season be showed signs of
having recovered his batting eye.
Bfobson is one of the cleverest pitch-
er developed In recent years and
would greatly strengthen McAleer's
pitebing department.


New Cireuit May Invade Chiago,
Pittsburg end Cincinnati.
What will become of Kansas City
when the big baseball blowup comes?
That is a question much argued among
writers and players of the American
association. Nearly every one who pre-
tends to keep tab on the doings of this
league and baseball in general Is of the
opinion that sooner or later, next year
or the year after, perhaps longer, there
will be a big shift in minor league
basebalL What this shift is to be Is a
mooted question.
Some writers and players believe
that the four strongest clubs In the as-
soelation and the four live Eastern
league teams will be consolidated into
a third big league. Others are of the
opinion that only Buffalo will be copped
from the Eastern league and that clubs
will be-placed to Chicago. Pittsburg
and perhaps In Cincinnati. But what
will become of Kansas City? Manager
Kelley of St. Paul Is quoted as saying
tiat Kansas City. Minneapolis and St.
Paul will be relegated to the Western
league. A prominent baseball man in
the west recently stated his belief In
the coming of a third major league.
He believes that St. Paul and Minne-

sague, but that Kansas City will be on
the new circuit.
The two big minor leagues have re-
fused to sign the curtailed agreement
as sent out by the national commis-
sioo. President O'Brien and the club
owners only smile when mention is
made of war. But men have smiled and
warred before. Maybe something Is in
the air and will break loose when win-
ter proper baseball warring time, ar-

Whatever may be the sectioal and
Ilvul pilon upOa lawn tennis
afall-the ebserance of the service
rule, the smeia draw. the proper s-
tem for rataigs and the whole troop
o kired causes for controversy-
thee s one ground upon which the
AmeriSca players meet with ,pn"imity
of opinion, a expressing belief that the
Davis international challenge cup shall
be annually sougt until returned to
this country. That there are grave
dllculties to be met is realized, this
all the more as Bals a. Wright and
rederick B. Alexander have experi-
enced the effects of AetralHis sum-
mer beat late in November ad both
have made plat the arduous task that
coutroots any American team which
seeks the famous blue ribbon of the
lawn tennis courts upon the "down
under" sdde of the globe.
This year the quest of the cup as-
smes several peculiar features. These
are being discussed at this time upon
both sides of the Atlantic ocean, for
again the Americans and the English.
the two great lawn tennis playing as-
tlons of the earth, are the only chal-
lenger. France. Germany. Belgium
all former challenging nations, declare
that Australia Is too far from the
beaten track for them to send teams
upon what from relative form, ap-
pears a hopeless quest
Yet Germany is rapidly developing
several men of the top class and sre
ly must be reckoned with as a most
formidable antagonist a few years.
It is this development abroad, known
full well to the lawn tennis officials,
which as stirred them-this and the
tIeletence of the English Lawn Tennis
association that the prelminary tie
matches for the International trophy
be decided upon the historic courts at
Wimbledon, near London, this year.
* It is the wish of the Baglishmen to
play the Ioterwttora ties Imnmdletely
following the All England champion-
ships on the courts at Wimbledon. and
this meeting begins Monday, June 21.
Should the Americans accede to this
proposition t would mean the hasty
arranging of a team, for the matches
would be played about July 1 As an
American team is a long way from
being picked-for such a team would
necessarily have to sal in a few
wees-it is evident that the American
olfclals do not look with favor upon
an invasion of the English courts. The
chief diiculty which confronts the
American oicials Is that the season
here is late, having Just begun, while
that in England it In full swing.
In this country it Is the time of much
In and out form, and because of the
unusual weather only a few of the
topmost light have done anything
more than engage in an exhibition
match or two at the formal opening of
various courts. To add to the dis-
tressing situation the two men of last
year's team, Beals C. Wright and Fred-
erick B. Alexander, have both early
and firmly declared their retirement.
Naturally attention turns to the "old
brigade"-William A. Lamed, the nes-
tor of the American courts; William J.
Clothier, a former national champion;
Malcolm D. Whitman, in his day the
invincible player of the courts; Dwight
F. Davis, a returning veteran, and
Karl H. Behr, who sought a season
of rest last year when at the height
of his game. Then the names of Rich-
ard H. Palmer. Robert Le Roy and
Wallace F. Johnson have been men-
tioned as possible second strings for
the American team and also for the
effect which their selection would have
in inspiring some of the younger men
to make places of prominence for them-
selves by tournament play.
In making their argument for a visit
from the Americans the English take
a strong position in that last year Eng-

land sent M. J. G. Ritchie and John G.
Parke to this country for the inter-
national ties.


Cub Manager Made Mistake When He
Sold Pitcher Lies.
When the Chicago Nationals traded
Pitcher Fred Llese to the St. Paul
club in exchange for Catcher Need-
ham and gave $1.000 to boot they let
go one of the best young left handed
pitchers In the west. Uese has been


'lla was f w -a I III No bohv. .

S -:-m Tn RAMhl 14kLJ
as '~w~-- o6f~ ao the -no
no ebem deia tw m*.sMmyn '

8lebs1,lmleauend &.kthala Adwatsr Lg" 1W.Svs InPs smr
Taf blt blhoob AtM.ic @in&to SlwJmL
Wme. The btc will be plaPOd at 1*j1 as- m m drmw
.w Pole fteudt i New s York. le aa POs

Warmer' Oeely Venture
Jack Warmer, oe the New York a1-
ant' star eatbcer and later with De-
trott and W Mhgtu. Is open for an
engagement. Warner has Just had a
bitter eperience as a club owner.
Havntg saved a sug sm from his
earn s o the ball fied he secured
hs release from the Wasangton club
while In the south recently and pro-
eedede to buy a club ta Texas. Every-
thing went wrong, however, and War-
ner soon found himself without a dol.
lar. He is sad, but ready to start all
over again.


Manager Chance of Chicago gives It
out fat that he fears only Pittsburg
this season
The Pittsburgs didn't steal a base on
Catcher Bresnahan of St. Louis In the
recent four game aries.
Ralpi Works. Detroit's recruit pitch-
er, is not twenty-one years old but he
has more confidence than an auction-
Catcher Pat Moran of the Cube Is
hitting well, but he Isn't turning them
back from second in the Johnny Kling
Second Baseman John B. Miller of
the Fittsburgs was with the Easton
team of the Atlantic league last spring.
He hals from Kearney, N. J.
President Comiskey has five five-let-
tered pitchers on his staff-Walsh.
Flene. Scott. White and Smith. If five
of a kind count for anything in the na-
tional pastime the Box's chances should
be bright
Manager Cantillon of Washington
says his players will be shooting the
ball around the lot with accuracy and
speed when the young fellows in the
rival teams have blown up about tih
Fourth of July.


Amerioans aheoked at Weeds Which
Almost Hide Inscription.
American tourists who recently paid
a pilgrimage to the grave of William
Penn at Chalfont, St. Giles. Bucking-
hamshire, twenty odd miles from Lon-
don, England, have been hurt by the
neglected condition of the resting place
of the founder of Pennsylvania.
Dr. Walter Lindley of Los Angeles.
Cal., is highly Indignant at what be
describes as the disgraceful manner in
which Penn's grave is kept.
"If such little reverence is going to
be paid by Englishmen to Penn's rest-
ing place," said Dr.- Lindley, "we Amer-
clans must take the great American
coloniser's bones to Pennsylvania and
raise a fitting monument to them.
"Jordan's burial ground is a small.
rough enclosure at the back of the
Friends' Meeting house at Chalfont.
St. Giles. It is a delightfully pictur-
esque spot, appropriated to the sepul-
cher of Quakers, but no longer used
Here. I thought, as I entered the con-
secrated ground, is Just the place that
the simple hearted Quaker might have
chosen for his last long sleep, but you
may Judge of my feelings when I-
found that Penn'i, grave was all but
unmarked! Only a small stone dis-
tinguishes the grave from others.
Weeds and rank grass almost obliter-
ated the Inscription."


The annual regatta of the C'anndiain
Canoe association will bw held thlie.
season on Toronto bay the first Sat-
urday in August.

St. Yves and Billy Sberring. the
Hamilton runner who won the Greece
Olympic Marathon, will very likely be
matched to run in Toronto in a short
The people's regatta in Philadelphia
July r will be rowed over a mile anl
a quarter course Instead of one and
a half miles, the usual distance. on the
Schuylkill river.
Pittsburg's new baseball park. Forbet.

lJt nby the ume 1 oamess am
emanes nameoune by te valms yaht
eda the yeahtIg mU eof Ma
o1lH be a sec breaker In mea
-sn than one. Whle It is tan tlat
there will be a Amerlea's cup ame
tis year, thoe who deliht Ia Inter-
nattoas contests will rcetre some
compeaaton, as at least two tatetsa-
tiomal rae are scheduled for estti
meant this seas. One of these Is for
sailboats and the other Is for motor-
boats. The salin race win be be
tween Germany and America, In what
Is called the sooderelawe whe three
boats presenting the fttherland.
will race three American boats at Mar-
blebead, Mas, between Aug. 80 ar
Sept. T, for cups presented by Prel-
dent Taft and Governor Draper of
Masachusetts. Fifteen boats are be-
lag built for the bonor of presenting
America, and the lucky trio will be
selected after a series of trial races.
which wil be held during the week
of Aug. 18.
The motorboat race for tihem terms-
tional cup will be held In Huntington
bay, New York, on Aug. 7. when boats
owned by the Dike of Weeateer
and Lord Howard de Waldea wll
meet the pick of American power boatm
over a thirty mile course.
The American boat Dixie IL s.e-
eesfauly defeated the trophy la
year, but was badly beat at Mote
Carlo by the kRaoIh boatlt; t moath.
The tact that se was tan feet shorter
than her EngUsh rivals probably ac-
counted for her defeat, but at Hnting-
ton they will meet on even terms and
the result may be reversed.
Another feature of this season will
be the long distance raes, many of
them over ocean courses. Theae nees
have become very popular not oly
with the owners of large boats, but
with the owners of smaller craft. Sal-
Ing craft are to race to Bermuda.
around Long Island, through the sound
to different points, to Cape May and
back and to Newport from New York.
and in eastern waters from Vineyard
Haven to Rockland, from Marblehead
to Gravesend bay, New York, and to
the Isle of Shoals. Power boats will
race to Bermuda, from Bay RBdge to
Marblehead, up and down the Hudson
river, to Block island and to 8bel-
burne, N. 8
Then there will be the cruites, and
some of these will be specially Inter-
esting. All these long distance races
and crutees, with the many club regat-
tas, open and closed, will give yachts-
men all the sport they want
Of these long distance races the one
to Bermuda, scheduled for June 6.
which will be held under the Joint
auspices of the Atlantic and Royal
Bermuda Tacht clubs, should prove
the most Interesting.
In this race six fine cruising schoon-
era are entered, Including the Amorits,
owned by Dr. William L Baum of
Chicago; the Iroquois, owned by Max
A. Morle; the Crusader II.. owned by
Edwin Palmer; the Margaret, owned
by George 8. Runk; the Restless,
owned by Dr. Leedom Sharp, and the
Snug, owned by David Bacon. All
of the above boats, except the Rest-
less and the 8ng., are over ninety feet
over all.
The Amorlta has won numerous races
on the sound, while the Iroquois is
the boat that rode out the famous blis-
sard In 1888. The Crusader II. will
have the benefit of the presence of
C('harlie Barr on board. I'nder the
rules the person In charge of the navl
nation Is suiplWosed t', he nan a mnateur.
so it Is ruf, to aissIume that if there
Is ;inly differctice of ,pinion between
I.:irr :ild the owner as In their yacht'.,
pl'siilioui any a;iy tlie owner's view.
will prevaill. will thtey not? VYes. they
will i,,t.
On, the sa ti da;y tlr he ~ llHin ya.hth
start on,, II

boats will start II n a :'rii ir rna, front
New York. with Per'rmud-i the. in-
Ishlu:: point. Many hi : rn: are-
scWheuled t', he held *,n theP I':i-it'
ponst iiamnd n thli pre t lakes. Taking
It all and all. the season of 191. should
he a banner one for the devotees of
the water craft.
Dizinas-Do Tou Have ZIt
This is caused by the bile heing reabeorbed
into the circulation. To get r d of this trou-
ble it is necemary to use a good liver medicine
to eliminate the h bile from the sylem. St.
Joseph's Liver Reruastor (either liquid or

~P t-ir L
I~fPr '

V ~
A~ c

:sd~4J ;
r .;*i'

Y '#






'4. j* -
4. 4 4

4i i ..>

IA. 'I '4

- I

S iliai t oi, at 2lmpa

B', wrii l amas to*

'. tausw frim t risof thesate t

The rmh i o ,mwaes votd totam
Rtg soft thrtA of theor-
gro e who rnily vloridsa
ad arpdartion pr lse teeeseta

'nori,m !,, ft and o,,fing.
S t sitrsao et peO at the state.
t w ranis e- -M was bdeoted to
dterlalo the orem of vorail-

tio at ioorty-d representatives or-
m oftower C wo reaeutly visited
thliseral to inoalet that state' ub.

.ha--_s_ s an-d- ce-_ta IDa with
So andlhm ilat orriages industry.

theCl w la laws, p kl for
I sel fu T and tl ist riaundl cali-
OrlawI f ot1e11 to a nd rria tion
aod la (sitorni and proved a
u aabt t oh te 0semtlaw of Florida

* ROpuioUneii the California method
C- Teoar Pab an beobt ieda
*nreort report toa piormo n
ti o th ex- artnhf t eruitn sent toa
.thWlarid the 10 rbl Floridut9 far

On m of Col. Palmer the Cal-
Mifornia pand central teMhanmo ith
ter wondeflly atematie d work-
fly and committee of tirlts under
the prO riv of the sep ided for
tgrowi abidured tht anh t orgatNias
S pointed dra f the dH ails of thean r
bg anrd w thih Iate nr a n mi-
r la if obtab a4 once or even
u rthe pre ent laws of Florida,
ro n brout the Calornia method
Simor a partect as can be obtained.
Thes report stated that laws providing
for the emange had been sent to
.the Florda leisature but @9 far n6
acti ben ad bee tn te on them.
On motion of Col. Palmer the Cal
iornia plan wao adopted unanimous-
ly and a committee o thirty-three
rermentutives o the several orange
growing setiona oi the state warap-
pointed to draft the details of the or
ganiation which is to be known as
the Florida Citrus Exchange. This
action brought the convention with
but little speec making to the most
important phe t of its work before it
ohd 8 n in es ion two hours and a
recess waa taken until 2 o'clock when
an equally business-like session com-
leted it wamork by 25an0,nouncement of
the oand $10, tion committee, and ad-
journment until next day, when the
convention finished up its work.
The great feature of the afternoon
session w the enthusiastic manner
in which those assembled met the re-
quest for funds to perfect the orga-
nization. It was suggested that
about (2,600 would be required to
perfect the work laid out and inside
of 30 minutes over (2,600 had been
raised in amounts of $250, (100, (50.
26 and $10, contributed by firms and

The men who made the investiga-
tion of California's methodsof grow-
ing, shipping and marketing its or-
ange crop are all agreed that the
growers of that state have a most
perfect system, which Florida should
adopt and it is the intention of the
delegation to the Golden State to
urge the organization of a Florida
Fruit Ezehame. modeled after that

a id tbem t aa .eit udtti
k b -ha dsabE% amlsp& atrus
aOmft hah a cos t- beiag re-
"AthiBm willbe provided
Pak 1o0ty-F. W. Bimtn, 3a-
SHoltsigaer ad J. Ii. Staple,
mw W-U.B atcoate and o8on

Mandate county-Jodsah Varn and
John B. Sigletary.
DeSoto cousty-Finis E. Parker,
Terrell Fielder and W. H. Hooker.
Iee county-D. 8. Bourland, G. T.
Raymond and H. E. Heitman.
eounty-Dr. J. F. Corrigan,
a brother of Archbishop Corriuan.
Orange count-L. W. Tilden,
W. C. Temple J.. Lee.
Lake county-O. W. Sadler, Jr.,
and E.S. B~rii .
Marion county-F. G. Sampson
and W. B. Gray.
Hernando county-W. A. Fultour.
Volui county-W.8. Hart and H. B.
Brevard county-E. P. Porcher and
H. S. Wlliams.
St. Lude county-Thomas )[Car-
Dade county-S. Burbank.
Alachua county-L. Montgom-

Putnam county-W. H. Cook.
Of this committee Dr. F. W. In-
man was made chairman; W. S. Hart,
of Hawk's Park, was made first vice-
chairman; Dr. R H. Peacock, of
Winter Haven, was elected secretary,
and H. B. Stevens, of Palatka, was
made treasurer.
Toward the close of the second
da 's session W. S. Hart asked to be
reeed from the position of first
vice-chairman of the committee on
organization, which was done.

'Yearing Mullet Need Protectic
Indianola, Fla.
To Editor of Ta PfLOUoA STA
In reply to Mr. Hagy I would say
that I have been taught that necessity
is the mother of invention. The ar-
ticle I wrote was for the benefit of
mankind on Indian river, a great arm
of the sea limited with inlets, in order
to have a life long fish industry.
We all have a weaknessin some-
thing. You will find mine in the pro-
tection of mullet. Yearling mullet
must have a closed season twelve
months in a year. The only way to
secure it is in using a four-inch mesh.
The law should be principally in the
mesh for protection.
If Mr. Hagy's craze runs in the
catching of yearling mullet, then the
enormous catch of fish that feed on
mullet by the use of the seine is a
saving or a protection of yearling
mullet for the gill net to catch.
Knowing but little about the habits
of fish, I insist that there must be
fish to feed on the ground and that
won't be long without protection if
yearling mullet are caught.
During the civil war I learned that
cannonading was demoralizing while
the infantry did the slaughtering.
In fishing the seine in sound is de-
moralizing but a greatt protector and
will be as long as there is a slaughter
in the yearling mullet.
I learned toward the close of the

war that the south could not raise
yearling soldiers as fast as the old
soldiers were killed out by Yankee
In the fish business it is the reverse.
As long as the law will permit year-
ling mullet to be caught and shipped
the prospect for increase will be
scarce and scarcer for the "old sol-
diers" or old mullet.
I moved to Indian river in 1868.
From that time on up into the seven-
ties, or I will say eighties, mullet and
sheephead were part of my smoke
house. The sheepheatdis now a fish
of the past. Could go out and in
less than three hours' time, with a
boat torchlight and cast net, catch a
two-bushel tub ull of mullet and
sheephead. Mr. Hagy, can you do
that now?
I venture to ay you can go out les
than three bour every night for two
months and then fall shortof the
I don't like mulle nfIftn-. *.

adudSo.w bomtod w
these~~~ rn- me- ~ ~

3m od owlbeua*I Dins. as ma
- ImYOe*athkA e ws adm
Wmis4 we m ebaw to a*@pe,~m
8IO -h -M-be -ve - od

ISM Ab ibam& On the 14, Mar
-duba Ww dwas Ober at wU

bJu the pelrnai I the Komygsu

whc bi ber debulod tow the spce
ofl pd tmimg the Oskdrats mel.

vatosr Alsb. O Jun 14,~ 1854
ALdmirl Whabwl Iband the Alabma

18"U w umlzoau.
of Cherbourg, France. and blockaded
her In that harbor until June 19. when
Captain Semmes notified Winslow of
his Intention to eight. The Kearsarge
steamed offshore into neutral waters
and made ready. The Alabama tired
the first shot. and the battle continued
for an hour and a half. The Confed-
erte vessel then began to sink and
raised the white flag. Her officers and
men were taken prisoners. It was the
most important sea fight of the civil
war between two ships, and Winslow.
then a captain, received the vote of
thanks of congress and promotion to
the rank of commodore. He became a
rear admiral in 1870.
The memorial is a brone bas-relief
by William Couper of New York and
show the commander of the Kear-
urge. the skirts of his coat blown by
the wind. directing his men In the con-
test with the Alabama. An Inscription
upon the base reads:
"Ever victorious for the nation, be
added in battle for the Union. as com-
mander of the Kearsarge, peculiar lus-
ter to the ancient service of Massachu-
setts on the seas."

Iperionee oef the New Illinois Senator
With a Farmer.
Representative William Lorimer of
Chicago, Republican, who was recently
elected United States senator from lli-
nois to succeed Albert J. Hopkins, is
a great walker. One day when he
was a congressman be was out for a
tramp along the conduit road leading
from Washington. He sat down to
rest after going a few miles.
"Want a lift, mister?" asked a good
matured Maryland farmer driving that
"Thank you," responded Mr. Lori-
mer. "I will avail myself of your kind
The two rode In silence for awhile.
Presently the teamster asked. "Profes-
sional man"r
"Yes," answered Lorimer, who was
thinking of a bill be had pending be-
fore the bouse.
After another long pause the farmer
observed, "Say, you ain't a lawyer or
you'd be talking, you ain't a doctor
'cause you got no satchel, and you
shore ain't a preacher from the looks
of you. What Is your profession, any-

am& i a -

-V o n ol@ dla, s k"
you wemt the dive @Iub a
ft bpw.


ih est x omih, bathe oftmake-sp
vew a as Ifesem
aswi b reseat. f il e Iwmf
SIa -- "ft w aleinnW"makm the
kbgt mew a ma ameag ers v
he pleas Is ow ow n Aae awue

go moerd asuib at s"61a

doo aseedhr e wat
-____ ~ I.

~~s --I

J A.~ ~ J I l

-AD A6 AOL-,-C 1I)I

Ik. iro mul

al to dw noo is 4- - o
fma Uwe w lea I me rom "a sk"
mad - n ed

awthIs mwwwa"" ft

inw ee m t -0 ghm of 'es- a Of.
ta eawO N toqf "seSr b ul of am 6=
lan 1 Td @ @&A byse 0 Umo babbmse. r
So Dinah km., by deed doud JWams .L UK,
sed mmeiin I. bsk *%" a mv
ded ronod and bog a put of abe. W.
ofN.W Lartbe1I.ist4a2efseam 5
Twp3. MI&, 2Uise, hkbb tOe mm mis C 46
-- p~h Sb. hmud~ ertpebi I.drYit
hmsrd couty. Fjeudia by Delik a mm
MAd b=WmdT deYd hd d ead NO ,uk
county, Vloddq U to A. & w=4., 3
Ma 4thb 11M. s omm-1ed I ineeook "VV" at
deed, paegs US, Drvyrd toasty Mcra.smma
buid be toWin T'llmvill, Drevmvd
emuty, = amd ekesby the TIUmSYSUS
100 FVAetuy. Mu As a e&sCmuar baneS eM amM
had ptLay mspam~d.
The above i un cLt ton apuior Il ea of#IL-
7, u -mceded In dualc Wam ns tono. 2
on pe. "1, BnaNmd eventy Maods.
J. P. 3mev .
Sheriff Dyaa d C Osty, Fiewida.

Unde mad by-viAre of Wsuse s a., 115
gle. the *"l*qrd of Sklbo." It was at a r d o e sso
charity entertainment In England at n7iedl t a
which the king was present that be evean Jodate is tos inWa fh
took the notion to appear In black face Baevard onslt, in wo eae tm a
romtedy Instead of the Scotch carne- pendi, wBA e is INDIAN RIVYR
ter personations In which be haa made BTATE BANK i. ta pisti u RNY
bhi name as a king of randeville. Lau 1 PRM TermA iLWIAM PB -
der started life In a flax mill as mere tne, prasrthe s Ph St Lamb, iCapay,
child and later worked as a boy in a are the defendant I have levied lps ad
coal pit. He is now one of London's will aell at public anetide at the ust dor of
vaudertille idols. and his song ae ttheoc he Tttholo tLfheLmr OPS r.
at their lumber mill in OUth Tltmville be
bummed on two continent. tween the bei Iof 11 a. m. iaE a ., e
Mooday.e tthe fbh d JayfJ A. D. t1a, ts
GIVING OUT describe pesel r the alowif
dcribed pmsami rt w. twia (the m
not beingal maoe to Clatbn ahr
male without great relative esMpem) via:
The Struggle Disaourage Many a The pipe line a iag M the f sawri
to the pa.p muath ktbm a mmo thre-am.-
Citisen of Titusville te of a ile la leonth; lso the maclhi
Around all day with an aching back; shartt, beltian, maws, and all tools i the
Aroun a day wit; ad two lo emta now lyig ia the
Can't rest at night; mwmill shed; alatke oler, smoke stock
Enough to make any one "give ensinesand connection d tis apper-
out." tainina thereto in the beer ead Meiae
ruomin Also the forvm, anvils, mkuitb
Doan's Kidney Pills will give re- ools and other permsa piert and ap.i-s
newed life. sees In the blacmith sop. Abam Iaer.
They will cure the backache; national Harveer Co. goie pumpe s e-
Cure every kidney ill: line ad punp ituted abut threw-qusto
re eveof mile soath of the mwmill on the To-
Here is Titusville proof that it is ville Lumber Company's property.
so: Included in the above described property
V. T. Worley, of Titusville, Fla., are the following rtoeles which will be d:
1 Pump, 2j in. & and 2 in. Dis. atached to
says: "For some time my back had p. N. Boiler. s .
been giving me considerable trouble. Ricehmond Loc. a Macb. Co. Boiler No.
Every time I contracted slight cold sa, 25 H. P., snd smoke stack with em-
it settled in my kidneys and my back 'ry il s. i
2.125 H. P. each, Houston A Stamoed
became so lame that I could scarcely Gamble Co. Engine.
get around. I suffered intensely a Iron Pulley.
when I stooped and if I attempted I I. Belt, a in.
to lift sharp twinges passed through a aR. Belt 12 in.
my loins. My kidneys did not act in I RI Belt 8 in.
their normal manner and the secre- Sa R Belts, to in.
tions were very unnatural. I nally I Locker at Engine room. contents uwin
ions were very unnatural. I finally lot of belting and neeemary fittings to opert*.
procured Doan's Kidney Pills and engine and other machinery.
used them as directed. They banish- I Filer 8towell Twin Lagine No. ses, t..
ed the lameness and soreness in my rn the arriage for main raw.
s Log Carts; i Dump cart.
back and corrected the difficulty with I Steamrs No. oS, t4 in. (asng .1ew < ,-
the kidney secretions. I am pleased plete.
to recommend Doan's Kidney Pills 1 Edger, complete.
to other sufferers." I set t Slawer Saaw
1 Butt 8Sw; 1 Cut-ol Saw.
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 1 Saw Filer Room, with one filer couplet.
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, and fttings
New York, sole agents for the United 7 SEdClr ws2 to 56 in.
States. 1 Cut-off aw.
Remember the name--Doan's- 4 Jump Saw.
and take no other. i7 Emery Wheels, in mw ller room.
1. 50 ft. Carriage. complete.
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cts. 1 Haul-op Chain and Track complete
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York, I Slab Conveyor, compete.
sole agents for the United States. I Lu lber Conveor Chan, compete.
Remember the name-Doan's-and I Pile limou-up Chain, about 15o lin rt
2S Sawdust Grate Bra
take no other. 4 Locomotive rate Ban.
l-- Lare6 in. Driving Belt, attacbhel to.
Chl ld n r Cr ry ech driving wheel on esine s
1 Large Leather Belt, s in. (pulls circolas
FOR FLETCHER'S main aw).
4 Ca Osey-Hedges BoUems 100 H. P. each. will
C A S T 0 R T A ead neeary skids. fr,
der hndling lumber.
Neotieeof Appi ofth or z De U4ade I Engine 8prinl for Eagine No. 56.
Sect om S of hspter 455S, Laws
of Florida I Oil HooB amd eonemt.
I Lumber Transfer (&.
Notice is hereby given that T. E. White, I Blacksmith and wheelwright shop 41n
purchaser of tax certificate No. 425, dated the training lot lo chain shovels, sdes, lt of
2nd day of July. I. )., 1900. has filed aid bar iron and steel fr in round up to 4 in
certificate in my office, and has made applia- in width; S oil boxes for log tracks
tion for tax deed to issue in accordance with I Pair Wheels o ales for tranfer ar.
law. Said certificate embraces th' following 1 Keg R. IL Bolts ad NntE
described p rt stated in Brevard county. O the above prerty the following do-
vl~tvA& 491 fer Itys AK..anh A W1A--I- _-





go -.41

L -



i f~~ ~I C~L' ~j ~it~z~i~~f'
L "v~.;
b'd II f


ItP wi`lba li

so ci ao= in
~iiii' =~ an

.he rt t

Som a an lmeo, armarsur UqI o
1 W, m= "n D-A,1CaA'-"v. ACT
girl to Coney. seeing la Park and
Dramlman d ad ting bot dogs. Will
the mayor please tak notice? He can
sped foefteen tlmoe a much money
as aMt other mayrs pot together and
ha e nothng to show for It but a
S ah of t ppoeed politicians, but
be eanot put blue stockln on Coney.
Mr. M ellan knows this now, thank,
to a few jolt-tbe-jolts that would have
Imparted wisdom to a graven image.

The chaag that eame over the may-
as drmam of a Coney Sunday after
he heard not oly from the east ide.
bat bom seme of the big fellows that
have lnvedtaents down CoeY way.
has caused a chuckle that extended
o fu Montauk Point to Peekkilll. Att-
r ol Moat Public Opinion got ln Its
euptoa the mar In city hall dwindled
to a faint twitter. True. the police
were at Coney the second Sunday, but
they only went about with a wie
smile and 'enjoyed the shows. The
law provides that edue-tInal' enter-
talnmento may he permitted on the
abbath, and the sir of learning that
uddly passed over the peops re-
sort made Barvad look like a kinder
gartn. The ticket sellers became pro-
f eson the barkers wero lecturer on
V science, and eved Bostock's monkeys
d .elephants took on an educated air.
The property sandwiches e a leal
taste to the ber. the temporarily long
skirted girls n "ay Paree" bad a
Sbhoolma'am look. and the hot doe
i wre edueated dos verth b had
as le-sn to Impart. and plain living
; sad hgh thbnkr never had sch a
b set aoee the bs pot Bat bos.
--- -. A .. vm rM 'arW

to stop a boldup or afe cracking( Ope-I
dtion-Nave refused to let Bmma Gold-
ant talk a Itben. It is not dialwoed
, whettr they objected to Godman or
Ibsen. or maybe It was a co'mblation
t the two. At anyrate, they topped
the meetwn. and a lot of hloskophlcal
anarrchlts another anarchists that
are not ao phloeophleal are trying to
poe as mrtyrs In coueeqmuene. I
never saw Emma Goldman but once.
It was after I bad made a speech to
me sort of a club on Piftteth street.
Members of the audience were allowed
ve minutes each to do things to the
speaker which they did. Among
thee who made my devoted head 4
'Wed target was a rather quiet look-
UIf Woman that the chairman called
"Miss Godman." There did not ap-
pear anything particularly Inflamma-
toy about ber-rather trite and tame,
n oet. Yet it gradually dawned on
Sthat this was the notorious Emma
Goldman and I wondered just what
sort o a bunch I had gnt Into.
But, turning to the raid In ques-
toL. If our police would Interfere les
with free speech and devote tbeas-
elve more to the detection and puu-
tohmeat of criminal acts they might
'b mare edficent In dealing not only
with anarchy, but with other crimes.
$n Island people can ay practically
'what they please, but if they overstep
the bounds to deeds they get short
hrft. Is not that what we need here:

The new budget and bond issue are
the latest causes of. excitement in New
Tork. The incredible extravagance
that as Increased the city debt until
tt is almost a large as the national
debt and ha prevented the building of
new and needed subways is apparent-
'ly going forward unchecked. As a
eooequence there are fresh cries of
anguish from the taxpayers. Presl-
dent Oonkling of the Realty league.
who, by the way, I a nephew of Ros-
eoe CMkli'g. is putting orcr adjec-
ttie, and Democratic antl-Tammany
asoelations are springing up like toads
after a summer shower. It is ap-
parent that this city budget and forty
mllon bond Issue are the last hay-
stacks that the back of the municipal
camel will stand. The latest building
code is being sweepingly criticized by
,eu.tlactors and builders. Tammany
Hall itself is being denounced as only
a gigantle contracting frm. Taken all
In all, It is a pleasure to live n the
big town now, If only to see the po-
litical animals perform.

There were a few of us who deluded
ourselves into the belief that William
Travers Jerome was actually about to
wake up, at leat till after election.
Vain hope! It is true that be did hurl
language at his questioners the other
night, but he did it in his sleep.
Jerome has such a habit of hurling
language that be can perform without
disturbing hia slumbers. The evidence
that be is yet in dreamland it abun-
dant For example, there is the post-
ponement of his libel suits against the
Hearst papers. By Jerome's own mo-
tion these have gone over till Decem-
ber. The excuse is that Thomas F.
RBan and others, who were needed a
rSTAs or Oio, CIrY or ToLano, l
LucAs CoomNr. r
FPurA J. CumXY makes oath that he is
the salor partner of the rm of F. J. CHnYrr
h CO., doi bein in the city of Toledo,
eoaty a ds- aformid. ad tht id farm
will pay the sm of On aHundred Dollar for
each and every ease of etarrh that manot be
eared by the use of Hr A'S CATra Corma
Sworn to before me and sbseribed in my
puIss. this oh dayofDe member, A.D. IM,
mAL. A. W. GLEA80N.
I Noary Publi.

e : e-T-is. l- Ia -- '

set, e Ie mit eto s tat sroe'
Yra~ I t ws a tt e hlatrs
*I Mw& I wat o tM o m ytlUS

espela retalt I rosk t m th
am m we prebabl7 wtinh out "

mibl t owm tofte sa the mn-ft
Set, p. hel m t tum Wato's
Magaef. It wau a it and Iniari-

soat of It COm- 0a morgeOn m=Ey,
aM wbhm I want to think of aythift
empecally rfulgeat I readrt em the
vbtises, th pernaMUty and the mn-
aers of Colonl Willam IYAlto Mana.
m- m

There still ems a tendency In a
portion of the eastern pres to grow
hMlarious over some of the western
names, Kalamasoo, Kokomo, Keokuk
and Ohkosh espeelally getting the
maery okelet whenever the Thanks-
gtrving turkey, the mother-in-law and
the gun that wa't loaded are out of
season, but I do not wee that we In the
east have so much occasion for doing
the cockadoodledoo act A section that
contains Painted Post, Horseheads,
Manunak Chunk and Hobokus sbould
at least put abutters over ts glass
house before Invading the rck pile.
And for the benefit of doubting Thon-
asee it should be said that these names
belong to actual towns. Only now the
newer element In Hobokus is trying to
change it to Underellff. But It will not
go. The old name is too delelou.

According to Mrs. Margaret Challen-
ger, who is something of a plunger
herself, New York women not only bet
on bridge and other games, but play
the stock market. Once a woman gets
Into the toi of the tape she Is a more
persistent gambler than man.
"My advice to married women," sbe
ays. "Is, 'Stay away from the tape.'
I have seen the ticker ruin bomea, turn
charming young women into blauphe-
mous of themselves and
wipe out the hopes of a lifetime In a
dosen clicks. ILt men play the Wall
street game It they want to. They
made It.
*Tve seen old women sitting In the
elaborately fitted offcee the brokers
fix up for women," continued Mrs.
Challenger, "with Bibles in their
"One old lady-she was a regular
at A. O. Brown's place in the Waldorf
-held her Bible in her lap all the
morning and watched the quotation
board between verees.
"'Glory be' she'd cry when she was
on the right side and 'Thy will be
done!' when she got nipped."

Mock Duck-the only Mock Duck.
head of our biggest Chinese tong-Is
back In refulgent glory after having
trimmed Chcago. Omaha. Denver, San
Francisco and other points out of $S0.-
000 in a fw friendly games. In these
towns may we expect a revival of the
popularity of Bret Harte's eathe

x-Jude a Street Sweper.
Having been ordered by his physi-
elan to resign his oiee as police mag-
Istrate and obtain employment where
be could enoy pure air and outdoor
exercise, Thomas Stanton of Eat St.
Louis, I1L. recently started to work as
a street sweeper. As a magistrate he
received an average of $300 per month.
As a street sweeper he receives $1.50
per day. "I picked out this Job be-
amue I beteve t fills the requirement
that the doctor ays I need In order
to regain my health," be explained. "I
would rather work for 1.50 %play and
be able to eat a square meal ad leep
oundly than make hundreds of dol-
lars a month, spend It allTor medicine
and doctor and he unable to eat and
sleep. After my work now I feel bet-
ter than I have felt in years, and I
believe I am on the road to recovery."
Stanton for a number of years was an
umpire for the Texa and Pacific
Northwest baseball leagues.

Watoh For the Blind.
A Frenchman has made a new kind
of watch the face of which has a con-
formation which makes It possible for
a blind man to flnd out what time It

Born in lowa
Our family were all born and raised in
Iows, sad have Msed Chamberlaia's Colic,
Cholera sad Diarrhoea Remedy (made at De
Mohies) for years We know how good it it
I from og exrperinee in the se of it. In t
when I El P, Texas, the writer's life was

*tC ,.'
t *r r. : .
*4 -b 4


r* ~1

"r~ 'tC
; u
11*. er F~~;:

O* r -' ( a t

sreih amy betd ft m 3k IfN
"be th" muothe b0 a*d .
g~ wmrunfr yaw m tb Yto
wathaut qusiam ot delay.
We wSD pay thei r oN* p60
of the bottle pdrahaed bi ryou
SThb ofter applio e to t l
botte ooly ad to bOa m a In
hma .

We could not Bued to make
an oer, unlem we poadtUvy kM
what Kodol wM do for you.
It would bankrupt us
Thedollr bottleotalasmtl
as much a the fifty cent bot

Kodol is made at thelaboraor
of E. C. DeWitt & Co., Chicao.


A UAMRANTD CURE f-r all diseases caused by a TO-
PID UVL. One bottle pI.r, -.. d to-day may save you a serious
sick spell tomorrow.
500402 North Second S t, ST. LOUIS MO.
Sold and Ref oui..nlead~d b

The First ]

are all right to carry in your pock
et, but to carry any conderabl
sum is dangerous. The man who
is known to have a lot of cash
about his person or his house runs
a constant risk. Instead of carry-
ing cash try carrying a
You find paying by check much
more satisfactory in every way.
Your creditors will respect you as
an up-to-date business man. You
will find it much easier to keep
track of what you pay out
National Bank of St. Augustine



Has been Crered with P Fmnial NSm since 888, and
is to-day the Best NMloeed ULemet on the market.

mume GU Ns AINs AMB AM.
Prie 25c, 50c ad $1.00 Refut Al Sblst0.
500-502 North Second Street, ST. LOUIS, M0.
__ olds and RcoOniAL Dnded b
-r n --rnu~o

1I m

Fertilizer Costs Nothing

IDEAL Investment
Many seem to think that after the crop is set the trees
are going to mature it some way and anything they can sve
on fertilizer is clear gain, but actual result prove that a sum-
mer fertilizing costs less than nothing. By making each
fruit a little larger many boxes are added to the crop and the
fruit bring a higher price. Then a luxuriant growth of ber-
ing wood es a necesiry foundation for a lrg crop next year
and still further gain is seen in the condition of the trees. If
their vitality has been kept up they are better pared for
winter and for strong spring action than trees tthave be-
come thoroughly exhevoted and have to be nursed up before
they can respond to the call of spring.
Ideal Fruit and Vine Manure
Special Fruit and Vine Manure
Peruvian Fruit and Vine Manure

Sold by Banner Drug Store
- L--

I ^

*& tl







* s asYuaa M

m Sp e ***a gals nem aMeh Ifr
*s e' a the seabr m l --p^

i MIb wk.
TN mt st I emidrto wod

body aUI U that m t a ams
tmb mrtm q boosd a alary.
Ytot m" "fe nut Wdigais"0
Mrd 1t "t be ddl Mtd Uooghly.
Whem the o~ ah ema't do It,
yoa mnut take muibrn thatl wi
bolp Ute tomaeh.
Tm proper wy to dos to est
wht you want, and lat Kod14 <-
g t ms ood.

nothing else can do this. When
t stomach is weak t, needs help;
you must help t by givnlf it rest,
and Kodol willdo tha



-. 6

- 44:'
.A. L 3

*;,~ 's 4
'-'.4 r



51, 1. i%4

r r

A 4
*4... ---44

- 4-

whe 31* wr
S0 aft t at

5- zii5 proved t
o wt ot

L~ DW. fte

1-1-1 t a* vbhma w"

e~d~m' 0 the ooeraolL


N vimeemarytat W
*0. Ik sm mm-=b a -e
Steo L s Im, lnoewns then

r *t*a- o* l a -*
wvi tto i em v Uml ta th
s be S their, wn boMeses the
ft eataerl AdB three of the Amer
'sf phvydas procured moaqitoe
the knew had NMte. perasos suafera
bftM the plague a d allowed them.
alves to h laifected. Ab n r
atrsblk, but Dri. Deed n arroU
reee srD' Dr. Lasur, who upon the
lst mponme did t enract the dai
mB, aori" ewi'ad hiMt nmd died
M a ult of ethes virulet attack that
As Other ermt were eces-.
mgy, va-lt frs tem as rmy, wap
eaOe I and savm l ra pomided, j
as they weMo tl the call ad been to
bta death bom ballets iaatead of
brom the equally deadly disease germas.
Nearly an the stricken soldirO recov.
med. thSgh- one afterward developed
a spbal affection as a result of the
experlmets that made him an invalid
or the brieftime he was loft to live.
In this asabe campaign Dr. Lamegr

-, E'


ryfH ",1 -r o 'l.., ..** DOCTORB STUDYINtI

,.e thos ifted and fortunate man In
the vay prime of life gave up every-
Wg in the eause of science. In his
vlratamas of cancer e himself
became inoculated with the germs.
ax, thea- h b gallat fght was made
for hi. M WW paM 'te forfeit. The
details of the store are yet fresh In
the puble mald-the anxious attention
of other cancer expert ain trying to
rave their comrade, the application of
a newly dcovred sa erum and the
faie bohp this for a time aroused,
tbe appasant rallying of the patient
and hio tsp to the moth, the devotlo
of his We and the Inevitable end
sympathettlly noted by newspaper
aader o' tp continent. That Is the
story, ad it mak e pnroud ofhis age.
Th Agd Y TeYllow lovw.
Almeat I-a well known is teA
case ef no corps of Amertea
S rrobbed yellow ever of
Ito rm It was bt a short time

after the
4an vj

Soft the p nih-Amlau
at the Ua ted Stat ow

was as truly a martyr as were those
who died at the stake for religious lib-
erty. Nor was the sacrifice In a less
worthy cause, for these experiments
established facts through the knowl-
edge of which one of the most dreaded
plagues of the human reae was arrest-
ed and is In a fair way to be stamped
out entirely. One man died that mil-
ions might live.
Victims of the Roentgen Ray.
The X ray claimed an even greater
array of martyrs. Notable among
these were Dr. Louis A. Zeigel of
Rochester. Professor W. C. Fuchs of
Chicago and Mr. Clarence M. Dally,
an assistant of Thomas A. Edison.
Professor Fuchs believed that the X
ray might be used In curing cancer and
skin diseases and to test the matter
as to the infnence of the fluoroscope
on the fesh began experimenting upon
himself. He started with one hand,
on Which warts soon formed, and be
was co"pe'Ied to have a thumb ampu-
tated. A his Ma ewra t- progressed


.... .. .e..e.s eboo

MaMsS la Other tehd
There w~ eveI *-eave physo

- efti op. narn-I -

easfn Ues atdiaes. He chose rather to
i irve st oe of the ho pague. and

soder that be dalht rake a setenttfle
sad, theagh knowing full well that
to do.a weald mean almot tnevitabl
s. oew death. He t6ok the ebace
wa rr a ed eoal f evercomrag ohes

Imo eeatn etldw a hfanb. was thae
n r. i~ e, an r tatulr

MWhe.the famous Dr. Koch stated

tlat cholers is coDtanlea a German
phyaelan. Pettenkoder, combated the
erthe ad ored to puve hs cnts -

tion by eonmngW the germs. At first
ha seestatm suoeetsl buat on a later

e tpe thme gt deowntrated that Koeh
was riesht and almaf wros and paid
the speam l with he lite.
Sman the moat heroic ofa the sol-
S re truth are thos that visit lep e
OWA then,the em sa Dr hmstat bt

eolea s. T is name of Father Damlen

,evenster, a B*elcan priest, who was
also a phys.elan, is hih on the roll
He not only went Into a leper colony
and ministered to the unfortunates,
but devoted the remaainer of his life
eto srra up the government ta o e are
o the disease, proving that it was

mheeptible to tratmDr.n Both he and
his successor became lepers andt finnly
died from the safflieton, but hney made
eh progress that Father Damlen
.cold say from his deathbed: "Thei
eape of tyhe eprs s now that of hu-
manilty. I am no longer needed here."
Another vonteern behalf of the ol-

lepers showed a like heroism, but for-
tunately did not meet the same tragic
ending, although at one tim'sores did
appear o tr hands, and bae tho ought
moslf doomed. Tney a afterward wen
Deveaster. a Belgian priest, who was

awla, hwsveri, thigh lean their.

marks. The man is Dr. Eugene H.
Plumacher, Amerscan consul to Mara-
ealbo, only went Into a only photo-n
raph many cases and mnteade an ex-s
bautve report t he interests of is lie
oce, bngt expire govted with a secre

medicine, obtaninn favorable results.
In one case that be recounts his well
meant eorts came out disaster wasly.
Aeptble to president of a certain state
ad eco r beme a leper, but wa allowed
to remain at h actome. Dr. Plueymade

eber's treatment of this patient was so
such pres rl tha t Father Dam hen
would rey om h de thbpon is enemies.
caue ao the lepers Is now that of hu-

who ad come into power, decided toe
Another volunteer in behalf of the
lepers showed a like heroism, but for-

deportly did not mthe leper colony. On
ending, although at one tlmdsores did

appearing this the vctm sand he t
The doomed Tey afterward went
away, however, though leaving their
marks. The man is Dr. Eugene H.
Plumscebr, Ameican consul to Mars-
albo, Venezuela. He not only photo-
graphed many casesand made an ex-
hautive report In the Interests of sci-
ne, but experimented with a secret
medicine, obtaining favorable results.
In one cas that he reconts hbis well
meant efforts came out disastrously.
A former president of a certain state
had become a leper, but was allowed
to remain at bis home. Dr. Pluma-
cber's treatment of this patient was so
sucessfAul that It was reported he'
would recover. Thereupon his enemies.
who bad come into power, decided to
deport him to the leper colony. On

The Everyday Heroes.

Heroism in the medical profession
is by no means confined to the con
spicuous cases of those who risk life
in some world noted experiment. It is
shown in an almost equal degree by
surgeons at hospitals, who run con-
stant danger of blood poisoning, and
by ordinary physicians, who are under
the same danger and who also are In
peril of contagion and Infection. Two
noted cases of physidans that died
from blood poisoning contracted while
operating are those of Dr. Charles
Thomas Hunter of the Pennsylvania
Medical school and Dr. Leslie M
Sweetman of Toronto, both receiving
the deadly germs through slight
scratches in the hand. Other cases of
blood poisoning from similar causes.
many of the attacks provlug fat.l, are
those of Dr. John Wilson Gibbs ol
New York. who was bitten on the
hand by a raving patient; Dr. George
King. one of the most prominent phy-
sicians on Long Island. who succumbed
through scratching his neck after he
had performed an operation; Dr. An-
drew J. McCosh of New York, Infected
by a patient through a slight abrasion
on the hand; Dr. Dowling Benjamin of
Camden. N. J.. who was bitten while
trying to open the throat of a young


ft U doWl--msj0 presj hwV
wov w e the dai~wr W is *rmit A
tbe victim gOt m ur T d&eK%
tor n ahrays oe to to ee wt, m"
eMe n aa b fona. OtberBay **
ftom cetstagie. H O ever rub
aito the mMut ot It Th aveMrge mma
may In moat cases evOMd Ialetlem
ftr camer., from' t be Wibdals tm.
blood poilan a .nd ftm the mmo
other agusng sabpes that death a
eume. The Ater is c e tantly ea
~rA to t- and twhe fghtb t pm
pie or abral a of the skia my ofar
the baetar an entramne into his own
body. oet only is he mdangrws t
sahb ways. but be deliberately Invite
the most terrible scorseas t order
that he my observe the laws whleh
gverm them, discover their causes and
If possible arrive at the means of their
prevention and cute. Nor does he all
all thi heroism. He. would scorn the
name a a affeetation or a pose. He
faces death as a part of the days
work. It belongs to his calling. Pos-
sibly be is right. Perhaps every man
should be ready to offer himself for
hbmapity, for what is the unit, after
all. compared to the mass?

Milk ea's Oifts are Poor
BDsle this "I want to on reosed
aryiag that I regard Eleetie oitte oe of
the great gift that od has made to w-
man, writesMn. 0. RbinouMalt, of Viesl
Cater, N. Y., "I can er forget what It b
don fr me." This glorious medicine gives
a woman buoyant spirits, vigor of body ad
ubUilat health. It quickly cares merro-
ae", &sle0iPs oomelholy, headahe,
backahe, ainting and dizzy spells, soo
builds up the weak, ailing ad sickly. Try
them. 80 cents at Banuer Drug Store.
China's Warning.
In a re-ent sPeech Sir Robert Hart
called attention to a remark made to
him yents :aio by the Chinese prime
minister. Wen Hslanx: "You had bet-
ter let us sleep on. If you will awaken
us we'll .o farther and faster than
you'll like."
A Vital Point
The most delicate part of a baty is its bowels
Every ailment that it suffers attacks the bow-
els also endangering in most cases the life of
the infant. McGe's Baby Elixir curve dia-
rhoea, dysentery and all dnrangements of the
stomach or bowels. Sold by all druggists.
Brothers on Pittzburg Team.
The two Millers on the Plttsburg
team--ecoid Baseman John B. and
Outfielder Ward-are brothers, sad
both appear to be good ball players

wE N sav the 1Wbmm ia
dayse m y simlE

cause food to ausilmate amd aes
la the boy, gv ien k-W,
and sad miscL. begaatty sgar
coated_ _
Take No Substitute.

P TThere is
marcelt any limit to the
pomible inpro eamet in seeds
bat it takes t me ad monoT. We have
Sbee tamproving flower a d vegetable
seeds for over so yea. More than x2o
people are working to make Ferry'.
suit you. Buy the best-Perrys.
For sale everywhere.
asnwa 11 r w ANNU
.mF O& 00., S S 4 Eb.


Cream Vermifuge

?Plm, EL L. IEI v



"My mother is a great rf-
ferer from rheumatism, and Dr.
Miles' Anti-Pain Pills is the oi
remedy that relieves her."
Roycefeld, N. J.
The pains of rheumatism are
almost invariably relieved with
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills. They
also overcome that nervous irri-
tation which prevents sleep be-
cause they soothe the nerves. To
chronic suffers they are invalu-
able. When taken as directed,
they relieve the distress and
save the weakening influence of
pain, which so frequently pros-
trates. Many suffers use them
whenever occasion requires with
the greatest satisfaction, why
not you? They do not derange
the stomach nor create a habit.
Why not try them? Get a pack-
age from your druggist. Take it
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it does not benefit he will return
your money.

seph's LiquTLi. ve ii t

mcTh lamect rthantisntat'.u n ra' .
me a athaetbi il ir r *

- --.

.s, ..L















so hb evugibmUt or ism WI o4n epea h tlme a em s b
ellrwe ea p al t hav* OaFt at a nulmeblmem nor l to
us o lhomge eb on. apa 9 w4ith t*he restt that eo has
msl&es sfy em rsIesg a gp on bs .onry estate. wory
NO $dM*' s" Iw poNWO am ash"e eu, t aI
-1 8 3%=M i to ladIsa s w S SR' abafpt atg hat o coerete with
y&. a b. It beanr two panels, and
o r- "'s I trtrbed *To the Memory of
Sate' Othe Filnrt Man." The other
IT" 7I* the Prot Shuft in Amat.-
ukh D ledi7ae t o Ab-, the rt
St circular f orsm surround
She. ha e lie< ao lwge tfhe asundal the Latin quotation,
lopk 0 IMbd e tr an sit stori mundl-"("So pases
the glory of the world").
St e .I I s ys thaet b uLke Mark Twai1n.who aptrophised
Iu nL a Cr o the dS- the virtuee of Adam so eloquently tn
t l~ at b ce so* tha the "Inocents Abrad," ML Brady thtblk
e- s cm aveod them Adam deserves better treatment from
What t ern iS M. n.I hs a*r *enbat than be has commonly
91- -Ai In iLnI r ceived. "It was kind of tAdam," say
th at lab. IM t"t. th hI, o come fntst He paved the way 1
sw is .enbt t" y a- sahd me ould relv the homage which t
tr WIlR. Wood. It dene whit wepy to ponee n aUl felds. There
*ON 01a6 4 e ad r** s ir aseus to be glory enough to go round
date poerlien s f the ates ta.- tor every one who ever did anything.
tBes y the saIB rl. Ti eoml es and many monuments and other trib-
lJ pite with the audltor at the Sa have honored men who never did
med of the fOrt year sortpWs or anyeth t
to s to the coals
T ml a Itt = i h "It it Is so easy to get one's name
vale of t pelky at thot time. T e
Sempanl i t das gravedi aved to stone I thought it was high
eoputoB v ~t4y days to time Adam had something to show for
whki to makO the *dep baring bee here. Adam had a pretty
r the prpoe of aseertatnlng the hard time of it. He was somethi of
l a p busi oa pe after all. Juat think of It to
Sl the a lr io author be here o thin bg earth, not a sol
i to a luvestlgatlo at any until ve cme and then"-
tiSe tood pel ay eempany to That reminds one. Why shouldn't
ap fM- h b ay OWd aa ne Eve a ve a monument, too, Lf Adam
a to swiabi hoPr res ve, i t to have one? Mr. Brady thinks
UnQ" j EI I b Ult 'he has don his sharen erecting one
tete an "poiw oeM linaM to her huband. Who will see now
em now establinhg t Mother Eve has a fitting memo-
thisiso Th" e a&a c wt-ad? ri A more or oess erratic gentleman
"t- sP iy? to fes ase' m. a K tll ) sehi-anse- pa stateofthe di.l
eIted i-J TO ell tIn his dooryard awhile ago. mucb to
st the scandal of ht neighbors. But poor
S9 iel SMother We a bheen pictured by
l M .ia het rate paitos and carved by sculptors in
5%%ft P f8 iseqwetod to put an
Ib rb in sc se a put dreadfullMy scaty clothbli but none
d I ( b of b oy t of her descendanta has yet been so
Stse tmr m lBeage rab Ind- gratimId a to erect a monument In her
o te i eMl- sa g Wer ae rttlB. bor.
Mr. iMmw r ayn Weed low tSoe lw
fe I dvaeo of ay mlur meare Mo eed of aur rlan from Lheouma
i to UMoad Stata. Wfle It was tu n
wI& that & S te 1 It is a mistake to allow anyone to suffer
vTne the eupn5an and protect te r pala always be
Solders the auditor insists that relieved, and in meeoat a core is ebeted by
SelS- tit I -----L a rat- -- elaT which it dbida hs alone worth
s- t aU time its oat. It make8 sleep and rest
oonues. pible. Even in ae of long standing this
gA. gV lea ltow was enacted. timeut should be used on account of the re-
-t p La _- t pmanies shall lief witch it aL d Do not be discouraged
dLee wh tIe ardittkl until yoe have given it a trial. For ale by
amgt wt the audit seuear Tie t avIlle Pharmey.
a- -t to e thn eash oWader
vale t ih polles tt haL wri tten th
amout ofbe i rese Prie per New Auto Fuel.
u e as v of the police It. Nine thousand dollars Is offered by
the Automobile Club of France for a
A neSw hw wa enacted for the t- new fuel cheaper than and as effee-
eaentM aud epeotioa of camalty Ire as gaeollae.
a.eies. provding explicitly what orfteen Te
ktd of basiessa they shall write. A
^t C35D7 mUt hate a paid By indieatfon'r uer many doc-

Cal, why o a th

flll O Ow I I- p awI of Mlega
bollel ona tr ipe a m Ot.

Wsi" ew e muir t e ar e te
a whlea idW a IWst f t Ite i.
IIg R hi a s reg se ard to m kit.
L I kMilig twe more that
he hee Their must w,
me t peeM was et n W e weeds.
H je ypeached to the virtue
t eM- pmtsec tlo. Uan when he oms
Cek ber thid trip you will ear bie
- k meertUsm oe the neemit
er eemrvlig game I Afric of
M s, t he hau kild everything
bt eMO W A.
"T ely thbn we wM1 get ot .of
dthe uie beralded trtp will be some
mat ere tla yaras, almost ad vra-
tos as Mr. Boosevelt's aecoaut of hi
here exploit at Ian Juan Hill and
lae more kinr and bone, of which
we already have too many. The only
Em who wll ever lear or teach any-
tbbt of value is the man who studies
he uEt slanimal. not the ma who
gloat over a ded onb
"Te wonrt nature tn the whole
bloody bsinems is not the kliUng of a
tw hundred wild animals In tfrc
but the bmrutalin Inflnee which
these reports have upon thousands of

Only recently I mt half a de lit-
tie .tMoin t the woods The bM est
boy had a gun and a squirrel tallU
hi hat. and he caed himself Bwans
TambO. They were shoottng every-
thing i t dlt, killing birds at a time
when every dead mother meant a nest-
al of young birds slowly starving to
dath. And how could I eonvince them
that their work was tubumun? I not
th great American hero occupied at
thi time with the same detetable
buasees? And why bsould not they
also be heroic and make a few fie

ahots and content themselves
robins ad rabbits siace faunal
ralits and other game butchers
killed of all our buffalos?"
You Neer Oan Tell


Just eztly the Cae of your rhomatism,
but you know you have it. Do you know
that Balard's Snow iniment will core i --
relieve the pain-redue th swelling and
Umbeothe Join a nd musler o tat you
will be active and well n you ever were.
Prices ~ M. and $1.00. o by all drug-
Living on Air.
[Dr. Bradbury announces that food in
appreciable quantities has been extracted
from the ar.-News Item.]
Their long and faithful labors. scientific
men declare.
Prove time s .coming when no more
we'll cultivate the ground.
They've analysed the ether, and they've
found tat everywhere.
Although you may not see them, meals
for all mankind abound. *
They took some sample ether which they
scanned with keenest eye
To see what was within it, and Imagine
their delight!
They saw the same reeolve itself Into a
wedge of pie
And that a piece of creamy cheese was
sitting at its right.
In air that stirred at early morn was evi-
dence of steak.
Of eggs and steaming biscuits and a
mutton chop well done.
While breakfast food came floating In.
hot cakes upon Its wake.
And coffee, milk and sugar in abun-
dance for each one.
Of fruits there were unnumbered sorts
from prune to velvet peach
And ve-getablei of every kind to bake or
boll or fry.
All these for centuries had lurked beyond
our human reach.
Because we hadn't sense enough to pull
them from the sky.
We do not feel quite certain yet about
this novel claim.
Concerning meals In ether loose we en-
tertain a doubt.
t.ut if the scientists are right the next
move of the game
Should be designed to teach us how to
get these cheap meals out.
-Henry James in Philadelphia Public
stomach Troubles
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h aMMa AM 0AK

ao4-,- lo
0*0**Mm /

I -~JI~
~ w w '~'~...... . . W

mug. Dw. amaYur Sebhee UgVDlrr~r U n Lm
.bpra mdfer ~. N
m Nv'. ISL -ir~l 3bahum r
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md 41W Ia~q.v It.nin

ma 96----a" a6m .l dewo

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LOCAL TIMB CARD No. 78. BElctive April 6, 190
SNo. I No. a2 Nmo. 1 NOa at
4 00 pm 9 30 am ..Je..Jaeksovlle..vr 7 mM U 8 1 am
*A 626 a pm ..6= M v...A n.Ar6 0 7 06 a m i
d 6 5 q 27 pa1158aas ... t7Plka...'T a Of WE 64U6BM
1-a a0pm1 0o pm A.....ebornd......vv 6 1m 1428 am n of
S5 J 58 U pa 1 4 pm :.... Dayr .... v 4 4 1 a 4 1 a 'm
b 8 4 pm t 0 pra AT..New BSMra .-.. 2 40 am 4 O am -
o -, m 10 00 pm 3 pm .v.....TIt I Ie ...... va m a27 m a
a to 4 C -pm 419pm-T......CAeota.....lv146 w 10 42 ai
S10 47pm 4s 9 pm .v...RBockledge....v1242)ma 144 an m0 a *

S1pm 467 ...p... Ea altr ........10m 112 an
11 Wi pm 507 p i..T...NMlbourne...1.. l3< m 08 an
28 1 am',7 06Rpmov ...F8Plerce...1rO mB124pm .
348an '17 pm ^.W. Palm 804 am 40pm o in I

Sc ,7 am I......A..r.... KyMiami ... ..........u 00 am
SOam ... .....Lv...Hoei'teatd...Lv ......... 21pm sO
st l 5 ',1 ....... L .IongKe ....v .. 1147 am I. Is
1200 I...... Ar..Knigbtl ey-.LV..........I11 00am 5't 5
7 .Ar pi ...........r K0y West. ..LL...... am
t :0 am ........ .A.. Ar ... Havana.. L ..........t4 00 pm
*Sunday. Tuesday and Thursday.. Knight! Key and Key West
tMondays, Wednesday. and Fridays arrival and departures at Havana
Leave Zaut EAST PALATKA TO I Arrive I Leave PALATKA TO EAST Palatka PALATKA Palatka Palatka PALATKA Paelats
S 15 am ....... No. 100 Daily ........ b 36 am 5 40 m ....... No. 101 Daily......... 6 0 am
6 15 a&n ...........No. 10 Dally......... 6 30 m 8 00 am .......... No. 103 Daily ......... 120 am
9 3 a m ..........No. Los Daily...... 950am 11 25 a ..........o. 106 Daly....... 11 45 am
1206 pm ......... No. 106 Dally......... 12 2 pm 2 6 pm ........No. lu7 Dally...... 3 16 p
4 10 pm .........o. 10 l...... 4 pm 4 35 pm ...........No. 1(I Dally..... 4 S5 pm
a 1 pm ....._...No. 110 Daily ..... pm 566 pm ........No. Ill Daily........ 6 1 pm
8 35 pm ..........No. 112 Dally......... m 7 00 pm .......No. 113 aly...... 72u pm
Leave East EAST PALATKA TO !Arrlve San Leave San SAN MATEO TO EAST ArrireEast
Palatka S AN MATEO Mateo Mateo PALATKA Palatka
8 s am .......... 3 Dally........ 8 50 m 9 00a m ...... .No. I4 Daly ........... 9 3 am
8 20 pm i...........o. 107 Dally.....4..... 340 m 45 pm ........N 1o. 1) aily......... 4 0( pm
No. 57 No. 6 No. 63 No. N 1 MAFORT ANCH'I No. 5s No. 2 i No. S N'. M
Daily ly Dil Daiay Dlly MDaily I Dall Day Daiy ly
7 10 pm 6 10 pm 2 2 90 pm 9 am Lv..Jacksonillle Ari6 40 am 8 4) am 123 0 pm~ 00 pm
7 50 pm 650 pm 2 t pm 10 00 am Lv Pablo Beach...Lv 55 am 7 58 am 'li 39 am P 19 pm
7 1 pm 6M pm 23 pm 10 06 amLv AtlanticBeach.LvI 53 am 7 53 am 11 3 am 11 pm
8 10 pm 7 10 pm .3 00 pm Io 0 am Ar.....Mavrprt ....Lv 5 40 am '7 4) am 11 am 00 pm
!. l.-fDl|(.flm r |ly,__ tC.U .._ ._Da. K .l. 4 i.ifljf S| .. .. -. I ,
O C.<*r C s f I.h.m ma,-


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4 b 5M ol ~ I

--r r

~J~i~iir 0. to
em Wed&


I; w;maut bis-at

r at Loog fLabotN.

~m.GFbdhm rowW bqdhold
Apwk vimh on M Im alt

*uvtviws sAsdm frisudi
"-~ -l~rwLIYQlr~s~
vII -am More.ti

m.L~t~i die4 at bt hornm

-&-ofi *Sm its "U. b.
- r- ~i_ Lb te Coca OUR-

Atmsma-, ls Oa the marrisreo c
Mt jAH eOs rt and Dr. W. Un-
ae kv seemed June kdin Wet
VlIhlm~l be urOsid. Dr and
ML~ m-ed r homr-
-aam i ae nd wr ann-

Ce lq visisathoie ain.
Sldb I ow ffd a n.
W* *wgr he preheat a hand
a M bom I Deotin r,
- I., tmle fa lty wlM go asMoon
WN e0-iO bob .ae to travel. Bob
hmuo ik *w g bae of it but wil
sm be u t about
b4bisr G0. Hardee is having
's-' pld m the lot next to the
FldMblok, where be will have a
haMbe- two story brick building
er-le wLsh is to be ooeupie by
,Ai. le 1-AItueUer's drug store with
4ea n a the second floor. Cocoais
.havr some substantial buildings

The growth of Cocoa ha been phe-
omeal durg the pest year. New
Ihiek ad stre building have been
rted, several miles of cement side-
walk, new streets opened up, new
eletri lights, through telephone
comnetios, and everything seems
comfortable and making improve-
meat. The shade trees around town
are being pruned and the town clean-
ed up.

Mr. Walter Underbury left for
New York last Friday, where he will
i sinped the hammer.
Mr. Provost's house is still moving,
Sbut "skeets" are so thick it cannot
make rad powreft
Sayton Carter is making many
vi ts to the denti the days. We
have muSh qmpathy for Clayt.

P J')J*r pm~Ibe Thtsviu.
ma bii 'to attend the one-


&LW. tO rrtisb spending a few
d*s wit- M meter.
J.* u ibn -., s
G.PF. P is Im t Tueday for

K A. IM. it t hsM o at his
mat mNbet to J. D.wyr.
IM W t West mad Alfed Mathers
Wt oodar to atted the B ptist
oostim at iCtLake City.
Prio. and Ms. . Macy spent a
iwv dy this week in Rocklee with
their brother, P. Macy, and wife.
Min E De Broedwell eft Saturday
for her home in West Palm Beach,
after a pleasant vidt with Mis Carrie
Rev. Herman G. Porter will preach
at the M. church Friday evening
at 7:.0 o'clock. Everybody cordially
invited. ,
Mrs Walter West and grand-
dauhter returned Saturday after a
p lm t vi rt in Jacksonville with
Marvin Townemed arrived from
Arkane Saturday on a vist to h
iter and brothers, not having seen
them for ten years.
Mr. Kicklihter ansfamily arrived
from Georgia recently and will stay
indefinitely, as Mr. Kicklighter is at
work for A. 0. Prink.
Mrs. C. C. Houston entertained
Misss Carrie Shave and Elise Broad-
well at a diner Friday. A pleasant
day was spent and enjoyed by the
young folks.
is PFrancis Arnold, Ada Com-
stok, of Malaar, were entertained
at the home of Prof. E. E. Macey and
wife from Saturday until Monday.
Ou Saturday evening Prof. and Mrs.
Macey entertained them and Min
Elen Mathers and Eugene Mathers
at, supper and flinch was the game
for the evening. On Sunday at din-
ner they entertained Mimes Arnold,
Comvtoek, Francenia Houston and
Mrs. Wallace.
Weather Report
By Rev. J. H. White, observerTor
the weather bureau at Rockledge,
Summary for May, 1909. High-
est temperature on the 31st 89.0;
Alone i slaw Mil at Midnight
Unmindful of dampneI, drafts, storms or
cold, W. J. Atkins worked a Dight watchba
at Banner spring&. Team. Such exposure
ave him a severe cold that setied on his
lun. At last he had to give p work. He
mtri y reeadim bt aU failed tiU e ued
Dr. King's New Disovery. "After uion one
botte" he writes, "I went back to work as
well a ever." Severe colds, tobborn conghs
iaamed threat st d sure lawus, bemorrbss,
oap and whooping cough st quick relief
and prompt cure trom thi loro medicine.
50c.and p.00. Trial bottle Guaranteed
s BaIsaer Drug Store.

Note i here ea tat the taxu aeor
will m t wi thl bolf co nty commis-
is.Io De Bev ad o ut, Florida, at the
derk'e sae a .TitUsl, FL.. oa the a5h day

Was les o. e uq Ibwde
**I Hew* sf th steam
m smms a ra ma

dsl so in Y4 e fl- M l-6
luemb S eei SMtafnd
fi 81=em Nab
be b"-gb u-ie jabI Ue Ia id

Gen. a. tea.y (xiCde
hm. IL BMW Ourtue
Ma7ws, HeBayMW UO
Wb. ti.. Hoary (bulls
He yE.1mkm Henry ume

J. a Ow.m (ars ams u
a CaSylr, HiaMy Cuf
He auv
W.K4niliiiihrr H taf

S. a. rt, My cdaa
D.a x.xerp, Hoarr (il.
At J. e r, Ry OWNt
SW. H.J emm HMyOMuli
GA. a. oidrt Hay Cr cUre
W. JamerBor, MHry Cbulo
L L Pdam, Haenry cril
L G. romms Hoary CrUlle
L Moye. Hwy Oiflo
Wilan KimsW (ils

aJI YennB HenryCriile
W. A. Oee, Hary OrilU
L. .h As, Hoery caHit

.L a, HaryC (rH

D C. T. aRUre, Heanry osL
L. T. My. Hoary C(r~b
S. S. ie, Heary n rylUe

A Hery Calik
Jim "T7. Hoary ie
Hoary (rli

XC T. K-,k, Heery COrlile
Wh Moy, Henry (rliek
Wear. Iakpm, Heary O(rtfe
T. L ylfkr, Henry brili
r. .ari Mrler, Hoary O uHe
A.J iGaber, Hwiy (ulle
Joe Oe, Hea.y (b CilIs

C. J. Odwo Bret Ceahtl

Stae of FlOrid,
(ay of arevard.
O. athe ay, aaOS pomally
oe tes re CterilO who .i..lasd
tWe aeve p m havin been by me Ara
dely wa pom bis .ah, that every
mme d a mTsdxd le maidpetition, was
Md ie the aet udM deed or the poon purport-
in to si the amm sad tatther wa o
bribd, ry or d A* 1 o usd in Procuring
tid l4 ,r-or met r that "k aflda.
vit i ade upon the peroma knowledge of
the aslat. HaBT CAULrL
8won to ad umbecribed before me, th ard
day of May. 6. Jous HHNay, (Seal)
Ntary PNblic

Tonsorial Parlors
Corner Julia ad Palm Streets, oue block east
from Nailway station


Fashionable Hair Cutting and
General Barbering
One visit and you become a staunch Patron

East Coast Meat Market


F0 Florida and



of all Kinds.




V -

*~ ~ Ve.z

r.*riCP5SSS5-r^i 1: r^^irtif~ 1.~
i '^^^^^S-^^^^S^-^
i\MW r 'w'


* A&*r*AA *Ar A LA rrr~rrrrrIrr1o -~ 1


-IIIIr III Ir CY IsC ll~r ~--l- ~


Jas. Pritchard & Son

Handle the Finest Lines of
Heavy and Shelf Hardware

Our Stock of
Guns and Sporting Goods
is complete at all times

Paints and Oils of Quality
one of our Specialties

Quotation for large or smal ordeswi t
be given personal attentio. M Or (kdms
solicited and promey filed


Groceries, Hay, Graln d all Food PMiat
We handle produdace d all kad. We arn agets r Mape' FeritiWm We dlel
in t abs so Ulreof mmd del dtw thed se of al -- Er ai pa e
Geai d an e dftmd aM ty our IL.U ASDT A T n1Ut.
D. H. SPELL Dr.J. C. SPELLgigedlimi P be

tit\xrrllo, Ploz*.c&t
Fancy and Toilet Articles, Perfumery, Stationery
Soda Water, Ice Cream, Fresh Drugs, Chemkal
Mail orders solcite and promptly filled. Will order ayth we
haven't in stock
Jotb L. Van De Ver W. 8. Pd

Pure Ice Manufactured from Distilled Water
Prompt Delhwies Made to a Shii Peiets e tth PFlorila Ka CMst

Daler in Staple and Fancy Groceries
S--at Cnmpeti4ve Prioae----_

PORTLAND" 23 es'

Oa a bag of cmt means du
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