beaters.Cltj l )entranta AtI"I" lijiLu. trit : *tri hail rriomt walk. iiw-S:
mind the 'N'ftt popularity of the tan !! n..b, how .\:1" '. att4lnr. ..' !ht. '.of .r".
I, C IUman of Merl "TIH' tlt'tirt r"'h.-Iv I \r n"i! I" ('an"'I" f IIfUJ>t. .t.rut.l.ry "- .rr mtr.Ir 11 f i
Attorney shue not Lading tern ton>* -en by the ( .. xttj-i'lit* f "t.., "'.:>' 'n tir' r''.irw, 11"IoII".II..t".1 M., IA..f.r..blbi I h>, -u*. .'.
A author of tie L ilI. and It hnscreited 'Ia&I1h.I.1I11' !onarh a,1 1.1Tlh. ., . ,
: den U the > makersay' Men's Wear With IH.i. tfa' t h :ltt f.n w.1.! t q"'I. t" ": .
tan i.-I,: Sass Mr r'i; |}- : lor Fr..II"I;: ,
C'\1slkrltIt' totuiwnt. Hut tl.e 1I.r. nt I j ttiT' r.(a"! if \1. x* f'il,14rr al 'if ,'net. ,n ..,!tern. l':". !I't (,
,; shoe again in favor tan In oee N. \ "Th..y act jjntiv aittp'eaarit x 'p''illt!..

advocacy of Mrt !Kodwr that f puristtturat as well will I* very fashionable. both : '! f-Wt aril i.! .n,- ,I... >>,....:- ivr -, | 1.1 \fOI.) \ HI r I.I.KV: A. ., I I'll I 11 Ih l .I|I.4llil l. Ha

: 't>Mtriuled to niouilvr! of 1,1' colors tflng In pood taste worn with Is | ('> tlnalI'3' c-nditmii." ....'<1 >b> __ __

: sex hail create even mum dk'n'slnn. the oak leather shades and'I"!' rse 't Ui.
i' Mrs. Hojrrrs I Is president "t te; Humane I' ._-.:.. -. -_ '
suits. :0 ats have this: !.' 1\tlon tn+n a
r ,. societyUid! .>f tl e F )'':!ral Fttrnilno of W arid'. IMrgratarm.. !
r tery a>.ierial part of town dre.s!' and ARD
,, Equsllty club.8 .,x'n n< "he !.. larpnst farm In the wurll wb'!-t, |!i

: of City Attornej- lIi.:ir.aa's Mle I<'almf'n. until rv.ti.tJy wa in M;!\c tirl. bll'l j!

with the pnnnnlikin for lirrti erteaied into iowa. the Kan _ ai
came forwaml "'ay I 1' -- -
-- ........:....... .J;.. :.. :.._ .'- ..:- -
a tb* pt for woorti. tier companionsID I' Whf'o caHed into court on a breach sea City Journal It 1* owned by I)avid j jt I

the Political Equality club are "'ome- of promise ra!\e. the ready IUf'rrltfr ', Rankin are) hl- s .a W. F, KarJtln of |i --- .ill: -

what la ttonbt Wt.filer their Miff to t- understands why the WM taaawiti a.aker Tarkio. Mo Th.* .1..11' Hanktn; !h worth i

women's rishu ib.mld i,;ake U-. :.i 'iU,vporters lute Lin eyes. SI iu i.fii anti fca* made it by fsrm'.ns : Savannah, Columbia. Southern Pines

of the whipping I'O"t Y.t roost lie owns 2t'i1) tern la Atrhtson ?ca, ,

.s :'- of them anv that huMmid niczins 1* l'rop Trrolmrat I'Rf'.I. ty and Mns MM sorter the desire !I Richmond Washington Baltimore.

almost as heinous as wife leatin;_ Pnenintonia j. t.1.-\ d.rfrTW.i di..-** to own more Und. bad to rah I lr ,

-- -- for all Oflt' to attempt M dxtor >i. '-, if. to Fremont (cwinf_ U tt. other day i Philadelphia. New York.

k'' A I'lo".r It"Itatl..n, alth""I"h ill' may !tatt'Ih.. t>toe".i r ,nst --- wten te txwrht 3,'..'.> acre troItan. J !

s $1Ftt', tan-i. ., phvi-ciST *h, 11 .i-!'I..UI kn! r."f'f *>!!" lie H a "ftt/O kine. a I
After a (?-arty m..1! .!.""'.. o( K..ll.. I.r eated! It ,hold lx. b"r r t'; p, d. com king: a ian! kIn:, a phMari 'orH' I 1Filtt i t ; f t'.rlhtl\.I'i I i j I I

'r .. : n >rlu Cur .lli \,r>' rnv atifc aUna f o.ever. Ib" fn..)mnriaainata !' -tt-t" and .
a captain r' : ll f"iV1oy.
., lion- lt xl\j I> a ri...r.'th d'aT: from a cold! or from an sttikcfc ( ''". ,.'.p '. SEABOARD FLORIDA LIMITED
at.xlt :31' }
t.: v
.t tart and a gtlarintt.t1; tr for ittd'!,e- and Hd by "irr Create), rl.'I:. t+.10/.' prtwrn r1.rwrnttn j
,lion d *ria. Vf on thr! M.>ma-: -b. *iurTi V lhreatt-n stu. E < f rnrub"''m
; > { : Ittr.rlc lf> pntiirosy -
__ ___ __
'ina'-h MAIL
hnati Iud 11\11' 0
Jngs"K t.J A !
muma be srr'l osf! T>" iris'rd\ ; ,
r' bl"'a' III, IA'*ha, by *'t.: "I i. a'n n"*'>l t-T phy wt An- in tWirrs* U.ABTOI1.I.A.: I

1[:'_' cn testify to the *.tSiTTu-j of Kod.'l tn, theore men' nf iwmitionu "Uii I'* >**t f1'Ct1.t- t:. 1:# IJ Vets t.zd fnTlt'E I

., ;:' ( of vt "D ei> irouWJ .<... ..<] l>r.V j mith, of '; w foa H' E.. :-w cLh i I M' '. r ;; ', :' I M\ '. t'j i 15'Mr Mn I
' tronttlf t, S*> M'. **..1 ;; ..
-fix with t't"ffiach r ;: >> .. iruA'i-rf. *T$ ''f It. 'I have lrrr.'lhn2 S# /Ii< I .. .. .. .... ., .... .. .. i
.j have taken .ix U'iiJr* "f y." r K .i,, ... t'bt ntrrian'a! r.rnrdy Indf"'ril.J I. Tw ra' aniF on' !a : i'1 .t 'r-.. v. J "' :I> '.. v.. ,
f"-'Ith ..! ,.." j.., 1 s .' i i"a. ,, t
14' hich t ,1 errs fif"1t 1'1.II..II''i' t'I: ; .r r ; II o j.
Curt- entirety
; : fr the
; > ; 1\ In mv prjictHV intti I ,
,: x"rt'1 1 !+,> '.. 11t",1 r1.Tyan") tAT..afat', + Il rt.r> 10 'I \.J. I'"',fA" art h,'t "-f."II" rI
: ; Three :llmt'n x \ -are I c** U hI* r*- of patnrtnnta; tUR rtCItL LU.hL\TJU. .. ,
rt.Idt.t I .. I York sea War rrCt.n, ,.a :: : \''{ '.nr : 'q it anti rtt03YIIII ... I
KlIJ! ITrifi:1Cutr 1 ;
! uw.! A.1 hair a1 ., itln ;t.e lea rt-v t

'I :,:;': any quantity at a1 5!? rive .I......>*. I.->.\ 'isd.! r.i Re.tCriii... Phartnicr I I.anst: (.-:1 n: bersry&f'tIY 10-. un t..t..r tl..t"'lrgrr: tM 'f stela.!ttt" I; rnclair.groodat4 _

f.f ;- TOO) want in et .t.11to T"UJ :: a' tM ; of FsMaat ,. __ i
eat. : nttraiar fJ/ A f>
3 I: T' 'urtwtt'. anti g!''+.4 .tr oft Till' .. 1t
f\'tot. \ -
a I I *u She ptwacr f. "'f..aJ c-, f..rn. law ONLY LINEiipefatim4
ry EJ: "llndc-rul irt 'p.tDtl I" ltt'trntitt.d" !, ,'-f'f the: woven .f.sat !y:.. oe the ....
: -;; all of eta h"U1arksb!.. ,"lam '.101 CASTORIAFo I..t.. .,f B&.A.I1& "''ser u& Ranaaa ek I ', frr,
to many rn a >z'y Ttrori"( 'dT <'r>o Ja 'k4r''r fJ lea Uf "!.'I i
: 1.-' <_ by IW Cf'l'oo.l'l.armst"\' : \t.., j tt* .tu* *>f rw .vn.1, .:tb Land !iuat9 ufo!. ia!,
-- J'f".! ... : Lil& ti Jt3 dildrts.ft Iaaded tbs
J' I'tsartla.r and Chas f. i:., un ao .h by t1ates
I .
..ii.'ji h..tc4e n( i.f-t=r rrrnata; '>11 the F fail! inforrui' -'i ". __ I
> a r t"L.all '
. -i'; rG i.rd :
' .
" t" Kind You Hare f.OY R- : t '
--- Allays Bought tart tfc "Ia&tK ,
-.< : ----- by exr.a .lGtb bJ tbs ternp1.t
; 50'J. ... t-
>; -: O.a.s'ro.ct ._- = ..... f J ct'ratiLt. Oft the ,,est b- tbtr area } J'tA
. irm B1i Jf'J. t &s.-s t a 'hxc 0' &ua ntff sad t- tf'n'lf,. ape,.a. I 'lAC Du FLL. C. IhOYL'firN ;' r

/ IMraua ty f.>r errs atioo of a i4 special art.X 1",0 \.t. Cfir l rl..r1t' (tent Paeej ,
. ..... ;ii ;.a cf >. I'casv. : : iU : t.

. tl t( ; NaazL'a.Jaa. 1 ::.1 "" JACKSONVILLE FL.4

":,'' :' \


iO > t r-

", ', ", .-. -.' .... .. ,. ." .,., s e .r. .
., "' 17 ; IF r *
ft :;; .
>> .Jiit!',"_ ,, .. ,. .
"' ,- .... ,. .,''''';

_i ?:-," "": '

'''''_s l _"""c y" f' -y ." ,. -FCacs ?"M"'-:- ..,,",,--"' ,, '."=' .. ,h_ ., _
,*,>k"-M,11 .<""" .. .,. .
;;: '.' ,- .. .,, .., -, fI, .." ,.. .. ,: : .. ... ".,w.. .. .
-" "c ''""'' '-,,"'". .,..' ',,.- ,...' ..",. .,' '. .. .... ..,... ;"c' ., <."., : ,.. .". "" :. .. .q', _,. 5.. .'.". <,
.. '
< '-, ,
,, .
.r. : .
'''- ",,' ;
,,, '
,, ", "".. ,' d' '
i; ", ',1 &-''''.''. ,,;,'..l'; R". c. .
& "" _
"... '
,,, ", ."" >''' 'P
',.,.,. '
... .'
I ;"tf/ ;. '. ,
h;"#: ...,..,..'.. V '
.... ,, < STAR'
"';.'' THE FLORIDA flD.lY; Y.\RC'1f 3,19t>d

-- --- -- --- r

;-. i '*.J JanD BCMTMOM DIMJCTOKTFwty here and bare many friend who welcome JAMESPErTCUAEaPrwu3 t W. M. BROWX, V kaFTt.idratWISsTOS&BS.tkIO.

them back.Mrs. .

",iI" ,,>ate!! .7.,,. ". c PJttlL:jaw eipcrkau Ll'P..PncdcaI; all tied tiMtmaW.of H. M. Kaio, who has so graclotu-

k # >' ,ax.... chap; silo bdW Beai:3a ly entertained the public with her excellent INDIAN RIVER STATE BA1K. I
: .
w fir sMat taxes to
.:;J !a... :, ; singing at snag service, k'ton Tore- ., :

-- ; day for Palm Beach. We trust she will COT72TTVAothorite4 :=: P '...ORY.: i

i 1111 milK mpPllS.rancnPU visit Rockltdgeajrain.Uiaa dpiu)...._..._f lOO.t OaOOP .-:
Virginia Hatch and Mi Mary id op UpiUl...._.__. _1 S5.000 00TRANSACTS I
....... Average Ikpoe.ita____.---t10,0LOA) ,
i," r...... aid .way Paxton oompanied the former'eparentato s $:: i
A :
:' ::=v:-*. *tT.wu AIM****CowCCOCOA. their home at Christina, Fla., last + < 1

t--1t.;. ."" ,,''__ week to remain until the latter part of General Banking Business. '--: !
:; -r .
', this week when they return to resume
M ;"r :;;
and OldestHank
tf1 ::::;-"': :. 1m .tter. I their studies in the school at Cocoa. Largest f j
; on the Klier 1
u ill with the grip i
Mil Ereljn Trivia Mid Moore teacher a'.ikin ; .. "\" -
mm.X Lacy [ "
Exchange and 8
Bought ld AH
': 'L. 1I. .( IJlI.lit on t ,4
f i : 1Mia 1.oom'11nd Miss Si George, was among the county teachers who attended Foreign Countries

?r i': have tn cite gnert of ire C. J. SchoonBiaker the chauUo oa assembly at Mel TOO LATE Patronage appreciated. Prompt mire, '1i

::;{ .: hive returned to New Smyro bourne last week Mia Moore came up to think of Fire Insurance after yonr potitetrcaatratgfavovcoa.iatcnl 4 f
"-"" : loner has burned. Now is the time to with CXlllIE'nltin bukior gn nted. el ,. l'
;,1 Some bl Coc.'Oa' gay cavaliers! find gMt Monday for a short stay with her folk, injure I-efore the fire cmueth and your ('OKRE."l'USIIE.'iT8: ,f F

ili attraction at Rnckltdge ft'eveninga returning to her school on Tuesday.Mrs. home is reduced to ashes Empire Trust Companj. X. V Florida 1 j

I -.;< 'Sure, an* ye ain't jttaloo, now are ye?" L. B. Chatfield left last Thursday DELAY IS DANGEKQUS Bank A Trust I ompanf Jarl.IU"m..n&.! t

and the order of for New Haven called thither by the -
r-: Hunting foiling are MTi in mo>t dings, but doubly so in neglwtiiijj TITUSVILLE FLORIDA. :!

? c the day among our fltin populAtion i ieoa illness of her, Mr. IX)w, to insure your Louie or More The .. .,

eat. last week. latest reports are that he is correct surance.jotirown and insure Nift'ty by in. PENNEY & BRANNING

Mrs W. G. Patterson am! Mrs. Moore doing as well as possible under the cir

\Uited ICockWjw onTaeaiay and tifu>l- cumstances. MORGAN A WALTON, E

.d the meetinjtofthePilim'ttoilub at Forest fires on tile island are attracting TITt"ILLF.. FLOKIHA.received tr TITUSVILLE IJkl

*% the midmce of M n. L W. lialtrnfirki.Mr. !great attention from this side. Tuesday

.: ttf &nu fcotown lligttt llx fire narfcttl the Indian rir;"roitog must hearty app'anse and thearti4c
ilanrift 0. Tlx>ma! <
I on tW Manatee, vMahakinx hands ( ? and it was a grand display to err gradoniy r romlrd 1/o1rh art t'n- !! Fashionable Clothiers
: chort') The young pianist i i+ a wonder,
i-i. with old friend in town U-t week and the flames leap to the lop of a bus* pinetree
: only twelve yearsof& ,'\',a i Uu"h5ntr, Jninil >.
fi?" to her buy and cast its livid reflection in the waters
ft- Ills mother was delighted ace I beneath and the clouds overhanging.At rollicktiitc boy, yet the instrument i isM I' I

'attain. a toy in his hands: and the moat! he and Gents' Furnishers.I
Quite a nnroher of G>cua people attended but reports no damage had been done i'
brings out of it IS rippling, sweet "tnd voluptnous >
the song servicts at New Ritckle-ljw but property was much endaneere andit
and forceful
anti well re aid took big fighting by the inhabitants toward or mighty, gland as .1 1L. --
hotel Sunday night were |
the theme indicates' The violin Solo!
tfo: the trip because of the fine convert off the danger.A Mr, lluchel elicited round after round by ofapl'lliu The ijiieen Duality MMK* fur ladles I U Hit*

afterward.The merry crowd took an outing Cocoa mntt3IbII and durable In the world.) In
:** and he res-ponded with another
K. C. Co. keeps the "elite"in Beach !last Friday Mr. Provost's lanrwh ulditione llipfHniouN
F. R'y. fine solo. Mrs. 11 all tert has a cultivated kcoji KdHiuria: |>|iand
aqai i\'eof expectation by their fre- cameil them to ieorgiana and Mr Cat. +. 'rovsett MUMS. All h
voice under perfectontn,t and she delighted high rl v K and sudden! changes of orab>H. ter's launch carried them to the bench. ''a
I anent her hearers and responded to re found IHT. Manhatlnii Shirts K. \ }\ Collars -
)Ir. IJarbncht ia the latest! operator to arrive .\ line luncheon was spread in view of
1..1t1t'tIIti'l.ldu l with another K>lu. The -.. Slot son and KIKIX llatv
on the scene and he slings the light- the rolling breakers and it was thoroughly
bail t which followtni\ was enjoyed by the
'i nine by night. enjoyed. The party consisted of Mrs.Puttleiineld .
lamrrs. Altogether tilt evening) uacnui.t

I! The people! of 1t'rrilL-e\'t'ryhtJtty- Mrs. VanDetnan, Ir)1.. pleaxtntly en-nt.. Anything and everything ehe tbat f

'I y xvridenU and (guestsere out fighting Smith, Mr .. Fairchild Mrs.: Prince, Mrs. ,_ ___ h_ zI elL

J '::;0 .
t :'i feet of the EpiKOl churrh at one tilllt'1 Miss: Mildred! VanDeman and Mi- Hate you seen Sandy Near's new hot

, :-',, It hag menaced the -ople| tlf the bland Julia Coats. They returned nightfall, air eiitfine.Mrs. lUlL ORDERS SPECIiLLT SOUOTLO.I ,

c; t fur the pan week and is still hurninz. having enjoyed a fine day.A iv E I'arliour's grove is coming

.: The ladie*in charge of the hal maaqae party of Itockledtfeiles, it i'said, tttok out in bl"oM>ni. --'r""rr"'( 'f'\ y"trrr... 1"\ mr.; t'rt teri.. tTf't"f''Jl
LA.r..a. ..d----- """" -aa.yd''''''''' .4'':'' -" ":,,; --
a.alktoCtMnatoseethewildcaL Its The 'Km of '
of The inritatium a H.iyioua s>pent Sunday 1
is are sore great success.
: '; 4 will be out this week, then you will know long *alk and after his catyhip: bath been in our harhor. tl SEESCHUYLER i

k ', more about it, but the fort that the tlnffitlently'i..lllt'd the party turned their School: Ni. :> had A thorough cleaning -

;.. Tittwville orchestra will furnish the music (act-*! lgeward, but the feet grew tireil during tliechaulaiiij'w vacation. t1 & WILSON Ij 1

.. xi: sufficient to warrant a tine time, so get and they importuned the driver tlf a light ('apt IVwn-tt i is now iriTilu>vileoerliaulini -

to bring them home. All went IJucheMeron: Nel> n's
')n your suit and come. wagon ; way ABOUT 4rl
right until a portion of the party readied The Mi'Keu l1ort'nC811.1 I$.'<.ie Hud/- [
A very law congregation aiwrmblfd at
their home and the otherstarteit to CUM son returned Iron the! rhAUtaiiiyia season FIRE and LIFEINSURANCE
;ot. Marks church Sunday morning tot I j' -
.{sear Rev MIledgetValkrrofMelbourne. tinue the journey when, without warningto Monday. 1
anyone, one lady found her-lf on the The "h..lvillg and counters are alinuctrcnily
fine the
He preached a sermon on holy
ground and the wagon was one oirnpantless. for the I'tllck in I'r. H'vlg-ujn'H new '"
communion, which was very interesting
, The wig who! rt'poltJ the epiMxle drug store. o .
I and instructive. }{eve Walker will visit
is inclined to think that the wild cat. had .\ flock! of irlicans have made their
e Coma again, March l.'th, and will preachat i TITUSVILLE FLORIDA
something to do with it. home in the harU at the mouth of the : 3
! 7 p. m. Everybody invited.
Somehow or another a ft Fan: (tillie river. .. ... .. .. ..
School Monday morning. page away er..wtw',. -.... .. p+.. p+,.. p+" H... tr"A"tt'f. i
i .. Opt'lIt'aCain (rum the manuscript t.f THE ."HK oirrespondence \illi"orlh Kai almost ())mpt'tt'tJ! th.- f. .! w....:. _\..-. '..J;i* ...}.J. jiJ hJ4J..J.4 W..y 1..J..J. i..J..J ta.t i..J.4.._'
refreshed after the week's
Every one va
last week in the actvmnt of tbi M-nmd st-TV on hi; rtwitlrnce on Hoiihtimtreet.
cation. The teachers are all praising the
bazaar and therefore all the deserving This is an improvement t<) the.tre
work of the chautau<|ua assembly and advocate MASURY'SPAINT
t. I/et the d work!, .
orals did no* get credit fr their labors gut goon.School

the !great advanuun for improve- The ladies who worked ;'o faithfully with was: rei the teacher of the the
Client to county by
the refreshment: MM. hail!) and her excellent week' vacation to allow the pupil'lI..r
vacation bring granted by the school .
helper, Mrs. J. J. White, Mr... J. W>> attend the rhauuu'i'ja whichwai
Lard for this The teachrrs
purpose. i:. Hettler ami )(Ir. Ilibff and their vt-ry generally taken advantage; of. Why will you risk something that MAYbe
back their work refreshed in
came waitr.- Shins Laths ('apt.V.. J. CI..m'.nn. of Taunton.
mind and charm .c t, hekrr good PERHAPS when you can get
I nerve. ._, -- Mice Mamlt Baker, Miss Myrtle l Ford Ma.!1.,18 expected| in Fan: ';lhe hy the ,
Th-. II-**! Cough >jrup. and Mi i..* VMa King. Ye senor I wa s>r- middle of March. HH tine yavtl and l\I.IA.S"UFI.: -'S' ,

for th "out hut credit launch is being put into readineM fir the
enough I"
ry ;
S. I. Apple, ex probate judge, OlUwa
(iKansiswnte! +: "This is to say that true all who helped in any wny. One captain's n'f.: Known tn I... 'h. Best. \ ant.1| i*. II"1\ ...- rl. I- -.i. .

I have used I'ilUnl's Horehonnd Sirup paragraph should have read: "Mer J. .\ pleaisant! dante wa given at McMil- LUMBER ;;:
: for years' and that I do not hesitate tot J White and M. C. Ntlmon 'I'.lit'tr[ eat II lara's hall Tu dav in honor fI f Mi-Sounder. ,

recommend it a" the bvt eonjfh svrnp I Other at the "X'ht'fl1t'r," etc. .*, who i1 the guest, nf Mr. and Mr. IVtt r- II: 1.uah.'t 1tl'I but!, IM.l't I .. .
:-: lne ever uni :35c., 5 anti l Man: allie .. t. M Budd.of the K. C. lirw MiSiumlew -.
iJwl 'f08. .
: ( Pharmacy, Mr. A. II. McKeown ha* fur hi" gii tKey.
has made (friend in Kill J F: W I K U: : H H MAE I. t
Vharmar. .. Gallagher, of Pitt'-hiinr. Ansn>L<< many
- -- --- ti. Hie during her tiv. tl tits a nil III I" r JOHN R. WALKER & CO. i
t K/iCS4M.ItfiY. that his reverence h of t'ldt"f'l1\.1 well a* thin young { es>pie; ate { \
lights of the loath that )111.11..
Mrs. J. It. Van iH-iiian entertains the sunny n.lof.t I
crowded into hit viMt he deciiton! a ti Titusville Fla. i
,: Palmetto: dub next Tuesday afternoon. large nunilier of Kti (;*'lii"'s otiwnfntten I
trip to the chaataiiqua at Melb-'urn bv
: Mrs. Taulijon and Miss Trait leave thin t. the ricer route ':II Mr.I MrK'slittlelanrn h
Meek for a few da> '!\ stay at MelUmrne. qua Monday tienintr. All l; returned .)eij'it DRY
Katie I)., and away they "t'flt.t Eau GOODS 1'1 I J
!, .-ii itli the ll 'y
A mock naval bathe! explosion of hurudtnitt .aUie! the boat refuted Ui niakea lending 4 eRtertunntTit >' ur+ ,

.>d&nd a man walk ing on water was after much etfort r>',n.t bellithe resignation of the pr. -i-
i r> they grit atoN a hoie
the great attrat lion for Tuesday rwnunjj.Mis lent.V. T Weian:! | it i" Loud t .f 7P' f
From there Melbourne
they went to mhack. 'Ir:1.!!a If'" r.. ".. .;, .. j- I r'l f 3f
1 Fannie Mine ...on.l daughter of On their return the Katie 'A ain CLOTHING I
,... : i
tune t > a t a.- i'f 'lit II;- !'ili.i-j
j pre- ,
Mrs. 1 Moore
}Ir and \ : has jome :uillu;: humor and tie return trip >"uimenod. ,
". .. ,
9''Cu-I'-'t I tv 'ifjfU t '1' "! ; oj (
; iivr pjtrvi.t and Uu>r>i at their home at but Katie gut tired again af'.-r : '

j' MernU a mile or two, s.) they |-.!ed al"g! fr GENTS' FURNISHINGS

The waiter at IIte! In.lun River give: awhile until they caste to a cahin alert-! I'

A cute walk in the dining room at the ho. they coiiclndeii t t>> make a call f'ltv

;.: tel on Monday night. .\ Urge crowd at. f.Mind an old acquaintance c-f II'J.all,1\ Amr'sr 4!

tended. made arrangement.- "i'.n.l the : ,gf.tIn SHOES Iir J

The orange tr t* are jn. ready to tmrt the niorning Kane till rrf -.-.l \u g ,

the bltxxu, tinT buds cover the trees and and a* it ";1.* n cvs-ary that t .ey reah I

in a few dive the air will; be redalel.t II
with their rrfuaw. Fiori-U travel by counting tLc cr.-. I..- of MILLINERY
nearly every c : c consumption -
Mrs. IVnrx-tl and Mrs. Frt, wltohavelfn between Pntea.n4 hors\ v-Hi r ;'J\'er. Fresh ; ,

vUitii f their pa<*nt Mr. and Mrs. The :aru-ooirlieitra, who ar'r'A\ air, most jTrri-nrr of z'.l.:: t

C J. l iann, tl1",1 t>i their Inaa : idVi iq: at H..trl Iijilsn River tr.i- w ,-.t. '.

\ ,cw.Mn home Tae>!.ac.r hue trail I benefit concert af:.! bat .i.-t :i: Cherry FURNITURE.. .

Mr.. II J. wraith and !i;*ur, Mrs Keii .dQJsy i .:ht. A large: crowd \1\aj> in

Irk To div f their hQlIIn N'e srt"Dtlt.n\, The hlN"1f:, rasa. aa- .
a Ir Pectoral : ...:;;------.
.-, ,-- '-- _- -_ ._ --
Jery.. Mr milh pin: to Monu.f:r r"l.dcr: ---

a d Mrs Kriiitu: to Pa>i".inMrs. Ore rtare, trod raberi. a. I. ti'ourlsflini; fooj: oxt. I i We want your patroauti:
rand cirrtioa from Tss.a I
T J A. VcCraly rwrive-l the B.t I'ttw ulot t+ondvluurkao"aayt..trr Then, a mcuictnc to control Our aim is to please YOU '"Ui\\ net"of the death of a trtrr in Uw, r-rn Tattantolsymoad the cough and heal the \\usig*,. I t

Mi*. Front, bon they W; in cifelJrt.t overtire Ask any good doctor. t I :J New Uf-to-DateOooda in every

health! al her home in i>raJ>!otk, I'. \"N1:a :, lIt.&ru aaJ FUMr. ...:,-T,'!'L, tt. ._.....1 1..r.-, .. ... ,....... :. ,.1., ',
U : -' .n" 0' I 1:1 Line.
-- t W In. } *-:t.rt __ .... ... f
)liar Sa!!. VanlWman heft Mwvday to tet.nJ Fa.tak. from Carr.iVIM re AI"- .'..a.f.,..:.-:...: !

a'tr&d the raiKmt Wa.I V S> '- <* Mail orders receive and
s ttiaa: ; iti..t'JD.i v.*..: .- IveSovetl it u M'iMrv rn' .', J'' Ht. prompt
'< 'b i e .iI remain in the great citul: -.\- ILtrriCiaariaD -: for v- ..M- .._:-.
careful attention.
real wrrks viritiog lr br.,&I*r anJ wifeMr. Latpirlocttare.i .
hsu.r vats )Captitxi.r-livid....!.a3tater Consiimptior
and Mr J E. M.-Kee. cf Sea t i
I 1'.ru.1 :...mvt :

y..k. are Lie .'nu w at tlr ".. (:...... t iIa emxaxs, rZI .ul.rU ldsttwats H-.,"ri- ,!..r f. .'"- .d--' .... .... --l il JOlihV & CO. Titflsville Fla.

ff";,.'" !U-dgv. ?bey have "f'< si: tch.Al winters Everya..Wbtr 'A : rt".tN ar. ,, --1.1..s..te4 rt.taaru ,LtAJt:r' ,
w ---


: ;' jL: "W ; :'=-l.V I.ft: "' -- ..t.j; -, jJ. .fa'. .. .. "..,. .... .. .' -.sss..r.w a;" '-

The Florida star

Material Information

The Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Titusville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Titusville Fla
S.W. Harmon
Creation Date:
March 3, 1905


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Titusville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Cocoa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Brevard County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Brevard -- Titusville
28.591111 x -80.82


Situated on the banks of the Indian River, Titusville in Brevard County was settled in 1867 by a former Confederate officer, Henry Theodore Titus, and his wife, Mary Hopkins Titus. The town was incorporated in 1887, by which time it was already famous for its citrus and pineapple crops. The arrival of the Florida East Coast Railroad in 1892 laid the groundwork for a tourist industry as well. The Florida Star and later the East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle provide a diary of these developments. The Florida Star was a weekly newspaper published by P.E. Wagner from 1880 to approximately 1882 and later by S.W. Harmon. On November 1, 1912, the newspaper moved from Titusville to Cocoa, Florida. The Florida Star ceased publication around 1917 and was succeeded in turn by the Indian River Star, which operated until 1920. Another Titusville paper, the East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle began on July 13, 1900, as a continuation of the Indian River Advocate and East Coast Chronicle; the latter had been preceded by both the East Coast Advocate, edited by W.S. Graham, and the Indian River Advocate. In 1920, the East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle merged with the Indian River Star and was subsequently published under the title of the Star Advocate.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1880; ceased in 1917?
General Note:
Publisher: P.E. Wager, 1880-<1882>.
General Note:
Published at: Cocoa, Fla., Nov. 1, 1912-<June 5, 1914>.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 23 (Sept. 29, 1880).
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
Copyright Florida star. Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder.​
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002071719 ( ALEPH )
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sn 96027111 ( LCCN )

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'; $
'.3. 4

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:r STAE.1

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'3. :


: _:_ _- -' -- '
"" i'-

-_ Not 4or Q9Jlfselfes ,lode, Bqf f9* t1e Good of Others xllsoTITU8VILLE .
... -:. '

_ !: COL.,XY.' FLA., FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 1905. :XO, 45.UIBTKUl ...7.. ,;> ..

-:----___ ....... -.:-. U ._,.. .. ... --- --- --- ,. 1 o"

-'J ( IllEIT8.( II' Editor ST70OKTXD.fTfc. Florida faaz.FIBS LAWS. C ciiRRT[ lO OCt.5EAOtC! $. SPECIAL MONDAY SALE, MARCH: AT 6,KLINE'S.1905. I 6113 Of [U AC139 J GOSSIP.

34Q' ors ef l.Ur*. nat Are ......... I I would! like to offer the following ttUf ...Uo. of Wk*& Is O.iag o. Ia \ Our reputation is at stake on ,"r1IUit \ Garnet Et....t lk. Wok

v. Arwa4 ,..... I amendment to the article ow the signatory ..4 Ab..lCitraf TI".u.. [ we well, every garment that we dispose of r.,.,.,... I. mail: ..4Oysters
I of "Flahennan" in Tux Sru Jut |throw nut its own chest and challengesrontparWo.
d- Judge )I. 8. JODM arrived Jo town gw week: stock grown on high pine lao.1.l I Every time we .U a customer in 'ff1.t, and quantity at I.
today afternoon. Indian River Nurseries eotaMuhrd 1888 IFend j F. E. C. Grocery, 5
A law prohibiting the catching of maW tt means a chain of purchaser If j
The fins aawrtmrnt of Cakf, Bread i'let entirely from the 15th of November to for catalogue, Toledo and Wen !you have nut bought your spring and Capt Bennett,
and Re at F. B. C. Grocery he first of January; making U a penaltyof Palm Beach. I j I rammer suit from us you are actually I houseboat Rochester hauled out on Xe!. 't

Upright piano for sale,cheap. Inquire I ten dollar fine eat-b on the dealer and Cot S. F. Travis, of Coma was noted |I[. throwing money away. Just take a'' no's marine ways this week.A .

at the Indian Hirer Music noose Titna- t.heexprew company for each barrel of on the street yesterday afternoon leisurely I, gUmp* at our immense sUk of A. B. j jKiwhh i very pleasant impromptu danoe was

? trifle, Fla. I mallet shipped in that period. I taking in our town between the two ] un nwti'sfeU-brated tailor-made 'held I in the opera tMOIt'No..Jall1l b' '

: Mr., K. E.'Mimi,. Jr.. of Fort Pierce, Stop the nee of seines and dl'lllWta by trains. I'.clothing: and note the latest styles, priM i': with music furnished by the lulun or-

wu her a few days the past week look ,I I making it a penalty of foOO, one-half to We have the finest line of toilet snaps I raisin from flU 00 wJO 00 rr suit- |j idlf'Slfllo.

#= ing after Mark interest arrow the river. xu lu the informer. .ever offered on the east rots?. Prices \ We <.alI attention to our new and uptodate j i. Red Crow PhaniMCy has just rw, tvcd

Call bell, cnu-ker )Jan and an exquisite I Them should be a fine of f25 imposedon range from 10 cents. np to as hiah: as f 1 00 tin* of Hacan and Ik ughaaehoes a new invoice of hand mirror. harw orueFOmenirgi .

,: 4 line of souvenir good limit or an inlet mlth either a cast net or )1"..'s Bur fast black;; cotton half 11:boxe Beautiful
guar lines
lave just teen received at the Red Crow The Scobie double cottage, hjrh has of g N''''. s
a gill net on a boat.Tmsvzixe. 15 (rents two pair for 25 cent I J JA I
air O. U'.
Pharmacy. : been occupied by the Mwr Mails and tathie i is |ling up his
f )Ir. Archie &rimKWQf and Ml** Sadie F ; DUu. ,. family and I\>nhan and wife, was sold new line of men's neglige shirts, caffs |household effects preparatory lot) moving #

C Pearson of Brooklyn were married Mar Have yet seen Urn great train robl (rt? .1&8t week to Mrs. Adhernar Brady There detached Linn brand, showing taw latest I I his family to Norfolk. We rexrvt very f

lat. Mr. Pcrimgeour is well known by [foot your Ia>t and oily I chance will beat will be no change owe in the YUcants up to.I.I" i Bret, light grounds, neat fig* much to see' them 1t1\\'t'I this placw.

many residents of Titusville. the Indian Rivrr land's big free street : the new ow ner bavin purchased tame as urea and stripe, or dark ground*, figutes I Call at Titusville Livery, at rear of
a 0t air, March 7lhl*> IUh.CHURCH investment and Ftript; worth f 1.25 each, s|>edal
I Mr. Ed grown who spent part of last : an it being, immediately Rohhins law office, for ttylUii ri ..
three for |250.IjidifK .
season here visiting with his brother-in- NOTES. I north of their other property on Hopkins mercerized black how, spliced Leave your orders for hauling, both double t

law Mr. G. 0. Howard U here for theUlance street and single.! J. M. 0ban
I prx-pritlur.
} Preaching by the pastor in the Metho Dr. L.V. Outline, wife and t-o children. heel sole! and toe, Onyx brand', three
a of the winter seawn. diet church, Titusvilk/ nest Sunday | )If. Robert Coleman and )Ir, K, T.
ft 1 Mrs. C. J. rvnham baa been quite ill\ March 5th, at 11 a m. The pastor will McKinbtrey, of IIllntil\ ton, W. Ya., ar Ladies' corsets, made of white t-outil, first of the week. A short limi- ago it #

) the past week w ith an attack of grippe, preach at Cocoa at 7:30 in the evening. rived here Tuesday. The gentlemen left deep hip, latest UHxiels! price 50,11'-; -as impossible to get a tuner here at all

but we pleased to note that et he+ !is rapidly Sunday school at 10 a. m. All invited. Wednesday for Roseland on the catUwt shin another lot made of white batieie" and for any contidrratiou. "It never, '

impro\'ipjllod'i. able to be about her empire style, sMH-ial .V rents We, alN.) rains but that it |p+>une."
Re?. J. a Hawk will preach at City I Caprice, which they have chartered for a
y home again.. have a mil iinetif the' latest models tapt-r- I. W. HAKPKR: r
Point Sunday, March 5th, at 1030 a. ni. month from THE STAR editor, Mrs. Juth-- WllhKEpro.
::1 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson and their lie will) preach at !:)I. Paul church, Eau vie proceeding via rail. They will make ing waist corset.., MHIH- with how !uplortfrs nouncrd by world's best sprits, the

'.. daughter. returned to New Haven the first Gallic, at 7:30 p. m. All welcome. headquarters with {'(II. H. I). Ruffiier, at attached, prirett langing from world's bent whiskey, grand prlihUhe.t
I :'( of the week after a very pleasant viwt Rowland. fl.Oil 10 $1.50.IarEorst award M Louis World's Fair. Sold by i

here with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. FOR I"LE. line of French ginghams and R. L Mollow and F. A, Wey.1 I
'l "Old Farmer Hopkins one of the
_'J I;0 O. 1P. F.tubia The pmpertj of Mrs. C. Collins. con brightest rural dramas ever written, was Toile du Nurd Rrd Seal sephys, Hates' Several friends of Mr. Wales, who U j
( \ stating! of come'now huildi ng and 9 room well rendered at Titueville house M".urkt'ftIbIOt'bIlC, tu plaids, tripe =
.. The auxiliary cabin launch owned by opera occupying the D. R i'riulurd cottage,
dwelling and grocery and restaurant bus Saturday evening by the well known and solid colors, latest shading, jut received
J Dr. ROM which has been laying at this mess known as the FE C. grocery store, Frank S. Davidson The arrive Wrduetoiay lnprn.l| a fn weeks
place several months lending the critical one of the most desirable properties in stvnery displayed well worthy cpeoial of not sold elsewhere for less than in Titotviile amt hate r<.>int in the Mon
t? lilies of her ow ncr, was sold Tuesday to the town Titaeville. mentioning, while the fine musical neKv- 15 or '.J() rent, our sleets) print !2i rents Me cottage a
Dr. C. C FeigeU lions by Prof. C.ohio and his orchestra of per )'lftl. Mr. and Mm W. II. McFarlaud left j
I Then comes A Day in the Alps, St erica pities" was a real treat, the bt-.-, Mail orders prou.ptly filled on any of
f Beautiful selections in leather goods I/mis' fatuous exhibitions. Oherahall' that we have heard l here this ta.n. The the above goals Tuesday afternoon for Columbus) Ohio,
itj"' and burnt wood work have jut been received million people wilnemid this exhibition play was given to a parked house and Jt'UtKun, where they join the Wallace Sliowt for
at the lied Cruel pharmacy. An in one month in St. tauia. It silt appear everyone ass well pleased with the evening the cumicg Mimiuer. Fur two fuuullui #
Titusville Fla.
at the Indian River band's s entertainment. ,
inspection U all that is asked. You will free street (.ir. March 7lh to llth. grand __.___ n__ they will t.e at I'eni, Indiana, after which p

be sure to purchase tlteee novelties. """ 1; TOf ItU.N FIRE AT HERMITAGE GROVE. they will Ie on the route for at i It'* sit

Mr. and Mrs. E. )Holman.. promi. A BOUQUET FOB DAVIS. The sw fit line of men's the J. R. Walk A forest tire came near destroying the mouths!

I : ; lent people of Worcester, Maol after From the Washington PA ,*,. er A Co. are offering at 25 cent earh Kenyon cotlaie' TUtllllay. The old Morrow Mr A. I' (Canova now resident of M
having about two months at Enter They are the Ut ever seen for the IVterMxirk', srrntMj last wrek for few
spent veteran southern Democrat, who has house, the parking l>ou( "; priae arrived in Tilusville Monday to done his eute faithful service, retires to money. J. R. Wuua&Co. building+ containing orange boxes, paper, 'A rth''i with his 11I111. Mr. .tn"lres ;3

.:, ; stay a few weeks, having visited this sec private life at the close of this tearton in ---'- ---_._.- fertilizer were dwtn'yed. The fire came Canova. Mr. Canovant an ull.uuu.-h'ei i-

a lion for several years pest every winter the Iersou! of Representative Robert W. I Ruby and Mandy ill take a trip to from the asst .ith a SSVmile breeze.- dent of Florida and Hme years s 1) arotr

';,1. ,season. Davis of Florida. Small as the Florida I Coney that come inland to Indian for the River amnwmenl band's big of free all hind it, made Grace by the fact that portions an resting hook on the early history

> l'rofl.'HOr Charles Oldrieve gave a very delegation is, it had been one of the most I street fair, March Ttli to 11th. of the prairie acre \ery rou,,!h, of this It lilt'. Mr. Canota gave Tin STAK

t1, intermit exhibition of that novel and industrious from the south in doing thingsfor -- prohjhly had tact I Itvn burned off in ten of bee a p ('ailla.t Saturday t

t <, highly entertaining performance known Florida |Ioropie! Since Mr. Davis entered RUNAWAY TEAM YESTERDAY.Mr. year The flames came within ten fart The auxiliary tlur.p King: Wet

'. as water walking, on the river in front of congress eight years aw Florida's Pritchttt's+ spirited team of harM of the dwellii-i It WM only l.y the Palm lUach Mopju.l hrre Wtdl"-'J.y tlQ '

the Indian River hotel Monday afternoon, Lao senators! and two members hate lid toiik fright 't'ttlt'flby from a locomotive I heroic work of Mr. and Mm 0. J. Del her way (rum l>itona tu West Paitu aa.

1 'wt.ich was enjo>edby the | opleof this cured many hundreds of thousand of! 'vhil cn linIC the railroad track and ran ten re, who occupy the place, that the liraih, for 1I1I1'IIi"| humiC lilt folbtviLg ''

..4 city. Also numerous water bombs dollars for river and harbor improvements nay. In the'vehicle there were Mtfgrs. dwelling was aved. iWk fires tiled party on beard: )Ir. Martin and wifr, oItirmiiigham / .

'. :. were explodini uuuh to the pleasure of a number of grail {uihlic buildings PriUrhelt, faker !Sandrrgsard and F. the place for the prairie graw would be Ala., and Mr I. 0. h a,cni

the little! folks. Profetwur<< UlJntve left and have' collected from the government Morgan. The tint ho jumj-ol and \'j carried IS*) yards in great bunches and and wife, of Victor, X. 1'. ('a-L Irving

f that afternoon ht l x"I ledge, where he over rUtin.'II\! ).{O) for an old Florid Indianwar ceived some severe bruises from lod.te on the roofs, and il aab impiMiihieto I'. J I 1i.'oO'U.. in charge of the sloop,

1 r..nn.t'1 not .. hile Mr. M tttnd to eett-ral building at .--- -
gave an exhibition Tuetnlay.Mr. As one of the hardest worker in con- a serious. >ir> once.
CUddie Stewart came from Mona. I: crew Mr. l) contributed his hare toward gars stuck to the hng.y and 'uc
venture Tuesday with the new 23-Got i the well-known tumM-8 of his delegation. ftopi injf the run**a)* near Rice's gar iixud, and tliip Ob4u ....1.111': hl\t'fI display dry ,Kxltrvtr thecomiii/Men seek in> Titu.ulUWait thehftt line
yj launch reivntly built fur Dr. A. A. Stewart .ays to. the He has joint'|>oken and never seldom for but bun al- den He (l a sprained knee anda I fur their assistance IA>M onnot W estimated j and M'e tl>ein.

and (>car tn.r' by the East Crust cOOlie. The retiring Florida member t.A'I few email Lrui.... He wan in the hack at this early date Mr IVItrnrr J'ciata.Co.

Marine lUilway wnpany, at Eau: liallie. made nocntrnirs during his four term Mat and had a trriou time souring the !, h& lt'n unfortunate winter in iing
This taut isal>out six fettbtiuand IefCluil'II and his lends are main on both side <>f reins end dil'tklJ'I: tl( runaway hom-g. j jA his orange crop by the tvl!l l and now lit.m..L Etpryk, ..Jy 1JiU"l we the 1..1. t4a;
the reotrr aisle. lie U one of th- few ail he had lir-. ntJI" teat thrrsrnirat.! (hie "him dirt
for all. \ losing by
'J with rklOth dmr cycle motor narrow t't"al' ,.
a tot"
men in the hou.- hoer return to pmak t\c-r l'II..1l,1u..I t.rl.eretheAturnean
and make abut eight' mile per howr life will I I", a lo s to the rarrhil amt bust, p J"'" **id j Neat ('I..nlt'* the I\....-i< Tadao': tine llfn..t jai
The host sill! be u \Jaa runabout Itween *- nets-like consideration of legislation.MILUM.KV. Pu11.-.I! v a. d ,) Ilivrr I..n.j'. Iee.irrtt'lArch tV
While+ \\In.lo 'i.AlrsS aiii rcra.: |i U-autiful .ltII1l1ht" human e>e ever its to llth
-- ---- ---
1 this plac and the Stewart grove, MIU.INt.ia. I'arriAgf, i'utt and Hnu.- I'jiiit. "itne-*e\l sill appear Ht T'tuilie'lrran.t,1 j ji
at Bonamilure by Mr. C. I:. Stewart )..lIlIp Wick>>, all wi-lths i tTaietry frnstrert fair 7th Ui NEW FISH
J. U Walker t l' DEALING FIRM.Tt ,
i are prepared to Bruntfls l ('arl"I I I
Before leaving for the ninth this "er k pltar you it matters not slaty.xi sand Walll'liflt'r in ,,U>'KMTrliE I RESULTS OF ADVERTISING.The f vxlrtitne tub oValii. tuna flllnr1l
.\\'. II, Mc Frlaiui f.lrm..JaM.\JC in ttit. line, from a cheap tailor'toadow n ( :, I'KY UK ''. :--hiOI.'l: ; \ 1:. ](. Uk'l..I.\ t+nt., > reporter thai he had ir-lt-reMt-d a syndicate to the minute pattern hat, tlosrrs, trimming Chat A. Oarilnrr, Tilii*\iltr, FtorlJl I llnd.pitft M'ttor ointpanyiiiikerr '
in buviot the Lnr..1 profit) fur thepurpose *, in fact any thins you want in of thr in>v>r that H 1ttI"darly i lure just ktarUil up a well cquij.p.tI
of bwildJnc a re""rt hotfl tUmw livery 1Iol&'t ail to srr I.ur't'tl the flj'lll, known a "the motor that nlt0t4-II." hue : br. r..-h fish ho It is well kltlUIII1t a resort M) in Ti10Svill''srGbl J. R. W uua .\ (".,. l.waC the curnujil to Iw t heUi in T.tuv u.mard by Mr J 1'tutrrnutb, IIItltw
draw people to this -. ...-. . 1..0 rrgu'.ar: adtertirn in Tut ( .l.I
many sill' for the Irnetit 'fhe Indian Riverrand
: lh hem name -A llxtiu 4 t.iuW8IUI
place wherras lie vouimoiiation now I PkUICAX I UIM K EKV.TIO.V .! Man h 7th, Sth. '+th, Bali, ai..I 11th. !t r.uL for the patt year and are reapug'j ; The n*** outfit cnrikisi* It' ahum a dac u
t are not imcint to meet the descends I Lanka during to visit the u laud'sili -'- j &, I.e grand rnouit.f this'fti.u g all Des 6.h taste fitted with )Hndtffrt HMUiff. .
We loge that the pn'jrcl'sill lllenahU'I' remember that it tit nonwiy to obtain NIXFROST.Mr. I\\-&uf:. tt.r: e*.t o..ut. They have lately '. a tae* u.tnnt. di<.u, bh lxnr, a kwh ,
., thai I' stiff be p prepared for I a |permit from the warden. I' I\:rOt Ill't, at rectitelothers (rote Slurs R R littv rf, and e.eifthiij in first eiai or l.r.
son's bu*in'e4.I i i I.'ti.n, to' Und.WONDERFU. Jain1'. Nix ,nd Mi>lf Ct.atk.tte'Frost. ; Mr iitirraiulh MM In TiUMtill 1IIt .....&.-
I I of lUnia. He iirtly married at A suns, of Jen *n, for ten 34 h. p. Brid.'ej nrday and, bile here i*d THC brat offictra -
1'l'K.\nnu;. tnMU I Mr Kr'It'ilt'I l, f
SPANIEL. tt.? r. tieiire of that t-nde't broti r. Mr.i. j : f'ln.tllt: cab fir bat Urm wiUi
Send us your order or let o* fi.-tin? with the r, liitiana.l Yard, hi l lately or. the Uiuw fish ti-0..4111) kit fuwr jcata.Hr .
M. William I f \ Front, in TitwvilW1. on Tortfliy
Mr. M. of U.i <. ht at.r .
-ott'e trios *e can eye you money. p w. dereda It: h. Bnd." and Mr. u a juuat mail lull .! "" *- fits
J. \VuKMACa. a very fine thoroughbred dulls watrr(40ir Iernriuri. f, b. 2Slh, (dainty Jo>>xr A. II. Urttt attentuw U> tuwjurw and this AT
.. .. I II F W. Yates of lints sand, hayt.n3ere :
-- --- --'-- ep( | imported) that w truly a -Ou.U>r i. 'rt.rry iforu.tRE; the ceremony loch he has teen w itn i-j for ? cafinut sf 'ai >.
= TI.e talk of the twentieth cvrtnnr, the1 I IJ I united the fuiotr 1I\t1.1 thtie 1"111i a :-t h. p. Bri>t,,sport Mr tHO. hatup lUll high lerut* i/f hiib. tie ; bw lie do .
In can !
'say an*>t
; lLtoy City, will I* shown all of itsi I'I anything i hft of f srj.n. >{.tin...>, t.u >*3eilyt4 ti r""ti red u wanatruei, 1 a' hra..t. and this Ie gstar "
rhiM' should elicit talk and Sf able! to find vnerg Ir"P'Tory same afif'lu"' !
and a "t
t lauty-every lady seta I t launch butt by the Un.1 .'rort' MtereM: in adsaraw, kit W i '
It-at the bag rtnt- fair, March 7lh w> kt article f>n kiting sent for it. by hit t'lClt'at l ania, where Sir Nix .. oooghiy uWfr"'uda U.. tetiinj > .... yin
)!otur Co and japped w ilh mt ( their
.,< llth. __ 1 acute rn cr of swelL is a |-rtM6iiRitre ; .. .- -._- *\ h p. 8ri'Lepurt molore. h 11 rwe dless
.nK Ml K AT A ltKOiI,. J JJ' An illu. "'I".n was ghen a Ibt'mtorr..I
t We hate for w to add that the Brvigvpon \ OK bit I.Tioe .
...l I TuaTAR &(6:1. who'sttuere.dam ethtjUiiuu I j rncuhtirvl ia .*{tisior the j people
After Apnl t .* will offer lrtwifeh sI'I I of his avutroej* la this direction I ..or.J'; s f.m'-ur" .::art'.:'t..ft f.1W; Indian are 1Got..rtI than piexinl! witn their orders .toarl'lt' t..t,1+ R.tI.I Must -
{ cow Lir sale, ail frrsfi tuner Jan. ''I }1t.Ja) }Ir. Wlliamstook frrms tl" Ritrr baad's free ttrttt fa'.r.: March 7UJ'I i l'N'ih..J truw Fi> Jrt. For particular aJI.-. vest p..cktt.1 sized roil of brit aad'joini I 10 IUb. l(4nido etc. Addrtrr, BOI zn
W. Ait"na', rnwnd, Ha. I IJ' dmiiBj tvntract > lib TKX 1'T.a.'
t ;! K. easy from hi dcga diutu-e! ----- -- : Titwvilk, Fla.
1 -..-- ( Hilt: for vi 4brr vrsr.
;.' i: stunt one hun-imt and fifty yank, hid.tricg .
WANT 10.OiickeM This, mouerazJ Mtlrwd. Cjwl tatcgwU I To the Tt\4Uil BIa..a: : ith hop $. ,: ruit ItUt.; C"I.t" HII: CA4ll.ttOnt .
t for killing, by rrat- y' it tack trie tpiaid sent gtI your .'rk done The IDly t'llri.roJ -- ; Th ferns wheel will 6e -ith you to *.> acre* uf Z'Jf"S b'zb 1..1
\V x. It C.trrtdEtt, i graiht ant returned immcd.ately w bra 1 .. Uilbtnilh in Wan AU work 'ukev'>a-S 1i' u.t Of oa an cads of the I In>lta aver
!oltlluurt'o4!, Flaw I]; n-a>ter with the fct gfWftt..h u.w't. .r.alanLn-\J 15.1 JWHOipIij .;U.xi !I nit a ru ..ItLt t BiiSetng This ones t..... t. Work d irf chraprr li-aa any ter > -- Nca. 3, !ft"Ctf+JlI 36, a:*> dui No. 3, "'sttebn #
t.4 iUa t'UK NATt'lI1'G. I mtlf cant, Intethgenriot ndv U.e t...D. \i"" I orsrrg f4utLtu.(. and "UUI" ':+1, ta t.nsbrp a IaNlh, rUtt' 3t at.. +
,.* From our matina of tin.:1e o.>m611'hitt rec' I't'f"t 4_ "try vacaUe! and highly J \ rcpaina| dint at the Titm bile -i.'t frjvt I do ait iiivJ of blattaui Thu jUj u uAio> ru.v + loeg!bo"Di at II Wj", r oot'lt.t.1 of 1S.A ;, i"iad ;oil cuoicd waUb for Mr. i i It.a itn lh Slap Crrn.e ogee, Cuu t alt.a. .n.i &lJ .. .....,k. ;"' 3111 l for prtaeL.r. J.Ir\"tij
1tt),uaaan1Lxwy l'cste. !1''l.t.t.Jrektnl.. a Very l4Vy grain baytr i ..I too shall tr done rigkt: 1 bv.: 4\oG rejwriat CJI aaj ,..e ... ; E. M..t Law,
;1 2har-pae, Fu.f 1 tot! Jb:1.:
< .

f- ,'0 : :' t


;... -' ."""" .
1t ... ,. _. -4. ""'t c ;F _
'" ,,,, "" .k'J w.'.> $ F {
... --.z ; .
-k- t .
d K .
> .e -
: 'J'- -"
<$ t"""" :'=:-; if" ';;"'f. ,. "
.... -
i I iIr -- -': ;

6r, 3
"y.' : a
fy o + "- !bfl ,

-... .

.. ..

w ==.:ti's : : THE FLORIDA STAR FRID.Y.RCU', 1905 ,

.-.............., .. -- _. ---- .. .- -.' ,

h '1'.UH1HA 8JTA11 .Who. tae BUT Gets LOOM. I Two Type of Social Reformer.
Ktpoteon had exalted Ideas of the 1 At the time when Elizabeth Cady

"r y rstr'.$ *iV'"r* K ".red. .1 IEI >o toffif+ at ntu till* .> possibilities In Russia a century ago ; Stanton Susan n. Anthony. Frant-e- Safe and Sure.

5i-V *: ?* '"- .e>>ad-daas BuHm4U Be thought,only of her mlllIonshi) ; Willanl and their sisters were working

M ,ft'-_ *-."_ 'J'St*-ej-. would make "&000 food for powder." for the elevation of American todety
XM t. Rajer, r.dlt.rau t'a0ilanee. ;
.. --.- -" Tbejr could overrun Europe he d- Lou Michel the daughter of the

Pi' I '?HE t E"EKFEID!Y HORSING- dared. Another idea bas been put for- Terror who died recently, was at the

ward by a well Informed European height! of her career. It was natural
CBciirno.x. rl.11 .unUII
authority woo recently wrote as follows perhaps that a Frenchwoman, fired BALLARDSHOREHOUND
x ; ra CENTS nut ant MOJTTU*.
: with the impulse for freedom should!

f ,; ..."'Wac Kate. V.ratah" eaplQU. The UbenU Movement la Russia is by strike out blindly and savagely ending
h ; ... far the most baporuxt la the
} $ \, event foreign up as a revolutionist and a soldier of
.--.- politic of our tame and deserve:> er-
cry attecton on the part of distant ob- the commune TU aid that the prevailing
4 i
't sail b-cleat iy ttnderUoud: that neither
;' serves. Whether U wl'4 iuce il and. if philosophy of France Is that
a THE "'TAB nor iu editor i* mpouuM fur
ao. what wax be Iu effect foreign -
z o. .iMM t"Ipt'-.i l.y dmcpoadeeta. politic,are IUD hidilvn in the upon gloom of the life 1* one huge joke. It ts oo Joke for

r future but that It YrUl neressarity entail the submerged tenth to which the
Food Prod apt* Prom Canals' a of weakening Veal for RocaU's of Russian poser cr a period Louisa Michel belong. Crushed by
neighbor Is at present -
1 The thrifty Chinese can sire the quite unproved. The French revolt: cynical neglect they seek to>> rise by SYRUF i

... '. United State* a valuable lesson oo the non was a great *xpio !ve fore which brute '\!' iuaily cynicaL Lawless
produced results tar beyond the borders
Utility of canals, according to the re- of France herself. Far from thl .klnS that society must ei>evt its victim ta be

,: '" port of United States Consul George E.Auderon the Russian revolution will be confined w lawless. They will ape their better
the territories' of the we should rather
of HauiuLow, The popular ask ourselves whether this great national It comparison can b* made where all COUGHS COLDS, CONSUMPTION BRONCHITIS

: '. American Idea of a canal as a foul movement may not email political consequences are culpable CURES COUGH SORE THROAT iiOARSLIiESS.

k '_ ditrb does not apply to China Says great revolt transcending of: France.even When those the of Slav the i igenlua The American: woman reformers of i LOSS OF VOICE. LOOSENS THE PHLEGM AND EASES

!: 11 r. Anderson; hitherto trammeled and trodden the nineteenth century were condemned I EXPECTORATION HEALS THE LUNGS.

Chinese canal, u a ruVv tBal rinc down finds the energy scot and It needs remarkatle for its gtttswe superabundant as U'lnj: too radical Some of tht'IDgn'W Endorsed by leading physicians as the BEST remedy forChildren's

the population upon them and their varttJKi. may aU be compelled to rearrange our heartsick but they did not rebel Croup and Whooping Cough because
'. .**, are cleaner than ranala in the L'nlt-
e '...; e4 States. There are frw If any factories ideas. ;, Their weapon were appeal and exhortations it contains NO OPIATES. The action of B Jud'$ Horehound -

b to contaminate them. The Chinese use of Even though the liberal demonstra- and if the battle did not KO Syrup is mild and benign it is adapted to Infant,as well

1. certain sewage for fertilization alllO per tlons of last year and the uprisings of' their way the hearts and eunsoi"nes asadultsof variety of temperament and constitution.
a f vecta contamination! to a great eltt nt. every
the workingmen at the dawn of leak; of their time were stirred into an Irre-
3Yi J The quantity of fish! taken from theChinese I Read This Remarkable Testimonial.
prore to be merely symptomatic, the (II'l'sillItu1kt.. IJy suffering fur lIlIn'Ion's
1 canals U Immense. The flood
fact of a universal unrest in liussia! sake they nourished a cause which MRS. B. W. EVANS. CUtrWftUr. Kit. writt--/ husband
ed rice fields" bordering the canals nerve sick for three months and the doctors told me he bad wk ccnsumption. -
will l't'mafo.nd the superabundantenergy U still mart bin,; on. The future will was $
a f' aa hatcheries and hilling places for the We procured a bottle of Ballard's Horehound Sirup and
'" must one day find its outlet not honor the of the
memory Stantons
) young fish. The muck from the bottom It cured him. He is LOW a well man, but we always h'e a bcttl.
in martial invasion Napoleon! ait- ; Anthony and \VillanIs. Uut tie careers > for
I t o( the canals la gathered for fertilizer. in the house, and think it bas no equal pulmonary O.SMMS.
l J urally dreamed, but In Intellectual and of the MkheJs follow the tine
I i j
Bottle Cuu8nteed.THREE.
Take Sure Cure Every
and the surface Is skimmed of Easy to ; to ; .
moral conquest j of tragedy, end in despair and evolvti .
_; 4 t iu plants! anti gralo -M. Keds growing I SIZE-S. SUe. 4Oe.. '1.00.BALLARD'S
i nothing to inspire btgpe for humanity LINIMENT CO.
'f <. along the. banks are woven into basket I .; SNOW ST. LOUIS. MO.
Cuba's Fight Against Yellow Fever. ; -
u and used fur fuel. Nothing goes I
.. f. ,,,: The editor of American Medicine Insists j The Confucian cult iu Cbiua ee '.ins

{ ; 't t -' to waste.The : that the harsh criticisms of sauitatiou | likely tJ find :11'arlllh'ltn.a "CervantUt1 I| OLD AND RECOMMENDED BY
; In the canal I
.. swamp ;
:. : ; in 'uba hate no grounds in cult in Spaiu The three hundredth 'RED CROSS PHARMACY. TITOSYILLE, tad EAU! GALLJE PUABXACT me QAUIE
; H: I region are cultivated for arrowr<*.t. and I 1 ii I---L. n i-i. -i m-i_
4 fact for the oitlclaN under the republic !I anniM-rsary of the publication of "Don 1| i
i! il' the expanse of water" in rivers and I
I : have done and are doing particularly i j (.,!uf vte" will t* honored with ceremonies -
: f. 'ld.N! not netslrd! for navigation by Southern Railway.-
1 : i well lie says! : i j strotcbini over the whole year.
l\;\ fJ J canal boats! pasning through h used for
t Cuba hat the unique distinction that Every hchooiLou. which dues not already .
water nuts chest
I growing especially
a t Mlth her own men and means she has possess a r,'nntes memorialwill t.r-cTn Yo Sot G. 'lfO&. ,
r\; :1 -, t. nuts. Profitable duck farms also! I successfully re&tdled Inva*!.'n after tnvadon .

: JOi l' abound along the Chinese canals. I and U today the only exemplar of be oruuieutcd with u bust of the Xv.(silo:;0.: 1 I Xu., 34 Kvtwrvn J.c.L.....,III an..I N.w ,U,... :\u.. llr Ra1i
: the modern and all sufficient prophylaxis great author. Stators will also be I- I.!: I_ hailp D.Ii J
r. 1. of yellow fever. Allowing a* much as cant erected to his memory in all the towus p ---.1 i1iV a i Lv Jatk+uvil) fla ..... Su.+ U,. Ar. I; 5 .. i N p 1
tJ claimed for American intervention. nowhere ttl3a.V I '" '!
"Worship of Women" la Japan. -- j Lv.SavaoiulMi. ., ti.rBy. Ar40 a asap =t
In the t'nlted States has the work In which he dwelt and a "national! "ij.Uou" \I 'j. .1 9 top 1 Ar t'ha idle \. ('. .. Su. Ky. I.v. NSun + e.5 j
: u a
'f Official d bt'i' of the yellow fever commission ben
Japan acknowledges a
applied -
; j or made ready for application to of his ruasterpUtv. "Von Quixote .disc- V .t6Si.I.1t.Rtchruund,1's: : !ti: L+ ;:l iiv.--- IIW ;> J,
to the 1'nited! States. Her educational
general j public safety with anything like the lnttllgence ;' will l>e published.: In Spain everyone 95<. II .. ..; !l 43 a i 1 _\r. \\.blugt.n. n.C So By Lv. MM a $It.. ;
x: '"t f i Bjbtem an.! the spirit behind i I or energy displayed In Culm. A who reads is a "OrvantUt" Out n 2p --. -. :Ilia-la ] Ar. 8itrimor.1,1... 1 )(. K Lv. ttP. a;, a y p i
j dozen coast tirona In the l'nite.1 States 25sr ___ : H.p j
I"E I U are due to American inspiration. n' \r.I'hila.I..lrhla.l'a. U. 1tL.. I' I.
} are more likely than Havana to suffer of 27S! different editions of "I>on 611..: .. ..ISlap!i, At.\ewVurk.i.V f U RLv |UW .ai-- i ass. .1
: a.
.. .
! Japanese women hare been aroused by ; epidemics cf jeilow fever flnlay. Qufiute' published ::23 are in the -. 4Xs. 1

! .: American example, and the nationalleaden ; | Guiteras and .' .mol\te. each and ail of Spauuh IJU4U.Iil'. and of i. 33 aid 3&-\(" lost ai).l FlmfcU Fspre.s. Caill ftiitaou 0...... Mo'.11 :
I of them are the peer of the most distinguished eUhtyseu ;o1't'pillr Car ht-1"4"t'11 J.d''rillo 11..1f: Turk."e. .
. i. reci'guized as far back: as 1S71 public health officers In the them were i-ssuinl In r.aln" 29 all.1 3I-"Wahington and "..",11, Llmkftl" till Palbrlaa 9ttt1tl" 1&...... j
1" the fact that their people lacked superior I t'niled States They are In all respects S lerpiugtLr IwlarenJatka.nvirlorud Perk

equal to their high ruponli1>ilitif. and .. ,
_. .
. 1.1 f' institution for higher female culture. they are liberally supported by tht-ir government .\ !>.'tlr!; expcr-.uumtt'r lia< found !it \u;: : ---. -- --- -- .",
.h.ulI_" .11..1... ." b
$ '
.1 The moat recent appropriation possible to rro.>ilu\' enough gas by the Utily. 4t11N 'y ..._..'1,.
"1 When and by the Cuban: government to the purposesof 1 \ I'-v JarkMiHViita; V\A.\ -T------------------: t
intelligent powerful Japanese cvubusSon of esetabte matter to runa ,.. .

i I statetiOif discovered that American public The health fnited amounted State to might more match thanttntptp small but serviceable motor. Hay 12* '15"U a a;; Lv.A r. (1umhia.SI.----------------------------------.S4V! ,uiiiih. U... ..... ......... ...-J...._. .... o..*".. At. 4 MSu r 1.

:,_.r-. women are educated, treated with this liberality and am1z'c the world by straw and dend leaves compressed into 1VI. IIi! Ar. AherUle! X..t'--------------------------- tin trLv., I.Y. 4 Ile w s

:"' ; lofty respect and regarded as the Intellectual I appropriating tration a turn to of our t14.ff>own admlnUj bales and sometimes! anIDDll1turO 23 p''' Ar. H"t Spring*. N.-.. __ ._ _. '___' .. "U ky Lv. MMv. .p cE
i iOu p \r. dnotrslk.Teaa.---- ..._. Ky Lv ens a
1 and neural vquahtof turn they j American Medicine thinVa that thee of sawdust or &havinir were the materials I" I hr: iuriun4ti. i(Ihio, .\1 l.v ,, % .
se.. i made haste to import new ideas for th l''rt'1 us-ed. and !it required two poundsto ..::.::::.:.:::::.:..:_..;; __. ._ 9 p 1
I< ; to Cuba by s>r I : 'w,2U and -1'uilniao lirawhg Coon and Bufftt '. .. .
SI.X Mnfiux > >" '- I.' 10 L tsw V lilt .I. I
Improvement of training! children. Five cullfii fever 'tlt.rts" In the matter of pri lue each one bunwpowc-r for L.wts, daily )

t young Japanese women visited this quarantine regulations are inconsistent one hour Tbe experimenter! alms at .:..... ,;

i country to observe our customs and when coming from the United States. I Mrte"(-tin', II prtu-vsst \\ bid! will be u--e- :Nil 13 ItrLrenJa.l.."tpieasdtle. Sonb.... "_I. '.u 14 .

r method, and three remained to take a ------ fur to fanners b-ivln; an abunJaice of ., ..- 74. p Lv. .U> .kmvlle. -eat lip.--- t. u .

coun of btndy.i The Versatile Yankrrt. i| vegetable matter going to \\"1I'ian..' ---- -- alto r Ar. MIM on So. liy h :! 'Ia 1 lI'
:5 A Ar. AtUiiU. Sr .
t Japan hat made wonderful progress; Tire London E\presi tells! iti. readers I II 1, are to wed of small mottsra.Ihi 943.a1 f. Ar. < batuuonn lw,>. Fry icy (1..v, II WpUp
r -- I.
1 I .. _. a
l In the filiation of girls during the last to rev l*r Its old proverbs, for timt'II'' ... 74') pi..Ar_' tutiuhati, tiuer. At'rerceat b -. IM a

drcaJe.! and her spokesmen and spokeswomen f, have diauged and motto-' must te up :' +8Ia' railway did not fall her In H 4' p' I'V- iii'tnuati, Dig Kwif R ute I 1.\ 711 s

j f.t attributed this tl) the importtnl"western to date. For instance. it sacs that the the great M-tucburiau canipaiKD and .. -110a, .b.C'luCllp. Bw Four IlfNIw i 1.\ -.IJ
I .. H 33 : Lt. t'n ciDDa"D" .
p Id. .
: -- A
wnntilp of worut'nn Klevenyears : rolling atone of today remain. polished that Is tbe one point which military i elft .
710. At./'btt7gu, Preu Lkaes. .. I i.tI.v ,
I .. .___. :_ M+
1 t i a;."u tht'ret'l't' t>iI. Xt1 girls in thecnools and fit for bu! nes*. dry way of a men the worM over considered! } weat .. ItU p. LvCincibtiati, (' II ft D.Hu"1 v 7 w.p

t I '. of Japan; now there are 312U :: ,- I concrete example it cites the case of tier railway boss was trained Amer. ... i Y3 I a Ar l"hinip C' II. A V).- if.",.'u '"B (.

,.. t. Hiring:: the same tx-rUxl the Increase an American farmer who at fifty yearn k-an methods and that may account .. 945 |< LT. CiDrtuoali. t. U..O-W"h vtt ,- \ < 7'p a
-.- .. 5 ;.>tt. Ar. Tt'lrdi.. C'. H k ().-' Mi.h 1..1 I
of U>ys' attcnV I II.. iii'.p I.i.

i ; only from 3I.Irltl to rOMMi.Simplicity and scored a marvelous suetess.Now. > : .".-: -it"." : IT. i'
.. It a,1t ',rll.. rich, rrd !I...> ni, firm Bosh p' nnu..u. Yeaa Lid? \r J. .
---- ..-- an Englishman, the Espree* i u: '''1.1 rjui-M.k1ilat" hat lloih..t. r'. .. ., SS6 a Ar 'lttaIIciq I'r"lI.- Un 4'11 i li ..

In Letter WrUln:;. says would never have abandoned: the It: .. "--. ... fi43a Ar (n.taAd, BMft. F'rar ,
; it; itiuiiili, k<- i j'i.. ,. ::1 1 iiii:' ctiii tiM r I. ii> i
The little things of life do not precedent of trnturUbut! would have "
escape "
'. .. .. UOL, 1..linJWIiI --e: : ..
S> retls! ., t-r tai tAsk your drtigvitty t' i" iiI "
j : pak'rs acriK s the oceua in "pUt! of the farmer and SI) had hU father before _: 7Iu. At "" (".ui.. _'. Ry _. I. !r> it >
j Par Our \.an.
.1 demands on pacv by w\\ s of worldevents him; therefore a farmer he would! remain -! SIlL IJ anA 11-TB fk.rid Llaircd.h.ry half.' \ .-,jit.u'. I i. II t, 'DIr.b llaySo
j Conmentinc upon a discussionraised if he starved at it. When aa' Mr*. YVi*'..u.' >...t.: H'2"tnjp haa t'oatlta l rod PullI 5tuptug ''an o.t.HO Jll 'k.111oo .1I.d ( II" ,'... .:I
(tern n. by " !! --_. -- w .
in France as to the end American fails at one thine he tries '
proper .
? I [ > f i- ? :tj xt'! hrl, 5 I:.''''.... dakss.v111.eUd Kaaus.Ur.. ., ..
lug of a letter tbe l.. nd-jn Globethinks again at a new calling anti finally! :; i in!!'. *tth |I" r!, i i .4 h ...' '' .. r.!,' "' "I s. U \

that habit In letter writing is ton lands the prize. The stationary tone ';; I .. .5 W a Ar AtUuU. Ha. is, Kyi : .
'f'lIrt"ll r t'i t-t rt'nt"l"f'lr ; KJ
well grounded to yield to reform. The j I may accumulate moss until It i* only : I t
"' t .,.''...,rti... ...; -- U a Ar Rtrraincnam. Ala.. Sr, ky I ". SI p
France how fit to be sat chance carrier. dffdr I. 8f6 p Ar tirmphi.. Tn,i.., ffiw ,
question In is to end an on by every ;'tltare.4U! i. ,: '.. .II.\dllllt' I II.
H(9a Ar Ka. < Uu., Fru .
MM tty. .
tplsUt,an,1 the reformer wish to cut out Tb> future U In the hand of any than /i 4" 1111 %. r; it f' .. 'i-f! Twenty < lit t,

c i> the overtowery "Acxvpt the assurance who can d.T ha t the world wants'':: .five pen'9 I >v. -"... 'stJd a.k furIr. hoe.isadII ='TMF1rr'aLm.trd" Iiily

{\ of most distlE aUht\l sraUaeats done. I! W ;: "w' ..I' i tigrup," and LtlI i t.'T IUNIMI C elk 1HIVII c.JC.LthK.IddrklI'a. .
my ; .... .... ..d.. r ,. .. ..
li and t liete oe your very humble andolieillent I .ugtr.tgentIs lrr.tliar.trr.r.Jat.

i wrvant" and others e naHy Advocates of wage: earulne: for mar- ; An injt"1I.'Hi.< Ku I h bmao ball <5Isfo C.\Cht't.C..M. ...1\\.ut I. .' t

f; elusive ,enii ti...; f '\: tan be shattered h. H. ".\iunIt K. I'. TC.. k1ue.1Nr,1r,1 \ t f. a t
malerlal ---_.
r. It U to be hoped that the itefnetc4kstwill (I by t'J"drilw- ao Ecsiitbfoz. THE

not fly to the other extrra and 1 chief purpu.r and the savin? clement! ..1' '.xjurst- ;\ ?niP lack, but the ex

aJ>>pt the meanlnjrles-i "y OUl1t, etc.." of Qarria, social! happtnrs. l'nll""l4 1>('ri.I'nr.; -r t!I..r...'. h..t 1't.. du'> to the The Motor

f.; -hllb arlfcinated in some lazy corre- the and wife are equally! sueJissatistab iitu "i- i-f .. -i:'i' i'-:>

> f tpondtmt' dltSdence A safe rule is to cessful three Isau-* for hi-I

: nuke the pr\Ttlrv attl the ending !ur-I tion.! and If they are euallj SUt'ful So TiredIt

Eoalie with the petifmi tone of the t the result! U ofteo rivalry aad j*-alolty
letter, -iVnlialjy.." "TnilTT.e- Ttt'lr '* moat pni&table! l"!',n* that Motes
may be from overwork, but F
*p*",tfuy"!! or "Affwttonately." The shonM l-e la encouraging anJ *utt.: :.

:: man who began a letter "l' ar *;r. i Inc the nu<>band. Jlml! the mats of hit the chances are iu from aa In. !

.. cartrr. The earners life ache LiVFR. __
avemse vase
you re a lUr. could Lave honestly I

," wound up with "Your bioivrely.
be Ceaat to b polite! even while aJ::>1n-1{ cakes U a busier t to put it tttre. one can do mountains of labor ..trt'lItL.

tsttriQ4 a rvbcke. That koasebv3y: shouVl W tie: to ei sother without '.tUlue.It .
t. I self If both are toilers thl"rf"1a r 1 II ho1+ 111..nt) of racUi lB.1 It k

alas a hundred percent t< tea4 h..r11 lui-s the putt ctgei.
r poor bow f jr sunshlce.
Emigrants trom the Tnlted State ones h
j earning capacity. r
1iJ --- It j"
Ilt'rrt'd ins d..iJ1& Uid it.
are not Jading the land of fitae+ they w
Although tM buiWln ant "ab -
J *> It can be kept in hC..1lthfulUO: hikt3'iLI i.ftrjLIiiu .

expected la western Canada. The soOU I lutely aref.r+>r" buMnf! : have t+t:. b)', and only byTiffs

I ; poorer than that left behind tie climate the voju for 1PinIt ergs to t* Jilt-din 'tflfUtUIIfC.1J11 .

.l'. more rUartHi. the markets and considered: ; a ooveJty that IL* KIUZOT for rataltrur.

'; social iTtroament less farorabie.! Tt* i, arvLitecu: tare plaased a ttnictare eattrly .

l' railroad cdi ratioa aJrertlslcc.boom was but urted Lana ty M.
," po
price* hare diaiiaished as lie truliiabout I fat doon wtll t* framed and trlrazedj 1 t Btiiiglift. COL

; tt* aituatioa gees=e known oa j ttrochout with metaL Even the fiajrUS -

. this tide of the liu. win t-e of rteL NO SUBSTITUTE.
f N. HITCHCOCK 4: CO., Agents T.taiTdie, Florida.


.". "=. i'" -_ '-. ,.. -< .... J

''. -'i'-K '- .
> -
""" F.'" : -\.::_...",,", :;. : ." .,, -- ,..::........ o<-.a" y "" .. --" I'
:: __ III

: ._- ..
>' NM
Irw ::

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,; ;



n_ -, ...
*-.r - -

: vtENERAL OUth 10Hl. was thereby retired from j>m sate I I PRESIDENTS BEAR HUNT e a t ,:

,' r. n [.; .aDd the government TU enabled to fill BEST FOR THEBOWELS

'-- TOWH PIMCCTOKT.TOWS all of 1U osntracta at a taocb lower Hasa Fr. Mr, R.eaesett'. tprt Ia
': ; nit thia before, Tbe oily obligation I I Cast Tcxaa.
' f t
OFFIC BS.-Dr.E E. 13alUn.may.r taanmed by those who held vouchers Colonel Cecil Lyon at SJjennan. Be- ,
'-i *aj| psrth 4
sj> vii collector
,,1 J} :& BL ks, derk and tnajaret? Joba wax an agreement DOt to sell the treat- t( publican ,national coraiBitteemaa for If yes kaMl a *(*!u.Vut ay*(tae r-

i ?i-- ,, a rJ. surmise J... It Walter I). B1f cry note for three months aa otherwise Trial wa at Austin. Tex. recently )oraa..tyday,yv. huorswa.r. .ia.tke a..pyo.rraS'ap.a.aa. ka *St CORN FIELDS :

: + L L klatlow. Y*A. Yergas W. they would bate Interfered with cad bid a conference with Governor r.t.atparats r$11 .laa.l **jtta.. Tierw. ARE GOLD FIELDSto
: & BrtDBior. eoaaeUme. The ecoeciineeta sc. ota..c.1. Rose 5Sf.eS.ay et l..ylag
I the regular subscription offerings. Before Lanham In regard to the coming visit
,t :fi. ; .rrt fttesday scb axmth.oocimt tae bwtte dad aa4 dais U w ua.
., the three months waa up the to Autla of i'resident Uoosete.t. saysa CANDYCATHARTIC the farmer who understands

\ g- outgcruitT.COCNTY whole amount was placed and the tub djpatcn from \ostin. Colonel\ Lyon how to feed hiscopa. >

: = acripUon boob closed, aid be has been advised by Secretary
! jjt:: OFF1CEE3.-A. D. "'. "',. Tita. Fertilizers for Corn
o : vi &.,cMBtr jBdgt D. L. Oaaldea. Chas -During the whole of this period of Loeb that' the president would arrive

1: jt..f; -:' vt"ClMCat1ac attorney; A. A. Stewart anxiety regarding the government at Austin March 3t) on his way to Ear 9 must contain at 1 least 7 .

:it" ,Tjuville, dnk drrultewirt; P. A. Me Wins 1 never saw Mr. Cook kte his Antonio to attend the rough rller* reunion cent. actualPotash =
I 'sue Mlllai, Eaa Oslll iu ***Mson t W. Hall, per r a
faith la himself than that in and reaching Uoustra
pt tfMij; '. TUB Ik, ;as coU< $f.-..- Yule, insurer J. R. Walker. Tuotville, the ultimate triumph of the govern would make a detour and go to tie Big k

: < : &IperlateudeutufpaWlc iastractioa; J.(). ment"la thicket la east Texas, for a five ,

, -:- J'neIo,1't& ..flU.. raaaty sorvrynr J. P. connection with the floating of bunt after bt>Qr. Colonel Lyon d11"j
._, Brows Tit a.ilte,lwriff W. & Xorwoud, CAT EM LIKE CANDY 1 '.
these loan Mr. Tboma recounts a mad all amusement* for this
;. ." # Titusville. re=tattatioi mCN. rwast hlataWe. eou.t Os.J, b. :
, I'i.', fomentation hica be beard between "I have Ua In correspondence with boat niter Sick.. WMI.. .,On...; 10. Ii..4 Sendr oar bo.I\t-tlle
: '. COUVTY POSIMISSIOSEC8.-E A. Conk M eeau..ton Wrtte lor ties .ssd bask. tell *by Potash Is as necessary
Mr. Cooke and Israel II. Johnson which the lUm of the Gig thkket region.! .akMitk. Addn.s W
: liJI,.'nlhua thainaaa; W. R. Walker. TitatrUle ta plant life as son and rain:
;f YC: ; J .hB E. Mk*. Iftdiauota! ; Joo. C. ted to the merabem of the Society of Colonel Lyon said.! "and they tare 14 Isses Cempea,. CIIbet tr ..,-. sent free, if you k.Vni l

k -tr Joca, Qaay J. Frank &U. White Cil,. Friends becoming Urge subscriber been stirring around to find the lair KEEP YOUR BLOOD CLEAN today

,; <. : Ben ar aadalu... held fint Monday ia Mr. Johuon. who acted as truatee for of the black bears which inhabit the I OERHAN EAU \\OI1U

: tj, :,". each ow&th.ODUSTY .. a great many estates objected as a wlUerce 1 am advised that they already New ,...... lead!. s rAi'j

fj;::: IsCUOOl BOARD.-B.-F. liArd"--"I! Friend to subscribing money for war haIi number of bears staked TOY DEER FOR RICH TO HUNT '. .a,CU,-ttS Sbiiik leered Su t33L"

.- W; t,. chairman. flrbl.d an; .\.J.lirur.: fern- purpose*. out for the president. I do not mean
I y.: _; bull; J. H. Or ret, Wbit City. Srkular v .I -Bat." said Mr. Cooke "you cannot by this that there will be any tame 0...._ ....., la.tall.Wee.a.IejArlan. a4t
ff' ,,, .lm. are held >>Monday in cfb lUOulh.j Lo.. lila.4 Ea..... -
, object to subscribing money for caring bears palmed off ou the president

for the wounded In hospitals, and all That would not be .permitted.( There Even In this age of extravagant mchanKal *.

j I;. TRIBUTES TO JAY COOKE the Friend! may subscribe shall be are plenty of wild bean in the Big contrivances it U doubtful

used for that sole purpose." Mr. John thicket and the president will be given whetLer any toy hal Un constructedso

"j' ",," f-. sun at once subscribed. an opp'wtunity to bare some genuine unique and costly aa that which rI1'Y

: ; '" I Onttt when asked bow be regained port Clarence MacLay mvntlj baa had Installed -
Recollections of Friends Who .
't if/ his fortune after becoming at fifty-two T ecause I Lave two pet bears at on his estate at Harbor Uill.

r 4;. Knew the Financier. years of age practically penniless Mr. home some pe-H'le seem to think that 11 I' near IOMJ. ou Lon;: Uland guys thNew
J f.ji. eud them down to the banting
Cooke said:
j".I' York 1'reM.
Shooting galleries la
::1 -; '''!bat U simple! enough. By never grounds fur the president. 1 an ,
which rabbits pigs and lions bob
1 .1 ALWAYS GENEBOU9 TO THE NEEDY changing the temperament I derived willing to hhow my two pet beam; up
.t and dt ap[' .tir In front of a screen a ..
. from my father and mother From my when the bunt 1s over. 1 told the presl

i ,: }' earl'vst experience In life I hate! always dent when I saw him the other day In dozen feet away to letup and test the .

J :!::A : For ...,a II* M Maintained SyerlalVmm been of a hopeful temperament Washington that I had named one of aim of sportsmen have long been fa I\ %SJ

,,: ., V., Their Kellef >t.rlre never Ih'lollD a cloud. 1 hate always my bear Theodore Uo evelt, and It mlliar visitors to Coney Island and \

r :i'1- Ak..' Ills lalrcrltr-llaw" II. It*. bad the reat-juable philosophy to believe pleased him. But I am afraid some of other similar report Clarvnt.1 US'U1'I {

t ti J ..Ued ills Furl*** AUUc Ik* that men and times were letter his pleasure was lost when I told hIm ha* constructed in the wildest hart of I

'J ;:: },. G...,..... at LJarvU'. lira". than harsh criticism would suppose I that tie other bear was named Carrie his tig! estate a regular railway ;o fur- fSTEVENSJ
' knew that this American world of our Nation. nlhh Llm the same spurt on a scale and M

., : Scattered all UJruugb the. Third was full of wealth and that It was only :I "The only person* who will accompany In a Uijnner that are absolutely true to>>

:. stivet district of Philadelphia are turn necessary to go to work and find It. i I I the pres. lent ou his trip are Secretary nature.

';.: wbo in a greater or less decree were in That U the secra of my success in life. I IxH'Ji. Sloan Xirapon of Italian. Tie railway wbl > runs In an Irregular 5 t\oc...ax_....._..*orJ\eoCil***I,**,.'"% M.lees n..k"19pP' -.

I business I.UolI.hlluta the late Jay Always look on the suuuy side. the pn>shJpnt'1 nby( ian and myself" ellip.e: and i* operated by electric! u'Te w Book en Firearms Free..

C-r( t Cooke in the moot notable years of the No less noteworthy than his boyef nines 1 I ity U a mile long and goes winding In 4.,4I1s 1'-.1.--: r .al ......_'* .-i, t
> I If Id tlllllhl month, krrj vvi "t'liall _..i"_..... 'It.s/a.
fix' was hi* lunate lutegntyben I and out the won.!* and broken
f famous fluaucler's life raga the 1'biU- .sunne'r It maker the lit tl" IIIH rat. among \...ab-.I.....--w t..ass./....,... _
1>" lJu.wo.uw w a* to be. raised in lurutei gro end with all the stea. ng irre\{M>ulbllitv r r
'f delpbia 1'ublic ledger. Many of them :fWp and glow .\ t>t>rii>t; tonic f>rttiel "< .
r k klMt, IU
for the Northern railroad animal wild animal O
I bar clerk !i Tactic enterprise l Unnlv !( !Ui.trr'H.M.. Mountain of a *Ud! Tb fV .. Utlle Kr. N -4S)4
; were In tile yreat Utukiuf j I" >r>ie <> kv ....,. I''n* *,
if. >I TM. Urn H." .
meeting to the preliml is In tie of ante
house that ktuud fur KJ utucli lu the a arrange T,-n 25rent#, t..a or 1.I.It'I"! A fcTk proIded shape ,...a.., ...."..rl>4.U.ll .1U _.
I narks of the affair was held at )It. your Ilrutlli..1 size! deer. uiounttd on a small bony; f h ,H" ,... "..... d
of the
;) course struggle for national unity I
," "'-. from l.Hil to IStXV! StejibeuV.. Cooke' lious (n O.,>ntz.. at w hlch one 'I tru"k1 a gieed which can be regulated J, 8TETZXS: AttJIS TOOL CO..

Ji Of the chief figures was llarou (Jero.t, !, Oar'* oppurt..ttr.He at any pace up to ten or twelve r a bo.....
f'.; White now socrt'tary of the Northern OiU''t-LE mi. JLUS. C 1 4.rv" .
heard his loyal people
': the German miu.Mter: tu the Uul el cry wiles an hour the dtvr U curried
f Central Uallway company, was prhatfaecrelary Uk. children to a Mint
'fr- i'latt'S.'l'Orullalllin; him were some i .' through the mxxl. and aa It 'l'I't'4rsat {
to Mr. Cooke He was at Mr.Cooke's I -Help, little father or w* dl
of the must tankers of Germany. the different that have -
: important i We .tant and freeze and faint openings
band tbe
right during panic
litre the Nortairu I'acifio 1 Tb noble har nut for hi* crtm**. been cut among the trees along the "
!;t-r period of 1873 when Mr, Couke'a Immetue Th soldier for hi* druta.
p" cllt'tDe'u talked and that of the Mr. and
I over, upon{ route railway MacLay
,:_ ,: fortune won in sen'ing bia The procurator for hi. chIme.-
tuuntr)'* iutrrrats. was engulfed In a evening )Ir, Cooke received from them At last to thee we corn his portng friends get a chance for

k an exchange ou Aiu u-rJam fur $-'00<',- I jut such a Quick shot a* the hunter ia I Coldsl
"Tomorrow, with a faithful priestOoJ -
000 In gold a* a. mere guarantee for an the Maine wood baa to rely on to fill
Cooke' beet the
t cf.- )lr. It't'ah'.tIOI'row., saU I gift to poorA -
r:, agreement that the Uiukt present throne hal eland .. at a fea.t. hb bag. 3

pule, would contribute $:oI.\IIOI.I.llIlI) to build Before thy t>81a<-@ door At the end of the run the truck passes It should be borne in mind that
wbo would lie
wa always gen the Northern 1'acific The neotatlonlwent And that with favor It be crowned cold weakens the low
over an automatic switch which sbuU nUT lungs, *
troii tu tie ueivly. For years be maintaiu The prayer "* trlng to Iht'tt
on, and in the meantime the off the and the dt't'r'UU4H to rrs the vitality and prepares the
..i a speiUI fund for their relief. Shall to the holy crow is bound current a I I
house of Jay Cooke \ C '0. hi'Id th,,* A* ChrUt on Calvary ktandetlll in a sheltered pit. nbere a system for the more serious diseases
r formed by tliJ..Wnl aside of a full whtvh the two
1 :. $.....lOIJO of gold In it* tault I marker U puted. He notes tie place among are
1t. ,': tithe of the profits of tie bankingbouse. 'And wives and children, too shall comei greatest dv trovtrs of human tile, l lpncumunu
Two days befure the outbreak of tbe where the doer bas been bit telephone
= The clerks dubbed It the 'Old i To mon thy cltmui heart ant cunsumphoa, .#
Franco Prussian war Mr Cooke recelv I' And when thou frl them pale and numb by meant of a >>peiial wire laid dawn
:&. I'atrUrcb Jaeub fund and the Initials I I II
.tr" ," ed cablegram notifying him that the Thy reedy tear hall start for: the purpose the results of Ls! aim
: O. P. J. fund' were used to designate We bUm thee not. how Nul, .1 IbM Chamberlain's
$:J).( II.J.XouIJ within! rty.t'lglJl ; know to tLc man with the gun and tlen ai
;: s. U In the accounta
r hours be on deposit In a well known hlJe he bas lusted a of canT.'I .
trained piece
With cojrtl"r to loon BS
r.: "Mr. Cooke made sunshine for all
*- ,. banking house in l. ndon, Thus tbe inception But thou ..tit bar, our dully wo or brown paper{ over the wounds Cough Remedy
J' ; around him. Hi* clerks' all loved him. I Shall woo the to our I I gI
of the Northern I'aitfic railroad that have been made 1" ready to start
i--: aa the younger men of a tribe in the I has won its gnat popularity by its gprompt
on the broad basis planned! by Mr Then the rood angel of the riar the itn>r oflf again to run the gantletof
*-*,; ancient days might bate Um-d>> U* patriarch cures vf this mo.t common
Cook and his friend appeared to be Spilt with a tlbf "olce' the marl!wen a svc,-.nd or a third ailment It aids expectoration ?
'-i. :, and head. When be was in IhI 'Lf'1 no mischance thl moment mart ,
g: office their cheerfulness wa always assured, but during these Intervening TU sent lire to rJk time hews the lungs and opens

I ; greater than at oilier time lu the day war was deiUm between France Go mret thy people ai they trudge -- -- v' I secretion, effecting a speedy a f"l 4

and Prussia, and the guarantee of $oO. Toward: thre their! wearr way. MYSTERIOUS ILLUMINATION. ptrinanrot cure It < 1
days of great financial sire**, when be
ii ( uOOn fell tbrouKbMr I To find In thee a rlhtfu judge --- say ndcncy toward pneumonia.Price
'.. ,: alone remained calm and courageous. And go unarmed *i thy .
1 i'inike was asked, Welsh HvtUslUI ea/d !. U* ,,_ .
-i- many years Size
0 f'-to.,: they were disconsolate IfI\ was ab I later what be did! with the $.""(1WJ la "Enough throtch centuries of "rontj l..nlrd by Il.hl. from llr..*. : Large )

".; "- sent. sit gold j Thy llnv'e Inserted f.ra*, In ronlJt'Ctlon'lIb the religious revival -. _..._.__ r 50"i 9
"J', (ieorg l*. Thomas the retltrd banker. The Romanoff has teen too long has bvn 9t
I WKIf" Interest
In greet
the "we paid Itbatt.
was reply
i1 r!' of Mr Ck'ke'a suit InUmately Th. synonym of shameThen
: .. once a partner s ..
..- ." I haste t>-> rnrtt le cross afar anluby alleged supernatural light irr .t1..l9. -
d ? acquainted with every detailof t.t/.I. '-'.,.... n.torab. ,,' i.f
Da thou .hat eat Mrs Mary ; :
One morning in the fateful April of courage r nAnd which art to accompany : I' ....,' baa '
. : the great financier's resourcefulness 1V3 as the great: finautier west goingto : tho halt t. the grttter.'civr J,>n." one *>f the moat fervent revival ::jtlt41I1 _, .r anaea l'Ij. kl!,

. '_k;: lu negotiating co\erno.ent loau during his oftce in a strut cur he heard : If thou tit how thee man preachers, say. a London cabledlHj" \:..: I'' ,.... ul '.,.t. ,
it iwti'Y. the civil war s.i> s that tie United that resident Uiuxilu Lad been shot H. rose re.-.lrel. but-fortu,,* d:,.!- ateh tj the New York World There e1'y/ rral.aylasaa .at .

1 J: States owe A debt of ?ratitu.. l'r.J: U ohlrabe pniUtlyt a. to themeannr t
: IIU firm Lark aa.t amount of governmrat ,
An t' .. MreTrtutrhd
np'ta.'trcm tn recreant
-"V C'"l1ltb It t* impufei.ble to o t-r estimate. r .
sn I orlirin "f the Ilgbts! hut FERRYSSEES
I paper II entered a telegraphofiUv ant fe wzs l'Tha st
ir;t:'< ,. ,_ and wired his agents in every flower I* tr.mI..1! In the rtA the general belief In tt'airi U that theyare .
:: "I fwtuider it n great privilege. said F.l.e dawn dfl.iU the das. from beaten
\ a ign
1 advance the of
:T' Mr. Thomas, "to .ue tu.a u mlll'nr I city In the north price AnJ one gln the uilj ofMirrhn God I Tt,ere ,* to t.* no 'loubt they actiullr '
: government bond half a cent Then the bloody Ray .,
bank si .1 S. s.i.I.
J' was a clerk In Mr Cooke'* fce waited until and IIl:1Iniff'll -Robert tn1woo la Harper.Wtekly btH' l....-n mi ly nevrrsl poiff '. .r
i 'F tbrougb the whole period of bis agency half I I Ii i plc It riit timer and flac*<'i. hot up 0.,. ..r.'", N ... ..errr !
U> ral.e tbe price of bona another u .MarlotutiTttt
j la placing goternweut Bane& bkb tie are a t'tt' ...
:- ; : I" pivvetit tley cutup- my / ; .
i : crttt He again rstcetl the price In the I 1 .
1 aer.l. Remedy ItaGir.
lie ." ,......,
< In ltM'lf a great eiperume i W
was tery One J >urnaHt repadJenly ->m .
,, ,.
afternson, and the next day be kept Mf>J ,
: '. :" sucx'' "leil in this very Ursely by tak Its |na>.( t4$.. *' i pr.iiujjt tsr-.. > I ""qt.1I sn*.r...l to be ; -t" D tr -, "

', tug the |"vple Into his c-oundeuv... He them on the upwani course. !tart-.a le l'r t un,li lit'm.-.h s bail of f.Tf attic liar n lIlt uf tt.> chap -'; ,. &it 1"", r. _if..." -
On t b.HlJ day Le wired the a fu,nti 'III itt ttt'- nrithrre.f .nia.l rhildr i
;- made a impuUr kubscriptiou to tL e iutioual i ft It had a steady. tntet-_ yellow! brtlIUcc iI
at Washington.! It k' *,.tir and I
t-- treasury department -n ij>iJi % nm+ ( aHi2b<> I I
loans having brought lfare the and did not mote tarn two 3
asking If the government would support :trl; an.i I''t-I' *i., 5nttvr ..f PIM>U I di
:- -, peo{.I!e part of tt-e old 6 ir cent loan him "\*+ (it) atead.! II the 11,...ttx'r .,tI.. r in .o" ..dtregoei"wx I li:' l'Ttt Ca.te I out one m rash Mf ofthe ,, Rocky Mountain lea I Nuggets
due III lv'i tie trllt I M-t"UI..I about bun-
wLkb U\-ame ; ,. fbajel Tty a
I s".t /v e'lrrs rr'oIJ', t"I' .lira 1\\1"11 auissfi
\ t I1htf tf..c r. t.l Pte :.
reply Erjbody wan peculators I --- t l lI
5-::t.1I&, a <> I'ot'r tvnt luau reOmuable In who had Sviic short on themarket iIIt! lit- .r.u1.I t..lith aVI't"\a rillI tired fwt apart and C'OQkl..ratolJ fcter! Fsr (I'b tis as! ituu.4 T:jar A I IA

i : -, flte years and payable In twenty ct.uU not tar why the tragedy I Trri.l tl... at.",. iii I-..i (Mir b.* UI .,I II tl 1 1i In the air than the Crt one Iii tte d!.. I i iI I .r"", tk r ',..... .'. a. It :'..".... Idle

) f s.milir nature '. I'll*'.111 \ ... t-rtUlant K. ..,. 'i. .... ,
years, the l<>* ) i 1 I tstM-e tlrr U>k l like trs a&J tu > 1'4. n. J itwM.r*
in WuhtnirrtoD dM not break tar mar. : bIU1 tt-..,. ..I C; a.&S. ..alacM
:: .. bearing Intercut at 5 |wr trot andy ten It was Jar Civke's plu k and I 5( eerpll.l.wir.t; oas Iona 4.UI."Ur I, motor car lUtit. Jut after 1" $ I -n sit evks1. IIIn"' .. t.' to tH,
y -- there Usuen vt 1.3 pr tent Hifl'l' year { ofCharles *t.rt!....l hj a t Ca<>b on the dark t&UU! ... M fru f. "L'. t.... 1..r..or ss.le by
action which prevented Ml t++ ( vbw "T>, diojhtcr '
promptituJe to U ,," ,t.ta :" i a" '1, lab ,,. 1' .s
: bole e It J--kp.lMtf t solid UU of Light des
: : treasury of
northwest Tripoli.
a financial I..nk'If GOLOEH N C ; i S f- SALLOW PIOLE
:. ;:" "10 one day at tbe LekU of their laI* acquiring; I'lllll ia tie art cf \>ljln tad is la diameter anti a* tlrtc,' tok'(4 ; > >

I. aabacriptlon fSl,"IHO ,n'nh of these Ir>..II..1 *" 1 g-/,11.u..n.. trih ? mtaiml\1m..nt. known to tut at" I NEW YORK ]
-- -
; ,: notes was taken by the public Even; I e ..-I""ck It..."'IIII'" few the Tripoli (la ) leader

; ia these dajs of wonderful nrXatlnUt'aouch S "It *i..| \\Jt\r r.ble-I" anti t'"1..t Iec t She Las *',i
..' : a buainl' *> >' ._",JbJeMr. .tau a r. f f.r .*:r hy IW l''nkt jean and *,nr' that l.-tr fatter .j.hlC l.-.k I* its DIHJIIJK n.
Cooke bad the eutirr iadniv of I' ...att '... t1.._ rtsate.lek. \\ '...". \ 's.j ,
Las teunZLt t-f' a ptano. and noose
< the! and s.t w aNjL. 0...l. dale t1R1a1 ori < ret
of trea.ary
an the wcrvUrirs tin inatrtUDKit tftttrr dl dli
she motfd two }
eUed to H'aath ,;t.w Tkkbi. Iuarr.I.e .114 .urta, ..< > Ch-r act prone}>tiy iUr iIsMii \ t'd
was frequently SC;: uFer tae .oU.s WliU else sass.beyos.i and pty tbrm both at oetv 1 "' s.h41) 1aifs -ate
": '. to 'UD.Iiult a* to WilY ao* means far .:) .rt..... Ttl. seems tike aD tnip.r ..!!>Ulty. bet It i 11 h-fcTt d...,A IrMjtm, i... it-l ty I i THEATRICAl e! SHOW PAPER I +

It* MgvvtUtioa of tb MCcommUs.on luaus Iis at ttu Urtttrea sea' a 1* a tart "'I* rJ.y* tt*> organ with ocean .,jot> anal 0tU tht" 'W n.' .u. g-, ,<\

all tai:jr; ':.- .l .i, Mai i.)tM "lNt .f lev' band >l tie pUno with U.. eU..rzr. and 1! ,.tt-T *' iv-i.'f us "ftaT !i IN THEYOr.o.! .

a very small ant and tLte .::' :,: drat Aa' er lalsvmln U.crciM. tM rnen take ... a hide of me** that i.* illylsera I a .u"-l by !>r. K i it''. >."** i'> o..rf) !i S.\'ODFtrYm. Sink >.i tuCts.
aa sliula a *r NOW .t f
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UUrally with tier} i'f\o+ iiiil U:. up u &r i.niU>., tr.aTtft n j t> the ear i "h ) .b. O ; i .-- > 't 111. "
baak that acted a* .ub.orpUoa aenti IG Ta2T w' .f _W .4 any o.ozh or ko-g ii.r.Jt !
taw -F U Staatoa ta AUaata (\I; .8Ut..tS.nI I \ I.e.truttt.e ihwT .e ,,. tae * under
.. .. .. .., *u abti f 1 CD gstaranttc t T.It. i
a"of .U\.l'Ul of boanegohsttonr .ray t! "It' -.t fat t>trN '"r t 4 FU\
tbe mcwt PIS co 114 .
tV _-.& are I "'..". a ,'a s'' .n leas ;n.: a sear 11..1. t\ ", tr.r 1
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: lr' t -i <
he Lai :
crwlit ui *r* than a ttiDg II.mat ,..I.! I' -s a">t o' d.tapSI. .4J1 foAl! One to \aut.
: rt l'.e vnainr J L T". a. r
elM'IfU tl* sug.fvtKtu dnr U>e 'nJe-"U"I1, /.to .Mll at- t.' P"f.1t'
of 't t.arr;urtetsvouchers ear thre hi' bwaah: .In J.v ihtI.w h.arit &1"d h.\\ IU' Wt t'te t,z.i :. rtrra* .w aavut+; b -i&J on tierj I I ay J: s

,'' Into 7.3 per .r .: taJ.5W'J'' nr Kiej't Su I.ife l"It", .\ quit ., 1 faa f faaaily b fIItt-.1 cut a' .: : ; "n saey rIIsTIng i sc.. .ill erI rr., 1.14Y '
', <* Ia the bo'llle OR It* I kn dlftU yon without 1rt1"
aot &. \rR "U1C'1.C" an! canals cure lair ba4a.t.r, pt I ksa i.r! n +

.. ttia way for tu. rv tF.tL ; *\ C1f f\1J4ti c. ..'c. 2S. at Kc-d Crux f by FWOi,*I Phiraa s f 013 ,M ...S3 !,) k.<' you from I I

that 1'\url'6""i, a.Poi 1.;4''l""" -.. ........d 11taru.J.1; guuar:kid i clan!, and: ; Cbi. F C. ."r.:," I



'" .... 11.. A ., t z.j. ,
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ry ? 1 Ei ", -", .
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-- -j
--- --

FLORIDA STAR- principle that the tate of Florida n.a-4 The Leaves thousands in its Path f

L9 and with.will true make Democratic erery protttino poverntneot coitfistent for the firip j

r w.f4 at th* pgciefier atTtauTille a* awUtanceof and deHrrin
Miefand needy -
eoed-elaa out natter.

_ f ,_ ; ...... H. HT...,. r41t.ruA P.bU.kir.ay .erai' cfederaU of lalorooa. Those deed old ant vet In Weak, Nervous Dyspeptic Catarrh Wrecks. T:_

% '' PUB JSHEH KVEBY FRIDAY IOEUNO.aQs the need of their old age it in the earnest ,

drti$rr" of the per.pieof! Floruia to *l .w f
+ :IPI1nJl. al... PKB AD11JI
tI ocm rim la MOHTHSK every jre.-iblrappmiatinnby! providing rye
: for the .fl..ppurt c>f the destitute and in-
et &', U. r.,....... sy f"
,..u- ... /
Tlwre 1'1't'1I10-1 n-a.*>n to believe I .
4K&r t&SW It ..Mt Ix clear/ understood that neither that there are retrials now drawing pennon .> ,: ,, THE GRIP LEAVESTHOUSANDS } -
: '' THE STAi nor tta editor is responsible for ,
f j.yjSCR epilla.a. .xprf.*ed >>y f'OlTt'SJIODdna Irriu tie Vtate wj-n 1 in the cpiritatul '' IN ITS!

: ------. h'lt-rn-t. if l"4 the letter of the law,

i 'A. W' flu FORESTS AND RESIN. are nit ei>til'e.i fci |iruranl i ; but it might 'I PATH WEAK NERVOUS, )4,' 1

s = :lie out eystemof hnxii-p sroitrwrn pine If very d.ffitnlt to pr>.\.. thi. When i ,

} ax.t testafortheprodudmnoftorpentineand (I..nt-i.n application duly approved by \,. DYSPEPTIC CATARRH

join Itu my prratly rvdutit the pine the pro-er| 1..and of ii>nntyet c'tImmltlt-iun- \ j j

+ lilbl.*' wraith of th* Niutlirrn ttau*. ai-d o>i foimintf., *...ry t-ther .hgal 4 : .

ti Tl-ivr Jf.n ago tlw bnreuo ftiivrtry tie- qiiicite art prternttd to the pen+inn '..,

: t
r, ,, eliminate H>> dtttrtnlhr a method elf l : t't eviileiu-e( irit-ftilantieH or ,.J

a' )>n ufinK natal totilf1'&. llMhrrv ,tar I fraud. It in uwx-t t., f>|
1 l' of fiptrimt-nl towardl'thi. t.d havedrtw'nuratwi fraud in this- cont.rl'ih'n, l hilt surely it* ..ic ypv'yt' -i tI

; J'< that a rww BJ su-ni of tare in the ii.ttrtK of worth) veterans that if

.. q p-Dtininjr, which rrquirte the use e.f l theie me ulllltit'f\it iiame on the pension &js 1.I i

(1(11" earthen rope and metal gluten, not only roll, they lKiUld! be Urickrit, and : ;

i 1ft' greatly content the life of the titular the roll pnrrrrtd in "'..nlyu .r"tlltf .
**?T ; .TM| '
1 4 tapped but alLOd,; an incrad jieU lt"M'". I ,

k Fr, of lesin, and Iht'rtl\lre greater profit At<> the r. nitdy (.f an inen'sIt.J tax Iti

r4 't f :1 than ii ia powitte l-y U.x'u.g. I uifni JIlt) Wl'rt uf J'i.j
Pi ( t Through the public cpirikd and cordial t. >> ri'l, r. d lid in a
: .1 Cticj> .ration of the IIiln! an-Suthrrlatid IlK .ant .It".Ulllml drlt mg pellnunebl.t "During thi ntKt t r,,' ,fitJ'hlll -

t i Land company of Jacksonville: a ra"J lit i l the tln ii!>4iid i io" having applica ( rratJ S t wr.-/.V.i ;'. "_ v

:- shout 40,001) pine u ...e in Clay county time on file, earh week hriiikii in a considerable iiiasenwre. tAffjK*.' iy i-/ /

; '. With other fatuities, have, without otto : number: of new applications. in quickly rf.'in'ing this ar.t.' tr, f t 4 4t

m i the government l* -ii plated at the : There's n i telling: where or when tft cfler-tftcts kjs hen the jlk eftkti 1

;I 3S ,: I". .- di 'pi sal of the bureau for experimentalpurposes. the demand} will case, bat at the rate -t,tI

"f' !. which nay ohtainetl durii.g the hu-t few -- ....,"',_.40 -- -"
l :' .
{ ; The principal rxterimrrts now set on )earn it is )Mmhle that the number of IKK A I KMO.priphai< cr<>"'*nlnur I, ilase out of my s>i-lviu la a fw day \ iu i iu .rr""h (a tIl1"** alter rrpeetattrula .

i i.' foot comprise! the practical working a applicatioiiH in due form under exiMini, J country, leaving behind tcorva uf I and did: not hinder\ me from pursuing' '--

number of different turpentine croj*. law may swell the peiih'u.n lull to ,,,'arl}', :itysicalr.'.%t". my II..:')' M ork. I "Firtt, it ruri-4 mr .=f clmoiechili bnJe.

+ t u t One set of tree will be n>*d to determine if not quite five thousand names. T pty S'ietitu..ofeatarrhof t lie head.catarrh 1 h nM like t. our of of fifUt U ) rait'>t4iMliug Ky eta nftuuUtllv r' z

t ;f :.3 the best width "f her to be cut on t1l'f8n t'udllIlnn.. would! nqnirea tax levyof ..f the throat, c&tanh cf the I lun;;s I I I liPaIthitC. t i it t.r.i.tialere.".;:ultion and cf 1'.r,,". ID BUtyHM ,.

ofdiffrrent diamrtrrrtI at least four nulls: on the dollar, which 'atarrh tit the e-It.madi, catarrh: .>f the I i,I II:"., it iiMtl p'ti,'raHy among I our 1"f and nu return of it. ,
:Inej-ii, catarrh of the \* 'vie "r&n; sick people In tre! ter :New York."- ".\fh'f 1 was cured of bmaeltlls I hot
f !. Another *etof trees will be used to ia equal to the present hate tax levy ('J'all.IU'I"8
r r.. v to I.** .iaititj I l-y lliiiurt'i-t of tluuiul. JoM'ph .\. riiun. U ripp0 *>*ry winter fur art.tatw'Irtlers .
: demonstrate the in which ahataorverTu
rate height at
| .: I.;. Orip! i+ epidemic! caiarrn, and I). I.. Wallace, a charter U1 'IIILc'.f thIn '! Hut, through the UM of .>nuia1
\ weekly chipping "IIClul.1 proreedin orderto this! matter the memhfr: %elect of the f chronic ratarih within! rnational!
-i>\vti W H (> : 1arl04"'nl"u.: wriieiifrom :; it pit gradually Hn-aJn-r in iu arvrrt'v.until .
ttimulate a lull flow of ,.."in. It I Is! l toe legidature may well devote their/ bet' and i'e bss siren I 13 Woti-rn avenue, .Miiinraj..liu, ltUinUl",4 Ju\\a l., a met*.utp .' ,J

hi t : Betel that the weekly chipping now mtw-t earnt-j-t thought. It prew'nn a delicate This Is i><, true that: few ;drip t ulTeret-4 Mnn.: fur tvvour Uirre da\. No* th. MUJ;> r

I it practiced cuts away in height, at onetime and important fitn.uion which Ire able! to make a ecinp'.rU'; r'iineryuntil "l".tlllwlC1 g a ev-re. attack), of Is Kripj1* dui.. nut truut'lnmi- .nu, -. ."-*). IL
-, too ninth nf the living worn! At tilt) .t gut to meet, Aii.l inert !!,N>II. That they 11\\1"1-.1: I 1''H: a. I 't'rnl'.1 l tn U aT! "' 'Inl I!jr a o\er. I I't'rr) .
it-, :\1'r iu lie Leto:y If rml: Con
rr&mun'sIlitum ttrrtrticr.
this 611.1" and eolationwilllie
; )- prm-nt I upward chipping amounts fi they nuy happy just }
a renlcdy Vflvi\l 1 neh. tnjiiiu'ilitil! ami ::"Ii\i..n and numerous ills, w> 1 c(>uM .
t '
: about 18 irches every year, anti) it it !lie wiili) of all I'hurtdiapa. h' t; pr.'s. nqurtfa
J universal eulogies; na IVrnna. II neither eat nor leep, and I thought; 1 I \Vt.iiiitiiou. D.IVruna .4'.
E '
that this be ledaced
thought ran at
\ ) A !New York At1''rll'nct.! \ouKI (iheiip My work, which 1 routil M..I r.i., ('.d ambits, ohte
I. i j > -half or two-thud Such a eating in Ty way of a tang the I'.jston Herald not afT' rtl tutl.i. \ tleatluuwuI am more LAatt.atW.d

t ; j c' face height will permit a considerable in says "Go to Indiana and write a historical Hon. Jniers w hu wan cnatlytieljieil I:! \v Kb I't"ruus, and Wi-U It tu In MI r... lIrut .t

4 J.a creaEeinthennmi4rtdcrop yrarswhich novel." The advice Is atuie.1 at \rit'-< VU ('hri.I"l'llt'r to y IVnma a :New York foUiwnVh (
1 tr i-t. 1'ity, a* : .
I hhould give a much inciaed I total yield some Individual not definitely place! i I and I pri.iirJ a tsittk! ti4.ante day 1 tatubM-d it in iiilatuitj and Ui. > *.l
; *'\ overtakes
-n a I..pirnre mr I
?, '}: of rain, as well as -ilm-e the demand but wLo U assumed to be a man of u---rl-
> -< tale prcvauiioaa nation tot
; <
t } upon the area of pine f.irttt There will vivid/ Im.. natlon. The Commercial{ ;> iM-tTO.pee the cjtueiu a, aiiirt theA dn.ritl.Lcax' luiriu? tlienrxt: tw iiK>nth. remit ."
: ; 1 okflte la.tths.and! turn foil Very trtiwpttatijr, i
t slat be for in not Tribune of Cincinnati takes the Herald
: an eronomy operators .
did. Now uiy l 11<<011 I U eh-ar, toy nrrtessteady I.e.>rt;_ II. H iUoUdUDht.l.
laving to move their -']nii.'inent fii'tn one seriously and rebukes! ; what !it calk/ \ grapplehaf] catered thousands, of .
t. s I vnJ>-> f.''*l. aiul H'd.11.. } '- : \.I.r..I. an | "
! r I't1 of Irttl to ai.other as frequently as i in "spiteful anger." It also offers advice otir homes; this fall and I noticed tat i THUA hn ixcn Murtli a duller a duce to fwtoiy 1't'IM\:1.) (i< in il. u-. <>f f, r n..
the and if Eton will Luc the jK-op'o! w lira, tB , : 1 can at prvptnt. says tl\at me. -!'. I. Wallace. < ati I. Iii! ; ; i ri. i- :
i : Hill annthtT M-tof trrti> will l Ill" dr.ntrtli.l patient the seat of literature travelsins iy re.turgid, \lni a tho evhu dcui'ndelt II II r. (\. 11. I' 'rry, Atehiunn( I Kanaa, 'full "t; ;. '.: tI i I' r: .1 I t M .IIt. -

::: to finding out how dtrp toward the l't-ntu ; the continent with tie: rest of on dmMcr's J'T""ripti..o-. spent wf"f'ka ,, wrtif* : I.. I'I"! J t"Il" J II t.- ..;uat.!.. s.J-
I'-svi"i them weak anti l I I ....
n r-M-overtny. !! "A.-ain. after T..ltr.I..r 1 ; ,
.iiirtn \
: 4 of, the trw. em II i-trrak ttiould If chipped.Ul' things that 10n..t and trow up with > .:
} ii.ilausi.. tin nt -, l'i" run n-: I \.i I i; v \ IU'I ; : r
ler the trr.t practice, it is l>elir\iil the country, will in time have circledthe .
prr ,
I 11-,1\ '. -I t at ., I U "( !a -T !q.; .'11 I I'l t., III' ti.r. a .4 I i. 'I. n': '1 I i .
t t 1 that an uni-eti fr-arily iht-p cut l* made globe and dropped lark! in I>o"ton iinctluvk I'fusi.i, \> i.i.i >.i ji< 11;., It-u. ..r .. 'n I' '
I -
: t thf'l't"hjlT"lItiV! reducing the vitality of BJ:11u.

I ; I the tree :ai..l mr.-. - , retinPAYMENT Tti.. naii't i>f xi.iif\ 1.II'.r.II.\ 'prf.c'i .
it i. ; i x rrllm't" .... : 1".1. xtin .Ju.J "In..1 a--u.t.y: a-dtJ DYSPEPSIA CURE
the I''ii: ih' 11"a- unki.inui un'il; it 4 2
li-I .Ii'It.1, ill"U'! iini.f irr r
...' 6 We t ke |.l,'airf in raiiiri! rite attention It \f tin rff"it', tilui <.! II! ilL '..III..IIlr"l.! DIGESTS WHAT YOU EAT

.t j 'x of the realernof THE :SMR this! weektii llitf and ii>ft>tliill.!! illtrlUhlCh 1 I I'APii 0 IiI Thff $i C't M4F'
.-\t-r titt..-n t".It I.I. Mum! d in [pas 1 ? 11Ua11.CLt AT tea ,r
i the follow,: timely article on the l../li..ll l tir-t III t'fKI'iir ,wlloillCNl f.1.11' ', L.eo'.lOI'
f mt j jcct of dale !pfnsuiii! wlii.h i. taken \ Itl.l I .\r ::11..1 w .!ti" I IN I.. .. Ll E. C. WITT ie COMPANY. CHICAGO. ILL

f ;?* from our esu'rnH.l l coLtemiorary.{ the I.., It" I"! \ Miu'.mAT isnoa( \. .riTAKa .rl.w! .... I..., n .. 1'1, nnarv Titn'v '. i-.iit; I.4Mic. Ptmrniai x )Eau! aliif < >I.4- I < 4't'i', "\II'b"lfI'"
{ Tdlabaa Capital: ASK FOR THE 1905 KODOL AiMiNAC A2VD 200 TEAR CAUKDAR.JAS. .

.. ...: I The U-gUUlure which tutu ivuveiifon
;: ;t ; .lpril4th will tarty find itn-if IMII- M.'tTH{* oil I.. EAST COAST MEAT MARKET

e- ;0 fronted with the pn.bletn providing I ''r:.I.-r .II.t t.) \':rti.r ,.fa !, r? of f..rn !1..
PR1TGHARD & SON err of mantagr.uit ".!. 1..1 hHC of 1Grrirrnnt
+ the pa) merit of pensions In tl.m.e esroiifeilrrale 0. r DUBEH Ajett,
nxul in an .f i r.l l,!ien and Milors anti! their i4a. .b.'ro'ln the l .l..ret.atrtlllhllllla,1 UMUIH
i Nl.inw.Nhohate '111i 6ed irxhrthrtmNr ...<.i.lK>fl Is .nti.pLlliAi.thid' .1 I \-'";..u.i
q .
III! drfrndai I ".
r are ul mill .N at 1",1. ialr
J -; of orkU' a' U-in< ..entite! to rt'r ve uu \tunJ4j. tbt Mb day of Iar'! h t |II r\< '> f
t ,llI"UO.f ID front if the rourt b..uc <)<..ii in lil'.ii i II
1" WINEOFr SOLE AGENTS FORBoydell Kl..n f There are ow abut! three Ito' of I hijthn and ln-.t bidttt for cwh. nil:i '.t- 1.1
puih |)ei. iontaaon flue rolls "11,1 l err! low'ing laud !..._il iutli1r\\

yearly one tl!..>o :\n.J a-Hitional ap|.inatior.j CARDUI Paints uiity. FluriiU trait nf iau i lyinv!..>.in. Iitrt4iii

f are on t1... awaitii' n. inn hOP Tbattrtbi..f land to _'11"11 I 10"" Mllllt !
: 22 MUh. 3.'i....... U-inniu t "-\
,fi'\ botinl. F:ich win rinse a 1- '
|+-r n (I. rm.on **
HOME ;tO fret ,,r,l and t5l fart north ..f tl,. ....i'.l ,
i n; application ic sppnned r
; annual, and to pay in full l evrn II..UM- ni.rtb. ,t qoattrr uf M,'tivn l t"auuipaa.( I. >4 kiD41
I eaur brute named and run i.i.rtU tl: ,..1.l
,.I INie claims have been a!!n..1 w:.n i n- Art suffered I .
you a thrp(1 art YSI ru r t quire an annual 1 l'Unt'.t "t i als ; thtprerantlartstanfii. pia.r ..0"/.0, (
Has your doctor been uniuoctuful .,. fIt -
ntaiaiaa roar
; ",t" I.OO I arrr r t L''t!
JOHV lltsttl |I
I'ndrr the law, the retrniif an.t tteonly ) $.--u.1h..t.: r II, I hal ftTlll I
-' ,;" re-line tth ti Ice ft.'san Wouldn't you prefer to but ..lll*. '-1. h I. If.i 1''iTALI
I )
be U tlt-rn-.lln ,
paid -lIJ a tw->-iniil! tai

levy Bp>in all tte taxable property in It... Xrariv I :VX.CO) vmen hareboajhl
I \\ ire of 'artist frura I I .GRAHAM
1 state. Thi. tax levy prudinv* at prt- 1! I i2-JO,( ).(X)yerly. Ii' Hi I'rrrn* them-l- at bode of such HASBROUCKj -- "

: therefore, tKit the nt wti. in the trci I tn>ut4rt u jK-nodical! *V1Ilid.n .
1 '. .,...ratHI I..d.aplep.1e1tK r...
"' : shun fund are approximately tUOl) t.) and crania paint ieuoornia -
.. I r6tra! t.a.rnnn 4. eel. ..
; : : IIf'fTootnnl.diu : j I Tis. Liiii.Miit N r.. hods
t. k-*' than the th-bunr'utrraa.t.irh have .
'' +. A and derprndincr. :n the iitd.ii hirer .....
i ; to he ma.1e. A large wm of UK.nry Gad I canard by f eraa a s eVn a. -TAlir" 1 t: %"'n.p.! 1:1:! \ -'TLIIU.K.II tr.n tt.* -t'e ki....

t.t':i' ::: to be U>rrv.ed ta make the} la<4 juartrIy Th >? are nut fAy caw. 1 }>.t.p.t\i.IHtI IKSt at N -. It.H", aid, on Btay *.
r -, with the Wine cf frdai com *bta tL* i ;: i
f payment J't't-l'l ontrs t'111a" ( lie
r :.j' ; lion that the h lejpelitdre m tin make a tie dutcr ra tWine 1Iht'11 Heady fur the Itruh.Hanufatturetl :and e<*-. LESS GASOLINE per 1.n.1
:;- cf Cardoi don not irri-,
*.' ; i'itil'i"s'io: ) Sl'IT TUKTJXfiS.Tin1 I .
i r nVtency appropriation to cover tie tate the orgaa. There i. 00.enis ,
i f : +c. arruxint b)m:;-rdA UK trf alianttck 1tuar hlnJ frcin Purr White powrr any ether rnziorVe I IM-.l' .i.itlrntaa I.'
cf h..t.hJli L nt.., free from \ mntinuatiy! dew>I, traUr tl. I.I I
I. irai'ar itcation will he to teeI i
ttrocg and drasttc draft. It 11 I AT
l J farm. at the elcvr of th* oirrer.t quarter r-xMful bauM it cum ia a ifr.WSn..rtaf.irr.b ;:: ;err> )i<,rM> iigttt ,aerpn !
I and a* the Irgislitarr will! If t.en> at-oUI TJxat war Lead and Ziiir. .Out
:;; that time it will be tncumJmt npon that Wiw ('Cardai can t* boa rht I :,) \I. ZVl }..,rv i>jrr '

i" tray to relieve the t tualt! What the butte from ytur and dr1ii you can tt at begin'1.00 tau a itnataest en from *V'C 0 to ;300;/ Square 'trf.Surfer'I --- I I I John White & Co .

i ttgiaatare! in its w iniom .ill do ta this to'layv 111 it? I outrun. It.w
: you try ,
r 'PI' > I II. W. Jerome i
, tk)Q u of courw, ccknomn and Benj. .
"; \>nn*< ..-o.nd -
: I'I i'ri:., entirely! pmI4 atital!, belt that U rush .asl.w. "**-11.1'...".J114..1."M q.aal..neaat 1..L_ I wo' ( oat*. i,' ..rYna rI

: ; either amend the In or iccreueth A1MT7 Iayt. TWO.. 4aotr.Itr STATE 1CEST FURS
I s- present
+ oC.w Ca. Caatasersa
; .{ !-- tax for peotions rms cWir. Send for Color Card and Prices. Ud MUM..oJ' .
-: t. WEST }'.\I.oI I'.EACH. FU KII % ....
.''_- There are DO two opinions about tW .- '"



._ ,. .,; ..- --- ,., .- ,.:; .. -. . :
--J- lie ....-. ... ",, t 7- -M !:::&:':"; ;. -- -11>- jI-; -_ ....... 6 -.------- ,

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:"'- _., ,); -,.':.. '_"",J '_. ,_ .


.. -- J' ,
--- ---- --
-II 1 ...* Aar. +
Aper't Pi11t. AyertPffls.AVer's .
"R bat 1 wale bare don If I wet
ers S Pflls. Keep ssyint oar.* ttfcl fir WtQbua CntnlUIL who ti :

\1 this over ud over t ttllt. bu been major of Dorer. England for Good Health
The best tuui e.'t:der t
twtire jean. lays 1M Loo+loc Mall, ,
.. .
world hare been to hare iarlted the .
Mt7 "'stlClleorlanl '
grand dokm, the procurator of the holy : '
b ... ...... i.rtda MI ? Use, fjnod and the rest of'tb b&rtftscncj : jTT:
"- to Dorlsc the procwdln! the.
--- -- --- --' c :-- __ a baoqwt. to
I iboald hart raised gull to them :
in Owego. N. Y.V Lope to lee them DJ a
ri 1P_ HIT m it mm.Va & and Mid:
retain next CtH. &
They enjoy >hinz In la
"GttUmeo. there U a pedal train
Melbourne waters They bare had their to to Siberia and .
f ttMla at. Brie rrwaauAKrc X.stb7 T.ea waning eoorej yon ehildren -
launch stored here for next aauon'a tier are troop to lee you safety
sad TIUq.
.i port. tbroofb. Goodbjr"Tben
I abooJd bare dbcossed mat-
= *.
i' SENATE ACQUITS IW AYNL tars wttb the people'i' .reprwentatlTet."
J Mica Mary J. Holmes has gone on a

g bait to her brother in Jacksonville The U, K. Decale on Monday morning Cwred C.aBmMn. ... Children especially are fond of dainties, -

e s began Toting on the Swsyne imirach B. W. Erana, Oearwiier. Kan.
get J. B. Hawk returns to ns for they mint rue. writw: My ho-twnd lay sick I* thrremonth. and the housekeeper must look carefully -
: r conference. ,..r. It is a pleasure to say On ankle one, charging Svayoe with ., Th dxlon aul l e! had quick
that he U welcomed by all ennmmptioriVe pn>rure>i a tattle ofI&"t"
wrongfully CDlledingflO a day elpt'nlt'tat Bal Horehound Syrup, and it cored to their food.

: The ladies' of City Point will hold a dram Tn. the defeoda&t was voteii him. That wa fix years awn and since

cock sodal March 9th. at the church for not lOiJt,. The vote was 49 to 33, on then we haw atwrtyt kept a hmtl in the As good cake can be made only with
lines. taOl 't'. Wr ewniMH d) witltont i.." For
r the benefit of the church party
improvementfood. (,1Qihll and colds" U hat no "111&1. 35c .
Refre'bmeQWeerred.' Everybody On article two, charging wrnntfnl collection &>. and fl.OO at lied Croat Pharmacy and good eggs, so also a cake that is healthful

r' cordially invited. of f 10 per day, t"'t't at other E&o Gallie P'lum.

Texas point, defendant was voted not as well as dainty must be raised witha
While onr groves lost their oranges and 3tatMtlr .
puiltr. The voto lond50 to 3!. The Tbe on the .nbJfIt."t.ICt'Onlinlt ,
most of the foliage the owners are en .I: to the Frankfort sews, place and
third article! similar, charge, defendant pure perfect baking powder.
roaraged by the right of the new growth were declared! not kTiilty, the vote being 50 the number of foreigner residing! In

- to veil et 'with bloom bud*. We are to 3'!. China at 20>}J. England, of course Royal Baking Powder is indispensable
ready to take orders fur orange,-iVreruUtr 6O :
Article four, charging i unlawful free aw beads the list, with nearly rep

f delivery. of private car and trantportation on the reentatlrrs, and Japan holds the next in the preparation of the highest qualityof i

J )fro E. HSwinsonhM purcha.- the Jacksonville.! Tampa and Ky Writ railway place, with ore 5000. Germany baa

W. B. Ord property. 1't'1MY' he is then in the hand of a falter, the more firma In China, but fewer persons food. It imparts that peculiar lightness j

- going to finish up tha honae right away. defendant was voted not guilty. The than the United States. -

Your eom-fpondent does not mean to intimate vote 'was K to 13. Article fine, another Glli..ltb, \ Igor lad TOIM.Herhtne sweetness and flavor noticed in the t

that he is tired of eating his own count of the twine rhar,, defendant was
is a l, >on for ruterer from I
cooking I bat has It) many other thing to voted not guilty by a vote of(jfllo 13. On nemia. By iu UM the lil-jinl u quickly finest cake, biscuit, doughnuts, crusts, etc.,

do now that he hasn't the time to cook. this article a number of [\'mucrate w ho regenerated and the color l
had previously voted guilty changed l their mat. The drooping strength iy i revived. and what is more important, renders the
:Mr. lease S 'Ollf fir Newark X, J., has The languor is diminished, ta."hh'i or

purchased the C. I.. Faber grove. Thisis vote.Article and tone predominate, new life and happy and J
food wholesome
eix, charging non-midt-mv in agreeable to young
one of the moat desirable places in our activity results. Mn. I rile II. :Shriel .
district, defendant voted fiJ.Jl'tIllOnugh! III, writ "I hair t
w a* art guilty **;
44 v- Community. \Vhil* we regret t<> part by a vote of 41 to:31. Ill't'n troubled ilh liver complaint and and old. .i
with )Ir, Faber and .. extend
family, a I nor blood, and hare found nothing to
mot hearty welcome to Mr. scull Mr. charging another count Benefit me like Herbine. I hole never coma rAnvaa ,..... Hjfw YOU*. i-
Scull contemplates quite extensive improvements on the Mme chare*, defendant wa.t voted \3 tie without it. I have "i"h..JllIa' 1had -
+ not guilty by a vote of 63 to 19. known of it in lilY hut-brnti'a life -
within the coming year Article eight, rharIinynntawfulimpoeition lime." Vte at Red Ot Pharmacy and The Philadelphia I'm declare that .- Eau (iallie Pharmacy. the: president has ceased to ute the word leant one reformCharleston News aw":;
it It is to b* regretted that the game law of a tine of Its) and imprisonmentf. "delighted. MibUehS the Urited Courier.
---- --
forbids such g<,,,d winter reoidenla asMewrs. o'r ten days for contempt of court nj-on{ Weekly Weather Report. -- I

lUIIantine and Eighty from K, T. .Ihtvia, defendant was found not

'- hunting. Thcyueq'utelargttazpayero! guilty by a vote of 51 1<> 31. o.a.pLrALru iror CK SCBKAC Aualt"t'LTtI&a W&ATB- SAN MATED CIGARSHave

and it doe teem like a hardship them Article nine, another count of the>au erharve
Jcrtrta. KLA., Fth. 21!. 1*>5.Comparatife .
T--- ; to have to pay a l licen**, but until repealed ,Itfronlllln"alii voted not guilty Made a

the law should tw enforced. The nonresident by a vote of 51 to 31. iutment of temperatnrr
ud rainfall for the week ending Tu-ta1, Reputationof i
taxpayer should be exeunt.WTHITK Article ten, charging similar offense in Frb. 's. Ite1S Their :
> Own.
190\ 11 J
--- ----- the ca*' of Altorney iVIden, defendantwas
r ,.
; St CITV. found nut guilty by a voleof 51 to 31. ::::. 7: W The success of the San Mateo Cigar i

:F Mr. Austin was in town Sunday.Mrs. Article eleven, another count on the .. 23. 70 76 65t Is one of the greatest triumphsof t
.. 24. 7* 52 73 the East Coast since the freeze.
i. Cameron is wl"rh.,1 un the sick same charge, defendant was found not 71 57W 73 55TuUl
: hlll. !guilty hy a vole of 51 to :31. :.'t!. till 77 1\2 Made from the (11I11C't'tot l growth'
; -.+ Article twelve, a cimiUr. chars in the :r.. 74 51 7"11. ttt Inland of Ctida can pnxtucc, and I wrapptwith tt.," nr-h, oilkv Ira f jr".n1n FJH&
Fred ChnMeusen, is now emplojed in :r 72 51 9 70 Gutel plantation the cigar tmluMrv of the w,rKI bay> '\ |'.n luv.l a UU-r rtrU! .-
tae i>fV.. ( O'Xeil I, defendant Rat fun rainfall for the week .0 inIAparturerainfallfurthewt'rktuiau
For sale ail/ the lfa iir> hoteU and 'Ititwi/ t lie I'mon \rs t tan.aa
Fort Herie.teo. ..11 by < i; an> Ity { .r
y4 not milt by a vole of 47 to 3i>. mhti.Departure. on every train catering Florida

' ; ( leak baggeil a 17-|' )Und turkey Thin if'inpleletl! the call of the various rainfall inr Jan. 1st, lIIillU Twenty Sizes, Styles and Grades to select from ;

last week.Mind article! anal a rr*.!ution was (.,rth"ilha.I"I'ltoJ 3t4 iutbe
II. I' II Aaoly: )1"DUlllctllrrd by W. }
s. ROWLEY San Mateo Fla.
liome from Fi ,
S k'aard was >rt dn-laring J-! lge Swayne acquit-
t Pierce :Minday.Mi : 1t..1 l, and the senate c urtot impeachment

>* of Fort I'it'"'" '|*nt :Sunday! a.lj->urn il oinedie.Jti.lg. THE SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY :

.- look his with
: with friends heie. Swayne victory I
e\linne<.". He wsn: "(trmlyp.njr"tlll"I"1 Loll ttellmjrSewirjr! MaditnevON EASY PAYMENTS.
) ei i jntd birthday gathering I IOur

"f friend tr Sunday.Wni by a number--- -Iepilbllanenaton.- SI N G EKSi\\\ j MACBINESARE NEVER SOLD TO DEALERS

UaiiM>ii, <.f JeHM-ii, within tnwnSatitidaV for ta''I. Impon'ri"If't1} l Mill, like in111utrn.l i ii
ireft lletirttwiuative: I* Ht vmir i rvu-e tlrni l ut a cant .in I M, it'--l.'n I yc,a
s, Iin a l-toiwe trip! I lean, tarn Miff*'rimj fur for |>a-l few i ,('rl blooel.| tu-'nls! a pI-(tilt '
f '' .MlM; JtMV1'1 Wm"Itir.iWwa4theguc1 years with a wrr attack of rl,<'iiuati-m Sewing Machines Sold or Rented. Terms: $3.00 down and $3 CO p< r'mm mont .

and i'Uiiul that iU'ilard'a S : dill'.'. .\ .flinju! by IIIwl\, r 10t.. J.) II li' 8tu, ed cur rl.l! | .!,
r t of Mi>t* iJUil IK'nisi I IMr. 1",1.t't'k. n )w tlllin..nt |H-r trait( 'r>iint >* iUe. in.-* An in4ki< <>( in4chihrb
.. +a> tt>e only tiling that >n\V me "aU-(av r tin suil Pan 1I1 \\lmt yet tern.t Nt*.l'e*, t"-! etc. f..II.. v.IR f ; John IVii-on. trout, Rii h.IIt" you
turn ai d Irhlnl to 111iAIt' ,,illli.
io Iot't" 1,1" Irk n s i d It elders IS.I we'k.11n. M .F.-I. : Ih, )!: Juhn C I IVjtnsman. cop ,,Kill .i 7fr in uv fur .]ifft'n'lIt DO NOT USE POOR OIL -K..r u..- "11...-.n g iiiai-Ku>i ", 'It.. i IIII/'III"! ", tarp
III. iV?., StV. and tl.mllfW rtex atxt f.r ail!l purlra.r| nrjnirnv a tine hl'-nraut the Ut>l i"OM. .,t..sp 11a f.
.. Carbon! (ii i.<.itl Ib.trt'II": tlrgust ,'r._ Piiariuacy and FUti liallie Phar* f !lrtS.iiur. the end tienntbe"l\tiF.liI1Ltan"nlbrohtautwlatSugrrMore.Addrrr l .

i,f Mi! !'. I ian-. >aturOay and :Sunday !
10:11' y' ---- -, ---- !' \ !IIoe nl} i-* i impon"nshf'() The Singer Manufacturing Co., ;

u Ir. llairnt.i '.. (n-ua.e li> U-ii ;: ercte.l WEATHER REPORT. : tit! ,-tOr will tell! you what Cocoa, Florida.

'.r by ?irk Jorums r >IH! will **>u'If compJetol. I'I'UIIY fO& Laski BY EKV. Ja U.WI1ITK. i luiil] to ft-rtilize it ami ;tit (' "
Viz: ;.jr rich It"t I ('oriu>cU-s that Organs. Organs. Organs.

Mr.I .v U..i"+ B* ha Ut-n lure daring temprraturronthr 13th S4 0; 1r."iu"JIa.f to .r>nn' iiVe new Price tII"'J' no a caf-l l when yftwork kaA I
town temperature{ on the 17th 400 !I..'-ktug in it. It inayl'y'o':
the ..eek a..l>ti( g Mr. t.tit.. I.daftrin .
i-4t '1..ldirtl' nantht'0. .
.j".1 M
average meanfor I f r ut. i'J M. BROCK. COCOA, FLORIDA.
I > t mk> l hilt
iiUgrote.Mrs :21 yearuYO, bldlftl mean f.>r'4: sears : imiri' lihlyl11

fi IVtdru-h and Umiiy, who left Ih7'! t..I""t''ot l mo for 24 }ran. lyJA, ,I a nUKffltmtl'11 fat food, t
57 ftllainfaU E. L. BRADY & BRO.
leret > rendat NIU l'"iit hurt a I !i.t tlw d'uH'ut r
< in in hfn.' 0 *>{; avenge for 1'4 Im'lill;':

.,....r ...."' t'a'r tnn.I atri avupy lrM". 373, grmttvt fir :,'a Yt"Ant I I. 4
\ Jd! h'llot' all I'm. Ai,'pet'! atti.Ut'MLLft t n.":. !t-s"t for 'JS 't'31111o.$:, U 15. 1I'If sl. sh'lII. GROCERIES HAY, GRAIN AND ALL FOOD PRODUCTS. ,
l'fr.Ia'.hn't: of rand ra.Jrlhlllt'tot.
.- .- III ;iu'r': i i.+ f0 flit rOt" that j-* ,
Nuntliii(* 'tai; a u htot f.< "ai- Kul.. un We 1'iC1aIrN' .
)' Ii't;. I fair dir,10. number of cloudy day. 7, I' ....Ii\-. .I.; x'iHl f lift! a...iIi.i.j in the fwtr ii't. .>f jf,,...t. al.+. .*>.. 'I !hr tl'"l.+,ruar Writ .. for pdoaa.a e riraa
)1 r. SpAnilrr, nr O icai, 11 smitt1o..- number of dat ..ith rain, 5. Number ( ant an i! i.r.1al rnar.tatt'a K J. IliUItV BRO,. T Tt'ff ILlt FlA
< Of daS III Hli tiitindrr 1.Home. : .j ttwitt'S<,
lath arrival! at the, ('. rlt"t\n. .
I+hatrl Merrills Island l; Fla.
Mem-rs. Manty and M lIyl,w lift beta t --- -.. : Emulsioni R. V. DOUGLASS, : : : :

Tuniday fa a week's", era.wth j i. STrtor OHJ... l'nur ToiE1.lam:: t

: The Right lift 1t1..h'I! M l'.1I 1*"" ofSoult Falk I J rct<'HKMY* Owirtv D].V"" natb thAI I be M Cod Liver Oil f..I..r In General Merchandise.

l'&r 1t:1.i. I' -UoJU. tl.e 1..11t.k. sat thO' ""Uk.r ..rtnrrufttr drat u( F J Ciitsiv .
) .t (*.t. dataL tlGl_ in the city of To!<..!* ......
toteliiktrw. i nmaty sat nut afurraaul .u i' \\1llol1ri! i. h U'fl i trt'rith+'f huB!! if ft to a ROCKLEDOE FLA.
Rill tll..aDl of OM llaQjrril
Mr. Frauk GiUUi returce.! to lea teal)" jy for lJr.-tr.. .'''- ,
...! I caib and terry else of catarrh thAt nnnot I* .. 1 1. -ly; \\h'ii injlk! atxl( cr+'arl ,
after f- Jaw pit.' 'nl "
: at ItA)hill, a taint by leer of N A LL's( I+aau t't'&L

with hi* w.l *, In. 1. A. lwk- KBA.SK J t HtLNKV. Ito titi it. S--oH'.. Emul-iou
S am t* twfvtrr EC* an4 i.WnbJ tn toy A. B. HILL
Mr. \\ R. C* n.)beU and a number oft I : frreti' tbii ltb dot,.of t'ft mt*r. A U. 1*"A. : !'.\nvs, the !-;into, ; uhvavj' ,

c his tUeftlf have Un havicg tm.Hllt"e !t'! yt1L l A. W. tJU\O t fituhle! and ahvny lt--tkial
:* ebo+ ting birds Reel of Meibwaroe.Mr.andMr ;11-->- )( NoUry Public SANFORD. FLORIDA.
j th i i-s from
Loly ua.-tini
*. \ *h. of Uytoiu, h*,* Hr t& arrk lure i* tat(a nuuutl,. and
been gtwrts at the t4i>me of Mayor '' ..i* dir rtly >. the blxk-..i end mocxt tart". ..,' taus. 'litter in chiklrvti General Hardware. <
pleasant tr of tbe tittm. Sro J for UaiimuaU*. free.I .
-Y: Me*art dann the ehaasiotja* F J CHENEY A (tTorloOhwt f.llthl.!

Mr. Xatban -.0 _'_ __._ __ Doors Sash Blinds Cement
#f W. mfrelto learn that ,
tfe Mia U the sick h"t This i* un
pony MOBLEY Lime Brick Lath. Etc.
t1a ,
aye tu-j* *wn to) bear
'' wallet for him we rl" of that this pr

of his recovery.Mr ( I e. ?t i-f D ttrtlurni "t a
Ilia*. R Farsn, Cuictoiul--, u a I t- '' I.i ere r,.,ttat,4I.r.nj
Y liutcl Cfcr 'tan k\r llirwinter. | (Vntrv-U f." &H kirxU of Taintlrf, Kai L
p *,aat iU"At "j1 :I t..u Plumbing! Gas and Steam Fitting
wuiinn Mainic'. nOIh'f'i u.t i 1
Mr. Farina :.) wofHe THE tUJ'CUW 1. AyiIlargrrg t
at the IfJOIt fw.ebte" t r'r "' -aar !,. ) J -'. .
w tnh" price 5 soon iusftaiiSf..lewTeni BOWNEOIl.'jJlSTS \rt>a.a r. an {- n .r : :'"
;: : lUb.-.cnbt-N. Pl"ut'S4b of inn+tsteaI sltb foul s dikmar+iiip Tin ,t. '{1' Ch.r 'MJifa"trr.t ' I:..ifl\r I .pknr. Y.".anrg! eu&j J-.b
kr here. rhea he own* a iartr* i 1 W'fk promptly LLrndr tletSole
Uad.jir. i lark uJllut 01 tie Eat Coast
Sooth Florida for the Norcross
who M'.
Wu Diy, )
and Mn ? ...cU.! ,o! ci&ld. Let me knew .hat : .. hJ'1I).

.peat the wiakr 80 praantfy is for (&II viTivi Rant aad grt BIT e!tiniiion IL .\:11'r: ;g.a... Hand Coltifators and Fertiliiiag Drills

t* Iebo iatlage, kit To.dy fr their twine I romps attention Area to All J J'J

.4 .


-- .. e ... '.
.. .1-
>.. .rJ" ;
--."" '".....< "- ,, ..





-- --

T.. With a Dta...... CZAR'S ECONOMY.
f&S"T SUIPSES OF MANLEY IA maur Us. wu ncnUy held lath
Museum of Natural A. G. SPAULDING &
History at New
Vig Tort The dJoonor skeleton wu suspended ......u.. of uSa Staff .( Lackeys 1* BROS'A
? the Order .. 0.1. aM.A.t ICr..e.
over tabl. and ta its sixty
a Tributes* to the Maine Politi- six feet and dent aches of shadow IM a reception m-entlr! of the aristocratic

fe people found sitting room. The saurtaa beadj of the Kussian Red Crou Base Ball aildSportifigGoods
clan's Personality. known u the broatosaorua. or the "thun
der llxard." was food In 197 In Wjr. society at Tsarskue-Selo coaipUiaH

4. ming aM is ftfueo two Inches high were mad to the czar that the surgeons

at the hips has a neck sixteen feet Vn at the front were not receiving uffi-, www j.
ILYATS A PAITETUL Inches long and a tAll tMrty-on feet
of fXt four Inches \crnf. Its thigh bone wl'lPa' dent supplies of mftlicamects, says a The H. & W. B. DREW CO

(79 pounds.] I St Peteriburg cable dispatch to the ,

iabar. (lie.) Xaa Ten. H.w the Re- Thunder licard. brostosauras. New York World. Grand Ducha Jacksonville
You that tired to long before us. XlcLo'.a told the czar that she had Increased ,
pablleaa Leader Card t* tied HUScrrmat You bat ruled this mundane locus

lo Clicrch la II U Cmrrlace.Bw In the days of Dtplodocus. her subscription bj making
Distributors for the State of Florida. -
t Marcel of your a&e-th classic smaU economies In her hoasehokl aDd
II* Ar* e4 Wltfc a Bar tor.BU '
Mesocole time. Jurassic leveret other ladies promised to follow i

r War ( Helply JU. Rasa Stir your atxty feet of length! her example. The czar thought muchof Tin- Ira.IP snppiwd at tnannfartnrm' "Ioarel |.rbt&.

: b 'They Were DOWB.Aa Rouse your prehistoric .t qth! the grand duchess plan and set Krtnil ordr and dub outfit rm-Uf Carrfiil aitrMwn.SHI i
Lift your twenty tons Anew! | f.
3 tr catalogue.
m Vic. They ire t.WIewlth you! about emulating It So a whole army
Auburn (Me. man was .
) recently
What effrontery, what mockery! of lackeys In the Winter palace were .

.asked the following question by a reporter Rise oh. rite and snub the crockery! put on board wage, and the palaces at .- -

:* of the LewUton (Me.) Journal Jatchina
4 Once you roamed o'er rocks cretaceous and IVterhof hare docked
: ; N 'concerning: the late Joseph llomaa Feasting on the growths herbaceous, their allowances.It I .i

+ .' Manley, tbe well known Maine Republican With Chewing Iguanodon darmarites your gum chum. 1* reported that the czar, In conversation I The name "Simplex"has R

r..pppY ;r t"'", leader Once you listened to the singing with the master of hU household IMPLEX been

;t "Let me see-I believe you knew the Of the pterodactyl's winging said: "I bear the emperor of., repeatedly

.Ute Jow-ph Mauley quite intimately Through the arborwctnt ferns; Japan Is depriving himself of all sorts I f ANO Y
Doing acrobatic
tarns complimented
Mini, I knew the late Mr. Manley Archaeopteryx bore chorus of luxuries in order that his troops may as very

: very well when I used to live in Augusta When with mighty mosoaaurus have more. I am going to do the same."
The Simplex
l and I can say In truthfufnee And triceratops the proud Nobody lu Uttftsla llleves the Raving appropriate. -

t that a bt'tu-r.of abler man I never meL Through the tepid seas you plowed. effected will ever reach tbe coffers of t is in r

L "To put It In plcia English, so every Now you hearken to the clatterOf the Rid Cross ut', if It does will ever simple every

one can understand It, he had a way of the teacups and the chatterOf reach the surgeons at the front '
\ an upstart race u dwarfish way and particular. Its
A i .helping a fellow when he was down. As a cenosotc crswflih i

y lie didn't want any security, and the Though they say you're not carnivorous. Are You Engager! t : mechanism
t % less noise made: about It the better. according Wag that tall and-Lord deliver us! EngAgwi j le1tple'ltnnld remeuiU r tf'lI. ,. \ simple. t

p;. i to hi* way of th1nktng.I Did some dragon slaying Horus after nurriak'e, nany quarrel I= can le
Cause your death great brontosaurus? t.t iNti It does not easily get
I; ii "Let toe tell you Just one little 1Dcli" Did the marshes cloak your glory avoideil by ktrpinc their <1i.jM.tion in .J

t dent that shows the kind of heart the With their mu ?-(A shameful story!) 1.1 CJIJ.litj.uit" KWtric Bmerv 1--' .
i.. a man hd as well as anything I ever ODC you breathed, creation's wonder. S .\ lirown.of neniiettsviHe.S. C., rays: 1 out of order or need repair -
t: .t: And your footsteps woke the thunder! "For yews wy *>ff winWed intenseir
; knew about him; from : If it should by mischance it is
dyi-("'I..ia| complicated with torpid 1 any ..
"He was always a faithful churchgoer Now they treat you with disdain. liter until the ltt lierKreitgthand vigi ;
and a stanch supporter of hisdiurcb. Say Not you an ounce had a of two wit pound to spare brain. and became a nine Nock of her f .rturr j easily fixed. The Simplex is fully warranted i

kJ- Every Sunday morning It was And the courage of a hare! self Tnen .lie trir I Kiecirie (Hitter, I I

". : hilt wont to drhe'with his family to WIU you bear the chocking slander which helped! her attune ai.d finally [: and is an ornament to any home.

: 'Kunday morning services. The cook tTnrerengtful? Where's your dander tuade her entirely ,!fll She is now I,
Make thee men of science see things! and I Ue.l
.and second girl of the t-tning Ito-dlliy ('n-= 1'hai-
4 a; household were Sold I3y /
a. riot 'mongst the tea things! 8eIU aid
tnacy gtraranieio at 5 .i 'i9 : devout nomaD Catholics and when It Show the might you lived to glory In! I bottle.

r F .'r_ came time for them to go to their Rlsa. Insulted dinosauriAn?
,- -Arthur Oulterman In New York Times. ---- INDIAN RIVER MUSIC HOUSE Titaille.
; church would
; ; you always see the A Grant %m, uK
'. -coachman and Wit carriage at the doorwaiting ,
Marquis Oyauia is a giant among thJapant'Sl'
to take them to church. 1lanl'lJ"the COYOTE SCOURGE IN TEXAS. -
1! feet tall and weighing;
time that have the coachman
seen nearly ;>; IO be is the national
I : hurrying home under orders from Mr. The Farmer!Drail Destroy and Menace Small(Game Children, Rain patron of wrestling Il| and of swordsmanship RAILWAY
L Manley to 'take the girls to church.'
West Texas U faring the great coyote !says the -Dispatch.Notwithstanding \ .
j; Aa long as be kept a carriage I dontI the recent honors won

- .;;1 ;' elieve"Amid he all ever his rare forgot and them.responsibilities peril the, 3js SL a f'anntono Louis Glo! correspondentof '-l>>t'mocrat. U by, the Oku.foreign Nodzu trained and :gi-thls generalsKuro Local Time Card No. 59. In Effect !Jan. 30. 1905.

tj Mr Manley did not forget his boyhood Coyotes are becoming .so numerous on sentative of the samurai class ft'Llrt'-j

' 'r' days. He was a great baseball the |>laln i country south of the mountainous idol of the army which regards: SOUTH-BouaG-1sa0 00.... MOIIH-IOUHD-lliO tifk

enthusiast, and often have I MTU him district: of west Texas as to become the embodiment of the spirit of old Ja 0 99 Mo 35 "'. n .... ZJ k* 71 "a H. M IS j'I.* M

.sit down with the boys and discourse dangerous not only to domestic pan. Marquis Oyarna is tbe youngestof 1'+.111 ; Dally I Daily 1.111 I STATIONS. r..u11 Davy I Ikuid! Orley
and of the of
f rnmtly learnedly loints
animal but to human life. Mad the empire builders of Japan among .11II.-;:;;
OOLT.. ; ....
.the When tl.e subject' of tb# sue p 1215 p loooa .. -Jark"oa lilv ATIi .sup i.J P
: ; .. l'O.rott'll.hleb were unknown formerly whom Marquis Yamagata and Marquis Slip twos a ...Mn.lwk...>ntlllSI. ill: I' e4 a
New York team was Introduced he always Ito are best known. He is sixty- ap: 120p 11 lit purr .. ...- AuffiuUur e'tp: 4 ap boar Tsai
waxed eloquent Tbe New York have become so common In recentyears iap 115)lilop a.- .. .. lU two years of arse.Atlrrkrd. 10 II p lOOp 915 a .'I"\alh uP Slip I. a -.
s. I -rwas: hU favorite twitu that already several persons I .. .2' 1"1.
t Lon Chaudbourne's barber shop always have died ss a result of their bites.It --- ---- ton pi i 2 *. p 'ij-: p1103.0a1A' ... .I'.Lilk ...1.1 ""I' 'IV" drat
IIJT a Mob. Y lIOpjUUa 1I)1Ly: ..h1.1" Ar AI.p a mS 1' f., M a IMaTWa
1 fi ''' had a call from him once a day ha* t.t some absolutely nm...nary for 1---- -

t when be was in town. Lon was a deep camping turtles in Cult county to And lieaten, in a labor nu', untill"t\.t'r. I U P 'Up Ar.. .....e'anltatro.. .. L.1s.2Yp: lap
e d i a Cliiriik. street rar conductor 7IS s autos 4.1 ..."aD fame .. 7&S&
_4-- ( dyed emocrat. surround their tents with wire netting Applied l Bu-kl..tJ't! Arnica Salve and -

i .- "Often have I dropped Into Lone and ,,, as a protection against mad coyotes.Even astiii,'n MHiiiil and' well. "I ue it inmy ti/sp luu p tl.v. ..... ...... .HuanrtU:;rtga .'.. ..... h'I'.p

'; ., r found Mr. Manley sitting back in the ranch houses have their galleries family+ ," a rites Ci J Welch, c.l T..- lit p I ..... .

f .hair and arguing it out with Lon underneath inclosed with wire netting Parents on kons a, Midi., "and timl it J'l'rr".t"lIIlpl II lo a |p.. .... IIuIPIIOrmonA .. .. I x71 P
lisp llaiail ....... O mooj.fort Stopel[! IM *
r ; the Imperturbable mask of the outskirts of the town of ITvalde are tired bur cuts and bunts. Only I e12ap itoop iNp a1' p MAp J\ a ...... ..I'ytois* I .... IW p <. alit plat
i 7 lather. Sometimes they became afraid to send their children to school 2->\ at K.,l t'nw. Fhitnnacv r..p: .......... ter..uar .... sal p
i very .
12 as IU p JI'p llu.p: : ........:.<< .. : itlsp sup in *
; :, argumentative but always pleasant without an escort Imrlng the summer 2(.Op d. --..Oak lull .. I

; f? ; and Mr. Manley would raise his head months almost a state of panic rusts ('.lor Oil For Mainml.. lair 4IOpHW I aOl;! p 1l:4: p -...-." TiUmvilU113 '. i 1 i4p asepiU$4a 2.ta*. .
;I'JJS it.p . t -a ills 11
l .. from the chair rest to especially emphasize la some counties. A mad coyote Is M. Bertbelot. secretary of tbe Louvre < ip ... R..U..I- 110 p "
a point At such moment Mr. perfectly fearless and dues not hesitateto museum In Paris! bfol1that he has 121) pl.I l& P p ; r.t. 11 ."-1. I I'u II i Y.i peSJp :
I .. I I. W.
f P :Slip > .U 'llttiK 21.p15.p l'If.II
: < Manley seemed to have no more attack any person or animal it m-I i discovered the secret of the agent used : 1.1 p 3JO pl.| ... lli-lhourn'. ...... i!I4. p l II p W. P .
: v : -thought of the razor that was hanging counters. | In embalming In ancient Kgypt. says p'' p ... .......i'PUa.t.n ,1. aa. : .,
Ji p ...... ...t i "If' .
.- ,F;., to over his head than If It had been a This animal feed. upon young game the London Telegraph After a laborious k sy a .I p 6N p IWp ..... Fort Pl 'ivtr .. to.u i I.1..1' III aA

t: !4 straw, but in the whitest heat of the of all kind It kill fawn., eats quail elimination! of the sarcophagi of 5. p ..... .. T1bltar. I 10 4 s I s fcpj .
70.p ..... .. t.t..n: Ma' ale p
: pros and cons I always noticed that eggs, kills the wild turkey hen and destroys -I the fifth and sixth dynasties which 'J(1fI' .. .. .. J.n"'n ;J p7j a I j S U p'

; Lon never once cut him lie knew her nest during setting time. date bark' as far as 3.H.. C. M. Bet hip .. .fttuart lode j !1..1'1. (
717 p I.. U..u..1 ass r ; ,11f..p / .
every curve of his face a* you and I In fact all wild fowls that net on thelot has come to the decision, that l \\-tJul.\Io'r :!:11,1 a 11t.p'i
: know the curves of Main street In the ground are liable to be destroyed the oil employ wa simply castor' oil. e25.! p asap atatpet; W..I....!..> Bi..'. Hiss. 1oiI.i 4 Wp.1.ep
41&+ s MIX) p atop .1',1., 1'/1.' -*.Ii .t > .101".1'j .lap
t r! t Lewl tou. and you could tell that he by it. The other will animals duringthe such as 'ji still u,e ; i I : Ki'lfi!"|> t.. : 1:1: ... "
loved him, even if be was a Republic last twenty lean hare deirenseil has undergone some oxidation: but ro lour p ., l.. r.v j .. : ', it P

( ,..,.. an. Just by the way he stroked' his' face. to such an extent that the enforcement tilnl during the long period IU pre 10 SO p ; Ft u.If-rltie .. Ail s : & M p I.

;,. "Of course everybody knows that of the most rigid game. laws is net-es- 1 servatit..luaUtles' !.11 II s IV:: |p> I.R.nntt7I Ha >*".1..<- 1.1 t'a. ,; i lap 1 lUp I

i Mr. Manley was a great organizer In aary for their preservation Coyote* > : i I-.1OPII..QJOp'"r! j j M..n.i I. '. > i ,.. j j I hltip 19

the field of rolltl<'lC. At the same time are the only animals that have multiplied --- .. i ;. -- I--
.. .. ,, ..l n .A. . ,' .,. .... .. and 0i.twprn
J. I lie was what term Auf t a'lSr"r! ar i-n trMn .v. a: > a >l "ai ('at!: S It
they nowadays In during this same |11t'r.S.! and at lara...|,,: .. ..',1 \fal"l I i'.rv.r t at..I' tru'rn .10 a f I' irta..t A ......,.A.. sad
: current political psrlnnee 'masterful present they not only destroy live stock Ladies Only N.w "'Jot- .

: mlirr. Years ago, when be was chairman but have t-ecome a menace even to human I "
f J j t. of the Republican[ state commit. life. It is a fact that there are CONDENSED SCHEDULE BETWEEN JACKSCKVIllE AND! ST. AUGUSTINE

'}r tee you might! ask him bow John very few young deer and young tur It Is Women Who .

,;J Smith of Carilion or Sllaa Jon ofJack's kf'Illn weft Texas at the present time, Need Most Relief .. IS"I" ..1. '.. u' ;Tit .'l't: "'- it as 'J' ,' ea re'1i. v.' a. n.I ... w" ,.., 6th .,...i:

d-} Crossing wan d'tinand be 'when coyote are most numerous. The Irritating .1.. >.1.' haty! .I.....' 1I..j I.....,, tL'U.. .... !1.a.y 1.-.-J !. KM
From Little '' -
J -- -- -
would t..ll you to a nhviy. He could wyotes watch the mother &*. M-crvt IJ.'It..I '( ..'IV a. ,..... ..121. r. 11". PS J. .v, J... 1n .r a: r. 9S r5tt
p4 f' tell you just ,,'bM'thf'.r \Iiyel, bow to her fawns and during her a!>.enre destroy Pains .''OO..IO.a. ill a. 11', r. a' "rr. s.j re; j'. "r. :0. r. .s .a I t!. r.

._. ,
get there aud how thf'Y'oh'" if nerd her young In tie same manner and Aches. -- .it ..s. tat 'a Is' .10 '!t' b. 1.. Kar11' w ... !Sa 11. H. is. !. '..

I be. Any man. whether Republican. this vicious animal kill!! yotinalves S aursn. 'I I y11y 'lea1Ii: I'slly 4n.: I..:.r h.I..tae..1; f. Srs I'll'' Y "a"J I'" r.l1.
: Democrat Tr. Mils A.iu-I'rf n Tins are forA'UIrIPn. f--- '_ .. .--- -
I. or something that he
worst, A single: ranchman in MaverU-k countylast i
1..lAu.t,.. brJIlav' j J,... ; :<1..: 4. :' I' el.le: 4w J t'r 6i rr el e.L rrIt
: ever met he could call by name and year had 3", calves killed: by la..l.ron4r ..... )I.iWP5IJMra; : .turn ; rr i1ra/n r.
\\"'I dwt! n.-rv'> ,. org.n.mtiniit.e : .... .r-- _
: -
--- -
-- -
recognized at sight! with a cordial coyotes. k, the I--*>t j..rr '.a :.::...,11':':. and ,--Tan-t-ump..4PACi4'h- .i is"i'A ? .t"ra' "rfar.Ar.tr1' .a0.a. : '. .:,.,....1
I :; r how any u and a warm i-laup of the The situation has tncomiso unt'e.1r some ache or pam Is Hoe> result. t l'.)' ......,.: .... "I"'.'.f'1' :19: ve trtl n. ..ti ., ...' hl'.1

I !hand or touch on the shoulder."* able from the coyote peril thtt Use 1-- Th remedy la at hand
: '.. Ie 51. "lIJUTI"t 4'b fJ lie II ile b
I "I snppow he got this trait from the pie hate applied! t<> the l",.!*1ttun' for IJT. Miles Anti-rain I'-IU. I .. fAU Mkg ae1 tt1aiteuiy !

:{. : I ,' late Jsmw O. Blaln.F'! was the remark relief The matter has taken the shapt! > They act most nwnrelJoysty on ",.,m- ._ ___elw ,.n. I tin..t I t'-11,1'" t Isa.p

i "_ rat the reporter.Vell of a bill ai'l'l'I"'prlaUDg.1'"i f..r th. an' nervous 0"1111.01. and relieve nlcure lisp Lr Y.. !"DIU"n" A' 1'. H. YAt ..1.. .. .. .r. Ar ; Sara
": : ', "\ ho the |>&inj lo nhi,.h she It a mart jr. ;: lopLr: ".-' !j..u t. .si '. .a'v. .. II.vb lor
r s got It from )Ir. Blaine or .
payment of bounties f >r the "scali* of 7 .np \r A'.; /1"11,1 trIJVas i. e t I. Lt I bt.rt
Mr. Rhine got it from him. I don wolves. The sj-ortsm-n es;i-taly! are H"oi.ul"hftJ. .rajc: pain, mmttayya.a : a I'j"'r its) t-P. L.7tvAS; ../iris is : 'd :a.. 1., tetra
'i:1': and 3.. a.nU of p ans daappear. ; M.1. sr \.e arsyrr.a L.. ; I' :. ,. S: It III'
know which but I am ratter Inclinedto ..
of the bill
Interests! !10 It.t"
pa-wage 1.1tt
aa It a gentle land had 1.. tJy tt*
: !' think that Mr. flame w'a* the copyist an-1 are urging the destruction of th!< -m way r m=."." Tluah CiJ HiO'Jtu 100. n.. 17 ea u, .- ;' .... J ... I .. 1IA'II4" fI ..P. .I

;' In this one rc"'I.'e't great murderer of young animal I1fE'.1 the bu.1, Toothate. Backache ar. "'M..I,.r ilIA: 1 UAir'ST Bastin. l>stly "".', } .% r I.*, / 04 A Ili ,.,.: irate
'" : "I could tut-ni.uu M-OCPS of teen now The point Is made that It would! I* a Ii.. UTMI t.. ...r'i.. nt.. t omtlrtnJ" --1-I'ata 4a+ .I Le--lar-.-..,'- >;;.-. \r- iib.t.I ".. e. 4t1"- --

tt t living In the tspttal! city who ow*' their! jrvnt economic measure for west Tex I. Cured vitbout dang- of d; agr.'sdek :: W a "in pti T !... .> Rh IT 7I&a. fii i tl ='' t....H.l I r I i
sueee.acf. L" 7 44II .t ri i ; \al i
-\ meaning not only for .
&IIi. protection .
I. .. j' "
: CI_. _. .. t. .n llier..tO1 h. 8 n ? '" p.: Ar. ..M ,"r- 7 '
"I re-nseialier I usrtl to Lire I'\'AcllD!
but for laraU. calves, pl.ami
gaae. .,: y.7. ', t.
other lnt
or * to do buttn- eta him 1 usDi5, 4.Dely
I Lt.'D
: entirely ei en human i'.fe. "IIBlhD IiTLIBB'I. ile'waa
: tiles AnU-an rills pl *i* the ,! ... ."...
ii. ... ft .1.1
{ outi. of all poiit--fl! con<;'.Jmi- I
"':>ma. and the children take them r.- '
. i lionTra' I tie bill! 1 J'I.aat and lUrrale.. cau H they ar- easy lt> Ue and soothe j I 7 4.n. 4. ii., -a I" .i ; / ,\rPEMSSblAR a. : t. a
: : : would! always auk him if IMP wan'nl snItemlsAl IWl drrg U.estomirh r..r are a 'tirti. all t.dr wtl.-r :p.

s'wl1nLI ton MinuuOmgli Cure cots tt.e mncn, "For JM' I tad.r.'s- n; .:;k hP+d- I --
s I : "*N mint the its -. ,' he would "a.* ttt f' inriioution not of tt.e thpat.ini a'1.1 ei'ulJ n.t r. "'if'9 ;ant-ntoid iS-t-agxn. :. I I AND OCCIDENTAL iTtAUu? Vr.H.Tlij"; AT 4 i4*|.

r--i 1i "_ aj. 'If the work 8ct; n-p. the bill i* !,."i and bronchial Uit.-., riski-, '.otl r. 1: tv .. .. I .. fen aat:.' Xt .

all rigbtr"If nI cures. A quick cure f-r r .up sn-I r..arroa o..r '!eiz sp' tl lie (' i U. S. S l J",..say '"

ask added ahopang tvtM.h. One Minute yon me oar Auburn are rrlit'vt"to"! rough in .'r.... nr'tr: ; h.en. :.-. tr-y! tat. .....r-d tg". 31' ra It.. ; 'y:rtz HAVANA AND V: -
. "t ana u fce cto\l {!s* vMi"ewsaOon. "I .' it act fir>4 on the msrts m..mbr.rtt I Iryjht .- ofk ...-<*- -*. I .tAke a jfiii 3T.frua. .
ai' ; i: :' i .a I .d 1r.Jte i
:: would wy that tie :Gee Mr .t:1J401 I -Jtr 'i "1 .
.l>ere the magN troo"&n! tV ;; rt.*:.-. m* JiKS t
;. was not o'.Ir t!-r ft'-fa.', airy of tenet or deep n +:eel on the !'unr >f"db ; ;Al'HA1"1 :'J 111r.ta.n. la. i ito Thru 1:.:. ra:...,. .r.e ... -." ..... ... :: -e:- jIeIt

: the late J4icrs G I::-.. >-utils J..o wsJof ? Fey Cro*. i'h.arm6l'EI't tta.-ie Prarmvy I'r-". :( a '.::oa_.....:;i.e arad !'l bs..k. ; :-.r r =4oe.: :...4M"f'B.a..r.oJI.tie OO=;any 14x4!'tar. : :: r'-i 1..-,'."' .I" :.r.a.y- key' a'.r,.' s -t"", .
. own br'tl' tv r t ..r lr.f'Itn.-. and Chat F Ca'tJ.t.EOASrOn.A. FREE rite 1UI for e '&! r .
t .,. B* D'Viiei" AM 1' __ ;
TotM fo* P ,
; f >r n-"t! V ...
Pa n P..JI r sfftt Yemrry
tfce Unite1 '- --I t w'M d bu : I '. ft.-t .., T _t*m Blank. ,,,'ai. For Cops of lh. LOCAL lUlL CAKf a. Ot,. I

.I done. rte "-&f.T !fbd he Lire: I "n .! +1 '."
Iivtr'li ti.t" I I.-- .t .U co. !i
I i... tI : ; lLatt.-. .- i.'D. i J. D. rVAHNER. Asst. Gen'l ,s AguST f \.j 1

!; f 4g


: .


it .
... f_'*'". -. _. ..
,> .. ..
-< ...
""'- ..-...,-.,_-. .., ..-. ", ;. .--.-": ..- v; .... ".. ,< .
""" .--.-";..','"," ."-, ( ... ;tiwoasa.. -" ';- .. -.n. .. ,
"" -' e
'. -- --6 7._ "J- "' = '
.. .....
--r J-- ", -44r_ .HIt j\ ':.I> !j".


\ ,<,
:. ,.
: >
: "


., -' ; '.: ;:: ,, :, <,;, .: ..-,... ;
: ; i

t : :Sl.lRCll1 1803 THE FLORIDA STAR \ ;; t]

-' ------= ___-r- ..


Max: 8erbkH Wald Make Art... Cfclcsur W.... TeUs H." Cltldres

Dr .. !. C*.t.Mi Alfrar*. fluid ]Er Pta M..*,.. -

i Minnesota Governor's Warning Mai Beerbohm. the Ecgllsb artist. I '"I sbsil make 'Johnny write tea lines

to I brother of Beerboom Tree has caused I of poetry ts sooa U I pet borne" CASTO RIA
Captains of
considerable amusement by bis suggotiocs I!I -And I flaIl dm little Cbarlotte like i iI

IlK oa stage costumes, says a special a boy and read Browning to her"

BAYS PUBLIC 103D IS 1BOU8ED. cable dispatch from London to the {|I This cxmrersaUon took place recently ,.

, New York World. over tie coffee cup after the zaet-tlug I For Infants and Children. I
* "We hare no drama yet" he says. of the Late"hw Waciaa's club at

} *W. Arc CcBrrvatlBftV 1U Declare, : "but*we bane costumes What U want1 Eelmont 1 ball In Chicago. It was In I ; I i

t L "a C..trIU 4 CossMercUIIsM Mar ed la stage clothing not costume The i tpired by Mrs. Lydia Avery Coonley : J"lf The Kind You Have

French' stage spends too little on dress Ward's dissertation cuiidren and
? **.. Fe.*.! la Its Power"-T on 14"
that of London too much. But when It boraes! nays the Chicago Tribune, She c"- I
f trey of the GreatII .* -
Sara, t comes to the I- I Always Bought
wearing of clothes London i told the club women they must let their

} Guy the lull Will BOOB Cease." baa to take a back seat Parisian i children earn pin money by wrtting I Adabterttp :io:1t.yAssttm1ating _I

ii. ; The millionaires actors and actresses are nut conscious pt.ll'tl'J"]
of Chicago astern ef aialkiR utdSliamar 1
bled at dinner at the Commercial dub ref the tact that they are dressed up. la The lecturer ai-w adrUed dressing! aatliatnJscf Bears thoSignature

In Chicago the other night beard some England the opposite la the case. All i girls and boys alike until they are ten .

j startling expressions: from GO\emor rehearsal shook be dress rehearsals. :years oM. and her audience agreed with i A1 ly'3 I

\ John A. Johuson of Minnesota says a That would make the players feel at I bet that a pajama effect would be the !

x Chicago dlapatcb.e home on the night of production. I II best fur little maidens. I

::1 e 'ti After describing the awakening of the I I "In fact it would make them wear Hereafter in I.abIt'w1t husbands! Promotes DigesKortChecrful-

t their clothes oat of doors because: It d,) not interfere will U almost impossible I tessandl xt.Contalnsneitkr
? people of the went, aa Indicated In the of
i 1 '-: election of Governors Folk and Deneen. would advertise the play and wool ] to dbtingui little glrU from t t lUm. torphine norlfincral.NOT .

; Gon-rnor.J.0bn800 said: lessen the self consciousness of the Individual !little boys. Furthermore Johnny will ..MtCOTIC..k :

forming the company" "come In" from tbe ractut lot where
{ "Today the captains of industry are
Beerboiun Tree baa rejoined that be !he has been playing "one lid cat" cross N'I
arrayed la solid
a phalanx for controlof
looks forward walking down Piccadilly his 1t'1lS. nibble his lead pencil and ,1f Jr '
, congress in order to defeat the will .
dressed as Caliban arm in arm write something about "spring." For jt., .; Jr!. I'
tf the iope. The people stand
". amazed with Max 1 this be will receive 5 cents for every .Lit J_ I
aa they look on at the conflict The -
,:. j !i four line*-provWi'd the words rhyme j =: In'
public mind Is aroused The process If von cannot eat.lrrp. .>r cork, ff! i and have rhythm. TLe little "[laJ3magirl" j
of disillusionment baa been slow but mean, crow and uirfr! tskf Hii'lioN.,'. ao(alto)). .
also may erne as a good subjectfor
the time u past when the senate of the Rocky Mountain Tt"1t this m nth. A ton- '

k. F. United States can permanently defeat. ic for ttie I'kk There is no rt' HJ tal bin mune. .:.. Use'

a the popular will The people bare to it 35 cenu, lea or \4".111.f'k Y'Mlr j I But complete this Elysian scheme<< j
the mothers themselves, ia teal of
ruglti/'t. for
Remedy -
learned that there has been too much [ I'i perfect Con.ctipationSourStomachDiarrttoea
scolding their children: when they appear .
: partisanship and not enough -I I 1 i
Independence Itoe.etele. lallaf'a !. 11..1. with mud stained drrwes and Worms .tamiteions.Feverishness -

I r too little patriotism and'too much'i A Pari I letter ta the New York Indei !1 wet {('t.t.11I, read rhythmical poetryi I I and, Loss OF SLEEP. For Over a
politics. Voters have heretofore
"'J supported .' pendent contains the following j i i' to them after! the refi}* of Mr!. Ward. I i I

blindly a policy of special pr lvia {I' It I ban bwn well informed by my 1 I'I. "Every child" uaid the lecturer II 1 TAt Simile Signature flf .

lege dev+td by 1'f'oWJ'lvaula. wbo e. St Petersburg corrwsjHindents, Father I j "should have a way to earn pin monf'.j j ji
't.CJ Years
congressional representatives are controlled
> Gapon has taken as his guide in more BrluKins:; In utxid and wwlni ). Thirty I \

; by the Standard Oil company. ways than one the bold and healthy [: warn are out of date, uninteresting \--m.1 j 1 I NEW YOIf K. i iI
It Is now beginning! to dawn on the
_ teachings of President Iloohetell! 'the i i i pJ.-rut"lIt.c. .:very child can write vene, Alb mofttlvv old I

:,' money power that thin republic rrets on strenuous life' being one of the thin I or l.*t in !." mote !indent and call it I i ij I I j L t H

: men not on money. Our political system ; be is continually preaching to the apathetic :j: ptK'try Rhythm ii.tues natural tochlli I| PRT1A >

s ={s' and our commercial system are Uu *Un peasant .and workman, I dr.*u. but they are not encuuraced to :
{ out of tuue. The tendency of the greatto who suffer themselves to lit' "driteu :
write err .[ i XACT COPY OrWRAPPCA. IJjIJ 1.
crush the small will
noon C'l'tl..e.
s.. about like sheep by the whips of thebrutal I I th >tu ."* routs for every four

_" "Watf'rt'stod..; U the mirage in the Cossacks be { .-- -. ._. I
.. .
wrote .
" as on one ,. lints and t-e* what "plt'nlll.1Of'trr! j jtlvy [ & &asy. eo.a. "t em.HODGES "
desert of our commercial life. It has "c' ., '- : ,_ __ __ __'_ ,
occasion :
\, in a private letter to au old turn out Kten It this ml"thIII..' ,- -v -- .- .::;; :
become a common phase of legalized friend of mine. Roosevelt's two books I'I .
twill tuH make pntt pwts of them '
larceny "The Strenuous Life"! and "American snob a* are horn in Inliana-ll will at
!Im .--UuII tlioie! who it want tot "
oppo-w Ideals which have appeared here In
least give tLi-tn the faculty of txf.rt'tl.sloll i
remember that the pendulum bin been Fmicn during the last year or so, have For hiklrfn with quick tempers
: too long on oue side Forsaking oil & O'HARA
found their into Russia
-< way portry i i.. a i anawn. You cannot be ,
IdeaU. we a re con front Ing a centralized
I told.
warm welcome
i 'taad' Ian;;; w lieu wunn one is reading HIUMIO II M'IK. EI.Ao :
commercialism more than feudal in Its
: Tennyson or Urn\\ ninl: to "011. Poetry DrULKRS ISSn !tI.\SrfM'I'UER.. Or t.
power. hlbe Tonic Itoutr. w>trtlte' a quick te 11I1"1' like mu<:k"

"Fear of revolution blmihea the The pills! that act as a UMIH and not asa YELLOW PINE AND CYPRESS
cheek 1 of the czar. 1 nOliI' country there !
r\-'IC | urge, are 11toItt@ Lit lie bull Ihll."' ....tory Hhriiiiiitl-in "'nrr.l.Wiihaiii .
is a smoke that might be fanned intoflame. KIMn.. They cure headi! ', cnol'tipa.Unll .
:MiAtft-r, s brakfinan .>f II.-nni. fruit and "Vogotnlo Ornto
j ja : ,,
I biliou n its. .tl: rlv : arewt -
"Railroad discrimination, the rebate ;I ali, racy U> Ule an-l racy to s< t-A safe !.>Cn. Ohio nay n..1 l to IIH t".1 l f-ir E.tim.t.a furnished fur eouuptrte Btlli of lotIllltJot'r to t.... >liiv...-rr.1 at say point "D La-it Ioa.t: .
-.rl1tt..k l with
.t rbt-
and the private car system have !. pill Mack Hamilton. botrUierk at \ ilIfyCitj.N. n'na-
U-tu. .r 1I tI IIJldtl\ rrint.ine. Its "tI..
brought Into existence one of the mat II. "}?. "Taol.tthsenrdme !! '
"Kllidilv I <. lit to.f""a"
lr'iu- itrf-l ,
> f chronic con>tipatinn Sold byltitl John Stetson
.. uf=k. powerful trust on the globe the great: Cn!M I' llunMl'v, E:,itt liAliie I'liar- a Ix'Ulf \-hwlhc'rldlu'1" I I'.tn i hunt, At University

l>eef trullt Such system' have created ( u ) ich tiiitf I ".It!' uiiab't: l'< n..IIII1.t or
mac, and Ct hay F. 'ampb1Tonirrl
the Standard Oil (company: the enal'' f..I. 1\1,1111 .ttf we' .k'f. liter xadtl' !1. in DE LAND, FLA

combine, the L'nitwl State Steel corK \.1.' work 8. Io"T'P'-l- l\'al1l"! I'rryat! .

poratlon"Is In a \\ rll.A I he. 1.1 ('I''''a I'i'artaC\ Affiliated With The University of Chicago ICnLI.
most ciiiuuiul riung was reivnt ,
t It not time that the IwVa'! Inc
: I ly iptmt at the 11t1\IIIIII uf a well by a I I t Canary That Talk.. .' Iii. CI: U lit:" u. Un>-'riir .Uii.Urd< sri tli.n* .if t6., I'iil\i rsitj' ..( ('hl..g.. I R

toked for the protection of the toin number of heal worthies in the hamlet i j I Mite May SMUTS and her annt Mhu Sutwn.t > Kra'tii*!""* n.i-i\, tti. If ill urit-s fnnu Ix-th N. t.'a 4iiti < !l..aye t

mon citizen of Woolh-y. lu IhmtmIn..hltEnr'; Mary \\11.11)11. of HII It'more. say I'ULI,K.K UK I*\\\'......< inlii4ti-t>f thi I',.Itt'IIt'! ..r.- (tnl t<. rrartlc- Uw in H rid.
J. O. Armour. 1'. Valentine\ and Hilhoiil t tintiiidlinn 0
land a ) cadli ills- thl'.w York hap c
says meant IIi't"lal! WorM. a canary
> other member of the Wf trust. wt'rt'Ilrt''l'nt ( ftlltnt.ft"lt"II "|, +.Mrrhtnira'. < 'M ,' Fi.rtn.a' KIKII"( ring _u.i I1sauat +
patch to the I'hllaMll'hla'nrlb: Amori that talk "Such pretty} bird: Such! '
ami heard UK- arrs.gnment of 1 r&'niiij; t'f = run. To inauifurnti the mukinc of the the I ttle ("lI'Hin
a twauty1" s/
ys j '
t the trusts. mu.i i ( UI.Lt.tit 0 I' lit si>t;.4ltankintnalltt.hrentli<* r..k (t'i'piItJ by hestardkurta e
-,--- --,- shaft a religious !'t'nlt''I'IlK flp>t held ideal tones which are l..rf'e.Uy dNtinct! I II Klrttur n>tirv 4 "(--0 in otbrr l"I'31'tW"IitA. large Ftcultjr sad r"uwOitfd..lMuWi...

romil the well head, after whuh tea Then he com?':n'-s the word, "1'rt UI. j l.tal'I1ultACUt.n Ira.luatr. 1'1'1'(1101 nur Harvard Yale r"'I.

WHIPPING POST FOR WOMEN was served to the female portion of the beauty l'r"U.llrl'Uy. beauty" $.>me- .rnrl! M' barn t'ht.acre and l all flr%t .-1.1! >5 .coheir.. C

I....pu Ion, The men, h..IIIJ the rector, time he stops at such a." when he cu- I i I MilCMtl.M r I'KtlTKK ..'unnt.I KlD-irrsirVu In ltao"n build,.. I't.nHMT ,

(tnarrdrul Woman aI'.srU Thl. then dl'sipl'('ared down the well. "Lw qUt'ltllly I'ld'"f"'l h.n b-a.i on one side minuiarvhoiil'.,ltoerp.r.te uiMmg Thu School pcutlF prrmra.I'4'.t. /'i..1 aj
1 Ktinu fa I'uniik Ila.haad.aarn. j teat hero .
more prayer were offered Refreshments as though oTe coire at his temerity la .
y Mrs Wilbur F, liters:: of Merlden. MI'1'et'Hnnr.tZlo.sH"' {.:|"+' orgmi II iloMD (iiai) *, iei bntl'itult.ler) ,. !f.., llyth "
were again serve.1. and the rest singing his own j>raies. "Bemity" Is rmu'i i-f
4 Conn. wife of the :her plate wane resit'
of the evening was gi\'en over to s a very l*'autifu! binl He was pur, ART a'Ilurl.-N'.ts.tndtn, (...ttyraaarnudeh .
facturer. sheets Ui *"jual aufferiut: a* I Sir
smoking concert i I cha e well i1i equal bUffMRe, says a ltrIJfuI'oun 'h tear haw a faculty "f i j-n>fi**>" and itutrurtonL They held ' 1 ) tw the NerYork I n'osrr: an I taken\ home The t,'nol1 oft uicxx'J, lUlvanl, Y Ulh nio 'Uth, (QamWa, t'nu rr'lt> "f l', 111..1\i I'.ryntiiiiLini'
: t 't.cti'ia di'pttti Lon T..II rnl'Ql.1r sbor For "... sentence which re has learned to repeat >1.1I\ t', t'nivrmtr of Mi,'hijTiu. ih-nuuna and other t'nivvr 'ii... I u- '. ," "*t-t
y World She want a whipping Law shoes will iijcie intowear :tn.'ral I f"wit..)I'; In MIlMilli"'o in,teyvpmrntnrsrlyyaartntailliundollar: / ..">l'J. M",' ," .i !tu.
was time tiiUal sati4tion| of MsiWilkln !
pool for women and 1 is Utkitu; ">,rn My ...J :,'.rarr: ofoerr 131..)I"Qlun.n, a heaotal ,'bll..1..ith t'OAt1)lrnt.bIP,," I'. : ,.J. r .' ....1
,A | In its faor iu coumxtlon with A Mil! ncain taa4 Nt-omiti even more <)n and Mi1"4 Soccers when they 'I' via.! Ht.iili'MK 7 ml |>*.lbll"I0"fll ')oo pigs organ.; "I1I1..iJ'Q wtUmtiu,.I U'. ,i ,* .ti.. -
. a Jx'puiar than they were 1I"t va' on. approach the Ian rnrlt..yl athVtir: ..I.I. niuinni 'ra.\;: unnit mart H....U II dtsaxwl seal! ''< Ini *.
now' Uforv the Connecticut legislatureproviding when tLe !ltJI.'N found that their canary.- I, '!! rimiuin2 g.ilf n<'' ii>K and oltln I f.irt.. wjmr*!* lotIlltt"'at '"r meta and ""'>.' :' *toiar }

R 'j >c a whipping pct for wife .tm ka were inadequate to meet the de- '! -- ... -- ::a t.t..ral.riu: (..r chemistry l'hycira II.u1"n..IUfC1. YW ,,,I..., a..1 81J14"",, cry) 4
ttel :>mr
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