The committee on platform not being such legislation as will while securing the plied for himself." BOBBINS & GRAHAM,
Louis A. Watres Nominated for ready to report another recess was fullest use of silver as money most certainly him speak elapsed and J.
taken. secure and maintain a parity between the A lew moments ,

Lieutenant Governor. two metals.. Gaiter, who reuoimnuted J'I ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW, 4 4P.
How the Platform Was Received.At .
indorse the administration of said "As to be .
and we seem
We heartily rose : O. :Cox 250, TTTUsVILLE, Breiard Co., Florida.
2:33 the convention reconvened, President Harrison and declare that its wise sured that General Hastings will not Will practice in all the entities of the Seventh
and Chairman Gilbert read the declara- conservatism ita undoubted integrity and its accept the state ciiairiuansaip, I now I Circuit and in the Supreme Court Special factli.

SENATOR QUAY INDORSED tion of principles, but in a thin voice manifest efficiency deserve the unqualified nominate W. H. Andrews fur that }IV- ties for Examining and Perfecting Laud Tales.
I approval of the whole nation. We gratetully Correspondence! solicited! from Claimanpandfeirs
that; did not reach all ears. The vari- "
sition. to
record the continued confidence of the Republicans Spanish Grants. Money to Loan. 12
ous planks were applauded, but either of Pennsylvania in the wisdom In- The motion was put and carried, and

Harrison Reed Cameron and because of the heat or the discountingof tegrity and statesmanship of the lion. J. on motion of Mr. Foster, ot Allegheny, D. L. GAULDEN,
the document in advance, it awak-
Donald Cameron, our senior senator at Washington the convention adjourned.A .
Beaver Commended ened ro remarkable enthusiasm.The D. C. So emphatically manifested in public ratification meeting was held: ATTORf EY-AT-LAW
indorsement of the McKinley billas his past services, so we accept them as positive in front of the Lochiel hotel last L&l'llt ,
assurance of his faithfulness and efficiency and Titusville, Florida.
and Gen. Hastings SecreaaryStone
it passed the house of representativeswas in the future.
from the hotel
AIT EKTHUSIASTIO CONVENTION. received with perhaps the most significant We commend the course of the Hon.ThomasB. made speeches balcony M. THRASHER
the ticket. A. ,
applause. There was a weak Reed, speaker of the national house of rep promising to support ,

manifestation of feeling at the mentionof resentatives manfully preventing the obstruction Delamater's Career.
of legislation and t he waste of pub- ATTORNE 5T-AT-LAW,
Harrison a better one when Cameronwas Delamater born
Wallace in
fitpwnrf Unanimously Renomlnntcd. lic time and money and we tender him the George was P. O. Box 20, 8ANFORD, FLA.
referred to, but the house broke out Meadville, i'a., on March 31, 1841): He was Will
congratulations and thanks of the Republican practice in all tie counties ot tie Seventh
Second Place.
Montooth Refuses wildly when the Quay indorsement was party of Pennsylvania.We er.tdu.ited: Iron Allegheny college ant the Circuit and Supreme Court. j.
Chairman Andrews Re-elected. reached and the tender of thanks and express our gratification with the avi- Harvard Law school and for three year practiced -

congratulations to Speaker Reed. The ministration cf Governor James A. Beaver, law. Theo he went iato business and JONES & ATKINSON,
commendation of Governor Beaver fell and congratulate him upon the fact that hi.. is now ut the head of the banking house of
Delamater & Co., director of the M.-
a rchants' .
HARRISBURO, June 27.The Republican upon rather supine ears. course that has devotion been marked to the by welfare wisdom of integrityand all th National bank, Meadville.. pn.- Attorneys-at-Law,

nominated The Platform. the dent of the company and owner of the controlling Titusville Florida.
convention that George people which will entitle him to esteem
Following is the text of the platform and gratitude of the citizens of the state i. interest in the Meadville and
Wallace Delamater for governor of adopted by the convention: all coming years. ville raiirOiVl, president of the Mead Lines-I J T. SANDER,
Gas and connected with other
Pennsylvania yesterday afternoon was a company
Once more the Republicans of the common- Naming the Candidate.The .

red hot one. With the thermometer at wealth of Pennsylvania, in convention assembled convention then proceeded win! enterprises.He was mayor Meadville in 1876, senatorial .. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW,

93 it could not well be otherwise. seud fraternal greetings to their the nomination of candidates, and O'I i delegate: to the state convention in 1878. .Will practice in all the Courts of the Seventh Judicial -
party brethren throughout the nation and Circuit of Florida.
and chairman of the Republican county committee -
Statesmen and politicians who have congratulate them and ourselves upon the during the campaigns of 1878 and l&ja. P. O. Box. .s. TITCSYILLE, FLA.
figured: actively in the affairs of the victory won in 1883 by the purity of Republican Carter, of Crawford was recognized. In 1880 he was chosen a Garfield presidential Money to Loan. H
principles >ml the patriotism of Repub- Altho agh the Delamater sponsor read
unite in elector for Pennsylvania, and in Iddd was
party for many years declaringthat lican Fur the chairman of L. T. DANIEL
citizenship. our his spee h.he delivered it with the mov- elected to the stat senate. DR. ,
the convention, in point of interest national committee, Mr. Quay we f>-el a last- ing extempore methods of a ready and The Other Nominees.State .
and enthusiasm exceeded ing cense of gratitude for his matchless services fluent and in clear and
numbers speaker a
in tile last presidential campaign, and Senator Louis A. Watres, the Republican ,
similar gathering held pathetic voice rehearsed the character,
any Republican noramse for lieutenant ,
commend his bearing upon the slanders governor was COCOA, FLORIDA
in Pennsylvania within their recollec- which his successful leadership of our party the history and endowments of the can- born in Mt. Vernon, Lackawanna county, in

tion. Old John Cessna, of Bedford, who has purchased for him. As a citizen, a member I didate. Mr. Patterson followed with a 1851' was admitted to the bar in 1878 was TUT D. L. DODSON,
bas been attending Republican state of the general assembly, as secretary of cordial indorsement of the nomination. elected to the state senate in 183J: : and re- .

conventions since 1849, moped his :per9riag the commonwealth under two successive administrations There was a great Hastings outbreak elect d in 1836.Secretary .

fare as he exclaimel: "This is as state treasurer by the over- when George B. Orlady, of Huntingdon of Internal Affairs Thomas J. DENTIST,
whelming suffrages of his fellow citizens andas Stewart was born in Ireland in 1843 broughtto ;
at 8:15, took the platform to name TITUSY.LLE ;
Pa. his In 1849 : }'U>RID.\.
orrl''own. by parents ,
senator of the United States he has won : enlisted
the general. His prelude was politic, Aching teeth filled and land without
and retains our respect and confidence.In a* private in One Hundred and Thirty- destroying
his highly earnest and he the uervps. Teeth with abreeeea treated .
manner was nccet
eighth regiment Pennsylvania volunteers
keeping with the s-mpathyand the dutyof ; .
Roots crowned
fully. .uholt& tia1l1 Hates
our party we make the following\ declarA- was constantly stopped by the gallery was engaged as a manufacturer and dealer pure Para gum. Broken Plate mended. of
contingent until he exclaimed that they' window glass. from 1870 to !& served in the Badly
tion of principles for the betterment of polity -: fitting plates corrected. Teeth extracted pal Iess.
; cal government and the benefit of our fellow had better step down and nominate state house of representatives: lRSi-83,and was IyO f.ce on Washington avenue 5WALTER
citizens: Hastings at once. W. I. Shaffer, of elected secretary of internal affairs iu 18S7.

t We believe that every lawful voter has the Delaware, was the seconder, and both s. GRAHAM, M. D.
-t right to cast a free ballot at every public elec- of the speeches had the ring and the go
1 tion and have it properly counted and certi- and Dr. J. II. :McLean's Chills and Fever Office
of the
y stump speaker, were unques- Connnltttirn. 100.
1 fied; and we call upon congress to adopt such tionably better as campaign utterances Cure is gentle in action, and warranted a Visits in Titusville, 200.

legislation as will prevent a suppression or than those which The pointof certain cure. oO cents a bottle. Call between 10 p. m. and 6 a. m.will, be'charged
falsification of the votes of our fellow citi- preceded. doubl> rates.Obstetrical.
zens at elections for officers of national government commending Senator Quay was not case! and eases outside the Corporation
and will end political slavery lost sight of. Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, that Tired are positively declined.

throughout the nation. Alfred Darte, of Luzerne, named Os- Feeling, Faintness, Dyspepsia, Blood Dis-

Our rare for the welfare of those who, upon borne and G. W. Halsey seconded Osborne orders, Eczema, Blotches, Pimples, Sallow J F. LEWIS,
the field of battle carried triumphantly the s nomination. Skin and most diseases result from an impure -

principles of Republican faith, will end only Maj. Moreland, of Allegheny, named condition of the 1'lood. Purify it Civil Emiiieer and
when the last loyal soldier of the civil war Siraor.
being demonstratively re- with .We sell and
Montooth, Dewitt'sSal'8apari1Ja.
shall have euteJ'e.linto his: honore 1 rest, and THus 'll1e Flu.R .
\ ,
we ask congress to grant a P T diem service recommend it. Dixon & Grey.
pension to every Union HO 'Her and sailor who There being no second for Montooth,

1 sl'rv.d in and was honorably discharged from W. E. Rice, of Warren, presented the Sudden change of temperature and humidity B. BURCHFIELD,

the armv or navy of the United States name of Charles W. Stone.V.. W. of the atmosphere often produce

GEORGE WALLACE DELAMATER. The cia lll which the citizens of the border Brown, of McKean, seconded Stone. disorders of the kidneys and bladder. Use COUNTY SURVEYOR.Orders .

the biggeststi t> convention I have ever the(counties general our government commonwealth for reimbursementfor make upon Emerson Collins, of Lycoming named Dr. J. II. McLean's Liver and Kidney by mail will receive as prompt

known, and I have attended a good ilcCorrnick. Davis was not nominated. attention as calls in .
the lots they sustained in their homes Balm to check these troubles in their incip- person.Address
many during m>r forty-one year's expe- and property at the hands of the enemy dur- Delamater Nominated. iency. : Georgiana, Fla.

rience in politic;." ing the late war is one which nlltlonallatrlot- Balloting then began. The first bal-

Some Veteran Dele atcs. ism should rt-pt-ct and honor, and we urge lot stood: Dvilainater, 83; Hastings, 69; Dwitt's Sarsaparilla will renew and LA RUE P. ELY,

Hero Mr. Cessna refreshed his mem- effort upon our to have congressmen it quickly the and use completely of very proper sat- Montooth, 30; Stone, 15; Osborne, 8; purify the blood, eradicate disease and

ory by glancing over a list of the dele- isfied. McCoruuck, 3. make digestion easy. We sell it. Dixon Notary Public for the State at Large.

gates. "Allegheny county." he resumed We indorse the tariff bill called the "Mc The second ballot was: Delamater, 99; & Grey. Justice of the Peace, 17th Dist.

"sent a remarkably strong dele- Kinley bill" in the form in which it was passedby Hastings, 61; Montooth, 20; Stone, 16; CONTRACTOR & BUILDER

gation. W. D. Porter> and A. E. McUondles the house of representatives, and we denounce Osborne, 5; McCormick, 3. Before the Appetite and be
are experu l ai.vii politicians, and the criticism passed upon that bill in result was announced George S. Graham of the sleep may improved and, of over 30 years' experience. Natural

so is ex-Pcstmaster William McCleary.H. the English parliament as an unwarranted of Philadelphia, began the stam- every part system strengthened finish a specialty.Melbourne.

II. Bryan, of The PitUburg: ChronicleTelegraph interference by a foreign nation with the pede to Delamater by changing his vote the animal spirits regain their bouyancy Florida. *
right of the Americau people to protect by the use of Dr. J. H. McClean'sStrengthening
followed his
to and from Hastings.
noc;: new politics,
American industries.We Cordial and Blood Purifier.Dewitt's AV. MORTON
few men are shrewder than ex-State reafllrm one of the earliest principles of example, and the vote as finally announced Q.EORGE ,

Representative William Flinn, who is our party when we declare that American was Delamater, 103; Hastings,
soon to land in the state senate. Then workers bhouH.like American manufacturers, 59; Montooth, 19; Stone, 15; O&borne: 4; Little Early Risers. Best pill Civil Engineer & Notary Public,

there is Josiah Speer, who has Alle receive national protection and we requestof McCormick, 2. for Sick Headache and Sour Stomach. MORTONIIURST
gheny's indorsement for congress, and the general government the strictest en- I William Flynn, of Allegheny county, Sold by Dixon &; Grey. Surveying and Leveling, Architectural,
United States District Attorney Walter forcement of the laws forbidding entrance moved to make Delamater's nomination
Lyon and ex-District Attorney John S. into and employment in this country of pau- unanimous. The motion was declared The danger of a malarial atmosphere Drawing, Township Section Maj>s.
per and contract laborers of foreign nations. be averted if will Deeds, Mortgages, etc. Blanks constantly -
Robb. All these are bright and active carried, though some noes were heard. may you occasionallytake
men of ripe experience. Such men give necessity We urge of pausing upon congress such legislation the immediate as will On Mr. Flynn's motion the conventiontook a dose of Dr. J. lIt McLean's Chills on hand.

weight and force to a political gather- prevent the importation and sale of oleo- a recess until evening. and Fever Cure.

ing. Joseph Thomas, of Bucks county margarine and of intoxicating liquors in this Montooth Refuses Second Place. EDGAR HOUSE

was among the old timers I noticed, and commonwealth contrary to our acts of as During the recess it was learned that Dewitt's Little Early Risers. Most ,

ex-Congr!* George W. Fleeyer, of sembly regulating and restricting the same, Maj. Montooth positively declined pleasant cathartic liver pills ever made.
Butler while George T. Swank, of The and empower every state to enforce its local second place on the ticket. This left Sold by Dixon & Grey.If Close to Imlimi Hit'or Inlet.
laws relating thereto in the manner and in
Johnstown Triuuu;, has figured in state the second choice between Louis A.
accordance with the intent and purpose with FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA.Fish .
and national conventions for years. Ed- which they were enacted. Watres and E. K. Martin. It was soon the stomach performs its functions

ward C. Humes has been a leading factor Ballot reform is,and will remain,the watch- determined that Watres would be the actively and regularly the food of which it Oysters and Game by the

in Centre county politics for a longtime word of our party in every state, and we especially man. is the receptacle, is transformed into blood Millions. Boats and
and has utt n led a good many congratulate our political brethrenin When the convention reassembled of a nourishing quality, which furnishes Wagons

com"elltioniwhile! al nost every Repub- New York upon the fact that, although Martin was put in nomination by Professor vigor and warmth to the whole body, the to take Tourists hunting or

lican in Pennsylvania is familiar with their Democratic governor could deform he Lyte, of Lancaster, who referred remedy to give tone to the stomach is Dr. fishing. Good Road from here to
could not wholly defeat their efforts to secure -
the name of Major Levi McCauley, a free ballot for every American voter eloquently to his candidate's militaryand J. II. McLean's Strengthening Cordial the Gulf Coast.I .
of Chester county. throughout their state. civic record. Mr. Warren, of and Blood Purifier.

Old Hands in Politics. We charge the members of the next gene- Lackawanna,nominated Senator Watresn have Lots and Houses to sell in

"Clearfield county sent two men well ral assembly with the duty to pass such laws : a brief, but effective speech. S. E. When you get all out of sorts, Billious, Edgar Town. Call or Address :
known in their section E. I. Irwin and and if necessity should arise to provide for Cavin, of Philadelphia, nominated J. A. Dyspeptic Despondent Blood impure Liver
Gordon of Chief Justice Gor- such changes in the constitution of our stateas M. Passmore who he said deservedthe
Cyrus toa will insure t, every voter perfect secresy inactive, lack of ambition, tired feelingand A. G. LAGOW, Proprietor.
don. The man who nominated Delamater opportunity to go before the peoplefor
and freedom in his of everything just to
exercising right 8uf- goes wrong, come us
Col. Join J. Carter, of Titusville, a vindication. Mr. Brown, of Schuylkill and bottle & HCAB ROISK CBIEIbri
fraee. of Dewitt's
a .
get Sarsaparilla.It DEA.E '.
has attend a good many conventions, For almost thirty years the finances of this seconded Passmore's nomination.The is a perfectly reliable preparation and Whispers heard.Con*.
and h. General Lyman roll was then called. Before it fortible.h.ee.ufalwa.nall .. .U. t.MUCOI.I .
so s ex-Attorney state have been under the control of our IU D Gilbert, of Dauphin county. Will- party. During that time we devised a system had proceeded far the fact was apparentthat will Dixon build& you.up and renew your strength. */,Kit BrMwaf,I.Icrk. Writ f.r bwk.f,rwft r&&&.

iam L. Brown, of Kne county; ex-State of taxing corporations which serves as a Watres would win and Mr. Brown Grey.A

Representative James D. Davis, of Forest pattern or.and Las been taken as a guide by, withdrew Passmore's name. The ballot DETECTIVESWan&ecl

cuuatv, ; George B. Wiebtling and ex- many sister states in their efforts to collect resulted, Watres, 165; Martin, 86.Watres' beautiful woman must be healthy,
W. revenues for public purposes.We and to remain healthy and beautiful she In envy Cooitr. Shrewd mad to act ud.r iaMrwtloUla
State ll'-pref-entative N. Britton, of nomination was made unani- .
our 8 have paid off the debt which the Demo- should take Dr. J. H."McLean's rweeaurj.
Franklin Strength- GrunanDeteetlre -
ex-State'Representa Bureau
county; mous. Co ibis
cratic this state created
party during a
tive John P. Elkin, of Indiana; ex-State time of peace; we have almost extinguishedthe Secretary Stewart Ilenominated. ening Cordial and Blood Purifier. It im- -

Senat r J. K. Robinson, of Juniata; ex- debt \\hichthe Democratic party of the W. R. Leeds, of Philadelphia, moved, parts tone and flush to the skin, strength,

Congressman; L. D. :Shoemaker and L. southern states inflicted upon us during the and Mr. Foster, of Allegheny, seconded vigor and pure blood ; is equally adaptedfor

C. Darts. of Luzerne, are all veterans.I civil war and years ago we lifted from the that Thomas J. Stewart be renominated: all ages, from the babe to the aged, of hair
xvuK'iiilKT them in state convent ons lands and homes of our fellow citizens the either sex.Cleanse. 11PARKER'S .
by acclamation for secretary of internal ..
burdens of state taxation.
forV.. Gray ,
and Wilcox of
years a;o, as ,
affairs. This was carried with a hur- .
Hut the depression under which our agricultural "
McKemv sat together in the legislature your breath and regulate your falling
interests now suffer has made the #..
in 1 >">0. Thai s arty years tago. present system of taxation bear too heavilyon rah.It was then announced that tne only bowels with Dewitt's Little Early Risers.

Amon; Schuylkill's deegates! : I noticed them and we therefore pledge ourselvesto remaining business was the election of a Sold by Dixon & Grey.A -

ex-Co'vreaman C. X. Brumm and City lighten that burden and as far as possibleto chairman of the state committee. W.
Soiic t i- L. L. Euwurds Pottsville, equalize taxation. To that end we recom-
disordered condition of the
H. stomach
Andrews, of Crawford, the present H
and a..otIst' mend that the surplus revenue derived from
roidhandatpoJtieRkubtn13arto. chairman nominated General' D. H. or malaria in the system will produce sick
All these men I have mentioned state taxation be used to lessen the taxationnow 9'I I
old hands ." laid upon real estate for local purposesby Hastings for the place. W. R. Leeds headache, you can remove this trouble bv .
ore in politicsKotwitastuudmg applying. it,so far as It will in legislative asked if Mr. Andrews had been authori taking Dr.> J. II. McLean's Little Liver
tne number of old wisdom avail, to the increase of the appro- zed to make the nomination. Mr. An- and Kidney Pellets. 25 cents per vial. 25. HIRES' IUi'HOfai

timers, it was distinctively a youngman's priation for the support of the common drews replied in the affirmative, and ROO Bi R !
convention, there being more schools and to making appropriation for the General Hastings was chosen withoutan Mrs. Leander Wright informs us that
novices in attendance than at any pre- care of the indigent insane, for the expensesof opposing vote. she was cured of Chronic Constipation by IILB110. lid DulUNC OUST lUUMlHii WUfI.\oX
vious convention. the and of
jury holding the ,
state system general
A taken Dewitt's Little
recess was to allow time for Early Risers. Sold by
The 'ouieutlon In Session.It elections.If thereby there should be necessity fQr the candidates to be notified. Presently Dixon & Grey.Frequently .
enlarging -
was about half an hour late when our surplus revenue we favor a Just the committee of nomination appeared ROO T BEER.S'be

Chairman Andrews called the conven- and equitable increase In the taxation of escorting Mr. Delamater, who was vo- accidents occur in the house- .

tion to order. George S. Graham, of property of corporations.We ciferously applauded. He made a hold which cause bums, cuts, sprains and most APPT5TIZTNO and WHOLESOME

Plii i Je.paiii, w.:s ejected temporary recommend that the local system of speech thanking the convention and accepting bruises; for use in such cases Dr. J. H. TEMPERANCE DRINK In the world.
chLr::::m. and his speech of acceptance taxation be so reformed as to permit the taxation :- the nomination. There were McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment has for Delicious and Sparkling. TRT IT.

was well rece.ved. His allusion to "the of money capital for local purposes to cries tor the other nominees and for many years been the constant favorite Ask :Tour Druggist or Grocer for It.
such an extent as to enable the local authori-
distinguished political leader who has Montooth, but no one appeared in re family remedy.
C. E.
ties to reduce the rate of taxation upon real HIRES. PHILADELPHIA
stood in the uudt of a storm of mis-
estate to an equitable basis.
siles hurled by hatred and malice," was We require of the general assembly vigi- sponse.Gen.. Hastings Declines. Dewitt.s Little Early Risers are a little XOTICE.

received with an outburst of tumultuous lance in making appropriation of the public Maj.:McCauley, of West Chester, here pill that do not gripe or cause pain. Small,
applause. It meant Quay; and money, and of our charitable Institutions receiving entered the hall and said that there easy to take, safe. Sold by Dixon & Grey. All concerned will take notice that, six

Quay's mends were as the sands in the state aid the strictest economy in the seemed to be a misunderstanding about months after date, I will present my final

expenditures.: the election of Gen. Hastings. He had Unsuspected disorders of the kidneys areresponsible account to Honorable :Minor S. Jones,
sea.A was taken after the follow- 1 he phenomenal Increase of our population for of the of Brevard Florida
recess just been authorized by Gen. Hastingsto many ordinary ail- County Judge county, ,
and of our commerce. foreign and domestic
ing temporary officers were announced: with the decrease in the circulation of our say that the latter would not under ments of humanity which; neglected, develop and pray for an order dismissing me from

Secretary, Frank Willing Leach; assistant national banks, renders it imperatively essential any circumstances accept the chairmanship into a serious and, perhaps, fatal the farther execution on the estate of John

secretaries, John W. Morrison, to the general good in our Judgment of the state committee. malady. Experience would suggest the E. Moore, late of said county, deceased.S. .

Charles F. Ettla, Seymour:L. Rau. that there shall be a speedy and substantial Mr. Uelamater consulted with Chairman use of Dr. J. II. McLean's Liver and Kid H. RAY, Administrator.

On reconvening Walter Lyon was Increase in the currency of the country. Un- Lyon, who. said: *;! am informed ney Balm. Titusville, Jan. 6, 1890. 33-6mo.
made permanent chairman and the tem-






f, .

,colleges, private schools kindergartens preac er. Mrs. Lydia Sexton, who was line between townships 25 and 26" running l
ac J libraries, the cost to the taxpayers ordained in 1851 in the United Brethren east to the west bank of Indian THE MUSIC HOUSE OF FLORIDA.A. .

for the public schools alone being over denomination and who was probablythe river thence southward on the west

j1! 53.000,000. first woman ordained as a ministerin bank of Indian river three miles to the .. B. CAMPBELL

QUEER AND the United States. Mrs. Sexton is section line dividing: sections IS and 19,
still and almost thence Jacksonville Florida. }
vigorous, preaches every east on said section line and ,

sea eagle, captured in 1713, and already evening.At continuation east to tile.Atlantic ocean,
MEN YOU HEAR OF. several years of age, died 104 a recent sale of Rosa Bonheur's thence south along the Atlantic oceanto Knabe Pianos, Weber Pianos, Haines
;afterward in 1819. years pictures when one of her best workswas the township line between townships Bros.: Pianos, Morris Pianos Wilcox &
Dr. Knots the German physician who I 27 and 28 thence said
set for vendue somebody arose westerly on town- White Organs and Chicago Cottage Organs.
discovered antipyrine is said to have Knauer,"in his work entitled atur. I' in the crowd up and cried out: "That pic- ship line to the west line of Brevard, I will sell and Delive1 at your '
made moro than a million dollars from states that he has seen a thence north on said county line to nearest station High Grade
ture is not by Rosa Bonheur! The auc- :
the sales of the drug to sufferers from theI I that was 163 years old. I place of commencement.
tioneer resented the interruption. "No I
-grippe. Canary birds reach an age of from 12 cried the stranger "I shall not see the Xo. Melbourne.. Voting place, C. Pianos !

Congressman Springer, of Illinois is to 15 years in the cage, but those flying {!I imposition practiced upon the public;the J. Hector's grain house and the office inHector's

wiry of frame and has a pointed graybeard at liberty in their native islands reach a painting is a forgery. I am Rosa Bon- hotel ; bounded to wit: beginning .
and a stentorian voice. He is M much more advanced age. i heur, and I surely know my own work." on a line between Brevard :and -oROrgans"-
years old. He is seldom without a red I Osceola counties where the line between
rose in his buttonhole. THE GENTLER SEX. townships 27 and 23 intersects said
ed-I DOINGS OF ROYALTY. county line, thence east on said line to
It is understood that Jay Gould turns Ida M. Curraa has assumed entire the Atlantic ocean, thence south to a I For less
in his left toe when he walks a characteristic itorial charge of The Woburn City Press "William the Restless" is the kaiser'snew point directly east of the mouth of the United money States.than any I other housein
which observers have title and his last reform is in naval I will ship a Piano -
Lake Champlain has woman pilot in Turkey Creek, thence west to the mouth or Organ to honest
declared to be inseparable from the possession the person of :Mrs. Lewis Daniels,of Ver- uniforms. of Turkey Creek ana alone the north on trial, and any if not satisfactory man or woman I

of great financial ability. gennes Vt I The Prince of Wales receives an in- bank of said creek to its head or source, will) pay freight both ways. $25 cash, '

John Jacob Astor owned 2.00 high Lotta is said to be by all odds the rich- come from the Duchy of Cornwall thence directly west to the line between and $10 a month on a Piano, and $10

class dwelling houses rented at an average est actress in America. Her fortune iseakimated I amounting to more than $300,000 a year. Brevard and Osceola counties, thence cash and $3 a month on an organ until

of 2,000 a year each. He owned at$1,000,000,$tOOOOO of which Princess Marguerite de Chartres whois north to place of beginning. paid for-not much more than ordinaryrent.

besides tenement houses in untold number is in government bonds. to marry the Duke of Orleans, is said Xo. Malabar. Voting places, G.W On these very liberal terms anyone -

and no end of real estate devoted to Miss Belie Smith I to be a particularly accomplished cook. Schuyler's store adjoining the post- can own an instrument. Send for
business uses. office and a ware house ; bounded as Free Catalogue containing full informa-
resident physician at the woman's Empress Frederick of Germany has received -
prison I follows: beginning at a point directly tion. Sheet music, Strings Violins Ban
Henri Rochefort still refuses to take in Sherborn Mass., is but 23 old. valuable jeweled locket bearingthe j
years west of the head or source of Turkey jos, Guitars, Accordeons, and in fact
paoms:; in London except from week to She has been practicing medicine for two I Montijo arms and containing a lock creek on the line between Brevard and every Musical Instrument that ismade,

week, and will not learn the English years. I of hair from ex-Empress Eugenie of Ost"Bola counties, thence running east and at very low prices. Send for, com-,

language. He receives very few callers, Emma Abbott owes her start in life to France. to the head of said Turkey creek thence plete catalo es. I have 20,000 piecesof a

and passes his evenings playing dominoes Mme. Patti. The diva said she was so entranced Another mot of Prince Bismarck is along the south bank of said creek to Choice Music at 10 cents per copy.

with a friend. with a lullaby the little stranger I repeated in a private letter from Ham- its mouth, thence directly east to the A. B. '

Lord Mayor Isaacs of London England sang that she threw her arms about her, burg. During the torchlight processionin Atlantic ocean, thence south to the line CAMPBELL,

recently devoted the upper chamber told her to get ready to go to Italy, and I his honor some one said to the ex- dividing: townships 29 and 3i). thence .Jacksonville.

of his historic residence,the Mansion paid f her first years instruction.Kate chancellor: "The last days in Berlin west to county line between Brevardand

louse to the only :Masonic ceremonyever Field is a match for the autograph I must have tired you very much; but it Osceola counties, thence north to HERE I AM AGAIN !
the of beginning.
performed in that building. The fiend. First she asks: "Are you a was beautiful." "Yes," said Bismarck, place

lord mayor has been a Freemason for subscriber for my paper?" If not, she 'I "it was very beautiful; a first class fu- Xn. Sebastian or Barker's Bluff.
neral." Voting places, sitting: room on south
thirty years. writes in the album: "The subscription
I side of S. Kitchinz's and dining
James Russell Lowell's home in Cam- price of Kate Field's Washington is only store J. WI ROGERS
room feet west of 81i.lstore: boundedas
bridge is one of the historic mansions ofXev $5 a year. Yours truly, Kate Field." I follows the Atlantic ,
: start on ocean
Present Address Unknown.
England. It is a large square Mrs. Polk. Mrs. Garfield and Mrs. I beach on township line dividing townships Before an intelligent, appreciative and
Visitor Can I Mr. ?
roomy old house on tho banks of the Grant draw special pensions from the see Coupon 29 and oO to the east line of Osceola discriminating public, presents himself
Charles, painted yellow and was built American government of $5,000 each. I Clerk-I think not, sir.VisitorIsn't county, ,thence south on said county and makes his bow, announcing that he t

over one hundred years ago in the colonial They are also entitled to the franking he in? I line to township line between townships is a candidate for their favors good ..
Clerk No sir. wishes and cash.
style of architecture. privilege, a perquisite that has been 31 and 32, thence east to the Atlantic -
Yisitor-Out of ?
Seats for Mr. Jefferson's recent performance handed down Washington's day. I Clerk-I think so town, sir. ocean. thence north to place of begin- As blood is thicker than water, so wcash Fa

at Atlanta Ga., were sold at Mme. Carnot, wife of the president of Visitor-Can tell me where :Mr. nin!:. bettr than credit. He propose to
auction without his knowledge or con- France, is described as being one of the is? you No. !9-St. Lucie. Voting places, at get out of the old ruts and Sell hip r

sent. When he learned it he said that most graceful figures in Parisian society. Coupon Clerk:;o.sir I cannot. He died last Fort Pierce. Florida Canning Company'store Goods at Rock Bottom Prices for bard

he did not feel honorably entitled to the Her toilets are models the dressmaker'sart Munsey's Weekly. and a building: west of the store ; Cash. .
premium money, and he thereupon gave her manners are unassuming and bounded, viz: commence on the Atlantic He handles a first-class line ofClothing
it-some $600-to various local charities. her appearance is most prepossessing.Mrs. A Pertinent Cemark. ocean coast on the township line dividing -
: townships 33 and 34, thence west to
Alma Tadema is said to be in a constant Ednah D. Cheney the biographerof the range line dividing: ranges 35 and 36,
state of painting Mary Anderson in Miss Alcott, has written a sequel to hence south to the township line dividing ,

every possible pose of each of her impersonations Ibsen's "Doll's House;" she calls her book townships 35 and :36, thence east: to Both Ready-made and to Order. #

as well as in her own proper "Nora's Return" gives her heroine a the Atlantic coast, thence north to the .
person, and is never so happy as when career and presents, it is said, a moral point of beginning. His .

designing a new gown or planning a new lesson with reference to the ennobling Xo. 11* -Eden. Voting places in the Gents' Furnishing Department
stage setting at the request of the fair and advancement of women. tr store and the boat house of T. E. Richards -
actress. Mrs. John G. Curtis, of New York, hasa ; bounded on the north by the IiI Complete. Nobby, Hats from

The late Duc de Iontpensier was noted most remarkable orchestra made up of township line dividing townships 35 and first-class hands, and Shoes to suit the

for his close fistedness. It is said that a men, women and children from poor ,1 t 34 0, on the east by the Atlantic ocean, most fastidious. Trunks Valises and '

blind beggar in Paris having a centime families. She has had them instructed on the south by the county line dividing Hand Satchels, too low to quote.

thrown into his hat by a passer by ex- by a good teacher and now they play Brevard and Dade counties, on the For fine Cigars and Tobaccos he cannot -
claimed: "Merci, monstigneur!" "Vhy for public charity entertainments. The west by range: line dividing: ranges 37 be excelled in the countv.I v

do you say monseigneur?" inquired an practicing is done in Mrs. Curtis drawing and 38. earnestly ask an inspection of my

observer of the scene. "Oh the gentleman rooms. Xo. 11-Fort Drum. Voting places at Goods before buying elsewhere.J. .
Henry Parker's place; bounded as follows -
who gave me that must have been
commencing the line
the Duc de Montpensier," replied the : on ranee
beggar. Bismarck doesn't care to see his own Mr. Prondftot-\\ bo's yo' a stann it dividing: ranges 37 and 3S; at tie linelividing GEO. E. CHASE. A. O. CHAPPELL.
Roobles? Brevard and Dade counties
Mr. Gladstone in acknowledging the image in marble or bronze. He says he have been north said line GEO. E. CHASE & CO.
whose to township
doesn't ]know what kind of expression to Gabe ( *>n>pieions run on range ,
receipt of a copy of "The Life of Harriet himself the aroused)-I s'pose a cat can look at a line dividing townships 31 and 32, then
when he finds "by
Beecher Stowe," wrote: "I think it a assume fossilized self. king, cain't he?-Judge. turn and run west to the east line of SHIP CHANDLERY
great honor to have been selected as one side of his O?>ceola county thence south on said ,

of those to receive from the author copiesof The emperor of China, Kooang Hsu A Monster. county line to the north line of Dade HARDWARE

the life of Mrs. Beecher Stowe. Mrs. is living in constant dread of assassina- Smart-What do you think, Wooden, Bounty, thence east on Dade county ,

Stowe has grown old amid the admira- tion. Every morsel of food and drop of of a man that will beat a woman nearlya line to place of beginning. Patent Logs fire Rope Btalnt! c

tion of her country and of the world,and Ii liquid intended for him has to be tasted wee! ? Xo 12: -Narrows. Voting places at ,

has been blessed with a period of peacein by one of his luckless attendants.The Wooden-Why, it's horrible, simply Bears place on John J. LaRoche Island FISHING GEAR, SPRUCE LADDERS.

which to look 'before and after." king of Bavaria, though in good horrible! Who has done it? in two houses belonging: to said Agent for Devoe & CVs Paints, Tule

health physically says a correspondent, Smart-George Francis Train. He has Beals: bounded as follows: commenceon Life Preservers, Tent & Awning Co.,

CRISP CONDENSATIONS. is so unbalanced mentally that he had beaten Nellie Blyover six days.BostonTimes. the Atlantic ocean coast on the Patent Anchors. .

not the slightest idea of what all the stir township line dividing townships and BOAT GEAR OF ALL KINDS.
Norway has more kinds of coins in circulation was about in Munich recently when his 32, run west on said line to the range Correspondence Solicited. Telephone

than any other European coun- 49th birthday was publicly celebrated.The line between ramies 37 and 38, thence 2GG.
COUNTY COMMISSIONERS' MEETING. south by township line dividing town-
empress of Austria has a knowledge /Yos. 55 $ 90, E. Bay St.
in London ships :33 and 34, thence east to the ,
three vegetarian restaurants of modern languages that woulddo At the adjourned meeting of the Atlantic coast, thence north to place ofbednnin JACKSONVILLE, FLA.
the dinners daily served up average credit to a college professor. Her Board of County Commissioners held ::. :"O-lyr. r

1,550. latest acquisition in the linguistic line is ordered that Precinctsin
June IGth, it was X o. Georgiana.. Voting places,
A paper has been started in Melbourne modern Greek which she has learned by Brevard County shall in the futurebe room in the rear of F. C. Allen's store, FOR SALE l
called The Policeman. It is to be edited spending a few months every year at known by the following boundariesand and ware house on the wharf; boundedas ,

by a policeman. Corfu. numbers: follows: commencing on the eastside THE ELEGANT .

Alaska cost only $7.000,000, and the Emperor William find time for play- Xo. LaGranse.. Voting places, of Indian river on township line RESIDENCE AND GROVE
revenue to the national treasury is ex- ing the works of his favorites, Wagnerand Gardedr's rear store room and the dining dividing townships 24 and 25; thencerun

pected to amount to$3.000.000 a year for Schubert, upon the symphonion, a room in Harvey's old hotel; boundedas east to the Atlantic ocean, thence OF L. E. BARNES,
the next twenty years. new piano-harmonium given him by the follows : on the north by the county south to section line dividing sections ROCK LEDGE
Record empress as a birthday present. Whenhe line between the counties of olusia 14 to 23 in townships 26 south of range FLA.,
The English Congressional the is annoyed by any business he retiresto and Brevard, on the east by Indian 37 east, thence west on said section line Containing Seven and One-Third
after .
(Hansard) will hereafter put his music room and after a time comes river, on the south by township line and continuation to the east bank of Acres of Land fronting Indian River.
report of each speech the time that was forth serene. between townships 21 and _'2, on the Indian river, thence north meanderingthe Large, Roomy RESIDENCE elegantly -
occupied in its delivery.In west by St. Johns river. east shore of Indian river to placeof :Finished. Also a Three.IoonnrCOTTAGE

China the man who lives nearest THE GENTLER SEX. No. 2-Titusville.. Voting places, in beginning. and Outbuildings. One of

the scene of a murder is accused of the Mi Hettie Green, of Brooklyn, has the Court house and a building to be Xo. 14-Merritts. Voting places T. the most desirable places Rock Ledge
crime, and he must prove his innocence 100 churches and established erected in the Court house yard; bounded H. Sanders' packing house and bath hammock.For .
.or else stand the punishment.The endowed over as follows: on the north by the house; boundary: all of 3Ierritts Island price, terms, etc., apply to.
Highland train from Perth to.the fifty township line dividing townships 21 and north of township line dividing Albert A. Taylor, Cocoa, Fla.
north while crossing the Grampians has Ellen Isabella Tupper,daughter of Martin 22, on the east by Indian river, on the townships 24 and 2.).

on more than one occasion been broughtto F. Tupper, has been put on the civil south by south line of Delespine Grant, Xo. Canaveral.. (Order Xo. 11 A. L. Hatch & Son,

a standstill by the force of the wind. list by the English government for a pen- on the west by St. Johns river. of last meeting, June 3rd. 1890. was DEALERS IX i

is one- sion of $373 a year. No. 3-City Point. Voting places, a corrected to read as follows:) Begin
The earth's moon
of the
mass of the earth. The daughter of Maj. Serpa Pinto, the room in Hatch's store and a building on I on the Atlantic /eean coast on the DRY GOODS NOTIONS
eightieth part of the mass has so Portuguese:>> bete noire, recently bought a the north of said store; boundaries as; township line between townships 21 and ,
The satellite of no other planet box of pins in a shop at Lisbon. When follows : on the north by the south line 22. thence run west to the Indian river,
great a mass in comparison with its pri- she opened the box she discovered that of Delespine Grant, on the east by Indian thence south to the township line be- Hardware, Crockery, Saddlery,

mary. they were English. She returned themat river, on the south, beginning on tween townships 22 and 23, thence on Stationery, Family Medi-
The following curious advertisement once to the shopkeeper.Mrs. Indian rivet on the half mile section said line east to Banana river, thence cines, Garden SetJs, J

appeared not long ago in a newspaper in Donovan, who has given I line in section 23 township 24 south oj f again south on said river to township CHOICE GROCERIES
Paris: "A lady having a pet dog whose university: and I range 3G east running west to the St line between townships 24 and 25, thence ,
hair is of a rich mahogany color desires, $100,000 to Johns other Hopkins public bequests Johns river, on the west by St. John eat to the Atlantic ocean coast, thence Hay Corn Japes Fertilizers.
wanT' important
lo footman with whiskers to I made river. north to the place of beginning. Said
engage a Gen. R-
such an admirer of CITY POINT FLORIDA.
was precinct shall be known as Xo. 15. Voting
match. places
death she No. Rockledjie. ,
the time of his
E. Lee that at places at Burnham's house and at
has been Public hall and a detached building orsame
An English traveling harpist the point of giving
was just on Henry Wilson's.
discovered the railroads by carrying premises; bounded on the north
cheating ]!!
100000. ; Xo. 16 HauloverA'oting place &S.L'iLgle&Co.JACKSONVILLE
his little done in the green commencing on the west bank of India .
girl He up had traveled so)I Mme. de 3Ien onca. wife of a Brazilian river on the half mile section line ir I house of J. D. Vann on north side oi f .
all about with his harp.and has paid no fare member of the Pan-American delegation section 28 township 24 south of range 3<; canal and S. J. Fox's building about FLA.Crockery '
England talks politics, as well as weatherin east and run west on said line and continuation :20 steps distant; bounded on the port GlasSlL'aref
'i' for the child. the best of English. She is pro to St. Johns river, on the eas I by the south line of Volosia county, on t

A new departure in museums ts.; announced -. nouncwl by strangers "a perfect type oSpanish by Indian river, on the south by town- the cast by the Atlantic ocean, on the SouseFurnishingLamps .
'f from Florence, where a 'psybological beauty." Both her beauty anther ship line dividing townships 25 and 26,, south by township line dividing townships

museum," for the collectioIJI English are indigenous however of: on the west by St Johns river. 21 and :22, on the west by India; Oil, $ Vapor Stoves .

r and display of "all documents serving tc she was born in Maine, of generations No. 5-Eau G 111ie. Voting placesat !, river. Gate City Stone Filters. .'
frustrate human passions," has been established Yankee ancestors. Olmstead's store and at Hodgson':s I certify the above to be a true copy- '
by ministerial decree. f follows commencin r A. A. STEWART, Clerk. We solicit tbe patronage to
McDiarmid, president o store bounded as :
I Clara ;
.. Mrs. by J. P. Blake, deputy clerk our neighbours ofthe
a There are in the Japanese empire 24, the Arkansas Equal Suffrage association, on the county line dividing thecountieof
SW 48 ordinarj and Osceola the townshi Titu>ville, Fla., June 16th, 1S90.) EAST COAST.
I : elementary 43 normal, is a granddaughter of the vcnerabl e i Brevard on p]

*T .middle- ana 11 official schools. besidei i
if Cs



THE FLORIDA STAR. surf, bathing, while the others who could THAT TRIP TO CANAVERAL OUR WASHINGTON LETTER.From throws a ball weighing 500 pounds. The

in this powder employed at the test has proven
not participate delightful pleasure
Never did leave Titus our Regular Correspondent.]
a jollier crew successful after
spent the time walking on the beach, and WASHINGTON, D. C., June 27, '90. and was of
ville on a more pleasant voyage the kind known
B. WAGER Editor and gathering shells, sea-grass etc., or sitting the the as brown prismatic.It .
ELLIS have a better time all around than After the long dispute between is manufactured in Delaware and has
under umbrellas and enjoying the ocean
party that left here on the morning of House and Senate regarding the final been found
S1.5O per Annum. breeze. superior to the best gun
the 24th (before six o'clock) for( anaveralon disposition of the pension problem an powder imported from
Germany.The .
At 4:30 o'clock the steamer started on
Entered at the Pod Office at Titusville as board the "Mutual.:' The only regret end has teen reached. Innumerablebills I

Second-Class Matter. her return bringing a somewhat tired we felt in leaving Titusville, was, that on the subject have been introducedin J., & L. W., railroad i is putting up .,
and much sun-burned but
pretty ap- we had been unable to prevail on "the both Houses. The original measureof a wire from Jupiter to Juno and owing !
The Star has the Largest circulation parently well satisfied crowd. The
of any paper on the East coast of Fla.A steamer reached Titusville a few minutes Doctor" to accompany us, but as we only the Senate was a dependent pension to the scarcity and price of telegraph I
had one invalid along and the balance of bill of the same character as that vetoed operators they will probably put in telephones
12 o'clock and glad in-
before we were
SQUAREu one Inch In space; 18 squares the party were kept busy most of the by President Cleveland. The House insisted at these two offices. E

make For advertising a column. rates enquire of the Editor deed when we arrived, notwithstandingwe'd time feeding him, we had no time for upon the introduction of a service Ei i
enclosing two cent stamp. had such a pleasant day, and were Editor Florida Star
always vain regrets. pension by granting a pension of S per :
not at all went but we were,
-- sorry we ; We reached DeSoto in good time where month to every soldier of 60 years of I notice the question asked in your '

OHIPLE}-aALL. oh, so sleepy! a steed and carriage was already in age and hereafter when he got that old. issue of the 25th ult. by "Voter" as to

IN regard to the Chipley-Call controversy COCOA. waiting to carry us to the beach. Therewas The Senate washostile to this idea and whether or not those voting the Prohibi-

held at Arcadia Tuesday we believe the first hitch, (no reference to the forced the House to drop it, but in turnit tion ticket at the last election would le

that the special to the Savannah -Mr. 0. K. Wood spent Sunday in Ti- horse but to one of the party who said has been compelled to make a greater allowed to take part in the coming

News rives the most unbiased brief report tusville.Mr. "she liked that" and thought she wouldbe concession.A Democratic primaries. lie should have

yet published, hence we reprint it as of Jacksonville willing to keep her money there) but conference committee of both houses asked Republicans as well. And I also
Hillary, was a
follows: the distant roar of the grand old ocean have made an agreement bill which has I notice your suggestion that they be allowed -
of the Delmonico over Sunday.The
guest I
About the most exciting and interesting and the exultant hum of the festive already been ratified by the Senate and to do so provided they pledge
of residence of Mr. O. K. Wood has
debate in the political history 'skeeter finally prevailed and a short will unquestionably be the law on that themselves to vote for the Democratic

Florida took place at Arcadia to-day in been much improved by a fresh coat of rive I of two miles brought us to the subject, which, briefly stated is as follows: nominees. Now Sir, I do not believe

the presence of about 400 citizens of De- paint. beach. All soldiers who have served as long as there is a Prohibitionist in our county

Soto county. The event was a meeting Several of the young people of our "The tide was out, the beach was hard, three months, honorably discharged, and who is going to make any such pledge

between Col. W. 1) Chipley and United town will spend the Fourth at Titus- That ride was fine I'll pawn my word- who are now or may hereafter be suffering nor do I believe there is one who will
States Senator Wilkinson Call, in which ville. Whoa!I"We from any mental or physical disa. attempt to take part in the primaries of

the former reviewed the record of the Miss Minnie Hardee, who has been were soon at the Light-housr-and bility of a permanent character, not the either of the two old parties, one o!

latter during his eleven years' service in quite ill for a few days, is now much hen you can just remember that "school result of their own vicious habits, which which they were members of before the

the Senate. The sentiment in the county better. did'nt keep any more," while we stayed. incapacitates them from the performanceof campaign two years ago. They cannot

had been strongly in favor of Senator Messrs. F. Newberger and Mr. D. That prince of good fellows, Jim Knight, manual labor so as to render them do it in justice to themselves, but if

Call, and the meeting to-day was the Abrams, commercial travellers, from ably assisted by his two Lieutenants, unable to earn a support, are to receive there are any of this number, who feel

result of a request by the county demo- Savannah, were in Cocoa, Tuesday. Mr. Sturk and John Abbot, just took pensions of from $6 to 12 per month, they have done wrong, they will stay

cratic committee. The meeting was pre- of and it is needless to from both the and
Mr. R. N. Andrews, editor of the charge us, say the amount depending upon the soldier'8.inability away Republican
sided over by lion. J. W. Whidden, ex- that the "invalid" Democratic have
even enjoyed every to earn a support. primaries, nothing to
Public Spirit has to Jacksonville to
the gone
state senator from this district, and minute of the time from then for he do with their but will
attend the meeting of the Florida Press on, One section of the bill relates to the shaping policy,
audience was very attentive and orderly. Association. seems to have succeeded in getting up a process of procuring pensions and an at- brine; forth fruit meet for repentance by

CHIPLEY'S CHARGES. generous rivalry between Mrs. Knightand tempt is made to facilitate it in respectto stepping bravely up to the polls next
Col. Chipley preferred his charges in a The Ladies' Sewing Society met at the Mrs. Abbot as to which would feed dependent parents. Hereafter the November and casting their vote for the
residence of :Mrs. '\T. E. Booth l Wednes
speech lasting one hour. He arraigned him the best-and we all fared likewise. evidence they will be obliged to furnish nominees of their first love. This will
Senator Call for incompetency, being a day. The ladies had ice cream for sale. the last minute of them within line
After staying to will be the soldier's death and their own place squarely party
land grabber and boodler; a demagogue, Several friends of the society were pre- our limited time we left with many re dependence upon manual labor for sup- and nothing short of this can ever give

and having demanded and received mon- sent.The grets-and in leaving we were somewhat port, and the fact that the soldier by them a voice in either the Republican or
ey for making a speech in a political store formerly occupied by Julius like the Irishman's pig for it only took reason of existing .laws could not have Democratic primaries.

4 campaign during reconstruction gays, King: has been painted, and Dickson one horse and carriage to take us there, I secured a pension for himself does not ANOTHER VOTER. I

duplicity in connection with the famous Bros. are putting in a stock of general and it required an additional mule andwagon interfere any longer with the parents.Soldier's I
Norfolk bank transactions, etc. There merchandise. This will be branch ot
to pull us away, though may widows, regardless of the causeor
were fifty-six charges altogether, each of their store at Rockledge. have been because our "invalid" had time of the soldier's death, who depend TITUSVILLE PRESBYTERIAN SUNDAY II
which was backed up by. documentary The annual Sunday School excursioncame mended so. upon daily labor for support, are to receive I

evidence as to its truthfulness, Senator off last Thursday. The steamer St. So many pleasant incidents occurred $8 per month. If he has left minor Secretary Quarterly Report for Second

Call made a general denial of"the charges, Augustine, which was chartered for the on the trip that no one can be singledout. children they are to receive 82 per month Quarter, 1890. J s

and made counter Charges; against Col.Chipley occasion, was well crowded. The land- I can only say, if you want to havea until they reach the age of 16, and indefinitely Class Per Cent. I

all of. which were refuted by ing at Cocoa was made at nine a. m. The good time, just go to Canaveral. afterwards if they be mentally No. Teachers. Attendance
'latter'bad in his
documents which the Sunday School and friends of the same, MUTE. or physically disabled.Of 1 W. E. Dale,.......................100 :.

posession. Senator Call posed as the after a slight delay, soon were aboard. course it will the 2 Mrs. Anderson,...................100
"friend of the people," who was ,trying cost governmenta 3 Gladwin,.....................91I .
The steamer made its usual LAKE WORTH- ,
of the of landingsand great amount to fulfill the requirementsof 4 Foy,........................... $3\\
the homes people
to save poor reached East Melbourne about 2:30 the bill. The amounts estimated are 5 Dixon........ ............... 9lj
Warm and breezy but too dry now.
Florida from railroads and land grabbers, o'clock.lelbourne and other schools as various as there are people interested G Rumph,.......................100

alleging that Col. Chipley was the worst from further down the river, were already C. V. Barton left for :New York on in the subject, but the bill will probably Average]{o. Aver. Per Ct /.
thatthe state of Florida had, and the 21st. Class. .1 Allen.
enemy assembled on the picnic grounds to I 1/1 tlen.
place on the pension rolls 90 cent of
charging him in connection with"S. I. finished work the I per 1 W. E. Dale...... C 6 100 f
welcome Before dinner the C. C. Haight on
us. reports the old soldiers who have heretofore been
2 Mrs. Anderson,.. G 5j 94J
in deal
Wales with being implicated a to of the President and Secretary of the court house and is now busy at C. S. neglected.It 3' Gladwin... 7 GJ 90$

rob the state .(\f several million acres Association were listened to ; also a few Cragin's place. is generally understood and reportedthat 4 Foy......... G 5} &4| I

of public l land that properly belonged to speeches from different Superintendents, Mr. R. McCormick, wife and son, the Republican Congressional Campaign 5 Dixon...... 8 7\\ 97 I
6 .....32 91
the people. <# Humph, 29J
in which brevity proved to be the soul and wife left
Will, and G. W. Reynolds Committee, so far as their own -

of wit. The tables were crowded with for the north on the 17th. affairs are concerned, are not troubled in 65 59] 91

THE.SUNDAY MELBOURNE SCHOOL BEACH.EXCURSION TO good things to eat, which were heartily There was a good attendance at Sunday providing means to reduce their own No. in school .............................. G5

A partaken of. After dinner a large;:: num- school on the 22nd, and at the short serviceS surplus. It has been proceeding very Average attendance .............._..... 59J

m Thursday, the 2Gth ult., being the day ber of the excursionists walked over to immediately following. modestly of late on funds voluntarily Percentage of attendance, ............._ 91

set aside for the excursion and picnic of the ocean beach. At 4:30 we once more County collector L. D. Hillhouse returned advanced by chairman Belden. It is Roll of Honor, Perfect Attendance cwtfTeachers.

the Indian River Sunday School Associa- crowded the decks of the St. Augustineand from his Georgia trip on the 21st. usual at this time for the Republican .

tion, had been looked forward to for began our homeward journey. Cocoa He left her behind for the present. members to submit to an assessment of '\". E. Dale, Mrs. Anderson and )IN.

some weeks with happy anticipations of was reached about 8:80 p. m. The 100 to maintain the committee in the Rum ph.

a glorious day. The morning dawned day was voted by all a grand success. Pineapples are beginning to become early stages of its action, but they have Class. Scholars.

bright and pleasant, giving; promises of a Dr. W. L. Ilughlett was chosen President quite an item amongst the products of not been eager to respond.A 2 Willie Goldsmith.
and Mr. Geo. N. Hatch Secretaryfor this section and their acreage is rapidly 4 'Villie'alker..
clear day throughout which had been so I committee has been appointed to
4 Lena Gardner.
all the time.
much hoped fur. the coming year. increasing investigate the matter of needless employees 5 Willie Foy. f

Five o'clock a. in., the hour appointed HYPOLUXO.The Lieut. D. A. Allen was down from upon the Senate rolls. The fact 5 Eddie Rum ph.

for the departure of the steamer from Jupiter on the 21st to superintend the has not created any real consternation G Eddie English.

Titusville, found quite a crowd representing weather may be clashed as A 1. picking and shipping of another batch of among those subject to the investigation.It G Ethel Rumph. .

m the schools of.Minis, LaGrangeand The schooner Bessie B. has arrived after pineapples from his west side farm. is the impression that a mid-summer Report rendered Sunday, June 29thr

Titusville in readiness. !, J. & L. W. A. M. Fields of the tail end of the 1890.
Promptly a tedious trip of eight days from Jack- agent investigation, at session

' at the appointed hour the steamer St. sonville. Juno, i is spending a short vacation up in will not bo attended with any serious II. TEAGUE NOR Y'n
Secretary.Notice. .
Augustine started with her precious The southeast trade winds having his old Jersey home, Capt. Glass having result

cargo, bound for East Melbourne, where gained the ascendancy, blow twentyfourhours charge of the station during agent Fields' The President has approved the act

the various Sunday schools of Indian each day. absence.At granting the pension to Mrs. Parnell, .

River were to hold their annual picnic the trial shoot on the 21st, Dr. J. mother of the Irish patriot, of 50 per 7/i Circuit Court for the 1th Judicial Cir-
Your aunt Isaac is busy digging, boat cuit of Florida, in and for h'ret(trd
several the
After stopping at places on month.
H. Brelsford Ross K. Brown Geo.
wherethere ing and carting salt muck so as his county. -..tt. D. 1890.-In Chancery.
route-including all the'places Lanehart Charlie Pierce and Rob. Cook The free coinage men were defeated
tomatusses will grow next winter. JOHN W. CURTIS, )
were Sunday schools,except Court- were elected as the team to compete with Wednesday in the House, which refusedthe vs. f. Bill for divorce.

ney, at which place the steamer couldn't Capt. II. D. Pierce makes three regu- the Jupiter team in the rifle match to Senate silver bill and voted to sus- SUSAN W. CenTIS.Whereas J

m land on account of the shoal water, and lar readings of the thermometer each take place at the picnic on the 4th. tain their own bill in preference. A row it appears by the bill of com
taking on a greater or less number at day and 88 is the highest so far this over federal elections followed in which plainant filed in the above entitled cause
north The Mary B. left for Jacksonville on I. sworn to by the complainant, that the
must to
became summer, so :you go enjoythe
steamer somewhat of
each the the
I mace Sergeant-at-arms was
the 23rd having Messrs. Shields, Finlay, said defendant, Susan W. Curtis, resides
crowded-not uncomfortably so heated term. required to preserve order. without the State: of Florida, and that
Wilfred Porter and Hart aboard as -
however, having spacious decks, but the Mr. Laubach and son are preparingland passengers The Senate was in a bad humor too she is over the age of twenty-one years.
in addition to a cargo of pine- and that the place of the residence of
crowd, when the steamer reached its destined for 40,000 pineapple slips and pro- and got rattled. Mr. Ingalls chargedMr.
apples, etc."onder where Capt. lIen- defendant is unknown, and that said bill
point, numbered about 450 persons. pose to have 50 acres in as soon as possible Call, of Florida, with falsifying the is filed for the purpose of procuring a
drickson will hear she is wrecked and
i We found a beautiful grove at East By and by Hypo will have a boom- go record, who replied well and bitterly, a decree of divorce between the complainant -
to look for her this time?
and defendant. It is, therefore.
Melbourne with tables, &c.,conveniently just now I am giving you a little gaff. and the Senator from Kansas withdrewhis
ordered said defendant
Atlantic when built is to be that the Susan
city, as
arranged for the occasion. One of my neighbors-a very worthy words. W. Curtis, do appear and answer said
After the regular business of the association man in his way-w afflicted with leaky much a summer as a winter resort. This Who cares for expenses! Senator Ed- bill at the Clerk's office, in Titusville.

, the election of officers, etc., din- boat and a Jersey cow. He dont seem to shows the far-sightedness of its projectorsand munds has given notice that he would In Brevard county, Florida, on or before '
the 7th day of October A. D. 1SOO. or
it is safe to that the crowds of
ner was spread and many partook of the mind bailing out his boat once a day to say offer an amendment to the Sundry Civil said bill will be taken against said defendant !
' bountiful.-Speaking of the election of keep her from sinking but kicks (not New York's elite will appreciate our Appropriation bill which will be passedas as confessed. ;
of Cocoa the cow) because he is forced to bail out summer climate to a much greater extent It is further ordered that the notice of I
officers, etc., Dr. Hughlett, was a rider. The purpose is to allow the '
twice to her from this order be for the !
his cow a day prevent than they ever did that of published weekly
re-elected president and Mr. Geo. N. drowning. He evidently does not aspireto Secretary of War $2,500 to bury a few space of three months in the FLORIDA

3'} Hatch, secretary; not being present just shine as a star in the milky-way. northern resort. newspapers and copper coins in the STAR, a newspaper published in Titus

3 at that time ourselves we failed to get Excitement runs high up and down The Fourth of July picnic will be held Washington monument and surprisesome ville. Brevard c6unty, Florida.
In DeLand "1a.9this
Ordered Chambers
the Lake. The coming Fourth of Julv this time at Atlantic city. In additionto at ,
any further particulars. race that may exist after the de- 2nd day of July, A. D. 1S90. ''
1 After dinner all those who could getup rifle-match between Jupiter and Lake the rifle match between Jupiter and struction of the world. JOHN D. BROOME, 'I t
I Worth is the cause, and you can hear Lake Worth teams there will also be a Judge of the Circuit Court, Seventh I
courage and energy sufficient to at- the crack of the little 32 and the boomof Naval officers are greatly elated over
Judicial Circuit of Florida. 'i
tempt a tramp through the sand, a dis- the big 45-90 all along the shore. meeting of the Lake Worth Horticultural the success recently attained with one of I certify that the foregoing Is a true i;

tance of three-quarters of a mile or more, Meanwhile the crafty store-keeper grins Society, in the afternoon, at which the the 10 inch steel breech-loading guns copy of the order of publication made i I'

walked over to the ocean beach to pass and sells cartridges, and just after the general subject of market gardening will built here. It has beaten all previous this case.
battle mother he too will shoot for the Titusville 3rd 1S90. .i
Fla. July ,
the few remaining hours before the departure north pole, Nova Zembla or erstwhile be discussed, to be opened by a paper by, records of guns of that calibre yet.manufactured A. A. STEWART, Clerk. i'.

of the steamer. Those who went Hoboken. Rev. E. Heyser. but everybody then pres- in this country. It requires a "D. L. GAULDEN,

prepared, spent most of the time in the RDTHVEX. ent will be expected to take part. charge of 228 pounds of powder and Solicitor for Complainant. 11-135


""" .- 4"' .. _. d eok. .



1 .
"' ,


later Coolers, Refrigerators & Ice Cream Freezers, Green & Galvanized Wire Cloth, Screen Door & Window! Frames,


Send for Estimates on anything you wish in my line and save money.


TxrrUSVJLLE: : ,. FLORYYa1i,

SILVER BILL BEATEN. oeptlon. l()clieereu ana cnaHed him -

and when he was formally presented FARMERS OUT OF DEBT, BUY THE RIGHT MEDICINE.The .

they sang "He's a Jolly Good Fellow," day of teas decoction infusionsand
THE HOUSE REJECTS THE FREE COIN. following up the song with more cheerstor .) : 1I4E5MEN And their Credit on a Firmer Basis than it such slops has passed and, is being

ACE AMENDMENT.The the explorer, and finishing with "on ; has been Since the War. replaced by fluid extracts. The latest
more for the bride." 'j- !:
doctor of civil law was The conferred degree of ;. -- "'" ; GRIFFIN, Ga.., June 27.-If nothing BO- United States Dispensatory says in thisconnection
upon rious
happens drouth or bad storm- :
House Agree After
an Exciting Mr.
Debate and
upon Protessor. GOod- the farmers in this section w"11 have the "Both decoctions and infusions have now
to Vote Upon It July 2, The 'Great win, oi Harvard university.
YOU HEAR OF. burst crops this year that have been become almost obsolete,and deservedly I so."
Mace Invoked to Restore Order-Senator grown for years-not excepting the fine In view of the above advanced idea and

Call Creates a Sensation. Wedding Trip on Horseback. Mr. Carnegie's hotel for workingmennear crops of last year. The seasons have stubborn facts we beg to call attention to
NEW YORK, June 27.-Mr. John Ger- Pittsburg is"to cost $300,000.W. Uvii very fine, and there is every reason I I the Prickly Ash, Poke root and Potassium
WASHINGTON, June 27.-Mr. Bland's ken and Miss Clara Ridley, youngest to expect that our farmers will get out of Compound which has gained such
motion to concur in the senate amend daughter of the late Edward Ridleythe Waldorf Astor has given the New debt and be on a firmer basis than they and is undoubtedly the a notoriety -
Grani :"Pet merchant, were married York Press club $5.000 for benevolent have been since the war. :Mr. J. H.
ments to the silver bill was defeated in BLOOD PURIFIER
this rnormng by the Rev. Ensign Mc- purposes.Mr. Ringer thinks this year wi',l be one of of the Has cured
the house by a vote of 152 to 135. Chesney, of the Madison Avenue Methodist the best that Georgia has age. more rheumatism,
Gladstone crop years syphilis, scrofula old
wrote a newspaper ar- sores, skin diseases,
The conference report on the diplomatic Episcopal Church.. Monday they known. Being a practical fariiipr, his blood taints
ticle etc. the last fix months
will start their recently on capital and labor for ,
wedding to
trip Lang- opinion is to be appreciated. Mr. J. A. C.
consular >
appropriation bill than all the other
was which he remedies the
hern, travelling the entire distance on got $175.
Logan, another one of Spalding county's
presented and agreed to. horseback and in two market. It is no humbug, no secret, but a
Eiffel and Edison have proposed to best farmers, says that with all the draw-
Mr. Cannon, from the committee on build for the World's fair a tower 500 backs of a mild winter and a late freeze, preparation composed of the fluid extractsof

xules.reported an order providing that the The Hurley Bank Robbery. feet higher than the one in Paris, to be he thinks a larger per cent. of cotton Prickly Sarsaparilla Ash,Poke with Root the,Iodide Queen's of Delightand Potassium

house consider the national election bill ASHLAND,Wis., June 27.-After being lighted by 1.000,000 of Edison's incandescent will be made this season than last, as the added -
with the out one hour the jury in the Hurley stalks are in a more healthy condition ; physicians endorse it as a
beginning of the silver
bill the passage bank robbery trial returned a verdict of lamps. than they were last year, and is satisfied splendid combination. It is a powerful
previous question to be ordered George Bancroft, who was of tonic and builds up the system rapidly.If .
at 2 o'clock guilty against Edward W. Baker, one that Lire apie crop will be Letter than it
2 that
July ; during of the principals.WILL the navy for a year and a half during the has been since the war. you are weak and feeble try one bottle.
the last two days amendments may ba I administration of President Polk, is the Take P. P. I). and gain flesh and strength
offered in the house with debate under It is
the best for malarial
oldest ex-caULDl't officer, both in and A MANLY TRIBUTETo rapidly. remedy
the five minute rule; this rule not to interfere poisons and will chills in in-
I with appropriation bills. date of service now living.
BE SENT OFF FOR TREATMENT. the Women of the South by a Young stance. AS a tonic and regulator for females
Mr. McMillan attacked the bill. Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes was 50 Man of Maooii. who are in a low state of health it has no

charging: that tho.- who proposed it Children nit by a Mad DOR-Pasteur to when he began to grow bald. He tried equal. Try one bottle and be convinced.)
tired of elected the FORSYTH ( June 27. The closing
were being by people ia., -
several for but sim-
Treat Them at Once. cures opelecia, they
and wanted to be electAby the exercises of Monroe Female college was
government.Mr. AUGUSTA, Ga., June 27 The son of ply had the effect of rendering his domeof the commencement address of Mr. JamesH. FOR CORNS,WARTS AND BUNIONS

Blount, of Georgia, said the :Mr. Robert W. Robertson was bitten bya thought all the more opalescent.Earl Blount. Jr., of ilacon. His subject use only Abbott's East Indian Corn Paint.Soticc. .

propositions in the bill were monstrousand dog, a short time ago. It was believed Spencer, considered a possible wa., "The Mi*lUll of the Souih's Young L

degrading. During a controversywith to be a mad dog, but before it was killed successor to Gladstone,does not look his \\ omen." It had been t.uggeted that a .
:Mr. McMillan Mr. Cannon said two dogs were bitten by it. The little of 55 He is tall withan better subject could not have been selected -
that the election law was now in operation boy was carried to the Pasteur institute, age years. a man, lie spoke feelingly of woman in Six months after date hereof I will apply
in New York city. Messrs. in New York, and the two dogs which enormous red mustache and bear/l. her: different phases of usi:fulness-as to lIon. Minor Jones, county judge of

Flower, Beldin and Cummings tried to were In'ttoM. were fastened up to await His face is narrow, but full of stren ]!. sweetheart, wife and mother. It was a .Brevard county, Fla., for final "ettlement

reply and there was much confusion.The developments. No evidence of hydropnuui. In mailing the first half of his manu- grand tat to listen to his allusions to and discharge as administrator of the estate

finally restored order and 11' Airing, the dogs were releaseda script of "Darkest Africa" from Cairo to the part our :southern: women have taken of Henry R. W. McBride, deceased, late of

Mr. Cannon said that this bill only proposed : few uu>H ago. They were turned loosea the Scribners, Stanley wrote: "When it in the moulding of the sout1 '1 destiny, Brevard county, Florida. All persons owe-
to extend a law wh.ch had beenon I little UK boon, for one of them bit a is done not Vanderbilt's wealth would and the audience was held, for a tines, ing the estate are hereby notified to come

the statute book for twenty years. 7-year-old! negro girl yesterday, and the induce me to write the subject at spell-bound. The address was a masterpiece I forward and settle. All holding claims
Almost a Riot. dog was fastened up to see if it was really upon of oratory, and that it was appreciaied against said estate will present them properly -

Mr. O'Neal, of Indiana, said that mad. '.i..us morning it died after foam- any length again. was evidenced by the frequent ] authenticated fqr settlement. t

there had been frauds in Mr. Cannon's ing and bleeding at the mouth, biting Dr. Schliemann is working with a will bursts: of Hl'll me that greeted the young Melbourne] Fla., June 26th, 1800.

district and asked if the bill would prevent the sides of the cage in which it was con- at his task of laying bare all that the orator as he cleat for the sanctity of the .r CIIAS. T. MCIlniDI:.

the buying of votes there. Mr. fined, showing unmistakable signs of ages have left of old Ttoy. He has 250 southern home circle,,and remonstrated '. 'Administrator.Aotice. .
Cannon rejoined denying the charge, hydrophobia. A purse will be made up men at work and he has laid down a against the fast advancing; idea of female ..
the citizens to send the little made him host
8ulT't The address
among negro '
and saying that the gentleman demonstrated small railway, so he is making rapid
I r- ;
girl to New York to be put under the of (friends. '
to the country that he was careless progress to the attainment of his object.Mr. .
in his accusation and his tongue was Pasteur treatment. Circuit Court for Dade ..Coon/y' and

not a slander to any man on or off the Dion Boucicault, strolling about The Entombed Miners. State of Florida.In Chancery.
f Mr. O'Neal to FELL FROM A WINDOW.No the London bookstalls some years ago, DUNBAR Pa.
nor. attempted reply uune i'7.-At 10 o'clock Rufus K. S waU .
'et al
-.jfainst<< the speakers gavel and it was picked up Gerald Griffin's "Collegians," last night the rescuing: party knew exactly -
necessary finally for the sergeant-at- one Saw the Unfortunate Man Fall-A read it, shut himself up with it, and in where they were in their work for \ : 1 18 Bill. 'for Parti. lion.
: John J. Hedjrick and
..mis to bring forward the great mace Policeman Found Him. three days had produced "The Colleen the first time since tile Hill Farm dis- Bernado .
to restore order. ATLANTA,. Ga., June 27.-C. F. Robbitt Dawn," the most famous Irish play ever ter. They are still CO feet from the objective Scqui
The resolution: of the committee of fell from a Fecoud-story window*, at his written, which has earned for its author point in the Lull Farm mine, I Dionesia Sequi his wife Order for
rules was then agreed to. After arranging boarding house, on the corner of Cain aud what i* (supposed to be the easiest and their heirs assigns j Publication.

to meet at 11 o'clock each day and Marietta streets. No one paw him over 100000. approach to the unfortunates. At the I Whereas it appears,by the bill of complaint -
during this discussion the house ad- fall, and it is a mystery. A patrolman, Francis Parkman went recently to his same rate of progress as was made :yesterday filed in the above entitled cause that
journed. in making his rounds, discovered him on summer home at Jamaica Plain for the the entombed men should be I all ofthe defendants therein ire unknown

In tho Senate.In the sidewalk in an insensible condition, season. There he enjoys rowing on the reached by to-uigiit;. and if the Hill and their residences unknown.

the senate Mr. Call attempted to and blood flowing from his nose and ears. large pond near his house, which is the Farm can bd reached without risk of And whereas it appears further that said

epeak in Oltll session on the subject of Physicians were summoned at once, and most available exercise for him,and cul- life the rescue will then be speedy. It bill is filed for the purpqse of effecting a

resolutions heretofore offered by him, after hasty examination concluded that tivating his flower garden. Like his does not now seem possible that any of a partition of the Samuel Miles Grantcon
one autnorizing; the president to open Mr. Robbitt's death was only a matter ofa the entombed men are alive.
brother historian, Mr. Bancroft, he rev- taming sixteen thousand acres, situated in
negotiations with the Spanish government short time. Strange to say no bones said County in'ldwnship :'s and 39 south
els in roses. His health is better than it
for the purpose of inducing that were broken. His injuries are internal.Mr. Germans Object to Our Tariff.BERLIN ,
government to consent to the establishment llob itt has a family in Washington was last year, and he has been able to .Tune 27.-A deputation of'j' and and ranges 41 and 42 east,sometimes known

of a free and independent D. C. He has been in this city over continue his historical work. merchants and manufacturers from I designated" as the "John M. Hanstn
Grant described
republic in the island of Cuba; and the two months, working for the telephone Rhenish, Prussia, waited upon Boron f by metes and bounds as
other in relation to the German ownership company Von Barlhepoch, minister: of commerce, |' jllow: Beginning at a point on the west
bank Indian river for
of a large proportion of the bonded BICYCLING NOTES. and lodged with him a protest against the northeast
debt of Cuba. Mr. Sherman moved that Lightning Dances Around Promiscuously. McKinley tariff bill, which they declared corner( thereof and the southeast comer to

the doors be closed. When the senate TII03IASS ILLS, Ga., June 27.-Quite a Indianapolis has six lady riders and a virtually excluded from the fractional section 12, township 33 south
went into executive session Mr. Call severe storm visited this place about cycling population of about 350. United States: certain German goods. I range 41 east, said point being marked
The the with a light wood j ot 4 feet high and .')
concluded not to make his speech. noon. Thunder, lightning and rain, all deputation requested -
Senator Call's Imaginary Speech.On together, played liavoc. At the depot, The chief of the fire department of ment to move througa the German inches square, marked B. C. I. J. -II. on

June 2 Senator Call made a few lightning struck a Ulegraph: pole a few Brighton. England goes to fires on a ister in Washington in the min-I south side and S. 12. on the north side from

remarks question of privilege in yards from the passenger building. A bicycle. obtaining a modifying of the prohibitive which a pine marked X H bears south 10

to on certain a charges against him large hole was torn in the roof of the Philadelphia has 6,000 bicycle riders provisions of the bill. Baron Von west 284 links and a !nine stump bears
contained in a pamphlet promulgatedby depot, and horses attached to busses wereknocked and four bicycle schools in which ladiesare Berlepoch promised to give the matter 1: north 52, west 167 links distant ; thence

W. D Chipley. The Record of Ju e down by the shock, but, strangeto taught to ride. consideration. |II south 06 west along the north line of thioJsuney
25 contained columns of say, none of the four horses: were hurt. j by mile posts duly marked in said
the speech supposed twenty-eight have been delivered The electricity took possession of the telegraph During 1880 62,473 bicycles entered To End the Strike. survey across the :;t. Lucie river north and

by Mr. Call on June 2. The office, and wrs so severe that the Fairmount park, Philadelphia, an increase CHICAGO, June 27.-There is a pros- j south branches nine miles ((0 a light wood

mast remarkable part of the addition of operators were compelled to vacate the of 16.126 over the number the previous pect that the strike on the Illinois Central post 4 feet high, 4 inches square market

the twenty-seven columns made by Mr. room. The wires in the up-town. tele- year. railroad, Which has paralyzed J. II. on its southeast face for northwest

Call to his original remarks was a tablein graph office were also burned. No one The German I traffic on that road from Chicago to I corner to sajd survey; thence south 2-10
which he made comparison of his was injured, so far as is known.To champion, August Lehr, !' Centralia and along the Wisconsin I east *long the west line to this survey three
work in the senate during the Fiftieth recently broke his arm in a fancy riding branch, will be settled today, when I miles to Hghtwood post marked "H on

ss with that of other senators. be Absent Two Days. exhibition. Lehr went over and won the General Superintendent Sullivan has northeast face and three notches on north

conga Through Mr. Call's statement are CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., June 27.-The English championship last year. promised the strikers to give them the west angle- thence north 66 east along

such suggestive headlines as "False- superintendent of the Electric Light Two young ladies have been dismissed final decision of the company as to south line of this survey nine miles to a

hoods of hired correspondents of land company, A. G. DeWitt, went to Cincinnati from the state normal school at Bridge- whether it shall discharge or uphold II. mastic post 5 feet high 4 in. square markedII

grant agents," "Senator Call's public' ten days ago to be absent two water, Mass., because they refused to official.Superintendent Russell, the obnoxious on north face on west bank of Indian r

services have been for the public good, days but he has not been heard from yet. give up tricycle riding at the commandof I river for southeast corner of said survey

etc. It Is charged that he is much married. the principal i Couldn't Run a Train. j and corner ipf fractional section 19 thence
Many Senators Offended. The brother of the second wife is here to CEXTRALIA, Ills., June 27.-An attempt I north 25est along the meander of the

Many senators were surprised and indignant get his sister's children, but DeWitt has Wheelmen in Bridgeport, Conn., talk was nude last evening to run out !I t west bank of Indian and St. Lucie river,
on reading this matter in The hidden them somew here. DeWitt's fatheris of forming a league to fight the practiceof a train over the Illinois Central. An which forms the eastern boundary of the j

Record, and Mr. Call was hauled over also here, and is at a loss to accountfor using salt water for street sprinkling engine, a flat car and a caboose were I main portion of said purvey, three miles tn i

the coals in the secret session. The his son's disappearance. A prosecu- purposes. It is estimated that last season coupled together, B. C. Young taking I I II first mentioned bounds thereof in form a

subject will be taken up in open sessionat tion for bigamy may take place. every machine in use there was damagedto I the engine while Trainmaster Higgins parallelogram nine miles long and three i

a future date by Senator Ingalls. the extent of $15 by the salt water acted as conductor. The engine had : miles wide, between complainant and the
When the doors were reopened the Mountain Dew Caused Music to be Cut. from the sprinkling carts. scarcely started when a switch was I above mentioned defendants.It .

bill for the admission of Wyoming was CARROLLTON, Ga., June 27.-J. R. Hil- I turned against it by a mob, the pins is therefore ordered that the above
taken up. Mr. Vest opposed the bill on ley and Dun lap Music, got into a difficulty pulled and tne effort was defeated. I, named defendants and all persons claim-
the ground that the population of about six miles from here, and because I ing by, through or under them, do appear

territory did not warrant its admission aliens they had been imbibing too freelyof requires annually 55,000 tons of Kansas Prohibition Knocked Out. : and answer said bill at the Clerk's officein

and because the constitution and contained gave awoman's mountain dew, losing their reason, binder twine to bind the grain crops of TopEKAKaa.June 2':'.United States Juno, Dade county, Florida on the first
the right to hold land Hilley cut Music badly with a knife. A the United States. District Attorney J. Wady has writtenan Monday in September, A. D. 1890, or said

I suffrage clause. physician was sent for, who pronouncedthe opinion ou the validity<< of the Kansas bill will be taken as confessed.It .
I wounds dangerous, but with gentle There are 2,700 courts in the United prohibitory law, which has cast a gloom is further ordered that notice of this

: Iowa Republicans. nursing it is thought Music will recover. States engaged in granting divorces, and over the prohibitionists. He declares order be published weekly for the space of

Sioux CITY,Ia.,June 27.-The Repub- He was cut in the neck. one marriage in every twenty-eight is that the law is absolutely null and void, sixty days in the FLORIDA STAR, a newspaper -
lican state convention called to order thus annulled. made so by the recent decision of the published in Titusville in the ad-

and temporary organization was per- Struck by Lightning. Australian settlers complain that there I supreme court. joining County of Bre.\"ard, there being no
fected yesterday noon. The notable HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 27.-A heavy has been newspaper published in Dade County.
thing in the address of Temporary Chair- rain visited this place, and a Miss Arnold, a great increase in destructive Freight Handlers Strike.ST. Ordered atChambers in DeLand,Florida,

man Weaver was the omission to applaud a young lady who lives in the edge of insects since the English sparrows arrived Louis, June 27.-Without warn- this 27th day of June, A. D. ISM).
President Harrison's name. The town, was struck by lightning and fell and drove out the native birds. ing GOO freight handlers and platformmen JOHN D. EROOMF.

.' convention cheered lilama's name to the to the ground senseless for near fifteen The trade of electrician, one of the in the East St. Louis railroad yards Judge Circuit Court 7th Circuit of Florida.I .

echo. speaker: Reed wts alluded to as minutes. She was clothes very newest, begins to be crowded. In quit work. Not a pound of freight is
-glorious Tom Re. .J' and the reference from a wire clothes-line at the time she Philadelphia there 200 coming to this city. The strikers: de- certify that the foregoing is a true copy
are graduates
was loudly api..hided. The committee was struck. It is thought she will soon institute record : mand an increase of from $1.25 to 1.50 of the order of publication made in this
a polytechnic on as -
had protracted
of resolution recover. per day of ten hours. case.
; rtrucjle with the liquor plank, with the offered to work as electricians for Juno, Dade Co., Fla. June, 1800.
Train Wrecked.BAINBRIDQE
probability that the fight must come to A Freight eighty cents per day. Bismarck Criticises England. ALBERT F. QCIMBY,clerk-circuit court.A. .

the floor. Ga., June 27.-A freight E. Heyser Att'y for complainant.
Naval experts are of the opinion that BERLIN, June 27.-The Cassell Stadt- ,
wrecked at the mile
Oxford. train was Midland twenty-six the limit of efficiency in rapid fire ordnance Anzeiger asserts that on the occasion. of
at the Alabama railway.
1 Stanley Stanley post, on is reached at a four inch caliber. the visit of a deputation of representative BROWN'S IRON BITTERS
: were totally destroyed
LONDON June 27.-Henry Five empty cars ,
and his fiancee, Miss Tennant, attendedthe and Brakemen Bowden and Zimmerman, as above that the ammunition, which residents of Cassell to Prince Bismarck CUres Indigestion,Biliousness,Dyspepela,Malt
exercises at killed. The track spread must necessarily be fixed is too heavy the ex-chancellor said that En- ria,Nervousness,and General Debility. Phjil-
Commemoration day white were
: gland had looked well to her own, interests clans recommend it. All dealer cell it. Genuinehas
undergraduatesgave the wreck. to be handled.
Oxford university. The and caused quickly in the east African affairs. trade mark and crossed red liaes wrapper.
f" Mr. Stanley a most uproanous.re-


A 9 .. ., ._____ n"------- ____- .. ____ _,.__. ._ __ ,_w _.__ ._

H I?

: : : .



hastened to the hotel;;only to SAL 'ATOR WINS AGAIN. NOTICE.In : I C. iiHardware-. :BEOTOR: s

find that the lady had departed for the Circuit ,Court of the 7th Judicial

I matinee performance. To the theatrehe Beating tho Record In the Match cuit of the State of Florida Cir-I I and !'t

went, and, securing admission to the Race with Tenny. county, A. D. 1890. .
stage entrance on "pressing business NEW YORK, June 27.-ialvator won k
Wignell &Tweltridgevs. General
from Miss -, hotel" he found toe match race and made a new recordfor I Attachment.The Produce

the lady and restored to her the diamond a mile and a quarter. Over 15,000 Indian River Amount sworn

A RECORD OF THE WAR.A cross, which, he plausibly set people went down to Sheepshead bay Land & Improv nt't \ to 789269. MERCHANT.

forth, had become entangled in a nap- race track to see the contest between Co., a corporation Melbourne Florida

Valuable Collection of Newspaper Clip kin. She bad never even missed the or- Salvator and Tenny. It was ona of the existing under the Damages clairn'd

pine Now in Columbia College. nament, but she was so delighted with American race law of the State of! $16,000.
grandest ever seen on an
Senator Evarts introduced a bill ap- the fellow's honesty that she bestowedon There delay at the post Xew York. J HODGSON BROS.

propriating $30,000 for the purchase, by him a five dollar bilL This is a true course.. was no To the defendant corporation and all

the librarian of congress of TOwnsend's story, and one which will not be incorporated and th 'y were sent away and at once.made the ether persons interested : ,
Salvator t.tk tho lead
library of national, state and individual among those in the Sunday a last one. Passing tae stand You :are hereby notified that a writ of General Merchants
pace very
records, comprising a collection of his- school books under the title "The Re- Salvator was half a length *u front of attachment has been issued against you, .

torical records concerning the 'origin, ward of Honesty."-St. Paul Globe. Tenny, and this lead Ld increased to and your property attached to satisfy the

progress and consequences of the late a length and a half on the np )er turn. demands of the plaintiffs above set forth. Eau Gallie Florida.

Louis Craven's Library. As they r 'ached the far turn oalvator .end, now unless you shall appear before ,

war.This collection, now in the ColumbiacolIeO"e Our Vienna correspondent writes: drew away 'M..1 was leading by nearly the Judge of our said Court, at the

library,is a remarkable collectionof "A mysterious personage who has been three icnsrmo. Ineu Garrison commenced Court House in Titusville in said County INDIAN RIVER

clippings filling 100 large known for years under the name of w' L..:.} and whip, ant Teuny of Urevard, on or before the 7th day

volumes newspaper of about GOO pages each. Each Louis Graven, died a few days ago at last closed sixteenth up the gap Tenny inch was by inci.gaining At fast the of July, A. D. 1890, the same being Rule Steam or Sail Boats (for Charter by the

page is of four columns, so that there is Deregnyo, in Hungary. He is known to on Salvator when Murphy brought the Pay: and plead or demur to the declaration -
have taken a leading part in the Polish of plaintiffs herein filed, judgmentwill Day Week or Mouth.DrugsbijiIDrllgs
a total of 240,000 columns, equal to twice whip twice on Salvator and he managed .
that number of ordinary book columns.In war of independence in 1830, and afterward to ke..p iiis head in front to the wire, be rendered :against you by default

order to make this immense mass of to have come as a refugee to Hungary winning by about half a head. and your property sold to pay the debt.

of where the late M. Gabrielle Lon- The fractional tiin: of the race is as Witness the Honorable Jno. D. Broome, !
material available, a compendium
yay employed him as librarian. From follows: i uiat'r, 0.25: ; half, 0.49 3-5; Judge of said Court, :as well as A. A.

about thirty volumes of 1,300 paces each, this post he quickly rose to that of stew one mile, t..J,, eqr.ali.ng ,Teu Lroecii's Stewart, Clerk of said Court, and the
the size of the largest bank ledger, is in time; uiue and ... lurioug, l.o:i, and seal of said Court, this the 15th dayof
preparation. To the compendium thereis ard of the Lonyay estates, which are mile and a quarter ;..o3.Advice March, A. D., 1890. A Fine Assortment of

also an index in one large volume. By very large and he became the intimate [L. S] A. .l\. STEWART, DRUGS,
friend of his but
employers altaough
reference to the index, and through that ; 48 Clerk of the Circuit Court.IF PATENT MEDICINES
article containedin he lived for half a century at Derejayo ,
to the compendium,any I to Motheri.Mrs. .
the records can readily be found. he never rew.lol" his tru niiaf nor .WnfSLuw'g SOOTHING SiBUPshould: always TOUR BACK ACHES SYRINGES,
stated what his former hall children teeth. It relieves Or you are all worn out really good for nothing STATIONERY
Tho clippings relate wholly to the origin : petition ; be used littlesufl'ereratouce when are cutting itprOducesnatnral, it is general debility. TryBIlOU'.V'S FANCY & TOILET
been. He was a great bibliophile, and IRON BITTERS.It ARTICLESKept
progress and consequences of the quiet sleep,and the little cherub awakes as"bright
From 1860 to the devoted almost the wools of the fortunelie as a button." It is very pleasant to taste. It will cure yon, and give a good appetite. Sold constantly hand.
civil on
late war. present .
by all dealers in medicine.Administrator's
soothes the chiM softens the allays all pain
had amazed" to forming al: gums
time Mr. Thomas S. Townsend has industriously rary.whicht regulates the bowels,andisthebestknownremedyfor Physicians' Prescriptions carefully
read every important New is said to be of great lac.- diarrhoea, whether arising from teething or IVoficc. compounded at all hours.
other causes. Twenty-five cents a bottle.A .
York paper and transferred every article London Times. J. B. SCREVEN, Druggist

bearing on secession, the war and its set- Scrap of I'ape.Saes Her All persons haying claims against the ,
tlement to the books which form Got Him at L.t..t.An Life.It Estate of Aaron 1*. Cleveland, late of TITUSVILLE FLA. .
Australian schooner recently ef- Breyard County, Florida, deceased: are
records. The articles the latter of
his cover
fected the capture of the father of sharks. wns jnsUan ordinary scrap wrapping hereby required to present them, duly HAVING BOUGHT THE INDIAN
of President Buchanan's adminis- but it saved her life. She was
part He belonged to the species known as the paper" authenticated to the undersigned, within RIVER BAK LILY
tration, as well as the whole of the administrations in the last stages; of consumption told
of Presidents Lincoln basking shark and was forty-three feet by physicians! that she was incurable and the time prescribed by law or ',hi$ notice We will Keep on Hand Every Day
long. When his jaw were pried a live will be pleaded in bar of such claims.
open could only a short time ; she weighed
Johnson and Grant. Indeed
nothing pork barrel could be rolled in, and there less than seventy pounds! On a pi re of And all persons indebted to said Estateare FRESH BREAD CAKES PIES
in New York down to the ,
published pres- were eleven rows of teeth in his jaws. wrapping paper she read of Dr. King's hereby required to make immediate
ent time which bears on the war, appears He had the mouth to bite a horse in two New Discovery and got a sample bottle; payment to ETC. ALSO

to have escaped this collector. at a clip.Detroit Free Pres*. it helped her she bought a large bottle. OSCAr. HALL, Bottlers of Sodawater

The price of gold for every day; from it helped her mole, bought another and Administrator. GingerAle

the suspension of specie payment to the better fast continued its and is
grow use
A Many Legged Coyote. This 27th of May 1890.Master's and other Drinks.ALL
end of the records, is given.In Stories of sheep by a now strong,healthy rosy plump weighing .

addition to the daily newspaper rec- come ravages from various among sections of the 140 pounds. 'or fuller particulars Sale. ORDERS RECEIVE PFOMPT
ords, Mr. Townsend has gathered illus- send stamp to \Vr. II. Colt Druggist.
and it is said that the flock-
trations and comments of the weekly Fort Smith. Trial bottles of this won- Under and by virtue of a decree of
masters have offered a reward of 8100 derful Disbovery free at Dixou & Gray's S. A. ISELCHEIl& COMPANY
press and articles from monthly mag- foreclosure and sale rendered by the judgeof ,
azines. Every "wararticle" published in for the scalp of said coyote. An Elmira drug-store. 22 the Circuit Court of the Seventh Judicial PROPRIETORS,

this city worth notice has its place in the subscriber asserts that a friend in Morning Circuit of Florida, sitting in chancery at TITUSVILLE, FLA.

collection. Southern accounts of the Light told him fifty sheep were killedin Female Weakness Positive Cure. chambers for the county ot Hrevard, dated
one night. lie further asserts that the eleventh of A. D. IS'JO
war as given in the Richmond and To THE EUITOK: day February, ,
press twenty-seven young men of Rio Vista I'lea-e informonr readers tl at I have a positive in a certain cause wherein The Florida NEAT AND
reprinted in New York, and"the comments PROMPT.
each claim to have shot and broken a leg remedy for the tli<>uaiiil and n-s ills which arise Agricultural College, a corporation organ-
of London newspapers on the war for this self same coyote and each can from deranged male organ i shall be triad to ized and existing under the laws of the
send two bottle of 1'tIUt'dFltU: to lady it
deemed of here my any -FOK-
worthy reproduction point out blood stains made while the they will tend their Exprvss and P. O. 8IMn'''". State of Florida, is complainant, and SarahG.
have all been gathered in. the fence. lIe Yours vectlnlJj, UK. J.IAflCJlISI, 1VJ Gene Jlea!'on and William II. Glcason are
The grand divisions of the work are as coyote was escaping over jeebt.. Uu"a, N. Y defendants, I will sell at public outcry, in
asks us to describe an animal that, withtwenty
follows: "Later Days of Buchanan's Administration ---- front of the Court-house door of Titusville, JOB PRINTING
shot off Eiipcpsy.
seven legs can destroy
," "Fort fjuuiter," "The Brevard county, Florida, on the first Monday -
fifty sheep in one night and still defies Thi i is what you ought to have, in
Trent Affair "The Federal Government in July, A. I). 18UO! the same beingthe
He wants that reward but although fact. must have it, to fully enjoy life.
," "Congress," "The Confederate capture. you seventh day of the month, during the -SUCH AS-
Government "Confederate : an average hunter and backed by Thousands are searching for it daily and legal hours of sale, for cash, to the highest 1 I TTEnIIE.DS.XOTEIIEDS
and rifle he mourning because they find it not. Thousands ,
"The Federal Army," "The Confederate two bulldogs a repeating bidder, the following-described real estate,
thousands of dollars are
hesitated to tackle an animal that seemsto upon to-wit
Army," "The Federal Navy," "The Confederate in the ,
by our people hope
spent annually
bear a charmed life.-Dixon Tribune. A tract of land in the village of Eau
Navy, "Foreign Relations," that they may :attain this boon. And yet
Gallie, Brevard county, Florida, describedas HILL-IILMD.S
"Union be had all. We that
Generals It
"Confederate Gen- by guarantee
Another Musical Prodigy. follows, to-wit : All of block "C" of said
erals," "The Blockade," "Privateering," Elsie Maud Stanley Hall is a little Australian Electric Bitters"j used according to directions village, said block being bounded on the STATEMENTS,
and the use persisted in, will
"Law and Decisions, "Ecclesiastical north by "Fountain Park west by Pine-
lady-setat 12-who is delighting ,
Good and oust the
Documents," "Political Prisoners," "He English audiences with her remarkable bring demon von dyspepsia Digestion and install instead: Eu- apple avenue, south by Jouset street and CIRCULARS,

roes," "Historical Rtfert-uces," "Regi- Neither east by: Indian River, according to a survey -
pianoforte playing. Chopin We recommend Electric bitters FOLDERS
pepsy. ,
mental Records" ""Battles Sieges and Schumann nor Liszt have any terrors for for dyspepsia and all disease., of the liver made by William II. Gleason, a map
of which is record in Brevard
Skirmishes, "Speeches "Letters "Re- now on INVITATIONS
this juvenile instrumentalist, who seemsto stomach and kidneys. Sold at 50c. ,
construction," "Records of States, Cities have an abnormal amount of strength and $1.00 per bottle by Dixon & Gray, county which; ; the said block being the block on
and Towns," "The Territories and In. druggists. 22uclilcn'H the Agricultural College building is PROGRAMMES,
and in her wrists and
agility tiny fingers.
situated, or as much thereof as will be sufficient -
dians "The Invasion of Mexico" and
"Canals." -New York Commercial Advertiser. Arnica Salve. to satisfy said decree and costs of STREAMERS,

There are numerous subdivisions of all Bass at Tuxedo. THE BEST SALVE in the world for Cuts, Purchaser to for titles. DODGERS,

these subjects and concerning many of Tuxedo is likely to be the anglers Bruises, Sores. Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fe- JAMES pay SANDERS

them there are many articles or state- :Mecca. this spring. On Monday 12,000 ver Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains Special, Master. BUSINESS CARDS,

ments. Thus there are 400 statements i two and three pound small mouth black Corns and all Skin Eruptions, Beggs & Palmer and Robbins and Gra- WEDDING

about the latter days of Buchanan's ad- bass were turned into the lake from the and positively cures Piles or no pay re- ham, solicitors for complainant. 7 CARDS,
quired. It is guaranteed to give feet
ministration 175 about Fort Sumter, and hatching establishment.-New York Evening satisfaction, or money refunded. pet Price VISITING CARDS,

200 about the Trent affair. The Virginia, Sun. Commissioner's Sale.
2> cents per box. For sale by Dixon &
campaign, between Gens. Grant and Lee, Grey. 10-19. By virtue of an order from the honor- SEND YOUR ORDERS

alone occupies 2,500 pages in the compendium Persons able Minor S. Jones, County Judge in and -J TItEFLORIDA-
and a large part of several volumes The Lottery Bill Passed. Neuralgic for the county of Brevard,State of Florida,
Aad those troubled with nervousness resultingfrom
of the records. By utilizing every New NEW ORLEANS, June 27.-A special care or overwork will be relieved by taking dated June 3rd, 1890, I will sell before

York paper of importance, as well as the I from Baton house s-iys the house passed Brown's Iron Bitters. Genuine the Court-house door, in the town of Ti- STAR

extracts from southern and London the lottery bill ba votj of GO to 29 af- bas trade mark and crossed red lines on wrapper. tusville, in the county and State aforesaid,
papers ter striking out the monopoly features.A between the legal hours of sale, on the JOB PRINTING
view of each occurrence is OFFICE
every ,
furnished.As Notice.At 7th day of July, 1890,to the highest bidder,
Respectable Citizen Hanged. for cash, all the right title, interest and
the newspapers are the most com OMAHA Neb. June a meeting duly called: by law required -
27.-Albert H. estate, which George Warren, late of Bre- Notice.In .
plete historians, so these records, whichare Knight, a w .:.thy and highly; respectable .- of the stockholders of the Indian yard county, deceased, had at the time of

made up of newspapers, form the citizen, h..u;ed himself in his barn. liver Steamboat Company, the articlesof his death, in and to the following describedreal Circuit Court of the Seventh Judicial

most complete and minute journal of the He was temporarily insane. incorporation were so amended that estate, situate lying and being in Bre Circuit of Florida, in and for Brerard

events of the stirring period which they the paragraph which stated the general yard county, Florida: to wit: the south half County, A. D.1890.-In Chancery.

cover. The proposal that the nation The Weather. nature of the business to be transacted, of the northeast } of the southeast 4 of Lucinda Tuttle, widowComplainant. !

should own them has often been made, Fair; slightly cooler; northewesterlywinds. reads as follow: "The general nature of northwest } also the northwest } of southeast .

and has always had the approval of those the business to be transacted shall be the J of northwest \ also the northeast iof vs.

most familiar with their contents. .. NUCJUurrS OP NEWS. maintenance and operation of a line of the southwest } of the northwest J also the J. Macdonell.Mattie Foreclosure of

Mr. Townsend said in 1888 that -- steamboats on the Indian Ri\"erand other south half of the northwest \ of the south- D. Macdonell, Lucive )Jortgt e.

the Warrant vr-re I,. ued for the arrest of fifteen waters of the State of Florida." west i of the northwest } of section 20, Carter,II. C. Carter, &
work had cost him $25,000 in
money and liuugir.anu: in South Bellileuem. Pa., CHARLES C. DEMIXG, Secretary. township 21 south range 35 east. Charlie Miller.Defendants..
twenty-eightyearsof labor. The volumes I viLorefuaoLo .uswor census qua s..ions. They H. F. ATKINSON', .
of the compendium cost $)0 each as blank fear that on gviug; their name they will Commissioner.
books. During the war the arabic have to pay tuxe- and do military duty. Notice or Incorporation.Notice It appearing from the affidavit of the
gum will leave Saturday agent of the complainant filed in this
with which he the The president Washington Notice. cause
pasted clippings cost I aiuruii.g .or Capo May where he will that the defendant. H. C. Carter is over 21
$1 a pound. He has accordingly valued remain until Tius lay. is hereby given that the under- Under and by virtue of an order issued years of age and a non-resident of the

the work at $50,000.-Washington Cor. While boring a'natural g is well near Glasgow signed persons have formed a company for by Hon. Minor S. Jones County Judge of State of Florida, and the return of the

New York Times. Ky., t.e e-u aping gas became ignited the purpose of maintaining and operatingfor Brevard County, Florida, in the petitionof Sheriff to the subpoena issued in said cause
and William! Tupoint and Charles King werefatilly << public use in the ot
conveyance persons
ouru.d.l.ichar.i Mary V. Houston, guardian, I will sell showing due service on the other defendants t
TU Honrnt Walter. I Jacob Brown and Patrick and property,a railroad already constructedfrom at public outcry, before the Court House and that the defendant II. C. Carter can- s
trace the Indian River to Juno
There Jupiter, on door of said county, at Titusville, betweenthe not be found in Brevard but is believed
was cavein Chi lli.I County
uu occurrence not long ago ""e..a here buried by a near Flor- -
Lake Worth both in Dade
in the city of :Minneapolis which well I cut!.'". Mo. Grace and Brown were rescued on county Is legal hours of sale, on the first Monday to be in Brunswick in the State of
1 Welsh dead when tken ida. The name of the company "Jupiter in A. D. 1M)0) the
illustrated alive but was out. July, same beingthe Georgia.It .
the making of virtue "
a necessity & Lake Worth The
'I children of John Kjjawa lIvIng Railway Company. 7th day thereof the
The tarea followingproperty, is therefore ordered that said II. C
and profiting thereby. A lady, : at l.-dird., Minn., wets drowned in length of said railroad is about eight miles, to-wit: An undivided one-half interest Carter do dem
in plead answer or to
ur com-
than whose name there is none betterknown bted'gi1river.. and the name of the county through or into a certain lot of land described as follows]] : plainant's bill of complaint on or before
in the theatrical world was play- Mrs II. C. Ewing of Hammond In a public the 1st Monday in July, A. D. 18H, being
her 4-j"ear-old child was killed while crossingthe of consists of
stock the
ing an engagement at the Grand. She capital company road at the northeast
Micui;an C ntral railroad tracks.The corner a tract of the 7th day of the month, or said bill will
stopped of at the West. One oOO shares of 100 each, or $50,000 in land owned Mrs.
course, day now by
: foot and mouth disease has reappeared Mary Young, be taken against him as confessed, and said
she was engaged in looking over her in the Duihy of Hesse, and large numbers of all. The undersized compose its first said point being 560 feet south of the north cause will be allowed as to him, to proceed

wardrobe, or a portion of it,in her room, cattle are dying from its effects. B ard of Directors. line of section 21, township 27 south, range exparte.It .

and, being busy, had her luncheon sent The branches and tributaries of the Oder J. R. PARROTT Jacksonville. Fla. 37 east, and 1613 feet east of the quarter is further ordered that this order be

to her room. When it camo her stagediamonds I river, in TrUbSian Silesia have overflowed G. J ZEHXBAUER, Palatka, Fla. section post on the north boundary of said published with as little delay as possible,
made of the !I their bank aud flooded an enormous section T. )J. DAY,Ju.JacksonvilleFla.Titnsville section ((21) thence east variation 2 55' in the FLORIDA STAR published! at Titiw-
purest paste,were I The is
ot dauiag great.
country. very
scattered about the ; Fla. June 26th, 1890. f10da. east 440 feet on to J. O. and C. II. Walton'sline ville, Florida, once a week for four con-
on table among them' Maryland farmers in the Chesapeake bay
to Indian River thence
cross counties complain of the shortness of the northward secutive weeks.
being a large with
heavily set
wheat yield. PIONEER COOPERAGE along the river shore 100 feet, thence south Witness the Honorable John D.Broome,

sparkling diamonds. It caught the eye Tim report th.vt Richard Glasgow died of 8-10 west 420 feet, thence south 10 east Judge of the said Circuit Court, as well a*

of the waiter who brought up the tray, jeilow fever in Brunswick, GJU, on the 231 Established I'GO. Tanks and Everything. In the along the east side of said road 63 feet to A. A. Stewart, clerk thereof, and t seal of

and, by a little juggling with his napkin, ia.l int. u denieu. Ho died of hemorrhage.Cap Coopering line. Thirty years >ip rieDce.iiutini the point of beginning, containing 76-100 said court, at the Court House in TItus-

he secured It. girt E.M. Lengie.a prominent citizen Wheel- BladmitUu and Repairing acres, more or less, said land being the ville, this 5th day, of June, A. D. 1890.
Ho nuheil downtown as soon as possible of J
to ia vulgar parlance "hock" it, The report that Sullivan and Jackson will a Specialty being sold for his use and benefit. Clerk of the Circuit Court.
Washington, is de-
fUht in Ylrg.nia, near
but found !that he could raise but fifty nied. H. F. ATKTNS, BOBBINS & GRAHAM,
cents: it. Ha Tom Johnson, LaGrange,Flf1. 7 Commissioner. Complainant's Solicitors,
was a "smooth guy, so Toledo's population approximates 73,000.


a"- .- a .,,-' ."'-...,-""4,0 ,.'. ..... """" .,' ..Jc" ._.... -._ _<..> ._ '. u_ .. .- .:.. ,.!.. -- .A"" ...... -_. ...." -" '''''> < ''





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NEWSBOY "BENNY" STRIKES LUCK. orator 1040 320 1010 Arrive St. Augustine Lean I 1020 410 2 4a
with 78 ..
Characters and $15 5 30 Palatka ". 8 fiO 12 05
for the Single Case Odell, warranted 715 Ormond I 6 32
He WUbe Some Ono Would Pick Up An- to do better work than any machine 705 Daytona "' 610 t.
other of lib Quarter made.It i 4< i I. t i
While the clerks in the uptown office 4, 10pm I: :Opc 8 50at:1Lf'&ve Jacksonville Arrive 6 Warn 12-JOpm 6 OOpm
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of advertisements for the next day'spaper 8 U 309 14! O:2pni: Seville 3 05 9 M 2 n
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for the first time '
A clerk looked toward the window, manuscripts. Two to ten copies can be -> i l I I I.215pm I. in the work' .'
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6 05 4 40 / 1 05" Gainesville .0 6 fiO 135 rolumesprofuselyillustrated JULY.
operator who equal the work of the
against the counter. can 7 30 4, 48 112 Orange: Lake 550 146 ; price
Just then Undertaker Dieclonun, who Double Case Odell. 540 213" Ocala II 12 55 S3.75 per volume. Sold only by subscription
Reliable Agents and Salesmen want 7 15 40 7 II Leellbur 1100amg Do not be deceived by any of the so-call
in death notice ..
tad handed a seized the ed. I 3S 5 5" Pt'roht'rton" 9 fO Stanley books"now being offered as "Jrenu
change that the clerk rattled out upon Special inducements to Dealers. 9;.0 6 30" Brooksville 10 8 40 toe"and authentic." To no one of these ha
For pamphlet giving Indorsements, 5 35" EU81 1J". 9 25 Stanley contributed a line.
at the window and bolted
the glass _
R 5" Tavarp8" 9 00
etc., address, are now in the field taking orders
out of the door.Another AGENTS I and the work will be published it
Daily; i Daily except Sunday; Sunday oJllr. Trains leaving Jacksonville 850L m. and Palatka
clerk went to the window ODELL TYPE WRITING CO., 4H( p. w. are daily between .Jllcbonville and PalatJia. July. Applicants should state experience. He
member that Stanley's own book,the only
and counted out copies of the extras for Rookery Building, Chicago, ni. CONNECTIONS: At Ja'kflOIJt'iI1e'itb diverging lines north east and 'III"t'st. At Orange City Junction one in which he has personal interest,will Lea;
the wee newsboy. He saw no money on for Orange City New Smyrna and Lake Helt-n. At Jupiter with J. k L. W. Rr. for Lake Worth At Sanford on the title page the imprint of
with O.n. By. for Oakland tarpon :springs, Clearwater and Gulf Coat pointlll, and with South Florida .
the counter and asked the little fellow A. M. Hamilton & Co. lily for winter Park Maitland, ete. At Tamp w itb Plant Steamship Line for Fey Weft, Havana and Charles Scribner's' SonsApply
for the pay for the extras. The lad Mobile and for Manatee River points At Punts Gorda with steamers for Key Weft, Havana, Punta
Ha sa, St. James City and Fort 3IYt'r Pullman Palace Buffet sleeping cars on tbtoultb fast mail train
began to cry. He said that he had flunga I FLORIDA, dally between New York and 'rawla without cLange. For information call on or address!
silver quarter on the counter and Wholesale Dealers In to J. K. MARTIN,
I D. F. JACK General
Manager. G. D. ACKERLY, Gen' Passenger Agt.JACKSONVILLE
wanted his change.A Charleston,
Indian River J.'LORID.C1yde .\.
hasty investigation made, and Oysters South Carolina.

led to the discovery that the undertaker, Sole Agent for South Carolina and

in his hurry, had carried off the newsooy's FISH S1e :1Jn:1ship: Cc>. Florida. T Y

The lad quarter was "Benny"with his Buehler own ,change.one of Green Turtle and Game.All New York, Charleston & Florida Lines.

the brightest newsboys who sell extras. orders will receive prompt and careful attention -
The Magnificent of this sail follows
Steamship Line to
arc appointed as :
"Benny said tho clerk, "that gentleman by telesrraph,
letter (tandard Time.)
or person. 17
took your quarter by mistake. You New York to Jacksonville. Jacksonville to New York. t s
go and tell him that and see what he
will do." Rl IY CKEAPLST; FROM MAKEf Pier 29, E. Hi\"er. STEAMER.Tuesd .

Benny trotted around to the under- 'y, July 1, at 3 p m ......InOQrOI: ,......Sunda), July G, at 7 am
taker's home in Twenty-first street anda 1.1 R Manly ManPg Co Friday, H 4, at 3 p m..CHEHOKEE.Thursday, U 10, at 11 am

Tuesday, Ie 8, at 3 p m...... YE IASSEE, ......Sunda), u 13, at 1 pm
pleasant mannered woman met him at DALTON, GEORGIA. Friday, u 11, al3 It m .....IXOLE.Thurs(13y, Co 17, at 5 am THE INTERNATIONAL TYPEWRITER

the door and took out her pocketbookand RAILINGS, GATES, Tuesday, u 15, at 3 p m...... IROQUOIS, .........Sunday, 20, at 6 am
got a quarter for him as soon sis she Frid 'y, U ltc, at 3 p m ......CHEHOKEE,......Thunda), 24, at 9 am
heard his story. A customer was in the I RO POSTS, CRESTINGS Tuesday, u 22, at 3 p m ......SEMINOLE.Sunday, 21, at 11 am

uptown office when Benny got back witha JAILS, ROOFS, STAIRS Friday, u 2., at 3 p m..IHOQrOIS.Thul1'da, U 31, at 3 pm

face wreathed with smiles to pay for p= Tuesday, U 29. at 3 p m..... YE IASSEE, ......Sunda), Aug- 3, at G am
cast Columns
his papers."Here's 5 EE.L ,

another quarter for you, my Lintels, Sills, etc ST. JOHNS RIVER SERVICE

little man," tbe customer said, diving .

down into Ids pocket for a silver piece SAW MILLS IMPROVEMENTS.T ALL LATEST FOR

and patting the boy on the head.
The next day Undertaker Diecknian BEST IN THE Sa' ford, Enterprise & intermediate points on S1. Johns Rivera

came into the office in a hurry and threwa a[)E NEW SOOTIIVFraiBVlH I I
quarter on the counter."I The elegant iron side-wheel steamer, "City of Jacksonville," Capt. ,,-. A. Shaw, is I .
appointed to sail from the foot of Laura Street, Jacksonville, Sundays, Tuesdays and :
walked off with more money yesterday for pictures ant 3:30 .;."'-'\J
Thursdays at m. i
than I was entitled to" he said p. A .. .\ ntet-dUsa machine, fit ;:kdantd f
\Al Prices or wyitiin1MB Returning, leave Sanford Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.
cheerily; "here it is. I heard when I got io made trout very best taateriala, bj "'rkmf'Uand
1\1 1 you need In THEO. G. EGKR, Traffic '[anag't'r. S Bowling Green, New York; JO3X L. HOWARD, Fla. Frt. Agt, Kith best tools ever devised fWarrrtited I e pUrrOtlf',
home that it belonged to a newsboy. foot Laura St., Jacksonville.. A. LESLIE, feupt foot Laura St., Jacksonville. to do al) that ran bE- ref i. -JoJ.ft'Cted
This makes fifty cents he will have received METAL, we can send it promptly.Be of the very hesttypewrnerItant.: ell able of writ
For Tickets and Passenger Information, call on Inc 1"-0" words rr mir.nt. orroor.a.fording to U>.
but it's all right. sure you mention this paper. F. 51. IRONMONGER Jr.. Fla Pass Agent, *8 WeFt Bay; St. Jacksonville.WM. ability of the on-rmtnr. PRICE $100. .
The newsboys in the neighborhood got 1'. CLYDE & CO.. General Agent, 12 South Wharves, Philadelphia ; 5. IJow- Address, PARISH Jl'FG. CO.,
to talking of Benny's luck, and the story ling Green, :New York.MALLORY'S Agents wauled. FAlilSlI N. Y.

reached somebody in the Grand hotel, A u P. P.

near the uptown ot: ee. This man called rt1l ROigS E VQRtTfas

Benny into the hotel and had a talk with NEW YORK-FLORIDA LINES.

him. Benny came to the office the next Is recommended by pin Mciaus bl'C&uittLer; He its - - - -- --. .. -- -
night and told about the interview. Thisis healthy effects all around tlicm.
New York
Boston &
how he told it: A leading physician in New York and irN'torf Philadelphia, Florida.
one of the large hospitals, says; Feb. Hh, I8'O, be
'Is you the little snoozer as had 11 baa made U"t' of the P. I'. P. sent him, and was toiling from I FERXAXDIXA, Fla., ErmJ THURSDAY.
to P P. P. efficacious in a num. i
fellow take your quarter by mistake? pleased say proved
her of cases, and adds it is no more ban be should ) XEW YORK, Every FRIDAY at 3 p. m.
says the man. Well, you was in harJ have anticipated from the t-atislactory; combinationof i .
luck, IK>V. Here's a dollar fer }.ou,' and Eucb well-known drugs. t-r.- IRON STEAMERS

he takes me by the collar and says, 'Now A proir.inen railway; superintendent Savannahname I Rio G-rancie J 1NE '(NE
given on application) be was crippledby ,
says t
get out of here, and don't let me ketcl: a disease in legs and aims powerless to walk or I Capt. Connor. WOODWORK Bet
you having that happen agin.' "-NewYork eat without assistance, La\mp lost the use of bis 's : at it5t
Sun. limbs by rheumatism, malaria dyspepsia etc. I! 9 State or: Texas
P.hysioian here sent him to New York and they ,
---- returned him here and he w as as complete a wreckas ,t Capt Williams. HICI\GO. 28 UNION SQUAREN'f.:' 5 ,.
one could I e and li\'eA course ol P P P. has i Y _aaST.tOUIS.MO. _p.T"ANTA.GA"CAL..___
Fun with a Cork Leg.
made him H well man. City of: San Antonio |j.-| ....-';.' )JI; OALLASTEX.
would not be supposed that any onocould I'. P. P. is known among physicians in tie South ,
get much fun out of a cork leg. for its various and wonderful cures as the great Capt. Wilder.
had the misfortune blood purifier of the age. I.
Yet I knew a man who -
Passengers from Titusville, Indian River and East Coast poi, ts. arriving in Jacksonville from J, T.
to lose his leg who got a good deal &' K. W. I.oilwa>, make ouuuectio With morLiug aud atteiuooa traiLS for Femaudiua and Steamers as
of amusement out of its cork substitute. Blood Poison. advertised

Once he nearly scared an old gentleman The 4:15 p. m. train from Jacksonville connects with steamer at Fernandina
It Ir
out of his wits.It Leave New York. STEAMER Leave Fernandina.

was in this way: The said cork leg sores Primary, pimples, Secondary hint, ,'bee.and scrofula Tertiary, blood Syphilis and ,mercurial oil. Friday, May 30,..........................KIO GRANDE,....................Thuivdav, June 5''

was a very well made one, and when its poison and km diseases are eradicated by Friday, June 6,........._............STATE OF TEXAS,...............-Thursday, 12
owner was seated you could not tell the the site of P. P. P. Hosts of certificates are In Friday, 13.........................KIO GRAXDE..Thurscla)., 19 BARK -

difference between the real and false ar office other to medicines show the have cures frikd.Rheumatism in these. diseases where all Friday, 20,.......................STATE OF TEXAS,...............TlmixiLii". U 26

ticle. One day my friend was in a railway Friday, U 27,..................... .....RIO GRAXDE...................Thursday, July 3 FROM" :NEW YORK CITY.
Mr. A. H. Bawke Pear Sir Seta PATI-M
car and opposite him was an old Friday, July 4,........................STATE OF TEXAS,...............Thursday, 10 EYE h> Ah-SES rtt -id- aomllmenne: idim

gentleman. My friend took his penknifeand Friday, 11,.................. .......KIO GRANDE,..................Thursday, U 17 very much vratihtd at the wet dtrin c-J''ft' list
nails. I Friday, 18,.......................STATE OF TEXAS,...............Thursday, U 24 has come over ,. y ejc i<;Lt Mire 1 base discarded
began paring his and .
When he had finished, instead of put- 1-- Friday, 25,......=...................KIO GRANDE, ................. Thursday, U 31 my old glasses, ALIX""I'fkGAt.gnu now searing.joura.g
Inflimatorv, gout, sciatic and its kindred dis For General iuiorniatiou apply to .reUry :tatiOJr Boatd or Trade.
ting his knife back in his pocket, like an ('allt'Rith its excruciating pains are cured by the .J.L CUTLER Gen. Pass Agent, 77 West Bay Street Jacksonville, Fla. All titttd U the 1).me Store of
ordinary mortal, he gave it a jerk and it wonderful blood cleansing properties of P. P. P. o.1.. HUBBY Agent foot of Centre street, Fornandita, Fia. 25 DIXON: k dBAY TnUSVILLE FUL

stuck in his cork leg, and vibrated to (Prickly Ash, Poke Root and Potassium.) C. H. MALLORY & CO., General Agents, Pier 20, E. R., N. Y. -

and fro in a sufficiently horrible manner. ,
The old gentleman's feelings can "bet- CatarrhOriginates Egyptian Queen, Ripley, Black & White Antigua & other fancy Pine Slips & Suckers. a' 1 t at t

ter be imagined than described," as they: Hunan's Improved and Hoffman's Seedling, $4.00 per 1000. Order early.

say in novels. He turned a beautiful -----scrofulous--- UirL P.P.P. purifies the Several Brands of FERTILIZERS specially adapted to our soil and climate.

green color, and at the next stoppage blood and this in prevents catarrh.LIPPMANBROS.. INDIAN RIVER BRAND, manufactured by an old firm the Davidge Fertilizer Co.

skipped from the car in a most active P...P. P. Send for Circular. Also Bone Meal, Cotton b'eeu Meal, etc., and Mapes' and FINE. SHOW GASES.
ho had Sol proprietors! of. Fertilizers. A full line of Ornamental Fruit Trees. Send for
manner. He evidently thought Lippman's Block.y *- nnah, Ga. Davidjre's catalogue. 43 Ask for catalogue.

got in with a madman,and probably im- JOHN B. BEACH, Indian Hirer Nurseries, Melbourne, Fla. TERRY M'F'G CO.. NASHVILLE TENN.

agined his leg would be the next to beexperimented
upon.-New York Herald. "The 1adstoue"LAMP


UalT)"'. Brlc-a-Brac. a

h TuCneH lamp lathe xmrM. -A= Lo T s,=, PCES- I
It rive*"pure,soft.brill i-

.. __ ant\ Fur and't 5 brighter camiiarower. Also Wall and Prescription cases,Cedar
-0_ iti?";19 light softer than Chests, Barber Furniture,Jewelry Trays
;,. .. '= electric Cheerful light than-either.A moro. and Stools. Cabinet Work of all kinds. Complete Outfits for Stores and

c.rdialU1 mnrttlnut 1.zT.1J lil17.t oil{from Banks. Catalogue free. Address ATLANTA SHOW CASE CO., Atlanta, Ga.NEWSPAPER .

See wg is::Belle'rl 1r'

_,. it A'xonderfnllamp'i3 indeed. hewer N AIT1IAN'S I Schooner, MANATEE,
I needs trimmlIj;', never
smokes nor breaks HOW'S YOUR FENCE ?
cMnsneys.n sver"i-mes SUBSCRIPTION AGENCY J. IV. ZELLEUS, Master.
,,, ,, ef the oil" no Cickerinfr. -
srrr .no climbing of the TilE PIONEER ACEXCY. This 28-ton Yacht can be chartered t1 We have the CHEAPEST and Best

I Came any kind.no annoyacce and can-cf for all points up and down the river, on tam ( WOVEN WIRE FENCING

i/ ( i f cot explode. eleerwhltelgA,1O1020 For terms and sample copies addressCHAS.H.NAUMAN the coast, or to the Bahamas. z: Wire Rope Selvage.50IUCHZ3HIOHAT60CZ3rrS .
r"FayPfwhat's l..etok1e.n f ue a '
,{ Commodious, safe and good accommoT1tusnlle
".. I rf times any kize ardinrg& brilliancy AOuueirnpll7nis5eduneit P. O., Brevard county, Fla. dations. Further particulars addressTITUSVILIX e

Brass MckeU Gold cr NOTICE 0H
Antique Uronze. Also

-:'- I" The Gladstone Extension Study Lamp I Is hereby given that six months after A. FROSCHER, '

for Clereymen. Editors, Students, Teachers,: the first publication of this notice I will
? and other TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA. : ; :
f. this, Shauny Professors, Lawyers, Physicians final accounts and apply to
Barry-Thot's a brick Oi got agin me professional men. Banquet Lamps. present the County my Judge of Dade County for Keeps a full supply of metallic d wooden -' .
if head in th' Belfasht riot. th The The Gladstone Piano Lampee .I my final discharge as administrator of Coffins Cases and Caskets ...
it.FaYWelll weD! An' pfwhat's vholeric Hars late of Dade FZ2B02.
Fend for price list. Sln lamps at the estate of August ,
posy on th' side av it? &8 > boxed and sent safe believing y by express?' ,.1 County, Florida, deceased. Funerals attended if desired. All orders! Ues Lawn.and Garden width*.,Gates Poultry tom&tcn.and Stock Prices Fencing low.Sold all
t Barry Thot's par-rt av th' \vrathe thot ar-6etour prices. Seeiny HEINRICH HARS promptly executed and at reasonable rates, Tdea'.erL Frlrht Paid. Sendforctrrolan.'IE .
GLADSTONE LAMP CO., icsruxi ROW wiaT rssct to., cuiciua, iu.
J'- laid the brick.an th'-carfin Judge.av th'man that t'rew 71 Park Place, New Y rk., March 20, 1890. Administrator. I Embalming done. .'.d.LAWN add CKXETECY Yeses

;; ,

_. .. ___ .___. h_ ._'_. "",&..,. ",_,, ,,'--.e __' _' _-.'--- -__-- ---_. -- ..,---..-- ----->- ._;.. .. .:-_- -.1.1r .1u




MELBOURNE MENTION. stand.Shaw will The be next outside intended, anchoring trip of off Capt.each Pants Pants Trousers !

NEWS OF THE VICINITY PAST WEEK IN THA station keepers in to the test Signal the Code.proficiency of the ROYAL .

An unusual sight was seen here last

Placed In Pointed Paragraphs for the Head Friday afternoon ; a heavy black cloud We propose to make PANTS and SHOES the Two Leading Features,
er's Perusal. arose in the southeast and another still
heavier one in the north both advancing
Mr. C. S. Perkins accompanies Mr.
rapidly in opposite directions, ,:ausingthe cY '
far New I
Alexander as as
clouds and waters to play some curious t
several last week, "THE BAZAAR"For
Fearful hot for days
pranks; just before the squall struck
winds for two days all day
light westerly the water on the west side the river was

long. running like a tail race toward the south AKI $ the future. Though:: we will continue to lead in LOW PRICES IN

Mr. J. Lyman has been appointed we and on the east side the current was in EVERYTHING in Dry Goods, Notions and Clothing. We have .

are told a deputy postmaster at this the opposite direction ; when the squall about 400 pair Pants in process of )Manufacture which will
struck number of small POWDER ,
place. a water spouts
be in stock about the 21st. Everyone is cordially
Charlie Horton is this week acting as were formed and moved rapidly down
Absolutely Pure.A invited to call and examine them.
editor and manager of the News duringthe the river. A party of ladies and gentlemen -
cream of tartar baking powder. Highest -
absence of the chief at Jacksonville.The at the Goode House, watching the of S.
all in leavening strength.-U.
fT. P. TUR. EH. cfc '
Elinor went down to Eden, Monday squall, counted twelve water spouts, Government Report, Any. 17, 1889. CO

with Fee & Nesbitt's well outfit, to some of them 30 or 40 feet high, in sight

put down a well there. John Beach at once; the rain fell in torrents for halfan T. D. GIBBENS GEORGE. BOBBINS, WALTER S. GRAHAM,
hour perhaps. Messrs. 1.. R. Alexander Attv.-at-Law. Atty.-at-Law.
went along as pilot.
Saturday: was the hottest day of the and Fred Prange had been downon MANUFACTURERS' AGENT B.OBBINS G-B.A.ElA.IW: : :,
the Osprey to Fred's vegetable! farm ,
season, the thermometer at midday ,
in one place 9-10 in the shade, but and had nearly reached Melbourne on JACKSONVILLE, FLA., ALL KI.VDS OF PISOrUllTY nOtGU'ISOLD cV ILXCHAMiED.:

their return, seeing the time was too Carriesin Stock and Sells at )Ianufacturers' -
receiving some reflected heat. Members of Brevard Abstract of Title Co.,
short to make the dock they furled sail, Prices,
Mr. Branch's new P. O. Box 25O
The workmen on ,
heaved over the best bower anchor and
house kept at work with only the usual Lard Canned Meats Flour TITUS'ILLE BIIEVAIW CO. FLORIDA.We
rode out the squall safely; the opposing .
intermission from 12 to 1. Saturday forces were so balanced that the boat GRITS AND MEAL. Buy and Sell all kinds of Real Estate and are sole Agents for a large list 0 f
delightfully cool. carefully-selected Properties in all of Brevard .
afternoon was parts County.RELIABLE
scarcely tautened her cable but seemedto Correspondence Solicited.NDiANRIYERSTATE .
Information furnished character location and value of
to Property
as any
Messrs! Jas. T. Hogg, W. H. II. Glea- be picked up vertically and then on Indian River.

son and Geo. G. Gleason, of Eau Gallie, dropped back again ; several water spouts BANK. Our facilities for the transaction of a general Real Estate business are unequalled,

were pleasant callers in town last week. passed close by and one gave them a and every effort will be made to give perfect satisfaction to intending Purchasers uhomay .
Geo. starts Monday for a northern tour. I favor us with their patronage.
little dash of its contents. An hour
Titusville, Florida. Xo Properties listed unless the Title is Perfect.
'Gators are still plentiful somewhere.A. later the sky was fair and a gentle breeze Incorporated under Laws State of Florida. Special attention given to Colonies and Syndicates desiring large bodies of low-
M. Bloodwith was in town Friday blowing. priced lands.; Write for Descriptive Pamphlet.
Authorized Capital, $100,000,
with 600 ator skins, secured within a
Lat the schools of
Thursday Sunday Paid-up Capital, $25,000.A GEORGE. ROBBINS, Presi ent.'ALTEH S. GRAHAM. &cretary.Brevarc1. .
few months, either by capture or barter Indian river held their annual picnic at GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRAN-
with the Seminoles. ."tostrixot; of Title; Oo.,
f East Melbourne. Many persons had SACTED.

Miss Grace Ely 'was the guest of her made their appearance conveyed by sailboats JAMES PltiTCHAUi President, Incorporated A. D. 1889.

friends :Mrs. It. W. Goode and familylast before the St. Augustine arrived W. B. BARNETT: Viceresident.. CIIT.STOCli, $:),000 ; FULLY PAID ; XOX-ASSCSSA1ILE.
WM. M. IJsowx Cashier.
week, at the hospitable Goode House. with her load of some four hundred Charges for Abstracts as follows: $3.00 for Opening Number and 50c. for each adddhional .
Directors James Pritchard. B. Barnett Transfer. For continuing Abstract the the viz.,$3.00
under the : an charges are same,
She is recovering gradually eople. After the to
calling assembly J. II. Diirkee, W. S. Graham, and for the first additional and 50c. for each succeeding transfer.
skillful treatment of Dr. Lyman from a order and an opening prayer, the reportsof W.1.. Brown. Taxes Paid for Xoii-Rcidciifs.

severe case: of a dangerous and distressing the various schools were read ; next
Every favor consistent with Conservative t.ir For a Small Fee we will relieve non-resident land owners of the worry and
spinal affection.Mr. followed the election of officers Dr. .
annoyance incident to the Payment of Taxes, and Insure them against loss by Tax
L. R. Alexander who has so long Hughlett, of Cocoa, being elected as Banians! extenieJ, Sale.: 12

{ been a guest at the Carleton, starts at chairman of the association and Geo. X. Correspondents : Seaboard Xat'l Bank,of Box 250, Titusville, Fla.

last,on Tuesday for his home at West Hatch, secretary. Notice was received New York ; Nat'l Bank of Jacksonville.

Hoboken, N. J. So long, Sandy! Come that Dr. Hughlett had been appointedor -Y01IJ CJBr.AN"CE :

earlier next fall and stay later; you will selected as ajmember: of the State Association
find many friends who will gladly wel- for Brevard county, which action JACKSONVILLE MARBLE CO., We begin:- this week and will Slash Prices and convert Goods into Cash. We
intend making improvements in place and
:; our
come you and strive to make your stay vas confirmed. Then all adjourned, to :Dealers inMonuments

pleasant. I- the tables, where the corporeal wants MUST REDUCE STOCK.This .

Charles T. :McBride has been appointed were satisfied after which most people OJ I Sale cannot fail to interest anyone who should wish anything in our line.
lead tone
!* ,

(by Probate test amen Judge to annexo Jones) of as his Executorcum decease on wandered the beach over or to a the bath ocean.in the for surf.a stroll The A. 52 O ttz Iron Fencing:, For the Next Thirty Days We Will Offer Our Entire Stock

father, Henry U.V.. McBride and has St. Augustine after landing her paS1'en- I, Z tj H Lawn Furniture JJJ COST 2

filed his bond as such. He is improvinghis gers proceeded with the mail to Mel s.>.. 5 :Marble, .

place purchased from Mr. Downey bourne returning in a short time to allow :: ":* Granite, Slate, Call and be Convinced that We are Offering Genuine

clearing land, seating out orange and her hard worked officers and crew a few 4::I Q Onyx. Bargains.GOLDSMITH.

other fruit trees, as well as shrubbery.Mr. minutes rest and recreation. Promptlyat | BROS.Groceries
Building Stone, .
the appointed hour the whistle sounded O
and Mrs. Henry Argue, of Syracuse !; .: Wire Fencing,
and all hastened on board, carryingwe
start for their summer outing on Slate Mantels,
hope pleasant recollections enough to US. JL.B. JB AD-Y-
Tuesday. During: the short time Mr. Iron Mantels. ,
mark the event red letter
Argue has been located here he has builta among days Grates.
It is a pity some one had not forseen the Grain Garden Seed Fertilizer
very comfortable and cozy cottage, put LfVl Hay
demand so as to have been able to supplythe IX 11 J I J ] ,
down artesian well and had numberof I ""'I '
an a : -
_; l"\r.JH.....?'" J.J J..J. I
demand for pineapples.!! Long before ;;:? IJ I ] I call the attention of the People of Indian River and
acres fitted with pipes and hydrants, ".'.:R::::.. : .. to my Stock of Staple
.c >-< .Jj I >
the steamer arrived every ripe pine or .... ::> Fancy
and raised a crop of Irish potatoes on -=< U4 -.

land that last fall was scrub. those any where near approaching that ....Ii. \.,..>..-.............':).;>-c;::>.-I.... JJ.1 I >.,< ts..' >.;' Groceries, Fruit and Food ProductsOf
.. .. ..... ..
stage, on the various plantations were ( .c.... Ioo4- 11 I 1F.c -
>-< >-< ....
Messrs. D. W. McQuaig and A. E. II I I ; !':"
all kinds. Also Stock of
sold; true, pines are inadvertently left I b 6" my

Bogue from their returned last somewhat hunt. They disappointed gathered to ripen beyond the shipping stage buta And all kind..of Tilin?, Hearths, Wire Mats, and Grain, Hay, Bran, Cotton Seed Meal, Ground Food & \Wheat.I .
large number must have been missedon in fact anything made of Wire Iron,or any kind ol
only twenty-three 'gators; they were all Stone am the only House on Indian River dealing exclusively in the above Line of
l believe thousand ,
so many plants"e a Rend for Catalogue at the same time stating the
large ones however, *Notwithstandingthe : style of goods yon are in need of as we have differ- Goods. I buy close, and will sell close. I invite your correspondence and solicit
unprecedented rainfall of May the more ripe ones would have found ,n't Catalogues. in thn different .branches of our.msineKB. 25 your patronage. Very truly,

thirsty earth has absorbed so much moisture ready sale. L 25 Laura Street, Jacksonville, Fla. E. J,. BRADY.

that it is almost impossible to worka :Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Stewart, )lr. and --------------------- -- --- -- ------------ --.--- -- --

boat through!; the marsh, (beside the Mrs. Chas. L. Stewart, Mr. David Stew- EDWARD STILING. ALBERT A. TAYLOR.

saurians were nearly exterminated last art and several other members of the

year or have retreated to their innermost late Mrs. Stewart's family, were presentat STILI Gr T-YO-LOFl..,

fastnesses. -% the Eau Gallic Baptist church, Sunday :::; Cocoa, Indian Hirer, Florida.

Mr. K. W. Goode the census. enumerator the 21st inst., the funeral sermon
for the lower part of-Brevard:'P" county being given in the church on that day. DEALERS

Completed: his work last Saturday. From One! or two members of the congregationwho

the extent of territory and inaccessibilityof were desirous of joining the Eau

some portions of it, it at first seemed Gallie Baptist church, came forward at Paints Hardware Stoves Tinware

impossible to complete the! enumerationin the close of the service. The rite of ,

.the required time, particularly as he baptism will be administered to three

was handicapped by his papers not being candidates, who have been admitted to AND AGATEWARE.Plumbers' .

received until the 5th inst. His well the church, on the next visit of the lte,.

known energy and determination have S. F. Gove.
pulled him through in excellent shape. and Mill TABLE and POCKET CUTLERY,

Hey. Mr. Getman held service at the only RItTA Cure for Corns. Stops all pain. Fnrores Supplies,
comfort to the feet.ISc.fct UruggiitU. H iscoi&Co.,N.Y.CONSUMPTIVE.
Union Chapel last Sabbath: rlorning. In \ BARBED WIRE

the-evening the young people's society of A 7 Oils, Glass and Putty, ,
Hare you I'otmb Bronrbitin Axthma. ndipestjon See
Christian{ Endeavor held their usual OINCER TONIC. Ubascured WIRE NETTING
the worot ca**argil 1+tae bet reined tor all ills an meeting. The service from defective nutrition. Take In time. Cue.and $LM ,
was protractedfar
Doors Sash Blinds n r
beyond the usual hour all were 1'0 Brevard Co. and WIRE CLOTH.
interested in the proceedings and Mr J

Getman time."e deferred noticed his sermon present till Mr.another S. H. STATE BANK BRICK, LIME, CEMENT, G-Ll.Il.S: ,

King and son, from Melbourne Beach
Mr. K. we believe was for some year SHINGLES and LATH. ,
engaged in home missionary work. FISIIIXC TACKLE.

At the time of Life Saving Service, 1889. Ship; Cha,1r..d1ery -ods,

Supt. Shaw's last visit here, mention was CAPITAL:
made of his coming up from Malabar i ina PniilUp, $25,000; Authorized, Agents for ALADASTINE, the permanent coating for wills and ceilings ; For Chattanooga Plow Company's -
plows and cane mills ; Planet Jr. farm tools. '
cat boat that made such splendid SI00,00o.ACCOUNTS '

weather in a very heavy squall. We SOLICITED Gauze Doors, Cook Stoves and Ranges, Gasolene Stoves, Collins and Caskets.

hear that Supt. Shaw designs to have a Lowest Rates.
Money to Loan at
similar boat built for each station along ARTESIAN WELL PIPE :\. SPECIALITY.Catalogues .

his jurisdiction, the one here at that : DIRECTORS: sample cards and size lists sent free upon application. Correspondence solicited and

time being; destined for the Refute at !I i ALBERT JAMES TAYLOR HOLMES, President., ice-Presiden.. estimates furnished promptly.

Smith creek, north of Ormond. Bessie, R. B. HOLMES. Cashier
brothers are to be the builders we under- J. M. Sanders. J. F. Wooten. STILING & TAYLOR.


.. ,

The Florida star

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The Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Titusville, Fla.)
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Place of Publication:
Titusville Fla
S.W. Harmon
Creation Date:
July 3, 1890


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Titusville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Cocoa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Brevard County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Brevard -- Titusville
28.591111 x -80.82


Situated on the banks of the Indian River, Titusville in Brevard County was settled in 1867 by a former Confederate officer, Henry Theodore Titus, and his wife, Mary Hopkins Titus. The town was incorporated in 1887, by which time it was already famous for its citrus and pineapple crops. The arrival of the Florida East Coast Railroad in 1892 laid the groundwork for a tourist industry as well. The Florida Star and later the East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle provide a diary of these developments. The Florida Star was a weekly newspaper published by P.E. Wagner from 1880 to approximately 1882 and later by S.W. Harmon. On November 1, 1912, the newspaper moved from Titusville to Cocoa, Florida. The Florida Star ceased publication around 1917 and was succeeded in turn by the Indian River Star, which operated until 1920. Another Titusville paper, the East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle began on July 13, 1900, as a continuation of the Indian River Advocate and East Coast Chronicle; the latter had been preceded by both the East Coast Advocate, edited by W.S. Graham, and the Indian River Advocate. In 1920, the East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle merged with the Indian River Star and was subsequently published under the title of the Star Advocate.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1880; ceased in 1917?
General Note:
Publisher: P.E. Wager, 1880-<1882>.
General Note:
Published at: Cocoa, Fla., Nov. 1, 1912-<June 5, 1914>.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 23 (Sept. 29, 1880).
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Copyright Florida star. Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder.​
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LACONICS -Mr. Julian P. Baldwin
'vaShing-1 -Mr. Jos. Smith, of Anniston, Ala., LACRANCE.The with her father, who was sawing wood,
ton D. C
was in town
arrived in town last night. she had the misfortune to cut her little
THE HAPPENINGS 'ROUND ABOUT and Mrs. Misses Mary and Julia Collier
US. Ronald of
JJrantley, -Gardner & Son make a specialty ofadies' finger off of tne right hand, at the first
were in town were guests of Mrs. L. A. Coleman -
yesterday having arrivedat
It is the
and fine shoes. joint. greatest wonder she did
.Current Events of Our Town and Suburbs the Indian River Hotel the previousnight. days last week.
not cut off all the fingers. She was usingone
-Mr. John R Field of Indianola
Briefly Epitomized. was
Mr. Rollerson and Robert
Singleton of those saws that work with a I
-Money JJonty / Money 1U to -For sale in town yesterday, and gave us a pleasant brought fine drove of cattle
a full-blooded Jersey bull, call. over quite a spring when it got caught in the log ; ..
loan on real estate. Apply to Robbins & two years and a half old. Can be bought for Mr. Coleman, last Friday.Dr. she put her hand under the saw and

.Grabam, Titusyille, Fla. cheap. Inquire of Jos. Paxton, Rock- -Catholic services at the new hall on Gerney, of St. Augustine, was herea raised it up, and as' soon as she did this .:

-No one bores better or cheaper artes- ledge, Fla. Sunday next. Mass and sermon at 10a. few days ago looking at Mr. Atkinson's the saw was released,going right through

ian wells than F. P. Hall, of Georgiana.Write -Mrs. Deisner, whose restaurant and m., standard time. place, with the view of purchasing if it log and taking off the little finger before

him for prices. bakery is near the railway station, -Croquet seems to be quite the thingin suited him.Master she could let go. The wound is doing

-Mr. R. Ranson of will the afternoon on Mr. A. C. Gardner's nicely and we hope it will be
Indianola, startedfor supply excursionists with lots of Tea;ue Norwood has our sincere soon entirely -
St. Augustine on the train Tuesday nice things-ice cream, ice cold drinks, well-kept lawn on the river bank.Ir. thanks for a very handsome cake-stand. well. Her parents are very much .i

morning.Rev.. cake, etc., etc. Give her a call -:\ C. W. Home, of Cincinnati, who Come out soon Teague and see how well grieved at the loss of the finger, as they .

Mr. Blake wood, Baptist minister -Capt. Harry Fozzard, of Port Or- is frequently a visitor to Indian River we can fill it. intended giving her every musical ad-

will hold services at the Court House ange, arrived here with his fast yacht arrived here Tuesday.Ir. Not long since Frank Carlile's pony vantage.

next Sunday at the usual hour. Alpha yesterday afternoon, and the test E. N. Maull, of Huntington, stuck a large thorn in his leg; it was Thursday morning most of the members -

-Mr.\ E D. Raney, of Enterprise, is of speed between the Alpha and Naiadein Fla., arrived on the evening train Tues- taken out immediately, and the horse is of our Sunday school started early .

in town this week assisting Mr. W. P. to-morrow's race will be an interesting day, and registered at the Grand View. almost well again. for Titus-ville, tt.ere to board the steamer j

Lawshe, our station agent, during Mr. feature of the regatta. -Postmaster Scrimgeour says the )[r. D. K. Harrison has the lumber on St. Augustine, commanded by Capt. A.

Gruber's absence.Doctor -Mrs. A. Mitchell and her little time for closing the postoffice is eight his place to ceil his house ; he will also \V. Buie, pronounced by all a most y

E. S. Wiley and Mrs. daughter Ruth, came up to town from o'clock p. m., but he keeps open later to add a front piazza. When the work is agreeable and pleasant gentleman, and
Wiley, who proyed himself to be
Jupiter Sunday where oblige the public. completed[ he will his intoit. such before the
his estimable wife, start next week for she has been stay- move family
day was out. The boat
Tennessee where they will stay for about ing with her husband, Mr. Mitchell)), the -Mrs. A. M. Wesson, of St. Augustine, a. m. with a large crowd started but at before 5 o'clock she

two months.Mr. Signal Service officer, who is in charge of arrived here Tuesday evening on her Most every day last week we could reached Melbourne she had
the government station at that place. way to Eau Gallic to visit her daughter, hear "bang, bang" down at the cooper's on board
-: A. A. Stewart about 480 passengers the day '
has had ; was -
recently Mrs. A. H. Trafford.Mr. perfect
-Mrs. Brady Bowers started Tuesaymorning shop. Mr. Johnson must certainly have
life house repainted in South Titusville. and about twelve o'clock Melbourne
for a summer visit to her old Sam Belcher returned from his had a large order for honey barrels ; eh 1
If more of our residents( would do likewise was reached ; a large crowd was there to
home in Minnesota, Mr. Bowers accom- cruise down the river in his trade boat, Tom?
greet us and after the
it would the very interesting
help of
town. appearance our panied her as far as Palatka, probably the Osceola, Sunday. His trip extendedto Mr. J. D. Almon was with us Sunday ; exercises were over all brought out their

going; as far as Thomasville, Ga., over Jupiter, and he enjoyed it immensely.Word he left Monday morning for Alabama.We well-laden baskets and enjoyed a most j

-Mr. E. M. Brelsford, of Palm Beach, the new route-the Georgia Southernand has; just reached us of the hear he has a brother who is quiteill. excellent)) dinner; many then went to
came up on Sunday's steamer, on his way Florida Ry. death of Mrs. Penny, the beloved wife Hope he will find him better on his view old ocean, some for the first time, a

to Jacksonville) and other places. While -:\ Geo. W. Morton and J. F. of Capt. N. N. Penny, of Canaveral. his arrival. some plunged in as soon as they could '"
In town he was the guest of the Grand Lewis started for Besides her husband she leaves three don their
Jupiter, on the steamerSt. We understand that Mr. Bob Osburn, bathing suits, and enjoyed a'
View. Lucie, Monday morning, for the pur- little children to mourn her loss. who has been occupying Mr. Ronald's dip in the briny old Atlantic. At about f

-Just received, a lot of boys' and pose of surveying a piece of land. They "Where did you get that stylish silk house at Sunbeam, has moved over into 4 o'clock all wended their way back to .

youth: fine suits. Also some new pat- returned here yesterday, with Mrs. Morton shirt, that black tie and handkerchief the Crawford house. Hope he will like the steamer and started for home, arriv- t' 1

terns in men's stylish suits, selling at who went as far Melbourne to Why, at Gardner & Son, where we all the change.Mr. ing in good time and reporting a more

very reasonable prices. Come and look meet her husband. go for our nice things They have just and Mrs. J. W. Rogers, of Titus- delightful day than last year, and we all

before buying elsewhere. Gardner & -Among the champion fishermen in received some suits and fancy' vests ville, with their little daughter, Miss thought that a perfect day ; but that is

Son, Titusville. our town may be reckoned Messrs. J. P. which "yank the bun." :Mariewereout driving through our town only as it should be; we should go on im-

-Mrs. Gus Miller and her little Miller) and Henry Titu. They were fish- -Captain John Zellers left here the Sunday, and spent the evening at Mr. proving and each year endeayor to makeit

slaughter Lillian, who have been residingat ing at Sand Point, just north of the rail- latter part of last week for the St. Lucie G. B. Gardner's.Mr. better and better. *

Jupiter about seven months, arrived way wharf, Thursday afternoon, and river with the schooner Manatee where Collier, of Turnbull, an uncle of EAU CALLIE. -t

at the Indian River Hotel on Sunday, in caught trout and bass that tipped the he will set his nets to capture three Mrs. L. H. Coleman's, has moved his

company with Miss Ella Carlin. They i scales at 1521bs. manatees, two of which he will probably Family down the river, just opposite Mr. Will Roesch is building a boat for

", will stay in town some time before returning -. -Mr.\ Dale's class (No. l) at the Pres- dispose of to Baltimore parties and place Georgiana. He will)) have charge of several Mr. Chas. L. Tayler. ;
byterian church School the other on exhibition himself. No one while there.A .
to Jupiter.Mr. are again Quantities of watermelons and pine-
jubilant over their success. They have understands the methods of capturing splendid basket of
snap peas apples are showing at Hodgson Bros.
Geo. W. the
Hayden, special the manatee better than
or sea-cow
won back the banner, the percentage of from Miss Carrie and Master Myers
government land agent, who has been attendance in this class having been 100. Captain Zellers and we hope he may makea Froscher, was very much appreciated. Hodgson Bros. sharpie, Belle, is out
looking after overflowed lands in this McFadden's" being repaired and
financial of the venture. ways
Mr. Dale is doubt well
no pleased at the Many thanks, little friends ; it is very
section for some months past, started, of his -Ir. Chas. of Brantly has painted.
success class. Magruder, pleasant to be thus remembered.Mr. .
Tuesday morning, for his home at Clin about his and Mrs. Treutler has gathered quite a
perfected arrangements
-Mr. R. N. Andrews, Editor of the Andrew Carlile is busy at work in
ton, III. He expects to return in Novem secured machinery to constructa crop of pineapples from her patch near
Cocoa Public in necessary the
Spirit, company with the hammock east of Dr. Thornton'splace
ber to continue his investigations.Bottled immedi- I the hotel this season.
editor of the STAR, visited Jacksonville cheap style irrigation pipe clearing land and setting out
Courage !I-For people who Monday and Tuesday attending the ately upon the ground'here it is to be I orange trees. He says he intends puttingout Miss Alice Nicholson is spending a

are timid about having dental work done, meeting of the Florida Press Association. used. The material is composed of sand fifteen acres before he stops. few weeks with Mrs. Jno. E. M. Hodgson -
Dr. Dodson bottled and cement and the pipe can be made of Pinewood Lodge.
keeps Courage ,
up The trip included a visit to Pablo Beach, Rev. W. N. Chaudoin and family
ready for use as occasion requires. All Florida's famous sea-side resort. porous so as to permit the water to per- spent last Wednesday at Mims The steamer Kathleen was well pat-
work done with such perfect ease that colate through it, or solid so as to allow ronized on Saturday last during both
-Mrs. W. H. Peck arrived here from Harry Roberts' family. THey, of
little children as well as large ones, need its being distributed intervals through trips from Tropic and return.
Atlanta last night on her return hometo course, had a very pleasant time,as every-
have fear under his hands of openings. lIe expects to make a full!
no being does who Mrs. Jas. T. Bassett, Miss Bassett and
Cocoa. She had with her the two one spends a day at Mims.
hurt. announcemet in regard to it at an early
little daughters of Mrs. Trower Miss Livingstone were visiting friends
formerlyMrs. date. Mr. Alex. Carlile had a fine peach
-Now that the pineapple season is Schaefer, who his now on her honeymoon ripen on his place last week ; it was one on our river during the past week.
Paddison had
about over, water melons take their trip to England. Mrs. Peck's little -Miss a narrow that escaped the cold. Tne tree was The schooner, Queen, will leave for

place, and in goodly numbers too. Aside granddaughters will stay a short while escape from a watery graye the other loaded when the cold came. He thinkshe the Keys about the 1st prox., for a load

from our local growers, the evening train with her. day. While bathing with her sisters would have gathered two or three i of pine blips, principally for Tropic. '
near Point Caswell, N. C., she gou out of
frequently brings quite a supply from -The flourishing condition of the In- bushels. We are pleased to note that this sum-'
depth by falling an unperceivechole.
Osteen, and Mrs. Lichtenstein, of Barber- dian River State Bank is proved by the As usual with persons who cannot We noticed, last week, several very mer Eau Gallic has plenty of work for

yule, is here for the purpose of selling fact that a dividend of ten per cent. for swim, she became frightened, threw up large wagon-loads of orange trees going all her citizens, and none need be idle

melons to our merchants in large quan- the half year was paid to the stockholdthis her arms, and as a natural consequence, by. Upon inquiry we were told they who will work.

tities. week. Twenty per cent. per annumis went where most persons do when they were to set out on land being cleared on The Ivanhoe, one of the latest addi-

-Mr. Frank H. Warner, a soninlawof a good showing for so young concern, act likewise-to the bottom. She sank the avenue. They were from Dr. Wiley's tions to Eau Gallie's fleet of yachts, is

Mr. Geo. F. Smith, of Rockledge, who and it speaks well for the management.Mr. twice, and was about to sink a tin retime nursery. being overhauled and painted by her.

is erecting a handsome winter residenceon E. N. Dimick, who came up on when she was, fortunately, seen Misses Lutie and Daisy Dickinson, of owner, Mr. C. D. Tayler. .

the property he purchased adjoining Sunday's steamer St. Lucie, from his and rescued by a young man who was Aurantia, were welcome visitors at Mrs Mrs. W. Wilson and daughter, Ruth,

Mr. Goodyear's, paid Titusville a flying place at Palm Beach, started for Jacksonville near at hand. Her many young friends: Johnson's a few days last week. When who have been on a visit to Mr. and

visit last week. While here he purchased Monday morning's train, on in Titusville and on Indian River will they returned home Saturday Miss Mrs. J. O. "'Walton for the past three

a large bill of lumber from Mr. L. C. his way to Highland, N. C., where he rejoice to hear that she is none the worse Janie Johnson accompanied them on a weeks, returned home to Courtney on

Oliver, which has been shipped to the will stop for some time before returningto for her narrow escape from drowning.Mr. visit of a week or two. Friday. .

St. Lucie River, where he has bought his residence on the lake. Mrs. Dim J I Sam Ray was' suddenly called We were very sorry to hear of the sud- Mrs. Treutler, while walking in her

land from Mr. Otto Stypman. ick and her two daughters were present away last Saturday to Quincy, Fla., ow- den illness of Frank Carlile ; he was at garden the other day, stepped upon a

-During the absence of Mr. M. E. also. ing to the serious illness of his brother, work in the hammock Friday morning moccasin snake but as she rapidly got
arrived who resided the above when he was taken ill, and has been con- out of its way, it failed to bite her. She
Gruber at Canaveral, a telegram Friday last was a warm day in Ti- Mr. H. L. Ray, at
illlness of his the News to hand yesterdayto fined to his bed eyer since, having spasms had a narrow escape.
announcing the serious tusville, and up to that date it was place. came
father, who resided at Charlotte, N. C. hottest day this season, the Signal Service the effect that Mr. Ray had died the quite frequently. Hope to hear he is 1 Mr. John McAlister attempted the use-

3Ir. Gruber started off for that place on thermometer at the Indian River previous night at 11:30. Mr. Ray- better very soon. of dynamite to increase the flow of waterin

Saturday morning's train, arriving there Hotel showing it to have reached 94 degrees whom we had the pleasure of meeting Saturday one of the neighbors killed a I some of his wells but so far unsuccess-

,Sunday evening, too late to see his father in the shade. It was not only hot while on a visit; to'his brother, Mr. Sam fine beef and carried it around i in a I fully. Try again, Mack; patience and

alive, he having succumbed to an attack here, for, according to reports to hand, Ray, of this place, last summer-was a wagon to sell. It gave us a chance of perseverence will attain the desired end:

of paralysis at 8:30 Saturday evening.Mr. %we find the temperature on Friday last most estimable young man in every way, getting. nice fresh meat at our door. Mr. Gus B. Snell is having the Mattie .

Gruber is expected back Saturday.Messrs. was the hottest throughout the whole of and was highly respected and beloved Many availed themselves of the oppor B. put into thorough repair once more;

at the United States-except New Englandand by all with whom he came in contact. tunity, and roast beef was one of the in fact Eau Gallie's fleet is being overhauled '
Robbins & Graham are States-that has Last he was elected of in anticipation of the good time
of middle year mayor articles on the menu of many,Sunday.
present busily engaged making a set promised by our county town on the
been known for many years, In Savannah Quincy, Fla., and the people of that
maps of Brevard county, which, when Uncle Jake had the misfortune to havea Fourth.
I it three degrees higher than in place were so pleased with his conduct
completed will show the exact location was lot of cattle get into his potato patch The sharpie Belle carried over to East
Charleston and Augusta districts during his term of office that they again
Titusville of Eau Gallie'a
in ; Melbourne a large portion
>t and boundaries of piece of land ( and nearly demolish it. He has repaired
every : Jacksonville, St. Louis and Omaha elected him mayor of Quincy for the popular Sunday School, under the gUId-
r the county no matter how small such the fence and replanted, and hopes yet and Mrs Will Rnesch the
; in this warm race by from 4 to present year. His sad and untimely end ance of Mr. ,
r parcel of land may be. Most of these! beat u.s I to make a good} crop, a.s his friends who treasurer of the school. Many others of
: while Wilmington, N. C., wast' has caused great sorrow among the residents -
maps are platted to a scale of 300ft., each SO, live in the north and generally visit him our citizens also were on the grounds, !
shade of 100. of the above place, and a shadow
in a temperature availed themselves of the
a taking in a of about one mile, but, glorying in the winter are very fond of Floridasweet having excur
scope said the intense of overspreads the town. He was '
" In the Savannah district it is gloom sion steamer St. Augustine. Among
: places like Titusville, Cocoa and Melbourne -, heat was almost unbearable. On about 30 years of age and unmarried.The potatoes.We those who went by steamer were Mr.: and 1
.: .J! drawn on.a much larger scale Mrs. J. O. Walton, Mrs. W. Wilson
are ,
heartfelt of the STAR much to hear of
] ; Titusville beat her last Friday'sB' sympathy go were very pained t'
, this
to lot. When Mr. and Mrs Olmatead and others. The
tlo plainly bhOe'ery facilitate the : record by one degree, the Signal Service forth to Mr. Sam Ray and family in the accident that happened to Clara whole affair was pronounced a great suc
:; work is done it will greatly definite thermometer having reached 95 in the this, their hour of trial.. "The Lord's will Davis-one of our brightest little girlsa cess. The excursion returned about six '
Abstract business by giving I : shade. be done." few days ague While in the wood o'clock p. m.
:bnundadesat a glance. .

; i

A r

.. ... ,...,. ,--,.-1.. ,. ,--' _.. .. -_.'- "'-... '"
'"' "' --' ---
L s.a..J _..- II -



compromisingly hostile to monometalism, that Gen. Hastings will be here and CARDS. ,.
porary organization made permanent.The whether of gold or silver and earnestly favoring speak fur h Ulself.uChairman
DELA1IATERTHEMAN committee on credentials reportedthe the use of both as coin metals, the Republican Lyons asked the pleasure of GEOKrtS M. ItOBBINS WALTI K. ue f. .
Berks county contest against the party of Pennsylvania demands the the convention. Several delegates re- President Brevard Secy. Bretard Ab. c.
Fisher claimants. enactment by the congress now in session of "Let's wait for Gen. Hastings; let Abstract Co.