and pay for this Id"erti'inuld trot referred to the Supervisor of registration from the grasp of little England. Band from the far-off Philippines!, back to the early days of William r .C MPA l

more than! the combined costa of the waterworks and Clerk of this Hoard for examination which had made the long journey from I h{ >Krr: THE STANDARD OIL

new school building and street as to the qualification and the Orient to see their old Governor The Historian of the Chapter Mrs. C.

paving.A few. people/ became somewhat alarmed prop,'r number of its signers, they to re General elevated to the highest office in II I'ajnor. gave a nading on the early .. ..

:1 over articles. which appeared recent!) port their finding at the next regular TROUBLES DON'TCOME the land of their new allegiance. life of the President General of the National -

in New York and Chicago papers( which meeting ot the Board. The attorneysof There were political clubs, f>o. Th- Society D. A. II., Mrs. Donald I will deliver gasoline without i
expressed a doubt about there being any the Board were ordered to render a Americus Club from :McLean of MarlandA t
Beat h this because Pittsburg, I
races on of a controversy Daytona between**Senator year:) '! written opinion as to the legality of the SINGLY. attended every inauguation of a Republican r-It.isant social half hour followed i 1i 1

( W.J.Morgan.thepromotorof I the races for petition at the same meeting.It President! since goodness knows! during which the hostess served' dainty any charge for delivery at, i

the Florida EastCoast: Automobile Association was ordered that W. C. Cannons be I when, carried red, white and blue umbrellas I ref reshn.,.nts. : : (

America and the, the Automobile latter a corporation Associationof paid ;SO.300 en account of balance due Ktrk along. the line; the Virginia Fox The next: meeting: will: be held on i any point in Daytona t Sea i (

orgaoizid-not for their health exactly I him on DeLand-Daytona road. i hit never rains but it pours." That Hunters,, who turned out for the first I April 7th.

-under the laws of New Jersey is what the Small wood family of Magnolia time in honor of President Tuft becausebe i This Chapter! prevented to the eighth breeze Beach Or-

The A. A. A. claim many prerogativesand avenue, must think.A had sojourned so long at Hot Spring; i grade of the Da}"tona school, on Wa hindotl'l' Daytona t

,. whether attempt promoted to domineer on Florida racing events beach little over a week ago one youthfulson and the "Bill 'Possum" Club from At : birthday, a very fine steel por- I (

Fanda. Louisiana shell road?, Georgia of Mr. and Mrs. Smallwood was run lanta, and the Taft 'Gater Club from ,i tin.' of General Washington framed in mond or Port range. Qual ,
clay drives or over northern courses of ea reeze over by an automobi.c: in front of the Florida set the crowds( to l.iughing. the old e-olouwl style. t
whatsoever! composition.It I The enthusiasm as well of the mem- J
RidCtwood Hotel and the eggs that he Except for thflr love of l honestysquare i ity and quantity guaranteed.
b '
seems that as time passes! they de- News I ISLLJL : rshipof: this Chapter i is steadily inert i r
mend more and more of a rake- ft for was carrying were smeared far and w ide. dealing and pI\triCllbrn-lIncl ; 'a.iiig.I : I.

their "sanction" and at last reached a That boy is getting well fast, although their common Sl"nseTaft end Roosevelt I : Call Office Phone 12$3

limit where it is thought: the "divvy" one leg was rather badly burned by the are as far apart as the northern and i

l' worth they exact of their is out official of proportion sanction.In to the muffler. the southern poles. I LAMPS NOTRAZORS i Mills Transfer 77 i I

order to do away with hard feeliiie!: : -Tl.e Fair at Now another Smallwood boy, this one, President Taft from his long sears! on : Warehouse GU 0)
and sat isfyevero.eccncerncl"senator'* the Congregational Church Wednesdayafternoon a little older is carrying his right armmastinghis the bench has learned to weigh well I
Morgan paid: $100 for a sanction in his trouble broken his words and his decisions from : "Tank '
and and evening brought handsome being a shape Kerosene Oil Delivered by \\ agone
now ev erv thing lovely
own name i
results for the past months nf ear- collar bone as the result of a hard fall all the evidence obtainable; ExI'resident C

neat planning and working by the ladies when his bicycle hit a mud hole. This Roosevelt! weighs his words not at i Gasoline Machine Gas and Lubricating Oils. o

Jury Says Murder.The of the Sewing Circle The weather was boy was carrying milk instead of eggs, all, and his actions spring from his heart .. .. f p

coroner's jury which has been l investigating fine which accounted in part for the but it spread over even a greater space, regardless of evidence. President Taftis p at the Dul'ont mill Wednesday .....N.....N..................D4.4sI.......N.....: P
though not quite so thick. patient; Ex-President Rooseveltscarcely : 'I
this: death of W. B Ford large attendance from Daytona as wellas flight two voui J p negro men became in-
I>r. Stewart set the injured member << knows the meaning of the word V
whoso body was found in Jacksonvilleone from our peninsula towns. The ; \oh. d! in a war of words, all because of
and the boy is now getting about alright President Taft is deliberate; Ex-Presi
ladies p
day last week, Thursday returned a : were highly complimented on i tl. f-e mati.'rf an ilmny-Iiucel miss
but he says that it yet hurts him dent Roosevelt is impulsive. Pioident
their decorations which
consisted of
verdict of murder. Thedeceased was a I : for vvh"-e band c'adl1'ai! a :s-uitor
even for him to talk.KINGSTON. Taft exercises at golf or on horseback tokeep
brother-in-law of U. II Lesesne, of this holly I'rrit's. kumtu and native greens. i There wa In' ruin I't hx'n turn It lotn"in OUR FOUR CARDINAL PRINCIPLES ''cir.
There were six tables five tables) und down his weight; ExPresidentRoosevelt : .
city, and the latter went to Jacksonville afto'rr I grea,ey eard- loaded
rides, run, shoots! boxes!,
upon receiving word of Mr. Ford's tragic stand! the greatest attraction of I cubes no rattle of :!.hit pieces-it was
wrestles, fences, or plays tennis to down w
death. The only motive that can be attributed which was a generous bunch of calla i all about fair JulUt.
e ) the other fellow, or for the love (>f the tI!
lillics donated, and where Insured i i,7,
for the murder is rubbery. roses sweetviolets In the! heat of the controversy-this! M
sport itself. President Taf was graduated
-- nasturtiums! vied with each is not. written from an interview with
other in beauty and fragrance. at Yale; Ex-President: Roosevelt, is
Inspection of K. KINGSTON March 5.-Mr. Turner the injured it's a stereotyped story,
hails from Harvard. President Taft tips or
booth wa made as beautiful as possible, which applies in thousands of similar Capital $100,000(
has leased the Main street .
: space on the beam at 300 pounds Ex-Pn-sident
Adjutant-General J. Clifford R. Foster and the display of fancy articles was unusually ; :
hot bl'iodrel African
front of his lot f'3't'1'-a grabs! a .
has issued orders! fur the inspection of large! and tempting. The Daytona on corner Ridge. Roosevelt weighs 100 less. Surplus $250,000 ,
light .1 lamp and lets I drive,
wood and Main, to Jas. Gainey, who is ; landing
.. Mr. Taft is the
.. the Florida State Troops. Company K Band appeared early in the evening biggest President III
ov< r th- lift optic' <.f his rival and indicting -
erecting small bouse for meat market. Stockholders
physically! out eighing and outmea- Liability IOO OOQ
and the headquarters of the Second and rendered fine selections to the ,
I Miss Callie SafTell of Knoxville, R ugly if not dangerous; wounds.
Battalion. Second of the uring the late President:: Cleveland the
Regiment, will U- intpected enjoyment The ladiesappreciated
S. Hook of Auburn, X. II. and J. Fiti- Fortunately the (flame was extinguished Actual security to depositors $450,000 ; I
next in size, by several 0.1I
March 25. at >:13 (p. m. this courtesy very inuihi pounds :\ before
it into
gerald of Boston all of the "Fern- fragments -
Inspection w ill be conducted for the i The" exact amount of receipts is not yet guests inches. lie may alt! lay 'claim t<> the
dale took in the down-river excursion in the: face of the negro.for the oil
State by Col Walter I' Combat Inspector known, but the amount reached $ZOO I largest acquaintance of any Presi i lent, covered the NOTE:-Tins Hank is Number One on the "Honor Roll" of I
I elothing of the victim and
I to Ponce Park and Xew Smyrna a few
either at the out t end of his ,iminI
General II List and the or -
and for the 1'i-ited I at m
I report expenses were l I"( would have" been burned then and National Banks in Florida
I j days since, and were delighted with the and Xo. 187 in Ire whole
States by Major \\lIii.tlll F. Hammock. istration, for he i is known in every St.ite T

the Coast Artillery C rps. I cootpos. ( denominations, the j' beautiful scenery of the Halifax river I in the I'nion and every civilized country there. United States among over sixty eight hundred National '
The I
1 and the quaint old towns. injured<< man, left eve closed: and I
in the world. lie is the I President iI i-
sock has been carried on most harmoniusly only :
I i i, h.
fnc and neck badly cut and of all ;
j Mrs C. D. Burns and family who that smelling
ever girdled the earth btforetakmg
and m
,: > systematically and not
Large Vote for Piano. only :Standard oil, down the i
have occupied rooms at Mis. Chafft'r'8I was brought to
should credit be given the resident: I office, and the only one that ever -
The last count in the Bush A tidit"rdpiano ( ladies, but many of the transientisi iI i- | the past two months, left Thursdaythe governed an insular possession of the 1Jl' Hospital on tl.e after midnight CONSERVATISMProven .
fourth for their home al F. Slpy. S. train, where expert treatment and the
contest shows United
an extremely: large I tors contributed most liberally in work I States America.. I
vote. The 1'ajtona high school cast ''as well as money.D. I C., to the regret of their many friends in lest attention will in all probability by our success and our reputation. t
tO('n bring him around all right'
: Kingston.Late .
over So.OOO, and the Elks over 116.000. M. Lawson, of I
Bowling Grt't'n.l\y.\: Episcopal Churches. i The assailant, after downing his adversary DEALING
arrivals at "Fl'rndale"were Mr SQUARE -
giving the Hello Bills a rain of over who j3 interested in fancy bred fowls : !
I and Mrs W. M. Alden of Hyanniseb.. Lenten Services for took to his! heels and made his
tv5,000( on the Eastern tar. Miss: Mary has a fine bunch of five Black next week at S: I
Orpingtons -
i and T. A Koqueniore of Jacksonville. escape and so far has not been heard Ask
Gille passes Miss McCann valued at $-00, at Dr. Evcrnden's i Marys, Daytona: our patrons. : .
Outside of Dayton a mighty close) poultry yard on Oakridge The revival meetings at the Kingston Wednesday morning prayer at !':.1(1 from I
avenue. -
finish for second place looks certain, These are perfect specimens* their i M. f:. Church, closed on Sunday night, Thursday-Holy Communion 9 30. Mrs:\ Lula Adams-- COURTEOUS TREATMENT :

with the Seabreeze high school and the kind from an unproft' sion l view i Ila't. with quite satisfactory results toi Thursday-Service and Lecture p.m. a prominent
school i i the church and community and we hope Friday-Litany 9:30 colored resident of Wavcross, died Open an account with and will demonstrate
Kingston giving a neck ana neck and it i is well worth the time of those interested us we << it. 4
exhibition. However it is not probablethat I in tine chickens to around that much lasting good has been acromph..hed Grace Church, Port Orange Wi-dn"- Tuesday! evening at the age of 48
: step years.! Mrs. Adams! is survived
either contestant will be able day-Litany at 3.00 p. m. by
to to the yard and have a look .t them.
disturb the \\ lman'II (1pt'rhuH' that I' Mr. Lawson is very pleased to tell C. I.. Beers has 3 position with the Grace Church, New Smyrna: Friday- her husband and ten children, FIRST NATIONAL BANK ,
you Bunch grocery at Daytona Beach. Litany and address at 3-00: in amotifr whom are Wm. Adams, the ,
now so confidently holds the first place: their pedigree and the number of p.
i' druggist and Dr.
position. they have won. Adams, of Tampa, .

". Miss Ruby uiidiiig| passes Mb I Cement sidewalks i will be laid in front Miss Ruth of the -For sale or rent unfurnished! now here The funeral will be held ST.
Taylor, formerly AUGUSTINE
the Princess Ifsna and grounds. It tomorrow afternoon at the A. M. E. FLA. rI
oj Alice Daugherty, but no other change I will give another long stretch of firm I Crystal theatre, is now singing the cottage on Ivy Lane, new Easy church, Wayerosa, and the burial J

were noticeable.lIIiiiiii. j pavement on Ocean boulevard. illustrated songs at the 'Gator. terms tf Conrad Real Estate Co. will be at Mount Ararat cemetery. I (

j 1 I
l f fr ac

'- -- .
"" J:..

.,. _
"' 'i? -
"''' '' '.'' *' .
!- ', ..
: *
& Rt.t r v fj.-S+t: s-V-V r'l7* 4



I August Splei'\d and family drove The High School pupils are re- ......4......i........N..... ..4.. Y
up from New Smyrna Wednesday I hearsi'g daily for a play they pro 1..4. -:

fi-rnnon and silent the evening with poe to give.Bathing I
Seabreeze and
Col. C. M. Binghain.Goo. Daytona Beacii !
I iu ilia surf is said to be JOE QSBORNE

A Carleton, of Orinond, wasa fine now, so if you have not enjoyed *
m Uiytona visitor Wednesday and that pleasure, try it. : MRS. U. A. BERNARD, Editor. i ,

uadf pleasant call at the officeof .............#................ .4..e.aeeeeoe........
- -
the Gaz-tte-News. Mr. and Mrs. S. Cass were New
Smyrna visitors Thursday returning SEABREEZE, March 2.-Mr. and DAYTONA BEACH, March 2-The

Mrs S M. WnrlE'after in the I' Mrs. Farrell and Mr. Ca'e returned Sun official board of the
a visit afternoon. M. E. Church met Sanitary andVentilating. !
Mike our. store your store New, I with Mrs. F. J. river on Orange day evening! from their automobile tripto Saturday night, and the question of enlarging Plumbing, Beating

catchy, up t>the-rainute' goods coming avenue, has returned to her home at Chas J. Messing, mailing clerk at II Tampa. The report a ri plcndid time the church was decided as follows -

in daily. Prices are and ahyays Augustine.. the' post office, is confined to his The itineracy of the trip was as follows: : That a 20x30 foot extension with

have been right. Inference, anybody room through illness.S. I Seabreeze to DeLand, to Orlanda, to basement room be erected at the west

L. H. HOWE & Co Mrs. F. B. Wright cam down Kfesimmee, to La'ichman, to Haines ,I end of the building facing Peninsula
The Jewelers. from St. Augustine Monday nightfor drove. Heymann and DeLand Charles Walters City to Hartow, to Mulberry, to Plant !I drite. The work will be done as soon .

a week or ten days' visit with over from Mondayand City to Tampa. The distance from I .
lira. J D. Maley returned Wednesday her father returned the following day.C. Seabrceze I I as possible.Mr.
Col. C. M. Bingham, and to Tampa Bay Hotel is 211
from a visit with friends in I;; I.aiblia arrived from Canton,
family. E. Gardiner is confined to his miles They made the return trip from Complete Gas Plants Installed.
DeLaad. 'i Ohio, last week and joined his family at .
Tampa to Kissimmee in six hours'
home by illness and Mrs CharlesV. running j i
Harold Fish, of Bridgeport, Conn., I Idlewild cottage.
The Vet Cave cigar factory, nn Gailer is temporarily assisting at time. Left Ki>aimmee at noon
trubtt-e of the estate of the late P. T. Sunday for luncheon and I I Messrs. Banks!, Lablin: and Silverstein Plumbing and Heating Supplies.
North Beach street has rf'<'t-i n d a the store. ; stopped I I !
Baruum: was a guest at the Parkin returned last Friday from two days
reached home
at T i ioek The
coat of paint, giving it a p. m. I
attractive green appearance.Mrs. very son House last week. He came over Mrs. F. Peer, of Satsnma Heights, Tampa Morning Tribune gave quite an I| bear hunt up the Tomoka. They got I Brass and Galv. Pipe and Fittings.

from Mount Dora, accompanied by a a friend of Mrs. Nellie b'imonds, of interesting write-un (lr the trIp South. qu.te; a nnmber of quail and other game.

C. M. Brmver, who has been friend, Mr. Fuller. Orange avenue, is visiting the latterat which is reproduced elsewhere.Dr. I' Mssrs. Bt-ardsley and Silversti-in

enjoying a cruise among the Flor- Leon Despland! has at last suc- her home. ilaigh preached Lunlay morning made the trip to Bulow yesterday in i
ida Keys with Mr. and Airs. Fr F. ceeded where many have heretofore Rev J. B. Harris was in the city at the M. E Church, Dt) tons 1\t'a.h.1| search of small game. Fairbanks & Morse Engines & Pumps.

Dumont, returned home Saturday.eDr. Bishop: Fitzgerald!: assisted in the !'en'i i There h i
failed, in raising to full maturity Thursday morning from New Smyrna a challenge out that Charley
dentist rhubarb is he i ices. A solo) by Mrs. E. E. Kibble !I Luce can make the run from Daytona I Niagara Hydraulic Rams.
Houghton, west end or pie plant, as it commonly where is: now conducting a revival -
South Bridge. Peck block, phone Z'2.! known, and will shortly have meeting. Stalker way much enjoyed as wa also j, Beach postoffice to N'o. Nine without II i

borne of this delicious vegetable for the sermon and services throughout. aCt idfnt. in less than any other driver. I Ireland Wrenches.

Mr. and Mrs.: D. B. Christian, sale in the markets here.Mr. I This is the season for the beautiful i- Th news came yesterday that Mrs I I Those interested address box 3.'jZ. Day- Pipe

Sr., friends of Mr. and Airs. A. H. : argonaut shell to be washed Urittun's condition was somewhat im- tons Beach, Florida.

lung of Magnolia avenue, arrived ( and Mrs. A. W. True, relativesof ashore. Keep an eye out for them prnn..... .I adies, try the New Millinery Storeat
Saturday and are guests of the Geo. N. Chamberlin and daughter, 'when on the beach Mr. Hulliu made a business trip to
: Daytona: B.'ach. 41-2.
Hid wood. are visiting with them on Magnolia Xew Sun>rna today.Yesterday's I JOE OSBORNE The Plumber
avenue for a few weeks. Mr. Trueis Mr. I. A. Barnes, who has been arrivals at The Princes I Illinois Day, celebrated at the liar- ;

Dr. and Mrs. North, recently from in the lumber business, being a visiting her sister Mrs. W. E. KM-rimi were. Mrs. II. C. HoST, Mai.ii.s-j' ; roun Hou.>e and apartments, was a very ,

the neighboring Republic of Mexico member of the True & True Co. ofClii.ago Biodpelt ou south Ritlgewdod A\e., burg Ohio; Mrs. Frances C. Apt Mrs I It'I"altt reunion for the loyal "suckers."
and at of the departed early in the week for her Has were flying and Phone 96. II
present guests from whence they came. Robert C. :;\Smith Cincinnati; J. E lik! & everything presented Orange Avenue.
Magnolia, on North Beach street, home at Minneapolis 'I a festive appearance even to the
tt'jwife and child, St. Puu linn,
charmed with Florida Arthur final, of Urbana, Ohio, sen-by. Surf Crest
are they say, pa- was representedby I
Mrs. A. Sullivan who has been and Mrs M 1 Sch rnJaker. Alcoru W>o .
and Daytona in particular. spent) the last few days with friendsat returned nine !guist IIx-Goteruor Yates, ) [j' IDx I m t. fi) 1],. ;
who has from routh.
just a trip
her Kd. Sullivan and
visiting : son,
the Parkinson House Mr. Boal I who is FjKTidin, !; the winter at Se-a-
Fott REST Furnished First since Saturday The Town {Count met iu regular
family on avenue
cultige.Ur. travels for I-t'S-1 )
a Chicago wholesale gro brefeha'1 accepted an invitation to
P. 11. Bennett. tf returned to her home at liun i last iiinht. A large crowd was (
Pry house and came to Daytona dine! with the! I party, but had to excuse
railed by their interest in time jUt'sti m J
=Starke: Thursday afternoon
over :Sunday:; from Jacksonville l.i.iiM-lf: 0:' account of indisposition in
CoL Franklin Allen of New York .
->f closing Ocean boulevard exchange! !; I comfort :
I where he was calling on his trade. I lieu -if which the undaunted: nine
city, died at Ormond, Saturday I>OM* Mulkey, the )little daughterof for a new hotil. Howe\er. if th"yepected \- | capture ,

evening, aged 70 years. The remains For S ile-Lot on North Ridge- Mr. and Mr. 1..J. Mulkey, i is biif anything out of time ordinary j I d all tl'f ministers e>f the compauy Combined with

were shipped to New York, woo1 1 ; frontage on three streets. Address teriugwitha badly sprained wrist they were appuiutPil, Ril ttiiiiRs werequite A little scrap between Mayor Harroun

Sunday, accompanied by the attend owner. Olive II. Garland. 277 received while at play 11'ethc'sslav! tame throughout. Tlie routine I Ihusilll"&i | and Photographer Smith gave an unex-
Dr. C. G. at her home N. lkal.h blrect.Don't '! |M-rte-d turn toward the close e>f the afternoon.
Miller of on is
ing physician, Broadway New York City. 41-2t.:? was heating; and ordering own- Style
It is reported that Mr. Smith !
that city. erous bills paid.! When this part of the |
let of fine f
II. K: .T who delighted the reports a spell of insisted, on entering the house for the .
people proceeding* had l.ed iu answer to thePresident's
Mesdames Matthews and Porcher, hiv 1'(1es'h! y with his splendid weather "up at 11Omt"tl'cide you togo Osteshanded I pupn !'c of getting a picture and the The Secret he _

sisters of Mrs. D. A. Blodgctt, left illush.:" II !. i t'roh: bird life, departed back too soon. Fishing is goinp the in'luiryttornt'y communication Mayor I insisted, that he must not; and K
Saturday for Mrs. Porcher's homeat .. to be fine from this on and thgrateful < secretary I they set-too this difference, and
\f Cocoa. Mrs. Matthews arrived trade winds are beginning to tIiIJg9t'rl' lively for Lill'. The
where 1 I.e is in 1 I. m tare at the Royal ened to with close attention A j is-ti-
with Mrs. Blodgelt last week an i Palm u-iht.. aril the following blow here now. Lion was read favoring the closing fctuc| I may or may not come out in the

Mrs. Porcher came up from Cocoato night 1 1.,. 'pia!! iul ..:1 engagement- at At the regular meeting of Halifax Ocean boulevard, which was followed I!I Ivor's you rt.D. Dorothy Dodd and Oxfords

see them. the !Hal: Poinciana in Miami.A. Council No. 1, Royal and Select by A counter-petition from tKtun j .\YTOX.BE.CII, March 3 -MrEntiis -.

FoE SUE.-B-llat Clarinet. Bargain N. "arshhll, of Norfolk, Va., Masters, held at Masonic Hall! Tuesday card property holders. The LoUI"-1 : DrJit'hrlrs:\ daughter: who has

if taken at once. W. M. Moore, who rtiu.tly purchased the Murray night Rev I D. H. flutter, H. T motion,was referred to the City Attorney Ue-n spe-ndm cme time at their winter 2We

Box 500) city. cUw-lt\: property on north Beach street, is Mi-CIelian( and George P Johnson to look up the law on the-rUeMion.| The j jm jting home returned to Chicago a fewdajs are showing all

the of the received the degrees.H. adjourned to Friday nin'ht. ,,JI<).
The music at St. Mary's Episcopal improving; appearance I '
church, Sunday evening!; was place greatly by thinning out the T. Me-Clellau is building quitean SIUBRF.KZK: 3 -The pupils e.f I Mr Phillips it having a retaining wall the latest styles in

excellent. The choir consisted trees wlich darkened the house. addition to his dwelling houseon the .Seabreeze I'dl'1. and especially| the' I bx.ilt em his prop m-rtJ on Peninsula drive.
most '
of ten men, and the offertory solo The barn has albo been moved farther North Ridgexvood avenue, giving high School, were ideally tixir>|>..inti-d C. I.. Horn is doing the work. He uaK > Pat., Gun Metal, Tan

"Consider thb Lilies, How They back and converted into a garage him a detached kitchen and porches in being prevented by the rain from attending ) clearing and grubbing the lot to
the lirtur on bird l lift' it tie : get ready for building. The house will
and other changesand improvementsarc the Hour and
Grow, was beautifully rendered by on ground two large and White Canvas
Prof. Sheppard. iu progress. rooms on the Qtror]aluve. Palmetto clubhouse yesterday! after'loon IK- built on east end of lot, facing on i
by HerltTt( K. Job naturalist j H< !I\wood avenue.

Jackson Vaughn, colored, was before Donald Morgan!-; the young son of ('. A. B. Tics armed Thursday Many of the students are much interestcd ]j Xew hats nt reasonable rate- Old Pumps and Ties.-...

Justice Titus Saturday charged Mr. and Mrs W. J. Morgan, celebrated night from Rock Hill S C., where in Florida bird. | hats renewed at short notice.

with vagrancy lIe was bound over his tenth birthday anniversary he is at present manager of The Mrs. }lesser, Mr.( and Mrs. Bliss! amid! 41-2 Mrs. A. R. Hibbard.

to the Criminal Court and Monday Monday afternoon at his homeon Rtcord: news and job office, and will }Ir., ..topI Utl...." up to X,). !'J |, Mr. and Mrs. Set-ley and brother, M. B. AULTMAN

Deputy Marshal J. F. Singleton deIn'erOO north Kidger.ood: avenue with a bprnd a week Ju'retith his family and back in Mr. I'rregger's worthy 'Imati i i!'e.f PmehuM, are spending a few I = =

] the prisoner to Sheriff Smith number of his playmates. The a" his home on Magnolia avenue Monday afternoon. They left hereafter ;i! d'ijs at Palm B,.ach.Mr ,

at New Smyrna. birthday feast enjoyed by the party two o'clock and were lieiiiie-,y M-\en. <. A. L. Madden of New York, and \\'Ih", \Ot.... 'nn. nu..b'rr..r.II.lllno'ont..t..
ride Jlru.J II. T. Clark, an old friend of Phone 2. Beach St.
was preceded by an and still nad time to enjoy a J.I.a'u t :,, Mr-i F. V. :Shields; of Atlanta, Ga..
$Collars 2 cents, all style of blurts and the little folks all greatly enjoyed Dr. .\.J Perkins! of f North Iidgt.WlIl.J : > visit to the door. \I i: c.ire: in this: week and are pleasantly --
10 cents with work left and called the afternoon.A. avenue, left Thursday afternoon '
Miss Phillips is a fine musician and I."t..d at The White Hou-e - -- -- ---
for at Steam Laundry. tf on her return to her home at DJOiM Of f 0 00 W iOiN Y6iYf YNNNM W MMMN
Daytona Mi-'s Rus.sell'a indebtedto
the The
gue>ts at are The 1 fine concert given daily at
S. Harroun, Mayor of Dayto g Plainfield: Ill., after a pleasant': three I I
Mrs. A. Loeb and sister, Mrs. B. Beach before Justice II. T. weeks visit with Dr. Perkins and her for many pleasant\ hour S :vide by The Clarendon orchestra, are

Loeb, arrived Saturday from Chi- Titus ,Thursday was at the City Hall, family. The II (i\Vilson Ctu have just sold :1 Hsc'ilv' appreciated. by tin guests. Miss I BUSINESS APED PROFESSIONAL l I Ici

cago and with the former's daughter on complaint of Clark G. Smith, a river lot l longing to Ir"W.. Pow|I v|iiiKling! a.:-i..tC'f1 l at the :Sunday night ,,
Tie given Tuesday at the Harris brot ht'l whoarr : ]
suprei ersto S program; ----- --
Miss Loeb, who has been room- also of Beach cha-ged with i,
I :
the Social Hall of the Congregational l e-acli : =v Mejers, Dubuque, Iowa; James O
> winter
and Mrs F. I). spending the at Diytona
with Mr.
ing Spring, assault Mr. Ilarroun was bound [ 1 ;
church by the Christian Endeavor (;J-irdon.: Charlottesville N. C ; 1'. F. SCII'LII: : ,n. D. Titzgerald & Gates-I
Lane of Miss Bell\ Little of Fre-leiicksburc. i
on Ivy are now guests one over to appear at the next term of u |!:
of the Seabreeze hotels. the criminal court This case is the society was a success sociallyand Va, and nephewV.. L. 'Se-ddon. thief I It.ngine't'r RikT Chicago!: ; Mrs. A. O. Kucchente Physician and Surgeon.; Attorneys at Law
realized : l anti l children, Emil Gar-
They Chicago
financially. ;
of the ::C'wollrdir Line will
T. J. McMickin who bas teen for result of an altercation the celebration between of the Illinois about $311.X/( and enj"jed the ev- arrive Thursday on a visit to Col. and I uteh; and wife, Ashland, Ohio are recent I 302 North Ridgewood j Special Attention to Examining and

the past year in the employ of the parties Day during last Monday. ening.Mr. \lr>. Fleet and. family em Ocean oule-- I I arrivals at The Seaside Inn.Chulip : Phone 103, Dajtona, Horida Perfecting Land Titles.

Gruber-Morris Hardware Co last I brother I Yourev has just returned from I Oflice hours: It to 12 a. m.,
and Mrs. Georcre SitnomN! \"anl Mr. Seddon) is Mrs Fleet's i Conrad Block, DAYTONA, FLA.
week resigned his position and re Thos. B. Yarned and wife, of who for the past month have been and Miss Little her aunt. H I Uvtt trip; to Palm Beach. Mr.( Yourceis I: e 6toSp.m. ,-

turned Saturday to his home in Philadelphia, Pa are visiting Dr. I visiting Mrs. Nellie Simonds on Mr Orth leans today for Erie: I'a I i the winner e>f the 100 yard dash in I ------ Parr h. IjtnUULANDIS Berl }I'hlt

Jacksonville. Mr. McMickin 1 has and Mrs J. Schneider, on North (i Orange avenue, left Thursday after- i where he is Mmimoixd )by l>i .ines in- the: >minimum; contest at Miami, on Feb i DR.cU 1:. RAWLINGS' i
made friends here who II i 10th. The prize is a hands : & I I1SI1
manv greatly KMuewood; avenue. Mr. Harned is I noon for St. Augustine and other i tt rets..SEABRi. s retry: very i

regret his departure. one of Pennsylvania's prominent points enroute to their home at I --- -- I s< silver cup. Mr. Youree Ls a guest Physician & Sllr(Jcon.I Attorneys at Law
his mother Mrs Youree, at SurfCiet.
witli I
IS TEiATLLST-TheAdamm4! .hantz lawjers. Mr. and Mrs. Harned I Rochester, N. \ FZK Mar. 3.-The l.ulie-sof! I'rllc.llrtnjt In all State and Federal
St. Augustine for a few I ('uurlt. rit II or Criminal builorii
looked over I i Congregational church were having: Office or \'otu..ia avenue first door : glren -
Plant has just received a full supplyof i ... of Worcester \ direct from New York, at rltrt'rulaltt'ollon. special l l facllltiri
dais enroute and praise the "Old !{ Mrs. I A. Slaney, great success in the sale of their beautiful :I. Millmeiry forlrtrrstlg.tingand it-rf 'cllnj tlllrt.lx .
incandescent lamps.Mr. Lady of the Matanzas," but they I I Mass., arrived Thursday and is with fancy articles, useful articles and XT-! I Ihbbard's, Daytona IVach. 41-2 I $ west of Hankins Tharmacy. 'lj>nO, Florida.IwacA .

think Daytona is in a class! all by )l: M l. Holman and family on Fairview afternoon lateen I ,
and Mrs. F. M. Ackley, of I supplies yesterday i DVYTOXA BEACH March 4.-The I Kgfortl: BlySTLiWAUT
Chicago, who have been the guestsof herself a.d-o they will drive! a rnhere. ;i avenue. Mrs Slaney i is a |>eisoiial '" the Daily XP\U reporter calltel.Howecr. ; f< 'ty boat people reaped a big harvest E. L. STEWART
Mrs.I llol- .
of Mr.I and
Mr and Mrs. R. I U. Taylor for the ( I' as the f"ir'a" loK- (nlinucil of :
past week, departed this morning I j man, and their next door neighbor through the earning a full report could it,. until late afternoon the tramp, I 1
J. J. Banuoii, of Savannah, Ga.. a iat I their Worcester home. not Inr given until another el iv.Mr Special attention to disease of tIll.i LawyersOffice
winter. I1'. traveleded
promising to return next I unpof a long procession!
i I!
of U.1'1: McFadden, of this I i Eye Ear, Throat and Nose. Office
They are charmed with Daytoi a mil I friend for few daysMr 1 j Mrs. A. H.[ Schmidt and little *. John Ball and two sons are here I S, ibrecze av enueheading for the teach |i iI and residence.!' Magnolia avenne :3rd! next door to Bank Building, I

vicinity and expect to invest in 'I city, is in Daytona a much of daughter, Dorothy Marie, accomI from St. Louis, Mo., and are Oiup3ins i to sr the big whip-ray mistakenlyr.ihd' I I door west of P.O. telephone 82. PoLnnd, Florida i i

property here next season. I' l Bannon had heard so felt I panied Mrs. Schmidt's parents, Mr. one of the Stewart cotttges.Mrs. ; Etin?afl"'." captured by Quinton MKhours m.lolOp in. ____ _
that he i I
tho beauty of Daytona South Ik-ml. ----- -- -
John M l. \Hi.sM 'n, of
Mr. of Owen I
and P. 1
Minsk county
j and Mrs. Julius ; Litingstou
Percy B. MoCord, of Green which. (compelled he says, to see it for himself and Mrs. H (,. Bohack and Miss Ind., and Miss I! of Grand: fr- in Keatmg's pier, Tuesday afternoon. 1, G. ltI.OCt\ TI'I LlS INSUKtDVolui.i : [

Conn., who has previously assistedin ': lie stopped at St Augustineon while bethinks i ring on a trip to Miami, leaving; Rapida% Mich., are trnding the week :, :Vr! 1 Livingston hooked this curious exi I i County Abstract Investment I
and I dud
the music at St. Mary's church, t the way down here Monday afternoon. The party with Mrs. StephensMrs. i i ;i'' s-sof nature with a large bas hook, Physicuin Surgeon} and Title Insurance Company.AI .

will join the choir of that chinch for it a very pretty place he say will visit Palm !Peach on their return Chene\ert and little son left Monday I 1 o.: lather ware: hIeilh two bass books I Special Btteiitloii gl\en to l'IK'a'Wl! e>f .strMcl* furnished and III lei ixrfrcted .

the balance of the season. Mr. I it . Landln sup,

McCord has a fine bae'oi,- He his estimation. lie hopes) to return Schmidt They enjoyed a week'si>it with the :i Livingston said the ft'lohaa\ been ". O@ee I' Hrtr'v aiMl Tread. Co.
Grandpa I
in by Sunday. to s a. m. I to:1lii( p. m. ; to !swti ii iii.I.t1TONA. Hunk. ivI.aiHl. na.
is at present a guest of the Tourist here next winter for a more pro- i is bemoaning even this short separation former's mother, Mr& Stephens t.H. 1 pains! around the pier for some time i I KLM .\. 'II
South Palmetto longedisit. G. \\'lU.n A Co. today sold to W.
on avenue. I from his: wee granddaughterRed I cutting!; time fishermen s hooks<< off; also
l __ I C. Cannons two lots, :Nos.: 3 and C;, block j that he hiniM-lf was something of an e\- I | JOSIE RO<1E S, M. I). 1) I D. & C. f M. HOGCKSCivil

9999999999999999999999999999r999The 1999999999999 31, Atlantic a\enue.: I I I at whiray or sting-ray ft
pert | catthin\\ I EngineersDAYTONA.
Men Active. Mrs. J. M. \\alker!.; and Mrs Dales.wtio 'e,. h. had lauded several 1 01 $ I Homeopathic I Physician I

Vote' As It Stood Thursday EveningIN a1 OsceoU Tribe, No. :21, Imp. 0. H. M I are -ending| the winter at Putt Orange. ,i iwere ':|I fishing in Florida waters Many Photo-I Xo 43 Xorth Heath Ftrrtt. : tfitn and

CONTEST. organization. At visiting, Mrs Supheus em \Halifaxavenue graphs wtremade of the fish, Office Hours, 12:30 to :!:30n&tJ 6.00;: mA111, }"LA.IaytarsOgsc .
PIANO is growing
I the regular meeting of the Tribe \Yed- today s(r\ed for a day's diversion. I II i to 7:30. Ertablkhcd I 1m
DAYTONA 1 nesday night six candidates( J. B. Garrison Mr and Mrs. Rutlin of Ilitl4>ori>, N. I II 1 I The big fish was not the only item of ', Tt"Ii' 122.Uaytona _

C., and Mrs. Ham-on! c.ftl.1ota., left beautiful teachyesterday I
1,749,145 unu-ual interest
on our
School j C. U. M. Sheppard Xevio MtClel- I
Daytona High I I.
afternoem for Atlanta They I
Halifax Rifles 1,254,800 : lan, R. C. Adams, \\ A. Pitcher and I. I yesterday afternoon Major Charles Private Hos
at Mu-s Russell's: fur six i isstopping
889,320 wore guests Gitz J\\8rf.oC laiituld Iowa II
1 Order Eastern Star. J. Crews received the Adoption degreeand
... 660,650 there weeks past: and tu.te many faicnds dur at The Western, Daytona on pi'tal11(1 SanitariumKv
B. P. O. Elks I are ten more applicants retrolly .. lrHi iiM-m
Miss Maggie Morgan 182,510 I elected to membership, awaiting in IK their stay his'a' from Cabs, was there in his ,, o amid care rr r.cllltrturthe..J iiiwlk-ni and V ro mirnlml tw cir. I
Miss Jean Frances Conrad 122,885 ; initiation. This will bring the totali Mrs It H. Quinn. Gertrude Quinn wheel chair sharing in the attention e I..tllcal lturr..unol"III.4ilC't'lal ap|>llrfiics.. trained attenIMaglr.n nur M-- .
80,825 I | and Mrs. M. A. :Smith of Hartford areyesterday's md t f the crowd. Major quiet T..rnu.of! nfipll-
membership to about e-\cnty. Afterthe curiosity > : to all patient
i .. .,
Baptist Parsonage I the Princess Jena. ,. i cation. >" ::1I''h :<0' l' yt 6
61,550 Usual arrivals) at : (Manta as informed a Daily News reiMvttrr n I
Colored Industrial School : degree work the supper was I U. \ KI.* "
I 45,895 served in the lodge room I II i< 13 years old and looks even t>b)+iUUn In Charge. I
Miss Mary Gilie 1 --"- --- I
40,560 I II Dr. B. S. Rose and wife, friendand ...Id'rf'ighs; 30 |>ound>, and is IS
Miss McCann I __ _-
Rubie Sullivan .., ... ... ... 975 1 visitors at the pleasant) home of Mr and metes tall developed head and. intelligent (IJIl.' \\'. .\. GOYL: i nfl A. O'XEIL: i
... 935 I New League Organized. Mrs. M. I.. Waggoner, left Tuesday for eve ttransly; contrasts; th ptr- '

I Daytona Institute ... ... 525 Hallo St. .Augustine, Jlicl..c'n\: ille. and oilier! i i"heJ lower part of the body. Dentist i OSTtOPATIlSirtt[ I
Mrs. F. L. Middleton i A meeting was held in the Social interme-diate points to L'anille: their Miss l'luo has been visiting Mrs. i i II i I
OUTSIDE OF DAYTONAVilman's > ( the Congregational church Saturday
I 394,525 home town.Samuel : Sin ktser, on 5eabrerze a\rnue, two I cries' corner Bldgeweeel sad Vot a .\1MiH-.n Uuildiog
\ Opera House afternoon, at which a local thapterof Snider, wfe and two children.of .
247,335 iiK>nttis past, has returned to her home, I Sn. heath I
the American Woman's I.t'agut'as
Seabreeze High School 222,645 Minneapolis, Minn united Sunday at South lieud. Ind. PHONE b'J i
formed, by the organizers Mr. and Mrs.
Kingston School and are guests at the (Princess It-seas. ; Mr. and Mrs. R< me gen, (.f Lime, 0. -I I Ii - --
110,975 .
M. E. Parsonage, Daytona Beach E. II. \\ ller on The following officerswere Mr Snider i is an ex-("( 'ncres man of his arrived this week and hate taken room- I II

Miss Elsie Coates, Daytona Beach 52,420 46.700 selected by ballot: state. : on Cenates afnie, at the Carter home. i I ROY 11OUT.. ,'\. I ). S. II. GOYt: I

Seabreeze Congregational Church 36,550 President-Mrs. Abbott. Mrs K: Pearce c>Aurora, III, who \V. DuhiiZ wttobas been \ sitiol; LIpart'Dtt Physician and 'tur.'on.Office ) Architect Builder and |
M. Mabbette.
Mrs. I.
Beach .
Miss Ruby Spaulding, Daytona Secretary has be-e-n spending the winter with !hr at the Sehud cottage, leave today -
33,645 Mrs S. MilK _':! ;S.., Ridge' Contractor
Miss Alice Daugherty Daytona Beach ;h Treasurer- daughter Mrs:! A. :S; Randall Itft yesterday for Marion. Ind. I ( and residence: i
.., .. 7,330 The members have entered into work! I Ho
Blake School... I afternoon on her return t.oiue Mr and Mrs John Cutnclen who have' wood Avenue of-p RisidLre and office, northeast CON
Miss Beach 6,250 I of the Chaptt'rith much enthusiasmand : tel. Phone 173. Office hour'J t nerRidgewood and Volusiaave. I
Sallie Holland, Daytona Mrs C. C. Gillette' 'l.on.e made jellies -pent most of the winter in the burg IUI
Miss Jennie Murray, New Smyrna expect to be able to be the ownersI prc-sem-s and Dlrmaladt.c'rt' hometown, I-- 11 a. m., 2 to 4 and G 30 to i p. m. I'hune 89. Daytona,
Cur tiki
Ormond School 5,84.1 I I of a beautiful Chapter House for the used quit an attractive feature at the, Congregational left >es-tetda Ill. > I, :9999999999.999999.999.999. C.t1iN Mid NNMM tIINI 11....
church fair esterda .e-n tur.
Cum. )
.......... Cherokee Weman' foagur. J

t }3 :.
-- -- -
-- =

s ..yYtt
rs'i *?1 ;"'. t"--. ,_....s.&i, J: _'_4.i1. >t-_

___ ttl v r : ..

'{ ,

::: -- -

ls' I'''' T I II ...................1....................


r TH&E


PaY doP pcnrurtnuly crcome cy prPcr

l i which two residents of Daytona and vicinity will be awarded I I P er's1 nQ1 efforts witlttte t) assistance I PIANO CONTESTThese

IN beautiful[ Howard Pianos furnished by the Bush & Saflord A SUCCESS. PRESIDENT. : t f the4mp (ruly'beneJiri l \ Qt..c

Y Piano Company of ).Miami sole representatives! of the K S. How- I I 'I \\- -HI----W", and idir* ", votes cast for _
anl ('n. Thp c-ontest to be conducted on behalf of the Bush & |I :VrnicK enables I on regular'

Safford. Co l h.y THE DUTOXA GAZETTE-NEWS and TnE DAI TON A DAILY I Beautifu--; : :; I! Kabits dally So that assistance to nature I Etch issue i of the Gazette-News will publish one of these coupons.

I Xr.\\3.: Ladies Beaming; Florida East Coast Automobile may b* gradualdiSptnsecUM]) ,, It must be voted within seven days. February 27, 1909.!)
I i I v" tan no (lon er needed a$lne bestof
ti :$2.45O.OO= II Afternoon Glorious Despite Association Holds Annual :I I remedics,wKcn required; ore to assist\ OOO ON1100.OOM00lOi.IO..MOM OCOOe8tf00a OOiiINY NOd

One $100 R. S. Howard Piano will be given to the person or or- Frowning Elements. Meeting. "atl1 re and not to juipjJam the htur. I Iat (1

ganization residing in the City of Daytona who receives the highest ) actions vK'tcK" must depend ultiey -

number o( tutea. 1USIC AND MRRIMfNI[ wnn [LKS THE RACE MEET[ COM!G FIE! InQt! ] upon propef noun'sKment.P .
And one 100 R. S. Howard Piano: to the person in Yolusia 1 I I mP :e ortsandn" ? t 'licit! Just as

County outside of Daytona who receives the highest vote. r. r. RRR To t et 1I5 benejicial cjjfecis.CMJFiffiNIA tenrrQlr'l I alt .>

In addition to the two piano additional prize will be given to tlY the
follows The weeping clouds of Tuesday had S. H. Gove, the contractor is the
contestants as : no deterrent effect upon tbe handsomely: newly elected head of the Florida i ixir1 Sronq i Grow < c Al l t

ci Two Due Bills for $:..*(each Two Due} Bills for $100 each gowned ladies who came in numbers in East Coast Automobile Association.The : 67 the They

i Two Due (Bills for $175; each ;' Two Due Bills for $ 75 each I response to the Elk invitation to visit annual meeting of the Association The Finest Caged Coast lie foci
'' the splendid new quarters.of this prosperous was held Monday night and the
Two 1 Due Bills for $150 rack Two Due Bills for $ 5Oeack) FIG SYRUP Co. 40 VARIETIES 4 STYLES IN TIN&OLASI
I l young! lodge. following officers were elected for the OXIY
Two Due Bills for $ )li."i each Two Due Bills for $ L'5? each
The response to the invitations was ensuing year, the terms of office com SOLD STALL LEADING DRUGGISTS
one sue oaly reguUr price FRUITS Right off the Trees
general and during the hours an- mencing the first of April
'! -- --- -
; ;. Contest Commenced Dec. 1st, 1908 Closes March 31, 190Q. nouucrd for the reception the ladU-s Pret'idpnt-S. II. Gove
Phillip E. Robinson, Architect.
1'i came and went and bright fares and First Vice Pn.idt'nt-R. M. Bond.
t cheery words gave evidence of their Second Vice Fre'idl'nt-E. .'. O tes. i I I | N'allonal rrrrunah Uld'g, ur.r. VEGETABLES Fresh from the Farm

i RULES MD REHATK I I I Ili'illlC I WAllERETOGEIVOTES\ thorou enjoyment. Secretary E. Fitzgerald. l!, 't. 1Slntrr it F'Ivrfda lion,es

i, There was much to attract and please Treasurer X. Conrad. i'' ill ;: nuug.lowa, .

t I 1. Therontwt in'ulu..ia; open to anyone. 'rile following/ men.bantu will give; The handsomely: tilted suite of room I I Directors-IT. B. Ault lan. EdwardWhite : t Pauv rngdc.l Houar.lrr FISH Wriggling frOm the Water.
who i i.
County dru4ruawn
i one rote fur every rent paid into their was a revelation and a pleasant F'. J. Nivcr, Gev F. Smith H. /
kiuiwulytheonduetoraOf, thet-un- 'Phtahlfahuifiit. for goodLirh. they The suite luxurious Y. tillm&1 and T. Titus. I \\
t r t<"<* or voiu hod" for liy nome reputsililf pri+e. was so Bur-I I Henry !tatsnnab
person to tlitiu, well "nowli. I handle: artistic and rtHtcted such comfort Se.t'ralletters from 'Senator" Morgan r 1 am.... I
2= Normphtyr| attaclior relative PKCK-IIEXPIllrKS CO.. I Dry(; good-ft'JoWtohip! that -the ladies were were read which showed that the WORLD.
I o! the |pn.prit i tots of the above naiue : ; II. 'I..11th. and said for the beach tournament 1
'" KO. ( Jewelry and Stationery. quite captivated so arrangements great 56 VARIETIES IN TIN AND GLASS.
this....11,.....1. uud will participate in I The reception was a pronounced ..ue- are progressing. TUEGLENWOODISEADREEZE
no manner. L
l t I H In the event of a niiMinderftjiixlinK TIM] G.\/ITTE NEWS rmll'\XY. weather. From 125 to 150 visitingLlkfftis project of connecting the good road* FOR SALE BY t .

I lietueieiiiaiiJiJ.itfMor others IIANKINrt.TlieDruirKi) 't.1C -the mothers, wives sisters system between Volusia and Brevard
inten8t in this ..ullt..l. such II. MiDONAM U. M.aN.M. daughters and a number of prospective counties and urging the County Commissioners FLA.
} controversy inav. lie referred to the I L. G. LYMAN.
I } f- ciMidiiotorit of the (context who alone I I It. AULTMAX.GeiitH* F'orni,.binKsf11111CE1JIUItR131I.111'11'.11ECU. wives of the Elks-paid their respects to use efforts to build thesame !NEAR POSTorHCE. SCHOOL AND: SHUKE.: ?

the render : i and brightness and splendor to the
i are IIt'rliuwf qualified to I gave 'ODIl" HOUSE: ---- -- --- -- t
--- --- ----
1. d
l 1. In theetent, randidntrdeidts... ] I Three charming ladies the Misses S. A. Wood, cashier of the Volusia Electric; Lights Telephone all ............................. ) .. ............

withdraw from the iiv nmhtuii- ,| Where Votes May be Cast. Morgan, Browning and Luce dispensed County Hank, of I Laml. spent .
dilate w ill not be allowed to trnn"f'r"utt'll Conveniences.
t: to to the credit of another canilidatein Ball-it lloxeH will !I., placed in the refreshments confuting of tea and Sunday and Monday( in Daytona I i M. ELLA DE VOY CO, i.
.) the con 'l'Jt. houses represented l in this Tonteot.Day wafers and candied gingers. The re- listening to the roar of the surf and i (JO|.K. nt .\TI\tI.:' KlHlllMt. n.\TIII

EZ Treatments were ordered by ThomasOjania observing the style and speed of[ H|vrfalFGtlrlfutt'uvn.C. O'1 : LADIES' HATTERS ::1
r and were much enjoyed. Daytona horseless vehicles
f -- --- The Colonnades orchestra discoursed iLe r. BOWIE, Proprietor. : Correct in Styles. OPEN ALL THE YEAR. I i

piring music at intervals throughoutthe : No 6( South Ik-arli: Street, Pojtona. *
1'Ti G, ) M 011 iotl N! M! INNJ NN 7 avstG i I reception, which ganan added EVER WATCHFUL From O''II\I'r ;: i, TIM, to April l";, \n .....................................................

I pleasure.Charming. It It It

r l ( Electric Current I: gowned, moving femininity hither and exquisitely thither) ; A Little Care Will Save Aliny Daytona After .\1'1 If 15, I***', JI..nL I.E ('JlIIVALIP.K: :+-........-' '......N......010101..0.CF.. ..0...t+!

I lK.'van GrosNew Jertey. i
,,1 soulful strains of music echoing throughout Readers Future Trouble. LING WAH
I the halls; quaintly costumed tea

XI Will be turned on II servers guests; colored moving lights fairylike shedding among softened the health.See Watch that the they kidney have Necrvtionn.the amber! hue of The Morgan, ICHINES'UTLA UND RY I.

rays over the quaint SCt'nei; waving
The discharges ese-eme infrequent
December 1 1908. or
1j1I. flags, t beautiful banners and many (' : i 214 North Beach Street DAYTONA. FLORIDA.

colored decorations with here and therehuge \u l.t'ML1/: Stiff bosom shirt front..12 i! i :
I Contain no "brk-k-dust: like"wduueiit. open j Night Shirts .10White
I elk horns out in bold i
11 z i This will give the citizens of Daytona standing. relief Doan'n Kidney Pill will do this for 0 shirts.. 1 \Voolfn Shirts...............................10

k; i made a. picture most impressiveand you. DAYTONA, v LA.II. j Check shirts_ ........................ 8 l'nd'Jirt8................. ..... ...... ...? 8Driwers

i "4t t I Seabreeze and Daytona Beach an opportunity inspiring.The visitors of They watch the kidneys and cure i : New shirts_...........................?......13 ..................?_. _............. S. .

1' yesterday pronouncethe them when the,)"'re tk-k. [ M. MANWILLEU PKOPRIETOR I' : Shirts t'oarattached.]] ........... .-....13 Sucks: per pair................................ 3

J to operate I initial Elk reception a pleasing Daytona testimony proves it. II I Collars.]] pacb.............. ....................2J} Hundkerch cfs........... ........... ..... .. 3 IHaniikcrchUfe

i event. W. F. Jibb Voiushi, avenue, IXi.vton.i -- --- -- -- -- -- : Cuffs per pair........... ........ ............ & Silk ............_.......... 4 i

Electric Fans Flat Irons Machines\ I Fla., says: "1 can eertaliilyDoan'i T,'('onull ell 'I LOW TIDES on the BEACH : Also Indies Clothes at oorrt'spondirg prices
Landed Big "Stingaree." Kidney Pill and know them tobe !
''Z.e .......e........... .. ..
of U.y .t +G o +i j
a preparation merit.
My 'k rEB. MAJ.: APR.
i One of the largest fish of the sting.Pee .- Month I I .
it I and motors of various kinds. The operating family ever ]landed at the was weak and painful for yearn and u* 1 .
wan obliged to l be e>n my fart a good ... 1..l0:5o..i.: .. 9:27... ...10:45...
pier was caught Tuesday by a Mr, ... L..I1 a:3..lU'7.: .. ...11:30... J '2
of motors by electricity is clean I part of the time,! in inisIf "' FLORIDA EAST COAST
was uKvuvM .I. RAILWAY
Livingston, of Indiana. It measured ... 3... ...l:;:7... ...11:15. ...12.09...
and seven feet across the back and was fourteen 1 utetoped, 1 would! have dreadful i ... ..... ...12.30..12:03..12:45.: : ..
economical.] Ask feet long and was armed with pains through my luint Tin ki a were irregular in action and ,, .. ... ... : ... ... :- ... ... IAS... I .. January .
I II deadly serrated barb which they know I .. 7... ... ....... ::20... 99 No. 35:>> No. 83 Na 29 Na 'ill0..I T0. 5\95
; there pediment; ; 2:2 7..1:3) I. MAIN Li.sE I
I E' ightOPlant how to use in the water with telling was u container) i intI.elll. i I, ..: s... ... 3Ui.: ..... _:.0.,....... 2:52.: DAILY DAILY DAILY P.utD.ULY DAILY_DAILY _
Adam Schantz efTett. $ext to the bite of a rattle I finally Ifgiin using Doan'c I ... y....... 3-10.: .. ... 2:37....... 3:2.5... i 1130 pm 120 pm 1000amI7:81amLr: Jacksourllle..r. ; I ; JlIU It U pm I 830am .
snake the of of these is Kidney Pills, procured from l1anl.iliS'drug .. .. 4:13.:] ...... 3:10..407.: .. U 1060 49 pm f 4 r.o pm,1t7!L loin 8iuaw; Lv \IIjUIotll'e. A 19 Jm r,3u. 1'111 .10(2 am i 700 1m
sting one. raysmost store and found to my, Katl"fal"tiunthat I ...10.,1., .. 4:41..1... 3-16...,... 4:5.i... 121 am Lv Le DolelClrm Ea.t Palatka:vd 1.\Lt ii_ii_ .J'DI. 5! W.JOj J.m i 19....47. .am...., 614. am...
to dreaded.b ...12"' '". a:..).. .. -1::27... ... ,"):.>0,?. I 124 am 6 61.m 13:! I>mp'l27 am ,Lv.... urm..n,i ... 1.\ : :a pw i t .{ :,4 pm I.n''' 8 "4 aiD 14 U am I
K 1.. GUIS'X General Manager. I __ I they were helping me. IMurrlong ... .. 6:.. ...1... .5:15..7:05.; .. : 220am 188 am, 7U 706 pm JIm 14.222pm pm,,11 12 oI'J Zt' am pinLv Lv..New..It&ylon: J.32t pon... i !II Jom i 8 2J am I" am
I the Smy m. 1.,12nl.I 13
lameiic 'I I.
pain di-ai'n-tredj L..l. l,8W.m 4j
| .. .. 7:4.5.. .. 6:12..1... S:19... i Ii am 83.'ipm _
.l : I 320pm 180 pro.r;:: .Tltu.t ile.!! Lt:
., 39 2 :Ili pm,65GamI228&U1n.n ,
Auto Party's Oood Time. and my l kidneys were NtrviuitlieiMil to a ...1:;'.. ... s:):!... ... 7:17.: ''' 9:15.: .. I ................... .i 1" .7Y.: .....,.>ct.. Y.I!:!' H pm .......... ... ;.........
.St"OHe..HHeoee.............NN NM.N..NOlIN. wonderful extent. My wife hat,iKoiiM-d: ...l' ...,... 9.7...,.... ::!5... ....10:3I. :..... I.3U.mIIUpm..... ...;,'..... .... .167pm......... 2.0 21; 1"1 l 0I6pm161Sam IUam
.. .....
the well shaded ....... ......... ....... pm Gallie. 1.\IJ: ... ,....._...
Touring ..
grassy-parked .. .
Donna Kidney Pills and like invwlf.pruinf ...17... .10-17....... 9:33.: .......II : .. 6 02 .m It 20 II M :lOOpmLv.'oldbollrne.::' .: L"Il.i'Jalll i !. ....... ..i........... ....
500 ...
6 s' 8t I O O o .OO ..... j streets ton! Beach and and avenues Seabn of'('ze Daytona.and down Day.the tin-in highl.v.! 1 H j j .....19..15..11:51..0:33..11:54... ...1'2:01.: ..'...11:27..1:43.I .... I.80.0 7 b0; am am I.' pm.... 811)7 M pm pm pm 7 710 2.i: pm pm'Lv ArN r..Paim'".f'L1'1..l't"c Palm lIt.8I'h. ,Lv LI",' 7 Su 10., sin", 1110!J"45 aD.m 14 12 I I 21)2am\ am 111,.900 16 p.p.
+ ( A. (). n.BRIDE J. B. CONRAD F. N.CONRAD/ For sale by all dealers.. Price 50 cuts ...2()'.. ...]:!::,3...,....111.: >... ... 1 :12... am am 102 pm 1013 pm'Lv445am! 7.1; em/ 9 715am1210am au am I.... 840 p.
beach to Fort Orange, returning by the Foster '' .. .. ... 1:15..12:37..t. ; 21U... I 11120 am 14am( ....... .........LV....\r... ....... .. .... 000 pm
'P uldeDt V -Milburn Co., X. Y. .21. : : ..... ;!U 50 600
') Ica-Prea. Cashier Buffalo bole 122pm ...... .. .........IAr..lrome.tewi..Lv ... ...... pm pm
Mrs. ...... .
route George Ward a 'I .2'2 ... :; 30..L." 2c52.: ........} ; 400
2:35..I 2Upmj622am ........ pm
for .
the United ..
agents States. .lAr..Lo..ttKe' l.v .... ......... 1905
wealthy resident of Westerly, Iowa accompanied I :::_I:: 3:27. 1:15.: :,1. -:32opm1I(5am ........ .........lAr .KnlCht.! Ke,. Lv ...... .., ......j880 pro In pm !
S j 'm I
MERCHANTS BANK | by a quartette of her handsomest Remember the name-Doan's-and ::: 4'27.::: :: : ::: ::: r :: .6gpm.. ........ \'Ia P.&: /n.K.So Co.A'K"Wc'I.: : lstial'ko.i4LY! : ,.'........ .. -SWsm OOym
take no other. .. 2.1... ...5:12... .. 3;>7..1.. .. 5:17... ___.1' 30 p aP.o\O.K.K.Co.'Ar.. )''At. .U.un..Lv\! 1'\O.I'I.: .Co..11 00 am ........
(Qj)) (UHAKcii Or VOLVSIA ('(..-NT1' RANK) (gi\ and most vivacious lady friends ...'.)l.... ... fi.117... ... ..:-17...,... lj:12... 'Dallyaccept i Sunda,. TraIns don"'t.h.pall+ta'Mnaatahichnotime; Is sb;;;;:

((|| Capital Stoc-J!...... ........... ...... .............. ....$ 50,0(0 spent the anniversary of her birth Sat- ...21..1'I.". 7:12... ... 5:13...I,... 7:1.... ', II I I r
@ urday afternoon in her splendid Thomas .......................... ,... 5.::20... ... (;:..3..1... s:12... 1 PUTKIR\ rJI: ,
(gj)) Surplus and Profits ........... ..... ........ ....... 53,1C5 Flyer driven by Frank Pertlick, a I ::::2!':::;... ...... .. ; .. : ...;... 9:1: ... Leave -EAST PALATRA-TO Arrive- haste I'\LATI\A\:
( Four interest : Legal Notices .30. .... .I... .i2...,...10:01.: .. Pal.Ula r P.\LATK.\ I f'alalka I'alalh TO E.1ST! ArrlveEsst
cent of Mr- : '
t per paid on Ravings accounts and Time Ccr- ) tepe I, :: ::t i..1..::: .. .... 9.53...:.............. 1'\L.1TK.-\ PalatkaI

tificates of Deposit No notice lequired for withdrawals. {jg! dainties Fruits, nuts boxed candies and other ........................... ,I :',I II 520 9/ am am ......._.._...No..N0. 48 46P.IIy-. I'\ly.\ _._..... G.6 Ml., an am :.IS.a am ...=. _...N.No., 47 f9 /wily ..-..__-.. 6 oc am
and confections, surpliccd by NOTICE TO forenoon and afternoon tines are ap- 8.w am .._.No. 50 flatly -.._.. 9 W.D' 14... ....?......S.., t4y._._.. 7 10.m
Safe Deposit Boxes For Rent. animated converse wit and repartee enlivened riRe-riT i I proximately at the same hour. Automobiles ,, \\I M am -.-.No. 62 Iwily -_... 1015 am ........ .::0..,. r.r T..1 1w itiny I ly _. II 9 :J.'i to( am ate
((9: ;) the occasion and made the afternoon cult of .'lorl.II1.ln't.'KT-I'4I'n-nth and for 1'uluIa Judicial e Vuntx.('ir-. ran i>e drive non the beach two ICI i I 1206 121 : :::=: ;: t: Dally.liaily J: ::::..:' 12 410 2i pm pet 1&W t:1 pa ':. ::. \tr Sea, ::.; Unity.:: :.,.:::.: : : :
I hours .. pal tinny.
OO ID00 { IN ( after high tide and! within to 550 pm .._.No. M 610 .. .. .
3. 'IIAN'ERY.Iowa
". I hostess and memorable for pleasure both to ('LACIIA ) : hour! of high tide I,, llCt6pm .......No." 60 Daily..... 1215; am ice 5'0 sm pm .....Na Xf.t)1:dl Dally. ...........12..m,, 49 I'ID c
\'s. Nutlc To NonKsiatiit..
.. ., Z + ODaytona+ . The party was composed of Mrs.J. I WILLIAM.ToVILLIM Lowe) I I -s.1Niti: ,no BIU (.II
I E. Hawlings.! of Daytona; Mrs. Roy You ere h.rby LOWE nriutrrttu|:- Hpnr toil... Leave EasG EAST PALATE A TOa"e' ;; Sam L6.L5.. 4A\ MATEO To E"lT! ArriveFs'

Ice all Houghton, of Bensonhurst L I ; I th.'BlHfftitltl alit of C'oiiiplalnt.-.l lll"U'tl'.-.l rrliiitK.ilnit on or Idfontlif you:tli In That Mission Dining I Palatka'' SAN IATFU- Ia"'o I )lIt.\: \ --I'\I.\TEA

Company, I Mrs. I. T. Moore, of West Harbor Me.; day" 'of A(tttt. A. I>. Uv. > 7 4S am I..........No. 0I-Paily..........'; 1fQ u 8 is ....=. \u. J"t- --
e Mrs. Hugo Schlick. of Milwaukee Will ; dvfilguatril iiijrtonik ItS the I : a 25: JIm :;..........:\0. r.3 It.\lf.\ ...._... 3 1l I'm 3 :AJ pw ......... .u. :1 1..1' ......... 4 a5 Iv am LWSo.
PURE ICE Ir:1. Ward and Mr. Fertlick, of Wes or..r shall IK puMKtu-U oui't u ..<"< I k for four Ii I .
,, "on..uth111..1.Witness .... i I -; 26 To. 21 No. 19 S... 18 :III \0..
= 'rlylowa my band and al 1 of ollU'f this ISth\ ,. N1.11'PORT IHt INCII 0. 22
9n.only Su. .
only navy .
>' Made from Distilled Water. tlitvof Februarr. A. U.. lum Room SuiteIN Itdly i ri' 0111, I boll,
Mrs. Ward will be' at home" on Daytona [< KALI: MWriL l'. J. KI>AN. CI.Tk. pa10 10 am 6Wpm avuaml.v..LrhouIOi.! ...... .1r .
f r Factory corner Railroad and Volusia avenue. By K. ti. HAMLIN. lKutv Chrk. 2 40 pm I0 60 am 640 ..... 14uamII41pm'hWpm: '
Beach | .
winter. 510 .
next t.v. _
pm amn tat .
S' r o. P KlTZUKKALf!: e)4TKH, 2 46 pm to SS am 6 16 pro 8 I6 am I.e .....Atlah Ik.rb.Itmu.Is .......1.I v I 6 oj 50 a'D U I I" pm. 119 Intl
Holloltors for a ? II a'n I I,1 4 1.II.m .._
Coiiiplulnnnt. m 11 10 am 7 ( ( pm 9 do am Ar .. .. I" !
-- tlavl..rt I v S =.0 n" n n'n 4col'm ,::<
-- -
A Japanese Afternoon Tea. DR. T. A. DAVISPAXTHEROPIST : ; OUR WINDOW S.. t Dall t.. 1 DaII1 O..e City anaek'r.a Duly f tw 4 thib.. w ....1 1 $.ai.rJ .,....h t".. N peer S-.+,
Jt 1'i1.1 ifl ''if HytfmiTiUvmnf t *|* | \ i iI 125 pm 800 am L,. )0.. 1;." A.ii -
fHpfr'nmnf Hf I 4 10 1000 ; 00 n' 7 I.I;) w am !l..TI""III., .. \ -; iF.
I'm Lv..L.k.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Oy ama gave a 1 4 r am ._ R.ka..t III''; aV} !5 IS \ team 'r .. 100145 .
I 2A.? pm 10) 8O.m L. a.e ,. I .4rrtord L. IU 00.n
i ..? Cia .L''II 00 au 1 .0 .mill. .. .. ......._ ,.
Japanese Tea Sunday afternoon, from The latest, safest and most scientific I 42U.m 104.; am '.OnI. "'11.. L.. II _.
\ 00.11 ___ __ __ .. .....
method of "
I San Mateo i one to (five o'clock, at their beautifulhome treating the sick. includeevery ;i eo"Decdo". ..d., .t M..I whh P. & 0. ',
S -r
Cigars sIs a eo.. Co. IT N i w.: +aaa+ bt.on-_..
recently completed on South Scientific drugless Massage.system Women Osteopathy Bargain.'Bingham&MaleyCo.. edo.u tud..t 1I'lln.; atq; ..itJI P. a O. S. Co. for Kr, a'esf ..' N.,..... C...... "_
;, Huigewood avenue. Invitations were I dren specialty. Examination: and (chil .4 corral"*ThM TIME TABLES how the HIM. ..-;h i., ; be :
G( free. Matlaiw. fcol their arrnal .."..'. .. the )1" ripettrd p..nn. and drparl from ib. .
extended to members of the Palmetto I Corner opposite postoflice, I Da>tona l| ttaelt re.po.wpi. lor any de,Mqa l any con.eq..ence time.n.W'rd..." .h.Ie..nnt......gnmnlrrJ.. our due the lMmfjhold
Have Made Club and personal friends of Mr and 1 i Beach. i i FOR COPY OF THE LOCAL TIME CARD OR O1IIER INK.'RMVIION :-'o. -, .
J. D. : (fc I 1--i AC.LNT."
t d ) I Mrs. O yams and all afternoon Ridge RAH.NER. A..ietaat Gcocral P.uccicr Atcnt ST AUt.Sno.iILORIOA!

A Reputation of I wood avenue, was enlivened and with automobiles Notice : ---------- -
I I carriages: pedestrians wending to Tourists .
li i their way to and from the scene of
i I
; festivity.

i, :! Their Own. i j i Mr. Ov ama met the guests as they are I FULL .
I1 "j! I I rived while Mrs! Oyama received themat I i!

I\I\t The success of the San Mateo Cigar is one of Ji Jithe the tntrarce of the tea room, where I i 1 F you want the very best Oranges I! The Furniture

(cup of the fragrant and delicious beverage apply to Point Grove and.! the Fled: EXPRESS

greatest industrial triumphs of the East Coast : were dispensed by a charming'I i land Indian River: Orange, the heat! tI ,,, aAEPA1I) 4. .

l' ; i'iCC the freeze. bevy of young ladies, dreg+ed in Jap-j i I I in the State, situated 1 11 I miles south Emporium. jin1
1l IY a-ugecoftuincf" and the table was kept Al Y-
from X11
1 tl.tdL. from the choicest growths of tobacco that the peninsula i j bountifully supplied with delicate cakes ,i Daytona on the I\ j tona and'1- w $

of !Florida and the Island of Cuba can produce, and wrapkd and dainty Japanese wcetmeaU. I New Smyrna road. Roses and tv1' J
The r
l' guests" were given the freedom of
| with the rich, silky leaf grown cm }East Coast t plantations '"
I the house whuh is thoroughly modern i I
{ e the cigar industry the world has never produced better in its conveniences. Among the Japanese PRICES10DERATE.. I 1 1 1ii

.f ly I vI For .ile by all the leading hotel and clubs. and by the furnishings that attracted particular Shrubbery. t

I News Company on every train entering Florida i attention and admiration was a fFID MPROPRIETOR.\ 11 n t '
\llltle Ut! varieties of winter DfLvfRw}
I } foil
g0't1S'j beautifully carved teakwood bet in the
Twenty sixes styles and grades to elect
: i i ( reception room Several hundred responded log grafted I Hoses adapted to Florida,
to the invitations. MASONIC DIRECTORY. also other ornamental plants trees and .t $ 12 9r
rOil SALI: BY ALL [)I' LEHS.I HALIFAX shruLbery11 ..'ants s
LotHJK. No. guaranteed.
I !81. F..5 A M-
3 i Manufactured Sleets lit and Sid Thursday Grounds prepared and
By plants cared for. '
.1 Anita Hart tbe colored girl who HALIFAX CHAPTER: NO. :s i, R. A. :M -1 t
I S. We ROWLEY SAN MATEO i was shot by her husband some I OKISNTALfOMMASDERV.No Meets!: 2nd Thursday. 9K. T.-I:!! J. B. HINSKY I CHAS. BLUM l & COMPANY ,
weeks Mf'f'tUtb ,
FLORIDA ago is well on the way to recovery LIVE OAK Thursday AUKNCY; PAISST I'.RKU IM. ( O
1 CHAPTER: No. 1, O E.: 8. '
and Lll. .... .. has been discharged! Meet 2nd and 4th Tue U>tAll "THE( FIXES" Blue Ribbon
l } j Ii I from the Daytona Hospital. mess la M-*onlc Hall Or&D1tI'enut!. South Beer and lewjs 66 \\ his key
I Hidgewocxl aye, DajUma.j Send for IVk-e IJa.
i J I At'KSO.N\ ILLS:, n..'.

* ..... .. -J
'.ko( ... r ,,- ;.._ ---o-: :: -- --- .J>- -- -- .-

The Daytona gazette=news

Material Information

The Daytona gazette=news
Alternate title:
Ormond gazette=news
Portion of title:
Daytona gazette news
Portion of title:
Ormond gazette news
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Daytona Fla
Edward Fitzgerald
Creation Date:
March 6, 1909
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Daytona (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Ormond (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Volusia County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Daytona
United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Ormond
29.207222 x -81.037778


The Gazette-News of Daytona began publication in the 1890s and continued until January 26, 1901. On that date, it was succeeded by the Daytona Gazette-News, also known as the Ormond Gazette-News. This successor newspaper ceased publication in about 1922. Both papers covered news of traffic up and down the Florida coast. The St. Johns and Halifax River Railway, later renamed the Florida East Coast Railway, reached Daytona--present-day Daytona Beach--in 1886, a decade after the city had been incorporated. Daytona proved to be a new American city for the new American Century. With the railway’s arrival, Daytona’s proximity to the ocean made it a premier tourist destination. The history of racing in Daytona is also well documented, beginning with car races along the beach, followed by more organized races inland on oyster shell and later asphalt speedways. The newspapers also reported on the use of automobiles for stumping the state politically. Finally, researchers can find references to the activities of Florida transportation and tourism pioneer, Henry Flagler.
Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 11, no. 34 (Feb. 2, 1901)-
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Ceased in 1922?
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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4 b.

.. 5 *
.. J
..,\ -l"w... '
'. s

.. 7 ;

A '



-! -- y

Vol.20, No. 41 Goes Everywhere. Reach All Clmes. Daytona Florida March 1909. s
AIIY.,1.181 Medla. I. DI y t.aa ... Yldnt t,.
5 Cents
---- --
--------- --- --
.............................-c..................... --- y
1 FLORIDA It..i.....

I Trunks. Bags, Suit Cases, etc.
I OFf Orange Avenue, Daytona, Fla. '

Trunks, Bags, Suit Case Telescopes, Tourist Straps, Trunk Straps,

i Shawl Straps, Name Tags, etc., just received, we have a complete A DINNER ON CANVASS BANNER.s ELECTRIC LIGHTS, ELECTRIC HELLS,

assortment of Mailing-covered Suit Cases and Telescopes. Also a I HOT AND COLD BATHS.

I novelty in a Matting covered Hand Bag OrB l "*LLP Rkt ParcKI
A Business and Pleasure Meetingof Professor Herbert K. Job DelightPacked One Hundred and Fifty AttendedThe | TABLE fflSMUS, ROOM i FOR A fEW TABLE BOMBS. 3i
COA'tPANY.I I Daytona Truck and Fruit House; Many Stand "Sucker State" ReunionOn GEO. 3

sea/aeaal.Neeaeeo9l.....el..IC................ MATTHEWS, PROPRIETOR
Growers Association. ing Through Address. The Beach.ZHILUlUISilEHMm. ,
++*.. *............................ ......+

..11.1111...........1............;...I.1I1.....IsIs1' 1 1.sir.

I j HELD AT THE{ PIS[ HOTEL A PROFITABLE HOUR VITH BIRDS : l I t**************************************************,* 4a

OF FINE GOLDEN{ RIO :: r. .It .. 1t >if. 1t THE MAGNOLIA rI

3 0 0 I bs The members of the Executive Board I The hour having arrived for the lecture "Illinois Day" for Daytona, Daytona a RIDGEWOOD AVENUE. ::

Coffee of the Daytona'l"ruck and Fruit Growers of Prof. Herbert K. Job at the Palmetto Beach and Seabreeze was held Mon. aa Larqe Rooms. Furnace Heat. Electric Lights.

: As ociaton. the Drainage Committeeand Clubroom, Orange avenue Tues day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. : Rates $2.oo Per Day. !
.r a few more interested gentlemenwere day evening, found the building taxedto Ilarroun, on Daytona Beach. At 3 Ie

the guests of :Manager W. F. the limit, a goodly number standing o'clock p. m. 149 had registered. .: MRS. CELESTE KINKS, Propritress.

: FOR Si.J.A'r COST. Holmes at a dinner served ia the spacious '- in the rear. The lecture was under the Each: Illinoisan was supposed to bring ..x...... Jf..i 11ta14txx.+Ays..# ..+FCr..N"irN,....NNNrF y
.. dining room of The Pines hotel, auspices of the Palmetto Club and everyone his lunch with him-a"Dutch treat," in -
: Tuesday night, which was followed by whose privilege it was to be present tfiis JX'Ct-and the rule 7
: Coffee was shipped through mistake and the company re was generally a**************..***...**.. ....
THIS an informal business meeting. last evening feels deeply obligated to the observed. These lunches were collectedand *****KKMWHIVWl *******
: me to sell at cost. If put in cans it would cost 20 cents Two three of the number club ladies for a treat, THE f a
or invited rare a treat that spread upon a long table which had : MVRTT F MYRTLE AVENUE
: at wholesale;. and retail at 2,1 cents. Sold in any quantity. were unable to be present, but fifteen comes to some only once in a lifetime. j! been arranged on the east porch of tbebt'lC'h y Centrally Located. *

: I also have Coffees for 20, 25, .')3 and -10 cents per lb. They are gentlemen enjoyed Mr. Holmes' pleasani At 8 o'tlock George W. Chamlx-rlin, residence, and about seventy people R: A Homelike Boarding Honse with all modern conveniences. i

: Mocha and Java: Bogota and Santos, Maracaibo and Guatemala; surprise and sat down to a dinner every in direct and graceful words, presented could be accommodated at one time. : Can accomodate more table boarders

: also Mexican Cordova. Mild and high grade Rio. Must be sold course of which was largely or entirely the lecturer, who caught the public e.cand After dinner a short program consist a PRICES REASONABLE. i ?
at I composed of Florida products, a dinner ear from the start. ing of music, reading and short speeches : :
: that reflected great credit in every de Professor Job said he Lad been i in was rendered.A MRS. C. KOST, Proprietress. Yeeo1o1e11111os4o1a1etrels
.. : tail the of The Pines. Daytona when the 4............ ......,. :
onco.S. upon management many years ago town lady guest of Mn Harroun pre- *********....AA...******
W. CAB !ROLL F. A. White invoked a blessing. was small but even then it was a fAScinating sided at the .liano and a sweet-voiced

The long table was d2coratcd throughout spot; after the lapse of years he "sutker lady" sang to the delight of all, ..
' with boquets of vegetables completed returned to find it delightful beyond "Illinois," all joining in the refrain. I An
ed at both ends by two words to picture. lie described it The Rev. Mr. Barze Elegantly Appointed Small ;
: exceptionally as a the new pastorof
: The North Beach Street Grocer. 'WE I 19. dirge, fine bunches of celery, product I lovely garden spot with its delightful the Methodist church at Daytona STEAM HEAT, ELECTING AND SHADE' .a.c..q '

I by O. L. Spring and at each plate was a climate, balmy atmosphere picturesque Boach, made a short talk, felicitatingthem'.tGa9xtI11Iu1I.I. buttonhole boquet of violets. landscape, incomparable bench,its beautiful upon the happy ocrasioa. I THE ISLINGTON

After the dessert had been served, pavements, etc. A feature of the meeting was a short ,
t ..............................a i.................... cigars were distributed to the guests, It is sheer folly to attempt a reviewof talk by a Mr. Hudson "of Lincoln, III., Mrs J. U. PARKINSON, rROrBIETOR.e I

{ J. B. GARRISON : and Mr.Holmes,after stating his reasons the distinguished speaker's address or the oldest person present,being 91 yean 18 South Ridgewood Ave., Daytona,

: fur assembling the party, called upon to give even a faint hint of the rare old. Other appropriate short talks were '-e..e..eeooGCC. Florlda'l'
, : A cLse examination of electric e. 0e00000aN. .....
: several of those beauty and wealth of bird made
I : present for expressionsin life he reproduced by the Rev. Dana Sherrill, of
I .
i al work finished
and for
charged regard to the past, present and futureof upon the canvas. It was a revelation Hoopeston, Mr. Calkins of Wallington
t :: .r from and this shop shows how square- the Association and the improvements I even to the best informed and Miss Sadie Davies, of Pittefield. entertained .:........ ... ........ ...N S .........................
fi 1K ly honorably transact our : for which it stood when of the beautiful the
.' : t: ; including the many strikingly assemblage with a recitationand
: business. Electrical repairs receive :: drainage project and the coming meeting I scenes were thrown upon the canvas Mis O'Conner, of Springfield, rendered ,t "THE PINES Accomodates NEW HOUSE.Fifty. !

i special attention. Those : at this place in May of the Florida there was a. spontaneous burst of ap a delightful piano solo f All Convenience
I 1 T 2 who employ us never worry about Horticultural Society.Mr. << 'plause. Mr. Hudson, of Lincoln representedthe Rates $2.50
I i our charges, and they know before Holmes in his address, said that I side of the oldest, 91 years, and Master Harper .i : Per Day and Up. Special by the Month.

> : engaging us that our work- : the principles and objects of the association bird problem Mr. Job said that if all Andrews of Kenamer, the youngest An attractive house with large and airy rooms,hot and cold water through Ute

; }i : manship will be the best: i were right and must be worked J I bird life were to end in nine- years in- 14 months t. Some house of,the sulphur pleasant or salt features waier of baths"The,electric I Pines-are lights Its,furnace beat and telephone ti
. ii : !& f for, and particulatly emphasized the 'sects would take the earth and human Mr. and Mrs Ilarroun gave: all a cor- Garden affording a fine view of the country river verandas and and Its Hoof
://i' : Daytona Electric Co. necessity of eliminating all personalitiesand I life would cease.Palmetto dial invitation to meet with them on : "The Plot'."Is situated on south Rld!:e"-ood, the highest avenue ocean In Dayton.

. : striving solely for the main objectin Club women have the March 1 I. 1910, and bring all their Illi! Rooms single or en suite,with or without private bath. +

s : 232 South Beach Street. t view. I I thanks of every one who heard Professor nois friends. He promised next year to : OPEN FROM\ NOVEMBER\ TO MAY

"; ..4........t4.......................................N. In his report Mr. Holmes spoke of a I l Job's talk. The lecture_ will Lear find a building large enough to accommodate tt t 15 i.
. proposed organization in Jacksonville!I fruit and a new crusade against the all who will attend. MRS. J. B. HINSKY, Proprietress.

with the best business men and money heartless gunner and the commercial I Upon motion of Mr. Miller, Palmettoand t 338 South Ridgewood Avenue .
************************* a ... ..+**********.******** I DAYTONA. FLA.
i interests behind it, with the purpose of plumage hunter will be inaugurated Cedar) streets Daytona, a vote of ...............................
i. N. ERICKSON : buying within the next two years, all I --- thanks was tendered Mr. and Mrs. Har ...........
1 the output of Florida products. He also roun for their interest in Illinois Day

Cabinet MaKer. Wood WorKer. .: spoke cf the transportation concessions TWO% CASESOF and for. the cordial treatment of all : ..............m...........NNt ....................
: received and the fact that buyers are present

Picture Frames, Door and Window Screens made to order. g now personally looking for our productsand The day was brought to a fitting close : THE PROSPECT
. ". said 'While we have not accomplished by the assembled guests standing and
j Cottage Avenue, DAYTONA, FLA.eettltels.rta : all we tried to do, or wislyd\ to INTEREST. singing! feelingly "God Be With You Till T

do our motto should be \\> Meet Again and South
.aaxaaaas .*********.**************il to remember benediction by Ridgewood Avenue
what we have done and not knock' the Rev. Mr. Barze. I
about those things in which we have not j Steam
l L ...........................0.........1................ reached our ideal." I Two rases of unusual interest to. the I Electric Lights, two blocks from J !

i | R. D. TAYLOR, Electrical Contractor : R. J. Smith, secretary, briefly repliedto I public at large sill probably be sot forMal depot and postoffice. Garage on premises f
. the call: "What Does the Organization at the April term of the Circuit .

: $ (House Wiring a Specialty. : Need for the Future," saying the Court of this county. They are theca ROOMS ONLY.

i prime need, was for the growers to pull :>es of Nellie Hunt v!?. Lincoln Ilu'.ley: ATLANTICTO I ,
., Dealer hi Electrical Supplies of All J iudg. Fixtures, Shades, : togl'ther.'I and Nellie Hunt vs. John H. Stetson '

:- .* Lamps No. 8 Orange a\enue, DAYTONA, FLA. : O. L. Spring responded to a call for a''I University. These cases arise from tileexpuhior. GULf. .: R J. DOYLE, Proprietor.
reply as to what he considered to be the of Miss Hunt from 8tet8.nUnivertoily
..................................................... main "Spring" of the situation, saying two years ago by Dr pulley, *+.+**+++++++...+...*..+..*......+++....+...........

t most emphatically that it was f o. b. the president, without aligning any It ; ":'-- -

- j 4 .f...*.............*...... ..+..................... sales.P. cause for the action, nnd wi.l involvethe Traveling in a horsepower Cadillac I I (t.-.e 011aa10E CG,11+i 1.1100010.. 000000000I
J. Hawley f'poke'ery interestinglyof question of whether or not a president i- auto with narrow-tread wheels: Mr. and <

Bond Lumber Company i past experiences and said h* could has the power to expo I a pupil Mrs. George L. Farrell and E. B. Caseij t t : THE CLEVELANDMagnolia

see where many of the rough places will without a formal hearing and without have completed a quick cross-country | ] :
be t of value ia the future, and thoughtall I assigning any grounds for the expulsion. run from the east coast of Florida to the' I Avenue, opposite Postoffice

ROUGH AND DRESSED should be thankful for the things! 'ac An order has just been made drrctii-g! west coast, stopping at the Tampa Bay j J : Rooms Only Steam Heat. Sanitary Plumbing. Oas !
: LUMBER ..a ... I
PINE AND CYPRESS complished.W. the defendant to file a bill of particulars hotel where the party rl bten-d. the j : Lighted.} Everything up to date.
. M. Moore, president, spoke brieflyof setting forth the exact time of the acts cynosure of many eyes. The distance I

Lath, Shingles Flooring, Ceiling, Brick, Limed the good done by the Association and which have been alleged in the pleadings I rau led is 211 miles and Mr. and Mrs. I : S. B. GREEN, Proprietor.

the needs of the future.D. I as constituting the grounds for the IVrrell and Mr. Case are the first people .oe .......cs..II..I....
'I. and Cement in Stock. Railway: and nod Yards orange: Fast AvenueM Ccas D. Roeors spoke of the practical expulsion. to perform the feat of making the trip _

side of the drainage question, and W. II. The suits are for $2.>,(X)0) each. If a from coast to coast in an auto.
l I LL. -nond :Milt.. Atlantic Coast Mn Ity.nay mile south of Jacksonville.KaUmaxoo. Edmondson followed with a statement of judgment is obtained fur the plainill! a* Speaking of the trip Mr. Farrell de- C*************************** fc************.*************
: .on Stanford Branch cilh F E.C. Rr. what the law provides in the matter. s't.'ms"try likely to be the case from elated
only :
I one place rough road was THE
;: H. Y. Stillman Fpoke of the coming the pleadings and fads, it will be a encountered. HOWARDCentrally
Phone 8J R. J. MALBY, Manager. was at Loughman, :
meeting here of the State Horticultural l costly exix-ricoce! of the {'II \'ersity. 10' i
mI N...............N..N... e....N.NNN..NN....1.lly .. Society. To Mr. Stillman falls the where the car stuck in sand and had to f : /located on Volusia Avenue, the main avenue from the depot
be :
pulled out, otherwise the \oyage onlard the water front
credit of bringing the convention to this I k on the Halifax River. Three' minutes walk to Mores, post-
proved an excellent one in every'respect : office, churches etc. The 1 Howard :
m city, to which it will proof great future Big Elks Banqueted. and I is strictly a first class house in every It
m.0.000.OaNN..........00.0.0/0.. ......NONNN..... value. was very much enjoyed. respect at moderate prices. THE TABLE A SPECIALTY. Northern :
Daytona I.odg0. I HI. IJ. P. O. :
Tuesday morning at o'clock the cooking, the cuisine
au- exceptionally good, the best the market affords. Under
WHEN YOU ARE CONTEMPLATING i "Booster" cards were distributed with Elks was highly honored :
Saturday by a Joists left Seabreeze and Daytona and : the direct supervison of the The
proprietor. house has modern
the cigars and Mr. Holmes has also every convenience
a visit from Grand Exalted Ruler H L.
: ie getting a Galvanized Iron Tank, a new Tin Hoof, a Hot Air Furnace, i provided for placing in public places Holland, of Colorado Springs! Colo., and on Thursday morning at 10 o'clock they : and improvement. Has largeeranda and pagoda and i 111 aur-
arrived at the Tampa Bay. Mr Farrell rounded by lawns and sha<-tnt-s.. Is dry and well) \cnlilated. I
larger cards headed, "Don't Be
" or any of the other metal necessities required to complete a modern I Knocker." a Grand Secretary Fred C. Robinson, of declared the trip could have been made I : For terms apply to the proprietor.
Dubuque Iowa The dUtinquiahed by 9 o'clock Tuesday evening had there :
g. dwelling, remember" that J. II. Johnson told of persons being: visitors arrived the 1:45
I on : p. m train been any especial haste but that instead I : JOHN C. HOWARD.
i discouraged from inventing here by from St. Augustine and were taken in the
party preferred to arrive by !'
men not interested in fruit and vegetable charge by local Elk!, who met them :..... + .. .
stages. Isif fsFft' sFfitil4aait .e..N+Fllf. .......+rlttlais. of
I c. NASH a SON I growing, who thought only of the with auromobilos and gave them a ride

DAYTONA. TUA. "tourist crop." lie saw great need of over Daytona beautiful roads, the incomparable --- II I-
I "Booster"
i a organization.
beach, and a.isit: to the I
The president was authorized to I
are best prepared to give prompt and reliable service at fair prices. point a committee to confer with ap-the orange grove of F. M. Call, on South Sweetheart's Jolly Party.
: Hidgewood. Another jolly party accepted the hospitality j Fine Leather Seat
City Council and Board of Trade in regard -
, i General repair shop on Yolusia Avenue, next to the Armory. : to entertaining the visiting society. i Saturday riming at ;:30 the Oksnut of Commodore Burgoyne on his $1.98

.' i Phone 58. Out of town work solicited. i and also to appoint a committee to pro- I in their hall in the _Conrad build. licaiitiful yacht "Sweetheart" Sunday. i Dining Room Chair
ing and listened to interesting and instructing TI :
e daya again; an ideal one and the
N l3NN.............. . mote the organization of a "Booster"Club
.4..0+04G..4....... .. talks by both /gentlemen, after run was made to Mosquito Inlet and
along the lines suggested by Btautiful in Made of sawed
dcsien 'rth Eraceful panel back ltaartet-
Holmes' card, and after a.ote lr'l which all repaind to the banquet room l>:ick: to a point ]Ju.t noJtb of the. Ponce solid oak W'I a lunchnngolden 1m-h.hill, polished. Gram leather seat
thanks extended to him for the where a tempting !spread awaited them, Turk hotel where the anchor was drop- 01 box our trams immense construction manufacturing trench leg lau.itie. The. lor price chairs n possible exclusively only because turning
" ing's entertainment the combined pleasure and to which all did ample justice pe d and all hands partook cf the tempting out chairs cl all kinds in sti.h quant 'u that we can rat out the
and business party adjourned. i dealer's profit and sill U.rcct to )'ou.t wUoIeMle.Yon .
1M MORETHAN (KM OFA CENTURY I While the fragrant Havanas: were brine spread provided by the generous ;i run no chanc.\: for'."rive:: your money back if every chair Is not
enjoyed more tailing was indulged!: in to lio.-t. 1 he guests of honor for the occa- j uctl!,as,,'e ",n'. en?. lou MVC cl least one dollar l. three
I anJ get rx'ter sr, iadln!l. Chairs for dmme-room. parlor btd-room.
We have beensupplying tnt Howard M 1. CrookR, aged :28 years, the enjoyment and edification f-f all. !MOD were Grand Exalted Ruler R. L. j t porch, kncVn. kiwn. stores ()h.ce-and every other u'e.
r l el.-K:4.1t: h the fhiaist: AH: kinds of'l"ood..o different styles.raals. .
died at the L. llahne cottage on Sunday a trip was made to the inleton Holland, of Colorado Colorado .
Springs .
R *lfet dfT needs MacH'merx ;! .. f r I f. r r I.r/" I'-Iuftnif": -.f at"1...p Ial rhrtottnu lit Lat
) L of { users. South Hidgewood avenue Saturday Commodore liurgojne's Sweetheart, and Grand Secretary Fred C. Robinson, i f [r t m mph.T"7., ..I',,' )j al., ',oy.""I I,Peattf.ellt.a.r.s.m and II,r..11.e 10'.."U 1''J Me.ircwad;' ''1::.-r oa
It. We carry large stop 1 o/ morning, of tuberculosis Mr. after which more automobile; rides anda of Dubuque. Iowa. B. P. O. E. FLORIDA CHAIR FACTORY Brl ida* and Monroe Sl ?'.ckyUle, Fto. ,
I.!.' PORTABLE SrATioNARY ENG.INEBOI. ILR5 Crooks, accompanied by his wife, visit to the beautiful grove of J W Besides those distinguished gentlemen I!
. ':- came to Daytona in the fall to escape Shit-Uls. The guests It-It on the evening the following guests were pr E'nPeur -
: SavMils.erj. altvoodWorkiw Ndt ltie
ihe northern winter. Services train for the South. They will \i.-it '
were Dr. F. II. Dr. G. A.
9 a*s of all tfinAsiWt'mg uIs"'fti&.s.GU""NT Sems. Houghton, ************************** *.*********"*
O t YtlllTHOTECTsi held this afternoon at 2:00 o'clock, Palm Beach, Nassau, Key West and KK rk, Laurence Thompson, T. E. :* 'A""i
ro. A. IUM conducted by Rev. B. F. Marsh, and Havana, returning by way of Tampa. gerald, G.V.. BIymyer Louis Promptly It-
t ByQC M the remains Colum --- -- Fine J Job b P
0 NY were shipped to Geo. F. Crouch, J. D. C. Morris, FitZ-I' Printing GazetteNews Office. i
ey i i w sroltsYT11 :: ATLANTA iA. bust Ohio, accompanied by Mrs Automobile tires and inner tubes Seaman, Henry Schmidt D. D. : ,
Crooks. vulcanized at Oliver garage Dr) 1-:. I.. Stewart. .
....rrtrrrf"a< lrarrrtMrrrtrr'I .......Nr..........N.N. 4

-- .'-'- -- ---- ---- ---

; ;i=+'

IJ i 1

-- -

Norman. Dayton, Lumber, Real Estate, Building. j

-- --- -
j r s' -- I
I I :..................................................

PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAYT. QUAINT : I i This: Statement May be Generally Attributed I : Go to :

;Iflf THESE HIED STATES. !I to the Lack of Good Health.
i We want to talk people who are nenrousho -
OFTHE KKK I suffer frequent headaches, who mm GROCERY co. J
don't enjoy their food, who are irritable
THE GAZETTE-NEWS COMPANY [Theodore Roosevelt Once More a
I quickly lose their temper are SO tired andi

.X ( INCORPORATED ) I I Private Citizen, Leaves For I and worn have out become that they so feel despondent they must that give life up, .i for your Pet (Cream) Milk, G small cans for 25c, .i

i i doesn't seem worth living.
Oyster Bay. 1 exactly what is the matter with people in to.go on yourToasted :
: f Entered at the Postoffice at Daytona, Florida, as Second} Class Matter.
; ; t'nttect : this condition and if they will follow our
FRy Prr'i
:" f :l I 'I advice, T.e can tell them how to regain i Corn Flakes, Post Toasties! :
Ancient Wine Set In Walnut WASHINGTON, March 4.-William good health and that bouyancy of feeling
: y' t. SUBSCRIPTION RATES.One ;i 1 Howard Taft of Ohio today became which makes life seem all sunshine and : Puffed Rice Wheat Berries or :
200I I ,
.. ... ........... ... $1.50 Wine Chest Probably the" 27th President James School | happiness.
One copy copy six one ma year nt5s.- = .... ..-.. ..=:::::::::: : : :::=:: ...:= .7.1 I Years Old. craft Sherman, of New York, Vice-Presi. i Most of the caused above described catarrhal! conditions infiamma- i Trisciiit all at lOc each. :
t by
, I One copy three months ...._..........:.. : ... ..... .40 ;; are chiefly This delicate ,
I dent. | hon of the mucous membranes.
i President Taft was sworn in withal! web-like lining of the body becomes : 8. \V. Biscuit and Quaker Oatmeal. 2 for 25c. :

; t SATURDAY, MARCH 6, 190<} I i I re CAPTURED ey A scour. the splendor and pomp which has become 'I 1 .inflamed mental depression and congested follows.until'The eakness only .way and : Cream of Wheat, Halston Breakfast Food or :

I customary upon the inaugural oc i that this can be overcome is through a
I r r. r. casion. It is said that ten acres of eager i treatment of the blood. We have the i Petit John at ISceach.liu : t

mm I UNlO I N I It PEOPLE OCEAN BEACH DESIGNATED i Probably one of the most interesting eyes, busy lips and bobbing head-gear ,I[ treatment will produce and the we results are so we positive claim for that that it : m ford Baking Powder, 1 pound can 25c.The : ,

and of the oldest of prized were spread out before the platform on understanding .
certainly one with the
t PREPARISG 1 G fflX RACES. m[O m{ SPEED?{{ TEST.I relics of "ye olden times" is a little old which the ceremonies took place. I we will supply that we it to will anyone return to them everypnry : Conrad Grocery Company : 1

dingy \\'lIlnutiuc chest, which may be The first to appear upon the scene they paid us i li every instance .
1 1 t f. :| K K K !seen at the Ilankins Drug Store. This were the Justices t>f the Supreme Court I the! treatner.t is not :n every way satisfactory :
j I ; add t.) them. K. T. Conrad A Go's old stand. :
: rare old relic has now been in the followed shortly after by l'resident and We Rent Mucu-Tone II
I and Only the two greatest weeks from rating Tuesday event next ever ,iThe Con; Iy Commission Place I I Carter family nearly 130 years, ever' President-elect arm in' arm. The Diplomatic I which want 13 a you powerful to try nutritive tonic and ......N...............................4............. IIl. 1 1i 1i 1k

known in the South if not in the world i> Beach Under Supers isU n ofSheriff since the revolutionary period, and is Corps took their place, then the body bulldr:tK, and cleanse a mucous these membrane membranesnJ alterative
Ministers the'! Charge d'Affairs, the Secretaries
I supposed to have been captured by one
will be In progress on the world-famed Msrci! 2326. restores their natural and healthy
I Attaches hall Military and Naval -
of the Carter scout, under
Daytona Bench. As the time draws I I a functions.
and activityaccentuates. The Board of County Commissionersmet i! General Anthony Wayne at the time of and nil the other dignitaries. Next Kc-xaU: MucuTone drives out al! the Get : of .
: near steps are q"u-Vcnod I ycur m: ;n s. pair dainty
... .. 1 came Vice President Sherman the Senators catarrhal: poUon reports the mucous cells
l ia regular monthly yr iou t !>-- the evacuation of Philadelphia by the ; White House; Shop: _
I health, tone the whole system,
r I Cannon and the Member. to good up;
; W 11 I'r'blce. of Jacksonville As i.t- Land Monday evening I i English. One hundred and thirty yearsis ; Speaker ..11:>,s animation, removes congestion, '", Slip f tet ;in. Ycull find: the '
of the House Heads of the I Department* your "
The road and ;
"t ant Superintendent of the Wpct rn I following fridge rcpoilswere a long time for a relic so much prized andstirmlatcstl.ewhole system healthy -
, r I of the Government; Governors of the m for building ,"', --.j hoes> srtig-pllab'c! smoothgraccfd. -
i h
; Union Telegraph} ::: Company i is in the' then submitted: to remain in one family handed down ; i I actiuty. It splendid op !f/ .
States Admiral Dewey, at the head of flesh and Muscle tissue and removing all -oJ j .
If' with Daytonians who District No. 1-Two and uneq'l.uterrnil from one generation; to anotherIt ;
f,, f are city in, closest touch with matters pertaining |uif>traw on Orange City and En- I is now the property of Mrs. G G. the Navy; Major-General loll Chief of I weakness Come! to our store today and get bottle "...."e'' They! are built! o: +r foet-form

J,. : to the big: automobile and aro- terprise road: and repiirs on Enterprise Carter, a surviving! member of the family the Staff of the Army and lastly' the invited of Mucu-Tone and after giving it a reason last That's why they Ct.
r. and Osteeu road. I and whether it will be bequeated toa guests.A I able! trial if are not satisfied simplyi
plane :carnival and making such preparations i you back \ V3'7fh If you Y nl pretty, *---?: osy-fllfog! new slices,
i as are deemed necessary: : to han 'i District No 2-Kepairs: on DeLand Cam ter descendant, or may at last pass silence! fell and Chief Justice Fullerarose. I!i' money! in without so, and question we will hand Surely, nothing your MS. WASHINGTON"} get a pair ofvt.te: 1 h-v_cho: .!. i l.

f dIe the news feature' which the outside lams! Orange City road and prisoners at I I into other hands the writer was not in- meeting the President-lect who! I could I be more fair than this. Two sixes : -- ,- -....... ,...
;: world will demand ill detail. work pl-niijii srusj on ire! IvlnndDaytoua foni:ed.II advanced half way and repeats slowly I 50 cents and 5oo. Wt'IITT.T'OU o.a.-.iv .
I mad and fi lie after the Chief Justice these:" worth '
repairing I is cheat was brought to Daytonafrom
After a conference with parties interested I Garth It. Youn-r, Ka.vtuna, Flu.
C. A. Wood the contract to f,
was given Virginia. The Carters were early "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully
l locally Mr. Peebles decides that he paint court house; and jail roofs and the Virginia! bottlers and it has been told execute the office of resident of For Women $3.50, $4.00, $5.00 For Men" $3.50, $ 1.00, $5.00, $6.00
It will run four Western Union wires out toL house for$110.jO. the United States, and I will to the best
the "Press stand"n the beach and that poor as per specifications| from generation to generation that a of my ability, preserve, protect and defend D. A. R.'S
t -: Carte scout under command of Mad the Constitution of the Tinted Then again, all healthy children play.
t he will bring eight; "code" men expertswho Tip follow ing resolution wa.s adoptedand States."
Anthony Wayne captured the prize as
transmit such news in a condensed ordered spread upon the minutes: the British made a hasty departure from The word i il flashed over the world .
t tI
.: form-and the various newFgst.hf'ringagencies Resolved That we, the Board of Philadelphia, the old Colonial town.It cannons burst forth,hftncl* play and the i HOLD SESSION.rTime -
will be afforded
- f. represented their clients County Commissioners in atd for VoluMa was the property of a British officer massed wave and shout themselves "Here we go, heel and toe!" .
for supplying _
every facility County, Florida, under petition filed and was no doubt brought overfilled hoarse. Such is the scene in fr-nt of the
with news as fast us it is reeled off-and Run-down heels! -worn-out
toes make
herein and in with Section
compliance with the choice wines to be had in National Capital.It .
Ifit that will be a kilometer about every 5437 Laws of Florida, do Bartholomew the youngsters shoes go quickly. ,,
\ I 11. Chapter that day is now the hour for luncheon. After Abigail: Chapter ,

er quarter minute! hereby set aside the: rublic highway The walnut case is hand-made as also this the President reviews the grett parade D. A. U., met at the winter home of Try Buster Brown Shoes- .::I

f. I! The Western Unhn wires will be carried know as the Ocean Reach from Or- are the lock, hinges and nails. The one of the most spectacular in the Mrs C. H. HtJ'nort! Daytona Beach )

if to the press stand over the East mond to Mosquito Inlet us a public highway ease contain six quart bottles, three at history of the world on Wednesday! afternoon.The Extra heavy tips-extra solid heels are :". f I

i : Florida Telephone Company poles, a for speed te.N and automobileraces I either
j jr 't concession granted by the local company. from March 22 to March :2(1.( 1909, quart bottles are six pint bottles. Over marching like magnificent piecesOf o'....uck.flc'r the regular routine busi' There's double wear in every psir.

t lj g. Arrangements have been made to locate inclusive... The said! highway to be under there pint bottles in a tray are two clockwork; the 3,000 blue jac-kies of lies! the Chapter Regent: Miss Thorp,, i

i' l' all the press representatives in this the supervision of the' sheriff (,f Vo- I tumblers and three wine gla.v>cs. the fleet, fresh from their cruise around gave an extendH account of the State I BUSTER BKGY/N Blue RbooJ; SHOES.! I.

city and there is every indication I that lusia county during the time mentioned; All throe bottles, glasses and tumblersare the world; the splendid Regulars on foot I Congress recently held in St. Augustine. For yo:!:riliTj;, $150 to 150 --..

1, I Daytona will get the biggest advertising said sheriff having full power and authority -I exquisitely) decorated and they are and horseback: the heavy artilery, with I to whichlie wa delegate!;
t she ever experienced and if *'Daj tona" to make such restrictions for the I of the finest quality.In their trundlirg field gun; the batteries Mrs. itrdiier: gave: very interesting

does't become a household word especially use of the said highway as he may deem these days of shams and counterfeits of mountain artillery, with their funny I paper on Colonial Hornet and Customs: According to siz,-*.

in the automobile: world, it will be necessary; for the safety of the public. I it N a real ]j',}" to look upon the little mules each carrying! a gun on his I, Miss Thorp gave an ancestral paper

through no fault of the press representatives. On motion Hev. I). II. Kutttr, of Daytona genuine article whose claim to distinc- back; the White Horse cavalry band : entitled The Bartholomew Family

It Is expected t.111thtre will beat was granted the right to capturetwo tion is authentic and unchallenged. It every trooper of the bunch playing likea I I which w-w: particularly interesting as THE PECK-HENDRICKS CO, Daytona, Fla.

least fifteen press representatives egrets for scientific purposes i id hoped that this prized chest may fall wizard; the crack National Guard regiments one of the ancestors, Abigail: Bartholomew
when it is i understood a representativeof
the Associated Press the United The petition of 'citizens of Volusia into appreciative hands and remain jet from New York, Pennsylvania, I i-! the' Patron. Saint" of the Daytoia -

I'res, t't-ripps-McKae! league tie., covering county asking that .in election be called many generations a mute yet striking New Jersey, Ohio and other States; the Chapter.Mrs. .

each hundreds of great diilies you for change in location of county site witness of the stirring scenes which took Governors and their staff; and l:1st. but Chw: A. Young gave another an- ... 0 0.00 OWC

means.have an Togo idcaof down what in such your advettL-ing HK-keis was received and ordered filed and was pla
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