Mr.Alderman Morris in Bingham every respect coincided and with discussed W(rWW.t! 1 ill'ii'ri.'rNIWNNVNmrWNi'rWW'lNNrmulrwr! 'r.Vrl ;....--.............-..->.---....-......<.....................
the insurance phase of the question -
stating that the reduction in the I THE CLEVELAND, Magnolia Opposite Avenue Postoleke., I
insurance rates would be very material. I

Alderman Rowe was of the same i j E S. B. GREEN, Proprietor. I Iew ,
opinion,and Aldeman Howard favored
fire protection of most any kind. Alderman I. '\ House. New }Furniture.. Steam Heat. Sanitary Plumb tl t
Hankins was as enthusiastic for ing. Ias; Lighted. Everything t"p-to-L>ate.CENTRAL I i

a waterworks system as any of the balance I looms Only.) House I ,Now Open for 19008.
of the council, and served notice
that at the next regular meeting an orI CHRISTMAS SALE [ i

dinance would be presented providing AUTO GARAGE. .
for bonding the city in the sum of
I S OOOO, more or less, as the circumstances i I ":urging Plant. Cars .Stored. Gasoline, Batteries, Cylinder Oils.Repairing .
demand and submit the proposition I I
; to the electors of the city for rat Of Fall Goods. i i Promptly Attended To.
I t ification. :: .
t A number of citizens talked on the .............+'..................e.....o.a..........

\ 1< proposition after the councilmen had -- - f fF !

A the thoroughly speakers discussed seemed to the be as matter a unit and on We have a few broken lots of Fall goods which

v the necessity for protection. From City Hotel. :;

present indications the proposition will we do not intend carrying over. Note some prices
; r carry at an election by a large majority. .

quoted below: 4' .. OPEN All THE YEAR
We will secure for you bottom

J prices on lumber and other building ELECTRIC LIGHTS.

materials. No one receives grafts ELECTRIC BELLS.
, on your purchase. Norman S. Day- [;-----i All $15.00 I Fall Suits: $10.50 All 25.00.Fa1 Suits 18.00 *,: : y- I f Hot Table and First-Class.Cold Baths.

ton, Daytona.I ,t.. ,

I --- 4 All 18.00 Fall Suits, 13.00 $12.00 Rain Coats, 9.00 m ,. _
,bu Templar Xmas Observance. : -

Oriental Commandery. Knights Tim- All 20.00 Fall Suits, 14.50 16.00 Rain Coats, 11.00 --' PROPRIETOR. ,
plar,of Daytona, will observe Christmas

at 10:30 their a.Temple m., by uniting on Orange in a avenue libation, at in : L All 22.50 Fall Suits 16.00 20.00 Rain Coats, 15.00 ..*.#." ..... .. ....... ***.***..****.......*.*.** .

honor of the moat Eminent Grand Master .

of. the Order, Sir Henry WarnnHugg. All $16.50 Overcoats,, $11.00 I .: THE BENNETT A : "

The observances will be opened w itji, '' .
; : ii'i.ih'l -.n ili:it <--eMrat l tlion>ii !ifarH, Ui.I. .' !
., nvfx* Avenue
prayer by Rev. Companion I>. II. Remember the above are all Mart Schaffner & (Marx : :

t Rutter, to be followed by a toast to the \ ? I : I L'ptipll' ;| | J with all rurxlern iinproetiientItooms en suite! with jt '

.. Grand Master, in the following words: i't'\ make and are guaranteed all wool. s I. : ami wiilKiiitluths." :; All white htlp. Gentlemen's! smoking and : l.J ti
r-:: "To our Most Eminent Grand Master, : : M .nl-.ns\ rvx.m-'. adjoin I the handsome sun parlor and spacious office. : '
Henry Warren Rugg, with love, respect .
, r; and cordial support of 172,000 Iu.'al ': .. I : Open from December 1 to May 1 l. .: .
Sir Knights:" after which the response.. : ;a\'e' .
f' of the Grand Master will be read. You need a Sweater for winter we them -we .: Terms Application :

- A toast will be druak to the health of .
k the Right Eminent Grand Commander i I It ., : ALBERT B Proprietor. i
of Florida, Sir Silas B. Wright, who i il'' offer at following reductions: : I
expected to respond; also a toast to i a- i : ee.fex..xe.. tr.tixr.tr.........+se.ti.s................:
: ------ --- -
f, Oriental Commandery of Cleveland, tbe i i'i -
footer mother of Oriental Commander'. All $2.00 Sweaters $1.35 All 3.00 Sweaters 2.00 ************************** ********.***.**....*.***...
f of Daytona w hich will be responded toby ; ; It
: Right Eminent Sir Arthur B. Foster ;a : THE HOWARD
f !,. The following sentiments will be All 2.50 Sweaters, 1.75 $4 and 4.50 Sweaters, 2.75 : i '
offered: ::: -= : 1
Ml Jb-dl
rn Improvements. New Dining Room:
"Our Knightly Fraternity." respond 'Ito Copyright 1905 by All $5.00 Sweaters $3.25 I : Cuisine lnexcelle Added :
l lI
; by the Eminent Commander. Hart & Man .. ::
I fh,' llowur.l has large parlors, broad verandas J
.' "The Templar in Business: responded h'E : lawn; Li "
: to by Sir Geo. H. Clark. ; utiJIy located, a few rods from the Halifax River, on Volusia :: 4
u "The Patriotic Templar:" rfsiwndedtobySirW.F.Jibb. -: ALSO A HIGH SHOES MUST GO IN THIS SALE. : :\venue, tile main thoroughfare from the depot; five minutes walk ._
:i t l" P',st"ffier, :store<, rte. Is first-class and homehkp. ,

"The Upright, Conscientious Tern ;; All Hanan High Shoes were $6.00 to at $4.75. I I'' : *:
go .. \ :::: .. l'rin'; K'f.i-onaMo.: Special !Hates! by the Month or Season *
: ,
plar: responded to by Sir James Car- << ... ItE -

nell.' The Templar in History:" re!sj>oiulet ii I All Ladies $3.50 and $4.oo High Shoes to go at $2.5o. : e; as' E JOHN C. HOWARD, Proprietor. :. I

to by Sir T. E. Fitzgerald. I One lot t....4....tt.It..1tMi..F>F'F.. ..... ... It
"The Templar and the Church:" re- Misses and Children's High Shoes, regular $1.25 ') .> Ftf tff.i,..."i.....: I

eponded to by Rev. Companion I). 1 H.I .
} 1 Rutter. and $l.5o goods to go at Sl.oo. ,.. !; "************************** .....*.*********.*...***** 1
Music of a high order will be part: of,( M .

the exercises.!-- One lot Misses and Childrens High Shoes were $1.75 and *i klliL\\KD THE: AVENUE MAGNOLIA, IJA VTONA. FLORIDA., :* I

fFoB REST-Seaside cottages, completely *:
furnished from :i to 14 7''' $2.00, to go at $1.35. III: I :: .'.|a11\noduVc.: o7A7neneeWlICnt'; :Electric Lights, Furnace. Heat **

rooms, latter suitable for boarding "MRsTcRLESTE I
house toilets, some electric lighted. I HINKS, Proprietress. J: i iIt

Inquire wind mill Cherokee on board cottage walk.; ,Seabreeze opposite, Fleece Lined Underwear regular $1.00 a suit at 85c. Men's Blue Flannel Shirts, regular $2.50 to &o at $1.75. <.<......................... ........,......... ......: ." ,I

tf The above prices will hold good for (four days only-Friday, Saturday Monday and Tuesday-Deceni- I
-- ber 20, 21, 23 and 24. *********************************.* A4..4AAAAAA.
1 Found the Game. :::i| :: THE MORGAN CORNER! VOLUSIA AND **: .!,

E.:: L. Shear and T.0. Melton: passed: j|. : PALMETTO AVENUES. +
up Beach street Tuesday in the former : ANTHONY BROTHERS.j ** \n elegant: new house; with Steam Heat Electric Lights Bath
numbing, n.asant Sanitary
II : Surroundings, etc Within three 1,
automobile with a deer and two wild J dMK't potmct., stores and thurthes. One block from minutes walk of the _
Ferry and
turkeys strapped to the rear of the ma
chine. : MRS. B. P. SMITH

i reach Mr.a Shear favorite regularly hunting uses ground his in car the to I. .--.. ,;wmMYmMI\w..IM". Yvw.YYv"I".I'N" \;''' v\'l.l, :I +.rr..e..s.****.*.*..**.'*..Ti Fe...Mf....M.....>FfKlf...ff i >r.-I..
I -- -- --
--- --
Cow Creek district, northwest of Oak
J .. ... ....... -==--_- .
Hill, and as usual T. O. Mdton, a very -- -- -- --- .- = ---- 't
successful amateur niuirod of this city, *> \ ftmJ {, I Notice is hereby given \: ,
I that
joined him in a hunt for deer and tur- 1gtiS'l: 26tb day of December, A. D. 1907 on the t' ?
PILLS If have undersigned i the
keys. you Wannacott andof Gad'u Morean ,; ,
.. \
They left Daytona Sunday afternoon Jones Wetherby
HeadacheTry minors will .
t, and during Monday forenoon, Mr. Mel : able J. Ue lcCrory apply, to the Honor_
ton secured two fine hen turkej They I VolusiaCount Florida County, for ladle of
': found nothing more until Tuesday Hea One sell an undividedy' onl'-l'ichth an order to Jto
d h
J the In
W morning and were then about to giveup FOR at e. ,;;;; I lying following and being lot in,piece the or parcel of land

the search for deer and trj NEURALGIASCIATICA. I !sin! and State of County. of Volu-
'. I wit:Nom _
for oue-half
some more turkeys on the way (Nj n of lot four (.I ,
back, when / \ West 2W: feet, and ) except
they jumped a large doe, They Relieve Pain I lof South one half
lot (
Sn i
which Mr. Shear was so fortunate as to > > b, Mock five (S), except Vest 200 feet).

bring down at the first shot. Satisfied RH EU ti ATISh1. r Quickly, leaving no tona.'a thirteen ( IrALZIXA -

1 with the results of the hunt, they con- EDITH
BACKACHE. bad After-effects I This Noy. 23, WETHERBY
tmued on toward home, reaching here 1901 GuarditiaAttorney's
.I Fitzgerald d Oate .
while the carcass of the deer wastill
PAIN IN CHEST for Petitioner.
warm. -- -
------ -- ---
DISTRESS i ,, "all' Jam, NOTICE
-, TAKE The
For Rent or Sale.-My home oor ; ,. 25 Doses t hereby people notified of Daytona, Florida, are

Ridgewood and 2nd avenue. Every II 4tb, 1907 the that on And alter Gov.
... of the Little Tablets Local wages ofthe painters
improvement and furnished com SLEEPLESSNESS ., 25 Cents Painters U.uon0., IOS8 Brother hood of _
plete. First-class piano for sale- / AND THE PAIN is GONE Never Sold in I of America will be J.W and Paper Ha.n etl
cheap. G 1:1: >. 11. Lu.\\10. tf Bulk eight hours. Signed per day of
G. H. ,t

-National league men 11'11.0'U1 be oaotuui >ructl5: lour', mu16 .. -. .:._-J w ..............."... -. '" I HERJof.HOLLAND SCHRAG, Ree.Fin Sec See.
L = -- CHARLEs KOS1', Pre.
.vv. -."
.. '
\\ .2L- : -- -
: yy 4r ys1 i. : 5 .

1 .2M 1"S.... ..'--. _1

'- rv-:': Z ...
.'.>w ,
II! :


a 1 Yon U the BEST ORANGE WRAPS-fsk; for

1 .

\iN rrEi: ; i P.: \\ (

f t ( 4 s cr eta a s a n r ld 5 *' w A r E t t1 *.e.n
h RR
5Si? : c& > 4 Le4Lp4'
+-; refwM '
S .
; ? Mcrttti f i / eiro r 4t.ttAai6rptK
?f+A 4RH' *> :* T u tit + e r + # rr [ 511 4 t t c 8 tH a i t
a 2 ? ? ? A k 1Eia n it's- A KirIf
.4tai ilcZVttatlS+ + -.r te,4 R3uIS in 'tON
Iron att ; r
that t 'tfa.all
..... irons. A luxury to : tf blb"tES i 9t pItsrsRtttt ,tl M. s i .
women. / ? tltfli 47Kft 2fi L' i t trl tY. tpi

Saves 30 per cent of time and 75;

per cent of fuel. '9_ .C : r- / q t O{ ii f.I N 1'
et w. r 4 a r .,,0 A e 0 i 6 t s tc R q ,
Ask yonr neighbor a tu.4c 7ttut if + I eft ee l/ o to lt t A R tt. 's er e tIt k .tt
or k h
r tR1 # A t r t i t ,
n G t! N i. lf 1 f t R
fi .
k ; clot
1CrIhZ.R S l
4'c 1. Ry .
W. H. EDMOXDSON. 'i4I 6. .j R fratiflttS'sok .c .Silt l tl t U li ti: R I 1L I t R t i
4. s t i
,t/ .o fur f tt dis j/ trt

; ulil0 S >RR A dN .4 >t t1.JRti t 5
so .,, woe -. a, put, 7 w ,tire p u'trAl rl
0. S. n t a
BURNETT, f ', 1 11 I .t 41t! -!I't 4r q Ill- .c i ,7 a

.eti r ; k r 1. tr 'tlc .JSptii Gi Ei

tailor.Orders 2_ ei Car'a rF R A'IAf .4t1 6
t 1. >t !
R 4t 0
R 4 Aae 'n- .
b A kRrf wt t4t ,
i" t c
+ S t # Rp qK i! cRr.nt
Taken for M It Rl l? IY (<
Royal Tailoring .A. N h
-t cl''f a' x 1.5E!r n # a: A A4 R tF ,t. ft t .Top i' : o N
Cleaning, pressing Altering and a a >rt !aa' X:1tr ttlti AIK/f Q t. *.t R r x,41 t 1 9l 2Kfl NIt
a t >i Y A ia'rlt et tl' a Rt!>s 1 t;
Repairing for Ladies N t a It Ili tc rta! R Af 1nd'
Gen- a L0 R pMR ttt 1p't L si. RII
t Ima.I et IIN'AI aS 55051 t5r fa ir
tlemen. We call for and

deliver all goods. H t -t ., Che Best ana
Cottage Avenue DArfo A..FLA. \ :


r I

./ tJ a [? MALEYDaytona\ W -- G. A. DREKA, & CO., DeLand,

FOR SALE i y n'o iJ IRELAND & AlcCALL\ New Smyrna.

-- -
1t - -- ---- --
d l

$2 and $2.50 a Strand Low Titles for December.A. ************************** ************.+aa......**tt.
M. P. M. .

a \ Dec 1. :4'10:0. QEO. P.
i i
tr: delivered, from Hutchin- J [lliJI Doc 2. 10:l': 10SSDcr JOHNSONrh

son's Wood 3........_._._.......11:37 1 *
Yard, west of 1NCE the occurrence ofSthat there was a division among the sol met and deposed him. electing) : his 14- Ik>c 4._...__.........llr-Vs 12:29: j CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER i
eve-nt ,
railroad on Magnolia I great which diers. One faction hearing the loud j year-old son Edward to the throne. Dec 3.........__.......12:33 1:19 *

aven- to us the name of acclaim of the people (in the churcjj, I 1.. ... .. Dec G.._.........____ 1:23 2.-00; : I DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA.
Christmas and the bless-
ue. close to believe there was a disturbance j 1418 Lord Cobhani who had lec 7____...... .2:13:39: ; *
ings of Christianity within. and shot into the crowd, led the Ix>llards in their *
.._ _.
I Ikc __ 3.331)0f
has S. 3:01:
day played causing a riot and much bloodshed.::; revolt against the throne was subjected Estimates Furnished on Short Notice.
Hutchinson & Brittle. part in .. 9......___._... 3j 4U: <<
to A J to cruel torture and put to
of the world. Dee 10 .___... 453; 5:39: << ----
'Christmas King Swein, of iH-nmark, death in St. Giles' Field London, on
c>, country it has 1068 rosein revolt againstthe ; Christmas: day. 14IS.]! Dec 11...." __._._ ..... 5:5 6:33Ik All work done in a strictly first-class manner.

= 1B -==::::::::=:: in Norman king and William in a -i ti z7 'c i2....__._....._.... 7:03 7Jj: #

|B Neville H. Clark of historic note. spirit! of wild revenge, caused all 11440 It was on Christmas day. Dec 13__......... S.13. S,3", Agent Stairway Dust Corners. i
| Yet it is surprising how I northern England to be laid to utter 1440 that Giles de Itetz. Dec 11.........___......_.. 9.15! ; !);
i few people there are who when waste that its people might never j of France, the original "Illuebeard"was Ike 15.: ....._......_.._......10:13: 10:23: Msax4<...t(#...AMHHMHMt******* ************ .. .. 'AAAAAA'A'A r at

1 ii OPTICIAN. H ailed! upon can name more than twoor again rise against!\ him. On Christ I executed for the murder of six I Dec .__..._._.........._.. :fJlJ 11:10:I
;i iEyes three of the ... ........... .. .. ..
important happenings mas day many died of starvation; I of his wives. .... .. .......... N...NNNy
:: lice l7.,._._..,....... .....11:3.4 i
:: that have characterized the day. others killed themselves,and hundreds <: I _._.._..._ .. -
gIi I 1I.c 18 12.9 12:10iDec : I .,
H .. "Vi The part Christmas has played has fi*>d to other lands while their homes The terrible] Hat tit of ;;, Ask [If for the Bread
always been of "I'eace 1460 I ) 19 __ .... ......_..I.JO: 11I : f .:::
not one on were burning and their fields: being i \VaktfieId. in the Wars
Ii if aith, good will to men." To the contrary I Dec 20._......__...... 1.2.1: 2.00Ikc21. : ; ::-
.. devastated. of the noses, took place at Christmastide -
.i. :00: it has been marked to an astonishing : :. :. I 14CO. _.__...........2:00 3311kc lis with t the stamp ofI

:: by tragedy, and I ._..._._.......
degree war On December ::;. 11:1.:: it !: -"- Z.! 2Jj 3:11:
Ii Examined Free. i i pestilence. A of "Christmas! 1126 _.._.......
summary henry called an assemblyof I Navidad, Cuba, owes its 1 Ike 23__ __ 3:10 3I.j ;

: In History" begins with a tragedy and his kingdom for the 1 pu.se| of 14 t 92 name to Christmas, for lh.c 21_. ......_........... 3:1i- 4'23lec .1I I l IrtrJa3cfu .
Clark's Jewelry Store. ::i: Dumas has said that in Christmas! declaring his daughter who was' the it was on that day in 14'J2: :! that Chris I : ............. _...._......... .1 :21 1 5:05Dec ;: :; 4 f Vlalal llt c I Daytona Bakery
"Satan and his ] of
season angels
ibt I "" widowed! Empress Matilda as his tupher Columbus landed at that place. : '20............- .'O') 5:50' : ,
---"-'-'-" -':: loom found work a-plentj'. Though f'
--.-..-.. legitimate successor. Sixfars I Because of the day. he called! the I Dec\ 27.................- ....... fifll: 0-39 '
stained with the :
often blood
greater previous to this King Henry had !; place] =Navidad." .
of historical events associated Dec 23 7:03
number .-. -. i. H.
lost his son and heir apparent; ; I E. QUIQQ
with the day have been productive of I 29. 8:07S:30 sfi.. ,
P. B. DOBBINS j Prince William (in Theking
a shipwreck. The Still Christmas":. of .
ultimate good. I I 526 I 1 1H.C30:; 9:12: '9:27
] received the news while he was 15:6 was so called because 1 -
'tl I I Dec :31.10:15: J 10:35: : lervn
AND LOCKSMITH. Christmas celebration .
GUN | preparing a big on account of the plague which __ p, Proprietor.
General repairing, key fitting saw fil- 3 0 3 The wholesale! ] slaughter of i 1 to welcome home the young man, and was raging through England, Henry :
ing. Trunks valises, umbrellas and Christians on Christmasday it (is said that Henry never smiled! I 111. ordered that the court should MASONIC I Dlkl-CTORY. N....1................... ..NN ......................
parasols repaired and recovered. Badges :303; A. D., was planned by DIoelt-; \ a suppress all Christmas mirth and jollity II *l.IFtX I.'UHJK.: N.'. SI l, F. A. MMirtt -- ---- ---
aln.'t M and ;:r Checks and Rubber andofficial ian, of Home, to take place !I 'Cli
tags. stamps emperor out of sympathy for the suffering II 1.1 FAX rilAPTT.U, N<>. It. A. :M.M .
seals. 228 South Beach Street, on this date when he knew the Chrisians t,i Stephen of Blots was country. +.-'tx2mlTliiir
Daytona, Flo. would be holding their religious ar 315 crowned at WestminsterVbbey t7t A unigSTAL'tiIltIANI'FttvNo: : ",I K. T.

elebration. Diocletlan had api ared during the Christmas festiv- James II., who had taken :Meets 4th ThursdayI.IVKOAK (rllAITKU N... ', '). t.I'I: I
friendly to the Christians in order to i ties( of 1132.:; Trouble arose between I 1 688 the crown was obliged Murt 'n.l.nd Itli Tttt-mlnyi Atlantic Coast Line I
Nowyou is the time entrap them. When great numbers of Stephen and the Empress: I to flee to France for his life, and on .\lIm..t In Masonic Hall Orant avenue.

them had assembled at the Temple of Matilda who claimed the crown for i Christmas day. 10SS, he landed at Aniblcteuse. -

s'icomedia, in liithynia, and were | her son Henry. Stephen waged war I in Urittany. The flight of BURDICK i
want everything L Z.
chanting praying and holding joyful 1 against "The Lady of the English; as James put an end to the struggle between
services; in commemoration of the ;I i Matilda was called and on Christina I the crown and the (jieople.] The Connects at Jacksonville with all trains; of the Florida East Rail

look and birth of Christ. Diocletian marched 'I eve, 1H2, the empress fled 1 from the throne was offered to William of for all pointsNORTtiSOUTti
to bright his soldiers on the town and set fire j I castle here she was in hiding: and Orange; and his wife. Mary, daughterof Contractor / Builder. way,

to: it at all four corners. History states where she was threatened with s'.arva-: I James II. and grandaughter of

'A little paint that more than 20,000 persons perished tion. because Stephen, had cut off the Charles I. This fitted a reconciliation I EAST and WEST.
new. on that dreadful Christmas day. !source of food supply.l On Christmas:!' of the powers. When December Plans and Kstimntes Chft'i" ,

ft it :. day a treaty was drawn up, whereby I 28. 1C94, Queen Mary died of small-

and a little varnishstain 306 On Christmas day of this, Stephen was to hold the crown for IK'X a gloom was cast over the Christ fully Ftirnislu-d. TIi rough; Sleepers and Parlor Cars to Tampa and St. Petersburg -
year the emperor Constan- life and at his death (it should! i exertto mas festivities of that year. and 1 Pullman
and New
I .. I sleeping dining tars Washington,
f tine, made reparation for Diocletian'satrocites the son of Matilda. will do wonders by granting the Christians Washington crossed the Building Cottages a York and all ]>oints East; and Pullman sleepers to Atlanta, St.LOlli .

every liberty: In their religious ritc-s. I C 2 Ulan his third Christmas 76 lelaware on Christmas is, Chicago and I intermediate points. Connections at all points

r'rom this time until the: ninth century JL.l.Ov) as monaich of the Eng day. 1 1J76, as he expected then to

Christmas day passed without especial !lish. Henry II. created a decided I catch the Hessians off their guard.
toward this end. historic interest. sen<-ation .by taking !his crown' from! Ills plans were eminently successful. Specialty. i Consult the Purple Folder.

'U u .: his head during the festival of the 1 The Hessians making merry because

On December 23:;of this year =Nativity" and placing, it upon|, the altar of (the holiday] were surpilsed:!' and SEA BHEEZE FLA.
800 ,
We have them. Charlemagne was crowned when the (priests were conducting routed by the continental For rates, Pullman: reservation and all detailed informationwrite
a emperor of the Romans. The title s
was held by succeeding kings of the never wear his crown again :and kept of this year i or call

Franks, or the Germans as they were his word.! 1ii"f was spent by Washington I Daytona Institute. onFRANK

6ingham&MaleyCo.FURNITURE called later until 1SOS, when Fraud '?; ::: 17 at Valley Forge and marked. one Twtnty-I;jghlli Year.

U.[ resigned both titles. 1 21J1 At a Christmas festival I of the bleakest epochs| in American I Mi's =S. Illizaltt-lh: Stoovrr, Prinripul. C. BOYLSTON,
:: T7 itS (in 1214 the barons surrounded !history. It was in the midst of the N'n. I, :S: tnin,<.!.-l]bl.h I k. IV.vli :St.: south

Alfred the Great of Ens-: ; King John and demanded dreadful winter when' the courage andendi'anee I .. of Orange.Chic I [District) Passenger Agent, Atlantic Coast Line. ,
UNDERTAKINGSEABOARD 78 land should have been preparing that he sign the paper which I protodI I : of all the patriots were anal Individual Indructlon. .

for battle during the Christmas I to be the foundation of English lib tried to tie utmost and when Christmas .Coaching. of pupils needing. special 'in- (.JACKSONVILLE, FLA.
I trutii ti. lllocutiun:! IJtcratuf, ( -
week of 878. as the Danes were near at I erties the Magna Charta. John was brought no such triumph as that tent I r.v: "-nt- for maturelasM) : -?. ......N NNN...NN...N..N..
hand. While he ant his followerswere I finally forced to accede to their de of Trenton when many of the menwere

making merry the Danes stole mands. I unable to stir on account of t 1-- I
u -
Air Line Railway. upon the English army on Christmas hunger when the commander In chief i! .1. T. LONGCHOICE I -- --

day. As they were unprepared, they 265 The first English parliarnent reported to congress that 2.S9S! !! men i
Savannah Columbia, Camden Sou- were scattered with great slaughter.g ; 1 was summoned at I are now in camp unfit for duty because II. sl." r iiiI ..N......1.N.......N.NN NNNNNNNt ...."
thern Pines, Ilaliegh, Ricbmoml, :': i: .; Christmastide 12S3.:; while the king they are barefoot and otherwise I" 1

Washington, Baltimore, PhIla- ft -| ATJ In 1016 Cnut, or Canute was held a prisoner by Earl Simon I I naked. MEATS
ILJIO son of Swegen. first king -.r it I{

delphia New York. over all England was chosen king J rj Oj Christmas of 12M:! i becameU.MC9JB i | O r> + On Christmas day in I
historic because of the i 1OO / lb37 Zachary Taylor defeated
V-- over all England for the third time. : i' I I ROBERT i SINS
Two Elegant Trains Daily lie was guilty of atrocious murders severity of the winter. =Never were the Indians in the battle of of All Kin s. I Ir
several of which he committed such fronts known in England. Fishes Oke rliobee. Florida.! I 1 .
SeaboardExpress on Christmas day. when hi* subjects and birds lied from cold and want of I :: u i
f will keep a rlioicc line of HoiMai I
, Mail were off guard indulging! in the food: human beings perjahe anti | O/2J| The cabinet meeting held: I i Jacksonville Florida
Seaboard ,
, festivities of the season which he en everywhere was felt the blight of the j 1O131 on Christmas day in 1S61 anti wrsti-rn meat always i M land i ij .

Modern Pullman Equipment. couraged. black frost. Another fearful Christmas was momentous one for then it was I S :
:: was that of 1564. decided President Lincoln and his j Corner E'aihiet'! ''. av.nuand Hay-j i

t i -. On Christmas day. ltH:::. -.- i> 'Cl | advisors that it would be wise to accede II I i ....WHOLESALE LIQUORS.... i
1043 i t t"II SI I'h.ne11'I :'II II
LINE to Kngland's: demands that Mason :!
JAMESTOWN EXPOSITION Edward the Confessor'as Edward I. prov id>d a I : .
crowned. A number of Im 1286 sensational and ,gruesome and Slidell be released. Seven yt'arsI I '
NORFOLK VA. pedant events In the reign; of Edward feature, for Christmas day of this I later President Johnson mad the day 60 YEARS' t' .

Tickets on Sale Daily. were connected with the day.It year by having:; the mayor of London i one of greater brace by issuing EXPERIENCE : ....ImI'orters ofVlnes..... tS
was on December 25, 1053. at a publicly hanged in the moraine !proclamation! granting full pardon to :
W'- For full information and sleeper rescr meeting" with his wise men at ai! who had taken part in the war of : : '

-', vations call on any agent of Seaboard or Gloucester he ordered that Hhys, On Christmas day in this! the! reK-Ilion. .
to the South Welsh] I 1 3 2 6 i "ts write brother of Gruffydd. year Edward II.. whit!* for
S. C. BOYLSTO, JR. king be executed.: indulging! in scandalous rioting wa- the great Christmas I Agent
Assistant General Passenger Agent, .*. .'-. seitl !h> his: indignant subjec's 1868 festival of l"e!* Hre-j TRADE MARKS i i

Jacksonville, Fla. 1 J.vJOO j When William the Conqueror I bound hand and foot aad carried o9:t dent Johnson granted full pardon t tot DESIGNSCOPYRIGHTS Ac.pending SCHLITZ[ i MILWAUKEE BEERWRITE

--- was crowned a prisoner to Kenilworth Castle. On I every one who had taken ;, Aetna rketrh and d* king on Christmas day cf _this year the following Christmas parliament t t great conflict against the union. qc'-sly.; .wuTte n :IF ,?.> m lies hether w. :
I re:: m I."r..ball If r .tenrM C emm.nir..) t
1 ti!,n.snttycmodential. HBNDBOOH V nP.t 'nu S S -
THE FINEST 1-===-=-=------ -= -=---- tnt free. uldeat enry f-H.ecun..v "p.tentf.recCa"
Patmi. taken tbr- u & Vj : l lj :
tpe-1 a'lice, vtiboat heeann Itia FOR PRICE LIST. i

BATHS Scientific' Jlm kao.A .

r hands mer! t1IlI.'ra'e! weekly. 1."t Mr .

ON EARTH News PictorialThe T T'_"];.r.ti furtn n f.nfwientlael..tal.'tern..St..,'.lb'.II. Suld! br all' "e'nd"al. .J .
: FOR MEN AND MOUE.'x )6azette= MUNN & Co 3B1eroadaaNew York N.1.1.NNI...1.*..+.......+*..+....*......*.*.

I Brtncb oxe..<3 F SU Wublllllluo.lJ.l.1' .


J ,J \ TM ly-t w Ixxal r. pr. ..ntattv.-! for
\ anted t artvna al1d1t'llIltr to
|xklft..rr.n al.and Inr -
ELECTRIC greatest illustrated history of Daytona and vicinity eve I as :the ubM-rlplon ll t of proraln- .
PLANT mom'il maea/ln..ona falary and com- i
/ ui..uo basi5.I Eaperieae.: desirable, but I FineJobPrinlinatCazetteNevsoiiccAn | \ !
nsiaryi I.n Kl for right
nut n opportunity !
--::; issued. Include it in your Xtnas presents to northern friends. !'I..r-"I| >V'!t. i.orJt.'dot,.--. HuMlihtr. 1-)1 S'" MtullonU. ,



r ..
I :

... .
-- ..
..,. :

,.. .
,_.. t

-:- -.-
= :- ; ...
._ !''l'
"" '4. .e : -
; :
,. -


'''1" ,< .

t : ; : : S 1JA.f: ; 't,1:Ij

f.\ ;. .;,
d j '. .. -
's ." ', \ ma, ., f\\; < '
I, ph h .. '. .
i ao to .. "
p :
}J.- /1/. /i c 1N\ dis P1a y.P r etf I' chi ca 11.aA d secthh Y159h've \ ;1.- +;

: .* r"f'._ rcl suld'table yo ags .. 't-J. ,"*.. .f ''',. J
I q9) rchi a hfd on ; ... t
/ j gilts to anY ar. < -1
y I r .
I : / CHA allies f .:

r ., / / .
i. ,, .

i f j1 I 'I ((1 : : 1 1f

+ MAC':;
CAFE rl'
/8 US UAL.
and y 'I SE I It
.. '
1 Cl >? !o/l. rq'$%' .. \ F urn uF urnishing,s. Chns tmas l/ REGULAR A 4.'.
pal pr 2
nd e r .
a Fro"
rid e II use PiC O n 12-00 i ";ji.Pc1
t Od ers'jo callorl g sk.' 0 Art S4ua yes, aFFTOF'i'\ to 6.00 P. AT.Beact ,
s, and '
? t&e I] tQor and: ;ar.d r f j Ruff a other pr ett 1DAY Y Glf S. You will find the Goo t -. .'

; ( Co Bakery ThIngs in the t .
Department A
Le ss est :oy e.j.el; : Jell's arti.des for"F u rniture \ all Home ti. _
r3 Canal Baked (
and<< /) a;Jr1J1ilier ,I llal1fa) North -
res. 'Il near ..
$ h' Street ', f

t Qe1t..el:'.
4 I l'
!I i
t; q///f,// ts,


A '._"' j I 1i .' /, / / urlanJraudlcrCn'amconl That Childr en CANDY Ought to Eat. and HAPPY NRW YEAR to all. ::c7Th rf: .
/ t p Injure the Innoth In4lhat
N / moat dellra -
'1 Oli ? rl nx'ill felt roo that n rrh itr.f-lXliIK* 1 VISIT .'
F K (HRS arc
i me Ope; lCtor-a X Fine Line for Chr''f. MCFADDEN'S'

1 DaYtOl1 Edit0 I We give you Honest Goods and '
a n Honest Weights. STORE .
Makes Gazette M T SOUVENIR
's 4 a Tr f AT I* !.x South Ii sell SM rw I r /

,t R el11el11 Very .A Pero -.LVew S i Corner Beach Street and Ivy Lane.
P 1 t
ate i l
nce. New Chr'Istl11as I 1 r Large line of Holiday Goods to please young and old, .
,rt 5'S., /
lIOn A cordial welcome extended.
and small.
p For Sale p ut....., / i a r/.. r / large
S. 11
>' ; % '
l) New 'Ni
SS rugstores stands U -. (I ..
. at CL
; 2S otels I
; .... Cent S Per and (11)Sf f

t' Co''Py........., i q C.1_ l1J l S %
II /{
4 T'I ] J-, qf.filII
1I1e eS)0

: ? '& / les So Cct I]<, I -
11 fil.elhi C''l! l'

!\, / / YOll' 10 s e11l!l1e..,I"s '11r P \ 0 D U M 'SI -
&' Ihe" 11(11" e/
\.>.. I T' f S I .. 'Obi, & J& Is* r"H For
? .11. -'r75: -2J > *
f: I }; X
; your t
rafj mas
o \ o't : and Turkey ,

/ ,'e anything inProvisionFr
1 ,, r Meats fi
n and
; : J .
IS :
/ '

' While out shopping call and see YOUR CHILD'S XMAS\ PRESENT // 5/

t' \ our line of ,;
\ Christmas Candies What could be more appropriate than a Savings Account S Sb

t Book. Teach the child early in life the value of thrift t'' j \ p'
Fruits, Nuts, etc.
F At little This habit if formed early will never be outgrown. Open / --

i r ,,
t- -
ti : I ..

!t T.F. CURTIS I & SON / and what it means. Then encourage him to save his ;t

< pennies. The result will be surprising. ONE DOLLAR 1 \ .
and it will FOUR PER / ,: CURIOS
: ': r or more starts an account earn a a '
CENT. compounded every three ay17
1 .
.. E -/ TI TIE MERCHANTS\ :.. Er lrrr-


o. faS l T. S. WOOD *t
I / r ?i 'j
; ;
1, 206 South Beach Street. i

: A AYrN the es ;. BUY YOUR WIFE "OR DAUGHTER \ 4Nor 4 ;


ar nt fI A- fhJh \ -

ght.tICes / CHRISTK ? I
r 8 9 ri 1 1A s GIFT. ''

1 e j A Few Suggestions from r rto
et Our Stock a Finest
I Comfortably Rockers Assortn1tn ,
> Ladies' Writing Desks Japanese I
\ M Pretty Toilet Cur-
Sets Handsome I r 1 l, "
Y I Shop
II Rf.'t't: Unique Jardinieres t Nothing but \'
t> Parlor Suites real 1
of goods.
Bed /
: Suites g's I
LO'fS Mission
Furniture =
: fo suitabJe {
/ r giffs. i
e l : ".)\\ERE ARE't\\n GS a\1L 1C E and many other things that you can only appreciate i'' reasonable pric Cs as ... .
by as you I
seeing. heard eVer
\ //q. of
E l<.s. "{ S. \3.rS. THE BINQHAM \ v, S N Call and s ee.
i >z 1 rr.\1\S., S 1\OC et u1" & MA LEA CO. 'I I cnvyFR A A A VAS
r OR 3X u F NOR/ rS 11 HIt
lots "
orS from 11l && / ;/. ; A NO5c BAY
t-- watt Co .... 'PhO\O ..arer ITIlEIU; r
1 i
Er P I ,
.. f l s crcrc
to /
fro n Phootrarennison .1.c" ..sl ,.,erranc3 4
nrrx'k 1" I /
, t ethings; front ,trt 1 nt\JOOS' "o j I

l ot n1C ES\Furniture\ at
f ? \\. \H\. hruE\ES K Attractive Prices

i I We have a very large supply 1 -
J. 1. C Ojlrad Go TO I of household goods now on
i I G i, hand.
The rOC Everything marked in .
I clasS Hat give' uS a call POR ry plain figures. Liberal credit {
I in need of a first Ra' 1 C
When OUk 0, extended. No
, I Stetson Hat p SIn S, N .g t. r
llts 1
l Brand
other High Class G and T. M.
and line of f KEELY Mgr.
superb '
: We are showing. _a Shirt FOR CHRISTer1es Two Big Stores '224-6S.Beach
t- Ladies' 5/ f
I and kinds: Gents { / AS.
aUstYles /
:" i Waists, Skirts, and Coats( dc and a full1ine I

I Fancy Shirts Scarfs, Handkerchiefs Give uS a: calL .
and Gents' Shoes. i iof
: Ladles.
f' HIVE Go to thee .

, r.e THE BEE Street Shell Boat : '

... l FULGHANorth
t J (or yourmisws
5/ 5
I .v I
IAI\.lIltil\1.I \
., -: \ \

r ,. [J MRS. S/M. RYAN, Prop. ;,

I .. ;-

;: ,
13rsL j '.. .F.' j.

: -- -:... ..... .. _:-=--=--': .- : -
; ; 'ftIIw' : u..--....- -,-... --.5- .-.. 1\ .

4's ll"JL"u -1IJ ., 1; -,-m-&. _.!

__ 7"=""" : I

_. .. ,.- -
..:<;;;: .- -: '
-< M r.a; -. .1oTiJal- .r

The Daytona gazette=news
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Title: The Daytona gazette=news
Alternate title: Ormond gazette=news
Portion of title: Daytona gazette news
Ormond gazette news
Alternate Title: Gazette-news
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Edward Fitzgerald
Place of Publication: Daytona Fla
Creation Date: December 21, 1907
Publication Date: 1901-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Daytona (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Ormond (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Volusia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Daytona
United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Ormond
Coordinates: 29.207222 x -81.037778 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 11, no. 34 (Feb. 2, 1901)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1922?
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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i _,. : ra av. ,..... '....... ___:' _. T _.. ." "", ....'q.... ;;', .,
z. asrti ''PII\7;----- ., "" *.-<-, -< -..._...'.-....-T ....._ '' ""
\ : H
> .

'. :,-:.: : '"c flflAyTONA$ GAZETTE=NEWS. : T :

I = ( r I

Vol. L _. '. _. __ _
19, No. 30 Qoc. Everywhere
-- Re.c Nee All CUi.ti. Daytona, Florida, Saturday, December 21 1, 1907. Best Advertising. .Medium-'la D.jrt.a>*ad Vicinity..! Price 5 Cents

.' .. 1
.' iV ;.r.7.7. /i' -ii.- ': 1: .I,1.t -
;. : : .ziE\ !!
I 4f7
.. ; :
I. :?
/7 :
; ,; S .,,
31 c: ;- / ? b : '
) I
4'e\ / /

10) : .

1 J / .
I f

;Y.,1 \\r -; 2 .

l 9 cTT' ( / r

t \' 1
I .-.. I ,. .
\ .

!I a. r 1 3 r'e' w .l't!

4*&li.I"'O O"" '" wirt .. i
.; .''iJ! 0 W

z I -' jI 7h4JJp11r1 ...A Choice Line 0 f'.... c : je. 1 1I

,, '
I).):. I" \ Water Colors '
1.!! /
I: r : I 11P' Frames .. 6

I ,

.. Sk J I leo Framed Pictures W 01+

USEFUL CHRISTAUS\\ and Art Novelties.

....GIFTS.... .. '

\ !V
; tv W W-S*v3fc
Ji! 1

r eo.Handkerchiefs Suspenders. r 4\

v s Gloves Slippers { !'S ART STORE and PHOTO STUDIO. I I

Hosiery Neckwear Umbrellas

} I AT- ( Q 4\ ,

. __
c "
ANTHONY'SClaus I --g


E .0. of which to think
Readrtss AT { at
t anta ? ChristmasCANDIES ; for Xmas Gifts! t
I We have' of those
Niceties which You will save much of that thinking "
? of a Personal are.the Selection result: by examining the many pretty and <<)
Those Little Oddities in Toys so appropriate articles which we have, .
attractive to the Little Ones, Something Really Nice fora 4EGLOBEGloves such as.. .
w Real Novelties not fourd Present-NUNNALLY. CAKE MIXERS BREAD
3 elsewhere, the very ) and LOWNEY. Get them of BIRD SETS and (8
latest productions (j. TlieUn CARVERS, and ALUMINUM :.
of all home I HANKINS, ggISt WARE and dozens of other L .
k and foreign J \ articles. _

'. markets. rw Tics Fancy Vests. Suspenders Prices as low as an)where in the country
IT WILL BE A PLEASURE TO and numerous other articles su t.lblc fu rChrstmc
SHOW YOU THE GOODSWALLACE'S. I (Ii : gifts for family or friends Gruber.Morris ridw. Co. 4>>

:'f\ ,
CURIO STORE J Don t to,':d t the time i althj I u 1 fo
South' Death Street Suiiiol Couron


!) ( .

I /
Christmas Shopping Made THE SEASON THAN EVER t
Easy at Our Store. STORE

; ::
\ } )f\--; ; '
:A. Great CHRISTMAS Display1Presents
L"iP- -: .1'
.J"-gft: .Jf '0 ..'.:
x for Old and Young
J. b IF IT'S NEW WE FOR ALL YOUR USEFUL Presents for: Little anJ Big
Presents for Rich and Poor No matter what you see elsewhere ,
: HAVE IT. CHRISTMASPRESENTS Presents for Everybody.Everything you will see something at oir
7I stores that will please '
I you
Our Prices Are and Always Have
in Christmas China much better. 0 1
:Si\ i. Been Right. Glassware. Alligator Goods Cards. ; i

: l\. u All Goods Engraved Free. Booklets. Stationery Confectionery CLARK'S '
I You will find here something Dolls. Toys and Notions

i I'; L H. ROWE & CO. suitable for,eachWmber|;. \o 40;South Beach. Street Stat..ncry Store Je".c1r SI 'e t I
\ of the family 124 S Beach; St 126 S Beal b St ,

r. 1r .


; t.'.. -.. ;. ..- t .:.. .' ...._ ; :..... -;;. ;;: ,. ....." T..4.. "-.J! '. ",. ._:'---1.. _d ,_. L ___' 1 !

... .. .-..-- - ', ... ; .. .."'.. .---:. c..,.;.,- ..- -\-. ,
e >
;...;.. .f ....:: ;

flUsAoisIi1G N L .l r 1N1NN1lNN/N FOUNTAIN_ CITY i. I II

!. ' 4 \ S iJili.if : I Livery and Transfer Sillies j I t

I C. BOIIAXXOX: Titzgerald & Oates 1' .

and Live Oak 81'e.
Palmetto f
Physician and Surgeon i Attorneys at Law I : JIacls wet aU trtin phone13.:;. or. t

I Ir Attention to Examining anti REPAIRING. |
Special AND
I Office over the Atwood Pharmacy, Perfecting Land Titles. BLACKSM1TH1NG I

Beach street, Daytona, Fla. I '

: Telephone No. 7t.i. | Conrad Block, D WTON, t'L\. i I II II : Painting and Horse Shoeing.. -
t st i. I I I FOYE Proprietor.
I CarT I). I jindls Bert nab :
t N.H.SEELYE.A.NPhysician : \. i ..... .......
1 LANDIS & MSI I : 111.NN/NN1..N.....NN.NNNNNt

Special attention and given: Surgeon.to Electrical : Attorneys at LawPracticing I I, : '

I In all State and Jo'ed..r.II I, 1
treatment and Mechanical methods.
Criminal business gle-
1 Courts t Ivll or I i
127 So. Itidgewood A\e. Hours I I, careful attention. Specialfattntleefor : "
8-10:30 and 1330. Phone 85. investigating" and perfecting titles. : Uan CigarsHave
I I; l\ooLo.od. Florida I I'I ; 7 I t Mateo .

Isaac Stewart tgf ord Ely I
T DR. d. t:. RAWL1NGS: I,

STEwART & BL'1'Luwyers I I, .

Physician & Surgeon. IJ I I II Made

--- //c y
Dr. Rawling's office over Gille's : Offic next door to Dank Building, I

drug store, Beach street. : De Land londa. 'I I, : LLJD3" A Reputation ofTheir

-- .- -. ,- I II .
E. LPhysician. TEWART --
Wu-wCountj. .th and Surgeon i 1 1I Own.
and Title ln>urii: e loft .11" : ;

Special attention to diseases: of the I Abstract* furtiUli an I Mltti +
; i
Eye, Ear, Throat and tNose. Office Maps l'lai; and l.>u" r i I

ner.. I Urt-Bank) ''J", I""I'.HI. t"a) I 11 I The success of the San :Mateo Cigar is one ofthe

Office bourn 9 a in to v p. m
-- I } the East Coast
-- -- -,-- greatest industrial triumphs of
-- -
D. 1 D. tS: C. M. U'C't'l( LIS i iC'II
: : iut'c the freeze.
I nuiiKVis: }
Physician and SurgeonSpecial

... attention given to I'Istars> of | DVTONVandomies I Made from the choice growths of tobacco that the peninsula

the Eye end Fitting of ( lasw*. 1*' HoHidgewood |MI\\U, .'I.A. LfflT1raDN 1' of Florida and the Island of Cuba can produce, and wrapped
!>. Office hour li: -:te
I phone Establtlicd 5i with the rich, silky leaf grown on East Coast plantations,
, lot: p.m.,aQ: to 8:00' p.n1.f Daytona Office

,.< DAMON, FLA. -- I .i41K1 C.14'Iti1SGa.1 1tfiB.S. ;3ds TPLStJ.1T"'rr. .- the cigar industry of the world has never produced better goods.
-- - -- .
M. JOSIE ROOERS, M. D. i I- 11 A. BCRVARDi : S WHITE men push out, For sale by all the l leading hotels :and clubs 1 and by the Union t ,
I i wept from east to west, sending up the island of Tanrf, in th- South Pa- :
1! I solicit subscriptions and bu..ines.o I: I year by year Into the remotest further into the heavens streams of tific .1 News Company on every train entering Florida
Homeopathic Physician ; !
of the
i .. No. 453 North Beach Street. for the TimesUnionTJMESLMON J JI I I I A earth, they corners<'arrChrist. I vapory graceful light,shadows dancing that up and easily downIn led bib J He(native hal a converts mission station there hi' and' I I Twenty sizes, styles and grades to select from.
were no
BUREVl ; angeito "
t' I mas with them as a gift
12:30 to 2:30 and 6-00 me to Imagine that they were caused
Office Hours, :
1 Christmas observance but they
, I; 1!. I.. Smith Real Lstate Office. J JI : I the savages; with whom : DEALERS.
invisible I-OK SALE BY ALL
t; to 7.30.Telephone Th by spirits. invited a large number of their heathen
lD'outac't. *
Beach S;reet. they come
;l No. 122. I I __ r tIIn American troops| have For a time I forgot the subject of friends to come to their YuletIde) Manufactured By
my visit and lay watching the playof feast These heathens knew nothIng
r ; __
I done this in the | ast twoor
. s. II. oovr I j I It the aurora as it shot forward and about Christmas and were quite SAN MATEO
three in some S. W. ROWLEY r
Private Ilos- year'"i
Daytona backward, and when 1 finally cameto unaware that it is supposed to be a FLORIDA .

pital and Sanitarium Architects Builder and t of Islands the hitherto of the I'hilltplies untrattted, |i myself I looked around and found |I I 1 leriod of Iace on earth and gcod

.. Every facility of medical for be and proper surgical treatmentand c...>*. I' Contractor j I where the Spaniards had never dwa J the natives lost in deep and silent will toward men" t1.i. t lLii 1& 11Hij liil illii .1,1,1. .1,1111.. t.lulull.
. Electrical care appliances trained nurses, & to venture awe at the spectacle."Tbe I I Over I,000 natives were gathered ......... ......

,. quiet surroundings. Special attention!I ; j hour I spent in this servicewas :, the great feast The crew of a I __
. given to all patients Term on appll I corner Strange, indeed ale some of thl'I' -r---
:, one of delight to me "blackt lyding schooner to
: -
I eager get
.' cation. No.4 t Second ave. Dayton which fall to the kit td j ,
Irs.Q A. LOCK and It. HOWE.Pbyslclans Phone S9 Daytona i experiences especially so as the little handful \If Kanaka labor by fair means or foul
l In Charge. I : these! adventurers when they first I food I distributed made the bright eves for the Queensland: sugar plantations
---- -- --- -- I' flay Santa Claus to a barbarian rae I II of hundred people glisten with happiness heard of the and Norman S. -
: a : gathering dropped
I Halifax ttusic House : tkat has never beard the glad old I III I Is'ory Dayton
GO'Li :
DR. W. A. I I : and supplied as many stomachs :1 anchor off the island on Christmas

George \\'rarI I of Yule. i, with a feast they enjojed before they !! toorni'ig! The captain, however! seP .
Dentist I I I again closed their eves in sleep tog the number of natives, hesitated
i : cheapest place in the Stale to The Esiumos' Real Santa Claus I to molest them
"It gill take too much space to record REAL ESTATE.
Office: Corner Kldgtviood and \'ulu la ; buy Pianos. Pianos to 15ent Tun- Sheldon Jackson an official employed -. all the times I gathered as T Telling the story :Mr Paton saM:
: log Repairing and Polishing 'I.>' a II by the United States bureau of ed | Peered through their little skin window "Mv I first anxiety was the labor
ucatlon to work in the wilds of XU'-ka.
skilled workman s and saw them dancing around in i schooner, but bOOn a new peril thl'Ul.,
PHONE 89 I carried Christmas to the Eskimo lbilI ened Some of the heathens: had UtJ ii' ('::.m i,if( pi" |K-rty. 1st door south of pr.htuflice.V.. II. ED-

j II!'I rden there In 1891. lie gave a deeply j expressing i I met since war had raged between \Ii-ON: liana rer, Diytona, Fh Plans, Estimates and

DR. I r. II. HOUGIITON I i MASONS IX GEIlBy '\:\\. It In Interesting a report account to the of bureau.how he did :j'i many good things received the like them At first they simply glared I ateach Sup 'rinU'u,lence. Lumber yard, Magnolia Avenue and .
| of which they had never before eaten" other) and then old hatreds broke
DentistOffice : a lady who has a thorough 11 "For several days imm Jatel! > preceding -| out and hot words were at ktnuain F I. t'. r flail way. Phones at offi e, yard and residence.

: knowledge of the German language Christmas," he raid "I took Where Santa Claus Caused Terror. I ".\ and again 1 started some

; I and has traveled abroil For further j occasion to tell the scholars bow it Mrs. Bertha Stover the wife of amlseionary"statlont'd contest I that wouldcatter the excited!
: Suite 4, Opera House BIocl 1 j I I was observed by the whites, and exI'ained -
.. information address 1'. O. Box some features about the day I at Kailundu, ,\frlt'a. (groups: but they soon cam tOJf'tht'rapin I ../1.1.1. ; ..e.1..................:.:.............-
20S Fla.Nl I | tells an amusing story of how Then I went from group to .
: Phone 32 I as my limited knowledge of the Ian '! Santa Claus terrified the black cbil group and tried' to Hllrf.ad a l better 'I 10-11.11-.1: : s. years our Prlii', are I'.lglit- -Machinery the.Best *

---------------- ---._,---------- ---------------I'I i guage would admit of; so that b>' dren at her mission station where he '' feeling Our Christmas gathering was { :: .
---- -- .I...-- .../......_------- I 1 PORTABLESAW :
the close of school the day before, :
I : first appeared to them a year or two nearly turned into a scene of bkxNi .
'.\ ---- -- -- -- "" they pretty well knew why It was ob- ; ago. I shed in: our wry garden but fortunately -! MILL OUTFITS t

t1..,. I served I They had celebrated Chijatmas at all passed off most happily' I ,.,.. the best on eartn._ Engines .
i..t : '1 I tell the children about SanU Kailundu before, but they never had I I : ana Boilers aid all kind of ..

I ; Clans anI for them to tie their fur ,, Santa Claws, so :Mr Stover dressed Among the Head Hunters of Formosa | ward working machinery and :
Ivy nn rtockiogs near their beds. as be : mill supplies. We
: up himself; up as the benevolent saint. Vaiwjgh the center of the beautiful carry a .
: was (coming to visit them for the first "lie had been padded and luwdered : labs of Formosa thi.- runs, like a i : _y large stock and 4f8D make .

:; : Enlarged and ImprovedWith i I I time, and would remember every I and packed until his own mother : bat.bone. a great rang of forest-clad 1i UmnerilateahlpmenL :

; child would not ha.e known him:' said I I mountains The original inhabitants i : tt u'r, t,..1a. f',i our illustrated catalogues tt.e can save you .
money. .
i Increased Facilities in All Departments, will be able in still i I I made up a lot of little bags out I Mrs. Stover. Presentv! we gave I of Formosa a wild savage, ferocious I I Complete, line carried in stock. Address all letters to :
: of empty flour sacks and into each the signal and the door flew open and : race .>f men live upon these moun- ll. South .
; :
larger degree to please and satisfy those who desire refined \ \ I! one put eight cubes of white sugar, I in walked Santa Claus. But dar nw, tains Christmas was first carried :\\ COMPANY, ATLr 1NTA Fouth. OEOROIA'street.ALSBY .

> I about a dozen pieces of dried apples what consternation'' to these l'f''I.Je| 1 by a brave missionary! : .. : :
elegance as. well as All Comforts and Convenience 1'1! oN 1e1/111e eee.1.e. ....
] | and a dozen raisins-nut a very appropriate He was get t'ttod with shrieks and ; named (r Leslie MacKav i _
r i ; assortment for a Christmas I groans and cries of: : )lac:Kay bid spent several 'ea.rsIn i
from November
Open May. {!| I present for a white (child but it wasI 'Let me out!' ; the coast and in the interior, but he
t the best we had and I found out aft I M I' hesitated long/: before he took his life.
I It Is the evil one! I
' WM.V. FOLTZ Lessee. cnrard that the selection was very i i In his band by seeking; out fi<' bar. iJ
"It is the day of Judgment!
j much appreciated: bthe littkEs- ; banana of the mojntam-:. tit whom ; FULL
t. "The small fry, catc-blag the Infection .
: N......................N....1NNNN..N1e.1.111N kimo i BO white man had ever ntund
of terror from the elder black
".Mthough our supplies were very The favorite pastime ot thi si' savages
fled to Ole bedrooms. Ml down \
limited, I concluvl to take enoonh I people : was to cut off the h.'.nK or their
; .NN/NN/N1N11NNN N1.1111..NNN.11.111...* j I from such as \\(.. liaJ, and give each I' open their faces, crept wader chairs enemies, and decorate th'n hut with \ Exvalssr

OPEN SHOP Magnolia Avenue i \ family the same assortment It was them- them They had bteii h.d1lhfn- (In PREPAID
j j made up of a tin can filled. with Sour, this sport when }lacK:&\' drifted iiito
!i eight: nary biscuits one pint of j "l' Or Santa Claus never bad such one of their villages and spent llni.t. $A20
rice, one-half pound of sugar and one I a g-<.*ting befores soon as be mas Jar with] one of tbt"r: ehl fs .. \. I
.1' I realized the he had cauwnl beI tI I \ .,
W. H. WRIGHT & SONr third bound of tta There are ten panic "Tb chiefs home eonsit.d: i of one
: houses in the and about 1M tore off bill tall hat and white cotton ;, AEglp4i
village. i I large loom 3t 5 feet long: said Ma; "-Kav
: : persons all told The supplies above 'I beard and from the bags on his back ".\ fire blazed at either end The i ,' .

". Painting s enumerated: were made up Into tenpackages. 'j began to throw gins right and left. men, dressed in coarse limn sacks h auB I -
sad to tell who be was .
4 lDoz.
with holes cut for the arms and abroad
I DecuiatingPaperhanging : "I had the herders harness OM of 1! Reassured once more. thEy were belt of braided rattan in which e'17.' l!_! ix

i p the deer teams to a sled and at 12 : soon all laughing and chatting. munch. was stuck a long; crooked, sharppointed jl' DELIVERED fov J
} : o'clock started with four natives for t'1 lag the great red breajs. iduugb knife stood around one fire; while I 1 .
.. .. the village, a half mile west of the I nuts), tasting their fruits or nibbling the women with much the same dress, f it 1 -I29.9
: I station I' at the sweats to the familiar little save that in addition they bad many ..4r f

West of Ridge\>ood avenue Daytona, Florida "Whene readied the first house, bags, rings of brass aruun4 their arms and
: I took a flashlight view of the deer One man wondered whkh end up limbs and innumerable ornaments en N AS
I N1111.............!...... ..................N1..0 N'1 I standing by the little skin window he was to hold the fork Santa Claus their bodies squatted around the ., BLUM & COMPANY

-:- i through which a faint gleam of light had given bin \notber immediatelytried other fire .ItENCY 'PtitST BREWING t
.......... ..,, ....... NN1 11NN1 1 1.e11 1 :' was thrown from the oil lamp burn on big their new shirt.hued The girls handkerchiefs arranged -'So. on that Christmas night I sati I i Blue Ribbon Beer
: ing below bright i there with these rude pope! the and Lewis i 66
i. into Dtbbv>> turbans, while others i room lighted bx the ares and by j "n,) fur I', r. Whiskey ,:
; ; ; : It occurred to me that perbap candies
Daytona Transfer S Stable this was the first time in the history tried to nod some place about made from the heart of the. fir r .............. ........ TACKSOi\'ILI.E' }'LA
Livery .
I their ( where could ....... I'
I cf civilization that a live Santa Claus scanty clothing they I tree The men smoked their bamboo ....................
1 i i made his midnight visit upon an errand II' | stow away the bunch of bread, paperof pipes. while the women were buy : .
needles and cake of soap given to I threadmaking on curious little MALLORY : f
C. C Johnston. Proprietor of mercy with a team of reindeer machines
and that the Eskimo were the I them. I of their own; and all men and .

I Lave the best livery in ihii : first to actually experience what "Each one tried to talk loader than r, uoaten, were laughing and talking i: LINESt
I': throughout Christendom is only a his neighbor. so they examined the merrily and making a great nol*'. It
'itwith white
i i drivers nh t ni"th costume of good old Santa Claus who was certainl a merry (hnstma and i I
familiar with all road) bad frightened them almost to death ', .
are "It became necessary to dig away a strange one to me."r SPECIAL PASSEN GER EXP RESS i
11 I
e One said he thought Elijah bad -
I' man time, with the
: LOOK FOR TilE : the fist from one corner of the window ;, a help of 'V :
returned, another that it was Jobs }
native converts, who had accompai5edcoe
in order to get the packages STEAMSHIPS.
: Silver Tipped Rigs. through and in nEarlnt'f'y Instance the Haptist Yet another thought ttwas :, on this dangerous trill I sang : Largest and I mist th,.: .ughly! f'quIJ'JJl'rJ :
i i the operation alarmed) those below, Satan himself and all my sins some Christmas hymns to these savage 1'orast. Passenger team8bip8 00 the S

J :,--:-:--.-:': Phone _7. o|>p. 1'ubli S.1...,,! when a package was immediately drop- I i rose up before' m, ;' while a fourth : mountaineers, who had never S: NOO\hUrit\\I\: ] ( | (;. ..

................................................. i ; led, down and they became qufet. hide confessed mjself; :Mv.. oily thought was to ,, Christmas seen a white evening man before trying; to and I spent I Important ST.UIUJmISHE: POMTIELGtRi: i
The night: was a glorious one cold explain( tothem : 00 these "BIll", UK nOl tidEt8VIII be .
tJ Dumllt'r of sold to exceed ...
I the old. old stork that berths, tire
has or
and with the tars shining in seating of
t f *************************.0 ***********************.*. lustrous crisp splendor from the pale bin A Christmas Feast That Nearly toM so often ia so many lands sine,' : curing rKJKK all:\ ,...."....III.r., in ;
I Caused Bloodshed: : : : u\\ I.:
the Christmas JACKSONVILLE
f above, and not a breath of air morning: EVERY THHRnivLet
canopy .
t: i N. ERICKSON : was stirring I Rev Frank I-aton son of the famous The savages to-.* great pleasure inthf LOWEST(lS.w R.\1'ES:; TO lulr NEW of.hipcf in Florida Timl'8-tnion.) :_
South fc misMimarlobn G. YORK
I +a AND
singing of the ALL I'OIST '
: "Across the whole northern horizon Christmas hymns : h..lu.linjCI.li/ClltfnIIUYLIGUT NORTH, .
i Cabinet MaKer.Vood Worker. 11" floods of wavy Hget staged aod 1 Paton, tells of a thrilling Christmas and MaeKay and bin friends came to .ulUrs "tSE.t S.IIL through the *
J. which !Ie spent in lSi>9 at Ltuakel.on do_ ham by their boW expedition j I' Through tid..t.Jo sold to all Northern ISI .\XDS:' :

at: :t Picture Frames, Door and Window Screens made t t', ""rdt'r' *" _h_ : regarding attrts-tioas. offered Ly no other.. point8.line For full InformatioD .
Jt '\; -. ft ., apply to ; diagram*, reserrationii, S

k (1- t Cottage Avenue, DAYTONA, F lA, : F- .'1. 'IRONMONGER .
L Jr. I-M Wett. Bay street
f. ,1.N1>>tyt wit wrs ****************t*******1 i 1' t-rant." n.'ral raeseng.r: Agent Ja.tkIlOD\1IJe. .1orlda.. :

;! .1.1111.11111 Ut'o...n...Clark. Local .tBent, Daytona, Fl a. .:

.1f N.NN...N.leeee...1.11111/1111111...1..111111.1., :Daytona Illustrated ..-.. 1.11-.111111111111' .....1.11111111
. ;. -
REA [ . . .

I BUTLER[ WILSON O $ CO EST ATE. Daytona Ice Company ;

: J
It Cottages for Sale I or Rent. Life, Fire and Accident .Insurance :

.. PLone 33 DAYTONA BEACH, I LT \. J Get the Gazette=News Pictorial. Made ICE .

: .11N111..11111111/1/N..1N11.1...1e111e1.e111.11i, 6 FlI'lory from Distilled Water. .
i corner Iailroad:
iE . and Yolusia
i r O . \
I" . \

rk EEPIW: : n ;)) it',,, .5- ___ -iJ- _' .

__ .
-- -
\ ,

: _.. :n. -:\.. _,!ft' .....:: : .Jr't -- .'::_ A_:>-_ -&_ ..1t.., { .' e.

t. _"";..;;, .....:;_; ___: .
; _.-Ja l

r: ...,,. ..,.

_ ;,

_- Q ...C' YW

------ ...

This Coupon # The Sanitol Chemical LaboratorrCo. ""--'

... 4206 Udedc Art,St. Lmui.MOo Ci

EncloM4 End SI.00.lot wlnck teat nc lh. I O I O YI ;
iiortmcB of 10 Sanitol product as/ere.. ti Good Health in the Homedepends a
is Worth PcUct tbraugh of ttuHM.......DaM NVLS 5 \ AiNS''

W. :I. tUMCIMS. Prop. l largely on its sanitary equipment.

$1 .70 ATWOOD D.).ton.PHAR.-I4CY, FlfrhJi I You .should be exceedingly careful to have

to You $2.70 y HOLIDAY TURKEY I J the bathroom as thoroughly modern as it is possible to male it. '"

I Of course, the plumbing of the kitchen and laundry should have
.. ......- I
GOODS DINNER similar attention.
-... Street .... I 1i i I ,

worth 0 ..... ......... .- Neckwear Gloves Hosiery s1I J SUNDAY at THE HOWARD I'" There Is one important thought for you to consider namely :

City : good?plumbing always costs a little! more at first, but i It always
Suspenders SlippersHandkerchiefs ( Also Every Sunday and I cheapest in the

Slue Thursday andChristmas j end.

Bath RobesAULTMAN'S t Day : ] We an solve

1! !+ t the plumbing

for a I I question for you 1

1 I I f by baring our 1
Cut out this r '
I"I"I. coupon to u skilled plumber
Peer nght hand
The Sanitol corner and send to s11 I -
Chemical I ; install l
Laboratory Com
with a 31,00 bill and pans, of St. I r: \' I
throughus tin our name and they will deliver you 7 J "Ib V( ttt.daid'
e come rite I r.
I. P a
ssottment of ten fart I size ', + Porcelain En-
packages of
Sanitol y
as illustrated, Thcsc the 1 .
1 t" satisfactory toilet preparations in the wort are d and most the "r ameled Plumbing 1

t regu lar total retard Pau of these arti CICS IS s',70. '; J 4 t fa, w Fixtures. i

-- --- --
f 1
lA BUILDING are used each night to make a determination CHRISTMAS AT \4. Moden Bathroom -
1 PHARMACY of time and three nights will add a 1

s q. PROPRIETOR M. HANKINS l OF MYSTERY. I are necessary for the work. Sometimes I THE CHURCHES. ar. ,, wealth of health
Daytona Florida ; o I I as in this case- it i is a waiting + FM. to your home and

i ; : : ; RIRR game, as proper conditions are difficult ;* ;e ;e increase its selling i

: \\\ A Visit to the Silent Little Building to secure simultaneously at How Ua>tona's Houses of Worship value as welL j

on the City Island and What both ends of the line, it being necessary Will Observe Christmas-. Call and secure copies of the booklets "Modem Home Plumb- 1iny. 1-
tl 14 1\ 4 I i to have a clear night at both I
% Was Found There. The Programs Offered. I and 'Modern: Lavatories They will be of service to you.
II stations. Mr French had been here ti i
Probably man}* of( our citizens There will be the usual Christmas I JOE OSBORNE r !
twelve days without having a single
have noticed the little frame building services at :St.; 1'anh Catholic I r j
) r night when he could work in con-
: recently eret.ted at the north church First mass. at !O.'M:O, second I
c juction with the station at :M.; -7
end of the City Island and wondered mass at I I/H(): I and I ]last mass; at'
Marks At the previous station
as did the writer, that the 10.30: a. in.
-- -
there was a similar wait, followedby i i
same was permitted by the city au- ...+.*.+...+.+.+...+.+.+.+.+...........+............ '
r39 & nisrMiI 1''I three good nights in succession.
thorities it being naturally supposed There will IK- special Christmas DRY CITIZENS OF *
Mr French has visited fourteen i 1 1i
r that since the clearing up of services: both morning and night at
stations since the beginning of the
? : I the island and removal nearly all summer, commencing in Minnesotaand the First IJaptist church tomorrow, i DRY COUNTIES Z

the small buildings which had collected at 1H>0 and at 7 :.To I ,
working southward and as far : a. in : p. m. i Frequently Apply to Us in Their Distress. I

upon it, the erection of more west as Texas The next station Mrs P. P Lyon will sing a solo and a.

shanties would not be allowed. special Christmas anthems will be ..FUR TFIE HOLIDAYS *KITETO
/ being the last one, Mr. and Mrs.
I Inquiry} of the city officers, however I FrC'nchere very desirous of linish.I rendered. The |pastor, llev. II. P. i

ell<"itetlittle! beyond the fact Gibbons will preach an appropriato THE JOSEPH ZAPF COMPANY Ii
k: :: .._ ing the work in time to return to
z: hi I S
: that i
;:: it was a temporay building sermon. -
_] : I their home, Washington! 1)) C., before Jacksonville, Florida
erected! for the of -
( a government ,.
the holidays but unless 'On.li.Ition
party and to jrotc-ct their instruIIK I At the First M I. I K. church, lfe1) \. : Who Will Supply You With the Purest and Best :

:.1111111.x.1.111.x.1.1.I.I.1.1.....1..1.I.I.I..I.I. 'nts while hen prnH'IlllitrtiIIJarl.v{ gOlld l from H Hutter will preach a Christmas : : leverages for Your Table. :
I now on, they could] ) scarcely) hope to
: Don't Fail to See the Finally the (Ja/ette-N"ew man located i do soThe' sermon tomorrow at II I :<.HI t a. m., .: \\'EI! : 101.1AGEXTS: JOH Till. (TLEBHThl i a

O t. 15. French a guest of The and there will be appropriate music

Cedars, the engaged! in the I reporter was treated to a by the choir. lime Sunday School) "
IN Continuous Moving Pictures lurty : view of I the reflection <>f a |portioll of Anheuser1 St. Louis
government work in the mysterious the blue above, including a glimpseof exercises will J be held at Kpvvorth | i ;

little building and I calling UJKHI I Hall I Christinas I'.ve.
: Peck I 11wk, fool of South! Hridgi' him found pleasant crud I Polaris the North Star and alsoa
a very ac-
: I'ii.tun's changed TIWS&1.YS. Tlmr i >;d.'>>s and 1 S.ilurdivs i-omod.iting: i gciitlcmin: who not : moving star! w hits g.\lhllll'll across There will IK- sonicvs.it St.Mar "'sEpiscopal I 1 '
I the of vision in Beers i
See live |Miint as though a : nun-l
: Alhpilor: ill vvjnduw only give the M'ril,e atr\ interesting : church Christmas I|
description of the work hew.1 I great hurry to reach its destination ing at 10.H:: It Ke\: Wilder will also I}

: Admission 10 cents. .. doing here, but kindly extended reminding him that ho also must be have services at Ormond at .S-"Oj: i I I
II mov i iug; so thanking them for the .* M I.... Carry j ConipleU' Liar u! Imported and Domestic Winrs, CordialliLiLos "* /
IIxIx.1.I.I.I.I.I.I.i.....III.i.1.I..1.r............. to him an imitation to rail at tfaeiI.U1.1 courtesy shown' and wishing, them aChristmmas .1. in, and at Port Orange at UMI< "<>II \\' Ak Porter and Mineral Waters.KiThlOKPRICttLIST. .
building within specified I p. in., Christmas )Day. :
--- --- -- -- -
dinner at home, he side I i \\' : f .
1 .. I times, and( the I The. program for Christmas> Day> | :
some night see instruments i them good night. I I lest'rcises in Dayton ii: as follows: j ........ 1.N..............N..N.........1..NN....
r i".E sr.G: : : R. R used in that work, and I II I '
.I ---
( { CO. Processional 11,)"inn, "Christians j .
i the same gladly,\ evening availed himself newspaperman of the i 1 I I I J. W. Shields' Oarage Burned. Awake. Salute This Happy Morn" I' .I.1.1.I...........r.I.1.III.....I.....1.I.I.1.....I*

I .1. \V. :Shields'; in the rear
1. garage Te Dcuia L.a11daiit11s--\Cccodward
invitation and I sought the little I
: building at about 7:4. Mr. French of his residence on \'"lusia avenue, in K Iht.I I J i BARNES the Novelty lan i
I was destroyed! by time Sunday afternoon ( : ,
I Communion Service. m
Goods. had stated that between i:1: l I and I j
i Dry I l>etvveen three and four o'clock .
I !gas) I o'tlock he must give his nndiided -I Anthem, "Hark the Herald Angels -

\ attention to the work in hand I together. with his. new electric runJ Sing" I Hea..tI"isl,, E I.'ay.: J j SELLS EVERYTHING. :

: J laburtand I various goods stored in I.. Green. .
I and. had! asked the reporter to call Offertory l-.spccially:. Stationery, Fishing Tackle, Crockery, :
: Phone 102, Anthony Block, : the place. .Vim Livingston Mr. [recessional: 11 "While
inn Shepherds -
j either before or after the hours I'' } I : Glassware( : Fancy Confectionery, Souvenir Past :
Shield gardener< also lust his! Watched their Flacks 'byNight.
: : i named. I : (CardTalking Machines, Dolls, Toys> and Notions.: :
and effects The "
clothing personal
DAYTONA .. .. I ()being admitted( to the building, :II I .
i FLORIDA.Groceries i I: the reporter was introduced to Mr. I touring car, in charge of the thauf- -- I BARNES :

:...................1111111..1..11111111111111111111: I French's charming, unofficial assistant I feur and tarrying Miss Margaret There will be no -enit'l'Ii.! at the : .
j Sheilds and some friends, was: out I M. E. Church South, Kingston I Will also, frame jour Pictures, sharpen }our Saws, :

..IIIII.III...........................I.1.........I. !: Mrs disclaiming FreUl.h. who more, though than modestly the- ''at the time of the fire. until the minister appointed at the : : Klli'i issnrs, Lawn Mowers I Etc.: and will :

I Both1 r. and Mrs.I :Shields; were recent conference arrives, but the repair almost< anything that is out of whack. :
( lending of her moral support and .
company, evidently was of great assistance at home Mrs Shields> being nr- Sunday School will have a Christmas < '! In Fact f
for Remember
? Any Want :
" I : ; to her husband stairs and Mr. Shiel Is in the sun entertainment, including some ,tgas1 ; .
I parlor when a little girl called their
' Mr French in connection with I music, at the church on Christ ,
: I attention ro the blaze which was m mas Eve.At ; BARNES i
'I j his co-worker Edwin:, Smith, now at ,
then under good headway. The I .
NOW YOU ARE TALKING! St. Marks on the Gulf Coast, about ( -
I [I alarm was given b} the whistle cf] THE NOVELTY MAN. :
r thirty miles :south of Tallahassee is the Congregational Churchthere :
the .rk done the the electric light and I a large c.rnwlII'p.ie1.Jya'.emhll'll. I will be a Christmas service .
i That's My Business. completing w by I !
). 40 South Beach St. DAYTONA, FLA. :
!'goedetic survey party last year, the with excellent)) music tomorrow .
:: I take pleasure in falling fcr jour ordtr and : : building on the island is erected on I A drum! containing a few gallons morning, at which time the new I : .....1.1.1SISIS11.1.I.1.1.1.....r.r.1.1.r.1.r.1.....i
... of f gasoline i was rolled 1 to a place t fsafety I
: delivering promptly what 3'UU3nt.. My Mock : the sput used at that time and overtime organ, though not fully completed, I Iwill '- -
: from ahl..l the ;
i is> always fresh and( fine anal l jour I trade will r monument constructed l as the near garage t be used for the first time. Following '
I land I stronge and successful efforts>
: and well Liken. flf '' foundation for their I is the
( IK highly appreciated <'an : instruments. programDoxology. :
I I made to save the water tower the<
\ : Plume me 'ourmnl Among the instruments: used I by i I) .
burning of vvhiib would likely have I Invocation. Norman S. Dayton
Mr. trench are two of the Imestchronometers I' .
led( to the destruction of the house
made, the value of Anthem. "Sing HScripture ('; \ s.:
S. W. CARROLL I J; lotli? the chemical engines and the
.,. them being one thousand dollars Heading.Praver. : :
lire extinguishers from the !street I
and the balance of the I .
I equipment boxes many of which were' carrried 1 LUMBER.
: The North Beach st. Grocer. : wiU total another thousand or more. Iesponsl': I tm II
I to the scene seem to have participated
The for the finest of instruments I lymn.lnnouncinsents.
: i 1 in this with various degrees Yard, )h, nllli.L Aunue and F. E. t. Railway Also
X 19. :
Telephone o. : is Utter! from
appreciated I
!I of credit according to the onlookers. Has, Estimates and .Superintendence. Kcal Estate:! ofkce
:....1.1.....1.I.1................................... the fact that much of the calculation i I The roofs at the rear of the residence 'I Offertory'' Solo, "My KeJt: taeraal | h& coorfwiih! of 1'1. W. II. EDlOSHEOX> Manager,
Lord Duck Mrs. Lvtilow.
r done iu fractional of I my :
: is a ,
parts : were guarded and protected by wet I Sermon Divton.i Fl ,rids I'hum .* af fTui. yard and residence.

a- PUMPSVe want the ; second This station, the logitude of I, clothsFortunately. the which I I fuartette.nd. ( There Were :
wind was II .
which the I Spepherds -l'arls- r'sJaIms Lud- .
was fixed by partypreviously - -- ----
public to know we strong in the early) part of( the day,
here, is being used had quieted down or the file might i j I dow' and Bobanncn, Meszr*. Roxby :: ....................................................;

r- keep a Portable !!las I a base station to determine the have been communicated to other]I and Mthine.Prediction. .

Tn'T ,: longitude of St. Marks and after dwellings. As it was:;, sparks from \ .
Pumping Outfit on |i that is accomplished Mr. Smith will the burning building ignited the CONRAD GROCERY C CO. i
II roof of one of C. Xa,h's cottages in I ,
The Sunday School of the C hns'tiau .
come here and Mr. and Mrs. French I
hand which .
we block Yolusia.I t
the nest east on .
PUMP will g> to Ik-lhue Hotel near Clear-I The origin of the lire seems tj b*!'! Church will have their. entertainment : : \lltlrrt: ...,ur. to K. T. <(< 'omad \v: l 'u.) :

can install at an :,I' water on the gulf, to ascertain the j entirely unknown I Christmas Eve, at which :
... time all those who have Un i I.
longitude at that point this station -- ---- regular -
notice and a I I I.I Carry Full and i
hours again being used as a base. The ;'Royal Arch Masons' Elected: Offictrs.At I attendants will Le remeinbere I I.i II I. I : Complete
I .
1 furnish with I Bellvue Hotel station will completethe the regular meeting of Halifax:
you I Mrs.l Z L'. Trux i Line of Plain and Fancy i
work Lr this season. I i| Chapter No 5, Ilojal Arch :Masons i I of Sparta; Wisj i t
water while repairs j who has been visiting her sister i ,
The two stations are in tele-i I last week the following officers were

graphic communication and the obs'nations I elected for the coming year: I j Mrs. E. K. Pratt, 011 Bay street, left i
are being f Friday, of la t"et'k for .\III."a. GROCERIESCLOVER
must be made at the same G. I>. Seaman--Excellent High
I Ii I where she will spend the balano' of :
made. time, in fact a double record u Priest. .

made, the observations at each station -. C..1. lUtough King. I the winter with another sister. : _O"n- :.

being forwarded by wire to the Jacob Espedall, Scribe. II I -Fnu SALE-.\ lii-fo"t. steel nun- : HILL BUTTER. i f

SCotten other and checked off by the chron- F. T. Peck. Treasurer. : sinkable; launch. used but little. :J .
Staples t,
o Au ometer or electrical recorder. the .\. II Carter'crt'tar oak extension !dining tables, -.' "'o >mktng .. .

same sheet. The difference in these: The Excellent High Priest upj STJVCS wood or ;al i heating : The Conrad Grocery Company i

CENTRAL AUTO GARAGE, two records is the difference
the two places: 11 has: not yet announced the appoint-- I use for above will sell for half value I ft. I h 1 L jradtY.jt. oIJ: stand :

<. Phone___;vQ.? From twenty t$ twenty-four stars[meats. I A. B. Foster, 218 S. lUdgewuod. i I...............................1......11.1......1...$

Ir :.r,'.? -. --: ...-.4.I. :. ""':.. ,-r.-? : ...:::.,.. :r-::..y-.e J-. .:- -r:. "! '- .-. ___,<.:';- -:;:-'

-- .
sx te'C' : '
: ": ,. ..

r .it.i

I IY ;

I', --- -, ---,- --- ... ...'......... .. .1'
Y .
1 r. ....
THE DAYTONA GAZETTE-NEWS I Howard S. Kerncr and Sam'l. J. compromiac was affected and both anni- continued. { 9+*m++*99*++**+ww** w'4
Smyth, of Great Barrmgton.,Mass., registered i! \ersancs celebrated lost night. Jesse Goodw, assault and battery; ]I 1 Free ;.
PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY at the seaside Inn Tuesday. i I Mrs. 11..1. Carter gave a birthday nol-proaacd. I i Christmas i

Artie :Stewart; will arrive home from I party Tuesday afternoon for her grand-j 1 Cote Bellamy, assault with intent to ;1
T. E. Editor
FITZGERALD, Winter Park Saturday fcr the holidaysand I I daughter Zilpah .\. Harru, in cclebra-i! i murder; nol-prossed. I I.I [ Dec. 23 and 24 we will give ...
----- -- --- -- ------ ----- -- Monday and Tuesday
will receive a warm welcome by his ,' tiun of the !tatter's twelfth birthday. James Garnry, illegal sale of liquor; i ,

THE GAZETTE-NEWS COMPANY numerous friends of the younger society I Mrs. M. Conant and daughter: Miss I 11 four months ., i Fine Nickle Plated 2 Blade PocKet Knife,

t I Eet.I t May, of La Crosse, ll'i;., were with lr.1 1 Georgia: Ann Brazil, mayhem; ''(IO- !.
( INCORPORATED ) I Butler, Wilson A Co., Tuesday leased 'J'and I Mrs. Edmond on from Friday until i tin ued. I i suitable for a lady or gentleman to every purchaser
--- the Coquina Lodge on Ocean avenue to Sunday afternoon.
They expect to Junius Thomas concealed
I carrying Desiwishes
Entered at the Postoffice{ at Daytona, Florida, as Second Class Matter. Mrs. Geo. II. Ward, of West Liberty, sp| end the winter in Daytona. I weapons; guilty. I of $2 worth or on,1". These are given with our
flew lear.i
I Iowa. Mrs. Ward's family consists of I H. D. Huhart returned Tuesday Marion Wilson, illegal l sale of liquor; : for a Merry[ Ciirismas and Happy .

SUBSCRIPTION RATES. her sister, Mrs. Bingham: and nephew, I from Columbus, Ohio. During the I mistrial.S. ..

a. Frank Petlock. 1] summer Mr. Fluhart made a trip to M. Mulliem, carrying concealed i Peck-Hendricks Company. i
One one .. Jl .,0 The subject of the discourse at the Paris and fa said ,1 The

One copy copy copy three eLx monthsOne year months.. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::..:::::::::::::::::..::::::....::::::::::: :.40 i "Preparation M. E. church Sunday of the World morning for the will Com-be i I''brought fine home exhibit with of to him.picture have collected which he avery I'I weapons(; .Rhains!Robinson; acquitted.Geo. aggravated, "has.. E.assault Johnston.Major \\'. :N.N.N. .N1.1... ...... ........-.... ...............

ADVERTISING RATES. big of the II't'I11t'r-the I'mting'Forces. ; I' The Union Sunday :School ChrMmas I I I I -- -
." entertainment will )1st held Saturday, err- I battery M. Hunter T.J, Hattie. Cook Smith, assault and : ....................................................:
; trespass upon orchard -
DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENTS. Mrs. Roberts, 1.>r. VanValzah's sister,, .tnmg. I : Calendars in the city at 25 and Sit, :
I Rate per inch per insertion to regular advertisers......... .................._._10 cents i i ; all above pleaded guilty except 1 or the!, most artistic and up-to-date .
Rate per inch per insertion for less than three months............... ...._....._13 cent* u expected to arrive this week and spend| t '! C. E. Johnston. His case went to trial
Rate per inch per insertion for single insertion..... ........................_..._.....-30 cents the Christmas holiday here. Al o MissIois I Criminal Court. !j I and resulted ill a con\iction. He was .: See Lesesne at -THE KODAK PLACE"Water :.

READING NOTICES OU I.OCXLS. VanVahah, who u attending school 1 'I II fined SJ.50: and costs. A t.ew trial w:i- .

Rate per line, each insertion.... ........... ..................................................... 10 cents in Charleston, S. C., will spend the midwinter t Criminal Court met on Tuesday and asked for and denied by the Court. : Colors: Photo"'raphil' views of Florida, and :
was session all lost week and
j over
vacation with her ,4
RATES FOR CHURCHES.: LODGES, ETC. family. i I Ed Ho vi ell I, breaking and entering: are- needs. i
into this week Solicitor Perkins everything the camera user
l.t'Hie County :
Johnson has the contract and I
All club society organization& lodge: and! church notices', other than n.ligi.uslervicC,5 ; I <|Uitted. '
cents per line. Cards of thanks 50 cents each. Resolutions: .; cents ias now well under construction a 40e4two 0, filed: thirty-four informations, : .
per line. Legal advertising at legal rates.GENERAL story building uniting the two which is almost a record breaker for i Gannis and Mattie Mosttey, affray, : teach Street, :2 doors North of 3rd Avenue. s: _
fined! h.
pleaded guilty 1.00 ea .
PROVISIONS.: 'rtios recently purchased by Thomas the court. The informations tiled, to-,I Wes Johnson; gambling pleadd. .....................................................
Xo single charge for display advertising of any kind less than :)oil> ('t'lIt". Keating: on Ocean avenue, into a butt I r' *-ether with the disposition of ca-es, ; __ ,
Good position given every advertisement. extra charge :2! rlItlI p'r UK'li follows.Alice: guilty; lined $ u
will be made for ads: with specified position; No special| 1',, itil'n8 sivni; \III aa- building' with an accommodation ofskepit.g 25; Civcrs I .11111111111111.1111.1111.....1It .....................:
assault! with intent to
lees than five Inches. | ru"mIzcable dining room I ,
No advertisements accepted for the first page. seat l p.ulc.r. the first :21x40; feet and the kill; continued. : Death of .Mrs. M. H. Feck. I .

Extra charge made on display advertisements containing an average: mud:' att."i '.. \:!; feet will be attractive feat- .\J lphu.. Berry, aggravated assault\ ; Mrs. Mary Jane Peek, wife of Myron : : M. ELLA DE VOY CO :

than 30 words to the inch. arcf!f f U!,.. new hottl., Lumber has also plea (guilty& ; fined S100 or six months.I 11. Peck, died. very suddenly Monday
AU bills the first of each month.
payable on bee < I n d.! red. for a maple wood floor for Same party al-o pleaded guilty to the : morning of heart failure. : LADIES' HATTERS :

the! .I.+; .... hall of the Keating Casino. illegal sale of 1 liquor, and was lined 53"0 Mrs. 1'e+.L had only turned. laywcek t i
I Ii Correct Personal attention to
in Styles. Fitting.*
\ ft w night after Mrs. or six months on this charge. "
Parsons' .
ar- I : with her hu>band from Jacksonville : *
i No 0 :SouthlVa; +< :Street: : Dajtona.
I ,'= =--' r.\:1I:11: : ihe) parsonage! week before last King! Monroe, carrying pistol without' here they had Ixtnisiung a' .....................................................
.................*....*...*....+.*.**.***.*.*..*, **** tll";! fru tul- and members the M. E. a licen-e; taken under adv'bement. daughter and where "he had contracts

('lunch gave Mr. and Mrs. Parsons anifortnal Bier Baker, carrying concealed weapons a M-vere cold. She had sufficiently\ recovered -. ----

i I reception and welcome, which ; nonprossed. however, to ietp I | and al+out. ,,;,iiiiiiii"iiiiiiii" i..i.iiii.iiii.. ,iiii.i.ii.iii. iiiiiiiiiiiii... iiiiiiiiiii..i..ii..ii. ,

I Seabreeze and Daytona Beach. j wath occasion of a pleasant social evning. Harry Jenkins carrying concealed when attacked by the sudden illness, .

r : Mr. and Mi>. Parsons are l looking weapuns; not guilty. which proved fatal. Mr. Peck wathe ;i j! Miller=Strohm Co.1 E -

MRS. H. A. BERNARD, Editor. : forward to the home coming of their Lige Johns, vagrancy; W) days. only one: with her at tile tillle.I '

son, Arthur, who has been attending Arthur Mandy, sranJ'l larceny; pleaded Mr.I and Mrs. Peck. were tile 11
. . ... .... among
I Elf ............... the De-Pauw University of Green Castle, guilty and was sent up to the Reform earliest of Daytona settlers and Irs.II''k ;; :: Successors to :;

1 Seabreeze, Dec. IS-Some two months I 11 hand Jan. 10 at which time the play Ind. It is probable that he will enter School for four )'ear had for years been idetltifiith ]I ; 1
i i ago C A. Ballough sold to the ChrisO i start, and as J. D. Price, of The :'tctMin ;after the holidays. Henry Alexander, strand I larceny: ('01'1-1 Congregational Church, its various I: : PECK & FOSTER.

; '6 tiancy Fruit Company his fine and Jonn Anderson, of The tinned. I II / and other association- ,1'. ::::

? t oranges on the trees. Last Saturday Alcazar of St. Augustine, have provide Jesse Pmkuey, carrying concealed 1 ,,I Mrs. Peek, who was 77 years of age, :: Family GroceriesUraln |:

their agent was here and this big output teams of equal strength and merit as Ormond. I weapons; not :guilty. H sunned bv her hu-band and fit ': :: '

of fruit was.being'gathered and packed baseball pla"erse will unquestionably i Junius Thomasdrunkenneas. ,I children, \V. H. Peck and Mrs. B. I-'IIS- ,
i for shipment. hav e cry superior baseball: playing on Ormond, IVc.1 Is -Among the news |i Rex Thomas, carrying: cnt't4k'1.lI tcr, of this city; D. :S. Peck, Haywood.i Fancy j
rivals is the Bit, of Worcester I I \\ i .; Mr,. laura Durkee, lIeFl'l'l.t.Wi :
wca >ous
{ ; nol-proosed. and) Food
the East Coast this
C. C. illicit is building a commodious season ., and Mr" I I' 11'. .\ma- Jackson
garage for Walter Gamble on the southeast The Boosters' Hub i+ becoming: a v cry Ias:>., who have the newetheiby I John R. Rhodes: !', de-ertiwn: (,Iift: ,.!i \'illEIr.. and Mrs. Ctrl wire> married, : ti

corner of his home property on the frtrong organization: and its success cottage |i and! child; nul-pra9sed. ',, Albany, N. \.m IvVf and \':UIII.-> ;"IT'S

Halifax. Mr. Gillett has the contract should be a matter of local pride' to The+ Bazaar and Handkerchief aIcfor !i'1 Itaj"moud Jones, four information- for ,;i Daytona Funeral in oot'n'irCliere the fall of ivsl l held. th ,%..rnuwuuiaunm..rnrrrs,. ., .. ..... .. .'.urnnunwlurnnn.._+.nu. .....uru. 'uMun..,w....n''HW1NH.'n
y the benefit of the a' : : at i ice
nan fund was assault with intent murder
for building three other garages, and every property owner of Seabreeze.Many to ; pleaded j jI i idenie, corner Bcath street and Loomi- -- ---
from of the members have great; -ut<<>S. j I: guilty em one and neJIe entered in the t
present! appearances we opine an paid very avenuecdnevlay afternoon at J:30. i j
automobile epidemic this winter yet fair donations outside of their dues. At : Mrs. Ellen Pinkcrton, while tlet'Orat- others. : Itev.: B. F. :March officiating, and the i.. N.1................. ........... ...NN.1.NNN.N

greater than has ever struck our the last meeting: of the club a motion I i ing the V. 1. .\. rooms, in stepping froma Trucdy IVte'r>: on illegal-ale of liquor.' ; iiittrini'nt waat Pinexod 1 Cemetery. .

carried furnish table to a chair !skipped and struck her : Bond Lumber |
city before. was to the wire for electric I i Company
Mrs. Alice M. Stanley, of Xew Britian, lighting Oicau boulevard: upon Dr.i i side, causing a very bad sprain. :Sin' i i- A /I"I i\ /I"I" ARIIIlAtIARlt11A/ / Areereseem ce.Regegre5AC5'.7 r i

Conn. 4: L. Potter ; I confined to the hoU!<('. "t.r.rrl.r.rrl.llt.I.I.I.I.lllrllr.rrl.rl..rllr' S s MAMFACTlKbRS: OF
has leased Mr. and Mrs C. A. promising to supply the i
handsome home of the riverfront current free from his We learn this morning that I. :>. e a' :
Ballough's dynamo. Lights I M kOUOH AND: URESSEU .
for the season Mr. Ballough and will be placed every two or three hun- Hall, who went to the hospital at :Mugustme BUTTER I : i PIA 'iD CYPRESS LUMBER i
family will occupy their small cottage dred feet as may be needed. \ to be oj>erated on hot :Situr- '

which is ;improved Miss J Ketchum of I dIY has just passed awavD. '. i
on Valley street being one our regularI
,l by the addition of a kitchen another d I w inter tourists, is a guest of Dixie Ixnlge. i (J. :paulding, of Pcun-jlvama, i- *M ; t Lath, Shiiiot.;] : Flooring Ceiling, Brick, Lime

I Miss in the Frank Colby cottage lit- spent BUTTER +offlf mud Yards Ktfct: tea.
minor changes.Mr. Alma Halliday will sj>cnd the : and C1'eJllt'ut! 111 t0ek. :
Maughs and family are here Christmas; holidays with her father at two w inters! in Ormond three or four <: :: Italtaay and Orange ATDU
from Sharon Springs, N. Y., for the I Orange City. yours ago and was so well pleased with ;: BUTTER :E : :M{ II.Ij* IondltIl: ,.,,.\lIanUe'oad Line ttT.ugmlle.wut6otlaeleoottlla. I
I the East Coast that he has tunifd : Kalamltt< .on !Sanfnrd Krancb oftlx* M. }:. C. K).
winter and are occupying the west The public! school closes\ Friday" for ai ; t i
apartment of one of the Clarendon cot-};
rages on Ocean Boulev ard. Mr. )laughsand I the Misses Halhdaj's and Bond's departments fall from a ladder while making!. !n'\>MT- I Good Butter is a Specialty with :;
I "n hihouse.) c? N11N1N11.1.111N11.NNN.0.11.N.... ... .....NN .
wiie will be in charge of the electric will have Santa Claus. demonstrations M w

and tea baths! at the Clarendon as usual : in their rooms 1'ridaj -- S.Y.. CARROLL. R:

G J. D. Boulton, wife and daughter, arrived afternoon. Individual Christmas tic c ; !inaiiuieiriuw-i.i.... iiiiii.VHiiVitiMfiiiiiii'iifif tin 'fiiiitiiifiii f.it'f iiiiViiii'ri nimii...

from the north last week, and I and other devises sanctioned to tl ese, Port Orange. Tin following} hater wan received by Pr. S. \V, Carroll and :: A l). rivBklDEPrcwdcnt
,M :: f. .(")' ( 2;
have leased II. C. Builland's home on "Yule tide"will gladden the hearts of c.:: !sh I IOU II I l>e t\f.interest t to housewives, coming as it does I from an 5.' :I Ca.,hkr ;:
Valley street for the season. Mr. and I i j the children. Port Orange, iVr. !>-\\ hikIItir> ;
: I
; in the manufacture of
authority butter
Joti : pine oleonvargerine and ;
Mrs. !> djilJrcnn'fI' playing' at honor,
Buckland will of Mrs
occupy part I : :- rt'uf\'att'tl! butter in the most important manufacturing butter :; : :1 MERCHANTS BANK I.
W. A. Baggctt'a cottage for the present. J jumping t>tT the M-ranclali, their S"'oJ.d] .,. :
Daytona Beach, IV-e. 1 'Chas. II. buy tell and broke liii llr centers in the It reads thus
E. B. Case and his sister, Miss Ca.e, arm. ig<'ttiiigalmig country. : R' ;: 'ltr.n'h V Iari.; County Bank I .,

whose expected arrival! from Ohio was Seaside Piper, the Inn accomodating clerk of the \'cryu.1I under the cart ..f : ti "Keplving: to sate inquiry in regard to the advisability( : uf j: ::J < ':iital| I S1a'I L-.. . '.. f 50.WJ
arrived from Jamaica I Dr. Dullois.
noted in the last peninsula budget, are ;. handling olcomargerine in cxmncition with high grade n; .': I'frsMiial .
your l ( (
IOO.W> )
Plain Boston M
guests of the Glenwood. the forepart of last week.E. Luis 1'urlow and lit- bride ;rn\i-d -A
So recent improvement on Ocean C. ('hand'rr and faintly, of (:rullIlIapiw Thursday and the same evening wine of I :: pure Elgin: butter would say that; your trade Menu' to demand w, :S 1 ransacts a General Banking Business i

. I Boulevard has had as marked effect i in : i, Mich., are late arrivals and an tlw young ix-oplc got ua < Lit'Linpillati :: the very best grades of butter obtainable} and I }Iiclieve oleo :

l beautifying this street as the work done located l fof the winter in A. HarrounV k | nhiiha.s OMikttl; and 1 cat"n <>tithe : would I only e-oufuse your trade While oleo is r'allImrl'r.. .; s 4 I per! cent. Interest Compounded) Quarterly} : Paid 0111

i f on Issena Park and on the Wilkinson cottage on Scabrecv av enue. I lifter Shore : :: svve-eter and cleaner; than. some cheap butter I IouM :sugge .t :.A' ;r Savings Accounts.
, and Potter-Buell lots in them Mrs. Beachmon. who has been ptnding l- \Ir.: and 11rs.11.1I. J\n'I'IIt.: | | givv a '. !
bringing : that joti kep only] the. purest fancy: Klgin: that you i have always : :
up to street level: and grassing their some time with her aunt, MrBuckucr .-. prgnssivetucirc party in i honor oftheir jj :r :Safety Drpu.-it: l BfXt. for Htnf ;:

r Jamie McConnell, who is taking 1&i' on the beach, left Tuesday for I i I ddthton: Paul, who i i.s visiting ::: Mild, and I am eiimiiieed (hat no one would object i to ]ting ;a." R :; ." '.',".'..,..... ..... ,.....'.... ..!. r ?.*.*?."..*"......'..............,...I .....'.......,AY.W'N"N1''It-gtW'ff'f.'Wt
course at the University! 1>Virginia, her home m I Indiana I I IPeuniogtou them. "I lll'IC acre fi\.- table and tin : to 10 l< > mils!' for that grade rather than I pay; i"t trots for an inferior ::

will spend the holidays with his mother I Miss Irene one of the I evening was tees much e np+\erl. l>ur- :: artic-Ie. There[ are a few unscrupulous dealers who+ go :: I

i' Mrs. S. R. McConnell. I grade teachers, will spend the holidays 1ngrI11n1PCmlr.NV11 ill the gallicl: ,"'h-. r among tin) small rt'tail"torts north, through he summer, \\110 :;

k Mr. and Mrs. McClanabau arrived last at State.St. Augustine and other |K>iuta in the rate rtfrcthtntnta Mere served: ty buy butter from the farmers in .''UII('. July and) .Aug,t. Tins ::
week from Dr. lWmother and >utvi anid ;
Missouri where they Lave ;: butter ia thrown iuti old 1 lard l barrels where it remains it n;
:: nit
i been visiting ith their son andII ife, I Burditk and bride, after a Saturday from \I'YOII... and MiHrohni >. w'
t- and are domiciled at their home on brief visit with Mr. BurdieVs wire e'l her daughter and) l baby> an i\ o d 1 :: Mild{ quickly. until it gels not only rancid hut lull of (lies and, Norman S Dayton ;-

t Valley street. I Mrs. 1:. C. Hibbard, left Wednesdaj' f.j .or fern Chicago Saturday. <'', sometime;* maggots; then soul for S to I"' e-enU per I jiuund. w'R' ,

r j Miami, before returning to their home in I 11 Ir. und Mrs. Hunt and fanulmil, I it and :
The special election fur major, which I j They buy up hip it to souse plant uLere it is renovateIby :
, G; took place Dec New York. Mr. Burdick is photc-grujfi lie: Haatr came from loni I Nland tn :: heating and strained 1 fine wives all ;
Tuesday: 10th, resulted through to get twit Hies : Plans
in the
State Prison Estimates
A I at Daunemora, X. Mr. Hunt fine laumh... Tinynj"'d ,
in the election of Dr. E. L. Potter, son Y. and vermin. It i is then put into large vats with milk saturated' : ,
and is several" J ,
on weeks! leave of air the trip tees muth. Mr. Hunt lost: ;
i .. '.. received 25 of the ::votes cast. sense.I year bought the smith pl.ne on <\\t<. : with ben/oate+ of teem, worke! until the water i is all out, put :: '

.r The Christmas exercises for the children I I Miss Holcomb leaves Friday for Xew |Peninsula opposite Port *+rangt.Mr. : M into tubs, then into t'OlJ storage ,until winter, wlien butter e-oin- J ; Superintendence

take of Glenview Sunday School will Orleans, where he will -j 1)end the Itoh1. IVtat, the Oak: Hill sawmill! )'r" :: man !s a high price. Then it i is shipped out to the 'trade aspure wRai! ,
place at the church: Dec. ::n d 1.
days v siting with friends.
The entertainment will consist of addresses 'j j Mr. and :Mrs. ,\. S. lUrroun made pri.tor:1 in town Saturday and gut\ ,- y (" clean, fresh!' h'Itter.rtl I must say; it i fee hard to detectand i I lumber. lard. Magnolia Avenue ar-d F.: 1=. ('. Uallr.-ty.

by Drs. Marsh and Leland I a day.Ue ;: having been cbemiealltreated free from taint id- :; Ideal I llstateoffK-e, 1st teary south) of \'
and I business trip to Jac knv ille Tucda>'. : \". WiWtri1I hold tit Inc crt I' .. itiIJrareChurili < ts or raw : I+ul' bflir. \ tl f. KDM : -
music and recitations by the l.hildren.Yr. i. t[ returning Wednesday. afternoon. : ('Lri-trlla? :sft"III"I t at t := ity. Hut if the consumer cotiU only see that butter before it ; Io( \1 lI)S(fI IX. Manager, Ia>'.,na, Fla. l'aIJDt'H} at (, 'tt.1.8t,1,

and Mrs. Cook and two children Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Law arrived fit,10 tbree v'<'I>ick.ML cy went through the renovating proofs' they. would never bur I ,\ :R; ind rtsMemv. -

arrived the forepart of I hut weekand I'ennsylrania Sunday' and Lav takenpart fi :" ,
e ; Mary lair lamt 'im ir"tn |t>und of cheap butter again ::

have of the taken Smith the second floor apartments Mr.of one of the Hibbard flats. Stetson rni\f!Mt> TI1sd.1.III: >p" ml, 1 ;ry I have been l in the butter business' for the past eight i \eai-.. : I: "
apartment} house onGrandv Andrews, whote: family is 1olft'lld- the holul.ns with tier parent/ -- --- --
'iew avenue. mg the winter hereafter a several m ? and know whereof I !sjieak.' All of my butter comes from theM :: r

Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Ball arrived at the weekvisit with them, left Friday for rente-r of the butter making districts, and is not more than a Jwevk E' .....1.1N1.1.1.11N.1.1N1.1.N.M.1.NN1... 4
Colonnades some ten days ago, long before I' Manitoba; Canada. Holly Hill.Holly : old wlten} recvived l amt selected By GsTautl I i is as pure as :", : WHEN YOU ARE CONTEMPLATING i

which time the hustling Mr. and Mrs. Keller arrived from ti the (:loll Medal dollar :
manager : butter served
creamery or a pound at the :
Mr. Caslosv, had put the entire: buildingin Indiana last Saturday and have takrams eft Hill, J t.'f'. ]I-'I'! lh<. in dill- ::: Waldorf-Astoria and other high class hotels and :. g' ttUig! ): a < ;avan/d! Iron Tank a new Tin fie,f, a Hot Air Furnace J
+ restaurantwhere :: ,
readiness for the winter w ith Mr. and flea. Miller S, iiight of the Saul Sing hi- (
season. Although I- t on 'abieeze MI r n I : I I or -f, the! other
!hanged I fancy quality is always demanded. Really it is! no better :; I : any metal n.-c-essiHes: !' required to
; the hotel will not open until I t avenue. fromediMtiday to rid. ,\ complete a modernrenieinbr .
January, the following friends camesouth I Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Gleoson, of Binghampton. I t tl : night. w than the high grade you handle, e.xcejH that it is fresh from the :; : lhH'l1ing. that i r

in party+itb Mr. and Mrs. Ball l X. Y", are spending a iu...nth i Mescrs. lilitth and lIar ul are piikiiij-, ::: churn and shipped by evpresa: every clay to de iinti"Ji i"II !

and will be season guests: Mr:. Clara .1 I 1. I here, having taken rooms in Cbas.: 11 dq- i and (tucking oranges fur Mr-. \ imug; < .f ::: euntract.Now. w: .

i r McConnell, Miss Frances Patriquin, Mrs.E. son'a apartment: house Oriuood.llcv. w Ur. Carroll, in conclusion. If Ilet'ilkto handle ;: : C. NASH a SON i
t i B. BatcheKler/Xewburyport, IaS s, .., I I Mr. and Mrs. Gangeer, regular whiter 1 U. 11. Hutter was (prt-uit :run' yon
1 I: Mr. and Mrs II. A. Stanley, Mr. and visitors from Indianapolis, are among 'day but was unable to (preach U-tau-t, t.1 i : < oleomargarine! ; get the best, and for the good of your tra,le d. :; : PAYTONA. TLA. : #

t .Mrs Murray Stanley Winthrop, Maine.Mr. I the late arrivals and are pleasantly fo- hoarsest. He was presented it/I/ .i ::: not handle renovated or cheap butter. Stick to the old 1 1 :ship| :; -. Ip"t prepare! to H Hare :.

! and Mrs. C. E. Fogs; arrived from cated m Mrs. J. A. Mew art'* home on small pun as :a Christmas ffTtiins all J : the i people will appreciate the fact that if your batter i is a little! :; j give prompt and reliable service at fair prices.neral .

Xew York I the riverfront. expressive of pprt-iatlon ,-f hl111"1 t tof INhere. :: hi h. it i., I repair. ,1 ,, V
l week and will spend the'> One of the ; pure and fresh. The retail price is : t cent a j fI' "mil'I 1 i. hop, n lusia Avenue, next to the Armory i

I winter at their home on Halifax avenue, I j'I j the most cnJ\'lI.bll. deuces ti, ill C'laoagM: I.l."i.' aul 1 oth..r l I'lue-i t 'r th! ... one grade .f f fgood" : U' 'lil' .",.....
1 1 j season took place at the Keating I. M. Drake made a lmiinc- tip tM. : : Out ol s
The town work
of solicited. '
shelling the grounds oft Casino h'ndac'cning under Augustine last Fnd.Mrs. .. '. ter, you carrv. 11III.:;: ... .. .
j I the managemctit .\ 1 w .....*w...
the new clubhouse was completed 1 lost II ; w... .
I' of Messrs. Ray Selden and I II C. S. Harris left lot T..ll.tho- :%11111111w111111111f11111111111111111111 + w ..w.....w.......:
Work courts' liIf1111111urrrlrvrr.rr -
Saturday. -
the tennis \
on Clarence Van T:.s.;ell. Eight happy lost Friday, tailed there b> th1'll'U' vyrtr4vrrtir i.r.r rMYYYYY ) \ rerr.rw -- -- -
and building Is forward ... ..
going 1
rapid couples swung in the.mystic uaje.A illness of her father, Dr W H. Cart- 111111111.11.11111...........
and the building is expected to be ready telegram from his son announcing Mrs. I:: G. Mrtkel entertained. a f, :.....11.11N.111.11111.11 .111111111111111111.1.111. ::: J H ".\IItIo\o\: : ................. -

+ to open to the public by January first I the death f John Hires friends from '. .
c> at Miami wa Dajtu&a and this |"la .. .it
the ladies committee i .
having completed received by J. T. Butler last Fridav dinner' tdncaday. evening. I I dose examination
i HOTEL of electricJ
selection of interior furnishing I Iw Butler, Wilson A Co., have just rent etq I' .\. Mann came dean from :-cabro..kOitunLy DESPLAND I : al work finished and *
The animal den, with numerous valuable charged for
I .
one of the McCullough wooden and returned :Oundftt'r. from
buildingson this
additions, will be removed to the i .. .: :: shop shows crow squaret
t-eabrceve: avenue for a tailor s}IKI'.1, noon accompanied bv hi- grandson. : iy and honorably
i DA
: : transact
baseball grounds about the same time. It YTO\A. I FLORIDA. : our j
will be Paul Clerked aa
brain '
a the : h<'rman bsineas.
ffi* The infield of the grounds is being laved i!I, tailor shop at the Clarendon. t )lr J. I'. Turner. ,-f New Mnvrna. '. + :-.ve Electrical repairs re- **

;' to a proper amount of clay. Work ou The Ladies .\id of the1. E v hurch I was the gia-t of Mr. and MrA.. I II \I "The Favorite." i ;: + 'V..() special attention. Those
the grandstand, which is 100 feet long, :i' will give a New England sup|',.r :r.parsonage UK-I Carter Saturday and :"unday.a Steam Heat I.I I. .: 'Ji our charges us never worry about ?
U progressing. nicely. In addition I to'I' and they know bef
,, Xew Years C. Kit and of
eveun.E!: f -r family Daytona, arc fore
the twelve of seats there will belong I for :: engaging us that workmanship :
rows a church Open the Season under : our ,
bt.'nett.11: Iyo7
T. Wt'therell"ll.ttae o7 :
are ivrdialliit i i otcupving: fur thvwinter. management of
line of bleachers and an additional] ited. Price :23 cents. I aa : will be the best. ?

line of bleachers for colored people. The I I R. Miller: and family will L. A\\ -
: spu.d l illy I \\1111. ti WA1TE
: Owner
llste';; \\ v \.r -l 1 t' i and |
baseball players will be composed otholidays with Mr. Miller's parenttt'' ftasdal: wend \'. c i :Irl uttLtr \'. I.IS t"I" aa Proprietor. j: Daytona Electric Co. J J32
National League men who will be oaSfKKj L"u: .tU. ha .
\wg a birthday Thursday} .11N.>.. t..........
WW.11.1 .......4 4 t : : South Beach Street *
.. ... ./ 1/11.W.. l| ..1.1N1.N.1...N.1.... ... ..
-- = 1 1.1.....
r N1..
------ -- --- NNN..... .N iy.7

.f r -,' ,......, r __ !T- y 1..:. 1 7 -f '
... --- .
< r '
: 't ; -
-.f ; .. ... -- -U- -
_" -- .

." .!'.J4 .
i I.- .

.' : 0I

.. --- -- - ------- -- - ,
1 1i $Sew assortment of diamond- R. M. Bond, of Lake Helen, was The Ridgewood opened Mondayfor Mrs. J. I... Hopkins and daughter,I:+-NNNN..1N. ............. .NNN............e:

: Local Paragraphs. \ mounted bracelets goods just received, also the guest f>l Daytona friends Tues- the season. Mrs. Howell, accompanied by Mr! '. : For the cotvenience of our patrons :
: lockets and chains. It's '

......... ...............:1 not too late yet. All goods engraved day! Get Christmas Candiesof Minnie Duck.Ieft Thursday.for Inter- we have secured a copy of

We are really too busy to write free. Geo. II. Clark, Jeweler. Fancy candies for holiday gifts. lhn; I.ichen. I II I '

advertisements a, but we wish our! tTake advantage of Hankins' Ih\Ki\3, The Druggist. Whisper-Get the presents stored !! Fresh lot Huyler's Christmas' THE TAX ROLLS

friends and patrons one and all a Sanitol offer in this issue. Because of the holidays there will where the kids won't find them. ;i candies just received at G'f). II.I i i
Merry Christmas I Clark's.i .
and i
a Happy and !
prosperous New Year. Mrs. Horace Hull, of Kingston, no meeting of the Choral Society *'*Meet me at Curtis' and tra. i 1
Monday night.Edison II vfrs. W. T. LID who Ixllypop.) :
L. II. ROWE & Co The has been ill for some weeks, is I ,
Jewelers. of for
Kingston, went to Dupont afew
'"' much improved. and Zo-no-phone talking I B RS-To Mr and Mrs. C. H. i State and l County taxes.: We charge : 1
Mrs. W. Lyndall and little daughter machines and records at the Novelty days visit with relatives before of( the of :
I Pollitz, at Kingston, Thursday evening only one per cent amount
Xmas gifts suitable for II
returned from DeLand Friday of every Store. departing for Tampa to join her
last week. j I member of tha family at The Big a nine pound boy. husband.I.I : your taxes, with a minimum fee of i
Store. Miss Helen Foote joined her
Peck-Hendrecks Co. par- Home made candies, fresh daily. : 2!;t cents for our services.Ve look II
'Complete line of Xmas ents and sister at their Iidgew! (xxi i We make a specialty of fancy
HASKIVS, The Druggist perfumes :McClellan & Edwards recently home :Monday afternoon.The at Ladas' Fruit Store. j goods. T. F. Curtis A: Son. I I i. after your interests t carefully and will

,completed the mission furniture for The Animal Dtn"as removed i.'e i.
: :'.'\\ and : .
Attorney T. E. I Mr.I and Mrs ( M. Christy re- pull annoyance expense.If
Fitzgerald made a : the Country Clubhouse at Seabree7.e.i Bowling Alley is open every Thursday from :South i each streetto :
business trip to Fort Pierce, return- day. .1. B. Bims.2s4: I tnrned from Atlanta Thursday, accompanied you pay your taxes during December T

ing Monday. i Meet meat Curtis' and I try a its new location at Seabreece.Jeo. i by their daughters; the the discount will offset our :
Miss Margaret Wood armed 1 from
r : ( II. Clark has j just received I Misses: Mary Belle and Virginia, csjmmissinn. .

Stationery up-to-date at the Novelty the congregational Church I Moultrie, Ga Tuesday to spend the fresh lot of.Huyler's Christmas: can who will spend the holidays here. : i
Store. holidays with her lather W. S.
: business meeting held last week it Wood.eVou. dies.C.. ;?If your gas stove don't work, This is the last. month any :

Mrs B. II. Williamson and was decided to have preaching H. Helme and sister. Miss
- I drop a card to Hobbs, LoS:?, who
: discount is allowed. !
I daughter, Myrtle, returned from I vice at night in addition to the day : will see the Commodore Helnie, of Oswego arrived recentlyand will send an expert r'pairt'r.rork

DeLand Saturday. service with Allen Trophy in the window ofClark's home North Beach guaranteed. ei
beginning new year. i ir are at on
I Jewelry store. i CONRAD REAL ESTATE CO. i
tLadies'and gents'garments f Barnes the Novelty Man sells I street for the winter. I
cleaned and r Judge Isaac Stewart drove over .
pressed at Aultman's. everything in fishing tackle. I from DeLaud Oillett Razors for Xmas pres- ..................................... ...............
Col. J. B. Parkinson I Wednesday eveningand ents. HixklN"; The Druggist. under the management of its genial
was a visitorto Dr. I' K. Bennett left Monday afternoon returned train af

Fort Pierce on legal business the for Asheville, where he has I ternoon. by Thursday Capt. Leon Ellen\\ixnl revived I proprietor, I. M. Waite Steam ....................................................... .

forepart of the week. I property interests and where life will Thursday two three-cylinder, :!O.) heat has this season been added to : THE :

I tGet your Christmas box of fancy the other comforts of this popular I I .
I the automatic for
Complete line of Xmas perfumes. spend winter if not drh'en.back, I fruits at Curti. horsepower engines hotel. .

HVNKINS, The Druggist. to Florida by his old enemy, rheu- the Steamer Cherokee.

I matism. J. W. Fulgham has recently .\ cordial invitation is extendedt
candies for
Order fine
George Walton has had your
cement added an outside stairway to the Chrisinas of J. A. Shanks ASin.. you to visit FleUher's Souvenir
walks down his I fBakery goods, strictly homemade i I I
put on
property on and I HANAN
West i fresh every day at Mac's Cafe. living rooms over his store on North They' are making up a fine and complete store inspect( their stock! of new
Magnolia avenue. Beach street. sldck.M. and up-t date hands suitable for

a.. Furnished house for Dr.) G. W. Waggoner and family, I Christmas gift"
rent. Applyto ;Take advantage of ILiukin's 1. .\. Brown, who came here from I
Frank of Corry, Pa arrived Saturday. I All and : :
Spring, Ivy Lane. tf i Sanitol offer in this: issue. Atlanta to install the new switchboard visiting resMent membersof
Dr. Wagoner ia a homeopathic physician the Christian Church
: are requested
Prof. O. A. Bolts, county superintendent for the telephone left
Willie N. Weaver and !system
and will practice here, Ila'ing'his Henry t'l' lie present at the church on
of public instruction, was office at his residence Pal- Pollitz, who have been attending for that city Thui sday.
on South Palmetto between
over from DeLnnd Monday. school at I DeLand) returned Tuesday ;1 SHOE I
metto avenue. Jjllobbs: has a lrst-class uphol Live Oak and Orange avenues tomorrow

cRemember you can get your tGet Christmas turkeys at to spend the holidays at home. sterer. Work promptly done. Orange morning; at II.H:( ) odock ,
w Christmas turkey at J. T. Iing's.Airs. your avenue entrance Peck blot k.
Birchwoood's.i F"K, bitt.: :-One first class cash I j There will l lie communion service.
J. P. Turner, of New E register perfect condition at one- Next Wednesday being Christmas .. .
- ,
S. II. Go\e's shop force recently : half cost at Barnes Novelty StoreG. the Ga/etle-News office will be .
the of M I and
Smyrna, was guest r.
completed Iju; < ) orange: boxes for : i Complete' line of manicuring Offers the ease of soft pliable leathers!
Oca F. Smith Sunday evening. Peter ada.s. These boxes though II. Southworth and wife, arrived closed all Correspondents ale aiticles. 11.11Th.. : Druggist.A i ,
II asked to have in earlier than
Three launches for sale. Inquireof large in number are small in size, last week from Marshall, usual and advertisements copy and full J line i of fireworks for and the elegance of smart styles; made 4
Mich : communications -
and their winter homel'Orn'r 1-
W. A. Barker Ormond. tiThe I are at ,
being 1J by G inches. They are intended Christmas at McFadden's' Souvenir

Christmas orange is in evidence !I I for kumquats, a dwarf variety 1'idgewood avenue and Cedar are requested earlier. Store. I permanent by the very best material

fine and cheap. Send a box !: of the citrus family. street. See our line (.f Christmas ('UJ. tSce our Xmas display( of fancy .
dies. T. F. Curtis A. Sou.Commodore. .
to your far-distant friends as a pies- There will l he a Christmas dance *.M neylak black silks make a fruits before pun'hnuing. and skilled workmanship. i

ent. I Thursday evening Dcc.at. the serviceable Xmas gift. Every rarllgnarantf't'tl. .)J. H. .Allen returned T. F. Curtis A; :Son.Mansfield's : .
1 eek Ilendricks Co.
from New York where he :
Guild Hall. Monday : Creamery Butter and
Tho Bowling Alley is!' day I
open All kinds: of cigars: cigarettesand had I b rn iu attendance at the Motorboat I Purity Butterine in one ]pOllwl I ANTHONY BROS.
and) evening. J. II. Bmxs. :"3--I Mrs.I 1. More-ton Murray I I left last 'i I
I tobacco at Ladas' Fruit Store. show. The Allen Trophy, blocks; HirdlWoo.I'I.tI.argest ::.
Saturday for Leon County to attend I '
Mrs II. B. Gi'bonVho} was I
I H!. II. : of which was on exhibition thorn is and nicest line of .
quite illla. Meek:, we are pleased 1 to I tile initial meeting of the stockholders i Jingll\IlI Kitohbiirf? high ...................................................NHALIFAX .
of the Bradfordulle Tobacco Mass, arrived Tuesday and willprobably now on view in (U.! H. Clark's show ra le pijtcs in DajtonaHVNMN.S .
is greatly improved at this writ- The ,
say : window.TMeuier'sH.l.FossCo.HMdley's. Druggist
the winter in
ing. ; Company. Owing to the Christinas sjn-nd Daytona .......... ....................................
rush of bus>ines.s Mr. Murray was He rombu-t. a firio store l :Picture frames made to >rXe'w :. :

Get Christmas Candies here last winter. ancy l IM>\ candy. Li'l.is' Fruit Store. line of moulding just received
unable to be at the meeting.
of Hank ins. I| present I at the Novelty Store.) : LIVERY AND TRANSFER CO. i

I I I Wallace is making a big run on We will l be with you next week We can help you to dt'l'ideUII

i ,. The public schools: : dosed yestert dolls, toys and children's books. .\ I I with our usual large line of holiday Xmas gifts at J. II. :Schvvegler'sParticular : I jSce our Christmas line of pilw-sand :: JAMES R1X, Manager.Carrlngc :.

the vacation of two Joocli, Moore( Bros. Co. smokers'g! .
for .
day holiday i full line of everything for Xmas. : attention has been : : surreys.! Phaetons Top Buggiesnil ;
T. F. Curtis A :Son
I i Itutol..r TIn.nunabouts.. :
(fi i
ij weeks. They reopen January :| X. Hendly and family, of Cum l I II. D. Parrish is assisting: W. (O.! given this season to the trimming % Uus! ..-a. meet all train Baggage Hauled. .
I 'O.'n.o'\I1I\-Ur..J.) C. Herman,
1003. Hobbs[ in his cabinet shop. Mr. of the show windows of the various : Carriage Faint Shop In Connection. :
berland, )hl., arrived Friday of last I
I Ir' opposite The Gable, Volusiaavenue Phone 1!:!0. .
l We have our usual:' large and I week for a several weeks visit with I Hobbs is busy at }present f fitting up stores on Beach street and some of .................................................... .

well srlecteilline of holiday goods. !I Mr. ltem lley's bister, Mrs. I). II. i Dr.) F. H. Hough ton's dental rooms I them are remarkably' handsome: and '('allllit"'l for Christmas' Nnujnally's -

Moore Bros. Co. I Butter, at the M. I K. parsonage on i in the Peck block) attractive with their artistically arranged |I I/mney's. IhkiNThe Druggist. -' ......................................................

I Kumquat boxes; stylo of orange I II Palmetto a\enue. Mr. Hen lry is! Baker's Studio is open. and readyto display oC> gotxls.niuyler's .1: TWO BARGAINS i
W for iJing. Ijulan' Fruit Store. Wlut is: Lily Water? Call jit
;(i sheriff of Cumberland County, Md. make your Christmas picturesand Salted Nuts. the electric light }plant. .

The Christian Endeavor social 'I We continue the sale of ribbons I dn finishing work for amateurs. I HVNMN-, The }Druggist.Mrs. ) : Out Six i IJonm llou-e with double porch, Klettnc: Lights, Telephone) :
a1! .. For first class: work-Da) }'tona l.te: lot, 'J>.5 feet : 250 flood fence. .
I held at Social Hall last week was and other suitable Xmas gifts at M. Dr) E. C. Hudson returned to I : comer on Ilidgevvoodby feet Large
i I I M. A. Saxon, of King.tou,1peft Steam Laundry, phone. \ S. tf :l' grapevine, a iiuniN-r. of (teach trees <;o"d bearer. A good. home forwane :
there being a large Ella DeCo's.. for
Kingston to
great success I arrange I
I I for Fort Pierce Wednesday( to *Xo .f\r !r: one.One :
charge preliminary plans::
removal the district
attendance. i I Mrs. S. K. Manuel, of WarahiI ('- to west oust lie present st the wedding of her and I estimates, supervision of work :!! : 1 h\'e Koom "'iii tae (one story building) I lot lUOxl.lO feet, situated .

I .'For father or I brother' a mer- hie, Texas, armed last week for a where he will lie in Large of I'unta daughter, Miss Mattie. Mrs.I Saxon I at actual cost. Norman S. I layton, I: : "n Mulberry' trl't't. A cozy little home. :

r' schaum pipe, box of nice cigars. I several weeks'isit with her sister, Gorda and Charlotte llarl..>r. will remain at Ft. Pierce, making Dav.Una.'Dr. Flu---, places are in Kingston, just north hr Ihiytona. li..1 I Graded .:
I s St'hoot. \ riiurc.li and Postofrkv near by.
Young's Pharmacy.W. Mrs M. J. Davis) of King..ton.I. > her home with her father, (leo.: .1. I ';' ) G.! W. Waggoner, Homeoia-1| i iI i I Cull on or write :

II. Peters, daughter Gladys From this place Mrs. Manuel! will arti-cles Seannnell.Sari :Saxon: will remain tine physician and surgeon will lit'I I .

and aunt, Miss Xewatead, are located I go to Bartow, where she will spend I call at Monk's :Souvenir: Store.; here I l located l at his residence on Palmetto i iI i : H. T. McCLELLAN :.

I balance of the winter with I For Xmas box! thebest i! Iavrnuethree doors south c,f Coiigie- I I :
at the Gemmil apartmenthouse the t[ : cijjats' you get I : {Kingston: or Daytona, Florida. :
i i Our stationery and} book store is gatitmal clumh about )IW. U>th. tfAn
for l lowest Indus' Fruit
on Palmetto avenue. i i another I sister. I price at j more atlractive than ever this year. I :................................................... :
P. ladasl Co.
-. line of crockery and glassware J I For &le-l'h'ap if taken at overtwo i Come and setfor "yourself.l I : intimate knowledge of the
just opened, up at Barnes Novelty new ;50) drop head New Home Mrs. .J. B. Hinsky has had the I 'eo.1i. Clark. building interesls of this localitywill A Matter of Essential Importance

Store.. l:! sewing machines at Get. 11. 'lark's croquet grounds at The Pines put i I! nt.Hr.. I'.lcukiv3, oftl.mta., perhaps save extra you many costs aiioyancts Let us advise, and r M1' 'I

'jewelry store.1'res.iding iu good! order and the of the j t t y to every householder, sanitation and zsaniI't
guests ;
of the Home Mission withou. It 1. '
W. Brown of :superintendent costs nothing
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. your f 1' t:4, I't tary equipment should receive the greatest
Elder S. W. Lawlerhas lintel and nearby residents are again 1 1 Norman S. Da Ion, Dav) Ion N
Kansas, arrived Friday of I i Society is: a recent arrival and will j I } f ej + possible attention; and when new plumb-
last week and are at home on I i been transferred. to the Orlando dis- enjoying this pleasant lla timt'. i 11 shortly l,., joined by his family to !I Money( is scarce, but pure- drugs r t fcig' is to be installed only a plumbs' of tbe

trict by the recent conference at tlll't'st! repute and one win k..-. >9 with
for the winter Illustrated and moving sjH-nd i the winter here. Dr.) Jenkins : arc eccentric; a competent registeredpharmat t I- ; -f up
Loomis avenue Elder E. ( songs : I the lat{' t improvements should be employ
1 whkh handles)( -
Tampa appointed J jst
pit'lures. The McCoy building, r> I conducted the evangelistic meetingsat : lour lot'r'Wrll i | e I
'" f Phone No. :2 and we will call for L Ley to the l East Coast district, :JS.:\ Beach street. latest and best of at Congregational Church list : lions at Ylun) 's Pharmacyc: J k__I I ed,!. tf you have this subject under consid.e .
and) Ault- aloe a uii-ultation with the undTdgneJ -
pressing. r
cleaning i the of cur.vv.: Purity and quick' l li'iplldl
your and Ilev. L. Cooper to charge : everything. _
I January. I \\)1") > -if the greatest value
mans i Kingston and New Smyrna, withheadquarters I
Take of lIan1.in Sneak Ihicf.
i The Urmond) will makedaily
:Mr. and Mrs. I). 0 Keese, of at New Smyrna. t' express D4YTONA
.Sanitol offer in this issue.
after Christinas. Leave .
of last I I trips \ MieuU lout entered 11'.11 \\ tide: -
Linden, Ind., arrived Friday sBe merry the year 'round. Buy [orders at .Mills' ('.,Ce.\"'.lu..i.1 Ave. :!tl residem-e on south IVacli street "nt' ;dlternooiiLvt rt PLUMBING AND HEATING CO.
week and joined their son J. \\ Miss I Isabel Donnelly, enroute I week while MriMc' I :
Ostermoor mattress. Orange
m Second avenue fur the all Peck blmk. ifO-lJt>> I 1 to her home at Palm Beav.h stop|>ed :Miss Mattie W Saxon, at onetime I wits up) town, and broke OJMII a trunk. *l TfM f Phone 64
Reese, on avenue entrance, from wlnili he took a small tin L>\ < .nb -
t" winter. I over in Daytona from Tuesday untili a compositor in the Ga/elte-News. i, taining l legal paper*, of no value eept
J. B. Parker, of Philadelphia, arrived afternoon with her sis- ;, to the owner The bo\ was &kicked and
i i Wednesday office, will l I/ > married ChristmasDay
w 6Seethe new line of postcards!:' ': last week and will be in 'I: 1Ir".J. H Heston Third I the thief I probably though it "tit mn' V Fletcher Souvenir 'ter. on at Ft. Pierce: to Paul 1 l::. Watkins allllf,1to: of soiiie kind..

<(local, views also the) at new novelty postcard 'charge for a time at least of the I' a\'enue. of that city. Miss Saxon has CLARK & WATTON, !W'"S3V2 mnaof FISH
store i
: hoCor W. B.
booklet. mating picture I> many friends in Daytona, who will : For Kent: TWt.r.l(11IIlab I lorI .I.: I Peat-I ; ....'n:" ID &ason.11 ordersmpt

1! Benn. Mr. Benn has secured a i thefine unite with the Ua/ette-News in I light housekeeping, $S to :31 I 1-! IK.T I .. ,I ta.' itentionDAYTON I

__ Mrs. T. T. March, of Bridgeport, couple of alligators, one four and a j I faster. Come today and chuosej wishing the young couple all pos-Ti- 1: month; single rooms GO; cent I jer T tell ;!'S ( :: t t. J : A, ILOUIDA
Conn arrived Saturday and is I half, the other three feet in length, j Xmas toys before you are t o'late. t 1 day; special rate for season Tl.eKiverside. .ses..ss.." N,....,.,..fa..tb.N. ..,.........." ......
your I and
for the winter with Mrs. T. U for his show window and will here- '' | ble happiness: success : 11-5:: N. 1 Beack street, Dav) .

Rodgers, corner Palmetto and after call his place The Alligator. ,(I I *\\". Wright has about ct'w-> '!bona, Fla. ___ t tfNotke I .....................................................
Mr. :and Mrs. Ora CauaJay: of the tile outside of the .
pleted painting : to :%onResident.In .
. Orange avenues. R. D. TAYLOR. Electrical Contractor *
...' ',FOR UENT-At reduced prices, Hoosier State, have rented the OttoI I Congregational Church, but has a | Onuit Court, eventh Juid.nlj .

Beautiful line of Perfumes for eight room, modern, improved fur- Wehner house on South Palmetto, force t-f men engaged. on the interior I j Circuit of Honda, in :unit l f..r V-lu-u. : Ildn...Wirinjj a :Sjn-rialty.\ t
The Druggist.: J. I I County. In Chanl'C'rJohn \'.
Xmas. HAN ktvs, nished cottages on Kidgewood. avenue, through the agency of It. L. work. .

Christmas pomes--- next Wednesday G. BROWN, 113 S. Hi gewoOO. tf .Smith, and will occupy it during: I FIT Kent: -7-room house, furnished l ;;i Iledgeinun\'S : /U.iir l', I :, 'rl:1, >. ''il'i 'n, .. .\'. I, ..:i Ii- J i)v.ures\ :shades :

and being a legal holiday the tMeet me at Curtis' and try a the winter. on S. Palmetto avenue. All modem i, Julia Hedgenidn ': f .t::::1| \ ,1'.1', t1'; 01:1',1': I'A\TONA I LA. t

I Merchants Bank will remain closed) Lollypop.A + I ('\'I'enicnresrply agents, or : To You Julia are liedgeaun hereby required to appa to :...................................................:
The latest: thing in shirt waist
Box Iii tf ,
C..1.Messivg Datona. the lull of Complaint filed he- - '
observe inagk.nst
for the day. The pc-stoffice will feature of the services at the fronts just received! at Peck-Hen- 1 : you in the above entitled cue: ** ******* ***************** ..........................
the usual holiday hours. First Baptist Church last Sunday dricks. Suitable for Christmas.Counh' I 1 J. It, Anthony Jr. and his :] on or l-efore the 3-d day <,f I'ebniary.

the instrumental music by bride of a few weeks arrived in 1 I .\. R, 1Jus."Daytona. Cabinet and RepairShop |
P. +See Barnes, the Novelty Man, i was Tax Collector D. P. Smith Gazette-News": hett

for souvenir post cards, fine assort i Messrs. Wood, Dillingham and will be i in Daytona, at the City Hall, D.lytolliTt1 Jol)' and continued designated as the newspaper) in wlu h We J
I Ib l Matties l Iu aired and male if Tier
ment and new ones arriving daily. I Thomason, in connection with the Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 'M. and their journey Wednesday to Palm '| for this four order cllnst''utleeck shall be published*. t (\ 't'.j.\ : rmn.MH!haH:; 1 t.if: a..iix. .Mirate! I tN'en.i- ,. 'I cl i Mattress and' elicit c your 1

Lewis of Fargo, North organ. They rendered special :selections I 31, for the purpose of receivingtaxes Beach where they will make their Witness my hand and seal of "r',. <. : rd'r f r ,hr-I Las, is 'I,ik "range' ave '.nt I'etklilk J
N. A. for 11\>7. All those who have home. They made the trip from this lth day of I ecemr,er, .\. 1), l'K)7.
Dakota, arrived Saturday and joinedhis for the offertory at both I not paid their State and County license I -AJI'I.. It. JOHDAX, Or'-: : W. G. HOBBS. J

family, who came some time ago, morning and evening services should do so at that time 1 I this place south aboard Mr I Anthony's -:, \ Hv H. I I'. VMLIN, :...........V4tr44w+LSCC4+i4.N .**+.**********!**.*******
launch the Ini Mr Anthony ; i. \ I'lIl't.> ivput\ ( i r-
which greatly appreciated by I II
at their home on the corner of. were I FoR RENT-Well furnished forhousekeeping is a member of the well :;i, _Solicitor for < "'iuptamard.1)11.1O11.AtV'S. .. ............................O... .................

Ridgewood and Magnolia avenues.tCandiee the large congregations. 3-room flats at Ilidge-: ... !
: known firm Anthony Bro : ''I'" I I t. .1. I1 !!*"I' V..rt'i-mT" l li
I } .. ,
) ) ;
for Christmas. For sister, sweetheart or mother, i wood and Loomis avenues $lit' .r. I '" rIR.S 'k

The Druggist. an'exquisite box of Schrafft's chocolates I'I-roomcottage 111 Ixx mis, l 1-Z,, Cental reduced from *2!;eto i i Private Sanitartun.f : \ EI.LAH. GLF.\ \, I'roprietrcy: .. I
Ihnlss, ; Th Glenn *
& Watton, Collage nice bottle of perfume; agents half of house, 40)," So. Kidgewwod.; I 1 l"5 for tie season; modern I -rcx-m .. ,t I.NI" pt a:' ?' Day' ram: iu: .

:Messrs. Clark deceiving on Tuesdaysand for Hudnutt's berfumes, also carry 7 rooms $2t tl); 114Fairvievvavenue- furnished cottage excellent I location -r the treatmtT 2 r ....Y' _: > E h T Ban.I: <-.': .;
avenue, are : stock Hicksi er's Houbigant's 7 rooms and bath, $k$); at S. Hey- on Palmetto avenue southeastern: Medical and Surgical C.....
in '
of King I' the Door je
Fridays consignments 2i} South beach Street, Phone iI 2 W ::11! I 1': sting a::.J risLing alj: t at
and toilet 25 real bargain
and freshwater and Fiver's extracts requi mann, Orange ave., or es exposure,
and Spanish fish; also Mackerel wild ducks. sites. Young's Pharmacy.Vq late agent tf RIEIUN, The Real Estate Man I C. C. BOHNNON, M. U. m:.......I.................1..... ....................

'" "
rt ; !- ,' : ;;- ,,_' .
..'a :; .r. .

.h. .-. .L

.- -- .- ... -"y -""-,,", -,-..- ..--...."".,....-,.,-,- .""0 ,)'- .' m. '_ ,.JF',( "

q Ar

------ -
-- -- -
-- -- -
WATERWORKS Christmas Editions. |r Fire Protection. O. A. R. Meeting. Jacksonville to Daytona. .**_**********itx*** kktt* fr***>ti '* *llt-*tttltstff,
i I I Lthu'.J :
Christmas editions of newspapersare 1 I City Engineer I). D. Rogers considers There will l.be a meeting of Joe M. II. Yale and son, Fred S. Yale, of Fronting un th" ModerD Electric Impron..U -

ARE IN SIGHT.t in evidence. Last Saturday the, the plan of laying vitrified: Hooker Post, No. !0, G. A. R., Department New York, who recently made the trip I :.. Halifax River. .1

ever progressive Pensacola Journal pipe from the river at low water of Florida, at the City from Jacksonville to Daytona in a Ford, | <<
>RR ; say there is no difficulty in making the I j
issued a mammoth edition of sixty- level to Palmetto Hotel
avenue or even on Friday evening :27th,I
trip if taken HOTEL
City Council NVIIIlSubmitJthe: Matter\ four pages. The typographical ap- ni gewooJ. for the pupose of fire 1907.!) at 7 p. m., for the purpose of i is: allowed. But it u well to go equippedto SCHMIDT'S

of Bonding to the] Voters of Dayton pearance of the Journal was as near protection, to be more feasible than} electing officer: for the ensuingyear I meet any emergency and these gen : Formerly Schmidt's Villa .. :

,' at Election to,be*.c IIed. perfect as it was possible to make it I the establishing of wells, and the and the transaction of such 1 tlemen suggest having a couple of fall : SCHMIDT' & SON, Proprietors, :
4 There was something doing at the and the columns were briming over cost he thinks would l be considerably other business as may come before! blocks, plenty of rope, a hatchet, a pair : .
last meeting of the City Council held with interesting Christmas reading 1 less. The territory west ofRidgenood the meeting. I of wading boots and a board to get the .. OA VTO. A. FLORIDA. !
jack on in the sand.
Monday evening to discuss fire protec- The Jacksonville Metropolis i issued avenue could l be pre Transient comrades are cordially 1 .
tion. The burning of Mr. Shields' garage edition the date lected in the invited with The sand in some places i is the worst I k :
a large same same manner by deepening to meet us. Delightful
drawback. The Ford runabout i is four .
s Sunday owners to thinking set and many a property large- devoted to yuletide the forty pagesand the canals: to lotitte level lly order of the Commander. inches less than piage, hence did not I Roma: i

colored corer would do credit I' and laying pipe from them to T. II. C.t\ESr. I I make as goal l time ...YY1sto..U44
any Adjutant. as a machine that YgzTma
number of them were present! at the *..........* ****.********
meeting. to a city double the hire of Jackson given district. This would l give an would track. .

President Carroll was in favor of a ,.ill('. j I inexhaustable supply of water for Mrs. Sarah A. Sawyer Dead. '.. Six hours were consume; in the trip *..**************************.
from *******************
system of wells and fire engines, the Last Sunday the Times-1 nion all the fire engines the city could l Mrs. Sarah St.ugu"tine to Da}tona.t .. :
plan for which has been outlined in I A. Sawyer died Saturday one place a deep ford wa" *truek: which # "SSrtSrSEE : '
provide, and the water being brack-
its readers edi
these columns in the Alderma alo.loa\: ( a special morning at the residence ofV.. put the dynamo out of commissi.n and : "THF l .
past. Nh, claimed by some to be of t :
tion. It contained Yuletide tG. Willirmson I +
South : l
interesting on Ridgenood< i the Messrs. Yale were oblige to report j e rtI
Morris j
made: a very rousing speech, more value against fire than fresh
t stating among other things that four stories, sjtvial articles and humor water. j 1 I avenue, aged >I years.I i to the block, and tackle to {pull the m:ij ;' to: Kates:: : $2.50 I Per Day and Up.I Special l by Month : ,
Mrs.iwjfr, who Mrs. Williamson's -Irine
members of the present council were from Adam to Ade. was j out of the stream. j ji C .
elected the fire protection plat The edition: of llori'l.i's;! tlm-e I great :aunt, had I been i in i I. They retort| that very little, utoney .#. \n attractivehour'withlarge. and airy rn* inft-hot aDd aceheaiindf..I epbo o e !
upon dailies all '''Iit'll1.ln'l'getaLJc: Land :SKtialit. | -I failing health for some time and of' and l.Lhor"ouJ.Il'ut the rood! in I .. hou f'. !to "' daesad U. Hoof *
form and it was their duty to submit were : s*) near {iuf"t- I gal .. I"ome" 0't h. v'S h. SS.,
i ran >b'I"ou' land that will l late her death had been .1. river and oeeaD. .
the matter to the electors of the city. cellence that it is ill1lot-.s'5lbl! l ton'm- "* I daily epeeled. \-I j I condition."Foit : "Th.. PIu.t f M"m? <'llfln Moutb Rid g wa.l.I the hi hl'.1 .{.enae la Datona. It
r.iie crush a and earn sl I 1'1< ) Nith.
year without private
mend the uU *
too llighl.I I. fI,1I
He further stated that, to his know publishers i ---- ----- .. ltWms.Jnsl orn
per urn annually: has demonstrating -! The funeral held It
: service
ledge,no city the size of Daytona in the ------ -- were atthe r ,: S\i.t:-Two and three year : TO A\AY 1. *
firm to it and show OPI\I :1l0O'ri'BEJlI5:
j prove jou I Sunday afternoon atone \ : *
For Kent: Fmui-hel l I ;
State was without fire protection an I n ': i iresidence old citrus stock
I him. tfNv : o'cloik. conducted by Rev: A. nursery at Point : It
even DeLand, which claims a popula rn"i' I.:'. 't\1 1 .1 I 'I i i I HiMI:" '. The Heal Estate! Man J. Wilder, and the interment was atPinewoodCeuu ; GnmPrice reasonable. Fen I .. MRS. J. B. Hl. SKY, Proprietress. *
tion of but a little over half of what I Orange !I' r I.:. l B'II-.. t i Palm, MO Building back of postofGcc. ten-, Xordman. : : DAYTONA FLA. It
Daytona does, has an excellent system i proprietor.ANTHONY'S :l'i I.>ti 333 South RiJgewood Avenue s

of waterworks. 'I :e++a 444....f.a..f........f. .xa ....xt