I] in; :Sunday 11 a. m.: Junior cla*
deeply sympathize.with
Christ Church:Services by the |1 i
at 2 m.i.11ntion meeting -
p. them in the illness of their little
rector: lUv. P. H. Whaley, at 7-iO the ;, j
o'clock in
every night :at s Edwena, who is low Catholic Kni hts America: Boys' Sat. Calf Lace
y aud 11.a.. m. and 5 p. m. i daughter very I \ __ : -'5Youths'
J J Barracks; open air at 7 p. m. Capt.
'! toddY. The little girl has been givenup will give a soiree at tbeir hall
; St. littfrrluChurch, corner I
I k' Cervantes and Sixth avenue Kev. 'i|i Callie Holder, Lieut. Kellar Cadet several times by phyicians.Mr Wednesday Oct. 15. Ticket* LOW Sat. Calf, Lace ...__ .... : 'jo
McAlpin, officers in charge! : i iGoi
J. R. Hicknell, Pne-t in Char; Kate: Ryan, wife of Charles I sale. 10 tJ Boys' Box Calf, Lace. l < .

Serviiei at 11 a. in. and 7:30: p. m.ht. >el Meetins 8. Ryan the popular watchman; of L. Ftneken \ViiliHenderou 1'.ual.i.:.

r, Mary'e Mission i col'Jr(1). Rev ,. There will be: preaching: this after- .t N. wharf No. I. i is quite ill with Grimett of this placewas Boys' Vici Kid, Lace 1 50 to : ;j,

' J. II. liicknell, Priest in Char e- noon at 5:3): at the plaza. All are bilious fever and blood poison, and stricken with partial paralysis: i

Sunday school at 3 p. m.; service at welcome. their little daughter, Georgia, has: and completely |lost the ue of nne Youths' Vici Kid, Lace 1 25 to 5
I arm and ide. After being treatedby
: At the Mission i on Wet Government been ill for 22 day* with typhoid
Jacoft : 1, an eminent physician for quite awhile Little Gents' Vici Kid, Lace.Misses' .. 1 00 to : e :.'
: street-Preaching Sunday at fever. I without relief my wife rf comin V'

11 a. m. ; Bible reading: at 3 p. m.; .ndrd Chunberlain'Pjin Ralm.
}I'tti'.ti-t I-pi.c".al: rhurcli .oulla. :.; I X-Tension Sole laceMisses'
All are welcome to come and helpin like Hot Cake. and after u-ing two bottles of it !lie .
Ii Cbaptl-l'reacbiutt! atSp.m.by i* almost entirely cured-Gi:<>. H.i .
article I have
"The fastest
the work for Gjd. James selling;
Lace or Button Pat. and
:\ D'I. "I.II. Man. Loran county.
Rev. W. V. VreeUud. in my Hor!', write druggist C. T. i "

Gidsden Street C!,urcn. Rev. W. Printer. Smith New ,Discovery of Davi. Ky.for, "i Consumption:* Dr. Kin?'*, able\\'. Va.cures Several of partial ottier paralysis\'Hr..m.uk.i 1.ave Leather Tip 1 25 t.: .'

Coughs and Cold! *, becau-e it alwayscure ,
m. and e::;'I p. m. tfuuJiy .,choolat The Seamen's Friend -"ociety will ?. In my>ix years of sales it meiit. It i- ino-t widely kiMwtifhowever. i i Misses' Pat. Lace or ButtonMEYER

9:30 a. In. A. H.D'Alemberte. hold religious services at 3:3"J" p. m.Sunday ha* never failed. I have: known it a-, ., cure for rtieuiiuti-m.
-grain-aodbrui-"- Sold by dru.{- \
rhos superintendent: Epworth League at in their reading room on to save; sufferers from Throat and 1 g1tand: uinlu-ide dealer
Y Lan dieaes. who could get no
7 p m., Mr. Cade -hackelford. pre-i- south Palafox street in the Corner help from doctors or any remedy." '1 i CABTOn.XA. SHOE CO

dent. 1.1dleIJ ?v.ciety will meet building north of the scandiuiviau be"
Mother* rely on it. t physician '
b A i \JJ )
had /13" t t'
J ; : at the church Monday: at 4 p. m. church eamen and citizen of :all :pre-cnn it" and W. A. AUmberte. .I tart tr3ra :

tfa Pdlafox street Churca, Rev. J. M. denomination are invited H. C. l Soutl. l\\\\:ifi'X *trt.. guarantees: 1 'trrj :/f-F-; Feet Furiii-litr- for ( ,i,h Illa h.(
-ati-ficttm' lOr refund- rncTrial "
t 1. Diontlly Past<.Preaching at 11 a. Cuhmaia: secretary. bottles fr-->-. R-.!ulir l .,l-;;. >'.: :and I __ 102 SOUTH PALAFOX STREET.

4 1'e in., by Rev. .-'ylveter Weeks D. I). sl!I. RfDWEISER.: u_ _
1 H icrainent of :he after Saints Ietlrl -- r
Lord'opper I .
t t,. t morning ertni'U. Entiugervice Latter Day paint will h'U ier- j| Crab nets and "ls linRi (' o : 1\ f'YillllilllrIICr'8rlr\ '

at ?::.op. rr.J: by the pa-t-'r. Subject j : vic'at 7 p. m. tomorrow :tt MARI11ME. tackle to suit everybody, at

: i--..1.0. Against Society. Es.2ii:; 1-. SaiM-.' Hall S... j:!i E.<-t Cl.as-: j .
< t: J the Willis Hardware Co's.Compne .
*tr"et. AH irvited
suud3ychoolat33oa.m..J.N.An -- I
-1if 1 drew?, superintendent. E pworth a x eonvtFor I
... .
'tctobrr to date ,1i.eaUvea. '/>' \ fitU'r' (
J '! League at 4:3up.m., W.U. Goodman: !\- IJY- it

tU I president.Woman's. THE COUNTY i t1UEUUU rrr6

I Br 55 Firth of Forth, 1-"NJ. Brady Antwerpto ,
; Foreign Missionary- L N Sty FRIEDMAN & 00. :
i ; cio.tyatl p. ui. Monday. All ti," "

.\ members are ur,ed t'> b* preseut AUTHORITIES CLEAKEn.
} Nor e Hydra.n:'.Knnt-enby H Haar NiCKS I
; and bring their Ilibles. ,.Co for .\ntlrp.11th T ::1 -- 7,::75; c ft hewn timber \aue! fISMT _.OOO VanU HTINi n.\VII., 71
\ fipii-t. lr.3 \utd.-Id,1:73, F arrant, by W H Kysr .
01' !'
Co for Alexandria. .t.,"i c ft Li-wa : 'kited! :j'
First Baptist Church-Rev. F. HAVE TAKEN CHARGE OF JOHN t'iibrMil > ft timber,.' .';7. ft :.uinb'r. ,11 lu -oat .. .. . .. .. .. .... . 121 ,t IfL
valued at *-'-.4'*) .
tie!?, pastor. MTVJCP* at Ila.m.aud -
D p. m. Sunday -choolat 9io a. FAULKS, ALLEGED BURGLAR SoULE!) ; {

E. D. !{')?<*, sup erinteudeut. A Nor3 Ur =; Sutflld.' Hydra..Knutat-n.Karrant Antwerp Alrxai.lr.a WEAR wort'i-Vie!, a *uit. our price o'lly UUL 'II'I; '' _

'ial' : invitation extended to all -- Br -. Manchester Corporation. H-11th. I .

t' I' ttend tbee services.I ; Newport ?"w: I WALKINti: AND DRESS SKIRTS:
; I, SuiHcient evidence adduced before -- ; S? t tU ''III"

f 11 l'Tfoliheri3Q.--- Mayor Jones this morning detrimental AT lIl'.IU T! r..It DAILY MENUS !fI .h-t rf cIvi pd. ... .. .... .. r

to John Fanlk. colored, impelled bit Irts. T:<>.ConslgliTe. Km Ja: .-ri\ .H AI--I t H.tiidoDiLine of Silk Skirts: all Price- .. : .
liarbadot-- toordrrIt
Pre-bytenaii Chuicti Ilev.
Wry Latest Effects.MILLINERY..
bk Kdenbjrirj. l:."',. Moro Port t../a- : all the Cp-to. '-
!n. Walker I'd. Services the city's chief executive to
: ;t bvtbia t>t Helena to onlrr ,
poet bk I'rlano, -.'. Date Dishes the :'
Caci'-ur. Opjrt i :o IarK
t i m. and H p. m., by the pastor. bind the defendant over to thecuuuty order .
kets of the World
.f. it "" i. school at t.itJ a. m. R tlly authorities trial. AtIntd.Ladies' Our1.1.. OPENING in oar Millinery Dhp.a'\ :
r' i ttl t Oc I .. *ci ti rxercue, rtritatious A "0111 to Travelers. wilih-i 11!in Hi need later when w" will show ot. IBI
} '.... p'llie, is cordially tuvited. A warrant! for Faulki was later The excitement incident to trot'"1. FII'LIi., tlf DRF S and READY-TO-WEAR H.

j'- made by Peter OrsI1, before Justice ins: and change of food and watt-i vt -Lw: b in Pen-arf'lu. r
often brin '* on diarrtin, and fur __ '''
f:h n..ti".. ; ; ,
al Clirttiau Church No. 16 Wolfe and the nero; hell for preliminary tin reason no oneshould leave \hum- Private :::>NI Pair'f :< k< /t I(

trial of without a bottle of Chamberlaln'ColicCholera : -
on a charge breaking
I itoomua ritrtet-Junior Chris and Diarrb'lfa lain Dining Parlor..* :Hisses' and Children's School Shoes :

Hadeavor at 9 and entering in the night time For *ale all drU ; ..
:a. m.; Sunday edy. by ?i\H. and ,.c v4* .* Just R-1' "
r I at i I'' a. m. ; Y. P. 8. C. E.: with intent to commit a felony. The medicine dealer I
,. too( ; m .V; .Lt tt tr D>.:gola CISh! ,tes,sires 5 to o200p :
i .m.
A negro win held under bond of fliu.Faulks NAVAL STOUKS MAUKhT. Lit i-d But !. : '. -
Regular Dinner Daily. : Extei M.m So < 3: 11 :

l'ntH'r ali.t.Uulversalist was taken into custody by i Kepurtrd Daily fur The New bj : 3: 200 f tr 'it' '!e PAL.Tip L,,..... Exv .iI.,1,. S. :: t- lit(

: Church East Special OiJlcer Frank I -- 1It
: at noon yesterday Union Naval store Co. :
Street, Rev. Mrs. Atf-alia J. 110.111'1. Short Order* Promptly '
and taken bfnreIr' Peter
Louis Friedman Co.
r Pa!>tor-Services :at II a. u!. WW... .. {} .u! H. 11 1 Filled.
... C"iicrati'iu.. 'rnxt "In Olsen who positively identified him w(;... .. i -., (j. iis I' ; Night or Pay.

: f .' :Wtye'kll''led;{o Him: and a- a man who was di-covered in her M..._ ... .e.!1 F.K .. :1 "-. C : !-"J. lU! lj .DpJ .P.! .BHt

.1 1 Direct Thy Paths," and bedroom early Wednesday morning.She K._ ... .. : '.J IJ .._ : :, If you ometbinginnnnF.at wish, >ou'l uua ittt ,

u. -ubj'.ct'The Lord Will had known I.in as an employeof t..... .. .... I '\'" t..t below 1i ::. .c i -

t 4 "IVxt And the IUrre4 of CrlRiTot TUBtEIITlotK"nuh.tl.-... Nick ... ... .. .. .. .
: her husband as a drayman, but -- -- Apostle's .... .""" ... AII." ....4.'O'.ak. A"."4Ji.'O'-A4: i
v .' 'V..vtcil Not. neither did
I I I : f Oil Fail. Huuday: the party whom she saw in her room \1 :: E Popular Restaurant. :

\ :u. Y P. C. I'at fj :w i, Wed e*:f4Y covered his face with -.\ \IF.n !.\ IUN: WlI-IE-II: : I -1- < UWEF'i

V..t-r 1'hur-t- hi; hand whtu be Mrs. Olreu \\ ;I-- I., 'a it -...W.t..t"J,.'e ,..r." .. N .. .. .. .. .. .
rieetiu: every aw J ii ., .. .. '. '
,,. ,. ..
-niniten! in JJ1 4' 4!!{ .e.A .ct' ;a..ft Or"4.. .Q" $
| ca\d"in" 10' .
mvittd to attend thbetfVICt'-!. Early Wednesday Mr*. Olrii: HAVEK( '! iEII! lift- :\IJ' XY HH. <: '

I I.uilirran woke and wa* aware of the presenceof [E(,; '.G.w.&corG.w.&co; : _' -;-;. ANHEUSER-BUSCH BREWING 2

tiermun Luti.eran: Church, J. F. llJ p.'
i a stranger in her room. St.e did

A'. Remhardt. t't-tor-ierln ill service not cream: at first, but in a -hort :T; GREEN WATSON & CO. f> ( KI.KhKA'IPIt:
with Holy Communion at lo a.f ; :
f while a- ked who was there and the! ,
Budweiser Bottled Beer.LL
S.r HUH .AUMOI. man aid, .'It." only me," or some / U. IIALI.IDX \ (O's OI.U .sTAM > f .
l'r"I'tr 1'iHii Uc..td" .tii i.t DheaeTtlf wordto that etlect. He left then t. 0 0 1 < (.\ Toil ITT .!I.1.1.00" "' .
O .
r* ian a -ajrr and chfmi-t in and hurriedly! made an exit from the n

1 .. Ri itu, CIII; )'. .Ir. Wul-tea; wI!:" front door. A Few Special Items of Interest to You < H. T OOG

f shows by actual evry day tleioouhiraUoii c& > ,
.. .
that -cieiitific food w ill make \Vheahe -aw he was leaving she
Distri 1 u.10r for weir.t Floricirt

(dal u young man ag; 'tin. He sly," : ;;creamed and awakened others.. 3: MOO: Shirt Waists-: .. .. .. ... .. .. .. I3 f
"The'ju--t/l1I1 of1rperftutiwhich| A". ,6. .. .A.1 .. ... ... ......AIIo..40. !
t \i will a"IUliat.! uii't Ir.. .-ct the *.yr *- Then she gave a minute description s7 .,.,') ,..-y........, ... '".......v..wr 'QoI........ .'\8f. ---1..3 t

tem from !I.>... ,.i.J wit*te of !brain 1 1 O Flannel and Flannelette: one dollar values, your choice at ,O. j
of the bold man, afterward telling > :
and mu"c1.. b'i-ines a snouone [ 3 BUDWEISERK-

when alai Hl\"tIlCI'to my age ..(tpast the police the same tlunjr. :i U 25 cents. :' :
tss. I am
couiiiuiily uudfr
t, I brain and iii-j-rle strata winch fr a Tae Olsen live on Wet Gregory ,M \ % V Y $ % %;S%$% ;:'t..1,.'I

the iat tl.im-fire lean: wor ujmn trees near C)yle, and Faulkin his M '"/X lTmlinnllnnl I JIH the kind for :School Children and -.--- !

I f, ? I me senon.-ly.; My digestion' became slatement acknowledged to a I/ I IP riv for ?-neralu-e.' with steel l rod, natural 'C" --
s Impaired and my whole y-teui today rr U U.lJ lllUl UllUO wood handleand fat black r) I

wt'lk. have been but three block away at English Cloth Cover at. ... . .. .. .. .. .. 39C each THOS. C. WATSON & CO. i
I aw (irdpe-Nut; in :i ;grocery ** :E
etore. and t.ou.fit! a box. I tested it time of the robbery. He had prey c rKi twenty-six inch I'mbrella Ladie and Optit, (they hand- :
le j.. Sto'rhii silver ESTATE
: Fa-t
Tipped Black Twilled
v lu laboratory and f"1 uud it ,! told that he had ,
e) my according to dfd correct vioa : gone to 3 Italian Cloth Cover .. . .. .. .. . . 1.00 eachC5 !(:
; your iration (.f 1.1- '\5.COL.I"IJ UJ \.
l its sub-tance* in proportion with thl'llwptlte < Milton on the Tuesday before. ,
Try One of "Our Special" Umbrellas. 75c each.
F intact. Hi-tatement wa a garbled one, Southeast Corner Ptlafox and Ca'den Streets.

t I made it my principal food and a'.d! tliwitnest.- summoned in his 1 M< (M A FEW VERY DESIRABLE DWELLINGS, of, .< .
) gained in one year: I" pound n. } WHEN 1'OI'VAN r
.piht: and had the pleasui of sPe- h-u..l lf were HI the same fix. \ .< , I tug uiy iudue-tioii leave li'I" entirely ..
w --- -, -- -

After a year and 'i-half of itsue. RAINS" M -BLHNI s.I_ 1 OTTf fO Two tags d'l'l1Inttory.. on NorthKnyltn : Two ikore connected v '
I feel tWt"nty COPIOUS ,. .
year younger 'oO street with bit nmdorn com"u 'n- with R ram and kit .___ ,
h and am astron; and !supple' a" I You will find RIGHT. We direct ces. gas, w at..r, and la residtnc portiou of ;
ours buy from the mill in ("overam''DC street, D"a rrl'nt 'h.
* nev"r wa before during the last de- city ken per annum.
solid case lot and pay spot cash for them. We un certainly in .whole or aeparat-,.-
cnde. I simply have: fannJ the true WERE GENERAL Large and comfornbl. d..lhn.tory.
a o j give you all that's possible in Blanket values. < lot.rlntill..
i armor which i* d ndiuj( my bodyiiiauist with 118, and water throughout Urge
-- '.tn outhouses located on the corner of 1
di=eae and withering age. 3 *" La Rua street and *lh Ave.i, per month. i The M:(lan Kalldinj. .
I find it of advantage in field work THE COMINGV'EEK WEI'ILL SHOW meal a.it Tarragona.tr't- <.
:ft aud when prospecting; in the moun- The copious rains of last uijhtand '' log Adesrahleone 7 rooms and-lory bath dwelling gas anti iontala-water i boarding house. Jlpp!> '

I rtinVhen: I go out upon geodetic the Tailored Suits Shirt Waists Venice Colars Etc. .throughout. south front |f<>. within rag .
- expedition I take a quantity of today are reported a* generally '. reach of Hollaed North Hal car liaa.i Will Qdenet I.arg"itoro-roora.corr.er t streets 135:: per m'B.t

(Irdpe-Nut; alum with me. This; *am" over the entire ;gulf coast by le.se i lor IKf p;:r annum. i .
aboli-hes cumbersome \)' Two-storydwelling.! fontalnin roomAfrwnc :I:) on FtiafoT: "
1 baggage and the weather bureau and the heaviestare near Belt Line, So :J.J. >;. Barcelona street.N "ThiMen BulldiDK.:' and '. .'.
1 ; food cooking utensils. A little sugar : YGREEN WATSON & f for .
CO. ? ? \ ill leate for t3n: per annum. ante-room tjitattle Wr.
j! a can of condensed milk, my reported as having fallen at fM -
.y Grape-Nuts, and I have my food in ,: : ( : '"---. .. ----.- -
Pensacola.The PIIO\I: 193.: I- 1
condensed form ;
closely ,
a not --
weijhmg I will r"atc'
}. & A. JIRezular repair
overt pounds; to carry and I weather bureau predicts> fair ffi. ; i jewelry in flrat-class gtyieStephens. J
i never get hungry. Concentrated reagents ';:COD:: /1 o= Ez=:ooi '/ :c: ffi communication .

; are the most elective in all weather tonight and tomorrow, with 1 'I ofE-cauibia Lod e No. 15, -- -
-- -- ---
chemical and & A. M., at 7:3u:: m.,
r3 operation, Grape- cooler ,,weather caused by wind F. p.
k Nuts! are the reagents that keep the I Ball Bearing, keen cutting I For a bad taste in the mouth take G Monday, October 6. Lay the dust. You can I

1. nody's laboratory, (the etoulachlin : from the northwest. Lawn Mowers at the Chamberlain's :Stomach and Liver HARRY W. GIBBS hose at the H
perfect working order. Your product I Tablets. For sale by all druggistsand >r Secretary.. garden
is perfect." Try the NEW Want Column j Willis Hardware Co's- medicine dealer i W. D'C. KES=LERV.. M. Hardware Co. 1

: I '


The daily news

Material Information

The daily news
Uniform Title:
Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
Place of Publication:
Pensacola Fla
The News Pub. Co.
Creation Date:
October 4, 1902
Daily (except Monday)
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
30.433333 x -87.2


Pensacola is the seat of government for the westernmost city in the westernmost (Escambia) county of Florida. Since the colonial period, Pensacola has been an important naval port and economic center. By 1889, it was one of Florida’s four largest cities, with a population exceeding ten thousand. The Pensacola Daily News began publication in 1889. The editors pledged to "be Democratic, conservative but yet sufficiently aggressive to give weight to [the Daily News’] remarks." By March 1897, the Daily News had increased its circulation to 1,500. The Pensacola Journal, begun as a weekly, remained its main competitor. Among the bigger stories the Daily News covered was the 1891 dedication of the Confederate Monument in Lee Square and the outbreak of the Spanish-American War in 1898. Pensacola’s Gulf Coast port, like others in Florida, hosted forces bound for Cuba, among them Theodore Roosevelt. In the years that followed, Pensacola continued to expand. 1908 saw the completion of a new Spanish Renaissance City Hall. Around this time, the Daily News was followed by the Pensacola Evening News. The exact year of the transition is uncertain as the Pensacola Evening News continued the numbering of its predecessor. The earliest verified edition of the Pensacola Evening News dates from April 6, 1908. In 1910, when its population reached 23,000, Pensacola erected its first skyscraper--the ten-story American National Bank building, constructed the San Carlos Hotel, and raised a wooden bridge across Bayou Texar. By 1912, Pensacola had twenty-one miles of paved streets. The first modern hospital opened in 1915, and by 1924 the city’s fire department was entirely motorized. In that same year, the Pensacola Evening News merged its operations with the Pensacola Journal then under the leadership of John H. Perry. For the next six decades, the two papers continued to report the city’s news, the Journal in the morning and the News in the evening.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1889.
General Note:
Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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", :, !1
It' "
'' ? C' i'r'v A .t

.-- c._- -'. _-- -_ -_ --T--- c 1 t ti i r 1: 'j

-' :
-- -- --
-- -- ---- -- --- -- ------ -- --- -- ---- -- --- -- -- ---- --

lNrR ES-'CU fANO : U'! J' ;:



I II ,

}\\nnthly\ ; I Statement of Department I, lineagnates and the President I: Strikers Determined to Prevent the I : I-_

I :

of AGriculture. i I to Confer. !i i Running of Cars.'i: I

-- --- ;
I I l
i -- --- -
I m :,\hornet. r<*neral hnoxnt to th I Ipie.idert
ROAD TO ISSUE I s rootfir. I II'
\ : Mitchell and his party were first j I f
Decline of 2 Points, !' Mitchell President of the United' Mine I I' to arrive at the White House, and Street Car Lines Are Still Tied Up. lift'

12, Oklahoma 15. i!' BONDSSpecial Workers, and His Party Also an 1 they came a few minutes betore the II but There Is Hope that Trouble BARR AN A':'! I
time fixed. They rode to Jacks 31 ,
State Failing to Ro I Hand to Take Part In the Confer May Yet Be Adjusted by Arbitra
Place pa an avenue car and walked ]1 c I f I

.: : n. i I I to The Daily News ence. up to the White House. tion. I --- \

: News Now YorU. Oct. :3 :-It it announced Cameras Trained on Party.A !
Y Special to The Daily Xews. Special to The Daily News. TURNED OVER BY COL KINZIE TO ; 1

:', -The montuiy that u the annual! stor-kholders' niewt- score of cameras were trained on

", ..neat of agritul.Hge ing ut he St. 1.011anti San Francisco Washington, Oct. 3-The second the party as they crossed the street. New Orleans, Oct. Considerable MAJOR HARRIS TODAY.Col. I < I

,.' condition of railroad to l he held in St. Louis' Xov. step iu the president's efforts to effecta I I They were escorted to a room on the destruction of property of the New :

.', to have been &S.S:; 10, a proposition will! be acted uponto settlement between the anthracite first floor. Just after 11 o'clock Pres. Orleans Railways company was reportEd -

4 on Aug. 26; Cl.l: Increase the Icdehtedness not <'*' coal magnates and the miners was dent Taer. of the Reading; E. B. by the police today as having I. D. II. Kinzie: relinquished i r t

5 Oct 1. WOK: i eedtnK! ir.ion,00( ittt per cent goad: taken today.At Thomas of the Erie and W. H. Trues- occurred during the night. It was J i
.elnf Of 6S.9.! Tao bonds, to 1 t,4 nwurfd by mortgage 11: 10 oclock ten minutes after dale, of the Lackawanna, drove up >n j probably! the result of the statement of command of Fort Barrancas and adjoining I 3 j

." ," .;.guy in the second or by the deposit! as collateral I't'C II r. the hour fixed for the conference: a carrlace. They also were subject" the company that It would attempt to pots this morning and came : I :

_:r.". ftth columns, re- Ity of the first mortgage bond of the every ixrrson who !had been invited to ed to several snapshots by ambitious I start its cars afer 6 o'clock yesterday up to the city tarrying at the Merchants \, ', o i
ol.J. railroad constructed or acquired! with participate with the exception! of President photographers.They afternoon. Feed wires were cut, poles I
rthe averages hotel. His family is with : ;
the corrt-sponi the proceeds of the bond issue. Okpcaat. tf the Delaware anJ went to a room on the first "'et'hopp >d and other methods were !

? last 10 years; I None of the local officers would state Hudson, who sect as personal> representative floor, separate from that occupied by resorted to to make it difficult for thecompany him, and all of them will leave at : r. !

.' for what purpose; the bonds will be issued David \Vilcox, rice presidentand the labor leaders. They were soon i to operate its son"ice. noon tomorrow for Washington. I

-, 73 /Ii i further than to say the proceeds general counsel of the road, and followed by President' E. Fowler, of No attempt was made during the Thence they will go to the colonel's ; } I! ;
would \ devoted to construction early morning to btart cars on any of I'
71 67 bS >f President Cassatt of Pennsylvania the Ontario and Western;. John Mar- I
).) 63 7
I"> 7.5 "ir denim that t[.<> )iro,; o<:<-01 issuova. front rooji of the U'mv| >rarv ex<-cu operators, and David W'.lf-ox, vico advertisements asking for 1.000 Col. Kira"-} left the posts in command t r j

> Ii;;3 "ir.t .: tonnert.t! in any way with the p'tr- live niai.jiiii.! ). wht-u- the president hast president! of the Delaware and Hudson motormen and ('ontlul' or:;. They of Major Harris who will 'f# r
55: 71iS chase of the CIJif"liiO and Eastern Illinois. I ..> u tiui-o his return from Indiana; representing President Ollphant, staled! that only residents\ of New Or- t l

,; 11; t''* At-..I-.... o. that road. It-aiits need apply! I'- i is not considered continue as executive oiHcer for the ; i f

t T.I. 7:! 7-i; Tnc president: during the conft rcn.1 upstairs! >ones to th,-w adfpinnts.! T-'lejrrams 'I
', Waffattxl\ in a large invalid chair. two (!t.'ga.tiOUt1'1'1' escorted re&i l
4 ; : r.i lii the retiring commander will arrive. j j
,, 7 LOAD OF SHOT )IIdt: I leg extended at full length: the! labor leaders going first. Attorney from other cities! situ thai i
> 7"i :51 i>
-N: I
He is Staten Island N. Y.
General 1 Knox and Commission the was seeking to obtain now on ,
OD 7t7J resting on a cushiun.! The piesldentgVteted :! company ., ,
;- 7'J::
1 7J; til ibi.l n.ost cordially, each of Iria Wright remained with the president"Vv'lK'p. outside labor, but the company is not; and has sent no word when he will \ tl .1 i .

il> 57 I PIERCED HEARTSpecial gl ...stsht..D they appeared, and when the president concluded thereading ; willing to admit this!: and refers to Its be here. : r- I j
allwere\ asr"mbled he: stated to themin I of his stt etnent'he said ho advertisements! :! to show that *t desires '
i-, ,:a! 61 I I i I f' I j
Col. Kinzie went to the depot this '
a brief rt'limina.ry'ay 1.1-s! object I did not expect that tlther party wouMid only home labor. The strikers, however i

-I.H! dun- !:-!::-: -September- to The Daily News. in calliiiK them together. *ne |>re-.i. I ready to submit propositions at this I are suspicious, and today therewe'V morning and arranged for hit trans _., tJ I

n.tnom |I' jlnta in AI.! GrP<"ns1OI.I, X. r. Oct. .- John"takf'IItK dent, fully realizing: the lmp rtam* time, but te; asked them to take Into I pickets it all the railway stations portation. lIe had intended leaving t
off ommuiiicaton! that he was t.imake consideration! what he had said and' to in antUipatloa of the arrival of' for- i l
;"t? in North Carolina ', and wealthysash' but i
( a )prominent today: departure was necessarily: t
at 3 o'clock. He said lie hoped elsrn lahoiri. If
Lad piepiurftl a (art"luU"0101- I
': < 'I.a.h"u'.l. only one state and !blind manufacturer of Sanford -
that : might be The weather continues fine and the put oil until noon tomorrow. "
ed! setting forth In detail an som proposition pry
ta'a to report some o'$- hot and killed himself here.Thrte paper 'I f
'.a. Tlu' low estimate in Tex. wa< no suspicion as to his intentions position on the pending controversy. seated at that nine which would furnish dlwomfort of the traveling public In lie said in reply to questions thatin 1
basis of adjustment. The getting from joint to point' Is thereby ?
,,u,:dinttd! hy a large amount until the report of a l.1ln111! The president said: his opinion another company of ;
conference then terminated. It had lessrred.nitons. i 1-
il a tIll JClJt>!It'udf'utlitimo- heard! In his: room he' had placed a President States His Views."I .
II lasted less than 13:> minutes. The repreiLntatlves are being made by disinterest(1 troops would be placed at Barrancas: t.
-sion! of the department pillow on the floor to break his tall
wish to cal! attention to thfact -- to hung the represent-:
y.mr of the railroad: came parties and would be sent for
'.- ir.fiebtej to officials of A shotgun was lying uy his side, an-1 permanent t .:
that there are three parties afff ; flown stairs first and went to their t\ts.of! the contending factions! together -
I ,,JI! mills and to othernpatlons the nature of the wound was such that stay within the next three months i I 1
<-t t'fhy\ the situation' in the anthracite They refused! to say anything In a conference at the hall. Ilo-ie
I ,' give them it wasf t>n that he had placed themuzzle trade! -th operators. tlw miners! carriages.except that they would meet has not been abandoned of an ami- Within the next six months he said, i :
'.-'5 fur making & testt- of the gun at his breast and I
and thf g<'neral public I speak for l again at 8 o'cloi cab!" agreement.If the post would strengthened bj f ; j
tIll fcituatlon. !
of pulled t'.utriss: ?H. The cintfnts P
neither the miiifis: lour the operators) | President Mitchell and his party followed li l- PIt company attempt to n;-crate
his heart anl I the addition of two more companies, i i I
the v; ain.n i pvno.1 i 1 '
but for the fuoral 1m hli('. The Question i soon after, refusing to say any he cars other than these c'arryilll: rhj I i
itB'S death "'nsu.'il instartrtr.Ciinirnn : at issuiwh'th! l-d lo the situation thing. A little later Attorney General : wall! tht ro is likely to he serious disturbances making at least ftiu.> men at the local r J : I
'.1) lanchnlia Is supposedto
: ; )
affex! imnifdlatofv! the parties Knox left the place.! It was said of the !peace.President post This had been practically decided ; ; I
!bt\-; 1< .1! to t!.( rah l a<*t. His bus. ,
I (onr<'!'nt' lll'- nll: I lar.i'; 1"- ',ttuna; so far a ; upon by the war department '
'AMITY 18,000 i iJ ers but thp situation \ital jr afficota the would during the afternoon formulatesome company today sent a letter to :MayerCapdevlHIe
iI J..I"\I< 11: "AM r /p i--- '- !i-factory:; '0 he and for that j
I public.! A3 lone as there f't 'med 1 t.) proposition! on what the president announcing that the company ago
bin'f !\I.! wnktwtanlU I
J KIy!! N\..vs: I ''\f- a I b.u :'i-a.- : M- !I. ; 0" .". could; 1 11- a.1ustciiparties h@'tw.tn the and that the would be advised
T'.i.onv: )lldai''l'iu ; --- with a reply to present tc I mayor under way had beta authorized. I I
I it dud: not ao l'1J proper to in-1 the president. at what time and from what barn th i. : 1
ail urr t'udftVit I I *
> Ii
i to Jntervf-n' in any way. I diselalm- first attempt will be made Mr. Pearson The departing commander of this t

.: the stan 1 I. I SHOT DAUGHTERFOR f'd any' right or duty to intfrv -ni' !i'i ALABAMA MINERS' STRIKE. "said the company desired to be &a- district has induced the department :": i fJ I

two i'ontijstaniias tits way upon Ifpal I grounds or upon I cured that there would be ample po- J' "I
to inaugurate many good changes 3
'.' announceda BURGLAR any riffle !ial relation that I bear to the fw ore" Have Been Ordered Out, Which! Nee protection. Mayer Capduville re- ;
,I situation but the urgency and the t-'r- Will Increase Number to: 4,000. I pli"d at once saying that he would during Ms stay at Rirrancas for I i'tisl 11

u .. '.t i ''ina':1\' riliknatiro! ; of the catastrophe; Impend.! r.irmindcham Ala.., Oct 3.-Presidentlihvad have sufficient police on hand whpn-, Pickeus, McUee, Oniues and Mor i I j
an 'V. +ma will ins over a large ;>ort':on of c".r peopi* ,! Flynn. of the United MineWorkers peer th*> company was ready to resume gan. He has an inventive mind and ;U t I

:.f- .' i i.i; The Special to The Daily News: in the nape of a winter fI. JwiineImpels America., district of Alabama Its.senricc. I
flit. aft>T much anxi,",us thought, applies it to building the army to a i ; y I
i'n: 'il!! r w ::1 prot WnjfhtsviUp., : ra.: Or-t. 3.-News his stated this morning that he had I
v .> .(.> \u'-s in. the Just reached town stating that Charlie to use: w hatever influi ire'"' I personallycan issued! orders for all the miners!! of the I high standard. The new improvements # s I .1
Morrs.! a negro shot and killed hisdaughter to brine to an end a situation Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railway company BELL at the local posts are evidences i! : 4' i ii
'.* In the which has become literally intolerable. the Blue Creek and Blocton: I ,
"f i *red Saturday night, thinking she at <<: CLAPPERFELL of his work.t
i good '
'..u. \\i. i* the fight+ was a burglar.It I wish to emphasize the character nf mines, to suspend work on Monday j i I! { J I'
:a imty Candler
"\ of :.''J. The Pup.I in her: sleep, and had gone out into is such that I am constrained urgtr.tly which, added to the men a1.j man i; about 5o> years of age and: ,1 j4. jf

-. .. pessful in most the yard and was coming back into to Insist that each one of yon ready out: In the Pratt mines has had a varied experience. He is i c f

T: < oiaty; office, and the hoiiae through an open window. | reali/p! the heavy burden of r*spwsibil. will make 1he total number of strikers Keeper Stockitr came ;

t.t to. tho Democrat* Cha.11fehaUl'd her twice and as she itupon him \Ve are upon the thresh- over 4,000. badly injured at the po-i a colonel of the junior rank and received : 1 I

"If and tax recehf-. did!, not answer! he :shot her. holl 1 of winter with :an already existing I The strike grows out of the refusal near being I Iing' his promotion from excellent j :it t
coal the future of station at b:3iJ: o'clock this morn-
famine terrors lice
,f't nominee for of the to withhold a- 3raants '
rt-jv She lived only a f.-w hours. company work. Col.! Kinzi said today he .h l
:.t tice of IntentiO.iWIT" ------ which we can hardly yet appreciate.The made by the miners'! union for .
evil possibillti era so far-reac. the anthracite coal strikers from the was acquainted with hU successor! I
Mr !Stockinger wa standing under .
successful int !tag, so appallla that it scams to m- wages of those miners! who object to and thought he would do{ everything '.
.u llaralson th-i that you are not only jifctifled in snk! paying It. PresU'nt Flynn says that [ the big bell ringing it for court that could be desired for the good of I.' '

-'rnn., \)1"'. cat' In:?, but rfjnired! to sink for the time all miners who object to paying the at that hour when the clipper of the 1A \ I

I t."i- for governor; NEW STAND ] he.i.e; : any tenacity &a to your respective assessment will be expelled! and wh"' ntte i bell, weighing about fifty pounds, !! the di-trict. .1
r lalms in the matter at Issue b1tween n ln're! return will" not b* allowed -- '
I I I you. In my judgment the !ht to work with them. I fell from the tower within a few I }
r :1 ItfLEVATOR I have moved jewelry store to ATTENDANCE &&i
nation imperatively requires: that yo.i Officials of the miners' union are inches of hk feet and crashing; on a .

12"" South Palafox formerly occu m"et upon a common j plane of the ne- now making; a Canvass among the I Had it struck the I I
cement :
I AOGlDENT'1[ pied by Ua,,' & Co., and am now cr!=.'rtle? of the! public. With all the miner? of the Sloss-Shrffteld:: Steel andIron CITY SCHOOLS 1\JI j
bell his chances for a survival
better prepared thau ever to give earnestness; there is In me. I ask that company to ascertain! how manyof ringer, \ .

----- I I great bargains:; in diamonds watche there be an immediate resumption of them favor the payment of the as- of the impact would have been 1

'. : > i.'y News: I jewelry etc. Call and see me and operations! in the coal mines In some sess-ment. Meanwhile tile Sos! mines very doubtful. Superintendent R. Cook today t : !" I \'I

let me convince you. such way as will be no unnecessary are all in operation! with no prospect
II. .1't: i .vat .. I. tTEPHE It could not be explained why the stated that the enrollment at city j
th>!lac. meet the crying needs of the o f immediate trouble.Strikers .
I' :t'c "f A C. \I' I
i i 'v ioatwo! Kl'DWEISER.OYSTERS : : pe''iJ I p. -, piece had fallen, as there was no defect white schools yesterday was nearlyICM ; I e

1 M. '. faiir injured. I So not invite a discussion: of your Rock Train. shown. and at the colored schools
resptttive claims. I appeal to your ML Carmel. Pa., Oct 3.-White the 1 I i t
Li ST t.It'EILJ1EUI'INI.; AT NIC APOSTLE'SFine patriotism: to The spirit that sinks Fourth regiment soldiers' train on the The occurrence mi bt be regardedas nearly 1 20u, making total of nearly : J. l

,. > taint!! to be miserable if personal considerations! and makes!* Individual Northern Central railroad was stand. a fortunate one for an investiga- 3uUO in the city alone.( Enrollments I'I Kl' .

',. .y ur harm liver can in come good to shape. : oysters today. Try them. sacrifices for the public lag in the local yard late last night tlon'showed that the heavy bell had are expected to increase rapidly, j J '
your "
liver i is kept active. good. a crowd of unknown men threw missiles caused the steel tower to bulge out and it I is predicted that there will be i t i
before the hour fixed for the
r u.:! 'dy :at the right time I KidneyCllre I.ong through numerous windows of j
'. ":-'teat benefit to you. conference a larg crowd had assembled too ca.r3.0 one was Injured. Attracted ward and the bell hung |Ion its bed 2fflln the white schools in a fewweeks. .i p i

i l l\i-: that remedy.: It makes kidneys< and badger right. outside the Whit, .Iouse. Tha by the crash of glass, several with but slight surface. j '
,-ing: 1)eeau.e it will make first oflcial: at the White House was l
to the scene whereuponthe t
polIcemen ran abolishment of ringing the School from the county ,'i
I The reports
ladles skirts and waists Hon. Carroll D. Wright. coiamijston-'r!
Cleaning mob fled. Colonel O'Neil sent; a i
\ I FralE.'i have: ?had h: Madison occaion: tolCl'RA i, Is one of osr specialties. !Star Laun- of labor. He has made an Investigation 1 detail of men in pursuit' but all escape bell at police court is now being agitated -.i I have not yet >" en. received, but all II"t !
1'1 1 I everal times o dry. __ --- of the strike situation and'tha ,!. since the city has now reacheda report -
I like it better than buying president desired! to obtain! from him: : i 3
ty SaVe by state of advancemeLt where! u ishingtackleofaUkinds
:,1 :LICINE I ever u ed.Wf 'loney furniture what he considered important features The Saving of a Few cents on a bottleof '' ttb nets at the J
,- ,; with- your of the condition: between tile oper. unnecessary to summon everybodyto good e JI

.: 1:1,' or recommend sickening ellect it Marston $ Qicina'sGreat ators and miners. the Vanilla annoyance Extract of will having not atone Jesse for t court by the clanging of a bell. 'l' Willis Hardener Cos."BUDWEISER. I i
truly as -
Furniture Emporium. Secretary" Root called! and remained flavor.
off" in
is a little :
i-I K MEl'Il .NE I know Of. that "just Bt DWEIdER. ,
uugists, for a shortutlma! about. 1?:iill.( 9. Always buy lJurn:tt'8. i iE
r I I ..' .. +r. .as :-j: A. 4
u ---- 4'f





STEAMSHIPS.- A PAYMASTER'S RIDE HANDICAPPED.The Mtntgon"ty RenlhIe"!. Ala.Norr'nsts.. Oct. 3.-The Re- ct Wholesome

who started to in -
man run a race convention of Eltcore
publican county

fAN TRIPu [Original! ] iI | chains icapped.and No fetters one would would be expect visibly him hand-to I! st Wetunip'/a: has nominated Spencer'J Bud
OCEAN Millard
succeed. The man who runs the race of McMarri, of Wetuapka, and Weisep
I In the autumn of Iv3 I was ordered II' | life when his F nnr. of Deatsrllle.: for repji I

; TO MW YORK BOSTON K I' as a paymaster III the United States i i digestive and nu- ((1j 1 i! reseniatixin the legislature: aa.1''

AND ALL. Jf urmy to take $liw"""" Prow Cincinnati I, t"tive organs are 1] 7orSf-t! Ivy. of TVit.ril!!*, for rjnenntercet ;it Clear sparkling

} EASTERN RESORTS JjOCEAN to the Araiy of the Cumberland .it I II ... --.ifel is "quail "I t of tJucat'.oi They will ::la''; ,
I t'iattanatsa.Vtieeler's: cavalry watt : h..u-.ippe'i a hard fight Mr the county. It hast palatable. Has
} the on? case hisstrer.t I a
rIa t.\ that time anywhere: and '" !:\\'hel"1 j is over- ]/l i -.>t >t-t been determiol: whether i

1h. @) g.U between: nu- and taj destination! and j 1 j. v.-eigi.ted! in the i i, candidate will: be put up for the ten flavor peculiarlyits

STEAM5rUP COMPANY 1 of course" if we hapla"ntd to meet any ,, other it is undtfr- ate in the F/.mor-e-Talla-vxm: : !!'.!"trict
LOWKA1K I tKI 'K-tK.tt" 4O of the detathmeit would lie a ;:neat mintci i .Il"-'Si 1 V I own maKing it the most

) Hours of Ocean Krce/e: \ gain to the Confederacy and a {.Teatlofe I demands! : a !b u \ e i Lare;; SUQJT: Mill Planned. .

P I'J Sailings each WeeK f I to the United States. There Wt'rt'IllIIntl al! e'::.e. a soai.dstomich. 1 I Lare<;<>, r t.'X.. '>it. 3.-A bM .d front \i ii popular bottled beer for table use
( -* of truernllas! roauiiii2 about
Tex. that the Plaate.sDeretcpment
Oaxaca. :
fflu bays
m IJW from Savannah J I though not foruntlable ti II ;puard oft I>):tor Medical!'irrce'sGolden \ i and Manufacturing com Ipanv I in cottage and mansion all 'round

!II'\IIo'I(15 i' tl: IA !''. !lar I-* .:. J, .uldiers. but it was! the pr( <'enee ofWheeler's I ':
I I bisrovery curediseases -. recently! n-ganlzed with a pail
panhlt m MM-J. *f* XM J
y 3 ., _iwliMml T ,... r it.roe, s. '.tlI''n. t-t. .It.1 f L. l'l11111'In' the region we of the I in capital of J5*>t"W: gold, la planningthe the wide, wide world.

!i In ilutrtr*n>"j*>i. ..IIIr':11 rir.. : '. in. : t: .' : IIr "tL r had to pass that decided the pay department stomach and other erection of a $2'iII. t v 'r. I send the secretly of i The prcdoct ofAnheuserBuschBrewingAssn
to tuouey digestion I
) organs I. on the line of thf''E'ra Cruz PacinV j t
;; ;.;..
hu.wu.ou IOYI.r.tN4Y.rttu and without a guard which might< I* and nutrition.
f'C Apes, TO road near Oaxaca The company
a .. l.t...... ,..Iolll.( k' I.......... .1. I I'Ji overpowered by suiierk.r utmibt'rs. When this u done j
L- M.M.rl.. +,. II.b' ...-., ...._.1.. .IL I IPt I food is perfectly 't d has ought a tract of land near when; j
I reached Nashville\ safely and -
...... .. _. .
"aI..II. 41. .1 ln.t. .III..I: I .
i build mill. The
disesteil and as- ;, it ? propospj to the ,
"," the raftcontaining the money ; : St. Louis. U. S. A.
simulated and the 'I president of the tew is B.1
: -- -- in the bank. In the evening; it was body receives strength in the only way U. H'ipe. first vice president; of ilrj jj j I Ii < Sneers aha ef Black 6 Tan, Anheuser-Standard. Pale-Later
taken out through: the back door sentto in which strength can be gh'en-hy the !. Faust Export Pale! Exquisite Mlchelob and Malifioinntii

QKNKUAL t'm'IiCH:' SCHKl>r K I a train of freight: cars standing lathe nutntiorl derived from digested and assimilated j Carnegie Steel company. I II >MIKIS: >ER IMtOS.. MholialiDealers IVi ..an.la, ll \.

yard of the a"h'm111..1" Chat food.

I3 Following ii the schedule of they tuiu>oia; railr governmentsteatneroeueralFrenchwhich Medical Iii-voitry I caun'-.t litter In vrorJ- or !i No danger of consumption if '"u'| Medical Society" "PUfi '
l+ f the (-ml In the locomotive's tender. I j Raleigh N C.. O-t. 3.-JOP Cole Sr.
THE \EWS prints for the describevith wntr. James Ambrose,
aiid Tar
merchants! who hip There were but half a dozen car, and E-q of :, ;'. :MItEmtreed H of the
benefit theanous :atmy i there \\ .-1 e empty. Tini Sullivan, anenl..steii "I wa- taken with what our physicians here Stevers or. a S"aboa-vl Air Line tran: that tuhh'lra c-ni-'h: \\ A. L'AI-i ; .t: p .U3acola Mt .."c -.. .
to I
their good : man In the -th Ohio infantry around here au.I f.UD''1 nu relief.: I wrote to I near Henderson! has been eenvicte-1 -- - .x.'e- -. B--a-i f H-il: :;

.t Leaves poets PensacoU ... T.*' a. m.Lto"t's j jI j t and a locomotive t'n.111'r'h,1 bad you and you d..o nut,1'ou me a question then advised blank me to fill to! out.use I of murder in time first decree at Heiiirsou. I I : and scis-'St i; ar? tP. Tu>-c3'i.. "l
d <
and I i Pocketsons cutlery
.. ... 1:511 ?< l\ !(Ja: .
.... a. In.t I I p <
+ gar raueliL lieeil running on the road! since the Dr Pierce s OoMen":, Vertical Discovery 1 tout and Joe ('Ole. Jr. his son
.. ,_ I
Lta\'s YiCkl'n9 no ....... "IIHIH.:15 m. capture of the country and knew the three bottlean! I fell t> food that I stopped \ front the finest to tke : tnftf1d tnottend.cheapest .
i !avi-g Uarrauea ,. .. .. a la. j I I -<1 I how -vmptoms of gastric I was convicted of murder in the 1ft'C'Ol.l DR. \'t t .
being (11<: tl it+ '
l' .. .. ...to':15' a. m.Arrl"'s j track well WIt to lltl'mt', through. I I'
FtF( LxafP9 rVrra'ncas. 11:10 a." m. and then1 I truuble ur ln iuest on now degree. Old Cole was sentenced nI \: at the Willis1Hardware '
+ makes a trip to fort MeKve aa l ibeu re- I lie war r.um..lttlf'ft ::s rfeetly reliable I Accept no ;substitute Golden Medical I I be )banned and his son to serve tiarp (.'0. Dit. L. ?E-M- !.!l."' i ,.

tarns to 1"rranl'lh.LP".II .. I.W p. m and its I did ii-t care to trust I IMscoxerv." There is nothing tas v'- in the oenitentiary. Cole. .J'!'.. !.::!.,' t .
i tt I till.- e'se with the Mvret I dotted I good" --- .
Lla\.til'ICk"UIi ? l.f> p. m.Lnavebl'ra arty shirt TTPIU PortHHt'hl"l1.: who way '
,acolaLnavrs .. 4snip. m. my: uniform pat 01t pair 6f oralN : Dr. Pierce's s Common Sense Medical .
.. ;.:13 m.Arrlvt. of attNn:: ie to sate the life of Condu" .,
p. rLYT
1'lck"DI | and acted as tireiuau.When I Ad\iser, sent fr' un receipt bUmps : -f.f. cn.J.O"i'ETT'S: Cures .
Vitrrauefts ana IDali..strip : .
5-! i CI.
p.m. ot mailing "'/.1'. tor Ilwr.1 ...
Iit to ylef: .rim and return. ; we pulled! out of the Nash I to cover expense for the d..r.t\ "> -t r--. ... 'I l; .
I one cent stamps ,
one -
Twonty. ,
t, OuYeduPday'sattdaturdayathef : I i xillet.itioii. the liKoanitixth ; beadlightt I book in coveror 31 stamps for ,.. ;. '1 \,1\- .r j" tr \
= boat wiU leave 'H.nrallc1vla'Pick.- -t .ixvidxxi'iMl! men -laudin: togetherbt'Sille paper Address Dr. Contract for Eattleship Awarded. (?of "'U. : '
,1 6:3H m. ; the d"th.oun.tOlume W.tahin-'to:. (Oct. 1.-T'ip'! secretary Aid, {
ens for 1'eniacola: : at : p. I : ; J' ,. ; "
i tie tt.ick xv.ttchinir our delete Pierce, Bufialo X. y. .. ( hlHo,
The General French i- fur armypnrpue5 i R. V. of the xx Diav! i' 'sirri"-! the coit""Kt Ethan .... \Jion.1)) III' Ii.; .
: tuv. Sullix.in l.i-iked. at m', and when .,.- .
1 duly and all tlut"'lder uiu-it ffr nstr'ictitin! of the tiati.eh.p % i tot to
re' : ty
j C{I Ivls ( : 'm k al Wnifeists
1 ini- :
i the ftJtrtt'cmll"tero 1 a'ed!: loot' it anything >vas wrong he .. r\, : } ; t
save a pasfr .
I !ire !
"'i : to thiNimpnrt
.. o i 1 I.er. I replu'd l. ''InininThe truth vas he | tt .Jo< ..::. ...lIr ,d! .1. I., C. J MOF 'ETT. M O. ST. l
lake j-a- ii-'p 1 !l..I iN.(.te Tr tr"EE. A. ,T.: "- I I'. 'I > .. ". I I. \ .'
-- fpn\.r. Cot"'l. Ot : :.i.-Tht N'e.vs; I.\.| 'd zi''.',. i I. Th, tnr.at ./ft. m).esi r : ,, ",t*. .r.i. : .t 'I r. ": :'"
iiiMomiortaMe and wished .. .
surioi .
my i U UMr' a'i, -.r.: sir ua .1.' : ,1.1'.1' n" r.r. .,
,' had not without: i says ttxiay! that tremendous dcnan4 ..:'. \" n 1" h' .. .\ ... .. """ 1'1'-.: : roni...- tl.s| Ii r,-1. .. tr. 11 =r,1., I., .:aI nII' .r u'
STEAMER? LINE SCHEDULE I> sent flue a sulk with which H-rn r ." i r 't-, Tr ..THIN X T' 111 t .II'h. i' -. ,.a t-r.i- < .n.
L g't.rd. llow''vire were in for it h.r ear- t'lmo I I r.porl., t'. r.-'revire no u f'atlonsn' lie ta. .- .. .J.. i-a : .t n..Tlfl'\.L-l..e.! I .:... i.n ,- .w.

.j' -' .::id n.iM ::"i rwanL \ .. live SKW'K iron th- (present scan' ion. ,11.1.' vU tin: :urt ji 1 the >>:'! > ?.-.e, I). VV. !:d'th.t.j: ri>. Jl'n <.. rlHOWL .

9. l' l'f'r..at'c'I and MiltonItnat j j A eivv| lam had ceased and left adear j ty ranges of the west to points where, .ie-f -
1- : Uet w ecu .. food tan be had fu: the winter has,
I 1 : sky, a bright mo-mli!;:ht night. {I ---- -

i I Ittins lUily LJ.u'J.t StinilMy."CITY | .-" that we conld *-e almost us well as j created a condition in the lire stock; Dank Cashier Sentenced.

t 'r' .j I OF 1'AMl'A.l'.V : in da..tiwe. We had no sooner left the I markets of the west never before 1 It-nwhis. T- n". Oct. 3.-A Sdrolta- S'FANDAIIDVlIih\ \ \ :'

i outskirts of Nashville than Sullivanput known end our that is causing greatlow ; suP" {ial front Brownsville. T>nn., say" W t : : :
I.\ Prn.aeulal:9'put I
IT Milton > sm
: "n enough steam to run at forty '* and inconvenience to stock owners that three in the
4rlcnsi,>;ola. )''IUIi Ar Mutton '!.upw "guilty and years per *
I t.ar.IIc' ; !;ouud tripll:">. i til! ..s an hour big time for a la P'-mfr the market has been!I| itentiary" was the verdict rendered i S Tears Qlc1! i ia Casts cf 4 Full Oaarls, at! S3 2 : .

t-outhein! railroad it. those" days, especially I almost paralM-d by the Inability oJ I this morniii by the jury in the ease of

; through! a hostile country.'e the railroads to supply cars and prices i
i : II. Anderson cashier of
R. I
state vs x-
. : j i- d :.tilled at u! .
NOTES OF NOTABLES. I did not meet an obstacle or a su> have been steadily dwlinitg! principally ': TtlUHVH1SKKY and
ifully iii.itui
-- I clous\ circumstance till we had 1 : ;I'I'1 beoaiifp of the same reason. charth: bdort'bOlttlilj!. it i absolutely [ ui > : \

EsfJoxnmrVhtcof: M.irjl.tiul has more than half our journey when .
bank with knowledge of the Inso1v.n. ailed I'. quality by any WhifkVy ,.f t1

Ji-t cfMirttf In- -i'.iit'U'lith birth.I I IrtVB'i; to Ito down grade for several i|I Egyptian: Cotton Proves Success. I.P'r! resulting in lose of to i- e :;o 'ii.ittf where! produced. The \\> .> ,
2.iy. ll<- i- in rxtfllmt li<-iltli 1! miles with the prospect (If having; to !II \ Quitman Ga.. O<-t. 3 -C. N. Wit. ( ... ; yt.irold when bottled, and ,

j Adolph!] Uciii.itih cf V 0'111WIIS | do :1 i; much up Krade after -ichiujr |i, Hams a farmer living iK-ar here hij = its owners. ;j.;- AClit 'in'diiy, i? the cI.f-il\\ -i u

tl caught roitlnii!: hK snf.' while a; ct-ii, i! bottom. We had made about! a mile of j j I an acre and a half of cotton which i Coal Teai.istc. strike Settled. r .1 uul.:isk'-i. .it that pric" A* ubeviri.uti .
'' '? 'f' '' !ty stmiulaut tlirrc ,ii i- :
1 pure ,
the decline
when brakeman climbed
ronceaKnt' the uiotu-.x under a t'llrltt.: I a has, attracted much attention.: It isI ; Ch.-ago, Oct.TIt ; ""tl11. ot : .
17 : I : in > -c'Hitaiainjr u"! aiii'x-
grand I- ukf I ':-Til lit itu>'sSii a cousinof tin the tender mid shouted: j j"There's I: Ee, tan cotton. the FFeI of whith h'j" coal teamsters that ;ior a time till': .1 I i.: ,j t. .. -iiti-Iitri.. If Iljjt. :. f-r, Uj1 l. \

the (czwr is visitini! .lajian. whew he a train behind cumin' like ] Feirfrl from trip in Florida .I I the puh..cho: >.- .
j a I all ened to C11'i> :ve t.: wt .v I- not -ati.-fled wit! '
has Ix-en given nu iuiiftsii: r.uptiun.Jn.tgninl'Iguervl liuhtninV i fved I as nn <>x, erinient with th-! lht ir tuel supply has been! st-r. .t. 'g t > I 1 -mi.' tl H -HUH at our t-xp-L"
Lirriuif riflf! tins "l1i" ." do jon know? asked Tim. tin ft .1.t1sfal'tory r? suits. He states; The Anthracite and Bituminous t'"J.. a 1 t... r..r'lhll..cI.

swan C''lumlaccoiiij..n". '
IS 1j1'.ti..r \II.
: th. th'yield! than that o!:! comp:1I1.hth: supplies the si > r .
1 .
"See a lieidlht'r"There I EIGHT LEAPS Oia -',.ttce ordt b. '
to study the .diiadou of lilirarU's t'llrlt.c.I', ii'.xtie.v r.
; nr- 1'he .. < otton IIn': 'hrtapjp I is s'irwio'! r on the northwtit slue conl'lluI 1 "
I I ain't no headlight. ItVj r !pea :n: -' / enter.V" refer t" 1 ir-
In E'liujw: : and the United "i .. ..r.f the "-a i island < AL ui
j freight cars: must have broke: loose. iAtPA II.. k. i ti,'icnant: in l't'ii-ic': 1 t.
Ftatec.Ifenri !In this Tin, aboti,,
j "Well there's a switch at e.IJottom.. c f.-n. staple is :!

U01.\ !?' '\'is wate1 iiiaker. i We'll hftto make it iK-fore they i Us jT1d." s I'.ng.'dY fine, and! has :i A DOZEN TIMES A NIGHT. '
has rctvii'l .,.i.lifted 4s.3 S. A. FRIKDMAI
wati U made
{ u silky taster.Two.
j catch u... Mr. Ow. u Dims, of Benton, F<-r
entirely OU' i : !b.. ixory tnk*'I i. front a I! He h( <.Led up to the nr-t notch and ; ryV.. Vi.. writ"I have had rt5,11 '
i'illianl lui. .. "..rl(:. ainl ('1" --- complete. Killed In Collision.Gr kidney i ) tI'
| threw the tiuoitle! wide trs. -a. The euj and nhdJ'-r trouble foryeai- S' .I t. PJ.III'KIEC"K, PE-\ 1 '.
It l."lrs u -. ..ue.LcoiHil j pii.e made a jump and l In-fore we could PIth M. Ma,,s.. Oct. :!.-Ag paJl1.n. anti it'bt'c.ltuE: *o bad that I w.i-

I 1': Its, the \'liMi.-in: couFerratt i! my "Jack Uohin"oll"! we were tearing
r i .- 'mwl U'H .1 i ..i-. hasescax.itio I down the "mile at *\\\iy miles an hour. i the Boston ant :Maine! :aslroad eras:!- timea night. Int'verrf'celvediCl'\: '.'

just ioii 't: t .' .\ .'IIr'. ,'LinlLieni \\'. hatln'i tar to but the ed irt., .1 Svvitch ugibe at East Beer. iwrmaiient honiflt from any nMlciiie --
go. questionwas aA gICf MAN.
until tried Folev'KriK,
I ,., the i ..- ni Xajiotesan whether! the locomotive would rigid! to laThe engin't-r of the trail:I Cur. :tft'rn-in.tw'i: l>ntt-.F! '.n'y 1 :-Z-I i. tull- f-very c! 1"f !1. .

dti,'.- ..v.-'t-a. !stick to the raiK She swaye4 and and a !1I'.r.i ot the switch .n,:in-' firfj.V.. ,\ D'AI'ub"Itt.l'tir ; > h-.lk, i-i b .!: wt."i-; -..UHr rtt 11

The Et:;, ::.;tit... Ba :.' > take.tottn j piti-hed and oIhuo.ld.'rt'tl! and shook like! v.-it ;kill!!. a ILJ two otnl'rsCUU5: ;\J Pal.foXtr. f ..irw i:' JOWII.

li his tin' i-tiortli.iml! ,'.,1 sans i! a ship in a ;,'!lll". We shot over a bridge ii.ja-eil. Tin- :lead are George F AGENT FOR THE FAMOUS PAHSI !BUVVK 1'j j 1

tip from the-. : ..ti-. ll" flmS! this; a { and out svhcre we could look behind. ('jf.t'iitf-r. !tireman andHeating ElgiuP- 1 Foley's Honey Tares _. -- ..-.. ---- I

tcreat dtli. f 11':10 :"HII.y tla- l1a'lIlI"it and then was the cur+eil train comic: : \\'{',..g.01"1- end

r 11.-\t'r..bli1li t-t witll" i tolls. prevents pneumonia 1
tit ip a ''' l.Lthe: wind. A!' 'I! 1M

' E Cutumafldanttollcr.. Intt-ly ,.! tli<.- I "Unflr to the switch'\ asked Company Advances Prices. tAL: FYti', Jt.Df\ QD t

I:,x'r tiruia- nut !I."ri tn N"t.! i 'I'.i.ut tv.-o mile amid a halt" New York Ort :.1.-The Xw Yo. i i... i(}=GOLA={ j" r II! 1

luring; the fmtlict.th Great nniainli !: "Will we reach it in time?" Steam ('omi.any.; which supplies\ stean
KXi'K'l 'in PPI.Y .\ Ml'Cll 1.\ .iKU I I.: ,
t :!) -
.? UaJ i w" it>'-winlioirts sli.ft uiitltfiLiu. t tj I "lujno. teat to over ;,mi ri st.!enet-s and Ijinl'i Grist and Corn Meal JflillsfS. .

j but U.("..T rtiviml a scratch. We were now on a straight' track and In...:,. and pnwt r and heat besides ti I liUt WIMKK: : Ill \N KVK': ; I IK1UK, 1

t I'rliuv \ .'-t"X.-iix.lotii! has jut rcfehctl !; could see the switch light at the little over 0 jn.. ..ffi("i -. and other buildings F. CCHZSLEZ 4 CO., Prop I.

at 1':1" s fr-.m the furMcaii station at the foot of the grade and the .
('Urn-I withdevators. t.as'anct'd! its pi"i : :ManutactcrtT' SEND US YOUR ORDERS NC W :
luittce whvr It moonlicht! gleaming; on the rails .
a a1! iniK.-Kal '
for hiatint: and |i'i-\ r IS pr cent 01 I .'Hoict1FALANIPI'ItI-GIOFN: ; ] !
the tI,'" "-" Thompson Olsen & C ')
bt'yufld."What's. ,
j limajiarte's appoiiituicut as fiifct II tronli" Home Industry tor there It -
roiiMil.Bradley. that standing on the track ?very reason yon should bay your MKI ..nr
t titer the top of the grade?" I asked. I.oslnc the >latfli. ito.k l"-ed trom the Horn- Manufacturer Manrcsti Street, Telephone 1 rV.
: Martin..Ir., who is at tor by so djlng you cr.rourngf home indai- .. .
Captain Iiulding-1'lnI cricketVhr.. -- -- -- - -- -
gut in I''iriha> s'.Id l hs; turce prN-1 Tim put his head away out of the > try. Your money 1.1-tuInthecommuut! ,
eat window and looked, When he took I tiuveu't tout-hid a but or ball ;slice 1 iodyonln tutu ,1.1. Indirr-ctly bcn<*9tHa
Mlen. lit KJIJS the numerous r(>( I wa at schoil.IlaroldRut. In fostTln the bora- mftnufHCturf yot
: bill" It in. his face was 1':0.: white as the oontrbut"totb.' cnust-o labor. You ,
added to hi- IIWU phemortal ow.
! l I'IIJ I II snow. lie said in a hoarse whisper: this morning nmmnia It to the community !n Yo blch joa live tzf
luck liaxo ('t..ot tl 1 his cntuunaau .
'"It iMi't standin' on the track. It'scomin was: telliiiJar:\ what a good catch hloa con' lb'1t. tn tour *act>o-t
for the horst-U,'' xvl.icle. -
i I I were:-rtinch.
for u, you
j One of tinoUlct <-i, in Cus-:
I \ Tsymen I i "Unat h'avenl: What dos it mean -' Plumber Gas and Steam Fitte :
t land i< nil c.irlthe xciit-ratile Earl of
,i! a train' -hnU.l, another in front?" A document relating to the snle of ,
t iVvtiii. He i*. CIne of the few uicmht,, !
I I|I "lIl' ones bound to smash ns up. land: dated l.VfJ: and !ijneil::: t i-\ Uuyi
c>f the !H>UM: > ..f Itinls xx ho xxa.t torn I lie- ,
I j There's no engine on either train. 1-11\\. >. was r..o..t1sold: in I ,,!.doll c-- y n f'iJ.5 oath F' ..hifox Street.
foreVah'rl.v l iH-caini' a nanie In history i
r They\'c caught us in tliii x.-.mped out for &dW.Friends. i AU! Kim-, "'a"1h!:lol 't.r! : 1; r F :'( Mat"riala K.- '
niid who has lined in tour ngiinejiJulfs i I! -- ------ : .. .
tJ country and give us the choice of beiu'crushtrl 4 .. ."nil!?: r "- .-' ... .f" ri t' ,
Maescnet! the f.-iiiio:: 1.'I't'II.-I1
t-1 .' j from behind or in front. on an airship voyage shouldnever )
I Ir
i is
I <\mipos-r. an niliu.-K'-tu- idi\vr of ,, "l>ut we may reath the switch in fall out-Chicago Xew.
patience and utlliiiith.it iiunx oi his :!i time to avoid both."

lie t ii!" I'lbn: him ..
nunto: xxliilcnir.iuoi "Whwver's done '
this job has been k '
I in tin- ;:aiuc. Like the late j' smart erti'ub! to lf>ck the srrttch soth.lt C.\\('J-H Cl KKD IJY I51XX l> IS VIM l *+*f-LZ-t*>A i v1JV *- ;. -.ofnoVaL.. .". \ eryIII'
t'liarl'-s i'"I:'h"1. Min! : s"IIt"' '- an in- Jl
no i-row'jar will open it. We'redune

veteransuukr ai.d pr.tees a pipe to ;I for." All Skin and I'.lixul riM>'..>a Cnrrt I -- '-. i \ i.K Y v ". -I. 1 "NI2IPOKTKH
the tii.tsi ci"irHit .
1 j Just then! above the rattle there was | Mr=. M. L. Ad AdiniFtHonia:
I a sound behind u* as if a hill bad top
I'.III' Mi-|". took Botanic Blood Balm whie' .
"Yrq," Faiu 11.1 ulol. plod over, antl. 1-Kikin: liackwnrd. we ( '' i YJ
': "tine momput'sdl'lJ3' :, fectually cured an eating cat .of T--

ti I nbtellyinbtelly saved the would be could ee tons of mud Iud stone pourIng the nose and face. Thenri' -alpd H ARDY/AHE ,
I suicide's l.fe." :, 0\ tor the rails. lu ab ut a luinututhere :

"_\nd what" a-kt-d Itauble "was the wa a crash aid the couiiiift up p..rf..ctlhllY uoctotIrui:

teas tn for the delay:" freight cars were piled in a heap at a.::VPH up her c.ii-e a# h.'ppl'1 iundred Iran N'ti-! Ax--. !"> >xi I i- .* iw :iliil.LJ .;!. tn !' '

"lie haft decided whether to take !; the LindslMe. The rain had looseued abank \ (Jl I-- ( tin.-. PI1t. "- ..u I F. i. MI/ It" "'
and had
shaken it off.
t':1rl.e; acid or buy au automobile. ; we -urt-. -urperatlnsellulg: !'. t. '..

? I :ilimoreNexxs.HIP_ "Any chance now at the switch?'' I have been cartd by Blood Ba. ,,. -AXD- 1 .\:;ate ami Tinware and Hou oraniisliiiiir: f li-o -

\\'.>r>.| Fenn.I ask-d ,] .\ -: other. MrB.. M. Oneri -r. "
"Not unless they have left one end Warrior; stand Ala. Her nor '..' Lf AliKNS:' FOB BIRMINGHAM; ( HOLLINO MILL < '"M : 'tIJ

-f MultitudearPinilnthopraise Kodol: : I mil M'k. 1 the i
new di-covery whichiuiakiiui I Tim reversed hl. engine as he spoke ; from the tatinjore.. \ Co.. Lfftm tit liaiid P".t\ (.'. ... J-inn-it. iinuf. i .
: ick people l.t well
and many and whistled down brakes. We came 1 Doctor advi-ed cutting, !-It it -.)! Iron Kin and I'.uck >'or". ,i-! 1 It 1IIj r'+-. ',\
we ik people -tronir by di;: -tiny to the anxiou- .u-ewlft: meats ti-. P.iw Hid.I.. .. J..tL..r :\1.- -
whit tt'e' bcle.inin | to a stop within a quarter of a mile: of f.tiKd. Blood Balm heal t! e (. uIt CI. : .
ItLia1 twe-teniiu: t'H.the: -toinach and by the In,turn. The train coming in front *ore*. and Mr- (taerney Ii'; ramie heating just n
!. tratiforuiintheir: fond into tt:.- da.!H-d past the station and began; tn i| al-o well *- ever. B. ttl ic Blond Uui count on gas every ttnie-civil s"Ine ,, Masonic Temple.) Ps'n Cnli1. F'irJ.Jri --

1 kind of pure rich red blood that rise, soon l..-ics: its speed and when cure# eczema Kchlng; h iors.t times. Why not ne :?aWe take _
cab? and-e51e*bone pain. -
t Era
lliakt- you feel food: all MrCranftlioT'rey : within a hundred fett of us we stopped
O\'l'r. ;pleasure in siiowin about
i i o: eu- ; 1. T.. write : 'Fura i it with a log we had put across the bunele* scrofula methods and
uuuibfr o! yearI I n-iiiirs H bumps i price knowing full W. B. WRIGHT COmPANY
b watroubled: i tr.ivk. Then we larded and tout; -kin
with iutlige-uou and pvsI nil the std all bloor iubleDrari -. well that we have really the betu..l r
w session of it. ;:i.t$1 Inr bottle. I
which jrrew into the I i II per : ( be h..lJ-t'1e
) f. to
wort > nearest
i :
rm. perfect
Finally I w.i iix'ucod i We found the switch locked and :>iin 'le of Botani: Bl-- !IrA fre I :1 MANfKAITT'REKS AMI JIH : f K v

and 'ifttr u-in? f ur battle to nip I Kod. I "p< ut hair an hour oi -img: and getting:; and prepaid by wntit,.. '''.jd BImi tion that hum iu ingenuity; has OP. ,

s i) tirf ly can -1. I ne-irtily rl'l"'I1I1l"lld am en- past it. JiM as we got on a speed up i i Co Atlanta: Ga. D-?* -e trouble vised. Call: write, telephonequickanwcr t -_. LUMBER LATHS.

1 litd'1 to all -111ft-r* from indi; t"oa I tie! ride: fa>ter than a horse could go I iindpecial medical e tent ; : -It!-er way.Feosacola ,

I'i and dypwj.i.; Take ad's P after a l'ClDlpttlor Confederate cavalry (l-ealed: leti r. It Ii cr .y wor' I i i .

4; meal: it dL'e-t: wbit you eat. I dashed into the station. able while mve -igatiu loud? su reniarl! Gas (Co. ; I ; -i i1 SlfEOCIPEESSSEISGlES-IiiM-; : .
remedy as 1m car *
iii 1largl! 1'hdrtnscy.. John Siepard, ,I Some one had bluadored.TIIOMAS tt e most awful, wortd mt '
idtJfY Hahn.f1 ELL13. -..- =' PEN ACOLA. FLA
DDAXE -- -
deep-geared blood dfs' I --
j 25 and 27 E. Garden St.. Pensaccla, Fla.


i'P '



LI _

; : j

Yi f! ..,; -- I Becoming Colors. r- w unit II IiLd hull. 'I 1 II

'fI J' The red haired woman looks her bestin "Olf.:' s.j! < K ; ',)"slelnlJ. chatting SoTired 1'

browns shading Into the tones of i i iier i vpoii th>. s.i: : j. t-t or *} "tt and wullaui L I
.. ... ... I
: haIr or rich dark preens. Much j jii i ".' .1 I: ii ... ii i..r to 1'..-inch. utii.rUs :
f.l :,..1' t'.d. !L..it'. .. It may be from overwork, bat .
oheJ medicine in thee 11I'1'l'nlt| of (course on the complexion: < ': vii":: i':: -.i".11 ') -
E'; O I Hint! i-yis "but with a white or pink and ,. ,'.. '. I It ,4i\t& .:.iih.. tr Cistr.ut tin the chances are Its from an in* I I '

( : ""IiitskIn! f&peciiillj if the eyes be'rto I\i 1-111.1 ami tL'I! .* oct< ..s un nntidote to I I active nvcn._-_ I !

ti = fI or black. exquisite! results can I'i 01.iif: tin \\ ,1rsl %tot e. tniuoti:'!'t ofii
: d ; for !h H? obtained! with n little care. I "ti I iii hint i.tl ..i!:w"tsnutu> I l.;.'. tile With a well conducted LIVER i 'I' 1 !

: Jr excusvey women The yellow haired lassie can wear I i !..tl,lt of it'tnisiK'ciion! or sklf *Lndly- i one can do mountains of labor : I '
: ols." It i without fatigue. i f !"'
!til, The previis. too. are dt-HgLttnl; 0111!I: : wt- ti-niiis. bt contluufs.niihli .1 !

,. I ivr !1\1': a Iso ti-rUra tlit.'s>> and! Hacks i iU r.i.iik.-I the birth uf the new : It adds: & hundred percent ,'
G "r'ade so acniaj hiu is less ; m. nbc-li lie hits \irj aptly' termed l d /
r i many becoming I but tLc must i ones earning capacity.
I' 1 I.rlliant: in complexion or ole tuo!>t j,, "thitni of luulth nforui, and when I i : i iI

.. j"l'i.itt! as to tints to war grays and i U-ini dii-d a u.itunil death It did so I It can be kept in healthful action i .

aiid iii "'!II'S to advantage: I'.lue-;. particularly I i luinli! in order to makeaj' for the : by, and only by i "!
atta ned such (ftlll: more invIgorating: I b violent I
j ires jet ;s I
: an .
; 'L.! le :1O.1l'ILlul' are best adaptj j' I f I
,i .", !hrulpttt's.> I Ii foini of exercise kuun-n as jrolf At I ;;
maiij' of t'.io clubs Wonion urv tllpMo '
..i- ouiun %\ hose Lair is dull
a | .
fur m -m} rship. while at n-nilj Ill r

I ,i Oi5110l sa as has !I i.nau,,i. I rilliancy;} wIio-e may complexion s>tMle, \ and most eyes atj j i, tliost* oiK-ii; only to njeu tvom-n: ..ie allowed iTiiff's PIDlls'1

to 111:13on th> club links on ivrtain -
n' tivibut I 4ie should avoid bnjrht i t
d.iTbi< result is that tinj- :
in' il '.,&- inKlitterin.! ; hats. Dull lrown8. !'llIul,; upon th.m! ..lItlliIt girls nnd : I.E.I ; ;:' i ,

'1"11.. yellowish nor reddish should be ( 'tJUllgtII "-and old women, ti.o. tar TAKE! no S'JDSTITUTE.t j i'' ; .
'. '. ..4.I: Avoid the satin straws. Take! :j .. :
SB > ( that "
wJTKK5srS* matter-wlio a couple of lUc.ulisi :t J -T- ; '
,.1'S dull! finished. With this color of j j'MI i ago wi'tild hn\"(. lit on c..mi>elled to If ; wish tlie rerybest :. I i I 1 ::1
tain : f
shades of dull sub-i
pink or ,
Fpcnd tinu' Ur part of their lives in
.. -llow can t>e use.l. With a dull I i| duiliu i ice cl'elLm'eee1' at thevery: J I
and JUnction
ciinip.tr.it\f s
'..:; t-ly couip'exion! ns well as dull now :'Inu'esb trice the Willis J Ii .
I ltttltilt.- rcK'iIioutdoor:! exercise f )

4 : & ,iid, hair the problem is indeed !I ,or ;.1 ort Ill.;- \111'111:1,1\ to their fticI \\IIardwart ()fJ. can. please )1'I f J J110ll

"" I"tIT i I stitutii.u ph> --i\.dl.\ iit.il!, lifin;; thus l ,.
\ I & 1 it s i db' ot 1'1..11 of>!'or u-i.l i I lr''''ihmt into cuiiuti r wit'i!! pU'iity ..t 'J ,. ;; .'' .,
i'i i r' -i' 'i \. ,::1 I iiiii''it: ii ,'I'rhllU'I" tlf.r h: fellow I I.l'ill i igs.' I'itbi' t!tong) his unCII'IM I __---._ .- tt

,, ;i I" : 'I'M, i 1.:1: t eot':1" m the I!i .'nHis|> drift I i"to u ii'sti! i-ii.iuii'-ls [ :: .

.;.r'L 4.1'i. '..i:-t c\j I 1, .i.t i : a..ii: tli i', Ir'M> u\;.n. at my rote for PAfiy.tR'G: i I" t ti

'i ,, !r I::Ii I'll: I I.,Itl!.', I' i -< :.1.1i a t1.t: niii; i.'.,-':lnt n-oull-xtKin of d,,- I '- HAR! BALSAM t't'I I II
: rr3' : .S 'I"I'h.: .', C1'xiiM-j ti-U f.>-4 i ft ue hfti&rs I I I
La i1 -.1..4VV hat Ilii-tlO troli.-i.s; .:nt I ILilliTnlIll'S. I __- e-..,.. 1 a ......., 1 growth.er .
4 I v! .' I ; i i. :,''t..h. i i.Hk! 'het of with wtiiili till \\ oil.eil iiii' ..t tiuasumr .I I i.,1... 10 .J{. tor Gray 'j'N f

., ,'- t,.i'i.-4''II'!' i.' > .' .i ii .\ 'n-_ beautifying in *' ur li'siitMj; _',_ ]I'--_ .s:4: ; U.A..',r. .'.i,.,ii t.,_,, ,.You"",'II" A'I.r.t.tul" .'." Color.lalla>.. I!!f ,f. f tI II' ;' -

Earthquake! Causes Panic. I II
g -- 'T
1.011.1011. 'ti -A iii-. latca from
it (In- t.irln I. College. I I !
lii' t.ei, niii ii! itaiirr will lived nor Hon.i I.iay :\II""H; s that a MDlrat! WKUKL-V: HCIIKUULR I ,

w : iiiii"tu, i lo [.: .HI- ill'it 1:0'' a n.i! \\"0I ,,.:I tlhliU,1: : f''': last i::-it! at Tini ':', :, ; ". [ It

'i I i i ,.K' still uuilKU 1 1" the eighteenth ',
.". n.ilearning.: ; M.uij retonus in ::..tunirsfi: [ : 'Ki'n and tt,',; PEK3COLA ('TUl(; am1HNli .i : i

''j ib i I. \ .n'I ill sanitation in >-()cial affair, !: ti> .in" D 1\1'\ .\ rin.iiti: 01 houj :I I ll.UACOMl'A.NT.. 11 y.. I'I'I

i .' 1 linked fur this "isoti.: How lIly I \1'1" ':;111\:;,'<1. LlUt th: \ i' WA-l no I lltB
Trivial Ixare IVn-HOoU far ibe LlttUB I
1111.1 t i i I most of them are to deal wit ii !' 01 .:1-. roa, Big ll.tyou, vV nrrlugtoii, h Tj Yard I.P 1
till," tituS of food, of buildings, of ud- !' Ind Fort }harriuc at .
j ;
t iin'n-ti-itioii;!, tlio record: of many uniii i :31la.m.arr"fat tort Karrancai fI'.m
1fill exjiennient! :-110\\'. It i ia not 6 4 I I 10:01) a.m.arrive Fort harrancsa lO.Uk.vl.oop.m.arrlroar t I' ;
I \1""i'.HIM; they are ttonivn, but UIMUSUthiv I,, Fort FarrMneai l.Optn I
I S.ttOp. m. arrl'" at tort Harranoai 1:16: p i.
t17j 1m\'j! not the largll', \vidt r, fuudauniit.il ,. *:15 p. m. arrive at Kurt M&rrsne&s l.Odp DC ', ; ;
: ; j Tfria signatnra 11 en lvt of the
kLLiri !: l.nOh'tle: of "tbitifrs and! what every Rnmi'leI 'ap.m.arrtvst Fort Ksrraaon 8:tfip.s I t i
I ; Trains leave ton Itrr&ncj for
-I iixath-e BromoQuinne! Tbfrts' Feoia- .! ,
'.tn l Ioe> done with them"bub ( H'ryIl'r"ou. I coli It ,
the rtuedy that cnred a icM ia one dttjr.We I I I
[ wan or woman, should considerit i :
.. .. '
1.1: am. nrrlvf at Hensacols :.00 it I J !
\his or her biithright to possess In will launder your spreads tot 11:0) p m. arrive at l.e08100Ia..I1:411 p.,, :
this :ije. llathcr: send\ the wideawake, 15 cent, each and mctke tnem lool i .':IJIJ p. m arrive at Peneacola...._ 25:; lI.m i \ .
__ I 5iH) p m arrive at IVnbftCOla ........ 6.411 1111I I :
"al'allJirl to college\ w here she like i iw star r.auudry. I ..
may 1:00) p. m. arrive at Feneaoola .._. t.tSp, I
leiiin to UM her boily us well as her i I 'S.iSp. m. rr1veeI fentaoola__ ; /V. f ,'I''I'I 1
'S tnrQiky a only J
vi iiii Hk niiiul; whtie she may It-am what ; "" "' .... Ji .
makes a nation great and poueifttl tu- | FARIt'O&WJ&KDAf8.: I : !

dn\', as well as what made llmnu theinMifxs l'illUC.1la to Fort Karrancas and return tel ; I
: IVn'acoIa to N .VT 1 ard and return. I5Pttmaeola J !
of the world wlitr she If You Have
: : ; ui.tyCIIi
kVhA I to Palmetto Keacb and reicrn Ul I J.. 1
Mi'no! little insight into the" Oil' f
I't f
ST-iDAT scninunt.
\ I..d..l\ .. unity of the known unuuse, 111 firur ifriiVt T i i I ..
hn: wvioj p"rr.nltll the running a f
;.IIMII' the inSnltelj s-mall atom < tinn '-.1 coachf*, 1

'to I lie infinitely distant ttai".--\\o. Rheumatism Luvt t'bnIi3Ot Lv fort Btrrmtn !I t; t
Home !&. C. lat.cu .
ma. Companion.
11 *. mI 1! m. f '
: p. m. 5p.m.p.zx1 f. ."
: Let lie r aS.>' Itomp. tl gri'at tc ', I tortrtnl 8 p.m.
ID: ra d
URICf\DL p.m.
i ilf.rni'l
A healthy child travels ititles in a 4.m p 11:. I
irnetly \ctL i '.ie
da\ -1'\I."j; cars with the olniis: in the \ iuiiiotl! "t :.. I p, m f tJl. f I j jF
1J1are than a women ii h n'iloom! playing conduiU.i.h log I. uililer il-seaaet caui J by an f K *s : ', aiia It uc.-er fsi;'. aid uilds up Fla'(1I1D.tY J I
: tiiktts.. riding his broonistuk horse_ e t t.*>alth r nt strprgTM "tiih.. ui'ni{ itF. tt,ni .co!. to art herrinoas Ncrr .
i lIe will look at pictures or Iisk. but # lid stamp fur bik .f rnnderml w rtilioates Irrfl IId r torn.__.____._ 04 ;
Price. f 1 per Imttle For fnlt feoikcoik! o fKiitietto V*.j& arel i I I Ir
!1 been restored to healthby nil t'.j' while he is squlnning. rolling or : >\' ,IrupRi'-ts. It your dru>,((ltt can nut tarn_________ lit .: li
j y ave I I. I li-kiiitf. He must not be iwtraiiitil. supply receipt! j'ja oll'nc.it will:. AdJre'bUrlcsol I* *Et iirii'di'l upon i No freight HiTiditrert.lSp. m : .

< .IM- him plenty of room and fl"I..IU

t ,1 1' nii.\i tin-lit.. Thus lie will IIMt! : his Chenic: 1 Co. Los An&elesCal! .

i t" Merit! alone can !makesLch .i, .>'iil I .11,1! thrt\e itS a child should I. If twth',. A The Beer li' :' I

ij ii- i- !1"'I't !still then bitrln -iih l "-IMINHe "

11,11.-1 not fee! that he l N hwq".i L. N. Efuiiz! & Cr., ew Drlean : LL4 "! 'I "I !

: : luii-t know. lmuevt.mthat v.intout_ That Madej ;
a record. Wise therubstitute. Distributing Agenls. are p? ,.> 1 h tnoriIy.: rell kto'enll''' li.to tun ;

'\ ,Iii! hit i or to put a brake: on \\h< n ...

...hl.-\I.j,. The child is to l h i 1'111.0.11ii l NN !! FAMVICTORIA

ij NOrnel1 who ,,, \.vi ; accept no v. '. has nut t'!.? strong. aria ot .I'H.i: "i'
l\ to Upiill' .
6 ,
-- _
i 10.;

; :\ r rL ri: : TII.!i <'.'I'I 'lluDii.inn' ". !' II.. tin. !1.Ia1.lv._ lonl:1:! 1.1'.1.i HARPER L I I

\ti\v. ; '|1'1|, 111.1: wi i-L j I Ii I i iI i

t,. .. ''-- P0 I v ,ii :a i I:1: 1... .',:( I i ."" tti. u ; i 1:1:i iI MM,iii-> : in Aoinminwixoco.Ill ; n
'r '
'''' '
i ... \.. ':'f '-f:' t j.1f2 "- "r; j .f ;I !!!..!"'. .,,1 .Hilt I lip' :nte.: : 1:1: 'i 1 M a 1 MrnnT f- ,:. .. r I
-- '- si 100KNT BOTIIiBtJH: : J .
4. ,'
.1 [HI e 11 ; i p. i'll i I.< t 't I"--t i SDANNHEI8SER 1
YV fllJi r.h IN IONS '
-- - -- --- ---- J ,
:'in :" i !I.< :,:' :1 YI'I 1 i 11.:'i I. .m ii n all!: a | ui < .' ,'

: ; I UK rittlr.i 1 '1 IK- r..i<.U.-t shop.Tit Tata! Rear End Collision. ttf 1'1.! inn.s 01 n' .: ::1 i i,MI n'leii.! I .i it 'rt' ( BROS.

t ..inii'ttir! TI';.Hi on. I l.'ll.. I Illiktt -J"\I\ Is; Plltl tO Washington.: 013 i .\ ir.irnd coli :I a lI..ii i _\ i,'iM'.iu! : w tth!! i n':: n 01,. 01 1 1'I.i 1.;'., 'i" : I
-.1\! ,'.i! in .t 'Iua rt ijfI lli'etiiui'' ,It.dlu < 'hit .liTti \\ 111'11 le;:itin ,i, lI>,io\ lietw.,ii] n\i> fici!'!ht trams; on 1! \\ l ;>' .t t t- ">::1 i .1 i t.I1.Io. < :::11:i
I : lll" "I. I r. !!I!>keS a ..iii, In'.>kt I. n 111:111 nut halllh' a.i or ;i|, the t'h ilade I lp1J8.'ihuin! I I lnu and Baltimore i.y r..I|'! ,"'_ \\ 'ri! kqi-i-i.. 1. '-" ,"'I .> '..II'......._ I 1. f HzrperM U3y. I 0' I

ii t> :.. "I, liur. 11'1' 1..1" I lt'>- thin r>iNUi' liu'..:li.,N. iiiul a' idilwaan l the other on the ;, '::1' ', t t- 'Mi-sin, il!, ,,1'. rub Ltit\! '! mill! AScientificafly(>: !)' ..f'J' ;" .. mi U.",I-..-4ol I :S. I'alafox street. :! : I )
!.it "f I'l.ii'i s ', li.r wli'Me men of : [ vI 1.1"1 oil aiai } J'1; ,- .
\ hpi up 'al'i..r \ 'la i I
; Ru '
"i. :1 ii! : i I.n i'a ii.ill ', hmon !L Fredr : K !k>burs and P< t>v j i '. '' ,/ iIJt K I Ii Kx ( .
,. I f.I"I.ttle ..ii.ill i:i :t'ii- n.iiMpi: "t'iil.ite omirretl this! ?
mac railwa\ morning P, o, H..XJM 1 1. IVnsacola Fla. I ,
i:.I. i:I ii'-, I 11,1.I tl.n;." .ll'ital. a"! -in:ill :ia .I..llal'. ;unllli I;i on tu out=kirt! & of the < ity resulting : and In !H> not to let the puwili: \ f\ .tdry.l.oiics \ > 1'I"UH IlIi-f! :8. i i; t f'I j
--< .I'cl"\llal..Iwelt", >.p >kt'II "t C"lit i Ii me Jouiiul.! f
i il I tut u'I in the d It ath of Fireman Y S. Keys and 1 I IPROFESSIONAL
.... '. Iiiyiii.z aiid sell ins -J";! ., ---_ --- ,
threer iittiiiu-11 us ; !; i .
: ,
i r i Dnginrer J. S. i'uriImiConstab'e "-'. : ; 0. ,,. ; P h 1.1';
what hi' the l.mktt tllll The tt'l'm CARD J .
----- i I To .\( OMMoDATB thop whit: 'IFPi
\\'.i-; t-.n'lItu.tlI'! ii|>;"il.ed to all "lirukt-r I Inire __u --_ ___ .
.. I Shot to Death. partial to the u.e of !atomizer- tpplying II
.alll.. i'i Minkami, ;:raill'hl'u than'It the I' Rirmingham.! : Ala.. ()( t. 3.-I* F. HoT. liquid-into. the m-.il I pi-' Distilled, W. C. ROWE, M. 67Othie. I
-' iid nike .>rilitill a !lII'tll1'l. It ..II inviie smaller > : tl,e lannU ':.:n mute .It.ah'rs t>r brokers w nlil I Ii | Jinvql1l't. a 'o\lalll'; was shot an I i I, prietor- -p ire Cream Balm. 1'ricf, Naturally Aged : 1'0 S. I'alaf.n. fit_
-" -' ': h'le: it is i bi tulle and more purl ul.irlj to places instantly killed last night by William including: -praying: tube i i.. 7';:>ct-. Ho irsfr un to l.41 5. ni. sad I to8p.m ii ,J ,

.' \'. In '! ni' the cast I luiv there were r'ally! no legitimatetuiisiirtmils A. Murphy a molder in the Decatur !' lrugits; or by null. The liquid Absolutely Pure. and aTt. r To lock AI1iciia "j

". t r..r .1 i d.lIlIllh'D!, : I but where the proprietor car wheel works. The shooting iwrurred embodies the medicinal propertiesof GG. i. J S '
'", v:'.. '. the "tituei and eustonn simply htt1 the market in a saloon on Avenue F. an'll the ;solid preparuti'Ui. Cream I>\HllSj.ltlM for ill I'ten ; H. '
the result of a dispute thti : Halm quickly absorbed by the Foor hilt. t 1 llai .U.tt.!! ill'.111. It', t hI' pn.pnttor a Hllowin the customer was over byDannheisser I "
il'i!. .1\\.1. It will to take either\ end of the bet to right of the constable to search a'' membrane and does not dry up the 1 ReI'rigerators-IVehae\ a ,

-' .ml :,;'I.Il'ation: (itII..hln uH'It-ration if tommi-nlon, which i man for a pistol. secretions natural and but healthy changes charactf-r.them to Ely a : Bros. : few left, which we will sell : ; ; I. :

Ilu realiti \is his in-rieiitage in the panie.Mrn Urothers, OQ Warren! ; ., :\. Y. I I at cost e1farstoii5'jajfla.r' j ; .i !
To Paint Roosevelt's PortraitXew : i I I I

:.: 1..1.1. I mill vHltitF York. Ovt 3.-It is announced -- ---- ___ l! :

i ".efl.t'iit washing; "The ChIna- that John S Sargent the famous ,' .
A: rei-ent writer says: i>or- :; -WE WILL-
1 I f! .- inipe. Have when trait paintt in England- will
man l-nds to the very ground now sal ,
.\"ii till"- ounce each be salutes; the Hu-:.ilill. farther west late in the autumn to fill his engage. j

.0 .-1' taitar. Di;- takes oft his hat and scraps with it meat to Jaint a portrait of President! (: CLOSE OUT OUR STOCK OF SUMMER I GOODS : :
'"t.i-b In a gallon '!
i his very path: in 1'rus-ian iomiigsI.trg.always ; Koose\elt.: His coming! Visit, Ute first' .
,\,11 1 one tablespooniN farther weht. the pjsrsby salute In a i long peno.1 has aroosed much!
...: and rub! the I each oilier by taking off their hatsor interest in art circles. at and Below Cost to Make Room for Our Immense Stock of J :

fl :' i \ e been boiled. ipHtry l low; in Hfiliu the head *
--*Fall Goods I
covering i Is raised but httle; In Tans *-- III1
1, "it... Ilnnsrr i-ttll lei-s In London not at all or with rt1\: are of 01/1111I11'0, for Cat.irrli hat I

ii .iii-'tis are now so a differem The American !keeps his I Com.im >lert'ur>'. 2S doz Men's L'luudriejimB! 63 pair LadieSpring Heel h1mn. i Get your boys ready for !'chool.'i "II j jVe

I i.i'iw a feature Lat on iuimouiMy nnd uexer b* uds. mercury will surely de-troy the regular $I, to close at ';5e. regular $1 l goods, to close quick at We carry a full line of ISoys'Huits. I ,

.y \\ ., i idrohe.\ The but all civilized nations (If courl' take !'en-e of -mell amid coiHpltfly ilerunef 27 doz Men's Colored Laundmd pair. 5.S Hoys' Huit, regular price, |1.00, I [

\:: \\ tli strips (It off their hats to the ladles." 'I' tne w holeytem w hen c-nter- I shirts, regular 75c; to close at 65c. 83 pair ladies' Low Cut Slipper, to clo=e at 7ic feuit. t ''I
f'L > |110\\ tll'r or some 67 Boy Wool Huit, regular t 1
lug; : it through; the mucou !surface-. I regularfi.25goods, to close at $103 price
.* lie used in the lini A IlfBlhen'. Mru. Such article* *liouKI never bf U"Nt l 57 dozIen' j Colored Laundned $l.W and |1.75.; to close at $1.15) suit.! ;.
i 1.1 i "I ( the Shirts, regular oOc good.. to cloe at pair. I 120 Hoys' All-Wool Hulls regular \jaii
ragLiiiee; to t I
A rhinanian who acted as "ecr&tarytO except on prescription from : f
I reputable 3oc; these goods should 21 CS Men's Low .-;hoe to 3.00
I phy-ician, .1the dauinze ; go in pair Cut *, regular price $2.00 $ to close at $1.50 ,
[ former Chinese minister to LIJjt'; they !i
a willc'oisteu fold the : hours. |1.50 goods, to close, at $1.20 and $2.00 suit. i
I land has published book in which Le to good ;you 20 doz Men'* French XeckBalbri- We carry the largest line of : I'.1'
Boys'Panta -
i .n"'nls is authority for can po--ibly derive from tlu-in. I IHall' pair.We !
says: I Undershirts at 20c regular 2c; carried by any house in the r i
gan ,
i that! an ormolu lOCk I ; Cure, manufactured carry the largest line of Hoys'Shoes t' .
whch! American
There is nothing an city.
'.1! by F. J.Cheney& Co., Toledo, O., j goods.: of any houe in l'en3cola. ; t
.it home
ty applying won't say: there Is nothing which contain* no mercury, and i U taken> 30 doz Men's French Neck Balbriran ?. Bring your !boys to u?, we can fit All of our Ladies': and Misses' I' ) f
Mi .1 thin paste uiadj i won't eat, there is drop-stitched 2c.; hose, to close at20c.pair. ,J
. ', an KnsllsLuiau internally acting directly! upon the : Undershirts, at 30c, regular 15c, them in any size. tI ;
i whiting mixed.! I nothing un Italian wou't fcing there Is blood and mucous surface of thi |; sold by others at 50c. We have received a full line ,r
i just 1//)) doz Mlgses' full seamless hose
I no measure to which a Frenchman 5 "tf.'m. In buying; Hall's Catarrh' All our dollar line of underwear to of Linen and Duck bkirt We will to close at 60c doz 4 for q
"', will find the soap bill ; won't dance and there la nothing UUiI Cure be sure you pet the genuine. }i close at 75 cents. close at EOc for your choice. Home 75 doz Men's Heamleaa pair half 25c.hose f' It J
.I' i>th laundry and toilet sans! wont co\ et" It i-taken internally and is made in of them are worth fl.5o.
I Toledo Ohio 'i 72 Pair Ladies' Ppnn? Heel Low regular lOc goods\ to close at 5c pair.
F. J.
.. :::Itt in tiuantity! and ktrt I Adeqoafe' Nappi. Te-timomaK:, free.by Cheney & Co. Cut Slippers, 212 to 7, regular $1 We carry a full line of Fkirts. F We have just received a full line i Ii .
.'ers for weeks at a tune., I i goods to close at70c pair. Look at our window diaplay. 1 of Ladie Kid Gloves all shades.
I "Henr
That takes a good deal of w 111 power." per bottle. i,
',' .!I''n Mot should be hung i I I "Ytb. Ills wife has It.-ruck. Hall's Family Pills are the best. I I Remember, we must have Room and if Prices will Sell Them, we w'U have Room !
I. 1 not left standing. ------- I

: I I' Foley's Honey and Tar cure Buy a new garden hose : F. E. BR WNER'S I I41O3

'_ : 1 08: by clapping ttem beL11 ,j, coughs; and colds and prevents pnecmouu. from the Yillis Hardware ,

.;}Js Injures them. ,'... : Take no sab .h AleiEberte. 121: S. Palafox. Company. : SOUTII PALAFOX 8TREET.SgaTHE

I ./ .1111

L11 i

i '




I CENTRAL I i i SHIPMENT OF I Over 50 years ago. Doctors took right UXPARALLED- f\ -

.' -- ..tE.tered hold of it. Keep their hold yet. The


at the Poet Office at PeneacolaU ; oldest best Sarsaparilla
/ .. iecond-clasi matter Ayer's. LeweUlbM.MORMON 1
i i

OITICE :-Fitfi Building !llJi South I' oe
-- --

During August E1 1- \

VACATE TOWN WELL PLAYED the death: claim paid: ii t.
Term: Invariably in Advance- !states and Canada
t Oat Year by Mall n. ". ...n' ... ... .._._..15 00 Good news from a reliable source \I The recent combine of naval stores ble Life Assurance by ;

BUMonth w .... ... n .. .. ... :2Su is contained in the following dispatch interests in Jacksonville, of which -- N w

b Oat Week by Carrier Payable Monday lu from Montgomery : the Gulf Naval Stores Co. and the Yesterday: afternoon two Mormon "Human Heart was the title of paid proof.within one day af:- :

TELEPHONE NO. 118. The Central of Georgia Railway I the West Coast Naval: Stores Co. of elders:: arrived here for the purposeof the beautiful play which was well I ,
I And during
I no
has again begun work on the extension this city are members, will result in preaching their doctrine and began presented at the opera house latnight. tut'
I i-ar the '
> IKT enl I
Advertising Rates Furnished on Application of its Columbia and Dothan their before had I'. -
"duty" they
increasing the naval stores ship- of "Tom Logan llcIu\\ tit; ',,.
branch toward Pecsacola. For a I Icon I
walked block from the union
from Pensacola. a ," the leading figure faultlessly II
ments was -
pie of years the road has been j I This excel the .- ,
halted at Bellersville, in Coffee county -I i One of the best stretches of turpentine : 'depot Under the supposition of taken by E. Sullivan, who !! great record. It ha- l

1:1 \ 'I Alabama, just north of a junctionwith I producing tracts in the south is i 'inquiring for a room for several is an actor of ability and puts i been approached by al ;.

ft.11 the Geneva branch of the Louisville between Pensacola and Tallahassee ;:j'; weeks they are said to have goneto his whole soul into portray-I j I pany.

4'I'' PEJSAOOLA, OCT 4, 1902 i and Nashville. The contracts said a naval store dealer last evening a certain home and began' ing the character. Other charac-i I "stronjjeM in the \\ i
I now out call for its completion to ,
and certain it was, be thought, 'to unfold their :story of elysian religion ters in the play were ably represented :THE EQUITABLE i.1!. -
i I Floralla, in the extreme edge ol I II I <
4r :'t. THE people in New Orleans have a I Covington county, on the Florida I i that the product from this section and almost persuading a con- among which were "Jem I AXCESOCiriOF I '.

a" chance to strike-out and walk. Lumber Com i'i i vert. As soon as a male member of THE l xm.;' .
i line. The Michigan .: will be hipped entirely from Pensa-i :Mason the tramp, by Bert Hart ,)
---- -
Is ot'KS a union depot since theLouisville ;i pany'e,I Loggia; road connects Flor- !\i i cola. A portion of the country from 'the family came home they left, and I and Mores Jones," the faithful old

and Nashville merger'? J'\ ails with Peusacola: and will give i i here to Flomaton is also valued as a 'left huriedly. Later they are saidto I negro, by Alfred Hilton. i 1 KMHVLESGeneral llBo,
.--- -- I I the Central in this way the long- I
TH REE strikes and out"' is uot | >desired outlet to the gulf. Floralla ,I jt good section fur turpentine, and ?.tI :\- have received messages which I The audience was comparatively \jj. n'-'

g always the case, as Pennsylvania i t i is the headquarters of the lumber''enl stills are always in operation 'caused them to cut short their intended small. 309 r3. Palafox St.. 1 rOut .

Alabama and New Orleans can :: i concern one of the largest;: in the !! !obis; product is also sent out from :stay of a few weeks to a few I '

testify. : South owning 200,000 acres of land, i I i' Pensac IJ.. hours, for they left for more con- When you wake up with a bad nf IVatr. I -
i -- -- : ta te in mouth at to
and the i i- that one of thoeflourishing your go once a
prospect and ..
genial approachable atmospheric 'T'hen death ,
THE next time Deverv exerci-es The recent of the Atlantic i
: towns will -priu up i merger drug store and get a free sample of
bit money in a political campaign torte which have followed railroad: : Coast Line and the L. & N. will, in'the surroundings last: night at Chamberlain's Htotnach and Liver from a severe ;',,:i.
H Le will tin a and pull down 11:05 o'clock. : Tablets. One trouble that I had -:?"
rut gag building in Southeast Alabama. It' opiuion of local dealers, :greatly or two doses will "
the blind-. --- years. writes P. MuC. -
; make well. They also cure bil-
i* located on a large clear water aid the Florida busfurand this I you
:Mrs.: Bowers invites the public to tou-ness;, dick headache and cintipation. ? "Dr. Kind's New I- _
tk WE have w wondered where Uncle ', lake.and an attempt was made in' port and Fernandma will be the ,call and see her di-play of pattern I All: drue'sfi-t; and nudieine my life aud gave n.- ; .

Mark was ever since he made that vain to exploit it by u laud company i, principal exporting points. nllt sue ha a well selected stock dealers.: He-t ;..illot, earth! :

' speech at Chautanqua, and now we ten years ajro. \\'. .
rt bought; in New York Baltimore and A. D'AlembtrtEVERYBODY .
A :Mobile utvalstorei man in town IH'DWKISEKLOOKOUT
It has been generally sappostd:
know he has been playing. poker. St. Loui-. .. I'iutl; )',tl..r<'xr" ..!
--- --- -
---- that the Central would ultimately: lately is said to have remarked, I
Y -- - -
IF 1Jeces try I1t'llry'aIIHlon go t<> I'eusacola by an extension of i! when witnessing the loading: of the It m'IJ\\'EI; :II. : -
can be depended upon to mike it'': -\ndalu-i.1brallch.. which i i" aNo'111 '' -- LOOKS
4 Sanna. that this .
warm fur the "';0.)1)+ this w tutor, but'': t'ttt4till; that direction. As the steamship port '
should be the natural exit of all FORl! '" -
who will be d-1 enough to help Dothan branch has: been selected as | such FOR DREGGORS

I the rest of. us. _. : tne joute to the Florida port, the shipments, as the barrels: could be return from Pen,aeoh, on account -
r - -- of the G. A. I:.. ..lit.1 .70! : to New --
THE administration must coniderthe presumption now is that the Central taken directly from the cars by der- Here it 1Call "
{ will utilize the Audaluria branch to ; and York and return. $23.711. I Hadgiu- 'ar and tobacco f tC- Creary. They are J -,:..
in the
revolt of the Iowa republicans jrick placed ship without
Thee rate apply over the Seaboard work that be
can tunl l
?nun to Mobile. At any rate, there tory had secured the services Mr.
s4 b a specie of the basest" ingratitude, the slightest trouble. Air Line Railway in conneCtion prepared to do our ki- ,
i con-idt-rini? that the secretary of the isadi-tiucl revival of railroad exi J. L. Drcjfgors South! Florida au They put on India rul-b-1 t
i It i is stated that photographs;; of with the L. S N., through; River '
' !i i 1 tension" in the lumber returns;: south experienced who will be- bet on the market on -
F navy, the secretary of agriculture, char man. ,
of Montgomery. Al i. dock facilities will be or have been Junction, Jacksonville and Wcb- as they have a full In.
r .( the secretary of the treasury" theepeaker -- j I moud.i "i gin eptpnibr :29 systematic canvass tires in stock.
; made, and will be di-tributed among I of the for orders for
; the
of the house and heads of city
A iji'icul Smith African frurP. I| i The through train from Pensaeo- Does your buggy net >,1 l

departments great. and small are all O. II. Larson of Hay Villa Sunday |j s hi'rera a bid for the trade by way'' la I is; scheduled to connect at Jacksonville I product of the factory"Hud;;ius' ill;?'.' They can make it .

from Iowa. River, Cape Colony, conducts of Pensacola. Some of these photographs : ( with the Seaboard Fast I 5-Cent" cigar and "Ili? Pensacola" they Their have prices too, are re!i-
-- -- : ample capsia : ;
of South Africa smoking tobicco. Dealer, '
-tore typical at are requested -
p i : Ix view of \"i.\lt'llquterfert'l.cl:' ,, which can be purcha-td anything : were made at .i time when, :a'1: Mail, carrying: through sleepers and ]j first-eliss: carriage t h'-.
'' toinvestiiratp quality, term,
1 and uppo-ition in the love atlairof from the proverbial 'needle to an hart time ago. i,=UO barrels of rosin vertibuled day coaches, Jackson-1,j etc.. and to favor him with their call repainu on them.bUiIDt::;". 11
''t her children the action of Queen :! anchor." This -tore H situated: in a 1 jville: to Washington, and through: i I or- Scales
j were piled on the Commandancia'wharf ders. : repaired.
|'valley nine miles from the nearest
: Jacksonville
sleeper? to York.
e .
Maria Christina if in I HHII/.EI
true marrying -- -- -- &ii I.
j railway station and about twentyfive be three I
ready on ,
oa 25.-1; l v .\rnei it-a'b F'aiuoiiItcautiet.. 15 Est li.iM I
her master of horse, "seems incn- mile- from the nearet town '
teut.'he: i is, however a woman :)Ir. Larson says : 1 am favoml veselthere loading at the time, all BrD\VEI-KJt L<>,.k witn horror on akin Eruption. Phone 57.MEAT .

and l.tliethHe is a cosisi-tmcy" with the ('u"tnlli of farmers with i. of which was show in the photo Ill'ltrh.5, 8"re-. PiMiples. They don'tfvthem
a radiu-01 tl.irtmilt'-. to many; of will who'1I
I nor nue
a tbat doe not apply, unit'-,; it applit- whom I naeuptilied- ChHIIl-r- !graph It tl.ougnt! tin- picture -t".- ucklclI'rnica any Salve It' & MALT h- i i I.

to other people only.PASii.si. lain'remedies.. All testify to th-ir sl-uio will do much to bring addi Carolina Portland L'lonSes the face. Eczema or Halt dietetic value. 1Ci. llr r. ;>. -

s'f value! a hou-fhnld wh na doc Uhcuin vamt-ti before it. It cures; pleasant t.) take, it !!.. .; -
a dilapidattd ut-gru hutlat tor's advice 1altnot out of the uonaltrade here. -.r>- lips, chapped hands, chilblains. < thou of food. Sold byDAXNIIEIl
; uuut we .uw a pine knot 4.lIP-ti'HI."itIUIl one wile of my i] __ Cement Infalliblef..r Pile !!;j_ ntV.. A.D'Aliir.bert" .
{ brightly burning, -ullu-iug the room "store the population i perhaps( -ix-1 i I For Over airy leant.MRS. '. drui -tore. 121 South : -i i :
I ty. Of they, within: the pa-t twelvemonth WINSLOW'8 tOOTHISJ 3YRCP: hat 1'.1Iaf..x |
with softened glow of cheerfulness 1
than fourteen ha't"b"ttI
no -
been used! for over tatty years by millions FINE
and comfort which by contrast" ab-"lut< ly cured by Chamber mothers fur their children while teething. ALA. flL'D11'Ei:-,EIi.v11f.ATVRZII.. STATIONERY

1 brought to mind a picture of the lam's Couirti: Remedy. Thi mu-t. with perfect IDec..... It SOOthen tbrt Child. i I

shivering poor, of the north, 'w, ho are surely be a record" For -ale! by all | loftvns the gamsallay- 1'1110eu.100 : .
dru_'..'anl1m..diclUt. dr.IleCJ C. V.
?" without the means of procuring : I >oollc. and Is the beet remedy fur Diarrhoeait :Stocks If:111 Huh; .Grade-: .\meri. !"a'a tie 1 k t : ti 1 ka'.a .'*3is kttf I Ii'gat.re I Thompson :N '
will relieve the poor little sufferer immrdtately. pun Portland Cement "0.Tiiiauu: ," Palafox street, ha-
t warmth of auy kind this winter au Bl'DWEISFII.FIRTH ;,11-- ,
r i jprman "' + # _
sold by ru.xists: in every Ci rl : aturn. German Portlind -
who would the this fire rJ /-C new supply of Li:,' i. : 1
envy negro otthraorld. Twriuy-tHf cents a bottle Cement King- N. Y. CalriuPPiater ,
k and comfort.IK Kf sure you a-r fur. "M rw ;nelow's Ssootil- It"? udale Cement, kept at Papers, white blue iI,1 l ':' ,
OF FORTHHERE trill !yruu. aiiJ tnbe no other kind. Norfolk. Portsmouth Charleston: ;! You can get your house Envelopes to match < 'v t

it is your desire to !have your !Savannah Jacksonville Peu=acola. 'ficrRislrelconiplete(1t .Wur- also Foreign Mail Tab--! j J

I children take earne-t, enthusn-tu- V/ITH/ RAILS' :We>1..blef'W also make shipment Orleans direct Ualretou from i'\ stoic fy Qiur's on easy*pttyments velopes to match. r Ii u;,

pleasure in their -chool duties. ree Penholders Rlankbook- ,
EXCURSION :Mill-! wherevt-r
we fret cheapest i\,
weekly or mOllt
hly. 'j
that they never mia single day -- freight rate. Sol selling agents for'' etc. always; on hand.

during this whole term. There ii U" The -tt-Ilu-hip Firth of Forth, Alabama"!; and "Southern: Crn.- '\ JJfDU'KISEU. Phonf2J4.:
SUNDAY liraud Portland( Cement :MUUMIOlia
one tiling/ that will do so much to -
1 I with ;a lllltJ tauof railarmed late :!I h Hydraulic Natural L't'lJleut'l, t
foster a delight and love for scholastic ;i 'i made near IJirnnu.ham. ;, Grass Shears that will cut OA.HTOIZZI3L.:

work a< regular attendance, aud, '' yesterday afternoon and came flume- j! The steamer Enterprise will take 'close, at the Willis Hard- Ieantte! :-. I'1' i

on the other hand, there is nothing; diately to the east: berth on Railroad:j!I Correspondence Solicited. ware Cos. Sgllit J

, ( that will toll quickly create a distaste.:wharf to di-clure'e.; j jI I i excursionists to the Life Saving; Sta- j? i!!:

f i for =school or ttar down the ambition A force began to tike the rails ;, tion :Sunday: at p a. m, and 2:30: p. m. 1

I 11., attendance.of scholar a s irregularity: in ,i I i from the hip" as coon as !she was Those who go on the morning; trip ....FRESH ROASTED COFFEE.... ; '-AAAAAAAA.A.AA"1 1

t. j { docked properly. may remain at the stat .ln and returnon "
r- the afternoon Fare 35 REMEMBER, WE ARE TIlE : HAVE YOU NOTICED | 1
M \Vnkt Gcnilfiiiaii. i['l This steamer is built after the trip. cents ONLY ROASTERS IN TEST FLORIDA.

It i" not "s-urpri-iiij that mnuy IIf''i| same manner as the .Anu-t HelI for tne round trip. THE PruLK is IXVITKII 111 EVAMIXE: OCK PLAXI.

" our merchant* complain of Jus. KfEI', Latest modern WHAT IS MISSED NET [
poor I mont but is not fitted with the dis I i improvement*-electricity, etc. To introduce -same w.-
1 bu-iuedanddull times, when they make the following sacrifices: With one pound ..f tne following Blend.
.. I :appointing hui-ting apparatus as Manager. WP, will give.ti rF37's/ jk
j r do nothing to a-"Ut in developing -.-- --- V V-.rVV v 9 ..
our commercial possibilities :: was that ve""el. machinery)' aud ;' :. Hit Slit n.1 a rtl (>r.inul.itpil Sniarf"r... ... '.. ... .. ,.. ... ...'"<| on .n

'J' We have: two commercial org;sans- :| "hou-e" the ves-el are in the ex- !j I NOIIIING M) iOUI. Iiulia a'III.Joi\a lilcmlr pound ... ...... ...... .. ... ... .. .... Sot.

r zatious'ftarChanabrr"f, : Commerce '! For all liver' troubles than is nothing C'dnlmn BIt"'III.I"'r |..lIIll1t.. ... ...... ...... ...... ... ... ...... ... ... L'Uc This weather inn

I and the Young Men's IJusiuessi i,i treiiif rear leaving; about 10y feet of { *oood and helpful as HEPATI.CL'IIA : klurllltkf'.I"'r| p.mini...... ...... .. .... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... .>t.: <\ gl'Ij 1row. You < '
k becati-e it without
clear deck. Tne she ha pro- :
League, both organized for the''! cargo now i j ji ]I daciu,; any bad tfl-cts as most reedicinesdo. IVHYIIII\U; IN TIII: (iIWCJHI.IU: : AT I-KICI: THAT UKFY: 'keen cutting Lawn :,

t i i; not her capicity. Hepaticura i is substitute f'nll't-TITIOS.:
laudable purpose of beuttitiinr tne'' a and Grass Shear / In"illis

t J,{ 1 city by the united etlort of its ttlellli !' Mrs. 15-jwers his- been, fortuirite- in 1.I than for that calomel drug becau-e and much it has better none .las. iMcHugh Prop., :New Orleans Grocery. Hardware ( ', -

bers.: Both organiz: mom have hrgp'' ,,"curiuli,s Emma scutt of St. ', of it, bad t-U"ct-. Ph"/iI' .", ,,
H iiiul I I I'
10 AV
ln(' iiil.-i.cia
member-hip* and have in the pa-t Loui. who :Mr 1Y. r. Jordiu of Jack! ., uville,
desmn-r. ia Do
t anpert y:.u want a mai; i
done much 11-tin; ;sod f,>r Pen charge of il'f: trimming. Fla.-.iysli." ,tmy-elf! aud.my friend for little tJ1ont'I I I.:

sacola, but it now frequently happens the I I!, Mr. Hud etTect-/ln of are HEPA'IICCKA jreatly pleaded with 1MEUX'S 3tephLJ.. the j jewel, r f H
: and I
rr"i 1 1I i scan commodate you.
that not enough members arc i without hesitation: recommend / :
t present at the meetings to make a Hood's Sarsaparilla i Ith beinB' the fines LIVER MFM r-/) I /

b quorum and coast ijuently many rut i,I: Ha \\ "II -nov:- far l 1\. ,-,11.1 the (lfictof j;, riNEl and pleasant everaw.and.entirely Its actiiin fr ,i- tram..tad 'JIJltJ U// All kinds of cha : '

i ti portaatsugiertioti- tilt. city's interest a.lyertisiut tluh'. l' :,ripiujr; or any of the "sick, JUt; ef- rocking chairs at JlllrQu.inL's.
died unheralded and untried ]I recta of calomel yf t it does tn" work
lobe srcn-t lIt it* wonilorful I i $ Prices
a If each member thv-e organizations }popular-; is thoroughly as it could be d le by SCHOOL OF SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING AND LITERATURE Il'

f ,' would shake! oft Iid 1: Micawbtrj i j ity i explained by its unai'l'l''arhaJle! :' any nifdiciue. It ha- without doubt
1 Mwt. i saved me from my umlumtne: :attack -
ism and put on a little Morauim 'j
of btliuutietold boill. prepareyoung, men and women for 1Ia" talJJ".htd! low.Hotel
would attend these Ba-etl npon a prc-rription which I I UI COIllJt'CtJ! with
f b meetings with drui.t; ,;. uceess In bU-lue-"-. and -,'llre" I the C"llege. .
_ 1 c"ur"e .f 1I.trUCI..Jj Camden
' ,' d some' plan for the deveh'percent and ('urcl'l'Ullt' con-iclered. iui-urable. n good POitinll- its-tudent.". rend by mall :Send fir cat.I.ut'

advancement of Pensacola.; or at :< Hood's Sarsaparilla Bl'DWEISER.:" fur logue.tand-timely IUu--trated cat.1- ; etc. Address tenll-,

least work enthusiastically to carry |I -- ----- j I U. O. MEI-\, Penacola. Via CUII"1.; 1.B \ \1 \
'to i Lures the i bfst-kiiow \'\'getable reinfilies KNIGHTS OF '
out some other member's idea, we I .
: Is Now to the Put)
by such loinliinatioii.
+ could a proportion
1 then merge Pensacola ) the I

y \.4! most prominent uiu-t progressive: I and prorcss a,* to have curative I' Pen-acols L"gd.0.. H.: K. f P., F. B. BRUCE under the 1I1.4IJ.t "J' '

and tht-I( ;power (peculiar to it.-elf. regular ,
f most pro-perous city of meeting Monday: 1112 Oct.
1 South Its on reof -rrofula, ori8 fi, at 7:3i: > o'clock. Memb
eczoma. p" are MRS. S. MIMS.

r We all know we have exceptional I I -i->, and every kunl of humor.' a- well I specially requested to be : -sent. tv rrtAin \in\ tAl S pti; f ad AtAhll tiU.
1 natural adr.nntait-j. They are soobtrusive as catarrh mill rln'tiuiati in I'ronHood's WrkiutherankofE-qua.- of Pen-acola, p.i.1 i

,, t that he who rum may : bers of sisttr lodges; a: i visiting
read, and they Indicate forc'bly, and brethren are cordUHy: in\ .d to at RATES REASoNAII.1By :
Ihc ln'-i blootl purifier Bier lrlldul'l'd.1 l Guns, Ammunition Fishing Tackle. and
h without doubt our future growth I tend. H. A 1st.E: C. C. Bicycle the Day. Week r \'
And gretin0"' but: why not elljoi )' : ILK fiiri'h of ilv-jM-p-i-i.; lob- i if appftilc .' H. HOKSLEK K.R. ?- Bicycle Sundries Edison
itml that luril ding: make it the Phonograph and Music. Table Furnished wit'' r : '
thlll iCf-itue-i today ; uny ?it idly i I J'.lIt..t .tllllll1.-11 !"'Ii, mill Mn'iijjtli-I Hl'DWEI !H Market A3- rJ-.
stud lazily down to wait f.'r gradu I i rn.t.iicr lln- uoil.l I him i-vt-r known.Hood's Hammond and Other Typewriter Typewritersupplies., All Kind of

'I' ".....lop..lI..rt of our resources when I II The fluest line off -lin! ? silvers j Rep!airiur. Lock and Key Fitting. !| Public Patronage Solicitc";

bl 4 little!tSoit, w fe could enjoy now Sarsaparilla roods and silver cove'! :,.- is to be High-Grade Haltcelless Guns Kept for pent.BtgSupply of Fresh Shell
I all at Low Pi ices.: Free B' ,n.-
,l t9" f.f',*ifU/ that will t ? ours i in a th"ronwhh ft"I| iiirihiitiiliciriii i found at J. I. Meph< -..- Price to sample

1 4 totakeil1)1i.1V. Crl: JKHI5.V) I please all. 15 South Palafox Street. SandiyRitea: lade t- Iri-

event.'t -. 1 Mec.THE .


--- t I f

H. FAIRCHILD, A RAISE IN A C. O'NEAL, President; 1Vo. 1151.i. f. C. NORTON Cashier ; {, II'f i

CrnOLHTERTR: i. 01. FOSHEE.Vice-President; M. E. CLARK Ass't Cashier.

C.""n 38 if,EAST'* and ROMANA Refinishing STREET.Furniture a THE PRICE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK I'' :

Specialty. j t

-- 4OB. I Ipl1ono OF TIMBER SMITH-COBB CHEMICAL COMPANY Designated OF Depository PENSACOLA of the, FLA.United States. J iJ ij i f 1;

R. K. WHITE, DEVELOPING GREAT Condensed Statement at the close of business tept.: 15, 1902. j

cdrhnIJ6rr. .Manufacturing Jeweler SUCH SAID TO BE OBJECT OF II'II'MANUFACTURERS' 'I PROPORTIONS AND Prnj.I (From Report to Comptroller.' i _

sail| (.ra !lua1e Optician, I SiniLlTlKS.Engaged RESOURCES LIABILITIES. > I

"f PtiuroU. Fit Time Loans .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. ... .. .. i
"II) r.ldQI f33S,797.32 Capital Stock ...... .. .. ..... ... .. .... .... 1200.000.00 :;
I Demand Loans. ... .. ...... ...... ...... .. .. il ,036 a5 Surplus Fund.. .. .. .... .. .. .... ...... .. .. .. 10,000.00 .
-- MEETINC. in Manufacture of "Hepati- Overdrafts.. .. .. .... .. .... ..... .. .. ... .. .. 104.72 Undivided Profits. ..... .... .... .... .... 9S5623: 1.. i-I':! '

curs," the Ae \ Lher Medicine U. 8. Honda and Premium.. .. ... ... .. .... 187.171.S7 Circulation. ..... ... .. .. ...... .. .. .... .. .. 125,000 .,
Stocks, securites, etc.... ..... .. .. ...... 2,625.00 Deposits..... ..... ...... ...... ...... ..... 401,624,71 ,. l s
Sawn timber manufacturers of -- Fnrnitureand Fixtures ... ..... .. .... .. 6,71ti.48
JiOTES{ [. R. Stamps... .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. !SS34 'I' f j
'JEWS South Alabama and Florida gathered i Home people are sometimes surprised Cash andExchanse. ... .. ... .. .. .. ... 160,9386; Ii i i, '

at the Merchants, hotel last 1 to know just what is being I ; .

done around them in the of $116,150.91! J7f6.4fO.9i ( 9 I'
night and held a secret session and way establishing -

7< : f I'r bargains. about which none have been found' home industriesand they 4 PER CENT INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. f I
Ii i i would oftentimes be still more surprised 411i i f
w ad. of I. Friedman who will talk of the proceedings. L i -
I if they knew just what possibilities -- -- --- -- ---
It Last night's meeting lasted three i I for development some of I

S ? 1 u:, Forbes' ad, then hours or more, adjourning near the these industries possess. :11 if

ir -tuck. midnight hour until 10 o'clock thismorning I About three months ago the Smith- !, I :

cafe i is the \Cobb Chemical Company, an incor- BLANKETS MFORTS.
i Uiies' when another meeting was,,
I porated organization for the manufacture I\/ :
:.t III held and :all left-over business' ; {I of the new liver medicine, \/ (

--nsational: sale In finished up. I!i Hepaticura began business in Pen-'r

-Watson' .fe Co'a; Most of those who attended left on i sacola: at o04 rtouth Palafox street. JG. 5H5HS2SHSE5HEHSHS1B5SSHThe !! i I ICZll i
t ;

the noon train today for their places j i The organization was the outgrowth Knit Underwear ) t I

either cheap or of business.None j of the local popular favor with which tl'l : t

,\ --eu the stock of i this new medicine was received and f I
i j' of the men felt inclined to i the p",.-ibihties for enlarging the tU h !

:' : of the Pearl talk of the secret proceeding* until a I bu-iues-" which that local favor ug- .$ Direct from the 1\'li11s..ot 'J ii I !

-t THE NEWS to reporter suggested; that the price of'; i ge.-ted. P. W. :Smith; the originatorand ; j _
I holder of the formula for making L..I rJ ttl
!r.' thanks to thei timber probably figured in the meet- j Il ,
; the medicine, wa doing a paying Place to Buy Them at J

i for S25; 25 from ing One geutlennn: froll1.\labml\: i. \ drug and pharmaceutical business -' ...<"-=S?< ?C2'5'5.''!; i Ij! t' I {
recent picnic.
:.r became very much interested then:' but believing; that there was a :i

(iad deu Street and consented toay that the meeting 'great future for his medicine he i ....HE SAVES YOU THE MIDDLEMAN'S PROFIT... !i '

will exhibit: : Eu abandoned his drug business' ; and J l J \ t. 'I

i'i and serve fish had: taken up a question of ,organized: the company mentioned' Come, Inspect the Offering ; Recognize the Large Values: Realize the Profit. ,

prices he would not say jut 1 f 1
-quare TuesJiy above. ,

,M and 15 cent what had been done. The: ollicers and stockholders in : BLANKETS. COMFORTS. MEN'S U DER \VEAR. J

I From another it 'the are follow \\'. K. :
i.able.; source was: learned company as : I IlIyer.
10 4 (iray Cut blanket !**> : pair > B.1It'--t..rlill"Ulfllrt-. 7-V: ..a'a! I (.';!-"' :\1.. ,ii'J ...xer I'leee I'I '
t' the Pensacola to-day that the price of timber would Jr., Pre>!. : Frederick (illmllrf', i| 10-1 Extra Heavy Gray f 11.-, pair ;t! Males Refern Comfort'Sc! each Lined Shirtnut! Drawer:, 7fic suit 1 't
Vice i I
President H. C. Cobb
i ,
K' week will he go skyward iu a short time-and |' ; Hecre-j I! 10.41Vhftell'onl Blanket Bales JJltif field C"lI1feorttl.ii:! I Case :Men'Jaeger! Wool I'j ,1.
t and Treasurer P. W.
try ; Smith I I'lpt'l'l'I'ihlrt-anJ Drawer1 1
.Hock !Stock Co. Extra Special pricing t 2.60 pair I''
p : probably rL ht Contracts,, '' i
amay. now General: Manager: A. C. Ulouiit (the j A Ciiniiilcti* Line of I ; $3.tlt13.5': : ; ') and tl.l0! ;.1.1I. f I
Monday Light J
\1 i" of Ruin." I held and about to expire, it is said ;, foregoing also comprise the board'' Ye Old Tune California"', :MMII'Likc; lloiiic (Comfort. Ladies'and Children's! ; Knit : I!

t-rge J.M.CoeV I will be renewed under a new and'1'| of directors), Geo. W. Wright, C. 1-.1 all pure wool, at a saving I :Spel'ial "tlt'III Underwear. I t 1
,: i.
higher price. i i Giles, Albert H. White Chas Le- of .:iipercent -2x78 H now'llake. . . . .$1,2""JxTa jar), J
10Hte., all wool I, mid i I
'.' N. Rowers, Killdepartment Baron li. Leou Jones;, 11. II. Boyer : Siiowtlike . . .. .. l.ir' LidieFleece: Lined Shirts and J

,:..' in The Sawn Timber laDufacturer5'1 I Miss Violette Moreno and Miss, Esi your dlcmal1's'fuhtgOf'iiwtO.pocket .. .. .* o.Wpalf 7x--1l"nuwlhke.: .. . .. .. gnu Drawer.-. .. .. ?&cttlU..l.K> garment n. i

: "r millinery ei -- .\*,.ociatio:! practically controls,, the ;i ther R.)..enstein. 11-4 ...:'t"tldard'ei..ht, alt -2xi4 '.\ "'HikeiiS&aHw. .. . .. .. .. 2i<.> Ladieand Children't'uiou Suits : 'I; ,'. j

I i- now displaying price of lumber and timber from I The company now has a plant for .. : .. .. : : : : : :! 7.VI IJ.II- ) paIr: 72Slnowilake: . . . 3 (jo Inf:nits' Merino rcto1.6Oc and Wool. Wrap-" i li, j. 1 I I I

feigned by Misstieare ; several states: and fo strongly is", theIB50ci.1ti the uiauuf: icture of Hepaticura: and an dUI) to. . . . . .$12""nal'r'-.Jx.:1) paIr fuowtlike . . .. 400 pt: : invited to at present employs six persons in '
n fortified that whatever I Ii
," in. the work. The capacity of thoplant SAVES YOU MONEY ALL THE T1MU. !
isa=ked will have to be acceded to. I T $, THIS STORE ; ,
I I.vl I. the: fiue-t i is about twelve moss daily of its !I I II III
A seller said today: [ wouldn't be six-ounce be ttles and this will be ins j i >> i
what :
I ".h. is just
much surprised: if prices wouldn't go created; :a- the sale of the medicine I
i-e for medicinal : W. J. & B. FORBES. $ IiI.
j-tc"b Kryger ofcured up ,several, cent,. The demand H ,. enlarges;, which it will d i people learn of its exceptional vir-j: f 1
the sole the --- I
, -!: strong! now, supply low and future r
,1eirelleutbrand.You for demand.'' tue. 1 he gale of the goods ill Peu!a- i If You Buy Them! :it the l>..-t 'i t.> -iI!,..i" Stor1'hey! arc Good I a' i I II It
bright a long time
also cola f i-> very large, and all that is required -: .; I r I
All or either of these things would: to make a similar d mat.d :
\lif, lr, wines or
warrant: au increase in prices." {{ for it in ether places: is judicious : DAYS. d I 1 1I
adHrti and the 1n' j
those ; proper push I
Among attending the two TODAYLocal tL<
bl'.tehes' bad c.,in- i the sale of medicine ,I 1 i. I
sessions! were A. C. Barley Dolive, f I II
i ir-tpmlli 1- the! It is at present contemplated to' ARE COMING.

:: 'L i-1 -.Llbll-h.! I JAla.: ; M. A. Uabb, L. R. Miller, put this Penacola product into l"ntchl.1 I If' t !

I Brevuon ; J. J. I'.lackshear. Mobile; every town in the states; of Florida .'nf..rft--hair. II'I.! T I, Can't wear tho-e light ri.oe-: much longer \\'.. are read for you with I' r rI
Sunday flur. light to fr.sh Wfit lu no!LI.- ,
I U. A. ];flHfJY.1dlln.i:1: ; M. Lindsay Alabann: Missi'ppi, Georgia;: Tex-1! art winds the most up-to-date !line of 4 I I II ILadies'
: '\\.1.1-:1:: :
Pollard ; Frank: Johnson. C. L. 1, as and Louisiana. They will be covered --
lint and new territory will bej I Temperature in Last 24 Hours: Gents'and Children Shoes i f

WINES GOING 11'i;::ius. 1'ine Barren : J. U. Frier- put on :a" fast as it i* possible to'!' Maximum .. .,. r S degreesiltauuunr I I : 3I If IfI

.. ..., ..., : '
sou, K. S. Moore River Falls, and reach it. Mr. Smith, who is general : ) on Wdegrers; ever seen in our < ill and -ee tot y.ui-i-lf! We ,ere .ni\i, .'i- t..how, I I ? I

TO WASHINGTON/ I manv other*. manager of the company H on the Temperature Elsewhere: I I)1Rt. I you viir liin- I

I .
I road now introducing the new medicine Mm i --- '-
Atlanta .. .. .. *- '-' I
-- Geti: freeample of Chamber- :md placing advertising, Kisumrck ., ,M -" I
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets and he -ends in 11 altering reports, of i, Chief go rrI' ;'-' :. ;
lie'i.! :,.1\ MiaLell at Cincinnati: ..... .. '\1 ill' Boston Shoe Store I
my drug -tore. 'Ihey are eay to' his, success.The :! '! (;al\'..5ton ........ ..' .. ..... !".! I I !
habeen de- .. ...... 1"Jncksonvilla
''In! a i. it take and more pleasant in effect than Huron .W f !
: if suct.eful,1will
new indu-try
.... .. u: i '
,\'Y d.'p.lrtm"ht to pillTheir! use is not followed by : acob.1 I ... "...?. 51 tj'
mean great deal to Pell KaO.racity. i
con-tipation, us is often the ctse: Key w..t ..la' I'I'{ N.1'IIIAI'OItt'llll111at: : : :, i'i.iiii.,1.Leaders :
ii 1 lJIarltl"- there at With pill. Iltvulirize, :&c. per i'Millions, of dollars have been madej I :l11"mphh n. ..'Ij i i I
box. All dru I :Mobile . SINew ;.11Stoutgomrry ( of Low Prices. 117 South Palafox Street. I
;; i-taud medicine in patent medicine in this country : ,n .. n.... S!! u' J I
dealer- and! niiny more millions will continue I Orleans n ._, "l| 711 ISew I, L i
k' .trie l has: arrivid at York ... 7U rv J
: to be made '1',) make milt t I\\.nn..h ...._' u ",' on"& 701t. : !I i NOTICE: OF ELECTION. I
'in dock now. 11J1la.l LARGE FLEET I.oul- M ;dMrs LAST CHEAP EXCURSION
H.u", other millions must be u I'I.
spent ., -inntroiH F.-.antl.at --lunty htntiuf i
f"r H lltimore, frOl11 : I ndaI ti" : I')
and the town the business is1 THIS YEAR
I it 1.4''N11' Hi*' I. II t'hly 'r"'loff!. I
Bower will dressmaking .. i Ij
trite who had been COMING FOR CARGO located always cmne- in for its share. open a i, tdlr.1tats" of the Stall- of Ilurlila. ii a aI I
department in connection I .r.I In 4'\ iKince that r : i
;: : :
The Smith Cobb Chemical
: i -Ik for the P.1u.una Company' <: (.1 I MKAI I. Kl.hCIIOV t .'
with her millinery on the i F th of w ,il l i I. Ia'I :
--- are already doing t.\teu-ivo advertising : .. anhlarbnntyKtatrof f I' It Ii
il l b rail Wahiticip'ite !I. nil f
y to October. A tir t- -IL-: ;" lire maker: i .u I'i.-ilay next mccn.-tloiK tbi- e I
and the newspapers and print- -: MI ii lit in .November A. 1). liar:, iht-
II : in the parade Thf'rr:1: not a day for the pa-t will be in charge.OPERA. J t? *h I.lit-. d.' llfllltt till i'If.1 I I,
ers where they do business be .
week that I t"I'tllIlI\\'JI'Stl\"f'. ; f '':r., !
big -triuihipdid u<<< teigli I .
1 '. I K: w'nch!' will begin a benefit-lane to a certain extent. I' h.1'i ,i.' I. M-ninuvH.if thcTliinlCon- j : 1 I

'. : i it .tt:;. \\ anchors from ditlerent ports The growth of this new institution, HOUSE! T i Oreenvill!* and1..1i1: 1.III1.ry '.1,u r'--"i"'-'iflb.-rnitrdHtau-," iPl-ln.-l of Klorlila. the...Fifty. }. .\
:Monday Otob'' :21 I' I I lnrwn'tarv ol Statw of the mat I I
l.l. llV1'ISEIt.'f.NTION of the world and set-nt for TenaYesterday organized by home men and opt-r- ': ..... ,.., leaving rninii d. pot! I.d: ivin Iwrt.- :|I I I I h.orulit:For' uiiiDlixiilcr of I,. 1't ,
--- -- --- -- tinftntt- of KlorldA.
ated by home capitil, will be watched I
c.ah. ,,
;? at 11 :;oi'ori -j>eci'il tiain. Fare h.rl I I horoiii. 'u'.lIc..r t&H Hupr"m Court of .
with interest. round trip, I2sm. From Cantnmueotand : the! I..I' of Honda t t t
: VOTERS! I five cleared for Pensa- - ENGAGEMEIV1' EXfHAORDINARY (1I Century same, Peaaenla.Itturiilw I I fur two KHilmacI. eom01I".lontrl of the ; i!; I
cola { Mi-, Life In i I-a\e : ;'iMf I
and will bp loaded hPI e. They IVrii. \lolltsnm Y -t-nhtor for Hrrnnd! 1I"t"rlal l ; i t j
I Wi'dne-day ni. ht at !I..V U 'clock I'I-I net ul the Mtiiieiif Florida. '
were the Volund from New York ; ''i jti-t --iiied to have ;gone: all! to WEEK BEGINNING MONDAY, OCT. 6 -harp. C'iffeeaiid refreliiniitf will For two M.: 'iiilics ,.f the Unu... of lteur j s ,
I .. ,
pit."-," writes; Alfred Bee of \\Vl- titi li\r j* the mate of t londa. i"
:SilvtrJale, from P.iltimore be served train jroiiifr 'tnil! return I ,
Rox- on
1 law provides that i j ; f4r., Tex., biliou-iie*" end a lalin ; Kor 1'11'l'. nr '
r"from Rio Janeiro hack had made life a buideu. I The Ni-w. vullfAttrlCb"':, nur. I t*'u. Fuji' 'iuctor \, j I
; Salopia, !- ( ountv Tti'Hsiuer.Ior '
; ixes must be paid l'urcha : couldn't eat or sleep and felt almosttoo ti\- County: Comtni-t '' f fur
'. I fr.1II't.! : Michaels, and Clalltnn. from worn out to work when I be, .tn further inforniitiou apply( to .tli"uimti. <<< ui.tv fjiiard ;. .1 f
; :
before Oct. 11 |
i iI GAO & P11k R t tvk R IlOKT. KING or of Putli Iaei ruptinn.Kur ,
;1" I Los Palnias. tn U-I:! Electric Hitter-.but they like worked a n ; Goi 1'. llIoMAh. .lusti'-pof tbc fence lo an 1 f.r tie .)''I$ I
or voter will be wonder Now I sleep ;i top, Excursion following: Justice m Mriet.. viz. '
I Sailing vessels by the dozen are eat I ; Manager- No. I I.
can nave II
anything g-uued intreugth
I The excur-iion to Birmingham will .
| No. tFor
:edified from vot-I I
and hard work.
en route here of them enjoy -
many on CoDstabl in >
l for
not be run mi iccoiuit of the !strike.I'Ofl an the folluwinvNo. -
'' They givivigorous health and new OPENING HILL i Justice n1,6rletlVII: :.
.t the elect while i .
general quick cnarter all of them are life to weak "ickly, run-down peo' I. t ;
: III November, also t f.r N-'vember-Deceuiber loading.; ple. l'iy them. Only oOc; it W A. On The Verge of Ruin No.l., r1. ? .
D'Alemberte's drug; ture, I 1M: l :south: No '. I f
i'. This would indicate: that good *ea011 No tfUr ,
:'ue city election next 1'al.lftx street. a j s! ,
ntlnlion of the sheriff U culled to
-- - e "
i- in store for l'en..acol:1. .
J..e: : Acts'' tolaw requiring them to caiifce n notice of
Vaudeville Between t I.e sad, rlrotion to Im pulilli-lied In a ne"" trupir f .
The CItUt.U: named in the above IT RAINED POTATOESIt !i I I printtd m the county. If UI"rl1 titn ii
A H. D'Alemberte I I I Ii papr III llir county if thi-re be
h under charter !i HKAI'KII l.\ no piper I
-t --er\ice lJe.tWIt..1I tlj'
pulill-li- in tlicounty they iliall
T.\'' Collector Escama I i-ait ;1\', ," ,pu'. of till!, notici to be oauic poatwl at .: I
tin:* port and Tatnpiee. Madison Square Cycle Whirl SCHOOL ij l ;":: the III'.t iiiiliiic ,,1.,0 for county. 1 .

1 : County. ,""" J. KriVKISEK.SCHOOL rained Irt*h potatoes on North I i I II BOOKSIAND i Ir I'-tim'iuv nit h..d.nd..m1..dtb..HrI'IILt Wh..I..r. I hittcht-rfuiito Heal \ .,- [ ::11
I I I The Hishe-t Salaried Ca-te of .I.
Alcaniz street yesterday afternoon, I I.- of iltttatof Horulft, at Tail ,- I .
any Repertoire Company ever in I : ar (Ini HDithl. hll the flat
:and John :Monday, colored, and Roy the S..uth.: Ii i 'III. "I ""'.''''.I"r. A. It. age \.V .
: : K LAV .
\IHll'\HTIHS I'II1 :!) 'I I'
Fleming were in court today a* a''' EVERYTHING !' t<."r'lhfY lit itateId t
10, 20 and 30c. b' >if 1'; wmilb. Wlieriff, Kicarnuiat.iu.
BOOKS I re-ult. ELSE REQUIRED I:\ j ') afo"'IIJIj t }
Get I -- H.JT
FI"miuUS; peppering a small; iI ,
\ '. h THF I.ARiE.l''TUCK KVKK BUOl'GUT TO PENSA-: i U nl lttrerarr f.r tht / 1
boy with potatoes and onion: when lle Ue t r Price eversIdHerr: .
T01.Al) t
AT LOW l'Wl'J.-:
: Monday: came along and interfered. FORT p-\RICAN CAS. FIJ., :-4ept. School RoomGO ; (O.\I.PnfJr.: tf. .

He became abusive and wa !arrested i : 1902. sealed Proposal, in The' finpt In. IImbPlh" i
of "
.GEM BOOK STORE. j triplicate will be received until I in the
'for quarrelm Fleming wi arrested 11 :31) a. m. Oct. 2s, Ii2! ': for Water: II city lat J. I. 8t.'phen: *'. Go look : r ,

for disorderly, conduct but and Sewer Sytm: Fort McR :e. i I at them. I

Line '<>f :Moo!: | Supplie-, Tani. t-. PeiRilI'euholders! ,, Etc. hU case was continued until Tues- Fla. U. 8. rp.t'rveo! right to reject TolGOE'8 C1L151Tt IZ := A Iii.

filed or accept any or all proposals f/r any ; Bain 'd b Ha\e loafs: I i 1 }
SEE A1E day. Monday was fi. htJI
AM[ SAVE MONEY. i iCHAS. part thue f. Information furuiihed |, \
-- ----- cLJt'.e" '
I i on application. Envelopes contain-- I :: -.t..l./' H I 'If
R. EMPTY SACKS WANTED. : ins; propolis should be marked : rv.( I MTHE f!
"Proposals: for Water and Sewer r STORE.l
JIM SOITH I.u'n.SlIlE.Y The Mellen-Crosby Co. want oat I System addressed W. E. COLE. (I. I Garden hose ai the Willis j if _

and bran sack*. 33-2w i M. 29=4:.fca-.2: I Hardware Co's.

i I

J it 11iIl

- .- -. -. -- s--. a.- '- -. 1'f.. -

I i.iF


-- -- '


I _.___ _..... ._ .__u... .. .. ______ .. .. -- -- --- --- ---__ ______'__ p" ".. .___________

1t B.OJ OHEM1A'J1 Republicans Hard in- .Alabama. Fight Will Make I

Bi-ncuiffhani Aa! O<.t. 3.-\\1nle the

"King of all Bottled Beers." Brewed from Bohemian Mops new trn.te; Ke.pul.n-an: part. Las: made "Let the GOLD DUST twins do your work."

t;.uaLatloL5! tor e( ngre** in all l of tho

ciite: A-! 'aiua UiatriiTs, tie conserve Wa..ro:e a r .,.r war "e> a '. :

of : ear t CL'1; oar w' tn"\, -' .corr.
t.\e l-'a'iers the party are.: 'IHng to ;

HORSES AND HORSEMEN I The SPORTING WORLD alum that a really s c:4eus n;tt will 2II.

-- -- tiaa
S'4r' !l.l.!:..:!..1, ..- ,. i..." 1'/" lit'' 1.ISt MrKnrlnuil i.nlnic \lirund. 1'fourth and the ;*v"th."h..11 tna GOLD DUST

rat 1'. Floyd .\.. Mi r.-tii-i'iii of iiforn1i; : Deai\x-ratic putyl I.S turn up a few \

,' '"limy Call! :omi is now silt owner of hautle.iii! : U'.s! : :.!'nl 11 .nbr in the race years ago b> the fiet-ession of the Pop. I

.'iiibou Bo} -: *ji,. l fur the all roiMl ...ijt-titive tliain- uli:>!:>. the allied opponents of the organized !_ t w::: a: mare nan! at; t Ie war fr yrj. It settersa": .' .

i :hcsko. 2Wis: : j a ..Iak wimuusth"vey |)ion,lp:: of tiie > ,'al', is M MIII to K", to Democrats carr,,l these two grease, and gnm rniKbt ji--.e< ;lire ..Ke a "ew dc..ar

ir-oM for Moko. LTlrl'! ". I'I districts. They weibUbt><>queiily Ti Nest. best ari rrrst e--

'i "it- exiieriiiieut of racing HeinleTio Md'arlan.! ) w."t: .'\er \\-i year and democrats ,1 Wd ,r:,.; J snes. glassware: Si!> er. ;p;*- _-
redeemed. however, and two good
.,,-hill, : ."'>".i, l>as proved a failure wife a regard !, r Lnelt: ;liJ.iequel.n .' ;; I I Tullafiega. / % T".;fL subst.t-tc; wcrthy the r._'-
-Hoc, Sydney: J. Bowie of ,- jtiLDJDUST.i z
awl Maxinc. : in n.oti .} rcl''hi1 i I -r
_'l. 1. dy Thfcl-. I'-llU. a l'l.an' and 1l0!!. John Burnett of
2 .",' look ;pond for the 2:1U: list at aa I I
.1 1gi Gads-leu! -are their representatives in
\ \
i ; date. .

ill" .,IJllrl.laill: 2:08 wlio Las been ? congress. i\\\
: }{. The Republicans i in these districts \\ i
,9 rouiMlins to at Cle\e-
S reiorteu|
are hinging their hops on the smalli
to't } it and re.dj for ti,' "un!.
: II \? I i \ cast In the rectnt primary 0.1niapaivit

1 .11 Ilvitnrv. il.. drove a \farlii i. JJ7' I to the registered vote in the ".

t' ji i r by I 1'.l-'\.-(' i i'' ii .1 half In 1.1- 2
counties in these districts. In thd
i lU.trtir' ...1- lit L."':':!It ilL :- ?1
fe't. th district! the vote la the primary '

1 -i'1'r '. 1.1'"h into the {1 l' !lit month was f *'_:::$. while the regls- J9gY : <'<.l
I ". I itti 1:1.: \ Mid I!!'" \ ) I [ "
err : r-,!.-" was 1"7.: In the set''u'h
I' '. J: <<.'. .-. loW !has a It.
( ''.;,-t: :<-t the dif.r; '.' was even wit.r I.I I. :
I !! tnr- vote in .'.R'i .-: :'e ng 6.234 an !
7, 'lirotVr.} I'-t! ,
the' r .st"r'd v". ". I F :tatisticii !
.1 'n id :in eM' : :t i'o)
II Mat. m I."I ,1.' 't i : '. :s more than 1a I I I f1,11l /
1 I.
MM. -
''I ', ''n ji, p Ct"Ii', of r r .. .. ever polled! Iii'r.l ,
,. f l _
,tl 0 ,! "..! (1 I ?" '., with t'ie o.-r' '' ;*.T cent and :
\l..I'." ;: \ l.
: ti.: i.se who fail !It" ;jY: 1 ::*Ir poll tavsu1' -
-t : ':;. I ,
tl, I 'c\:1, : ..- *' :l"t.-1. it wi,:.' '". seen that i It 1
::1 '
I j :..!r. Bo.-.-ie rrt.vrs: ?.' i.a.y votes aJ iiT 'jFSrlM'SlVI =

, : ; i.\ ( i 1Y were (':vt in la.-t m.':.: '.'- Demoerailoprln'a.'y iR ll-v Hli. J

I Jf. he will: \\ii! 1.,1 <:lr. -
, \ ifI
'1:.,r \ \ The status: in too seventh district! .
. ..'..,. ,1 ;- r' ->;::> "" "'r' ;:: "*'-' "
\\ : is not so encouiacing.! but the fact that l"J"I. ,
) /i \ r Cr. ', e' .._ : : .,,--:. ', .,
f H, : : : ; : : ": .l < :: :; A ; ::9 S.-
:' ',\ 1 l / there is a Rt1ub'a1nom:; Jf'E' and auI
I "
;;'&i.j 'i ii> ..sit stN; I 1: f ': t: ..,:d I' I i Ilnl I )enrfent candidate to divide th' :r.:" 1'jtl :l Zi4' .m I i; .a:.; ;.

; 11"y" 1 j; anti-Demotratie! vote, that :Mr. Barnett .
if. v I u- :. I t ,.g the year I,' ( -- --
5qt I mey have no difficulty In suete 'inn '< ,. il I i. : Writ

r.V: :.1 t. ( ., i himself. He is exceeding: v popular i, : : U1 '
f1( t') 1 }I"r 1 tle r.miitanilt; I ; fj1 A j fH' ,
"I :0 with the of all in his lair ... ., I. uU f
. .,. :;-t. I men parties '; : \ : "'11 I'r. L yy'V
...1 ; lil \ me hUH lluwu away 1.r-t", J 4i1 : [l :
i IJU ant '.i ,'. i. : 1 ict. and thoughtful politic! 'ftas: cons'i. <]elo 1,1. ...e .;, T. '\ Vfrfl.l

1 r that his chance Is better than that i .. 111,1: l I. I'l.e .
: j er ]1,1.1 all Iii :':i ""
The t.e' j' ilition! la Algiers 13 f ,'}'
of either of his opponents. j i F'I'\'I r ., ..1','il h n.Ii'.stlu., Nut t :...! ..
the Arabs bet
fl 'r.easlug.1'10'
, i u< i : are ,
f, 'luiiy wore and more powerful and ? A spirited campaign all along tu! | is u ni.\e fern that stills on .it -<. I'j TIME TABLE.

'i1 j[. 1 "1,J"k'udeutr ; line will he commenced in a few days, I i lively a pace that, its odd habit bas10llit I Ii

\. J .' It'iiuo, though I!lie Capital| city of ]tu- the first big Republican gun to b1 firej i I II i (lushed one of the UW'I'II.ih I II LOUISVILLE AND NAFHVILLE RAILROAD
j tuts rtainmeiits! of the \\'(1.11Tile IX EKl-KCT l>K:>'KMltKri
'. at Russelluile! by lion J. \7. A. Smith | I I. IHll
tJ. : i.is. not tine fcinre "il.} It has only

l): er s .-. NJU 1 p(..,!,b !l 1.. Mihiu has -t I.OOJf.jf I I Rcfmliluan neminte for governor on I Ii | walking fern often (carpet ledges and New Orotns and Mobile. -
> non A. M'FAELiSO. October ft. tops ofhaded ruckx The "1t'lIdlr"tllftffi
( I i.Vrti ..tW.I' i -- -- --- --

.1 i ,\ : > seen thing In the I la Europe MeFitrland will choose the leaf fronds are singularly un- No a. Ho.i Not: I No.1. Sr, I
fTiilike in appearance. They nirni! 7t\ 1b:11i m 11:1I' I.eayr t'f'D8i\col" ...Arrlvr 5tMI .
i _hI In:,. e-f l'*cn: >'s have teamfor the New York six day team ( SPENT MORE THAN $1000. about awl "walk" by dtnUnlujf theirtaper 'I 850. s 21 p 1.12 a L"BV".... "tomaton ... Leave i I :;;) 8 a 4: I !I'

: ; -') -' of nil Ihs 111'- ol "< \t I)...'..fii.-r. \v. \v. llaker, of Plainview Neb, 11:011 a ft: p :tM a 1..8ve...._ MubleLeave I I":*'IJ; l i. "' .
tip; > to the 1iUilU! taking root _I1: 'Sp7:83, a t..ay ...NAW flrl..anll Leave'p
__ 7
He will do : and will! : It
.. "! i I 11' some rancr: return i write* : "My wife suilcred from i
there and louina.! lu time clusters! I
I 1 I I.,". ,,,.. ,I('. .'. .1., in O\ "l1lh..r. Next sea-on the lung troubl" for tifteen year! 6he i,1''of ;: North.
J iiev leaf frond: spring from sneh ;
r Ir \ !l' ., 1,.., : !luilv.v! -pe; ,I merchant will manIt' tried n uumbHriif doct'T and spent ,1, : ---- --- ----
nxiteil( Ijj'; Bj' iinii! I.ij' oouw of these.Y .
ta' ,.J ...:. 1.1' :. !:. !, 'l''IV. :Mnh.it!, w'io! is to return to eau: S.,. Nt 4.J I .i
t I li.t- file ti'rth and lhillI"t.! ,
l I t< ; II : 'pm It .; L
: pm nyr. P.-II'Bc'la \rnv.
,.' ,'k'. 1. i to r-ciivr the motor pace I 4'pm
r'l'J' ""I I.I' friend reci>uiQiuded Foley's Honey 'i stint "1:1::1 ether eolo'ties whiph in turn '! attain, '.a7p 1ft \rrly.' t C'It !.?q..ry. _, L.v..- II.: ;".. 1It /
J- 11.. .\ '. I I. Iti :,;. am -."; pm' rr\ .. t(,.tnhlJ\Il .1...*\., I "
; ant' r m I
:tad Tar and thanks! to tn'r! -at I Irtiapdr [ will: "-"::11.1.: :( the pio rcv.* a;.:ain i 7.npm ." a U1 Arnc" .N5I'iIl.r .. .I.
\i 1\\' .: ,,'t -aved her life. Hhe en-1' !I .II:will.! ::H1rnlh'. with the l.ip-c of : i's lD rifalu Aern" !.o.l'vtit. L.'a\'fo i to."
I ", -II -.f I'i : tote Hare Amricnf f j jo} : better health than she has ; tune, the eoi.neetio'i. In'tween lit*' ol'lir : 7::J a m :;Jam Arr'\' ...Cluctnnatl ?. V I"ltv.- I e ,e I'I'1::11

i .1 '. .. :., .' La.j ; 1' .' :Inluutili.l! > !,,t'i-ve:! it known il1lf'1l year*." Refuse ?ubti-1 1 TIsm_ I..,, ;1 to_ nlv..I_.. >&II.'d._ ..I""" I 1:1". pmP.N
tuft -n-tl/ 1 iR-cunics I'rol.eii.
} t ,Ji'I I .1 | .;\ode liii't! f 'Nt year. :ute. W. A. D'Aleiuberte 121 S. ,tli'V'Udtier: i : 'I! yet oneoinetinies finds !series of tLreeor
tI ; i- i' ,in.uidiml (mi won bj i Pulafox street. I
1,' f .. .. : 1 : .'. r rndl'-hEi.Mi. oil the I !! four linked! together reprewntint) sis !I. l-lJaUy So 3-IJ&lJy 5o stop where time not shown j So. t-Ua.ly .
Hr .', ., '-- --
ff' ', '" I } i iI ; in the pretty' ratuble.Country .- '--
\ i iI.' I'ar.1'euux: contest, I iii.'mytop' j 11:66 p m 7:1) a m Ltoave...... PeDMAoolaArrh'. b" !Iot pm
1 fc1f"'r. I'' G..l OpPDPr". I! Life In America. i 19:5 night 'LUI.. I .. ......_. lIob..mta 1'.1\7'
, ; : -' r 1 '. : '.1.i i this coiuitij. Hriti"bi liI) ... ..
Las : }'DIl'srr>t 1 .J\I II
} "Georg.eertainly very strong i
: "; J.. ;.1, t .\.H.M i ,,' "'., LTf.it though their pride 1 I 1:13" 1:1I u I ........EI/Cambla. .... I J.t! '
I : i' I :' ,.. j ham! aid his motlier-iu-law ;:- I| Dan n.'. ircilr llncinir. 1I.'i" 7.25" I u ... .._ Mulat .. .... to I I. !if
thei i
I .: | O>X MHII, are finding 12.tol" ..... ..
: ind\ a" ,i I..- natclcii hlia un'i'retbt> i 1:2'1" Harp ... ..... : I.U
,,,.,. In five starts Dan It. has paced If I ..
\,1 I '. i ji tro| .. omewhat of ItI' I.! a" "iii" .__..0.111CIty. II I 1":1:
: of '1 .. .
tip of :1111 oi |iresnes which had j k':4 "' .._ .
I ,. twenty-four heats, winning twelve in2r2'i j:s. I Milton I' ,III
:h.i.it. T: I 1. -if the Unitii'e "
t. .
i ; ,
1 'I :t : \ i II! L..d I' 1 btuhbonily Uiil.Ntoml his wife's i ii i ii lair am .. .. (loud !taile "
F t t : I _iliin( jtie HI'. -" .:t !:t against young 2t 2IJ.P 2. 2i7"!. 2Oi.: 2.O4s,. 'I l'S5 If 415 If.. .. .._. HOlt& .. .. .25 ,
: .
j '" 1 : i i elfurtt., says the Gentleman's Ot1'2:0 ". 2I .9I I .. .. ... .. .. I I' to
.'j,i. 0:1 the I 1., ', II :r.. British la..It'1 2:0.'Ih : : : ( 2:08. .. tllJltgan e:1
l j ,, in .. 2J I ... ... .
I 'r .,' 1 si'. I! M:rY rreatvtew' .. : I\old 0 e
:..,. :. ., .id it ," nl.. ,iKo e\i !I" l IUi" hope thutit ; U.l.'JVi. Or an average of 20714.: Bj .". ,.M I I' ......ieer lAnd .. If ': .: .5 .. ,
; r : i Hasn't; he. though': cried his young j I to If .,
8:1 I
j :li I Mr ry lI"ad 4't
1. .
.1 1 -Iti'.u
: lie obtained to
: i .. ..
(i :: : .r II: ,ik ia tOII j 1'J.'i I ...DeFunlakl3prtnp to .
brick aLlIU nu :" ='(.w I know what 1 : It. .
.:.1 ;i' : .1 1 :l.i r" :nnng .f the race i1! Ureatis 1 Otfor.l homes Guts In 2:::0 1-1. t'lli .. ,I ......... _..... .. Ar"vle. ,,_ .. I ., ....... If ,_
I 1 ,::. : N ti!:.,h i I.//iivilcLO as holders ho nuaijtifii! he gll'kr| in his; sleep j I Oxford ('!1iwl'i. the brother of The I t.u' 1Ij' I., If.. .Ponce d. LeOD..? 7lD: "
,1 d ': : aIJ :: list n-'t: !: }.!,out hil'ln8ucb/ a beauti-I 2:07. from maiden 11:00 I 1".1.1 -. .. .. W..otYlI" .....- 7 17" :
Monk. traoijated the
: j jI
II''i' !' 6:1\1I" 1.1.15 If ... '
(l'.r1\llIe I "
... ? : I s
I I"J t I. tiil IL-II! nt 1"'IJer" j jill i I clasp' ='. Y.. where 5.55 ......... .
:. i 1... Glee of this hopelf condition : at Goshen recently i i 111:5) notlitay. ......_ to 155 1
I ..\\ h: I 1"j'; lor I dyn IOf7" to.. l blpley ..... fIT' .
he the 2-& best J .
) time 2 .
won 2014.
t ,, :' ;11:11 the disiiielinatiim of trot : Ji I oj:., 11\17 If .. l'ottln1ale.. I 4:1" "
ThntV\.awT.. Ii i 7lIjJ I 1Is": to. 'Marialtlll. ... ..
I' 'r j.I 1-: ii.i n 11 Ir.tid over the conduct "' 1 11:011" I
: 'le'.ih You 1.lhf! tbaiidi/ all bus.ine" cares! 7$1 1lt3 .". .". ..-. () pr... ...n. fiS r b" \I y.-IrN chaiapionship race to NEVER ASK ADVICf. 7:+1 I 1115: : I ...Granct H,dge..._ to i! 55! "
.' : v' ill'i.:1! : ,i t'i'! .' toutinental countries, the for Hie I It.ttne. k! \s the |ih>lIicJ! I\. 71Ij .".' I 1 'I5;! noon I ,. Kn.ah .. I I '
cold' ..
i'u, I I '.LI I ; I ;111,1 i ... an ,. "But 1 t'.tr tluit I It ttc not \et ac- \Vtirn ynti have a enurli or !I:III I Ir.15 l grrya..Q'V'ln' !inf.1\ .Pi.. .;.
: :.ties bas been suggested re- I don't ask w hat i* vend for it old i
yetl .
,'l.1 enmtitiiiiiitti.! i .' ," ( ; : -. .-
"t 1 i iiit iiiunej protests )
Ii" i'i .1 l r i i'i the British automobile '-
; t > !I pressI some nit-dicniv with little! m no merit !
1"\1 : : it the 1'rda! : 2hlollire..et.i. ; .
; r. I !'i li.ulini; rilling wen including and perhaps danteron Ack forFoley' !
j : .J j "::..:!:, ; rtM.its the doctor. '
I 1 I" 11 1 It : :
I *- I I I':'!1.: '. the cup holder, himself as doors and Tar the :irreitntthroat THE NEW
1 I .I.r" 1 t''l : 't '''I.! .'ile\ place for next j ear's cou- "\\i.. It.\ den .n I'. \o-i lri\e enough und lunir rimf'dI: < ur.- GROCERY STORE.

, t ,101 'r ; "1< -' i'!' "' r.njjlishuie'j! e&uiiie that the liioni } tn j>,,: |lilt) "'r .ills' fees for there cough and c>.Idquickly.. \\'. A

, f I II 'I ', l..trJ : 'ion l obtained! "t of ;IIIU.ltiuiore: AmeriiC.lli. D'Aleuioerte, 121 S. Palafox -tr-er. "
i I. .\ i erius eau >e

J J c'l' u t "'11' ..overwuent and state nuthori- ; WILL MOVER

--- t ..... a matter of national pride. ttananaa. Rnuli.h Style. If you want a good Bei-
: c s. i fbe.v Q.>dare! that Anglo-Saxons
j i I I should nn the race and. In view of the .\t EMKliJ-'i! ; tuliKi sp,"iiis are seredwith stcad or a nice Crib for the;I Keeps a Complete, l lui.ui..t.s. If the 1
: <:1:1111,1ure
't ill I : I.'I\: h.'2i' -nuitnui: seeiu not unwilllus: to ., Marxian of Fino
babego to $<; Staple and Groceries.
,,: 5'I'e'1is l .1 MU;If fr'.1' liill e, li'>Wer \'- Fancy
I.r.ii tlie content to their ,'ou"ins
lMi .I,1 OMT .' >! '!iis u-\ .ili\ s" nt around with Jaina's. i No 30 \V.
: i I., Inli: ucroi tl.e sea.: In all these suggestionsthe Salisbury Bloc .
It. A it w dr''ps ;ere 1 1"UI'tJ upon the ,
..!.in'ii. : : 'u' l I I'r.rr pnibubility \III mentioned that the TKM.I'IIDNK:
plate, ; tue banana stripped little
,t .. .! : ,,,, :IfUI'l'irt of Aiiieiiisiu! autouiobili in .
by little of its skin, is dipped into this -
i -" ;". wer.t'i :I the! way of eniii its and .,American
ij1t Iw.llllll cUlt'U.'c York Post.
t 1:1, co intu- !! 11IlIlUla ureis lit the way nf special s Curse ;

tJ i' ,: .-. i.r j of :Idol her's I! l't'tlin creations would add greatly: The Star Laundry

I to the iniHiriance of the contest should \ ltlllralnIt'lI.. ,
i <(< /I F
tt .\ \ .' i> never found in it l he held !in this i-ouniry. Motherreard! arpmachin. winter

',. f.,* .'i. quick| wilted in i I wall uu."illtchildren take Biggest Busiest Best !

b idual. "Th" ....,1.' the! eye resembles !II I n..vr"Hnlzlno I the I.. .\. "'. cold so ..asil". No disease: cots tu'ere DRINKI ,

Ic' : the round. Inaiiiike! one of a bird the 'I note of the executive louiniittee !little livps than croup. It's attack i< i __ ___ __ _u ____ ___ _
*o sudden that the sufferer i often
u"'n. ,;,)to II tt rr.iy dullness" says, an of the League of .\wl'r 'Whet-luieu :
b'-youd human ai J before the doctor 1 KKD(lH)
.ill\\riter.. j I the! once o\\erful New Jersey division I
arriveMich: ca-es yield readily to
i L If when you examine your i\\es you of the organization! was recently iiboli One :Minute Cou/li; Cure. Liquifies WHITE RIBBON REMEDY.!:: i K' They Speak

i.nI. th.it lie left eyelid! droops farther i' i>h<-d 1. I'or two >'ears the Mate officers the mucus allay! n tl iinmatiou, remove .V r".I.- .\.1 < :,,, I. ,?. ,. .n' .. > 1 1v

n-er the e> e ih MI lws the right, you did hal, if anything, for the league; ; danger. Ab-olutely olfe.ct I'4ll I 'oo' "j .'_'-. ,'' -It I II", of. '

may tike it for :runted that you posf. heme the! drastic prowulure of the na- iinjiedrittly. Curp, cou'hcolds.. \\' liit- Uit>li',n r.Hin..dv wi'l' eu I.- "IdV,j .> 'r ,j r

... s delitoty of lotistitution united t'onal: otli iaK. At their meeting during ( Briji: broncluti- all throat and lung th" ln-ra.ed iipp-tit.- >r Hlc-'ihi I .t.n, t for TlieKk.WWelettl !
1 trouble. F. .. McMahon Inn-, bi-tber the p.i'imt I. Ii r'r 'in oin 1 e
with brillUuey of intellect and that tl.e Atlantic! 1'itj meet' the national Hamj-ton .ln. ate, ulPI'l..*.'." "<-ial rti ,i i
(' othcuiis.; decided that !: (ii. : "A bad cold rendered me vnk-e- rfur-If.J ImpO-lbl.. I' 1
< 'ii are a I-emus in one way or auOtlilT. a Mrennou |1'Oi'ywas fiimiiyoii" > u'
les- ju-t before an oratorical coute-r tlllpriltt fir al oul/II" liquors kit |cVhit.
I_ ._ iieeissary to rciini;::orate the trKaiiiz.ition. I intended to withdraw, but took \ .' lM
f aiid the wiping out of the liy :\1.,1;..,.. rfV. I' T 1sir.llwr.nr.ruperlnteo'l.nt .
' AVoitl-lii't I..e Tliul l'I"Hr... One :Minute Cnu th Cure. It re-tored : 12'1 buff we Liiiiidf-r -; '
N. n J h r.< ,IibilllJ 1 is the tarot route .1 vv -
voice in time win the medal. .
' talU my Ingn'.rhn.tlanT.nlwrasce Innt' t'.t'III..ITIH'Y win: tt"k
"S-j about be-
9 you ueu-r ir.'ople ill III:.t liirection.It Harri Pharm: 'icy, Jolin Sheppard. i.irn.; uhfiiniia.. wun. "! tiixU '.. :. -' '
tnnd I their Uu-ks':" tiit" Kibiioa 1"lIwdon vtrrtruMlittrd \ nh- a" ,, ti r Wan we eau Wewui.tt. oiiiore '
Mic.ed! foreshadow
is to a pon- Mduey Kahn .
I t "Xo," answered the woman with a ;;Iral shakeup! of the league. In other I mtn) ea'ttt-and 1lI'I'ur.. liviiixiiy- have".ne\.. .n yt .I'1.111 II ,..;v.In .. / V- \f VV 41 I by the! work we d '. ty

p i jrnm e\i>re! slou. "If I know anything! : i st.ites! !in wlreh! apathetic o3iccrs retain: cretly. i cliv..rfullv: reconninrl M '1 ,i., what we -av.
O BTc) XL :I.L1. g
.I lor-" Won.1.IoI..rn
I liinril> M-ni'"V" nt
t 11 ninth would annoy a friend ahvajstill I ii'le''. hut perform no service, it is ex Been the 1 K'i y.: Here tas61g : I' moil Hfr d-lightert; to '!tmcl nil i1
!l it In her pri-J-ence. I wouldn't mi: sMeltiK I".t"l t'mt! the awill also fall and n.u'al, if-ntnii-ul to Iud an, in our I-lilli-f. ,,
j "

i t 1q her embarrassment. fur any- I their :fairs be t.iUen over I y the Eation. of 4'tre ,'fl/. LLY a i'r. IllIrk.IHU1gl'tr. or bvMSI!I. U.l Tral; jn-kBie ,' ALL WORK C. 0. D. GOGfo S CallI!! i fJr! and DG1HrfH! :: .
:'iiiiK'Vas.hin :ton star.rr
; 1
itlitials until _
I : : zr'sive! Len are .
} hy wnttnt "''rs. A. M Townsend for
found in the TELEPHONE 114. 27 GARDEN ST-
e\eral districts.: of '
years secretary a Woman's Christian
111j .\ S' > i.iin; in.synonym. Rubber
hose all
-- sizes at
Temperance Union, 218 TremontSt.
j '
a s "What is a ? aked:! B Fine lull ( "ar.e at Drnl \. J. ., Boston Mass. old! In IVnai la t yHftiiiiati WALKER INGRAHAM Manager.
the Willis Hardware C 's. ,
teachtr.Tleao.. W. J. Travis says the Deal (='. J.) ) Sro -I s Palafoi 'Jt

j sir" !laid a lad: "it's a word gulf! c'nrl'is second to none in America ---- --- -- t,

you can use in plate of another If you and that the Garden City (N. Y.) Mimvit'KHY. ESTABLISHED 1862.

I don't kuow how to n'ell the ptheroue. links more nearly approach the Deal The DR. KINC'STRY i '--- ---

r! ." links ia joint lit excellence than any of ifierin nndersiuecltakesthi5method her service as a NEW DISCOVERY !i McKENZIE OERTING & CO. ,

.. ot hl'l'S. He thinks the next Metrojio'.i-: flrst-:class licensed midwife having

i luiild. tall charnpoiih'p should to played at had 35 years experience.Can I o -DIAI.BU IH- a
1 A tiny little! city boy on :.1bis vlAt; to COLD.|
Deal. give bet of references: from

+' frraiidm<..thir in the country saw i __ | leadiiijf physicians of this city. TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE. i, Ship Chandlery and General Hardware

her jiluckiiij] u hen. He 100'ltfl1l.DtQ hr I MRS M. OIDDENS, Cures ConsumptionCoughs i j

i1 face and p.iid. "ie you take off their .1 BRONCHITIS FOR TWENTY YEARS. jltf lIt south DeVilliers: St. Colds Bronchitis 80S AND 05 S. PAL.U'OX BTKEET. I II

,1i '.Iuth's e\ try insht.Wi I"''audmit f' Mrs Minerva smith, of Danville. -- -- -- Asthma, I
I Ill, writes : "I had bronchitis for, Marston $ Quina have COPPER COMPANY JOHN A. ROEBLINO'S HO> H CO. 8 i

; twenty years and never sot relief risy, LaGrippe, Hoarseness! GALVANIZED WIRE ROPE, A. RDS8EL SON'S PUMPS. !

f 3-i/l 'wt4t i until! I used Foley' Honey and Tar ;, somevery nice Dressers and Sore Throat Croup and Hs'?i I
t I Wash Stands 'I' Cum Iirdiji blip/ ills iioUti! lutr mrell, hart, litkin,

t iignitore U on rrery box of the genuine which i* a sure cure. Contain no very cheap. Whoopbsj Cough.NO .
Laxative i Bromo Tahleu !'opiates.V.' A. D'AI"llibertt' 1!1 S. Just the thing to go with I
-Quininc c
CURE. NO PAY. C. McKenzie Oertlnj Collecting Agent for Bar PiloW Bsuerolent: A+sa
1 ti: r.a Jr that carv a cull In one U/ I I Palafox. 1 Iron Beds. .>I grin 50c. and $1. TRIAL BOHLES FREE. 1 elation,

& !


------ .
---- ----- u
I I I ;.
A KISS BEFORE Crushed Negro's Skull. 7'.
Mrs. Laura S. Webb, 1 Tifton Ga.. Oct. 3.-Two negroes I t I

employed at Norman's turpentine still. i

Vil-Prtsident; of Women's Democratic Cubs of Northern Ohio. I ENGAGEMENT i at Obe. fell out over their
I I ;
I -- --- Utley aocu&fd Tom Gray of stealing I
fIRE: ARE MANY the change of life which was I [Onjrn.il ; : his rations and a fight '

women be- fast approaching. While visiting Allen rend I \\ tnon tlit- iicacb. | ley ran followed by Gay who struck i, I J' r

T' ) -tiy y with a friend I noticed ". him on the head with a scrape-iron ;: f
of \ uouMii. aiJ1 '
tie <1':1. "is wlrepl'nne '
w'' 'n ages that si|! was taking yourbL killing: him in&tantly. Gay is still t' fI
to I'.i'dth.i:1 :She has I
/ a man.
there are
: Tine of Cardui,and she was larire.! : though the officers have him <

\ F w. ;ands over 55vnrsofa0'C. so enthusiastic about it that I uioiv Lt.1'1.. A man acts "with justice located and will make the arrest t-> i for Infants and Children. i '
I U : ,\\itlitfIldt.rUtt-s.. t
decided to bottle. I :
The try a
; experienced day. A jury was summoned to hold !
some relief the first "1 doubt if any wuwau can be clur- harmless substitute for Castor Oil Pare- !I ; ,
-f life coming to I an inquest their verdict being in accordance Ca ." :'f.. ; C month, so I kept on taking its itabU- to ai.oitur woii.ati." with the above facts. gone, DroiK ami SootIihir; S 'rul'". It i: I'lt'a.ant. It i
: n:.tr furty- for three months and: now I "1 can. \Vlifii tUtte is an oi'iM.ituni- I contains neither Opium Morphinenor other Narcotic t J. :

l' tr. :fitLer makes inn taura S. Wiftft. menstruate with no pain and I t..', I will sht.w joii.miH ." Profits from Convicts. ..ull..t\lI'o It destroys Worms and ull.1)1 1.t'H'rbluu.1os.: .1 I II

tf d or gives I shall take it off and on It cures Iiarrhu'a tttdViud ('olio. It It'lWH' Tooth l
lv life. Those who until I have passed the climax. I do now not "\\ you fur;:iva a fill for ju'riuittiiirf I Montgomery!: Ala., Oct. 3.-The quarterly ink/ Troubles ami ouros CUII-t il'atinn. U n'ffiil.itos tho I f t

3 ic on UK- to fits 1 IKT without Ill)' being, report of the convict bureau submitted StiHii.uh awl ISiixvt-ls\ ;tying bt-allliy anil natural bleep.The I .
dread it I that t
now, as am sure ,
.- ., t" '.arise in ill health eeli Wine of Cardui will be of great benefit your ..1Ia.J;;;; t., hi r'!" to the governor show a short Chiidi-i-n's 1'aiuu-i-a-The JlothcrS 1'rioml. J : 1

-, .year afterward, while "1 \\-iuKl' hut t'ouive if did., crop on the state farm the corn Be- I
at this time. you you
I The Kind You Have I !
: lays aside the active I "\\V1!! turned.liy would juu iiut inK less than half. The financial Always Bough- i J Jl Jli

s ,,1" :.;mhood in health eelWine of Cardui is the remedy to i (ulgttl'kY 1 '. statement shows the total receipts tot Bears the Signature of :; i t

to. 'f live on in happiness, re-inforco a woman against the shock "'1 h. luau is the btritiigcr. lie -Uoulil I the past 12::! months were lS3,4o5.53.:: 1 r'aIn Jlf

I si.it t.iU.uvaiiUge: ot uouuu'se.ik- and the total expenses Mo51.15.: t
60. This that comes with the change of life. '
passed f i'' f
IT ut.s.s. \\ !1U luxe you lict'ti tiiiuius leaving a net profit of $:5,354:: .:33.: The ': j ..

,,-Ti'n,,'al time. It re-establishes healthy functions \\ .t j':" profit is about $3.i>on in excess of last 4'H ;-' 's":

a V ; .1Ir., S. Webb, of Toledo, after years: of suffering. In doing :)It I Mioultl ;give you her name, I.II I year. .. i ;

:-s! the change of life this it has saved thousands of sufferers I \\ jUni; & lv tlu.I.ly l guilty." 11 t.
-- ---- t :
in time. Do not wait I "A t-ii i who woiiiu su demean brrst-lfWoiil.i iI '
u- period and she also just u.lt tale""ind't I Fairly Years' Tenure'. I Ii 1 Use For Over 30 Years t i +

Ume of Cardui. She until suffering Is upon you. Thorough To bp relieved from diea .. tl ,
I lil.timher.. You have jut said i torturing ?- i ii INC CrM,4. COM..O"m[ wO r r
preparations should be made -," after forty : ;' torture ltJifht'
year :
: that > iiu; i ran UcUur.taUu.. i -
in advance. the Wine of well cau-p the gratitude of :sty one. :
"A' i! Uwavs teen troubled more Begin 1'.. llii- the oily reply was a brief That i= what IeVitt'sVit.:h HazdSalve 1 -TH II 1.1"" t

iw menstrual period, I dreaded Cardui treatment today. I ":h'.:,'t. did for C. Haiif-y, Geiicvt, 0'1 GARDEN SECTION r

n I 1 -UI;IOM%" the; said im-sently, 'you ,Ha says : '-D..Witt's VitcIi/ hazel! I !

A million suffering: women rail L. \\I tat what sort of u lookup Salve: cured me of pile after I had: I o.-OF- .. 1i f

WINE of CARD1 have founl relief} in tlniusin- \1 .(s." ulffrKl forty year: Curecut-.

Wine (.f Cardui. i nUll:;': She was more than a thin;;. burns:' wound*, skin di-ea-es., !G. ,' -Fensacolst. Sl or iclei. Ii '; :

Sit: wis a huiuan being with Titian ware of counterfpit-i. Harris' I'K.r-
many, JohnSheppird.::: :Sidney:: Kan! ,. 1//
II.tir.! blown eyes and a skin white as 1 ,
i Near East Hill Electric Railway Terminus. i iI
-- -- -
lUiu: I :==:-= -- --= ::- ; I i }I Ic

HM.EVY.i : SHORT &-: ;.IS. '
\ > u lucun she was a rwlht-ad-.d girl )
.. == -- : f E
I Hh Beautiful Lots for Salp II : I
\\ a i in Iky -omIJII'xiol.! ,
ill .., '.' pueiiciTY FOR
II "'II" :" 1 1 ::1 11'1 I "liI 11I11i'II\1: : : c
"On the flu-
etwtrniy, \\ .fiiy prety.
.** I 1 .. i l
.1'' ''
LI' 11.\ "
1.I rl.'iLtuI i"'lllIl'liOIl
: J or
t. 40xi37-Ia feet at from $75 to $200 each according t !
.. :
> ji- \H.dd faii I Id.' I.: flJl >- : "' 1 THE PEOPLE. i t
J Uadi.
.at wt-re the nn um-t.lurt'$ r

: .' .' : : I l.: : :- I ....."llth"l'n 1 .., iij I.." ( to location and surroundings. : 4 f

: ,['t.! : .,., "doll : the i ,
1.. ? l Ii',. Oa, that i';!ttiif about l;> cr> Htic :O.I.\\H'Ccut. < I
; .. ,. :', .\ ,. Exceptionally Jnod Xeigkbor'nond, Beautiful View, :
.1:1 of. .1 1 I I \ vtiv, itcmlly. 11 you hadi -.1 it all, Bed K>ery VvVrd js Head 1 r

.. ,.,,! ..: l 1/,1"' 114 tl'' I I" ? ,.l .i1'I.. -ht' l.(111.. .. in you xvjulau't l 11:1! tiu> tar:' IJ\ bcrhob'' I High, liry Fertile Lands. 'i ,

\ .'\\ \ ii"i.'.; > tijh'ii \\ i.h a i ." )
i to is ) ; ., 1 tio ill.line 11<'1' "I J '

1 1)t 1..1: : l' 1t.1! in tin IKI !'IUt'I.t. "Hut Mid tl'.it'II'U 1111'1"1' tauiean Tho lor investment ycifercd
.. i you !
.I I : 111 i I II I MONJiN .L'u 1Lt'rl ) grandest opportunity evor I -
1l," n- arc :lLuit! hiiw uie1L .. .- ,

'''llIill;: I Ids 't!1"- !11,, -. !I..,' lal'I: in.i. i .u ,\ .'u tot.ld he t'lii lt'llalI,'" 1Tn: I.KXI'o''H'provtfl: r-al rsI 'I in Fensacola. I ;
,"! ,01! HI the \l"I _
i tats, in Iara.: ar -'nall ainouitsRt lowrates
.1 I
1 .1't'" tillfl.l.llllsl! ; ( hjritj l.it1.1us"-- of.atrr..t! "aU en 1 olie! .. K: BrtSsttornt -. ';'I Home Seekers Should See These Lots I'' '
'::1'1 Infill ,,!,lut..l'' :i ".\.t LonicV"A > Mia.1I.''R'. falufox ht., Ib'r ; ;
1 1:1 which bnl.din :.imtniMOXK I ,
i 'II..It: this i I.;; all ?_'!. lit !hhlllS i is tlt'ill slight color came to ln-r d:'>(K anda !

,,,..I I .Lt"I1"- onstnitiil l,y tlu- tart that candy which I mild Hash u her eye at the asi'orSiOU. --- -\--TO-lIA\- -Ioyou nrt-a mon.-}? .A.V Clubbs.q

I' "I II Il'illW'( foriwrl.Imre. !s-iituni'iital! iiist-niitions I can borrow any Htnount yua x !till &J .
e--.*ll! btllli I ; - \Vheu the sill is tiuifcbMHl and thesiimer
hoW Leers dipiuiit: "
phrase. I : bt-re o'jtrtinablr.on unprovt-tl city r..1 ; i i
i- : i .ii
The number of Mormon,* in this is i>eiiiieiit. Hut tell uie more : istato-from Wm.l't..ber. 2l'44' ; South I'ftla-: ,
-, i.it.' -uthui.qin I '01 strfet. In-tS I {, !
I about tills UiKl
country has snore than doubled In a jade. I l- 1

\ .. : tl, asked tltr.i'lf.! In lsii: there wire 144.mjt In "She! was gelid, Ct4UtidIng. Her lI TV YOU WANT TO HOKliOW :MONKYlnent I KG HRt; J'f. WM. H KNOWl.hH: W. K H\I'/t Jl.. i I. S !{KEHi: ; r I

ill:, 'v I'.Mi tlii.n were Inure than :MixX. : voice was tuft and IIW"'l.1 iniio- I molryInsureyour property, projureabstractaof I I l'r.. ld"it, V.':" I'r..d
.'..1' ... ..1 IhUevy.d she that she did not wait for title, buy or hell real l HB- f
KotillioUMwlifie\ tiifjils are M-rvwl! rut WH.S rent 01 description, bay : I I
late property any
'. I It i. >'I- nio\f- for : I null hln'bt't'll talilishfUat lie to ki-s her: hut throwing her white renlteutleeted or your laxfx ttended to, .
,h:. -.i, >it, ii S not jfl.ii I aruis around neck she kissed me." I sail oa or Htldrnss Tims. C. \V' tson Co.I I ]EanIr! If i ii
uiy National i
coint-nit.it ilistanct-s in tin' uiq 'r K, aiP.state and Insurance ",,,.nb.. Ht-m-a- j..
lu.ri.J; :
Yukon\ ioiiiiirto lacilitatiti.nel.. 'the thiugl" cola, IIn. l'II"1"O, mot rule To veryonwho ;
i i I- MimiTi-'l' til'1 I 'l'Iwl''a" a Ion;; silem-e. .\km Silt bays a lot (ruin us x4' mil bend luoat-y
A pii-'ili.ir bred! of hops has forM.IS ,'ltb'hlOh to build a hous 4d-tf
I < 'hA iit to I down on the beach and l bean to punch ,
II' u'-"t cut in lii-cii rniM-il liy Ikt' Lnwrpiicf of ,, I J !
r i
I'ui' t'l.Il1l1t.l! Ibis, finks annot I tin- sand with her parasol.ou I'u'ni.lr(-tl ICtitini. i or PEN 3ACOL's. A. I
.UK a.
i"I'l I Mini iii an are offended at we," I said .- --.. .. --- !
.1'I I'lt'! i-lovvn fooTwl but all
I ,' ''I 111'. "'I.S| i. beat!.:;.: iiitself Inside lier. IK Itl--T- Front mnmuru'h..d.lr.- I D.tR..lJOTO: lae1: I' 1 I I'WM
.. ;. : '. limits like a hoi.o.V I1 :M. A. Hrkv.ih, 'II. North Hanl"i: '
': 1-i Ins I "I am hurt that 1 should have be- i street, near Greg ury. "isltliiiiil., ", |{ KMUVLKt. A. BLOUNT. Ie' C. ImE 'l. N. X IIYEH, Jh It. !
uh rim i-iitiii'u! down of the forests "
i i !" J slowi'd my friendship on ,,11111 a trio( I ----- -- --- ------ -- D. G. '?UESTFm t I

1 ; 1 .I 1 I IK,' ..416.I.f ; : iitt-h t taster; than tb.-) can jaow a.iiiii i tier. When did this disgian-ful t'lil- H.'llIh.I. nl.t..1I I :. >

'. I ,' ",,. \\ !I.id) i., ..-its ilo-l.ii that tin time is near i I : ; It 1 I

a 'I i/'llrufr I .u 1.:01141 wlie |I"'''ik' will IH forced toother sode take eveuiug.Vhire Ibe""Last ." l n-'miKTFN nm-ii'd: tt :.ii: Kant: Wright KTHOo: .--I r.xdl.'.,t. cert.IIV I.. id Ms I 1 t i Ml aii Sil h. I i t tIt
articles D 1. t
,I1 1I1't! I i > ni.iifi-i.il for HOW "\ ?" ; 1. 1>> Mi' Miirgaret: 5laelay. .i-'f ;

.. I I'!'.Hit Ol Ut.l"WATCH Q
:li.' 11'oJ"
where sitting.
"Very near we are Fun.J.I ;. .
I ----- .
of refracted -- ---
I saw a stark sunlight
I THF KIDNlYS" from her eye by a tear. There was nomistaking 1/OR 1( M.K.of S3 peretntl'rlowrot frenlthictnet"r'iircondnand n nice! .. ZtijWe draw oar oii Dills of Exl-hai'Jtr- 02 Great Erj:!am, ItalatGerniisuy. It +
Int matting j u-t
., I... ,, ..I 4Ile.. "When t "pv n r- ;atf..ctf-d. life i- int ; it.it'l'u ; furniture, firmanitek- ,in.,1\ Fiuiis. 4adtrla, Italy: Hl)'.h\.j. '-p!u". P.elgictu: Knasta: Nfl' ; r !

.. 116t .t inger." ;sayDr.. AU..ruetliy, the ".\ ," 1 said, "foraive me." ; 'Kurnitun tin.for 4u ttore per ,o,i.'n:*:*o bflt. TnrraKeimM>.. ,....t. ht I- i-h\ tfIi i way "tarrbteu Df n: tari iud ot'-r!' r.in p eat call :.ell. I 1'f :

: ." t"I I i-At Em. hsh! t'fl1Cintl. F 1pyV "\.. hate treated me -hamefully" ,

.. !, Kidney i Curt- m.ifconi.cl kidney-. 'Aks'n, no one in the wide world I OB 8AKK-Tlm mo t des'.rahlt .lot in OO-V'jl- Di"bnrsed; Uf-Jti this Mo-t KurrtuMa! Tprm-- and thH'aOhlgatlons f f'if'H .1' ;
"1 ; vV. D'Alemberto.. 121\. Palafox th > city oa racy terra, by the I"'tbrrKrahEstats' : ; I'1\1ten Fayiblt P* PO"1 or "emu-B'-l; i Ten cr H'fi'.sr t I
< ,
you"The --
save : Agency A1) 1. South 1'aiafoi
., ; -treat.i andit l'alni ti-s' Arrh t"'MIJ \
:!.I time for words, had passed lireet. 'tf

"elf ,i was fortunate that there was: some /' 'R"-\I.E-I'ow WIIVI.! '!k--.,l Ii l tall: .t "Snfoty D:)po;J !- H in to I Apul\"W s ittrdeld. JIII: !
.r besides wonls
O1J.lu '
I A I'lsnt I. MMfnrn which 'tvG h&v st''ri'ra: Apartment ftls' *.3> p trf a ;
t .iu take their I'la' ('. I put mj ante aiiout .
I the tows nt lliiaersheiui. Oerin | I >r. -- /1 tI..ill } '
of Jent';r .
-" pi\- is ,;oiliy| the most unique tier waist, drew her toward me and --- ,
i'iy pit 1I1E-5 '.I\KI"--Miiin Kvtlnre o.1.,. .
i i I. thlee i 14lI t ill the woilil. It is u rosebush kissed her 111111btr.wilianlClrhsrd-nr'.ii! : : a1.' "f ;
laughter from behind ilress 'ii.tkni. us de'!! r.:">\\niMi' -' i iI
: V burst merry
I 11'.i-1 old ami .sproutfrom its!
il'U''e year ( 'I I IIHJ will i'. pl.iiM-d to Imv. n, i f> I', :I- WE WILL'FURNISH YOUR HOME FREE i iW"
about neck ur
: i i ,,M.I! 'us hate utilized fabulous sum a (child's! arms my l-Hll. OlllHTHtt'lUleil lulMllI I" ..014), "Iii.iatnimt.i. .

i '. PI'U' I -i u;.', ,vi'-ir* alto a rich Cn! liishman of.I 'i.'\ uioutll against; : my cheek: .. "I'tinr.*"._, "iII ---- i i10

i i \ It t.lsl- I I G -..1 I .".'.",n.O.Hi for this entire tree, but ".\h"'I!." 1 said( "thi-i i, the .thill!!,' . .._ \. I It ti < >.01. ):-i / ,. .'. \. ". .II_ r t I
-- -- ----- '
t ? I I pit-f be- tl e SUM was Indignantly refiiM'l. This the nHlUead.tl! girl with a chalky compleion KI'I. :H KAH KKIKVKManufacturerand : I: '1 .. ,' [ : ,; ; ''I!
.1 i' 1.,1., '. v ..It.h': nil plant clings amid thickly ,* the 'siuuer,' who kissed me. 1 \ I dialer! ID Hair (Good, Hat. '1'othetkrtlelreltatrOIL i I"oj'"' "I I'"I .... I
,*-tc.,8l'ii W lio..rDm..nlnrHet t ,. I
.1' i i it) ." ff I ':r''wi moss n>;tiiiist the side of the ta- She: has offended again. ." i I -- -- t I,

I I". ., !1... ixlin I :-.in., oM ( rhtm of St 3hi&! 'hael. It is.1.1I1l"d Allen rose and without a word '" .. ., )

.; .' ...\ ."illetlI 1 !! i lint it h.IS I hl..llletllt.r.'lIl1lal.! walked) away and crossed the !boardwalk hot' It'ltl.LINt4LF 1': ". :. ":;:..1 !'i. 'j I ;:-.'',,t- .. ", '
: -- .
-- ,
4' .I I ,'" I I,1", I! l\ ,1m, e the day, of Ivim Alfred! and lull iu 1f'w minutes her re- : : .COMK KKOXVN: -: ; ii w. i I:....1'f' "-....,.IMamr> .n. ,s?,'I'i J'I I "MI| ,
treatins tmure was lost within the jior- !Mock and Kg,- for -aIPLdaVHo'deretwiili 'II" I ,. I ....' ,|t. I It." l I
IIi! ," II pi'"' I' pit* I''i '. 'I'III''lIt K.IS nexer been tllspiltt.l }
Hiriiw.ir., l lt .lICU'l' ;, I 1"I 1 I "1 ..". ;
u'i ,. :, .\ .I.1 I LaB' :a I for its record has l lte''ll as carefully lab of the hotel."Is I R i 1'1 I '- :'. ; ;- fftW ; )4I

I .i.. '"' 11.,' I 1'1"1'; 4 ktt, a- the iH-diurce of the bluest she mtulV" asketl lay little friend. FI.O\VJIt-o.: ,I:, .-. ,. '.. .' :"" /.' 'T.'S'." '" 'myKu i Ii;; ,; .

a. ..;' '.i l ,I \ ::111.I' .>- iil.mtli( d I family in the kingdom. It I:1l1: (luesn't express it. Can't you pUT KUtVKR-J: and floral l.t-.iRn8l ." -I. II Ii.

.! ,' :,:,' I"II is HjiptiM-d to have l been dlscoveretl dial a won! in your t'hiM's(1Itlllar! )' : wprcial l dtifclKn ordered Inr CD'-toinre ', ., I", < '. ," (Am' .: I. .,, I
d eribe her i-oiidi\ Ml** Violette Moreno 8.8 West Ur-gnrT, I w I I t I \
will !Utter
that '
f 11. "1I1"'I'i"l : : ; .c
\ s'liue mxstfiious' nu-ans; through P one WinTANTKI'Mtn ; ,. ; Jf
.. .. ''" I .
I'M' iiiiitinni I of Kiiiv( ; I.<,nus of UilJtrsiii'iin lion ,, or M U.liI' ".1111.1ST. 1

. > ;I us far back as 1'X.ti.: "I WI1 had t lira11..1'did you d-iV on"' to bitterly condemn -v--- -- 'V.- :-"toTJ.U. SAlVONA SOAP CO., Cor. 12th K 'n4 Sts LOUIS! MO. ;lijlf i: I' I : ,.

"II'f"t""I't to ]yarn burl),'r !'rai-! !
:l woman \\ 1111'lI1I1I1 retvi\c a \\ l' ; ; .1
, I 111\ -.tl..r. (a.tll'.lnt;, > > Shady' pnl tk.', iimliifil! t'ii''h!! r ; :
. t : 'it kis.s( from a man to whom >he was notenamel iiiori-t-xpfrifi.i-f. in-hoi t linn' tlnri 1 'iireUtw (
: ..v tu 1,1'\ / \ i ii'i'J hvttll. The wife of an Kdmiiiir! journalist and then kissed her uijself. hert loins given, IHIHII '1'11'1111.< 'rtL't.'sSHtiirdH :NOIIfK. CHOICEST ii' : i
i \ w't', iblV'Iu- fiid, to unmarried friend: ; "' : >s. t-siabli-hrd. lsi: I'uriu'u- : I "
it jouni; .
actedr \l-udly, I jlitt. : ; uinailfit frt..-. Molt-r H.. A'
"I hate Inr-aiiil '
> -ata ibtr -
; '
1: -s. T'I LIIII"- and I IMXt b..11!! 'IIIJ"! IZI it it- t IFRuITS
'tnuit. take my ad+ ire neeruurry aslmmed of ruli'KtNPW Orl Hiis, IM s."if. : --4F--
,t ri l'.ey move the child "and am heartily Win. jeiijuiiaKryanV
ub.criptionfor -
'My i but copiously! and i a new >pajier nla 1 t. mjsflf. I w'i i..ll you would go to tier \\TANrKl-r n coiorHd hl)'s at IvnsB- i i I

I a t"III" i'! >I'rtJ.! .., ; "Hut jour hus'iaml is newspaper 'j for me and tell her !II,." I II colic Atlilf'ie club; aho! oar girl to wait paper The Cmmiiiui: i H i! mmmC. T I! ,

j -' ; I. :: ; I. It f' I'I-. I'l.n., .,and >oii seem to get along very : 1 ti-thimsuiiii r H..III"1II11lIld class.liaytt'ii tall' at strt-ct club The price i- slitper/ ; year nid: : j jAI
:: .
II. !I'J, .! I. :--L..i'l'ar,!. v ,I to the hotel. Shi v it was her bedtime 1. n Vlncfo. Tl'ne de-rll: { tJ"! I 1st 'r -- '
'Hiit Me dou't. ii:\ery evening he'is .. ', --- ---- --- '.. It:1. !: ICI .
and 1 preferred that ,\10. auger i .. all have it -nr. i i \ : !
VANI'EI-1ittandgran.aek' M-'ll-n-
I "!_" hone .1 Itis; bundle of news- should June tiiw to cm.l I deferred! theniessii \\ .1, fL.by {'n ::-:.::wuANTFUAil fLltu the ind'tu'n: d. APOSTLE'S: ".'
!I'' ; t s tiom! all\ over the coui.tr. and hut the H.V. 10 M HF. t:4: :
mornine! .
i- till the ne\t

: CASTOR! :t "liow." ii.j: *.iliixt's.':';' me Crazy" ne\t ;:inoriiinu Alecn's tuother an- \ )? botch: 8..1I'RtltJUI't.lunds ot empty novvtiuiuali toe .------c- -,rt (I.n:1'.- -:\-wf -" 14 East t asiermiit st+t., :1 ; I

, niMitl that her ,1:11IItl'1''a" indit.pos. ,
/.M: i and Children "I 1 red tiNiut the harirnin sales! in --- -- -- -' "'iria1.rly ( 'm.Ji I v', Itt| : 'ir.intSta\ ; / F i f
d and would kwp t'l her room Woman
: Every
r' I. .. :. 1'. Mati'-hester" and other places cold wind came > "u -)1111111111.11. .. & \ (11'' .- .1! :11-01'.f l Pin Ii ,.' !>t 51.7. I
:: YCU Have To\\:1nl e\eniim a ,
. Always GcDgivthat ,
< i hniiiiitii: i i..lie*, oil. xx here 1 can't get \ Ib. t.frglr! .,.1.' .i. < l ', t" .:! 1 Ii'; 'IZ"U 1Y .
; and the :'Ue' ts of thc hotel oivupiid ,.b I n
tip. ,
Scottish Aintriean.DANGtR i\Pl. \It'lIl'ln'If\t! tlicn ;
7 to --
: ..- I the draw'ns' : room. \100'11 satrt'til.i I 11 dtf, rontnimne Iirx emit- ofijiiuiU, ... "I "hR\t Vlhirhiny Spratc. 'I

." /J I :: at the other 1 ud f r'nn where I 511.11be x .i'>l" I'tit'iiinaiiun lor ml-trr, anilniiiti's ..". \;, ihrn.lul.! "t., I I', uf ,ra-gulllg v"--l'I vnirl.fil out Hud 1w
i IN FALL COLDS. ws.| She did:pot de'tll to li>ok Up at -zpain:: "l ith..'. iirKli-' ins lor ln-t-nsf x111unsure _, _-oJ__ : ,: rl"'I"" .."... "" "I." S. I 1.1: ,

I F ill colds; are liiblf to hunsj nn all nit, tnoujjh; I was tjuite sure she !knew lo pitsj \\ A. lnihlrnbrrk.1r iI" ,
a i"nt. "j.IIII'l 1 kner d"ccl.1 fur II. lhpqetinylp, :" ." r e !
-- ... in the Mj I little friend ., 1.01'1 'h ', -, ytIUUt'l.a""I" .rr"Ui"; ,
inter leaving tl> *fpjs of pneninoi.i. I was room -- ---'-- ) }

,. ""//1'1'8 do not ; bn>ncliiti-or f 1.- tame in and hade me gull night. Ittut.tl Wfll-aiifl .111111'-i.r : '.I..t.I I .i .,,1, ,,I'"*,,rflluil -.: to:" r.il3.iin .d 'p,41a., ': t 1 l .
!: consumption. ( ;
( (
- IH'"u.\ k wbA'I' 'N t / iL" ii.r 't fitl/ i
It.\ '- ll'Uiev 'nJ Tir cnri.s quickly;; "tau; tell :Miss Allen" I said to her -- put .. inih '. '. iT "" 'n 'nr"II .1. i } I I4
'If the Willis .! J I"4)K Hili: E II W tt.t.4: A"I l''yl It.s- .U.I..Hu :.n. Mltl4l1/. i .11. 111 48"' .r*lllf" t
uid ypiitstriou, re-uU.! It "that \ on have taken back the jou I
j r" i"Id Apply to'l U. 11 :'tl..rrttt and G. I. IvUb-: ,
i t'fJ.. s. I i ii Hid r-libe! tried and tested' save: me yesterday and wish to t'-ve it I i-rforil, old rnliable ...rll and pump flxtrs.< Room It:c Times Hldl(.. 'rx" t Irk 4 .raw. c .! 'Il t9 i. 'n. br. I I' I
WorK UHrantcnd. Not on tht tustailiiinQt! 411 a R 11 nRRIATQ; \ .1 1a :
, i safe 1111 I Ilire, contain? tu opiateand to h.v"She; --- ; ,
low, out Mnctlv ,
our pra'Iare pulcasb.aJlrcss ,
plan ;
f r.f' ; ; fit' s ... k. *" I Ii I will;I not con-tip. \\'. A. danced; off! to .Alien who looked I U. M. MerrillUliTf. Hi. !h

i fi h S" :: Aleuiberte. li'l S. Palafox.: from her: biiolc: \\'heu'he came tip. ami I "Aim* LODGK UIHECTOHlKNIGHTS GJE 7Ot BSELF I I IlitL5
i -- -
7 f :.I, .i.rm'h. i b 1 !..1\\ that the uit-ssemer ,spoke.! TIlf'tIfor I Itllill.llllllf llt>M-f. l', SgN r .rannO'tril i

JL =.. .2:!" i.- first time in tWI'Itt'our hour I V I' d... dIN hart. tan+n'nlatl.n% \111 f
! celebrated ,. Irma' alr' f.tlenaf.
1,1 ur
Lra W'1 fatal ol aSbv & Try one of our I ":lWII.'n'! face bresik it'tn a smile. I 1 l )iMKI'I{ * Kcs > !*: : II. Felt Mattresses. 1) Marx: Esther: Ha.. )Irs.1 nn.-lon; piupritrts rM 4tlae, l ,' -. -,, 41.1.5tu1TI'II14.t01tx -
,SS. took tLf
' :She:: IiJ not look at me, but <. All thr -iniforts tl 1)4411ft .. L Pa Beal air g'Ie000Oa. I IIsC
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Pensacola hralge, ;No 8, K of f 'i
very rascnnbltratt4 North -in t' ui -:-
They never fiack: or growtiniijnj. child in b>T arms xul" rind till an iJi-itl! place to -p.-nl a P"Itlon : +a+ti1,0 Iu! Sond eyr'y,gIMa, I. i ie.
Later Aleen down her honk arid 1 I m..HI1'7 rT Monday elan .& a. or sent ,u ptala Wr&r. f, '
put .
(I ibl:51i; t to 0 Better than a hair nf ihf sfft-on V"i in Ing at 7 ; at ague 11)' f 1i? "at tma1d fn tIrt f
tr.l.-d!! out
: left t:.- drawing PHMII I Blo-jn' -- WiNO w, S M ttFe, (:75,
r VJg' ..,. ... the I'rix alt- ."-chool.MH ? ; Il.f a4I as :!i if
i. "' ." th I mattress at half price. and found her look-ins: f' tillrd Coorvlsllng rC'J4Ea. Iu Tj
t. .. ..It<;i tl rn .." a1 1I-r..U' i I on to the piazza n________ _____ __ KnliSlni brethren cor :i..i -- '
Marston }) iiluf.It ont UTioii the ((' 'an. I approached her t f---- >
(S' ( ( PATTI HOLliE'will; rrop-n' i.. r ttt welcomed GAICrEatEh S ENGUi

: .-. ,..." ..- ._.LO..1..t.J .I\.... .. ..>.....1. put cij arm about her. kissed h'-r. anti I >trf"t"v-t I I. .school!h"''. ifftchiag at :No iV: .--t d.".:lai-k-'' 'j i r _t.i! H. HoP.51.ea Hiirf. ENNVRQVAL, !! PILLS 13 t I I }
relationship wabetmtanl j -
the n-.t stage In our K. H. ... .........
and S. Trmiv! mouth < .'b i K r"4rit..l.N't .h ; A'A'tS
or iurtwo i
per .
! ==de3 ncognJud rojphysldana you wiut a nice prefect: to give I. '! :.H t ,' .1.,011.. ... .. .,..,.. t
ma family i-'m t'hlli ..
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through }
a o a frtt'ud.'o and look the -. .. H) : : 1..1{
t r.I! I ths exst faj : I When my wife attempts to fiinL': ii I lIt:;. r.ol ... t i :
M ,
tilt line of suitable: article* At' t'lnnur l'ur I'nncral.. laL .. ..e... !fe!... .
r Lo.f J find ray face a catalogue of the rapt rimvirtues ------. Seasonable householdanll I 4\1 F,1,- b.....". .-n.r..' ..n_ ..d !..,,.. I II 1
B4id{ trDALEMBEKTE.;;;btu' J. I. zp hen*, you Barely can .... ., .. 't"
f fJ" Ie
mptiinjr! t.) please you. If con : of woman, I fire a round fcbol t [ "L4)WEKS KOK KC.NEKALSi farDlsbed kitchen utensils at the I .I. -' ... ...'. .. ..' .. I'O '1 ..1 ,'. 'I
1\tr.l at'.{ J! <<\ : i r promptly bouquets Special designs \ : .. '., I' I t. ., ry t ; I u
Diamond flag hoc In this little episode. .. .. ay
a :\nt anything in the at : I! vtlos Vlolette .Xoroo! S'SS West Gregory .. ;/ t! : <;U'H,

.'. a !I !h- sure to see him before you buy. I. F. .\. )lIICIIEL.I ;?! dim Willis Hardware Co.'s. 1-.. .. ...,.... h..-. d'.r..I..If'. ...... ..... H I

I I I I I r '1!

r i i


J : I




'...<.,. . > {|I m. Vestry meeting close! of mornIng -1. Lou of I, FEET FURNISHERS FOR CASH ONLY-

ll!1 service. English service at 7 p. I OSFR'. Appetite Means weak digestion.
m. Sunday school will open again SOCIETY EVENTS t ELEBRAT D
of the hitters
il ilAND
.......................... ,i tomorrow at 9 a. m. Children and fore strengthen meals will the Book

p i iI teachers requested to attend prorcpt- '+y t-toniaeh restore

"f divine I'Iy. Church otleritg in all services. 3 PERSONALS cure the appeuteand

service for the summer: First ma*? Christian Science' 1 p "j Headache.Indigestion. Covers

6M a. m. ; last ma-s aud stinjyi. ,, .!..5252.52-c2.5'252.52552.J :: -
Services at:J2 West Gregorytreet -
t*:*) a. m. Evening devotion's. 6
; j
,, at II a. in. All interested are invited and Mr. E. Swift are the Dyspepsia si

p.m. to attend. proud parent: of a fine boy.
M. Joseph'-, Rev. Robert Faller- CoES'apationlieure Free !

ton, I'tor-Fu.t mol*-, 6.3. a. m.; !"ah'al'rn..}'. Walter Williams: left today for STOMACH and try

high ma: ;,:*, J>:dO a. n.; benediction: i! Every one i is cordially invited to Cincinnati to enjoy a two weeks' a IT EFt 5 U. Kir sale! by
I alii drui;'I.I' To all purchasers of SCHt .t 'I 1 .
7:3o p. m. I i :attend the meeting at the Barracks vacation. :
will ,:!iv- hsid"m >nk <:"" \"rVhy not keep your set. '

1----: : "I. I DcReacl.estreet. Holinessmeet- Friends of Dr. aud Mr*. W. A. J. C. K. OF A. SOIREEThe and w.t. : w-
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