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Vacation time is here anil 'lio rhil]- leading pbvKMU,- ,>f M .. ,"tv. ,
>f.; Ycuk. July r:'.-G,oree 0Corpv. I ffQm t lie 1 ? "II',> ? fiitf .
:\JP.,.. :\1 (; JH'SCI
lisiiiiiiiilli'il Keiiliirki.'in.At nho was airested liy a post")!- dren are faiily living out ut i-
I i iiis I ; ,,,,, [>, \- dil. tin time when John (i. Carlisle Company.
STEAMER LINE I fie- inspector in Pateison. X. Y., on, There could Iv no healtiiii r pl.i : ,!
was senator from 1\l'l1t1l1'kbi1; .
I Thursday night on a charge of havinj tht m. Vou need only to i1l.1t.1 a!:.u'
sM-ccii's were widely limited and attr -
lVii..<\(-dl.i and :Million IioalKims used the mails for fraudulent purpose the accidents incidental! toJ n, -' "n DR. MOFFETT'STEETHING
:icted a trreat deal of attention. One
lIail)' .. \1"111 Miiula) has ben arraigned before United Stat-z; i air sports. No remedy eiu.u l I'm sWitch ;
il.i.v! \\ h'o the senate was in session; a

S >> "CITY Ol: TAMPA." IIJlluHt.I II'r from the wildest wilds of Commissioner Shields and held in : Hazel Salve for 'Il1l1'\| : stop

J1.5HO bail for examination Thar
Kfi Ivnttuky pn-stiitfd hiniM'lf at the ntxt: I pins pain or removing dans" scrous
Jv.:MiltonArlYoaou :. am }.\-I''n"II'ola.1 :J' Jim
.'o.Maiil Ar Mllloli ;..u I Jilll.lIn' ,lo.>r and askiti to M.I.vn.itor Carlisle.Thf day. i consequents. For i 'i' -. !:cal's:

I ''C Hound tnpl.t I .''', visitor wore lioiutt>|>un and K-athcr -----R and wounds. "I used D<-\\'iti Witch

-j I Ij boots and was travel blamed and dus Blanton Again spited. Hazel Salve for soucuts andbiuist'S. ( POWDERS)
Raleigh July :!Governor Ayroi':' ." savs L. 15. Jo'iuson! SWift
ty. He explained: that he bad u-ad :Mr.Carlisle's : Yurt> 1'1 A'Rt.
Tlir J.. uurl of Itiiiiurlurl ( lir-rnr. ; grants another respite, this time unt. 'Tex.. "It is the best I'-Ult 11\ on the "* iI'
and considcntltlnm .J. W Kcrrr' -\rtaDIB' 5Ithr'dtM! Corferenre.wr.t* :> [n'.I d" "
-lUffort cbifsf, like many other fp'vchcs! Aug. 5, to Richard Blanton negr I' market.: ?ure cure for piles; and t"iii. k "-- f.f' u- '_TH1NV" We.- ',rb. w ,, h..eri- d.,> innunt I
I ;!rl'at. and had'nlk( } more than iiu< ap> k3.'" Illramealsm..lo, -inn' tim,>:ojrtii *',,. ul > -
Ultlll"* fiMnl jiroductions has its bgeinlcf under be hansrd skin diseases. Itevvare ot t.unt r- ,. .
senUr.ce to :: at Sai! *.>n m al B 'tti n fr dirs1 n..It, >< I* .I"t c .e Ji.1. \ %< : A
:u-eiilt'iital origin.; A bbi-plicrd laJ, a hundred miles in order to see the bury for assault. evidence agamililanton fens.! Harei: ?" Pharmacy John Shi'p- rrrfa't r>i .f ar ,1 hi' ,... haj nu farther trualiie. CUbir meail: 'n it i. (. .J '..n ."
I senator from his state. Mr. Carlisle I txxa a iit tt*uc:fs.
bavin:: for oiue more luiuLeon tbnu becouUi is said" upon high authoritv pard and Svdney Kabii.
the time and the cKrk informed i .
was busy at
eat. while tcinlin:: his tlntk of I to be wrak and disconnected II iin -OU.I.h 'i> ,tilt! .
the vistnr that be could not bedisturlKd. I very I I Know One "tire n..m..lyI BOYS and GIRLS! nltlu..yrluJ"jJft i
(Juvji laiol I a larse:: porti..1llf bis bread ... .
is in the penitentiary here, where h I *
The farmer looked disapoiuted < ftr an ot,Bate cold tJoUllC '" .lyal.JU3 in. 'Mil t HII .1I1i!
and ( brof ui>on a natural shelf in out lUll our "Blueinetlll"r| 'cnt. cotnmit'lon on all -a--! Aniili-i -II'
and s-ec-infl reluctant depait. was brought after the first respite. .. .... lli.-v/ .!., ,. ,
( to hroUIor-nl.u.! !lt> iviait\ v g'itnl!' .b. M > a Oiic t I'
uf tl.f caverns nearby. Itnylike.! \ befcrcot I If you want a nice rresellt to give' .. .. .. .
Itlue nati-r Mm V'I a-t-d I\ft : VV no r"loI..rur.\ >imr 1- i \
; all a'M.ut! it until !','wl'almonth'! i Filially he asked if be misht betaken :o a friend go and look through the ""11)0"I!' i;, -, ell\ n i -. i.d riv .tuin mail' on** ii/-n pnika- "Bi fMi
where b*' couM just catch apliraitse Six-Year-Old Boy Is Killed. elegant line of suitable article at VA henii HoM mi-ill ,'; \;m i--Dr... tan.n t Ih.IoIl6lItilt. a'w
{ 1.1"1' on returning: to that cavern bf of the p-oat man he bad alked I Greenville, S C., July! 21.-Willie! 'I, J. I. htephen*, you ;urely can flnd -Inn Iin ,it Jt-lnv' IoUII1'.', ai','iAtlclri .
found bis luncbiiin. Ibe cbf-es<>, initead ; ..... C.I.K.VN: :'IL\\t-: r .\l 11-HIM.: <<< O. Prj.t C IH. Itot'll. i "l'iHOYAL
far The Jackson. tu six-year-old son of JosfpiJackbun. omf-thil\rr to plea-e you. If you
s-o to see. re>|nes-t was granted .
dn- I
of ? < up or rotten, was --
and Mr. Clrlls:15 poiiite out' of W l1tord. was accidental!.. want anything in the Diamond line .
rirb. moist and creamy and !streaked to "ee him before, vc>u buy. i.
shot and killed Saturdaj' while hf >eure
to him_ After a britf scrutiny the : an
with fTt"'UI"11 blue veins of mold the II STMHD IF!
other beys were 1.1aing'ith a loj.i
remains bf thr bread whiili bnd lain fnruior tnrind<) tin1 attendant: ;

"Iteads a he-ap better'n he l on (>r under it. II>> protiably told bisia IF YOU ARE
i 8 Years Old I in Cases of I 4 Full Coarts at S3.20
,ithfr of his diso\' Ty and sli.'ired his : senteutiotisly. and prepared per :::

f .-1\1"| with otbt-rs.. Tbe vil- to walk back home.-New Yoik Times. i
j4 ie <> s' ; Sure to He Prrjuilirril, LOOKING FOR BARGAINS

b'rR; wore iiuick to rwopnze the 1mItxturv Friend-Don't look so blue. You have ii 3 rnHI:> \\'YI.KEY i" ditlll. ,I i- \ ,.IJL I-,,,, i
and of the Ui- r.li-rlric 1.1 li \ .-r> Old. i .
1'1'\\.1 quality a good case. i Ky.. Di-tillery. and i-fullv -, .1 u, w

fllt'.....', ami henceforth all their cheesestakiii Certain species 1 tit tkttric fishes have I Jilll'uu-Xo use. I'll h>e. 1 know i:! For the next ten day< I will sell'i I h..tnr.. bottling.; It i* ab-olutelv .1' nd n I
'eeu known from very early times. O<*- \\'hik.- tin, -10
.'re lo thes** caves to riieu. I'll !os \ Every man on that jury ln-d PI quality by any yif

71'S 111''IIt'.1 by a joint stotkcorapany onsion.iily wt rinil peojjlo ascribing either rented or bought a house of iiu- ,, you any article now in -tile:' at .idiicnuut IP.itter wltl'rl' produced. TIt.I-! i i'

about sis bundnd I mvstcrious powers to them both of >1- "I::.!! yearold: when b.ittl'd. ai ilitexcellent j
who employ wuu I was in the real estate business : of 2: per cent fro in the r"i ,!-
good and eviL It is certain that theAliyssmiaiis quality, I- the clinipi-1! wtne
vomi'ii to tend the cheese. Oak
-New York Weekly.HiTi'ilil. i| ulIT price. Think of It-.oU will market at that <'p. Ai III'r ian
knew electric .l andUS.M pr
>!-Ives on vv hih the CIH'SS are placedand an e .
I save fJ""n a diamond rm;; or pin. .ib-iiluuly pure -titnnlatit, t'ifri i 1-
so amused that ea< h rhwsjmay it "as a remedy for nervous disvises. I .
) would cot :shipped; in ci-e- containing un mark-
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00 yon believe in heredity? indicate contents. If piircia-cr! up v
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cav give ovt-r square "Certainly. I know a barber: Mho the whi-key, 1< not atl-fied wit'''
room. :No (oiisejous of its i>ovvers. Hum- i I every dollar's worth you buy Now the
; has three little shavers.Xevv York can return -une: at our t-xpi-n-i <

I boldt cU-scnbes an old method of captiiri Times. ; is the time to buy your diamond or will be refunded.

< .n, \\-..r_r Tlinn ItulU. : >v tills ,'t,1 l |iracticed b}' the Cast i watch or any other article intock Ail order* -l.otild be accompanicurr i -

It is siid that the Spam.sh) bullfighterrrfiisis Indians, which co'.iMstwl In drivinhorws := Folev's Kidney Cure purifies the i very cheip. Call and examinejrooiU. *.ncy, pn-toH'ce money order b'I.k! 1-
; ,
order. Wfer t. I- d.
to fae a cow. as beins MI mu<'bnuiro > into waters inhabited! by the blood by straining out Impurities and thn oiler ifor premoney
iliiu'iTi-us.: A bull makes a ittmd i eel and allowing the eels to exhausttheiutlves tones up the whole system. Cures Bank or any mei chant m
only ten day;;. Xr> trouble to -how
rush at his assailant and this a little i hy attacking the horsi-s!; kidney and bladder troubles. Sold by I

.. Know It'llf' : d exiK-rwiuv will soon etioble with their elettric organs, when they I W. A. D'Alemberte, 121 South Palafox !I I : uod-. J. hTEPHKX": "*. S. A. FRIEDMAN

an native man to II'oi"lit a row were "easily tmr[>ooiied by the Indian' I street. 112 :South Palafoxtreet.

ffiuvx w.th her horns with a'skill\ and I. ;." but suIistHjuent travders In the ;

t I diiitku..sH u;:"'X|' vtfd in such an apparcully ) : same: parts where Humlnldt says the \ IVfiilijr Name."What i The fine-t line of umbrella- in the 1I1.J.; l'KtlPIUETUK. l'KNs\u\ .. t ,

cliinisx.. uuiiuaL mid n man must custom was practiced have denied the ttiiikes jou call your rankI'l'iir city N at J. I. HtephenV. Go look

1. U. aitiviid,ttl who run avoid the re- j jf report and it is now not generally believed. ),"\\;':" at them. a' O. BOX 1114. '11:1.11'11": ; 17tr

: r J..ti"tl attacks of mi ausrv' tovv.in However, the electric eel has "It 'uiinds uie of de happy da>' w'n-u!

t ; TL.' bui. ntate of nature, fights been know to those people for centuries. I was workin' fob aouie o' ..10'111d"1 // wish the very best 1 'la'idl" every ch"f Liql-;
': to ol.taui the mastery of the Lerd and i if p-uiuii-ii at de cluti." an!:\\ <-i,,-l :\!iLru bulk or bi'ttle wholesale or retail u ; I .'
kill but the ct'W only to dnvindat i ice cream freezer at every
n"t to protect : \M Ills < lillil !'R" Him.A "' uih Piiikley. "Wlnu'w are way down.

! f-i Ler t.II"'I'::.::. ainl. in her ,':lSI'. there K I I prouiiiient real estate man in Los I II uuile. I ha* to talk to him jc- al"lIIl I lowest price, the Willis AGENT FOR THE FAMOUS PABST BEER.

jiO'i'i1' :.:IVIMI_ It would not )lit' tn the i I Angeles had UlI'XI'I'ri'ul'l. a fl.'we"t'II'in"i de s.iuie as U'-in uemmm wa > ta.kni\ tode Hardware Co. can please

ndvaiita-t> cr" the herd that the bulls. aso that kept him KUessins: for a I loa I:- vvlicii dey was leariiiu' to jilajIt1 "

tbould kill each oth>>r in determining; i i"hitb I. little I bit as to bcthcr bf should feelcoinpliiiHMitetl gunii*."-Washington! Star. you. WICKE&CO.

tintron and therefont'a. ._
\\:11\ ;; T.
--- ---- -
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i home with one littje) daughter;
"'"ftll'otu._ I'tit It i... on the other hand, i ipttl I his wife and another ot the children "1 do not uudiTstaml "'I..r.- t<> i>tit 15 tcnta each and make them looi

to the advnutate of the calves were downtown I'arkness was com- this uieat botli.it it will l k'op! ." -anI '> like uw. Star Laundry. Plumber Gas and Steam Fitter

ando of the futuie of the herd that ; ,
: P"M| wit.. "There Is DO kt> in ti-! I.' ,
little anxiouly
Ins on. and the jrirl was
nil rtifmtfft... that dare to attack them fri aerator." Water coolers that do not
: I watc'iiiiif; for her mother's return
booM IN bluin.tt i nervousness javw ajwce in s.pite of "Put it In The furnace" ....hj..Otho'! waste ice, at the M'illis No. & South Palafox Street.

11I..r kind lui-li.iii'1 "TI'lt.1' tip. .-,1.' M All Kind. 01 Plumbing and Oas Kutin {s Materials Kept '"i Ii. '
father's at rcassuran'se.At
O'ul..I ..I.la atteuiptsi Hardware Co. 'so ... .. .. .. .
little burst into Spot ill the hollar last Wi'lttr.UIWV !!.! .' -V,- l.t'.PUONK' tt J, .1.
length the one
a w. II !I. :, .\\ii l.imflidiir" town .\.imi\UI.

tlJrna n,.nl, ;i nun \vl.o is aliont as !I tears raving: \VKKKLY CIllV1..: L
I "I jest can't help it: 1 need mamma ----- ---
t'tIretul.f -' !tl.! '.- or tv\u ..ia nun .A. 1.VL. A.
.an wi'll : i; p 'ir ai.Mhum: : likit. and 1 must have her:" : A Cure For Summer Complaint. FOR STEAM DIVI ION V'ery

II l 101l > "lI1f..rt.bIt' "Do jnu ilo this way when your Summer is I'hNS COUV Kl.KCIUICThllMIKAKA
.\: v :'it > :i I' -s in complaint unusually piev-
nun.i is fere aud I'm away?" asked -I'1' K.--OB I A I K> ._ .1. i -
('il' -'UKis- ,I1I<1. IK',IU tllllttV.a ma alent among children this season A 1 IiAY C"II'Y..

i] Iweeot i ,du..trn is. h.- v\.s mnsiductl the father.
well in the wri'or's JOBBER OF
the little developed case Trains leave r"n acoa for tbe LlltiKATOQ IMPORTER AND
"No of not replied
..Ii. :Me adll'\.r course .
'IUIt. Ill< in ''st :;; > HIll l.ayou.Varnngton, >an rand
cured lat week the
family was by
,.f llw lu'L1! II"'rh,*nl i'0'vvithstaiiiliiis: one. 'cause then there's some jrownup Kort harraaca. at
about the house!"-Los Anjreles timely u,-e of Chamberla.n's: Coli. HARDWARE.
bis i'\;K-IIK-SS in niati.Ts tiiianctai '..lot m. arrive at Kort Barrancai 7.1 atIIJ.IAIA
llefluallv' marrieti a widow worth lIoraM. Cholera and Diarrhoea Jtem.onat m. arrive at tort Karraacai 10.ii.n
the best patent medicines manufactured l.Ki p.m. arrive at tort Barrancai l.3p c
-- --- --
In ber awn runt; some i1i.t.: ... and is BIO p. m. arrive at tort harraocat :15 p o .
old The Best Liniment For Strains. and which alwajs kept on H:15 II. m. arrive at hort Barrancai Tunp L Ir'in, NailAxe- .o'I:: I- r aw Mill and "' !" :iinb" itnjihe
aftt-r the an
i-bcrtly Mr. F. II. Wells the merchant at hand at the home of ye scribe. This 'blA> p. m arrive at Kort Barrancai S.tipo :' | C". tknu and Hnatiujj :"'\ "* -. }' fri.IDIIDt't him. is not intended as a free puff for the Trains eave Kort Barrancai for heonoola OlaJans Pi-toU an! FI-.tllL fnklAsalc *-
Deer Park Lon Island. X. Y.
," lie said, "to oonsrntuUte ;; says: at
.\tU>w m- corupanv who do not advertise with

>"n. Your vcddius was worth ad..r "I alwajs recommend Chamberlam'sPain us. !but to btnrtit little] suffcters who 7:15 a m. arrive at Hecsacola u_ .% a. II ami Till ware ami IloiheriirnisliiiillifAOENSFOH :; ( ..oolJ .
Dam! as the best liniment for ,., arrive at P"n.acola.Jltb ;.11
il ,.ti'.1 t,. .\ "II." may unt be w.tliin ea.'v acce s of a It : p m. -
i strains. I used it lait winter for a : J:0u p. m. arrive at feniacola,- JtiSj. ,. I BII1MI.NUHAM IIOLLINO\ MILL Ciuiit J 1'-\ \ e1RHHfo
.*N".' h.> n-p': ',1!. "not jnite> so much.Jtd ." severe lanunesg in the side result ph sicaD. Xo family <=louM be without 5-iKi p m arrive all'.u acola uUU__ 5 t5 p nT.Oip :
there a bottle! of this! medicine in the m. arrive at Pec aoola.___. T.tSpj.tip ( : Mitched llelMtii.: Northampton En. .'
d: :-iuht was every
:; ing frcru a strain and was greatly
at Feniacola 9.Ks
arrive r
'. hOlls!>. especially in summer time m. Whf'll'o., Liftin & Hand Powder Co., Johu-on- 1\ 1\-
tlf '" in it with '
j-enny x pleased the quick relief and cure lturd"Y' only
t I.an"inz. Iowa Journal For sale by -omine, Iron Kmnd Buck htoven and Kan-! \V,
"<>h, :i"" I'II.j l ilw r.ctitHlict: "1 had it effected" For !ale by all druggists FARE: FOB WEEK: DAT8.Feniaoola -( .
all .I: llgglsls and mMiune deallrs.O.A..BTonrA. Coup? t>) p-iv t-j 1'Js: '*! fni tin- marriage! li- and mHuitip il-aUrs-! to Kort arr.ncaland retort tPenacola I .
IO >.TT iard and return_ *% Railroad Color
('\11"-: \01.\\I '"\> '.' : Feoiaooia to Palmetto K*ach and return ltrXDAT > f'Ja.
Masonic TemulP. P( nfoin'ola.
Bronchitis For Twenty Years. Foley's Honey ana Tar "'a the \ .;1' BcIZ' ICHtDCDI.: -

Mrs, Minerva m.th. of Panville. fnr children.sale.sure.'oooiat,.* 1' .::I..ef When coaches weather. permits tbe ronnlcg 0opl'n

111. writes'I hal bronchitis! for '(' ;. at L"aVl Feniaoola Lr Kort fearrasMla. I i :; := W. B. WRIGHT>> GdPAlW.MANCFACTUKEKS .

10 .
twenty vear1? anil! ncvr $rt rehtf until m. a.m.U tl
a.m. 11 m
I nsed }Ft'ls Hon'v and Tar Ip.m, I p. m \
CASTOR Pocket cutler and scissors *
which is a sii'> i "T* Si-lJ bvv. A. Ip.m p. m. : AMI tEAi f-

V'\lt'm .'rtP. 1 1 L '11'1 Palafox SIr( .'tlUI from the Jinebt to the Ip.m p.m. \tt ..
For Intants and Children 4 p. m p m.
ryny' ..
'v"y ..I'... lJ ,'411IDJA1 ,)I iL uarrUl! fne Kind You Have Always Bongiv! Hardware Co.BANNR Ip.m fBtfOB 8CKDATc'eaiaoo'ato : Tp.m } '

CAB "1." 0 nJ: : A. art Btrrancti 5,ry I !fflKGlES-EU-rr:; : :
t3 dM> tn... ry lard And return_____ tit / I
P"n oot! to faiicetto Mtieb tsdrftriTK P. ,**
:;:t rLJiZi.J: ..:.ll.fwrur". lJl S A LVJgj ._______ lOt =--L.J'' -.,;. /' PENHACOI.A. FLA

01 'he most heailna:! BB'.VS In v\t worirf. ;\Ior'itt E'ITldarulIDplP. 1 II




J I --.11II

-----t- ..;;. ,....,,1'" < :. '"" "" ''"'''I'-:'''''''''' ''--'--'-''' ">' ,_ ...
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I lift' IIrr3


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tLuught ,,!It'll take It differently. id I I I
Le to himself. AN OLD DACE' .

And she drove home. Only when she
.B.OijOHEMIJlN Work of United States Agricultural De
sot: to her own room and remembered t___ I F SAYS_.. ; ;
I in North Carolina.
Just what she had meant to say and ,, f V 3 partment I I I" *I'

,Kingi.fa'IBott' d Beers." Brewed from Bohemian Hops. just what she had said did she see the Raleigh, July :21.-The state soil survey "A light purse Is a heavy corse" : t : i i I

SOLD EVERYWHLRE. humor of it. and thereupon she cried.Tliarkeraj't ; in which the United States agncu'Hira Sickness makes a light purs*. : ; i
I ) department u co-operating Ito I l
The LIVER is the seat of nine : i ,1 I"I I!;:
? be pushed! beyond the Blue Ridge .
lI ply. : of all' disease.Titfs !;
'::?. and will by the end of next summl'r''
v WERE BLOWN. HER ESCAPE Thackeray: was not a bumnrist in

j the seii>e that IMckeus was nor a wit : traverse the entire state from east tr I ;
; west following! the Atlantic and Soutt :
Case of Dynamite Surely It ever a man deserved pun in the MiiMthat! Jerrold was, but he
Carolina, the North
Carolina and H Hgo
1 now and then said n good thins in a : thll I
'. ''v Drop It. : 1'hi'ient at the hanus of woman: that : I Western North Carolina railways froir :

:!IA F pedal nia'i was Ashbv! Ciilun.: lIe had beI j I juict! way. lie was pestered on one I ,I .
Beaufort harbor to Paint Rock ,
O'-casion while! America on tar
by a young
>m Dallas. Or?.. 1m'(>d U1f&1r.rivahiy.; j: ; I

report has just She had met him for the first time atNice ;gentleman! of an b'1uirinDiml;; as to i I II Tennessee line. to the root of the whole nut ; i: ; il
i The state board of
II I agriculture whici
what of this and
t ir men fnsaseji In Ui' early (part of the winter. > was thought; person I has ter, thoroughly, quickly safely ; ; t
soil test farms In Robeson I
in "Mr. Thacki'rny. an
that Liipland.
i nliia River ar..i She was there with an enervated aunt I| person and restore the action of the : : f.
: I Edsecombe counties will\ establish
\\f\ asked\ "what do they think an
He and '
i' Ijle. the! was there on more pleasure!
of Tupi{TV" "They don't think of other in the Piedmont region and verb j I LIVER to normal condition. : 1 t;
.l' Columbia. 1flir.g (> had Riven Ltr to undir!'tanJ that hOj: SECRETStAt I
had tied hothouse Tupiier." was the reply.A I probably! in IredeK: Catawba or Lin Give tone to the and I : !
from ;
.- I
tirwome adulation in London to 1
identally! drop- I: solid flesh to the body. I : i I j'i
M lmlin5. killin bathe his soul in pure sunshine. He Marked nOn 3lan.Mri. I' th. Pric. of Suffering. i < ,

foreman's body? had talked culture and personalities in I' Jones I don't see what she .: Excellent Is King's Health. I I Take No Substitute.. -- I I ; t:

perfect proportion. lIe had been charm- wonted to marry him for; he has a cork Woman on her way to sraii-invalu'.i;; .:} Cowes. Isle of Wight. July 21.-A ,I ", i t !

iousl i ins had woru striped !linen a pointed I Ip1:. a gIis i eye and fa be teeth. I caused Ignorance by: pregnancy her suiTurs sutTer r.iuth al"u:>... !. I bulletin issued today on the coaditior! i i - I ; i Ii

I ; injured. : beard and a femil* of fascinating: fai i: Mrs. Smith-Well. my dear, you know in silence and prompts remain in the u dark as tf of King Edward says"The: kng tin :: The Beer ;. t : I:

women always did ha\e hankering I excellent health. He is gaining ', :
tigue. He had deluged; her with expenMVP I the true cause-nioUirhood.Mother's I '

flowers. At first these! flowers had after fI'lIlnaulswart Set Friend takes the ik.ctor'- strength and the wound continues ., i! i !; i .

.\ iMr.son Dead. come with a mere card. A little! later I place and she has no CAU.C for an inter heal satisfactorily. His majesty was That Made 1

-1.: -Dr. Joseph; the card was often inchsed! <
'H of a istia! elope) and covered with S\lUJI' FUZpestivv :: :, The Kt-d llaiivd club of Dublin ; modesty is protected.! Iail\: application owing to the unfavorable weath!

: fate and! fath' from the /rench which tiourUUedenrs! aio; was a so- tr the breast anl abdomen throughout er." : ;
little jor
iblc h-ro the 1
freg'nanc1:11':: her to U1"' ; I ANHHtlmR rAM&
I ,1.!it Theodore d States >!1I 1-, ( lerman ssP. i, I'ittj whii-b barred out all whose hirsute -I period ot ge>tati.m in a cheerful mood I f

Ai| Still later the Coders' had come with eoxerinj;:: u as not of the most pro- and rest undisturbed." : ,
,,"., Jr.. of Xev their nouia-iil atiliiiru. I In order that tiu one I !Sriintor I'rje'* 1'aiinma. n
out a word bearing: own iue.s-ige: '
; .
What is aid to be the finest panama I isVICTORIA- : '
noted in''! i-onlU ;pain; H'.liw-sioii! by false pretensesit Mother's Friend i :
and when he a spray or two I'I hat Wat-lilugton< i is,, worn l by senator : i
her dress he wouU perhaps' steady his was rriitiireil; at initiation of each l-;
Fry<". It was sent to him by, a friend i !
is liniment for external .
['renc Mississippi I on hvrs for a moment, hold her member that the ai''| eyes
and without lJ:1I1J..l1atllr:;
i came a
: would indeed Le shameful if the sacrificeof '
-Dispatches) duir and uhULers\ \ iu hot soda and I
second Ioiifor
hand the fraction of too
I a modesty were nece--.try to the successful l'r>e sent it to his hatter and directed MADE BY 1 "
C1'I hook out
i I. 'thorn and! in water. This rfiectually anydye"
convention till her ,
mere or a itsue (;if hi'aHhy! dllllien11 women that a suitable band loc put around it. -
t K -a\'v rains 11\ thousand! Wordless ways that she wa that mi;:Lt haw been used. :I about to become inoi.iers need -end only 1 he hatter returned word that he 1 : 10-CKXT: BoTTLE BEEn I ; V

',1. Th. v cam a <'>iiriuing woman i in I his eyes mill that j jhe i iI ; to a drug store aii, for js IVI, Sl'l ure the I would\ not put it needle In the hat as IS TOWN.DANNHEISSER. 4 i i .

.11H' i mil. but I 1llI'w111' knew it. .\IlII1I'\'rt hint j I II All .\I1 ft't'tI. pri/e childbirth! rt-nev.' Healtib.ii; ::tare it was too good a hat to be. punchedful I : f
I Iraiilleigh-Nav: I don't like my the result: of Mother 1'rien'lOur BROS. f t IIt I f j
!j' 'oi I cora.T I or .inllf his engagement; to that Miss! uieitij of hole! The hatter said the piece
: neighborhood ut all Every mau Ixjok 4'notherhood" mailed free. I ,
I Trl'"rIt! was incomprehensible, unspeakable -: uf hvad.'ear was worth over ?UK). He AOEXTS FOR THE CELEBRATED J t i
on the street's a cad. THE BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO., i il i V !
I I loose black band around the l
placed' a : :
If h.. had not mentioned by chance I I Sharpe! -\ou don't say? I ATLA'lTA'GA.1 I hat, without thread fastenings.No 1.1, Harper his1ey.Main i : : !:

that :Mrs. Havertoa was his aunt it on''I, IraukIelgim-cs. and there's one man 1I 1--I Robber Foot Fe' Hou Ol S. Palafox d I .
e- street. t I -
>U.INUCftTARRH her return from Nice she had not taken in particular. who iau't tit to Ihe thereat It a man has a corn. It can be removed -, False Claims. f
i R.R. Exchane-Opp. Union Depot. .
t enormous trouble to cultivate Mrs. alL but If be Is suffering from rubber I P. Box ,
I that's what all the The proprietors of Toley's Honey 2M. Penacola, Fla. V ;
.1 I IH Ilaverton and had !her talk on to Ash- Sharpe Strange; foot fever no chiropodist can help : Phones 1162C8.iJTT: : I

by 1'ldon. she might; have dawdled in other neighbors; say. Philadelphia! Dim, and the only thing to prescribe I la and Tar do not advertise this as a.. J I

yJi HIT TARRH her fool's paradl to the day of his I i I'ress. 'I liberal bathing of the feet and removal "sure cure for consumption." They'!1--
do not claim it will cure this dread
announcement.How I of the Rubbers should only
Not So Tactltim s* That. complaint in advanced cases but do ) :
she would tear him with het be worn to keep wet out and they 1i
that it will in
She-Mrs.! Boretou called today, and positively assert cure
weapons' of worn and disgust! She should be removed the moment the i the earlier stages and never fails to .
A .
I thought she would never go. I ,
would make him feel like a cur. wearer gets Indoors. Failure to note give comfort and relief in the worst i '
But: amiable I suppose
lie are fco
The hottest words seemed insufficient you this! gives a man wet feet In a tar cases. Foley's Honey and "Bar is
I you never gave her the slightest; than If be had waded without doubt the throat and 'I
/puni>hment when ehe thought: what I: worse sense greatest ,
b\'e It hint that you wanted tier to go. ankle lung remedy. Refuse substitutes. I ,
MilTering he might :! caused her I through mud deep.It -
COLD'N HEAD I She Indeed I did not. If I bad, she'dbe
was the merest chance that she had I : was the trouble resulting from Sold by W. A. D'AIemberte, South ,

1 i Nal il- and Pt-a I'ri'tKtif s- not lot h<'r heart to him-the merest I here now.-Brooklyn Life. I forcing: the perspiration to soak the Palafox fctreet. : :

s,. ,,.4 ( In-tB chance. Why did the face in the glass! stockings and keep the feet perpetually I ;
V '
IM .iiglt01 byIIIKU twitch' as Mic said that? :'helull1 sa\ "I am using a box of Chamberlain's damp that drove rubber soled boots ,

-, It a win amId s'ty it out loud. It was the Stomach and Liver Tablets and find V out of the market. Even loose rubbers f3 fJ i I ;

:, New Turk. purest pie-e of luck that she had tot them the best thing for my stomach are a source of danger and the cause : II I -

f.illen in lo\c with Ashby 11I: .)fl. Hf( I ever used," says T.V.. Robinson, of many more! serious colds than they This signature In (lD every bolt of the genuine I, "

: ;. :: + bill done his best lie was a brutes Mich. I aveit ; Laxative Bromo.Quinine biets I i
Justice of the Peace, Loomis, I I
FOR y,, lie was. She didn't (:lfI'. lie was. the remedy thAt cnrea a cold la one day II L ,
PUBUGIH( These tablets not only correct disorders -I I ;
low I hideous' red ejellds!: t' of the stomach but regulate f :
THE PEOPLE. one look! They took all the] poetry out the liver and bowels. They are easy I Mr. Charles L. Tiffany amid his partner I Foley's Honey and Tar I

of white djl'I'ks'h had she !been I to take and pleasant in effect. Price Mr. Young, began business on a I The Thermometer j VI 'i!

the' fool to choose hir pink silk for to I' 23;; cents per box. For sale by all capital of 1.U"0 borrowed from Mr. cures colds prevents pneumonia. I I
.. : .. ..1 \ n.t Cent, I : .
.. I'I't nlht'nll what would it matter if druggists: and medicine dealers. i Tiffany's father. Is Low ;
\\ cr1 i.KeaJ I I .
she wore green baize! ? Hateful world! Their! first stock of salable goods

I f1'1)," It was !packed at the Havertons': A Grrnt Work of Art. ;: consisted: of bric-a, -brae, Chinese ant! The llppy Home is thewell' in the kitchen always! when gas h :

';:_.;;;;- ;:- .......--_ Eleven o'clock, and he was not there. It was Apelles who visited the studioof :j Japanese: wares, umbrellas, walking! : : used for cooking. And you don't V

'1" i ( b.I). She ,!danced great deal. I'rotogenes: Komeand, finding the I,i sticks desks, dressing cases, cabinets.!I Marston I -
furnished home. have to worry over the rie in the .
Half past I I. and he was not there. 1 artist absent drew a thin colored line fans line stationery, iiottery fancy ar.I I

W I \, .1:;.. .:1 'Jrni.I !She sat out a great deal. in such a way that the Roman knew tides and curiosities. The total sales Quina can supply you price of coal. It is the fuel par excellence -

'>.,1 i *.i,!.i.I .i-- 'ifprrficttst- Half past 12. and he was not there. that only his Grecian brother\; could': for tl,e first three days are said to have | with all needed in the way1ofltousefurnisliin.g's in the warm weather. No

\ip A. A. fisher She was getting too tired to smile. '! have done It. Hut. not to be outdone, i I I amounted to only 4.98! but as the nature | at the .
I heat, no ashes no dirt, no dust-instead
She must go home now. j I'rotogenes;: drew a thinner line upon V of the business !became known the I '

II "' II proved IVA, t-s- "Hood. ; night. Mrs. llavcrton de--I that of Apelles and when this was ,;i patronage increased new features !lowest prices cash or credii. comfort convenience clean- ; t'

I I. "...,I."m"unt--.h.! t;. Krooks.IU low lighttul 1! t evening." Yes, she was feelina seen Apelles drew a third line upon 1 were added from time to time and on liness, economy. Gas stoves and J 'I

I'"tol: M. "'Iiller a little tired. flood; night; once mortami I j that of Protogene-s.;: This panel was the day !before Christmas of the year J

8mlruTOJ out on to the staircase.Merciiul then looked upon as the greatest work : 1S37: the sales amounted to ?230.- : irr.oo fr range of every Mze and style supplied i- (

powers! There he camesluwlj. of art so says the story, in the palace AlnricanMontimly: lieview of Reviews: j jFrrnrh Awarded at Fart VV by the Pen-\col.l Gas Com i .
nrrtl ?
M I :) ifiiouni you want /jMjssesM-dly! the old way [ of the Czesars. .. pany at Lnwe-t 1'rlce. I ,
".4'111 loarst rmt9real Quick! : What was she polug to say nt Beurd.I

mpro\"il II&'.. Houin city Fala- theery! first-oh, what? I Kay Knoncli. I M. Maximo: du Camp says In "Sou PeDsaeola Gas Co. ;
In-tt venirs Litteraires" that after the re\0- auiNAlAROCHE 'j i
:\j..o; 1'eardon, an unexpected pleasure I The New Arrival and the Experienced
1S3'J' the olities of !
"KltHW !" I Maid arc the dramatis porsoiue lution of July, in i : ,
t : Frenchmen were known by their V No. 3 S. Palafox St.. Pensacola. Fit ; !
property pro- A wave seemed' to wash over her V of a brief comedy published in Life. .
.x or et ll real es- 1 brain. She took his proffered hand and The :\I.'Wrrh'al was in doubt about V beards. Supporters of Louis Philippe I WINE CORDIAL I I .'

V t ilw-crlptlon.:. attrnded havexei to. her ".yis fell! for one second. Then she! I the use of the blower' on the open tire- I wore "mutton chop'! whiskers l>onaipartlsts H'lhfst recammtnditlons for cure of Poorness t tcl
\Vatson .tCo. had mustaches and imperials HlouJ. Siotnich troubles inJ Genenl DcbiiI' CHOICEST i
looked! with brilliant smile!
up a society i ilace.I I :
lI'" I"nti.. Pena- did bllaat ull, and Increases the ipperite, strengthens I
V '1..Ie. 1'o..n'ryonl' Her old rc.Miliitiutis! lay about her in I "\\1.11" ill it be time to take! this Republicans not the ocrvo aol bunjs up the entire eytem. OF .

.. w.. ,, ui lend money ruins: A -nipU-tely different sit of, I blower ot1"t''I Legitimists: wore their beards like a ?2 rue lrouI !

1 ',1"6. d-tt emotions had taken possession of heruncoiwiouily. "l :ive it alone" replied the Ixperl-; collar with 6lra n-tllips and chin. > PARIS i i"
F. Foura Co.Aiit.
I I" \ 1..I.\lI: : -i'. umpiiestioningly."Ah ) cnced Maid "till it lo be too hot for I .. '. :

you are back in the "Ol'tl'SIr.: i yez to touch; then lift it off." Mother Always Keeps It Handy."My .

.:.HI1. .ITI. In\.t. nid! mother suffered a long time' I
., .iof. iiionev with Yes:" A faint suspicion of awk- 1:\"I nClon of a ?,anc. '
.'i rf>t. write ui forxilioitur distressing pains and general C. APOSTLE'S :
wnntfd. I wjmlies spoiled his usually perfectmanner I We have traced it back and find that from =GOLAY@ i ,
', 'U. tjt .t Investment ill health due primarily to Indigestion ,
I "Yes. I am just de retour. sixteen i j
!:aiing, fa. ITjj-lw I a Topeka woman some ; sears i'I
How kind of pe pie to give these little ago named her baby gill ertha. Later ," says L.V.. Spalding) Vtrona ': : H East Government st., ; ,
,I Grist and Corn Meal Mills
I _..ti..iavv :. soirees at this tune (.f the year, when I bhe was called Bertie then P.irdie. then V Mo. "Two years aim I got her to tnKo.lol. \ J
She givw bttter at once and : Formerly Cordova Rei'taurantHtand j
there is |'ositively no other way of getting Bird and when she graduated' it
was 4 CO.
<< GONZfiLEZ Prop
eats' P. F. i,
i hay dflalht now. at the aee of seventy-six, I One car-load of I\t'1I.75
: anything she wants, remarking f
,. to 2.00 dozfii. ,
j 1'J.t' ".\n.1 1 am ungrateful; enough to be I how simple a thing: may result trag- she fears no bad effects as she hasher Manntactcren I per I -V
i '
''power rut'niiig awaj now. Thire Is so iiiuchptinj' ieallv.-Atcbison tJlobe CHOICE 1UKL.n I'UHEOUOUNESTOCK
: M lx>iliroinplete I bottle of Kodol bandy Do not : I.
I lEE!). ; !
t V woo.1 "w : I on. iMi't there? I.- I waste time doctoring symptoms. Go PROFESSIONAL i
"'i really for u.l!. Patronize Home Industry, for there IiMe _. ..__ ._____J3ABDS.t
,, I'ijl", Jut jou will! give me a few words : The only way after the cause. lour stomach is should bay your 'alanll ",
reason you :
i -. lief ore till ;go. Come downstairs and SfEJTE R'S to health recover Is to your kevp sound, your health will be good. Kodol Htoc'fc reed from the HomO lancfactarerevery W.: C.: ROWE, M. D. j
11.11 aetirable IoU in
*.v -rms. by the Fisher l It t ui drink to the memory tf dtar oldSht' fii H Ib.lomRcb In rests the stomach and strengthensthe for by to doing you encourage home laden- I : t.

y. t"1 South HalafoiHalm : : And-I have news." CELEBRATED !pond condition: body by digesting your food. It try.andyoa Yourmon..y1sll'ttlntbl'in turn are Indirectly commanltj benefited Office: 17s S. I'alafox.: i

"Your engagement and I was fonret the bowels rcsnlurandthebltod- Is nature's own tonic. Har is' Pharmacy in fostering tbe home manufacturer yon V Hour from to t:.o a. m. and I to S p. nt 1

l I"r U"III. tin:; my l'tIll.1'\tulatiuns' He toot! ,1 /. ters pure.will The do hit this John Sheppard and Sydney oontrtbuteiOtbeCliuseOf It to tbecommanlty in which labor.yon You live ow mad and o'clock I r !

Kahn. which contributes to your mpport Phono OD. J' I
breath. "How unpardonable of me. but -I for )'011. It also __
: ''v rnl'hd roiinn atalut of friendhave *.! ._ cure.Indigestion> .
really SI) many my _._ ---- .
-treet. ---- ---
taken the fatal step just lately I'm getting '. i

v\\ S ,...>,'. to solicitor right; on.d.will pay"n : quite confused. Is your fiancee ,. 7))J1 : Dyspepsia, -tGO TO. : f
m..... iwit! here? "-' Constipation :
::\u. unfortunately. :
\p 'S .iulfil--Milf.: "\b. misfortune. I am sure. Well,

I it leaves my me something to look forward STOMACH3ITTER5 Malaria. Fever : '
;' N; i 'Ki.OMl) Al'VKAKiilKK and -
,\ '| : .., WITH KKr- I to. tiood 1IIllt.lr.: 1.1111)1aud my Ague. F. E. BRA WNER'S.iFor !

; l""ItEKAl: WILL wishes for your future happiness.There's TUY IT. '
V' .-\1'1'1.1'0 W. K.1 :. "
"-1 I NATIONAL BANK. my ('chaperon. must fly. .. ti!
---- --- ------
She waxed frivolous hand. There j

4.. '. 'or nit-n to If urn bar- I was a look of surprised disappointment DR. KING'S rO- Seven Days we will Offer the Following Prices:-$* f

"I. UiiH: lOMtlODS WHItto ,I Ion his charming;; fal'nd jit be gave
Dh..nt.'t.III\V I"atur-I I another deep sigh! of relief as he turned TRY NEW DISCOVERYFOR L' I
*15 weekly when i'
11 ,- .- !n1\1.... tr..... Molcr Into the ballroom."Wonderful: THAT COLD. 20' doz Men's French Neck, drop. 2'')) Pair Men's New Orleans sewed You should look at our line of f Ii t 1 !

V. ".' 11I.I.a. IJ.tfl I lurk: I'.ut somehow I stiched, undershirts! for 2c ; drawers! or Cable Screwed shoes for this sale Ladies' Hijrh and Low Cut Shoes: t j ,

\\ \ mai ot empty- beer- TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE. to match. $1.21); solid leather. \VA can save you money. i J

I II A, KRUDMAS. nOT U !, The Same Old Story. I Cures Consumption.Coughs 2-i doz Men's Fancy Striped. Lace 175 Pairs Men's Hand Sewed Vici 1,000 yards Lawn, fast colored, i .

J A. Kelly! relates an experience Colds Bronchitis Asthma mud Plain; silk Finished, Balbrigan worth b'c' to close at oc yard. !
Kid hoe i in four ditI rent shape I V
POl I 'I'HY. that which has happened Undershirts: at 4-ic each ; drawers to 500 X-Bar Mu-lln, regular 7a J.
; similar to FeverPleu. toes ; regular $4, for this sale $2.ft a j 4
I PneumoniaHay [ match.
close !
'.11 IROWS LEUIIORS$ in almost every neighborhood in the pair. goods to at 4'c yard.
\ ....k and : I I 10 m doz Men X-Bar Undershirt I !
Egs for foAl. Hoarseness .
risy LaGrippe IfJIJO'ard Unbleached Domestlo : j
_, *' '> ','lIard"'arel'o'I. bHt i United States and has been told and worth 50c, for 40c, ; drawers to match. I have bouzht the full line of Levy. to close at 4'gC.! t i

.viul (0 00 J'oi, re-told by thousands of others.attackof Hesays Sore Throat, Croup and I I 25 doz Men's: Scriven Patent, seam Pou Co. boys' shoes that I will close 1.000 yards Be' t Check Gingham: ,
I I had t
"Last an "
,'1 VH KE.KHCManufactnrerm i dysentery: and summer purchased a bottle of Whooping Cough. side drawers, worth 65c, for this gale out at cost. this fast sale colored, regular 7c goods, for .I i' ,,,1

II K a.r (Hoods H Ms.Toilet I Cholera and NO CURE. NO PAY. 3'e. 125 Easy Walkers, oc '
.., Chamberlain's Colic pair Boys' reg- '
") 10 White Red Table t 'II
i .i sic :82n W. Uovernment I Diarrhoea Remedy, which I used according Pric SOc. and $1 I. TRIAL BOTTLES FREE.C 2S doz Boys Extra Size Pants! 12 to ular 50c goods to close at 35c pair. pieces and ': f
and with entirely 17 years, worth il a pair, for this !ale' Linen, regular 40c good, to close at : jI II'
to directions j
1 '\\ i1- I'oiKtiiioruU.. I satisfactory results. The trouble was oOc. 75 pair Men's Low-Cut Patent 25c yard. No one over 5 yard I i' t

F 1 \ ''K--pmA rnllned controlled much quicker than former CURE YOURSELF I We carry a fall line of Boys' Wash Leather Shoes we have been selling pieces Medicated 21-Inch Cotton i : J

", .': ';; i1el oUpt'Clal.8 t d..llgn I attacks when I used other remedies." rBiGfrucDatursI Pants. Call and see them. at t2.iO pair, to close at fl.75 pair. Diaper, worth boc, for this gale 60c. !,. f

t "r oreao, 3 a Weil Gregory I :Mr. is well-known citizen of dl.ch.rg..txmeammiiiocIrrlt.&tloflI #'
Keely a or ulc r tloniof '
2ydim Henderson, :\. C. For sale by all mo co m mtmtrinet.FunlN t ; 11'11'I
4 \ I' "'.1..0- '\'IH : druggists and medicine dealers.Foley's ( at or*pouoaou.p. ItISI not.utna* This Sale will Positively Not Run Longer Than Seven Days. :

I. 7 DrSEfIf -
aDd Moral tesl V ordered for pent in !&!nII wiper.

\ '1Ir*no,.s1 West cimomrei.( regory.2ed1 Kidney Cure 5,.00 express., or ) bottle prepild.*.mHtS..Lot I I>=igl05 SOUTH PALAFOX: 8TREET. @ -.m

i makes kldxicys and bladder right CirtnlM MB( en j
't '

I -1 ;

r .

'_ -.-.. -,--,---.---., _- I ___ ._ L __ . _. __ _, ...___-" .., ... ___ )


._.. ..,_t.., _," ,-:" ",:,,,,,,,,'" '... ,"_-, x .,,," .J:.<"1,,., -.,'_':;:" ., ." .'" .__.:.',." t, "",....;o,,_y-r" .":_NaicY-irtid4S wi'rs r";:a'aM.F:;,.,ry? .n- -.,.....,-' ,-, H' H"'I7'' r It.. -_ .1 f c- ::'_.i'fii"-8, -A. 4J".. ',' -V' ., .-.. --T..-"





AMPUTATIONNOT General DebilityDay THE.L.&N. The gentle Gcttinc art the of speeding Klng'i Ear.a parting ,'Stronae t in toe Worlf

guest Is not new. The story from Hertfordshire
In and out there is that feeling of '
'I. as told In the "Victoria County -
IMPROBABLEFriends weakness that makes a burden of itself -
Food does not strengthen. PRACTICALLY A History" series, reveals the method I The 42.1 Annual Statement

lateral at the Port Office at Pentacola !Sleep does not refresh.It tried on King; James 1. Hunting; bad i Ending Iecmlr 3c.r. i r"r v:1"l '
FWk lecond-elal. master. taken the of state affairs In the 0i
is hard to do, hard to bear, what i
OFFICEruft Buiming, 211} (south: : in this: city of A. E. John should be easy,-vitality Is on the ebb and COMPANY monarch's affections and one morninga
Palafox Itreet, np-itairs. son, the well known inspector for the whole system suffers. NEW favorite bound was missing. The dog l THE f (EQUITABLE

For this condition keHood's appeared the nest day bearing a message -
THE NEWS PUBLISHINC CO. the government at the navy yard, tied to his neck: "Good Mr. Jowl-

are much concerned over the gentle- SarsaparillaIt er, we pray you speak to the king for UH
BP!clal to s.
Terms: Invariably in Advance. man's condition, and it is not improbable vitalizes the blood, gives vigor and tone us (he bearing you every day and so ECtifly
Oa Year by Mall._$5 00 to all the organs and functions, and is Louisville, Ky., July 22.-The doth not us) that it will please bis maj ,

.. Jlonthl .. _.__-- ,_ :i SOOB that surgical operationsmay positively debilitated unequalled conditions. for all run-down or esty to go back to London for else the Assets .... .... .. f:
1 10 Courier-Journal will say today that :;)
week Carrier, Monday
by Payable
have to be finally resorted to in Houu'8 flLLa country will be undone, all our provisions Reserve and other Liabilities
euro coiuuiaiiun. 2) eentr the J. Morgan Company has not spent already." .... ... .. . _/ ,
TELEPHONE NO. 118.Mdnrtising order that the old gentleman's life '

t may be saved.A abandoned the idea of forming a Curly Hair. Surplus(from which Div .----
{ Rates Furnished on Application EVELYN LOADS .. "
dends are paid .. '
few weeks ago Mr. Johnson was southern securities company but witli Persons with naturally curly hair : s r-_ _.' Yt
i are said to be possessed of more lovable -..
i bathing at the yard and in jumpinginto !organize one as soon as the northern i Paid Policy-holders! in
I' VALUABLE CARGO and sweet natures than those with 1901\ .. ....... ..... . .$ 27
; UNION LABEL I the water his foot struck a rusty !securities company can be held wiry or straight capillary adornment. 7t: j
New Insurance in 1901. ';
i M nail and a wound of much severity valid. On most occasions the fact that we are I -$ 21. ." 7
Total Insurance in force
best is wonderful incentive
our a
: was made. An important item in the cargo of The corporation of the southern to good behavior, and the woman Dec. 31, 1901.. .. .. ..$1 1 i7.2 '

,! FEHSAOOLA. JULY 22, 1902 I Prompt attention was given the the steamship Evelyn on her present securities company is believed to be 1 I with natural curls can discount Notwithstanding the great -fi!..,,"' :

wound, but within the past few days that her straight haired sister many a time vial strength of the Societvu, j 1."
trip north is 500 tons of asphalt, the strongly indicated in the fact which
greater security its
lumber and oft. She knows it Why should ; ,:' '
CAPITAL invested in the r
f the sore has refused to heal, and first to be sent from this place to the Louisville & Nashville Railroad she not be amiable? Straight hair was holders thereby enjoy tinit\TES
L business in Florida increased
and timber I are LOW and GUARANTEE: ....
i during the decade from bOO owing perhaps to the hot weather, New York Company have accepted the proviso considered by the ancients as a markof ter than given by other con,::" ";

to 1900 from f2.219MO to $It 937,693-( i has: caused the flesh .to become at It is believed that this portion of ions in the present constitution of tbe gods' displeasure. Hair which I "
was straight before sickness will some- .
i nearly 573; per cent. war with nature's laws. This development cargo was ordered sent this trip as Kentucky in a paper filed ;in the times grow curly afterward. KXOWLES BKOSM{

has caused much serious "feeler," and will be soon followed I office of the secretary of state at
Oklahoma editor fired six
apprehension to be felt about Mr. 1 Frankfort. the I What lie Wrote On. Gf'IIf'ral11111: ,
other and amounts. By accepting
shots at a man who refused to pay by larger provisions "Hello, :Starveling: : How is literature

f 1 due on his subscription," says an Johnson, although; it is confidently I The Evelyn sailed for New York of the constitution the Louisville : ?" 309 8. Palafox St.. PEXSAt > .-

exchange. The name is not giver. hoped he may be able to be out soon. I today. She carried a monster cargo & Nashville Railroad Company "First rate."

_ Could it have been our Frank Clarkt'IT11orTa ? ---- "Writing anything now?" FRANK SEGARI'S BATH HOliDeep
Don't Fail to Try This. I and was compelled to leave a portion practically becomes a new corpora. "Yes, a book"

single voice of what had been intended for this tion. This places it in a position to "What on?"
\ dissenting
# Whenever an honest trial is given water sea' bar:,itu.:
I the press of the state, thus far, has I to Electric Bitters for any trouble it trip. receive all the benefits found in the ",\n empty stomach principally. Youcouldn't day, for white people onh' -
I 1\'llIlllle the price of a dinner, compartment for ladicwt
r y unanimously declared the recent ,'! is recommended for a permanent cure I Other new arrivals at the L. & X.i legislation, but on the other hand it could you?' tendant. Neatest, best ,1I"j i ,i
1 i primary an unqualified success, and. will surely be effected. It never fails
bath house
I | docks are the big steamers Euero and I lays itself liable to future legislative i in the cu ; I
4; its belief that the ;system has "come i to tone the stomach, regulate the kidneys I'lenvnnt 1'or the Lotpr. cents. KKv,, ,
I. : I Viviua both of which will load out puactment, its charter becoming subject .
t to the | In Mexico tile show Cor. Cevallo and ZU/.I.'"
stay. and bowels, stimulate liver young men can
...!..._ ____. ,
not only to amendment but
invigorate the nerves and purify the with valuable miscellaneous: cargoes.: I great attention to young ladies and at .--

I t .. THE director of the census has an- blood. It's a wonderful'tonic for run also to repeal. very little expense. They are therefore -
uounceJ his belief that the next census Saves a Woman's Life. j I quite ewer to invite them to 134 134 134 134 131

t* will show a total down systems Electric Bitters positively j! theaters l'urtletc.. .\1111110 wonder >,-. -.:-.- :.
To have given would have meant :;
kidney and liver troubles up
i t cluding the new POPUl.ltiOU-ill.// cures :: for it is the custom in that country for -IS-
stomach disorders, sleeplessness death for :Mrs. Lois Cragg, of Dor : PRISONERS 134 ;: 131
nervousness i the lid 's Hit fur
it' of IfJOUttu.'hat people are ; > a r to pay' the tickets '
I rheumatism, neuralgia, and chester, Mass. For years she had : and furnish ,- All [rson's Telfvt rt:l ,
I more interested in is the way then]i tut carriage, q cr, etc.riiiriiiiple .
t I endured untold from ;; I
t expels malaria. :Satisfaction guaranteed misery a severe 134 ; Ills (- }'uhl' 1 ", 134g
trusts will show up at that time. i I '1 TNII '
by W. .\. D'Alemberte, druggist. lung trouble and obstinate cough. SENTENCED Jice.The ..
1 -
I -
WITH commendable pn mptne-= Only ;50; c_nts.HANTON :"Often" she writes, "1 could scarcely I Lancet points out that fresh

the olllcial Bulletin of the state agricultural ) i breathe and sometimes could not ,, 1iutggtle! l juice contains a remarkably 134. 134_ 134 134134
act ite dirrtite -' --
for June speak. All doctors and remedies failed i principle similar to
department is out II .
HELD The morning; session of the criminal tt'I,io. This [irjnt'iiilc- has bwu tornuil"broijitlin Do .
t and in course of delivery to the pro i I till I used Dr. King's New Discovery I '* yr.u want a iirmnVfiu w >
I court was taken up in passing and so jioweiful is its action for little money.1 If -?. (' 1.1
t Pt; gressive farmers and fruit growers for Consumption and was completely upon proteids that it will: digest as Stephens, the jeweler H- wi, I-
throughout the state. Its value can i FOR PERJURYAt I:'cured." Sufferers from coughs, colds, sentences upon prisoners convictedthis much as a thousand times its weight eommodate you

l be appreciated only by ordering; it !i throat and lung trouble need this term. Other will be sentencedthis within a few hours.

to be sent regularly, and everyone I, grand remedy, for it never disap afternoon. -- --

who does not now receive it should I ;5 o'clock yesterday afternoonthe points. Cure is guaranteed by W. A. More Ki 111 nit. EVERYHOUSEWIFE
Steve Bowman, convicted of vagrancy "The
girl who
: Jilted a nUll
order it I D'Alemberte Price 50c poet marred
at once. druggist, ,
4 ----- preliminary trial of Peter Han- was given a term of :w daysat a butcher did an eccentric tbln.ot !;."
ii and 100. Trial bottles free.
THE Washington corresrondents ton, charged with perjury, was ended hard labor. ":'\ at all. She recoKiiizttl the great

JI are filling space with ;speculations and Justice Wolfe announced I I' John Brewton. for stabbing Jerry : blank fact that beefsteak" is more filling than

; t concerning the probable personnel thte UNABLE TO verse.
t4 that probable cause to hold defendant Lenox: was fined *;50, and in defaultof Needs .i Bottle
j of the isthmian i canal construction I
) 3W f !* commi+sion. The latest is that all for trial in the present session payment shall be confined at The true test of civilization Is not of
t APPEAR TODAY the census or the size of cities or the Turpentine !
t''viT "' the' nine members of the old in. of the criminal court was found, I hard labor for six months.
crops-no. but the kind of men the
jjOj vestigating commi-Mon will be appointed and therefore he would require an --- ', For robbing Sam Coleman last country turns out whether for Cleaning; !;,.(}- or O|h.
._ lathe ,
+ or for Minn- III| In-i-i-t.-
except Haupt and Johu"on.This appearance bond of f2uO for Hanton's Will :Stewart the negro who figured i week of a few dollars, Buck Webster From Hut- In Cold.-- iJiits. Krui-i>a. or iitiytluiiirUe,

I will give Florida one member Everybody knowth. valut\ <>t Put
i i ex-Senator Paco. appearance.The prominently in the fiiht at the j was sentenced to five years at Dysentery is prevalent everywhere Spiritof Turpeniini, and in ..' !

;s 1 ---- -- proper security was readily! depot yesterday morninar, was unable I hard labor in the state penitentiary. in summer and i is due to miasmatic to get the\ ;genuine arurti -. .'

v. CoNsrLBRAtui; wrote his candid furnished by Hauton's friend, who i poi-on--, and begins abruptly with it H put up by tieBuffalo
( to for trial before the Haywood Whitaker, the
I appear negro
,* and unfavorable-opinion of the Cu- po-I inflammation the mucous liningof

4 bins in a private letter to his wife I't I had remained in the court throughthe lice court this morninsr and the ca who shot his wife at Century several the large: bowel. In America the t +

I and she fooli-hly made it public. ,' trill.: The defendant was represented -i, against all of them will be called to weeks ago, was convicted and disease i- common, but properly 6ti

I Now the Cubans are indignant, and I by Hon. C. H. Laney, who morrow. I sentenced to two years at hard laborin I treated does not re-ult -erieu-Iy as

I!* threaten to the recall of conducted able for his client the Davis' Pain
request : an case I Charlie Taylor, the other antagonist the state penitentiary. I in tropic Perry
ii f 1 Bragg. Whether they do or not, his I but the circumstances too killer is the bet known remedy and
f were coa- I : was in court, and looked as if he Avery Smith, a boy, pleaded I
f Uiefulue-js consul i is ended before I ; [ the most tllicacioua in the treatment
elusive and caused the verdict
i t it began! to be apparent. Moral: 1 reached. to be I was a walking advertisement for a I guilty to a charge of petty larcenyand ,I of dysentery.

Don't discuss political atfairs in ; sticking plaster establishment. He was sent to the reformatory I
e l ; / family letters. Principal prosecuting witnesseswere had been struck over the head witha I school at Mariauua for a term of six 'SANTA ROSA SURFBATHINCJSTABUSHMENT

I the before whom the
*r", THE New York :Marine Journal mayor pistol by Stewart, and had a bad I mouth. !

; gives a+ its reason why Secretary : alleged false swearing was done, scalp wound. I Florence Monday and Peter Gonzalez Mfg Co.

Moody's intention to exclude news- and other city officials Several negroes Fi-h chowder will be served
I v I i It is said: that Stewart is in danger were convicted of violatingrules every
1 \' piper men from the naval vessels in were also witnesses for the Sunday evening. Private partiescan who Guarantee it Absolutcix; p ,
I | of losing the sight of one of his eyes of the state board of health. arrange to have the same or
the coming maneuvers is "ungra
it i ,: clung that of the mot ,I county. i from the effects of striking his face Each was fined ((25:!; and costs, and ( other refreshments served at any Only 10 Cents a Bottle.
IQ :!ome prominent -- -- -- time during the week at reasonable

m. official guests who will be present AI.L'HI UK ATOMIZERS in on the edge of the sidewalk j jCONCERT in default of payment are each to terms See manager

would hardly have reached their Heating nasal catarrh will get the I I I'I' serve t>0 days at hard labor. CHAS.: H. BUUTON. All kinds of chairs and

r high positions had it not been for betre-ult; from Ely's Liquid Cream I The chairs .AJarstonQuina's.
I 'I' AND DANCE AT case against_ Edith Walker for rocking at .
the earnest support of the press." Balm. Price. including ;praying FAMILY SEASON TICKETSAT
li THl'RSD.'iXWHT.
s :MAGNOLIA BLUFF grand larceny was nol proved, the # Prices are very
tI sy Somehow, it i is generally supposed': tube. jctold; by druggists i or ;
8, 8:30AND
#l+ 1 that promotions in the navy-and I'I't mailed by Ely Bros., Warren; St., 19 LAST TRAIN RETURNS: AT solicitor having been unable to SICARI'S BATH HOUSE low.

army-are bused upon merit and New York secure enough evidence against the -
11 :;jjJ. TICKETS 25 CENTS, AT
i,: t f liv valuable serviceMen -. New Orleans, Sept. 1,1'JOi.' :'! DEPOT. I defendant to make a ca-e. She wasreleased. I Frank Sigari:: ; will issue KKJ family TO

1 a - -- I It :Messrs.' ; ELY BROS: -I sold two season tickets for baths: at his cplen-
I -- ---- I BOOKSTORE.
i r Will ReIn Ii ,)". bottles of your Liquid Cream Balm did bath house, for a family of one i |

the excitement of lively to a customer. Win. Lamberton,1115 !PENSACOLA CLASSICAL SCHOOL ;; Attorneys for Win. Robinson, the to three at $I.51) for the season and COEGO ., J .,
a exer i
Ielichie., New Orleans; he hasused i '
i-I negro preacher convicted Saturdayof : for a family of from three up for two
vise like boat-racing or ball-playiug: the two bottles, giving him Sonth- ;
x r they will strain their muscles and go''' wonderful and mot satisfactory re-I Third Annual SOMOII I{ruin* Sej- : hor e stealing, have given notice dollars. These season tickets will Pcln!&::
sult. (iF ). W. MrDfKK,
i entitle the family to bathe whenever
..: .*.. home limping and ore. Then they :| Pharmacist. 1"lIIhl'r 1:>. lI)1)_. nod tndaJune j that a new trial will be asked for
I wish the = Hammocks
111 are glad they have Perry DavN' j i - I 12, 1! OJ. I their client. Unless they show very they throughout -ea on.JWjlm
:\ .
r : Painkiller on hand to oothe the DISORDERLY II I good grounds why such! should be --- I To make you Comfort ibi>

a t quivering! nerve; to penetrate the I
itt The aim of this school i is to provide i granted it will be refused and FINE STATIONERY. I Novels.
muscle with warmth and healing HIGH/ I
thorough! and'
: i f 1. power. It has relieved the pain of HOUSE RAIDED COLLEGE PREPARATORY intructiou. sentence passed.It i I, Bt Writer-.at !sltrtll!! L .-:,

I I two generations of \mericau*. '' I The "cho.)1 is of epedalinterest I is expected that the present I C. V. Thompson, No. 11 South 1'I ]I II
-- .. I Kodaks.
i- : to three cla+-e :
Large bottles "5 and ot cent- term will be concluded this afternoon Palafox street, has just opened anew
__ __ 1. Tho-e who having
,' i. -- 'I
A big fight at the reort 15 We-t
the grades of the public school wish 'I or tomorrow. supply of Linen and Bond PocketStereo I'm'fi.
aNCEItrNn H.XCE1' I Xirrago-sa street at 3 o'clock this; to pursue their *tuJies further without : I,
MAONGLIA BLUFF THURSDAY ;I having home. I I e-e Papers, white, blue and gray: with Baseball Goods.

+ # : & NIGHT. TRAINS l'bWASn'' m"fningserna to impel Captain I 2. Those who wish, with the aid Refused They Kill Barman. 'I Envelopes to match Oxford riz,, ;

1 P. LAST TRAIN RETURNS I Sanders at d aNtant! to take every \ of the careful md:vidual: attention j I New York. July 21.-For refusingto also; Foreign Mail Tablets with Envelopes Bits, Masks, Gl-.v-:, I M--:
that can be !given in smaller cla-e:: sell beer ,
11:60. TICKETS :;; CENTS, AT habitue to jiil. i ; early today George Baker, I
I :: and a longer .e--ion, to advancemore i a saloonkeeper in West 131 to match. Ink, Pencils, Fishing Tackle.
tll- DEPOT. Mayor Jone imposed fines of Sj'i'i rapidly than: id i possible for i street
,, ,i them in public schools. I| was shot and killed by two men. Die : Penholders, Blankbook, Files, etc., Lines Hooks Poles: 1: k-'-,

'j f GRAND PICNIC AND CONCERT each on Jive inmates and $:!;; on the I I 3. Tho-e who are fitting themselves ,I rfird rers went to the side entranceof etc., always on hand. I.fu'u.-I.

.c i "4' UNDER THE AUSPICESit1 :, proprietress, Mollie McCoy. Au I i for college.In the saloon. Baker came to the door vtf THE << -'''-;1111'1. i<
addition to the u.ual instruction and upon being asked to the bar I' Phone 234. it.--I.
I open
H OF THE CONCORDIA CLUB, AT other inmate was fined $10 for assaulting .
in English, Mathematics His- refused. The --
r i I men at him and
{" MAGNOLIA BLUFF THURSDAY.: :t a party with a bottle and a | tory. Geography, Latin etc..instruc fled. He died shortly afterwards at ,
JULY 21.! TICKETS 25!; CENTS; ;! tion is offered, I'it'mf.rfm tuition,
CHILDREN, 10 CENTS. TRAIN ;I I charge against her f.)r loitering? ::, in Greek French. German and Span1 I i I the hospital. ylI J, M. FOLKMAN,

allowed until :j lh.i The school is conducted the
logo! over tomorrow. at I
;I corner of West Gad-den and Spring I Port of Carupano Closed. I I DEALER INv
At'3P.M.ANDSP.M.SHARP.: Treat Your Kidneys For Rheumatism. street, tn a building which is to I "Willemstad: Island of Curacao. July'I '
i PROF. CHAFFERS':: COMPLETE be arranged to adapt it especially to :21! .-The Official Gazette of Caracas'' We havf !!::; :I'1
CONCERT BAND WILL FURNISH When you are suffering from rheumatism the needs of the school. I publishes an official decree flfALL\\ PAPER? !I from the Lir--:
1 tbe kidneys must be attended The number of pupils in attendance adding I :\lanufdl'tuP r- I
THE MUSIC. AMUSEMENTANDSPOR'IFOREVERY- I is limited. Carupano to the list of closed : !.
Hence those desiring ports to i -- the United : :*
Ito at once so that they will eliminate I
.: | 1 admittance should communicate trade and declared to be blockaded.The .
] | BODY. l>j-td i i the uric acid from the blood. Foley j as tarly a3 possible with the Princi- same time is granted to vessels / I Feather Scroll, 15c per roll.

j Kidney Cure is the most effective i| pal.
--- ---
i : MEAT-& MALT has !a marvelous! i remedy for this "purpose. R. T. Hop-I I] For further information, terms and I to reach their destination\ by this de- j : Dining Room Tapestry, |1-CO pr r.,.;..
I i catalogue, addressH.CLAy ; ( rep as was granted to vessels in the j
r dietetic value. While refreshing II,kips, of Polar Wis., says. "After unsuccessfully -:,i ARMSTRONG, j i i pi :formerly declared closed.

I t and plea aut to take, it helps as+imi- doctoring three years for' Principal orPERCIVALH.WHALLY I i ** Contractor for Decorating .*

Nation of food. Sold byDANNHEISsER I rheumatism with the best doctors, I i iI i! : JK., j j CONCERT AND DANCE ATi

1 I.. BROS. | tried Foley's Kidney Cure and it A::1loot.CdSTORIAC ; :MAGNOLIA BLUFF THURSDAY'}I Ii Call Up Phone JIj fir Drop a i',,"tal cariL

(I cured tne. I cannot speak too highlyof : j,i NIGHT TRAINS AT 8. *:30 AXO d All Work C. O. D. and Guarai-'" i J.
) keen cutting
Bearing -
this great medicIne. Sold by W. tars th. Patt A'nap pr'.' 9. LAST TRAIN RETURNS; AT

t Lawn Mowers, at the \. D'Alemberte, 121 South Palafox :. .tt,.. Clhn 11:5". TICKETS 25 CES TS, Corner Baylen and Government SIJ'f'I""

t 1 Willis Hardware Go's- I street. I I I DEPOT. i Al'l One Blotk West of FoitcCce, Right CJC' 'e'


4 d,. "'"""'"'11III

". ,- _U'''.'''. -fil'. 'Iii. k.W' ..<':'' '1' ', .. ., ') ,',... ,[ "" .i<>."'1'.J...... .:.''f.. "" ', .,. '" .. .. ...
< \f" -. -"'t '" "",- "- ,'-r'.' ... .,. -.,.'" '<-: --J.i, _. ... it-' ::. ,", .. ."' -.-.".-"* "" -'c'"i"- ";:-"- -.'.'-:o'"y'J_,' .


i,. i
\ r


-' No. 5603.W. i '

President; F. C. NORTON, Cuhier; -
,Vice.Presidenti M. E. CLARK An't Cuhler.S. THE WEATHER i'r

'' Oozxd.oza.aied statement or the At the Soda Fountain 1 Iii 11 ;

TODAYLocal I I 'J i it ; JI I


.. ; t I : L I:

PENBACOLA, FLORIDA, AT CLOSE OF BUSINESS JULY 15, 1902. When you want the most f, ,M I.: !L

Forecast-Fair tonight; showers -:- i
(From Report to Comptroller.) and thunderstorms exhilarating draught you I J 1
Wednesday; light variable '
:-TT.: : always want water. ; I
winds. '!'I l :

1351,698.79 Capital Stock '
:tblt! 200000.00
;' 29,96667 Surplus: Temperature in Last 24 Hours :
"J" 1,876.90 :Net Profits 10000.00 Maiimum: j ___..__M degrees !I :

;tin,. ,.: Vvu*, ;.and Premium. feO,250.00 Rediscounts. ...... ...... ...... ...... .... .... 19500.00 7,612.72 Minimum.::.____..__...__degrees V/I1i1eRock j 1i I !'

., -eruntes : 2625.00 C.lrcu..atlon...... ...... .. ...... .... .... .... 75,00000 -
I'/n-reanJ; Fixtures. 6.718.48 Deposits 344,973.67 Temperature Elsewhere : .I i :

i* D" a.'dKxchange XIKIM. : .. 1fi3,4: 499.12 I.21 Atlanta ...... .___Max.M Mln.82 r ; LffHL4' WMterseryed !; !HV i;

f i! --- Bismarck_. ......____.._W! 54 i
Chicago,_ ...... .. 70 hu
""' "" '' -'
.657.0bt.29 J657,0fc6.29 Cincinnati_.___.,_
72 HO __ i I i ii
bank opened for business October 23, 1900. We respectfully solicit patronage and we will giver Galveston___. .'... ".. .....HM in at the fountain ,I' :. Mj
r : your Huron____. ... ..........__. s2 M I!
.. prompt, courteous and careful attention. Jacksonville ..........__._ .... _1.4 70 z sparkles like fine wine ; it ? ; -i;
Kansas city_...... ._........... !HI Ii:J
4 PER CENT INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. Key West ..... ................... K. *> j// is only water bubbling over j I!
Memphis .......__ .... ........ MI' ivt
Mobile,.__. ..._. -__ __. MI 7i I ,), with pure ozone. t ( .
-- M-----. ........ .......M 7" t : ,'
I New rleans_''.'.-................_.... no JH Bottled. at Waukesha Wlft. ; ., ; I
FAIRCHILD table is supplied with all the delicacies Sew York........ ..... ..... .......... MI tit! I t/ ,
B, H. of the season and the sleeping EXCURSION RATES i' Savannah .-..... .___ '. ". .jr ji! 1i 1,,,, ; FOR SALE HERB BY .' '. I i!
St. Louis .......... hj! t>rt :
o r n o ij s T 33 :n.: :K n apartments are neat, cool and airy. 'I :':: "'::: :: L. Bear & Co ,Agents : t t

,3 [AST ROMANA STREET. An interesting; meeting of Penea- TO MIAMI MKI1TIME. } :'i 1 ,; 1 1i !
cola No. of I
Lodge 3, Knights Pythias
r. ,, ., N'f: and Refinishing Furniture a I IfLORIDA'S I I II : I.' :
held last at which -
was: night two i :
Specialty. I I -- I i
candidates were instructed in .the : MAGIC CITY WILL 1:I EXPORT I 1
PilanD -1OJ3. mysteries of the Rank: of Esquire.The '! For July to date..-. ... .. _..5 savnSAILED A 525252S25CS252525252 ", 1 f j: t tIl r
t meeting was well attended and I / I
/o L'1 til

R. K. WHITE, I greatly enjoyed by the members. ON JULY 28TH. i I IKegiiining Nor It bk ss Elm.more Sanna. ChrtstrnsenrTamplco,Capurolil'noa ( I "J It ,I

I Children of the Gadsden Street U1c td i.i ;
e. K .Miinufaclnring Jeweler ,! CLEIKLD. :vttJt ltH' .
Methodist: church are urged to be I ,
!I Br ss Inchmoor, :'.'U. Bass H Kaars A': Co
(..railnattOptician, I present at that church tomorrow for ; on July :1'jth, and continuing for Ml Mazaire mid hVcamp. with sr.V1"1! s It J ,

j the of for celebration for four days, the citizens of lumber, lSSidiwlafttimnr,5iiibcft; hewn ; ,
.. Pcnosroll Hay" purpose rehearsing; a timber valued $..Cii51! rJ {'J1L trJ t-
j of Children's Day occurringnext )Miami Fla., will hold a jubilee in 1 i Am b& bvrlyn: ; Mills, Gulf Transit Co '" r. t ft'l il!( i .
for Nrw; York, f
with merchandise .
i; general .i I
month. It is that celebration of two important events i] and 'S J : '
hoped ImLUiio s lumber '
every I child will be and in its hitory-the 6th anniversary of It 'Alherto Trvvs! additional cargo for I"1 ; !
l present encouragei I I Genus H'l.um 1 ls ft lumber:*-M imk staves,7'J I ,
i the teachers in the commendable the granting of its charter as a city tons puo!+phaterockandtar Leghorn, w<> -- j" I !
tons phosphate! rock, valued at f: .t.H! i ;
work. and the recent congressional appropriation I I

JEWS{ NOTES of #:Io .OUO for deepening its i ? '
NOIICK TO M\ KIStKS.Cnnimandxr )
j i i The Sunday: "school, councils of the harbor. J H Hull to'pectorofthe MONDA s !: l li

j Presbyterian church which for some Seventh! Lighthouse! di.trtctha. Issued! the
Miami is the southernmost
point i
.A j mouths have been much en- fallowing otlicial\ notice: ii
I very reached; by rail in the United States fennncola Kay and Kntrance: -Xavy > and ; ; I Ijl
: Mho Co. make a i joyed, have been discontinued during I outer Hank Hu.ylio A. a second-class, I : ; I !i i II!
It is a rapidly growing city of 3,000 win ettanlibbed June :-'i, l':-ron the ;
.: 1111 "tier in their ad- the warm season on account of lollowini earlngsvU: : ij
population and is the chief of !
., the absence of many of the teachers. center i l>fr Point eaton I: Light E. by N.fensavola ;. ... SENSATION... jl : p
t"day. i!
the section which produces the bulkof Lieht-Houge. W. X W /f W. i : !i it itt I
They will resumed: just as soon as I I End ol \\ est (coal) wbllort, navy yard, N.'H :
i H. Tate leaves to- vegetables supplied to the northern W. L '
the weather and attendance will This buoy In placed at the southeasterlypoint ; F FoUI'o
i ? .-.),ruts;:;?, n.whHe markets in winter. From this of the five-latbom curve oil Pensacolanavy ? !
mouth. justify it. source the farmers derive a net profit, yard and marks the channel to anchorage .
\ i i I ground for deep draught vessels.! MID-SUMMER\ SALE : !
of the Petonight. ; IteJ.. M. Hollie of Milton andJ. of from $300 to $500; ( per acre. | :

.nig; Ceo. W. The lines south of
.. : A full at- M. Dannelly, Carpenterand railway Charleston I NOTICE TO .MARINEK-t.
W. (I. Vreelaud of this city returned ; and Atlanta and east of Mobile Regulations of the Marine Hospital f.t'r.I |
hers is requested.nipnrtant '
vice the of
require Inspection vessels fromfort'lgn
yesterday afternoon from have made a rate of oue-and-a-
domestic north of
ports via ports j
,I I i meeting Georgiaua: Ah., whither they had quarter fare for the round trip to I Southern Maryland but via such ports at j ji

r. t-' KI: I Democratic club i gone last week to attend the district Jacksonville and from Jacksonville i' Ship:! a Island southern wherafull port, Insprction pratique Is is not givenfor prerequisite -

II i : ,'" ,_'It. Every mem- j I conference of the Methodist church to Miami and return fare is only to entrance I '

I -:. I t IUemt. I They report having had an excellent $7.50. I I NOTICE- HIGWGRDE DRESS FftBR1G8 1

It I: .-, in--' fuiifr.il: \ took I i time and much business; was trans The citizen Miami are preparing the The following Marine:Hospital Service! has Issued I

old wasi acted. to entertain their visitors" with "ColI!>tnl( vessels which are known and 1
tits-rn< "n
: 1 iliy '
which are in regular trade with Florida
I '
entlt-inan's amusements of various kinds. from domestic of the United ; :
t i !inmy "fthf ? j I ports Stales j
: r i-: "'r Full+'rtut"nine(- ASHES Many distinguished persons, including I with may enterMthout the understanding detention that if or sickness inspection of [ ...'l SEE OUR SHOW WINDOWS. ;

.. (hver or Jennings and the 'j'I any character whatsoever !shall develop I .
: "
during the voyage to Florida ports shall > .
MT. PELEE Florida senators and representativesin report to the quarantine officers for Inspection
'w, ,,' v-flvp !;.tpr hallt;; LlI \ <' j Congress are expected to be in at- I and disposition." 2 SOLID CASES I LINEN GRENADINES. r.1, t}

i "r..t. fl bi- L4'Hlt"titi'unthi tendince. \;

( ,111'ini.. "i. j THE SHIPPING. SALOME BATISTE + I
--- Mercerized j
.. Tarle-:: I Fantisy Chambrys, : t
l -f '. -. ir'.ieular- ili', :Mr.\ Or of :217 North I : : ,
1/ \ji Scrofula, dyspepsia rheumatism; ] "

i ibtlt- ,.T.III1-. L'tvall"trtet, has received from kidney complaint catarrh and general :i VKSKELS STEAMSHIPS.Hrl'.atteii : IS PORT. I NOVELTIES ANDERSON'S SCOTCH MADRAS. I

I' uv.-iiil- baseball! nine*, po-- hifather who is in Harbadoes. aparka debility are cured by Hood's. !, Hall.Ir.**. WI'PPt'ner.lo llaars: Actual worth 12% and 15c yard .1
Our Entire Ktock of the above ;
in,' f," iipii'HiioiH names ofil 'f :rt- of :allies which were wafted Sarsaparilla.I _. _.____ 1{ lIunwody.\ (](> r
,> ';IV IfiMiliguuand" "(]Jlooiny !I | Ivan br Kgmiint Lumber Catle.a., Fugb to 8ull- three lines-the mo-'t popular mate- ; .
Mt. 1'eleef
t< that ''l.lce from the
i'U.V'iJ bill ye-terdiy. The> ;f REGISTRATION NOTICE. i I' Am Evelyn Mills I to Gulf Transit Co lOc--Mon i ay--l0c 1 rials; and sellers\ ofthti'ea..o.lIo a I !) ii,
I eruption in the late past Span Kuvru, U'v, IMgaUo/: to Gulf Tran- '! ,
1-: w.iu in .core of IIi toll). i sit 1..0lIr j
I )Ir. Tarleton is connected with the The registration books will be Karbftood, 11'111. Brown to W 8: Keyj!j 0 RIO YARDS FOR S- _. |I yard of which is worth le-s than 3TiC 1' i ; 1 1i

V M Turner will preach at opened at my office in the courthouse ser A Co |i I II I and up to Kc( the .ard-art to go at i'! M !
I Cuban Crosstie having Kr Inch moor :iiH Kas: to Haan.Co : I
Company ; in 1'ensacola, Fla., ,
commencing -
Vriny: lull at 1 s o'clock\ tUG II I Am .'..0.RCOI8.ltO.s, Leech to liuf Tran- 1 :
the of '
the first Tuesday; in August, i I sit to l H'u"ati\IIHll'ri e l } f
1 : otlice and business, here. His
doing ; "Anderson's
here for 8 Pieces i ;
1-: rniDti some I I l three day in each week-Tuesday, !] Kr alopla, I:Burgess! to His M Robinson I 1 ; !
ui, i-:ive t"lI1"rrlfor father i is a resident; of IJarbadoes Thursday and Saturday. I i 25c yard.
tier Scotia\ liiin\ Haner, toGull Transit Co Celebrated Scotch Madras. I : i
\ u.--lical work. The I which is but !jo miles from the erup- I find the old registration hooks t tj Br TwicI enbam.1613, Kavin, to orderIt 1 ; ;
i j badly copied and will : 'l'lmn.lllloi, t'Uniio, to bull rrllu"tCo 1
\ .: I to attend this ,sera ; tive volcano it*elf. I to those who have had any trou-say i:| span Vivina. l"vl! Kuiz, to bull Transit I Former price was 2:;c yard JUST ARRIVED I! r :

The ashes just received, and ( ble by their names not being proper-j Co.'a t Pa.Rat JIONDA'Y I.-M-. t i ,
4o'J! standard time ly registered on the hooks, that if I j' Kndymion: :'2!, fellersin, to nears, i
which are prized highly by the recipient they will call at my ollice on the Dunwody 4 Co | FULL LINE VELVET RIBBONS, ; !<
t,: J will set at6:4sthisI are of a dark gray coloring days named, I will correct all such I, !:Sr Kings lounly1"1, salter to order | 22 PIECES ;11; !
I morrow the sun will errors and do my utmost to get the HAKKSKus ALL WIDTH3.Sash i If

it: x ictlv the same time and emit an odor like that of pure books in proper shape for the general I Australia:. Kftierston to orderNorAvteuorellla SATIN STRIPE FICURED SWISS. { ; i

H '.-'j tide here was at sulphur. The package came by mail. election. T. X.AI>AMS, Hunsi-a, to order and Neck Ribbons i Ir
Supervisor; Registration County. I It Anna Marie, alas Tmto to Konasco Former price 23 and 3.a yard .t ; \ I
-- -- -- -- ; Hors r s
1- morning.; High tide __ __ _jyl'Jtdi >or Alexander !,lLRHaarersen: 1 J' ',
OYSTERS AT NIC APOSTLE'SFine :\loxn.\\'I..c'. I in all J'opul Shades. : f
w \0\ i (b at Ko'J; a. ill. I, to W B: Keyer Co : '
I i NAVALSTOUKh; MAKKKI. It Bersigliere, 11111. Feeko to nears Dun- j t i t

\.IJ J drink'1 I.Hs of of any beer kind you. oysters today.NIC Try APOSTLE.CONCERT them. Reported Union Dally Naval for Stores The Co.New. bj i wody NorHugo.Macna.Irs'lLarsen.oSSLCoor Figaro CoNor ..,f.li'H.Hanssen Nielsen,,LoonierNor to order WHITE QUILT SPECIALS !H teaj t; I j: :! I' ii'j fl fl11 \,1!

tbsolutely pure whi- =' Noidenksjold! HH7, :NeiUen to FrJscbreyer | .\ ?\1.25: Quilts o at *9 I
ui.il uses, call at Capt. AND DANCE AT I ROKIS.WW \40\ All 11.50 ( lilts go at EI I All *2 oO guilts <" at fix*. i t" '
Bus Kbea. Nyroostoorder
: .. Ilijou bar. There I MAGNOLIA BLUFF THURSDAY .. .... :S7H H _............_..II 7nWO Ir .rIOl..r.I' +>..Uood..lI.to order : ....._uu.;., . . . :.... i
",,. ...... .... .. S :SO OJJ ..... .............. I : Nor sunDesni. Ml. Andersen to order u r 'I :*I .
: : Lost, and the men NIGHT. TRAIN !* AT 8.8l0AND: __. ..... ... .....SIP IT ....._......._. I :10 It Thomas, *3, Lituro, to order !

ir :'irt,> courteous and 19. LAST TRAIN RETURNS AT M .....,......_? it "5 E..... ........?.._ I 25 KAKKK>TI. >E. W. J. & B. FORBES. II
ime way, too with j!ill : ll. TICKETS :23;) CENTS, AT K __ ... .._. __. 2 65 I) ......_ ..... I ::II Am Ht'rbt'rt.lo'ull..r. AI W, Nasa; to order l Ii Ott

Merchant* hotel. The DEPOT. !..................., 2 05 C .t below..._ I isSFIRIT5 ; I Br :>koda&s.Leeto 8 8 ,L Co ', t' .
TUBI'JIVTnniit.Shak. : : ; I
HlrraarocR*. Peters, to Jno A
Merntt A Co If You Buy Them at the Boston Shoe Store, They flood i ,
.. ... ... ... ... .. Into Your Shoes J I IAlIeu's I Br Mabel Darling.! Albany, to .,mp- are ;
.. .... '0 .. .. ..
:\: ." ...... "" ...... ,. Foot-Ease powder. It'i I' son ft Cmon,7 CoBr .', Foster, to matter j J f

; cures painful, smarting, nervous feet i.' .,
= '' i UP OLEAKKL: AND SAILED FUR l'XC Satisfaction and Service 1v \ 1.\
A FRESH and ingrowingnails, and instantly 8ACOLA.8TEAM8HIF8.. j !

takes the sting out of corns and bun. I I i ,

6* <__ -Jrc-:. _, ,_ 5 __ : ions.; It's the greatest comfort discovery -I Llansannor, I'.r ::>.., Croston at Rio JRI 11.\\1)1.\1)1: : ,1"" i.1
-"- n" n
_.*...... _-- --- .- -. -, i i of the age. Allen's merofortugalete I :
Foot'j I Ir ft'! ''*,Jenkins, Hamburg

t. ...SMITH FIELD HAMS... ing easy.Ease callous makes It i is;a and tight certain hot or,cure new tired for aching sweat- |I: Antonio May i" t"re,7Ai.id BARKS Palma. flay I: at Boston Shoe Store Shoes j ; j'r I

__ ) T.ico 11 sid able layI. .)' 1'Si ; "
Bold all
feet. it
f _=_ yv i Try to-iJay. by i i Olixe .\Iounlt, ski Lena Jan 12: I'OI'l'LAK. ":
--- i 1.
druggists and shoe stores. Don'taccept t I ,
f .iJf. ; "'- any substitute. By mail for |)nl" on M:\.T Cel",. I II
Tne ey > ii satisfied with the style an! finish ; the foot it sifi'fied with the r 1
25c. in stamps.;; Trial package FKEK. I "Io..tI'ljpl\ ( lii'.ian oM! sver:! com
JUST RECEIVED. k Address, Allen 1;: Olmsted, LeRoy, ,I IX. of fimo land\ wliVb! : tlit-.x' aiv k+'rpuZ\ : ; perfect fit and absolute comfort; the pure i is satisfied with a fair '. i : i '
Y. i I| as II relic t-itln-r f'r ".'iit'iii-ntal I naI price for superior shoes that will give better service .is: t

- -- -- I gop or I>..<-inM> tlif.v think it worth than those purchased elsewhere. : 1' 1,

ft FRESH FLORIDA SYRUP kIN i! Marston $ Quina carry !, ni"re tlini its f>'\aliif.. In minthi ............ ..........._ ........ .....- :l' 1t

the largest line matting, \! stamp's clip date T till' ins i-lptiOU: ; bas I t! ,
k ;' 1 IK-HI -.voni iiw.-i.r and it i is i imp silde tt i r 1

;' I GALLON JUGS, 75cts PER GALLON. rugs, window shades, etc., \j I n'\! it even with :t tpnu: fkim. I I BOSTON SHOE STORE .: =:

in the cityWe lay our \i The! 1owin!! niti'.ioJ. ordinal! : ''. ,i
practicfd at the mint to dlscoxor the I -.j
f! NATHAN C. roit'lliiMiit: : Proprietor. ;; :
AVI: IIANDLI: matting free.Everybody peuuSne: coins \vhen silver was calledIn : ', 1

I will fiulilf auy one to read an obi i i Leaders of Low Prices. 117 South Palafox Street. { i t t.1!j
M. F. Gonzalez & Cots Corn Meal = has a right to a little ,. IItt'ratt'tllll'rlption: I I : ; t Ii ;

piece of this earth. But they must .. :Make tmIH.ker rodUot in the fire and J

TACLl'SIVKLY.: fight for it. They must watch their t, then place the silver!! coin on it. The THE SANTA ROSA II IISCatt' Fishing tackle of all kinds t,{_ I i il r I I.L'
thence to get it. and get it. c- l1JVfllis
Inscription will Le plainly visible In ai
|' BATHING KSTABLISHMKNTBathing and good crab nets at the ;1. !
Thos. C. Watson" Co. j i i greenish hue which will fade as the
I i I
have some particularly fine bargains' coin cools.-LoneI Chronicle. ; in the warm gulf waters f is I' Hardwaer Cos. ;. ; .

iSOL CAHN & C0.]| to offer just now, and they invite (i conceeded to be the finest in the '], -- '

von to come and investigate same M\VA1 T D. world. Everything pleasure with i VIRGINIA COLLEGE t;. !i ;. \ 1
You will never regret having done -- .- safety. Good board and lodging by j j
For YOUNG LAUIEi9! Itnanoke, .
fcO. \\A\TF.n-5 Young!: Men from Kscambia i the dayor week. Luncheon promptly Va. r'
STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERS, $ ----- \ ? county at once to prfrarefor posl-l.IOn.ln served at all hours day or night. opens Sept IS. 1\jI _. On ol tile leading I. Il I
School for
Young Ladies
\ the Government jo.rvlrlt.Dply toInter In the H>utb
closets '._ fa.I' CHARLES H. BURTON, New; building and If
Elegant china Hate Corres. ln> Cedar Kaci-u. piano equipment .
f corner Palafox and Intendencia Streets. JR! 211vlmdta'Grass 2m-tf Manager.The [ Campus ten acrei. irand mountain c"n"- I'
sideboards and leather- i ry In Valley of V,,.. famed for bf..Hd. European I Il
and Amercao teacbeu. Fall '
1 f ,;;nd/3. ." .* Pensacola, Fla. g \ seat chairs at Marston $ Shears that will cut i finest !line of sterling !silver I Con'""ator,. Klocutlon. I'tndflnu from
;goods and silver novelties! I is to be thi.tjr: states ;"
Quina'sLow prices easy close, at the Willis Hardware found at J. I. Stephens'. Prices! to Korc.t loeDB address !
1 )fA 1 t. K l
.. .. l' r
all. '
X\-4k': : .. .. "" payments. I Co's. please Kcaaoke, Vas

r .

--. ", -- .....--- ,'_>" _' :.'" .... ..'.:. <_........1-- .. ,._-....< _..',,:....... ,..,. "'<""""' ___ ;';;" "" -Ie r'

." . < ":' ... .,.,", *" i > -,,- .....}. :. 'TT -.
> "r
< ,, ,
> .
'l'>'' .*""::;-.j'r..... .. ..-'>... -t..: ti. J ...:. ;;. .' .. ''''-1.>- 'j''''..- -c., .1. :t ....,!, ,(J. .'. .- .g.>-_, .j'I'j"( ..r'7... ,,"...."' -... '.. l, .<" ''' :-




__IIJ- -I-- -

WILL MAKE Ea.lly: Demonstrated With a Wood- Prevent t Never brush or_ rub_ the PW eyebrows the I MISS

I rn Ball and Plrrri of Cord. wrong way. A MAYMARKELLJ

There! are some propositions In mathematics i Keeping the hands long In hot water __1__ _

AFFIDAVITI that we can prove with perfect or In very cold water should! be avoid
[ISS MAY ow a ha'! v ad i *.
( accuracy vithout making use! of fig Baldness ed. In washing the hands only tepid M of London Ontario, ural manner 11 l I. '. ta

New Lease of Life for an j ures. There for esamplc. Is that well water should be u:>ed. Canada. is a beauti. star...d right 13 verv v a:' I!1
It is often difficult after washing; ful girl who
known theorem of plane geometry knows what keep regular tl _

__I Iowa Postmaster. tln Mirface of a sphere is equal to four By Shampoos withSTOP long hair to comb it through but if a suffering is and Wine of years of mature w .a: )

(lemon is squeezed over h the tangles Cardui h1U brought her back lien the "charg' ,
times the! surface of a great circle. f
Pustmaster R. II. Randall of Dun | j will quickly disappear: to health. She is one of the need not be fear
lap. la., says: "I have been a great I That end!* as if we \ere going to give '_
Salt as a tooth powder Is better thanI social favorites of her home Wine of CarJuj
u \\
sufferer from indigestion and result y .1: I
you pomctLiug dry and uninteresting,
and her
evils fur unable obtain almost anything that can be bought. recovery to health best relief from v ,
tng years. Being to : I I'
hut read ami will find it
on just has
jou I I permitted her to old A
permanent relief I rex>l ved to tr} I' It keeps the teeth brilliantly white enjoy age. lull: a 1
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. Ik-fore 1 hac the othErV8 for we are going to tell and the gums hard and rosy. the company of her many MMgM.ikalJ. have secured tes! J r, t

: taken one bottle I knew I had found jou how jou. may i'io\e that proposii i Tincture of myrrh added to a glassof !; friends instead of lying on from theirsuffering, '1.1J,.

what had long looked for. After a i i i tlon with a ero-.uit ball and a piece of water in quantity sufficient to makea a bed of sickness and suffering. For ing this treatment. It re!: ) .,.

few tsttIeI was cured of a soreness: it cord. the health she now enjoys she gives strual troubles in an incredu y s>. .rt
mllett side that I had not been freE The croquet ball is a sphere and thettiIfl milky liquid is a good solution wltli credit to Wine of Cardui. She writes: time. In a simple case of deraie
from for over ten }ear*. I am letter to 1 wadi' in it which to sponge the gums after the i Wine of Cardui \
by passing; a place hl have found Wine of Cardui ao excellent [ menses never fails ,
teeth cleansed.
day than for Kodol are
years. Dypepsij through; its center is a great circle.! remedy for female trouble. suffered relieve disordered menses u to rem-vs
Cure has given me a new lease of life' The rr.dius! of the great circle, therefore : If :your hands arc very dirty rub a for three years with terrible bearing-down the cause of other female troub.>j. anj
"If any Buffering person will us ;i 1 little! olive oil vaseline veil into
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, I believe, If id i is exactly equal to the radius of or pains at the menstrual period. I could physician: will tell you that to rer 'S

Is a diseased stomach fiom which they 1 the sphere. them before washing them with soap hardly stand on my feet and was never the cause of a disease renders! ti e -a

sutler, that they will receive !>ermauent i I, .Vow sathp ball through! the center.thus and water. The oil helps to loosen the real well. Wine of Cardui was the only easy, in fact seldom fails to c .:, 'S

relief. Anyone wishing can have i dmding it into two heuii-plims I i dirt and will also make the skin softer medicine that I could depend on to do me the cur If you would have the si: it

a worn statement as to the genuinness : a ud. layins one of them on the tnble.: And light dressings with CUTICURA, i! than It would otherwise be. I any good, as I tried several with no success. relief which :Miss Markall ccura r->

i and truthfulne- this statement." | with the hat pirt duun. drive a small purest of emollient skin cures. This i Keep at hand half a lemon from Wine of Cardul cured me and I Wine of Cardui. You can take it w i-

This testimonial is the voluntary nail in the pout or of the round or ui1per treatment at once stops falling hair 1 which the pips have: been removed and I. have now enjoyed perfect health for two out an examination and will!. n a. 7 1

statement found relief i>and f a man who othprs has suffered, !' /part.: To the nail tie the end of n removes crusts, scales, and dandruff, a filbert sized piece ot boras inserted. "*years and give you all the credit for I publicity whatever. Yon can take it In f
to receive
F the same benefits. Kudol Dyspepsia ord.! and then wind the curd around soothes irritated, itching surfaces, stimulates I The juice will remote almost every know you deserve it." just the privacy as much of benefit your as home if a and dec' >fi.e r(

I Cure will cure any casp of stomact the cal: si ml the rnui'ded!! surfaceof the the hair follicles supplies the roots i kind of htiin, and its constant USe! For a young girl Wine of Cardui is prescribed it for you. Thousan f

trouble. It rests th<3 .stormed: by digesting half: !tall uitil this Mirf.u-e is entirely) with nourishment, and makes the hair keeps the !hands white and soft the best remedy to guide her through men are feeling the vigor; of returiu '.

what you eat. The rest alone i-overed by the eord. Cut the c<.>rd grow upon a sweet, wholesome healthyscalp womanhood by starting the menstrual health by taldxigVine of Cardui.

would restore health. Hut Kodolpepsin Lere you s>toj winding. I Pretty (loth,.". _
when all else fails.MillIons. I 1-- IS _
I>).- Cure also contains tonics Then take the other half cf the ball It ma3hem an odd prescription-I i .
whch: build up the organ .and hasten: IIl1tl drho I that of "i-retty clothes"-but. fcince A million infferintr ,
siiiiill nail ij: the center tits 511: WINEofCARDVI ba\"eotWrl
the good remits.\ YOU don't have tcfi'.et. Use 1:1I
has liet-n known to work wonders iu
Kodol })} pepia Cure will di. flat pait. tying to tho nail a piece ofeord i Wine of Cardui,
ce-twhatjuuuat. Helps children, too. exactly: like the piece first ul'I'11ulHI certain instances its value will! prok-v I|I J-----_- _-I r_ _
CrTKURSoAr, a.I-te. by crncrRAOlNTMtNT
: wind it jround 1 bly become better appreciated In thf.. ,
the nailliran I I / fur prp\r\'lng. and ,I -
Kodol jiiii-iffing '
1 Dyspepsia Cure l'res:-lll:: it dnwn w' that it will lie fat beauufjlnjr! the kln, for cleaBoini? the : near futm'I I j

Cures all Stomach Troubles. i iFrl'plirf'f1onlyhyFO i on the Mirf.icf ('f the circle. Cut thtiiird wa'.p! of..rn.t,. "vale, ant dandruff ant the j things that !helped my re- j I THE NEW GROCERY STORE.

TIT W ITT&Co.,Chicago I when the suifaee vf the circle ientirely ? frtKi'l'lnf falliDj htirtn'. foltemnjr.Tt h'.tcn- i cowry," said a woman recently who! ]
tnt, all'! &Notl.llI" re 1, ruuh, ant l?"ie liaii'l-*,
TLe 11. UittlocupulLi _- --- _
1 :Ss times Um Me.bL.Ii. cmeied I and when you com fur lally ra-lirs, ifhlivs; ami cliHllnji, ant i has just regained her health after a o =:::: :: _ -0

Ii. jure the two (-ords 3'UU will find that t"r..11 the purposes of the Mlrt, bath and i, severe illness "was a pretty bed jacket

ONI fiUMJTE! Cough Cure the piece, hrs-t used i io> exactly twice as: nur" rj-. Mlillon- of women ue CiiiiiKi. whkh my sister brought me one lay in WILLMOVER
SoU'iatlie form of bath fur annoying Irrltat'iius
!lieu of jellies and fruIt. It was becom-
Cures quickly! That'swhati'smadefo long: as Miviid. ,iDlIamiuit'on.-! ant cbaSug',or too freeor
This Pros that the surface of a olfen-ive i>er'i>lrttUon, in the turin of i lug, and I enjoyed It. The doctor, when ![: ]Keeps a Complete First-Class Up-to-Date
; B rzh; 1'harmacyJohnlieppard I I3.IahL hemisphere I is: Hjual to twice the surface washes for ulterath'c'sklll'.e.' .;, awl' for ho first saw me in it, said I looked 2per tl! ;' ,
many eauative, antiseptic j>urj>o-ei which cent better i iI I i of Fine Staple and
than the
i Groceries.i
before. Fancy
_ _ of a great circle and that therefore rea,lily suggest themselves'! w women. I day |i .
the surface of whole Is | Manlike he didn't appreciate the rea I'
a sphere i
BITTER FEELING IN COLUMBIA. equal to four times the surface of a Complete Humour Cure, $1.Cnll.LRA !. son, and my spirits and consequently !j I 30 W. Covernment St., Salisbury Block.

t great circle. SO.\? (25c.),cleanse the skin of my condition !became better in propor TELEPHOXK
I. crust ami scales and soften the thickened
Strenuous Protest Against Appoint .So that we demonstrate an important cuticle. CCTICI-RA OIXTMFVT (!JOe.). to m- tion.

II ment of Negroes on Pension Board. theorem of geometry simply by using @8the and'heal allay: itching. and awL('[,TllTR.lutUmmition' RE.';nL\L and>r ,I "Too often Invalids are wrapped in :L AND

1 Charleston. July 21.-District a ball and u cord.-.New York Herald. riLL .;i"c.),w cool and cl"4n. the liluua.CmcTBl any old thing that is handy. I remem- ICE WOOD.
Attor'i :
i ber laughing once when friend in
ney John G. Capers whose \' la RisoivitT Pats(Chocolate Coated) a robust j
are a new, laatrleix, odorless, ccoaomical oub-! health showed me lae
bought by the administration In Wash. A RalanrlnK TrtrU. (litute for the celebrated liquid CUTICCRA KseoLvenT a dainty j WE EXPECT TO SUPPLY A MUCH LARGER TRADE :
ir.ston before federal Bend a hairpin as shown in figure. M veil M ford other blood purifier trimmed sick gown. 'For me' she exclaimed
; appointments are and humour cure*. In ecrew-cap vial., conlaioIni i 'if I ever need it.' The notion THIS HUMMER THAN EVEK FEFC !
Fasten a the cent piece into the hookon ,
made in thisite.. has come out \ini ; 9duic'H,price,2ic.
_1 an Interne in whkh he said that ne-I the left, while you suspend' a ring; 8.>ld throuitlout the Wjrld. Brtith P.pot- :SS8.rtfUrhxttx struck me as absurd, when she was.
Sq. London ti-nch Iwpot: 4 Hue deIt ill. but after i US YOUR
never 1
I or. If two rings from the ray experience with ORDERS NOW.
;;rops hentofore appointed the necessary Pin I'tnt i-iD CHIM Coir. Sol
) ; on
IJP'l i truit.. ,Bo ton.lT. S. a.. that bed jacket I appreciate! !better the j
; sion examining board would not be ---- '
moved. .re I A Coin Trick. i value of attractive environment" under i Thompson, Olsen d:: Co. 1

I depressing circumstances. j .
In waking up the medical hoards f j.Charlvrtun. Place a little mucilage: on the rim of I i

Columbia. freenulli! and a wiiifla'">. turn the glass OUT on a A Dvmmtlc Jar. Manresa Street, Telephone 147.

; othtr ('itiej,, one tieijio phj.icidn was litt-t of white paper and when the ".Iy brain is on fire!" tragically: -- --- - -

named in ('al h place to serve with I uiucilazt:: i is dry cut away the paper j jclo.e claimed Mrs. Hob as she threw eX-I' ESTABLISHED 1863.McKENZIEOERTING. i

i-i, white |I.h'sidans.11': Capers said to tho gla!<. Put the glass! mouth I I Il0113I'd down upon the sofa. I i

Ii t; this color line had to lie recognizec!: < on a !Sud of IKIIKT like that "Wbdon't. you blow it out?" absent- j I

lr4 bf-oause it was necessary to appoint a : which c"m rs the mouth of the glass. .) mindedly! replied floE deeply abtorbfd :I & CO.,

; republican. The appointments hatt; Make a \<:\i
oaus-t-d a prfat deal of bitter feellifi Now lay a penny on the lar;e sheet of a flying hairbrush. |I 0

in Columbia and Greenville and as Mr I'apir bj the MdcJ'f. the wintglasd.! II I Ship Chandlery! and General ardware

Captrs says the negroes will not bj Cover the glass wall the paper cone i An llonrnt Hone Trade. j

*> and place the whole over the coin, have arrested for ':,
"I'll making
.a ittin-d it would appear that these I jou | 003 AND 60S 8. PALArOX ST11KKT.i .

'R citi-s will I..- without a pension board : Command the coin to disappear. and L : false representations. I bought that |I AGENOY_________________________________________
: i "I ba\e declined to withdraw my'nominations. on taking off the cone the coin will appear horse of you ouly because you told me :
to hate nd. ROEBLINO'S HONH CO,'8
obeyed your comma be had a record. ,
t k .. Captain Capers saLt srrNiiNo THE COEf. To cause it to reappear replace the "Very true, but the record is a bad GALVANIZED WIRE ROPE, A. ROhSEL A SON'S PCMPH.
,I. I pilEan(1 i win reiuse to make lutner ree -
li i oniracndations: for Columbia and Green other hook. This will balance the I cone and carry aw":1)the glass under It''I one. You didn't! ask me what kind of : (Cum Coriiji Piliti, Sill, Inticil Icjtrcninti J.irli, liciiu tt//.'//

:Ii ::4r viIe.! money if you place the rim of the five a record he had." :, COMPASSES LOGS, t TU.

_i t!! It is not Known what the result o! cent piece on the point of the large pin, kite Could :Not Help It. I When Other Medicines- -- --Have Failed I C. McKenzie Oertins Collecting Agent for Bar Pilots' Benevolent ABC
as shown in figure. ly! blowing apain I.ilPnn.: thrci' and a bolt 3ears old
this will iir'. The boards are rhargtJ Take Foley's Kidney Cure. It has I elation
with the examination o( all applicants the ring: the whole will turn without was in till'' house |>liying: cue day when cured when everything else has dis- .

disturbing the balance. it was raining; >iry hard and vas \try appointed. Sold byV.. A, D'AIctn-
weKitiR' III nbir>ns from the UnlteJSiatts :! |
dark out ue. M.-iiiuua came to rand berte 121 South Palafox street. The Star
I- ort'rumt nt. : I Laundry
J4 ( The Otter. siid 1: .

The otter as Is well known, will eat "Lillijin. there wire thive pieces ol fcake There's lots of money to be made ,
I MANY NOT real eotate-Ioti of it. A real -
REGISTERED. in ; estate
i in the ,
nulle but the choicest portions of the pantry and now there I Is i i
: sign is usually a finer-board: to.i.
,t v* I .fis'j it catches, and will for preference only IIIJ\'. How did that happen?" wealth. Biggest, Busiest, Best !
Thos. C. Watson &
: More than 1.000 Fail to In "
\\VI1. tail Lillian her
( select evin those choice ortions : eyes open' | Co. the leddingr Real Estate firm
ti ., Montgomery County Ala. )j I from the pluinjHM and best, tasting wide with excitement "it was so dark; have some offers which it would I 'I
MontRon.t July :21! .-The: registra i Mirieties. It is this in there I didn't see the other
trait in Its char- piece. I be worth your while to consider. Go j An Evening Call
4. 1)) tion in tun! (unty lu'insomplete! l i i' aeter which leads it to play such havoc I II and see them to-day, and don't wait ]j t7i on
%l. the trial K a little o\er J.l'tn.' Thr.t' till '
in to-morrow.
trout streams and other preservedwaters. !Suinrthkig ''''''. 4'L Your '
} 'jcllll
'il leaver J."I' white 11I11I 110 hare nol III iTder to provide for itself A I>ho\\man to the jungle went csicrA t' ,

1L; rvglat.'red at all and w ho have thus \01! a inal of perhaps two or three dozen And laupht" a fkrce young gnu. i' Marston $ Qiuna are sole ; !ja: you wi1! find will be warl1,.
!Said he. 1-Ii teach him to perform :
4i Iii' uAtRrily .liotrandJised! nomselves 01 mouthfuls the otter will not iufre- And sell him to the zoo." agents for the celebrated ceived if

!l tbOl'p registered several hundred did qiup.tly! catch and kill nearly as many Odorless refrigerators, you are well and ',' ,

El not pay their! poll:! tax. and therefore fine tish contenting; itself with a small! This man was very much surprised dre-.ed and your linen i- irr!pi .
And quite delighted! too. absolutely guaranteed or
ii I C'BIII.ututl'' at the next election or in I>orti<.>u from the! back of eachietan For, b lo. ..jch qukk and novel trick refunded. : I able. A woman of rt-fin .

th timary illlllll'lliatl'ly In'hind the gills. When an The new gnu knew! money ;- always gauges a man's well br>

In the primaries: heretofore 75: pet otter Kills n moor hen. which i Is not Sl'l(10m -E. \Vardc niaHdell In St. Nicholas.Mo I stincts
.1 I by the condition of tn-
rent of thr** qualified has never be"J! \\'hen these I birds abound near its "
iultnra and Slrn brrrlm.Mosiuitoes :
"< and he
; readied Ii III likely be better th'!" habitat: it IItvn1ithO neck only, I and strawberries make a HONEY DISEASES' _:::; with goes; into her presenttnored *-

c j year but iven then it does not now kin the body intact and devoid of queer combination certainly but that beauty when iu-! '

I \ seem that the county of Montgomerythe i: every drop lf> bl uamotfitiIo1fl&i 1 at the
.: (-erond in the state can ossihl.. of Mount St. Llias can boast of in a --fl----1 Htar Laundry

f pt.ll as many as 3..",0fl votes in the primary biggest! : Ivory =r:.rl-"t in the region of perpetual Ice and snow. Saul.mi.

: of Aug. :2.:5 This leaves her Is; world! is lit the London docks where Along the edge; of the glacier, it Is said ALL

1 the first dass of counties but rath the quarterly sales of Ivory average is a strip of luxurious: vegetation: vi KIDNEY CURE II I WORK C. 0. D. Goods CalM for 2M Delivered! FU

Ij; "r far down in that being exceeded f:...,(ttM.M). .. -- .-- where strawberry vines cover the rULt I i linitin, ed) TELEPHONE 114. 27 GARDEN ST-

:i hy' Jeffersson Mobile, Ja<'k on and possibly a cround for miles.A. .____ _

J. several others. While this brings; Two Bottles Cured Him. R. Bass of Morgantown Ind. had WALKER INGRAHAM
rdund Conttiniremedies Manager.
t i fortibly home to the people( their lost "I was troubled with kidney com or monty ,
I I to get up ten or twelve times In the _
t. : of political lower in no portion of the plaint for about two years." writes A. recognized by emi --- -- -- -

\. state is the primary}' more enthuMoptically H Davis of :Mt. Sterling. la., "but two j night and had severe backache andi DInt physlcfazuuthsbcstfc( I TIME TABLE.
bottles of Foley's Kidney Cure effecteda i I pains In the kidneys. Was cured by
4 indorsed! thi
among 1 people! or
II will any attempt to avoid an absolute!), permanent cure." Sold by W. A.DAlemberte j Foley's Kidney Cure. Sold by W. A. KJdniy and Bladder troubtu.1 LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROAD.

; I I I fair election be more stoutly resisted. 121 South Palafoi street. D'Alemberte. 121 South Palafos street. ,JUCI .. aM .t IN EFFECT DECEMBER 1. 1\IIt\

-- I
rfl ; New Orleans and Mobile.
: -'
Fatal Boiler Explosion.
LAW PARKER'S So.S, I :0.0.', No.2. i
: Memphis. July l9.Sclruit3r sp." DEPARTMENTI HAIR BALSAM TI! ;) a I 12lSm 11(1): p Lj&Y..... PenlllcolaArrl'1'8 I 5:111 I 'Nol:1)1 I No.A.)
t Is H. clal from Columbus. Xlibs. says the I Cltt&M ud "'alI.r.... tilt hair. C:5)! It I :227 p. II/ a LeaT8.... I-lomaton ..... Lean I !:!).') a' !:;JJ p I I T.i.,1I P P
-OK- -- Honiou. a lazonAct growth.Never ] UW: a 4:2p: !::i5 a Leave....._ MoblIl .. ..I.eave i lsain'I! p .
.- I mill of Pridemore and Rocs at Me I Hair to Tul iti to Youthful leltOH Color.Oral ....-__ I Nt.'ip: 7:*) A Leave _.NewjeanM... vAVe ..: .* 12:15:'!\ n -1 P

'; t Crary. Mis of! boilers?., was this destrojod morning by an Both explosion I John :B. Stetson University Cer-biedl in:p d .."J&I..... ft I"'bit" ..taJwc... 1I I North. -

.7 proprietors and two other men were :3Do Zjnncl. Florida. |I IJails !iO. 2. So. 4. So, I No
l1l)5pm Leave.._ Peniacola ....
klIled PILLS 12:15pm .Arrie 4ita) p m 5j) am
P. .'olun s. Ph. I)., I'resntent ALBKUT J. KAUHAH, LL. B.. Dean .. I ;15 a m ear pm ArrIve_ Montgomery ..Lt'ave 11:15 a
I.-41''i.. UriIaa' < 0lllT eavIae. m :35 p IB
** .sJ.aarv.. A we.. I 11:59 a m 9Ul pm Arrive_ Birmingham _Leave 11311
r- a
m '
Fall Torin ':.06 m
ii Acts Immediately. CIHIIIIUMU-O" Wednt-Mlay October 1. 1 H02. br (CHICH..TEK"KNOLisH 7:01p m 1:10 a m Arrlvel'oalDVllIe .....Ll'ave .. ._ p
: tin KLD Kl C.U .. I aai a m :n a ArrIve _.Loallvlllf _
.lM m
TWO EARS' mtt> b.< of Lo-ave :j'j ..
R 'l'OtR'F.-Th Law Deparrmentoflotin B. Stetson ... ... .. ....... !: am
) CcMs are sometimes more trouble- University !elves ::-- Otb. "b. T kv* RrfvHMM I 1N I m hl:5 am ArrtnCtnclnnatlLl'ave 8:00
ato.year.'coure.lsadin.tothe dezre of LL. B ""'" Dsigrru. i.ub.U..u... sad 1.11e- p m III p m
si fl1Je in summer than in winter, it's ,, DEGREE AltMITa To THE \tt-The diploma of the Law Department of John B. I .. *. Bay of 7''r Dra.tirt ...*r.4-ft...wUIM I 1jllam 1llJpm_ Arrlv..Mt.Loul. .Leave t:15pm 'ttiipmPENgACOLA ;
tf ienon rmversity admits to the BIU.n fcr Hirtlrvl.ra. T..(I..laI.
hard from them 'RTH ER IN : U4"RtUtt r..Ladle*,*m btur... rtmr AND RIVER JUNCTION.
so to keep adding rOKMATlON-r the Law
:, Announcement of l o.l3,and all other d esired Malk 1_.e".Ti o.i&i, !91 bj I
information regardto 3 the Law Department,address< l all Drg(( ". t.1.....'..< "..lt l C-.. -
I !I-Dally No I-Dally atop where time
\hile not shown
cooling off after exercise. One ALBERT J. FARRAH. Dean of Law Department. iIOtISthlIM4.11.... ........ MMII.,, .a o. S-lJally So. t.- I'::.i7tl56

_ Minute Cough Cure cures at once. De Land Fla. pm 1:00 a m Leave ..._ PensacolaArrive 1051) pm ; ma-
( E. I : rp
Absolutely safe. Acts Immediately. :, It'It'N 12:5 nlgU 1:13"" "" .- pobemla_ 10:111" 8: 4
12:;>> ?:l4 nleltra._ 10:34"
Sure cure for coughs colds, croup. : Riven that tbe undersigned : 12:1" 1:1'1" ....Eec&mbli._ JO:31" 6 5.11 1
threat and lun? troubles. Hargis1, I intend to apply to the Honorable L. U: 1:15" :: -._ Malat 10:21": 5:4-S:
Pharmacy John Sheppard and Sidney : Tulane University of Louisiana. I] J. Keevti. Judge of the Circuit Court. E I. 12I\I"! T:2s -__ Harp 10:2t" 5.1
-. i I cambia County, Florida at ten o'clock A. 1 :50I" 1:35" .". ........0,1' City_ 10:15" 5.7
Kahn. _______ I; M.. August lStb.li.2:, at tbe court house In 1:1:501": T .". .. __ Milton..._ .. 11):10" 6: )
: No Orloans. Pensacola. Florida for a Cnarter lor tne 1:30 am _.. Good Ralll _. 4.55 1 -
; Seasonable household 'Cotton Hcrewmen'j IM"- 8:15" __ ..
Benevolent A soci a- : .. 1ltis.... 8M"' tJI.'I
t tlon Number Two of Pensacola. rionda. %:;11) .". 8:30" ,_ Mliligall __ ". 0:20" t.1I
: and kitchen utensils at the i which will be Association for charitableand 5:51 8'II U _.Creatvle._ 8:11"
EDWIN A. ALDERMAN LL.D. ,, benevolent aI" 8.M" ..._ :
President. purposes: chiefly to provide .l> ear Land II 8.1i" 8M
| for eacb others welfare ass 819" _
Willis Hardware Co.'s. I and Interest, Mony Head 8.0": 8:14
Full Courses In Languages Sciences. | and afford relief to Iti members when tick '::03" 95 ..Demani&kSpringL 8:1 U 2:4.5
I 1 I Engineering. Law, Medicine. Pharmacy. Art or In distress; also for mutual aid and 4:55 8U" _._ "
< pr 0- Argyle 1U"
The who bU home "\.n Separate: Departments. MUeen: BUildings Extensive Libraries. Laboratories tectlon In the prosecution of 4:40 8:67' 14 ,... ;;: 2Sl
man owns own and Workshops. Splendid Department for Women in the Newcomb our calling as .. Ponce da Let :: T::!' !:I.
College. I Cotton Screwmen.ln and 6:00": 10:10' .
Insures himself against lots of loading ditchargI \\'lIt"III'__ 'I 117" IM -
Tulane makes leaders in all vocations Its facilities for instruction are !I ling cargoes. 1i:0I! U 10:15': __ Caryvltle........ .1 1:1f" 1:1;'
i unsurpassed
_ trouble and worry. Nobody can in the South.: Eighty-six instrnctors and 13:! students last session. Many gned-Armstead Johnson, Aaron PreI Ii I I" 1'1' _P-onlfIY_ S. 1.11 to l.n -
; raise his rent and the rent day haa In tbe academic department open to Louisiana boys. Expenses of scholarship icnolarbhlDi undent !I I ather. Zack Mandville. E. U. Kelley, WIN 8:00" 10.1" ...........Cbipley.; ..,__ 1:37" 1-4
no terrors for him. It's easy to own $173 for session. Board and lodging dormitories at low rates. Opportunities afforded !'i Ham Howard btepben Bnrnette.Hr.. Will Its 1:3) 1117" HCottolldale_ II: to 1:1fj 1104'
academic students for self-help. In the Academic College!, no boy, properly I I I 0lifts. Ell Johnson. F. L. AUens Tom Ta y. 1:00" 1i:2 I' U .......Marianna eoo" 1lt":
.- a home now-a-days. Thos. C. for college ,,'ork..1I1 be turned away from inability to pay tuition. Next session prepared begins lor,V. D.Gtmblln,Ueo.C. K. Holmes. WllI ; 1:30" 11:45 _Cypreu 6J*j" 11:45 S
Watson &: Co. can tell you boweAJ' October Ht. Send for Catalogue. I Ham Thomas G@(). Latimore. Hlmmon 7:43 IIM to to _Grand Rldge_.. 1i:3 to 1I2': ,

it is. Call and see them. || -- Address K. K.BBUFF,Secretary. Tbavernot Peniscola,,Oll.all Citizens of and residents lijoawtw 0 8U"1M"' UU"ltal: noon ArrtTlRnthl1ct1ol1Lean" __ 8neadl 1i:1O"1" 1JL Ifol.:

,a' L -- : ,. > .

.",4 "V ... -- ik1.. .;;"1.". .. ').,,,, > "'oi '2 ... ,
-- <" -" ""' ''\:,_ ? "" 1 > ( --A..,, ;' e"'Z !M. ._.:1., .;egre, ,"4.kr-.a. ',_ _''' -- -_ e ,. .

t I I ;

-- \

-,.... FOR THE HOUSEWIFE lng"back"and forth; and at the"end"of 1..I f i

each row -as indicated in the accompanying :l',' !

Cures All Kinds of Hind to Hontrkvrperi.Small sketch-passing the twine i i j .{. j'

screens for tbe side pas Jet around the upright of the back and ,-!

Kidney and Bladder Troubles I are in the form of a white silk butter- making a buttonhole stitch until the ; f ;

fly upon the wings appearing colored bottom is reached, when the twine is j. .
photographs of pretty Japanese maid passed around the !lower crosspiece between i \ ; "
KIJr.t-J and Bladder Trouble, Rheumatism, ens. each stitch. The seat was fini i : .
..' II| all kinds of diseases produced by an I. !
Among the most convenient things ished In the same way except that ; .

'XI'.f uric acid. for traveling are the "carryalls" or more ititches were made, leaving smaller ; I i !
; "holdalls" made of heavy plaid blan- openings. I '
for Infants and Children. ;
kets, with leather straps and handles {

HarrisLithia flaps on the Inside and a big pocket A Summer Drink. Cistoria i< a Iiannless substitute for Captor Oil, \ 1 ,

large enough for a magazine and a Raspberry vinegar also known as gone, nruII s ami Soothhijr Sjrup It is Pl'a '\ I I I '
Parf'I'; i I'
Water few other things, on the outside. These raspberry shrub, is a refreshing sum- contains! neither Opium Morphine nor other f t ;

cost from $3 up to $15: and range in mer drink which can be made from a substance. It d'lItro"orms and allays IV*'eri> i ; :

.. size from eighteen to forty inches. The moderate home supply of fruit sinceit It cures Diarrlm-a and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething ; '

.1. average size and price in these is the calls for two successive pickings.Put Troubles and cures Constipation. It regulates tho I Ii. t' ;; I."l
:Is recommended by the Lest physicians all twenty-sir inch at $i< three quarts of ripe raspberries In Stomach and Bowels givin healthy and natural sleep. I ; ; I.:
the Unitnl tattFor The Children's Panacea-Tire Mother's Frieiid. i
: r sale everywhere At a recent luncheon the whole tomatoes an earthen bowl, pour over them a 'I ,

--shipped anywhere. eighths served nearly were through peeled, which and cut made in quart of vinegar hours, press and at and the strain end out oftwentyfour The Kind You Have Always Bough* { i i t;

Nothing Can Compare them look like red ro!'es as they were the vinegar and pour over another Bears the Signature of I'' ;
three quarts of fresh fruit. Let this
,.i< LHHU CARBONATED WATER for table use. HARRIS!' LHEU brought in resting on lettuce hearts.A stand twenty-four hours, again press I ; !"t I'I'I
flavor of onion is almost
rK: Ate it the finest: of all ales. slight; a and strain the add of : j .
fruit a pound
"must have" in hot dishes prepared j ; I
I sugar to each pint and boil for twenty ..1
for Free BooKlets-Full testimonials of from cold meat. !
Writ e cures, analyne, !
minutes. Turn Into bottles, sealing
; : up :
to show to your physician. Uubbing the inside of the salad bowlor I
wehn cold. When used the 1 ,' I
raspberry -
fork with a cut clove of garlic or # .. : I
'I :
vinegar Is diluted with about three .
Harris Lithia Springs Co. Harris Springs S. C. onion will give all the flavor desirable
de times its bulk of water. In Use For Over 30 Years. ;. : : 1.
where the least flavor is
possible Twr et.nuu. co...."'. aT ..u.... tiT""". ...TO'. C'TT I t' r 1.'
sired. I .f eF i
Pin Itolattri.
\ OK TELEPHONE: enough If you to cannot cool and allow the soup fat stock to harden.fl'mo'e time, Men always want pins, though they ---- = t J : ; .f.fIf' :

M. W. MARSHALL Pensacola: Fla. fat with absorbent cotton. seldom confess it. Ik'g. borroa1 or (? Every Woman 'I 1 I'Utatrfratcdamllh.ddkrww

procure somehow about twelve Inches .; ; I f.: .
Roll it in a tiny pad dip it deftly
-- of hat ribbon of the club color worn WING HOP & 60.ij. \ t Ihr i. dtrftd! 1 4 i't
M\R'n"'i. 1 :
across tin top of the soup, and the fat Spray i
:;:-? FEEHAN'S WILL. I A WISH. will lie absurbiil. If there is much by the lucky young gentleman you \. 'k:\. 71.ltw t4l.ahyr-.. itr d i ,' t i j I
j !
wish to please; make a little fat bolster hue aa.ea real a.
fat several bits of cotton may be necessary ..01I" .. ('""" .."... 1 .I J. .
I the tightly stuffed of this ribbon ...... taNbti..
I., Estate Valued at Over see boy who graduates to clear it.ItenurutinR. ; Importers: and heaters In- .t i
Stand up U-t'Te the crowd; edged with a silk cord to harruonlre. A.'Y..'-...&. IIor H. '\ tit -
20.000. Ills collar's vrv. verytall; Chinese and JapaneseFancy lop. wny, 1uptly 11,8 f t
with a tinibhin; "twiddle" at each corner :tlUttel., '
I', The late ..\nhK JUtU is very loud. a I'lirch ( hair. a0rp111u' /. .
j othrr t>ii win! PUiiKp for II.Imiijtfit t
litNIS his and a good, sound, strong;, loop to I ,
parents sitting there I Inxikfnitt It imptu !! >
task that sometimes has
As this is a : Goods
li-ft .
1 .an an estate '
As proud a. they can tc. hang; it up I'.v. !.111.,1..11'111.1.1"*ii< itxlnTal I ;
huh under the And thtre's another too; his lrcatIs to loe 1 done in -vtTy houuuhoM it U well Stock it full of black and white pinsas I: ial>lr 10 J.t.iio. M t H t t L (O.. ?a I ;f -

11.! drawn May 10 filled w'th .<'!;Ias;. to make: a note of how to ilo it. III an FINE CHINA TEAS, Room 82e Times Kldg.. Sew Yorfc. : ;:' t \ I
unobtrusively: as \possible, and it II i .
vxchanzu we find the following: 31 South Palafox St. '
: ii- "mg the members I him won't look like "feminine 'I t
SPP r:its.1 his good right hand frippery"and I
It was to the expert ntttlle workerof Laundry Office. I'ensacola Fla I! ;I I II !
how institutions AiJ wayit io the air: will be appreciated.wnH I I
I hear the MK. uncommon words the family that there fell the task of \ i iI
I ti< n his especial !' have been authorized to take t ; 1
foil iron hi.i there i isubscriptions
lips up ; rt'iiov.ititi; an old porch chair whkbi10l
-U'' is in person- Ho .\! 11 MjMrry.Olio II IBryan's !
draw himself up proudly] an.lIis outlived its u efulue>'*. Its framework ..ffNTAtMID.Tliew j : for'ht. Jennings l. I
r i l.!i of'it II life fac- with pleasure Iows.I half of the \\i-rlil au't t for the f I
wish that I knew half: a< much was shabby and dNiiilured. there 1* i paper, "The Commoner. 1 :
,tile] the life of it how the other half ,
estate see manages -
As til's box' tint:K.s h.' kno" ". *' :.1 I ..e been fu.1- -i to have such styles on Its income. to Halaani of 1
Chic.ifro iernrdIleralr'nrntbrrl i { Copaiba, i 1
was iu iiuich the saiue condition TheM vance. Thos-e desiring the paper I ; i
', .nd others In.j ---- I Chicago Iecord-lIoraliL t C'-brt' and t r
i Injl'l.tLOlPJD/ 'f
<>:i came to her that a hammoc-klikc I 'can have it petit to them by I sending ., f
1'I.I al testament ; )' 1.01. back and scat could I IN made in tin TLi-y rtire: in 48 hairs the 111,00 to the undersigned, : j : I
I : i .1#
r.1 >re ,'arl.\ next i same way she filled in spaces iu her I GOLD DUST.: seine l.uv* *itli<>(Jt tnymlwas I H. :\1. Rill'II E. \i ii I ; I 'II

: .. lit 'a!,. t'V III. 1.\".-- i @ l.u-ework rising: hoary twine in place ..,<:: .a tu I' Of' u t nIUlCGIH I Care Daily News I' I ;1
- --
'. i' rhonal aff.i.r.-; of the tine thrra-l to which she had / ..
'Let the GOLD DUST: thins dG 1Itrk.
your ; I 11
,!ire oafs Linn accustomed. The
1I 'II;' (chair tripped i !

: ntt ; I hi dTlIthiw of the woven ri'i-d., vas sandpapered THE GARDEN SECTION i f ; it

I and thi-n given three coats of a preparation 1 }

t rnistii/ant .1! which loft it a dull black sufficiently o-or*-oIFensacbla j I' I t "
( i
."' artistic to encourage; the worker. ; r
;iirs of th- stabs!
"uld have been 11111,11/ Then with the ball of twine she :Florida !K:: : i

h'lishop ('oll.'c'te,1 in i.fly I i "f began at the upper right hand cornerof ;

of $:;,0.111 a year.' the (back-tying the twine around Near East Hill Electric Railway Terminus. ; 1 : : : .
..ntitlfd. from th.' the tTO<>pi "'>e, then leaving a loop. ;

t suFi i III
] that for / S
AI man
Beautiful Lots for Sale. !
-'I i I rtions of his .

: til. and that \ t ,

r> t'Tfticf trin I y 'Twyyhre 40x137 feet at from $75 to $200 each, according 'I

I More clothes are rubbed out than worn out. to location and surroundings. ; .r '

r A ... .; ',.' -Market .1.1Inr. Gol- Vieiv t > t i:
r'i.' ., GOLD DUSTwill Exceptionally Neighborhood, Beautiful .

.. High, Dry Fertile Lands. J i ;
Ml: i- ,
scare your back and save your clothes. Better t 1.-
'i iul- 'r F 'v and fir more economical than soap and other I '
0. ol C"T4r"tv I Washing Powders. The grandest opportunity for investment ever ;; i: : : .ii i

,, Kide only ty: THE N. K, FAIRBANK! COMPANY. cffered in Pensacola. : ,
1 1t that ci ," Chicago! New York Boston. St Louis. t t.- i
; ::nr away my hoy

"1 1'1! 1 y '. have it in or inlnui lint I Makers of OVAL FAIRY SOAP. Home Seekers Should See These Lots. : )

.,-K-l '- t il.:, her dan water Me( bnul( I I Il It ItA.VC1ubbs
d"r! fi'p-t." I lij lijCorner
IK rel-i1 -Ni-\v Yolk Jour- ..

: i I..l!. I :

I', .' ..".. ,,, i i t riienomenon Fiplalnrd.I If You HaveRheumatism Garden and Alcaniz Streets. i : i il

: ,." ,: i I "\ \'y i j.. it." said MrMizss( 'lliat a I : ., It'
.d." I
.r, ,. .,.: ''lI.j ...ill ;j.. wall I; so an\iou-<> taKe a girl) 1' fI

I'P :TI all/ to the! tll'ltI'r ati'l Mfins to ('arc0 little f. C. BRENT WM. II KNOWLKS, W. K. HYKK JK., J. H, KEEBE.President. : ;t f: I t
alunit plays after L<> i is tuarrieilV""That's I 1 PS
.' ,r the Ylce-PresrdenL Ofblor. Ain't C sbier
r. t !
veryeasily exiiLiim-J an j
v i r. 1'aviu swriil her hii:.liaiul. hit is due to a I THE OLD ril-VIK MADE NEW II i t

\. .-,'. 'I fall ftrtain deplorable !but inovitahlo: uiascnlim : passing! the twine again; around the I the greet tested and First National J Bank
> meals URIGSOL endorsed California S
> uuity.Vlnn In- takes: the girl top and fastening; it with a Imttonhole I Remedy: will cure :: : 1

-- to Wham IIis ens.iuiil! to the theater. stitch, repeating the loops' till the other 'ou. It alx cures r.)rer Kidney Iud if. :
Bladder ,
diseases causid of .
by an eirrss
<.ee2a Hongkong. she comparing him with side was reached. Those who do Licework i uric acid. It never lails and builds up f

-.A Hhuon 01 the haniNiiinn hero of the play, and to will so how easy (except for the 1 the health and etrergth while using it. OF PENSACOLA. FLA.S
Scud for book of wonderful ccrtincates !
n. ntUMil! console the disadvantage; .< the Ill'ru.fh'r awkward size i of the lialli the task real i stamp. Price Jl per bottle. For sale J!

P and in this vicinity.mt luarriasc: : she doc.trt hcolutt to tell I ly wa,;. To thoM. who are nut familiar : by drureisw. If your druggist ran not D IU.: 33 OT OII.Hi t i is; t I. '

.: there have teen him flatly that he looks: like the low with such work it. may described as I supply receipt you of price.it will Address'UricsolClieincilCo.LosAngelesCal.be sect prepaid upon WM. H. KNOWLE8, W. A. BLODKT. F. C. BRENT V. K. HYEB. JJ i: i
i I comedian. Washington____ __Star.A a series of buttonhole stitches with D. G. BRENT i! .j I. tI t '. I
; '
sutlicieiit! length; of twine between each .

:' :1 "I ." 1:1 tt'. ::1"\IU..I4NI.plll"'r. will !h. I "could" .!

Pi' it thtTiNat ii lca-t IVhty"Mont I .

I to I i-, thatciciicH [ IVloe?" echoed the Lou"ewife. T. quickly introduce B. B. B. j i : ; i

a. Hiit: all it--taxer:: "\rhr."II are no res-ident of M.irtini : (Botanic Blood! Balm I, the famous draw oar own Bills of Exchange on Great Britain, Ireland : i: I

aI tu'1 Httll'i Catarrh'i'itif <|lle." Southern blood cure, into new Germany, France Austria, Italy, Holland, pain, Belgium, Raaaia Nol t ''i'i t ,

gt, 'Ilinll l fratirnitytitiition.il cure now "I !Know dart, mum. but I am a !suff.nr hoine, we wil15'nd. absolutely free. LODGE DIRECTORY nay Hweden, Denmark and other European: countries. i j itWessels J I'

just; de same. Half de things : .
t 5' !1-tltllli"ua( di!:- kind ladies had saved for me dey sent 10.000 trial treatment Botanic : Disbursed upon tho Most Favorable Terms, and then tl

et' tivatin1 Blood Balm: I J';. B. B.) quickly cures KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAft Obligations Taken Payable at Port of lestirstlon Ten or Fifteen Dayitfter 1 .,.
-.e! '. Cure i i-* taken djwn III.r.-I.hila.Jdl'hia:. Uecurd. old ulcer;, scrofula, eczema, itching Vessol Arrives there.M t ; IID I '
4.1" .lir.-etly ujwiti tI... -.- kin and blood humors, cancer pat- Penn coU Lot.lgNo.3., K. of P., I

.1.." -'irf-u-es nf the I "T. what Not! 3rffiuon doou attribute Ilnonftli.the lair; festering ?oresboiN,carbuncle*, meetaevery Monday evei. rSafety Deposit Boxes for Rent in Connection j h
Ia' fart
I -niyiugthe town offensive Ing at ";,110 at Cattle lla
pimples or eruption pam with which we hare a Priva Apjirtment for theUii
daU thnt! th"\I.1ds-CI i
greatlyavor In the Klouat-- Wctio
'" dtl t jriviii;; the your I'P-] tn bones IoIr joint, rheumatism catarrh
of i iLWE
Kalldlng third Coor. Rnntrtrn. ; ,
pater'; ht> iitiiMin iHiniMit in tinconiinu ti-tie fiuiiutitor':" :
; up the or anv blood or skin trouble. Visiting brethren oordun ,
aeai.atr '-'I-tlll nature in "G rue* fre-h sniy lirciila'ed a report Botanic Blood Balm ( B. B. B. heals welcomed i I ,
dtJIa l/atr,: I'll" prial\rietor; atnoiij the slwn I ts that I wuz tofu oil every sore or pimple, makes the 'c. H, HORSLER II A. lth i '.j

i .- i"i! in curative 1110 training with a pin.ls.ag! 1.IYuut.i ."- blood pure and rich and'tops all K. K. *. K I Ii j'
.jl.rOn.- HUH.IH| | Chicago i Aun-rk-iii. aches and puius. Botanic Blood -- -- ; : f
I r ... hat it tail to BalmiB.( It. 1.1; thoroughly tested 1
----- .
f CIfoo. s ,1-1 '.f t-.titiiuiiialsT.lf.l.i.0. f.r30year y iu hospital and private i P Wr.tt tn-Uy fir oar. .hamS-. '
I 1
LaurelsA M t Mitratr-l t
AJj'' I t rl i':\ 1\ k Ct).. Poisoning the System. practice and ba. cured thou-andof ; r 4 I I arMl ire wf t tt I. mil' .v.. {I'. f.r.11 1Ir. :LrT7F5. t .
DI ,. .., I r* I',I If i .' fr. ." ..1 t' 'a.. 'I I J !
... I It is through the howpls that the eases given up as hopeless. Sold at ain our fi fw. { B i .' I 'j: t
t. : !I.I-t.*. 7.V. II I I body I is cleansed of impurities. Con- I drug tore<. il 1 per large bottle. Fur I or pun l> 'lie 11..f' IVrt.t.n'i.,.r. -IIrh :,. ,: .. ,'. '.".. ;. i ; ,
free treatment write to Blood Balm The farti Expositive .
1 f. 'N.r'r I' n' 1 l
I Wl. :
I ation keeps these poisons in thesystem fiM made the Gold l F ... .,,,.', '. .. !
6tii '
aa' '. ',.i h. >un hrr n \\ ....., I Co., Atlanta, Ida. Medicine sent atonrt' Medal Award to eel U'OllfJI'.I.PI' i ,: 5i -
.. 1" 111.4./ Ital; !.*&!" h n ven. I b..I1'"K :'.w. Lake t t.
a I'y.&I41U; luf t. UhI. causing headache, dullnessand I II I prepaid. Pejcribe'troubleandfree r'fr 'J '9+- I'-,.,,,"'''. .....I..I'U'I.I', IItaro J fl', .
I I .
-it" .II'olll. 1 Lo ar.ul "up ;
melancholia at first: then tinsichtly medical advive jriven. Botanic ". .. .
ya1, wi a &4itoyH Illnur Mb a !
.t uy.p7. '"rlll mint I, eruptions and finally serious. Blood Bilm ill. B. B.I, srive* life, I.W.MRFERKENTUCKY Itrr.'r'lfull*,tit & l.....utifij..: ,'Ie", ,"t.-l : .'I ,..1 I :; 11'i
K ffj r f4in 'U" I l'
a 0- 'ular 01 i i is I visor and strength: to the blood. The Rar'T"L\T ntwt. ttrawra 'C''I', .,. "
A r meeting I illiH'-Js unless! a remedy applied.1)eVitt's fiiie J.m _t'm r >.. '01
t Blood made. Botanic n.
t. .
Little Early Risers prevent purifier vi 'I pat.l a .. ,. ,
Mtniic.il t..r'no.o 't't'h.
Society at b r' "I :
Blood Balm B. H. B. give a M. JII 1iI.tt1'h ,...... .. )
d He.ktth tiiVctit p this trouble by stimulating the liter ) WHISKEYBofcJ ,. rat I. w 'Ith... rwa. .' i iGhd '
Nr \I..I.-trumr".I'i t
I I. -Uv. July. ;land: promote easy healthy action of healthy Blood supply to the skin and "wv'el to-flu 11) ..'.e'''en". .to a f"rrr't .e ahn! .... a jw\ '.If'-.. -' .''0 pre,.. 4 .
... ,
entire well .ord at II.- W..t ni Wtru (* Si-1 I r.I5rf -L
system. p wfl y t. .
v the howol. Those little pills do not nttdaft .... \ .,, .
wr t' W atiow ,I
-ioiu :arc cordially ach n ifcmpitU !b.yu .r" '>I"'< Hrc von '>- II' wI tin ) _
tt>ol.'ntly. hot hy strengtheningthe ; aI&o awarded IIrew l lon A f.. }>. 1 am t. rt tin I nwi .'1"i en (" ,1.HT"r IS 1(0<.1. are) .. .,, I : .
i act .... .. .. .. ]
CA13TOItIA.! Ori. ,t8oiw _Dd.. 1D, a dlr.. A4) Fa n11liL\.d. n. .. J I. '.. .)'UK.... "a." drlay.It .

vV c'. I>EwIIIKY l'reddent, their bowels own work.enable Never them gripe to perform or dis- ,.: &anthe the Kutd YJe Nate Asavs; 30" IfBlgar I I SALVONA SOAP CO., Cnr. 12th J PinE Sts. ST. LOUIS. MO. ";! r !, ; ",

!it tri'ss! Har ls' Pharmacy John Sheppard If+-# :' :

M-cretary. and Sidney Kahn. I I $ cy DannnelSS broi>. :; I:. .,1 1f I


u t \\'est 5Mh St Xt-w York City, .. t
1 1 1 1 March .:'1. 1902. is
to FfPCE' FOOT :
) CO., i
I i;
Ilulfalo, N_ Y r

(n-ntit-men-: gives me groat rlfBTOrto i':.1. ,(1 I S)

.. ( te -tr yin all the L'io.l ciualities of 1 ,
L 1 t .1 11L1"l "FOKU:.* td a r
L It i is -onomi. <*, as 5* posses a satisfyingsulistitrt '- > I !
for exprn&ire meat. I '

,,)f ttr, I c' It i i-> hralthtul-tor the weakest invalid i j, 2 2V Jr
tlt ,,,, ft If' l : ,
I \ >7 n r rfrr"?',, '".j" rtl 1\1"" ,I r/f' r lanenp.ylL
r h I I, .. IMIf" ." It is attractive<< l'injr a molt delicious :
11))1')) :,.:, ; J f'X"l, appreciated by tlmse who usually : :
J JI//Ji
,. ',' ", .,/'' ', do cot like cereals. ,. f.

/ I Yournery truly, Ir. -

___ Name uruiftl -


'__ "..<...'V.. __.... ._-""' ...H ".a .. A. +. -. > "H' '" -- ..--._' _..c"q"i ""*"r ,"",,,- ,_ _. ', I

".', ; -. '''- P--';'' '::': '' > ''''''''''' '''. ).:' .h; .,; ) ; ..( 4)tjot \. '!.e..:' ,::...,. ..;k-t.- ... ; ,J:_. : :;:7! t..Ii 'rM' LO .;J'L.l'> .'_ ..... < -,-

i i r 1




Will Ride With the President
Senator Warren of Wyoming has : : : : FEED, LIVERY AND SALE STABLES.
I )J' :nThousands s. ft planned' to give Prrsidrnt! Roosevelt n I

Jaunt In the saddle across the plains ;OPEN DAY AND NIGHT. 1.. West lutemlenda Street.

and mountains during his western trip ; I

this summer. It is expected that the WE HAVEN'T A THING
Managers. f-:
PAINE'SCELERYCOMPOUND president will visit Wyoming while !I I
d +a
\pi'iF >

against;; : our

R. POU .$ .$
neighbors.BUT !,
Will It.iiiNIi the Summer Itluc* .* ,

1 iiml Oilier Ii istr<-Hss That -tri FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND EMBALMER.

Make J.if4'l .Mi.srrahlranil
17 Vest Intendencia Street.Office Phone, 31. Residence! Phone, 673. $1.60 FOR

t'nliapi)'. -_

This i U the season when we hear i i

1 men and women complaining about THE BIG STORE !I THISOXFORD

j their unhappv and half-dead condition. -

I- They find that physical and ,. i
mental energy has deserted them, / iI I ,

pit and of they despondency are iuking deeply in the I' ..4tSENATOR -' OFFERS* i iI i I

:. 'I h., hot summer weather: always FRANCIS E. WABBEX.: I .

't produces tliousaads: of miserable I I "swinging around the circle" and the WELL, SAY !

i feeling mortals. They lack nerve ,! senator has arranged that he shall SPECIAL BARGAINS :i
force, strength and true vitality. ;
I leave his train soon after it Is well Into I
They cannot ret day or night, and it
I" the state and take to the saddle. Accompanied .' iI
|I. the senator and other i I
I I The great recuperator, builder and py :. iI
4 strength-giver for all weary, worn- congenial spirits, all men accustomed I I '>"

; out andsutlering people: is Paine's: to riding, a swoop of n hundred or more
Celery Compound, now so universally miles :u'ru"s the state, including a SHOES. I HARDWARE I

prescribed by medical, men. stretch of mountain road, will be made 't i
{ When the great medicine ii used at' We are over stocked on Ladies' : A Fine f 12.5u Refrieratot for. .?>.";} 1
to count-el
with the presidential trainat II
Inn >e.iion, languor, despondency, Oxfords, and to make room for our''1'\ Fine 2 String Broom for .. 27c
a >oiiit the
i near western boundary MEYER SHOE CO.
t irritability nervousness, sleepless- of the state. ;I'',Immense Stock of SHOES PurA Good 3-String Broom for.2uc ,

4t dachedyfppijiauddise; -- !: chased! for Fall, and are to arrive in 1
I tt Live troubles are permtiisittly tunHneJ ;i An All.Kip, Wan -HtitchedI
Peu Picture of :Mnry :Macl.nnr. a few day, we have decided to Offer |
-t 4 i and men and vonuu about .
go I I Wasron Collar from. .fI.U i3: to $: 73; I
41 their duties and work with a vim, i i Mary Elizabeth! MncLane, the re- our Entire Stock at the following Feet FninMiers for Cah Only.

J i:1: will, and energy that: indicate health in.irkable girl who has just come beftire ;i Greatly Reduced Prices I : I A Good" ebb Halter for.. .. :20c I

r i and physical strength.Mr. the literary world In hl'rIllk/ 1 A Good Light-Weight Buggy

i r J. II. Clark, NewarkDel.who "The Story of Mary MacLatie. is as I All ?1.50 Oxfords for... .. . .$1.27 Collar from.. .. .. .7c: to $L!;i 102 SOUTH PALAFOX STREET.

was in a critical condition of health erratic I; All Oxfords .. ,. .
t j| as her story and as much of n 11.73 for. $1.38 Buggy: Whips from ...lUc to $3 50 ....
k(,. from troubles extremely common in i i puzzle to her family us to others, says I All S2.00 Oxfords for. .. ... .51.69 Best Value to be had in the
summer time, writes thus about its city. ,
I + .m marvelous rescue from death: : I an exchange. In appearance this All -*'.50 Oxfords for. .. .-. ..fl.'jyAll A Good Buggy or Wagon Harness !' '

"When I was attacked with newt joung, inexperienced suddenly famous t. S-3.00; Oxfords for for.d4! for .. .. .. .. .. ...-. .. .$70 I wrmr'r
t ou* prostration, I went to one of our authoress Is good looking, and
local doctors. I continued to grow In spite of her claims to untidiness I These prices don't apply to Queen Collar Pads, good values.. ..25; to 5OcjualityOxfordsofwhich >4

worse, and consulted other physicians 1 i like her claims to sinfulness, there Is *]! we have a Bargains in Crockery, Glass and

t .j' ; but with very little apparent j: no evidence of it Miss MacLane is of Full Htock. I Granite Ware.
good. No tongue can express or pen I pleasant. unassuming manner, notwithstanding .

j. describe my feelings and suffering the fact that her conversation
t from this terrible disease Afterpending
r2' considerable in the is tilled with statements and ass DRY GOODS.
I sertions of the most egotistical nature, )/ *
vain hope of being cured, I was led I .
to try Paine's Celery Compound, and j I such as her repeated reminders that I Special Prices to Close Out Our Stock of Figured Lawns, Fancy White
a 1 she is a genius, that she is
it is this medicine which enabled excessively;
Goods and all Sheer
Fabrics! Sheer Woolen Fabrics in Mistras and other
I1 me to enjoy the health I now have.i odd that she f Is wicked, that she is
New Weaves.
I After the torture I experienced nightand : lacking In principle and moral nature, I

day for years, the change is ,| that she has 110 virtue or that she is a
wonderful." I thief and a liar. I Shirt Waists at 35, 65 and 95c.
Miss Macl.ino is of medium height) I

slender of build, with light brown I hair ,
: { DETAILS COMPLETED '' and a peculiar nnd imlevribibly (..101 '

grajih eje. Her manner Is languid, JUilliam loljitsoii & (t" oit. I DAYo

andndspite com er.satioii !is not animated. '
__ li of the contrary Impression It I
would she in print. She will say1 -- -I II

-- would like to steal your purse", or "1 .--.....ttmtttlr_. I I fear that women's clubs will break up

In the parlors of the Merchants would kill that man if I hxl a gun": t In the home lift have donated noble/ sums :

hotel this morning; were gatheredone the same commonplace' tone that she ; I \\'ard t-uilUing; a house for a ladies'
wouM assume in observing that the WOMEN'St .
;; : In Henisoii.: Tex.liere
Ji of the most jovial of parties: imaginable sun was bhinit:;;. he ullOlUt'U'S dubhouM in theI'

and one which made mo. I CLUBHOUSES south !is situate, a rich bachelor, who
t'bnuilierluln'fi S) tl'm 1:'IJul..d. I
4 rose pe>ple standing around feel utterly Secretary Chamberlain's, splendidmemory did not base any home life to breakup

mierable.Th for faces is subs and foiiM'iiuently was not afraid
frequently a
I gave the ladies of the XXI. club $a,- i
referred jfct of comment in the house of com- I
party to made
I was up( OIN) and a plot of mound on which
i II i mons. Hecontly he was passing the I
nf Oeo. \\'. Ely of Montgomery, Fred' '< they! erected a twelve thousand dollar I
lobby\ and heartily greeted' a new .--_. o
L, Chae of Atlanta, BIuthe33ternI i I member w horn he had only met once home. Its appurtenances Include a ;

passenger as'ent, and Col. A. Rein Iol'fonsome years ago; at a olitical 'greatest benefit the wom public which Andrew library" Carnegie hi consequence:; donated ?I.-of L. FRIEDMAN & OO.'SF
: ml'e tlug./ The legislator, highly flat- TIIC club has conferred on the
hart of Greenville to lift the last mortgage from the
ottleer of
: an : the I 1 tend boasted of this distinction to n is one seldom mentioned.It XXI.'s.

Pythian Grand Lodge of Alabama: | friend in the smoking nHlOoYon.- Is the knowledge;:: to some I The true and real clubhouse with ,
dcrful Chamberlain has ," extent at least of financiering and the
jil The i joined by Capt. Kryger: : he murmured. economics of oranizl'tfI'OIJirs.t first I living apartments ..

r ;' and other, and all of them were f:i "Yos." reumrkid him! friend dryly; the idea of quitting themselves like that may be rented to membersis *)) RACKET STORE-- @ .
not jet anywhere among women's
talking; Pythiaaisui for all they1'were i! "lie asked me who you were yesterda -!! clubmen anil of their getting permanent hl'ad-I organizations. Thc nearest to It Is t IlLwnwM
: was terrifying
worth. I the home of the trouu'u's Twentieth X
j j to women club members, and they were j
r sr E All the gentlemen were di:cuingithe The raven \\ife. I j jNext i j content with the hired hospitality ofmen's I Century club of P.ufT.ilo. erected at atyat | f.'
j of ?II.INMI.. Its general! assemblyhall
to the alllicted king himself! the Ilo ?l'rlllUs.ftrr some years
coming -coutiuent.il\ Pytliiui i contains and for
4t most Interesting personality la the so- of this a fenof the bravest In the a stage scenery
i excur-ion, and as each of them'will theatric/ performances and entertaimncnts. -
: rious lllufcs of Idwartl11.. ami the wet and middle west, of course,
Attnutitt wall decora- j
#' go, there were uiuiy iljnlaid.. events leading out of it has been his w.niked out from under the fixed glareof ,' I Ii I .
t queen wife Alexandra. No wife of the painted Masonic eye and boughtor lions are part of its adornment, and a'' Cral nets and fishing f\ tt tJ'j( \ ll (Tt 1\, ItI
t Capt. Kryger de;ire-l Tm: NEWS noble marble s-taln-.ise leads from the i!i I i
high: or low decree has ever shown > built club homes. \ tackle to snit everybody at >
'' ; I t, to state that there yet remain.empty more devotion toward an utllictod husband The first clubhouse for women In this! I front entrance to tin stn-ond floor. I| -'

ii ; i,., Due section of the special sleeping than has been shown by the 'country i- t.1wt11'na'llnl. <*f :Milwaukee Till Buffalo Twentieth Century ap-j I'\ j the Willis Hardware Co's. :( Al

j M queen of England; to the king during I IQCETX opened in Itecember 1SS;;, It Is''' pears to l>e the brat woman's club that j I --- I I j w.
ad I b, sa car, which will go all the way I n hmU: >ome stone house. nut the same has had enterprise 'ullu:11 to provide i Cleaning ladies skirts! and waist' NICK'S

a through. Applications addressed tIt 0 rnoUh the Ladies' Literary club of some sleeping; rooms for members. ,! 13 one of car specialties. Htar Laun- i!

It, himself regarding the space will receive Cried Halli.lsolidl.: ., dedicated a house cite I'.uTalo of wouien'n is undoulibdly elulihou1Tbo the lianner Women's |i (dry. I j ji
which still remains one of the prettiest I, .
:; prompt attention. buildings of its kind. The Grand IMucationa! and Industrial I union i i: Thos--C.: Watson & Co., I

x! ; Details of the trip hive now all Rapids society grew out of a small but there has been from the beginning: the leading Real Estate Agents;. take
been I 11'1) I'trllin god works that largttf I all the worry oil the shoulders of the !i A T
t definitely arranged, and, as before nUTAURANTIII
! money hate lieen given to it owners of property, manage the I,
dated, the party will leave at from time to time by philanthropists 'i renting of their houses and the collection

,, noon on August; 4. i of their rents as conscientiously Ap
!'t. that it. too, has a home of its own, j
A plea=autincident that occurred worth jntV"1'. I I I as they would themselves. <

tod ty was the meeting, of Mr. Ely The ladies of the New Century club i Their charges are very reasonable ,j ..

t and Prof. Clarence Tate of the PreM. of Wilmington, H,,!., Lute a neat home ': DAILY MENUS "j-

Prof. Tite w-t-j: )[r. Ely's school which they constructed on the planof
t E'a ma-ter nearly 4>t yPlrst : ago. having each' member take one I( Comprise all the Up-to- :.

tfi 1 --- --- share of stock or quit. Then there is Hotel Camden Date Dishes the Markets A?

e If a Man Lie to You, the lt-nitiful J'ropa'uw of Indinnnp- I I of the World tit
1 : J ._ olis. n mutual home for various fenil-I'
I, y And say Si4fle other salve, ointment __ / nine organization It cost SJO.nn) and (',\)1 HIX, .\ L.\ H.\I.\. AtTurd.Ladies' 11.,

lotion, oil or alleged:: healer is ] Ir!
; as goo- a
; Fi as Hucklon's Arnica Salt, 'll him % C was (.rt'l.t4tllar ely through: the efforts I( Is Now Open to the Public t ..;
ti >< of that energetic clubwoman. ;>
i I of : Tnt F/f/GKf KOKHIMO CJ.V/1. May :i iWright
I thirty years marvelous cures of ,
I os NGELE :; Sewall. The of New 3'
great city
1: Piles Burns Doils. Corns. Felons, tl, e 'I i i I under the management;: of Private :
York his woman's clubhouse
no while
t Ulcers, Cuts ScaMs Bruises and Skin .
Eruptions prove it's the best and little Peoria and Decatur, 111./ have Dining- Parlor.* g

cheapest. :5: cents at W. A, IVAlem- each one that cost $ 1),1 M'. Los Angeleshas MRS. S. MIMS 11II(;>

bcrte's drug store. two -one the EU'll club home pats A'i ,
M o termtl after a Greek teuiple and the I of Pensacola
r sLA11115 Florida.
t i t 1 8TATKMKNT gift of Mrs. Robert IJurdette; the other I Regular Dinner Daily. s':

t ALEXANDRA.the the house 5f the Friday Morning club, i RATES REASONABLE
Ma I* under feetiont.Chaptrrill5.l.a: ''II sol ,
i tll'rl cbarifrtl to the tan collector of Kioimt' The Friday Morning club I By the Day, Week or Mouth.
'e county. HoruU. tolifcollsot d for till tti I Alexandra has never cared much for i Short Orders Promptly 0JKilled. -
1 year lio'llIn,1 the apportionment of aiitue tobcva the brilliant life of the Las 5uij members. The Arundel clubof i
(court but has Table Furnished with the Jiest the *U
the ft'\.r"J fund Ir which such lams hs"a "* I i Baltimore has a pretty home. or Day
rx 1" I..d, Includlnlll'oll tax with county striven to make the home life of her | Market Afford
1t school tin; exalted husband peaceful and content Finally, Boston women are going to I --
1 Total amount charged tot I ed- erect a two hundred thousand dollar Public Solicited.
a aUI $711 r T I Patronage If It'. Momfthln\t! Gool to Emit 1 ff,
14 Amountcollected to July j Although she Is now nearly sixty clubhouse, eclipsing anything of the you wish, '011'11 nna It at
i 4 Psit.r. .. ... _.... u 1IW1a 1 PI ', years of age the queen has the graces LITERARY L.18 kind In the land BO It Is said.KATK I Free !Hample Rooms. *
f Balance .? JL-l"l"L_w !i of youth. Her complexion, her hair 6RrlJIUPillt SHARP., I Sunday Rates! Made to Traveling Nick Apostle's
j i and her poise convey no Idea that she TWO HOMES: OF WOMEN'S: : CLCBS. Men.
County tat proper I1S.HK: 13: | I
mount collected to July I Is Is past middle life. i ii I enthusiastic history class Into a powerful SWEET JAMAICA ORANGES.I Popular Restaurant.
II'I ri .. 11\01 \)' -$ S 34S 05 !i .
organization with several hundred
County kcbnol tax. H1.4.V.I :!,; j i Once lie At' 1 II have purchased
Amount eollectcii to July u* Famoni. members. through Mr. O. GOVERNOR'S ISLAND, iY.
I It, Wl.-- ._ 1.G4< OJ: less\e 21 Everybody remembers that at the!.! Women will become excellent financiers Giardina the entire lot of fine Jamaica !:! .-Healed propos Mw.\I'

County road and brldg$ 1! time the effort was made to impeach when they wake up to It They oranges! from the schooner als, in triplicate, for furnishing forage -
... _
tax |!HiiJ.w
.u. and straw in[ of
Amount collected to July i' President Andrew Johnson the deddt II hare learned as they went along. The recently arrived, which will be sold Dept.
......... .. _. the East, daring year ending Jane I will gad)
$, ISC \SV4!\; from :20
cents to 40
a dozen.H. 30,1903, will be received here and at in JStephens. I
County fine and forfeit by Senator Ross of Kansas. lie Jewelry -claae! style. -
4 ure lax.__.. ..-. .1 f.S1A tC I : .wag I has boon procured in various ways ALFMAS'S FRUIT STORE, places indicated in instruction ia- i
collected to JulyS I I a famous man In his day. i For the construction of the
Amount Milwaukee surd hereunder, until 12: m., August
I ... 315 South Palafox Street, next to the
t w u. u t"U m 191,1Ii' wj "It was out in Albuquerque, N. XL, I Athenmum a stock company was 7, 1902. U. S. reserves the right to
County bond tax... i iM Kl ;j. notions said Special J. H. Postal Telegraph office. 21Jylw*
Amount coltectedtouiy ago Agent formed, I which paid the money took reject or accept any or all proposals u

i r sWr.,,_.... ..... .._. .._... 1,9Uvm! 7l e 'si; I Spooner a cousin of Senator Spooner. I'I f shares In the concern and controls ant] or any part thereof. Information Save None our:
-I'at the capitol recently "and there I all Lay the dust. furnished on application. Envelopes y /tf/w-
manages financial affairs. The'Grand
_..... ..._. _' Youcanbuy
Balance $ 11.\11I\
5i'saw an old man In a printing offlce I i Rapids house was built from containing proposals will be en lure at Marston Qidna'sGreat
A. M.McMlLHS.Clerk garden hose at the dorsed "Proposals! for Forage
ISBAL.I Circuit Court setting type. lIe was ex-Senator Ross cfcb i dues and from subscriptions. Willis : and Furniture Empo-
By B, H. Hurtou, D. c. I I I of Kansas." I I Hardware StrawatJOHNSIMPS0\ .
SoatetJales Co.
.. ... _-- I y'e lhy..ae.n wbo d.lt.Pot l A. Q. M. 0. 10jlt&5a2t rzum.cs5 .

>. ., -. --... .. ......._.;._ """' --.L_ <......, ._ ._'""- ,' < .... "". _. c .... "' -_... """'- .

The daily news

Material Information

The daily news
Uniform Title:
Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
Place of Publication:
Pensacola Fla
The News Pub. Co.
Creation Date:
July 22, 1902
Daily (except Monday)
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
30.433333 x -87.2


Pensacola is the seat of government for the westernmost city in the westernmost (Escambia) county of Florida. Since the colonial period, Pensacola has been an important naval port and economic center. By 1889, it was one of Florida’s four largest cities, with a population exceeding ten thousand. The Pensacola Daily News began publication in 1889. The editors pledged to "be Democratic, conservative but yet sufficiently aggressive to give weight to [the Daily News’] remarks." By March 1897, the Daily News had increased its circulation to 1,500. The Pensacola Journal, begun as a weekly, remained its main competitor. Among the bigger stories the Daily News covered was the 1891 dedication of the Confederate Monument in Lee Square and the outbreak of the Spanish-American War in 1898. Pensacola’s Gulf Coast port, like others in Florida, hosted forces bound for Cuba, among them Theodore Roosevelt. In the years that followed, Pensacola continued to expand. 1908 saw the completion of a new Spanish Renaissance City Hall. Around this time, the Daily News was followed by the Pensacola Evening News. The exact year of the transition is uncertain as the Pensacola Evening News continued the numbering of its predecessor. The earliest verified edition of the Pensacola Evening News dates from April 6, 1908. In 1910, when its population reached 23,000, Pensacola erected its first skyscraper--the ten-story American National Bank building, constructed the San Carlos Hotel, and raised a wooden bridge across Bayou Texar. By 1912, Pensacola had twenty-one miles of paved streets. The first modern hospital opened in 1915, and by 1924 the city’s fire department was entirely motorized. In that same year, the Pensacola Evening News merged its operations with the Pensacola Journal then under the leadership of John H. Perry. For the next six decades, the two papers continued to report the city’s news, the Journal in the morning and the News in the evening.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1889.
General Note:
Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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-.jL,!> --;, ",. "4Jl. ,L.-, ""' ;: 7"4.' -'t ..-.ik"----- ," .
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------ ;




-- j'


Conference of Western Democrats : He Expects to'in on Cuban Reck' .- !!* i ii

In New York. I iI to The Daily Xews. pecial to The Daily News. i .
iI procity and Other Measures.
I Baltimore, July! :21.-The torna'.lGwhilh r Chattanooga. July 21.-The Injun i: i>

I suddenly Miutk the city yesterday riot proceedings of Manager Charlie '
I atu-iiioon at 1:25: o'clock, involving Frank.' of the! : Memphis club, againstthe -. .
: '4il iy News: intends to put all candidates;:: on reo19rd /; the loss of several lives and 3 Southern association of baseball Special to Tht Daily Xt>W5. I .

un this stiorand bound widespread destruction of property clubs to prohibit the association from :
iu u c ; j MAY YOHE OFFERS
.1 -Atai.Ji.lrn! !::' !! t tI :
!'1 According!
Oyster Bay July : -
to be adopted and mane< a campaign :i was the severest which has been i ntc-rfcrisg with the1E'mphls: club in1 .
iti.n. Heat wn! < !
.it L
issue soontr or UterLOCKJAW ,' ;, known in this: district for many years playing Pitohr St. Vram came before i to men who have visited and talked !Ii I i
.1 I. al.ta Wi-.t: I'll/: 1 I' REWARD FOR ARREST :
The weather bureau was taken com Chancellor T.1.: :MtConnell, in this!
I T. Dul',013. id lilt I i with the president in the last few I
pietely by surprise. Almost without city this mOrllinl was repre!

: U 1'iott-stur F. PftUBPW.Garrett.1: MAY j j a moment's wetting an irresistible Bented by Attorneys Caruthers Ewin, I weeks he has given out the impresj j.1I OF CAPT. STRONG 1: i ; ,

wind, apparently in the nature of a of Memphis: and Latimer and J. V,
,- ith Dakota, for u": whirlwind, came from the southwest, Williams of this city and the South I ion that he expect to be nominated ; ,
; olitical in E ,
and in an instant the waters of tin ern league by Lancaster and R. If in 1904! by acclamation. He believes i
....'t'rs.ty, Tokio, an l BUMBLE I Special tu The Daily News. j '
harbor were converted into a seething Williams, of this city i' ,
", Washington: plans cauldron, boats were capsized, while The bill of injunction and answer Hanna and Odell will not enter the New York, July 2_!.-A reward of j I !
[n lJ: a uew national:
--- I the staunchest vessels at anchor were were read, and the case was argued field against him, and count on aid WOO i ii offered today by May Yohe i ,

1 inone. the new par Special to The Daily News. r violently rocked.Of by attorne Chancellor McConnell: from Platt for the arrest of Capt. Putnam Bradley '
I Quay
the 12 lives that were lost 1'J rendered his decision, promptly refus i
an t'!fort to unify the New Turk -i Htrcmjr, who is
July 1 -Treated wanted to
by a were drowned by the upsetting o! Ing to grant the injunction on the President Roosevelt: does not regard answer
Ot-mocracy, which al- I
recently discovered process: Joseph boats in the river one was killed hj pleadings and stating that the application : a charge of larceny of $2UOOuO worth! !
''anizations: in New Tierman, the 11-j'ear-old of MS- the service the t't'j j
son at
a tree falling on him and one ly com for injunction must show more presets of jewels
-" tts New Jersey,
chael Tierman, formerly a member a1. ing in contact with a live wire.A specifically: the baseball regulations of White House I .
the New York baseball team, is begin- careful estimate furnished from the Southern league before he can sufficiently gratifying.He The gems were supposed to have J :

.' r.ted for the con nlng to recover from lockjaw at the wants to win fairly and the been in the vaults
.... ,her police headquarters today shows thai even consider making such an In fully of the Knickers I !l
oft i Harlem hospital. Antitoxine in small 200 houses were unroofed during thd junction perpetual Upon application honor ofthe: presidency and intends bocker Trust Company, but when
'/:Jpl.teJutline 01 : doses is belts Injected into the I' ,
spinal of for
prevalence of the storm. Six roofsin attorneys Frank the chancellorgave ..
d! organization on cord between the second and third I to ahead with the vaults were opened late yesterday : .
one block were blown off. The leave for the filing of an amended go right the Cuban I
'ate orga.ni/atlor. I,I vertebrae cf the lumbar region. Previously roof of the William street independent bill and this will be presented an.t afternoon the jewels were miss. I
,i' At the reciprocity plan and other measure
racy. antitoxlne I
had been used, but
I Methodist church was lifted highIn argued! tomorrow afternoon in?. t
Senator: Petti- in the recorded cases it was injectedinto which he lia. favored in "
the air and blown over the roofs o'' Attorney Ewing for Frank stattj messagesto
:,t in which tcc the brain Mrs. strong, the mother of the ex-
through a hole bored in I other houses to a distance of 150 feet. that he will fight the case to a finish .

the skull. j I The stone spire of Holy Cross Catholic in all the courts, and will if necessary I congress.; He expect to win on captain, i* prostrated with grief over ; :

\' a candidate! Under the new treatment young I church was hurled to the ground enjoin every club In the Soul such a policy. the scandal. ; ,
1K! )>4, but
.t > in TIE'rll\.u has shown .
great improv.ment. : A part of the roof of Trinity Protest ern league! from interfering with f-C -- -- I

," that he will There has been a marked re-j i I ant church was torn off while the pitching of St. Vrain. i
-.r ne the plat laxation of the muscles ITHE I "RED i ij
of the neck!: I POPE"Ya
historic! of St. '
steeple Marys Star 01 !
'," o! the can- and an appreciable betterment: I! 96 DROWNED f ; I
.. the Sea, Catholic! churfh was compietely
I Itnan an J ally, which. If continued gt'ner'l, WELLS PAYS I Ik
trw party, the doctors destroyed. The public squares j DIED THIS MORNING: 'I t
are cor.fidfntm Insure I and parks are considerably! wrecked Ya IN THE WRECK OF I
tJ: his complete
recovery. j
was Much ,
; damage has been done to boos DEATH PENALTpecIai '
: II L/ I r a (pi) Injured by
a powder explosion I
fronts In all
sections of the ,
'." .. ".'1' ,1I.d..d July 4.THREE. I falling trees city b -- I Special to The Daily News: !, THE PRIMUS ; ;j t

j '\ \\ '1'1
.41.L in-i.fi.- I II I In the business! section; of the cit; to The News. I!I Rome, Jul2.Jardllal. : Ledochowki ;

numerous plate windows have been .
w- 4alaar: ; S.. "l YOUNG blown In. Atlanta, July 21*-W. If Wells was prefect congregation of .!.Special to The Daily News.
Telegraph and
: I
.a.II.' ', '. a:. 'p!)!'nrd!, t..t.e: ..bc !services have been chrippled to sore hanged in the execution chamber H; the Societas de Propaganda Fide, I Hamburg, July ::.Survivors of ,
c ( .t:. ser b for- and I the Tower this after I !
morning shortly
t .eater 1 P" -:'frJIT.tt result !is what MEN DROWNED : extent In the, and many lines are out of uso 11 o'clock by Sheriff Nelms, for the I;I which manage;* the Roman: Catholic the steamship Primus, which was:
are !Tr.! w-c II. askej I country was wrought church at Rome, died this morning, I wrecked Hansa
for more I killing of Frederick Pierce, a blind j by the'UA' yesterday.'sayninetysix : '
I. .'"t 'Y''J ,, I among telegraph poles. In the vicln! I .
l den 11"1 In the west, I man last February. !I after a long illne-*. i of the on f
ity and suburbs: there Is a tangle passengers .
"' 0: e"f' "mt The farms Special to Th. Daily News | mass of wires to be laboriously put Wells met his' fate calmly and gave.I i I Cardinal Ledochow-ki wa known board the veel at the time of the !
.r attle i ii
and high- the
prison officials absolutely no troll
In ,
: :' errs Aurora. nf1..' July 21-Three'youn;; I order ble. For several days before the: as the "Red Pope" and was x> years j disaster are mi-"sing. ( :
J The renter of the disturbance ;
i'' :!'.PS, aside from men were drowned last evening in the seem time for the execution he had expressed ''I of age; at his death. Ii | :
1 ed to be right in the Out II!
city. in the
< > "t changed. W e Ohio river by the sapiiring Of a sailboat a desire that the ordeal might be I COURT
suburbs there was terrific blow, br! I
i a
: H
'.J! principles of on its trial trip, TCOp Were ; finished as quickly as possible. When :' | OF CLAIMS I
I! the amount of damage shows that i i"j II i
-:. the country 1 Is Albert :Mill! T. aged 21f, Robert Laugh- i' he saw that there was no chance for i I! NEIGHBORS TESTIFY

.,' Irani all its oil lin, aged; 21. and Benjamin J, Watts, I i i did Baltimore.not compare with the velocity! i In him to receive a respite or a pardon the |I POSITION OPEN l t j ''I

un trouble Is the i aged 2" A companion, Clayton Kai : condemned man frequently said he I !
If --- --- IN LATIMER CASE1j !
original form o! i filer aged 15, clung to the boat and I i did not c.ve how soan the executioi \ I ;

I .:th of July oratioi was rescued. The \'Ictfms'o'tre 1'.1''. took place. I t ;: '

->ill not fit today." rent graduates of the high school and ;i CAUGHT LIKE Wells, some time before his conviction I I I Special to The Daily News. ;; t

drafted the were promising young IBlrndl's I I j Special to The News. I
men. Daily
on the charge of murder, I
professed 2t-Eu.enel'hil i. I
II Oyster Bay July : : t I ,

: rtes I RATS IN TRAP (conversion and was: baptizedin I Brooklyn July :!'.!.-The neighbors: I bin ex-district attorney of New i !
rtagod: for years! i In Vanilla Extract outlivedcriticjm. a bath tub at the Tower. t I

:.'.h the refc'rrnduni. It i i- the finest: and purest | The crime for which he was hanged of All ert C. Latimer win wa shot iI I! York, Is mentioned today for the i

'ate but as an tssenIUP I was decidedly! out of the Hemet ,, in his own home by an unknown il
vanilla extract that can be bought, iittial to The Daily News. ordinary. I place on the court of claims refused !
We have now i I' fierce j on the street and had a i marauder July 2, cawing one of the
Kit-ff. European !
.:. 'acTi state whteii I Ohce tried, alwaUSEd.. : Russia! July 21Fifttn by t I"'enaturfcLaurln of South Car: i '1 .
conversation with him that became
finally I, ,
- I persons were drowned yesterday most enational cater of tileyear, oli ua. .
= a disputeWells., who was the i f
m a rush of water into the base went the stand
011 today.
proprietor of a small wood yard on I Many republicandoubt: if he will I' i .
nunls of various houses in the lowei Pratt street asked; Pierce why he did W. H. Tuthill, a friend of I irs.
it. to the fact that he is
portion of the town. ; get owing a ; i i.

Green Watson & Co. j A torrential rainstorm accompanied not this patronize the difficulty him.arose.While discussin ; I Latimer, te-tifled that he frequently : democrat. 1 i 1.l '
by violent wind and hail broke OWl went wheeling with her, but wa* on I __
Pierce struck at Wells with a stick
Kieff during the afternoon and turned and is: said to have knocked him down friendly terms with her hu-band. ''I

I:. IIAI.UI'AY' A ('O'' Ol.l > TA\I. > the flooding streets cellars! into and veritable drowning torrents their oocupants Wells then started away but on fin 1 Frank Taylor, a neighbor! said he i KENTUCKY FUEDRESULTS !: .

leg that he was bleeding the head 1
before they were able to ta: from the blow given him by the blind I heard shots, then creams. I j jI :

cape man. returned and stabbed him in the I A belief i; growing in many IN DEATH V : I
Large trees
were uprooted and railroad back Pierce died the next day. 1 quarters; that Litimer was shot i in I
1 J. 1,1 1 i ED PRICE : (
SALE Continues in all Department*. We 'mhankmE'nts'pre washed away The blind ,
man was being guided
'i\i I intend to reducAtock.. If you will call and examine necessitating the suspension of traf by his little son who, when he saw i bed, and not.by burglars._ I II Special toTh.) News. ; I I f

.I : .", w, Jl be convinced that you can save money by purchasing; I heavy.FROM fie. .The losses: sustained are very that his fafier had been attacker: Lexington Ky., July JH.-June* S f i
ioil.. I i'I
took his stick and struck Wells. The MRS.JNO.W.MACKAYPROSTRATED
Cockrill shot in Jackson yesterday
I little feIIowas beating his father's !, I
I DANCER assailant;:: when persons nearby cameto : a, the result: of a fresh outbreak of .
BY GRIEFSpecial :
'" I' his assistance. ,. the Harris-Cardwell: fued, died at ;
\I"Ulill"! j j.. c'allc.1 l to '!,;HU } aril. l >imiti.., Callatrar1
t 1'1"1, the Good Hamaritan hospital this : ;
I ---
> "I'HIIU-( %, Ginghams Lavtii*, etc., on Trout Counter. II | TO DEATHSpecial Gold Beaters on Strike. i I i I II i '

i ii.ierly II Philadelphia. July 21.-A strike was I I to The Daily News :'morning. Reports from Jackson ;:

' .. :: '- sold for 10, l."; and He:: per j Inaugurated today throught the country London, July 22.:! -Mrs. John W. !; say more seriom trouble is expected .. ,,i ;..1 i .;
: >l"ad.lyand Tue-day: will gi\e. I 10 yards for 75c to The Daily News. by the United Gold Beaters' Na
tional union of America. In this cay Mackay i, prostrated by tl shock

- I -:.i.1!: Organdies: Figured Imported Dimities, :Madras, Lace J!I Chicago Jul)'*:21": :-:Jumping; into the accordIng! to Ellis Gray, president of of her husband' death that the doc IA SOLDIER DIED AT II irii! ;:

Calumet river to escape an explogioii the local union. &6 gold beaters and 4v) I :
tripe, Figured Lawns, etc. they feared would! follow tors today ordered her to take com-
the breaking apprentices are on strike. This affects ) 'it -

. of a gasolene tank on their launch, 40 girls! who make moulds for 1| plete rest. FORT BARRANCAS I : ; ,
: rl."rlyoU for 2'). i and ;3ic per yarJ Charles Kubictk and his brother Duffy the beaters. There are about 400 Mrs. Mackay, with her Clarence t I r
*... ,?. fo . .. :. ? .. ... .. . . .. ; I2.1.-.c yard were drowned last night. I on .
beaters In
gold the United States, and will inherit the estate of the. t !
I Companions attempted to resuce the all are members of the union. They {' i Clement Britton died at Fort Bar ;
Choke of two men hut the current of the swi! demand the discharge of the bonanza king, which is estimated at I :. .
Wash Shirt
any Waist in Store fort i rancas this morning. He was a
len stream baffled their efforts, and: mould fillers: and desire that their $bOOW.OJO.( ( .

I the bodies of the brothers were swiftly work be given to the beaters. I private in the Seventh company cf i ,!

$ 45c. '$ carried down the river and out ol I For Over Suty Year coast artillery. The body will be I
sight. The accident occurred at One
I rtmdred and Cut tsls' out and take It to any M ass WISSLOW'S Hoorai.- Hrmrp hal shipped to Waynesboro Miss., for t I 4
r ke Forty-First street and been DIed for over .llIyyean by mlllloniol I
Lot Slightly Soiled Corsets 15 and 30c each was caused by a projecting edge ol drug store or medicine dealer and geta mothers for their children wbile te ttilni, I interment. f ; ,
!J with perfect IOCCMI. Itiooihti the cblld.I .
i, the gasolene! tank coming In contact tot of Chamberlain's Stomach anjLh'er I 1 soften tbe garni,al yi all patn.caret wind Help'I M

T'lere'!! are some $2.00 Corsets in this Lot. with an abutment of a bridge. ,, colic, anj Jt the bert remedy for Diarrhoea.t Need More I'f
Tablets. The best physic. They will relieve the poor little ta3erer lmmediately. > r 0 J. l!
It I Hold by iiragguli In every part Often the over-taxed organs cf digestion ,, j
\'ill Save also correct disorders of the stomach. of the world. Twenty-Bre cent a bottle I -" i
You :
Honey to Buy BLANKETS while DANCE FRIDAYAT I Be fare you ask forM r*.WiniloWt BoothDg cry out for help by dyspepsia'spains ,: {
Price :5: cents. Byrnp end take no other kind. nausea dizziness, headaches, t It i

This Sale Is On. MAGNOLIA BLUFF Furniture, go I This weather-makes thgras' e liver complaints and bowel disorder l- !I

If You \M t Such troubles call for the prompt usa 4 I I '
:; grow. You can buy I'f
The Ivy Club will give a dance at to PRYOR'B of Dr. King'sew Life Pills. They t"/ I

Magnolia Bluff Friday eveningJuly keen cutting Lawn Mowersand are gentle thorough and guaranteed !;

GREEN, WATSON & CO. 2',. Train leave the depot at 8:30 p. Garden hose at the Willis Grass Shears from the to cure. 25 cents at W. A. D'AIem-
m. Tickets 25 cents. j jlTtf Hardware Co's. Willis Hardware Co' s. berte's drug store. .*.*+

.. .

..-"' .. .. -=- ___ _. <.d: ,, ._...-...... ...:\.. '_ .,>..._ ...w.._ ''#-- 1'' ""' "' ,. .. o z=< ..s.. ,,,,._ '.

_< ._. '." K "_ ,,,. .., ___, .. '_K ,_ >- ". :'- 1- .".,.. _. __ '''' .J .... .-.... _.". -'!""? -. .


"' STEAMSHIPS.- .... COMING FIGHT-AT- 'FRISCO. Pistol Practise BATTLE WITH HIGHWAYMEN. j i.i Contagious I is Is generally the name known sometimes* ./;-,' tr.. --t':::':

-- Chicago Policeman Kills One and EASE. It is not c m';'- 'Iio
Filislmmon Arrive In City-Sport Is becoming more popular among women. I!

JCJCJ JC t ing Circlet All Excitement. The reason given is that a woman should Captures Another. or the lower : : ;

iJO iRWtt San Francisco, July 21.-The arrival know how to use the pistol for self proi i Chicago. July 21.-In an alleged! PO-ISO"ince and best p<.n; : ,

OCEAN of Fitisimmons from Skaps tection. The theory should be earned hold-up that took place here early today j BlOOd infected with\:. ._, s

farther. Where a woman r I I Robert E. lc lahon. special po. through ham':i.. T
To NEW YORK, BOSTON Springs: has had the effect of stimulating is in danger from nwault I \... drinking from tl : i
for the Auditorium
interest In his coming contest ithJeffries she in danger from I i lice man annex the toilet articles otherwise
t AND: ALL once is using sane or coming'tn eonuu .
: killed Frank Murphy and after a run
EASTERN RESORTS and this week will doubtless disease every day of her who have contracted it. J

t be a most exciting one in sporting life. Women nmg revolver fight captured :Mac iI It begins usually with a little blister or sore then < '
) have not only to' Ray. Ray denied that there LaJ !\\ ''
v nt. circles. I I groins a red eruption breaks out on :e
1U run the risk of intention hold the offleer. Ten "nrl. Kg o l (\ .
been to i
Th.1\\\\\ ) The Ccrnishman will finish hi? trainIng any p i *
i disehich ii. the body, sores and ulcers appear of Blood Poison iwaancitr win 116

j OCEAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY: JJ in this city exercising at the I threaten husband i I the mouth the throat becomes ofaphriicianuntiiifcuoan J' !LI.t!

club and doing his road work The fight ecdlning In Murphy1* ulcerated do me good Then .
LO\VKATE -si mi KMKU \ Olympic brother and son but the hair eye brows and f "*41. ..
He looks to 1-,? death took place behind the hotf! lashes s."" comm nced tc. *"" l' -f
50 Hour of Ocean Breezes In Golden Gate park. they have also to guard fall out ; the blood becoming and in a very Ihort t -
Imea" -
Sailings each Week r in good tondaion. The possibility cf against diseases which I which McMahon was patrolling. Tha I I more contaminated, copper colored the disease disappeared. I' :r
3 any ill effects! that he may suffer duo are peculiar to woman- men were lurking in an alley, suppo* splotches and pustular eruptions and tlea aDd today "insoun<: an w ::.

from Savannah, Ca. 7. to the sudden change of climate in h.s boo From!. these diseases edly waiting for a victim. The officell!, sores appear upon different parts of R" M' WaJ' 2Sorruwa> i r..to:!,

TlV 1 OI..lIIolal" .o'. tln. I'opiilur Ijn- Iniinil training locations does not worrv at first saw but one man. and te 'wa- I the body, and the poison, even destroys! the bones!
iatciu s.rr,|, ,.'v,'* .\1'1.1111.1.. rra Dr. Plerce'a Favorite
'X, "do'"" .. I,1t1i1 r",,'" ,...,...nl.T". n..tM .. TI... Fitz in the least He thinks tat hi will effectively feigning sickness. Suddenly( a second S. S. S. is a Specific for this loathsome disea-e, and (":-f't\
1mi-mil in h. 'JIJTH 1 I"< M .J vvhurt .t
*I "> ru r*.. .urii..i TI. --*'a'J..1> i.J "* Ii. urf Xt present condition is proof aeainst the defend omen man rose from behind a box and : worst forms. It :s a perfect antidote for the powerful '

..1.! Mt. .'r I" v>.. V' rk- LB I rigors that any San Francisco climate The use of thi medicine both men trained revolvers upon th< the blood and penetrates to all p.irt- : j

-0. II..... 11.0.... ao" ." .,,, f
..nu In. ".." vo can offer His opinion is shared by preserves as well I officer. McMahon drew his revolvet' Unless you get this poison out 01 \ _

1 lrff. ....... ...1I.hl... ......"..-.1.. JI.. J Trainer Dawson who states that th.. as restores the womanly and all three men fired, Murphy b.t i ruin you and bring dtsgran ..r
fcuh..11. Tlobl ...., .......Ia. t,.. health. It correctsirregularity
'X, "..,.-. HCEXKKAL>. .... .w..1 '...1. ..L.II._t la."e"f J cool air. even though it be laden with dries ing killed instantly :Mack Ray dart : )'our children for it can be tranMi: '

""' moisture will act as a bracer and do I weakening drains, ed down the alley and from the dark to child S. S. S. contains no rnu, ..;

Fitz a world of good. .. heals inflammation and ulceration and ness fired repeatedly at the officer : but is guaranteed a strictly vegetable compound. t

FllKNCH SCHEDULEFollowing : : Champion Jeftries did no heavywork cures female weakness who gave chase. McMahon: ficallj I w Write for our free home treatment book and learn all a"r :< ::!

en Sunday. When asked wh-t "I cannot sav enough for Dr Picrcr'* Kavonte. tripped the fugitive and took him tc Blood Poison. If you want medical advice gue us a histot' :
schedule of the Prescription and Golden !Medical and ,
i ii the physicians .
Ida M of Franklmli the Harrison station. our you VM-
Tutt street
he would do today, he said: < Mr* 406 t police i
government steamer General French Crawford-rille! lad I coul\ hardK walk alone charge whate\ r. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., A TlA..T.11'
which THE NEWS print for the "In the morning I will take to the or do mv hoii-ework when I heard of \our wonderful -

bentflt of the merchants who ship road with my brother and Joe Kenn- medicine. 1 ud five bottles. : ( each and Ordrr of W'b't If Dithn. i
of Pleasant Pellets and
SI.'ral1al. sat
their goods<< to the various army d> :My work uil! he Ii ;ht. In th" .: am a well woman I thank Ir fierce can for his The order of washing difches is of Sound ki'lnfv are safee'ianls oflife. Rubber hose, ul'Knit cl

post? : afternoon I'll go to the gymnashiTn aJvire for he helped me to h'.e :\fay many some importance. Gla;;:s should be taken ; Makf th. kiinrvs.! hnilthy with 1"
fioutand: take advicr and when w.'the' II llllS Jurdwur,
JAaVI'IP"DIIIColll ....._ -. ... .._. _... ?.< I la. m. and box with my partners and pumith health women or siiftcrmz mv from an\- female trouble in I I fir>t, then silver then china. After Foley's Knlr.fv! o.ie:: oM] by \

Lt-IU't'l1arraDCII!... _.. .. .._ ..... 7:5c a. m. poor lake llr Pierce, wonderful medicine* the dishes done carefully scaM.rm ; D'Ah-mh"rf'\ :Sutirh: Palafox streFr.1 ,
are l'ynY-Ia..un
Lr&vr Pickt-ns ..__ .... ? ":i bag. I will work right up to suffering I v I 'i
lAoan'lI r. rr ncai .. _m'_ :I:; a. in.Lfa.rs Friday but work will not amount Sick women especially thus 'e and dry di-hclotlis and towels : 'Ufo) """ <.i .... .
my ,
diseaies of lon
standing, are
noac-ola l".i-i M. m.
Arrives KnrrancAi 11.In it. m. Mid thtnmftktfs to much You ste. I am ready to KO: invited to consult Ir Pierce, by Idter.frt' If they can be dried lit the open air'l .A I"JI I You will have pri.iij 1f't

tarns to a liarrancas.:trip to tort McKr and tbtu re- into tte rin? at a moment's ?,)Dtiri All correspondence is held as i so much the better.Arrnnnlnc. I II !} /r.u j flower trnrdeu- if t \.

1>R\.... Kurrancai .. _m ll.ip. m. and make the fight of my life. Jh strictly private and wcredlv confidential ': )wn t'rtluuJ. \"nt '
La\es Fickens ..I.Sp. m training is and whir Ad.Ire'ss Dr R. V. Pierce, Buffalo. X Y. Tlmeri. I :11HI? atI ei-p en every ox cf tile'nte 11 !umifl< all j |Ii,. i ( .,

lA-a\:.. tViiiacoU ... ..... 4..Wp."; ; in I. practical over The People's Common Stnse Medical I In nrrnnjr'ii! ? flowers i 'ver mix larjre, I.axatn'e romo.QUInJi1C Ta.t.1t i though lie may : : r
Lt-aH 1'ickt-ns .. ... ...... .>.15 p. m. the time comes. I will make go,Mtverjthicg .
Arrives hturranuns h-lx' p. in. and ntakrt Adviser, a Ixiok containing IIno> page; heavy blo-soms with frail;!, fine foliar; tho nutxly that curvs a ccM !ii one Oay !livery Wiitivill w.ir:

trip to McK-*. and rrturn. I promised. is given away. Send 21 one-cent stampsexpense ''or. -\f'e'I'st.. small blusvims with iwn/audif -he wul .\
On Wednpi'daand :-aturdn': -, the I In the pool rooms there appears n for the hook '
( of muling boat wi'l; leave 'liarratica- i l'ick- limit to the sums the (public are wi!! in paper covers, or y stamps for the I. Ell'I'I leading Real E-ft \
: tained by trying; to follow nature as The ullder'Ilpll; :
for 1'eiijicol.i fijO cloth Address Dr.
at in.TJie hound
eu : p. in? to sfafon; Jeffrws or Fitysmimoi volume in I II f pr\'icp can how hr '."w .
) lfIerin.r dfor amidwife. a
General French is for annrurpo'e \" R. \'. Pierce, Buffalo N\. Y. far as possible.Vacation >
:.c to win. The betting is on ;. firot.ch" iicPII""ct hI1ue.I .
only and anoutidf'r inu-t
ratio of 10 to 4'2. Jeffiieb bavins thUir.g !i ing had ;*5 years "experience.
havepi; !-!; from the qturtermateru :
take < ndI Corey Held in $1,500 Bail.NV I Days I (J,1OiH' be..t of referLies from hlilj a new g
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