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: hasl, I.. i 1 ii in '.1 'i. sin tin., city tin AGENT FOR THE FAMOUS PABST BEER.
... d This voraan i a: ricture of per.
.J 4-
H( t l.i': l'.l\ Pi th .
I .: feet Lealth. Her existence is
"1 i. I i ''1111':1'.1'! : iwhi -h are :ilal.-l I I.ha I.

l1 n.lar l>f-en brought iiitn tl.. t/R \..'Y... not made miserable: by Shattered WICKS & CO.
(:'. :nerves, Wasting Irregularities,
J tfoITil' !{ ib 'i! :a tli.' llnco.se Hal lli-'inin: ; : ,-

-,' ,, i.ii i..f.\,, tl.e Illinois :Sircari: \:> !limn.HI : __ 'k Dyspepsia, the Blues, or any of I i'

\l III .MI 1 ) (If Pekin. III! Chail .,; I',,-, :. :j) the manifold derangements : Plumber Gas and Steam fitter

1t ,, .1 t \ ", 11\.1 I'lh: ,. .. ;< Maniifactin'iiii! ; i ,'tll.II)'. tip I! F.dj1 f:: '.,; caused by weak or impure blood.P' ,
LJ ,
.Vitiiinal: Slt,,'h rt>niitn| ; > and (:'itNew: :, fV She is full of life and ambition.

1 V York I Olui; ose i :IttI IIiay.Minister I. r .. She is ha dsouc. She is happy. No. i South Palafox Street.
I __ :t.r All Kind* Oi: Plumbing and Ui
IIH< II I I 1.111\L I --- ";" Rich blood coursbgthrough her Fitting! Materials! Kept on Hand
Bowrn to Wed. / }-y,, 's It' fs ; retnsmaintsinsherrJaGnificent "l.t.Vr: Nn4ti: w.,J\, ""r.rOol ''''Y.'Y....
\ 't r ; t 'f-
\ !f : "
New Yolk. Jan. :::,.---.\ (di-iati! to1
'lit'Walt lfirM TinHerald\ from ('annas: VMI.' -11 b \ 'G'ljl\i;.: :J I \ rZ .. numerable. diseases to which a THE GARDEN SECTION i'
h.u"Unitcil: ttlt'fi1"1': : I \II\> 'w {
weaker v. oman would be suscep
: ;.ism l'rt \\'. Hm\-n toll In 11\,111'1 1 1 "I'1 t t" 1tallll&laYJ i 1- \ ,. f I'lt : .
I > i-.> lii.MI: .ni !) .; \\p;, A, i 1.1 L.tible.. i O-OP-o
tu1: .s Cam!;; u t'6< ,w. 1 i ii
1 t i ally i :4i \ i I
,. t.ura':.ra. 'taopn'r ::ifpn p n UAMlioiiM know tint I',111'Int'lythehrt : < \ t\t,1 t" h' a 1! I.1 l Miss Alice Hastings, !i iSavannah Pensacola, [Florida.

; ...: Ga., cays.e
.:, .u.a.. for ydpnS I'ecsa1L1p.n '. lliil HuNhV .\ : for ili dietI, ; *. \ 6 L was suffering all
'?'l"J ." .'- -X'l\\ I Near East Hill
"".' & n "f tin- tl.r."t and Inn-: Dealer.m) : ;; :;;""' \. I (- t?: t thi u; the torture of a terrible Electric Railway Terminus. I
:& ',,' /'' ti 1 l-II'liailtee: : It t-i _'IVP !I I : y ( 1 t; case of scrofula, -
,1 '..' ib ii. nflspx -'I-fauuu, \V..1. \ftllberte! ;r.t ifl. '! ;:)' tq'r': l $. and no relief could be Beautiful Lots I
I I-J! >> .nth 1'.I :lf..x.C Sale.
TtSp.: ;"; Q. 07.... obtained until P. P. P.,
.. .!
t.)0. ,1 ,Irq .fCp :,
.L'... S mozz.I: A. ":'3.iotf"..I\.f:<}.' i.t.;..._-.. jlfr', 't,, .j .)'I' !?'(:, ( Irpraac' Great Rem 1 40x137.feet at from $75 to $200
; =-.. each
"fl. l I
&arthe I I' i K'ii > t. ." : ttls6rt,1Uf r-'t.' ;(1i.Ji.' .... 't"f." ? ,, "' 1r... .;;tr \t ec.y, was tried ; the recomplete according -
> .r.AMtDtDI AJ .. '" \.1."' ; to location
\ "' .: ., "'-\ 'lstat ; and
B! : ; wan a
t 1 i ifturn ri. llttJO (j/ ;:lt,1; 1,\A surroundings.
.1 Lae rto'IHD tNI /X lc.t'lLI:: cure *
''I ,S. \I; Exceptionally Good Neighborhood

i :inning o1v .Inratp Your Itnnrrl trill (':&..."rrl GREAT REMEDY* is the ideal medicine Keautifal View,
FLIPPMAN'S High Dry Fertile \
I'.imly: C.tthlrt.: -. i'--- ?.i-t na-ion f..r.l'r.Uc.ic. Lands. I
Pork I'UU:10 ::: JtC. C i". lil..lru:,i>h n run,!u.on..r.: : .J for women. Its use insures health and the bubstar.tinl -
In .. m.I I 3 attractiveness which health alone: can be- The ,
in.'p.m.. Everybody ha; a ri/ht to a little 'Ii I g I stow. p. P. P. is the >frrerUestElood:: : Purifier known to grandest opportunity for investment ever

P. IE.P .. piece of this earth.: Hut they iiiu-t medical science. curing aU Scrofl )us ACectinas Dyspepsia, Rheum offered in Pensacola. .: 1\\
watch their, lalafla and Nervous Deta.n emcnts.r i i
ID. tUht for it. They tnu-t tisn Catarrh, 12nralita, !
P C),. ehaneetogPtite and get it. ', :P. P. is sold by all drubg''t'. $rebottle ; sin bottles, $5. Home Seekers Should See Tliese Lots !
t.m.1p.m. .
Thos. C. Watson & Co. LIPPMAN BROTHERS.F F\, ::,:. 'ii.Wit. Szvannah Ga.I :

II -' BAT have ;;HUH particularly line; liar; :ain- t .
&:;(&4 Nary : \
A..VC1ubb \1
II _._.-u., t<> offer ju-t now, and tli'-y initeyou Th+ au.'uroi-on every oz cf the grnnlnaLaxatie r"
"ta ..njd 'na to come ;ami t iuvetinate:; same. !I r ( Bromo-Quinine T LWJ

---. __ l tw You will never rejjret li.ivinjj done 'I- 1
.,:", .J8p.- in.p l tsu.. I I \:# ,;w :C" 1tj/the rcu.rl J that cure a cuM In one *&Jt Corner Garden and Mcaniz Streets. ;


,'r, 1
t L

.""",-_--,,,, .... "", __ "...".";; ,...-- .-.. _:-:o,.-.<.:.r'rf--...;."""""''.;-. *f*;' xtjkif' auu. A ltMiMac-atf. J ."-<.t3S XVa""H' >tX'SeityXKlrJf" .'---ff*- "MV' > f- .._..._ < ."" t vr' ," ,"'''J .y4 -p' -

ir 1



.. .
---- -
f' -
-- -
---- -- -- -------


; TRY IT H. F. Fuller Speaks In Beha'f of [broth : One Person :I Chairrrsn: Payn-,-At thcrized to Report \Ni1r

erhocd of Railroad Errplo/es.! C.II Kcpa-.o! Urre.Wss'iin.toa. : : .

Women suffering !; XV.'sh.'iitrtou.! J.m :.;'i.T'-. aungs Tells AnotherABOUT I II J..:: ;; i.-'i"e. boas r

from female 0!) r'lilliiae cxcluii'la: : '\1'1 i.'tiUi.Ut. tl:......tt. ..!! x';.t's ai.il isieai1.- ', .

I 1 troublesaad< tl"1.iy l.e.-.jre the house c., '..TIlHtrt01 KODOL DYSPEPSIA CURE. : :iwi.-.1-J I> iaalio-iiid: 0ia'J! !

weakness. and neeir6 affairs. H. it Fu.lei. la IK I r.T'to re' ott a bill rcpealia,;: ...

I II II from irregular hah i.f the Broth..rhood of Hr.iJioa-1:! Thiff Why Mi S. b Incre.ilng to Rap- I the; SpC- war revenue taxes xei't

or painful ir.cn* Em/nyep.: spoke in favor of sti'-t: s Uly-So! th.r. must be Somithlaela (- tax on mixed duar.I .

., II .ses, ought nol cl'iainn.; Iff said the objection to t5- Merit After All. The repeal is ta take effect July! I Ilylj. for Infants and Children.

I to lose hope itI Chin siiroiu the ianor stauiL:,oilt I "X'. It the duty on tea.he'll -

; V) r; I Joctors cann'1Ihelpthem.Phy was; that they ixwiie iulu cmuii.-titiu:1 Fair minded pt'OpIalways admit It | Is to tau: effect Jan. 1. 1M 1t3. Chair The Kiiul Putt Have.I.vajs ouht has borer the -I i nttiro .

'I I ',vth!: Ar.u-n.-an vvokfiien.: the Cliines- when they tind an article of merit. If nan J'.I.MU- made a ttaU-ment ehowiu-J! nf C'hilH.. 1.1.h..r. aunt hat IH-I-II made under |,

I 1 i sicians are so' harps such haliits of cheap livin? 1 it ha* dune them good they want it to that tin tutus eduction would be $77.ifi'i.nm I Ii(>j>i'iial :.tlllt'1'i-.iiiii for O\ (T JJO jrars. Allow no on,'

I busy with othet that: tiuy teak fur wagesvu.lt! rhi < help witness others to the t(?). wonderful Thousands curative bear I ''( annm.!!)'. Tb(' delay in the i to ,-crivo,, j tu in tliN. CoiuitiTlVits Imilalion.u,.|

; I diseases that < tiibliAmerican wurluuii l'OI:1t':! : J "j 11. tax on t.'a is fur the !liar i ,
qualitiesof Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It I re: : Sliilasooil"; a/'(! hilt l\pcriiiu'ii ., awl ('II.I.III'r: ( It,
they do not understand out afford! to take. 'Mildins! taunt who !::I\ I I t
ti i- the only preparation which T.OSHhHy I poi oi ( health 4)l' 'hiltln'u-I'III'rkllt.: against Iliit'IIIII/lI.
I II / fully .'.n.lrew Furusuth. of UK P anvn'Ji'uw. "- and ojiupletely digests: i.ny to:", i I-, ,11hall,1 lo dL-.ose of thf-ni l t.r

'I the peculiar ail Sun: Fruwisf'i. nave thi- < M.nli mass f.t"d you may eat. 1'0 one dj>- suit the 1: i--in-ul takes t-RV 1 t. MrPayie I ; Tho Kind You Have Always Bolls!

i int-nts and the \ tam: Pai ilie; n mst j'UtLS the fact that some other diet- :,ays the country will start nit 1

I :' delicate! organism of woman.Yhil j La'.vinR that th. ,i.tl Ii, ally toll,. npo! :anti partially accomplish this result.Pep I 0:1 tin ni-u fecal year with 1 t.tlIIIl. Bears the Signature of

9 the sufferer ought to do is to give '.' '. il I the latior In !I.! i;. itnhalmm: ran <;n. for instance, is found in the : 111'1 I a\.iiajle! cas>h.An .
hfaltl.yot"m:1I'h.hl"l1: it is lacking! ,
a lair trial toBRARFiEW'S I.ji: iJi'itiitry n.i; .'. -om,,.< tiiu an.i ailment was offered by Mi.
llu'liaiicnt; lakes pepsin and it helps I:
1 \ with: Atutrlian l.il.i.i in iirar nauirui him.! But 1 jiepsia digests only alUuu i N'i wlaiiu.to except trout the ivpc.il

: ; Tins, laboring au.! ; "th i
; mui. u1uu6HaIiitinatandllggc.: May- the taoi ,pttroli-uin and sugar r-

2 Fcrriale; Regulator ] !i-!.' !;. tic 8ii: ;>! i'I'" ('!li'J"! v.nr!* he there's plenty of jiepsiu and alack j Cueis. tiil hy Mr.: Richardson to r.

whi h is the true cure provided I of the other diSllIItTlw:; it i
"I in these ( as- aneiteil: v.'n.1H. peal tin: m-ionis duties on ttm.t 1Iad: !' ,
Ly Natuie for all female troubles.! Il1 I i'1'i- h lower than t'? ti le i.iu liiai.Hi d.x". M-ipiMKl.! That the trouMe with I,
wenlef d
hIM. I'.iAh 'ati hy p.ut>
Is the formula of a >hvnnm of the the other preparation: They don'tc"ntlin 1 r' In Use For Over 30 Years.
| 'I 1 tii-! ''Orr..
nillIU ae III ;
.1 1' highest sluml'iug. who devoted his ; all the ditretarits.id<.l I vot' s. "Ir.: Newlaml's anii-mbneid al.ipiovi'bil TMr ........... <' "'P.'. ........ ..., "'W .".. C'"
Mr t Ful'"! nth !,c.,1 II:t. lanr: r-: cm IJ .Itdin" \ !for a tat of one-tenth 111'1 ;ji.icent .
I ) I/.ial'tirocutaI1141hem: ; -
distinct y-pe, .
of the .
l whole life t > th study ;
;il "s v nM nut 1 j. ; atl flcil nit'ino food want. Ytm the rwipts of nil <-orKiato'is
mothers '-ts all 'iMid you on gross
ailments /c.Itar to our I ;i! \ \ ). iSi'l: hetrot a A-1 Ii don 't have: lo di.'t. The firlinr .I.t I | : uhtse annual teleipls ,. .

wives and (L l1hhter!>. It js mach in v. :t'k! :... I. 'pirn ('LIn'!: '".- mmiM_: 'fulness after eating i.. immediately I......' q.t"....,,'. "

I" of vjothing. healing; strengthening i iherl'S "mm the riiili-iim| | a. aiv.. ti :a- lion! relie\ed hy Kmlul J (yspcpsia Cure. ---- W -m L A ;\tJ U CrJAL.

and vegetables! which h:1" iturn I '1Ii:::!. "! Flit Iviiilnl: lj'i,]>,>psiiruri'fordysnL'pslaarid ,. !,
imrellif] 1
It Mt lIIlI' can
d l l Nature to.J
pntvidi by a kindly
Cecljred; Senator.
i) WlMionsuu.OTr.'Knr.lo .
------ liiKlily! ns'umim-utl it. E. : Drydcn
irregu': .tit in the Leu j jcurrhie.i. \VK KXI'KCTTOsriMM.Y: ) .\ 111tH L.11t11'11'lt.tt"t
cure menses. N.C."I
} I Sugar Plantation Seized. and reJtpilvrilili'innnif Trenton. K. J.. Jan. .9.Thf two
had iljsiH-rB-l.iln In worst form
"nigof the \Vomb. ,,
New Orl-'ans, Jan.-In: a suit !lil--il I tliBtlmi? until utMllviKl.ilUyspiiwial'iin houses of the !.'! rlalllrpI t in joint I Mils \VI\II-.K rnA.KVII: I: II-HIJI-: : ;
It.'.uahe! and ,!
lUtkache.j i -, xhtehhaccnmplrtrlyCurt
h John R. LyoJ:1' Ciiiujn. *he ronripit
(today tod.l
In fairness to herself and to Urad ) ui":'r Mrs.V.. W fajloi. UlLUrd, I'a. i'i.' b"" at mutt : I
it :I-'ninlilin.: I la. the Uivei-Jle.: riuv; i : ,iii! branches of yestinlay rl'l:1! SEND US YOUR ORDERS NOW
!teld a Female Regulator every Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
.iiialitii'l i: t Point Peasant i 1,1!aiiiat..i!. ,1.\1 I.. ti"! i lection of a 1'lIlh'tatl'';
uffering woman ought to give it i I Crnr"r G. :Xf-nor. in St. Mnij. II ,. Cures all Stomach Troubles. .
i.; : M.1 I i"w.re rend, and thf n PresidentFniii Thompson Olsen d Co.
trial. A !large |i buttle will do iwonderful !
Pmp.rt-d only by E.C. IItWITT.Cn.: ., Clal'alto. ,
tciifiiv it.-i/ olv ,
"i- eil ; ti satisfy a mII i : if tie sriiikte. as pn-sHent ot
: > "
of Sold ; .
amount: good. bj Th"- $1 i"lliuc'uiitaliihSH timeA the. hlJ.t!
i ) < ; 1 I.;..I.;"nThug i is oni ,.r' th.iin I Ill ;ioiiit;: meeting;:, formally: declared,
druggtsts, I .MulIl'l'Slt Street '
4 'Mcitlmnc I } 7.
1, ,
*..!1..1..1. IMuibaird I.e bnok w thvtuW.rt.Ihc I :i "' sivnr.tales: in tiio ?;at I :I::1,1 l lilie DeWITT'Slleh BattSaLV) ( .loiu! i'. I ::yd.-ti..l, t'd t'nited Stat'-s -
N.T.1 I incumliraiufs it irot i ni.
Bradfleld! 1'rgulztorCo.AtlantaGa' ; I :"-l.ator fl.'Ill New J!Ti-e> ,
to a luaitt-r of a million liollai-! ,. Tin' certain cure for piles and skin diseases. -- I '
,. ..
-- -'-- -
i HALF MILLION ran ATLANTA. i I'lahtatl"Ds.n' ordered to Insol I I U iririi Ph.trllJlcJ.hll. ShepnaniRrlucliiK I Hanged Herself In Earn. j jKnoMle. The Star Laundry

1 gain h 8. -' .4 I-\ahl\ Jan. :U!".- II's.folllp A. !
-- -
\" Boston Banker .SUICIG'CS. I Ilan u:. !ixns -' miles from \\'hit/ s ..

Senate Passes Clay 13111.tl. ) Improve NYntou. .MiiiS., Jan. ::!I. Lane.. P. Her Hound. hurc.: T.-ii.! Sitlilded y-.terday hy \
Federal Building.Washington. sVliofielii. senior member of the lii P.'nmo itptoeingIto! : his wife's ra..ni. her1 1hu I Ii
m o ; ; hal: :tnl: her. !: :in tlu- tat u \\ 111.'

Jan. ;3n. The sniati Scholicld. \'hlo-hl"l' & Co.. ankrn l :, awl( In a \vhKptT; -I've brought threefrieniN i j ;liiui; va. aa> S!." trii-d to pol.IH Biggest, Busiest Best!

J bal passeil without a ilis.si-ntint; vote brokers of P.oston. connnittciiuiciili! hoiiie to dinner uneximtodly.Mrs. >. !i : -. .1' .II! i.'i' ; -i month II(-"

deflator: I'lay'H Mil proiriatni| | ; J;;MI. by shooting at lay hook iu :\o.l.tuu.111e P.in.co (a-'histi-\Vhat:

Ow fur aiMltioiis, tu the, imblic build \ today. i J:ill: '- Y t.s. 1 11.\\t.. 'Lej''to down
__ _
I. lag at Atlanta. Ihinim the nunnini stairs. 11)0 I ) } NOT DEL) 1 Y.
-;'rATI:4)i'Ou10CITi' "y'Iul. .
lour Senator Clay ull.-il iii] las bill, E1u.1( ** Mrs. CnguTou; ; wretch! Is in the
LlVASCurNTY. \ I Now (New
J uhlch had r..i itnd a favorable! reMirt| liiiK<> --Now, my dear 1 i-otiWn't pi The! loiiirer you 11'l1y 1 !ill ;:iriii: Building.
I FKAXK: J. ( 1IIo.IY: make; Hall,
9 J from the i oinmittee on imlilie build I out of it. I your weak: -tom.ieb tinaid! itip'ITe re-

I lug1l. and U.A (here vias: m otijeetioii tcits I 'hat h.- H tin- -"lIi"I' partm-r ..f the Mis. I'.invo: (hau;:htilyi-Tlun you'!! -. tbe Illoiv -en.'"- bei'miK '
firm of F. J. ('h"IIt't" ( '.li.i'if
ti bottb- ofJlotetii
: erudition. :i
i} uiiM.-iutiuu! it u as |l1anSP'1: l.-ne lo tile 1 the funMijiiences.r.ill your
oii.-iin-- in tinMy f Tolllitoutity -. Moin-M'li Cittfi-at once,
f' The. bill will 1:et before the hotisicounuittee o- HutMis. -- !
ifnr -ii'l ami that
t aiiiltit: : < : i : -; il ith" 1..1 iiiediciiie in tli--
J'. pn'bahly! at its D."tIIp..t -aiil finn will p.iv the --iiu] of oNI'i: ltiwH-Y..ull ha\e to put np world( foitoinacb: r"nipl.i111 It The public is cordially invited to call and
; lug and Keiresf-ntative| Livingston 1I1' \ IIIElI IX'IM.AUS I :; i-r KUII'ttui wit.s! praetirally nothing.I'.inuih will: tone llt| tbevtelii' -te.idv. the'licl 'I

t'I i will S" lietole It to serUPIts rHllnthlo c\i-iy (oi- ,,!' ( "It.lrrll that; rui- : That's what I told them. Ve- :11111..111'.1:1.' illl\i. I-I.XIU inspect the Xew Machinery and see how thoroughly ) -

:uit In- 1'1:1'1'11: liy tl.n u..t' nf llAi.l.V: : 1'iiiKji-You! : did?
reiiurt It will! nut he as .-asy work I.>-Vi V. IMHurloN.: : -ilM-l'S-lA ,
I { '.\T.\UII { 'IF. :i I'uiiKO YI' 114)1(1 them that theiiiidn't \ IKA\l': .M.I K.HOSTKTTBK'S. work is done
to gut a<-tiuh at the house as the liousr I ; $ > I \MI: M.\I. \IIA. t.: our
I FI .\XK J.l'IIEXEY.Sw..rn : i I
trailers have e\.i>',,,id a ilHerminatiuii exjHi't n slii;:lo thing: that _..
,. --
t t l h fon- IsleItltlIlb! 'rilH-d
I to |I'ft.\ nt t'ohhe Iniilillnt |iIdtluii i b tin- we'd. Mrapiround In the kitchen Ifneeessary !
in my i -.M-ncc, tub day of 1"1-
a, tar as imssltile. Coloue! LiibKMtUU ai.d phI.11' v.hr.texer wecould ALL WORK C. U D.
J \ aliiir, .\. 1).1) ::oN!. .
hllp,,;;. hoary, that With tllir aid that as I hadn't let you i i :

rally heart he rill lie able to |gut i it ISEAI-: ; 1 A.\V. ( U'ASOX: know, that was the 1 bort we could it.-. Stomach Bitters TELEPHONE t t.s. 91 E. GARM: 1tr.F'HH \

t.4 through soinv time till* sissiou.Coard .-..- Noiary I'liblie. ;: Mrs. II/Jo- \Yhat did you tell thentUut !

IlallV Catarrh! Cure i. ttkeu iu- I ferVr.Inxo )H OAIJ.KD KOK! ANII DKLIVKKKDWALKBE ft'l Jov.: .
----- --- i-rnally aiul artdireitly mi the: : .-It's the truth, isn't it.! CANDY CATHARTIC f''

of Visitors Appointed. 'I.i"datilt| | iniicoii-s 'iiif.iciof the Mr<. Him1"! 'erlniny! lIotq if it INORAHAM.
Sei"l for tr-tlm; loins, fri-. laI1Hf ar
ystni. ., ariMtTiieine! Ir
t Washington.; Jan. I!').-The presidrntbit mal '''! i to t4) n manv
J.CllKNKV & TItfil! U
: t
f bill 81'1"Ir.t,1 the following hoard otvUitois friel.df.: Ji ;ii \\l\n\ li'-llie! I'll: bhurfur

at the n.ival aral -myVH I.otu!. a Tit; Hit.-,. ..... ,, ill

Hutl.-r I New York Fran Sy.tr- "' and Won. "'Hii- -t t:... ,.... ImiKi'U.stamprd W. B. WRIGHT I COfflPnUYMA.M'KAi
I HHIII 1111I' all. : : .n Hi> llliporl.llit l ;e ol t.it

I cU Hawle. I'hilailelphi.i; lamps P ( 'i..wfi. la. .1:1\ ;'ii. parr Cli1'- {Iodide* iIhe treatment of ci-r.-inn- G.nuin: : C C. C. Never Jo'd: 1 In bulk rl

Muy. l'ortll11puth. :\. II.: L. M. MeOruUir 1:11': h h.i -.I' :II| .1| ;i \ciili l < t tur ?i loiinl S; (.bili'*. Bt'Wurt of the dealer! who tries to sill \ \
1 \ Ii' II Kt.K AM> HFAI.IH-
Vii k;,I llUli. ;\II -* ; Hucene I.. Ziniiiifiiuaii. 1 "i !in hi\; ht! rant; of |I"-oi-r ; l 1.1 tbe t.-rti iry !'la2'.r thidi-- "sumc'h'ng! just as $uoil. 1
..:i.- int reiiii-dy :it all >rini< In .-, ti, '
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/.dd. nf I n4vnu. .:\' iif.lctilnolitoniiru.iu If yi.u w lilt a 1111'rt'-"I1( to civfti 7fT.-J LUMBER LATHS i iI
KttletKh. N i' and Frauds It. Gait, ot.itiof I'lanlI'runi.. who di..1la tiiinniK thin the ,'ur,. of 1yp11u111.tnt'then. ., > u fllrud..tlildlnuk: : rtr'! .u::!l1he ,
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Pro.(.i.s.'r MeKendrirU in his prrsldeiitlul IIH! tinally .1i.! >.1 111'1<\1'(' thineN'dat. (' ar ire )pri"etit tliiel'eiiiny( : the lilmm-. 'ouii-ilnii'-r lo pleii-e 'III\. If iiu Toll I .- 1s
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inhlrt-ss tn the |ihyslolotry SIKUoll -- IK. -lire to -;.... tan: before you toUI \'. I IiiAll I
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(if the ItrltMi n
i I'd Unit the multilist JMtliele of matter to marry. her and the suit was liecura I '-t"1I1I:11111 lilUi-b belli nerve litteil trunkii I.r tile Iodide ofieivery *I'I I.(i {' I. j h f ni1/ici1it'ftlr- ESTABLISHEDMcKENZIE 1 f H3.

that! inn I.r MTU with our present micriiwoixA '" ill best lesjnlay: to iwovr a |101.1' '. In ciTiiinkin di*>i
N U-tweeii "ii..! fi.v.r.hundredth ti..ii ot the priMM-rty I-ft l>y him. ctitle' of 1'ot.l", illlll olTer-i tbe be-!

thousandth an.! one live-lnui I phu.s..r rule.. The ilo-e. of tin-, Ii Il t''il ////'//Hit >'(' at JI((rsl Olt OBRTING: & CO. .

dredth thou.saiulth of an inch in illaiuH Confessed Robbing Fostolflce.Stiiiitunliiiii "I very iiuport.int r< 1II"d.holll,1. b.,' Ar.inch's.KKIGHTS.

"-r. The l0rati! if light ia the ;. S. ('.. Jan. :Sit.-At at i "ie.i-ur. d I t-y it- IT't-K ardboub - nq.IKaN
I I CII..t.OI'f"l'hi.l" the |>..N>.ibitr! !:: of in\i si Ration; yesi-rday l 1'l'ur; Commi.ioner :'H I pll-!Ii il to lodl-lu, 11111..-" the ill- Gener-al
j ... eier Wllli'li) it i i- lvenliow.'" r-i,n-, Ship Chandlery and HaFdwd'\
Met'lltK Mill Xlilllller olijert Yet the :1IO an olVilson: anfOntff. if LO:1GE: IIIREGTOII\\ '
1 nitf-r'tvi milt, a- the onlj: '
: ,'harwith the
llvlllir HJmres Mllilied l I.y phrd01str;! ; robbing post t,'M of til" eiir.-.live I'uxrran1 tilt) lit; '
i are 10111I1"111111'"rul"hl.: .\' even smrrIn : !! 11m.-!' at \Vdfoil!: d! two weeks ago Gad I did. of l','tls: ; -tlnu." iaa tau tWIt U.Hnl 'l 1tF:1':7: :

i. size than the nuxt miimte pnrtielc i tiiiin-ii : tali'!; t'vitienrt' and confessed A.- :t n me ly in Ubeum-iti-in. UFFYTHlA .L G.JN'O"Z":

that the must ptTf.-et laiserosn-oi can !inclnditi;': Wison tllt'rl' n. Both were : ti'fttl: : .. !. I':1lli-: ( r-kill: lI'N'i.t.. : a'.tllI .Ia I."II;'* Nn. :'t, Ii. Ur h*.. KKVKUK U'JIM'HR! 1 : eOM'ANFJIilIN! A. I I'.OKKI.IMrh; -off.

hllOW. 11011 It.) lui-r ,li\ tin1 court in default nl'I. M ilm-il i Ir.'iuiit-s: iind in (-c-oiuliii.! ,I GALVAIZF"VII J( I (lI'K A IIUrt:1.:1.| : t.rO V .* J'l S'--
i- < iniiii. :; a tmiir. we are willing, m.rl. rv+'r, M,.'1dl1 .....
lj buI i. \\ iI.'u is non-t-oniiiiittal |
Child Worth "Million! ('lit j'. P P. a uin-t cny remedy n, r i liK Hi 7 '<. at ('a..U'.... !iklIn ,8 ( lu Ccr IEI him Oils rfsalitJl!! 1 trslr taals. Cbrff tuh"hi"'
th. -rinnUroff Klount
as to < sari hi" niname i tilt motHint'1
": child j"i wmtl. :ili.tn- r. tile World. tbiritt1iH .
(1"It."I ,
Ioh' in i.t: t(4' 1 IfI
is John l II. Ko< to! : ilcr: Jr.. o' I
i. tn.," sivMr-. :Vary l llnd: of M iiriburi For -.=ale by all "drurri,. I "I.IUII iTfthrtm rorai m I
i ;. I' 1.. "\.t I w.mlil butln- I :iin aMer. i'a 1.1I'I''l.tCklI' : I II1'... t'llI'i'I"r! ,_ I .::!.:: J./'.! .leoll.I1.. t.I".L. C Mi-KniizinOHrtint: ':;: { .II..ctlll<; \.ltl! fur Iti: Pil.-i/ I'.i-i y, i'i i itinii i
I tier by croup b id I not pnteht.1.11 :, A Profitable: Inve(lm. nf. i I'KI'til'I'I; II. IIOKHI.KK.; I IK -- _. --_ .-
I .
liottUof Out :Minute C'lii-li: Cure." :' J.il'l'lII liliiik, Saiannali. (.;I K. A K 1gJ
"I wa troubled for about ? 'veil'earvitb _._ -_. -- CHICHlTEWc.I
Out Minute (but: h I'ure I.111' eunfor --- --- --- ENGLISH

I cotuhs, (v''UII[ and! tiiio.it IIH) r.iy -toiuach and! Juju-d t tnlf 10,000 fiH.Awardeil EHBYP.QYAL PILLS

I lout troulde. All ab-idutely >;:ifi. my tiuifays F. Douiick, :; TIME TABLE. at Parli4itii J "" .

; cough cure v liich :iciimmeiti it'lyThe :ollierville, ml.I ''I 1 -pt-llt ;itbi'll! --- \ iF,111L,45f r IIIIIIt..U" i .. 1.\.11'.11, :

youtuc-tt child! cut take it will (1ttiantineyl'rr..Itdg't apytliinir LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROAD .. t Ira .....,, ., '..

entire safety. The little onelik) o help tar until I tried 1\.I.llI| '>- IN .:n l FCT titu: 'iailtla I. ImU, f i. h.- \nf'4 ". ..."..". "..Ink""u.lu.! andln.. ..d II I., ',1.r ,

if the tate and remember now often II >il-ii: ('III" '. I have: t.-ikfti a "%\ t.. U.... ..,. I. .

4 helped( them. Every family: Jdumlibave iotli! atid am mtirely w'1L"1'(1t1' New OrleRn anti btohiJAI \; t* I If'I.. .'. II, er..u.! ,I.. .''"" ''
t '
1.1 swan
H h.ittle of O.1.; Mil.nte C.'iul, lon't lit. by what you eit.: bjit It\l i I ltl<...,.. I..1d! _

Cur bandy. At Ihl.'I.I"I.! thatytiud Ii.rrt :uui iiinilato. Jfi! Cu. A1 4. so.t I I S" p. :-On I.o.1.,

ly it nmy lie neededudd -nly. H ir :our ..toiiMrh itoe-n't dige-l yoiu j r' ii l'.,. III II.... .. I..I\V.' 1'"uearol9 AI :. .?. a I." I' I WINE CORDIAL
,,' I'liitrin John tit I" ird Siduey : ... '. ... a l.:7p la''n I...", '" flotnhl.u le ::'II :: rp '.11 Poorness
lei Mii1! f of
l uloltitI | itrecommrnJatton
l'I. ey r q(1' Ii! you :are re.illv rtarvins. \ ... ,rl\1 *>r curf CURE YOURSELF !
11111" L:! II :: I. ",tt I..I..I .. I'a'11'1 I" lit II L.III ft h and (ientnil |*
Kahil.D t |>e;'-i I Cure dmthe -toinuetl'vmk ..... s' .p 7'!.' a Lrarr sr. 'r-( -..., I. ....I" p j: '. .ftN vJ ID M 11 .1 the trouble. ttiLffiKtl.ti. eb Iw'IigElbr '
> If i i ?s ppen
; by diie.tiii tinfood.. YOUlon't -_ .I.J builJ iptlic 'nrc.rakm d'eharllw.luo.1
Ii nlatelb A
TOBACCO spn (II.-IVP to dl.'t. Katill: jou'vnit. or' ii.Sn. I 4/f mer al tI
0 N T and SMOKHnurl.iienua : Koiol |1I))'.pt'l''i i ii Purr cures -- i *: ruf UnrobtPARIS C'r.lhll-M, nil' t.
: !. :O-n. .. M).l. :0>0.3.B ( I
) > l ; II "1"Ilu'It trmibh'x.' llnrsrii'h :,.. pnr I:.I; I' 11\ 1...''''.. ... I'-t,arua ..\rrl".. 41Upin 5'am I I. tumii-m A I ... fi ldb7 Drn..l.1a,
You can I... Cured of any Intl' .1 tnb.nr.. 4).m.' : irm.icv, Juiui t'-11'1'1':1..1.! : P 'hlll"\ 11:1 1\111 It::,; .. 111 \rrl\" outsouirry ...I..u'.. II :I. a 111 1IltI.It.: I II e.rlil.. i.t at In i 1.
"a..11. I.. Rla.l" Mr" ,It Ig ". ..b r. f"'I. i\ '.11. 11.ft\I ..111 \j" II In .t rrit'a KIIIIIIIII1II1"" .. I...nve ,,.5; a UI 4IIh P In II rtw.a. 1 t
new lifr ami ii':" In ukiIbiit ''.; NO-7O-DAO. j i I.pur 0.1.) III \HI\ Oftlni' IIr4t'r I r3Itt 1
DIAL*** 4)..l men i. M n'1"u ::;:1'i 1I ':1.1" 111 I \HI\ I.oubvll.Lravi. \ :I5p01 :I111- I ( .cut a t y. ,4
Ira I"'ndilll l .. cured mid All 4.1vue tirut; ('-]*. Cure g .,r. >:.h.- Ilet ...... Ui..Ki ,a -I1"h rod nU.or,;u> and i out'riieieV .. 7.:' Ia".nt I ,n... .. "JlnI'" 1,0'''''' 1:1'01' "' ":i5um I have been authorized tn tikeabcription 1
I-KKK .44. 1 KII""I. I
: luuuUn' CO.. CUtatio v I XU.II.... Liij ."EN sACOLA1AND RIVER JUNCTION. <: for'm.. Jeni'incs 1 1 !
I Ij lotof money to tie ntaiblurialetati' : Hrj'an's paper: 'The. t/otninoner. "
j I -lot-, of it. A real P.. !: So.I-Ilady :-0. :l-1'1\ly'' No top "lI..rt' emir not hll\\'n I No. 2-11I\lly No.HKII: I The is l.oo 1'L"'W' *
vLLf.3T012.TA. price $ )'''r.ar in ad- liay( t Iauh'v ;1"1':
.. :..1'I II usually i a ii inter-l..iird: totiualth UfJ.---;; -;-; ... ;rn:1;: p-- -1\---;; vance. Thimc d" .irinir the
1.I 1t 1..1"' '' .1 rn.acola 111.1 paper III JUIilllJ: of l''pata.
3.an '. .d : : T 110x. C. Watson & I;:..., tight 7 !i'l" 1I..nlll\! 1"Ii' '' aM I an have It lent to them by neidin
: CVtu-Ui
III ;;;w; :: Co. the le.i.tmt( KH.U t--tHt.; hriu I!:1I 714 I' yin.d r. IU:>" ft;"l to and Injecti. iviure Il'DII
r T"Thoa.:: : Lw rlVO, .8.iltt nlfi-16 whjel' it Wolllde I: :!:I" 7 I, II .........t.nhll': ... .. ".. ItIt: ; 6::.. ." I U.'MJtIl the uinleri'ned.H.M.; : l. I TIry in 48 Lours tin- \. '
1 19 :I.'i" 7:5; .... I ulnt .. III::!:! 6:h I KIMIIE.irri .
II t : worth your wbili tiipnn-Jder.! (in I.u: j :v .. ... ..... Harp .... .... .. IIII" 61. (\ 1)111Newc.:; "ul'N .11w'tI .iwil atI" ,

.I :' C. Watson &; Co., I! iud >Ietheol tti. -d!.ly, and tl' u't wait'ill I I.:..:.1\u :: 7a.7.K: :: :: ..Idton. ......tivltrny.. ...._...... :: 10.11'1I:1/i/ :: I bA b:7, : I I I; i I, .4)r".. 1,11 a Rr "J nHJGtISTSI

the leading Real! F.tutojrnit-*. t.ik. i I tomorrow.The IYI: a m .. _.._ 1i".1 ttnngN _.... I' .:rr .. I
.J all the oil the i-houl.lor- theowners ] I.ft !tlfa" n ...... .. .111.111. ..... .. 112; I 1JIft.: : W. C. MONROE i I
worry 'IIIIIn l :): ..
:'. II:*' ......... .llllgan .... ... 9:5) ..11" I I
of property Uiaiia'/P: th i 1 iiniliT-iijii ... t:1'thi.' nwthod :"' "M: ,. .. ... ...'r.I"' e. ....... \1:11" I 1:1111 .. 1 : -GOLA y: '
renting of their hou-es and tht' col-i: I 1u': "::., 11..r land ....., ,:6& I SI "
i if lTi-riiiir .trervu.K; aa; :II"! ..._. : .. A I TTOIrI 17 1.11'-'
lection of their renta- t."u..d"I1-1! ; 11:10" \10.'y Hind :"I" SIII" !
: fir-t-cl-i1--- licen-ei! midwife hnvm : 4 11:1"1)5": : _befonlalhprtng", .:I, :ItK.. Grist and Corn tyeai' MIbM. !
would thetnlve ;. ..
liou-ily as they ; had 'V> ye.ir. txperiPticf.i'.ui fI" IIH" .. .. ArtvIN .:U" ::1:11" I ,
churgec are very"a-*,,u.ible. 4:4" .. IIMIKI:: : ui II.DINC,
Their ot7 i'onrr de 1.-on. 7::1\1" ::1:11" i
Ii I (five be-t of references from i:1\1 ,. 101:111' ... .. 1t'..,tulle ... 7:17" I:.""; I F. CONZa6EZ a co., Prop s5leautectr
t t ieudin,' i Iit>ici:)n*> of thicity.Jl 5.I'' .1 111:1: : .... l'a'\'lIh' ........ .:1:1": I:4i "
1 Know One sure lU-ttiiily fl1It .. ., .. ........ .. : 'rn'IuR'FAIKALAI)1'1'It1.lt'I
t. I : U:1. M. (; I 11>I>KNa: ,, I \ .q Oluf. y. .. .. daa I :
'f l.1wo.OU1aEa'.I. lUi IUU1U1 1.I'fur-UjI.,.A\ iltf lltSo-irli eVillii.r :St. 't.Ii .. tuC .... ... ... ( bipirr ears b 1C'I" : Pitt Mill Co. ?itSTINK
I .n -- --- i ...rrF. "'. c 1I:1'i" ... (bttOlldalr .. J 6:14 1"::i'\ !lUlL
1 I 7." II:=:5 Iarlatn" (:1.1" 1IIt.: I nEU: :
7: I il:4i: ('yptrc I' I 1..J, 11:4.1. m I'atroniie Horn (Industry<< f., tt ,
r7Pllottscr'urin.etirts 7.41 .. II r,9 .. ....brain. ,. .. .. .. :,. | BEST and
M. WILLIAMS : Itldg .Ci II :?:2 j every reason you nsould buyynar Mete'
New Stock 7:41 I.I/i .... '. '
\ b
: noon t-\u..h ; l 1".1" Stock fend from this Horn- Mal : '
. i I and "I' I. I 1":15 .. \rrl..RI..erJuoct.ou I........ Ii: ," lose .. I BIGGESTHARD Brick I i fur by .o doing you i-ncourajn 'main '
'. BUILDER 'try Vour Di Decoration in great variety I[ I a o Thi signature U on every tax of the genuine Infuntenni fur boos iimnuf.c-iuri-i ) -
and at lowest prices at Estimates Promptly Furnished wative r I :oDtrlbut to tb. eau" of Ub<.- 'IO..I
c3 Bl .
I[ It to loibecoinmDOlly bleb" you SITE "O
Marston 9'FillCh';;- \i l liuildiu of All 1 iDd3. j i /rDSCtbe cettuly that CYft$19111 u eao dmy.I Lowest Price. I bleb contnbuloi to your iuiiporl.


IIIiii.t.;.-i-'" :;::'. "' '' r.- ':'....f.J- ... ..




: ---iw-, ,, wwVVUWV.iy= == -- r-r :')!,), NO FAKIRS[ I THE .
-- -- -
'I.H: I P

I HAVE YOU_ 'L x iii FOK C f1YS i I R. Halliday & Co.) I ,I

I "I r <<, M MAYOR JONES S STile St CAT A R $ a e f;,SlgR cpR fsat W w I
? RH
.cO BEis
S t is q 1.1-- -- -. ---- ------ -- -- ---- ---- -==--0

j\\MRffl\\ GRAS BOARDERS ij 1 ,
ii! police court room was: crowd Cream Balm

I ed to it-. capacity this; morning; when E sy and pleaantIOUie. Out Cost !
the at
\ : o'clock.marshal! rap'pf'd for order at 8:10':: Contatn5uo, %,1gF45tanrlnn.druq y ? Closing 1
The *r ctator were not by : t uiekiy 16-nrli -

,' any mean confined! to the u-ual : t, Nts nth, COLD' HEAD
u[ shoe.
s Want the Best Groceries at the :
{ i lounginjf;; Chili which daily frequent i Itrx-ns mil lein-ti; tin |N a.al !* -

Lowest Prices .; : : that Place, but on the other hand: tip Majs! Mtuiuiaut Itirt.iii.matioii.. lU'-ton ,Mi tliein' I Is ml-' o rrutKt-, -ti

( t rtpre-euted some of the leading !t iuil1 idiieIl.!. Large -izt .e. at Itt :_ -tt .t For Cash !
J'1 rot! Siie loo t>) matt
1\\ bu-n.ea3
\ I men. The docket was:; not FLY I'.IIOTlltl.-: : i
1 Ji Wiunntit< t Ni .r V i.MV.AL .
a large
one, but
over an hour was
LAa N '
J C.CAN u. taken up in disposing; of one e.tP.1'F.e I j ji I : _ ___ _-: =- .--0__
first !' !>'TOiH' "1..IiH. .
( i case was that of a negro 'I

'. SUPPLY boy charged with fihtinn' He Our Semi-Annual Sale will Commence.Londay
\ was lel)'nt.d flatly for The :>*T & by
made to pay a fine of $3.
t i Union Naval T.-r* h C<>
j ,
The next and important ca"es' '
'n4tt.W' : / January :13
Stettin We > i were those of \V. S. Short and Red '! / -." ............ 51-5 if... .... .. il l ';iVtt ; ,
li Him
: Memc CCfl1p( issu, t :rsanborn .. ...o:! \ l u. ... I Hi.
travelling men, who were i > h 1 ;
''up fur doing business j \_: :".: :::: ':.'.:::: '1. E ..:,.'. : '.: 1k 2' We will offer our Entire Stock at .Cost for
; t j I without a liIeen'e i __- ...... .....-'Ji: ... ..... .. .... i .:. '
"i'r utServicraUJDeltrerranddatisfactton, by disposing of Mardi: Gra I I i.-_ .. .. ...... .. 1 7ii i. A b UoveltiH, n, d maiiuer to evade, the HPIklTSTBKFBNTUt-: i
hll inteeJ: -\llll1ne*. ,f I contractedto
< law. Short wa lined $hx t), while his I Iaitant goods as we have

; .1.-, w- lU-p"ctfully! ::) )!licit Your Patronage. ( :fMtiborn, whum it was REMARKABLE CURE OF CROUP. maintain prices on.
shown, waemployed by short, wa :
di.ch.lrg-t-d from cut( A Little Boy's Life Saved.I .
a icnts for Nunnally's Candies. *. )dy.
:, .: : ) : '1'h. ht'afille of hurt! was; not i! hive a few word to say retarding ::: )].R HALLIDAY & GO.V. .-&
and \ an exct.-ive one, in the luhtof eidene" Chiuiberlain'! Couzh Heuiedy.
,' deceive Prompt: Caret Attention.
:--s w
) adduced. It wa shown; that It paced; my little boy'life and I
r '1 I'e hid adopted meanto cynic the tees that I cannot prai-e it em u.h, I
---.r.-. r ---..- '''''' pn>M-ioiitnf the \law bv u-iii"" then : bought a bottle of it i from A. E i| 11.- We hare just received our Spring Line of
,, _. .. (@:: imnof Mr. J. M Cue without the steere of (i)11 win. :1-. Boo and whey |
-' -- -- -- / '--- -- :: I Embroideries of course these will not be included in
-- ; !
-- -""' r.utliILD l-ermi-iou of the litter un.l h,1! tI got home with it the poor baby [,

-. j --=-:: -:::: -ucceuled! ( in naV!itt old-a l:;r'e: "lot could hardly breathe I :cave tr... the above sale.
nt+ n, velUe-lu to\\n. The two def medicine a< :directed e'I'I'ttII mmlUei -
,"' \ T.. .;. ndautwfi' > n'ripre-eiit by II nil. until 1 I'.' "threw up," and then I
j WGAIi NEWS\ NOTES J. J. t Millivan, who conduVt-fl :thought .sure het to. I
: ,,'Ij d..f..u.. a ijjnin.; : cok'-1; : aa.. .-.. .. ..... ......;..,---.
.. ) l s': r xi : rt { but the end MICH WM ,to death. We ha id! to pull the j hleani: J I t.-S 1
j l>-ttv much :u'iin-t; the p tir! and he jut of hi; month in irrea'lonir-trin.-l ,,II I < If buy them from l {
'.' \', \, ;' -- could not -ecure, the rt-lcii-e of one I am pu-une that if I ha'I I not uvtthat you

'Ea IC, ,.."r, 'II' r..r. P, ?.V fI",1, U'dd4. ol 5iortud;them.!! : he was a travhllin: shoo would bottle not of!Vo.ith cotuh: mess' Putt t'iuel toa. my, }:, ,,: .
1'1'1 Lvd9 ru tl llr t""I',' ??,; SCri'l ; ; m BOSTON 1 ;j SHOE[ STORE f E lM n m
._ .'li -.- --- ,' ,""." S.!. Mnrtmiia ; nipinyof liirmuisihim, and hi- by all drug i-ts; and uitdiciu"
prop Net?rSVtt
R. K. WJIITE l :'"'. ':"ti; tHtHimumut lull Jfliuiiri. ';;r;. that b..ellltl t.inhe this city ha-for, had three-HSU week here II at. lealer-. i: ... .they are good !I.... I

i'-te Ro1ureturnrl9 this mornintrr",1 ln-t SAW worth of iionltiewhich t. '- ___ __ ,.. ...... ...... __ ............... .........-...;
,. .\I'r a ba-iues trip tn Mobile. ire sores PI a !luildii.< on ljaliftieef. <>\ : Qa\'O\ illlflfiV\1{) \ yoitliffirrttare I
HM Went t.> Mr. C. u'r--. '
!1"IH'.mack .e themselves has
hu'iopu'lin.r: brought of the
il"iiu !
; 'f -:> male many
th.t -"II..lIuu AMOXG t
'. : fur the -uaj-per b inks this! lIlornI :; all nller! tt at Jlitrsfon $ Finch'sGrcat .
t ':, -upi'ly him with ;ome; noveltiifor !
< Furniture Emjjo- beat dressed people to the conclusion that
----- -- ---. Mardi (Gra- and\ the ollir.mtni.! .? ==
Thp Daughter- the CmfedTicy: :Mr. l lie, wa ucei-pted m uouditu( n 1'1ll1n. I '''r: '
TICKETS will meet at the otie: of :upt. N. li.I :. that all un-olj ;;'oofi-} ; should: be renrneJ. i' Shoes that fit are thoroughly fashionable

.j"k at 11 o'clock 1'ue-diy tn')ruin !. Tinin it..df, -Meim'd to he i .

i!, : :lu> 1! (i It"a liook-tore.J the new adverti-eaieiitof theem ittnn would the copJine probably/ of the hive 1 law been, audr alllUbt CITY TAXES! I I; and full of wear, and that can be bought

They hn\e tie
-:.ck "f carnival goods and valei-i if it had topped at thiHut : 1 at a reasonable price there are none to
Ball not *o. hurt, it -eeined, sick
Coronation gut
j :ii,,,-. an-I engaged hanborn to place orderto Pay your Taxes now I

t The attractions at the opera hnu-e; the account of Mr. Uoe. and -I I I and get a discount Ii i to compare with those at the

\ !IHKARMORY .. use for next week will be: "Vjr! numb of novelties. coni-tir.j'of; February 1st will ;
:!!t T.iu.'h Come, In," Kin;? John'1 badges, button, sticks and rubber you
HALL I .IJ "Floridora. ball*, were ;old; to the various non- have to pay interest, so
I city and news! dealers; to be
While Ir". Gen \V. R'right was of on commi-siou and settlement disposed 'I govern yourself accord ; Boston Shoe Store

: /. Febru2ry utl?. drinnir: up Palafox street this morn made to Mr. Coe. All this time a ingly.
tt..: ire! h>'T-f fell to the ground where large and valuable .block was i in'' ,

i I: "," i it r'ii.aiii-d: fur -dine time before town and orders were being; filled asrapidly ', N McK. OERTING,

\ ,' ., 1..1.' j--':i. ttle.,l to ri-e. No one was it- stock and as a secured great business from the was hidden being City Tax Collector *)-N. G FORCHEIMER Prop.Kail .- i; I

j ... !;. 'ilK..; OHF. I I Lell.tor: : Mallory lias written dune. Among; the places !supplied .. ..
-- --
; shoo-wrtt.. the were the Gem book store Whiting --- -
'.i n >,\ 1 1 1 !: i! 1 petition for a bell l
.. : buoy at the M. AndrewPass that, :tationry Company, R"ch's restau- W r'W V W
r .l.\I'[ \ \ i\h Yl'q.( I'\ :" vi-ited the dep irtmrit at ""a..hIqton rant and Coe's book store, all having Pfcnt; E'E'G j {
: i."!: n.\ -i I 1'\: \1 1t nod 'vaa.urei that: there been given to understand that settleuiftnts [ r 1 Mtcxlt: eu t 1 [ AGENT; ,] fur STANDARDPAT1E&SS
>:1kI i i.\ i w'nilcJ bno trouble mttin th P were to be made with Mr.Coe. IBBAWWSJ \ !

1 : '. \ \ i \ :n, HtY I\ buoy pi iced.V'rerba. After. the entire evidence was in, !! Crflers I' \ 1 I
Liu.'h: C' nlr' In, a :Mr. Sullivan: attempted to -how that f
Tickets SI 00. i.Mj-K-il l'om"dIii h"l : ..._
.... -vn: iti r-hort:; was a drummer and required :-- L- ---,
;i ('ji -rii hou-e on Mtiiiday ev ding, noliceae.Mayor .

.: "I "' 11,1'I! t'" I:!j':1'''y..trr-reted r. a;i'-trt.let!< nue H'hfre by used an:! (exilic-itt dof-.,(i f-T the: comp i.hu.'h ior s- thai way.Jones In did reviewing not see the matters tests [Nintli loniiiil Stock-TaKiu( Sale !

I i
tautly, the m,m>r said: that there had

I '1 1' v//wv l'>fie leak;>. ''i'i;U I! me everv Iii? Why act,, in in every ere rc' -cene line,,i that lien! '>.hurt wilful had violation liken: every of the precaution law ;- We will begin taking stock on Jan. 10th and from now until we finish ,

>uf new joints ana,'l'.: ii bfirtue tie fminie.t comedy ever' to cover up tha delimits: and 'I, we will save you at least 25 per cent.
jroni lie II'-: H ifr 'in b- uiifortuuate piiblic: and tho-p, who111 1 that the line of ?IOU( would be ex1 ,!
nough to 011-j 1 acted.Vhn.
I' > ( 'o. ''f kill .
1 diippomted: ; for the \ tinpeinltj* was pronounced _',IJI Iit, yard! Good 1'I I-lind I l.i'l, Ml of our Wool I>r-s. Cood-; will 4* PairIJoj.Solid! leather ti hoed,
I wid till-- ,t treat. _ Mr. :Sullivan a-ked"that, in Mew of worth tP .c., to "1,,-.. at 4'',..(,, h" ciod! i ..t and b<.low{ t "-t. Come worth $1.I :5. our price FIIMI< ).
Per. C n'jries. the ueirneof; the carnival: a reduction 1,000( yards: 4 tt !lileachtd:! Dome-tif.( early\ and ;:et choice \pattt-ins. i iIoMI (Ii is PairHoys'Kolul! leather Shoe
\ .. It Girdles The Globe. ill fine be nude, but the irch, at 4 i!it finer ,
.l.IU 1 no 't: CO H _r. Hoy-' Singles ;tort )Ihntble13Cra quality, worth *j.7";, our price
)111; .1:1.!: f:slue of Juckleu'- Arnica miyor said : "'1'hatis ju-t the rea- 1 ,'awtyardIttI) \ Jileuhed: : Prpp''rrltlit | l -irJ'MIItWurt'I; t! iH, i,, $i 1.;>.,-, $1 1.2!,.
.h1 IfI' "' ur.', :ith. btin, the world, ex.rOIll.(1 soli why I am di-pp-ed tuba -o hard etiti at :'ir,, yard l tt I II )I to I elatTjc.: and hJ,. -int.Tt 7J Pair* (llov-: New Orleans Cable
j im'!- the earth. It's the one on% hime do not want: tfie-i fakirs t TiH) yard104 nbl"lched Pepperel :Screwed Shoes: ; sizes! 2 to 5, worth
: ,:'< 1 11"1 ifct healer of Cut, Corn- Hum-, here, and if the law f is. to be \"IlIlatf'd, :heetinj! at he. y.u.1. I ; Roy' (Diubled-ll'ea-'ed: :,nit'1.' ,HW.) our pn<'e $1.liO.S .
:'. ,dd! Iruitor r-cwld-. \\otillrather line it done in -ome 104 I nlileacheil : worth SI.M and $J.iW, t .
I iiiilI leerit'lou -, | :HID) yard* -\lIl'et-1 > co-e at I Pair Child' t" hoe ", Ii to 8, holid
", iil.) l ,/ -. Ache. P-tju.: and all ..fe,,, other city. \\".. want n-> fakir; here. i' in;!. fur thi- -lie, 12V.! VHri1i fl.Handfl : > ,-uit. Leather, worth |1.Mour price iae
': II.t: Knij! !."IIo! Only i infallible 1'1e!, cure. and =snail try to keep tl.tu out of i 2 f"KI jard-Mmo: slid Jt-d calif"1 H Pair ;MisHhoess : '
:'t; RoyIubieiRreatril: and 4 to 1:.,
I '
.. '
I I. ) .1 box at W. A. D'Alembt-rt". -. Pen-afoli.1\ !'warrinted: fa-t. for this -alt TIr.-ePi"ceuit-. worfi rata: to :t.t .lid Leather: worth 1.25, our price

thedeciiion was KIP: !some yard I\ lIII!, to cl >sf at ?L' J5: t,i ri.i 21!: .,Illt.j T5c..V.
KM: .\\IL; \KfJli: ih-<>rder w is occ:i-ioned by -everalpartiegivrtr ;{,outi :vml-i Full ('L' :, (Sin;:liiui, :: Pairs Mint*' Shoe-i I
., I !'oEHlOl''IY 1\.Ilmu: : : ; i ( vent to whi-tluh in worth Ii' ..c., for t'n-: -:tl.'. l 1' _c I I j i We cirry i full! In!', .,f1I'n': : worth Jl.&o, our price:' "-c. to 2' I
.lIri'ri"; lint thiwaa; quicklytopped I.tKMI vanl- (It!' II:;; "-IIIII1t'I. wins.: MUfioin'*;';;.li : i f hum\ i co.! at You I'lhtuld look
at our line
i. 1 1 Ab"'tir 1GI:;! o't-l!"n.k thi- afternoonw.'ile by the miyur directing them IO ? tool ,-'. at: 7 _c. yard :Jo! ;.> n-t ::1. d!i-c'i tl t I t.Li' Children's Fine :Mini-. of.
\ (, Lr.hlI to have tne p reties arreited
[ : : I'mIIIU"Llr"Il": was riding:
for C'utHUl't 'U a repetition.
t .1 !iii-tiii:: I)"tty d t'b'tl Palafux \ whit \\olllau: givingg her name E. BRA\VNEIL'SONE-PliIOiCXSuIHoUSE\
I -tr tthe atiimil took fright .vnen a-. I>:Jna t arntlurs was arrted ,
the dow la-t f- r
I nun after night >
'ie.irt'i" Catholic c'lureli' anl ran ,,
I inikiiu' an .ii-iult: on 011"'In:1'! '
:J,' with :re ,-peed until.. i itreiched :\f{dI iUan, The latter te-tilicd/ that X111 I (},) SOUTH() PALAFOX() S11HEE'I'. rr

.I11 Uardeu-trettvut: the :inim'il was her ,i-' ill tilt cinif: "i'; behind her ___. __ :1
"ttt rnet'ked in i:, -ji"eil by thefen- -truck her in the fureaead with'
UI.HJ: trt- of {lar'aA: the ani- bra; knock :ind cut her everil
T! .
hell reached the either of It mum L time with a knife. She exhibited I .
--.n. -treet U e"lIi.ir with a wauun, '
marks nude by the knife blade and '
I I. rile.'a'inr b its h4!" ,an i rider to .
knutk-, but of defendant
''tSs. upon reque-t r' : .
!t t' t the 5 ipery pim ut. Thp anima !: the matter was allowed to goo : r'l .
th"n rolled o\.r t :,H* yminsf! min :': overu-itil tomorrow on account of New Silk:1{ clfP :'
producing what are fen.- fitil I P\"erl\l1Jl.IterLll witiu-ses; btin:; ab- tJtJ.d [} Albatross :
W "unit-I
l.ar:{UH \van.l.iifdii': '.!v iir>..(d hv i!i ; Waists! J. .
{PurE ., : : Waists \\l<
friendaiiJ: cHrh'lilt. -he: C.intore !\ OI.III.N: veil:*. .
,i'tad. H' the corner, where phviIH '1 'l.n-"- lI <
overlooked the import'incef :'\ l
1'rople "
hid I beumnoti'd t> t -l '
01 l -nilBrnn MIO y ----- '- _
I ralutl! a phone armed I allillllad.11 rxun.-: :, {permanently beneficial eilect; /
nlti"n. I>r. Cravey. lir-t phy,'- ''In.1 I wneitilPd witn trui-ient: :
action but now tint it i- turned ; ;
ian tll aniI1l.1 ide :i rC-
pal.I r that syrup of Figs; will per- I
'llllla'lt1ollllldtVe :ahi- i+r>m n

Z!I ref u t'ut tion.! Lir.'tie.but: he w,..1in could! a: -eri-not ucondi garb.lllc. !b..w. ,. -Mpitnti miutntly not buy other, w overcome rll-)infnrmrdpeuplr 1Xltiwhich liabituil con1 will act !'I 1 I A Id EW! I i!f kiM c u! ]L M-k: o UValencienn" { rm pttin'; ; '

, I t'!. Pri'f.; Lf vy. Wilt wan; eewitn for a "time but finally injure the
! < "''', r"'lli-d th* /I..I..f. tlian -v--tfM. luy the genuine, made by'
1 led .. (iut.i.u-e :ana telephoned fur the veiiile. the California! Fig syrup Co. |,I t.
a Mu
| When it arrn-ej :lIe y'UIi,: Lacefrom Ic to iuc : Monday Morning : We have a fpechl Collection of
: his o.is D want a magnificent: watch
' in u, w .tenderly lifted and pl.H.td,11t.nin. iou ,, per yard ; In-ertin ., to match.: : .
<\\ HabihVK lftHlid. benx' cirried I tot for little money? Ifo.. call on : Material; Fnitnble for Party Dresses; ,
: We will
: pI ice on our Center
t i ; Counter -
He will
!! all tot Anthony'hopital.. ephen-: -. th1 j jeweler ac- ; con=isting ofSilk e
J "', Ul ,::11 uotk At the hu-pital. Dr-. Pierpont and I 1 eoinmodate! you.Scissors I Mechlin Laces; in Settvery; >. : :
Harm- took charge of the case and t i ;ilIO Yard Embroidered Flouncing I
t slier placing the young; man uudtriif shears, pocket i :. from 3 to 9 i u"htwide, your Tissues,
: illthl nrt'.f"piitt'nude an e\- choice for loc ;y srJ.3.iV '
'tlwltable cutlery of thevery; ralloon, popular trimmings ; Organdies
areaid! 10 Lace very .
1 a5Z552sEw' : 25 iminatioii several rib Yard Xain-ook and Wi5 ,
: 'I i Ire -tillered fracture and at THN'JU ': best makes at the lowest for.priiip: ; Gowns endless J E.J'e- auJ In-ertinjrs. 1.; j': > and

li. Fed | *a-; critictl s pre- hour LiTKUe's condition prices, at the Willis Hard- variety. :\ yard.;sic valueyour choice fur luc 1 Silk Mulls,

scare Go's. ____ i ; 1 and French Lawns
C Killed Embroidered Galloon and Band*. : Thi i i. your opportunity to purchase ,
By Falling Logs.
'vt\,1l Bred U '' 1 If'oU want your gun revolver, Embroiderie. nry cheap and our
fan.tt.-flits Micne I Rose
Kileiph: : Black
cleaned White and Ian
bicycle) or babv carriage Embroidered Heading-, dozen, of: opportunity to get betteracquaint- '
went in company with her sister-i n 'and repaired call up f'ruce. Phone ed with you :md to how you our I

law.! to a plate on the bank of Neuseri ,,3...). patterns to select from. imrenetook! of White Good" *. Colors. r :
;: pick .' j:: h
\t r. in Johnston county, where far? t ,

saw logs are rolled down a slops r When you get ready to I ,

user of gj hank into the stream. They sat on plant your spring garden, When you Visit Our Store ask to See those Beautiful Mercerized Piques

the logs watching some relatives at
m j work. Suddenly the lops iroved and b HI r/wr garden utensils i! j(

i''"' -Xiits I caught Miss llohp by the skirt. Sh* from tie Willie Hardware

\\a" Molentlv puller under the log Co- .IvI ii & TF nD :
.r.J H'
n1". 'i i ." .1! o\>'i li- r, t ;1'I-hn: ; r.er tt -- y r1. t', \
iJ TH -. Xvws Want Column.
:::: :' :rt1. Try

.., "" "' -=- "-----.oi _... 0;'" >> u. $; "
", .
; .
...."",, .\ 'o _' -0 .. __ __ .. _, ._ -
> -
""'-" -"' ''''''' _'''''''' i 'tVJl"" : _' ; -" -"" ""T : : T- "" "' -

# nr4ii



I Mrs. Rix M. Robinson Mr. and: Mrs.iDeSilva RICHARDS DIED SUDDENLY. 1 POULrrUY. 1 I

i,and Mrs. O'Neal: Miss Lizne Kos1 ; exclusiTely.: Stock and EgH tot ,.111.1 I
1 lillnei{ Man Found Dead In Hotel! 19tf ,
Cap andf. 1H. Sortbup, aJaekson -- -- -- Leave orders at Wllln flarl1ware

Mr. ant Mrs. J. R. Keller.! Mr. and Ga. r -

AND PERSONALS Mrs. McG'iurin Cij-t.; Hays. Mr?. Jackson. Ga.. Jan. 30.-W. D. Rich ofE CJlr 4 wogoMork If you want your dolt club po'-' I; !:[fTraaiacUonjatth*)P m.maw possibly*no catom: bo! report hoac: ?.a"..,..aEfPOKTK '.

Fernald.) Mi** Euimi io Mr. of McL.. Hamilton until nutda,.)
Piaij; ards. acsbnrg. - i iI
count l. - - liked wrapped, or new shaft put in, I _
nd: Mr,. Fred .'-[ Crib, Mr. :and Mrs. .Iy. III., traveling in the Interest o j ;): '1'0 L1aYD.lIONEYTOLOANOn I call up Bruce. Phone 3*).
--------- --
Oeo. \Veuiworth. the Deeriag Harvesting Machinery.comiany. bouiebold farnl- i i For January to date

Mhs ( A. Ca-tle4 of Atlau- Mr. D. H. Goble of Oreecfield, was found: deal in his bed at all kind o! per- :; We will launder your spreads! : for !

ta h vi-itinz her ueice-. the M:3eLiLdentruth. -' Ind.. who wn chosen temp-Tary: the boarding house of J. M. Hohfieldy; venal property. Terms easy $[rICrasecrecy !.13 cents each and make them lf>oi AR&\'&.'
I guaranteed. Apply to A. A. Fisher, i like: uw. Star: Laundry. '
cuairmin of the 'tau of Gr, ..
ut :' \,1.t'B on Sn-ond street yesterday ?I'I\. south falafox street.MOSEY Henry Horn .
t gaw.( toK-T9..r 4 Co 1"I *
j Mr. and Mr. LeHarou McV.iy returned which orzaniz-d tLe : He retired In usual health and splr-j" .
TU LESDon Improved real e.
t ye-terdiy afternoon fr"iu a TouristClub" L L;: week i; the editor Its but did not come down to break! Jl tatt-.m large or small amounts low HEIHE ACADEMY OF MUSIC "-;.;:.
F plea-ant trip to' visit Mali- + and sad nr.orlt'rf thj Home rafe40f latrr il Gallon L-li E. Brooks. i fcrts
friends Mobile.. and S.r.ol'I..ir.r.I a copy;: ">! which fast yesterday mornI!". Mrs. Hollandacct ;, attorney at law, Bali! d. Falafox St., Miter lIH lard. >m.:. I ,

hhi- kindly -rn-wts u.. It i* in it* up to see what was the matte!''building. Saiim i iMOSEY N >. M N.-riti Palaf.n Sr.Special -

Mr*. A. L'. 15ruce of \\'.'rc.t"r.Ia@ !..1 volutce ; .. aid and found h.rn dead. He seemed to ntHF.
: ::11- ;t very n nt rO-D.-\Y-lloy u acrd money? attention given to the tra.nii? of Nor anna, ::+? t ... .
I <" i, t'HIv"ldil? the WllitfWith i-xcellrt.t! II1r..tHfun: Of I int"reitiu: hive diedvliile asleep, without wak "D borrow any amount you wait tb> vo'C* (Garcia: and Marche l sytem.Kir > Trant.t-fofiK ignip.'u .'

her father. Mr. Win. J< Iu.-oa, :Hid appropri tti- matter, inc'udin? aeriai' to-.jay on ta-l-n terms and Iowr.-t ratesnjwher
The daily news

Material Information

The daily news
Uniform Title:
Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
Place of Publication:
Pensacola Fla
The News Pub. Co.
Creation Date:
January 31, 1902
Daily (except Monday)
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
30.433333 x -87.2


Pensacola is the seat of government for the westernmost city in the westernmost (Escambia) county of Florida. Since the colonial period, Pensacola has been an important naval port and economic center. By 1889, it was one of Florida’s four largest cities, with a population exceeding ten thousand. The Pensacola Daily News began publication in 1889. The editors pledged to "be Democratic, conservative but yet sufficiently aggressive to give weight to [the Daily News’] remarks." By March 1897, the Daily News had increased its circulation to 1,500. The Pensacola Journal, begun as a weekly, remained its main competitor. Among the bigger stories the Daily News covered was the 1891 dedication of the Confederate Monument in Lee Square and the outbreak of the Spanish-American War in 1898. Pensacola’s Gulf Coast port, like others in Florida, hosted forces bound for Cuba, among them Theodore Roosevelt. In the years that followed, Pensacola continued to expand. 1908 saw the completion of a new Spanish Renaissance City Hall. Around this time, the Daily News was followed by the Pensacola Evening News. The exact year of the transition is uncertain as the Pensacola Evening News continued the numbering of its predecessor. The earliest verified edition of the Pensacola Evening News dates from April 6, 1908. In 1910, when its population reached 23,000, Pensacola erected its first skyscraper--the ten-story American National Bank building, constructed the San Carlos Hotel, and raised a wooden bridge across Bayou Texar. By 1912, Pensacola had twenty-one miles of paved streets. The first modern hospital opened in 1915, and by 1924 the city’s fire department was entirely motorized. In that same year, the Pensacola Evening News merged its operations with the Pensacola Journal then under the leadership of John H. Perry. For the next six decades, the two papers continued to report the city’s news, the Journal in the morning and the News in the evening.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1889.
General Note:
Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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,- u e iI I

r If u


DAILY : .,' ,ft.f .



-- ..
--- -
-- -

I I pENSACOLA has a Depth of 33 Feet of Water in the. Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor.: .

-- -- ----- ----- -
------ --- --- --- -- -------- --- -- -- - -- -- --



THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK OF I I Was Infatuated. With One of 11ost Faffious 11en'1y' in tae \\Voi'1iI--1t

PENSACOLA FLORIDA, offers to depositors .wrminc.1s..

I People W.

every facility which their balances, busi- AWS AND: PISTOL I

ness and responsibility warrant. -- \

Bidile:: Awaiting; L xburg I

Interest paid on time' deposits. for tie MurcsrRahney !. ( I- rl4

: Overpower I I I

: Gsad:! Their :2saps; !I '

:a n. CO.-Edward ad'

1 I ing exucution in the I II I

e nuidtr of G,vl't'I I j jy. I

I of Mount Wash .

i if I -d! the guards at i

s- c.... .. 'IS.HELD> FOR MURDER.:: SLEEISTOEf 03ESIMMENSE HOC3 rED CN CODY. \ o'clock this: nurniag: and esca;1ed. !i

;! i) ---- Both ;prisoners bad beon p.o\'IJ..d J ]

e Bc3!> s.j, ( ", '>!:nce FcurcIn Horrible Cisr: viry Is Made Near with saws with which they cut the I

C "'net 1 I DAMAGE! Ozark, Ala. I )bars in tVlr celb: auJ were ready at II I ; ..s
: i,j : Ozarl.b.! ., Jan. IX-A few dncago II 1f
,! ..:, .r. ;Ji'-Thei)' s 'lac) nom'-nt to tuake an op<:nir.g suffiI ;
IKe Pdt seas at work in Cotton
\ 'a \eidl-t ; I Th I
; cientlj Lrse; to pass through. ?
t'r"ek al.ot.t U> miles cl 1 i
'he rhur Wires swamp! east: '
: 9
Prostrated :
: Telegraph : prisoners eupied: adjoining cells oc
Ozark: near SUipperville! when he '
f :-I I. U\'id notked
the secoMi! range. They hal: evidently!
Trr.Sc :ilterr; pcd. I some ho-s eatln some bulky oh '
i" :r. ii. been preparing! ; for escape for sometime
jfvt wLifh <>:> investigation! he d.stovervil ;
\ .\ n. : i Coal and had assistance from tie out

," : ;. ; ) to be the! regains of a h'lml1ib'ln ;
: 11.11 HEAVY LOSS AT LiTTLZ I RCCK side as Loth! were arced wits: revulj '
The l.cly in adxaneeJ I
1.: <,'-n lu 1. II. 9at''r! was an | vers.
state of de'-cviprsition.! and it ouW I'
b'.n<1 .I' :.' murdered
| Shortly before 4 o'( lock on? of the
lu. --MI uorK In That City a Dozen: :: Builiin:s Were be remember. .: that the buzzards hal'1'
RiJ'iles! called! to James HtG.:1r.r.'he

Brown i- : r' .:: til- Wrecked the i Ca-.i Je Art! :o1:nttnJ been seen i ir. droves about the! place {I j had charge of the outside l gas ar.rtasket !

mines for t-:.' ': M j u ,>::,i-n I for several (!'TVS:: but of course nothing I
i to About ;hJ .C3-:: :S/ersb-rg: ;), 1. cnn.i for some cramp medicine! : in a )
I was thought:; of it till the decomposed I
I hurry. saying uis brother was danger
i Opera Hcus: ; V.'recXed. body Was: discovered.
Steel I ;ar: :trc- S1 7m;7t5. 1 j! our!y sick..Itleary.

Birnin.ishx!: -TaE : ', The coroner was summoned and th" .! ; hastened to the cell with I
Memphis. Jan. 30.-In addition: i
: Iplllr Illy ..1 : tt'i| juiy Impanelrj tound that the boy! I I
the medicine when John BidiHe
thi-! interruption to telegraph and tel : snrass I
ET.-I.'y thi.-! \ .v i I"' i .a'i! t tart was that of f nesro woman the wifi 1! through the : in the cell and
I op"nng
< tai n.i.. : : .- :I..:sI si s\ phoi.t'! eonimunication to territory: imi I: of I'osty Kiend.: : Her Lead hbeen ad I I The nerve* control and determinethe wag; tint put within the raeh *.f the
i:::i i.:attl!;> surrounding and w-:!t 01! I [ seizing the giard around the waltz jji'i.1' .. i'.un.-'s Celeryoinpound
trushtx: ; health of fuuctioti of .
I -i i a..1.l "! ., .' "1 1i >y a terril-le blow She every. tl.i eI ,
i\: .. is heavy uauas s froL. thf : hurl d bin over the raling: to the I i- rh' :u ti )
> > ; .tl j I i uy wny a pttf-nt -dicne.
van :
I idE'ntifaby some artirlrs oli 'I brain and boJv.
a -.n! 1 i .
:' it sit on roolh is -otoJ; i stone floor be?!cath. a distance: of 1C It I i- -up.ri"r to nil for iMcallednedies.
i i
t lothins. '
.- i i th : Posey Kiikland had! on sePeal \ j More than niLc-tfntl.- all ciileaits .
1 1. K. .\r.has f.:: r"l tre;:.( U' I j feH. r -: that noeriou< coinpari-
I .' t : : .. orrasiorsthreatened to nak 1 Edward Bitlr': joinf-J; his brother I tbu are not li.f'-cri uat -.i. r ,. n- 11I,1.| ti.-tHf tl.mi.!
'. ,! i, :: !'jiUUi, n bi-iiiK wr.'lk with his wi ". | ,
..I way I kiiov.T. by try ptj-irian: to be Tli" forinul-tr: "f I'aineS Celery
,. immediately l and I both with! drawn re
,. .
: : a' ; ; : \ He bad tie local { ,
r. told his neighbors that bisTife | KieifrSy *upturnf a comi (. > 11I1"UlaIIlJ. I been freely furni hed
: solvers, liurrii-.l! to. the f-.t !floor
i K L.i. Al'n.j I. UUir."i! u. hOHJi-3 I had gone to Georgia He had 'Mwh-re! \ : ;' ;i ill;, breiik-dowti the :t.ervouiy.'I from tl.- 'eputiibln {iliysieixiH -

ctud ti.'' ., jtnr.atuJ at they met GuaiU Rejtul..s and ] tun. aLywhcrf. antl thou-a'ndi
i .1 -';' > the meantime taken another th"
j negrrj
{i s"t! r irn.I lu one tt!> ui-fj--d condition f autl.a'iiticattd c.iethat
.*. \ pt-r-uh[ : ute re*
j woman and ran with her.
1 ." !:! .. .. the away PosejI :y. I Tufre were but three: men on duty : i 'it tho nerve* minif>*s! itplf iniulIniiItatotherby ported yearly: I l.y ph '.iclln.* tat
: T
... \ [i'. : :> : J.! : : -, ( jJ:1':1t I hat 1 been guilty! rf another crime every
; ".' .. ;:, iHft'i an.1! o.hora i ant j! ar.il: the thit'! was on one of the w;> : : ; : ii.il.ir'-: ii.it : i eini i ii'iv-1 t rovfii beyond yUa-Fllnll
: : I
; : j was apjirehbL! ,.ed and brought to jai i !"'r i..nc 's. lie w' ; or,! red down a.', ,1 in aU'.t'ter by rfumr.j..m:1L! ; : v. :tiia1 ill -vetv cer'f, ay-p-p-i.i: Ill
-..- !I._ !!:' :"J' n :. H-a! y <:dm before the wiu- murder had bean discovered. of .
the huinsit. hH.m..1tlh'cu..ll. .
--- -- ;, ; '.'.'e i'"..r.t n'tL.: !r:'.c'vers and then r-I I ;Ru ody i I' ti'iit--- I ver e.impluisit, ti.-nralziJ:
I t 1 ... i. -.". ,J.i :.: L'.ci City He vas already in jail; wbi and rtfu-e* to l inform it- rh-untati-ul.orothrr! di-p-i"t-, that
s 41''' i ilea o ,:'Jir1s w: :'.' ,iv.t ir. the uunp,1.. '
"i .... i i J his greater crime came to light. Th''e ;, pruper wurk.iieiitiire. niiply: impelled! nrtvr.l'alne'd'rle-;
I 'rh. i: js ':'Ia: t ia'n fui Ki e.t
.t. --.- officers immediately: aircbt-d the nc *j tui'toii.;* fcfjin tii > : ry (. ''tiipnuiiu in\aii.ibiy! !im>s l.i-t-
5" G. :!rai.u t t\.'., (.:-:jr'tte priu1 "i -how tba nrice-, mtdicitittoilu! li.L {lifrf.It
SLEETSTOF.V H.i.S HAVOC.Postratien | gro woman wi'h: whom he had! r : I :: r .
I.I I. 01' .v !rj; a ( !, ar fie!:!. T.t'! ru'y' per know? but thi one remedy, the .. ; I UCl''II-i nuMJa: ; :find upln; In
away. Sin!'e the discovery; KirlanI .a1!< !! ', ,' .: ".' ...itiiMU, ai'C'n-rT' t.f ljnf.i Edward
E"rv o.itr.f-?-'>? tf.f esia;! \ < e''ml'lttlclIll"\ ,: di-ei'.-< wht-re
I of Tilvaj! --s: McslComclete : I hfs: confessed the whole: crime anI 'I "I''I'. 'h,., .".;'.1 "' A'' tF' 1'help-i. :M.: 'D.LL 1>., wha-,, :; overytiiinsi t-l-e haf.u.l.! l. It is the

1 : Kr.a.. a n Year: I says the woman helped him kill: h'!: *. / f'f.ii"! : t wonderful acnievf-tneiit 1I:1i ''prput -',IY'I'r..1'| +r"1 1trlurJy in the world
: r aia; : : -1 1 \; 'Ilt t. .
:\,1> i'l, .;" > I... .d! 01 p\t ? .. '1
:\ '' .' \ : : : ole (sole of int of t.i-: .Hiitr\ tint i I. ''p"-iily 'iinl i nbhcly! n>dor..edhtn

55 I' h : \i': i 1'1..'..; ..:. .' : .. '. ."(.'. v.- a:: v:1tP.The busMnd! of Nora Smedley! ha!; t t1!,:,: n-::. .." w'.trctrt; LU.I.t> k ; 'r ;:rcatHt 1I1JIVer"II'" .. ."'a, "t"1'- <*di ,I: j 'tirtidl- A ,rin:;l" trial:
I t!.? :- i' .! .n!;,s a::'i <.': : j *it o.'. a en:: Ill tlII.'I'I ,.
r. ", i L .M '1I.j: .- .. ( :. ) :"' iu.i; been niissint as long as the deal! :, rnul. jl: a..avd ilIlll of K'nieV (Mery ('oinjM.iuid willIconvn
'll, .1/ .: I 'a7 hJ, ; n 0 .
,.it. : : h ;. I .
the :
outsu'.i .
; :
s '. :; vn- ftllllKK '.It- It WUI'V i tl.t uUVIt H I Iot i t'- all\ ..II" th-it it
I- ;1" i :. .f ;' accocipli) *
n. : n ; :" i I :I'WKJI. i ii1'O I
i has been mi iul and iI i ij it .
wuniai: ,
> \. "'',j.-; -It",7. 1- . .... ; : gat a/' :>. ;., 'ti .,..t i''.'. ., ..II".- street mi- 11\"-t i>:ui>>-i.t ,pr..eu-i..iu.r- m ], Cto every 'at' all that it !, uuied
: : : .i'I- .W" ; on at j is thought t.iat: hu. too. in .t the sam C "' .. ....- t ...11:1:1't!. : thi': I
< ilu.
I. .' fr! i scapa! *j : )>: -I!l' -' .. > red iutil .I' c neat rmtdjPI to
I' l.ot. ". () ; ,} ( {/l- a II.t t : a h".t\Y : '::.i. ita>; n.t I1 I tate.I .
.. i : .. tJ.' (;avhu! ,aiis: fiii.P on duti... '
",,. r "I' (If/'' t ; i. ':. i-h-i.: :.. : .: ti'j. :rail; a.ii: i ii .ji I .---- '
j'I.'tdijie' at .1/1hi/ '1'1 i i '.! ,I.- 'Or-; :-.:.-. h.\i naii: : An Attack of Pneumonia Warded Off. ,,1! tor .'.I : 5=L1"1" rrt.r.C: (Ir: rn. -j;
I .. I prifOr'JS here! tare ni;:Lt c'lards hal COAL FAMINE ON. .
,,1,1,1." i r ". : i'is :;:iett'-- "--u.t time ..1"mr- il.m;':iiter tat: she was a-s! "--i.t I I.t.: \ !h: r !,
Ti >!v-r.-ltn, 11"['. Ih,. .Irkllnz. i -l'isM::: t:1'! : \'. .,r-. T I pro i =t.t-.r: :0. Calihta-rt'frPCaatJ. Hhecomjddined ; 1). n put and tiny: \\',>rt' ajon ri'Ieas. I ffrr'm details: in the ".v :ap" )became; : i j'I.'V\T. --

a5. .j- .. .WL.t..I ul... 'hraL.I i i is:, tI!..' roast dTi-pl 1 ." known in yadArUansa : I II of pilll! ::11 herclu-t tind hud il the i.ur.in.:! :aa.J s,-nt ta: the he t 'lephon.'il to M I( Di.naIi and Fuel: Scarce In IV'ar.y Lake Port and I

had 111\:11.! I : her C.'""unhH- hOWl'opltltygplal.! : wa'i t Northwestern Cities.
: give ;
I : 1'. : I Irti '. : w'h I ? loin; isolated: as tar as toe: informed that Mrs. ofel'a! notthpre. : !
.. i \ljin'- ( 'Mi'li; remedy according; to For si-v.'ral r.op.ths pre--dins HIP Ch'-ag: : '). Jan. 3"l' ')"at consumer
.Y' I. '. 'r't' lana diiectiou-' and! ill tA'odt y-. ,.htj WHSwell Kahtiey p: rd"r! daring bi'ik-iarifs: were of codarp thu-atened: with the coal
: I dar.:'+!;e from siett in the airy ol and Jitil- to ?o to .*ciiol.! I Warden! Snffel! irrmediately made 2 famine if thoeio w-athcr
of almost Lujntly: Gi"'r.I' The Keeps UK
Little hack is bornu.-i. have used this remedy in f.tm'ly frank confession of his suspicions. !
-' .Irlllh! IK tI... my !her seemed; pouorl' 1 '-a to prevent th'-m whil.' consumers of twl l Kara, who only
The w-ith-r bureau for the -even and have ,
predict.sm p.-t yfars
i- > '! .'. ( u;e coal in the winter are threatened
i >n- Jo I'V.fe and f.'r\ous citi''ns: retired at ni ;ht i'
eraly! uns.'tt\l! w .-ath"r, embracing n ver known it to fail. s ly" Jams Wreck On Canadian Pacifi&:
merchant Annato in fear anti; treniMin; On the morn with a boyoot by the members of th<
rain and f',:,'. for ditfennt sections ol Prender, a-t. ,' Sault Ste Marie \!Irh.! Jan.: ,.-
,' 1', "a I mfsr the Bay Jain.iici. West India I"Und Ing of April 12:: last Mra I Kahncy u aaawaLPned Coal -amstera'! unior! The opera.tors' .
from the so-.th Toait; 'ratnr's have risen Very meaner Inforraatioc has bt>en received
'' Tne pains in the chet indicated an by bars!iara and called: to Team Owners' association antithe
'j:: ,! v I'i !lI'llre (j j. and about I'1' J.! '-;r'o.in thc past 12 hours: attack of here of a wreck on the Cana
I approaching her husband! a cripple, who was sl"pp- teamsters have combined toiethei ,
tm! instance undnubtedly dian Pacific railroad tear Sudbury! last
in was -
a r ::rar 'I, which :tag in an adjoinir.3 room with one ot( to force sonio of the largest hotels and
I Frank:: Troidwfll.I! Hannett.w h., warded off by Crumberlahf: t j night in which one person was killed office!
the children.As biiildiliKS in the city to use coal l
4 tr'u!>il'dI.'ith kidney dia:l=f\ Cough Remedy. It counteracts; any I and a number injure The express: '
I he entt>>red. the door of his! wife's all the: year through;: or else atrictlj
for Iwo of "ld toward
CHOICEST year+ He write"I had tendency a c pneu i train due here at 53') lant eveningran ,
tkt>nerHl kinds of kidney reme. monii.! bold by all druggist and room he wa shot d,?a>l. The burglars : into a freight train that was toe adhere to fuel Raa.

dies, hur with little benefl. Finally medicine dealers.; then fI.'d. A few hours later DetevtivPatrick > Word hag been received by Home of
tf long for the siding it had takf'n.Oc
I trie-1 FuLEV'ri KID.VKY) CIKE and -- -- Fitzgerald and two officers the largest coal operators in the cltj

a owe dollar bottle, cured meV.. Howard Guilty: Life Impnsoment S'jrprU-M the Biddle brothers! at taott t i tra'.c! has arrived from the scene to that a coal famine U on In SL Paul;

f FRUITS &kDCOFECT1ONER1, [ r i A. D'AIemberte. J21j.. i'alafox. Frankfort. Ky. Jan. 30.-At IT35: home on Fulton street 'but bcfors day. a "_ II Minneapolis. Milwaukee, Oconomowoc;
- o'clock the Jury in the case of Jim t
tht>yV're captured Fltrg rajd wa3 tI Sheboygan ln1 other lake ports rJil
Tamp Warts: the Prince. Howard, on trial for the assassinationof "WORTH "
killed, and Edward Diddle:, who snot >LI.ays northern cities
\ Tampa VIA./ Jan. :Si\+).-The German William Go..h"l.I returned a ver I.i I | ;sufferers from catarrh:, of Ely's V..

American club! of this: city: has taker dirt of guilty against the prisoner and t him. was dangerously Wrnndad.! WaiI Cream Hilm. A trial size cosu'lu TO CURE A COLD IN TWO DlYftive
C. I i ter Do asnthir! of the '
APOSTLE'S act\ (' stv'ps to hav I'nnce Henry continue fixed his punishment at life imprison- man. sang, turn cent*. full size )) cents. Sold bv I Bromo
j: eJ state's evidence :and the two Bid I jdruzzi-it:: } or mailed bv F.Iv Y.rnr.: yuimnn removes tateeue.
his visit as far south a* Tampa: ment. .-. ... I' t: W.urovv'n 81 nature on every
j Idles! were convicts: of Kahn y's mnri V5 Warren Sreet, New York. box; I'rlcd: CIDlI.ROBBERS'STILL.
4 r" \ committee had been
: 1 appointed tc
.f 1I \0. .'r 14.J ill'1 t extend him tho invitation. The chi t To Bring Negro Back. i der and senteni to be hclnt John I i Albert Lea Minn., l I.'I

Montgomery Ala.. Jan. :30.-Adol-1:I, on tie! HO of this asocfi. and l Edward I 'j Messrs.I Ely Bros.! I "uffirrdtrNto!: AT LARGE.
: \ I: .t..urant-itanc: his :2't-: ) members: and they are all en Ia I'I
I phus Harrison, a mulatto charged :! on ttr ICth.; !but three days b flthi? j a severe cold in the toad and was 1 ; --

," ;;-le, .it 11 75II th-HUsrl- over the: proposed visit 01) with an attempt to murder a barber at .I date :st for John's evocation: ti *y i( about deid from want; : <.f sleep I No New Developments In the Branch.,

i!I the prince.i j u;"d yi/ur Cream Halm and woke "
,, West Point (:la., was arrested here | were r-2pitfl! ur.tl'j! 23;j and 27 tyOo I' uj- ville Affair. t
II I i with a clear head aJ cold ..!
I tIN':
i \ L Vanry. IMduaih. Kv., yesterday. lie will !bs taken to We..t ; \'"-rr.r :ton.. so tl-at! their case s I'I <'>ue. I would Lot rakn five: d,,ll. no now
writ-* : Ind *evere case of kid Point. I I conHt! :jfore the: pardon board at I ''TnI' r.iy bottle of C'r--aT. H..lm if 1 developments from Branchvllla

I I nay dj-,,"t.-' and three of the hetI its ,'pr.r.?: ise-tin<. I could U'Jtt anotbff.. in regard to the express robbery which

\YiNGUOP I )h'l"icI11'In >-rtuthorn Kentucky Tenderloin Desperado Killed. Tho f-ntire d..t
II I Iueae tre:it-d na withoutSUCCM*. I wa" New Orleans! Jan. O'L' -Coxey Hi ;i on ih" ens: ; but up to 10 o'clock! thrrp': I All efforts to capture the robberi

i i'I id'tced to try KHLEV'S I Kin.v..v wards, a notorious ( character was killed :! was rn clew! :as to the d'rerticn: the I H2LO FO,"? CPSME.Coroner's :: s"& mad tf) have ended when the ei i

(Jt'RK. TIe fit h..ttle :eve immedi. last night in a battle with the polJre: ciurdt errs tad taken. I --- press: company: recovered their through '

: : ..:- { . nd tl.ree battle-cured! .. In a tenderloin saloon. OScer: : Kilroy The ,',,"al' of the rMd'.es! has lp,r : Jury t i-v.st'3'ts: % Sesth c !safe: from the bottom of Edisto river. .

''I. c p-.piaauAritl.-. { I Udly "rec 'miiiftit' was wounded. j I rln"l.! V.'Erd.-n:: I'.'ter K. S.je; S. G. Fut:'<. The: b.-lia'f] is prevaleLt that the menart ''
: Japanese t !i-vondorfol Take
n-i .ih titutV.. .\. IVAlembtTt\ A Good- -Recommendation.- -- has autir.zed; : : :its !publication.! Thor.as.-: !,:, (:A., dn.. 3C.-
1'v Goods, 1:1l'd..tl"X.: ; ; ; 1'1 havr noticed that the '::ieoiChambrlaiu's :It :s the allcKat'.cn< : that! !.'.s wife isffi !:?ht has L'en thrown: CT: th i : je. v Express officials! are Mill! reticent

t -- Stomach and Liver .J::-hair' :or the fu:nIimo! : ot th; killing uf 1 S.:) G. Futeh. TL:: tra-:".;. about the Dtf.ial contents of the re-
ri-; C. ll''A TEAS, Tltbl"t.. H almost invariably to tlHN' re' .-,lr\ ('r sad aaaa to the Riddle occurred 13 r.;III a tele-- here 'I'u. eov-red bafe. Special d tef lives are

who have: once ti'-ed them," say*. vi; .1 h! or.a:':Ie-1 thvra to escai:. I day night while Putchas r-ti'ir.li.: rr:14)1 t.J to 1 be working on the case.

t'J..x St. CASTOR I IA Mr. J. H. Weber a prominent dniirjit In :' :fr.fatccth: : ;n for the hand I Lome from Tfomasville' awhet Tiw robbers knew John Reynolds! !

ate ,1,1.' Flu. For Infants and Children. of Ca"cado, I. wa. What btterrecomtiiendHtion son <". -I.r. I''ward Biddlo. it I Is! j! within half mile of bs h-rat. the cuijinoer+and tailed him Ly name.

could niiy mvdicnifliave clLth.t! she has !left her fcusbanc1 j He was shot from ambush and klU --- -- .
i The Kind You Have than for peopl:* to call for it T' A (iP.HM'K; j 1
Always Bought and i Lor lour children, and it is cup ed by parties unknown. Both co.-or.ei : ci.n.-h.; nftf-n ( Clntln.
when asain need of -uch
in a remedy IJHfor .
p,,<. d ::8 to meet the escaped: convict j and sheriff hastened to the ta.a !,. ,,1(1| sometimes "
Et n I ?: Try theta! "vlnn j-ou feel dun scent.I ... .1 1 '0 f l' .1 I reultnfej: : '"

are t.' cZ &z 'iftVr atniL'! when you have a t Ii.idfa.te at a t !lace agreed; uron.;, I The coroner's jury found that! th -u ;II -a. t-. l.j.v.- .-..'if',1 :the patient .

S:6: tiia.e ct # .' ; in your mouth, feel biliou Tb" story of the matter !is brierIrs. j deceased met till death et the: haa-L" : > ,' .1. /K' U.\-p H..NMAXn jan.r -

have no appetite.; <>r when truuhtrdivlth Diddle! was the only person admitted : of his two nephews John and Saun I's It t-u .rl N! pii.itive "', ctinn

eniK-tipiti'-ii, and y"u ane.r- to the ;ail since last Sunday. Yesterday I ders Sauls and reeo-aniended that -'...'i'i-v lr'a'lr rlnuo i a iifi.uav pr and. ,
\. 4
1 Q in Parlor tau: to lr-deliji.tfd; with the promptulM : afternoon she t foiled them dur I they be tried the one as pnc'-ipal r,'.+ '.. 1::!1 :S.lK.bf-: : .
i\tifT\\ \lr which tht'aj'.lr(), Far all: e an<
MlLManrf i Bedroom h all Jtuists and -J.cine detlei ins the warden's ab.-ance. i' the other as arct:130fY to tie i! deed.
} Lat evening sue retired at foV : Trail! or the! rutn ha"n arn alut Six Million Boxes a Year.In .
Furniture + Mara- *.
(V !er'k.ter told her hustiand she waspo.na : and ;;.:.- now Io.>ed in jail:! ir-re.
ton $ Finch's. c71i8'Y'ORIIs.Beare : : 1895 none; in 1900, 6oooccJ'Loxes :
: :: to'ist: a sister! at Mi Donald
th TtB! Kd tJ:, Hale A MY3 B. ; ; that's Cascarets Candy Cathartic 7
a:1that she would retire: early so that
The lest cooking slaves 3gtatu'-e: // she could pet an early start. jump into popularity. The
clffT-& I Dr.C. J. B Eihp"I people have cast their verdict.
of w.flick Best
with nit ncwswry utensilscan War I I"a"I hive used FOLEV'SHoxtvM medicine for the bowels in the
be bought the }it\"ilUs l until after 12 o'clock. He retired tc TAK in tLrce world. ,
from Coal scuttles, grates, .shovels \ very +"Vh1'4'(:* All!! drug sts, ice.Halnun ;
his room which is separated fro I j -/f pneutno'iii with sr; ')o'1 rualt! in : ,
Hardwire Co. ----
at reI tiling, etc., at the f Willis i, Mrs. :c! :l's. shortly! before 1 o'clock i "n ry c..;;!'." }Kt-ware i'llh.ftutfo a.1 1 -- --

a 'teimr Bras. I l'na'kabliJ low prices. Hardware Co's. : When he awoke this morning he ask 1 W. A. D'Aiembertt, 121 S. Palatox. are ui LJ-&LSJUO.*: from.tie!the certa.o ortkern curt flfr Rood eot ii*.


t -- .............. ""--u-.'. _' _. .. _.. '. >

-. .

-. AI ._ _._ J -4 zt. 4I IIR "''''..'I .




\ I mE DAILY NEWS : TILE QUARANTINE i ii iI For The Children No Discovery It Dazzle in The medicine World has excitement ever-

of the
created: one quarter
I BBMred at tbe Pot OCce at Pecsacota, i I caused by Dr.
j that has heen
1 I fU. II meoond-cl matter I IOfnoi i To Keep Their Digestion Perfect Y oth- King's New Discovery for Con umprion. The Equitable

Pala-I COmllTTEEI It's ;;evere-t tests have: been
: Pitt Building,211K Both K is So Safe a:d Pleasant as
I On-umptiou{ :
;: 1= Ilreet.UpitelreI 1 on hopeless victims of j i
I I i Stuart's Dyspepsia Tallets. j Pneumonia Hernorrhaze, Pleurisy
PUHLltHtO BY I and Bronchitis, thousands of whom |
Thousand men and women i health.
t THE NEWS PUBLISHES CO. i livery member of the! general'' have foundtU.1rt'; Dy"pep-iu Tab-1 it For has Coughs restored, Colds to, Asthma.pertect Croup ,I LIEEASSUBAN'OESOCIKTli

In Advance.si CI trlntiue: iave-ti!;atin;? committee lets the -tb.-t and mo-t real\ \blp.! Hay Fever, Hoarseness and "'hoopin I
t the membiir-s! of the Brick- preparation-for any form of mlli- Cough it i-s the quiekc.-t, ?ure-t i i Ot the United States.
I' Tear by Mm; ...._.. .m. .. ... _.*5'ilxHoatbi )/) except etion ortonnc!' trouble W.
... s M l.yer-'atid }'!teiers' Union committee ; cure in the world. It i; ?old by .
!!tree Month .. Ia. Thoisan'l-of p I4- who are not D'Alemberte who gnarant'esat, ., --- --- -
0.1 Mooth" .. 5"OB waspre-entat it- flr-t meet- -bk, but are weil add! wib to keep i refunds the mcnjyLarjre

I Week.,by Carrier, payable MoaJm V itiij Commerce held Ut uiht;room.at toe Capt.Chamberof :0'. C. bottles isfaction bottles free.or We and fl.'Hi. Trial Preliminary' Statfmerit.)t iJ.lip: hi.I I'Jt'l I '

C'ibb chairman of the Chamber of

I f auiiii devrryuII1IY! B:|juniper year Commerce canimitiee, called the 4 R of R"Sular K-cambia; communication Lod-'e No. 15; Outstanding Assurance S1,1 i o.ooo (u-i'

1.1 1 meeting to order, and Hon. \\'. A. tf/VA-F. ""fc .\. jl., at '7 :,']) ". m.
.. Income
i Urtrtis/ng Rates Furnnned on..",,,,,,, Hlount pre-iaeut of the Chamber! '.U'X* Monday I"'eb.3I. Viiiti _. 03 ooo.o-- I

i .. Commerce, uiiauimou-ly cho-en! lug i; brethr n\V.invited.IlAKKY UnmV. ,:. ';New, Assurance issued .. 240.000 (oi I .

Chas.. Choate.ee-
Men'Jliiness \ D'C. KESLEK.,1. >ec. i Assets 330.00 o-.i.. J
ataryoftheYouu !.
Assurance Fund and all other
and K
League; was chosen as stcrtary -

I ; TELEPHONE' NO. 118. Le-lie E. Brook a- a-i.:ant secretary Jien't IF BANNER piles SALVE !: liabilities... .. .. .. 260.000,000
to make a steuojjraj.hic record cure your your money
ill be returned It is the most : Surplus
.. 70.000.000
PENSAOOLA JAN 31 1902. of the proceedings. I MHt 'ilinsrinedieine.. A. D'Alem- j i .

: The -f-cretary real a I letter from y rte, 121 Mouth 1'alafox. j iA !'u' "tal''Mil In r Mse over he praviouyaar; i11.'n \

EVERY Inhabitant of Florida regardle Dr. Whiting; Hiri5; local repreentative f0'e'gOlllg: Items.

I uf personal acquaintance. of the U. rj. Marine 1I0.-pi- 1% They Work While You Sleep.
-' JAMES: ALEXAXDKFi: I'r'-I! :.
ill I
talervice stating in rej>on-e to the ,
will sympathize with Congressman While mind and Cas-
of ti6 committee that he your body rest JAMES! H. HYDE. V-: -iV-iJ.n:.
Jlobt. \V. Davis of Putnam countyin rtqu6.st irets Candy Cathartic repair
appear to give evidence, that he did j your
the irreparable loss of hN e-tima- not feel authorized to di-clo-e facts I'j igestion, your liver, your bowels, KNDTffLES BRDB. Gen. Agents

ble and beloved wife. and correspoudencfl in possession: i iby ut them in perfect order. Genuine ,
---..---- of hi- alive, without the .I'9: :-'. P.il.f..xIr !
reason j iblets stamped C. C. C. Never sold "E\\'oL.\: > FLA.Casualty .

FI.ltRIlI.ha" l lo-t another of it-, con-ent of the :- 'lr 'eou-tfeneral, and J I ibulk. Ail druggist IDC.
that the letter of time committee re- j
citizen-, Jude Thos. F. -- -
i pioneer que-tir. him to Jo ".) had been referred :
well take :tuart'ThIIICNI .
.. }Cain, "! O.I lie.,vilh', who-tr lon; and to that otlk-ial for in,truction to iu-ure: perfectavoid i :Medical Society, ...tI IUlon.

; honorable career will endear his *. trouble. There will be!: a regular raeetina! '>f Maryland CompanyOF

:,' memory to the elJer contingent of l r. II. C. \Vhif, port physician, B it it is i riot generally known th'lt I: tie Fensaccla Medical :'OCiH111-
was pres-nt in compiiiuce! with the the 1'ablatnre ju-t "a' Rood and i :he Hoard of Health "ffiCAat ..
I its surviving population.Itivm reque-t of toe committee. :and was; wholesome: for little folks a, for i i /'c (lck p. ai. 'rue; !dy. F."h. 11 aridi- BALTIMORE.

r"f}1I"-tf'.1, to fu rll "h information their elder! I V.I tin;; physicians: : are cordiajlv!
the president and the scre- the detention of the
concerning Little children who are pale, thin \i .Dv .ed toatteuj. JOHN T. STONE Pr 5idcnt
tary uf war have pronounced in fa- steam-hip A'.luntiau and in re- and have no appetite .,r do not :; OR. E. F. IJr.n-p: ,

star of 11... hill for the reorganization -poii-w tatfd that. h.H p"-itiau was ITIIIII' thrive.-i! uld u=e the! tab : President.'Du. .
snuii'ir to teat it Dr. Harris; aii'J letaff. \\'. C. DEw'BEKYn'6ttf ,
\IIlllti It provides for iutrul'tlltll -r rant!, and will derivejjreat ,
of i.
that he must decline t-) uu-\ver anvqu."tl"ns -. Capital S 750,000
; heti J'r'lJl them. Seer.tarIf .
ill Jlllllltll'nl'tmpmeDt at ion trIlls
: : with>ut the permi-- MrJ.. H. Cr..tlry.\\'ahing

the expense of the general( jjoveruineiit. -uperinrofIIcrrotWith. =taed- ton street. Hn }'lk..u. New Jcr.aey, you need a lock repaired, a key Surplus and Reservefor
ii>K hi< refuai.! Dr.1dt.. anwereda writes : "Stu.>Dysp-p-iaTablets Sited aafe or tI nllk "pi n-'.'.j. call

: number of questions propoundedby jn-t fill tbabill f.rciuldreu" well up Uruce, l'Jnllr'.l! : .lI >.
"l,l Wfc dc 1 IK if Mr. t'.ryuu for txsmt1.WOLM .-, the chairman tI' d by JuJe Jo'). tor lier f'.lks. I've hid the best of n- -- - -- Policy-holders 82,250,000

} -tj> I fully eurn."d. r to eke Mar '- C. A.r'ud Mr. \Vm. Fisher.member luck with them. My threeyearoldurirl i You will have pride in you own

,I, and Idud.ruaar, a "r mil!Iraiiersliip ohvtrful ,-i-u-oj-rt.Uon or die party of the: born reque-tetl- of the by committee the chair! who to assHt hail. '' :I nave tI1I--...nl1,1"tlll'lII! as iytable't readily; -'as and candy.-!hr.drop :! own flower ground.garden Your if they husband are!on can your bay \\rr\ tesJest\ Personal' Aeiiileal airl \lliiillli\ ; \ \\

>..lIm-l.." tuna itirt Kill fatno completeuuiuti in the examination of \vitne<..sps, all |>-ever/tiiin. : ;'; else and runs for a home, and he can do it now, although -
"I tb. | arty nod no obu'ictof .uc1IIJ of whii'h piuceeditlw'r taken them. he may think: otherwise.Kvery .

etna In iii- ei 'ctum.-Mobile! Krgisier.!: down -hortliand: by the a--i-tiiut A Hulf ilmn nVr. -lion time ::12'11. woman want a home of her

| lj 9J'h{ -tumid unity and concord in secretary.1'hu ex.r.iinati' of Dr. White who -pire.dof of the life of :her b the. own and if she will have a talk with the Policies Otr e(111IC( Pali.T ;
C. Watson Co.
the democratic party depend upon waso delighted; with the reultsfrom ,
;1t consumed the tmi" of the committee

f I'' the personal whim of any one man' throughout its sty-ton. and aftt'r.Irrall.ill that -h givlri<- went the before child the these tahlet- can leadmsr.. show Heal her Fate how Aantthey: it i is to get I :I
nary public -
for theetidina of tele-
of re-tJ :
,J If the s-ir'Ui the times are gratilto Dr. Porter and Senator of Erie Ci>.. X. Y :and ma ie the 1, ,)n.o.
aright the party' absolute domin- following ali lavit :
the chairman, the
Mallory by committee
(ientlemeiituurt's Liberal Coinmi nwill li. I't'o\!
ation by individuul will never DyspepsiaTablets i w oin
u any adjourned subject t<> the call T I
were unme-nJp'd .
again be tolerated. The experience of the chairman. Tilt telegrams, for two-months-old rec biby, which to nv ; r'----' l..1.IFI II Fur further particular?, call on or addreH. -*,
gathered from Micceirive disastrous rent last I mph follow : wa- "ick aud and the'dnctor. i
puny ; ;
experimeutin that line of "PE\SM'tLA. J all. :at). 's lid she was *.uil :
policy has been ntlicient! to condemn "Dr. J. 1'. Porter. Key \Vest. 1'1" tion. I took the child to the ho--
"Dr. White willing to produce piul. but there found no relief.! A I'KX"; .UOLA Fl.A |

it f->revtr.Ftti'K beforecommittee iuve-tiatiug i ; 1\llr.\ friend mentioned the S'aart'Tab IFI; VA1FNTINF f lit' P. S.-The'*" Agencies; will be establi-hed .t" so"u a- ;.. --. :, r

: senatorial nondescripts occupy antine ureteralltelraniandcor: lets and I procured a box from my I! !i January lt. lien! ::'.
I dru.' ri-t i
rer-potidence to and from you and himrrlatin ; and u-ed only th" large . .
the drnureratleide KB M -* -
places on ; to Atl-iuti in if )' )\1 permit. .t-t luzenxein; the box and l was )1'
of the chamber, but not by right of Pleotwirt: {.erni--lou. delighted to find they were ju-t the I I .m : 1.\1) t",Ol.l) fOK ('..1811.CP :0;:;.".. I\CIM I* \I ,.'\n;-. is:: -

affiliation. 'Iheir nameand the -\\" A. 15l.-M.NT, .tiling t-'r my ba l>)'. i feel j-.-tidedin \ want timhF-r land and uinim-i I The prettiest launch i- t'p I';.. I;; I

It several stages through which they "Chairman." --.ij-in that Stuart's Dyrpep-ia. ( ) AXD E:j proved land in large: tracts, with L.iunci.! 1 le; foot 01.1'-II. P.. el' t'j I
-aved .
"I'EXSAi"OLA. Jan. :;tJ. :nv child'Iif.! i! good tillible -"til. to ell for ca have reached their present ditinctiou "Hon. S. I:.Mailory! tt bmgiun, h. C. MiteV'.1'. DKTHI.OI-E. !| 1I \ nandlucl.': lindexi'luively! ithe ..n'" adopted by III. I'w11 -
t reflectively, follow'Punter | Su'o-cribej aidwuru t" hetor" methis : with l i ian t
h 'plea-t" procure and forward at i ( nun! solicit curre-'Kindeiii-e j Evp o-itou! in Uutfal" becai.they
of 11'aehrtonRepublicanilvt r once all correspondence between Hr.I p.\h day of April. iv.)7.! II owner*. arH the be-t. in 1 ilKXRVKAKISXotarv 1 A. L. V\X P\TTEV & fit.. I any: Other ; they rein.. ''" -.
; republican, fu-i-m republican populi.t I Wyman and Dr. Porter rd sting to ;
Atlantian. Meantime have \\\111111 Public! / in aim for Erie L'o.. GARNLVL If 4'I'' li-iwen .\HIIUI-. C.'iii'.V'i.! III. j jo wllfth'Ir..., and full i r uLippnrifi r
i I. rl11'erdenucrat; ; McLaunuof XY. i\j\
lII..trlll't'hi tll produce ltfre in- e-'Kf i Urothers MI* i i r I. late
fi-uth Carolina-Democrat, republican ve-tUMtin coir.mite all correpondenee -- Fm b-abies, no matter how youi.,' ) ai:rut* fr' m the tn.u .

; Harrit Kau-asf-De::iocrat. in :iiD.inl: -. or delicate, tie! tablet- will ;accomp I .A. si1 on. i .A. and ; \' a-tort\ of th -' >

populist.liver Ut-mncrat ; Teller ...fC..I.radllltlluhl1call. "\\'. lli.orvr, \lish w.iu'Jers and in itu-re! t-i II g. tl '''Ii, ap-,. f 11; fps; Bear the A l'e '.'i i"J Et,? i'zo? e::: f time : -upl+ ft.. 21 f' '.
pttite growth. Us
o'ly '
I II lad to bihipp..d .it >
-liver repub 'l''hairmaii.1Tlie lir;;e -wept tabletin eveiv hux 1 Sga: tae yl U7 I II t.itice .
Lrilllcl\.t-nt.J..r s
It isome- Full; sized box-s ire I by all! fJruu'jrists : fir (
1 icali.-llvtrdtln0irat.: .. tr .'
(; il'\ *. I 111;: to purchase.
; for IX)) CI'Dta min ureutshould !11'
'what ditllcult t<> tell where they are Lll'I'MAN: Hi:<>4 -
This can b" I\'ojd..tt by taking neglect: tltfu-f' of r'. !- ,,:af'rf'ult'.h' rrm repair ?" ;; ,:in te- 'toilyr Illlltf S.IVi'n
at" Jiir-t now but it H ?aft to pre.diet tcuipuoiiftil: doeof 1'ainkiller in fi-r all -toiltch and bnwltroubles I Y II. Er'-:- '. jt\-! J.I I : : ;

that w lien their prer-tut term- hot water: sweetened, as well as !by if the child is ailing in any rte m.INIII ''
\, expire they will! te, found "at home." external applications, full G Gj
ire on each bottle .\ bottle of the tion.rtuart's. I IHi) II Ininhcurc ut l'm1tI, .
'1u I: Mnutiwill confirm lit" trevy with Painkiller the hou-e will Tablets I
kept in Dyspepsia: !j'\\ .
I it the'il\\ ; "
l><-nmitik 1,1'Mi-i ,I. U.-.It Hit- island* tu prove valuable not only for the been known for years a I" th be.' Al ill prices \ / j 1
watch the mouth uf tlifiiinaliyet llItll"II' (lope", but for the ordinary coughs preparation: for all\.tint eel tr'tiblewhtther I' ll.'tll'C ('/.. j :

|)rcM'.ii"'ii .nil holiNtfuui tli tt the I..ud and CHlds. \voidubstitutef.thereis in aduks or tufantt -. .* !I I

Imrltirr iiiust nn\" a iruvidrd "n Ihc o.niUlifiitalmli should Price i"c-. std :-V'1-: ,, :\ )rtCI. 0) i(j! h1 I ".- .. ...t'ii._ _;,

i,,' the ti-i iiiiiiuol H mint hup of toad and i OOE'S I I >hcmost haingeafvoIt! (4'
All ill !t. b'i d o :! firm ofHeinb
persons i" .
,ye llt'IH tt. \,. "ll"1lIlh. ,' setae of pro-prc- TUICWI OW t'It:.' .
'. 1' S J II
'reRro..kCnar "' \ m.t'lle !-
( [
I tl"-(-Priit.. ill-." \\ hV iiiiut that contlbkllllll t (
Co.\\11 CO'CEI:1 ( .1topHV aid! .tin-nuto iiit mil- i ;; 1fr TIle
till''* I.l : I'll (tie Ulltll'TM COHMot r except the nti'ler-i/neil. and .11!! p> r- 1 i i I.' 4 ; Hupp)1 M[!) I to'furnishedhome.{ "- :t i
V'lurulH. \\ < iirc.l Midi a iiai bar U'dny riI J
That Pen":ac' l.i is full of mu-ic- -iii- owii'ai'.l; !firm 'IK'i t- : ) -
1I10rt'lhllu\\.n..t"d"lIllI.. Idar.vN on tiltniupltt .='... -..-_ ....-_ ..,,_-_ ..,.-- ...-_,ro '
call till .' !
it pp-mptly :
lovers evinced by the lane sale of toytore p iysRiii" -- -" -" I II
4-T iinpt.rttibfi* nuld Hi-'iy! tin .
I l'on.trUdluU an art.niat ImilHir nirtberv r 51' It.. ut Coe f-.r to-morrow night's; Ij j II!::: A-'if.ii". :. --.. : 'I'ty Pi 111'11 can /,// / I

r ..t>* that' "I'.ly ileuiitiHlwl mipruv- The Paul J' Orchestra ::7mr irifh ; / Iiot'lfejllrllisltill2''i
Ii citucert. ues -- --- -- --- (ill //PI'' (" in / f
."'> m..III.-JkL..uunl; ,- linn- I'oinn anti I 1 OPERA HOUSE
I', \'IIIII'U. directed by the talentedyontigonof A Curl For Lumbag-j. at r

',:1 I ; Jl latui. It-minus tie! E".t e"a"i t the Deep Wat"r City, deserves; \\'..C..VHiaH1""u.ofndlP". : : -t. Va.iays i'oc! est prices, casli or crL. 7i
the house : .I..r more than a I *ufftrel -
to yr
toO patrotiizad open
i t r.Ulrrad.: liud-locked :and of ample '.- i kno ( friar lum.I! ,!'.. I fin-tlly t. it',1 i ii Ir[a (fillnt l f xtr&ar+inary i I
utmo-t ( e.-ipacity.* it n to' ... "
area t is the teal location of th<. i Chamberlain's Pain Da'tn and i it More Than One: _Q;; ( 1110)1.t'Pr111

j' harbor IIf the Southtlan: beone.if theouth's best musical !gay; me ..UI Ire rel::..wi.icn: a'lotlnrlemelir I ONE XKJHT ONLY: 1 i __
t-tratfjiii' att-actioa*. I 1I \l C, V lll'-ltlp-on't :No II 't"
-- h id i.u1! d to rto. riolJ, ball ) !I- ,''I':: 'r: It ((1 .1.I1i'
: tio I'oa-t. .111,1! he work of deepen Iii N' w Origan, the! home of fraud I, 1'.tinr.a.
; If' I
: Jru' : itami\ n.e iii-ine d< 'tier- Saturday February 1.MR..dNES' 1'I 1'\. : e : :
I. Jut: it rannot !II" tooon com- opera and the centre of southern! r.-ide-! .u.ttllhnl l 1 I' .- '

111l'III't'd by the ;general government mu-ical talent, l'dul JnfPS' Orchef- 1 :OtIl ( 'eltlll'V: 'j i \1' ry we h ve.. in in.-: #
Ii 'f.. .: 1'..r.a.'..la \ ." iof tl!:.. opinion tr.I created mu-ic a critics furure...f tlie The Xe-v overcritical Or-- >&. <. : :, le tiulr.illt.: (.;; \.l"i"-Royal!to Cry-Mi mutch, Woud:

tliHt lircnuse "tliim-ke\en u( for fortsdyerouuly lwin: prt-ss hate! had nothing: but ,. .. J ] [ Hurd', Jiolhtnd Iln'I il.

.1 ki-liOHl iNiuilN uf till Hate are re- th" hi:rLi.t pr I 1-i': for the "'rchrtra; in I expr; <--- -urprjap: lit the L ,!IiI's'rt :M tl.mery.Foreurt .
Ia'rh.\1 by tttr 'tii'f ,-rlDtenUeut if in which! Pencoh "''ill have theprivil !iii-t'lerat"! price-. 'Pl i' is tnI't Mail. .:tc. ,
debt to lli total aiiuiuul <>t fiTii.'!:*.::.T, a' l of he.riii tom rrow ni.'iit.His n H -.'(- "if our-u'ie--. \\Vjfiveh'ter ArtitMaterial I (if ,

I'j larger n-\euue fur H'luiul pose-, would concerti re alway* I ugly; at- : ; IW I M Famous fun-l I rtll.i more rf |It. plieMein r bur \*> regnnled ax c.t1 irii;ty." ll<>.. did te.ided in New Orleanand it is to li ; rve jmure ,hl'lIIud Ail ii'-w aii'J tirifit.

tbe.>- ,,-h, ut board. incur-uchnnen drb12unply! 1-y o..n.11111 more moneyIbnn not be If-is enta-ii-tie.! .t-irnit in tfir- ei'y.Pearl .
", ,.. ri-fei\tt froiti I..\-.. sloth .*\..ry Tlir-iugh the ejrt* "f Mr. :-'. .\. ,..' Mandolin ''GHI .tR'Iitit
our mi'. nitiiit nre nun mllUieutly burdrpKome. CuMilicn and Mr. Cue the c.tmin. ? rf ((1r111v1iUUUJ I'horP 1.1 (IMI III I

II Iliey "' l-i to pny orT tbeirOrM the orchestra ani their leader has : ;4, '\t, ( Banjo and Cuitar "
lei 11.fill Mllmil Ibe tUe.lum tn Hie been made po--ibl'; +. Xo one houl.i! : & Nicolau, tare al.Jlal'son 15' 1 "'
.l.. but do mi-s hpariug performance! ; extraordinary /' ( 'i' "
prrplr .f i--uin bun tint bays: 4 Orchestra. ;!j.; ""*. P.tlafnx'-t. fare the loiccst.hen .
ahem for opportunity to further burUatli and tickets should be f. _.__ _u_ .

I p t>|>li wiilirut n Mte upon the nu"'- r-ecared at "ICf' :i E Prices: 25, :50, 15c: and 81. \\ Your .lulnf* art' *>' "
: liaitieU ille Mill. : IIIK CI.ITIKU: :tH'-'"' II'H'-K:
tlOU.- AND ..
...,., ..
- --- -
line of ind
i A boudea debt would involve! in- The sterling *< orn"r"t-: I your muscle sore ?rrh
!.)-.d- and silver novelties i ito be I z. t6. Miiniti-m, when y- jpr.iI.1 -.
; cn-aseil taxation for inteie alltlinkiul f'IaudatJ. I. "; tephenPrices to1: .:;; I I \VE AI'.E OFFERING EXTRA jointtrait. vbrui'e '- .r .

l ;; fund. Eveno, :a rt.idju-t- plea-e all. V 1\\ t"T.1..1t i r;( 1 INDCC'EMENi-I ) p ntCHAsEKs I yourself. 1'ai'ik! w
. - n Monday February 3. OF '
I D1'1I.r lhuli"I1wl'uld equalize, la.'t out t : ore.Dml lit -
..' ic I
iucreae, the tax burden. Blown to A'omj. "'t;.1, .. a j'lly Always liav i I'W ..
rather than / ,
I fotttax couimi-wioti could not The old idea that the body ;omd- i ."I ,. ;; Tltf; Bid HflSIial Cm: v, PIANOSBEFORE I and! u-e it freely. Av ,1- ,-
A '
t times needs a >wt-rrui. drains, i l THE: HOLIDAY RUSH.They th"f .Ibut orje Par .
p- pur- AT THE t'
R' t'lI1cl''itw the work of each county native pill La* been explujfil( ; fur )!...t m. Davi.. Price Oc. ai. I f
Where the have over three car-load of i iXew ,
,t y@ee--rrevery three or five year*. Dr. KhlNew Life, Pillwhich '; + *
i'prizht P'ann8 to Deject from. I m *
aseueuts as are perfectly harm"--. gentlytitnu 1 t'r Cure
could equalize
, l l'ut GEMMook ThA Old Favorite"KRAXICH & \ ley's Kidney
late liver and b-'wel-: .i expel poi ....., ,
. Ii i etiieen the several clll1ntll'thlhj' "ououtuattr. cleanse tie -' -tpln I I Laugh Comes In!I BACH." "L
curing an evil that i U much more tiui absolutely our-- ("-C-ni-tiputioa '.,I Pianos are hewn in profu"ion-all ]:i

l / Srieou than any mere loe.il 111iquality and rick He.diche. Only L'Jc! at .ci' Store. t. *tyles and wood toelect fr<-m. In I I i I.
: Players they have he Fatrnus I I
k valuation. W. A D'Aleuaberte's diug! m i.. :,.;i NEW0X1..!- : CROWN "PIANO and 't\il LUs: Mobile Oysters
. 0 ,
Iii I J .. 'f' SEW DAN( KNEW ORCHESTRAL, a whole orche"t.a .
KK.NTKU.Carnh : [ ; I
.l UK '
lt .
i ,
'I at the commauJ of :HI\"flIlfo-no' LKMVKKFI': '" >
f ,
I' --- L 'Ml'- .
I > ..
No Gripe Pain knowledge : rnu-ic required. An i i r\la'll' Hi r. .
.l *tutor* in velvet, silk.jatin ". '
xi\\ PEl'I.\LTIE" !
f i C. JOHNS >
wV R. R; exhihiti'jtivery dr.1"0 the: UIT.
other PINE PIt.
(. and and other Or .1- :. fir* ; irr.'a'in nt'll'! :n- ; C -l"hratd "A;,'iii.; >" ,and '-('-ciliun":
i jria-k-. fal-e noses, wisrs! It'e- "! .' .. .- ;>:.':..; .. :! -ri iSiHood's pi ino PI")'",.=. All' of ttplh ive m4trnm"iita [

; E.hair )gaud-Nord-trotn'. will be* store fur rent and at lire Mrs.I I. :Lt.: c.' e.: ':. :J:1 :'.li tare :;.. I'roprte'ur. f..,,:'; A ;urn i are f f'r:r t 111 BlK'! I Ii w;; o- -"II..n\ I t'-hr puy-. THE UNION; RESTAURIIjr |

I l1t'utif deir4 Call f .
early r
E Inten-
\.11 i-;
m.kw"t..rp.al IPBJ Frank L. Wilde
i' : itenfla-.1- 't. sear P.iUfox. o 1.j;.'.; '__'" -_ ... .'....d._.'_..._......_f. .'i fi -' "hoicP.TH' .
.- -w : -'. ; ,. ., ,,,::.i.t: PP.- : ,. :!i ". : 7i'. CLUTTER! VUSIC HJUE.F Proprietor. Oppo5''e; L'

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t,. <_;- h f tJt .. W"\ -- _. ..,.....
.1: .; .;:P.o' ';"'''-';: : ;_--s: : ;;\.:: -'!: or ., : : .tB of: ,'!

L-- ,-, -:- --< ..-. .,.. _. ,. -'" ... .' ..,.r.-- <. --,. .- .H__ _'_ -. J r .. _. -,-, ." ___ ., 1 .


-- !

ThccOdcsi; and Best. COLLISION OF BOATS !I ,.it.,. j TROLLEY CAR'SiLD DASH. 14'

\\fJ ; I '- Tge Best-
Awsy en 'Incline and
iMir.l-"iiti-; ('f roots ': rtnil'eCon.,>1Syrup::; curb Cuu4h Jumped

s ,"s "> l'". Ti.it c.r\ itiup.' ; ...,v.-.rs, IN BIG SNOWSTORM'/ o: I< ->d' at on, \ CoGI'! e: t';'uul i I Ih Over 40-Foot( Embankment Tint's Pillswill I

: \ HIM tlie iiiui.ilimr : : \\ \;:;i -Cou-u;; o-'J .Jo-It.-C: ) ," ,h '! I'rt.-lan-g.; ..'an. :;'\Vilme-rding! hill
I :" K :! n -_ \/'i: Lt".iil.\ II l Ul riii'hers jirajbO it.'w 1 a.- this! : morning the scene of the t
.1.1 rm.\'s :) rttnntr:
.'t '\ : Railroad II> .etui-" ? prisr.1! < i, >f"r B.-OI : I' thI,1; l the from iU/9i8
Tug Plows Into i-uitits traction ear ar-cult-nt within 1. save dyspeptic many | *
tae: 1.11\1\1. w'tl'ut a
..1' !! :.1 II i !.' -", (a., Piit niiiuina andt.aam hvUl5. the result ot days of misery, an j enable; him to cat ey
icy rails.
.l --1';: .. i" h..rr.i tote svbU-m. Kor.h: ; 1 i7er ( ,, pfl! a. (f' ; E.;. re renits.p : whatever he \\Isbi. They present \
.' _Tthe general heath! Ferryboat.A ii -,,_, 0-, p t '.1.1 '. e.tr No. 6"3, ot the Piltsburg, '.!c-
And the Best
l' ,' ; vc from the first dose, ;* -- i 11 I:, '.' >it and Connellsulle! Tractiot SICK HEADACHE, i i Liquor

,t.:' ._''\ ,ti-nlya' Mixd purifier, GREAT PANIC RESULTED' !1 :b ft 1' Ian; lan away on the stt-p incline cause the food to assimilate! and nour- 'I of all kinds served by '!

,'t -it :. iiic and strength- t Ltl8:1: ._4A ... f-tJ i aud nimped over a 30-foot embank: isb the body, give keen appetite, I Polite and Courteous ;;

-3 I. the c"i >litulion | lHlt!! i I Atteudauta.: j jI I
'I t Twelve Women Fainted. Burin the COUGH SYF'UPAlways I ..f
t'v 1 11,1\1! 1 of impuri- :] I lltney Shanow motorman, William '

,'' 4 :\:1:! diseases: of aU't.'r. Excitement, but No Fatal.ties En cures: v.hcn ethers fail.! Sha'e.'! conductor, and Thomas King, coated.end solid muscle.-- Elegantly sugar j FULL MEASURE AND

::-. \.':!! Scrofula sued-Four Inches cf Snow RepcrtecIn Ur 't'ail s I'JI> cure; :. nb2tion. ru pills! 10., : the; ,only passenger, escape death by I('I Take No Substitute. fiNE CUILITY.- .

:.. L'1'! \.-:> anal! i junk,; iag from the car. All were pain-
:: i'-.oriasis Salt New Vcrk City. I RM SOI\1 "'iOINOT: PA10. Hilly, but not seriously, injured. ThE i = = -= -- DA.NNHEISSER BROS.

M''. Miri'.ir: trouljlcs.i NI-W York Jan. 30. car was almost completely demolished :i The man who owns his own r.OUleI ,
; -Tho .1'rsl'y; : I -- insures himself AdKXT-: J.>.'I-; TIn: CKLKKKATKD
i ,.- -: 1 the! only Central railroad! Believed Cardits; Hwe eecn Frightsn -- -- [I against! lots; of

: --n.iik-disease: : into Jeriy Imat wani! j i ed Off By Turkish Soldiers. Don't Live Together. ( trouble and worry. Nobody can I.1: '
i by a raihoad : rper
tui; in the North i I raie his rent and the rent day haho \
: j i.i..m.: ilvtr i during a snowstorm today. There I Washington: Jan. ::0.-: l'nl,, .,S Miss 1' J Con..ivUion| and health never potoeth terrors for him. It's to own All
l :Main Ht> Patafoxtreex
S. .
: "-. :i.! > ti '.t"l.lf: c! !iI |I Were( !lion.. passengers on Ih,. tt-iry boat Stone's: captor; hoer! Rbapi'imed' lier, ;' r. Ji>Witt's Little EarlyIieer a home nnw-a-days. TllOS. C \I- :
i J H. K. Kxehaiiire: Union
,ir > "! \1 11 !' .' ]proud | of ilfhpairiru. 1 ti! !b., 'i I-! ,' a''e'! Opn. Depot
I which about lo*' were women j I tn .t'; !'y Mir t'rentier < promote Pay action of the Watson & Co. can: tell you how 1*. O. Hox I. nsucol.i: Kia.
: \,,-,- }l' '11, : .r Unlay I The I hr to tin- at: ",h \i'! bowU 1 e.-i-y it i i". lJ.illlllld see them
Central "
found! it very ncavy /!:\tIng J :II t halt'6r without ili-trrs;. 1 have l'hollci' I1ti-2C,,
: :: .. l' .: ;',Iutm'6y I in the :storm and was fcoliuK! hi-i |, ",'\1: u ;. ;;.:; to raaM.I.! j mi. i.-. ;. n?11: been trcitiltlcil with co-tiveiiHr-s nine 1

Il.r 1 m : .:l *."imsAH'- J way slowly out in nlilstrram1'hr I yet ;i! 1 1:1., rty. i t years; ," ; iy.J.. O. (Jreenc, Jepanw. I I
t't :n r in U,. i| about, of I I i Ii! i is qnito: rertiin that,: I h. '. I I i'ul. "I have: tried iii.iny remedies: ;;,
a quarter a m.V! out of ln-r rah otn '
'1 'mot writeI but Little: Ki-crs A. Nt AVERY
Kurly: l-e-t
slip at Communiriy the f money has nor be-a paM! tlnvi.t am'j rive riiilt --
: "
| < : ry crash .
I 'I : : i flea ;;' ascents 1 I1argj.! I'h"rmOl C)", Juhnhr'I'JIlr.l. ,
: ,1.tit'B!; into one of the henry tuns: ot tin: I r.f'rl't',1 to li.ivi. om i i :': Si.lney 1 1\1111I.
s and Ohhha'jll i' pi-1'\ f I; ]I.t tt.uchith i lie: !'nsamis; ($Vculaortoswtt Q PFooi/UO
in tow a i'y 1 1
: ;: : \ h.i\i: + ue n fr''':',t-'' I I1.0 IMi'OKTER AND
. float it off JOBBER OFIiarc1ware1
: .. :t 'f.'li !t i I carrying a (!o/oti {untied frdghl''la'v I by tin Sit tit" tithe ivintcrwituls-
, '., 1'ars. Heo| v tln Central omkt lr't.r ._ ai.'iio Oi Tin-! 'I ruMius! Ii
| tl.'i+ !. 'IL i hhorhooii Get rrrtuinrlonrlrss and
I.In- d ::
'I ; ;: 11l'III1W"I' tlu- lug had l tor;;. d i it.waj .- :" : ti> <-

1 I.IV; I, tluoii-li:; iln lisiit; \\oad''othaI| : ("Ii. Ui'Villllfn'S H'lUlrCi; ill!! lii.' ; | plI1 i''mfhe Willis Hard' I ,t .
ai.! ..I I.' it, but ..
('U"\':; the laili<>s' cabin .d.,1 l the !it 1 lIon +!ira,? ill: '. I
uh.: ; "o.a
r WUUI !' ware [ron, Nails, Ales: Bhorela Saw Mill aud Htoamboat
tll"n Har-plies, Cook In,
: \(
ont iii-iie| I 111 illliytlier il.l.; ,
were panic :>tIM'''M" 'II. :tuiii I
u. tic ;l'inllwp! I and Heating: Stores Paint. UiU and WIndow Oiang.
: ::1 it 'J heir shrieks, tom'i.nol: : ) uith tlu hji'.Ii!n'! I 1)u b.i. n. I -

"" : \.01.,: crai-Mini:; wand of t'n-!' ---- i Agatl3 and Tinware and Ilousciuruishliig OOud&
,'"' .1.-' lni.ii.iuK: tim' .
1. t..j.. ii.., '' ',.. I!,. Lael s. qnicMy brnu;:lu :a niiMln!: !l' of thimeu I American Palace Car Company. !BEST FOR THEn I
... '. : X. W York. Jan "". < i GilD!!, fljtcls! and 7J9hliig Tackli.!
P.', iu i-asseusei-jJ: 0I' 10 ih.i!: side ol 1'I I )juiii/at.nn ol -

I' ..-, I',, ?t j.-' .;, x'.U; the J i'Ut. Tinnil u ni-ln.d l mvr s-n I' ,I i j th-' recently! III .., :'"I'aIt',1n"r:. HI : AdENT or Birmingham -Kollhi-- --

: ,,: ; HUH"!ll(> that the reutial{ t .HIM' !1.'.1. awl i, I],! i'.il'iee Car CI-IIIIM.H!' has b..en,, < 1\:,. BOWELS ? Mills Company, Revere Glan't
pi| ,t-il h bv tin Idyl] i jtltched Heltlntf, Northampton Eoic-ryW'-.eel Company, Laftln A Rand
,," it was L-w.'d for a M uiij that sluwi'ild i ini" (if flu- liilli'Uinofli"r "-
!! :I Ii n "- .nt if thekr. I J Powder Company, Johnson's Kalsocilne! Iron
ti.rn, turtle. : I. It. IIIIa'll"y. //,1'-i.I'.I.' V. j jI p ). il Rlnj andJSnck's: Htotei
J. .\rh'II. I ,,a .,.1 l lI ".. I itirt! liar.j, Wm. Coops. CO.'R lla-r U.'di.! Lace '
\id- }
'" '" ,. The Ci-uiial's! niini.Mtr! :! l.lI'l" : !; uoi i I !II Ir.dl'n! ;an.1i ill .i-' laL Laths MSt; Itoad,
I J. Ihia. !htnii.! ,"i lug lLr "UIHIf V7&dt Railroad! Colon.
diti.iam-d.! ln wt'\er, an.l l MI., '-.n.n riRhted : iv-.iiur> anil r-i.t-n-: II

--- j !I.. i.-'lf and |1'ut.< i i. I in 1 L..r Netiiu |I. Jan.-s Al. l.iai'v; has: I US,',! d! ,iv CANDY i I Masonic: Toinnlo. Ponsarnla.; Fla. '

I ,1. I'.lIn.! It' ., \ ,.iil'| Tw<-lvi .+i'' Ill "un-aen' pas > reeti.r of fie I'.'. --eil Sit( i I C.i! I SrJ f* ATU ADTIO
1' :::;: I
J J"n JI < I--- in United! iliiu.u: I I'M'' ill melt I |i.nand !l.a!.> )t.1 i el. 11, a ",1 : '''I i .

I !Irit Ih! \, W'HniKiu u vi\ .. .No on.i ul th.- Am.'ian+ 1'al.ut. t'u' 1< n..':;'. .. .1 K. C. KRfcNT, W.M Ii KNOWLKS; W, K. HVKK JK., J. 1'1. KEEHE.!:
I1 I. uI l! I I
\\ ..iliadl> !inirt.i'l. I It !.- stated 1Ilt the i n.'i.t"a: | I Vlce-1'reMiient. Cashier. A.s't Cashier

!.. -now uLiili t IH ,;an i.1fii:;: !-; IH. I I plated onli's(, lor I-'" ui iii II.II.L; i

f ,'., r iii\! n.iiiiiiii':. t +,utlr'i .>] iliioii-! I bl Ii 1'iiins iai.1 to l L-, operut! t. !I'il 1211-:) : !'

I: II.: : t! :i.-'t! .n.'i! tu'l.iy. At:1: o'i I I.. !Iv tit. j ly en EUt'Up"an; rt.i.s.; ':, i 1 First National Bank

J..-, n 'La.i ; .; tli. 10' il lull: tar, 4 isii hetiu. I -- I

t '' I a 1 h"1\ Y SI1'\I: 1L. HI'; III' Ln4, I French Ambassador GJCS ts Cuba. EAT 'EM LIKE CANDY I
NM: .1 I.1 ...!I. I I'll-! "s'PIitd '. : .I', in I !; .. .?>'. !hut at. tin :Xe>v Orl"ilIlS.'S: Ca.ti I K I", I a I; d. ."IM PiCiiHid tflltlkuukllt ; OF PENSACOLA. FLA.
ii ,
i ;' ': !!i lK-jaii in iU'> ii':;;ht tit' ele'.aui'Mirfa'e boil. 1 "'llI'h antlii, : ,-.M.ir: to (he 1'niini i I II: -
't I ;j" mil! d i tru j Slates < J I ---
toads were al Kt u I Keep'lutcks saib-il ttni.n on the l-'i'i-l! ,lIlal" 1:1'11"IU'IPtt.. 1111..110. tY W1I11 .
[ I. 1 'r )lii'ntr-. \' xnn.EOTC'J: : ,
,.,11"0! wift, !. cloar and l praetilt1I.i > a!;' )| rruiaor: Dimtiay j', ien (far !l.i\a!! >iiI KEEP YOUR BLOOD CLEAN WM. H. KNOWLKS 3 .

,. .1 I I .n. i s ,'. limning on seheiiul'-'l! time I I :Mayor l'apdreirlb: .' and in'-inbi "t! ._ A. BIAH1NT. F. C. JtlJKKT.V.. K. YKK.. Jb
I -- -- I D, O. BRRAT
'. the Flenih ;'li-s hn ,
'ii. i -i ii' urv thick on the bu>'. bow 'I'1 i b..i I. "i ..

", \\111.I !,
\i, inl, I II I"I .'" ', ,\\ ly, saw: him otu, 1,\ :r. ..-V\l ratr':-' r"Sr HAIR r u,,,01 1.1.1 BALSAM iae har.a ; U
hX 4t"
-..-- ------ ----- '- ...""'ft.... .j \Nr r .},? .I la tJll to" Kofltore...t pi,..lh.A. tray. ; m an m ; U A fid It6rWe
Cx-CongrtS5man: Spr.irjLe Dead.PriuniciU'e. U..r I lu out hrul Color.
This Will I nil-rest Man. .,t_ .. i b r tuluii.! v
.iti'U .: .j'.\.: : ,
.. .
li. I., Jan. :>: I It: I'tln '
I intnuliico R!. l 11. ]*. -- .
ijtuckly -
DISEfiSES > gretisuian Cliailt-s (.'. Spraune, (Ii :Miheaehusctts < [ : draw onr own Bills of ExchauRb on Great Britain, Jreiaiif

!ItlDlilil $ |I .HIIIlilttod Balm), the famous died at a tiuuilanuiu here 'ln.lu' -hr.. 1'u':u ti-iiiia lu-tio hl'-trletr'tmnlt'nuuh 3erm.ny, France, Austria, Italy, Hrolla11d.l'5pain. Belgium; Rataol h

-- =a I / 'iin blond cure, into new today. : < NIlI.,1 Honda (ay, Hweden, Denmark and other European countries.ar"V .
___ U. J. b.-nnrtt i
free, I -
will --ltd. ati-ttluuJy
i w. Atl.uliiiitiilv.
t it fatal] of( all! diiUStS. Q: tiiii tr,MtimntIVitauic Children Especially: Liable. \ x i uu.pt> -!:, neon Favorable Terms!, tiud Uielj

I 1': tlB11 1 111.. l B H!. )i quickly cur pait Burn'brui"t.. and landaus,It pfuriiii in the tn tl II. Mtirt Hint the ti.'- Jbhgattona'rateu( Payable at Port of Destination Ten or Fifteen VaIl
outs; are PXtretntly iihtiMtntiMiil cuu-f, it> titer Vessel Arrives there.
!1 .. r-'rtltlttilrr7.rtnll: itcliingi -hnarohpatlldatIt lit! attHi-liiiiriit iiml rt--
,, : .t inl' t blood 1111111...' ., cancer 0.1 painful and if neglected; turn -minium-" n.t. r.-s., i- -i nou-r"' II"1I1I..r -- ----
f r'Ui., l [ \.J IID ty Cc1 "f,, i ti-rinu-orr-.lM'iKriirbuucIo: often result in blood poinntn'tr :!, I j runi'lit 111Miltlit: li 11n1liia. -u hut Its ",-limit lit* //WTSnfaty Deposit Box w for Rent In Conceotion
> Hitoru.nary '" lit tin-
.J: I 0 tomtit; Btstfjwrcor.t : i.iTui-ix. 'hiKlren I oiirt.tltfl.'it: 11. prott with wltioli we haTO a Private Apartment
:.Mi.ij'-"r" ;l ; rrnptioupu| are pefially\ :i iaarti .ii, Iui"r" j j..iii-: ili 1I1I .'tI III. c.tniti junli mUlttiitJ.. hf'fni-t> iiiito ilu'rrlY I \. nnlttLll, Ihut..hr l .., rniiiri-il| ,."I..OJ\I&I.. i of rttlntnr4
I..t. "1"1 u u It. JI 't mill
..:- 111"r -kiii\ tr.'nhlr\ tit! .\.. :a rVlllt'dv; Ir1Vitt'.iVitl'h :1';i"iint\, ifiiir--iiil on lln.rd; : tiny: nl;, "Mnirh- ;-: t
r mJd. Containsff.T.edtes !! : \t't.unc 1U.i.nl; )U iliii! i I II. I Ii, li I; > !I." II.'r !" Itnzf'IooaI\',. i i- uitfiii..lfd.! Draw-j: t. I'. t'.'-', I., p.-I."n.\\.r..r. ";'"",r in tin 'rIIOYAI1

fo: '.:nt'! :-i by emintnl Vt >" -"""r "f (Millli i I:'' 'K'h..' I 1! "'lit till' lit 0, >:t..!<- 111"I! !rli+l. -<...n 'dun! lltill.Ml, ,-..,11 Lr.."i in a.'fiiiU ilirt.ni'' '
i,!....,< i, I 11\11.1 d\ :1.1 11 III w.ttui'i. 15 ; .''|1l1'lIh'lIl! Will b Ltit. 1.,1 I a.:OHM I lam : STA ) '
i \pa. t'i" : ; 'wareiiffiiiiit-'r-1! !II i i, 'luiilii-r nril' ii- ph; ..1dLa 4 ;ihe ur:t idKhoey '.. .
ii-.n I i. i |I' ii- 11111 \:;" l i ,N. Snicure: fur pih- "hi-,1:, "mil." 1"' piilill-liisl in :1: lirw>|>;in-i ill III
c, J BUiicr:! troubl&3rL t..I!' I I. I 11.1! ]: ; '!'utal. 'Li !It I it ,,Ii I '+Itt'-i \\ llt-'l' li-Ir."I <:il\t- rnri ,1111a liv: v of1', t p-i, ,, .ula. inn'," n aryl I ii (..iir ?ini

CB 2V Rdt iJ.X i.' I ii, --i: 1: i'' and I I,1 i J\ ,iii : ,\' of r e't nt'i' :-itri r t t-vn j.hv -ici-iii-! I I IMI""" I.i "A n.:U il.iv of lannari *. Ii i 8 YEARS OLD in Cases of 4 full Quarts, at S3 Per Case

i : u i ,,11.\cuit-d tlii.u-.u' l .1 I _? II. her lit|'." writ' Jin---. ;11 I.t'k'i '-, '11 i .1 VMKK I.\MHI: : f
i' \ i- \ir.i: I i ri i : ,: 'I' It "-i, "I'( 'I- 1 "i.I; i. "-. S.d'1.a: I N. \\'el-el\ fiitl. "Tit" -"ItW I ,' |II l'I 11, t.c'-ot tinr, ., ,>", ii-oiiiiii i't.t1 t Ieuluhl'Ntll i I. -

t mi I :t" :li.ii" -. M I ti'I /l.ir'" !'t it| 'I|, I F"iIM I -o it.ld -/db',11'I| ( I't live Ir.-- -a'':i U tlIn I'l ru',. .Alti'l t t la.'I'lt"l! "'1'11111. rMIJtS \\' ) 111EY: I ; i- tli tilledilt'hn Nel-otit'o.I ,

.. ti-" tt; in ,in write to lilitml:) ) Ji I till) :a i day." liar-; )I'leini! acy, Julin+ 'till "Mrt; m K>'.. l 1I1 i-uii!; ry, an.I i- fully tirtturnl: in wood!

;, ./'I';'. .";''l'. ', .a.. *'4" ', t li' \tl.r t I.I, li i I. M; 'li.'W"t IIIf. .I ShcM: >aid. :Sidm y Kalm. fortlinitliii.r.. I I .-. it i- ab-dnti-! pure :and nut cx11 -
u.: J .. ."Pryi -MI" : r''ud. It Iti'iihli'.Hid) !lied IM quality !hy
jt.>>>'- #' J'. |I' ; M II I any Win-key of the -:ono aire,
r. ".l J"/ '"''Hi !I"lIh'.I; ,til\iv< .: \11. Ititt.lllK'S : iin mailer: win-re. produced. The.. I loyal Standard

t :. S, 'z I'.lnii.l: / Ililtn: / : I B.! K. l It; irivt 114..: i Folcy's Honey and TirI mwHttSACOLA i- eight 1 yearold wlu-n .titled., and, con-idt-riiif:

I.'ok. ."*/ vi.-u! :ii ,1 -i.; n.-j ;, t.. I ilehland.'l'h J I forchidren.safe.sure. l\'o opJe/es. < ittxci i'lent iiuilitv, t i" the chcapwrt! wliif-kry in! ,
( N [ H K (j[ M MUSIC I
r1 1P r' t +; :lu' -t: 1:1:) hal| purifier in'i.e. r.Mtanic. I, tin market: at that I'ricl':1 liev-raf'e, and ;,- j

# I'.i.t.'j:I I n.iiin: L. !C.; J r. jiVl 1 .-, i i I TI'nllt'111-jl,1> : 1 ,hI I t; ar, .tI of ij.-| : an :th-ullilrly pure -liiiiiil.ini, then-i.. mine ("tetter. j

>I' 'lti'>y !1:1.,1: I-ui'i'ly to ttekinaiiliitrt 11 uiotiiU imw .>;. .l iy at 1 .t"i'h'| !nEvery !-. ; Shipped in (-:I"Pi" c-ontiinini: ;; in> marks wtiateM-r to
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(f! ; -\ -t. in.GIGANTIC. tltrdianl: >Id i 01 h!,' 1"!'. l::.1; aad \- E J (I'L9r'CVaiee ,.1.:, D I rrclsrl indicatfcitntent-. I If i I'"rda"r-r; II;'''It 1-xallllllllg:

V'.V ='Z.; ------- J amine tin III. the vsiii-key. i i- tintatllied with the juality: lit
J cm return\ the -ame: at

t -= T Rl ,T FORMED.C'ucuse I ---;--..... \ '! ,,' !,. '. Culture. Violin.) Pipe'or : I' will be refunded our i-xpeii-e alllllllunp y

t. I.. I ".- .\ : : Woman :,i u. Cornet. Mandolin iuitar, Alt d''i- -Imtild be acroiupanird )Ity either
.... '! Coir.binaticn With .. -.c., Cello, etc. Btcur s lAl1S OLD cunencpntnllice mi>
1t \ c' ; a Capita '% "'. Il .10., !,' 1 -1!k' ,WM ne\ older, bank dralt nrex-

1 .. tifir ''. .. of $SO CPu.000.: i ,, Z VRML! \\ hirlinqbpriiy.m ; ;: ; Al-o Director 1'eulcola'uf'cert I 1i I'rt'11I"lIf'Lank: 01 ) order. "',. refer to Kir-t National
I in reliant
'( OJ_. .... \. :N. .. y. .. ;, .1);; ; .;> .__ <'('!'(-.,'; !-.t'lHIJ : .' 1".1.1.., I in i'et.-acola. i jr
*" i \ cS. .' .. I I -, H.t;! '. J J'.ainl, and Elite Orcl.etra.Srass : .
t! IIlIsI it: ;| | '. !tlt II' ( 1 h ., II ,, .,, 1.
,rf" '" ".' ... ,< ii : "t""i' I '.... -.J.'r. --" ''."''' ....." S. A.
'\ 1 '1 1 .MI! \ jiatt'rs 01 iii'i! _.:: ': arid String: Music! Furnished! ; 1 FRIEDMAN
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