the opinion that probably oni have! not yet linen broki-u of!'. lead !
The ,
jam broke with an awf'il! < ra.: h. Tlv tn' t. which offers the greatestaUantaqis. burled under burg. Jliss.: a < orajutiy: at Frog l.t-v.I.l
I or two I jasser.gers weie An a.;rc'ement has been r"af'hO,1 be-
I:. %V. Jones con luctor on street
Ice was forl"C'.11I1:1 the Ft. V.'nr1bridge ; the debris.A N. C.. '0 inanuta'ture hut'' I' t5': t-ui.. "
twi-i-n (: and the l'n'trd States
I I piers ly: the in.ntr.arvolm: .! The proposed colony! : is Lot to be on mpssige; from Ueusens says the "rmany pli('!'. coiTins: : turnit; tn' tc ; a {.'1HI.. '! car. J
of water and s>omo of HIP fal..e wtfH ro-oporatiw plan but the colonists dead will: not number more than four'i' in rvjartl to thc (iernian cou-.ae of action 1 (Kin tiTtilm fact'iat Atlanta! : a $101.-i TV: injured: Kd (;.'Pen. negro I
in'f no'uela.SCME : .
k under the nuw bndg-< was turn away. will start ovt ec.cn one for him- fhc. -. nun fertilizer rat Itey; &l Nail'-ill' : a1lm.liii9 braJvetnaa, both 1 1ciuhbed lc-35 Iroki-n and| heaL :
I but otherwise tin' ftniituie was notdamaged. SI'J!:'. sonewhat on the ofIf'of the i { : fl'rworts: at Kr.ovulle. ; H. M. 'latl'001101,

I 1 About 23: !'>:a l It .1 c.n:.l Iwrji1Jyinf '; I colony! established! sone years ago at Many School Oiil.lrrn arc Sickly. 4 CHANCES MUST CC MADE Tenn'itritig. ibi'iLs; at ugh I'oii.t ; bruised: on lops

\ I \ ; atons! th, br.dt! tt<.' .\ :'">shi>- Fiz "rald. in Irwin ('i'linty. Thn :Mother iiniv'SW. HI; I'ow'Jcrs fur Cli.I- Ebe! and I.jtch :.. C. ; a J:: MWI i"- factory The car which crashed Into tho
Will Not
Arcjcrtina the
ny side were nrn from their r.Jllr :l-s means it will sanI tTuh preattr dr.i. uit l>v Moth. Omv. n nur o I- : Accept: at Jj.ckson\ille. I-h. ." knitting mill freight tiain was tho firtt one due In

I and foicetl upon River avenue They I chance ot success. The only! two cooperative t Cold:Inldrfn's ia ii lmur Home.our New l-'evfrishncs Vorn. llrrik. II i-sC ui i Terrrs of the Prctccol With Chili. at naJ..Jt'n.a.! .; a F"'I.It. Ian-! company -:,, Uirnungham! and it h said was going

J I were IalIy "!'arrayed. aa was < orsiItra- : coloni.s :.vcr c-stal-lished inI "cb" ';tllll&cb TroiiMe! 1'1'1'111Inlt' 1'1.<- W3c.iiagton: I Icr. :U-).-.\11'i('( !; re- at Api-alachia.' :.. C.; hinter :1 t at a rapid rate of speed. The accl-
I I fr ;" !ia that Kuskia InVare ci-r._ sail .I.rrnVorn. At rt'Upi i -v' I clont occurred just before daylight and
P.t'iVirs f.t i'\oj
3 I'le fright in ers a'jcs! t-0 ,' !se '-lI.lIInlo' 1I\li",1 HlkK. AII.IVSillpi. \-t &-l.cr : \ t'Cili..'n comu.snv at < o.d'-lc. Ga.; PT <>!.l mill :I

: .1hJ'Wc..kn. i it.i.ou:! tra:< .%.,. '.!\<- lo.- :I aunty', and tlv> l'1)nm'jh\paiUl'olony S. 0111"1..1, ld \lY. N, V. t cl'ai'tjf dsffaiics, fuhtuicd vr.e; news at ChveUiKl, T"-nn., a ?;!.O4i4i," oil'1 railway j the mu in barge of the --witch e .

r to pioputy will uuou..t t.) .. ....ral! i. n<'ar Counl'u-l.rovd iii:;nal failin I al-a.-. i-uMi&hc'l that the Argentina! and electric roninanv Atlanta! Fine claim they did not se0 the car Ufl.

; I,f thousand dollars. Tne riv, 1" an- row es>. I CATTLJVTH: : ROSBEP.S.! 'ralu'st-r' at Saitia.; : tci! infoime-j til"j (;a.!. .. irhh ;on".d.. Jv-d, t?. ,,* al; Hal sda '| till-it AJH strurk.

lapidly being; cleared cf KJ ilr: J no j Chan; : min'ftfr: : of t'oulijn affairs that .I, Tli.4- ; a S.T.; niul at Jiniiis. aG--: .a i j ll'o cr.glwas pushing the earsaht'

\ / more damage I isTRAFFIC(\qK'c.t..1.. BOLD ROBBERS GUT "I HOUSANDS.The Poiiei'-icn: at Martins Ferry Succeed i(I Ii .\r c'nmru could Iflt a( (.c-it[ all the shoo and harr.tss factory at liirininK-,, !1 ft it ind the front of the strtA

I I lo Gttin: Two Crooks.lartn I jtrrrrs of I the iirctunol hiTftoforc sicved ham. AI.t. a $: I.fIl'H' tar and! turpentine! I j i car strr 1; the fn.t:: freight ctrir.5 ,tfl'U'

BLCtK:! ). I N'isscs Dattlc. Near Wellington: ; >i Perry. <0.. 11"<"-. .::1lil51.l'd* by t'.ii settUmcrt r.f th> ilKjiiite. company: at I'T.-acola, ria. and a zInc it "..r--' ;:itU!? = "...". Tbw n"....-,&r:aJ

--- Lose $6.030 In Gold. rohbnrs crtcred the home of ThonpasYinshn and that Some c hang' w.iuld tu noct-s- mining compary: at Chattanooga to co-! i!! was also thrown from the t racial i 4/
Murphy and Ashevllt Divisisns of i".sSouthern ] Washington Ga.; 11. (.. C": .-Th" I ?. a butcher. jeatcrday morning baT) in the instrument. vilo:> zinc nJnes in Teiinisoi-e. Ccn'Juctor! Jones pinioned undernei tb'

Tied Up.Abbeville. I I iShf'S I'atllt'. two eMeily\ maiden l.i- anl foicri him at the toir.t of a reoher "ucr lufantes mf.-rrr.atlon! is that ------- it. His body vas badly unshed ad

a _, N.; C.. [)('t'. :3 ..-The Ftorm dies living at Ban.tl Juuc.tion.3...LiKtoa \ So give; up $1.'.'i. there is no fo'in-lation wliatoer fir A Good Ptccmmendati'on."I :,. he diM alraoft! hibtantly.

/ of the past two tli> s has played haoc 1 rhndi of the Georgia ra.Ir'a: I I. later the: in'icc had a battle with the htaiorrcrt that a itiapRp was made have noticed that the sale on !I There arc conflictiiis storiesthe

with train service uaffic: from the were robbed at an early hour jt&ter. two of the robnT3.! who were captured In the p.otocnl by the Chilian ntiniter! Cli.inibfrl.nn'S'ninacli und Liver cauae of the aciidint.: So a 8ay.of..

west on the Southern railway\ has been day morning of ;':.01111 in Rold. after a !nely cxthaaso ot thots at of foreign iI!fait s, but that on the con who Tablets have is ulino invariably U-ed them in" tno-e the strict car was J.ioint; at a ate

completely blocked lace je*>terday< The rohb"rs entered the house aol close rarge. The men save: their trap it was p'ltili.slicd as ag/ ced upon i Mr. J. H. Weber OIICH a pron.inent, dropi fays; ;- IZ: wIles an hour awl did ot i1to')

morning. All passenger trains have tha women hearing a noise: inu-stt- names as James Hlliott.\ alias Taylor between the representatives of the i\jjiof Cneade Iowa. What better at the ctobslng. Others enyM the car

bpen annulled and no freights are run gated. of Chicago and Harry Hojt. Wheelag. two govprnrients. The understanding! recommendation could any medicine stopped ail usual and hi* started

ning. The trouble is at White l'in. They s-nrted through the house witha Four of the robbers (Srarf'l!. here is that no formal demand has as have than for people to call for It''i, across the railroad track/ when the

N. C., where trains are wateroound. lighted lamp coming suddenly upon -..... .. jet be;>n mailo ujion the Chlian poernmezt \'. when fi if a in in need of ouch a reined freight cars struck It.

The track is also washed out in several the burJlanOne of the men suddenly An Attack of Pneumonia Warded Off. for a chance in the terms of j ? Try them when you fet! dull -

places on the Murphy division. seized a bucket of water and dashedthe "Some time ago my daughter ; the protocol hut that th<> matter has aftc-r fatinpr, wlien you have a bad I L A Cure For LumJ.go.W.C.WiIliainonot .

( Trains on the Asheville-Spartanburs. contents on thr lady holding the caught a severe cold. Hrie complitiu- simply been one of inonal talk atantlaeo. taste In jour mouth, feel bill*. ,
have no appetite or when troubled' :A.mltl'u
divUioa are also waterbound at Cara- lamp. Tho robiM'rs then escaped. frt of pain in her chest and had a 1 : -For more
with Clilistili IlIII\I, mind you are cr I thyn a yi ni
I pobello, but are running about six :An alarm was quickly raised. When bad cougb. I gave her Chamberlain'd Mr. lnfant rnntinuca! t.) express his thin to I delighted with the prompt I Irelif.f fered from Inmbagoy J flnall

: \ hours late.Trouble help! arrived it was found that the roabera Cough Remedy according to firm conviction that there rill be no which they afford. For sale ; Chamberlain's Palft Ralrn
direction and in two she ;
) wan reported this morning before leaving had rifled the days wa war beeaus3 of the present misunder by all druggists: .nd medciue deal- .! gave me entire rell t.whlch a
well and able to to school. I
1 r 'at Tunnels on Black mountain Wh2ro trunk containing the money. go standing. I.I.IH. I remedies had fallf/1 to do."
have u'ed this remedy in my f4'u'Iy l all
v the French Broad river is within afoot Th* :MUSPS Rattle lived alone in the for the past even years and IIITP ,I drugKieh. and. medicine

f1 and A half of hssi water roark- )'otIs.3. Several previous attempts to never known it to fail." aye James BIG DEMAND FOR COAL. LCWIS ISLANDERS RIOT. I

-- rob! them have been made during the Prenderga, merchant, Annato I Resisted ArJi arid Wai K

0 J// SCHUYLKILL RIVER HIGH. last few months. A few weeks ago: Kay, Jamaica, West India lalarid Loulsvilb: and Nashvilli Payin Pre Religious Disagreement Brings About 1 I Globe. Arlz../ Dee. : ).-Uc

atj entrance Into the house was pfToct- Tne pain in the chest indicated an S'rloui Trouble. Hatneld. one fir the lO-ntue
mium of 10 Cent a Ton.
I Flood Threatened:-Big Manufacturing; ed. This trunk was tarried out into approaching attack of pneumonu. London Doc. 20.-Tha island of Lewis Has beon silo/ and kIlled at
Elrmin(ham. Dec 3u.- Thoro is s-uh
this instance undoubtedly
which in was -
Plants Suspend.I. the yard and broken open but the was the scene of riotous uprisings mining cumy in the Final mountains.
I I warded oil hy Chamberlain'eCough a demand for coal that the mines areI
I. Philadelphia. [)l'C. 3i).-Tho rain robbers failed to get the money. It I arising fiom tho union of the Free and !I! His siaye yas Deputy Sheriff Derlne.i .
: Remedy. counteract any working hard and some of tne larger
which has fallen almost: incessantly The ladies believe the robbers were of a cnld toward the I'nited Chuff hes of Scotland. The i I who bore a warrant for his arrest oai
tendency pneumonia. operatcia In the district are buying the I
since Saturday evenins baa resulted white inrn. claiming: to bate recognized Hold by all druggist aDd proilwt cf the smallei concerns. islanders refused to countenancu the !i I the chajKp of wife beating. Hstflell<

in a dangerous freshet in the Schr.yt- : one of them.: medicine dealers. alliance and when the minister: at Ness: 1!I sent wof/ to the officers that be would
The railroads in
/ are urgent need of ,
M'I kill rtv.r. joined the United church they locked kill aayman: who tried to take nlm.
'coal anl I the statement is made that
i\ All of the big industrial plants along! Catarrh, an excessive pecreticn New Masonit Executives. the Louisville and Nashville; railroa him out o> his church. I I Deviae/fired two shots over his head in

the Sehuylkill at ilanayuck and N'nr- Irom an intlinifd mucous mem NashMlle. Ga., Dee 3rt." -The following A strong force c-f police was sent :i an inf/rt- ttual effort to make the manundeVs'and
pa'in. cents ton advance for
ristown near here are flooded and work bra up. isMdtciIly and permanentlycured : Duncan lodse, No.; 234.: Free and 13 ; per over from the mainland! to open the I his danger, and then shot
coal immediate
lor $1.21
use giving
by Hood's Str! aparill. elected
officers were doors. with fatal
has Accepted Masons hereupon the Islanders ', Pffe't.Insurgents.
Traffic not
has l>e"n suspended. for car coal and $1.S"; for flute coal. congregated !
and installed on IXv. 27': H. 1!. Peeplcs. and throins! voiles of stonesat ---
be3n lianduaiipel. -
yet serioii.sly Ch 'rl ''t;" Cattl Show.Charleston. W A. W. The railroads: arc oecmnins to furnish the
In thIs ('tt/ the mir is out of its W. :tI., J. II, Gary, S. .j; tonstabl'-s. drove them Inside Attack Ccolici.
banks, mar the Oa tlr.u'c and Ohio :;. C., Dec 30.-:Mo-* Patter;)!\. J. W.; I. U. Pceplcs.\ secretary more cars with which to handle the! the builjjr.fi and bombarded! them with : Tat 10, Wash., Dec..3"- -According!
L than 1.ton! entries have been made in T. 1 L product from the: minI's and the production rocks until to a } railroad station Cellars! rf ilwdliTusarc ; : 0. M 1. Snoid.! treasurer: will hat Ihc-y catulatM{ : >i1 aa-1 agrc-t-l > Orient! a party of
the livp! s'ock show which will openat S. I). G. shortly its greatest: to leave 105 coilics\
flooded and .| any resideuts ion? Griffin. t)lcr; .\. 1-:. Rnllard. : the t.'Ianl.Every engaged in transportln
hfisht.:: Railroads! and steamship
\ ( the river tarly today fought s>at>? the Charleston: rxpositien Jan. \\'. Gum. J. n.Y.: S. Arnold.! J. J. m' Tiber of the jiolico .!ei>artm camphor was attacked by Formosa In.surg.:145 .
r 2'On aru demanding a largo amount
wi'l 1 continue until Jan. In
and Noember
.' Gum. tc\xanN. nt was v.o-milecJ. Troops may L and 21<) wer.
.. quarters. sections of the I live of coal from this district. A company killc-1.
_ of the largest sent to the :iblar.d. I N'ineteen wer decapitated.
stoc'k exhibit will be the sheep sec tint). Film to Close Business. whose mines are at Horse Creek; in j Japanese! troops ard police
12-Foot Flood at ReadlnJ.Rf'adihlt. Walker is filling! rush were sent
I in which 4.M> head. embracing every \Yi\rnn (:a.. loo. 2".-The Cash county a order! STEPLE:::: FIND I IS IDENTIFIED.Body : j auainat the relwl! A pitched
a 1 I'a.. IJ '('. 30.) -.\ 12-foot:: of !!WO I I cars of coil for Savannah. Ga. liaUl/
known I reed. ha\c Ix-r-n entered. One turnpti over its busi -- I t'><'k plrt'e in whkh '
I t flood was raging in the Sibujlki'l river Grocery company moro! than ,.(OO
l./I of the chief exhibits in the cattle divM ness' to the Price -Oillcy" company.; In Church Eclfry That cf Winton :: w.r" Killed.
early this ing. but the wateris
:lort Cut Artery In His Arm.
'I lion will lir, tl:(' champion beef bull John M. Cox & Co. and the Rank ofVaycros While.I'.irminjliar. -- -

now n'n'llin ol the (irl.1. weighing 3.1 [xmnds 'I \ to lose' out business acd Florence. Ala. Dec. ?:<-Robert! !\- T). c. ;3.'.-The skeleton Throat Sore?

1 .....1' 0\..... ,..". > \ ......... and val-ied at Sl IZ.t"II). The special ob- I settle the dt-bts of the firri Th" lid ans.! a young man employed: in the found n-( (-iitl.,' in tl.f steeple of iii.- There' nit tellinif what a sor

I 1 I MltShevn \\\.I.\.n.l. S.k'..."I" O'RI'' ha- j.t of th' live stock' exhibit H to cncnarasto bibti 's are pboi.t $;.'11111. wiTh t"spts stave taaory. cotumifml
p \\t usfd for over sixty > f,\r-. t>\ uu.iioniotmnthi : th<' development of the cattle I to nie<'t then' The busmi-.s" is ownS cutting th> :artery c.f his arm and i t- of \Vn .m Wiiite., a lii-cro wto !ta !s ,; of way." Cncertdin remedies olrVn
I I >r4 f.tr tiifir pfiiUrcu. !ih' li-ctlilnij. tin the Hood} Pow into a tin C 1U-S; lJiri-roll4 / '
r ) pith pt-rt.-c' *uccr-.. lt ..f) >th-s Iho tlulJnot'fQstnf I, growing indtNtry In the south. the !led by \\'. D. Toston and '.V.ltoovprd 11. Cason. ; Pail.Vhen |. !I'Oiid D Lay j-ot: a r/n set "I.d, i dfo/ty lotaktt'- retnrc
I Eum".Hiuvs ail P'III.I'urt': wind ranges in this section bring especially I -- \ discovered lie W:1I I lyinion the 3 ars ago :Hul11; atero''t\rtlst futun with I'liinkiller know 'for
colic and I. tb<> )>.-,t r..III..Irur IMarrli.v.ii I floor with the: razor which he hal half a century a* a pfcClflc 're .
I n
H itill rrlr>., 'h.- J,.,,>r lit'le ..gt1'.rr im- nJ"II,1i to the grovxing of boef cattle.! : Spppfll KIlil I i fr )-r1 jiistici / throat, rnuirhi. v re.
\ : I uotil I lyni, i hrnk..n >.y his ..iilhic diet croup and :.ll kin.dt.1
I mwliatply. hold h\ IIru 'iIH. tacxiTy i.urt I A nt-c'n wornai retr-'sentin: ? L".-
'it ho witrU. '1..lItll l hAUl.' )IES" t'l. ELY Blm .; I co mnf'nct'd troublf. Keep it by for
f t\) pent- bein
1\ aft"r
in fhJit bile ; ioun'3} you
If { a ; and!
COLD IN ONE DiY coif Pcthu th- .
IHjiuroTnintu l-rr-sirsi'tt ,,,' Cuuttiing TO CURl;: A I Cream Hjlniii tt'esit iw. as HnalfS': o/rc u'if< ,,{ oh *tnrir It
l J 1 u< mj jour stal-raor.t said that pryi ncTtr fail*. j\ vni'IIItl.titUt.i.
ia his 5 -
8! } rup, mi J ink.! no uiliwr kind.tiI .rk" I "xatiKf' mftlJ linmA TbIAll! rorc tarrh. Iy,1icp wa Iii 'i s nhisl.y Whlti' raid that: ire man was uai
,i driKZi> -lunl the iimn-Y if i' fail 'oi I yenrsagjo, .'m( whAt thick und mv IWJTinr I; was the cause of !fis SuiCide! UPamo crtly her husband. 3'1: claimed that Perry Davis. I:t!. and one r.ie.
C" With Tail. <
bppti fully
a bos ::,"c. wa dull. hearing: ha- she was able) to identify the rf-aains
__ .., ... -- aud hn become hiicatlf oft fwm h" family rtfusing: We will launder v/ur
I LI The C" with a tail ;Is the trade- d rll-torlct my peecli 67 a rfnillarliy! ofUho teeth by the gpreal! for
iow An Tour Kldnrj-ir quitp clear. I am a teacher in our to conimunkate wii'a them. knives found oesld the remains 1 lo cents: each and /ate them look

I of Cascarets! Candy Cathartic.: Pr not,"" 'fiparatin rillscunr all kidn y ills. !:a_ town. ,- the Iuilts1hlc had c\i and like '''We Star L/!undry.FoIey' .
; or it on the light blue enameled: pie lite 4 sierl.ag leuicUi Cu..t uli\jr:' V- L. G. BROWX. Oranjjfr. O.No A ('.... ain Cure 1.1' I lillllAjfl.llrs ... Iy ed. (;Btjy strr.
---- cd aa :ne man's ,
Trial size ....
jEach! tablet stamped comment is p..lied. I"b"lo. Iql 100r .h' \ t'fWr.-, '
I -I \Never sold in bulk. All I of Fall and hOt. Full size aOcts. Ask your npi.. 1rr. It ('Urt.blth'"an'. Pro' ttlt&.a' Stop? the Cougn n?y .ad

_. Latest Styles I drupstits. We mil it. lIruSi..U 11&111' ixtitin5 lIad 5h.tcrss5I wolKn! f.-t.. At all and work off the Cold. curei cJ4 rCvi'at$ pn Tar/

-'" Winter fur ELy BROS 56 Warren street - LIUIlff tIrome4Qoine TabIt, :
New York. C .A. '.tlORXA. et.II1ID one a'y. NJ Cure, %? 1'111. J"le' in Parlor

iture for parlor bedroom :!:centi.. _._________ ___ __ NEW YLES
I ........ i'. ':" .
You Haw AHg 5 BBjK Cleaning ladles skirts and waists 1 The flarss line of UI1brella8 Bed-
: In .
at Marston I the .
or sitting room, Is one of our specialties star:! Laundry. I Iar\m I trbh. at J. I. t5tp;>!1ens'. Go look I room Fi

$ Finch's. at a. I ton Fi1I

k... _

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__ ... -' > i >L -J

w <* *- > s"vj*- -K i> .
< **- i.-. > r f T
__; ...-- .-',_ i.- ----1-vem..L _;, r'. .. .
.. ...1.1: rr. '_ \3"11i'til' "'"", _,,,III' ''': A_

I :.





utunJIAt A FACT Re-rlrrird Inaol 'O,1,. I Arnoied Aninuu.Ono L if

fillcno ur Tbe Unl ,f TOPS roiittj/at its: annual of the most ,surjiri iu:! d recent -

I ABOUT THE "BLUES"What nu-etiiiK! In Washinj; unanimously: I ziHiluirical discoveries Is that tile ancrstors I I !

re-flettcnl Clam r.irton irfsulont of of the \\"hnltnnll toitiins! were .
: ROARING Is seldom known as the "Blues' 1;! the !society.: Tor fifty years Clara lUrtmi i r.tt'.t.1 by a Ions armor similar: toi

i occasioned by actual existing has liven' 0:1 tile steno of 't try' that of tho armadillos; if :SJHl1lllt'r.. '
: external conditions but I 1 I
nth e lea.
1 I treat war. imtllei.ce) : fn.iur, minIsterins LQJiil
and Great '
: Lives lost '4
Zany great majority of cases
by a disorder.
I ( to t'ie" *.uff,Ter". r.n.l !HT name: .,
ed UVE :'irw Hampshire T.\Tn 1.:.......
liaa h.\\.Uc .
pynvmyn: iVr tcnJtXIw 1.diJ-
Damage to Property.
The law of New 1IIII1)1: ) -UI'.,, nju:"!''' )

r TmS IS A FACT tLat town i Kuts: .Lall I.,' r,-. urvoyoI _

FOUR DROWNED AT WEST POINT S whichmay be demonstrated awl marked at k-ast tuco uCwnt :'t'\"l'U for infants!! and Children.

by trying a course of

rar.'i Caituria: i i n Iiti-IiIcit Milntituic lr 4';a-tl'r Oil l\uf'''' J

tWachout at Notasulga: :::, Ala., Wrecks !... ('eI1se. ;:uJ'k, i)1-t,1i iIHlill.thin;: th rnl'-;' It i- 1'1.'a..mt. It .

Frelfl'it! Train and Kills engineer ('!!'(\ s-Lould be taken: to I:pop tlluliius udhl'r Opiiitt )1rl'llill )loti' 4d Il'P 'xlr'Clticfnh..rHlIl.t.

fi TUft sPills tUrtllar tIn'. for rhHiiiiuti-iii. iiiituEioii'.i .. It il(>.:tri>,\'< Worms ami ulLij IVt eriliietoi.

: Rucsell: and Fatally Injures the Ne- I and uuuxront t..aI::rhal afleetion It t-urc". Diarrlui-ii a ul AViutl ('uli,-. It.Tt'li.-\i-* T.Hthinjr -

z I jr* Fireman-Property: Loss Heavy. \ : : Tr I 1Jt < an well u< iK'uralirl-i awl Miatiraare anil UtI"I.'h h
I : 'siitliy anil natural !!oll'l'l

Atlanta. Dec. Srt.Loss:: of life an l They control and regulate the LIVER. I \ ,) caused by foul ar froui a Uuii T5.i- t'lnltlri-ii's '. '(':\-Tho )ICltht'r.s 1'r'i-nd. I,..

terrible divination to property in They bring hope and bouyancy to the l..ilU'. The Kind You Have Always
Georgia and Alabama ht.twt'l'ntlan' mind. They bring health and elastic. On.nu..tb..ti......
ta aDd Montgomery. tolloucil in the ,
I Ity to the body. A ('Ioitit--<- iiiin-tnj't: in the! P.iri library > the Signature of
wake of Saturdays do' of rain.
an pour( for ,
that tln-tu-s -
iiruvth au. sujricjil :
,. Four deaths are Known t ."
pY : rmriHiM-a wtre Used iu China 1,7< 1 1J
aultrd from th" tlooil near West Point,
--q ears azu.
while tht? dpstrmtion of proiwity \\ &
I f.o( n.v trecV aau-two was :outs are

extensive there and all along the lines I repo'.te.l! (,0 the main line of the road : C:'. I\ MI.7UX. I'or an Oprn rirrplncp.

of the Atlanta and West Point and south of Mctgomery.V.reck A weful additiou' to au oix'ii tireplaieIs I
fu1ncs<; in tMiifs cf prvat cahimUi! # .
the Western Hail way of Alabama.: I n juwef mil iron IM ut iuto a loiifroval ; .
-- -- She li:>4 IH'< n tin1 I 1:1"I'l'ati\l\l| uinl 11101 \'-
e A telephone) mcsLage: from West I : cf the Can Bias.an {ilactNl s-o ns to reach frill the In Use For Over 30 Years.
III,; spirit: I ii t.i- nvjiiiiziilum Jin l npbirUlin -
Tolnt last night: stated that th< ri\rr ?an Fiar.iisto. Ik(". 31'.-The first ,1 back to the front bar. It i< liautly iset -> Twc CCfiTavq cCMPaKv.jTT mu..*.-rmrtTftf__ .\mme_ .v*
;: <.( tI., Ked l'ro"S !.neiety. -.t- :
tad risen !5 feet above normal height I dffinlte: information < or:<'(ernin; the I a ketile or 1I1.I..t cu and is even ,
I \\ .il'il! lint; liriiiifluK, LUI! n rt'cnnl nfKooil
and three or four l'riIan.l! ('Ilv('Its .. r..ck of th. I'afifio man httanu-r San .. very :giMid to 111'11' kiudle s-luvv I fin- as - .
o1oo'ol iii'ifu.ine.l in i-\ir Clirls-:
had ben washed", away. The strN.t.C lilas an:1 I its ( a.is has been received it drav!> the air up.
tiin ("oitlntrv (oil tin- i:In!tie. II.'r re-
-- --- -
)t "West I'untt'rl'! flooded'\ nivl many here by the Koj-mop I liner Ko.iit. \cordin -- The Circus has been '
I iK-d.o'i; us pri'S.dciit: if tht Mn-iety Nan An Evangelist's: tory.u. "
jpeople' had to move into s"ond storivs (' / ? to the PanSo: Mail SioambhipI "Ar "u MnNDl' "rrl'l'
Imiu.r ut-Il euriitil a\1,1 ulselj be
(or comfort and saiuy.A : I I company's agent in Cuatc-maia.: the stO\\ 1. finfered for tru.iblpIud year jib a hrorcbial here and gone, but... It
"' I triedarf
2 o'clock y'striiaytreight : morning! : I Fan hilts W udthl" UcinciJios reef _ or lurtr! : .
OIN( reIl1Ht'AJ.lJut' did i.oti litainrtr-i
train No.: L'l: with 15; <'ai.'. in nor AciijutJ.i. Captain Cattarimith i
".oorhmnn nnil Diplomat. 111:1 r.t'llt relief until I roinmercMl! IIAS COME TO STAY :

the Western flat h.ay oft .Alabama then &tttnitr(! to rut fw I.a I.iber-i! Loril M'lito i-i Uitli n jrooil i-ports- u-insr One :M iiiu'e Coiigh: ; Cure,"

:went into a \\a"h.,1 out rulitit at tad. hut vas -orajelU to boach the wrteItev.. Jxme Kiikni'in.evmiafht '
man nn-l :i ;.:...,.l !, 1iota ulla. ;."> rniJcs frori \Vet-t I'oii.t VN'sd before ho: reached j.ott All IiaiCuAoIS -- of lllo Kivfr. I Ii. "I b'ire no Co.
tl.niK all I I l lovi- :t -import stiut 11. a no Ithe Jacoby Grocery
4! The engine turned tonijltt:'!'/ n\pr clad! the CK-A < siait-l in tw hesitation ruroirmendit' it to all

r nnd Ensrnecr Thomas :{ :s.1l \t'!:& flLhcta.I !.o '.i CRI i .g a total luo.s.I (':1 hlll11If (\1 I:'\\":11'a r liy Lliu: "|,tI.-rer-- fro,,, mnl'19(1 i t..... ..ftln.: kino!! "
HIHTil.ty il\,inlitli tiii:: In Ma\'. :
I OIlPlitllllp: i'on h Cure atfords
L S billed while Cy I I.e\ th: ne;::rj luvman. -- -\ im- Telephone 160.
inert late: relief for ciua'b! *. fold! ,* t
Hijh Water !In Tenrcaec.c.i ann
: was fatally! Iriit. and two trainmen : I'nrU Itnu. ,
-:i were tartly hurt I .. vvillJ.( 1 (!Inn. Iici- :3u.- riu- Teni In I'.uls; r.it <"...ti"-y ,.)c.I'n!' fHIIllw'rl" nil kiiuU of thrn.-itund lUll:! lroullf ". 1
1'urrrounitN i Iobutc-
F- Tran: No. 2-M: rtart.M t-> the !w,':." i' nn r wao :::'..". it-it niio\e low t:: I.oskt.tM'. anil the! \ alinf tin- ly nfe. Very pit untrjualled.aetit tll take, nevr :

I cf tha wre t.J. lt.jt \\tr.t t'aru-fli an I \1 all't tils; nion..r. at 1" o'clockslth f.ioil .li'Mrtijul lthese aiiuuN .. .irl)' fail.. iud i* really a f ivorit1 with the TIlE PA11LOII MA1IKET.S I

wen ruheit 5 uiI.! ,; tnt of \\'< M I'oin*. i i the prosjuc : that 311( tot t would be I i all HUT IM! U'irM l N c.tiuiati-il to children. They like it. HdrgisPhiniucj

o one was injurnl 1.1 tliij: ;l\ t'cIr.t: rear Iw\1 ta'iay.t \hen a (!inline i is expiated aiuuuut In t Hi1 :ig; ;::wii'I M $7o,
4 tntornras I in I the rather o'ismer: to hepin. --- -- I JOHN S. BELL & !SONS' 1'IuirRIuolhs.- I

.c s..t.i Four men alterirtf.l to I'lInl tVOhattahooihee : I Imports from tip river points! in- .: ',

this dit ate that liieh:! water I is prevailingthumsl.out Editor Lynch of "liily l'.ot0t'Phiiii.toura. 43* S '
ii\er point
rear N. J.. hat"e.td HIP :
shortly atior noon. \\ lti: tl:.' n'F.ilt thr.t! I i.-ier East Tennt ??<'(>. tr.etinof FOL. Y'S HUSKY: AM TAR, an\
Tb.> JI\-T las risen It.. feet since Choic9 Meats Wild Game
three of the party twovYt: m.'ii a'iIone with i hi* re-tilt : 1 t 111t'(1 a .
I Satuidav: I m. Two mtht-s of
dovnel. TI:" 11.,1: l remnlies ,-
Dl' ro. were i-re.it ninny pa'ent in iny ,
are George W. Callav.ay. II. H. Jones I Frovv tell here las-t night and it begaaj. family fM e, iuh and colds\ and I S Tender Vegetables. f .

:.k.ng\ lUj': this corn;. and .
and name unl nown. T'.s: > e.in !ione-tly sav your honey
one neKro.
I Genuine C. C. C. Never so'd In bulk
--- Tar is i the be-t thitV of the kin IIliaveiverusedai.il
I fourth tuem'.ier: of the: party a n< :';:o, :
lie Knv His l-rlcnU. : ; J Jr.innot ?av too Beware of the dealer ho tries to sell

escaped tinhuit. I An ni-1 (lUiii.iti tt.ison Lis lthh\ll much in praie! of i it" W. A. D'Al- "something just as good." PirnvE 17. it. 2H Kt uth Palafox Bt.
Oa the Louisville! anda .!ivie! ra!!
In 1.S: tiriiT! t I'lr" liu 1ml: 1.,1:1: : <1 ,. euibtrte, 121!! :rs'outh: P. laf. x. -- ---
reac!. Southern system the train i':..j i -
life. lot tl-.itf the d-iti tf SvUuoMor.out' : -. -----
at was derailed a nIl is
Montgomery of Li:* l IHUm conipaaion-- had re- Kelvin's Appropriate Keynot:. 'I I SJ'ECI4LNOTICES.
under water at Dyas. On: IhA (;rnf\a I ITli.
I branch of the l.oiiisullp! an.1 Navi1eI I fiiiiiicil at ui ;:iun up hs! li.id 1 hnl.. >it4. The jubili-c of the! submarine: cable : WOOD AND COAL.
: l.S "iiiiuidir! I In his d.iy hud l l t-ii a
990 fit of track have been s\\eit I :, ?:u the London Expri" re.i -

I war sear, Rocky Creek. :\amr rOils mighty zi nil t'rinl.er rcniM'ss.: t.i no'.us for hU I i'ttp.uiity I i calls :I !littlo t-tory of Lord Kelvin. OfE Ciffj" 4( WOlf{0.MN1V \\' EXPECT TO SUPPLY A ML'CILARGER TRADE

." WMhouta arc reported along' the line 1 At the lime J'feor Tlioni-on, ..,..
.. -\ The jiili-ht was tahiNtrrlns! K) the oiyIn.r .. --
L. 'to: Jbetwen We t Point and: Iolt o prr.IJ' iirin. "III1'o.lill! | him lthUioim n:? Ill:1>1 tlii-n! vva-i enatd on his U'O 1..aNU.. THIS WINTER THAN EVER UEFOnE.i .

Onl/jone train attempted to KO from ill cuter dwji' M'ii: soundings work herB one ------------------- ,
) :Atlanta ,pett r.lay over the Atlanta I II of I soul eri'l'I ..;\' TO LOA: -tln bou.ehnll. furniture SEND US YOUR ORDHRS NOW.I .
l visitor
ti I .., telll\ id: uuvt there day di-c-oven-d hy a t'\i> 'IO liurx-t, CoOlS und all LlLdn dt "I r. i
I a&4 Wait Point-tho LaQranRp: sp- wouhl inenlin with coil of v.'iro.? ural uioprrtjr. fonni en\v Mriiitt
It lonjj
hU < a j >y :a ;
.i d i leaving the: city at S: 1'1<> in the 'crrry Iu..r.ut..d. Apply lo A. A. Usher, I Thompson Olsen & Co..
t. ., "U'liat i is that for ? innuiml the :tu.in. tuih( ?IIhfIX' ttri-n. ,.
at Hasans- 7
It'U stopped ITI 1
J) I taoralac. : I ftvl.ly. "\\T,1Si :! vUitor. ]pointing to the wire."Making : ; IHLK.MX'U- IlllUiutrU i.ioe- i i

} I .(IIF ,account. of a severeashojt I !r r 1'l'\\'r'llC"cT !tumid*,"' replieJ: th. pre *I: Mn.sty lari<" ..r ..", ..II ",,\HUhh..t lowoiotrrt i,I Manresa Street Telephone 147.
wllad to Turn back. i iI' theprt. I rainMil I'ml on lt-.'lK.. brooksimtorn ,
-. trains toe\\' i Tl i |I'Io'iISIII'I'' fcs or. .'y at law, :'lot) I'dliJoi M., HlitrDul '
AH of the
: -----
a will bether .
mi-Ucr Siu.ui
I'_' Orleans ria th' Atlanta an.l West ; > o.I1.4 sr.iil;. the ret jocuhrh' :I' tliog. I I

I Point had to be annulled! yesterday I .. 'vvliat: kind of note does it give oil ?" \ IONIY TOIY Moyou need money?
I \ rot i ho veryLad. \uu can borrow IIIIY mount YOU "ant
'' I
V I aid passetKers going in that directiontid i :!l und ciiiliics "The li't-j i (', of cour-, t-amc the: tu-Uay on c a ietl tfrnu and IOMCBI ratfB

to 10 around by the Southern l 1 Jit'aiii. all 'lotleer nnsiu-r like A fhot! av.iij: >anic! >tl 'by .an'.bl'r""hlullahl..ou inj.ro,,-d city: real The Star Laundry
I unJ > !tU'e-Iroiu v> m. t'I ikUer, ;ajiJi: Buuin rain-

4.- '. .4. : loss of. proncrty- Teje I S the well known twinkle! in the proK'Mor's I I fox
aiid I'otr.t ('ohl T.ut there will 1 le r.o drlnkinj\ Inheavtn : (3 e. -I' yOU WANT TO noaho* MONLYInvent

5,t.h! bt!:ei0'1 it : i __ I money. Ins irn your property proon'rariKtraetti -
said the I'rint.I '
mIne Lusme!'s !I -- of tltlw buy or bell real e-- Biggest Busiest Best !1I
l Arithmetic. !
'1'1 I pr) "I';! SAn saul ScLnclOor vrcnld LaUvro. Partisan I.*.e. rent property of any debcripiion, have ,
.3) I IQD the stores afi'l 1 I I All aritlunttic }jmUMied i'i Tliclimoml r..nu (:levied! or your taxes KUruded to. I
..fC f.nodod and tho CKllou or urtdrem Tbo L'. Watnua ot Co.Krai .
,\. _ar will ,: "?.> l.c \\'III.y:11I the iTlest's' leply. ilnnnx the tivil v-nr coritainid : P.otates'iot, Insurunoe agents. Ponitit. ....

Impr ttm1413p. tomorrow "['\I.!
  • rt> won't be no t'.riiuiiiKS! the flbowinz ixanijilv! \ : "If one cola. ,'11'. Charges modrratn. Tot-Ttryont -
    lot from w"lllll'od mon
    of life along tho I I who bu\ a na ) ? C--
    j, ciifclo 0 I you ilnk ? Atli! \na .o-i't! know (*<>nfi'di-ratp mldier! can whip s-evtn "will' vtliicb to build a house. Hd-tt e
    loss l of -
    rlyer. \\ ) popbe t'iiiei&er'-I.opnc! : :! tts.J.iug Yankivhovv many Confi-dcrati'So-! I ,'- d-'l :. OUR XOLIS SUIHT
    I. ert). .. : .lirwill it take to whip forttineYankees' Fn 11'F.. : -
    'I o1nf'ttChetIcn ; -------- -- Z t with when
    IUs I t Cuartoliip In \tiFfltrw"t ,-. 1 : will you jy you see
    "1lL.b.lf Hi. lUiDM.H. alIt| modern conMninncfi' I _
    L \ :New' Orleansili I :\ vvc<.!i'.iss: are r.tmost nlwnys : I i( No. 30, corur \\ rilit und t--: W1i : the ulI..pprvIchal.lt' luNh and perfect -
    of I u111;; -S of color that we have
    the> \Vt5U'rfl r.al&n silt1.li. y iH put
    u-Miraieil:: .it the fl"!:p cf :a short !
    tot illf and *.:ash-! I uhlilitlie : Saved Hit Lite. I. : :- _. S IIi; on it. Our Laundry work I U alwtyi .
    labama a.d. ? .:| :Soiidnavi! ; : 1I lu lior. :a I't'IliI ")i; Hr.> 1- 1\\..-.tury. I..-.. "", ,nip before Wednesda. I. Industrious ,.r"\l1\11 !Sn-11 J') s>!ni! t "I wMi! to *1r that I: fi-frl F owe my I.1 \Vt hfliiio-i sirrrt. Apply to Ill 44 pre.f ut Unit Wtt ran make our

    The dam ,f the COhlr.lhlls l'owpr 11\1 \\liiili to vvcirU ii'id fro"'. \\ir.:, H they !I'.fe: to Ivod.il Dysrep.i:< < 'iir.-," '. "nntl''* '''''". oil I r pur 'in ii t-. ,I.) something unu-4>ialPI

    I con1Pat }' lathe !\ 'n Columhll has tjtn \vouM! never Ireuni of f tsiUin: the iliys writeH.. c. Jhreteiia' i f Hay- I 'r ItN ISti Eli KuMVlrtin n quirt pnit ol \ :: our line for the holiday H'I- OD.

    Ii the water IS running I f.. the Io-i4 li.vvnout ji tlirfitv, convenient t'i luisuie center. S- ( ) jr wmk ouii't: be improved on, but
    ( swept away :\1 I that are pecissry r ; (itlJ. :Miin. "} 0)r three years: I wj* I'aul Uiaj care ofV'm. Johnxm Aeoa. oc-:::: -. -

    hroigh na\tim'f) room of tho 1'a-: I. f<'!-ti\iti ipq of t lie N.irs, ''> vviildiK;:. t'onblnl with ily-pep-i i !-IO that I lohcLf i ;-tz--i:4: : w" \, ill try.
    The vater is> --- --- ----- --
    aI' PhtflI\Iflli3. So the maidens\ who :ire vvoocil il! tie! 11 I Id! nothing .to.iitth.Moiiv I = C -
    tc c< u >i on my : '( It 1"> 14J';. I = .
    -KUbin, feet of tV.e Fourteenth stnrtpawaVo i year round me usually: \\'I'I.I! I :sit thlieu'i'inii'A' .> : times would, h.- iin-ible. to re- ---- -- I'

    Jlrlthc. and : : across: ; is refusedto I of vvlnti-r.i I Norvveuiiin: wooinus 11'11'/1' morsel <>f food. FitiHlly 1 I was:I I ''itU '4 i 1.1'; OK KENT-: 1'lrahla! piece. .c.T f

    II this Vrnrture is earrit'ilaY.t 1I flunk :IT:d try lug; :1 i doIr.sr. IM iilint-J tO my bed. D'X'or'liil: I I 1'of properly a 01\r'O'IIII illUs ou I ti.o.o !
    teams. ; :trl'r nreel. a tiii lurE" 'lot Ternnea-y. Aiy|
    take \\Vhit tht: two oilier \ <'n : : :JIII\: ; ti tin- !. ns. could not. live. I fid nne "{ jour to ,'. I olulIl')'.:"I: W'tst tUn'f htiet.. ALL WORK C. O. D.
    ,. :. ?: i l'ul1Inl'r. ....: .: ."h'", I I..m..nt.. cm Kudo! I\-IM rijCnr 'lini'I I
    I .I"P' -. i '- -
    :111.1 IJYW :_vs :ire .n.
    ( I'n' the l.islnv.i.xs;:: ; ; e"; :V"nut *1 E. GARDEN STrooooa
    Lt A'M \fRailroad t1it" Colambiwfl lKtersMowly uml tllo"1211t: it li' my 1 ilue ir.i ifiu'n nuil nore TELEPHONE: : 114.
    house P..ii-li: :l .- 'it u.n "*
    ciir.jitf i
    The rower with lovers.! .
    1 unnmc4l l it- u-e. I "ln-LMis; tn n.ifrt'in I .vtj..II..ng. oueinvr ur seniraie. nile (iion. FREE.-
    Wil' <. earlylarKnfss !li-a t thy.! \Ii:* ( : CALLED FOR AND _
    tin- _
    1 company I !ions.: lot in 'Ipl"V" tt.<* fir-t buttle. :c.ow I lw-t buili autin lli- cilt ; UKiJvrnpriixetntiri '
    the city W:1S In la-t U"i- '.IIII.I"r"! licr arm :i':.out t.i.ill." -. IIJ.: liluii-l lift rust \\ riLiIii1rei. I II'
    and to rio ;d oo.ut fo. tin cured and recommend u...tr ''ti'ellhnt lioanlmx: WALKER TNGKAEAat. Manager
    iIght.! Nearly :; ir.th ot raia! ha
    \ fallen !Ia the! \ '< laity of 'omi'. (;'aA I :irtii.. if they |pUII:1! i.ttlc: i'.iit: ; wiilifiidu'.s : troll hle''. H,i r'* I r.iHruiacy. Johne \1',1..':!"'..''II\.,. 'I.rto-t Aiii'. ) lo I'... ): -II Ugh.III.U'l tIItOI $.

    1tn hoae ami 2 l:. Mos! ot -otion were I !: n)<.t oven !if tlu-y stop[ tit, stkwitli ; :: ::; ; paid: Htli1fJilhn.: -
    the P.toV ri -- --- ----.- -- SAl.K-T.lM Hunt OrMrHlilH lot, It : W B WRIGHT
    wahed away in ai tr a GOfDPflllMANL'KACTUKhKS
    L'\ t i.isii.l i Rf'niai'ttiinoi'sTen ; ,
    ad Atlantid) trai"k 1"-1 cry 0:1 raiy terms, by the .1b..11t.1 !
    'ThW.'stOrJI : >.::.> lirtv.-e: tliolirst S \011C. Mouth alatui
    ''i; tl.ol::"-!! yrr.ts ofunl.ij; : titatg..ccy.: :2i;,
    t ietn Hf-mo md Klnssturiyis: under IIf .nrl.lail'! -i-d the I!:ty i.fniarii.it I IIIVP been authorizet] to taleabcriptions ; iir-f-t. _l alniIIA _. I f ri
    I ater. Tliia Is a i'J i.nli.Ks !:,,\\'\\ .'r. an-1 It oiy -rr' In troth- rVm.. .'j'inH! I 1k ANt UKALEUS IN
    '. vvh'U': a scii yo lit (. ( )O U.*
    not interfiTiwith Ham(" 1'1 < 1:1..lt'ratt' lirviiu'-- ttrtper. "Tl.e Cot:m.Itt' r.l'be . .. __ u -- _. .. '
    an: line bl tWt.\ N" h'. ill.. :\ridn14. tr"1 ill is i l'.niofl..1! ;.ry. :: :. pricn u 11.00 IlO'r' year in advance. \l''- \KMt fF.110.r-MunofacloreiitnJ : T T .T-I, 'l LUMBER LATHS
    !t'iixth.V('man's I lone c..p.Iut de-irin the paper d'-nlt-r n tliiir I'tMxio ii"m. lotlrirnciea ,
    ... uk.vtC.'i0 U. ( "VHllm"nl .
    \ r

    I On thr.oni'Ti! A1! '.: ar.01" ,the rnllc .-.f -(?... --ialihl, :rouik.nct c.in iun"the it underin.Ptlt t.> them I by #t.ujtug :ureet. --- .- -- -- --.- I I U \ MED/ CTPEESS

    iuis\ille and :\a: .h\.li'1 .'.e .'"" of ( ,' ip" :\ f"1l: t.h: ''' M'1! <'hilvouttiu o'f41Ul I.tUtj 11. :M. ROCHE. _i-I' ''_''_-o.w I._I,'"" I .IIII..rul.. -S-. --'. 0-- jji ;;: H.INGLtHlin.DrieUJ

    ick .' *" ''* *XV :"T ..\\ i n'ar 1-na.l n.witl f tTSY.lL'" tarn.a.G .
    j ) Vv; to Ila'! Care ))::1 ily Xt. L LIIWI-I:uM FIIK .. PKVSACOIiA.: : FLA.
    .... I niniT-i Mv in liouuue'.p or'-brcit d..I..o.
    .1 l.iwk v.hu-h uujitUtl! : I'M'n ir..o tI..,' Vl0ltto.; '-1' "-u.t,1: )5bL (irri.nryOiiO.
    H.' ifruij 1'itn Musnall.r! !: 11'1. :!\'tll m
    : !l Cr, ;:t liver.: S
    it* -rn.-it aul: isuutil CASTOR .
    (1l't lUll ') HI.Mr tri Ui1. I 'I'lltt l'4' ESTABLISHED 1863.

    l OSTE1I"Ric: Mom:th.ICELISRA1tO to' it- ct'I -!:lIt liaW'lii'S: .' I.t ...,...... - - -
    \ - -- - -
    ... U "III f For Infants< and Children. iHi' il lKKKs--1i.'i llllin-n. Itooo'
    b \( U ,,\ iU 'i t lltil' \ \\.t-'uz lelstui !:.' :!!''"-'. I 1r, r..OIl"'v t." 1..r..1 i.tt e.nIo. ,..I'
    i p ( II' Will I SI'ltt.-f fill.-I'I"ii .\< liinHiii'| :.-,l lie notii-cil- tl-t aud t'ali.M.k The Kind Yea Have Always! Bough! 0'. iit. 1 '1"ow.r
    nil f1' \ : l.iiiw I \"t'ry -----
    organs anJ o ir \\ :It 11.1 l 1:1': ::1" la 1 !itluzi1i. : A : U.111" o -DEALERS IU- a
    .I' :II'\\ T. t Bears theSignature // vi.. < : ini
    J ick Heaiacli ilu.sin.inirt'ly: hI' fI'wtll',1 its t' : ---,. - ---. ------- --
    : 1:1:1-I of I .s tt'A' fElo-10 CHll' on rtnc.5 and General flantaare
    It t.5' It.t'I') ; OM Chandlery
    ItJ tJ I' Flat nleccv. tit : :iit.l 1 ior nnlT on lih I <>( inliling 1 lirm ,
    u.iuaitT..i in th.. tu.i.,...s. t.Tnhl1.b..tl: irnOe pnm -)-
    il "' ;" 11\t\\'lna\ .t\1-1.11..1, IIlu"t IIH IntrliHnt 003 AM COS S. FALM-tJX MTItFJT.w .
    1 Indijestion, : ., !'nM tl'P <:- '. u'ur : >n pt-rmiuna ,.
    : ; stool inde',,*litl 'e 'at..xp..Io..fleet&iolro
    I I w.1I vutl! a Iu -". undersigned take'thimethodf : .- EC'--
    ; : aad Djipepsia.t life |III < nlun "* ;! The 1'.11. hoSrfs. i'biiudripbiit. -
    a '
    as ;
    services :'tol'0'
    bl..'.. vi>i>\ In.'t::Ii \1,1: luar'l I -.> naifh" labMiuw :; 'nkrm... liccnd lier midwife Invn ::=-- REVERE COPPER COMPANY JOHN A. ROEBLINO'S P0!;8 CO,

    It.I? Of M ,'.t-1 tt r'. n'.i! MI r.ttf Len.l\ lM-lnsi'1 fir-t-ci \- ; experience. A % .1. kI) GA LVANIZED WIRE ROPE, A. RUHHKL A BON'B: PUMPBCunt .
    STOMACH ha ] ;t.years; --
    t !. Aln I ftii-o fr nn nnl.tI!* jutcolly ; .! S ------- '
    f 'ft.Iflrr. Mo-aL- he: l.a.l\" ( : of references fromleatfi:1g' >-The peopl. to *ee lmt a Ills lutictl listniiiti Cktrts iitkin ftIL
    "I'. Q. tour. o1.UIl,; I the uosjh.-N' \ "-w YoiIItraUL. (Cn: > "ive phvsio'an h..t' of thi city. UAMtl ein< niiK-Mnf I ran ...,1 fort Cirdiji ?aIits. ,

    II. \1 tlC"'''. J. >.Anorea.Ifl.I'ula'oi MaJsit OOKP4AAF.Ii.IJIiS.! Kill:
    : ,
    ___ TOBACCO SPIT MR?. M.
    ( \ .. OOlSS i anJ SMOKE lit South De Vilhcrs rit.Foiey's -- C. McKenzie O !rtlni,; Collecting Agent for lit: Pilots Benevolent Au-
    ;: Houiiu mu livid women to
    > I
    """"h" $ Attention. > Lifeaw3ylI -- i A
    elcr7. \ our elation.
    .. SburlbHiiU aid
    \\ tram liu *-kpii t.
    \ I !,'Tnt ..I 1\tJJCU:: n""Ka..y Kidney Curecukes ... More d..n'nu'h f'.r our pupllr
    " Tb' will regular meeting of I 'U can \0(' riie-i d a'lY' filII o'tlew T) t ntinij.
    111"n.r. .
    ... upoly Per lunht-r liitornmiKill -
    I. toial. 'eit. olfl'lIl' e.oo
    I h. PDACetM..oi.1: Si"*>ty at .! Iie and og.... I'y lol.t; NO.TO.BAC feijaeys and bUddcr tight. nan PH I.t \tux'> Itmiry-. ('oll..oz... .j4ttU. : ; $..
    I the P--aril of HeaU I office tat Hat m..\.rs ......I.; rwn "lot'!:. 'flY I! 0T1S -- ::fM CURE YOURSELF
    I 500,00ourtd. poe "' e niP'7 o.-r PENNYROyAL Pit
    ; o'clock m Tjay.Jaii 14 and 2S. ten pounds in ten dars. Over & Co., AtTal-'s
    i> All fiiaraatirtt. 1''Ie. Thos. C. Watson ,ttl "i M.A.Farnw.v.: POTI. tc1 I lr.a t- HiiMi for UOL.'U",. ,. .
    phy.ttSjati4 are cordiau. : dy.ii.t. Cue o.rFRLI"E1EUV : tike I. I t.4ai. iI.tto.r.q. .flguiniwt001tL I I ..... If O..l.J.c.AFL
    V&tU3g !
    tltezejt I.4Uc
    I a.i.l avhive JkiiAiW: Heal J> 5----- !
    ::1'1. 4J7 the )Ipadin 1..1'1. itV.oot4 I. "? II -.yIIuiI. .. .. KNCJt
    litij YOI it( C.ki CIIIII.TJ1t.frJ4Ok :
    JDTUttd to a ttlH1.\ it CO., Cl.ica.j3 or :\cw -boulders of the -- ... 0 fl.N ,f 00. Op L. I .
    I ill the worrv oil the - ..... .. .... ... ... ,,I.01' In.II s.4 1..14 e&9. .-
    Di\ E. F. BRITP, theefltioa ( KItoWN: (4joIj .J" .. .. .. .,, : I ", UII .. .. ......
    S \ President.BKKY i Chror.ic Constipation Cured. ,wners of rrurfflY. manatre. the ,..) ,Io..t.l-folt'hh.'V! )"orlt ao.i E.g.,. for ,,,,''. s .r '''; :.qo .II ') fl' r .. ,, I "" 1 ,-,?-*\t,.. ....11*...-..'... .....hh.."'".'....' UaII ..
    hna-es Itl' .. ,', .y,1I bs I. tI. ... g.t.4 .
    of tteir .. a W'IIIt..r1..r' "oC .rO I .
    : .o S rw .
    A), W. f'!. DK ,-. Tie r.nt ,-. ',ort >t OLverv: o! tt ft'* roi'-eipu- ., u' ,'. r'. '1'10" I'! c. > :.... .r P.VurS'.H.Tt.. .. .
    : tcttl'fi nf >eir .. .. V ':- .o -. .H.f '. ll '
    .mr>t r Secretary. recent ver.ri.: .> : i hT, ve fl'n-.e'\ I..u.h' as they w"uld" ,."..1-.11.1"'*'>nlrM.: l ----(-'J".....-.-,'I.\\-n-... .... .... .. '.: ... -,. .,,.!. :. .. I I a__f.' r<,.r:' M-..... |I'ki.M.kmrr<' '. < kr
    MP.r % : I 4-- 0 II
    j tor const tpj '.i. (. i<" u t .:.- I .11.' '*} '!u.ir'dl.r- 'LO\l.'ERoI, and Floral. LI'J.IID -....... ----
    H 01 te4i f >r cooton.orsit.4
    -t. :" I: -
    I I : B '.'.'athart-; ..:: '. ..;.rit- i. ( .,'rlineta1t .. eTonr nuncio ,, 11:1 f'tarIP.. % i1..e VtuUUa Mon-uo. s.:; Wut Ir"jo" -uL"cnt.t to) the Nit :; luc per
    Yu he ao1'i21 :=;rI : '. fn :er. :?.dlmi. ,"uk.I TIT THE NEW Want C
    I; t ; ,\.,' ,I C. C. -1 Car s 'ti >'tcure\ r :.... :L<)D rI ;uuou3.'" i
    :::. uc..;; cr.J..l.dr.lSl.oe,
    1 I. .oc.: ;;
    in U .Ii. : 10C.
    1:0.1..1 C

    iLH \ } .

    0--.. I L\ -5-- 1 .,... .
    A S
    ....., ..

    9. 1 _+. .,,w.:
    & \ } 1

    f- ,.,

    r 1



    MEN AS THEY PASS. T I ;:1!

    CL'A51GAIUNFLIG Senator Burton of Kansas! has sLaveO I I
    The Downfall of Ilasto. .
    off his black mustache.SantcsDumont I
    ctlU'; FOB rBAUi Hasoliall! followers the country over t
    joined the
    r new with '
    will bear a tirge of regret that
    London Aero cu'! :> ::nd wil! take: : up his i iresidence
    CflTflHRH; the mighty Amos Hus!('. once famous i
    II. &9 in the ItritUb rniiltal. jCcntaln j as the star pitcher of the New York IN GREAT VARIETY .
    IVrDlcrdt, SoLiorhorst .f the1)eutscidand NICK'SPLACE
    I'Eits : : ( ( club Is! now \\orkins as: a laborer lij-;
    Cream Ba'm' oa lIl'c.1 finished his one grog\ ditches for rater mains In the i

    hundredth voyage across the ocean. streets of Muncic! Ind. Instead of $150; '',, -_YTDanoheisser- .t)

    };..,r.....,,d'...nlalnonoInJur. pl..".antUhquUUy ,IO Mr. J. S.: Littlo. a Kansas j.ioncor! > Creek he Is earning;; $l."it")) a day. .
    to u .."" + t1ruo/ Ciwi at Hiawatha m-cmly nftir Map-{I I Uusle was a mnttn-M maker in Muncie Bros. ;

    .. M.-i Ins! nnst o: the tim. for three years. j jAVhile earning ?12:: a week when in lhM. '
    bl Irnr f HEADIt
    ed- \ COLD'N rr I
    lit oon' In :1ntan:1, t'al.. he Mept! from j at the age of twenty-one he Iwundeil
    prni nt cme4 tin ;\.;tI l'naaaq" s May: .3 last to .\u;:. :U Into notice, and it Anssaid: that his Two Saloons.
    "n. H"N ant "1'n.trctNfor
    AIUlnnaiiim.tti.' OitiirtM tf! fiwf Tu-h' Captain Ernest S. D. CnldscLnihit: of : arm was a steel spring! while his head
    and Mnt li>.raa iMttize He. at Urufe'gUu or by a Welsh) regiment, who 1 is niontiotu-d j i was ab olutfly lo\cL Ills habitser Orders for Case and Jug Goods Promptly :Filled.

    mall J nil blue I'le' : 1''IInTIIEk:. for di Agent
    ;16; \\ rrnrttett\ew Voik. has the further distinction of being ; ,.
    the BOD of Jeuuy Liud. the famous : MAIN HOL'SE-401 louth Palafox. :- '

    MATRON AND MAID. I sinser.Brigadier. ; -:- K. R. EXCHANOE-Opposite Union Depot. ,

    -- f"nHllllIl'nr: Kolierts.1T. 1 Phones 11G 2W.(; 1'. O. Box 2S1.
    I'r-idint IxulH't's wise is an osreptloually : S. A., ntirod. has gone to Cah'eston. : I
    v ftxl d'.".p'ujtr. Tes., haxins; IKK-II appointed} l>y j ,
    of the o'lninrssluiiers of that city to superintend -
    Mr.. Mu'gtterne Uarren Springer: -
    ('W"an l.as pi\en! a rite in that: city! } the plans for the protection ':

    for the 1ru1N.M 1 home for the Industrial of the city from the sea in severe .t The Most Popular !
    & CO.
    Art Itaxue.Mi l ; I

    1 -> KiiiinaVl.itincre: : station: sent: Mayor:: Stephen Charters recentlypl.eted rot ,

    at \Yaniauli.; N. 1'., has Ictn a railroadfr : on the Ijilior ticket Anvmi.i.. ;
    for twuitj-C: ; 'e year >:tl(' n->t I ('oin.: says": he will! continue to work as Plumber Gas and Steam Fitter

    only stlla t.;,'ket<, l-lit. takt-! t'.II"" if theInidit Journeyman i-ariwiiter. bet will doote ,
    : and I Uuis1'; ; 1\ his fveu.ncs: tr: the city's interests

    The roiiiiiess nf Iinirid: k has ti,I.I" Fn tl.ut every citizen may: find time to No. & South Pnlafox Street.

    to 1-e I.IIII\MI; as ill'- ", ltalm"l.d1ut- I talU to Liia. R [ESTAU I RANT I Ii All Kinds Oi 1'jumbin and O&a Fittings Materials Kept on Hand ,
    title tlnuuu! JoliM r.rastiear.lio: Ins just .
    ">os, liii\in;: tarnttl 1 111:11 ; ) Mr. A. v ''ut'W 'n.'tt sec '. IItI"1'I.. a'I.AAIMUAVERY
    )Il'!' effert'( in ursaiiiziu;: a k:1t"Lr been (1.! '(-ted d.Wl.i..r! ..f the ('Iin'r.f : -- l
    HtIIin: ; MiahiriKks f) l.t-r i-wuwrjinen; I ty of \,','!
    1 \\1. are far fro.n I'nine.! I rolling; mill man in l'itt"l.llI':, twciitytne -

    I The d.i\vicir Itt'.i! -'s--e I,t.!"!; I i.s: a ;years ago; and today; I if the greatest L I: ..

    i lal.'i.t for M"ulpturjirewni : ', :.U1 N ''''I'nlil'lllIt of LimlM-iipe: I'-ns makers and ('lID of t'f 4 ,
    K-icntibf* <>If tlie world.Stlipstlan : !", i II1IctaSOI' ro I
    <-:i a !.irt,<' nut;k l'I'i.n.mln the fort-most c env if Ilootrou )
    J >i"ptre iMZlle t'.ll: i t>:,dll \','h- II liniiiil.!) : n Kttlinur. the Lee!"T of I IMPORTER AND JOBBER OF I
    it will Up'attil oat : .' dt t'.ie: IJI.al'tmouul.lu"i..f ; : : Wavliinzton! r.i oiinn'i.t: at \\la- In Pensacola. I

    ; the ItnIH'1'h I II in;:ton. died the other day. Ito WS aj- i :Bard: vvare

    ) INs I Kathrriue Undies t.f nl\ ::4.1 pointni ten years ar. aid! each day he f

    Or.t.. Is the leji'M-r; t.f a ino\"" : tIt fit !I ascended) it least t.nce to the. jsillerybeneath I

    provid;; rnipliij nient ter liidr.n!: dlil'l I the Mntuo! to light; the! \\iiiIiiCstairway I Iron Nails, Axes, Shovels, Saw Mill and Steamboat Hnppllei, Cooklaf I

    | ,1 and in doing; sj ni'junted. "J"J> and Heatlcx Stoves, Paint. Oils stud Window Glass,
    'L. 1 : I : bh'J1s. FINE Agate and Tinware and Houseforuishing Goods. ;

    Indian proteges.: v.ln-h: I.:";;.fl" "theinaUcs 'II Oliver II. 1' Belmont U wearing in : f
    things jrn jili I a-aitly: WashiDKtou a standup! (,.,'!Ilr three Onus, Pistols and Fishing Tackle I

    Mr%. I_ I':'Mist.f Iltiinuhain.rcn! !! I inches\ high In the l btek: with Harms: Biloxi ,
    OystersRECEIVED i AdENT BlrmlD bitni Rolling Mills Company, Revere Giant
    ty.l\e! ; ears old.! has' ," euiiipieod! : \\'in;: points in front whkh conceal his ehinalniost I tj
    and chopping; live! eunK uf.ini ft.r I completely. Tl.,- pffair 1 ".l.... :. j j Stitched Belting, Northampton Emery heel Company Laftln Bad .

    winter IIM'. Kin- is \.tll in <:.i and not lie! the neckwear attributed to Clad: I AMO3 KCSIE.j Powder Company, Johnson's Ealsomlne, Iron Ring and Back's BtoTM
    r one to IM- idleien! lIlt y" tin .SulHir.: ,! year I'O roeehed at the start was a fortune AND SERVED IN ALL Made Railroad Colors.i .

    she told relatixcs \' hn it'i.it n>trated. JEWELRY JOTTINGS.Ivory i iI to him. i I -Masonic- 1Ipmnlp. .. Pensacola, Fla.

    Iuly Curzon.\ this .in're; : It hone \ :>e- iI I I Husk1'lfo: I teas Sate;( Sloan of Mun- '"

    reiutif India, has I. tninii.! ..:'>:li n.'d ircods have become more than cie. They sere di\oreed and then re- : STYLES.

    by yiitt-n Al"S.ind' l a tn MIJM'rint-i'd tli<' rUT am.NpiiuvUii): : of Lute (I ninirled. only to get into mure domestic '
    |irvi>arntl<>n cf 11 iiinnlM-r <>f dnes tuIK. l ro'N.; Holiday LiquorsAT !
    ,, "l-oiiS tliinimd chainsill IK', it I H > -- -
    j .- earn liy the jneii dw'n; :; the <- :'0- paid the acne of ilesance in wluhiLeeLuvnr. lie was in his prime in l":.H. Altrrnatir -
    1 ullti..11 :1.11. 'nil" .' Jre.ae.r.' tj lie '
    ;? with .I.inett Meelcin. Kllsle! hclp-
    tINriafy etabroG4tvJ! l!y 1 u.!:t:' uoHH'll. (.1 to win the Temple cup in a Mri,'sKtweui TILE
    A tiny tea f:4-'t In Lard! Hammeredgold Dinners flNLT
    the elianipinn( naltimons of Reguar y
    of "now nit"outline.
    Anna ltil"mi Kicha .,.n>ii"fi; <'"!:!- I I1II ie; oxs on a tray that year and the :\('W01'1...<. Wh'nrreidimn
    l : \vl.o a !>t'I" i'f' Maine.!: !JKalmi.t: ) 1'-, 1'tI..p.I. cot li-iid of tltl'.W Yr>rk>,
    9 lions to her cretiii.! MiiUii.| !'.- re intlyo is fiMiiii"! and In.lilrlt:1! : KI,\Id. .: Hn<'ie was suspended in lJu"' and >tiiyed M GREAT KENTUCKY[ n r BRREL I HOUSE ij L a
    i is T
    i Anioii: the oddities in 1.1'.l'hl's ; a lie Y I
    a ';I'lllrt. IMIU the md!Is of i out of the ;game tint: season. I
    4 l..onJf'IIt"'s IHK-IU. "The KIMIIT: \ and'I', j.iis>y cat of I entifil golden:: hue with came back': in 1\:: ( lint was Lilt nf the .

    the riimris." for tie! {laii;::<>r Ai'ili'Male brine irrecn cjes. v.Inch K present tame asia in IMKt.: The next "':11'111'
    (quartet gild it l.r.s tar l U s t':"-'ij ti-d Pal in the net of plajius! with a pear: reported for duty.! I hut left fur hoi.ie licfori : THE LVUUIIST AND 1IKST -OIITMKNT OFaoil

    r by a Lundi'u iniliNher.! [I' IJlII.-Jl'\\ triers' CircularWceLlv.SAVES : > he Liyid a :';auie. At one, tiuie '

    he receded i nearly $l.H( ) fur hi!< 1iipUiu1 l e ( Domestic \Miles Liprstodies s

    months w uk. pitching: ; two or three ,

    i cftI i !games a v<./::. i the .nnl 01'11S, c 1'"V .
    I 110\1(1:01:1'> : litiiiMos arc !said: } :n 1.larr1j' .(" '- n -

    I rI'IoI"JIi-j\.I\ U' for Uu!';e's dawn. -'
    w LIFE fall. Wlitn seen. at his new wink hi1MM ,;-Pudding \Strict Attention to the Jug and Case Goods Trade,

    ".;uy. \V< !1. this bl.ov.\ I'm utt .
    '. Willard III. August 1. 1900. afraid to \\oiN-" an i Full Measure and Lowest Prices. t i-
    \ I was in bad health this sprint and could not --- ol.t i. : I IWl
    pit up inbt'dfortour "ieks. When I nasci.ntined *
    i\ my child died.Vhcn Itwgantoaitup I Ante anti 'lIn.Thana.: eL3unceu 5. A. FRIEDMAN Sole ) I

    felt back sowt and'a h lc i.and... I h t dakidnev'trouble:and filly The rep-.its thttule unhn-sity nthletie ) ? r Prnprietai,
    ing of the womb. I also had hysterical fnlH. I utlirLIc; art ennsideritthe c.urs- then
    f.t in a had condition whet I received your thin ef resinning athl!..ri'latinns with 10. But a :H. Talafox >t. ]J' O. li-x II\\:0.:: It'rtollt': 17'J.Pcnsacola IS i
    Ladies' Birthdav Almanac" amt read the adTenisemcntofWnepf -
    the UniMi'sity: of I'ennsjl\ania is proiiiinneeil -
    Cardqi; and Thrdfurd's waa ncplorelntendetr
    lllnck-Draught. Since April 20th. 'hate taken untrue liy, leading; Vale) men.The 4 Fla.K. .
    ft>ur bottles of Wins; of Cardui and three taclE-:
    ege of Thedford's lilack-Dnagbt. 1/.1 likes opinion is that Yale micht! in an- ..
    new person now. I can do all\ my work and can other sear coni' to !soino' jiirrooniciit: : lookt
    walk out to lee any nf my neijhhors. I believe C. BREST, W.\I.H! 1NUWLhII.::! \V'. K. HVKtt: JR., J. H, KitBE.
    would bye been in the grave bid it not been with renn.-jUani.i.! : l.eeau the Utter (U our hockBippe. I'rpsld nt, Tice-President. "a.hhtt. A.'t c.bler.
    i / for Wine of Cardui. IT SAVED MY LlrR.Mrs. institution had iliribiftyrules! ; as t-trin-
    petit as any college In the country. IndixMiFtiiin yov
    It ii well that women arc mere patient than ; the n;;rt'nient mado between i do wh* | i
    men. Few men could bear the bitter pangs Il.mard: : and 1'allfl.r another would do Wit First National Bank
    the and distress that women endure. ,
    agony i ;year at football Manager; Travels: of fhlt
    Thousands of have come to look
    women upon
    ... the Yale I'outball association bald that ,
    I I' suffering u a duty of their sex. But there arc
    the for two ; taking -
    agreement was
    nanysnitancu of this (heroic fortitude which years OP Pi.NSACOLA.I'LA.
    in the game that was \played nt I

    ; Cambridge on Nov. J3 as well as thegame ;
    to be p'ayed'' next year. I
    H. KNOWLES, W. A. BLOUNT, F. C. BRENT, W. K. UTER. Jfll)
    new rd r* unttoeas+h'. Women need no longer rafter for modesty'stake. !, Special Orders
    :1 In the of their AnnllirrrrkvB For Cnlamltln.Columbia : D. O. BRENT,
    Wine of Cardui bnngs relief to modest women privacy
    t home. Many of the but homo In this city arc never without this great t is to have another Weekei.The !. '
    It white and of the womb and completely eradicates newcomer Is Hradford Weeki's, n
    medicine. curti falling
    f these dragging periodical pains. Mrs. Davis cure shows and take you Wine conclu.of I brother of Harold \\Yd.es, and \has: nlnady served all hours of rorli 1 ad DomllU BI Iu 1 B BoqA t IIi iL

    I i lively what you nay expect if you follow her example made n name for l.imself on theInterK'hol.istic
    Cardui. Thcdford'i BUck.Draujht aids Wine of Cardui by regulating the gridiron: ( as right! end
    stomach and bowels. When you ttk your druggist for these medicines, be : during the on the Morris- the day or night at
    Black : present year a'We draw oar own Bills of KxcrmniM oa Oust Britain. Inland
    Thedford'i Draught
    them. It Wine of Cardui and
    sure that you saved get Mrs. Davis' life.was Never take a substitute.rnr.d.te.andhteratanaddb.ympten. town (N. J.) school tear \\ hiI'll't.n Reasonable Prices. .Germany, France Austria, Italy Holland, Spain, Barium, RaiU, 1Ior
    nine of ten games plajed! l and mired way, Sweden, Denmark and other European oornhtea.I

    IfeputouBl" The CbJUUnoog* M/Uan Coaftr... .Cb li1ad4a'Adel1........ Tam.>AI 3Q) points as asain: fifty made! by Itsopponents. Iris
    rS.I i A tanv.i'-s of Columbia: Vessels < 'c' .table Term. and Chile
    Obl1gaUou Taken Payable a' Port of DedJl .Ion Ten
    : or Fln..D
    : players: shows: that Morley.[ Mcl-eilan. Dar-
    Sea Fond DinnersA alter Vessel Arrin8 'here.I .
    Van: lloexenlierg, I nine nndVdlard!

    arc the only nun who will not return I !'Safety Deposit Boxel for Rent in Connection

    mat jear.T with which we have a Privata/Apartment for the U..
    Sense. Specialty. Renter,.
    '. .
    If > <><" ( Lnmphon.hlpe.Tysoe ,

    the Knglivli half mile chain- -
    I pi'.n: who died recently, was a rimarkable -

    It takes keen common sense attilttiIle prnetloally! devoted THE GARDEN SECTIONPensaool
    i himself! toatliletics.! and hiv leeord, was
    add i to judgment aad !!
    : superior
    remarkable. He won tIe: KnglNhjuarter : Cigars o-off*-,
    I riencetobesuperintendentof
    eX1" i half! one mile four mile, ten ,
    a rail.-oad. man never re-
    Such a
    ) tuile and ;ro<'' eouniry ehampit.iishljnin ; Florida.Near
    "- he has not .
    comsisjig any thing that I difi'ereiit se.iMi'is. for he was: ca the

    r himself subjected to crucial test. track for over tuthecars..

    J A prominent' railroad superintendent ;;,1 -- ALE l THE f POPULAR r l BRANDS. East Hill Ele'. Railway Terminus.BeautifuLotsUfor ,
    1 livh vft Savannah, Ga., in ,. Statute For i'rnnk .!anr. ,
    i which cit. he was born, says Let nll..1 1 :M.ihaney. iu.iii.i--ir: f.r IIP
    t Frank Jones. I't.rt-mwth. X II. N! 111 t Sale. /
    u. feels fcctte. than he ever did and / /
    I '1'1:1111lIt\ \ tl.y' \\"iIll'lfi1plin::: :a i eta
    1 he had the vorst case of dyspepsia' ion .
    "/ {; t /f ileveloj
    '.lit. thenjir.seiit i ids l 1"1'1 U to -
    !1 the little he ce disagreed with him, f ft to and /
    intle- location surroundings.
    i ( the loupe on">s at this f.inu in ;!! Only place in Pensacola
    causing him jo vomit often lie ipation of an earnest campaign; in 1>)Cl.rrr ;

    t had pains in ie head, breast and jlt where you can get Eceplioltllfrl: .VeiStoorhwl. lleautlfitl View
    P ,
    I stomach, but ater using three bot- : 7 f and llir Monk. 1ft
    lt I
    ties of T. P. Pie felt like a new / The return of, The .'lvlJl;. '-':I :M',. to the Genuine Tampa Dry Fertile Land

    man. He says Utt he feels that he \the stably! of )Ir Jeers; !" who campai.'ntd The -

    could live foreve-jf he could always him a* a four j ear-old and gave !hm: Made grandestopportunity for investment ever '
    his pre-ent n,,f rd. Is I one of the notable ..ffered in
    get P. P. P. Hie,tunic will be givenoa Pensacola.
    I reoent event*. Trod:
    ''I, application of this t) Lippman Brothers. the who Is also owned by Fred Oerken, Havana i! Ilvn e seekerx Should- See These Lots.
    proprietors treat reme y. will be in Mr. Get'rs stable. IIesges Cigars
    Dyspepsia ia tjj its forms is promptlyand r i

    permanently, v;red( iv p. p. p. General In Foul to William I'enn. :SO7 1-1. C1UbbS !

    nt':/ Debility and lack tf energy give place to vim and ambition through The once famous trotting, mare Miss .

    \ the use of P. P. P. tlood Poison and all its incidental and hereditary Nelum.:11. by Norfolk, dam Miss forner Garden
    and Alr.
    r banishedby Pa., heavy (> nipS
    Ills are e.tllcatcdp. P p. Rheumatism I..q..edaod Las"iter. is at I'henistille. _

    P..P.compound P., as are, whhas*S:*:LD Catarrh> > BY steadily and ALL Malaria.t 'own DRUGGISTS.in P.favor P. P.for la year a purely c vegetable I William with foaled Richmond foal In Penn.1SSD to the and 207Vi.noted.bred Miss trotting IT Preston Nelson. stallion was Belvln : NIGES PLACE r I r un IBW S' T Te

    UPPMAK BROIfcRS, Yz.LZZ- ;;f .I.wiw. Savannah, Ga. I ( 3T

    ( .

    ...... F

    '< +r- 1'"S 9 N C ",r ,Dr T _. t' +.. -.. ,.


    ; .


    r.I r.F f J


    , L

    . S1D DAILY NEWS : '!by the fifteenth day of October. \ Dkta'1bttc' t.UU1x p. I ENTERTAINMENT

    Taxes are doe and payable on the FOR THE LIBRARY sa
    Shipment to Twenlj-s.ii Different

    iii $irM M the Pod Office at Peaucol, : first day of the succeeding January, j Porte, Amounting to (1.K05.319.: Preparations -are complete for one PER CENT
    ,_........1-clMi matter
    but provision is made for discounts
    The exports for the last month i of the most attractive entertain-I,

    O O.Miesl vIOa li.up-stain.Pin Building. }4 t5o' tb Pala- and upon for payments interest previously on delinquent made.I climbed up to the figure;: of$1.!)(; ,3 9,1 i ments of the season, t.> bp given ini; Daring claim paid Hept.by nearly the Equitable 98 per cent.In the(98.160 United%) of States the death and f\f

    which came near equalling. : the I aid of the book fund of the Penacola Canada were paid within OLe day after proofs:: of death
    PtJBLdHLrD !I amounts after the first of February I
    BYTO day month November.. : Library association Itt te Library 'were received

    TEWS: PUBLISma CO.T.Invarlably fallowing There entered daring the month Saturday: e'elllnvJanuuyl.. : NUMBER. AMOUNT.
    J Much from the The program, which is for a
    Is for -
    In Advance. operations steamship of a tit. tonnage of childr l1' "fancy dre-- rnrty:' Includes Claims Paid. '_" ..._. .-. .. 163 $744,717
    of these several ofliiaU: in the
    .. TMT 1111 __._ _'5 w4tt i8.417 and 20 sailing?.el.< with an a Mother G,ios" Liiticiers to
    fcj Paid within . 160
    .. of increase in the aggregate: little one day- 738,717THERE
    way bright
    HWUii ?..______ __ aft' agrel:. ale tonnage: of 2,13; There be executed by some
    Tim Mcnthi ___._>._.. ?-. 1 M valuation through the reaJjuitmeat people in characteristic! costume
    'OMHWKk ____._.._ .. NI', cleared during the month Is steam-: time cakewalk WERE ONLY THREE CLAIMS THATHEJ.U
    Week,II]. Carrier,pAyable Monda 10 of individual a .- which should be to provide the of a total also by small chiUrea in cos- : ElI UNPAID ON THE SECOND lJA y,

    THE WEEKLY NEWS tonnage of lti.'; .. tu ne. Total Claims Paid. ... .... .
    : : municipality with: revenues approximating The were distributed as Refreshments will!! be served, and $ 744,217
    [IWtabsdsYery Friday. ttl.ceper; year its real need*, and ..o a general good time for old and
    : Total Premiums Paid
    .-....Ira.. : f..II.ws: .. .. .. 263,066
    .- adjusted that th a tax burden will : Livsroool ..on.__ '..'.' ....' .._. ... ., : young, may__ __be expected._ ____ u_

    6+nrtiung Rates Furnished on Mpplicai.vn.. I fall upon all item and species ofproperty : HavreGHHO)4retnea' .'' : ..-..... .... .. :.' ..... Child Worth Millions. Profits to Estates of Assured$481,151
    d-e-ed ;aud taxed with : ._ :. ._: .:.. f;. g .
    i I nueliol A}res on ._._ ::g.t; ")1child' i is worth million tome Where claim* are nt paid immediately it ii usually
    exact equity.iIIE.MKS. Tampico .-.4:1:! ," Mr<. Mary Bird of Marribunr -
    ? says of the in
    d the
    due part beiuticiary
    Uochcfiri and Liverpool_ .... ? .!.III hive lort to ( lay on submitting -
    bit r'In r.. ... ............... ..... .. 1."iHulIlur P.I., "yet I would complete papers.
    Ar? : UK A\ ..._... ,_. ... )0.111 her bv croup had 1 nut purchased a '
    1'otlrrdam .. __.._._. _. W.woKlrelwoud bottlnofOne Minute Cough, Cure." 99 2G% of Amount Paid \VithinaD
    -- :
    l'\XMI'.KII: IM'.OSl'KItllV l.ulHlon ........ .. ... ._ .. ... 1..awen y. ,
    -- % Cl .ll.-On-I'yne__- ._... 11.1- One Minute Cough Cur is-ure cure Ratio of Claim! paid to Prmiiuin received. ... .. .... .... .....2S2.WJ-; \ :
    TELEPHONE NO. 118. NEW Yn1 IC, Jan. L-One of the .. .. ......__........... 11 1-M for coughs, croup and throat and i' Per cent of Profit tw Estate of A=-ured.... .. ... .. ..... ..... ....I.tIvQu
    ;\ 1t1J1" ... ... ... .. 11 t0g: lung troubles. An abolutelylfe
    best; evidences! of the unexampled: (:rt-enuaiT._. .. 7.11"M'' "irtitrti :
    PBUBAOOLA, JAN 1 190:. g .... ..on .;: cough cure which acts immediately. The Equitable Life Assurance Society.
    pro-perity < f the country ai well as -.....: ..:: ..::. :::: :':.::.:: :1 ii2 The youngest child can take it with

    .:! of the very general movement of .1 ue:tro . .. ..... 51-\I' entire safety. The little ones like''''' "STRONGEST IN T"F WORT:'

    TllE movement inaugurated in bu.iiit--- men for profitable, permanent I'ort tlrssna..u of 'l1aIn.. ... ..... . .. 4 MSI the taste and remember how often it'
    l'urtsonwtctut Africa. ........ 3Mi5 helped them. Kveryfimily should
    Chicago by the city teachers to d.- protective and ieh! ,1I1utoI I..kar lOud M. t..,u:s ......_ ... ,7.'l have a bottle of One Minute Cough Surplus to Policy-IXD1cicrry SCCOOOOOO. 1 1TBAE

    safe i is found in the Barrelonaandbenaa ....... .l..j;;
    feat the t-if'Uts of the tax dodder* is inve-tment on' Cure handy. At thlieeaouespeetally 1 13u9
    i fcrdt nm .. ... ... 2 .r.
    bearing good fro it in a general way. volume .f business done by the Havana .._. ....... ... Ana I it may be needed suddenly JI n- '' KNDWLE5 BRDB. Den. Agents
    Nassau on. 1.SJ5: gt; Pharmacy John Sheppard! Sidney -
    The establishment of a beard t r great:; life in-urdtire conipmiei

    equalization in Illinois! I te ul-n showing N i 1 in;; nearly appnuchin it lit s Total jlMkiiilJThe Kahn.----- -- -.. ..- Pjlafox Street PENSACOLA. FLA. .
    good rtfUlt*, the aggregate; a.- ,. ever bran kiiuwi The l bu#inr"s of lowAmberan.luutbersft.items cr export were as fol A r.utci: COMEDY:
    -; .
    It t4 !iuent showing: an increase of the thre l leaders, the Mnlii.il, the .._...... ..... .. ls.f.7.1"' .s.virr.inY Nuair

    H87OWOW- iis.aoolai; board: of Kqiiittblt aii-1 the New York, ha- Frn...II-.It| .. ... ..._ . .. ii.i.'MiI" 1
    been very lir: ;p. The Mutu.il hat li'LTailtl polfS 1t.l1cws &T"14 r'"i. lllIlrt'sscri David lla-co's farce entnedysucAnthony NE VV GOODS (
    equalization has a good work b..fOIf' written -l- bt-jund "I1UII to' 1."k..I'i .,.. .._ ... .. lul....ws
    members do their wutk an aiiuiurt \ \\ .,.,,1 b.II".lb. .. .. ....-.. .. ... .';..... ce-s, "N'auglity ," will be'
    It-may its its higher: record if wt.ln-r }'t'.I1.Id
    luii'.Oer. f: ...... .. UJT: I
    veil every dollar of it ha-s l""en H'I the Ilu'.I.r.s ft. .... ... ..... '.'.VIMII the ii'tracti at the opera houSitunhy -e

    --- -- Inn-Ctrefilllyelected! ri-k ill ilpnej I 1"II"llellulII'wr., S ft ..... .... "'."' : ni! ht. Th!; taiioiM playWright
    Ialll ... .. ... \T TIIEErn -
    dried lumber: s f: .. : 11. ,
    AlI'IIJ\1. ": : 1'1I'1I1T, clnef (.f tie ;> loe.ilitirs. and without dfmor.iluiii rteet-,6ft... ....... ..... ._ ....... t :::\I\I has written many notableplug .- .. ,
    : cf.iiitition- kind. lltK .1> - - - - - -
    bureau if yards and dock of the 1'h" Mir.iiii's, : r."iik a* th.I any !:..-'. 1:1 11'.pci.. .... .._ _.. ... :NI"tO1tra a ; including! "XizT1; and "The --,- -- ._-,-- - "'- -- -' - --
    navy department, t ihecainiu..; -. if-- ..,tons -i iml-s .. ... '".T. ... .. ... L"77li| Heart of Marj I tn'l," und hl< done
    "Ir''t-t m --tdl.l l- io ur.iin'e .... _.. ... '
    rnttcill. '.1 bat.- II'""':1 his bet coii -dy work in Naughty;
    riously unxi-'U,concerning: the delay couijMiiy in the \v.rlJ I.) ;;'ill ea-iiy 1..1. t.ny .. .... .. I"' 1"- O K
    lit the Jllmo-< at Airier-! ;, 111:11 IHa ia'd. Ir h is r-i'irnul to jioi I'huspii. Ii": rack, tons ...... .... .. v.'j... AIll.olIIuch..f thh play'sMUcer T a I Ii
    ducking I r. ... 1II".I..:; .. . ... :;:I.\.!; i -. i> due to tho flue i-a-: enraged' : :
    and bus said toa Picayune Washington ; Iryh: :itr--ml rl'I'I\: ct I'f tprad-: Uo-.u. l.lj.s.. ... ........ ... .. uj-'l inpn-seiitinr it. Loctl theatre-go- _
    ail III tt-tir !bflialf the eiH.riivnisinn .'. h. ".1.J K,"; .. ..... . ;..AIF'nuru -- -- -- >- --- ---- ----
    correspondent that "uute-: such, of ovr one h'liion' i) 'Ihr(! Mli, > j'. K. lll. I II., '" -'J! f-r-s :Ire prumi-ed a tre'it lit MarieIhro
    the bids .. ::. ::".1 1 cltiiiipd to he the piettie-i
    Condition'* h.i-caused delaycould ; P.N.iother c'itnpinyInt1leHOrtdht JOHNSON
    a run ISinlrff, pas I: aid d'tintie-t comedienne on the C. E, .
    dock c'liii" r..l'rr to the. li..rures.CovvfxciNf. ,
    be guarded u/ain-'t! l. the
    stage; aid: vho will }be een as Cora,
    ------ --
    would have to he moved. Move it IN Ol.DKV the ho.il-n' model The till role ii :
    PKOIIF of the d.rL'iry ,
    n.JJiCOld. whets the conditions People! overlooked the in the hindof clever Will Phillip,
    to imr"rt'ill"p
    '>f Kly: % 'ream 11 ilin, ltp t ureate-t of
    itar'rh ... <-f .-riiijneiitly! beneficial t-Ir"'l't a hand-ome lijlit! COIll..I1.In.wlw..p. .: -.
    complained J>> Hot M.J I'aniiol txJ9t rr in lea, Ncertaii.ly i-heap.! : : ::
    A ;fp-ro'jT. triil MZ" co-ts hut loct and wtre' satNfloil. with IrnIBi..t' bigge-t, hit up lor thf timIn-

    -- ---- ---- : : *. Full- ;5e!*. S: ll byJrinr- action ; but now that it is :.'"IItr/llly : played ".\uI hOllY" was in the I.on- .I Cards, Calen .
    THKKE is abundant CJii-e f.trpiide ji-ts everywhere or mailed l-y Ely \known that Syrup'of FIB s will permanently don pioduction "The Whirl of the '
    '' dars Baskets Cames Books Dolls Purses
    ,.. favorite In
    Tuw Another ,
    el-e- :i. l ro<.. \\'anf'lI; !street New'Yc.rk. overcome habitinl C' n- great ,
    'Ja in the export stitpsuc-aivvu i' li: :> [,Street. LexiitKtou\'. sripuion, well-infrmedpeople will the cast is Patti Rosa, daughter! of PRAYER BOOKS HYMNALS BIBLES
    where for the month of IIt'ctmutr.i Mhi-pK.-. ELY lpus-.lfter l giving: not buy other laxitivewhich act'' the late Patti Rosa and a clever ,

    closing the calendar year. Aggregated -' your Crt-ai liilin a trial I call trulyay for a time, but finally injure the singer, who has been seen here b,,-

    with the returnfor the prp- I feel VHmueh henfilttd! by i i !'.v"ttIIBuy the l'uu'l1I'", made bv for>. Alias Doro'd and l\Ii..s K'a's in the Way of
    I Iviol' Everything Pretty Things.
    features of the
    the California songs are performance -
    I its u>e urifl liall coutinue to u-e! it : Fit Syrup l'n. I,
    11 months: theiesult-hows t ie ..
    1 ---- --- I and the great stocking erne
    hy i urciia-inir from our druggist1; : ,
    calendar year 1'JUl to have been a I here. MKS. W. U. DAMELL, | AiilKION LASTMGlir i is: also a big feature.

    record-breaker. The 8 fgregate.\'ail- : ___ i I I.tNOT11Ia i I i .PRICES LOW.. .

    ation for the year is $l .21Cf exceeding j : : NKW -Of OLD YKU'I,I Don't Live Together. I I .

    the previous year by U.(ll.- STKAMSIIII' INK I 1 M' James T. Gtreld-i' and Miss I Constipation and health never go
    Together. DeWitt's Little Early SLAUGHTERf! SLAUGHTER !
    306. The aggregate for the ttr-t half I Jet*ie Williams were married at the Ri ers action of the
    promote easy
    The Norfolk and :Southern :Steamship ;1 I
    of the current fiscal Yt'ur-iHU: Palaf.ix street Methodi.-t church I,, bowels without distres "I have

    -I exceeds that for the sains periodof Company has been i'lcotporated: la-t: night in the pretence of u large 'i, been troubled with costiveness nine ; \D: Prices Cut to Half! o.
    under the l.t..dof"w Jt : vears, say:
    the previous fiscal year by 171b3 :!,- number invited friendRev., J.
    Cill'itIItfJck of Jlu.tf'OIHrt; ). Thy : Ind. "I have tried many remedies

    indicating that ih fiscal year: will build, eq'iipand operate pas'ii : M. D.innelly the pastor ofSbijted.When j,I but Little Early liters give best r : Freshly Parched Coffee Fresh from
    all records. ceremony wis completed i ults" Hariris' John 250
    too, will break previous : Pharmacy,
    eranttfrtiht-teainerbetween. l the couple and a Urge patty en1tsred !' Sheppard, Sidney Kihn.I our own Roaster, 2 pounds for .
    IVntacnla Aime-niirn's Norfolk, \ .)., Tamp, Peu-.tcola: waiting ('juri.I.!e-s and were
    Moh'le anil \Orleans, and nltimjiel.v driven to the Williams'. i <,m" on I Know One !Sure itemedy
    When the consideration: of the between tulf port- tit i theNicaripuiu Likeview Avenue and were there f crag obeun jte cold! its tame U Pi nj--U&!f am. :i COMPARE THIS WITH YOUR 20c COFFEE. ALL WE AHK IYOUR ( J
    matter of reform in the method of canal and Pacific c"ti the recipients of the many good
    making 1't"i'lilIlt"ut.! for the city wa- i. port-. 1 he ci.mp.iiiy; will build fourstfaiiKr wishes! of eon rejj-ited frieuJ -- -- -- ,

    inaugurated liy the Yours; Men's at once and! put tl-nn it.to '1 h.. wedding; was: a very pretty iRE UriElt )1t"IJ: HOUSE t

    BoaioeMLeague, a numbi-r of different seric" as soon no completed.or : OTt aid I quite a social eveuL liot'hthe (Incorporated. NEW ORLEANS GROCERY CO.,
    voting people are widely known EXTRA I II
    : OFFEKIM:
    plats were ?uh'ne;ted, which! I G '::\I .II, OB.IItL\XlI-: ill the city and his! H i.ttWted by 1 I WIAH"
    TO I'IItCHAtnER3
    Mere considered by a j )int commit I.\ST III H.IIt.\Y fie large number ct presents re'ceivid. i I : OF ,
    MM Of the two commercial bodies. !: PE1:0NE: xoc.
    .\ pnf'r1llth..I-f\.III of i i. ---------- -- PIHNOS I
    Bui later, by tli> city council. The ;; :: to-iliy ,I -
    held hy tie! banks and feil 'r.ilollice Children Etpecially Siib'e. .
    taUon of the matter disclosed aDtral BF.FORE TILE HOLIDAY ItlLSIL( !i
    ?. '[tie banks and cu-totn housetrallsrtettubusue lillrll", rui-t-s l anti rtltare extrntely ';, EVERYTHING IN TIlE GROCERY LINE AT LOWEST PRICE.
    feeling of di.lti..fJci.Ijthe car-load flf'
    have three
    painful aid if lI"II"I..d| They over
    absurd rracticeof adopting --; it all to-day' .'rt..,. re-ult in blood: puinniucCliiMren I New Upright Pianos to select from. '1: Feed Stuffs of All Kinds.
    b'lt :Sut''iay hours were ..1'"etved at The Old Favorite "KHANICH &
    t II vahutious of the county tax a ;- ale specialty Inblrt to ,
    I'eStlQt'ntlInd ileterima'tii"u tomake' the pii-toJIlcp. The inornii ti lit livery itch mishap, becuu-r not s-o "'''P1111. 1taL'Lester" and'Singer"! :, .
    was ii.ide, hut there \\ ill lie no .-\" /I remedyWjtta; \Vjtchll.iz1 )ruim are r-hnwn in profuionall i I i
    lea and wodi to select from. In
    i change.The Sve| i3 llnf-qllllll"l. .t\
    contention of Tin :NL\VS evening dcli7ery ; legitry 'unl: Piano, : Placer- they have the Famou* ifllar.yland
    "lit th lire, stops tl:" pain. 'oonlii'iisttipvnuntl
    : ,
    !11'1tleydepaltmPLt wsl:1 be i-l' )>eUthrmi CROWN "PIANO: and ANGELUS Company
    that the bU:1.I 'e of the UewareofCOI
    under plain : i !hiiut 11.. ntlre' day.rrhnol !..il". Snrrcure for Ilif."n*- ORCilKSTRAL.a whole orchestra!
    frtate constitution the ch.fter'to- fliildrep anJ teachers sirePIIJ
    the fomnniid of -no
    I \\ itt's Witch lIaztI'Ih-t' at anyone
    *. tlte 1 hit cl ivof h-.Ii.j,, : rural toy '
    vlsioiisdtttctioicthw : ) of the ) htb of lifter know ledge; of mu"ic r-quired. An OF ALTJMORE.
    .\ eczfill.i ; two rJY'II'jIII'! "
    \\KMtton. and the IlJt..u.IUt ivjmrtfrom ; exhibition d' '. ANo the
    cuuutyaa3EUttut were iwpfr.lth'p Iii, eeracker.ato -"iriJ f.-r the I:" ive her ti'[ ," 'vr". Jj!;;.--. :\t"'k..IttH. every \

    and illicit e.fely be disregarded wasnever I j-ni.iy for anotii ;;Iil tj.ii-_ Thiprlvllgr X. \\'.. I lid. "Tne! ore.- were CVltbrnted "Apollo"All of and the above Ociliau"piano inirtimtnts JOHN T. STONE, Pr S dent.
    s'ib.ulsheoil"d two to !i\ ilresesi _
    contioverttd but it waa / e\etilcd( by Mayor Jones .; will h..oIJ on Baby pavmer.ts -
    d.iy. llarsiIMuirnncy, Johns &
    thought wise 1 r.o avoid the possibility i endat mi'luiu'it.Tct >1&1'1pard.hltI'Y: Ivjuit.DM if desired. Call early lorilist i

    of litigation an I seek eucn crii! ; "" I -Causes- :\1lIt Alarm. _- __ ___u_ choice. Capital 750,000

    at the: hands: .)f the U-ijisliture. a* ) Kill l' \>'I.SOI..II.Y THE CLUTTER MUSIC HOUSE.f .
    "One ni! ,lit my f.i--r <-i'tmby wn-: Surplus and Reservefor
    would acc miili-'i' the purpose de tak"iiviti! Crone," ernetlr.1.. t'. i, \ 1":0 Ml TOJtY

    sired. The: le-uli. was the fornitall- '11..IH.. of Crittemle!), Kr., 'jII'rla "" """' .-o'
    Five iniiMite 'before !J! fi'fj.n! k 1 I.I.t '-- y-.rY"',
    eil it would ftr.ll ;I le b.ore! we n.tiM $2,250,000
    tion of the lull whi"h.1; presentedto .<
    fet a ti'rt"t! -o lye l' n.'I 1: Dr. Kin--! 0I.'lit. lh. fi.'t that but f e1v -. t.nad!* ",

    the lriL-Liire and eii'U'ted into ;;.w 111 ioveiy.. ''\ !olcil :n tv.- .plid| !k; of the! yeir it-'t remained- m iJr AT THE j

    law. relief 1 and j rui-ineutly i-iired. it. \..'e khuvnlyricinnrrof; 1i-iiit. .11 ;,\>j.rhurch J \' \\Viite3\ lid t Personal Accident and] Health
    ill the hou 't.,
    this alw'atkeep it
    Amon;; the J>r"\ I-l<>\13 cf tae | pro ffrsitii n 5 j
    towers blowing of
    i ctiildrr r < .r..am
    i tertoar rout rou ) :ti ii
    law are tho-e" l.r"Vllin' torn city a.- 1 lio.ij.jn;: Coiu'h. I- cured iii<' t>f ii whi.h.r...( 1.10' bo-jii of c.nn.i't i' Huiimi liV

    se-sor at.d a b' a U nf \rjalizition, chroi.ic hrmiciii.il rubble! tl.it I." !'r.II"""M. \I'I"t..r the tii, >ll-i'iiiitii-: mill* yj i : Policies OW {tile Public

    and tl.i rt cent action f ie council otli< r remedy! wn'id! t .iifvc" la- lied, Iln.Jrg;' for. ten mnur. and .)

    in UC-Ct.rd'l.l'" with it-. jV'ovi-ioKj, 1IlIIi.i. bur t'i'IJi.;t(1du-. I"hr'l.t "..: \"ic"- i-iiuir.euiiiiativir i.f m p.i-i-- s -- \
    Lull .' tr"uII""J'! : tii..l l.iH). 1I1,r ant "1 the old .--\rai..J I' .- r-h.
    ;ant ) y } 1
    coiijliluttd the fir-t-itps. tovard the Friil h -fair* Ir.. yt1t'.S. I D'Alem-: ..rW.II.: ,[ the :';" 'J.' \.1. war- htid( un E H AGENTS[ I WANTED m [EVERY[ TOWN m wm FLORIDA

    execution IIt'll1Il", by the !tlBC-- bertw'-, l-'l: >.. 1'alifov !: t. in stfvril 11 u'l-s" nf %.i.hij;:>. :l Cooking Stoves, }

    tion f Mr.! J.11'rllffla Wi Hiir to In :I"licI.ltllln it f tnt Hoiand '
    To whom Liberal: t''P1mi,;i il'I.- wtil;i he Paid.
    he city a.M. >*..r and Mtrrr1.. (l\->. W.WriKht A iOlOU; !) coiiiV.doneucre.fiilly ; b'n; ifiil h I rtncir; (:;i.inr. ?i .
    .:i-tl: ,' ani; ioiL'"l-eivnl MI IVrmarolj j( Heating Stoves; ;; For further particulars call
    ;; Urorge lUe.t. and 1\ \V.Jleilly on nr adlr",
    i i. :
    \\f'a! ..l"thir;.: ;J' d.illy,1 po" :liily Iht'if the Population of \

    as member. tf thoboa'rlof, in it particular t-ie city iniintj.ii'-; I, t.iilnigbt;. i i H. H. THORNTON General

    t-quahzttion. Theo :eatlenitn Ire .. vrit; MIlJ W.-re t I'-'l-t-l,* t'l'r. the ten Stove Agent,
    b": ucfi f life, t! all well-kuuwa tluou;hout tlnciV.. '. : tiinn: ., motiieut< nf ]lPI p*." into t
    ; !lI.tri.thl'r; wr-y. Now: thai tu-t. r. PKX ACOLA, KLA
    and it i.. not too much tlll':iv ih"it i\- ,
    lI"ullt'-y Lroylreiiy 1'. .Th""p .1eneiei will be
    couM' liae been chen> ',. Elbows. ,J'I' ; f' a- Ion as posilIe after .
    four citizens uiiiversil -Cr: -; 1:1 "O-her IVo A Profi'abla In'.Ci'mei. January I.t. l.jlr:.

    for the retponrible. duties wi.ic'iliebefo \-,lr*. tl| ., l>"th! mini,,'F .ind1 "I w.i tioiibl-J for ub-iut even .} ,

    ho would i \i.nnl, II' 'h".i-:::> liim with olf_ rs ye.trsNvith: Motnaeh -- J
    H tbem w lave Mien uiy anti !in bed i

    k better Mtit-f u'tiou. Their nainti I\ritc.'trilrt! -"a-oi.declintd:Mr. L-r\vl ifliiii half: n.y lur.e," <,1J.r" E. I)nick, ; In bed toot CHOICE uid BARGAINS tirl., furnitur! HEINBERU
    y.Vv: Ir.H.t..u.l. : tmrviMli.I.. "'I about [ BOS X X CO.
    wind ri'rututi'HH sue abund lilt J.MI
    \n\y of the faithful execininn of the aotirood tliinr-and h "ur-l I ha. t'l hrtpiDe until I tried Kodol Dv ; :1 trf-."s, ru?;. -!IIkitrll"n farm- ,
    iq Peo-..l-'s M.iiiey," whioti -- turn, bahv cjrriaf, pictu'f. blanket
    kMit-r Cur. -
    lWccArdiii und ep-i i IlIa\
    tn itcpint in- taken a few
    ; A ill i eetl derv tO.I1I tht.i bottle* and an fiitirely wtll." You I- ". comforttc.., r.111 b* h-.d bye VIeLAL t S Gn OCERS
    teu ,to far a* they tn i.v be conctriitd lun't live hy 11\ fiat you e.t, JUt bv llltog; on 0.\1.: Pryftr, 2U and 2991Vet :

    in Lhi i Didn't Wear a Mask.\ what you tli."H anti HJ-imiate.! If : Paints .< Government ureet. Prios ,

    itBy the tirrn of the law the aegor *- Hut I l\r beauty wi complexly! ,roar -toinich (Joe"n"t dive-t your ; lowTertn.< -a"v. 5JtfLANDS

    i- to bPFtu his work not Idler I hiJ'l-n Iore's b'o'rh s ana pimp- fi)...J yon are reallyt.rvinif.. l\'odol Pal af ox Street: (

    tenth and must Instill -i iy u.-ect Huck'en's' Arnica D.v-pppMiCiired:)eS theton.dih'f AND l OMl Kill C.tfll.Vewanttimherland .
    tban Jaruary complete ; Pensacola. Florida.
    :stye. T\e: : t!'"v vat i>hed a- will work by dife| -tini the food. You .j and unimproved -
    the roll by the first day of all EruptiViIVver sores?, HmlUlc -. don't hlt\ '' to diet. Eat all! you land in large tract, with :

    JDlt, "tlt'1l1f i j.. to remain open far -is. Cat\I1nd.l and Felon hum want. Ko'Jol Dyspepsia Cure cures i Oils. : good tilliblt f.H. to ell for cash '' Mobile

    public lnpt, ('ti't n until the flat of Its II.... Inf\lir le f.T Cut, Corns.Runi..Se' all stomach tr' ublt' Hargis'l'hartn ; W*> handlf such land*, f-xclumHv! Oysters
    \kind Pile*. Cure jnar- John and solicit
    for complaints to ht : cy. > ppard, tiduev L ; correspondence with
    pre'tented IJI.r.rn
    A0-01: anteed.'rc lit W. A. D'Aletuberte's lihu.Foley's. owner. RF.U TO ANY
    forth action tf the bo'ird of reet. _ PART OK THE CITY.
    121 PaUfox h i A. L. VAN PATTE- &: Co.
    qualilation. That body itl to men 4fh Bowen FINE F
    AvenueChieago, III. UXT.

    such daily complaintsAt throughout August. September to consider jioori's \ ills fo"hildren.SIIfc.surc.0-Honey- and opiates. ;: The Happy Home wells 2/jtf -------- THE UNION( RESTAURANT,

    r .'-_ ..f na council ih. roll( hll 11 Ca di the prices
    Telephone I fiirnielied home. (Credit
    11 ,.h' hth..- Ho r. ,t cr-K> norV'.sale the a'.lmen-: .:-: ;. H"an.o7' Marston or on furni Frank L. Wilde,

    tars a: al. fheXr, tf.ltl.jet; Kros., ler.tri lights a !7i can supply
    iltUu fixes: thee : Irrumpdy, uraltt: t O tu3Cy nisi you titre at Marston Proprietor I Opposite Union; Depot.
    a*", rir thento electric bell>;. O/ilcc Cu !II needed in the way tjfinch's I

    1 II e (.'..Ih cc., Give Gomforf mal1.'. alley. ranch IIi furnishings at the arc tile-I01l'esf.- <- SAN r.: / R 8 A _7TT

    k to be fi.Jlahcd. I t'o.J'y: a:' rui s. V G..L. tat rlfobiledlu. 'jriccs, cash or credit. Try THE NEWS Want Column. Jt th=most hJ .ins salve. in :ha wortafe


    i t I
    l _-- _. __

    \ .

    y A



    - ---- -- ------
    -.. ... :
    .. ...- ." ._- -..'... : _:: : v..'_ 4-'N:- ..__"--.", I
    [.*2..'.".4. **_-.'%--*V/X..S:** Sm*-A-o'-- -. siV" -'- "-'' .Ai/V.---'iVI ,w.Iif ..-.. hOGAIt flEOIS NOTES Heart 2<.>:.,?. .+->.......d T +1 t '!O.'i.r ...irr'. !r I.'

    At\ .Iif I Sol Call & Co.I!II f; The county commiioner!' willme..t Disease t.',% The Twentieth -I; I ,::1:i!

    to-nirfht draw the jury list .

    1 1! 'Jf the eurraht! ytitr, --- Century Drink I 'i.:L J '::1
    -' ;: $ 4 S f
    ,;'ri--i--e- .: r ,$ -: The pipes of the E-scambla Oil 4.1 .
    Ptr Cent of it Caned !
    Kistij EealljProa r ,
    Company's: well bare reaciml the I I1ti
    E dpptn oi one hundred and thirty odafttt. Poor Di..:eetion. ; (
    R !
    :; iT& ADD rAl Y n nIm I Real oriranic heart trouble! is incurable t

    The ball)) sriven lat; niht by filehatsry : but fTJrcly one euro:: in a :
    ;t. \.. I' huddled i j.. or anic. i-
    j ... ... .... ..... ." ..... ( .[I boo'1'; -UCCP. ; in everyptrtieuler 'fhp action of the heart :and tom- I
    ( j ill I Streak
    .. :!-J, and : who atteuitdtvrllt Keel
    ,I J.L.'if .," t :- +"' -i M V .M"- ..Y .V ;... .' \i '1 away well satisfied.f "r..at ach ar..l"'thlItroll..1 tifrve-+, the "ympathetic l I.v: the eatre ,' ,, Apple

    Candies Nuts, Fruits :I The following! ve-eN! are reported pntulllog:atric, and when the stomirfftt t
    : : 1VI '
    at the [Allot i-jne; :to; heiitg ready: k .
    for "'!;.i : J'eiisarulj: Avon, MaryfShawn.it. : .' J l i"i
    -ANDA -- ;
    reUtI, \rpuuo and :

    1 Ey'YTHIN g GOOD TO EAT. ,." 'J, 1 I III the show window of the Glebe r i JackiligliBall :

    \ Jloiluiiir l : Co ran be eeii :illu.tra-
    i tinn of the nltl and new an old slllib" .
    < (1"Ul'l'Jo... h'i* been Achieved as a Result of Uniform Ex. 7 i .,ver hit l>*...ilt i le a brand new one, fit. .
    ' 'r ctlleiice auJ High; Grade (Duality) always maintained. i .1. und utii-r it a giga'Tht Old acd the j ; I j "< IT" -. fI

    f I ="ewIn: 1'JU-: P I 'IV ;: .1. .:

    1 Far VarutY raJ Ei&h il tadard we Challerie; Cinpiisiiight u ) I j Jacksonville MRtropilitM'nr- f T Jtt ,9-.-'

    11. ,,. I'rnes. Pnmnt Sprviec(! and Delivery and Satisfaction: \I. .:' I tiny-aeola iii.-tii,; wa- nutvr ill the Mullvryi eitc..anppiug of Ten-:>t i r ; l'I f biw t;!;J IiEttIS BE1GO.\ ir i :

    GuarsltPkd ut All Times .icd while in ,
    y ; ; ; ; ; ; itr''t the Ar-';; >n c 'nvr*"- .
    { } I jtion with J, :N, C. -t'>.Ii "II. vf Urn y 1if lit
    J I-jinn tin* H.l.i.. WH pf-ctfully Solicit: Your Patronage.vAgents ,. t.I .. i iiy. in .ilked rx3tiiiitur Call toobserved r tlt. J )1,

    I I:]i '- for Nunnally's: Candies % I E:Ir I I The regular the p fir innntl.lv at a distance.nietit: of ''..:1'___I -, ? j i MI--. ;;_::;;=- \f'I'_ ..y T.1 L|'..rg. ,.. % >., fttfy ,1<1WV* ".
    L, nSS" *'* "'" _,', <.. <> ; ?
    .. ". the Pell'\l'ol.l: Ci.nnber: of Coin .S"-* ",: .- "",: .....;:,......:.. "
    merce will be I.i-Id U'-ulurrow i
    PHONE 178.
    m [ ) .
    fl.urditieveuiit i ;; at 7; o'clock in I
    lu haw fii.irtfarj in the Kli.ii'ilVat, 1

    v.: ',-. -. -. -., "_. _. .._- .. _- .. _: I ''builUin-; ;-, comer In the d 1'uluft'x formerly and rl00v ;
    --..-,-.-.--. '.',,-.- '. ,'-- '". .uJati..4-.-. ... .r-T& room J L I
    = I occupied! by I)?. Murtnni.! t lttt t t I t

    _._ .
    -- -- I I.It..t. At l'i: ,) o'clock thU afternoon a ,
    FAIRCRILD.u S. UV1-.KH! ItKM lIre iil.iriii was tamed iti from hog, 1 j, 1
    B. H. cuniTirraia! + ".:.i and Hijlenrtreets. I
    O v 11nc" lIot'.t:
    t ::px: : 0 I..I 6 or :E It T'Zt Ni lire could b f-mnd. 1
    .. ladies' Tailor Made'
    'colOmiLtf'l1lrlllll the Stevedore.' When the trmltrreponde l Ol'ner; the t11t1J
    peh fait; h\ rr"l'etl a
    38 EAST nOMANiV: STREET. i iI I'.niij iini'i!! nested a "'hi f! !>lt'4.jiekt i
    I l: :leHllent A ociation had: a enn- lodllrl I C/oa"/ Audf-reou for :aud! It lie] in the -touidch fcrm tIll -
    and ftreiiSi'> fl'nlfu.e tJ ) I IodudflW li i\Nal
    Cart i4'Ir'k l funned width
    s i :!. t'arrr are
    with HIP tl.U forenorurfsrardinir
    mayor ? ;, il:1'thnrltt'rj I '.
    Specialty/ i idrorjJ: ; h l'ta-ing? {100--art'' nn tItiLruI
    the l'rotm-Hl rai-iaL' iu 1 Th'- iiuriacn factory OII repair mid Inll;;" eau=in0' p,,lpit:..lion.irrn.rulinty .
    I :rtltof the truck hnu p nn >\'I''r! 7. rra btNiiip-fiof; J.\I: H.jwcil on l::a.t I and ..hirtneol! breath: !

    R. K. WHITE, o-j.i. street. Member I : of the Harden street hn: been pnreha-ed: i 'I he dttlger! : from thi condition i-ithit ;;}
    iifdrtrrlr. J"H.14 r'' committee represented tint rep iir. : Ill llr.V.. J. rurrjf, who li'n Ira un : ale comiiiuctl, U'-IIII" h".f l SUITSi J f
    WBttlllllill.t-r. :; '' fI
    the sane: in a new iirniM I il\f lipart: "trnueror liter tnaytdaareal
    to th- truck hpl1:1..t exc. ,1 I-Iel I
    I year : --r*. > ptzer! k Kirkpiirick-who oraaiilo trait trouble and 11!
    ami CrHluII'; : (Cl Jtit'ilII.I' i by a go..d nrirpin" the .-r.titi i I
    ; \\llInjl-fJt"ltintht; future in the fort fit-iiuently does: f>
    South I'al.dut/t., Pr.aroIii! I normal: rental, and intw; flf this I: uii.-t thorough ant\ l,a-IluPa.ilkeI Fllrtl."Jtor".lllhlr! dire; .tion mike WILL BE SOLD THIS WEEK' IC.ll..To I II
    fACt and the additional (fact that WlldlluJ dtfi-
    I minuetdeerving' of the (patronage! tll. blood! thin mid I
    their claim was a jrood and just one. of U h.? public ci..nt in I'.J rpu-eIP.". I
    they! iii-i-tetl i "n I.O' rai-iu-! .- i-f f
    fetij do
    AVALIvEK 15ROS. ; The mu+t +!trn iolt thing t'J r
    .J fr..lll $la: trt t'Jj: utnt.tLly. I Till Norwegian Imkpntine if>jmlnl heart, trowbl" N t The told the committee < (.'uptain 1:rpk-..", arrived In .
    major und a.'imilatiQl1l1r; the food.TMiWubn
    );clris LiEbind Electric; PdiUFI,1cI ?, that he wa* perfectly willing allli in pert this invriiiiiifi Ihl! diva >ut frol" linn/ tinriQ by the regular

    fivor of paymir; the i11errar.:1111 ''t'vend bore. The Hejtndal i N a new .. I
    i.alof sain "" "
    :! vr,IDI.\\'JO: AI.I.M.. that, t>..;;iulliol\; with the month of craft jd-t off Uiedi.cki, and thin I U u-Hilt e yf ail( V tractive dij:. e tiH' IIIP:1\\ L Friedman & Go'sUe \ '
    Kraoeh uttlov Mohilw. \la. IVI plionv t*r. X"v<-nher. the rental asked wouldbe her first voyage. She in>:id"! of oak lit nu.irt's lyeyepsi't't'ublet.
    tmu ,'t
    throughout and io beautiful Lout.! ,
    The had beep it
    paid. matter inferred -
    Wind nay be found ut most druir;\ .
    to the city attorney but nn She has a net tonnage of -I'.H\ and her . t TICKETS account of the utfcorney hHTintir home port i-i Marital. Norway. (She i
    d4rctivr cIciiiHiils iu u ptrhautt $ RACKET STORK. .. t
    will be loaded with lumbar here. i
    littebd & l CTeat! deal l of important : : form. I
    PErtSACO II A for convenient
    bujneae of late he did not report on lien Hou r, colored, was hound 1'111'11" indf of people keep well and ,,- U I \
    the claim. overtoil grand jury by Justice vigorous by keeping) their diie; ..tion I -- - ,
    ,,, The as-oclation notified the board Land ruin yesterday From by observing the rule of tak-
    evening. Little Overstocked and have Decided Cut !
    > are a I
    if in stvbr She -
    a W .-... M'Uir eufety r rlw..ul,1 \ tno fvidoncu, wniiu the "(!,lrpUd delicti" in: one: ur two 01 IIJPllO taoifi alter
    ;. I:! wall allg l he raised, but no notion wu Willi not clearly shown a each ideal, or at least: : after each I II 'the Prices to the Very Lowest .Votch in Order to ;
    != .: ;:;:: !: taken! by the board. It will come uji I
    11LEaI reH-onable c-rtainty t>exited to warrant hearty men I.Ktu I. : Reduce Our Stock If You Intend Making J
    :: .. :: 1 at the next meeting.Health )! the conclusion that House had ,nt'hyspepiia! ; Tablets(,contain

    ... a a -_' ;_: ofTEAS and best be hpld. A feature of the trim l U. ," .1'. pejaiu, diastase and malt a Purchase in This Line, you will do

    ;.Lj"ie. t = ) Becuiy. wa HIM te.tlmnuynr( Warren Athey, ana othtr natural! aijtMtivM wructiaut : well to vint this Sale this Week. .i 1.isr'V
    .4 ... ) A poor complexion i; usually: the ".".. III"Of :s. result of n torpid liver or irrt' uldf j the court hH father was tA years old pf'rtrctlytlill preventinst acidity, lmt'1ti
    Jo, z_.f> k o e-.s: C- # a nil HCttnuofthebowel.\ Unlrefnio \ ,'' ndturr'; at the time he wa* inurJered.ExChief d"fll and tl... many di-eu-ed c<.ltdl- i ::ll I/idics: Tailor-Made suit, Iu Hla.'fc: \ ana Nary, told for Jio, to stoat i
    : .:::: : i-s onrrird oil It will rurrlrcauie nun" which:: uccumiumy !trruK clumacr ?': 't'
    .. i) COFFEE. impure blood. l'imple! noils; I l John linker, so long >. I :2): Ladle*' Tailor-Made: Suits, in all til": 1.itest, color;. and! for fl 12: 50, to
    cmiiiec'tKd with the l'"n aciila lire
    and other eruption follow. Thi-i-> .. ; When rituart'" Dypppi i1& T.iblrts clo-e lilt at ill). ,
    tllt ts to
    depar'l rjue
    -- natnreV method of throwing; oil the I i I are tied yon may know you ate hot -
    f nect !statements hi I'll I Indies' Tailnr-M: ore saitin Click and Blue: Venetian Cloth Bold
    u'bieh the l.owt-U failed 'n concerning ? I
    I'oi-"II I takl"It. the -triinImetticiiie "
    nay ,
    OPERA HOUSE ,,-('nrI, a- follow : lie OI'tHlizt' < .y..t..m for 3111 .41. to tlo-e out at *14. i
    remove. DeWittV Little EH rip i.r powerful drag bufimply
    Hi-: '-r* am world f.-imons for reintl j the ..volunteer de.irtiiifiii julYi'i. I I I! ly the di;:ej-tive[ fIm..nt"uch! __ --' I I. HI ieo': Tailor-Made; Kiitin i all c .:i..rl. noW for *_''), to close at .!'
    ..,. - --- - imrthi-i: ouditj ll. They MitmiUtethe and '
    ONE XIHHT' !liver and promote rtiilir: and i I to chitf-in the latti-r tlcr! five I I 5o'wideiy known and popular' hate lio Lad i-1 Tallor.' rllle( Suit:?, in all c()I"h"l !hi! for fjj&o'), to vlo e out t .
    healthy action of the bQ..d l-, bat jjtai* the piid department 'I the'e tahlet-s become tti.u they arc IltflJ-! .', :

    Saturday, January 4th. tlrvtre'lu-egripin2. cramps fIT di-- |I and was .organized rved as such 1If. WIH for elected three chief IIIWhJ hv every drucgi-t; in the, \ bl 0) pair Lace Ciirt'iin! ?. one and t two piirnf a lot. few olixhtly:. !soiled \ ;. t
    ire MrppilN. liurino; fharmaey, This makes a record of total serviceof yeur- United states, I'an.idi und lireatKiitain. I t>-t -I-i-'i out fur letis than ('Q-t. A-k t tee theiti.7i :
    \lpppard.l5htI'Y: I' .
    --- - :1:! years :altogether: in the vo.uutcer .-- --- f.i'lieV.ilkiuvr Skirts: just cehed, in (jxh.nlhltck and grays; f
    STOKHS and i a! in the paid pemce.houM price, f J! to *, O all and -ee tiiriu.I'M t t
    David Belasco's Great PlaysIT MAltKKT. If yon are rick; of rf' ulii'i ;: novel-,
    I 'tty a copy of inn-'t ,'n.fiff. in the Lidies* Trimmed 1!'its to close out at SI. fl! X old 31.,4)! (' each. I Iltl

    Import rd billy for The Firm tij ? know tint Foi.Rv'sHOVKV i iitw booklet eixitled .V IS HKCOMEIJY :SUCCErS.SUflDGHTY TAK i i4 ;
    : Ash ubaluteiy
    r YOU .
    Union Naval Stored Go.H01IN. !.
    r2"> centOn s-alH: at the bunk per pm
    the teat for all di< ;
    e:i-e- ,
    : I' of the throat and lun;!,. healers areauImiizid I I ?torts: for th* holki ly". Then) ex- hti' anal un Ladies' ilanuktrchief?. !ham J"in>h' niihroideredL edges, at

    >> ANTKONY.>> WW ._ Eti H. !! i" to vuirantee it t.i Hive Brach I of Sure: ar" pU'Hfnll.rou' ld cttlb: each 1 1i
    WG.._.... S HI G .. I !J.. rentrated. and hould ho tiken in
    Kitisfcictton.V. lJ'Alemuerlc I
    % .. .. ... :1 l 1::i K .. I .' A. hosiiis'jiithic ietruth !Jew;; ftuuc.'i <>
    __ ... '' t 1 'a 1 1'Jl 1 South; 1'alatox.:
    Aboutit M. > .
    will be Talkinjr
    For the Town ".trnus..r th:in IcthHI.i
    .. .... "
    o "' --- ---
    after wt're srone and yviimut .i I ..._ .. .- __ .. 1 Til- I.., h.-low- 1* i.Hi' i FRIEDMAN &; CO.
    ire the H'IRITA TITRPITIN'. : "' tml. fun 1I1111t line or sterling! silver i,i Ten thoujjind dolhriuorth of di'imniuN : ,
    jT'iod and silver noveltiHs i, m i it'i'indatJ. ,I now mi display at l Meihen( ,

    Scene I'Sny-It'.I.aa, 1.1..'.... I:+eht, ,.twr.u.l .Stephen: ,'. I'riceto1! '' tne diamond dealer. Call aol e.ainine :\- .' .RACKET STORE. '.
    Great Stocking .
    plea-e t
    mutes a"l>l"' Y cud of.&auIE i aud i o'liv

    -- ::-:
    -- -
    JI\-t One 1'i.ing More and Make a -
    I Note of '1Ii!--I am the only Theatrical f #525'2Sf2 SZrrSc522rS-2r't TUrr52ur252 'u21 t5251c
    :Manairer( : that agrees; \i., p fund lt.

    rany-8yl.-e"tter who the pril'evC n di; atl-li'-d!admission M('guire.with to my iiny! t'om-one I You Want Holiday Presents 1 1You j jg :

    Prices: 25, 50, 7nc and SI. .

    KeatH Sale at Coe s ]{cr.ktore SHOULD NOT CHOOSE THEM UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN TOG fj /

    Tl.ur-day! at noon.REMARK .
    i iJ
    CF CROUP.ALiile .

    : Bry's: Lifd fjved. '5at:5"t.5c.=- I- <5 2- 52 i5i' 5_25252S2.5' 56f.t
    I have few '.. irJ-: to :avi.' !aid- -

    ink; Chiiubfrtl'iin'J: Conirh Kemedy.It .
    uvd: my llt'Koy'< lfu: :and I .
    feel that I cannot !bra, :: ;'e it euou/h. 0 ::) ; ;. l of' Il'JJ" -
    !, \J ;: :) )
    .rt ;x. 1I.Jt \\
    .. :0
    I b' Uihti l l"ttle t'/ i it from .\. I IIr'errenf : e '- 1. /-7t .-.i, --...nJ.o.i. .JL.. :_.:.iJ.
    and whtn ---" ---
    (ij.>dwiu, :S.1)) u "
    1 sot luv.r.e with it tar) J p\o.r b hycO.IJ
    hardlhr'at! '. I I: l\'t. the ;: i"

    nieJicliu ai directed f'Pfteu" innY ONE WEEKWill A HAPPYXHV \ I'I'h'
    ute! until h.- hILrup, and then! I -
    than}: t sure" he was ;;sin;; trt choke ,
    tll ,1t'1I''t' had to pull the phIFglntnliof I A I I rzg
    IIM .III:h in sr" at Ionstrin >. Will sell Entire Line o All Wool Plaid Eress Goods at 20 per cent off. t. YEAHTo t :.t I 1. "
    I am tin.nivfl tnitif I h'id not j Kt ] 'z;, I i I '

    ' that butt .. of cough:: medicine(! : my 1 All marked in plain figures. lisplayed in window.If x'l 1' : a. j
    boy would! not b A 0.1 the e-irth today. I
    JOKI.: Di.'ioM-) Inwo. d, 1 It. For : I

    sale by-. all jru.'Ki' atil uicdicmedealer I you need anything in Millinery it will pay you to visit this department ai: GUI; FKIENDS .

    novelties at surprisingly I
    IThere I We are showing some attractive .

    i i4 5,'ir.e article "t furniture low prices, and we give 20 per cent discount il i :! d. ;
    I I
    need. You ave money by
    you buying it whet"can you> call {art the! i _. on all Trimmed Hats, rti i -. ...> .'. ,"""

    a k lowest juict- Hiil I the eaiie: term". !
    Call at O. Prjor'-.S mid 22Vet ]I i iI I
    (Uovernmeu :au-it, aud j.-wl: lul Il J!I BOSTON SfaOE STOKE i 1
    f prices. EJ-tf Street Gloves: also ,i6-but. Suede Evening Gloves. ;: ,

    I Flannels 8 yard I Ii
    PFftFIVrU Outing 1-30
    JUST pieces J
    Telephone ., -:, Walker r\CULI JJ pi ces: Outing Flannels ( *:$;; ::r; ) ioc yard i !i i NATHAN C. FORCHEIMER, / ,

    Bros., electric lights and
    !I Lt ( PHOI'ltlCTOK. /
    electric bells. rice Cush-

    man's alley. branch: o/jice'! -$1.See Show Window.lrI \

    at Mobile, Ala. I LrWE:: ARE SELLING THE BESI' fl.-.o :SHOE FOlt MEN ON E \ r.TH$' \

    Everything in I'rtl'I rte<;; *>r feed A Ke-ubr 25; : 1 ock for Men that: we areIK\ for 13c.; two f'r 35.-. 4ItnPnau
    stuff at lowes-t price ,.- the New Orleans IfI'r
    Two 'analirrrh) ,' I Jacket tmnt b* Sol I i. If wp C'tD ft your w will nave ton moB>r. Oereld "ol Ip ; "
    irocery. l Mt in Ladi skirts an & are !agent 'd : "
    I roasted colTte. for ?: r. .-. Try it. What we have for Lyon k C) '
    -- -' --- They are dt'licou; ? tr> a box. Plonfo; oJ "':J.

    Go to llooenflii Fancy Or"ceiisr rvt itl>inu' }good & B. FCRBES ;* ':.01....... 1"
    Phone to eat.381.F.uit Caktpeclalty.: W. I Try THE :NEWS, 10 cite ;> rH ;: -J J'- GrUCtr't

    T l i
    \ \ _. i j
    L ,.n1. -,.-..--- ..



    .- ...

    WHY COUGH I FOR THE HOUSEWIFE PALE GIRLS !I (1"8."lnl the Fo""lboa...

    I Spraying: the poultry houses with a
    II Digests
    Arranging I'nrpltare. '! solution: of sulphuric acid one pound v
    Syrup cares Cough >
    Xr.tBull's Cough Conquers Croup, I 1 In arranging furniture it cannot be Too bad to see the health 1:, to twenty gallons of water. is an etfl- Kodol

    Whooping-Couph and Juv>lo-C<"'!d too often emphasized that a first element and dent n'lIlt'dfor lice! mites and all dis1 what you

    without fail. All mothers praise it. to U considered in the use of the j j beauty of a young girl fade !i i ease !:I'I'UIi If It is put on so as:! to cover

    Doctors prescribe it: for Bronchitis.HQUBene.su I l 1! walls, ceilings, floors roosts and nests Eat
    article !U the place! hi whleh it Is put. j This often I toi :!
    r.vay. happen? |
    : Grippe, Puenmorf: ana I'"rexamplen verjvn standing against j ii I: nnd forced into cracks and ('n'\ ('\'II. It

    Consumption.Ptleezscent e; Refu.rthedeal.rsxubttute Quick, sure f'Sl1lt, the \\':!III'l'tw'1tl'O Windows !is bad. j jA ;iris between the ages of twelve !j; U lietter than some other sprays, as it

    Fcri't-ii I i.i Intended ti screen Sonia- j I I fa not necessary to keep the fowl out Dyspepsia Cure

    r ihi1 thins: -a draft or uaattractive! doorway !i ind twenty. Girlhood ought I mote tliiiu an! hour or so. and It trilldcstrry

    or hiislvUlylew.! It 1 l.s never II ornament !I the! (':.Z'* :lI s well as the t1cn'I' Nature: never makes a mistake and the preparation which duplicate

    except scc-itidarily.! asps The i! a be a time of perfect health. : oPI'lIIUiI'.ts if it touches thtui.Arlrh its action cannot. fail. Kodol! VJ IIl'psi.l Cure never fails! because it dl-

    COUCH SYRUPAlways Saturday Kvenlnj i'ont C' lln'. tv o, Pale blood blood di ,I pests your fox d ty nature's own jiixice-w. Its affect Is equally prompt
    : -a >ea.ej Seed For Cow both ocea.itnalandchronic cas of indigestion! dy"i ,>psi3 and stomach
    when are to sit In. Thoy should : tLis
    others fail.
    cures cypress I Vetrheinl hail heen used in German trouble! of every kind. It digests what you eat while the stomach rests.
    Dr.Bull's IbcureConatl'atIoIL "0 ni'Is lac. imrpose hy their plaein-t1 j l low sew j o a common enemy of good i I experiments for fwdinjr to cow No dieting is necessary. lit all the good fowl you want. "We have

    !In? chair: by the s1' hip; tat I I", antherInviting j been selling Kodol Dyspepsia Cure 4
    |I : the just two and have also
    '; fire pounds of thl'1'1< 11 seeil" meal years
    Yen Picture of lbn. one by the roa-Iinij lamp, c 1 icalth! in our girls.Scott's used it," write Bowman Son, of Valley Furnace W. Va.. "and rover
    I with
    i used thirty-five poundsof
    was daily (
    Ibsen, plainly! tlrwsel though lie lolling: chair near tin le'?rtb, one Into I j : heard of a failure. We are !so confident of its merits that we sell rrcrj

    usually is in a tightly; button] j j, which a listener by the piano may :j Emulsion is having I!!. clover hay. The cows ate the tetchwith bottle under our personal puarantee." Kodnllh'spepsiaCurenever fails.
    I relish! and with no apparent unfavorable -
    I I Ii
    drop. Tables, tnl}. have a purpose. Cures All Stomach
    Mack frock ii of Troubles.
    coat, minctliinj a i results.
    i remarkable! in
    They are not to be dotted ovtr a rum bringing
    within his liniU'tl I Ilia i ,,
    dandy: ; : I PreparrdbyFo.TMwltt&CaCh4
    M-opo. : an. Thellb..ttlrtrntala'tlmrtthr5h'. slro.
    ] Imciiuse they! till space or !because a '!'I : :
    shirts are cvr "polles-*, and l his tin c j 1 certain number is owneil. Two or j i! back: the roses to those pale Farm :>olrx.An \\\wn\ }'ou sutler from bilnucnt'Sslrconntipatllsethefendouslittleliverpalls I

    arc irreproachable.! This ii i the onv three years :1:1)1'\\' rllrkl"ul'ltI I I. animal In pnvertshed In fl?sh cannot known as DeWitt's Little EARLY RISERS. They never gripe.

    form of of which the stern !i i aces.i grow or : 111'1' and must be maintained J'.IIII"II. '
    vanity r.'ln..1 ;t!' a curio a slice from a ina- ', 'l1, )1.1 .: 1- flmrn.ni > l'IIlIU"Y j\IIIII
    doctor i t I at n loss of feeil.Vlnter !.
    i i -
    i is For the r -
    looking guilty. hngtry 1 tree which was ';('\0'11 or eip'it
    All the mental and bodily \ i I.< a gout: time to clean up the '
    rest, lie is a rather taciturn indivi i j jlial i uui' '*> t1nl,1: : at li>-!;t throe f.'et indiameter.

    friu-n to far vonK uttered ia '' SLe Lad :Ii l.oil.wtd and :rouble that go with pale bloat make farm the clear farm out neatt the r fence and cleaner.rows aud I I WE WILL FURNISH YOUR HOME FREE!

    an atript rr.nWf. aid) !I.t' pats; : : Lt; I I;, polished!! nnd 1.10UIII..1 on :i tripolI[ ofniaho Many Improvements can lie planned ,JILiIIIIr
    relieved this ,
    ire : bv ; treatmentScott's write tivrtay for onr tamttanif -
    tic hf''',1! to outward iiunifi'ation ., :: ii-y 1\n.1'HI t!11.1lIul,1 not and partijlly! executed during the winter 4 \9-J{ -;. 1111'011':1I..1. :auaar.. READ THE UTTERS
    e r .
    let tli' lii-autlfiil! thin1 (it i had '"- an.l.'ewh tlranllrul
    to from oar gad
    r jiohtruos-: ,. He j i-. at l-u: ln-.it alt- crown Emulsion. Mothers If HhIIIIIe! ; is taken of the oppor-( ,. rumlta we FIre fur 1)'i!lrt: toe ... .' ..p.lroet yobI
    I be Matd in her p.-irl.-r' till )h.' had discovered I 1 lur"'I. \\.tr1Vrl'u'h arcdnhnr.ithatburhJ *
    f a !il'.lrtIu.al.. l Il.1t i is hardly a i, unit t 10'>;. n 1'1 I.r twwp .urhty .1If1b. "" ....
    |: a i:<,' fur it as a ertrd receivir.It f exhaust J I I | or Utllf ,.r IVrtaine irhnttvi.f ."
    cluLIjablo! person: _1 any time.: li., attractive andnow ) pale daughters should sec Mint I crops> the soil in propor-' : 'I .i.iieiir llirl.".
    1'1I1'1'1-t1lt.1 n -s .II" '
    i 1 I Just at tfii- tht! .,( her.r.. is that they it. tine to tNir value.: I .rlnIt'.L"......prewlunumtilre.ar.e4.'...",.<1.."rr. kherly ILwtna 1.111I1"ravel RCerleta.f "'alerR .
    Victor! '. '.:cal Crnson.Then get i S; stall (writs: well tilled are what f +- 1'L.1'nao-lo.twrt.aultUl Tutlwnla
    :: Cke :: r= ;
    Iawlo 4laonr! Mate
    !: mo-.t convenient fur Its p'srpji" :11.1 a ( :
    V E .
    miUe a nnliJII1'llth: '. i iThe tj we are, a (o".I.I... "I..r ..I-n.ot att'
    1- a little storv :111.ull'riucc Joy to every Tine who seos I K.j P.1--tilt a ant

    Edward "i Wales tr>!M in The British : i'I --- t;,,'jj send you a little tn try if you like.: ''l'I'I.t of success .in stock raising! PBISTHI.'r. F Hil lrn\>'.ralM''1..III.flll.ld..t!:iirp! |'t>mhr l..::krns I'in-
    w>r'C & IU\\\; rodl'rarlstrcey trewya'atcert'vita Is superiority in tiality.A tamerrvmurbpleaw4wiltIn r dithra,and riming );,.." t' '''111. ( rnttr Titi'm.Ijw : .
    ,rl"'U1i"1! d ijcl.iri-s it to be i, ( wig rtu another urdrr ..
    : Corm uprnhaeo. d\lIlI'; of rough ft;>d as well as of 6 r tuunMUi ItlU IlEslW.I i'urtaiiui. U .. xw. Kr.itffl anil.
    llrfcctItflle.. lie! said the! other There are >o niar.yari,-tiI'IU.tlfl:1 nrLn.. 1nnlWwalr. 'iini.SUi'htiM....
    ) i iday gtain is t'i;(.uti:1I.-I\III"I" farmer .at-.at!!,!.?. OlIH Muui il ""' "III..nl" 1 tr. I f *...h '.1'.* r
    to a I.dwh', wasUitinjj the '' ware II:! the niarU-t: tit it i j" sdnuot .: -- ---- praM..i! ifi t'iptr: .n \\ etrua J..II. Salnmirjrniu.ml.
    ; "11 i iiiipu'ilili'! to ii'.ako a.oiee! it will stop as >>uui as the milk! has !' .ochnuelantpaSpy.t l.-f"rc.\tilrrndamthrronkr \\ .. all.w J.MI 13 clayo' tinw m wln.ht I
    rhildnn! in their
    royal nur.H-rv, ) ,.. .. .... ..
    In. da) 1 till more than |>! '.l with fie <> ilfhvrr (tie pate and i.11.
    ]I w'.ien :10111I1'1111' to select a rare bit ofbricahr.c. been withdrawn.! i fl'mntlwcheap- nun.Iulin. M... AC.\ts UlIClllM.1 limn y Irfore laying us. HOB'I dtlq.
    that ,
    think irri'itr.inilmainii
    you ; ; 'II UItt'jL'
    and one is w e11 l! nich:: bowild.Tiil - :
    [ 12th J Pine Sts
    ii .pit| happy in )Lc'ivcn; : ? and r-aily t') dul.irc that The Inferior Joint. est to the very SALVONA SOAP CO., or. ST. LOUIS, MO.

    "Yt*, dear," replied the lady. each pure: produced! i Is pn-ttar than It Is strau;e how little: many cocks !; finest furniture Marston I

    ''1)on't roil think so ?" the last. Ilojal Ctipenliiiseu: has :ilways !- apM-ar| to think t-f such joints as the i 1- ___ _

    "Well", 1 aii not nuile siirV answered Peel much adiiunil, but it seems hank steak, the t'ld.1.; ." ,>r the ruuii. & Finch'..;. -

    the little! prince. ''\)11' see, to have arrived this seasim prejiaredi ranted that the two last arc not so 1I I TIME TABLE.

    the \vul have to walk I behind the i, I ) make! a bid for lint place amoti? delicate perhaps as the siiloin! and that I will repair your watches andlaweIry

    angels; there, and here folIC always' IOMTS of ceramics. Its lovely! llowerI the amount of boue in the back ribis j jgreater in first-class style. J. ItADhpns. LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROAD.

    walked I effects in dull blue I preen nnd pray nwhite ,, than in the more e.aruxslit .
    ; in front. I ,:Ut, still the price is proportionately IN KKKKCT DkCKMKKIt I. hall
    arc mo!'t nrt !' tic, and the ipiaiiitshapes :
    lower, and -iftcr all a lion.- !is not waste.As .
    I will readily appeal to those
    A "Sassiety" I Incident. Netw O ..I.tgne and MobiiA
    who are !hi search of f-tmiethiii: :; lou-ly regards the tatar; and tenderness, -

    Harry Jx-hr, New York'popular anti l'nuslI\I.-1'itt.hur: l.i-l'iltrh.i: the Inferior joint fit a lir! >t rate bcts>t BEST FOR THEBOWELS !I v., g. \n. .. \0.2. No I. Nn I. !4o,6.

    "Squire of 1 JlillH':1+ importuned' I! i ii fully\ equal to the superior! cut III'II | I T.l.'i; a l'K: m ll"ii p Leava..". Pcnua'-ola .._,ArrlT :..ill a 4.ni p 11.10 p
    ', 1141 a I 2i7p liii: : a 1..1\\_... Hnniuton...... brace :!:: 'III :...I l p 7I p
    frlln theve. thud
    by a J.nlll; woman : 1 li.li.m! Milk Skimmer. 'second or |Mssiliy! ] da*;s animal. I II :". a 4'tp i:."> a L.ave1lnhtl..> .. t.cavtt P'':a'n't 11.15 u 8t J pan
    for nn introduction to Mrs.I Astor."What I tHflally If properly treated. Therouiiil. ._. iIa: 1.8' >-w orl.- ns. |...ftV.. ..trip T5" _
    J It Is often 41'sirul.le to draw oT! the I --- -- _
    I'XCU'I' can 1 give for in- 'i milk from a bottle after the cream has fur Instance, It kept' ; II IctMed.is i North
    i tcd anti !is tM'nivus! h""rn.t ... ul", h"I.b .t elr tbaboa. '
    capital morpmv
    ? )lr. roa> stewr 10n a ::
    trodueing objected .
    you Lthr.1 I formed nitunit pouring oT( the cream ":l. r..1).I.r. ,..u',,, UI ur \t.II.!I .. Lpep routbuwceu.ru
    cd or braised. .an.1InI.I'.re.tnthe.h.., eof nIrut No. .: io. t. I. .n. t !Ito. a11:10pin .
    1 don't know you. I and 1'.1' this purpose( t'.u1 siplien skim- -- 1)L rnor. p.Il p...< .ef. ....n". row 110.. ."'Itt.1t 1::Ip: III Lenvr..... l'rnteeola..Arrive .tpm 6'amII
    'Of nurse not" pcri' >fed tile flier here shown will:! be found cmi- e-L I ailt .,. m"t 1..10" t way 1,1 Lerpu'g thr boot b :u it o, 1I"p mrr", !tontanul..ry ..1"8'" 11.1.m V.0 Pllt
    Inthl'r. 1'Ite Ileaerte SnlnJ.A .liurmnl Clean litu taleCANDY 11:5\11'11I t t't p III .4 rrttr,.. lnrnulahnnt .. lt-",,. ....:: ,.11I ..1I6p IIII
    'Thorefori' it may nA ,i n'1111'1t.llhullt:1II arrangement If salad t.at'ill! be> of ue to thehanisseil : .:'O pili :1:111" 111 I \H'I'._... :<;-Iii'lur I.- rrz

    liit and he :a I hi;? rani fur us l, Jth." this hind! it i Is next to Iml'o-s"Jl' to mh.tr.'hIlSI' Lauds are always CATHARTICEAT I I :::::10'1011I!>Iall1 lI"::"alll II..m: Arrrvn.Arrlcr....... t'tneinpntt.I.oul.ctlle .. I'xtr I rxce .oi.i YIi;; p al 11.1111'01' .i.4a mT

    '.(.'oi'Mu't: dream of it," smiled separate: : ti'.' mil!. and crenia: with ant so full just In Hire the! serving! (If 7t(lfl III 1':1'1': 1\1 \rr" -r. I 11111. I r-\ 1Ib p m ....... p m

    Mr. Ix-hr. "If 1 f.ivor Mrs..I I Imay decree of accuracy: :1 poitioii of the! a meal is the I/1111\vil.: liec.n-e: it ma.vbe e...1N'AGOL: & AND lUVrH. .JUNCfION.

    0.1111: other !ladies and 1 {..III't:1lror.II' one nearly always rei-iainini! : with the prepared: se\eral hours U-foie inu- --- -
    other. ('luirli' ''< .\. Me-id 'o. 21-tMily So 8-l taint tills l.-Xew YuriTimc ; : -- -
    } J., the iint-l.tor .f tills! ; siphon. M:ittK J liiv: boiled jHifittics thin; nl.l .1 fi'Wsliced 11:65 p DI 7.u ,L-....v.. ..1'1.---1---...Arrivi.'' j, m ,-A.Yp- n'-
    ; _. that !it eau be ji.ljiistf.l ".. :,0. lu t'ri\\' 1 5 algat ; '.1' i..h.in... I I" .:T" aItlIYli : '
    tru1111Ihut!! Joii have > i.ed! I :a I 7 :A .... 1 ,,,-'Irll. ..... .. 1"1'
    -- off all tin milk without d.sturbthe; \ a little wine, and two red lierrh. I::.-I" 'I" a .I .........E.'II''III .. j\1':11": 6.,1"
    #! 100 lawI: :U ,'1'11I0. meant Ir it < nn be made t.> I.:v the L-1": ; ::j" '" .. Mulct .. ... 1"3" .....i
    .. .
    md taUed. The lIIapluua.I't.at 'EM LIKE CANDYt'toaite.Pal.ahlei'btCnlTalrnu.rh I10.1 7s: .. ... ... HHrl1 ..... ... I 111..1 .. I aulti
    The leader: fIr this i tiiper will l>i' two in any .ilo-'iv. proportion.\ TUevtritKa accompanii'b this salad niu-t have r.ntrnol. :a 7.*. .1 I I.. .........l ".". .'llv ..... .. III 16" .k.... "
    \ Near SutnVenUnn.. '''. and M i> Ldr. ......... Mddttt ..... "
    rilt-a-i"d to learn that tlu-ro i 1. at l ljl ; j is nbt'inei\ | by 1"1_; :.i'tu{ <>r liiii> ." T;1111" b al
    a little! mustaid in It. gad 1 die: whole\ Viri fur frve ftanitalii! iMNikJrl < :i .. I.
    I..i.ItL ? 1111 a III .... ...... (,ti.al Ann' ..._. I ....j "
    nn dr-M-l.-d dNiMv* th.it -I'ifwe! r.r s!". t"I.iH', the out.'r" t' > !r till'sI."a. should be mixed it least four cr tive AJJfniuL -- .. 1IICI.I.; I t' I ".I\ a ... ....... (/Dill _._. .. I ( x5
    o KiiLiiv mrt\r. riiii u MW .. .. ,
    bran aide, mall i' ... .. .. .... "
    .JU" toure -aers: : 'i lie ira.ltl.itions i. pv cpulldJI ] !.tI I ):11" hlll."n Y tl Lit:
    and that i-cat.trrh. ll.iHVitinli hour lit fore servia;?. ; KEEP YOUR BLOOD CLEAN ::a I 11:1' .. ... .....' ,...'' '.... ......- (III I 4.01 ..
    i aya, to d6" "_' lI..r 1111)11 ...._ I M'D"( t I I a 41 "
    ('ur.1 U tli. only poiiliv-i care hi '.V 3.1: I l 11:11) a _.... 1loy II...." ...._ .. u Y. .. :. IA "
    KIIOWII to the 111..1' II fraternity ('idrr'a !' CatarrhHing cun.litntiu:11 liei.r Iced cider ird: chit arccillcnt C\1)- -- -- 4:1; I 6::1" .. .. .no ,-\1'11..1" ....... ':'::11" I :.At ti
    a < -- clip
    ) (:10 : yy'i' .. .. .oactd.. I.ai.n..... 1.11" I : e "
    r ''Him'- ('Hu"tit utinl\II tr,':itii drinks. (liar is bcitu:; urdend I ESS.\: CO ..iCONSERVA1ORY I ban .. I loan 0 __ .. .. \\ ".1 "111" .... 1:17" I I. "
    .nt. tinirsCatarrli! Tim i-. taki'iintcMiaKy. n ::old deal acaiii. Now that: \\ e ali 6:11- I IIIn. ... .. .... ('eryvtlln.' ......_ ii 7It it I 1.1t
    .. .
    : acting th CI1 p":w+ ......... JlIbV........,, e.i t '7 ..
    ; directly upon all !oIl lijjricnic and t'\ ctioiu. (11t1' .. i I"H" I .. _....... lhiplry ..... .. e.ar I 1 ,
    Mum! ;ni'l iiiiirnui li-nltffs. if tin'syet"1)l r OF f I .. ..
    < I'i": ... 1'.1..1-1. AtY "
    :irs! are timipljlnliii! ; r.t' jr t ;it nnd 'I11I'IIIIIlli"lII I .. I 1" f'I poor.T
    tJ"ldo'! tI.-.ti nylagtiu f.inl: MUSICI 9.1 11 ::t I .. ..\Ienrnn.. I stn L II. "
    ; \\t. caiuint do I".ttr han T.eI 1I:1i" I .. .. .. :. ..
    I.YI" I II. a mTi
    i.ition "it! lit ili-ea-i!. liter I girn.: the .. u .u. .
    i! ... ltol ..... ;, "
    11 -rand I
    : I : 11.1"
    113to cider < f s\ I.kh the dry lrl'I" :
    patient "I"'hth ,by, I>!iiil.liii.r up t.i! i ; E. OIL CHAFFEES} rirtcior 7h4 ,. I::'ti noon .. .. I-n, -d.. 5 I I" I I' '., t'N
    tlie tll'.ira hll', .. ... .. ..
    (' )b 'tittltluLatbld! > ",.Ut;!' n.iun in mtrt I i 15 I l7'li Arrlve ltverI.! neon I,.", : I.

    doing itmik.. Tin- proprietor a ,. --
    nnii'li faith in iUcurativp.wir I ItiINIit.ll
    {u.i\f.. *-,I tbatther":14r in" llunlrtd.lIuif 'i'L 'lonc\T hU1i1l g. IMino. Volp Culture, Violin Pipe I 1'Ia'CIt: cniiu"r.1Followir' t =GOLA= ,*
    Organ, Ci'riiH.Mdiidolin, Guitar, I
    (i1\-r\\ rlor
    ) for eastint faiU ( \
    ] : any it to ((aflli. I Cello' etc i* tl1H schedule! or the
    cure crud J for h-t oi t,'HiiuiiijUAddrt 1 tj! Grist and Corn Meal Wills
    .-.., V. J. CiiKM.v" Co II'' 1 lure at Marston 5b'incli's Also Director I'en-acol-i Concert government steamer General French ,

    '1',1.,1,1. 0. lI! !; Great. Furniture Empor'1 t!\ Hand and Elite Orchestra. which 1'IUtws print for the id.' p. GONZALEZ & CO., Prop i,
    I l unb.WEEILY. j Brass snd: String Music Furnished their good to the various :unn. I Mannfurtr'fri

    Olllru III* V..rt.) '. \V..rS.fuiff.v I IfOlCtj Mt-\I, U Pt'Itrcitot'N1I
    ----- ----- 1
    ill Occasions pots ; I, STOCK F'i.:FI1.:

    bCIIEDUL. Addre : Kcambia Hotol. I.eat'et I'cncwnlu ... 7:<"' II. in. i jbrnvei Patronize Hnnin Industry for there Ii
    Bnrrancm.. 7'rt a. In. I very reason you should buy your Mist and
    FOR STEAM DIVISION L.HUVH i'll'k..n" ... -: II, m I Stock Peru from the Horn Manufacturer,
    PEN83COLtELF'CfKlCTE1tMIAARAILWAY: ; tudio : Parlor* of Fit Baptist I..."vc, lurrnnca .. .. ":1.! > 8. III. for by 10 doing you I'nl'ooraltbom.IDdol-
    Church. LravriPrnnrroln lilt III. try. Your money I. left (a the eommanlt
    COMPANY ArriVH KHrrtncti 110 i m. and th"nm..k. tod you la turn are Indirectly b< n.at4.
    TAKE.S OCT Tiiu MILK. .. A trio tn tort :Mi'Kft lUll Ibfii return I In loeterlnY the home manufacturer you
    I Trains IT fonucola for the Lltlli ;t to I'.rtrrnncrts.I.fHVf contribute to tho cau....of labor. You owe
    with! the poroontago/ of orcnra.: and a drouBlfi 1:81..0, M .rriogtoah-y tart t K Knrrnnrai 1"1) p. in I it vo tae community ID which you II-. ac4ninhnift
    and Fort Karmac-i at I 11 Lfftvci I'loSfn 173: n. m.Irav.t "Iph t 'o ronr Il1rf'f'r
    little! pravtirewxn' -nal.les the user to ,
    fflUHCOl;! ... 4..Hlp: III.
    : I 3l'
    Aral m.arrveatFort Barraocai Tl.. Don't -
    set the tulle at the proper' mark. Then ., e Barrancael0etLn.oluulrm.arrlveatFoil I jfj! Forget Levert Pirkf. .. ;;:15 p. inArrive I

    Ata it Is only necessary to Mat the flow t uOp.m.arrlv Kort Uarran ai l:4ipn I I ;I THATHEPATICURA ;{(. trip to MrKee Kttrrnr.and, >H return.< 5t"; p.m. and mit.ot Pitt Mill Co.
    when the to,- left at ':.K> p m. arrive at Fort Barr-neM 4:16 p n I
    apparatus may
    1 6a5p.m.errtveetFort Harraaca Iiwpn \Vednedayand-.turdy! : ; the
    '8uUp m. arrive at Port Harrancai litfp.n h/ @ 3 i iI
    Trains .euve Fort Barrancaor heiia boat will leave Barrancas: via Pick- BEST andBIGGEST
    ) He who is feelin miserable, ?uff ,
    ..rirjf with [)> ppep-ia and Indiirestioii onto 7:1.1 a.m.at Arrive at tVnsacola _.11:00.. n I' ('urea In.1ilp..tion. Con..lip'uion !f1 1 ens for Pen.acola: at 6ft: p. m. I Brick I

    and often trmes with dizziness;:, llsrl p. m. arrive at I'DII.ool.II: ti p n 3.\ and all Liver Coinpldints.( The General French U for army

    wonl I do well to take 1'. !'. 1'. at 3:00 p. m Arrive at P-nsacr,,..__. :J:" p o I purposes only and anyoutider mu-t HARD
    I 6:''.' p ni arise' a' I'rns.eola646 p a V| For Yale by III Drug Stores. \1
    ,. 1'.1'.1'. ( Prickly A-h. Poke.
    out 7:0)( p m. arrive at 1'1'0''COIL..64(0 n I have a pats from the quartermasterto :

    I lint and 1'otus-iuni will cure you *8tAp. m srrlyf at ren< oola___ J.KOp. t; .;: ;;';;;; A : ;; I take passage o 1 her. Lowest Prico.
    and arr...t the ili-ease in its iucip- Satara-yionly. I

    ii'ncy.TeTilde. P4BC FOB WEEK: DATS.Peataoola i i -
    -- --
    blood poison odv covered to Fort Harranca and reiorn Mi
    i with sows, und two bot'li of I'. l' u*.coia to Navy \ ard and r"lcrn__ Id .1
    i'DBtacola to Pfthu.- o Beach and
    rttora IfrDCDAT
    I'. P. i Prickly Ai.: Poke 1"JtIud apRZDVD&. F. E. BRAWNER'SKONEPRICE *

    I'ulaa-111111) lIr.,1 thO' Ol..aUI
    l 0..1>'. (.nViinr. jmriiI.H-, inC the patient lively a, a ten 'l'al- Of-U when C,.ltClt4.w"ither. pt-nuit for running 01 ,.

    L-ttnc! : r itlwr a uu'.lvly! fiitiire for nif old. 1
    Lean fensaoola. LT Fort HarraocaiSa. I CASH
    1'l.rcii.iliicMV1I.. what do ) Tin i'X, SAVANNAH: : O A., Apnl 2f I'i. l...v.i. m. loam HOUSE

    TIM t fur -.". cents? $I'rins anutjer4fuartlr ] [ IVlliif Uei three! bottles of 1'. 1.. 11 a. m,, u m.lp.ro .,

    : it 101'1 tier.NOTlOt \I'. f..r impure blood nod<< frt-neral Spm.S
    und I'll Liana p. m 8p.ro,
    --- -- 1 wl'akll"-!. an.! h\\: in.! d..rin.gr..a* 8 prn p.m. ?:$ ;Invites 2,000 Cash Buyers to Attend His :;-lG::;

    ;. benefit Gum. the s-atup, hiving 6 p. m p m.
    ( p. m, 8 p.m.
    Tho*.> who I't: order with the gaul4d: pounds; in weight in four ( p. m. f p. m. Sale of Cloaks Skirts Waists and
    weakI tike ;rent pei-ur.! inrreonuurndiur Bargain ,
    '.,t.. Arthur (juina for eul.irsr pie it ail utiforunateYours rAt' FORBF5DATt'eaiaao'ato ,
    < Jrt Btrrtnt Nard '''>
    t Irra cut got -'II1Io! by applying tonn 'l1k.. truly 1 ant to r-Palmetto toro______ ta"fniacolt New Goods just arrived from New York Factories. We i

    ?rrinledwhow'it'eirry! on the JOHN Mol+lTS.PynyRal putira ____KnOb____aua__ IDiNotrilirbt
    l'il"tk're hll"il1.d :H hlol ...I..k'r.P r"c >lTpd8rtcr8lp. m. will give the Ladies of Pensacola Big Bargains in 2'11

    l : A. II. PA\XK. ".i' tStop.thpTiknn:;, articles store for the Next Few ii
    our :
    \,). :!t:) :;. Bsa. .':reef &UJ u.usJ alLtir 1it:4IIIn.l'u.ol.u ttr""I"'A: Days.

    nt' Thf"rp' lotof money to bri>;ado!
    TI:P who own nn own I.' toarea > In r..al..t "' i-lots of it. .\ real <'-. M1 t _i-o LidieSik] Wai-', tt.e Lar-t i hrL' tllll' JuLkit- Hi'-. F Palm, nl\- Z7r' I"ntherSitues

    I. !-t-If!( jiiiut Jot* of tate Riga i u-ually u innrer-bo: to Tidrw'tiny('cps e..resrt.riol'b ar,aiu ever oilercd, I2.4-. .ur i ore |:i 4"r -\. worth u..;,. "ur pn-*. H ",. .

    t"uhll' ::111'1 orry., :nobody can wealth. 'rhos. Watson & ) Jh sira of U. It.taC I ; > Lidi.-a t'itteI'r-'y }:ox J.tc: i:- PairH'.;;-'K dU LfxthorSU" ,
    ,, Flit uuel All-Wool! -
    has C/v, the leading 1:1'31 J: !'J?tale hn.i.: Je)9 bn1 icje.r, ; rY :::a) I..di" fillo-r juality.. wi.'th |. ;: our
    r. q a r- nt'.id the! rent d 17 Kara I'IlW'lY"rs which it wouldbe P p'trv rut ia 43 bows tor1nr \\VaiU- 5 HI 1. H.uaill; for !",e. tt- 57 1.1., our \price' ti w. f2i. price

    wtr. (.'rhi it'a.' l'Ytnown worth your while toC'WidT. Go 1par.! Nitt2'Itti' 1.') Lidi-' Fltnl'11l1.t", AllWool. 4'J L'idiFIIIP! Imported Kprs.y -;. Pair* Kiyt Vw Orleans Fablerrew4l
    a m. ...\.waay". T hOq. C lId *eetlipnj; to-day, and don't wait :tnila l I Jacket worth zip Iv, "
    Watp.J\'yt'can t I h you how ., -i. 611nRtlI DI LGCiiTS Fancy Trumped, a Hir.MiuVait- our price |".u) t"Il"* : tu u, worth

    11") a 1-. t ',II' andP.. th.l.ti ttlltJ-morrow. at U ia.I,3L'idie, "> 1.1.1-; Black C.-I.u..r. f-kir'! -, tl u<). our prici '1U..
    t>l !'air- Ch,1 J.* f ho?" f to
    A COMFORTABLE HOME ; OJtinz Fhncf:1 \ -, tucked and will\\ tuil',red, w..ltl.fJ H. Solid
    Late of Chicago. worth 7-jf, our price be.5i : 2j. our price S 2: fsi.io L"atberwor' II.wj, our price"Ic.
    ( ()"noll efurIt [= the> wall fnrni-hed home. At O. I, idi" FIlIfPrilk 4-i Piir *.i--es' Blues, 4 to 1:,
    ; !
    N[ O ttOC1- M. Pryor's, i" and 22: vv'pt Gavrn- PROF. N. A. BALroua ) Ladie- Mercerized; Underskirt-, worth *. mj. ; S.J "skirt, Sj-lid LKitb. : 'worth 1.25. our price
    inhin alt' our prize (It j.
    s in"!it .Irf-fot, you can buy, at lwpr'N' worth $1O, for this sale l" j. I ;5" .
    and terms, had ro' mwtrdr"Lt' 311 LadiM: Plain silk: :kirt: =, with b: Pain :M ""11' Shoe
    varind on 2
    )1'llfiolls in great ? easy M to ,
    ])f SCIENTIFIC GHI! OPCDIST. j;;; ildita :Mercerized Under :-klrl..;. flared bottom haw ;;
    diu- trim- worth
    ; -uites, parlor #uitF*. tntely Il.f,1) .ur price b>(.
    elu ( act Inu.esf j>nccs at jug tah'e: hat: ruck loum!::**. toilet Corns and Bunions Removed Without I heavily tucked and trimmed; worth j! ir d and well tailored, worth IltJ.\M. You rhI.| d look at our line of

    .liars on. & Finch) '.,. : .et-., etc.. Hit. well fuited for Chriterrr Pain or Blood. S2.H, our f rice only Il ;. I our price ?1jI.H. Ctil-ien'c Fine "'bOfe.

    mil' rreseut j-t!
    HnflCV Mats "",.'d'\ O"'n the Gerelia full GROWN NA'L A SPECIALTY. I -
    JOUflCI hu-lm Out I'.u It..ire fios'DSU % I IFacI.1 Mae.age and tca'pi T.eatm.r.t.l: F. E. BRAWM'S ONE-PRICECASH
    BIG Kvoryth'.iK. N. KI, k. Sf"- MEE.Kr.iAii I liu- of RreeAf4t F sods and tVrea'n.fresb i HOUSE

    .wrrwl1 r-t HoM.. Yojng, They are and wtoleLouie. il left at the Pt'n'.cola tn-ug ft.re'rectll..e ,

    363 Henry St., Bro jUyn, N. Y. Phone. I will prompt aitcniloQ. Phone :' .l j 10j; SOUTH PALAFOX STREETv



    ,Y. .ayyw"....._.J I :JJL LI"".. "h 'j.1>c4. "*, .... .M,",, sR.y\kgrr. -"-",_ t'1M"'{ !J-:"' .'.
    : o' -- __ ,. __-: __ __ H,,<; 'Y": 9) R*"" -"



    WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1,1902. 7

    -_ '1I

    Prc3YCll1kIrn t

    \ Yes," the blahs: ;! rpmarlied rcflec-

    tivtly! "as you say Truurs we had .1' Digests !

    some dcliirlitf'J! : times st: Oxford to-
    gethr.' : .

    chlMrec. Eefor- the "1 s-WiM think! fi':" the newcomer what
    .. wi \t you
    ,. :n: ny wife u el four! totJ asscnted.Ve tiid have trLs'! What

    J!: v",,;, :.-.rcIEM: If you ha J tic days MI tI...! river: AnJvliat nights i 0

    .,u',.rca.iur.vou: coati sc al1'gx l b eolleer'! i: EatDyspepsia

    t. ,t n { l.'tll: : ,, ti
    ::. The Mlirp tnovtvl unea ;'iy! h 11k _

    i I. h" .. .. i.r' "" -ni P-\ \ I hair. Tl'en 1.(' tlam-wl: :!it tli :<' 1dsl.op. .
    ,' !::": -.i. Wfy : :
    fll, .- "J'I ro. "
    '='; and the two li'-upii-' !: :: "My I dear.
    .tr'.bM'! '": : 'S T JrruJ
    >: V; : : ; .. l.e: Mud l I. \\rutf'iua::: i iasitltf: his 1i.ukppn ,

    ;u t.i Pt-t r/ +:n, ":.t is \. ry ht !in "l.ere. I think

    sJ: JU1.. : ,t ?. 5. ."t I will take:; Mr. Ti-avi'rs oM in the ?nrt'.cll -

    Wr. U ..a t.._ (. ';, ,fewr !' I a Isite"The : Cure
    ,, r.--:C- S ':c.1a.tr I
    .- V __,r.** liM'oii"-s'; f..cr i-j.pris'-ul !-.::eere
    : .' /
    _j .".
    :- ; nlief. ):r. Tr.Mi-js t.uk; tt'I.I..1 l net i
    wnr.... i- .. r..n- I .
    A to ilif.cal.oi. M.e. too. ;glaietii at the i

    taciy AtHryit bisl.nphia: "I[ would. IMuard.: I if I 0We hare: beard a great deal about "h ut-
    \\"I.r jim." --lie ai>i\ n-il. "I'tihaps: I to h.-art talk\ The little talks: where is milling more nur seal than indigestion.! ly d:get food in .t ;{: I:i--s I inK> t>r Iu a:

    ,H'vens Mr.I 'Irauvs :-tat;:es. lie ihf..t: l.ke I: people get right down to houest reosoa, to Of cuiir-e that is serious er.t'tuh! but you little under proj-er{ conditliti-l 111. it

    riloTi-irri's a 'iL'.ir.1 ." 'I tomtnou sense.I want to know where the se-it of the trouble common sense that the same dements will

    '" I i- w> can treat it properly.Again .. digest: the fond in tin stoniii: h? Of cour '
    \1:. jim .I..n't Miso'ke now. t1titToners '. : You h.ive: no doubt at :some" time or otherexprriehcetl .
    the and such food as should lie digested in it IS; it can't help it. Several years were

    ? ::: nlni-tcntas:: of tht put III. with a note of srrpriM'. I totiHOf Indi e-tiln.annoying"DiRe-tiou painfulsyr.ip-is! the pro- the stomach but is nut d: t'.tl'd t there, passes expended in perfcctnnr preparation!! that

    \ F fR IEJJ| }' sutfrini! : incUnt:: to chill! "Well. tl..t's odd. Iven; it up'r !ttol cesiby which nature tran-form1 our fond into the intestines and bowels where it would di,> this \ery thing The rl'oult.L";
    j ha\e I..t him a wni-i. tin uzli.:::: Mi-, C.IUSPmore trouble. The liowels become Kodd Dj'pepsia: i'ure. It cmitains i>cry
    r-irtt.: ,!:: cOlngwOlter'l; : by means of \iriijiii juice callerdigestants l ,
    Mitil.e"::. Xeur l.'n: (Kfonl the \uste element! to Mu% iimiiilftcatnl! : 'rf* .
    rw : tit: I constipated! or "closed; :; up' i.ece-ury ( j
    into blddd which is then carried
    IlscstII'; : aid t.::mLr: rj:!clat'u urrankl: : throtmhout;
    ; wit I I".tt: :i "he! rt brier r< t-t in h.. lo-ttl.. the body and used to make lle-h muscle platter: is nut passed oil but is to acme extent feet gestion: of all cl.ie-. i If foipd.
    tilrt.u: .MIt : o: JcJl, : :: :jsi this: relax ,
    = bar eli:" pol 1 ..r leeti.r.'. I Mui! I. }lily! ell':" I bone, nerve, brain and material: of every ab-xjrbed bark in the stem. This jioisonsthe It permits you to eat all t h- glass fond you I

    In:?, re.:.ctra.a; !Ur.incni: : reU.-vis the The lii-lu-p! re "<':I'I..II '. >-t usual -Ji trc,s. A pooJ-natur mothetisrreryiurMihavcap think that this poi-onod b'ood
    a inoaiet.t by the ";refs wim'.nw. with! !:; nuy arise from variety of any person any aid whatever from tbtDinach, allow-\
    : .:\JJ-n Hurd chill Ii can make 11eall hy tl,'\hhe allhy bon. healthy I
    his t-I).i iseiiiial le-- in a tudied: att:ttie causes! but generally berau; some of the iu\,: thed'gestis-corganwto; rl.-t and regain i
    Th: vaunt! is keyt m a strong, tealthjconJithn : kidnejs, healthy liver, healthy bart, or a their normal.JthyconditI''nand\trPngth.\ i .: I
    if ipisenil! dor.lit. a-d then led thewaj elements whuh makeupthedicestnejuices(
    \ | Is it
    whch! tae: cti'.J! also inScnli clear, healthy, active brain: ? any all K; !)
    : are lukitrn'. liv: digesting: you eat.: < lol '-|>' ps1.a!
    into the! It Uat'tifr.I ; of the
    : : j.lrldl. wii wander that ninety live cent .
    Kuth'r'iFr'ta.1 takes:: a \\'if: through! tti Cure tones up the entire ",, .t"III. It will
    \\e--t lu.laalight.: ::! Tropic\ IIIIMIIII'xlit I Undigested feud giveyou all kinds. of Amencui people+ : hale buddy afflictions! ?
    life ata&itloti
    crisis qu'ckl.: anJ almc; ".t painlessly. Itacsht give you health: Mrrngth.: a
    : lay t pale: reeii ujhin: the t Ci'or! If i trouble.In The whole pi i.nt !is thiIf j III.'opll' would: good appetite Mitindi lifi'tliful' { deep! and ,
    in hjr rur.4: !
    jccovjr.vranJ the: .1.:11.1.1.. Pin; '!lies; 11:t sod i'i :111,1I'UI. l I the first phcc>'ou : \\) atnostdistresviu digest their fond properly most human UN 1 I'lIr,'. rI'h: 1)ol..llhit.! : will enatiip naturo: tn 'J i icorr.ct
    ( t1 the Cans that! SJ often! fa'.cw:! d:
    feeling in stomach, especially! after would di-appear.
    Tlu."I'It! of larsc white! it.wersws : I ; Jour ( iiianv: ills to wl-ichthe: other organ- | |
    Iiviry. fating. SoonthkUndirstedfo'dfrrments 1 You no doubt would cure your indvtionif
    ; of !bcnly, EUJbe subjttl
    I tl ar.! your
    5<>!J hv dru;; tale <->r it a'l l>ei'iti.t.L: Ito li.l.l <.hly! crriv. to CM'ape, it causes tielchic:);. It alotauses :\uw it the di i; eMUe ;juic..>- IT iluids arc KIK'O! Dy-pep-n i Cure n'-...r ill- to oore t

    y Tim cKAiniu: : !tLiL'I.AToIt ca fl't Torfwi that mon.ius and Lad I a prp-s-arc aj.in-t: : the nerves and lacking bat, wo Mib'.tiMto something composed lit'-t""-p'::a, md, :ge-tionanil-'iitn. ,- I rullblf+, I I1'11

    s "11.\"T.\. U\. 1 IU me *:':ljlt: : np to I i"I'p.tllw; to artcrien lei'lnii: to th'llI'art.'ir.; ;? rise: in of exactly: tha samo: tleiup.tts t-r in- ('\ a'ter all\ other ninlifini s 11.1\1' f.iilnl.

    !,pnour 'I" : booi wrauitl i-i.iki- ;'" first impression; I f the tmnies; i I the niinddf thesiiOri-r to the i lest 1 : that lie gredieuls i-n't It common MHM.thit: : the Can there I be any P'"llJ' 1.\'I.t+ why it

    (>ie..s'.f (nr el Y-ti: lOUilIS. cud. his t :M 1'k1.1'h! rut.f and his ..I\Mfruiid'i I I Las heart trouble. Nothln! !' lie further result.ul: be lie came? If a ctrtaiu u .;.I 1 nut cure }ut-t I.

    HINTS FOR FARMERS-- 'I lie! bishop ati>jiIcH 1.<.i..!let ted a K"JUt '11'\1 tilI : Candid Hear-i to eaJi Yalksc I

    > <'it at the t.irtlit 1'11,11.1 the a'I'IW\.I.

    I'ladll! :: a In;. tlei-k! <-h'ir! for Tru\'f'rs D'\!r Sirs:-I had: snil-red for years with I i-ar :-.ir"-1t give- me preat plea-'irc: : tll'rite'llll (,C ti! stomach heartburn! and indigestion ( ,

    Purr or Sheep I In \. !:itrr.If whue he \\:1": ii-a-t; 1tkt-ly to .be ourheard stomach: trouble and after doctoring: with \\ concerning! the pmd qualities} vi that he took: no r''>infnit (:"ins satins I tany

    frlii: 'I :.t.. '!. f\ .I-til,.;:: U Ml tilt- II by the two blhi'p'as: : I several doctors \s IIf dill me r.n KXand: after l Kodol I >js['epsra Cure. I had a Mom.ichtrutiblcof : kind of r.HtI}, but after lttsrug' tried

    nit ill t:,t.r 11I1.1I"; ds! tiji; m the time being in bed} three weeks: at one time four years standinj, which was prescriptions frot.i l'\ -ral I.II! !o1l'11I'I without t

    a iiiditlcniiuii iii tini.inner: they "Y's. he rontiniied ,i; a !lifnd: profesvinn.'il when 1 could eat nothing, and my heart eo bad at times 1 waforced: to abandon any 1.'rman"lIt re'i!lef' by taking; two

    hlloilM nut In- !!,':.;lti nil. *t'., s AIII-II 1Ii1t "lUr. "we li.ma great'otk troubled me and ached so at times tint: I business! and remain in bed! liottlenof Kod'il I l Iuy.pep.lt'ulrhe aj pearsto

    cats Cullhstur.! ( :Ii ...1 t.o.l and! pleityt tare, and I fl..1 that ahtiiHti'iIrt'in thought I was going to die, a friend recom I had: tried physicians and all kinds r.f \bP curedLuke\ J Collln-.
    a'l!I apiieair.iKe( ; I.f i\il is a & mendetiyour Kodol yspep-iaCure. AfterI dyspepsia: tablets III vain At lat through wurn and siibscribeil! to (U'ftire me on the

    t .y >f It. c\ery itay i* .1..1.. !' .nd if II.\:.' ht.v11f! inj 11<1.111111......." tl'l'I, began taking) the tint bottle, commencedto the recommendation of my druggist i 1 tried 13th da.e .June, 1001.-1 lieo.; K Colliu,

    sire, as they fl!..:itld! l Inturned. out ercry John Tr-uers ligl htetl n ei!;:.ir. Its : improve at once itnd my appetite began a bottle of Kodol Djspepsia Cure. The effect :Notary Public.ft'ntlemeuI.

    I'lisisaiit' i.ifur! I c\imse :stud! fresh to Improve. Now after taking two bottles! was highly gratifying, as I received Immediate hale sold! all the Kodd}
    snio'uebliw: toward the bi--hop. "Capi
    1 air dm>t cxpeit theta: to KU a In ins I am DO that I can cat anything and} e\ery- relief and le-!s than two bottles effected Dyspepsia: Cur* I bought Hii and onitTed

    from the trust tIlttl'lI grass:; that flog :, tal ohal'UD one ;gets here; 'Iraurs H-- thing. I cannot recommend too highly:! the a Complete cure. twice from the jobber I refonimeti.lonuiy

    may bud Kit u little of it will nut hurt: '; niarkid.The !. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure to sufferers! with I never travel; without a bottle of Kodol III\ accord every hot tie hf ICalullfy+pepsli

    , tlietu and may tlo then some gaud \bat lii-h<>]' MiiFM It rq n'tfull)'. "I t stomach trouble and indigestion and would Dyspepsia Cur I In my valise. It does the Cure I sell and hdTen't h..rdIf a-iugla l

    I It fa lino t be a ninirlsliliu fcHI..1 J i i I has a deluious (ra.r:11I": ('. 1 will admit. bay to all that if you will only try it, you work quickly and thoroughly and I cannot complaint. Yours, Jot. I'. Istcrliug.Corydoa

    srry ."* he an-wt'reil with nlurtance.Tratrrs will be cured as 1 am now, after having say too much In its prai! e.-Yours truly JUllctillll.lcd.
    f few vats. a little l>nin and If their "haneil tall in his hair and spent hundreds of dollars with doctors, and Geo. U. Colbath, Alpena, Mich. Dear Sirs:-After Pcten years of suffering

    , roughage Is of infoiii.r ii.ility.| it liltle I Irornineal watthed the fireflies as they flitted. getting no better, while a few hot ties! of Ko- from chronic: indigestion, I was finally

    e\ery: day will do tin-in KIN,,1.! I The air was balmy. ",\h. what tinitswe dol Dyspepsia Cure made me well.Yours Luke Collins of East Windsor, l'wYMk cured bf using three !tattles: of Kodol Dyspepsia ,

    helplug them to I.rilll-:' ln-ttt-r l.imliN! andgrow had Jit O\fnrd'!" he. went on reflect- most respectfully, Mrs. Julia Ilur&h, Butte deposes and says that he has, been troubled! Cure.Mrs. Annie Alcorn, Meredith, '

    more WUtI. Plenty of water inYhat: times we had there. Mitchell des MOlts, Wis. with dyspepsia for twa years, laving acidity Pa. I

    where tlicyan gn:' to It :i< tly |>l.-i...'
    ) il.) you reinetnlier that :IIliltIl'

    hluhl Uat Lund: forlifit tin dry girl WK: IIMI\ tn sell flouer lit the corner I Pr.p rMkyE.CD ewtUl-Co n Chicago. The $!.OObcttl cMt ln2 tlm sMiniicbiIyctB. I feed they liUv to drink little and ..ft,-n.ami .
    ni<;ir th. II.-iiidnlpL? A jirttty hit offluff.
    i th.:1 lit it always .It'IIII.! A '
    l IVlly] !1'1 :1\11 they: called: I her
    slHTpi\ \\ z) \ \\liat fun w? had fliatfinz her! Well.sln's Cures all stomach troubles
    marrUil a tkxtor tow and 1 Las a
    ( them' l....liliiu: ; ii-nish; to Keen\p "
    tf" son+ at nrasi no I'.
    j their 'bel j.lentj' "
    -I aiu p'uid ta hvflr It, the I.I-""I' n 11-
    ' of pure 11 ir. ('..t.I l .I.H'- not hurt them ,
    f" Mrcd, pitting tis tliinnlK and fore-i I
    ( .\vlien they ha>'e loll their 'inter.l.ats, ,
    f:timers ttip-ther. 'Tlioiisrh! -1 Lt.'a.> a ]
    1'Ut keep them dry, with the ll..,s.. fr.-e
    friruIoTis! ji.i-.n: .viinii. -I.,' w-n not Tim Will Interest Man. :I r.j
    from rain or t-now. i Cnnjy For lees.Never j F. M. WILLIAMS
    I 'lollylatl.ing; in--hi what I nnyin, To quickly introduce L'. 15. Hi i I

    ) tUI"'O sa111he ,"'* 'lltial-: of |'<.!li!!:"'lilt'lit. ( I huh anic Hlood Balm the faiuouSouthern -' :' eat uiif'tiling: in makirsr:::: cnn- :
    I 1I0u.lu/o; guru lnip>rmrnl.. dy !but the bet grade:' of stint "ajs OFFICE EF COHIRACIOS AND BUILDER \ 11Elimdt'4
    Andt- i.m-t rtun' \'rlnwas It.l"- ,
    The gnt1 1 farmer !" 10':1'1".1] | tit <-l.MDami blond cure, into new .\nu'ril'IIIril'lIl1l1rl.t.: Cull! ;.:raml'1:1t't1 ( 1rEAJaPAL: : ..

    lows nil:\ f.iiiu Ii, |"'L.--iin-iit-- "",,n -J!*'in' .a. pn-itn.nr-f scuie( tel.ijitLtUill"e home*, UP Will .cud!, Ub-u'.IIUh' tree, 1 soar to it thick ,,!r lp and wlimilore. 17:1 Chrdet Proirptly Furnished! 4\ .tpuildiui'
    t \ --lii's! trQI''i'J. Truel'v went I
    I as he has tini,.he na"t'. a doctor.\ u. 1 s.ij. I think jmi l silo ,! Kiiiii ( H. U. h.' quickly cure- I .
    but in.iuy Ui not .I!'> thK 10:1.} I' .\JJo rican thopptsl in watt. take it nff: and }
    ', Lnetstins- I Oh. -.f ciiirse.eitreat! old tilct-r-! Mrofnla.feceiiu, itching : I I
    Culti\ator. 111l'.1a"ul.1 l .1"HJ1" atI as [it begins to liaiden! stir it until! u. f I
    '' a "iniiik! to;:( tl> >;- at h-s ro-mis in i.ilIiol. 'km mid Mood humor-, cancer, eat- ,
    ' I least one lay to the work of (..dLrting ."" i lug, fe..tei hug} -orc'oJ. boilcarbuncle, thick It will ju-t 1 pour and then jio.ir ; CHOICEST :

    them ruliliinj; the I dust off nilmj: I tlirlronoik jmnplmor lIir..n..i\'I' eruption, into pans: cr dishes!: MI tit! : it hardens :
    ( "I 1 "reniiinlK :takiiii: ::; WII<'. the bihtp pamiin
    :and putting iu P n+"<1 'nler' for ,, b""*", or jointrheuinati m. (-.t- in cans; : about an melt thuk. .\ ilifftrcnt -0"i i
    adi"tte. aft n' a.aust. w th! a mall ; ( .k
    another j car's wotU.Ylnn will h.u-! >- tarrh, OMUIY blood or i-kiu tr.'nble. candy tan be made: if inn cantt u ri (ice w r

    *J. it will (1:1to go "\. .r site wi...!ir.irU liaiiud IlolillesJliere. Botanic lil-.od Balm / K. H. H heals ;: g.od 1 extra<'teil Im'u-j. but it must 'f 1 I

    i with a ('uat'I'C paint. l It n this U-fnn- "Tl.e.inn!! Tintry: fdl..wnlat': every sore or pimple: mukeg the be of the best qual.tj.; heat tin honey Feb IS 1C01 FRUITS 8NDCO D fEC110NERY[ Y
    i a viaj lie had Flat the ;.uK in \nd bland and rich and ton" all ,
    I'' the sanw ('(,1111.,.. aiililt 'n the lu",II I- pure until it is thin. Ut d.m't boil! it. and I
    then tOP bon'llio: I you 1"11111:110..1'Iur iiclies and jMUi!=. Ivi.iKiu'c HioodHiliiMli. : !
    are wantnl fir UM- ue\--ilk then Ft'r! !b all! the pi.Ucri/nl ..nar: it A. R. Brcnor Co. ,\1'-
    I bcu'ire III: the i.'dit: our 'irpulNjt I: H. H. < th"i they are finnul all 1'1 ny and in ?-><>dcondltio'i tiri-ttl.iw( 'Ii and Oriel! ? How- for .'\11 eats: in ho-pital" an.I ')ri'al..1! will take ilu.! T'aeii: kne.nl. it with the Chicago.

    this will pnmone ../ the ractice, add! 'ia- road tlioij-uid-.i>f j jPHP hands! :1,1,:, \.nrk' in inure Min'.ir: until it C. APOSTLE'S
    fa the quad:
    \o'l br t':;:ht out ;: itinto |
    lirst day: wd'k I done! iu I'.iv jta.-. a>. it 'lI1ar".1! JTI's litipelo". buhl Hti' becomes a :Ftlif o : : ttoiPh.fnncrrnin\ ; Gcntieccn !lave ,
    aft<-r the 11111:11: \ll'I'r and I'
    will snxe .sex-nil IIIJS' time ami Imtln I(. 'dl ugrt"rrrftperinrgttbnlthe.; J-'iir |
    used cote Dandruff
    I that }'t,,i t did'i't: tana H-in tiru! : o.it .. H EJS! CtTtrmtit St.
    with tlielll In the !1111"J: M-HMID sjeftriujth free trl"ltllft.l.writ. to lll.i.nl:\ ii.IAuitI.1tlantatia. Irrintlon. :
    tin'r foi tintUiH and! :...ii'e: .1 jj i I .1!lyj : ., : Meiiiciiie *PIIit i Cure for the past
    : tlf IWI: :.ind l tt'auand pvm : : : The bt"-t resultsitii: / ntn-t crapcan i'ornurly ('ordovn Ke'taiirantHUnJearU ;
    I.Listiitid Tire amo; :>; nut d! I\MI !
    :JTIKM( < once, prepaid' : Ih. t'lihf'lr"hll'allll
    mal)' of the :t. dipi4: : thai train* ky i j be 11:1111.,) xttn<< :< the prmind well and year and found it an
    I for it1'Itl': frep medical; advise: g-iHII. Hotanii 0'
    , <' ad "I !
    hain Im-jLji1 thealetti'u: 't alone until it nerds Piiif-apj{ at 11.75
    Men\ are s" apt to !!; : : wn- excellent
    J i'islt'I! hesitated. "I tago sl oiiie+; i-'i: d| I ISilm: ( 15. t<. K i :Drives hte.jv.vi I prepara- to t:.l-J per ut/i.eii.
    down just wen!: li list m a hiiny. tt'r as-'i, '. IrS a Knns.is farmer IIIrJC'rim
    ud I Ilirtll to the Miod.! 'I I he
    Ie f ; in.li-':iltrt re--ullIVEsent: that tin iI'i- a j -tr' tion.
    t ( (in-=t IJ".J It' burr mud"tanic i .\ A.i .iiliui: 'ist. This is briar
    \ : bo' : T." hrII: ..w-l! lit I 1:1:l lt .!5ut.:ii+ :>-i.i. i II
    1' ial'relhlll;: tr..1 "..n.. snood iUlrn ( Ii. Il.l Ii KIMheilthy ;i than to put on a little: water t'H'r.fa. )
    : h.Iil"1! deer! tillo I.
    .y. i-y:
    ,' aim ('/ 1'1..1 l our lIt.mil Rowsrunt flood supply to ttiorkinai.d or 1\\'... This redo will apply to nlno-t Z-y c "). THE NEXT BIG
    ,\ jtni weit.ill! l'tif Writ pai'!U.nc t Cr c.
    r'r'Y' IHIUIU'-' of m.i'ii d.11tltierttint-! 'entirevstem._ all garden stuff! 1'\I"'l't tonvitoes: \11
    it. Y. eats possibly forcet.IMWMO' ;:
    [ -- ---- T'tIU:
    T\itli levmil: !rrilutly: : i"UMTIAIUStin ; : I cannot I'.PITIII tin m. but ion tan in.ike.tinPI
    t lit ofif on the trtnud that nttt rf tU- .An 1:' ruins nIL I
    ntnoiu't :is pretuuhy :H'MMU-CS' : 11:1- jrruw too+ until tu tops and imt
    other! II"'!! wore mud: irore drunk: than ;,; "I cr.I.'i-d! in I'et Llns! blot even.re: _:," i HOUSE
    1i1 fI'r"I! !:then ;;iln';: viva: I 111'111'1'." bear s'i ni'th Hint.; A pond pnn! \' iih I
    ''joti: yen wre J-M: sole: I'Uomr'i: !) to1I I 1 ri !ni.-i':$ ed Mr Crone < At11.rA.
    t- under.or:: .\ tII" :' ,-in I .Vt.u-lillllfiM. I Ifi 1 I, totn.to.'s! : l i. In keep! then! Ki'Ottins! II\' J D'i. :all"lIe ""Ij II _
    ibt I: tlie fagots !m the t-i.tldle: of the "Pld) : 11:1\0' .1 J'leasil't tlllfv! ilquired
    yon ,
    lL't '! tli-: f-it.t: (is '1'11I't and! WH.III;
    tl r:1lh.r: Ooppy: 1 t.-,1"! Infurfar \\ ti"i do' Ph/ln'll1'/ e
    ji.ad.. wh.le: : tie other men wanted t>> Mrs.i! .\\ II. ;i '
    ?* !i'l! :? avid tin "III':! I oill' n.illiinir: : :it ;aveth. i g'oduttt iru
    I nl1! ir t\\'t'II.\.fHr hOllruft..r tin piss pi? and light tl"e-ii again-t the hall and "\ ry 1'iil.irs! r.as l..-ng Li -- ,- ,- Wednesday, Jan. 1st,
    elilpl"! wife! when'!! 1 vent n" PAKKLR''i i
    li.'M rrhwl t ". wati-r. I then fts'li
    | lAin!
    face :: ri, :iJ with ttrnr. BALSAM ttiiIN
    The I'-hop's: ) wa : M.'lintV *
    >wryyyyy'jf j n< t .
    nmu' fi prmJuie II s nitu-h null :i tlie i
    "I :1.I"'rkJrt. \v-s IK ':Hr '- wfe. is % / t 1" ,P 1 t 4
    li f- 't'; take :t1,11 l d.'ol! I! Tinhanl N i ae' r F.. 10 ; 'jrt
    t .In-t IIIt'D:1 err rose <:. \ the air from i,| but ot i-ourso l.e stopped u II. ;i I <.11...> k SV.% pj5a/J t. -t 1 Unr 1 lo i C "ray. re nnasLuroylo
    eat t'niii.'! I have to ntntvinl with in ?
    : I.
    !' I A whiter i I.'rot the fll sw< I' take 7 i ij ..a'
    fiy. a- <,f wei.ii ti: wnllin "\\oh.1: slmu'd! hoK| so !! II. 1"K-to.1'::
    -noiiU oterlsl. | ;,?? t. /Ii'j tlii,: "i.e .
    i "Wlj''s that::" Travels r*keO. with r "I 1 U'jrjritl; I 111I; t", KO o'i.: hut lie c', ::11 | i lit i
    fentttTinponi! rather thinly user ,-< nK' ii
    '! -tnrt. 1"\11I otln-r titan ttuul I tlv: j'."t uswt'P. BU'SK.RiM i
    :-1"1\ ;r..mlii. un fl1l\.i frolll "' Jr. BLlill
    .. 1"- ::1 mL a\v.5\: Tlie Wshop! ;::t1pttI l with : ." S3 [U33:[ R
    rietut i i !ie\v -IuI'here! the -ou- isrorri' CThERPEOPLE'S
    .. 1''ylie ..n-nieiuiiert that Travelhad \ou I.erstil him tr> ;?o on?"
    ; d .1 : t.k, >\fi no 'IRIII1't''lIlts ) Dealer\ Ew.fi's; Choice Western
    : ( else ;; M
    ; 'at5
    fll\\!: '. I Im.1 tjpi.oitl at I'.Ilk,e nuts li\id eerafterwaul "\Vliy.es. I tlidn: i. :; :,t to SM dl:| ,

    in butlily! Dread of rvnioticiM.jsr for f.ri. jon know." a Poultry Eggs ant VegetabU! in Season.

    .trll' ,- lii .. !'hat:' I he rt-plitd iutry "I'h. uiii' rue: !).> yo'i nirai t >X-iy! '/\ Remora a J Corni. Bunioni and Warn, Sy jrj ,'I..r',. Irn'lrar'a, un1II'R'. .. .. -Itr.. ..rtIt .
    ? (?! .
    The watlfT.i: ,i men:1r | i l p4tae: mini iiiid n :lloun- 1 t.itiei"is- v -tm. I'm .t. pi toInn )
    tn'l I t'l.iMu! ': .
    ar Nu n st! c't'" l\. wa.llu: ; iii Ir-a.ts K-U tswrrri : '",11 to. a n: i *
    I : Tie wwiH'U: are ; nliiliIn- swat his nifi-V" "
    it .ady! n'!. m .!it <.,., ,.. ion LHIIUX Ctai fiUt.L1PPMA1 .
    .: !. nti.l kivuhu: : after their kind over tine "(Vrt.iinlyliy ta.t'r" r BKOS. lI MONEY
    A&J that u mi ]I. r ea
    V j.\.- .n *:ir.Everybody of Clair! 1"'I'l'll' u'Ito (I.Id: :.'d 1:1 this "I tlii.tiirlit yon hail at last. a "P Irk !, eA, sotetroya, tt M t W. C. MONROE
    i'p1.h'lIIil')! I it.;jrrt t to -y. ou iu-4 ti i our of nuiilmo.1 left. I stiip| .*c JdU \\.a gPocY, titres "
    ha< a ,t to a little A ( 'inily that has get them all
    -.irtti. II"I jwiint -: !!::t.uj' :iiran:::l'ntr'uls1 MJthi lie hearing sac ie\t" 1
    of this Hit tiUltt .
    piece they niii t ;;
    tight for it. They tinieiVitcli their "l'i--r.le tint 1'0111111.'l' ;brow: p-T- "Yi.>-: I tliinV: I could if you nunl .1 TTfJ'J T-l. J 1 Jr.II .

    chancw to :fl it, IIIJ K*, it. liapin .1"I; ':::t r' ILoul i ":ill: anio-t! iuOUM..III play! tnMinzt: with! nu>." : ii. Prices : 25 50 7*" Z. SI
    Thos. CVl.tso. : : hit-!; -.ui'pathy'! "i'lav criMiaci'V": I'IIIFr-Cl'I .
    ,\ &:: Co. ih.r. '. rnlliin
    1: ? \\'suit I ?'' [IVr-in! and his I 01) q"P1 Ise money. AECt
    "lpdeuie', < pult sine \V>: tint Is what no
    have .0 m< partlcuUrly: tI' barll:) i II- : tiionry.a gaud at otbr pooc.pl l..'*.
    1 to otter jui-t now, and ilHV, III\'ttt- Tinb.i: !; ';> stietiiied truili as far a< wife! were doing.-Infldou: ; TI'l.'crJpJ.! KIDNEY DlSEASE

    von to com and itiveti.. ,ltV 1111" It ..nl.1 :1:0. "Yellow jrtik." l.e ail-\\-r- -

    'You will never regret ha ,in/aoiie etl iu a-i iiiuoiiceniedoue.: "Very bad USEFUL PRESENTS. -- I.W. I

    '0.I II'I':1: pie-cut. Tiny are 11 ly.i; );: \I>" of all i
    hal dlseases. :
    Please jour wife by (riving I her a ire most HARPERKENTUCKY :3w YEAR
    tlioa---.ail- the !li i-I'- and Moons' esIM'taily. iiicf wilting desk, an ornamental
    I .
    l It attntknewtenier- must t right duty clock, an rt-y chair, a i iflGKEY I

    LODGE OECW.tr a'l.: I INople' of rtorid: mr.pU\ion: and "hini! cot! or some other one of GOODS.;

    full; habit of body. fie-h out from Ku.. the Ih(>n-811'i and oue U-f'fuIIHtirl",--? FBlEY'isr CUIE I III

    i I -- landlit- alniotiav"- it O.f.. I'rynr'J nail iJ WetGovernment .( :;;l2tlt Rcsf WHISKEY-

    \ KNIGHTS nF PYTJo r A" '1': a\I'r" 1'..-.. in horror. !:<; 'as f.e''liioiend f trttt. Pricelow.: lI I

    I lull full: blomleiL: \ "1- !it nil: over Ftrlns ea-y. oJ-tf I wm I r I f
    enaecfl.I.n'1Cr: :1. K I p : ttfun cdo Contiirj!
    --- ---- mcnry
    Il'e udaUiN':: litaUt: >!l. with: i.iaiktdia'nies. ,

    lUPiVFf '"i-i-iij' ,. If you want a niceprent to give: 1I\d.lu rscojnlrsd by erdIdsrj t.
    1 at 7: a t.!. \ !
    < look t'.e
    frit'udJ and through
    d : :
    ro a
    til t' Hi "1"1 V\ The hi, bop ;: ::" e .1 l!r-.n':at': par.-i-: rt tit ph sa the best f fKLb fc;
    ) lesrant\ line of suitable! articl-s; at )
    Kiiildln nurd \ tt \ t Ea"jm!
    \ \
    ,'l.-,|ne hrrthreu oor; kclcuireJ. \, '*.. t PI! li.r'-.i'.is.: :' It-a-win: : : -5: wiy J. I. :,tet'lhel1U *uitl.can rind i and Ebddcr troubles : \ ia Us City.

    M lUrlinlii :is ttilTi w! ,,'ifouieriire please If .
    t; ; ometh i ill; to juii. you
    I ., M.CAMTEC: PtC5 6Cer ..v. l I U2. Chinese Novelties
    : I 1:11'1\: : s Comet'ruw'miricg' in the Diamond line
    \ to )
    want anything
    \ c. \ : :t Mfitntr: : ,
    H. flORI.FK..K.K. 4 8. : "'- be sure to see him before you buy J \Y. A, D'ALEMBEPTE. J S Sell >ty< Dannhe !lCP 1r J I Soj'.h
    1 I :?aaf! :z St. YJ'

    \ I. t



    _- -. ,"""" -_ : ,. :' -5. 1 ,.:' : : -.-- : ::- "'r"- iT'r' :. __,_
    I' -



    . SOCIETY I LOSES FOOT AND FI3GER4FIIOM !if..t yg tt. t' JEmiLoii. I i P

    Alonzo Underwood- M years of I:: Clearance Sale I Trsninctloni, .ttb. cmtnmiM b"a' atlt

    AND age and baring a family at Ft. Deposit COMES BACK{ ,. : p.m.ma, pouibl not txt porlrd her.ia
    until on tdty.J]
    * PKRSOULS1 Ala., was brought from Can- Ig .. i
    % ,0
    tonment last night with one foot M o--I3: T--o ..j''I AKBHID.

    I or bUD UrJru 1.1. tolOl, Lrtkicn. .
    and several flngera badly crushed ,: S bare to order "D

    .. Miss i Joe Timruermau left list ; and the injuries were to such extent PEXSACOLA Fla., Jan. 1, 19O' j It bit Kiaacbfttn. 'u. Mortal, rlrtlla.

    tight for St. Louis. :| that the foot and two finpera were Editor Dally Newi. Kecsacola, Fla. JUilliam loljiujon & gens to Kouio Knot

    Ralph Bushnell of Hdedad is i lathe later amputated by Dr. Rjnshaw, Dear ir-Pardon me for again fI lULU-

    to-day on busiuesH.MlssOeuevieve the L. & guidon.Underwood taking valuable in SOtt'l
    city up space your paper lL..I li, Rato..Ij.DV" TU Norfolk
    talked with no signs of
    but I feel it due to
    ParkliiU lias returned pain as he lay on the il >or of the courtesy j?1 *!0-THE BIG STORE.- A ::j
    after the "Sea! Bookkl' to one or : THE
    to college Rj etidiiij; baggage car, in which li" had been rer" answer I: siiirmu.

    holidays here. !. placed by the railroad men. He two of hij questions. First I will W

    Dr. L. D. JUocker and wire of Riv: said that he was on the eiJe of a say that the question at i 1sue is I wwwwi I VESSELS IN' POBt'InA..lun.

    Junction arrived tt'.tt city hit': freight train stealing 1ride and I in''I !: .
    in whether or no: the men engaged i Greatest values ever offered our Patrons
    here.A when abreast: of the bL' feuca at I
    eight and will in future : the business could make a I I lifr If'1rla. I.f!. It 1'011. to IVn>trola
    Cantonment had !striking snapper
    jumped Lumber fo
    priva'n letter r..e..lvf'( from: agninst the fiic>> and rcb-utidiua; to living; at present price In my article i ; in Seasonable Merchandise will be :.iI $pan >eptnao.r.'W.: Aur ga. 10(jult Tt.n>

    Rev. A. P. Pupil from Union Springs. i the rails. The Injuries wer. so quick written a few days since, I I I, 1 ,; lit ta.
    All.: ItatEthllt h* will ui'ivu to : that he hardly knew what had hap gave figures showing ju.t what nine k placed on our counters Monday. ,: sit Am foMutcll Prnsa eon. Is, L..cb. to Gulf Tr.o-
    _'.L Comb City Miss., ill a ft>w da'I"" pened.At smacks of Hciunilcro & Co.'d fleet !I r Trxel<< !....'. EnglMiiin.: to II H

    Alderman John Uhriotie did ti'H the depot. 1'nderwood was that had made two trips since the ->. 12Ltdies'.T'I ore d"Suite. were $7.50, now.$1.I) u.r
    ,I ppiiit 1011. I''M I, Luiarrnifit toTruutit Unit
    attend the council; rn"etuig y,,-tH' recognized by Oilici-r danders a1 new prices went into tlTect had : t t't 10 Ladies'Tailored Suit,#. were f 12. now..7.A) lo
    afternoon account of havingto man for whom he had had a warrant made per share. Now "Sea Book. "1I11' .

    day entertain at on hi) homo :a littlatrangr I! charging{; gurablin:; The black! keeper" furnishes figure to show .'' t A:. 23; Misses' Jackets choice of lot. .... .... .... ...... .. .... .. ..$:!.iiO It Avon.In! hcijiaiiinj, to Basri. Dunndv.ti'o -
    :''strenuouly denied this, but Mr. that (sometime in the pai) nine of ,
    who in hU < .ir nceyesterday "
    put app 3m) Ladies Jackets at Cost. '
    afternoon ant will permanently i I Sander knew too much about him Saunders & Co.'* vessels have made .: j f a! hr Hurveatil-ieen. l....' 'url'yth. loordrrIt

    reside at the Christie and his ,:f.nlalwere !iu>lied. The poor or broken" trip*. Not a single **'I Hofi Pillow lUttenbur and Irish Point Scarfs at i Cj) t. VmtvJiurii TrojuncitoluM, .tuordir

    h Jlne. : uejrro; wa ul-o reiH'cniz by the ( one of the trips he mentionedwere : Japanese: Screens, were |4, now...... ...... ..... ..... .. .. ... 2.o; } ': K.rII lAI..l..I."IIUI", la' W H
    __ u __ __ train de.-patcher, who/ remembered made since the present; prnes i .. A1 VegA ii, ucrta to W H Krjirr CoB4RICI. I I
    N. Jackson Intivill*, 111.. writes: that the black had traveled on a went into effect, con-equently hi,; I : Fleeced Night Dieses for Ladi" and Children uo Kimt)[''., 4JKtc. .

    My daughter hid a ..vnre, utttck passlrom Klomaton north but who. figures have notlllu to d-i with the I ., at Co't. t h1 It AvvfniritC. ;;:!. hi'/io. tll Bar,. hunWx1Y.tiu
    at the' time of the accident, was not question at i issue. If the geiitleminwilltfive i nl J: \ \.
    )t U grippe and ;a teinbta c-ituh .et. !: \ur livtti", I 1)Ii.,1.'C'bltfP..O. tons! I..'
    in the railroad service.SKA31 the month and year that: i ; law; Yards Flanneletts were 10i yard, 10 yards for..S;>o: J 1 T'nd un her lungs. \Ve tried a IItatMUY I It ti.stut.a. I I.l-j: "'I.art tu > mtmn..r )tt,
    remedies without ei i ,in relief -- -- thee tripj were mad, i will gladly I LO
    r: < look them and verify his tltate-I arrived late for X-mas trade. j jt :Nor Kavorlf. 'U.J. Nordboe. t-inrjsr
    "rthe tried FuuJluXF.\' AM AN 1NKUMOOIV up i i 100 Rugs too f| It iirrtininn. 571.<"n<*.o... tit order
    b TAR which cured her. hU lu* lievr 5JUiiliam KUH i.urll.7.1" "v."Ol..u"m.lourd..rIt
    been troubled with A coiuh( ...nc,.." POL1CK COfllTPolice iea Bookkeeper" seenn to be a !! t t We will sell them for $1.25 to $2 00. luaocui.l*,"U, .........:la. I.. W &:.Jt.'
    funny fellow and >* quite a genius .t t'o
    fox.W. A. D'Alembme, 121: hou;!: Pula- Officer Bolline ha the hone at dodging the question at h*ue. I r', M It I.ulgln., J'''i.">, .HCI la ill no, to lio...eo t

    ---- I Ii1GltO or of tripcting the fir-t arr,,-t of the The history of the n3h business from t*: .ro Brosor )MHrcrt-tlji' cl Lurtun.tn nrdrr
    the beginn'infjof the woild down to i, Nor :Mnik Iwa.a fu'i, li-rjrsro tu vf iiKyer
    H1In 1'.Lumm \ new<< ye..r, and his nun was fillt.d11'j '
    the time .show conclusively -I .t \ .i
    ,U.ltt.T FOIL w it-.t ItS \ this mnrcing by Mayor Jone#. present th I S.ir \Htni.l.lnn'. vtwenaon. tn II 1C llnyrI'.r
    timatnhenwhogdownto 'ezs |I MmBon. 1;'"v.\lUi; l.lgbl, lif, Kuncvrn, tuordrr
    At 4:30 o'clock this morning Johannes in ships46-trfttch fish cannot always If )\

    fthortly after 10 o'clock this morn- lleimers and C.lr! Ban, machinists Ret full loads; the Good Book telUua I It 111011.,1.. (CnvulIIno to M Hco .

    tnj Deputy Sheriff: Vaughn anested I from the Gtrman fteatn,;hip that even Saint Peter wa- unuc-I, 1 grant II Knsm l.r.T:, ijurirulo to Baurs I>un-
    cefulU tmne. Uroken trips havn < 1 1I.-<|lv.Ir' nIt
    audj'tiled Anderson niucklefnnl, fO THE BIG STOREi: : '
    I Horta went to a woman's hou-e in been, and will contitiiin ti> bf. made 1 pNEW I !I..It.'iii. I'eiianao. to tiasri Punnmlr

    alias Clnrlie! Wrisjht\ c"I'rf'.I l, wh. the mlilt\ ; : dj trict. Kilmer!* ill fcverykiud of lishin a.. tnnir ,, ."ct r.--, ....- ......,..... .-, .r.... _;:------ \ Co h' I'

    acknowledged to the .olllcer l'-> pulled a pistol: from hi? pocket and tim lasts! and it is imo( tilirajjt thr t,1.1;:'-';-:-4 ..l.'.! 4y1.:4't.__. ....:;..'.;-/-l-I"-"">"'...}I.,:aL.J. C4'. k.. .':...oj.......<...,.-,,' .tJo"\y'.oJ.- ,'.-,o .1..{..>.'.'-..., ,-..3.l'i-- TTemuiii U nkrli.;in.i.-!i.l. Ti-t biriimnnn. 'I'burl.u.lo, toHHIii'oMvs.d H H I. C.NIII ..

    : 1'flln. f,,lirrunn that/ they do ;, W Inir Uuiir. llil. 1 Itiurnrn tq W r)
    alias.rinactMord. wielded it in such a mtnaciu I is wanted for murder not cat -h full fare*, as the "uceess of j lji-r l.on. 1.::.. Hrr.lnin.. to H Sbuttn('0
    the enlltd OllicerKolMue !
    that woman a fl-hiii? trip i is: to u great extent ..
    rd. : K U:- >>.
    :ill: Montgomery, it 11"11I"allt' and had the two arrested.Krimers the weaiher./ "Swa. i-- :
    contingent MI YEAR PRESENTS. Hr sci Krntbvr l.K.>llr. tn M H 1.1'"
    hat th crimp WHS committed by told them:tyor to-day that Hookk l'J1pr" faied: to tate that the i I Am Mary I. ,'ro.I.\. :: Irimm.' tuoij r ,
    turn in lsv.:! :!. lie has inn-u litre fvr ho wa, from (Jl'drUeton, where the .ownl'rsIf the Ye fth! th.it are engaged | 4. Hr l I' .r M-Iaen, 141: leiitq',, to jIM. A t'
    .. .mthu ojh (!erman consul hud told him he hud : i A URGE AND ELIC\HI LINE OF JEWELRY : MtrriHii: 'o
    oiitt time and st ui m ': : in the napp. r buiuei had i iI i Am ......rot.. V Jordan.:!. Murphy, to l
    i prer-ence bream, k'",wa to the better carry a i ItLl1l'1l1le in Ameri- I to stand the lo "es IIf broken trips. : \ J A Mrrntt J (;., I ,
    wide-awake deputy( wU<. awaited :t' ca or tie would be killrd. He further While the trip of a fishing Hsst'lls ( 'J :. : : : OF ALL KINDS. : : : : :( Am 1Uo.la.n. :\O.iiard.Ta.; Andreirn. In
    hUjsan. -tated that while the! crackers ( John A )1. .rut A I'o
    Javorablo opportunity to bag between the men and "
    I a partner-hip 525252.S:5252252S2.S252.52 lir Juiii'S U', I:*'. Murh'-son. totn* i i bounird lat niLit he had emptied the ve-';f-I. the vessel owners:! invari- t\, M !;*, If, ioulO.to! Juo A' !Merrill.t
    .\;; soon as the IIf'/r"/ was safely his revolver into space, a? ably sofTer the lo-ses there are any OJ Cu

    behind the lurs: after .1 Istwrty of !'-> h.* thought: lie had a perfect to be 8tOOI!, It the trip proves successful I E. M. ANDERSEN 1
    I 3j 3j29 Ul".a.1A.tUiU!: AND 3A1LEU: : rOH fro..
    H AUbdtna to jdoso, ('Oiuiderinj thu other
    ytdr?, :,{r. Yauxhu;; wir 1 ><* tihit ; !, the men are ready fit all! ,
    v>fllcerto com. fur Ihd mau. 1I01"g in the city. After hn had times to take their hale; but if1 ? nAt0146.

    The tJe.II: :tl WIIi receive.! m Montgomery bt-eu urre-teJ, liifriei.J, B miii, there i i-j H !'>**, the v",,sl uiu;;t | c .= ITIAWHUlr'l.:
    all l.our previous In t h.. IJ*- tried ti> take him from the oillcerUtlH etan't it. I have never heard of any m -' South Palafox Street.-: W i Aniit"ntri! .1. Hurry """.- IT
    artuH' of thn !\lI1t i'.IJ'HlI.l IM',;t"II- : :&ii) wa !irre-.ted r.lr liiterftT- other finh bu-inti;' where the VE'- hritnlln...11, ut'r.1"1. atVr.t llnrtlrpootlllf

    tr train, nt/l it n eq"tte1 that aJtputy lug! Kor thu the litter wj.lintd $1u. seh stO...l th* men'a share of the 2- : -.'. ill ".
    Oria. I
    !I I.\.r",1
    \ ) "I'AII. |
    w btrivt' thu lL4nurI. Oillcfr )julliitaKi itrr -'tod 'ill- IA.P' I could cita call's limit han (\) Ktith, S.sI'i. rtiin-Ut ITivruiiili.
    -- -- ,-- ter Millt-r. white, aadL'hiilie Light .. \it:1 r t.,I. C.1..il ,: ,.. !., ,'c.. CJ.ckol ; le '
    occurred In the Kt t wrtre one man I, .: :, I' I ...11 ...... II : a.: :.s II. : irr. tiaii-urrillp I''c !"
    I'W tL.tTL4.41IN i Or culorrd, early: tliii uioruiu for lJl- (If a i-rew of a fi-hinjj ve-.-el that hud : AND OTHER PRECIOUS STONES. J'rrtiu. tirr. l.tri, IVnrnlTj loo II
    hmi..dauzerou,; an'I su-pioious chtrTlic : S MIIIM.Vanloo .
    STKKr.r n.\lIW.\ ('0 made broken trip Dud to piy the S.. )
    aC"f ,o two tlelVud.iiit; ureyoui whole .amount of the t'rpw'!* iridhi ; ifCoin) Silver and Plated Wares. $if ;\ II.at HRiniiurgBAKIH.

    With the advent of thu new je.tr, I: t4;' I iov'. :ud: / this puilfe luvc had edutshe l>..iIB.J.! property bottlerawl Other Mantel Clock. .
    Bronze and Fancy
    piiii-iierublefoiupiaiut[ about tlietiliuriis ) ,
    the street railway ccuip-iny: v.'lil!! fnTorcs the law IH.1J he was u pirtunrlof : __ __ ___ .... Anitn C. It.'i; .. at TVnertT S nv't
    ; thfit fi-w iiionth'Ihey I the other men and responsible for I I v-:"":: "-_ -::-' ..-==--:, ,-: -::-::_, Annlhal. ?'...r. .lI . her itAthinlU
    : some iiewund ililnvrtallt tran wt-rc tuclt g.tll S'> u"u tliestreets. the rntirtcutfit.. In the jthe !I '. \...r.Ior"IHI..I..I..cl.: .
    AII".II. In,; -I I l...iiDH NoV m
    ivi and free privilege: regulati-Mi '.t':3"pl" are not re;:p. n-ible for the i f. K. 1'KAKU : J-s- :XICOLAf
    ----- ICZI::: =IOZ:::. .\ITcioie, It. i-H 'btn-n.w i Aires Nov tHmuMiiin
    Ciiitlly! iiiuoncfthe latter will b. the outfits of the men, and 1'ave no : lvx\JOI iiii. 1 1. kin iicnon Not .;
    number of PrcieI\UI! l Appointments.o h,,;,.(;? to 'i1t' when the trips prove I TilE !OTII CENTURY I'IH"'" U, It"i: li.onoa Nov5
    in IUUB
    reduction Kli/utii'ili.li"i. 'lil hiHiki :o.u11
    \'atifltOfl. Ii. ::"i -Th.! pI' '!:i.lnt -ut'C-fill.! I !!HVH no desire to

    free parses hOW 1'liu K <.II.\,1.! ('apt.
    Xartuup I U out of the city .it iireirnt r.1l"1I1:; 1'011 I Iit-'J rr..d it.tmj: v'g!' ti-herifanany ij'jiHtic", but I ean- ; Restaurant and Cafe. l..unlllll1. itu. ; '.. "Ill Lit KiH-hrll.- trtl ?>
    I"o/.II\ N..r. .II'.'. .Iot| HI HksttHII ttstt 1
    lie 1oult.J hl
    but feel that ,
    but i it i is rumored in !:lrllHt rLtIwlythrcIr ir.vr.t of snfantrj', iaitiiL: !> ..Tohn1. not help M".c'I"I l>-, n. N<... I"-l% at Munt<-vHlo II u'lli
    when he 1I1'lkr-1i :a jrraud
    :) tli. t i> '.1!,; redact! m w..ud: /-'I./ !, I'ranU I.. Orahatn. J. st.iml" play: fur piibl-c :pymppthy: I - - "u"0'. 4 il I ivn.uluU Nnf .")
    be tnfurcrd to-d y, auuiulwrof au- 'jr : ; t'r..t: hvutcnsinlit, St t 'wart: MHDiilitr. \ mn prpp.ireil tn furmi i-h him a Ih.tJf I REGULAR DINNER 216 SOUTH PALAFOX STREET, ;Ni'illfrniii: |>irn, It,.l I.1 <..>tio4ii4'i 'INITIIMII .

    I' : ual'' having expire'! at ItildllUllt.iug I I Kalp! !& I K.: ':1til pi'hl, MiU, I K. n,iuir-i of Mima of the be.t |li lhn"int-n From 12 M. to 2 P- M. t i HIV Mount., hu,.It i.uiuniurp. 1.1 Ab>r, ) egill hi January 15. th" new Taui'i" ': ,,"_.or.il Ii.>utrnants. Fianc out of this city who have stated tome Opposite! 0) 01l10r: re'm-'i..s... U. .U i.untm Nov it
    tTancr regulationwill b' .'-'uie OYSTERS I'tt'lrf. Au IVo I. !:!Wt M. ltnins.tm. A. Mivrt'no. in public thit; thfy Wf'rt'l1Ikin: .
    C. '
    EI..et \' 'nUIH iUl.UliII4: ll.MP > .. ln IIS t'lu. OPEN rOM 5A.M.TO 2 A. M. .........,,.tk.t.I.nul.i' .
    WiMiaa: S. Wnndnrr. icthanl II. in"re jnvu y when buire < ".tAfmeeLlthaul | (
    been placarded illl\ll'"t.J III fi'-'yfori' Ii.itin..AiIm 1\llInfl, Eli; hry rtjs.
    did before and oome SHORT ORDERS
    .. iiif.>riuatiou .)f ih* j.lllht'rdl !'.(!l.in. Jr_ IVilIiam D 1'rititianl.Vil!- thuy evsr .." .
    CMf : of th m hdvcstattd that they were AJ .11 our.. Pensacola, Fla. I......- i: i1o.rJ. Am. Vln.yrJ ll......
    p public./ A cuP) ul tti<> rgiL.ttions linn 1. Patterson: Thilipjiine ( ibit. .
    pt-rft-ctly sttMled! with time pr'' .eutprice. Ilc IFr..dl
    l i ia1II.rx! : first lnit.'nant.nibromr: C. ('. Wilhanu .. Thn cot peiHiM of opinion
    u'lrlth.fI'N will ba given uiily if I -I''otit3. John: Hoitnmn: st'umil tdbe that if five ori'(* tlletn. r..L-tI'J coffee, two luUhh
    t "ercin
    tiktu Inr 1&5,11", iim' "f I' 'v 1U-..r..f fur :m't,: cciil 't JI... New OriCAtA4tr.eery.
    lit'titiTiintft. LUfelllOI.ili; ilr v'lairnmt. l her' of HIP lit-rinnrs tirc.iiu/i IIMMI Staple and Fancy L Smoked Salmon, I
    tare.: They( will be jjood only for one JIMX: > Haifltim1. JORf'IIIIaria! : had been called to the Klondike on .

    continue-; pas 4&lce: hum thu HIM liuo['III re-iuli-lit uf Ii'-l HUI1i lo. Howard White ar.tl l'rank bii-ine" toady in the month of Xo- Groceries 1| Salted Pompano, Old Soldicr'i Expanenc-
    iranJ to a point uu
    \ .\-ember 11.> strike would have taken ,
    fd WltllnUl |usuix { tWIC., vtr any I C. Ilartnilt. IjUCe antI) the 1HIi woi.id hI"; all ,..Feed Stuff.. ...Fish Roe... Nf M. Austin. civil whet v"t'r&lI.

    part ol tie Hue. rtucct-prtiTn iran,- \\'wchtlt..r.) luii.. writei: "M
    : Hot been! liiakin good at timePrent
    Red Stove. wages
    Falls on a ; : I
    Jers the same trip will tint beifi wife wai tick a lotiir time in spite Ofirnod
    upon i Ra'.oinh. X. C.. nt\l' 30.) -John :Mor- time.
    forrt from but
    doctor's treatment, waiwhulljr
    n icppi uiJuu trju Tru.tln that "!'ea B.iokkepppr"
    J orth 1iUliue to c..l&u.ttlry lumaiidCemetery gall Ure.m. a will hnoitn tobarro ilrttl- >t cured I.y Dr. KliiitV \..W
    what he when he Mates
    line to North Hill 1JI19.fasseuifers ;I or. formerly of Durham as Killed thMt means he has'no says kick coming ta To1ophciio aso. I Life liir, whirl worked wondfrsfor
    will not be allowed to yesterday at Mount Airy by tallini; on I' her liraltli." They alwnv do.
    1 remain res'-ect-
    ride upon transfers otfcrnU iu viola : a roil hot sto\e. He waa at !honumtandin .fullv.him_ you'very FISH DKAI.KK. : UAI JL 11'11:1&1'1 Fry thmi. Only 2oc at.. W...A.Aie .

    ':Jon n: tnrsc rrK"I.U.1l1d." ; nrar the !sto e: when ho ba>! --"' S I-II.. ... 1'--,11., i>- 'Lt .-rte'* drugstore, 121 ". rai
    Transfer stations N e. I. 2, ;3 and 4 an epileptic fit an.t fell across th- ufox tr@ut.
    .have been e established Ito* corutrof ,. II I GO" s. PAl.. I ---
    selzine the his .
    etovt. : pipe in arm
    fresh roasted 'otfofl at
    Two (
    Palafox and lUpg ry, rMUfox ::: .'
    and (Jovernmeut, Ur *K> ry mid leVHHerR. The door was lot-kot\ and hal to be .. the New OrlftttH (Jrocwy for only

    and DeVillicr nutl L .KUJ. i iIn I furop.1 OIIPH by tile mother and broth. :!oj ceut. Try It.ilgutu .
    I er. who fouml the flcoh nearly burn :vt -
    reppeCtiY6Y c.a.IIrORZA.aoml .
    order that no coufu-in would. off ninth of the mans! body.British I _Fj -w.: For the Holidays: Prompt Attention !. Ilis Id Wimi "'p Bo:1I:
    ui th* nil .tu rtuIa _
    b* likely ta t. III4JI
    tiou have been pl.u-fd UK HIM iitwly Casualties.I -- Oranges, Fruits and Quick *

    a"<>r>t.>d dtyle of trausforca uk't etT ictiv",..- .. nilou. tt.e. 311." -The war office today ...and Nuts... 9' ...Delivery... cf I 4l
    'd t House at Biltmore.Ah..vilp.
    Jan. I:>. Thesrt regulation md one casualties at Xoe.onMn. showing
    of tim ollL-uU\ tod}'. "'.rn made X. C. Dec :30. .Mr. aa
    wounded and that --- S
    mandatory from the f Ijt Utttt |1'lIplto that &" men were !C .:;: S'-.c. Mrs. Hi.->,%!,. Vanrlf-rl.ilt! are ntf'rlal'InK

    :were bonrt'lu cars iu alt |k ."1.11111 vf j *ii) were ru..dI'ril"m..n.. Tts latter I I -1 a i-artf tt .... 6..ta .

    the city Oil transfer", wlili, oi ler ( bave all been released. : QRt.g j Hill morn h<>u.v who arrived In the
    hs riud' 1 THE[ BEST[ 1 f f"C.

    ropdlY.the 18 old known rwk lrnM wvrn coLlIJ uf piclmij tii'lI..t....ulIIn trtii.I.r4 mIirtrvc ,- i' c ItWlOur kb I: __H .i1 China Iirivatf, car.The dwannanon jarty inciu<:j<-/rolians sad tf

    it FOLKS.Men
    -' ..L1\4'r.. .Iv..ii Iy i'eidt'oiatid !' i OLD ---a: "d dor ins -jih II Chu 1te. ITlncr tin! Urno

    miiiily t" .alal -13 MADE BY- Maanu-s Tallcyrarnl IVrfirirfwI. C..r
    tinned. It M:' | and who havft rpachPil I I lUll of Fare
    tl.e "..* iiii4 i will uiadopted. women manner, J, cowles and :'Ir.. COIP

    this pruciivv. !advaoi'fil to tone years up of life time nerd" tem it medicine and- i j4 bilked up hv the' food it plf.| West Florida Steam of Wa.-hin: "ton. Klllntt'JrrR( ry, Mu 4

    -tI,"n"th.." thtotnaeh mind I fcidnpy*. \\' eth"r a plain Rosst) IlrI FincvMadt Bakery. Stin.vm. "atun| : an'l Mn. 1-anj A

    A Deep Myttery. which after so many y >ari* titnftil' 1Ii..h i is orderni it i N all that A tl
    t.dure bfCOlll wejkeilfd.yn good cook can produce or a f.& tid iOll" V
    It ill a mystery why w" m-n i''rvtoe II ".oJ A1so Cakes, Pies, Etc.-J-
    Hwilacn -.rViltL.fl4.MlinchoIY. bt inMieine to nett their CU..t.'IIH-r (lCitC.The -
    hleeplps-ne... F.t'uin2 11111'.1& U o..tl'tlt'r' Stomach J Biltt'f rooking: of food ii done by D r.ies St'ry of Mutiny.

    :tud }izi V' rclIl! .111'11 tIIU..UI'l7! nil nut { lill ; tmi!': t!ll'i'h".! *w. Un'kbr e %!, ...",1:, ...: The Eest Candies I..MH''oumtttKlinK... DT, :10Va'

    have preyed Hut Mlrftrir JvjiMll J1ltt..r. I iTililllfrll!:tr "oh q If:\r" '. <'t";'ronntU. tlio-f who "r they can ('ooJk.Ti1 (I"n1r'lal1( hIJ 1l1'nll'llhat them u.
    trubl"I KO'D- ,.,,\.- "I B..M. u-.. 1 )"iu riiti"rs nmt -AIIE MADE BV-
    JUictlycuresuvii ,.UrIhU' iy IA.>1S. at"! I'ouiniUMd uomlUxnltU ervive j. M'.ll"n411 the any nj>.>n m'ltA y at the foiioral nr,a.S.iiunliy .
    tuUemt for y\;!i .lth ktit.eytrubt. IV It) uar. dinih room w-ll appointed.Prices ii says tb, rciiori Yo',
    ." writes Mr<. I'lielieClierl-y I : CANDY
    [,f p ternn. IH., "inJ :a lamDicklaiuvJ ait tnoder tIe. THE aiiM-d tiy \\\j\ flailing of a fun on o:

    Ul ':4I could not dr3 'Y.tf. HOSTETTER'SStomach I'hllne 471. ul the iirlb. if'rs aId the story : IMt"rIH'II_%' Otht-r.
    ;.. bin I'.lectrlc -

    11hi-'ared, I me!"'w u 11111 llll, a1J1.ItlIIu.h! to di M;all ye lily r- Bitters Pearl & Nicolau, z1! B1 B Alt& !nbr 1 ; t.r \Veavcr5//trit- la; N,=w Hampshi

    t'ioucwQrl ," It overcmirt .*l ittl- 1 2M l ; S. I'a I.,foi tt. i : : Inn i.S', U. (IrciT SO},- IjiJJ1tl1't

    -. -- ;..'nP". "...- Ailln.tit".. :I\.t\ ; Illu' ilI\e hl''n
    lbItIOB. i111I LL'' --! paid I< h"u mU1i1'

    healthb'AUuiberte'! Only mif nt W. A. __ .J rENSACOlA. FLA. C, vicf' It"o ..1
    i-'t'rtl'l't ,t'ru.I'I-\. PalL- __ _.;:.._ ; AJ j. r WI .n P011'11)\1 9" ,
    dru,; -
    00 IT "a:.. ; J'0f1<1:; eInere. :;'K' "

    fox street. z------ a timiiiing.'L !JS27S. KVC1NK IjUCHl'5 :': :; SCHi' Cw'n''co IOIIOD mllln hbtii'l '.

    'r, ay. It Is tr-are.1 that 3
    will have pride m you own The prettiest U"nch i the Racine
    you if they are on touriwnground. Everything the Grocery line at Launch. 16 foot otJeH.eat;> *ix, C. V. Thornp'.uU'I >(|. n !!IlIulh to :;.J) f in jl')>t>s in this city wli

    f'owt'c1r" .ua Your hu.baud eatibtlya t; -- -k ) Catchy I'licf runs Yefhet.. The Racine: Launch 1.1.ha. i com; nHircol.

    \ *1. the ..u'e adopted by the Fan-Ampr- Ee5ide" thp standard line rf
    he d.it now. i* ? stationery I
    and can -
    Fresh! Parched n
    h"mE', or round Coilee, of Mrs. Fithian.
    think otherwise. ,i, _% ican Exr..itiou in F utfal > b-cau-e we have, in tinu, with envelope
    though he may wants a home of herJK :! lb-. for :!.k; better if you want it. they are the bet, more reliable than to match : ? x 't cm-k. Dec. 30.-A dispatch MTr

    woman if she will hUA a talk with I Freli and Crisp the Roaster. :any other; they are pimple, seaworthy Royal Cry till: Bond. Ik-raid from London annoumrs

    and Watson &; Co., the r -::. I irtfe. and full guarantee, Hur '!j Holland: Bond), tb Jt-a-.h of Mrs. J. .\. Fithian. mother I

    Tbo C. Estate ARnU, they -_.. Lippmu. Brothers !Bavannah Oa., Ladies Art Mationery.( t Mrs. Chester .\. Arthur and Count '

    leading Real how easy it u to get ; :i : t are agents from the manufacturers, Foreign Mail Etc. ->e Arthur d Pat
    can! show her flellagh's !I and carry a stock of thee boats" at all Art -t5' Material(, Office Soppli I' :: be taken to California for interfcint -
    one. i times sizes 18 ft., 21 ft., K ft.. on *-*. :Memoranaam Books Ktc.

    f- hand to be shipped at a moment's All new and bright. _

    j.or1'_ ;IGoE.1ics Phone 1S3, notice ; trial given to anyone wishIng / Do you want a magnificent watch

    '" .. ...Ie kl'- 9 to purchase. Read SAGE LEAVKS-the book of'f'>r little money? It BO, call oft
    I 00IruL.E.qLn.wu.(1 bot" .n 1000t K4I- LIPPMAN BROTHERS, theM: >tb century-without adverU the jeweler. He will a-.
    IIUlc i e- Jtepben-i,
    ward 1j U\D rot: bad return LU "III Wit 1.IrrapU&.\. 1 I : sE: grC.M Corner PaUfox and Romana Streets. mUtt Sarannab Oa. meats or flction. lommodate you.


    \ 7-,
    -I I

    : JIll .

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    .. ... -. .if 5sQ
    '. .Th t 4a ., -: -- ? : ",- ----..

    t '! .. ; _;" __ ,____ ._._ L .
    Ir_ ___ _-- .- --- --_ .' ..__..'_ ___ __. ._. _<_ _


    F: I: : THE DAILY.. p NEWS. ,


    _ u_ _ .. _

    I PENSACOLA has a Depth of 33 Feet of Water -ln in the Channel at the Entrance of--the Harbor.

    -- -
    ---- -- ---- -
    - -- -
    ---------j t

    W. C. O'NEAL President; f. C. HORTON, Cashier ; ; EXHIBITORS ARC OnGANIZNC.;

    S. J. FOSHEE.Vice.President; M. E. CLARK Ass't Cashier. ,' GERMANY TRAIN FAST TRAIN DASHES 7

    Oott.don.0od. Statement of tho Club at Charleston Exposition; -Its Cfficcrs .


    AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK S. C.. Dec. :3->.-The .-vhlbttors j

    -- End c-oncess.ona'.res: at III" ,

    OF PEXSACOLA, FLORIDA. AT CLOSE OF BUSINESS DEC. 10, 1901.( I: !Jtnatum to Be IssuedWithin ; Charleston club for the exposition doubla have pirpose organizeda of forwarding Engine and Cars Hurled Down

    ( ROMREPOKTTCOM1'TRUEL( I j Three Days. the interest; of tha (>exposition: 1nkment. J-

    anJ that or the firms which they rep /i
    S RESOURCE:: LIABILITIES. 1' resent. The piesi'leut! o! the club UH. -

    Time Loans. .... .... ...... ..... .. ... ... $357: .fi22.Si: > Capital Stock .. .. . .. . .. .. .. .. .. $3)0.00000) I' CKUI3-R ORDERED TO L=CUAAgreement C. HliFs.! th" \ I'e president \Wal TWO VCN REPORTED MISSINd

    Demand Loans. . .. ... .... .. ...... 139,579: Surplus Fund .... ....eo .. .. .. .. ...... .. .... 10.UiO.00 lace II. haw and the secretary and I

    OTerdrafts ..... ... ... ... .. .. ...... .... 197 TJ: Net Proflt .. .. ..... .... .. .... .... ... 4,320.73 .
    U. 8. Bonds and Premium.. .. .. .... .. .. .. 8Q.2.JOOO Circulation.. .. .. ... . . .. .. .. .. 75,0mm : Said ta Have Zcen Reached : trt-asi-rer 1* C. Good. The exhibitorhau1 ; Are Prsbafciy: Dead Ceneatli: Wreck. 'f"

    Furniture and Fixture: : .... .. ... .. . .. 6.7t.44: Rediscounts .. . .. . .. . .. . .. .. 115.'J3: > Bct/.ccn Germany and fie United mace splendid; progress in the The Eng.nrtr Was So Seriously! In

    I. R. Btamps.. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. 54H 4)7 Deposits .. .. ... .. ... .. .. . .. .... 3Ut,
    Cash and Exchje. .. .... .. . .. 121thS.2<. exhibits.
    --- -- t Ccurse of Action In Venezuela.; The attendance! on the exposition ered C:\lbtru''. .

    1705,910.7: $7U5.94U.78 i3 sti' lIil:! iiKreaslns.! ;: The races are
    !I.on.l:\ !lcC'. Coramt-nting: on I'aUMS>h'lr:1.; .. n-c. 30.-Two
    This bank: opsnM f.)r bu ino" October 21, fi.Ve! respectfully solicit your patronage and we will give : pro\ins a hi.!.'n-lj-l: attraction. the
    tJm l.oadou Tim(', tatoment from I 1 nn-c ate mIssmg.! on i Hdly injured.
    : your bU3ine; prompt cuurtu4 aud careful attention. buildings and Kou.d p1es2t a most -
    i War.hingicn tint. persona of considora- : otn-" Hi'ir.. anJ t I."'ir! nrs are at the -
    charnnns! appeasanc-e' : and the rail-
    Interest Paid on Time Deposits. bie in official c-trclrs there ftot ..mi' three care
    imi.oitam-e o: an :Ih.nl"l1t.
    'J J _rii.ii's. .. m...e_ 1'.(Ji:.'!. a n.:itont'v nassensierbusiness. .. I
    I proffs3 lo IHieve:: that war betweit n. are wrecked and 1 I'" It't t of tract
    Today is Cittdei I Academyday
    the 1.'n..1 States arH! Germany: i is in- are totoi.j ss tl.,' r. suit of-th" JAM IN ALLEGHENY RlVCrt.:: : TO ESTADLI3H LARGE: COLONY. WRECK CAUSED BY LANC LIDE. : at the exposition aa 1 New Year'sday
    F I ; \ ", the St. Janus C17; 'ttl'. though:: : sonvth a ln-aw r '< ;' cf a western -
    will be (-( Iplratp,1 bjp the negroes '
    :I I it doos: not believe taat Mich a dLins-! as' : !hound I:', ibt! on the Taltimore! and ,
    0.reari Plans Formed to 200 SCO German Train Crew Killed Near Umaut ipaioll day. Anangementsare
    of of
    Caused Overflow: : Bring or Four a
    ter will !h. allowed to occur over a Ohio railioa.i at N.. :23 tunntl at Long

    ing! Railroad Bridges.Pittsburg. Threatn'l Families to Georgia.: j I Lynchburg, Va.lyneuinrg. dispute; 13 regard to the debts cf Venezuela be'ng male for the 'nution.il \Run c.t t;: .".". this morning. ..
    Dec. ::1<).-The : Atlanta I>c. 2'\.-Final preparations j landslide Ltasue'. I'rcst. CI!,ibi: : pa-J the Ten
    II. II I') Germany. frays that H it does The ir.ciac trucK tha nxfk.
    I I and IVmi i it! PI" il.s! of rhil.idelphia.wbu .
    flood result of the heavy rainfall II ar about to be made for I
    as a on the Chcs.ipcake and Oho: railroad tac-re can: b,* no doui.t that English lolled u..in the hill just as thAt
    has bpn I! the colonization in 'orpia of i'i< or h will spend u\o days at the exposition :
    and Sunday
    of Saturday | near R-'usen.-j fetation 5 !tlll's'st of Rytr.ilYVIl b<- with! Ame: I'a. At trait can1" cut of the tunnel. Th(

    averted tv the rcl 1 s>nn:> and the rivers j :COO: families of Jermans now living I j Lync'nburc. on the James finer branchyesterday the sUlime he St. Jaws Ga">tteCi i in January! and an elaborate two UI-SHIS :..-..i are Fireman A. R.
    at this point! will r.ot reaih over the: in \\' ,,<,onsiu. These plans are being: I cats:1 wreck.The pioKram.ill: be made for the reception -
    : a ,
    i >ress" the !hope that the United Mm1i lirakemsn E. B. Iutnam
    I Wiiconi i 'Ian.l of tlio Liberty bdl. which will
    20-foot p.rfcfe.l by J. II.> Bchlinjr. of
    ( stage.At : ti'ginoer conductor. fi:<'man tate-3 will not allow! such states as both of (;raton. Thy are probablydead
    O'I'Otl marls registered | sin L. C. I'ehlmi of South Carclina. IIn I arrive 1:ere on Jan. 1:1.: The: live htocI
    It) : ; of tram
    ba!:gagmaii: a passenger \'n'I"! to sain the impression! that beneath the wrets.Kncinecr .
    lG'i and min? slowly. Disiuuhesfrom :: j I A. II. BI>hlin,;. of Atlanta and. i were killed: and several oth r peuons i they an leckon on the protection of show will open on Jan. 6 and will bathe ; hope. Couay: of Crafton.
    lar heLl in the s-iuth.
    the before the list of March it is > the head..ah rs repojt va' oxi e :
    hi't them seriously.
    injurod. none ;Monroi'! :if th..y choose to repudiate was so stiion.sly injured he will probably
    ters failing at all points. l>unnsj th? I I'I the work of toloiiizatlon: will have be The slide wa caused by washouts their dblifiatiors in Kutope. not rpcoxcr.Heavy .

    tiiKht a hig ice jam lurmed in the Allegheny gun. due to the heavy rains. A I-5iiatch to the Central News front SOUTHCRN PROGRESS.The rains loopencd the rock.

    river b<.twef'a the !-'t. Wa n*> There are two tracts of land each The name 01 tle conductor who was: Berlin snit \ s: .
    the bridge Sixteenth I of lO.iVifl undr consideration New Industries Reported In fie
    railroad bridge and ; at acres. killed waCaptain Whittaker, am | la believed to bo certain here that FATAL CRASH CN RAILS.

    street and for a time threat for th...-,(' colonifcts. one of them in that of the cngn.eer Fisher and Bag an t.lthnatiim will bo is.-u3il: : within South In a Week.

    rned to sweep the new railroai bridge Georgia on tUo Southcin railway halt I I gagIastel' Thompson. Express Messenger three days and that an attack: on Vtnezueli Chattanooga, Ter.n.. Dec2 'I he cat"I th rivers to between Atlanta and Columbus I n.ore important of the new !ir.diutnes
    ? away. gorge way Shannon is missing, and it is [ will follow directly a'ter. In : Attached to Switch Engine.

    p overflow and at 4 0'( Inl'k this morning ,' and tha othr in Colleton county. S. j i believed that he was lrowned, the water -I addition to the Yienta and tinTalk. reported by The Tiadtniau for the nirmingham! Ala., Dec. ;30.-Yesterday .
    and Ilivr C., not fa" trom C'haileston.; Thn week ended Di'i1S! arnAwcnStural :
    street a'l'n'I"1' about the of I I
    being high :acme
    very ; two tidlairg ships the cruuer! : Gi'icr morning an lat, Lake: street far
    legheny, ere flood.-i.\ The .\I"bh'n!! ties interested in the ('olonizl\: \Ilar'j the wreck. j I lies been ordered am! iir.i-hmer.ts! wcik.i\
    i to LaOuira. In till'ml''hih
    collided: with a number of freUU cars
    of :, scheme have both theso tracts ( I I at JIrrirQn.1,. l..ttlln'orls at
    department pu'ilic safety at onte A man named Haker. a machinist it is ; I
    htaltd that the fier-
    attac-hed to a switch en iue at Twenty-
    Y-8ent out men to warn pooile hung in ] onsdnration.! and while they have not I from Clifton Forgo. Va. is missing. i i nan cliirge d'affaires ha.: not 1o.ftI Chattanooga T>.nn.: a l>ox fartery at ,
    seventh btieet and First One ..
    the lower part of the city to va' ate Winitoly= deti'Isd which will be us<"I, Sever passengers from the wreckexpress \ Caracas, and that diplomatic! relations Tiiscaloona..; a $:;","'111 buildingnnd i > avenue. ;
    their homes, but half an homo la