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t -.ry IU Ur3t-clas3 style. J. 1 I Cow !e. S& 1le. 1 ,., or I nttla,12.iS. .
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f THE DAILY NEWS :,. .I Iv appllrf
,, the theory Its advocated take care to BOARD UF Every year a large number of poor 97
'H1fff'rf'r5 whose lunge are sore and
h make It plain that reciprocity will PERCENT
...Ir.. at the Pout flee at Penaaeola. racked with couYGs are urged to go
I ....... .CiNlot.ttvLrf '1 be accepablf', even to tflrm. only in : to another climate. But thiil i is cost-

; : WftCIa: rut Butldlaaal:, L 0' th 1'ala.. so far a it leases the intHesti of PUBLIC SAFETY Iv and not alwavq pore.; Punt be aseile Daring June nearly 67 per cent. {fo{.,;;; fu0'\ the death

.. ..,..", _poatalra.PUBLIiHtoU. I those who have thriven through pro. ,I when Dr kill 's :New Dircov claims pad by the Equitable in the Llilhd States and

''tt'ction carefully and thoroughly I __ I ery for Consumption will cure you at. ;, Canada were paid within OLe day aftEr rrtofs of death
EYTEE II hom It'iI the> most infallible mer' were receive
safe-guarded. Those who would I The board of public safety met in ;' loin, for Coug-hs. Cold, and all
JEWS PUBLISHI( accept it u a p&nacel: for the erll; I I Throe and Lund diseases on ellrth. NI'MBER. AMOL'NT. r '

1 which a protective tariff has brought regular session last night: and htld avery :A'-founding: ; Claims Paid .. .. ..n .. .n.... 154 $635,277' +
Terma-Invarlably In Advance.C I interesting meetinz.Chargee i

4 ... .. -rat n u'I'ln, the country should! beware lest I preferred by the mushalagliu.t f'l't use. Trial bottles! free at \\'. A.D'Alemberte'a Paid within one day.... .. 149 575,560

C .. >ioaihiyM M ._, ... 1I I thrydeceirethemselvestotheir own Mounted 11:! I+. 'alafox street.
.. Officer W. B,1
.. ... I :\ 1 atter -
w. y; Price bile and FLU. Every bottle THERE WERE ONLY FIVE cr.Anf I
o..lIoatb" .... .. I great Injury. I were t..lell for Inyestig-atiun. THAT
0.. .....k. brCarrlerpivable :\lonl1. I:) ---. --- -- -,-- uti :'guaranteed.T(1. REMAINED UNPAID UX THE ECOND DAY.
The cha': ;(S had been I II
reported by --- --- I
B.\m. \Iarea:: : I'l'r 1.T(1

;t t THE WEEKLY NEWS:: Rf: l'DIPI-U OCT Captain White and alleged that Ut 1.cer : Tllf l'nn.IC. Total Claims Paid. .....m $635,277 i

) d Butler had gone into the private Total Premiums Paid... ... .
Ptb1Uhederrrylrtd.y at f.ouper yea FL Anthony'; Ho..pitalmb:!- 272,526
The bark Venetia1 mill yard of the W. ILVrl ht
1 Pllh I. Irfofl. Norwegian ; Co., lance is intended for the u e and .
------- -
bound frolll CarrabelIf' to Mobile for fastened hfs horse in a still aiHt bad Profits to Estate of Assured.. .. .. ,
M.- .,. convenience of the pubic: by day: ornight. n" n $362,751
( :- ;: repair. put into port hte Yt'tf.rda.1' remained in the office there for 4iJ .,
} afternoon au'1 alclorllI oIT the navy minutes; coining out of the of:ice, hei ace : l1..ually
.( .{ Bate given antI all order tilled dup to ddaon the Dart of the beneficiary in submitting -
....' ... yard. i; alleged to have d
.1. ; gave away :11: retnained 011 application to thetuperlntendent.Telephone : compltte paper;.
The Venetia, wag damaiell: at Car- nearly two hours, afterward
;' TELEPHONE NO. 118. ra/rlI1'/ during; the recent "tUIII1 and coming Lack. Meeting Capalll No. \)1)I: no 60.n of Amount Paid Within a Day.

4Ilrmlling Rates Furnihed en Apphcafan wag befog;: towed to )1iI'! by the I Whirr, the ncer! is" said to have endeavored --. Ratio of Claim: ;: paid to Premium rcePired. . . . . .. .:?:t3.llr"Per

--. -- ,- tug;: Eo L. l u5-s II! tll ;; on the dry : to excuse him..lf bv a k. cent of Protlt tu F. tate of .\ "UtHI. . . . . .. . L'kt.ll'The : ,
duck; far r..pair. Tile wt.1tht waiItlltr ink if the captain had seen hi; horse. I
'. I I PENSACOLA, SEPT 27 1901. { rntiah out fda aDd the Venetia : and was told h.v hi; captain that tht !
Life Assurance
iyi wailPakin', btdly, so the 1tusrll bone had been tautened two hours Equitable Society."STR'NCTST .

.t. ; t 'wt-li h"r into port to pump I..r. out. ''bpf"re. Thl' 'Jticer claimed that his
)MA, II. r.utf'ii from O'llf parts to thl'if 'fhp ltlt-.11 with her towaired: thlI1wrnllJ = hor't was tired and h" fasteued It -- NEW CROP--: IN TRr WORT D:'

'Vest I1HII", ]1f'XI'u aDd SontlAmtrlea t ;! for her destination. in the stall: and: went to serve HJIJ1.mOil' .
Surplus to I'olicy-Xlolclcrts ;
folinws ; 011 cf'rtJiul'Htie. to CC,000,000.
arts ill operation ai : ; apppar In

}'rom Nr' ():ll'.III; to ,Ix ports ; A Certain Cure for rsentErY and Di' ': police (court The cauP was carefullycur.siderrd.siderrd. TURNIP CABBAGE
"j I. arrhoea. and ::15 l\lc. Butler ti.d KNIJWLES ERDS. Gen Agents .
tWill Mobie! to tln.f' port and frumTallli.t''IIt. been such In ftneientllmeer. It w esm'vetlandseciindedtha } }
v l'rnaae.la-hoult: I "Somp years ago; I wag; atiA: sit aI '
the charge: ; :.09 S. PJl1fox Strf'ct. PENSACOLA "
party that ill elltJ..d nlaki15a l lunir I'L.\
; lIIail I b. "u t.iil\e,1 and the otlcer! h. ,
'I 'havr tht' 1"Ldlt flf ails or lII..r. hcrcletrip.-ay; F. L. ')'solar. ula ; sp.riulaadtd

t iin All that i \ew Alball\' Bradford 1111(1siapendetl frllrn the
cOlltrH.t" CUlIntPa.
IH'n. f\Jrc. for a period, flf i\'e dayChir -. RECEIlEDA1 .".TiT. _.i,.T.i.--...A..... .._. -- .. .
1 .
- : .
taken .
._ -
lJt-t'd.d I I.; line.f rr.ael:-anI th e 1Va. .nddt'lh' with! dLlr- : ( Ol.IV"C reported the result ___ __ _- ,'. .. _- .- _- to ., _.- _- -_ .. '----" _- .. _.1..
r ;
._ t'utt-rl'ri''J ,,, ..CIIW the aide.j rhoea, /IudVa. h"lIt to dve uI'] the of\: 1 1'(''-:II t f-xlmiu iti'in of the tracts: tlJ II .

..."; trip Whets:\1 tI'IIIf.Editor \Vatdof. ..a!;graed the that La.eeyyiile : I' fire eltgiue, anj "t-\'ttdl ddectYt:11' W. A. D'ALEr.IEERTE'S: 11.HilHmn; 'oIhalf \ Son.
j AZ 1.l'li1I' scfrr.riat. arts n\\ t'ndeal.rlll.1 {pointed "lit. % ;

r ; I It chrltJnfrn(*- Cholera take: a I!"null." IIf 11 Chunh..rlaill's: urhnea "!nely.C.)lte J. nlrtn Bid;hnx CM., painting were !reeler'-d the citfir!.' JJT'(1: OTom.: f1 .! !i

:e to i'rnv" th.l there i fi puuch! titinb9 !! purclrl-Pd a boner :lid tank two trrm 'r.F'
\\'rtl'dJlol! an.1 .\. M. Xnbl". 'rt5rii 6
or rabic: that! de obit h..f"l'p tarting; and one
: ; nil tlip l'o'H" I u..ldt the trl1; sIIecna "C )Ic. Wrig'ht' wa; opted .;t: Dress Goods Announcement for the Fall ..;.:
t 1tlal.uii.I, c.III,1 ire purely iII"iuar tg- and( the contract Waao aWlrdt'll.pplh'atioa. :, f 2522.J'52..: ';Iffi
fuliyuldrlvrr: f..lt I ill l'f

'. or 'II1..ttllI rise ; that 1'a-- r..c'. .\ :lIi I.t.t "UIIIIIFf am I \\1.; :1111111..1 thepollee:.\ '"fl'.;'' t.'r WH"arpnilltnll'lt received fro 01 III: I T 11 1-: [, !:I f.: w and 'fiinterl: : ((3'OBB ;r
tour livrd 1111,1 wr'r.iht in v'lin, :Ind rnsiprtFlt; run dn"sn with all

that by .lirl1illllill frlllll Ih"l'lIl.i! (' 'IItI..ck tip If, or IhlinU1'r.h' "III"n'' .CfoIH.I\I blluhl': mind n hot- J. B.! !\ l'L'.rlydrtln.rt-r. \.C.. The Farina: illtt'c: :. Jr.a'I'I'catl..11 al.tJul Clutter JI tlliis [j jJ ;
this Bt-T
flint) the deadly f..ar I.f this hl.t\r l <' titer 1111" dn e ,'url'll mr.'r! Sold; hall \' \\a.l.jJ..n the tat-lp/Ia(1! the C ( ... UfiE EMEEACES TEE : Cl'LLICii2itiu; uF E'1t1 .'.,

terror, its very ::1:1 f 'iwcr wi:1: .l1.-! druI-t.; i ; ana uwdlcllif'd..altl; ;. 'HhHS w..rc 'f'pt..1.. lt'l'aU r hrhaI ft I
not iuvr-ti '.ted the dill ft t1! mo.\O.r.OTII-.n': '" ) tll EI J.-Itl O'lr,1 I
i.l ttinui'if :
prat If tH-e! frt aki ucct'11 ia thilatrt lar.llr.t'llIrt. Agrct bur L, ( ,
B\I: a'W.TO 11.: certain al'plfcluta; for app { 'E'ETIX: . . .. . . . .. . Co. to Uj; yard
nU"II.t:. to O\'t'rtl.fIIW :a -Htl..dtJt'lif'f I nfnrlnenl '
.111.1 destroy far:" 1'...r..tl.f"reulldi..oh I .\ X r H''TI:\ PO.,fIt ; to hrforp position 1 ,,c"mmf'I1JIII ill the I n1rdrpartmint j THE EST LINE CF FlAN03FCIITlISlI.DTE. C Cfli iJ"1;J HABl1'I.: ) rHo\ . . . .. .. . . ;:, : to31 :, 'J'yard ;
: ::
II-=.I\'t> t'r I hdll-thf'Y them, :\Itr-hall'rt-d: :lt! \\'ni; the re.cipirnt : [ IT 1'1.rw: III:\ HIE rT.\S. .. . . . ... .. ric to !I..jn yard ((11 I)

j4 rumor.,1 l :talon; the soldier of the cu.tnnliry "rn:(-'." : ;: ', WHIP COHO:.: . . . .. . . .. .. . .. 7iia to gl I i"I s yard! .:-
will d..uld,.; UI'1It: uw.rt'\k.! t'5110w [
hay; 55(5Wtatioad at J: trrancaae Thf' resi.ration flfitJti"11 Kreprrtuckiuzer. "h..III'I} 1'"n'l1'rur1. The CJ[ i;ij} Dfi1'I n A L\It: . .. .. . . . .. SI 11 s Jalll (:)
th.t the dead!}' p.: tll1 of thrattler take r N 1rlllll'b I' isIi tar 4.. "Hrtb.. : : hJ
: t.) Hf'l.t T'J"- _
thnt'rdrr5 hdb"u c"'I,1 to lIf-xt [Cjtbxnother 1 .:. FCKN'H: ..1.\\\1.1. .. .. .. .. .. . ;.I oa to 'ole yard .,
and! the nicca-in :aril the d.I\. \\11. read lIllll laid I/\'ec. John 'J '"U'I I"n.'rH"Ort"': II (,1'-"lIIoro' :
cobra ar. wlwl"'lm IIIIJ h.lrulleseitlmulant .. the .n..c 11I"t Barlllca" will soon 'slalouey: apl'iit-.1; for the app oit't. !!!l "ano : tt's this' 1J..r. r.: [1] TQJ'O( FL-\ \ \'EI.-o.: : . .. ... . .. l5e: tn 1ic'ar,1: fl)

b-clm. all iuLllltry past i iastead of i silent t'l that puitiuu, but IIU action L ('all and itethe ..It.b'I&I..J L.rJ : m.\f'K( 1'.H'Frr.I'.ILK. . .. . .. . ;:;(c tft t.ila{ ;'ar.1 J l
+ arlillt't\'. WII" takfoll. ] ter, inlltha1-nrnrsnsdbmgrr. -Pu{ i; nl'l ...011-1.(0; $1.-1 ,
-- ; to / y.tr+! ..
lu a (:tlnn.r..ati')11 with. rOllplp of' Bid for furui-hingmedtciaes; tll 1 Our pn'es mire the Loweatour; J" .
1'1'11'1\ and I Hf''il'rlll'iI, [ti IJ, 1t.T,1 LK \'EI.\1':, ALL COLOI.: (
the bthl" morniu, .a XJ.ws repurtrr city Jlaupf-f were r"c"l\-.tl 1111(1I L L 1"'lIh the Fo !leat. slur t'--.r, t
11Pfure tlu'uE'ath( IIf J.r..idl'lIt. learled that thrtr was tll ht ('lOlItwrt"a ordered l1ude WIth rJ Guaranlret.the 1.u.m :::0 g.Finf' Line ur Drri Trlml11iog :Samples of these Gout. .:.. (

iiilllry ihrre IIrot'IHt"1 tn he a praaprct another COIl1IHII)' Ir artillery to bPf \\111. Blum..r. whose bid was I tIprryear. rn I:1(:J t-i"I.t .n IE'q'I/: :,.:. [:)
fotml'd [ the Bids F Reduced Prices for the Ktxtr h1
for grits II !hvely cobtlictopiUiuu maul 'OU1l'lIlli.; now Htticln..d : wsrr receive frlllll .. ,
ut the t.arrack-1I1Il1 that thrssc0nlparila the I-fargi i" 1' I srnlacy. Alirha 60 Days.The : Specials. .:.
hPtw.toll two 1''lIminl'lIt atsdrrpterrntatitrgrou WI'IIIII bt' Moved 0".1' toF'"rt PharmII'SiJue.\' KdJU allJ the 1 liJ:) r
{.a sit lepublfcauleadrrr l'ick"II" and site 1111'1"11. III sUI'ce .fu'l Ollt. Clatter Music Keusp 1,1 Onzen [''),!i.s'Ip'illu: Wt'i: ht Bleached-!':? and Parts 1i(:)

Ihu-te W h.. loa II lid hl'rt-d Fort McBee to make room for the It wai slated that in the female ill :. for ciily FIIIVear! (fi.i'cNut.; ':..

to tI.1114,1. dOCtlillr ut pNtt''tion inf'lnln'' hoya.Jut alf'piiltm"lIt of tile city j Iii white and 1.9!!l Rod J'.latox. r J 111} i.u D.zen Childr"I1' \"t" and l'atJtIf'diurn Weight for (;) !

for -ltn,1 for the.akeoftls 'whin the chan:!''' i i.. to be colored women were, out of "ce.- : '2SZ5l22l, 2"5. 252525'252.Jf 1c:: :-'lIlr. t
1 proteetibss'i iI r m'\de c"tlltl out bal"lirUI'II. but the ..ilthcuwn tn Hh"r, wl.ieh1" nut :;;' ;::0\.1 Bys'0"( -lIit, r to I;; y'e\B.: 1'2.1"' to r ii.ta) uit. .; ;
'IIIrll\olU pr(7Ii al'C'II- hll4 are and that I is is t", c"me withIn '1 very nice thing. it \\11_ thought [ ,
ing t"l'rllt..ctl'd intt-rto"t-allol thowhu -f' 'a few week,. Witli It view of remedying: the J ( )
cotsditfon -= .11I ..::. .-, Ses Cur Line of lebo hu Cehre Curing, ).1
h.tllli!t"II..J with .ttl'ntinll, i If it wa decided! look into

ant with tr"I'I,1.1Ii"lI. tll the ground- Say. He Was Torlured. the nrltter of Duttiuz In a p.lrtiiinn : (E;! See Our Loo, of: 1M's Fet: Hits Lw", o. Oisplay. !iJ!
III the jilll alltl a cOlllllllltl'P'a I
; ; bppniuted : !

Ii ,
1 tlffpcNI; ouch II
pain !
8w..lI..f public 11j'lni"n ill ball pa1tietl (corn :o tture on the pr&lj 'CI.Till' EVERYT>> ING
1 could hardly w 1I'hich had begun tfl ari..f' t::-.1I1I.t matter If feedir: the city rrri I: ,
Buhi.in hill-bor"uh. Isla.. "bnt (:l

.tb .1""I'tl.m :old the rapri 1111' Budd"I1' arnICa Salve c0ulpietely: I" c..n-i'E'r..tiolllOf"nH"! wataken the up...l'rellminarv h d I.. R qlirrd In t.e ;,; La-d.. Piece= Ire-Q "Fabric" from La 1 ,"par'" Stock sold ReE$1 .:'.: I

..111\1",111I"{ :InIIJII.\! \(
l'r.tl''I.,1 trust.. :hOII., brui-ra, ulcerPerfect. euts. "If'-. ,.healer ca 1.1hntlta. -. I rf'ad frClul FrukIanrl.. which/ was in.tered SC>>OOh ROOM.Lcr'o t ( l2>! :, J Itolli New Carpet Iesizn :M tttirgu 'It 'Lv2! yard. E[1L Iir

JII a ,1'pHal.. l'uII'J\"Ir to find a of .kill di.f'II ea and pilf''', Cure I a Jllot.t nlIl1:: r whit Wa ir >ar "" New c \q'f'tlnd Hit!". Lilll'ollllll1 :alill OilCloth.

\ rafll unit 110 grnnnd 15"'( were' thf' e trruterd: \\'. .\ 1)-\I"lI1u..rle, i I ICII in'tf'tm.lul.ju.t 111" IIf the 1call'lIp"r.l'clticl.m..f..fli Jt trrlae(1asIftheeritieim work- (( ) ( t

+ two cnutrnditsz LICtI'Is.i ; 1I..rl"\1I tll' I 1:11 I "lIth I'iihfux arm :!;c.r r

.' 1 'rt-\.t a-.5I' "II.trtl ..f h.arm"II:' ror Ill .----- 1 1A ten I under WC"II;! imprra had tern.lun..wIit-hat 1 Eats S u1 I !ii) !UiUiot ont Son.
oIJn !l if
I\I'.I J.S"V.: ,
,1l.'C.I.JI -:
: party. Mr.I M I lilt.lry h.I.1 rraeitatis 11 Ir. \1 lam '."allt"d to1r hun rlfght

1',1111f.n'llrul' tJt'l'ry! IIf trciph'citrr. I .\ hu.illl' -, I riI with the 1":1I'd.: The litter : frtc p'1 l L rHHrs S,
11)1'11 hntlldtudyanilw: I aIP.I .
: a I.a,':: frai 111 lbP p..litlcal I..mail!i i rra..ti.'f' rnh"'tlly. Ill i.. a Is't-s--! 'sty ; 'rhO--!-hii'i; were thFIl o'npti s oil! ,k'l ''-W--- "'' -W"I' -.-- ,"",..-W--- .'''.dvl''--- .''.--- -..;, .i T_- ...."I11---#- ....-5j--- ...,,.-_- --....-- --...'.,s2r.t=. I-
i vJallr-i. 1:1.11111'.1111" WLICII. ILII,1 h-neec--fnl hutaeFnlall leakIIP'llelyd. -. I read.! '
1'tu'y were froth t.r: f"U'IWII'!, -1.\1'1:", rr NCII.s, TAII.fTi: :.
4': brl 11 lbonrlnrts I Iy l"puJI Itr.l. only' 'UIItllrn tlllrf'alJi-. and at the fl.nrla{ II-.I..d : F'raultlanri M l'lS-: :-I"I\E.: ;. .
a few u.alth,1'rrt'I')\tl.ly by tllr. -..nIle with 111:111"t,:!tiiitllraa.: : ('('.011.111'nt".f'.1\.; Silt. cxttsIIil.thrrr .'! "'i':'''. H.lo.. I.::.;; .;I':::.J'H.r,1I ; (L.'''IIIII'\IJ f: \-\', $:-II" :. 1-.111-1\: ., A\I. 1'\\1'\j;:.., SLAUGHTER .!. SLAITGITER !

: III r..fU'IIIi: 1.1 r.s ify a "IIIlt..r 1,1t t 1.11" bu.tnpU; houses ,lIIall ?:hill: : JI"II"Y 'rrktU. fit.(" IV ..I.I HI; nea,. ('/t.\ "" :,, ,,,

t reciprocity tr".Itll'+ fl.rmulltlc'J under'lr. hat what: has tnnrl III' le-4 rurrr,!p"udrnrr. I I...wR. $ Ili' : H. .\. ('1',11111., ? :.Y t. EIA-IJ: :, fEtn"LhEx.. F:1't.

." t't lcKIIlIt' "j' direct ""U'd\ ljolt. -- \ 1'hr. trill ;gron: "I' dltnini-haccording I'hP h""riJ.I.I\'in re-erred the Lhtu (:).:.; Prices Cut to Half =(ref I
;{ r" the oar it I; 1(11111 (!
.. r i t.j lt any and l tall bl'&a, 111,1 br'Iest -.\TCoc's -
l'r"lnrt{ I' pi)' "II Il l'" pap..r. willi an :s'' 1111 !..we-r. t.nt un m..' !IIII it
1111,1.; I I..t public! u t'r.I"''', 11..Ii\- Past'. Cjl'ld{ u.ruill.: : 'l'YI'"wrtl..r. lass d"'uIFod Parched
to 4\\.tI.1 the r'atract Freshly Coffee Fresh from
t rredthe tltr 1u-fort. hr ;I.I--il1&. mlkln:' a pretty, l'I.'w, Par: :s :,Litylt to J"l'onmrna!, at >I.j:! pet 1:1"Itlo, BoOk 1or.et e. C
h ', our owi Roaster 2 pounds for & iJJ
; riots. tier pr.-"I."t aiJ : prult.l'\ lV; attract; at..oU'II. "{ail the! cl..rl\ wag III.t! ulrd I" ettterinto .

'1 1'1 trn.tll 1:1- tra.b. II' UlltI..nh'nh, "It'll .. I-.n'l I1' lettt: rrug nut rr' ry, 11 -aracttt ith him! 81..IH.. -- ------ ---- -
f .II' .1"1'l ; N :ldlr"-! I nlIl :a {l'If'ltr WI'! \11 adjuTIuelt rTLr' -
: \\t'; :Ilea
: +, IIIIU nut 1.II..rr.,1. our. .dutn.. pruaUlln, furI'ypen'rltrri 1- all III"XIH'II It ead. tolt II. i uOIP.1iilTill.. WITH VOt"l : :: I < IFF! ;: : .\I.r. WE ,\. :G !h
1 Mr .baU"U"IiI' 'I" "lil, .b far "lIrau'r"1.i .- rS'l
.. verti.eul'nt flf your 1I..inf'( ; will I.otl'iuslj1uiila( ''Irsyrsdic.llr Y'I( ( 111)\1-: : : ( j' ;
.t .t ;
Inl"urpIU' :
} :.1 s'u J pr..r.r.Ulaluai a
'i itwrt-l ryn11r 1'"rr"\"lItf"rH'p\ IIII'\\ -hat I". It r"lIu'ttl.... Nndan(1hrd / SehGol Bock 'l'4
i t "U'al.gr "I 'II"II..hl".I 1111I111.I .
lilthtNlli" IIICIPtaetl hll ,+ Ih.lilt T.lat',
IIIr -" t.ettt'f tIU! :: ill [ueMr.
; pin I
IrvLI% 5ie11Ur1Iii tar CtllnlllurtlhrxlllltllKrii 1 NE'PvV ORLEANS GROCERY
rs Iff eeniloilis-\'i rt:.idlr. "ut l,:aIJch.':, ,.. .. .... : CO.
111111 1 utl : '.rl t : : ,
"ur t p its :r.ati to WU.I n": ii 1 .fr.y
11111I' lIt' n'l"uf'rl': ; a.ht'ltl-in ------- .1' '
I : .
11! l I" : .5 ii U. : I .. .
rrv.ul.ncledsuritythat N. -stnf.u ..
in : 1')1.wrtt..r and will:! V.\UH 0.' ..... /I .
I money ,'I\I 'IIIf. :
: "..r ...a: rtr rt.1 lad box 11111. ,. J.L1.tll% : Ir"'G'-T Proprietor.
1 .t: or :" !: : .I. ..... ... ,
;J 1 tn,. If.UC" thll.gw.rern.etbtr II ."11101j' Iwpleae Iatthr.r.'wptauli'0aitive;: : loC..I."..,.. :II'j "; .. :....ijr 1iceSc l I.I.I
11011... h-.I f..r II' n. f... lbow "II" N11:11M'rd. : r..IItIl. Jo. I. J"1I1..m 1'''o 1"='s TIlE I I i'izorn:: :: ::!.OG.: .
1 Is.- { innurnn:1 Typewriter i i. the 'E Ca t I \t''l011 tll hi" tslala' f I..j; I .. .
.'. t1r.'aUld (11(1' hula our CU.I"III' 0111t..) b'1\. bFC IitaP It dn1S thp h1 I t !II hr. ..artCl'lt an.l "im'.re tt"'I\ f'rnrlr "-=.-. .;.;....r.....:.>.o.--..............."..:- --- --':, ---

j'.'., .. cruuru wlthoul 1.111.tl Ib..I' rllduCh IpJJ'1 I'+ Nr run u.". "o.k, i is' 1111.10: .' In 1'.u..trtll't"II.: : Ullni' kllbinrrark .tllrl 1',11linin. r.\.Er.YI'HI: ( ; IX nl-: G1tit'E:1'( !: !: :: I iNi: : :\1'! I. )'.VET= I'mrE-: .
t\ 11)11 If a lord Iabr ",I ir t for lII..xp..rt..nl."J ,cnpll tot fIltHI..t' : wuida! liln: ; tL"' itir's' Inn! I
;: }:,'('II"H"lIr 'le the.,r.'ural GUIl/no.,1 u.tI lnd Inul! "p'rIIf', never :rl't (I 1..-a' I of Ilh! IIt.-. ...i. :'.(rid 1"J1'11III 2st: I I
;.y Vat MUl d.hll It d0 'hl 11..1. sit FEarl Stuffs of 1111 Kinds.
1111 tea
ot 111I". J .
"111 or '.U' "r order. us'.l laaht \ : 1I 'lu.1EIlf c
j tier Ibr tb tn .!lI' punrr sit'. I rt.uy r.1.- : t.\ local ,_ _
druler -
; n his n .
I.: lI.b..1. U IIAI N. Iuuucl. :),)"",1 tur!. >.... :ltli.fIH.lIIII. '0h... kit Pps! t.'lIarlIJ'tt the" rataebl Cl] \T 'fmoJ : {rWIi :J .

a 1, 1I1t.1i e"U.anlpllun must havr 1\ frt.i 1.1 a in "r.1 ,'. whl!! rrfutnJ: \ CfJlPCI. oflloi(,: ,, l'lIJ'-
i ,'I" .br....,!. Thr 1 ttP.. milt: h.. .r"'It'1 i I}' Ii rr-U11-air nn' ua rrprF-rah 1'111I't-:; d. l \t ,:\ 1l1S1t 1I1 !::. flwl J / !t iIS I
1I1r1uJb n turn,;n outlet and \\ 'u.ulld Wa'l V. ill t: \'R'U ).lay trig... vitas: ) r.Jj f 1atlyland Casualty Gompany
rcfJl'atio/ls LJ
f .. ill
.U.\H'.b..cI\Q erd bu11'' r"r.lhtl hrr tip rn th"lr pn! "uua.! l'ai:i "IIrlt. g'rettL'uri-
bU110' Ndl ..ularl" (Iur .,,1,.. I.n I ., j
pal. Il.m mOIlI\"I\ N;" : :r. 1111. Eflf (ill r1 at lacl'.c! prrcc's at.IIar8lnn HARDWARE J1 J1J
tiurtluu..aadlhrrrbr m..kr 1\ '.1Io. dr
:(, S F g 1'.1 sit b, and y. a "III t.I' rr..ar..o
{,1 1U.\lIt I.r hauls I.,', r. 1rr:. I..ru.i ..r rc. riL t, :.::;,1.\' J' Fill/i'-, ] OF :L..LT1M0RE.

clutttru..I 1s-I. Ih rrpio.luuotuu' -- -- -
-- J ,

J. araJ.. aud e.nn'u..r'i' f. 1 hr i"rea-.n: prate... Th. laanf healthrequirothltthe r.I o2-rter.:.: -t--zs25L5: Cats' CAPITAL, $750)000.00
I'm. (111..1 Nrr- IH" UOI'.o'lll\h: ho.t.I cl
OlN'e Jay :l t.I I 1551. ffi, j jEYEIYTIIIXli
r A I' .11.r K..Id Nut anti Ira./ trit.b' r ,. r
.. ,. urtheprnnltir-frriniatirs.. !:; theiawfa l I H l'r.TIatfr": i (' rCr Yo"i iL'1 1. JI Surplus to Policy-Holders $1,438,575.00
f 1 Iatlois .111 rrrrr.tt rrpri.i. 1... .II" "" tt1' p I. .. limp runs 11.1. regular : Jl t;.. r. : N : rJ ,
1 ticlIr atNInb.ttni'n) aCh t1..plrU..f Iy t Ikit.l d I. ," If ( r.. L'1 I
'hInberLcin'r rJ I '. '
y t for Ilm.-.; lit.:/'use. Pt, r..1"::14:1"C site ul'tk jtn'nah and! Ji\r Tabl"ta n lien JI" i/ : II',1 u! 1 1.-t'.1 LYl r JOHN T. STONE, Przsilcnt.Vrites .

N..r. tl..lt we haP tll", 11uratl.." 11..1 (" :at\. and you wi ia:! 1I"\'t'r parr/ CJ I ., r .,,1.. ,1 ." .'1 1/,. L':\") ;' ur -, -- --

that thA lair 1'rwidrlt'. 1IIIIie.t' : that -"\ -r..l'uI .1"u.u: inltirt"d up- a / '. ;OJ r J\EI'T Lr1 3
5S silt yI'lt. 1'1'1", ;:, I: \ the htf'.t ir.pr.\.d fll"1II fir Ar'j.1font 1'oiteies.PA .
Ceuta. Fore
,..illlot. u..J by hl- ..UN'.or ill .' : l"by [h
:r l'ur :1:1: drsIEgl I tanJ meJt'jUt: dealr CJ : AT rj Y:4 I-'I'I.I. INDEMNITY: : f..r "'HEEzr\o.: FT'NSTROKE.
poit.!t' 11'1111\ of the iii !!errneebtlwren ;: ...' .. STEI $ WAY 01:0\\\1\: : IIYOHOI'HOBI.\ CHOII11: ; :-\\\-\1.1.0\\'J\U and

r"'ublllIU 1.'aJ.- on t.etariti ; LJ Fm iT-CL.1.-. ANEsTIIE: I I ICS: when 1ilmUJI.tFor..j! by a r"III.1f 1:11-Icluu.\ :. /
0) ;j fllrkenlirrfrr-ti I : I
I..ecP nutlays, rt'n'I\'II 1I.'r. '.,r -ile at tan Bruce typewriter P.i PA y.. ;1I!ltJIHHTIIX..\ I. BE\EFI1: : S. ,if inj're'l w'ilPtravelinQa3a '
tz Biog. :t.j() :
I f'dJJ the! t'1ft'Ctl\'t'Ul? et the rt- ::0 : : a [ r 1 H.-\HDW.-\r.E ml P'l -PII'"r j'II'C up; "" a public CllliVf'tlCf' pr..:te.lrrl by STF'A: :\f. FLF.C'f : :.

:0 .\' IIoU PIANOS 7 li ; )tlCl'I: Y or cB I.E. sir while! rid 1111>: iL It reenter p'' ..FuFt ELEVATOR: ,
c.'il'rl'Ci1r harlnouitrr i i.+ a1fn a : m m l ::5Tora\:: trlne"nl"q"foIlCl'lIflhf'UrH( I \ f ..fa 1111.111( : (; in which the In.

: }lrf'hl'lII. Ct'falu It I!. that: noe'f f..r'l1 The elegy ltlt line of Sterling :Silver nrpd I. ill at Lae "mm"IIC"III""t! flf FEhEE sir liy EXI'IIII\: of ROT LFft. -

reciprocity th atII 11I"11I1.1II.r; the :iolit Tea ?eta. Fl-h 1's.ta. Bread I!n /.' .Vol. IVJs 11'.la C1J AND : ..., ( ..... .tlllIl'rI..c'Hl1otive, \:1rihe: or PottabIVITI'uUTANT: : EXjT1tA .
w Trayt' Heat Hi..htH'ub..).. and i iOF l'HABEP :
luttf'I'' or the tru-t+ CJI1 b. 111 .Iit -- LJ
ti0up Vt.If'''. Punch 1'IC11f. Knives. can br calling in at our rn ,; tJ LOTS S
m ; while P.RTf' LL1' Di..aL"J.PA : .
>> pa+4 I1lIl..tN with the f.'IIII Forks anti "pn'II-Trurk flf to-uIid I lyou

' which l I.. d"\'IIIt I to those JrlteretI. ; i i1v'r. Call "II J. J. :'tt'rht'lh and W.-\REBOmb. rn' rJrrt !{ YO; 911 (I"jm Pr.O IPTI.Y.

I.I.n and it appears tll bit tqullI certain, he will how youthe. goods with rrt r ] For further particulars, call 01& f'r 8ddH8=,
plf't.urp: OTHER: I
that uotl.ingtlon, llf uchcitulle-n: f fu
II Jz raIH B [ a n. H. THORNTON, General Agent,
the Ilrllf 11" "iI1..rr..cta\lI: curtail THINGS: I.
Ga \}. IIJ
I .. / PF.\-ACOI.A: FLA.P .
thA ,
r tltetuwrr of truet; tll 1)1' 'rp-- Your Liver 2S252..I2..t2.52S>v. I

1 thfl1'f'I'rl. with high prtee+ at IWIII' I C f. S.-AI inspects. and itrnre= notLEJ: anti fLF.\.ATOt: a.Tsaimc .
for trmunditir, tll.it arc OllJ nt 11I'rit'rl \' :\ your be rot1 bLuse.j to ..rte., nat'lrsl dltp! fi fi11.1 ] nil cl'+ ues and Inoar IihpPII! f'\rm" "r IPLOr. LIABILIT1' : -

sc\ abroad will eabfy the uGera lVDHlpatlo:1: hit u-.I l.radache ani :" I }'L.TJOf.A; rt'aod: HE\I.TH, t"lirtla.Read .
L' YOl rate CJhgCJDd 37 B. Palafox street If ran Pft :1 judge I'f tine nlticll'i. ,

lactim.: Hilliard l; CII. C311..ho'on a o..w..tyI" .
Ii And the wr'tknea; lf( reciprocity S !Pills t PHONE 9 I. atanhnpP. with roller' whe"luarI. ', SAntt LEAVES,. bor.kO Wto will bond"r yoef spreads for

t u curt f\'r1rutde''i'! c 1 h l'l.llt, .-I Na: :,. ...: 'l>:S. 2. C.-att. r.I.!!.!, ':":' t"J ::,:, rn ;: ... rllM'for steps and rug, and the :.I'h cerltnry-without adrer'l-e-16' cent+ ea h and make dam look
--- --------- .;;=_ c.I ot!:H con H niElcE's. ulebta tJr Gciuu like LtW, S'l1r Lautdry

I i J



-:IIP'J- __ '-- "')1'c= _, i.,1.. ... .''.'-'- ';: ,.. ......
<- _. ;?; ... .""f.r- ?I'- -.Jr -q ( A ._ J .j ;,.._ .]_J. 1. .Io.. :''' '' 'r
/ -


-- -- ---- "--- .

AT I'GLAD G lIA DS' iOSTULY i ISSPECTI' OF A Ragin,. Rowing flood

I I _POLICE FORCE L L. C N. PURCHASE trashed dorn. a telegraph line I

whIch Cha;. C. Rill;;. of Lisbon la..

fISH FEAST of Jut the board precionly of public to the safety convening last OF CENTRAL \IVIIARF deep hold in to icy repair.water,""Standin\t he write,. "have waist j

SOL CAll & CO'S4YOU : e\'eninll', II regular monthly inspectiun I grew ale a worse terrible" daih'cold Finally and cllu the"h.bet It ,

--- i of the police force was held. --- doctors in Oakland, Seh., slouxt I

I The otfieers were lined up and clotitiu"rec I City and Omaha ":rid I had Con-
The q'lutuly: meeting of the Venerabla .
1s ed by Chairmrn yluldon. If the city council will grant all 'uuptton and I ouli not 1"1' Then

:: WILL FINDr -- :; and Respectatle: Society' Mayor Jones and the board after operating franchise to the Loulvtle ". : I bP.ran using Dr. KuNew: Die.eovery -

the Wad Hand wa held yeterdayafteruuun i which they were addrt''t' Ly the I and ::1-hville railr.'ad. that i and" was wl"lIcur"d br six

... at Palmetto HE"3Ch." with a \r.: )IlIldllli. I bottle. I'II-Itl\'t'ly gnarauterd; for
tntyorand The
-. pokewere road will buy and place! Central ('oughs. LII., UI 1 t' 'I Thrl\at and
.__ .._ full attendance! of rnembers and the 1 rl'ulindt',1 rof the necE"-u\" of'acgniintin wharf in such an improved ('tll.dltiotlthat LUll;: trnllbl.'i bv W. .\. l'Alem- ;.
--- -- -- --- -- : ; tho'It1-.lvp.; with the
u..ud number or invitrd : :
gue-t?. neither flf the! other wharves hertP. Jl! south PIalox: ltleH.j .
.15 rUI" and r.'ulati.I1..f the d.-ptrt-
Swiss Roman President Luq.frd atfCiated as mint an I that a duty lor itnportancPdevulveil now own'-Lby that cotntany: can j 'rice5c.)

ur" chEf-mt! whether he i. \president, by upn; 't them !III pre.ervul" ': excel. Ttli. t..tom.l 'h i mAde I .

25E-rn rf'B.D of the 01icp! r.r chef. or chef thepeace. They were also adlllor-; I (1U informal 21"it.t:: this 111"111'in ATTCTIOPanas \.

XcucJ3ftcl fj [ Roquefort hp"IU-e hi: i; pre-dent. the record isllt".t to Ob=HV" the tulP; ill their and which may bt"" 1.11.11 without I
entirf't. and thatn loots a.; thl the Iea-t shadow l.f a doubt aw its 01 I'ubiic Shools Nos.
II n L fail to tho\\ The bill of fare included was: dOhI' the bl.Jtll of rnblic safety tIllthfuln\'s.. an,1,l accrr.tcy. I allli :1.

Limbm'ger [ Waukesha one of Chef L'LII.ford' in- would uphold al'.1 I l'uttct them ill I \t \\'edne"Lt' 111C'lt'S! Meeting" of I. The \'illinr! !line hl'twt'pn rublicschnni

rJ crc'u 'ompuabl chowder. fto a la !Sabache ev'ly way. I the city 'uuncil. AIJ..rUl.il1 tiretii :\.... : and ;-1 will bt lt.tylettstreet
: : : salads. relishes. 'o.Iee. :Iud The insprcti'm w \'I close and thorouh. I il1tr..duc 11 :!u..rJinance granting: t'l in-teal l.f PatafoNtreetas\
t : : : bat w I. -atif'trt'ria every the IJd :. r.lllr'.ld the It'P lit ct'r- 1.1..t'I'.tr..

.. ..'--. .4- -. -.'. l Ip.anlry.. other that Il'tid.the and i! f i.; teed- war. and! thf:; was the nanilnotuotinivtl I tatntreet.. south of .I.tjl.alld in explanation I Those pupils in grade.: J. ::. a and
toay physical
c.lpacil of each m .mLffof the board.Ile. I t.t the matter said that the 1. living CHI the Pa-t sl.l' of H.11f'1ll"tr..t.lln,1
IIf the .. ..
p.Hlicipallls: ahlll marked the I
-- -- ri.ltt..Itd bred ..
jran't'd to W. L ,
nnL1: .f "rr..ft.
ty: New York Crean (:: hmitof enj j N'1nAUt. I .. A ..1.,.... ,:itUn.1. I \\'ittich. tlt irItld arant for the ; will aftI,1 ./.h..j X.\\rrig-ht.. und those
fhe !uterine intPrp in
the .
= = -:. : ::.. er-ding: ; in the kitchen m.lfllfl't'd pro i ':o"1"m.Ih.. pt. !-A snit I wharf. 1'1:1. l:r.Hlt wamade for 't nn the \\.t -i i k nf B'lrt'11! street
-- hH Lees I terra It 23 y.--t,'', and W.1 mad ::.: : and south of 'Vntht trp.-t will
ry t'\"f.ry 0111'! rre-Pitt until the feytW.l : fil".i II: tae MntltglClerv: city atetenl'cbt
t'e'ife It: nu C'". dliotl that at the I ..I"u: ';; \\'ttlt thi4
served matP it nece':.try t0 Statloll : court i.y D..u w'rytauc: ; aatast:: tile Aiabama I pxI -
t'pirHlUn: of tnat !i"1. the
.. per citycould I ('t'pti'llIlhp hunrvl In' l lirie; fur thecity
I{ ?
Agency unnally's Candies. .1 tr1ird :1t It pllrr.j-. and fo\1'1i :::d\iI.j; tarr .:llt t..r HOUrjria buy IIluUUlI' full (control imary ""tlonlwill: he the

thin ..i It w'a. rrmark d that therowrrP ::! I:;;:''. 'lne :...uaa.ege" Im 'Ja tot.. vain: ,1.1.. ulet al a prier to l.tl' I i Eagle ala-t Yt'tr.
too HUlleonkc.. A.. tcu-- Mtrca 1lJl.: he \.1, a paseu-r: ;: on a I tiled be u b'IJrd nf arbttrttiun. Thi. X. n. (",n".
TELEPHONE 176. Pcns colD Fla.I t'lIn'lf cunvucttiorr; whr'.evPr! the ;;Ol'It'tbuld.:. tra u If tae 1:1 f"lt1R'H c"-Tl'rtt.t'I. aN hoard 'va-tueuui: : .t "f tllft'P Ultlll- : County toapflittt: : >IlJel.t of Public In-
ih the "VPathrrthrtZened : 1 mat tt Deuu' ey rte a:1: ,:cull trout :I hernhe tll lIt> selected by \\'. L.Vitticn I uiuuOIIi. :'Ilw

t tit break 111; the el'rplwnil'. ., tae 1-lIU to //I: f.ntetaliz: to eat. lie one b the cin- aU.1 the two !.,I
but f rtlillatt'I)' fhe pry ratn for ann tut :"l' was, re'l'mt'rlU: r:1i train i i tllu-? -t'lt'ct d to ('hoo ; ':a third tat mb.r. :.t1'.11. nola., !ttAlaiFT 1 I
,'nee. was dteII lined llpotln -11\-I asn ;.N; un In" ret plUOf.I1 inn I'll- I! .

drniytht th" el'ul.; tiLl n.'t ins v., tine iyr a u.l.i..u Jl"ri: tI.r .wrut In" :I In :HIl'ipltion t.f thp rxpiratiomIof i "f'l't.rt.t l'y-r.:; Ttla' Noes byj

/ .. IIIn'" t.. 1alhpr. and the nud, liilErrdIathe panti: t. lat,: stew. lIe C1Ul1t: i1IJH i this limir. t1! ? ='Ilt' of the wharf I
j 11d. : (;1Ir: until itVa... tun or tae rJwj: Le.t111- $ ;reJJJ: f.\l.i: i I ha; been etfected on c,Uditiun; 111 it Cal 1fo a\:11 !<:torelanPL Cn.

< late iiitrike :1. the -uzcrof; the aDd he ft :1 l1 wirier tae WIlC".,;. 1':1': car I I tae frallct.I" ab\: referred to be I "

.. {?) ft--ti"ltit',. pt."ed t.: rr UB limb and crn-al'fl1t so g-r.ut..d. .--- fl r' !; ..... ...- ...II I '.
t 1 hfl court ef it "nir held.1fterdtn'ner. : that f 1"\1... .; b. .. I ." \
o'iij auputauou :rls neeeay. The T"Jrl'ht price i i.; sail to beabnl
I I !o. : )0 .. I I.
(" ,-- \ G waorlIIiz.. 1 ,,n the model oftt11'ahingtun : $.n rate. and lit the event of the 'I.. : )I t !I' ,
pr.tMYl'e. with the Ia.rnq.htJpenttnr-ulridrs. I I I" "
( \ p:1-are uf ttP ordinance it i i- !" 'LiJ
.. ,
I i chit j j'1''u,:") pre" lIJlg! : the, ; rand Boo"I'I:. .\.1.: Sd1:. :G.-CharI.'" that the e''fI'll.l.tteJ iniprnveinettt I.. 1" I' l.s. I"

ft !1Skut n j \ Liar-halattin! ;: d. : :"ant-al-.lrm, Ho.ig e. teie.rarn operator at thi pe... i iFho !i ; will l'.lIn.w.Jn illl ..ar! /rl' ,T..Tr".It.--r.p:_ '- ',1"II' -.
I I ( rJl \ and the attorurc-;;enPC..I iI" jud.p8:1nc ; : the nf
lt..rv1.r.iI Impolt.lllt ca-P; : him! ...ir to deac" 1:1 Ii; roam yes: I Itl" i i dig, although; tX'itt nature I ..
( '
tine art 11"t a" yet public I'r"pHtIIf ,\
WHp Iris.d. the lick: jf "!' JY. No cane H a-apsed; fr ,\ "\II',, ,
: ; 1 prt'"lIt parr tt'l I ,1 gr'.t!e!! t1! al1tt.lrity wa I i
I 1itp! ) I unfi.n'lIIat..Iforlil.IJin.. a full report rH.l ..e.L H., ie ea:3::! rr":= .: :: Phone 183. a,14.ut' : :' I
1"k.J ail'u' t.e! rn'fitter 1-1.1\' aid I :: ; "
LI greatly t'l the of the oil: lie vas (''1'00"rltlJ:',at m:1 r :nt i hts rut' : ." "::
; ri
p. regret I.he .ttte1. that while II" tea n-.r had Pty.
t \ i'2 J vial chronklt'r.n oter.Hor ul tae ::ul1e-n f.JW.\ Ie tJ. '
\b;>f-II lI1'tol. y-yer. it N'u-no: fi'laLt..tthut o
3ytl11I". .
H' ei t I beadrrpat ;
implrtaut fpatnre Pi t/.P/
: vce.lf.m that i: w'oultl h. arrall'il -p1'Pdily 1O'l ..... :
; u:- I oa": tt'il place: wn-ii rae
\CJ W.I" the dt'cti..n df .
\ : hipnlateHcwarJ : and 'HI 1:1 tnI' 1.0rrre Ubtllkd by tae iicol
O Whir:1": chri wihhip J co0cil-re fit IA\-' tlJf 0
I Ibentilti I tic: )ctb'y: un New
.. snot 7ne tU.t't welt nit 1 illS held '
mHt Edl"ppard a t a"-i.tutt.
: ,
: lrrnet'd.It :
....!." / it ben.! ; a tPt'j that .It the tint (111.11- ll' ra 1 :1::: H! lured t:1 Cat.Capa ; privilege-is reported" in r .iI oat cirrIE"" ; : 2 I 1 Prt''j..'s .
:.'..\. =-? \.:;: tprl.I11E"Hin. ;! gilae an:! ; Oc1'O nz; 8.atn.Jrlk .
.. = oyter Fume t eat the duet. if ;:0 t II pus-r--ion : J'ln, .... 0
h". tn.tead of fish : would!
chowder o'. will .tpd I.t' .
OWII Good OIl Dlnrk.! De Pout iI great "x- d
be in ,8.U.. and the chef ant the porting; p.ljnr. J : !j.said that it w1U:! ,i! ci OIIVt i :5 r !
:I""i.tant-e\t'ct i \ han;: made/ lreillentoue )lOS1G )IE-:. \1:1.: S-"t. :;'3 -Wh :1 :
h" prircipilly r-rd ia ;i'lce: if thwCoinuedaneia : Butte RI H
I ; ;'Juht'i of !good tolll Ia thatdirection. Cove:..-- :.: ;.r':''cr 1 d.'c). '\.IIIO\3[. ,a 1'I I 1 I Itht
tut'c1.1: .n .
R. K. WHITE, I suecso: :, t-.<-SlCtct ..e..: of tt!' : 'H.p up t-dite convenirncesl, I Grap0- 0.....
J _liter tr\'it1!! to eat-and drink- i I
\Imon. CONI'I: TIOS now available: on "Jll1mandauc o
I Beaune nt.Tc !
stale seU:1t: :. was 1:1 '\ : .
I 1"t a11htuakl r. ).lIIufac-turlI! :: Jr't'krililtl 1 SumP more. tae mtPtil! "dj..utll'd: :1 0:1 lands, wharf will bl intort! for the un.sirhtly I tJ Q
111 WH1 ins
r I From ntheMybur Reels'. :. III timt: to take the artHno..n duulmy wharfwhich now ttrnlinatiaJrtTeron : Vitos C'1''g
I.radnale Optician brothers. A 1tr1rn r ':.11it'd htru from I
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'I tift 1I.lIi"llal TI\'t'r. and harbors 'trt.-tt. Sinea the fu.ItleU'
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1& .uutp l7l.ln "I per\ I.. Jla.I .I rOIl\'emi III tp h..l I two WH'!." ------ tarns our that the gtl-her slruc.: 11 day rationof the New 1'omk and I'.u.l-l j

from IUW: ill }.ltimnrl'! ha; for it- A Fireman's Close Call. or two ago by the \labtDJUu: c"IDpa- I.[ cola line the facilities at Comnanldanei Q Biscuit ..fj
I object tll" ..ettng! '..nh t'l cnngrr-s <1 wharf are taxed heavily ; Calii
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the iI'IIH.iI\tod'IUIIII.utllf the rh."t.1 ; I 1.l1anr. It I 1coll&ol1'e firo mac of .i Illslppears.Dcctvrw ed by a new service III Brazilian and i
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-- Wt Ah.. Sept. JJ.-The city is IDc1>>ugh
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'" 'If"I".<: I"r.- 1I1"li"y I'oI .I-tF.1 I I.n 'u"ilnifieaut Ievt-rdid10I1 litf'" 14eaksickly II' left Ills \oJQKS lU Itrl'cthaDe "UI .'f ab..llItt' IIrC" -try.: 11otIII \ ---
.. : ..:ream thlt: o'lIlIlI1ak..11I rf'llIrn far d..wn' Iud there is Enadow of ('lIlItr.1 UI'IthH pUnt "I "XP'lrt ,'fI"( .... \
r ht .:i I-t jute Cotit'rntl"tl will run people: al'ays gain not Il Ftl.piclon r.1 I :
I t .t .ui.iUlt' tally iu Ihcrla- IhP mol'.y p..ut. '1 he euncrttnntclime new Ilf. "tr"ng-th tad rigor from ; upon bli tntt.riy.; his heart.Lrulaen H 1"1." ( a w. l.uci.a-e of Lire Ccutralwharf. ;! h... Phone 183. : ):;i

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IIpld''II. :tllilolhowiu:{ wll:1tIJ.I zii<\r.1nt..pd by W. .\. Tr.-\Ipmbfoftp. ml'utlitiUlt: : < from overwork anjIJjJ's.ai --
I' \'. TUImpfOIl ha= jt.: received : (wen acci\mplt.h..l\\ by the river 1:1: :,outh I'alafoxtrret.. Price 50( 6t41t'flIIZ and wanrleretl off.LINO' CIIOOI "U"'LUO;

:U.--a0t: tills of f'l-blotuabl., "taI ar..1 n.lI bnr work (1nI1e hy thp ;r..\ centNt'-. .. I
1"1.' :,\'. \.LU and are IUi li-i'I.-! ; Pr'I-It. and what mOlrl' can b. .c- ; .OI.U 1'01: toll.p : .\r c. 1'. 1htnp-"iilt $". It ..ulla Mobile! Oysters
(".'lI1pli"a.t! d. B:-;dr-PIIldtlyr: m11Ir..m 1',1. f 'J..
!IU I.t'ctllu flf the l'n .1coia! the '., will h"pr..I.r 5 mit.k..ndnrpr :ii typewriter \\' want sin:her land! and umim ;
1lll'art- ( uutr ... ,
: 1 ,rtuWllt"lI.h..llUJI-, fl.rIt' 2bL'ruee& Iii) :. a:I.it( proved land, in lirge tract with np=1 i.I. t'IPtandarll Pn";; f -t 1ti 1'It.ivREIIi: : '\ AXI \'
.. 0 11\' the tut1ynr allt n.eub'rs oft IIn1 a "tfOU:: apl't'.1 will bPa'l .. __. C'II'III tilli..j.. -all. to ;eel for cash.1Ce .11" y W. hare. III tort, "ita: tat I r.urii TIlt; IT\ .

:' tnl of llUblic s.tfl'ty. r..l'cI hi .IIrI'-.., and; -; to 11Ilk l'.ninn thettupr..vrulrlt l'1.l Cf. \ \" lO, CO'S'IIUhHT laudll'! =ugh I anti Ix"lI'f'h'! H.I"j'I :" too !II..tc'. : I
I '. .' inn. .nnnrd uHl "" fr..m 0 tear.I ; I.d..qu'ItP. f.'r : it j.apprrprlitIt'ta well- '11'tCFltllll; : and "'IIIl'. : cl'rrl'l'oil'JtIlC'' with i I J 1-h.\'III in,t'-11 Crv-til'i.and}f;.\t'ri.1111.1.: 'THE} UNiON, RESTURRtIT,

I J' : .1.1 remit 'nra iu ''': ,"ra'IIA,< kuo"11 that! untcb tint and Renner ownPl" ....
I : I .h O.L Co.. 1ft i.\h. il.. lit' lust : till' dribTr .\. L. CAN P.\TTJ'Of k Co.1 I 1.IIIi. An -ttlrntry.Farrisn .
t : : I 1 by foiltlh'ri; Th" t'na Clartol U'ompany ;
\ 1.tc.rut
.. -1\' III. liii. Frank L. Wildo.rropr.etcr.
Cowen.lVC1UCChicago, .
1 : --n.,1 tov tlw .tcr..lry 01T .. : Ir".:, .tJ. '
; to a cont'utt.ly: : .nun audience tif I .\ )t.t'''rial, OIJrp! sup-
J "' Ipital tuck a fixed bt :: 'r"p'I f"r the cnaferprIcs : .. ,
: Jr.w
pII.- M I..III r mourn .1)k-, Ec. Oppn.t Depot.
l..r uiht "The 11i Inig! tylaqurra -- --- I
J, nlad'' iiiP.v rl..u''. and hastaken I \11 n-sv .,"..1 l bit Iht.
1t..t'I, up rr'lmoll.\.< the i.." ::1 f.Hlr-f1ct pIJY. which! (1 I .___ __ I
I B. II..I\', \I I
Mary \ !
:-. I"t- <11o'" all .2 Chat propIP IIf lIh-r eitlr: lit the counlry.f.Itli bah breu seen here before ender :11othf'r ,- IL l l \Irc! J1tJdU r oulrrCltrai. Grand :'Innii ht Iat.i ..ion

". ,. I. : It I .,\ Iate"'r.; Ill-m. The Gulf naG1r. Thi! !11 t)Agree. did! not h/ 1 .... : llH
11-t .
1.1 11I11t pun : i. lie Thur-dry I :tii 1 e
I : ( ir3 4iI! h. rt'.utf..1 by :111 ;.ble Illrc at .1farston l' 1'irele'.t't ;given tilt! 1 R rS nM
.' lit bad w.IIIr. deter the audience from expree-l1); epTeUlb..r: tll.l!-r the I.n-IIr".f VII CiJ. ,
', : d..I"'UIIIU. rll bet app' iuted! by the! i ,.6 !i I .\\ij hvig
I. .' .IrPAt': \:1..1 oft ;real Fllrnitul'C E/Jlpo- : th..l'ninr"lh-I Y 1'. C. I'. 1'rlyn : ,
. j j'Ult C.HIHllltt..i' IIf the l'l.ttott IxChlU1U : their appreciation of the! cvupany'setlnrt. : i
: ; IiHt C/uub..r of Cumuterc''. 111 a I1ni.,1'. 1'i1(11d. i "1e !:IUlld take tl\"ItOfJ nt tu!, : iI

i j,. j ; tl:" \I.Jr't: \1I & 'flip "i\t-ri.1t:,. rnlrI! '"ifj: -.. ('Iaytol fllnin;:. II' it will pr..h'.bly \\0.. the I tI... ITALIAN! ; '"
J I i 4 tot k 'f Lillll.tI I IIrury Bm..d'IJ, I1ani :... ('.. and Mr. I".r.nn wag t\fi'Iml: in There's'-of :n.irleyto b' made la-t of 'II,. : a;ntl. All enjtabetIIUO ; I I ;:\ t

I N :i,,.'-t. : :Ifnt! 'nlt.a say''I I('",;; Ullll lt'IUPl1p"r- Giletatllla t-vrry partk:1 i..r and wasceryloudly in r"'li -t.ltf'-;" Hi it. A r..al f'h P'i''UI..1 I al:. :\I.j" ;till re- I

., II' ,. Yl'IL; -' hut '-III" bortr! 1.1 Oil.' hi11t ;'pliu4ed. Tlli i'1 ;rim that cau: -tat-ISUi'. :i-u.tlly'if2mr-hoard: t" fre:;1.1PUi-! f.IT".t-. maoulacturers ct ffiaCC3rOni

r. t'_ : I I.. -: .' :k tL.: ';y v-r Cuuh: Purr did m.' unite 1.1rOIlU h ..IdiIJ. t"xc-I.d." in both dou .e \'f.arh.! Thos. \Vf\tq011 &

I .. ,. I' ...... : '.. ... .'.tr rte:. 'tl' ,' .11- ..I-r'lure !'g that tim". -.1/..elalty! lnd ;tj;; w..rk. Co.. the lei<.! In!: 1.1',11.1.:1; tp nrll1. : vlr V '( in Parlor Ylr.t (!'lId IY l' diau I'a"tro.I .
.' tj'lleJi..j of "'ranee" tilt !:ace -oae :f-r? Whil'h It would rfrt i
: j .. ';. arc ri ,,- at e..l t'ur. H"ri" 'Iwrmary. is I I .
'. :,..ji".L, .,'. :-It' 'i :1.rd.iJllt! ::' bill: f..r tn-ni.ht. 'rt.,' piPc! i. II bl' '\'on'III1; w'iI'! t'i 'r.sidrr. Uo l' f..it\% l'; a mill Jl- L" I- : ;t 1:11\: OIl

Ka tiut'\ arranged" aril f' I' '.. ,\ : I ., "=1 !hhI rl', : h. -. 111' 1)1'lIut) :u: lO'tllllJ'4Cell: a file tlli t'-I. .,:.t oIW. rlJom Firi .''fire at JIlI' Ccittrs n ro'nucl.:

j .11"'" :. I I ::1 J"oI. r.I1) I I1i. Ut.-IHCP and wneh! called! fur
I .t t:" t.er :1.1,1": ': LUUh\'ilI.. I I1 .Jt'lts! 'In BOY UttlC:1": : favorable" e'unment win hrequuled. Ty Till' N' i\'.. W ',' ( 'olnm!!. tfJlI t';' Fillt',', 'g. 119 South Tyra ', ona S.
': -. n i :. ':':.. .O'A b"b.,. UF-rtrrrlt.tr.utx__ thouh! nil II dlf 'r,.' ttyle .
0.\ .- : : "01 : .; '.1.1' 1 I.ra1 !!:. ..: .I ri. f-ua2'Hnel1t will: d .- t.- -
\ I ; tit.:1 '!I.II.. t"kll ;/bile; ;,i iyiLg uinut some fete, t'marruw .. '!

.. ..: .: J'. I h!:" r,lInl\.t: cril poles onV..,,,: }lain street uight.- -- p :, 11

.. . .! :.... .'d w.k lu\.rl1" U:'Ad : iCr.It.P-d.8f': rnunn the 1.:ilr-t'li r-\"A"XAU.G.\' .., yln: 'ch! 1-.1-:': a 0 If 1 I 1'i ) Y ({ t
.t d..1 i R..il.\' ; \ d'J'l
IIi :)ir. yet :-imm\I IFSSh-, Ltt'r)tAi 1b..... #

I ...... ,., ... "I'. -" ..'. f'I'' ..,. .-, I'-tl'- ''wh..ti".n, I i4r .tZttraet'usiIiiIt. : :" .1...... 8H'al'" .!1 J. (:'1.I.arair il JA :; r.+ UJ. Y J Je-J b J :J;
.:' r '.1" '! Ir. ,f" 1:_ Le"nod : .' ;:1. \1 ry painful acesdrut.rtfch : I have =tlfI l..rl I 11"11.!

:-: : t .'" rl''lIltpd f.tally. for Pint timf' and ii I
.1"- "ul1 I" ''" <1 .r.' lIl1lUtI"'ltt? a ''
.: I I', :! 'W.I.ta! 'II"IlIr : Inc: 11t:1. I-Ittlw. win! \\11.+ hit 11I1t thd a purr uuti I f ,11IIr11'.1'. 1'

t ... SI' t..' '.Itr I ..j :'cru X' .; Pitch : r" tr" ,.f ate. was. ; walkln oc'.r ;rlic1"Olnl.j""t:
'I I \r. I. ;1-' t'r ..t l'n60P1a : "U1t' ptlll'. Wtlirh hld tern i'l I Irrd Tour] truly.!

\1 i. '. .! I:' '" -r d :' ..: 1'11 1:1': .tr.-T ;'Irf'j'.ra'It\; to !it-'III. ;. luz.\: JJnH -:,. lll"e ,1J/'f1llliJn'alll !Jf rfjllietl i'J'c Free acid !fJfJ1'dlllh' PuUic. Ir'e f11ff.ialcyour

..<. 1-11'.1' ,. (. I.I :Ii...:. ,.,j Li. t'nnrt'.trl' .1, !hauled.. rrecti.r ro "J.. l"d It =I..;pOIn..I'f aid the!: 11:1 Ihir : ,. .:1: ivaynrrd .\ ; Of Inca ;;t. .tVanll.ItHa.; piltrouri 'e llml it is Grel' cO/ulan aim to make it boil' pleasant llnd 1)rojitaileto
: ; was 1..t.f !.U"d 0.11' IiOF $. (,'InKKY.
.. ... ,I' .: .y. ::'oIL. L. :. .1 "'d" ),," t.. jump h. tilt grin uifr. ::1 linn ton !"tr..4. I lrilt' with lfr;.
.. uf the r.-tratt"" and Leavy
( 'ut \\ ,I.. ii- 1."iHI..I. "ln ore r \\'.\. AII. G.1..II..c. Hi. k 9 1. I
N : .. .J :.. .:. H. !P. I). rw:.:,. i :. t;i..., wn..u it 'J"uut I"o-.-tiPd heist .IF S.S. Lli'rJ\s; JIW: .
.. u d :. ; yl I' .. L"t'U.1.: I I..ilri: till dOWI fail! UP"III.IIII.huh' b"dr.badly: cruLin :?: -t\.lIIaai. : Ga. \Ve wits t Inall Hl'-tte a Ten Days

.. n..arir : I w'lul'1Iik tll add/ u .
: 'I. myt
: I I.t .
IIIrC-tC:: stair? 1'h bnt'grrlp,1 tn the !lIrw:
',. .. to the alnlo-t inlracukiu4rtfect !
lit. ,' tmUiOUy
\ ; .t II'V I ti. tIO.t of hi P'lff'ht" and
; ut'tr by pn.f.-
: I.\ I It.: .: 14 rlill:! 1I1''rart.IU a: the : .t'n rl..r"i'f"t'ru'f',1." hut tlt' 111jari4 .'f 1', P. 1'. 111 ibs ('.i'" of !.I.IIur.lh !'\ Sale"" 2 :)1.
I IIn. a woman livti's I\n "j.nnirersary COllllneilcing Jlonday( Sept.)
: : t t II I'u: z..Irz./: ; : ,,". ..\ ; \'o'er. 1rch n .1I:1url' 3h) ; : try ,
h" had COI-ttht cough
place. a
of ;r iiI 'IIIII: t 1'lldt.! just III ik-leenvery iu1o; .iblu.indafar
'11IH'"II'! '''1.1 1':0: ittttr; 11:1.. ett9d' hu..rin n.PUrly:4 hours Hhcumll..d -'re thrn.lt. Itt'hlItflc.: .. and w'auteatrd -
; : .: 'r 1J.I"If,1 : .; d brillerrIII p.-tHJ ,y etftrru'1)l.'rP t.' it dr.:r..r that -h waun'be One Ci.se :Fleocd Dome3tic Flannel. lO value this sale 50 yard.

.r :.\' .. i .. to get out of be.J unaided. bPin -
1-: '" v .: .t :!!tt'ildHll : lID>:ral will tskerlace: :.t 4
1 : ;I\'f-II up Ity l''tY.lciJ=. :rhr Only 10 Yards to n. CtiKtan: >iot'.
.r pet.-! .11..1 If' I..d a.-nor a- 'o'rl ..:lt i: tt'll" "f'II'I.U frl.m U.
t ran ,. II. 'fht' IIIcu a''f", tn- tit.11e! of the peattstop ;; hid! tak..n the: ruiullucall..d One Case Standard Percales 8e
1.1..1 to...1 ;,th tittii tn' y1r.G"t.1' .- BI.'edM: ( dlriifWithnutetTPt. until .
... ; Cough- put under the 1'. 1'. P. ...t.t' imnteCiat.
l wit; 'u1) b. put Ilp..a: the 1IIlr- the -
I. ; .1. tJ,,, ,...:lttntlPar-.1 txprll' 'I ar.d corks off the Cold ..Iy, began to improve llld 1n..w 25 pieces Good Canton Flannel 5c yardR1"

.... ;.: uiturfy t'li hlnu .. l.an, 'J.1:1' .r1II o-l,utIlIIJ" rNtlrrr. CU'" a i'1l1- rood health 8'; ..\"u In her !Iffy.'otl .
c..l on ,.n.. ..a} \ l Lat' \u Pa} 1'Ice \ CJn refer to tnI' at any: till)" atothe -
111 Piece; 3: ;.inl'hfirallltoI1-.I! i' 1 shales, :; V.LIoII . . t114.al..r.lcyard
.j 2f-rt of 1'. P. P. ht the" fete.1oiilg
: 1.\ lilt:.. : ceLle. :t.') l'pCP, H!.'.t'cloth.'! =. 'Iii .aodt- . . . .. . . . . . . . .U 11yard I
C'-l' 'Oll'; ttlty.SAII'EL : Gn .\
LII-00l. Ve
1 P pi'...ant tirct and I II tSCI\G l'IIEP.RY. ha\'e a Llre A-'rrm nt or PrUIIIJ.H.rliJ.+. \'III-t all'l. Poplin;.
p'rt7etsatrty I etc, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .';J/ to .1.,1); yard
Wltn hich IidIt !nay net Fur tale by all DruH; ;.
syrup ..t I I Thomas IjxIIIl! ar.d yli i-; .!'It.ii ie
Fit + unltr all c'uJI11'Pt". -- ---
III.k It the sr t..\.i, itr r..m..I1'., i Br"'I, ill.p..u a ItnCiti1L' t''t.: .
Rt't the lit Cllt.r',; Iu"jc Hlll 011 (h't..lrr .V1 Slit' Lnte'M' Xnvel .... We makearpecialtyofBlack TauTetaPedo :-Iie. Duchlsg,
true ai.d! t"hui II" artieIP.1tN .
.k f"r : I .. 11:111:" 'I the C.il1lornuFI i. 1)1.: ald willc.'ntinu" all a0t .re'rr' The H j rl y} II 0 ill e z e Vi lf K I ec. You will Find Oar Line of Trintr.in;:. New anj Complete Ptr'lan Land,. .lppfique: ;. Lace
}l 1"t.I.I and Thursday .
ig t'
\-IIi" I'tllllt.J 1It'.lr the bu: 1 1 Rler and Collar;.
mitt rI t'' r ;i.t I\t'. Frate by .t!! I I"t''t ::J iIfI Iii 'itisleeft bonne. ...1IarslollJ'

t1tU'; H.. I II ..t.I\'pci- the I.Hnmprrlrr Finch can supply you
t'P \011
--- :-: ; ?. probleii; it: t AGE I }:AVa? ulilt all needed in the 'Clt ," "' .. ill U 'for3Ltuan'lthet:yetemIIJ1 ; l'atrntThumb) for

ll'llY Oar }tl id Gloves 1 T U'&' are }- usurp ,_;f-rj In Beauty awl 4 :l1on E'l'Jo&l"1 ::1 \.tlu They
ri 1 Fclltznrl :
..t ltest( Sit t 1 I 1 of house jurllisldny at the ne :'.)!dlnjeraPJfTGUr.1ttet!.

t inkrlur- $15.00 to $18.00 a Week lowest prices, cash_orcrelit.
.tliN : -
I :1 :' : ;'.( lrdl'oJmI
; .":Irfor ftn lole'Iiz..:itlnan or woman 1.tarU .. Two p.mt1d-. froth roasted entTee n'
I i a. 'I /i'I2' 111 at Jlarsient :ura l't'r'II.ln. llt pO.lrlon $1 ee2tp Be
',o:J r r OIr ,P":" uwt' llInuf".tllr.-r the! New Orleans: Grocery. for only. e- W. J. BI FB ESt r.'r .
1' i R' 1 S. .t'xt!. l'u.aJt'll'.IM': srptsaNl:.' :j cent=. Try it. I


.,.",..". ..... .......s ..=-.. :..' ',.---J; .iLl "t ,,-- -4 ,._1 .b. _-,-,.... ,",,- '_- -. ...
.. v .
-.'. r' ..-.. ,.L. .. J ,'-;.., -...,.. _'. -. ". "'c> "' j
'" :
i1 ',. : '; \



,_, ,_ d .


Smaaror !I1\1"y\ of Florida: was once

1 Tlltt' $ Pills catcher va the Gl'O..grlowIJ evUtge Kodol What fOIl

Irere 13 the: Perslaa: 1;;read of the ulne.Governer.

slt t'} lug 'PJuty: : i' r G.'r 0: Orl'oll;: Las OlI fad Eat

lltimulete the TORPI! LIVER, .t 1ag! lse.1:. tl' appnrt: one of lily: .Y n lore oe good \hlrsrs. lie Las given: a

IitRngtbcD the digestive organ.. so'19 ih..r. 0:1 a LUI": t..ur tl.I'! i grIt: oral: tf time W this\ and ti now
regulate the buwr.Li a.w arc unequaled -
''r' as anANTIBILIOUS rlllln I"-t rr.rl"!: ...:;: a-. s;:ayl 1 a ;gazuCera.l : :, said tJ lC' the test judge of horses !il Dyspepsia Cure

ptNrel; ;it. re was soon lost sigt;; \ the\ state

t 1# n MEDlCNE! "f. Ills funlwl'. after wafting 1 fur r'omen Jl'o: .\. \7I: tier, who lllieves hlll- People used to think that the only way to overcome indige.tbin

ID malarial districts their; ,Irtu': aR self to k. tha last survivor of tae foluwers !. to and tlllnh still.
r n lone ln.1': Coir t..er: It;;t5ttr and hayIg wa3 stop eating! ratny si) hut the]
; I ,! \\iLldr recognized as they poa.esse : of John lro\l'1l ill Ills mill law i onlytrouhlaio that kind ht treattaeht ii the fact that to stop
tt' ptxuhar properties in fnrbng the !! Imu,',t.i ,'r.rwlJl're fl.r hm! tCCI.tl:
Tq I.ltgantly r Virginia: I.'s !ll New I.bL'J:1, :l Iii- ]! t atin; means to stop liv'inr! aid we can hardly call that a cure.
; ayslemfnmthat polson. d tell Ilis fattier the sad!
to I''IU\I UI:
UjCal oatcd. lave of \Viseocslu.Sr : But since Kodol Dyspcp ia Cure lea. become known the wllulo
lIi'\\'S. I method of treattn, indigestton Ias been chaut cd. It di est-
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Take No SubsUtute.- --- The IIn, WIl 'I'ry much! grieved; atI.:3 are : Tluiaas Lpton: Is int.'rmsted In I what you eat and permit; you to eat all the goat Gitid you nt ed

I.>..!!I:: ,'OUJlt: :1"-.1 siearest on.IIt HeaIlyandsrong! art os; w..n IS i:1 uoin"si andIasi.. and give; the stomach I'erftct rent: and its : se con
f Tlar 1:11:1.1rlll end I.eft Imol. !'I.t easily: I.l'n a.1 tu,11ers! !: to Flo\vcrs a they bhssom nUll has uade streral wnrer edlll's lIt plain conlnmn sers n,. thod of curing dyspepsia and indigestion.It .

1111' .? aria : 'Ih, .ly. a: lillh'! Inrgl .01'11 rdl!I t:1I': ;gim'Iris! w.fie: 1:,,' !'r-; H'I'1a and bloom S:kly, they w.her and I yachts that :nave been well spoken wby

; r t'I'. !.., ;. fl I It':". left I" ,1 ISi : ,! Imo! ...:t %i4at, !'tea, I 1.l.t "' !tr'tt: sues d.e. Every WJrln ought to lok well:! friendly! u.il.'s.I : can't help but do you good

ahl.m..t :d .1" L _, I iii: : 1111 rl.t.J1rt ; : l't':
lIl.ally IA, a...,.. \.11.10' 11"1."J l t'c fH ac Le u.1: I :tf, r t.etelle : ;:.t- ba: : she might as well try t'J put out a I 11Idl'\i! that tae! cultivation of .h.1i'\1! I II n_ .

.. : 1/1/ "t'I'hlrr : I he with: 0:1 as to be healthy and attractive I work wit the cue :aid Iljm III the feels When you sutler from bilimunoor. 1'111,1 ipation. use the famous little lifer
fL1r1 10". !I.: r L.t .n" Iu :r t:1:: fit I last h. rrj\'J j:1 i II" Lt I : a
wC.h dseue! the
: corrodr.g EARLY RISERS. They never grire.
,,, rtrike a 1,1.\\ :.1' 0I1.1",1, Intarlailykitke plll\I'1' wt! n lrol ; ate. oetr tLuli: organs that make he a woman. Upon j lug; :;::11 t'pn ssiun; lJt t"u'h tlUal: rt pill known a.s DeWitt's Little

with 1.1:1 lift fmmt while iLe I tie ;gaze;.e l"upe,1 as'1 dsal)! :,;:'l'm't1. !:I" their heaith depends her heal:,. If I Gnctnentsls those of Chopin.Jostph .

\ l"ulI'r ltIl.ta: till hii! h-fl It.t:: :111.1 gels (.uuld! tint folimw :t these; s''. I..j i::; h.t. there is Infla'l1maioa or weakening I CLOD, l'ntIJ! States eulhass :

bus rlhl fall ,'::1.:1.1.:! hta& t' hr has i tlrll ald l1ul.rJ. 1i' ti.n'w l-cif: ra dra.ns or suffering at the monthly : dor to ):::;:1:11111. has a remarkatilei I John hl'rpml. Holri: Pharlracy kidney Kahn.

1 1\nl..ll'r} ..) ;j.o-I..IU',. 111:11 Ibis I" IIII'J..t the rr; ::s to II'!>t a Jn: !,'. lie 1.1 toed period: a::end to it at once. Don't i emery fur farts and name, and rUl'I :

1 ,::ttude: Le eau :ISIoUllIt I", Ilrt\'I'lt : tll1'I' (:.Ives 1'I'ITh'J ea tl:.' :;atl.. 'fl.,) delay.! YJu'rc one step; MiTer the 'I I;: fails tJ recall either ia tat' }'rraunGf : I II A! l\n.h. ; $". =:>. 1\1\1': I..U.\II.; s:= .
It eff.
1.-ulttII': au1: tane.; :: were redly: farl'i.1.: : ." La.l 'II.I'I Women gave every can san1 a you great put teal, but I Illly (tie Ill' has tact Socially:! vr la The .crl.'s. :11:1.1 (crop. t ;i':':cite. Thm l.r""Jo -1 1..11 I I- the Racine:

This "I.I! .nt 1.'arlI: : ur the wehhton ; business.R'lalata. LllutJl'h. !1t\t\ flint "I'-H. 1' f'atj six
: that shape. they cannot Ive; forever with disease: or tIJt'W rtel iJ l ail... ._I:\ .I.d,: th-: ,

tl.. left C'oot tutkes: It wider ihautih "WI':::' 1'11.1 or.('. "jt: I l'i11' !.t min. dragging at .M most delicate and : D.n:: IIotvells tae novelist west eeaes 1'1'111:1 Iwl) :-j' :y. : :a- ttDN very'fi..t, 11.HH'iIlI'Laul1rh

rltL nll.1 It earn h'Il'IO'lh; that: au ; il1 \I very CII.li!t taiag.: ; !y ig; ':UWil vital organs in their body, ':,ou nay I "'rilt.'l'r sleety Hill. I1Itllou liis i j"rra. 1.llu.. l'rJJl' 1'.rlu"1. 'II' Ia the :otleadopted by 1/,1'/ I'an.\mer-

nun who Irbw .II a ahme 11I1 ItaI ., right : these. t''rl'ajl: I. dm-ts Ict l"w tasi : have been deceived in s-caned cures. Land: looks! like: n !hurried Ont'. It I"i ron'o and .tlglrrs.; TLe hi.I'riz', jean Lxpo-nl"" iu Hntrlll.h"C'lUZA

* rs road and ;:t':0 :t d"joI' It: Iris bI .11.:11" i Is the ;gnblli! s 1''s"U1'i ry tl W"CoO dvll't I. It'see mudl how w"rthl"you cod,,,;, "tllff h. II' it-ontmm .i really ela.U::t Liboriota. \t the same i Jordan nlm"il 1'11.\1' rrt'lI\ )1t1:1I. they n 11"lhH'. are thehi-t; lhm-y: store arm retiLIethan simplmea.

t tl r-lm..a :lh,.G...I.r! I.IU"" he ,':11I1I1'f i !;nI.!".: I1lUr"iJ. tII' 1! :i:1 tIt' ; a: m.lrkd. Rut: \11 won't be disapp..mled Iml': \hi' Luiis: 1Iet!: :llii'0: Imlo".ilill': and! Spti::. sad not trout the Jotmalt rI'r.. w.'rthr. life, and full guarantee.its .

't 'IIOIIIr' tl" I :1 UtI i'III".1 Iy the 111.1 "wail: arn.ld 11'" pr4)erty ::::J r!,'vutrt 1I".r.'I In! bchovc"lIradli.'ehl's il the I'emak'H1"m..tli-Reg- therefore: d.1'ends entirely tlIoU his I laany pet pie 01:1'1'0" The .mn.IIII : Lippm.tI, lirother'. r't\-alltl'ih. 03.,

t tiaa'I.e 1114' left It \\111'11 rJIill': illIt1.l' i anl.tIy,) h'' fads: 1111 it. III'! i..tatsI : : ewe on urthlr womanl) Il1s.! There nlm"u,1 Is tlme! tm.1 iud:2t; .stibl' of Ill I fare agent-mfrom tie ulanufaeturer;;,

Y ,,1"1'1 ear rmtl 1\ II take: the Irollhr! I tll GIII th.t I rlJI'l' Just 1::'::I' C.,, :!;I':' m:a,'h.as..!'much....,."lIe1 iiferencI! remedIes between a.. there it and ivt pet.To r dcance the lroj\'I.t t..f tfautiftin : the m.t- awl ('"niaJus'I'ry J.ttl': ruur I and carry II "tnrk of these bnatsat all

: IO iuIil'e. J"II 1:1:: aie that III ltrcl! I "WI'II.:' >iI:11: the rccoud a") \ e't.e eaosate .tw..en right and w'on\ UrallI'ld' i ;; tl.l' t\'pr! front er prlHIII'IcI! I isamcni! There art lJanIn; however times ; tIZ"s : I' ft.. i'I! Ct.. 2E tt.. In

& ..II'I's lime :::':, j 1.,. lalldl. t'IJlall'r 011 11t'riht Lj; 1t-:: t erg easily.; lmL:::; lllly: .to's I e'l1alo; t'le, It'j'ulator drams promotes s\'lbe regularity the pain, Mass.: f:1' wih'i! lli'oj\.t the late Till) i ia which it LI ;I.iractIr"u"I\:; : l h\\I.11 to be shipped! at Ii ln'iulent'3ttotIPe

t fast ILw mt the \ton. while with I tu w 1 k'u tiltl t'ctp trel.:\ cd! t Leah : suee.'r.e:1,. punnes and eI'an..",;. It Ilal'uestemeathul! : :$ !.o.04).Rt'erett) ILlarimy i used :II n m.esert I r n" a 1"l\urlol': ':, I trial ;given: to ally tine wi5h-

r ', i'illtm'1 .h"O't1 I !." hllll .ltS h:1'I': In I'l'Jo.t I 1: ? ::et.i tll the I tlltot:1 he +via:! 1.:111 t.I' d"I\urodh'. a all tai i.;His qalekly for womenatonetode and easily and- : : ; cr II.at city hi offcrcd to hi' OLe peculiarity IIIII1t tIll'! alrund' tree tug to jllIrcha IJI'I'MA=e, BH"Ii'IIF.R
I .
I IlIId. t. :t r.'r.. ua the 1"(1 shut, n.rsl1l. i 5f! in 4ari -I.\1' 1.- i in! c' 1, wh'Iwr they wilt be healthy or ,
i a : roul:! ": w em- use tf the ulll'tl'l'U Ixrsoas to giveIllt Is Mat 114 leaves tli:1 l'rti..il'' 1I..hl'mlltf S Setcuttlah Ga.
111:1 lira : < :
MC't. : :t eld's: Regulator at
'II'l' un I!". 1.1.1 uy! "I.i witrh! h :min;: "l'r n Lctte! hoUld. H p.r bottle at drum: btore. $ ;::I/ t'ach.:: I nllll are t:1l'I'\'fvTl plII".IIl1UI. w hill H.c : --

't half Sittng "':1 r."n)1"' fiend to our free 1000kleL The f rat matt J-1 the!. lo"Ion directory I..rrultmayul'l'ah'n\\lthltll.uaity. .
< 1 Ti.Ir ll lib lnjli..b.TII' Inlill! : %a': he Ia:>'t ta' 1'1': f'I THE BR&OflllD RHillUOR[0.. Atlanta in. Is _\a.oIJ. wJ the last i; ZJ'k.: The n___ n I'f UINI'rUII'I{ I comt'lc..r
pItuIM..I!! the Cug1: !; : IIIIIUI' t0st lass Wht-l1! I u1I1.'r take\ !..ft 1' aa'i: i i stock
I :: ; ul ; shortest !3 Re. and tile Imo;:eat Ii -. open or nb. titatp "ort--. plrte

tun'j.J1t'r: err 111:11I.: .\ I rsquIitrotann Iro'a:; Its fur It Is the gmb:1i!: s I.l'. ... II I ::dml'rt'II'l'r'r.'nll.: .. is a IJIII' n !::. Iris ulI'l1al11: h'Jlbd.I'I'I.ill-;:: Ii It h 11 : $ 1:1'I'u: : wiU'expire. :! ii.t.c .' $'I'L', tar 11't: I Ia''aling'nledicul" ,
I ; ut.ut ;
tier l.i t'OII' h'I a .:n. Site I'on sentnd.They i foh'I', .TtfItt'r: 11 lalnrer Mars! 11 \\ :lId, ,
fit %4'V Turk Imiughthe! h.I.1 :I gIN .1 I Ini'r Il' tan, t tl.l':1 attack tLc Wit.:1: III too world. \V.A.I I grades el'cr displayed in
then 1"IIIt.I.I'I 11.nrscbaek! baker UIIIJ Charoll :1
: tll guiaeI I &::m. Neptune a
; ; 1lIu\\hJ; IIr the lall'III'I';:: : : D'\Il'l1lblt. Pensacolrt. Ca.Shor instal-
1:1: h with hi j\.rJ: I
and I :
r ;
.. to the ITin"I" (f.llh'r' Llbgdon.; hospital! COOL.C I II I n___
butm. .1-\: 1..1 I her 11I1.Ial..l'i
II The l\rlH'c re'e f'I'.1 t!:( j\S... an::, They'! soon r.rrn't1.! Tae l.lag waster I =,Juhe, ; Lcm Itetey! I.r ('hnrlrcs'ari. ': mellis. WOe 11l1.t'ejllst what
11:1\: ttl} :'l I alt'l! I :t ,':Iq""h'r amt i
{ l'It'JII..1 IIi::' t.illJ 10 1.:1\1': 1o.lh'tll'k! 1111'lI.tI: :: 1.11 the atv!;e l.l' bd just J:1'ml. :', ; 1:1J1IY: t.) see his soil 1a1n and! i yule, Ga.. an alumnae uf many ) FOley Kidney Cratreyogi' want. .Ma.rstolll J'

t very ft..a "tI.I tae well sad welt also tll :sew what II lt'ii.;tiftl: I.rhh' heha stardtng. m-ii"lIlall..1 III the Cniveritr : .
'wilt' l1..llt :1..' h.III"4' la I h.'a)' ofpotting I I ; ..lakes kill:eps and bladder rih:. Pine/i.
I down It'Y :1 {'irec; !:!: I.atll, l'lt tlI'! i Tlie I
sF'h... tic.. atmltic wetttiler dW"tIJ. r"lrl'IIS tiOW over. or C'orJn: last year In order to revise "
.Lit :! : h\\'t I' !he ?"t tl!: better it grew tall: OJI I aad: after this tt'!: kill;? chose I'rI'I': I his Lrowiit.ge: ot Mathesatics.: .
H. 1111! 11111I! rIrefuyue
rlllII,1 11"
I pN.r. Ir'e! I I:1:1; to f'I' giddy.: skirl: \Ikr liIII'ir.! Tile 1111'
Iie..:ilc t.. : rrullI.11IJ! :1'1 (...titaIIl'of nc prntti! no't'telaidi will deote hllllsl'lf t5 oilier
I m,1 flnt.; twql: he: 1\'l't en 1'rarely t.c: olill''i! entle. when itsfather !
1:1: !it \\11.1\>01. : : : ; t'ranche5 this year.Ina PREPARING
1 I ; >
m.1 uevtrtLou.ht t.lf tiara: 1':11'1. ..ttlast
oeeasioatlly! Baits; hit!:!. 1111I1 it n"ittnt)
.1 Art I' t.4 \\ .rL ",,s .t'IIII' thO! bill tium' I hr Jackson. h'tin.ny
hl' found htam: It 1:1 tae: too!.
.,um.;braggy Inl"I'IooS of, I uily uf you \\';ski to-o f.1I.1'I'C hl:1: you : editor Ii tJl': )lilw.1Ukt'I' sesame lse: ,
the If g11a -t.out: wadl'! t.tIol : --FOrL-o
1''t' .:
t.Il.1 rtesle I fortic
tae' I' :1I'14"d. TIIl'l'n'llf'lIwIIHI' I haeoay b s I tern :1P,;dated! hr tiuverui: r La I."i.!
.l wt h. brm'Lm.! it Ito 11 huntlrdpleem. 1'111'i.; i.'t'Q' J.tlHc 11,1 tviaeaa ; law of tl'is.insln.tV .
amt 1':!.. j I I !efUluatrIle. hilt I.lIly } I ktto'IIal\ a ttety
: .. .. lill"ll tI.(' \h: di.I'n: cut ofthe :ke j'1'U y ( !"'O!!:\ '1a1 ral'tlJry inspeeter nail, will lit' : '
1'11" I" : ;: Iltl' flJUuwlll;; Ie- 1 well antI trs: HrJ1ri'I'tlt" Ltd ht-:: ( FALL l\ND ""TIN1'1 1 TIADE{ !
a:1rL.., .e .':!t.! ,pllt 10 111m: l I the 1I'.t: \\'I.XHW In Il': state:: ta take up )
: self la a lOrcly! gari1: lo'u rear notwr!
,} 'y", ',11' ,;err tn Luc tl1m'l1l'u Jigs Case. ocehtl work' mf this 1.lIul.I .
., iron unto much l.i:1:1! I' than ell tar.'t. first Mare--Mr. I'r.eeer 11:13
0 I-d." X.'w 1'01: : a I'cr-
\ ;
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1'1 :.. which; JlI' 1rI't1! t'J c'p'n.; .\w c'lm,1: l'l.tulll fr.gLtie1:: kuK. I I Jr"e are prepftrifg for our Fall and inter

.,di __- III.t till 'I Ie! waked! 111Joct ea' gletact. ,"('''!h! 1lr.rl': !It I. 11 sad case: I.f I The ',"...nn.or (lie Sea Det UTtIiI Trade llwl are receirilr! daily large tildpmenl -

III "'Ilkhl3t };are I-rock: of rumln;: the sutt'nollk' face-Crookyu: I:i:;ie.ivt'uriark't If-.)}' Itnl: 1:1 tie sea devil :1 curi005 :
R 1 L II III. !, .C'ITIII-' Tnl H" ). ) .. I '
.t.'r. 11:1'1'11.(1 l leis thrt: rot it nut --- --
t !,,, \Y; : 1i11: lr\I iun ct 1'lIun'l'j IiJ.ln.1 fur : , L "CulSY\: ,
trl'tdJt'il Lih\.I under :1 twh'lo" )! : .",: ., t- mprrur.C1Ex .
i adjlnting rl''I'IIOlul'tllJlI.: TIll cud lays :

.S 'a !-I.' .I I'IU.-'a.y: tnikOR pith he ('III fell ':h'I'p. lie wda'' IlI'al'II-;:: t. :::ett.ti.-Ialldor; FranciJosepa I I'H'-l1 hundred thousalil: I":;':s :11 :Ispawlmtrig I 1 'p to.Jute Styles of

IL.I! ,. I 0 .., 'Ulor partner lit the 1 tII'! saute doves si'eatg: : iI: t::m tr.'l' utn ixlay tmce: lj 111paClal audleuceUntied i tI'atsH'arl) aU .f thll:1

fi"lit !I".V & { ',J.. l! lladies'
en's isses' & en's
5'S iJm,'t; I.. :L:? t'it\ Itf 'fOl..elm. I ::m IV' ; ,.: I'i: i::;:: wh tnauketi }tl. runj'stior 'cudiug; I WI tho!: Oates nail these whku htdl fJ, -

,'ulllIt.\ .11..1 'L... : tfor,.:"aidant th.1t hit h. taot4 toc.p"a the iron rate. Pe the catef court cauub..rulI: to ret're-eat ore mustydetolned.!. Int: tl.I' sea deeds I

:,1.11", I, ..my the ..nul.f O\E lI'I"t try tll (4. it \h; t'JC point t.f ha.wmnl : hun lit toe u\t'lolurI.11 -..rVloe h..l'i here i which I.rixiltl's l.ut a silI; le roux!';; useiii : (our s trek Ihi< Fall: will hI' tlm Lu.t ('ani"'d ill the state,

111'.1:1, hlll.l.\h. : for Barb mural:<< suss :1' t'...' J'ur ty! "penptt ; 1:1 n.murcf tae lue Yresiucut MtIituiey.l I a linll'. retains! the }alter In Its Ldlunt1 \' nodxr "I'at...uprll.dt..nt.h.-i.t, th -in.111,11'ii "nl..r tlltI.
.ItI. mt'a.mrth 11':11 .
cau I I.s! hu..l 1 Ito Ls: I fI..t! n\l t.rIt' : ; lilt Infant creature is froi f. srto ., .. lee :yell! 'Ilfl.r fot Ia: ,' T-tl: all IIf l'UrIIIIIIIItr Good, atlitany
'mt I" '. lla. 'f 11.1.:1"l'T.'IIt'1 \ I,
; : H Ihl1 111 Bo.It throe.
1 11' 1 :: out three gold ('lib,:. \"L l'1 b. uatwtthrw I six: trot In !earth: SU that w 1.'n turn Retiucid Prlt -.
iuto tw: tlOI1! of the I.lad. str- : S.\\' \'" S An. pr. ::.G.-Frank IIa!': and}
'L-\\I: .i.'IIItNIv.wmr it i is able to tale care of (t"df and Is ill

n1luteili'antaubu, 'Ijln'd! I'I.t tVhlch trill 1'0:1'
ill III. .IlI 4 41i der! tlf II. wi1! IU II"U1:1: 'IR'I fI'ltlj to eat .11\' meet 111 Macon uuting the Elks' Clrlli.

( !" I. j..ooiti. I'"l': If hi' I'a1 ell this: 'Iuidi. theer.a'at'ri:1 : tai bur ::U rouuis. 1.lh: tuen arc well 1'3'1I.IJ"'nll Ceneu'a 1Ihlway

I : d.a: 'j a. 11.. rft:..:. sto known. utftter i l'arut'larh'H! Jo aniaet ; a.d toot'_a-lard;cud u "u-! aid .1I.do. The Boston Shoe Stoje

,,; .:,.. .\ \',' i ; U\-OX.: ; i i iii eout.I ad: .:.,. priure! 'ti ;iII r I tf"m I :lUli defeat"miOii1(' IIi ale [Op'Juun.V ililttiFNaT- ,

-. \litH11,1" i<:. tm I: lIH'I I'rUl''si.! lt I.e will Lau' lU rse itthtrwdut; class.lta } ;
H'. ,t.l' ('111'.' h trkeii II- --- --- -
to : i. fur Ler" Thmnnder"Iumdtlkmthkithud! N. G. FORCHEII\IER Prop.
Fortune "f HI'f Otto.11ALEIGn. ,
tmr" fill ilm'tt lin'l'th' 1111 l1lrIIU t .
r::..iac tlt': : !: If m trHlu: her srrvicmi :I" ::1 fir! i-
1.1,,, : .. .1 'uI uf :I: rr .eo o) :c'e 1:10re 1:11 i a.
.10 Ie.-a -
a1-I: ,
S'pr. lial.i that cl'i midwifes had a.-
: s haling year
I the ,!' ts I: I.I sailt'lun! ) I.Is swmr'lt
"ymt"c.. : 'I 11.r te.IIt.nlala. fl'''m.r ;' Miss \1abd Dui rIl1l l experience: Colli )g''e h."t Ht rl'fer"IW" 1'.C, !slim\1'. VtlI.IIK'ivWI.t;,.. w. K. IIVKB.JIL.. J. REKMK:
;t. who eloped lur'
J. 1 'I c.. t.t (1L, 1 01t.1i". 0 't'm b. } t halt,'. the tJO..l'S C.\ m.pen.u t'tea.1'r.aideut. A.ytLa.bier.
trout leadjug rhy..icllIU of I'r".ldnt. l'.bler.
::.! IIme IlIIrrih 1.1:1ck 1I'ltl tf 1111 ham wits :1 traveling luau of } Iell' .
this rin'
: .m ; i. lOr 1..II.'Ib... 1'"rlII\'I": ..,'rl't'It 1111.::' itt. 1-11I'wlr:.: mad, came here an.i WI\ married +va. MRS. t r. OI1lIIOC:

r. that 11'1.1. :11 ,' nlt I It.. 1agc.!! TIn! rr1Cl': (1Irt'Ul' 1.I1'r.: quite recently j:1'E'U.W 111 IIt'r 0II jltt lit :-Ollllth De\-llli"r:; t.
1\:1.' t :h Hits paths: right bl her ruiil1lJUalc graudfather. First N"ational Bank
; h ju> anti the! 1:1y rt, pt..e:! ml's"]. Tae I note

I, ,,'. .. '. : ,'r tied .'I" pisuts: :11.'. ,I 1I0t'1 :I1t.d L'i:ielf iJ tether :sod Washit.jun: Duie.Nmrrj :\OTIC.'.

:\1, ".: ,I: I.a.Ike3 a f.II'llh111:11 i em"'l ,! .' aid.h rl'l'li .
l'r'W'r plr :! : :: $: ilvmr! North 'tralford." X'. 111(1:1 who placed urdprol with! the
1- '1" l' I It. \\1I..t i.I true ut1'o'Ulrl' :::';::y. 1..Il'.1! al art to smr. If I" .'u'.1: .. I htm A'thur (UitHl for etllaramd: plc'turmtcan 0.. P'fNSACOLA. FLA.
II. : r }l.tlrl'll'I=f'11 a bnttlr.'i Otimliiuoim
\ I II l trI" ; flhl'
m seattl.L'Ig; ; tllat.. fruit: tI.1 ; t o :IIn ,; : gatacne by III'plyi ; to
: C"IIII when ,
Curm 'ulFpring
"'llu'I :1. : pants: :' wruh' I'rmfcs4nr I : III\if'roln..1. who will the
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.t'III'II' : carry
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toads I : A. H. P.tl'ST:. WM H. KKOWLE. W. A. BLCUNT F. c. BRENT W. K. HYER.1R
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la-l Le 8turr.I ) prices, (rWe draw our own Rllli 01 Eenange gn Ureat RrltMn Ireland}

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1.+. .1, : : '. 'I l., I II". IU \Illy rma'1'a. la' shl'lrt'I'!, be'a:1e aware that a1i new' hf.nd "t' 'r ly laliug: lt J.TO-BAC. Hw.d6D. Denmark and other European countrie
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I . rlt.mlltti'ral. III 11:1, 1 .. t.h' I'RlIdlrp... ''tTr.RLIl: Sanl'l Charles Obligation" Taken Pavahl as Port 01 Desslnaslon Ten or F'lUeen Da1'
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after V Arrives there.
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over her ned Lssed: LI'r. 5e!: Bra:& the ijl; { with which we have a Private Apartment for the Uleof
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\ :;,: taemil'Ii!! s estlt and t>:;t l'I'rthl' : SECTION
1"1 I I., hi"t h11111..' GOLA GARDEN
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ir::1"1.11.. .. J g,4m'i atiuIS tlf hll'lI 1\'Le:. she: wan 11 (1\11.! !' :l' "'I }-m'nxtmi. M. F. GONZALEZ & co", Prop s, Pensacola, Florida.
!J' ., .. ,j t "tl'I1", stet It still :
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I.:.::''): }.riser.: a'id y.g Il'\ had I Im ttll'r Hllhhf'r h-f'l put on f..r ajc; : hmm Near East Hill' Eiectric Railway Terminus.
tilt.' ('IIOlCI: JJ:.\L AXU r''ltEGROt; tIr
I ? : : Il\es In trill: ;: t') 1'\1' 11t'! aP'i! pl"1"" ;'c. Work called for anJ deslivi

take h'r: ttYry fr"-.t the ;r:' !J.J I:::. (':1":1<', STOCK 1'1 IFD. .red. 6i\ 1'\lafrJX 'treH.
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Patron S" yore 1..spry '
zit!!; tam; ,r 1.1 1 I'i',1':1: :' \ry ('''1lI'nur ::'- Beautiful Lots for Sale.
butt .. tll.cta: uuuul, and : rr4'nD youaould. buy sour :}:gal ando -'-"
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\fo'r : few iayi t'eI. !!I'o. :J::.::! .
Rv .5 '. .ling .!IIl, irit try. 1'eurmunryslalIii'therommonlq. 40x137 feet a. from S7o to $200 each. according
I 11 I :..';- sl :" ', :;d i\1"l',1.. .mri I' ; andy.u.0 loin are Ind.r..tly b..n.1I..1 ;
II',: I' :..' : :". 1 I '!I-. I. lo.erli.g the home manufacturer yor N to location and surroundings.
"\1" ; .' : 10:111': If.,' ': '' son I rhilte! to the eamiam ff lallor t'ia oAt
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t .,'" V C.\Tt-.A.RTIC It Jfit Dr Fertile Land.r
:). Dunl: !' i-!! "ittIvr \r"t nllt fI I'1NS..COLACONSERVATORY !1
-. I ',. To ro" '!" a"(1 New Or\- .
: -, 1 I 1'1 f\ : B..t.\ .' .1' 't'llr.IItY
.'- ,.I .i' ; I: I .1 .,... .. 'url' 1 1..1' throat 111,:;.t. :"flt. v. I I"d\'in.: l'ul..nD"'T The grandest opportunity for investment ever

.. .1': t I .. Um ;j.t-... \Y. .' t 'Airtn- f ijf MUSIC l .,i ill111; t tharp.. Farr 'mrrun'd
J.... ,-. "'.!r"."'... AI I l" It rr : 1'en-acnla to 'I"hIlI'. offered in Pensacola.
-.b. __ ___ _
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! f ,. i14Ma',, ',alrr M RJ. : !rIS td Std !:. a1-r.t, ( ":: L m'Fru.s: Ticket: to Mobile cool for "0"diY. -- .

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't. 1'Ott'-t: 1'9.\0> i'l'l le i1 I you owl) Phn'l.Ice Cultur. olin. Pip :undttV'lhht. STw C 1 U bbS
; 1\.r.: .. ". ... .1 rl.H! 1.\ a lilt!m tln'aergud.ii if t''ey are .111 rout Cornet; M anduhn, Guitar Tickets to New Orleans :nnil! for .
i'. Hut tossi In'I 1 t r Org.tu.
1tir.e I "'oil HnUIIJ. Yr 'lli"h.uJ: c. tl buy two day. rPtnrnlnr h''ivl'toW Or.
I' Cello etc.Al .
tJ llt f'. .. 'l ma-t a' Heh tl..11( t !homes l1ud I.e cln do h1.w.. atIi' leans at ;, o'cI.'ck ronJ.iV tllht. Corner anrrlen and .1.lcLni:: Streets.

;t\ chalw, and I"t L.t mah b1114' t.k: : !: ,,1:1' rWI.eE "o Director Citizens r..lnJ. Parties desiring IHpfor will apply -A

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Y J! oiler lust hel. 'Its t 11.6) IU\'lt? Tt-u ,. C. j4 ttlion & Co, tht Occasions. For further information apply toROEF

Lli-.t l\l'C'u to l" m. al1.1 iIlV"'hlIlO''m k \'its, : Peat Es: >mte ayez.ta; they Address : ECiililbi3 Hotel. Klsa 9fP. TRY T E BEWV\ A T tijMl !

.\I 1\ Y'llU 'Ill utter regret having d"UE. cast tow her tow ea.y it is i to get THOllA.
one :5tudio : P-estyterltnChurcSAnnex: I P..tli:1cola.
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BEST fOR THEBOWELS nff !l' the days of lfojJl.'r saf'gi::rda II -

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I I. keep your: 1I.11'.1I.j! Irc'lrntly aA n,1rJ .
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.. .. 1..,. ........,.. the owners of the calli :1:1 oI'lonmity' 4ftTATION
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I I rt,nitrd to bl' very tartcl 1-i to et.ls

:'11.1 10 !;(4'r' :1 etrLt rllvr,1 of t1I'l l4..;:J'

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6 reports oC ?nth ('a\es had to I "

R-1.. h. I Le tC1'n1 i:! Ly the 1>,'('tIO:1 ma..tl'r,
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air 'EM LIE! CANDY : !ti:;; IUII'1.I Iwll di-pos9iuu; of carc'" s. I ]I[

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Sr. 11111 tAl.LW 't u uprrlI; hi' r" \PJU. 1.e I:: I'itrlg:1I .

KELP Y1UP QODC CLEAN iu nlS I1-: ; n"I';: t cf aT.. ':

;'I1!-;"..1'n'.l.- ;, "C.'." .".,;.,'In. 0.! ....,,,.,':'.)-F"l'B ::\.
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'tt ia: lar.c ,per !I : ::. 'I" :'., .:'( II. pretty ". !'I'

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"I1.tld! "
: 11:: :...:(' \l'I I: t :WII! ('/,1.1' t i the .1: .1I
.::: kl'tud 1:1'1'(' I.. .
t'Uti \1:1 Wli":! !.t' t;:ttl' fa the 1':"
..: 1l<'t. t1l' Int'at: : .1 I,
"J.l'+l"O.llion! Ct caeass' L. scr::". I. ".
....::. 'I! f'I'I{ !I J I!I I Ie: Lull 1'I I't: tl't'tist'I'I <

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i.I"; 1:1' .It'lt 11' : \ : ,

r'lOdl. ..rL:1'C: \lIII) +vn)." '.11<':. .Ipo..ih' 0.t.! tin h. I Recommended and Guaranteed by Hargis' Pharmacy Pensacola, .Na.t'Cllttunllotew .

!f. r th'II t.11I'. Iut'atyb : JorJ'll'h',1.ic:1:; arid ;gvuttt.-Ut.trj.t: I

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.1. .ud ( ".11'1 Ij-Unn use hard o. Cbl'l': a ran: ; Hol, 1't I' :\lIl' IiNrn! s fe'.1 Pioriy nil tM tim.

I i ::::ILt:1flple n.mtt! Iltw!,: .II 5i1 which 1'\\1' olt IlrI ; aril: .1 r.llhrt'I Htrtf from tacit flf Nueriy, .allli II'1lt'lpral"lltJ AU New and Up to Date !

:\I..fc:1i: cse 1:1 MIiiwfatt I 1 ..I1.- o. Yhat1\ It? ; \-11,10.\ if n k\'I' :!.ns L:;..a'J.1t'lt I Ut'COllut" Ii..tl."s t 1u'rvatfol I
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tJ.' e'II! !;.' a on1"- j
'Now: that tlc, lirt' P.aried tht'\. La th, cart : ::111' III"i!'\\ d tin ;
thing is wrnng with her blnotl. I ttu'fur
":IUr}'. StNSmntial1ct'atic Lave: to retrench :1wfui1) "tt war'a ut II\Niliility tbt it alight; errt just
j a doctor? Not lit 1111. my ii liar -i ir.U..t .
) LII'I.iu.'So! tl.e u'l.n.'Y le: wltel \\IJ1i I : euutirII 1 1I what It 1i:1,1! :1:1t t:11: tLe: tll'tll ;'1'1':1: ::"" bl'r It It.'ut lf P. I' J'. (11'rickly'i ih. ,

1..OWa.l; I:1 1llIt"Sh I Le-LI4R- : ;;( ld I lIu'.s r'I' Intts u Trtbuu( t1purtc '\'; Pnke. hislt and l'ntauiUIll I the I

.. \\'if... with l'.:Sec: i u I [ I' ;ll\'l' tltj1.CJ:1i1 ; 1J..t "'<)U1an' U"ultt"f and j ofLadies'
: Mr. U. A, Oo1ulllll'Ch, 1 IlIl'ft'ha'Jt of1'alnien very : ; ? Jr"e tiara Just Ref.'eiz'ed It Large Inz'oice
I f..r !Il'r dJmh.! ;;; :: .\ o'(, whose IrP'S! t'as a tui\:.:.:1',. I'ttllle t'xallt. It rcaehr.i the "tlfI'.
[II., "rit' "' 1'uly'sltin '
: ;
I C I.'i: ;: 1uil: rind .iaI: buw'u a!::-a:';. of truubletl'urtly and 'Illickl, alllll' Stickseat Road .
K I !liS :\' CI; lU. i'i tur- with won1drrfUL wl Lis 1'k.yu before P"lltllO"" it ) our wit'. x ill ht' i Phaetons, Stanhopest

..-\twRt"r.. O. war I It,=ce.,,,. It hl"; cured -llm" ItI\Httl'f 'Jtllatl Hilli lt' ., the kind

'.."k,' .caant.4 h'l.Eh.11.. i..y, : ('a,.... here 1I.It phr"cilI.o; ; prntuiiqtchd .I- :...,1.1 sll buttGnh.:c" Lerep1 way tit,., that brought 1' I'. P. tit her tilt I Wagons, Double Open Surrys Top ,
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tfc" nod r..tH'C Our Iw..t PII.it'ItIl"itt"rst'
.. : ircwrab1N. 1 myself tunnhle -\cw; \.t' natie.'t'a:" She' ('1II11l'II: ,
'l'iit"l I'llrtdI' xt.d! ft'C't'lIun"n" It, 'ltll,! i't' I Buggies all of the Very Latest
ttt 'p.tih tn it, tn.-rit. My face 1'itll! :ts Vl1Id dUst! asl Hr,:: Nltillkya : well t nttduetrd hot .h'ld whets ,

11I..la\'j..alivilll.! t'iot'It' of health i.:1" l'al'II.1,. uf SLowiaV ;
r ... I Designs and Highest Finish ;
I' r.I. .t'1"...., 3r7d Tar and rolt'Y s Kic1n.\ Cure ha; made "" ,'!I. t:1(' ..i;.... III thl' wi:..!". 1.IYs" tar-puke f

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-'Lo..' u'aofnally: 1'I"ual ta 1.I BI'IUI 1'1' Ylllr Frttm and l1Htrket. Gall awl see tltem. Prices reilaarlcLbly loco.JR .

5' .' 'ttit! ,: rf Iu'r 11\; ;saris>I ;. i1t-t.trt, Y.'t'K :-Tllt.ti. "'''igll'
rate Lunndud lTNHT YIWI
"\11 Jt'i this ','' she Ilc'I YOUf
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HI'loP'. titrPliIlu> XI'I"'h dS1VtAN.1PIETIT4Tsk'
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,1.t_ wurkir;.: Jil'ls.h,) 11t' liver 16';'( .

1\:. tu th.c., I'n.tty'I.U and du ii ...alints. ( :Vonleutr, P. r. 1'. thnt( t'rjchllJh Ex.ct"ll..lIt M. HILLIARD & CO.

1IIt1111.. )ll'1 Qf 'Nat taakes t l'ir ."- l'"at' I'Jt.lt Mild l"ota..k.Jl, ) .

Told by Pain I Y II ('intlie;. I.nl t iey tare lJt.at Jon -- --- -------

111l1d' time tll 1\11\ the< wink in. \Ntt. If PF.-\l'TunER S OF
1 ,'.u was a WOIlllI1 rUIl".1 kl\ll" 111: It I
,y1t U yar havt fais you should Joo1t after
IlIi.tl hard! to m-aL. buttsollnles.peclally \ ,
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XMIJI bsTltte'I.2 10"010.ITla.r
r them'wrong.quick.11.The &h.rper Pain the shows pain the something more danger is- + J\,% hallt.! 1\r girls 1'I1't aft.ford and ':erry's.Zmericu: season FARE WAGONS DRAYS/ DELIVERY tLiACOpS, CARRIRGES, ETC.

there is in cklay. There are thousands I'tttorh.iIe 1la'! !at'i. TUf Make : w1I! I.iu; un (1rt.:1.

of women today who art bearing awful (1.:1' 1111' dl'ot's llIi.l grin, '.'lJIJ 'n'I'1' t., Rubber Tires.
1 "D:(lea Wayne" is rr" title' :f anew Repairing, Horseshoeing, *
Fain; almost continually, rather than ttll a al';. III! ,,:.. put 1.1 ILe I.utha..11:! at.n I'tanktto l'iJt.,.
physician i about the ooting pains in their .. lilliI'll a 1101,'. ',vrJiu; to 111.J..il1.I. ...' I
lower' abdon;en. abort the c.f Od'l'S! "W:!'=1.t" 113S bNn dramatizNd : NO. JO EAST GARDEN STREET. HONE 124S6 .
agony filling 5tnl .
and host will 11.'a J1!! it duet..tad I
cf the won.b and the distress of Jeuorrhota. :rind will tMin l".rou\ ,tt: out In
tlUlt'S, III tLcre Is to t-Sl"; -
They Itt the months pass Ud their trouble .1 )lelun.T'teri.,

becomes harder to cure and more distrcS5ing.Bt York :ftihune.t In' t-ibt: ""[ '1)( JT.llll'S (:11.1:1" { YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC EWING (

modest women pn secure exemption cud the bas --- ,
: c'orgtauitst.s r tour 4Ml.'II ..
from thc.embarraS5ment --- -
of a pivatt exami1: l 'uotbrlll l'lnanelt.
U)1\ .tlrll'Cl,
tUlion. When pain tills them of danger 4\ rrrrrspnndNnt mk.'I.m; tome of : t -llb horrst matrrihl "n<\'rupuIOU8 MIt'LUOIi0, i'
they C.1I: cure themselves by the of I IIii' la:1.: I.wmt : J.'rl'\\'sJ"s "1asrli' :
use tour :I'lll'lllatit-t! tl'lIllN'o.;; lllIlI: fill d..t"ilp. Uuvr made
is I'n'W2Hzr.'. .!: nUt oat LI' 1I.art
II: II J :111I :1".JUI..tj' cJN'J,1 "r ;III' ; i
In .tra'ria anti! .1:"..e.
al WINEcCARDU1t1 cal:'-rflt' n. fnrt.!1)' ill u..t 1"111;: a SIN P2 3t t A
'arl'i.SfJ..n .au1J..i1! head
I" ,r. 11111:11 the f"tfJ1'ill : three 31 :1

In the prvacy of their homt You an be IrI :.ri.. t-'k.; shall I say'4 A U'strh : 13" I' ist irr...t. She \\lS tri..J rl'centll.I.1 ) tn) fHC

.t' < cured wlthott distressing p:1licily.! With : ..1..1 l1 old 1.tU.lt'IUlII hI tilt.rl : flllll..1 n.tItia;. l

riJ ilese fact> before you there G no r.J.son for l' ; r slrpIce.[ It is reps.d front 1.uaIl' that Y E r atttaps

iflCfusing your misery aci waitilg the days "W will pm dl aft: -t't ff'l girt'' ser [!<'rbfort JUtt! t.... c. tIl,. vial t4tahnllti' -

t J e step the pain today I 'I' .1" :" aIcttl tIll' oH mill'Intn. tol :1 Lt'w''"Uilllc eIE: :1.: TrnrAlwlH

''f ,1 J. j it hIt,) l.npNDoe qUuk;' rep ":\I.\'t'r ?r.osbk; :r'l'O.JI.I" 1 I TrunLirrruubhs 1 .
I\P\, ti1iM; :, !Isrrh 0. 1110II,
.:I.. "r 'Win.r, Csnlin anti nor p.. kag; .. of Thedturtt's : "t I h I.oy 1'lu" Is the tti:1: i' a u.luguN trllSC '
: t. 1111" take f"r; '!It'IIclll' 1 na.1 pan? In my I "I; ", :" "e which 1.:. t. --.u... I I ttt ,
I ad t 'rc "nu,, Sonll'tl/lIl'S 1 t'i: It j "uhl g ) +
'", an'l 1 sat r. weak 1 e"t.hL hurt"11< acr", the "I. me IIII tmnt'T. :ltJa oJ'1I l s.mr. liutllur.j Pnrc. 1o'&JQ
rI 'I" '" frrl a lit'It if the I. .nl.'Dj ,Irf,;anllauK"lUlt.. S'4 II." l'rtn'i"Ftncl'1ili Is Itl' e' "' B itVING S P.E'IIINGfd
:r' "oi'l 18rt I cutrd for brhrse the a III cerl"nfurot p
b' u'ter..rltwelr.. rtartuntan then"tntrrttevenroddrenei .. '1 h ,y gut the DJ5 y. Jtrtt'4 off toa j of "I'n-i'l'In:' ir wh\1'1t !S 'S- -- --
r ,'.r w'ndfr: tltulltnsradnLaithu,4m." for In' ....I's m,1! l.J'a:1it thrtri" .
shop : n CN''Ii Is :.
Shay U
"I' lad.mllt
;,'1IUH s11TIL I'ru ;i) tie I'rinks: Bfst Ch) Drir.ks Ftbst tt Q:;
1-U ,, > l"IC, w it!! whit b H'ln".1 intu dnc.:z.Chiten.
'U'- .h i-.r.rceymt''t"t. aCi. \J"'urr:
4I ...1 'l. I..ue I ."n..y. .t.4Y41. Icwl. : a! ;gertlt'tnan ant bandt Ltrlb : J, tl': Is to f.'SUi Ilrr u'dnlt

;, :: L.tdut';. I : of the Mind .zlrl In "rlu' 'rtvnt S. A. FRIEDMAN

( q "I !..... s this'f YOU ed yon WOlI t trphans" a play to itl1 wl.lei: her nail1t e ,.
: ,
--.. n..1 Iltr stqK'n r into situa'trc." P. o. Jox11$.
t Las IH'tIi .d..ntfi! .1 for nmrly thirty: 1'et'lioce; Jj I.
"S. 'have. The lJ:11..r's gut tltrv"p' Ii3'I I'EX-\COLA.:: FIJA.

S ...........--- -- ",'. Iiyc pt, thntyn1mttl 1'1' ,] ,- --- -- I.- ,
.' i :a :t 1'1''J'f'nny 1I1.i' T\lt! nine
; I !ai i I I,1-:itt, In:: award street.P .
I '
r p' .u : Pea rsu.s \\ Uy. Hot Weather is at Hand !
i .'rr Hnr11I1. MieL.. tit"": "i have .
D Irtf't, ttliti pills and IaaaIVN. 1"11
< J? j.jf4 n'mijSI' 1 had: a ruuuin, .are on my IPA p\\'ttt'" fin' 1: -rh" HI-.r" are fur .\xn WIWLI.[ TOI' Hruxo
't r" m for =Nyrrt \lr '" wTn..s ir". Ja-. the, ht".pili.. I hatt''t'r nt'Tlu.y.\ .

fk2"t:. ':': 1 rn J !F'st nt {'hip""'." Fall-. \'; '-.. .11,11 1It'\'t'r utII'." i'll1rl I-4 1 ::alII1.tey. COAL AND BEGIN TO :
: ..pe'I' huudrrdt tf d"!I IIf" ill try In.t ,! John -lu'l'parj, t idtaey: Iain.Ili : I'CE !
( 51f H.u- -- --
1- : .t it i .II.'J WI h''xi r

Sauce t 'aK A1.I'I: entirtly c IIr,1 j'." U... 1.1.<:gllter or ",n n::.... I Wi; IXPr."T Tn t-;!' 'PI.Y A ln1I 1.BOEP. TI,.\I>H
.: :1 ',recicrsIlire ,'Wllr.. of -ub-tltnttr. \\'. .\, IJ'.11"uabrrtt TI:.( ;; 1I".1t1 Itprc"II: IIlIe! dcfislfruu ,
'fills rqBElt TJfA J\'EI: ; IEFOIE.
-. -..' -r. !: tIt'! acitit; ." ;1\11 js "')'''':11111.'
T..TI.IiIS. Tl'. .. .. "'r. C1LSTOI'LI.fliIt I Ih:1t 1\:1:1'' tra.i are lilt 'l"le"ill"! IIr asnln SEND US YOUR ORDERS NOW.

.'; t ,0; .s 'rononnc 1xK'ue! : !!tns6' i '. .L' rpai hut, t. II the .,...lItral')'.
:1\ : i i.lqu ant and ez1ab"4 ,: tarnthe.i:2: hate :1 hlrCe anti shnudau' torti; Thompson Olsen &
e'r: ;- '."......, all (TIS11CS. '. ':-H't ', t .,-r_ ':. att.acf if.dM. dc11rGI _, I T1I'r: Lu.ttlcr! ':11.1 other sigis IIf, ;!'I' 'Ispirit'4 1 1j Co
+rm.yr j ant or tile moRt 'urrIi: i ki:',d.
4. _. ,._'LI"'O'L. fllHl'e.rft Street '
Tclc/lhone ;
,. 1.J .
-- -
----- ---- -- 'rr.n.t i:" 'lydlrl.N. Darwin and n Dumlll'r.o1' tra\'tI. :I

") .. I ; ',n r:,,' t'Uli p'I" ';''''''''''. tY"y ('0.1-: sure 11. on thin p:1lnl. TII': T.ul.l.
-.' Tr BT OOD'l "'rurtn! !LI I::;.. ..Twit jo 1119- I J:1lls. ling 1)11& tetra IP:. :1"'ullllt.JIIo..i! TIME TABLE.
.l.--! i
.t. .1 ... l'< iid! I.) toast 'Ulil.'N :1lIJ<.:itit.i\. tldr! loud Iorliifs of .lWlh'r! with!

Taia :yoalal i; a afcture cf,t: .... roll ttarnl4; of h,. hm-ci. .ra.stl\
... :111.1 ; ,1' :h: -1'lsu1 a. :1'1 sea :C- tnOl : ta tI" LOUISVILLE AND
l. ;a.-."'" \ feet iealth. Ic: e'dsteate is'i I .1 tine tit theft! (not \:111.. Itii. a1In. I and 'I'id! tarpilduotrlfIts ..f the! RAIL OAD.l .
EFFECT Al'K/I u. h.jl
... trot Wtd: sisere ble by Shattered I h I:. "?I avwn; toe (Tutu" a"i table for in.j (I'ft. The "lat drip -111'1.1'11 I'IJlr/1.terof .

I' '. : ::crves, Cvatili; Irregularities, j : .11. ,\ t'Iild et and ilex'! wh.t t diIaa the m ..1's lat! btt'r j.. s Ul'tlUll'If'I'all HAW Orlpqnfil anti I\tnbilA .

sia the Flues or cfJj :> ,,1.\\0'1\; are rntlwr hs.ti\'l' I : :: liott..Il. .1 ri4'..tt vistoto; .
Dys,: any ; 1 10.
t } '1'r; inluen\w la tdld "hit': taut: .et.itral \frit 1 rear: that nadir J':uroiaan :(. ". c. I I"o..!. I No.t :00.1.
: No.S
: r tie .tnifold dcrangemeatscansed'ty ..., 71' a I 1? :G m 11I' II I"a (.._. P"n.nrnlt ... A rfln.l :Ilo ,
I. :1-: 11..1.Jr.:: :" for ttt uot NvNrn hwuent+ 111' tI'1' dt' I.l'If'r. a 4:111' Y'u p
weal: Qt imrare blood.t M:51I a :a.1' I 1.ii:: a L..a'..... Flnmaton Lease .,., is 4.u ;:15' .
.II.t. if .}' 1:1Illhr: uf the men Ic l'I'ju_ .r..." IL.I n .::!' Ii !! ;;;.1. 1" xvr ..._. I"b'I" ",. I.rxth I.'on't, I7ib: Ii .
Shc is Lii of lift a d a abitiol i! .t Indl' at t .i1 1 )01..1 f\cP\ !I:1JT' !JII'I"I! h.leu. I I. known a4 the "ulk- ; ...:.....:: :._ s r' _5'!an! I.xts..N.a' rlrirxn. Irxv I .:ft' It 7:5 ti n t.Al.lp.._

I lt She i hi some. She is hay. .:.".. 111:1tJ. ,1:11'. ry and ItttrattbTP f4t!' ''slon dlt!; I in 11w Juan;?1-r folk.bRernatunal North. -

%f, I'.ieh L:oad couaino through her I
v ; :-\ : '::. '" a llMl.II sl'rv. fur tli1'r aIuachN(4 Matt lily.

h' eta\ 1t vclasauntalaslu rmanrific( nt I :" ".::.::I t. :: c-rl ilt! .,...'.rt. t-JMrrtly .. No. :2. No. 4 n. 1. :0.0 n" ,
b'd womanhood, warctna of the ixc : : IIII' tL( d.t..l or 11I\31.1.: and .\n Otld ,..., A:1: .pm tm S2.pm s..4pm Arr.I.P0.ve'." Nontgomeq 1'0'0111 A I..a'rrlve IIISxto 4IOpm 1t:1.SUJ.'am I ;

: nt aerab.e diseases to w'fc11 a 5:, ,:.!,I bt. :!.!tit'11 t I.w't'nIily lu unl" Sri .\ Ir-'i'IIJrU d <.':t ,:;(!r" .'aca- Ih5uatu lprn i\rn"Slrltllnahllm. 1.,1' [atom 46pm pm .

I I weakrwmmaawonidbecusceptibe. set ''I"'S It.'r ,Ii-La.". rrl"lllt'ntlr re.t' I fm r.rl!" a I'urill::c Crll. : 011 the! 2lain "::0&' rn" Arrh.Arrrn'.. ..__..J.ouI'III.Na btllte ... Lhsh II'JI" .:15pln !:tits:

; : ;'te ue?1 and IPxtias anti Leafy.Lr I j'rt d suun wasps 1:1 .:loU. ..h.r. Eng- 71I: I"IR Ilaitam Arrlv..l'IncIDIII.1I.. .:rata lIfI'plII )1:15pm .
\ ( r: ut. 1-n I.t'om 4rr'v '.1"_ii.ie. .l rhvh 4:15rm "
___ :M'Jrn
a cjnat: h'.rI5. : blot 1- --- -- -
\' .11 1 .1.s A11,._ IIastiag. i 1' 'f> wasps were cot(44i; going; In and I I "'El'l"'ACOLA AND RIVER JUNCl'10N: -- '

,1 + 14 Savannah, Ga., says 1 1 M.n of ; 0'1 of a loi't! \\I.I st'I'url'll :1'ork.. -;
: t
Ety.rtenre.'T'n I :1-lJbHf :00. 3-lJalv: No '!I'IIt1..re Urn" not rhos n I \o. :-lJ"iIY So. ,
211 ,3 Eh, was srerine 21.1r I are qt'tl' sale, Cncli. Fusbrah" I I eh", dt: )cr. The owner of the. stnp! 11.1 I Ij 11 1-- --- -n-lJally- ..
1 Ur.5 71' .. .
-= Ii m a m Lavt' Yrnsarms .Alrh'r IoSll12ta .
'; Y -r- i I 1 the torture of a teryf I 'bN qI'it'll. "tbat Judy b3i 110 idea: j I tilt' 1 ak r'X'.J.n'j 10 satitfy hi" curiotit3 i'l' nllllt 1.13" .. .. nuhrnna 111:211' pm k I Ayb II::. p..m I ,
+ tlnre! are uL12 Looks III host' Iwo iJoet im! doic;s cif the lJx"y work.I'r It::+J" ,:111" I \11I..lIa. .. III lit" J
Jrisk of scrofula, 11.111"
case 1':24: 7:14 I I .........t.e..rnbla .. '
i laU1 look filii or to Ile fUUIJ a 1It'.t Insde.: The cell I IwI'ro 1x1 .. 1I1it! 5::>7" .;
aad relief coald be 7oU norane; : 7:15" .._ lulat ... 11)3" ,
no : the (rourhousi! III ILl' rurt?" > m.1d. Gf mud and were full of I2:' t II 7.. I ... ..... Harp no.. .. ICI 5:4 5.44: ,. .,
'! 1 obtained until P. P. P., 1 several dead I:.:.. 7:41: ... .."It111.; ....... .. 10IS" S7" '.
Miii i flag'at.wer dthe 01,1! rh:1j1 laT\f' Tllt're'r. wasps I!'''i '' .
7+;:11"I.. .. .... 10:10" ; ..
Rem. Jilttn
Grest Jn
+ \ Lippnan's w!t!, .tD1t'1" "I dune bail three win' l:1shl.. the lock i 1J'am.. ..... I.I .. ..o< +se...... .. --. I f I tf) .. ,
tried the I IM .t5" I .. H."u ..... "1
edy, was ; re tn' Judy ,, d1la ;; 1 fl'\kull. .\11' JI As the lock was In almost daily use 2II I" I 'iI. ,i .. ... HUIi.xn 11.\ c'ltS.
.. snit tree a ccmpetecure. I j.>I" "II YI'U dis. lJo:>>''y I dull' tru:' Itoculoret'uuuan',1ollgs.)1rs. the wads C'oIJ not hare bed a very 21st I, I k x, '' .. .. .....Crr.tv'er....... 1/1'1/:13" 4 4:11:11"; .1--S.
3I' u I / .M" u ... .II..rL"fld....... .. W. u .
borne.B. : 1:14"
: lluroalllrr pcactfcl A::!I .". I 1/:10": .., _. 'f I)',. head _..,. k t II.", ,' 3:1'1.. .
: :!! 'l In !,; )PuoJ\I'S.; ; c.tJJI Pt ..UrFuolakMprlng'. hlx' l..
(UPPMAN'S GREAT REMEDY) is Cl ideal medf : W. P1fpll. lntH.\'lae, Pd.. tl ,! 1/:" .. .. ...... Argyle ...... 7:14" I 2:111':4:1"" r
f' ) t D cine Its use lesures health and the &ubI aavs he sutfered ::::; years with Iihi I .:401,., "II I>:t1' ".. Lonrt. d. r."D..... .. 7: 4 I ys u .
wome:1. $: ... .. ..W.'III. ..
bet Thn't Wilt until! yt h'conerhrnuicillr anti could nhtllin no rNlii f until De- 11":10' .. 7:1. J4 'i
: I stlntbl attrtcti\"ene which health alone can 5'11" IIU'I I .. .. l..rv1'IIIe....._. : .,
p but take D. \Vitt'Citeh Io'Jlftf..ctpf a pf>r. I Iman"nt Slit ,16'rI .. ..... .. .. .. :1:1"I lay
p P. is the greatest Blood Pudff'r known tornrr ('nnotirat..J. .. ,. rtnntfar ......... I 1t7 II '
stow P. Counterfeite tire !) e1-" 1:11" ...... .._ I van
Rhe err M'itt'l.ittl.'Etrlr jli.rra now and Clift. .. .. I .. blVllY "$1" I ="' ;
S'rofulou Affections. Dy'Fepsa. ) ., J
: c u: ing aU r-ortnI'..:", Hand Pharmacy John .. I 11: -. CHunn.III! ... .. II eu, 1:94 : '
rh. tv 'uralyi.1. Malaria and Nervous Derangements th"n. TIf.y will kPep ruin li"f'r.1nd JO Hi" .:.Narann4. ........ 'I atq; 1:1. aOOQ" "f.1
1', '5 s)1 9'! by nll druggists. SI a battle ; sis bottles, $5. b.wrlt in g't.lo.1 ordtr. Jdtyt" rake: ';heppard.: :"In"y_K it'n_ ._ i 7 7Vi:$' "" II lJIl'3) '"' "'' CYlJrt' .... G:!* 11:15 am ';'
: ._. ranrt .__ .
: .. !hl : Etud" I t1" II '
: 1f. PHI\ Jo : !
v1AN BRO HERS.I'RJ.. 'R f.\T.. Ri.ocx Scvannah Gw.;: po < : H"'li= PIi trrney. I %;now ()nr !'oroRemedya 7:14 "' 1::"'I I"n' ..". ., fi.'I" I' ';" .. .s'.: .
1 !: ." I11h0. :Ii": 1.Ij"; j.\rrlfeR..r
,- 'l"p"r.f 'l'juLJ' ;: 5'.C ;; : '. 1. 1'w t-I' r1U.Ea::ant J "!lctIOD _Lunl t:1\1" Ju:3B I
I '.


r- i

.:.03 a ---4"---rK". ... :r.--'.''.._.":v..1. : -.. ...... f :>'"l< :.:I.. .,k .<6Jo!. ;; .,... ", .... + t, r .,r .. # .. ..,..;'Sz T _. ... ,. r .. .- .

H .


c .


I I: to tW1 irrladl:

JiU you When tiend1 I! J3dy.iJ the hl'l\l11ln.uistroi: with ter dainty I "ctiooe ttbi' eu-tom b"u'a after
AND PERSONALS! ; HILLS OF JUSTICE I l*' ""tBut I tJt1p U4tU: m. nurse pnstbly Dot bt port.d herein

it', harur when she turning. urstdny.j)
IIeg( ycu with r""Dtanee reaming ,
i i I 1'0 n'UIIe her And }'UU La" to ur, "Dul't ureanta PXPORTS.
it al tIL'I For O'ptemb"r to dlot"__ .. .__'U+.I\.I
riot Calm returned this morning The well.known police character, I -

from Abita Hpring. Ia.Mize i George Ball, who war "doin 2 I: is rery anutlnt: I AttIUHD.I .
I \d to lay extruoaing. I Hr n rllntl\". 21"1. Eal".. We.t Harllt'- I
Edna Avery returned yesterday days in tl.e city lock.up for fihtlng., When a L.a'y iDdi\ldu.ll stepa 011 four tends pool (0 l.uU'Crdnilt C.1pan --- -
o. tieditano. I Yls. Gulcoechen GalTestun ------ .
l > -
from 1Varrt nton. Va. ran away from the stockade last Wbrn loe uksron, fr rcur ranion. to (fort 'lran.lt CuCLEAakD.
N. \ratOrl or Florala. \1:1.: arrived -.: night and went to a house 011 .1ylen Then YGur I.earl and conciesro harden I We Have the Largest tock Ever Brought

ill the: city last ulght. street wharf where 11e made use Aril 'OU tell him nut to worry, Lit ,vU b. ,er to 2ensacola and at Low PIices.
td I! roan i it t.vUjb.: j: Sor bk 7.ipnoratri.nckbe'g. by Pensa.eola -
J. A. cCall of DpFulIi-tk Spriush bid language. lie wat arre-te Lumhrr 10 for lIupro-4 Atrttwlth
a gar.t at the E.caulhia.Mi early thi, morning by 01l1cer Xee I It II pottdre:v tryin; I 16:11.: .... s ft risawn lumb.. r. n.lul' '..1:.'
i it beD the t. rcilh.' i. dying bpan '8 .dlt..no, I.i+'O. (ioicotcbra, LrIGutTranH't OEM BOOK STORE'
j;; Jlarth R- lot tIJ. IlUet this after a te-rribl 8rug-g-le. Ball wa3 ; \t the th.-a"'t itJ J'Ooi are lili.lted ty some I cowl value tl.tlii l'nforHevre. 1I11b lIt; tons

week of Mrs. John C. Avery.Mr found while trying;; hide from the I nar.nvb hat I I \or bit Crm, II. t1: I.Skoltlun... by4 P kutitrr -
otncH.! HI' rr,.i-td ill It fierce man 10 to' asked ty tle bir JlaUn I "'n fur London with 1. '" bbl rootn, A Complete Line of School
A. Andersen i h expected to arrive hl-r. !'\\'aciIlC Ie wulJ nut ) to It the hat Fhe It arts;ed inShuu IIh yolkspints m.p..Un.'alu... i "" 't'. Supplies ;
II'Jllle this art..ruoou trum Chi- gI ,cur 'i.w sH. eeJ yco ten har that it Lm't i. tort Ikt Ii A Hrat ton. 511. Ol\'Rlrl.! by
cago.Mrs.. Jail! and giving the (.ttlCH much dmc; LaL Jno n 1I1..rnl1.t l'o for aengal with 351 tau Tablets, Pencils, Pens Penholders E.tc.
light. When he hall gotre about t d I 'I' fL lumber value at.Url ,
W. R. }"..ll and eon. Everett. I feet he tried to strike Ollicer Nee I 'e1 I.t-t \t'cul.n't It 1e.h().kin: -

are "pE'.jill; n taw wttk'tith rcLtlves 'i but the latter dodged and lauded hi: L' aU roO::"! Irtten.i motkin: ;. I' AT Qt'ARASTISE.:
at LtIUan Ala. I club on n.11'8 nose makiJl Invl"i- w. should 5iClP1 sole our thin..ms; 011 't'.siol1t hip Frl-l.a.17.IW"lsi.! New (:aUe to SEE ME AND SAVE MONEY
Iea patch of cuticle NIl h u the..rII I 1:3: l' .lwl1l'r C'..
nr. J. \.all EIlIE-r"n of MtolU". ; which IJlulrr t'm.m m! 't would create sczre wonder I IIr bk Dalhsune ..L't, 1I1IIe'l'ape Toy n to
was 1Illlon !' the arrival; at the E.: lyre-tedthere. Him and the 011I- Ant might he I I"'aful! JIun'r, order
cawbL4 yesterday afterduotl.Mts cer went to the ground and while So \'Ot.tJ Litter Fo on lying when, they say 'ExSilas CHAS. R. JOHNSON
both tried to get tree use of th.. club. me, Maie." I THE S iPPL'G.I
I Julia Knll""le" and hl'r moth Deputy Ho".Jrnu came along and -DaUmcre: American.e .

er ltpf'ct tll I..n'e III a hurt while placed handculf on Bill. and h :215 S. Palafux street.Y .

for Jhvua: llt VI.it to reletivrs. was t'placpd ill a city jail Ctl1. Today Too SmnrL I VESSELS tTEAa'aHl IN POE"

Ihlli..ld.ItI1;. R. S. IIhllll and J.Wiu.j.h.'kt"r hI' was filled fill for curing, I I fir 8'lIn..10.. 1371. )lackenzie. to I" uIlour .
given till day- fur r.i.tin all otlicrr ,
IIf New Vuik. wileaalollttiealrivai v CoKr
IU the city lat and an addltlnnal Ju day: + for Inn- 11'rincat('r. Pv; Stephen. to Bears I .. .. .. .' ,.' .. .' .. ..

eight.Ira.. niui mayor away told from klill the when cityj P2.jU til. seutettcr The- uII1II'0dy di: :0 ---a ,,-ra.I -. .., .-.t *_ w ... ". ...,. .w -J" "': .:;...+---Yfig -.... \ .

K. that hp Nor Hrllrvu.. IU: Imond.on. ,plaster .'
A. :-'Iltpr and dnubier.iii Il'ld been a ourre oft I
kr Ho"olulu. l4. Haze. 10 onfrror
;; M ud, tl-tuclIPd yt .trrldy It"I- much trouble to the city ; wouldn't ? Hltu..ar.l:1a.lJaoh..II.. : (0 J'.n'llcola JAS. T. GERELDS a COs 1I' -
noon fr"1II a plea.aut: vi-It to ;-;t.C. walk, \\"nuldn't do anything; and on i LUlllb"r ( niur ,
..tliIClIICa: 1I..d... aCCllJlltur him takiUg Itdvltlll'lg''! ofII :! Eaut. Andtrsen. III.; to orj..r 1 -DEALERS IN- 41I

7th l'rh'JII'( 'ollli"q.+ Ha'ri'. CIIJ :IIILI t Artillery Cox flf, .the..tattonrdat : privilfo would impoe not :given tile other above priouerahe peualt: ., t r I, Au-trail.Alizuua, 11\. 9'.MabaeItut ::..J"rirnHrn I'land..rto14utL'ii.or tn ...1.I l'oAur I :f.f.Staple led Fancy eF1es1iill Etc.

noted 10 L'tirIe thl' tuck, 4.of h"v'1 corporal.11is 11"11 I. pco- l'hritine Humphrp.y; and Dai.y fi >Fi Co Crow, t.jt" ekoglaud. tu IS: l' Shutter \, ;

JLn\thllfJI. 1It'roe". were placed ill IIU''ISTlSF..
FInrtil IV. J Rlritr+. diilghterof the alllt ('1'11 ht.t; night; ttlol 'tbut ort n 0\ Buy tOil. 511. Uilvera to rna'terHrltunNF 't'- Fox River Butter a Specialty.ry ..

th" I 11Ir J adge W. I). B tm ii.-.. ofthicircuit ,. ,,'..J'lck. whil the Ih'ut of public :.. i

will thiol year teach tie safety was; in "..-ioll a lerriLlefreaniiug Am H"o t Tbolll".I?'I. J..nl.'o order t 118 SOUTH PALAfOX STREET. PHONE 391.

public! 1'IiUll at Ilutt SPIIIIII.icn. :<. ,\ ; from the cell cau-ed /I Am Juaephtue Elllolt.II: hate lul'at .1. t' Grreti.Old tallll. ..
I.uuhtr of 1.IiCI'H! to hurry thither.Uaiv .t CoUt;
\\'. E. (S..I... ijUltlrrlllU-t.r '
"aid the othP( w4lI1au IIlHI -- !: Motto-Full Quick a aI aSMOKE
lif tlil' ('ua.tur'III-r\! Fort Blrrlu"CI" : brat: her over the head, amid exhibtted CLEA.RElJ AND IUlLElJ FOR PEN! Our Weight Delivery.
: b-I- b"11 !1'10)11.:1-d 1111 tt eiptaltl- SALOLA.aTEAleHIPB..
an abra-i.nl over the 1'Thf'Y \ 4't :.+ .. I
ey. 1 n a \ f.n l'xtt'lllf 116JIIcuu. wire separated and )11; loftute :- .. .. '0(:,....V. -r: + ;. .4
gr.ttul.'j..a". later 1.1m+al." l'ut1'l1. "nJur, Hld 11t'ld.! Frpt II
plerclug H'reaIU; tlltraet.I'd .I.t.... 1Ih.rh"llII. Fr, RI/.d !lunklrkj1'1t. i I
n... U. Ii ):e-.ilL; f inn lly 1"1-- hurried HUfonti.m. The Hum.phrey 1''lr".k. Hr, old Haun'urr Sept i
tot IIr t1"'I'I..r..x rTtl'...t "lrtliuul-t 01 Woman had gotten to Whalethe rill'll'WlInt I.i tlllo SIIPllOsl'tI to rtprrsrnt F.-. \..r. old :<1I1"ld. :<....t 1illiup -- --

church,. I.\\"c 1".tl'III.: w.. tll Imtvra'peemnl other war; IYIII;; audulahed :1 ? Juno lrsl.l'n. lir. oht W..t T..n..rtlr..l'lt'pt Hartlrp..ul Sept 13 11

HPtsie a' llHioiurl.L this bottl" over the hawthorn W- }'I'C'I ld}it Fngnc.Foci.11 : : Muthu4 bid !furry rpt ;rChips. ;

wzek but w.u lrHt.'ut..d by illr.h. mlh' htadIud had tried tolittt hy (hm't you draw the 'nr. WHITE KNIGHT CIGAR
- her throat with a razor. rlat' I A'oll.lI. sIll Anlv..rp i..pt l! !

Chroic Nasal: Catarrh p'I;.ass every 1'111-1 wai tlt'ui..lI by Christine. Balsa.Alherese .
hut the other !'riddle-The: (ngine! dues that.Item. It. ;. 'I 1 I H"nOR iiircrutlua
111'1':1111: III It I h oIr.l\\ II IlItll tilt hui': pointed out where the Nrpt ---- --- t
'1'ht1..prt'dribb'fnrtu allY drtlggIi ; IlIz'r had been thrown and a search I :0.or, ;''''', old Purt Gllzabeth \UI ,1"

..t the limned' ror thpt'!IIs! IIr tlmitruublr. ,.. by Mr. Frank WII'i made and the razur From nilinIlls.A -\lIfo1r".It. RII..I! i..noR S..pt'l
-u'aC; : ''PItUIII: "f Ely'" ruuod. Marshal Crrdllte orlfHl'cl tow that }.:is tilt prrld.l'r all') AU.IrIlI1I1, fur. .'\8non.t'Il. Hid Antwerp
Cr'. till l 1:1:1: !ria'"d iulll the un.trH. -- the II nulprPv.. W'lIIall put in thedunenn !'l1l'l"rts the liler is en tI"'t' to h.avru AI..xlinoJ..r P'o.,1 :, ___. woo ::-
1tv.r..nclor.. .Il l'brbuau"fI"'ug --. .
..., .!l- ovt-r 11/1 11I1111I.1'11 lIal : : where be wa kept all thaI it's film"t In culnpeGtiull; pith; ... 4 --..-.-.
..:11": 'r. lelirvlllg 11II1II"lIilt: !' i.-I'I.: ; and \Va. Morn an additional 1t. ," a.ltslit.. II Rtn"urI"pt i -.. '
aim W
Iv .. ainlul lull unalatiuu ::11 t I day. tu-tlJY III police H811..und. '81..II.h..rl/lI'I1. Frpt :
: .;i' coUH. H'i're Lceh, having; : Ilu..I'r weather oflat. lullute. Nor. Ilai. .1,1 tJ..t\\fJ'1f1 \ug h
col. .I u.t .-. .\ cul.1 -- 1 ,
: 1U1 IU I ... 11It 1",1'10.11. tnra ul Lruun I".pt llJnIIA
uasihle;! :
us w. are not for
t "I ....I-)h..; p"lIwdiah.I\. ,,'iII :-t"I1". rhar"l'tI with dintdrrly rt'sI Nor. ;71. at table' IRY Jolt !.
It WI ju.t thank Cod; Ct'r na 1lJIlJrl'llL "'lnlC..uu') Ku,. ..IIIir..n..ck; I11'rat I \ > s
conduct I S
fold 1'I-t.; IIr will br L.11tr11 I by cau"lJI_ "II alarm '. ( -
bn .' hv lI' U-.th"rs, rlj War- IIf tire tll lid rent ill. wa tined HU ti). unol 1:1U.J! on.A \IItIIIII.' : or. 1"1. .ILI irurllrpuul .tug : a=-

r 't \rR; 1 urk. .lay. :-t'l!: Wag 1'.l,(..-ellted hI'cuilll"1 man has applied; fir a inns'.on! fir 1:1'"I\'Iug Light Hr. Slit Itunrnrn-rpt iti ) rc-
who .nil'' his untie Ihl' that +unl ram 1. \uc .1:1 hnu'.ay Aug :1 '
IIlOn.t tlm: tit III'\\ << on groust ; 1:1' hollrretl 1
I 1'.1'1.. !I, .Ift Trir.I .\Ul: 17IUUtirbi. } :)
G1Cr'Al! 'l AND GAROEfLI I h. gr.ll.h.d nit account h"' alleged of three til1t' at I.t't's stirt'n.lcr.- ... :\ II. .I.' KItIIl.1 tUalicot .\U ; :! -
t.1': ( ntltt'i d..ti'illll bdll,: ("iiII.trary .\tlnta! l\.ns.ittiltll. I ZIOII, (Grr sId LIt 13 $rpt 11 l l,

t" evidence and the Lars tt=3
p,lute tree In tI\' and --- I A new line tit fine pleasure) car- r.-, ._ _

t .j b ales hat r 1'111"11. dl\,1 1I1i'1I'p..rtl.j t'ittt-lIc"! Thl IJj'1II1.ti'JII the wadeuird ad-. tier C:>','c"tt"nli. riII' at .1. )1. Hilliard.. CO'". 00 I!I 1--\\ -J.-_-

:I' "II tc.11) mc that I was one woman In and see thl'lII. -.
II be re."r.d lu f. rt' .. alHI 1'"ul' d ..kId for ;Iv o
., a t.uaul.: sail tl:1'! lady rho had -- -
I kin; rink! I''WCIh dotiu n'hlcb tll 1:1. a hiIH! f'Xl''Pti"II '
ru.1 It;; !.usluars arr.st for 1'I-! Don't Acccpl a Substitute !
I :1\ I I .j :ugI ; 0:1'. ;. 1"1"1wh. tretllii"d ..;:..IIU.tth"

,' .;" :1. -. lig':. Mad.p raI.ca ;' N'tmttpomi' boy ye-trrdJy. 1..1'1 an tug,. i I 'hen YOU ask for Cascarcti be I'IIfI --:-JII-
altngethertiLJ&Iri.Lgory I III hb ownhrh.tlftiJac ".\II'}, cLe 'l'Iim1l't. While :1 Itt.'r; i -..
tit : ;. anti i"urnI i.r raP +Uft: yuu get thc genuinc Casf'arcts _
aud the mayor atrrtrt'icWlag sltle!! r tnt1I'n'cJ acres her farl' "fruIII
I :'1' .lh.J by cnttills, Candy ('athartlc! lk.n't) accept : <::
the C.I'''. -.ti.j lie would tb' wa} Ib' i't.\Ut!!" are 'olllin; In I r .
\ d:: '1 g ct UlI1Hlrl' applirvtr hilt Impure heavy line tti, tine, irt11IIulcnt snbititntes imitations urounterfeits
ate in lined to think that he WB Itl'r-;
., ; :; to till' up.lrau.; 1".1 bag illlUthrl- clip 1'ri-oll..r must be ally 1lI..1 mathemaatiiticall cnrrtrL"Cow c Genuine tablet; stUl1P- <<'

\'. .U:J ; : ',I' large. shun;: r''lIS careful IIlItI ti1 the truth ; a. la\'r I; ell C. C. Co Serer sod: in btalt. r! E >x
Jouelid, he w"lIi the rule ----- :!:5 \
1. u j hnn'l ad"l't \1! .
Ita..I.. .: 1111. dtUalSts IOC.FRENCH &::.
to-rid i
alll'l'foll'" 'x h. !lord I erjar d z4f\t/
T ',,1 ; or the i is :11-! -
it IIl'Hh I
.' thrni-elve, iu tl'1 I ..::14'" Court to the E'lIl1ll'kl-\s a rule III'ltlt seldom' I I:1lr"I's ---
1\.1': ;,." ;I. Iu the iUrdlnos' II PROVERBS. ,
cinnula1 I court fur pllllbLmt-. 1:11" but there is one I::an whose ..
th" yr& fly III the 1 .II..r! >e.- I sad taking: off Las tllll'J lay life with ;

.' II I ,tJ rrowill, region.It Frank Mathi-, who was caught; I.6ery. I Indifference Is the heart SI"f'pC! .

t' .. !i' ill;; cants 11ft' rut ant 11'edne-day. with It cllllceall lu .till. 1Vk:;war:-IIc ilCSt illlh'f\1 I'an L'n I .\ (food intl'LtOU! makes lout 1\ !:hart -
t I': r1 :Iud! rll.pl'I'1'!" s audnt 1'1"ltll. I hued UVO and r..t". If will
: I 10 "t \.11 dastruy 11I.11I)' ofth llealarhtUn tlH' (Contrary I never : To be happy ore must have nothing: ? you are sick it
... I'. 1 l are 1m.I III tic old 1 i
DU'Oln.\\T: SUITS! : sate him. lie Was lay "ife' first hus to I'ort.t. make you well.If .
,';11I." baud.-I'hladt'Iphia I t'I..rtl. The first fnll worst or all frauds Is
AlF: HJ.EB 10-U.\\
)hl ;:.. t : I't r tbl' urtltand Lsii'p a .
: I to lll'ut Olll'! "' !, you are well it will
I\,. I I. : "I l .hII".1 brad lad .\ ru.h of wits filed Quite Spcedy.rldcr .
; Were with the The sorrows ot t0l1"1 make! the! l.nf-
11111:10:. : '11 y. \\111'11 1"0111I'1. Irllll' snooty clerk to-d.ly. I 1'\>'''III's-: )I guy writes home plm'ss or tUlUorro\\ keep you so.
T .! ';!'. Hour such ill a well that your 'Oll .T:1I'k Isu't getting alomig
:lary E.I-ttl1an, through her atto The slate I Is not 'bt who Is sold but
\ll ) :.J.I.1.: wry fast It 1 )IIt't'.
>rl"Y. I. I.. J'urc.I. entered actiunf 11.:1'ou OIIlIIJII-on't IH'il'\! : she wlJO gives herself.It The Robinson Bath Cabinet
-- ----- you e _
I is rare that the Leads ot Bags are
I divorce from her hu.bJlld, D"'eE
What ,.Iol'r.
TH : GLAS3 0;: FASHIO i I tlliall. The defendant IU this your laiy's t.lling:; yon Inii.le 10 tit their crowns.Ilappy / i. p'ppci .Uy valuah) for treating I' ,.
JIt.k's g''ltl! ; through;: fJ"t I'II\.uh. Ih-
ca-r. It will be rt'm..mlJdeJ, i is the Is Lf' who Is not ollIgl'd to r very wort ease, of Itheuurati-m. NPruiiir ,
, \.t t.m rf' :1'11"lr in a "uajJ'r. ace ued i"IH'H" nt n"rllhardt Rte runaway; ahead t.t hIs aIIo vanes I Cotd Catarrh, .A-thllla. ).::1'

I.h. 1".1' .1 I' Iu' S'i'..11.% trilll.IIIII;:<. mend-t.., won \\a.; killed "II 11 Iu;- every moat::.-Chicago Ht'l'orl1.IiI'rtltl. sacrifice BOY one to IOly. + grippe, Typhoid and other tevpr". ('"".

l'r11 : 1,1.. Htu' k'"i t\ ltli ...nIm 'II' rlld... codrewharfnu July ::;. 'Ltli.i action I Fur nil misfortunes there are two / =i J".ti'ln Kifln.\ Liver. jokin ant
I t1 rry im poi rant suite rigs wife will I !-1I1I..I.nt to the Iay.Peacnn rpUlI'Jif'-lhut'! and 511t'1I1.1' IU'1f)1 Diset.ea. Oop"ilv Bud Stlnoar'
are 11I.1.1. I I bull ik!! '. wlllt :-
1111" Itllat1l" nuW hoi 'I .IJ ail a state witnesal I )h..llll'r1'-rt. boo 110. ha 11:1: The gr'atf'et, the! strongest. above nIl I ,,.. .. Troutt; ; /4oothe'l the Nerves. t'fJ'ilizt'PI
,:' it';.I:. ""'.Ii.I I 11'1"l'lt
:':tiut the aceu"elJ murdl'rer.A I ;( t the: lost ot beacon I'juokl.t In the cleverest. own Is be who knows : circulation and preventaeieknrf.; as no disease call re.bt tile power flfhedt.
,.:. I lintar, :' u..1 willi ,n.al ..fft ulltht'r importa lit actioll asthat
that horse trade yl.li.l'y.Ir Low to RBILI It hives a Beautiflll Vumplexion.
'hI. ;n a.1 b.'I trim: \\'Itil; tit Hrnurrg;, Bros. agntnt the Huger
) :'I1t'IJoh'ri-\\'I'II. Joslah. .11)
u .I\r. : lee \h.t or Irlvtlr,'u bluee.I'ar I' Ulall Lumber Cn.. tnrecllvt'r a"'lImp.it Ib.t: Wnz Chrbtanlike! : 'OnhH.t ? All GraJes I [rom the cheap- For sale at Thompson's Book store.
.+gr,8ulouutiug;.; to fl I J4I1) J.
: I .1i1'i"l. are 11I:1.1. "I 1I\'r.
hauled Ibl.nil! :'o11'.hh'rs-\\ltJ', w'It'+! tli,' I est to the
C.'ery IS as 1'1..intl1l'at- ray
t.J mui: nilh 1.\1 t .1..1 I'Ildllll;':c. I turtlt'\'. matter? n"tlol'y \\1ln' ullIl'y.- : Jtlc. .

t..r'ar \1' Iii 11",1"1.1 I"u.tolr 111':11.; I )lc;. Kate Coul.un. through coon i I'lJiIlIh-pl1il1! 1'1'1'S". J JI finest ffrruitureatAtarstoJS' General Agent.
ger t.S .1'1. ( Finch'
"lit' George EE. rmlth a- foX.ulti- I

; L..! I''a'I ldttu8'" W.i'i' 'urn U.nh ., admiui"trctlOr of the mate ufI'rlJl. A ('un'dl".t C-omlI..IJl3l1on. I .
'r a..l 1 : 1 Ilstt111'- "'\llImh'r.:11I ,. .\It'x. L'Ztkp, drera-rd ; fore "\Hllhlo-r ". !III tluhl that Jlnrrnt tosH'.r. I

I 11 ,\.1 :; tthit: ,. prul: Iotltl..tI'ilr. cl"ure or ul.itgage, J. C. \"trY'1! :' l'1'hllIl' tie: lady, III Ju"tt1-: I

/ I. '" 1 ..a.l.I II 101:1.1.. nat't. I'mfir s aUlllllt'I I, able irdiratun.t' : : .
H. }< 'Un'f'1I enterednit uaiasU ; *]F. E. BRAUER'SONEPRICE
( f! I \ \ ';" .1 "I) (!ou't 1:110nnswf'rrd the sailor! I
:' ,19ircen. hi', wile. fur divorce
1 I ; 1... hair; ot 1311e7 Icha or r'I' I.1'urcrllattorney r..r 1 1'1.1I11tltr who had the bird for sale. "hut 1 can ,

!! I ,, ,01\1.1 ill the I-h"I': t:ith! :I IatHIli "rrk+ rn tPCII\t'r r'omlll'nd him ma'am.'hor"l'r lie

)11'. err ot llil' 1''I'iutl' nh'tmI.l I ptJw..r'+ 11.. rrcricer I pf lite own trop- Was; as a mij.IIY: p'rridl'lIt an' pains

tl.) t r'ul ,\\lIlo'h.. foriuiu, tI .' 1'11frllllll'' .1J1I gradlp.ltllt \'. t3kiu' J'er>ua-11'askfngtuu :5t3r. HOUSE
4cIt.I I d: 1111' Io.IIJt IIr 11 III"JII. I.I .11..1 k $.:.. M..lt-.... rutrred' a ..oticI' i CASH

or ; .1 deaibn III lire mctSt.w :.- nt turrch'-err of ulurtage;-. aaiu"l; !,, A Drua" hint."Papa ,

:\. 1 :. 'j'1I:1t t.C N. tV. llciol-oli. !.:S forbidden you to come to

---trnnct.ot'-:--. the hOU5l'" lIe nays you arc a danger- i I I II'US Has just Received a full line of Children's

I: :Il.tr (','lIIl11l1nk1ti"II .:: I:1;::':"-\\111 far. hushan.my .t 11I3:1. "
1I: II;; 'rou!': What can hI' meane
..JS. .1 I"'II'H'"I: I I.\.I ra. t:. n.VG tHI:!ht baud in marria.; Le oral "1k sass you Ire the kind or a rum .Schoo GoodsaF-:
I mid A. M I wi1! ba hl'IJ hi. prop ,sal OU one tit his l'I:1'S. .
wI.! I wi1! Lang around a girl at: L.rI. -- ---
/ II I' tit YI ltiIlZ brnthUtvi :)ir-. \:13-011.;: than )'I'Unrt> lJls:1..III'rwilm:1U i ; o _=-- = = _= ___= _. N- a
\1' I.:. and Clr L r.-Llfl'
ar.; marry
i rn .1I"lId. \': : How veryremantlc:! :-

W. 11. !h C.unlit.Id\\\.11.. O .N..rtlitlp. CI.ieaco Netts.Nab' BELOW YOU rILL FIX} ) A FEW PUICES.iln .
'Il''Ii. -- -- ------ --- -

A.cretary. .t'a haste r.'I'nlnl.'d.
"':'II:1\d\ 11.'II't Ildi1:1 ffYs
'( lit-I :. ." long enlccsarnt f HOY-' :-'chool wits. sizes 1 to 11. 1, Pairs Buy,' :--nitd r."lItilerSh.Je',1 I ly Pair! \j=sea' I"p,1', t to

;: ,.. ITARRH !& : worth $l.2.: our price Me. worth $I."_;. our price !lIJIJ.1 hnlii_ : Leather, worth I.:!:. out rr
"Yl' I uUtlcr tool :)
; lalitlruin
:: I
I ;\ :: ;io ill II1V elir'P oll1'h'l"" 1I3. rcRH ,r. .01'.
Fit t. ': rl.y bud :)'I1"I.j.\ the n'I11 had n good deal l.t Uuu:y.-" In, all 113 !Iau; tere. oar ft'IM 1119 lh)y.+' :--l'Ilool suite. sizes 4 to H, 65 Pair Foy,' Solid L 'ltherShOf's.1 l 52 PairJfi j5.ea'; blioei. ji: t. .

',: :'-. :'. tI j ; III t.. I.;. Ih"l'ltr,1'! CI\w:1llitl'tin: II wIer.10TICF., t' !J Le col..le.S.f.1J"s Jo worth fI.tlour price +I 0''). fln.r quality. worth f. 7S: our I-rice worth I.jj,. our price ttic.fl .

44 l .. .- w nh t..h..t 11 tlP-h Crcata D aka 'do4' '. 1.:.".... You ;.h..u'rj look a. our IJ :
...' i.". 01. workn't0 '[ i 1'luX. ru: : 1. 11: I'i'..1I ;. I hive bteu authorized t1 talah"crirtinJl :!h d.; a- n.c .wtLCe.. worth ;:O'J. our price H.W. 7. Paic- goy;' New Orleans! Cab" Ju' r..t'.lf d It full has. "f I I.

:I ,: v \' ,IUlly111": '. I imh. IUt.ItoGs. :\ !' for ICn1. J. 12tbe a 1ctm-tat.rtandtray: :E ('srYxt BRbiI 78 Roy;' School ,",uit;;. size_ !I to I.): :screwed :-'hoeiza" 2 to 5, worth I and Jli--c-' \\:0,1: and CrJtt', : I :. .

. .- Itrvan'piper.. : The Comm'HIf'r"Th. wvy.!.: 1\ co.a .a l1w 1.L:41.r. all wool worth f3.oo, our price j2 W.. H.W. our price $I "_u. eu1t,. :ar" t Line 10 l'euacJu J .
i" H.t") : .
0119 'Iic" per year in '
t \\ tll'U I :,. ;: arrived -ix dlnE-fr.nt ;
vaUCE' Thl'i'e delrtn, the rav'r'In ('reartT.rimepareuintotkonnstr.Fspread.: Also a Full LIn of letter !-Uit3-:; f't Pair; VhiId' f''op:. C toy. f'olid 1111.I ;:e;' JJchtli from # I II+J II. '
0.",", \.TIrt"II.Jc. \\111 h.iv..f.'r it tae: rr.emJane and i. 1'> O.hed. Ie feria. in nrtion.
II 'v. ;('I.t to them by over :! : Prices Prer
"I'wu'j! Leather, worth #l.trr, our price 4c. regular price fl.j; tu Fiat!
Fhle ar rib' l'rll-iCJa Lively :-t..I1II': fI.W td the unaer l :ued. 1IIeJ: :e 1:11 a care fo.lOtri It is Dot dry-i.:

t-11nr"'a' .1'IIIC tiny hotrAl.. H.MRwni. rot .'ro.luceeceezn: ;. LaetizeSJcena:: : at Lrugtt :;;.
b.ruutLlit.irut ; audevttalcalvt ;. Care Daily News.CdSli or by ma.i:; Trial S We, 10 cents bYIl1 I
'1j.t'p; IaOrllE.1S.i: Warren Strect.\e""orl... From now until October 1st we will close out all Summer 000j9 at Cost

R..I 1 t'.e n"w aJv.rlienteut Mthe or Ccedlt oln e furor; s I, and Below. Remember the place, 105 South Palafox St.

New (111\,1. Grocer) It Will pay Everything in IroCerifs or feed .

YOII. Coluwa. I tu..eat.AIarston 9' Fin cJ/'s j' stut leans at Grocery.lowest prices Two at poond the .. fresh j F; E; BRA WNER'S ONE.PRICE CASH HOUSE

Try THE NEWS Want ar the l'Ju'est. roasted coffee for :> cents Try it. 1

.... \"'"
S "W

\ _. .
'-" -- -..___ .,_, ._ _: .. __ I

The daily news
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Title: The daily news
Uniform Title: Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The News Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla
Creation Date: September 27, 1901
Frequency: daily (except monday)
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
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Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1889.
General Note: Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
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I PENSACOLA has- a Depth of -33 -Feet -of Water in the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor. t

_._ .. ._ --
---- --- -- --- -- - - -- --- -- -- -- --
whll'tl he >'.1't!,: 'tnRt Cfttf'tlDId had

.' President; f. C. HOHON! Cashier ; SCHLEY COURT HAS told nim that ne believed S:j 'Utlolg J har. ENGLAND LAUGHS AT

.. 1 e.rre'ldeni!; M. E. CLARK Ass't Cashier. bor fl bu .trnulv: fortified.Is i!

that true?" l1r. R1\'D a.ked.

Cou.clou.socl Statement of thor ONLY ONE SESSION Capulll'I"It is." was.e the'ud r@spJo'sa.I In rt'ply to ql1eJ'tion. I EFFORTS iO END \6VARGenerous

.. of Captain Park'r tun be would
any tine \\'nen oil' :aotiago have

Adjourned to Attend Judge been able tu 11."l any iuinrnalon he I I I : Rcgard j 3.S Very

might nave had In regard: ro the ltU3'I
l'ECOr.: ..\, FI.ORID.AT CLOSE OF RUSISE: S AUGUST :". 19'Jl. Wilson's Funeral, lOlL lid had seen ne mats of a yes.ar1 i I I silly F4rAN .

,_ ,I md tbotht! It ro lxI a email military i iv"'l'L I --
C.lTAIN' WISE ON STAND He hail gone far enough to observe !,'

the laud btttteries.In EFFECTIVE CARTOON

.\! SETS. 1.I.\HILITIE:;. rdJly to an inquiry from the court I
I I I Continuearrattou: of Ht'trora.r the Wl1U':.' i said tlot' l 1Jad LattE'rll."ll did i

'r'.ount5. ... .. .. .... .. . yvidS.i" Capital !StACk: .. ... .. . ... . .... .... f2 UM( i >..1\ 1.\rlDf'ut of 1'1)111 squadron tUIlJ r.JlC'U me \ .ue while tt II Voed Mr. hrl:er 11..4 Ifeeeh.rd Jrp"rta .:altulatI'i .
;: to.
. .... . ... .. .. . . /ill t tl :\i t I'rtlhto; .. ... . . . .. .. .. .... .. .. .. li.;;)( .:\:! I was recomnotcring: rte nabr.I lie ass: \ulllbf'rof: HOPu In the
. . . ... .. .. .. .. .. ij.I".I; J Iodi'rflunto .. .. .. .. .. .. ... ... .... .... l=)IIJ\j'J\; I I;, )' It rat tin )i.y' i .ul,1 ,,: '.5 hat He Sahi that t'\'t.c then IW :1'1.1 teen toe ae-

H'llId. . .. .. .. .. .. ... )ijH.j! (1lrculttion. .. .. .. .. .... ... .... ... .. .. .. i.iJ M1l IUfl lineIt 'I hue of OOl'l1l1hh: lent.WASHiNGTOS nlorothe.-r wi.l.:. dl :-.111'1:0 Prior to 1-11'1 III l.iOUO-Rrbrl. Getllog

'.1 I Fixture- . .... .. . .. /6.;I" 4s Ueu-it. .. .... ... .. .. .. .. .... .... .... :;iutsSi: the arrival IIi 'nl"1111l Cotton lit h"\1 Nutty Iirvrwta to rum Pape (:olonf.

. ... ... .. . . .. ;,1"\ U" st &tt.:4-The/ :1tey: not 'onll\JolI'ti ,'allllll! thee\ ; r.o girt.to

.:.ltugu. .. ..... .. .. .. I'H, r'i !i cvc-t "t It'llli-y began its e"lOn today: Iwm Cllmuo"'e :"0.rne iatormntlunw11Cu Now YO!; ,epr. :ti -Clnt'ernin; chot
I... \-1' :earn African site UhlU rue LOU\1oU ('Of.rt' .
--- : to inlctLJ 'Jf LoLulne stttit I l Lu 1 ;: \.U tO UllU (Sgs'

*h.b.fl;'-)2,1): y t11' tIM):..i) nee, >pim ,lt ot Toe rrt..oue.'acs:
:;. hosing eCl'cJ to fort'u the after.
: "D.t! the i att re- at or 'par Santiago;: :
-l1Iil' there are Do :re.'h reverses tn
Interest Paid on Time Deposits. jm s.on l1 urcir t'J permit the fir" IlD'JII rile TJa W1I:" ht w.aa n'COl1'
otthtflC !. there IS 1111 IlIH1..roneJt
tottering :
wtrnbers of the court null cout.el to a: ;: .

____ _n_.____ teL," te: flcral: oi Judge 1V Il-ou. ,,::\O' [ 4t till puohe >i1COII.l'utntn th. t'111\'IIlCC .t
"\\ ::10i"U, 'f.r.in- ', I'f San.rau .
tae 'lr the anti dtplomaey.
war tae r'su.u ppt-C
IRON AND G.LSIiUATIJrJ. KING WilL VISIT SCOTLAND. Couael) fJr tae etJartilltut to.liay \.
'vORK OtJ STUMP.r fJrl" :u the arryal of ti.t tlym; '
-- Cubml'u: of hUun: art laugh.
continued their efforts to shv\ that qar..n:

l I.t ::rAtlnlt c.: .\1.-1.I l'I''II.I"'II'HI" Ihdieate r..L.trird rid t'"ual. Irt'llm{ health arid Fahicni' AJmul S.'hlpy hi wfo-matlOu of the : 1 t5'w mil'r oGI.'t 1' until ('lIptain L::: necrnly over Gourd: l' t tlretive cartoon .

w ......t 111111.".. it hl..I..1! \-I1\'lIf. 'I o.ll\\s ltoytty.SEwTo Cotton cainenit tae t".llIy.lolr lit cUlltll' "! )'a the Lana: lIf the
I reeuce oi \ :ural C..rvera an<1l.i.
'. .5.. !pr.. ::,-It hnat CLI'fl..,:;!). S..;;- ::li. To" lcllTrJ.dt. I !.ltepr.22G-Dlscusing: : the tl et 111 the harj'.r' oi :lntlagu: ; and Ins Wui t.9.n. .untIl rite; tw..uI\.i"urru. EI:11.1re." Tu GOlt.. '\:1: it: eomment

1k!"!I 'fUle :a-e I I ilov'.etc. dlcaial:;g t.c .:011 etnatijU return d Li::g 1; iwu-d, ue LOl: onrpf.re'll1tatJ''t' tro iteeti f'r this purpose ad'iuloualI aild I wa. .;1"r.f'i.nroa' tar t\\'t'lIl\' Wi: C.1:11y ot r..e cllI;'acwr1 war

Liter. of firth and tun 'qia'tr to l'1ne there> oil i I'' Jew+. 0..ier Blllwnr r..I"':
: tni week, aays:) : I of Tnt' Tribune tars: IL auxh.ITV cruisers chicwire ..
\ .'trtt'ri tnat: ine art'1atun tIlt tvnutv.iatiu'Dud "Wntt .lfritsu?
war theutnl Why
I ..:: lra'\.actlLlIls d the wOn;' 11Iil. Some fo-m:1ilt1t are reported resf.ect. tit the tlllie roilt lIutV".i' scout : .. ;
behalf or Iht St .bt't'ro
? lU 1 Iciten'a1LNI boar; in \\' '.[ IacLtu w.trs.Jwlral nut Gin' t alit :; 1 thl'u.nt guar was um"I,1 01. rue 11i.

: :r.eA' C 1nIltCthnl vila j jvu. : urd \\P'r.1l'\11 WIt:1' : a'un\ jug: parhameut but there are Ill) arrears ll'h"Y'j: cocu.d tan tae abtr hand It:1IJ1ura1l1..d hire to t'Unlrnt.i'r. rentc IW IJI.-! teriifl.V e tiX"I tine rillI"

III IrOl 1111.1 Steil. 1I'.UlCII HI I f PIlI'I'c btne's: 1m i the kUlI will not their of to motion Ih'\t 0<11111' r 'ct'l\e'i Ir.nll tits; 'III'u carton with charecterteticlxareof !
.. 0'1 I. Pro'ul' l'urno:1 trymIi:
> : "i sLt--riaL ,
price anmd hug Iur/I. i rlt'tllnt'.i C.IiiOrllrIUHH wrto regard III lit. ban .
lw 1U1Ir.lUau two days. Ianur r.I. IJ\! testimony down to tee rtcure non.zor.sgruuir the pnh
all : tern Iloltie III the : Ktrutu I "
:: 'U 0\ : tile etaead airs nave pas of \'i1'ffnlJou' toe Spaulsaequadroa: ?
roon.I\ arlIJUS accounts memo ut Civil CU1:::ts.
,.:eel .u.i tau aantients v.tlt-y: tU'IIIIIll'i If ieaiile.lthat Lli neaith but there 1'1 nothing; uutuorltutlye. C.lptl1l"IS". \\1),) 'fmmmd the I "I diet tile. "' gm-illy
CJUP: ; ) to .'1,10') tau, wire raked tip I At tat r.'ht Captain WI' was e-! end ho.altIl; :
.uIu.: the ,,"xt few duy.I scout sID :'Lit ,iurlo= tar :II'u war. t..mpnu- by proealastiu11.
thu :taint utterts.. DlJt 10 mntiua Tile kc and will arrive cn-ed anti \.lIl1rlll LottCII was recaiitdto tar Chamberlain has always beets
queen at
;: lit.
CO.iI1t."t. I
l a,1t rYo out hu: rt'ct'i\"L' upwards, ot I.J.UUO ous of LI1'c Iron. I B.1lmur"l 011 t.1I11Nay with PrlDceis :": UI'JVt-IUPI of infO 1tylm" NA1Ctintoward mad yrbal correctiJUS In tae teamuuv l'reuitt' with the nuri1Lhutp of the
slur beaitn;: D"IU'C-' top Tilt'.t: t'url'hll'e,. III at1d1:1Vu to a.llnOC3tP given i
Victoria. and remain at trait three lies W..t OIl May .:i. B.. not ; bv nineAimlral proclaru\' tu. 1:1'i tih rflelniPC. Tory .
.u.i tie nu.. not the le tat : t'y utnrr aPel cuwnau.es. probe cjtt.t:1' .
week; F rm'llme.'lt: coot be dls. tolo ni a.t.w tue T a.e: cl.i tat,n ter Mrrruunc :: ; gnestioned rou.cerulug and H..I.l':11 alike tau nut .hire him.
% 111 :1.1fll ail' toe ap.arrt:> biy i'rwo tht total of rile w'eg' Ir:1U. ;
: Sutttaocnnlpatgn.
om" ot the
!It'ued wltn as lt h3. 1 "t'n erroneons., 111 row n'udtr ,1Irl'cn.1I ot .\.i.' ; Equally ,'I -Ctlve :lrll'nH"" are found iQ
tuy.uu d2tuand, The aCtion; 1U &tiiln36lill; : : pie: Iron Il toe rumored There will he :1 cu IrJ of weal ::3coir... lle ,,1111 that a'imr:11 Ht: sail that on tUt 1I1)rI' the Con"f\m\'t' journals, like the SL

:, \\1ICU Ihe"lmn.ll.1 y":1rTs: and PcuLu, z foj tiIhb ion;. lIon<1f at 111.1:1 when time lIU; arriyt hid stlhaedon the .ura;: In a.c: Ittarre log ot May :mil. utter IIrrl\'H:,: from !ling- James Gazette Uttlll the aploinrntento'

'''1 nu,: from Ih'uC'lh'Ut "r'nl' t.nc r.ud :..: 1.e ,eater ir"11 wa- I ." m.1 crtwrtanu 1:am"Wlil : wa cOI\lluouln to carry 11.11I 10 .tun. tic had Fuse IlWlr.1 the Brootl\"u' I Oeners.s 11ult.r.: Wooti acid the Duke

.11U;: duly. uai toe.'arxceptiun iI5. :, a: valiv: :nace. a:,out ;3:; centsuig.ur I stale., mart 'Illucuvas as. well Aa foil:!' KeYO'..'. r'J wet::i tau cad respoutedin with bl':1'h..s: tur \mnml, Scnley.; I IA. of CouDt'auh: 115 COIIUlalllJ'ri of Hit}

lrUl; f-U' luau 4tlotan 'U ilia n" III toe z'ceut I Ilv rt.'UUI0U. the 11f.rwatl. ed by CaptaiLeml: y :a relate Lr-t three IIrmy curl's u.1er. the EcUt'meuf

113 tIJ tiN vul""k for t'fro-.l. ..t tUi.Ut' III 1.Pmri: I 'Late is: the ".e0500 i,. royaIY 13 ht:! ...u1..pr"iou WItU AdDII'Sohlc.\ Ieotgaolzarblu.Mr. .
I-G:1. 1'n.- ta'.uttuture c: tae $I laicf; II t vdl For I w.) UJy. 0:1 tale O'ClS'/J1 of that n-ir. Ue ..al"l
the tua:1I..t. tnt 'I1\"S w..a.th and !I Kru.r; ILh just rt'I't'IVl'd reports
ililW! m llSrdOc of bai; I, o-:;:ors( \ut of tie '1: P'lii H! f.1..hlOlI to ::: aotl.lntL The smart sr t.; Ce' the Il'It: tiny he hti rep trred In reofi'lII 'l lust >ehhy. ajl. esitmaring tl1. n.l..ll III [ht.tlJ I1t 15"

', ',\:': l.\'rf' 1:1: lIlt'rht. t.. nuye rut pre.'elt, jevd tUlt1' .
rcl"lrh ; coil
; I are ready: tl0\1t;: north'-at: anti C tu &IlY Inquiry 11:1.1 "H 01:1) PrchaLI:; his III a Greatly exaggerateti
informed that hid born
r. t i..oks hr.l1t fur rat oi J races t r."r'o1.l1nw1D country hnasta ant! .:I.Iln; iU11o.1':> via cufi "eu: Il.r two tiny: oi Iui ''i61ir.1I": rae It acumin' natoner. hut rue Liters are actlgetttnt
.._ I... '.t L'a about Cie \ : I..r tI ariKt !once ei ritra0 I end d"i .. teat some. I1t Icaat. nf tile
be tied can bt.CS:,sa0u S! .Jt-: .a dar I U. Hur Ul!! ;-ne ti"aan: many r' rnutm CJp' 'l..ny.
of \\.Ir\ i
L..r\'lu' I111.irlJlI
r ;'Ij a1ia titrrh': :. :!llUary BCtivity t.r has tcjo..dIr. iIb October. HI wa. tuen dl.lutcneti to 1u: .CnurlSewsrtpurnnglo bblpS Ir Mieuaoi luck- "l.'h h now be.

.. \- .,'r'-'I1.iv been.tfl eualllg 0: tir :ft l.rru.e 1:1 the rlptaaancun __ \uuira: :Imeuuum'tue were withm we harbor r.t .tutlJ': I. IlevM to hove \'U"I: 111)11. v In haD.l)

r.i fu-u..r : f'b lf buyers T') Tt'Sln..II.! J\LA Jul\' "_". l\"i I, : mat they had been st-en and were insiht
IIh .
i' ( marry :: S. : ':.IV. H" nap tuft .\olmirtl :: :IJHI''Uh. carry 011 Wt oar untIl tar end tf JoInu..ry. -
.!: .: I l"1 i..r'u' and get thur or'ier! :u fariy tne are touf.l.cl..Dt DI. C. J. ,\; \III'dTl- \: V'ar sir : Le salJ. teat the llyltg "l 1r'11; :: mid, as a matter of t.Il'T. ODe oi .

..:.', I .,: :1" :=UUleu:. dam to wa:':'"Ut COU 1,'bee tu a Ju.tit' tll 'lIl1"III'lIdthaI I.houid was U'Jlt 3J lades wc t.I :JLIIAC'La : them wato elnut lit the "Iauc TO ----

.... : 'mad" UII. str'ng: car't't \WlI111.1 Ilt: yet .jV4 :'OJ lily txpHif'IH'fwittl your :" '. )uJS': tL qua
.... ,\ .; I 11: li.:1, i. "xlj..nt: m..l1icial'. 'I'ElTlIl: A.4)ur Ill! I I. :t'i h. 1.111 nut know weu: ItI He said: Loxtos Sept ::'i.-The oCiclal return

.: ..'1.. .. Jut>rn- Wori.ing 24 HJr a Dzy. Lttle: girl. j jiht tl.irrHII nit.Trth" I \1'.1' .i"iu, rh..rf' la uetUilLg; tic trtpevetwitrta \fter t.taacr I n'1l ruin; : to hoist I'y -. J6.t t-sued. "how moat the South

: .._ .' vt.; ,a:0:8': ThffII) r..t for thn-I" tir..I.o"littlp .1.1. ha, h..1 much trWII! ;" t..t-tltilll!. r". Kt'\ \\".."r the \HIU" turn flit: 011 loud toe llas.oeuuett; and
.r !i tad'. ut'r awl the Io:1:1U in aui African coacentratlut) CollU>; IIInust
:. :Jrit' teal< i>. t\ tlrk"I'-j Kill'" New Li!.. 1'i.y: rPtn.dy w\., PxhaU-ted in thf'I' of LrPltain': ot toe Yll.'s hawser 'D inn go "

-y. ..: I I" ilia tae Gas Pill:. ;\1111111\:;; tit t' :dwl'1 1>11Util1 -\'. :' "::1111': IIf i\'re'rptillll': fruIII fclrailyph Mt'rrlwac. HI tati: t..IS Lid cawed: delay. have: a pit .coot Ilt thu.e: teliows'Mr. contained lSi.tiU: !a'rs'us. the deaths

: d. .', I : .:. :: TuCpld Liv..r. JUIIIIdiCt' 1.11inuhp i I' :, .ici. I1", JiH hllwel- l'I.'Hinned l..emll'\: Iluml..r..d ::.SI3tat: which number: 1,89

=;. If..\ (ofllid A; IIt' TIIPyb tll I'a-st.Tpur : blond! wd lJuni'l "11'iar was 'the diGcuty ?" asedCuprluu Auythlu: funher: were children
r ":'n..r. ui
I min"i at,on.l risk llpau.n! drive out fever l"'I\iflU..d for dayit the Lnroity; was, course. stme further
1 Jn-'!\\"fo.th.r..r.. of fe)zntee
'cnnwr.Ulu1. i .
calllor tae
recall \H r ,
.. to ,ilk Stalnil> :serer :; ripe or wenkPil.tirall thin. JI"r fet"I : alai'despair l.'Or'.reLuxiigctLwer, : cnthe
\ pt a nor J.uae stoat waat I Ir.v: t.lt'nrwuel. fat!.. i-ua r' orlu"', lint Ii' -'n'" IIA
c .f ChtlIIIJP- !-\ t't.v' utc'. work wonderTrv -. I'f.. IIPr mother tHmilifoll to tn'U1IC the 1 articuiar: rn'uect. ...ouhluor h \vithnatChauJrrltin's:

-ulfprfd tLt! 'ln. :;,,, ;1' 'V..1. jI'Altw. tn'TEEIHIX.\.lud iu 1\ day c.r "Wh" It eau to tUlIueSt"J.OU"" weather \\'I i.imam C. tray wan was chief mJ' l'lill B 1111I If it cofile d..lIu041J,
1)t.rtE"121 "lith 1'.tl'faxtract.. 1.-\1)\ thrr4. we-n rent ChulI.'I'-l1ew o. rot?
hrlllll'hitl- ;; bnttlp. fr it a\'flrI hen
\ I' chlfl.r nu the 1'l'S.1: tiuna;; tale battle "illg a
-- -- :iif haLl rt-turli..J-tl.e "w..l"" werprrgulir .Sot 1\1 ail.!
..t hhhtahd -. I c..f ::5I11i1.1'O u\ July ::. testtiei tllll oe ,'ripl.! .. ::\1) fo"IHII'II IIJ1'.licatiJ i la
.p'r undthanktoTEl.TlliNA, llr. lIam real :ilt' folio'.vul: I'ract; .
vartntic"illtt thaI ,iaetie, nets t. eli "II tints 11: toe putt Ihi..ltuilllt'l.t f" t.tf odd
-- tli'. little b tbp i iIi"'v d.iuz w') ll.T.ur from \'llIlIr:1 :5t.a>y's rtpo-t of Feu ,
.: ) pt ILrtlth' tat due starlotri ,'11:111":0 ui toe -w dlPtt j.int contract. ti ,iiietpu,
I'r.hJ.'lIt h..lrcr Ieady tu &ubtuit ". fotC.. 1). \\ Y'h'E 16. b.I1.m;::
Idl"( until ,.tilT k. lid rhetiinaticaud.
: b LnIU1II" S.1I" that \0'.1"11 ht went nfol' "prai u a
tLyaneble! ) Ill, l I1dr.4 to In\'II ...ti'JlI.PITT"nl"irl. I lIit.'r atld l'rl'rietor '1kee, : "Atl..r c"minau.ter'having teen trfurme of'i"t'rs.i IJ\ theSCOUt'S t J tilt t1I.It room, toe y". d was gar; IJHI.'nlar pain.. It I". al-o cured
:;' >teiy: m.ekinin. .- Pt. ::6.-\Vcea Preu.- 1.\1.1 1Cleatllm 1 Sewi. -- Jewall and \\'ISt'.uen aslbee tic 1I113i., 'Tue 1.00:1: ergnal\, h. "vii I.UUI"r..u" of pUli.1 1'lrnl..i04.

lii.rI :: tl1a a.U0\1:11 wato et1.:}. anti a minute t1tt.'rt.r" tJ It i".f'.gale hr till dru-I.t04;: and allmedicipP
dour SaafL r of the \lIl'\Iuuat" ..h.o.Ci.ltlOII l.tdifo3 .klrB and wui.ti. : they n.11 aH Iot't'll oj'unrao tie Cuba .
'. I- fur -tlr: bydeelers. rerer.". 'ELe engines were taco reverse' tie.IPr;
one of our 5pccialties. Ht.1f l.auIl' ba.j of It I.--------: : _
d Iron and :"lwor1.t'rs: was fur a noise> tII'V eCl uotlll:1 "
!I'' lOt! issued last night .Iry. (the pll'" fled) and knew UlJtniD;' oft3111uvemella : '1-I Chamberhiu'-'nllr. Ch"lpr\: andfiarrh.t
showu letttr
Ice 1'111''i'1I1P' said that
open s the revere was
I : or Its whereabouts. erc. H"IIIt'dy hat: a world wld.srpputatiou
hrflnuky. Samnel cf toe i reef the revolutions uo rzceedin !.
President G.nupt'fs very
by CZOLGO SNTENCED.: 11: U\I a'o t..1jJIIUU'I: :U If ne had I for it, cure;. It never
;:01.-(>:18 of ..AmerlCane- eratIou uf Labor and -- made UC1 8 Cc.mI:1UlllCaUOIl to the :td.lUlrl ;: 100aldnmob'mrsnort.: II. hal, f.til" and i04 lh'a-thLulIl.tf.. to take.

S tad tleuown. :- John ht'hel1.. president of the United 11111 lie FIrrtrocuted III the 11eeklirglunitit : !. neSOni! .w'abeeuuit.!.eard afterward they that the re- I For saleby all lIrurgi.B and! medicine -
':': ,:. urch In the Mineworkers. In reply to his IIratt'ml'ut Oe$. 2S. 1 did nut." was the n'-nnst!. : the versa Bo.klya. paaalug dealer.Fm .
'I)tai tve A''Illmh1l'! \' any trfns'itiou -
!1'a hero todayi charging; them WltD toe repunatbi.uy lt'FFAt.o. Sept. :I'i. Czolosz; was I rt. rill! SJiut.J .Vinod.roar' At IL': :;.; we curt l1ijnru.t for the I ..-h roasted ojft-e. t\\- pounds
.".,.;. f'rroer P.1s, f0r the taill1" of the !great steel strike;; Lruugat into court lit ::;0'J today l1udsenr..nced dn to }It'fm attendance at Judge \\11. for :fj Ctllt", .t tile few Orleans

: ..:: ': udl lit l."U ILlo, ):1',; iuucrolL roct
,. hl' 6\111: ho would accept their chateueantti : (0 be t'eclrocutc; In the week "Vuiy rnroab Captain ;:I:stee. was IUU I
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was ready to subinlt to all luvetlgaueu : the reo pnnee. 'I ca'i no" e'J ull burl
; !'ll :;. : I ,de.e of the begmulcg: Oct .9.Accorcw
as to the truth of l.is charge; the Bro."u at a.L I gave: t autalnSigbee
... AI bw of this! ty.'I
taL w -t ot Iho ;: to the 'tate
"I holve uo J"ctim. said he, "ro : ail: the Inf0rm1\tt'u 1 roa't"
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'rs were
\ t'rrs.,.'it CI.aries re. I.'. the men: nuled: tlIr.. GQwlJt'rs to act Oct. s! : Ii toe eo.rh".t date that could bfiJ "11-od you b"EU t j Santiago for a
'.' H' a4 1\ committee or'in\"I 'tl :I1t1 )D. but 115 : d lOr the u'Cl1tiou ut Czvloz: Wf'I'j.?
:L ; .
"funl'drlJlty. loons arbitration that lewuut Iva Illrr" from the morninor of
he aware to - t.tj .
'HIo.f. JlaI, Janles .
t ; to..l"
- t 11'llIplit.
1 Will agree; to I ae'lr to K'I I ay:2: until ih'i't'UlD;: I f May: :Il.
: L '\ I.fllllI. :l1u,11'reoldt'tn.x-Uovrrnor the root of taB platter and Will elect RU.EIGU. :'ep'G.In:: Wa tleolul1tv : when toe flying j"ulIirou arrived"i I I

liS my man :moo Borne, president of lbul\y Lancaster and his tunul1'I: \ I I". t ruse to x ,iutori.Captain I

the Enlhts ot Labor anti till National IT"I I
-- widow 1Ir;. Kate Lancaster, 1:1 order W1-a wag cos ( OIl
:" 1.,. -\1011 of the 11'iudow gassCorders'aas.illanon f\'ll tl.elr jr:1ndCDlldrrn.; : who Vlo- this P lint ly Mr. 1'ul.r. Ht a.sed: I .' -1 .. .ee'- ..' .. .. .. }, :; ;*M .
and ,: : 1VtA,0'Veai ; ;
can ,'hs;> a second man t.J tt; _:e":> ........ _e s : : rS.O.1-:' ; :.:..;... : : : :.
Irl'lI. t"jlfltldic.'d.! I'., and 1IItch.l: the third party. It'utly urlalsrd their marriage. eloped "Frum tu" tirnraing: ot Mar U to the I +Wwa..a. .u+ .rrr..a.r..ri..4.'I1i r'
Wit. teah. pu \'HV bad "The Ct'l"flD;: nt:11d: take;; place In and droII I mine! to a jn.tice's and I arrival of lue firm" qua'iron ou tae : t

..uhlt' and III..l1' .i,vA 0 ) and Mitchell gave when the 63.vear.old groom i>I1l1l. "lIur. : evening of lI"y :d you seta Ifflnl: toget I <
!L..ut b4Dtit. After Pllt-bur. nI..r tonch warn the and watchlnR .
w9've toe mai\strate In enemy .
run away
': :1. ..f .....1..:' ':; KIP'1' n; three nours to accept steel the prouditlonof ry quickly UlllteJ him and his t ;a year.oJbride. : ; true harbor?" j
the United Mates:: : corporation "
w IIIUI'lI t aflJ1t "y ;
.. and 11 deaauJm my acceptance nllhin there! ?" I
ruri'I( .ftr takit1V : three "Yoa -aw ::; In I I
their terms, they now limn we w !,hake lien lour hh'MaAt "' ,1
.\. l '.\ lrmbtrtt.ln :, "I cola: un see any lurOor at as: ? I :
dJys. n', F Mt.Bfl-e: 1110...<1..,. II curespflntur.nu.rt "Y'u aroaad tae corner of Cape
-- ,, .., .
,')1{. n.'r\"nll.f"-and Injw. ;
\:.. 1 1I'.IJ.ull.u;. \"'hfOlYMI W.lllt a plet..tnt: pi y-ie 1'I1t nail', and tn"tflnuy t..k t heung nut Smn:" tf.". -'
it's the tha maof 110 Emll"e .eL : .
III corn and huntnnr grratPtnmhrtdt.cov.ry.4theagr "WI saw
". t1,' ,I, 1h ) Worl1iI try t11p new rem..lCh'illlberlIIII'\ "

I i .It ,' .'nit'u'.lrl' :-'Ill.tt'll' luJ Lr 'r.tblel", TIa.\ }'our nHkr. unit or II. 4 .h.wo! "Ufon'f.,.1 Foot.rfl,1' Cool Dot dmngl1lsa.w hat I: wu.It: I
in .f- It rrrt un rnrr fnr sw'retmgrall'.uand You elt co oil' .11 Shure to try to !
tetra auJlet-ant wa
'.'1 r. :t .,,:UIU:; 1U fd"I' Ire ea.t. hot tiredarhuPit TrI t.o.lnv. hn1Jby est'1 J.bh cocmuDi:1IVU?" \\V ANTS I
I'rirl' _.j c"lltS rm Ins frt'o I
.\ : .. wale iO .iu f. ct. ; all.drugett. anti .hnr ,t.rPL'v; mad. Not at lIa. ONEil
dru .t.rl' 1111.1 FREEtddrras
at any rr t. In 01I1II11' 1i'1' "I.n't natural condition of the I Iharlor
,-; r :.:. lJU:IU': tLc --- -- -\1I..n S.llnltrd.1.Rnv. \.1. toe
.' l.atr etch that It IS mma...lbe to see i icoc"ldt'ra t
I. wet aau ('hu'l 1'eparlo: 1.; LPaI'r. ;
.; : i :.: : UIraOyrr tUe.t ( hlnt'se Iull'nts p.t'ast'd. lv up the harbor: t

.' .: t..<: "U-I:1\1. EEl:LN. :e;t. t-rr.J"e: Char ;;::: I A ; FR Art-:('o, Slpt. 2G::(;.-Twa Chi "Yoa coin"see oniy a 511crt dmtaace UI I t i ,' .AAA h r.I !t m
to \\1:1 ,.iiSob:;;; harbor. s VYYV '
r ',a,' u 1."n.l'- lee tubs city iv ant the I.
tud..ct;. who arrived frem native i
ior Loa.ra Uenca nee \n.i there was nothing; in eiht'whatever.
: :u; t : to toreJau's ou tee German Stealer at i J
i land on the Doric and hue been held at was tnert'?" i I' ::;]
: .
: .. .
oe ur '
Oct. I, r:: vt sa: on wotcn te t; ,
'. itr Ill tsar I uI.a tao detention l'111';i; owit:: to a:1sPdtrreguaatie ""XJthln; at all.
... cane: t.1 Eel' 1 1t'. lie wii ntllu to ; in tudr tassports. nave: Tlfltnl' .u.1 that Captain i ,. I '
:n wit'u! Lrof Itj'Iii makt ht:, : WHAT ?
R-tau: tom.Jrrow
.r:: tLr Il "I' t.r..wet Hatt t. rue iOdn t.fice Sattiriai. 'I been released! "n rCleq'Ulc lr. tr:4C''tiOC.i tee flat t.1 (0 ttlS dt.nattal lfo It::lIuln;; : ;:: :

... .1 .IMS their cons f)1:1 Wa.: m.un. peudia; the "Gt.t IU toners with tae enttir

-- final dilspurlttOJ uf Wlr Gates It IS Slllll The court throuhdcir.11 De'Gt'v'r I
lelaum; ;1inen trike.L1E''E I II tile Cml- M.uptei to laud on pa-- <;:':td"a.1I:

... 1,11111.-- Itft Ii... ::r.-\: n. torts .iut'd c" Li ibll;: CUIlt;:. tilt: "\\ your duty or C.pal' t 1.bP'S : ....- ,..,.. .} .
I'1Itm. :3ept. nUD'I VL' '
rPati.i:: I': first: It I. ;;salt :ha: hire ever been otIEIe'i to cotTey top wf.ruamm 10 tnt aispatca '!;'1 '; y r 1

I !t..d Its u..iil! Ur of meetings hilts here the coal pfutrsre,0lvedto i I at thiS port and wnin wue not : referreitoto'.o-nmU.Cre S-het": t'. .

:Ii :&N.I Liver rlecare: a general etraeto 'I 'on-i iHe.l :l5':1'l1t ty me local nu.I "1 t:1114 It was Captain: I;-bf'e'", Ii; f

... cure todc111: tnt L\l'o Coal b.15Il. taorm' s. he went 1mmt-dult on Ii..ty anti I wadmntercertd :

J. it They reulatr I hr or,.era :roa we CU:100 .

Price. :!:: t"'I1-. For hrr i-'lftJ lrare.Ha :dire to tai e the Meremac: 1n ro\\ It
and 1uedicllle I 71it ? thllJdl! hi :1111 rubjaet j h'I. ;. Wi'..i.ow' I Ki'OTHI" T'U7" bAI Mr. llaxul-"D.d you receive any mqur Why a Gas Range.
':':: : I I. li 1"1":1 'il.': l'oIl1ill\1I1I hat peinfnl been card tOr.rer tfy year, by mi ltnne ofmot5rrs aid the com'm:1udlU .dicer: of .., I
..trt'rlt,.. ,.,. t'-al.p-. cholera: 1I1'I''U". lor that-children while! etblni.I .
n..glt'ct.I\I" I aitb p"rlrct succe.r. it soothes the cllll tae fy1U: sq uirou 11..1: yon for any In.f.
\ "' "wb- I.B C\\'I1I.)1n1' I :Iud dv.putely. that by _.. .
tOteLa tie ..!lID ::18'1'.1111 patn.rure! wind rr\1'n rtt nay twe:
."' ,f rairs-a lot ufw"rr ht' lame chronic Stid d.luzt'ft'u". I ,oho. and is tile last r.madv for Illa.I1(eIt'Pl .. .. ..

: \ 1L..dcan I iTL.. ll'-t. haudlt-r I-t.. aid r.liece the poor Itll" ecCrrrr Immellat.Iy X GtaIlj;. r,...

IIhi the. rent day ha! ; quit'ki .t r..m.,1y i..l'\ -l\IJ.J.EJt I rat rl the. ,-orllt.$o.t! Twpnt.r-I1-e t-y b-nvite ante In every. bo'l- 'u' 111 11..1110: 1)1tI1I1CI' ....... ...-.-.- --- > .----- r.t.y .

: 1'1i. 1 :': t-a.., to own 111"111111" which !::I" bl'l'ltrit'd for '.e. K. enra and... for ..yre. Inlow'.', Jar. Ilynor ccnanted his gnetiou'. At- ',_' .... .:" ... ... __co: ':;::.::::': ;f; :";s'"'' ; :":" :r r a:.

?a '.t. ray-. Tl os. C 1111HI' tlltllll half: of a Ct'1I1un' anti tluotbtng tI"rQII._. "_and_tats___no_Itl1pr kind.If devotinz hlt'elf eaF.'cal.y to r.e sir'

(. ah"D &: Co. c.t11 tt't! 'ouhow I1Hfr flIIt'J tu give rfo 11 t.'f. .It /lid u. n:1lln: t-etwe-n the Tie and fiiznip.

t .::1.1.j-l't'thp1l1.I -lIb-titutp. U1Frl' i. but one l'lil1- you want a nice present to give TIle wanes, said ne was stare that onMay '

Killer i'ern' Dln'h'. Price 2.c; and ; to a friend, u and look through the 26. when he 1sler toe Trril: De

: "Jo.qulite llidy' 5Ic. ( elegant! line of suitable articlee at had not passed within hailu: ; distance '
w" : J. I. :'::fODhen you surely can find meo 013taut. .
:: :1tl.E'r top. ('ur'q. of toe Brooklyn being IS! f

i'':''. 1'UnLIitg p,)cket.tPt SALVE something to please you. If you .

r ; -. I. ; Ii beaav.. At BANNER,_ I want anythiu; in the Diamond line I )!r. Rllor read from a report maiet r

IrJ&CO the moat healing salve In the world be cure to see him before you buy. I 00 Mat' ::10 b1' Admiral StnDeoa ill I

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i: 4 ---- -
flow Good 1IaD.Pr. laved l1i..1. -, WhaC a Daub'.r Ink D1d. I
I This anecdote proves th: rrofttJb:(' A certain newspaper proprietor had away

I "k"It'h I'.)", heath I'f'ualty Ferewarne character of goal tlmner; and was or appearing In the t'OWllOiiut;

lOt lrreI.burt, I.... told to tae Iy a tereendact et::(' =. and press roon at the most unexpected

GlltU61ll'RO. Pa.. Sept. :(j.-\'a'l'cl' FGrearlned I hewn who owned tbet": : )!r. :'1. e' times antI ns his visits often resulted

was a rebel In 1.,3.: lIe was !lu 11 general hlla'up"< or the w"rkiu
IAkewh wu hlDgM: In the julyard: at disease is
to j
The liabiEty greatly taken! nail was l.dll; bra it to the! forces lr the paper they! were awaited
19:15 o'cloek tail morning in tae pres. tc-sencd when the blood is i:1 good con- i
CameriRIO. !
anti the
tour with Kilmarnod with fear and trcwLlin by employees.
i.;1 ence of about ,OO ptope. Death resait ditio.l, <:ndthecirculationhealthy and .\ bloc l stopud t"t' tail cortege.anti .

: ell from .tranuhnon in 11 I:1nu.t vigorous.; for then all refuse matter a lad)'. kolln:: Iron a \I.rJo\-. One time one or the pressmen 3:1 CIcellent t

The hllo'flD is the story ot the crime I is promptly c rrbl out c f the s'stcn : tried "You tall rtl..I" (lr, M. "as Ii workmat' who lad been there '

i for which I..aketch was hanged: I otherwise! it would rapidly accumulate fort .J iudit's'' "rou.m{ soon I.l shod.erlxahul tinny years. !JIlt Wh m..tll1\1's guilty! for fants and Children !
-lcrmntation "oull take place the
I 0":1 O.t. 30. IYJ') I'arnater111reti :" cr a lapse or I'lllrll'ty. had n blacI. lye I
i! LlJll kcume polluted and cc constitution Cutorl\ a 11:1rmI :, !ouh..titut(' fur 'a..tnf Oil, 1',1rtgnric
JIaIi6erot: tae ;:j.u.in\"t' t Coco COlU nY'I' "Uuc that gin YOl pleas::re. taad- and was In n luwlllr} )' 3. 10 what ticse i anti -
Hrllil: Southiurup" It is I'Ita
so wakened that a simple'iaalaly ; "':atlt. ItCllltljll
and hl; nero; url\"t-r. Harry I 3m?!" sail: M:. 1."r (' 1 Le should ":!l'r If the proprietor 1:either Opium1 oTpli other
result 110 nor Nar,' ,
$:U)4) night seriously.A 'ul
Were UrlVlU1 to w.1 i inaal I I''>. It t1<...s." n.tieel It. Iy 11 Mudt'n! 1'l'irlIon: : hI' f.ul.t\I'<'('. It ,le.truss s llnrut, old altr.-.t 1'"'\"+'ri,.hue,,.
active circulation
tiff the C"ipworkerwUfll they healthy. t:1Clns
to pay : ami "Tllt.:1t llliHlan." said S1r. L thineel !o1'1ll'll: m lut roller and daubed QUlI It coil :; Hiarrl.u' trail 11'itid (-Ilil' It'r'li"t.... Tf..th
wctn Dt'ui u:, bT Y.uu I Lrtru di i <:t kn uj.,1 5troa SI ];,;,,1lq :
three all i'JrII!Iguerr'. hh hat :1:1(1 l.Iakl:1 a lull: I.otc. "1do I Irk Oil 1.10 face. (}rite; clI\'crill: the d4tuloratluu. ill,: 'l'1'uuhlc :11,1 curt" e"fI tipntiont It n.-III.H. tlatitnta111tt .
( moaatoai
In the fint Paymaster: IIassler nt.rns. lIC.t dt!: r'alll.:' Presently the: t'IH'rll\lr. ; aUtI };u\\-eI4, gi1in; healthy and natural 1c.'C'11
tn.utug As a llood purifier md tonic S. S. S.
Chil.ln'u's Pana't'a-Thc .tlother't
wire I 1I100'rd. Lc I" 1:1. In and with IIIl' furt'mlII..lIt friend
anti one of the hlWdj1Udl; Lady was care
has It i3 the safest and beetremedy'
no equal. :
killed and another lJln\\ay an Was : for 3r. M. 'flJrrl' .l l4ts the l'UUJIII'IItU! en er. i
; tt'rH e: a l'ltt'r tbrough ruoll !::
for c1d peola and children The Kind You Have Always
eerion4v wouud..J.ur In the hand of c horse: 11. to tills! eL'r'I.t: try Ill-fal: aclI..lI'kiil"l'r l ; ; ) Fhlrply; it : Bougll
t.te. hers anueIc.ptu because it contains r. ) 1l1r.r: j5. l.ut is
i :84 W:11PPCI! up I II "'Ltt I. tdy I Itilc l.aIDe !h ubttcr.itedl !: every worlm.mu. \\1I\lllllumo leave.Pt Bears the ofhi
wltn UI". mm"I'. L\tt'r toe I It made exclusively d roots and herbs.Ne ;. Signature
I have access tv her tall rl'Ll an J beIlanctl suddrniy I'Oi:1I1.tI to the IUJ: presscman ,
three Ul11 wire ul.C"t'r'l 1\1,1111 1:1 a i ct1cr remedy so thoroughly andefectually
t 1 saline Dud h..f.lrt' they were secured cleanses the boo.1! d i1. to Ll'I'.' and 1:11.n:1t: : Is that! tna:t'Sna

.; uno of thrta \"& ..11 N Icuela V3.lilIai. purities. .\tthc I TIll royal l'lcJeDI'Y was estened: to IIIt"

The two other. ::11116 :11.ukontch: anti sane t:1C: it lmil : Mr. M. I saw his pardon beautittuIyeii !! The man quaked In his; hf's) tIltllH': I

'.af6el Lai.eC:1. wtre laken t') )ail. and SSS te! weak and debilitated rosceJ itlJu! a decorative L.c.tll'r continued 1'11)\01: "I \aIl1 you to :give I

One tlaa. wnie; waltlud fur trial 3L.1rkoTttcn tip n(1 and\ framed Oil the avail cf his 11.'H.'t1:1- that 111:111 :i lIimll! ;; nH'cI.! Llr ort' A
<: rcno- I.
i:1 hi3 cr1LLaleteh
han bim.f'l1
;:Cil rags the entire nut'stully.. It I h fair to add that praetlenlly wages.: Jl' Is tilt only lUali it the
W.li cunvtctr.i and ientellc li system. -
It all the whole\ citunty of Ioss end} rOJUI.hQ 10,,:a IS !f L. had beta Use For Over 30 Years,
to be hanged nu;:. G. but wag rewtK cures permanently meaner: .
".r .., ,. ....., ,
rr.u. -
fill until tu.aT ou Ill'couat of Ihe retort of L10Q11 and skin trou1)cz.lrr. tll"'l) thc lark of Suthl'rlall Jlt'tltlcwtJ wortcb! ; I i.i' + Mu. .ItT. "0" r" -

from fur tlll life of te M -- .....
tc. .4 JI.
here coi: :
Ihst ha father waf: hern-in .
J1.; E. i e1Iy. of t"rbI1", 0.. u rhea: : -1
hu home III )lolltt'IIt'ro lor the pur- "I had EColerr.:1 011 r')7 hands ad taco for Andrew Lang ill ::: ::: s.ti: I I Many ph'' il' :I"Q ar.. nOl\\' rrpcrlb-1
five years. 1. would break ot ia little
ot Io1ki:1 taeweh of cu tlap'y I I
pose ;
hudol Cur
whIte pustUIC3. crusts would form sad ing DysP'P-i:1: tegulIrly
I wa drop off. lleaving the skin red anti i:: ::1UeJ. 1I0w lu Grow laorf. i hll'ilfoallJ that It i4 the best pre. I AgoutsforFLOUR.
The doctors did rue ro ood. I used I If yci limb a IIhllHltall. vor IJdl.t ion write b..cal1-to it h i", BY
script they ran :
; SAVANNAH CONFLAGRATION, I Ii all the medicated fOal'S and salve. enthoutbenef i : M Q.d "WHITE'IXO" ..ud' J F
I t. S, S. 8. cured r.c. and ry rkin decreases !by tLree.'ptlter'1\ of f.t inch!" the one pr.'partition which! contains i -
i btctluns IIr Centr.at-- ;----IL1iw \\"..rl!. I It I 15 II' clear &11'1 smooth f.J u S'to'p.". ail it :jpya;'.:!! t'imllrh: : ciccptlanai.ly the demt'l ti t1nect'.1Ir to di r-t Hilt : CAFE Di ,t\,

f y Mr u3:l17 !.icgfrct: : ot Cape: ( May: N. : I 1)t full inch I only some kind; He fo.)d but all kind i : v try tZ f COFFEI-:. 1r1
hou+e Ielroyrd I y 1'1.tIll1'4. I i iRirassatr I I.. Gars that enty.one bo Ies cf 3. t;. 8. I ,. and \It thf.tefore cure: iucli.uP+tiotl V'
cured her of Cancer l'f tto! brcu.t. Doetors This I, a fast lillnwn to u::1 (:;prll1I.,1 !1 wV !IIr7 n Den l 4 r s in Jl C .
rnt.-Three: fcc'i'J i ; ratn.
a: 0 and fiends Lcuglt: 1.el' cc a; hepeRiehrrd and t.1r"I''r I' po latter what itcause. ty.
,. I ... t::mtaa.! n"1"lln'!. e ni I.'crs. I "
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wareh lace _"1. 3 01 tie Cenral ruway: -.4/ I H.IIh:: 1'hanlt9ey. : ; and F'.tucytiroecrir-
i Iof : :. Otrdn"r. Flocnc. C. C.. On re:!Liu; the f111iiCIt cf tile he'g: :s: h."t'I'a"'ltU: t'y Hahu.t
t'lI'II'i. i uri
OU llay Ii rret. jn.: ice.: CDI
lI'tHered fir rears wit! Uo:11: Two bot- that term the pleasere asernts of Lo:;. : ----.- : Telephone 1641ti'h.et
the rl"\I. w. re uted by :;ra I! ties of S. S. S. p.1t his blood In rood con. I IThOG.
;; ye"
citlon and the ;Delia diaSppo.rcd. d.ly mi.'r: ;iJ t.c: \pi! :;e \:litiy:: : l'.2 I! C. Matson & CD.

t'rda. i Send f;r our free Look. .:t,1 trite !o1ltm of the clln.Ltr: is fUGtJ,1lu-! ::'. take; -
the leading trAI C+tatf'gt'uto; ;
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J oats. wart' abo,: 01'.I! It't\y ,je;!:e)' ? Medical advice free.T5 .. llnnel.Ioct'irs. IOWII'IS I flf property. ma 1:110 tee

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fore 3D 1JJ.U6 l'UI'l lot' atal'uut tu the I! solti; I.diet'e! that th Irt''sf o tilt at- Their ell (rge: Ire n r're.t;uu0lle. r.J

can uud ;:tt them to ,t place: II: .1fl'ty. I I A Beet a !<''nnd Baal: nnll a hirer, I i 1III'1'IHn' I'l'lIlu's tlls! ohr:: I::'t" 111
Just how 111' tire ,':aruunot i;:t.\\"J!. I..r.1 Crig.: tt':: lall.ulls lard d.le( :: '.
favor H the 1..Iic:1 :. i is !
thtury t : l' t tuthcr Biggest Busiest Best !
H.Ill1'1 t no' Vt'mtv tit tla Cr11rri i il ::
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1..... II ":" 'UI f.I./). U.\ .<1t,; :.lWU! ;: :tV. : .o hr sal I, "n.t. :\Ir. ---. isliftI'ro : the ( rnary,:! 1\1. Ls: Lt 1 :,'.t I ::11' I' : : 6 r

troy t:rein uro.craBELLINGER n I''t'( tf rUlL,1! be Ii 'Im'I'I''I'. I lilt t.l' tm.t'n.al: : :..!..:'. ..: th" '., haud].. II !--! : : 1

;; n.r: h..ttdn'crteee 1'1 'onr' I 1 Iv Is RIOt ;lttaia'.lmIiH! :!, tray 1.'ti; rJ; EY CURE I I'I II IE '-; \\ ( ; the Iro'e+a ut1I"hitl :1 1,1 4. ,

FOCI CONGRESS.: "1)h) .VS." .tIli,1!! the wt'S 'Vtdohttd'.y ( after riaeLiug the n..uar "cr.a.o.. ''I 3I Ewa I; R6ac j j0s I.- .
-- ,P/l; f; ai a day laborer: dues a ear;' t ,.: .
: tC'I'! Li. hut WI' I'rupos' togt I
tilt'! ,.::.th.
Ihat ion )
('ooeudrd Lulp r(11'1'
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rid .: It la such and sac:1 !{
t a 1 :m. -- ; I
;)1eI.oarui', f'.I.CII&r.U"TO bar" I iIo'.o 1'nrndt.e.Lairid money refunded. Contant I don't.l' .

St ::I-n. IJullc11EeiU1JtJr. : 'fruh'- (t'I'il'.Jp-I: ::attn 1
t'p: "Ccry ;:110,1:' rrjc:1C'\1: Calf-I': 'huttv'httl t remcdici recognized by emli l'+W Well tnkl' just as good c. : ) 'J'
'to IL1! whut Ih' llio.k .t'z. \In'. \:1
atturney {ventral of south you htie gut r..1. 0: it.011.1 the lyest fcx ,4S't! Shirt ai if it were our own d'' .
i tl"'ll"Ill.! YtT tuntiller I'an au' fulk'r i nerlt yhysicians a3
'e.ruLaa.. wut-t' 1111011" nay 1.eeu mrntlouetl I!., r'lIe t be a t ere n''l.": r 11':1,1 ta:.:: I !:!,. Kidney and Bladder troubles. .4. i we were going tQ wear it to. \t.; 't I

'II 'OUUP <.t\OIl Willi the rare for to 'COII"'II'I tt lib r' (' '
dinK. If lik. ,
,. \\"I'lr' .V 1Ie--\C'ere! for? you that kind ': a4w
", thai Uul'ea state; -:1\If': has ouIi atatenlrtt I ('\ r.aiu!y. Fall! e.t wltnesa. "1>::t i! ; PRICE out 11.$. y I.ka
Iaugutl 'frutll'r-\\"l"I'\ oJ': fir iigrt'at I..AAI, are your people.ALL .
In WII."I tie ely5 lit! wi'l Riot ::'_ajJ1.t It we Fl.Il I ro\"i.ll' thus :-:1-1 i! .h'"I' R'. A. D'ALEJIIIERTE.
:lIJlry !. lv i re tllI' IIm'lt
J i"" I. hi. lil.1..; IIIl1lil' loe 11.11".'
'e a r:1I1Il racn : bp o' W:1h.'r tai year rOlt'-tJt'lroit
for '.ull/on..$ iu the :.. ..u'll1blrlc.. Lo n. "\,('II." ::11\\'I'rl',1 ('cIrriI: "hit
Frll' 1'rt'
.;: I'\'rr. IIn.lli.r"1 r Illi !, 1.0wlD, IllS tie, wh1"IJ l.aye r't.I'\111..t!1 these tilt.I I s. '. \ Ji
-- 5' \ !
;j'. ,"PIOp"1 grrut.r'u't.; !. tat lea \\.ul,1 p'U not o-tl: :save a great I! heat and c nld.i WORK C. O. DrTELEPN3NE

\ l.ol.lII! r l' our or tan nh.qt: .oua. 11.:1 I.r trouble fro!! tie ctrt of tt' .
I'rnf'ssor-lh'at aSlt'llli. and 'nl.1 11.
i men lit Ille I' '11t1f'U t. d Ju.t ;it tn14 I rh'r'IH'a In !!tlll'MI' i 114. J"l E. GARDEN S'J'rGOOD

time alol nit r"'O.l hue Wt':1 :1Iu; ulI.l is'u.k
.Ch-lrh.: W:1S the: Il'r.! "IJ:1t weFtlt CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED FREE.
: does it ?
abo)." Hp"a!l. lie I.a.i rvt' tiltstate I 1"II'I-\.t always! .'

,f tit "rI"tH'l\p:1Cltf': 'I and mere was: u.1! .-u'ou'lt.'r tIt! .I:aeuly; f::'"- l'rllf'sJr-\'I', sir: iavariaLr.PupilThen i CORNS"f WALKER; INGRAHAM Manager 1

a 1101"lllr it'III'\1101 tor 1111:1 to run for tnearI1s I 't'sftily l'y :hotter "X.Ut'Lt whic 1 how Is I il \\'l.11 I :':I't myfeet bl

t' h. q..urn tar .tat now bid byt the uitarsr I rl'l.I..1:: t "XPI1.: : art the roll always :sea 11:' ail;'

u.I..r :Ucl..urI. l'U.ft. are ,.0 uuuaun.IItI. \ "Yuu 1111't'U ILe ( Late :r.,t: settles In my head? 'hilaldplll.1!

;p <(<- .... UI for ldrn.; scalp ul.it .:':" "a;,. ('uh'rlol':('. Press.

;1. liellm,.:er decided_ w tame a. le.tr ni. "IJ::. J'rs:' rt'i'litd tine other.'Veli. L'LMES: : HUGHES

J lip, \\'. LitH l't-wamtl. Mit'h.write' .
I )
: ; I 1\'r tbt; !. wz the r" + ..INOl.
: Remo es as Corns, ltunlonl aed warts,
('auntItr 1 1t..II.I.: "Y"ur yodel lIp'"t-In I y
, j.lIo.lt! "t have i\'t't'J: niie tLert ,, .uhouttan.pce: yandpery aneutty + 801. 803. E05. 807 South Palafll Street.
('urt ii the ht rftn..oIf..r Ittnrtion -
t\\\I Sent :;': -\11 election
: t f. for saa'1 bald: :an 1 triver": : tr"til p'a AP nrt'ci tx p.!! A..oT[. a 'tI -:- P. O. Box) 40.1; Phone Shops. 123.all .:-
lO! t f'thltJ'ICh :" f !' it I lto\-r '4 La.r L t.i Coin rant.
'Will' ilt'l'llt I'rVi l loauIY: ye.t4'rtiav to I o-Pd. For r"If'; I -ufb-rid! fr'II:' dv-- (ca LIPPMA' 1110!. 4, \ CHJISHOl'; tJ HULIHOBliS.: .

:. 6\'ul. tae qU"lI.1 01 :1 c.unty "at' 1'betr.nlt The Tuned L a. 1"orott'n. iwP i 1 i.I. lit till:'P' {"JIHp..l1b..: III" I.. r'd i men saN,any.. npl'. \ .
tit for Iii.tiPh_ I \t Ino.ls lb.'I! :t"'r i. 10fti'll 'trl '. i Bork Sa+ Zr g'\1 .rLETf.L1: t'I'II'P :" WllH nn: 1.-\Tt: T \11 I In-Ir: }IAI'II: aK'
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Wh: a v ten u. ( ill It..J and ('IIIIi ,r uaony. ,.
: .
Every: Useriptluufrr5. amoetSanluti tot l.ocUIII'tlW"rli.. Lall' II, '
and :af:; ( ttr' ha'. tar pr".ent c.nnrteltr. '' : I y lien l. trine t'1:1II.I' t f t!.,' earl': ; i ant \:011:1,1..1\: "rout! by 4A 11IIt'o..r tutit! un.

Thlw.... Ir': reyntrtil t vo-tu.rtt. i 'onrill' the lra11.; I Ir ('mitt' talul ::,': K tJ..l lJrql-i1 CliP'. 111 ire"111ni 2-A
.. ; .::J:;,,_y Pattern Making a Specialty. 't''f' ,f:
JDlJ"r.a. .111:1: : I.e: CuUaty.iantr. 1Ir1aald. :\ tVItid.1S Ciy: tho toiIIP:1: : ;'!tae r: "Ildib: i it in fri'udwh.! -IIT! r :, .>

It. a t1"ur.lIu:: I.'WU ail the ::; : the ,es'iueer4! : w1o: taut:; I:;"' Ii:. .I'., front itHlhr".U"n 1 .el, vS'f' i t" \\ bare Iulpioyel: [ Onof tie: Lb--t l't..rn }yak' r' 111 the ;:;out'''
},.'liniIr 1.111. at t11. U f) ,.'r lIoruou \'I (lily for it IfJl 1111,. 'T'lIl fit 1 ,.cnor.r "
the (Crlurtv 1'::" 1t'I.l.lIlr" wilt einn;; not .lir..t them to tulthne tat eat:::...:.: p.dd. 11 ,1J'i"i p' trill .1'." ..1"flllalrppard. : t l ( rs here alld !lOltt. Sawmill Specialties :
rod tIB'o tl 11 luJh'rr'aa :. L1(
i Ib..I.M.Uhlll 01 tat c.muty..at' I.. uct I I 5i.JI1"r I Ithn.Foleys : !; 111 J It.'ill wallt lighter
t lIt'Jot Pct I.toa. can e. Ll' mrn IOI.LEI'IIIIfI.TJt"f: \ TPI I i l.ocmH1.: : -

; The CIFt'-Y: u tlts epa! !::. 1: \:!:. .1 : Furniturc od fill'71isldll 'WDJ-; : .lH': .. :..U\'F\I'll"ltEh: i : .Ilonl' ;OlllE.Conllil.tc :.

Gemil 1'eterda+ 111,1011. railways were 1:1 tlll'1't'r"t! : i:::..:" ';:, 'for 1)lrlnr..1tfrslon,
b f lone ind Tar YOUI' : ; tits;'k )1.11'1(1( : :11111 SUlllllic"i.
"IAN', ti'at.Ua: : 0::. :.;. at 2aeon. i the n'I lau g"H'rm\f'lt s: It a l I. !my I :
! .. inters t.. lI ht,1 :. forc.1ildn'nsafe. ,\'J oi.Jtcs, J' 1.m'call: ,';'pr'J u..lu.tt
, \\1111 or ter ,'IIII\II.a aai rt- e11;: on'l' to :: 111 ur::

I \1''ril'I1I'' In tua'tru t it:1 u: tie :..'. .; IClll/f.i'1n .
\ union of rte lie r\; .11II 1 u: tr.r l li ; you .lDLHED 1563.

Um'f'.1 I'mi'r' it.l: II'gh!I\\I-:. a:,.I on tlltI': t :an" : __ ___ .- -- --,- -."
1' y.t'r:1I' \ featS i
art tit t.... r"a'a'tia \1". t.. tae ptradep III tIr'! : wire i.Ir.wtl'ol t 1 I;: ( '.. I' n \ \YlrSi/l.ITtlllWjOc"f ) G \ :, ,

, which. RI).' n.etun'r.t 1111' .\tr uto\ Gtrurp'uriml'ill I I tint railway 1:1 ttt: : c:.,' 1'1<_ ':!' t J:' :'.. n \ ., a MIKE TZiE OERTIl\IG & CO. ,
rjf\t1 V nn
IIr.Ia 'uri" UI I:16P. tNr;. i.i.I\: the wed.! ,.:: ... I!' c" r 1::'"' '
tienra .;,1111 J: 1.r.l.. t"V,; I and ollle1' Stl1S01lfd'r d. C --JFALe:91!: 0
r ItrSinolrr put iu hlIl11. but lIa it.i ; ( e.i:, i. Lu I tat :

111111 ,'II'r 1b'UuI-n",1 Ka"ctg I l the! t'nlu'l'rs: ex..tI.l'o: !: "Harston j' Fin eh': ', ( U U U
bit T. IJ.l1l.. ::1' I :U a:ttr1u the cell\I- : ; and General
tlat1. 1.oKI ;:raeil.uB. we I.re ffJll:. :, 1 Ship Ghandlcl1Y Uardware.

!I this ttJ1tl:"
Grvrpa -. i'ml ut LT ('111: \ \r1"oo.:.. I -Im""i (.'r'II'Ill1.lIl..r, IUI -
1 rrnnningy.1TI.Aat.t !I 'ELi' t.i$tcrnuti"i Wi i'"IOa, t.j i I 003 .\1; > 60j s. I'.U.tH{ NTCILT.REVERR : .

: t t'fI. ;liThe (ielria I e.llh': when It W.W r-u ,nl..l I I ... .. ....... ,
: ------ - .i'A.CJr EN C'V -
ChinC20 and
;C&loul oj 1 C"I1 :t'II'\' has blfj1lU, the fuil there was not It ':n.IE,;'.' ill El:1: I ....,:.'="' ,'fiW" t. Japanese.
'Otd! 11t.I3.t "' "* \: Irl1u..: wuur .n'm Ita 3pDC':1rlUll''S1.1 bat ( of U rttt1.1'irt: V.t i J
: .., )} JI Fancy Goods r\\IZED WIRE RO1'l:. A. 1 Utl-EL k SON'S Pl' fPH.
i I.e done: Nutiliu; lot to t'll1I--; ;;'" rn'J'I"r I ,
1,' the J'.hl .;}" 1'-iI11 year m lIS ill- I ..
hll'1'tl' 111 .11.1\: :::'e is ter tlsur ILe Ion;: l'.rritlor I1t I'9ltc' I,. C.I: ;" .'., "J'"" .,.; :3,111 ti61 SZi tttiutl: i3.! .: ttl: tR31r6I1fii11:: ul3ld: 1tC 9rt. gtIuCO'ZP:1'l'F15L0i4

eter t"'Io'r" ant III" ""lIo"i i. tit n'l.rr m.1 when it w;:t. tl'j''l-d tl.; earth tva4:; "'-.V'- ..... ,, .'j..'...JI.,.............
S 'ray bo.It..r ',III",.,. t 1''r 0" iwcnnm.lI I LIt CIa tOlt. 'tie tuutl'as: the ;:1,:::: \u.t15ow1.! PIiI.lrot of..
,.. 1'.. 1'1 r. rr.K"nzle Oerti ('"I !.. .tl'l.:' A "tug fir B I: Pil..t Benevolent Assoelation.
,lalllmt'L tit. 1.1.1t Ittlu; 1Jtat tit the tae.3rnse: ( din ; 1.t t rhi! H'il"nl. t t !! ;
out tlate III i.lr lJ. fb.' tttt'uacl.1 t I lall..lIl\.1 IIIIJ Vicar .J i.'tt.'t'. f.1:1r:' fry ()!li'.. l'rN'f14. FLAHIH3ERI ,
"t: nt this .Jwri u.url' D. ":0."uj. I : E' I"01' the cal.T'ht :-) lt1Trd.I111"01,11I' :. h't. ;. 1 i'II-:

h air: LIs!! ,.\:111'11 tLc Ii'ngxhI 1'111"11 tlrl'nt at M:1; tl u'tb .k laall'.. ;
._ laIn I.ru..l.. l'"u-U lJll1l.. l1! .t1I."oI1a. : :"'0 ; PH." .. pn
I of :' Ii! i ia.'..:jdt'1H .
t rvd-: I "i1.-aill 1114tu..I : t 81)6.) & WICKS&Co.
M "...,. rat :.: -II' tii"' ('lty court I .t e1t I tner.: ?::.I:1 IH'\" !.:1r:1: : \ cullt! nt 1ttlvrr.1uucn'u, t'1 <.11. 1'tuitl3111ten1 [ t J \\JU. ,
', :::. ehtleTlchrt. -
ill the I.l'i of C'aN1tg. vrrutar \t'tr.. 1:11: us :'::1l\' ti.'r.:: the tun, : io1 11-: ..
::; od f.! ; d'l\ IIJ return
,I1t rn :1:11 11rllt' Iot- .!. 1't: this! f. :.: ... I le:4 ; rjUA b
a,1i ; : rallrC'iui. avrUttt t ; I 'a. : I' : .n on Iriular trawl.
any \pt--roger V&flOtAL4J2I& Plumber and Steam
", tar !"' :6" ... r"n't're'I1t1 favor a t, rt<:n .b dbi1' 1: ::_:th t...:: li II'IIt : l'url'ha-" nrket4 at IIl'k..t 1I1:1r.: \ nw Gas Fitter

of Rte },J..llnT tar rrr'tilal II1JI1f1l' !:" i.i: :. btg ::" I "pL, tr: f.l1! hUt. :.: :,. 1 l'\.f lUrtl.l.r ihf"rw situ!! 1I1'l'ly totour. ,

s Thera-rut IIU"'I'; tllr ,Ovum. ''I :ooa;. It I::! ::,':'ij' 1 : I "ctlit.: ] KINur

,, lOrn f".I"y. L'r $ ') Art. I now vu tart.i l'an' ::" t.lt; f tL,' 11'r";; f1.U'Y11'P ;: l'a.lt ,'U"\": I Palafo Streot, No. r3 South Palafoz Street
i ltatitn I:...... 11 tll,' St'IJ.! :.: 11Lt'1 t'1lorou. ,'r P"naneoll

I ltal:11il: t.ccs an I'un'; hardy: t1m the : Il' 1hit \.:h; ti: : l i!:liri; !! tbt.1UI I'.... M.\ rlt.: l'3TTl.utN.\t llltun, Pensacola, Florida. All KI1d oa: l'DT.bin! and Ut Fittin M3terisla Kept on Han

I i Rally :11\,1\ ll1Il'! pruhttllt. 'fury are P ltealll;::. Til: : ,'"m StL1l'latt! Rh' :70.- 114,5 '- PGT4ln1.\, l.LA.Aa .

.1.1..n' ..n.'r1; !i.. IIld:11: l.:1th.'r ItnnCrLt I I.:, ,,,: tlastN UO.:;.a"lltb r::11 brim': : ::11'

'f partial dreti.tit. nhen (!alhl'S'i'.1 Iltl..1 \1 sst:4 I.;' ,'rlluh :Itd : :n;:

aid 11(111111I:: 'They \\I! :::1I11t.r h0ueyfr.4u I :tu tt! 1,:':1\- ilonrlFamcat: t f te LI'r. Florida Jrieulturai College!

.. : .1 I nI-h M AVERY
5 L.I. s-"u< hint 1..lt" till I.' t i uneltnly tuft"tl bri-ilt4 !4alo

ttlUdL Tbry are litr..I1'r: Da Ia'! will:_. 'xI'dlt to u,.:eIrI: 11,' "(:\\1.: not LA=E CITY. FIJOitIE: ,

Still r.y Ul\1rl' tlrl'\ll: ;I1JJ sulttly and, tLc) hI'I' /"ao.s.or a 4sae 4' .....,111.1
-- Ei2hternth Year. llegillllin 'l'tf'lIlher' ao lOI.!)
an' out 20tI irritable.s Irrrrnarlty reLl rndne.iron.A ;; IMPORTER AND JOBBER OF

_- -'= -..aOS1ITER' Fonr\f'Ars.ln tgeleutura.tlrelanielEngn"! !: .. T..ln. .
F.iir t nunrti In : $cl..Dr.rr.
l'\lUllUlS at! tit la hto'lul! : !, ......... ,urt-n,'. ,;our-rlnu-iur'etrnaz'wov.I 1..r'I.., lint T..I..ilr."bV'
t :tr.II.r.tj' rtept'ct; m tho t.1H' ,', Aprrcaretun'rout.rnfOft' ortaoyrars.ltr.... tr..afur! Ihu r ul.aa lU prrparo tvrthr :Bard: v.rare
Tle brI
tier to ai,. taLEIEBNATEO 1.lfaI5. TLa L:nn::n .,: ;t,.:" a" IIt5 t u Suungn.' ull gr ..nuad-rmultarrd'I'aPt.rudaalrtnur.cipbn V..unaaom'nund.. ,tom!! h'lf)1"IrllatolJCU ,

I i !urea Ilabits :1,1 tl I L,' i:1 a tit'zri.. .!tr. at h _'''' H..II t!, luitl..nF',rrtoF'Iandn.tuAnthrrxor.r ..-... ,..rymaa .
Iadigestoa, and Ilr.t-cla. t. it IIl'ltloIlU..1I.. AhoTel. Saw Mill and fiteamboat uppl1ee. CooklI:1
pt'I.lt11t: \.pvu the ptrfurmlu'.' oi i:. fur wudrru IUlhllll t'ljUIJIII..nt. Iron. Nafle Axee \ .

Apspepra, I tarlctiuu 111 a!\clrdJlW'( with t'.,. Ilbii.It :;.4 I T. H. TAI Ft 1:1:0. C; F.:.. Pt. It. t'r..111pnt. and Heating 9to.es. Paint. Olla and Window GIA8! .

BlGuas rssJ4 :::.,I. 1:1 respe'c't t 1 d: ".,Lila tl.i! ..
and Tinware and Hon erurlllsbing Goods.
: r-ialtr ufrtryatilt5. Agate
er Ii'a ta'al 1it -
? : W. B. WRIGHT
''Salana, i ::!.t'u Ilt :1 r-ur! !hJr. the:! vu.td : : \ p COmPANY: G!:tti. PIl'ol "nd Fllblnl; Tackl.

Fever and 1..I\.t's rcv'u-to ncd 1J r1 i\"i::!!! fuo,1

; I st tat Lour Im.II" l'n-ptr\.l fur it.I \ : MASl'FACTrRF.KS AND Dr..HERS IN' Mllh Revere GiantStitched
l Ague j AGENT for Btrutn tam Rollln Company,
I 11 1I1l'S :1.tJ::I'n ih: _:l!:r'y. till. .. ..
10 lbr Ru.-.. r- Vi noel Laftln A Rat"
Relting. Xo'tha.mJton Emery Company,
ft"l1l:1ch I 13 t.1.Zi:1: ''."-
I'y s;: ;
:1'--\ so h LUMBER LATHS
1 t no..n. 11..11 ; .- 1. { Johneon'e I I\IBoI:1he. iron hiD& and Buck'il Stont
fair tvrry.utr.r- : e't'ak.tall Ii Cl'nr 1:1 tlt state ljh'Jiuc'3 1 ., Powder Con"nl,

I rrfwm ;.atuarh I: whic'.1! It sJ.\'t11.7 hI' fur tl.t / ant Ranges. Wet. Come A Co:e Ray" nde L\te Leather 1ft-Burl' Feed

.8 STOMACHRS II' 11"h't 1,11 : I.: :11t lJJ '.' .\. t'Irfu.ntnct::" or it.: I S SA WRTI GYPRE:3S7.INGLE3"in'DrieHpI : ( 'If.8 R\I'd C lt\r..

';\Ik. .G
I ) 11't 1t a In"tIt Masonic Pen Fla.C.
Temple ncola. .
j"i.. .. 1 ,
1 -
It r r't' '


,_. .... .. ...., ".':,i Q --cot_ .. .. .
7V' a. k-- tI:, ;;.1.- .) ... .
-r 't '.Ra tYlS.st 1i Cox -- --
!' '' .yf'1".1 -.., ". ....... -- .. \-..:.; ....::, ':' <,, < : -
..1"'f.,, "
.... .. ot"

.".... -". ,.... ... ''" ., .. "" ""'" --CjIo.! .. .. ,
... 'T, ,- -. ... > "- .. ''' "" .. -'.' "" ? -, '. "' >" "", .... -r- <>, ,-. ---"; ,- '_ -.-.- .

.. .


.. 4- ,
-- ---

; I II Io"r GREAT A6HT RACES FOREIGN FACTS. i Cures Cancer, BhCld Poison, Eating I Ji
Sores, Ulcers, Coala Nothing to Try. .I LODGE DIRECTORY '

I Permission Las been; given for thE Blood poison, and deadly e..neer .
---- .
BEGIN OFF SANDY HOOK erection ct n 'l'l'DltC.ty 1:1 1:1tlitI, are the worst and most doseated''' HNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. 1 1PenlL&coia o

Cffir 1 WOO D. I BII Jpl''t Larmai hereafter mint bE blood diseases 011 earth, yet the

I I forty years old at least hy order uf the easiest to cure when Botanic Blood I.olljlf" No. S. K. of?.. I

1"1 : I t-( ) S ,'\. I Columbia and Shamrock IIi lIun:1rlau mlJ'll'r: of the interior.tnung Balm is ufld. If you have blood NICK'SPLACE meet every Nnndaying n... ,...
. ..
-- al :1.11 At C.&ie BRIT '
the l1'l''l'nt" sent Ly I'UI.I I Ipeupc ;.
n..nhl nr paPjpA ploison, producing ulcer=, bone pains: 1n the HI"lunr--Wa&Roa
ItE--\ .. ofr Again Contest For Cup. : to the I:1'W baby aUhll'l' of'' hul1dOl third floor
... 1' ,'n et1 'II'"'' .ill.l r pimul.S mUCUOU3 patches. falling i
'" s f" ,,' '""., ,.. IlnrlOor: Immanul'l 111. 1"1 :1 ayl.r 4 wlelUDjf brrtbrea tlonUa1ly
I ...". .... 'flUldi .n.l trnni forIIIy '', hair: itehin !>kin, ;scrofula, old rheumatisui .10111.-d.
tf ,, painted cage euutltIIIIU; Iwo lute Ln: ::;. M.CAreeLt, .t
,'''''1J1A. .a. FAIR DAY, PIPING BREEZE or offensive f mn of catarrh H. HOR.Ln C,0.
--- -- ----- The European dog eensu4 !In!S boeieonlplPt.l K..R..ts.
i'CaD and scalesdesdly: cancer, elt-
I\' '1'( ) 1.1'NU.r and llO\\"S that! I'rnlll'I. with i .
'11)'Ii . : ft'sterin ---- 11
Fully :2UOO, l't'ol'le'' J..e'ft' )1,1'\' York :2S4Fl(4a: ( dogs. hull Is the rccl1rJ. l'l'allec lug bleeding ; !'ore5. well .
I 'lIIta.ll f ienGh :\O liS H. uF P.
hnna.llnl4 I''nl- .
L4-b'- Ii' ings, lumps, persi.tent wart ur tore.
.. and I kin "'p..r. City to \\ llle.8 I\U..I Race-"' p1eL. 1I1S seentyfve dogs to every thou- '
ss n .
'I (.I-- II E'U"rr FrldV "t ti.n, At CanLl. ,
Pranmg ;
.. I, lake Htallic l.t(1 Balm B. B. n. .
e. v -r..r. "v r-'r ''.1 dhll'ro"II-"lolI of U..aullful"dchh rand inhabitants.By ; t } 111 In the! filount-W..utJu Building
,. tt ter I g. 1'1lv 10 A. A. t'.r. It will cure even the wor..t ewse IlftHVtrytllillg lblr.t d'Nr. .
i'Iat.'t" {Ire..l.Irrn and Ui:; Ex'ur.l Hoat.. lIly'\'J Lt votes against seventeen e1sP: fail;. H. n. H. drain- : '''.1Unu hrntharn and mPalber, of aster

I E'II"", ,",,,.,,...<1 ,.. .... the Nor v.'gian l'lllmtl\'r of rieputks the poi"ou out of the sytem and the !Lodgel curda'om..d'.
... :\EVTOIK.ept. -Wih a trilliant I I.us: tf'Chh'l allow W. l. M.iCKETC.C. .
'I 11,11 ""''1U. "I h. ; h WOIlJl'n wlw blond then every gore heal, making w. r.Gon\\IA. .
..1 x'1 "n .11" I{. I rnnkq.I autumn un and a plpln,: breeze pair: lax 011 :11 income of at lr at kru the blood and rich, and build K. of1.AN.
,.."'. "I" "' pl\lI.lox !;t., I I'hprlmlm pure ,
: the [iris dar o: the iuttrualOnlol yucn: t'raues to vote 1:1 all! Iusiucs3 tanners.In in r up the broken.dnw11 bash- llotanle -

', tn.f-I'nrnn nerd mnnevrr races opt'DE'dVita every l'rOml of pr- the town uf lrlutsk: to the Sibci Blood Balm W. H. H., Ihor..ou2hly TULANE UNIVERSITY
,1 I".r"'r any amount vn'J A"I there Ii tested for 30 year;. Druz
ill railway
feet cou lioui of wind and wt'l1thl'r. lit present' only .

,',.1e"'M _'\,r-rm4........, 'and...n...,In....., .r""rats..-.I biowtr.s waif a nearly asuiiht oLt! elan. a 1'renehluan. wt') I'l''alil store. $I per large outtle. Trial
Alter hae
I'.., treatment free by writing Blond l Now Orlonn .
Will. tIanrraa': .
"'u outer language than llnsslnu. .\
In.I' the northeast Lret'1.6 subsided a ally ; Bliim CO'o Atlanta, (la. De-tribe --- ---

huh 1 with poly glut servants Is much trouble and free l'eJical E. A. ALDERMAN L.L D" President. .
'lT TII Rnuunu' 'HI 'Y trlfl nt UUr1fll'. tu: at S c.'doc:';: bctu : advice .
I a,?\..r '''urn' "our nrn r'v. pros neeltl: there.ccunllu gi\ lIl1ntll curC'd. H. H. B. doe, rot The Most PopulateR ----- -

.," nf 11'1.. hue n. ono r..1 .... Sandy Hook and the hlghiaads oi Navesiuu .\ : ; to a I'rl'nrh clrrtific paper contain mineral pobot\; or tllercury'I10 ', Full courses III J 'nzuIIg.... ! .
.,....n..rty..1 or v ro'vr ant u.da.rrinhRva.... Ntt..nA.d! 't). : reported that It is hull b.Owiug: ; atis there! \iero Ully :.l I,4MMI1I"1lhs$ frouruus.alnption :0') many advcrti-sd remedie-dot. 1 ..IAhh.b..llnr n. U ew.ton.Four 7'ulala newchalr make

adderTn'.. "'. 'd'.t.no k'A. kllots. It i1<\1 swept away \'t'ry ,"cs.ot In Euglalrl IJl1ril1! ILa but i, c'tnpn-ed of PUtt B'tallic Ingredients ,"ad..r.' In all vwntton.. Its f'IIIII". forn.trrcttnn
.... xrJ jD-nnP.w.nt.. PAnolO- Over at ) It';timonhl of ,, 1'1 1-n'oll..rlll>; tar Un.urpa.er' .
I harpPq '""'''..r..!.' To rvrrynnPAt tie mist cr Sax: and the shore was year Los,I. whereas In Prance: tlhere t'nrarellyd .. tl'.rr.IIIIII,.. for the ludy '
;; taking llutal1ic llloud Balm
cure : : : ,.r 1 frn'n P. 'ar wllllf'nd t"nney vt'iuie from tee Jerry coast. tie dt.r.nl! I is nucil rlri"l'. th'r1'1',' i'
( d..pllrllll"'I' hoard
-tl.tt ac.conlln'lI1atl"n
1.,10:1.1 A h'V. : Tae hUcuver. WLA reuga
sa 'lulte l: II'lMJ Ill'JtI from the same disease I\L IONr.t rl1'.. 1I1.p.'rtuol-
i and heavy sort was pauu.l :L on lLaL'lcn 1k.altlydwlforPrlt-hrln. No .urthyboy
1'1' t lilT". lu the sntuu p'r. If tardy, 1I&11 ht turned from
lIt l' at S.tndv IIuuk.Itembertuc as may its t

1"11". ,".. -..n. -111..1- --fI..tj I'v'liv how tae: freeze fell VP.teruay .. Aloe of tie gloat I'lrikl:1; ;;: roil:"" of the I R [E8TU I ij RANT I IIn door Nrt'rNi..in5lhoId. lER1-T: .

'. "Ir ". 'on!: ..,... h...... ..,.tj however, nom a hiiix gale 11\ toO) rtlge tr ,1.1'! 11'(10:1:; In 1'tkin.; last i t.aU tVKAr..I.Oil .
.. ,.",.. .. .,...
11 .," early uornlD? to l.nt ti kuuts atD'clncgtheM'ralz.rwte :: J oar 14 I W I'I' l'\.hilJlI'ti! III LIIIJull. II For Infants and Children. n h. PRt'f't',
f .r.. Itn'1 nrn nanIR. l''''rt't"ry.
'. 'ur......... Itl,1tryh"q fltt.d were llc.l.1 : I; a tI:! turn monist tll !short 1>y the .
".na nr. P.. ",,,,'1 n. nua'.atia. 10 place lniy taint faun ia the early The Kind You Have Always Bought j
... !rcesealit: fusipade. 'l1rolIllOut the j
O. mnn r. f"tndn.l IDon:1n CUDU1t1OU,. PROFESSIONAL CARDS .
...,.., .. ? I h' IOIIlcn'r the British: :
.r of Nryn.nrr Wltn..tj" :l' this! Cad: A .. .
nwchi ". 1'.101" ""II ..I Oil boarl the chalcup'r:Jd dfeider Bears the // --- -- ---
.. ... 'luarlpl'S. It was taken 10 Enlallli by .
. I" every ( it-a was rnriy n.tlr.by 'i (.sG.o/Yt
Tjign3IYC of /L' mareellus\ me ; :
."-" 1:0: o'clocit bosh boats bad Itteu I Sir tI.lll.l' 1I..JOtlll.l 1 reary,

l'OIt Itt '. T. their au.l salis J:1 \:1.1 j jail ,
... .. .. ........h... Jlh stay atop i I -- Pensacola. :
t' I" .. m..II' h' Flrn, "All'''' their atlc ak\r" rrniy 10 krr..k. Tnob14 II ITEMS OF INTEI1EGT. IIIUI': II.hlt: Physi i n I: aId SITUCII! .

I ,,... .".$ :"C''r.. hall Fnr t lull top salts also \\-t'rtl n ad. reads. I

". Ilr J. IIl1rrl 1'\t'rJlf" q.t'rhtn' cud Wt: CUYtri tuiH'u Ott the mils lI..Il1.0 !1 i! FrpCJ'lpnll.v tl-Fmploveeof yaw; $PahIPDPN II wag[ r.A lulI.r..l..phon. ,
flit. Fprci.)e cou.t justicee\ In New Turk .. No. iil. '
IllltI: and
tUrylPutill" ill thi" ,
:\ CI.uaa a of daL c"mp: ..
eiy; lI'cL'l\'e j.-Inl) :1: Yl'ar more than region are trouLle,1 with ehiU,. ftutldtne 11"'j! Noah, ,
II' \\'IIBI'ol. No t"nn.nf' were made In'Le p1'll'i. I I II Painful htrl't'l. l'lionl! '. .
JII"tI'I'S! IIf the supreme court Lf the I 'Tittle Is a g-ulralltl'l'l1 remtdy that .
.., ..,..... pal sad.. be Suamrcck: II nlWI! I -
.I, t: ,'M In I.N. L Uilullil: ... t i i3 a .iU" and quick clue It I-Plen- C.&STOT.TA..Beare
UI.\1n bail beat 1l1lH be: u P.i ill a tsgatU !
II ." ,Inn "f"nl fnr lhafgntniinirkrl ,11lit Chill t I .
uti)11 IjP Can
'. t'-at "I".h'n" fnr.Ina'll UC SAltdy: llcuk that wren 3tlll1llf'CoaClLla' A !-I'H'IttJry l"iH,1D, : ;; l is ChicaaI'is Cure put 11"1 by FINE lie K Id Y"I Nara IAIIs! 6Ji6igtatcfe ,
,. ..rxreaharP. tnkPq \"If'H.jall[ fipld Irnz Cn. IIf )lpl1.phi" I tbl ; "
Wln fill iS tll" Same Quo just bPa'li rilat'd with jacks t'H'IIIJ- .
.. "
1I"n c'ro.vgch nKrill." II i i.; Fold in l'.n"'il'olll by the I II '
,.1 Pvm"nturr0 rr t..rrpI'a : whicn Ine tne last :J.ttlrJaj' ('a Lou;; ( Iii. and n half fret without! cracking; a Hflrd" PI'auuucv. bottle Of it ofVEI.lLY 4-- .
Try t {
III"r MIIII&nl T&tJl" Wurk+. l'and' onu.t ; "
Xxrn: At 0:05 the Columbia sln "o1 her !pail( l.f alas': ; or laJurinl a trail I and you a ill always use it.I I Biloxi Oysters :

-.- 'IlInt.H'r'U!! has assured the authorl- I ____ __ ,
tlourllll and wa taken 1a tu 10' h.thtl
I I t I I :. tug -'l1UL .A mumellt i.tt'r the il'IU' tie, cf the St. LaII exllustiun! that he PynyRaI4am !itot'. JlI" Tld'li,, .

itIP. m'1 l"slrl\hl" In?. In rock was takeu 1n tow bv the L\\Hlue will!! use I 1ls! I:1tll.tl'l' 10 persuade the : -and.IlIIIC.y: a.;:u a IUrJolWIWlU iu. the thr' I'\ .. ..... Awarded at Park
u'T 1' toy IllA tl I1Ar (sinus lt full )pI tl tllQ linn Wild III\ llmll'l' !U\'l'I'UliJl'lt' tJ Lltl In 1'1'I.lt
., %'1' l'Ioutb t'alatnr14i1"'
.u..y. I
cup l iefeuder panel rile polit uf the : :11 ta': falr..t i NEW ADVERTISEME1HS.VIRCINIA AND SERVED IX ALL

1IoOk! at 0:12: hl'dlJ bur :'lluJy Iio.nhhtantp tIrI.h,1' r. .L'denzctl to lie 11:1!nab;: ,
II \ lit c ; (111/.. ;
.. 'u ..., ,,..., ,.. nn..tf rlf: ,::1inI ta take: "hanta\::; uau i COLLECE ?!STYLES! 1 I
,, 'n .. \t that hrtl:' be wind hal d.crea; =edIhgntly '
I iktP-S1: nutNrtureri
'I i : n H ur l.on1.. Hatt Toll'"t and was bhvae a: lG kuusfrum : CP[ nrti.i:ity to l'l'apt' 1:ua it lb'' For YOUI'C' LADIES, Roar.oKo. Va.

.d.t..3:1: 9 w. lIv.t'rIan..nt tie llvrmC.l3t. ; i
.. Tue"let r.uh the Lucits o. Sir I fl.ltJI'C.n'ct! ,; ;;..t array.tiiSii ctIIIJllur "Ull"" I Ii tit'; :1\ the !" 'lIlh. I
\.w ltulhll11ll'. not WINE CORDIAL
-- piano Ulpl\\t'l1t.:
i s'- I'",. "u '''.1'al'.. 1holUl: Llutou arrived at Tnt Hook !. I.n:: IU.'I\\.I; 11.:1111' 11l.: .s 1'I:1- "'atapu. tell arreIi rand tHOU"I"III, sc"neryn'all..r Hilliest rreommendatinnt for Poorneu
about: 9:4' auti the party b.lari ohstraueferred IlithouI : ( of'a flIl1.d: !ur has"h. F.uro- elite o
RrI.'NEkAI t.1.! 1>/'Ilr\II"n.; : 1ts only !
,. & furlliptlf'd t'a the isms wauh rutuCtilatriy 11..1\11 and AUI..rll'II t .I\dl..rs. Iull cnur-r. '
"'.JIII..r'I'"Clllj {I 1' lIzn' started afu'r' tllt! ::l..llllruc... I is nn tn4'glItly' : IIlt' at itla.Ii1! a net I 1 I "on''r\'lItUr\'It.h''lll'l\i''lIln' % U. .1 U'IIUII regular Dinners Every Uay I.ee1Ic endFu.L'.uDttlreuures.tem.
'lo.lO..t:3: : Hest lH.OI11rvIIdlm !amp tad to !It'h! !1 t1I': !:u\'ll'u:1.1'1I1,. tlonltlllll 1-tint.: '110 trulll Iblrrtitfit..3.. .
: It had been Sir Tu.\L.; Lll'tuI's in. Jor cl<",luII"" nddr.s1.AlIIF. ? rut' IIr..siot

h'ntlull 10 salt III te rJ.e; on boar.i the \\IlJs SIIII m"II!:, to 1UlUIl! : P.ILAIIIIIS.i'eideft. PARIS

1s .' TI'I ::-1101nrorK. but tl.IS IJOrua;.: he COli'C.U1ltJJ. .\11 tCt't I. t 1 I Il' IlideJ !1'l'tlO\'l' a loaau6r' t a.IlaL 1'. foster. a C..
.. .. .. ..
.: 1"1 -1t1"1-I\oll"'n- 10 that liB il';:. W11C:1 B tllI lsloe! lake rClll'ul: taT flllll th wil,1: sae. I ONLY U Y 3 Q a1NT1I !

1) ,'. "lIln. toltorttnnct11 and 1ruw a recent fall. wuull J.1'eveut 111'i I roll (,rrl anl,; in Ior'st that h. t.. !fit'1tiui JtertlsmColhnfoolnlrter -

sI l..mnB'," f 'I our 1J111ih taking au aGlv'. part III tie: llUUI;:r' 1.enis. fir Ha i.m'':loud! l'UI'dra r\. and Pltlt''r I.ov..Ih. s far 11.,.
t"nr fgrihr" iIf..rrnl\- meat uf the L at. Sv he remarried on Uie1r1l .".l..1I1 "I I'''I hlld t lac 1'1111r.'I1lv .t-.nd u.
Ill : it he 1l:1 feet Itll; ail 1 1. fee t i
.1 n. 4.'bth'ge., : : : On i..atrd the :5nam1'uc,;; WH tl I lI.iln. : .1111 Prttt. lII '1nnllb for .l1m\ll. "III.Ol\lI": an'\ \ P4C1IEDILI.:
-- -- in liilUll'IW tIC base.l t 'r nt.. Tn)1.r ho ? to ttoehrter..V..
\ 'ny.,'HI' "P..U'lllirl \\ FllIlt' IJU.H':1l1. rotareSPntiIi \.n I I tit
\ 1 t t,it---in own h..01- New Y..rk Facet uo.lr. JuJ.'J.ou amMr. ]l .1 house r.h': !: I : assct.:ated a :::. tlt FOR STEAM DIYIiIONPENSCOLA
?P.Hw"1IB,1 .tllIllI. 1\1. Ratz3y.At enrllife ( f I :nd: l li tlstrr bI'U! It, CO TTtY1Le. : ,: tI.Et'T HI 0 TtH3fIfAll
Il-If 1uld too wind still: i.elJ at 1knuli 0; be .. )JJ. tt Is at laia street lit IVt I .leter '\'rare ti... A 1'0 v. "'" v. J II", II"" ."''0 o L.,....',. Prove the I 1\lIW.\ C() II'\\oY.

t', w ttlan to fluxpply .::....- avute: II:1Uo\'t'r. N.: IL \-.h'tl'l I'" a.11rr. / /L5/J.--, TranP leave 1'l'n.lIcola for the Little
\ kit the 1'1t Itayou BUI BIlVOU. WRrringtun. i.ael Yard
i city
IoilyUAOIerxua ( .A/aI
1",1. I.. 111'1 1.s.1 <. ( -.4-Ml.
:ytlii.d 011' of ha ruomfur :1 1 lr: '; and Fort Barrancae IL1"
1\' :::;.\ \\ r l'Ct" '
It WII 10 u'dock hen the lest esenrsjon .. .. 1.:111 L: :'is suJl'It ire tt L'crtn.eut' = -< .: Pudding -; '% m." rlv" 1\1 'ort H\rrAncal! f(6a.m:
'T..nSl! Ell In 1.:1 I':'1\11\. m. arrive I\t Poi I L:a rrnncn,10,6 a.m
.. steamtr are lions: and torLtgtn n l'Ullc. .
'I her b"m..1.1. passeu I f 'I t: IJ p.111. arrl. lit Fort barrnnoae 1:611 pm
'" '!'I I ; a sit l lHild pro"1 of: bcalltlft:,I' :. J I I I Itad. Do or eon.DCIlr.tIICnts. a:91; p m. arrive at Fort H"rmllCct5 .:10 II m

,, yaCh:, ar. 4 :/: J-t'ur'IOU h .at. TURF 'fOFCS.t'.miral / -- ... 4 .6:1 P. '. arrive I\t rort Jl\rrancal tlalpm
.1 :In' of :ai-Ly bee
bItt fort
\ p m. &rr1\1\1 fillrrllll"lu ".44
k 1' FIUfA9aN. 00\\1'1 The eQuae toJ.I) was 1.liilie3 tIt the --. P IQ
!'rain 1."v8
look tempt.b s Port Harnulc" for J-eD.a-

, wlunward !and return liaWU;': trmtuu I1eW, y. n:1l' wI;: 10" recd:: Pop Fizz! I We cola: at ,
,. Ii .II 1l hill ( 't.rntatltrq Hoo.- 11hsitp and rIlUUlU to a ,'{ try
Saudy 7) .
.:.-...._ ; In Ls: sate Ct gara.t 1.ls this: f.Cork .. )a m. lrrlva at l'.ngnr0R II;ye a. Ia
Wlf:1. I 01.t oft the Ling; Is.a ,i I'uu'e. ,Iruf; to male thee 1eo I I :' I p. n.. "rrV8 al p..nlll\ool".11:611 p.m
'. new line-1 bona lidr \ : a!} the PIaacI.II'l;! :t "t"; ,.'i, \vty i ; But a pudc QI4) p. m '.rrl..lIl\t I'"nhl\cnl" -..." Y:16 p.m
!'dolls ('ruUirtlug: 1.11It' 6e4)I p m IIrrlV. fit p"o.'lola .. 6.1
: ''11- '' ["'" ('hnrll".r lids entiuenrltle !. 111111 it uill'!Il' t1'ude'; .. pal
I."t I ding wu no 1:01 p. m. arrlvr At P a.aeola.. _.._ f:.a p. a
nnltlnl Tire 'a"llu e:0:3,1 the slrnl1 line Tam-Spare .
I.t. ; .. 1'tI\Tt. :i'. 'rN.PIRN l'II at a C'J"t Qf ;_111,004). laoreulteadet! b:4.Sp.mu.arrlvrati'en.auola.,69pO
: .:,,,' at tile xollowrn;: ohcial tlIne: i1.1lU' "Hatordays only.Fn .
fur sirenLi !
;. Clh Lla 11:14:1'.!. The rIIt- average sped to t.e 1 ked
rot k 11'1-1:0: : \ '.XJ R' 'OR WIlIlK DAYa.'nn.oala .
- 1 ii :::I.r,. for Joe Palcheli The 1 1 to Fort
1'01 I.t'itl'-- Shan: .ruck was appareutly] u few: hnn Fult \ \ etruerelythanis : Barrnncaqna rfltDrD (61
- .... !60.ftCola to Navy Yard and rlltOfo_ /bs
Patch :!Ht.Glers Na.tion's
tired yards ahead of tie COllU: a. but .:::01'4.\ aild: Um : 1
stock en""oola to Palmetto
... tHtur.t'ill'llt': : S / our Heaob dad l6seurDAY
.k and tll': fur .xlr. tile hitter ssas .one tht..rc" tuwiudwarn. hao feUI,1 It necessary to rtgSi I temperance: : '. It j ICHIDUD1

I' 1I.,1"'r.'o'.. I lu.tf I :J..w ('li.1 ,. _:IJjl'I.' with a pole tJ beverage Suppose you I Leavy[ l'I'o.aoo.a.. Lv Fort Ruranoal,
In the first fife U1iuue; of the tailing; do what 70'.1
mlkl' hi)1 I\' hi; Lead srniht.: 9&.m lea. m.
\ tt ;
111- \"alllo' '. theUCriran boat seemed to hail the would do wits 11 .. m. Ii m.
rr)' 1).1'; \'ulin; Jm: the ih'r of 1 p. m. f p. m.
i i .rtE\It: I""III1I.r..1 li:1amrrclt iu goof shape but after that titIraddiuQ..
\.,,,.. .ltl....) lor e"tit' anti 11:11.1 1:., :_:::ell ,. lilt err ro'cOI'l to2:1GI HIRESR ip.m P. 111.
the -hamrock begun to at
:: go away Tim 1\ i a p. m p. m.
t I nnnnnu UIIIII.IU. Kna rvrrNherr:':.id; I'atl- 11:0:: it 100118.1 as If ice might be able to' ::: ,+ Oil a half mile: trap!. the ether ( I 'p.m m.

c I""w'A':: force the Columbl:1: about when she ,Jay. otbeer fi. p. m. a p.m.
p. m. f
p. m.
came round 0'1 the starlx1anl tlcit Silver Coin Ii: 'o fir the fastest!
\ .
\ \ I. i'-.I\le ,1 NCKIIUryI I I PAR Vol t'\lD4T
1.I! .,,1. FoJ'I".1. After the two bvau went about on thesrnrboard three-y.ar-old 1':11'1'1' vt the I'IISIJU. IS Mike il at born.. !tol1nrry..h..rp i Penraeolsto artBarranoa. navy
I I..re...' B..I diu.11- tact' toted toe m. Inca.as 1 and and ____
a aaa teat 2,::j:: out of Jl'nall 'lIe.. Nblrh make V.e return __._ III
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about and :1 Ilu.lrllr lane ill U34; at I ''''\1'-
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.: '.II\.rnlll..OI.tr..el. Phone i 200 yards on the weather bJW of the laud rl'l'llit:) .

a7tf: : llam1'ock and stil: lit the lead. Twelve 'flit' purellase' of the thl..p':1r 01-1 W. T. GORDON & CO., '

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'\:,;,,\ 1t Dr> l'y Frederick nJks of Se dlS' up."That's HOUSE ALL l THE f r POPULAR r l BRANDS. C>'hcs fhlWD!:iLl of l; 'p11baO! :

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bs Fred Oaoes ., 11'1 cure in 48 ')
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: That til' uarjty of ;F-riou 11'- 23d.
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THREATEI\ED.( t Miss Una Clayton "i. I..."" Nr..... ....h..lntt..4mY." .t"" Rrrw.. .
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HEISSER[ DUOS. Educate lair notvt'l"It It ('agearetg. 'v h: P.tth.l.rn T..tlm..l.la;; .
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.1 ;great m.\!!: remedies and was under the n"acda Medical society at :D Frank DcLeon.= ,* YOURSELF! .

:1-- ;"'1 :-.l'iIJfvx"trH:. the care of physich1h for \pr'il t1'o R.ard of Health office: at 6 I l.n ataei fnr ueuatarJ
t':' "' t'I'p.. Cnl"u Dppvt. month. I u.ed 'tlP h.ttlcof FII' o'"lcck p. m.1'ne 'day. Oct b and 22.Viitiug DmtiDIi! rmcls limy. dl Irrltetl4a.barer a.I.atuata'a,r al rtallof.,,

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.-since."' \" A. D'AlembertP. DR. E. F. BRrcE Sold ap ISr.t.Idty' 1
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