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11.1NUt : I iur.En-4: ,F .1.-, ".-.: ..:.!>ikes-. :.T. eta.; V.- i m-. -u-I ..I-rN0-fro-EIAC' rea M.im II. ilea
.. ')!)' '' ,::: ;: ;, nine m tri iijr=. Ill SOO.OQOcurcJ. wf-alth. ThoH. C. 'v 1
;: : S. ETC. < : I\tson
"t DELIVERY rr"o'C' \ \ :\ = : P'CIA' "I': i'O' CI[! 10 COllrCi'Olv
ha'ctis nnYS : A'lJrucjri.'s.. l.'r v- .- ."n' h "k- New and Stvli-li Gods it Price I I I Co.. top 1raling 1"al h-rate licul
1-.t : aae: ; rKU: ,. .. I
A. 1-1..1.: ttlat Muk Them! Go. hays ITnIl (,ff"r
(tilhDVL'-. .. .. I 159 Cast Government which It woulll I.i'
Rubber Tires. -): : \;\ \t.: tTrvTiiE .litret, bE
:v.: : tin; + Horseshoeing:, Ager.t! Crand Union Tea Co. i worth your WLiI tOC'," jdr. Uo r
... :: ; wtr.Vm to-djy. and '
NO. 33 EAST CARDEH STREET. FH )'.= tt I I N- \V ut C uumn. felr.0.." No ZA. I PEXSACOLA.'I to-C'orow. don t walt !

J i

:: :':3"7;! -- .:: : :'7 :" "'"3"' -'!' ... JI (: -:=: ::. = -".; Jf :"' """ : .' \ii-'li ''' ';;''' ;''::: ", -.:',:...:: :--.

Y +

r .r'l'




lf i1 The old saw that 'love laughs at, ward, S en ii Yun Old.
:: :
Jane 21 Tbe Eritijh .
PERSONALS locksmiths. seems to hare been I LOXDOV.! pnblio
'Ir.tl'ti.. ',. ,.:: 016. AND i just beginning to look the For Jun to date ... .. ... .... __-.117,133:
.!.. .f'K -jjj' \ fully established in this city if rumors only npoo
.:t.:11';' ',tI.,. .1."", and whisperings and circum- little Prince Edward the seventh anniversary ARRIVED AT ti
7os'1. ..'.. I .' ,}\. ; stance pointing; In that direction of whose birta ocean tomorrow, Nor \'anadll, T.'t, 16go.118I.. Buenos

:l' ; t:. the city to-day. Rumor hath it that Jos. B. Schotz of his place in the machine of ARHIVID.Am t THE
l I mate u somewhat magnified by the P..n''l'ola.llIol i' eimmoas.: U lves- GLOBE
r > Marion lowe? made a flying visit left the city between the hours of 's
; j. 1 .: sence of bis father. According to ab'l ton to lull Tn n lt ( 0 ,
3.4 t )f / ;; 4 to Mobile Saturday night midnight of Saturday: and noon of. ent plius. Prince Edward will Tug Echo Rowe, from sea

:dc' tai;. .' i Hope Cawthon of DeFuniak Sunday with one of PensacolaV i sailor, going upon the traiiilug ship SAILED.ItlikKnrlchetto .

: '" '' :* Spring*, was ia the city yesterday. fairest of maiden, Miss Bernadine., Britannia m a iew years. Hi present Accame Plcano, Buenos -

f > IJ : I Jr. of Columbu*. I II +I education consists ot a few short daily lyres
:. ': T .1'I'. II. _0' KppiuR, Thiesen, eldest daughter of Mr. Ie-et>us given by .Mademoiselle Hncka, _-

.., -r' : Oa.. i, legistered at the Merchant. I Chris Thiesen.While !: for many years coiupauiou to taeiate CLIABID.Br 1

.. r to-day. u<> license to wed was issued I i Duchess of IVok.: The king: u bald to n Kr.hfl l 'Q + Arthur Taylor and wife, of Indian- I in this county to the two youngpeople I be s'rongly oppijsed -stuffiug( clul- K-vi-r A ('0 for Antwerp rw0 ft -'''n
t 4 tlDllJtlr.I.I'I7. tQ s ft lumbar, value J.U.7SSAT :!
r concerned, it is a pretty well-j
; apoln.' Ind.:were amour the l'unddY'arrival. dreu wun too much LuowledKHis -
h ',. -) at the Merchant hotel. established theory that an elopement I, recollection H I keen of how pleasant! it i J
a has been acc mplt>hed and that it aCARASTISE.Port :
I i I was t H. Hitnllnilon, manager of the M"tropolitaii was of the most remantic nature. ship nor. is?*. Crude, 8t Paul de

r'i hotel at Uulfport. MisJ., Mr. Schotz I is well known as the bartender : Prince A story KJvrard's is going the rounds of youu At I LOB ml o to tllt"rLI..ody, HTJ, aittkoff* rKm Pernatu- I
I I'recCio>olnl'.s. a i bk Neptune: :
4 is rtcrmtinsc at Hotel Eacambir.t at the Office saloon on Pala- buco lo .rder
the of the
r Lieut. McDonougt. and Dr. Kirk- fox street. He was on duty at his I I I'I juveuild Duke! of Cornwall party m hd was pre-euci given tors of order It hlL :Mlcbrle,412.Mezzella. Barbados to MEN'S[ SHIRT I r W1ISTS I !
regular hours after he
? patnck returned last night from 'I taturdayllId wood, for whicu he goleiuulv thanked f

( iV. Lake recruitingduty.City where They they have brought: been five ou Mr.had V.heen J. relieved Vidal, one, he of wrote his a employtrs note to- :, hu pre-sions.playuiares wn-reupon with tue old-iashioned Dakeof Ooru-ex- THE SHIPPING.PORT .

( recruits with them. station; that he had put a man in I. wail: exclaimed: I
'' I his place and that he (richotz had .. 1f POETOT.Areatt.
) rne little wretch; he speaks: better
f" H. K Wilkins, the well known : gone to New York, hi- old home.He i than I do." .. I The only practical Waist on :

\I \ > t\ directory Ulan, ran over from Mobile' ; had previously given Mr. Vidalno \Vhicu is not far wrnfor the Duke Br Hnnlck: Park, ;'rt. Mil!*, to hears, '

'.t i i. and pent t 1"1IndIY: with! his wife, who intimation that he wished a leave :;'of Cornwall is notoriously nervous nod Dunnocly" Co I II the market ; self adjusting ;

"t f 14 vittniir her mother Mrs. Pollock I Nof absence, or that he had intended nuuLted for public peaatuj.: ; I A Ht Co Kreshtleld. Ins. Norton toW S Keyser I

<< on Eat Wright street making a trip north, and that gentleman jr 1lantoa1,1911. Lei\'k. to Gulf Transit <'o |. suspenders invisible ; white
.it + t'f I was very much &trlrisl'd Mr .iHi-ob Bright, 17.14. \ OO.lo Baars.
\ Upon arriving HprinRfi"ld. Ohio, I '
1. when he had become arquainttdwith run\\'mlvftCo and fancy. &
t r 't\ x.CltvI.u>!hal Frank L. Wilde "plln Orluon WJs. Duo IBaars 1> ;
e ':: t found that he could trail-.sct his bus- the contents of the note I. Fired on by A :\I..b. They Return dvtCo 111111'0-1
Schotz was known to have been in the IIre.HOUSTON It ieillan.,?"
u ; .. nes there without going I t.) *'r" '
iv vr-, t 'it many and he and Mrs. Wilde, have I town northbound after the train departure of t-.e'II ., June 2i-Tae special: tram Co I'lpln'lr?1 0 lie Lourdes, il'tf' H..rms..- ':, 1.50 1.75 AND $2.
"., Saturday night, I elwa.leOulfTransntn :
ts ; home.
; returned ; and it is tho general belief that if he bearing; troops from Tnuiry arrived here I :-PBII \'uina. VPS, Luzirraga.tolJuUTrau- :

e t. : ," : q trJt. C. I.. Thiery received his left at all, he was Iriven to an out of Lois morning: riddled with bullet. The sit Co.sat |

'} f: cJi.charp:: from tin* 7th Clllllp.lUY.I town railway station. cavalry arrived at Triary this morning; : NEW ARRIVALS IN
I 't coat artillery, +,Iturdd>', and te-eu- Miss; Thiesen is aid to have sat up \nlcldla.IPJ.: MichaeNen to 8 S L CoBASKS. I
S' I ; : 1; li-Ud in the battery at L'recideo, late Saturday: nijrl.t reading.; No a; : o'clock anti at once relieved the I II I

t', J i. x Cdl. lie l I..ft on the noon train t<>.da\.' particular notice was taken of tin, siege: of the! light: guard, who were kept ,

+' .... ::1' for hi? nw p;;,.t. ,, but it is recalled that she persuadedthe iu u schooiuonae; vii au armed mob, I K\\'KBork-lii ed AtUn U-telio"c. it-'l. 7.'iin'.1.i.: Itainen"r. to, to ordrIt hoSRCO II I Men's Wash Suits
;r\ brimming a ounioa around it.
5 t domestic at the Thifeu home tn ; i ark ; ,
1M. Uowe.of th" Tu Echo i
Capt. ;
t go to bed, which she did, near to II The beleaguered solaiers man'hedbal'k Nor brut, Bt'l'1.1., to Penacola Lumber ,
arrived j ->terd.iy niornini from with the Levi Co
o'clock.! Mr. Tinmen him-elf to tu train negro
1'ti Jalve.r.iu in charge of tho tine tug. was Nor PnvrP.7.M. I.fu.en. tnMS L Co
1 the hist to retire iud he ::-i'jcer.:- 111 their midst, :ana boarded it I Natural and Linens.
: Bears.DunwdvaCo
t Jl'iwe wa< hick and hade ?:: as pagedthrou iu4 inland, 5lt, I'ameUen to Fancy
,: Capt. very a the back door without molestation, but as the tram .
up--tairs: mel -
to he eouti.ifci to hill room. He is i I members having,I pulled out the mob tired -overal volleys list tll"I\.t (,neceo, I''entara.' toW i
''i .. Mitlerinc from fever hut hi: uumer- very distinctly to Wf I
i locked the door leadin:/to the stairs. 8.! tile train The soldiers! returned toe It Mil Padre "vs.: Krareisa:: to W L \Vlttich I :
L 'r ,:; OU friends expect to see him out in I When the domestic awoke early :: n*.. niwi r-!v>-r at least three! membersof A Co $3.00 to $5.00 per Suit.

J a few day*. i Sunday morning to attend nrtas. the I II the mob! ht. Nor; .Maces.Co8ernlaitn.lll6 M3.. Brou-s ard, Persia- I I
cola Lumber
11' A late letter to a friend in this city I back ooor was found to have been i uei-c are uo reports from Trinity to Muller toH LCo

,r .1 from cl.tCit ., Ky., slates that the unlocked from the inide and Miss !r coaiinu tbl- The Ul.ro113! takeu to It Cnlno'i.corhiwni trt na>r

tF-t ',' health of Mr. W.huhl13tte is gradually i II Ht-rnadiue was none. As the young the peiiueutiary at Huutsville for safekeeping Ku N'altiakeFkholnltol'ensacolaLumber Bathing Suits, 81.00 to 82 00.)
and the soliiiera returned ,
returning and that the greatest man had been forbidden to come to uoine I

,R of ciH-oiiragemeiit ill given for 1 house" the thought of an elopement : I'd -roleuua- In AUbunu.MONTGOMERY HCH
"a ;' ) his complete re=ratioti t-> former ': and a clandestine marria<>e became Am Clara Barton. T: PaBreaux, to roaster Men's and Children's Wash
Boys' Hats
1 : good:; % uor. Mr. Sublette. \\'Htllnd ; upperiiin-t; and a further search Ala.. June :'i-There IionnaCIirNtin. \*..I.en. toord I

: : f ," ',: one son are at the home of his -bowed that the youn;? UJy's best is a mild form of oil excitement mMontgomery. Am Am J C m sua"!>ndfe, 7>. Coombs, to I

t ra ''e I. father: in Cave City, and if early clothes had been taken, but the trunk Arte-iaa wells are nnmerous Jno \ Merrill rom ::v> and Caps. & i

j +. : a.;. .., 1 ;ti, f health (1.nnits will probably make a I, remained.It 1:1 the irvri..._ -LUUUUwiuiu,-...-- .. of SlorrnuAin\ Mary A Ii e11.;lt. Maxell, to Kcarrett i I i

> .e e.. ,; it, trip to Colorado before ruturuing t<> i is not definitely known whether here and it uii b.>,en, loinid taut on u'nf J Lerinond. ..';. Huthard, to L II
r )r .y,, of l' maeoh. i or not the young: couple; left town to-I I &Nalt I I
j. tue place: of Djvotie Noble, 3 miles ont, IHRGK.m .
4 ''irether but circum-tanct'S, all
; point
j j l. t TilE XE\VS recently printed an account a small quantity or genuine petroleum I
t : in thatdirl'l.ti"II. .Schotz: i- said \ Trojan '.n, Mitchell to K f" haun- ,
I .f the u-rnblf Hccidfut to comes out worn the water. Tue owner ,
1 to have been forbidden tiers: CoUPCLEA1IED bee Globe GIotirGo.
1 ,1 Ctin.m.iadr J. H. IJull. in falling the house, and to come ot ruej'lace! LaHI..l'l\'colli.ralotl.t'rs of I -- I > .
on occa-lon-
'; from the! dome IIf the government many option, but he IS a uiau ot weaitn and I AND SAILED: FOR PEN
Ituildum ;at the I'an-AuiHricju Exposition the young) lady was seen touavnirnthim \\1:1: .,111. the well ueiMKr ou his own 8ACOLV.P.irUiall. I
as if by appointment on Pal.ifoxtreet.
;a: Uutlalo. hi a private letter UCOoUlit. I
%. sill i The only serinuobjection 8TC.\3I\HtPiI. : Cr, i rom UOt'SIBLUCK: 209 S. PALAFOX TAn
(rit-utlItH(', Heary I
l' to a says '
Miteitaioed ltJf.uuil HirKrr Is ( oovirtrd.New .
the to
I by \
l< std! iirt-rnock Jt n1
: hif,ui"r'left leg was fractured in I r
r. i and UII Ft Id I\ the d"e.t" time mrnaKe: WH- th.lt Mr. :hchotz YOKE, June -'.'.-I'M jury before Hrs Nor. I:':(><.Tuft Shield. a:iLiit17 !
three pUi-n ..
1 w.l aJl'wluJ 11'l1h.tIl C> r.inno t r. lltt Harrow M \ .11
t -
.. I tor- finally uVeulod that hi" skull was Cl.ris'.ian. was a which Thomas ('i. Harder; Arlington.. IluddrrdirIJ. .. t>r.I\:: \, union West liar.

t slightly cracked below tin left tar.. : ,---,-- N. J., was: tn*>.. for -In.rni5 with! m- I 11-podMay Bright, :br 3John 1 17.1. SSya-s-, dreenoik. Honest Sacrifice of Honest .'
I They, "h \\e\er, expect him to retove'r. teat to km liev.: Jim: K-iier: ol tae ,I unrat.inrhetd. .

,; 1111! t-uirering: teinhly with Health for 10 Cents.A same town, took one Laiio: ; 'l'srr.ay Kr, .I M I:arrv Juneljii.Nor. > Merchandise at they Js O;
(e'j,' JMIII and i- irrational b-mj; : kent afternoon and returned a rniict Jt'puiltv. '' v;,,ChrI tenenBarryJunrA
uudtT thu jnllutuce of lively\ liver, pare bliod.! clean: .
:tI..J, 1 coii-tantly : R.mriier must reuiain in jail until SHIP1*
... opiate+. :skin, bright l exc, j.crfec : health: ,*10XH h illS furut..heL n 'fore hunst.lulio \r"8n.' it..r. lt>i. at l'.ott rdam May :"t
J b- Cascarots: Candy Cathartic will obtain ; a p\4I ibevu: yearl' arrlsou- "".'lIlIo.l.urt.II.". oorto.. >lay 1Helnu '

Ai I The bilio'i-: tired nervous man an.1 i Secure tliL-rn for )'011. (;enu- meat ana a Hut : luaca a- ?:,',OCJ. I, .. ,"+0(11"+. BOSTON SHOE STOR
>or. !Is';! it MoiitevKeopril :<
.of' .. cannot -uccefully compete with ine tablets :,tamped! C. C. C. Ns\cr: : 11 111 :Jot KcUii.nrr.i.iN. I i RIliJ1htli., Nor.I ,mi, at Literpn.iMe> :.
'i his healthy: n\ul.! le\Vitt'-i Little sold bulk. I.etlzin. II. 5Ji!. .md MSillH.I"% :
t+ ."r. Karly iti-.er-. the famous pill for :n Ail druggists; toe. Jane 21. -Il('nlyin! ? roan in- i /ipporu Nor, "*."...at bar-tnn.luur ': -- -- -
.. eon-tiutioi.; will remove tit cause reg truing; report iiubii-iu'd III'I 'I'HOONUi-..
s :. j Ht your tr.uibe! ... 11.inn> I'narmacy, rilUSOUlllK.K\: quirv : he Morris W Cbld. .\m..1i Boston .Iun' : Monday, June 24, these Bargains will Sarp; ,,=3
the United ;mien tu.-.r wu to re-i;:nin : .
#.oJ .. Sydney I Katiu, John Shppud.hM'VMIUV : !i I. .v V.0NsOI.11)VIION: 11-ce'i.ber. limed: :atfs .Amliai- I --- --- all Previous Sales Held in Our City.

.. '. I lior xV'ii'v wrote < 'rat.iiilv oi.un-:
( ] > as : I BAthe P3 N E R SALVE.
,z'1t ,f. ; : : GIFI-F: ATTi\tl\: : IlieUfi Repeated 1IIIII"rain Heird. I ..:.11 !,'iivii:.' nn pre-elt ron--laiply ,: ;n lair IIf I.i'hp-'Patent Leathft Oxford Tie-, It. J. & i.

\ Dtt I \ ie'at.-" r ua- iK-eu sold to toe! :: most healing salvo In Uio world w.rth $2 ;,;. Mot1'l iv . . . . . .. . . ,
)h !
1 .' t bun are nri'tionl..cil to l't : ovei'j'j
I 11tdit. I l',t toiniim; to he ln-l I at the Frank Weldoa wnti-to tIe tom- ". ir.'t I B.Hleu.lud I am h okln -- nn'or- -t; iek'lip Oxford. Tun :.i 'he. MivDir lit i;:, i:
I. i : .
4 { an >w hon f I nave no SLIe/; M'rnday:: . . . . . . . . . ..
e ,, armory lisp nn 1'ui'stlu. e\i'Din: :'J.'i'.hi : i mon Carrier the following u.teretm has been ...../ I '
I ;i r -:,:11111 :. as :UIUOUD.OS"EJTER' 1'I'airs: L"i! HI.cI; und Tan OxfordSmall
t' r" i iu't. at s: ,'..r.II :k. I jninipt, for till pur- :SueA-*"- ;
I.t ; -' railroad :rosin : I worth f 1.:'."> to :UMI. will go on Our Ilirjr.iui: Table forMen's
1- .
t .. : IHIM of nominating; :a < iitdiu.I'.y | \\1111 N NVL! ?TY? !rI 1NIg
-', "tJ" t' .t'l' : order d i I tlno..lJl'hv"'lIlhA"IIutr'rll street hears that the! railwayiiid r..l:1: A lo..> ct) the I '

i : ; J .J I MIsi'V n-tl'i: ( ( em will I
.:!f .
.: .' Loui-Mlle & Na-hville will l lI II and Boys' Bargains.
the I I
j' ::4 '. I 1'r. l.-e'it.-t oiniuls. t' I. I S T. : SRI your

t I t. S. J"*. P. !! IIM\', S c'V. :1't I become even i lo-er tin n th.hH'' : / CElEBRt.TED, : appetiteandpttyour ; :as P.lir= of D.tJl ol't Oxford=, worth tl,Ti, Mondty they It.r .r

(;].,j',' 1 t'. .t.. been. One report' i ith It they! will stonmch in July t 4i: PJirsoffu''IDInIla' : Jtl..al1o\lidahhC\Pwllrth': : : i

rt;!: ..l.ly Till 'iuttt-r Mn'ic llou,' Lave cut the operate the Mono'i! jointly, and good condition M, :32:! Pairs of Boys' aud Youth/ Hicyele Shoes will be sold I M 'n ij.. '
t another storytate* that the toutlsierii ,
pnc<.+ on all!! will absorb the Louisville & ,
I I" s \ iolmv to n- I Nashville. '' These Shoes will Not be
t. Due ;Mari'io.iu <>r any other iu truuiTt new 111Into Exchanged: wh3n Bold
the i
I It is said that Pennsylvania < |
They w II s'no: put on "' your clugglatt
,:. at vm JOrrin: bu'illIouthl'rn: railway .totk ai d PARK
r 1, Pale "ever&l thoimnJ copes of inn-ic at 't liver and cureDyspepsia
t. ; | i is after both the Southern and Loui J YOURS FOR K1IOKS:
l i from 3rrbti to 15 1: cents li ( lone it out. ,
(' r Tbis must UH i slightly: 01 t of date but i vill and Nashville. -BY THK-
i All these rumors appear to oriiI ; The Boston
k' ". -1, 1 ju+t the thing: for the'chilJrui to prcI I I oats in the stock market, but very Indigestion, PENSACOLACarniral Shoe Store,

+; : j. tiieon. tU: 0t11f often it is true, the most improbable STOMACH Flatulency
E I.t. and N.
f Wall street stories turn out to be correct -1 5 Kidney G. FORCHEIMER Prop.,
,. ) .n.UIJE'SONf' I' forecasts. ', Troubles. Association _

I HAS NAUUOW KSCAI'K.: I When hear of consoli-
we a report VAL 8TOHKS MARK "'I.Cteponed .
I .. M, !
,,, .: ------- -
tjl !idatiou the! first test; to apply i is that PKNSACOLA)

.., ., ,tr. J. P. Taylor Kwcu. HIP Mule : 01 state laws in regard 10' cum,etl cFnazvnMoon1iht HK Tin BENEFIT OF THE Daily for The New by

'\I.' l-Vliow from AAlt ry 0I rau'. l! tion.There is practic lIly no interstate" 'i: 1902 CKRNIVKL.Charnpion Union Naval I ..!:.Stnrel. 00. ij ON8ERVATORY f I f ijf M MUSIC I

ji.b. 1'he little son of lot r. and Mrs F. It.I i competition between the Southern| ExcursionAND WW _. t: :a H._ ..11.' ,
I WJ.__ lit) G. ... ,
from and the Louisville and Nashville ,
: i Meade had ft narrow en-ape( hit' Game of Ball, Ii _.. ... .. :t ...., F. .. 120 '
drowning Saturday.: except in Alabama if we conider'the y- ..... '.._... : 3' 11: ...". .. Ili E. O'L CHiFFEES Dire:'"
1 I.I Mobile and Ohio an independentsystem DANCE, K. ......... I w, n .._. I t I.l ,
.:' ; There was a prlvat buy partv at and it i is opwrated. There ; Mobile Elks vs. Pensacola !! t MPlsiT, "_ 15i C.to below I Ji -

G j the life -aviDir station. The little is plenty of inter-state; competition THURSDAY EVENING I .UIITI.-IU- .IIU Piano Voice Culture. VOrganCurn.tilandohn

5V boy got away from his nurse, ran between the Houthorn and the Louisville I I SaT.-i.:! : : IIACINK LAUNCHMrl* $:::'.... 'I. .

[ into the water: and was being carried j: & Nashville, but u state law Juno Q7tli Hore Races by the Best Horses; in The prettiestlannch i to the Racine Cello, etc.
i .. I the surf when Mrs. J. i could hlrdlrl'leh that. the Launch. 16 foot one-H. P.. 8nu sit Also Director '
i ... j out to '-a hy i Thn situation! : in Alubuni might UNDKKTHE AfSPlCES OK Tin country. Citizen E;
wonJeiful run fat. The
with (prerencof very Racine Launch
.If .. j Tajlor, this water and be HO adju-ted that con-><>Iidition of Novelty Phow and Oim" the Bran nd Strive Mule fgnishl" !V
." mind rushed into ]I H one adopted by the Pan-Am"r-
"t. 4\i\ rescued him. I the two properties would not be !iu HEINE f DRAMATIC CLUB l An addie-, will be delivered by iran Exposition in Buffalo because 111 Occuiti.
'I conflict with the law there.
wa"llJitl''e3k from he-1 the i I
,, Thtrchild one of Florida's :axle sonExcursion *. they are best, more reliable than
; ,,, ,' I" ingto! s* ; of con-ohdition are correct, Rites all Pailroads.ADMISSION .
rumor on
have been -- : : sfe, I
01 : in a few minute more and full guarantee
"..h ; but -o far a* -tatelaws are Concerned Lipping Brothers, Studio: Presbyterian (1Sam'l "
Savannah Oil
fcl: a combination! could 'j
t : THKMOIM.KN lUIAllYThrixemm ably bl' 111.tp.: ( This ithe day of at City Trice*. I : and carry a stnok of lIp"lj boats at all

good food and t>un*>bine, vast consolidation and :greater titne; sizes: I Is ft.. 21 ft., 2 E ft., un Charles
: changes: have recently occuired in llouml )0c. .Gentlemrn !FOe. 25c.
Faro Trial) > iaiies hand to be
ft[) : with I'ler.ty i-ft \erciiu fieopenair. the i rail"w.'rld: than this: would shipped at H moment'snotice I

.c 'b lieform glow with health be. A high ntVuMjl of the Louisville trial given to any one wish- BOOT u.l
;'l'' and her face Lloom with !itbeiuty.: : tug to purchu-t>. ,, s
& N i-hville h.iaid that eventuallythere
q .' If her '-tt'1II needs th cleau lliKactmn would! he only two railway' "-DU--. :.;"., """ '....__"' yJZ91!'=.r:<:'fr.JI'wJ"&W; mlltf PI-MAN P.KOTHM '
Savannah. SHOEPppair
. h; .r a lixatlve remedy.he vt.tems in the I'i"uth'. th.Southern UaNOIICK.
'': tI-e; the auntie and (ilea-: nt Kyrupof .
J .
, Railway: nUll the IlliiioiCentral.: :
mad l> tbo Cal'f!' ,rnuSyrup Fit
':I. FI,;- y I hI' :Southern: has ('t'l tallllh..n :tc- eBE SURE TO MLWTTCH i} As n rfq-ip.t from the Harhers' \ M- --H
C. !\))
, .. ... t -only--- -' live in reducing; t'e! uuu.tr of uadapeudent I nlon. Local No. y <>f IVnacol.ithe '

l jt;e'\' t ) ,. fall: for "lirooKwooi B.rA' at !S.: line-. proprietors door durin.the have agreed to clt.etheir -
A' A. Fri- lmin's l.y the drink or bottle sum: f-r
q. mont
'. ,,' ''+ a' : !it i- ti" dices?:, tno-t nullow rye .\ :\10.11'1 nick 1- arm. \rJ.: t> 7w commencing: p. m., 'Mondiy:'Siturdav: June
f x-
I.\nF.\, 3 C... Jj':". ,:?' -L'-O :.-:z p r-Dtea ; it II. ponVictor Brtholemyl -

.J Meets Ui-aop. wh.> hav' a truck farm '. N. Licnti. Ai.tonio liiczza -
.: :- t :-:hc'thau: 1 Old T.vp-"vri'ms work : F. SI I. Clair Thomas. :vi, : r!o e K' ">
\ Mtu\'s BU-I- aoout 0 uil'.es fr"11:1 tu vn, are an: ):<;* the I John ,
1y I'; doneHe fothf public: at SPACE :\umlln. (Ch-i. Liciu. John Huh for '! -fl,* : 'tt f
., '' Pon.
t DlO.t ;.roJ-t'; :w laral'r 1'1; nat+ THIS ,
"' l'ull'-: '. M. I'urin- N )5cVt. k r .' J '
.:11.\ ] 10,000) neat ot ca.,\bij--, ":., awes itwatermelCUam.n cho1r. Jo ,n 1;. Iivered ,
& 'Vfovj Lolliu-. Alex Collins, Joe Touart. i Iii; 7 > I'aUf' x F'
1 of cactei ,
w'- a ,1: mpe;
#oi beside, beaudim.. tviraoaui ev -n'- You will have
: --
pride in -- -
; .
.V-rT.;.,:/:1'. ;l-.t" Or. owler 1 (;)r amen' thins; el-e ana.;>-to:tate irucK farmers :: form OPENINGENSACOLA UFTEE Cower ?.trd'nl if thtytn,you on your own F. M. WILLIAMS.

.ni oulJ raiaa_ ownground. Your hu-band
can buy
4 -- --
5Sfo3 Killfil by l.l l1tl1ln a home, and he can do it now af.i
: i DENTAL SUHCEOH.mi though; he mav think othrwie. CONTRACTOR AND ,
... : GEStr.rk June :2J:! -Dsnng the MUSIC CO. : woman want ,
;! a home of her
.f' ,
.J:: .. ; 'I is sunsniTWEST 8"lL"I't Ia" storu ye teruav Mr Aaron Bryan who and if .hp will have a talk with I Estimates Promptly For: i

;.N Z4; :: ; : 1 lived i mitts west of this place, was lastantly I Thus. C. Watson & Co the Buildings of All }\I.f.
-4\ killed ty lightniaj. :..e had her I II leading Real Estate Agents; they

r .. .f;4 ; G'VERNME"! STREET, | baud upon a wire clct oshue, which. I I : can show fcsr how easy: it II u ;o ge: Read the ccntworJ aJr

l (I\l""; .r JUST BACK OF CUSTOMHOUSE I[ conveyed the current. I I.J I z r ..f lone. menu !in THE NEW S.

-. ..... :f
t "


The daily news
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1889.
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..z:: y.x"h; .b. ._ '''_ __-. -. .



: 1




.. .i
-- -

IpBNSACOLA -a Depth of 33 Feet of Water in the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor. Hi j I

r _.. .
-- ---- --- .-
-- -------- --- -- -- -- ---- : ;

t ,. FOSHtE Vic President; W. C. O'NEAL, President; F. C. MORTON. Cashier; : LOUISIANA.PURCHASE' SHOW.

"j, .1 t, DAVID, Vlce-President; ___ M. E. CLARK Ass't Cashier. iNICARAOOAN! CANAL (iettluy; Jlaiter* In shape For tbe RUSSELL ON TRIAL'- > 1 1

Statosnent of Great Kipujlllon.:

SUETOBEBUI1T ST. Louis, June 4i-The foreign relations IN ENGLISH COURT

AMERICAN NATIONAL BANKOF - and publicity committee of the --r ',
Louisiana Purchase Exposition company

1'f: :i.COL.FLORIDA.. AT CLOSE OF BUSINESS: APRIL 24, 1901. I British Cabinet: Is Seriously hare held several important sesiioui. Nobleman Answers to Charge .: '

'KROM KEl'ORT TO COMPTRoLI.fcR.* j Considering It. i iI They are rapidly shaping; the work of of Bigamy. .i t4

-- the great expo- non. Foreign governments -
are already aroused 10 tae importance s

LIABILITIES The foreign relations committee ln t
i I night devoted two hours>> tti discussion -- -
i IIJ6'II:1t4. ..... ...... fl-W.!';"\ fM Capital Stock .... .. .... ... ... ... .. .... .... $200.000.00 I'Auncrti'ln allyImtrucled lathe ; a .: I
of the beet to reuu foreign
. .. .... ...... .. '\tjil I'udivided Profits (net).... .... ........ .... 2. i2.1J6 :, and means exhibitors, ; their poverumeuti Woman Whom t"ll&rrlellllll"nlt4.
t.* . .. ..... ..... ;.,1.1.1)0)) Red i=county ...... ...... ...... .. .... .... .... lXt.U77.50: 3Uller-Attltudaor the UrltUh interest in the matter where aronsiug it has not and \\ 1&0UY Claim to He Lawful kl;

r i Ii! Ktnd*. .... ..... .. tU:;' Circulation... .... .... .... ... .... ...... .... 7 lJII l) G".rlllll""tU... lr.. to Delay tbe alrt-aly been tlJlI A Treat deal of !'oPOlhe1'<) Iu Clurt-lt'lr..t V/Ua tJ
un>l Kixturix..,. ...... 6.71'44 Deoo-is ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... .uu. r."J,13U27Km : : : I received Iroui ft
i'" . .. ... .. .. .. 619 flt I Work of i oDitruetioi.LONDOV correspondence loreigugonrces Absent.LuMN i

. .. . .. . IU.I.H:: : J'ine "i.-la a tentative, was in evidence.It } 8
establishes the Lea that the exnositi >v, June 23.-Earl Russell re*
k-M. . + liii1.t2!
I4 "i,5-.ti-: : sor'
;I ea.y-goin2: of way the cabinet ha ->ii start wuh the mtereof: foreign: appeared in the Bow street police court $J
r'u.d: . .. . 3.-jlH)) .
olJd.lh and eiaiiiiturs aroused
began; to consider the Nicaragua treaty: t I to an uuUstiil today on the cuarge of bigamy and wu j:1:
--- exJtiir.I'heineetiu
matter. Lord Paunceotehasexplaiued: cumtnitttHl for trial Ii
of the >res. and publicity
$Ii IJj; '. -1 *640,07S.S3 ? I :
many tbmpi: to Lord Lausdowue tbelorei committees! atteude-1 In lull The court was crowded. Among thoj H.

ii and the latter is oncemore The chief topic of mtere-it r..lartooi to tue : Somdr R'J'
--- -- ;; secretary present was the womaii (Mrs. :
grappling problem. U uu rcd- ,, aura: which will b-! :! ) tue
du Cuivares at Luffdlo.Hr i r
GREAT SLAUGHTER SALE BEST FOR THEBOWELS less to say that the foreign cfiice has no and to whom he was married iu R.3O.Xev. 'fl
t I i".l.l U Found
+ rue
iuteutiou'"of horryiajj. and in ,,
: the course ., lU 19 of a mouth ot so is may come to a dace CIHr.UHl.'X. June 22.-In the genr ml divorce from hi* fret wife. The register 111

1LT o sion. 1'1liil"ill take the form of msTtietiuus :' 8\- IOUS court yesterday the grand jury of his first marriage:; was prodocwLilr.

to Lord Panncefotewho will created cnrpn-o by returning; a true bill iJrowii, u.-aistuut uirnccor of pub
:r TIVI hiTrn't. a r.:;IIJ\.. hvaliby niKTrinrnt of theeonrlt he then canned that the r
... Uuued States. These in. Thomas prosecution>,
'1 diy. )uu'te III or "ill Iw. K pp your return to tuo against Dui'cuti; cuarged: with "
boat'oo'n.and l..- w. 'i. F.rro.la the vhaiieof rioIrntphow ( "U'U"IOnl1.1 not Le oftcially commauuated 'I violating the el-pt'nsary law. Ail C:1St'jfInU. 'I present prtceetmug-were taken by this

e...ca-l.'.,>.urpttlp.n.ou.I'rnu-t l..rt.,.t"OJ lUiL-trw.ot kerjinj Ti..una.th I Ho Iwvcij to the state department minicoujress < far have b-t-a thrown out Summ.1 public pros':;itor iu'l"peuil"utly of any .
Clear and clean uiu tjko shall! convene or thsanun'leof J. Pr,. taj.: a bti-'u;!-.s tuna was sum- utuer pers..u. tua-i oouariuiuf' the finecouutt's' 1
LOUIS f FRE1DMN[ & CANDY tatenieat tuat hj is not ao t tf
rue senate in the matter shall! be deti moued a> a u Knesa aaiut: lJulan.; It '.
CATHARTICEAT nltelknown.. V ', : is stilted mac this it the tirit true tail puny to tae suit.

t Lord Paun-dfote will probably be r'I I returned by a Charl rou grand jury tor The tlriirlnz 'f lit

muted to interpret his instruction vioiatius tue di.-tiiary law in four Mr. Frown gave: details of his investigation '. ..

RACKET STORE. 4 pretty broadly, and they show siscs of years. _._. at U"n'l. and H.o' CurUr, (1f
"' 1 -lastiienough to provide tor
Jt'1U' anycounngeuey
:' l-oiislit 10 Dfuthlih Hv a. county clerk of NVasnoo county iey., .'
except a direct refusal on testified to tnarryiug Earl Russell aad t
the part of tae senate to recognize; the NEW Ott.E.Ass. June 23.: \Valter
t :Mrs. Sornrrvilie: at cue Riverside howl"" 'J
validity of the ton-Lulwer' treaty. Selph.; a youug drummer oi uf Colutiel nffi .

Lord Luud. wu6 u as persistent us ever !I Dudley J-slpn, slate inspector of rifle The defendant called hiin<'lf Mr.
A BARGAIN 'EM LIKE CANDY on this point and however willing he Uu"sellll.u.l the witness was not aware I
EVERY ARTIGIiE | 'trac'ice and former rifle l'hawf."n. was :
Fleasant. ralttshln. I'oK-nt f..f'f Co.i.1. I>."Gi>ol, may be to abrogate it, he will vigorously of his .
rJOH SiekimVenLru.. or *irin-. lo,2", ant r.pr rent* tha ot the l Lllied; t"Ulnt in a ]'rl7.t'r.;; It at Autiu- raut.Alter ..
maintain potentiality
IKIZ. Vt rite fur free OaDl|>lt end lMM><.let "n cetailin;? the Nevada law ondivorce 'f1
lid and named
hfilth. deem. )..JSTtKUiU Clayton-Euhver until such t.i iH bon park a yoautr m in I,
Nt BHUlt IOlH\r. IHIIlUl.r both bll.1l1hne asreed'iois L. L. liiulev: a quarrel a military ..
as signatories
; !ball and a.:rewi to t.ht it om with bare divorce the bv'I not complied
KEEP YOUR BLOOD CLEAN abrogation.; lists. They had no 'conds. and pound. with m two respects, and therefore this
:-WES( 1BEEN\ ---- Attitude of the IJrithli. t'fll'ach otner units flph fell from a 1' decree annulling! the earl's marring t \\i

... A high: otUoial, in the conr-e tf con- blow \\hich broie tin tech: ; was not valid, even in Nevada j *.J
-. rer.-atiou ith a repreauutative of tue __ ,. __ j, After counsel hail protested that Earl .

Awcured Press said: 't: legal Lulguage In riilllpplnps. { Ku,sell had no: been given adequatetime i.
"mo Early and Secure Your Pick of this Lot. : "The Americans seem to think; we ; iriLA, June 2J.-The United States' to prepare his defens", the carl
.N O are trying to delay t.ia construction of I was committed for trial at the nets *e- 81.
tic worth 50c f l'hjrpine'C: Tut.i rr ba m:) :ticd theI
Crush ,Sieving at the canal This is entirely 'fl.ug.Yu stoup the Central criminal court, the '!it
Crush and hlC Skirt.* at 5fc, worth Sl.OO }'tlllIJ!!bottles with n IRES.!' are ju>t a- auxious as they are to see it provi.-.ioas of tae law providing for the I same bail f!:.',OfJ'J. ) .being allowed.. -fti
Drink It mm', Eceryglase- completed and are wi.l:us to do alctos: use of the Spnnish l.xnsjusse in the I I fi
t 'rush and I){(Skirts at A'-!>worth $1.50 ful contributes to good anytuiu to further twit end; but we courts for fi\- years: bv iivriiiuiin:: rro- Ira D. Rpcknnl, Dnncomhe..,

I'r'/ v/V Skirt. at. !)!)c, worth $1.:;5 Lealth. 1'uriacs :. do not want to see treaty we made 1:1 cet'dinirs ti> be voudu''tni iu llnpli-ii: uu,1 wrro; : -My little l h'ly"rlld"d his R
> ( l'II"t / '.iii.Slrirlc at Wc, irorth l..75 .' ud I\\\EK 01
'. 1 paper and still nider that we are into :Spanish:: unless: the litigants i i i'ipu'.ite :SAI.VK imuudiately
\ II ,- 't rltl' / i'u'jrcd rif/ueSkirt *, XI, worth S'J Of) makes rosy I-M :t...,i :.. ': ]1F"! quo for the : orh-rwl'". lathe latter case and in there week'- tim it was almost 1"
: rt-luujni-ai-i-nt "f our try uy right>." tut1 reiiir'ure to be written in both f'lItirpl.hl'al..d.. I wnt to .
', all colors at .; ;c worth !)0c rhrk3. Mote
il J.i
> r'f ppcl A r c.'it cable tiismit.-li lInn? that laneu4igs' I recommend it t-\ every tam I' ndalvNethem
__ __
;.> IJ""I//Jcrs, all color, at i'tc, worth $1 .JO lIeallnn f.at borne Charles rue Nicaragua matter lud lI'.-1I jracti.M.iv ,' to keeliRIIIIIereAaIYe eon
j.,.TIT E.Hires : scttieil; and Lord 1'aaucefote la M>TICI. I hmd.: a< it i i- a sure remedy for r n
Company, ciMisequ-'iict', would Uu return to the scald or any sores." W. A. D'Alem- '
in Short Those who placed order with
White the
;One Lot Organdies: Lengths Maltern. Plated state.-: c.lu"ulmuu amusement. bert" __ '. JWe .
big ufler Pa. late Arthur Quinn for enlarged!
It is utterly uuiound'jd. Oa tae highest : picjturescan
at Actual New York Cost. authority.. .\s Ol'ated PreSS is {'ft ;:amt by applying toy ask ynutobiiy the first order
of ice
cream. You will i
liriFRootbeei able to stare that ,1'auiicefotu will! under-ten-d. who will carry on the I. then ask m
remain ambatvidur tithe United :States: picture bu.-me-s ahi alec>."orJ'Jtf flavors.to\ cell yon Wen the Florida next nrd"r. In all .I

for tue rest of h.s days ur as long as lie A. H. PA\XK.: .. Steam Bakery. I'

25 Pieces Colored Dimities at t 5c Yard. ] cares to retain his I'O ltlOl. -- "Il..

Call at any drug store and srf-t a
free =sample! Jhanilterl.iiu's! Stomach -
w and Liver Tablet They are anelejraut

10 Yards Shirting Calico for 35c. PARKER'S the phyj-ic.appetite,They"trl'ngtllf'lI} al-n improve the :
>x' C1_,.. and l.iutilui the hew di.:e..tiou ate regulate the liver tiiid KSOTFYA 'fiI1ESTioy
Proniutvi a luiuniM fn.wlli.Merer bowel They are ea"to take anti
Fail to Bntore
Rue .to i'. Youthful Color. pleasant in .etlect. For sale by all
Great Reductions in Our Millinery Department. Cure* .Ip di ftK*k ha.r ti'iiog.'
.......nd$1 l")&t Inn, .... druggists and medicine dealers. K1 i
_. -- ----
-- -
Every Article a Bargain. Don't fail to try a drink of "Brook
VIRCINIA COLLEGE wood Rye" at K.:A. Friedman's. TO SOL.VE- ,11J

_h ____
For YOUNG LADIES Roanoke..

"p"oti..pt. -'lut, IVi'l. Ou" o( the IrAtlini FOR THE SECOND: TIME: 1 J$ J
VOl'lW Mcnuoli for \ ouus; t.allean the fouth.: UIThe
\rw buvding.. and .
pl"O" rqulpnrnt.hanlpui
\\ ICe Aiks For IXvorce f'rou' the _
ten ncfpa. Brand mountnin c-nery
in Valley of V..., fantod {or btHiih. Kuro- >ame 3( Full cou.>-.
yen.naniiArunrieantrachrri.C'U..rv..tor1..dvllnl" ; wm fmmM CO' & Klocutlou' cutlogu rttiul-nU eddr.se.1.1TIi from thirty States.ror bad been filed m the circuit court a bill Kitchen : ;

.: C. HARRIS.Roanoke I'rMidcn1., Va. and a pennon in beba'.f! : of Mrs. DoraA. ,

I'OIH. asking for a divorce from C.
-- -- --- -- -- 1
t: 1'otii upon the ground of cruel treatment : Problem I
t} RACKET STORE @ SHE KICKED MRS. HATFIELD. mill neglect by the defendant of
her and tneir five' children-two daughters a'
Uau4ati,= .I.I."clO: I. uht OutAgalat
-- --- --- -- and torte *ms.

A rt ,IttHt'; l1. t.ltn:\ It Medical Society Att nllon. 'll.e Ull'ori Toe petition allegHil! that Mr. and Mrs. -

8TKKKT There will ba a regular meeting of TAate.t, }'Ia., Jauo Ci- PDdarioDal Pous were married July 27. 169, and 5 I
ON the Pen acol Medical Hociety at erideuca\ H being brought out in the decree iu divorce wart obtained by her 2TA

eve found that there 1 ia time o'clock the Board p.m. Tue of Health lay,June office 2.V at 8 preliminary trial here of Miss Fannie in this July rur., 1S9J After, iu aVID toe c circuit apart uutil court Sept.In & U R n&B&G Grp II

in -anJ this M the time cordially Kill ore, daughter! of Hon. \V. C. O.Kilsore 17. 1S')9! the were again married m
Visiting physlclaaa are
taking MmiMaln Mint II larked toatteal.: of rater county who is ; this city Mrs. Pon HUTS, upon the --- -- ----., .
i -- -
our firm! \4 i the "Old Heli.lI Du. E. F. Kiuvr, cuerg-'d with causing toe death of Mrs." promise of the her husband and to treat her ':-';, '''- --- Jfi
1 Ktidlr in future properly pro.
President. Eugene: HitfieidMrs
"t.)1I1I. ali ) we I Kuarlnt Tide for her and cuildron.Tuo .
I Du. W ('. DEW REIth, }o'. A. hell testified that she saw
<> know its in. coneeut of renmrna was gained to
1"'l'.aIl4 w
h' m2!itt Secretary. the difficulty Sue heard Mrs. Hatfield AND AVOID UNNECESSARY:
: .
'- bad tliir t'toct4. by their promises and at the earnest Mhcitatiou
:Mis Kiliore of
ago use writin;:: notes to
'II.. taken; in thee early Tot Causes Night Alarm. 111'hu.b.lu.i.. J-ne said she heard MistKtlgont of reUnves and friends, who HEAT: THIS:: HOT WEATJIEIS.: .
a. !k, will \\.uiv..ly preventi i told her it was for cue b--t mtereau of
: "It were not in this
T and 'irpres4l"n that j" "One night my brother'n baby was say you herself ana grown diiuuter:
eoudmou are IHul! kill
It willM'tit Mrs. J. you yon She today it-cIare: the have 1"'v
: at tt.leiloOll. taken with Croup writes C. and aw her. she said jerk Mrs. Hat. promisc it
.1\ : .. 4111111.rll. r'ulate the of Crittenden "it been disregarded and she was deceived
Snider, Ky. seemed Jld'\'ilRrm and Kick Her in the stomach.:
i. and 'l'lit- and she wants a final separai
ni.iUri + it would stransle before we could Mrs. Ifotttoio1 inothirni the widowedhn .. .. .
.. ,, -- -
.i 1 'li. .. HIli" 'sitbut'11 .
1. b.um. sworn tuat -:!" ass saw; and llrmlrr-iori In hmnloii.LONDON. .
; 'ft Ii dctorowe! !gave it Dr.linoie : 11."kt'r
of ;jr
.\ t'uncr Ilr\en beard: \ the trouble: uiiout us Mrs. lea: described .
". 111..IUIIJ..f cure." \\' Di-cov 'ry, which gave! Quick June 2'1-5paal: cr Header-
relief H perm.inrntly cured it. We __ bon, witn his wife and daughter: hasar- J1E WELL I \'ESTEI.IF i
\XN.\H lil.03. .tlwt\: kerp 't in the hou-e to pro- WITH STRIKERS.! rivet at Cat fOli Roux for a fortuismm ;
trot our children from CroupI"d -- IT Iri IN-VESTED IN....
,. tvV.. A. r.vfrett P.Ic 1ChoopipgCr'uh.; It cured me of IIl'.rotllc Coii'lltluii of \\ ar lii West Virginia I/indon. Tne "pet i.r will recivemaayeourtfiei }f f

t 11"1 they KjiSiu.: I'roi.chul trouble that no Coal llfl.lMVTIWAX -. fromSpeakeriy and '

other rt'm..dwoud: lelipve." lu- \V. Vo., June ;:.-Mora m>'Mb'rs .It tarlenient and will bi a A GAS RANGE.

t ii 1st i. \\'..- Junior, X.I fa Itit'Ir !nr Cnsh. (",hI*, Throat here prominent figure at rh" Foarta trouble is: imminent today. The who he wiii"peak.; ThIS
dinner. iiu-
iil I IiJ -
I air I't-fli tr > and Lulls: trouble- pie and |I.tNt. V --
li.i t-"' for the last fiv. Trial hottlr-..e 'it \\'. A. I1'AldO- striking:; mir.ers: are inarching; around uer will Le uiiu,aaUy! iargi tad iuWilliun << '.

I .4:'iiff.l a ithe\'etal' berte'?, I''I: -. 1'ubfoxNOIICFi-trim the ent-\ c"s, many carrying Winchesters. portau : '
-- {
i I j 't irnrlief until I'< All coal opera:lous are closed: to- Woodward! of Do'Mtnr:
., '. J\III.\KY : HI
I .ii.h\ tLi\, Lut the opl'orsna endeavor to I.i.vritf- : "'l witroubled: will }
t \'. \ \ifusterte.. i:,, I have been authorized to take re.-nma Monday. wua non union me:.. kidney di-jea=f'. for C"r.tI'a' !', anti .1..1.f'

#ciiptiou* for'm.. Jenniuir.. I Lars evening a siruiish; occurred, in f,'ur ;on. dollariz" hrttINof KLKY'S <>. I
Mrvau'pip. "The COlJ u1I1ner." which !'.)) shots were r.r.i.. Oalya tew KIUXKY CfRE cured ne. I

..Inlou\ ;a i Bvilol} ? I II Tl"" piicf i$1 1>' per year in ad- were injured and n.Mie ki.led. would rtc.tnjiiei>'i r. t" ,.uvoiiiwhi'
vani'Those l desiring the paper 5-cenfl' HarSeld: and a large force of hakidLey trouble." \+. A. D'Aiuiberte. .

CHII I Ir-tveit ..NUt t., them by sending deputies are at the Lick Fok mines .
,, ,'. ,"* : it 'A'illl'I}' -
ti-i 3LAUto the! uudtri;:ned. where it is feared an attempt may be ---
l\\ I'.allloi. Oils and H.M. Roc-lI E. made to destroy property Governor ,' \ 0 in HajnmockstimilowUhairs,

." ''i 1 'I Care Daily 1 News \Vnite ha not yet teen called cu for tile B UG Il'1{ [
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'. I .(.., ..t. IIr 1't.one! 3>:2. i Kit ice cream of acknowledged .any time.Cycling and oilier seasonable goods PENSACOLANo. GAS CO. I

merit and quality-Philadelphia- -- ..- .
C'1Yr19TOI1T.A. made in Pnacola by tho West has up ana down,. Aft atMarston j' Finch's."Brrolwood .
Florida steam Bakery. "r the downs u=e BANNER SU.VE
1 if you're cut or bruised. It heals Rye," made in 13&; II

ctt; 1I 1 I I'yay-BaUam lUllrvr llight Away the hurt quicklv. Take no frUbstitutea. *mooth aaJ ineilovr; at :,. A. Fried. :
South Palafox
" I sad auie t speedy end of coo fa toi coii W. A. D'Alemberte. man' i Street.

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J&jvlW. T--: i TOWN IN NEBRASKA A Baby's lIowJrtl'-- 1 IE.hns deClined! ..I i ; \ \ \ '\\\s

"I'ton!': ,

'' Bi.U1.i days :1';<> i'l : : :. residency i of tl.e '

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fr Hs : J ; ;: I, Eight People Killed and FiveInjured. "I am -:: ; : : t). I .ir. secretary( :

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P. t Fen Sasc: : j _
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( ktX"il -- I tire li;tt're-t ; : for infants end Children.
t ) \'('r TIt( ilom:.Ml sell-.:
:i't NAMES OF THE VICTIMS of t'.e! 1 ;
l' ,,' | i-liesMi I'rt.ioh'r.t
,. \ : :h" I: Ion IIaHhm's limi; lit Las IIOFIK
,', I'' _, fir: Irwin :! :
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f'' to fa.l:! '. w' tre <,!' Chi... II. FIcli-luT, sad II.K: li"i-n tr.:. '
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point :
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R'r Ii ,# r 4 it tnereportsot 1..1 m.1L. li 'nluAnderson U 1't 1:: ;It'--: ,: :.'. oel ii'.risingf': : '"
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' 'uS' i Lllltd.J1Jntrmother, Mrs Aa.uu;: w.:; ;. ......yt.\\.I-l r--e\', ihli'tit of \ until Ins term iLall

f' 4. j i ire; t':,fir .1' .'-h! .:nd tluirlx: r-ty
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+ I ADdtr.'awalruaauyule. A revts'uLt p'.It\IlIl'\ : a, well ;"> :1!'..: <'f the tae <>,::e to
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'[N I p Thedeai: shiC ;>!:! '" : juron. Use For Over 30 Years.CREOLE .
3 Jacob Or.'nnlns.: asM: :5.1.iii : ;:. ::' I : mai 1'<:ins: 1 1If u:.ir- y. r... ...- !,.._.... -. ...J.... ....... "'W .. r ...
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I. Mary timiuniae: .i 12.JACOD : .,. of f : ';:ular fee now and
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Ida \uJl'r..u. a :e I! worth to 1I1l'. even if
I I : : Coffee of the World
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'. 1'ut'OJoJr Anderson, ue1 &, w n,er ,.' .
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11 i t !. I .. a-i'l! death.}
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gv& #i Communication l.v tile;;nph: D3\OrH: : Rf Ct UT03! CO. no\el'st! I'r: ; j aiuious to patch --
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+( I'. ; I .1 AtJ rp'jt'pu'I u -n.j! mat cr ant i torte ATLA'TAliA. !hI'l'n.; in ; : '
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: 1- w" tvi-r\l: watjDUt {lit this L.Klium W-1'.'orM *,'.1. r-f.'r'.V-m
I ';. Sio! \ : what's iu
I the patk-
road rat un i wet oi Mnart.Fnnrrali '
; brother and !
r j i" 1 ,it t-ll1t; Mctims of the torr.aJourrv : The Star
,, Laundry
oral !
i.plii yrstr olorril Llctit* und .Nrr.ru.Krone1 t.wat ia !:('(: ,
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r rnilfrJdr.trnveti.: Tnv tK!.la are ;:I\'U' t.ni: with!! tin tSJut-. of rtrta'ii iiiluru > \\i.i: four ; : it's those suspender j! Biggest, Busiest, Best :

\\ rl iu the trw luuluiugs 1-tt, sa.uiu;:, the nonotis sec.in.l j>."< pie who! v.-ei',: Uil Jlr! 1
it '. (fetooc: iiiris a caurcu nazi ecnainuntr. !11'11" t '...11 -n.i.o>'. !!,at MtilTetl! for caii" with four -- -

t nod protuions un 1 i-.othnv': ; revOt 1I\lu;; i::.: r,.il! v.arni c.l:: Miv :1.,1: and yellow ,. have n'i\v : i : ___. 'j
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\.1 them-1r-lsfurruuieriofareat! : ; : ('onplc livo : down condition

llnrrlr.ino Moiit.ina.Mou. ; : I'r'ice: !!; ; : ': : kiciiipy di-i .rder.A C-i The Whole Process .
"r '. M. Ilfiirt de 1'an'ilIl' of I'ari! 1.sFt1T. will : 32
tr., r.'TTE, .. Jape :::!.-.\ hurricane:: sen i'f the I, : Cnn re-tore'
t.a track a: LVIICJ: Thursday andttrfwimr t'.ut the red md cf a FIH-CII urn .xitt.s te!: J'ri-t: : ; : :, t'I.r by tnakltl;; i of Stylish
guar PeoplePatronize
: !
; : tin-: nerves! Write! violet ;green awl Ul. I' Take LO -nb-tt- ( ;
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\ :.' several buili.uji: No one t.!nr antaltisiii: ::. .- ". !
the strict: \ ;!) "
"u bur ;.lutl'\.1 if Lya'-a: three I I Hr. luiiiza pws nany: ytojis further iI'rir. i our !. ..M!1, I 1
a bnubl'u'1i b.jsvn: to i '-(' of \ : I:: I Iiondry wI'r" na
JI.. p'.eces < iiuJ atcn.pts to cur: i.i-rvms: i': ; r .k a ) Ewe' |I--h.e.\". re ba iy: injureu Kvcrt I legitimist Laua- tint! k"j-; :
I l-.v tl* use cf tcit.in! ('<'''or!'. Mdauihul ( +
i \: I' ; Richard tri -a :ion"'"; via: blown down lril:1I.: : t abed and! Lan -
!: Letuats .,-:ltd.nilent; r..uia _..
:, '.. .A- ) !r.tt s 'r tad a child was La ily: UJur- '..i.t tritli.1 Mai-! and nl'rOUiIN..lralinn\ wi: Pto-piTU' ) : : i :skirt: : and never Manl"hrOf ', mncrthat ,

f a ;.r+ .. MANY ARE MiSSINC.Kif : ,, \''. Tlif MTV grave invsti",a arises: for w ho ": fiOTICES. foury'tu art .
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Total ,!-l NI I'a. JlJj 1 Keich: SevenVATETJO .I r ;, :y ..:.' .cod II.lr:11r.1h: d. C M'....j.l'fI'.r. I \ J' f

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W ... :, !:1 beside ;: :: ; ; f( WOD.{: i iI
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N J., '- 1.1r"t'S! I''y I!. u'-C e r reel
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'f KtKlsK, em ti !as itlrr .Jir.p'T.s th,'
and w t;: : f "yt.1r.tms I.Y
11 men IN..c' .. .. ..., yI : eiiemj's: !> : ; '-T. .A.LLVORK C. O. D..ELEI'I1ONE
} ruins of yesterday's tire. \\ 11..'.' arola [Cot <-| : ; : 1r:1 from1,11" ::rt'I'Ii. 'iartv.I .. .. .. ..' .. ., .
l'i tl.c ji.t!: ,'i ;:!iiiiic! w-.aliii-limi'tit! of ,
1 Ririeubarr'e Stvwurss stor *i Main I '1 niter, tinIn iu I>UL'-:
F M! -sM' I.'niii-n- I.v'.+. 1'ian'e. *t'iiitl'e J 1: ...'! l I..r r.ia'ii! I'I Nt-w 114. *7 E. GARDEN ST
J. ,UW C. It J* blovij there is still a ).ry: W:1 !; : ; "I
":: G'i irc firt'jutK'-l I iih\l> -i l'\' Z GOODS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED ..FK T3
.. large number of 1> dies m tae Wreckage; or day's "\'
>: hui.is.! I'nniK'ily when r. ,:1 1 jrlm 1: '"cI
;gl: ii i ; ; xth! pen I HI 'I\
aid there J, .. btriet; taut: th> total: !a- -- 1 \ WALKER
II. mill rrxarl t-T rr.a I I. INGRAH&M. ManagerWING
'" Wellllsul t'CurLtUfll!! --:III;; u-i's. '
I (amities mar reacj .i. lilt injured arc ark, tr 10 >'VWh < I r. n .
All doing t'c! .ilatt-tl: at \.'..f:'. : ,n,'. unllt.It!"
t.t) MRH. Wt..
: The Inu-iag; : | soothing! IiiCueiice: of .:rt"en. t'lry are tnn c..-d I'f!

\i". Miw : l -. tLi- atWisiMt o.to..r, ior TO LJ.S: I).
Anue rentem.in.Mr -roi i ij-ii- t ai.ileriTi At water cure :
"- run |,. rffCt .-..... HUGHES
ft. *. Auie I 'tuuuau.Mr :, )'lllit"IS are: put in a tottrood loltcas tbn > : 1"11 Imputed mil ..'-
:': ,
4 *. )1uy DU:!T. __ to c-ulm: then! and !to a nil rcwiiiv.hiu BoliC, and Is : -Inail. hMii'iiil-Hl li.w
1 I' Mr. Mary J.J.-er.: : 'v rd ItvuU! n "\ | uii i n I .**li" f.. I'MiU*.
tln'y n-qulw t ) !I.. !timulate 1 1.llivpsted L ni...lmt.-ly. '... ,. MKSUIUJ l tl.p.r. Nos. 801 803, 805. 807 South Palafox Street.
L, IF Mrs :-III1 :1. of all: rsajrprratiun: ""'i t'I':! purl if t.f \ I .:- P. O. Uox 404; rhone Shops, 123.
The itifaat :,.>n of Mrs. IT.vin. ti*. II. .:ore : ;
tl:>:* nsut.! the ifTed t.' uilor on llamas: 'S..IQthlull "oV -I'" 'H'U urru 1II"h.\1 JIU'IIIXESUOI'I ) $ BUILEH'on"! ,

1 iC r.u i inttmtin! tluJ"- ; "' BII mi.oui I .\ orwi1II ;
PAY. .nils and InvirM rX (niMPI.r.THA: Kl!I'lrl' 1J WITH THE: LVTMTVI" : K I y'
l 4. -- Kam.'y: I It ra1.1. : 1..,!!'! .III I1m\.11 nt> gal V h \TV 11. >rr.t.tiuu for rtU-aiutijut. :Sax lil.iia.nl 1.IKUIU' ,LI' ..
r r Jur>liiu >if Iodemntty. U \\ Ith the -- itliHr.lWj outli l'.ni- i I-UlljJl..or |I.m:!!! 'uiloi.X5Pattern.

:. ; -r.it l'o\\rr. I An Ounce <.I (*( !'> riillnn. Tl p und lu-tf
: Making
of ot'eriiu' < Specialty.
> IX M">N. Jn-." .",'.-I, ra Lau+!owue, \s you went uut.'lwp'rpJ! the cl'i, : ; : \:-; UN 1'FItvnN.iL: .
I (Jh:s 'rvin-j lioariU-r! "! !'.;w jou pick! up' 10 \. .\. K her. .I.b..r \Vu hay Kmployed; One of the l lle-i Tatiern: d:,
J a ejrrrspntwar u: tud Asocrated1'ressI ; : jf>li
!soHii'tiiL'!&: : 110111 the Poor tear it In a
1 .. learaa sue!! a jsi2iitio Hit-e* i Sawmill Specialties :
tid/fii! pits! and throw it in the rai.se.a T" H.HtK.MII\ t.\
i V ... i flew ,.f.: ,' l'!l111.. a aesotiations: ai tbi-nty. I ure )our proprrtj JlW'
\ m ajl- \\ -I itt IoIftttr'r" : i.u% t.r s-ii tei es- UOLLKUS: >DITU \( K TIC 1'1 i.-) : I I. .I
tw ; the Entis'a! tllpI'r.... Tn uewjiaI ":; ." the tIQ:1rll. : : .1 have '
rf'jxHuloil prnctioal ItId..cr.I'IiN'
.f.... -1\ jut < 'l"iiL j-.Tr.. MAM'KACIt; .1) ..viMll:! \ | : | \ "
I T,. -.: .2 : I t'U by ti-t means ot mode In the view I ('1'. "it was a little !xv.Uef! telling! how > ovir inx- uitrtulru to .

rv i '. If the P..ul'Orn"'IUU"IH! of The to prepare prunes' in act ilifTeri-nt ivny-s. I Hi"Whlou: e a;{' I.tt. |VI 11: Co...H- (;onpIt1e: } (! Sto.-k() : 3Iik: :al awl: SuppliLr.Mr.ru < s

l>aily Mail, wua raiucs touar that the Kern ninUirut1 litrvrrutte
I was II raid it inht fall: iMto! the .
'h a' t Lrg'I.ulIna are ur.ftins; mto a uopeleisxunadle. : .I u' "e 1111..ud moat)
/. t hainN. or the 1tlllll11lyll:11Mphil1 a hoi*?. M.-tl EST.lBL:SHED Mi3.

I a Amourenmpet'ttotieil!, in Djvraiuj l.n'Od. ,'
.t' r> dx-lhr.; < loini-r
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t;.. 'r\lf'pt'\'t of 'ttlm ri.t. It H denotes AnV."hoter: loIu":1I11'11I:1 or: tint .1 >.ulie';:11ol1I".. e !tt solo. !,.. I l.j.\\ McKENZIE OED LING & CCDCALKBtf ,
1Lal Uerninuv naslncrratfiDerden1ahit
i\l ".--i luivp _:' tjui
r ItT luut-muitt., a'li: tlu In>u tIe Hrit- Dlh :IIII)4I1I iSii'i'U'is l etircl.: ; up":) I ) rouni in Iii.\ !list. I unit.. G 15-..-

a Mauilpoiat (iormiuy n.is now u fan tip: ability! of tV! ni'iplenr to :\I-'., :i I ; \,,"11 hanlbti: '>-t.
"u f
and rsti. ia: baa. tiinu:u. of tours,. in and ntii/e!! such cuMtion! : Toj ,
\ Ship Chandlery and General Har-drua'
routuou the Uuitrtl I..S anti Ur>'.11Kntaa j fortnati'ly siu-h a 11t\ -v. tif: ti;' lace I is; ( must tlrfclliintc liil1U
1 -y t"nn!,. by the F..b..r
I : woula 1l.1Itt'J the macmnity Sl'l.'d! l' ilTrJ I ly [1"I..t.t5' S.l] : : 'I;. boutli l'alr.t"l
to !*' tnu'.it ( B03 AND 605'4. IMI.Xh'OX sTaZT
.'.1tI1IaI.1:0; !: art i'ii..e:: l to si-.il}
t -4 It i> aamr.ted tuat Great Britain isfartly :
tlie.r: clitlilnn! to rollt-;;s'tiiply! !bey L'.GENOY _
,, ;> for ie- r:1'T..
re ni iii. tn- li..1y in
}I' >} iiusi: it IS l'IlSi ; 'rl.tl! the proHT thM_ I I' I .... -.. ...- -.. .. RKVEP.E .
the uietuim. if but COPPKU COMPANY. JOHN
r un.: r::yu ut. it i : .' A. HOKUM( Ms -
( iaaiua'sii: that ...>.l'. u* I.I' 1.lr"t; to do.! Consitiurntly we Qn-jj tljron,;!. I I / !.!-1t !In.ut in I x'r I'hiiildX.-r 1'Ie'a"fart O.ALVA.MZKD WIRE lion, A. RL'er11'L.t" '\ ; HlN .S l lSum .

Pt': IrlJl'f1':11 C'h'll :, is ia'.re vit iliy eon., : out the pnuntry IInn sijj of your..: \ : r">in. 1- ;t-en.; 10:1.!
.....>-r ...I1'a: i-ntm.f. Csrdsjj, fiiBli! Oil;:. N tial lsrenei.! : : Clan, h: m. flit
t't'r'ey ;';. tt'r. .. ":. .r :::.: .::enu. : I1cUlo hart paseJ: tl.o:!;h CJlt'1: I ..
t.. ru. .. .. I' I. Jutjii'oii bt tau
,;," cr.11.. ". 1 r.. .... .. .... i 3:'tin? as cheap! t-lei':A. b,"-i.k: ''er ltrs t: : '"II COMPAH.' KS. I.
I : hrb:.. : i;:,::. ,,i1.i aJ: oCai.tl, "u: i ._ .
I.- ere U as rrr c..:dKtars :ll 1 restauravvr. : C. McKenzie O<;rtin- ( ill-i-tin: A;'''it fur I Ki ; i;
t ftV t ltv CI.T: cue t...araiiii$ la the :ters. lLariug I."iriel no i.iu--a": .. .'! : ci ition.
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seal tmJe: rug, wliicti they may bea !bIt i'W!: :% I t.lJlltK r=
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ed an.l! heir nuttid:!: Ii.i natnrv: bur n ''' anti E!!g .r ha.r.
.. I Ilu Ir : .. .
I f *'lur..r.. to -oimisrat.: ; o: CHHOHSMOUS t l '.iua'rl' 'aitI
11..u ol inor.fa tasat.oa. We are i prII""i..n.: Ihtt! ;j-j: t !.runh! I lift: l'-t! '>,i, WICKE & CO.
r. i'.uort' !
lit I'o\t'
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llif\e taut b -(drr JUlY 1 use jiowtn :' Grout; I'::::t t'it: \\ ..ti'l (i.tbva: 1\.r 1 : .. i ot"!'m-. LU'hl Hr.-:

1 t Kilt ....< tn.it ,.ur -n;;;tj.aoas w:. be tor 1I":11U:1I: !:t'IU-t. terry! ban- r i. ; WnJo'ts.-. 1'i.MIKiUlll; i.'n'a-. Plumber
I t & 1 antir Gas and Steam
'. i i l. I '. Turk, f'\\ Fitter,

----- I IRC3J :::. I.uul-..

i.:. "Tli <1
.\ ea4 ini u 1!>I IP. One Miuut ('mull:: O orse :ehlnh.! a well known : : r H.nr i,7. I'tiro iiittttHIP\ wt-11:! n: III" X"rn'r. < : '
? : tIe. ;s.i: \\ Oouruiueut
1"1"' 1 Vf'('. :Nortti Stratf"rf..ItRe: German CIt Z":: of New Lebat.on. i All Kinds! .
,. f.llind liff tri'in (>hi'.. is i ci'D-tint reader rf the
catnap yi u'\ nut r" a i : 'r., --- -- -

h.k : ftnbbiini c"uedon't\ d""rl ,ir. one liyoa Vo'ikzitut.: ; .:. Ire know- .... ..'../...).--'-1'iineral--- _.- -- .'. ?r'PHO'l'1: t2l1 '. .rtN4tl'rlt" A. H.AtHicnrs'r

Minute (" MI jti < 'in n:,- i-iirt-il thou*. NI-KAI.S fara.d
that: ti.ipaper: \ \ anr.- t<> aJrerti-f only .
( : ,
and* and it will cur rou raft IMI '' : \ .r pe IS: c. loIfn.: I
i.f! be-t 1:1 iteilun nand warn'ur : : 2THE. ; .;1 ,.cot '.r..gU"y tKc
Hari i Piiarniicy., t-vdt.ry
ure. -dtv ('halilb..rhin' Pain }:am 'I1JII ? PILLS

r' 7 Kahn Jolm Shf'ppir.l: ; 101!tti'l :-iHp for hen,PIck! : litii1 f r EHNYROYAL_
< I4I1-- ( 11" iK-ll. 1
i'nr..l ad to
Pro),U.I .un "101" thi-TUk'liis, not hf-iate biivn.ira bottle of l r rImporten )' +l l l I : .

jt ad yitly: L. )' ,tL.t. :iir ..L :1\ fur I t.i" \\'if-3, wt M for; eight' weeks ->' Anent K- ". Hoff- li .&"'d-+ -"t I MM HI-HI-
I \Irn .rUlftr et HKILC E- .e 'd: w. It I. .1.1 i I
: v .
HadutiVml r.i: h. .
WI : > Int,*tt-riole: .... t- I.L. .
Burns One << -/Ttt: I .".. tl- 1.- .....11 ."
l l CANDY CATHARTIC n P. itH la her hACk iind\ Could' tri o 1'II.:' -.. .
T.1 U. ,
'lief. HP *.ivi : 'AfPr Il"irr! ,; the ': : ----- and DeMerlin-; ', I.f #.It... 'I., .if'Tir' -.

I Pain I5. 'm f.'r'i fw days my wift! }t : : "ttl'J. "t *mpt beer ..... i.,. M.. lnwwi
-- ..,.._, .
.. 'Hid to' inc. 'I! l 11'1 thf'tu'h !born ..: : l"auDwA.. tltntr Chinese and Japanese I

tii"w. and -f.ir- TI-IIIZ the entire
7Ua *u .l ( ) '\ BII'"
.', contentof the bottl the ..
Inxnbu.Gcaume nnbpara- ....., Fancy Goods for acceptable U"fc
t h'e p'dn' had H.tirly. 'VJPId and and Floral I.'-*'UB9crctf ,
C. C. C Never sod !In ti.k.Bcwve .
1 tamped -hi! l'oJld awn: takes r.p :per tnl'- Sot a r rt fur CUitonieri. Mate If pslente

t, \ of the dealer:< who tries to sell "tnid: dllli. H. is \'for\ 'illkr,1 Call: I is Wen Grpory:arm FINE CHINA TEAS.Unndry m THE PATENT RECR1

,'k f. "somct'ung just as good." trd hope? that all! autTeriug; likf wiewm No. 8tSuuih 1'alafoiSt.: Baltimore. "Ml -

r I hear t/ "--r w.iorful! -covtry.. V \1'1 ( as 1 J. -

) .1lost com- rhi.'aln.bl. iiiimiMiT i fur-ale! by _._ .. Office PE.NSACOL FLA

F1TI\tl I fPRLl "11 dnltgi--anf; mt-riii-i"*' dealer _
.1 I ? : -Ma 1 tri !>"p' ;.uis
11 _.
mete stock .... 'tr'r
) -- nllfitf. K 1..1 i ,,i '
medium and cheap \ i.. here and '!tlng .nl, I.-''''''l1r".. ;p Cur YOURSELF !

of fine, A PIIG !IOli Dr. \ f ..tirtm ui'l<-iit. b-I- mn: to t.. I T 4l '
r.p. nj
grades ever displayed in U ill icant lighter '' -.. r n j[ _\ Prn- t y( ; _
'"Iar"iT "tn ... ,r f tO Ji_ sin 1 ( _. r :
a q..1: Penmcola. C'ashol'insfa'- Furniture and furnishings r7Y -
: P .l' -_ '; .1. : l"'ht" i1\ I: Y l'.:1I
\: 1<>1" ..
: a-t rmt
ments. We have just what for your pirlorJfarston .. ] : i : d A' ....1 ".... *.. .J.:1 n tu H A Ururel.l., I T .7 -. 48 ..;
: P ii :--rtJ..t "u.ii.i i .
'j4 you want. Jlarstom cjfinch. $ Finr'can supply what : .:r..t. J Ntx j.v 134 ." ': v R '
I v : t:::ce. "' % : : nj.m r,..._ .. C"tnRy41'! r- 1I
leant. '. I 2 ..
: .
1 ._ ,, you! a' U JAL, r. al. .t I
V -- -- -

I -JIll

<: ; >'" Tr-fd "11 ",._ .,." ..4 .......1t1' _"..,.. ;"Of ,'r"="
-* '<;

I }



I PONSONBY'S POLL'I TEAS COFFEES, SPC! :S. rjos Quick lraad1)iekPn R'licf for A ":.hma.I'rrnn1au ; ", I HEINBERU[ G B BROS.ij S CO.

.. ,
IuS" dirht
31 n e'.i to lie Learned About the lanAiurric write : r ,
I It certainlyva;* nn otM thins; to do Tuti's sPills .in. \ .?ai-; with a-thma in r? Worst form. 1I | rtVOLaL

and tho 1'0nO'S'rrl' not little; = 1 cofT: had several; attach- during the ljt-t ,
a s nr } I'r'\l"'J: June 3.-. Tae e" .*:hand wan+,' *-N.paetil to ltvPiit'r'i.r 'I
ii's jriwtlh.u Hi-li-a \\ .!" then .
; 'icine of :1.orlt'i tree Fu-
p1LIlt.II"1. ro&M-titi? '! tLei.i. I be:.u. u: m ::
:i l.ricl.t ivi-! pu: rot for a vriMJc1; : This popular remedy never fails to fr .111 A>uuria juuutatiou at Uaxaia LEY' HiiNEY .\:\ \) TAR and It tl.l; 9Palafos

:':.v-" ut. TIi-y d. Dyspepsia Constipation Sid ii..f."' 11'.A P'xl l i.ilwr'tf
nanuntal or usctul anil: nut in tL< lion!. Tins, ia connective vim the tja Street

lra..t rtsontial to tLiir! tH,,v!.. i.imcil[ Headache, Biliousness !iaautioc.! wuica u non..PUla tne ;;reeaimnv )

!.:: l'nl's: :;. And ALL DISEASES arising: from a at thonorru'nlrari Lutl'i1:1z,1orla3 Parlor Restaurant \! .t

"It M,oms to b.> a fort If j- l.c"a.; .''. Torpid Liver and Bad DigestionThe o.i: .it tai moit uuwja' esaiUita:: ever Pensacola, Florida. .i

.\':'t: I'i n.-on'iy: to Lcr 1:1\--i':1 f _'!. "I.n't natural result is good appetite: tnad.. WITH NEATLY --- = .. .J)
and solid flesh. Dose small; elegantly iuu tea plants vary in app ar.v.ice of FI'rtM"1iED.... ct
,':: tV::..; wl-.t: dIe nr art I 1-y: r.
sugar coated and easy to 5\\allow. but:! the tau.. un i leaves to a :;> .To :' WEEKLY HCIIKJDULE
A ml h i "pn' tty I'dlv" n f:1 ty pal uau&u.1tr,i PRIVATE ROOM' FCH UDJES.:
Take No Substitute.- __. i tx'tiu:: tuu tut- uramary j STEAM DIVISION t
i-':. 1 lira s t':ie f ou:: 1 si 1':.:('o ia tillpar. -,- : M.itur will Itf preiwroa toe. 1':1b I IOR

\ r i.f tar: I'l'tru: :,;dv.eliius; I1'wl :.1('' arri.iiia''ii fur Hi .1 treat;: la-.i-uro l>/ a Q-JICK IiU.1G3E; : > F01 TRRVELE5S. I (11'18.01.EIEl."I'lUonUlllfAx: <<
V.'ori: UiiJ.fitimr.n D ___ HA1LWAY COMPANY:
I sVhtrin ol Uvbriiiiziu,: .'oa'l.cd' by : I
PLACE n1 1 I.. .,,u.ll: 1 ok! (!All 1 la tinstreet t
< the
:i 1 I rrn f>'I'.nws! ia :
M'l'! Mierani;: at the ajriccltcrai; rX]>enuieutstatiuu Candies ) Trs'n? leave fpn'acola for tile Little
Fruits .
.,-iM .1 l fnt fas! i in ct Choice \ }\"olllbr J"TOU. \varrlnglon, \av Yard
a..il ? : r. pirrot ('o:;:!!!.; H- ..! ',1! u -' f il.ir! ;':u. muuru Carohua. Tuwura :
and For KarrHDcat at
\.1 1/t.1: .. \\ .tit i n to iui-tir l.i;* di. i p1"a:. Fi.bubst!; latch: lua male: culliratimi: of a tea pUurit Cold Drinks. I .
I II '..t.niaiii: \\i\'. it will: niaUx: tUlugs Norra Atatriiu pa>lble. u.; (esi tu,: 'it* .. m.arrival .' Karrancai 7.:/'a.m .
v ( I
1-('. Tl.o are of tae jn-t v ::" a r. I li.ima. m.rrrlve at Fos t Karrancai li:4ia.ia t i
tiling tj Al.ce.; acd I'oIIj: v::,. r.'lcwrl i : ;row linn'Ilj.; >..tnkaverc I',uua to b i suifa.ult n o a: APOSTLE I I 1 lp.tn.arrtveatFort. Harrar.oas l: 3pm \ oi
render pracneal
1I1.llIh'l'h t's It. It will male cultivatioa a> to a\lp. ni arnvrntFurtitarrnncaa/app
:| to go l.r.!:;;ry Lore than once in letearly I i js i-ulture out ot tLa questkOii ty uitinLLO.VU *: :'P.III. arrive at hort harrancat T.impm 171K
| the infernal grass shoot uj 1') He'llhave DEPOT. '3\) p m. arrive! al Fort Marraacai 8':+a p.m .w,
I in tJ.c C"Ihl'll'1 Put YArieties.Auotucr OPPOSITE UNION
days: : I Tram leave Fort harrancai Pea.s : 7>
i to cut it : : coaaecJpdvitu
I 1\..1..;._..> so I,:i IVMLac, <,-.i,.>. t.u..'id to ti. .. exhibit directly cola: at .'f 1
I L'ress. Has one ol teas and coffees is meco.bctua .\II/l.nJ.! arrive at JVns'ieola..... l 8iJ a. a f.,
The Most 1 Popular and alir.ost in-run' VicUn: \ ''. i -- ---
new (euro I of spicy flavor b-ann; hruDs Hum' p. m. arr.va at r..nucola.l1:44: p.m r..s
I it Mif hail ( l'n L n\l a (V.-d..id! : founi Apart that "r. Fu'.Ur: basatuinid;:: tram tuoAVeit t J'W. p. m. arrive at Prneacola.(6 p.m 'tjI
I fI arrive at ivnxarola ....... 8.45
: :.!i'ier-larry:: TucLir I Is tie wort Hack I : p m p m fi
fur the 1 l.lnl. i ladles; consi-ting; of pepper \ 7:0)p.in.arrlveatYrnsecoa.- ;
bi-y<< lu sthool. Tonauy. and 1 want you ciunanio, natiue;;: c.ovevuuiLa.. \ tij EAtS + I 'IMftn.TO.8rrtveeti'enescoia. __ ':SI p.m _
In Lrr 'art, uomtuth nl play: vrttJi it I .
: froui him K* Baturaareonly.
to keep us far ns pcsil> inato betal pinn-uto. tonlis tunieriu, ir I
toI" tried i h :.c:I It to Fay a few thin5; j jin Tt.iimy-1 iU. 1.1.1. He is always at I lo'a! chsb. tapo;: and ca->ava; the iast "oola FARE to fort FOR Karraocai WIIK DATR.IVa and.retorn 480 it

RiM! !:::'oi to tVi-:: Tolly ,wants crd'j! | tie lead cf our i!lass.-Titr.its.Ihe I name t L w'g a: root that is grown esteu- I"ID-acola to Navy YPalmetto ard and r..tI1rnlI6o t

I :" cud: tl.tothir stuff that ell parrot; steely 1:1 brazil, the \Ve-t Indies and Feasaoola to Ueajh and relara Uo 11'8t'I"DAT

\\'"r.l'" \ 'o..*. : tell Fioriia, from wniclx we gt taii- ICHIDCDI.
RE8TURNTIn t l ij 1 ?- :11 to know as soon r.s: they l.a\c I, This and. I's an r d-s tale cf noVbrre *. u. aand similar s-areliy food t.reparation I Leave nsacola. LT Fort BarnatM. s If!';
1-rIl,1: tln-lr: '1j'Us.m i 'n tis j S a.m. 10a.m.
u:-t \ nun tiLI il.cs to sh; -. It 13 extremely iuterc: >tra;: to see '
11 a.m. I! m. !'tit !
iMirM' of ti.K the: tlinj be:;aa :o liku; !; Cor.linisci.l ncxirtl \Ui ftunj tae: originals tae.-o productions that: p. m. p. m. l-:'
IVIcw the arcllD; sky. we have Uet-n I1CCn,I'JJ t! to *o Ion/, Warts, Ip.m If. n.I .
its and
Mice ?No ansl t:> sidle alcns perch j Removes a'.l Cores, t'.utuons
I and to Know how they arj srowu.; the P. m p.m. "Ft'1
ai.il aiiju-ar pli-aseJ whi-njvcr :she: \ cane T.r th'T! man mourns l< rthou1pansp:: i.!paaipemaneu1y I t p. m p m. .I
Ii ttnn 1:1'on lii. tmres: l:1'_-.i? of preparati.ia, dc.l ill rnnrc"** f ABSOTTlor -* ? 1 6 a..m. a p.p,
iiito tin: room. I T-..- iJ.v ...th HIP Jnublrlin .7IMlI.o A hlndtome picture represeutui tau /,/ >R L.It LvJWI luau twat. ?' I Ip.m. tp.m. 1 t
I'.i.t sosmh'tvr it tl.tln't: sec: to like 1:1 Lor z'.t-: > and ;r.31:1- gTin" l South Ciroliua tea plaut.uion is a fe.it- I D o UPPMAN B30S. FAil: FOR rDATSensaoola ,
l : the tea exhibit. Tnis i-, the! only 8ulnl'ruM. alt' + to ort: harranoai Nary '
T'ini 1'01l"anI.7! aa always fjiutleml i ure o aka J
f i AnieriCiX aaJrepreints j i -' Bock, SaiC \ lard and return .,______ jjPeniaoola 0 111
I lil.It! wuld jhe Iiii: ill: : in Xurtn
and M'i>Mil wl'ot'i'Vfr lu care nccr. j i iI < PI tea iKiuitatiou to Palmetto lieaoa and 1J
Pensacola. I "I) :l'l'r I.rulal:1't It*:" Toni wcuM' To lute a I I. lip c:.c; -- the tint sl1lce..tul attemptat r.'oro.______ 180 'I'!!)
\ Tlirpua tub vim boys mouli LeO'eijojtJ tea grow 'is; wttiim! tuo borders of tuo No freight rcelTfl ster llD p. m, :
say to hU :'Aifi Tin-it hevor.M: tpai: "I.r Lad nurt.A : ..- Umte-l Mates: Tat pant, on tsll"tioa I .
I I it l/y pokta! I.U fingers into the t-aif: '! sari's hpflt; nine .'"'. !,
ia tnsj ::: --- -
don tr-lr-iVs l!,' maiden lip;
;j ar.il |pr >tenilln! ? tn abuse Lis wife.liicli i ferint kinds that are all bybriiis of the ;
ThinJrr n" alniut.TP
!' \\ the i'::rrut rMHII loarni-il tc,: : .:ro,:: 01."', l."jrt .. -ure Ifrau5Ihi e fulou1U;: 'arlene:: ; Darlrrlin C.tu' LODGE DIRECTORY :
!I ro''at. The MrJ wag j.-:Goss. ii fact. ha.r \. fc:Im. uul. gra, Ceylon Dragon's! Pulx.oy., As Lir

FINE 1 and it sun:( (';tae aliout that \ihrr.e\cr! -Chl.o Hw-rrd IrraJ.Dypeptlc I II sam: J'Pl1II'st and :' rUlO,.L

Tuia l'nn>onliy gate Lis wifi' a fare The vanilla vines look rn, PYTHIAS
cannot he Ions lived plants of the lha: -tica: vanetiei whi-n ,
} '\l'l1l.i:;:; m ilie morning or touI'r: : !in- .
I Ibllllt' hfeane to live rKjuirps; nauri-hiarut. are :"t-u tii'ii to ,-ufp.irtin ura*. fl >\vi r I
t.. his iiri.islien loll.l'l'oUll..1 him IVnsacola 1.cxIK" No.3. K. or P., l
Escambia Food not iioiiri-hin:: until IMKS, etc Tu"V prow t > a considerable 1I'
Oysters : ii the woniiij;; "pntty roily"uii.ill it i i.< di2.-,t>>d.! A di ordf-red stomach heuat la their native soil ana clituatc.wuere : meeH every Monday IIYlI1. f,
i iI so t.) speak, and! P lad aio.iki at 'a-ti. fish iI
put ai ":Ir. einub over
L'liinot: (Ii-::f-t f'HlJ, it mu-tIt they are trUI1.tto I' in the Klount .- Watson j
bputtcr ot Its i.nsry; displrasur.1r ,ivci...i-tancp. Kodol: Dy-pep-ia\ tree-, -!Ul1lp,. post. e:(. Tae. pluut! I r. \ KulldlDK third floor.VI'iilnK It
I VEl I'CE H EYJny UA\ at a\\ay. lireaU: auay:" it learn Cure diir et.. all kind of food with- witii the crop ut beans here >It, 'wn tnt es q I?" brethren. cordiallywelcomed
i I ed toay "!' sin h IHa..iuns aid ,'Ilo\) out aj.j from the -toiii' eh. ullowinc; 1't'ry s.lQ
AND SII.VED IX ALLSTYLE failfL! 1':11 iiouLit: : it was eu-r! t.t it to re.-t and r.-;::tiii its natural function ( a'ailla fiivorm; is proiim a. licilllflllc : C.C.
; .ntIv *. Its elements are ex ICllv the who rliorisli K. K. A H. ,
; and it nut iCrc': t
i 1ll'tI'I:1 I ( linpiirit to I)"Yttlt oy l.imlrr. .
he embraced hisvifi !I umti the natural disi:: tiVe tluids : :
-*. 11:11'1'1'11.'t1 and it t-imply can't ht'11' but do i N-nxiJ.F, June 2: ;.-X. ar(;allltln -
; u.ore for the rake rf hearias the parrot for acceptAblo Ideu.
i."iod. Hargt I'lurtnacy: Sydneyl.ian tbu lcr:1Ub' a tjaai of mules ,urawia;
lean t) demonstrate his real af I State if patented. .1
.p".tti-r .
John :sheppard.: : a o-vir raa away cad the driver, a Uyearold ; m
tH.tilln.I i THEPATENTRECORg 'j(
try named liar Jin fcattirtieid, Sold! Ii DasEtEisser! Erss.
In tins way the parrot lie-car.? :lIlm. I' II,'r Mory \t sut..l.Cn.E : I Baltimore, Ml !j)
I ianlled |n.riant: mi''iilx-r '.t the U'IU.MUUJ. anili" >Tir.. Jcue :: -:"redr"cr: C. I I II inniie and na numbly mangled! death Ut

,,gular Dinners Every Da ylt gas n'lly a plrasuro fur Alice Tuns' Miller, l.ttrrapttut of tae .ltLlnEccaas' : i I follow'lug m a few mmutes.. !I ,
I her -t-
to that I"'tli "r MEIIX'SciZf
L"y rIrt\ --- -- ----
bcam-hip 11't .':thaw, ra-aciu;; frunNtw '
t.a. :: .il'-ns: ju-t t'.v": wl.en she nut Hi'1 1i I Pirn's! llnV : r
Yirk to ( ;,'or"tuwlI..IS iic- S
55 a V> this at 1.HilIl.'uU' Sunday: e\ ..U.i quitted in thu United Stati-s uioirictcourt I \\ offer Oi.e Hundrp.1 Dollar= reward ,. i'

ONLYProve lt y t T i 1:1.! at the senior Potisonliys.! t'>l.ay for ni uttempted assault on for any case IIf Catarrh that

1 "IIiMlIy, I'\j..b! you iimld set.1 it not; llrs. J. K. 'iiiiiaiTiM)!:. lurmenv of cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh :

1)11,1! hear it talk." said .\lll'e.on't 'JiOvelasid, 0., \\,11"11" rtewanit-s ol I Cure. I IF.
>"'] 1-1 an" nv.T to dinner next Pu'i la>"': theJd.eCrawh; veuar'dtue J. ('In: a\.I: ('0. Tolwlo. O. j i iWe 4&92&UY63iS
.\ ,il \.,-'II linn!?: you home in the afkr- jary mat it wuti.il nax-i- to In- couvmeedotyoii'i ', the uiult-r-i,riit-d. have known !I
1..1'." a rt ,'-ur.4ilr doubt i.'iaf: Mdlt-r \ F. J. 1'ln-ney. for the la-t; 1"year: -, a

!11,?: n yh'rs .1i.I.II!.' the next Sunilj. u-ei force and vionuee.. i'ho jury 'a- and hi-lifxe him perf-ctly lnuioral.l i1r
cut au hour. in all I lui-iiie tran-action and ARSHIP-At JI-uxV Iuin. C'iliep pHI can: i-firurc a R
l : Imt i"t to dimscT, aceordlng to th -- ,- - I financially: aide to carry out any oblijjatioi. thin lII"I1IJ-! -c .uin-hip. either in :>;!I..rtl'aIl.I..r Onnmercial De. ;t
thePudding j t.t'e"Ia1! plan. \. \\ ('otton Oil ('''1111'-. firm.1'Tk'FItFAx. : fur $15 f..r of in t
I[ ; made by tb-ir parnaeur : a tprlll Ii; unuuh1. Tuition any .
"111 drip j in during; tlie afternoon, \VaiT>:ir.K. S. C., June::.-Thc 1i hit. ,j : IIf the litt-ruy hrturpentiriuhip. cnrre-pondeuee! or bill iur without : .

-: ,. ut,. n :1 tjutf. t-hansin1;: ; the tia' mire Cottnu Oil coiupiay has bet u ,char !! \ !udf-:alp Urus;: -t-'lolPdo,0. ,xtra \\ .- !LI\'f': -everal jnipilv|iP. will -,)"" finih the cotirsath .

.... :..!I. if \.m t'ttu'i rilml.; I'll hring my the Wil.iaui C1. ; W.\I.l\t-o. lillx.lx$11ARC11ChnhwaIP \. \\; u.. whom\ WH.ir* to place with goad linn-. Lnt u- hear from yo a. "
ft -ii!. Mr.! :-1l'WI. v. ho has as';id 1 *u 1 rc IJeut is 'I Vrlli.t.: .. Toli-do.! O.Hull's. (jlllllllllr -..hi!'!'-. ( O. \Ieux. :
.. CPh.-. .... man ,\'h"l. the r.re-i'U-ut of the ;Out), Catarrah lure- taki-a in1f'1'lall ...
Do O'1r an- .-'I: i1.I...1.1..-. .flu.. .Is. 1 |. n".nTit.-- here. .
mill Tate
.J WXJ outrun now LUJ..ilIl; \ '. din-etly u >mi tlpblond
C .unn'>Clt.i a- Ii! I .ln>iili| I:Ui- you to know him. directors ate \\'ill'BUl:111':111:111.: it 11.I I amid) acting; "; of tinyti'iii. ;
look temptL M\ !" \\ .;:' r
r 1 Wt try -III.; I' 'iiM' jiys) flat almut ."' n5-il'k! and 1-'. i!, !zir., : by all dnusristTi'itinionial: free ;

to make: then 11"I S.md.ij! :.ltertinon.; and their fi.Mr ---- -- -- I' 'Hall's Faii.lly PilN: ate the be-t. '. 1'

I v eo But a : ,,i:;!LI. aft.'r a fiv.w":- !s atiout t'i! <' ".\ few inontiis Ltgf"ult which I' \ .1, \ i t. MAM'KACTrKKKS AM) DKALER3 IX It
j'Uiluo .
AY ding 'rC4 !I'; 1'"i,,, and ;::1 I'xl'hanuf eouiplinieut-! ate fur Lr'alf.I.t,1)111,1 not remain ,

taoreintende'1to I l.\\i it ilootinK ladies ctiiiirnnnu :: un mytorn'icli for half an hour. Ill LLUMBER LATHS y:

\i I'xvkixlin 'i' i Intlu <. seemed to be to get away =..d on' bottle of your Kodol Iy"- TRADERS : \

One and can now eat
a.I :i. Ppi\
amerelythanr oert.i aul other m..al.itl1 l aff.li..h i SHED CYPRESS SHINGLESKlin-DrieI3aiS "
"I'.i'.tini, i.iNtn't toe coins; way 1
J Ii our eock. il'i- ::0.11:1Ill'; : : at this time .,f .Ial'! Itll.lmfnlll I t is thoroughly: di- ; A :

EU,I.6 you 1'11:1: \iu hart lad siijipir." said .\Iil'('. gest-d. Nothing tlll\] .)I- Kotiol I--\ -_, -- PENSACOLA, FLA.JUilliam 1;
do what you lie Lnusry aniljiiu'xv pl p-ia Cure for -toiiuch: flYEse :
sunjun II. $. PIttrliuj'tnn., Tex. lieddDypepia
would do with .
fhort! titae.Ti
iKim lere such a Care .Iip.to what you ------ I
the pulling.Tt and I can hart the sup:''T thin;;- :
::i *!it. Ilargi: i* Pharmacy, Ntd11.yl

a ,., ..t it. nnj-It! wiMsld in a jiffy k; it a pleasvre'nu'iI.IJ for stay"tae t ti'stiy. \:tlu. John t' 'lIpard. f odara lee tia EJ Te 3oljnsou \ Ion. > e r

: ." ivpUul Helen "if )'Ir.Otcnn- RYE WHISKY ti l bMl 1t *
tI....n't '-nhL""I JEWELRYSatisfaction \

r. M'\ens iliila't i'ind.\ rf cuurac..i Et t Whi5k1 cut-red 1 nI HARDWARE DEPARTMENT.

: :..1 the! I'tCMinl'Xs litiMl'd l>::r!; to th,' Guaratccd s ;

', 1 pccinl Ordersrvod I.! on ;v i.\: i-::> a VvMs'j raouit aul or Money Refunded. I city [i9r 1h] naCE !

.M iiipar:> ::r4: i.t:!: :'. *1'1. !leav4 Ice Boxes
( niRlitlinetnr.A'Arrwtttr.l
Ji/ > i.rv u our : :. .
.. VB tan l iv Iris Whi
t'-i'r: jrt-t to til1!; to lie! parrot to 81*'*" Mii-f.ic- 1

all hours of .i1.1: I In. A. ii.er t'.e !.oi>:." in the! front tlun or 1ll0l"'w-''',.n'III1.I1 Iwal.l.II".lu" t. ....01".' I.' Ice Cream Freezers, Water Coolers,

1 I n I'I' >' i. nt IMIH hiii...ia l, !HIIII..II..IIIIII'1.unid Krinii IInjoil'. Geld I:"| ; In Qzs, $1.00 perqt.. Llilk Shakers, Lawn Mowers and }
I.M +
Ivi-n : : :-i i'oi
.0 day or night at 1 : 'V hid: t..dd..t! Kiiunli-li'liiif'.l I ifu.lrvol i
st.rrli'1! I tU- r.i'i i-l t..r' 1110'! by Garden Hose Rakes 11
. V. \Li: n tSn'v! 1'.1- ly .ur iniiiuiliii-uir I- < ,

. s 1ablo Prices. 1'1",1 s...,'t'.:-." .: :i'l' > ,i'\vkit; d"urI' ';:tr Pensacola Drug: Co. I jIn Bulk $3.00 per gal. Garden Tools Fishing Tackle 11

iinn-- U1. ; t':.!' ::.h the! 'cn. .. ----
< til! Ht tb- -lift midHinin -
.. .. and many other seasonable article3.
v \ tliHi n* if4c i Ji>* attU ,.iiuil1 :
'I'1: : .!:, ::1' ". !'. .:'.. ::.va; '. Le;-::'ii' Iii: ,r rut1W. *- )=TRY IT-@

: .-! i\i"> :' .. ..\' aj':" F. MAIN: CO. A FINE: LIKE OF i.

\ m; ) mm\ .i',, alii jwrii! i\ ....-.. -v'1:1:.:"a .f:>:: ;:.- !r, f':tselte:il hi-. ManufacturirgJcwelerb. npdi i

1.. ,< I'' a v. i :"i: i.' ; .' \\ !. ::. .\! if ,la,1'!! ..tit' I\' ,I. + JACOB lli, W m;;; ih[ \l r Vik/ !
-0' c.:1 Ileli.i n't
I :! bitrt't.1tlltl
I "i.-1 tin L. i i. .i
.\\ \ 1 !. 1\ .\ BIJOU BAR.
.' t !. : a ecnn'i
A Specialty. \. ..;' i 1"> >in: : : :' "i 1
The Most Line of Harness in the
I -! :"4: tn 1. 'i > ; I't'- Iia.r: .1 hii- Complete City.
,I 1":1: ;'i.:..:l'iil awl
t' Sirviii. st i> i:
:'i-'ii-d. >.'i..J l t.t' .\. a--Uwaiil i !!.. Hot Weather is at Hand :

ilt ti. Kni.iii"::: Ii > i :. !l'Ivnll"I:. S
I riGABS( !! i late at tu' I .I.rb! i f; u\:1; lailj'.- AND WE WILL i STOP BUYING I

"V. :.j. v..si', the taster wi' !! It. COAL AND BEGIN TO BUY ICE JDuliain! loijnsou .Oli. X. I Iu
bet --
- } r: ) '.'" drlt,1 Aln: %. mMI ;
with woudi-r. "What's all:!
-! : : ,: LARGER TRADE
WE : '
i I 1.01 ;:!hIUI : _
: 1 THE f POPULAR BRANDS.r I -I I don't! I.o'li't.. Vt\ src" THIS Sl'MMEK TI'AX KVEI! CEFOKE. ,.
!o''u'n',1:! l>"icll. Lttoulnt; EJITC tat ORDERS NOiftl.Tlionipson .
1'1..1' \i-ry uonu>r.t. "He's f ri;;uti'iii .
.. tli-alh! witb his M-itteh- iIfueuuarlaAnen 1y
. L. 11t't:1v to O scn & Co. J t
kjiwhit htaneU bit(:. ,
. r.: I drat if IToo/bU )

.. : place in Pensacola '1'1.1 1"1'\i Miri'wi'tit. nut only of--only the!' rotuiu 1, !ten why you Joe anl.-\ "lll1l1'Nut Street, Telephone 1-;-7. IMPORTER AND JOBBER OF I\.

foolish! and! I Ir"1 .
I i I. i.-i )lr. t..n'u"t '
:; :hcro you can get P.:it his arm around me and kied m-1. :Hardware i

it.rV I ii1..11tt!: .. Alice, it's all risht.;: .\I!'" TWO SKUOONS. ,

',I. ho Genuine Tampa d.'ar. fur we'iv rnged; and bate l>it':. --- -- -,- Iron, Nails, Axea, ShjTsls, Saw Mill and Steamboat Happllea, Cooklnj i.

tor a raenth. or.lye dliln't: syantnay- and Heating StoTeg Paint. Oils and Window Glaaa. .
Made lijdy to know just jtt U'caLsive taa'tL. LAST CHANCE\

- ,." married fur a yea r. and .\lil" ". d. ar. THE CllOKIES1', FIRST AND Agate and Tinware and Uonsefnrnlshiug Goods. \

1l' \'l US\ llayana\ Cis you :?mu-t hJU-lloraW.Mr. -rfiii; it 1.till:<,'I me tdl u.'t jou.to"-gay ChicagoIJecord : anytJi.u : Cor( Belm -----, -101 1-1 South PalaHi Street I, (J:1l Flatoh and Fisbttg Taekli. I .

, AGENTor Biruiu ham Rolling Mills Company Revere plant j '
r Beer and Cigars.
Jam Brown of Put-m"uth. Choice Wines, Liquors, Stitched Belting: Nor: amp'on Emery Heel Company Laftln Rand t 1

I Va.. over lit) volt* of ace; Fu1Iprpd Juc TRADE A SPECIALTY. Powder Company Johnaon'a Ealaomine, Iron Klnj: and Back's Storei fl;

I for years with .* brad core on his face. and Ranges, Wra. Conga 4 00.'. Ray Hid Lie Leather, Maas i7'r B/ d/ I

[ Phv-icians fit's NYitch could Hupl not l Silve hlp cured him. him DeW N. GOLDRING, Mali Railroad Ooloti.Masonic I
R1K' u I

I) rl i Sydney permanently.Kahn John Harris tjheppard.Pharmacy l PROPRIETOR i Temple, Pensacola, Fla. v

- --

.. ''''' -"""",,, '_,. '''' '.' ............ '"""" <,. .... ,............. J.__ .. ", -...., -:--..>"",," > .,. ......'T..p..p .- ,-- ....," "'''-.0 ''' ""' ,. "'= "'--rM+..R+tg. .-...,..-r.+= .ea .=- ,,. .ateA.e.Pyar -... ....IIIIIIIIIII


$ z t



..... Fentacola. -
l .e the POle otnre at -
r .x I
ps..Yaeoad- ii matter.omos \ Hon S. K. Mallory. In the Game of Ha.e Bull at Palmetto

S 11 .r.. .X __:, op-PIU uirFCBL16HKD Balldlatalh. 80' tb Pss-) lalnesville Con: The Pensacolaj: i! Beach Yeoterday. i iI i iI I ji I YOU'VE HAD THE f! During March nearly 98 per cent. (9!;h2G',. of the i tJut I,

? Journal regards Senator Frank The Bruce & mil claims paid by the in the Umud
*# i !!:! were easy! : I Equitable !Nate alt)
4 : ;. tir BY Adams, and Col. D. U. Fletcher as things! for the Marines nine at Pal- .: EXPERIENCE OF THE UNEXPECTED Canada were paid within one day after jroof* d dl'.1t',
a *. THE HEWS PHBLI8HI( 00.Invarlably were received
; aspirants for t Senator Mallory's teat. metto Beach yesterday. and the CJUEST !

e4 } !? T.rm.- in Advance. If the latter gentleman is not a candidate game was won by a large majority.The NUMBER.: A\'. N.

irk + PM TNr by Wall. ._ _I5 on for re-election there is little Bruce & Kings played in good Everything all right : Claims Paid .. 193 $993.647
_. ... III'
y, lira Montbt .. -. ...... ... .... ....- 1 Let doubt but that there will be a general shape until the seventh inning, I but the Dessert,....., Paid within one day 189
I d ._ ._._..... WOM 981,95
t ?' .w
scramble the -
-t w 1 e West by Carrier payable MondaY 10 democratic primary when Mullen made a bad overthrow, ICE CREAM LS ALWAYS IN
a for the nomination for the on the strength of which two men THERE WERE ONLY FOUR CLAIMs THAI

;t : ; THE WEEKLY NEWS: senatorship. The !senior! !senator! has scored. Before this however, the FAVOR REMAINED UNPAID ON THE cKCUNL b.\\ .

t? tabUebed Friday at ll.lrlper year unfortunately been in stood in favor of the ....If you have one of ou.....
+ f A'; l.1 .retry very poor score city team Total Claims Paid ....... $993.647
; : reetsaetr.e.h health since hi* election in 1SU7!: but by 4 to 3, and there was good chance ,

h, TELEPHONE NO. 118. we understand that he is now in robust -' of the "uoys; winning out. But when 3-f inute freezersYou Total Premiums Paid 389.851

health and prepared to do good Mullen made his it -
Furnished tpplicatun.FimOOLA. costly
ie Haiti en error was
'c 'r Profits to Estates of Assured.- .. ..
work for his constituents at the next followed by numerous others to such need not dread this

es-ion of congress. Senator Mallory United au extent: that the instigator of the ....Emergency.... Where claims are not paid immediately! it i* I i.) ;. '.
id the p..r..f auy man in the bad playing threw oil his mt.k and due to delay on the part of the beiitliciary in -..t :: .

I Matesenate, and no member that clove and refuted to play any fur 2-quart Freezers. ... ., . . .$1.15; ting complete papers.
body is held in higher esteem by his ther. Hi place was filled by Smith,
.. . . . of Amount Paid
If 9S.82
colleague hi" health warrants who had held down the centre fi..l ld ;3-quart Freezers: f 1.45; Within a Day.

: JUNE 24, 1901. and he dires re-electiou he shouldbe position; and who it !seemed delighted 4'(1 luart Freezers. .... .. . .$L.;. Ratio of Claims paid to Premiums; received . . . . ..
-- returned without opposition for to throw the ball a.* far from Per cent of Profit tw Estate of Assured . . . . .
the people cannot send to the 'en<.te basemn he could do (j'1J juart Freezers. . .. .. .. .$2.25
as reasonably ,
IT iM to be h.iped that Hon. Frank
an abler or more honorable man. If
t r thus allowing the sailors to swell tile The Equitable Life Assurance
: ?;. Clark of Oklahoma will in some way his health does no: permit of givinghis score enormouly.Hodgeboom Society.

l t* t .':. gain arre"1. in his frontier retreat. tun* and attention to the util's / for the city boy! did "STRONOFST IN TE WORT D.Su.rplu.s .-'
devolving him a? senator he
upon B.GERSONBand
tt to the Florida newspaper?, so a*! to some supri-iorfly' good work and
a will not be a candidate senator had "fanoutto
: :. ,, enjoy the many striking remark Mallory willie: the people hear from even many the irrepressible Mooney his credit of the to olicy-Holclcr: GCG.OOO.OOQ

,J ; tbat are being printed therein about ., him in due time, and they can ret'assured Marine*. Merger was al-o in good

;I4 '1,} him. One of the late-t B the follow. of ttiat what he says will l.e condition, the work of both pitcher/ Concert and Dance KNDTffLES BROS., Gen. Agents
worthy -: confidence }
;4, } lug from the Ocala Banner making i it distinctly a pitchers'game.
"' D" Tb* lair J&mt> Kui-rll LO\\t'lIllild it don Mr Flakier1init.. SOl Ollil'P. Hodcebootn was accordedthe -ATKupfrian's- 3i(9( S. Palafox: Street PENSACOLA FI.A

y .': Man all
I t, F. 'i lar .1- wa* hot open ti dl.pute. Hut thin is iu a pi..ition t., ret all j.uh'iu" as small crowd la attendance had the Park.cctncsdny. -I

.u ,t Jo.: lxim.-IIJi.nl U-f<.r" Frank Hark: inirrtcd to :Mr. Flakier'political: a.pirdti.ui'at pleasure -eeiugthe boys! from the .;. .i,o- ,.""" ;'-' ._ .
city defeated by a score of 10 to 4. - - -.". ,TA'?: .".-- ,'.'--.',
,,, : 1:0. th> capital removal r'tt' :'"< iu the FloridadrniucrMtic rf'-t. 1: cantate authontata- \/\ : Jxino DCIu..ic -
h 1'' platform, or McLaurin ran up tively that h*> ha* no political ambition -- --- '

fI '' J. ageimtr1llmxainboothCaruturx.:: to gratify ai.d I comes to Florida She Didn't Wear a Mask. ) by the CITIZENS !Uxi r TA ij'i
s i i
-"- with uosach purpo-e in'If'W. He But her beauty was; completely CAPT! AND &? IDAP&MM& ? ?

t.; .' Ii Im'aiul ": e.i Purr wants the! people of Florid to believe hidden bf. ore*. blotches; and pinnies Benefit Pensaeola Light Artillery

/rrf : ;. Two IIf ChicI!,..'; ocean.zoinO'"e... that t.ieie ha* never been a till ;site used Bucklen' Arnica _. Hi
r ,.',, sell have reached their trail<> ..Atlantic time in his life when he wuulJ have! :SJVP! Then they! vaui-hed as will Pan-9! :erican ExccrsicD. (;i j'i_ -- u - i i
tt accepted any; political: "'i ice within all Eruption: *. Fiver bores.: IJoil. !

Li .":'s!: destinations at Hamburg, one in 35;of day them and arriving their the ambition gift of has tne: Au-ricaupeuple.brtu iu oilier directions His its I'lcers.ue. Carbuncles Infallible for und Cut Felon. Corn-from, Admission, 25 cents. tj';;' Special Prices on Every Article in this ij;j

:. other at Liverpool inn'dJp.. In anJ his life-wotk in other Burn. Scalds and Pile*, Cure guar :
? '.
line.uch"rul in other rpects.had anteed. 2:j 3 at W. A. D'Alemberte's, Department During the Week.
I *" ; there time, when quick transit: i* -o l''l Palafox Hall
he desired See( ; there ilittle : :' street. Armory
)r- -i! largely an element of commercial doubt that he could have: had hi- !) Window Shades.. : f if
4 success, such slow time will scarcely! ambition amply gratified without lII.au KDIIY 0( JOHN

!r justify a repetition of the exnen- leavm;;r his .lj nome..Mr. l'l:l'l'EI'Ol'SU ix TII[; HO.\D Monday Night, June 24. 'mCurtain Poles. .... .. .. .'IJlo H 11;

. ,; .a I mellt riagitr; actl"itand? nie has been hd.,ona beer otindustrious Yesterday )Ir.-John Pepper witha tl X.: Remnant Rugs, (Fringed).... . .. ., 1 / g:

(" } .-> The ambition of interior cities to largely; speC in the lab"randforthe party of gentlemen, held a hifi.h/ E f:] ,"[allin1perYlrrl .J21-Jfajt |:
y:. ,.. poe as sea port* because they happen beuelit otrer He now feeS! that
to enjoy water connection with he has reached a period of life when chowder on the government res'rva- x-; Lace CU.tltill.J"1' pair ;tic, 81 and .< : J :
he can tea nabl\' claim more uf his tion near Bayou Grande. Mr. Pep.
y.\\ W
> ocean highways, h oce of those :) Excellent: Value*. (
r t time for hi- own !leisure and pleasure per was in the ben of spirit and W;1

r'; ."* '' anomalies of modern progress that and to hat end u shaping hisbtninev laughed and joked with the boys.At :: Lineoltum, per square yard 4-.j, .*.> (1i'I'f'
', w are practically: unexplainable. Poi i at airHe is rt Uuin all t :i
: -
11 :3) o'clock he left the crowd I I
#' 'f." y ; .* bly iu indulgence is encouraged by official po-itions in the large; business -

;' ,t 1J.J.A./ V; $3 the fact that a ct>n iderablenUU1bef connected'" enterpn-es and speaking with whieti for a he large is and Warrmgton.started bark Nothing to his was home heard at (jj;: Saturday and Monday Specials. /1 ji(:i

,',":,*"": 1 *, of the leading sea ports of the coun- majority I of the people of Florida, from him until i o'clock when the .
k / "' I try are not in immediate proximity weexprefthe hope that his declining watchman going to Warrington 3P' -*:: White and Black Duck Skirts' u yard !weep for ,-

i' *e to the open sea. Among these may ] ytars will fce: as a sweet: Song; found his dead body )lying in the 1 d )Ji I.hlPnkirt:: ", value fl 50 to $'. uo. toJi -. fij
.. ( l: and that he may enjoy that teat and road. It is presumed that Im fell IUNJ Yard Magnolia Diinities, 10 yard for . ((i
: ,q. .: ;'J be mentioned the following: Savaui dead the in the
quiet and happiness which he seeks' on spot, lying hot ti; ;5 Hj Yard Organdy ; value '
Gingham, i! t9 40e fur
> A
nab 10 miles up Savannah river; He is in love with our soft balmy sun for two hours and a-half before
e.. ,* .i\i Jacksonville, 23 miles up t St.: Johns clime our clear azure skies, our his body was found. Y tIi J; Soft' Finish! Bleached Cotton, 10 yard for. . . (,]
| r\ river; Tampa 2b miles up Tampa health-iinpartui: breezes He loves Mr. Pepper has many friend* in : ) 50 B.", -' \Vashable Blouse Suits.75.to t. "- '/
r the beautiful nature and in art, Penacola who are very mpch f'l) fjfX'* :afJ1p'4 given with these Special Iteu. W
I bay; Mobile 80 miles up Mobile bay and it is his dream and his ambitionto grieved over his sad death.: ; day dud \1 onliH. (W:)
*, I< And river; New Orleans, lY) miles make what i is fiction in Arabian He has an aged mother to mourn "

j'v' up Miiifeipp: : river; Baltimore 1..o literature a mutter of delightful renl- his death. The funeral will take c t 1 iI i
; ity here in our Southern peninsula. place at Warrington att o'clock !
mile Chesapeake bar, and Phil.mart'
up Millinery News for the
We hope he willli\'to to carry out this afternoon.A "' : Ladies
; addphia I ISO miles up Delaware all Ins piano and enjoy the full realization ?. (J

..I'. "*' "*. liver of all his hope SHY surgical to cure piles.operation DeV'itt'sVitch is not "P'po;. ;!? SPEC! '. {to Dill' tiLE II THIS DEPJRTMEIT cnUEICII; 11;;

| ;C'' and 01 Gulf the ports principal directly South on Atlantic or only A Deep Mystery.It and Hazel never Salve fails.j saves( Beware all that of counterfeit expense Miss !EU 9L TuC@MOIOLOCUE k@r (ft: MUD!!, JUKE 24. jlfi |i:j

? "f: a aehort distance from open water. i iil a sr.y=tern why women endure *. Hargis Pharmacy, Sydney
,* Backache:Headache.. Nervousness, Kahn John Hheppard. Ij Misses' and Children's Sailors at Cost
.> TJZ: Norfolk, Charleston Wilming- ) Iii
a f leeples-nes Melancholy. Fainting (
IOU. Brunswick, (iuv<- ton. Key i,i and Dizzy Spells when tHu..aIJd ELECTING LIGHTS AT Till:
i : West, Apalachicola and Pensacola have that Electric: Bitter
proved CliHiCItB
1 j the three la-t named are in Florida.I i, will quickly cure such troubles "I CTsTOM linrsE IMPERSONATOR I 1! JDilliam( oljnsou & SOil !S f J
r suffered for with
if .'* ,o Of these IVn-acola: becaue of i it* years kidney The wok of wiring the m-tom XDKK At'griCES: OK I ;
r trouble. writf')1 l r* Ph bjCherley.of
,,o. ,?: extraordinary natural advantage*, Peterson. la., ".:nd a lame back hou-e building has been commencedby TUB H .I

e at yet only parti illy utilized prom- pained' men I could not dress myself employe of the I'ensacola Electric : &BIG STORE.Casualty. !::

I 1' J lees to fairly (out-trip in the near but Electric Bitter wholly Company, and after July 1 the Chipley Light Infantry I 1 _... i

..., .. future, as a poi t IIf t'xl'ort. not only old.cured I me.i.ow and am :aide although: to do 73 all)'ttr"my entitebuilding will be lighted with "r-. .I1VIaryland!.'.--IT!'-;-!.-- .""._- -biTr...-- .!.-- ....-_- ,...-_- .--,_-- ,...-- .!..--- ...--.,

t.. -' i f I all of thor which are handicapped laou=ewl'rk'" It overcome CoU-tt- electricity. The li*cal year will begin
; ij- ; : at noon on June ;.5'>. and the contract -
ti $ of
.' : : 'A by reason inferior accessibility or pation improve Appetite :;ive-
". 'WI.. ;. :J" '. i | Jack of permanent Jeep w.ter. but perfect heal; Only ooc it W. A. with the (ias (.'.nip anv will: Pensacola's
; expire on that date. It i I. mari-d
: D'Alemberte's! drug :t"fe.ll.l'ala: : -
\'; *> those of its own class w.iK'li lie di- fox that electri,1 lights! will be more in.
.-t :'s rectly ou or very near the open :ea. Expcn.ice tlt:1a.! : *. Gompao}

:l All that it requires for tl.e attain- TILE( : CLUB YACHTS To dint the large buiKlir.: nroptrly. Great Novelty House.
l. will
it rfquire about ;Lei I in- '
1 h ,.r gilt ofu h a 1"-ittol; 91 "uherior- I IN .\ PRACTICE J .\CI. cande-cent: bulb lights of IC-cacdle; I OF LTJMOP.E.

.1'r ity i is for tliose V.'no Contemplate! ii.- power and the workm are Lu")' to COE'S. !
Yesterday of.ernuo n a cumber of Lave: everytliing! : in readineupon: ; I
; commercial and *
vestment in tranjKirtatioii -
r. a the boats of the Pcs-cola Yacht the beginning: of the contract. !; CAPITAL $ ,;::1.
1. entprpri-es.i involving the -- --
t:> : .k 4 exportation of the domestic productsi Clubensaif J ui an ii.f.rir.a! pric-1 fc' alle Into Y'I1Ir11: ts ; Surplus to Policy-Holders $1,4-
tice contest oS Pa'.if'X wharf! tn a HAMMOCK'TENNIS I : f :?. ; .
i r .. lit the country-including especially \lefc'! Footran *- T' .1.:., i
1 between the U-mile course, wl.i.h! ; ViJ Watchea jhinlnl.. nii itiiii:. r.Hrvout"vt hmlinrxrini *- CBOQUETTS.
a > the entire region lying
4 ; iiKils, had lu>lftntly take* ibe >IHiL Put JOHN T. STONE President.s .
ij 1* '?. j Apalachiin range: and the H)ckyi with much! iutere-t by the membersof of rorns nnd lu>ni'>r'. II'H.. All.t..I.at the tfrmtctl. i iKn'i icotu6.rtdcorerolit..ac : GOODS. i __'n ___ ___,_._ __
the club
ad a late number of
f )Mountains inve-tigate impartially iiiiketwti: ,,r nc* .h wa 1..1 1 m_y. UOLFliOODS.MARBLE.S. .
': ," and study intelligently its, vanous spectatorOnly three! boats WE'rereluhrh' 1I1 11 H rt-rttSiu-ure fur Wfating.fHl-iU! 'Hnil \\ the latest improved formof Acci>ler.t i'.'lieie-! .
t. -. t'IHt'J-\lula I I': Powell '."t I'rwl nrlni.ii fet ')'ry it /.. drt+l. s>ii.l : .
!4/ t-ub-t.iiitial and indiputableI : .. i h\ Hlulrusiii-ti.. mia 'In'ktore.. I..' nit I I6'r (1 : PAV< Fl'LL INDK.MNIIY:: for FJIEK/IM.. ,hiDltOWMMJ : \ ''
ow tier ;;t ,jr. Jth! :.-on owu r !and :...'. In MHtrp-. 7nai |.n>.kttiH: IHKK.AiWr KITE.TOYS.: : I HYDltOPHOlIIA. CHOKING in \VAI.I"A "
1'1.I ,\: ...j'alltJjt'III fair unpari-on with Wah-Wih! -lieeJiai! owner'I. The --. Alien S. ui(...t.d. Le Koy.V A\E8TIfETlCS when adminUten-d hv :>.
a n-jrular '
those of other lot-ihties. lat: UI1"ct: I i- a ;:e\v boat recentlybuilt : ; I,1IraI'AYS i
Jr- by JOOD.!) and j'. peiform- Ut\\ 1-\C.TH"'IO't; : lt\TKS I 40',, ADDITIONAL P.KXEKI IS. if iiij.ir-'l w' ,i' ,
), Already, son.e of the wie-t and > ___ I II'lf DOLLS.CUTLERY.. H p f.ijipr in or upon a ptiblie SIT \ t'THieI
ance greatly! deliytstej::! !III (.terer C'liiveyancpropelled by
"t most eminently ucce-ful ir.ve-tor* Two other duo b-iit.Minnie (f. National CiintentiniM. I'pHorltiIicagii : ; I Y or CAULK or while' riding>'n. arfcnlnr t'--'m,:. f I I

t ty in the country !have realized thefuperiontv "allrrR'ittltt( / 'wu'r' and L'itt.: **, h.ilurational .\......:.iatiniiml FISH IXC; TACKLE. orincon-eqtjeneeof-nr"d i.i in -it the the B1 tSI\fi! c.f a lit'II.IilN'i.: Irl w
comnifiicniierit nl KIRK;
nrhv j\l: i.thI'Elt \
t: existing M., Mover ow her sailed: the I
of the conditions : cour-e. ChriHlian imloaor.San : (:o'r3t10IlPrJcumlJtI"I'' .
ttltholit'-attain,. ?' 'I\ trine or Portable \lllff 1 i :
A here and are indu-tru>uly t-n- USA CIIAWn
( The -e.r..t- a- follow*, excepting Franci-co and return, $:;i.\: ,: A.T'
v gaged in arranging to take adv.ltl- currtcted 112;*; ticket -olJ July Sti! to )lath m- PAYS: you while P.\ItTl.1.1..Y DiabeJ.PAYS .

> tageof th! faiv.e. But there i i- plenty Kisi)1. ciuive.Detruit. ) all Claims PROMPTLY.For .
4 '. ....a" F.nuh. line.tsbWti and return. $;!M : tickets ,: The ''rilli I1aroware CO'
of ro.111:1I1l1 abundant op portunttyforallwhochoo.Ptocone. .. :. ... : 4..":> l.l:-. old Juh' 'h and Ii;:!! atij tor noon further particular, call f-n or addr.a,
.4 .." '. ., ,.."
; +
1 In one .ntH ; !I."! u : : .
train July 7th.Cincinnati;
Alma K <. i?" t: ii :"i I.M.I" I
'r ; ; particular re-pect, an almost unoccupied ; and retu.-n.P.'.i; ticket H. H. THORNTON, General Agent.
oll July 4th. .Vh amid sti.
Held <>f ludu-trnl activity
1 You well mny a exp run a
For informati apoly to 1'rX A( II; vP
.. awaits the magic touch of enterprise 'team esi;:ii.e whou: : water a. to TicketJrLt.. KUILDERS' HARDWARE.
21j6t j
? t and capital. and promi-e- ?:41 tine! an active eueriretic man with u S.-Also inspect and injures I50ILERS and ELEV.M-.-
h liver .iid ,. know PAINTS, i
: certain a result that it i i- .1 matter of torpid you lIl.t Eczema saltrneum tetter, chafiae! "' ''lIe''allch''=es and rno.t liberal f''rmns 'Jf E I'LI'I F.: tt- ;
that hi* liver torpid when he does
I i-
A that the opportunity hanot icyPoleunlug and all -klu torture: OILS PLATE GLASS and HEALTH p.licit-
mrpri-4 hot reli-h in- food i-r feel dull alldIdllluid
Ion Finer been appropriated. It after t'dtlncofttoll has headache are quickly cured by DeV'ltt'sV1tcb : _. -
: ; Hazel Salve.I ThtCf'rtain pile cure :j i (;LASS. ,, -- -
is in the establishment of an ester- andoinetnne* dizziueA PharmacIdntv
; w Hargi KahL,
i I
c few does of Chamberlain's Stom E' C", FTC: '
, five and comprehen-ive importing ach and Liver Tablet, will rf'.turehi" John Sheppard.:; j jr "The Home Grocer
.tradetosupplytheimmeuseareasof liver to its 'il functions -
norm re-
tf'rrlturtributary to the port and UPW his ,vitality improve hi* digestion
tK''J Candy (Cathartic cure constipation for* t teeming with a den.llpul.uion of and make him feel like aI I0c.r: 11 C.C C.tail,failarugKisurrucdiLOQ one nearest your home, where you cin yet : '
___ __
I new man. Price ?:5 cent. Sample i.j i ICE CREAM : thing .
consumer, with foreign ,("o\j" of all I you in the shape of family nitrites u(
free For sale
I at any drug store. oy Millinery half price a tMrs.
4'? h a kind, now brought at enormous all drusr-and; medicine dealer X. Bowers. out going down town for it. It's a great conren '
expense by rail from eastern port I
d .,f import. i i I will repair your watches and ,; BEST WATER COOLERS when the stock! kept there is clean, fresh, up-t ''
; ,'i jewelry in fim-claea style. J. IdtepbenS. The man who owns nis own home:1 Ever Made. and in
insures himself againn lots of reasonable variety. Such a place is the
{ i A Mother' Milk trouble and !
worry.obody can known establishment
ia :raay: not fit the requirement: of herowu Shorthand ard Typewriting work raise his rent, and the rent day has'

otfri>riinr. A failing milk is done for the public at Meur's Business no terrors for him. It's easy to'own FULL LINE (IF
. :" !At usually a 1'.klr milk. U.'rdl'II'S F.a- hollege.After; a home now-a-davs. Thog. C I I
e4I J'le Brand Condensed Milk has beenSyr. Watson & CO. can tell you how j FIdHINGTACKLE: Roberts &
\ __ _ I Dailey
.; i the tand rd for more than forty n easy it is. Call and see them. I Il5luTVANIKI ,
year Send lOc. f\lr"Hab\"s Diary"MI' CRAB NETS, !
;1 Hud* u street, \. Y.Pbilailphia DinnerTo >. i':
I GOLF GOOD?, 218.220 East Wright Street
!t( N.f assist j digestion: relieve distress for 4. ,
h r.f
) Cr-Min i* a perfect Rid privilege July : I
after too heartily AND
; ;. crpiin. If joi; give ui? an order we to prevent fating constipation or driwUcg/take picnic w iI. be received by: the peni i TELEPHONE 156

x"a are cure to f'cur you as H constanttiKtomer. mcol.1 Cainival A..oclall..a for all I HAMMOCKS. j
',4' We have it in vanila/ Hood's Pills :kind of *| arts and uo\tlty show* | jI I All the Staples, Fancy and Shelf Goods, and /

lenin. strawberry pistachio "ham.t up to June 5. Novelties in
# West FloridaSteam CHAS. LEBAK'tx.: Each-Fresh Pure and Relate
\ ,ue and peach :).: p.';: ::. ts.
i C (1 Bakery. I I3d Ct: ,airman, j What You Don: see. Ask For. 1 stantly on Hand. GueIis a Trial Or" er.



: _....... .-- .. -
'- ....::- '< .. .' -.... ,... """ ;1"-, .. .,- -. _____-,

f :



-- .,
_..___ .. _
-- -L.- *" -, r' T-- _T __. IL -.1 .-r --- -

,. JOE.\L Iy.\(ti 'I ITraniferi

R 'M._ i.1./1 DRINKTHE For 22.-Week 1001.IRfportfdro:1'Hr&WII.Ending June The Forbes Stores IJ IJWe

: 0 mow\ by Thot.C.WaC
t''l r ion A .Co.. Real Ltlfcte: Af trcu,>o. 1 tluutbFaalox
strttt.l ''
I /) !
/ I. L4'.JS Win. E. Anderson! and wife to Eli

:.; za Ann uggLlt* j j and 20: block
,. 133 few c.I'Y-f-ljI).
-. 0 I( J. J.HootWnand *to'fr.S.E. I!
r' -. ')1- \ CELE RA'rEDPale Lewis Lot 3. 4
< and 5, block 4",
J ,,;P:, I D::nel*on tract,!tontin;;lit)ft on north mean to close them out and we have cut i
1\\' \t 1 1 -'--' side of Geverntaent street by SJ itdeepIX0. ,
.4, : .
I O" ;.' : I (ien \\Viihtar.d wife to Louie the prices to do the job in short order.

O, Elli*-Lots 15 and Iti.! blocK lid,
Beer I East Ring tract-SKW.R. I

t \, T .. -;-'., Old putein-Wt.t. L. hrynns tt(liO! u.ft of to argent Either lot Ro-41, The \We Lawn !Kind( with !Insertion, were $$1,75 and $2.25 m $$1,29The :I

I City. fronting en south side of
West; Chase etreet. bv 1!J1' It Jeep-

-- .MIOITLED: BY T1IE a-- I f3W.: Real Maddrass Kind, were 81.75 and 82.00, now $1.15. I
\Vm. Fi-her and wife to Charles

Burton-Eat 2j ft of lot l j, block 44,
Donel-on tract, fronting: ft un All other styles and qualities reduced. Positively not one allowed togo it

EVAXSVILLE\ BREWING CO south Donel-on side and of Main Clubb-: treat street-between SldC; &;. out on trial.i ,!

Annie Flournoy \Vm. W. Floiirnoy -
!I II i -50 It front' on south side of

I \\'iilht street, between Baylnn and MONDAY AND TUESDAY ; f10
Spring stretta by ICU f: in depth f/

John Nicolws to Mr*. Sophia) Yards One-Yard Wide Percales for 50 cents. .
Chn-t: -Lot 10, block 11:), Maxent "
I tract-&lijU.
J. Bernard Rolfytn :Max L. Hear- We have just received New Val. Laces and Beadings. ;

For Sale by All Saloons. ,! Lot (Ii i to 1:,, block 1M:, New Citvl.L'50 : QI1
$ : New Laces on 5c Counter. R

,I D. PE'rrto_ Ilwrf-i.'B. n__ Thmnnsnn_ ....... ..
I Lot 17, block Ms Beltrontu: .". iatI

R. K. WHITE, pubh-hed; later. Admission, 2j: I| Kin;{ tra't-I Millinery Department has been Replenished with
cent.-ladies free. i Le-lie E. llrooks: to Frank F.isrpioni I
i' -Nor'h 4>i ft of lot 144, Old I
x ilxr. MiHiufjilurini;; Jiel Thetxportsof timber and lumber Some New and Summer
i City fronting 4:' ft "n K.ttide of Nobby Things.
nil driKluati: Optician, to foretell! pc'rCllr; Jour to date i* : Crvalh's.treetbyuftttin depth- .
; ;;.)I'i.fJlJ; sliperlici tl feet j $:x161.

.1. .., l'm..rol., I la.IiOGAlt Thomas McMillan! and wife ,
A lictn-e to wed"was i-ue County Judge McCullaRh: morn- ( Siallworth!:-Lotand! 7, 55 W.J. & B. FDRBES.KDnePpicI
n>;x to Chewer H. Fuller and )1 j." block ::4 :>. Nw City->.;5.I I
NEVIS NOTES Ell1: ly FtheriJge. '1 he marriage''|' W. L.. Hann aud'wife I to Alfred F.

will take place to-morrow. I j laDdJ. -:ie Jfahii-O ie uteriin Ve'.l i :; -- rat
| 11w. ofg-ci. tp 1 u, r 31: weH-1'
-- Mr. Thomas Dixon ha: joined the U.O\. ,
f ace. ..t the Clutter Music Hou-e as j Ceo. Rct=e ar.-l wife to J. X. An-
.. ..., ''v tea'aroa amt rid i yI'M mu-ic and miil goads salesman: '''drews-Lot 1. block!, East I\ij T
rA h, riglf -/ I II..'/",, aril iimteshN friends and the pubs 1 tract: $:;;;. I I1 t I
Va,..... /*, ;*,..f''rvt Ilc "lIl'tallj' to rail and hear all the ,| Heurr John-on to Rhoda Wil-
.....,.... .. latest mu-it 'I 1 '
l-l'l :I kuurt I :-at reduced price*. I liams-Fire acre;; of s\\ ,. of tit'4 of

The) "11(1-(((" car Xo. 21! in 'j j''I sec b. tp 1 II, rill wei-li. fV
!I..k r 'tut.: has arrived charge of conductor Freeman and \Vm.Fi-hiraLdwife to ;Mary C.

OI.oI'j..r b..tik- With :.lJl'U Motortnan: )McKinnon "burned out' I| and W. N Rey-era Ut-lt and Frank f
I' last niyht at the corner of Garden 1. Ruse-Lot 110:Mock 50. Lot S. block I

and DeVilhers ,streets. and had to h7, Maxent tract-Jl and other:! con-
; ifiM'' Pi.t' bind concert and
be conveyed to the sheds by another II iderations.
i .r. l\uJ.ll1uU'I] park. Wtdiit-- car. John and Alice Pep,er to William Cash HauII i I
+, l'un-Lot. 10 and 11. Mock: 3\ loth
11,ut,'nu-naudcunductorwill I June :4 i is ya*nose or St. John Arrest tract, fronting tJj ft on north
t' ru trolley; party 'ltinf-day' day. and the day i is beiny; kept in side of West Jovernuient street bv*
memory by the colored MasoiM of !Kft in -
: ./t : ." u clock. : ) df.-pth-tGw.
the city bv holding\ a parade and Jno. K. Ewln et al. to James T.SttaruILot .
i ...r.> will be u meeting of theamU : picnic. The white Masonic order 10, in north half of n
,. -, yurlit club Hi furtrrsall. will hold a short rood of the order block &7. Maxent tract fronting 40
jl :: o'clock this el'rning. : lea=;ion this evening and to.nilotht ft on south side of Garden street by fJ

1....te ,....turh'I'I.iUI{ licence to will bold a special work session. )tk) ft 1U inches in depth on east side 275 Ladies' Shirt Wai-t. Slightly: Soiled, at 50 and JUKI Yards Lon d.lle Unbleached Domestic, yard

, iiry Hd" If-Ur'l to nlollOli law 1T. S. Deputy Marshal, Wharton of Dontlson street$2tZ.Old : 75c.: These Wait sold regular at f 1.25 to ?3 w. wide, 10 yards for 70c.2UW i
- 4uJ leans WhUtaker, coSl.rtd.I' an1 Deputy Con-table Sanders left --- -----

T'i- m..tlDIC "f the Carnival a=-o- ut iitioti today with the negro pinion Soldier' Experience.M. : 5200 I Pair Men's Screen's Patent Elastic Drill Pairs Lsdies1 Full Heamles IlUck Hose t

!iiiiu railed fur lo-uluht hut bteu.poned : fraud K. C. Morrison, in cus :M. Austin civil war veteran i, Drawers at 45f pair. Regular ruse while they last "IVI pair or 4 pair for 25c.IeevelpBs fat

;I' -. until \\' -dnt"4ay mpht.There tody. The negro! will be taken to of Winchester, Ind.. writes : "M ,
the fovernment( prion at :Nahville.Tenn. wife was sick a loner time in spite of tyke L"lipi"
lot( ) Yards Scotch Lawn Fast Colored: 10 yards : Vests with Silk Tape iu
N. III lit a special mating of ., where he will have: about jl.. good doctor's treatment but was;; :|for 80c.KRKI. ='t'ckIud f'Ieeves at |toe each
: i. iVii "e'Ii Li>:Artillery toi years to think over his pat exploits wholly cured by Dr. King's New ,
i iftit. t" uke u;> unfinished buiii 1 in different section of the country.The Life Fill'which worked wonders ,
-.. for her hralth." They always do.' Yards Light or Dark Calico fast Color: 10 tot Pair> I'.oy' Heavy Pant worth ;JJOc, while
L. & N. pay train for this di- for :Le. they I IIIt at loc sizes run from to II
yards ;
fr.iur uilors weretoleu ut un vi.iIlIlIHtlVt-d this nuirninir and itr.m..diattoSy Try them. Only L'oa atV.. A.D'Alemberte's : year
early h"ur tiit inorniiik' 'rflUi the began dealing rut the drug stHt', 121 H. Pal- B

Uu.un b.lrk rinUnillucii' prttrutrdhrr shekels to the road's faithful afox street. __ !I. 1XKN) Yards Unbleached Sea Inland Cotton yard Do tint Miss This Sate for we have Many Other
Irouiratllug.flu.r employes in this city. It will po up wide; while it la-t.' lo yards for 4.'ic. Things to ...trer"OU. at Low Trices. .
the I'. "t A. division this afternoon, A jl'KKK KINO IN: Seer
) for the entertainment at theViIiifauy
and it f is to be rightly! presumed will si. MICH \KL'S nmnIt1.1While
park \\ uuht:: will be furs I Jr
be welcomed
111..h1 by th.. ('Ulltll'" hand!, and at f'.t'rhamlet
,. between IVn-acola and River June I at work in the old! part of
all IIIMU-U beI
Mt$ proper arc lo
I ..= '

I rt.i rfilI K.>wler 'riuine.. has: cll't'/J d iI tioii.A number of people saw a very exciting St.afternoon Michael's, the cemetery sexton Jos.Saturday 1'on, 41D J :1-n} fj J13- : '. rrac t I cj} YlJ! : "1

tub race: ill the iip betweenthe made: find. ) .
!I.rut .I'lllfc U) the .',III"lJuQ'I'UI1'JIII,( queer ; ; .
two bath hou-es -'heehan'splace II
at : .
. II \> r.i Uovlimelit ll'-et ando- In a coy cave, tunneled into the .
on the bay: front .
.S it* fir!! (IlatrultJgr tit hi- old l'U." i dense tangle of ucderbru-h. forming
. were but two contestant's.1
'uif-f" a- wall il.Ii<'W Ollt,.. Sir hey I
I' Me-r.: Ceo. Harriand Ollie Lelir i i a cool and secluded habitation heI
.hl l thlI'
and Harris won out by a safe di-- I; found aLl j) robe and two horse 105 South Palafox Street.
111.: i-tnc cars will hrreafterruu cm ta11ciThe nitnvil"! be repeated'! blankets. apparently new wrapped
.. .I.I.I IV11uUl II in-tead of I"1'1'ne\t heu '' J
|p i. in. Sunday moreconte-tunts 'ill_a. buggy apron and tied into It' VlU'V
-- --- -
II. ientoiore.. Park ciru: ;. will enter. roll with a : wire. --- --- ----- -
piece -
. ------- P!
I. niii-will nut turn.:: tit" af- I Dave Ka-tman: is confined at thecountv The articles are at the home of thpftxton .Seers ./V. Hoicers is selling 11IK 15KST.: j I TKKTHINA; was tiN n-ed by Drharles .
ijii> i i>- :iiliily tt' Kii'triiii's I '
; ; = in the rear of the! '
j nl on a charge! : ; of --tealinj-! cemeteryvherethPowiieriMu trimmed hats and ( J. :IhlTrtt. a graduate u fJflTeron
: I k ji. I ii'titiiuitruiiiilli at lil,;ht S| valuable watch from \\'. A. }))'.\leIl1'1; \ get them by everything The Uobinon Thermal Kith: Cab- Aledic.il Coil..;:... riuiadolphla : -

r> i- rite "'II". cat*. iI I i i iI berte. K.i-tiinnisa neirro and w'a- l\. proving property.I in the millinery line, i (nets are now on xhibittou and for !I I'd., Jh hs| \tefi=|ve and -ucj
i I
I i.i: HIM./ July 1 the '1'rrluiuall taken into ru-t>dy :Saturday hat I --- ce..ful) treatment fir i-'jiidr./ : in
Clarke waturnld II! My little ;:on hat an attack of at half prJce.u gale: at C. V. Thaulp"out's book store, r
.'.\' well: i.jn an rallytruuaI ; bv 1'atroluiHii but __ I ; (Seor ia in iiverrniniu the tiouble
1\ ."I ( r.t11lto.l"a\'III:: l' -n...ii i- (1\rr to the county ntith! ntie by I] whooping co'uh ant threatened work 1:0;: South! 1'ilafox: street, and J. 11.1.I ; incident to fet-tbiii! and hot
Shorthand { umluers.
Typcwntlns -
i" > 1. in. dull -turniiiu' irmni Mayor J.t1f>... It -ef-ms the nesrro'endeavored ; !' with pneumonia ; .but for Ch: mt>er1 done tor the public\ at Meux's luine j Coe'hooktore.. Call for ilescript TEKTIIINA'Tx-ihin;: ,: 1'ow- ;
i' 1. ii.in. I'.ly a ; pawn I !''' College.Do I jive "booklet*." Steel frame cabin ) counieracts thi! ilfect t\{ hot
I Ivii-.ic.il .tin ati"1 7i the theft and tl.ii C.III\'j'll'd hint.I had a "erioutime of it. It alsoavrlI .. ; weather .
iviiiu i < : him fromeveral attacks of t>. t":;.(.1 and $I: UlI: finer cahillt.t*, I an.J keeptt' du'e.tue nrK'H't
i K.I: : I; iri.tiic.i-. I S7..VI In a li.*.tltiiy i-.n.dii aud
H. J. :'TlUI editor you knnthat the bet: ice to flL'&o.I on.
I If you are lo-inc appetite lyin I croup. made from sweet .T. \\'. ('c ha- SJVM! the live- I thouaiids -
i i'I : n <'iiii<- J"rri..t ol.urch i WorM-Herald. Fair H n't'll.I-h. cream is pure "':-S. I Y.l'
awake nisrhts. take Hood's :Sar-apa-j cream. We make it. West Florida (ieiienil d children m the doctor' '
u'dud .lgeut.A
:ti: to' inch: : ut S:141: by | For s..al" hall dnu'd-ts: i and medicine 22jln-
1 rilla-it's the tonic 'ollllt'ed. --- -- -- r.'ltivitltrwhirr |ilv-i! i.uii "1
\ .1 \ .\IIIo..tl.l'lI.t"r.lit the Firt', jut |[ dealers.Everybody. Sean: Bakery. I pres''rihe.tn.l
I -- -- I allllll'IIH ;i.'IVe It. :Hid it f fi.
-' chitr!' :". Jlatn-lMir III\\a.1| I -- -- P. .\: .\. \I,
x- .> a''i>.t\a) lUt'f tinf" i H. ii1)* The ( hitter Mns'.c llou-e will take !'I l Py'nyf.tluarn 1'101'.11", Tickling, i- critnin in mothers ir i ction
it t'.i-' inrcii 1I1 lot. i Moik .1 III',' l-t pr |iaratnrto tneorp irI | has a rijrbt: to a little IIU"q ll ty.aqr luflaiuiumuii. :a tUc tLri..LHandsomcl'J Rpguiar c IJIII1rnirllin'I'nf ', to allow th"Ir I'ahp11111 Ir.tlc chil
I i every ;
I I piece of tinearth.. Hut: they mu-t ;-,catrhia Lcd/f No. ;,. dren to Milfer and
| at ins, sod will rill l! :Mrviin'ih rfiiji-til I II I. I p'Tl.npdie when j"
.1, ,1 l 1i.. Atl-'t: 1".1 \tlr itltrre-LUlg i iI iI I nricc their entire l Pne iif Knnich and j j11'iicn. fight for it. They mu-t watch their I ( F. & A. M.: at 1'A:: p.m. relief can t.* -.. -i,iy| obt-tltifJ hvpivin ,
I II .'* "'Lister," -Hehr llro-." -Smith; 'I chance\ togetito and get it. ll'ctlre] :\101111 )" .I II lie :1'n. ;! 'IKKTUiXA.; It .-o-tH only
I ;. far :11f'! 1'etl-'acula) Vacht \ BUllcl'." ".lal''' It.-U" aiul-XVilIanl": I Thos. C. Watson & Co. Framed I 1'i'itin;' brethren are in- -'.') rents :,t ,lrnjii.f., "I umJ irel.tsto :, ,M

I i- .'.1:!tt. July 4, at 1'aJuiett'i I.jall.. \ large noni'i! ..r of new J'":I Wc. have some particularly tine bargains and r2fldy to hang at unusually I ,'r'ite' C. J. )1 II 1r.-tt. M. JI., st. 11.1
i. ii l.- if Iw ;sale. .ii ul may bn whkh hair linen out on ft'lit. can be1 to otter just now, and they invite! I IlAIUlV W Glut ,: Loul'Iu.
;.ml IMIII ir.nntter-of tie clubr \ boat ht at about one-half price... C-i I you to ('I'm.lnd ir.vetiifpame.: low prices. .Warston :S cietary. |

'. -. 1'... ;'r.lln will be nude earl f nr beet tlectiou- Ka"v term or i You will never regret having; tone J' Finch. i W. D'C. 1 1 !'.-LEi:, \V. M. I I, If you w.iiit rllrl" Pff-"Pllt to give l1

.'liy.: and tune attending fur 3"b. "4.1ewdlf j tau. I to a friend sr II and look thrnu' :::'Ij the:
.I.I| ; ( tlH HIt ---- Kan Are lour Klrtncy fefne fleifant: line of -uitable
-- nl a 1> HI.ti -; HKKl: ;ny'tivi-.N.thau: Ii. I drticl les; at 1t
.',' :. rtaiiHiit'; of tle ,.-.i-1 i Shorthand! an1 Typewriting work I We will laundrrronr, spread for NnfirK. ill the iirdi-ril; iicil tint. :p ft'it AcdI"I SraCn.T.ILK,I"I'lUoittijri.:! ', I.UjkuurW'n II!. !:1.... J. I. StenliMisoiifcurelv un find ;lfj
dne for the public, at Meux'llui i- 15't'nt.. each! and Crake them look t.l. II ii.- irt! "il II .a- HIKI uttier roinpliaurc rI itlithe
>'| >y
tiCnllrt:'r. like new. htar Laundry ut l'ifiHliil -, ; want anything to the I/iauiond lint 1
,1\i: V r> ,tri'.T; Vaiichn arrest' ,! tMm. lu apply to .UreaIto11 !
Ib"l Fir be
hnight. .
(i'.rlt..r..1 PitMnifof Klond fur I guru to !r-e linn before you buy
:St.WLU. ;i ne :ro woiinn. tln-. .
---- -- J'E
pet-hi irtuirKtlritf; HIM \I'IAI-O'-\I
.ii.,; "11.1 \\.iirant ehiumr'. ; jl'I i I ICE I>HIKI'lMI'.VM: under thUTiiinf /> Regular courlave of ,

., ," in.I 1 irceny. The woman I- '! -..-'.'''.'r--' .:-. .;:- .,...,.'..,.-- _)' -'-.,.r-.. _!----r"rP.. ... -, ....0n ,.-, II', .--t.lt..r'!!..h.iirnli...:.n..ral l incorp-iration The following ,In i-*.the'cimrt t.f 'I' ZjCnnrde- Lion C'+omanay : ;
Mery 1 1.
tft Killg11:6
.1 to h.IM- '1.1"11 It very valt.l-! 1mi" i jr.'qA .
; ) < >T pmpo-eil lot fucli corporatinn CASTORIAFor
11I: iroin Mr. H. J.: :Snyd-r. : I L I 11 1 I. Ibi* iimiiHCif the corpurniionbull lie1, jilVmplar. 'it !.sxt( p. nj.j
a \ Pt:>" 'MI.A' 1th; liKLIVKia: ; IU.M- Monday, June 21th.
.' 1 : : it ::rlltlrltl..ltwort' "ut the z m, li I;; r ?amln C A I'r.. ",.'J principal pincrnlbuittlees "11.)1 Work in lied Mesa Infants and Children. I'
1 iv Mir!! \\ .locked: up in thi It f'rn-arnla: in ilie !-rata of H.irlds.t >IdElree.
': ..1 : Vfc 1n : '1 lit.. itfiiprHi nature of the business tot 1'i=sting Sir Knights are The Kind You Have Always Bought
.- trim-n.'t-dti i i Sir compnny .hnll l.c buy coidially invited. ,
1e "
i > 'I t- i.i foreign pnrtffl'm ln- tt; t- hilt arI."nl( ic* and 111..1. und OOIDK such 1 llAr.m W. SIIB:, 11
i I i-t Wek wwte t "Iu..d at !tt.- j tt i't. ;* OlllrrlOin j- MI rrr u-untlyuctaeutri to the Ors KIT/EN. IJecorder. B // '
I .
.1 I ..nh. -.-:..tt of fi1 UMUJ,eltl- : 'fR I\\;IrMSQL!I '. e n ;i cuuiiuct a. 1b..ot aini ucli>unl IJU'/I.ot the i-upithl Hoot Rutborizml :I E. C. =:: Z2bi
v, ..f timber and lumber nut | Li r .1 i- four ibnii-nnti ai>ll"" i.l,..,.'.") 'j -- ---- -- I {(.
the wet iWili. RiW"WWj 4 \l"..d iiitouuf hundred S' ''''I *.h ri-. of the.1'.1'dl j "
to'"t cual.
: During: k!: 3 \nlu--oJ forty d.illnr tviiiecb. to be ) During absence from j!I
vv *tr and 11 tree =ail veel- of an .' ,...." ._.,........_ f ...-........... l lullv| tail for m nioiifV or other property, ,, my \ !l lIIJ' .
': .... .... ....:;s .
: .:... .... the UABUf
.. : i/ite tiMiii.iK<* ,'f I lo: !,:, nrrived ::: : -!- -' -:-::- tnkrii. HI Us. lull c.-li talus, sad to fc" DOUtt i city Miss Irma Piaggio ; ARE ALO ?
, i I">".p .t.lllllllid four sail yeas"I.1 i .fi. rtiil I will have charge I
4 rldmronraltonshalleaietforthe |i cf the\
" :"ill !"ub.tgrof11lllcleardd. I II I II : trrn.4ffty.. v.Mri. I "Art Xeedle Work llooms.' ': Whptheryc.ii tUft nr not. it will
CKHN & CO ; pay
i. Tne "" tir lb" company 1 to he ,
I M ", pr.1 ca-e-on :he mayor's", ; coixiui-f'l by H Prr-tnrnIitViie-rr.ldenI. { you to get your PaintOlle and I
II: a net !morning.: Four dt'lrnJ-I Iin-cterriyitTr.-ii.ur.T. Ovarrnl Mtnn- ,!. Ladies are incited eellll{! Wall Taper from
"' :. hat l their ca-e continued rent gerund flir 'Jiirwlortol. "I l lct '
:. 'e ..-u-pended none case and ; 201-203 S. Palafox. @ Telephone No. 178. : livbfldou lit eoiiipmn's tae second I IburfdHV unnnnl nicrtlng of Janum.llieDHiiscf to.. I I 11 ='. Piiiafox bt., or Phone:.': .'.
tr w'>--di-oliarired.. Jim Hln- the odder he are to conduct :'J:K MrsH.. r. Tenflall.I :
.. oc'l tlx- hu.int**. i' 'b* conipmiy until I IIbnto --- I
i :! tire of obstructing the '
c.fClmi at the nrl Flfctmn null he xwuJ "STYIRSI"11 Parlor ,
FAMILY GROCERS. ODe fooore KriDfHifcronotLr. ,
.14 i.k; u'! i-n warned not to do to, wa ,; quelinetare; T. H. Moo.t' I'reMdent; W.e I !
.-il r< >olotnoii Lenier u-ed .-ome"pHi'tfal ". Yo It' \ Vlcifri"ld; W. K. Moore.ecretery :ecoli Ja anteicFny-Varaa.___ ; hut! (/ z/ef;. ;'
. .. $ : J. K. Keltrr Treafurer; J. h.l 1 --- -
t Unpiuge to the cnortl|I.. c- Keller. I-ut'ral l MBnr, end T. 'i. Moore.N' roorn Furniture at Mars-
, .. .!':: L4 Yes. we really make the f monthet .
I 1. .1' lined tin for cont-mpt. The I t. ... \VBr--. J. K. KellerV.'. K. Moore nuW '' ton $ Finch's. .
: .t- aregated f s. i K. Nunn, Jr I'lrtrtors.tit and beet ice creams that ure pro
I J 6. '[ bi .\" .a..:.'went have been made : S/{11 1 1 o 1 1 liability to wbicti me rarpurallun can at other city. We can prove it. Let .

;...' .' ? tn.e.if h.'-'' ball at l'"lmt-tc'l ti: S w il J >4 ubj.).>,lT -,>ct Kself Ii l.o tUOU-ttd '' u= !'how"ou.. West Florida SteamKakery. I A. UrA IH .(: S \... _
!"" :w. fti the Iarranea< team I 1rl v.fe!; i .,.. uitw-nnd residences of the hubs I
: '. .' '1I1"1I- :Vir.cent-s-; of MoIT ;: FOR FOB fl cnhvr- arr. 1', H. Mi"ir--. Montgomery.' _____
I t- AUtiarim\ y. Yolir..Jal'k."nnUe. blurs !| "Rrookwood A.I 209 E. Government Et.
V .n Sund ty, June :? ih.: ::1. ;i1 Try Rye" at t S. ,
; H Ii trattal.l' lplim. i'enn.y-
I L '
, : : .. will be a I I tJ f1 IVn-KcoU, Friedma Finest on earth.Foey's .
attraction 1 ama' W.I Vootf.! 'lorldaJ.
: : by the celebrated, rl T E Wg U Vu1 II.Keua'euaawa, HoricJs, tad W. K. I Peneacola, ran

>.-. t\uul. which will beau; I t: I: \\D; ;fliii; Il G KlV e A Moore r. H.P S TRTTOX. I Kidney Care J ::D wL'Lrt "' i

(-.tine will b. nailed a' I II \\'. It. MiKiKr, JR.. i Jtr '
I ,"- '. both team< will te I 1t& .: .t. :=::.:. ..3t 1 t I J Ja'.HW J it. KELLER.I Cites: HiJncys and Ihddcr right. (', House 1'uroUhlnz and 'toaey Croke" :


-j .-- .,. .... ,." ---. -/ ',H_ -.. ; "--r." 'r---u" ,-"" .- ""I'.T". "'P"' ,.1 7 .: ,-

1t- ;

;1fAJ fll;.f r,jL 6 THE DAILY NEWS: PENSACOLA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JUNE 24, 1901.rA1' ,

----- -
hfi w 1i 4. t \ L-_ -


w'11lflS t \. :MriupbU Bank Enter wit Ag.ilust ,
Don't Kill the m..tI" I

.r, J, I t hl'arc1t hil'.IIII\'I'r "i''y .lie other dn JK(ZZgJM ianittlln:; Iluu-r.

;, 't" 1 : that if all lie 1r: ,!.nn'r..haaj.hlfr/l -Itt I MEMPHIS June Si.-A taa n? Suit
t ; tinaith v. uii-i t r.'t 1',11,1)! x.- I,i ." .:,.. was L.ed )'psa'r.ayby: the Mein;.ns Xation.il -

,1&l-f' \; It fur :11It:. 1Ih: of t.:\ p'> i :. tttN ikf.'i'v .,'.eS...'.- the r'....'-. -n ...n.. Tlie c '..Jt'c ... -".'311 ".'' .. I bank? aaiu5t Parncs (jam au.

.. : t'.:'"i: v.irso 1'1',. .' : -'. 11: ..1 fire f oro,1 oU t'a! the? p''fI'S ,.ts::: !. :2 't ) } others to l'J:'."l'I about 1,1X0 ai.eseil t.>

.-li 'ii !'i.l'; t} tiiiikufit! n.I; bird: ; inakt1 ill'! .*' .' cane''a.''l-. ". .. ;e T: mess. h':_. ...' : 1'1,'!: 'I",. S )t.=::.. I .1\. t have been paid on a forged ur-ft and i cf pure heps arc unit crsally/ rccgiL.J
,. A\\
; i
'hr ii t'ji :. 'tt tr vliL-n tLc! yarn : ; o- '
.1 lur Ur to I'.v.: .1';4y :na in'ie--.u.- ::: :; i c'-- : y -
; .1 : : .,.. the t tfenu.-. t'3 ts.. musical authcritits.
t. I n'r., L' iot in : : samluug by
,'j t'/-'t
_. .. .. fi "
. to UCt v. :.:: r a'.il: air; and foml. I'm'riaMi : : : u.:: :" ; su.r \ Ibhmt3
) cj11 tier tai lain t j.i.ccs, an 1th"'h" ::-.:-.. ..,-ich C,1" '''
$$ pf.1-l. \\l.y t'.f: ,x :arc s.j initnriii N I .0- : \ Tun u rerbaps the L'r-t tinge in the
; pj crazy. He knows fret t: ('riLl' tht t'--s (1n y. .
.& that tlwy! -::1 etc. me.4'',!s of phoiutuo ;:- "- '- hbtorof Ttuteee \\tiere a luu> has
,. ir.i1Kt> r.atte: ; vie, ht::, r.'l''C deajn-r.-te by te temV.j
: :; I plit.niil! w,'. xviiith. if -Ii"! ill ,.st t9fte c5cdJ. There eutt-rcd suit aguu-c a gaming huuie. *& t
i:g stI' ; burning a.vl: r.ciiin?, 1-s ij tor the tiue: I :r-5 la : : ,1 Iw,
? it britt! dII.t; ,!-\"TIh"III.. rut;id OM-I- fl.t b !i at1 Tar bank tali i a drait lhl'.l.I.\D!. aa :
; t.'i fIt'v ;: ares \'erl for::; l i Eczema. the hints t. 'r ss,.pink ki:1l. CO Les pU3 (
:" 1"; ( .".t. ," '. run 'I I.:3': _<. Taco they t.I.I iia\y: t iies''a1C'1 t1-c! Lr c a,1t, sticky fli.I.1 L.ct; dri'S l:.l :: 01 i:1 bra:-1t? Cseal' stoned by jlnjor 11 D. trnitnir, ; ai.m:1"l.r A' ? o 1 I

', 1 tJl ;. 'I. ,*t, '-" .. .rll".I>. \. lii'-h ,destroy. .:' gu'/i n"'J: &)pr.L'.ceJIc .) U-c h te: dtacharge t tid tl.t 1.1rge scab cr crusts f'1:1.l'l.i of me United rates. army, combines with '+ It
1.,; i t l.ltlItr :.kme.ai1xotc.Lii'yxnovel.!' R..lli, 'fin bumps wmcii wa; presented: by S. A. liyrue: ,
It 1 :: : ; -
111 fruit tn Hurl! I I':"!11''. V.V "h OUt botllivt
who tutus out to i>e E. 11 Grimm;:. a : gcrity
form 5Il.1IittlC: tat LaiI!
& 1 S"fCS are 'Jlptoms tf rClt r.tl. The dry tt ; .
".\'I'rruilh thIN' :10) If 1111' bird d:,1 1 EMlAti t
crook of
hands :11.1 i.ct : th shah. l ttrtin; 11r 11l.1 roarb, oft':: crld..i; 0,<:1 tJ rcno-Au. Atttr atcuria.I.tuinont'y
not I 1.. !p us (,sf.; Then are other riaPODS. the crook I-Jst it in the .lClUIU; ;
infill :;, i= .ttcaded -.itli :uaoi it.hie:;, l:czonia tiepcn.li: Cpin a poisoned con- ; t'Kiaoallrittld0eers" \J
to<>. why w slioaM na::t every ciuon ot tat li.oml, and burl hour,. qujiity cf true h \

? bird t'i H .'1'. How many of yisu Ln-.w Mr. !.. JIirr.5. Earor-diJ. San Dieco applications.: while soothing The bank claims the money wi; kit OrJrrrora i.ui. DIiJ Cflr' k
: r. ,
J'k : ..: h them':: Ca:., wr.tca : IIy lo
, .1J..I' p .J''f J'i'.T' at .l-lt! i time Ofear ttI:! !i':1!!' cr eruption vluth i.i E;ito tf cal efforts to euro exttst relieve thj i:1ll Uln..otU:1 cured and tnat it !; entitled to r<,, iver. V. J. VIRAL cent, insriring.I A1
tort uod to -'. T- its: esoccicllyat
: c-t T.E I t- lvrne has been convicted in tae celebrated
j lil.l it....
S friend the bird makes hiii.Mt'I ::. c.nnvtbp.
yrow neht! v.--'S cimply t.'rr. -le ; it would tlncttdiscpix'ar C.i.if Tula I
t 'fainillnr .I':.n. This MflaliL1! litil-l. !! 11: tisics, only to r'::ra worso than con l.l.reJ cures, because'exteru.il coinuii-tary ill cn.i:1 m II + -, tt \
; dU the j. u '
remedies do and is :II' time penitentiary.:
'i lu\vs ilo not retire to tin' wi ,iN. I l-nt CTr. I had tried m:uy 1.i;.:: rcc.:tended not _. I 'I q e1y' .tmrnrun 1Ir w I '
iJi. J k ; ( '. r:':?J(1r.tioIa i without :.Mt. c d hari2g ct S.LJ. r-ach co2sttutii"nal or blood 1\v\ 11I Sl. t.uuI,, 14...
,It'r ; 1"11I t.III'fl'r the gayer life of r'.i: S. c'-otormisett t3 e'.ra it n f air trial, and v.aaincrprcisiwlr dise.t es. Salvts! ointments, TWO CASES SETTLED. 1y''

; 1' : tattd xrri'md. Tl;.'y sfldosii app-ar 1:1 de g'ltcd erica a few bottlrs! po\v'der s, lotiuns and saps do L

t,, I. #t fiOcks aril 1 1'm often In- found i ii or c'-:>l E.e eiitirpl-, ::asirg every tlinish andrinplo lore L nn than good by the F. (.'. or 1*. I:. i 1. roinpany PaysIlr.tfl 1V.
i / !:Ol try body. I shall zottillto recoa- Lw.-
..,', r \.i: t1 hear orrhanlainl sliadi1 tree". M'HI-I !i son1Z. w. :. whenever c-n o.P-tuit occurs. I :taring over aud sedlia.'j up Dam.iueATLANTA. -

.;i k' : 1' ; ; .; X ins fur final laterpiJlars;! an.I ran'.1: :" the lures nf the skit thus June 22.-Tha Florida Central .a__
.r 15 the lx n Lacy into tai LIoo-1. S. S. S. antidotes 1 neutrdlsiw tli'e acid
forcing: p > > en .
: Peminniar Iwiilroad
\\frmt' company IJOTTLED: AT THE HKI WFI\: \l! Y. NK\ Ella I
anti Jrivu ol..t tt tai cirubtiln! aa b'C.' .1 tae
poisons illpuritit'3IInd 3. a.: ,
I oj t,. .. f, ,. ?. Kw1 yourts op"u :.nl set if jonoannet nc:1 t\oo.l tiat i ii car ;d to tLe di l'.1sel skin guick'.y! all3 tL. ia:: :!ataation pore has raid to C. T. Ladsou, attorney for --

l! .;. i .. : fend the yellow biid asii": I'i1 I' op,cn3t'cc ,t'bc'11:i?1'1.1:.. r"., :skin h'conicisur(. .moo,:a nl eau:; top"riurut l OlIl1l; : : ar.d .Irs. 11 F. Greene Ill. .\ip.nron<>>. ..x" !"In..!. 1

i" 1' ." ..' I < _. ) the 1'uu'owitlg description! : is proper iunction To Le r: let" r.( oma you mast f.:.-.t purify and Lu:l i tp tae tile -uai of ;IOtKX in compromise settlement The itl-tur: nt \ : 11..j ': '_:I ABEVOl'ABI'FFWWttlieryi.u! \ I

;. 'i !'\ .. Konj:,-Merry and. I Laj.py III.) "exioSlzt1. :- bloi-d, end nothing so surely! and factually "} this c3 3. S. S., the! only guaraii' of two cares pending in the city r.as u 11 ;:e wLJ In- \\:.- 'll ..... :I-J I

f' J .S 10.'.... ". I." [W'l.t W' '''I..\'.' tced purely vtiLiMe blot.1 p'r.:cr. S.-n. for cur book on Lljo l 1 tai '..: iliscases; courr. Of the amount, t Z.\) ;' elf toJlr. L.no':'>.t : lire."I

,. t...4'q .-Nearly! Jivt inches Ion,:. an 1 write our phyjicuuij lur en v infomntii or advice }ou ri-.v tb sire. Medical Tiaand ;:tuou to )1r3Gr t'Ut'. "I.roti' it very plainly" I.e cpiaicod. \- T'-U t.. I'I' 1'..111 I' to.
fit V":, .II' aJII'... bright! yellow advice aid IW'ir .. T.MC SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA GA.
Male.-IIead ; Wail
""I .t. ". l>>th eases were to be tnea before : "I pa.tl: '(.)ur rate 'LCiI tVn.A.- Papi-rltolll:

., '. r' ''. .Z. ;, al'l., olive :1"11; ?ohh'lI p.U.\.tr'.ak. Ju .
'.'. ... doik slt'itier fur the plaintiff and counsel ll'N. Palifox.tThe ..
r-.t; tl 1.1'Ith orlu: )\ ; I attorney .
f If' hadn't been calad: t"cui the ntlii-e uu-
I.I t the ColHroai.
. t ;hunt; p
ORCHARD AND GARDEN the railroad agreed I _
bill aul ilark feet.IVaialt. i tor upon a comproni _
J- : I The Itui.iatis: 1-aie: !.. hdeos: I habit! claims and e'.pcctwlly: I ui Me I v. < ult I trove no-
; f. 't.l s 'fV .-Like tip! male, l1t11'1':1:* : t. rue cares were .o .\.II .I.1
.t t Crow,'\ \lrit'tiI'S tf fruit! but groirtheti ,, cf peiioilically l'.ghtn the ( .,HM'UI taken off of the trial docket and entered ticcd: that ar.i'thcr 1'. 1ls,1 i.f aIIlc'

( r: .. :'T : ,1 stripes: mart iadSti'Ut.Troni well. I during the tourist; season with I'.cnsili : settled by tee jaaze. The sum given to {, .an msertttl U-twcta ':' ant I .I.t ant III.. .I.

I 'J jr' ,, '- ;- t'ie tons of tin ..p.II.1lnt. a. i limits: nod what i is mart ntuazlng Mill. Flazg n aIli to ce the largest paid: I.ya 'r""I11 it was. I didn't ate tae I.rt.t. roli t T..a set'. F-: .
'- wail a.; I I..M appearam-c. run IU:1Y"l'U A ;trod ssrfaeo harrow to kcf;> th : .. Treys. Meat 1111."IU'P -
I II'H:1I1 railroad: by ci comnroniise m
Miccci-d 1 ia pjaUlng a tluanclali ; a peraoualinjury Von 1:1I'll't si oa anyt-in it uiy compositor
( l':1.1 orchard mell-jw! and clean !U of b.-nt'tit. IidlPuiic' I
\\'h tlitrc's
ti-i' : : rscljiin a strayed o-aso m a bus time. "
I i mccess cf i it. although; no one was ever : have you; ,1 .
101" Tl.i' matted: row way of r.ii..iu.uFtniwbcrrie Folk andpim'" i

nary", .U i'an r.id a nest in the MmiJi- I !is often called: the lay ,I know to so t\x ice.j MURDER OF OFFICER! DEBRAY : Silr.. Cell 'u J. i -
. j There is the aUdlth: t.ai aKu1inlljt1! "011. well, be must have 1 heard the i i i'P will box t .
: bory with th'ek! Hugely! ""n'nII.t man's sjMem.TLornuzi you
Sri .. ," ;''in that days: of a big;; l.ra.is band and 'llirre \.;.o Mi--pert Ileld-ewartls nmipus and I pi:ess Le's moved OM I'. pleatire.Folcy's.
: of vc'italile material and in it three si-.rfact rultlratlon willrtoviMit : I .
i' ::1 ? other Uut I'd 1 I.:!
.fl ia chorus of tH) voices! !in iavm-atioti Are (HI..rp.l. some town. e
: to t'\e: dl!! *. marked arotiad tin1Inrper
t t.e- ) .e I' ; ;. OKC [ the growth (>f red ra.pbiTnesl.etv to the PLivian amphitheater. The iffoct ATL\\TA June '.'2. Three him-ju-t for a minute. I'd! either! f '.,1!1a
t : negroes are
I : .. : c'.1'ITh brown 'sp-t. joi: will! 'cn tit rows. I !Is tremendous. but solnewhattti! p-t'd tii'al letter .T jood ilivl u u..->eU Honey lur
:oJ' : ., '. know yon bun(' found th-1 yclloxv bird; With the! orchard thorough tiliaw coutned lU toe city prison on suspicion '
1'V young 'ning to those \xho are aeetis:unle.l to tn. -CLlcago 1'Il"t. '
i .:. .ky.: home and if you are paiier.t and! ,111111! should IKpvea nIl through tinearly I( their Coliseum!! empty and flooded of U'liifr implica'ed iu the murder of -- forchiidrcnsJf. .sur > :

li.clarl tin ne' t birds tit 1ol!! x'lready Poiicvinau: Deliray who shut -
i"f,h'- cr ) I of the Thenuiulcli was Mlieatii
owhijj season.
} part with! !peaceful: mt vu!:;ht vfccre pictures Thos. C Watson & Co.
Ir.hll'h! trill I lit h:1'h1, I J for "'eliKrqgl idre/
.} ; '. IIIHI : :111 will before IIOt. dry weathersen with thecharlless ill West End Thursday night /Jtl accep.a
from the rise -
last the leading I> Estate Aleuts take
, ;; 'r i to sins joyously! t.) 'ou.I'1.011' I State ir.:, i atcJV !
: Jim Erwin J.iu
ia.I'e.ir. aud
[ : vf snood t, :!:t. and ao sound is Tuey are Loyd all the worry ot the shoulders of the
l i ; I Is Star. Jim Hammond.Utrwurds wWiJ1"I P'TE" .1Balt.m r.' ":IIj
; : .
! .-- trees refnire; rather: los '[[:( i! heard but Ollt"', ,'\1'11 breathing! or the owners d property manage the
,, : .i. -sresatins $;() are offered ,' 1+!
.0. .
.. -. ". -OO ':.. '' rt .i r..I"t".lln .Mtmrliin I. than: any tther fruit! trees. Tew cfti'ein I tlOU: of be ughtii: : :-it. Contrast with: for the capture and conviction of the renting of their hcu-es aud the collection -

,.t t f.' 4'f' q :. y ., J I wmilcr I Low imiiiy 1 IMVS nil.1 sir'.rl.au" i are of a i-preadins habit the majority ouch a Mine the red, bine! and yellow11Vrgal lauruerfrjVJO+ by the city aud S''O'J' by of their rents as cntl=el"'-
aji'r + 'l' .. stet one UNVI.thins! tl.at they! !Itt of them Krowini in ;a 1' 'rllull.11: I lights, the !r."tae. the iimt'iii tue governor. tiou-lay a' they would thenrPlveTheir Til l s J

.J."'. '.. t'F. r' !.!.. if.'.4, 'Jt''. are interested! in. Then1 art *'> many: 1 II L''tit. Still! it i i.s not bot to allow then | >i.'n.: the hundrtd shrieking throats charges arc very rea-onable. 1 IJU l Late ;

'J;. Y' .;'I '. J : J thing '" ,' interested: In in th'1.: a,;.'. to grow too tall. Cut out the t"I':. land the (:111f the brazen in"tru- Don's relieve All \on Ilpnr. s /

"J''' tv 4" '. It !s well! in !b very i.iui-li: interest I ilt" The drain of continual! cnjii pin; I lr.i'ur < meiits: Iniaguati.u; shrinks and l curses A man in a railway; carriage! was OABTO : niture ami IWit .i
ire KI1d Y' H.t Raa.s bit t tEigaattao
.' his: fellow : :
of suorius: so loudly that Dears the
{'vpryttiim :iml to IK 'specially iii'-r Huth 1,1. o l particularly' t in an or- I the 1:1)1.1:111; of today! with whom such pas li01lS at bottom

: ,i... .t. '" 1 i-steJ in 'I.l'! one tiling. I Know :: I t'lJ:1I'lunt:1: ha not t JIl" The trees put r. thing i is pos;!I4e. But is it Lis fault? H'icers: decided! t-) uuake him. !One; L/fIll Jof l I'I "
credit. JIll/'st',1 .
old 'ullt'U(1Istunk a.
"i: lioy \\1 I.u i; i Intt rtbttsl in ;<'O::M'iy; 'I forth! llossoni<, aid the fruit: that follows +I' As I said before, it I k a great: tiuatictelMiceiss. particularly sensitne

,oj" '. ..4o and rl :1,1. it JIM as lit would! leadi 1 I frtvms all ri t 1.1 I. but when the ._ P". and the.n_ Ita:::,! ,':'I:1iul.r do up tl.e: sleeper! with a start.

': '. : -j: I 1!. story I h"'uIs.; I know a gtrl \vi! > i is hn.rv : frut: rlptriii tnj iniu\! gulls are found. i Lot patron) it. (jr.erv.Vio .:".s'- "U'hat's the iuiltorV" be eiihnmed."Why. .
1 lowc Letur ia Pall Mall llazette.JIow : jour snoring is anuoju:' eta :$ 55 YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC BREV/ING (
1" twl :in Its!:-* and: < :.ttTi illais nad ((4.
"' i I cry one In thoarriJte.." bald the old
: J moth?, nil: so- r. .f tlnislli.it art -'-- '-
CDUCATIONAL. t'll t t'maJ testily. (1I
t' iihvp. s.o: as iiitp a euJleMioa rf _. They ISron-'P. I .' ...
---- 'III hOD.t IJI" r 'aI I. : ; .n..1
t- I I.t
i !lots do know I'm sunriCily !: : "
) buttftfitcd: all kinds of Ius rt". I A Ifftureship: on the theory and practice An nmusiuz story is related In "Ca- d. :.1-; a .d.:
: \ \\' can't help but lieai u
r know a.t.r: IKI.VS v.!m :'' more iiitor-. i, ? of public a9 tIatg! : :11.:1! debate will radian Saran Tolk" of the manner in "1i rt!! Oon't l'Iiull l.-ar '

ell in than iu Ti.ev I II which adjourtiment was taken by amass you
.nujtlilrs an
,i '_ .' \lit cMablis.he'1 at Ohmibia: uniTsty : replie.1 the culprit! and wet to sit;> Peat w Ath1

'I. ". n-" uliahlt '. ,111!: acquainted: 1 with the.r ii the fall The first i.icumbeat! will meeting. A missionary who had a 'alti.-I.ouilui: Matnlard., \

". I ..: v ,V. ; : set of laves i is ilitensti i' bt: lal.11 C. Itin;natt! of llar.ird.rrofe Marled a school among the Indians met : -- --.- C

t; ''- <, '. .' !iU i InteitMitl In been called I- of the rival
II :ra': an :, ho support t
3 i Younjtstown.x nwntly resisninl B"f
Xowithe tu prllvillp'our ;
. I r .. ., I Kheiae.There. 101th1t'S
Y' tml
ianrc .1,11.!
;a >tt 'rs .
ll!< !h t'hotd!
I as prinsrijial of the Uayeu ; : elf und family with a bottle offrluin's
4 l/t in birl; .. .. : ;"slit: when yuu urn 1:1': I were several speakers who deI : 'tlic.
Las :1'I't'jJtl'll the pri'siiii'ijcy uf La Sac!! Cli.tto" : Cholera audIiatrhoea Y r

n'oii' "i I I : ti.ink iiinl! ihi-ik! !iII !!i Seminary: For You!; Women b lios- I couu'vil tlie school in exi;teniv. 11'rI : : IJt-muJy. i' dll1..tl't'l't.liu ,

: J Y'II.I :,. 1.1: your miinl what loll !t ton. I I r"JtI.1'iorOlsl: ;" shoxxing the cllieiency : to bf needed 1 before the sum Always ll /

..* \\id! I i. i.i know all a"I1I.I! I of the school and denouncing HIT i i. over and i if a procui I' d now
effort Is Ifins made to establish I
of"is.: ra n''r' I'lifir.city: IT star in turn the methods: adopted; by the "II-| in iy iveyi'u ::1 trip to town iu tMfni
fI f'
,; ia one of the Scotch universities a chair 'htor in buip ;t-a-on. i' Pure, T.Dk':
chief your
: '., .. Si :.Ix: r I-M! may nciur tn ; IM ->ltou. An produced LI3AFy'INLfw3n'
.. for the study! uf the Scottish language i is pverywlit-rH admitted to hp the! a .s
,, v.ill: i sjix-imcns of work done! at the
vii'i. .t! '":r mind that you mme -'- -- -
t j I i and literature.: The old Scottish: tongue tuo-t "ucofill iiiHlicini' in n-e tot
J 1 11"1.! school and several speakers supjwrted
a; written liy J.iine; V Is almost mmitelligiblv 1o.w"I"I''ll1phlnl-, ln.ili! for e' 'Idr.-11 :) He Drinks Best (Cho Drinks Pabst. '
a dour The (
Tin r / t''n': fiscia'iTii I !ie work! ns it Ws being
adult. Xo
: moilern Scotchman.Alieyno and family can :.il 'ril tob
1 I rt A "t j Thins l" L.alI.mlthti"\\.I: : : to the ,!| :iitnas'as reached when jretitTemau without i it. For sale by all dell/-
Irl'la.llllls been cuiiun: !ioneil -
w ; A'. 1 :'on v.'i'i- imlit.Uin! juti art :nm-u 1.11.] : rose and said. : !girth i and nii-dien.e detlfrJ.: S. A. FRIEDMAN
t i J I
by the t'niversity! ; of Chicago to .
1 the whole thing bust! -- -- -
tj move
: ff..tr It iloi-;:il'I i i.tUir vi 1II'IIIl'r1 ate iMi ,
send two years in the east studying 1 1 !he chairman the uiotiou.
: : I put .iTTIN ct: t. !
t questions of rolouial I..lif')'. <*>'ieciailywith 1IOv.Tlic1l P. O. JJox 418. i
> I { "It i is moved ar.d seconded that the

," .. .' 0 1 .t' uniiiuli 1 : .! st-:: '; to tl-c idoa. It i is a rffcreme to the Philippines.!! Mr.Ireland |I Vhole! thin lit:>l.ri > ; Th special ttt"nli'Iall teacher PENSACOI.A FI.A.K. -

,. '. I will! present his eouclusions in their! feetand w ho intend taking (-' t-acier'! < -
111.I I'rc'l'
,'. ulorio.: : 'IK to fiol that we ltn r tin1i The sprang' to
,. I the form of a course of lout urea at this I waving hats. ytlh-d "P.ustedr* rend -xnnin itun oil .sept.; :it I n\r. i- C. HKj! \T. WJ. H! KXfVI.K..! w. K. J1 > KK.: II; ,
i\\-r \ .f 4a: ourst'lvt'si to In >uiiiu'iii.iu' .
\ university and will leave for Siam; 1 illt-d to tile following ll-t tat ....- I'renident. \ .c.' !'I -,.il. jt at. '
; r < i'i .vhiie au-l to >l" soiiutliinurth ? I made for the doer. Thus ended the
.1: !! of lectures ia fr 111I wliicli the n; fur said
nfter delivrrms n Lure
., .
: thai
and last matter.I'rldr
i first upitosltlou ia
'l. ltl.ie.t : ex imuriuon will "c trtkcn.
the Ix>w..ll institute tdes ia LUistuu in I
.' ---
.. I It will l he noticed tlrit the -.HUM

'\.'. t ": Tont.!.. the tall I II uf tie Illilinrnilriilj.'. books tint wr uiil! ill tl.M JuurPX'Ilnltt.ltl First National BankOF

L .' .. Any ". '. ''.r >it boys can I'llIIIs I nowl'lI-Tt"fl' "Withers; o on horse.back. in will ;.:;,) be ud in tl.'-

I-"Ii'il : :.: ". i 'lie of tin- players \ol'I' I BABIES AND BELIEFS. lie is a lixing: illr-tratlou ot the >.'jtniib tmiiiition.. WI' hit.!

1 L. r IIIII"l'I' '" 1.. !11." or "In-." <>r else Eayinir. ".\ merciful tnau is merciful to single exception t.f the work ou
.. : In Spain the Infant's facp Is swept I Theory uud Practice .f Teaeuntz. PKNSACQLA.\
1.N :in ;::ll i that i rii-c liy tvu-: : Lis licast. .
? ., f'I'I:' ", ." :.I'I.I..I'II'r.I. iriili! a lime trw tough tu bring: it good ? N. It COOK, ----- --
; SnaRie what
I a way
e.1 r '. : lu.-li. I j County Supt. Public lu-true ion.bUt.tTI" DII JCTG)1-ZL e
!'i n.le.l I il 1':1)'
luvvi" I (I. .i |' lo\\'I1-III1I1't you see? lie- lets his

of :'. -, 1. ..ltl'1: :10! ,; i in ul! ....veli I Ivstuouian riotl'.ers attach bits! of tro .t':ht rest UT the horse only once in n VM. H. KNVLE3., \V. A. ILUCNT. }. O. UilENT. W. K l '

a.J 'l'iii"l!-.> r.i.iil !I. '.' Vihci n evil MHliin; a-si 11 tula to the nicks i,f while. The trust tf the tide le: is h- : NALDEP.tnTMnS-r. D. O. mar.t ,

H'., : .. ,,,.. ,... '..'....1. their < (' ,- M'Alh uf .1. KII.A I
1'.1\ -pro. the :'!Ir, poit.g:: ip or coming down.Boston .- TAI.I.IJ'la;, Ki \ .
rI. ; : ', '.1':. In Ml!.!t O'.H1 I'f K.'Uiuaniaii !'II' trrs! tip red rI':! !>, :h: Traii eriat. Juu 7. j i I II n I I '
: l l.i'l.; +
> '
it"' t1.<' I' '.1 '" II11t': ....'..!; i'l i aioinid t! u :.i'. :e- ii'' their! cL.ldrtn! to Thf Mlnvinz nr" tti- tea l) ...- .' : f'j ) ; J gJU. f AH : '. ,'

't ',f y t.'ull'! : ;'. !lie I i r.. "IVa: tl.m- l.ci'p IlIl'llII-"I,! IJ.T.: L i Alien H'llvfrson of West Prairie (with publl.hPr; an,1 prkaa i \\iiu-" !, f1u s !. ka 2 !'J i tfS btu d& 'Illb

l' ; bk! l v '. !i i ".'!' !lire hat lit 'te'tra: Crt c; I" :1':1.1.: dll1l'rJ \\ -?., say< : "Pd'tplncnmr tent mtl"s will t'- ui.t>1e tl.e bi
t.. I,111.n d! -IM ii" )t iiii-li 1h* t-ujipIM-I: tohax1 IMF Koi.KY's KIDICTKH.." timsfor tiiM'i julir r Idf..rtn .. .\ --- ---- -- -
lorn nnI..lI"lI are
; at ( VdriT ovirti- I'-.l-xj: : l:: cMan (* Hr-! ,
e '
i. 1'vt
y I I..i 'inlit he h.L' while J. A. ftjinro oi i tt.tIlH.! lad., iitilliilttull !t'lilIIilllr: :.1" ::. !I..j ;
ldayt : i : a shap.! : 'r t i;; :' tliau tIU >c bunt r3erui.iV )'r.trl'9. A ''I.rt t. It ily, HoJI.-.t.J piin. 1. .,-.'t.. .
ay- : "It is the medical I .mlerof (Pith"rtihv-ieed'a \\,1 I I. -
t hu-it. i :Sisouse! : so- uiuler tit cast It':'. traytivroi.h. IJcr.nlJ.rk ,',d riTi.Hr K. .
quit ir-ifiun; coULtrih.
the ajje \\ A. rJ'\I..tub..t"? ""11" (cT, eiii!. \layuarJ. )irntll.s'Co.
tlnns"I:! :: "','bll iu '.-"I'. to hi>ure the safety Nf w Y-", kn..ac1wAuy Dl3hnrsead

l i -- <>f their babii >. put a :>:.:.r *.f tetijis or .1 TALES CF ClTilS.Toronto Standard l;l'."'.-r 61'r'V\"HI\I; apou t..e Moat Fa."-ahe! T'--
1-.:. titer.. O"HtlUioh i''akefPayahieatron oi DesWaauou Ttu ( r.: ; I
1 --- .
1 Unife in the cnidle. In s.i'-ie parts cfLttghud will ai wr.Composition
'. .'. 'dI,; :kd after Vens-. Arrives there.
i 1, AI tie piuvatls. saloons! do! ? it: 7 o ''ocfc o\ Swintosfs Nf'vScliool
... .k : sac: practice ; '
I I : I' tile : --
: \nT.tn
t ?. tt.rII't'ulu! that Coinpo-ition I :;: c"i.'AtmiKaa .'- .
A t . : '" I I : : i. < u niian CU Safoty Deposit Borea for Rent in COBB- '.<>tl
; .r. iiook .
: N
1 I with a \\eakne may i;'i-i.l: h.; wages Company. -
--i" ar with which we haT Private f. thU
Y"II. Atht.t.i.: a Apartment >r
c 'In n>!-* r' "f the ether day Cart Eczema and I'thirg Honors before he M'ls home. ,
& ArithlJltlcWn": ', Standard 0' ....,
I baNe' i i v.tn "let I. Through r.e Cloo Ccssotlanil I I CJ.U'ago! has a mGl''.: regnrilcJ!! --
.it Bet L... I I ..: Burning. Jclioiou yeti: cent !. Amt-ricui J.okL' >:npiny.'
to Try It. I IB. cnliiunce retiuirlHg t.it!: t'ie v.'::ulows
t ws" : i i : -.:it;!:t-h ir"1I11111r-I..tl'alj'. iriocetit
to'.. : .nlfn s 5".t I ;"', tan IlI1 .tb/firm h. L'. BotaKic I'.l.d Talti' 1- of l Lull: buildings sh.i'.l: 1 be -" aaljustrttl'u AiiT-riciu brink C iitp
JfItM r.t I*". I1'v t ". now recoiruizt a? H certain and Mire they: can be wasLed fii-ni: : the laf.d.
i 1t., : Iiw.it(\\li4t *vcii>ou.i i. t r tnliere, 'tis to nomtrous! cur for EC?;.in a. Itciin! : Skin. Ha- : .- GrHtuinir fl'1trteau'B'"Jk L .-111- o-OF- ',

.. HUKf tnor Scabt cuuXVatfry Kh<- : r.e! vex tl question of street signs i pauy.
.. i l\\ *,
Florid JlistoryGreen'VItIiun.1111kin..c
Teat, the r > i sent It I In -
has l len so.vetl a no't.lIiII1l'r by Florida.
'I'f.. with nu..' i' tent *rs, riuijileAoiiinL. I lUnt- or \ Co. 'Itimt.r. : ,

+t 1UJ .al l l ; n tut! cu fruhtfu:lj bentlY J .intf, lioil-. Carbmicl.... rrifklii.? thety: authorities of T ;>fku. wbpreIoln.t.t liTl'dirlvuik'H':. '. II. vt \. Ji.Orf' .

: 1 I u t* I I' .,Tpe hIy taken a bite Tain in the akin Old Eatill.rl.--. are tiirht crossing iron plates{lion.sy trt.,1.1'1!:;:, at There each ( eorllhR"d\\ Jack-on\iile Wl, FI y'
.. The pi f i ,'.( j:;Jk ,tau d hate adbed meJ Ulcerf'tr.. ISotai.ie iJloJ D-ihu! aethud it is w .
: lut+'r.eot: an. The assert : ( fiiif i Aim ricinlJook Com ------ -
q taken intertry! eurPtl.e \\or.: and
i _J. '. is juite: popuUr. pany.I'hyioloiry.
pI1 e liir you i
n''i dt"ept'a e 4 a"<'- !II y t.urkhi::. -S'.pf-le'* ilygenic(1I.! Beautiful Lots for Sale.40x137'
I .. .' tn'n.J.
\.r, ,
: .
a s: I
ill find naittulg! the blood :II
i Ji-t ini ,k .t it i! norm hn pjnl bnw pttrtf : Ii I Ialsn'Sfr"athnilbrtnB'nud American! li.>ok Company.
.r 1 .' di l'in leTifUnc'!,* taut.ere tab* thereby pivina a h.,ilti.y blood -ni'-; :i Civil G.vernnlrnt- vn" .
,t rt _\ u ; t. enl.
i '.,e death! .,t *o" innwiat j,.n: than; liVc ply t.) the ;!iIl. !..>: .n>': lilood liuiniii : :1"" : ).oJ'la L: "" .u. Shorter Cuur-r, (TietutA feet at from $75 to $200 each, ace : >

e r. ."." the only cure, t-I -t.:r cured for I look C"'lIIi''f' ing to location and surroundings.

''s : tit tlie.p awful. atui'iviiikin' : trouble-. AI'f-bt/l-'rJlitp' 1"1'I'jIl. f fl.I4.
: he cnnieJ as he used some dry find fur lI' :
i I' Otherreuedi-1 iy relieve! but B. L.M. DAVIS \m..r tall Ikok Company.Pbvical .

I tt.r B. B. actually ctsif*, !h.,:,!. eriiyor (h HhU.t".' ; .
', ".raphy Exceptionally Good
c e of.i. '.4- .1 < '. you prate, under cater). A'eighborJtoorJ, llenutiful
I > and sir ". tl-e rich ::I.w <>f :; Eld rj i Hro Pt.ilaTnenryand
} t ra new! ': ll t"I -"-' ; Estate New, i'U ; \ ;b -
tF a t : dpi II'4ItI.l I watt paste. health II) t.t-! ,kin. ii B. B. buildup Real dt1phta.: High, Dry Fertile Lands.

the broker.-d.iwn bojy ard uiake- i Prat-tic" "f TeacMni! ---,-- -

t'1r I 1: ws Eirvias t tite'irk. anJ Le'" no tame: to the blood red aiid u..ari-hit:. Over Contractor and Builder. -Fitchi Lectures on Teael.inz! ''fl I ,. The grandest opportunity for investment ever

t .It' i'' 1 "ate. :;\>H) voluntary tt-tnn"uiilff cur" TheMacniillau Company, New York.
.}k S.i lie pc.i d it *$! !y. scithout vastii; is w by B,Maine B.o.: i1 JJa'tr. B. B. BDrujiit These books can be purcha-fd offered in Pensacola.
TttjtAt ,. lin tlm f .- ; .'! a ri p'ie: that rjn tj.jrj lhbs. *, s !1. Trul\ tremueiu: fr.ptnd i 200000 yARD DRIGK For Sail! from alrao-t any book dealer in the
-" ,.. tM'u.* *-' p' prepaid writing B.ooJ B.m! ; s-tate. If Dot at your dealer's! send Home Seekers Should See These Lots.

.. ip'j "') .hln'' .c" r ig. .o: 10. a .r n Ueliw.Tn. Co. Atl.1I1It. G.. D..erthti trouhl the price named to publisher and - -
Pulafox in
f 4;. \\ :tie ti x '- it tad free tn dual advice ;tvt.! until Office 7'a South \ will: be ent potpall.l.o

'''.I la to cysicr i curet.Foley's. i I & Waton Builain;. Yours truly V.ClubbSI
h .i With the .f n s.-flJ of wile hi> ilumNT t} -- --- W. N.'sHEAT",
acd j to 0
O Ice Hours : 9 to 12 E. p.m
k .
et p.Trj .
+ State Superintendent of Putlic InJ
I 'J _J.win It. tmeell I. CI Crhnluf Honey and Tar
1s .4. J I Telephone 122. J structios. 13J1TT I Corner Garden and lcani: Streets.
+ I folds
,. THE NEWS Want Column cures prevents
t, ., .
r -j i jt

".........."., .. -.. --- .. J 1", ,:r.,.. .. ._.. .. '- ...."" .........."..."_.....'.;"'"' <:;.... :,:.,.-:........;..:,.;.:_. ;- .....,. .. --

.;.:..;..:.. ._ ...... wgn r '- c r . S.-- ::::::'::: .. .. .. _. ..-.w __ ... _0_ .._.. .. .. ... .. .


.. I Ih Ii
- ----- : ; =
; ;
--v-- -- --
; -- --
i - --
J. '. ., ,
: .r -

ulJ4't of D.b.I" by Alabama L
Kadol'h Coo. 1
1I1I1I1. ll..ll'oll\1'1111"/1. '' .

OH(10)EUY. ::1., June -Section: ;y f
4 of
the txecunve report relating tc :
j' :
CreL1"is couLtiuj; election returns was taken: up I ,
for disposal: this raoruin? in the cciiMitutMLal PLANTATION

CtI:\ There
ntl\l:1. Were
: what yen cat.i fur t opr -c-ntninutcrial 1 pow-

'I i .1" call your\ att-.ntion e:, 0: the tiwaker; : n counting returns.

. \t.nlt'tt'r: abu contentions
. ;
tm: it' the resuit 01

'-I Lave been sneering" : the onnt wa not nittsfaetory that 1
,. .IT 21 car, When- : itcunl'L

; I I..' \JJ. ir .r"plict: I wIJulrl : be a ,ted lj contest.

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; :.". ol.i'd: 10 late to tint the situ It-p-latcre tlscaiu Lav .
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\\J ; a result la t...
:;..t'.ii:.'! I ten'kcli-i 1'l1' Cv.1 tit 11'-.

: iviuur.li'isGine; .
.i- I'nb'.ao
: C-atnb-ri c.-'uui: if th.-!:
i : 1. HE' !J.lt'J'.tfdIU' '
; ; t' La
v iiwcrats no: uuae a tuuta&i" i-
r Iv'-r ii. Ti". rrr-i.v (f'l-ne L'-;'j; in the electoral fomar.s-i.in.
!i. !j' 1 -il\ sov. ral lxittlt'3i
Junes of Moiit;:om- ry tiu.\ erei thiqni'rv
i I ':mi: 1 lupio'( t-i --.iv Icancat Lv MVIU.: "It wa- an illegal:

I 'j roll;: ih. t 1 jil.-aM;. I Iir'K-o(in;, but -onua po.icy, for ui a

:i-u. I rt iiisl.t!; :.n
'* i "!11! .'.:nn.,.ther. I runnuti -! who made that arrangement:

, i 1 <;".'|-aCur.;: .' tdonuich s-juiu "..\II'.I1It'au.I saved u- from U-

.' d \.jI1II.lalyreCOllIlIIfo.lir.; iu;: .round ll1 t. .CENTS'l

,'rrs of }" '"' i.1.-r:;. i'w inescouu ite mail ft report.It .

; h...-, ll'ipowill' I'a. ;-nimbus! tae !=l'uul3embly trutntiiactin i&prrci BLOOD PURIr1tR.

It can't help !foul I, any laws c'niu' cniutin of ;;tiMibilitus divorci;; relievine torlumasc .

; ; to cnr.sip; the name "i .
do .....r.. .."' .. ..v,........... .._ _.. __ ._.uuypi .. WI
you good "u. pi umil.i,': iur 111- 1I"'JI',1U1I t tTHE
ur i.tlIUIIIZIU;:: of a iii l:.! or II; jaat.
TROUBLE AT THE I fr..llm. of the riincl.Proi'i .
MINES. ---
u r'ry simpiti r am rhyT lag ou.irters to iorporatioa OT a3.u.:.". _.
the i j\\ io t.ueventh: 'S
: year
T '' Cur
: : :a invariably: cures tuh.
f' .- -s of iri'llMen' even Number of huB, hiu-1 and >evcral I'M-: i-r.1: :i .t! I p"i fail in t'u' echcitioi ftp

1 .1.? "I'! cf.ul>, awl that- I INTO' RECEIVER'S: : HANDS. j I'Pr,atr li'Jurcii. I v !, tat ivnter in t'.e I dm!''ii. IVi>onsvho

I i- ti\' only I-T: utrationti IIVNTiNOTov. \"a. Jane :3J.-An- lave l"-t thrir >::'I.t 1'l'f'lrtl.o; CitiensNationa Bank

-r-t'. insalltlifinr.: '>.tants ash; tu lip bald Under ether outoreai occurre .i t y diu'fhts; what jnu cat. urI't'lu'lI.. t'r"'C"I'IIIII;:=.
.1 Fork mines, in the Tu.icuer ana Mate .n dreamsli.le: ii tho-evo trey: r

Kodo Dyspepsia Cure' N VHvnn:, June sl-Tua :Xashnll wan fields Lire lI It input.: A number ,; Mind, \ after theet'titli year tin POAUInf '

rai.wuy has bt'eu ptaciil in the )hands ofu vision Is otaMislied! t' 01' PBNSACO1L':
: MI firmly in :e
/ 'I' ( I Ir\\ I"'T.l'n. CUicMea. I of snuts \vtre trout ana several: j>crjouj .
r.' .II":'"4 lib.,'i tinMi.. fcUiwin's tvi'i-ivt-r. Tie application: was made train th.ltt Is retained III drrani'for:
were reported injmvu, but it is laipj.vi- .
bv tue l.Itllli.re: Tius: and Gaaiauteecoiiiiianr many ,' \Irs or even throughout! life.-
b.e to Ret'iire; names. L. HILTON GREEN, JOHN F. FFEIFFKlt,

inn: EARLY RISKS : the 'titer' of '.',\ijv.UO'J ot Ls-Attorney Uurrai Thicker, the at- 1'rofessur- -Ja-_+troti'... ycholosy.-! 1'HtJ-JDKXT.: CASHIER t1J:.

the ; winch tornev for. tie com thaw ':llW:1.:.- at ---- 'r. E. WELLES, R. :ItUSHNELL! ,
Umds tielau.itu
. J.. ::t th.:: pill:, fur cuiibUpation upinv'd: upon! 1: folf
Ill("oeie :\lIi\ 02unut. wt-ro lired \Ilfl'E.E'tate .
in tie: juvnieni of interest. ASST. (;ASJIIEK.
I' i. .u''\'. Milm .v Katiu inNasavi.i"" "IlulvMv campal\ h' at l\HI. lut he tout sh.iitr btiuna uri.ckinif of II. II \Vlckn, I>"e*"..-<\. I fI

; .1 I.i I. capl.II..i at fia.UUO.O'JO. (.ur-ua.f of i! iiiui eM'ipfd: injury. \.lIln.-.I.III.-..-, liistnliiit.."-. and nil DIRECTORS: i
-. .vLia bonus Ti e etnstr: < are deiermiued that all |>*-tbniilin'c I"-.r it-iit.indv nuii'ti-l I
: m uaa tae other niort- Ito 1',1(111th' Hr" r.iiiui'H t.i prrM-at P. E. WELLESVM.. FIHHER.' : RIX :,r. R01UNSON '
:>. In Crilrn. IIt'111Ul1lH1 tutu >n iu cjuitvuru: in tue e '
sa.eThe- I'l'-iuto me wall. two \ <-nrfrom ttii
of E. E.;
launders &
t.tIlua; \VmcUt:.<:ire are u eviaeucdtvcrywuere. : : Co.K.J.WHITMIRE. ,.
'. .' for reclos- cUte. ANNA Wlt..tIIIY :,
:' !:s \t i i\ i.- in Mo\- ( )II1: UtlaIH pray a -
\ I.$!, 1: 'I.o"E\,'utfl' JOHV F. PFEIFFER, SlORRIri REAR ,
: i Croat ":;1"1.-. oi in1- ere an : wiuue Clara of the Cntredfates i .. HILTON GREEN.
--- -
: m-mct court appv.uted 11 l). I ILtwi ;
\ 1 t'.pl'l'; |"'.' may InMri the \''W'urk I'ank 1i
> PercyVariitr |
< :.: -.. 4 in a ;:.'I1t h.dt, r !l.y I
l euuu/g a o.lle by t'oreciuMire. j New YORK. June; 3. -The statement lv \irtii" of n clt-r'ff rf forcolovurfr
fa :-aI': iau'IkA! .Mx.i- .. A General Banking Bmineu Transacted.Vessels'
The the HOD. I. r. 11I".II.ju.I" -
leceivers. bond of nilTc'i liv .
pivc.a joint of tue united banks for tne W"(';' snow: :
.- 1.1 wo::); .viUi a raadle 530.0'JO autln-:1Ut control of of tne i-in-ult court ot ..:><-''11I10,., i-ouuty. I
the -
'. iiroymy I Loans ;'J-5.30: ; 1. iucre.i1>:S1.-J'K''; I I FIurIAuuItO.tthdap ot .tpnl..t. 1'
: into
: < vf Ins liOM-s
.1 --y one thlilaVuta.nlte. i u'm.Ir.-.. I.n.lr..tl Aiul out. in 11t- oa tof .\\
's i.:. '. M the Mnaj; hiinjijau ---- -- -. i "pim'tS.: .>.b-i4.Oi! ), 1 decrease: il.aOO-: : liiitu> \\oixNHKHin-.t J.ltn'HII': and
I '. ;1 .W: ; rrcuutioii |.h.S1i4| 1 1''I\Ie i I Iil.CII'J $,..II..IUlllo ln. uitr, I rill oil .MoiuUr.tlnrtrnlny Accounts Handled on Favorable Terms, Ex- 1
:1; .ir u: ''if ra.vs of a single ,liji.nirftihlit i 1 to n T<-f. nlJulv. A. H. ntni'tefii l.un-
i i ; II'I'il teniU-rs fr.i.O'i'i.rji'O.: in- I
I\i\: (to brad-Cunlr rtT tomorrow. : Oral pod' mi' <--11 nt |'ulihc (outi-rr lorcH-b Change Bought and Sold Collections
I crt-.,-" :;1.4.is.00! ; pt-cie :I;:I. !JSM.D'JO to Tilt- huhp[ ntndrr, bf t..*-f U the lour of JJ.
a tit 4 hciip I'aiicr nn...S2.-; I I: ill. nun '-' p. III.. Ill" snintInill the 11'1-1 t
-I i I'l.-u.:. xx ..r'., will'to! in !'\t.. ;R. I 4tiO, I .' .:.: ..IJI..11 siitL- if \1 r.f.ir All rlsrlit.! I don't Lnow what tioiidoor in ihccuy nl IViiMtci'ln, KMMIII-
IQIKT. :: j.4j.7U.5J.: ; 1I.'rt'l\' 3; :\ii; litui-ounlv, rl..rI.III.III.. follouiiii:!.-.( .. j.: d gear "'.'n."ort in the! tlio ::\lne Is, t"'t if tlit-rf's any job you 'I!' eurp.u; ;6.ljlt.-J, d"nca"c t.lU.iiJ.! .".inii. .. ituiitil> ini; Iw-inu In thecity ACCOUNTS SOLICITED.

t '.t tl..1 w !j'-r rent ..f the I'on'bs '' can put ui cm fitlynx I'm iu with I I ----- t nl(-.".it.11-1..11.: Lot-INPIIiy-two1.t..-i'iinib H u tutiy... twenty-Klor-!

: I i' .u: .:1.- oat i : V i ruin: boutsM jou.- :,'Lo1 llcnilJ.: i iTf1 I Ilp>I.quartrr-For thtIIIIIIIHT. ... 1.'.Urutthttt iweuly-foiir till. ( hlocktl! tIt '

.. : ":\ ; j0 ,'.\l.t Li''ore ibis II devrlusJrn.-acinitarFn'cnl! ,7.;.. w.-t King IIHI-I. I'.rliiniiii' I I ti
I I I nutnbeiirg.tmd lol"ltt'lng tOI-! on l>ei -
: : ', 1-:1..1": er"w U:'. ('I.1':1' I't.r; cran.irt rater to llnrujitt frnta Af- from llcnt!>viil; *. .')a.. wys: Colonel! ..,- "irn-i miU IHIUX liolue pl.icp ..I MHU.loll : K OiieaosGrttfi'y t

I. :., t'taa!' one v.-a.v a LK-hsin! ta rica hi the! ,'''''''11111 teiitiiry. !'ir'nl.- I'!! 1\ Tnotap'oa; n-cretaryof me South- .two!'((2)KuiDs.IWfUe Also.lil I nil, HtlCt of lots thirteen olio ".1'I '. 1 w

I 'I' '. ..1 1 X.'i'Iiia. ;'iin {'....t. t<-r K.iU'.uli: : ImniL'lit: It to Inianil! in ;i ten In'ia-rri.11 a- -,)(-lalhlI. has decmeiI i mill 1 tlio e partut lot fourteen 'II..
-- i, nftrenI: I poll i-lxiern ( I'll. I In liloi Ktuentyetn
.. tLcxtifiitli! : cfiitury. It was: tint to I'i'iKe liunt'vt.ie llt'lI.iquarr..rurlll:: ,
> mirt-r. ili-f I H ati .'l-f* "f thp f".w..I,. 1T..> tlxt\'Itt'- I 1anlt'.1! \u-irilM in !">.< 1: toe Mininier fur [W. rftiui*: Kirtt. toI 1'.. nn..",-''''' ai a point on north linundarv r "
.. I I I be Heart the new I'rea"n[ of tne clint oflot *i\1..IIII..lttn"r..d.I..lIi..IIU.( ,
!i.rrt.lulylh; -'-r" ti> if nl tt tti"m '
:: C. l Pc rIAl : : we>t corner ol iiut lot.llienee runninicnioiu N'
. ', I r..II will :i.l.1,1'rur.l < to your hfp Krd You Hake AloI'ars! I Ignace i,t veinoiV., .\. H-iujihiu of AtUuttt: I 11I"II..rth..rlll"u'II'lIr"rluh"I iinil" ->
>:. I lif. to VOIK year I'iy '. r-ikn. I c r3 the Eats: : ,', ana, vcond: to prepare tor ti" annaniuifftui : oflrenalnnafourtCCull41lthrnor! I '

r.- .' '1i'| ''. II Ir: l"h Irlll'acy.,1.. I dt If'-yI ,;z. :?. whir' i. t j le Li-ll iu Meta ."e-t pitri'fi nfly iN of'I iret sxid on tiitluurtr..r.t bouilill-l !II ,' I'h -jouili /'t tt mm MC>4 NGGN 0

X i\ i' II J'tt.li, Nli'-'l| Hit. ti 1 1.: pa:" la Iicrnber."brat lot fourii-'Mi I ; I '. thrum in n **H ti'rl\ dt f
nntt to n point on .line w hide ciiniii c'ill I \
< rop In ironPa: plan of It, ItIUI.lllot willi a ininl nn (lit* ? Prcprietor. .
-ontil !IIP l"i Ii'tei nIu. -i"\-n ftt "H-l ..
:P'JT."HI. :::. c. Jute V,'.-Iherei e! --oiilliw-lji-i.ru-r -.I lot tilt.IlitflictMD '
u tbtutterly clirm-doi hi IHCIESilEaEiBEIAILGEOCEB >
un- .i-inecs on account of the ,? ?
wucattr .'
m tl Innnfruur tali fret lo the p' ill
.. -. -- .. .. .ji, ow.a;; to the contma.jus raiit.Tn. lrrl:nlmu.' All -HII! mil : '"I.I"'rrl
Ilu i'nrnraphhrinlnNbtrrfnni lit ,,' b1I.
-- .' :iarsir part of the crop hHleO'II /, city "1 l'-n-acola. t'loriflu and ii- f1 (i-i itanil I
'Jr .I F'V"'Q tt cm inn tnf MIOCKS have been wet tutFete I' Frt out in deed! (nun \\'atr From a i J
John Kuril" ditti't Mitirh '
| nr-ilO'i-T: 1"
':o.\, : i. uav*. 'lhre ha not lx-. ..
'n :Cal I t in 1 Kv "" in '''a IP I'- i.rnrTf I
J) J\ ', ':: ua utituiue to dry it out anti tne niinlKtnl ..'''.i.r'iiiKnti*<> tli'r> vinto t> ,,10' .ii tt hi I I ,iv> st 1'iict-
'ftlej alti--n-ititi! ;.; Fhowersun'iunhiuehave1'Iu. I: lot.ma.l ,n any'' '-111'1'..<11111111111. I .
lar oh'iht.h. r.s' i;::nf'HTIi1.1II"'III'riW 1.(0(0(1. I'' -I" -MI to allY rartof
< ii rotting to pt in. S-veral ""-" 1.1my., .
'J I I : t-prcml Alai' 1t.
tie II i l:1e CUIlIhan' iron iicar.i I

frma. ana the wheat phi; around "tmto I' 9-IOW. Inlrrdfrcia St., r

Malarial poisoning my show itself in regu .ii i.anser of hint; ln.t .iiti-r bsiu;: ', CH'\Y- NC. .'I'ICI._ -"';. ; Fhcre (C5, Tfnaccla Fla It

chills and fcvcr ; or in hard headaches, sa" 111. TUt-yi'-ui has-been rue !'I i ;:;;; NK1THKK. th' ;I' LPI. !':II-UWIOTS. !l
nor iini.iiitifeii' i I Hitlit I
liar ',",,., bone, sore raitsck-s, i:.n...'c.twth.nJ njrvLippman I ''A "tiiini--Ionr>l l>y l'rr,l.If nt. I I I 'f ttll:: I-:1-::' ;;" t'nrk "1111'" respoi li-THE PARLOR MARKETS 1
slt.r| for cietik contracted by i
\V \-iN! 'i7w\. JemSi: : -Tne ,
I nc s. 4j "l 41'ft.V. pre>ideiu th! cr.or cuid \'"...tl.I .
& s
\ \1J. I.. Nn.-
4 11 miy sued tte foi'iowin: ;: com- ,
ScciHl I, Knur-. 'III"o.I.\.t! : I'ap'Hin. .IX 0. S. HELL & SONS
-' mi'iontate: : -Horaiv 11 Alien oi I j ji'n j uiii-mnees.( .. .':jttI 1'ropiieloiy.JJ.r ;

'. !1111-t: "r to Korea. Jntli%"-Act-I

and fever T '0- ,n i;. Junes Umteit state mai-nni.. ;j I. l.Cw :VF'rfFY.h! : i'ini.nwn.-r- fi. J'{ "7 r. .\. Street.dviinreil ,

Tonk1; i W -'c'Ia liiitnc" nt Kentucky; Waiter c 4'1._ ,_ '. _. .'llee-,I II,H It-ilinn !
pill R w. i I h.- re--ol.-l-: '
ii i-i'Kun. United Stae-, mir.jil.Nor'i : vtit" I
I to' tr ,rul. ",,-r,"ICU In. I ItlleCli'W
:; HE,5 L'CEA!! ltD; 1.r.G GRE Ii: VlO b : .ri! ui-tnct of lj'II'IJU'1:1; ; M.: Ol -:11"' X'-sel. I j' l Z'tht itg to the! p tckrri ha\'ill;;: a the 1'rico of :Meats, we .

&V.Gr. .in-, t'ntt'.d btates marsual: >. ,.atui 'I I AO'ITiut -' 1" ''M-. will!! t Ir" i I.eII..d( t.. cli.ir.'f Isc.ntor. Loin aid
'-; : r Sltl..c Ci a nc\-cr.fJl!, : sp: lfic ;cr tl lle 1 .11 'I 11.1'1"1! 0: (J .. .... (,' are rtaurpnn'uentsIrtth ; tvns for Chuck,. Veal lull
' & g 'as tcvcrni'P :.I.-l..., Cr.I'II" ....ct fcti.ntt.. ro"1 4f"i -- I i :.t IC.'a: !i", .mJ ::''J oen- a [lotind. X

\;: \ the distressing ccrsplcicts due to living i:1t: f ft tJi ..1 Jlr1'l.int.. ;

.Vjfcj rr.alsnous district.: Lii IG: MN.. Jane 2'!:'.-Mr>. <.reoit; KinNEY DISEASES'' ;OT'lellho1le:: :\o. I 1J.:: ([* A

)1 P..IIU-.Mt'eo: : the vice rcMdeat of rr
tini .
35ity ; : '.'.T-riil' "' f"' g. n'i-ci'. '!' '. c ','.r'm"'v I\ r I.*. 1c t\f.t: ;;
.Wtr" -nil : ni- :>.. l.vly I < .* ri.iir L:; :.vsu'- c 'inl i V. .or 7 ... ; -J.itXi ir- ifional bank: of tin city and; ---- '"
>) i-.' I II i .- .. .ah"i it h*: -a' :.,- i-H-rs.rt: (.:-, -. 1'1 -I tJt-' !!' / V.t: Bleu TIMETABLE;
t auoAU socially
-. / (ji'--f... r -4 .n.::.- .!- l h.-"i I! i. th-b. .-. toa.c I3r.. CIII1.-" {"V *,, >'. .., i. -" ." .n. '.a.An.-ipl.M. I,". '
I.II'I'MIN nunUrnz-:':", C"I. 1' -
\ L y roprctor, f- S'\ The tpt'rnl in the Ilrenrd.Lithe .
T S V\ ..I pmar!*, RlotUa..aiu.uh. l.a.t se' / IS EFFECT1'11.: / N. bill )

I. Vfe't'dL t0c- Per b3tileAI!I dru--si=te dl l !t- &fef-M: ?: Tommy ntunu-tl sore :md : s'm RIDLEY CURE I Id lc j
t rl- !nil,i -.' mini tin- I
II: torture room. N Orirtpne
f tw tulI
<-CJwLx". -Jx yf.-.. iv_ r.J"iCSi5U'"y4 L1 utI flGKKteii ( .1\tohil i i
". t ,,"' ..- .,; J | "im'vit' your papa[ ever llii" -li Rnuiy I
t_ ,_t \n I'. tin ,
you lit aslvt-d: his chum, wio! hi.i.in 4. :\n.: 1\., So ='0.1.
No. .
.'.....';'",.' I' .. of :i ralmiH minister. cr money refunded. Contains : 7. I" "I 1& I :...'" 11I I' I Merl If' It p Lrpve..1'Pn.arnlR..ArrlPe 1.,1\..._.... .:"'11I811.011... 1.\ :s.:5.:U! II A rs tan. II 11:11':'I' J

"I I houd! ay not:" nplinl/ the < tin!" i r I. L. p I :.:.'IIL.."' (' .. ... M..hilr .. Lravr 1 Iar.'t; : Jt6 P i:7. I' ..
remedies recognized by eml- ;:IiI' R 1.ex1'.. N ew rlri.anx. I....... ":III D \"':: II", JI 6t JI Ji
loftily.: "EvH-y tame; he ilinatiritim "- t.I "' ..
mp I read! him ai e\tract it"1: ; nent physicians' as the best lot i ii :North .

I.i" sri'at |K'uv at any firi<... !<.pr" !''i :'ni Kidney and Bladdr trouble
No. :. \0. f.
i "
: ,:hit-II lie Kiul: "Ilu-M liirliiriin. :1.i '0. I. Nn, :1.
i IIi' p III I!: p nl IA RVP I'. ntarnl. Arn:1. .
!Oc. u.i 11.00. .
P 6:11111
] )l.ko:: way Sl'Ir(1 ruiUrcii. but !JawW"'I! I :I'n In t' pillAr."e .. gloat"..tiirry ... .."vr 11G"" 1Ii't111l1: III
\\.A. D'ALEMRERTE. II.il1&11I :' r'rrl\'"
r that!: awount tie rl=:ht to take .T.\.I\ I apin Blrmtnrhxln.IFRtr: F.a111: tupto
r# I .\ rrlv. .. ". hvII.. I....,.. S
their heaven n-nt pruilece t'i Iltl! aI _. -- ----- Yi.t: I"m ._.IA to Arrl"" l.oui till.. I. .
It ;':1xm iIina ::4 alJl
in Arnte. tiri
I they fileaseV Let us trait tlit-m as \\ >' : 1.'v=GOLA= ) r: a 'nl, m r.\'v -1.1.:unau..".. .Leave....to. .If1llrn 4:11 n In 1II": "I''It"EN"ACOLA PIIIn
j \vciul-l l our own \va>'\\'anl children;
I "'a,1 with tLfin. i>Mfcli': them lust:: I RIVMNJUNCCION. ;
Grist and Corn Weal Mills
1 nr\i-r tot-ive tLtta with nthi-r gun or I Nn \a.a-LxrINO/.top.tier..tm! nnt.hrNnl\b.-tt411V No. -Dully

1'1.11.' I Ir.nrLrd i CO. I I I 111: pm itFP II ..III L.\... .. t'.o aC'Jt.. ....\"".." 1":& .
"That's a duo 1 drat to ri'dtmLtr.: rv- |:B. F- GONZALEZ Prop, 12:1 asut i :15 I .. .. Itohruux .. JIIjf pia" : RrRp...nr
1:.;jI' 7It\ .... YIII..II ..... I"", :SI .. .. :
,. I
.. TomulI. !! ManalactcrenCHOICKMKUjAMl Y'Si ; III" .. .........l-"lIIbla. ...... .. III'U" .
\ r.. rut' now tc's pet so used to Itt : :, 1ia'I" 1 .. .. )Iullit 111:11I" 1:11" I
.. .
: l'rUJGllOrNIJi :: 1: '\II" : i" .. ... ..... 6ti"
: Ihrp .. ...
!:?I Le clrojis tieaie a* sc.,ti as I Inur I :., (' .. .. 1I1; I" II.. 1
STOCK FKK.n.r'aironlio : : : ::16" _....... Gait Lily. ....... 111:15" I I
." l.ui'don i J 1: S't "' ..... .. 6:17" t.
: : Atiswrs.i :8" ... 111I"n ... 1":11I II ..
tndo' for there If ltIt
Home try 1:111 a rn .. _.-.tiuod Hllng" ..... .. II I j
i) ever ron you khou'd buy your Mral and I -'i" k'15" .... 11..110. .... .. .. fiit.
I 4 A5
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.. I W. T. GORDON & CO. Thflrfo' Iflfli t,1 "
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