(0'ii. e. |" ilitir action I' I n i \ you are going to muse out to Al;,u-
"Xow. if will .home where the
< ,-i tAb i 01.' "ultvfr'- n D ft Il l burst:" rlara'
L lnwlU' I !'inrsl.irs into paid thedetective NM'aaerpt..
d 11.....IOA of the KX ii net jour "Indeed I am. I consider it an Meal cs..r r.. *..-... rW1 _.,.. ._
'1 "I will K-e If 1 can find a lac.:5c.:
b IK
> .in w.nt 1. : ... place." C C .. ..... "t.raare..
not K FUR 1 Jew."
ftft 4 "Huh! You watt to read the .
1 "
el4" "f i-itiz-ii- 'In:1 moment. snd! the proprietor. .MOTH II
r ny 1.'M'r. .v.... bat: vk i\ "I am norklug! at s-otnethins a little more sidIII'tJt! >re than! in I h,.. h..n .
hn.111114rilra ,, ftft L uath f any other town lu this! vicinity." aulh.l.e4 c. teke
0 adrMl.Ib. nryru riDDI cs' EO m. I more important than hunting; for aclew "I know "bottrjpl"tt.| for U'w. J'..,"..
"'bU"n iot oui r MIt it. {'ml physician.
ft .1 jut now. I Ilryan'paper "T)>.> <(< i.H)......,
,., .,.1_. ... d 1. And wli.Ie: the detective waited the Catholic Standard and lines. ThV prlf N fl i ui ,... yes, t'vane alt'
.. whit Itli-n-t; uu I "7 u ,'I
l" .r.- .. Tb ..
'" l'rd.Jr.t"r.tl'1 as follows at his desk: n .r. fullr. prepared ti. You may as well expect to run a I run hr.lt .
nii ia thedl
br ..
"The burglar who broke Into KntzenheCtds i d...
,l... n .n..lr... steam engine without water as to if MO to the ub l..t. .f >iiM' kl r. to tb> mat CKHN & CO.. : shop on the night of the loth find an active, energetic man with u I M, ,e.. It at
icmtU mrhal in tti SOL !ltd: <':1rril'lnway a silk: hat. a pair of torpid liver and you may know i'"t* tMir :\.t,
*!. t rl l..h tn _tote thtn 'tl!i Trendi calfskin boots, a fur trimmed that his liver torpid when he doe

-rota{ of th ? grutle' Telephone No. 178 t, | o'rc.t.. a Hack broadcloth: suit and not relish his! food or feel dull and Ira I). H.., .,.. iha.e.i.. fa.

I 4< 1 ;;, 201-203 B. Palafox. @ two suits of silk; underwear was a languid after eating, often has head writ. : 'My IilU bu., ...w..j "p

C. t'. e"LL. i, black hearted villain! and scoundrel ache and sometimes dizzine: A l I-g from lh. kbrela U.. .u. I

P."aa'la Exror.t'nt y i 1 FAMILY GROCERS. I but a Dan whose Judgment; cannot be few doses! of Chamberlain's Stomach j' u.-d ILtvIta: sale f; inltl.di.t.1t
and Liver and In
called! Into question. He knew where Tablet will restore thre..1'. Um it .** .!
I .A \ ?I. i j his liver to Its normal functions, te.new mot .ntlr.ly h Nt l. I I to go w len Le wanted the finest! cloth- '
1''; his vitality Improve hi* di- cotnmeiid It tn *r.tr f i44/.4
f1.1 ."unulllt'ttlo''1';' I'f" ,. In;; the market affords." gestiouand make him fee like anew ,, dvi, tbrm e.. l..f II>,..., MAJ.
t ""I6Mb' Iad1. :-;" loj; : ?1 J A i "Jacob." he said to the bookkeeper. man. Price 25 cent, Sample ,; 011 hand A.It l. I ..!<' rnnnpc dy lf

i .* A M.. at 7 :!*) J'W n So1i l' I ,I "send a copy of this to nil the papers free at any drug etore. For ale by lJ IIr any *>tr. W.Aa...
I'r \: \ incxlay. June i.Vorl k IT. S 8 a lu s ;i and tell Vra 1 want it printed In big all druggists! and medicine dealers brt.
K, A.tl'fftc*. W.j a
.t 1 Mack half a column.
tl j' type to occupy
brethren> inV faveyourlace Curttint from damage I n.n't fill tft ..
u1N t. FOR Mr. IlawkBhaw fry n L tomorrow mornlnow.
.. "
: FORft ,l'' I I.In laundering with the Chicago Curum R/* at 1A Ifrl*4ea.
: tl\ \ (iU.I:'. ft l" 1 am at your serrfce.LondonAnswcrs. Stretcher. Escimbia Furniture Co. I II
i it
:'" 'ht"rl t! I ', H U 1 I i I -- D.) yoncrmu khl.. tt'at t.. y..' < _.

1 K \\ M. rl T rip 1 P lm U. i -- II BANNER : I* iutdjiiu rm 0 ....
nRID t I !A.VEl r' |
t f $ 1 Try ""Krnofcwood Ryp" at S. AFriedmali's ._,_.. ersIr W. u1.r' ,t. 11.'t fti4iL'.Ik

.. N.I/.tr.lItht.lw.J ibasa i -ji h. J | Finest on earth.: I It We moal hes.'lne; salve in the world : ry. 1 1a

.wkltlYiu..:s t S SiiiiC5S ii iI'c \

--.- ', __ .'_ _' _.. ......-.. ,_ M' -- - - -

j '. :.:: < ,. .,- '.< '. ': ', :., ., -: ,,: .. ;,," .- :.-. r" :' '., ."" '. : ;, :'.,' '. .,. t'





1- ____ -

< .Bt. of a Good'Stroke Oar.
--- During practice a good stroke Is one ....t.I .

OarCowinrrrUI I Italatl011a1Cith Spain Add a few drops of ammonia! to the who Is regular In bls rowing and easy luck simply thrusts Ciself upon I

fully 1t'4lore.l.WAJIUVITOX blue water to whiten the clothes. to follow. lie must give the big men some people. A New York society girl! Kodol fit J.V
I of time to finish the stroke out.
plenty married a man who
I June 3. Commercial For very yellow or grimy things; got recently to
i I I
lie must keep them swinging steadily, [ claimed that be was a French count Eat
d rtUtiou lvtvie Spain and be United I make an emulsion of kerosene oil. '
and la a trial over the whole or any and who to be a horse
now out
I Slale."IU to be fully restored and it j I clear limewater and turpentine !n turns
of tbe course he must get every
,_ portion doctor.-Chicago Kecord-IIeraUL
; equal parts. Shake them together until ;:
i* nut improbable that American ;
lt exports possible ounce of work out of thl'm.so I
recently Curd
A New York woman married
then add Dyspepsia
'T' creamy a cupful to a
to that ia the ti-al 1901 rowel
cvuutry year that they are completely out
> I| bollerful of clothes and boil for baIt : a French ('OUDtTho turued out to hit a
' will be greater, with possibly a IllngleUCtOuon. : without having: got short or flurried on J I 11Orse however, .
doctor. It is often
an hour. not A powerful cncinc can't Us run w hi 'mcan't
than in any preceding year. the way. In a race he must know the matrimonial alliances "
Water either hot colJ. should not that these foreign exltct tokeepupUi wci. at '
Elpurt from the United States to :Spain
and be
I of his
!II- in tbe nine months ending March M, be put upon woolens that have Lad capabilities crew ,. turn out so well This womaa. a weak stetmach .it tsar"r4, r t ,' til t t.i +

t} 1091. wr value tll.h7U.349.\ against !' liquid grease spilled upon them. Sprinj able to feel how they\ are :gluing; when for instance might have married a I replaced, and we car.not sip t:1: -- I' .HMH e..4-t* n.-rl ** .

10.0M.9.H in the corresponding mouth 1 j kit buckwheat or flour over the they want easing; off and when they borse doctor who turned out to tie a ing repairs. Rut when the atoaraeb i* "' '% mi

of last year and 17.091.043 the cormpondiuj !1 : rye are capable of higher pressure, while French count.-Memphis Commercial i I f'Kxl to keep the body >tn>n r. t P ell .+* egsr4, a M 1j
I and
it oSt
; JRTKX!of the fiscal year 1S09.!: ( place brushing repeatingtbe above all he must have that degree; of Appeal. j Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It iliiri- xhit ? HI *.t st P=at
The figure of tbe year up to ibis time {I process until all of the grease is generalship which will enable him to I I eat all the gtwwi f.wwi v nl want T..*-u <>f rfc 4 ;oelt,'s
m1 from I absorbed. i this is the only certain way to.ire ladi*****
Indicm that tbe exports tbe decide In a well contested race whento THE BLUE BLOODED BUNCH. j I

United States to Spain in the fiscal year I Towels should never be p put away put the pressure oa iu order to take I! but do
It can't
PJ lOOt will be about It6.O)), XO. while ui1SVI I without being thoroughly dried because the advantage of station at u certain The Duchess of Marlborouga Countess help you geed

R the upon to fpm! were IU.G19-j!i if they are consigned!; to tile linen point of the course, when to ease off Castellane ami the Duchess of I Prepared by E.C.KcWmitV.Ci.1.' T'- h i' .-* = -<- -
3III Js-sO and 10'<3. tbe j 1
I4.43i.84 in
I closet without tie of a good
L- one year in winch the 11;;,OOJUW line if lie is holding his opponent at a Manchester should hold a eonventioa When you need a wmthlnjrandhti / < ;" ." t4 *'
t1 w** eice
Oa the Mild the figures of the them. This mold! is alleged to be injurious I for him to have himself for indigent husbands.-Atlanta Jour ,
1ll1lort i Pharmacy J- fu pr "iJ.iYl. -, f
: to the skin and liable to -
preteut % are largely 111 excess > produce an effort at the end and especially in

of these of l' :J'.l. though slightly: less ,; skin disease. I a really close contest the exact moment nalThus far we have had them one at a

than tbose of I'M: watch were the lar;;- I j I at which he should; make the time, but suppose Just for instance, i
Ib'Jl. The annual [II iI I
eft from since:path In into the United States imports since j i i1W1 I I UP TO DATE PHILOSOPHY. grande attaque.''-Saturday Ueview. that the Marlborougbs. the Manches- iI I
ters and the Castellanes should break
have ranged from |.J.100,0W! to fi.-I I s
UW.OdO. avornKinj; about 3.500,000.. i What sounds so sweet n\. the tuman They Ari. .\11 Tired. loose r'.multaneously.-Chicago Inter I

while fur the J resent fiical year they vok-e-to the one who is doing the talk- The parlor ontwtalner! has some amusing Ocean.

seem hirr t., 'CP,t J.j.GOO.tJOlr in ? althuush! Le is always i
t ;" ; ; experience : not Eczema! atrhpum! tetter, chafing I I x
'. aJMtf!', cotton iuK mid \vrv
are tae priacifarticles reward Is what deters many fromull n;;:tint hiuiM'If. One oho appreciates! are quickly cuif-dhy DeXX'ittV XX'itchHazt1 !

t'lpl.rtt'tII'1PlIU.. raw cotta. y -leg by doing. I a joke, however rolatt-s that on a certain Srflve. The CHtllili pil* cur-
far tb+ bare.t in vonime. }.&i.ts, nuts I
audi me When ve get vt hat we want we are : ofwiiioa: he had been iK-rforiniug; Mar?!* Pharmacy, i Sidney- Kuhn, ..
!!Jr. are at Present principal I
article lm:>orted In mi >: pam| tu'UriU m always) disappointed; : to find that it is at an "at !home" and rescinding to FO John .Sheppard.

,'arllt'rtAh iron ore formed an import not what we wanted. many encores that the pogiaiume became There's Ion of money 1'bp. made j i

ant item uf iBiiurutiou. ,r The trouble with most reformers is unuiiially ion;.:. inreale.tate-lot-of it. A real e. I i

llavr iMtma Is tne largest: i-iujrla item ,: that they waste their time and! energy After it was over hU hostels with horjoung I tate sign; is u-ually a flntrer-board to I

lu Aiuriau txrxirts ro '!\\u.: TUe exi i I i 1': trying to reform somebody else.XVliiii ; daughter; came up t<> him and!, wealth. Tbos. C. Watson & i I

purIAU"u, i't cut ton troni this! country to r after congratuKuiuz: : him uii the MICITSS Co.. the leading Real Estate firm. | I
a man or a woman asks for a !
Slwtn navf iucrfafJ from bC'ist.7y 2! ,
of the afternoon, slid l1asomp. olfcr which it wouldbe I
nm-t cordially
I.wud. 1U I.,'.J J to U 3.atJil.1' I pounds In candid opinion, it may safely be taken worth while consider. Go j
Mr. lilank. and have your
conic some
1..u. Tu urtcul.ir for that "taudi"d"
Amenseanrzta.r is
| tratureot granted meant. them
and see to-day, and don't wait
bile.I .
refreshments and ct It'W1r aw
: trade with Spam ,
was not Smart Set.: till to-morrow.
.iut'rl ll.,. a tcied ly tae war exports know you mint hi- awfully tired. - jI

of cottuu 1.1 the fiscal years IvjV and|!! NATURAL HISTORY. "Yes." chimed In the MUTI joiing OABTOr1.XA. .

IttVrxtfrdin; in qu intity the; figures daughter, with the best iutcutiens ia Bean the itl K nd Yta Haig fiats Bail!
ttt other petit* III the decuiiu. Tho nnui1 i the world "I'm ll't--XI\'l I I
Ic itt 1.uud4 of Sauna exported to Flying; fish\ will cover as much as 130yard's ; sure v.t SgllatlllO 4of +-#- MILLIARD CO.
York Mail and Impress.A .
tfMU from toe United Slates m 1900 is at a single; Cight. [ I

ottly tlijtuthulow. that of IS!JO. wuile Horses In their wild state live to the I
"Call for "Brookwood H. i'Ialai: n
the inirrawd 1 nee Ii found brings the age of SO normally being; still fresh French !\OTt. Rye" at 2i"s
A. bmdman's by the drink or bottle !
fata* tu a hluer figure than tnat of and hearty at that age in the desert Ion-I adore her:
any uar guar unca Ml.: ,\ >'arcis e-I idolize her: ; it is the nicest, most mellow: rot e Floreotc \ Fine 1tii'1 I i
i The distinction animals of tas Bogiits
-.. -- lca: >t sleep among bdocgs to the "requiring 11'I -- "Ha. then we arc rivals: on-.the trarket. a J { d : !
Tli$ :lack --- -- -
of feel, the I!
energy 1
you "Yes, but still friends) :
i I pliant In spite of its capacity for tiYk.IL1iL 1: iU1ikai LA I
backache an i hard work the It
,.Atr.tll)'. all ni"jn kidney: dUorder. I "L"-t us tell her!" I
r'ULKt sloop? more than four or occasionally *! FARM WAGONS GRAYS, DELIVER SSCOM, tAN ill- -,
M KlUNKVCfKK will! restore They tell her.
five hours.
1ft"r .trHUftli un.l vhor by unking'the : I Allen Halveron o-\\'f''t Praitif'. She says: leave f Repairing HorseshoeinK &. labbtr T
Hln 7 ,
y* well| Take uo j-ubsti- i "Let us tiler: : \Toa, B 2 Iisy(Warrlngton, >avy Yard
tot.. \\'. ..\. l> / linmhrrrn I'i*., gay-: "Peopiocoin- mllf;; ant KOI barrant at
I They buy 6 centimes: worth of charcoal NO. 30 EAST CAROth Si Al ( [, tMDM : s
--- I tl\ buFouy's KlIiNKY: ; CURE .
rt i* 1\. tJ'.arrive at Korl Harrancil fsstam .
FOR THE FIRE SUFi :.RERS. while J. A. ::p"' ro of Hpltr.pr. 10,1.! : liW a. m.arrive at fort hanancas ]111 a.IL
ignite it.
--- siys: "It i* the medic wondercf : 1 IM p. m.ArriT" at tort '-1"'aOOA! I:43 II m
!enreg IL4+ hurt: tar the \\onifii of the age." XX' A. D'Alnnbeitt. They Inhale it. p:'(Up m. Hrrtvoat Vnrt "rranc..H ':1\) p m y 56 YEARS OF !ClEftflAC $flit .
They all die. 9:15o.! '. arrivftttt Fort Barraacas Irup m
-- --- --- -
.1 'k unl7ia .
AI *5iOp.H uimcHiho nanruca.
Thos. C. Watson & Co.. YAI l'anJf'ur-J.! C. GcdJard's "A leave Fort B: rraacai for heoiaeo'aat -
J4 k>"\vt: I I. F\: Jane J -MavorBOW4U .
tl.e Ifadinsr Heal Etlt.zellt: ; *. t.ikf Leave cf \lJSt.lt";" : \ "
UJ5 MMVel a telegram: H..at i i nil the worry oil the shoulder< of the ":$Ila m. arr\e al Hon.ncola! ":15 a. tr
W ii:t'o p. ui. rr.vat frVrn< coia.\ ..__ll.i.'ip.n
R 11. '
ir t d! tae Xtj.Y )! Jinnul j owners of property ma\lhrf' tiie Illuxlrntlax UN ..
inliiirt. i:>i I p. m.arrive a. P"nt%co' ___ J:45p.n ,
told *hti: i...1 !o ":.c: IM newZ"alte seylag :j renting of their hou'-ps; and the ci.l- "\u, you Pant st-e )l r. 1Ittlt,1lIIk.i. 6.i" p arrive at ivrnaeo'a 5..43 p n P". .' 1 1I
I lection of their r>ut-n* concimitiouIy .:00 p. m.arrive at Pcni co...___. 7 +5 p. n
ma">!ut -. wiucu arc fiwcie; i to ar- 2s! north:;; diiring; mice: Lours.." '9:45 p. m. arm at Fea.acoly_ 8.no p. B 1
tiemelves.Their .
a tl.ey
five in in i v i-uf u.,y t .L w ed. : 'l.it he's a public ,,::idal. N-i't IK*:" Sataran! only. r
Uk>t r !k.t;..n IIl't"iI\ ; charge* are vf r rejoi.able. Yes. and Le's enraged in the! pul.lit I r\pr: v.,1\ wriK: DAYS, I.E.
reanitcoUto tort HArrROClh
"1 W4 .1 ou w \ their aaa ratpraiV:
"ituru \ flu earn ." I '
sort.IIH. I't-Dmi-'ola Navy \ ard aDd r..turo.II. ,''<' : r
Ui.bbutim" >> >-wm;.' to apply at ouce aEacoU to I'almeuo Peacb aoa re'.urn
: ABEYOl'ABCFFMXX'hetheryou ? May I ask what he's tlolnz: ?
(or tt.iia. I pate pl'utJlOW to Iii ,; I SUNDAY ICHEDDDE. r '
'lie's writing!! a magazine article Oil'I1"w ttd'. .
nit lOw its m.s which Ua\". Lees la.me \ .
.. nil-. Mid. after : the Can'it' improve the OIIll''lIot.l.I u a. m. It)
u.yiu ; wowtt" are 01 dot it will pay a. m. .
Salto hate no one e.se tIoUj'llul; you to get your J'ulntOil! andWidl I cr's Neglectful; Treatment of tlio 1'ub- 11 1 c p.m.. m. 13 m. Ah3grrglwq \ a Q I IP.

-. :and tame who nvve sck bu>buud> Paprrfro: I:e':' "Cleii'ljul 1 Plain Iiealor. 3p.ro Sp fpm., m. .. .
.... af" 1II'.il'.llu/ uiiu machine for J. K. nost Co.. e n. m p.m. II." I \$

wltt1n'. I H:.a take the !)(iriT people olttM I II N. l'ala(ox M t>r 1'OIl" 3-:!. Mr. JaniP* Drown of Put-m"utli.YII An 4 p. ;n p m.

tuwn SLIt IOJIILV! Them witu ma- over !1> ysr. of u;:". -ulT-r.,' I! a p. m.m. 'D 411.m.m
elilaea a. .'tin: t.v nuM oat an'! in frvrar-with Iid-"rPellhisfuee '
twtl xay lira' >unit! uiuiticr v. 1:11: a Largo; for acceptable Ideas. Pliy-t'ci-ii- Could tint !,*lp him. DO'-1 I ItI' lentacolato rABltrORlltr.DAY Jri lIal'r.:1oa. r
fllrldyti' uu>... tae lini-siiry oiotht g m State if patented.' I '\'! < \\' trh Jfaz1-lStlvecuredhimI I and ono fftUrn,_._.__..__. .,M c1'enliCol1i
,. bit c .wlrt'''. I THE PATENT RECORD, 1 to 'almettQ Beach: sod
r'luuPIIIIlIar"i.* Pharmacy j
Y.tnrn._, __, ____ 15c S. A.
'aTta" ".. .u.if. wn.ufii wino luvedouecwiug I Baltinore, Md. Sydney Kahn John Sheppird. I No freight received after 1:15 p. m. FHIEDMA.Ri.K.
..11.1 III tui* WilY hale ill part .
b.i t'1! t" -utijKirt; :u,-Ir t..tmimes. Th,'rpJi' 1' 0, L't'x: -al'i.'

ae 111 'no in ill-. city uuo tI., not 1I\- .
\(. 'I I \ I t
alt' m let t :oath tit -up! ;>!iy tbtr: t. ..-, "' .-

Ig Uii.i: .i witu ail time ii..r..ssirlesof s +t1 rllr.t C KK .M' WN ii >. \ .< 1\ ", t ,
.. limo ta.- wit,-s uf t.u-t' tnt-n, who '
1 ild"jI., 1 p ,
wtU brtiirf lint jjrojr crt! leutl'ls to a

elver that they are tire i-ulfertrs ana

that lihrv !o-t tueir lu.iouiaes1 in the tire: ,

"UlI r tIU-rI\'ti.. First Moiial Bank

Ilyagapties .lUlint .I... 1M'!! lived

....u.r t't Ii\1'r rniirf ii.>uri.iF -

......1. .H.I| I- rot iioiiti-tiin,; until
k i. hit >-t>d A iii>nril"red ..tool- OF PENRACOLA.. rl A.
-- -
I _h c.I..t ili' f"'. f'11. it mu-l

Ita'f'tlll'r.... K'IlI,1 liy'=pep=ia DXI': !'JeYrC.'t...
( pr.iiQP.r'allkinds\ of fend with WM. H.
a W. A HI.Ol'ST; "t HKK I -
I .Ut old from the ntotnacli, allowing
D. u. mu:ti I'
it to r...t Start rt-L'i'n jt niturtlfunc-:

(ttoe. Ito ..If>in"ni4 SIP ex'ictln the

..t aat0d and nud.it oi'iirly*Mur th":'i iiattiril*ci'm ri.aniuey.'e |help dur| !bat.tlvP Sydney Hn clued von= kin! m Mil Imn 1 hnm: '\ ,

Kithn. Jitliii :'hfrll".1 # h

PROGRESS THE SOUTH. "- \Ve draw oar own Itlll nt KICMA hQ u,.., N

--- Germany Prance, Aa.trU, Jhl,. HoUb4, ft"j. "..*..t,
\etv lulii.lrl>>4 Kr|">rt<*il During th*' till way, dwedenDenmark: ut l uther .:uro...,.. .....u...

I'a-t \\ fik.Cu .
rVel41.lI! DIAbaraed 'he .1.1
open r..IiI'. T-h
E TT\\rHO4, June ::1mou the Oblivion, Taken IV .bUMl-ori of n.\taa' .
.... TI. <.
of the new lUdu lrit'sIt'f'III'l4 Arrlul
:. nw Important aba r..
< > Tue lr.i.l.'wuau for the
'l ly 4 /1
/ "'
''j; wall ruuea June 1 are the lollowmj: -Safe'y DepoitHo=., for Ha.t In Carne"lac
IJrtfkniirk at Jacksonville. Fla ; a with which we haven Ap.Irt.e.at liar Ita. Ceeor
1 RAn tnr..
costae null! at LMKoSufnii. N. C ;electric

light i.'UIJIItI R'II"); C. Ala and Kickiusham L\ jr

air. N. O. ; all electric

]* wtr |>int>' \It'I.IU.irl.l.: ; La.. and THE GARDEN
.4c frir ii":nt and ]1"'Wt'f plants at SECTION

(Iree.lkru. :\. C.a f>XJ.oOO f..rti.izerfa
W ai' n.mIUOO; ; a ;:OOO-.N) ice ; ( ,, or'-

fa Mr j al Aa':n

MBtpaur at Ma>Mn. BtU at WiuuaUit.S.. C.: a e.nciue factor i

? M Knniviue.: Tcuu ; a {,"Xl.i-.i'J pjwbujt -

tag t'-ry at v..IlruWiI. li.L' a Near East Hill Electric

....., tucturat \\iiu-'r. N. C ; :v .. Railway Tel fit
g -
___ quarry at Rn"\1.: A.d ; a NT -

.;. $:3&1 iP. -. N. C.a $.HX.00-) ?awni.: Lots for Sale

at Putnturt. Ki.i.; au
of. ..ft1...; n .;<>TO tutu .uu j.-r lui. at 4021371, feet at from :i>75 to $200 ttA{ h ,
\.t.Itto. T ielv
'i 111: ; n {' :oue tLmM -

yeuy Xarp iy.1. C. -- ing to location and surroundta: tExceptionally

"'b-'V-l (" 'lubiD.- the Latest.

1-IT-"-: ; a, June i-C. C. Lor.nc of fir)( AV-AWA# ws. /*,? ,
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kI ".'.- .: : Mr !->-r:.!,: is hereto

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ia.i r matry.

m for State acceptable If patented.ideas. REILLY Distributor. \ JB? 111 DVf

THE Boltimor PATENT: RECORD. Hi I FRANK I Nil& mUMY't & !


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...art ..1...... .h. k.... I II Lu leu' equaled: ou a-similar; oeea.

I ..r. .*:' MM) au i,lIIL.1. : .ion, and Lis fellow citizens at home

I t. H U mi.rly rtlni-1 I'll|: t.l for Lours In the rain in crowds

:. 'M W.atllkr, ....IIIQ tm>r i f I' :tltlI: :: to greet him on his arrival as

8""ttll" slim.a.k n4 I I the sjiokesuian' of the new south. Ills

.,11,. ....t.0> Of tfn.H I I jincn-M: ; from a local to a national

.. trady wit iii..II.r\'t- II I r-i :titlon hal tit-n! made in a bound CENyocenTS TS
r 1-1 fc-itr If fttn-w may I -\lnlOll 1i \l2 azine.

i tki4 wkrt twljfet nth .

t! tg.ter ,.... nlntiiph.f One of (far (t Leer SIKM ,,f Brooklyn.Specking .
:Ili .. eN IIMM'Ii totally ; tf queer things! that! liapIH -
n in llrool! "
: kepi saul
va 't" Jot fill"" op. a tneinh-r of the

.t T'+11 wllli rewmbrr !ir.r.niv ifpament.. "a few tushts ago

4kfoM lknutslid.fi I | vas ;.uh: .K..tut (,n a IHIr.lI:! el: the FoRWOMEN
with 1 '1Wt..,;. v cl- vattj read Here

: .or'''l it tfeit kl". I.I.., ,,. r. .,' ; -3:*'.;:::S III the car. Sit ,
v tor ( tbM tlte J t-ttj: t.pjMjsitf tae was a di-uure looking

,.1,1' it.4r. hv'51hy tt I tlruoUyuiie with a large bundle wider

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a i .si4 trIIineth.u | with ('l'\'IIJ.pcrs.

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al /I I" rf ruiAUiv of mail's heft arm and a moment 'later plan AN INfALLIBLE REMEDY

..: 1..1:. liverypr In-nd tf a lance:: gait rooster broke

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.. ....,....In:: beak! and comb :iipt[ >aretl. and DISORDERS

.* a. 4 'rttt" ali tunnlt'&II ; the crow of ..ll'IiIII"'a promptly! an- For FEMALE

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crowttl at P.O seconds' Inter

So1*| HI rnrtp''Uy tart wliilf their tiwiier 11'11:10'\1; : disperaitly E

: end ttw'i..tt tuwrd the to get Iln'mrJ'k into the

"ttit 4. Lr. the jeUrrI wrappings where lit had thought them THE WHIRL OF FASHION. Thrift In Children.A -THE- f

I I.. too ..'a..i h. list) effectually! (owr':dt.l. He indignantly I --- savings bank account I is great/ Incentive -

..,.4 1'-t su4 yro refINed the re+|tt'st i.f the other pi
,. .I I I. t.Irot, tn UH-, "'r'llo pat them on the tour! of the car Lair ('ual'lllow: on the t::tpe of th- nr'k. :, begun; for the baby, even with a very

) n 1M .!!''>.1.) Mti l his fnvkitit nt d Ut thtm tght: it out."-Mew York I rars-i'tinj I.cnilun tlosi,ncrs !hart' recently I small sum. and added through; childhood Citizens National Bank

i .tl".: tiuit S4 U:. | declared that the tl.i:inn's ant and ;youth \\ith! a certain proportion i
; of the thr.t otherwise would[
; at'.1 w.t 111.1..11100 i frills on the lower halt"uf the! shirt! art- money I

;...! ,,, r 1I+trrtiltptI. nI The Tnlklnc Mnoantny. i lint (urerusners of the calamity: of bo pent carelessly! ", and thoughtlessly; by :

I v ,{. a. fltie ant 18'nul:1r' Is an (almost) never C,31! : criuolitie! end hmjiiskirts.Tufk : ''I the chil! .1. tL::re will Le a very ropect.ibit OF PEN ,\CHL.l.
lug talker: and out the : ? amount on the credit side of the
... ; 1 pours prodigious j
.. 1 i spri-Bi :. nwonllon.; side sti.l V\ot: p.ii'-
PIT- I Mores cf learning, wit and eloquencewith II I h..JI'r11I'n; tie: tlepii.-itor: is IS years :
1 r ',1 ir -.it 1I1,1\t'II'\ .' In;:". insertion hand an.l dainty pt- L. HILTON GREEN, JOHN F PFFlFFEk. J
such an absorption In his subject | old.: The habit of self denial! is not the :
a 'prra.sL Ilea lurk I tents in lace ap;,I'nne form the g::Cultures PKEsIDEXT. ('uH I A tt,
that I cl'lIMII,1"11 I heard hint if he j last of tin t:"!' IIIIjl1 benefits that
i which tI.! ninate iu /jro'.vn-i pivIisnil T. E. WELLES Ii. M. IU>: HNK.I.L.:
[ i: f.iJIuv.![ a. wise tconuuiy of moiiej.-Uschaujji" VICE-PRESIDENT.
everylaxly for tnttraag: afternoon and even AMY. C'MMlkHM.
j .
"t. Mt1.tM1 t....M. I In, wear ue.t s-rasou.
,.. I the I >wln>s4 lit Sutlierland (after da'i!; 1 1ner cmrCTORS:
.j .I .I.d rl'l'ort Intji. It Is evident that ilalnty: tran parent -
Stjftortl lloii-ei if he likiil!; theMrlt4y Pnrdnnnbe Cnrlo"UT. I
II t
.ta 1..1 fta".rlll I sailor collars. yokes an.) \ :-;:t> Ire r. E. WELLES. WM. Fl HEIl. JiX aOHI\ftOt
1 have mtt7 fl'IHrl'tlla' old .
d'OUl'11 and whom he mni.
tvmnl ]
.> .* :.' i itwh ,>u tl.e to have a inarkcil! and very pMifn.lInning of E. E. Launders A Co.
to C'r. She au Ir.
'' *Ift iht- \ It.. I pn I ] tlurlu the WHITMIRE. JOHN F. PH:I I'Flm. hitJIki" KKAK,
i wan \ ? pucicior si-isoii. :i>
f-nl.v tool upuii u' ail: hi the hjiht of illI I The innocent maid; gazed into his L. HILTON UIESN.d .
i .r'* i 'tn-b BU an(!i- II they are exhibited amnnz tinclioict- face
1..rrutllious.-Laly Ura'iulle's Uec1 1 and aslod.Vho was the other
*It chat Which a!IiI and much to lie (favored! ITSties at ?'' Xiws.tiO .
(Jf..!"". : \\omau -Chicago
lit f'... \-w Kuslaiid all the leaiiin? lmi>oiiin; houbts.Vilvct General Businext Transacted.
luajf I.,,. t>i>wt <'rltt Pr..!ilnlile ('linn no. II II1 ribbon Is used for trimmingIn AMI !' i-.E.

% Mhit.k kf In lull A well known cutijurer one ,IIY"Is every iinssiblo form 1:1:1 n',1'I'r. The elpirant line of Sterling Silver a>, aYesstils'

\ ii w Hmtr* lnfttri. i. of \1111I1It811 to lug many ntollbhiu tricks[ he asked I| and d'reek! key pattern* and for Trays, feat Di-hes. Bonbon andtHl'P Accounts Handled on Favorable Terms, ExChange t

\ W I.I.,IH,| Ml) l'Hl'.II fur a Lairpinny. which a collier lent taws I loops ('\clioiix rosettes tatty :-; Ladles, Punch Ladles, Knives, Bought and Sold Collections

.. n ..t4to.Wit ..f :i 1 him. The conjurer tlien said he would jMiinteil eud, lacings, etc.. from the FOlks and Spoons-Trunk of Solid: ,
I Silver. Call J. I. Stephens and
'"! .)..* aaNtd him Ml.at turn it into a ercign. He did so. as narrowest to the widest weaves of the be will show the goods with Promptly Attended To.
.tint ..' ..kMuty riLl you
r.-J the people[ thought; and handed Iti!i 1011. pleasure
.- tkiHHr*. I hair uroun.l for them to see.V'hen it reach- Warp printing continues as a feature
.**> I hltaa.-> t.. ...,. .*..m ofi i-d 1 the collier! he coolly pocketed It of the new silks and iuulins a< well as 1I"1IUIIII from the :Northern Wood
are ID I'YDl-1Il:cunt, (lie certain cure fur coughs.
..... the) wilt wiurtl.-r me and said to the astonished conjurer, j many "tit( I' summer fabrics. The I

<>"< $.'... *. Mini If I >.i> the "Wille. cheenge lue anitherV"-Loniluti vague shadowy! chine effect of this [:ANDY CATHARTIC Cf I

> a .II!l lulirttt the lit the Td.rl1.[ sort r>f modern decoration is snso>tlve 1Itk. I

I and far prettier and inure delicate: than ? en-: Oiifaos
r' (C'.linlr ha up 11111 i ow i:. f-j .
S. > .l .I tb,- .III.IM that 'i'.p'r "rni ..aU'I' White blue, red and
( cut tir -t'd. Ith piuk. cherry '
Genuine C. C C Never sold In bulk. G
.l fl ,.II..' 'l.ll'Ml < the hurl '1II rkh'. Tafr no substi- other colored pique costumes! which stamped r If f( Cf I )
Beware of the dealer ho tries to sell I ,
I. .1.J ... II 1..1' tutu.V.. A. D'AIemberte. are to form one of the features of summer I
"some'hmg: lust as good. j
dress for r.ioinin? wear are variedin I

every possible trmiiiKT with strap S275. KACIM: LAUNCHES 27. i J diMES( MCHUCH

c pings; Flitl'hl'lloall's of linen cloth or The prettiest launch I is the Racine ,

silk and gold or sllvir braid and are Launch. Ki; foot one-H.., seats six, ]y4 .

made tp: by fashionable tailors in the runs very fa*t. The Racine Launch ? y r } y Ft pricier.o ,
\\ nl11nn'5 i i-s the me adopted by the PanAmerican -
must approved style. ,1
-. xfOMtion in Hutfalo because ) H : r !lE art BETAILGEOC&R

Crn" nin'irtue. they are the best more reliable than
Edward duos. well-known hrsiiifi any: other ; they are !'impt'a[ -
man of Sailbur)1.! ..., writes: worthy y.i'e, and full guarantee. ,
rt t.r t!", .riy! 21.' a, I "I with to say for the hen .ht flf other Lippmiti Brother*, Savannah, Ga.,

'" :'i ..,,,. *, that I was a s-utfert-r from himbin are agents Irom the manufacturer, .
: ft.. ..ie. I. I '1'.' : and kidney trouble, and I nil the and carry a stork of these boats at all F1 r... er
ti '" as u..n J I. 1.4a I ow..t tI '
..' tea I.a""d wet /x ".... r-ineclip* I took gavft me no rplief. I time* ; sizes : IS ft.. 21! ft., 2c! ft., on. .
I. .." .,,"1'" paatsta'ure. r I wrtinJucul to try FrLEY'S KIU.NKY: hand to be shipped at a moment's I I.,.t .d '" a. .a
..1.4... .' "y'.. W II> oIr Or KB, and after the u-e of three notice trial given to one wiiliing I Ir rNr
,, any
.1 'aMl h"d Iu ttrrIt., ?
II j. 4i1.'. a ,.m. ., ," :' 1 r bottUs I am cured.V.. A. tll pnrcha-... I I.IOW. l"tncl''I' 51 ,
,_ .. D'Alembene.
taalwtu.n.ii..tee /h/ Li i'i')!'\'; P.UOTHEKS5,
'-- fllcrel(5. rte'srchs Iii
.. ,. mlltf Savannah. Ua.TOBACCO .
sofa w"' "It: :.n"l'r T.nrro.: v Irl..h.I.o| _
R All lrl-inun.: Mt-ing a n"'d'l'ry! -

1t:iiCIE'1f lien Uy laden and scarcely above tlwater's .,' D QJr ; T SPITourLifeawaj
S '3 mil 510 K E
fdlf 41:1'; ex('taimrl. "I'pcn[ u.y --- 1' :
i : Go
(-t 1 8O\\I.! if the river was In1.fj; little hih.: V"u can Fe cured of anr form ?f tel.acm wing Why Billion
., ..
( I.lIC." -::1. strung. nneneiic. iillnf I
IT the ship would go to the 110111.111I: I .
i iif- aim .1.r (>:; lakr, ,,' NO-TC-BAC t'Ilenyt'u I
ca ? > It Is the trait "Set1 there:" l'I.linu'II the retunm) I' ,
t .f. ra H k" \ American: (lmtt. l'\ it in ikfa tn .Ii- ri.tn -' )!!;. Many Gun
.' .r t y. i-isn a the m. 'st fla-ine-if aa! Irish! soldier: to the gapiII; deed iis Lee.hidied i.n |"-utuU in un iirover SflO.OOO
.' d .. '11'11': UILd th 1OLi, .f w"mn uutd. 'AIIiln., ::':fKtLiinKM.uant.rd. jinoL- \\ ca.. Procure AII .tlin,' Y".ir: .\ : : [i. 11"1.1 .
: with M.IIRpiKIe !li':<- tall: 1 Itt> I 1 1- :i'i. IIM w i mr: : Aclr.! ,, ->'fERI.INi; ; ; t-I \ I I.I I.
1 t "o'f. ;r...t oJ J'... f. : ,' .1' t an Ci-ntUf ti..r! trm.1, l his t" 1 with a bullet hole ia it. "Look at that la:;.1U) CO., t.....,agu cr S.w York. (31 Su.;;ests III t',,. W.IY ': P. : it,. a1
to vimu.iti n i; TL'N It- I
': Heart: an )
bile will yonir Ye see if it had been a

..traitletty.: m operatktfi.\\ IIh If 5ecul\\ineiiiOtJui it tlu-v trw'ment can cursinep kill low,.crowned! outright"i'urupelui! jEt: 1 should tlave'l'll W. T. GORDON & CO., I i l.THE PARLOR MARKET*

ntnr. 'ins.
f : tie ,..h :.>"rv Ivjurtment til the Crctatwir wpa 't I II Real l Estate act Sicrt Time Loans, 1X0. S.1 BEIAI\;
I' itt.l k\\r\ itl re. pr.imptlv al, wad by I I Crop lutlook. I SONS, lirolu i.i.t.rM.

\to.>ini'! trip,J in tie Cure of I IjoxntJn'ie 8 -The M.\rk Lane PECIIlinEilIGS[ GiftS 10 GOiUCTIOIS _

1 ., 1 ....... ....J1II1T. " .. .,.... <.*. .. in.I'Th... \h iiil.l! be no I lu'-.!tat. the situation, : "It is already 109 fast Government Strett, his lost Vigor ul appethi',
'.. [>'..i.r-l tr...:r.ieit means apitp IrCnr crop says : IIoust I Thr 4'hmct'ltt..r Fresh ,{.."tH.1111..10 .
: Opera lluilihng Ui* Yr..h..t ftf ,
::;: ,, ..::1..1 :.:;:. ; Yleb p.a 'I .1 '.1
'... < .. : ,: ., ."IJ'llh'n The 4ger I f [ clear that the UntUa crops will be very PENSACOLA. FLORIDA I' Water: ; the Crisp-t: and Kin! .t tf Kr <\V.-T lIt..1 Kv..". 1 vIettt to I n, t.. a.
-- \: -eJ the harder to cure." t t: ',: irregular, but we do nut despair that son it:.1 M.rkMtliH. Temlm'' t ot l'ultrv |fume.!..- iti.t Na.'-ra.alaa I........,
1 wheat will be up to the average yioui. I .hl'I.UI"'of'nPlIon.Hou .nl' pu.bltj to procure; tae J'aIDI.,1, 1,1 Irriisaami 4.t. ,.

I A LANCE BCTTLE O5 WIME OF CAR3UI Grub and otaer pesos am mach 111 evuence. ;- .
coils li.OO AT THE OKUC STORE.: : Tar crops promise well in Bu,- 1 GOLdY or, If urn"k forbid rprnnl"a.r.rtarr tlH"Dllb..lr'Jrd". cnrbuiy.lt. byIk ; .. ltocau sari tboas, fa, to...,.. ., .

.. ,: bias l'ay, :paui lad Algu-ra, out lucre

_". ,).VJ li N -:'tJ7. m.0 .. .\. ".l A' .is only a meiiiix.To nutiouk: lor France, -rillsit. ;' f ,I ;, '.- Tdpt.lhlJrH\' ; I ;:. .:;!, "

-- ------ -

ay -rag a pr mist for Germany and parts
., \v.-a trnr u Manufacturers TIME TABLE.
511 uf P llIld.
r'a i:5'al 't 1 RA i ---- -- CHOICE 'IE.1LA\D la'HKGtlOVNl-
1.iiliiieiA.iint Hank Ilurglar.MImtL
,. rcaa1 !j POINT, Wis., June ;3.Seventhousaad
I Patronlre Horn* Industry for there It IEFFF:CT APCil. 11 110
dollars; was found under a -:iie- every reason you should buy your !"I\I and .-
\\" :\:,\' STORY. walk near the former bijirdiug pace of !stork' (crd from the Hoi VanufKcturer, Now Or"'UIi and i\lnhiln -
for )): vo doing you enrouraee hoed indu
''T" la i. tl' Bert thAt I have been aff lcte Stewart JchT, who is ht li ll'rl'1 a \"urnwnI'Ylsl't.llibe community:
wiltcud.laorBlaodroisonoranumber ol charge of robbing tae First Ivati,ma! and you In turn are indirectly b..ntlHed. "".11. tn..t. N0. !. \N a I ..
'" I1g In footerOK! the home manufacturer yoc 7:1': a 1:'; :, III II :1'a p Leave. I''u'.oll\ 1rrser' :. .. ," .
7hebetphpsiciansoSlohlleaudthis a t
t 'yr...tU.. ti4rtlttngcuuldbedonelortne. Itook I lauk recently. Two !><)ttl-i ot tntroplycerine I contribute to this cau eof labor Yon oweIt 1': i n :'.: p !17'! a 18Ardfl"matvu Ira.. .1 ', a r .y. r. I
g E y4 quantities but found no relief. I. and a bunch of skeleton key to tbecoromunity In which you live and: II :a a t,::: U '.i a I.\ ... Jluhir, ... i.PCSe I I tr't t j" i ", l-
aiee : which contributes :. 7';Dta I.".t.. .. N.a ( 'r 1.1 .., II N
U Mv licibi were a maul of ulcers, and when I ] were: also foun All was discovered by toyour support.nSAtOLA tar. f.'aaN
.. .. .enltoa physician in Mobile my.r.tire citizens who were searching rnvatfly .
had all I --- -- or' IiNo.
tape w.w a mass uC liorn. I given up
II i -I h r. and .. a lat resort ,riedl'. F. P.. and -- .
: af.rr n.mg lour bottle small( size, the sore* .I The bilinti*, tiftl, nervous man : 3. Vin. C. I .
,. ,
Kw t
1 I and my general I "
'i b.ne entirely disappeared cannot "iiccc-fiilly compete 1L'upm' Ltiprn Lrnv.l'rn.arnla Anse .
health wall never better than at the present "DeWittV al "m $:.IIpin I rr"Inllf..n. I ..... rrrpi laaa
''hr tlaeandpeoplethat know me think it a Tla.won- his h -ahhriyll.the. famous pill for : L CONSERVATORY r ijf MUSIC I 11uant vrapm I + rrier..hrrmlrilharn IAst.. Ii 54stK.aaa. 4'ipa.,
Cttlulcnre. ELIZA TODD, Milton ItNers, \rn" ..... --b\lU. Lrt,
What can be wore <,,,constipation will remove" HIP cause JI -ttain .:aria III Arrl\'fO. (.;.ul-\III.. Leah Y IL".II
1 a woman than an p of trouble Hariri I'r-nrmaey, j: 1\m ll::.. am .Arrlfl' .lIorIOO.11 I...... anD'a J a5aa. ..
I : I eted wit beaotilal with Korea.'*la forp .1. p Sydney your Kahn, John h .pparll. I E. 0:1. CHAFFERS inctor, _-'_::'am tin ACOLA, to 'Hr'\' AND.. .- 1"ul', .,Y.. ..It ,. ". I.I_ itpR't'EN .

eruption T Can you JUNCTION.
.... people for a.ol.tLlppmau'a I
Ing women thus "CGreat Henitdy.) Phno. Voice Culture. Violin, Pipe );0. :1-118111- 5o 1I-IJ811"1 I -O lftO .htor" lint" not .""." 1 tc -h. .. Via. ai :. ;;
flitted) but They chi retobepitied woman rantsplty Be.ldea Organ, Cornet Mandolin Guitar, 11M pm jI' a m 'LtR\'e... .. .. r ---1-. .Am.. ,1I.it. p w. *- -
the humiliation of dUnrotement, the itching KIDNEY DISEASES Cello, etc. 13Li; hhgat T is U 1.b"I1", .. at.:C s... p.1 a
\ arC burning ef (kin dUeasea are almost nnen- 13:29 u 7'11\ U"111".1'' .. :at.. 0
ANo Director Citizens Band. u .. .. .. ',1'
U 4.rabl. 1..1.. .1" ....... .t"hlhIR Nlu:AI ak7 .
All wo'mencnght lo know that all facial andbodllrblembhe I: iij. 7: d .Mulct .. ma A .
are caused by impure blood. the most fatal of all dis Brass aad Siring Music Furnished for 12.1'1".. Ts .". ... ... Hup ..:ft" r. ..
and are curable. P. P. P. will purify the are u.t .. 7x5 '' .........tniitrlty. ., iii:. 6r. "
blood, and when the blood becomes pare all III Occasions. 1:34 :;\II" Millon .. .. teas .. +.. .'
.kiadUeaae* .ani.h. eWs.FOLEY'S. I J::JJ am. .. -.Ouud.... R..n,, .,.... ,. .. ... ..
r. P. P. 1* a fcarmleg* vegetable compound, Address : Ecambia Hotel. 1:55" hlS ..... H'.III .... pgt I t.. ..
and never fall to eradicate from the system KIDNEY CURE III ::.II" IoIO" .. ........)I1I1tJan U .. 'Ull It I t.u ..
a >4 r .*...... ""ro'sla, H keuaiatUm, ienralgiaDyepepaiaandCatarrbal !Studio : Presbyterian Cburrh Annex :::fl" 'i'l" _.rfrsltirw. __ .. I .,.. ..
eiitnaliiiot Hlld 3:111 It ,,:5tI It ......I1..r Land ._ .. .a .. at..
81": 1118" 'I _... ..... ,. .. : ..
PROW: :\ENT: MERCHANTS. ,. No4r plead II si ; i.ta
to \ 0\r: OF 5AVANN4M-5 I C. V. THOMPSON, (I.J \fr. -Del unlt.1t Iprlll'_ Man ..
ei i. I 4:1" \Iu" .. ....... 'fl.. ... .. N f:.. It I tAt.:M .
II refunded. Contain No. 30 S. Palafox St. lfll" 1117" .. .
.pon. d..I..n
mm.M to the .affefr. cf Rheumatlstn and rheumatic: pains. I money .. ,. 7: 11" .:'g
fII'I" 10:11) _. .. ..W"'II'IU. .._ I ..
relief. Alto fIf"
i al Lae. ar.fullyteitKjit and rand permanent my I 1:66
Asa iffered from Kheamatl-m, has used it for the last year with remedies recognized by eminent i tai! nErT anI OtiC3! SUDlies, SUi It )11:1 .. .. ._ Carvttlr _._ tIt" 1.. ..
.t eu..e.ac.. and I. still using it. Would not do without it I fI.\I'i" 11I:31" N ......_...11 ...If.., .. .... ':!I" 11K .
the best for 111" l\lIT" .... .. .
.1 It ,
it Yont CUls SEILIIt.I.i"Prnan physicians: as b\p'" a.Tf Iy
nay "rice. truly i New and Ptvlish Goods at Prices! a'r,. It liar N .. ..Cotton tile .. a. a ..
.. I "
Kidney and Bladder troubles. 1 that Make Them Go. ; T"i J 111:5 J N ... Ma.o.nna au. .. a0'N..
Brothers Proprietors, I .: Si N II' N .. .. ... ("I" .... .. I .'1.. I'
PRICE bar and J J.OQ. I agent Grand Union Tea Co. .:t' II t3 I... ..._Gralld R dge.. .. i : .! .. 1' t. a .mai
i..c l.nIS "non 5it. ,1bth '.
.:,- xt;, LJppican Block, Savannah, G3. W. A. D'ALE.MBEIiTE. J I Telephone 'o.2W.: I isl brrlfllnrJuan.UQ: .LUHj i:. ." .. 1 .g, to


t : -". .. .;. __ >_ 04
.... -
'_ .. __ J" "

I ',.......... ... ..... .. J. .:iil1l.." "' I il ,jJjffpltl .tiljtJ\4: J tL .- JI] Ja.ij11"' "" ..l.i.JPJ.1 (: 1.iJiii! 1j U, -.::'

1 e




I ...--.... .. ..
111" SPORTING WORLD mane of Hit Du.I...... .,.-_=_ .. ...__;). ","_ -_ ,.' '_.'-- -.,.....: -..._.
q e ; for the train the bride MAIITIM& r'A
{ SOCIKTIEVENTS J Jf TVhil waiting ,
Strongest Cotltgt alas antI bridegroom walked slowly up and '" r..O....... Ct: .

Carl Guy Herbert la one of the most I down the platform. IX: POSTS. I:jj I 0 0 [11

;f G [ ANDIIPERSONALS remarkable athletes In the Intercollegiate "I !ua't know* what this jokln andi For June to date ," ___-Jli3.? | ;
f I i :guyin;; may Lave been to you" IK
world. Regardless of thc fact thatbe : McHTTGH'S 1
death to 1 I AT QCABANTISI.Am :. ; PAT ;
I, Is bet f i'eet G Inches tall and I!,I rl'tlr'tl.hhut! it's me. HlromonsTftmpto I I
-- ordeal." tt Pnscol, lOtfj, :
i weighs! but 145:: pounds be bas smashj j; never l'xreril'I1l'I'IlIHtl'b an to Uolt Trllollt CI). Y.
J. A. HUhop of Clearwater, Fla.: "It's perfectly' dreadful" she an Nor ship .\.Vinedm.<'11, Mlchsuhen. AlgosBuy. > 'irJ For Prices on Maple and Fancy Ilroca,"' g

:! It I at the K4C:
e n. II. Ciflero hu been appointed a I I . i pet away from everybody we kaow." order. ; Parched and Ground C;1 Ire Every It <) .;

noury public for the state at lar;{e. '' .' .. i<; I, "Tl."y're acttrilly impertinent." h(' Par Nor via bk Barbados Maces, to 1'Brou' ensncola:"Lumber ard. Algoa Co I fll':) & Quick Delivery' Pure (J rape Jllet' J- 0 f 1t1:)

I ':.; i.T went en.Vhy.. the very n:ith't''' .\m hargl! 1'rf'Jan., Mitcbell, Havana y Teas-....
" Mri. Itllle :-:lereiis i j" speud lug a ,I At this >itlor.s moment tin to E E huuoders .t Co oll
utii; rei
\VaiiigBHEkholm, 1'ortXat- Corner Rcrr.inj and PiUfoittfMt .. M
few day with mends and relative ji TELEPHONE 183. ,
., I wheezy old! station master walked ui alto o.trr1tbkMinPsdret "

. in e lUgdaJ.Mi Eunice. O- tAAn-of "Jaek-on.-- Z Ii i to" them.T.eyon. sola to take this train?" hi"It's ker to W L Witticb. iI A-:!,Co Fran g i, Graver Da- ." _******** ** *** 0004u "

vllle arrived I lit tu,;Ut. ritie iat I t :l I..I. 1. ..,_ ___.. i. -'. -.'. .'="=' ..._. ._. ._..._. .__ I
the Merchant*. TiLE SIIP \O. .. ... -.--j.;--.. _.h.- --. --- : : .::.::. : _. ..-:'
I : none of jour bu-ine'ssr: retorted!
There w:a* not an arrest I 1.1-t night the brileiriHii! !: iadljuaatly as be piidnl YEHHKLS-IS POBt1T..KSJUpa. -- -

nnj con*quntly thorn was no 1'0-1 the brl.li up the platform where I i I --

lice court to-day. I they l'Olllluh'll'Hh each other over the Aqulla, 1IU7, Andersen, to W S Kejten.tin I

Mre.lV. J:. Colcinni left to-day I r,. impertineui-e of the natives. I II
I Kr Cento II::!. A<1am. to W S Keyscr 4 Co < I
for Albany. ia.. wlit-ru situ will retail Onward came the train its vapor Br lI -pllor .I'j;.', Turner to 1'enollcula I, I ,u_ u
u for *me week.. I# _l/I / cnrlla from afar. It was the lat to Lumber Co .
span Leonora. IX. Bustlnza to GuUTrnnsitLO
J. II. McLan of Gntiev i, Ala., ar- I i their tlestinatioti that day an rxprcMS I j I

rived from the *a-t U-t night and is : .. Nearer, nearer it came at full speed Iiun)Nor nilv4 Langfonii Co 1'Vjl HeUiesen! to Baars1 ]:' I II 1 >
.t;he Merchant hotel. I Then in a moment !t whizzed past and Br Marlinle Larncaga t':," Harrison /t:

J. C.Ninl) ) ant Wife and Oeo.F. was ;:: 1111'. orderir lb.INI. Stevenson to \V S Key v>r A : : 0Jl
Fletcher of Mobile, wer among : "Why In thunder II lIII't that train Co I I I. WGVOBE' f ff

the early morning: arrivals at the stop" jelled the bridegroom."Cos ; KrJstrACo Hutch Kleldrecbt. 115:. Vlsser to W H i j I ( .

Merchant you 10"11 'twarn't none of mj sniper I : I

Gorenmr Jenni::* lit appointed bine-s. 1 tills to sijraal that trains: KrKin.- Countv. Sailer. SIM. to 8 < I. Co1 I

M F. Sklnti t., In Kl.irili d-It' 'itt: to stop." Ittg 1J.5.: uneto.. to Kosa>co Bros i I j jI

t<) th. =S'Mitli-rti Iinluitriil eoav.sutton ;' And :l" the (.station master softly saga r IIml I II jI I jI I

at rhiUJelp'iu., ;I stiiiUtsl his beard there was a witked WKT A Areclre TO C. 77., mezzo, to liaars Dun- I i I I I

twinkle ia his -London ypare Molaeuts. Nor AItcs.itb4.11afttn S S L Co I
The ....! death of youth LiVut. Caf- : t-je. ,
It *eo-trnu K'-pelto.M. ozzu. to W 8'! ,
fery at th. navy y trJ tiiit ulorrhg! Kl'n..r.t0: '

14 very niueli rt-c-ctt-'l by his many: : :Nor III'ct. Beck, K.J, to 1'l'm8col& Lura- '
fneud and a:"q'J tint.tn.vs la the I 1 SS'hint n Slnpcp Mnnl Knntr.IV. bur Co i
It Knrlclielto Acc&me.<5, Picasso, to ,
city. : 1 .'r a s'.n;:er to ueitM-d it N nee.sa shcu WEDNESDAY

It. R. 'I.erparJ, an oJ: citizen ofMHt : ry that l.e >!u'i.M. bi\e mute than :1: Km Finland.I'', Panl..N<>n. to order ,
cI A I Ii Nor Kuvi'rit, rohlli. !-:). to order
'", .li."l ia thtt [,l c,' ve-t rd.)'. : \i}!\l.\Vasaer: 11:1. seta Nor i'urtuna. li"l l..r-lItl..n. toordwr '

Dr. II. C. Cu-htsuii: .nil I Mrs.! Virile \\4. huh'-r; : :<1IIi.Ilr.l.1111 t>> him we o\u It Francisco II,1--Campodonlco.to FarodKS' o- ----I:5.-:
1t'alkrr w-ut up to Milton I yt -rd IY i I it. Not only ll.e eiltiva'ii of tll.'olt.p. .. Mas-h A: (.ruoco Iif>i, Ventura to

to attaint th. !uitr this aftt-ruoua. : Ku Norden. ;; Luudberg. to W S: Key-
i">,:iry. 'iheoiee alone U nut s-ulJi-: err Otl'nAu !
Pay Day
If you -ire a2rufulotI4. dyl"pie i I'! -'ilL even In the couert ruIn:. =dim;:- tl'rl'o.t J'o-chlch *'l. Mandicii! to S P Shot-

rheum: III". tnlurl.I! I with kiln"Venmp6unt i:!g; has rio\.n to !". quite nimtber ait .,.

:*-"efrtl r''-;iiator. Br Alicw Hr '!sm iuRTM",:.':. Eeatty. to JnoA'
Mrrritt.tCu Settle Your Election Scores with
atreugth take H.i.ii'-i :-.H-.J;':iril1.4. CARL OUV mxr.IlT.i : I it'j-Mlf fctuuied for lire years at theuaiviisity. RREF.NTlt(1... a

lit that as a rule. hoM! I.
i nil! previous; power t-.>-t reronh ono it l'rogre :o. 47., Cinibroi.l to order
TIM: n.r.cnov i (,::,' t."> Ions. Hut at least a z: >n\ geneial *
I is r.'jv he-iileil as the t>tii>nest) min I HCHilONEHs. '
; : knowledge of literature and of *ei- Am Clara Karton, 4.. lIt>Un. to masterAm DUNLAP
in the! \m.'iell'UUl"! ";; ,
Grew Inter.! It 'tl'g: Ma-nf-steil at I i'Ue :is", nete.--ary. liavvC-ockett' .l. Merrill toorder
I: HcrU-rt is a Hsnard t.tuu1' ,-at.t1'hen Am Wood ard Abrabam, BT'i )lar. all, :
the ['.>!!18. The d.iy i I" i>a>t when a fia<'re driver, loonier '
be l'II"rl..l collide the years nso. IIP
1 he has be.iniifuloice.. {is aectpted -
cause a
ireat; interest i is ntmifrsteii in the I I I was but n were striplini.: : Ills !strrajnl'! UF CLEARED AM HAILED FOB PEi. ':
cs a !s'.npv! ; so also 1 Is the ilajwiieii I
tileut bill, tin; t.r-day in the ciy. was little :;11(1\1' that cf te nerna vu- i I BACOLA. I
: a conart in co-tui.ie i> rIrIIt..1It.
At the hour lit la*) o'clock visits to', li'ge stu!ei!t I'y a moderate amountof 'i 8TrAJIISIIIP8. I HAT-
stainlard of
:I exercise" taken systematically. he an i.pera. imper- Askea'l Er, 17-1J: Tntten. Alexandria Apl :. c.
the four 1.1'"how..1j:
precinct [ a : s..ivrio'i: has; been I1IllI'lsural.Imls..l 14
: f nccpoui d Sa atalung: lib nt sta ;ecf : '
iins HTl"nrt.rr. .IU' Di.riHan. Norfolk.: May iJKrehBld
t-r degree of interest than that literature; kiiowleJ.e
ijrea ; ileteloptTMit. "I b.Vagtur. IINtorj, Kr. tldbt \-lucent May 17tp"nneMnoor ,
displayed ou the atre,-ts, yet i: K not I! ; of the I'lastic arts, are all necesfcsry hr Iii. arin, dreenockMay '
I The thnnpiun'K situ>nth register under is I
po ible to gurat the final result. the ar.t system was I. :;:).: to IIII' >> :"r.I SHIPS. StStt 01.tt

'- A very large; r.)tn will ha polled ; points In IS''(; IIi' best mark that he I I .\I.kalll'1I'n have, mmIIf Morning t Light.or; 121. .Algoa r.ny Apl I T
( beautifuloiies.. A aia. ;:::111\ 3
in feet it i -tit the truest vot-oi I'U.
"ould rea.-h vr.i: SiS: points; a hliowln?: I. BX3KP.Avlein'ire. .
any pr vioul>'i:ti t that can Inij'ialed by u-ore than :!X Nor. -ld Oiision ock Anrll H 'II
wi.l: b" <'. -. and the reMiitill n.'t "it'll now ia coil ,, II-:akiIt is at Inue that they.hoaJ AllmiiK ", ,,".1. t'".). ftt 1.." .. HnyMayllh I
be dffluitt-iy ku'ivn until late tJ. se. li.th. fou.d.ition. r.uill by d-cw.s. I nil.iit. It. eld "-HVOUH... I.or ii: I
Maeullar.uri, ,atAizra Hay JnnS
nigrht. Ito rot aim to lad a star but a 3'su1 art- Neptornor 1178 at IVnminl.'ico Mcb !5 I
i'he "IHrE'III p9';,!a are II-p'ayin;; I ll.in'nn nmrribm ilis -lrnl.p. Jst. truly LIrays. II.' contu.tuti I'liiao l'I1rl. >-'>l .sid! Oj-orto Apl JItlalto. I
.greater a1D-Rlllt of lut..r..,..t than tier >-lil HainUure. All? > I
Edward Ilanlan who Is m charge cf '
jtanwu h.3'rUdotPut t tit-It' bailots .. s''i.ll rule ) !.I' lest will come of it- -ttt-y-Oaxglero, Arg, Jus:, sId (il'DOI1. I .-;-... ..t.LltI
I the < Mumliia! ..'. !inicyirJ '
university crl' sags "!f.- 1rw4:11I l .vik !in ."-aturdajUxor.iiiz Mi hi: i I
will niuiit f"r in''ih. ..
"'rlll) Ell
; to hi< strcLe! : I
.\ t 1 oVl-it-k\ tin K"vit-.t illt(>rp't : : I'ost. I Morrisf Child. Am.sli l'.son May :Wn.inclilns j i Soft and Stiff Felts
]11\' di:1r'1clt'rl.ks cf s-troke sire
wascr11'''r.dinth c"MI'-.! for thelaaynraliv I! .
ahd1.Iarb.Ahlp. I: 11m:: trine, will forward the kpitslu'iidu cold III !.T.I. I lieHits.. i Straw._. ... ... .\.;. Of) I'
'.l i.iuli-r the aruplts: a Fiuallbr.ly :! Cap and Conahent tells!! of
A trav '!in4 man who is absent from :1 i story j Silk.
_. .
Seven Years !.t Bed. '' f'I'd! with il.t holy! who ai l tu the I '"
.. the! city about r.u i'.ijs "n each triiicarried nttorni-y :it'<
.. "\\'!ll w fiiUtM ever e4-.e?"' inquire As .(..-i! as iLi oar dip lilt,) : Or
I a pair "f .:.''. to a Ceriuansbo.maker court Isle after anmlu-r of a w-rks of I Perhaps with a U-uutiful Tie.
til* friPIIj..llIr": L. Pe.i-uIf the the lieare jammed don 'I
water : weak tnt.-. uuLietf which > > '
to I"1 hllfoll'tl In f.ne |1t'I\- wry | st i ml -
-: 1.1\\"r"III". Km. knew that I An riegunt J'air of Mi-p -r.dr<.
'lliuy hard the wei;tt of ie! body is on tbeKmi ,
?! to the MU't to bare uttil ui'til;
ilt t-n a tour HI''uh tlif country nir.
she hadI-.-ututthh t., !":\v<- hAr bed ,
: 1'IIsl'i., and the arms mote !n towns. Tl:e shoeitiaker! was mstoiii- I the court t.iiil.\: :! >ai in .icc.jantof I
;1PV..U'lIr mi ti.layand unison with the less.Vben tLe hliiie I ; l,Irt'lu..(+.
liver tr'rth1n "rvtius prctralion : fd to selling arti.l.'it with him I'or thlnlc: there IariyIbin: in ilu-s'j I
I Is the land's shot ort on the 'I'u'hil'h' :
are !
,toil grn') aI 11..I.Hit1m:, over : repairs if Lit < 1 a"1 for, in :.0 days. 1-nli'tsV"! ilj- attorney, i All of which we Carry in Variety to :-salt T -
r "'1'hrr" bot'leof l r.l:..cinc IJittfrkaiui ffover fro:a I hl' l.ndy over the kni The Imailiier stated to the 3'l.ot'nnrkrr! jjliinl.Vfl.! ji.il:''. iK-rhap-; there hu11 I

fIUbi".1 m. t.1 svlia.: ,,',., write-. la tl.em:.. p.isiticu: : they Were broi'Kl't I.' ttoiil.l be aliment frua Hid:> for much ii any uin- of iln-iti nloi1", Itt I !j -- -- ........... ............. .. --

in thr.'. I.: >n' li4 I felt: hka In. and the slide 1 Is asn'n! arried ft.rv.ard at ,',avt On days and wouM rot 'bare dicta know but your honor wuud L'.uJ i iI j

new i,-i-i!i." XVoii'nulITia;.: i y a :ml! en the too !'trai.. 'fl 1 1refover > .. of bunch thi-u. I
tL ">Lt>es to IK' repaireil unless he wasasund
from ilfUachf. :lack 11'111', ::..rVvusiN I i" clow ::lIdh'Ilr and less I 6he Globe Clotli
that they would rot be si.M.jl.o i Cc
;, -1.1.. 11";+. Md tll .il"y! I I Jerky than i'l lie Mri'l.e the then: u Iditai'Mcl tra\el--r's trip was prolonged: ; to 1 fln..lortl n orr'pot. i
Faiutiti. :l1IIIIzzlI': SiolU: will f. ,
; In tin- blaCevorU! ihe iiantlsre
L lti. to row. JNl d.i.v.s.h:. n l.e returned. Le Went "pI 3o11 Ln.1 it iliiReii't.!! srax_bir." she ':
;; it.
: >;; .iir. Try Mti ; I
but ilrrppo.1! In the! !Icp. ltt kfjit; ou n- ;oMiiot=t BI..K. '
i faetnu. !i, !L'ui'i'itH.,1 hy 11'.1. ? : immediately! to the sLoemakir! ftr liis asheil! "to Let ii 1:1 lourhvitii jour cou- : 2035. PAlM\
i the tame L\ L 1 he feather 1 h< e..tr1id!
D'AUmVrt-![ South Palaf.x: hul';;. stiin: itsT I

fitr -tt. Only :.o !. back tat: red tie: i-ar i is turned everslaptly i The sl.oeujakrr's iiiability to distinguish "I lies your i.nKm. ua'n." l.e rejdieil. .;;
fur ll.e talrli. a' Lirli Is !lt>f
i, 1 U-twt-eu liave aad halfante With; a ""-:11'1..1 Imik. '1:.tt really! I kI
}'.'ft'I1:1t1: r.1IlAI 1:1:1:10.. Prnnonr rd!. ii< the t ar meets tLe v.'aur:
: hear resulting; lll.ls receiving; a thnishla iuu.st a':Uon. not t!> u--e that I'Xi'II'S'
A Finn( with:
? I'ef.'reato luy alt.i'rs' .
..> rallt.d for tin market is jr'u-a: i 111.:1 IDtlliam! 3oijii5on vSon.
,. I "Ilavt3611 sold my shoes: r.skedthe Touch is a \\onl that I can't standsince
1.01111\)1) juj-i; .l. It apjH'ars; Ilia'! :T.I'!.. 1'f'III""mr"l. .
Inulor' the used
Sat drummer."tag 1'lpl'r it ia e.\;>!aiaiv! ;
hela; naa'ar; lllh'ir Il1hil r.VIV.tcctl Tie :!I"'Iltll'\dill, : a-xnriatlon: Is I a I laf soled them" replied the why Iotel fur thlttr,", t railroad'bit
: '::r.vlv they \.':I"I' u.) in th"! '
c purely Ameiii-aa ii-tti.tioti; HL.I isrlo.t'lr shoemaker."What : four ; cars a;:o.-Chn.aso Herald. HARDWARE DEPARTMENT.

monlll 1'y! aiv thcirt'i.ie I'I: in a nliHl! With the Aiwiran IIE I- In Mazes ilM: you i'.o that

large rviar lit: fly by vliviriilislit.; !n ; O' I "'x' "ien.! w"Mi'It liiiJietaieJ! for:" jelled tin- trauhr."You Everybody -- -.-
< iisbt little
: to
t a
the Oark th'y! Ka to shvp. but drttlythe : : n bajeott hand3'.t r.inler.. T-: '. toM ae far to lh it." rif'CI'.t th;, earth. Hut they uiu-t I Refrigerators, ico Boxes.

.. li;:l.i ..s turuit! oa they waUi: rp ::ad C. .\. irtIor-' > t.e :1t'!..m !tj t-ikitu; no And then the dnimiaer eu?II'IIln a thht for it. 'I hey nni t watch their. Ice

b1uakfn-l. This IIHIIHSS Iii n-pitiu-.l lil.l-; : cognizance! of it. I'.utler's unease nas bit of shocking\ profanity: anil tLreatcr.ed clKiuce to get it. and ;:F.t it. Cream Freezers, Water COOl

after tj:'-i :1,11111' I,ir.l... always bmr-! to iVsert HIP .\. K C. r. frr the L. .\. to clean tIp tie ralldl.h'UIhl Thos. C. Watson & Co.hav'.nit1 Milk Shakers
lug ir..t'< r t I..' (>!ui.iini! iluit r.i.n: <: \V. tao Ji'lr"S10 nlil!,' 11',<, i''t tar &ia.t.lr. Lawn Mow .
.. fartieulrfrly li.ir..iit
bas arrv.d.'rre! mer:> bn-akfast. a r; I..1. Garden Hose
between Die :
was I.n Raks
fttllfatc.y to OlTer ju-t ln"'\', iinj they ItiVltf ,
autl o\cr n.! .:.n. ;('!JI'" ;bleu U-en I.r
to eta M> ..a tliiiixt l-i :n aftoraooa.- sort (.f iltnMe: jmI| tirvt join'iii' the There Is no iloiibt Lot the form of e; You will n t.vfr reijrt-t having dJ.e Fishing Tar i .

1'bilatJdplt1l1l'I' I'.L A. I'. C. I' au :t t'li-n! co.ni lark acicti roi-f has tawh to do with the
\ tbe 1..1. \\ 1.o punIlan Tr rfCcLliiiixs chhurey.: '1 !.<, Hat roof oflt rs no lesisj.!

the i.'nili-.l buu In'l.fe. the ,. of air. brat iluji.ti 1'yT.--IaI <"m tol'.tb.a treeing. A
. The odlra.-r IXIT ::I:1"C I is rt 2iia'e! l 1IIll.n1t i tnt c to pa sa e :t s FINE LINE OF

I. bII111 i.ivaria: and uawt hoM: exactly : Ie '.:1" been Mpplle.lti; ,-\'r : h is increased the cuiient i is wore and 11UII:1::.: 1L1:1 ji nuLumnatioL. In thj liirnAL
half a liter or noaily uino-tenrlis ofI' stern! for r..in"IIItU'It and: Ira; fiqinr.tly ? and more l-turbcd! m.til! with a high!; -- .

41.ill. I IVM .:'ilu(
i h tie! b'htf tl.nt!: !h's'a" was into Innumerable' eild.es!: some ov.huh < .
Ult 11T.Drc'rah; | Imuvnii the Bar whe
Mow.. fiiiw I to 1."' divided! ia h:< fnxor at the netimHtiES are sure to cud down and for,".! n- -
\\' "'f"r On.- Han'1r."l Do'.l I'I rrt-. ,: tf II.! .. union. 'L'l.foitttaately the smoke and :saes la the cue into the man. """tv'o w>n. Klsber. 4vlwNO ? Most Complete Line of Harness In the < \

ward for anv caof ( Ntairh that for I'.uiler this autlortty: Ct the: courts rums l/el.tw. Chiuinojit oa swell roofs -- ---

: cannot bevir-d by Hall's Catarrh cannot be ln\oUeJ In a iate l.ke: this. bhould be tu'.It higher than ordinary. IU' K. --- -- -

; Cur-. F.itateof H. U. VIckf, D era'.>J.rre .
F. J. ('11 EN: EY. '* ("0 "'ol...l.>. O. .).. .'rl.., nnd Hnhlln. >... <...tr1hu'">-.. and nl1porvino HARDWARE DEPARTMEN'"

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'old all h.-li.\f-'hiii I'Uiine!",> i>crf"i-tly trlt n*a'tiol-hnniirabirin :II1JlInahClalh' .1'I\I's .1. ..1Trit'.1 ( ..'S r.tiLl.n.: arc *nr>' to .....I'ur.1111 a; iI cl'n-ta r.t (May.1:1. l(' il.oa* .ir AB.A' C J.x'c"lrll..:W IrK .:, i Jllilliam( ( (( loljusoit \ "U
hivt .
: Tom O'r.nurUe !as t.rI' ,'(1 a pure r.f8t1i.t'C'O CII"I.mfOr.'e it in v nilj,
ahh l to carry out any o >- Pll1on. *tnvfh...rr'j..lrhio! rhnmH ----- --
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... ))rll?::i..t", TolJo.. O.KlNXV& obtains the ct..tl !h'! \...Ill hold! it nt a -- elesrant line or suitable articles at NAVAL 8TOUKS MAKKhl, C-'llUW" I Hn t -

j;. Lit- ls.iiil soiitid.; wit!:inc.i J. I. :htephtus yon -un-ly can find ___. !_
\\ HNOIi.: : : hn'I'h..Illc point\ nu! :!: :: 1 l
4 Choice find Seasonable Nct'el'yChica3o Ittporteti Daily The tiws I)33'r
,,)m' thitz to j'lej.ft If SI I I.
O.Hal lii yon.
\\ > DrurtritTolM"! >y real* of Newoik city. I! you ....
1 !'-* CataT.ih! 'ur.. is tak.'!. in- for I is ?:&!.I"I'. LipluT that lee! I'd; elt : Curtail Stretcher. For sale I want anything in the Duir.nnrl: line Union Na\'al Stores Co. rfaI'BIe3Y. -' '1"K' -, ,. 1 ,

ternaily..ctin : rtiiH-tly u'u'i t-:. !:t' :ltiou:11t !l'tr: club if ba: :. only by Esca-rbh Furniture Co. I Imfrure to Fee him btftre )"Itt buy. ww .. ...... :. ;. If. ._.... .e.,, .
blond! t.'i I'1 1 II U'-''U.'IiAeP- .: t1 H ."' u. ....____.._... XI, G 1 .I'' IoJ ih.erow.d .
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;,' all ilru.itivt-. T'-tiiMoi' : .- L -. UNrnrnse Nrvr rinlc.I I\. ._. .. -.. h.. 1' .
'H.llr.. F d'll\ Pill .11! '.: -b.-t. : I ..... ....... .. .. 1'ti 14 U-lor i .: .
r.'''kiI nt I)rryf-sof rt.-barsls: : cot :

a l.i>lu\ r In the: new foui strike rule IJ'IlITI! TCItPtSTIlZ-8'. a.att_ .l-r; 1.17 H t :.
-- --
CASTOR I "]t nil! ri'UT do." hays he. "and Il101e1.1 HIS SPACE[ Will\ I DE[ OCCUPIED G I ; \OIILI.- (..;. .lbM tJ. .....f.... ".r.,' .

<;! rot tie at :all! Furprt-191! if it was A? a request from the Harber-' tE'erewol.aa......

,_ For Iiifants: and Children. cut out I": for the! 5'1'n is ranch oil lcr. Union, Local No. M fJt P n.acol.i. .. (I"t..,

I object ii tLe rule Ix-eau it \;..IIdccroaM1 I BY THE the proprietois have agreed to <.'10'* _
The Kind Ycu Have Always Bough! !:att'i-z.! : :: There Is no questionthat their doors during the su : -rnmirl f

It will!
Bears theSignature AI / wants liaitlE had lct; cf it the net I !3rd. at 7tt: 1'. m. (:Stlllrdar" "X- E\\T\\ S"f\'LES\ .
4 LitGtu td fa Eptt'd r ; IL I. Your .
of LffT .: : rule I Is bound to be ucipular." PEjSACOIiR FIUSIG j jit GO. tl/I"ttlY'.1. :\!. Licata. Antonio\'lctor Ilar 111- I

-azza. E. :4t. Clair FUTllllllIt'
-- -- ----- -- Thomas J"t.1 rOOIl! d'!

You wilt have pride in you own Drool., n Grt J..unltll I Cha*. Lieatl. John i'on'. tOil

flower RJnlens' if they are on your Huh Jennings says he will join tbs South Palafox Street. ".[. J arrto,. J. :. I *chotf. John B' $ Finch 3. _

ownground. Your hu"bind canbuy: Brooklyn club June 1 and play firs: I ollm;, Alex Collins, Joe Touart. _

a house, and he can d.. it now, although bast' Jenniccs aUo said! that be had -- -- -- -

he may think other ri--e received good offers from American WANTED
Every woman wants a homo of lei league clubs, Let that he bed given! his

.\W'n\Dd if *h<> will have a talk will:, word that he \rouJ play la Brooklyn! WATCH IT Pins attBore li's Bowling CONtRACTOR AND BU1lDC[ ,

Thus. C. Watson &; Co., the after EnUhiPz: Itt season at Cornell
lead : Heal }state Agent*. they Alley. Central
can show her bow easy I it i is to get: R"ad the crnt.a.word advertise 1 Saloon. Enltc.te P'oa +! .y J

one. I i meats ia THE SEt5. Try THE s EWs Wane Coluu n. ;, BaIUln:. '

-- -- -....- -

The daily news

Material Information

The daily news
Uniform Title:
Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
Place of Publication:
Pensacola Fla
The News Pub. Co.
Creation Date:
June 4, 1901
Daily (except Monday)
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
30.433333 x -87.2


Pensacola is the seat of government for the westernmost city in the westernmost (Escambia) county of Florida. Since the colonial period, Pensacola has been an important naval port and economic center. By 1889, it was one of Florida’s four largest cities, with a population exceeding ten thousand. The Pensacola Daily News began publication in 1889. The editors pledged to "be Democratic, conservative but yet sufficiently aggressive to give weight to [the Daily News’] remarks." By March 1897, the Daily News had increased its circulation to 1,500. The Pensacola Journal, begun as a weekly, remained its main competitor. Among the bigger stories the Daily News covered was the 1891 dedication of the Confederate Monument in Lee Square and the outbreak of the Spanish-American War in 1898. Pensacola’s Gulf Coast port, like others in Florida, hosted forces bound for Cuba, among them Theodore Roosevelt. In the years that followed, Pensacola continued to expand. 1908 saw the completion of a new Spanish Renaissance City Hall. Around this time, the Daily News was followed by the Pensacola Evening News. The exact year of the transition is uncertain as the Pensacola Evening News continued the numbering of its predecessor. The earliest verified edition of the Pensacola Evening News dates from April 6, 1908. In 1910, when its population reached 23,000, Pensacola erected its first skyscraper--the ten-story American National Bank building, constructed the San Carlos Hotel, and raised a wooden bridge across Bayou Texar. By 1912, Pensacola had twenty-one miles of paved streets. The first modern hospital opened in 1915, and by 1924 the city’s fire department was entirely motorized. In that same year, the Pensacola Evening News merged its operations with the Pensacola Journal then under the leadership of John H. Perry. For the next six decades, the two papers continued to report the city’s news, the Journal in the morning and the News in the evening.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1889.
General Note:
Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Pe.."...; W. C. O'NEAL\ President; F. C. MORTON. Cashier; ,

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Booker Washington's Appeal : Lesson In Western
-' \ ''M t'I.o' It 11I.\,, AT l'LOSIIo'; ) BUSINESS APRIL :24, 19<))1. I Object ;j

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1 .no w CALIFOUSIA FIG STKCP Co., illustratethe
receipt of a negro paper: pnbli.-'hpd, ; : la :: : .
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gently yet promptly :and enabling} one
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I every objectionable quality and substance to the aid of the Frenchmen, Tiny 1 1I ]
mild..amt effectiTe, laxative they are simply wonHerrul. tion, but uvmand it; that there i i" no u,:elu
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III mWM[ CO.'S That the negro:; "is either a citizen printed on the front of every package.
or a slave; that the! country is only I from Peking; today wa.m irked by a treat l

Pleasant. Pmlaiablc., Potent. TaM ( ord. Dooood making: trouble: for itself in the di raut ,I CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. military display: by rbe a11Mfi t U s.f... |j
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ItACKKTSTOUK.eos <: .- :t TO RIP DAb *,'Id and Guaranteed' l>r al.nnigjisw coma to the atriace in au eruption in a Yon Ranch :a'.Uedv--'amp and ..,..... i
to 1 1 KL UUDUCIO Uami"r1. -
few yturs." trf. Count! !! Con: \Valii.>r.iii. will yen Stu '

-- The paper quoted: from is pub'.i: .he-I 1 { here to wort IViiiCftnn. The "P"
by two j roxiuei.t in';irro ci.uiaters: of Are'oo\ a Buffalo li ?? C Mobile. It is b" 1e,'d that: tee Molest npolo; !; ;;xo, m bftuif .>( CUMM I t
*' ]Ribbon at 5c yard lone ot the article! will io: ir.av.-i: : to ,de- for the murder of I'amn \-,.rr K..ult-r. |
: btri>y the ;goo i effect anti fa\;: ",Tabl121: Whethf you are or not it will pay

worth 10 and 15c NOW Y 1 1 rts: \
yard. \ : ; andV.. It Council: m oejalf ; ., say'I! : I have |H>.II lrrf6WJ tI |
-- \ :.. 'OttlM! With HIRE.'=. : : of tue race in the court'utiou, : J. F.. Ro s&c.i.. with kidney i1i-",-" for tin last! flee i

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Ribbon at lOc yard ':U ci ntrt'iut, s too;: <,d i;. 'I''! |>liy-ician-i mid I IIPc ho r.liff until I I
\ U.ullli. I'unlic.i NEWS FROM SOUTH AFRICA. I n.t>d two b"ttUi ft., .s.\ '. ttIi''P1
( Those who placed orders with the:
1 CCUK.V.. A. I 1I'\\Obul.> i
worth 20 and 125c yard. \ tiu !stood!, d'a.-J: It) I'ar.city Cauaei 3IucUi t/lca.illcu: I II II late Arthur\; iuina< for fiiUrsf! : l pictures ; \ F
\ tJ,' 1'r.: :> :'!)! : can: ;get tame! by applying! 1 ; loundpriUTftJ. i
i. I lu London.Lcxajx j I Kunw One *>,at. 1.0.: .....'
\ :IIQ1>(:. rn y J;.>e ::1.-The) \v::r iTi'-e. i ismakir. who will, carry on the j I krcuovatw'e.( : i 1 I. I'. spyMPteJ. ...._ 3
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: > iectt Ribbon at 15c yard \' at._I boc.14allnra ( :; tic court to allay:: th. public: uneasiness I ]3-f f A. H. PAYNE.: '

C.irlSlwaers cause by the tcautiaezs of \ ( \ icellmmuocka,
::.. ,. ,,' \. B lllLUdI11S
worth 30 and 35c yard. I Company, news from South Africa. Nothing::;: has ;, I will la repair;:first-class year watches J.andJaweJry I, 'I l Jl'illoir/ Ckiiirs .
"'''II "r .
illuminate! the
vet cone through;; to :
h1c vher. Pa.Uiri t3tepaens: and other seasonable! footli ;
I Vla'jfoEteia; : : :affair, the only dispatch: : one I -.Y- .--- i

pieces Ribbon at 20c yard ._ sritj.er 'luce the. first official: :an- i iri.uu'nestt Try THE NEWS V.'UL: Column. ': (Jllarston {J'$ Finch'
: l.jmf"! a":: line Inc. .lge!; iron:
L r.i K'lcBi-nt-r.'! u.ui'l!! tII": iaorui: ; ; -
worth -10 and LOc yard. :_iviuj: t:.rec a.jit1;: : (.'u.11 names: : of ola.ers ,J
ull-d.: !

LRcee J ""et.j'.s! jut received of the relief: of IT'S EASYTO J
Z"t.-u.t t by G'lIt'talletlmeu! :\ "sc.i.\v: the

1 --- ..z=:=='I ,towa.rat ir.outus:was' rractic..lly:uni:::that besieged its ;nod for supply sev-' '! .' :

;IM THE CAROLINA SENATORS. wi- ,s\!: rt. i i
-- .\ ili>t/.ich:: from Pretoria sanotmcts! ,,
3IcLjurlnU'l( Wall lentil lest 111a- that: 1I i:: i-Mi abaiary nave capicred :j j BE A

ler and Kt: ,.igu .\:;alu.COI Alrxt.i\ : & :>I.aan! son-ia-l.iw of the late |
,Co'oiit;,,' '! JouLtrt." llalaa! was an ei.trI, I j
UMRIA S. C.. June .;j.-A (lisp-itch i
< oo Window. .: :; :i-tsc, ra'ressl:;d politician: before! the '
from liuuuejtivii.e: !: the koine\! of:: :Senator:: : war and .ace it be,:aa: lie been: very ;>

}IcLiunu. sacs: i weave: a:oust the Lhii- an : hajr. : fiUool i itv
---- ,
: ? I !:.wprrt-t::t oouiniintl-: : i including:: ; COOL COOKe
"Thers are :KOOI! roasous: for Lclievinslb.it : '
rat: tf( f 1 ieti(! rsi ar,:, until! the: Lrm.l!
: just prier to th,,, me! !'.ncs!; of cca- .
i j'' I r'i. )<"lap:' ': teat !Icce.: :
press; iu D t c tor: "j'S: Later :Mcl i
CCCT: :OF:; ; LIX'IKO! ircRZASED.:: 1
l aunu will: rf.-ij;;.] u..:': i qt.i': v.ii>veruorMcSuct'Kt'y '
:\ : ;\0 n i J:i:"I::: i 1-: st.cois:, r. -------
'1 V.:"I \ <:.I I. I'.ii: .tfici3ilv.li! Pe ::1.! ( ost ; AS WELL AS A
:houl-i:: the Eiuat"r: !d tuit. \\ .11t'll Is
i I fmmh\\ I 'K mostui.vly.il-: alii i,0;" .-t t.t: 'pill,; ,icruor i\- t t I rn-h :A I catX -. j

I to ap"'"''Hit a -tr"tug: luau: : rt'ir.;' ; ::':. J' -nTta; <- bat: : -.ur:! ?:: s

beating: tbt: -.II.> Ik>!tII'al: vio\v < .' .: .- .; .' ,", .t:1': u-:: d nu ns,:.rt-aae la i-
I I Uryan awl 1 lUini.iu, :a'>:i (lit' .viiatiT
)h : :.1.1" [ .' ,n,! :: > a"" -. l.. 'crv th.i mum- r- nrm HOOTTi J
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I Ro... and Tcrlt The! height of tl... Table.

HOPE IS HELD OUT I "11 would give a genuine .cad religions There was a certain Major X. who

Turk: a ft If In saw how little had: for some years enjoys the reputation i

appr'dationmcrltans show for the of L< :in- ono of the \\'IM- st Ki'U in

FOR MRS M'KINLEY i. rose end what llttl; reverence they : India. Making a call lnIUl' occasionon

I I 1 I i tnfill' it.. spoke a florist as i.e wrapped j a ales,. lu. found Cii>tain Z.. vdioin

the foil; about the steins of a bou- lie wanted out but the iii"- waiter r.!"-

Encouraging Result of Con I Uiuaierc. tnrrd him that the latter would soon ,

"Tl.e rose Is beyond qu(' ti.n the prettiest return w lien-fore Le vrcltcd ia the anti I

sultation of Physicians.: c : flower that lloonisand it'Svas. so I com.I .

I considered by the Turks ninny years I A few minutes! later the EIPSSr- for'Infants and Children

IK NO IMMEDIATE DANGER I In fore the coa'pen of Cranada.; There j jjcaut LapiH-niu t.> paw. the wiudow, ; ,

legend jri-net-aHy believed i >oti i'tl to his! s.uriiri is a rellcious ; i < : 'I'll" lei il "em 11:1\i AUsay* 1 1"t'urc U.ua:1tt I.u I. I''I
in throughout; Turkey that ti.e red roeslranG i laud d Into the imri">ra beyond .
{ 11 -f ria II. I'Ieteber thud lu* bt't'n t
111. ..'....In. It IM.tlnrllvelv More III .I I from A drop of the jrveat prophMohamui and was applying! ; a tape mpa \II'e.to 'I : ( ,
I 'III'nhJII" for otrr au 'rars. all.1I
lk>rtfHliMi4ibr ef a Foreign et 'd's blroil KverytlilnSbeautiful the mess table. Naturally cuiHderini;; ICi'sma ..
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WePmtst't. JuanJ.-Hope <)f slowituff : Hush! when you laugh or make a I bloom and die untouched except on of the coliti"! !. which was to allow\ an I .

......*u' <>f Mr* McKinley's: conIUM t little bit of a noise ? 3Iy mamma docs. state" occa ion. and for the purp.ise of !inch to be sawed oC the tabliIi'?<. In I The Kind You Havo"Alway >

:, She has nerves papa says." uialvinro.st'atcr.After! lae course Major X. was Invited to dinner
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mother who o\erhear this : Bears tho Signature of
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!null! the! walls! \\vfr cleansed and washed i contrived t.. 1-ad the rouuTati ion on to
O.i.? ,f kiiair.dtel !Jr. iV.er on those she loved. Yet her condition is II I
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;, real. Her nerves are strained to the I with rosewater and thin ptiritcd by; I piussitis ln'Ihts. and from that to I
)".<*.** in tA* medical department: 1 point of torture. tack of appetite and the 1.1,1 of the roiiit.. It i Is lI"I'tl..1I I to Let on the pn-M-iit 111:1111':1:1) !

., hills H"|tilk. cock AJ.i has a nai lovs of sleep increase her weakness. the bod.r for the same rmrio--e..A Turk Was bet a s-ti-p. Tlu-y took him on. from

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for which is found in
! s4..4 ...m/11i,11pi:. I I:1 organism the use ,of a cure Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre and pay I'l'H'r.'ntu the rose to ::pIll'n" I tatiuii to chastise the unrishti-ous! and .ter e......,. tow.n..o.... ...... .'. .. -
the wrath of the prophet and ventured his niito. The challcuzer\ hem I .1 II. "
)I Irs UeKiao-T < << '111
puMwi a pKxlniphr; scription. It establishes regularity, heals I t.
t order raifcvf boa tttr rr.terua.anrtly : inflammation and ulceration and cures Allah.Vith first jut an eighth of an inch beyond 1i I -- ---- __>_
I female weakness. It tranquilizes the I : these Ideas IncnlratM ti h'ni the old hi-isht. and thin the mess. in rotation.
alter to- ;... Ur. It '
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i.f.x* vjvowai Sturdier;: an,. Dr. lower Ia done ;
I refreshing sleep. I to sw the pretty strewn I all messed exactly right. He was

i J...*.!tOII MI i a mil: inter! by D,. O-l-r, "I ha-1 been a constant 'iiflerer from uterine I t.e path of a bridal couple, thrown fin coiuplctily.-Ixindou Tree Lance.TOWN .
di-fa for five writes Mr*. A. Ptrorts : Coffee of the WorldPut I
.*. few t>H.-amoiutu-d Iron lliiu- jrars. J. the banked ulin m m- I (
of Yankee Ia+n. Clay Co., Wet Virginia. -an.1 | public stas-j or -
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I'. 5T4 .'o"-ltrou: Raws cis: Iha! 'I I wag not nut of tnv room C"ul.l not walk or i party I TOPICS. Up st New Orleiu Egress'! sr' !: ; .
.t*....... .t 11'1:. .. m. .1 n'l. a. there was such pain and drawing in !.. (rushed and spoiled in auLxchanze. I left uie and beannglnwn ivricht in of I
''IM. K 1" :, aa-l Jo.iaj region : New York reformers never so Inconsiderate -
"Y. rujrri:;: I uterm. acci m>aiiie ..M'a .. t. -..r..Hi Ijr lr. Mer .. den. ami and chest : and cotilri not sleep nor ,
[\6.. tMti.altalHi.i ut 1'J .i C''<' I IIoxv Are four Kldll.r.: I
reformers to work on.-
I lie down when 1 had taken three ixi'tle ofi eubsetueiit|
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were rl't:" Washington Star.
pIe trt'\! Add. Mcrliux Remedy Co..lh".Lo\ r. :
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i i Mhea'.th ;- better &2 this time than it has btu .ACIll OlASHKs.. ; buildIngs ------ -- -
$1. i motr 'D&tll'\J"'lJa u 1 in Sxejeir.11 i used in the Buffalo fair -

Iwrea ITb..m" 1 "Scree's 1'elfets stimulate the ; are now bUng utilized that city : .
i Dr. 1 Ih'cr.Srll..hl. : Judge HarriMon's Iluok mi The .Jack. W. WRIGHT com ; ''tA
..t-rjf ttua tlm wtu w, im Miiiille Fire.' for the purpose of elevating IV prices t
....... fI, i<<*iien.proivpu1MIWuuthe I I. i I of rooms and l.lo31'liou;: City Jour-
(fit tf 4iiw UiiW.trtueuttatuav.ear "Acres of Ahe5," the story of the I .
.. ual. % t4' II> t.
n-.u-f 11 ih* mauy aaxn-n< LaNn..Illr'1 Cunrtnson. I:, Jacksonville fire, by JudBenja./ I \\
..... at tlirVit t. II .u-*.' Two iltK-tors once had a dte.itrrrci mi" Harrison of the Editorialtill Chicago: I Is pluming:: Itself!" on being i yL_.

... ... > I..w n." .. ......... crrtary i I tile!. -as tie lies of tli<-tors souiothnowill '; I! of the Florida Tinn-s-Union and ('itI one of the be.st places: in the country to LUMBER LATHs

Icy I,1tJar l.
sl*vat I,t .pine and .tutiw...i.ur 1 "I lif state; to sap just what 1 thinkof I'introductory chapter by ex (Jovernor been seen outside of those in the common

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Sits M .K.;.La a Bfiy ,...IJUtlon to the greatest conflagration in the l't:' to
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1ik. i4r.l.1hl .a tinctvely more for a vktiw"Oh mOlls Chicago fire of IsTl, It pictures ME3. WlNSLOW'gWOTtlNS BTR1P baa

tt..e/af at ..r ti .. ,.a-.I'I 1I1. haa anMM it Las has it? How do you scenes' and incidents that been Dsed for over tit y yet ri by mill tens of

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Th.e Laandrv
..4 .. II Hwmt foru .in>nturoti'uU "n; the 'clulibing' of your fin;:en's." I illtistriitPd in half-tone enjrravinas. 1 softens with perfect the gums success.allayeallpalncureawind It Bootht-s tbe child,

VVMto II..... rr.lunds" n'forrlH? to the wasting away of the I Book of 2UO pages for only 25 cent, 00110 and is the belt remedy for Dlarrbcca.
I Sent prepaid anywhere in the United It wiltrelleye tbe poor little sufferer 1mmediately. ,
finders hear where they join the liamK
THE: CUBAN CONVENTION. "'! >t> I need to call your attention tothat states: Six copies for fl. lend part of the world.Bold Twenty-Ore by Druggists cents In a every hot- %
-- your own order or pet up a club at t.e. lie sore and ask for "Mn. Wlnslow'i *
M*.,... !. 1t11M'1t. lh. Trouble \\ lib : once. First edition limited. Address Hoothlnf Byrap." and take no other Itled.I Biggest, Busiest Host

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Publishers ARES OF ASHES.
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,t"faAl..bl touaftrrauou to dl''u "Where, I'Ir' : MIDWIFERY --.- ?

ta. ..*..4it u. JVniUeut C.1pol111(1 "In those hollows at the back of your i The undersigned take thi method The Wholt }J'I( .... :

...... IiaUNo" i MW (t-ivtrnur Gemral nook!: near the headhere you can't I of offeriuir! her services as a first-!" O/iE CLfif 4 WO \fD.I. .

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I TELEPHONE 114. 91 K. OAIU If' '
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H. /:1. t t.:: -s sot rid ..f a cra.k. tVjt I (I ho buys a lot tWill m w. will lend niuney No. 831: 80]. SOS. 807 Saul Fl.f.i X1'.1
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BIG FIRE IN BRISTOL :: ::: tones > j : P. 0. Box
I 404; Phon. J-*,.. UJ
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|.4 w*. ---apti iv RI-T. C. U. Jones :iI oi.t of :*.retorted+l Father Ilt,; !l'. i i ::. -- Specialties :
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Kostuir. Janeinkn: : ;? ma- D'Alemberte, l31 South: PaUfox Sst.. 'idee, I1'\iemnfr' 8Ulidln(. llu Honfi ()F1CIof._Murlnell Agent K. U. Hotr.waD. fitter I
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of fine, medhmi and cheap 1nV.a V.eH tar mini.: .._ Ml't Vioietie Moreno, 83 Hen UreKory, fEH'NYRgifAL'Plll.Hindtil! .
\\1\1' \. Q Jcn :3 -The Xalu' 'IM .' I..tl aoneS*. JvJlniR
I. I.i 1H/ sal I These
grades ever displayed in 4wu a '"x : u. .nlii !. tiny Capsules:relydpetlato I
Ik1lla1: r iniaur of the unhJtaw. ii ,N 1. n titan 'I I It. :. ahA 1; n t.C.TIONAL.: I IJalaaa of 14.< : ; .
i ,., 'Fensacola. Cashorinstalments. -> : (ring Coiolla. xICvUb hi a .....
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rat..lti"it. t: : f etiions t.
;I r'tJl..u1.-: lb- wa,eiof al tee work- II 'e have just what I tYaite qy \n4 t>T UrnrritU, t r'i ".l' TiU.I-F..t Mine HehoolJu" They runIa 48 Loura tLc lut .... _"-- .
Jaly and r-
} .r. la (it- y'u"'l''lfIlI.1..ut. averasial : c. x. r"r t..lawnMrr t .. ... Aunoet One 5,100 a ,,, 10. .:i ._ "u' .
d." tmro m 'o' in.iiv
tfi |. r ..t' ref' iniedt.e nfftcti 4.5 you leant Marstom j '{ i r .. &..' .0t t\..ius'p. .In uet'Y"tlbw.l J H.H'coreri 'io-- (- ," withoutijf yll1lr"1 ..\...1* .y..,., .".... .-_' ..
,rl. Finch. evil. rrmcp.l. '. soi0R III neUCCISTtr r '
a.taa.'s J 'Ct at ou. 3'm'm i 4U... ? ___

> ."'" ::-::;. ............. ... "" ..._"""" ........j.

a -II, ,, < ." =-.-,.. "> -
: '. '. :!<< Y" ""' f r : -'_",' "'. ::.i .' ; j1h 1ryriC( S-' r I.;,:! .- ":- ,-. :- .,. :, c. ..... .- ._ "" r.Y 1e-



-. ._ -., -

MEN AS THEY PASS. A Male .. a Life n'r. I I 1 Quick Relief for At'.hma.

i i'uv I I The mini! mule knows a thing or two I ,Mills Maude Dicker-, Parsons I'
I lire. write'I suffered -Uht'
1t1 In the Ex-Senator: Gorman says be was invariably quite as well as doss the army mule. years with Hithtna in in worst forma WING HOP r a 60.Importers

mistaken at Washicgton for a In one of the mines in the Pittsl-urg : I bud I several !\during the last

diplomat or a priest. district the ever parent mule proved I I year and vfa tf l f-Xp..ct"l1 to live' ,

Circle Senator Stewart says the hardest himself possessed of an almost human i throuifh them. I ban using Fo-,
Family and Dnlfn to
work be ever did was carrying bricks ,. sense tf coming dinger.: One morning: : LEY'9 HOSEY AXD TAR and it ha -

on the farm of a deacon la Ohio. when the full shift was at work tin! 'reoccurred never foiled tll give immediate re Chinese and Japanese
ar lief.V! A. D'-\I..rbHIf-. I
**. U tMtfMrf *etl el t h..t' that i i. atsa! tonic-that i Senator Pettus when In Washington; an unusual thing. The .

ftir slit alai ,"wet y uAf and eli ]Just such a drink is rarries his letters and documents to the currents: had seeuiel dtfect.ve. a-4 -- Fancy Goods,
capitol snugly stowed in his big! slouch fJl'rl'lS\ a rcstl-s feeling; among: tberainers.
hat. something Ike: tho uneasinessof !i Parlor Restaurant FINE CHINA TEAS.Lanndry .
cI live stock Before a storra. A few
David Ilaakin, the Missouri cattle !I No. 3t South Palafl.ll Sts
had been NEATLY
wing will plant lO.XX( acres of corn days previous cliataber I WITH I
this year employing about 23J men osed on account uf gas and the! men I FL'RXI-sHED.: ... Ot.hcp. PEXSACOI., FLA
( were instinctively thinking of whet -
'BC'eB and utilizing W)0) horses.
that might! mean. Suddenly there w::< FBIYiTE B3QM FCH LADlE
Newell C. Knight! a prominent! business -
and society tuna volunteered a clatter. of hoofs, and a mule ;} l'll'lr-end I QUICK LUNCHE5 FOi TRAVELERS. Ba !d un Fa ictGr
r(] Its long ears were ijuircrlng.
OXEMiAM"tin to serve the city ct E\'a n3ton. Ills.. as full of .- I ri.
Its intelligent\ eyes were f rror.
chief of police without\ compensation.Ostlins's .
.1 iii D.ttMd Bala. r I It gave a shrill bray anl then v.ajgone Choice Fruits. Candies,
first invention was a seed
s pMMKtr' !r rich la .!.*. pure hp floor that males it them owing machine. Ills latest Ii a horseless down the entry, broken traces 11\\ Cold Drinks.C. Sash Doors
... Laai'Utet! of all leveatts.Me i 1 Ing; after it. The men lioked at
c': Tat "....ta.w. plow. His own peaceful Inclination : another and then the fevcrbhntss ,. Blinds Laths
ALT AYS.Orir would be to turn his famous gunto
a at home APOSTLE
the air inovnl them with one impulse I ,
lr_ farming punoses.President Cropping\ pick, they fed! prceipitati-l.! '. I I Flooring.
I>iaz of Mexico Is a most t1': : OPPOSITE UNION DEPOT.

Y.J.V1UAL. -, abstemious man. His dailj'; fare !Is almost making labyrinth: a for headlong the\ open; dash air.: through With wm.J lcnts for J. J. McCaskill! & Co's

{ .... ., _........... O""U Spamn. moil even when he attends and .
lined them!
1 kr *..ok.. faces other miners J
Sawn Shln les.I
.n.U.<., M. L* U,X*. otlicial bamjuets he departs but while Ilu'Yn't'\? wondering:; what it \ i Cypress ; .

II IiI little from his! regular diet. all meant a dull di-ep explosion went I OFFICE AND DEPOT:
lon .\. Henderson, a son cf the rmuL: !16 through; the liull.iw lack <.f \S Ease '

frpcaker if the hm: ::<,'. t Ulictes tat! a them! followed by sate upon wave or B\ylen! Street Wharf. Telephone! 310.
.t. i.UtA f IIY OXI.Y XKVKK OLD IX IH'LKv young nan should innl.e his start in noxious vapjrs. Thin th-y uu krto d. I

life wit'iout! the aid of Us parents and I When the bodies cf the few pn.ir iwho CORN PENT'ACOI.A.

has awonlitcly begun;: work In San l.ad Lira hopelessly! entrapped N -
IVdro ( al.. ::t ;_ a day.: were ieco\ered. another was h'I.1. 1tarrieil \

...... M..... ti F. 1.N r.tlwhi: Ar.i, .VI 1 !.raid tr lie totally i Ten I* .1111.uu. tlrtyarof Cleveland. out with t1ll'rs-thlt! o: th, lit r-PAI NT- IJEINBERU[I [ 8 BROS. & C CH CLEL&i

IH n I.....*M M ',,1! uw.. llurb! : lie 1."J.3| U j) his litiTr !Is a lutmu-Uian: by birth and retains! tie gay mule that sounded the clue

% 4 ".n. i 1 h. > sort., strung: rexentn-e fur tle south and Its tag.-Ltslle's! Wc 'kiy. Remotes a'l! Corns,Bunions andirons, [

t f< f ii" t lit ht 4" Jot .' ).:.icNlll WIIII I that when his dau bttr was to
> .r ,.o..j. fe* ...... .t. bah beta .1..t".1 l a iiii'uilHT: of the I feeling; ;: !'t'rlpnturdlil". k FrrTIrws it CUES ell Aur.on'j taxiI.W. "
,. make her >: t'llllt'hu! the It was prub.-.bly' in the ehanctcr c, ahealer ,
rn ...". felt .. IFreMk.t -aili'uiy of \rls. LIP OS..bG'
; to LouKvillf. where Miss Johnson wasintru thai tic gas ri'pardtlby .
.t L I...tr fiI. I TIw.01 alf of a ,,111:11' 1'tH- bout /j a+ aeC '
: t cf tie lucalities Block, Sa V Palafox Street
/ : I t, ..',,'MII fur $!.::>10 n.. iln! tinfa -t That lie '
i 1'orIS ye: r.". says the 1'ostou) Tran- of In lawll'olm..ft.1: traditions ///i/
.. .... j
'MM > MMMi pad'. ..oHI''t.11I law during! bik life li>t-
sa ... I tr+a Ister there |script.! Micajali Ihnus' has led the of th-se reptiles destroy,'A bySt. /////4\\\ Pensacola Florida.
frtrml that ashot l
wily wruulit a
i ('ougregatieualchurch ____ ___ __ __
iii. u. +ay M-r, Ml t-iourti hi the liuu:.e to buy choir In theVIatelcy: ; Patrick were e>teemcd plans ifhealing. un
0< 1.4 u.h4S: out umm-.v I has a\So taught siui: iiis l'lIIl..ls To these spa',;. severally holy

"' '.I1".=. teat rtla ; a rap of iraiir. in that 10* u. .htlcld. Charleinont.Hauley wells the jMiipIe of the pour a.d !igsio-;
.. ii-rtrcdf' of I-oticlun' I tst LODG DIRECTORY
.. May
ai'd has .
U 1'oint
I if w I r.- .n...l t la' making. :i toriutie hipa
$I. -it" s tMt I suns: at 25(1 funeral lie lea\es the taking; relief from their: !!:iarmities. -
'. |..> N. <*t**.ii ., I i tot luff mtnlaI\n'? nf |IH'I amils.: choir loft this: spring at the age of ;.0years. They drink of the aered waters -
< art .t.i I. ia ilraf.am ,tag Eii.ard'" rt-iKli t'nlldcg! and I HARPERKENTUCKY KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS.
al1,11'\ '''''' about the fount on their
r one ..Nsi....11ttosa dr H's "i'aui.ls| \Late: been
..' oast ..,.... aMr iw'lUOIIt lIu..1 .llh'rs. j Sir Walter Ilillier. who has beon appointed knees while repeating their prayers rrnoacnU IxKlgf No. 3, K. of I*,
..... IMta1Mdw uaaJ acting! first secretary to the! and. it Is a curious fact as we me informed merit ever Hnnd y vea.
.-., I"' ear *>... HItt "... Mnrtla Halt, the art!>t. of Uos- j liritisli legation; at Peking I ; holds high; by an old time traveler in Ireland la< at v: .i hi l'a.lI. lull,
..", bt.., of the late Hun.I :Samuel WHISKEY In the Klounl W (WU '
fete gals B-JMM I 1 rank as a ChiiieM scholar. having;: spcni that this circling was formerly Buadtnr iblMCuorVlsitmg ,
ttptwMa t.-. titerapt : .....-. ".bu rah fur 1I"llrlIII. years a the greater part of his life in the far done "gro\eling on hands and ki.ees or brethren c.rdtallaelcomId. '
... ..,. : trttMre of l'biIliM order ai-aiK-my. I .
) .aaa .1. i oast. His father was I'.ritUli consul ai even lying flat on the ground and wriggling K K. KUo"urr.
s. '.*.li'l 'It a dvraa car. awl a tln*"":miaii ,.f Capiatn, Nathan !' ILangkok: and Sir Walter was born at. like a snake" This must undoubtedly lor ticiillriiiivvtlo U. HOR"LK c.C.K .
t 4W4 HI tiw .. n.... tow of ITTi': Irii> uwrtjr spy
.. IIoii;;kdDfr. He learned Chinese along;:: \ have been a relic of the ancient I'lu'risl
i *<,.'- !<1'iMM.. ... ... ,, IIIT tdl'LJralcd
I .....1 il"- .I'-tttli'iiiy I !: with his English. rites though:: the people had not t
rarayi.N psmtmaTbt. I'urHan (Cirl.: idea of Its origin! oren for accrpUMe 14",.
Sansate. the worM rl'uowlIl''Iulin. the slightest
-..'*"t rttrf .t trar3 I
.t *t1 .Ih. 1st. has taken his violin all\ over tin. that such a religion had ever e\i:.lcd m State If patented.

....... .*. ...#-*.-il ., THE DOMINIE. I' world. It has been tlie compaulon oli on their bland. THE PATENT RECORD

1 tub tlatlMl W'i .** -- -.- i i I the -b') years: of his manhood.! "Sara. In the same: way they still en 1M- i Sold! t; Biuieisscr Em. Baltimore. Aid.j .
rt*< *K 4--.1 IB .i'kit Tie A !trDtUtn in Introit will estab-: sate, my son. west lilY violin' but never i I tan eve (P.el-tinne. or l'( 1's tire) kludk _. -- !
Y-,1et a.r. if-r j VI Uab {..-1C't.::,1! M'MA>!S.Tb" :i woman." I Is said to hate been the ad- "bale lircs" on the summit ot't'ry : MEDX'S

Ik\ lljnnt.l ('roiit-nxvctt ut I'.ut- I A ice M Inch wa given! him with his first hill and send taming whees rollin:: j I II

-CH a.uTHlfltA U"r. I4*.. Its* Ut'ti flit-tiiJ! in-sidrut of prize! at the Paris conservatoire, andSarasatc down their sides. though ignorant I thai I

c.1 ., ...I t11.t# ,... i 11M> 1 11.11111 Ul\l'rltll lu Coluiubns: O. ; has been true to it. I they are ri'h'braung a day fonwcratn' I

.. t ., -r., hlW 1_. Tlrtnipwnl uf 'iuriunati. re- to lit: !I. or P.aal by their 1'lnrnirian amIri

e LI>I' 1aa1 ?: ratty rkrtwl editor uf The NurihuoMt'brtttUui The great.-,t skin specialist in lsh aiscest-irs. who nliserxtil it in It :

., .. .. .\..IOI':1t'ot Chieagn. Isft Aintriea I li;inated the formula fori i preeUt-ly' similar mlllll'r.-\c\\' I.iin lr-iJ
11rsx relf lujtoau. IlltlHTHi uuly tlernueutort t I I'.AN.NKK Sn..vF:. For all kin Iii<- CcI!.
". LvrrtranI f.-isfi.; all cut or sore, and for pile I
Wed tfit-rliil to sit lu the\ I
i .. h7etl it's the inert liealing iiiPilieiue.! 15.- 1 A !surgical operation i+ not IPCC-. !

I h aril etein uf the MrtbodiM i>.iitT3. ware of ub-titut: W. .\. D'Al- +try to tare pile-. I)..I'i itt's WitclI I SCHOL '
f l \RSHIP-At Irux'Itlie'd
loateft ( .IllP4r you 1'liII,1''' l'
1... Etttrott of Olll't..wr bus uo ..IlIh'rte. Hazel halve all that ... .
saves thrf
.tNta. I : 11I11"" eiul: rr-!. "uhl'r ill t hnrtl.III.1 tlr C"nm..rl.1 U.tllrtmf'I'I. .-
the .,
tb : r..r fl,'j fllr ..f .
r. 1 a. .it.<- : a IHIII t.i mouth tr Tuition III star
f r ''.,.fU.rf wtuctT I'.riUali hh bop. l>r. Uichanl It Mrlnii Her. Hie. i I frt. Harris Pharmacy, bydue;" of the lit..r'ry hl'lIlehl'-. il"I1uIII+hip enrrp-p.JQ.lpnt"'", nr billing wlthlu&

a '. .. iet ,.., Irrts.4 JauiMIT tia> JINI attained "What do you do when your wife'" Kahn, John heppttrd. 'ste't l'It"l'el'. ire La" ;..veral pupils WI).. wll1.oIlI tlul..h the "lIr...
that dimlftctiou. and when I'r. 'J'ora- gets sulky and refuses to talk to you with u-, wh"1n! w d-'r.I to place With good limo. Lrtu- lin.r fr-n.; y.-u

.1\ t1...,. .... nrrblihiUii of Cantorlrtiry. C"k'- "Why. I begin to praise Mrs All- i I L Latest t Styles iiIIE Call on or -.tlJr"' l' O. ',I*ux.

'. ';.) this !. the street or some others
i" to.U bratt'S lib 0xi IIil1 h.II"t. \ ;:{) across spring Furniture ...
..t'l tHI ,wr. there will "Uilinv l'I'I.Iacs| who I know she detests." I
it t,. t .* f'4 tats aarn tbt'ir fi;:Iitivtti jtar.A i ".\lItl that brings her. ehV"Yes \ and house decoration Sam'l Charles < .
.." ......It&t.. it brings her and sometimes! everything 9 at bottom prices, cash) J

,.t -Jt. '''''>i4 f.v II'IftftUIllIzn. mooch whlel11 throw able that happens' to ben ; f
.... "I'. 4 tie"ir credit. Marston finch J tilt: >utltit i Piilul'ox !?
tai.n .. .t.. for br.nkf >*i *'I"I.I not remain her reach too."-Salt LaLo City
"n rats ct-uiiiK'li fr l-'ill Mi Imtir. I 'liibune. l
'" f.r.U-1f1' i (
I&M'd our buttie ufuur J'"d..1 Iyd.prp4l ; Juick Work and r?! mt I'rolit-.

.1... .f....;,"lt'JI'.I.I- -.i alr taro and till: n' \vat ill y I I There cannot live! a more unhappy :\ RUBBER HEELSj ,
to"' ttkf..t mil i>t!"-r nit-al-i pith a
utrn I" Ili ] creature than an ill: natured old man TRADERS en for :urn 4">ftitHill. i"S
.. f.IUti and my fond i U tlii>rou' hly di-
i .If '." .....t..t. X"t'hln.l equalKo,1ol Ic. i who is neither! capable\ of receiving! : : I'lATfSoCeDt*,

I. f r *. ,. t r ii' .la ("nr.. (-tociach trouble:." pleasures! nor sensible of giving; them "h..p S'rirp? and Oil!! ,.* Fr. .. x

.s .. t it .hl..... 11pep, f. Pitt-. A'Hcjrton; 'l'eL Kodoli to others.-Sir \\'.. Temple. \V.ik ('alitdicrai.d UriaH-ltd.
lljr' .i.. ( urn diz-t what you --- 'RYE
f.I'' .' ., 4al and.I p p A Paging, Roaring Flood =
: ..t. llnriti- Pha fmICrid. lIey i -
eatTAMCI Kufcn. Ji'iiu :hej'jurti. Washed d"wn a telegraph line -Til]!:-)

which Chas.! C. Ellis, of Lisbon, la...
TiLEPHONE ct.1lDlntll'tl.klrb!: and waists! | had to repair. "/"itandiugwait: ; Ufa guarantee tte &brte

'. t.1 nlaleMa I M t aa.K .. w ODe uf oar specialties, r;tar LaunIry. -. : deep in icy water" he writes, ';;':are I I

1 M ter. __ ___ me grew a worse terrible d- il7.cold Finally and cough.the bes II i!: :! RYE WHISKY to lie the BOSTON SHOE STORE.

.; ..Tttrl ttlrberand: THE HORSE SHOW. doctors in Oakland. NchStou!

J ,.,....tep f,....mDT u. __ I II I City and Omaha said I had Con,: ;I| Best Whisky offersi iii

tn tiuspllsi ..nek it) CHrlo HU-kok drove his! Uttle! Thorre : sumption and could not live. Th..i fur the
i i city ;
am money -- -
I using Dr. Kill'sew Di
Yeas : a talk its :Iili at the\ Ph asatnon (Cal.) began
E; A-ywu. wrw
,., t leres.. .aoa IIC'i 'k. truck rwnily. I covtry bottle and" Po-itively wa wholly guaranteed cured by sit fat: IB handle this Whisky? 'O' FOOT STYLE. 4'
1k4m.i data (>t (;lit'sI' 'rs. 2:("t5'i.fllly '
.rt }iWrba.. :J Paral Coughs, Cold and all Throat and I
,< .M. ....... 1WI4. ; .... a l b1 Cbymuut. full brother to Lung troubles byV.. A. D'Alem In $1-00 j! WP, I lave avervthr.; in Fashionable Footwear that I* In harmony with
wk! 4 aa/tal a tu kit Cbebafa ::4i1 I berte 1'Jl! South Palafox street: Quarts, per ql.1''. end tt. ant ?ood *..nW do not urge the ale of what may bfl tflrm.

td.lmd r t.i* host j The : 'l'Itr1JI.1 K.-1 Lake filly which I Price .Oc.Foley's. ed .'renk;.ln Khof :Making. Our aim U to give you Footwtar that I. ln.

.mu.taeare ...... i Harry II.lui it \\.>rUio;.: In Caution. X. ; In Bulk $3.00 per galI I. conspicuous l>r its ery elegance and good tate.
srd Tar ,
.-..... I J, I* Alai to U very fast Honey
tltrou Ul&t I -- ::v)=Our Ladies' Ideal Kid Oxford Tie= *
+ i t.p to the clo... of IVM: ) there was a cures colds, prevents pneumonia.
1kIIellIIpp' .Itli
Ie tar.aMlbia p.rlrual total of .... H -'.::1)i truth-rs. At the I =TRY IT.-& Good YfarVlt mxi* with Flexible Jn*ole on a Manni-ti *.>

1 tta.sa UM.* irLA. <... do-..> of Ivrr the uumln-r was 1C.7U". PI'cture ,1' Handsomely Last ar P..rfeetion. '.. 4) .00

rtKtrv..t. .. ..4 .\ pynlinte uf Canadian horsemen S i. Framec.l
Our Lino I\f Oxfj Ti..* for Ladies are' Peerless! not only in
Tt.x. I
h .aS1u'wt. h rteliwl to have otl'i-n-d $10.0) for apptat-
which was rofusoiLllarney andriadyio hang at unit JACOB KRYGER ': once, but in tl B \ lality of Lettherdtul the St-wiu;;' of It.,. r'hiplnc. tht
Sluxutite, ,
Iaj.lr low prices..llarstoi Z Fini-h i.d Fit. Don't"f'.rB'tt; tochll on t..e: Ho-t..n t hoe i tore for !*tr.
TraM')'. 2.1Hi. jiacins.; is now molly i BIJOU BAR. hug Value-.
..'r aaa $IIc"2 HuMare o,, n.by| 1 II. Trivls of Tolmlo. who & Finch. I ,
tar t.IiNId'C9N.try It.t. I\WIII\Q will u...? him for road and niatiuuu pur- I I i Money Back If You Want!

atilt Mesa Ulni i* (11\11I' Senator Hot Weather is at Hand ._ _. .
Tin came MilwaLkoe pacer ---- --
.. .Ht.I" std .ute Uitclivll. _Wi.: bah uiniiToJ I finely
1111" .kUi. Ma- and hi a;aiii djHcu-xl to be among the AND WE WILL :STOP IJUYING
...... \\'at"1 RU..

.1 Arhh h 'k.. n.t".dihnr nt.e ur "'WDI'nLlJany horwiucn U-llevc that without : COAL AND BEGIN TO BUY ICE The Boston Shoe Store ,

lire handicap of liopyU-s Prank L'ogasb
,I. "' I"t Mrrr.

I 11' ,. H.. ...t. I1ial rotiU pact npht aruuuJ the two min \vi: r.xi'Kcr TO SUPPLY A MUCH LAP.GER TRADE N. G. FORCHEIMER, Prop..
a 'r.lel.d ute twlr!>.
: (' .. I.-. .th'htujf. nd lr lays bo UCUT struck Hal THIS FUMMKIl THAN IIVEU: IJEFOKE. -

Ii"! t.|. Hi.HI Poiuicr hut once and thou the great ORDERS NOW. j S rm fa)
1'1" I II:"
t bt V
with tiicib Cfe
old rom three miles l t.w
I,. -..,i I i.hn pacer t t1 trt
rouldiHirmj: 1w lJ'OIJIl'd. Oiscii c.\ Co ,i
*.. -t IV i in it lur Thompson
1 tkiii u- ahl>'-. ; tin last four years there Las : I I-jSplx:3leer 4 :7'001.1,\

i ':, \ but ItI. hero distributed on the ruunins! turf !1I Itf. ; lilPOP.TEP. AND JOBKSR OF
e rsl. rreryr ta tbo Utr: of New York to successful Manrcsa Street .

I, :!..w ufI hours Uo leas a sum town $l.;1,000. I

I I.; I.. tl.Itd.nl' "I.I1.rt'elm:1n.. tbew York IEard'rare
? st.iMeof
'. nfl'r ttttetaU nm;';uate, will have a I

I-' -. i)4 I4!wf (cur. tftti'r out this reason- lie ownstmous -- -- -- Iron,!;alls.Azait: llf} (;hl SaW' Mill and! Jbteanboat: fcappHw! Coollcf

.ii.-I .. B. B. Bnl II. oilitr ClectrlcVillses.! ::l"i.LorJ I and Heaittg Swrei, Paint. OiU and Window Olaas.

I I. tr>i mt-nt frM" Br'Il :1Ut. the famous show THE C CRONIES FIRST HUD; EAST CNII ICE I
w i- ,u/ I'.... ,1' H.Itn \HPfor which Ur. JoLu 1.. \\Vutznotuly I Agate :and ,Tinware and UomefmishJug Goods.

1 llr.i-ill.t |'i Ulll"until. refused SIO.l )0. was old at. Cor Eelnoul and DeYIen f-te;, i I 131? 1 South Falafti! Street I Oars Pistols and Fl"hlr.2 Tacil

alt u--- "U.I. auct.uu II. I'.oston some years ago for j
$1.:'.-1 lure l matt AGENT for Blrulnhani' Kollla,? Milla Company, Revere OUst
\.HTOnrA.: I I1I1'1r1fct Choice Wines Liquors Beer Cigars.
t .<1< his t AIlS E.1J Danzer.: di ea e and death Mlo'"- Stitched Belting, Northampton Eatery Wheel Company, Laftln h Rid

./:1: /J of the bowel Use OeAVitt B Juc TRADE A SPECIALTY. Powder Company, Johnaon'9!! Kalfoiniae Iron Enz and Bock'i BIOTM

4f1& Little Early Ri-ers to itgulatethfinnd and Ranges, WIr.Ccapa ACo.V Bat IIld/ Lie Leather, MamrMfedt ,'. Beady
": life !!
will add years to your
ou N. GOLDRING Railroad Colon.
I IvrrcriO
to ,
1 life to yonr years.
Kldnnr. Cure .i. .. .>. Vireol'ttarmacySnd. p "'?tt TOR Masonic Temple, Pensacola Fla.
.: .1. n ""si" .
.. .. .. f

-._ -..,- ",1-/11.<_"",-- -"- <-- '..,,:..<_. _,0'<> ,- :.' ... -..'- ,_. --.."" .. I' "" -

(;;, -+":i.'

,, .


... ----- -

: i sa
-..... at IS. port O>we. at F n.*cola, of '
la*t rally '<
The campaign:: en
111.u MOOBd-ClMI D U r.Orrtct
SAD DEATH the! Jones side was held a: tne opera I;\' Proper ,,' .
Daring March nearly per cent. 7.irJ6'.. of ti-{ declaims
: rln BIII14HII.:1l;, So- th Pala- house lit night. The doors were :(
M f'.t.Bfttairt.PCBLIsHKD. *, i < paid by the Equitable! in the I'Diud :Sut. al i
:to t --- opened at 7 o'clock, but previous to I i Canada: were paid within cue day aft -r proof* 0' --
II BY that hoar great crowds had a em- i r 1 1 I were received.

l( THE SEVS PUBLUElMi 00. He Received Fatal Injuries in bled before the building and a rush Purchasing : / NfMDER. .AM ,
\: :
T.-lnvarlabiy I In Advance. Diving Sunday.: for seats was made when the doers \S i; Claims Paid 193 $903.64

1". OM TMr fcy Ma1L,. ._,_ _$500 bt-gan to slide back. j i Paid within one day ... 189 951.96S
.,Monti .. ,--,- .-- t.:' -- The stage and boxes were fittingly {
.. '. .
\ rar. .. d.... -.. J"OitMents sopa IIi.. Father Senator Cifferj was Wit!. decorated for the occa?i n. The I' : Power \: i I THERE WERE ONLY FOUR CLAIM* THAI
Y wl, by Carrier. pryabie Moaoa 10 Citizens band occupied seats on an UNPAID THE
Him U hen He Hied his :Morci-'K.
1. elevated! platform in the rear of tte v, <
THE WEEKLY NEWS: Mother anti !M..ter ArrUfl IIA> 1\I Total Claims Paid ._...- $093."4?
stage and speakers and other ; entle-: > <<
I r,halJ.llf, ... rr.4.every. FCday at n.oo per year Late to See Him Alntr.! mtHre seated in -tni-circK ; j I Total Premiums Paid 3S9$6i

-- and each!: side of tee platform was Presents t i iv
TELEPHONE 1'\0. IIE.i't Lieut. Cat!ery, S"n of exSenatorCatfcry ;; to I -- -
Urze banners.
i!rdced by on* be rla >
Rtrtu Fu.htd 011 J&plicaf. : of Louisiana, died at the ,; the liken*" of Hon. C. M. Jon-*. \ )I Profits to Estates of Assured S803. ..

.W! oatny navy yard a: o'clock this morning A short while after s o'clock tne <' .. .
Where claim are not paid ium dUtIr it i I 1k .: .
_ :t from the e ecd of i>u accident-- -tJ/e: began to rill up, and as the '> \ due to delay on the part of the b*-:I -Jchr i:. ,!t.

\. ... tained while bathing at the yard. Jtandaru bearer Mr. Jour, walked > Patrons ; ting complete papers.
r.i.! = uu tte stage the greenaceorJed; :
4. .,\ The unfortunate man wa bathing: him was terrific. OrJer was finally > 98! .821' .. of Amount Paid Within a nay.
.._ in a pond Lear the yard unday afternoon restored acd Mr. T. E. Wtilts introduced .
--- -- ---- ( Ratio of Claim paid to Premiums received "
ES3iCOLiJUXS4 1901. and dived o3 from an elevation Judge J. C. Avery as ctuir- I I Per cent of Profit to Estate of A*>nred j jI
? man. Jude A"traltH afewrt- :> I

_._ ___ __ of p -rh.ipit/-nfHt. Tae water iu. ; OF THIS POPU-
n Life Assurance i
was only about five feet deep at this Brird, Scott M. Loftin and C. H. !> <<; The Equitable Society

Now that the! mosquito sea-on i"i place and Lieu:. Carry's bead Laney all of whom made speecbt! !vbefittin < "
thai.d. the experience of Cn .1Plomacf.er. truck bottom he being rendered insensible ? the occasion. 'L AR TORE another proof "STRONGEST IN THP. WOR I.D. I

Maracaibo.atlo'ds; in- from theflock.. It wasthought Hon. C. )!. Jone-, the mayoralty I IC f <
itididate. was then introduce. >; Su.rplu.s to Xolioy-XXolclor+ SUU.OOO.ooo
trrttiu.r rtadlug.mon? othr his neck was broken at I
first but it later devil.-pect that the 1'i.a young gentleman aro-e and !V of its determination to
thing h* advi&e r-lantiL castor oil give <
vertebra nad peen fractured and stc-od for Solve minutes awaiting the KNDWLES BRDS. Gen. Agents
beaus Celt tile dwelliu and the Qseof paralywa! feared. -ubsiding; of applause.Vl.enquiet k, .f I

nartnaltn.! to allay the itchiL of He was taken in charge bvfrl'n1 had been ret-,rtd. Mr. Jones began u9 S. Palafox Street, l'EXSAtIILr \
and Dr. Mortn.. United t" steak: and compared progress of
the Hn..,'+. tatesiir- :
-- -,-- jeinof tlehrillo: ,_, called! m Dr. him-elf and the opporitKin. He ;\ Meuse'seeped-

WHILE speaking at a recent mee- Frank Ilenshaw of thlscir\ the toujhed I;allahasee with great. length hi> recordin .. .., .'. .{.-.' ._..._ '_. ._.'.-.-.-_ -.
explaining the coarf =:- - - ,- ,
youcz mia's father was notified of --, '-"- .'- t .rr'.il "-r --'r.-VrI -- -.
In )II- .uri Mr. Bryan proclaimed -ru - -
of the bill
the ccicVrat, and win !In* -on arrived tax and compared his and > r < !
that (. -still! iv\r man" tl Wolfe's wore with that of Senator I
wow a :
here Ir.vrntrand

which New afiofdi, OCC.l-tne I"Q ravannvh to relate{ the Morning fjiJowiii -. at.r iir.mediaiely Cattery y -terday broach't., the navy ovtr yard withIm wen:-"U bond O'lirien.and charter He bill al-o and spok the of qiuratitine the- ,*. of Pen acola : fi 1;t A 3A A T H r T IUD.-Z:

Df;. F. Park-r, of the CbiruiHorpitsl. bill ;;iving the history and -
;' bfrrzy little anecdote: New Orleac. A n-ul- Cf.Utof each and told Whit part <
c >
U tii. Mr. bran wa6n Sa"AlOal at "v:. wa; taken in arn >t.nitor'Hritr. :
ClA.,1 0' a : . rur was::enn held: between D:. K"ti-haw.Dr. Murja o: tr.i-., II' .. ? by 1ONEYSAV1NGAdllI1S 1 1 S W

t""Ulur. -ua Iu carry back with. tetra :o city. and Dr. Parker, ..'." X e'\ Url"I, Coining down to him-elf. Mr. : r I QR'R OWA CUTOM U Tm 1 :::;: : :

Ice lots iu I.H.C.lo. ant: pujcb. -r' ;
F aJt.'r) mutt fur f":.->,. He otr..tila pnyUttr. :L- wor-t w.'s appr hend"'d. '1 !..foI'J.II rrqai-ite toWard : avinr: a rood jovernmeut -
treat s t6.-du.u 0.11. gad ttt ctaage was wa- having ?i>. municipal .'
_' man lingered unil3.cr.
ua-r.d ro.m.r.r.r-t w u ..h'rduar. aid machiutry.: If h elected !!
tap inorcin? and pied away. i ::
aloatct..i.ar. He 4.Inl to receive la. His tuotaer anti-'-r arrived tiinornin he fUumd, he would admini-terth- ;: \ 1 S THE BIG STORE
al.c n.kf piper oJ..aara: eou.d iu\: < two hoar* after Liea C'jf- laws fairly and iicpartitliy! and (
t4 |Utu L.rs iLYA &C. He WIts tola teat ftry'sdeathand went inuaeiiitely: wihou tear or favor should electa :> 1 m.) '
eltfeeaa.lL4l.l 1:1H.1 ta In tb'! ::-v tl.t.aa..HH to the navy yard. roud; city council and al-o have a : CONCERNINGtne : l : Can Save You Money on

.......l1t bvt-r gVCCrftDtLto t Tile v'lu'a" man's remain* will b*. oud ctarsbal and efficient police' :
t.y "If :!1.. cotton p.Ctn; al&.1. b.-lI."i. taken: to New Ole..ni at 11 o'clockrODigr. force. It is thevnuyor ciry to see )> mot important .) [fJ:|] Your Purchases.| ? : ..
utb.rtc.uufbe thtu.wtry. not h-a that the ordinance enforced
He first lieutenant .
was in \. J ::-
MiVrr.lt, .. tti. uih. )Ir and if the For 4c Yard.
stayed ot. .f> 'he marine ordinance of tlicity
=, and had ben in
&ixJ corp
Bryan ,. lo :aa iit--. *'jiiig mat hbe t w. re enforced re-ult would be bt- I, 1il( ,]
the service
about: one Tit all I
year. j .
\Ve will Selt-Soft
Flol.h B: ,
01114 lOot t ,- :11. 'puu .1 c"uM Lot t who knew him he was endeared by ter greets. better siJewaik: better Household : ..:.. .
... ,, Unbleached Cotton.
lt.t The :
fI..p.-r ary w change ,0.- close ties of everything.: mayor blaute-the
many friendship auj
J.II, it'r.. ra:brr ttab WI. r aa:.. to 0011UIIIUhhPCS :r iis sudden and very unexpett-a mar-h iI ; the marshal says he can- f .1 Er1) Lace Mripe: Lawn
acuttomvr. &u.tl e<1 aruualla.o.1 dtith is greatly deplored. He \iawiJely u->t help it. It is the duty 4-f the rrhirtinij! Fnnts.j .
a tot r tut.ply ot paper doU.... \\ bile Mr.hrjau known in IVnsacoia. mayor to see that the nrnsiial doe Necessities! .
1 may. be a i.\rr 111.11. te pfc.Vr; t.tfir : hi? duty, and when he dues not h.. ./ : ((j J For 5c.ips
for uior people and paper moLe). should step down and out. and lets
tax-a CL ...111.for ..'UI..If.l FLORENCE -j C. \CJV. 20, l&/j. jme: one else take his place. / Zr Fizured Dimiti -her lair !
I was fir-t advised by our fimiy! The speaker declared he stood ;', j f fJ, frond Qjality.Har Mu>''..
;d''DI'' ; \\ all Mrett.8omettinb' phy icJ'iu in Cbarlstrn to ufhEI'HINA : there without a bohe had never : Good Quality Check IIezAau: .. (1
t{ '<.> &JU Japanese Fans with Ta.*v ,
with our baby w htflhe collar of 103-pieee >
like a definite move worn a any man or corporation ;
w..- but a very yo'anitlfn.I- and never expected to: he had ,t (1
I; For 12 fI:
I u.tra i& reports haviuj lur its put a preventive of colic: and to warmund never belonged to the commercial %c. $>

poet tt.e euactu.rul of laws by coltrtstrutiu sxtetrn the "' mal.'h. Later it t )di'5. but tIe had always supported ; Lice Stripe Lidies' Ho.. 1Turkih I ,',
here ( the wild and reek was u-eful in tettiiu; trouble, and -uc1' measures and such men a* he 1 f1 rl 'l' 'wale. ('1
it'* tiTect has b.-.en found to bt' 'o thought; to the city'" bent advantage.Ifel : t
lee .(.t'cul.iu\n practiced in the .. Uith Tnw.Is' I..rtle .l. .
very: b..n*fi:ia1 and S'> free from the cted. he |.poed t-. enforce Oilmen Sets
; T"t>Neck ( iauzeVt
York i
New tock and ;
exchange to dtn;rtrrs that are consequent upon; the Jay; us he found it. He reiterated (H M

let a l-vrtonarfe than Jatnea J. Hill, theu-e of drugs; and-oottiin: -yrup, lie -too..! for good irovernniTit and {j .sf Irish Foist Enbraideriis, Ealiri liaj. Hajty 35: jjj ':
cue vt the chits actors iu tne recetitflurry" that we hive come to ergud it, after the: I l-tw's enforctm Had made
Northern Pacific stock u-f with t.'irechillre, as one of the nr, led ire to a single individual, vr f jjj:) few Japanese Mittinjs Carpet Duiju, nis Will 15: 'r: ti
necesiuwhen there ia new baby tl'q-j", or cla-*; that he had no po- Of the FAMOUS ,
If Credited with favors in the house *: China: M2ttin j 121-2 ta 25 rut "
expre.-ious and until the teethit:;; l IUU-H frLnds to keep together; by ,/ c;\ :

bit to ruch action. In a recent inttme trlubl.lre over rind we take pleasure cu.lic: patronase or utHoidl patriot-. JNO. MADDOCKS & SON-S1 <:' [Ei;) Buy one of those $1.00 Waists for Ittl; 8
in it friends |
a .. lie quoted as saying: "The iiirconimtidiii tor s i-In ; that the support given him in \ .
ioit"dd of toe horned tuff that *oin th" campaign was liven freely and (' English make-known the :;
old way to retain the jnjwer of proprietary as 1| [jj j=while they last.= -*
my petpiue to keep their babieqtmt. voluntarily by friends who tnou ht \ '
i Inteiestto insure lcjiti-: HAKTWELL )r. AYEK.Manager hi-> election woul 1 improve matter*. i Lest Enlih Porcelaine- )j ll| HOYS' BLOUSE WASHt ITS. TV TO Ifij' Ii
Irate crew or control money ncllit Daily Tuneund WeeklyJimeMeecr. He intended to do hI; dote ; he intended ,' -
by point? ,1- unite law re->ttictiiUCti : .) to work for the city'\ inter- }" will be sold in separate pieces \ i o111UiUiam- = = - -- .
---- ethe; intended to enforce the law
wh'de-arr bir.aiiiin,' abate -e "Call for uBrw'Kwcoj Rye" at .*. and if he coula do \ from .,I
not ?o he would ( one plate to full dinner
ju>t -icouiittrtJ lit WallAtlJefron A. Kri'danii'by tb: drink or bottle -teptl Jwn and out and ;ire some ./ / !I vV
etrtrt. ; it i is top nice?:, most: mellow Q e one rl-e hiplace.. sets in combination to suit oljnsoit ., L111. nIDzl

ti," que-tion whether on the market.THK Aitr the conclii-i-in of Mr. Jones' f <
--- ---- -- pech MerT.. K. \Velle-. Gel at 333"i; ,, le=* than actual .
each lax, wou d be con-tiIUti'it.al ort2rCtlVe c O:. HNT SCHOOLcoMMi.CFIFNT: 1. Morgan, J. E. Wolfe and H. H. ./ < ;.-.:,. ..._,..W.:..W-S.,-.'WMary1nd :":' -'.':":' .".':'":" .-.,="=" ..'.':"':'..'.':":' .
tile tar: siioui brtlUrlll: : : ;: l-.X EI -KS Frie.fore caTied upon aai made [' worth. -

bert.t that the: exch-tn;e iIMIIHU,; -r>ort -peecliealter* which the > ,
bind* played, the crowd su-ved out I What ordinarily would be
cure our Ittl.au /amnliug a -u.la The annual exhibition and clo-in_''
and ; rep tratfnbean for tu-day'a r (
.tiicii! ,ttm" 1.-r \11.1 Ie uthtr.elan. .- exerci-Es rot the pupil- of the Cmveut '
fray. our profit i* placed to \
; (itntrally. u...r .. d. 1"-0 r School, taught by the >i-tEf- ofMjjrcy. your ( Casualty Gompan)VOF

are the uninitiated wii.. i-h...,-e toVtUture will: he kill at the opera -..hkf'I ;
their rUb-tar.', be'.tlli,,' o..- house Tiiuis-ldy evening, Jung fi, Al'fn'i! KooitKa""*. a powd"r. It cures '

way ,.r 11." wth.r, tbrou.-h the mtrutnentiUty be/iuiiin! at"o'clolk. The loons lenter..itlwel1t'i pniulul.iariAig.nail*. nml in-tairly. r.rr\uu-feet tnbk 'hot aod.lIng mgroviiiK out- ) IJjautifuIly! Decorated Dinner BALTIMORE.

ar" al< tit tort. ono Ault. .. !t'. .
of the memb> ror the rxchra vayaw.ii'.td : tu" 2.t".1 > < -t;-Full G Id Traced ,
at.t tijucb itit rest by the people o f (.mrorl (I C.Icery"t tieaen .1I..n' Foot-
;:*-, who pay -nornitiu-ly fir the l':,, e male- t' ur n.... .h,.... I"rl ca-v. CAPITAL .
Penacolnnd tn-tr fX'tllei'otthepat { I M itI.acrrt.n.'jr" (.>' .....u,,,(. ...II..u u.i-1 $7
1 rrirllt'e: fl( a..t"ting 111 the Jeio:: na* miif a la-tnir: [I".nl'm"'IHltiou : 'ml Ur.-t!, ",etuter Try it t. .!<..i MI -

jiroc.-- ; atnl (fI.. truly kind "f law for thm iu the fufir f'nail.r .',"(.iru lu'nitip ii----! IIl1-. 'i.-4;iii:.<.. Hnr.-tarza.r. ..HJKK>' ui.. i. \ $12.5b.. Surplus to PolicyHolder5 5$1.. .{. ..

The Mitertdininthi year will )? ,.ItJes1hrL Ul'iL'-d: .. ". 1
that could: p""-ily C'-rrtct tar ev.l r- tee :''' :0.:: \
in no 7. !-& d"tract tr-)nl the m-n: of
would b v nut :-> :oblstock gttm farmer flue, and H- tore are t--" w.-ll JOHN T. S70N5, Pr srdcnt.

barn; aI.';;:eter.IANa Sct-uwn to the citlZMi"f" I't-n-icola. CITY TAX BOOKS --- ---- --
i-ibiJJin : the ordinary I' will h'' qnite UIH.I:'!' "',I.-}' to !ur- ,
tier talk ni t'--ni. Write;; the Itte-t: improved form- Accident I..,'" .
forms ot t'rtinblia. are n.t.rio'.1lvt TILE DAILY NEWS tenders nnny To Close June the lott. R b [ PAVx FULL INDEMNITY fir V'HKK/.IM -

ditUcult to enf.irce. They are intended than:'.; for aa mvitanon t.i witti ':- (GERSON.i I m O\\'NING, IIYDHOl'HOBLCHOKIXti in +ttl .

I f<>r thepnnectio'i. f ;he i.JjI the itaerein; exerci-(,-. Tax payer, my books ANESTHE11CS: iwhenadtniut-tertdbra reialltrph! \ .6 '
------ --
rant an,t the unwary, oat these cannot PA1'4'f ADDITIONAL IlKXEFIFS. if I.UM ..
A Fcsr !Viiliora: Trill close
be protected a;ainit t&eiu-elvps re so govern ..... a piiSMitrf in or upon a public conveyance {>f"j'*il Kj h\ ::0-1| r .
and tbir own11 rropensitiAs LntPly-tarred in 111\,1"11 "lKMuflie yourself accordingly. -'- ,%_.?. TKICITY ; or while ridm2i!. r-.fll.rtHi... ..,:. .
could no! digest hi- Joi-d.! K'irlu :\' or in chn-equence of the 111'UNI.NO of n HUILDf'; .
the I: .It m'"r-; Sau recently rtmaik- -" of J>r. lain:', New Ltf pald !!.- 'T Z.PARKER'S -UTK is in at the: commencement of FI RK. or by KS j'l. >- !
t-d with r'-ft-mice- t., the propoedinterftrmce %'<> h'.vavfocJ littn. They ...1. McK. OEETING, HAIR BALSAM FRt t:-nunnery. Locomotive. Minu or HortablV H .

of coigreU'blb.r -* : .trerl thell the -touiach aid (lut" :. Tax l't'tuJrl.. PO tai, 1vnuM b.ac' to pwrtS the balr. THA CllAIkOr
tin prninote a--imiUti.i, imor.'folP'l'tit. City Collector. 'r ll ;tr rate to 'or (
f l r. HaIr to Color.Guabw'Ddt" .y PAYS yon while PART \ LLY Dibl .
iM'iurr. out:5t to *tVtll h a :.1 i'm Youthful I'ricf [ .
L'.jC. Motley h ck if
: -
: 'ot. a h'r
; ,
put 111.III...t.. ftliotarllt' t.iti the dru.'si-c. lil rfoutli! Pilif.ijThe } ____ u_ ___ __ ____ __ .. further particular, call on or tchJrt.,
'Iul b..r th- >orr f U n matter ablehwrh
cannot o1..rt..1, .land.. Tbrrv may street. Pensacola'Great Ufi$

todliT-r'-iKX i-'opinijn on til.. *ut J..,'t. .o ,. rf Kyig\ A THtRrt H. H. THORNTONH5SV

doubt the \nlt..i woLllfntcranr! [ ;letlr. [" q'J". r" ; i .
., : G.'h 1:i ..kt :
prtbatn all r'1tnal. pr< Usntiui. ttlrct .try : Novelty Hoase
latrrfrrruer.itbtb.L LUSlurisuf"br!> I < :and }'I. \ ., tIscu0S

ii.$UU.rttuu" ot tb- In mloot.. : cue! exists! fa the blood: : Lnvha !I ItTIt! I all ells-ta and Ir.n-r lih..al f'.1In4 of EMI'L': 't t ', _

Tin welt ambiii} ,: l'fIfZtlike the ; ca-ires !::.i::-.ian cf the COE; .. ITY. PLATE GLASS: and lIEAI.TH r.tllel"..
k' liquor hhliit, i-, in a toi'n-*', beyond .
t. mucous rrenr.e.I ; I
t f M the reach>f human '. It inulli-

.' gent p.-r-on". linable! to i fa-en in I: is therefore! ; ir:. cssible:: i : t: cur : ja. r "The
' slur ordinary i business relation,ared' t.-.2 d::s_s hy Iced ::;;p.icitCTS.: : GroceryS
,o jntJJ<'Ll't'd' by the desire to "
> get \
It is positively dar.gersus t3 rejectit. : ; The\ViIIisllarthvareco'
"t.; rich quck"; -to get something for CROQl'ETTS.TENNIS S the one nearest your home where
cothinn-teat they ignore tbe facts because I'it avsys! a'fects: the :t:.-..- Ii I GOODS ym Sf'thing
you need in the '
f concerning tack ,ambling; which ah! seta de r-:.g s the ger.era! health: : Isat I GOLF GOOD shape of family JlII/j/" t .

have brew given tuch wide publicity : is hksiy! ts cevelcp! j if.!:; ccr.r.p-I MARBLE out going down town for it. It's a great cu, r"

and persist in putting themselves HAMMOCKS, when the stock
tion kept there
is clean
KITE ( frtsh >..ft- <
and their hard earnings within the
3tany hare bees railrally: and I'f'r.IJstfntl, I ICE CREAM FREEZERS, and in reasonable variet
pcwrrrf the sharks whose business cured by Hoocj's >ar- ;.anla.! Ij .rltaT- t'e TOY:5. ij. Such a place 1.i fi r

it U to prey upon them no law that luoJ and t.. a ittuiiLr alt ratite and tonictSttr. DOLLS. WATER COOLER?,. known establishment of

could be enacted would prevent K. Loue. Califortiia Junction! Iowa j I CUTLERY.! i
writer; "I had catarrh three ytar. lost rey I
them from reaping the consequences arptite and roud t:tit c le?. My hrH rained FISHING TACKLE. I I. Have you eeen the Combined Watei Roberts
cl their fa.. IT.A me asd I tot Lad all: ovfr. I tack HWt5ar I II I I Filter and Cooler & Dailey
- arila! r.nd:0" have a rood arptte i iOPHITG ,

>luih-.'. Mill. '!eep wtLandbavenorymptnrb.afoitarrh." jHead's i is here and you \ -

may neat 0: the require'f.uts of her Sa aFarilla will want lighter CRAB XET:;. : 218.220 East Wright Street,

t-wu oBi-ptinir. A failtnir milk is Furniture and furnishingsfor FHHISO TACKLE, |! TELEPHONE
usually A poor milk. 1> irdeu's Eagle J 156.
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I Kraul Condensed Milk has been '
parlorMarston Al
the 't.in.jttj for m"r-* than forty ise. I It Is ter.er not; to put cff te.t. your the Staples, Fancy awl Shelf Good, all"+

vp ri. -'nil'io for "Haby's Diary;. rr.er.tbuy Hood': tcday. $ Finch can supply what .Novelties in Each-Fresh, Pure and Iltluz}'ir
5 il HuJwu street N. Y.
* you want. GOLF GOOD stantly on Hand. Give us a Trial O.rltr.

t .
--- ,- ,,, ,, =",, ................ "'-'= "' .""""" ,

,- "n J(4_ .lS: b 'ti i JI .- : i"U ..,. 1IJt' "'..?
W W--1r ; ) 'l !; 4 ..4.1JJ\f:" J44 "


I _
--- -
- --


I Scu'atlouai The Forbes Stores
Mioytlnz: Affray In North'I of JIaoii, Dublin and :>aT.iunah -
Town. to IJe 1'11>1111'11.

l1o roE, N. a, June 3.-A Eeriomihootiuj DUBLIN- Go., June 3.-This morning ,

: affair occurred on the streets W. J. Oliver & Co.. the contractors,
here Satarday evening commenced work ou the esreuMon of : The Politician is very much in

i ti"t'ruou*tin and Fred Parhim, two the Macoii. Dublin and Sataunah railroad ,: Evidence on the Streets. .r-- .

roun'hite; men had a difficulty over from this city to Yidalu at which I
We the ladies be much in evidence in
l acme trifler; matter. Parham, who place connections will be made with rue want to very

wan tiiree arm uiat-*!, the drew last his two distol balls taking and shot tiTue have Seaboard only four Air uaoutns Lue. in The: wamatocaai-contractors our Stores for she NEXT FEW DAYS. There will be something doing! ; don't

Irt't. first lall struck illS arm. the piete the work. miss it.
.Proud: filtered hs side, struck a rib mi I t All of the hue froii Dublin to Yidaiia

l'UCl'lJ null it w thoujat did not affect has not yet been located but
------Fr-ii enongu:
lHlU It 'nu stir.I Parham then started to has been decden on to Iurui>a plenty"ofwork
1'- Inn 'I't rD.:&. At tLu D.Jtrii: : lira? store cornerbe ; for taj contractors for tae time MONDA V MDRNING !

'o1 111, I 1 w.ii nitt by t.oustsbla Sirius, whomu being.; Cros-t.es tor tae road are being
< trirt-atfiieil to fhoot. L.v.u did lint got oat and j-trung aoug; ; the right of
fi .'w :.. trfatd Ii: 'MI hiu but it'll lu behind him alibi way. Ir is xpected mat a shipment of One case Lawns will be sold 10 yards for 25c

.d, .. Tru ,' t. oreitaL! e him. He cleared rna rails will arrive hortly. The extension: Two Patterns to a Customer.
t; 'I tntt us Le went, everybody pettiiiR will be opeuei for trafic by Nov. 1 at

..1.\ :'0" ;, out of the way. One cepro who did tile bte:t. One case Standard Shirting Prints, 10 yards for 35c

not move quick enonija, was fred: at. Taken :Liam Patlpr'1oa" Vow Want.
1 IItllfd 1 tual.y, after. live or FIX binges had lestCase to Ue Tried.DCBUX. ..

,. r ink m..d. la't-n iruTer.'itfd the coast:ible overtook: Ga., June 3.-Judce Jonn C.
h im. Parham fired and tne cflicrr retarned IUrt of the Ocuiulgee dr.'t
:.stir P. U'I I. t.ke :" has issued ALL THE WEEK !
tne shot ,
fcnii2.uuo\vnu; ; : man. au order Tax Pvectiver
requiring J. X
... r t. f t luf Lati ktruci i'uruaci 11lhe back and .
tar:'-tu G.J\\lIwarli. He u btnou.-.y, Adams of Laur 'us county to show cause I
I pail ...Id ? i ,;-.i. cot fatally, injured limnsa before him at Union Point on June 10 50 pieces 8 1-3 and lOc Ginghams for 5c yard
: be should allow \V. These, Comprise Fancy Dress 1'atttrus Shirt Waist :Mjlm 1-'I' .
.." I....... ,! :\ > LI>L Lit.CONDITIONSJNJPpRTO. wny lot J. Joiner
of this to in his
county give tax: returns
,' r I f'Y' {o. I, RICO. with the clause pertaining to fertilizers 36 -inch Percales at 0 0 7c yard

lor use on his farm left blank. This is Compri'p More Than CoO De.ilIouitllbe[ for Shirt. ,ShirtVai.U and \Yr'l'i>r"
P "p.t I t i'r i|>lp Aii.iptln: 'hl'lII..I'1\'l'5 to the a test case, Mr. Joiner acting for the ,

tait! I.u .II... ...1q. ." .1 IJj w YOKK.\t-\v June'oo"l'rlllllf'nl.3.-Amonj the *- farms the tanners opinion: of Laureus that fertilizers county who for use are on of Shirt Waists-Our Entire Stock of 50 and 6c Waists at 40C, Until: Closed! Out

are not taxable: .
sea.:-rs woo arnved today on the steamer -

Pino1 from Sau Juan was \V. 1L Ile at Ills Desk.;
.'H MONDAY MORNING are goingto make our Embroidery Counter 'l r\
Ii..tit, secretary of Porro Kca.Mr SAVANNAH June 3.
-Harry G.
tI V h. Haut aid that coaflictingrcnort= died Sunday morning at his Thompson residence \' You will be interested, so don't miss it.

i d" f' .. '.1'. -lu:'!! :a the Porto Paean cases I from a stroke of paralysis he sustained

.: tr fi-nrwaat uuefrraiu when he I the day before while at work ia

\ I N ., 1, .i .1 t:.. .-i l.-n.u
.. \ '., vI it would nut be mall\'lUonhs I stricken. He was seated at his dok, -
- ---- ----- -- ---
; 1\ .- -.vc-uld toe free
traue be. badly writing; when sUddenly his pen
'; }' ..; j II co and *:Je UJ.t ,: :: tat"s. I fell from his hand to the fljor. The in.I .
.J .. *' fieiv r-TiUsr-- law RoesiiiM torment will take place m Montreal, I

44't t .' .ii, ...1aid, atir I' July I. the 507- I Canada Mr. Thcnipson's bjtuplace. : ] .
E. BRA YNERSrDoumPpicB i
W .. i r '. : i .
I : : : ltl bllUu. wits 1 (la: ->> c >l- -;;:--
: gn lh7\iortatioas and wi:a -lre.aI.illlIiafall.. .

-. v'ooi.i iiuve l'UvUC1 reve- Aijmy, Ga., June 3.-Tne mouth
., .
: t : afi ttclt.i .
just ended proved a rtccrd ;ma-her in
i I' -. .:'t ,::- 1R.rio: 11!TO were imt.a -
i : '': ,- hopeful The jxiopkhn the matter of rainfall throughout; southwest -

.. f,. a.'titing tUt'selVl. t.t ttltM..' Georjju and the eorrespjridns;

\ ; : i I.', mitt t;' -' i.nIOOKJU,.: torhrltiiii month of no year shows so preut a pre
..,.. Ga h House
.r. : ;.:"."rIl11lCI1: cipitation. It was moro than thr:a
------- --- = times the combined rainfall during the
< ri--in-f 'rawtal.
month of May since 185x. All crops in

1'i I x, J..1CThe: trial of the! this section except corn are butrerm;g

::1 a ,:ilT o: Mrs. Josephine: C. \Voo"l- from tue excessive rains.Filipinos : .
I..:. v stilus' Mri. Parr.. BaKer U. lildy, 111-p.iin.
Will Slash Prices for One Week
.. Beginning
in .lt f ti.fc Cnn-tua Science church MADKJD June 3.-Among those who ,
w ''iii u was begins Lars \"cd., was re-
were recently elected to parliament
.ana-d tixiay.: 'fuere'a; .iitditional in-- are
in the three Filipinos resident in Spain. Saturday June 1st.
tere.t ca-, becanv. it wan wader They ,. ,
wis Boar & Co. .!tat that Judge Hauna. tae reader of proposd during; the course of the debate I _
tee 'Ir-t Church of Christian Science, ou the speech from the throne to bringup

\\' Fl n.1.1. MHO 1t-t ween cn.'i not bo found byti.f the question of the condition of the I :tLadip,;;' Shirt Wal..t, Slightly soiled. at 50 and I 1001) Yilrd 4 J.on4Jalt' ['..tI..e..... ttatlwlu .."II
nthivrot the (rourt hat returneilI ; Pnihppiues alleging the situation is I jc.; 'these Waj-t geld reular at 1:3;) to.a 00.) wide luyarda for jclC.I .

I ruu: a va".1IJlIlLlhi \\ouU appear: as a worse than before. -'
\lI1Cb", 1 ::
Jealousy and Carbolic Acid. I 2.11) Pair glen', I'rivl'n'; Patent Eiastlc: Drill 11l1O Pllrli: Lldie+' Full "' ...c...... 141M' H. .
R. K. WHITE, I',..,, .lent of Two I'ullroutl i Dn.\\'er+ at 45c pall Regular /i.j... whit : th..y 1,1t tile' p Ili. or J I'alr f... *.
WICHITA June 3.-Mrs. John
:. i.w Yoitk. June! 3..-At a turetingof -
.krr. 1 ...(.rUrlRK Jrwi-lrr O'Brien, aged 00, committed suicideby \
of fur ireetors of the New YoriCen- I I I'MN' Yard Scotch. Lawn Fast Colored lU y4ru; ::UO 1..11. 1..H.I..1 1'r..t.. wIM Niltt TAl" "

.4 ttr4Nlr OptlrUn, trsl rai.rua-i.: \Vilham XvsV'mac:: : pre"' taking carbolic acid. Just beforeshe ;: for 3LJc. Sick and 1"\1'0\\. at IIII' tirh.
died she said
...... u ...........1.. l l.. Kit-ill of tie Lane Store, was elected reason for tier tic[. was !
tirtidrut' of the New York Central and ),NKJ) Yotrl15 Light or Dark Calico F.t C.durlt) ttt)1'air' B.,y,,' 11t""r I'.t. earth do.. .1."

hnavin litter Itv.lroa: company, touccteil Priwsof Suj.ir: Ailv.uired. i yard: for 3: Mr. Cat o cat', reiRue t

liOCAli NEWS NOTES X"'IUlJI of na the* not Lake jet; resigned Miore the pros i 1 have XEW advanced YORK, June all grades:Arbuckle of refined Eros.su- j I ::a11'ard[ ; unbleached tea: rslaud CutU u. yard I 1)t \I..t )11'no,+ S I' r ,r .. har.. )1.-: a: .

nency. s') is now (I will" ; while it la-t.=, l0yard fur 4;;.,. I Thill." ttolf.'ry.n L'w i'rle.' ..
|>;'e i
made ccouJ"It' pre iuuut. It .
l _. ... ... ,.....,.... .404 r. I : il1iug compolay.I ; Remember the Date and Place.

_. Aiu.il2am.unl topper Director
.a N. e. J." I' Idlr" 11'6 Le h.III.I.

.. 'I.. .... f...,..,...,.f. .,"' ... SEW YOKK, June 3.-At the annual HICKORY X. C.. June 1-Reports of ,
_.._ ,. ..( :< kuvr.t '. of tie toelholaeriof II
C14'etlJ: > the \lUal1wah..1 from the flood continue
damage to come U'UfiJ. \f) 5 'J nJ ,.
> .k wr .. ye .......! 16'ahl.,1 g Coj.jier tiiKiTuny today the folii.wiu. in. The faraitrsa.oug: tue line of the 1 c- :. fJJ :)

,.?< (<>f tit* IKMWtfUCtlvH ..! .: directors were elected: H. H.U I river have commenced replanting weir t t' .t. J J JJ .
.' I al Purl Jlarrao.ll+ "hltl f. .ij. r*. James) ;stillui-in Kobert liacon. corn. S-uue of the wheat land wnere .: ett.a ) .
.. .,11" a Krt of w ..1. 1. P. Oc..tt, A. It. flower A. C. Bur- the wheat was entirely washed away ,

.1 11..1. ra,v an.iV.. Rockefeller.. )lr. KOCK.l will be also seeded in corn. The total

11 T,.... \\'.w> w'.h !<, :.-.lr till the vacancy caused by the damage of the .I._ miles of track and i 105 South Palafox Street.
Mtitn III :Marcus: D.lIThere were of trestlewont the Carolina ,
I...4rtf p tt ttiank. torh 1,400 teet on
!I.I9'hart.s represented at tha meet and JCurtn western railroad: between here
I. ...* ..> kind f.I
lU-. and Lenoir ha been! replaced, and -
Mr WeW. -eat ill -- ..- ,
I wo hit h" !; :" i-xrrul Injnreil.ViiEFLit. I. I trains are now running; through on _"Tntn:;.. In D:;: Irt.. i! DUEL WITH A BURGLAR. Rcadt1lnNotlii flCi..r -.

I schedule time. __ I "To 1':1\11,1!" M.rie (>f I''e!: big irolornlnijldm i iCuliiinbiii .
e ..1 .. ( n..f"- \ .. W.L., June 2.-A batureeC lo.':''': i.in-MI-p.-i-o-u I !h.< f ,: II..b a ..j: I odi
() fliU..t 1'usi..:i :-! \\i\\! R:,It an Lyn- (J-ruMii .
II .stuck ta'naN i> reptrred Oil the Pitt burs.Ojlo : |> ; :<- : "vtIng0.; i( .11 Vt brl.. i mare cf 1i.. 1 ,
tie f ,.., uf ,.... !. N.ifi ; OrELiSA: ALu, June C.-The contract :ri:: 'iiker. "cn>t-. as m-'ili ::s it would | Mil". H 4 .rolil|. ......., '
Valley :.ud Cincinnati railroad UOI.DU:1'J', 1:1. Jnn" J. .\t i 1. 'c.
w i;
Diytoti l' :k'SeL. .
'.. hnu Ir. .\ h. !iiiul.l a innirrati' izl..IIl"'I"c. i: t,1 M in .
near Powbattaa. Two tw.'r.ons a.i has been let for the new po-ttflice furniture Sunday riorui",' Ol.lor! Iiermau Kcv- 'i that 11.1.; .
I ..|. -It.t r are "\"t a'l: of the great: buildings require'nnniia" t I'ajwi 4nr t Id.
.01.. f. w'iirtluft.d *
.. jared. wIn he Sm-iu-d! bv July 1. Two I i lit ."w ( 't<'''"lftr t', i.
;\ U'U hays! th.'ir principal: exposure in *.uei a ; the i-ixtei'itu: Street setwll .
----- rural nail Iiell'l"Q to tv..r" II :hrt./a .
routes are I.
: K.e.4pe'l. l.ynelllns. I more dirretin! that Le are not 0''I.,1t.tlle\ bui.dug. O-Seer I
N.irniWiy ; : > Ileyi'utisi.eiril! duoi,e i ,.
be established here, making tour route not ><< i".ti> M '," .
H> i. *.*yro Tretlbr. PIT'Ht'WI. June 3.-P onjamn Setti from Vl'l'hka. sni awl khi'ilr.! ou these window iluriU' iu tae rear u ice buimiuj. and wtut I Hlor'.i.WI' *i : .
tiie l.oui the ot'U-cs! are ficeupied. into th" sari ti met -n:' Ir" A.he j .
:: ha.ff. .
1"14" ? rut- elm IYatrau al'ed I'S! )'l'U11:1r'owly: -- -- -rrd n t1. '
The climate of noiil'ern Ontario i-I .\:1oJllt'll., cf ,,. Hiue merent j ji turned me corner of ih buudm hedistiuzu'.shed |I ib her
4 Idtttl* i>( l at tae liin J of inffrmttri ('our" {; l puin hit k !
Iill < 'ttilera and e caiie< lyncnins an not unlike thru of northern J-Un.'l'. niul,1 I liuildin: tl..t dn nut require awning* tue form 01 a :uau lu tue reli. f. !:!.. .*.*. 'f .
mob of 50)) ) citizenof :McKe: 'apurt soil Is to that of thicklj. shadow the builitinz. I I'hnare 1'.A111 n.m: '. .
m4< It M tiihml its equal many (.Min'o sides. hut med them on otlnr.s IN 4 t: ill
...ti.. l >. I..!. til> Mlllli P\ tll.!:\y. fcetti is alleged to I peopled portions of the old \\oriu. : or in murtid w cti."Il'ie. \\ youuoiu the; here heaiked.Alnoj << .. ! Lett a..aul'fd -J-year-old nauuter;: of instantly woul.HIt' l.or- ... .
ii I i ;" Hr.4 u.>* I : with : and t. 'it t
fur in-tnico, is- a building .
Th'inus UlH ft'L police weretoreed 'l ; jlar.'b. was Sc il'eJ.rJ dozen sfei* .iif.beau .
:r*:.' !b' t. rn in tli" M uv their mares!" to i keep back 'I The Uomnns built LlnI)1about th r aJtuit l.tNJI' nin-lros. of \\'h!dl I .
oil. h.'I'" .1 .w'. .>.. I : but London wall nui t t IblNpaln I.J ,1.1 '."'0; .
I) was
tae crowduiie anti was oaten to the y'arO A. theivtVc: <<1:1 aI'" --r.i'plicd! wllh :amines i and eight shott! were Crini iti 'Ile IIIUItt .
t4 boo tlitu *- "II. a take I
itf .I.
poiioHtatioa.. The child is in an un- built until UuG A. D. "Alu.tlie.' luihttng: : I hale in l>iii>d huts less than a inmate's time, "aou ot uie bold tJlJ'" H. ... "
i m* in .**- 1ut.t..Itir' r r l r '
CUU-cs..a. coViituiii l\u,1111ay not recov I alarm .1'-'O: windows. 1 don't know men firinz: four tinit-a as tart as GIPScould and ...
h"p..Itat all wrt
11 H r'oII4r..u Call druir and get i 11 : .II. e
at jtcre i I .
exc-itemeut eii ts in iloKe any war pistol At tJio fonrtai .
rr.treat .
hew awuit: : they! Irnxe il.ere.in will !. ..r .,f.. ,
N hllld! "tn nil >r<4 Lat i I free of Ohiwberlaiti's tom Corny ;: *< * sample :
.. and frttn is shot the luau tronC and 1: ,
: strongly guarded i ran ';\1I' u-
.r < 1 bjr tilm dru,. purt -- - -- I ach and Liver Tablet*. They are aiI I :: if 111 is supjilied in the same proji'i- following aud :irUls: ae rau. Tiie oih- 1'1"' rai.W. ..11"*..tt l- ., ,
.lf.. aN' tau the ,oh.! that would it Mil drllI.- "1./ ..... 11' ,
I Yes, w-f really make the smootht j I elegant{ physic. They ') im ; as ( r z\\v\ I ccr fired two more fhoby \vhicu tin.f ; I.

..- and teat ice cream that are pro I prove the appetite, strengthen thi e 1'Jh.i':! 1.UN) a untiles. I dare say that. his MX:! .;hiotor had been cus tied. 11. (

I t r M < f. '.!(. ItI"PlI hy anv onp in this or any 1 digestion> and regulate the 1i\.r:1D(l' !in fact, jon Gould i stud in ilte e't:1' : is sauced that: the man was not injjnred. m!I

..tl1f'r ('Ii'f' can prove it. LetMow bnwPl!<. They ate easy tn tike am I ?le liuild'issiith: : orate than a thou-! as he wa rcnuiu? like aiittr. j i YOU A mustW.nlhr ; :

i ,.in A! Hf tun note n+ you.Vet Florida team i, rlfol ant in ellect. For !ale byaldruggits I 'anil; 3\\'lIil,. The officer lo-t sisnt of rUt bnrsbr in 1 j
.. : and medicine dealer for St. JohuN all.y. OCicer It ynold' cnu.a;
"Ymi to!
.I'uld lak- th 11lkrry. MH-. j i'lvt awnins1' some ",
i I I j 'a .1 "' R", ,' _.
tell whether the I *
," ........ i'. "\trj ti., ---- ------ :, of th.!: ...'pnat ii.dlern: bitildttigNitit: unt i not ... uiau was white u.blac. ; i you t" i.I U'ttl ...111. H.! .II.. '

I .@I tt11t Mr. .. to ijUit"; an itch:."-Now York Sun --- -- i \\.tIlI''I' r If III
rh. bf.. -.. .... "} ... .... r---.r--.. .. ,', '. The rinse For Him.
uwfc public *' :
rr'r".... .. '--piTT-. S-Jvl u.- (I J K. K*. A (
"" If) till t.. JlCt.iU tt, V.; ;ft I I :\ I'111!Jinn I !.e .'..I. "Grncious! You nuts mean to say 11 N Pjf! .t Mt
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