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+, "'Jl''t' t '1Ie!"Mtt1 :Tt T\Mop.;Jbd'J! { rulL !9 ...,! I r.-\(! ) :h"a, quartermapter'. ldthtJ 3d 1'IQe..tol9peDtI''a
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l' t Ctl ti H} ; '1"w'I:1I; ,r ui':i'1'i'f e '. s 1 4r. J.t- -4" pa.saRe-., .o.1Jer.. ._. portion of the season. .UJlm.



''i:'..::_':' ;. "-._ ..-_. --, '-' '- ., -t ,. .. ;-' w..dn __.' >/t.P.-ids" -.i..o._. ht. ac waei_. ". ', rJ, 'fi' ,, <. \.. i -' "" : -, d'i",, f'_..< ,f

- 3 f W NSW -



--- -- .
..'l'r.s ;
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-t :.0.
FOR .u S 'J. 1"1
...,,' ":' Ii
.,;:';. f1. '..1"
-. ,
ABOUT War Ocr Grandmas.Studied. '

To the obSMreuvuo! today go' to ;:Ir-. 1 I..
What is known as the "Blucs'Is
school ana are taught in well explainedIcfcsons .

| seldom occasioned by actual exist It would seem strange If their

jl2; external conditions, but in the grandmas should toll them over again CO LIDS THAT HAIG ON 'rt 5'r

great: majority; of cases by a disordered the funny wayS that examples weregifu ,

; LIVER.- -> }; whEn they went b school. In

those days children had to think harder .- .1. :

which may be demonstrated I Dnd're given luv.ch les help with So frequently settle on the lungs and result in Pneumonia or Consumption. Do not take chances on a cold wearing 1r .fi

by trying a course of I their f-tudKs! than they III'lOW.. DurIng the- away or take something that only half cures it, leaving the seeds of serious throat and luns trouble.FOOT'S .
jour grandma's schooldays 't: i&--:: :

never had racks of lieads and n5: .'\? .!"
: sticks as objects by which addition and

Tutt's Pillsthey I. fculitr.utiou! could be made dear. She i

i never had iiial examples shown by diagrams ,
... '11.,... 1
i at the beginning of each new HONYATACures ..i! ,"t "'') 1I

and iHUtion of aritliiiictie, but hud to put I ', .1 .
control regulate the LIVER. 'ij Ii
j 011 her thinking: cap and study them I

They bring hope and bouyancy to the out. .J th. .11

ninJ. They bring health and elastic Now, here is one example something 'h 1 : -1.

j:y to the body.LANO. like those grandma had to \\orlc!:, and Coughs and Colds and P 1:J';> "' ...t.
quickly '
SUBSTITUTE. when you pee it try to get the answer, preventsPneumonia t ,

and if joti cannot take it to her, nnd it .

.- Is safe to that she will till how 4&
say you
licr rirSuss. and Consumption f\ {
hla t) cuaunciue to work it. }
\\ ain! ; I' j. -i to count
Here is one given in rhyme, UI! several MTrTrIk
|t. can geinruiiy!! find plenty I I .1 "
1 "
t"". :. .....' 'i i f-.r. although; sometimes: were rot that time, which added ;i I I I & CONSUMPTION THREATEKE3 HAD BRONCHITIS FOR TWENTY YEARS _l .l, 1.:'
interest to theia as well us educational)
: :" :.' things! which! rrlsht: C. Unger, 211 Maple St., Champaign, III., writes: AND THOUGHT HE WAS INCURABLE 4i i '

. ,! by other people: as al. tests: I was troubled with a hacking cough for a year and '. ".to -'
As I was beating: on the forest grounds I C i thought I consumption. I tricd a great many Henry Livingstone, Babjlon, N. ., writes: "I t : .

.. .: ul>Gut tie wcmbiful l'l starts a hare before two houixls S I I remedies and I was under the care of physicians for had been a sufferer \\ Bronchitis for twenty years ; :; I. J
l The Uo-.s, bung light on foot. liJ fairly several months. I used one bottle or FOLEY'S and tried a great many with poor rssults until I usedFOLCY'S 't .
-r'd Las icade and how
\ run HONEY AND TAR. It cured me, and I have not HONEY AND TAR which cured me cf \ 'ti
to lot> thankful fur" Unto her fifn.n jarda just twenty-one. jj .
i Bronchitis
been troubled since. my which I supposed was incurable. \ ,1 I !
"i \\ S. locking in hfr old GREATEST THROAT and LUNG REMEDY ,
The distance that she starte.l' up before .
".. w Hi a iar! cf Kn'tting; ;: Was four-core sixteen rods and no more. THREE SIZES 25c 50c and 100. Refuse Subsidies ii

1, 'r luinK and a placid smile Now this Id hare you unto me dec'Ian ,
llo\\ far they lan before tiny caught the .
.. .,', !"ifid" admitted her niece. I hart. __ ----l SOLD AHD REGOsTslEHDED BY 1 tt'\ j
:.- ,1 everything turned to _i IVw. 1'0.hout lillr. \V. A. D'ALEMBERTE, 121 H. IMlufox :Sit.The : 1 H ,

j. ? .. 'i :Lire's lightning LOW. If It The Chinese who 1me plajed with \1i .,.
1 J. '. t !." !i fur that, I never should kites iMisince the beginning of his -- ; ..;

: ,"..' i I. 'I tl-oso fine rods! on the Lousen t..rmake huge; kites in the shape of I'M r it :llonvclrllp.Paris KrnI ".Mi Ser:.ni.. E. W. PEAKE ''''-GOL1Y-"' .t .' .
; 1
: that make me feel so safe in dragons and arrange;; them s.> that they has l-ccn .1t'!('l'ilol'l as a gigantic In New Caledonia sea serpents arefreeiuently -1-- -\t" I' ;

., ;' .:.l'-r .t"J'mnd there's smallpox.! play a (I\WI'f kind of IUUMC as they mlI:-rtl':11: with Ihnr dfMirs Libeled sc'c-n and sometimes cap- Electrical contractor and builder, : 3 r
:; ist and Corn ti1i11s i :
? Meal
l' .1 huhVt been for that we never lloat hU'a!;:; in the air. The Chinese belief resInet! iu ely, hotel cafoand n'stinrant.Th Uired. They are curious creatures, the will do your electrical work in first- fl: ;

-.n: .',1 1 hare known the blessings of 'e they keep oft' evil spirits. city has about l,\,0i ) hotels. Thereare brad be-ill: very Finn 11 aid scarcely |l. F. GONZALEZ A CO. Prop I 4 ,, .
class style and at reasonable rate :
\ ,."< >,at ion, and if there hadn't been Mr. llddy the kite king, of Hajonne, restaurants in c\rry lilotk, nad jou distinguishable from the bo:ly nnd the !' {

ii.irMghtcd folks nobody would have :\. .1., has sent up kites to which a can thud cafi" at almost! every step. tail being formed! like an oar. In length He can be found at 30 outb Palafox U.nufactlfen ,1.. "

Mj'i'ight; to Invent magnifying glasses camera Wjis attached and he had it ar- At almost any restaurant yon are sure j I they are generally between three and street. Phone 203. tHOICtMF.AbANDPUlttiG1tOU1WSTOCK \ ..

I tnt: M.'cs. I declare, there's a sight: of tanged; so that he could take a picture of ;:'Ml.l cooliln You can cat well anywhere four fe'ct. FEED. ;" .

li.ru's to lie thankful! for." while the kite was sailing; : aloft. lie and at any price.( There are III the Jaw there are tiny glands containing MIDW1FKUY. Patronize Home Industry, for there Usrery I '
mason should bay Meal an4 4 .t
succeeded; in getting many biidseyeievs I !;I'U'f"of places whore the meals cost poison; but, as the mouth Is'Cry Stock Feed from yon the Home Manufacturer your ... :.

\'i uf Xl'York city. as high li as in the better restaurant* of \ small it Is difficult for them to The undersigned takes this methodof tor by so doing you encourage borne lndot l .
The form j
:offering: her services as a try. Your money U left In toe oommnnltv ,
:Several men have tried to make kite NeYork and hundreds where you .'. and the nllth('s handle them fear- first-class licensed midwife, having and you in tnrn are indirectly benefited. ".J" '
Multitudes are singing the praises fair dinner for oO cents In fostering the home manufacturer yoa .
of can get a ery ,
Charles II. IH'IIlI'on le .
ascensions.! y.M. bad 35 years experience.Can OOntribute to the .,aule of labor. You owe I '",, '
j Kociol the which
i new discovery carried feet or, if yon would have wine, for 10 traveler, best of references from *
Portland: Me., was fifty Kermogant, a European give Uto thecDmmonlty In whlcayon lire H 1
J. II1lkin: ;; so many sick people well 5u the air on a tingle; kite. cents additional. There is one stock witnessed an exiH'rinic'ut at Noumea j leading; physicians of this city. vhlob contributes to roar tojiport. :; ..1-

...J< weik people strong by digesting The weather bureau makes its oVsenations. cnmpnnj which does an enormous lnisi- which shows that under certain conditions MRS. M. OIDDENP, ;

what: they eat, by cleansing and I by moans of kites. Insteadof nevs in suppljins cheap and good fcxxl the sea serpent can do deadly jltf 114 South DeVilliers Ht. !'. '4 4GOULIING ." '
fur I'arH.uis. It founded l> --- --- Herring B fOS.
weteninjj the stomach and by striiii; it UM-SS line piano wire to fly was y a work. A rat was caught; in a trap i } ,
who has his still in cliffercnt '.
iiisforming their food into the the kites with and at tho Arlington! Luicher sicps and Its tongue was grasped by n pair ,i .. '

.....d of pure, rich, red blood that kite station opposite Washington! ;; the parts of the city. This company of pinchers and placed the mouth of I : '
has IINJ or more restaurants where jou The linme'di- Have specially. constructed ?on8 I '
serpent i
feel all Mrs. kite wire Ii itried in by steam" powtr. a sea seTpent. H.1FMftN'8r
.kes good over.
you can always lie sure of good servIce and ately llt! it, cud the rut died iu foic for the removal of dead animals! 'j .' I
.till, of Troy, I. T., writes: For '
.I TheVundrrfnl load none. pood fiHid. You pay' for what you cat minutes. from the city limit J l It'
i .,uml rc>( year:: I wa troubled Will dead horses or cows for p
:Many early writers bare aseriliutiWlI1(1t1ftII and l.a.sfor c\erjtiling, but the prices remove .: os .
wi'1!, niilijestion and dyspepsiaic'i 1 .. One Dollar each. t' 4 -
lo\v. .. .
ere -- "
tHa.lsIItl fros '
to :
'\\' :' ':: i'w into the worst form.Finally qualities ;; !Y ; Address HE1U1ING BROS.:: <. ..
1 wainduced! to UA Kodo! niid also to the various harts' of theirtsiily. CARPENTRY AND leavenrder4 Goulding .
Nnpulcon'nA 'jf'mpl'r. Or ; f; :
lad after u-iug! four bottles; I am en I IIn.h' I, 1'toleniy" an ancient Crock: r: FRUIT STAND j 133; East lutendencia street. 2:' -
is told of sudden Into ,
: story a race ,<
cur' d. i heartily writer, who was one of the leading his ELECTRICAL WORK :
: which :\IHII'On: I. fell one day as he t I
:< dl l to all -=ullcrs indigestionldyp"pi. instance '
tuna liS of his lime belie\ed fur -
.: I |: Take a dose after was at dinner. Ho had scarce partaken I i l t
if toad brought into 315 ,
that was
i-: It digests whit you eat. I u of a mouthful tthon apparently some Ring: up Pearl & Dolive, phone 600( ,
the midst of a mob or olh. r large gathering if hive electrical Next to the Postal Telegraph Ofliee. '
John vou carpenter or
: :'s 1'iuruiacy: tihcpard, iiioppnitune( thought or recollection! any
'*u.: \aiL1.! (If people "silence wuuhl in, tautly stuns his brain to madness work you want well done.I .
y : and t-
I.atia historian Fruits Nuts Candies .
1'1'1'\111. Lliy n ,
? from the table without rising; from T
SEND YOUR ORDERS i says a small bone found in the right his l'halr-his suiall stature permitted will repair your watches and Cigars Tobacco &c. ffi1p1Ig'1 f : I t
side of toads of age is beliecdto :
proper that-lie uplifted hH foot--dash went jewelry in first-class style. J. 1 ; tj'
have the \arioiis dements. *.. 1&
In\\'t'1' our
1 ) the! table! crash went the dinner; and Stephens. '
I I will immediiittly 1 i ii
'Itoiling water j'
) I'etrl & Dolive for carpenter or the emperor sprang up, intcndiiiK to Full Line of Stationery. ,

lectrical! _work, lirpair work a ,1 cool if this h"ube thrown Into (pae time room. Quick' as a Ilahi his: Try Gunther's Candies at I l' '!
1Ihe ', !." "nor will the 4 l
-i'l'CI'llly. \( .Sl' says l.ivy, waiter Fciatched few magic: symbols Solomon's.CASTORIA. '5. .

-- water again 1.:1:1 until the iKine is remoid. on a bit of paper, and the emperor'scluck LARGE STOCK OF FIREWORKS. } "
To lind this bone, lay the dead ,I .:
: grown mol'than double.Napoleon (ft I
BEST FOR THE toad o'i an ant 1 hUt. When the ants appreciated the delicacy of : f

IMMeaten it all away e\eept the his attendant and said, "Thank you, I j ,-
I bones take each I'.ne separately and clear '; i
my Kuiund with one of his inimitable -
BOWELS : drop it into tlie boiling! ; water. Thus smiles.! The hurricane had For Infants and Children. : ) 7. ;

may the \\oiulrous toad. IHIIILe dis- blown o\cr. The Kind You Hays Always! Boo$ These. : tiny Capsules are suicnonPulsara .t.)t' '. :
tG )1 Ll ..
If I I'I a r iitnrf, htviHLv: movement of th* ,C'vp: : \ .
,. coUH'tl.
_I-.1./it or, .in viil the I b t.h> Ape Kipp of your\i" Look Out for Fever t (l""l" :' tn" Injt'<:tl'JtIJJDY I t'
I ,j. il.in"r-rou<. TiiH p monthT Bearath, A '
the :
sointllnrklmi DI rw-y uireiu45 hours -
T \\ it kfHinb' iLe tuwtlt >K Biliousness and liver clisordes tar Ck8d When Santa Claus ]
ir laku .
To teach bark wouM p&t..r j. "" : ,
dog to
a ; : '''ee 3."'" 1tb".IIIY tn-'IJ "
this be :
CANDY season may prevented by !- I
CATHARTIC M'l-'ii to be as inpo-Mbe! a task as cleansing; the system with DeWitt'8 I _.4! : '"I"! 'I' ..e I'IqIICr.ItT i'

teach.n-' : ch.M;' not to boy, not Arrives
try or a Little Early Ri-ers. Thee famous .--" : J
t.. tt Iii "1'in.l. Jut t'i<'re is a case on n'o.1J I little pills do not pripe. They move ..

u lii-re a clo4; w.is so taught, thoughit ; the bowels gently but copiously, and You welcome .
can him with cheer F.
ti .i. the trainer three jeais lo accom- by reason of the tonic propertie', J. E. DUBUISSOX rc? BROTHER, ; .
Iive tone and to the fulness and brightness when your ;
stri ngth glands.: i
1'i.h: it. Thou i Le thought; he had a dog;
,, H-UKis' Pharmacy John Sheppard\ COUNKIl TAU1UGONA INTKXUKNCIA STUKKTS. home is illuminated with gas. ;4 '. l ; :
ltt.it cl.liirctl; from :1111lh.'I' d ;!s i in thorid '(

\\ I but in this he was lHi"lak"II. for Sidney Kahn.:: Dealers in Exclusive The holidays should be cherry, and ;. : ..i.

>.i -ie are at It "' .t tl.ree \arieties nf dogs; for your dicing room, your parlor, .. ,

CAT 'EM LIKE CANDY that ne\cr lark-tllI' lion hcailed clog First-Class Staple and Family Groceries -: hall or bed room, there is nothing ., ,'I
!'i ,iltSIr, IVtent. I-ictt)nood. CoGood < like the soft, rich lIght that radiates : 4
V, .. .n. (irli10,c', and M rent of Tibet the !shepherd! clog; of Ku'jpt: t VI rRY R & N ""i .

'i for frxe tam|,u*. en4 booLltt':3 tn and Australian dog. These! roiiMbe 1 FRUITS, NUTS AND EVERYTHING REQUIRED TO MAKE THE HOUSEKEEPERS'HEART from nected good with//-tas.our If pipes you rend are not us a con : I I ,'

"S. ULM1KY ronr&VT CIMUt.Oor XEW TO UK. the right kind for pets, so that GLAD AND HER TASK LIGHT. pos
tal or telephone us and we will have .
KEEP YOUR BLOOD CLEAN 1 ncnoiis peopleould not be disturbed WHOLE SALEFruits Ourioxl-i are Received Fresh Every Day. our PrlC1'1't'ry Moderate and PurchasesDelivered your house lit up by Xmas ,
i i at night.; The law in some countries is Fr..e to any part of tho City. We aNo keep a Larijn Assm'tmoutol Crockery .
Tinware,Ac., and you do not have to go elsewhere for what you n "d. ;"
seuTe on night barking dogs in
cry :
1AwIl Japan, for instance, the owner of one S ,

Is liable to ancst ami to a penalty of ,
r one ycars' work (IU the complaint of P.O. Box 326. J. E. Dubuisson & Bro., 125 ind 27 E. Garden St., Ptntscolt, Fit "\ -i ;

: 1 any one who has been disturbed by the !illd Produce. PHONE 66. : t.DR. .- ;
:a.U1i1.y Grocoi-s.
| barking.

Kettle Drld .... 127-129 East Government TIME TABLE.

: Perhaps the mo-t remarkable bridges TRY NEW DISCOVERY I W
Keeps constantly on hand and can ,
a 1 in the world are the kettle bridges in
Russia and Siberia, of which Cossack ship at : FOR THAT COLD. .
hardheads ; lluta 15jfras: in 150 1 iN EFFECT VECEYBEH 1. laul
sohlitrs are expert builders. They are pound baa' KestMichigrau Potatoes TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE. 4
: ,
R TA URAN T built up of the soldiers' lances and
1 Red Oloba Onions, Extra Fancy New Orleans and Mobile. Cures ConsumptionCoughs; ,
cooking kettles. Seven or eight lances
Ben Davis, Baldwin, Russet, Hub-
::1. are placed under the handles of a number bardson and New York Spies Apples Colds, Bronchiti?, Asthma, I y

I of kettles and fastened by means Florida Oranges, Ruatan Co- So.8 So." So.2. I NOB. I No.1. No a. rneumoniaHayFeverPleu- :
7JIi a l2l5m 11:01p LeavePeasacols..Arrive 5:00: a 4JJ p 8:00 :
: of ropes to form a raft. A sufficient coanut, L. L. Raisins, full weight; 8:00 a 2:27 p I:n% a ; L"ave_ l'Iomllton van !:8.j a 2:30 p 7e II II risy LaGrippe HoarscncBS
number of these rafts, each of which Texas Pecans, Mixed Nuts, Mixed 11:00.: :2'lp 2;: a Ltave_ Mobile _...Leave 12tOn'tlllin: 5011 ; 4
: DAILY MENUS I| Candy Large and Smooth Stick ..._ "_" t4:25p 7:110 a Leave _New lirisanS. Ll'avl' su p 7:25 a .__ Sore Throat Croup and 4 I
will bear the weIght of half a ton, are .
Candy, White, Red Kidney and
fastened together, and in the space of North. Whoopirg Cough.
and Virginia
(mprie all the Up-to- Lima Bean! ; California -
.., an hour a bridge is formed on whichan Black Eye Peas, Virginia Pea; NO CURE. NO PAY. I t i
Date Dihes Mar- I
the army may cross In confidence and nuts. Cheese, Butter, extra fine, in 11:05pm No. 2. 12:15!io.pm 4. Lene.... PensacollArrlve 4:00pm So. 1 5uJam No. 5. Priet iOe. and S I. TRIAL BOTTLES FREE. l

t* kets of the World 1 safety. 10, 21) and 80-pound packages ; Beets, 8:15am I! 8:51p m Arrive... Montgomery ..LI'ave 11:15am 8I\p: .
,.fc Afford. 1 Horse Radish, Cotton Seed Hulls in 1I:5Y am 8:1Jj pm ArrlvelI mlnltbam _Leave :!aem: .:uipm
.:" 1 Who \l'aa ..EioplI Sacks,Cotton Seed Meal, Best Shorts\ 7:05pm 8lOa m Arrive..NaiUvtiie _Leave ......"_ _.. PROFESSIONAL CARDS
2&J am'I 11:13 a m Arrive LoulnUle _1.nf8 8:11i pm 2:45am __
Xsop, a celebrated Greek fabulist of Bran. n
TN. 1 and Pure 7'Oam : 1lIii.m ArrlveClnclnnatlLeave 8:6Ipm 1I:11ipm
1, the sixth century 15. C., of whose history To arrive today, 500 boxes Indian 7: )1m' IJJ p m ArrIve .... ..HI. LoIIII ......Leave .:15 p m 5:55pm WIIC.ROWEM.D.Oce .

Ladies' Private4l little Is known except that he was River Oranges. Will be sold at PENSACOLA AND RIVER
17X a Fftlafoi.Hoan :
x" originally a sine, manumitted by lad- once. No fancy prices. r,

Send in your Holiday Orders at from 8 to 8J; a. m. and 1 to 1 p. mud S
c& Parlor. of Samos and to death the
mon by
Dining put
once so they may have careful attention No. It-Datly No. I-DallYI NO stop where time not Ibown SoD&hiy [NO. r2-baii] ,
-" Delphians probably for some witticismat ; and and before after 7 o'clock :id,
-:: packing 1l:1i1i pm 7:00 a m Leave_Penaacola.Arrlve 10:110 pm 1'-8-- .
: .. their expense. price advance. U:16 night 7:18" lIobemla_ 10:37" 8:08" Phone OO. 4 P 11'
Shipus Turkeys, Eggs UO":! TI6 ...- Ynleetra JOM" :Ol" -I.-- iI
fj your
I 1:1:28" 7:11 M _Eecambla._ II 10:82"
: Regular Dinner Daily. :Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for and Produce and get: best obtainable Usi" 7iIi": __ Mula, 10.11I": 1:45 JOHN S. BEARD -
II ___ Harp __ 10:21 II ;
.. Children prices. 1:811": 7j:: 5tO.
t. 12:50" 7Bi": G.nClty 1011i 0/7":
.. .. Successfully used by Mother Gray, nurse In 1 :Ii8" 1311" Milton __ II 10:10 II 0:7.1 M ATTORNEY-AT-LAV. ,
T 1:50: a m ._. N _Good Range I. .:65"1:1i6"
? & Son
'hurt IF.\
Orders Geo.
PromptlyFilled. the Children's Home In New York, Cure Fryer 8:11i" __. Hoits ._ 11:36" 4811" Offices-309 Tbieaea BoildiD,?. i .
__ "
oClI J 2:10": 8aJ" 1I1111all 11:10" 4JJ"2SS"
Night or Day.H Feverishness Bad Stomach, Teething Disorders 8JIB": N _Creltvtew._ 8JI" 4:00" Office Hoars-8:30 a. m. to 1 p. m. .

't-;:: and regulate the Bowels an! Telephone Xo. 2J). 1:00" 8:11II II _1)eerL&nd........ N 8:66" IU": .
.. move 1:1" 11:10 II II Mossy Head II 8.0" 1:18" 2:30 p. m. to 6:30 p. m. ,
!fi Destroy Worms. Over 30.000 testimonials. ':08" 11:85 II ..DeFunlak8prtJlIL. 8:18 II. 2:41 II Practice In all itate and federal coarti.
Something Good to Eat .
II .. T
':111 8 .Argyie. : 1:81" -
: AU boetarts
Sample entrusted to me will receive
At all drugglstsie.
-. )wlsh.jou'll find it at They Mttrfail. 11:07' N --Fonce de LttoIL7:211"
1:11" .
PILLS : prompt diligent altentlon.I
<:.. FREE. Address Allen 8. Olmsted, LeRoy \ 0:00" 10:10' __WeILYlUe___ 7:17 II J4" f
'- Nick Apostle'sPopular S.\. r : 0:08 II 10:16' -- Cal''Yllle_ 7:12 II J:'11 N ii'
b _
-- CIllCIIKsTEK'N t.-NOLl.SU 0.113" 10:110' Bonlfay 8:611 I 1:" "
"' tor 8:00" 107" _.(hlpley__ ei Jot II .-- PARKER'S1 :
I. RED *al Sold >:'' bou* With .
S It Keeps the Feet Warm and Dry. ...*nbb.B. T.Le...tJ.u. kef.s 8:110 II 11C1': __Cottoudale....... .". 1:15 I 121\8; 1I0G) HAIR'BALSAM I
Restaurant r _..-.-. ......d..d.*. sd lallaII. ,,00" 11:55 'S N ........Marlallna 1:00" 1:1. ClMutt
t.,. A.k to-day for Allen's Foot-Ease a powder ,. ...... Bu*ftf low D'ntf *rtftu ...S 4e. It. 7:10" 11:4 __cyprl'lI........ .". 6:311"' 11:45<< a III -, i-iunuu. hid 5 IUIUUDI braatiRM nu-ttu tfc* tat. I| I.
,- It cures Chilblains, !' \'eating,8ore ( fef .anl..I. TnOae.iai.t ...5, ... 7tO" 1I:1i2" N _Granef Rl4ge..... 1IX2" 112" I liver y.J!. to Bntor* Onrl .
JJ and I 'tii.a<4-r.5i.U.II.rr..p'"I-"r.llI.WO r............ 84.4., 7:68" 12:05 noon .. _.._ tlnelW11 1:21" 10:50' =: Bur to IM ToutWul Color/1 -
: feet. At all druggists Cvw K&.p imuct a bur luuft I
WMM } Aching,Damp \--- aU 1'1:" "" ., ,,' \\"lJ) ) -' 1 I shoe stores, 23c. i-u:(....r !UttltQ B......... J'illLA ft-

*- i. S.

.... ... ....... .. -<.. ---- ..- .-- :
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_. -- ... = --
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s 1


<1"It'; peninsula of Florida; and when we AN UNPARALLED RECORD.

t: talk of a "back country," we cannot Hair Vigor -

r afford to forget that the metropolis' CUSEMEJ

.,. tributary territory extends as far e r Only 35? You look at least

f south as Tampa, and as far west as 60. Restore color to your
Wired at the Poet Omce at Pensacala,
fl*..MeoDd-clMS matter. Tallahassee. 1 oo.
-. These reflections are inspired by LAST NIGHTS ATTRACTION. gray hair.Why notL:4rx
OmCB::-Pltfi Building., 211H South
> f hotel street, np-ttaln. no envious spirit. We are all Floridian Minit elsy devoid of burnt cork was .

?, after all; and Jacksonville Is the attraction at the local theatre

l : THE NEWS PUBLISHINC CO. not only part of Florida but a shin- last night. The aggregation hold- CO TO E. W. PEAKE'S,

I Terms: Invariably in Advance ing light upon the path of progress ing the boards was the Georgia SHOOTING AT No.30 South Palafox street for your During August EVERY ONE o.

.: OM Tear by Mall.. _____J5 oo and prosperity we should all striveto minstrels, headed by the celebrated electrical work. He ia prepared to the death claims paid in the United
___,_ __
-"II. Months =i so
flrst class at moderate States
OH WMk.by Carrier,Payable Monday 10 follow. Billy Kersands, wbose cavernous! you a job and Canada by the Equita
PINE BARRENWHITE prices. Phone 203. ble Life Assurance!
month is his leading feature. The Society were
Bake Furnished Application CALL AND STOCK
.herti.ing performance took well with hundreds MEAT & MALT has a marvelous paid within one day after receipt of
TELEPHONE NO. 118.PEIBAOOLA of colored and a sprinkling of dietetic value. While refreshing and proof.

white both the afternoonand pleasant to take, it helps assimilation .
l The MelropilU Tells the Story of MEN ENGAGED IN DEADLY of food. Sold byDANNHEI8BER Ami during no month of the

Their Reconciliation. evening performances. Severalnew BROS.A year has the::porcoutaRf l.u.u

NI.E[} Politics, indeed, makes strangebed features are with this companythis COMBAT LAST NIGHT. below 1)8..

season. Guaranteed Cure for Piles.
fellows. It does more. This excels the 8ociety'own

It severs the friendliest ties that Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding
JAN 2, 1903 THE TOLSON CO. TO-NIGHT. A deadly shooting affray between Pilei. Your druggist will refund your great record. It has never even
ever existed and places brothers be- money II PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure been approached by
white men at Pine Barren was reported you 50 cents. con
yond speaking The Tolson Company will resume pany.

THe: Boxers now threaten to box Politics also sometimes causes a its week's engagement tonight by a this morning to Sheriff The best and largest assortment of "Strongest

the Insurrection compass in China reunion of old ties, and it is the latter presentation of "The Virginian," a Smith. One man named Allen was fireworks of every description can be the World"

.gain. that this article tells about. southern story of a touching nature. bad, wholesale and retail, at Mrs THE EQUITABLE LIFE A5:,rR.
hurt and it
seriously was rumored John F. Pfeiffer No. 211 East In-
In the memorable campaign of Interspersed with the lines are familiar ANCE SOCIETY,
Tug New Year ia young yet, but it this: afternoon that death had re- tendencia street.
1896, when J. N. C. Stocktoc i iw the negro melodies, so character- or THE ;UNITED ST.nKXOWLES *

will grow-but not grow cold in coming crash of tbe Call forces, he istic of all plantation stories. Ladles sulted. I Hot Chocolate with

Florida, at least. rushed to Mallory, and thus defeated will be admitted free this evening The name of Allen's alleged slayerwas Whipped Cream, at Solo-

FRANK CLARK has got as far as W. D. Chipley for the United States under the usual conditions. not given out, as his arrest had mon's. BUGS.,

his to his new Senate. While the colors of Chip- This will hold a matinee
Jacksonville on way company not been eilectod up to 2 o'clock this Gl'ol'ral:1'0111,
home in Lake City. ley went trailing in the dust, the result tomorrow afternoon and close its Get your Oysters for
afternoon. Deputies have been detailed 309 8. Palafox St.,
sounded the political death knellof engagement Saturday night.HOYT'S Christmas at the Twen- PENSACOLA,

THE approaching trial of the Hum- Call. The old senator at once on the case. tieth Century Restaurant. -

berts is going to be a terrible trial to turned his back on Stockton. He Details were not communicated to Mobile selects, only

',.-- tbe headline artists also. believed that Stockton went too soon COMEDY COMPANY. the sheriff, but it seems that Allen !((50 cents per hundred.The I TIII:

to Mallory. He believed, in spite of Those who enjoy good dramas and
PEOPLE who turned over a new and the other man went together as :
the marveloua fight made by the comedies at popular prices will no best and largest assortment of IAOiY y B EAYI
leaf in the book of life yesterday
termination of heated
Chipleyius, he could yet win. The doubt be pleased to learn of the en- the a argu toys and fireworks is displayed at I
should be careful not to lose their
ex-senator in defeat went about gagement of Hoyt's comedy com- ment. Allen proved himself to be Mrs. John F. Pffcitfer's, No. 211 East:

place today. cherishing the hope for a reinstate- pany for one week at the opera the best man, but the other fel- lutendencia ttreet. I ll'huie.ale andllHail

PRESIDENT CASTKO still seems to ment, but it never came. house in a repertoire of new plays. low's anger persuaded him to go Croccrs.

have that chip on his shoulder=and For six long years Wilkinson Call The company has one of the oldest IIE.\IJv\1nEI KOK
gunning for the other party.: APOSTLE'SFine
it la a chip of the good old South and John Stockton were political and largest popular-priced attrac-

American revolutionary block, too. and personal enemies. tiobs now playing in tb<5 south, and The first report of the trouble hadit I Family, Fancy and Staple

"They did not speak as they pass- no doubt they will be greeted by a that it had occurred near Mus- oysters today. Try them.
FORMER Congressman Jerry Simpson NIC APOSTLE. I .01. Groceries, .*
ed by, and people remarked how large audience on their opening cogee.KEEPS.

is now living in New Mexico, politics could often cut the friendliest night, when they will present "Lon ------- ------ -- and All Kinds of Up-to-date Fau,'oGoode.

where the temperature is admirably cords.A don Life." HIS FAMILY WELL.: i .

Adapted to his constitutional: aversion surprising thing, however, was If you are feeling out of sort, if EVERY ONE KNOWSWhat We are Hole Distributors for WP.

to Bocb.ACCORDIXU. your circulation or your digestion Florida for the CVlebratf
witnessed in this Cafe dl.
city yesterdayJohn SPARK'S SHOW.The is bad, you ought to think first about a beautiful stock of Mondo Coffee Sweet Home ;Mola-
the Tribune Stockton and Wilkinson Call your liver Probably that is all thatis .
to Tampa ses, Illini and Climax Flour,B iyie
-the Herald recently heralded Governor arm in arm. Today they are together press and the public speak wrong with you. HEPATICURA CALENDARSwe Delicatesen, German -Ajmerfc a',

arrival that again. The smile of each tells well of the John II. Spark's show, provides for the best health possibleand I Food Co.'s Canned Meats, Etc. All
Jennings' city will answer all your need' If carry. Well, we are now closing of which ,
of "barriers burned which exhibits here on the 5th and are sold by all fir t-cla
by referring to him as a "fellow. away. you want real good health keep the Retail Grocers in the
What is the direct of this 6th. there all of them out at half price. There city.
Jt was hardly a case of "hale fellow cause reconciliation liver right, and is nothing
? bitter t -keep the liver right than is no nicer New Years' gift for a I 002-001 sorni PALAFOX.
well met" this time, however. HEPATICURA.Mr. .
1 Call, carrying the weight of years! MRS. LEMOYNE.It Daniel James of Pensacola, friend or relative than one of these I -

STATE AUDITOR KNOTT has prepared but who for eighteen years repre- Fla., : I want to tell how I
should not be in the says you beautiful and useful CALE DAH:;. The Twentieth Century
t an exhaustive report on the sented Florida in the United States forgotten much I appreciate your liver medicine Restaurant
multitude of We are also closing out all our Holi- i has received
attractions claiming
now HEPATICURA. wife had
books of officials My
Hillsborough county's Senate, is a bitter hater, and only a Y
the attention of Pensacola : been sick ior long time. I did not i a largo consignment of
which should not be suffered to few months ago he issued an open play- a day stock, consisting of Fancy
that )Ir". W. J, is I} know exactly what was the matter ;Fine Perdidu Oysters.
come to naught, even though it goers LeMoyne to ,
may statement to the people of Florida with hf-r. I suppose it mint have Boxes Albums, Celluloid Novelties, Send O'der in
involve more than one knotty prob denouncing Stockton. appear here Tuesday night in her' been some liver trouble. I had to your quick.
I, Book, Vase?, Etc., at half price.DOE'S 'n _.
lem. New York success, "Among Those1 have often
Stockton is now a candidate for a physician very but
s -- u the United States senate. While Present." This admirable artiste i'|she did not set well until she took Don't forget to buy flu.
: THE New York Sun recently dented I ranks 'I HEPATICURA. A few bottle<
I he never poke unkindly of the old high among American actresses baby one of those nice little
cured her. She H well now and
entire of its
g t an pave, SundayIssue I senator during the breach betweeul| and her appearance here ,. never complains. I give it to the BOOK STORE Rocking Chairs from Mar
to a graphic write-up of Tampa. should be made the mot of by the children and take ,
them, he endeavored to keep out of aad it
Soldmyself stop & Quina1 5k and!
Something of this sort would not best class of theatre-goers. keeps us all well. all druggists. NO.la SOITH I'lIiU'OX bTKKKT
his because he ,
way, knew how bit-
amiss in the upwards.
deep water I
port ter Call's dislike was. _ ___u __ PENSACOLA, FL.\.
of the Gulf. The bun ii sad: to hint
; .
I The!! people of Florida will be surprised MORE MINSTRELS.Allen's Fruit cake,best" made, at Pfeiller's :
I Ii : -- -- ---- --
.r beHe,
.Jprall. *6 Steam Bakery. '
i.J! -- at tins reconciliation. famous New Orleans Minstrels i I PENSACOLAPressing 0. M. PRYOR,

!.if' A SOCIALIST named Healy has Politics, at bet, Causo Piany
will pitch their familiar tent BUY AWL The Government street

.t been spouting hot air iu St. Augus changes:=Jacksonville Metropolis ) her tomorrow for two performances II ClubFOR niture man, has mtde an iUIIIIV.I''
tine. He should by no mean be 0. M. Pryor has purchased a in the furniture business, w ,
Tim HIGHT IEIHl'ln. and are likely to be rewarded by a large number of choice lots which he i i during the holidays, redm- '
confounded with our old friend, I
house, as they have 'price! on all hU elegant "to"Si
good appeared
,Major Healy. The bald-headed The right remedy at the right timeis i will sell to dfMrable purchasers at GENTLEMEN. j i I household and ollice furnitir. .
here occasion
a friend indeed. You cannot be on a previous when
eagle of Volusia may bo a "bird," moderate figure?, |: figure that will enable you ti,.
too careful about having the right! they were will received by the general I
I' .
Mr. is desirous of your Christmas present's : -
but his feathers are di1r rent. remedy on hand when you need it. Pryor buildingup : in
Itissa'idby a mm tf knowledge j I public. the eastern section of the city, One Dollar Per MonthIn thing that is u-eful and at b. '' .w
what articles!' are sold for el- v\: '
1 MINISTER BOWEN, who is said to I and good judgment that most bad''
and, controlling a large number of
i Kiiul8 Way to Live L'>n I You should call on him be fun'bl-.
be something of a in a mall health caused; by a bad liver. HE-1 Advance to Membership. 1
poet i, : lots, will sell them on reasonable ing elew; here, UJlm
PATICURA is the best liver tonic The startling announcement of a ;,
: way, recently published a book entitled which will liven up that member iu I Discovery that will surely lengthen ;;, terms to actual. .. settlers. 9Jlm Clothes: Cleaned and Pressed; a* i: -- --
"Passing Thoughts." He is'' good style and give you a great. deal ; life is made by Editor 0. H. Downeyof -- often as desired Your Clothes j
I The finest line of sterling silver sent for and Mivered. Call at Hot Rolls at 5 1'. xu. lOc
.t likely to have several more thoughts of pleasure as well as lntisfactionln Clmrubusco: Ind. "I wish to 1 ,
1 life. Sold by all druggists. state," he write, "that Dr. King'sNew goods and silver novelties U to be tlU rfjnth Palafox: and Join the I a doz., at Solomon's.STEAMER .
coming to him before he out
passes for is found at Ji I. Stephens'. Prices to Club: I
-- --- -'- Discovery Consumption
of Venezuela's revolution aU. II
zone. The best and cheapest place where the most infallible remedy that I please j I LINE SCHEDULE
-- -- -- -- '
Jacluio/l\ilIe's Example you can buy Christmas presents; i.., at have ever known lor Coughs, Colds I La i iss1 Flan skirts a Specially I II I _
Mrs. John J.'. PfeifTer', No 211 East and Grip. It's icvaluable to people LrPORTLAXD CEMENT at I
A recent issue of that readable local lutendencia street. with weak lungs. Having this won-I! ?2 00 per barrel. A. V. CLUISBS, Yours for Ne.itnes?, i 'Jetween .rn..ac..la anti 'Iill..n-It..al
Corner Urn and Garden Streets.
the Jacksonville derful medicine no one need dread
Metropolis .
paper HunK l ;
wily Except Sunday
contained a long article on "the Pneumonia or Consumption Its relief Marston G. W. IRWIN.
I $ Quina have
WENT TO SERVE is instant. and cure certain." W. a I "
great inducements" offered tourists: A. D'Alemberte, 121 Houth Palafox fine line of Rattan Parlor "CITY OF TAMPA.

r by one of the great railway systems street, guarantees every&4lc.> and $1 00 I Suits and oil I"HTIISSTISG: + (.v.Milton._, ntIIl1U 1'fnsapolai p.1rYrnencolaD .
U entering that city, and our coutemp TERM IN PEN bottle and give trial bottles free. peces; theyare +I /:;pane Ar Milton .D',

better and cheaper than I Fare,We; Hound irlp.ll.w
t orary's graphic description of the I I
{ Little Christmas C
i1. train service given-the palatial PLEASANT TIME I Ii ever or

and furnished State Agent Bridges, from Gaines Pfeiller's goods have
sleeping dining cars- always proven II'' JEWELER IN HIS

t the traveling public by the Southern !I satisfactory to their uuuy customer -
ville! arrived at the Merchan's last Cakes
this U calculated HAD LAST NIGHT ,?; therefore, ring 'phone 3(;.:; and
Railway season to i
night. This morning he left on the order your Christmas cakes.WANTEDFURS. NEW STANDI
inspire thoughtful people on this I
7 o'clock train for the convict camp FOR THE 6TH OF JANUARY
,t. aide of the state with reflections not ,

I. altogether rosy In their nature. at Archer, Fla., with Jessie! Thomas, Police Oflicer Bet jamin tenderedto Will PIeae Leave their Kings! or have moved my jewelry store '

Jacksonville has few of the "natural the young negro who robbed the his friends and relatives a pleasant No. 1 otter skins..f6.p1 to ?9.00 Tokens on the oth. 120 South Palafox, formerly oc i-

advantages" with which Pensa- No. 1 coon skins, large, .6( ;) to .80 I pied by Bass: & Co., and am n >w
hotel at Century. Thomas pleaded entertainment last at
DRAJEES WILL BE SUPPLIED : better prepared than ever to
cola is blessed. It is situated No. mink ekins, large, 1.00 to 1.50 piv
some guilty and will spend the next 12 his home, 517 East Zarragossa street. I great bargains in diamond,watch-
80 miles inland, upon the banks of a Other good* in full proportion.Ak FOR THOSE OX SALEROCH'S jewelry, etc. Call and tee me u
months among the convicts.REMARKABLE Friends and associates from the po- Pensacola bank: for let
any ratingon
river whose depth is unfortunately -' 'AT"- me convince you.
all with its width lice force were aNo present. me. J. I. KI'EPHEXS:
not at on a par ; CURE OF CROUP.A J. 1v.WATK I
i N S
and, if the town ever secures deepwater Little Bey's Life Saved.I Dancing, singing; and toothsome I dla-ltn Brunswick: Oa. !

it will be by dint of heroic ex- refreshments were enjjyed.Iusic I Foiey's Kidney Curs
; ertions the part of its people, have a few words to say regarding -
t upon
Chamberlain's Cough Ilemt-dy. It was furnished by two guitus,a man- I Ii nukes kidneys ana bladder r1lht.
the liberal
and through
": expenditure saved my little boy's life and I feel dolin and a double-keyed accordion.Mr. I- 0. M. PRYOR'SIMMURE
of money. that I cannot prai-e it enough. I

e That our neighbors will eveutually bought a bottle of it from A.E.Steereof Benjamin delighted his guests i, EVERYBODY LOOKS

get all that is coming to thtm can ioodwiu, t:;. D., and when I got by an excellent rendition of "II I
home with it the poor baby could FOR THE BEST I
be doubted. ,
hardly Nobody who
hardly breathe. I gave the medicineas Trovatore," and was couu tiled to'
Las seen the city since the great fire directed every ten minutes until
respond to an encore.: Each one HOUSE
: of 1901 will ever foul himself on that "threw up" and Uieu I thought sure Here it is. Call on Hpitzer A
score. Jacksonville is all right. It he was going! to choke to death. We. greatly enjoyed the evening. ,
Thy are the Boost
had to pall the phlegm out of hi' I i try. doing
i has the right sort of pet'ple-the I wcrk that be ":-
mouth in great long strings. I am TO CCUK A COLI IN OSK U.\Y can turned out and
.f: right sort of pluck, energy and grit; positive that if I had not got that SALISBURY BLOCK W. GOVERNMENT STREET. i prepared to do any kind of a 1
.. Take Laxative Rromo Quinine Tablets ii
and it has certainly set the entire bottle of cinch medicine, my boy TbU signature ffflil t on I they put on India rubber tires 9
--t state an example worth following. would not be on earth today.-JOEL box, 20c.; O tf&rm* best on the market, on short D"
DXMONT, Inwood, Iowa. For sale as they have a full line of rt 'cr
Pensacola has about everything tire iln stock.DIJf'a .
. by all druggists and medicine deal
.i that Jacksonville lacks. We have ers. We are going to sell our LATEST DESIGNS IN=::S your buggy need npti'ii-l -r-

I plenty of water, but our people are $1.00 Tabaurette for G9c. lug? They can make it good a-! :i"a.
Do you want a magnificent watch Their price, too, are rea-onable. f'.r
'f so accustomed to seeing spread out on Dec22d 23d and 24th. ,
4'It. for little money? -If so, call on thy have ample capital to carry'
at ,their feet the finest harbor this Stephens, the jeweler. He will accommodate Just to see how many people Bed Room and Parlor Sets a flrst-clas carriage buiidiu;! d

'f. side of Newport News that they for2 you. : repairing business. D 'iit 1:11I/
will read this ad. .AI ars-
'' call them.
get that: "natural advantag i! can on
---- -- ----- I
avail them nothing, unlessthey are ton Quina. DINING ROOM TABLES, SIDE BOADS, CHAIRS, ETC. Scales repaired.:t 1"1 PIT7.Etkt'RF'.ta

- I "taken advantage" of. i,HeadacheI I -PORTLAXD CEMENT: a 15 E.a"t: Garden '

fe Jacksonville, fur instance, has, at I : sour stomach, constipation $2 50 per barrel A V. CLUBBS, Davenport Lounges Metal Beds and Mattresses. Phone 67.
least, six railroads, great and small. I I and all liver ills! are cured by ,
Corner Bru and Garden Street,
&: Pensacola has but one. Jacksonville Hood's Pills I C4.STOT1.XA. ,

has made itself the gateway Hot French Waffles with lha Ned y r He A \'
{ through'l I ran

t which is strained, as ,I 25 The cents non-irritatlns of all drussrists cathartic.or l
{ .sieve, tbe commerce of the entire I I C.I. Hood A Co., Lowell, Mass. Solomon's. araK t .,(



_............... _.;. ."-- < .-- ,.._..... .:...a5.v. .aYlF2'1t. ---=....* ,., \ ....,. .
r :: l :( r?" ) JJjtt(;.; ir l ;t '-


.. :_r : f' J.1a; \f,
besides showing up for shipments to NOBODY IS EXEMPT. ; I'i t.K'4-p,
DECEMBER twenty-one different ports, also de- .:U'- %mi"f '1i.1'
monstrates the last 30 days of 1902 to A.New Preparation Wfcich Eterjone rtt; !il!
Will Need
Sooner Later.
have been the banner one in shipping
SHIPPING circles. Almost everybody's digestion is 1Dt!
disordered more or less,and the commonest I

thing they do for it is to take 4 jd std: '*F
some one of the many so-called -1
ANTICIPATED RECORD OF THE blood purifiers, which in many cases !' 4 t 1
EWS( ,
HOTES.tsA are merely strong cathartics. Bach ? .
MONTH things are not needed. If the organsare .
In a clogged condition,they need -' ,.' ''aF.-. 1' ,:
DREAM. xZz AxAzzJls j ii6 ''f l i :
only a little help and they will right '
The dancing class conducted by themselves. Cathartics irritate the > ;

Eb. Thompson meets tonight at the sensitive linings of the stomach and ,1 "' .;?,.
I: wa by no means dull In ship usual place. bowels and often do more harm than '.tJ !.J. .J:
during the past month. \r '
circles ;
ring Ticket No. 718, which drew the good.
Oat-ide of the holidays and Sundays ant>mobile at Alex. Lischkofl's, was ParKing is not what is needed. The i! ii.. ,. ;

there| was not one day that several held by Mr. W. L. Wittich. thing to do h to pat the food in con- .t..,. .'"'J.r. ... 'f
dition to be and > ;, "
readily digested as- t-
tuudrcd men were not engaged on Rathbone Lodge No. 30, met last similated. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab- r ;;i '{. 1-;

the dock,aud certainly the largest nignt at Castle Hall and made are lets do this perfectly. They partly .T !J.

amount in salaries distributed in a Thursday ragements night.for the installation next digest what is eaten and give the ; r J fi }t tfi. :

jisgle month was the record for the stomach just the help it needs. They :!. .J-
moiith of 1902.! The dancing class of MIsses O'Leva stimulate the secretion and execre- f!, '.v :,
list ;
and Lushington will be held tonight tion of the digestive fluids and ,f.'I"I' ',
paring:: the month 4S steamships: '.' j'
at 8 o'clock at the Catholic Knights relieve the congested conditionof x 9 f
ad sailing! { vessels! entered; these hall. A good attendance and a the glands and membranes. '

n,ir. H'tiJ :a total tonnage of 58,801 pleasant time promised. They put the whole digestive system I

j.y..< :\" clearances represented a in condition to do its work. 4'

ueof M ::1'9. MASONS INSTALL When that is done yon need take no
ti ii MIH!: + 11
more. When that is done you need ..
I' .is--: Beet! to foreign ports; were as ;
take no more tablets, unless you eat a .V

f T ..mlJ'rij U_..__:P1,01S)00! ) AND INITIATEA what does not agree with you. Then 1 "' '
fc 1 ....___..__._ 52;).ftJl. .. take one or two tablets-give them '
'S.Ib, ................._._ Ij'.filO; needed help and yon will have no i
hales .m....... .........._. 2MI3! regular meeting of Pensacola 1 trouble. !
a1..... __ .
N '- .. .::- .. .. ._'' ...m... _... 2i,5.l 8.VJK Lodge, No. 42, F. & A. M., was held I It's a common seine medicine and
, ..,.; ......._._ ._!: j in the hall last night. The iustalla- a common sense treatment and it !t
, .10;. ...._ ._....... ...._ :tl will cure every time. Not only cure \
' .., W'i: 1 tion of the officers elected for the the disease but the cau*e. Goes !, .
--, Ills ..... ....... ._?.. ....m Si.liWi ensuing year occurred, with all due about it in a perfectly sensible and i f
i .... .... .h. ... S1Hrt, 9 I
..1'! rock: tons....... .._........ 5a-j. ceremony. The following! are the I scientific way. t. t''
II 'KS. .. ........ ... h.. ... :30( officers chosen: We have testimonials enough to
p plar logs.._........._. ._ (!N I fill a book, but we don't publish w :
','.ct. ... .... ..... .. I Worshipful Master-B. C.Tanion. many of them. However Mrs. E. i :

1 above are only the principal Senior Warden-C. McKenzie M. Faith, of Byrd's Creek, Wi#., '
, nit a great miny misellan-: Oerting. :
, .- It'':>};; were sent out, notably! ont Treasurer-T. E. Welles. says"I have taken all the Tablets Igot Toloj'iliono'f; /
N-rmontto South Africa. Val- o
Secretary-T. H. Fleetwood. of you and they have done their I

u wore I ?>! distributed....... ..... .._ _as follows_ _.1: eti,"l? Chaplain-E. K. Nichols. work well in my case, for I feel likea I '.

j; '. .. _.._. _...._.h............ 4.1SI7: Also others as deacons and stew- different person altogether. I : 4 .
I i ". .. ...... _....___ 432.311: : I don't doubt if I had not got them I ) .
t.-----. J.i1:1UII should have been at rest by this : '4 ,
I ,' ...._...._--.-.--....-- dt\+..9nI I ards.Hon.. C. Moreno Jones was initiated time." +
) .ftitou Buy_.?..?......,._.............? 51 Wlterdam ; I I H, :
I.; .. .. .......__.__. ..... .... .. 4.S.1SI; into the order. E. Willard, Onslow, Ia., says: 9 j ; :
1aiipico.._ ........_ .................._....... sXfM; "Mr. White of Canton, was tellingme .
A .Hcrp ____............... .. :7,2UUto : Rheumatic sufferers find Hood'sSarsaparilla of your Dyspepsia Tablets curing t ,
t. _._.. .._......._.._ ................ 1\/iitli : a permanent cure for rhim| of Dyspepsia from which he .,
-ton .. ...... .. _.. ... .... l .T'.r) their inflamed and swollen joints ''suffered "' 1
1.,a ... ..=.:.= -?_:.:.:. ::.. :: 1d.txo: i'HI I'I and still muscles for eight years. As I am a \ \\ ;1
'iro .... .... --........ ........ M.SiKl 'I' sufferer myself I wish you to send \ '
.' Bret..n .._..___.... -.. ...._ 7Hil I Fruit cake, best made,at Pfeitfer's me a package by return mail." .
.. .. ...._ ___............... 7.K71 Steam Bakery. Phil Brooks, Detroit, Mich., : : ] t j,
...__..._....... .... .. 5.57>1 I say ..
I ....___ .....__.... 5,1".' "Your Dyspepsia: cure his worked t
t, awp' ... .......,... .... ... .... to.t7; FOR LUMBERCall wonders in my case. I suffered for ; !:
, 10 nI, .. ... ...... ........ ::KA ou BEEKMAN LUMBERCO. years from dyspepsia; but am now I -
it i ............... ...... 7-11 for estimates before placing j entirely cured and enjoy life aa I 1 1I
: .. 1111 orders for lumber. dli-lui( ; '
your j never have before. I gladly recommend -
t'' -. ,,1. >\" it will! 1m readily J JI
| them.
Jfudqiu 5, fie ZBcstor $c. i !
: t: month of December I
j It will cost W;:. to find out just; how : .
I much Htmrt's: Dyspepsia Tablets |l I :*
{ .. I
I will help you. Try them-that's the I| ; ',(r. '
best way to decide. !I I j HI t ,'I,'"

m m WOiiK8 AND MCH1NE[[ SHOPS ; OYSTER SUPPER 1'I.'!I Ij j I : .t' ::1' J..:.t'l '' 'Ii i it


Valves, Cods and rvtrylli in IMS Lice Kfjt t CoistaEtljf OB Bant WAS ENJOYED,i: ; I i / {i if I'i '

I I 'f.
'''iinii( WorlltriMiit.il; l{' "ric. 1 -- !I t I i-4 t I
Prop Wednesday night Mr. and Mrs I. I
,-& ,01 ,'t ,c PHONE: 123-232. .'f .-* v< vici -< t i I :j I "
!I )1. T. Pitts entertained a number of i !
---- -- | I
fl', t!,, i I friends at their home by an oy"terI I P! S ,
;:.,': '- ----=-=.:=================-::.:::-:::-:::-::-:-: :==:: ((,@m: | i( supper. Those who were fortunate I I .

to partake of the hospitality of these 1
r "
$l-NICK'S. :1 ,
: young people were Mrs. O. W. 4 t

i I Gingles and children, Mrs. Laura \ t fr'
: ?,
I Restaurant and Buffet. ; j I Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gingles, ; [ 1 .

I, | J. W. Gingles, Jr., Mrs. K. H. Turn-
__ ., I :1' f
I er, Mrs. W. S. Garfield and Filo I Ii I I I o.

Treat Your Friends to One of j i Turner. )ti
; Lumbg- | ) 1;
A For
Nick Apostle's $ .
i I j W. William--?, of Amherst, Va., I ) at 1 ,
I says' : "For more than a year I sufI : .
I fered from lumbago. I finally tried' I ) !: r
Alluring Dinners or Luncheons "I Chamberlain's Pain Balm and it I' J
{ gave me entire relief, which all ,
\,1 i other remedies had failed to dp." ; ) !
I Sold by all druggists and medicine j i..
; i i dealers. [> l ,
Nick has the Best Service Money can { r ,
'I [ ; )
Procure and the Finest Viands ( ..' Y
[ {
the Markets Afford. I MRS. J. CHRISTIE 1 1I : .J. i
I I I f .t
DANGEROUSLY ILL : f, .i\ 'f i

Nick has Spared no Expense to Make His I t"r I : i. .! i'l-#
r j

'* t 4 BUFFET je '"se f ; I I Mrs John Christie was taken very I : ; ; ;j 1 1//; rf+t I; r

1111 quite suddenly this morning and : 'j i. t"-,. I ., n,
THE LEADING ONE IN PENSACOLA.i; I great fears were entertained for her ; : ,.

t. I. STANDARD AND FANCY DRINKS HEHVED HERE, j i : I at one time. Two of her children !I i :> .

PRKPAHED BY AS IIXIMIKT: 3IIXOIAKS1ST f 1\ have been very sick lately and her i ii ) : I ;

SERVED BY COUKTEOUrt WAITERS.:: : ( ;i nerves; have been under a great : : : .-' 'i./'

1': \ ? ; ) strain. One of the children very I ; I .: f I.'
; '! :-- -_ -=----_-==:=::=:== :.:=::.:: ::=:: ( J "/
% low this afternoon. : ; : (
- i, ;; I
I -- ------- \

!...,.o...B.NNB...................NNNBNNfa.Ni I Heads Should Never Ache. II I II : I 4,9
I I Never endure this trouble. Use at I j I [ J.t; .'''-
once the remedy that it for
I I: Mrs. N. A. Webster, of stopped Winnie, \ j .
i Hello .
Stranger I : She Pills write wholly: cured"Dr. Kind's me of sick New : a'i : I J

. I aches I had suffered from for two I {
: THIS ISeers' I jeus": ; Cure Headache, Constipation : s .
I '
. Biliousness.! 25e. at W. A.
I IVAlemberte's drug store, 121 South { .
I Ii I Palafox street. 1 \'

I Repository I WANTEDHIDES.Dry "

flint hides...... ........12lC, It. .
i I Green salt hides............ 7c It.I I II [ ; j

I Tallow, in barrels... ....... 62! n, I : '
i 609-511 South Palafox Street.
;I Tallow, 6lj.'c B.I 'I j I.
Beeswax, 25 cents; per pound. ;
i o-ru.L ll\ii or-) !ion i I Ak me.! any Pensacola bank: for rating I I i :"

. i J. \WATKIXS.. I II

i and Harness I Brunswick, Ga. I! : li

Buggies, Wagons f I Cleaning ladies skirts and waist : sl r

1 Is one of err specialties. Star Laun
.1 I II .
1,1.....S,1NHNHNM....................NNfatl. dry. .


tr 3''.

........{-;;: d" 3"
.. ..... :
--..-'- t;; 3Jfil.W} : lt t.: _: -'cli rti> .lIfiM 0"'# .i.p: ., : -- ----- -- .---.-- -.

.',... i._.., A". "", ..' ""....... irit' '."li.r., ., ';f'|'i'-...'\'Q't. ;."* -' ti':*. ,,ft.._? ,;1$,-.'.,. -''_''s.,1'.......?_ f"Ai..:, .*&&' .. ..,.'1..,:;...; ;),.'. ." "'ft.-4 tFl,,. s.r I ,">-I:. i;";.,.t -.!"::- '"'. ., ."Lf.j.].. '. ....0-.. ...l.. 1




The Txe of En, lIah. J. A VAN PELT. JC. VAN
r The Cause of Many Ruskin has said scmewhere In the Nasal r

1: GIRL'S LOVE Sudden Deaths. In"Fors prounnclatioa Clavt;era"and that the extreme use of nictty wordsIs CATARRH ,, qq4 VAN PELT BROTHERS,

? I Ir Then: b a disease prevailing in this vulgarity. There can I* no doubt aU 13 eta es Veen o
Orl lr.eL I country most dangerous. because so decep- of it. At any rltto prefer a tine be ekaJura.EIjs : ,

[ } I It itive. Mary sudden word to a Jiii one or common one ant : Crcaia KcLni { L p1ieaa
A girl FtocJ K fore a cabin d<>or in I -I" p I ,' deaths caused ; d ..DEALERS IN....
I. arc by to say wlst you have to say in a so e ,'.fhesaeUC3t! C i'
J- the Cun.Vrl.uiJ mountain.: Down the i t"c'' '' lit heart disease s
F called! fine style rather than in a natural .1:.: iJ"e3:od tucxbn c y3esrecatar.aodtlrirrq
,.' t ; .t(l pneumonia! heart : !tFuss'( ai STAPLE AND FANCY
,- itj! tli'-io wafe tLp sound of a Lor; > !- '- style Is of small cul- GROCERIES
a sure sign j-.Ui-pnih
!failure cr apoplexy \f1Y a cu.! 11 tJ.e bill!! .. ,
r 1.t)us! tlovvly t'Olang, vp, and preseutly 111, 4 ( are often the result ture asd of no taste at all. If a speaker '\U2t'j.; b3 r rt-t
I ''I r
i. r. horseman made his: appearance.: lie I =-1 .. I cf kidney disease.! :If or writer is np to his work, he will 'ream .111ll1s phcnj Into the no I
5 was a haudr-ooie "..un; ftlluw: with: a I -' kidney trouble is allowed trust for his effects to his clearness! of over the niem'j'anc and is iNsorbci Eer.cf:: is im

jaunty air and a ,h'I"l:1t milo. It isaMouNlihig I I. I to advance thekidneypoisoned thought, strength of argument force of niediuteand; a cure allows.: It is not dryics; -do*j Received Fresh Dally and Sold oa a Sm.lll1: ,.'J1Ui

: -J, : and to the cat produce sneezing. Large Sue.50 cents at Drug
Low of those i =; imagination power use Eaglih ; Free Delivery to Ary Part cf the Cily.
? si::MeiIy one 1 mail Trial Size,10 cents mail.
t blood: will: attack the language easily;! directly and with gi I-N or by ; by
blmp'e! i-ouiitry girls: will !h.c hir heart ; ELY BHUTUE S.M Warren Street New Tort
___"" vital organs or the i common sense correctness. Grammar, ___ __ un_ _____ _ ___ VAN PELT BROTHERS
to a man SUns she has not h..n ac kidneys themselves break down and waste
diction and the three things
style are "1 \\'i\.l.. tTUHi'i ) \ .
.. away cell by cell. t.tterortnd ,
cu iumid tix Sarah Rlduloy; I'lokitlilloil I which maLe the difference: between
Bladder troubles most always result from TELEPHONE NO. 23!. .+t J* J 31 EAST
the graceful li;:sere and the rasa I a derangement cf the kidneys and a cure is 1:0011T tln and bad. The grammar Daily for TMf Neiby GARDEN ST.

__ .
lute features. lighted;: by the sunshine obtained quickest by a proper treatment of of the language must of course be adhered Union Naval Stores Cn. -- -- n __

of a smile, hind t-uiroiidortd. the kidneys. If you are feeling badly you to but adhered to not In the way LoerN.i -vWI ""'),:

"Can )'o'lli\"t' me a bite?" he asked.! can make: no mistake by taking Dr Kilmer's In which! a servant obeys orders by doing + ____........14 20) H_ _JS 00 r. t
5wamp. oot, the great kidney, liver and simply he is told, but .
as as a man
:artill. \\0____ 8 !SO O_ __ 1 70X .NEW YEAR PRESENTS.
bladder remedy.It who Knows in himself what be has to ; ... ...
Sf3 F __ __ 163U "I'I
tied his
The stranger dismounted. corrects inability to hold urine and scald- '

horse ton HI'I.Uti; and kept up a contiuued ing pain In passing it, and overcomes that da-London News. ____ 835 E_._ _, 150It J )
chatting: with this t'irl while sUe! unpleasant] necessity cf being compelled toga : ._. ____?_ 2 *5 5 11____w. 145t ; ( OF JEWELRY
often during the day, and to get up many Care of Pupplm. ____ Yin; C A b low_. 1 45
busied herself at a meal I I"ben
1'1'll1:1riu tIe; during the nght.! The mild and the Puppies after weaning will keep -rrst nTJaPt:tTUU-5?!z' ?'I jt OF ALL KLNDS.I .+l .tC
\ he down to it, I
\ It was ready, wit
------- --
extraordinary: effect cf Swamp-Root is soon strong and healthy and will grow fast .
,: and she Mood by to wait on lIm// realized. It stands the highest for its won- If fed only on fresh buttermilk end Try Gunther's Candies atSolomon's. r25r.ZS'S25r .5'22S-. Z2

watching him with bar soft brown derf.il cures cf the most distressing cases.S''amRoct .
bread wiih instead
corn soup of the .
ejc*. I is pleasant to take and sold E.M.: ANDERSEN.\\
buttermilk! -- -- -
twice a week:, till they are --
"They fay Wsirdll.! } the rmi: 'V, has 'I ry all druggists in f.fty-cer.t and one-dollar
tire or sis: : months old. Do net ferd NOT1CK. *
IwH-n making a considerable stir pbout se a: bottles. Yeu may f:' -+ *29 South Palafox Street

bare 1-itily," said the nun."IlKkon. !havs a sample! bottle cf. ,". -j.t....::: :.:.f. I tlH'II1wet milk. Keep the puppiesv. \ I have been authorized to take I o--- ,
v.or.derLl I ; L' re theyaim! get plenty of exirctee.I'o ;
tj re"ds "
; : j n.rlf.tU subscriptions! for Wm. Jennings -'
I\ ". ." ,. 25 2.52525i5':1S"'c52J252.S25 us say: .::: 7c52w
cve y and a book that it4 I not crowd them. Arrange; their kennels P.ryan'j paper, "The Commoner.The .
fclid you ever ere : i tells!; all about it, both home .t swanip-roor. so that they! can go in and out of price i is fl.OO per year in advance y'.i4t, ,11i:,. t r. : "., ,I. t',.'",
., i.stall j 1..3. II..S
o. I I 1 .' rent free ty: maiL Address Dr. Kilmer & Co. their sleeping quarters. If fed In the Those desiring the paper I ,

"H.. [ :; a bud one aud JIll mistake. : Bii;:!ha-ntDr., N. Y. When writing mention; II sr.nie vessels sane dogs pit more than can have it sent to them by sending ? DIAMONDS AND OTHE3 PRECIOUS STOVES :'IJ'
'I f'\'I'H he IOUT had no mother tutwi'l read.r; this gsr.erous cftsr in this paper. their fair share of food and lose their $1.CO to the uudersizned.: :; ''jj::: : ;; \! :;
to his brtii ii' up." I H. M. RocHF:, : STERLING SILVER AND '
rf'.1 manners r.lso. I': sll.'n a number of ;\\ PLATED ARE. \ ?tut r
"What?" I) )'l't 11lke any mistake!; but Care Daily News i iI
chains where
they eat at such distances : I Prompt Attention to Repairing and Engraving
, The sill;' repeated what ,,11hd sad{ mpinher the name Swamp: Root. -_ .
that uo one can reach the other -- --- ------ ---
and her quick tare told LIT that: LIT Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Hoot, and the ; -'- '- ,,
then feed in individual Give : -
words had affi-cted him. Ho liulUtnlilia tdJrt:?'', liicgliuuiton, N. Y., ot: par. lit OPERA HOUSE .
b )ttl". I tie medicine and plenty of cxercire,
, meal and, rising from the table, very
and you will then have strong, healthy
-- -- -- -- ---- ,
outside. -- -- -
vent dogs. An hour's run every day In the .A. \ AveryaSL''CEssoR
"The is fu'.l tonight 1'e! said.
moiiii NOTES OF NOTABLES year In the fields and woods, weather SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.On .. Q
"'Youl,) :you l>e afraid to so; over tuTaggert's
permitting, Is essential to good health.
rock about 0 o rh>t'k?'' William C. Whitney! of New York -Outing. .,. Tuesday, January 6, the distinguished ( TO AVERY t WOOLFoLK/

"Whst fu' bas given a liaudhoui:.* house and lot to actress, Mrs. LeMoyne: IMPORTER AND JOBBER OF

"I'd like to uu-vt you there the IlhJI !can who attended Mrs. Whitney Forty Years' Torture will be seen in this city at the opera
"To kin The fam'ly I1Iw
come hjar. I in her lung Illness. To be relieved from torturing disease house in her latest successful comedy HARDWAKE.
"I don't care to meet the fnmily.Goodby. I I Since the (('n'I'\\tory has been removed after forty years': torture might "Among Those Present. This

H Hope I'll see you again some Henry I'listrr, Mho has been. I, well cause the gratitude of any one. promises to be the most notable Iron, Nails Axes Hhovr: Saw Mill and Steamboat

. day" And be rode away. gardener: at the White House for thirty That is what DeWitt's Witch Hazel event of the present theatrical season Supplies, Cooking and Heating Ktoves, Paint, Oils

When Sarah's fathir came homo he -five years has been dismNsed.Tho ,' Salve did for C. Haney, Genova, O. Bale: of seats will commence on Window Glass, Guns, Pistol and Fishing Tackle.

brought;; a man with him, and later on father: of Governor Elect Batesof : He says: "DeWitt's Witch Hazel Saturday, January 3. Prices, oO Agate and Tiuware ana lloiisefurnishiug Goods.
fll!' :adUsl.tts I is a Mi-thodit-t minis-
hevcral 1 more wen Paul(. She beard Salve cured me of piles after I had cents to {150. On account of the interest '
six feet In
alaut'urfiehl, the out seventy years MILL COMPANY'S
them talking and tine bearin uttered forty years.' Cures cuts, manifested in Mrs. Le Ioyae's
11and soon learned 1 that they were height having a military Revere Giant Stitched Belting, Northampton Enifry

out tu capture bim. She was obliged to ?.. burns, wounds, skin diseases. Beware appearance, aud the large numberof Wheel Co., Liftin & Rind Powder Co., Johnson's Kali

cook the men a :after which! The New York Yacht dull has electedthe of counterfeits. Hargis' Pharmacy inquiries already made: at the somine, Iron Kin? and Buck Stoves and Ranges Wm
the l'alJill.r:1l1 I German cmiwror and his: brother, John Sheppard. Sidney Kahn.: box office, it has: been: decided that Coups & Co.'s Raw: Hide Lace Leather, Masury's:
'ked ;
l houa near
they < applications for seats sent in before Made Railroad Colors.
mind I'lluc* Henry honorary members of
lid hi work Mechanically,
the opening the sale will be filed
the club: of which King Ell w:1I'I111.. Masonic Temple! I'wisacola Fla
being; on the 'undone 4rai;:ar, and I III STEAMER CAPTAIN FRITZ ia the order of their receipt. Free ,

when the di..hd; wire wasbid and put II has long; buts an honorary member : i lit will positively be suspended for .

away the Mro'.led: out Into the moonlight The new commander in chief of thp TIIO& CO.VDOX, Captain, this engucement.oxi: '

by In'rsilf. Involuntarily her sups !I C;I'allirmy of the Republic, GeneralStewart I 1 I :Fill make regular trips between I 'F 9 SAMUEL CHARLES,

led her toward T.iggt rt's rot-k. She: regrrtttil is but fifty-four years old. ; : AVIIK: !
\ Pensacola, Point Washington and i A
that she had difliiif.1 t'. moot lie uilitedbilo n boy and served
Freeport. IJaylen it
the fctninu'T tin re. It was the proper I over four years during the war of the D cc.TLON 29 I ,

: course for h'T t., take, buthe was not I U'U-HIoii.: wharf Thursday at 6 a. m. and arrive I J ** .MONDAY, .L' :
tI ..tmll enough; to be satNtlid with l III rdtiii.il. i j J. II. Seavema, a native of New Jcr- at Freeport at 6 p. 1n. same day.

\ IVrinltting herself to sander! I say, !I.> a candidate for parliament in Leave Freeport Tuesday at 6 a. in. b ;:;;; i3 Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Shoes, Leather: FindiiuTHO.Ml -

J on she at tart came to the nxk and j file of the London di>tiicts. lie has ind arrive at Pensacola 6 p. m. same STOOK COP ; Dll. d07 hOl'111 I'-\I.-\I-'OX M'fHEtT.

watnl hiTM'lf on it. IVlowas the! !i lived in r.nslind: fur some ten years lay. Fare, round trip, $;ji; one way,

,'nIl.')'. H"htid by the soft rays of tLr .. I and roomily ln'caini- naturalized sub $3; 12nlm

tuoon. but she did: not see It. She; n- I I jti.t of King! Cdward.IMxlry 15 People. The Star

i tneiubered! the smile that had been l<.oft'j' i Ki Isaake come, the first I Laundry
1 ,
In her hi lI'L Then hbo heard a sUn and Zulu to enter nn American university I J JOKN H. 5PAPK'OLD r to-lIih.Cla fcppcially I'cople-IO

Ii'UII'I': lane !Mieeeedtd In passing: the severe >ci Waits Between Acts. I Biggest Busiest Best I IA Ii
i'j' "I knew yeti wftllhl"I1I11I'. i-ntrance examinations at Columbia 1 ,
"I tale '0' I wouldn't." she slit L Eetire change of program each night.
: )
I t lml, : has matriculated fur an eight; RELIABLE
"And I hlltllU"l'Ir iou would." year course in medicine and surgery. Popular Prices : 10, 20' and 30e. !i

-R, "I trace away to j.itollllt of a l lot of Jrmnthan Roberts of Uicbmond ml., Reserved Seats at Coe's. !

Inca tin re was at homo. The)'re lookIn Virginia Shows They SpeaK
!+ nirelyone years old and has livnl all ; -- -- -- --- i
fo Warm-Id. They thiy'll
hay I his life: on the! groundvheie stood the ONE NIGHT ONLY !

liim MIO. I jn which he was burn.I'ithin '
.. house
"If t they ('a: 11." I pal t fort of his home is a log cabin built AND WORLfi'3 GREATEST TUESDA.Y, for 1hMsehes !
file straucir took Iwr by the Land t :
In 1M'for a schoolhouse, the first in $ '
1. s :drew' her down! to a scat upon the b'f' ..of. JANUARY 0
I that 1'1':1.)1of Indiana.
Train m Anima& rxitthn I
..,1 I.. They sat: time side by side fur Kin? 1.1:11"5 reeoiu-iliatiou with n I -- We let the lhirhCollarsand I
ml hour, mused his eontutrt'I coi"-
f1 I the I Hie d'OHeans in spite i>f the Lit The !?l'a""II'1i Mont Cla"lc'I'nt Culls we Launder speak for
Takli'g out a I'wkctkiufc, Lcbavl
I.; plele.to her: j ba'r's j-Tf-s insults ti> the late (jueinYirti WILL EXHIBIT IN I Engagement of the Distingui3hedActress themselves They will talk IouJr

I r'a. i is said tit have teen line t.> tho k than We want to be JuJ,'/d
t 4'Ui\e this: to the much5'I1o are hinging we can.
I intervention of llmprror 1'iancis .1',- Pensacola for Two I ,
} for i.rl.i'ld. It will ?ire Ham a Days Only ./ more by the work we do than by
vph An-trtii and of Isis Chri-tian a
<-i'w as to Ii!+ w LerealoutA""Is what
MRS LeMOYNE we say.
I of lifiimarlv out tf rt'allilo;: the Piuh- -ox- I
that nail)' rot'1

.1 "Yes.Vhin." "" ef Orleans. )luhda' a Od Tnc'.mI ( .In Glen( MucI'onougU'd Successful Coined ,

"\ 'i: see jo'a::;'ili" I Thor.ias 1'anee and John Johns! sailors 5 & G ; ALL WORK c. o. D. Goods Called for act Delivered Free

of the Un:ted States nllrc full *< c* JanuaryGiving
-Ij'au that to IIll.1.1'11 blooded! luupiols; Itulinwho! grew Tte tail"Direct TELEPHONE 114. 27 GARDEN ST-
\\ arah gave the knife to one Two Grand Performances mjD
u;> togothor; on a g cf the moilvlui hadi.me homo with Each Day at 2 and 8 o'clockp. '. WALKER INGRAHAM Manager.
K-ft homo some ten
Ler father, bo te.k it into tho L:;:ht. They years tn., Rain or t:5h: !le, I .
AM and never met until about a weekago. from its Run at the Garden
"'V. bore dd: U'U get this! ? he asktdsuadeiJy. I
theatre, New York City
I i boih having niK'd! all ovir the Admission Only 25c.
world meantime.Itlor! : I Management of OCOliUK H.UUENN\N. .WILL MOYER'S.
t, "I nut a mail n Lo t...Kme to give it I Children Under 10 Years or Age 101'. .
to yo'." I I PRICES-5Uc,75c: $1.00 and J1.50.
.'I I SMilIlnu. Take the Children to see oar Little Baby
ale held this iiife up U-foro htr rind Lions and Pretty Little 1'onles. I Carriages may be ordered for In fi.Fret : .
roast chicken or till"try
;A. the saw c.irvrd in rude Utters mi tho Rice stuffing for see Romeo, the Larg,'ht and }It'a'll'olLion list positively tiu'ptn,11' too this pn- [WEST SIDE GROCERY
is l'oll..idl'mll"t'f.'ra Lie to' the Usual In Captivity, and Mary, the Greatest gallfment,
handle-Wai'lit':M.: breadcrumbs To prepare it brownone Performing Baby Elephant In America Heats on sale Saturday, January 3 at noon

In a liii-iiiejit the horses were sid: Grand Golden Street Parade at noon I
chopped onion! In a tablcspoonfulof HAS JUST RECEIVED A FRESH SUPPLY OFFish
dlo-1 and the pun a t're oiT. They spent Each Day. :
butter aud niK: with it four cupful DO YOU LIKE A GOOD SHOW?
a week eight, and day looking: for the Free Balloon Ascension and Parachute
Cranberries Florida Barrel Olives
I outII'lit did not tmd him of cold boiled rice and one cupful of Jump land 7 p. m. lion't miss it, tram I Roe, Syrup, ,
that have bet-n molstinedIn tbe
It was ('viitly a year t.. the day after breadcrumbs cupful of milk. Season with THERE IS ONE COMING TO t Mackerel, Buckwheat, Mincemeat, and Every

the : straniror cabin.had Tho IIppl'an',1t moon, as before theItidgL'ley sage, par-U-y or other sweet herbs, as how Grouts oa W Garden St. THE OPER\ HOUSE FOR thing Kept in a First-Class Grocery,

d."in..l..IJ halt a pound of sausage ONE WEEK
had -------- -
\\ :15h'lI1t at the full. Sarah, who meat or finely chopped\ salt pork and WEJSKLY I4CIIEDC1..JFOB FOR EVERYDAY CONSUMPTION OR FOR SPECIAL OCCASION.A : .
fo'I'h e months cuudiiuui'd Iwr"l'I I Commencing

its li-'ving an vutliwoakiiiK' l so far silt and pepper to ta>te.Prubalilr STEAM DIVISION MONDAY JAN.I A II 5 Car L si cf lie MI Celebrated Majestic Flour Just HCCCITCd.IWfflSKTI .

as to ga Taggeit's rock on the annl- I ,

wrsary of their meeting Iher1'Vithiu I I True.11'abash1 rEMSACOLA KLKCTUICTLUM1KAIIA1LWAY I 1I 1-

1'f'I' was a strange fear a :;strange; (hope I i : wonder what makes old COMPANY 11 I THE CORRECT TIME

,r that be would come.Pmldcnly I I Gotrox dress so shabbily: ? Trains leave Peniaeola for tbe Lust HOYT'SComedy '1
: she fi-lt an arm around herr I Monroe-Ills pride, my toy.W.ibashWhy Bayou. Big Bayou,Warrlngton Navy Y nand
I ? fort Barr oo .s6:210a.m.arrlveatFort
i how's that
\/aist. and u voice near her ear whiaIuttini II | Company.
I lollroIIl": afraid his customers' Barranoai ?:15a.x YOUR
ttcred: 10-uoa.m.arrlTeatFort Barrancas I0iea.c
"s, 'thj\\rt:" I will mistake" him fur one of his cKrks. 1-oo p.m.arrive at Fort Barranoai 1:t..p al ACTING SPECIALTY:

; her hands to her face she ,, Chicago News. ,, :15p.m.arrlTeatKort:so p. m. arrive at Fort Barrancas Uarrancas 4:15 T:00p p n I 18 PEOPLE 6 PEOPLE 1 New Year GiftsWe

hurt into a passion of tears. "8:09p.m.arrive at Fort Barrancas It6paa
Trains leave Fort Barrancas for Pens OPENING PLAY.L0NDON ,
"I have come to say goo.Ih) forever, I t Tin-dome oola at

: said the Ulla\\'. Since I met you I "No," said Mr. Wiggins; "I haven't LIFE
7:15 a.m. arrive at Pensacola eoo t>
Lave worked honestly and hate saved any u*e for philosophers.! lliiWp: ) m. arrive at Pensacola ___11:46: pus :tin! > Sights In Sew York, If In Boston, .
,. 1 have time to show I T
to take me to the other "Why not? I 2-oop.m.rrlve at I'eneaoola..1e0: p.aI you
.1 little money ." "My Idea of n philos-ophcr! \ a man I I I 4:00 p m arrive at Pensacol .__ 116 P G Popular: Prices-lO, 20 and 30c.Ladie Complete Stock of Goods now ,f'.'.
Fide of the world.Vhat I r.CO p. Dl.arrive at Pensaoola T:6 5 p. ? Free Monday Nigbt. fore the Greatest Ru. icon us To
"\ made yo' an outlaw?" bheobl whir pretends he enjoys hard luck.- "8;tl\.\.tlturc1IIOIlI p. m.arrive at Pensaoola- 1:K ,. t selection is complete. We cant: 't

$ >od."An Washington Star.A w'C tell you all we have; you must c"/i;.e
FOR wile DATS.Pensaoola .
uneoiuiuerabte dos're: for a life Tint The Tcnlc and see.
. to Fort Barrancas and return ta.Penacola We would like to call particai
; adventure.
of NIGHT ALARM. to Navy Yard and return_ e&Peniaaola / par Excellence.LABOCHE. -$
r "What made )'0' change: Wors than an alarm of fire at nightis : to palmetto Beach and return I* attention to oar lines of

t "Your lure and your unconscious ref- the brassy cough of croup, which : 5UHDAT ICEBDVDK. t POCKET BOOKS

wfiice to my inotlur. rounds like the children's death knell when wittier: permits the ruaninj t ,

Alr yo' silo yore goin to be honest and it means death unless something open coacnes.Leav OPERA CLASSES
'L" Fort Barraaei. I ,
R, r* is done quickly. Foley's Honey and Penuoolt. 10 a. m.
"As lOll; as 1 remember you, and I Tar never fails to give instant relief 11 81.m.a. m. IS m. The Aristocrat among MEERSCHAUM PIPES,

shall never forget you." and quickly cures the worst forms of I p. m. I p.m.

"Whar yo' Ioin' to?" croup. Mrs. P. L. Cordier of Man- Ip.m 1 p.lB.Ipm p.m.. Whiskies of the old AND
writes: "My three (A Win Cordial.) f
- ".\l:1sk"When:\." year nington.old girl Ky. had a severe case of a 4 p p.. m m. 8 p p.lIl.III. The best specific remedy for School. Without a peer. NOVELTIES IN COLD AND SILVER.Let .

G yo' goln'r"Tomorrow I croup; the doctor said ?lje could not 1 p. m. I p.m. Malarial and Typhoid us show them to'you.

morning.: live. I got a bottle of Foley's Honey FART FOB SUNDAY Fevers, For Bale byDannheisser '
She threw herself Into his arras. "I'm the first dose quick re- feaiacoiato Barrancas Wavy Colds
i i and Tar; gave lard and return_ Hifestacola Influenza, disc. LINDENSTRUTH
t-oln. with yo.'." I lief and saved her life." Refuse sub1 to Palmetto Beath ant t. FOrsFRA t' .. Tiaa Bros. : PETER ,

DOROTHY GIt.\II.UI FA1U. 1 t stitutes. W. A. D'Alemberte, 121 S. return.--- __ Ill Ju'alum.tN.r, 116 South Palafox street

'.. Try THE NEWS Want column. I Palafox street. i No freight ive4 after':16 p. m.





,,_ ,_ h- ...,"":;.., .... _.c.o. """" .>.::." 0.... < "" .;j': jJ I ft.v.-.1 L:,, ; -f'fIi': "'* ... f : :t 1fl _4'jjjt..t.t.1(1IIII( #. r .jlii:.

.. :r.-. .!;' "" .
b.q r.
;.. ...
+dtr" ,.. {""'-

THf1 'II' YaW..ME. ... ..tRD ll It.a1Rr rttM / 1 IMttII..VIIMfI 3HT

':A # ; "
ri'Y' r.-
-1<1'>; ,.;5 U'.I. .
.I!; '
readers.<100. of this paper..will' be,lTbf' eThegPersistent l tate SH !All tha mrll 1 I ''. ;
"- .
that there Is atTeasT l 11' Or.\1. .,
V"il to learn U Ul : .'F } '
1"INI dreaded disease that science ssengerI EaHJ coined he ofAIfflfbt ,,, r'; 'ji i

hrfiubl* to cure In all its stages the military te multi.p1i : : t : \fl
.r illgol
; tarrh. Halls 9 f lf rri ; c JJtJf on what he '' .' i't'f....
i. (> Catarrlf .'' .
Gadr.AtI$! n J Land" '.. ",'.--
? ? I tLi! tally positive cure no* [ 0 P I tt i t happy idea 1 dUiA\ik cine-half, does -AT- :. ,: 5 1t. ".b\
r t
tie medical Ickets!" \ v for his t't
cupaJ U1 fraternity Inducing congregation to subscribe '
Catarrh being a constitutional -dis.requires The lightning esprelT ii f'Ijast'moved j r.t 1 : t F1tAte"da more liuefany the offertories! not equal the- assets of The Daunheissef Bros. i iJJ i

a constitutional treat- than w -thrlr custon tbat PtoalLifefrisuragc I ; .
( out of the Union station and 1Wtili Thte was f .
":.,t. lltll'atarrliCure\ -ir.takenia.Frnaily,1Ctfnn the condUctof"Bad"emerged -- tiaf .'fhsttn DOjq$lti 't1Mt'pennfea'1 v..t f' brew yorkl'r 1't .. !. >,'.;., t.If'

directly upon the from the I i! !11 6t .Mmgot,t i'rIfrihilafrom pan.52'0' r220Ti7P: : .f :oM'I t it-n, -. .
:11111 mucous surfaces of the baggage car aud begun to take up 2 t1' i.Ii1.* / -* : .1 t
bloLlI he foun tickets. 1i ftS' doing so, should bq Remitted to IoIJf&"l-rcltleIlIHitt c:okeg.rceI35gtj50' Importers and_ Dealer l In '
...;-!Il, thereby destroy i.ftgt Coming. to a gentleman with ,
of the disease(JiiKfcgJvMtVnt 1, a papjt | stating the : '
d'ji.1I ; }} i and gold Wines Liquors Cordials [and -
s-tn-n;th by bjilldr&gn } 8pectA3ei M latched his ticket handIng \ tflln( 4ei1flI t Mb'.Q1 \' amounts thaYfiieijH foMVnling to have $1 ; :1 ,:'i' .
,. and a;;;; l1 htdolls .11l 'e I deducted from Hnweekly pay for 't s .L7
t. 5r L ; it JLlckJ\\gtl: the remark.hDou't }. + da ars..Agents .4 '
work. '1719 11 JlPdpIItc >_ w\ tUe church. Thfl.soldi As.els Mutual .!
; its r.tare Wyo'cltttuilft' ,O The Life Insurance Company .. Vi*. 11',111' : 7 f. : rs
he ,
much faith in its curative stop) at IJliuuon. r\ { retq4mbeult' en It :i. o 'iT
;:i> l J. .. ,
oiler "Don't stop at Dliinton? Then what 'wis1lMl'hH: tft1Irwl.a' =+ al'if + .
that they Oneljundr.e )
cli'liars,, fur; any case th t-i iflrf: t tss. St'll me ticket on this tficfAA1hrc! cgclot1pe11rtdilable J the and fhe ,following u e '$35,2"897.Iexceed -. for,the Justly Celebrated :1 ,. ;

: ,lnJ for II, t of :> ., 'n ort theft Itlft3,11 'JJ'DkMhlfd 'I tN4ttlO1'!!WMtllras and_ Reliable Brand of I. Wf Harper :;t :; ; ;
'Mt'l <
tyre' 1-,. J. I'Il E! r he llu.or loTnt afe"OJe""eIIrecrresuTl" f" ( : ; thugs of_any other.. company in the wo4J.rho and OtjiVr dt Whiskies #
-\dJre;; passed on without a ,.dig tlon. All pot tak,n Into th4r most jubilant at tltesht! and prior to I : I. l io ; _, :- .' : ; ; : ; :1 'tl r." i

7uc. M his punch, turning from .Month' *lek U qsml1lng) t.he wop a wenlJ thanked Company, has paid: policy-holdert more than: any. and,. V1dona, ll eL .M, .,.!. = .,. .11....."
Druggist3 stti.tf ..
by ro.z.PanJ' in
other existence; \ -
t"-Eol right\ to left and left to right, like the X Uon Bsjmegtt Wd f tUN 1t (' 4W- ij. !
w* the : f'i4'
It 'glrdsr heart.X1119cstj3 ,
eat bowiiig to a crowd. puffing up a .
!\ 1 '
in the Le
ever, privacy of the .
CARTOnX' t1 1 Itt re. >Ir Conductor. If you Inter v t1I farliag(4 ih* heart, examined lfe"o''f vestry' afterward ;$ 6970Q6OQO'write : :_Eyeijyth.Jafr'! } )jur ,BuPet or' t$ t:':I :,t .t'
l I! K.nd You Ha\1I IYla Be 1 111'0- and i ID lLa- &4Ld .
I me off at Bliniton, I'll Outfit '
sd make JublMitibn'sonielvhat Camping can be procured .
r- his ,,
.., ] but vital! organ J fomes diseased. evaporated. ,. ',
1.- r ,, ,"
"' you. This WB"tiTOause practically today I* Where Sh..U I ??'" fro"\l, ;,;', ,'t
; "And if you don't shut up I'll put '.u .t. .
Zdffaled ; clzsFlAnlp,::; ltciunfjoial.4.: ;Q!$. ati! foieFt'j THE.MLTVTAL: Liflxsv'RAXCE i : 1 ..... .
ef in :
you a swamp ,..!l. 1.IT Akins s hcl.e"r' .. ., f
J.tomi ;Jt
i : 4.
i: ; \
t'Ofltr-. -3,Mj- ueugiCas very angry, muttering ; r XE\\ 'Jug Trade a Specialty. ; : r'4
\ ss, ? Ie. aft n,uoe 1b dndptp'. 'lic'hc' is Intd. ,, COMPANY OF. % YORK ,a
: with any to himself about the\ tyranny of 'liVtrait :: :, .1
ran .wbat You Eat l( i 1 fuH.'I' Prnident. '
D RS vkoukiipfl of the Digests a ._ )11 HARD i A. McCi'iov, COUNTRY ORDERS SOLICITED "i f
stomach. Liver, railroad men. When the train reachedIXiuUcu I ) : !; if"' J() ;''' ) f : t,
g1gBATEa Hn Kidneys, will oriovfc.tithe lie iwlK-d the'1lt'r.\t tiff ndd I 'writes 1ra.todrq After eatirg NfI1cb my'dPenn.food would.YaII.'N.distressme v,. fruair'tobbha1ROd: alai c DntrIttnf'K .' .' CKCli iI.LCOY,1lanager, and Promptly Shipped. :J l'

tjt*< $$' <\. you miters veal ;ma lc for the door.who r l iiI.tol', !' br making my hart palpiUls and I .wld -' : V'!. brjr' hand: tratral're5f- Jacksonville, ; Fla '1 ," e ., :

'V/i **?V i.r.r.eflclal. Try. hnp.ei!(d to be in {n LI -,:sf t-ing; 1; become Kodol and very It cave eklc.v me fir.aUy Immediate! I got relief.a bottle After: of acSi' tY yfVwttJB* ,t.1: !'! ?'! :'Tj H. II.'inORNTOy. Ax'Jensaeela 1r. Main Hou!>e--4018. Palafox street. :r

'WF&y.&ia. a bollle today. i the\ net, gave a signal! to go ou. Lit: not j uslrg few bottles 1 am cured.v !,\taIij'eciptic'ij''pifc&: for,hlo, Jiy-irti ; :Fla. !'j".V
| R.R. Union
WJrO;" 1 tanlcure before the train had slowed down and Kodol l cures indigestion, dyspepsia old .,. :.ei4! 'i.i-U1C ,GOO. ,i :J.kS'rroUI_ : ce vllai.4ti __ ,_ _._ .. _" _u I' Exchange.-Opp. Depot. t..ft'J 'l':! I.',

/j/i yi y'* -KA't j.V .Intligestios.yjAo j llwVfHfe i H. hud Janijtcd. Then the\ and 'all stomach disorders l and fives : !. trite jutjylt.11\:, |\itttl ;'a] betlvj P. O. llox 281. Petssacola Fla. 'r! r ;! .\i .
31 '' \ conductor gave a terrine stop pv.ll ou the }halta. ; full, free J arJ.ur.tram- memory .than. tact: 3iske;
(\.&&**>&> %I(frCfDsipatiW.kJ }, ''' ; ] meled action.Botte'i"onty. thought or a tx-oi-ut hat' ball }'aine. .\sTale I t.
X WjV. IT I : )
... { 00", j e -lnuJ': hit3! JI.OQ S!:* holding 2t times lifld'iliettt'ith/ A disastrous defeat ';:" ; ,
,, / the\ trial size, which sell: for,SOcPRgPAiirs [' c : : 'q
\ orJidneyk y.'ore carrying the 1 KfTL'ss; body of thetmjycajror Ur111'Jt".t; tn5 ftt'Le tatidl uiFaaut.i1tll1fut : '''. ". .-Sid.w.4--- :.;.w.i:''">; ;'';;' :> '-:-:> ;'
I ., ; .....7'. .. ..__ ....__ ,.__ __ ,. '.... ..'-.r.. '.' '.' .',,.._ 11f r1 i
:0-- > '
I - d -- -
STOMACH; 1foo ( ,"jTrpullleSjor : into the baggage; ctr: wheretIt Py tirii ) .L $rtiflo.n .lt's dtt, HadWy! II
'r q: 'oW'J'po'b llerrtI1\: \'. 'TViSihifi< 'Til the train run-Led Its }w Lai'ty': *& "WE HAVE ON HAND AND ARE RECEIVING DAILY THE 'iJ..j ) ,
."f rsI '-t l'd I'S..ful.. first reirwKir top.} j' E.G.A DeWitt Co. '(, 'Jlliere; .,: .Was a l-'oy: Irymg.'i ia'.a tflttse
..- "}\lit iniir&kJrtfler; d 6 th.' : t it 'l j! I il
+ eveit nig'.t Chicago.John r JvL e w e1it'411e L .Thu; u t.llY wqn >: CHOICEST STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES ;

t ej.icLY.t.rrrl; %'-l-t'gai'-jjvr. A'11J !I'tei ; dri\'int: ; 1I11J11' he'r tj\,1 was, t urpried: ..

., t'den1Sd ,icjct't to" Hiiir ton anti was to find1: Uio7boy'Trarkio; a lik'jd./ ::* FRUITS NUTS CANDIES SEEDLESS RAISINS f) t't ''
CUJ ih'A 1 tlid. l"th"I.lIll; Pharmacy TJ/inlilint .
I tl: tr.uiis tllI't'd'it rhf'j'lpardHllrJfs' this Jilifl not''sltoirproper re .
: ,:. rJiJ" "'iJ:'!' 1 : {9 ln\tb,1 l 191 J2l'hl'lll[t 5idney JtI1U: ; frrcr to thel&nd'nath';'Il '('IIIN1: the AVI) ALL ARTICLES SEL'ErfSARY S i ti. t r

;t.'tcu, tl i.a' efflt,; \\'ctft :. -, 1ad':6J"' ': If ntTtt'/.f* t flTM'.<:ild. ;' .('(.? 'nt. "tlla .'t iI.'lio t); ,.:J..'< v'4.< TO PUT IN YOUR .< r I : '' .:

11001' and tale u h-ap in the tI.rltl.\: I F[ FOR !THECttlLDUEN. i, \::0rI1J' : r'I1Jt rq w.t'd: : ; l..c.o&1.( 1.:"t -
1 sirt Batt 'l1h:1 .gave :'IL: .topti -,' : ; d, ': I I ''Jtupcttelnviy! 5 'Vi'cKd;;:' adas"T@s.LltReli '< : ;: ,.' ,

I ,,,1 11 I'l'n:' : r-; the I'! ?'- I II' TIt; : Cat JUay.' und ,Use 'School r. '",'fo" ':_" '" ..';' .''' ,'.* j"/ ,' (!'II'k,I ... ::; .|(hi j!1 I i ;
o d '
r 111 tai 'OI IItlo! e i jt.,1:1.,4iW .P"'if ii;: & I
Y1 t ,I .i ," .{ t l).t1&;. i I Ir bi!:-'Whd y s.2cltIs; S1t1Aq'1t; to t)8 W 1.n1Ar 9tjefrcarol" !ling to,<1 I., JcoWJrotil 'tilU ) I, IB..I..,. .'o .ti. ,;. ""I"c 1, RALSTOH'S.[ OAT.MEAL: REAKFAST FOODS'AND CEREALS |;: ? i1 f -
IfcT-Sr tUe' rtftt.hr i!1h : ;wd !'ri1r'1 '" '
nfjr : ) ;
i ) wT
lightning cxpnss made Dl'l'UC'' o I(I,act np.Sitiaao i et uuh(1uf Le wearsthe 1-1 ,t9i1: 11Ci: j ..L'I:11 ,n I '!, ., ;.) .'.6.; -. :.'i OALL KINDS. .fyg 4 ": 'f

/- CCHEU BY 1 he tranrfi'rrid to a local tra' .1 I I r,t t U trX of, .!; '.t}' trT:;):i1Jcstrurs; it ( X1tJliJ: t r rp : f1 "' :'F iEE'pELiN611(1{ ALL:; PARTS OF THE CITY. If i ::1

WQITE RI "t '"r lat B'iuitou.Wl :: good work, which 1ilO' Bchocl was .!: ;' '
I J. i "
+ t.ll
JON .RFDX. I lutcL'1 jtu jkf'v&ifo&--'fykisort': ; of rprCb.S9 v,'rCclfl fgi.D1J R4B. {;.8 &. DAILY "
>\ du: j"ii {wltnt that fl' 'w- t / .1'

trrh M.tl, .-'a.tt..0,or m/re afllr.without(an I'ultcitt't I* girta tnvtcleityt." giant of c It'rr' a.skcd the stiprriutcm' : 'i7lt ;I..boOs fa-jad: ;jn. 'UlltQ" n..'! trrllas.cHytliwJs. ; ':.be'gsIl fJe:1\J9:1d; :; .a,$;;rt;=gJ. .,. {[!SI I A J J 2t3:_ Q,\Yrighi St., East of Union DepoL-. I|!|< ,1 I !

will! cut off Si!'* a month of ,gnu ; : H'U*y :ir >!!
1.F''Tt F''TteKilbonKi'dvwillcurcord< '
troy "I know it will, replieduL''i7'H'u tff -ctu- 1 to thraehptid'svcr .i 'k\'c I : : | )
t enrean cd nppi-tiU< for aitfoholiihllmu-! dUCI UI'r'OltGl'mt't1Q ;: woaiqu po + ,YrGwa .1a. .:'=TJT:.. :..-;-a '.ir.ib1. i .' _._-..
l4- v>'ht'thur latitaJ 1 lia g! : i.c r .uo..r. .i o. I ti
> JJH1 .I i"Tirmt"li n:6ral iuF'be'ipp@alcdto. y __ I
's5ns9"jrliii r aiosiiT2Cures !"'1"" .. I : : W:W W r vW'>:
.jAtirtHtc, a > Ly trYi Jt l\lniilr! ; d1f .11 q it\, nk I'm : '
Crt .Varrt. 1 nitn.ilBlij4ijfclotaUf anhittctiic -.iJ .. iX-iiv, Ivors, 'rall'nre .tlle architects -,' .. .' .
(T alutiuuiiu liquors uTttr using .l t t the local aria: ; t I ;
\VH'r Kililion ICfmerty. train for several months wheitl'ngwtime of your VVu :.jfoftoVBl Too fau Improve A LEG A WING
Rheumatism ,
II d;])-'>'l hy Meinlx'rs ftV.. C. T. t tte educational "advaatagts given ,
table was Issued cuttin } Jjt(311'll.t.Lt !
JliM 'a' orfss Bup..rlnl..td..nt of Wo- '

,n'1In"uri, < !u'Teniiiranc write: PIIIO''PII'hnV<..fi'!,tl-d I lillmtoii. When the tiiVJftiiassttl 1}I you 'nr, 'l. liocme,; iiaefiil'; "' and wt,rthy"cit From far"a'way. Los Angeles,. the AND'A CUTTING OFF J, "
f.(1' that station, n LrttrttZrm: !j< or j-"u' CaIn. as'youU6"in '
\\ bUt i. I U: 'nimly on virrohsnrtn'eilrUiku. ;iisi I
': : .:- i ::it< cures hate beeu many H"I'I"'ll' the train, hurried to ttfp !y1I- I I. ;Stio i piinyia- r.findy: Yo as given eff j ductor and aunounciil that a p.isp break tratup ,.This is the home of URICSOL.: This '
beam and die dirty.buiii.TTou ,
:y I "I ay; rHcunimmd and inrit'V -1I5\'r a TURK >rI "' i iI.
: ii i I' u IN-inrily. :\lplllh..'syfr t had jumped and 'jd uiidouhtei f been "cai5"nilSff y5iircioee! : -"Itip-roro remedy was originated aftr'paiusjthking :'ffC r\ ,
l' '
r (
'. kill i "11'!.i 'i.1.' :.I.f'-I.u.I Slit-til. Iu <.ar a.i\.tlt.|>ipf-jN-n. I liUT !/"' *!, (n*' 4tfr hank! 11I4.I,4'rat i iI way to gttitl<*TiTrfttyof trouble when ,; and loutcQntfrued, research, ,,-' _: ) :
IIU'v > 11" xj i a( v> f' iPrf I ul.,1initi.J.\UJ. ilpkf wan to n 'f.ejdi: grown.Fiff''iiiiUihood Is to>make lots oftroiUjfo by a druggist rorf r-one' years experience I. :.I\r.\ ; iC.to' r j

i : liy null I, t1. Triul pncknge j and find the btnly. A searchlaliiade in... .the.. ..)p il.lic- ... srliools.] roes, ought: pleasantly l cares faVd.Ilhru!ilnd -' ase+ tf' t.: BMAThitRSI\: \: It .'

.iu.irrant.n Mrs.: A. M. Towr.send 'far i with lanh rIlS, Imt the' reniiins: 'f..trt"'1'r(:a to: .:.aw..UitUf..J.!''ytj11it'.I out ; riiitiy'fdritl''Af''ft1Hiy. vlr \and: .11 .' w' .

ycj*r| secretary of a Woman's- Chriil-1 1 found l:';ome said the l'ral\I u:fait: y/ Jon,<>-Hit/tiV>'1Ki-hi '{vftn't iH> it, 1 Bladder troublf 'eftused by uric acid Jo"or'your CHRISTMAB,DINNER. Call, drop! us a line or telephone! u* ;I ;

Eyed mistaken others that thtf,"l.atu- ,, 'our father wont and the (' fiord 1 in. the system. It is I'
new uuiquttflnci
'iaa- Temperance Union', 218 TrenohiSL : j and your wants win bs promptly attended tr>. &i t ; j
.. ger had not been killed. This fcfe: not'rhid Umnnrk hirmlr-I: !; ., It builds cures
Pmamiplenty up and
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\:ijo.ton. Mass. 'd: in 1'0,111' .1"! l-v .vnuv : ,t
likely, as the train was lUo\'hlP- The 1 4'f.U U a l-Irtbrigiit o'f the after :all l other remedfes'' have fflilfd I. 'j'; 3 3r
lian.. ali Jr- $. I'.tlafux St ... f''';' ; I : II.r WATERS:: CO318 -, 1;
'r.. \. i rate at forty mi 's an \hour. ..--1 : AmMicnn! bly; imt yopr: t3.pt'"f: meaniifsj It i th0p"ftifacctithe; 'qaeen t>f, all! k I'

.. .. .. \ cV;,1M M.'ht.W) th-. sala'nlPnayClt! ; : is irit: fun.- It I Njtli* outcrop( ,r.t remedies to cuia,Uia-Ui! }"eiiti for South t'ttllfnt'Stree(, ..-.I e U utr .j- y/' 1.t"JI1JDJiams i is "ld:1D 'd,I liiathuijd '(I which it ia recciuuiende., Tfitre isnothing J' .
( tlw : yciu' .aln ywi-beUmg .. else like it and it will'prffv( We hare: thp Choicest Cuts of Western and Hi'ifl :Meit, also thickens t ; ;
und must take the li.htgisg: x- .
I you ; with the :>T rosW l .
I T'npfls the \hiMp- of Mn- alctflable; vatu ti '
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nEfdOVAk I pines rather than with the i>f Tow lor turned pale. "I'd rawr !lot'I Triftli Amr i it //1
.. I iAi.'H'urn cheer a cotniuin ig bfthind and it is destined -'
'oJ. I .:rf you can get any one else nlh I\'ilf-it.\f l.: ;, 1 .J to mark a new r'in medi.iro'U (
-- "Hut thrtx-'s no one t'lSto ht .pa u.ttl M'louce.1 &Tnxffrti It.at t I 00 .Tn. KLEIN ) :;
I can put un inferior man .rDmr i "p'e'r .')J.tll 05 (T bodies'f6f .CO'd .1 n I i& ;
Jacob train, !but the lightning I'xprlC1\l ietds niKttK rf-k'-i \iUloey(li Dora.I'rlcce j 1, am'Jfl'lr"rmrticuntr! iBd'tiWk, I } I !.H! .
rii:! vivid '
( a non- 11
''wOl1tluful AcldrfcisoIffHKAXlX '
I one of our !best ifiiductors. Jii& cures. : it a 5Dfi502
\ I i ;! I \I ) 1 uhl'!, I.AMau .ItASJClX ) S. PALAFOX STREET. F. ,
;Crtr f ? \J Tttl w lIlt to devl pnsltlvti rWIU\hH\ :titffI.tI"'It.:: J l"'Jrj t DUUU. CII., .
li.\< .MOVKI!:: ) N'JuM1Jixu: :. 10AD I }." lrttf twain IKSO his!,itlull'' tlltC"lu.lr'j'ct' ': t i'f HIl" Htnnburp Ati.uit'j, Ga.ror UmcoOL Chemical )

MTKKKT TO llf.S OLD (STAND, and ;assented. It was fully lift jujaut WiIil' 1i:1 g}'eIrrlftlnL$v '' Co., L/>>} Angeles_ ,_Oil. '.' .,,- and Groceries .

I 's after the train moved (J1.tt: ''thet..lfllij"irll'I L' The es-el rn-iMW gave the! you::!?- .. Staple Family t. r..
136 East Inte1Jqenc aStre@t t.. '''N [ ('1n s'' p As qrH' ... .
+ : e mustered ct'iu'i' *J..r- to,I f1I-j' ] 'l"'i/ '. -. .
11 : i\l. .:., '! : "t.ti CHOICESTFormerly f
-J iftthrfuA-thok-ais for i' I\ il t't ar l ag ',. ;
tkkctsrliHjjwIVIT SelectjIekts Etc. in Tins.
find a'Full (
Her' will ,
y.'ti Line or i iE occupation Is ood for thC lirves, !; t-r! tiaitf tit.'ilf-j iniv4Yity: ami tln-n I II j I i
sije; .f'tiis Tov; <''ftir'ii i>lc. Ha said: '
*u lLJ.J rril hl'VMJ.I k>n 1 FnniturCrJ i nii Tu'ead" \\ lieiTfiTicket was: hiiiJt.J: KiE.! 1 .
.',.l'HP.t tHua; Jfatui. !I fur Illimtoiu: Starting; lI', I lo.."..,tl..up.> '3.1S)1@'bIH) 81gI; W) iht'i\ j ]$HD-cONfCiIOH;. [ ( 1 1I 1A

:._ lJ'\j1l7-'St \ iiiil I-. jale man with 1Lair )Y is plud W'K-II I'ouM ti.nr it up. as I,I Telephone No. 358. 'i. ;
every it pored Ltr to liavr o rai-ttv.! Aflcr,1iid -
tHj! I I coltlrim4l ".t .ycctitfcs. ,
: is 't sdkin -
: | "liiiina -
a ; ---- ,
s'tnhr ; 4 ".'rr i4- v I ; y j
{ 'A"2:11 :{
.1'l'H I t tt itlt hit jllltll'h"Ju' nile ( 1
ldtl'" at ?' 'r for t MltM it upjq"hv'i11)..i{ a J'aithfurCl'lIIt> t(f.li V. n; 'l'J.. j jI' S
llf itf
t1lt 'r I tll'k'il i fJI OIrt't"r"-1.1r. '.., J : ... y WICKE & Goa j
; .,, ,
I in ft'I lirtf
'in uu d lit manfn : r
c.l'il'll 1eakthe \
C C" te rsrdtmt t t Ft D I im I I' rn .
n [ : words, "This! train duos 1?attt I r'l' 'nest,'nd all!! of ym whu hJiy \: -, 14 East t Goi IlCrt Sl.,

'!" '<
; an tr:asfug"tcjn ()_t' ar.load of .' atl.a i"
9.1 n7e t%'.Jo/l/ t'F1'tIt.df Bath the pn"-fr1t': ,
$hriu 9111 "
him \
Vs 'j's-iV-i IJltto:!\\
a to'.VI rr d"ii t tIf ,
ill. .&"R"otf. ,R. ,fl. ,1 .r 4
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I r p.-in-"lit !t'm! b !hi.! arnijjindhim J "
; '
:-;,) I,"" \l.I: \\.i' a rrtr ,,'JI"i JIo. P ficnth IJRaf05j l ltitre8t. ; .
ussbtttl to the baggage ear. After rIf
( IS' 'izninst: eu: '.'"$itC thought for the I:!ur'. 'j t3aa FiH'ub-s'Mtit6ri&1i1' ? ,
$ : f>)4(t,, ,) Kia.l ot Plumbtn-and:: Kept 01 Mans 1rItL

: j tengir: CHtue hurry lug jujy lie ba r" IJe'lfto :+*:w.;,I,'v.-ii'h. dprrcssi's'\ : ?: rcat tBt'fiy' I h : )-'..r"<'";ire' ,.or........ .. .. I'rpa 31 }
ibnouuce 'ladtluit I
1:111 HARD
Ttf : "If : \1 trust ill (; almd '\I'Il's.-If.;' ...,. .
: --'- '
k Olt -- .
d4lli1IdOf frim, the tr fit. : c ndor or ; .
1 hJ III n falrtttkcior i Tied. 5.j':1: t twi i i ii',: I'f .

: THEPur the Q-iln/ipeT7rtt'MHidJ: ; "I., i.r; t. )aft lil to rJtl lt1; i\a (t I a : I1LQuor8Eiverybocly. >; ;
"r lpg
D :- ; :
C'tindiutor i fT:ml.V> \hid .,..titu. "sore. : ',.iJ
v. at iii.-iy happen| t I, one in life t. !J
'ftini'ith"; : :.tUjjjrcr trouD'Hnfri! \ p'n. :
4 ,
who' Iii.-Jsttnl I'Ut ,'t wu.-t dv-aiic fenrles I ly..jrnd. ;; ,J .t
oil giifllns ofj, atiBUiniton. of -FOr.- 4 .
m tIfmwm I ; r Ulii health was failing.."and i,{>ri'i.i IJiVJn Cor. Lon'luuewa -! : Vj
: : ( 1 C .. r : j, .
lie had urea as: lsnrd: the easiestjob i L" !4y : s In, sift rot'l. a night 1"41 l lt""tpl'lrf [[! 'f e.t4 j ,.. < '"..;r.t ,....r.i iii- : '" .j!

..,,Fafl ily ., 'N :d: "i<4 M ,1ALiV Of w r
-Of.- CJn. ? lit } F4atlou h@ 4. ; o'l'r ,
: '? uf : .
'I etvr j.lJ s3butr tltt ler 1 / Frets_ ; 'JU(]'''.C 1n U ,
\ ti L.t: Tst : AYS 'OK BAND!) .. ,
lilt fort vdru ii rI'gas slttittn'a: tie tij, util "rfglt si aslre!s on every bat of the genalnaIf ---AT .THEEeliable 1. <,-_,..

.J I hint "bffii suffei rln Jall tilg3tflC t .';,,1 i. .
: !
a'uyjiiger.; Ue (flJQtt CtllCkl9 i' rf q
Holiday-Si eoal1d4'r ( iI.tl'.t nidtrfresson; ot splrirs the rciaeuy that circa n cold in one iTiey. J ] Kentucky arreIH '

uicnt ui'fi'i iKidilytiih.Teut and san n'o : t : '
j '" tI" kJ' LF use'1
.1800 f r VtrouMf1 .>lijmier... II.:.\\Jl: .1)) ;i: : If goes wtsl'tb a dt.n= tttfla! : .. ;.; ; t

1 '. Ttfcsen. i* !'tillt the corner of lag m'cr3". te"CRlit'"tfDici'tit' !t\1ot'' presents for vou ehildr t1n not ... ,;t'#
.1: 1\ ;cud Uitenctl'rth'/'r7d.: j.W j.' lial to call at Mra.i F VXi'fai1.ia ..: j.J ..J 0 '..: J.
i xidc 1 hacti n tIlot tis slopes Friedman }
j S.
I ;: al : ,1t
-hl! fin street. -
: been fat years: :and E1yttJndPuci4i4
r .* '."luanckt>rlktheChglrPtt : 1:yt't'deliere: tarcitbat/.lj: f> HtM>f .
: 01.1) J,14(10n .alftltNnlFfi: : .lit. ht-ard.rjiutwinftme"'fo: ; a 'r' ;{ 4

I 1@'r r.'fiwxEC The'' halt, and when It' moved' .on> M lke- jL P1 Ol'RI TSR., ... j ;'I'! "
,*' : '''I. l'\t 1II1ln his liend lu Ilt the dootf nd'fiW .
? by polite au4 p lj; .V: ran.. Here only voi! AftStt ?*: i'l I 2 'IADS/1 3KA.1 r',31t"1' ialDleirIC'IaMFhraihlk7"aM'nt(Le worolrrta tt :'t

.f' t' !euatPj TJJbTN. Hf 3SI1tki61E4tllutton": : f I 1Frrial4il.. $ : D 05 ibiro 57 S t';) JIn'' ftoT recvn-4't"e! 1 jir f-t in. 1I'i.t >x'-eii." assortment! of 1. f(' \0

.. c'B i 1ttU ky WhiSk : I ,HUil1'OL'iIt2J.loB'p, was couscl oficnta.one :1 lt' i trn'ral-' Get Our Prices Before "Wines;Liquors, Brandt &Id.GinB 1!,
sittipsr { byygkhoEhisFQuld seat.ltesid ;iim .
i? ,JI!lfeare '.di} : UF-EVtRY .J 4.-o mIJI 4 : ; 1 ; r r
j13'4 J tit }
: ( i.Jhp111hr: cIi ,
wr1e, u.i :18 101 ;! *Al-6 the Fin.!! an<* largest Lice of Case.ItlttledOoods., : .. '
Ta.iftcrl: ,'Idi,titrblot{ )IJt.iPtwt i he hndnen;; hi-CaTfli'l 7mf Purc'"ln I
hw rr Vi 1""MiI'Itf; y.1f' Beet i, M't t ithPea >ether 1R1ILerrrptlq,biu: M-nd ramp for II. ':tF, r 1.1 D: r 1 Special 'A t Lion Giv"eto._ ial: Orders.. )+ .

i1- ." .., ... ,, ,., J luTrat.l booK M-alr4.lt a'iN
t 'p .11 'oO .1 "n "tT..t 'ro' I nn""" Ms; t toendrtiai
In'l ) beet
*\1 aU i x \ : : t' IN' :: aitd turned tliom si'lCWbt'' : A 'htola'teaM.R1ELtO., t. 1 -. "..' V "t>" ; "i. ChrisUnas ,orders t() .. 'I,
Pin r('L rib T l ; with a pnlej ,Room ao Tmf 1 err ate ; z; '
t' tc t full ii a man DIDllJ .,
h.u1l.t\. lt !1 !ld tltti'Q114rt! '\.loM l! sltd.itc]cs. .. f ta :3mOo \' : 'S""A: : ;. FEIEDMAN: .
and' ,
/IE' .
f' _. "Fh'r "W" are IIl.proal'hjn HIimtnn." said fp cLrCCB ; I ". It '_ _1./ it3tt
f man, ,.and 'ach tt tit TreRiiorunnutaryI (:r' F-fluth P.1Mo't StreetP.Q. Box 4ls; PEN:;AUOLA, FLORIDA. ,II

lei:;#ritJ J e lif $I I (,j' {fl Erl 5I S,j-/ Han harmiaAncunadutia k <-,. ..., -
.QJ a' 1WllHU rca. '
< 1-fl.
I "' .1 ; r't'L' : '
ripe main oftlce that Con.hu-t'>r .Towli-* .. 2.LC+ M'Co.' i'nnE fii ., ;1I'fy-Ftl.if' ) ;. .,, W ,. -VT' "rfJ'1'{ r I

CHRIS( fo1Wini1 dead !in ahI.o : said by Dro=;Iet4 % YlfU .1
THI BSEN'i : nn empty car//4 e.6 or sent m B tl) > a ,
riiati-k : r. .
i- -c/1" 'when\ his train, 4't J'ljnifOT.l > aiFp9 + I '. :; .
:15rIeZBarren J F
':'yR'narid'Intendenciabt-; 1 Tir.rzi I?.' \titC1t.s 1'1'a m

f :Pal

; .:

L.- ... .. .. ..... __ ,_ _,..... .: "
.. .... .1' t';.... '. ., .........',....;-,.:'" ,";.., --""'--- "" '- -. ". --...'" f"'. ._' -,.-,-.''--; d -.-_- ?-, --- =-?< L -- 0"_ .. A :... 'A. v.-'

..;,-, A..{ ;::.:),r.i''r.r; _..:'.f.J.nt... ::r'f;.;';.-,t' ?.:?t t?;:::",:+ ".)::1. i }": : ':''';;;'-<"- ,; :. ;1: ::-t -; '. ,.. _;' '>-: ;,:,,''.' ..



-- -
BEST : Get you Oysters for .

tieth Century -

Mobile selects, only

t The beet evidence of the a'x*ptablli'y oftnybraml TKQRE DISFIGURING 50 cents per hundred.
r of an article common line la the
quantity sold. .GOOD Baking Powder Now is the time to order your 1902 $ I
ton*,torn the start steadily increased favor Christmas! cake,such as fruit,pound,
with the Housekeepers until It now supplies ornamental or any kind of cake, at
largely more than half of the entire amount of INTERESTING CAME OF FOOT-I Pfeiffer's: Steam Bakery.

Baking Powder consumed in the t'nt1rollth.. Skin Scalp and Blood "'-"'-"' _....... ....... -. '"
-JWD LUCK" is frequently lots the last ot whl'-h consisted of One H undrelad doz. at Solomon's.
Sixty-nine Solid carke1.Ricbmond i I ; Humours .

II JUST received a beautiful -
Vlrgicia. assortment Neckwear
I of -
The blue and white colors, as
Speedily Cured by Cuticura for the Holidays at
1 adopted by the West Hill 'leven,were
liasas2sast52 2ssa5E5asas Wm. Johnson Son's.
in evidence everywhere last eveningon Soap, Ointment and Pills

.m SOCIETY EVENTS account of the overwhelming vic-

I, tory of that aggregation yesterday!
Thos G flak & Go
afternoon where the East Hill opponents the Best Physicians and ,

I AND PERSONALS went down in defeat ina score
2szsrJ of 27 toO. TO ALL !

sz-zszs The game was played at Palmetto

J. A. L-jpinan and wife from Enid, j! Beach, and while it was somewhatof The agonizing itching and burningof REAL ESTATE

i Oklahoma, are among the interesting the skin, as in eczema; the frightful ,
a one sided score, yet the contestwas
in the loss of hair No. South Palafox Street. '" - -- - --
; guests at the Merchants. : scaling,as psoriasis; --
I an interesting one to about 2C0 and crusting of the scalp, as in scalled
C. B. Bailey and wife, of Horauton, :
spectators The battle: l.1=ted 33; head; the facial disfigurements, as in Partial List of Desirable Dwellingsfor

b1ia., who re:1ahed here yesterday, minutes, and the officials: were Referee pimples and ringworm; the awful suffol'iug Rent in Various Parts I
left today for roiats ia South of infants, and anxiety of worn- of the I 1902 $ 1903
Florida.: I Brent !and Umpire ;McLaughlin, out parents,as in milk crust, tetter and City:
salt rheum all demand of $Ji.OO-2'=-story house
: ,- remedy containing rooms I
C. E.Vileox and wife, from Chicago a graduate of Columbia University.Since almost superhuman virtues to successfully aa modern conveniences, bath on
upper and lower floors corner lot,
arrived at the Merchants and the game of Christinas day, cope with them That Cuticura: nice yard and rubbery, stable,out '; -
: N>.tp, Ointment and l'ilare\ such houses, etc, No. 7H East: Laliua ',
ti established themselves} acro=s when the late victors were made to stands all doubt. No street. ,
proven $:'Sv'-3-atory boarding house containing''
the bay. i :suffer the pangs of defeat, they had statement is made regarding/ them thatis 25 rooms, known as the Ponce del.eon MEYER SHOE CO.
not justified by the strongest e>idcnce. i- house,No. 1M Eat Intemlencm .
N. K. Cook, cf that ,
aiiperiitendent been in practice and resolved The purity and sweetness, thepower street. '
county schools, is out of the city fora immediate relief the tI'.MAdesirablestorymodern dwelling :
to afford ,
when another meet on the gridiron 7 rooms,most desirable section of the i>
few days. lIe will probably be in certainty of speedy and permanent city on a corner on the street car Feet Furnishers for Cash Only
t'U cifice to-n.orr''N. was Lad, they would show their cure, the absolute safety aud great tyo.OO-Large line.So 2-story.111; Xorlh Barcelona street. 'II I
dwelling. li> rooms
East Hill foes how to play foot ball. economy have made them the standard fronting Seville Square, No.311 East 102 SOUTH PALAFOX STHEET-
1>r. W. C. Rowe returned from skin cures, blood purifiers and humour iiorerumeDt street. |
This resolution, as amply testifiedby |;9VX-Comfortable modern -
Chicago thi3 morning and with him I remedies of the civilized world. new 2-story i! ,
dwelling D rooms,very desirable sec- 'I
are Mrs. Hopkins and Mrs. Dr. Track ;i the score, was adhered to firmly. Bathe the affected parts with hot lion oftb city, situated on North ] W '\l\(
water and Cuticura Soap,to cleanse the Baylen between tHrong and DeBoto
who will winter here.A. i Features of the game were touchdowns surface of crusts and scales, and soften streets.$25.O'story. 1 Ir
dwelling In order vlth
0. Campbell, Esq., of Chipley, : by FisherLappingtou, Quina the thickened cuticle. Dry, without II room,. three doors from the belt
hard rubbing,and apply Cuticura Ointment line has gas and water throughout,
is at Merchants.. He came down : and Sullivan. Two goals were kick- freely, to allay itching, irritation No.:ZlUNorth Barcelona street.
last night to take business'l' and inflammation,and soothe and heal {JO.OO-1-story dwelling 7 rooms, city water,
up legal ed by Sullivan. bath, gas, with large corner lot,No.
before Judge peeves.I and,lastly,take the Cuticura Resolvent .4Ir. Weal Wrlgtit street. ALFRED IOOG
Regular communicationof Tills, to cool and cleanse the blood. (13 70 1-story dwelling.6 rooms, newly papered -
and ,
A. A. Ashburn! and family and Escambia Lodee No, 15, This complete treatment, costing but belt line No.painted'AV: East throughout Gregory street.ou
Mis3 Annie Dunn, all of Wa5hin I F. and A. M., 7:30 p. m., one dollar, affords Instant relief, per i5 00-1-story dwelling,city water and batb,
A 7 rooms, bait block of ground with
mits rest and sleep in the severest
ton, D. C., are in the city for so-ne Monday, January brethren 5th. forms of eczema and other itching, Cervantes beautiful shade trees, .No. 7W\ East
Visiting cor- street.
time. They have taken a suite of invitfid. burning and scaly humours the skin, $12.3o-l-story dwelling.a o 415 East Gregory
rooms at Winter Rest. W. D'C. KESSLER scalp and blood,and points to a speedy, painted.street.5 rooms,newly papered and WILL SELL Q:

HARRY W. GIBBS. W. M. permanent: and economical cure when tU.i >-No.6H East Belmont street, S-rwm
SIr II. S. Clark, for many years a'': Hecretary. all other remedies and the best physicians cottage, city water, newly painted, JfL.

prosperous banker of Creston, Iowa i! I fail. $ in perfect North order.le.SuNo.lull Atcantastrhet. a new

but now a resident of Saginaw, The Secret of Long Life house In good order with 5 rooms.
I I New Century Comfort.Millions UII'IIO.. all East Belmont street, city
Mich., has arrived iti the city ao Consists in keeping all the main I water,a nt'IIt5 room cottage newly : "Better GoodsFOR
daily worldof
i finding a
: painted and renovated throughout
couipanied by his wife Mr Clark organs of the body in healthy, regular -' comfort in BucklenN Arnica: I Vi/ )-No.I'lOKast LaUua(: street, a ueat'y!

bas room with Mrs. W. H. lli-liiie, action, and in quickly destroying I SalveIt kills p.\iu from Burn, papered, large 4-rooin lot,cottage city water.A in good. eoiidition -

corner Palafox and Oubden ;treet deadly disease germs. Electric Kcald*, Cuts, Bruises: ; conquers large list of smaller dwellings, as nell
and: will remain during the winter. Ulcers awl Feversireacures: ; Eruptions as a number stores and offices toil KENT. i j I
Bitters regulate Stomach, Liver and S lit R'lf Boil and Felons I THE
; urn ; THOS. C. WATSON &. CO.,
Kidneys: purify the blood and givea I removes Corns and Wart'. l>-t Leading Real Estate Rental and Insurance
; GflNCORDIA CLUB splendid appetite. They work Pile cure on earth. Only 2:;e. at W. Agents.South Falatox Street.
; wonders in curing Kidney Troubles, A. D'Alemberte's drug store, 121 -
Female Complaints, Nervous Disease I South Palafox street.
1 ELECTS OFFICERS =, Constipation, Dyspepsia; and I Same Money
:Malaria.: Vigorous health and ,
-- .strength always follow their use. .
j Only Me., /guaranteed by W. A. soKEBliNK
f The annual meeting and election D'Aleuiberte, druggist, 121 South
want a good piano tuner to OR THE
Palafox street.
} of ofilcers by the Ccucordia club was
-------- Pensacola\ still hold
stay in you
f' hell list night in the club rooms on If you want a nice present to giveto back your order. Send it in. I have

West Government street, and much a friend,go and look through the had 20 years' experience and have
elegant line of suitable articles at NOTECIGAR
nthusiaein and interest was mani- J. I. Stephens, you surely can find worked in several piano factories. Same GoodsFOR

1 fested. The club has a large meta something to please you. If you Orders left at Johnson's book store
I want anything in the Diamond line will be attended to.CHAS..
bar! hip and is growing and prosperOU5. i be sure to see him before you buy. I W. PRE3SLEY.

The election resulted as follows i ._ -

: : Hot French Waffles with ,

j jif. MARITIME. 'Florida Cane Syrup at
[ Pre"ident-Henry Hcnler.! II Solomon's
Vice Preident-FraDk; Wilde.

,': Recording Secretary Meuko. SAILED. ,, See that Each Cigar is Less MoneyTHAN
1 Financial: Secretary: -Ueo. A. Von I Er bk \olona, >W, Burnley, \VbItu Haven : daNEITHF.Rth8esPtlUn.owD@r; @ Stamped.

Htva'ey. I 1
THE SHIPPING.Vbtbhl ( I crew of said vessel. FRANK REILLY
j Treamrer-T. Mathie-en. J. B. BOOTH, "
I tnllTracsttCo Cap turn. ELSEWHERE.
4 13oardofDirectors-H.Mullersr; ., : : /} IV sour : Consignees. jit SOLE AGENT.
I J. Gen. White. Sr., M. B. Dannheis- ': U.T KnpblB.l.STFAVSHIPs:N.I.aw. to M H L f'oT.r i -

I-.ul.\\uvtl: Ii", Crown, tot* Key- I .;-#. .-......;... ._.._,._. _..., _,,---,.. v.;-:"- -
sec, John Zsiklebach, Otto White: set't "'oawed :1. .:1.. r. "i... ... ;.' x/.W..W. 11iLVilwir 3' ,
pr- -" y -' -
Emmanuel,lei Mver, Gulf Transit -
and J. H. Frederick,eu. Co 1.,

President The election Horsier by, Secretary acclamation( Meuko cf Transit ser tier lr.\.Indianapolis Co Her.to ilia, 1113., 15:.ij: ,Mstthlfsen.to IHacU: to W S Key-Gulf i|I I I Clearance Sale II : ALFRED MOOft\ I

"pan Itln,l'!>:%:, Arnna.to Gulf Transit Co
and Treasurer Mattueseu, was a deserved -: Dutch Ktttemlruclil, IV.l.Tetnsaa.to 11 il m

compliment, of which these ;i Boyer Kr Jacob Brlght,1731!: ,Anderson PtnaaC3la L ,

t! gentlemen can well feel proud. Aust Lumber Uliinoo. HO I'a. to K HogviaRrRosefleldItOL.saaptoRIlI51 wrStoek
; Kotm- 1! I Iro II
"' --- -- ---- son I Odd TOtS
AMERICAN GUILD. ,,0t'o Hr TUornly, K.'T, Major, toW \VIttich I }1
\ \ ----- -- - -- -
Br Windsor, l.;."',lout h,to Gulf Transit Coi ,
Annual meetiogof) Okolo3a Chap i I tlltl l'b. 'i ,.:., ...OF._ :. ..................oot Gv#
i tar o.II';;, Friday: night, January Nor Charles Dickens, I.i. Korrensen, to
IEi <)
\ <.
orderIt (J JI H
i. i. Ia03, at G o'clock, at the office of llt: .". 1>\I. oneto. toorder II (:))1 I

t \V. L. Moyer, 30 Wet Government ,lit. Ital CO Havou.a, 1JU1-, lag ioa to Simpson I Bankrupt t 0
Seasonable Goods
street. A full attendance requested.I l I It Trojan. Uri, Rertalotte. to.order Ei I | Ib: 0OF
i I \1111100., liU.; ; Mos'n. to Kosa co Hrns I i
I.I] Election of officers and other important Ital Vegn.Uneta, 1S1.:, toHBaarsACo
I Vanduora.. :%1. Herronl. loll 11 Hover i v J -
business. 1: Uer Wilkorumon, 1'Uo, Grumps to H'fSlictter I (:|
Nor Wddwood, h,. Nelson, toSSLCo:: 111

i I Secretary.WAHTEDFURS. i 1 i -\ecalon.11I5..BARKS Ht'verlo"n. tog 8 I.Co I Ii I I .FURNITURE

l'It rodl Kiauca A CoItal Casanova. Magnatdl, toi I'1}If THE BIG STORE \\11 aaa

J 1 Baars( A hoccicin'."o Hevello,6H, Kalncre, toll !i, E I r Must IV Sold Within 4 -

: N d. l otter skins.-G.I to 9.00:'I i! It Cfsare.viii, Colosts. to order |I I wi ,. 3O PajsREGARDLESS

f r 'i No.S<*. I mink coon shins.skins, lar3 large,, I.50 CO to to I.N MOther ))
IVnsseoJa Lumber CoItal : .
good in full proportion.Ask /
arezia.'l't.. Kosotto to Rosasco Kros a
oo me.any Pensacola bank for rating bored A Co Uladan,5l?, ;eland, to W L Wttticli :I II i (::1 Remnants of Wash Goods. tJ: OF COST. '. .. '/1 ()

1 J. W. WATKiNS i I Ital Georges aleutlnt',il\i, Simonetti,to'', *> Outing Flannel Gowns. .;.), : ()

I Brunswick, Ga.f order Nor Hamtngza 45S; ,Ummundsen, to WB i'I M The Entire Bankrupt Stock cf W. R. (f

I KeyserA It Mauln.to Mo iO. kA toFO Howe 4 Co .|:I: Outing Flannel Drawers for Children, M:l i MERRIWETHER will be placed on the t/t <)

The finest line of umbrellas in the I(,I Ital Maria Delia,709,Guardia, to Itosascoirou Market To-day and Sold Regardless: of '
city is at J. I. Stephen,;'. Go look : E 1 <)
at them. I I|I,I Ital Ital MrssaGrecco.Miro, Ml, Parma W7 Ventura to order, to order J (.!1.) Skirts. ; Cost. H Ij

!i It Nostra Madre,1415, ConslgUere Or > yv RARE BARGAINS IN HOUSEHOLD AND

J. I I. STEVENS, I I I der'Aust Poschlch-'l' Mandlk, to order 1 I::J We Offer 50 Cloth Skirts at 1.3 Off $(:J; KITCHEN FURNITURE, TOILET f A
i It Pensacola, Slmonette: ,to Fa rod 1 4 SETS, PICTURES, ETC. A,\ y
Co & Regular Prices. |rJI ;
TIIK \LU'OX STHKKT J BWKLKlt. I Ital Padre, 569. Ollvarl. to II Baars A Coi f|
It Angelo.lIJ'l.lavalia, to Baars E Sale at 112-114 ScBlli Tarragona Street S?
Dealer in Diamonds, Sterling; Bil- !!I I Co I I H; : Underwear for Children and Ladies at :$

, Goods vet, Jewelry, Toilet,Articles Watches, Canes, Enameled Um- Am Ital Br Rollo.8'iolJt'nklns.Bilenio.8t Maryu" Ttil.rat i iMmonetll Lowery.to master to, to order order i i;I |fI: Cut Prices. 1 j:|): ...................CcO -

i '-orBlgridli:\))Pettersontotlu111van.t Co ,
:l4 breilas, Rings, Bracelets, Etc., Nor Superb, 1W,Mihng, to order I,I : >+" ---- -

Clocks, Opera: Glasses. ,L Ital ItTrento Tltania, Las b7t.>,(iotusso.Garaullotoorder to order I i !E|!) Bargains in All Departments. ,!

We are offering for the Christmas! Ital Vermont_ ,t/7., Razetto to S8L Co D. HALE WILSON,
Our Wind brant liH. llaase. to master .
I holidays bargains in Diamonds, and Km Yatavat,iwl,Aaltonen, to 8 P Shotter I
ire showing; a large line to select I Co II + + II

from._ We bare everything suitablefor I I I Am BenJ C Frith.SCHOONERS.. Tso. Keen, to order ;j 'U t ll HUn Jjobttsott & c ott IiI Real Estate and Rental Agent,

'_ Christmas or wtddlng presents, i Am Krotber, 1: Kelly to lOaner +
Am Donna Christina, 145, Axelsoo, to :
z, and will take pleasure in showingosr ,Goutdlng Fertilizer Co I
13.; South Palafov Street,
: Am Hjaloiar, Azeieen, to master L' .
.- goods.120 S. PALAFOX. I Am Olive T Whittier, *3. ::'al\'l'r, toJiAMemtt&Co I : -.-:,::. ._ ..+..--'.:r=.. -:;M-;'=..-;d TELEPHONE NO. 234. PENSACOLA, FLORIDj '


; ,

--_. ._ __ ,.. ...... ... _.
":'''> '' i "'; i

The daily news

Material Information

The daily news
Uniform Title:
Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
Place of Publication:
Pensacola Fla
The News Pub. Co.
Creation Date:
January 2, 1903
Daily (except Monday)
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
30.433333 x -87.2


Pensacola is the seat of government for the westernmost city in the westernmost (Escambia) county of Florida. Since the colonial period, Pensacola has been an important naval port and economic center. By 1889, it was one of Florida’s four largest cities, with a population exceeding ten thousand. The Pensacola Daily News began publication in 1889. The editors pledged to "be Democratic, conservative but yet sufficiently aggressive to give weight to [the Daily News’] remarks." By March 1897, the Daily News had increased its circulation to 1,500. The Pensacola Journal, begun as a weekly, remained its main competitor. Among the bigger stories the Daily News covered was the 1891 dedication of the Confederate Monument in Lee Square and the outbreak of the Spanish-American War in 1898. Pensacola’s Gulf Coast port, like others in Florida, hosted forces bound for Cuba, among them Theodore Roosevelt. In the years that followed, Pensacola continued to expand. 1908 saw the completion of a new Spanish Renaissance City Hall. Around this time, the Daily News was followed by the Pensacola Evening News. The exact year of the transition is uncertain as the Pensacola Evening News continued the numbering of its predecessor. The earliest verified edition of the Pensacola Evening News dates from April 6, 1908. In 1910, when its population reached 23,000, Pensacola erected its first skyscraper--the ten-story American National Bank building, constructed the San Carlos Hotel, and raised a wooden bridge across Bayou Texar. By 1912, Pensacola had twenty-one miles of paved streets. The first modern hospital opened in 1915, and by 1924 the city’s fire department was entirely motorized. In that same year, the Pensacola Evening News merged its operations with the Pensacola Journal then under the leadership of John H. Perry. For the next six decades, the two papers continued to report the city’s news, the Journal in the morning and the News in the evening.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1889.
General Note:
Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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OF THE DAY tate off" yourself, jotlr' woman and Lady Italeigh "'rote"to her brother, Sir Ih SPORTING WORLD'A :j :

PEOPLE your Infernal machine," pointing to LITTLE CLARA SWEETINC Nicholas C:1I'Callklng permission to i1 tf.. ,1.

."rnOT Bull*?'. Ilom m_. the motor car, "1 will give you a real bury her husband in his church at Bed- Great Fotball ea.t.... 4 ;j. s ,1

G.> rN'tlll: !'* J. Bailey is a taste of the fortm-s. King. indeed! 1 dington where she dehirej; also to be Captain George B. Chadwick of the i : Pi? 't:
r. wr would( be ashamed to have a wulpperBnappcr bUrll>tl. is silent from that # "
As he Is a nan of pleasing History Tale eleven is one of the best all round 1" ..it!.3 i ;
f. "r mid unuMially\ well end like! you for a king! Instead time on. It ia known, however, that football players soon ,on the grtdlntf ,L ;., .t i l
I"" :' .t/" \\ !,11this! v.orld's<< goods there of rebuking the soldier, King: Victor WAS KILLED YESTERDAYDeadly her son treasured the bead as his mother during the past season. The Yale team \ .r J" 11 r
discretion the better of
1 ,'n many surmi.MS concerning thought part had, amid according to the London finished the year's playing with a splendid { I 11
valor, so he quietly parted, consolinghimself Dally; Chronicle, tradition that it r '''' r
:.!!,".,t taw i11iulIl''S; to enter ther says record due largely to Captain Chad : I fwlrk's
r with the thought that it was ,
buried with him! at West r-t'
.f tinveiMid.. A story has re- was finally Individual efforts.! J : :

.:., .,..? to light: which purports ton well to have such a faithful sen"ant. Jlornley, :Surrey. Dr. Bru!>hCeld, who Chadwick is a brother of Charle ,; c," ',

c, .. ni\ Mr Bailey: is not a mar- Toy Rifle in Hands of Paul Lambert has made a thorough study of Raleigh! ; Chadwlck, the former prominent YaW ? ;}, i:
Cornell Wll Get III. Jlrntn.Professor
,.ur'| : i I' .1-1, It Is told that history, Is of the belief: that when Investigation 1l 'or i r
God! win Smith, the noted
: '
is made the three bodies- ,t .
manhood he 'T
.i ,! : "I i I. \''ling': ; 1"l" ,
( dev Canadian (eeoiMiui'st: has according;; ton father, mother: and sou-will be found 5 w ;,1'
; 1t'' 'm he was -
-ni't'i' i "
ntWILLIS report from Toronto willed his brain burled together. Ho has suggested to ;t }

'j i lJ"' n en fi II.IIotwknts to Cornell university.! ; In s-praking of A White Lad, Inflicts Instant Death On a the British Arcmvological soclety.to Inscribe ; 'J;

the matter recently I'rofissor Smith the stone tinder which his body t

said: Sweet Child-Accident at Pine Barren. Is supposed to be burled In St. Margaret's. b.p ft iI

"At Crt luoktd uin this thing asa London with his! name and coat
I ;
Juke, hut now that 1 see it has been -- ---- of nrrns. Xo ling;:li:.h memorial to this

i taken seriously I shall; certainly keeprr.orES.soR I "universal genius" exists. The west !

I Little Clara Bweeting, the bright window in t St Margaret'; dedicated to "Itf ,.

; a 13-year-old child of :Mr. aud Mrs. GIVEN( SEVERELESSOpDAY his memory through, the enterprise of ,

William W. Sweeting of Pine Barren Dr. i'arrir, was the gift of this country 1 I 4'I

was instantly killed yesterday, II + J
I ; JI
r l one and one-half tulles from her Marriages Espedltrd. I J d ,,

I 4 y v home in that place.: The killing;I Only recently the complaint was I a\', ,"t' ,-
i made that the preparations for a wedding I I ",.

was an accident, and the coroner's I NEGRO WOMAN KEPT CONTAGIOUS were becoming; so elaborate, trou ,, .,.t-f

jury, empanelled by Justice Harrison \,1'somc'ur.J costly that young men preferred j,, it ".t{ .>. .
( DISEASE FROM to remain bachelors rather than \ ,: f.
so decided in a short time after '"
undergo the ordeal. In viewof this "

Its occurrence. OFFICERS. complaint it is reassuring to learn that 1J. :.f. ft ,

owing to the perfection of system established -
The child was the youngest daugh- I ..
In the county building, weddings .
yJ t3f of this widely known couple anda y''t
A case made by Inspector Menko may now be performed therewith I i .

sister of Mrs. Arthur Brown, wife the greatest dispatch. A couple, tJ
against Patsy Richardson, colored, it Is reported, seek the marriage '.0; '
\ \ \ \ of the assistant postmaster of this may : "
for concealing a case of contagious license window at any time in the day I I .. V,!'I <4 ;
city. Mr. Brown was at Pine Bar- the building ,
and then from county
depart -
sickness -
r and for refusing to give any :
\ / ren yesterday and related: how the man anti wife In the space of eight j (
.. knowledge of the same to the health minutes and twenty seconds. The gain! I j.-1
J. I1AILET. accident occurred upon his return 3 ,
GOLDWTX SMITH oIBcers when they enquired, cost over the slow, old fashioned wedding, t tw : "I
111., in the class; of 'S2.:: Bailey e '.
ma. here last '
night. '
my promise. .\. short time ago I met which requires weeks for preparation .
uatitl and went to Kansas to take that old woman $50 today, with an ,
rofessor Wilder of Cornell, and we The little girl, with a number of and a whole day for the ceremony Itself
.- of his father's story farm ond pot to talking on the subject of brain. stroll additional punishment of a term of is oh\ion A man may now get t ', ,,-q'. "t" ,
a (home to which Le expected companions, was enjoying a !
lie saidhe made a specialty! of brains I 50 days in the city Jail. married In less time than it takes to j
or so to bring his fair bride.
i r and! was collecting them for his mu- through the woods. The children ride around tIle loop. Some Improved j .J
I ,, r.ii:I lady remained at the uul- Thh defendant and her son, Gus '
and seum. In a j'jking way I told him he had stopped in their pleasures and method of courtship on the lightning : ; )
nether duringi
!t..r year
-r could have mine wheu I got through Richardson! lived on North Alcaniz express' principle doubtless will soon be t, f
ar 1.1: i y lIst her. were making the woods ring merrily !
j -_
with it Now that the matter has i ecu street Several days, the health forthcoming.-Chicago Nev\s. # 1
the lovtrs fre- ago .
I IH-I i
tars \\i It'li 1,
taken seriously I shall certainly make with constantly' recurring peals of --
t fur :o\.l.-! : ; then they fllmos-t ii.pector discovered that Mack: CAPTAIN C. D. CHIDWICK OP TALE. 7 i ,
arrangements that my promise may bo laughter and all were In the hap- An Antorrnt. '
1 L and day Bailey received a :t
: o carried out. I am now In my eightieth Richardson/ another son, bad became It has been discovered! that the now player, and comes from Brooklyn, I tl\l-
"IU.Is! fa"ut fnklo one thata piest mood imaginable.One I where he learned the :i:!
: a toiitirmiil uhelor. She year, and the legacy may fall soou. ill, the sickness later developing Jim Crow car laof New Orleans came on a preparatory .
hundred and eighty yards such autocratas school team ,t.
makes the an
,! I 1. rued tn lure another. It was .
Into smallpox. The left .
'.L .nny on the snot." She marriedIvinK : Return of a Great Traveler. away little Paul Lambert, a neigh- I negro : lie is in no other city, says the New Captain Chadwick played sensationally ..' };
Mrs. Emma Shaw Colcleugh is againat I the house a fpw days since when he Orleans Picayune. Perhaps the mostobjectlonnl'V In the games with Princeton and l! i : \

loiular.!: her home in Boston. She has Just bor's child, was enjoying himself! : toituie of it Is that Harvard, in the former making the f i rt : f
':,,re r-n:picius tht the health t '
n',u irnliur!. cftiupk'ttd n tout which took her tato practicing with what is called a which authorizes and empowers the car only two touchdowns secured by the 1 ;. :1 .j;
places in central Africa never before men were looking for him, and from wearers of the blue lie will be awarded ,
King Victor nniiuaniu-1 and (JuuaHelena harmless toy rifle. Lambert knew conductors to pronounce which of tho $s

) of Italy are ur.v loud of mc t isited by a white woman. his mother no information could be passengers are whites and which arc a halfback's! iK..;itiou on the All ,;" ) fr !
She has been over the Uganda railroad not what he was doing as be unin- America's team of lMJ! :!. 1 ;
'oriug! and us they go with fares ('0"- obtained. She was told that she nogroes. There is no restraint on these i I t
red amid! with :n> retinue the most ri- and to the scene of the latest tentionally pulled the trigger of the Irresponsible (lC'rloonsothro\ with such In dltfl'ltllIllIth;; Princeton and IIar ; ., ,

'!.i-ulniH ('ohtrl'tf'ml'i often II'l'ur8.1.'- British tribal war in S.unaliland studying would bo punished should she still extraordinary functions. A cur con- yard Vale/ liecamo the eastern chaui- i e 1
deadly toy when the muzzle was '
,>',!rll: lo :lIIltlli:1II1ap.'r. they went the conditions and the peoples. persist in her secrecy, bat that did ductor under this law can, upon his pion of the year. Michigan holds the _J "
-- -- -- -- pointing directly to the spot where without taking WI'h'I'1I title ,; t
::1 lrIoue. inoininj: List summer and own unassisted judgment, -
not have the desired etlect. Then
That for extracts is important t" I
". ti! .' cuiiise of tlie day drew up at the you pay the crowd of happy little girls any testimony or making any inquiry t.oJ ';

',..' of :i uiiiunt.im mi which stands but what you get for your xt day, however, the sick man pronounce that any IKTSOII to The Annlrr.liflnJim heavyweight I" ; ,'

of Italy's nur-t j' ilnu:-Iy guarded't'he money is ten times more important. played. turned up at the pest house of his whom he has taken a dislike or a l'r'jl1'dice : I>oli< rty, Auxtrnliau cham I h' I

1 '- kliu': as is his custom, be- fiuntctt't Vanilla costs' more because The leaden death messenger responded is a negro and must sit in the compartment pious who is cumin; here looking for -.. j i

'I i iiii('-tli the sentinel who, his worth more. to the trigger's pressure own accord. set apart for negroes, under liirlit, won'tuc\ to wear out bin :I I''- ,'' '*;

,..n- I. in;; aroused, soon turned I The officers thought the old woman penalties for refusing to accept his de clothes whiting for a chance to see i '
We will launder your for and sped onward. The little Bweet-
.' spreads what he can do with our heavy 1
i iito surly answers. "No; 15 cents each and make them look had perfect knowledge of the man's cree. In the same way he can force a artlJ'I i :
"I i _'I ni.; Xo one but the king ing child was its victim. It struck negro Into the compartment for whites. l fiery. I 3
like uw. Star Laundry. location all the time and took
i' they Billy Mad,lon-the l busy Billy-wilf i!
i without .
M p.* peruiN-jiou.
her in the left side, below the heart,, t
i'; ". tlit- kin:.:." protested' Victor Hot French Waffles with her in charge. At the trial! today The Turn of Raffia. hand him a gold mounted Invitation tu 1 1.

I '-Via!" shouted' tho sol.re Florida Cane Syrup at and, tearing its way through the the fact was clearly established that Among: the vegetable products peculiar a meeting with either Gus Kuhlin or Ii: i

: :. a spy and If you dui Solomon's. outside garment; and woolen underclothing to Madagascar Is the fibrous substance Denver ]IM Martin. .' j
she had in every way endeavored to Madden said. recently that he couldn't } ; :
worn by little Clara entered known ns raffia, which the na-
hide her son to keep him from being t1\l'S weave on the frail body in a vital spot and than a Iet revll the invader and :E 1
of fairies, used for sacking, for gu '
sent to the pen house, although: she '
the child Ml dead. She never spokeor draperies: and occasionally: for dress Kulilin.
stoutly denied that this was true. "rabanas" "Iluhlin wants to fight," said Madden 'i "
goods ruder the name a
BRAWNER'SSPECIAL ;gave forth an intelligible utterance '
Mayor Jones told her that he be- striped and colored variety of this material "and, like the Dutchman who loft '" =

after having been struck. Is sold CIr curtains in the American his gnu Lame and wanted it, he want .1 \, !
lieved she knew all about it ; that "
The more fortunate, but badly market. Kecently a new use has it bad.. :.x

sLe had purposely concealed it, been found for raffia fiber in the manufacture It ought not to take long for Sam .
frightened companions soon realized
thereby making it dangerous for all of clum: 'tte pnpi r. and our con- Fitzpatiick, IMierty's manager, and .'

that sudden death was in their cul at Tamata\e, Mr. Hunt, suggests Mad. !IYOU I into the iJ.
coming neighborhood -
midst, and in another instant they persons It might prove/ valuable for making nut it is likely that iJoherty '

He had imposed heavy pen other kinds of paper. The raffia plant would rather take ou borne of the lighter r I' i ,

were running in different directionsto alties on parties heretofore for the has long !been grown for ornamental fellows like Carter, O'Brien Mania y.B t 1

CAN SAVE MOMEY BY CALLING BEFORE EVERYTHINGIS spread the news. Among the purposes' In European gardens.A Hart or McCoy b< fore Ituhlin. 'M P h'
same offense, yet none seemed to do "
PICKED OVER. first to become apprised of what had .111
any good ; and, in addition to the GOOD nECODIETIO. About the llorir'B. Ae*. { 1,

.:,vli heavy: Ladies: Cloth, in all I 78 Boys' Double- reasted 2 piece happened were the parents of the customary jail sentence, the $50 fine "I have noticed that the sale of To distinguish merely between the ''t' 1 f'

>- : ii', regular *! yard this sale b9c! suit, all wool worth $3 special sale child, and, as she had been their Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver young uurM-x and the old It Is only neces R J l '
would stand. J1 .j
: '
U,98l5ult. ruuemlxT' few facts. The t' .
:-trd.! idol they were naturally greatly Tablets is almost invariably to those ary tu a ;
1 1" Remember we carry a full line olBoys' The old woman offered to make a who have once used! them" says Mr. firt-t Is that thf milk t.t-th are present ,(, [I:
.v Pieces Clack:\ Shark Skin 41.v
Pants from 3 to 16 age at 4 : Iff 'tt
J. H..Weber, a prominent druggistof until he is between four and five year!
.. Dress; Goods latest out regular to suit everybody.Look plea for the mayor's clemency, but
prices '
The little lifeless body was borne Cascade, Iowa. What better recommendation oM\ ; that the "mark, or dark central I, U' t
:r 11 J, thi ale; S9c yard. at our Show Window for was promptly hushed by the ofll- could medicine t
prices on Ladies' Underwear. homeward, and it was there viewedby any depression on the surface of the Ind(1(i3'
i'">ns Fancy Dress Goods wool have than for people to call for it nut and : I I
We a swell line of Ladies' cers. S'H's, lii'cumcs gradually worn
i "'Ik this sale carry of Pine Barren when in need of such a ? Try #
1 regular $1 yard, scores people, ( remedy : '
Flannel and Silk Waists at prices so in a horse over eight i .imrs old has "
> T.I. Gus Richardson was discharged.City them when you feel dull after eating ,
everybody can wear one. with whom she had been a universal nearly always illsjiiipiareil' from theteeth ,.
when have bad taste in
1 l' pieces All-wool Black lienI 70 dot Men's Heavy French Neck Health Officer Hays and Dr. you a have of the louir jaw; that the Bhapo 1:= I ;
ilk this favorite. Deeply regretting<< the affair your mouth, bilious no appetite j
-, .' warp, regular $1 yard, Moreno Undershirts, special 20c; W. I;. Anderson of the state boardof or when troubled with constipation of the tooth is 11I\11'11 wider from side tiMe ;?

yard. drawers to match. and feeling for the distracted and you are certain to be delighted than It i is from front to back. .\it"t ,I .,r
"ce* 30-inch All-wool Tricot. 60 doz Men's Fleeced Lined Undershirts health intend to prosecute! to the ,
with the relief which )
parents and relatives they renderedall prompt the hurts Ix-eonif* older the surface ,
1 irs, regular 35c yard this sale worth 50c, special 35c; 1' "
fullest extent of the law any person they atfofd. For sale by all drug- becomes progressively narrower from ,
int.f drawers to match. assistance that human hands and medicince dealers. I,
fir J u-t Received a Full Line 30 doz Men's All Wool Red Under- concealing sickness of a contagious gists Fide tu side, and Instead of remaining ,Iii ji.

11 ''ings regular23c!; yardthis sale shirts worth $1, special 7oc; drawersto could offer, and the latter part of or infectious nature. Both of these Fruit cake, best made, at Pteiffer'sSteam oblong; It becomes! triangular and them.

iid. match. New Year's day was made one ofmonrning Bakery. in very old animals tlatteiu-d from ,'

!.\.1i.:>,' Ready-to-Wear: Rainy. 100 doz Men's All Wool Camel's gentlemen saw Mayor Jones thk side tu side. .; '-., ",
the accident.
!' :kirts, worth $1.50, special sale Hair Undershirts, worth $1.50, spec- over morning, and the mayor will a'.ist ..- '
at'ti. ial 51 ; drawers to match, in White, An effort was made to have Justice in wayit may be depended on. CO CARRY THE NEWS TO MARYTell Want Mclioi era ..
L-iJies': Ready-to-Wear Rainy- Red and Fawn colors. every The National Sporting club of Lon-
Wolfe from Pensacola go up and Under the law it is j'. the discretion her to tell everybody that A.
Skirts, guaranteed: all wool, We have about 3 doz. Men's Silk don has offered a $2,500 purse for a .
it *I, special sale S2.43 each. Shirts and Drawers, worth $3; spec- pass on the child's death Mr. of the mayor to fine as highas Allen's Big New Orleans Minstrels fight between McGovtrn and Ben Jor '

W Ladies' worth and Colored ial to close 1.20 each. Wolfe could not be reached and the $500, with an additional jail sen- will appear here Saturday, dan. The conditions offered by the club ,i '

.ed Skirts $l.utl, special 25 doz. Boy's and Girls' Ribbed tence of 60 days for each conviction. January 3, at Tarragona and Government are twenty rounds at 122 pounds, .
t. 'c each. and Fleeced Lined Undershirts at next nearest coroner, Justice Harrison
streets. Admission 15 and In at 2 o'clock on the day of tbd
i adies' Black match. weigh
Tailored and Fig. :25c! ; drawers to
a.:skirt?, worthy 50 to 16, special 21 doz. Boy's and Girl's Gray and at Cottage Hill, was summoned. CHOICE MISCELLANYWhere 25 cents. light 'I"t

*;.'JS toll each.iJytoWear Red All Wool Undershirts at SOc; Justice Harrison viewed the remains Hot Chocolate with Dr. Ordway, the American represent'f

Jackets, our price drawers to match. Raleigh \V.. Barfed. / ative cif the London club, has seen Mc- .* .
"' > to |S each. You will saver We carry a full line of Ladies', summoned a coroner's jury TIm question of sr: Walter Balelgh'i Whipped Cream at Solomon Govern and his manager, Sam Harris -if ,!'

:.. by looking at ours before Men's and Boy's and Girls' Shoes and made an investigation. No burial place has lately been revived in .. and put the proposition to them. Jor- ,

1 ; ''.:. that we can save you 25c on. criminal act was discovered and a England: Three churches claim both dan la ready to meet the ei-ctamplon

,, * >:
worth nearly double of Men's Clothing Bougnt at roc on s
reached. after the execution, tbat there should be a BIde bet ot ,
accident tier. Immediately
.:: ys' Double-Breasted 2 piece dollar. We will close them out at her death by was BEEKMAN LUMBER CO. havea v #
''',:.worth 8l.oO special 9Sc suit. just }* price off other merchants.ljon't The little body was clothed in which took place in Tothlll street, large stock of dressed studding from.$1(1)0 to fZ. OJ.!: _
\Vestininster, on Uct :iTJ: 1G1S, his wife
garments of purest white, a pure and joist Get their prices before
Buy Blankets and Comforts Until you Look white casket, emblematical of the idaenl the head In a red bag and rode buying. dl6-lm You can get your house { + r
cff w 1th it in a mourning coach. This complete at Marl -
tlf() nature was procured and the furnished
llrs Remember the Place 1
treasure she !kept for twenty-five years. The name Joe Wheeler is enoughto
remains were consigned to the earth The body was buried in St Margaret's signify a good cigar. Try one and l ston 4' Quina on easy pay. 'f : t i ;
1:5 s. Paufoz; St. today. churcu. blushor'tlr after the .execution. be convinced. meets, weekly monthlyf. J ; >



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Uncle Sam \i'S
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Sam In the moD of ten of hit] -
department of distillery. Durin r .. fddQt1WT mbcrs
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very train we buy to toe wolske&vw -
not take a gallon of our own whiskey 1 t' ;raR etliy t a I hildren
And when he doe also,that whiiker r her c receicc it Chtcag0rr she j ,t- !'
SSi and flavor arming a UNITED I .
es th.1i1'
of PURITY and AGE and avls ales some" w n STor Castor oa, Pare-
BAYNEB WHISKEY U Sioit. -., .. anti Syrups. It is
toe ben for medlelAal TtM eL Kie &1ori on --- tStDrops Sopthiu 1'1\!\l1t. It;
OCher uses 'l'ha'a wby we have over a Quarter o.a million satisfied cuuomeg- aIn Morphine
d tJw-XT '.Dh'itb Ita .either Opium nor other
.111 YOU should try iL Your money back 11 ou'rt not a&lded. being 'played hew Yolk. It' is aplayiryIiare Xartoticstaiicc.
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she exchanged to It 'ciirt>s nianTiaja a ld Wind-Cdlffr- It')fHCTPS Tocthitt8 .
HMO from our distillery to \.birLQQ'lolhui cv Troubles and cures Constipation u ro-fiilatAvtho
to retire from the stage Inlin gtoniach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural'Sreept! '
In n !U'H'e of a .

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Sf ,,1 G,1s3"tJ 1'd or t'1'ii ': !; fG'rfi, j f T n J' AIao ''i'The Kind You H lmiysdfougbtI'
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.1181 a
:! (1 _. Powers Gouroud and Marie Allen for'rfcfuitr -j'
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:L ,u7r1L the Frcjas (2,700
.N 0"1 I,'EXPRESSPREPAID. ,'some reason or other we often -.,. | i tIn
It 'E : ; quitted the Ninety
read that some man or other has 'disT ,Use 'O'verJ 30 Years
to loin the grand :
j ,:QUARTS:) <,;; .! Uf.1 hcrtrAts- pperedbut{ knly.'VH would berry ,"r"uu" COYPIM'6 nruIelr; ituk'nir ""'Y

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YEAR-LD RYS taaD and will thirty
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UbodJe1se byniafL It back st our eipcnaB ana your tt.30 will &a s-witjiout nails said : > If B. WHIGgT COiDPflEiM
returned to yo Just think that offer.ver. How could it be. .r JMajiy JhiUlron are .poisoned and : 1i ,
fairer If you art tot Mrt ectly satLifled.. you ftre not out cent Better leu ordinary walkIng ihade'uefvou3 and 'if killed _. ,
send you a 4rld ordfr. If you don't! want tour juarts yourself, get a /ell out" with, weak "ISi r -
friend. to join ypu.:-w> 'ship In a plain sealed case no. .marks..to. stow woat'a. : 'difficult ranrclwsj outright, by.mothers giving them \ M-lStirACTUREKSAS D DEALERS IN

Orders for 411x,Q1L Col.,Idaho. Mot*i..Nf N.Mej..Ore.iUtan,TTasn. tenth syrup containing opiates. L
? who fin; ltl'd.rll
and Tar U safe and
t be on the basis of 4 quart far..GOIF.xl'ft.. Foley's Honey a J UJIBISR
Prepaid JM 4urta Ar. s16.O$ by ffeltht, Prepaid. the yolil'en ann hfr certain remedy for coughs croup 'rrTrllk LATHS.
"'''1 ; to srI h"r and lung and is the onlyprominent : ,
.f.1rrJi8. ./' : -..,._. ..Eesrat- offlo i and dolt. NQWy; : rI'I ertet She cough' medieintl' that Cllr- r
: WED TFDSFlOlrf- .
. .. HAYNC8 DISTILLINa COMPANY f 1:1t-AverE-. tainsnoopiatesorotherpuiaous., V!'. : r r' :
'.' A. D'Altuibtrte! ,121 ,ji. Palafpx r,
, ATIAl1T t. :Ji i', 01110 ST. lOtlli'lid "L'PAUL! '"(/Pert; Street.' -. rKiVACOLA, FLA.
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I S-Q: Fuu j' riuit'ef'e1''vd3' < tuat.,, The irigyyd icati Strthidd :, ,j.-' 131.1MONLY '
.ib'f;ioloufclrivlitr. comps IY: ,1 ': thea'1; ton"1I.i' . 4 c mm'OERTING & ,fate
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the next'Sime he I Girlie \t'ro-i U'IC: \ IIe not dry 'up the !Xi 'o, JJ P.ofl improved
put 1 S\\'f'nt.
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!!I oar KinWa Haw Ala! .nrri : !.ii -j.tn.v / I : H
1'ells lrt iu : > li.1f4, vAN I; BA iRL 'Ukt A. BUSHEL SON'S PITHl'+.
Lft11'1 trr-mn'iiy I Jlliu' to (;"r.Jj..t)1 '1. i I1 ;']' : *" MtES'TODA1Eio you need ; ,

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1 'crieinyvss., ; PEAKE 1 obtainable'Vm'imf'WM'd' 'City real 1 (.3r A.snt for Pnr Pilots' Benevolent
thtit trip: 'k'iT1l'\'rci! 'I Tn\,1\ ft C,3icf n;.ial tq; Cpl! i ti.n? As"O
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'n>1 wag! :1 eon'art'nn1 Hvn? dr'trtin'nrd'to '' rRttivf'ydn'd'fhiilfc''!:,.' ":19 fl' o'\ phone-'Ml. I'. .t.' ves-t: money', insure your property, 1 ;, I -
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the r6rnpr oJ Oar- h
, ''It'Ill''h p'1t''d "finW'Viora :1\ fair: A lLneleTtlnncr t.' :" street 1 for cicfp"- : .fl ,I.'."."'''J 11- .. ; I' .: grandest onpprtiinity' for investment ever
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