the city is mostly deeply interestedina that only f'4.I!t-h IS could take uITei.>e at I nr (''no. :!aril Randal to liaars. lIun.I White Corded Pique our with ?ilk Tape Neck 2 for 23c or': also oil mils New .per \'

f l iuh a trifle, so we Ijngt.rd 1 and made I wody A CoN price . .. . . . . I5c U.3adozen. at r' ,, hllnd : lc.r..r \ ..
government appropriation of $350-: <.r Kutb.:!;fi', Hillle!>en, to Baars, Dun-
: fri"II.111.11 through dinner be talked tome wodyiCo

(>00 for the South Carolina luU-rsitate I n good deal and I forsot my shy, ,: ur hotiert Harrowingl"Kl.Jeffers.: to GnU.

and West Indian exposition and the removal OI'ss and became ('ommlln o'lt \('. Transit Co
i Nor lUunia I'M, )Martensen cld for
of the naval station an'l drydock ".\rr"r that e\euiiu we met frequently, I I Dunkirk Remember Place O 105 S. Palafox Street

from Port Rtiyal to this city. danced together! role 11Il'th'r-in fart It enaGotardo.IrtslParoditoorder .

Senator I 'I'W had previous established -I hardly a day passel witlioi-.t our muting, : Hr handfield, list. sow's, tu Hjr Bros
Jar TdollI' ClirUlvaaon eld for
friendly relations! with prominent; ti'l: nt list lejrin to look for him wluthT Dunkirk

Charli'btouians mid bas \*'t'n dubbed, in tie! park or at a ball: or! I' BARKS.I YOURS[ FOR[ BARGAINS FROM: NOW DN

South Carolina's "other beu.i'or." ThNew e I Tl.nt title life was I.rimmin'r with ,
"City I 1Irjlilf'si. I had no definite idea (if ItAIfreilo, !.7i. Magualdi: to (: Torre
York senator visited the by very
I Tort Kcliu Kormi-iio-a, M, Trtndnle to
the Sea"* ('U the octaion of the rccepUOD the fntiiH-. and tin' p-rvnt wan Meet B'''>r". l'un1HIlI\ & Co

i given the Gndmiii club, \\ hit'h was I that I referred| not thinking ot a change sere\or Co Hull\1&, s\;), Huakansen, to W S K \. F. JLu ERA VVNER'S

time the forming .,f 'try sort.'llio .
an oceaaiou peculiarly to
I Jt (;"o'snoCasiihoiia. 1J7H: H an. to order ,
of "friendly rel ttiout" t::'!'t slot on my happiness' wa at : t'T Ker Joseph. 5S lloller to order -

.- -- np.p l'll. where I hadtlar'!al to ti'idMr. I >>'i Kaun.liii.luudentoorderIt

: Q.. ami. iS-oush 1 cats not enjoying wont..A ?ss. )horldonue.. to orrtnrM '
.rd Jlarla 18i2-rlli:; ;: 71 1, Joiiansbvn,
--- tliirgs a bit. I tM not want to tiiii I to pHiiHoota LunHier Cur 01 TE-PRICE GASH HOUSE.

ckfou\llle and Vuldu-la K.iilroad .tn:'y. Perversity of human nature And -r Pionetr Hui. Alberte. to orderIt

Added to Hint Sj'.liiu.MOMIKIMEKY only in the rarri un' did I nmfi. -. to iny- : I I-I ra. Vf, MarzozellH. to Ito."."" Rros
-ftilt I hail staid l <-n in the hope of I It PensacolatulBllumonettito HosuotoBios --- -
Ala. June 7 It Ustatwl ..
Kite. Well he .didn't and ( '("1' ...J.\O H....
turnip ,
: up I (Her Rialto 1111. Muller, to'orderNor I The CnnrMlnl FlnniC1ll .
here upon good authority that it wa-s with a 'uml'wblt heavy heart I : 1.ld..ra 701. Ander-ru. to order SfEC/ flOTICES.OfE hXXXX XSfL'T --- -. J
LOWERS and Horal resigns- le I'mni 'ter til"pi r
Noraiuta, 0l. Nielsen, to order
the ;aboard Air Line has made a deal' nest tu ..1'>('(1 that night bi.t l>y next: i Vy to special designs ordered for cu+tc'lIIl'r8. !
for the Jacksonville and Valdosta rail. rv mill:: the ilond hid pi....ed away.Vere : HARKJ.NTIMC3.Hr I Mist Vtoleue! Moreno i.J West Gregory, 'rnnlt' 1I..n in .1 ;' '
Athena twi, Cofflll. toJno A Merritt 3H.proroptlx. :dint "O'liors" in \ay. 17UJ;
\ tee not going to i-itvt and ride toi i phone
pjttil about 100: mile inl length.
& Co nxisiial imitations. but '!1. .

The Mime report has it that the Seaboard c"llwr? .. I SCHOOMRS.: CE fIr 4 WOfD.TO : F'lsnye'l.1'ul' l'uiieri+l-. taking ph-e 1 in the u."rvivnl -, _
will build from Valdosta to Albany ('nuM his p- M'nee make' any differene ( I A m Itiwrh.: (i"'e' order i habits n'-ermgbt .
l I IthtD1 to t'r.jnymc"lt't lir t I l.iusli-: : ltrCenteunal.7S. ilcLaughlt-n, to H 8 L ('0It - :
Gx, a distance of 70 miles: giving: my --I I L'.O\\'EItH "ol ..TSJlt.fJrnl: +b'd lie ',. .
line from Jacksonville eil nt tllp01"1.. hut wv>n found it wa not "- > l>*\ m &>...((1. t i., f their to J no A l\lONEY 'NI) I r' bomiuets_ or sPlelall1..tlltn8 from shining :n miMet :
a through he there )1 rrltt oS: Co Ilhi.nletle )Moreno :!::3 Nest Gre itory I which was nntir.dmanager. '
to lIontjtOnlt'ry. This! line will beIi to U laughed II t.Yllt'n- was AIU .lia A Ravle+. 2-ii. it'II.on. to masterBr MCHEAP phone ?i\ SMim Tn this ll.mii.' .'
miles shorter than that of the Plant system my eiijojment was eomplete. left where i UrlfQl.l''l. Roterta. to order fn F.Y-On Improved reel ...- ,
three leis nut I seldom cared. n> !otll). Naturally Mr I'nncf Frederick. S4, ,,Scott to order can be untamed in any amount knew u W"11 lx In. I i r
and will give Montgomery Am l'I..rallna.4.J.R..pll\rutOr from Win. Usher jrt'fIHXEY night but neither I n' r ,
til'v:' about and THE VERDICT.
people lircin to t.
direct lines to the FWuU metropolis.: as is tlie way of the world sp.rulah.d as Am BtrlU, 31, ustenburg, to order --- -- ------- --- I get tip( in the .rnin.:."

Work IUSiiu on the !(llputrlck.j to what would come of it: if it would be UP, CLEARED AND HAILED FOB *>KN> .',.1 : TI)Apply LO.OS loA. .\. .'hll"r.o PERwnNALproperty .. I If we ever do on"n fireon Coo'antinnple II>' teas: Sir in d'I I.tapir .
death of
. a oKHI: thin: or nut. "'c.iI. let them AC01..A.. BmldingPatafoxstreet. j'itt we will niaku! the famous eld city Tb..HI.'I
NEW YORK, June ..-An Erie basin .
talk. What cured I? I was H.. certain STEAMSHIPS. I.vik like! a Mranibktl .ilphabrtidiita -f tbe hour ill 1'1
shipbuilding firm has begun work on h" lure that I smiled wlieu I"'npl LOWEST RATES OK IX- h. h.ay.-I..n ta.1+"tI1 1 1 \
me I.aIt' '
I ll'Ti, Mcbola sld 'fable LOASIoAT
Br. !
Argii. flay
J CAN ALWAYS; HK ()!'.- 1: eai.l1'nnh: I ,
the transport Kilpatrick, whose reconstruction told me that Lady 1)1111II" ilonj nil May 5 1AINE1I BY PARTIES HAVING GOOOitt'UHITIF.M Maih" Ilussij is: In to put an cud to .lllisl"r
> she knew to PAtch him for her daughter. Alder'geteBrlUs7Nlcholsen, ar at Rot- < X WILLIAM your laurel leaves; I furleaf :
cost |40 ,000. The Kil- NA BY ) the h"irrorof e\ile in SiU-ru INIMUS i.fIceland's
Poor Al'n-p IIllIaVhy.. lie never\ snmieh trrdumAuril FISHER JW'j! SOUTIi PALAtOXIK ilu'Lff: ).
patnck u intended to ply between San .Ir""". Itr. 211(1 Brackenburg ar Table : revival uf 'oU111t.tili'.n in that '
Francisco and the Philippine She a* btnk-..d at her When I w-ns nearsllnw I HUT Men 13KerniclwBr9i: ijl.ltEI-r ti. M at :-t.: 11 It'nl.-M. 1,01119: KipuUir. Once, wl"1 retnrum.! ; fl,f
.. pride to have a fall! ;l.HamburgApril1n town ill a gig.i aiwiup.ii
will be remodelled her IHIIw::
tntirely engines I YOU WANT: TO BORROW MONEY A K'Hid many Auieiiiaii oiiM) very ;i|>- .
Ca>o Blanco, br, \SiiUers and Cardiff MayCity unable to t'I
and were pay
will be overhauled and "Th. nInln 'r was they
large steel deck. :a \ mon..y.ln'lurc> your property pro. iiabiy improve their l.y giv- .
Louses will l*> built on the par duck. nelplbegan tn harry away from Ixmdon. of Gloucester, Br, l '.\ Melburn, ar- curvubstractiot title, buyer: tell rm elate +- Lu < !I..-.< sti.dy to the mill .t..I"s' nln.ton. gate, and the ini i itlietn ;. .
-- -- We mot again in the country nnj ni"d HreuleuMayl rent property of any de.cripllon. have I pass. Rinniiter imed "
rentscoileetsd or 180 Xl'atlend..d to, after timutr JH it'lie*.-l ""u.u Tran-
Postmaster Gets One Year. spent lo!:g ,ilavs to::itlier. and main: peolirplll \llIgham.May br, 'WU.: Newloie London call on or IdlreoTho'your!. t.:. Walton A Co. bI'll't. to sing I !.hl:: and l st!t.. ;rsT.upestuf

KALFUUI. June 7. In tho United |} to wonder! why lie I did not propose. : Eu.ksro,5pan. 157); Larrinna, Liverpool Real stat! and Insurance agents Pt-nsa- War. Ilm \ .
If will snake
the )%"rnf"C rot kindly an
IVrhciw I was the person who Aprilslnluof cola .a. Char\ moderate. To everyone r nfli the irate being SIMHIvitcrs .
State district court here Poituiaiter C. I I uondenil least, for tens I not sure that Inversusd. Hr. IiI!!. Hull March 1* who buys a lot troin m 111'M will lend money ap"roi>ri.itif! >u. the armor platmaker.. retmuing f..1 line '

W. Battle a negro was convicted of ;I sooner or later he ii'idonbteilly! wnuM: ? brftticUca.Mv S pan. 17'is, Arribl arrived Havens with which to-hUll a tiouse. H/i-it- will riidi'uiur to provide an .rn.or that 'aired his effort( all the ;

embezzlement and N-ntem-ed to one year I,I Then one! Sunday evening. we pnrtei!. to Huddersiield. Kr, l.ii'1, Hohlii'on, Great Yar- 1'Olt IIKNT. will slml tiniwtt soft bosu piojeetiles.: ailing him a noble Mluw .
In jail. He H the third negro postmaster i,I meet again the following: neck but somehow ,mOil III )Inv a Unl:1ha'rl.I.II.I.I. iiltnsw; to j.ay ":i J I.If .,
s' lupll\.lir.I:4U. I'urgess. T..n"rllT May ;i Am.lhir British eoureoioa iu.l.> to Ireland "
convicted of this crime during this I: I that riveting never came about. In r.Uuioorlir.-. at south ehieldaApnl li RKNT-Two deaaritblrloreen Pal- I any pate.Vo .
term, all from the htcoud, or black diAl.i. :: the Ions: that followed I nmri'ileieil -nlm.K.r. Kr :!'.'15 I: AnKas.finim April IV I I.'ViR direct. Apply to 'nmlll" Hros., la that litrid LalrjK-imj 1a'1 I -
shot, !i liim ns I saw linn .: Lis 'LanzlbnrBrhQSltublusouar Rotterdam :\11\1 Sou ill l'alafostred.: t'en'ilco n. 1'la.i. IotU.III' shall hereafter l.<* u"'ii. Tin. I \ know of no i nrse '

-t'c'k' """" '- !nn'.korrhief from the rrrliage window. April Is jioJoctn: chins! .'a luis the 1.1.Tit of not costing an) to I'I I a biirr.i and luid mn i if :
B11IP4. 111
11 sear n",1i.
"Tien I heard lie tent eujrigedi tliih '.-1<"II IVdiitiaot KxaniMiir.: I II. who U .
day triu I.1acbiwiu
nno RunIW"lfit'1'p'll I Oil REST-la'Ke .WIrick! Wareliou I >Koine one t. r\ -
BRnmwm:, .. Juno ..-A .! '" Alne Ihllt first would not \f- I h Liublie, KUB, l%s, aid Table Hay April r'
on one of the trucks of a car 011 the lime it, but wl..'n hdi..r! was forced upon Z!) Thos, HRiinab. jle.dtfUO1htTOiIETov1W.t !.f.nturid m Lout: from tie tip of lie '
I: pie nay grief knew no l>ofnds. Till that : BABKB. lliffil toner ia Tails ou the 1'ourtU ..f i Hannah I>rn,. are aut, fur
westbound Pinckaril accommodation i 1 dad Ainwrika.Nor,?!>:!. old Haniburi May 1 Intennwncin \\ eeb' "iigli Cure, Duirln',i !la
: alireil how fond { Ju. iipinJ and 101il.ta"
il.iy liaiilly! r ttri-et. Apply to 1'. .\l lov.. J in2 w e 1I'il'c'| ,
broke and threw the car off the track at : Ads n\\f(I. i> 'l. at Table Hay Feb TJ Witch hazel ah- I
:' rmwn of G.; and the pmspott "f a long 1erraxtlerNUr.ti 'I'. salad Hamburg May M nii-usii.i' Z J l,y Uii I fn.t. IlurriwI-Ho-iun I edy and <
this end of the P"Iri rl'r bndjja, about !8 .
: life wit!:out hint; appalled !:II'. I nieil aswrld, VII. sid Cation Mar ch HBertranii 1"'Jlt REST-N>wrt>'p room !:oUa::", one ih'ra.l.: i ,'uaniutee all three of the" ,>r. ; .
miles south of BrnndulKO. Forty or' > herrt \ break and then prill' Norill, aid Leer March luColninliH. ,) : frn'ii ear lin". facmz Malnnn tiot" and cheerfully r-fm,nmoney
fifty feet 1 if the track wan torn np and if i i.r lt.ri".l. lH\re AprililUovre. square, New ity. Apple tu L..ncft. l'irbody! in I'r..ati.mI ants to tout t>jAmcrii.1 i who .
the road bus bmi blocked all day. I ati'e to sty ri''-cie. I'nll of conntse nail Nor, Tus i-W Sharpness May fins ri-soUe, I took up tlie thread of my } bid '1'UII1811"c\l! tins country ought not to l.a Juiiu"i" I without being benefited. 1'1.

daily life ami hofv not ol'ly to bide! myfeeing. iiulm. U, It, 1171, rid Marseilles March 'i* : Rh'/T-Three fllrDi )1rA. Mierniao'a Funeral. I ground 0,1'
; KrntvEcrii. SII'.i: *. 8ld l.luckstaiit March 7 >l.. for light housekeeptnujji; WehtHelinont ,
hut f'1liII the ilnll. aching pain l.etIzls.ltaln7eld Hatnburit April JSMarculla street mutt ml IoUlllcI hill;: should lie d'.'_. to MiU.I'1
MANSFIELD, O., June ..-The funeral l-r. pluming wildiy: into rjcLless e:' eiteii'ont. It.bld Hamburg Nov i --- -. ------ -= luinn.rutioii.-Now \01'1. Htrald.Wlm See those window u'> tiii .
of Mrs. Cecilia Steward Sherman, wife It nil well for a bit. but --- -- -----
was very i
PUB. I r-AI.:. will say that beans Ill.oone'r: i at Marston 4' '
of Hon. John Sherman, occurred at the !i I he reaction wa bound tn come, and Ii'MMereil You can save money by ------_.._._- stirred by verse to actual dada? The .

family residence at 11 o'clock this morn- :| that I must try some otherremedy. i seeing Marston *y Finch before L'O\t K\I.K-Ten good milch co,... houfiirnl'binz ... handling of Kipling'* "Atwiitniinde'lHi I --- -

intf. nuNino houses -Io+e iM toflicH suspended for two hoim us a I I """t' trot several times after the en- I II buying furniture or APply to Mr'.Ida Kromhur sum of $..,iIssi lor the families ..f th.'I I 1 1 19s.. Healed '

mark of Semces were conducted I I ::nI'IIl"lIt:1'1 announced fnemlsTnd -- 410 West Intcnitancia street. J'-u chance Sulhtr ta.-\I'w : will bo popo-al- .
resleet. : : house furnishingfoods'. for dairy men. ?3ntwLrR then -Killing in ICU" r"CE'lvfod 111
I talked and laughed ns in the old .
by Kv. A. B. Putnam. ------ --- -- l'ress. l'r'I' M., June II. IIM), and then >)1"

I I days, sate perhaps for a totoli of bitter NAVAL 8TOKKS IIAUKIt.r.Reponed ALE-\ nlce- ued II'len-\1ou. for Oli'o: 011.111111'1"m lw obi!:;:.*\ t'1 for cnn-tructiol at Fort I'n kFU. ,
eats diestinn.thatulelca which then I had never known and r' dolar5ill"en tAib. Thus .
Blna'ingalter is, i i. I I Hess sixteen limit it straight::! \\'bile it may nut gear Hi 1 Oil Hou f. I S r. '
or water brash, may he the sound of my voice M't'm..1 hollow\ and Dally for The Newt br; McMillan. appetiznitf as when 'II1..t..1 to r-.nlhle the right to accept or r..3.etall n ,

quickly corrected thrcuvn the ire .i unreal pcrfcRps Itemise tears were soirrr Ueurs. A. M. MOM Go.B08IS. "OK HALE-The Riser residence on East butter the virgin aril le! will l of PRICKLY Asu l-nT's. Itatrenthrlis the surface. Then came the wedding I i'. E L.
"d.dlHl street. Apply lu healthful mn thoi.n-U: it be eni5>arruiii. *- Information furnished on 1I'1; !
diiresti-ni ile.urs and and subsequent congratulations, and Ilanl..lI.1I..nt.. taltI
should be
L'itts tion Envelopes
the bowels Han I I was among the first to offer mine, and Ii IiI WW .. tl 45: H ,....|1 45WO .:; when '.'II1I'"UY rslls. >bursCi'imneriiMl ;
regulates : fold by that I thought the bridegroom ..,.??_.?._. J Ji: O .__.__ 1 35V SALE-The mast drsitable Into In iaretie. 'I'ropondU for construction M' f H
nah Bro was it fancy __ J(6( K ___.__ 130M IA I the ci'y on easy tnrms. bIbl' ' the of repstrrnu{ 1'IIc'1"'I Piikt-ns. Flu...and uddre "i I
I looked nt me a little wistfully and __., _. .. I's, K! __ __ .. ._ 115K : Estate Agency iW'i; South f"lafox: That system M Litl'., <{. .f.21It .
To-n;n!>> In 'f.unscts.CHETOPt. was hardly us radiant all the occasion ? ___ 1 tt: 1) ____._ __. 1 10 street. calm by mail has proves nuix-vssful is HOI .
1M the fact that it has ju.t jt
warranted? But. then no one thoiietit I II II evident from
Kan Jr.m 7. Tne ,'illit I 8PIEITITURPIIt1It-13l! cents. -
: 1 l n'.aauthorities
I it was a love match! unit not Alice herself Pot+lTIU-O N'AN'F1:1)_ been "ltl'nr. y tie [

of Faulkner! ; miles northeast of lure I given out that she did not care for I:I Reward of 3f 'rlt.- ------... to It;; 1'01.\1,....". ,-,. than lilt Cities FORT BARRANCA", M.

W&4 almost entirely destroyed l>y a tor. himn.., be? But, tht'n.'h, bad he : Delighted Z.'rl'nJlabel.. that essayof ,)JOKKKIrPF.R and stenniraoht-r 01. hating free delivery arc now Without the III healed "

uadi) today. Th? H'himlhonv. church I taken thin "t"I,7" I ) Birfi po-itlon. lumber iirm preform h"I.c np.stry ..Itihl.cW)1 leI i licate will b. rc>ceiv.r hen .
atorage barn and several dwrlhnzs were I Miss ))anplI,. paused und in the now ': yours on "Maternal Influence, Kxnvrlenced. References given. K. 'I. J.1JK1V ald. noon June lltb. and
whU-li you read at the meeting of the :rj'w' for constructionPicken ..'
demohshr'! :1 ::.ny others ":\la 'tl1. fast gathering darkness Miriam coaMilisivin opened
I a silent tear while she herself Mutual Improvement society the other fEE BUZZES. -*, Kla..of implete \r. '

-, Van I'h.inp4Vrre )lnde.ATLANTA wns not unmoved. evening made a decided Impret-shn on W ANTEU. -- Fewer system I' K. r..f' -

June 7.-!-Vw chaos were "Aunt'e." said the girl, slipping! her Professor :\1<{;oo7.h'. I heard him say ..., The b''!\of the! drone IH> n hardly I riht to accept or reject anv :
I I IMUKWN" at Il'i 'i-t In'I -
\TK '
the Smith- I hand into the oM Lilly's "when :ople afterward that it was rare to fiud such } \ i-trwt. Mr<. 15. K. I>.Land. yilniCITUAfl' \ that wf. tLe queen but it i- much proposals or anv p.irt tlur. ,
made in the fr.-i : ht rates by
;: I formdtion fnrni-hed! .
love like! that do they e\' 'r fnrgetl""I mature Judgment line sensibility and thii-krr. on upi;
western Freight ni >ocmtion. Rues from don't think they ever quite foigot. I ):' as ofllce kti-nouMphfr fiy HvnuuitUdv. It i bail UAUu.trunt to plait' and fl.ue Knveli.pplion M lp mirk'. .1\ I

Gf'Or): Alabama and MiaM<" ippi fo the but time oftl'nlllll: grief aril often "'11" ''' warm hearted sympathy la one to; .:, Address Office, care Ul tnT ,! :ir.lilies,.itsiug the full Mt iu the posal for Cwtrul'tjll I F' > !t.
Carolina cotton wills was made n s'p'Cial I one the letter for its mlrk.vh'n I young and esptvbMilhbal l in such 1 > KWS. :""HtrW Lite ut lit- Aju.i' nFlu d''vr-Mil T.I : i"

feature but dwiiio'i was nached.Sclilry disnltk-d; and Jrlecfullan"'tUle.; t.ut.I'I lot .1f.i -
no found that excitement:' coal not N-nl my i ANTKI: >-All kinds of empty quart ( nf the greatest Iiinjrnn 's to largeL"Ley :: j l.i'I' f. -
wound 1 began in a small war to try to :Miss I:1I'f'I-\'l':: I rather guess I whisky bottle 8. A. FRJ&>>KAl'. I'r.i.; allovMtig the bees to run i
i. .
Ordered to Monte* Ideo. find SOEO work to do. seen if it were only made a killing that tlme.-thlcno I 'I novttlI7ANTKD short of states at this time. I

Rio J\\F.IRO June ..-The South tlio .. who wiffi'nng around Thos.
I>E helping were Tribune. I Old beer battles! at Uiaoheli- \\lieu biuikl lea-ing canted ( e\- Pebley
J''n the first fettling of blank .-- -- : .1 ,
Atlantic squadron, under command of me. and w r- I ser Bros, JrlH ihiia usual u: ri-
loneliness had off I was I -= t-I\.I1. U"It wal'r I
and utter worn Heads the Ticket : = -- -
.+...\drui11l18'htl''r., ha been ordered] Holt t>:.pply it (cimvmientlj.
ni,le to settle to more regular occupation. 'VIiU11r. (:11"1'P'. CU\.1 \ ATTORNEY-AT-LAW
to Mil to Moutex ideo. ." Pu KERsnnto.: W. Va., June 7.-ThIVnvicratic e l 1'ittill' workers are \\"rl'r. 1".N fiat
------------- -
it state convention which adjourned fin lot nfs"i, lay. vthat will butth, but they bati AN.;-
HaKlected.DETROIT Miriam was, silent: then !slowly "s TI-:- MOISKNOha- '' -
lionanl _.I from E.iI.edek&'m full at BBD't !! only droiiis and never worker bees, and :
touching on an almost sacred Mibjeit."Auntie after midnight: reconvened thi!", ,
June ..-Major General O. is beam they! alive?" she ask ,rrir 'rytrertand-ethem. 1""I.1f the .lr""l'l are smaller than the drones REAL ESTATE AGENT.
The iiuatiou nnuliikst
morninR. only rn I
l'I'f'lectlll.lpr8llidl'nt I prtelu.rd b> the "jUii'Ub.In I
O. Howard was unanimously ed. night was that of Judge H H. lint I t .I. IH C. ( )( ) U.;. I. -nt.t'.r" 11.4! '..111- '

of the Congregational Misaoiury "Yes. dear." of Huntington for ;governor. The otlit-i ..- --------..... I nearly all iawbeu a L. .is cnp- I' II I'I K>. 'I,I' M .
mistake?" phd, IT ili-ea-ed m any way in ai: 1"1"
was \1.
bocu'ty. Humiliation errs made during! the day,. '. mKAH InIR) Manufacture :
"Thnt dear I never now tbink of. ------- MK' dealer in Hair tied, liats Toile; :H-1 it i raw Is : toy fr MI the! ebt-er' plat, ('> '.. ;.' 1 tfl,' .
Last fall I sprained my left hip I Only One knows bnt some day we. too Habitual cnu-tlpitlon; is the dom r'': Article: lair Oil, etc.,S.M W. Oornra t: ol :Le! 11:11.111'1 1 tli'!;. of ipri aJ'1. .L J- :(LI.. 11,.,-,

while handling foine heavy boxes. hall see face to face."-exchange.Ills through: which uuuy of the -eri"uill4 .-. tri-et ,in't as > ..a : i>".Ihl I. .

The doctor 1 called on said at HM .if the body are admitted. Th! 1UUC.ITIONAL, I '! keep h .\ '.t'a 1""ia. :-iil t'i Money to Loan en I ir/ :.\ .

it was a !Mlsht; :strain and would SIOIlbe :l Idea of Itratos. occasional ti-cs of l'RI'KL'A"I" :( I ...... .... ..., I it i:.Uit n' !U. .V ."'. I .1..1'' If

well, but it grew worse and the, .\ well known dramatic: reader was BTTERSwillremove and cure tin:. ALF: AND n.HF.- sellOOL, NWlIcnrneri'ha'eand1etallus water ,If..M. : RC .f ': .. Estate Sescmy.

doctor thenaid I had rheiiinati-ni. making a tour 't flee west, and one evening di-tn-s-nig condition Sold: by Hannah i I pars for college or buiineis. J streets. H. h\\pre ia-: <. .li. it *' ',.j di itcs the !. ill"j and r ; .

It continued to ;grow worry and 1 1cotiM I[ 'le read "Julius C.vsrr" to an audience : Hros. dell principal. Night term begins Oct 9. It F,' Ufa auilI"JI13.. .bt Lotus KfpUl I'p-Stairs. 0/fr Catin r"ci ,

hardly set ; Mun,l to work. 1 I[ which received it with evident delig'jt. -

went to a dnu: tfr" and the drug. At all i.vents nt the end of the ': ; -v$

Si-t recotiv.n"u1 fie '.) tr\* Chan. venlcg they all insisted on shakingd

btrlain"Pai'i H .hn. I tried it anore 'lands! with their entertainer. Finally it

-half of a ::jJ-n-n: Iwt1-* ('lIr.-lll:1 ame the turn of the local schoolmaster. I now rei,''tid. it t', almy I who stepped up with that look (.t tri- Will Restore those Gray Hair!

frifiidK.. A. H.\: mK.. Erie. um ill which bttokcns: the appropriate reI EOB

V. hi. f-r iMiw >>v Hannah Bros.. i I teeth ta come. \b. sir," he said, "while\!

21 ts. Palafox street von were ailing I could just see Brntus

--- -- | standing there ia his flowing gown n:

If you wih: anything in the wn;J I (pnrple, trimmed with the royal ermine."

of kitchen furnishing: ; ;goods: -?o t I' a "La Creole" Hair Restorer is a Perfect Dressing and Restorer. Price $1.00.
toa Willis Hardware Co':. Try THE SEWS Want Cohirn.:



\ ..

The daily news

Material Information

The daily news
Uniform Title:
Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
Place of Publication:
Pensacola Fla
The News Pub. Co.
Creation Date:
June 8, 1900
Daily (except Monday)
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
30.433333 x -87.2


Pensacola is the seat of government for the westernmost city in the westernmost (Escambia) county of Florida. Since the colonial period, Pensacola has been an important naval port and economic center. By 1889, it was one of Florida’s four largest cities, with a population exceeding ten thousand. The Pensacola Daily News began publication in 1889. The editors pledged to "be Democratic, conservative but yet sufficiently aggressive to give weight to [the Daily News’] remarks." By March 1897, the Daily News had increased its circulation to 1,500. The Pensacola Journal, begun as a weekly, remained its main competitor. Among the bigger stories the Daily News covered was the 1891 dedication of the Confederate Monument in Lee Square and the outbreak of the Spanish-American War in 1898. Pensacola’s Gulf Coast port, like others in Florida, hosted forces bound for Cuba, among them Theodore Roosevelt. In the years that followed, Pensacola continued to expand. 1908 saw the completion of a new Spanish Renaissance City Hall. Around this time, the Daily News was followed by the Pensacola Evening News. The exact year of the transition is uncertain as the Pensacola Evening News continued the numbering of its predecessor. The earliest verified edition of the Pensacola Evening News dates from April 6, 1908. In 1910, when its population reached 23,000, Pensacola erected its first skyscraper--the ten-story American National Bank building, constructed the San Carlos Hotel, and raised a wooden bridge across Bayou Texar. By 1912, Pensacola had twenty-one miles of paved streets. The first modern hospital opened in 1915, and by 1924 the city’s fire department was entirely motorized. In that same year, the Pensacola Evening News merged its operations with the Pensacola Journal then under the leadership of John H. Perry. For the next six decades, the two papers continued to report the city’s news, the Journal in the morning and the News in the evening.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1889.
General Note:
Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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r aYOI


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----- -

PENSACOLA has a Depth of 33 Feet of Water in the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor. <. _

1 F' :.
- -- -- --- -- --------- ------- -
Y. -lJ



', ., ;'lto i !
1fr114 .
Under Botha Preparingto Differences Naval Bill Will 1
on l
yore Company's Proposition Writes a Letter on the Po- .

: Give Battle. Be Settled. Rejected by Them. litical Situation. i .

i I I I I Makes the food more delicious and wholesome % :y
I i


--- .
-- -I

"rt 'I H.I,....rn llri I.ts ('ol nu,"e- j Alleged That President of Amalgs. i Natloaal Negro Party Organized to this coming election If fTesiuent 'Alc- DRUNK FATHER SHOOTS SON .
I Kiuley is the standard bearer Mr. McKinley y
I ..n'll.or'l 1.lIu".lownl'-lru- tided to Report A I>I,agre..tnf'Dt. mated l"Dlon'1
I 11"1 I Railway Employe Oppose Ills ReElection'olorado has uo sympathy for tie negra"Colorado .
\Vulter Kcatou U Probably Fatally
,, 1..k.+ 1.1111' aa Dutch \\" nblp. I :Mr. Cliuiidlfr's; hesulutton lloesOver. ': cited "I' ---
r Cleveland Strikers to Uiot-Situation Democrats :\ Noinluuted by I Rounded by Ills I'arent.ALRINY. .j.jI 4
III Democrats Jloet.DENVER
f.., l'u.11'lIr 141 flitter : Light Attrudnnce In (louse.WAnisOTOS I Kejualns Unchanged.ST. Democrats Walter Ke. .,;r
II of \\ l'it Virginia. i Oa., June 7. -
I Jane 7.-The stat I I .

\ 7Iu the absonoe oft June 7.-The coufert < W IS. June 7.-It is just on* .New: HAVEN, June 7.-E. 0. Beue- convention in session here surpasses I 1 ton, a young niau of this city, 19 yearsi n .

t. ,1 ( m IntlshlIurc" tnlight- on the naval appropriation bill huvo I mouth lacking a day that 2,325 employes diet, tho Sew York banker who reci-utly ; in atteudanr and enthusiasm I i:, of a l'"a. !shot! and j>*rhap fatally :s

. a i J'ot'r (-,.,'(\mt'o' that General '' again decidc.l M report a disagreemf-ut' of the St Louis Transit company track f returned from a trip with enPresideutCleveland any similar gathering of that party ever wounded by his father, J. K. P. Keaton. .:: .\.

p --ed a thre 'days' armistice, | after a nVMiion of two hours. ThcconcxptfM to secure a recognition of their union I I has written a letter iu which '' held in Colorado. More than 1,000 delegatw 1 The Keutons, father and M>U, lived to- ;

, ,' ;crh htre are iiuined toy fasts conftdeuce, however, oi ;and an adjustment of other grievances, he says: a.ssombled in the Tabor Grand gcther; m a cottage near the western '

Ion of the story will show bjua able to conclude the controversyif ;aud a Hettfoiuent of their differences: does "The perpetrated in Opera Hou gross outrages outside! Denver and Arapahoe county the
f Uulr! summoned thu Boers: anothermtutithisordered."nce developed the: fact that The tbo confer nut seem to ba in sight. The Transit the name of the: Icmovraticpartyby the supporters of Governor Thomas claima.surances i lounging, with several companion: on '

r evacuate their JIU"iliuus representatives bus of while the M the porch of neighbor's house, only a :.
> of both houses were willingto company agreed to recoguize the present managers of a party by that 4i3 votes, } a r.
which he will delegation claims &X. It U '..*. few feet from the Kcatuii cottage.
days failing makfl nl'urrCOlIl'f'lbillns and in rtfil- niiiou and allow its to lousy
v employes! belong i /uue will sciuxvly have a vestige: of old 1 '
\ -
The good
lu'vtxl that Governor Charles S. Thomas young men wore making a oJ
ar' ity an agreement was prartically to it, but iunists on retaining all the men Democratic J.lSloc'llcft: in it and makes deal of noise which exasperated the
will head the Colorado delegation: to the .
;X to a di>pitth from Lorenzo reached, though it was decided fir-it. to who have taken the place of utrikers. mo at present a pohticul oi'phau. I am national convention.SOUTH I elder Keaton who wont to his door and ;'

V i IV rs, under General report u
.."..iu concentrating iu then order The to a test rol'm'nt the feoliug.limiuates! all inland bock 1,000 men at once S0<) within 30 while their have infidelity to Democratic the CAROLINA'S CLAIMS.TlUnida's I :yuung then continued to talk and laugh t .\
principles infidelity to
e "f II therly 12 days and the others fast vacancies proved -- however, whtri-uhju the elder Keaton :-
n ; and cna"t work, anilines the td' as as 1 .
survey n.uiic to :such nu extent that greatly 1)111 For Their PaymentPa.sei intci the house and returned with 'toI
t ''t-. that oxen and endures the {100,000 appropriated occurred. The strikers insisted that all filar'f' cauuuver again succeed uuc1 r it. the Senate. I his went V ,r
-allp M'mn'I' it is reporttvlI by the M-uate to $30,000.; or none be taken back and here th&niat- "I am nut alone iu this orphanage.Uti | pistol. '
"'i"h 1 prisoners: are N-iiif,; reN The amendment thus WASHINOTOX, June 7.-Senator: Till. I Walter Keaton's companions fled, bat _
agreed upou ter rests. Additional nonunion men are the contrary I have not a dingle acquaiutauce ''.
""itfdai-ht, an unhealthy will read as follows: daily coming to town to run the cars Democratic man ha.s hail a hard tight all along the he remained whore he was, remarking ;
. T' Hindu About 800ivd among lilY that he did not fear his father's wrath.
; valley. ocean survey, inclndini the' waters of and the company now claims so ju tht-ru June 3, and ;tJ() 1 i ir I j The elder Kitatvii fired nevertheless, th e
Cuba and the Philippine archipelago, planes have been filled that they can does not share this feeling with me. 1 '
that June 6. These of the claims of the state against j bullet striking Walter in the left side ; 1
.. .i platxou but not tins coast thereof and for thepnrchaM this
only provide places for about 1,000 of It is aK> very apparent that. political -'
the of the States for expended by jiint above the hip and ranging upward. ,
. constitute portion ] of nautical book\ chart and the old employes. i orphanage i i.s not confined to those of money I. .
tr- ri which Iionl (bob its: reported sailing, aud for the charges for sarnn, Gradually the Transit company has our faith. McKinley is becoming almost the state during the war of Ibl3 and the I The wound is a very serious one, bat -'

Airt 1 shil'tinl! from Wott-niil. 1j; I,01M. resumed write ou all but two or threeof as repugnant to the rank and tile of Florida wur of N itl. Strung opposition may not prove fatal. I

(trained relations: U-twwn the '(, This is a compromise in all reelu! :ts. : its lines, but is not running the usual Republicans as to us. As a was manift ti'd in the committee on appropriations J. K. P. Keatoii. who was drinking; 'i
Ptat nf *tate for wur, the )[Marquis' The to the amendment offeredby is now in jail aud says he was attempt- '., :
iu the house bill
: provision I number of cars on any one of thorn and : temporary choice of evils the latter may ,
* A'.d"WIiC. and the Unti-h com fur and the senator to the sundry civil bill, jug to teach Walter "who his daddy :
was ocean Mirveyv only appro.prieted none at night. larvive the former, but only for a little r.
r inhitf of forces IiMols." but he tucccod in the \\lIS.
1 1100,000. The settlement M said About 4uO deputies: were sent out to- while. finally having -- -_ "' ,
*; si -ar to hav reached uch a pitch 1 to lie the 'Ii amendment reported by the committee. N
Kiti.ifiicttjry to superintendent
day to guard the carious powerhouses "Th. vast and increasing rebellions! TROOPS FEAR THE BOXERS. ':
;.at .t for the exigencies of the gitua- 1 of the When the amendment was con.Mdsred !
geodetic furvey. II j I and other Traction company property. | elements from the tanks of both parties,
r i it.-d\\'ols1evwould have rekigned. The police have made several arrests having common dangers are fast becoming in the senate it was the subject of much Chinese Soldiers Are Loath to >!"' ., ,<

. < thatUrdLanwlowuPattemptcd I TO REDUCE THE REVENUES. j: iu couutxtK with the recent assaults! common friend, and are auiious to debate aud rejected, but the senator Rebels In Hat tie. :; k

. LTO same of the authority always j ou women. Among those arrested are become enrolled under one banner.I a.-'kwi for a reconsideration, and after .
.- wielded the commanderf I Ways and M(>aas Committee Anfhgrlwl < LONDON, June Telegraphing from '
t .re ly two hours of debate, the amendmentwas y
three young girls, who have confessed I I Eut before an organization of these
.- and thn latter i now said tt> to Frame' RIll. I passed. The house however, refused Tien Tsiu a correspondent nays:
that they took part in the assault on elemcuta can be effected it is the plain
d the whole matter before Lord I \VASIUXQTOX, June 7. Chairnma MM Pauline Hesaer at Tenth street and I I i duty of outraged Democrats to ne: their accept tha action of the senate "I left Tit-u Tsin euroute for Peking, :.

k 011. I( t'ver'l'IIUt'. best individual efforts the absence of on this item and the amendment was '-."
I Puyue of the ways anti menus committee m accompanied by reneral Nieh, supposed .
ARE NOT CONQUERED i The tory to the effort that Maude organization: to clean house by the complete defeated in conference. '
B was authorized by a recent action ol i Senator Tillman anticipating this ac- to be one of the best of the Chinese
Thimuts, IT years old, astride a multi, : destruction of Bryall !oDl. Soon gen:1
FI..b.r Sv* Wi.r 14 NotKlghMng hl'r-tlar.1 the house to hold meetings: of that com :\ Iod 5.000 strikers to the Uortmdalct l>owerhouse thereafter McKiuleyiom must surely riou, had previously introduced a bill in erals, with HO troops. We proceeded toLufa .

IVfdlrHxI. mittce during the reot-ss tlf txmjresjwith last. night, with the object of 1'i perish as a pnnibhmeut for its infidelityto the st-nata providing for a settlement of a distance of 31 miles. We found .;
a view to preparing a bill for the ] that with. all sound of these claims against the government. .
destroying building, wholly principles govornment. : a plate layer's cabin in flames and telegraph -
W.EVi.t.. June 7. -The party reduction of the revenue iu the course out foundation. Then will the for the lie called it up antI after debate, the
come opportunity
tbii I denied most desirable.Mr. ,-- bill tho senate. hides cut and! men engusfMl iu de- ;
r' uvoyi j-iiKM-d through city | formation of a great party, banal, on a was pa-sst-d by
sir >r St. 1'uul, tapping lien 20 '! Payee says it it not his purpose tocall CHARGES AGAINST MAHON. platform similar to the National Dumo- btroying others iu the \illagu near the .;
the committee together until fall\, ,: --- cratic party of 1S9I5.! The loaders will MRS. LOWE FOR PRESIDENT. railway where Hags were well \bearing ';
!t'i Th. party w"".i joill..lllf're byKn lie Have Incited Milkers "
prolwxbly a few weeks before ((n>pres.sreuss Alleged to lie forthcxjmiiig when the time the iuscrip'iou "Kill all the foreigners.
,-k\ of the $l. 1'aal no.'ption >:nblt's, as by that time it will be.. to Kiot.ST. Ufli\;:' proper Georgia Woman Ha a Clear Held. I sa5Winure, evidently from burning ,, .

Mr FSschersaid: dor 'nuiued how 'ar the larplus is maiu- Louis, Juno 7.-Among; the aS'ula- :j 1 The Day's. -I'rosruiu. h"D.cill the distance, but General ./ )

M. rtiv i - vits filed in the United Slates circuit I .
.VucricMU . p a revenue cpdnctioa war iu mortal four of the boxers though the ';1
1'w... have UI-tl'tl a great i ranted. Extended: hearings have already court in connection with the proceedings Delegates Klrctvd and Adopt Plat.fovauempathy the third day of the club women'sconvention foreigners; endeavored to persuade him *

.. Tire i is nothing disheartfiiitnation been had and the chairman also fur an injunction against street rail. For UOI'..... included six literary sessions to, dsenTriin the troops, who are firmly '" ,

.; in South Africa. has received number of briefs elaborate Milwaukee convinced that it j useless to fight the r
covenci way strikers is one signed by 11. I.. Wil- WATERBUUY, Conn., June 7. The eight mvpti-jnsin ; "
...'"' Prt-toriii hits own taken the chief lines of reduction. There will homes meeting of the iiomi- Boxers, as other { '!HWM> say they have: 1'101
i* the war will end scxm.ii In no pxtt.nclt..ll'l"'p..uiu11! of the hearings "win and E.Drushrl.. iu whi<'h grave Democratic state convention assembledhere a xvii 1! Ix'.-r6 hit with bullets rise: anti '.,; .\,
t charge* are preferred araiii:, National minting enmmitta'e :" '; debate on the :
'lI'1u'r..1 1'1Iy UIOHIIS, alth and elected delegat the
) any 'nh the committw nmy via- to national run away k
...1-4 cart expert a band fight ; clddi* to aik for further information un PresidentV'iliiani D. Mahou of the. convention at Kansas City The reorgaiiizaHou: cjuuniitteo mid the probable "'fhl'r,' .....-!!I; t" 1..- little ro.IHCt) of :Are t ',1
( AllItIg'\I\Ilr".I.\s""lCiuti.\11 Street Utuli con-iidoratiou sumo lines.i'liamllcr's. ..ateommittee was engaged uutila late >umpri.i of Peking unless: .i'
-- 1 i Employes us:1\ as lIialll..t the .
It .'r. 1 way hour considering the Now London i-oa- 'I'} ", foreign; pnwrsassnuiecontrol of the ', 'I'.f
< Iluld.tronL 1'ItIn. Tiiithdr.vwnl
Ko"olutlon Joes Over.VASinnrox president of divUion IGVi. of Mr;. iaiilyCil I. I 't'
t The affidavit states that during the test, which was exceedingly acrimonious. liam. of Ni-w Jersey from the .-. r:1lwu.untol the Chinese government .;,
J.r. JUUM ..-( irnat numboMiuiy \ : June ;.-An ineffectual In the Now Haven district caucus on pr -idential |I..r ,.ve.i i i- If ciijiable of man.agiue com-
strike l:1 that Mahon all.IIL.rr leaver the lick! .1
t rvi piwticallyto .1I
11/ ana wvupy Jlajuba hill attempt was made. by Mr. Chandler of : & year ) px-CongrcHsmaii James D. Digott defeated t:1mil'utl.m \\ith; i icapital.. \.
Bryan, while counselling good order Mrs. Low ,
i NVk mid the Fo;:wani range asi New Hampshire to obtain consideration and National Conllnit man Alexander :.
advUing; againstioenco! in Cluh011I1'11 couthsno to arrive iu I When need medicine 'fI
!r. i-t 1111 Kii: .:)cl.rsh jfl>.s. Ou the for his olution instructing the com private meetings "by their mauner, Troupe for delegate to the national small delegation; aud th. convention, should you the best that you "1

"|,,TK the ]K.sitinns they hold are 1 mitt>o ou privilgva! and election to in. speech; iuunuudo and conduct gave the convention. grows in HIM rest wii: d.iy. I I and get money this can to I'
t6 -uLuly (Jfuerals Christian into tho of the The oonvention uU8.l1imOlu"lyatlopted I buy. experience proves t-
Mroui ij'iire coiihtitrutiouality
nit-mbcrs of the n;SI>:'iltioll to understand -- ----- ,
t .'. F"uri<- and IVctorius are iu comhf electoral laws of certain states. Mr. ] that they Wf'rtat liberty to indulge a platform naming William J. Bryan Seot rb-Iri.h Sot'loty \m.rl'll.; be Hood' Saraaparilla._ : }

u $> >n5rt they obstinately nfnsod Berry Arkansas and Mr. Pcttun ul in any /kind violence! that would as n.t DIDIIidate j for president j jn.'ltrnct- Ksoxvit.t.B, Tvr.n., June 7 -Tin an Pendonlltlis TaM d.WASHINGTON" !

and still continue tilting they > Alabama ultaiiconsly objected. ', interrupt. the operation of the street ing the delegate for ilr. Bryan and

ri., t:. all protiabdity' fall back ou Lyd- i i !'{! railway HUM and prevent other men pledging support to the platform of the nuall'Vuvl'tltillllof SiiKch-Iriiili b SCH Juno 7.-Pending thl .' ""
Wttara by way of Knnel with prospocts i H"Many: :Members AM "ot. from ojxratiiig earn thi'ieon. Kansas City convention.Temporary ri -ty of America has begun in this city. conference report on the naval bill, M r ,J

:I. see n-tr"> tt into thi almost inacces- j WASHING: rov, June 7.-At noon tbt ,,1 Mr. Mahon: when seen m regard: to Chairman E. G. Kilduff The convention is att<'iidrtd by delegates house pension bills were passed by the j

.*. r. MinNiini of the Murchifon ranjje. '. loRislativo! day of Thursday began.Many :!: the statement, said: made a short speech, appealing for harmony from many section* of the country, es.prially I senate. They were Bent to the pTftd- ", 'SI
*.k f/i prevent IJullerV entry into 1 1I j, "I deny omnpletely the charges of iu the party. After scoring the thc south north and east. ThedpIegaUM dent for signature. -
r- Trtln v
r. out in fntlnrv and unnecesaary upon anal adjournment yesterday had I II j jI I I were its relations to the trusts he attacked I the mayor and president of the chamber Groom 08, Bride M.SAVANNAH. .J.i

y ,.it ou both<':.s.Knrn I I aln'Myll'ft for their homes and there GIVES PUBLIC RECEPTION. the administration'.stand on imperialism of commerce after which pr'sfntation : June ':.-Rev. 10'. Fltzglb' J ;1;
1 was danger of a filling. The'' advocated )
quorum government ownership
Continue the War.I \ leaders of both rides could with did- Dewey Shakes-Hand -With Multltnd of railroads telegraphs, telephones I! of reading historical and discu-ssiou jiapers. wa of Ix-gnn.such/ pnptTi:The bon, aged 63, and Mrs. M. S. Porcfcer, .;,,t.I {

*. :' >7.o MkRui'KZ. Jnn* 7.-In an. i culty persuade members to remain al O'oluinpiia.. ,, and advocated the election of senatorsby [ will be the principal work of the conI I aged 63, have just returned from i1
I their posts. popular vote and concluded with an I which clones Charleston where they were married : i
I II II veutinu Friday Ui .
. /
i nt a foVKT''phii- inquiry to Preii- I CoUTiiliiv, 0., June 7. Admiral expression of sympathy for the Boers. t I _u_ -- !; I lest Sunday._ .. .

trot Kn:|;* informing him of the offer I|I CROPS ARE BADLY DAMAGED Dewey wine astir early this morning. i llrt mad no reference to the money Trend of I'rleesluwnward. I! Handsome lift to Trinity. l ..

-of '(t' a<1'111 of land In America to each : He bad a hard day, minute of | question. I
every II
lurfht Continued Heavy Rain interfereWitli > j CLEVELAND, Juno 7.-The downward i: RALEIGH, June 7.-J. B. Duke of Durham r.

*. the president n-phlO.: "We Farm Wort. ,, which had something 3-hednkxl up to 11 | NEGROES OPPOSE M'KINLEY. movement of iron prices coatiuuex. New
fiats: vtu fur this generous offer of I :1 today presented' Trinity collage, !. e :t
Lad *>n; th* bnrf her am FLORENCE, Ala., Jun+> 7.-The heavy 'i o'clock, when ho opened a ball and par. I i ;i figures are reported in the ease of Durham, with a $ Ol)() library boUdiog :
in K. U. Walker Interviewed oa .Nationali
ticipatM a banquet.
r'rflt their own land and inde- I rains that have visited" this section tin :i! products where there has been nonijteti- and library. ;
f From 90 o'clock until 11 ho held a i Negro Party. t tBurglars
ivt. '. -\'I to the bitter end." past two week have worked immense tion alll along; and the week has made Mak- :"
public reception at the capital, there being haul.DALi.AS %
I I I I BWTOJune 7.-Former Judge E. G. I certain the formal ,
'I more ol
damage' to the growing and have a steady flow of 'ogle with outstretched .
crops p [
krueernn Hoard 1lntch'rul'er, June 7.-Burglars entered :d
delayed the planting of late crop until hands. The public reception Walker, who was mentioned as a presidential I prices in other lines that have been rr

Ivj.>\, June 7.-It i< learned from there is no tt'lling'hen the farmers will was followed by a luncheon at the Columbus I possibility at the meeting of the known to have been only nominal for the home of R. R. Nelms last night and

to! !8\ ..ti..urse at The Hivsue that an get darted. In all the lowlands the :' club. :Mrs. Dewey had, mean I National Negro party in Philadelphia, some time. Reports of shut downs are stole U.I$) worth of diamonds. : +

letter from President KrnperT : crops are under water and in most place Dine, been taken in charge by the ladieiv1i I says: more frequent. King (Hour (lose to Parl. .;
.. I will have to be replanted. i who conducted her to the residence of ;
fur* the Netherlands ministry. Thee has hardly been 24 hours d Mr. Janww Kilbounie, where robe wa. "1 have heard rumors of the forrnaI Fruit Packers Combine. LONDON, June 7. King Oscar d ( J,

r 1 that the president up tt> last dry weather altogether for weeks and similarly entertainrcL I lion of such a party. It is a beautiful i! Su JOSE, Cnl., June 7.-As a resultof Sweden and Norway has left England -*

-I I dfcMrd to !II"4'" rfu p on the will be hard estimato. of the the j' theory. I believe one of the principles I largely attended of fruilpackers PIIoI ''
damage to crops to The th* event day was great a meeting on bis way to ,
!: I'nti'h crui,rr FneMand, uuwMsrquPz. of the party was for negro men either to I -
in which 10OiW marched .
parade men : in this city the California PI1.l'k.l'rs' :
and which WAS reviewed at the state refrain from voting or vote for this new I Taylor It Ciolf Champion. des
Plague In Ito Janeiro. | party. So far as not voting iscoucwnod, company has been inc.rja'rated r l.W.
capitol by the admiral.This I LONDON June 7.- II. Taylor won :
I" .. with capital of {l.OW.OOO.) ( divided into .
)\tij ruder :iir\rlllHnc I believe voting if I were up to a '
RIo EE JANEIRO, June 7.-It wan- there fireworks at my !'
evening were 1 neck in blo-xl. shares of f 10 cah. Tin- object of the 1 the oi-n/ gulf champiou.-hip. J ,
.JU!!"- 7.-The fiivoys of the nnuncedthat during the last 24 boon Franklin park.. followed! by a reception *
is of
jiockiug iu
"In company prunes cofK
regard to presidential nomination -
.iu n-iublirr< that sine to Admiral and Mp Dewey at the Chit- Mould \ot ", iiirerSit! Again for 2 :
| wy thorp liven eight new cases of plague. I have no do.,ir or ambition to be .> 'ratiou with the California CnrudFruit fifty .v
'I tlit ir nn->ioii they have An omrinl bulletin says that since: the tendon HOUMJ and lator a lull and bunjuet. dragged around in the mud. < a;i CdticD. Tin.- HH Price.

nstant hurvi'ilLiiu'9 \Id.<>- plague! started there have been 88, of < _____ __ i "This action of the negroes seeking a awoke last night with severe ;HHIJr : ;

-'t ...rne1I1'Uts of tho which 28 have ITCH! fatal I.old DruioiTats to )I".t.IsNA"Al'tll.l new parr is no doubt inspired by the Men may differ on poiitic.. r\\g-\ \ pain-1 in my stomach. I nev-r felt :
--- ---- ion or finance: but all who Gave trifciHANXFK \ MI !badly in all life.
talk. niv When I
'Tl lit.ACAINST. ,!, June 7. Loral gold ritvut : about repealing:; the fifteenth
A\ Ill :Not HP a ( amendment. The United States will HALVE are a;:reed as to its came down to work tbis morning I 'e-jj'

tEE THE BRITISHII LonsviLLE. June ;.-A statement is h.'mo Brats are arnuijaug to revive thE nevt.r repeal the fifteenth amendment. worth for cut, b'trn"re.; *, piles felt snweak Ie"uldhardlywork. ....i
unrilIal ualexecutivecoiamitt the Gold and skin dMrH-sK.; Jr', t-! r. ir" t I went to :Millar j"t
"There is MeCiirdyV
general drug r
a feeling the
II made by William :S.: Taylor in which among
t In North C.nreoet which will healing medicine in the world. W. tore and they iecoinrnend Cltatnh : L
; D.-niitcratii' party, meet ir uenoe, against tbe Republican arty :
Mr. Taylor announces that he will n' ll D'Alemb. .. '
.I I'.lilulK. Klllr.t. this city, pnr.-stLint to a gall just issued, I III" Odic.: (hIlJ..r.1 l and DiarrlinM ;!.
c-auilidau- the
*> n Republican nom
I' ou July &>. It is undnr.-tood that thtchief Keiiifdy. It worJ..f'lllikp magic
I' JuneXewi ,,
wasir i nation for governor of Kentucky.A I.NSUKAM'K: ','"
business of the committee will be CITY TAX BOOKSTO oii*' doe fixed mi all right. It
:n the iflst by that t'anl of Thanks. to organza the forces for a campaignand ; Many a man has been insuredasraih't certainly: is the fine-a thing I ever .

"f J.ijuin thaI :a.M-riou to see that an independent ticket ii CLOSE. lirigl't'- diieasp. diab-tK>. or ied; for ''inic'i' trouble. I shallnot ." .
I wi-h that I feel under
atu-t tlii'. lias again tosiy 1.1.1l:1',1 in the field other dangerous ailment by :i fifty lie without it in my hom here ;,
lii-tingf! ationfor what (
N-TTh Jbmnlitrliin's ----- ---- I Taxes not paid on or be- cent bottle of FULEY'S IilusevCONE. after, for I jsfiouM not care to pn- : .t
m i
}; .
oriit. M.iuyr Cough Remedy\ :\ dolefcr
In advanced and chronic forma W. A. D'Aiembc-rte. dur- the ;;atfHill_; ; of la-t night /
'v.-d in Uihuan that our fl1llihWto h:1ut'd it in fore June lotli 1000 f '
ny cold) in the head is known a; Nasal will :toail1.t"r; fifty tims its f ric >.-G.
'. ,. of *'8k'a; tho"RIU- sat many case court lung H. \\ II.S0X. Livrynnn '
ion uRiniot tho rule of troubles and wlioopiusr! eolith; And Catarrh! and is the recognized source be tulvestised and sold. EDfCAI1ON4L. townVahia;rt n ( '110, 1'... Thl '

"e !101\11)'. it h..; :(lwiy: given the imvt per- "f other diseases. Having stood the Books close The winter and f-rrinztfrm at tl|-eLiterary renr-dy is for -al<> b.r Hinnah: Kro.,
.: ..'\.ral l lritih \\1 re.d fret s-iitir-f.u-tt'Mi we feel greatly! in- test (>f coutinund succe-ful u-e. on : department of MeuxV Ila.iners '.South I'alaoxtrf'f't. s

: tv..andL T\\I'ut- il-bted to tiemuufu-turtr! ? of' tin KlyV Cream JJalm is teroynlzwl! as a that date College will clo-e 1111 Fred I iXp
t. r.. killed and the in- remedy and wi.h them to 1'1f'ae aceijit "specific' for nieinbianal diean; # in June t>,. The -uinm..rt-nn will The best lawn mowers at rea:onftMpricey -
t w "retutallylestroyeot."ry our hearty thank\ *.-Ilcspect'ullr. the nasal passaee: and you "tlouldresirt X. McK. OERTLVG: June 11, and continue without itmr-open I at th- Willis: Hardware i ,

-- MKS. .*. DOTY. Des MOIP., in Ce.':.
: to treatiueut your own TaCollector. mi"=ior. Xillt; n\\\ diyeij..>naironaseuf <
: edortlshirg I.iwa. Fur sale by Hannah l>ro=., ca-e. It is not drying, does: not pro- 1 m:"':dCity The p the general public ------ -- --
'. pi-teli aliI J *irtitis 1\ :*Pabfox rtreet. j duce sneezing. Price StJ rents at ;i i i is solicited. 19mtfIieadiuarter 1Till: RS.Chas. ).F

.. :; druegi-tau; by mail. Ely ftrutt'T--; Ready ciiied paint of all shades II. llli.e I" the m'm who ad + .
: at the Willis 1:0:5.\().
_. -" Hard- ;-I t 5 Warren street New York. Hive'Find! : colors at the Willis Hardware : f -r builder?' hard vert!-e? I'fni'acolHe doesftri6tt t ,

: W'INDOSCREEN. :; ;. i i up prejudice and try it. i i I Co's. ware-the Willis Hardware Co ':5. and deserve your support.



I 1.'

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.. _. ._ _= : ,:._,.t. '"" >. "' ... ;-...- ,r' .>>;,,,,,,,,, h ;<; ,..-. .,.




-==== ft or ann t bH-.eve It. boar old ladyf Tier -
BILLS FAILED TO ASS ARE YOUlBANKRUPTinhealth I I wits ain't right, and she thinks satan carried E. PPTERSPN

r him off. Goodby. madam. The old\

// awants Woman 4t IcJy i is in a hurry, and I must go to her." PROPRIETOR OK-o

-Ixcbar.p.I : .

8 to put out a she doesn't H:: Efforts to Amend Laws Govern constitution undermined by extravagance -;I CRONIES S7:\ LOON

heap on oJ and wood. She throwscnwaerknowngthatwaterquinches n in eating by disregarding It a Belgian R'eddng.
ing Commissions. A visitor nt Brussels l, writes homo de- O-DE.\LE IX-nHtehnilDfliestiefcLipRao'iri

I (.re. When a woman wants to get n" i the laws of nature, or | "l'rihina "'I'IMinlthere: 1m

well from d.seases peculiar:: to her sex. U |! Two marriage ceremonies, the civil and i \ : 'IJ I '

0 she should! not aid: fuel to the (j ;0 CONTINUE WITHOUT CHAXGE.Clxtl physical capital all gone, if so, religiose; are gone through:: with In the \ ,

g already bl .7.r.g' her Ife away. She 0 | moraine and at 3 o'cluin: the after JUG TIRADE: A SPSSIALTY.

take worthless and NEVER DESPAIRTutt's noon the nuptial repast Iccins. There
3 should not drugs n i Cr'rer r..lmr-.r-t! md i Ds'dh'l'" S- .
: pcr.or.scjn--sedof: : harmful! nareo!- U'' arc tr.JU'ss! : di>hes-cream?, jellies! fruit. VKX". '. "I i rJfttzsS

0, ics ar.d opiate?. They do: not check tt "er\lr- and Intrrvlalr t'om- Liver Pills will cure you. 1 rake. icerinues: sweets as well as

the crease' .thedo! nctcuettheysrrpy : nicroc Commltnions! llemnin ns IVf I heavier: refrifrhments: fresh relays .
1: : add fuel to the's. u ..r<> :\rw Senator I'roni Tries.Soatlieru For sick headache;: dyspepsia err" fi-oj are brought on ('ontinll I1J'. r..r'7. !' ", ::':', .'II. "'l
.:.J.-,. ;
: Female! 0 Iecttons.VASIiNGTON sour stomach: malaria, torpid The feast lusts until \) o'tlock-six --- .JIf .' .I... I'lu"* !II(. -
(1 should; be hnnrs-with gpt-eches gyin all the r; '
Regulator ; ; cn f/f i R rf -rr..U tl'l ;ifrt: ; *
Jy -Ji..'* taken \ June Kpr<-ll.J-! biliousnessand t fJIP. .. 'M 1/V fSv- -
(1: by every woman liver constipation, j.- .w ; t/I : ; \
i cr girl who has the 0 Anioni: the subjects which pass into The bride went around; the room and MsL, -ib"! .! ,;:N\\ ; 4 M>

,. si'ehtejt : cf tt all kindred dis es.'rutt's K"t every one present to write in pencilhis ; "" h
; ;; fw. ,
/tb tl.t- 'lrutt"l1 lays: i-? J.'sI-!latoil; pro i J :
"" any "f the nil-; name or hers oa the train of her -CVt( t KP.:6-i,)' "9' V Ire.
U' ) tt"llbh wunen.: af- U basin: to aibfiiil the )l.iws which pv- Liver Pillsan bridal pov.n.; This is to U cmtroidi-rod : { t td

; willrpIv! It 'ia two (oiniuNsIiius. I':.>th tin interstate over afterward and Kept at! a memento 1 -

mfl..t ( time n/l conunTPc coiiiui!<*ton :111.1 l the absolute cure. nf the occasion. She ilivid.vl her b
: thrrtakrtt. 'lll't among almost all present. :t '. _
luiatur i* g civil wrviw ,conitiU-ii will mtimie ; ; 7e *"f ** -.''-
-- ; : ''; ,
apurifyi'g, 5a CSS2Thompson -- .
strengthening (: notll('>' have iu the i>:i-t uixler the MilUlie the Ofst of It."Will ,;, -...:,
_'at tank.Nhkhgets therooto: the t, laws :is they are. without clianire; and I I 0-0-0-0-0-0-00-0-0-0-0-0-0 I I jou have this here woman to

hseaseandcures ? without a Mijrjrcslion. of lilk-atiou. ', = be your lawful wedded wife?"

the cause. It dries not drug U 1 f "Tint's: what 'lowed I would:"' Olsen & Co.
the it eradicates it. 0 Ainl yet every wjtijircss; a !seeniiu! ;: tremendous ? SAThft5RLDYE( ? ,
pain 1 "
you love, honor and obey hl'riu.t ?
It *tol's falling of the womb effort I is made in eertain quarters :
__ 2C-2S
,,0 o : W. Intpnd
Icuiorrl.ea, "..\ nc .Street.: .
md..mmalion" you got that switched roun", I'\! '
and periodical erir./.:. ir- to have hill"! paeil greatly ni n 00000000000000Shl' ? said' the
regular! scanty or painfulmenstruafon ;: both l'Olllllli"ioll" Roth senate parson groom.
and ty doing i "John." said the bride
: elect "loutyou
all this times the It and house in their committees fro to ,, was a strange looking old woman
hundred and one away aches and "" the trouble of giving hearings to tho which dram health ? Answer the '
pains question
and beauty happiness and n to the (commissions or their rather elegantly! dressed and with the air
I! I "Yes," said the "I reckon I'll ,
frond temper from many a It present !status and the commissioners tt one who belonged good society. 1 groom
woman's life. It is the one have tor: -Atlanta Constitution (;VOOIM remedy above all others "0 are heard In rl.lluttal1 this sessionof i She was sitting; next me in the waiting

which every woman should '' congress the civil service commission 'room of the railroad l station but outside IMPORTER AND JOBBER OFIIardvciareNafla
about and Blew Htni.-lf Off.
know use.
has had something of a rest the her horses were being Art and watered,
SI.00 per bottle Itt : Rentley-How did Lorklns meet his
>> any drug _tor 0 attack: being made. as usual, against it and she was waiting; to rest. :
death? When we left him last night
USend in the hoiiM wlll'lI11l' aiiiiropriatiou When the whistle sounded, she stoppedher
fur free he IiI'l'ulI'I1ullIsually Jolly.
our ,
illustrated book. for the support of the: commission was ears with both her hands and shud ,

8 struck out of the bill in committee of dt'rl'd"lulC'lItly.. When the engine came Yo"hurg-Ht tried to blow out theelectric Iron Axes, BhoTels, Saw Mill and Hte.ainboat t'\o'rlJl"! l ,k.
in she looked) at it might : light Iu his room nnd burst a a
The Bradfield'regulator ,; the hoh1It'I' no rN'or.1otl' was F.iijht. as one regard sad Heating Stores, Paint Oils and Window Olac
a LUwrtis monster and muttered to \'Csocl.-IIarh.w Life.
Co.Atlanta. \\ taken-and restored when the yens and Agate sad Tinware
herself in a way that made me fancy her and Housefuraishins Good
Ga.I, nays were called in the house. The not quite in her right mind. J, I. Stephens:: has a lame: assort

I oo men' who were most dttcrmined two Then of a sudden she turned to me ment of bolid Sterling ilvf-r aid Onus Pietola and Fli.hlt.g TaC' le. w.-.J years aso to repeal the civil service with a little! bow and said: l Ho er's Knives, Forks and Hpooi.s -- --- --

law outright or to greatly modify it i "You are traveling by rail madam - AGENT for BlrmJngrhaca! Rolling Mils! Company I t. \ 01: ,
answered '
nah,.'. Otrrpln of Drain. have this year contented themselves ', "How can" n tcd my mferropator. TillI Stitched Belting, Xortham:>ton Emery; Wheel Company Laftu & Ril.

"Oh. John." exclaimed the fair youn:: ': with the usual attack upon the appropriation. "'YI<.',.\-.' I0 I po in my car- I CLF.ti FOUCATARRH Powder Company Johnron's Kalsomlae, Iron Ring and HIM. k ... \

mother "I am glail you're Lome. I Yet hills have teen introduced ri.ipe. Those cars are so terrible, especially AS}) and Ranges; Wm. Conps A Co/s! lisa Hte! L,,ae L !\lher, faa
try'a Ruh
have been so worried""Why. in the house for the repeal and modification the tunnels." Ct'HK Made fui.'roij! Colors, .

dear" be asked "what's the of the law and some members "Rut if one is not blessed with a carriage c f M

icatterV" of the committee have h.l'lntlJI' matter in "Then?" I si-fced.must behind thnt terrible CAT R R a W'?RhR h hIs Masonic Temple, Pensacola Fla.K. .

"It's about the Imby. I tremble to charge endeavored to secure action you go
creature, I suppose, said the old lady
but without result. ....
of -
think it. You know they say children looking toward the engine, "but I'm gor-

that are too smart never grow The Other CommUnlon. ry for you." Eli's 1' Cream Balm C. BREXT. WM. H KNOWLE.S. W.K.IIUR.JK.. i -
op." The interstate commerce commission BI>o amdents: ) often happen in tunnels -

r "Yes. yes." Le cried; "1:0 on. What I isM : has been it!!elf the acgressor in the !" I asked, with an Involuntary shud to Easy use.and Contains pleasant 8a05' 1'resideut. Vice-President. Cntblrr \ ,

1 Where Is our darling? What has matter of seeking: lenislatlou: at this der. Injurious druit.ItisquUkly E- ,tapes

Lappened Go on." session! of congress. This commission( "AccMenfs! she cried. "Worse than A
eeL t.ives bwrljlCOLD'N
has cudia\orcd that. I'll tell you what happened to me HEAD First National
"John she said, putting her arms Mtenuously to p-t a at once. Bank
In tnnnel. There's time enough, it youdon't
around his neck and sobbing upon his bill passed materially strengthening; it .1 It opens und olc-anscs the Nasal Passages
inind teninl!.
i Allays Inttuminittion. lleuls and I'mti-cH
breast "he laid 'Da da' today, and he and enUrgiu its jxiwers. lint without I bowed. She put her handkerchief to the Mcmlii uiie. Uehtorcs the Si'nsi' of late

U only 0 months old."-London Tit. success. Briefly the commission wants her face for o moment and went on: and Su"-ll. Large -ize 8wc. ut DiuggUt- or by
mall, roil Size luc by matt OF PENSACOLA. FLA.DXJt.EOTona. .
i Bits. the power of a court 1'(1 that it can enforce "You fee that white house on the hill ELY ISKOTIIKIt,

Its edicts. At present It may Issue up there? That is mine. There my i :,r warren street. New York : .
La Grippe Sucve* tully Treated. orders but It cannot compel the husband died: there my son married. It

( "I have just recovered from the parties to whom they arc addressed to was 1I"I'rw> married when I was fit) WM. H. KNOWLES, W. A. BLOUNT. F. C. BRENT, W. K BIER JB

second attack of la grippettmyear.; obey them. Violations of the law must :years old that this bappewd. Sixty: Tl os. Q U/atsoi 0 QD D. G. BRENT

says Mr. Jus. A. Jone!! publisher of Just think of it-. tme: when life ought
be proved in the United! States courts
the Leader, Mexiu Texas. "tn the to run on without any I'ventbotl'Trr, -

j Utter case I used Chamberlain's and punished by these courts. This and then romance came to me romance REAL ESTATE, Fmi, D ad Da mnti Echo 1 B&t A SolL I
hesitates to confer. au :
Cough Remedy, and I think with power congress for the first time In my life, liecause. you

considerable success, only being! In \Ve don't want to make the prosi1- nee. I had married without any thought Rental and Insurance

bed a little over two day, against (cntor the Juice and the executor one of that a very good man-but BO old-at1C. I I i

ten days for the former attack. The and the same: ," is the reason glwn.3n.1 AGENTS, c>$We draw oar own Bills of Exchange on Great Brit:!!! lr mi'
second attack I am satisfied would the suggestion has Ill>{'n 11I:111that time "Well us I said, at 00 he fell in love }France Austria
oh. Corner Garden and Palafox Streets, Germany Italy Holland Spain Belgium, 1'?-- ." N :
bco'a 2o and
have been equally as bad as the first commission should IK divided and with mo. I think way, Sweden Denmark and other European countries.
but for the but be was haDh'om1! wag sitting on
use of this remedy I make and then decide I'ENSAroLA, FLA.
prosecutions try to -
six. porch when he rode by and his hone
had to to bed in about hoursafter my
1:11 ( the cases and also have to t'Veasels Disbursed upon the Most Favorable T'!rm". ai.rt v- r
being 'stuck' with it, while in power shied at something anti threw him tit my We furnish you below a brief Itt of dPelrnbledwrtlingstshick 1
the flrt cu-e I was able to attend to enforce Its edicts. But nil this Is so fret. He sx-enifd to toe dew I had him Is subJect to weekly Obligations! Taken Payable at Port of Peetjaation Ten or Kiftnei. Ihy .
business about two days before get complicated and the interests affected i picked! ) up and brought in. and the doctor change only: after Arrlreu there :
--- ---- ---
ting'down.' For sale by Hannab ,110 lit rom; and, the question raised so and I restored' him to life. No. 111. West Cervantes street 7 rooms.

Bro". and all medicine clealrs.FIXE ditti-tilt to I'oh'l'hul| congress just "I),) you know what he wa? I'll tell .-.1 on'. f ;;-lo.No. Safety Deposit I2O-K63: for Kent In Connection
passes it along\ / until another session. yon. lie was a rifer at the circus close story 117.f 9iW. Spring street 7 rooms, i with which we have R. Private Apzrtnnnt for the tie

I'Ol'LTKV.At This! hajipcas nearly iT. not a gentleman they said but his >'.yi7. \\ est Chase st rt-et.7 rooRls.I-Uor, cf Renter*.
every year .
mire was so soft and his way "o pleasant tto.Nu
i.1::!. North Keus strut in rcomi. 2
C. Ciirner'n Poultry Yard.I Another Young Senator that he woried ore. and tlicn'whnt did story*: I.III. -

for \\11\11 JosephV.. R alley!: comes to the that matter? He called me his good; an- No. ?i West \Vilght street 7 rooms :>
am now ready toellepps senate: and begins! his *ix year term hewill :'\':: he kissed nay hand. .\t last he told story. *:O.u.No.ilr.South. THE ORIGINAL *
front the breed! of
lint following
!: ( : Alcanlz street 7 rooms 1
that l.e loved .
chic-ken-).Hk lirahma-: 1'aitrid e be 8M years old-younger, by far me me."It story, $:ill Ise.
Cocliiii-! Light Hralnna--, White than are must men who enter that was strange to hear. I would n-'t No. Ith. A'est Wright street, ii rooms, 1fctoryt'v P
listen to him nt Brat. but at last he kneltat ,'.
Cochin?, I'lymotith Hocks Brow' 11111!;:. lie will come also with a iimsiieraJ my feet, and I-al:. I'a... a woman :\o.:1t.ElIst; : Gregory! street, 7 rooms I T. ijUlJ

i LeghornsVyndotts.. My fowls are ,> pie-tige! tepplng from the forehead and I story,I."I.IHI.
still\:-I kUsril him on ,
:So. Z J. Writ UovernniPiii {
from the Vfi'y bt ?tr.iin! < to h- street room k
Imtj-e to the upp-r brii'-h of (' i found atiii I i ia\ite the public' to ciii after tl'!years i f .PrS.IY'Iilthet.ltllr; my !Ion heard of it, bo was NO. 117. \ve. Government street 5 room'1 -, t e iN, 7

$ and Pt'11 ui}' poultry yaid-about! ale' l-ody. Mr. Bailey\ IM 1 .,,.!;,> a remnr-!;- firhtS. lie said terrible thin!:.. 'Moth: srory No. til, fl. E:'..a-t Uo\erniTfUt street. H rooms.I f
tine f.vlon bared. b 'ttin;.'* Ir i:; .r
jbllunrr) in the! 1,0m.I'fh'r M-niiis er. I.{> said 'if you marry this impostor story. fll lit.. A 1 C.
f' _l'sfOrI.orlE'o1.T.1\s: : tVrtl.f wa'10"11 lead who ft-lv! cants your money, you will rot .! Knst Government street, : room, ,.
two teats .
7a tf : :'. OIlalr.: 1-toty1 .. .
tic 1'1'IN'ITII.. ::1
i-r lOt I,I-. party o\er a dz "I 11i.I'urt 1 carp f>>r my "0'1'5'rtb.. irn" tory.. Sl-J.: i. ...j..iJ.: ',,;
;T.E: lao; et ('0. lJl.l'lll'Ju"l' s.-rvi", IHI.I 1 some of whom that; iy friends all turned rrildly from :'0. ;.:!. North IIrVJIIIPrsstreett rooms, I ;-" ;: t ":n.. tp r .
.\I\'l': cnEEX va-re actho candi'latis fir tV pUi-c. I'''tl.! : ; B R ->
t Ju" IIUITh..1 ?1dl.plme.! and we were No. \lw-:-i. East (imlst't-n !'tn'H. BIWdaellmts. .;, I- '" 4..._ .
This: ws hen 11:' was years ,ld. terv haiifiv."As : ... 4 r'rrus.1 s.ite,7Ju; ; ; : : \
('"II fur IAII' C' .r'tcnriun. Tor four yeaw he v.s the niouniaill >-i "n n" we were niar-wl le ban :-0. .Y .!. \\'est J- l.L:1 street, i rooml I t ,', .

Call! fur a Mute 1 limners tip i-utiirrtinn to "'jnor <:f I.Is jitirty, It.. tiomiutH' for t<> talk!
.... h.1 Ilu'>It. at Ju-k.suiilil: a in., lintity. JiiiieIf. speaker, tl.e ritilni; minority! memtvr riiool: in 1'aris. S<> I said.: 'V.VII go TO 1 story, '"-ni' t-: V. J. i1DiThf Sole Wholesaler

Tu! .n..-'att'. twrtyof thesintefif! I'lorI.ISWI of time uumtttci- on ways and means I'a-i-i : And It number nf snottier It''I'IIIOV' inill r. ,:: ,
". la"W1 al" 'iltni'tltic It Ht Jlifksolxnli "We mede ready! to go. Of conI'S('". WP p:.rtsof the city, \ibietiill 1 lct>lio\\ ii ) I'U -ems .

ful l ,.abg ii1ue.dayJuhphathuou.fortbe: .piirpi.-t-. nil tern uiles.for tie! Then place he:nd vlined nuiumnotl a thrnl his: nl..-!:.wl to raor.\a :He. I ni'iiiint had hand; notes Hit!" amicl'oi's f.,.- ny calling m the ctlice. 1 o ( .''':,..:".' ,. ii.l J li,11.h.' ':' mm:";:: ,, mi! mm j UD 1 1 wi, .

In 1 ttir a .'h.i *ntioinl os., .I.I*-di"..I iii'irrinKoirntioi- lo fpre-eitt' the stet], u.beheld caii'Iki-y: !: fr the ...nat.-. wi'jLins til--: iu.I''f'II"I\ rent v.-a't.! I cllind ..> \$ z i ; Pail JH3U3.101 EC19! SpfiygS CClUliratcJ HfL'HI

at Kur.msl i-y. >ln. July I. l'44iio light in the He'ti'M-ratie primaries :tn.1insuriJ ry .!i.lmomT : ,ttl'Ipa'! tool rare of JOHN McDAVID '
n'II"uul. ":I..dt.matre'f"rIto. i.n.eea ol Pea r. oup .Iti'tiri' <-t the Kuprt-n-e (',>urt.a ::: his el.-tion. defeating: a man ( : I 1 J A! Emu! Of Wl IMS6.

..........tllr\ <.! S'nte. .\11'" "..v-lil'I'rnl. who ha' already gained cousidcral ud.tinetian n"r ship) ftitP.l we w<'"o ol.K.'i-d! i SEAL ESTATE AND? BROKERAGE.CITY ; n!; ;'I" : 1'10111: : : : : p, O. HI tvr
a c! |..IIr. 1re str. :-hunerlutciuleiit' ; iu the stat'.as a n.itor. t.> all !in the car" Even then Lated an I I... -, .
l'ul>ho.instructl'orntu-aunrr < )Ir. HliI"I'lt his! senatorial -
it l't.ionl ( iiiissoner for the r" upon : "
term It liinr } .rrs. four President Klcct- 1 Ts"ed and I'I ng'il! like a girl us ro JVH4. |)i>ltv>Tv tn Any Tart of II.'" < rrt7
.>r. and four IIIt..rlllllo'>., to "I' \-ol..d for nttli life under tli-Jmovt favorable! 311 Illel'I. w.ired! over tic country but he gre'v : : !LANDS '.

mxt r<'<:iirr sin'e lection, ai.d tv His career will be \.at..111-1 with muchinttic rviro silent and! hy the till" tip ivadedthe FOR SA1.K. ,.Ms"/ -.o,1I rc1l'rtrt It, rh. <)fflc r. \'!rtal A Hm t' .
trun.lutre'h.'thrrbt.Mt-t-?* n. may comelietoiethe ''-t. as thor !is n great deal of trincl verv grave. I tcricmlicr f'A"": ---- at adi'd
eit.t r tllaut.
11).. ililterent counties iu tinHatf will! int" it. \.!,>!plie! tool! my 1.and and Li=s- '!oans Flccd at Seasonable: F.a'.esU'l

...Ial.t leintes to the contention 11"11 ti,>' ii.-.1p l >.I it.
foil'twiiiK IfsiMif to 1'". smtntlon: n-.vdei- "f s".t till. The c'aWp,!. t'io! dHr !;- I'i-t GmerntJiont ...Ir..t. n: ifIo.BtrJ: -- to'I
1 r5alr1'.rractlote LunilKd \"1.l'U.t firtli atiil receive as (': rly recognition in the :
the I felt Title: fri rhte 1.r .
.cniuiuit! on tli- titr ticketln. r- ru.-He as i iu the Jjou.-c. Tlie d'rttifJlt s l" "W s'r. n
Collett tt't' httter'.t \\\\.r its rut., 1\\ the ) and i-p.-ir!'''') air hrm1 to tH"j
a.r..IIII..IO'\\Iun pt ti. and "'n, .1I1CI\h'II..1 tit Mr. {';IHI'Y to the senate recalls the .*..:,.?[''*<'. If" n-a* not tiocv. !r!
cote fur stir drat tI..uII e.vt. tttrr-of
... lien it nriouists 10 tiny c'r more 4lie fait that he gafhcre.; around him a "I sai \. '.Vd'i'plu1. There wow ro an-
'a l ruuurdltrrbasnnontloVt1rddrtu'nal r"p- nun tt.r c.f } 011:17; men v. ho have fared ""'{lr. I cnl'!..'Adolplipr :l1:1:'\. O! w

reM-ntat where Hi e Mile wn- inorfu-t-U quite well in the hot- j !!Ion;: them \ -."" ,,r> t"rrilll'-nll nn-nvi-r. ard the darkrss Hit ffkVOflITE w). '
at the election of! any county for Coppersmiths
lji Mire otltfei.. I he Cuiintu-s II.d..r Un rule cie :11'I'lI1rin fit South ('arol 1:1111: and !lIlt'i theI'r''tres of deatM:: :

will \'.* entltleU to li-prertututltin II" I'll- Rtl'!it-aa of Ml-is"iippl. lath imv ".\t host it "1':1'to :;'-'-\t. ligVrr.; I
IuNS; cnrld see shadow forms but n'l!!'!ownf
AlacbuaHrndtorJ II 1"0 t'1 H-ted to the senate: ; =Swacsmi \>f Virpinia. ( {t General Metal Workers ;?
IIi Adoijihe. I a=knl for him. At lat
a I.\'v '", a pnmilsin: candidate for governor Place :For Pensacola
liberty they! helped me and made ear"h-lie wasnit
taker a: l of his st.ite.: and I'I'udenu"! : of the t'.i'n.' N'o: saw him
ltrevar :lllInal..e i! on I'Of'lr
falbouni'itru 2 l/lIt.OI\ 7v Alabama! who i s now the 1'omoci.itic"whip. rgain: h" vnrHifvl in the tunnel. Buyers to Buy ida a t i'crs of Lid H 2ii33rt! rs fcr !t

> : "
"PI'oT.11' tried to make me think! ill: ffMm.
Clay 4 Monroe
4iumlii II 1\.ItU ... 4Tb Settled In rrlninrtcN.Xearlj I wnvM nut-I. who felt his li<"!""
1 l>>>Ji> lIanll" I.' all the senatorial contei-ts in on r"v hand till. S-itan i< envious of Choice Celebrated f d Seamless Turpentine Stiil.U
ItvKdtO 1\ "" '''011Du'al \ .: I :';ii'-" *'-. rd"1"111'1'1' the old hil.Invent .- FamilyGROCERIES .
the south settled tie rit's.
!:! \11-0 iEraubla ar. by lIrl:1
.. !ll.l'r voice. "That thins with 'it
JrauUHnHamilton. .II:! "to.k t.Johns .. 76adsleb In the north it I N well known that not rod rye there i i.. t-nt.n. though: f"\( ; Qatfii aiiais ca ta.1d, and re ahItg dcce La t tt! =:JJ.

i l'uln&1II .... .. .. until! after the L'eMative: car.pu-.fs Is il.-n'f "w it.lon't g 4 'auta lo.a .. v:
the sena'n hip settled and not even
with! Iitr-remmtyr what I and!
I..maudo :! $ulltl'r say. MOBILE
Hllhbol'u YI SuNanit' e then sometimes.( Take the ca
Holmes : Iftlor .iJackon Quay. He won the primaries and the ;.! itt. y,.!r carri.p i I.. ready. ,Yid
t' VuluslaJeITt.r.on
It WakulII: :SLateyrtte caucus and was not elected. In the a niiiMle need: "'O'llIn.In'rin: jest then -IS AT- -

a Walton most of the southern states it i I" differ- mid tie old holy hnrrieil ofT. shaking ht>r
Lake i Washaugtoa a bead as she went end muttering to her
:! ent. Senator Morgan's: return was settled The Well-Known

coar.tie< tltII.'Ieetlb'Ir d"'I'AtI'Rlo' a* was Mr. Riiley'.s election to the FCif."Ph"! *. N nnhurac Cuff ra almEverytbing c
twin talking!! ahoct the tunnel Or r m an U;;
: Buy the manner people which"action may tur hw"uijb oonsulered the party bestby org ;senate. The same is true in the ruse ma'am?" nsked the icidijle! ad; 1I'0nJU.with Up-to-Date Store c w I

l niiation recoRniied by the la.t state of Senator Martin of Virginia.: In a eo".rtesy.

convrntioD. All democrat are Invited to South Carolina It is the law. the legislature "Y....." I said.
pcrtlctpati in lha kelection of delegatesinerelo -OFBEJITZ -
Including those N bo have become ratifying the choice cf tl.e prituarics. "She never had g
quaitned to vote duce the last election.Tbechatrman ; Of course the fact that the laid; the woman "and at CO she marriHl

and .ecretaryof ench county legislatures In the southern foreigner younger than her sir lie & GO Meals "for\' t ; ,
convention held for the purpose of electtniideleg states are managed to half her fortune into The Most Attractive in the Entire City. Regular
"i''' to the state convention arereqaetttHl sure' to be Democratic make! the pri1 put
to grad to Hon. Yo'. .\. K wls. chwk anal such things and ran away and Short Order Served at all hour. :-j; ecial \\WkIy i{:&I' -
ebatrman.Ti/lahsssee. Flaa! urilten or 1 marie the real 11JI11rlmt"I'nt., especially with it after they had been married a
printed copy c-PP1ings ot such where it Is either the law
| or cus- month. He jumped off train in tan
roonty c nv ntlon. together wnbaltMof
the nam.. ol the c..unt.utl\'e committee i' tom to settle the contest in the nomiconvention lI l- nel and got I off unhurt. *!1j-120-122-fir: A. E. BAKER & CO. Proprietors ,

In which khou.d be designated the I ntitfn "He
; ? was! a rope dancer and good at
chairman and secretary of W.such A.rnmmlttev.R*" LI. j! AninraV.. DfSX. jumping, or be'd never have done it. anJ] E. Government Street,

J. C. r((1PF.. Chairman.becrelary : he's living now with some bird of thet TELEPHONE 261. 14 EAST GDVERXMES STR'ET.A .

I Try Ta NL" s Cuiuma I same father in E'rojx>. She doa't k.n.t1!

'- -< ,.. -. ...-,-- ..: .' c _



- -
c --

JUilliain & i A Chle Toilet I DR. MFEIIS AI111s (rrltatiol, Aids Dlpstle : .. .11'
Son. ,
Ioljtt0ou -
The model Is of navy blue serge, the Bowels
Regulates ,
irth! the skirt box plaited at the back AllEETHINA t
Strtn Child 'ii +
end trimmed at the bottom with a g' Teethilit f"

c:___ _____ _,. ______ _, ,_ _ _ ___0 band of white cloth trimmed with gold Makes Euy. [ ; ;
j ( Powders) J. TEETtI1NARelieveslheBoweu 5t"c..
Troubles of Children of

Do You Want a Buggy ? 1 -. Or.a.USirrii.uc.J.MOFFETT Costs only 25- cents at Druggists, D., ST.ANY LOUIS.AGE. MO.Qhas 'I.h::1 rli.

{ i J




i -AND- .

e eza 1 ii:i : General Contractor. ., ;r' !

t : .
{{ "
... Building, Repairing.: Mantel and Grate Setting Plumbing, Steam, Water it j

... 1 li liI and Gas Fitting. : '.: .

A Complete Plumbing Department under the <.::j :

(\\Y (\\Y I i Management of E. B. Morey. .:. "::I',t"

L.\.r'i;li D'shm s Estimate?. Plans and Specifications for Building ,1 :
of All Kinds, Prepared on :Short: Notice .!
J ..
.. WLiirse and Carefully Selected Stock of Fine Mantels, Orates, J. _
Tiliuir of All Kinds, Bath Tubs, Clu*etaud Household Appliances, Steam, ;1 10


TInE, OR ANY SORT OF A TOP OR OPPEBUGGY I I"We N'o.19 S. Palafox St. :: Telephone No. 345. :: :

,fi Have It : i .. .,' -.

I .l.,"*.
--T"'C 'W, ,.
c :o : 4.

iEkUill1O13IliiO1t&Oht.THE Citizens National Bank.:

MOTHER SONG. "*, lM-iit litKl come ,i see nun on witpe Im- prise and approached the form wondering buttons and the upper edge cut In OF PEWACOUL .1 : .:.
'ortant I'lisiM": **, for he never visited : how the sick man could have points just above which are short ,
I' r. elms f.I rtrrr I fry for Font !lll' t.m.... unites a matter In \\ hhh le left his lieu I and passed me without my straps of blue braid. :
i v am may Dftir forgrt.
and having observed him. I The liolero! is bordered throughout L. HILTON GREEN. JOHN. PFEIFFER \
.. t. r I murmur and ugh for jou- \ ac deeply anxiously IntcrcMcdimpelled did not lose f
,. "n.L. nvithir. him to do so. His usual cus- my presence of mind but took a step with a IHIIIIII'UIIII of white cloth enriched PRESIDENT CASHIER. ;r. .
: i m, 'Little l.fothfr. with gold buttons and straps of T. E. WELLES R. M. BUSHNELL .
loll) was to s"I1.1 LIs carriage for my toward the dimly outlined! figure. Then {
r. meMrhru.Is wwr th jttl" father w l.'fii J le deMrcd to consult him. I saw that one hand was i iinting toward the blue braid and Is worn over a tucked VICE-PRESIDENT. ASST. CASHIER. -.w.

tHwr,. the }. Ait are .> ..", ..1,. \Vl.ut the Mtltjcct could lie which inu..1 a small old faohioued desk which white muslin shirt \nll!'!. The era- ':i.
it rah ...n_ lioumt and rrgntt vat and! celnture are of black satin, the DIRECTOR: )
Mr. Toii'i>kliis to lit the oflkcthat stood on the top of a bookcase. As I'
l* latter having knotted silk fringed ends WM. FISHER RIX M. .
VI. lUr. ob, nmlwr. morning neither my father nor Icould my eye followed the direction Indicatedthe ROBINSON 110'of
*..! untt 'Tittle I" ..,,,,,,, dmne.Ve form disappeared.! I turned, cspocting and fastening at the left side with auckle. i,1 K. E. E. launders: A Co. _, _
h I !. b The sleeves are long and plain. ;, J. WUITMIRE, JOHN F. PFEIFFER, MORRIS BEAR ,,
r Ity nx><
m..Iho'. <4 "M I l.'l nr\rr and carefully, and in the course of thecoinerbatlon the bod. Nothing! however, was -Philadelphia Iedger.Tln L. HILTON GREEN. .,_
.' Irlllnl r* IX* trouble t.I frttj I mentioned to my father! visible. 1 went to the bed and gazed .: ':
I >-ry i.ut all! nm!)' f..r>wr.V some facts which it had not struck meInfore upon a corpse! .rl U..ltlRJ A General Banking .Bunnesi Transacted.
tUf. nk*.t .....Ihrr. }
were of xutflclent importance{ to "The man was dead beyond question.I One of the prettiest Introductions of
h. nut "Lull* l-r"ihrt. : '.'
f t'!'.) 11.1..1. cm tlirt f lr' mt ution. It3i: not often that at that summoned the housekeeper| and other the season Is a belting which is a mix r bI
lime in my Injury visited New York attendants! and when the body wasprojM'rly ture of gold and surer threads with i Vessels' Accounts Handled :
Y thrr, miMt longing and I on Favorable Terms ExChange jj
.. h."!M'd all of us quitted the silk. On the metal or tinsel ground ,
1.7" .r ili* too|. if h..-.IIII< tnuojTow (M-ak I had licvii to the city! only twice.Il room. I locket the door and gave the dainty blossoms and foliage in nature's j Bought and Sold, Collections 1.1'
\ h.., mctlwr.And was n circumstance which occurredi.ii key {Into the custody of the housekeeper colors are Interwoven In silk. Violets, I f fdaisies ;
unz. 'littlr U.'tlar. my lat 1.:1: that I mentioned! to directing her to allow no one to enter carnations in rich shades, have Promptly 4ttonded To. :-, .
I .r Ilij" Uiottor 1.I.Qrt! the jrt!" .
J.,..., t" 1L1e7.N my father. Tle: ltlsIIIC'I that took met the room until my father came next the appcaraiwe of being embroidered ,l :"
-- .. the city was in relation to some documents day with the undertaker. on the tinsel. belting. ACCOUNTS SOLICITED.t-1 t t :

.. S . I affecting w..h..1 lands up thefate j. "Next morning; 1 accompanied father This belting, which Is peculiarly rich ..,t _'
ill which a client was Interested.I to the house I had! already !informed and beautiful Is quite\ the rage abroad -I\\:

met an old college friend. i cd one him! what 'iad (occurred and as and will doubtless take here. It Is being :
SMr.Tompkins'Wili\ ; : ,1:1la' and I went down to Long: toon as some other mlttprs,1 I. arranged h made up into belts with buckles of 1 f

a. -y I P.ninch 'o.lllf'r.fh'r: taking In tin- ; my father took the desk and corresponding) floral designs. For instance. The Star Laundry i

t.i,, ,;'!1:1 ts wt'I'.' naturally hunzry: and we retinal to another room. On oldenleg a violet embroldcied belting
r ;pints Carry Out the \\". hs 4 !'j went to the Ihotel weoilld selwt. the desk there! was apparentlyiiothig will have a buckle the motif of which ,

J .,t lie Dyir 1':,m? ; :01/11.1111:1 talilc near to us nna a party : !In it but a
............. ............... t ,.ciiiiNl.itin of nn elderly gentlemanpud : AVe made a close examination; but. as --- f Till f PUNEER11UDR1 l r f WEST( I FLORIDA I ..; t
lady hall several JCI.PX i,,-ope! of It was sia-ply a desk to be carried! iu.and seems to U the dctvriuiuatiuQ of the ;
t\ .i" wl'Ut ji-ii n.iy rail MI.ui li'itli sears niinini: : ; fitii i :I r i 11 years.Tie Ih'!: (. or 1:1:1 trunk we found nothing trusts to nmke this sinimer unrornfortaide. { .

.. | a !au1r. ln'ui IUtl "lItl"'l1I11! was MKI-.I I uit'a: his! that: \ .,tI.1! indicate any secretdir.wer. Not only have they !put up the .
'... .: in the! .....uttruu.tI |1':1 ik to tee :1,1 1 it 0:11'1:. :: II'.' tmt I 1 took: up the note paper and l>riee nn the i ie supply' but under a new

.1' jiiti;'i-. "liiit I I 1..1.1| in i '.- t' -is familiar! vith I':.' sit.tuCr of t.t. cj;jilc-!y turned oxer the sheets. Afiirprle law they have: seized ou a moooiHily of Collecting and j
that irn-at American micrsity, >..ila wa
lint I.:,t I' r -MO1:1- ..a.!. I triiil t l.ii.'d: i I"> vet a s!;'l.t C f the was in store, for ou the inside! I
ter. Oh that these two too solid trusts
I.. ,-t'tl III '\ ; :it i., 0111.. I ?are. I lilt t'd:: i.i'l -i-feeil rntll I:1 i sleet: there was writing. It tm'III..It.1I1t. would unit:-New York Herald.A ering Delivf't;; 'w
.- : Mr. J'. i.iJii-i| \, :illtl -> !-niii;:. wl.i n I MI 1I:1II:1.ll1s: to pn>- to IK- the hologiaphie will of the de-

.-llvlilN; my f.lth'T. trio sure a (pretty ;:-)"'.1 \iew of the gentle- urd-tl.nt! H, a will wholly writtm Martyr. ,r : is always done .SI I

r .trr. cur I lad. lie :I" i'iiu", ,.tAlntHnltlrec. I Ih r.,' Iiin.s-elf. It Lore date! the very day "That's the way" cried the forger n? ; order and you never get other r. ;)
a ..Ins. hu.II" It'8'. "'IPI""I 1, '\\ ,' said I to my friend 'that! li I when; I.e h"\lsit.-d; our !>o and v.ssfctrurU sentence of ten Yeats was Imposed peo : :
ple's linen instead of I )
I' .. 'i 11':11110',1 11.. I l\cil! old client; of father. your own. .
: in :IU Mr. Tompkins, an my : I iiMii .n.I I il.\ '.j, tin- "'Ult.. anti| his! wants "1 faced round an.l lo.iked the g('n.i wo.n: for the U-tielit of the testator artr-l'hlladelpbia: North American.' = laundering jour 5hirts, collar, cuffs, :

iituiiilitl I' II\' an iMi-ily I h >iiM>- 'i ir tler.a.i Mitiare in the r' ''. Lut he never five children mentioned by name, with Et r etc., and send them home looking .

'" *- nii>l M-ivaiiK .
: .1,.. .l\!to r I Ufiinif a |.i\\yi>r It'1 luf reet'suitii Then 1 went away tuirtee I cHiiau of course, mention I is beyond rivalry, and is peerless in ;

-4< my duty III !II... Mr.I Tuinjiklni: j 1\\ iih Piy mind! ii; It I had nor wouM: it h be right, to give the addrer's. KIDNEY.DISEASES its exquisite color and finish. .
'. fr..lnrully| ] In rflatU.n to LU |>rI- ,i Uvi calliil upon to sucir to the 1:1III'SI ,> The will was duly admitted to I wALL .
.*,) end MI f..rili. lit- was a kinlly I idi-i.tity: a ('"ml of l.iw.: I would have '' probate. The trustee did not U-ar the: :' J
t.." "' : .-what n"-,-ru d. and lin I I 1:'m"' MI withiii't l.e.itiiioi I.ut for the ;, name of the! testator, but all the childrcn the fatal of all dis- ., ."
1f*, knew him jTnIialily 1-. 3ars .>f i j I fait that though fI.turllin::; my :jrlnnce I did.i : are most WORK C. O. D. .- ,,41

.*. Hi- hail a strut; 1.r"ollaiU.I""h l i j i with! <-re R< pruloiueil and toady as j i, "llo\v do I account for the spwtralform eases.CfllEV'O. I ;;'.-i
*. in II..N.IrIII.| v and liarartiT.. lie ; i i.v urn, he had shown no sign of rec- ? Well 1 think he had felt symptoms TELEPHONE 114. 27 E. GARDEN ST ,, fl'.1 9 9'GUODti

*M nur ,U fit-t :11..1! stunt In |1'/'I'I..r.| t ;;utioll.: i I of the attack which carried' him KIDNEY CURE Is llULLI CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED < !-'\..(
">II 111. f...... N:1. a111a1'" dn .11:1\'. | '"Now. Jimnln't till you how ciy fa- off and wrote the will and saute directly 0 Buarautied Named t .' ...

il. a.!! I In- wnnKN hair laiiVlnn 1 '' tier and myself In-piii to speculate' e>r to our otlice. Intending to Inforci my WALKER INQRAHAM, Manager. : ; ... .;
1 tik-M lain, it hail luriKil M frny, hut what thought were exchanged.; Sufi | father of the fact of Its existence. At :
I refunded. Contains : --- -- u :
*e. ... uliuiiiluut inv.-r. Ills carriage flee to say that none of our surmisesopproacheil the Hint of separation from the body or money I -t'

1I'U 'iTiii and l hit ;:1-imnl apiarance| I the truth. I I the spirit obeyed the last! Impulse of remedies recognized by emi ESTABLISHED 1863. .t:

1I'a. "u<'h it*, If inn* oliM-rvinl. couM |I ",\DII now, to go Park to Mr. romp the dying: man."-Brooklyn Citizen. nent physicians as the best for .
M a, II|| ln fiircottrtl. I j I.Ins' sudden wlziire and the events

"Mr Ti>iiiLiiik! was In rill habit ofKIWM ., which follow H!. Of course our inqui- Children and Hlteri. Kidney and Bladder troubles. I McKENZIE OBETINQ & CO. f; a deal of time a.\\ny ;! lies after the sick man were frequent, "One of the hardest things I 1:1to PRICE 5k.( aA4 $'.00. ,

11'1 b..u.e. end the IUlI.r"I'o"lolI of my and my father: called several times, hut do" says a IJoston schoolteacher, "is W. A. D'ALEMBERTE. 0 -DIALERS 15- '
11".r ainl intKi-lf 1111 that lit> nils n>- Mr. Toupkln.s did not for some time j i to get into my children's heads the notion
(Iu I'I.alda. that the streams the In the -- ---- ---- Nalfdwalfe :.J
flljHlllnl lie went and rooter (conseiotisiiCNS.! length he iuountains Ship Chandlery and General
.lIn..1 iltliotit lU'ilii1, mill ids
  • - tx-irai to e\lnce some slight; iiitelliijeme. i I and tlow toward the M a. It is ,

    ",1.' 3. !U-ltl;: Useil to Ms WilJS, u..n'rtIbal..1 and my father or myself was next to Imjiosslble to make some of
    I(I B03 AND 8I'5 8. PALATOX
    tltrul.Hlt..3 at Ills aliM'UiV, thereafter with him day and night s o them comprehend anything about It. KH NLE EROS B STREET. ... jf!

    -bUr II the awe' time they here extnrvful ;I that if he recovered his senses we''.! They see no reason why the river ., --A.GENOY -

    ....Jtbjl! to have ,',,-rj'thins might: I.e ready to do anything for him should not rise In the sea and tlow Into REVERE COPPER COMPANY. JOHX A. ROEBLINO'S BOSS CO.'S

    I..I} I..r bjf rw,.pt ion n h,'tier.'r Ill he might! desire In relation: to the arrangement ,,. the mountains.! Most of them have nevi GALVANIZED WIRE ROPE, A. RU88EL SON'S PCMPS. '
    auf!.i ri'Funi.irtl.: tll in> nor to my : of his a(Tail; *. He had norclatncs rr seen a flowing stream. Many of GENERAL INSURANCE :
    f":,.'r lid h. v\t-t utter nay oxjilaimi'f near at hand and Iu fact them have seen the Charles river and Cum Cardiji. ?snit:, Oils, lutleil! IflJtriaiat, Chits iota, tiln ; t.

    rt4 In* iiliM-iiii'H from htiiiH' or none with whom Ill''r directly communicated. If they have noticed anything about COM PARSES.! LOOS. ETC .
    *.* JD; alu-iiii! tn tin-in wliatMM'vt-r. /. He hId a younger brother It they ohs.'rrl'.llh.1t it !is lust as -AND-
    ''.IK to flow from the ocean as toward C. :McKenzie Oertin; Collecting Agent for Bar Pilots' Benevolent AJJOciatiou. !
    ilaj Mr.I Touiiklns|' tune III our who had ilNraecil; hiniM-lf and Iiem a apt
    "*!. .. .iiiil fur my fjiln-r. Ho "j com'!let andvas MfrsiotraIy! helped! it. Real Estate Agents ;

    *., tut in ju..t tlii-n. ainl }Ir. Tomb i through; us l-y Mr. T miikin! hut nl- ",1 babbling! brook running: down -- -- -

    l.ittii duHI| ) an,| talknl wills in1. Whys ;n >reni over little sIojK's' find rapids or tumbling THE HEINE ACADEMY OF MUSIC
    '*...I.1 ". 1 li.iuI I hnl v\'M\ I'I.timl'. Il"j \ \ his .list'H\ .'rn? the u'htreaadnts from the hill to the plain In cataracts PENSACOLA, l"'L.\ :, AWALMIDThese

    **"-::.. alai al.,,;( my :MH-l.iti-; -5 : of hN licnefactor. S far ::s we kiicw.Mr : is unknown to them. I have to No. S North I'alnfox Street

    *J aw anal many a llI'r tliln;'>.. .\rt -rwiiM Topklu! had made i.o will and resort to all sorts of images: and illustrations VISS EVELENE M. HEINE Principal. tiny Capsules ire superior .:1
    t I | ;.1"1| la-iiil I MIIIIV moiwiits'Vu yet we I knew that I.e: uaist lie worth to make them comprehend the KKPRESEXT TWENTY-TWO OP THtLEAJIISU MISS IDA PIAGGIO, Assistant. I to Balsam of Copaiba ->w :

    .. iii'.1 0i'r $l.:tO< .nm. I I idea of springs: :gushing from the hills, ACCIDENT}KIRK FIDELITY.LIFE. MARINE PLATE Voice 1 ulturn. Violin and 1'lHno I.elp l lMyHem lg iCvbeU and Injections./] ) .r' .l
    descending join I us. still seeking a lower also iuitur. Ilanjnand :Mar.dolin.
    hate r.adi'tl that age when ;.TH I will come! to the occurrence towl.ich I GLASS AND TEAM EOILER iNCRANCE ; TLrprnreIngLhoutsthe V /
    t J911 "'...a1 , ft. 't .'iM fur jwi Is I to set a wife as : 'ti the sick! man's room caenight I And, then they don't (comprehend!" 'Cener: WI DBYALLDRUCCISTS !

    E fIIota :.. "g cliff taLO rate t'f t'llt' .\ : : leading lit fore the 111'... lie :grewrotless. I DRINK LION BEER .',

    \ teai'l I% HIT| "'11t'H Iii' marries earl,.' J JI and I are and saw that Le j I General rents of the Epitallf .-
    I 1 II".I..I! ,,ui t.f tinwindow ami SIl\\ was moving! auto I'trtlin: :: as though: HOP LEE e. 44 CURE YOURSELF: ;a
    t *f '.tt:.. laming tuwnrd tintli ,'. '! trying; : t-j rise.. I spur to him. and I he I In Life issiKDcc Society of tie I ltEE rw tin r; for uunituiklirneati .
    It Isla: da. il'u.rc N, IDV nhW.tlaar, (4
    . 11)'r t.. c..mill;:.' I ,:11.1. tried hard to respond and ;gripiMil: my r ruu. a,! .in uit.r h".e "#
    "Mr C31HESE: Utili.(. StifS I .. u *ui t.r- of In 'i nieiut r. ,. fl'
    T 1ra: ",1! tl he Iolh..-!. Tl"-u Jo hteppeil to sick a Iw.rsutt. Sivir.g! that he was using I I (Eni3CilEW"si'!!) "' 'r pI. ,unu .

    ** "!01.! awl aptwlrl.l| ( to me tn I It* t curs to ;-it t:,) ;;'H fwd, 1 helped CC.unO Sold hp tlrattlat.., jJ;
    SPECIALS: Sorts dKEnHJMs OOKI'.K FORnF.ACEgOUCITF.D. r 3. plain rsp( r.
    btU"'II1 j
    ""UlNlaln;: oT! his ,"KUsleeve.. l.iri as well as could.. but just as he | lir renew (iripinl. for '
    rt *i "i, MT t-.tu */rj, ':
    ; r m \I In..taut Iii' "liI'I'I..1 right: had acijuiriHl an api'arently upright pnsition I j - -- -- p CirmUrnt '>u rn urL : ti lJ'
    ( .
    l tvunl. tai.s.r-l: and (" 11. }I r father his frame relaxed: and he fell .
    tIIt"I'I..1 Ju..t lit the 11111'. atld"Irtth of ::. I I'tv.h y Lila for some minutes I'I'lolll' ALL \YOKK WASHED BY HAND SUBSCRIBE \'" e?,
    ""t' H.-.1 to raix. Mr. Tompkins and and! as he seemed to l.(' l>reathhigeasily. (I Endorsed ball Physician as the t ".,;..;. .
    Pby.h**.' L.m ou a ihalr.Ve s-eut for his 1 reMinied my plaiv at the lire j I AND FINISHED BY MODERN -T I II only Her al-olutly tree from adul- r TOOTHACHE,:fuiJ .

    -Iatl ricLt: away, and when he! side; once and! a;;aiu: casting: a glance MACHINERY. I teration. j :i and :
    1.U" L
    I'" aid that }I r. 'JViupkius! vas at the Led."SudJenly. Pfeiffer Y
    Geo. .
    r ''filii: tn.m an attack (:f ajn-plexy. I ex;eri!, need a strange TH vAI y NEWS Agent, : a In a mlantr; all druftfiti e r .' .Mfi
    ?" *. 17 West Go<< ,prniiienf !Street ; Thr Tl-Lo Medical to.y i
    rt'Dvfy.,1 to hi... huiae. and therroiuretl sensation. ::::.1. on looking! ; tp. 1 saw a PEN:,ACOLA. :
    k"t PLSSACoLAFI.t. I Bruadwij s.. Turk i ;
    attenrtt7it'e OrrositeEzpre.sOfce w J
    \HU for hm. fpcctral figure staudlug; right opposiieuie.
    .t_ .1 latin'rs' !iuipreKsiyu! was that Us I rosQ with an. exclamation of sur Cfficc: 31 foulh Palafox St. : Only Ten Cents Per Week. j 1 I Try It On Taj at all Saloons il! _n s-.a for_ Ituukkt.THE __ '. }rti ;{

    t' J :
    .m.Ii .1

    3 Ii t 1

    ... '
    --- .
    .t ;


    ; J -l .. ,i--.W l ".'pt' __. __ ,,,rh .... ,. .,;",,T r r i:;
    c : :
    .., '=-,..,.'.p,. --.W .;.. ">'>'*s&ew, \S "... -!W'4.. !I1. (_ "" #" .4(" '- "'-''' '''' '; 1.4"fb:1 ." -"(" s -



    ---- - ---- --- --------

    THE DAILY NEWS : tale its fervor until their present they had conformed to the general --

    purpose fe accomplished GEO. ABRAM SMITH schedule of the state board, in force
    when the board surrendered
    Entered at tbe Post Office at Peniacola, The control between the public county

    Fla.. al second-class matter. acts of the two men is no more pro I possession.the pre..idEntIr.In response. lUars to explained queriesof REMNANT SAL [

    OrFiot:: Pitt HuildlDK,:m;i South Fala- nounced than that between the b<- He Brutally Beats His WifeIn that the fact that Peiisaeoi* shippers -

    ox street,up-stalrs. : havuy of the mas"es of their respective had to compete with those of
    California other rival ports where the quaran
    PUBLISH BY political organizations tine charges were less than in Florida -

    THE NEWS PUBLISHING 00.I them. For sturdily maintaining the was :i complete answer to the "l' -

    L i integrity of his principles and of nh sujvestion that the same were ultimately -

    Terms-Invariably in Advance. administration, Cleveland was denounced AFTER paid by the consumers.Dr. 4TI1E BIG STDRE : :
    SQUANDERINGHER Porter injctf cl into the debate
    :; on
    ODe Year by democrats with vile epi MONET
    Hi Moothn .-. :1111 by the suggestion that the city and
    Turt Montbs .-- 1501 theta and humiliated with shameful -- county were asking the bo-ird'to: py: CONTINUES.
    .__ .. .. *II
    One M<>nlb" ..
    Oa Week,by Carnt-r payable Monday 1U abuse; for surrendering principle f:)r something which really belon;: d
    Then Assaulted the Man \\liu Gallantly to the United States as the station
    to party expediency and consentingto Short Ends in Dress
    demandsof Protected Irs. Smith From was located upon a reservation occupied Goods.
    THE WEEKLY NEWS: the most revolutionary under an old contract which

    his party's leader, McKinley is His Briitalityiiiuh Cum il'ted- was revocable at any time ; but no White and Printed Fabrics accumulated

    PDblt itbfd every Friday at 'I.');) ir yearPostage to receive tIe renomiuation: to the Mrs. Smith Ivan Mrs. AU.irfnrc reply was made to this, and it served di : ". -

    Itrr. for the only to indicate the spring
    present : one conveniently
    presidency.The Mamie Ackernian of tliisCiij.The '. arrangedon
    of the po-sible defen-es of the boardto
    TELEPHONE NO. 118. Nashville Banner referring to subjoined dispatch from San the claim% under discu.!'ion. Center Counter.

    the circumstances under which
    COllptollerlorganreferring to
    Joe Cal. date June -- -
    under to the
    Rates Furnished on Application.
    Advertising Cleveland was dethroned as the the tact, sti.ttd by the secretary

    leader Ihw change of the in democracy the attitude,of says tbe: democratic Tri-Weekly will be read Tribune here of with New just York indignation of receipts that there over expenditures had been a the Specials ifl Shirt \Wsls\ aod Skiri

    not by the host of friendsof station: every year sincethe .
    toward Mr.Cleveland aa
    UNION IABELjM1 masses state board took but
    possession: ,
    primarily due to his position on the money : Mrs. Alvarez, nee Mamie Fine Embroidered Waists
    ( i that the finances of the station had $1.76 kind for S13f
    r'bA I / h' % question. He occupied that position flrinlj Ackerman who left here .,
    i some not been kept in a separate account, $3.00 and $3,50 kind
    for 250.
    I and pronouncedly from the beginning. In time ago with George Abram Smith, and the surplus had gone into the
    This U on file with the all the twehe years that be was the demo All our $1.00 Waists for
    fund of the
    paper the baritone singer, and married general board, for .-I 0cx.
    cratic Idol, in speech and policy, be was a .
    ADVERTISING GO use elsewhere in the state ask-
    I All
    I strong adherent of tbe gold standard Mr. him at the residence of her sister at ,led how much the several annual our Waists for ?<)c
    Endioott Building. St. Paul, Minn., where ,' ClevelandVfttU"-if his loss of popularitycan Mobile, going from there with him Linen Skirts $5,00 kind for
    tatxcnbcra advertiser* and other: may : surplusses amounted to, and $350
    ciamlnc it and where estimates will be given I in any proper sense be called by that the
    to California to live. The dispath secretary replied that the Linen Skirts $3.50 kind for
    epoa cpuce for GENERAL ADVERTISING. name-HAS due to the triumph of his political SISUUO Sx'50
    aggregate was
    j, enemies, to the success of a party con follows: Covert Skirts $2.75 kind for
    ; whereupon Alderman Green $226:
    spiracy. Tbe democratic senators, most 1+AS JOSE, Cal., June 4.-George
    PESSAOOLA, JUNE 8, 1900 very forcibly made the point White
    I notable among them the late hbam .Har- Abram tmith, formerly baritone of that the state board had actually Pique, $7.50 kind for $000
    rls whom he bad refused to allow to boss the Metropolitan Opera ofNew
    company made profits enough, or nearly White Pique, $4,50 kind for $350
    DEMOCUATIC NOMIXKKS.: him 10 the matter of vacating and Oiling York and who was afterward enough, up to date, out of the Pensa"-
    federal offices, entered Into a combinationwith leading man with Miss Emma Abbott -
    cola station
    to reimburse the county Fancy Parasols 33 1-3 off on all
    For Congress: men like John 1'. Altgeld-who for was convicted today of assaulting for the same at the price fixed Parasols -
    other reasons bated Mr. Cleveland destroy Dr. Reid who protected for this Sale.
    DIBTItH T-*. M. 8PARKMAN.&KLOND I f'OlIUO-at: two different sessions of
    WHTUICT-H. W. 1>"VIti. his influence, and the sliver Issue was mith'z; wife when her husband beat the state legislature, but the real

    For Itepre,ent ilve. to IRislatnre: but a means to that end. her. i value of which, or the cost of which,
    I Out of this unseemly alliance came the Smith recently married a wealthy also declared the
    as by legislature,
    I J.P.EMMhT MORENO WOLFE.For JONAS., I radical Chicago platform and Bryan, which : widow in Florida and went to Santa was not less than JW.OUO.) .,100 Brilliantine Goats and Vests for Gents.
    i almost worked the destruction of tbe dem- Anna to live. He came here in April The closing argument was made

    Sheriff: ocratic party that Cleveland four years before and sang in concerts, but his career by Hon. J. J. Sullivan, who spokeas

    GEORGE E. SMITH. had led to glorious: victory. The alleged'hatred" was ended when he beat his wife after a private citizen of Pensacola. Just the Thing for Hot Weather.

    For Circuit Clerk: of Mr. Cleveland within his squandering $1,500 of I her money.Dr. He logically agued that the state
    own ranks is but for the time. Reid interfered to protect ;Mrs. ffOur Hunter Picked .
    party Many board of health was moially boundto j Bargain Them I p. They a-! I "'
    ANGUS M. Mcl1LL..S.'or who have been led to denounce him acknowledge Smith when :Smith, who was drunk, obey the mandates of their supe 1
    4 } Tat. Collector: his statesmanship and Integrity struck her over the head. riors-the legislature of the state of '

    A.H.D'ALEMBEKTE.For and many who hate been most predju- Smith concealed his identity, but Florida ; that they had long wantedthe
    diced against him would rally to praise him I was recognized in court. He is a Escambia county quarantine jillilliam! 1

    Tax Aweswir: should he become the advocate of any of ,, brother of Congressman Smith of plant because of the profit flowing,: ( loljngou & Ott.

    : W. RICHARDS. their pet ideas. Political unpopularity, like ; Michigan. therefrom ; to take it now without
    For County Treasurer: political popularity often ephemeral,but -1 paying value received would be
    IlOIiHKI Tilt G1t.11'E.A
    the credit and lame accorded by Impartial giving them a valuable property for

    (! JOHN FRATER. history is lasting. '! startling incident of which Mr. nothing; that the plant was a fine J. M. HILLIARD & CO.

    For County Judge: I John Oliver of Philadelphia the one and had not required any expenditure ,

    THOMAS ICCLLL GH. That Trobbmg Headache subject, is narrated by him as follows of money by the state board ;
    I "I in most dreadful that, without it they would have had
    : was a
    For School Superintendent: j'used i Would Dr.inj's quickly: leave New you Life, if condition. My skin was almost yellow to erect a plant at large cost, and Germs e and Wagon

    e N. B.CUOK. : Thousands of sufferers have proved tyes sunken, tongue coated, therefore it was right and just that factory

    For Clerk Criminal Court: their: matchless merit for Sick and pain continually in back and sides, they should pay the Ji'O.OUU, as provided -
    no appetite -gradually growing by legislative act.
    M.P.80SH''Y. i I Nervous Headaches. They make weaker day by day. Three physicians Mr. Sullivan made a strong and A Splendid Line of <'hoi e Bugpies. right from th. .

    # For Justice of the Peace S build health.! take.
    JAMES LANDRUM. I up your Easy to a friend advised trying 'Electric At the time of going to press the
    District Try them. Only 25 cents. Money Bitters,' and to my great joy and board had not acted on the question. Repairing Attended to Promptly
    For Constable :; d : back if not cured. Sold byV.. A.
    the first bottle made decided --- -
    surprise, a -
    CHARLES P. BOBK. D'Alemberte. Druggist.i improvement. I continued Louis F. Waibel, Ph.G., St. Louis, 3)C EAST GARDEN 8T. : : : : : I'KNHVi:

    } }' 'r County Surveyor: I'AINTING ASH ItKl'AlIUNG. their use for three weeks and am Mo., wrote: I have recommended

    W. C. BECK. now a well man. I know they saved TEETHINA when the doctors gave
    i J. M. Howell does all kinds of repairing my life, and robbed the grave of an- up the child and it cured at once.
    'or Members School Board: I and should _. ------_.
    victim. No -
    a | painting trimming. other one fail "BUY THE BEST.:
    A.V.rLfKBS 1 to try them. Only 50 cents per bot- Y.I, U. U

    A.C.E. WARD.Bi.i>usr, JR., ltonElaSo -nl"mt tle at W. A, D'Alemberte's Drug Members of the YoungIen's Business

    last of You'hl'ul Store. League who have received return iIT'S
    Marriage Efight a ECONOMY !g:
    cards be
    I STAn BO\UI OP HEALTH. postal to sent to friends
    THE fact that the commercial whom they desire to see enrolled as

    world is growing wiser, if not better I Miss Eddie May ISyers, aged 1C''' .Ii InterfsJins Special\ Meeting held members, are reminded that the

    i* evidenced by the successive failures ;' years, was wedded last night/ to Here This :Morning. next regular meeting occurs June Our REFRIGERATORS are Guaranteed to 1\I'I'J j, I ,
    : r.lth, and that the cards should be
    of Lt.ter; to operate a corner on Frank A. Robertson, aged 19! years. Some delay occurred this morningin sent out at once, in order to give the and take a lower temperature than any other on the m'irket.

    the total wheat product of the country -I The ceremony took place at the the assembling of the state board recipients time to tespoiid before They have-an Absolute DRY AIR PROVISION CHA.MKI; I.I I.

    and of Price, McCormick & Co. home of the bride on West Wright of health owing to the fact that that date. I Warranted Absolutely Odorle-a.
    to control the entire cotton product. street, Rev. J. M. Dannelly, pastor members of the board-including .
    lof the Palafox street Methodistchurch \Miirroou\\iLL. -- -- --- -'-
    .i I
    President W. B. Henderson who arrived and l'easand Florida Peanuts
    officiating.The ,
    PLATT of New York is
    house was prettily decoratedand in the! city last night-visited I for planting, for sale by > Our Ice Cream Freezers! !? '
    charred with being party to, if not A. I). MOKIUMIX; ,
    I after the ceremony a splendid! the quarantine station and did not ,

    the leading spirit of the conspiracy wedding; supper was served. return until after the hour,set for the 103 S. Palatox St. WARRANTED: TO FRKKXK: IX :\1.. ;MINI I K-:
    ---- Phone :54. j--Jt ,
    to Captain Carter's partner
    protect About 11:30: the board ,
    meeting. assembled
    If The key to health is in the kidneysand
    in from
    guilt just punishment. liver. Keep these! organs active at the ollico of State Agent "'or Sutllla)'" I>illll{ r. l> ?"Pricl' no Higher than for lute rmr makes. Cram' ml.I I .
    the fact will add I another nail
    true, I and you hate health, strength and flyer, all of the members :State Besides the choicest meats of all plain them to you.
    to the 'ollln of republicanism in the i cheerful PKU-KLY ASH MITTENS I chickens fresh
    spirits. Heath Officer Porter and :Secretary kinds, spring eggs;:
    coming contest. l is a stimulant. for the kidneys, and gophers, the Parlor Market has ;
    } B.
    Matthews being The following GERSON.K-
    regulates the liver stomach :and present. a line assortment of tho freshe of

    TIIK Southern F.xprescompany: boweN. A golden household rem named gentlemen were alto fresh vegetables, egg-plant; celery.

    applied two years ago in the f..d 'ralCOIII.t edy. For silo: by Hannah. BroFOL'KTII present, representing the city : ;Mayor cabbage, turnips, fine onions", beets 107 South Palafox.
    -- -- -- ---
    .II'II'-I>"I1II".pel." ;, the bt-t tomatoes
    Hilliard, Aldermen Green
    : of the southern di-trict tlf
    Ol1 .11 LY.Tlie over seeubore cucumbers, carrot.
    Georgia, for an injunction preventing lliars: C"lI1l'tl'nlerorg:1n! ; : and strawb.tri"- and cantaloupes. If

    the railroad: eommiy-ion of Geergin C.i i MIX al 1 Cnmiiiirtrc's Picnic \\ ill I City Attorney Jones. Hon. Jao. fl.Cody yon i':iti't make out a ni".il with B. WRIGHT G01DPAJ!

    lit ;i I Itllllllll'r.I I reptesenting the board of the-... let them know what you want : :
    from tnforcing its order, compelling 1! coir.mis-ioners TI.W.
    | county was present.and and they will get it for you. Ite- : ..
    I I'iah
    : the exprecompany to allix Plans for the Fourth of July picnic a'uuinher of fitiiis.. including 1I11'1I1111'r tint a'telephone me-saoe i- \ A\

    the ..tnmpoutts [fct'ltThi! ; 111juiiction | at Kupfriau'patk: ); for the benefit Dr. F. (i. Ueii-h.tvv, )!t'-.rK.. 1:. uiil-'J as promptly and carefully as

    was granted by Judge ,, of the IS*' C3rniv:: :,l aiebeihgrulu.ticoni Pitt J. J. r>ulli van, County Attorney one givf n in person. Miuday muringuilivery. :.- LUMBER LATHS
    A. .\. I'l-lier and othei-. rlf
    I No. ;;. it
    t'l let ion and there is TtlephoLa :
    .i mory Sp* er. The circuit court of | every Cliairn.iin Cody! opened the 1':0.

    appeal" -r-ed-, ntinir the( (at New Orleans,thus ha. i reason mer, for to a believe live committee it will- be is a preparing hum- ceedings the! claim with of I'-cambi.i u brief stateun-nt C"llllty-aIHI cf, :IEI: Tlla}.;. .d I I LJ 1 I a COT CTPBE53SHINGLES 1 :

    rev ieorgia court, the
    ; program.; iudJ utl\'. of the city of Pensacnl.i J. M. How-ell fits Rubber Tire to -; _- PKX:-.AUO1.S. i I. '.
    sustaining; the right! of the ruilroulrommissiu One feature: will bp a ;grand toroh- against the board for the payn>ent any vehicle, old or new.

    I !) to make: and enforce its light proce-sion on the night of July of the um of $:!IJ.IJOU a< the value of -. -- --
    :i advertise the picnic, in w'lltcUIlIauy : Norm;: Sato ( \ 'rttjilt lliirsKach
    ordt r. litre i-, a hint for the Florida the quarantine plant, ns twice a.- COFFEE DRINKE !' .
    of the lain rand fraternal
    railroad commision.UATiir.uM i societies certamed and declared in acts of the Iq lioreby tr that tbu underniened will delegate must purcii-i-!
    : will participate. the legislature.abd called upon City Rinse appueatiun to til.-J 1111 1:.'oT this tiri'mt fir-t-cl....s ticket from tie! flare of '
    Jno. 15. Jones court i'l -i-iimltia county .'lorlI".n Hitlutli starting to piece lit meeting the' Attention :
    to ;
    Attorney reply toeertatn
    :, the! Cub po-tal thief Tile OIL nrsiNts, daylit.3uqA.D.list.! rbiterspat. at
    querieput by Mr. (Jerow. of iiirorpuraungusandoura,nciaifi into HrorporHt'on regtilarratesr; and at thedine tulleprocure
    "a" u huh! prie-t of rapublicancaum- I'nitm Oil Co. Surreal- Ih.'anl Oil the board. In :il doing, )'l Ir. Jones ill acrorc'ano1 wino the law, .ufH from theticket amit a o<'rlilicate Commencing .11""May ,

    rain politics! in Ohio, and when hi- i reviewed in detail the course of I Ji. ,- <>riila.. UTidt-r n rli.tiM-r IM part ns f..llov.Th. : ..llOwin such payrn'nt IIf'' ,
    Co. lIan..1 corpuiuiMa shall he the 14 we will
    appointment was being considered i i-litive !procedure eoacemin the ('...u'"coll1111I11.1..... RIIIIu.lul,"" $'.eirty full fare as adelegat and the! rmit" IKI
    Notice is hereby given that we f.cunhia C'hlltboard and the mid its puce ol uprrhtiun shall lie IVnalOlii by which return ticket will !ht. desired. -' certificate in ra ">
    Hanna it advised
    by w.1; against .
    by have sold our bu-ine-s and good quarantine plant.: A further query Horii The return ticketan- then I
    The general natur" sad objects fit the n>
    one of the leader'btc'>ue he knew : will to the 1'nion Oil Co., L. Redcu- by Mr. Gerow concerning the etfert" v -I,van? to prt-M-ut cruf.tto cbililrcn and procured on these certificat--- from |\\fjouad of our .I/or-/ tl.TlCa'OfCC

    too much," while Fir-t .\ Matant i back, proprietor. of the pr"-i i jsos in thf act of lsi'3; : was ,! top-i'V' "nl the indiscriminate the ticket ollices: at Jacksonville. :

    Heath advocated it for the suite \\'A Itil OI1.l'o, al-n answered by JI Ir. Jones; :trd the cle-truc'um rh+'>Ble A J. C. Cnori. Secretary. amiilred ((lit
    Ev W. H. Hnj. matter of the cost of the plant and l'r>-iil-i.t. \ ic-f PrtMilt'nt.ecretarTre.o-; Jack;;onvllle.AI ril 'JS. i j (100) .
    rearon. No* Hathbone writes to ._ rv/7/y/r///
    its probible value, as stited in the ur-r. \.t..nuRn"ullnd att'riy.i'ntilanri.clencau
    Heath : "U I am arrested or moo h.* held Unilrr tllli! To those who drink whi.kpfor entitle the hold" 'i,
    In this stock are a lot of new gasoline act, t'l'ane'the subject of an animated eiirtrr'fhi.,. Wat'.b"illJ..l.r..lcI"ut"ut ; i
    leted I will pull down the columns stoves which we will sell at dUcueHon.: Will K. t...rrl Men Pr,-vurut; LeMitt KKr.x nJea-nre ; HAltPKll 1Chi.key add= |\ hcuutijllllce'il.l" < .
    4 of the temple, and although I perishin sacrifice prices less than it co.-t to In the course of this di cu-sion, >W.. secretary: W. K. Hter. Jr.. InHunr -- /.P-t to existence. To tlio..e who '
    Dr A. L.I.ttlng..r."t"liuana:.. anti le Plate. Tli
    ; drink whi-kev for health's ake'H.II'EH
    make them. which took a wide range, the fact ; cinln"ltr'
    the ruinthere will bn others A.I hmkley. Altai hey.1her.'rporauanaballnrrerIncur
    We ".)!ieit the patronage: of the was disclospd that during one year, an In- : Whi-key makes Iii/. CM guarantee it 1u Intjcurs '
    who will go down with in<:." Verily, public for illuminating and lubricating at Ipl1t.: a direct tax was levied and deb. ..dnr-seratrrthan o-tlnrH of this worth living.

    the plac of the republic political ; oils anti gasoline, delivered to collected throughout tha county, value o( the proptrty ne uwl t't.>v iVATo II.Tllos $. FOLD HVNMiriv ;\ with urdinn, I '

    IMW i is not a bud of ro-eaand Manna any portion of the city. amounting to about SJ;: m. winch VV'M. K.I.'fUKIs. |) \ : : 5j I'm UNION: : OIL C<>. was turned over to the county board, !." I.IK .:. tlauuK',
    and his pal are suffering the Jo.A.C. JAX. M'
    woes vv. Ii lit ru
    but could not thence he traced as tits -> KINKI.Et. l'eo':1col1. Fla.
    of the damned.F.ieiullte. TKIMMING: AM) VI'IiOLSlEItl.NC. _
    final application. The remainderof Isoaa1w A. UfcTTisi.KK. u Prop. J\\ O.\drorrt'"' <
    J. M. Howell has the cost and of lintenance.: of :NdTICK.YOT .
    ImlependeniT.Orovtr employed aa expert the station under the administrationof Cleaning; ladies skirts and waistsH Coffee I'oa.\ting a .Sf, '
    trimmer and upljolsteier.: aud cordially invited to aped 'I
    Cleveland refused to be will be pleased to the county board, was shown tlihave one of our ptrialtiei.'tar Laun- are II
    iumeyoueryclose I
    your old rloths to h'IthO! I]

    ruled by political bosses who deemed prices for lirst-class! work. Alderman come from I>aars quarantine, being fees.called dry. ____ u nmst modern and up-to-date process.We ; Just Think of It'

    their individual: interests and wishes II HOKsKMOrIN! : will repair and return them to
    I will repair your watches and upon, explained that all quarantine:
    superior to the public welfare; the jewelry in flrst-clasg style. J. I. expenses wers paid by the shipping By an expert i hoer. Any faulty you by our special delivery. Crushed )1ii1I'Illlilit.I .

    conequence was that through the Stephens merchants, that his llrm alone ex traveling hor-e shod at myhops Pants sponged and prs.esed..2Ze.
    willo11 right. J. M. Howell.HeOpened > .
    pended approximately in this way : Vests ": > rraslu91'h'rrir',
    influence of the defeated and
    angry If you want the best cigar on the about $ill.UUIJ per annum, and tint Coats tjur.Suits .

    political despots, the people were induced market ask for Annie Held. Krueger the cost and maintenance of the cleaned and pressed by cruslioilcents. ( slri IJ'rrir. ..11w.

    to withdraw allegiance from & Kugleman Agents. a21tf plant was thus really a tax upon the Joe Weiland merchant tailor. 134: the latt process.|j.V)

    one whom calumny could touch -- -- -- -- commerce of the port. Ea=t Intendencia: street announce- All other work rea-onably cheap. T. Gre'eu & to.'s 1 fill' :r
    Golf goods, lawn mowers, ice that he has suit order from 5<>
    Alderman Green effectively argued to his friend reopenedhis Men's to tit up. .
    and who had been their politicalidol cream freezers, hammocks and all the question from the same tailoring establi-hment and dye- Men's pant to order, from $:VJI. up. The Hurst flin; ..rof

    through two administrations. sorts of seasonable goods at the standpoint. house, and j- ready to fill all orders MODEL1'AhIARIS(< (*0.. fruit juices. l I..'
    William McKinley, subserviently Willis Hardware Co's. During the discussion, which was for fine clothing repairs, cleaning 411outli: Palafox street.

    yielding every righteous instinct .. -- : quite informal and was also participated dyeing, etc. liimlm ( /"Drop u= a card and we will cream soda( and ice fTl',11II
    in by President Henderson send for yo'ur clothe
    and conviction to the rule HeadacheBiliousness of handsome .
    ecretary Matthews, Comptroller A choice a-ortment ----- at 10) rents.WHO .

    of those who had made him their sour stomach, con tipa- Morgan and others, the fact appeared pictures. oil and water color in rich We will launder your spreads for

    figure-head, receives the just condemnation tion and all liver ills are cured byHood's that thequarantinefees, since frames, just received at O. M. Pry- 15 cents each and make them look IS RADER The
    House. Star I
    Furniture Laundry.
    or's Bargain like new.
    i the state board had had of
    of the people; but he will charge
    PillsThe the station had been : nian that paralyze tin-
    slightly re
    again be the willing and pliant rep- force RADER has a small Hammocks of all ?tyI<- duced from the schedule iu i furniture trade with low
    non-lrritatinc Price
    mentative of boss-rule, unless the 25 cents of all druggists cathartic.or by mail of under the county board Dr. Ren- place but Oh My He of prices, at the Willis Hardware i prices.

    indignation of the masses shall re- C.I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. shaw, by request explaining' that sells cheap Co.'s.:


    .- -+ '- -'
    d.R-" .< -t"vs.s-'.r '. .v.-o.-- .<_ .< '_
    ., rr- '. t ,: .. -- .
    i '
    s ,
    t,' "It
    .f"1 t"\i,1: .
    -' ,.- -"


    -- _
    --- -
    ------ ----- -- -- --
    - --- ---- --- --- --- --- ------ .
    new remedy appears in this Issue. ( The club will hold another !
    kOCAIt NEWS NOTES Head it. next Thursday.

    The cake walk to he given at the I Mobile Herald : The Pensacola R. Halliday & Co.

    .-- arnv for the benefit of the building :NEWS of yesterday afternoon for
    ; fund of Christ's church has been mally announced this event, which
    /<>U',vi anil ricim'ij: until June has ,
    0stpoutd Tuesday, 19. I been anticipated by numerous

    ,,.nt; .Nolnrrfdj fair; freer The carnival !friend of the young: couple: Mr. \! o----. ""- ;.; ........;.;. --.....';.-...........;...'.;.;,.......-_....-.)
    ? *q ttoALerld..lhrism committee of the -
    rand Mrs. Philip Keyes Yonge; have ,
    -;: ".",tt ; minimum IN Clerk's union will give a "::;moker"lit I! issued invitation to the wedding of '
    their new building; corner of I| their daughter. Miss Archie Louise !
    \' fl.! v 11. locals. Garden and Covle streets, next Friday j i Yonge, to Mr. Peter Amos Buck at Extraordinary Bargains
    night. Christ church Wednesday evening. t
    i t'
    (ianPya Ala.,arrived June 20at 8Wo'clock. Miss
    .-rday utt<*rnoou. Chef Hiker by of hi the* wife fire will' l..a"eun .taccumlMni..d ii a foun-lady; of exceptional Yonire LeauI i Not Until You Have Personally Inspected These Exceptional Bargains

    : cXmfol': of Lee- the 12 n for New I' but it is her sweet di-position
    : train to-morrow i Can You Realize Their Intrinsic Values.
    4 britof vi-it friend?. Orleln where the chitf will spend:' and charming manners which made I Ii s
    her fo popular on her numerous vi--1
    his vacation. I
    *'" hark IMIa Far-
    it Mobile
    s to and Oak Grove and

    : -.("a-t'J from quaran.iry I'acnh> Ladies'Athletic Auxiliary club will meet the at Pen-the I ITb I j I mentioned won for her above.the worthy She ii young a niece man of I Ii Sale of ''Vllite Shirt \Waists.t Sale of BlacK Shirt \IVaists.t

    '.; .'. will spend some )"l1uu.ium at 10 o'clock: to-morrcw j i Mr. M. L. Davis, the lumber ma--

    -' iljiieu ;Springs before morning. At this meeting a fencing | nate of Oak Grove. Mr. Buck is the All our U.';j White Shirt Waists at. .. .. .. .. !sic .\IlIUr $1.00 Black Shirt Wait* :\t.. .. .. .. .. S)c tAll

    !1,1'. class will be: formed. I chief clerk C.-!in'. the Clarke office of of the Superintendent Mobile-, our $2.001Vhite Shirt Waits at.. ," . . ... 1.45; Allour1.7i P.lick *Murt! Wai-t! at. .. .. .. .. $1.45:

    4 k Florida arrived from The bay excursion to-night! under I and Ohio railroad company. He i is t ''II'h't e Shirt Waists at.. .. .. . .. <. .IoJ-- All All our>llr *t'VJS:2 _';.II.lll.k--tllrt Bla'khjr'aist: : Wai-ts,; at..H..i at. .. . .. .. .W.75> ,

    :-.umU. this morning the auspices of the Epworth League one Mobile's model young men. j All our ?3.7" White Shirt ll'aistsat. .. .. . .. .*!.:';; : tAllour l Colored! Shirt Waists to Close Out at .,

    iapp: r*. and the Christian Endeavor .'ociety i IAllourp.7515'hiteShirt: Waists at. . . .*:r i'5 ab'utCr-tandLe-4than Co't.I 'f r,
    It"> rain lat night; will leave Palafox wharf at .::*J TUB MODERN BEAT l '

    1",1 fonmt and dance was o'clock on the Mary Lee. Thrives on good food and sunshine I THE ABOFRENCH E ARE ALL OK THIS SEASON'S MAKE>*, INCLUDING: ALL THE LATEST !STYLES,

    I until t.)-ni
    red T. Myers of Tallahasd who has been the guest of Miss Julia air. Her form glows with health !
    t in the rity la-t night and Lee. left last night for home accompanied and her face blooms with its beauty. i Ladies' Cambric Underwear :: ;

    at toe J-"c.ullbla.: bv Mi?* Lee who will b" her If her system needs the cleansing .
    A Large Assortment all Reliable JrilitieFull; Cut ; Superior Shape. W welcome Close Inspec rl
    guest at Vicksburg for some week. action of a laxative remedy, she uses' very ;
    !-.. tier of Cir ell'lIIe arrived First Universalist Church-Ser- the gentle and pleasant Syrup: of tion of Every Garment. We offer goods of uierit and at prices that make them Exctptiocal'i.lut'?.
    v ye+:etdty afternoon and Figs, made by the California Fig I
    il at the lpcamlJla. vice Sunday. June 10th, at 11 a."The m. Syrup Co. only. I i *$ilfiPercales, Calicoes, Etc.= ::
    and S p. m. Evening subject.
    Carrie House of Greenville 1 I., Gospel According to bt. Paul."
    -' uf Mi= Ethel Wood at the Uverybndyi3invited I; attend. Rev.R. .\ SlUOMi POINT I All our3C-inehl21: ..cPercalesnow.... . ... .. lOc !I 10 Yards Cotton for ... .. .. .... .. ... .,.... :,.. COc -

    ''.-r father "11 Eat Laltuav P. Ambler, pastor. Ii 3 rained by having your buggy or All our best Standard Calicoes: including Simpsou' : 12 Yards !-! Extra Fine Cotton for. .... .... ... $1.H
    . .
    wagon repaired by the old reliable at 5c
    Rathbone Lodge No. 30 Knightsof shop of J. M. Howell. i j All our bert Shirtingl'rintsat: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4c 11 Yards Cambric for. .... .. .. .. .. .... ...., .. *1.00 '
    Payne, {colored wa picked Pythia. elected officers last nightas ; I
    Tarragona ureet lat night follows: I. N. Rader. C. C.; Os- ------

    ,'n.4y.: : He was locked up in good An..on, V. C.; Geo. P. Wentworth Musicale and Lawn Party. I! Decided Reductions inai our Colored Wash Goods.

    ,.111. P.; Thos.!! F. Wrighton, M. Ever since it was determined by

    Ida McMillan of Brewton A.; Monroe Roper, M. W. the vestry of Christ church to builda 11. IIALLIDAY t CO. ,r >
    M -i Mattie McMillan: of Pine The steamship Francisca of the new place of worship befitting the TELEPHONE 1I3.! :t-iPALAFOXHT.! }

    M Millan.Chipley.1 resile-is. of M r. and Mrs. A. Serra line for Liverpool arrived ye'1tf'rday oldest and especially Episcopal since parish the in the fortunate state I N.B.-Just Received :New Line of Straieht Front Corsets (the correct thins.) :New Line of Boys' Cambric t

    afternoon. The steamship purchase by the parish of the finest Waists New Line of Ladies' Liberty Silk Ties New Line of Denims and Khaki. Cloth for Skirts.
    Strathlevea also arrived and will be j i I .
    Lftrht Infantry will loaded for Genoa and Marseille site for the purpose in the city, the j -
    :.i hall: on the evening of Juan Both vessels are to be loaded by the people of the parish have been buy GRAND CAIvK WALK
    W. S. OARFIELI & CO. .
    .1' benefit( of the
    newly organ-
    devising of
    Gulf Transit Co. ways supplementing i I I ,
    (. :/il"U'* band.of the fund
    building so as to And TerpMclior Entertainment f>r
    a tl><* Mi--es Holmes who The preliminary trial of Jas. Tor- hasten the day when the new church the Benefit of Christ Church I5uiiain | W. S. GARFIELD, President; R. H. TURNER, Treasurer: C. H. TURNER Secretary.
    rence, charged with the murder of will be ready for occupation. Some .
    Seen attending college rivedyesterday
    ; iu W. B. ;Moore, and Chas. R. Robinson of the :i Fund. I j
    aitt-ruoon to spend young men are to have a cake Ice and Cold Storage.We .
    I Ii
    aniMier vacation W. C. Green, A. C. Clark and walk on the 19th inst., and a number The Swell Walkers will present j ji

    '_ II 1'. Kendall and daughter, crime Marshall, i 101 being Boyd as held accessories to-day before to the of the ladies for of a the musicale parish and have lawn arranged i the following interesting program at II will Continue to Sell Ice at 25 Cents per ((00 Pounds.
    :'Armory hall Tuesday, June 19, I'.WO, :
    Maud, iPturned this morning Justice l.oykin Jones.C. June G
    party 11th, at 8 o'clock p. m., OFFICE AND WORKS, COB HAYNE AND WRIGHT STREETS.
    .New Orleans where they have W. Robbins; of the Brewton at the residence of Mrs Frank Tay- beginning at fcJO: p. m. sharp : I II
    ir several weeks. Standard' (iua e. with a party of lor, 200 West Jackson street, for the PKOUBAM: I TELEPHONE 88.

    M ,<* Rebecca Moore of Montgomarritril friends numbering about ten, including benefit of the building fund. The '''Overture......... ..-.. ....Orchestra. _
    h,-reye*trrdayaternoon ladies and children, will arrive tickets are 25; cents; and the well Mandolin Moonl".l''hlwl'lI.l'ollot'lt and Guitar Quartet and

    d I Nth<> IUf''t' of :\r r: and Mrs here Sunday to spend a week or known liberality of the Pensacola Tenor Solo-Forget those Words in :11..1
    at J.I '''U Grande. so across the blFrank Maura people, in every good cause, regardless ger Hpolten ... .A. DRINK
    ... ... Archie Rosenstrnbuck
    has been engaged'as; caterer. of sect, is relied upon to make it BasgHolo ancPWingIlance..Wlllle Karlne
    important m..tirnf the Pen-
    a success. .Rn 1-:. Hollock
    >ia Athletic club! will t h" held to. The I.. & N. has absorbed another : Tenor Baritone tolo-Vrt'am Solo-ForTbis..McKee s McCl,1I1I1II
    ,t to cf.mj'letft; rranemi-nt for road. A meeting of the stockholders Elections 1 _.. .. Elite tjuartet
    bay excursion June 14. of the Montgomery Haynes. Use Men's Foat-Ease in four Gloves.A Pollock McClellan Mooney Kosenstem.
    Overture .. .... . ..... .Orchestra
    \ft.s Jam! ('Kmpt..II.]| a sj.ter of l lW yule and Camden railroad was heldat lady writes: "I shake Allen's KootKasf i G irandmalchbycakewalker"lf'dby
    New York yesterday to formally : into my gloves and rub a little on my
    < { Jnnoi'if thi< ,
    eity.uu11. Walter White
    hands. It hares the inimitable leader,
    my gloves by absorbing
    :'o11'(f1r,1 l were nvirried :;t :X.nliyeterdiy vote on thA proposition to sell its perspiration. It is a most dainty toilet: and participated in by the following
    : and I are expected there line to the I. & N. About seven powder." We invite tilt attention of physicians well known entertainers: Chas. W. I.1/
    and a half miles 6f graded road is in- ami nurses to the absolute purity of
    tin afternoon on th..irUlir volved.I lien's FootEase.. Ur. W. C. Abbott editor ; Merritt and U.S. Quinn, Ab Thompson -
    ; tour. of the l incuto ("("Ii.-, iaysIt Is a and (i. A. Vocovich. Willie

    itioa.: a new remedy, a sub. *tir I The second shoot of the Dixie Gun grand in preparation my practice.; All using drug it and constantly Mine- Hheehan and Willie Bosso, Dan :Sullivan -
    r-Hloinel. i U Iteinir ri>inp I' W. :Mnitli of the Alpha yesterday afternoon the highest Allen S. Ulmstcd, Le Roy, S,1. i! and Gabe Jordan, Geo. Mooney and i
    IC.V It I.< lint experiment average, :t{ nut of a possible 40. being --. ----- -- Archie Uosen!'tein, Campbell Avery :
    time tested remedy. Many made by Sleeker Forbe Other ,PI- CI.\I.. and McKee McClellan, Will Run-
    inn are ready let testify to scores were Huhul..on 2s, Robinson Why, when you need a vehicle, yan and II. T. Robinson J. C. Whit1ing I i.
    .advertisement of'this and WPlle1. I. Yates 23 and Beers 19.C7NDIES. made at home, go to see J. M. How- and P. J. Maddox. Elli, W. tr4
    ell, he builds everything on wheels. ,I Frater and J. C. Porter, R. C. Caldwell -
    and Henry Hyer. E EI
    Police Court. i! Contest for the cake: Each COllI I I "fcm
    i pie allowed three minutes time
    Eleven cases; ; five discharged and' ': The entertainment to conclude
    three continued was the police court:
    with a dance.
    record this morning Officer J. (}. Reserved seats on sale at Coe's. fil) _

    Yniestra charged with curingwas cents ; general admission 60 cents.
    discharged ; resisting an officer dis- _
    -- --- I
    (clrtrged and interfering with an HIGHEST AWARD rORPURITY.
    officer, fined $:!.',. Have you seen those elegant -

    I continued.Victor Souderquest, assaulting Rattan Rockers at

    Arthur Poortere, drunk and disorderly \a1''don $ Finct'sR /
    was 1111..1jI\ .; ). .- --- .-- LEWIS BEAK & CO. Soe] Agents.
    ---- --- --
    ()=-, & CO.'ri
    Card of Thanks.I 11L3O I'Oi.Old' : .
    FLY FCREKXS. ) {
    hereby extend my most sincere and Parole
    and heatift-lt thankto the many Quaker, Hunter Rye Whiskeys. ,
    friends\ for their Kindness and TlionvaiKl TOIIKU [
    I pathy durinir the l last Mine-- of lily Could not express the rapture of !;i =::)Chesterfield Bourbon Whiskeylditnr' .-(*: '

    I von, Martin F. Collin. Annin IL :Springer, of 112.1; Howard ,
    Mu-s. L. Coi.uxs. -tr<.*-t, Philadelphia: I'awh -ti the
    I found that Dr. Kins: New Di-cov--; '\\tlul Plight; 1 .\m.t ha 11I1 1:rrchylerlaus. ,
    RADER has exclusivej try for Con-umuption had completely : MusfiinMi.KY, Ala.. .Turn ;.-ThiAlabama .
    F.1.: Hi inEditor; :Sent ( aHis. I '
    the cured her of a hackins rough; that viiinl of the Pr,'.,hyt'rcu'hnreh ;'
    on greatest
    j patent ( .. Nt-w-, \i .i-, 'dll.! -I.,1! for VI.Hwitj { : -
    'I swing in the world. It is I for den.many All l yearhad other remedies mad lily and a doctors bur-- ', l'ile.t* f o (I..(.:"" (.r r"; :vii.-rt!; im ii'.ion la':'\:. Tlr-rc arc abuut ill f'

    1'\-o:,. ; non-znesmeratic and anti- In' but she helped| l until h" tried I'ticl.len'Ar: ]pt+tiiiii'iit clinp-h riomlr in attend-
    ; could give r u hflp
    :: ,\r IIAIA MAKEPENSAOOL :::: ;::=t; w
    .. .. nica
    ulve. II- ritttw .
    11' :; \:: :, mani?oatable. ,;i.v- of this R-iyal Ctiro-"it noon rem III.XHwholly :.ii'-". TinM'y an -
    ;tvd the pain in my chest and I : cured him. liV the s-ui-f-t -rrwtiv\,- :. i idr'... l.y n.\. Dr. \f\l nl
    Pile cure oti earth and the best slve S...lmR. Mr. W. '1'. Atkin.of S"hna, '
    Jw >ream freezer th';it frpez the can nv If-p! pundly, something 11 I 4 ,
    Pj FAMOUS | in the world. (''ur"' "Haranteict.Only if u
    rf"am quick, at the WilliHaruware cancarcfly rem mbcrdoing btfnre.I '' '.'.i prrcul'nt i tilt svnort T-rcsi'luif ; overtin
    centSnlJ! by W. A. D'Al- .
    1I.hlI'llillns. -
    ( feel like soundlm; prai- etnberte, drn"nd-t. ; __
    - rmvi-rsp. Si willvery
    - -- --- -- -- throughout; i .
    --- ViUlilioM- His
    ---- one who trifDr.. KingV: N'- v ;I I Approval..Time
    ni-l'\-n' for any trouble of the Lirsecon-i;:nm-ntof elegant; cane Stv FU.1I8. ;.-At u con- Y'fcrenee
    r99 I Ti.ront Chest (''r LunPrkn; &ie. art dt-mns; at 0.11.I'ryor' .
    1 lK.t\\'n Governor Gage;: and
    "The FOl'ab Store. and $1 (ti. Trial bottles free at W.A. + iarr.tin: Furniturt' Hou-e. the niemliors of the state board uf he dtb '
    s D'Alembfrte'rt Drug; Store; every i|i tithe -
    bottle/ guaranteed. j, C .1.5,.. :::1 Tun ::1:A. M governor stated that he would lint
    siinciiuii the expenditure of state fundjti
    -- Bean tt t 1hs K rj )s'J HM Fhb! ;: Ciii' ,
    airaliat the plague; until he had go.
    Stylish led room llJulfl1'-i\ K.Eaatue. UV--l. cured evidence of the exi-teuce of thfl .t

    f lor f urnitfirc at low prices, I 4 : { .I in the-.t rity.Klcli .

    8PESFR THURSDhYI r. FRIDAY r AND SRTIIRDAYiviJjw r cash or instalment plan, (ft.. !,j I, Save money by making your ice Mini of Iron Ore. 4f

    Marston 9' Finch' \i cream freezers at at home.the WilliHardware This l bf-t, quick R\LEidii, June 7.-Iron ore. said tc; d;
    1 Co'". 1.> quality, has! lie( n found in the
    i i Minthcru jiortioii of this rounty. It clay +

    -: :n yJ:1 j .J :l '::( :rJ)'t 1) : j'* A NE\r\ ilE1EDY :i the The least lest money refrigerator at Marston for j I;' mimirsltheoreg.ingtotime IH John.-to'i IQlrt of} (tlie iiunty same, which orelml i is Grttuiburc as now that ln-inp icj 'G'i .;

    iron and !otef'l,1;,.
    S' 'p'pt
    li I :sF; Ol'l U. I NDKUU'F.AU! : IS Ol7 OF SICIIT IS NO REASON WHY AS MUCH PRIDE or rather a new com ill- ___ __' __ I liltedural heiigue beets| .. tf'CiII'AQ"
    : .'t h t'u; --p in it ,1- in (hirer ( i I
    irment* In
    cases there i is 1 in the Selecrnd.r.l
    muiy morn
    care experienced Iron bedsteads in
    great variety, in : June .. The fs
    i-t !t. in IM tri" choice of Dll''e ;
    :t want tn sell Underwear to these particular: women. i white enamel: and 1I1ahfJranhra, l --
    : ro, know tat!: fine Tnderwear may be bought here for the Price of Cheap Looking :\IulinVe *. remedies.HEPATICA trimmed elegant: design*, at 0. M. of Architectural Iji-ague r

    Prjor'.s Bargain Furniture Hon-e. I of \'a haN h"gun in this citv. The .fit

    \ Sell the Well Known 'Home Made" Brand II I _ ferry 1111"1will IK in ,-i-iion three lavs..
    SMITH.) I! no !)" ;I.pit''s an1 prv wit from all settiouauf i
    tit" eutisi'rv. _
    Made of For the cure of all liver ills. : I -----_
    Fine Cambric, Long: Cloth and Soft Nain ook. I
    Cycling; its ups and down '
    Each garment bears a Silk Labelwith the words Home Made" thereon. A substitute for Calomel. After the downs, use (lAsRALCL
    A specific for habitual con- > if you're cut or bruised. It
    I ieal- the hurt
    quickly. W. A.
    SI'ECiASkirtX12: .; \'altu'thl... stipation. vVo griping; no D'Aiemnerte.
    sale 11 1 tNI.o'omp of these have Ea- j
    I s__ broidered Rutlle; some have Plain Lawn Hum :,Hemmed. pain, yet Veileff'ectiv'e.. j i AT MIMtlUKTHKIiS.While ---- r

    lL : NIGHT GOWX-\-Tuckell Yokes and Embroidered. .. ..... .... .. WeLADIES' Plesant to take. \
    F are complaining of
    DRAWERS-Plainand Embroidered ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... Skis Promotes the natural secretions of I hard times; and low sales, Meriwtther -
    the digestive and eliminativp i-* as buy bee
    or- as a in
    CORSET COVERS-Made of Nainsook Long Cloth ;Itf. &):/;). ..j. a tar-
    C \ !Kc, SUM and ..... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... .... .. ..11.50 gans. Maintains the normal alkalinity s l bucket. getting in new stock and t r
    it i of the blood thus securing a j, ly sending out to his many customer* '
    ,' ?' '" (> The Workmanship is Good and the Style U Dainty. good complexion and healthy skin. j: the usual quantity choice good* in
    } I j For Malarial and Jaun-i his line at living '
    1 poisoning price Resells
    j 1 I y ti Chemise, "Specials," Tic: and Jr.HO each. I Inw bpf-Huse his '3
    dice, Hepatica has no equal. expenses are moderat .... \<
    i t I I He does not have to pay high
    1 Price 50c Bottle. 1 rent to be added to his <
    CHILDREN'S: APRONS: : 40, 50 and 75c; each, with or without Bibbs. : a his prices He
    I I serves customers with prompt.'t!I
    LADIES' APRONS, 25.! 40, 50 and 75c; each. For Sale by Hannah Bros., Sidney "Of course it's the Best tie and care, and has oo trouble in .'.
    \ >
    I.AIHES''E T?, an Exceptional Value, lOc each !! Kahn and Alpha Pharmacy. only tha Rest in Everything; \ self in dealt holdinz with them him.after Give they have once '.. '\
    - next ''t
    Drug; Chemicals, etc. your -
    l PREPARED ONLY BY I order and see for yourself j-iw ,i; ., iI'

    Yours Truly W. J. & B. FORBES. I P. W. SMITH, W. T. Green & Co I' Hammocks tllYIlesat + \

    7 S. Palafox fct.. Penhacola, Fla. 37 8. Palafox. Marston .
    jFinch's.. fll! t

    : t



    -y yt. -: '. ,_,. ,:_.: .'. -_-....... "" ....-, '. d. --. y',_. _
    y -., -


    I I Oat of Style -
    "Here's a novel that's rather popular

    CATARRH DOW ma'atrt. We're selling' a good
    many copies of It."

    "Is it about something; that "happen

    i ed 100 years or more aoT

    '"Oh no; It's a modern soclry novel.

    Few realire what a deep-seated, obstinate disease Catarrh is, regarding it as a simple inflammation of "No bleed, no fire, no Indian massacres -
    the no-e and throat little or no attention is given it. But, however insignificant it may seem at first, it In It?"
    i U serious ami far-reaching in its results.,
    circulation the entire The stomach "Nothing of the kind: tra'au.
    ? The foul secretions entering the poison system. kidneys-in ,
    fact all the organs-- feel the effect: of this catarrhal poison, and when the lungs are reached its progressis "Perfectly proper;
    rapid: and destructive and finally ends in consumption. "Entirely so, ma'am." for Infants and Children.

    < It frequently happens that the senses of hearing and smell are in part or entirely lost the soft bones of "Then I don't want it. Our best: people
    the nose: eaten into and destroyed, causing intense suffering and greatly disfiguring the face. While sprays I i are not reading; anything of that Castoria a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Par.-

    it! and salves may give temporary relief, no permanent benefit can be expected from such treatment.CAJARR" I Und Dow"-Jhlcaso 'rri:'.:uue. gorse Drops and Sopthinjr S 'rll))". It i> rioa>-int. It
    contains neither
    .1 Opium Morphine nor other Narcotic'
    ---- --- 8tib>tancc. It destroysl'ortns' and allays I't'crisltne%..

    IS A CONSTITUTIONAL OR BLOOD DISEASE Hoot Ati'n.' :Muni It cures Diarrhd'ii and AVind Colic. It" relieves T >ftli.

    ins: Tronhles and cures Constipation It rej-ulates the

    Stomach and llo\vels, jyivins: healthy ai.'l natural sleep.

    anti far eyotid the rl'.leb.of mere local remedies. Those who rely upon them for a cure lose valuable time meet with disappointment The Children's Panacea-The )!other's Friend

    and allow the di.eato take firmer hold. Only a real MuT remedy can reach this troublesome and dangerous disease
    S. S. S cures Catarrh becau- it first cleanses and builds up the blood pnrifies it. makes it rich and healthy, stimulates and The Kind You Have Always Bought

    puts new. life into the tluggiih! worn-out organs, and thus relieves, the system of all poisonous accumulations Y
    1 Bears the Signature of
    Mr Jo.n>hinj rVlhill. of INc West. S. C..writes: "I had Catarrh which twcarair deep- .
    fmird .1..11 was mutely /!...f in one ear and.all mode of my r.ovc. including part of the rune, till ilD
    .:..-iKhril id!. \\'1"n the d......? had gone tnis far the ph-iciaii 1'U" me uv a. incurable. I
    dontiinmi try h S S .. a last rr""ut. and lgan to improve at once. It seemed t< RrtattH?
    seat1'hednta.r. and alter a tea wiW treatment I was tcliely curc.... and to; cure than
    aerrnrararahadt.otgnof :h: ih-t-ar," sss

    S S. ft. i is made of roots, herbs and barks of wonderful: toniei and purifying

    rrnl*rlit'o. It S the o.I}' vi-, etal.le blood purifier mown and a certain and safe .'

    cure I/lr all bl.Mxl trnullrSend iW our honk on Blood and Ski Diseases and at In Use For Over 30 Years.
    the satmtitr. 'rite iriaus will :
    ; our 1.hi a'OltlIrra->e. They cheerfully give your
    .r' ,,..-" '1.i,,nr.rr.,1. '. -"1",1'f' make no charge for this. SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, 6A.In --,...- "WI'-er..V.- eoM..avu.- .." S T"n'-flew...,.VO.,. I'm' T

    ---- --

    sea York's Tim hid Stwlety.A Kornr I.IfiIu 1'orlo.. Kiro. I Then Site Melted l'r"n'ut"I'SnUInc I III.'a.1!; of the To on- rn.Kust1: : 1 to tropical conditions I
    cnlipnt! fcatmof the rcsu; I
    The beautiful ri.selda: deprecatedhis tint lull the details! ol wlin .. I \'. :''itt- I G&
    the fur2sLa! cf tf IVrto wm r
    new rkli ii the! habit of cMimutm; ;lman.1i :: ,.
    ploIslol\\Ipr\j"\: : .
    a few '!: :1':11.1.I'IlaloXI'n..t'
    Iliean LrKie would rat -;-'ht yon tr
    MJWSS !hi life solely by the uniiry :'t : ::1":1 :I "1 am but :1'orm after all:" sLe I, Grandma t'ron iL":! .-.oust-: Thes" me. sir. but Inot ,
    !.rt it is : :i: '! '. A hart '
    lie has nf'1lur..J.! There tic gatltriogs aioajri-r jolto : : ( 1 sighed the traditions of LIT Puritauumostry Scotch dialect stones; arexaggerated.. ,
    lend influence to susrheiise :
    resldrnec! will! lctut.ii.trj*" tact my any i
    C'f wx'lfty in .NYiv Yt'rkt'rl' If < u-aily I am Scotch! yet you utter Lear uie '
    betas: strong ber.i Importer and Dult'u!
    upon as th:1t.l'rnmCJt'r'hn.
    lie CtJI''IIIIll'H{ 1I !\I..IIII.lJ1 :i followeltlzeu 50:: year cf exp':-'I:-.' with tie ia- ,I! use such expressions.
    ::Jt you l fait nice enough to catr'protested ,
    1.:1'1 Ved
    "Hm 101' (aa'n MH-eossfun' the ili-a>ant feature <>f life: ia l1c"L'st' Johnnie! -Papa ,.:iy, tl-at's Inn-au e. a ynt to Chinese and Japanese
    the outh.
    j lend iiithienee? I have ,- "
    Indies have Iol'fll -ro'-j".l ly a survival -, : to' jour lout) pr
    answ4-r would be in the! m-jjativo you are too Stilly; tliroeven a boot :
    ,! "Ob. you're 1.Iirtl! : the faltered
    shy girl
    well for it.-Ruston'
    pared to
    c.f the fitti-rt in Ion.e : pay you [
    the Iii'iuired about not ucctimu- furnNLIajjus uwn'.
    jtrson *
    =Fancy Goods
    to indicate that she deemed Transcript. :: *
    ia ttli.T -- I
    lat -d wl'lilth.0 matter whether he nsttrr --
    had i-mwl his country as a "MiMler Awri2n! In nt \\'lIu.I f umltur0: and alowlcLcnviirk hs! attitude of mind largely a matterof An KqaUi.cnI Itep ly. FINE CHINA TEAS.

    statfiwnn or Illtilal1lhn.pi.t.| had led and willowvar. eonNll- point of view.-l>etroit Journal "And what 11::,; j >ur college education 'The girl tint earries on* the young ;I

    done for you?" man the easiest. said th- corn feil ,, No H Niuth ".tlsl'1 ?tree'
    the joinlif Ills .eisoritlon a* a colli'ROpresident title Ihl'! main! o-juijiai.'Kt the 1'\1'-1: i why lie Goo UUpMher I'
    ancnturif the hors and l I'lvins l'nh..l"tf'tl',1 "Well. Pin on the motfrtneu's waitIng philosopher" "is the one that knows La ,
    had IMMI au rot- I I 1'till hate :i dentist in the same suit i:u dry HIke l't..qt \ r \
    list out at tfie street car bs:us."- eiioiiL'li! nut to know too much"-Indianapolis ,
    act i-u-il !I. ErikUt and'ilri'il, llttl": ;
    Pxvtdc iii school or |pulpit| but nittiro : \VIi of ollices! with you" paid the businessman

    wide rvuiiwtt a< a juri1:1,1 written a or 1\1) nttcii'iit l.'i'ias! u'Ui-1! nt tit"_'cI'atioa to the physician! "and yet I notice Cleveland Plain: Dealer. Journal IfI II I '

    srt-ut iHxik. had held multitudes onthrallil I'I'II'II:11111' matter of cbrut''r'ind you go to some one else to have yourteeth The lop, ltnl>l Infrrenrr.Mrs. I f. =GOLAYGrist =
    by his! (tory, had I painted n<>- tear l-aailT.aiU'.Lis'o work llunufil.- fixed."

    tie |tteiurrs, had advanced eieu--o or of yarof: : t'rul'1l1't'or!. are used in "True" replied the physician. "You nrownl"lulll'lrt.sent husband and Corn Meal Mills
    reminds, me so much of my first RDBO8.[ R ij & t
    surgery had ereated :i I Ic-adin:: Lews- the! as>!U>ihtneutf a siuIi: raaopiwlbPil. : see, I cut a felon out cf his finger once

    paper t/r mnzaziiip: Notliiis <-f all this: This work Id the rhirf delight of after telling him to look pleasant and one.Mrs.. Jokt'-Smllh-\\lat's the matter i IB.i F. CONZA! EZ & CO., Prop

    tells. III'I Is nut a "Mie>-," beeaiwt.1 he the IVrt-j Itii-aa Lou--wifA not mind the trilling pain and I'd rather ( .. ,
    with him?-SU1art Set.
    has nit 1'1..1111' dollars to Taunt iu theworld's The walls I! are for the mast: : part hare not give him a chance to get !backat WH OLAL t!S GR OC SS i CHOICE )IK\LA, I't

    fate! Saturday Evening Post. but here and tlicri.1 a paintln! : ? of merit me."-Chicago Post. Medical .*>,tC'U''hl1nn. 1 llhoKiitD
    STOCK i riDI'atronlae
    ---.- -- may he seen. The sofa pillow I Is theone I
    \o !rash Th..u4ht.studt There will be a regular matins I.f home h.. ,
    jrat feature of the hoaio. It 13 er.1 Pity For the Blind. Palafox Street, .
    Say: Yabslt-y, U-nd me $1O. the PensacrldTfHjcal -.,,-iHty at t''ry mason you .bould bu\" \u \|,,a 1ttmk
    f'r 'wlll'rl', in every MucoivaMi! siz "Poor man! exclaimed the kind lady. Fend from the Moim- MHI, '
    ' the Board of Health '!f.C.1o'clock s "
    will you? shapp and matoriul. Ferns of giganti "1 find 1 have no change with me, but Jan- 12 Pensacola, Florida. : for by sodotui; you eneourati' I "m, : ..
    p. m. Tuobd-iy I try.'our money is Irfiiu the ",
    Ysbslcy-land [ ii
    flu 10 take
    you you size and exquisite formation a* wellas It you'll wait here for about an hour 26. I II and you ID turn are Initin-': \ >.. !

    me for a DHIIIII:1II'Rllk? broad spreading palm loaves: ar3: I'll send a half dollar for you." Vi itin? physician* R'w rordialb: IntaslerloK the bonn- mnniiU.. >
    a Mudjc-Of I don't. 1 couldn't contributetohecauoof |HI."' > ._
    t-ourM1 used to festoon the walls and arched "Couldn't you make it sooner lady?" invited to attend.D. LOOGEDIREG'fOlfl' lt totbecomrnuntyinwhun.,, N, OI, :j
    borrow J10 from a nation! bank if Iwere doorwny Cut fresh from day to day said the poor blind beggar. "It'll IK W. )lc hLLA,I. :M. D., which rnnirlbute tovour SUDD."

    starving.-ludlanapul.n: Tress. they rrp.df-r the dark: cool rooms invit- dark! In an hour, and if I waited till President I

    io inc and attractive. Potted tropical then I'd have trouble tindin my way E.F.r.RUCE. M.D.. KNIGHTS OFPYTHI AS. i PROfESSIONAL OABIiSDE. .
    nilh>'. Cordial WAT."Ittily tinen tarv 25mt
    plants iu great Variety ahouaJ: withia! hoaie. -Philadelphia Pre-s. !i
    was a lio |JliI:1hh'! fellow.: ---- -- I'ensaeola X K of I'
    'I Lodge, (> 3. ,
    {:1 "\('*. I in-\er calli'd on Mm.! without and without the h01.:3t'-1trpdil Darn. EMPLOYMENT OH IlK Dr. marcellus fT\G\ reary
    i I 71 ATAL mistakes are mad by meetevrry Monday 1'\'l'n. ,
    his lot'Itln: me to call a::.aiti." .-- !,it, those who do not .heed tn. earlier Ring up 3s2 nr doll .t th" f.r.iC" ing.1 at s at t'a-lIt HH.I ,

    'Iid you hate business relations: A Ptaberuan's'"rlrk. j js-ymptoms of kidney or bladder 11 North Hnlaf-'x 11..t. wh"ii iu .l In lnt"nd Hutrtunton>* !start bail. West Physician! 2nd Snr[: ll

    with him?" "One day I teas talking! ils'a vrlt'a a :i inunlwr trouble that often end in nri:ht'" need of a carpenter. K. I> Hullman "'isitm< hreibren cordially!

    "Y's: I wns a coll.lor.-Cll.\'dtDd! of fr;eu.Is." .s.d: ju cH Cslierj i j I'H..a.e or diabl'lf'iI.'ju'n Fuy'sKwov Business Agent of tb.- l'III'J'cntf'r'sandJoir'rs' welcomed. H.JfDEVINF, 1:, 1e'u1Pne.. noti'i, I.... ,.inPlion ,

    1'laln Deal.r.Arllttle. man "and I tt.I:1 \I.> t tint I cor.Id! : CURE makes the kidney* Onion will Inrush you '1', H. HORtl.FR. C. C place. 1".I\I"'b.-rlI HUIII";" ._ ,
    I well how foolish it is to DELAY. with the desired help oi tort no K. K.4M. l'.iatuJI I'lr..1. 1'1:"nr,
    catch than: |
    morep'nli :: :y NIl.t: I
    Resrnae.Syulpathlzhmn : ; W. A. D'Alemberte. tice. r.iOtfTHIK ___ __
    In the :' } u u
    h in The
    party: a K. ;"-n 1.1' i I
    : I"rll'nd'hl'u she 1 crowd picLul! out t'r.: : >-: < .... 'rc.ilisheru -.' 1'I W- 0. W. 'i WM. C. DEWBERRY
    married the other did
    man you turn ::!!) In the lo'u '. i- --t a ilay: ,| I

    her picture to the wall? to try o'r lact.: Tl... ,'..';; !....'(,r,, t.e: Lire Oak Camp Woi Ni> 'I1Voslmanofthe hi. | OmOE-Hanjah: Eros' Dn? Eurr

    ArtM-Xot much. I painted a prettier match I a large ; n:.-} :t''I ;
    girt ja. : jar ( tAE Meets flrot and third Friday night In
    girls head the cnn\'asllnd RE8IDENCE-400: E. Jaokm :b..
    on gent .
    with: water and j'it some e.L-n.tVs! In: lEVY-PO" CO each month Vlsltiu/ tut.-r- .gnenrdi-
    It to her ns u bridal sift-Chicago Rec allv Invttml. W. W. \f..n..., |i
    ord. 'It. Over the n.otaa! (t the: Jir I j>it a ,| r'. IL T/IAMEs.CiPrk. l 1'. I

    I,lecc rf parchment in 'lici: : I j Dr. Wilmer S. Hall

    mate POIUMiiall to'."". Titen! 1 '\".-.-nt I

    to : east tf tie! -' -'. ', ,: ,. >
    a point just \:: ; \ ): : ; !

    r plclrcd art a Key:! sort -nl !';.:.'; the1 Indigestion DENTAL SURGEON

    I j:
    lt,;..i lo it by which: 1 coul.l Inca:,' it iLOOKING
    1'St 11:1;. We challenge the uQrZdI I

    I I1.Et "We wrnt ot f'" r 1t.e I to produce a remedy equal
    the following ..nftern..:l. r.nd I soon 1I I ni

    fount ny float and ::ssclor" there.! 1I I to the Matchless Mineral i

    TI... otlier man Its'ato.l a short! distance!: i Surgeon Dentist

    away rod vo I be an. Tl:<. lk-rca very I I Water for the cure of Indigestion '

    I just be;::aiEiax! to rn. SKIn a little

    i while I had pulled 1:: 7 I perch! white Dyspepsia and 28 South Palafox Street.

    + rtt I jly I. Then he FOR '
    my opponentrot
    ...1'if '. I all forms of Stomach, Bowel :
    gave up. and I wen ir.y Let
    "I showed the boys the trick beforewe I I Troubles and Skin Dis- ,

    t11a100A loft the fishin'! pround. You can I FOR STEAM DIVISION

    "\ always In thatny make a good catchof II eases. Guaranteed curel! I'E SACOLAELECTRICTEIIMINAL: :

    fish that will swallow: minnows. The t HAlLWAY COMI'ANV
    I I. /
    I I or money refunded. Cost\ Train lc.v. plo.&cola for the !61uu
    sight; of the bait !In the jar always attracts Bayou, Paimnto Reach Warrlogton NITT
    : a crowd of flsh and seems to put Yard and Fort Karraocai at
    Wir- 1 I only 5 cents a day to use it. a.'In a. m.arrive at Fort harrancn T (Sam
    !j them in good biting! bJtlOr.-Detrolt (TreniGS t
    I' a. m.arrive at Fort Barraocai: I' :i6 a.m
    1 Free Press. One dollar bottle last twenty 1:1 ui p.m.arrive at Fort Barranca I.4> pm
    .::;0 p. m.arrive at fort Karrancan i p Planalble, bat Failed. : m. arrive.( fort tlarraocBi 7 P ra
    May objn-k lo ittill' up I I days. I '*:'.! p m.arrive at Fort Karrancai H iipra
    The cunning of children is well recojnized I Trains leave Fort Karraocaj for Paces
    and buildin' the fire in .o \be of a very superior! kind I For sale by all druggists; oola at
    T*' ) a. m. arrive at Peaiacola...... 4.19am
    the morn III'. but if you I and it Is seldom If Riicn a crane! : that \ 11:110 p. m. arrive at PeoMoola. pro
    II! they cnnnot Inveigle: their eldrs IntoI also Jr. T. Green $ Co. 371 i0: p. m. arrive at feniacola .tf
    comm"nwith her at I p m arrive at IV maeola ? t.' p m
    I i I 'iu>c thins! ; < t'jfir way. Tire follow. rnipm.arrlreaIFenisooia. T C p m
    once you may b*:' able to ,,, Ins; I I" an In.Ir.I't' of where a littL1: girl : S. Palafox Street.OR I *8:'ip.\ m. arrive at Peniaoola. '.IJJ P m

    nvetkum this iTt-joodii.1 I'I 1I11ill'tl:11: on this hy not taking' : Into I! ADDRESS I IW. 'Hatardayionly.iDe.TtCt I>)I'C. Jit..VM.IC9DAT .

    consideration that! her nio.i'r had had ICHIDCDI
    I regret toobarve that I
    I! enough rxpcrifncf vith dd! !tl'n to( Ltavn feoiaoola. Lv Fort KarraactiI

    uidii't commence any lime an in+:isht into tii'ir! r.jture. '|I \ \mm\ { II a.a. m.m. u loam m.

    nut). It wan I\I The gars UrtL'.Vy was a cau. !e cfI II I. Ip.m. ,' p.m
    :ks .!r:. :1'1,11.. 11-' 1 Lt-r I I 1 p. m I p. m
    i I I wr< ( r p-; n < .a I' Greenville. Ala.TrmiiiuinUI .
    4' rather c"ld uaortiiu'nhcn/ iI Every other man you meet spa *. about the tp.m p.m
    I,, tl-fit IIU'I':1'1'.' gnu! :; t!\ sirs h.'r a 'p.m 6pmSp.

    I fu-t rr'po*ed the idee I:, haudsome pn'-scnt i::" n t::-tr <'('(';1
    Slie l.nd U-eii cun.n: "":" ::1! .'a"'" imfnrt.i 'iRr.u t ) HH"y. It wa'It't Wt II ;, if he could get no relief from his I rake
    fi'r several writes. i i.: 1.ia.: : '.lt' rrritt plmur. it rtifuni.; 10 tm. J'"o..rola to tort tO rrancat and rua't (-'...
    received aiid I found 1'0l:1 .... i What we want to do is to educate men up tll he point purity.. and.. b.JI..nt(\\'llklD.on' Mntrhp. I'PA'ecoia to Navy Yard: and morn tc
    1,1 11t"I;: !:: :: :I.t :i'r ( : : | \iin ral W.u..r. This nHtural muersltoiLtomv IVmacola .toFABC
    to Palmetto Beach and retori.
    'oaf "1 for comfort hltcather'' pr>onal k 'owlMln: mk>*n
    myself lain'on tli" ll.>"r !I.iwwlwL::: I 1. r prcnth' saying; am dressed ; from well thrre mile i-a-t of lie>*iivllli. FOB St/II.
    I! \.'?t:! I :' f!.e 'I'.!,- s >;':!;' rn t > sire: does'ht bother This store particular a'ten- in ib! t-xart cuiiditum which II I i- '.Id. t''
    l'rt'tI"litudIt'lt. me. pays ; /.n''ool" to art Karraceai Nary
    i bnve nen tbii water uU with won'l rful
    I: ::i<.:. 'jr.d tVrrsdr L, .- ,-. I "r thetVly t ar< and rofnro. itt
    I thoiuiit I'd Kit i up :and ,. tion to Summer Clothing, Hot "Wea lir shirts, ;;u'rt'f"r dy'p"p'la. In ljZ-ton.. ., 'orfjc '' p.n..cni. to Palm.tlo B'acb asil::
    ': t. < and fur di>
    I'r : ( eruptive t-HiM Sore aid'Uirron .
    1 .tarry __ ._ .._ ._ _ xnfrPigbtrrct
    MM the tire my-elf.-I i \ vcui.In't! : e K-: .' : 1 > .,' >".r It Straw Hats Etc Things that contribute in a great fur'!It..... nmn troubles and. -iniinttl.I i\n not. As b.'iire I.\ r.-n\f* it y, \ -ivt'ddPr5:15p InuJcribe

    | tj .>v.i ti'vv," l.t.- ::ii!.<-: ;;-'n'.l.. the comfort of -i|'",.ilxi"ta It it biKbly r..cttolln"" ArtenniV .rJ. I measure to men. puysicmni for a nuinorr of dl'..".....
    I "iHca'.i"" \ Zr.II (;iI'TO".
    viii build th>> ire if y. u you:: I Irt le':y." Judge of Probate Court. butler county. to the 1 .'111.', '"

    DJQV( ;:fie lieu. .. .b h.Gr.:. ;!' "Oil.: :!..I'" all r: :::I' w'::': '. t':.i' -\I..I.rn... Pie a Wf-.k.

    and you: C'II ..1..1'l utitilbreakfast little! II::!'. "Ill f.-r/rt t'!.,:t it :N Good All-Wool Blue Sei ge _____ un _
    tu'i.-MrtpiisS'Jn.ur.! !
    Ii B..lo' can nl-n ..- Coats and Vests 83.50 KREUGER & KUGELMAN
    .1""I'a half hour a* the flu j jt : ,

    i" started t in-tlillll.\'. r-n":"'Iy! ,tn1:."t'nutch D.I you ;'I-*v 'I'-lf If i. ,. w> ,. q..-", *= =
    and your tire :* in full fiTn-t .Ail *..rt- tlf \.1!! woos..:- jt ti i \V in.- Good -11-Wool Blue Serge
    Hard *are C.,:-. AN ENTIRELY F'IlE'H AND NK\V KTOf'K OF FASt i
    in one s.eund day ">r i.Jjht. any Pants $250 GRonHlE ( ANXED (fOOI.S AND >I'KClALTlEri.

    tune In the i .
    yetr. !
    C A.STO' ;. :.i .l\. ; Try Our G-olclon looco Flou.r"tleroIDl"

    i I trees the ,. T... t'' .' .I.3..;ti:: :: '. !: :!.I\1: E. (;'J"t-rlJrr.I-I.t htrftt.

    + "' II", 1/1' t.rT All-Linen Blue Suits, Zephyr \Vdrth"'it-e. ("-n. Tarragona and Ch rr'-! "
    Over .?00 Ranges nmc in '
    l..ti< .,t./.l" '.( .
    t 151
    / : Telpphnne
    Use in Ptl1f llCOCl. i ji --,---,--- i Weight 5500 _

    I! A of ..".d!:': .--.'. v-- -, II
    Better Serges if want them frI H. H. iA ICKE
    up-t.) ii.itnr'sr--. .it P \1.: I \ < r- you ,
    Ranges Set on TJ ial. Bargain FtiMiinsrH.1....
    &: Cheaper Serges if you aced them.

    6AS RANGES $13. i I Plumber Gas and Steam fitter
    tact'iFnej ii .lIattill1s 11, 'r.; W'r' "hw/J ,

    Pen acola Gas Co I IKO. i; aml at the *ime t/nt of',THE lEVYaPDU CDI No 5 South Palafox Street.

    \ good, durable quality, rot \ All hints o.. Piamtin and Gas Fitting Materials Kept on Hand

    3 S. P ALA'FOX ST !\ Ma rsion .j- Fin ch'S. I j i 509.511 South P.. .:.. fox 1 ret-! X LEt'iIr..lliBOOL..\, F1..1.

    ,, "":LR-t= h'xx.l.,'t"" : .y.y_., .....,...," '.- ",;. y .. ,....... ,, < <__ '._ -'>' _-w 7r r ._ -y... .. -

    F k

    ... THE DAILY NEWS. : PENSACOLA,' FLORIDA; FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 1900. 7 i41ay3

    -- -- g
    I INTERPRETATION. '-' :eRe f I Vampire-Not -- iiiiiiiEiii: :

    Ij Bloodsucker to 7
    j -- ?1r. James lihen, wLo Is engaced; : in a
    I long for a price that is lasting, i' special of
    cONSTIPATION study bats days that it Is ai
    T\> plead for a rapture: that far*,
    Like fishermen; ceasrlew!tr casting i fallacy that the vampire Is a bloodsucker. A QartninsIndividualitymost

    'Is the ROCK-that WRECKS i irlvcs. many Their nits in she gulf: A ':iiir, Travelers and story writers

    It We driw frtm di-pp Rjtirs uf irrow : are responsible! i for the of the terrible -
    brings In its train: bodily i evils story welcome to the connoisseurrich -
    l".rkT --Ks of old! failure anj tear, ,
    hat! slowly but surely destroy health, A&d ut cf ? ritrcrrtli and chccrfuln2ss.ltPtMC1tT115CONDITION. The .:.rll that trial: ncur cotre mar. South: ,\ml.'ricaearly: all general i ; dainty sparklingly

    T AK r.PRIKLY writers on this! subject agree; with i
    Faith{ ("'!i pt the f..oMors of d-j
    them as to Criminal! record and they *
    Anjl: at tile doer! <:111 tomb; I
    TL i% it I.eru| 'e SUKT,V of all tiriuty all concur in laying the lame on a i

    Ar : to ins into i1.! .,'-'tis tlrf doom 1 large groti-sijue looking tat with an

    ::1R5 Of '' r. a. ihJd to ..rite anj tj aonJu : enormous lt>af nose, the Vampyrusi
    T f 'jo 'neoii.e gain,
    .oitiiv i spectrum. This bat is common in
    Ana 1. .d n',1--t'rie unjcr t- : JZBCBrewed ;
    All th, it it [ ol {ala. : South nnd C.ntrnlmeriea and, from

    j his. great size:, being; about: two feet
    It is a marvelous stjstern/ cleanser! : and regulatory! Lo, in r. .:"r.s cf the mia ttel'is treasureF
    | across the outspread wings, is a suggestlve o6r !A
    .r' .1 \\iu d-r' il i in cccti'M;
    i-rrr.ancniKj: CURES a constipated: ; habit lUr.' i. truth that no Kiente ellI m. :S'.a'e. and repulsive) enough object to 1/ 1 ,

    corrects trouble! in.the dges; lion. Pjnfii Avl ii.. I.jrlis: uio noi.r f" T-IK.CI; impute the loving habit to. "Kln of a:1 BoW J Eurs.'

    the blood! strengthens the Tart ih;lu aha tutu shaJuws are fallinlr.Ther.'s As a matter of fact, this is a somewhat :
    nuard for the deny that ar* dune
    fe useful animal and Is totally Innocent from the best Canadian
    PUTS Tnt SYSUM rtRftCI ORD18., Whlf rmy' r.I'nctl \ Jt.K1! are Catlin:.
    "T.r..ugh! faith Mitory "' of these charge, the bloodsuckers
    SOLD AT DRLGCISTS.IIYICTC.A.XX ; is thy son and Minnesota barley and the ,
    Charles W. Steunsjn tn Chicago Kecori being two much smaller and rarer
    Price'IOO choicest imported Bohemian
    1 bats. The front teeth of these two latter i hops

    CAR FARES IN GERMANY.The are enormous! ,lancets occupying! 1 1/! this beer is a nourishing drink of r

    :, over half the tooth row of the animals unequaled purity and excellence.
    Method of Collection and lu- 1 and which
    possessing sharp edges '
    ; very !
    : XXFK.0.9.. Special .Elsozite. upevttou l'rc\.t'IIl8 Free Hide. Order from ,
    i can easily penetrate the human skin.

    The chances of cvaaiug fares on the i i, The teeth of the big; vampire on the .
    .lEtrt-i-t cars of German cities arc very for .
    I other hand are simply adapted a 1'.1. vimL.
    "le'O.J.+O!' A Lake That Hoti EonU. slight.!i' | \Vhcii a 1
    I I 0 C 3 III paisengt-r steps on1" diet of insects and fruit. The true
    A strange Like exists in thu. center of ,car, the conductor
    immediately asks
    bats much than
    i bloodsucking are rarer
    Sulphur: i lMni.l I cfNiv Zealand.! It UKo where he '! ;
    going and then
    : Record.
    Tin1 1 Fortune Teller 0 airt'. (lu ,-.:u.aL uott 12 feet in ]his ticket which s ':ves uao as a receipt \'ampire.-l'hiladI'lIlhl:1

    depth old 1.', feet above! the level of the for the fare. The preparation of 1'! for Over 'Utl X ears. I I -

    s..8... e.o.t o;;mtu* l'I.Th a ticket consists only In detaching it
    u-rnaitaMe: eiararteristicof
    must ;from a Mock and puuchtug! It or uiaikIn ,I burn used for over fifty years by millions of Best Cooks
    i, .iv.f ufour couples this lake is te water contains ] ? it with a pencil mothers for their children while teething, !!

    '- cj'hi-n-d! ia Mary rapt iu.i.ititios| of hy.II'"c.LI"l'ic null sulphta'ic TLls process Involves much with perfect success. It soothes the child

    i t IOIl..r. Ire had all! : acfd.i Ls!
    ', ..!t. I.y a711rct. I will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. ; "
    I \t'lIIr'l'I'attn' of 110 (k'KrefS I ] up the fares, as conductors do in Hold by Druggists in every r ; superiority 01LEA&PERRINS i

    '. lire: lli.1ild Ned< The dark Rreeti colored' water lOCi!.-; .America hut the task Is lightened: by 1 part of the world. Twenly- \"e cents a hot- f

    11," tn ,/) liver to the wood jiarticuhirly ;nat! itine. 1I'ne clouds \the fact that only a certain number of the Be sure and ask for take"DO:\trs other. Wlr klid.-loa''dtluothlpatlyrop"cud 'k ,

    h :ut. -. told before sun- .
    i t fumes roll utT '
    sulphuric constantly
    .,.. > ;persons are permitted to ride on a carat
    -' 1 ":1)' this: iKiilins: : lahlron. and care has to Lc i the tame time. The number of sitting At C. 1'. Thompson's. : :' THE ORIGINALWORCESTERSHIRE a ;,,

    it..-.I .1 I in a exercised in np.iroachlns tIs! I slat: to and standing places is plainly Crane's Ladies' Note Paper and "' k.t 'tpte SAUCE } ..

    o 1.11b' sphfun": n\oid the risk of MiSToi-atiiin.!
    ..i;.1..1 oiT-JIary and Carl oiipobite) itte c>f the Like may In- -(','n i to carry 'JO pirbousno more Cambridge Linen and Envelopes. Bottle For Game Steaks, Roast, Soups, h

    1 lVt r and Alice, Jack the treiiicudi'iis liovrlii". \vfli! : than 30 persons will be iH-rmitted! en 1 Hurd's Parchment. 7 ': and every satiety of nude dlihei.
    \"1, ti! fM "n... as puide. 1 Invitation Paper and Envelopes : rY'k
    Is moat,
    when in full bU.-t, present au awe InFiiiiini that car at the same time. When anything ; ? a
    Linen Tablets.Frosted .
    .taulhu: ;: OUT IIIhh rbrush In h 'y'---------- JOHH DfHCUx'sSoSS, AGENTS,>.EW YOIK.
    :; siht. Germany Is forbidden! it is Velum and Envelope
    f iu dies we reached the TLi of te it rushesforth t h settled for alL
    roar stoiia as once English Note ; satin Wove ; Tissue
    I "'Meil "'irs! -hes before the into the air I is dcafenlu: ?, and In order that e\i-ry person who rides Paper ; Denni*ol1's Crepe :Etc., with

    ':1. d.irk anil Miflieiently hid1 often hijri lowlJers and stone are shall get the prescribed ticket Inspect- '1 a general assortment of stationery.C. .

    1..if; ) satisfy us all that she Iniileil out tn a height! of several bun-I t..ors are employed who i1> vrUuble! j:>I'y oho toad! ilrc.iil-I I No. 30 South Palafox street.CASTORIA.
    tired feet by the \ at ions: internal forces ascertaining whether the conductors
    Lanes &nd heroines in I I taroft of untcre.A ; are doing! their duty. These inspectorsstep LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROAD. ;tIN

    boat can be launched the lake, into the cars and ask the passengers -
    : : your dimes" said Ned in a I EFFECT JANUARY 27, HMO.No. .
    aud If proper care be observed the very for their tlrk't'fh'y note the iqi
    and then a\.oIJ.I to the
    gypsy edges<< : of the blowholes may be safelyexplored. number of the tickets and whether they i
    : For Infants and Children.
    \! haunt Lear l of wouder- :
    your a' .
    correspond with the stubs retained by II. No. 2. Xo. I. No. t.
    III n-udiii;.: the future, we humbly 12:45 noon L':! ::iip m LfBve I'ensBCola ......Arrive 4iripin 6:00am2:15pm !P
    .. Some idea of the strength of the acid the conductor. The clerk who gives : The Kind You Have Always BoughtBears i,1 I::.' Ann. ..Flnmaton..Arrh' !:4.ri p m :tsianl ,,
    .ursc-{w s b turn you. Loping to saturatedater of this lake be out the blocks of tickets to the conductors 4li p m an5am Anne.-Jlublle ....ArriveAriHc IVAs noon 12M: night ,, r
    y the n.nU of wisdom that fall may '1. )':: p in ';loam Now orlmcH. .Arrive i'iam 7Cipll1:
    gathered fruit the fact that a boat almost notes the number of the upper- ;j tae Sal n aflp m:5Uam IlII'1I1 ArrHi' .. ( )'... Arrive 11-.M am V:80pui e
    Ir rt'bllt''h-.J t.lIu : .. i &z4Sebrebniek's. 7 \I Arrive Niktliville.., ., Arrive :! -.'I I, IIIa! } f
    dropped to pieces after all the most ticket and at the return of each i i Signature of rl< : Pill. : a m m ,
    'A I eau read tIle (future at ye uy. tj, 1Ii noon I ?:.\1) a mArrln' .luuU7flle.Arrl7e N.12pm I 2S5amllOUpm G r
    passengers bad been landed as the block collects from the conductor who ; I 4:06pm I illiaDi : Arrh..nn..lnnAL"J.Parn 1>:4.'ipm "
    : I r : ius.iiJ too women. "Will ye
    rivets had corroded under the Influence returned It as many fares as there are
    Imtu1'ar 3 '
    g 'f !
    tickets detached.
    of the acids.
    plain to my tettrrsehl Ned, '
    The rate of fares varies from 2t
    I if furl Owen forward.MI '
    .. cents to 5, according to the distance. 1 No. 21. I No 3. No. :1. NO. a.lNpm I
    I l.
    'ted tht AlUferro Tallal
    >JI rt. proffered coin Mr. rro. .
    11:55nlght: 7'eam i ,..n.. .. ..'... Pepgdcola lla'opm nsapm
    i- : t!..-Q tiMiL the young man's hand and "I," said a government clerk Small children are carried for one-half I l2fU.nigbt. I 7ham: nn .. Millon '. ," 'n.n le-.:tipm b2Opus

    < i .ui-d it inteutly. to the inun across the table, "that you fare and any one for the sum of $2.00 Ctdaut I 9:5a In .DeFunlakHprings.: '''n aalpm I: 2:1Upin r c
    .:ISaat I InNant hipley .. ,_ &:fIa pm' I2s7pto:
    triiht nn nn n
    .V and K wlnj; future, lad-a have heard of the Virginia family of may secure a ticket which entitles him i I 7:00am I' 11:15&111 ,, .. ....Mananna ..... .. .1 : I 11lu6noonlsl5am
    kr-1 ind rloin.? future I read for ye; Derby which spells its name E-n- to ride as much as he wishes for one HATS SHOES VALISES : J2:1.... noon River Junction StOpm.4ipm: lU:2Uam a

    lu:1, and ion of and di.-tinctioo. Men ,... .. ...._._. I an p in ..,..Tallnhnstee.Jacksonville.. .., ... ....................... $*
    IU \,,w Mure yr; and a world shall r-o-u g-h-t-y. as well as the Chumleys month. When a car Is full the con ,_.... 7:5pm gad a m ... ....... "

    ...j r.r prnuso.. And all this li near to of England, but I came across one the ductor displays a placard tearing the A m m OF diet CHOIHIRG. s

    ." 1 ii tell no more. Go." I other day that I'll bet a hat you never word "Occupied."-Chicago Hccord.

    "1 vi-y rn">d tiejinnint'! old lady" heard of. The subject of the sketch + Men's Furnishings. I

    ii.\ .;.....| Ne.1. ".NowMary.."" was a Virginian or claimed that La The Beat Age For Men to Marry THE ORIGINAL

    X:.'. Mirr\ held out !lur palm for In. I was. and he was so youthful and unsophisticated Edward Bok. writing In The Ladios I

    ...., 11>e sibyl &un>k her cnkemft! that 1 guess he was tell- I Home Journal on ".1 Boy For a IIus- i ...'Having: removed to the Corner PABST

    j '''band," contends thai "no of Palafox and IntPBdeBcia K '
    young man DtU k BUril 1 Ro
    lug the truth. Children and fools, k1
    .. you UI'e
    .1 '. and a lonely one, my lassie! I. 1..1111h:1"e weakness In that regard. under 25: reins of age Is in any sense streets we |have'ome Rare Bargains ,
    : BOTTLE
    T-. II i.r wd; her life will hat 'I competent to take unto himself a wife. ill Every lAne, that we are anxiousto BEER
    .,, "1 met the! fellow on a train
    i r nn.1l'r sb.cil youn of Removal
    eyes many j '1 dispose quick at
    Before that he Is who
    age simply a boy ,
    t. > f.n will w.>o, but ye will between J, Uichniond and Petersburg: S. A. FKIEDMAX
    has absolutely which he ,
    '. ( brido! She drn.nrel l her !j u1I1't.. struck up quite an acquaint nothing can Prices.H.
    offer! to a girl as a safe fund.ition for
    T 'arl drew Mnr.r Imik ty hii 11a'-. He i- Id me his name was Tolls HAMMERMAN Pioprietor.
    > '. i' .' a ritntemptiinut crimncc to the \i-r Oh'r' T..llln'r-luil I"l'Q' naturally life happiness. He is unformed in hise ,

    r \ ., i next e character unsettled In his ideas absolutely MANAGER.
    nLrd! him if he stiollml his '
    \ :' .ill ,,,..I. my tally"! cried the ignorant: of the Ester essentials AGtNTS FOR
    < did the famous T. R V. Tall.r.-rros
    f \ f 'ir \ <' ini; l-ir-l. with eyes iii.., of what consideration or love for a HEALTHFUL
    l-iki and hair like spin cold !i.i niiil !u' !ald he did and WIPP I to V> woman menus lie doesn't know him MOUNTAIN HINT High.Grade Liquors.1
    1 'mid of it. I ta rst'.iT ) to befriendly : I
    \\ nc'en now. \n.II (' will won pi prow AND
    self let alone knowlag: a woman. Ik-
    nn l.nly will nut say nay but will with one of the! name mys-elf Silver Brook, Private Stock, Ben ti
    1 him !I Is full of fancies and It is his boyish Hardui I"ourIa h, Very Fine I ,
    \\ i ton pnl.-iiv home. and made myself extra agreeable."When THE BEST TONIC! REFRESHING ; ,
    \.t if I ran li.-lp it." I heard Peter he left me at a way statioand n nature to flit from one fancy to an Friedman's Celebrated Old Pri- ;,

    w i 'r !!.> t I..' i-t 'pwd; forward 'I other. V 1T. Stock, 12 Years Old ; OldSdk t
    bade me pHtdhy he- tendered hit>
    1 .. line ..t life i is Inns.: Yer days nreISt.t "He is Incapable of the affection up Why feel ill and irritable \vl en a 1'"''n.t, Kelltul'k\"'* -rfec- s ;
    his lard and t"I.IIIl .
    lie I wov.l
    : je nil! in.".t With FOrtll". hoped on which love is based because: he has: ttleof! ;\!lHltllaiu1"It: Toil i? will 'itii of Purity, and LoN of Other

    i I I" 11 a fair lassie, and she will not forget liim.! I didn't look at the not lived Ions enough; to kl'1WL:1t mak' you well andtrurg: and lr.ud.which. space will not ppr- t '

    1 1 '.TC iv nil forlorn t : or even pmauss :
    'I. -I lil." \nd I'fter's hand waI < believe; it. the jouns fellow had, 'hi lie Is full of theories. P: cit oue of ?.r"lItltainIi; : t.uro* indigP'tinnald Ti, I I. r; est and Rest Selected Stock 4'

    I "'"I John's taken. I name I'dlecllo match as it were, an.1 dnvi away tint: tiding; of languor t, I'.nttlcVhiky and \Vints
    S S !!I and tin- maul heart. : which, when hi> comes to put it into
    of yer it appeared thus ')AKaferro: Tali.iferro. in fiimwer. for Fancily t'e.
    i !: it,fty in her love, but p.' clash : whit II. In my humble opinion; '.practice will fail. lIe Is a Loy pureand It to-u < tu the i-utire "v.tein and

    't.r 111! 'i si yer lif.'. Tili'l" ill 1 I1lirer''uliircr simple: passinz: that tryIng :.:ive one :l vi;!iirotis appetite. 'He JIlZ<< TrGd i3 Our Jftain SFecialiyl
    down .
    was netting
    .. ** pretty .z
    .. .. .,r' TRY
    S' \V yer lif,'. i period through: wheh: every boy It bnniheoat:-ea ai.d! makes: lifevrortli 1 a1 ,
    \ ' Vellii'%! soft tend I: liiie. I'on't you think so tOIJ: '' 1. \ \ lit! for tli. Famous 1'nbit "
    j must;; pass before he Ll'rma.'s a man Iivinsr.Mountain .. 1i1t .1'h" -
    I : : ,. i j Washfnjton: Star.i A CASE r. Kri'e Oclivry 10 hvery fart
    I' :i rh-s!!! "it I coca j Rut that period is n-it the niarrying: ; Mint Tonic ha* nude so ,,1'. \ fY.t
    I. r tl'I'!': i-. time. ForIs his milreu..: weil! nndtroni ,
    :. I : .. iI opinions of lifeare: : i"x 1\'. Tlf. phone I?'.
    tan .w. i rc/KM.\: maim; iti'Mous to cliaaz", so are his fancies f>f the I hnit /has becnuie a hft:.--hold tie
    i 't !I" ;:...-:It prtnresa anrili'l ': Ct''sjty.Vitl AJ I'KSaAt'OLA: t"L.I .\. ,
    I -- g'.rl: he esteems as the only girl in thl'worl.l I
    lust vl'.l: her j
    < c.M. life a '
    :\!I"ITulainfint: in the limi-e
    I'unples Ctirnl IJ. li. !;. Il.ntle t
    1 ; liy to make him happy. Tile man
    .all tl.! ",. Aid yet prin eps i illneij 1 j- rare. -, -..--
    :<' the nm'Llne cf yer 1 life: I,i I I I, .\('"- to Suller-'ijt. of 20 rarely weds the girl: whom he It never LillIt i-i Nature'* t

    'I:,.." Anil Jack went and I' Dwour Skin Itch and Burn:' fancied when he was :'f)." aMe-f :i. i-tiint ai
    I' Iistrrsisg Eruptions on the :Skin !Oil and well.Try !. Khi's 'r
    : .
    ;;: :rob 1ou : Ahh &
    it and !bi- "' "I.vil\f'I-t >>
    "5- . a' .v ImNie. for tlwHre
    .: iw st yet heart and ye wii j! the Skin. Hair or Scalp? lave you 1'11':1.1. to ]learn that tin'nis ;-it, i- i-t i# 1

    t I '.: -re three moons." I' EClI'm.kI1l.: Sore' and Cracked:' on" dreaded diaacA| that seici. "

    I arar IIhmltlf'I' !II:. Hash: form nn the Skin? Prickling li.'eii able to cure i': ill "NSM.M"-

    1 ': in yonnif nan. ye art thn Pain in the Skill JIoiK? Pimple? aLdhall that i is catarrh.: IlallV Catjin''!, Mammoth Retail Grocery :t

    'I. 111. tkinl.1'1': hnnd.AmI Cane l'jin,..? Suuileloint? Falling C'lre i i IS the only posjtjxe cure Ill>w f 1 ,

    s ''"" .. 1I'II'I't. 1"'. Ve will C" H-iir:' All Run Down Skin Pale I ? Known to the iiifdical frateritity., T ,

    i '' >. s, f j,..Tfirr. T"av'iip. nndI l lI OM Sore? Eating, SoresI'lc''r?? Catarrh hs>iug a con-titutiona! il/-: 502-504 SOUTH PALAFOX ST-
    All tl. '* of '' *"1.t. requires a cnn-titutiiiuul tr. ,
    I t t ill! .st "1 t-e' pit ;- '!:t'-s ( o art symptoms Kczema :it-

    .-' ".iBfi life md h.i;>i>iiess and Impurities and Poi-ous in the \:i Mit. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Telephone 3t O. .1y

    'I'' '?.!. mOM To cure tnttnrured t ke internally, acting directly upon t1 .

    ' .',.. !It. P. H. Hotinic blood and iiiuftn surfacis of t.i.
    "> rttti-'Ktl 1 'H' '* tl e tint Blood )::.11111)) :

    i *' '. h..tur, i' rr and. oi. which makes the blood pure and .sy.stem, thereby dei-troyinjrthe; foundation <<( Staple and Fancy Shelf Bands :** ;;

    r .. .......f rich. 15.11: 15. will can-'1' the sore* lit the Ji"pI t>. and! wiring; ti: ..

    l '- It'i s t-ir aa"+. end I M n< i t S 5. '. ''t'C'j.... ,..t'.in"trrl. f'r"v"r. the skiu to heroine cle'rami enL#t1211t1O1: and as-i-tinjr; nature I in TAMTY AND IN

    I f,.r.... And h.n: : still the breath weet. 15. 15 15. is doing; its wi-rk. The propriftoi-/, ANV 11 ["ANTiT1'.

    ''';,.1.1 lf'I oi r.y Us,.."nin? I I ju-t the remedy ) out have been.) k- iuiveo aloes faith in its curativ,'

    t .. ins for. 'J horouhh'. tested for :it) pov rr?. that they o1Tpr One Ilundri tlliar '
    ::: Cheap as the
    1 ''.1-hall m nrd .irrv thtr year*. Our readers are advised to ])<- > fur any ca-e that it fails tocure. Cheapest !?fb (::

    ll"v' try P.. P. P.. For sale druggist! ,, Send lor via of testimonial* rT f

    I .'I 1 a-rrlr! .lie; ," I ("id. .ind at SI l per large bottles ( full treatment Address, F. J. CUEXEY & ell, -

    :i-d ;jvevelitfd the post i- ) *.">. Complete directions with Toledo, O.11:1 Acme Beef. G\aSI) KXUT.SION PARKER'S

    ,. ill'I I ..! ..:.el1 J>i>ttl". So sufferers; may >*t :>\ by Dru_trists. .r e.Hall' +'.. HAIR BALSAM f"r'

    t' I' ,',! ': IVter nK-ndinj; it. _Addre ItLOOp BALM: CO., Family ?ill)" are the bpst. 'slam Clwun ted InnU.n toe h4ir.

    ''-. ,. .''. with .\fV. Atlanta: Gi. Drribe'our trouble THE BEST BEER SOLD IN: _- Never Frum.bI Pal a 1.loxun&tit to fieatore frowth.Oray

    l'i'ti-r. I have cot to marry a and Free personal medical advice o3SiTOFZI.ti.: : ar +rh- ;' 3 Cunt Hair to it d.,._Youtnful. Color.;
    1 PENSACOLA. ira.p > b
    -V :..I.!.-" hair and eyes like) lakes;: siven.Add. Bear. the its Kd You Rata Allays: Poiffit1'' t 1 "- U.ou 11",1'7"" 1"1.od. f]
    ii' dark aol not a lord," nnIT -

    \-e. to the beauty of your Sigut'Jle, #!t.l1. Dannheisser Bros ,
    'I!!: (
    'i mint
    \ .5 ;if he d.*'rea'ly sn't come marry in nll'I a month. I home by buying a few -, .. - -- -- AGENTS. To Kfhna. Saturday mirl.t.! June 1C, !Subcribe THE News only 10

    ..r Fly lime.1ieesrs. leavitij Union depot at lrt:3o. on cent per *
    those handsome a
    '- ,'id nit *he mri..ll'rll'r. of neatly : '. J..K Kos c & Co.. Xo. 11 X. A'ss' regular pa-sena train Fare for
    Self M and fro Tales
    liy '
    v' .< t'e: happy wire of Farmer j'l'amedpictures Marston n P..llfx !street have perfected- trip : l'en*aeoh to Selma, i'II CMICHCSTtR'9 ENGLISH

    r. 1\ > K.isn't found his wealth and -- --- ':.W; from Cantonment same a* Esif1YRO
    jFinch's. ran ement" for the tnauufdcture ofthe fAL PILLS
    V- "t. hot U Pensacola ; fro+n Milton. Ix; ( cents ex- X !
    very happy without best window screen ever pluE'dupon The Jug TradeIs tra. hurchae r IM./. .d 4.1y .I.e. t
    th.-n. And as for John and Nellie ticket a: ticket of I aA t r. I .d1... ... or.mM
    SL'KK BATHING. claim
    forir. .
    you thin market.
    .*1.. tn'r They fice. Tickets good for o days to return i 4S t. Yr"\ f'IIII'Ht..TElt':; t: GLLSHti.
    tn gfi within hearing; distance the followingdf'irable feature : I -ti HI.n ace 4..ld vtMIM ...... _
    lit .. .. For the convenience of thos who ; Our specialty.Prompt on any regular paenC'er train. -, ".,..n.e". T. ... OIl
    j" -.n. and the = 'i.. .tI.n. ller..
    xmnnh hear.iiMre .
    you < It can be removed ard store d For further I .. S. II..C..... ......Ut.U_ -S
    tu; ,' wish to take a trip to the Gulf Beach information apply to I ,.., ,id3L'ti ,Jt
    there y n that the Cyisy faile.1N i away at the erd ,)f the Ih8e8'n Delivery and Satisfaction, ROBT. KIN or P. 1 l :(J; JJjJ.*. br 7''J 1'.11w1AAe..n1.4 lI..c'" '
    ? the yacht Privateer, in company without the use of tools ; the blind HOMAS. J [ 1 d"k.ibr. ',..41i -....LfM

    It:. -t W I.W !U at present I believe In with the yacht Dreamland City, will 1 j and sa.hof the window can beE'aily'handlpd Guaranteed. l'eneucola.MARTIN i .f &l 1.'-::..,St.1i Io..i: tewM..M.. ;. ah.I IR m
    PATnKSOX.Iiltnn. .
    kT- 1'lhin'Ol". lint he says there from the inside without interference : i *ea-i : > *..r' tlE4..a..t.r Vu!.." 1".6.r.y

    "* dirk i dare and he. i is espectins the leave Palafox wharf every Sunday trouble from the screen Dannheisser Bros --- -- ,
    or ; --- -
    I''r antr'tatu.n'; for the pn-sidoncy. I hope at i and 11 a. m. and 3 p. m. ; fare for it simple in construction, and the =

    hat' rnt\: II. r.'r the gyp$) s !l3ke.ew round trip :!3 cent*. You can stay price i is so low HS to be within the 401 South Palafox St., '

    rasL r all J.iy or return at any tim. reach of all. Call and examine i it, Phone No. 116. P. 0. Box 281. TRY TRH N H&W& WAIT CALM I : l r

    Try CHAS. BARTON, j and leave: your order for any number ti

    THE NEWVant Crluir.n. llm-lm Maner. | from one to on? hundred. Railroad: Exchange, Phone 263. ;!



    i,, .

    _: ,'" h- *' _,- .....!'.._ ,. -' ....".;-,>' r ,', .'..,.. .. -_ ,. ...' '>"' -' '-T>. ., ,, .... ":;t.



    A ROMANCE. Old HoMt.Former OF'Marries THE Years Hi REUNION.Sweetheartof '., .A.A..A.AA.AA.A.AA.AA.The OfrJ Maid; I. MARITIME.I ABBIVKD. ". I B II I II -

    JACKSONVILLE Fla. June ..-A ro- *
    Rr is 8trathl(!v n. 1588,Jack, Lai Palmas
    mane of the Louimlle reunion has developed .?.,*,*,*,*,*,*,*,*,*,*Ytt"Anntie to GuU Transit ("0
    Span e< Kr nclwa,1$19. Arrlbl Liverpoolto
    and the Soldiers' Home in this ,'you promise l me that when I ixulf Transit Co

    city it short on occupant. Among the was 18 you would tell me why yon never to l'r Bears ia Cayo, Uuuwody CoSAILED.Farrell.Kew Orleans

    old comrade at the Lome who went to marrii'd. I nut 13 today. ( A.T
    -Very well Oear. I was just about 0
    the reunion William Pleddar aged
    Mnewhere was GO. When the train your age when I 'cnme out,' and for Hr is Glenmorven. Potts Dunkirk
    near months past I bad looked forward to a bwinl bk bripen. Kvbern. Metbil Dock
    reached Ala., an old lady ,
    Birmingham It bk AlbertoCearano. Messina
    London and thought! first ball
    boarded the cars and, walking throughthe ; my Am neb Bcotia Davie MatanzasCLtARID..
    nut the much looked :
    never r me.

    halted.train espied Comrade Pleddar and for night: came at last, and when dressed I'C F. E. BRAWNER'S.

    and ready to start I thought it the happiest
    PlwlJar followed her with his eyes U bk Alberto 715, Cenrano, by Rosasco
    moment of my life, but it was nothing Bro for Messiaa. with T'Jl c ft hewn timber.
    back and caught
    until the lady turned to what f lo\TPtL The flowers, the si,6J.4)IItsawntlmb"r, ff).IW.! ft deals and
    the merry twinkle. Then she returned, boards, valued at s.i,75u
    music, the lights, the bright dresses andthe Nor as Kanma. Martf'nsen. bv Baars
    and Wiling said
    : over : gay people wandering hither and Iluu ody & Co for Dunkirk .itn "JS.lws ft .1 l --
    20 Dozen Ladies'
    "Villy, don't you know me? thither-all dazzled me and put me in sawn timber.JOM4c ft hewn timber I.HS.Vla Sleeveless Vests 25 Dozen Men's French Neck Balo"inch Solid and Wttit. !I'

    "Why Maria, where did you come ft deals and boards valued at $:.Mj<75 Lisle Thread our price 25u each or hrigan Undershirts at 23 cents each: our price. . . .
    I did not lack -
    from?" said William, and made room mind of fairyland. partner Nor ccTelefon, Raare.llunwodyaCotarUhentwithl.lmu&M 2.75 dozen. :, Drawers to match. 1 Yard-Wide Sea I-laini .
    ; nod danced till the small hours sit t
    for the elderly lady to sit beside him. of the iiiorning. Every one haul I had deals and boards, ,'alufoat H": >A) 12 Dozen Men's Fancy Silk Front!i 30 Dozen Men' Fmcf Colored at. . . . . .

    When the tram arrived at I.ouiwilleWilJiam been but I paid little! attention Hr u Oli-nniorM-n t"'la. !holts hv Gulf Bosom Shirts: our price uOc. each : ( Satin Front Undershirts at 25 cents 1 Yard-Wide Fitchvilb-
    a success ) l H. .
    Pleddar uud his old n\\>tjtht'artleh Transit CO for Dunkirk, with J671 totiVJuuBpUaie all sizes. Drawers
    t of their remarks. I hail enjoyed each ; to match. 'I'd. made L. .
    <> anv rock. Valued atl.r.'I: by iusde a
    the train and have not
    together, mj-M-lf wildlv. What more could 1 want 20 Dozen Fancy and White Silk I 3t) Dozen Men's French Neck Ihlwhile: it lasts . .
    been hinve.
    The seen lady looked though he was to make me happy? I was very young. AT QfAKANTISE.: : Pleated Boson Shirtsourprice$1.00;; briggan or Fancy Undershirt*, nice 1 till Pieces Laten Calico ,:
    ait 'boon after 1 met Mr. U. 1 remember Port bk Laurenha45. Mamno,0porto, to all ices. quality, at 43 cents each ; Drawers: to .
    potttesjml of plenty of thi"'orhl's" Roods: it nlm. =t first dinner party and kuan, Dunwody 4 ro We carrthe largest line of Men'sand I match. i l-Ca Pahlbun's (, .iI.: .
    and his old comrades! think he has taken was ) my It bk M u beltl K, ail, Nichols, Genoa to 1 Warranted . . .
    iiavin; MifFiioatly recovered mysvl from ROSRSCO llrosi oys"Colored Shirts in the City 10 Dozen Men's Heavy Weight I.
    himself h.w found '
    unto :wife, and a n Ct lit sltyn'ss: I looked round at my It sblp mills R, l."T, Rollove, Marseillesto at the Lowest Prices. RalbrL'jraa Undershirts at 51) cents Just received a full In! -

    haven of rest outside the Soldiers' Home. next Jour neighbor, and there, on my KosaKco BrosTHE 36-inch Spring Percales, our Drawers to match. I and Shirt Wai-t. ; our p-i I .

    left were two blue yes laiuhins: at me. price .... .. . .. .. .. 9c lUll Dozen Ladies' Sleeveless \"p.t. lowest.
    He nni f have notk'ed my shjness! I fan. SIIPYL\O. 33.lnchVerySheer\VhiteLawn, at old price 6 for 23: cents, or 4 >c. Para-ol-and: I'mhreil.-! '

    H. I* Interested In Two Projects to cft-il, nod with the pride of youth I L our price .. .. . . . SIC. dozen ; embroidered nerk. : mJand fl 2":J.
    dii-plr n' Kuttil it. After that I found VEBSELH: IK POETITIAMSHIPS. 27-inch Check Xainook, our 17" Dozes Ladies' :'ofj--*.s' and Ladif- IrriilesCPtit P. '

    Help 1'hut City. the blip eyes nearly always smiled when price .. . .. . .. .. . . 5c Children Sleeveless: : \Vtwith Iate>,shades>I at $1.7.> aid >_

    CHARITSTON, June Charleston haj I I they l.MikfJ at Pie. and I got to I love that Br Chataeldlta4, Baars, UunwodyA 30-inch White and ( olored Tare X eek. 3 for 25c or !>.>c dozn. I All the latenttyle I IChildren' .

    interested Senator Depew in two projects milo. and even that eteniiu I realized Co Pique our price .. . . 10c30inch :'S Dozen Ladies' bleevle.Ve.t: : -. r
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