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Leadership training in recreation
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Leadership Training


Fort Lauderdale

Panama City

St. Petersburg
West Palm Beail

Leadership Training Short Courses in Recreation have been developed to meet
the needs of all who work with groups. Enrollments have averaged nearly'
1000 annually since 1947. Schools, churches, civic clubs, women's clubs,
labor unions, hospitals and youth organizations such as YMCA, 4-H, Boy and
Girl Scouts, and Campfire Girls have all been represented. The courses are
made possible through community planning and by direct requests from interested
agencies throughout the State.

Summary of the Course


Offered at Chattahoochee, Florida

March 10 12, 1952

Compiled By:

Mrs. Anne Livingston, staff member of the National Recreation
Association, employed by the General Extension Division of Floridaj,
as instructor, for the Chattahoochee Recreation Short Course,


Pre-Party and Get-Acquainted Games
Find Your Partner and Stoop
Fun Around the Clock
Mixed Quartettes

Method of Getting Partners
Musical Madness
Number Partner Mixer

III. -
Stuntj Harmony and Action Songs
Fare Thee Well
John Brown, in Rhythm
Little Red Caboose
Row Your Boat
Song Medley
The More We Get Together
Three Blind Mice

Children' s Games
Hickory Dickory Dock
Hop 01 Squirrel
My Right Hand to You
Teddy Bear

Quiet, Mental and Rhythmic Games
Aunt Dinah s Dead
Boompsy Daisy
Card Trick #1
Card Trick #2
Card Trick #3
Clap 7
Find the Leader
Famous People
Human Checkers
I Have a Surprise Gift
Odd Number Trick
Pass the Shoe
Penny Wise
Shanty Proverbs

Active, Semi-Active, Playground and
Picnic Games
Form A Relay
Hand Clasp-Knee Touch Relay
Hand Clasp Relay
Jack Rabbit Relay
Keep It Up
Knee Touch Relay
Pass and Change
Pass and Squat

Musical Mixers
Captain Keeler (9 pin reel)
Circle and Swing
Double Pattycake Polka
Grand March
I Want To Be Happy
Pop Goes the Weasel
Take a Look at the Northern Lights
Virginia Reel

Square Dances
Do-Ci-Out and Do-Ci-In
Harlem Rosette
Hurry, Hurry, Hurry
Oh Johnny
Roll the Barrel
Sally Goodin'
Sashay Four
Take a Little Peek
Texas Star

Drama For Fun
Teaching Them To Drive
The Mirror


Find Your Partner And Stoop

Formation: Double circle facing dounterclockwise, girls in inner circle.

Action: Jhile music is played, players march in same direction. At sig-
nal (whistle blows, the men face about and walk in opposite direction when
leader calls "Snow Storm" or blows whistle) each player, regardless uf where
he is, runs to original partner. They join both hands and both stoop. On
command from leader, the couple fall back into line of march. Every man
says "Farewell" to partner, move up one place and introduce himself to a
new lady. Repeat from beginning.

Variation: Eliminate last couple until only one is left.

Fun Around the Clock

Formation: Give all players a sheet of paper with a clock drawn on it.
Beside the clock, have a list of the following things to get:

1. A strangers name.
2. Same color hair as yours.
3. Same color eyes as yours.
4. Same size shoes as yours.
5. Opposite sex (exchange names).
6. Same height.
7. Born same month.
8. Same number of children.
9. Same color dress.
10. First initial same as yours.
11. Dislike same things.
12. Same hobby.

Action: Players get acquainted by filling in the answers to the above.

Variation: If any of the above numbers are to be used as another method
of having different couples together in certain ganes; to be used so that
all will exchange names far those particular numbers.

Mixed Quartettes

Action: Copy and cut into four parts some familiar song. Distribute these
pieces throughout the crowd and have them match until each group is a com-
plete quartette. Have all render the song, all groups taking part.



Music: Any March Tempo

Formation: Single circle facing counter-clockwise. Two or more couples,
depending on size of group, form arches by joining hands and raising them
in line of direction.

Action: Players march in line of direction :When music stops, couples
forming arches, lower hands and try to catch a player in their arch. If
they succeed, the person who was caught goes to the center and waits for
another "caught" person, and the two go to some part of the circle and
form an arch of their own. Continue until all have been caught exccpting
one person. That person is named the winner.

Variation: Can be played with couples. If one person is caught, his
partner is also caught and they form arches.

NOTE: Be careful of persons wearing glasses. Use as playground game -
Leader turns back and calls signal to "Arch."

Musical Madness

Music: Any March Tempo

Formation: Single circle facing counter-clockwise.

Action: Players march around circle whistle once (walk alone); whistle
twice (two people, etc.) Finish in formation for next game.

Note: If space is limited, have groups circle instead of walking forward.

Number Partner Mixer

Formation: Single circle facing the center. All players are numbered 1
to 5 around the circle.

Action: As the music plays (march tempo) players march around the circle.
7When a signal is given (whistle blown) all players run to center with a
number of fingers raised showing their numbers. They get another person
of the same number and march together around the circle. All players left
without a partner stay in the center. Repeat several times, with partners
changing each time. Finish with all couples for next game.


Fare Thee Well

(4-voice round)

Fare thee well (1)
member me (4)

God rest with thee (2)

When you're away just re (3)

John Brown, in Rhythm

Words: John Brownt s body lies a-molding in
John Brown s body lies a-molding in
John Brownts body lies a-molding in
As we go marching on.

the grave,
the grave,
the grave,

Action: Clap laps-handc-laps-hands. Sing through once. Then sing through,
leaving off last word. Repeat, leaving off one word at a time until only
clapping is heard plus the "As We Go Marching On."

Little Red Caboose

(Beautiful Harmony)

Words: Little Red Caboose, Little Red Caboose,
Little Red Caboose behind the tra---in,
Smoke Stack on its back Comint down the track,
Little Red Caboose behind the tra---in.

Row Row Row Your Boat

Formation: Four rows of couples or trios in line formation, ie.




xuo xxx
xxx x
3 h

All Sing: Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream.

Walking four steps forward and four steps backward while singing. Then
sJng as a round and it looks like "rowing a boat."

Song Medley

Merrily we roll along, roll along, roll along
Merrily we roll along, o'er the deep blue -
See the boat go round the bend, goodbye my lover goodbye,
Loaded down with fishermen, goodbye my lover good -
Bye-low, my baby by-low, my baby
Bye-low, my baby we're going to have -
The old oaken bucket, the iron bound bucket
The moss covered bucket, that hung -
In the evening by the moonlight, you can hear those
banjos ringing -
Gone are the days when my heart was young and gay
I hear their gentle voices calling -
Way down upon the Swanee River, far from the old folks at -
Home, home on the range; where the deer and the antelope play
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And the skies are not cloudy for -
He's a jolly good fellow; for hels a jolly good fellow,
He's a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny

Note: The letters are the keys of the words they are over.

The More We Get Together

Words: The more we get together, together, together
The more we get together, the happier we'll be.
For your friends are my friends
And my friends are your friends
The more we get together the happier we'll be,

Action: Stand if you are seated or sit if you are standing on words
"Friends" and "Together."

Three Blind Mice Action round

Music: Same name

Formation: A square (not necessarily even numbers)

Action: Learn in unison first before each line works separately.
1, Three blind mice, three blind mice (cover eyes partially with hands
and step forward toward the center four steps then back four steps.)
2. See how they run, see how they run (take hands away from eyes, face
right a quarter turn and take four steps in this direction and four
back to places)
3, They all ran after the farmer s wife, she cut off their tails with a
carving knife* (Four steps to center, four steps back. Slap hands
together on word "cut,")
4. Did you ever see such a sight in your life, as three blind mice.
(Turn around in place four steps to right, shading eyes and searching.
Stand facing center of square and cover both eyes shaking head frost
side to side.)


Hickory, Dickoy, Dock

Formation: Double circle, partners facing each other with arms extended
high imitating the pendulum of a clock

Words: 1,


Hickory, Dickory, Dock (arms move up and down)
Tick tock(stamp twice, left-right)
The mouse ran up the clock (partners, with running steps,
exchange places)
Tick stock (stamp twice)
The clock struck one (all clap own hands once)
And down he ran (partners run to original places)
Hickory, dickory, dock (move arms)
Tick took (stamp twice)

Hop 01 Squirrel

Formation: Single circle facing center hands joined.
Words: Hop 01 Squirrel eidle dum, eidle dum
Hop 01 Squirrel eidle dey
(Action as stated moving a lot in circle)

Clap O1Squirrel
Snap O' Squirrel
Skip 0' Squirrel
Run 01 Squirrel
Rest 01 Squirrel

Action: as stated let children decide on other things for squirrel to do.

vy Right Hand To You

1. My right hand to you
2. My left hand to you

3. Whirling so merrily
4. Singing so cherrily
5. Bending down low

6. Stand erect so
7. My right foot up down
8. My left foot up down
9. Tripping so lightly 0

10. Back to my place I go
11. Bending down low
12. Stand erect so

1. Clasp right hands
2. Touch fingers of left hand in
dance movement.
3. Whirl under partner's arm (left ara)
4. Whirl back to position
5. Girls make deep curtsey, boys bow
low from waist
6. Rise slowly to erect position
7. Lift right foot, place down on floor
8. Lift left foot, place down on floor
9. Girls trip around partner with
light running steps
10. Girls return to place
11, Repeat 5
12. Repeat 6

Teddy Bear

Formation: Single circle facing center

Teddy bear, teddy bear, show me your shoe (place right toe forward)
Teddy bear, teddy bear, that will do (place right foot beside left)
Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around
Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch the ground
Teddy bear, teddy bear, go up stairs
Teddy bear, teddy bear, say your prayers
Teddy bear, teddy bear, put out the light
Teddy bear, teddy bear, say "good night"


Music: The More We Get Together

Formation: Single circle, partners back to back with arms extended to
look like windmills.

Words: 1. If I could have a windmill, a windmill, a windmill
If I could have a windmill, this is what I would do.
2. I'd have it pump the water, the water, the water
I'd have it pump the water, from the river below
3. I'd make a little duck pond, a duck pond, a duck pond
Itd nake a little duck pond for the ducks and geese to swim
4. The ducks would make their wings flap -- etc. --
and they would say "quack, quack"
$. The geese would stretch their long necks, their long necks
their long necks.
The geese would stretch their long necks, and they would
answer "ssssssssssssssssss."

Action: As stated. Beginning with second verse, all players face center.


Aunt Dinah's Dead (Chant to syncopated rhythm)

Formation: Single circle, players facing center one person in circle
is It.

Words: It "Aunt Dinah's Dead"
Group "Aunt Dinah's Dead"
It "Aunt Dinah's Dead"
Group "How did she die?"
It "Oh she died like this" (makes any kind of motion but
keeps definite rhythm)
Group "Oh she died like this" (imitating motion)
All "She lives in the country, gonna move to town, gonna
shake her hips till the sun goes down" (All continue action and It points
to any person just before the completion of line so the new It has time to
step to center and repeat without breaking rhythm. The former It joins the
circle). Repeat indefinitely.

Bandit (Semi-active)

Formation: Single circle with all seated, facing center. One person
is chosen to start the game.

Action: When "It" points to one of the players in the circle and says
"Bandit", that person must put both hands over his own ears, The person to
the right of the bandit must put the hand nearest to the bandit over his
own left ear, while the person on the bandit's left puts his nearest hand
over his right ear. If any one of the three make a mistake by using two
hands when only one is to be used, or covering the wrong ear, or failing
to react at all, or is the last to get into position that person is elimi-
nated and stands back of his chair. The last two persons to be seated are
tne winners.

Boompsy Daisy

Music: Any waltz melody

Formation: In auditorium seated (also can be played in standing position)
All face a person and the following action takes place:

Clap own knees 3 times
Clap omn hands 3 times
Clap partner's right hand with your own right hand 3 times
Clap partners left hand with your own left hand 3 times
Clap own knees once, own hands once, partner's hands once
(repeat this line)
Clasp own hands and count hold 2-3-4-5-6
Repeat 3 times facing a new person for each.

Simple directions: Knees, knees, knees, hands, hands, hands,
right, right, right, left, left, left, knees, hands, both,
knees, hands, both, Change-2-3-h-

Card Trick #1

All cards are their face values excepting the Jack, Queen, and King -
These are 11, 12 and 13 consecutively. (If cards cannot be used for the
program make four sets of number cards, each set a different color, -nd
number them from 1 thru 13.)

Directions: Leader, beginning with first card, turns cards face upward to
build entire deck into stacks of 13. If he turns up 8, the next card which
he places over this face upward will be 9 (no matter what its face vale is),
the next 10, 11, 12, 13 -- then after all cards have been dealt off tn
make complete stacks of 13 (he may have a few cards left and keeps thesc in
his hands) -- he asks someone to select 3 stacks and turn them face dowio~ ard,
The leader then picks up all other cards and places them with those h6 has
in his hand. He then tells the person to turn up the top card on two of the
stacks and that he will name the third top card.

Solution: Total the sum of the two cards turned upward; add 10 to the aum --
deal off the number of cards and then count the number that is left. If five
cards are left, it is the five; if 1 card is left, it will be the ace; if 12
cards are left, it will be the Queen, etc.

Card Trick #2

Arrange cards in suits with the ace on top and 2,3,4, etc. following in

Step 1: Place cards, face downward, in four rows in following manner --
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-(Jack, Queen, King one on top of the other) Beginning
under 2 in second row 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9- now go back to place number 1 and
put next card (which would be the 10) and then put the Jack, Queen, King
together in stack under the other Jack-Queen-King.

The third row is started in the 3rd space and space 1 and 2 are filled in
(with 9 and 10), and Jack-Queen-King as above.

The fourth row is started in the 4th space and spaces 1-2-3 filled in with
8-9-10 and the Jack-Queen-King as above,

Step 2: The cards are picked up by sliding one under the other beginning
at top and first rows (left-hand side). The second row is picked up the
same way (this will be 4 cards to a stack) and the second row goes under
the first row's four cards. Continue until all cards have been taken up
in this way and every stack which is the Jack-Queen-King stack, on the

Step 3: (face downward) Deal off cards one by one in four rows of 10 each -
turn up the other stack (Jack-Queen-King). Now ask for any card in the deck
and you can turn that card up.

Solution! Any number asked for you multiply by 4 and count off to that
number if the suit asked for is the top suit showing:

if the suit is the 2nd row you multiply by 4 and add 3
if the suit is the 3rd row you multiply by 4 and add 6
if the suit is the 4hh rcw you multiply by 4 and add 9

Note: If the number would be over 40, start over with the first row for tne
count example, if the number called for is 9 of the fourth row suit, the
answer would be 9 x 4--36 plus 9 eu1als h5; therefore, it would be the 5tn
card in the top row.

Card Trick #3 (Card Trick "21")

This is a simple trick. 21 cards are used. Lay them dowm, face upward in
three rows, with 7 cards in each row. Ask a person to choose a card and tell
you which row this card is in. Pick up cards, being sure the row with chosen
card is in the middle pile and lay down again in 3 rows of 7 each. The per-
son again tells the row and the cards are picked up (chosen row in center)
and dealt out again. Again the person names the row--this time you pick ap
cards as above and "name the chosen card". It is always the llth card from
the top.

Clap Seven

Formation: Seated in single circle 1 to 10 in circle (can have more).

Action: One person starts counting with 1, the person seated next to him
continues with 2, the next 3, etc. until the number 7 is reached. The per-
son who has this number must clap and not talk-the counting goes in the
opposite direction then. Any number with 7 or a multiple of 7 has tolclap
and not count. Always the line of direction changes to the opposite way.
This is a variation of "Buzz". Count to 100 for game and eliminate when
the players miss if so desired. If a large group is playing, elimination
is more fun.

Famous People

This game requires a confederate. "It" announces to the group that he has
a famous person in mind and wants them to see if they can guess who it is.
His "Confederate" is in the group and he always knows the answer. The con-
versation is as follows: "I went to Chicago, stayed 3 days, then rent to
Gainesville, stayed 1 day, then went to Rochester and then came home."

The confederate will answer "Winston Churchill".

Solution: All vowels are days, weeks, months or years -- a is one, e is 2,
i is 3, o is 4, u is 5. The first letter of the city is used to spell the
word, along with the vowels. "Then I came home" is the period. Namec to
use are: Popeye-Spinach, Cleopatra or Orphan Annie spell "Asp", Santa
Claus, spell "Red Pants" etc.

Find the Leader

Formation: Single circle facing center. One person chosen as "leader" and
one person sent out of 'hearing distanceto

Ac-tion: The leader starts some motion and continues to change motion as all
others in circle copy motion "by watching from corner of eye". The extra
person is called in the room and tries to "Find the Leader" by watching to
see who is starting the motion

Human Checkers

Formation: Seven chairs with 3 boys seated in the one and 3 girls at other
with the empty chair in the center. The object of the game is to move the
3 boys to the place the 3 girls are and move them by sliding one at a cmia,
never moving backward, or jumping one person at a time. (Playing cneckfers
with them), each sex may jump own sex or opposite 15 moves is the limit.
The first move is a slide to the empty chair, and it does not matter if it
is a boy or girl. Out of over 7000 persons only 51 successful in working
this out the first time they tried.

Note: Anything can be used to play this game; i.e. pennies, knives, forks, e-c.

Solution: A girl slides (can be either)
Man jumps
Man slides (this is the secret move 2 or 3 are the same sex
and the 3rd move is always a slide. After this we alternate in
3 girls
3 boys
3 girls
2 boys
1 girl

I Have A Surprise Gift

Line Formation: 2 to 15 in a line. A surprise gift is passed down each
line in the following manner: (Players are told that the first person in
each line knows all the answers and no one else,)

Action: First player turns to 2nd player saying (as she holds object toward
2nd player) "I have a surprise gift" 2nd player says "a what?" The 1st
player answers "a surprise gift", and gives the object to player #2. The
2nd player then turns to 3rd player, "a wnat?" 1st player answers "a sur-
prise gift," and then 2nd player says to 3rd player "a surprise gift", and
passes the surprise gift the game is continued as above with the question
always returned to the head player and dovn to the foot again The lest
player receiving the surprise gift is the winner line.

For Christmas, pass a miniature Christmas tree or Santa; on Easter an egg
and on St. Patrick's Day, a shamrock, etce

Morrah (An Italian Game)

Formation: Players seated in circle; one person chosen to start the game.
All have hands in front of them, fingers closed,

Action: Leader says "ready" and throws hands forward with fingers outstretched.
Before fingers are quite out, he calls a number and extends that number of
fingers. Everyone has extended their fingers with leader, using any number
they thought of. The object of this game is to be a "mind reader" and not
extend the same number as the leader. All those having the number the
leader calls are eliminated and stand behind own chairs to watch game. The
player to the right of the leader calls the next number, the third player
to right of leader, the next, etc. aroLnd the circle, The last person seated
is winner.

Note: This is very exciting, especially when the last two .re playing.

Variation: All players who extend the same number of fingers as the one
calling the number get a score of one point, Ten points decide the contest,

Variation II: Couples face each other on signal, both extend any number
of fingers. The first person of each couple who calls the correct answer
to total number of extended fingers scores a point.

Mote: Do not use both of the above for the same party.

Odd Number Trick

Any odd number squared i.e., 5x5 is 25 squares to be used. Place a sheet
of paper with the 25 squares marked off on each tablet or give to a small
group and tell them, using only 1 thru 25, place them around, one figure
in a square, in such a way that every line going every direction across,
up and down, or diagonal will total the same amount which, in the case
of 5 squared is 65.

Solution: Always begin in middle top square with 1 and go diagonally right
upward always. If you run into the top line move one square to the right
and drop to the bottom square, with the next number. If you run into the
side, move up one square and to the far left to place the next number. If
you run into a number, you place the next number under the last number you
put down. The right hand upper corner is the same as a number.

Pass The Shoe Music: the same (see below)

Formation: Players seated on floor in circle--all have one shoe in right

Words: Oh--You--pass this shoe from me to you-to you
Oh you pass this shoe-and do just as I do

Action: All pass shoe to person to right and continue passing, in rhythm
of song, until "do just as I do". At this time the shoe is placed to right,
brought back in front (same shoe) and then passed. Pass on underscored

Oh you pass this shoe from me to you to you oh you pass this shoe and do
just as I do

/':rr \ ____g ^\ i, -a 1 0 --

Penny Wise

For a banquet game or groups of 8. Five pennies to each player. Each
group or table chooses a captain who will help with the scoring and also
get the total score of all players. Individual scores are made by each
player. Can be played with one penny to person. (As a quiz change 8)


1. 5 points for each steel penny
2. 1 point for each different date found on penny
3. 3 points for each "D" mint and 5 points for each "S" mint (each penny
has a date and under some of the dates is the small letter S or D in-
dicating whether the penny was minted in San Francisco or Denver.)
4. 15 points for any 1909 penny (Lincoln penny first minted)
5. 10 points if the penny bears the initials VDB (Victor D. Brenner is
the designer initials are near bottom.)
6. 10 points for a date that was the same as graduation year chooseo one
only grammar school, high school or college)
7. 15 points for each penny which you have a duplicate date of the date
you went into recreation field
8. 25 points for penny that has No duplicate out of 40 pennies
9. 5 points for a brand-new penny
10. If you were an Archaeologist you could discover many interesting things
about our United States a thousand years hence--
5 points for each fact you can "Dig up"
(For example the printing is in Arabic alphabet)

Shanty Proverbs

Formation: Groups with 8 to 10 in group, scattered around the room.

Each group selects a proverb a leader is chosen in each group. The
leader gives each person a word of the proverb and on signal all shout
their word in unison. The other groups guess the proverb. The group
guessing the most is proclaimed the winner. If no one can guess the
proverb each person in the group has to sing their word to the tune "Auld
Lang Syne" until someone hears words which will tell him the name of the
chosen proverb.


Form "A" Relay

Several groups scattered around the room. 10 to 16 to the group. A leader
or Judge stands elevated as to watch formation better.

Action: The leader calls a letter i.e., the letter "T" and all groups form
the letter by quickly getting into that position. The group forming the
correct letter first (having the base toward the Judge) scores a point for
their team. Repeat for several letters of the alphabet.


Formation: Teams of 10 to 12 stand at one end of the room or playground
Each player on the team is given a number 1 to 12 (or 12). Number 1 of
each team is the first runner number 2s' are second, number 3's are
third, etc.

Action: The leader stands about 20 feet away from all teams and says:
"Please bring me a ". Each person on each team works fast to produce
the article called for, gives it to the runner who delivers it to the
leaders. One point is scored for the teams whose runners get there first*
Articles such as a belt, sox, shoe, folded chair, white flower, etc. cause
fun and correction.

Hand Clasp-Knee Touch Relay (this is strenuous)

If the group can take it combine both games hand clasp and knee touch.
In standing position send ball to foot of lines, then stoop and send ball
over knee to head of line--all stand, sending it to foot, stoop for re-
turning it to head.

hand Clasp Relay

Formation: Groups in line formation two lines facing each other in each
group with hands joined tightly with partner (person may face).

Action: A volleyball is given to the end of the line, back to top and re-
peat twice. The line finishing first is the winner. If any drop the ball
to the floor, they must pick it up, keeping hands clasped all the while,
and return to place and put the ball back in motion.

Jack Rabbit Relay

Formation: Lines, one person behind the other facing a base line about
10 feet in front, 10 or more to a line.

Direction: A rope about 10 feet long is on the base line. Player number
1 of each line (a rope for each line) runs to get the rope, comes back to
his line, giving one end of the rope to player 2 and they hold the rope
about 1 or more feet off the floor, v:alking toward the end of the line ard
all others have to jump the rope. When they get to the end of line no. 1
stays at the end and no, 2 runs to head, giving end cf rope to no, 3 and
these two have all jump.--continue until they are in original position and
all have held the ropec The line finishing first is the winner

Keep It Up

Two or more groups Ibunchedt together. Each group is given a volleyball
and told to practice volleying it into the air with either hand. As it
goes in the air each time all are asked to count aloud. If the ball falls
to the ground it is not dead, but all are told to pick it up and start with
the number higher than the one previously called.

Directions: After all groups have practiced awhile warn them that no one
can volley the ball into the air more than twice, in succession (this keeps
the "all stars" from getting all the plays). Upon signal all start, each
group counting and after 2 minutes of play the leader blows whistle to find
which group has vollied the ball into the air more times.

Repeat several times and choose winner.

Knee Touch Relay

Formation: As for Hand Clasp Relay. All players have hands joined tightly
and are squatting with knees close together.

Action: The volleyball is rolled over the knees and moved only by the
clasped hands. Repeat twice sending ball dova back, etc. The group
finishing first is the winner.

Pass and Change

Formation: Single circle, players center. Number off,

Action: One player steps to center of circle with a ball and is it. It
calls two numbers and passes the ball to someone in the circle who itznedi-
ately returns it to It. The players whose numbers were called run to ex-
change place. It tries to hit one of the players who is exchanging places.
If he succeeds in hitting a player before he arrives at his new position,
the player becomes It. If he fails to hit a player he remains it.

Pass and Squat Relay

Formation: Lines of players standing one.behind another and facing a basE
line about 20 feet in front, on the base line, facing each line is a person,
and holds a volleyball.

Action: On signal, all persons holding a volleyball throw to the first
person in the line he is facing. That person returns the ball to thrower
and squats--the "throwers" throw the ball to the 2nd player, who returns
it and squats. When the entire line is in squatting, the judges determine
which line is 1st to finish. That line is the winner,


Players choose partners and sit in chairs placed in a horseshoe formation.
At the open end of the horseshoe place two chairs facing in. This is the
Poor House. Couples must keep hands joined throughout the game. Each
couple has a number which hekeeps all through the game. When the game
starts one couple is in the poor house. They call two numbers and the
couples whose numbers were called must change places, During the change-
over, the Poor House couple tries to get the chairs vacated by one of the
couples. If they succeed, the couple left over goes to the Poor House.
If the Poor House couple call "House Afire" everyone must change seats,


Captain Keeler (9 pin reel)

Music: Top Hands Reel, Little Brown Jug
(Ed Durlacher, Album #5, Freeport, N.Y.)

Formation: Hollow square. Couples numbered, two head and two side couples.
Extra girl in center. Head couples slide eight sliding cross and slide
eight back, passing around extra girl. Side couples same. Head couple
circle extra girl, four polka steps left and four right. Side couples salile.
Extra girl swings each man in turn, four counts. Every one swings own
partner 16 counts. All five ladies join hands and slide left until
music stops. Girls rush to stand to man s right. Extra girl steps to center
and dance is repeated.

Circle and Swing

Music: "You are my sunshine," "Jingle Bells," "Washington and Lee Swing:, etc,

Formation: A hollow square with five couples in a single circle facing
center. Number off 1, 2 the gentlemen being 1's.

Action: 1.


The number 1' s step to center, join hands and circle clockwise.
Number 1 swing partner
Number 2 repeat 1
Number 2 repeat 2
All join hands, walk four steps to center raising hands and
take four steps back to place lowering hands.
Slide clockwise eight sliding steps
Repeat 5
Repeat 6
Repeat indefinitely

Note: If using "Jingle Bells", have players skip with music while circling.

Double Pattycake Polka

Music: Beer Barrel Polka--Capitol Record (Ted Williams)

Formation: Double circle, partners facing each other with both hands
joined. Men start with left, ladies start with right feet.


1. Left heel forward, left toe back--repeat
2. Four slides to man's left
Repeat 1 and 2 going in opposite direction
3. Clap own hands twice; clap right hand with partner's right
twice; Clap own hands twice; clap left hands with partner s
left twice; Clap own hands twice; clap both hands with
partner's hands twice; clap own knees twice,
4. Join right elbows with partner and turn once around until
facing own partners (original position), then each person
move to own left to meet new partner
Repeat all indefinitely

Grand March

Music: Any good march music

Formation: Line men on side and girls on the other side facing foot of
hall. Hen will be on leader's right and leader is facing foot of hall

1. "Down the center in two's" (Players march to meet opposite sex, turning
to face head of hall and march in couples to meet the leader)
2. "Two's right and Two's left" (As stated. First couple to right, second
to left, etc. When two head couples meet at foot of hall -----)
3. "Down the center in fours" (Couples walk down center four abreast.
When they meet at head of hall ---)
h. Separate Two's. (One couple goes to right and the other to left, When
they meet they are at foot of hall)
5. "Form arches" (Head couple raises joined inside hands and all couples
back of head couple do likewise. All march forward with the second couple's
line going under the arch. All couples march when they get to head of ball)
6. "Opposite side form arch" (Repeat call 3 with second head couple' s
line forming arch, first couples line going under the arch-when they ieet
at the foot of hall)
7. "Over and Under" (With head couple formation arch over second head
couple and under arch of next couple, over next, etc. Continue over and
under until all couples are facing head of hall. Note: The first couple
and second couple determine for each couple whether they should start over
and under again. Uhen they meet at the end of the hall.
8. "Weaving" (All couples lock inside elbows with partners and keep them
locked. The two head couples pass each other weaving to right, the next
couple to left, next couple to right, doing grapevine until facing foot---)
9. "Complete wheel in couples" (With elbows still locked, the ladies of
head couples join right elbows and turn once completely around. When
facing original position, they drop elbows and the two gentlemen of head
couples join left elbows, turn completely around and pass on to the next
with the right elbows, etc. Each couple wait for head couple to ascertain
whether to start with right elbow first or left elbow and continue alter-
nating right-left or left-right. When facing each other at head of hall,
head couple drop joined elbows, step one step from partner.)
10. "GrandRight and Left" (Head couple join right hands with opposite
partner, passing right shoulder to right shoulder, join left hands with
next person, right with next, Continue "grand right and left" until reaching
foot of hall)
11. "Down the center in fours" (As stated)
12. "Fours to right and fours to left" (As stated)
13. "Down the center in eights" (When fours meet at foot, they join elbows
or hands and walk to head in lines of eight)
lh. "Winding or grape vine" (All persons join hands with persons in their
line and keep them joined. The leader joins hands with person in their line
and keep them joined. The leader joins hand with person on either end of
first line and joins all lines by walking in front of first line turning and
going in front of second line around in front of third line, in and out of
aisle until he has gone around all lines. As the leader passes the person
on end of line from which he started this figure, he tells that person to
join hands with last person as they Inarch around. Other enT o line does
not join on but follows)

15. "Spiral" (Nhen leader has passed all players, he leads them in circle
as clock spring.)
16. "Unwinding spiral" (When leader has wound group tightly, he turns to
face opposite direction and walks through the aisles formed by players
bringing them out of spiral formation. Hands are still joined.)
17. As leader comes oub of spiral, he turns about, telling each couple
to dance as they get out of the spiral.

Note: If the leader is to have a "couple" dance following the grand
march, he faces about and has them march around the room in two s.

I Want to be Happy

Music: The same, Anchors Aweigh, etc.

Formation: Couples, lady to right of partner and with inside hands joined.
Couples facing couples all around circle.

Calls: 1. Circle to the left (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8)
2. Circle to the right
3. Right hands across (gentleman with gentleman, lady with lady)
4. Left hands across
5. Swing your opposite
6. Swing your partner
7. Forward and back
8. Forward and through

Note: All figures have eight beats. Call "1" before beginning dance,
and all other figures on 7th and 8th beat preceding change of motion,
Repeat indeTfnitely.

Pop Goes the Weasel

Music: the same

Formation: Triple circle facing counter-clockwise. The center person of
each trio joins right hands with the person on his right (both right hands
are joined) and left hands with the person on his left. The outside and
inside persons join free hands back of middle person and they keep them
joined throughout dance.

Words: "A penny for a spool of thread, a penny for a needle
That' s the way my money goes "Pop" goes the Weasel

Directions: Players skip around circle. On word "pop" middle person
pops under the joined and raised hands of the other two (he unclasps
his hands with his outside and inside person) and with hands extended
outward and skipping in place he waits for the two behind him to join him.
Repeat indefinitely. This is very stenuous.

Take A Look At The Northern Lights

Music: "Little Brown Jug";"Soldiers Joy", etc.

Formation: Single circle facing center gentlemen with lady to right
number off couples "even" and "odd" around the circle,

Calls: 1. The "even" couples out and lead to the right
2. Take a look at the Northern Lights
3. Into the Igloo-through the door
4. Clasp hands-clap all four
5. Out the Igloo, into the ring
6. Give your honey a great big swing
7. On to the next to the couple to the right
8. Take a look at the Northern Lights, etc.
Repeat from 3 indefinitely

Variation: Use as square dance with,lst, 2nd, 3rd, 4th couples leading
out consecutively.

Directions: All "even" couples walk to face couples to right. All couples
stand still, place hand over eyes and "look" at ceiling. "Odd" couples
form arch with their hands joined and raised and the "even" couples pass
under to stand on the outside circle. All couples clap own hands once-
then partner s hands once. "Even" couples return to inside of circle,
passing under arch formed by "Odd" couples. All swing partners. All "Even"
couples move to next couples-going to men's left (as they are now standing)
and repeat all. Repeat until back in original place in circle if group is
not too large. Then repeat with "Odd" couples in the center and moving.

Virginia Reel (modern version)

Music: Any music in 2/4 or 6/8 tempo; !ashington and Lee Sring, Turkey in
the Straw, etc.

Formation: Sets of six couples--partners facing each other about six feet
apart. Gentlemen on one side and ladies on the other.

Calls: 1. "Forward and back" or"gentleman bow and ladies curtsy"
(All walk to center of set, bow, curtsy, and walk backward
to place.)
2. "Right hand turn" or "Turn your partner with you right hand."
(All walk to center, join right hands, walk completely around
clockwise and walk backward to place.)
3. "Left hand turn" or "Turn your partner with you left hand."
(Repeat 2 with left hand)
4. "Two hand turn" (as stated)
5. Do-Si-Do right (fold arms about chest height, walk to meet
partner and pass right shoulder to right, and walk backward to
6. Do-Si-Do left (repeat 5, passing left shoulder to left)
7. Head couple slide to the foot and half way back" (Head couple
is the first couple--closest to caller) Join hands and slide
to the foot and back to center,
8. "Turn your partner with you right hand and opposites with left"
(Head couple drop hands--joining right hands--and turn a 3/4
turn so the man is facing the foot of the ladies line and the
lady is facing the head of the mants line. They now drop join-
ed hands and the lady proceeds to the gentleman standing at

head of set and turns him with left hands joined. She then
walks back to partner in center and turns him with right hands
joined, then goes to second man from head of set and turns with
left back to partner with right, etc.--continues until she
has turned all the men in the line with her left hand--altel-
nating right to partner. At the same time, the head gentleman
has been turning the ladies, beginning with the foot lady and
alternating left to ladies' line and right to partner. When
all have been turned, the head couple turns in the center so as
to be on own side.
9. "Lead Off" (All face forward the head man leads his line in
counter-march to foot of set and the head lady leads her line
to the foot--when they reach the foot.
10. "Form and Arch" and all come through in couples. (Head couple
forms arch by joining and raising both hands -- All other couples
pass under the arch and follow through -- the head couple stays
at the foot and now the 2nd couple is the new head couple.

Repeat from beginning until all couples have been head couple.


Do-Ci-Out and Do-Ci-In (a new version of "Two Little Sisters")

First couple balance and first couple swing
Lady leads out to the right of the ring
Two little sisters form a ring (ladies join both hands and circle
once around
Do-ci-out and do-ci-in (both ladies do-ci around own partners)
Sisters form that ring again (both ladies join hands and circle
once again to left)
Back to your partner and give him a swing
Three little sisters form a ring
Do-ci-out and Do-ci-in
Sisters form that ring again
Back to your partner and give him a swing
Four little sisters form a ring
Do-ci-out and Do-ci-in
Sisters form that ring again
Back to your partner and give him a swing
Everybody swing-swing--swing.
Repeat all, as above, with 2nd, 3rd and hth lady leading out

Harlem Rosette Music: Any good square dance record or selection

Formation: Single circle in couples number off 1's and 21s.

Calls: 1. First couples balance, first couple swing
2. Lead right out to the right of the ring
3. Veer to the right and hook with the left
4. Noi straighten your line and feel their heft
5. The girls duck under and face the set
6. And well all take a ride on the Harlem Rosette
7. Now break in the center, and ladies half chain
8. And circle four around the range
9. Break it up with a do-si-do
10. Lady go see--gent go so
11. Chicken in the bread tray kicking out dough
12. One more change and on you go.

Repeat with 2nd, 3rd, 1th couples leading out consecutively.

1. First couple balance and swing
2. First couple walks to face 2nd couple
3. Each couple moves to their right so the gentlemen are standing
side by side facing opposite directions with their own partners
on their right.
46 Couples walk away from each other, gradually coming into a hand
joined position instead of an elbow hooked position, They are
now spaced in a long line with each couple facing in opposite

5. The girls now walk forward, passing under the men's joined hands
and they both face about, joining their own free hands over the
men's joined hands.
6. Both couples circle, using the Buzz step, with all hands joined
as in 5S
7. All drop hands, ladies half chain (join right hands with each
other, walk to own partner and he turns them about with left
8. Both couples join hands and circle left
9.-12. Do-si-do.

Docey-doe (Southern Style) -- Couples circle left. Then dropping hands.
give left hand to partner, walk around and men pass to reach corner with
righth-ands. Walk around corner. Then left to partner and turn her with
a forward turn so that she stands to right.

Note: This procedure can continue with "partner with your left, corner
with your right, partner with your left, corner with your right" if the
Caller wishes. When he wants this to stop he says "One more change and
hold her tight and promenade boys, promenade home" -- or "One more change
and on to the next".

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry (Record: Windsor #7105)

Introduction: Everybody swing your corners, boys, swing 'em high and low
Swing the next girl down the line..,don't let her go
Now go back and swing your own, swing and swing and swing
Then you promenade your pretty girl around the ring.

First old couple lead to the right, circle four hands round
Leave her there, go on to the next--circle 3 hands round
Take that couple on with you and circle five hands round
Now leave those four and join the line of three--
The ladies chain across the hall, but don't return
Now chain down the line just watch 'em churn
Now chain again across that hall don't let 'em roam
Now chain the line and swing your honey home---
Allemende with your left hand and around the ring you go
It's a grand olet right and left boys, on a heel and toe
Vihen you meet that gal of yours, just do-se-do
Now promenade that pretty girl back home.
Directions: Introduction--as stated
Couple one goes to #2, circle 4 hands around one, Gent 1 leaves
his partner with couple #2 where they stand in line of 3 with lady
#1 close to home position. Man of couple 1 goes to couple 3 and
circles one around the man #1 drops left hand and takes in couple 4
to circle 5 hands just one Gent 1 leaves couple #3 and #4 in 4th
position in a line of 4 and crosses to line of 3 taking his place
in line at left of partner.
Ladies chain across the lines, then down the line then across the
lines and finally down the lines to partner. Swing in home position
with partner

All face corner, give them left hands and walk around to face own
partner--then all join right hands with partner and walk forward
to next person with left next to right, next with left then when
meeting own partner, walk around him-passing right shoulder to ii ghb
shoulder then all promenade home with own partners.

Repeat all with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th couple leading out consecutively,

Introduction and Fill In

1. Honor your partner -- the lady by your side --
2. All join hands and circle wide -
3. Break and trail single file, the lady in the lead the gent behind -
4. You swing yours and I'll swing mine -
5. All around your left hand lady -
6. See-saw your pretty little taw -
7. On your corner with your left hand and back to your partner with the
right and left grand -
8. Meet your partner aid promenade home. Promenade boys, promenade home,


1 Bow to partner bow to corner
2. All join hands and circle left
3. Drop hands, turn to face opposite direction and walk back home
4. Swing partner
5. While ladies step in opposite direction (sashay) the gents pass
behind their corner lady, going back to place
6. Repeat 5 with gents going behind their oTm partner, passing bchir.d
first and back to place
7. All face corner, give left hands and walk around to face partner
(allemande left) join right hands with partner and pass on (not
turning around) in grand right and left (see above)
8. When partners meet on opposite side of set they promenade home -
gents on inside partners to right.

Oh, Johnnyl Music: "Oh, Johnny!"

Formation: Single circle facing center

Calls: All join hands and circle the ring.
Stop where you are and everybody swing.
Now swing the girl behind you.
Swing your own, if you have time.
Allemande left on your corners all,
Dos-a-dos your own.
Then all promenade with that sweet corner maid,
Singing: "Oh, Johnny--Oh, Johnny--Oh!"

Repeat indefinitely or until you get your partner back.

"All join hands and circle the ring" Join hands and all circle to the left.
"Stop where you are nsd everybody swing," Waist swing your partner twice
ar found.

"Now swing the girl behind you." Waist swing your corner lady twice around.
"Swing your own, if you have time." VTaist swing your partner once around.
"Allemande left on your corners all," Swing your corner with your left hand,
"Dos-a-dos your owr". Pass right shoulders around your partner.
"All promenade with that sweet corner maid." Promenade your corner back
to your home position.

Roll the Barrel Music: Any good square dance melody


Single circle, couples facing center. Number off "Even" 'nd

Introduction: Use your own

Figure: 1.

Even couples lead right out to the right of the ring
And circle half-half way around
"Roll the barrel-Tap the keg"
"Save the oyster, break the egg"
"Open the book and write the check"
Turn inside out and on to the next,

Repeat all with 2nd, 3rd, 4th couples leading out consecutively

1. Even (2's) couple walk to face Odd couples joining hands
in circle
2. Circle left half way
3. Even couple takes two steps under raised joined hands of Odd
couple and back to place -- as in "Duck for the oyster"
4. Odd couples repeat 3
5. Even couples go under raised joined hands of Odd couple, break
hand hold (Even couples only) and go around the outside and
back to place. Odd couple keeps hands joined and turn under
own arch.
6. Even couple goes under arch again and on to the next. Odd
couple rings dish-rag.

Sally Goodin' Music: the same or any good square dance record.

Formation: Hollow square; number couples 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Note: Have each man point to lady in couple to right. She is "Sally
Goodint"; have each man point to partner. She is "Taw"; all men
point to lady across the hall-she is "The girl from Arkansas";
all men point to lady on left-she is "Old Grandma".

Calls: First gent out -- Swing Sally Goodin'
Now home you go and swing your Taw
Swing that girl from Arkansas
Swing Sally Goodin' (she's the first gal you swung)
Now your Taw
Now don't forget Ole Grandma
Home you go and everybody Swing

Repeat all with 2nd, 3rd and 4th gents leafing out consecutively. Then
have "All four gents" lead out at the same time.

Between each mants going out add a change nall such as:
Allemande left with your left hand and back to your partner with
the right and left grand. Meet your partner and promenade home.
Promenade boys--promenade homes

Sash.-r Four Music: "Ragtime Annie", "Turkey in the Straw:, etc.

Formation: Hollow square

1. First couple balance and first couple swing (wait four beats
for beginners)
2. Down the center and divide the ring, the lady go right and the
gent go left and stand four in a line -
3. Forward up four fall back four -
h. Sashay four to the right -
5. Forward up six fall back eight -
6. Forward up eight fall back six -
7. Sashay four to the right --
Repeat 3 4 5 6 7
8. Forward up four in the middle of the floor and circle four in
the middle of the floor
9. Swing your partner and home you go

Variation: (for 9) Break that circle with a docey do partners left -
corners right partners left corners right one more change
and hold her tight and
10. Promenade boys promenade home.

1. First couple face each other, take a step backward, bow then
step together and swing once around.
2. First couple pass dovm the center of the set and walk between
the 3rd couple. First lady goes to right, around men of 3rd
couple and 1st man goes to left around the lady of 3rd couple.
First couple stands beside 3rd couple with 3rd couple in center -
a line of four and hook elbows.
3. The "line" walks forward h steps and backward h steps.
l. The "four" sashay (slide) to position behind 4th couple and
free hands are joined with free hands of 4th couple (4th couple
have inside elbows locked),
5. The "Six" go forward 4 steps the couple "2" follow them as
they walk backward the 4 step,
6. The "eight" walk to second couple's position and the "six"
walk backward 4 steps while couple "2" stays home,
7. The "four" sashay to right to stand in couple #l's position.
Repeat 3 L 5 6 7
8. The "14" walk forward 4 steps, join hands to form a circle and
circle .o left,
9. Couple 1 and 3 swing partners and go "home."

Variation: Give partner left hand, turn completely around to face corner,
join right hands with corner and turn once to face partner left
to partner and man with forward turn places lady on his right or all
drop hands; ladies pass left shoulders and turn left to give left
hand to partner and balance of docey do would be the same as described

Take A Little Peek Music: Any good Square Dance



Single Circle. Couples facing center and numbered off "Even"
and "Odd" or 1 and 2's.

"Even couples out and lead to the right" (Evens walk to face odds
to right)
Around that couple you take a little peek (Even couples "peel" at
each other around and behind todd' couple)
"Back to the center and you swing your sweet" (All swing partners)
"Around that couple you peek once more" (repeat the 'peeping')
"Back to the center you circle four" (the two couples join hands
and circle to the left)
"Circle four and pass right thru and go on the same as you used to
(VIhen moving couple has circled around so as to be facing the dire
tion they will go to face next couple, they pass under the arch
formed by the other couple and walk to face the new couple)
Repeat all indefinitely


Texas Star Music: Any good square dance "Turkey in the Straw", etc.

Formation: Hollow Square

1. Ladies to the center and back to the bar
2. Gents to the center and form a star
With the right hands crossed "How do you do"
3. Now back with the left "Oh how are you"
4. Meet that pretty girl-pass her by and
Take the next girl on the sly
5. The ladies swing in and the gents swing out
6. Swing your partner and promenade home.
Repeat 3 times and all will have original partner.

1. Ladies walk into center of the square and back to place
2. Men go to center, join right hands forming a star and begin
moving clockwise
3. Men drop joined hands, face opposite direction, join left hands
forming a star and move counter-clockwise
4. Men pass own partner and keeping left hands joined in center -
join elbows with next lady and all continue moving counter-
clockwise as a "double star".
5. Men drop joined left hands and swing ladies forward to center
and the ladies join right hands in center, forming a star and
the "double star" moves clockwise.
6, All drop hands, man swings his new partner (the lady with whom
he had his elbow joined) and all men promenade to their original
position. Repeat all 3 times.


Teaching Them to Drive


First, you see your car is out of gear
How? by this gear shift lever here
HOW CAN I TELL? Well, feel it, SEE
The thing is as simple as can be.

To learn to drive the auto, dear
First put the lever into gear,
Then push your left foot in like this,
That's fine, NOW teacher gets a kiss,


Now step upon the starter, so;
Great Scottil You'll tear it all apart
If you don't take your foot off quick,
The second that it gives a kick

Now step upon the starter, so;
That makes the precious engine go -
Now let your left foot back like this,
Good Teacher gets another kiss.


Now throw your clutch For goodness sakel! -
Your clutchill Your clutch! NOT YOUR BRAKEJ
Why? Cause I tell you to, THAT'S WHY.
There, Now you needn't start to cry.

Upon the gas you now must step
That fills the engine full of pep.
THAT'S GREAT.! You are a clever miss.
Now teacher gets another kiss.


Now pull this lever into low
Step on the gas and start off slow
LOOK OUTj You almost hit the fence
Here Let me drive. YOU'VE GOT NO SENSE.

Now change to second. Now to high
You can do it just as good as I,
Now stop the car right here and then -
We'll do the lesson once again.

The Mirror Stunt
~- ~-----

A man acts as a mirror for a girl. She dresses herself, beginning with
hose, and finishing with making up her face. The tiMirror" faces the
audience and is elevated about one foot so all can see the motions, The
girl faces the man and the man imitates every movement of the girl.