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Title: Inventory of industrial advantages
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General Note: Issued separately for Florida cities in cooperation with local chambers of commerce and varied agencies.
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Saint Lucio County

Table of Contents


Part A---Natural Resources

1. Geography 2
2. Climate 2
3. Local Rawu Iatorials 2

Part D---General Economy

1. Population 2
2. Labor 2
3. Retail iiarkot 2
4. Manufacturing Industries 3
5. General Remarks on Economy 3

Part C---Government

1. Administration 4
2. Finances 4

Part D---Cominunity Facilities

1. Available Data 4
2. Transportation Facilities 4
3. Poor 5
4. Fuel 5
5. Sovago and lTasto Disposal 5
6. 1'ator Supply 5
7. Conmunications Facilities 5
8. Educational Facilities 6
9. Health Facilities 6
10. Recreational Facilities 6
11. Police Protection 6
12. Fire Protection 6
13. City Streets 6
14. Banking Facilities 7
15. Construction and Service Facilities 7
16. Retail Facilities 7
17. Wholosalo Facilities 7
18. Housing Conditions 7
19. Hotels and Restaurants 7
20. iNespapers 7
21. Radio Stations 7
22. Laundries and Dry Cleaners 7
23. Civic Organizations 8
24. Churches 8

Prepared By:

Community Center
Fort Pierce, Florida


Tallahassee, Florida




Part A---Iatural Resources

1. Geography

Location: Fort Pierce is on the lower East Coast of Florida, on the Intra-
coastal Waterway and only a short distance from the Atlantic Ocean. It is
226 miles southeast of Jacksonville and 124 miles north of Miami.

Chief topographical features: Flat. City is bordered by the Indian River on
the east and is crossed by two creeks and canals. Elevation, five to 25 feet.

2. Climate

(Based on U. S. -eather Bureau observations at Fort Pierce.)

Annual January Anril July October

Normal temperature 73.7 65.0 72.5 81.6 76.8
Normal rainfall 49.8 2.88 2.86 5.50 6.90

Growing season: In a 38-year period, the U. S. Weather Bureau recorded kill-
ing frosts in spring in only eleven years and in fall in only six years.

3. Local Raw Material

Timber: Pine and tropical woods are available five to 25 miles from town.
lMullins Saumill and Thompson Saymill are the principal producers. Several
small portable mills also operate in the vicinity.

Minerals: Rutile, zircon and ilmenite are available but deposits were not
being worked at the time of this survey.

Agricultural products: Approximately 40,000 acres of citrus, 32,000 acres
bearing; approximately 15,600 acres of vegetables. mangoess, avocadoes, pine-
apples and related tropical fruits and bulbs are also raised in commercial

Other: Fish (2,161,248 pounds in 1948) and other seafood caught for local
consumption and for shipping in considerable quantities.

Part B---General Economy

1. Population

Est. 19A9 194 19 21 1930

County total 22,000 12,958 11,871 9,044 7,057
City total 16,000 9,482 8,040 6,376 4,083
Negroes in county 7,300 4,724 4,079 3,233 1,797
Negroes in city 5,500 4,223 2,378 --

*Estimate of R. L. Polk c& Company as of Ilarch 1949.
Predominant nationalities: Native-born white, Negro, German and Scandanavian,

2. Labor

Unions: Citrus workers and construction workers are represented by A. F. of
L. unions.

Female employment: Approximately 551 of total employment is female. Approx-
imately 1,375 women are employed in manufacturing industries.

Approximate hourly wages: Unskilled male, 600; i~nskilled female, 550; semi-
skilled male, 750; semi-skilled female, 650; skilled male, 01.12-~ $1.37;
skilled female, ,1. Skilled building trades workers, $1.87-.

General: Employment slumps during the summer but is usually at a high level
the balance of the year. High quality workers are available due to climatic

3. Retail Market

General: Fort Pierce serves Stuart, Vero Beach, Okeechoboe and intermediate
areas as the retail trade center.




3. Retail Mlarket (Cont.)

1947 Effective Buying Incone per family in city, $4,550; in county, $4,139.*
1947 Estimated total retail sales in city, $12,357,000; in county,
1947 Estimated retail food store sales in city, 03,240,000; in county,
1947 Estimated retail general merchandise store sales in city, $1,107,000; in
county, 01,107,000.*
1947 Estimated retail drug store sales in city, $436,000; in county, $436,000.*

*Copyright 1948, SALES iL~iIAGE.EilT Survey of Buying Power. Further reproduction
not licensed.

IIanufacturing Industries

General: Total number of manufacturing establishments, 40; total
played at all manufacturing plants, 1,400.

Manufacturing and processing industries:

Name Products

Sunrise Products Co.
Tree Sweet Products Co.
Cherokee Products Co.
Ideal Holding Go.
General Machine & Supply
Glomaster Neon
Drainage Machinery & Supply
NACO Fertilizer
Sunrise Tractor
Taylor-iunnell Machine Torks
Um. C. Troy Air Conditioning
Gulleyts Auto Body Shop
Smith Awning & Tent Mfg.
Bell Bakeries, Inc.
Equipment Sales & Service
Fort Pierce Boat Co.
Fort Pierce Coca Cola Bottling Co.
Kist Bottling Co.
Sunrise Lumber Co.
East Coast Lumber & Supply
Rinker, Inc.
Fort Pierce Cement Tile &
Septic Tank Co.
Fort Pierce Ice & Cold Storage
Hows-Tribune Printing Co.
Service Printing Co.
Peerless Ice Cream
Van's Ice Cream
Ross Barrell Co.
Fort Pierce Armature Co.
Ihunsco Hills, Inc.
Growers Fertilizer Co.
Indian River Guano Co.
Truaman Fertilizer
Fort Pierce Glass & Mirror
Economy Roofing & Shoot Metal
B & B Machine Shop
Bill Hart Hachine Shop
Gilson Slide Rule Co.

Clomonzi Concrete Pipe Co.
Freshwater-Smith IMachine Co.

number em-

Citrus, vegetable canners
Citrus, vegetable canners
Citrus, vegetable canners
Vegetable canners
Steel fabrication
Advertising signs
Farm equipment & repairs
Farm equipment & repairs
Farm equipment & repairs
Farm equipment, special tractors &repairs
Commercial air conditioning
holdingg and steel work
Awnings and tents
Bread, cakes, etc.
Irrigation equipment
Ilotor boats
Soft drinks
Soft drinks
Wood products & concrete blocks
I7ood products & concrete blocks
Concrete products

Septic tank manufacturers
Commercial ice
Commercial printing
Commercial printing
Ice 8roam
Ice cream
.Electrical equipment
Glass products
Ilotal work
Stool work
Stool work & blacksmithy
Slide rules & calculators (mailing address
Stuart, Florida.)
Concrete Pipe

General Remarks on Economy

Fort Pierce, surrounded by a productive back-country, is served by air, rail,
highway and water transportation, including the deep water port and the intra-
coastal waterway. City has two excellent beaches, neither of which has boon
developed to a considerable degree. A big tourist potential is as yet unox-
ploited. Fort Pierce has rated as high as fourth nationally in per capital
purchases of nationally advertised goods. It is the county seat of Saint
Lucio County.


Part C---Government

1. Administration

Type: Comr-ission-llanager.

Officials: ilayor, Frank Fee; City lHanager, Howard Stanton; City Attorney,
J. I. Sample.

Special departments: The city has an active building inspector, electrical
inspector, plumbing inspector, zoning board and street department.

Zoning: The city has a zoning ordinance.

2. Finances
Current city tax rate: Operations; 10 mills; debt service, 122- mills.

Average city tax rate for last five years: Operations, 4.6 mills; debt
service, 19- mills.

City basis of assessment: 100l of actual value.

Total assessed value of real property in city: 1$6,7S3,635.

City license tax on manufacturing plant: $25 to $150, depending on the nature
of the business. Schedule may be obtained from City Clerk.

City utility tax: 10.

Other major city taxes: Business licenses.

Current county tax rate: Operations, 27.15 mills; debt service, 1.2 mills.

Special district: The special district tax rate on property in the city is
17.10 mills.

Bonded debt: City, $'3,500,000; county, 0 (except road bonds being liquidated
by county's share of State gasoline tax).

Other long-term obligations: City, self-liquidating light and water bonds;
county, 0.
Part D---Community Facilities

1. Available Data

laps: City streets, zoning, tax district, port and harbor, intracoastal
waterway and county railroad maps are available.

Reports: Reports on development of city and county in conjunction with port
development are available at the Chamber of Corimerce.

2. Transportation Facilities,

Railroads: Fort Pierce is served by a Florida East Coast Railway main line
and branch line. The railroad has daily passenger and freight service. Pick-
up and delivery service is available for less than carload freight.

Express: Railway Express Agency, Inc., provides rail express service. Free
pick-up and delivery service is available for express. Air express is
available from Voro Doach.

Highway: U. S. Highway 1 and Florida Highways A-l-A, 60 and 70 pass through
Fort Pierce.

Local bus service: Ton buses are used to provide local bus transportation.

Intercity bus services Florida Greyhound has 40 buses daily through Fort




2. Transportation Facilities (Cont.)

Intercity trucking facilities: Flamingo Truck Lines and Great Southern Truck-
ing Company provide nationwide service. Hiami and Jacksonville are the
principal cities that can be reached by an overnight truck haul.

Air: Fort Pierce Airport, privately-operated, is 2- miles from city. The
field has 8,400 square feet of hangar space and throe runways, ranging from
2,200 foot to 2,700 foot in length. The field is open to private planes.
Charter cross country flights are offered. Scheduled connorcial air trans-
portation is available from Voro Beach, 15 miles away. Saint Lucio County
Airport, three miles from the city, has paved runways 5,000 feet long.

3. Power

The City of Fort Pierce owns and operates the generating and distribution
facilities. Copies of rate schedule can be obtained from the City Electric
Department. Florida Power and Light Company also serves part of the county.

4. Fuel

Coal: Coal is not used in this section.

Gas: Neither natural nor artificial gas is available.

Bottled gas: Several companies distribute liquefied petroleum. Delivered
cost is 250-300 per gallon,

Other: Kerosene and wood are available for fuel.

5. Senage and 7aste Disposal

Sewage: Combination storm and sanitary sewers are installed. Sewage is
piped into the river and ocean. City plans to spend approximately '2,000,000
for repairs, expansion and disposal plant. Present system is financed by

Industrial waste disposal: Liquids go into the river. Other wastes are
dumped outside the city.

Garbage: Garbage is collected twice weekly in the residential sections and
daily in the business district.

6. Water Supnly

Sources: pollss and savannas. Present source is considered adequate for en-

Treatment: Chlorinated and filtered,

Consumption: 1,700,000 gallons per day.

Pumping capacity: 3,500,000 gallons per day.

Rate: Rate schedules can be obtained at City 7antor Department.

Chemical analysis: Total hardness, 35.5 p.p.m.

7. Communications Facilities

Telephone service: Southern Doll Telephone and Telegraph Company operates a
manual exchange serving 2,819 company-owned stations, 87 rural stations and
46 toll circuits.

Telegraph service: ;ostcrn Union has office hours of 7:45 a.m. to 10:45 p.m.
on weekdays and 9 to 11 a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m. on Sundays and holidays.




8. Educational Facilities


Number of schools 3 1
Present enrollment 1,255 817


Number of schools 2 1
Present onrollnont 996 191

Vocational training for white students: Vocational agriculture, home
economics, industrial arts and band instruction.

Vocational training for Negro students: Vocational agriculture, home
economics, and industrial arts.

Other schools: Saint Anastasia Parochial School.

Libraries: Fort Pierce Library, 10,170 volumes.

9. Health Facilities

City health department: Staff of one doctor. Does not operate a clinic.

County health department: Supervising medical doctor, throe nurses, sanitary
officer, one clinic aid and one clerk. Operates general clinic.

Hospitals: Fort Pierce Iemorial Hospital, a public general hospital, has
60 beds.

10. Recreational Facilities

* Public parks: Seventh Street; Pinowood, tennis, deer run; Riverside; Eighth
Street; Goodrin Botanical, barbecue pits; Lylo-Gliddon Ilonorial; City Beach,
and County Boach (Negro).

Athletic fields: Jaycee Field, has football and baseball facilities, showers,
lockers and stands. High school has lighted ball field.

Other: Tennis courts, yacht basins, Community Conter and shuffleboard.

11. Police Protection

City: Force consists of 15 policemen. City has throe police cars, with
radio equipment. Patrolmen arc uniformed. Regular beats aro maintained at

County: Police protection is furnished outside the city by the Sheriff and
three salaried deputies, all of whom have privatoly-onned, radio equipped
cars, used on county mileage allowance. City police are available on call.

12. Fire Protection

City: Force consists of 9 full-time and 42 volunteer firemen. City has
five engines and one station.

Insurance rating: SEAU, Class 2; NBFU, Class 6.

County: Throe tank trucks, furnished by the county, are available for fire
protection outside the city.

13. City Streets

Hileago: Total, 72 miles; paved, 45 miles; gravelled or marled, 13 miles.



13. City Streets (Cont.)

General: Concrete topped with asphalt is the principal type of pavement.
About 36% of the streets are curbed and approximately 57% have sidewalks.
All of the streets should be rebuilt or extensively repaired during the next
five years.

14. Banking Facilities

Name Total Resources

St. Lucio County Bank 08,712,878.40
Florida Bank at Fort Pierce $3,248,422.37
First Federal Savings and Loan Association $1,307,940.76

15. Construction and Service Facilities

Type and number: General contractors, 7; architects, 3; land survoyDr,^g;
general machine shops, 3; machine repair facilities, 3; foundries, 0;
automotive repair facilities, 12; consulting engineers, 3 civil.

16. Retail Facilities

Type and number: Dry goods stores, 6; department stores, 3; grocery stores,
18 white, 13 colored; drug stores, 5; clothing, mons, women's, children's,15;
mail order stores, 2.

Parking: City has 275 parking motors and three parking lots.

Vacant stores: There wore two vacant stores in the business district at the
time of this survey.

17. Uholosalo Facilities

General: Fort Pierce is considered the wholesale distribution center for the
area. The State Farmers Harkot operates special markets in the city. Commer-
cial cold storage facilities are available and adequate. Commercial freezing
facilities are available and adequate.

18. Housing Conditions

General: Rental accommodations are available, except during the winter season.
Residential construction, including duplex and multiple unit residences and
beach property, is under way.

19. Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels: Number, 8; rooms, 384.

Restaurants: Number, 28.

Cafeterias: Number, 1.

20. Newsaapors

Daily: News-Tribune, circulation, 3,600.

21. Radio Stations

Station VIRA, broadcasts with power of 250 watts.

22. Laundries and Dry Cleaners

Commercial laundries: Number, 2.

Laundrottos: Number, 3.

Commercial dry cleaners: Number, 5.



23, Civic Organizations

Organization and name of president: Chamber of Commerce, H. H. Boyd; Lions
Club, Edgar Kirby; Kivanis Club, James Harrison; Rotary Club, W. H. Boyd
Business & Professional 'lonments Club, Mrs. S. P. van Landingham; 7oman's
Club, Hiss Gwendolyn Jones; Junior Chamber of Commerce, Charles R. P. Brown.

24. Churches

Denominations: Baptist, Catholic, Christian, Christian Science, Episcopal,
Hiothodist and Presbyterian.

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