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Title: Inventory of industrial advantages
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General Note: Issued separately for Florida cities in cooperation with local chambers of commerce and varied agencies.
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DeSoto County

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

MAR 4 9

Part A---Natural Resources

Local Raw Materials

Part Br--General Economy

1. Population
2. Labor
3. Retail Market
4. Manufacturing Industries
5. New Industries
6. General Remarks on Economy

Part C---Government

1. Administration
2. Finances

Part D---Community Facilities



Available Data
Transportation Facilities
Sewage and Waste Disposal
Water Supply
Communications Facilities
Educational Facilities
Health Facilities
Police Protection
Fire Protection
City Streets
Banking Facilities
Construction and Service Facilities
Retail Facilities
Wholesale Facilities
Housing Conditions
Hotels and Restaurants
Laundries and Dry Cleaners
Civic Organizations

Prepared By:

Arcadia, Florida


311 North Calhoun Street
Tallahassee, Florida

-assisted by-

Miami 30, Florida



Part A---Natural Resources

1. Geography

Location: Arcadia is in South Florida, 85 miles southeast of Tampa and 176
miles northwest of Miami.

Chief topographical features: Flat. Peace River runs through west side of
city. Elevation at center of city, 60 feet.

2. Climate

(Based on U. S. Weather Bureau records for a 41-year period.)

Annual January April July October

Normal temperature 72.8 63.0 72.1 81.6 75.1
Normal rainfall 50.16 2.19 2.19 7.64 3.79

Growing season: Usual date of last killing frost in spring, February 4;
usual date of first killing frost in fall, December 18; average length of
growing season, 311 days.

3. Loeal Raw Materials

Timber: Longleaf pine, cypress and sweet gum are available throughout the
county. D. H. George, E. M. McIver, J. L. Newton and G. M. Rodgers operate
saw mills.

Minerals: Sand aggregate is available one mile from town. Road building clay
is available three to ten miles from town. Pebble rock phosphate was formpr-
ly produced along the Peace River. The supply is not believed to be

Agricultural products: Citrus is the principal agricultural product.
Approximately 1,500,000 boxes are produced in the county each year. About
500 acres are planted in general truck crops.

Other: (Yearly average) Range cattle, 40,000 head; hogs, 3,000 head; daity
cattle, 300 head; milk, 219,000 gallons; cream, 325 gallons; chickens,
50,000; eggs, 104,000 dozen.

Part B---General Economy

1. Population

Est. 1948* 15 1940 19 1930

County total 9,350 6,854 7,792 8,170 7,745
City total 5,448 4,456 4,055 4,077 4,082
Negroes in county 1,698 1,437 1,593 1,492 1,497
Negroes in city 1,237 1,161 1,142

*Local estimates, based on city and county records.

Predominant nationalities: Native-born white, Negro.

2. Labor

Unions: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers represents electri-
cal workers employed by Florida Power and Light Company and Inter-County
Telephone Company. The Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners has a local
in Arcadia.

Female employment: Approximately 30%o of total employment is female. Approx-
imately 1,000 women are employed in industries during the citrus packing and
canning season.


2. Labor (Cont.)

Approximate hourly wages: Unskilled male, 650; unskilled female, 550;
skilled male, $1.25. No women are employed in skilled trades. There is no
differential in the wages of white and Negro workers of equal skill.

3. Retail Market

General: Arcadia is the retail trade center for DeSoto County.

1947 Effective Buying Income per family in county, $3,656.*
1947 Estimated total retail sales in county, $5,765,000.*
1947 Estimated retail food store sales in county, $1,792,000.*
1947 Estimated general merchandise store sales in county, $268,000.*
1947 Estimated retail drug store sales in county, $211,000.*

*Copyright 1948, SALES MANAGEMENT Survey of Buying Power. Further repro-
duction not licensed.

4. Manufacturing Industries

General: Number of manufacturing establishments, 9, total manufacturing
employment, 680.

Principal manufacturing industries: Arcadia Novelty Works, jellies, jams,
marmalades; Bishop Manufacturing Company, power mowers, lawn sprinklers;
Christ Building Supply, doors, sashes, cabinet work; City Ice and Fuel
Company, ice; Coca-Cola Bottling Works, carbonated beverages; DeSoto Canning
Company, canned citrus juice, jellies; DeSoto Chemical Company, roach hives;
Gar-Park Cattle Squeeze, cattle brakes; Nocatee Crate Company, fruit and
vegetable containers.

5. New Industries

General: A shirt manufacturing plant began operations on July 12, 1948.

6. General Remarks on Economy

Arcadia has a prosperous, diversified economy.

Part C--Government

1. Administration

Note: The 1947 Florida Legislature revoked the charter of the City of
Arcadia and created the "Arcadia Municipal District". For all practical
purposes, the municipal district is functioning as an incorporated city.

Type: Mayor-Council.

Officials: Mayor, S. C. Smith; City Recorder, C. E. Gibson; City Attorney,
George Leitner.

Special departments: The city has an active building inspector, electrical
inspector, plumbing inspector, street and sanitary department and water

Zoning: City has a zoning ordinance in effect.

2. Finances

Current city tax rate: Operations, 15 mills, debt service, 25 mills.

Average city tax rate for last five years: Operations, 18 mills; debt
service, 21 mills.

City basis of assessment: 100% of actual value.

Total assessed value of real property in city: $1,221,041.



2. Finances (Cont.)

City license tax on manufacturing plant: $10 $25.

City utility tax: 10%.

Other major city taxes: Garbage collection fee, $1 per month.

Current county tax rate: Operations, 27.3 mills; debt service, .7 mills.

Average county tax rate for last five years: Operations, 20.79 mills; debt
service, 1.31 mills.

Special district: Property within the city is subject to special district
taxes of 33- mills.

Bonded debt: City, $1,381,000; county, $845,000 (as of September 1947).

Other long-term obligations: City, $31,000 (water revenue certificates);
county, 0.

Part D---Community Facilities

1. Available Data

Maps: City street, trunk water main, trunk sewer and zoning maps are avail-
able at the city office. Power distribution system map is available at
Florida Power and Light Company office.

Reports: Booklet on city and county is distributed by Chamber of Commerce,

2. Transportation Facilities

Railroad: Arcadia is on main lines of both the Seaboard Air Line Railroad
and the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. Both railroads have daily passenger
and freight service. Pick-up delivery service is available for less than
carload freight.

Express: Railway Express Agency, Inc., provides rail express service.
Direct air express service is not available. Free pick-up and delivery
service is available for express.

Highway: U. S. Highway 17 and Florida Highways 31, 70 and 72 pass through

Local bus service: None.

Intercity bus service: Tamiami Trailways has eight buses daily through

Intercity trucking facilities: Tamiami Trail Tours provides statewide
trucking service. All cities in Florida east of Tallahassee can be reached
by an overnight truck haul.

Air: Arcadia Municipal Airport is 1 miles from town. It has 3,750 square
feet of hangar space and five runways, the longest of which is 3,300 feet.
The field is open to private planes. Charter cross-country flights are
available. Scheduled commercial air transportation is not available.

3. Power

General: Arcadia is served by the interconnected system of Florida Power
& Light Company. Copies of rate schedules can be obtained at the company's

4. Fuel

Coal: Coal is not used in this section, except by railroads.


0 0

4. Fuel (Cont.)

Gas: Neither artificial nor natural gas is available.

Bottled gas: Davis Hardware Company distributes propane rated at 98,000
B.t.u. per gallon. Delivered cost is $10 per 100 pounds. Green's Fuel
Company distributes butane rated at 102,000 B.t.u. per gallon. Delivered
cost is 300 per gallon for first 10 gallons, 289 per gallon for next 50
gallons, and 220 per gallon for all over 60 gallons.

5. Sewage and Waste Disposal

Sewage: Both storm and sanitary sewers empty into Peace River. Sewage is
not treated.

Industrial waste disposal: Industries use private dump grounds to dispose
of waste. City does not have an ordinance on industrial waste disposal.

Garbage: Garbage is collected daily in business section and twice weekly
in residential section.

6. Water Supply

Operator: City.

Source: Stream and wells. Present source is considered adequate for

Treatment: Ammoniation, aeration, coagulation, sedimentation, chlorination,
filtration, mixed, softened and treated to reduce taste and odor.

Consumption: 750,000 gallons per day.

Pumping capacity: 1,000,000 gallons per day.

Chemical analysis: Chemical analysis is not available.


Per 1,000 Gallons
First 8,000 gallons, $2.20 minimum ---
Next 67,000 gallons .20
Next 525,000 gallons .16
For customers using over 600,000 gallons per month,
a straight rate of 10 per 1,000 gallons will apply.

7. Communications Facilities

Telephone service: Inter-County Telephone and Telegraph Company operates a
manual exchange.

Telegraph service: Western Union has office hours of 8:30 a.m. to noon and
1 to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays and 9 to 11 a.m. and 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. on Sundays
and holidays.

8. Educational Facilities

Elementary High*

Number of schools 2 1
Present enrollment 665 280
Present capacity 800 400



8. Educational Facilities (Cont.)

Elementary High*


Number of schools 1 1
Present enrollment 258 73
Present capacity 400 150

*Grades 1-8 are classified as elementary and grades 9-12 are classified as
high school.

Vocational training for white students: Shorthand, typing, bookkeeping, home
economics and industrial arts.

Vocational training for Negro students: Home economics.

Library: Woman's Club Library, 6,800 volumes.

9. Health Facilities

City health department: Staff of one doctor. Assists with district clinic
of State Board of Health.

County health department: Staff of one doctor, one sanitary officer, one
nurse, and one secretary. Assists with district clinic of State Board of

Hospital: Arcadia General Hospital, a private general hospital, has 27 beds,

10. Recreational Facilities

Public parks: Municipal Park has tennis and shuffleboard courts.

Athletic fields: Municipal Athletic Field has baseball diamond and football

Other: Recreational Youth Center Building, lighted softball diamond and
shuffleboard courts.

11. Police Protection

City: Force consists of four policemen. City has one police car, without
radio equipment. Patrolmen are uniformed. Regular beats are maintained at
night. City jail is approved for quartering Federal prisoners.

County: Sheriff's office, with staff of three persons, provides protection
outside city. County jail is approved for quartering Federal prisoners,

12. Fire Protection

City: Force consists of one full-time and 12 volunteer firemen;. City has
two engines and one station.

Insurance rating: SEAU, Class 2; NBFU, Class 7.

County: No fire protection is available outside city.

13. City Streets

Mileage: Total, 32 miles; paved, 16 miles; gravelled, 0.

General: Clay base with asphalt top is the principal type of surfacing used,
100% of the streets are curbed and about 80% have sidewalks. About 12 miles
of streets should be rebuilt or extensively repaired during the next five



14. Banking Facilities

General: DeSoto National Bank of Arcadia, total resources, $3,741,868.

15, Construction and Service Facilities

Type and number: General contractors, 3; architects, 0; land surveyors, 1;
general machine shops, 2; machine repair facilities, 2; foundries, 0;
automotive repair facilities, 8; consulting engineers, 0.

16. Retail Facilities

Type and number: Dry goods stores, 5; department stores, 0; grocery stores,
15; drug stores, 3.

Parking: City has 135 parking meters and no parking lots.

Vacant stores: There were three vacant stores in the business district at
the time of this survey.

17. Wholesale Facilities

General: Arcadia is the wholesale distribution center for this area. Special
markets are operated for the sale of livestock and citrus. Commercial cold
storage, commercial freezing and public warehousing facilities are not

Deficiencies: A wholesale meat processing plant and a wholesale grocery
business are needed.

18. Housing Conditions

General: Apartments are available but at least 75 additional homes are

19. Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels: Number,3; rooms, 150.

Restaurants: Number,5; seating capacity, 250.

20. Newspapers

Weekly: The Arcadian, circulation, 2,100.

21. Laundries and Dry Cleaners

Commercial laundries: Number, 2.

Commercial dry cleaners: Number,3.

22. Civic Organizations

Organization and name of president: DeSoto County Chamber of Commerce,
Jack Dozier; Kiwanis, Lewis Ambler; Rotary, C. E. Adams.

23. Churches:

All principal denominations except Hebrew are represented.


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