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Florida's 7
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by FPA

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Bradenton Beach commission reviews, fires clerk
By Merab-Michal Favorite newest city employees hired by Mayor Bill certificate and whether she really understood
EEE O Islander Reporter Shearon with consensus from the commis- Florida law," Perry said.
COAL The city of Bradenton Beach is looking sion. Both started work Jan. 16. Only four of the five city officials subAsTheWorld Terns kick for a new city clerk after the commission on Anderson left the commission meeting in mitted evaluations. off campaigns. Page 6 June 19 voted 3-2 to dismiss Jamie Anderson tears after the mayor reluctantly announced Perry also said some of the anonymous from her post. her immediate termination, evaluations criticized Anderson's manageAnderson was one of Commissioner Janie Robertson and ment of the city's computer services, which
The government calen- two department heads the Mayor Bill Shearon opposed the decision, resulted in a loss of more than $4,000 for
dar. Page 4 commission evaluated but were outnumbered 3-2. the city, and also her management of her one
during a meeting that day City attorney Ricinda Perry, who ana- employee, deputy city clerk Tammy JohnHR commissioner at city hall. lyzed the commissioner's evaluations, son.
cleared on ethics com- Shelia Dalton, city said there were several concerns regarding Robert Lincoln, the attorney representplaint. Page 5 Anderson treasurer, received a posi- Anderson's performance. ing ELRA Inc., Ed Chiles' BeacHhouse restive evaluation, resulting in "There were questions as to whether taurant corporate entity, accused Johnson of tenure with the city. she had become a notary, where she was deleting city emails, which are public records
The Islander editorial. Dalton and Anderson were the two in regards to her Florida Clerk Association PLEASE SEE BB CLERK, PAGE 2 Reader letters. Page 6


"Pae7Page 7'

Holiday parking discussion. Page 8 Holmes Beach

has mayoral,
Pages 10-1 commission

Bradenton Beach challengers
threatened with pier
bidding lawsuits. By Jennifer Glenfield
Page 12 Islander Reporter
Like a bell ringing to signal the end of
Center losses verified, the school day, qualifying for elections in
Page 15 the three Anna Maria Island municipalities
came to a close at noon on June 20.
A U.S. Coast Guard crew serving at Station Cortez load an injured loggerhead turtle And unlike some past elections, Anna rB cell tower con- found offshore on a stretcher June 15for a ride to Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota Maria, Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach struction underway. for treatment at Mote's sea turtle hospital. See more: Page 13 have races for nearly all seats.
Page 16 The Holmes Beach November municipal

Top Notch election will see a challenge to the two commissioners up for re-election and a commisWeek 1 sioner stepping down to run for mayor, also
Winner facing a challenger.
One-term CommisRotary 4-Way winners Sand, su sioners Judy Titsworth and
essay. Page 17 and a smile Marvin Grossman have

ir l Heather Childers of each qualified to run for
Page 18. Wildwood wins this re-election. Key Royale
week's Top Notch resident Andy Sheridan
AtI soccer upsets. judging with a pho- Zaccagnino also qualified to run for a
Page 22 tograph of Charlee commission seat, narrowly
Childers, a sandy beating the bell at the June

HOT! surfer. Childers wins 0 20 cutoff.
area an Islander "More- The mayoral race will
fishing. Than-a Mullet-Wrap- see nine-year CommisPage 23 per" T-shirt and sioner David Zaccagnino
entry in the newspa- Johnson face-off against political
si d iz per's grand-prize Top newcomer Bob Johnson.
Notch contest. For Johnson is the chair of the charter review
Pages24-2 more informationsumr committee.
Pae 2 about the sumr acgioannounced his bid formao
+ + ,time contest, go to in May. His run for mayor comes half-way
Eat Here SRQ rolls page 9. through his fifth term as commissioner and
into World of Beer he was required to resign his commission
openings and more. seat.

2E0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
under Florida law, and further blamed Anderson for City clerk Jamie
covering it up. Anderson reads a
He also said Anderson would ignore or delay public statement defending
records requests, however Anderson has maintained her employment with
that any delay was the result of the computer's email the city before her
system, which was functioning intermittently. dismissal by a 3-2
After Anderson's departure from the meeting at vote. City treasurer
city hall, city attorney Ricinda Perry read a statement I i~~Sheila Dalton, in
on Anderson's behalf. the backgroun, was
"Due to the atmosphere of the city, I don't believe retained in her position
I was given a fair chance to shine," Anderson wrote. as treasurer. Islander
"This office has been unfairly under attack since the Photo: Merab-Michal
day I arrived." Favorite
Perry said Anderson felt many of the evaluations
unfairly compared her to Nora Idso, the former city
clerk who performed duties of the city clerk, city treasurer, served as the head of two departments and supervised eight employees. Idso died June 9.
"The city has gone through pain-staking steps to
split that job up at the recommendation of the mayor,
who correctly identified problems associated with for lack of a second. fled replacement.
uncompartmentalized departments." Perry told com- Commissioner Jack Clarke motioned to dismiss "Obtaining a new city clerk is a two month promissioners. Anderson. Commissioner Jan Vosburgh seconded cess," Shearon said. "That's if everything goes as
Anderson said she spent her time trying to remold the motion and it passed with Ed Straight as the third planned. "
the position and change procedures as issues came to vote. The commission unanimously approved overher attention. "The city has provided Ms. Anderson a fair and time hours within the clerk's office, advertising for
Robertson, who along with Shearon voted against effective adjustment period for this employee to the vacant city position and granted the mayor the the termination, said she felt the evaluations were pre- become familiar with her position," Clarke said. "This authority to hire a part-time employee in the interim mature because both employees have been "barely on commission has observed and evaluated Ms. Anderson to greet people at the reception window and possibly the job for five months." and has determined she should be dismissed as being deal with public records requests.
"The amount of work that was given to Ander- unsatisfactory in her performance." Clarke recommended a selection process for the
son barely gave her a chance to breathe," Robertson Dalton's positive evaluation resulted in full-time new hires similar to the evaluation process, where each stated. employee status, including benefits and a $5,000 per commissioner anonymously chooses three applicants,
Robertson suggested tabling the evaluations and year raise. their choices are discussed at a meeting, followed by a
revisiting the results for both employees at a later Both Anderson and Dalton were paid $50,000 vote based on a ranking matrix. date. annually. The two positions will be advertised for two weeks
However, Perry said that if the commission tabled on the city website at www.cityofbradentonbeach.
the decision, Anderson would receive permanent Next steps for clerk's office com.
employee status July 14 by default. Following Anderson's dismissal, the commission MORE: To review the evaluations submitted by the
Shearon recommended Anderson be retained, Rob- voted unanimously to appoint Johnson as temporary city commission and mayor, go online to www.islander. ertson supported the mayor's motion. However it died city clerk until the city can advertise and hire a quali- org.

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Island law enforcement readies for July 4 revelers
By Rick Catlin holidays." In Holmes Beach, Police Chief Bill Tokajer said
Islander Reporter Davis said he and his deputies wish everyone a he would have all officers available for duty July 4
Holidays are busy times on Anna Maria Island as happy July 4, but not to do anything illegal such as and they would pay special attention to illegal parkbeachgoers flock to enjoy the sand, sun and surf. set off fireworks or drink alcohol on the beach. ing and alcohol on the beach.
But holidays also bring lots of vehicles, according "Just enjoy the fireworks show," he said, noting a "It's going to be a busy day," Tokajer said. to Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale. And professional pyrotechnical show will be presented at "Everybody just keep their cool and don't be in a along with thousands of vehicles come a multitude dark on July 4 by the Sandbar Restaurant with plenty big hurry. Use courtesy and everyone will get along of problems for law enforcement in the three small of room for public viewing on the beach. fine." cities on Anna Maria Island.
This year, July 4 falls on a Friday, and Speciale This tranquil scene
expects thousands of vehicles that day if the weather at Coquina Reach in
remains good. Bradenton Reach will
Speciale said parking is the major issue on a holi- be replaced Friday,
day, but on Memorial Day, he and his officers also July 4, with vehicles
dealt with 10 priority reports of missing children at occupying every availCoquina Beach, including two with autism. All were able parking space,
found safe and returned to their parents. and creating ones that
"We'll definitely be busy. All officers, full- and don'It exist, according
part-time will be on duty," he said. Tto Rradenton Reach
The Manatee County Sheriff's Office will have Police Chief Sam Spedeputies on horses patrolling at Coquina Beach, along ciale. Islander Photo:
with the deputies on the beach. .~Rick Catlin
Additionally, Speciale has asked that county lifeguards remain on duty past their normal 4:30 p.m.departure. He's also requested some MCSO deputies remain after that time. EFESE ~E
Manatee County has agreed to direct rearrang-YH ing the bollards at the Coquina Beach parking lot to prevent motorists from cruising through the area, Patty Hutchinson works to clean up Speciale said. the pile of trash left behind after a
"We're making all possible efforts to keep this a past holiday by beach goers and July safe and happy holiday," he said. 4 revelers at the 76th Street beach
Likewise for Anna Maria, where Sgt. Paul Davis, access near her mother's home in
head of the MCSO substation in that city, said all of Holmes Reach. Many of the beachhis deputies will be on duty July 4, along with surplus end streets have been littered with deputies from the mainland, signs of spent fireworks and other I 3
"We'll primarily be looking for illegal fireworks trash overflowing the trash bins----and alcohol on the beach," Davis said. "We're also following past Independence Days. watching for illegal parking, which is often a prob- Islander File Photo ?>
lem at Bayfront Park and on residential streets on

atU IL




Food & cctis3

Ov0r-10000.pza sre

WINNE~ater A Ceticate of Excellence fi

4E0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

In her email, Soustek questioned a suggested ally, while the mayor receives $9,600 in annual comI Change by the charter review committee on rules for pensation.
filling a vacancy on the commission stating: "This As of May 3 1, the SOF reported 1,246 registered I Iaffects me directly as I have been asked if I would voters in Anna Maria.
consider filling the vacancy left by D. Zaccagnino for The deadline for all voters to register in time for Ia year left on his office." the Nov. 4 election is Oct. 6, according to the SOF
However, the proposed change to the charter does office.
ELECTION CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2 not affect the filling of a vacancy on the commission
He made his resignation effective following the following an election, such as in the instance of Zac- BB1 commission qualifying Nov. 4 election and, thus, his seat will be filled by cagnino's resignation.un p oe
appointment by the newly sworn commission at the The proposed changes to the charter also will be results in 1 race, 1I n p oe first meeting after the election. on the Nov. 4 ballot and, if approved, become effective Only one incumbent commissioner will be chalJohnson's announcement to run after the election. lenged in the Nov. 4 city election.
for mayor puts to rest Titsworth's pos- Ward 2 Commissioner Ed Straight will run unopsible run for mayor. Titsworth previ- posed, while incumbent Commissioner Jan Vosburgh
ously said she would run for mayor if Challengers step up for Anna and challenger Tjet Martin will face off for the Ward
-7Zaccagnino remained unopposed. 4 seat.
Renee Ferguson picked up acan- M ram y ,co is onr-Commissioners in Bradenton
Grossmani didate packet from city hall, but did Anna Maria incumbent Mayor SueLynn is being Beach must reside in their wards, but
not qualify. Ferguson said she was challenged in the Nov. 4 muniicipal election by political b are elected by a citywide vote.
considering a run if there was a vacant newcomer, longtime resident Dan Murphy. Ward 4 runs from Second Street
seat, but she didn't want to oppose the Murphy said he's seeking the North southward to the city limit at
incumbent commissioners. mayor's office because he believes Longboat Pass.
he has much to contribute to the city Martin Ward 2 runs between the northern
Positioning for appointment? and wants to be involved in the future city limits at 24h Street North southSheridlan The first order of business for of Anna Maria. ward to 17"h Street North.
Holmes Beach commissioners fol- A St. Petersburg native, Murphy Both Straight and Vosburgh ran
lowing the November election will Murphy, also is a Vietnam veteran. He moved unopposed in 2012.
be filling a vacancy on the dais. Elto Anna Maria Island in 1978. Residents had until noon June 20
Zaccagnino has resigned, effec- SueLynn was mayor from 2002- to qualify for office.
tive after the election, leaving his seat oft 06, and was appointed mayor in 2012 Vosburgh All three candidates have
0 r to be filled by the two remaining and when no one ran for the office in the appointed campaign treasurers, regTitsworth two newly elected members of the city election. istered bank accounts for the election with the SF0
board. Incumbent Commissioners Chuck and are accepting contributions for their campaigns.
Carol Soustek, a commission candidate in the 2013 SueLynn Webb and Nancy Yetter are joined There are 767 registered voters in Bradenton election and a member of multiple city committees, by David Bouchard, a political new- Beach, although 176 of those voters are listed as "iaccirculated an email June I11 stating a commissioner co mer, in the race for the two com- tive," meaning they have not participated in recent
asked if she would be willing to fill Zaccagnino's -mission seats up for election Nov. 4. elections, on the SF0 website. vacancy. Bouchard, a 12-year resident Bradenton Beach commissioners are compensated
"I said, why sure, that's why I ran for election," of Anna Maria, is the son-in-law of with an annual salary of $4,800.
Soustek said. former Commissioner Jo Ann MatSoustek declined to name the commissioner who Webb tick. He and his wife have three chil- Islander-county commissioner
asked if she would be willing to fill the vacancy She dren, he said. caln e
sent her inquiry to the commissioners, mayor and the "I just want to contribute and faces caln e
city's human resource specialist, Mary Buonagura. believe I have abilities and the inter- Manatee County Commissioner Carol Whitmore,
She said she intended to run for a commission seat est that will help the commission and R-at large, is being challenged in the November elecif Commission Chair Judy Titsworth decided to run for community," Bouchard said. tion by Democrat Terni Wonder.
mayor instead of re-election to the commission. Webb is seeking his fifth term as Whitmore is seeking her third term as county comBut Titsworth is running for a second term on the Yetter commissioner, while Yetter is running missioner, while Wonder is seeking political office for commission. for her second term. the first time. Wonder is running on the Democratic
"I'm not going to run against the two people who The deadline to qualify to run in the November ticket in the partisan race for a seat on the board of have done the most up there," Soustek said, of Tits- election was noon June 20. county commissioners.
worth and Grossman. Anna Maria commissioners are paid $4,800 annu- PLEASE SEE COUNTY ELECTION, NEXT PAGE

HB11 seeks volunteers for
committees, boardsMe IdS
The city of Holmes Beach is seeking volunteers
for boards and committees. Anna Maria City July 17, 10 a.m., code enforcement.
An announcement said serving and getting June 26, 6 p.m., city commission. July 22, 6 p.m., city commission.
involved offers an opportunity to "meet fellow July 1, 6 p.m., planning and zoning. July 24, 11:30 a.m., police retirement board.
residents and have your voice heard." July 9, 6 p.m., budget workshop. Holmes Beach City Hall, 580] Marina Drive,
The city is filling two-year terms on the parks July 10, 6 p.m., special commission. 941-708-5800, and beautification committee, an advisory group July 16, 6 p.m., budget workshop. that meets the first Wednesday of each month, -July 23, 6 p.m., budget workshop. Manatee County
October through May July 24, 6 p.m., city commission. July 29, 9 a.m., county commission.
The city also is seeking volunteers to serve Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, 941 July 30, 1:30 p.m., budget, tentative millage three-year terms on the board of adjustment, 708-6130, rate adoption.
which meets as needed on the fourth Thursday of Administration building, 1112 Manatee Ave. W.,
the month to hear and decide applications for vani- Bradenton Beach Bradenton, 941-748-450],
ances. July 1, 1 p.m., commission workshop.
Additionally, there is an opportunity to volun- July 2, 10:30 a.m., CIP. West Manatee Fire Rescue
teer for a three-year term on the code enforcement July 2, 11 a.m., pier team. July 17, 6 p.m., fire commission.
board, which meets, as needed, on the third Thurs- July 3, 6 p.m., city commission. July 29, 9 a.m., pension board.
day and hears and reviews cases concerning alleged July 9, 3 p.m., planning and zoning. Administrative office, 6417 Third Ave. W., Braviolations of city codes and ordinances. July 10, 1 p.m., department heads. denton, 941-761-1555,
Also, the city is seeking a volunteer for the July 11, 9 a.m., mayor's meeting.
a three-year term on the planning commission, '* July 15, 1 p.m., commission workshop. Of Interest
which meets as needed to review proposed land- July 16, 11 a.m., pier team. July 4 is Independence Day. Most government
development regulations,- land development codes July 17, noon, city commission. offices are closed.

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 5

Becoming a voter Holmes Beach commissioner cleared of ethics violation
Voters can check their registration status by By Jennifer Glenfield the email. "Today I celebrate the end
going online to VoteManateecom, or at the Mana- Islander Reporter of the stress."
tee County Supervisor of Elections Office, 600 301 A libel suit and an ethics investigation has plagued z Agnelli filed a suit against Peelen
Blvd., W., Suite 108, Bradenton. a Holmes Beach commissioner for nearly two years. in October 2012, alleging the commisRegistered voters in Manatee County must: Commissioner Jean Peelen announced in an email sioner made libelous claims about him
Be a citizen of the United States. to city commissioners that the Florida Commission on in a newsletter to her constituents.
Be a legal Florida resident. Ethics has cleared her of wrongdoing after investigating Pee len The suit was settled in March in
Be at least 18 years old. a complaint made in April by John Agnelli. favor of Agnelli, who was awarded
Convicted felons may not vote without first "I am grateful to have it finished. Between the law- damages. The Florida League of Cities paid the $45,500 having their civil rights restored. suit and the ethics complaint, this has been an almost settlement on Peelen's behalf.
Manatee County residents must register to vote 29 two-year ordeal. Such ordeals certainly make it more Holmes Beach is a member of the Florida League days before an election. To vote in the statewide Aug. difficult to want to serve one's city," Peelen stated in of Cities, a group concerned with representing and sup26 primary, voters must be registered by July 28. porting Florida municipal governments. It offers govTo vote in the November election, registration Two WMFR commissioners ernments insurance and technical services. The FLC
must be completed by Oct. 7. Voter registration op oiinprovided Peelen' s defense attorney
forms can be filled out online, requested by phone face op o iinAgnelli also filed a complaint with the Florida
at 941-741-3823, or picked up at the supervisor Two of the three incumbent West Manatee Fire Ethics Commission, challenging Peelen's ability to be of elections office, driver's license offices, public Rescue District commissioners up for re-election Nov. represented by an attorney from the FLC. libraries, city halls and chambers of commerce. 4 will face opposition from a qualified candidate. The ethics commission found no wrongdoing in Incumbent Commissioner Larry Tyler faces a their investigation.
COUNTY ELECTION CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 challenge by former Holmes Beach Commissioner Al Agnelli said he was not interviewed after making
A native of Gainesville, Wonder and her family Robinson, while incumbent Scott Ricci face off for his his initial complaint in writing to the COE.
moved to the Bradenton area when she was 3 years old. seat against Bradenton resident George Harris. "It's another scandal. They white-washed it and She holds a doctorate in English from the University Incumbent Commissioner David Bishop is unop- pushed it under the rug," Agnelli said. "Something of South Florida. posed and will be automatically elected, according to doesn't make sense to me. I can't believe an investigaShe is married to Ray Wonder, a retired university the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Office. tion is called without interviewing the complainant." professor, and has three step-daughters and 10 grand-Ciyc m sio est har ezn gap l ain
children. The couple lives in Bradenton.Ciyc m sio est h arez n gap lain
Whitmore, who resides on Anna Maria Island, won Developers proposing a rezone from residential to city commissioners dated May 29.
election to the county commission in 2006 and was commercial on the cusp of the downtown area of Holmes The planning commission voted to recommend re-elected in 2010. She was both mayor and commis- Beach have another chance to make their case. denying the application. sioner in Holmes Beach prior to gaining the county Lizzie Lus Retreat LLC, owners of the subject The application will reach the next stage in its at-large seat. property at 214 54th St., Holmes Beach, submitted consideration before the city commission at 6 p.m.
She is married to retired physician Andre Renard. an application to rezone the property from medium- Thursday, June 26.
She has one daughter and two grandchildren. Whit- density residential R-2 to low-density commercial C-i1, The city commission will review the application, more and her husband live in Holmes Beach. as well as extend a mixed-use overlay boundary that consider the recommendation from the planning comNeither candidate will be on the Aug. 26 primary exists in C-i1. mission and city planner, as well as hear public comballot as they are unchallenged in running as the The application was reviewed by city planner Bill ment and a presentation from the applicants. Republican and Democratic party candidates for the Brisson, who recommended denial of the application The rezoning application will be heard at city hall, at-large seat on the ballot. at a May 21 planning meeting, as well as in a letter to 5801 Marina Drive.

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Fired up, ready
If you can venture so far as to compare the Anna Maria Island Community Center to the USA World Cup challenge, consider this:
The United States team is in the "Death Group," trying its damnedest to survive to the next level the round of 16 among the best of the best. They next play Germany, on top of the group bracket.
And here's the center, struggling through June, trying to raise enough money to secure funding to make it through summer and onward.
Some really good people have stepped up to help the center punch through, including an anonymous donor who is matching up to $50,000 in donations this month, and some hearty, hardy volunteers who iT'S THE
are already scrambling to make things happen on the front line. USA WAY..
It's all working up to a winning, patriotic holiday weekend. Go USA. Go AMI.
If only we could pass the spirit flag to our city officials. At their best, they represent the community of taxpayers, property owners and voters.
They have a chance to go forward and score big for the center.
However, there's a sulky mood among some officials, those who say the cities already do enough.
Obviously, their support is lacking for the community's needs or the center might not be in such a grim financial state.
As we venture through qualifying week for candidates who will face off in November, we're reminded WE TO
of late that local politics lack common courtesies.
With 22-plus years of island elections under our MEET OuR
publishing belt, we can honestly say, we've seen some bad sports.
It was, however, an unwritten, at least in the past, that no one who served the cities opposed those people who served with them. Meaning, everyone played nice with their fellow elected officials. It's called civility.
Former commissioners would support one another, but never voice opposition.
It doesn't dictate how they vote, but what are good manners but political correctness and common sense? Blame game The retirement sector also has become more
Etiquette defines us by providing the standards
of our commonality community. Commissioner Judy Titsworth's obsession with economically polarized, with fewer retirees enjoying
I liken bad manners to the person wearing a cap vacation rentals is getting tedious. Now she blames pensions. Even families fortunate enough to inherit to the baseball game, but failing to remove it for the them for the demise of the Anna Maria Island Com- an island home wince at the cost of insurance and National Anthem. And that ain't pretty. munity Center. property taxes.
The question remains, will this election finally Failure of the community center is unfortunate, The newer brand of property owner admires and make a difference for our community? but it is due to the simple reality that its expenses supports the local community, while assigning blame
Stay tuned. B- onner Joy cannot exceed what people are prepared to pay or is often the game of those frustrated at the disconnect
contribute. between their vision and reality.
This same reality explains the swing toward vaca- The board and supporters of the community tion rentals. The cost of owning a home on the island center are wise and generous enough not to engage in
is two to three times that of the same property on the the blame game, and it is unfortunate that Titsworth mainland. A decade or more ago, this differential was did. PBnne land erdoro not so great and those who relocated were sheltered Keith Carter, Holmes Beach
iwonia- from property tax rates through a homestead exempUis Neff, copy edr tion.
JoeFood, wine for community
Kmd Since the housing crash, updated homes on the
Rick Caln, island have sold at lower prices. But properties that Food and Wine on Pine, scheduled for May in
Jack Elka J ,ao kelaoom .
Merab-Michal FavoItRNwWBalIdSI.. remained unchanged in the past few decades found Anna Maria, was canceled due to weather. However, Jennifer Gldfleld, Jennlislander. no buyers and languished on the market. because of the generous support of our sponsors
In some cases, the lucky heirs had to wait to cash and their recognition that Food and Wine on Pine
Will in on their inheritance. In other cases, people in finan- is an event that benefits our island community, we
cial need or those needing to free up funds for nursing still were able to match our 2013 contributions to a Capt. Denny 8tinflsidero* home accommodations found themselves stuck. number of island charitable institutions.
Mike Quinn I NewsManatee.or
Adv o/ng DimctMany of these properties were in the R2 district, We will host the event next year Saturday, May
Toni Lyon, tonlislander.or. where they were purchased, renovated and used as 2, 2015.
Gwldlad:or N high-end vacation rentals. That was in the depth of We hope everyone will, once again, join us in
0ffibe staff the housing bust. Since then the market has seen an our efforts to showcase the best food, wine, art and
Urs Williams, manage, Iisa~isi increasing number of affluent second-home purchas- music our area has to offer and to support our local
Janice Dingman, pier plank coordinate % ers for these renovated properties. Vacation rentals nonprofit organizations.
c mlned@Imnder.orhgopois htbnfte fo hsya'
........ didn't displace owner occupants, they just filled a The nonprofits that benefitted from this year's
ub ion la void. Food and Wine on Pine are Anna Maria Island ConUrbne 1Titsworth lives in a Utopian world where a new cert Chorus and Orchestra, Cultural Connections of
h 10~lkp/generation of families would replace those who leave Anna Maria Island, Anna Maria Island Community
0./Io#N.- r l the island. This ignores economic reality, unless one Center, Anna Maria Island Historical Society, Anna Sigecoisfre uatfe of ...e.. ..& wants to introduce subsidies for people moving to the Maria Island Preservation Trust, Artists' Guild of
@1 r2-214 EDrtiv, salesan PBdth oFfc1,d island. The balance between homes for sale and fami- Anna Maria Island and the Rotary Club of Anna
WEBsiTE: www.isiander.o lies willing and able to buy them just hasn't existed Maria Island.
OE9bl78 in recent years. Ed Chiles, Food and Wine on Fine founder

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 7
Anna Marl

Tne a Islander

footnotes. Argh, matey. lu years ago
O R R B ELIEF Once inside the store, I realize the place is packed to the gills Headlines from June 23, 2004 with everybody and his brother, Two Anna Maria teenagers reported they were

The grocery mission her sister and the niece and propositioned by an approximately 25-year-old man
Corr nephew. to earn $ 100 by performing sexual acts. The girls ran
by Will Corr I grab my bird and move away and reported the incident to deputies at the ManIslander columnist down the grocery list. Now we all know how tight atee County Sheriff's Office-Anna Maria substation.
My daughter loves the rotisserie chicken from the aisles are in the Holmes Beach market. It feels They said the man was driving a white vehicle with Public. I like to pull small pieces from the chicken like there's 4 feet of clearance and the cart is 3 an Indiana license plate when the incident occurred and serve it to her with some rice and broccoli. feet wide. at the Pine Avenue-Crescent Drive intersection.
Public chicken is great for two reasons: Of course, I get stuck playing chicken, dodg- Suzi Fox, executive director of Anna Maria No. 1, it's a quick-easy meal. ing a sunburned woman on aisle 4 who must have Island Turtle Watch said, the number of sea turtles
No. 2, it's consistently good. The chickens just arrived from the north. creating nests on Anna Maria Island was down about
are always golden brown and shimmering in the She's pushing a cart overloaded with a moun- two-thirds from the expected number at this time. Fox glow of the deli heat lamp. tain of frozen lasagna. As I try to squeeze by, reported more than 100 false crawls, where the mother
Once I'm home and I put away the grocer- she's oblivious to the fact that this is the island turtle crawled onto the beach, but did not nest.
ies, I leave the rotisserie chicken on the counter Publix, where one must have the proper naviga- Anna Maria Mayor SueLynn sent an email to and eat the wings and drumsticks while they're tion technique to deal with oncoming shoppers. city commissioners asking them to refrain from constill warm. I fire into it like a wounded dog on a Instead of maneuvering, she parks the cart in tacting the city contractor charged with remodeling three-day hike. Grabbing the wing by its perfectly the middle and starts reading the label on the back city hall without her approval. She said a representacaramelized tip, I start gnawing! of a can of baked beans. I switch to game play No. tive of Southern Cross Construction Inc. notified her
This usually happens as I stand over the 6B. I flip a U-turn, heading out the other way. that a city commissioner had inquired about costs. kitchen trash can so the scraps and bones just fall After a few more near casualties with my The mayor said, according to the city charter, any in place. When I'm done, the chicken looks like shopping cart and two quick conversations with request by a commissioner to contact a contractor a wingless, legless ball of breast meat. friends, I pay my bill and start heading for the for the city must first have her approval.
Anyway, so I'm on a strike mission to the door.
island Publix. I need that rotisserie and a few And shoppers, you all know what happens other items. I have to be in and out quick. On next, don't you? Yes! Just as I am trying to go out TIMPS AND DROPS ON AMI days like this, I really don't have time to bump the door, a couple is trying to come in the "Out" Date Low High Rainfall
into friends and listen to long yarns about a dance door, which was somehow installed backward and June 15 71 2 0
recital or the most recent soccer match. Not to be is just downright confusing. June 16 w7 3 94 1%, 0
rude, but the clock is ticking! They give me major stink eye, as if I am in June 17 '71 91 0
But it's Murphy's law working against me. the wrong. I chuckle, slap on my shades and smile June 2 72 90 2.11
About half-way through the parking lot, I run into the sunshine. June 71 87 0
into a buddy who spins me a 10-minute fishing All the way home, I drool from the smell of June '2d 73, 88 0
tale that involves heroism and borderline piracy my warm rotisserie. June 21 80 88 0
Average area Gulf water temperature 87.40
24-hour rainfall accumulation with reading daily at approximately 5 p.m. _J

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The' Islander


Island parking woes anticipated for July 4 holiday
By Rick Catlin parking anywhere they could find, he said.
Islander Reporter Speciale showed a video of illegally parked vehi"Oh where, oh where has my parking space gone?" LEcles that day. At one location on an access road, parked might be the tune some visitors sing July 4as they Icars prevented the police vehicle from proceeding. arrive on Anna Maria Island. "I just want people to be aware of what we face
Parking issues are nothing new for Anna Maria evr oliday," he said.
Island, Carol Soustek, chair of the Holmes Beach con- Charlie Hunsicker, Manatee County Parks and
gestion committee, told members of the Barrier Island Natural Resources Department director, was asked by
Elected Officials at their June 18 meeting. Speciale to keep the lifeguards on duty at Coquina Park
"It's probably been around since 1920, when past 4:30 p.m. on the holiday.
somebody said, 'You're parking in my space,"' she What's happening, Speciale said, is that people
said. who know the lifeguards and police leave at 4:30 p.m.
But today, all three island cities are facing parking are taking advantage. On Memorial Day, several trucks
problems on holidays and weekends, she said. i/ Pwith musical equipment appeared after 4:30 p.m. and
"We have a limited number of parking spaces, but set up. They held a free concert that attracted several
the volume of cars coming to the island on a holiday 'j4~)hundred people. has tripled the past 10 years," she said. "That's what's Additionally, people were drinking beer and
escalated the whole problem." other alcoholic beverages, and they told others that
She said once public parking spaces are full, visi- flf they weren't worried about being caught because law
tors park anywhere they can, sometimes blocking resi- enforcement had left for the day
dential driveways. "This is what happens on weekends. We no longer
"And people abuse where they park," she added. have a slow season. Every holiday weekend, Coquina
Her committee found one instance of a vehicle The Coalition of the Barrier Island Elected Officials Beach is full and the overflow goes across street. Evenparked in front of a condominium and an emergency learned at their June 18 meeting that this poster tually, motorists go to Bayfront Park or Manatee Public vehicle dispatched to a call at that address found the found posted on a tree in Coquina Beach on Memo- Beach, then to residential streets," he said. entry blocked. rial Day, promoted a previously unannounced, Until a few years ago, law enforcement was able
Soustek said it's now getting into a safety issue. unpermitted concert, according to Bradenton Beach to deal with large crowds at Coquina Beach. Now, She also commented that she believes some resi- Police Chief Sam Speciale. Islander Photo: Rick Speciale is uncertain of what future holiday weekends dents are fearful when strangers park in front of their Catlin will bring to the area.
houses. 'The residents don't know these people and are "We had a handle on controlling the crowds, stopafraid to come out of their homes," she said. "We're in It's a few people who don't care who ruin the day for ping the cruising and the free parties, but the danger a crisis." others." spots are returning," he said.
Soustek said the committee has heard complaints Her committee is drafting a plan to restrict parking Speciale said he and other island law enforcement of trash, baby diapers, beer bottles and other garbage in all residential districts except Key Royale. Residents agencies need to work on parking issues at Coquina dumped in front of homes. would get a permit to park on their street, she said. Beach, and have lifeguards and police officers remain
"We owe the residents the respect of their safety It's a plan similar to that being discussed in Anna on duty past 4:30 p.m. on holidays and busy weekand peace of mind in their own homes," she said. Maria, Mayor SueLynn said. ends.
Soustek said she "knows the city is going to get Soustek noted Bradenton Beach has nearly 2,000
flak, but we're not saying 'don't come.' We want to spaces at Coquina Beach for beachgoers to use. C rflwt h s
help visitors enjoy their stay. It's just that we now True, said Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Spe- C rflwt h s
don't have enough parking for everybody who wants ciale, but those spaces filled up fast on Memorial Day. parking spaces to come to the beach on a holiday or nice weekend. By 10 a.m., all spaces were taken, and people began Manatee County Parks and Natural Resources

CarolSoustk ,~ Department Director Charlie Hunsicker, who
Caro Soutekattended the June 18 meeting of the Barrier Island left, chair of the Elected Officials, cautioned island cities to check
Holms Bach Unwith the Florida Department of Environmental congetioncom-Protection on the number of public parking spaces mitte, outinesrequired to receive state funding for beach renourher itys pln t ishment before adopting new ordinances that limit
keep day visi prig
torsfro paringHunsicker said the cities need to make sure on residential they don't eliminate parking spaces needed to
stress Jue18 ~ -.qualify for beach renourishment funding. The
for embes ofDEP has a formula it uses to determine if the the Calitin minimum number of public parking spaces exist Barrir Islandfor future funding. Eleced fficalsIn other BIEO matters, mayors of each island Islander Photo: city agreed to discuss with their respective comRick atlinmissions an inter-local agreement to participate in an Urban Land Institute study of Anna Maria
Island roadwatch for week of June 25-July 1 Anna Maria Mayor SueLynn said Manatee County has agreed in principle to fund the
The road project on West Manatee Avenue/State maintenance requiring the bridge to open will be from $125,000 study if all three cities agree to parRoad 64 from Perico Bay Club east to '75th Street, 2 a.m.-3 a.m. for a maximum of 15 minutes, the DOT ticipate, although no vote has yet been taken by Bradenton, is ongoing. said. the county commission. She said each of the city
Most of the work is 9 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays. A The project, which began in April, is expected to commissions should pass a resolution agreeing Florida Department of Transportation press release finish in early 2015. to take part. Once she has the resolutions, she'll
said any road resurfacing will be accompanied by a Florida Power & Light is replacing power poles on make the presentation for the study to the board flagging operation 9 p.m. -5 a.m. Gulf Drive from the Cortez Road intersection to 28th of county commissioners.
The project is scheduled for completion in mid- Street June 25-July 2.
summer. Motorists should expect northbound lane closures Bradenton Beach to
The Cortez Bridge maintenance project also is on Gulf Drive between 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. through increase parking fines continuing, the DOT said. The majority of work is Wednesday, July 2, the DOT said. conducted on weeknights. Any needed lane closures The Manatee County Area Transit announced Illegal parking in Bradenton Beach will soon cost
will be 9 p.m. -5 a.m. during the week. Any drawbridge the fare-free Island Trolley would operate its regular more.
schedule for the Independence Day holiday. The city commission unanimously approved an
Trolley ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +I* opeaton begi at 6 a-.a-oqiaaenarqes-tter-ue1-meigtoices

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0E9

Top Notch digital photo contest underway, deadline June 27

If yu' e gt agret sapsot, e'v go a ontst ,Entries that fail the contest requirements are disyou could win,.ulfe
The Islander Top Notch digital photo contest began publishing weekly winning photos this week. Six weekly winning photos will featured on the cover Top Notch contest rules
of The Islander, and one photo will be a grand prize 1) The Islander Newspaper Top Notch Photo Conwinnr o $10 fom he slaner nd coleciontest is strictly for amateur photographers those who winnr o $10 fom he slaner nd colecionderive less than 5 percent of their income from photogof prizes and gift certificates from local merchants. raphy.
Weekly winners receive a "More-Than-a Mullet- 2) Black-and-white and color digital photographs
Wrapper" Islander T-shirt. taken after Jan. 1, 2013, are eligible. Photos previously published (in any format/media) or entered in any Next week's deadline is noon Friday, June 27, Islander or other competition are not eligible.
repeating weekly on Fridays for five weeks. 3) Photographs may be taken with any camera.
Top Notch entries can include family photos, land- No retouching or other alteration (except cropping) is
permitted; no composite or multiple print images; no scapes and scenics, candid snapshots, action, holidays, camera-app manipulation. Photos must be submithumor and animal pictures. Nothing is overlooked, ted in digital-JPG file format. Prints and slides are not
including kid pics, sentimental moments and moments accepted.
4) Entrant's name, address and phone number of personal triumph. This year, judges also will be must be included in the email. One email per photo
looking for top pet photos with a prize appropriate to submission. Email single entries to topnotch~islander.
pets. or.5) Entrants by their entry agree that The Islander
Contest entries should be submitted in original may publish their pictures for local promotion. Entrants
JPG format via email to topnotch( AN must provide the original digital image if requested
Digital submission is required. No retouch- Heidi Pratt by the contest editor. All photos submitted become
the property of The Islander. The Islander and contest ing, enhancements or computer manipulation is sponsors assume no responsibility for maintaining suballowed, is no limit to the number of weekly entries, and entries missions.
One photo attachment/entry per email is allowed need not be repeated, as selected entries are moved Entrant must provide the name and address of any recognizable persons appearing in the picture with the
along with entry information in the e-mail text. There forward each week by the judges. email entry.
6) Employees and paid contributors to The Islander and their immediate family members are not eligible.

Conventional Oil ChangeV INCLUDING 20-POINT INSPECTION.p Limited to 5 quarts of oil, most cars. By appointment, please. Exp 07-02-1 4. CALL GROOMS! ~5608 Marina Drive, HolmesI DIAlNFE MAKT
PBeach, 941.896.7898 HSCO


130ATS 0

5358 Gulf Driye, Holmes Beach, S&S Plaza .
Facebook Just4unRentals
9& Plaza 5 Gulf Drive *Holmes Beach *941-896-7884

*Farm-Fresh Produce
*Great Food
*Great Bargains


"Best Place to

Find Anything!"
Over 80,000 sf of bargainhunting AC-cooled comfort!

Entire Flea Market Open

LCKAL AFrieSat*Sun -8am-4pM

10O0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

How will you tell your family story? Iss

Creating gorgeous photos
of your family vacation -----I ox I

~r ate Islaner Fil Phot

Dream. Anna MriaIsland celebrates Independence Day with parade,aprtadtw fireworksdipas

1 U Anna Maria Island goes red, white, blue and in the 7-mile long trek on AMI.
"bang" July 3-4. The island will celebrate the July 4 The parade will begin at 10 am., traveling north holiday with two fireworks shows and a parade. on Gulf Drive, turning west on Manatee Avenue, then
Libhyilslad~eveyt 949 owWoatekteAglrLeeChuca1913 On July 3, The BeacHhouse Restaurant, 200 Gulf north on Gulf Drive past the Manatee Public Beach.
Drive N., Bradenton Beach, will hold its Fireworks The parade continues on Gulf Drive and then turns Is Extravaganza, north on Marina Drive, which turns into Palm and then
on1m Thousands of people will gather on the beach to Gulf drives. At Pine Avenue, the parade heads east to
the north and south of the restaurant to watch fireworks Bay Boulevard. over the Gulf of Mexico. There is no charge for entry, but all participants
The display will begin after nightfall. should pre-register at and
Tn July 4, the Sandbar Restaurant, 100 Spring arrive at the beach by 9 a.m. Organizers expect more Ave., Anna Maria, will host a fireworks display after than 100 entries. Ir 149 LBYs PEEDHE FRS JWERYAN SEL ightfall. At about noon, after the parade, the Privateers will
IN 949 LEBY' OPNEDHERFIRT JWELY AD SELL Again, thousands will gather on the beach by the take the ship to host a community party at the Anna SHOP ON ANNA MARIA ISLAND LOCATED ON BRIDGE STREET. waterfront restaurant for the free beachfront fireworks Maria Island Beach Cafe, 4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Sucry-FivE YEARS LATER, WE OPENED LIBBY'S ISLAND
JEWELRY wN HOLMES BEACH. WE HAVE NOW OPENED OUR display that begins after dusk. Beach, where the nonprofit presents scholarship awards
2ND LOCATION ON ANNA MARIA ISLANDw, IN THE HISTORIC In the morning July 4, the Anna Maria Island and the cafe provides live entertainment. GREEN VILLAGE, LOCATED IN THrE AN~GLERS LODGE AT 501 Privateers will present the annual Independence Day For more information about the Sandbar event, PIN&LE ANE CLAI STRI G SILOFER HANDMAD IAS D parade, which will travel from Coquina Beach in Bra- call the restaurant at 941-778-8709. SEIGH JWELR ARIANDC S RAING NE OFWLR AS WEL denton Beach to the east end of Pine Avenue in Anna For more details about the BeacHhouse event, call LIAUTED EDITION JEWELRY. TO ENJOY VIEWING EXAMPLES Maria. the restaurant at 941-779-2222.
OF MANY OF OUR PIECES. The Privateers welcome all comers to the parade For more information about the Anna Maria Island
Li bJy'.s XI land -.Fexwelry for viewing along the streets and parade entrants Privateers parade or party, call Richard "Taz" Beattie
The Historic Green Village.- Anna Maria Island n akn ralwda 3-2-85
501 Pine Avenue -Anina Maria, FL 34216 -(941) 99&-7967 on wheels. There's nwakgormarching alwda 3-2-85

w Is I a OOGQOO@ Posting in the calendar

10 QSend calendar announcements to calendar@Islanderorg.
Please include the time, date and location of the event, a brief description and a contact via email and phone. The deadline
for submissions is the Wednesday a week before publication. Wednesday, June 25 High-resolution photographs welcome.
OF A' 6:34 a m. Official sunrise.
6 p.m. Crafts for teens, Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6341. Sunday, June 29
8:31 p.m. Official sunset. 6:34 am. Official sunrise.
Thursay, Jne268:31 p.m. Official sunset. 6:34 am. Official sunrise. Monday, June 30
-10 a.m.- "Mad Science" summer program for children, Island 6:33 am. Official sunrise.
Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941 -778- 8:31 p.m. Official sunset. 6341.
8:31 p.m. Official sunset. Tuesday, July I
6:33 am. Official sunrise.
P1-Friday, June 27 8:31 p.m. Official sunset.
full service salon and spa offering... 6:34 am. Official sunrise.
8:31 p.m. Official sunset. Wednesday, July 2
Hair -Nails -Massage Facials 6:33 am. Official sunrise.
Acpntr Bod2 Tratm nt Saturday, June 28 8:31 p.m. Official sunset.

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 11

E~R.SLIWe specialize in
Isivvo li~p~e VGEM car and
4Z;F electrical vehicle

Cham er s ekscustomizing, parts, County plans outings CabrsesQservice and repair.
The Manatee County Parks and Recreation Depart- island ambassadors 1 OureetLP1t sYie And we come to YOU!
ment and Tampa Bay Watch are seeking volunteers The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce There's nothing we can't do for you!
for a cleanup Saturday, July 12, at Coquina Beach in is seeking volunteers to help familiarize visitors 727-692-5835
Bradenton Beach. with local amenities. Mention The Islander for 10% OFF your service call.
The work will take place 9 a.m.-noon. An announcement said, "The chamber is reAlso on the parks department calendar: starting a program to take volunteers new and WACBNS ATH TERS RVE/PIS
*Thursday, July 11, a sunset/full-moon paddle at existing on a tour of members' establishments. II
Robinson Preserve, 1704 99th St. N.W., Bradenton. The tour will introduce volunteers to island busi- 1 -----Kayakers will meet at about 7 p.m. near the preserve's nesses and local features so that the volunteers can main entrance. better hepothers withqusin.5 0O F
Sauray Jly1, notyth ante's66h The chamber is at 5317 Gulf Drive, Holmes All in-stock Citizen watches.
birthday bash at the South Florida Museum, 201 10th Beach. CLBAIG3 ER
St. W., Bradenton. The celebration will take place 10 For more information, call the chamber at 941 IN BRADENTON!
a.m. -2 p.m. 778-1541.
Thursday, July 24, a program on "Going Buggy"
at the Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive, HolmesKi a stoh tju orndW chRpr
Beach. The event will take place at 10 a.m. i a stoh tju orndW chRp r
-Monday, July 28, paddle at Neal Preserve, 12301 achievement rpWE MOVED TWO DOORS OVER!
repe v.W. rdno. adeswllme t1 8110 CORTEZ RD. W.
Mam.nate v ere. WBaentoan. Pdlr ilmet1 The Kiwanis Club of Anna Maria Island will meet
a rm.oer e preserveaetrncle. prsdprmn for breakfast and a talk at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, June 28,
For moe4nfrmtincalth-prk9dpatmn at the Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe at Manatee Public
at~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 917252.Bah400GlDrvHleBec.1and Gallery West The club will host Jim Brown of Junior AchieveRoser hosts musical guest ment.
Roser Memorial Community Church, 512 Pine For more information, call David Miner at 941Ave., Anna Maria, will host a musical guest at its 748-8122. 10 a.m. service Sunday, June 29. Robert Moore, AGAMI gets patriotic sa d "'
a French horn player with the Sarasota Orchestra, Islnd allery W est
will perform. The Artists' Guild of Anna Maria Island shows its A fine art gallery of award winning local artists
An announcement said the service's message colors in its gallery window in July. afral rgnlwr
will be about "true freedom." The Artists' Guild Gallery, 5414 Marina Drive, in aforil rinalercwor
For more information, call the church office Holmes Beach, is changing its window each month photography, ceramics,
941-778-0414. in the summer. July features a patriotic theme to mark stained glass, basketry,
Independence Day. cards, giclees and jewelry.
For more information, call the gallery at 941-778Calendar of ongoing 6694. 536 Gul Drv Home Bec (Ws fteP..&Mni

events, activitiesSige gru me t9477-68MnSt15wwisadalyetco
Through...Sige gru m et
Through July 7, DaVinci Machines Exhibition, the Bradenton at Duffy's
Auditorium, 1005 FirstAve. W, Bradenton. Fee applies. Information:
888-674-0107. A new group, AMI Singles 50-plus, will meet
Through October, sea-turtle nesting season in Florida. Lights at noon Saturday, June 28, at Duffy's Tavern, 5808 out along the beaches. Marina Drive, Holmes Beach.
Through November, Atlantic hurricane season. Be pre- An announcement said the group is for "sinpared. gles, over 50, who want to meet new people and You asked
have fun and participate in adventurous activitiesfoit Wednesdays or social events."Yo gti!
Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9 am., horseshoes pitched, There is no charge to join.Sintr Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. Information: The first meeting will be to decide activities 941-708-6130. for July and August.
First Wednesdays, 6 p.m., Mana-Tweens book club, Island For more information, contact Noranne Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941 -778- Hthsna oanhthsngalcmo 3209. Hthsna oanhthsn-galcmo
Second Wednesdays, 7 p.m., Think+Drink science night, 941-932-0738.
South Florida Museum, 201 10th St. W., Bradenton. Information: AMI items!
941-746-4131. Second Saturdays, 10 a.m., origami club, Island Library, 5701 Iln hpigCne 48Mrn r*Hle ec
"*Third Wednesdays, 6 p.m., Mana-Tweens club, Island Library, Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-3209. (intrshopnfgul ente 48marina) Dr41.Holes2Beac 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-3209. Second Saturdays, 2 p.m., porch party, Florida Maritime (itreto fgl ndmrn)917826
Fourth Wednesdays, 7 p.m., Star Talk, South Florida Museum, Museum, 4415 119th St. W., Cortez. Information: 941-708-6120. 201 10th St. W., Bradenton. Information: 941-746-4131. Third Saturdays, 11 am., stress management through breathing, Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive. Information: 941-778-6341. feel beautiful Thursdays
First and third Thursdays, 2 p.m., knitting group meeting, Mondaysto a
Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive. Information: 941-778-6341. Mondays, 12:30 p.m., bridge games, Roser Memorial Coin* Third Thursdays, 10 a.m., guardian ad item, Island Library, munity Church, 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. Doors open at 12:15 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-3209. p.m. Information: 941-778-0414.
Last Thursdays, Seaside Quilters, Island Library, 5701 Marina First Mondays, 7 p.m., Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 312-315-6212. board meeting, Fishermen's Hall, 4515 123rd St. W., Cortez. Information: 941 -254-4972.
Fridays -Third Mondays, 7 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 81
Most Fridays, Senior Adventures, low-cost field trips from meeting, 5801 33rd Ave. Court Drive W., G.T. Bray Park, Bradenton. Annie Silver Community Center, 103 23rd St. N., Bradenton Beach. Information: 941 -779-4476. Fee may apply. Information: 941 -962-8835.
Fridays, 5:30-8:30 p.m., Mike Sales' sunset drum circle, Anna Tuesdays ( cu
Maria Island Beach Cafe, 4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Informa- Tuesdays, 10 am., children's storytime, Island Library, 5701 saoqp loe ~ ED

12E0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Contractor threatens $225K lawsuit over BB1 pier bids

By Merab-Michal Favorite City attorney Ricinda Perry described the corn- considered.
Islander Reporter pany' s notice as an "undercurrent of legal threats" Pac Comm submitted the lowest bid, proposed
A contractor that lost out on the construction bid coming to the city. the shortest construction duration and had the highest
for the Historic Bridge Street Pier the first time around, "It's hard for me to understand how they are claim- score on the bid evaluation matrix crafted by ZNS. may sue the city of Bradenton Beach. ing damages when they weren't awarded the bid the Steve Gilbert, Bradenton Beach building official,
Pac Comm Inc., a Miami-based company with an first time around," said Perry. "I'm certain it's going said Pac Comm wasn't considered because he felt 100 office locally, has retained legal representation and to be a big challenge for them to support their claims days to complete the project was unrealistic. may sue the city for $225,000 in alleged lost profits. legally." The two other companies predicted a time duration
In a certified letter to the city, Pac Comm attorney Perry said the city eventually could file a counter of 170-175 days.
William Sowa 111, of the Law Office of Walter Sowa suit alleging tortious interference or harassment. On May 22, the commission awarded the contract 111, wrote, "My client will have no choice but to con- In his letter, Sowa said the city violated Florida to Duncan, and Pac Comm immediately protested the sider all legal options, including litigation, seeking all Statute 225.20, which says a municipality must com- award. damages available by law, including attorney's fees." petitively award a contract to a licensed contractor. The commission reversed the contractor award Sowa alleges that ZNS Engineering, the company June 5, canceling all bids after Tampa Bay Marine, of AMI-LBK sea turtle education that analyzed the bids, illegally displayed favoritism Gibsonton, submitted a second bid protest, saying it
when it recommended the award to Duncan Seawall wasn't considered by the commission, despite being walks, talks offered Dock and Boatlift LLC based on its prior work history recommended along with Duncan Seawall by ZNS
Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird with the city. Engineering.
Monitoring group is offering informational tours of Duncan had the highest bid of the three companies A new request for proposal posted by the city June nesting areas along island beaches. I11 includes an electrical component that was not in the
AMITW tours are free and open to all ages, but Cortez collects for food bank original bid request.
require a reservation. To schedule a tour on Anna The Florida Maritime Museum, 4415 119th St. Sowa also alleges that the bid cancellation violated
Maria Island with the AMITW, call Claudia Wiseman W., Cortez, is collecting donations through July 31 for Florida statutes. at 248-982-5600. the Food Bank of Manatee's campaign to "White Out" According to Sowa, cities may reject bids for five
Tours are offered daily, and are limited to 25 summer hunger. reasons: budgetary reasons; if the bidder misstates or
people. AMITW tours are led by trained volunteers. The food bank is in special need of baby cereal, conceals a material fact; if the bid does not conform
Mote Marine Laboratory offers turtle tours on formulas, diapers, tuna and other canned fish and meat, to the law or or is non responsive; if the bid is condiLongboat Key. The educational stroll on the beach is peanut butter, children's snacks. tional; and if there is a change of circumstances.
free and led by Mote-trained volunteers. For more information, call the museum at 941- "The city of Bradenton Beach did not reject the
All ages are welcome and children must be accom- 708-6120. bids for any of these five reasons," Sowa wrote. "Withpanied by an adult. Longboat's turtle walks are at 6:45 To find out more about the Food Bank of Manatee Out these limitations, the purpose of a competitive am. every Saturday in June and July. and its campaign to White Out Hunger, go online to bidding is circumvented. Rejection of all bidders then
Participants in the Mote Marine tour meet at the becomes a means of allowing a favored bidder another
public beach access at 4795 Gulf of Mexico Drive, chance to submit a low bid."
Longboat Key. Parking is available at the beach Bay program awards grants Senior Adventures plan events
access. The Sarasota Bay Estuary Program recentlyTh SeirA v nu sm et w ekyat eA ne

Volunteers needed for bird awarded grants to local organizations as part of the Thle Semmniydventr32res me ts weekl aeAntn
2014 Bay Partners Grant Program. Silerh Ctoutyer 10 3 3r S. N., Brhr n a dt teno
stewardship event Grant recipients include the Anna Maria Island Beehrato dabt 10 an forveithre.natviyah
Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird Sail and Power Squadron, Bayshore High School, Plans for the summer include:
Monitoring is teaming up with the Manatee Audubon Friends of Florida Maritime Museum, Sarasota Bay Thursday, June 26, a visit to Solomon's Castle in Society to educate the public on nesting shorebirds. Watch and the Science and Environment Council Oa h ru ildpr rmAneSle t93
The groups are looking for volunteers willing to of Southwest Florida. a. intea goup wil eartfoAneSivrat93
help with a beachfront event July 3-6, spending three- SBEP also awarded grants to the Natures Acad--ThrdyJuy1,avstoteMsumfAt hour shifts at nesting sites to educate beachgoers about emy, Save Our Seabirds and Marie Selby Botanical anWhmeflo dbyuchtYmy'Cies bird stewardship. Gardens. reuand W iSafollwdbylnhatYmys.hns
Volunteers will be teamed up with seasoned bird Since 2003, SBEP has awarded nearly $247,000 resTura n l Sarasoa vstt h Sne adn watchers and receive on-the-job training as bird stew- in Bay Partners Grants to support 126 organiza- in St. Petersburg. ards during their shift. tins Friday, July 25, a book sale and potluck lunch at
For more information or to volunteer, email A subcommittee with the SBEP Citizens Advi- AniSlvr
Manatee Audubon volunteer coordinator Dee Hanny sory Committee selected the recipients. Anni Seive.o n t ae eerain
ynnahda- yahoo. com, or call AMITW executive direc- Visit SarasotaBayorg to learn more about the Forl mre infomatio and4omke38resrvaion tor Suzi Fox at 941-778-5638. Bay Partners Grant Program.


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THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 13

Sea turtle saved by Coast Guard, treated by Mote
By Merab-Michal Favorite water rescuing this turtle," said Rebeccah Hazelkorn,
Islander Reporter staff biologist with Mote. "They made sure the turtle
Mrs. Turt Lee has a new lease on life. and their personnel were safe the entire time."
The 230-pound loggerhead turtle had suffered According to Rutger, Mrs. Turt Lee was in stable
severe injuries from a boat strike when she was found condition June 18, but she has fresh boat-strike wounds
June 15. across her upper shell, lacerations to both front flipHowever, she is now in stable condition thanks to pers, damage to her tail and right rear flipper and the
the rescue efforts of the U.S. Coast Guard at Station mark of an old shark bite.
Cortez and the rehabilitation efforts of Mote Marine's The sharp object in her shell had fallen out before
24-hour marine rescue program. she arrived at Mote.
Members of the Coast Guard rescued the sea turtle Mote staff is providing Mrs. Turt Lee with antibiafter they received a call that it was having trouble otics, fluid therapy and other care.
diving June 15. "This turtle's story serves as a reminder to watch
The sea turtle, located a mile offshore of Long- out for marine animals while boating and to report
boat Pass, had a "spear-like" piece of debris protruding animals in distress," Rutger said.
from her shell, according to Chief Boatswain's Mate Mrs. Turt Lee, a 230-pound loggerhead sea turtle is She said Mote has treated more than 450 sea turtle Ekahi Lee, of Station Cortez. rescued offshore June 15 and cushioned on a large patients since 1995.
"Someone called it in and said her shell had been tire on her ride with the U.S. Coast Guard to Mote Anyone who sees a turtle in distress can call Mote penetrated by a spear and she couldn't go under," Lee Marine Laboratory. Islander Photos: Courtesy Mote at 941-388-4441, or report injured or distressed wildsaid. The puncture had caused an air bubble and that's Marine Laboratory life to FWC's 24-hour wildlife alert number, 1-888why she couldn't dive." 404-FWCC (1-888-404-3922).
Lee said when the rescuers got a closer look, they Members of the Coast Guard named the turtle saw the "spear" was actually a sharp piece of wreckage "Mrs. Turt Lee" after Lee. that had likely come from impact with a vessel. Chief Petty Officer Daniel Benoit said Station
Members of the crew lifted the turtle on the boat Cortez often rescues marine wildlife as part of its
by cradling her atop a large tire, according to Haley Living Marine Resource protection program I7 'T Rutger, public relations coordinator at Mote Marine "Even though it is not one of our missions that Laboratory in Sarasota. gains the most praise, it is one of our most important, _4"She was heavy, but we were able to get her in the and it is one that we place an incredible sense of pride boat and put her on a stretcher," Lee said. and professionalism into," he said. "Being able to preserve our marine wildlife for our children and offer protection to those species that need it is one of the many highlights of our job."
The crew delivered Mrs. Turt Lee to the boat ramp at Ken Thompson Park on City Island, nearby to Mote.
Members of the Stranding Investigations Program
a 24-hour response service for marine mammals and sea turtles in Sarasota and Manatee counties met the Coast Guard at the ramp and quickly loaded the turtle in the back of a pickup truck.
With Coast Guard officials assisting, the turtle was transported to the Mote Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital.
"The Coast Guard did an exemplary job out in the Seaman Jennifer Maynard, Petty Officer 2nd Class
*0W THN AANI~eKyle Gaub, Petty officer 2nd Class Wilson Sorrentini, Fireman Nicklas Becton, Petty Officer 2nd AI tg g 'Class Tyler Keil, and Petty Officer 3rd Class Jose
H0 LIST IC WELL NESS CENTER & PA Perez pose with Coast Guard officials pose with Mrs.
4441,4 WIIA Turt Lee, a loggerhead sea turtle they helped rescue.


Pain rief as May in acep
941.778.8400 I 2219 Gulf Drive N. I Bradenton Beach, FL 34217

License MM#28923
N iVm X W me"S 'A V 4

g, ~etteroa graoeper gwearyo
to Ce -Seb O r e JVe!
V 5Wt toe O Vto \ se o

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iest f sa t0\,eie~
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the'~ ur\ajr .
53 j Ol i~ve 7o
rO~ns SA~l ;.:TH1Vri[]i[ Egh ~~~nk |P-I ~ MEq r1="1- "AO 5 "79%9 Iec111..1911lr/ l r

14E0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Chamber donates $10,000 to 'Save our Center' campaign
By Rick Catlin Board member David Teitelbaum, who headed up Along with $10,000 from the nonprofits that
Islander Reporter the trolley ad sales for the chamber and also sits on received donations from Food and Wine on Pine, the
"If anyone is deserving of this, it's the Anna Maria the center board of directors, thanked Chatt and the center was well on its way to its goal for a matching Island Community Center," said Anna Maria Island chamber for its generosity on behalf of the center. gift of $50,000 from an anonymous donor. Chamber of Commerce board chair Larry Chatt. "I can tell you this is very much needed and
At the board's June 18 meeting at the chamber appreciated," he said. Center -businesses partner
office, Chatt and other board members unanimously The center is in the process of trimming its to hep'SaveOu Ce tr
approved a $10,000 donation to the community expenses and raising additional funds through dona- h l u e tr
center. The proceeds came from the chamber's sales tions to deal with a financial crisis, Teitelbaum A newly formed Anna Maria Island Community of advertising on the fare-free Island trolley. added. Center marketing committee is putting its first promotion to work.
The group formed in response to the financial
Regifting crisis announced June 4 by center board president
When the Food and Scott Rudacille.
Wine on Pine street 4 In the new promotion, area businesses are being
fair was canceled 7 -asked to help the center with point-of-sale contribuin May due to bad tions and displaying a donation jar.
weather, it didn't put For the point-of-sale promotion, business are
a halt to donations being asked to designate a percentage of its sales or
to island charities, donate a percentage of one item's sales for the July
Receiving checks 4th holiday week July 3-5.
June 15 from Ed The committee suggests restaurants give a perChiles, center, centage of sales or donate a set amount for items, such
totaling $12,500 as each grouper sandwich or beer sold. Retail shops
on beha lf of Food could donate for flip-flops or T-shirts sold. Other sugand Wine on Pine, gestions from the committee were for a donation for
are representatives holiday vacation rentals, bike and paddleboard rentJeanie Pickwick als, or a dollar for every ice cream cone sold. "The
of the Anna Maria ~ Island Concert member Caryn Hodge.
Chorus and Orchestra, Sandy Pruett of the Anna Maria Island Community Center, David Gaw of the Artists' Posters, promotional materials and donation
Guild of Anna Maria Is land, Judi Rup of the Rotary Club of Anna Maria Is land, Joan Voyles and Marsha jars" will be provided.
Bard of Cultural Connections and Maureen McCormick of the Anna Maria Island Historical Society along The committee is also planning to enter a float with Caryn Hodge, third from left, of the Chiles Group. The six recipients that were funded along with the in the Anna Maria Island Privateers Independence
center all have agreed to "regift their proceeds $10, 000 to the community center for its Save our Day Parade on July 4, emphasizing their "Save our
Center fund. The presentation to the center was to be made on June 24. Islander Courtesy Photo Center" campaign.
___________________________________ To volunteer or join the promotion, call Jennifer ISLAND SEDAN TOWNCAR SERVICE Cascardo at 917-859-7859 or Caryn Hodge at 941Serving Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key and West Bradenton 713-3105. Southern G3reens AIRPORT SERVICE: Tampa International $85 More: See the center marketing committee's proPEST CONTROL *St. Pete/Clearwater $75 Sarasota/Bradenton $35 motional flier next page.
Flat-rate pick up on AMI or LBK tolfrom any location, from $15

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THE ISLANDER U JUNE 25, 2014 0 15

Center financial losses amount to $650,000-plus in 3 years
By Rick Catlin financial statements revealed a plethora of bad news, had only enough money in its operating accounts to
Islander Reporter Stiles said the realistic look at the center's financial "keep the doors open" for about a month.
The financial situation at the Anna Maria Island position is needed. That brought in a flood of donations, and prompted
Community Center is grim, but executive director She and the board of directors have begun steps Rudacille to say the board would begin planning its Dawn Stiles and the center's board of directors are to improve the financial picture. Stiles is preparing fundraising effort for 20 14-15. Additionally, former taking dead aim at reversing the situation. a 2014-15 budget based on the audit donors were to be contacted and asked for help.
An independent review of the center's finances -a realistic view of the center's Following the June 4 "Save our Center" meeting,
for 20 11-13 was performed by Terni Davis of Key finances, she said. an anonymous donor established a challenge, offering
Konnections at the request of The Islander. Davis "Actually, there have been losses to match donations to the center up to $50,000. The
is a professional consultant to nonprofit companies. since 2000. I was not aware of the initial response to the donor challenge has been very
Davis, who attended the June losses when I came to the center" in good, Stiles said, but a lot of work remains.
4 meeting called by the center to Stiles April 2013, she said. "But the budget Stiles has been charged by the board to reduce
00 announce the financial crisis, came I'm preparing is realistic and bal- expenses for 2014-15 by $50,000-$100,000.
forward to help the newspaper and the anced. It should be ready by July 1," Stiles said. "We have a plan in place that will be presented in center verify the financial shortfalls. The center's fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30. the next two weeks," she said. "The center is moving
Davis found the center lost Although the 20l4-l5 budget will be afew weeks late, forward and addressing our issues directly with the Davis $666,120 during those three years. it's been revised to "realistically reflect our situation," new budget" and the board taking on greater responThe worst financial year was 2011, she said. sibility for fundraising.
the report said, when the center lost $413,176. On June 4, Stiles and board president Scott One change that will reduce expenses is the recent
"These are substantial losses and it means that Rudacille held a meeting on center finances. Stiles told resignation of assistant executive director Scott Dell. each year they began with a loss," Davis said in her the estimated 200 people at the meeting that the center The vacancy will not be filled, Stiles said. report.
"The largest expense, which needs to be addressed, 0 Jennifer Cascardo of
is the payroll. There was an increase of $8,464 from Sugar Reach Digital
2011 to 2012 in wages," according to Davis. For the interviews Dawn Stiles
fiscal year 2012-13, the center's total cost of wages, about the center's new
including benefits, was $519,089. digital presence. CasAdditionally, donations for 2012- 13 were down cardo and crew filmed
$63,129 from the previous year. The center's revenue -activities at the center
loss that year was $80,254. "This was known when -June 19 for a YouTube
planning the 2013 budget and should have been fac- pouto nte"e
tored in," Davis reported. pd" io for the new0
The Affaire to Remember, since renamed the Magnolia Ave., Anna
Island Affaire, lost $56,795 in 2013. Revenue figures rMaria. Islander Photo:
for the 2014 Island Affaire were not included in the XCourtesy Ken Heidt/
Davis audit. Sugar Reach Digital
Davis concluded that "most of the fundraisers were
not successful as explained in the revenue section, so
their expenses were higher."
Davis said the center should make adjustments
after the fundraising failures, and she asked what Volunteer launches AM ICC digital presence changes or cuts were implemented.
Additionally, the center should have a forensic The Anna Maria Islander Community Center could Anna Maria Island residents of every age to get audit of its books done at least once every three years, soon soar in the online world. involved and get talking via the social media outlets.
the report said. The center launched its inaugural digital presence Cascardo spoke on her ideas to help the center at
"This costs money," Davis said in her report, but June 19 with help from islander Jennifer Cascardo and the June 4 Save our Center meeting.
it is extensive. The forensic accountants "physically her company, Sugar Beach Digital. The meeting, hosted by center board chairman
work out of the organization reviewing everything Residents can now keep abreast of center happen- Scott Rudacille and Dawn Stiles, executive director, piece by piece. There is nothing that I have seen that ings by following them on YouTube, Twitter, Face- was called to discuss the center's financial crisis. shows one of these audits has been done." book, Instagram and Pinterest. Cascardo is now a member of a center marketing
While the independent review of several years of Sugar Beach, a multimedia production company committee, sharing her knowledge, and helping implethat specializes in branding businesses through digital ment the center's social media presence. A media, is ushering the center into the 21st Century Cascardo also suggested new fundraising opporCascardo and company have been filming in van- tunities, such as the "Donate While You Celebrate," ous locations around Anna Maria Island in order to campaign.
highlight the center's initiatives. AMICC will be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
Vt'SThey also spent a full day June 19 filming youth YouTube and Pinterest within the week, while the cen~4Iand adult activities and interviewing staff. ter's website remains "under construction."
All of the social media and the video will "go
viral" before the July 4 holiday, coinciding with a
"Donate While You Celebrate" fundraising drive for
the center.
The center hopes its internet presence will prompt

p#,L .u

0HL 0o z0i< t



The~~~~~~~~t neltore na ai IXadComnt
Centr mrketng ommiteeis pannng aJul 4_

16E0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Bradenton Beach cell tower construction underway
By Merab-Michal Favorite City officials and tower representatives held a antennas within the upper 50 feet of the tower. And
Islander Reporter groundbreaking ceremony June 12 at the construction those antennas will be concealed by radio frequency
Construction for a new cell tower in Bradenton site adjacent to the city public works building at 400 transparent shrouds that allow penetrating transmission Beach is underway. Church Ave., although little work is evident since the waves.
After many years of planning, plenty of cellphone event. Barille said the tower would be designed with a
service complaints and problems, including a minor However, it took a lot more than a shovel of dirt collapse point, a 30-foot clearance zone for a fall. He scare with a kitchen fire at a condominium where the for the project to get started. said all of the equipment would be stored inside the
owners had only a cell phone and no service, a false According to Kevin Barille of Florida Towers tower, so nothing will be able to fly off the structure. start with an ordinance and much consternation over Partners, five truckloads of concrete weighing more It will withstand winds in excess of 115 mph. the lease, finally there is progress. than 160,000 pounds will be delivered to the site to fill Construction will be completed in 6-8 weeks.
several deeply drilled pillars, '7 feet wide and 29 feet The tower should improve voice cell service and deep. data service for Bradenton Beach, southern Holmes
-The pillars will support a galvanized steel platform Beach and Cortez.
12 feet above the ground. The tower must be raised Florida Tower Partners presented the city of Brabecause it's located in a flood zone, Barille said. denton Beach with $320,000 advance lease payment / The platform will hold the 150-foot-tall, 33,555- for the tower use at the June 12 ceremony. {~ 1j pound galvanized steel tower that will resemble a sail- In addition to the initial payment, the city will boat mast no flags will be flown from the tower. continue to receive 30 percent of tower revenues on a Barille said there will be 3,453 pounds of steel quarterly basis. reinforcing the foundation, which will be secured to Commissioner Jan Vosburgh said she hopes the /the platform with eight heavy-duty anchor bolts. city will be able to save the money they receive from
There is room for 10 cell companies to place the tower as surplus.

N City hail work
Z Workers at Holmes
Beach City Hall June
9 from Air Mechanical and Service Corp.
load equipment to the
roof with a crane. The
city approved $123,390
for HVAC renovations
W ~March 17 to replace the outdated system.
Work began in May
Kevin Ban lle of Florida Towers Partners passes anJsexetdob
the $320,000 due on startup of his company's cell comipleted t moth
tower construction to Bradenton Beach Mayor Bill Ismlan d Phiot .
Shearon. Shearon's service dog, Reece, watches. B Jade hoo
Islander Photo: Bonner Joy BonnerJoy

jk Growing in Jesus' Name
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sc. The Rev. Dr. Paul T. Eckel
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PRESBYTERIAN (U.S.A.) Visitors & Residents Welcome

need a good laugh? visit the emerson quillin signature store. humor, art, gifts 6400 Gul of Meic Drv 38.83 e ww
317 Pine Ave., Anna Maria *


CHURCH SPECIAL MUSIC bySarasota Orchestra's

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THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 17

Rotary Club's winning essay Fourth-grader Thomas HeckBy Thomas Heckler, grade four Zler ofAnna Maria Elementary
Hunter and I were just slowly cruising along theposeSWithhisom, Erin dirt path behind the backstop of the kickball field. He Heckli and Rota r u
was bouncing a fuzzy Penn 1 tennis ball, while I was Anna Maria member Judy
tossing a Wilson baseball in the air and catching it back Rup. Thomas won the Rotary
in my sweaty palms. u Four- Way Test Essay ConA group of four eighth-graders test. He received a plaque
were approaching from nearly 20 and his name will be added
yards away. They were laughing and to the plaque displayed at the
howling so loud that their hats were school. His essay outlined the
almost flying off their heads. Hunter reasons why using the Rotary
and I know that these eighth-graders 4-Way Test, a good choiceHeckler were NOT the people to be around. making model, is beneficial.
"Let's just act like we didn't Islander Photo: Courtesy
notice them and walk right past 'em," I nervously Cindi Harrison
whispered out of the side of my mouth.
"I hope it works," Hunter answered with the same
shaky tone as me.
We started strutting faster and in an arch around the
tough kids. The biggest, toughest, meanest bully stopped
us dead in our tracks like Hunter and I were two helpless zebras and he was the hungry lion ready for a meal.
Hunter and I slowly looked up, hoping they would let
us through. I noticed a little red-and-white box in the I U
big bully's denim pocket that read: Marlboro.
I guess Hunter saw the box, too, because he got Lm
the same look that I knew was imprinted on my face.
"Listen ya puny kids!" The three other bullies
smirked while the leader of the posse slipped the pack J
of cigarettes out of his ginormous pockets.
"We stole these from da drug store and we wan get
rid a dem as soon as possible, so each of you take one of
dese cigarettes here boys," the biggest bully whispered WMFR flips for 2-year-old
over to Hunter and I with his bad pronunciation. West Manatee Fire Rescue
I thought in my head:
1. Would it be something I could tell the truth volunteers fired up the griddle
about? and flipped pancakes June 7-8
2. Is it fair to everybody? at afundraiser for the care and

3. Will Hunter and I become better friends after treatment of Cooper Vollmer 2,
smoking? the nephew of a WMFR lieuten4. Is it helpful to everybody? ant. Cooper began an intensive
I carefully checked no to all of these. I looked over .... chemotherapy campaign after the
I ~~~~~~ ~ ~ .. caeul hce"ot l ftee okdoe discovery of a tumor. The benefit
at Hunter. We both nodded and took off like the cops disoery of. And oer eb
raised $2,970. And Cooper made
were chasing us.
sure he got a big plate of panThe posse of eighth-graders got their punishment sr his breafa
and Hunter and I remained friends. cakes for his breakfast.

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No waiting at the Vet! your urgent care needs Call 941.518.8301
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(:1:) PINNACLE MEDICAL CENTER Your pLa, your co-rwefec.
70 315 75th Street West o Bradenton

wwwWestbridgeVeterinaryCi nic corn
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2 or More Molars Only!
ntruc IWe use a local dental lab with over
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18E0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Fraud trial delayed for r~ Bees stolen from Holmes

island real estate agent ,tieBeach residence
By Merab-Michal Favorite Island police blotter By Merab-Michal Favorite
Islander Reporter Anna Maria Islander Reporter
A former Anna Maria Island real estate agent, No new reports. Life isn't quite as sweet for one Holmes Beach
accused of operating without a real estate license, Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO. homeowner.
could face federal charges pending the outcome of Bradenton Beach According to the Holmes Beach Police Departanother investigation. June 15,300 block of Bay Drive North, battery A ment, a resident of 8 1st Street in Holmes Beach had
Michael Carlton, 61, was sched- 49-year-old man was arrested around 1:30 a.m. after he an entire colony of honeybees stolen from her propuled for a jury trial June 16 on a charge allegedly struck his live-in girlfriend during an argu- erty during the night of June 6.
of unlicensed real estate activity at ment over another woman. The man allegedly hit the The suspect allegedly gained access through the the Manatee County Judicial Center. woman two nights earlier and dragged her by her hair. pool gate and stole bee-keeping equipment as well
However, the local trial was put on The woman stated she endured "four hours of hell" as an entire bee colony.
fil hold pending an ongoing investiga- during that time, but did not report it until the second The property owner told the HBPD the suspect
Carleton tion by the U.S. Postal Service, incident on June 15. She refused medical attention. took the hive, containing worker bees and the queen,
Assistant State Attorney Lisa The man was taken to Manatee County jail. according to the police report.
Chittaro, 12th Judicial Circuit, said the Postal Service Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD. A friend noticed the bees missing when she visited began looking into Carleton's case in May 2013. Cortez the home around 3 p.m. to let the victim's dog out.
Chittaro said the SAO office suspended the charge June 18, 4600 block of 124th Street West, grand The victim told police the person responsible for against Carleton pending the findings of the postal theft. A 42-year-old Cortez man was arrested on an the burglary would have to have knowledge of bees investigation. outstanding warrant. and possibly own a protective bee suit.
However, the Postal Service has not indicted Car- June 15, 119th St. W., battery. Two homeless The victim said she suspects a man who used leton on federal charges, according to William Daniiels, men were allegedly sharing a bottle of whiskey in a to help her care for the bees. She said he became public affairs specialist for the U.S. Attorney's Office, wooded area when one of them passed out and awoke confrontational after she fired him, and he was the Middle District of Florida. to find the bottle empty and allegedly started hitting only other person aware of her bee colony.
Carleton was arrested Nov. 12, 2013, following and kicking the other man, who called police from a The incident remains under investigation. an investigation by the Florida Department of Busi- nearby laundromat. ness and Professional Regulation, Division of Real Cortez is policed by the MCSO. *June 11, 3700 block of East Bay Drive, battery. A
Estate. Holmes Beach 60-year-old man was hit with a plastic bag containing
In March 2013, the state suspended Carleton's June 14,3800 block of East Bay Drive, drug pos- a Subway pizza and ice while walking along the side license after he allegedly deposited a $10,000 escrow session. A 3 1-year-old Bradenton woman was arrested of the road. The man said he saw a white truck coming check to his Coast Line Accommodations account for during a traffic stop after MSCO deputies found three toward him and stepped in the grass off the roadway as property at 106 55th St., Holmes Beach. The check doses in her purse. She was taken to Manatee County it passed. He said someone in the truck threw the bag should have been deposited to Coast Line Accommoda- jail. The driver of the vehicle, a 37-year-old Bradenton and almost knocked him to the ground. The incident tions, his registered employer, according to the report. man, also was arrested. He was charged with driving is under investigation.
The investigation of Carleton was the result of with a suspended license. June 11, 3300 block of Gulf Drive, vehicle burcomplaints that he deliberately double-booked island June 12, 5300 block of Gulf Drive. Battery. An glary. A man said his vehicle was burglarized and the vacation homes and failed to return deposits. 18-year-old woman said she was walking along the window was broken while he and a friend were scuba
Complaints investigated by the Holmes Beach beach when a man allegedly made sexual remarks to diving. The suspects were later arrested in Pinellas Police Department allege Carleton could not be con- her. The woman told police he grabbed her right arm County and charged with the burglary. tacted regarding deposits paid or, at times, would from behind and turned her around to talk to him. The June 10, 100 block of While Avenue, petty theft. return partial refunds, which frustrated renters who woman said she walked away, but 10 minutes later he A bicycle was stolen from a juvenile while he was at were hoping to recoup deposits after Carleton can- grabbed her around the waist. She said she ran away. the beach. celed accommodations. The suspect is described as 40 years old and hairy with HolImes Beach is policed by the HBPD.
The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce grey sideburns. He was last seen wearing blue swim Streetie is based on incident reports and narrareported fielding more than 60 complaints regarding trunks. tives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.
Carelton's rental practices.

0 0

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THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 19

Islander archive 24/7 Meals on Wheels campaign
Several years ago, The Islander was invited seeks volunteers Ja e Ea beh ic
to take part in a digital newspaper pilot project Volunteers are being sought to drive the Meals on J n tEia ehRc

Librareives t fFord ere .Sahr Wheels PLUS of Manatee program. Janet Elizabeth Rich, 87, of Bradenton died June

We started by sending all the electronically The program is seeking volunteers for the summer 15. She was born March 30, 1927, in Adrian, Michigan, produced copies of the newspaper to library tech- months to deliver hot meals to homebound seniors. to the late Elwood J. and Fleta Bertine (Sayers) Rinenican, hothn ncude Te slndr fom The time requirement for delivering meals is about M VIhart. She moved with her husband, 2005 forward in the library database. 60-90 minutes, from one day to five days per week. Keith, and daughter Deborah to BraNext, we donated our collection of printed Meals are prepared at the Meals on Wheels PLUS denton in 1951 from Indianapolis.
newpaer coerngthebeining fomthefist kitchen at 811 23rd Ave. E., Bradenton, and deliv- The coupled owned the Rinehart
neaedii ino199 rupnt the belectrnicg ram ohfi005 ered by volunteers I11 am-I p.m., Monday through i~ and Rich Pharmacy on 14th Street It took a few years, but it's all on the UofF digital Friay Wes inC Brdno foVoehn2
library site now, all searchable by key word, name "Assistance from the community is crucial to our Rich years, originally a joint venture with or date. operations," said Maribeth Phillips, CEO of Meals on her parents. She and her husband
It's simple, easy and available 24/7. Wheels PLUS. "We simply could not provide the nutri- were owners of Rich's Beach Drugs in Holmes Beach
This prompted us to reduce our storage of toand support to local people in need without the for more than 30 years.
dead newspapers what we publishers call a help of our volunteers." She was a member of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority,
morge. "For more information, call Meals on Wheels PLUS First Church of the Nazarene and past member of Entre
The next step in our quest to be the "best" news at 941-747-4655 or go online to www.mealsonwheel- Nous in Bradenton.
on Anna Maria Island is a digital photo library. wile deepl vimissetd yf ll.thr n
Soon, you'll be able to find archived photos goingwilbdepymsdbya.
bac t te irt diios o Te slndr reeredBy the way, we moved The family received friends June 20 at Shannon
on the state's website, Floridamemorycom. Funeral Home Westview Chapel, Bradenton. A celKids at school, news photos, pictures from ebration of life was held June 21, at First Church of
events and the hallmarks in the lives of islanders. Nazarene, Bradenton. Interment was to be at Manasota
As for now, there's 21 years, 52 weeks a year, Memorial Park, Bradenton. Condolences may be made
cover to back, the complete collection of The oln twwsannueahmscm
Islander, online at Mrs. Rich is survived by her loving husband of 65
You'll find The Islander at the UofF library years, Keith; daughters Deborah Rich Bovinett of Braamong the digital stacks, now and into the future. denton and Jennifer Rich Rehl of Tampa; grandchilWeekly. After 21 years in the same shopping center, the dren Laura D'Angiolillo of Bradenton, and Sarah Rehl
newsape ha movd is ofic to 604 Mainaand Blake Rehl, both of Tampa; and great-grandson 71-Find The Drive, Holmes Beach. JyeD nillo
~- jSL~NDE~~~ Islander We're directly across from the Island Library
~ olin atand conveniently located near Domino's and Island At your service
ufdc. ufi. e du. Fresh Market, among others. Obituaries are provided as a community serLook for the familiar Islander neon sign in the vice to residents and family of residents, both window. And for the same familiar folks in the office. past and present, and to those people with ties to The Revial Same poenumber 917898.Anna Maria Iln.Content is edited for style and
Stop by soon and check out our gallery. length. Photos are welcome.

Island Coffee Haus
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20 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
Close encounters at the Island Iilbrirv


4 |

John Paner with Croc Encounters holds up Jellybean, a rescued red tegu lizard as it sticks out its tongue for the large crowd of kids and adults gathered June 19 in the Walker Swift meeting room for a "close encounter." The event was sponsored by the Friends of the Library.
E OJohn Paner with Croc Encounters shows a rat snake to
I TAKE-OUT $100 FF attendees at the Island Library June 19 during his group's
Any SizePizza Crocodile Encounter program.
Specializing in Veal Chicken Fish Pasta
Makers of the World's Largest Pizza CN
I Open 7 Days 11AM to Midnight
201 N. Gulf Dr. Bradenton Beach
778-0771 or 778-0772


5344 Gulf Drive Holmes Beacha a


Anna Maria Island Centre 3246 E. Bay Drive Holmes Beach DINNER TUESDAY-SATURDAY 5-9 941-778-1320 A

Enjo ..*fas.

Grl ;{lfo1od'

------"Ea Lik aeoy l

This~~~~ sumer com enoorW

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 21



ABOVE LEFT: John Paner with Croc Encounters holds Brave two-year- up a ball python for attendees at the Island Library June
old Lilly Kate 19 the better to see you during his group's CrocoGuth from Bra- dile Encounter program. The program was funded by the
denton touches a Friends of the Island Library. Islander Photos: Karen Riley
red tail boa con- Love/
strictor with help
and encourage- ABOVE RIGHT: Orianna Pineda, age 10, of Bradenton,
ment from mom holds an alligator during the Crocodile Encounter program
Katie Moore at at the Island Library June 19.
the Island Library
June 19.

VElers S INCE1984 (941) 778-6641 f
Homemade OPEN 7 DAYS A E
SMon-Thu 11am-11pm Come check out our
MADE ON SITE! Fri-Sat 11am-12am super EWme
11904 Cortez Rd. W.* Cortez 941.794.5333 .
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Live .Musi( Fri-Sat7Sun Efjfv'ni S''MIKE SALES'ENrTVRTAI$S 5-8~ $JN0AY:'


2650 Gulf Drive S.
Bradenton Beach 8 "
941 7784757 1,~e

22 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

AMI adult soccer playoffs start up with upset victories
By Kevin Cassidy Islander Reporter
In most sports leagues, teams battle throughout the Alisha Keene, who
regular season to earn favorable seedings and improve scored two goals
their chances of advancing in the championships. for Agnelli Pool &
Top-seeded Jessie's Island Store fashioned an unde- Spa during June 19
feared season in the Anna Maria Island Community adult soccer at the
Center's adult soccer league and a first-round playoff Anna Maria Island
matchup June 19 with last-place Slim's Place, which Community Center,
won only two games during the regular season. passes the ball away
So what happened? No. 8 Slim's Place scored as LaPensee Plumba 4-3 upset victory over the top seed and sent them ing defender Sean
home, but Jessie's didn't go home alone. No. 3 seed Sanders applies
LaPensee Plumbing and No. 4 Ross Built also lost to pressure. Islander
lower-seeded teams in their first rounds in the chase Photo: Kevin
for the Island Cup. Cassidy
Slim's defeated Jessie's 4-3 in a penalty-kick shootout after playing to a 3-3 tie in regulation. Danny Anderson, Erin Vogel and Shawn Wampole converted their
penalty kicks for Slim's, while Aron Parkin and Danny
Burton converted their penalty kicks for Jessie's.
Anderson, PJ Smargisso and Zach Gilliland scored offs. Josh Bernet scored two goals and Matt Plummer rebounds.
goals during regulation play for Slim's Place. Goalie added a goal and an assist for the winners. Ally Tits- The second game of the evening saw the Sun burn Will Case was strong between the pipes with 13 saves, worth added an assist, while Jason Sato made 11 saves Island Gourmet 95-72 behind huge games from Matt while Kelsea Bachman added an assist for Slim's Place in goal to preserve the victory. Ray and Teagan Purtill. Ray finished with 36 points,
in the victory. Adam Bujarski notched the lone goal for Ross 17 rebounds and five assists, while Purtill added 32
Jessie's Island Store was led in the loss by Burton's Built in the loss, while Scott Rudacille made 10 saves points, 10 rebounds and six assists. Jason Mican added hat trick and nine saves from goalie Pedro Gonzalez. in goal. 20 points, 12 rebounds and six assists, and the Sun
No. 2 seed Island Pest Control avoided the upset The chase for the Island Cup continues with semi- also received 12 points and five rebounds from Karri trend with a tight 2-1 victory over Beach to Bay Con- final games June 25 and the Island Cup final set for 8 Shepherd in the victory. struction. Eric Pullen and Andrew Turman scored for p.m. Thursday, June 26. Scott Elisio led Island Gourmet with 40 points and
Island Pest Control, while Ray Gardner finished with 13 rebounds in the loss, while Craig Boers finished
10 saves in the victory. Basketball season winds down with 21 points and eight rebounds.
Damir Glavan notched the lone goal for Beach to With only one regular-season game remaining, the The Feast moved out of last place with a 65-50 Bay, which also received 17 saves from goalie Rico seedings are all but set in the center's adult basketball victory over the Bug Guys in the final game of the eveBeisert in the loss. league. Duncan Real Estate has a one-game lead on ning behind 33 points and 13 rebounds from Antwan
Agnelli Pool & Spa continued the upsets with a Bug Guys, with Gator Man Pools another game back Jackson. Cameron Kawcak added 13 points and eight 4-1 victory over third-seed LaPensee behind a pair of in third place. Island Sun is alone in fourth place at 3-4, rebounds and Jonathan Ely chipped in with 12 points goals from Alisha Keene and a goal each from Matt followed by 2-5 The Feast and 1-6 Island Gourmet. to round out the scoring for The Feast. Kretzman and Chris Klotz. The playoffs get started July 1 with the champion- The Bug Guys, which dropped out of a tie for first
Tyler Krauss scored the lone goal for LaPensee, ship game set for July 15. Stay tuned. place with the loss, was led by Matt Dwyer's 15 points which received 12 saves in the loss from goalie Aaron In June 17 action, Duncan edged Gator Man 64-61 and nine rebounds and 14 points and seven rebounds Dudukes. behind 25 points, five rebounds and five assists from from Brandon Kerns.
Sato's 3-1 victory over Ross Built was the third Ray Gardner and 21 points and seven rebounds from
lower-seeded team to win in the first round of the play- Jordan Demers to remain atop the adult basketball Key Royale golf news standings with only one regular-season game to play. The Key Royale Club women played a nine-hole, w e -,Aaron Dudukes paced Gator Man Pools with 22 individual-low-net golf match June 17 with a slight points and 11 rebounds to drop another game into third twist no drivers allowed. place. Brandon Osmond added 22 points in the loss, Debi Wholers, Ginny Upshaw and Kris Landkamwhile Deo Brown finished with 10 points and eight PLEASE SEE SPORTS, PAGE 24

SA LrA $2 P RSON7-vow

Interperative Sail Tours AM HIGH PM HIGH AM LOW PM LOW Moon
Aboard 1800s-Design Custom June 25 1:01 1.4 10:40 2.6 3:52 1.3 Work Boat Built in Cortez by 1:45 1.4 11:15 12.6 -430 1.a 7:01 -0.2
Whisper Captain & Naturalist 9 1.4 1T.49 2.6 5:09 1.3 7:33 -0.2 New
Geoffrey H. Kenrick une 28 2:44 1.5 12:24 2.6 5:50 1.3 8:04 -0.1
p June29 3:05 1.5 1:01 2.5 6:35 1.2 8:35 0.0
Dolphins Manatees Birds :7 15 14 :3 12ii
Accommodates up to 6 people 3:27 1.5 1:41 2.4 7:23 1.2
D 4528 119th St. West., Cortez
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l no to r 9 1 1

Sa i 'CtamaansElectronics / Electrical
,',,, ., 'Sailing from 3 locations

SInstallation &Service Anna Maria Island
Longboat Key 920-1169
m ~ i IDowntown Sarsot k
P0 Box 1064
941-870-4349)et__ .Cortez, Fl 34215
Monday Combo Dolphin Watch / Lunch Loop
Tuesday Sarasota Day Trip Capt. DS
Wednesday- Bradenton Day Trip
Thursday Circle Line Tour ..... ..
P L US DAILY Dolphin Watch w.s
NIGHTLY Sunset / Dolphin Watch Combo
941 -780-8010


THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 23

Consistent good weather results in hot area fishing
By Capt. Danny Stasny beaches in-between. Shiners and threadfins are LowIslander Reporter man's baits of choice.
Fishing around Anna Maria Island remains good When not targeting tarpon, Lowman is fishing the
for yet another week. The weather and the fishing are flats of Anna Maria Sound for snook, redfish and trout.
hot. Although snook are out of season, Lowman is managTarpon remain the main attraction for fishers who ing to catch and release fish up to 42 inches. As for the
want to test their strength. redfish, Lowman says they're being elusive, but he's
Catch-and-release snook are plentiful along the put a few keeper-size fish in the cooler.
flats of Anna Maria Sound all the way throughout Sara- For the trout, Lowman is using live shiners for
sota Bay. 4' bait, which is resulting in limits of these popular backSpotted seatrout remain a mainstay for backwater ,, water fish for his clients.
fishers who want to bring home a few fillets for the Capt. Rick Gross of Fishy Business Charters is
frying pan. The same applies for redfish, although, catching tarpon from Longboat Key to Egmont Key.
unless you know where the reds are schooling, catch- By using live shiners or threadfin herring, Gross is
ing them can be a challenge. managing to produce a few hookups per trip and one
Finally, mangrove snapper are showing in good to two to the boat. Silver kings of 100 pounds and more
numbers on artificial reefs in Tampa Bay and the Gulf are the norm.
of Mexico. In the backcountry, Gross is targeting catch-andCapt. Warren Girle is still targeting tarpon along the release snook, redfish and trout. For all three species,
beaches of Anna Maria Island with success. Threadfin Gross is free-lining live shiners to get the bite. Keeperherring, shiners and crabs are producing a bite. Typi- sizes in all three species are being caught, although the
cally, early morning is a sure thing, although, with a snook, of course, are released.
little persistence, Girle is producing hookups for his Darren Weiss, visiting Anna Maria Island from New Gross is also fishing nearshore structure for manafternoon clients. He says fish 80-150 pounds are the York, shows off his June 19 catch, a 24-pound permit grove snapper. Fish up to 18 inches are feeding on norm. hooked on live bait offshore on a guided fishing trip fresh-cut live shiner pieces drifted behind the boat.
Moving offshore, Girle is working over structure with Capt. Warren Girle. Gross warns that due to high water clarity, you'll
with good results. Permit in the 20-pound range are want to use no more than 20-pound fluorocarbon for
readily taking free-lined crabs. Also, on offshore struc- Capt. Aaron Lowman at Island Discount Tackle leader. The snapper seem to shy away from anything ture, Girle is finding catch-and-release gag grouper says the tarpon bite is going strong. When targeting heavier. and goliath grouper along with keeper-size mangrove these fish, Lowman is fishing the passes at the north Send high-resolution photos andfishing reports to snapper and a few throw-back barracudas. and south ends of Anna Maria Island as well as the
Jim Malfese at the Rod & Reel Pier says Spanish
mackerel are being caught, especially from sunrise
until about 9 a.m.
Due to the large amount of "fry bait," or juve- Ed Kruse of Northnile baitfish, the macks are feeding heavily, which brook, Illinois,
increases the chances of hooking up. Speck rigs in shows off his
white, chartreuse and pink are resulting in fish up to 27-inch redfish,
18 inches. caught on a shiner
Mangrove snapper are being caught more fre- while on a recent
quently thanks to the "fry bait." Pier fishers using live charter fishing trip
shrimp or small shiners are catching multiple snapper, with Capt. Danny
although only a few are keeper-size. Stasny.
Finally, snook are beginning to arrive at the pier
before they make their way to the beaches to spawn.
Live baits, such as shiners, pinfish or ladyfish, can
produce an exciting hookup.

Capt. Warren Girle -P TACKLE

Redfish Snapper
Snook Grouper
Light Tackle Fly CELL 730-5148
Oecin calers U 1/2 DAY & FULL DAY CHARTERS gnCOM
Over 30 years experience in local waters 9 USCG Licensed SERVING ANNA MARIA ANGLERS SINCE 1986 Full /Half Day Trips 941.387.8383 (H) 941.232.8636 (C)

delL" Exdn Bait Tackle Ice Marine Fuel

A -We have everything C you need for summer

For a LIMITED time only fishing in Florida
J ~*Coupon must be presented at the time of rental |t
*Can not be combined with other offers or discounts ISLAND DISCOUNT TACKLE **All rental rules and regulations apply 5503 MARI NA DRIVE
[ 11 -* V [ ~l Located at the Seafood Shack, 41101 127th St. W., Cortez -at KEYES MARI NA, H B
www. h2owatersportz corn '
-l-~e sl [ lSll~ie 91 3 20LND _.ISCINT OPEN DAILY 7AM

7Major Credit Cards Accepted


s dBizDt

Eat Here Sarasota transitionsA

to World of Beer

Sean Murphy, owner of the Eat Here restaurant neighborhood now with the opening of McCurdy's group and Beach Bistro he likens them to sister Comedy Store. The World of Beer will be a great restaurants, his family announced June 22 the addition to a refreshed entertainment district." transition of Eat Here's downtown Sarasota loca- He said many of the Eat Here Sarasota staff will tion to World of Beer. be offered positions at his other restaurants.-7,
''World of Beer contacted us with an unsolicited Murphy applauded his Sarasota landlords, but very compelling offer," Murphy said. the Kauffman family, saying "Dr. Kauffman is a
The Eat Here restaurants on Anna Maria Island true gentlemen. He loves our blue tomato soup and Siesta Key will continue offering chef-focused, and I've promised him every month to bring him a chef-crafted, coastal cuisine at their respective loca- quart."7 tions, he said. Dean Lambert, a managing partner for World of
Murphy said he thinks the World of Beer will do Beer on University Parkway, said he's excited about
well at the urban park location at Links and Main. the new location. "It will be an excellent showcase LaPensee Plumbing defender Sean Sanders clears "There is a momentous excitement brewing in the for our extensive offerings of craft beer and our new the ball away as Agnelli Fool & Spa player Blair food menu. World of Beer will be opening on Main Schlossberg arrives during June 19 adult soccer Senin the early fall." action at the center 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria.
Murphy, World of Beer will be co-sponsoring the Beach Is lander Photo: Kevin Cassidy
owner ~~~~~~~Bistro Culinary Winter Carnival in January 2015. SPRSCNIUDFO PAE2
of Beach maers cvneaehef batnest andf no, beer cratsmwie mer had no problem working the course without their
Bistro in Iaes hfbredr n obe rslnha drivers, as they all fired 1-under-par 31 to finish in a
Holmes at a culinary celebration on Anna Maria Ilntht tie for first place in Flight A.
Beach and benefits children's hospitals.
its "little Eat Here Anna Maria Island is at 5315 Gulf Sue Wheeler also carded a 1-under-par 31 to take
sister" Drive, Holmes Beach, and can be reached at 941- first place in Flight B, while Janet Razze and Terry
Eat Here 778-0411. Eat Here Siesta Key is at 240 Avenida Westby both finished at even-par 32 to tie for second.
restaurants Madera, Sarasota, 941-346-7800, or online at www. Hrehenw
iHomseathereflorida. com. H osheam nes gdfo polyan eelf
Beach and ~~~~~~~~Eat Here's Anna Maria Island and Siesta Key Totaseegdfo olpa n eelf
locaion araaenmogFoia'dbs e to battle for the day's bragging rights during June 18
on Siesta rsarnsinFoiaTedmgzn'Glen horseshoe action at the Anna Maria City Hall horseKey.Spoon Awards. shoe pits.
It a tight, back-and-forth battle, Hank Huyghe and
Jay Disbrow slipped past Steve Doyle by a 22-18 score to earn a trip to the winner's circle.
a Steve Doyle was a walker again June 21 and
W E* U*KO LN W WE O strolled to a 21-7 victory over Tim Sofran and Jerry
Disbrow to earn bragging rights for the day.
0; Play gets underway at 9 a.m. every Wednesday and
ga. isa d r g *V a iiln e Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. Warmups
begin at 8:45 a.m. followed by random team selection. There is no charge to play and everyone is welcome.

STRIKE ONE 1 12 13 4 5 6 7 81 9 10 11 112 113 14 0 15 116 17 18
0 ACROSS 49 Wine bottle residue 95 Member of a ccrtantt 5 Futon alternatives
1 Swabby's need 50 Composer Bart6k 908208r 6 "It's only a scratch!" 2 24 25 26
4 Brainles 51 Gellng agentsband Censor 7Halqi
4 rines 1Gelngaens unhappy with Hreun2728 293 31
L ~11 Cowboy-to-lady 52 Antacid ingredient "Family Guy" and (multicolored gem)
Address 54 Are able, archaically "Glee," maybe? 8 Odd mannerism 32 33435 a637
S 15 Early teachings 55 Caribbean exports 97 Mo. for campaign 9 High dudgeon 38 394044
U~m. 19 Triumphant shout 56 Pagean surprises io Jai alai basket
20 Sucker? Circumstances that 98 Give a piece to 11 Particle 46478 495
0) 21 Capital with more render someone 99 [1 am SHOCKED!] 12 Big holding in Risk 51 -52 ---than 300 lakes within attractive? 101 "Picnic" playwright 13 Order in the court?
its limits 59 Climber's challenge 102C4mdei4-sog 14 Some Latin 55 56-------------------55
22 Skirt feature 60 Wedding-gown Ignore the rest of inscritions23 Symbo~l ohaes material the lunch I brought incitos59 6O6 62 6364
bl Transmissions with 61 Take a load off and just eat the 15 Like
colons, dashes and 62 Abductors in a fish? 16 Use dynamite on, as 6566 6
parentheses? tabloid story 106 Like a safe723 747
A 25 Bias 65 Mohs-scale mineral 107 Warner Bros. 17 Strongholds
26 Tiny bit 67 Hill raiser cartoon company is Studies intently8790
27 Sedgwick of "The 68Hs.poeue 111 Aforementioned 24 "Love's -__ Lost" 81086
Closer" 68Hs.poeue 112 Italy's San __ 30 Villain of "2001"
28CatonstKen 69 Oxford teachers 113 After dinner disPlay 31 Lord's Prayer starter 87 9
29 ~ 71 Bring back on One way to see a E9easoen 19
Madame Tussaud's 73 Four-time pro hoops pie's filling? 34Dastrg
specialty? M.V.P. 117 Trouble-free place 34 Deadh soraet9 90
32 Has-- 76 Setting for 76-Down 118 Compass tracings91
34 NC-17 assigner: 77 English privy 119 Put out 38 Dormant Turkish 102 13104 105 i610710 1910
Abbr. 78 Pine,-eg. Dinosaur 120 Don Ho played it volcano
36 Paper exchanged for that never goes out 121 Bmuce of 3 eedbepto
coin of style? "Nebraska" 40 Walk all over 11 11 11937 Poetic tribute 81 Like un millonario 122 Exam administered 41 Unpopular 1773
38 "Sa as 82 Black qtly. legislation 121 12 123-
ceharaterefWhere 85 Like some bunnies 123 You'll see alot of 43 "Middlemarch" ---- -----
droids go to dry out? and hounds them author
42 Gbn-n- 86 "Paranormal 124 Stmuck out, as one 44 With 103-Down, 63 Like some poker 76 Sitcom set during the 89 Non-fuel-efficient 104 Exercise venue, for
M ciit"ceaue letter in each of "Hurlyburly" star games 1860~s vehicles short
Moutanto tat' 8 Misin eue: this puzzle's theme 45 T-apee off 64 Carival coole 79 Amorphous lump 911 Mosque tower 10 At sea

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 25

s i dAi Restless Natives

By Rick Catlin c-we ao
Cliffiord, left,
By and artist Laura

McFarland look
F over MeFarland's watercolors that will be
on display during
Restless for a party? the? Restless
Anyone interested in a summer party and open NtvsPryo
house is invited to the Restless Natives, 5416 Marina the Plaza and
Drive, Holmes Beach, in the Island Shopping Center 2829 I oe oseJne
from noon-7 p m. June 28, and noon-S p m. June 29.2-2.Ilne
Restless Natives co-owners Carol and Ronnie Clif-Pht:Rc ford said the idea for an open house came they were Cti
thinking of a way to highlight the local artists whose V
work is offered at the store.
"We decided a party would be a great way to
spread the word about the artists we have, and we're
calling it 'Party at the Plaza,"' Carol Clifford said. have some munchies. It's going to be an enjoyable The chamber's monthly networking luncheon for
"It should be great fun," she added. time." July is scheduled for noon-2 p.m. Wednesday, July 2,
The party will include live entertainment both The Cliffords, who have lived on Anna Maria at Pier 22 Restaurant, 1200 First Ave. W., Bradenton. days, along with appetizers and beverages. Everyone Island for nearly four years, also own Back Alley at The cost of the luncheon is $15 and reservations is welcome. 108 Bridge St., Bradenton Beach. are required.
The featured artist is Robert Rieber. Other artists For more information about the Party on the Plaza, At the June 18 meeting of the chamber board at showing at the open house are Laura McFarland, Sue call 941-779-2624. the chamber office, members discussed the chamber's
Riester and Patti Clarke. small business expo in August.
"We really like featuring the local artists," Carol Chamber vice president Deb Wing said speakers
Clifford said. "We're inviting people to come and see ChAamb~er plans events will address topics such as marketing, advertising,
what they have done, as well as enjoy the music and The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce will public relations, customer service and sales.
hold its monthly networking event 5-7 p.m. Wednes- Wing also updated the board on the September Bu ie news day, June 25, at Freedom Village, 6406 2 1st Ave. W., golf tournament, and said more major sponsors are
Deyobusinessaeahvmnttocl Bradenton. The event was previously scheduled to be needed.
Doraes a you buss havene ahineens o yeu- at Bank United on Manatee Avenue West. The golf tournament is a major fundraiser for the
bratnes Maybecyoveuoeed a busnes or ouri The cost to attend is $5 and members are encour- chamber's annual college scholarship fund. Golfers bines a s re'lied an wardm o. spea rconid- aged to bring a guest or potential member. and sponsors can call the chamber to sign up. ered, email your "who, what, where, when and why" Appetizers and beverages will be served and door For more information or reservations, call 941to news ( Hi-res photos welcome. prizes will be awarded. 778-1541.
Reservations are requested, but not required. PLEASE SEE ISLAND BIZ PAGE 26


4BR/4BA bayfront home. 2B3RI2BA. Beaulifuhly decorated and 1IBRI1.53A. Completely Updated. 2BR/2BA.1O,881 sqft. lot
$1,199,000 impeccably maintained. $399,000 Great rental property. $430,000 $577,500

3BR/2BA pool home. Palma Sola Pines. 2BR/1 BA. Great rental potential! 5BR12.5BA + pool on Key Royale. 3BRI2BA, plus den.
$177,000 $369,000 $729,000 $549,900

2BRI2BA, townhouse with 13K boat lift. 3BRI2BA. Beautifully updated. 2BR/2/BA with patio. Townhouses in the Commercial lots. Gulf Drive frontage.
$269,000 $499,000 Cay. $167,500 includes boat slip. $192009000

26 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
Joane OwnsDerek Barnes, center, left, of Keller Wil- .chef and owner of the
hamsRea Esatenew Derek's Rustic liams Real Estate( ...
Coastal Cuisine, 5516
oth atanManatee Ave. W., BraNicole Skaggs
ofBigFishReal denton, prepares to cut
Estate Group, cel- the ribbon at an openebrate the merger ing reception June 18
hosted with the Manatee
of their companies )Chamber of Commerce.
with a fist pump. Chamber president Bob
They will celebrate
June 26, at the Bartz is left. Islander
Big Fish office, Photo: Rick Catlin
5351 Gulf Drive,
Holmes Beach.

Big fish plans 'real' party
Big Fish Real Estate at 5351 Gulf Drive, Holmes Island real estate transactions
Beach, and Keller-Williams Real Estate on the Water, 5239 Manatee Ave. W., Bradenton, have joined forces By Jesse Brisson 2,209 sfur 2bed/2bath home built in 1974 on a 6270
to create the Big Fish Real Estate Group in association Special to The Islander sq ft lot was sold 06/06/14, Schaefer to Hagedorn for
with Keller-Williams on the Water. 506 S. Bay Blvd., Anna Maria a 1,295 sfla / 1,691 $629,000.
Big Fish owner Nicole Skaggs and Keller-Wil- sfur 3bed/3bath bayfront home built in 1964 on a 62x85 206 69th St., Holmes Beach, a 2,146 sfla / 2,496 liams on the Water owner Joanne Owens are inviting lot was sold 05/30/14, Tradewinds of Anna Maria LLC sfur 3bed/2bath/2car home built in 1956 on a 90x107 guests to celebrate with them at a merger party 5-8 to Johnson for $810,000; list $879,000. lot was sold 06/03/14, Musto to 206 69th LLC for p.m. Thursday, June 26, at the Big Fish office. The 305 Poinsettia Road, AnnaMaria, a $570,000.
public is welcome, Skaggs said. 1,296 sfla / 1,756 sfur 3bed/2bath/2car 509 58th St., Holmes Beach, a 2,668 sfla / 3,335
Food, beverages, entertainment and a prize, which pool home built in 1980 on a 52xl 12 sfur 4bed/2bath/ Icar canalfront home built in 1963 on
the two have named the "Tacky Tourists Gear," are lot was sold 06/02/14, Carlson to Cote a 85xl 10 lot was sold 05130114, Moore to Calhoun for
planned. for $680,000; list $759,000. $435,000; list $483,900.
Each office will remain in its present location, 302 60th St., Unit A, Holmes 6500 Flotilla Drive, Unit 125, Westbay Point
Skaggs said. Owens said she is already considering a Brisson Beach, a 1,500 sfla 4bed/3bath & Moorings, Holmes Beach, a 985 sfla / 1,377 sfur larger office to handle the expected increase in busi- condo with pool built in 2014 was 2bed/2bath condo with shared pool built in 1978
ness. sold 06/03/14, Carter to Dienemann for $632,500; list was sold 05/30/14, Toth to 1823969 Ontario Inc. for
"I think we're going to be a dynamic duo," Skaggs $698,000. $365,000; list $379,000.
said. "And we're going to have fun doing it. We and 302 60th St., Unit B, Holmes Beach, a 1,200 sfla 600 Manatee Ave., Unit 144, Westbay Cove, our staff enjoy what we do, and I can't think of a 3bed/2bath condo with pool built in 2014 was sold Holmes Beach, a 1,187 sfla / 1,595 sfur 2bed/2bath greater person than Joanne to work with." 06/03/14, Carter to Dienemann for $632,500; list condo with shared pool built in 1977 was sold 06/02/14,
For more information on their offices, call Skaggs $649,000. Corbin to Crouch for $310,000.
at 941-779-2289, or Owens at 941-729-7400. 317 N. Bay Blvd., Anna Maria, a 1,777 sfla 611 Gulf Drive N., Unit 28, Imperial House, Bradenton Beach, a 858 sfla 2bed/2bath 55+ condo with .... THAN shared pool built in 1969 was sold 06/02/14, Kosko to
Buck forl $ ,0.
Jesse Brisson, broker/associate at Gulf Bay Realty of Anna Maria, can be reached at 941-778-7244.
14 n 41 1A14WSLANDER

14 4

CL Uof Ami.tNC

......... .........60.."

HomesSfomothe upper $100s INNho
10419 Inglenook Terrace, Palmetto 1 941-882-5077
Homes hem the $300s 41
5807 Palmer Ranch Parkway, Sarasota 1941-882-5421 L Z
Homes from the upper $200s
4510 1a4den ABbo Way, Bratenn-799-5513h Homes from the $300s
2531 Vaccaro rie, Sarasota 1-41-799-5512

Homes trom the upper $200s 3P
5235 .splanade Blvd., Lakewood Ranch 1941-799-5496
Homes foroma the upper $l10 Spectacular 6lBedoom35 im1nath home, situated in the center of the island, close to the
7335 Sk ird Road, Badenton 1941-761-0587 r ce best beaches, shopping and restaurants. Delightful outside kitchen and dining, zeroentry spectacular pool. Elegant island living at its finest! Perfect new home, second Homesfronthey$2s home or home away from home! $1,295,000. Call Lynn Zemmer. 941-730-1294.
2453 Terracina Nrye, Venice 1941-484-5369

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 27

LA-Z-BOY SWIVEL ROCKER recliner for sale, Individuals may place one free ad with up to three
$100. Good condition. Call 941-302-2285. items, each priced $100 or less, 15 words or less.
SCUBA TANKS: THREE for $75, vertical blind FREE, one week, must be submitted online. Email Om isa d
slats, beige, 47 82-inch and 41 74-inch, $20., fax toll-free 1-866-362941-778-3106. 9821. (limited time offer)

FOR SALE: BEACH wagon, $20, as is. Beach ANNOUNCEMETS
bike, $20, as is. Twin-size comforter with blue TENNIS LESSONS/CAMPS/clinics offered for the ltis= c&*,153r6o 0 G4r
a n d lim e g re e n c o lo rs w it h b e d s k irt $ 2 0 C a ll T E N N I S 8 0NL -7 71o6 0r3
941-737-9173. month of July. Taught by former collegiate tennis 941-713-4755 800-771-6043
player. Flexible hours. Please, contact 910-540MOVING, MUST SELL by Saturday, June 28. 4552 for rates. BAYFRONT BEAUTY Perched on the edge of the
Hunter green sectional, $200, glass table with bay this 2bed/2bath bayfront home has sweeping
four high-back black, cloth chairs, $125, wood/ WANTED: WORKOUT DVDs, XBox, Wii units with views of the bay and lW. Craftsmanship shows glass coffee table with ottoman, $65, three-piece games for for kids-teens in Haiti. Deliver to The and office or third bedroom. Turnkey Furnished Scandinavian living room set, sofa, table and two Islander, 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. $1,199,000 end tables, $135, extra-large round decorative DUPLEX FOR ALE 300 block of 65th Street on a
mirror, .Cal94 -78 2 61......$75............Call...........941-778-2161......................
m irror, $75..... .. . ..........61.conforming duplex lot. Lovingly maintained, new winWHITE OUTSIDE CHAIRS, seven, $35, clip-on FOR EXPERT ADVICE ON ISLAND PROPERTIES dows, room for a pool, great rental history. $519,000.
blond hair extensions, $25, Guns & Roses vinyl, CALL THE ISLANDERS 5BED/3BATH DUPLEX: West of Gulf Drive, just
1988, $15. Call 941-761-1928. steps to the beach this relaxed living duplex is cur(941) 778-6066 rently a successful vacation rental. Excellent rental
FREE: 38x60-inch mirror. Call 678-571-5135. WWW.CALLTHEISLANDERS.COM history and confirmed future bookings. Turnkey
BIKES: 10-SPEED RALEIGH, aluminum, $99, JOHN@CALLTHEISLANDERSCOM Furnished $940,000.
kid's BMX, $4. 9. 4BED/2BATH DUPLEX:: Location, Location, Locakd sB X 40 94 6 1 5 .,tion. Across from public beach and off of Gulf Drive,
1 F S .AT 'IE. th is d u p lex c o m es tu rn key fu rn is h e d $ 3 6 5 ,0 0 0 .
John van Zandt SNEAD ISLAND: Built in 2006 on over half an acre, this 4bed/3bath home features 14-ft ceilings, crown
...D..........moldings, kitchen with black granite counter tops,
Grand views saltwater pool with waterfall feature,
I NEED LISTINGS! 200-ft new dock. Much much more $949,000.
Cindy Quinn, PA., Realtor, CDPE And I'll give you 100 FLAMINGO TOWNHOME: Totally redone from
rhead to toe, this 2bed/2bath condo is conveniently Cell: 941 -780-8000 percent effort. located close to Robinson Preserve, Anna Maria
Go to my website to JASON HRNAK Island and, with a pool and docks, what more do
e Myou need?! $175,000.
lsng.91773-6572 POOL HOME WITH SLIP: This elevated 2bed/2bath pool home built on an oversize lot also includes a
c1L o deeded boat slip. Inviting layout takes full advantage
[Eui [i M ike of blending indoors with outdoors. $589,999.
5102 Mo iNorman
Hed 3 a h 6 9 0 b e RC 3 0 G U L F D R H O L M E S B E A C H C a l l J e s se0B rbs so2 /..9bt h 7 7 0 0

Sbed I 3 bath $6,000 3 bed I 2 bath $749,000 3 bed I 1 bath $7,000 s

2 0e is s721 Holmes th e right

4 bed 3 bath $619,000 3 bed 12 bath $449,000 4 bed 2/1 bath $87,000 a s a h e 4 days!

27custom721 Hm Bv0
aCnt L and or i Sale:h ffce.

17721 2 2nd Dv #0, Holmes Beach8,0stf.$600

4 bed I3 bath $,39,000 3 bed 2 bath $49,000 4 bed 3 / bath $679,000 Or4 Crvesent, Anal aria. 6,43867-5234

eachin $349,00 ai 748s~t.$7,0


Sandy's Lawn Service Inc.
Sandy's Established in 1983 IS L A N a u air= -t
Lown Residential and Commercial
Full service lawn maintenance ANNOUNCEMENTS C i HELTH CARE
Service Landscaping Clean-up
7781345 Hauling tree trimming WANTED: YOUR OLD cell phone for recycling. LPNS NEEDED FOR active quadriplegic using
Deliver to The Islander, 5604B Marina Drive, Hoyer lift. Morning shifts, 4-5 hours starting at Paradise Holmes Beach. 7 a.m. Overnight shifts, 9:30 p.m.-7 a.m. 941PardiseIpr ..vements 941.792.5600 685-5213.
Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Specialist ANTIQUES, ART, and collectibles. View at The Replacement Doors and Windows Islander store, 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes Andrew Chennault Beach.
Island References Lic#CBC056755 TOASTED COMPUTER SERVICES. Your home
AERIAL PHOTOS of Anna Maria Island. View and and business specialist. On-site service, virus/ CONSTRUCTION INC. purchase online: spyware, cleanup, system setup, upgrades, diagResidential & Condo Renovations FREE GUN LOCK courtesy of Project Childsafe, nosis and repair, internet/wireless networking,
Kitchens Bath Design Service Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commis- custom system design. 941-224-1069.
S, .Carpentry Flooring Painting
Commercial & Residential sign and Holmes Beach Police Department. Pick
References available 941-720-7519 up at The Islander office, 5604B Marina Drive, I DON'T CUT corners, I clean corners. ProfesHolmes Beach. Don't be sorry, be safe. signal, friendly cleaning service since 1999. 941
779-6638. Leave message.
fWKN ..Bed: A bargain! GARAG SAES%
2' King, Queen, Full & Twin, ALL AROUND PAINTING: Quality work. Free estipre-owned from $30 new/used. ROSER THRIFT SHOP: End of month sale. 10 mates. Licensed, insured. Call native islander Jim
941-922-5271 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, June 28. All shop and Weaver, 813-727-1959.
annex items, 50 percent off! 511 Pine Ave., Anna I Maria. Call 931-779-2733. ISLAND COMPUTER GUY, 37 years experience.
On-site PC repairs, upgrades, buying assistance
STEFF'S STUFF ANTIQUES and Consignment. and training. Call Bill, 941 -778-2535.
359=1904 Open daily. 941-383-1901.
"Movers Who Core" YARD SALE: 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday and TRANSPORT SERVICE: LET me drive you to the
Movers Wudo Ju" Y8 -3. Household a itemspato airport or anywhere in Florida. Flat rates. ReasonTWO MEN AND A TRUCK( Sunday, June 28-29. Household items, patio able. Call Mike, 941-567-6634.
TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. __________________ set, lawn and beach chairs. 504 68th St., Holmes able. Call Mike, 941-567-6634.
LOST e FOUND resort. Love what we do, love to work. 941-7564570.
W window s & Doors LOST CAT. GRAY tiger, white paws, no tail. 66th
941-730-5045 Street, Holmes Beach. Roe, 941-524-0465. U FLY I drive your car anywhere in the USA. AirWEATHERSIDE LLC port runs, anywhere. 941-746-5651, 941-545LOST. WOODEN PADDLE with Camp Carolina 6688.
fl.Tand burned-in merit badges. Lost in bay near
AI I TAXI Anna Maria. Sam, 863-559-8547. PRESSURE WASHING AND windows: Comprofessional, metered, on-call, gps, cards accepted mercial, residential and resorts. Roofs, buildings, amitaxi4u@ __ __
holmes beach, bradenton beach, anna maria houses driveways etc. 941-251-5948.
800.301.4810 GORGEOUS RESCUED dogs (and kittens!) are HOUSECLEANING SERVICES: YEARS of experiairports shops dining looking for great new homes or fosters. Please, ence, licensed. I'd love to clean your home. Call
HANDYMAN call for information, 941-896-6701. Sheryl, 573-826-5675.
Jim Basiley, LLC Afral
Engineer turned Handyman )'- Repair. 25 years experience. Affordable prices.
free estimates -- no service charge -- no job too small ISLAND CONVERTIBLE: CHEAPER than fancy 918-639-5002 or 941-276-1414.
Electrical (lights, ceiling fans, receptacles), Carpentry, Power Wash golf carts! Sebring convertible, 46,000 miles,
Call Jim at 941-448-7806 or e-mail: $6,500 or best offer. 941-356-1456. CLEANING BY LAURA offers everything on your

BOATS & BOATING list, from kitchen and bath cleaning to dusting
A PO P1-A -PEN: ~i.i ][ and emptying wastebaskets. 941-539-6891.
A~lpim, ,qD l 1 lA ~IP E lii BIMINI BAY SAILING: Small sailboat rentals and
D.L. HAYES CLEANING: Bonded and insured.
She's short, sweet and instruction. Day. Week. Month. Sunfish, Laser, Rachael Bidwell/ Sheila Darcy, 941-932-5347 or
oh-so-adorable. She Windrider 17 and Precision 15. Call Brian at 941 9 dances and prances 685-1400. 941-224-1486. For all your cleaning needs.
when you arrive
home. She's TUTU! PONTOON BOAT RENTAL Create life long JUST THAT CLEAN: We'll clean your home like
She's almost deaf, but memories. Call 941-518-3868 or see boatflorida. our own! Free estimate. Jenise, 941-730-6773, loveable. A great little Brad, 941-704-5609.
companion. House
trained and well man- BAYLINER: 27-FOOT CIERA Weekender Off WILDLIFE REMOVAL AND relocation: Problem todat onered. She is spayed, sofiINg O f Ily f eesnfourOhead solving for all animals, big and small. Call Joe,
up to date on shots and microchipped. Moonracer shore fishing or family fun. Sleeps four, head, Westcoast Nuisance Wildlife Service. 941-720No Kill Animal Rescue Inc, 941-896-6701. Island- Mercury V-8 10, $11,000. 941-356-1456. 4152. Visit The Islander for more info
about TuTu and other rescued, adoptable pets. HELP W ATED
PART-TIME SALES position: Gift shop located
S0SF,.Tff-e Islander on Anna Maria. Must beavailableeweekends and W O K O L N
evenings. Retirees welcome. 941-840-4235.

*6 i PY& E D10 BCS wanted. Generous commission split. Call Julie
O P I R E S Royal or Mary Ann Schmidt at SunCoast Real
M LEYFAES T I Estate. 941-779-0202.M P L L I T
KlY R A BT I L THE A R T O F W A X PROPERTY MANAGER PART-time weekend / ELA Real Estate
B E MPAA -6u -. position available at small AMI beach resort. EoKe com Aerial
R E [ S A P E X Computer skills required. QuickBooks a plus. CommercialStudio
G R S M A Email resume to: mail@annamariabeachcottages. t/PHOTOGRAPHY Product
R-U M EC 0 N T E com. No phone calls. 941-778-1645. 315 58th St
T A ENS -D -O HHolmes Beach, FL 34217 Interior
A. l Architectural

R E E DT = LO-- Stock Pictures
EBONY -LOPEARE DEMON ter. Honor student. Call or text Isabel, 941 -545- Pitn
-O--C I GM AS P ING KIDS FOR HIRE ads are FREE for up to three Brochures
S-- k i M i Y L L" C M E weeks for Island youths under 16 looking for Headshots
SAMa E REM D ESERTRAY workAds must be placed in person at The
E 0 E N AR C S EM T U Ki kE Islander office, 5604-B Marina Drive, Holmes 941 778-2711]
5o f EX NUD s ST V o Beach.

THE ISLANDER i JUNE 25, 2014 i 29
Family Owned and Operated since 1975
SERVICES Cont e LNew Construction Remodeling
All Phases of Plumbing Repair & Service (
IN-HOME PERSONAL trainer concierge, get fit STRAIGHT SHOT LANDSCAPE. Specializing in 778-3924 or 778-4461 5508 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach Open Sat. in the comfort of your home or on the beach. old Florida seashell driveways and scapes. Free Certified personal trainer and registered nurse. estimates. Call Shark Mark, 941-301-6067. BOAT RV & TRAILER STORAGE Call Tim, OPT-RN, 941-685-6336. __________________SHELL DELIVERED AND spread. $50/yard. Haul- Wash Down Easy Access Clean Security Cameras
CARING TECHNICIANS: HOUSEKEEPING, com- ing all kinds of gravel, mulch, top soil with free 941-232-9208 Rates starting at $40
panion, personal care, meals, errands, appoint- estimates. Call Larry at 941-795-7775, "shell Centrally located off Cortez Road. 4523 30th St. W. ments. Joyce Williams, 813-331-7751, 941-735- phone" 941-720-0770. Warehouse/Workshops also available
MANICURE/PEDICURE SPECIAL, $40 (regularly TOP NOTCH LAWN Care: Residential and com- N'S RESCREEN INC
$60) at Design 2000 with a relaxing water view. mercial. For all your landscaping needs. 941-932- OL CAGES, LANAIS, PORCHES, WINDOWS, DOO Appointments, 941-387-9807. 6600. No Job TOO BIG or Too SMALL. Free Estimates.
AMI FITNESS, ACE-certified personal trainer, NATURE'S DESIGN LANDSCAPING. Design and Call Dan, 941-713-3108
Blake Forsberg. Special pricing right now and installation. Tropical landscape specialist. Resino membership fee if you train with me. Let's get dential and commercial. 30 years experience. Jmiio's Lanidscape & Maintenan e you started today! 360-271-8439. 941-729-9381, 941-448-6336.
Lawn care PLUS native plants, -,PROOF, POST, PUBLISH: Local editor-writer
available for consulting, draft editing, final proof- HOMEmulch, trip, hauling andclup ing and copywriting, as well as social media VAN-GO PAINTING residential/commercial, inte- Call Junor, S07-151 management for your group or business. Email rior/exterior, pressure cleaning, wallpaper. Island Lisa Neff at references. Bill, 941-795-5100. www.vangopaint- HONEY DO HOME REPAIR
Handyman Service
BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS JD's Window Clean- Let us put our 35 years of experience to work for you!
ing looking for storefront jobs in Holmes Beach. CUSTOM REMODELING EXPERT. All phases of Joesnh LaBrecaue *Carpentry *Drywall *Flooring *Painting *Siding *Tile I make dirty windows sparkling clean. 941-920- carpentry, repairs and painting. Insured. Meticu- 941 .896.5256-office Free Estimates Licensed 3840. lous, clean, sober and prompt. Paul Beauregard, 941.801.5256-cell Ask about our 10% guarantee & Insured
ISLAND MERMAIDS CLEANING and Co.: 38-year 941-730-7479. [
Islanders. Rentals our specialty. 941-778-3046. TILE -TILE -TILE. All variations of ceramic tile
RELAXING MASSAGE IN the convenience of your supplied and installed. Quality workmanship, home or hotel. Massage by Nadia, more than prompt, reliable, many Island references. Call 19 years on Anna Maria Island. Call today for Neil, 941-726-3077. an appointment, 941-518-8301. MA#0017550. CleningbyLAURAJUSTVISITING
MA#0011 7550. -Cleaning by LAURA JUST V151TING
GRIFFIN'S HOME IMPROVEMENTS Inc. Handy- For honest, reliable and PARADISE? LWN & GARDEN man, fine woodwork, countertops, cabinets and friendly service ... Don'tleavethe Island without
wood flooring. Insured and licensed. 941-722- Contact me today. takingtimetosubscibe. CONNIE'S LANDSCAPING INC. Residential and 8792. CaI: 941-539-6891 You'll get ALL the best news,
commercial. Full-service lawn maintenance, land- or email delivered I7ythe mailman every
scaping, cleanups, hauling and more! Insured. cleaning bylaura@ week. Visit us at 560413
941-778-5294. SOUTHBAY HOME REPAIRS: If it's broken, stuck, Marina Drive, Holmes 'each
loose, leaks, needs paint, etc. I'll fix it. Affordable orcall 941-778-7978.
ISLAND LAWN SPRINKLERS repairs and instal- quality work. 941-720-2906. ,od Bless You! Onlineedion wwwislanderorg
lations, watering the island for 15 years. Jeff, .....
941-778-2581. JERRY'S HOME REPAIR: Carpentry, handyman, Pet Friendly e Islander
light hauling, pressure washing. Jack of all trades.
BONUS! CLASSIFIEDS ADS are posted early Call 941-778-6170 or 941-447-2198. Snne MaNtENANC &ww derV : FHANDYMAN SERVICE: 25-year Island resident.
SUN MAINTENANCE & SERVICE: Full-service We do all repair, interior and exterior, insured. The lawn care, pool care, maintenance work, land- Flying Dutchman, 941-447-6747. scape and design, tree trimming, pressure wash- F ....
ing, mulch, shell. Marine waxing, detailing. Free PRESSURE WASHING: RESIDENTIAL, commersnow removal. Call Travis, 941-779-8389. cial, roofs, driveways, house, lanai, pool area. CALL THEISLAND'S INET...
JR'S LANDSCAPING AND MAINTENANCE Flying Dutchman, 941-447-6747.
Lawns, native plants, mulching, trimming, haul- AAA PRESSURE WASHING service: Roofs, MORE THAN 2,500 LARGE AND SMALL ing, cleanups. Island resident 25 years. Call 941 houses, driveways, decks, windows, sealing brick 807-1015. pavers. Best prices, call now, 941-896-4321. We provide design plans-You preview 3-D drawings

- ---------------------------------------------------- WASH FAMILY CONSTRUCTION

CLASSIFIED AD ORDER Darrin J. 9a1.12.0012
DriJ.Wash State Lic. CBC1 258250

I Ad Re-scree Spcait
CLASSIFIED RATES: Minimum $12 for up to 15 WORDS. 16-30 words: $20. 31-45 words: $40. F
BOX ad: additional $4. (Phone number is a "word.")

The deadline is NOON Monday every week for Wednesday's paper. Pinellas: (7 424-0 manatee: (941) 928-9112
www. sre nan more. com
Run issue date(s) or TFN start date: L . . L R .. ..
Amt. pd Date Ck. No. Cash. __1 By
Credit card payment: 1 1 No. .........
Name shown on card: _______________________card exp. date ____ ___House no. or P.O. box no. on cc bill ____________Billing address zip code-WW
Web site: E-mail: .......
5604B Marina Drive TheAi'i Is](ader Fax toll free: 1 -866-362-9821 I
Holmes Beach FL 3421 7 -L-'~Phone: 941-778-7978 -

30 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER


HOE Cntinue

ior, exterior. 40 years experience. Fully insured ety, changes daily. SunCoast Real Estate, 941- Bay Club villa, 2BRI/2BA. Off-season, $1,500/month.
ithrefterencs. 470 570rs 96pries y.w noast n, 9Three months, January-March 2015, $9,000. Realwith references. 941-705-7096. 779-0202, or 1-800-732-6434. www.suncoastinc, tor, 941-356-1456. Real Estate Mart.

PROFESSIONAL TILE ROOF restoration. Call com.
Pete fo fre etimterefeencs, nsued.TheOCEANFRONT BUILDING, six-month lease, availPeter for free estimate, references, insured. The able now. Very nice poolside ground-floor apartFlying Dutchman, 941-447-6747. HOME AWAY FROM home: Vacation rental, ment. 1BR/2BA with covered patio, $1,000/month.
Palm Breeze in Holmes Beach. Two beautifully Appointment needed. 201 S. Bay Blvd., Anna Maria. ISLE TILE: QUALITY installation floors, counters, furnished units in a Key West-style home on large John, 941-567-5543 or 941-545-3307.
backsplashes, showers. Licensed, insured. Call corner lot. Each unit has 3BR/2BA, washer, dryer
Chris at 914-302-8759. and fully equipped kitchen. Heated pool, bikes, REAL ESTA
grill. Just bring your clothes, toothbrush and
ONLINE SERVICE: Did you know you can place enjoy. 941-730-5126. WE'RE LOW, LISTINGS needed. Are you curious
classified ads and subscribe online with our as to how much your home could be worth? Call
secure server? Check it out at www.islander. ANNUAL RENTAL: FLAMINGO Cay, 2BR/2BA. us for a free professional consultation. Call Lynn at
org. Large fenced yard, pet OK. Private back yard, Edgewater Real Estate, 941-778-8104.
large deck and lanai. Updated baths, split plan
ranch. Lots of shade! Across street from Robin- REAL ESTATE: BUY sell, invest. Enjoy. Bill Gartson Preserve. Available July 1. $1,500 deposit. man, Realtor, Duncan Real Estate. 941-545-8877. 2/2 ground-level home, 941-704-0065.
1-car garage. $430,000 HAD ENOUGH TRAFFIC? Lovely, large 2BR/2BA
1ra$,ISLAND SENIOR RESIDENT, 40 years, and two suburban manufactured home near Terra Ceia Bay.
SOLD So cats need affordable rental. Please, call 941-778- Excellent condition. 270 Country Lakes Blvd. Resi3046. dent-owned community. $89,500 (yes, only $89,500
for real estate!) 941-748-6658.
EXPERIENCE your free C maretan TODAREPUTATION HOA fees. $39,900 or best offer. Realtor, 941-356eln your free market analysis. RESULTS 1456. Real Estate Mart.
Selling your home is RES-T
~REALTOR. important to me. 40 Years of Professional Service WEST PALMETTO: 2BR/1BA cottage with central
Marianne Correll, Realtor to Anna Maria Island and Bradenton air conditioning, upgraded appliances, large, FOR SALE standing carport, work area, fenced yard. $69,900.
941-725-7799 Belair Bayou: Unique 3/2 home with 2,632 sfla, man cave, pooi, lanai Realtor, 941-713-9835. Real Estate Mart.
with fireplace and stone table with grill and much more. $316,000. LAKEWOOD RANCH 4BR/3BA pool home. Bonus BEA' ES ATE RENTALS room. $365,000. Realtor, 941-713-9835 or 941-756GULFFRONT Vacation/Seasonal 5/4 Home. 1090. Real Estate Mart.
6101 MarinaDr, Holmes Beach 34217 GULFFRONT Luxury Villas 2/2 and 1/1.5 Vacation/Seasonal BOOKING NOW FOR 2014 SEASONALA/ACATION RENTALS
HOLMES BEACH- 941-778-0807 BUY and SELL with the Premier Family TODAY!
...WM --. tdollyl

Sharon Hightower PREMIER
941-330-5054 941.896.9981
Laurie M. Mock, MBA George Myers
Licensed Real Estate Broker Sales Associate
941-232-2665 941-224-6021

UPDATED ISLAND HOME 2 short blocks to the beach.
This adorable home features an updated kitchen with new
appliances and granite counter tops. New AC in 2010, BIG F1 S
newer roof, updated plumbing throughout and a large yard.
$449,000. j iG R 0 U P
WEST BRADENTON 3 bed, 2 bath, pool home. k

I iir ,BROKER, 941-773-3966

Exceptional central
BEACHFRONT CONDO 2BR/2BA direct beachfront. location in this great
Exceptional views from this ground-level unit. Meticulously island getaway. Walk to
maintained complex offers two heated pools, covered park- -water
ing, clubhouse and shuffleboard. $529,000 canal, one lot from the
ISLAND OASIS: 3bed, Bay. 3BR/2BA updated
2 bath, 2.5 bath, pool with very private pool. Lush landscape and tons of charm.
home, 4-car garage, Priced right at $639,000. Call today.
Great income potential. LAKESIDE SOUTH
(Walk to the beach! Your place in the sun. Light,
$799,900. bright and nicely updated.
You'll love this 3BR/2BA
lakefront home. Community
pool, clubhouse, tennis
and playground. Asking
$149,414. Very easy to see.

(literally) just steps to the beach. Panoramic views of the Gulf Gorgeous lakefront
om he ooftop deck. Heated pool, two lanais, covered 2BR/2BA. Turnkey
parking. $379,900. furnished, great rental
history in small sought-after
M ike 800-367-1617 complex. Close to the island.
941-778-6696 Heated pool, tennis courts.
No m n3101 GULF DR $134,900. Hurry, this one is
CANALFRONT SAILBOAT water, one home off" --ea IC HLEBAHabauy
BiiiBay. Huge 100xl117 lot. 2 bed 2 bath 2-car
garage. Enjoy the home like it is or BUILD YOUR 5351 Gulf Drive No. 4, Holmes Beach
DREAM HOME! Priced to sell. $574,500. 941 -779-2289

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 31

Come see the amazing natural beauty of the Palma Sola Bay Club and our luxurious waterfront community with 2 and 3 bedroom condominiums.


Minutes from beautiful beaches 0 Luxury baths
Outdoor track, putting green and dog park 0 Gourmet kitchen
Minutes from I MG Sports Academy, Sarasota and Tampa
Community pool and bar entertainment area0Prvtbacne


44/7 teei/B RA DENTON IlVERWALK MANATEI MAN/-EE AVE, "..................ET

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Co e eeth a azngnaur bauy f hePama Sota Bay C: ubAndTCSORSPR

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G4.7lf34 of MalT d y 30 5hSrexic W sraeon ayid 34QUTC2POT1PR

On 75th Street between Cortez & Manatee Avenue

32 0 JUNE 25, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER


B A "A A liliA A

--&Gulfview @LV$599,00
Tropic Isle Beach Resorts are the perfect
choice for your wedding or other special
celebration here on gorgeous Anna Maria
10 GutDi Nrt Island. Whether a lavish event at one of our
Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217
1-88-86-0716 three private beaches or in your resort suite, 7tZ
or at our new Tortuga Beach Pergola, our o
Concierge and professional Wedding PlanBEFA CH RESORT ai
ner look forward to helping you. As a courtesy, we'll extend our group discounts to
include each of our four hotels, so you'll get
credit for the total number of reservations
no matter which hotel you and your guests 2200 Gulf Drive North cos.Pes also.W nieyut
Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217co Pa a o. 1-800-447-7124 make your memories here with us: we know

BEACH ESORT you'll come back to visit us again & again.

Tortuga Inn two-bedroom apartments

Gulfview $599,00 1325 Gul Drivec North Bayview @ $529,000
Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217
1877867442 The Gardens @ $450,000

"The beach is spectacular ad the 6101 Marina Drive
A sunsets tire amazing. Very romantic. Holmes Beach FL 34217
2103 Gulf Drivec North Ify- ou want to just relax and forget David[ Teitelbaum Liz Codola
Bra80t0-B8a8,-FL3421 the worl, this is the place to go." Sales Associate 419 Pine Ave Broker Associate
1-80-8340941-812-4226 Anna Maria 34216 941-812-3455

Surfside. .. .Anna Maria Island....

ZAGAT Top Restaurants in America "Best Food on the Gulf Coast"