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Islander (Anna Maria, Fla. : 1992)
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bPAM, Chamber of
Commerce 2012 Medium
Business of the Year
P, o!! ,Key Royale drivers tee up protest: Beep
........By Jennifer Glenfield
CAMIslander Reporter
S 6wDOWNIt seems there was one beep too many
AsTheWorld Terns go by motorists on Key Royale Drive.
beep, beep. Page 6 While there's no dispute over a speeding
~problem on the access to the Holmes Beach
golfing enclave, a seemingly harmless horn-
Itle,,-honking protest in response to speed bumps
BRAD NTON was met with complaints and strong enforce-
BA Hment of "excessive" noise. J .... ..-...
BBPD dismisses secu- The disgruntled drivers were complain-!.. ...
rity breach. Page 3 ing about the installation of speed-calming ........ Ii.,. _
~~~cushions on the road adjacent to Holmes ",
,e tit Beach Mayor Carmel Monti's home. ,
The government calen- Monti previously offered to have the ..
dar. Page 4 speed cushion installed in front of his home ',.
in the 500 block of Key Royale Drive, saying
On-9dhe would report its effectiveness to Holmes
The Islander editorial, Beach Police Chief Bill Tokajer. A truck and trailer cross the speed cushion April 27 on Key Royale Drive as Mayor
reader letters. Page 6 It prompted some motorists to protest to Carmel Monti puts gas in his vehicle in his driveway. Islander Photo: Bonner Joy
. the mayor by intentionally blowing horns as
they crossed the speed cushions. hours April 22 at the speed cushions. was clocked at 49 mph on the road where
"In response to complaints from the Tokajer said he witnessed 41 speeding the posted speed limit is 25 mph.
mayor and some of his neighbors, Tokajer violations in the two hours. HBPD issued Motorists also were warned against
stood on patrol with his officers for two warnings, as well as tickets. One motorist PLEASE SEE BEEP, PAGE 2
Bridge Street pier bids
exed$.M ae8Anna Maria man dies in boating mishap AMICC feels
HB commissioner By Rick Catlin [ dfhi Hicks was a Tampa fi a c lp n h
jump-starts paid-park- Islander Reporter attorney who purchased a fi a c lp n h
ing talks. Page 8 Henry W. Hicks, 59, of Anna Maria and ....home on Lakeview Drive By Rick Catlin
14# in S Tampa, apparently drowned April 27, in a Iin Anna Maria in 2010, Islander Reporter
boating accident near Egmont Key, 3 miles Manatee County property The Anna Maria Island Community
Pages 10-11 west of Anna Maia Island. records show. Center board of directors came to face fall-
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Hicks According to the web- ing numbers.
Commission officers are investigating the site for his practice, he was Executive director Dawn Stiles wasted
incident, which occurred around 4 p.m. admitted to the Florida Bar in 1979 and no time at the board's April 25 meeting get-
An FWC press release said Hicks was entered private practice in 1981, forming ting to the center's financial issue.
Page 16 with other people aboard Black Watch, a the Law Office of Henry W. Hicks, P.A. "I'm concerned with
27-foot boat. He reportedly fell into the water He enjoyed a varied legal career involving cash flow and our revenue
Sandwich boards get while attempting to raise the anchor. His body business law, corporations, commercial real estimates have been under
the bite in Anna Maria. was recovered by people on the boat. estate, liens, probate and trusts and more. projection," Stiles said, with
Page 18 The FWC said the incident is being He was a member of the Florida Bar the exception of a mystery
investigated as a "possible drowning." An Association, Real Estate Trust and Probate theater-dinner event. The
Stetieautopsy will be performed to determine the Section, Hillsborough County Bar Associa- Stiles murder-mystery is a fund-
Island police blotter. exact cause of death. tion and Bay Area Real Estate Council. raising event with volunteer actors and paid
Page 21 attendance.
S! On. dcAlthough fnal tabulations forthe Island
Female sea Affaire held April 12 are incomplete, Stiles
Elementary activities. turtles, mostly W said it appears the gala grossed $50,000 less
Pare stalggheast But board chair Scott Rudacille was
Relett ae.offshorear stgof Anna optimistic.
Pelseages 23MraIln,0 "Revenue for the affaire is about on par,
red o hi and we could beat last year's revenue," he
tripto he bachsaid, if there are any outstanding pledges.
trpto lay a uch iStiles, however, said to look at the over-
of l0 orso all financial picture.
eggs Bechfrnt "We have some more events planned,
Islandergs taesirt nhomeonr bu30!.e hl t rwtemt hr

2 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
DOT's Cortez Bridge project meeting draws little interest
By Rick Catlin they' re trying hard not to interrupt our lives." done during the day, but it will be under the bridge and
Islander Reporter Jim Humes, who operates a dive shop in Cortez, won't interfere with vehicle or boat traffic.
Judging by comments from some of the 30 or so agreed. The night work and work under the bascule The majority of the project work is at night, 9
people who attended an April122 meeting, there is little during the day won't affect his business. p.m.-6 a.m., and in the event of drawbridge raises for
concern about the Cortez Bridge repairs. "Seems like they are going out of their way to keep work, it will 2 a.m. -3 a.m. for a maximum of 15 min-
The Florida Department of Transportation spon- it quiet," Humes said. utes per occurrence, he said.
sored the informational meeting at Kirkwood Presby- Likewise, Cortez resident Rita Samuels, a tender Lane closures at night will be accompanied by a
terian Church, 6101 Cortez Road W., Bradenton, to on the Cortez Bridge, said the DOT plans appear to flagging operation to keep traffic flowing, Bollas said.
inform the public on repairs planned for the bridge and cause little interference with daytime traffic or busi- "We really believe the bridge project won't impact
its estimated finish in January 2015. The work began nesses near the bridge. residents or the majority of traffic on the bridge."
April 28. "It's something that's needed," Samuels said. The $4.4 million project will extend the life of the
After talking with DOT officials, Cortez resi- Brian Bollas of the DOT said some work will be PLEASE SEE BRIDGE, NEXT PAGE
dent Lenny Buescher, who lives adjacent to the east
approach to the bridge, said the work won't interfere BEEP CONTINUED FROM PAGE I
with his sleep routine. excessivev" horn honking while driving past and one it," said Monti.
"'ve been through these before and it's pretty was ticketed. Tokajer said the mayor planned to provide daily
quiet," he said. "From what I've seen of the plans, Former Key Royale resident Hank Tremblay feedback there were concerns the cushions might
who said friends now call him "Horatio" was furious be noisy.
over receiving a $75 "excessive horn" ticket April 22. "1 would rather bother the mayor than bother a
He said he first refused to sign the citation over the citizen," the chief said.
"signature of violator," saying he planned to protest the But the chief and mayor apparently didn't count
ticket, but faced with a threat of jail and impoundment on the impact to neighbors.
of his vehicle, he signed. He vowed to fight the claim Tokajer reviewed the speed cushions again with
that he had honked his car horn excessively public works on April124 and said, as a result, the speed
By April 25, he had spoken to the chief again and cushion likely will be moved west on Key Royale
his temper had calmed somewhat. He planned to meet Drive.
4 4tI with the chief April 30 to further discuss his citation. Tokajer said most of the violations involved motor-
Holmes Beach resident Piroska Planck, told com- ists turning off Marina Drive onto Key Royale Drive.
missioners at their April 22 city commission meeting, He believes moving the cushion west will prompt driv-
the speed cushions are not working. She suggested ers to slow down sooner.
routine speed enforcement and police patrols would Key Royale resident Andy Sheridan commended
j~i .." - -be more welcome. Tokajer and asked the commission to increase the
a Her husband, Sam Planck, had sent an earlier email police budget to support the chief's safety measures.
, ... ,to city hall voicing his concerns on the positioning of Sheridan, who is vice president of the Key Royale
the speed cushion and possible damage to vehicles. Residents Owners Association, said he has spoken on
Cortez resident Rita Samuels examines a diagram At the meeting, Commission Chair Judy Titsworth the issue of speeding at annual meetings and included
of the Cortez Bridge repair project that was sched- said, "I think it would have been wise to send out a the topic in community newsletters.
uled to begin April 28, after The Islander went to Key Royale mailer to deal with the problem." "I cannot believe that we have resident homeown-
press. Samuels also is a bridge tender for the Cortez "I volunteered to have it placed in front of my ers who have not received the message," Sheridan
Bridge. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin house because I knew I would be taking the brunt of said.
I'le kilk 24-ITEM
I Ipc SoAB
Tr Ou Crf Barie ri PIZZA
cuumeran mnt LUNCH s739 DINNER $839
$1~~ ~~~ ~ of u8rmu rndwlsJlpn FLAVORS! CREATE
large ~~ rocksS glssINE E
cucumberndfreeph lemoo

THE ISLANDER 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 3
bridge another 10 years, Bollas said. BBPD dismisses security breach
Meanwhile the DOT and the public are planning By Merab-Michal Favorite City clerk Jamie Anderson told police the files
the long-range future of the bridge. Islander Reporter had been moved from former deputy clerk Karen
"The bridge is structurally sound. This project is An alleged security breach at Bradenton Beach Cervetto's office in order to have the room painted.
to ensure the bridge keeps operating for another 10 City Hall was investigated, but the Bradenton Beach Cervetto resigned in January after being disciplined
years," Robin Stublen of the DOT said. Police Department found no evidence to prompt by Shearon.
Ray Callahan, the DOT project manager for the charges. The investigation revealed that Watson took the
bridge work, said repairs include new pilings, seawall The BBPD was investigating a report of unau- photographs in January with her cellphone, when
improvements, upgrading the electrical system that thorized sharing of city files after ELRA Inc. attor- she noticed the documents on the desk while paint-
operates the bascule, span beam repairs and a new ney Robert Lincoln sent an email to city attorney ing in some of the city offices.
bridgetender house. Ricinda Perry questioning Mayor Tom Woodward, the city's public works direc-
For more information on the project, call Bollas W&-l Bill Shearon's authority to give tor, said he would issue Watson a verbal warning.
at 727-946-1869, or Stublen at 800-292-3368. #two employees pay raises. Woodward said he did not believe Watson's
SThe city clerk's office noted actions were malicious because news of the raises
that Lincoln had attached photos had upset several employees who claimed the mayor
PROJECT LIMIT of city personnel records that had did not follow protocol for salary increases.
, Shearon not been obtained through normal Johnson issued an email response to commis-
channels. sioners and city department heads regarding the
,,-:, ,_ ELRA, the corporate entity for the BeacHhouse conclusion of the investigation. In the email, she
charter defines his mayoral position as part of a "Regardless of whether there were criminal
weak-mayor system of government and alleging activities or not, unethical and unprofessional activ-
P OECT..L~g T that Shearon has tried to remold the position to give ities certainly took place, and that seems to have
him more authority. been swept under the carpet," she wrote. "Some-
The police investigation found that public one employed by the city passed on illicitly gained
Island road watch works employee Christine Watson took photo- information to an attorney who is in litigation with
The lorda epatmet o Trnsprtaionis on- graphs of documents and provided them to Lin- the city."
ducinga hre-mothrepir roecton tae Rad 4/ coln. The records show $1-per-hour pay raises for Shearon defended his decision to issue pay raises,
Manaee vene Wst romPerio By Cub o Plma two administrative employees, Tammy Johnson and noting that Johnson and Lanzaro had no supervision,
Sola Boulevard. Audra Lanzaro, according to the police report. were acting as department heads and took on a lot
A flggig oeraionto eep ehilesmovng ill Of concern was whether the documents were more responsibility after longtime City Clerk Nora
be n lae n te vet f ny an cosres Te ro taken and photographed without consent. Idso resigned in November due to health issues.
ectis xpcte tofiishin at Juy.The investigation resulted in no criminal "The problem was I couldn't act as a depart-
28 with an expected completion in January 2015. The Investigating BBPD Sgt. Lenard Diaz said heads, my administrative staff was depleted by
brige illremin pertioal or otoist an bot- it was his opinion that no criminal acts occurred half." he said. "The ship was sinking and I had to
ers. within the city government because the files, which plug a hole."
Ane aecosrswlres.~.- ~m ekas are normally in a locked file cabinet, were said to be The pay raises were included in the $4"7,564
If he asuleisraied orrepir, i wil e fr o mre found on a desk in plain view when the photographs budget amendment that was approved by commis-
thna1-iuedrto ewe ~.wedy, were taken. sioners at the April 17 commission meeting.
the DOT said.
Th Fea"0 t
'HAPPY i -
" i~Food & COGk'
211 -20A. 13 1

4 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
Manatee County TDC says 'yes' to future aid for island tourism
By Rick Catlin The Anna Maria City
Islander Reporter Pier has repeatedly
On the heels of what some Anna Maria Island been ranked Manatee
accommodation owners say was the best winter visi- County's No. I visitor
tor season ever, Manatee County Tourist Development
Council members have agreed to work with island offi- attraction, although
such surveys are no
cials on some of their tourism concerns.
Traffic is of particular concern to TDC member f)A longer conducted.
Ed Chiles, an Anna Maria resident and owner of the The city and Braden-
Sandbar and BeacHhouse restaurants on the island and n ton Area Convention
Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant on Longboat Key. J' and Visitors Bureau
"I'd like to work together on traffic and look at executive director
Elliott Falcione have
that 30-45 day period in February and March when
we have several choke points on island roads," Chiles discussed a pier
improvement study.
said at a TDC meeting April 21.
Islander Photo:
"It would benefit the island and show we are trying
to work to solve island issues. At least let's look at Rick Catlin
any possible solutions." He suggested traffic control
officers might be considered at some of the choke "three little cities with three little budgets." The TDC is an issue.
points. could help fund such a study, she said. "It's a question of quality of life for our visitors
Good idea, said TDC member and Holmes Beach Bradenton Mayor Wayne Poston said the study has and residents," Teitelbaum said.
Commissioner Jean Peelen. merit, but should include the island's relationship to BACVB executive director Elliott Falcione said
The problem, she said, is the island "doesn't get the rest of Manatee County. He suggested there might it's not always the case that resort tax money does
much in terms of resort tax dollars," although the be enough Bradenton and Manatee County staff with not come back to the island. One exception is beach
island is "the jewel in the crown of area tourism." the expertise to perform such a study. renourishment funding.
A large portion of the tax is allocated for beach TDC member David Teitelbaum, owner of four He also reminded board members that the TDC
renourishment, with other funds going to the Braden- motels in Bradenton Beach and an Anna Maria resi- pledged up to $1 million for Historic Bridge Street Pier
ton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Maria- dent, agreed, saying his concern is some people think improvements and is "looking for a similar partner-
tee/Bradenton Convention Center, the Powel Crosley "close the bridges and we don't want any more tour- ship" with Anna Maria to improve its city pier.
Estate, professional baseball and other tourist-related ism. We need a unified, non-hysterical approach to deal Although tourist surveys have been discontinued,
county projects. Any resort tax expenditures must be with island problems." the Anna Maria City Pier ranked many times in the past
for a tourism-related and approved by the TDC. Among Teitelbaum's concerns is "large houses that as the No. I visitor attraction in Manatee County
Peelen said it might be time for a long-term vision have been built and rented that become over-crowded," Anna Maria Mayor SueLynn did not attend the
statement for the island. She said Longboat Key had and operate as "pseudo-hotels." TDC meeting, but said later that she has discussed the
one done for $125,000, but that is a lot of money for He added that enforcement of ordinances at rentals city pier with Falcione, although not since last Octo-
Holmes Beach votes, She said Falcione proposed a 50-50 split on a
$10,000 study of pier improvements. The mayor said
appoints, proclaims ANNA MARIA CITY PIER
the city did not have the money at that time to move
By Jennifer Glenfield forward.
Islander Reporter Falcione said Lakewood Ranch is the prime area
Holmes Beach commissioners went to chambers to build a major sports venue to attract national and
April 22 for more than a discussion of speed bumps international events. Those events include lacrosse,
and blaring horns. soccer and swimming, among others.
Commissioners held the first reading of an ordi- While Falcione said he sees the "future of tourism
nance amending the license registration procedure for growth" taking place in Lakewood Ranch, Manatee
contractors, easing the permit application process. County Commissioner and TDC Chair Vanessa Baugh
Superintendent of public works Tom O'Brien said said the county's tourism future "is everywhere in
the ordinance "enables an enhanced service" through Manatee County."
"keystroke filing." Socializing
O'Brien said state law requires contractors to
verify addresses, insurance and licenses with each The Islander has an active Facebook community
permit application. A new digital procedure keeps of more than 2,700 fans.
an active file of certifications instead of requiring the If you would like to join the conversation, become
information with every application. The Anna Maria City Pier celebrated 100 years in a fan of "The Islander" on Facebook. We provide a
"It's a service to people who do business with us 2011. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin direct link to our fan page from
all the time," he said. "It also provides us with a data-
base and contact information."
There was a unanimous vote by the commission
d b VN #,W, a ear
to move the ordinance to a second reading. m id A&+ 11 daw
In other business: Anna Maria City May 13, 7 p.m., city commission.
- The commission reappointed Ted Geeraerts to the May 6, 6 p.m., planning and zoning. May 15,7 p.m., city commission.
code enforcement board. His term will expire April 1, May 7, 6 p.m., city commission. May 20, 11 a.m., city center.
2017. Geeraerts has served on the code enforcement May 22, city commission. May 21, 7 p.m., planning commission.
board since 1996. Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gu f Drive, 941 May 27,7 p.m., city commission.
- The commission appointed Alexandra Fuller as 708-6130, Holmes Beach City Hall, 5801 Marina Drive,
an alternate member on the parks and beautification 941-708-5800,
committee. The two-year term will expire Aug. 1, Bradenton Beach
2016. Fuller has not served before. May 1, 6 p.m., city commission workshop. Manatee County
The agenda also included proclamations: May 5, 3 p.m., scenic waves. May 6, 9 a.m., county board.
- Holmes Beach Mayor Carmel Monti proclaimed May 7, 10:30 a.m., capital improvements com- May 20, 9 a.m., county board.
April 25 National Arbor Day for the city, as well as mittee. Administration building, Ill 2 Manatee Ave. W.,
May 4- 10 Municipal Clerk Week. Monti presented the May 7, 11 a.m., pier team. Bradenton, 941-748-4501,
clerk proclamation to city clerk Stacey Johnston. May 8, 1 p.m., department heads.
- Monti proclaimed May 17 to be "Power of Purple May 14, 3 p.m., planning and zoning. West Manatee Fire Rescue
Day," bringing awareness to the Relay for Life effort May 20, 1 p.m., city commission workshop. May 15,6 p.m., commission.
for the American Cancer Society. May 21, 11 a.m., pier team. Administrative office, 6417 Third Ave. W., Bra-

THE ISLANDER 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 5
to the board to reach out for new residents who can Villa Rosa
afford to donate. goes green
"But they need to be involved with the center," she Workers for Dahlman's
Landscaping of Braden-
Board member Blair Schlossberg agreed. ton lant a green but-
"We need some heavy hitters to get in touch with. p
tonwood tree April 8 at
They could be top donors on the island. Maybe we
the front of the former
need new blood to drive this up. Certainly, Dawn needs
Villa Rosa development
some help," Schlossberg said.
on South Bay Boulevard
Board member Jason Sato pulled no punches.
in Anna Maria. Islander
"The biggest thing is generating revenue from this
Photo: Rick Catlin
new building, and it's not generating the money we
thought, and the people are getting tired of being hit
for money all the time."
The building was conceived in 2002 at a projected
cost of $2.5 million, but the total cost had climbed to
$4.5 million by the time it opened. Stiles said she's been in touch with former donors center.
"We can't constantly hit up the same people," Sato to the center, but has not yet been able to develop rela- "How do we make that happen?" he asked.
said. "They want to see what's happening with this tionships similar to her predecessor, Pierrette Kelly. Schlossberg suggested a special work session
building, and nothing is happening. We've got all these Kelly was executive director for 22 years; Stiles has devoted to financing and board members agreed. The
empty rooms that are doing nothing." held the position slightly more than one year. meeting was scheduled for 8 a.m. Friday, May 30.
Assistant executive director Scott Dell said the Rudacille said the board should not rely on Stiles to "And everyone should bring the name of one poten-
rooms are used during the winter season. He also said raise funds and obtain grants. "Dawn's job is develop- tial new member and donor," Schlossberg added.
a lot of center money goes to scholarships for some ing programs, not developing fundraising and grants. In other business, the board got a clean bill of
less fortunate families to participate. Fundraising is up to the board," he said. health from its auditors for the 2012-13 fiscal year.
"We don't turn anyone away because they can't Members agreed that new blood is needed and pos- Schlossberg also suggested the board consider
pay In 2012-13, we gave out $320,000 in scholarships. sibly more board members. Rudacille said at one time refinancing its mortgage while interest rates are low.
We have a lot of seniors on fixed income who can't there were 16 board members. A large balloon payment is due in 2016, he said, and
afford a program without a scholarship," he said. Rudacille said the board needs to plan a strategy refinancing would put the center in a better, long-range
"Programs and activities have never generated sur- to attract "heavy hitters" and get them involved in the financial position.
plus revenue, it's always been people and businesses
that raise money, and we're always going to need dona-
tions and fundraising," Dell added. WE WEDNESDAYS ARE BACK!
Schlossberg said there is a lot of new money
coming to the island and the center needs to get those ENTIRE FLEA
people involved, not just ask them for money. TW EET
Holmes Beach Commissioner David Zaccagnino M ARKET
said the "timing is right for us to go get the big money TO O %F MD
moving here. Jason is right. Retired Baby Boomers OPEN
from Fortune 500 companies are coming and let's go gami islander WED FRI SAT SUN
get them on board." 8AM-4PM
....... ....
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Educational Series:
5:30 p.m. Caring for Family Members FREE ADMISSION
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6 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
Bad acts
They' re calling it "Beachgate," drawing a paral-
lel in Bradenton Beach to Watergate in the 1970s. O K
No doubt, the actions by one city employee to
photograph city payroll documents and provide themTO T
to a lawyer in an apparent effort to discredit the mayorTO !
is scandalous. B E ...
It pales other problems within city government B E 6
on our small island. 'i"'' ( .. ..
It's more befitting a TV drama with actors fueling :"'
images of malicious behavior .....
Nope. This was real. And the investigation from ,
within by the city PD found no wrongdoing. :,
Meanwhile, the "why" remains. =:: ? "s
Why would an employee take photos no ........ ....
matter she was disgruntled over low pay -of the... ...
pay authorization for two office employees? Was it "Z
an act of opportunity created by personnel files in
plain sight? How did she come to send the images to
the mayor's foe in the ongoing lawsuits between the
city, the mayor and the BeacHhouse Restaurant, aka
Ed Chiles?
Beachgate only hints at the depth of contempt.
There's really no need to sneak into city hall and
copy documents they are public record, there for the
asking. Which begs the question: Why didn't Chiles' A ROYAL PROCLAMATION
attorney request the records using proper channels?
There's much more cleaning up needed at BB OR A TEMPORARY' RUMP IN THlE ROAD?
city hall... and the mayor vows to continue straight- ]
ening out budget deficiencies and, yes, keeping up
the good fight ...
This city needed a "strong mayor" on the heels
of a poorly managed "strong clerk," and the citizens
elected Bill Shearon to do the job.
He, like the others before him, is a good man.
On the flip-side, there is the lunacy of a Holmes0
Beach experiment to prevent speeding on Key Royale
Drive in front of the mayor's home. Beepergate.
The mayor offered to evaluate the speed cushions But one motorist's horn does not an annoyance the police department.
and, in apparent defiance, motorists began to send the make. Collectively? Absolutely. The long admired HBPD is becoming loathed for
mayor a message. Beep! Beep! In this instance, the mayor invited "comment," what some say is heavy-handed enforcement.
Honk if you hate speed bumps. and we believe the "honkers" were exercising their Sorry, mayor. Dumb move.
Needless to say, the honking and beeping didn't right to free speech. Calming speeders, good move.
please the mayor or his neighbors, who complained The mayor should accept responsibility for draw- Now move the damn speed cushions to where
about the annoyance. ing the attention and apologize to everyone, including they can do some good and return us to Mayberry.
Along comes the PD, halting both speeders and --Bonner Joy
the protestors threatening the hornblowers with -0 .O
tickets for "excessive" honking. One motorist, who
admits tapping his horn, was cited. He also was
threatened with jail and impoundment of his vehicle
for initially declining to sign the ticket. Just when I thought Get involved, take
i Just when I thought I was out, Jean Peelen pulls The Holmes Beach City Commission talks a
me back in with my apology to Al Pacino, "The lot about respecting residents, protecting neighbor-
SGodfather, Part Ill." hoods and reducing traffic.
V tO nEiorr: A relative newcomer to Anna Maria Island, Jean But talk is cheap and actions speak louder than
onnr Joy, Ionnr~ladr~r Peelen has again made misstatements that elemen- words.
isa Neff, copy editor_ tary fact-checking could have prevented this time In the past year, the commission has created a
Joe Brd about my generosity. special committee to find more parking for tourists,
h- t -- ,Ol. I have enjoyed being a part of and contributing the mayor proposed a gondola lift to bring more
Rick Catlin, --
Jack Elka, JackOac lelka.omrn to the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce tourists and now they want to upgrade the city ball
Momb,-Mlchl Favorite nwablaadnr and island community for more than 20 years, since field, not for residents, but to bring more tourism to
Jennifwer lield, Jen~nofrlaar.o m
Cor Zxu ar before I built the new dog park pavilion. Holmes Beach.
Jee Iraon, will continue to do so for many years after Ms. The Anna Maria Island Community center
Karen FdW3rL0 Peelen is gone from public office. already provides baseball for kids and softball for
ke Quinn I NewsManaeeior Two Florida judges determined that Jean Peelen adults. The group that would use the improved
Adetnl Lyn DllIcI was acting as an individual when she sent out an Holmes Beach ball field is not made up of island
Pr .ouc fon email containing derogatory comments about me teams they would come from all over. The only
ad0kne ~Z; and several other citizens of the island. After rulings benefit from the upgraded field will be for island
ofiestaff against her in every court proceeding, I settled the businesses, and the group that suffers with more
Lisa Williamsnger, It became obvious to me that she would continue It's time for our city commission to stop talking
subscriptonaOwman rog her frivolous legal actions at a cost to taxpayers. How? and take action to improve the lives of residents.

THE ISLANDER 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 7
Headln10 e fr aprlg8o20
Leave only footprints us visitors eager to share "our" paradise for days, HeMadnes rot Commiloe Jane 2004ah
Last week I thought the mayor's newest "pave or weeks or months -they' ve been coming since eMannt ounty BeChommissioners hae vonding
paradise" scheme to litter Key Royale Drive in Will Bean invited the paddleboats from Tampa to forane old H ole Bde omisoerm thatndn
Holmes Beach with speed bumps was the only bring day-trippers in the late 1800s! franwKyRyl rdewsmvdfo h
island pollution with which we had to contend And we knew that quiet summers would follow Saso/MnteMtrplanPnigOgn-
at lastfortha wek. hos bus witer t ws al god.zation's 2006-07 budget to the 2007-08 budget by
Then I opened The Islander on April 23 to find However we didn't envision seeing our tax dol- spkpeonai the Flridag entTaspudgetion$.3 Amil-
that our mayor doesn't only waste city funds with lars wasted and our unspoiled island "improved" spkpon sa i dd tleherde'sbde.$.8ml
proposed gondola follies and multi-tiered parking with multi-tiered parking garages, flying gondolas, Manatee County Sheriff's Office deputies in
garage plans. It now appears Mayor Carmel Monti view-killing beach access structures, ice-cream- A n ai retda4 -erodB aetnm na
has polluted our Key Royale canal with leaking truck graphics on our police cars, and lots of addi- th An aM rap s ofi e ferhem n e otdl
marine fluids and called on our city employees to tional signage, all of which makes AMI look more told staff he was the postmaster general and threat-
bail out his derelict boat with city equipment -on like Miami Beach than one of the few remaining ened to have them electrocuted for illegally selling
the city clock areas of unspoiled old Florida. A nd w e didn't envi-st m .Th ma w sare edf r i o d rl c n u t
Did I miss the official memo that all Holmes sion our pristine canals littered with derelict boats and resisting arrest with violence.
Beach residents are now welcome to call the public and oil spills. e Manatee County Environmental Services man-
works department when our private boats need bail- Mr. Mayor, please resolve to support and follow aeetsi twudtk 0dy ogtapri
ing? On an island where boating is so popular, occa- the only rule any beach town ever needs, "Leavefr mteFoi aD p t en ofE v o m nalP -
sional boat mishaps are bound to happen. nothing but your footprints." tection to move sand dredged from Holmes Beach
But how could a long-time (experienced?) mul- Marlane Wurzbach, Holmes Beach cnl ornuiheoe hrln ln h am
tiple boat owner think calling the U .S. Coast Guard S l a s w y h o ny si h p l c t o
to help him with his personal and messy but non-life Have your say wold Cauea.e o un t be alfd the apliatmen
threatening boat problem was an appropriate solu- We welcome and encourage your comments on of Transportation in order to bypass red tape.
tion or an example a town leader should set? topics, columns and editorials in The Islander.
Even a landlubber like me knows that the Coast The Islander accepts original letters of up to 250
Guard's mission is to save lives on the water, not words and reserves the right to edit. Letters must 'rIMIS AND D)ROP1S ON AMI
derelict boats. Add to that the fact that Monti also include name, address, and phone number (for veri- Date Low Hig h Rainfall
operates My Garden Products, a business with an fication). Anonymous letters will not be printed. April 20 60 0
emphasis on ecologically correct gardening solu- The preferred method is to send letters by April 21 66076 1%,
tions, recycling and rain barrels, and the thought email to news Online readers may April 22 ),57 77,- "0
that he might have ignored a serious water pollution comment on top stories on The Islander website at April 23 64 77 0
issue in his own backyard is more than alarming. A pr il(24, 61 79 0
I imagine that most of us who call Anna Maria The Islander also has an active Facebook com- April 25 .163 80 0
Island home came here to enjoy its laid-back, low- munity of more than 2,700 users with daily updates. April 26 65 86 0
key charm. We knew the high season would bring Please, "LIKE" us online. Average area Gulf water temperature 78.30
24-hour rainfall accumulation with reading daily at approximately 5 p.m. _
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The'i Islander -

8 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
Bradenton Beach pier renovation to cost $1.2M-plus
By Merab-Michal Favorite I -1pre-bid meeting March 18 at city hall, only five sub-
Islander Reporter mitted bids.
Bradenton Beach city officials finally saw a step = Gilbert said that is typical in the bid process.
forward in the long more than two-year process "What happens is the contractors have conflicting
to renovate the city pier. projects and therefore don't complete the process," he
The good news? The project is fully funded. said. "It just depends on what they have going on."
Proposals are in for the Historic Bridge Street Pier He said construction on the pier will begin in June,
renovation and the lowest bid exceeds $1.2 million. but completion is dependent on the weather since it
The sealed bids were opened during a public meet- wil fal inhrianIesn
ing April 21 at the Tingley Memorial Library, I111 A If the project begins as scheduled, it will be reach
Second St. W., Bradenton Beach. ,completion about 10 months from the original comple-
Five construction companies submitted bids, seek- tion target date of August 2013.
ing to win the contract. =-But the delay proved to be beneficial.
The lowest proposal, $1,202,140.94, was submit- It resulted in an agreement for a $1 million match-
ted by Miami-based Pac Comm Inc. n-fund partnership with Manatee County, easing the
Tampa Bay Marine of Gibsonton had the second --financial worries of Bradenton Beach. Still, officials
lowest bid at $1,237,487. Shoreline Foundation Inc. 2,: have been on edge to get the project started.
of West Park bid $1,258,543, and Duncan Seawall of City clerk Jamie Anderson opens sealed construction The pier will be funded through a joint effort by
Sarasota bid $1,309,452. The most expensive was the bids for the renovation of the Historic Bridge Street the city of Bradenton Beach Community Redevelop-
bid from a Louisiana-based construction company, Pier during the April 21 public meeting at the Tin- ment Agency and Manatee County government.
Russell Marine, at $1,854,625. gley Memorial Library, Ill Second St. W., Braden- The Manatee County Tourist Development Coun-
The city will not know which company will be ton Beach. Islander Photo: Merab-Michal Favorite cil recommended up to $1 million in matching funds
awarded the contract until ZNS Engineering analyzes for the project.
the bid proposals. That could take about two weeks, the needs of the city," Gilbert said. According to Mayor Bill Shearon, the county
according to Steve Gilbert, planning official for Bra- After the bids are analyzed, the city staff will and the city CRA will split invoices as they are pro-
denton Beach. make a recommendation and the Bradenton Beach cessed.
"We look at several factors, including local prefer- City Commission will have final approval. The county agreed to pay its share of each invoice
ence, time projection and whether the plan satisfies all Of the I11 companies represented at a mandatory within 30 days of receiving the bill.
Holmes Beach commissioner jump starts paid-parking talks
By Jennifer Glenfield wants to address traffic congestion. He suggested a $24 annual parking permit for resi-
Islander Reporter Also, in order to "take control" of the public beach, dents of Manatee County and $120 annually for those
Talk of paid parking is moving south from Anna Zaccagnino suggested rezoning the area from recre- who come to the island from other areas.
Maria into Holmes Beach. ational to preservation. He said the price should be the same for island
Holmes Beach Commissioner David Zaccagn-ino "This will ensure that Holmes Beach decides the residents and other Manatee County residents because
presented a plan April 22 he dubbed "Commissioner future look of Manatee Beach, not a bunch of county he doesn't want to punish day-trippers from the main-
Zaccagnino Preservation and Parking Control Plan" commissioners and administration from out east look- land.
for discussion. ing to maximize profit," he wrote in his proposal. The permit would allow people to park in rights of
"I've had it. We' ve asked for money from the Zaccagn-ino's aim with stricter zoning is to prevent way where free parking is currently allowed. Parking
county for years and years," said Zaccagnino. "I want possible future development by the county. at Manatee and Coquina beaches could remain free
to take control from the county's hands." City attorney Patricia Petruff said Manatee Public and, when the lots are full, they are full.
The proposal comes on the heels of an April 16 Beach is deeded to the county, but its use is guided by Zaccagnino said permit parking would encourage
forum hosted by Mayor Carmel Monti in which he Holmes Beach's land development code and zoning visitors in accommodations to walk, ride a bike or take
discussed a possible gondola lift and parking garage rules. the trolley. Out-of-county visitors to the island might
to ease traffic. While Monti's ideas lacked support, Petruff said that while the city, to some degree, can consider visiting other beaches, closer to home.
residents voiced concerns over growing traffic conges- regulate what happens at the public beach, "I would "Unfortunately it is about revenue, and if the
tion on the island. have some heartburn about making it preservation county and the (Tourist Development Council) is not
Zaccagnino's proposal is threefold: He opposes a when it's been used for recreation for years." going to help us, we have to be proactive and take con-
parking garage at the public beach, he wants to gener- Zaccagnino also suggested islandwide paid-park- trol of our own destiny. We have begged and pleaded
ate revenue for the cities of Anna Maria Island, and he ing permits. PLEASE SEE PAID PARKING, NEXT PAGE
Creates Sea Life and Clsi elr sigUiu tns
Gems and FossilsJfrom aroundthe world. ................ \ to
4. Imagine.
How will you tell your family story?
Creating gorgeous photos

THE ISLANDER 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 9
Holmes Beach field limitations to be drafted
By Jennifer Glenfield Titsworth suggested limiting an organization to the marina is required by city code.
Islander Reporter three events per year. She also suggested limiting use The majority of the allocated parking would be
The open field adjacent to city hall could see less of the field to two events per month and prohibiting southeast of the marina in the grass, along with a paved
use in the future. music on Sundays. handicap space.
Aided by a staff report from human resource spe- Both groups already have held two events this Commissioner Pat Morton expressed concerns
cialist Mary Buonagura, city commissioners set out year. The garden has requested three events and Wild- about the ruckus associated with the July 4 holiday.
April 24 to limit events at city field. life Inc. has requested two events in 2015. Morton asked Holmes Beach Police Chief Bill
Commissioners had previously discussed several Buonagura said she found in her review that there Tokajer if the city could request the help of the Mana-
changes, including limiting events to those that benefit can be three-four events in March and April, but there tee County Sheriff's Office to patrol the beach on the
local charities and raising fees. are only one or two events in other months. busy holiday.
But commissioners hesitated to set limits before Commissioners talked with city attorney Patricia Morton noted the HBPD has not patrolled the
hearing which local charities use the field and how Petruff about types of charities and nonprofits. Petruff beaches in the past, and problems with illegal alcohol
often. Buonagura's report outlined the field's use from said commissioners may want to allow leeway for and unauthorized fireworks occur on the beach.
2011 through the year to date. instances of a charitable or educational organization Tokajer said he would seek help, and he also plans
Buonagura's report showed 16 event days in 2011, that does not have a 501(c)3 status. to put extra patrols on the beach.
26 days in 2012, 22 days in 2013 and 16 days thus far "You might want to give some discretion to the Monti reported that Buonagura is looking into
in 2014. Wildlife Inc., based in Bradenton Beach, and mayor for other groups that may be educational in training for complying with public records statutes and
the Anna Maria Island Butterfly Garden, which is west nature," the city attorney said. the Sunshine Law.
of city hall on city property, repeat events in the field In other business Combining training with Bradenton Beach and
throughout the year. Superintendent of public works Tom O'Brien Anna Maria may reduce costs.
"I talked to Nancy Ambrose and Ed Straight," she reported progress with parking problems at the Main- The mayor said elected officials and department
said. "The butterfly garden and Wildlife Inc. could not sail Lodge on Marina Drive. heads soon will be required to undergo ethics training.
survive without city field." Owners of Mainsail Lodge have been renting Two ordinances proposed by Tokajer have been
According to Buonagura, both Wildlife Inc. and slips to businesses at the marina without providing drafted by Petruff. She presented the documents to
the butterfly garden events have hired promoters. adequate parking, resulting in patrons using nearby commissioners, who agreed to move them to a first
"I don't think as a policy decision we should sup- parking lots. reading.
port them 100 percent when they bring in events we "We had a productive meeting. They want to bring One proposal is to state in city ordinances that
don't want," said Commissioner Jean Peelen. (their parking plan) forward at the next regular meet- alcohol cannot be possessed on the beach rather than
Peelen said events managed by promoters are the ing," O' Brien said. consumed on the beach.
type of events the commission is trying to limit. The He distributed a map of a proposed temporary Signs at beach accesses already state alcohol is not
undesirable events "all look alike and don't use local parking plan for 33 parking spaces, all within the allowed on the beach.
talent," she said. required ratio for the businesses, O' Brien said. A second proposal would prohibit people under 21
"I feel uncomfortable limiting Wildlife Inc.," said One parking spot to every three seats on boats at from entering stand-alone bars.
Commission Chair Judy Titsworth.
for years to no avail," he stated in the proposal. Enhancing,
He also said money collected from the suggested Anna Maria
parking permits could be split between the cities and Island's
used for cleanup, traffic management, law enforce-
ment, code enforcement, infrastructure improvements Arbor Day
and other costs associated with the permitting pro- clbae
cesCommissioner Jean Peelen, who sits on the TDC, April 25
said the island officials would need a unified approach,
not as "three little cities."-/" ":
"I think at the (April 16) meeting I heard an open-
ness to paid parking from the residents," said Monti.
The commissioners have voiced opinions against
the idea of paid parking in previous meetings concern-
ing traffic congestion.
"After the meeting (April 16), 1 thought about itABV:AnMaicebrtsNiolAbrDyArl25y
long andhar an I c ang d m mi d," aid Zac ag-planting a live oak tree at Bayfront Park on North Bay Boulevard.
nino.Assisting in the effort are Bill Bors, left, Manatee County Com-
Peelen also said her opinion had swayed on paid missioner John Chappie, Mike Keegan, Carmine DeMilio, Tammy
parking.Kovak, Rick Tercycoe, John Pouris, Gary Thorpe, Peter Pier and
parking S4il Azane Phto ",rts K
Monti said he would plan a meeting with mayorsStv pt.IlnePho:CuesKM
of radnto Bech nd nnaMara. EFT Jerry West, left, chair of the Holmes Beach Parks and Beauti-
Anna Maria Commissioner Dale Woodland pre- _,- fication Committee, Bob McDuffie of Modern Woodmen and Tammy
sented his city commissioners with a paid parking plan Kova and Ingrid McClellan of Keep Manatee Beautiful plant a tree
April 8. At an April 10 work session, Anna Maria com- April 25 near city hall in Holmes Beach. McDuffie donated the pond
missioners agreed to seriously discuss the issue, which cypress tree. Islander Photo: Jennifer Glenfield
has been on and off their agendas for 10 years.
B outique
....Retailer for

10 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
A N A A I AI SL AN DAGAMI hosts whittler
A, The Artists' Guild of Anna Maria
INDOR & EAC MASAGEIsland will host whittler Bruce Weaver
SINCR& EAC [ASSAG A; talking about his work carving ducks
INTUITIVE READINGS "" !and decoys during the group's monthly
. meeting in May.
94 |779.836The program will be at 7 p.m.
, Monday, May 5, at the Episcopal Church
Y" of the Annunciation, 4408 Gulf Drive,
-: Holmes Beach.
iiY! Attendees wil begin gathering at
; about 6:30 p.m. to socialize.
T erva s-,.,Weaver began his career in Mary-
: land with violin repairs. He went on to
) building boats and furniture and then
4 took up whittling ducks and decoys.
K4N MA AGAMI will not hold another
monthly meeting until October.
SG For more information call AGAMI's
JEWE ]M Y The Artists' Guild of Anna Maria Island vill host Bruce Guild Gallery at 778-6694.
1#01 Weaver talking about whittling. Islander Courtesy Photo
2723]V!AATE AVE W.24-hour giving challenge set
TUE-FRI 10-3, SAT 11-4 Adtifo
941.779.5350 Everyone can be a philanthropist. The annual
1~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ detair GiigPateroalnewilbgn tno
24-hour~~~~~~~~ Giinaarnrihllnetilieinagno
Tuesday, May 6, and conclude at noon, Wednesday, apitn
C.R TOgy May 7. Gaeylsta
CRE TINS The campaign involves hundreds of nonprofits GleyWs
/} throughout southwest Florida. ats ac
iii ~People are encouraged to donate during theLa.Ilne
S 24-hour period to and local Courhtos
~~~foundations will provide grant incentives and matchJ,/., ht
BRIDALcontributions. Foundations already have committed
about $660,000 in matching funds.
DESIGNS... Participating foundations include the Community IGW showcases Law's acrylics
our specialty. Foundation of Sarasota County, the Patterson Founda- Painter Nancy Law will be the featured artist in
tion, the Gulf Coast Community Foundation and the May at Island Gallery West, 5368 Gulf Drive, Holmes
Manatee Community Foundation. Beach.
Bead Supplies C lsses & Palrties Four island nonprofits the Anna Maria Island Law is an artist and teacher who lives in Bradenton
5500Marna riv ~ olms Bach Community Center, Anna Maria Island Concert Chorus and works in acrylics.
Mon-SatC10a tionpmbyL4.779077 and Orchestra, Artists' Guild of Anna Maria Island and The IGW exhibit will feature Law's "beautiful ren-
Find us on Facebook Anna Maria I sland Historical Society are working ditions of floral arrangements," according to a news
together to raise money. release.
Other local groups may be participating in the For more information, call IGW at 941-778-
challenge. 6648.
O ~ g U i money through the challenge. Information: www.givingpartnerchal-
0 0
W 8:08 p.m. Official sunset time.
Wednesday, May 7
Wednesday, April 30 8:09 p.m. Official sunset time.
..... 8:04 p.m. Official sunset time.
..... O A 0 / Off-island
(i .....Thursday, May 1 Friday, May 2
:5 ~.--Ofiilsustnie 6-9:30 p.m. Village of the Arts ArtWalk and the Cinco de
8:5pm fiilsne ie
Mayo Salsa-Tasting Contest, 12th Street West and 12th Avenue
OF AFridy, My 2 estBradenton. Information: 941-747-8056.
8:06 p.m. Official sunset time. 6:30 p.m. Anna Maria Island Night with the Anna Maria
~Island Community Center at McKechnie Field, 1611 Ninth St. W,
Saturday, May 3 Bradenton. Fee applies. Information: 941-747-3031.
11 a.m.-6 p.m. Food and Wine on Pine celebration of local
cuisine and culture, Pine Avenue, Anna Maria. Fee applies. Informa- Saturday, May 3
tion: 941-778-8705. 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Village of the Arts ArtWalk and the Cinco de
8:6pm -Official sunset time. MySas-Tasting Contest, 12th Street West and 12th Avenue
i West, Bradenton. Information: 941-747-8056.
Sunday, May 4
11 a.m.-5 p.m. -Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce Coming up
Island Wedding Festival, islandwide. With a post festival sunset May 17-18, Relay for life of Anna Maria Island, Coquina
celebration. Fee applies. Information: 941-778-1541. Beach.
full service salon and spa offering... 8:07 p.m. Official sunset time.Saetede
Hair -Nails -Massage Facials Monday, May 6 June 7-8, Island Blood Drive, TBA.
A n RT reatment 7 p.m. -Artists' Guild of Anna Maria Island meeting featuring June 14, 2014 Florida State League All Star Game, Braden-

THE ISLANDER 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 11
Is Wad treas-we r ft",ky so~t&
A de Cafea&swel
Island welcomes brides, grooms for festival ; IEHANDMADELRGIFTS
Heard of a destination wedding? win prizes -including a honeymoon package -at the CAFE
What about the destination wedding festival? sunset celebration. At least 60 vendors are booked. 10BrdetetWINE TOO!!
Anna Maria Island has staked claim to being Flor- For more information, go to amiweddingfestival. LIVE Entrige Satreegts
ida's beach wedding capital. With a vow to keep the com or call the chamber at 941-778-1541. BradentonBac0h
title, the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce has
presented an annual Island Wedding Festival, which is
now in its seventh year. WACBAD ,ACBTTR .... REPI
The festival will take place Sunday, May 4, island- ----------
wide, with vendors operating I11 a.m. -5 p.m., and a 5 0O F
finale sunset party at 6 p.m.
Tickets for the festival are $7 in advance, $ 10 the5 0O F
day f te evnt.All in-stock Citizen watches.
Registration the day of the festival will take place Celebrating 31 years
at the chamber, 5313 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. 1 in Bradenton!
Host sites include: ,
Harrington House Beachfront Bed and Breakfast, ,, .,.
5626 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. and Watch Repair
Tortuga Inn Beach Resort, 1325 Gulf Drive N., 8102 CORTEZ RD. W.
Bradenton Beach.
-Gulf Drive Cafe and Tiki, 900 Gulf Drive N., I :-
Bradenton Beach.
-Bridge Street Bistro, I111 Gulf Drive S., Braden- s land Gallery West
ton Beach. ,"
BeacHhouse Restaurant, 200 Gulf Drive N., Bra-
denton Beach.
Those planning an island-style wedding will ....,
sample from catering menus, taste wedding cakes, The Island Wedding Festival will take place Sunday,
watch fashion shows, visit a honeymoon suite, see a May 4, and feature visits with wedding service Island Gallery W est
makeup demonstration, learn about reception venues, vendors and a mock sunset wedding on the beach.
attend a mock wedding and have the opportunity to Islander File Photo A fine art gallery of award winning local artists
I affordable original work
' Roser Memorial in oil, acrylic, watercolor,
. ...",Community Church photography, ceramics,
"" '; "" : wil opn te Rserstained glass, basketry,
will ope.te..s cards, giclees and jewelry.
Chapel, 512 Pine
Z 1 __ Ave., Anna Maria, I
during the Food538GlDrvHomsBah(etothP..&Mni)
and Wine on Pine
"\ . celebration set for
The chapel will be
open 11 a.m.-S p.m.,
with hosts offering
Fig Newtons and i
books on the church
history. Actors You asked
dressed in periodf. for it,
costume, will engage yo gt t
festayour aot tS ign tr
l~he reason for the,
. Newtons and other
F .historical informa-
' ......tion. Islander Cour-
t. ..tesy Photo I
. ...... : -AMI items!
Island Shopping Center 5418 Marina Dr Holmes Beach
Pine Avenue beckons foodies to festival (intersection of gulf and marina) 941.778.2169
Organizers of Food and Wine on Pine promise are planned, as are children's activities.
The fourth annual Food and Wine on Pine will take Avenue Downs, a tent where people can place "bets" feel beaiUEful ..
place Saturday, May 3, on the east-west main street in for prizes, take part in various contests and sample t"o day
Anna Maria. The event is a celebration of local cuisine Kentucky Derby-themed drinks.
and culture and a fundraiser for local charities. Entry to the event will be $2 for those 12 and
Hours will be I11 a.m. -6 p.m. on Pine Avenue from older. Food and beverage tickets will sell for $ 1, with Ml
Gulf Drive to the 500 block by the bay. menu items costing 2-8 tickets.,
Organizers, in a news release, promised "an The island trolley will provide transportation from
upscale art and culinary event showcasing fresh, local the parking lot at CrossPointe Fellowship, 8605 Gulf
and seasonal Florida foods provided by 25 of the area's Drive, Holmes Beach. And parking also will be avail-
... restaurants, as well as creative offerings from the able at the Anna Maria Island Community Center, 407
student culinary program of Manatee Technical Insti- Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria.a cu
tute. Organizers said the event proceeds would go to
The event also will provide an opportunity to Anna Maria Island Concert Chorus and Orchestra, ( cu
sample~~ ---- *than --- wie an av rit ofcrf A---- M ___ari --------- ComniyCetr ClurlCo-S__sor A E

12 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
Spring cleaning Fridays
.... Community publicists: Please help us keep our calendars current. Most Fridays, Senior Adventures, low-cost field trips from
If you know of an event that is ending with the end of high season, Annie Silver Community Center, 103 23rd St. N., Bradenton Beach.
please let us know. Email Fee may apply. Information: 941-962-8835.
............ Fridays, 5:30-8:30 p.m., Mike Sales' sunset drum circle, Anna
..........Through... Maria Island Beach Cafe, 4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Informa-
l Through May 7, St. Stephens Visual Arts Third Conservatory tion: 778-0784.
,Exhibit, Anna Maria Island Art League, 5312 Holmes Blvd., Holmes Fridays, 6:30 p.m., Family Fun Night, Anna Maria Island Com-
' "Beach. Information: 941-778-2099. munity Center, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria. Information: 941 -
Through May 15, DaVinci Machines Exhibition, the Bradenton 778-1908.
Auditorium, 1005 First Ave. W., Bradenton. Fee applies. Information: Third Fridays, 5-8 p.m., Pine Avenue Porch Party presented
888-674-0107. by local merchants, Pine Avenue, Anna Maria. Information: 941-896-
Through May 24, Embracing Our Differences outdoor art 3132.
~exhibit, Riverwalk, downtown Bradenton. Information: 941-840-
The Anna Maria Island Community Center is orga- 0013. Saturdays
nizing Anna Maria Island Night at McKechnie Field May 1-18, "My One and Only," Manatee Players, Manatee Saturdays, 8:30 a.m., Kiwanis Club of Anna Maria Island
for Friday, May 2. The next night, Brighthouse is Performing Arts Center, 502 Third Ave. W., Bradenton. Fee applies. meeting, Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe, Manatee Public Beach,
taking customers out to the ballgame. Islander File Information: 941-748-5875. 4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-1383.
Photo Saturdays, through May, 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Downtown Bradenton
PhtoWednesdays Farmers' Market, Old Main Street. Information: 941-932-9440.
Cente Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9 a.m., horseshoes pitched, Saturdays, 4 p.m., family night, South Florida Museum, 201
Centerorganizin N night, Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. Information: 10th St. W., Bradenton. Information: 941-746-4131.
at icKechnie Field 941-708-6130. Second Saturdays, 10 a.m., origami club, Island Library, 5701
The nnaMara IlandCom uniy Cnteris nvi- -First Wednesdays, 1:15 p.m., Gulf Coast Writers meeting, Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-3209.
The nnaMara Ilan Comunty entr i init-Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941 Third Saturdays, 11 a.m., stress management through breath-
ing islanders out to the ballgame. 778-3209. ing, Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive. Information: 941-778-6341.
The center is organizing Anna Maria Island Night First Wednesdays, 6 p.m., Mana-Tweens book club, Island Third Saturdays, through May, 9 a.m., Manatee County Junior
at McKechnie Field for Friday, May 2. Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778- Audubon meeting, Felts Audubon Preserve, 4600 24th Ave. E., Pal-
That night the Bradenton Marauders will play the 3209. metto. Information: 941-376-0110.
St. Lucie Mets. -Second Wednesdays, 7 p.m., Think+Drink science night,
Game time is 6:30 p.m. and gates will open at 5:30 South Florida Museum, 201 10th St. W., Bradenton. Information: Mondays
p.m. 941-746-4131. Mondays, 12:30 p.m., bridge games, Roser Memorial Com-
The first 500 people through the gates will receive -Third Wednesdays, 6 p.m., Mana-Tweens club, Island munity Church, 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. Doors open at 12:15
a free T-shirt and a free hot dog, part of the ongoing Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941- p.m. Information: 941-778-0414.
prmtoso rdy tM~ cne 61NnhS.778-3209. First Mondays, 7 p.m., Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage
W., radnto. -Fourth Wednesdays, 7 p.m., Star Talk, South Florida Museum, board meeting, Fishermen's Hall, 4515 123rd St. W, Cortez. Infor-
For BaeNgton.ordb a~ne Pubn 201 10th St. W, Bradenton. Information: 941-746-4131. mation: 941-254-4972.
For MI igh, spnsoed y L~ense Pumbng- Third Mondays, noon, Anna Maria Island Democrats meeting,
and Pools and raising money for the center, there were Thursdays Mannatees Sports Grill, 7423 Manatee Ave. W, Bradentn. Infrma-
two package deals offered. However, the deadline for Thursdays, 5-10 p.m., Main Street Live, Old Main Street, tion: 941-779-0564.
those tickets was April 25. Bradenton. Information: 941-932-9440. Third Mondays, 7 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 81
Also, Brighthouse customers can go to the Maraud- Thursdays, 1 p.m., Coffee and Conversation for Seniors, Anna meeting, 5801 33rd Ave. Court Drive W, G.T Bray Park, Bradenton.
ers game Saturday, May 3, for free by presenting a Maria Island Community Center, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria. Information: 941-779-4476.
cable bill. The game also against the Mets begins Information: 941-778-1908.
at 6:30 p.m. First and third Thursdays, 2 p.m., knitting group meeting, Tuesdays
For more information, call Anne Putnam with the Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive. Information: 941-778-6341. Tuesdays, 10 a.m., children's storytime, Island Library, 5701
Marauders at 941-747-303 1, ext. 4350. Third Thursdays, 10 a.m., Island Library Book Club, Island Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6341.
Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778- Tuesdays, noon, Rotary Club of Anna Maria Island meeting,
Save the date: 3209. Bridge Street Bistro, 111 Gulf Drive S., Bradenton Beach. Informa-
On June 14, the 2014 Florida State League All Third Thursdays, 10 a.m., guardian ad litem, Island Library, tion: 941-794-8044.
Sta Gmewil b paye a M~ecni Feld 111 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-3209. Tuesdays, 12:30 p.m., Anna Maria Duplicate Bridge, the Epis-
NinthSt. ., Badenon. Last Thursdays, Seaside Quilters, Island Library, 5701 Marina copal Church of the Annunciation, 4408 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach.
Nint St W. Brdenon.Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 312-315-6212. Information: 941-778-3390.
- Tuesdays, 1 p.m., bingo, Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf
" ,,, Z 'of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key. Information: 941-387-0202.
to schedules, to calendar@islanderorg. Also, if you coordinate
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THE ISLANDER 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 13
Bradenton Beach shuts down water pumps to roadway
By Merab-Michal Favorite the roadway was not anticipated. engineer about the de-watering process and submit a
Islander Reporter "To remove the standing water they have to create plan to the city and the DEP for approval.
Puddles pooled on Gulf Drive in Bradenton Beach a settling pond where the water either evaporates or "There is really nowhere for the water to go," Gil-
last week, but there was not a cloud in the sky. seeps back into the ground," Gilbert said. "Unfortu- bert said. "Emptying it on the beach or on the dunes
No rain contributed to the flooding in the 2500- nately, in this situation there was too much water and would violate environmental laws, so they are just
2600 block; it was caused by a construction project that it started flowing over the berm of the pond and into going to have to come up with some other plan."
pumped hundreds of gallons of brackish groundwater the street. Gilbert also requested a construction site manage-
into the road and created a traffic hazard. Gilbert said ordinarily a stormdrain would collect ment plan for each of the projects, including silt and
The city of Bradenton Beach issued an advisory the excess water, but Gulf Drive has no storm drains, erosion control.
memorandum April 21 that informed the landowner, which often results in flooding problems during rain Gilbert said he expected the problems with street
Tampa Bayshore Trust LLC, it needed to request a events. flooding to end by April 25.
permit from the city in order to continue pumping. He wrote in a memo, "Creating a traffic hazard The contract manager for the project, Jim Moss of
City building official Steve Gilbert said the com- would not be authorized for future projects." Beach to Bay Construction, did not return phone calls
pany acquired permits through the Florida Department He also recommended the company speak with an to The Islander.
of Environmental Protection to perform de-watering
needed to lay the foundation for four single-family BB expects repayment for -trolley shelters
residences planned on the site. However, spillage into Cha-ching. Here comes the money. officials they would only be reimbursed for the cost
.The city will be reimbursed for four trolley stations of the least expensive model.
built nearly two years ago. The city then offset the cost by arranging for stu-
The cost of the shelters was supposed to be paid for dents from Manatee Technical Institute to build the
... , with a Manatee County transportation grant. However, shelters, but spring break slowed the project and the
, the city only recently submitted the bill, and the time students were only able to create two of the four struc-
lapse put a burden on the county budget. tures.
...."" The city now will allow for the $34,000 reimburse- "They prefabricated the wood at the school and
, : ............. ......- i ... -Commissioner Jack Clark asked if the city could Steve Gilbert. "But it appeared it was going to get
]request interest during the April 9 Capital Improve- dragged out beyond our timeline, so the city authorized
ment Project meeting, but Mayor Bill Shearon said the remaining two to be contracted out."
411"the city was lucky to receive any funding at all." The Florida Department of Environmental Protec-
"This is $34,000 of new revenue we didn't realize tion also had to inspect the shelter to make sure they
we were going to get," he said. met state standards. DEP officials requested the city
A truck plows through standing water April 25 in the The project exceeded $40,000 due to officials used pavers for the base, which also added costs.
2500-2600 block of Gulf Drive, Bradenton Beach. wanting a more attractive design than the one county The shelters are at 27th Street and Gulf Drive;
The water is the result of a pumping operation on the offered to build. Katie Pierola Park at 2200 Gulf Drive N.; 1801 Gulf
construction site. Islander Courtesy Photo Shearon said that at the time, the county told city Drive N.; and Ninth Street South at Cortez Beach.
Plans for a mini motel in Bradenton Beach on hold
By Merab-Michal Favorite he said. The city now contracts a special master. Ronald Kamboltz, who also lives on Ninth Street
Islander Reporter Planning board members determined they would North, said the property is surrounded by residential
The Bradenton Beach Planning and Zon-ing Board violate the law by approving the special exemption. homes and the proposed motel could disturb the neigh-
will consider allowing the construction of a motel at Garrett said he was trying to save the landown- borhood.
113 Ninth St. N. in June. ers money by going first to the planning and zoning Petruff said the owners looked into building a bed-
The board voted at its April 9 meeting to continue board. and-breakfast, but the motel was a better fit with the
to June I11 a special exemption request for the street "Variances cost more than $1,000," he said. "Plus commercial zoning, which allows for a smaller foot-
setback from the standard 25 feet to 10 feet to allow there is no guarantee that the P&Z will approve the print of only 1,000 square feet.
for construction of a two-unit motel. special exemption even after the landowner has gone Petruff said the lot was purchased in 1987 and
Patricia Petruff, the attorney representing land- through the process of acquiring a variance." was considered a "standalone property" at the time of
owners Wendy and George Kokolis, said the exemp- Garrett said the special master, who acts as a judge purchase. There was a structure on an adjacent lot, also
tion is necessary because of the triangular lot. to solve municipal conflicts, must approve the variance zoned commercial, which contained a laundry room,
She said the motel would be "smaller than a resi- before the item returns before the planning board. recreational room and storage space.
dence" with one unit upstairs and one downstairs and Several Bradenton Beach residents spoke against All that remains of that structure is the concrete
three parking spaces. the motel development at the April 9 meeting. slab and the lot has been vacant for a number of years,
Planning board members continued the request due John Katy, who lives adjacent to the parcel on according to Petruff.
to confusion over the city's ordinances. Ninth Street North, called the motel "a facade for res- Planning board members had concerns about park-
According to the code, an adjustment board made taurant storage." ing, but Petruff said the units would likely be rented to
up of citizens must approve a variance before the item Katy said because the landowners also own and vacationers, who often share a vehicle.
can go before the planning board. operate Gulf Drive Cafe, they are only building the "There could be a case of someone calling up all
However the adjustment board no longer exists, motel for storage. their fraternity brothers in Lakeland and having 20 cars
according to Alan Garrett, city planner. It was dis- He said there are remnants of materials used to show up," Petruff said. "But at some point it becomes a
banded two years ago. build tiki structures at the cafe that are currently being code enforcement issue. We are meeting city-required
"We switched our system and got rid of the board," stored on the property. parking standards without question."
5358 Gulf Drive, =7Holmes Beach, S&_S Plaza/
IL7Farebook Just4unl~entals
!i!: o& olz!55 GuDrvHomsBah918674
Ng q4R:S~ o*.
v j' # .ik4

14 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
Gloria Dei: All are welcome
By Jennifer Glenfield said. publicly welcoming the LGBT community, according
Islander Reporter Reconciled in Christ is an organization recogniz- to Backer, and was the only island church represented
Bradenton and Holmes Beach shared a day of firsts ing Lutheran congregations that publicly welcome the at the Manatee Pride Fest.
March 22. LGBT community. Backer said the congregation took Among the three other churches represented at the
Bradenton held its inaugural Pride Fest and a two votes before it made a decision to apply. fest, Gloria Dei was the only Lutheran church, Gloria
Holmes Beach church, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, "There was a unanimous vote both times," Backer Dei's newsletter, The Trumpeter stated.
participated in its first LGBT outreach event. said. "What was telling for us was that there was not "Some who stopped by (at Pride Fest) had pre-
The church is known for its outreach, working with one negative vote." vious connections to Gloria Dei friends and/or
Habitat for Humanity and holding fundraisers for the Backer said the intentional, public welcome is to family who had visited in the past. They had no idea
Southeast High School girls' basketball team, among assure there is no confusion. that they would be included in our 'all are welcome'
other community projects. However, four months "It's the intentionality of saying, you are allowed motto. Others were surprised because they had been
ago, it really stood out with a new symbol on the to be a part of this," Backer said. excluded by the church in the past and didn't know
church's roadside sign. Backer stressed the influx of tourists over the holi- that some congregations had opened their doors to
"We have three symbols of welcome on our sign," days makes the church's message of welcome particu- them," Jay Poppe of Gloria Dei wrote in the newslet-
said the Rev. Rosemary Backer. "We want to be really larly important. The message, she said, reaches beyond ter.
clear, we really welcome everyone." people who identify as LGBT, but also to their friends Backer said the church plans to attend next year's
Backer said while the church has always been wel- and family who are more willing to attend a church that Manatee Pride Fest, too.
coming of everyone, two years ago in July it became is truly welcoming to everyone. "We went through months of study and discern-
official. "Saying it publicly makes us different, but it ment, and our congregation is proud of that. We're
"We' ve gone through a long process of discern- shouldn't," Backer said. always looking for ways to be more welcoming to all
ment to intentionally make a statement. We went Gloria Dei is the only church on Anna Maria Island people," Backer said.
through the study called Reconciled in Christ," she
Village of the Arts hosts Brigit Quam
and Jay Poppe
Cinco de Mayo party ]of Gloria
Bradnto's illae o th Ars wil clebateDei Lutheran
Cinco de Mayo with a salsa-tasting contest during Chrc iunra huc
its monthly artwalk in May.- Holmes Beach
The event, set for Friday-Saturday, May 2-3, \,,,IesBacFlrda1 volunteer at a
will take place at galleries, restaurants and other eW lo e r tent during the
venues throughout the village, which is south -e Wec m ee 'tL; Manatee Pride
of downtown around 12th Street West and 12th Fes i n radhn22
Hours will be 69:30 p.m. May 2 and I11 a.m._4 Isane Photo:
p.m. May 3. ,:.. .... Courtesy GDLC
For more information, go to www.villageoft- ....... .. _:. newsletter, The or call 941-747-8056. i Trumpeter
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The Islander welcomes notices of your events. 77
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THE ISLANDER 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 15
Beach sands soon to become turtle nesting grounds
By Jennifer Glenfield "We do the survey before (turtle season) begins sea turtles are preparing to create the next generation,
Islander Reporter to be proactive," said Holmes Beach code enforce- and many will return to the shores of Anna Maria
As May I approaches and the sand on the beaches ment officer David Forbes. "It's not about punishing Island to build their beach nests and lay their eggs.
begins to warm, mama sea turtles are sure to make their people, it's making them aware." When they do, they depend on the reflection of
way to the shore. Somewhere out in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond, stars and the moon on the surface of the Gulf to lead
May I is the official start of nesting season for sea them back to the water. Lights on shore can distract
turtles and the island is preparing for their arrival. the mother turtle, either from nesting or returning to
Armed with a new application run on tablets pur- the water for relief after the tiring labor of nesting
chased with a grant from the Sea Turtle Conservancy, and dropping about 100 eggs.
Anna Maria Turtle Watch and Shorebird Monitoring Beas th.. ...rte mslylgered
volunteers will begin walking the beach in the early II,, C, 0 p nest here -only leave the water to nest, beach fur-
morning hours,.S rt niture forms an unfamiliar obstruction, a barrier to
AMITW executive director Suzi Fox said she's '1v "Il 01p Nr (P, I' nesting that can cause the turtle to be entangled.
begun traversing the beach with her ATV in advance 0 7"'71, Forbes said during the pre-season beach survey,
ofte 04 eso."O ,, 0IN, red tags are placed on furniture left on the beach,
t"It is time to get the beach chairs pulled up and "P, ,q 1uI srIf) 8 indicating a violation of the city ordinance protect-
chained, get those turtle-friendly bulbs in your turtle- "ing sea turtles. Violators have 48 hours to remove the
friendly fixtures. Picnic tables should be stored and furniture after its tagged or face a fine.
any place that had a female nesting turtle run into AMITW volunteers will be handing out educa-
their chairs last year should be first in line to make a tional material in May to rental offices and resorts,
plan for that not to happen this year," Fox said. Fox said.
The first week of May, police and code enforce- A red tag is used by Holmes Beach code enforcement People interested in volunteering with AMITW
ment officers from each island city will do checks to mark items on the beach in violation. Owners can contact Fox at 941-778-5638.
for lights visible from the beach at night and look for have 48 hours to remove tagged accessories ftom the Businesses unsure of how to comply, should
other violations, such as beach furniture and acces- beach before they are fined. Islander Photo: Jennifer schedule an appointment with AMITW or a code
sories left on the sand. Glenfield enforcement officer in the respective city.
De Soto's landing Florida state Sen. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, Tim Burke as Hernando
Re-enactors bring a boat to shore at De Soto National Memorial April 19. The De Soto, state Sen. Darren Soto, D-Kissimmee, Manatee County Commis-
memorial in Bradenton hosted the annual De Soto Landing, which featured a re- sioner John Chappie and De Soto National Memorial superintendent Jorge
enactment of the arrival of Hernando de Soto. Islander Photo: Scott Bassett Acevedo attend the De Soto Landing event. Islander Photo: Scott Bassett
phens of the De
Soto National
Memorial por- !
trays a Francis- -
can friar during
Soto Landing.
The memorial is
Memorial High-
way, Braden-
ton. For more ,
the memorial at :
Islander Photo: ,".,:L
Scott Bassett i
._ ; De Soto National Memorial ranger Dan Stephens waves to the crowd April 26 along
" 4 Manatee Avenue in Bradenton for the DeSoto parade. Islander Photo: Karen Riley-Love
Growing ~ ~ ~ ~ ~e tneu'ae) 'r A NON-DENOMI NATIONAL, CHRISTIAN CHURCH
I I Adult Bible Study 8:45 AM i
~~~Sunday Service 10 a.m ..... CHURCH D-ok CStudy 900 AMRA% ,

16 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
we were attacked, we had to go wait in line to get our
Holmes Beach Com- rifles."
missioner Pat Morton Morton didn't like the idea of waiting around
...5 served two years in while mortars, rockets and machine guns were going
the U.S. Air Force off around him. He got a transfer to an M-60 machine
1 n Vietnam. Islander gun post.
Photo: Rick Catlin "The machine gun was in a fixed position, so I
didn't have to wait in any line for a weapon."
To say Morton was a bit worried when he came
under his first attack is an understatement.
Commissioner had "Everybody has fear the first time. The shelling
gets your attention real quick. You get over it fast
unforgettable Vietnam and learn to trust your buddies. We had about 20 in
Holmes Beach Commissioner Pat Morton remem- Pat Morton in uniform, my squad and we bonded like brothers. We needed
bers every day of his two years in Vietnam as a following graduation each other to protect ourselves. They were some of
member of the U.S. Air Force. ftom the U.S. Air Force the greatest guys I ever met and we trusted each other
"It's something I think about daily, and something basic training camp in with our lives," Morton remembered.
I'll never forget," he said. San Antonio, Texas. One night during an assault, Morton had to drive
Morton's journey to Vietnam began in Morgan- a forklift of supplies to the perimeter defense.
town, West Virginia, after graduating high school in "A rocket came in and exploded right next to me.
1967. It blew me clean off the forklift. I ran for shelter and
"I wanted to join the Navy. I had two older broth- you follow your orders." found two of my buddies were hit real bad by shrap-
ers in the Navy, and I thought getting in the Navy The day after graduating from auto mechanic nel. One of them died from his injuries. That was hard
would keep me from going to Vietnam as an Army school, Morton and the other graduates got their to take."
draftee," Morton recalled. assignments. Other friends would be killed during Morton's
He joined a Navy program that was to call him for "Mine said I was going to Khe Sanh in Vietnam. first 24 months in Vietnam.
duty within 120 days. A few days after the 120 days I thought I had joined the Air Force to stay out of Toward the end of his 12-month tour, Morton did
were up and he had not been called, he got his draft Vietnam and now I had to go," he said. something others found a bit strange.
notice in the mail. Morton landed at Cam Ranh Bay in South Viet- "I volunteered for a second tour. I was 18 and
"I went back to the Navy recruiter and he said nam after a 19-hour flight from the United States. single, and I saw all these young guys coming over
I was fair game for the draft because I didn't get He immediately learned he wouldn't be going to who had just gotten married.
called. Khe Sanh. Morton had arrived during the Tet Offen- "They would be with us one night, and the next
Morton then went to the U.S. Air Force recruiter, sive and Khe Sanh was overrun by North Vietnamese night they would get wasted. I figured I had nothing
who told him he might be able to help. troops. to lose, and maybe it would keep one guy home who
"I took the entrance test and scored a 98. The "I was sent to Na Trang Air Base and assigned to had just gotten married."
recruiter asked me if I was ready to go that day, and I the 174th Transportation Group, part of the 7th Air Morton's second year in Vietnam was a tough year
said 'yes. "' Force. I quickly learned Na Trang was a favorite target for him.
Morton recalled he only had time to go home and of the North Vietnamese because of all the gunships By that time, he was a sergeant and he and other
tell his mom, who was "blown away," by the news. "I there." airmen often had to go outside the air base to find and
left for basic training that day." Morton found the North Vietnamese assaulted the repair vehicles.
Following completion of basic, Morton was con- air base about four or five times each week, and sent in "We weren't getting any new trucks, so we had
sidered for several technical schools before the Air mortar fire on an almost daily basis. He was assigned to go get the ones shot up, fix them and bring them
Force sent him to auto mechanic school. to perimeter defense, in addition to his motor-pool back. "
"Auto mechanic didn't sound exciting to me, but duties. Morton and the men with him often had to sleep
"The Air Force didn't give us much training on the in the bushes while trying to fix a vehicle. Everyone
M- 16 rifle like the Army or Marine Corps, so I had to in the unit carried either an M- 16 or similar rifle.
WWTBRIDGE VETERINARY CLINIC learn how to use it on the job. The problem was when One night, a North Vietnamese patrol found
Conventional &, Holistic Therapies
Digital X-Ray and Dentistry Available. HOLMES BEACH
No waiting at the Vet!
Foreign & Domestic Air Conditioning
Southern Greens
4,4 Electrical Systems *Tune-Uns. Brakes & More PEST CONTROL
J 5333 Gulf Drive Holmes Beach
941.920.4010 at the corner of Call 941,747,6677 Gulf eMarina DriveTWi-
941-779-0487 WWW
Beach TITTEFFN ffffl
C) Sign up for either Drywood or 941-778-1337 5412 Marina Drive Island Shopping Center
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-778-3285 Holmes Beach 941.778.2253
tee and receive up to an instant 941 1
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THE ISLANDER 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 17
Morton came face to face with a North Vietnam-
ese soldier. Jewish federation honors island veteran
"It all happened real fast, like in a micro second. I Holmes Beach resident Richard Alvarez, a U.S. "selected from the community for their ability to
had been brought up not to kill another human being. Army veteran and commander of Kirby Stewart inspire patriotism, provide service to others and
But I realized he was going to kill me. All I could American Legion Post 24 in Bradenton, will be hon- offer hope to veterans while demonstrating col-
think was he looked like a deer. It was about who ored May 27 by the Jewish Family and Children's laboration, leadership and integrity."
would survive, who would flinch." Morton pulled the Service. Smith said each of the honored veterans is
trigger of his M-16 first. The May 27 luncheon is a "Tribute to Veterans," dedicated to working in the nonprofit sector for
Inspecting the dead soldier, Morton found a pic- a JFCS press release said. Three other veterans in organizations, including Alvarez at the American
ture of a young woman and two children. the Sarasota area will receive the tribute, the release Legion."
"That was real hard for me. It took me about two said. He has been involved in "a multitude of diverse
months just to stop thinking constantly about it. It's JFCS marketing director Jamie M. Smith said outreach programs that have benefited not only vet-
something I' ve never forgotten, even to this day." Alvarez and the other veterans being honored were erans, but also groups unaffiliated with veterans'
Morton returned to the United States in 1970 andR causes," the release said.
found out how some people treated American troops & Alvarez served in the 10 1st Airborne Division,
who served in Vietnam.] The Screamin' Eagles, and was awarded numerous
"We were told to wear civilian clothing going medals for his service, including the Combat Infan-
home on leave. Otherwise, we would be spit upon try Badge.
and cursed. I thought this was a crazy war because I The tribute luncheon is at Michael's on East
was proud of my uniform." Restaurant, 1212 S. East Ave., Sarasota.
When Morton visited his brother in Oklahoma, Kirby Stewart American Legion Post 24, 2000
his sister came up to him and slapped him across the ,75th St. W., Bradenton, is the largest veterans' ser-
face and called him a baby killer. ...vice organization in west central Florida, the release
"That's how crazy that war was," Morton said.
recalled. ' The tribute luncheon is $45 per person and open
Morton completed his four-year enlistment at to the public. Reservations are required by May
an air base in Columbus, Ohio. After his discharge, ? 16.
he worked in the area as an auto mechanic for 16 "For more information or to make a reservation,
years.Is ~ ~call Stacy Quaid of the JFCS at 941-3622,et
"Nobody wanted to talk about Vietnam, and! 142.
nobody wanted to listen to me. I had a lot of feelings
buried inside. I had baggage and issues from the war Holmes Beach veteran Richard Alvarez of Holmes
that I just couldn't resolve." Beach is one of four area veterans who will be rec-
Morton soon married for a second time in Colum- ognizedfor outstanding community service May
bus and became a warehouse manager. He credits hi s 27 by the Jewish Family and Children's Service of
second wife, Gailene, with bringing sanity back to his the Suncoast. Islander Courtesy Photo
" She turned me around, and now we've been mar-
ried 34 years," he said. complex.
Morton and his wife have two daughters, a grand- While Morton said Vietnam will never be closed
son and two great- grandchildren. for him, going to church services and joining a prayer
They first visited Holmes Beach in 1994 and group at CrossPointe Fellowship in Holmes Beach
decided it was the place for them. They moved to the have done a lot to "begin closure." .............
city and Morton became manager of a condominium "At our prayer group, I' ve learned to accept what .ncer Act 9
happened in Vietnam and move on, although not a day "=work-
Callng Vetna eraveteansgoes by I don't think about it. That's just the way I
In addition to stories about WWII veterans and was raised."
Korean War veterans, The Islander newspaper accepts Morton credits the Rev. Ed Moss of CrossPointe
stories from veterans of the Vietnam conflict. If you with helping him to come to terms with Vietnam and
served in Vietnam, or during that era, The Islander is what happened there.
interested in your story. Please, call 941-778-7978 or "Vietnam was a lousy war. We had no heroes.
email news 6 islander.cory. We were lost when we came home. We finally got a
memorial in Washington, D.C., to all the guys whore
MY S RESSFREEPROP RTY got killed in Vietnam.
MY S RESSFREEPROP RTY "We're no longer forgotten, we're just the lost
" Vacation Rental Cleani ngnrton"h ad
~The Greatest Generation, Forgotten Generation
" Pool Service/ and Vietnam Generation columns are written about
& Maintenance World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans
" Home Watch Service of any Allied country. If you are a veteran of those Honored in the capital
" Hosekepingwars, served during those times, or know someone Nancy Ambrose of Holmes Beach, a cancer survi-
Hoskeig who did, please contact Rick Catlin at 941-778-7978 vor and advocate for cancer research, peeto
or email and treatment, received a leadership award from
941-315-9112 Anna Maria the American Cancer Society Action Network for
Florida. She accepted the honor in Tallahassee from
TA NDA CO NIG EVIE U 1 Robert Morris, managing directorfor the Southern
BE A D ARN OOERW ENNVA RR~nun region of ACS CAN. Islander Courtesy Photo
We are accepting new clients for our" f ]! L1 i
Tax and Accounting practice. We prepare income
taxes and handle all phases of accounting.TW E
Bank Reconciliations Preparing Financials T* P4 21111111
Calculating Payrolls Homeowners Associations .....M10W. ......
Individual and Corporate Tax Returns TO...
9 4F95 7 4 8 O f i e9 4 1 S E R V I C C e llI Da i ieseloae smnmd]e rn a s v ... .........
wit 5608aton Suffer noriveer
omesti &eachr
tramn fvrcs en n

18 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
Sandwich (boards) get the bite in Anna Maria
By Rick Catlin parking on the traffic island on Blue Heron Drive. wrong page number of the plat on the city vacation,
Islander Reporter The amendment also provides for pedestrian cross- Perry said.
No more sandwiches for you, Anna Maria. walks at various locations, and prohibits trucks weigh- "Just as long as you don't find anything since 1953
Anna Maria commissioners at their April 25 meet- ing more than 8 tons from driving on residential streets that the city legally owns the property," Dye said.
ing removed almost any opportunity for a sandwich to reach a business. Commissioners continued a hearing on a variance
board sign from city businesses. In other business, commissioners approved a request by Kathy Hayes and Mark McClean, owners
Commissioners voted 3-1 not to extend the May I replat of two lots at Banyan Tree Estates between Park of 114 Tern Ave., to install an elevator in the resi-
deadline that allowed outdoor sandwich boards in front Avenue and Beach Avenue. The approval, however, is dence. That hearing will resume at 6 p.m. Wednesday,
of a business. Commissioner Doug Copeland voted no, contingent on attorney Ricinda Perry, on behalf of the May 7.
while Commissioner Dale Woodland was absent. owners, the Walker family, not finding a legal cause Webb said he'l11 research the Bert Harris Property
At the same time, however, Mayor SueLynn and to change the city's 1953 vacation of the property. Rights Act to ensure the owners could have installed
city planner Alan Garrett are working on an exception That vacation has a scrivener's error that put the an elevator before the city changed the living-area ratio
procedure for businesses that need a sandwich board IIIin May 2013.
to direct customers to their location.] Southeast High School By changing the LAR for the second floor of a
Copeland noted there is one such business on top student Cheyenne Doe- house, Hayes and McClean need a variance of 280
of the post office in the Bayview Plaza that can't be berl urges Anna Maria square feet for the elevator. Hayes said she has arthri-
found without a directional sign. retailers not to sell tis and can't walk the flight of stairs to and from the
Too bad, according to the commission vote. That tobacco-flavored prod- ground level to the second-floor living area.
business owner will have to wait for the exception ucts at the April 25 Determining if a municipal government took away
process to be approved. city meeting. Islander a property right under the Bert Harris Act "is a very
SueLynn said the exception procedures should Photo: complex process," Dye said.
be ready for a first reading at the Wednesday, May'., Rick Catlin "You could have 20 lawyers in a room, and get 30
meeting. different opinions on Bert Harris," he said.
Commissioners also approved the first reading of Webb said he'l11 have his research done by the May
an amendment to the traffic ordinance that includes no L1111110PLEASE SEE SANDWICH, NEXT PAGE
[ ,,E
~Sunday, May 11
Seating Time:
.....12:30 p.m. Waps
: -GOLF CLUBSkpt eLn & de ni !
ON WHEELS 123 4 7B9 01 1 3 41 61
0 ACROSS 52 Greeting that 110 Visa alternative 22 John Irving I_
I Healing cover includes a Spanish 112 "The African character235
Intnsgreeting in Queen" novelist 24 QE2's operator _i -2-2
9 Ancientssymbolssef 114 Makeup removal 28 Leave in a hurry
ryaletymosf 53 Andean tuber item 31 Music producer 32
roaly54 Opera based on 115 Classic theater B rian
13 Checks a play by Pierre name 33 -Magnon 3 3 6 37
U 18 and Louis," Beaumarchais,16Stima
1 9 5 6 ja z z a lb u m w ith T h e 1 1 7 s i n e A n n e 3 4 N w c r .h i e 14 4 5 4 7 4
19 The Sun, The Moon 58 Complete shutout? 118 Leoinr oft 4 en 0op hire,
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii o r T h e S ta r 6 1 P o s t le t te r s a1 1 a R oye o er s 3 5 M a n in M la o4 95
21 Best-selling 62 Hammer a1k1 a Cove 36 Cuts, as Manok 5
~~~~novelist whom 63 Stockholm-bound 19Cvnn 6Cta ae-
Tiecled crirkeepers 37 Coffee-break time,
"Bard of the 65Yl olfn 120 All alternative perhaps 58 6
~~Litigious Age" 65Yl olfn38 Shakespeare's -
23 Attribute of Elks 66 Roisterous DOWN "Titus "1 666 9
or Lions Club 68 Bond yield: Abbr. I Breakaway group 39 Financial writer 70717
members 69 These, to Thierry 2 Renault model with 4Ma"halusnssi
25 Recital piece for 70 Ruler known as a- myhlgcl 40"htbsnesi 67
a wind player "Big Daddy" am myhloia yours ?"
26 Toast words after 72 TV's Cousin 3 Woody's "Annie 43 Bird whose 8 28
"Here's" 73 Urban renewal Hall" role feathers were II
27 Relaive oftargetonce prized by 869
27rqatie 76 tuaget 4 "Joanie Loves milliners
Stadiums 76 atle Chachi" co-star 44Ni fFxNw
~~29 Proceeds Saimthee5 500, annual4Nelfoew
30 Within earshot 79 Paris's du race in Ridgeway, 45 Ken of "Brothers & 9596 97
3AnhmCarrousel Va. Sisters"
prepositio 81 Writer Chekhov 6 idieIs 46 Quaker production 103 10 061710
33Moil hme 82 Pet Shop Boys, e.g. 7 Ones who are the 47 One of the
33 Moeer e 83 Stella D' tlofheow? Kardashians
seeke6rWlso (cookie brand) t akngteton 48 Composer Camille
~Pickett R&B hit 84 Jermaine of the 9 Actress Judd Sit
N.B.A. 50 Th e U.N.'s171912
40 Abbr. on sale 10 Use elbow Hammarskjb1d
garment tags 86 They're steeped grease on
4Shropnjces in strainers 11Oeigfra 51 Pounds' sounds
42 Sommandenat s 89 Mrs. abroad d1Oermatologrst 54 Give rise to
42omad mn 90 Vocabulary 1Co m n55 "You Must Love 71 Flaps 87 Certain Sooner 96 City that sounds 106 Amazon fig.
92r Reeral of o mmwsaocaen Me" musical 74 Naval petty 88 Some M.I.T. grads: like a humdinger? 107 D-Day invasion
S 43 Pine valves g2 Reeral ofsrs nwstnoae officer: Abbr. Abbr. Q7 -u from udas ton

SANDWICH CONTINUED FROM PAGE 18 Fire district continues search for future chief
7 work session.
The city also received a "clean audit" for fiscal By Rick Catlin cess, interviews will begin, District Chair Scott Ricci
year 2012-13 from auditor Randy Dillingham. Islander Reporter said. The board is expected to approve the interview
"This is the highest we can give, and your city is in Wanted: New chief. Apply within. process May 15.
better shape financially than a lot of others," Dilling- With West Manatee Fire Rescue Chief Andy Price The names of the potential candidates were not
ham said. retiring in May 2015, district board members will now released. When someone makes a formal application,
For that fiscal year, the city took in $2.6 million in search for a replacement among WMFR officers. the name will be made public, Ricci said.
revenue and had expenses of $2.3 million. The excess Board member Randy Cooper said six WMFR Deputy Chief Brett Pollock won't likely be apply-
amount went into the general fund, he said. officers "expressed an interest in applying for the posi- ing. He is set for retirement in 2016.
SueLynn thanked city treasurer Diane Percycoe tion" and appear to have the qualifications. The next regular meeting of the WMFR district
for her work in preparing for the audit. The board voted unanimously to look at WMFR commission is 6 p.m. Thursday, May 15, at the admin-
Also, SueLynn presented Holmes Beach resident candidates as Price's replacement. If the board is istrative headquarters, 6417 Third Ave. W., Braden-
Nancy Ambrose with a proclamation of support for the unable to agree on a chief from among the six, it will ton.
Relay of Life May 17-18 to raise money for the fight advertise for the position.
against cancer. District Commissioner Larry Tyler said it was Click!
The next commission meeting is 6 p.m. Wednes- important to have a fire chief selected from among The Islander welcomes photographs and
day, May 7, at Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf current WMFR officers to maintain continuity. notices of the milestones in readers' lives wed-
Drive. The commission also held a work session April 24 dings, anniversaries, travels and other events.
Meetings are normally on the second and fourth to establish a candidate questionnaire and the detail Please send notices and photographs with
Thursday of each month, but the first meeting in May requirements for the job. detailed information to news 6 or
was changed due to anticipated absences. Once the commission formally approves the pro- 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes Beach FL 34217.
1 1 kl Kitt# b
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20 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
MCSO: Woman stole Man charged with grand theft auto
w ,- onu'"u"fro ma inaBy Merab-Michal Favorite running west.
$1 O -lsfo a iaIslander Reporter After being apprehended, Sweeney
By Merab-Michal Favorite A Bradenton man was arrested April124 during a traf- said he ran because he has a sus-
Islander Reporter fic stop for allegedly driving a stolen vehicle, according pended license, the report said.
A Myakka woman was arrested April 23 for alleg- to the Bradenton Beach Police Department. Officers soon discovered Sweeney
edly stealing more than $100,000 in the past year from a David Allan Sweeney, 45, faces charges of grand had been driving a car stolen from
business where she worked for more than 10 years. theft auto, resisting arrest and driving with a suspended Longboat Key earlier in the eve-
Kristine Louise McWilliams, 46, license after fleeing on foot from a BBPD officer. Siwieeney ning.
faces charges of grand theft over According to the police report, the BBPD patrol Sweeney allegedly told officers he
$100,000 and scheming to defraud officer pulled Sweeney over around 2:45 a.m. in the 100 took the vehicle because he found the keys in the igni-
over $50,000. block of Third Street South in Bradenton Beach after tion.
McWilliams was employed as the observing him swerving in and out of his traffic lane. Sweeney was taken to Manatee County jail where he
bookkeeper for Cannons Marina, When the vehicle stopped, Sweeney reportedly began remained on a $2,120 bond. His arraignment is set for
6040 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Long- A9.=0-0May 9 at Manatee County Judicial Center, 105 1 Manatee
McWilliams reorbat Key, for about 10 years, the o p t a i sAve. W., Bradenton.
During her tenure, she reportedly
performed bookkeeping duties that included making bank Frederick George Earl FDOT issues fraud alert
deposits. Frederick George Earl, 84, of Auburdale, died April The Florida Department of Transportation
Around July 2013, David Miller, the business owner, 22. He was born Aug. 30, 1929, in Pontiac, Michigan, to recently issued a fraud alert warning citizens of
noticed discrepancies in the cash and check deposits and Louise (Hehn) and William Herbert Earl. a toll-based scam.
found modified deposit slips. He had a 40-year career was with Knickerbocker Holmes Beach Police Chief Bill Tokajer
A forensic audit of subpoenaed bank records revealed Oldsmobile in Mt. Morris, Michigan. He was a lifetime said the scammers are mailing fake toll-by-plate
modified slips with the cash portion of the deposit greatly member of the DAV. He was also a member of the Amei- bills. The letters say the offender owes $6 for an
reduced or missing. can Legion No. 64 and the Moose Lodge No. 2188 in unpaid toll and a $50 late fee.
From June 1, 2012, to July 10, 2013, McWilliams Bradenton Beach. The letter refers to the fictitious company
allegedly modified more than 100 deposits, pocketing He enjoyed going to the beach on Anna Maia Island, "Toll Enforcement LLC."
cash of as much as $109,506.16. boating, watching movies and he was a Detroit Tigers "The letters look really official, but if it has
Lucile Cape-Miller, public relations director for season ticket holder for spring training in Lakeland. 'olE f re etL C nid ntp yi, h
Cannons Marina and wife of owner David Miller, said A private service was held. Memorial donations may chief said. "It's not going where you think it
the incident was "unfortunate" but would not comment be made in his name to Good Shepherd Hospice (George is."
further. C. Forsythe House) 105 Arneson Ave., Auburndale FL
McWilliams was held at the Manatee County jail on 33823.
a $10,000 bond. She was released April 26. He is survived by his loving wife of 64 years, Munoz and Sean Clark of Virginia, and Benjamin George
Her arraignment will be Friday, May 9, at the Mana- Coral (Fortune); daughter Chaff and husband Rod Will Will and Jeffrey Frederick Will of Auburndale; and two
tee County Judicial Center, 105 1 Manatee Ave. W., Bra- of Auburndale; grandchildren Meghann Stone, Jillian great grandchildren.
denton. Bonnie Collins Fort Strang
formerly of Anna Mafia Island, died April 21. She was
-A t'I'e 1isto 1. W Eborn July 19, 1943, in Bartow.
+ + ....wrn a II BISTROm> where she owned and operated several beauty salons. She
S alpR O CK= was a successful real estate agent in Sebring and owned
_fTE1K Et--AF00 Breton's Restaurant in Bartow. She moved to Toronto,
P9 L!]!Canada, in tihe late 1980s and led tihe choir at St. John's
O N I E York Mills Anglican Church.
-- ++ +Memorial donations may be made to ALS, Bartow
rh 1"Itw Firewalkers, 3242 Parkside Center Circle, Tampa FL
o T 33619-0907. Condolences may be made online at www.
- Mrs. Strang is survived by her son, Jeffrey Fort and
++ + "wife Penny of Lakeland; grandsons Billy and wife Jessica
+ + 49 Groover of Bartow and Cody Groover of North Carolina;
pp granddaughter Scottie Fort of Texas; four great-grand-
~children, sisters Evelyn McClelland, Laura Hall Smith,
Doris Tharp, Alice McCaleb, Sally Kendrick and Jane
11GlDrvSotBaetnBahFL 9 17 2112Gardner; brothers M.L. Collins and Bob Collins; and
IA-, -- I- island. or eight step-grandclhildren.
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'O OPE 7LDay
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I [ D I j +"11:30-9:30
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THE ISLANDER 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 21
St e t i eHolmes Beach fie stop. The 25-year-old driver of the vehicle, also of
April 21, 300 block of 63rd Street, arrest. An Wimauma, was issued two child-restrait citations, two
18-year-old man faces a charge of possession of less than safety-belt citations and a criminal traffic citation for
Island pol ice blotter 20 grams of marijuana after a MCSO deputy approached driving with a suspended license. According to the report,
Anna Maria him for skateboarding without lighting on Gulf Drive an HBPD officer conducted a traffic stop when he saw
- April 19, 100 S. Bay Blvd., City Pier, criminal mis- around 1: 13 a.m. The man forfeited a pipe and marijuana two adults drinking Coronas and not wearing seatbelts,
chief. An unknown person(s) broke the base of a table to the officer. He was taken to Manatee County jail. as well as several children "bouncing around in the back
and burned a hole in a wooden plank on the pier. The April 10, 6400 block of Flotilla Drive, theft. A seat." Two other adults in the vehicle also were issued
damage was estimated at less than $200. The incident woman reported that some of her checks had been stolen safety-belt citations.
remains under investigation. and cashed fraudulently to a bank in Lake Mary. The April 6300 block of 63rd Street, notice to appear.
- April 16, 200 block of Oak Avenue, theft. Some- case was not in the jurisdiction of Holmes Beach Police A Bradeton woman faces charges of possession of less
one stole an unsecured bicycle from the front yard of Department, and was passed to another law enforcement than 20 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. An
a residence around I p.m. The incident remains under agency. HBPD officer conducted a traffic stop for illegal window
investigation. April 10, 5800 block of Marina Drive, warrant tint. When the woman rolled down the window, the officer
- April 10, 500 block of Spring Avenue, grand theft arrest. A 23-year-old man was arrested on an outstand- reportedly smelled marijuana. The woman surrendered
auto. A man reported his car stolen from his home. The ing warrant and taken to Manatee County jail. a bag containing 4 grams of marijuana and a pipe to the
incident remains under investigation. April 9, 2014, 4000 Gulf Drive, picnic area at Bra- officer. The officer also found in the vehicle a fanny pack
- April 3, 800 block of North Shore Drive, suspi- denton Beach, theft. A 49-year-old woman reported her containing cigar shavings and a roach. The woman was
cious incident. A person reported that multiple items were backpack containing her car keys and clothing was stolen issued a notice to appear for the drug charges, a criminal
stolen from the estate of a deceased person. The items while she was swimming. traffic citation for driving with a suspended license and
were last seen more than a year ago. The incident remains April 9, 3900 block of East Bay Drive, burglary. a civil citation for the window-tit violation.
under investigation. A 67-year-old man reported his iPhone was stolen from April 5, 4500 block of Gulf Drive, lewdness warn-
Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO. the center console of his vehicle while it was parked at ing. A 74-year-old man was issued a warning for alleg-
Bradenton Beach Publix. The man said he forgot to lock his vehicle when edly sunbathing nude in his backyard. An HBPD officer
- April 19, 201 block of Gulf Drive, Oma's Pizza, he went inside. The investigation is ongoing. arrived at the man's home around noon in reference
altercation. A verbal argument between two women April 9, 6400 block of Holmes Boulevard, burglary. to a complaint from a neighbor. The man apologized
turned physical around 4: 15 p.m. when the women began A 72-year-old woman reported jewelry worth over $3,000 to police, saying he thought his neighbors were out of
striking and scratching one another. They told an officer missing from her jewelry box. She said the burglary had town. The officer informed him he also was visible from
from the Bradeton Beach Police Department that they occurred in April. The woman told police no one had been North Harbor Drive. The man said he would be more
did not want to press charges. in the residence, and some contractors had performed cautious.
- April 19, 2600 block of Gulf Drive, arrest. A work outside. Nothing else was taken from the home, but April 5, 300 block of 63rd St., notice to appear. A
Nokomis man faces charges of possession of less than the woman said her costume jewelry was "picked over." Bradeton woman faces charges of possession of less
20 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia after a The investigation is ongoing. than 20 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. An
Manatee County Sheriff's deputy discovered 2 grams April 7, 500 block of 65th Street, vehicle burglary. HBPD officer conducted a traffic stop for illegal window
of marijuana and a pipe in his pocket. He was taken to A 60-year-old woman's car was burglarized while parked tint. When the woman rolled down the window, the officer
Manatee County jail. overnight in her driveway. The woman said she left the reportedly smelled marijuana. The woman surrendered
Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD. car unlocked and found it "ransacked" the next morning. 6.3 grams of marijuana in a container labeled "white
Cortez According to the report, the lid to the center console was heat" and a pipe. She was issued a notice to appear for
- April 16, 4500 block of 119th Street West, Sword- broken and two change purses were stolen from inside the drug charges and two civil citations, a window-tit
fish Grill, trespass. A man was issued a trespass warn- the vehicle. The investigation is ongoing. violation and driving with a suspended license.
ing around 10:40 p.m. after causing a disturbance at the April 6, 3100 block of Gulf Drive, arrest. A Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.
restaurant. Wimauma man faces a charge of open container after Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives
Cortez is policed by the MCSO. he was arrested on an outstanding warrant during a traf- from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.
New! 4-Course Spring Prix Fixe
A ~Only at Harry's Restaurant! eO
-CoinenSta lf~ie. .t en I
Rrd n o e tua nt I .......- u I aein one tr
5600778 lf of MeioDie(4)3307_arsice~o

22 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
...... ~~ ~~ .' .!+++ + ++ ... .... ..
AME second-graders inspect their bay findings,
including starfish, shrimp, sea squirt, clams, spider
01 crabs, blue crabs, pin fish, fish eggs and whelks.
MX The underwater habitants were caught April 21 with
dip nets in Anna Mlaria Sound, directly behind the
bayfront school.
Earth Day +estuary ed
Anna Elementary School second-graders use dip Center presents Wednesday, April 30
nets to conduct an estuary study April 2]1on the Breakfast: Sausage and Cheese or Egg and Cheese Bagel.
school's bayfront campus with help from Around the anti-bullying program Lunch: Macaroni and Cheese, Breaded Chicken Sandwich,
Bend Nature Tours. The program is sponsored by the The Anna Maria Island Community Center and Chicken Caesar Salad, Honey Glazed Carrots,
AME Parent Teacher Organization. Islander Photos: Gulf Coast Giving are inviting local students and Mini Romaine Salad, Fresh Fruit Cup.
CouresyKarn Nwhal thir arets t Loe4Atio, anant-buly ro-Thursday, May I
CouresyKarn Nwhal thir arets t Loe4Atio, anant-buly ro-Breakfast: Sausage Patty on a Biscuit
AM C len argram. Lunch: Beef and Cheese Nachos, Beef and Bean Burrito,
AM aed rThe event will take place at 6:30 p.m. Thurs- Taco Salad, Black Beans, Lettuce and Tomato Cup,
* Thursday, May 1, first-quarter progress reports. day, May 8, at the center, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Strawberry and Banana Cup.
* 12:30 p.m. Friday, May 2, early release. Maria. Friday, May 2
* May 5-7, K-2 FCAT and SAT 10. An announcement said Love4Action "will Breakfast: Pancake on a Stick.
* 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 7, bike to school with plant seeds of love in our community's youth and Lunch: Pizza, Breaded Beef Sandwich, Chef Salad with Egg,
West Manatee Fire Rescue District firefighters, starting community-at-large" by encouraging awareness, Steamed Corn, Cucumber Sliced with Dip, Applesauce.
at Station 1, 6001 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. prevention, intervention and advocacy. Monday, May 6
* 1: 15 p.m. Wednesday, May 7, early release. Gulf Coast Giving developed the program. Breakfast: French Toast Sticks.
* Saturday, May 10, County speech contest. The organization will bring "Bailey the Bee" Lunch: Maxx Sticks, Marinara Sauce, McManatee Rib Patty
* 1: 15 p.m. Wednesday, May 14, author Michael to teach the youngest students "to spread seeds of Sandwich, Chef Salad with Egg, Steamed Green Beans,
Stern presentation, AME auditorium. love." Baked Fries, Mixed Fruit Cocktail.
5-7 p.m. Wednesday, May 14, book fair, literacy Meanwhile, older students attending the pro- esa yst Eggand CheeBri0
night and art show. gram "will be motivated through the arts, creative Lunch: Popcorn Chicken, Turkey Gravy, Vegetarian Garden
AME is at 4700 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. For activities like video contests, mentor programs, Salad with Egg, Garlic Dinner Roll, Mashed Potatoes,
more information, call 941-708-5525. volunteering, peer and social norming." Honey Glazed Carrots, Strawberry Cup.
For more information, call the center at 941- Wednesday, May 7
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIt I D I I I I I I I I I778-1908. Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Pork Sausage Patty, Toast.
Island Coffee Hans Lunch: Tacos, Mini Ravioli, Roll, Popcorn Chicken Caesar Salad,
Real JFlorida Relaxation! Refried Beans, Lettuce and Tomato Cup, Sliced Peaches.
Coffee, tea, pastries, (941 77 6 1Jieadml r evdwt vr el
desserts. And free WiFi
~~~Fresh sandwiches 50 aiaDie A
and yogurt parfaits! Holmes Beach le 2APA
"Mention this ad for 15% OFF! .Mon-Thu 11am-11pmqL.
Fri-Satl11am-12am l
ww~ ila dc fee au~ c mSun 11am-11pm--
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THE ISLANDER 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 23
Island real estate transactions
By Jesse Brisson in 1969 on a 100x115 lot was sold 03/31/14, Moore to
Special to The Islander Skidmore for $550,000; list $599,000.
230 Willow Ave., Anna Maria, a 3,237 sfla / 4,377 8806 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach, a 936 sfla / 1,359 I D
sfur 4bed/4bath/2car canalfront pool home built in sfur 2bed/2bath/2car home built in 1976 on a 50x100It h
1960 on a 75x139 lot was sold 03/31/14, Van Epp to lot was sold 04/11/14, Toehold on 45th Street LLC to $20
Sindall for $1,950,000; list $2,290,000. Goble for $525,000; list $549,000.O IEO1
211 Fir Ave., Anna Maria, a 2,767 sfla / 4,865 sfur 619 Dundee Lane., Holmes Beach, a 1,364 sfla /
3bed/3bath/2car home built in 2001 on a 75x100 lot 2,125 sfur 2bed/2bath/2car canalfront pool home built
was sold 04/04/14, Miller to Anderson for $1,600,000; in 1968 on a 90x114 lot was sold 04/08/14, Jones to
list $1,899,000. Nulty for $515,000.
112 46th St., Unit B, 46th Street Coastal Cot- 307 59th St., Unit 1, 59th Street Beach Club, Holmes T ......
tages, Holmes Beach, a 2,526 sfla / 3,812 sfur Beach, a 1,484 sfla / 1,862 sfur 3bed/2 bath/1car The AM anter organizationiell
4bed/3 bath/2car land condo with pool built in 2012 condo with pool built in 2005 was sold 03/31/14,
was sold 04/10/14, Preston to Doescher for $1,300,000; Schreiner to Mitchell for $525,000; list $549,900.
list $1,485,000. 8010 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach, a 1,469 sfla AME cooks up
408 S. Bay Blvd., Anna Maria, a 1,676 sfla / / 1,868 sfur 3bed/3bath/1car duplex built in 1956 on om hi good
2,965 sfur 3bed/2 bath/2car home built in 1981 on a 100x100 lot was sold 04/02/14, Demert to Hale for something good
a 60x85 lot was sold 04/10/14, Nelson to Gerace for $490,000; list $498,000. By Jennifer Glenfield
$1,275,000; list $1,399,000. 125 52nd St., Holmes Beach, a 2,130 sfla Islander Reporter
105 Tuna St., Anna Maria, a 1,008 sfla / 1,200 sfur 5bed/4bath duplex built in 1979 on a 100x100 lot The Anna Maria Elementary Parent Teacher Orga-
2bed/2bath home built in 1948 on a 50x117 lot was was sold 03/31/14, Collins to Dills for $480,000; list nization knows what's for dinner: home cooking.
sold 04/07/14, Robinson Anna Maria LLC to 105 Tuna $459,900. The AME PTO began compiling recipes for a
LLC for $1,275,000; list $1,499,000. 109 Sixth St. S., Bradenton Beach, a 1,926 sfla cookbook in January. The cookbook is now on sale at
635 Key Royale Drive, Holmes Beach, a vacant 3bed/2bath bayfront cottages built in 1926 on a the school, 4007 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach, and the
bayfront 100x150 lot was sold 04/01/14, Murphy 100x100 lot were sold 04/04/14, England to Mulvey Anna Maria Island Community Center, 407 Magnolia
Property Group LLC to LK&T Properties LLC for for $460,000; list $575,000. Ave., Anna Maria.
$880,000; list $899,000. 1906 Gulf Drive N., Unit 106, Coquina Beach Club, "All the recipes are pretty unique. It's all sorts
400 Bay Drive S., Bradenton Beach, a 1,716 sfla / Bradenton Beach, a 1,072 sfla 2bed/2bath condo built
of recipes," said Jen Rodgers, the PTO member who
3,160 sfur 4bed/3bath bayfront home built in 1940 on in 1985 was sold 04/08/14, B and J Bradenton LLC to '
a 50x102 lot was sold 04/08/14, Watkins to Rush Inn Wentworth Property Group Inc. for $330,000. h eade p the pbihn project.
Inc. for $800,000. 108 Sixth St. S., Bradenton Beach, a 672 sfla Fiv resart oore to e Sand
113 Park Ave., Anna Maria, a 1,324 sfla 2bed/2bath 2bed/1bath home built in 1950 on a 50x100 lot was bar, BeacHhouse, Mar Vista, Moore's Stone Crab and
home built in 1940 on a 100x106 lot was sold 03/31/14, sold 03/28/14, Carpenter to J Bellotti Investments Ltd Swordfish Grill.
Romeo to Pakbaz for $800,000. for $315,000; list $369,000. And, with the help of a committee of PTO mem-
760 Jacaranda Road, Anna Maria, a 2,133 sfla 205 Haverkos Court, Holmes Beach, a 1,599 bers, the book has come together in time for Mother's
5bed/3bath pool home built in 1972 on a 50x105 lot sfla / 2,013 sfur 3bed/2bath duplex built in 1975 on Day gift-giving.
was sold 04/10/14, Mason Martin LLC to Mazza for a 62x98 lot was sold 03/28/14, Degennaro to Curd for Rodgers had been going through old cookbooks
$785,000; list $849,000. $295,000; list $305,000. when she came across one created by the PTO at her
116 81st St., Holmes Beach, a 1,346 sfla 3607E. BayDrive, Unit202, SandyPointe, Holmes elementary school. That was the catalyst.
3bed/2bath/1 car pool home built in 1945 on a 68x80 Beach, a 1,020 sfla / 1,040 sfur 2bed/2bath condo with "It was fun, and really pretty easy once it got going.
lot was sold 03/31/14, Blue Eyed Girl 116 81st Street shared pool built in 1996 was sold 03/31/14, Hovda to We ordered a large quantity so we could continue to
LLC to Trixie and The Wood LLC for $750,000; list Jones for $225,000; list $239,000. sell them next year," Rodgers said.
$785,000. 2601 Gulf Drive N., Unit S3, Sandpiper Resort Parents, grandparents and teachers provided most
2600 Gulf Drive, Unit 33, Anna Maria Island Club, Co-Op, Bradenton Beach, a 600 sfla / 824 sfur of the 195 recipes. Each recipe credits the provider and
Bradenton Beach, a 1,179 sfla / 1,339 sfur 2bed/2bath 1bed/1bath mobile home with share built in 1967 was features a photograph.
Gulfront condo with shared pool built in 1984 sold sold 04/11/14, McCormack to Goggin for $130,600. Rodgers also reached out to the Anna Maria Island
04/11/14, Venditti to Bailey for $615,000. 2501 Gulf Drive N., Unit 101, Beach Plaza, Bra- Historical Society and added archival images of the
104 1 1th St. S., Bradenton Beach, a 1,048 sfla denton Beach, a 416 sfla 1bed/1bath condo was sold school, as well as its history. She also included a poem
/ 2,052 sfur 2bed/1 bath home built in 1912 on a 04/01/14, Hoshizaki to Humphrey for $115,000. from the early years on AMI.
50x116 lot was sold 04/01/14, Smith to Bridges for Jesse Brisson, broker/associate at Gulf-Bay Really The cookbook is $20 for the first copy and $15 for
$555,000. of Anna Maria, can be reached at 941-778-7244. additional books.
621 Emerald Lane, Holmes Beach, a 2,180 sfla /
2,400 sfur 3bed/3bath/2car canalfront pool home built
Olc1 II gWme. APPH. 3
Sch nit zelh hus Swamp Dotnkie R7
Anna Maria Island Centre 3246 E. Bay Drive Holmes Beach O
DINNER MONDAY-SATURDAY 5-9 941-778-1320 Larry tokes @O 2
Doug Bidwell C@7

24 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
Islander rides, runs, swims to win Gator Half Triathlon
By Kevin Cassidy II_--7 battle for the horseshoe championship at the Anna
Islander Reporter Maria City Hall horseshoe pits. In the first match, Jerry
Ryan Leestma of Bradenton Beach is a winner. Disbrow and Norm Good edged Hank Huyghe and
He took first place in the eighth annual Gator Half DaeLna 11,wieteohrmthswGr
Triathlon at Lake Manatee State Park in Bradenton ....;Null and Adin Shank squeak past Art Kingstad and
April 13. Rod Bussey by a 21-20 score on a game-ending six
Leestma completed the course in 4:37:59 about pack by Shank. In the championship match, Disbrow
5 minutes faster than the second-place finisher. and Good were "too good," earning a 23-13 victory
He said he tried to stay relaxed and smooth to start over Null and Shank.
the swim portion of the race and quickly found himself Three tem dacd otekokotrudi
with the lead among the pack of swimmers. During the 'Aithe April 26 horseshoe action. Rod Bussey and Adin
second loop, Leestma lost sight of the third buoy and -. Shank drew the bye into the finals and watched as
couldn't see anyone behind him, but he recovered and : ....Bruce Munro and Gary Null rolled past Dom Livedoti
finished the 1.2 mile swim in roughly 20 minutes. and Sam Samuels 21-3. The tables were turned in the
Leestma's 7-year-old son Ian ran behind him to ,final as Munro and Null endured a 21-3 thrashing from
the bike transition, cheering on Dad as he got ready Bussey and Shank.
for the 56-mile bike race. He took a wrong turn at the Play gets underway at 9 a.m. every Wednesday
beginning of the race, but recovered and passed the .... .and Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. War-
four riders ahead of him near the 20-mile mark. ...mups begin at 8:45 a.m. followed by random team
he kept pushing. At the 28-mile turnaround, Leestma welcome.
asked the stationed police officers, "Am I in first?"
The officer yelled back, "Yeah baby, keep going.
Don't stop now!"
With that, Leestma slowed his pace to conserve Islander Ryan Leestma poses with his first-place
energy for the upcoming 13.1 mile run, but he still award in the eighth annual Gator Half Triathlon
averaged about 23 mph and finished the bike leg of April 13 at Lake Manatee State Park. Islander Cour-
the race in 2:25. tesy Photos
The run was the hardest, due to miserable condi-
tions. It was 88 degrees and no shade on the course, istic swimming conditions and the people are friendlyPA
so Leestma hit the aid stations every mile. Quickly he and accommodating."
doused himself with two cups of water, filled his hat Congratulations to Leestma from The Islander.
with ice and drank four cups of water. He finished the
run in 1:46 for an average mile of 8:06. Key Royale golf news
This is Leestma's I lth half ironman competition The women got out for a nine-hole, individual- % w
and his first victory. He knew he was in first place as low-net golf match in four flights on April 22 that also
he ran, but was nervous that someone somehow would included a low-putts-per-team competition.
catch him. He said he was "absolutely elated to cross Heather Bane grabbed first place in Flight A with
the finish line." a 2-under-par 30 to earn a two-shot victory
Not bad for someone who never before competed A chipin on the fifth hole helped Liz Lang fire a ......
at anything athletic. His wife started working out after 5-under-par 27 and grab a four-shot victory in Flight B.
their third baby, so he decided to join her. Margrit Layh was alone in second place at I1-under-par . .... .
Five years later, Ryan Leestma is a champion. 31 ...
Leestma does the majority of his training on the A 5-under-par 27 by Carol Patterson that included
island. He swims from the 1900 block of Gulf Drive a chipin on the sixth hole gave her first place in Flight
North near his condo to the first beach groin in Bra- C. Beth Lindeman and MaryAnn Kammerlen both
denton Beach. He bikes from his condo to St. Armands carded 3-under-par 29s to tie for second place. 0
Circle and back, and runs from home to the Anna Maria Trish Kruger carded a 6-under-par 26 for the low-'
City Pier and back. net round of the day and first place in Flight D. Markie Islander Ryan Leestma smiles his way through a
"Anna Maria Island is the best place to train," Ksiazek came in second at 4-under-par 28. triathlon training run.
Leestma said. "Wide bike lanes, great sidewalks, real- The foursome of Terry Westby, Sara Falk, Joanne
L01 112' 1 L 111 lIl 1111& 11014 1111111411 FMM1 Ozdych and Sue Little combined for 65 putts to win M BA R N
....the putting contest. MM AI E LLC
Let's Go Sailing-, Sqn'C atntarns Horseshoe news Eetois/Eetia
Sailing from 3 locations Four teams emerged from pool play April 23 to Isalto
Longboat Key .. AL $0PRPRO
Downtown Saraste hr b Pf Boxz F,04
941-870-4349 Interperative Sail Tours CreF 41
www~kathleendme' Aboard 1800s-einCso
~Work Boat Built in Cortez by
Whisper Captain & Naturalist
Geoffrey H. Kendrick
Accommodates up to 6 peoplegotV it t
,, 34528 119th St. West., Cortez
Excursions5 Threcdlint
~CctL1 int your-
ENJOY THE RIDE! 941/-32:3-7892
Monday Combo Dolphin Watch / Lunch Loop ...
Tuesday Sarasota Day Trip Capt
Wednesday- Bradenton Day Trip

THE ISLANDER 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 25
Snook make strong comeback after 3-year closure
By Capt. Danny Stasny
Islander Reporter Cal Broek
Snook season will come to an end May and ,iof Michigan
with it goes the prospects of a snook dinner -at leastsh w of a
desired species. he-ic ah ono
Snook make great adversaries and table fare. afe-nehcagto
B ut, don't let that discourage you. T he snook bite aft ee -ine d l
is the best it's been since the freeze of 2010. You can sie hl
just have to let them go. And, to tell you the truth, trip with Capt.
after the three-year closed season we had on snook, : ,Danny Stasny.
I'm seeing more and more backwater fishers practice '" .
catch-and-release all year long. I guess they just got
used to letting 'em go.
It's clearly the best snook bite since the freeze.
We had days this season with catches of at least 30
snook. Slot- and over-slot fish were in the mix, but
the sheer numbers of smaller snook were a welcome
sight for eager flats fishers looking to get their fix.
A good example of this was a morning I spent bet, although fresh-cut chunks of ladyfish will get the is fishing inshore this with good results. A variety of
chartering Cal Brok of Michigan. We arrived at "the bite. backwater species are inhabiting our local flats and
spot," a small mangrove island adjacent to a deep Finally, spotted seatrout are still on the rampage Lowman is capitalizing on the opportunity for his cli-
edge, just after sunup. The tide was swiftly moving in in Sarasota Bay. Girle is catching fish well over the ents.
so I quickly anchored and started chumming. Imme- 20-inch maximum. Again, live shiners are the bait of Snook are being caught along mangrove edges and
diately we heard pops and splashes under the man- choice. shallow grass flats. Live shiners free-lined along the
groves as hungry snook inhaled the shiners. Jim Malfese at the Rod & Reel Pier says fishing edges of the bushes are producing the bite. Fish up to
After hooking up plenty of fish, the tide was this week may require patience and determination. Pier 30 inches are the average catch.
coming to an end with the bite, so we seized the fishers are trying a number of tactics to get a bite. To find a redfish bite, Lowman is dock fishing in
opportunity to hunt another spot and pulled anchor. Live shrimp fished under the pier are producing residential canals and along the Intracoastal Waterway
The tide had begun to change and was flushing sheepshead, black drum, flounder and a few early- Reds are being caught along with flounder and jack
out on the targeted shallow grass flat. As the outgo- arrival snapper. A small split-shot placed 12-inches crevalle. Again, live shiners are the bait of choice.
in tide flowed over the flat, it dumped into a deep above the hook will complete your rig. Simply hook Lowman also is catching limits of spotted seatrout
pothole, which created a perfect ambush point for a shrimp and cast it as far under the pier deck as pos- throughout Sarasota Bay, mostly over sandy potholes.
hungry snook. sible. Free-lined shiners or shiners under a popping cork are
Again, we rallied on fish for more than an hour. The use of artificials, such as speck rigs and silver proving successful.
My clients even managed to get a slot-sized snook spoons, is resulting in Spanish mackerel, jack crevalle Capt. Mike Greig has been tearing up the fishing
to enjoy for dinner and an over-slot fish for a quick and the occasional blue runner. Remember, these fish with clients hooking up large cobia several catches
photo and release. love to chase a bait so a fast retrieve is in your inter- of 60-plus pounds. He also found success on permit
Although snook season will be closed until Sep- est. using pass crabs for bait. And his bait business has
tember, they' re still biting. By practicing catch-and- Capt. Rick Gross of Fishy Business Charters is gone viral. Don't forget to make a reservation for your
release during the closed season, anglers will easily hooking up respectable numbers of flounder from the bait well black out.
transition into the re-opening of snook season in Sep- flats of Tampa Bay. By using free-lined live shiners Send fishing reports to fish@ Check
tember. for bait, Gross is finding flat fish in lengths up to 22 out more photos online at
Capt. Warren Girle is fishing offshore this past inches.
week. By fishing ledges and reefs with live shiners Snook and redfish are being caught over the grass
and shrimp, Girle is guiding his clients to keeper- flats. Snook seem to be abundant during strong outgo-
size mangrove snapper. Limits of these tasty fish are ins tides, especially in the afternoon. As for the reds, 160t71I a tj J &
hooking up with the biggest coming in at 18 inches. Gross is finding concentrations of fish on shallow flats 'DAM *HIGH PM HIGH AM LOW PM LOW Moon
In the sam e areas, G irle is finding king and Span- w here oyster bars and m angroves are present. B oth Ap i 0 20 1. 5 1 :31 2.5 6 :11 0 75 -0. 3
A9rila0 : 59 1.56 12: 11 2. 2 .7 06:8:1 -0. 2
ish mackerel. The feisty migratory kings are ravaging species are being caught in the slot. 2 2:6 15 1 a 2.3 7:24 0.8 8:57 -0.2 I
free-lined shiners right behind the transom of the boat. Finally, spotted seatrout are finishing out the day May 3 3:38 1.3 2:11 2.3 7:47 0.9 9:46 0.1
E xpect to catch kings of 15-20 pounds. O n deeper grass beds, G ross is w orking sandy pot- Ma 5 4: 2 1.2 29 2. 1 8: 35 1. 1 1 1:4 5 -0. 0
Moving inshore, Girle is finding redfish on grass holes. Live shiners free-lined through the potholes are m 6 4:22p 2.0 -
flats adjacent to mangrove edges. The fish are respond- producing slot- and over-slot trout for his clients. May 7 9:32 1.3 5:39 1.8 12:53 0.1 11:2a 1 2 :1st'
ins to live and dead baits. Live shiners are a good Capt. Aaron Lowm an out of Island Discount Tackle A iyPe ieCre ihlds7ni~ e lr-bsIG6ae
FISHING CHARTERS Nerhr ishing 1oa
S'IGTsAC L Capt. Warren Girle r
794-308Redfish!) Snapper
1 2 D Y & F L D Y C AR E S Light Tackle e Fly .a ti l g n o
SERVING ANNA MARIA ANGLERS SINCE 1986 Over 30 years experience in local waters USCG Licensed
Ful/ Half Day Trips 941.387.8383 (H) 941.232.8636 (C)
:1~~~--- K EYES -!,,. 0,,
For a LIMITED time only Fishing1 Charter
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26 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDERsld i
lift::: doors and remodeling
owner Todd Shely and
SBy Rick Catlin his crew share ribbon-
....... ..............................................c u ttin g h o n o rs A p ril 2 4
.........................w ith representatives of
the Anna Maria Island
Chamber of Commerce
at the grand opening of
Grayhawk, 6006 Cortez
Grayhawk opens showroom Road W., Bradenton.
Islander Photo: Toni
April 24 was a banner day for Grayhawk win- Lo
dows, doors and remodeling owner Todd Shely, who
celebrated the grand opening of his new showroom
with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 6006 Cortez Road L
W., Bradenton.
Grayhawk specializes in cabinets and doors, kitch- RIGHT: Grayhawk owner Todd Shely and wife -
ens and bathrooms, room enclosures and acrylic room Laura Shely welcome guests, including officials and
additions, said Shely, who celebrated with the Anna members from the Anna Maria Island Chamber of
Maria Island Chamber of Commerce. Commerce, to their Grayhawk showroom grand
"We also work with new, customized homes to opening party April 124.
design and build kitchens and bathrooms," he said.
Grayhawk works on residential and commercial and the business has consolidated to 3622 First St.,
properties and sells wholesale items to the public, Bradenton, as a sign in the store window indicates. -
Shely added. l
He's pleased chamber representatives joined the C a b rpa sM ye e t
"It's really nice of them to come out from Anna The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce
Maria Island and help us celebrate," he said. monthly networking luncheon will be 11:30 a.m.-1
"This gives us a great opportunity to show people p.m. Wednesday, May 7, at Eat Here, 5315 Gulf Drive,
what we have to offer." Holmes Beach. I N l l l
Shely is no stranger to Anna Maria Island. Wife Cost of the luncheon is $15 per person and mem- W E L KL IS
Laura Shely owns Tide and Moon Jewelry, 314 Pine bers are encouraged to bring a guest or potential
Ave., Anna Maria. member. Reservations are required.
For more information on Grayhawk, call 941-757- The chamber's May networking breakfast will be
7077 or email todd( 7:45-9 a.m. Wednesday, May 14, at The Feast, 5406
Marina Drive, Holmes Beach./| 'I]P0 /" ~ l r/0 'V
West Marine leaves HBCost of the breakfast is $8 per person and reserva- f e o kC M
WestMarne lave HB tions are required.
The West Marine store at 3224 E. Bay Drive in the For more information or to make a reservation for I"s lde eWS an i r. ..U
Anna Maria Centre Shops in Holmes Beach is closed either event, call 941-778-154 1.
........... .........
F r o m t h e U p p e r n n' T O W N S I N
talomorionco I94.71.58 I735Skbid oaM EaenonIFCA0
sINe ntv Sluxu r lpy c an apibeCos in fr o t exldn di Coun vt eored hi llvdeen ingoted scegbe onesetd 0n Bteraesri tion ecie e f rutlizeSe lusfiiae byde Forber Moragnazine!dig
1, 8 s. f t ML7 t(p o 1,627r Sevcsq o t avialn lstesResersan ai nioneedoeaucettoh anewihutntiemleoassr sbec eoanerrtig endoa uaiictonog teledroddtonlliesigoroheletis nluigopcilil
Ineniv Speiafe bath n c ondnwontatm erdin t s ho21/1 n s pvaidn tcas and wlgbeIn or ld f Radyo s slc ayoMrrs n w as lor i ng dracmui iest anc e to pi 021 ny(P netv)Ueo
Approved ~~ ~ IM Ledrntrqie n aho usd edrfnnernatos Also appyt dPncnieNt e wm ries a lrdy reflctsteoeBerie atrtesRIet adu nt an sopplgbiyciei hsbe aisidTeCoing Cost
an PRIcetv Ofrsaeno alda alco mniisan ncniesoduei notioswl ayy o ln/o Comntu Ofrvids eeprhbtderohrws cetrceoffeellpiig viailt n passbjc oshneordlyoihupotcsiitdtm
ofe ddtoa rsrctosapl n alSeia fereTve o pror ubetoanepioto hota eve r orso baesAocaean b t tayororo for or ad tiona deals pive 1TylrMisn PaFlrd l ihse iserve usI toe nrdao

THE ISLANDER 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 27
DECK/PATIO FURNITURE: Glass-top table, four Individuals may place one free ad with up to three FISHING GEAR WANTED: The Privateers and
chairs with cushions. Steel construction, 2014 items, each priced $100 or less, 15 words or less. The Islander are collecting new or used, repair-
model, never used. 941-778-4060. FREE, one week, must be submitted online. Email able fishing poles and reels, nets, tackle, buck-, fax toll-free 1 -866-362- ets, etc. to give to children. Donate your gear
ELEGANT BISTRO SET. Four honey-colored 9821. (limited time offer) at The Islander newspaper office, 5604B Marina
wood and rattan stools with glass tabletop. Table Drive, Holmes Beach.
36-inch high, 42-inch diameter. $400. 941-778- A,_NNOUNC=lJllEMNT
4593. FREE GUN LOCK courtesy of Project Childsafe,
TERRY HAYES, REALTOR. Premier Sothebys. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commis-
COMPUTER: DELL VISTA dual core, refurbished, 941-302-3100. Terry. sin and Holmes Beach Police Department. Pick
$100. 941-756-6728. up at The Islander office, 5604B Marina Drive,
BIKES FOR SALE: Raleigh aluminum 10-speed HALF OFF EVERYTHING in store next two weeks Hle ec.Dntb orb ae
racer, $1 00, kid's BMX-type, $50, 941-356- at Giving Back. Open 11 a.m. Tuesday-Saturday. GA-RAE SALJES],
1456. 5312 Holmes Blvd., Holmes Beach.
NATUZZI BLACK PREMIUM leather 90-inch sofa ART CLASSES: DRAWING or watercolor, adults Open daily. 941-383-1901.
with matching ottoman, $600 or best offer, Drexel only, in your home. Call 941-755-1798 for more
solid white washed oak five-drawer chests, three information. Marnie Starbuck, artist/instructor. ROSER THRIFT SHOP spring sale: 10 a.m.-1
at $150 each. 941-779-2240. p.m. Saturday, May 3. All items 50 percent off.
WANTED: WORKOUT DVDs and retired but 511 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. 941-779-2733.
ONLINE SERVICE: Did you know you can place working XBox, Wit units with games for Ministry
classified ads and subscribe online with our of Presence for kids and teens in Haiti. Deliver MOVING SALE: 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Friday-Sunday,
secure server? Check it out at www.islander, to The Islander, 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes May 2-4. Furniture, kitchen cabinets and more.
org. Beach. 206 69th St., Holmes Beach.
WANTED: YOUR OLD cell phone for recycling. GARAGE SALE: 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Sunday, May 5.
Deliver to The Islander, 5604B Marina Drive, Vintage wedding decorations, table settings, run-
C ) JINNHolmes Beach. ners, more. 4707 Second Ave., Holmes Beach.
ANTIQUES, ART, and collectibles. View at The YARD SALE: 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, May 3.
Islander store, 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes Benefits homeless pets of Moonracer Rescue,
Cindy Quinn, P.A., Realtor, CDPE Beach. donations welcome! 223 Periwinkle Plaza, Anna
Cell: 94 1-780-8000 AEILPOO fAn ai sad iwad Maria. 941-896-6701.
Go to myl Awvb itest purchase online: Turn the page for more Islander classified ads.
US yeas.,)N,
T Our newest aethas been with us16 yers 7,
TYou owe it to yourself to have the best, most u
professional representation.
T 36 years managing rentals on Anna Maria. ..
T All Florida licensed real estate agents.
T No hidden fees: You keep more of your money.
T Compare our management fees.
tV Mike Norman Realty,.N Cl STDY
3101 GULF DRIVE HOLMES BEACH 800-367-1617
www" rikenorrnan realty'corn 941-778-6696
This spectacular 6-Bedroom 3.5-Bath home is situated in the center of the
island, close to the best beaches, shopping and restaurants. Delightful outside
kitchen and dining next to your zero-entry spectacular pool. It's elegant island
living at its finest! Perfect new home, second home or home away from home!
$1],295,000. Call Lynn Zemmer. 941-730-1]294.
I~~ Buy Ann Mai
Anna10 Mara/Hlme BeSt.,/Bradenton Bach

28 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
~Sandy's Lawn Service Inc.
SnysEstablished in 1983 IL DRL SFES
I mResidential and Commercial
SrieLandscaping -Clean-up LPNS NEEDED FOR active quadriplegic using
77-35Hauling tree trimming LNONWieAnunaMra, Hoyer lift. Morning shifts, 4-5 hours starting at
Licensed & Insured IPOD FOUN ON White Oveenue, shifts 9:0ariaa~.
April 10, near shower. Claim at Holmes Beach 7am vrih hfs :0pm- ~.91
Paradise Improvements 941.792.5600 Police Department. 941-708-5804. 685-5213.
I tcen nd th Re o eigSeciat OS T. G0OL PI K RI G thameth st stone .
V Replacement Doors and Windows Vicinity Cortez Kitchen and Swordfish Grill. 941 RTRDLNBA E oieofcrrv
Andrew Chennault 778-8359. RTRDLNBA E oieofcr rv
FULLY LICENSED AND INSURED your car north and south. 941-713-1596.
IslndRefrecesLi#CB05755 -J LOST CAT. GRAY tiger, white paws, no tail. 66th
41 RDI CONSTRUCTION INC. Street, Holmes Beach. Roe, 941-524-0465. TOASTED COMPUTER SERVICES. Your home
and business specialist. On-site service, virus/
,, Residential & Condo Renovations LOST CAT. GRAY with white spot, Sissy, 13 spyware, cleanup, system setup, upgrades, diag-
Kichn .l Ba try Deoigng Srviin years. Near Sixth Avenue and Gulf Drive, Bra- nosis and repair, internet/wireless networking,
41i Carper4,Frcing Resinting denton Beach. 941-567-6535. custom system design. 941-224-1069.
,Jm '! References available 941-720-75191 1~g DON'T CUT corners, I clean corners. Profes-
King, Queen, Full & Twin, walking, kitty cleanup, and more. 941-462-0405. 779-6638. Leave message.
F w pe-owned from $30 new/used. petsitterservicsl~mi~owwptitr ALL AROUND PAINTING: Quality work. Free esti-
941-92-5271mates. Licensed, insured. Call native islander Jim GREAT RESCUED dogs (and cats!) are looking Weaver, 813-727-1959.
for great new hom es or fosters. Please, call forIS A D C M U E G Y,3 ye r ex ri n .
359- 904infomaton, 41-96-601.On-site PC repairs, upgrades, buying assistance
TRANSP[.'ORTION and training. Call Bill, 941-778-2535.
0 "ovrs hoCar@"STREET-LEGAL FOUR-passenger golf cart: 36 TRANSPORT SERVICE: LET me drive you to the
TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. Volt EZ Go with Florida title, new 14-inch low airport or anywhere in Florida. Flat rates. Reason-
profile tires and wheels, carbon fiber dash, MP3 able. Call Mike, 941-567-6634.
HURRICANE 4r hookup, amp, speakers, 12-volt power supply,
W i d w or rear flip seat with grab bar and padded arm rests, CLEANING RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL and
W in ow & Do rscustom seats, custom paint, lightweight solid- resort. Love what we do, love to work. 941-756-
941730504 state charger. $5,500. Contact The Caddy Shack 4570.
941730504 Golf Carts, at 222 41 st Ave. E., Bradenton. 941 -
WEATHERSIDE LLC 748-3667. U FLY I drive your car anywhere in the USA. Air-
AM I T XI GOLF CART FOR sale: New batteries, four-seater, 68port runs, anywhere. 941-746-5651, 941-545-
professional, metered, on-call, gps, cards accepted nice looking. $3,500 or best offer. On Island. 941 - amitaxi4u@gmail.eom 730-3649. PRESSU RE WASH IN G AN D windows: Com-
holm s b ach br den on b ach an a m riam e rc ia l, resid entia l and reso rts. R o o fs, b u ild ing s,
800.301.4816C 2004 INFINITI G35 sedan: 153,000 miles, in houses driveways etc. 941-251-5948.
airports shops dining great condition and runs great. $5,700. 941-448-
5207. JOHN "THE FIREMAN" Island Cycle & Scooter
HA D M NCHYLRSERN ONETBE:20, Repair. 25 years experience. Affordable prices.
Jim Basiley, LLC ONLY 46,000 MILES, LIKE NEW, $7,500. 941- 9163502o942711.
Engineer turned Handyman
free estimates -- no service charge -- no job too small 3566-1456. TVS MOUNTED INSTALLED, set-up networking,
Electrical (lights, ceiling fans, receptacles), Carpentry, Power Washwie irls ,a do vd osu elan ec m
Call Jim at 941-448-7806 or email: jimbasiley@g BOT &j-e BOAIN wiewrles ui, ie uvelac a
eras. Palmfish Communication, 941-896-0798.
BIMINI BAY SAILING: Small sailboat rentals and CLAIGBLURofesvryhnonou
A D" AA ~IP Tinstruction. Day. Week. Month. Sunfish, Laser, list, from kitchen and bath cleaning to dusting
W indrider 17 and Precision 15. C all Brian at 941 anm t i g w s e as e s 4 3 8 1
Carmen is a 2-year 685-1400.
old bull terrier mix. D.L. HAYES CLEANING: Bonded and insured.
She is healthy, happy PONTOON BOAT RENTAL Create life long Rachael Bidwell/ Sheila Darcy, 941-932-5347 or
... and would love to memories. Call 941-518-3868 or see boatflorida. 941-224-1486. For all your cleaning needs.
live forever with a
fun, active family! TRUEBLUE33 COMPUTER REPAIR Service,
Carmen is a friendly DEEDED BOAT SLIP for sale: Holmes Beach. LC nst optrsrie esnberts
lovebug and great 941-962-6238. LC nst optrsrie esnberts
with other dogs. She Contact Anthony at 941-592-7714.
is spayed, up to date BOAT SLIP WITH davit, up to 25 feet for rent. ,!! !
on shots and microchipped. Moonracer No Kill Holmes Beach. 941-778-7039. Visit The Islander for more info about HE/LP" WANTED=]'
Carmen and other rescued, adoptable pets. Windows Locks
PART-TIME SALES position: Gift shop located *.Mirrors *.Door Handles 941-780-1735
SPONSORED BY, Th-e Islander on Anna Maria. Must be available weekends and ALLPOWEAUTO.COMSINCE995 FREE ESTIMATESFL MV-46219
I evenings. Retirees welcome. 941-840-4235.
ANS ERSTO PRI 30PUZ LE good with computers. Part or full-time. Work on
S A-B -E---S- A S--P S S T- E-- S Island. Email resume only: annamariaisland@hot-...
- L- -- A R OR 0 S -C- 0CRNT -- -U- -RoNAT 941-524-9228.
T y O T Ei UA;C E S 0 KIDS FOR HIRE e mv d
S A G --L, LOCAL ISLA ND STUDENT babysitter available. r
L-E- l-N- ST CCKS CPR and first aid-certified, early childhood devel- e m oved
__I_ N_- DII opment major. Emily, 941-567-9276.
-E- R--o -W D-0--;- N RESPONSIBLE RED CROSS certified babysit-
-ff~~ C- N- S--T -- ter. Honor student. Call or text Isabel, 941-545-
T "T E E" -0" aE 7995. A

THE ISLANDER 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 20
CHRITIE' PLU BING & Commercial
IS L A N D E R C L A S S IF E D SFamily Owned and Operated si nce 1975
SEVIE Cotne HOM IMRVMN Continued New Construction Remodeling
All Phases of Plumbing Repair &, Service
ISLAND COASTAL CLEANING: Residential, busi- TILE -TILE -TILE. All variations of ceramic tile 778-3924 or 778-4461 5508 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach pe Sat.
ess, rental properties. For "divine" results, call supplied and installed. Quality workmanship,
John and Nan, 248-802-7802. prompt, reliable, many Island references. Call BOAT, RV &/ TR{AILER STORAGE
ISLAND PET NANNY- Loving pet care. Karen Neil, 941-726-3077. Wash Down Easy Access Clean.- Security Cameras
Robinson, 941-730-5693. 941-232-9208.e Rates starting at $40
PROFPOS, UBLSH Loalediorwrier GRIFFIN'S HOME IMPROVEMENTS Inc. Handy- Centrally located off Cortez Road.- 4523 30t1 St. W.
available foPostn, drLSH aft editfinliterf man, fine woodwork, countertops, cabinets and Warehouse/Workshops also available
avingable copricnuting, aft weltingocinal proof- wood flooring. Insured and licensed. 941-722-
ing nd opywitig, a wel assocal mdia 8792.
management for your group or business. Email_.N'S RESCREEN IN 0
JERRY'S HOME REPAIR: Carpentry, handyman, N ~TOBGrToSAL reEtmts
BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS JD's Window Clean- light hauling, pressure washing. Jack of all trades. N o O I rToSA, reEfmfs
ing looking for storefront jobs in Holmes Beach. Call 941-778-6170 or 941-447-2198. iral Dan, 9,41 -71 3-3108
1 make dirty windows sparkling clean. 941-920-
3840. HANDYMAN SERVICE: 25-year Island resident.
We do all repair, interior and exterior, insured. The Junior's Landscape & M!laintenane
ISLAND MERMAIDS CLEANING and Co.: 38-year Flying Dutchman, 941-447-6747. Lawn care PLUS native plants, C'
Islanders. Rentals our specialty. 941-778-3046. mlh rp aln p-,
BEAC SEVIC ai coditonig, eat rerigra- SOUTHBAY HOME REPAIRS: If it's broken, stuck, CalJnoS71 5
BEACHSERVCE ai conitionng, eat, efriera- loose, leaks, needs paint, etc. I'll fix it. Affordable alJno,0-115
tion. Commercial and residential service, repair quality work. 941-720-2906.
and/or replacement. Serving Manatee County HONEY DO HOME REPAIR
and the Island since 1987. For dependable, PRSUEWSIG EIETAcme-HandymanSevc
honest and personalized service, call William PRESSUR roo s IG wys EosIelniA, poolmmea.- li Let us put our 35 years of experience to work for you!
Eller, 941 -795-7411. CAC1 84228. cil o fdie a s o s ,ln i o lae Jep arecque *Carpentry *Drywall *Flooring *Painting *Siding *Tile
The Flying Dutchman, 941-447-6747. 941 8965256-office Free Estimates Licensed
ANYONE CAN TAKE a picture. A professional POESNATIER Fretaio.Cl 941.807.5256-cell Ask about our 10% guarantee & Insured1
creates a portrait. I want to be at your wedding! PetrESNA TILE free etmerfrestorine. Call 941-778-2711. Flying foDfetchmae, refeence,7inured4Th Cleaning by LAURA ;
Flyig Dtchmn, 41-47-647.For honest, reliable and
RELAXING MASSAGE IN the convenience of your PANI GB E R E neir xeirh friendly service ..
hom oers hotel.n Masa byslad ia more to a n o maintenance. Pressure wash. Free estimate, Cntct me tdy-
19ars onntmn, Maria8-8301. Call0017550.o senior discount, 20 years experience, insured. CIh: 941-539-6891
an ppinmen, 4151-831.MA00155. '* or emazil 24-hour Emergency Service
HA#0017550. 94-2-51.leaning bylaura@ Sewer & Drain Cleaning
! I 'I 'i['] O',T~t]=I'JRO O FIN G LEA K S PEC IA LIST : Residential/co n- hotm Water Heaters
LAWN GAREN -) New Construction
mercial, repairs, reroof, shingles, tile, flat. Quick ,,qed Bless You! Kitchen and Bath Remodeling
CONNIE'S LANDSCAPING INC. Residential and response. Quality work at reasonable rates. Ref- :
commercial. Full-service lawn maintenance, land- erences. Insured/licensed. #CCC1330056. Call Pet< Fre 419038
scaping, cleanups, hauling and more! Insured. Bryan at 727-277-9502.
941-778-5294. lt, '
ISLAND LAWN SPRINKLERS repairs and instal-
lations, watering the island for 15 years. Jeff, WEEKLY/MONTHLY/ANNUAL rentals: wide vari-
941-778-2581. ety, changes daily. SunCoast Real Estate, 941 -
SUN AINENANE &SERVCE:Fullserice 779-0202, or 1-800-732-6434. www.suncoastinc.
SUN AINENANE &SERVCE:Fullserice com.
lawn care, pool care, maintenance work, land- ALT EI AN 'FNS,,
scape and design, tree trimming, pressure wash- VACATION RENTALS: BRADENTON houses or C L H SA DSFNS .
ing, mulch, shell. Marine waxing, detailing. Free condos. Weekly or monthly. Call 941-962-0971 MORE THAN 2,500 LARGE AND SMALL
snow removal. Call Travis, 941-779-8389. or 941-794-1515. www. coastal propert iesrealty. PROJECTS ON AMI SINCE 1988!
JR'S LANDSCAPING AND MAINTENANCE com. Suzanne Wilson, broker. We provide design plans-You preview 3-D drawings
Lawns, native plants, mulching, trimming, haul-IW I!il iY H SIUfl
ing, cleanups. Island resident 25 years. Call 941 DUPLEX TO SHARE: $500/month includes power, W S A IYC N T U TO
807-1015. water, your own bathroom. 75th Street at Cortez
LNSAIGRoad, Bradenton. 941-538-2700. 941.2.0013.Jl~ "ilH
f~f,', Darrin J. Wash State Lic. CBC1258250
old Florida seashell driveways and scopes. Free denton Beach, Holmes Beach, Longboat Key. ------ -----
esimte. al Sar Mrk 91-01607.Quiet person, excellent references. 941-730- ...
ing all kinds of gravel, mulch, top soil with free Paired Sold Bay. Pool, patio, cable, washer andwihts
estimates. Call Larry at 941-795-7775, "shell dryer, fishing pier with boat slip. Lease, minimum AA esre pcait
phone" 941-720-0770. six months. $950/month furnished or not. No Fe siae
TOP NTCH AWN are:Residntia andcom- pets. Call 941-798-3842 or 941-720-7519. PrhsePo ae aal 1
mercial. For all your landscaping needs. 941-932- VACATION RENTAL BY private owner. Nice Piels(7)42020Mnt:(9198-
6600. 3BR/2BA. Holmes Beach. Monthly, $3,500. 941 w w cenn oe
installation. Tropical landscape specialist. Resi- CONDO: ANNA MARIA CITY, on Pine Avenue, ,
dential and commercial. 30 years experience. near pier and shops. 2BR/1 BA furnished, avail- EReal Estate
941-729-9381, 941-448-6336. able May 1 until Nov. 1. $1,000/month. 941-538- ELKAcom Aerial
9328. / Commercial Studio
31 5 58th St Interior
VAN-GO PAINTING residential/commercial, inte- FOR SALE BY owner: Palm Court off of El Con- Holmes Beach, FIL 3421 7
rior/exterior, pressure cleaning, wallpaper. Island quistador Parkway. 4816 61st. Ave. Drive W., Architectural
references. Bill, 941-795-5100. www.vangopaint- Bradenton. Move-in ready, 941-524-6977. AlStock Pictures

30 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
p ,WE'RE LOW, LISTINGS needed. Are you curious 2BR/1 BA MOBILE HOME, 12x48-foot 1960s solid
as to how much your home could be worth? Call home. New central air conditioning, new fridge, out-
us for a free professional consultation. Call Lynn door patio, carport. 55-plus quiet park. $6,000. Call
Sat Edgewater Real Estate, 941-778-8104. Joe for appointment, 941-548-8722.
i DEEP WATER CANALFRONT home. 3BR/2BA on BY OWNER: 2BR/2BA condo at Runaway Bay.
corner lot. Between Manatee Avenue and Cortez Lovely pond view, new kitchen and many updates.
,Road. One block to Intracoastal, one block to Lovely condo and turnkey furnished! Great rental or
beach. $475,000. Owner may finance. 941-778- second home! $319,999. George, 312-321-9400.
~7980 or 941-778-7565.
..............BUILDING LOTS: WEST Bradenton lakefront, no
SUNBOW BAY 2BR/2BT end unit with lagoon view Cm- KNOCK OUT CONDO! Revel in paradise of beau- deed restrictions, 70xl20, $49,000, also one acre
plex offers two heated pools, tennis, elevator and covered tiful bay to Gulf 55- plus property. 2BR/1 BA, stun- wihodsmlhueanotbidngElno,
parkng$269000ning granite, stainless-steel kitchen and magnifi- $99,000. Realtor, 941-356-1 456. Real Estate
cent bath. First floor, handicap features. Fabulous Mart.
._: :;+ and convenient location. Pool, turnkey. $189,000.
r -- ;2: .........412-498-4127. CANALFRONT 2BR/2BA BIG corner lot, totally ren-
ill ...../!l i ovated, outside kitchen, nice dock, lift, $679,000.
N INEED LISTINGS! 941-545-8258.
And I'll give you 100 HUGE OPEN view of AMI Bridge. An island treasure.
Percent effort. $849,500. FSBO. 941-730-2606 (leave message).
ANNA MARIA COTTAGE Adorable, vintage cottage 41-773-6572'
located west of Gulf Drive for easy beach access. 3BR/2BA, jhrnak@ EXPERIENCE
rshdgreat screened porch, single car garage. Selling "turnkey" $45004ikL '' REPUTATIONRE UT
Norman REATOR.
R e l t I N C 3 0 1 G U L D R H L M S B E A C H 4 0 Y e a r of P of s i i l S e v c
E ~to Anna Maria Island and Bradenztonz
~River Oaks 2/2 condo. riverfront, updated, pool, tennis,
elevator, clubhouse, dock. $129,000.
! 'GULFFRONT Vacation/Seasonal 5/4 Home.
........GULFFRONT Luxury Villas 2/2 and 1/1.5 Vation/Seonal
UPDATED ISLAND HOME 2 short blocks to the beach. HOLMES BEACH 941-778-0807
This adorable home features an updated kitchen with new tdonlyl
appliances and granite counter tops. New AC in 2010,
newer roof, updated plumbing throughout and a large yard.
Bayfront complex, two bedroom condo with water 2/2 ground-level home,
views, two pools, tennis and dock. One of the Island's 1 -car garage. $430,000 Alf,
Premier condo complexes. Walk to shopping and the ISL
beach. Just $269,000 SOLO
941-713-4515 OR 941-778-7244 .. Call Marianne TODAY for
your free market analysis.
i'l +' tfl Selling your home is
#t +,i///]j IG FS~r important to me.
tlliiil/ ,Ma riae Correll, Realtor
TWO BEACHFRONT HOUSES Two, 2BR/2BT homes ymranb~o~o
located on a quiet street in Holmes Beach. Both offer spec- B IG FI94-S5-H9
tacular views $2,200,000. R E AL E STAT E
CHARMER Jse ow ~ca4 c
Waterfront never le"4113-m 4 fr .,cae 80-71-04
IDL had it so good. .4-1-75 807164
.. ... .... .. ... Buil in 2001, this
3BR/3BA has well DUPLEX FOR SALE: 300 block of 65th Street on
over 3,200 sf under a conforming duplex lot. Lovingly maintained, new
air. Deep-water windows, room for a pool, great rental history and
TWO BEACH FRONT UNITS: Exceptional views of the canal, no bridges to the bay. Gourmet kitchen. 4-car garage. potential. $519,000.
beach from this direct beachfront, two-unit building Each $1,200,000. Call Nicole Skaggs, Broker, 941-773-3966.
side is a 2BR/1.5BT townhouse. Two garages, four porches. 5BED/3BATH DUPLEX: West of Gulf Drive, just
$985000. steps to the beach this relaxed living duplex is cur-
~rently a successful vacation rental. Excellent rental
history and confirmed future bookings. Turnkey
................Furnished $940,000.
-+. 4BED/2BATH DUPLEX: Location, Location, Loca-
i tion. Across from public beach and off of Gulf Drive,
LAKESIDE SOUTH SERENITY ON THE LAKE this duplex comes turnkey furnished! $365,000.
Light, Bright, Updated3BR/2BA. Gorgeous lakefront 2BR/2BA SNEAD ISLAND: Built in 2006 on over half an acre,
Priced right. $149,414. Call condo with rental history this 4bed/3bath home features 14-ft ceilings, crown
Nicole Skaggs, Broker, 941- $134,900. Call Nicole Skaggs, moldings, kitchen with black granite counter tops,
773-3966 Broker, 941-773-3966.
Grand views ,saltwater pool with waterfall feature,
BAYFRONT IN KEY ROYALE Breathtaking views from SEE) ...... E 200-ft new dock. Much much more $949,000.
this meticulously maintained 3BR/2.5BT home. Open FLAMINGO TOWNHOME: Totally redone from
floor plan, heated pool, spacious screened lanai, oversized head to toe, this 2bed/1 bath condo is conveniently
two-ar grag. $1200,00.located close to Robinson Preserve, Anna Maria

THE ISLANDER 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 31
Now come see the amazing natural beauty of the Palma Sola Bay Club.
This luxurious waterfront community has 2 and 3 bedroom condominiums.
" Convenient to 1-75, shopping, Sarasota / Bradenton International LUXURY BATHS
" Airport, schools and area attractions, & I MG Sports Academy 0 Master bath 5' soaker tub surrounded by tile
" The beauty and history of the John and Mable Ringling 0 Elongated water closets & frameless enclosures
Museum of Art 0 36" high bath vanities with granite tops and under-mount sinks
" The plants and animals of Mote Marine and Marie Selby
Botanical Gardens GOURMET KITCHEN
" Concerts, festivals, and afternoon strolls at Bradenton's Riverwalk 0 Raised panel 36" upper cabinets & custom granite countertops
" Satisfy your artistic side at Manatee Players Theater 0 Under-counter mounted stainless sink & recessed lighting
" The knowledge and history of the South Florida Museum 0 State of the art package: Large utility sink with base cabinets,
" Indulge in nature at Robinson Preserve and Emerson Point utility sink faucet in brush nickel, hook ups for full size washer and dryer
" Catch a fly ball at McKechnie Field.
" Professionally designed & manicured tropical landscaping EXTERIOR FINISHES
" Outdoor walking/running track, putting green, & clog park 0 50 year metal roofing & under cover assigned parking
" Two story Clubhouse, recreation and fitness center 0 Energy saving double paned windows
" Designer community pool and deck & outside kitchen 0 Generous balconies with alumnium railings
and bar entertainment area
" Minutes from the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches
" Overlooking the blue waters of Palma Sola Bay Club
'- T ... ... .. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... ... ... ... ... .. ... .. .. .. .. .
T Z ..... Re D............. B R A D E N TCN
941.761.7349 Call Today 3400 75th Street West, Bradenton, Florida 34210

32 0 APRIL 30, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER
Our Tortuga, Tradewinds, SeaSide and
Tropic Isle Beach Resorts are the perfect
choice for your wedding or other special
celebration here on gorgeous Anna Maria
1603 Gulf Driv e North Island. Whether a lavish event at one of our
Braenon eahFL.3417three private beaches or in your resort suite,
or at our new Tortuga Beach Pergola, our
BEACH ESORT Concierge and professional Wedding Plan-
ner look forward to helping you. As a cour-
tesy, we'll extend our group discounts to ...... ......... .....
include each of our four hotels, so you'II get
credit for the total number of reservations 0
no matter which hotel you and your guests
2200 Gulf Drive North
Braentn Bac, F.3417choose. Please call soon. We invite you to
1-800-447-7124 make your memories here with us: we know
you'II come back to visit us again & again.
1325 Gulf Drivec North 01 SL
Bradenton Beach, FL 34217 BUYERS: CHOOSE FROM 0o SLmAD LI
"The beach is spectacular and the 6o j1VI -
sunsets aire amazing.Very romantic. Holmes Beach -1F1
2103 Gulf Drivec North If y ou want to just relax and forget David Teitelbaum Liz Codola
BradntonBeac,-FL3421 the worl, this is the place to go." Sales Associate 419 Pine Ave Broker Associate
1-0088-492941-812-4226 Anna Maria 34216 941-812-3455
Srfie... AnMaria Island
ZAGAT Top Restaurants in Arnerica
"Best Food on the Gulf Coast"