Group Title: Virginia evening chronicle.
Title: Virginia evening chronicle. August 3, 1877.
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Title: Virginia evening chronicle. August 3, 1877.
Uniform Title: Virginia evening chronicle.
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Publication Date: August 3, 1877
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VoL. XI.-No. 100.

(Sundays excepted.)
OPFICE--Black's Building, Taylor
street, Second Door below C.
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D. i. MCCARTHY. Publisher.
Ageos& for the Evening Chronicle :
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Cherry Creek ....... .......... W. WS. Clayton
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The Record of Montenegro for
500 Years.

kcaonstant Series of StrIg oles for
'Freedom-One of the Ilack-lonn-
talneers uoed for Three Turks.

While the forces of the Czar were
slowly massing along the Danube, his
diminutive but gallant ally was left to
bear the brunt of the war. To us it
looks as if the Prince of Montenegro
would have done better to accept the
cession of territory offered by the Sul-
tan than to sacrifice his hardy moun-
taineers to the schemes of Muscovite
ambition. "But be that as it may, there
is no doubt that in the sanguinary
drama now afoot, between the Bos-
porus and the-Adriatic. the most strik-
ing and, anomalous role belongs to the
eopleof the Blaqk Mountain.
,It-willnot lidhsaid henceforth that
the~Mof nteifegro ia less known
to the-Eng3.h speaking public than
that of Monap# r Sain Marino. This
remarkable race -s found of late an
interpreter in Tenn..on, who celebrates
their "rough rock-throne of freedom,"
while a score of writers less eloquent,
among whom Mr. Gladstone and Mr.
Edward Freemaa .may- be cited, have
furnished commentaries to the poet's
text. While these have blazoned be-
fore the eye of the world the astonish-
ing achievements of this people during
the year which. has just closed, they
point out that the salient feature of that
S-.record, namely, the splendid monotony
of victory, was no anomaly in the his-
tory of what the Laureate calls "great
Tsernagora," but had marked the whole
course of a struggle maintained for five
hundred years.
Those who noted from day to day the
incidents ,of the lrief campaign from
July to October, 1876, as they were
,chronicledint our telegraphic dispatches,
must have been equally impressed with B
the unbroken uniformity of Turkish
victories over the Servian forces, and of
T urdsh defeats in the conflict with
Montenegro. Glancing back over the
bulletins and citing pnly the most re-
markable, we find that on July 28 the i
men of Tsernagora encountered Mukh- b
ta- Pasha, and tor once with superior
force. What was the result ? Osman
Pasha was taken, Selim was slain, 4,000 o
Turks were killed, but only 70 men of,
Montenegro.' It follows, when we con-
aider the want of artillery on the part
of the victQrs, that for each slain d
mountaineer more than fifty of his foes t
must have been sacrificed. Again, at l
Medun, on the 14th of August, 20,000 3
Turks were defeated aud 4,700 cut to t
pieces by 5,000 of these stalwart war-
riors. Oa the 6th of September five
battalions from the Black Mountain b
foiled Dervisch Pasha in his movement
upan Piperi, and slew 3,000 of his men. c
On the 7th: of October occurs a slight f
reverse, which is almost instantly trans-
formed into a victory. At that date we
read that Mukhtar Pasha, with 18,000 1
men, druve three Montenegrin battal-
ions back upon Mirotinsko Dolove. t
Here, however, the retreating detach.
ment was raised by a junction with i
Vukotitch to a strength of 6,000, and
being now onetQ three they swept down
upon Mukhtar, and after an action of t
sixteen hours hurled him back to Klo. 1
kuk, leaving 1,500 dead behind him.
Three days later Dervisch Pasha
found himself attacked simultaneously
at various points, and had to retreat
with a loss of .2,000, soldiers. Finally,
on the 20th of October, Medun was
taken, and the Ottoman General fled to c
Seutari. At this point the armistice
-cut short the tale of disaster, when the
southern army under Dervisch had 1
been reduced from 45,000 tO 22,000
men, and the northern, under Mukh-
tar, from 35,000 to 18,000. M.nte-
negro brought into action, in all, 25,000
men, of whom but two-thirds were her
own. On the other hand, the Turkish
force directed against Tsernagora is
stated at the enormous total of 130,000.
Now, when we bear in mind that the
Turkish nizam is a stout soldier, and
at this very time was proving him-
self quite competent to deal with
Servians, who are next of kin to the
Montenegrins, and remember, also, that
b eras were supplied with all the
of modern warfare,
w.. e mountaineers had but few
breecn.oaders, except such. as they
could wrench from their enemies, we
must concede that the above record is
not paralleled in the annals of any other
people, It is a familiar teaching of his.
tory that courage dwells with freedom
on the heights; but none of the moun-
taineers whom poets have made immor-
tal-neither Samnite, Swiss nor Scottish
Highlander-ever made such a daunt-
less.and triumphant stand against odds
so overwhelming.
The nearest analogue to the present
prowess of the Montenegrins is to be
found in their own chronicles. When
Ivan, the Montenegrin hero of the day,
quitted, in 1484, the sunny tracts be.-
tween the mountain and the sea, where
his people had basked some seven hun.-
dred years, and sought on the rocks
and amid the precipices a bulwark

against the conqueror of his kindred,
S te few fugitives unanimously voted
one fundamental law. It was decreed
that in time of war no son of Tserna-
gora could quit the field without the
order of his chief ; that whenever a
wounded soldier could not be moved
to a place of safety, his comrades must
perform for him the last office of special
friendship, and by hewing off his head
save him from the shame of being
taken alive; that, thirdly, a runaway
should be dressed in woman's clothes
and presented with a distaff, and that
the women striking him with their dis-
taffd should hunt the coward away from
the sanctuary of freedom. How this
covenant is kept we saw last year, and
we may gain further evidence from a
glance at their previous exploits, con-
I'.ing ourselves to the last century.
And here v may mention the impres- fact that it had become a rule with
he Ottoman commanders not to attack

Montenegro except with armies equal-
ing or exceeding, sometimes more than
doubling, the-whole number of men,
women and children that it contained.
In 1712, when the population of the
mountain did not reach forty thousand,
fifty thousand Turks crossed the Zeta.
They were presently assailed in their
camp by Danilo, the Montenegrin
leader, who, with a loss of 318 men,
slew at the lowest estimate 20,000. In
1722 the Turks again brought forward
a picked army of 20,000 men under
Hussein Pasha, but 1,000 mountaineers
took this General prisoner and utterly
discomfited his troops. Five years
afterward another Turkish invasion was
similarly defeated, and in y732 Topal
Osman Pasha marched with 30,000
men against an ally of Tsernagora,
but had to fly, with the loss of
his camp and baggage. We will cite
one more specimen from the almost
unbroken series of Montenegrin vic-
tories. In 1768 the country was invaded
by an army variously computed at 67,-
000, 100,000, and 180,000 men. The
Tsernagoran force of 10,000 to 12,000
was, as always, ready to fight, but the
Venetians, truckling to the Porte, for-
bade the entry of munitions of war.
Utter ruin seemed at last to be impend-
ing, when 500 men attacked a Turkish
division and secured a prize of powder.
Thereupon the Montenegrins assaulted
before dawn the combined corps'of the
Pashas of Roumelia from the south and
Bosnia from the north, effecting
the scarcely creditable slaughter of
20,000 Turks, with 3,000 horses,
besides winning an incalculable quan-
tity of colors, arms, munitions, and
baggage. Such, with the single excep-
tion of the campaign under Omar Pasha
in 1852-3-and we ought apparently to
add.the campaign from which the Turk-
ish Generals have just been recalled to
face more urgent necessities upon the
Danube-has been the uniform end of
all modern invasions of Tsernagora, in
which, however, it will be acknowledged
the vast resohirces and persistent effort
of the Ottoman assailants are only less
remarkable than the inflexible resist-
ance of the assailed.
Obviously the record of this people
must interest the naturalist no less
keenly than the historian. Physically,
the men of the Black Mountain are of
exceptional power and stature, and of
great longevity. We are told that the
habits of their life are in an extraordi-
nary degree hardy, healthy and simple;
nor does at seem improbable that the
severe natural conditions of their en-
vironment may have acted as a test and
weeded out from the adult commune ty
all who did not attain to a high stand-
ard of masculine vigor. We do not
refuse to accept as the sober fact of his-
tory, what the English laureate has said
in aonorous verse : that never since
those black ridges drew the cloud and
broke the storm, has there breathed a
race of mightier mountaineers.-N. Y.
Something that no London Journal
Knows Anything About.
NEW YORK, August 2.-The Times'Lon-
don correspondent says : The Vatican has
settled upon a grand plan for a crusade,
to be called the International Catholic
League, and the project has been scanc-
tioned by the Pope. The center of the
new organization is to be Rome, and it
s to have a general fund and be directed
by a committee at headquarters with a
complete administrative organization
with barnches everywhere. The declared
object.of this new body ia the defense of
their right. and freedom, in view of the
aws adopted against" the church and the
Pope, the re-establishment of the tem-
poral power of which the Pope has been
deprived by force, restoration of rights of
the holy see organization and the estab-
ishmentof theOatholic press in every con-
liderable center for supporting of instruc-
tions from Rome.
The calumnies of the opposition press
are to be met by legal proceedings. The
Pope, in a private circular, expresses the
hope that all Catholic associations will
unite in this league, and the nobility and
cergy are ordered to unite in battle for
freedomm and universal sway of the church.
Priests and Bishops are urged to agree;
all for one and one for all. All centers of
honie organizations are to be in tele-
graphic communication direct with the
Vitican. The new scheme is causing ex-
traordinary excitement on the continent
and may in some measure account for the
ucreasiDg friendliness of Italy and Ger-
many. It is a curious fact that not one
London journal has any information on
this remarkable topic, but it is neverthe-
ess a fact which I have on the- best au-
Not Women of that Kind.
General William H. French, lately re-
ieved of his command in West Virginia,
has a facial affection which frequently
causes a sudden contraction of the
muscles, and gives him the appearance of
winking with both eyes at once. On thel
narch to Gettysburg, in the latter part
of June, 1863, the General, accompanied
by his staff, rode up to a Maryland farm
house which he proposed to make his
headquarters for the night. Several fe-
males appeared at the door, when General
French inquired: "Ladies, can you ac-
commodate me and my staff for the
night ?" at the same time discharging one
of his double barrelled winks. The lady
of the house, starting back and casting a
frightful lok at her companions, turned
upon the General, and with all the as-
perity she could summon, replied: "Sir,
v u have made a mistake. We are not
women of that kind!" "Who the h-1
said you were?" roared the General, with
another double wink: "I am General
French, of the Ufion army, and we
simply want shelter for the night." There
was a sniggle among some of the Gen-
era's staff, when he turned around fiercely
and demanded to know who had laughed,
threatening to put the offender uuderarrest
f,,r his levity. Matters being exp ained
the ladies granted him the permission re-
A Fashionable Engilsh Girl.
The diversions of English fashionable
society are various and some of them
vivid. During Ascot week a charming
party were assembled in the neighbor-
hood of the great race-meeting. Among
the number was a young lady whose
prowess across country is proverbial. The
weather being hot some of the ladies ap-
peared at breakfast in demi-toilette, and
after that meal strolled about the lawn.
The heroine of this anecdote, on nearing
some ornamental water, took a flying
header into it and swam about till she had
had enough, when she landed and chal-

lenged a well known sportsman to a race.
Helter-skelter they went, round the lawn,
across the flower-bed, till the lady, finding
herself nearly caught, jumped once more
into the water, followed all too closely by
her companion. In the end both were
severely bumped and had to be fished out
by the bystanders.
The Winnemunoca Silver State says
that last Tuesday the railroad men dis-
covered a switch at the main track east
of town opened in such a way as to
make the ditching of a train going East
or West over the road inevitable. The
passenger was the first train due at the
time, and serious consequences might
have resulted had not the discovery
been made. Who the miscreant was
that made this distardly attempt is not
even suspected.
The Reese River Game and Fish
Protective Associetion have decided to
order 2,000 young cattish for planting in
Reese river.

A Secret of thie Old New York Post.
ofMce- Hidden Iosts of Obsrrvalhn
from, Which Evepy Movement or
The Clerks was aoted.
The workmen engaged in converting
the old Postoffice building, at Liberty
aud Nassau streets, into stores and
offices for business purposes, have made
some interesting discoveries in the
rambling old structure. The forgotten
vaults, with their gloomy writings and
the crumbling coffins, in which were
laid to rest many of the early settlers
of New York, were described in a
recent article of the Tribune, which
also mentioned the changes to be made
in the building by Wiliam Trist Bai-
ley. who has leased it from the Secre-
tary. The old story-and-a-half," is a
double building, the inside structure
being the Ancient Middle Dutch Church
erected in 1729. The outer building
was constructed around the church by
the Postoffice Department, in 1845,
when the property was purchased by
the Government. In making altera-
tions, yesterday, the workmen discov-
ered that what was apparently the ceil.
ing of the addition to the old building
was in reality a double floor. The
rooms above were used by the Post-
master and his assistant officers. No
one except those in the secret even sus-
pected that this floor was of more than
ordinary thickness, as it was built
against the great walls of the church on
one side, and hid itself on the other
beneath the roof of the more monern
part of the building.
The workmen reported their discov-
ery to Mr. Bailey, and he, with a
Tribune reporter, yesterday explored
the recesses of thp floor so unexpectedly
brought to light. When the workmen
had removed the flooring, it was seen
that the concealed space was from 4 to
4J feet deep, affording ample room for
men to move about. Passages led
entirely around the building. At very
short intervals were found small circu-
lar holes in which were inverted lenses.
Through these a view of the room
beneath was obtained. Back of and
above these lenses were reflectors
which brought before the eye of the
observer the utmost recesses of the Post
office. It was evident that these three
passages and their curiously arranged
miniature windows, were used by detec-
tives during the 30 years of the occupa-
tion of the rambling old building as a
Postoffice. Through these peep holes
the work of the clerks was closely
watched. This theory was confirmed
upon subsequent investigation.
On the west side of the building a
small attic room was found, in one cor-
ner of which was a trap-door leading to
the passages just described. This room
was used by the detectives when not on
watch, aud was unknown to most of the
employes of the Postoffice. Connected
with this room was a set of speaking-
tubes. The tiny windows, already re-
ferred to, were most numerous over the
money-order and registered-letter de-
partments, which a force of detectives
kept constantly under inspection dur.
ing business hours. The peep-holes,
however, took in all the rooms, and
the various clerks, as well as the
thousands of vople constantly going
and coming very unconsciously under
scrutiny. If a detective saw any steal-
ing or any improper action committed
either by a 'clerk or by a person not
employed in the office, the speaking-
tube by his side conveyed a warning at
once to the attic room, and the guilty
person was met at the door, or tapped
on the shoulder in the interior of the
office by another detective. The
closest watch was kept upon the em-
ployes of the Postoffice, and under
this system of espionage the number of
successful robberies, was very small.
The aperatures through which the
detective overlooked the rooms, are in
most cases so small as to be hardly vis-
ible from the apartments below. Some
of them, however, look boldly down
from the casement, but as the planks in
which they are seen were obtained of
very old timber, the holes would
readily be taken for knot-holes.
No one of the persons who were
familiar with the old Postoffice for
thirty years, except ex-Postmasters and
assistants, have known of these spying
places. The oldest employes in the
new Postoffice, when questioned upon
the subject yesterday, were entirely
ignorant of such a lurking place for
officers. ,They have walked for years
through the old building, handled
thousands of dollars, and held impor-
tant trusts, but yesterday they received
their first intimation of the fact that
during all these years they had been
closely watched. The detection, arrest
and conviction of some of their former
associates, always a mystery to them,
were now cleared up by the reporter's
revelations. Many of these old em-
ployes at first refused to believe that
the garret floor of the ancient
building was double, and had been
arranged as described.
The reporter found, last night, a
detective who is now employed at the
new Postoffice, and who previously
served in the old building. Without
referring to his discoveries of the after-
noon, the reporter asked the detective
how the employes were watched in the
old building, and if there were not some
other way of observing irregularities
except by standing in the galleries, and
overlooking the men at work, as at
present, in the new building. The
detective laughed heartily, and looking
in a suspicious manner at the reporter
"Were you the reporter who ex-
plored the Old Dutch Church vaults?
I thought so, and I'll wager you have
discovered the double floor. WVell,
that was the kind of Civil Service re-
form we used in those days. I feel
sorry the old secret is out."
The detective then stated that the
existence of the detectives' attic room,
the trap-door, and the secret passages
were known only to afew persons. The
whole floor was devised by the Post-
master who superintended the erection
of the additions to the old church.
Many robberies by employes were dis-
covered, much to the astonishment of
the guilty persons. The first Postmas-
ter had miniature glass windows in the
walls of his room in the southwest cor-
ner of the building, through which he
kept a watch on his assistants, who, of
course, were not in the secret. The
existence of these watch-holes was com-
municated by each Postmaster to his
successor. The maxim of the Post-

master was, "The detectives and assis.
tants watch the employes and people,
the Postmaster keeps an eye on the
detectives and assistants, and the Lord
will watch the Postmaster."
The National Rifle Club of Scotland
has addressed a letter to the National
Rife Association of New York, protest-
ing against any so-called British team
being allowed to compete for the Amer-
ican Centennial trophy, fearing that
should the trophy pass into the hands
of the British team the right of Scot-
land to enter her team next year would
be denied.

L neatesl printing is done at the EvEarso
CitosiLacic Job Office, Ta)lor street, second
door below C, tnoJtf





.... AND,....


... 01 TIHE....


Turn -Verei n.

... AT....

Will be performed by the Society and Dancing
for all. No trouble nor expense will
be spared to make it pleasant and
agreeable for all -hat( participate.
Good order on thegrunds,and guards will be
stationed on each car to prevent accidents.
Lunohei will be properly cared fo .
Trat,i leaves promptly at 8 o'clock. An extra
car will take o-t those Lom Goll Hill. Mem-
bers a'e requested to be at their Hall promptly
at 7 o'clock.
Tickets for round trip, $2; entrance to the
Park, 50 cents.
President of the Day:
Committee of Arrangements.
VIROI iA--G Thede, J. Wulff, J. C. Young,
F. Schmaedeke, F. Boegle.
GOLD HBit-Chas. Haub,S. Schweis, E. School.
CARtsoN-G. W. Kitzmeyer, Geo. Tuffly, John
Wagner, M. Fisher. Jy6 td





-wILL. Ba OWNs AT-

0. F.P. R. LM1TIT



Principal Office and Yard:
Mill and Mining Timbers, Finishing
Building and Flume Lumber. A large and
complete assortment of Common, Clear and
Dressed Lumber, Pine and Redwood Ceiling,
Oregon Pine Flooring, Stepping and Joists,
Sierra Valley Clear-dressed Finishing Lumber,
Pine and Redwood 8 and 10-inh Rustic Cali-
fornia Sugar Pine, j to 2-inch, Pine and Red-
wood Shingles, Plain and Fancy Pickets, Siding,
Laths, Tuin, Mouldings, Transoms, Doors,
etc. Sash and Blindr constantly on hand.
Our Prices as Low as the Lowest
And ifistaotion guaranteed very particular.

Sash, Blind and Door Factory and Planing
Mills-Verdi, C. P. R. R Nevada.
Mills and Flumes-Proseer Creek, C. P. R. R.,
Nevada county, California. aul tf


rPrincipal Omfce :
17 and 79 North C Street,
Between Sutton avenue and Mill street. -
; Principal Yard:
On E and P Sts., North of Ophir Mine,
No. 160 North E Street.
zens and Mining Companies of Virginia
an" vicinity, a splendid stock of California
Sugar Pine. Redwood and Oregon Pine, one-
half inch to three int hr; Sugar Pine Moldings,
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Pickets, etc. Also. East-
ern Oak and Sugar Maple, 2, 3 and 4 inch.
Mill Work Orders a Specialty.
All kinds of manufactured Bu lding Material.
All kinds of Flooring, ( eiline and Ru tic We
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panies on the Comstock, from the Mound House
or northward, at the lowest possible prices.
Common Lumber of all dimension, and every
variety of material in our line of trade.
jyll tf SWAIN, BRADLEY & CO.

...rTO... !

While Away an Hour In.

aul Im.


Commencing on

Thursday Evening, August 2, jy28 tf RICHARD ROWN, Proprietor.

Reopening Monday, August 6,

And continuing one week.
jy16 tf



And Member of the Royal College of Surgeons,
England, 1859,
his profession at
No. 101 South C Street,
O poslte Palmer's new store,
Where he may be consulted from 8 A. M. till 9
P M., daily, in affections of the Heart, Lungs,
Liver and F idneys, Nervous Debility, arising
from youthful indiscretion, Skin and Con-
tageous Diseases.

Sufferers from the above maladies will find
A skillful and conscientious Physician.
Consultation Fee, $2 50.
Jy25 if

lgrcx1itf ani1 Vroisioits.


C street, Virginia,

Next to the Bank of California Building, Whole-
sale and Retail Dealers in
Groceries, Provisions, Crockery,
Wooden-Ware, China Sets and French Cut
Glass, Oil and Candles, Flour
and Feed, Etc., Etc.
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l hLan-l .:.. E I..l.O.non, the well-
.1 --,i gjr.:..-ty ktf.-r. %a.- lhisrefitted It in
nir.t-,.i,.- 1c h ri *., i l .. r.i.-,ed to meet hi*
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April 23, 1877. jy23 tf.
x 4 0 U a. 0 X. S ,

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In the rear.

Ales, Etc.

j39 im



Step in and Take Something.
jy27 1m ORNDORFP d& I AGBEB.

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Secure a Homestead
a beautiful, climate, no fever and ague;
the natural home of the fig, citron, raisin,
prune, olive,_ Walnut, almond, orange and
lemon ; within 21 miles of the flour hing town
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ride from San Francisco. The Colony is di-
vided into 20 acre lots,
And Sold for $1,000 Each.
Terms, $100 down, and $20 per month, with-
out interest. Two Acres of the choicest Raisin
Vines set out and attended t-, for two years,
free of charge.
A number of Gold Hill an.l Virginia people
have already secured humes.
20 Acres of Raislins are worth more
thIan $5,000 per Year.
20 Acres of Prunes are worth more
than $10,000 per year.
20 Acres of Oranges, Lemnons and
Limes are worth niore than

$15,000 per year.
For circulars and further particulars inquire
of S. A MILLER, at the American Exchange
Hotel, northwest corner of WaA-lngton and E
streets. jv13 taw if

.JOaH a Sone.

V. W. LKTt.

heretofore at the Old Stand,

186 and 188 South C Street,

Wholesale & Retail Grocers


No. 82 South C Street,


jl20 Im


Flour, Grain, Feed and


N. B.-The finest brands of WINES and
LIQUORS are bottled expressly for family and
medicinal purposes. jyz9 tf
assortment of Card Stock at the CiiRONI
CLt Jol Of1'h-. ii2 t11


3, 1877.

Silverware and Clocks.

Particular Attention Paid to the Re-
pairing of Fine Watches.
All goods warranted. jy7 tf
ataem u4t tsivtaurath.


street, where he is prepared to furnish
Board and Booms for $35 per Month.
The rooms are all airy, clean and well-venti-
lated. jy3i Im
renovrted and fitted up in neat style, with
private eating boxes and a capacious dining-
room. Meats can bi procured at all hours, at
25, 50, 75 cents and upwards. Everything served
up on the square, and meal tickets at a barge ain.
This is the neatest and m-,st economical house
to ret a good square meal in town.
jy2 tf F. BNOS.

93 North C Street,
a large and complete stock of
Groceries, Provisions,
Butter, Eggs, Poultry,
Fresh FIsh, Etc.
We also have a Bar stocked with choice
brands of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Cool Beer, fresh tapped, always on draught.
jy271m 93 NORTH C STREhT.

completed and accommodates 250 gue-ts.
Board........ ........ $10 per Week.
Rooms from $25 per month and upwards.
Transient guests, 3 50 and $5 00 per day.
A. lANAK I Proprietors
Jy22 id


S. A. MILLER, Manager.
N.W. cor. E. & Washington Sts
In Virginia City.
Bo Rn, per weaek.....................$ 00
BOARD & ODGING, per month........5 0
SINGLE ROOMS (per month), from.... 7 to 10
newly furnished, and offers better accom
modations to he public for the price thanan any
other houns in the State of Nev rla.l v 0 1 i



N -. 32 South 0 Street
jy8 tf



Formerly Melter and Refiner, anl late Supervis-
OHEAP BARGAINS ing Assayer of United States Mint, San Fran-
cisco. auln t

-60 TO r


advertise your business is to scatter a
few thousand lHandbills riverr the face of crea-
tJon; $3 to $4 per thousand at the CimtotnicE
ol) Oftice, Taylor street, accord door below C.

Gold Hill Ansay Ofice
..OE.. .

(Late Y. Rnhling d& Co.
T" and Assayed.
We guarantee our Assays to conform to the
Standard of the UNITED STATES MINT.
jyl4 tf



T 13. ED

Without the aid of a Musical Teacher or know-
ledge of the Rules of Composition, aF,
large number of
Polkas, Mazurkas, Waltzes, Schot-
tisehes, C alops. Varso iennes,
Mlinnets, Quadrilles and
Military Marches.
with examples.
Director of the San Francisco Italian Musical
Board Cover...................... .......14 00
Cloth Gilded Cover...................... 5 00
....FOR SALE AT ....
105 Kearney Street,
jy27 tf San Francisco, Cal.


S..Inasmuch as every tuner who has been
here for the last four years has taken advantage
of me, because t never worked in a piano fac-
tory, to speak ill of me,"and believing I would
not suffer in comparison as a tuner, or in char-
acter for fair dealing, and there were so many to
believe thml thought it would be a good stroke
of policy to leave for a while, and let the lyinw,
swindling bilks who have lately invaded the
place have full sw ng, I have n rw returned, and
am ready to attend to all orders leit on my
slate, at 78 SOUTH 0 STREET, at my usual
liberal rates. All work guaranteed to give
e, tire satisfaction or no pay.
jy21 Im F. A. HERRING.


F. J. JEssUP,
Piano, Organ and Vocal Music.
Residence at 158 South C street. Squier'
Building. Orders left at W. H. Ash's Plonee
Bokstore, or at St. Mary's Convent, will
promptly attended to. jyljtf

Gold and Silver Jewelry to L. C.
Butch to be engraved at No. 82 SouthsS5
C Atreet.. Vireinia. Nei au9 tf

76a South C Street,


....AND DEALER INc....


05s. BL. A A. I,. P. OBDRxx,
Carried on Margins. Money Loaned or
approved security.
Correspondents in San Francisco, Messrs. J.
H. Latham & Co.
Virginia, December 9, 1875. Jy9 tf

San Francisco, Cal.; Virginia, Nev.
Money to loan on Mining Stocks and other
satisfactory securities. jy9 tf
Stock and Money Brokers.
OFFICE-64 South C street, Virginia, Nov.
mission and carried on margin.
Silver Bought and Sold. jy4tf

fntaxto g la~v.
jy5 tf
Buildig, upstairs. Hours-9 to 5. jyl5

Shaving and Hairdressing Saloon
And Bath-House,
33 South C Street, Virginia.
kind in the State. None but first-class
workmen employed. Perfumery, Hair oils,
Liair Tonics andi Barbers' furnishing goods kept
costa tly on hand. A fresh supply of Norwe-
g'an and Sweedish leeches always on hand.
Cupping and Leechilng a Specialty.
jylO tf

$ 7 J thase time-, but it can be made in
three months by any one of either
EfM i l sex iu any part of the country,
who is wi ling to work steadily at the employ-
ment that we furnish. Sixty-six dollars per week
in your own town. You need not be away fro'
home over night. You can give your l
time to the work, or only yur spare ni ens.
We have agents who are making er $ 0 per
day. All who engage at once makemoney
fast At the present time oney cannot be
made so eas ly and rapid y at any other bsi-
ness. It costs nothir to try the business,
Terms and e5 outfiree. Apdress at -oce H.
HALLETr C ., Portland. Maine. jyl63m*
-ISS UTION OF OPARTNER S e copartership her- tofo e tixstin be-
ienE. B ST,.NEHiLLand R. E. FOOTE,
rAttorneys at-Lawv, is this day dissolved by mu-
tual consent. 31r. Stonehill will continue the
busin-ss at the old otlce, in Black's building,
corner of C and Taylor a reets.
Virginia, July 6, 1877. Jy6 1m

County Surveyor.
Offlie-In Black's new building, corner of C
and Taylor streets, I irginia. jylt tf

JA.. a C'UXX T 3 X,
90 South C Street, Virginia
n and outdoor sales promptly attended to.

L- land. has removed his office to
Over Central Malet, Sonth C street.
anti tm
South C street, over A. M. Cole's drug
store. jy21 Im
Nevada City, California. Per-US
manently located at Virginia City. ..'
Office, 148 SOUTH C STREET. Satisfaction
guaranteed. "jyl6 tf
(Late of Cason City),
S Office, in Mollinrlli's Hotel, North C
street. Entrance from both C and B Streets.
Office hours from 11 A. X. to 2 p. M. and 7 to
8 P. jy12 1m
found at his old office in Gold Hill from
12 to 4 p. M. daily. Any dispatch left there will
be promptly responded to during those hours
jyll tf

Tells by Different CaTds & Flanets.
89 South B Street.
jy26 tf
The Wonderful Gifted Astrologer
and Forture Te ler,
Consultation fee, $2. Madame S., as a
private Doctress, has been very successful in
curig unfortunate diseases, and guarantees to
give full satisfaction in all respects. 1Vo. 39
-North C street and No. 42 North B street.
Jy9 1m*

(Successors to D. Driscoll & Co.)
. Ofce, Bank of California Building,
43 South C Street, Virginia, Nov.
AM: Stocks bought and sold and carried on
margin. Money loaned on approved securities.
Virginia, March 1. 1877. autlf,

ro. 62 South C street.

S Commission.
Money advanced on Stock.
Liberal Margins given to Customers. jv25 tf

Stock and Money Brokers,
56 South 0 street, Virginia.,
(Opp. Odd Fellows' Building.)

mission, and carried on Margins. Silver
and Currency bought and sold.
Bullion Purchased at the Best Market
Correspondents in San Francisco-Greene-
haum. Helhing & Co., Anglo-California Bank,
San Francisco. y2

five room< (futalshed) near the Ophir iJ
mine, on lot 43 by 100 f et. Tit e perfect; wil
be sold for $,00. Apply at office of DAN
LYOiNS, Wells Fargo building. aul-tf

rooms; modern Improvements; cen-
trally located.
of house on B street, near Taylor.
on B street; possession given August slar. Ii
RENTS COLLECTED and property taken
charge of for non-residents. J. G. FAKRRING-
TON, No. 11North B Etreet. jyl9 Im
Attontgo at w.


106 South 0 St., Virginia,- .

mis-ion on the most favorable terms
will also carry Stocks on Margin and
Loan Money on all Cood Marketable
at a reasonable rate of interest. Customers
who have their stock account ith me can have
the satisfaction of knowing that their stocks
are not in the hands of San Francisco brokers,
BANK, ready to be delivered when allied for.

106 South e Street, VIr;inta.
au2 Lmn 2p
J I Ll~wl. W. I. DBA..
upper floor of Hanak's Building, between
Odd Fellows' Hall & Wells, Fareo & Co.'s auItt
at Law and Notary Public.-Office, with
Lewis & Deal, upper floor of Hanak's Build
ing, between Odd Fellows' Hall and Wells
Fargo & Co.'s. au2 1m
A AT LAW-No. 856 South 0 street, Vir-
ginia City, Nevada. aul Imi
Building, southwest corner of Taylor and
B streets. Virginia City. jy2 8 t

to MaryE's Building, hoomi 5 and 0. '
jy28 tf
R. S. & W S. M-i-
in Virginia Wat," LAW ROOMS
South B street, upsl Company's Building,
-', ar. jy'7 tf
A- oms 4, 5 and 6 over Mallon's store.
jyl8 Im
Louis BRANsoX. M. C. TiLDN.s
South B 1 street, Virginia City, Nevada.
Money to loan on approved security. jy5 lm*

Our arrangements for printing Law
Briefs, Transcripts, etc., are the
most complete in the State. Cards
and Note Headings for Professional
men done in the most tasteful style
at the
!Evening Chronicle Job Office,
Corner C and Tavlor streets.


Carson Street, Carson City,
A l TABLE, made by Strahle & Co. of San
Francisco, and furnished with De Laney's
Patent Cushions ana Sdate Bed.
This Table cost $400. It will be sold for
It is in perfect repair and is comparatively
Pe-sons desiring a Billiard Table. and a good
bargain, are invited to take a look at tids one,
FRED RATHBONE, Proprietor.
Carson, July 27, 1877, aul 1w


And Billiard Parlors, Jewelry, Optical Goods, Cutlery,
No. -9, North C Street, Virginia, Nev.

L I ~s is I IYLLI -I I IIlII--slll-I ~ _~9 ,


LBUMICTOu, guateral, (9"tf

articles at the Scouring a'd Dyeing es
tab ishment of A. Servanay, 103 South F street,
are requested to call for them immediately,
otherwise they wi l be sold one week from date,
to cover expenses. A SERVANAY.
jy3I 1w
J W, GALLY.-A Lht'rft, aFUK TFi tt;
gentleman has been received at this office,
and will be forwarded to him as soon as his
postottBee -ddress can be ascertained. jy2 tf
-00t a4t otUwd.

s1lU on or about the 15th of
July,awhite MILCHI CW.brand.--
ed C Eon the right ,ide, and part
of the right ear cut off. The above reward will
be paid to any per-on on delivering the samo
cow to JAMES FURY, behind the old Conf.-
dence works, Gold Hill- aut-lw"
.L- your watch to L.. BUTCH, 82 South 0
street, Virginia, and have it repaired. All work
warranted. I anl tf
watches repaired--82 South 0 street,
Virginia. [aul tf] L. 0. BUTCH.

These notices-10 cft. anis for each insertion.
of unfurnished rooms to let at No. St
Room, nicely furnished. 28 North C street,
opposite Fitzmier'asCity Bakery. jy28 1w*
Rooms and Board can be had on reason-
able terms, at No. 10 F street, noith of the
Ophir works. MR'. M. A. BURKETT.
jyS3o Iw w
,and newly relitted throughout, suitable
for offices or sleeping apirments E.',i. ce lI
vNorth C street, and also N,. 26 North B t,eet.
jy tf MRS. C. MI BLsEt
l (the upper hall,) can be rented two nights
in each week (MONDAYS and SATURDAYS).
Apply at the store of HAYES & NEVIN, cor-
ner C and Smith streets. aul 1m

let, at reasonable rates. Apply at Schoen.
field & Heyman's furniture Store, 29 South 0
street, Virginia City. ly3O Im
: tWatntet.
Advertisements of Waano-Thrs times for $t
wants a situation as housekeeper, or to
do general housework or wait on table, in a pri-
vate family. Apply at 53 Sutton avenue, cr-.
ner of Howard. jy27 t
dressmaker, who can cut and fltwell. de-
sires employment; is a good hand at boys'
clothing, and can cut and make loose covers ;
would go out by the day or week. Leave
orders at Dr. Fowler's office, No. 0o South C
street., y21 im

These sotices-10 cs. a line or each inse on.

PER WEEK ....................5 Ce

FRIDAY ............ AUGUST 3, 1

The Evening Chronicle has mo
than double the circulation
any other newspaper in V:
ginia City.
The war in Europe has assumed
nrew phase, if we are to believe the te
grams, though they are to some exte
conflicting. That the Turks shou
turn on their enemies and give them
terrible beating is not inconsistent wi
their former history, but latterly
-- have learned to think of them as a vi
dAgraded, worn-out race, with not sta
ina enough to make them credital
soldiers. This opinion has be
strengthened also by reports of picu
tion and corruption among the high
officials is the Empire; and it may
just possible that the evil conduct
their leaders has given the tone to t
generally received character of t
Moslems. That they have whipp
the Russians,. and whipped the
badly, too, there can be
doubt, but that they will
able to continue their success
is not at all likely. From the meag
reports of recent battles, it appeal
that the Russians were thrown coi
pletely off their guard by the ease wi
which they found themselves movia
over an enemy's country. Their pas
age of the Danube, of the Balkans, as
the slight interruption they met .wi
almost in front of Adrianople, we
well calculated to deceive them into
want of caution, and if the Turks pr
posely pursued a policy which they e
pected to lead up to it, then it may
said that their good fortune has bee
far greater than their discretion. It
ever safe to permit an enemy to roa
at will over hostile territory, to mal
that a base of operations which shou
be employed in providing for one's ow
soldiers, and the Turks will learn thl
to their cost. They will find the
enemies concentrating now in huj
masses and precipitating themselves
overwhelming strength on their devote
provinces. The lesson of caution ha
been learned by the Russians at a te
riblo sacrifice, but it will be all tl
more indelible, and it will not be su
prising if in twenty days at further
the Russians are knocking at the gati
of CqOntantinople.
: horrid feature of the recent battle
S, ha_ s been the atrocities of the Bash
Bazouks. That there should exist a
this late day a civilized race that woul
permit such outrages is a shocking con
mentary on modern civilization. Tha
they should be able to enlist the syn
pathy of any considerable portion c
Christiancommunities seems monstrous
The Russians may have been drive
nto some retaliatory acts which goo
men will condemn, but the acts of th
Bashi-Bazouks in the helpless province
throigh which they have passed hav
been a terrible provocation. Unmiti
gated cruelty can never be county
nanced, no matter what may be it
WE notice that there is a movement
on foot in San Francisco for the estal
.,-lishment of a free- library. A meetih
was held there on Wednesday of thi
week for that purpose. Virginia Cit.
might make a move in -that direction
or at least endeavor to secure a library
free or otherwise. not creditabl
to the enterprise of a town as large a
this that it should have no public
library. We know the city has bees
unfortxawte in this. regard-that fire
r ave several times destroyed valuable
accumulations of books-but that is n
reason for not trying again. There ar
few towns in America where the effect
of a good library would be more power
fully felt than in Virginia.
JUDGING from the way they fought a
Plevna it looks as though the Turks had
resolved to Tirnova a new leaf.

S Gold in New York to-day, 105.
The whole number of buildings or
-Manhattan Island is 84,200, of which
there are 67,156 dwelling-houses.
A fire at Elgin, Illinois, last night,
destroyed an entire block of buildings.
Total loss, $35,000 ; insurance, $17,000.
dOsceola Cooper, a nephew of the In-
dian chieftain Osceola, died in a New
York lodging-house yesterday from the
effects of whisky, aged 38.
William B. Ogden died in New York
S this morning; aged 72. He was the
first Mayor of Chicago and the first
President of the Union Pacific Railroad
The Berlin papers consider that the
recent battle puts an end to all hope of
terminating the war this year and
lessens the chances of intervention by
Austria or England.
The Georgia Constitutional Conven-
.-'n has decided to elect the Judges of
tO. supreme and Superior Courts by
*/ the S 'Uot of the Legislature. The
.. joint bat^, -w in 1880.
S election oe, the Star and Her-
The Lima lette' the President of
aid of Panama says revolution-
- P.Es has set at liberty titk. ,'- also the
ists teptified with Pierrola ate.

/'icers and crew of the Hunscar.
j A petition has reached the President<
signed by all the prominent business
men and many leading citizens of Santa
Fe, asking for the retention of S. B.
Axtell as Governor of New Mexico.
An election riot took place at Grims-
by, England, on Wednesday night. A
mob of 6,000 wrecked the hotel where
Watkin, the successful candidate, stay-
ed, and tried to burn it. Three persons
were injured. Troops werosent to the
scene and twelve rioters were arrested.
In Richmond, Va., yesterday, Judge
Hughes of the United States Circuit
Court decided in effect that the gold
from the Virginia State Treasury which
the -State officials distributed among
themselves on the eve of the evacua-
tion of Richmond was the property of
the United States Government, and
that the action brought against said
officials by the Government can be
maintained in hit court. The amount
involved is about $25,000. The case
will be carried to the Supreme Court.
.A Collision n LLae m Utlthglan-
CatIcAo, August 3, -The schooner
Grte;o A. Shannon, ownel by Alexander
A. Graham of th,i Jty, Iloaded with
coal, was run iito by the propeller
Favorite and suiik, this morning, near
Milwaukee. A 1 on boarl, excepting
th sAeven-year old son iof Mr. Uralam,
were staved. Lo,-s, V22 000.
There avo 65,0f)(i cords of wood at
tii dump apt I FB .'a fwaitiq WV.
4 1 1^

The Russians Again Movin
on Plevna.
ir Rumors of a Second Defeat

Heavy Reinforcements Goin
to the Front.
rnt Six Thousand Russians Killed in th
ild First Battle at Plevna.
n a
lth Special Dispatch to the Evening Chronicle.l]
we The Campaign In Bulgaria.
ale LONDON, August 2.-A Tirnova dig
;en patch says : The Russian Grand Dukl
la- has already started for Plevna. Prepa
ier rations are making for a great effort t
be retrieve the recent misfortune. Th
of division at Selvi is ordered to attack
he Lovatz. It is reported that they hav
he already taken it, but this is probably
ed untrue. The position is evidently ser
em ous as long as the Turks hold Plevn%
no The army corps here cannot be further
be weakened to reinforce General Gourko
ses and there are some doubts whether h
ger will be able to retain his advanced pos
ars tion beyond the Balkans.
th The Bucharest correspondent of thl
London Times telegraphs, August 1
ng Persons of high standing, arrived frost
ws- Siminitza, state that the Russians occu
nd pied Plevna on August 1 and route
th Osman Pasha's army.
A Viennia special reports that a simn
ere lar rumor has been telegraphed there.
art LONDON, August 2.-A detailed a(
x- count from the Daily News' correspond
be ent with the Russian army before
en Plevna says that a great battle a
is Plevna, a report of which was cable
Is yesterday, of which he was an eye
m witness, really occurred on July 31
ke and so the Russians could hardly, a
ild alleged by the Times Bucharest corre
spondent, have had time to receive re
mn inforcements from Tirnova and resume
his the offensive on the following day
;ir The News, in its detailed narrative c
the battle of Plevna, gives the Russian
in forces at 32,000 infantry, sixty field
in guns and three brigades of cavalry, and
ed says that this defeat makes the Russian
as hold in Bulgaria extremely precarious
Sand must compel a withdrawal of troop
from some other point where they ar
he nearly as badly needed, to beat the
r- Turks at Plevna. Beaten they mus
st be, and that speedily, if tie Russian
army is not forthwith to retire inglori
Ls ously into the principalities.
es LoNDON, August 2.-A Bucharest
i- correspondent telegraphs : The forces
at recently engaged at Plevna have re-
d tired beyond Osma river. The Six
teenth division of the Fourth corps ii
n- still crossing the Danube at Simnitza
it and will probably reinforce them. All
-. the scattered Russian troops now in
of the principalities have been summoned
into Bulgaria. I understand that the
s. Turks are not advancing eastward from
n their Plevna position, but are passing
d strong forces from Plevna northward
Stewards Loaca.
e VIENNA, August 2.-The Russian
i- defeat at Plevna was due to their being
m- flanked and attacked in the rear by a
s Turkish division of artillery, which
mowed down the Muscovites by hun-
dreds. The Russians were completely
nt routed, but managed to save their can-
non. Osman Pasha admits that both
" sides lost enormously.
g The best military authorities ascribe
s the victory partly to the superiority of
the Martini-Henry rifle (used by the
y Turkish troops) overthe rior order
D, of gun psed by the Russians.
y After the victory Osman Pasha di-
e reacted one detachment of his troops to
advance toward Gubrowa to dislodge
s the Russians from the northern opening
c of the Shipka Pass. Another force was
n dispatched in the direction of Nikopolis
s to engage the Roumanians garrisoning
e the fortress at that place.
S LONDON, August 2.-A Shumla dis-
e patch reports Mehmet Ali attacking the
s Rlussians near Rasgrad. The fighting
. continues and the Turks are reported to
be meeting with success.
LONDON, August 3.-A recent move-
d meant of Turks denote a military policy
quite different from that which pre-
vailed until three weeks ago. It is now
the Turks who concentrate, while the
Russians have reason to regret that they
have permitted themselves to distribute
their corps over so wide an area. For
the past ten days Tisnova has been the
point towards which the various Otto-
man armies have been tending to con-
verge, and thlther Osman Pasha was
moving when the Russians met him
near Plevna. To the same point Me-
Shemrnet Ali is said to be marching with a
strong column by Eski-Juna and Os-
Sman-Bazar. From the south Suleiman
Pasha was advanced to Yeni-Saghra, to
push the Russians back into the Shipka
Sand compel them to surrender. It is a
masterly plan, and hitherto has been
Extraordinarily successful.
Between Softcha and Plevna are ar-
riving tonight, and confirm the ac-
count of your correspondent. The de-
feat inflicted upon General Krudener's
army, which formed about one-tenth of
Sthe Russian forces south of the Danube,
is most momentous. The Turks chose
a position naturally strong and wisely
fortified it with defensive works of
every kind, so that their troops fought
under shelter. The Russians were led
on to attack them where they were pro-
tected in their trenches and fell by
thousands. The latest report places
the total Russian killed at 6,000. The
Turkish losses were also very heavy.

:- VDON, August 3. -A special is pub-
,L o i .'ing an account of another de-
li..edgiv -. ,ssians before Plevna on
feat of the e.&
Wednesday. _-
BERLIN, August 3 _- o.he Rus
Minister of War directs all ak N orPs
not yet mobilized to furnish a dis
each to the fighting army to be at onc-
dispatched to the Danube. The Rus-
sian journals deny that the Czar has
sanctioned a decree calling the land-
welir to its colors, because there is a law
providing otherwise.

South of the Balkans.
LONDON, August 3.-A correspondent
at Pera telegraphs that Suleiman
Pasha, now operating south of the
Balkans in the defense of Adrianople,
has gained a decisive victory, after four
days' fighting. This is doubtful. No
telegrams from the front are reliable.

The Feeling in England.
LONDON, August 3.-London is wild
over the belief that the Russians have
been decisively defeated on both banks,
asd the campagu substantially ended
for the present season in favor of the
Turks, There is no doubt- that
u404W U north of t09 Bgkn# hwvo met

with grett reverses, endangering thi
to entire movement. South of the Bal
kans the Russian prospect is gloomy
This has been a week of continuou
g bloody fighting on both sides of the
A Split in the Home Rule Party.
LONDON, August 3.-The recent'
scenes in the House of Commons have
caused a serious split in the Home Rule
g Party. It is stated that it has beei
determined to propose Parnell as honor
ary President of the Home Rule Con
federation of Great Britain in place of
e Brill (Butt ?).
Death of Sir James Douglas.
VICTORIA, B. C., August 3.-Sir
James Douglas, founder of Victoria
and first Governor of the colony, died
N suddenly last night.

e --
k A Synopsis of the Platform-Lamar
e Indorses Hayes' Policy-Singleton
Opposed to a Fraud.
3- Special Dispatch to the Chronicle.]

er JACKSON, Miss., August 2.-On re-
o, assembling to-day the convention
e adopted a platform as follows : Fidelity
i. to the Constitution of the United
States ; home rule and preservation of
State governments with all their re-
ie served and guaranteed rights unim-
: paired ; no interference by the military
m power with the freedom of election and
,d with the civil and political rights of
citizens of the United States; pro-
i. tection and equal rights of all
classes; no discrimination on ac-
. count of race, color or previous
condition of servitude; continua-
tion of the policy of retrenchment
"and reform so signally inaugurated by
'e the Democratic party ; corporations of
t every description supervisable within
constitutional limits by State authority
e- and subordinate to State legislation in
Sthe interest and for the protection of
s the people; we pledge ourselves to the
- maintenance of the State system of
e free schools, we favor granting such
e aid as may be extended without viola-
Stion of the Constitution of the United
States or departing from established
n usages of the government to the Texas
d Pacific railroad, and for rebuilding and
d keeping in repair levees of the Missis-
Sesippi river.
s In a speech last night Senater Lamar
e warmly indorsed President Hayes' pol-
e icy so far as it affected the South. On
e the other hand, Mr. Singleton, Member
t of Congress for the Fourth District.fol-
n lowed and objected to any approval of
Sa man who, he said, had gone into office
through fraud.


- Comments of the New York Press on
Their Platform.
Nzw YoRKK, August 2.-The Herald
a (Ind.) says: The Republican State
Convention met at Cleveland yesterday
and, we are glad to say, adopted a plat-
a form which, at least, by contrast de-
serves the support of honest and intelli-
gent men, and which is likely to carry
the State for the Republicans, in spite
- of many disadvantages under which
they enter the canvass.
A Herald Washington special says :
SIn regard to the Ohio Republican Con-
Svention, the President felt, as he be-
lieved every one did, a certain degree
of interest in it; but the statements so
generally current that he was anxious
his administration should be indorsed
elicited from him only good-natured
laughter, accompanied with the em-
phatic assurance that he did not car-
a whether it was or not, and he dismissed
further consideration of the subject,
, saying : "Oh, it's all right."
r The Times (Rep.) editorially praises
the Ohio Republicans for their action
The T-ibune (Rep.) says: The Ohio
a convention has done worse than it
should and better than we hoped. It
has not demanded the repeal of the re-
sumption act, has not been lukewarm
in its support either of the Southern
policy or civil service reform of the
President, and has not gone utterly
daft on the silver question. All this is
better than the many-voiced prophets
of evil have for weeks been loudly pro-
dicting; but the convention goes far
enough about silver. Its proposal for
its remonetization, however, is coupled
with a clause that coinage must be so
regulated as not to place us at a dis-
advantage with other nations, and this
is about all that saves it. The labor
plank (which is understood to be
Stanley Matthews's contribution) will
be regarded with suspicion.
WASHINGTON, August 3.-The Presi-
dent and Cabinet feel gratified at the
results of the Cleveland convention.
Judge West was the President's first
choice of all available candidates. The
platform and nominations are considered
a substantial triumph for the adminis.-
How the South Feels Toward Hayes.
WASHINGTON, August 3.-Major
Hearsey, the editor of the New Orleans
Democrat, called on Secretary Schurz
and Postmaster-General Key to day,
and afterward with the latter visited
the President. He expresses himself
much gratified with the very kind sen-
timents of the President toward the
South. The President said that he
hoped to be able to visit New Orleans
during the holiday vacation of Con-
gress. Hearsey says there is literally
no opposition to President Hayes in
Louisiana, and the people of the entire
South entertain as friendly a feeling
toward the President as do those of


William Murray, of Reno, whose
death, two days ago, resulted from a
gunshot wound inflicted by Angus
McDonald, at Mackay & Fair's camp,
last Friday night, was a native of Ire-
land aged 34 years.
W. Farren, of James street, Moville,
county Donegal, Ireland, writes to Post-
master Wilson, of Eureka, a letter of
inquiry concerning his son James Far-
ren, who, when last heard from, was
driving a team in the Silver mines of
the Bass Range.

r.eiaggs Wants a loan or $15,000,000
PANAS AAugust 3.-Henry Meiggs
of Lima, the great railroad contractor,
has made a proposition to the Peruvian
government tp either issue on its own
account or ahVw him to issue $15,000,-
000 in paper noney, in payment of that
amount of bohds held by him, to re-
lievo his presen, necessities and enable
him to prosecu t the work of opening
the Cerro de PagO mines.

The Verd In iN Baltimore Riot
BALTIMORE, August .--The Coro-
ner's Jury, in the case the persons
killed in the late riot by embers of
the Sixth regiment, came to the-conclu-
sion that the soldiers, being demoral-
ized, a great deal of unnecessary firing
was done on Baltimore street. The re-
spoatsibility for th@ killing rests entirely
with the riotWs, who attaRked tlt


s Fatal Fire in a Box Factory.

Four Girls Burned to Death.
e An Ex Detective Charged
le with Murder,

A Frightful Accident in Pittsburg

Another Story About the Nathan
ir Murder.

Suicide of a Californian in New York,

Special Dispatch to the Evening Chronible.]
Fire and Loss of Life.
CINCINNATI, August 3.-Pestering's
cigar-box factory was burned this
morning. Twenty-two girls were at
work in the upper stories, and it is re-
r ported that four of them perished in
n the flames.
CINCINNATI, August 3.-The fire in a
box manufactory this morning origin-
ated in a cellar. An attempt was mnadc
to extinguish it without the aid of the
, fire department, but was unsuccessful.
* After reaching the first floor the flames
spread with fearful rapidity and in a
f short time reached the roof. The em-
ployes, mostly girls, were at work in the
* third and fourth stories. Some escaped
* through the windows upon the roofs of
other buildings, but it is feared that
eight or ten perished in the flames.
Four bodies have been recovered, so
f disfigured as to be almost beyond
recognition. Bits of clothing led to the
1 identification of Mary Nurre, Mena
Kneb, Frank Shudair and Anna Patger.
s John Blanchard, the engineer of the
. factory, died soon after from injuries
Two girls and one man, Isaac Sco-
o field, were so badly burned that they-
will probably die.
From the factory the fire spread to
six frame and one brick dwelling, which
f will prove a total loss. The amount
of the losses is not yet estimated. The
insurance, so far as known, is $15,000.
Suicide of a Californian In New York.
NEW YORK, August 3.-John Fran-
cis Murphy, a well-known 'sporting and
turf man, committed suicide this morn-
ing in a gambling house by blowing his
brains out. The cause of the suicide is
variously attributed to losses at faro
and in business. On the body of Mur-
phy were found a number of letters.
One stated that if he ever found him-
self driven to the wall by bad luck he
should commit suicide. Another stated
that his mother lived in Elgin, Ill., and
that he (Murphy) was recently from-
San Francisco ; that he had $2,300 on
deposit in the Odd Fellows' Savings
Bank, San Francisco, and some prop-'
erty in the toi n of Hollister,
California, all of which he bequeathed
to his mother. His will, the letters
stated, was deposited with the National
Gold Bank and Trust Company of San
Francisco. The body of the suicide
was sent this afternoon to the morgue.-
The Nathan Murder.
BALTIMORE, August 3.-James T.
Huff, who is said to represent himseKr
throughout the country as James T..
Porter, a secret service detective, has
been arrested on the charge of swind-"
Huff figured in the conspiracy to. rob
the tomb of Lincoln. He says, in a '
statement found with him, that Colonel
Garrison, Johnny Irving and Billy For.
rester, all now in State's prison, mur-
dered Benjamin Nathan in New York
some years ago. '
A Terrible Accident in Pittsburg..
PTTSBURG, August 3.-Au.naccident
occurred at the Lucy Furnace Com-
pany's works this morning, which re-
sulted in the death of two men and, the
injury of five others. Seven men en-
gaged in lining the furnaces were on a
scaffold which was supported by ropes.
These took fire from the furnace, and
the scaffold fell, precipitating the men
into the furnace..
A Betectlve Charged with Murder.
WASHIOGTN, August 3.-Ex-Detec
tive C. S. Bell, a witness in the safe
burglary cases, has been arrested on a
requisition of the Governor of Texas on
a charge of murder, alleged to have been
committed in 1869.
General Sherman Coming West.
WASHINGTON, August 3.--General
Sherman telegraphs that he will con.
tinue his tour to the Pacific coast.
The Strike.
BALTIMORE, August 2.-The Balti-
more and Ohio officials state that every
division is working satisfactorily.
About 150 trains were moved to-day.
There was no attempt at bushwhacking l
or other interruption. Everything is
At Bellairo, all the men being in
their places to move trains East and
West, the militia thought their services
no longer required and returned home.
But they had no sooner left Bellaire
than the mob returned in large force,
captursig all men on the freight trains
and allowing nothing to move either
East or West. The militia being noti-
fied of the affair, returned to Bellaire,
arriving about noon. Up to the present
time no freight trains have left that
point, but an attempt will be made to.
morrow to remove the blockade.
WVILKESBARRE, August 2. Four 1
companies of General Brinton's corn-' T
mand have been sent to Plymouth,
where the railroad has been barricaded
and the road torn up. The strikers ,
there are turbulent and collected in a 1

crowd of 2,000 and upwards around t
the depot. In Wilkesbarre the day s
has been quiet, scarcely any strikers 1
being seen around the Valley depot, as
no attempts were made to run any t
trains. The Superintendent of the
Wyoming Division to-day notified .the
Mayor that all peaceable attempts to
run trains had failed and called upon
him to take the necessary steps to pro-
tect the company. The Mayor has f
conferred with the military, and to- t
morrow an attempt to start all trains on a
that road will be made.
NEW YORK, August 3.-According to
dispatches received by the President of s
the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western r
railroad, the Lackawanna and Blooms.-
burg railroad get trains through by i
guarding each one with troops. Ob- s
structions are put on the track and the I
wires are cut at night. t
CLEVELAND, 0., August 2.-The gen-
eral manager of the Lake Shore railway
had a conference with the strikers'
committee this morning. The comn-
mittee agreed that the train men would 1
all return to work at 7 o'clock to-
morrow. Freight train will be started
East and West from this cit to-morrow
morning. The shopmen freight- b
house hands are still out. c
S.1KANTON, August 2.-United States t
troop, on the way here last night, when b
near Plymouth, found the track torn v
up Fa4 t4 1 swiih1 B WApl.0d, lhay

captured ninetynine prisoners and
brought them to-the city.
There have been no riotous demon-
strations here to-day. There are no-
5,000 troops stationed along the Lacka-
wanna and Baltimore branch of the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
BETHLEHEM, Pa., August 2.-No
trains of the Lehigh Valley railroad
have been allowed to pass Penn Haven
junction since yesterday. A committee
of the strikers called upon Receiver
Lathrop to-day and asked to be re-
employed at the old wages.
Three hundred regulars, with artil-
lery, under General Brannon, reached
Philipsburg at noon to-day. They pro-
ceeded to Easton, where they temaiAed
two hours, and then moved to Odel-
welder, near Easton.


The Misfortunes of Knightly dirJi

How Keene and Gould Went in To.
gether," andmi ow Keene Was Left
In-' ihe Cause of Selover's Assault
on Gould.
The CHRONICLE'S New York dis-
patches of yesterday told of an assault
on Jay Gould, the great Wall-street
operator, by Major A. A. Selover, who
picked Gould off his feet and threw
him down a coal-hole in the sidewalk.
Last night's dispatches give some fur-
ther interesting details as so the cause
of the assault.
One account says : "It was known
that on Tuesday evening of last week
Keene, who became heavily loaded
with stocks on account of the great
strike, went to Jay Gould for assist-
ance, and it was accorded to him on
condition that he turned over 70,000
shares of stocks, to cover Gould's
shorts, at about three per cent. below
closing prices. The market went up
until Monday, and Tuesday last, when
Lake Shore seemed to be for sale when-
ever the quotation reached 52, Keene's
brokers discovered that Jay Gould, as
soon as the market had gone up to the
points from which it broke upon the
progress of the strike, had been selling
stocks freely, and that his pretended
friendship was only a myth. Russell
Sage was a partner to the bull move-
ment, and he remained solid on Keene's
side. Gould had tricked them both,
and both sought an interview, and,
after a short and sharp conversation,
Keene decided upon shooting his be-
trayer, but was prevented by Russell
Sage, who rushed in between the en-
raged operators.
NEW YORK, August 3.-The Times
has the following on the Gould-Selover
tencontre yesterday: In March last
Keene came to this city from San Fran-
cisco with a fortune variously estimated
at from six to eight million dollars,
which he had made in the bonanza
strikes. At that time a combination
was forming against Jay Gould, who was
bearing Western Union stock. Keene
readily went into the pool, in which his
associates were D. P. Morgan, S. L.
Mills (formerly Gould's broker), Russell
Sage and several others. Western
Union was sent up ten per cent. (from
$66 to $76) and Gould was badly
squeezed. While this was going on
Keen e became friendly with Major
A. A. Selover, who was then doing but
little, it is said, having met with mis-
fortunes some time before. Keene
needed a monitor in the New York
market, and Selover was pleased to act
in this capacity for him.
After a few days Selover-so the sto-
ries run-formed the idea of bringing
Gould and Keene together, believing
with their joint capital they could con-
trol the market in every nse, and that
consequently he (Selover) would go to
the feont rank of the operators once
more. He introduced the two men and
they made a combination. Keene sold
his Western Union stuck, its price fell,
and Gould was released from his di-
lemma, while the bulls, it is said, met
with large losses. Keene then, of
course, became a bear of Western Union
with Gould. In this enterprise they
were joined by Russell Sage and Garri-
son. Large blocks of the shares of the
Atlantic and Pacific telegraph, or as it
is commonly known on the street,
"Apple Tree telegraph," were bought
by each member of the pool. ThIe pur-
pose of this was to keep up the price of
that stock and depress that of the West-
ern Union. This pool continued with-
out its members having trouble with
one another in regard to its affairs until
a few days ago.
In the meantime, Keene and Gould
had operated together in some other di-
rections, and it is reported that the
former became angered several times by
discovering that his partner was doing
the opposite of what he had promised
to do. Still, no overt act was displayed
if the hostility growing up between
bhem. Previous to the beginning of the
railroad strikes, Keene bought large
lots of stocks with the purpose of bull-
ing the market on his individual ac-
count. When the railroad men became
deminonstrative, Keene grew alarmed
and went to Gould for help. The latter
was at the time short on the market
and so he agreed to aid Keene on condi-
tion that he should have, below market
'ates, enough stocks to cover his shorts.
'his was granted, and in return he
agreed to assist in keeping up the mar-
ket so that Keene might retrieve him-
self. Several days later Keene discov-
ered that Gould, instead of keeping his
agreement, had begun to sell his stocks
and had thus depressed the market.
About the same time Gould and Garri-
ron left the "Aple Tree" pool and sold
their stock, so that it went into the
hands of Keene and Russell Sage, and
began to bull Western Union.
These discoveries maddened Keene
end he went to Gould on Wednesday,
end, it is said, threatened him with
bodily violence. In corroboration of

he report of Gould's action with re-
spect to the Atlantic and Pacific pool,
Russell Sage is reported to have said
yesterday : Gould gave us Iis con-
tract, and that was no good. He gave
is his word, and that was no good."
Major Selover, who was with him in
all his operations, became as much in-
censed at Gould's actions as Keene, and
me denounced Gould on the part of his
friend and on the part of himself, and
lhe assault he committed yesterday was
a logical result of his previous talk.
The feeling on Wall street is one of in-
dignation that so big a man as Selover
should have assaulted a small, weak
man like Gould. Further feeling is,
however, that if Selover had not acted
n such a cowardly manner and aroused
sympathy for Gould, Wall street would
have been disgraced by a terrible
tragedy. Keene's blood is up, .it is
aid, and he believes in California
The Sun denounces Selover, and,
hopes he will be put in the Toombs,
ike other cowardly bullies.
The Tribune is silent about the as-
sault on Gould.
The Herald says : We think it would
be good for Wall street and the whole
country were all these speculating
harps dropped from a balloon, as
Keene is said to have remarked, into
lhe middle of the ocean and swallowed
ry the great sea serpent. Nobody
would mi3s them, and every h4i04t
ipli Wo044 bo th@iamafw t

Treadway's Ranch,


SATURDAY, SEPT. 8, 1877.

Committee of Arrangements.

John Tute, Malachi Norton,
Chas Williamson, Foster Cain,.
A L Day, S J Walker,
John Cavanaugh, George Hawks,
Dennis Nevia.

Con McGinnis,
William White,
Wim Kinsman,
Thomas Kelly,

Thomas Burke,
Jos ph Marks,
Richard Peters.
George Morrlson.


Delaware SeawcUl,
A Dickson,
T R Farr,
Joseph lHebert,

Chas Carp-nter,
Chas HanMcock,
Patrick Peters,
Nelson Marcell.

Floor Director

John Tate.

Floor Managers z

George Morrison, Morris O'Connors.
Foster Cain, S J Walker.
Alex. Dickson, James Potert .


By the Military Companies of Storey County.

First Prize, Purse of $100, Gold Coin
Second Prize ............$50 Gold Note


In the State have been engaged for the occasion

Good accommodation and strict order. No
persons to compete for the prizes unless their
nimes appear on the muster roll of their re-
spective companies. Twenty men from each
company to shoot for the prizes.

TICKETS (for the round trip), 82 50
All parties not holding excursion tickets will
bo cima-gel an entrance fee of One Dollar to the
train leave Virginia at 8 o'clock A. MI. sharp.
ai13 td
A lolt k t tlecgle' Ilhctnres and SStlt-
nieltes will r-elieve you or sonie inonn.y
andl add to the blaiunly or your home.
aul t U
The largest stock ofr BIlank Roots.
mSrhout Books and Ceolttitng.ulouse
i!fttlacry} at esogt', mP1 14

-I II~----I. ... I -- c~ arx~-p- --~-~--P~u- 81~Plrre ~--~Rp- _~gi)113~11hit~


Special Dispatches to the Evening Chronicle.[
SAN FRAxcisco, August 3. The
Taxpayers last night nominated Monroe
Ashbury for Mayor, D. J. Murphy for
District Attorney, W. C. Burnett for
City and County Attorney, and Davis
Louderback for Police Judge.
The Board of Supervisors held an-
other special meeting yesterday and
remedied the difference that had arisen
betwee-n +em and the safety committee
by a resolution ju make the salaries of
the new policemen $100 ns.d. of $150.
A resolution was offered asking an In"
demnity bond from the Committee of
Safety fo the pAyment of the salaries
until the meeting of the legislature,
but it was lost. W. T. Coleman, ]tresa
ident of the Committee of Safety, pub-
lishes a card to the effect that, as the
Executive Committee have undertaken
to select men to be appointed on the
new force, he appeals to each citizen to
refuse his signattire to every application
for a position on the force where he
does not know the applicant well, where
he does not feel confident that the ap-
pointee will reflect credit upon his spon-
sors and where he cannot, after due
deliberation, certify that the applicant
possesses and will in the public service
manifest unfaltering resolution, unim-
peachable integrity and untiring perse-
On Wednesday morning a fire was
discovered under a house on First street,
near St. Mary's Hospital A gentle-
man gave the alarm and with the assist-
ance of other residents put out the fire
before much damage was done, This
is one of a number of attempts made
recently to fire buildings in that vi-
cinity. Families have received letters
warning them against buying vegetables
from Chinamen, and threatening them
in case they persisted in patronizing
Chinese vegetable peddlers. A number
of citizens in Alameda, employing Chi-
nese help, have been notified by postal
cards, signed "Hounds," to employ
white men and women.
A stranger went to the Mermaid
baths, at North Beach, on Tuesday af-
ternoon, hired a bathing costume and
swam out a long distance, since which
he has not been seen. He was well
dressed, and had the appearance of a
business man. No papers were found
in the pockets of his clothing by which
he could be identified.
On Monday night Moses C. Morse
committed suicide in the Oakland city
prison. On his body was found a letter
addressed to a friend stating that want
of employment and hunger, with the
hopelessness of ever seeing better days,
had driven him to the last resort. He
formerly kept a restaurant on Broad-
way, near Seventh street, and until re-
cently was supposed to be doing well.

pew g.lwriicmet.s



....OF THE....



....OF ...-





We Discount Al Our



Next Sixty Days

2,000 Dozen Cotton Books atS50 oents
a dozen.

200 dozen Canton Flannel Drawers,
at 30 cents a pair.

2,000 dozen Woolen Bocks, six pairs
for one dollar.

500 dozen Overalls, best quality, 50
cents a pair.

1,000 dozen Cotton Books,. extra,
$1 50 a dozen

1,000 Linen Collars, $2 a dozen, or 3
collars for fifty cents.

200 dozen Hats, worth $2 50, at $1

Cassimere Pants at $2 50- and $3,
worth $5.

Boys' Suits at $2, worth $4 50.
Boys' Suits at $4 50, worth $6.

Two Boxes extra quality PAPER
COLLARS for 25 Cents.


At 50 Centslon the Dollar.


And everything in our lipo at

Less than Cost of Importation




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Greatly Reduced Prices for Cash
A full assortment of
Butts, etc., e .tc-..
Mill and Mining Goods I
Pipe made and and Quartz Screens punched
to order. 'aultt s p


Removed to
Virginia. Nev.
Prices to Def dany Competltion
in that line of trade. Call and see

=DR:-. J- GR-A.&'IITrI
doors north of the Postoftiee. Jy2s tf
Importers and ealers in

Brandies, Wines, Liquors,
No. 91 North C Street.;

hul lm


51 South C street, Virginat.
oSan Franacul 0eoiptiondPnt 8, W0v444






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Markets about the 5th instant, to sell our




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No. 18 South 0 Street.
aul lm2p

Dry Goods Store.
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Jy7 tf

33 & 35 South 0 street,
Importer and Wholesale Dealer in

Machine Shops, Mills and Mines
Sued with all Material at the, LOWEST
MRKET RATES. The assortment comprise
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Bar Iron, Sheet Iron. Cast Steel,
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Beltilg. Gas Ptipe and
Namilla Rai., Tinware,
and Copperware, Etc.

irginia Of ing (t9rott ThAT WPHIR STRIKE. in onen s, rAn. FUN WITH THE TELEPHONE, THE JULY PAY.ROLS. THE DIRECT RAILROAD, The Ameridan rPeople.
The Opening Night- A List of the La. $23,57 Diburse y the adngh ispepasAmricat. Al years
.'dIi W*Rs ................... Ots din-rn In t'harge ofline Tables. inces of Virginia. oug
....... .......... ..... Some Further Assay Samples The fair nd fth for the benefit rifi Songgs &nd Frightful Joe Th owin t has ben Truckee Ready to Subscribe Half ofcaipernce edlu has failed IMMENSE BARGAINS
IDAY.. ..... A3UGUST 3, 1877 from the Pa0 Streak. of the Virginia Orphan Asylum opened Transmitted With Ease, compiled with the view of showvig tAi' the Cost. h an crteen and sue relay for this diseart
quite favorably last evening at National -t- ii~' ,er of men on the July pay-rolls of bn-n, Wlater-brash, Sick Headache, CosIlears
e ST-OFo urtis at aldwin's totel Colonel Guard Hall. The ladies were out in A Description of the Curios Little the companies named, AS 06mpAT A committee Appointed to Col'fi tmi,npoffo the lospirt, teneradeblit A
h.t.Pe ple .Vi.inandlWeller o. illA W ay to Sant Frome. c a s mp eo ope f od, iw pin ri uetsin, People dVebiii B R
tSro P. s ot to 7:30 P. .., and e -Te Public SWurprised at a C. strong force, and most of them had their nirs i nttIt ion i Ia-" with that on the June pay-rolls. The -low thite Peoe R. People e idt i n o BANeN ER BROSof
tiewoEtc --o w sile h.dom l decorated eod ready -Ta that carp rised Vs i m me diath e i y of cas ewof
-From 12 o 2 terys Devopments- stalls handsomely decorated and ready figures in the last column indicate the what Sharon and n s ay-te. pep t cannla year tte y relee o
Mail arrives at A,. and closes at 6:30 P. for business. To-night there will be erestig amount of the pay-roll for Julyt fa ture reported. Go to your Drugglsti A, iM.
The arrest of Major Ford, book- many extensive additions made and the Yesterday afternoon some interesting June. July. Awrount The Truckee people are evidently in COLE and r et a sample bottle for 10 ceAYts
ILROAD TIMETABLE. keeper of the Ophir and Mexican mines, attractions of the place will be doubled. expetiiaents were made with a tele. tah ...........0 $ earnest in their determination to secure r se 75 cents.Jwo doses will ree you. leg
of the V. T i Miss Jennie MeAlister presides over phone. A wirewas stretched from 94Itto Cor.... . . 71, 00 an. Murde wil Oy
"Trains of the n Railroad will run as took the community by surprise yester- a silver tea-set. Frdpridek's house to h jewelry store.Oph r ......... 222 2,0 a competing railroad dto Virginia City. Murder wal lo t. ug~t-owCZ A.
-olvlows: day, as le has always been highly Miss McLaughlin guhideA the thirsty California, Con 0 3,464 On Saturday last a metii of ciiens A fe years ago August power
For San Frandsco-Leave Virginia at O r. esteemed here. H has lived on the traveler to bow piJhSuperintendent Gamble of the Western Virginia an 11 1231 46 was held, and the Truckee Republican s didtred to be a certain cure fr Pyspep-
Gold Hill 6:10; Mound House, 6:45; Careson, ,iSS h r Hg has an immense wax Union, Frank Boll of the same coC- 0. and C Shaft) cure RE tlDF E TH I
t, n 8: k Comstock for ten years. During the dMisse wax on, irankn sel oa t Best and Begchrer.. 27 01 3,283 49 gives the following report of the pro. and Liver col thi D tRE SELLI FINE CLeTHhINDs
1:15 ; Steamboat. 3:27 ; Rena, S:55; Truckee, Comatock for ten years. During the doi, nearly as big as herself. pany, Graphy," Frank Osbiston, C. Gould and Curry.. 100 140 13,7752 35 made known to their trIend3 iow eassy ARE
;1 Sacramento, 6:05 A. i.; Vallejo, 9:10, ar- first year he was employed at tth Sa Miss Flora Lynch sells elegant little C. Powning of the Reno Journal, Billy Halego.d Noreross. 131 1 ceed ngs ,zens assem e a l thr een courteby F os erbe r '.e
ring inSan francisco at 11:10. age as a fireman. He loft the Savage button-hole bouquets to the gentlemen Wood, Judge Whitman and reporters Cho la ..r.... da te a m d a ou unt b e ff
tnnts- o accept a swasituation at the old Ophir fortwo its a piece, and them on Chollar 132 1 775 50 with the representatives of the nu- to another, until, without advertising, Its sale flU g OOdS
connects at Reno with Overiand train (12:05) for nothing of the local papers were present. av1ge Shaft:.) 5650 merous saw mills present, and a most has become immense, dreuggists i every town
n Francisco. work, and ine that time--a period of Misses Shaughnessy an Garraty Grphy superintended the "ma- Julia .............. 32 so 4,5750 enthusiastic meeting a had, showing suffering with sour Etomah, ck headache
Dinner on boat from San Francisco, and nine years-and through many changes make a fine showing o paintings chine" at the store and Mr. Gamble: Totals............191 2191 235,47 that the real sentiment of our people stiness. papitaion of the hart, digs- MHATS, TRUNK VALISES,
breakfast at Reno, going east. Breakfast on of administration, at least four of which and. silvete. rated at t Frederick Hou d The Utah, Union, Mexican. Ophir, was immediatee action. The meeting lion, low 8esi etc., can t ake three u oses
boat from allejo, going west. Sleeping car involved a change of superintendent Mis. Colonel Kelly sells an excellent operated athe redek house Caifornia Con Virginia C. and C. was called to order by thePresident, COLE, and get a botte ur drugcent, and. try
dly twen Caron and Valleo.] e has retained is positinof ie-cream.thout TH INSTRUENT. shaft, Best and Belcher and Gould and Crocker, and the report of the it Sample bottles 10 cents. 1 ow BOOTS AND SHOES, ET
For Carson ad no-Leave Virginiaat15 t rs. McLaughlin has charge of "The The machine is so simple that it puz- Curry paid off to-day. The Sava committee appointed at the last meeting BO OT -
and arrive in Carson at 9:50. a suspicion being t upon him. Old Woman Who Lives in a hoe." zles one to conceive how it can produce Hale and Norcross, Chollar and Combi to wait upon the central Pacific rai REA, STAT Coll on and Employ
Far Carson (Afternoon).-Leavo Virginia at Three or four years ago hbe was ap- The postal accommodations are in the such extraordia results I is abot nation shbaft paid o YesteCday. T'h e men gen. e a wens, Rargo EhTeaper than Any HouS in
2:45 P. M. pointed to Brigadier General Batter- hands of Miss Timmons and Miss King, three enbhrs long, ad costs less than Julia will pay off on the 5th. The wna subtatill a at..... .. F &ig Oilding. j o t-
thner v lon. a. c ss. int erview ed M essrs. Stanford, C rocael' off onp thi S ta te.v n .
TIMn OF ARRIALr. s VIaRiNIA. man's staff with the rank of Major, and the delivery is much livelier than 5, The fr lont parg, a hollow woode n Sierra Nevada also paid off to-day, but interviewed Messrs. Stanford, Crockef- d. L- vg e
arrive in Virginia at 1:45 and 6:25 6.a. Iy that title. b isamember of the The supper ables i in the hands of aing a permanent magnet, Sperintendent Bonnemort, when asked and passing for copying and CenTavging photobeen
T h e C a l i f o r n i a e x p r s s s r e a c h e s C a r s o n a t 9 : 05 a r o u n d w h i c h i s w o u n d i n s u l a t e d w i r e t h i s m o r n i n g h o w m a n y m e n w e r e o n t h e irgn i a sTr u okl ra ilr o a d gr a p s ,t re t Sa Jos Cr a l. a r drs e to tht
.The Caornia express races Carson at9:05 h nd ht Templar. Mrs. Hnh n Connr, and the forming a helix. Abov the pole e pay-rol, replied that he did not gt Trrkt street, San Josse, Cal. Orders sent toTheest. Asormen e reate
irhen t&`Ien before Judg e mplnox, a r few cid.gis excellent, e the poles th a we find that the sympathy the above address will be promptly and care- s en
mines after his arrest, he was ime. Mrs. Ennis and Miss Hayes preside the magnet is a small hole, and about knowdo not nec of the managers of the Centr fully filed jy28t
THE STOCK MARKET. dtey admitted to bail n a bond of ver a fancy table and sell cooling of irnlike abig wafer. ca y indicate the average number of theacifiaero are i aPRTED NS for "House to Let 'l JS
$ e5 d n0r, C H V a n G o i nder th e f l M rs. J u d g aev fw e t o l d i m en e m p lo y ed fro m o n e nio n th s wnd to y h ad e n d ea v o re d to p e rsu a d e th e "F u rn ish ed Room s, et a., for sale at th e WZ a B O Z a U J L f l U *
Board Saes This Morng, Seldner, each yingiJudge and Miss Syres also haves h t another, as soni men managers of the Virginia and Truckee CMtOm CLo printing office, corer 0 aD and Taylor C O
SOhir, 4 amount, fancy tables well stocked with ni. senrel and there i also n oe n pe a n y railroad to prorate with them for our streets Can now e had. .
20Mexn, k,9 iT s to be the general opinion s. cc tires to 'one end pa i the pay-roll, have only worked hen d to
60ajor For will be able to explain The "Wheel bef Fortune" draws a and talk into the hole at the other, and a few days. The nnifiber of men at benefit, but had been thus far unsu.- THE National Gold Medalwags awarded
1690 Gould and Curry, e 8, 8 tht y w a ard at the other end work in the Savago yesterday was 87 ; odugh a They further stated that al n to Bradley & Rulofson for tne f)n.t Pho ..
1430 Best and Belhe 1, 1 1 way the charges brought against him large rowd of speculative people, and of the wire, though it be over a hun. at the Hale and Norcross, 41 while a one road oul do the the best in the world; 42 ontgomery street,
375 California, 27, 26J, 26, as o g him is Spun round at alivey gai rs of he wire, thoug draft of .36 nin was made in the Ophir unnecessary, as one r cr d the ai n Francisco. t i Medal nor
50a'io a 72 as soon as an opportunity is given him is span nd at a lively gait by Mr dred miles away. draft f 3 en was mad i the phir e niis a ls t-_t, r t h pbii i
805 Savage, 6J of doing so. In the mea.ntime, many McMann. She also has a grab-box in last night. So that the number varies rk, yet as a st resort the probab. ,n. Cr. Of C & TayloT StS,
.305 Con. Virginia, 29 hold tothe opinion that he will not be connection. tHE NT. somuch that it is impossible to give a-ity was that they would lend their sup.-
355 Hale and Nor- 4.40 4.45, 4 prosecuted Mrs. Comerford and Miss Bird can When everything was in readiness, curate average igres. prt to one. Durg the ref conversatiored us o VIr..
400 Yellon ot l, 4.10 this btorning a CHRONIcLE reporter be found at their 1.:m..,ndle stand, and Graphy and Mr. Gamble began to talk. MriSharon he referred us to M. Crain.-Pleasi ? at th OE B A RNE RT & 0O
30 Imperi o., o 5 Sought Major Ford to tender him the another punch-bowl is handled by Mrs. The sounds were quite faint, but Death of Corge Htch. and pay your bill for the last
25 Ke 'rk 3t 5 8 use of the columns of the paper for any Finlan and Miss Shea. Graphy with the instrument at his ear E. Lauzon, book-keeper of the firm rates. the r but not lg e five months' advertising; amount de, ve Opened their Elegant
175 P her 30, 330 3 explanation he desired to make; but he Dancing began at 10 o'clock, Pro- caught and reported what came over. of Hatch Bros. of this city, received a- a The pog acpted, it E. oG. iBanher-.-Please call at this Iav Opened their Elegnt
225 evada, 4.35, 430 declined, with thanks, stating that his fessor Jacobson furnishing the music. Gamble began, and the conversation, receive was then moved that a committee of office andpay you owe sincelast
f,0 Utah, 10o, 109 case wan in court, and he did not feel Rippiugham's band furnished the music went about as follows telegraphic dispatch from Sacramento four be appointed to canvass the mat- Februry. Nul- ti LU IN TO R-E
50 Alpha, 10S justified in making any explanation in for the outside. The fair will continue All ready." about 1 o'clock this afternoon, inform- ter thoroughly throughout Virginia OR SALe A THREE YEAR. &-
0 Bullion, 71, 7 advance of a judicial investigation. In throughout the week and close next "Let her flicker." ing him of the deiise in that cit this E.. Briell, F. Bur k halter, George oueot ste ls, e ix-roomen e uy PRI OF N VA
0 Ovchequerman, 6 1. reply tov question he said that the WednesdAy ing. Can you hear ?" raorningofGeorge Atch, junior nem- Schaffer and J. Lewionwere appointed usanpst orvt; aylsot e yei era r PRIDE F NEVADA
820 JOverman,9, 91, 18 overdraft 'had been made from time to First rate. Can you ?" ber of the firm. Mr. Hatdh ital a c ratild Jewison were appointed rent, 20 per month. The property is suitable 0 SOUTH C STREET
1230Justice, 9 810, 9 b5 time Further than this he would not SAM. CURTI'"S SSPIkNDERS. Bully." native of Kingston, Canada, and 48 amid geat rejoicings and high h fora dry purposes. Apply onD FRIENDS CANthe
2450 Lady Bryan, 1 say. A Slight Alsappreheision Cansed by omeswant years old. He came to the coast final report September whenitisex- Mark Twain's SePating Scrap. call and examine their Elegant Stock of
65 Julia, 1.60 The aeaw o" Ek-Spaerintendent Curtis. the Blunder erA a Newsboy. to him." something 149, and to Nevada in pected that an assurance of 250,000 ooks, at oegle's ookore auli CUSTM-MA E CL TH INC
170 Caledomnia, 43k 3.80 At the end of last February, when The day that the suspension of Sam. Mr. Pendergast rushed up, quite ex- in the grocery business-in which bNevada. Judge Marshall of Reno was f AnB lan,
200 New York, 35c, 30c the Ophir trustees became aware bf the Curtis was announced, little Joe Ben- cited, and covered the instrument with he prospered. Quiet, unobtrusive and present at the meeting, and made some Trunks, Valses Satchels, la
150 Alta, 2 5 embezveuntlit 'of $i0,000 by Captain jamin, who is always on the look-out his left ear, and after waiting patiently obliging to all, Mr. Hatch was very very appropriate remarks and sugges- STOCK O ATS ANNOT EATE.
100 Woodville, rs, they immediately summoned for a speculation, bought twenty-five start unctn : generally esteemed this community tios, regarding the most practical route, AT R Shirts made to Order and warranted to t.
80 Kossuth, 10c r t1 eAo Superintendent to San CHRO-NICLES to sell o1 the streets. -,Pand his das i b support it would receive, sentiment of
0 Kossuth, h zzng Superintendent to San CROCLS to sell on the trees. Pull down your vest !" who knew him. He leaves a wife and the people JOE BARNERT & O.
375 LA nes, 70e,3 40c rancisco, with the view of taking "What'll I holler ?" queried Joe. This came so distinctly that all in four children, His remains will be also the very evident fact of the Vir-
20 nuth Justice, 50o steps to recover the amount. Previous "All about Sam. Curtis's suspen- the room heard it, and they laiighed so brought to this city for intermeiit naxt iand Trucee working directly -----OER THE-- onn
50 T 50artiy to this Curti had transferred to E. J. sion," quoth the clerk. ndayHatch was a ainst te interests of the Central u NEW ornG AND SUMMER
1150 to .60,' 1.75 Baldwin his residence in San Francisco, Joe rUshed into the street, and at the dft he tly. heard the g ds- member of the I. F., the I. acific, Truckee and Reno, as well as
150 Solithi r worth at.that time $60,000. This tlrans. corner his voice rose above the din of tintly. and exempt fireman. the citizens of Virginia and the diferI A TY COURSE
B n i r c in Sthe citizens of Virginia and the differ-
500 Nortr. Be ~186 fer had been made in consideration of passing quartz teams and vegetable ent points supplied by it. A motion VRsI CT
After the Board. the advance of er-tain sums by Bald- wagons as he screamed : Here's yer Mr. Gamble called for a song, and A ruel Outrage. was next carried that a Finance Cor-
SAN F-RANso A ust 3-3-P. a win t '-,tnis and the payment of the EvENING CHRONICLE-on'y ten cents Graphy essayed to sing a few staves A young boy named Burns, living mittee be appointed to raise funds to N. BROWN & 00'8,
Augu- further sum of $25,000, made over by -All about Sam. Curtis's suspenders from Rosin the Bow," until e was near the Hale and Norcross mine, threw defray the expenses of the Executive
Ophir, 13 ; Gould and Curry, 8; Con. the captain to his wife at the time of The other newsboys, taking their shut off by general request. Billy a rock at a young China boy this after. Committee while anvassing through- No. 27 South 0 Street.-.
Virginia, 281; Caledonia, 3 80; Union, the granting of the divorce between cue from Joe, passed the cry from Wood sang a fragment of the "Pirates' aoon andthe u ng h a boyths maer out Virginia, but each member of t ryof
4 65; Crown Point, 3 95 California them. Colonel Weller, when the over- mouth to mouth: "All about Sam. Chorus, which caused considerable noon, and his e papers The China b oy the committee expressbutng himself FREE FOR ALLmember of
26; Chollar, 28; Best and Belcher, draft of $15,000 became known, went Curtis's suspenders !-on'y ten cents profanity. FrankOsbiston warbled the passed the CRONIeLE office with his as willing to defray his m own ex- L
151; Savage, 6 r; Justice, 9 ; Imperial, to Baldwin and asked him, since he This soon created a sensation on C cavatna, We Won't go Home till face covered with bjood. The act was pense, the Committee on Finance was AND OPENIN
80c; Hale and Noreross, 4 35; Mexi- had all of Curtis's property in his street, and people began to think there Morning," to which Gamble responded one of wanton cruelty, and the offender dismissed amid much laughter. No
can, 81; Ballion, 7k; Yellow Jacket, hands, to pay the amount and release was some crim. c6. disclosure, per- with "The BattleoftheNile." Themelo- should be severely, punished other business being before the house,
-8. / the captain from his unpleasant posi- haps. The question was frequently dious snatches produced considerable should be eveely etmber 1stwas died uonas a Entrance from One to Twenty -
/ Sale Y--e tion. This Baldwin refused to do. asked,: "What the devil is all this amusement, and at times could be DItme Stw de Ai day for the next meeting, frd the mo- .T.en
Board Sales yesterdayy Afternoon. Proceedings looking to Curtis's arrest rumpus about Sam Curtis's suspenders?" clearly distinguished. Several airs DIP, PURS A AGLES. io to adjourn was unanimously car Thosan Dollars, CE l' L I.
75 Meadow Vall6y, 80c were then instituted, but the matter and there was a lively demand for the were whistled with the same effect. Amethyst seal rw for sale at Uncle led. The best feeling prevailed, and
S .Raymon & Ely, 10 was finally compromised upon Curtis's paper. Regular subscribers couldn't SOMEWHAT ASTONISHED. Harris', for 8 O; worth $25 was evident that the mill owners are -dA R *w
6 Jackson, promise -to pay $1,000 per month until wait until the carrier came around, but George King of the Nevada Ban. each. j determined to either have justice done B iI d P rl r
110 Alpa, 20' the full amount embezzled had been rushed out and muzzled the newsboys came in and wanted to see the wonder. V W. E. Sharon, timekeeper at tl them by the Virginia and Truckee rail- I l d a o ,
625 Leopard, 1.40, 1.45 made good, in the manner detailed in so rapidly that in ten minutes they He considered it a humbug, and said ir, has been placed in charge of t road, or t some near future construct
550 Gila70e, 604, .40 the CHOifozOLE of yesterday. came back for more. he wouldn't believe it until he saw it Ophir, Mexican and Union Consolidated another one. FIRST PREMIUM *
20 Manhattan, 59 HOW THE "KNOCK DOWN" WAS EFFECTED. "Sam Curtiss suspenders takes like and lard it himself. He was at once accounts until a regular appointment is A Call Upon the People of Virginia.
!980 Panther, 90c, 95e, 1 I everythink)" remarked Joe, as he tore allowed a front seat and placed the in- made. The om Aukse e s6 South CoftAugus
170 Northern Belle, 18f, 18, 18 b10 rom this urce in future, the Trustees fourth batch of papers, serumnt d h earle held it a few ot ooney ofthe sta 1st has the following: i L~aimn Busin ss
100 DeFrees, 55o, dfermlnedil to so arrange matters that ,seconds, and rema.arked: ble who said that Yankees only se Th L e adn 'Business
125 Grand Prize, I12 the amount of money in the office in this .I thought so. You can't hear a about one-fourth as much money on e present in this issue among offr
1050 Argenta, 1.05 city, on-other than pay-days, should TSANthing. funerals as Irishmen. It was Jerry local columns the report of the commit-
200 Coso Con., 10c not exceed $1,200 to $1,500, and to this The Recent Changes of the Draft in Suddenly a look of astonishment Mooney, the coffin maker, tee appointed to wait on the managers nw AND ELEGNT BIA.
50 N. Coso, 1 effect required Major Ford to furnish a Several of the Principal Mines. spread over his face as the words came, of the Central Pacific railroad, and also FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST, mTr S nHE s Ne s s
200 MinniettaBelle, 1, 75 requisitin on or before the first of each About a week or ten days ago there quite distinctly you take a spn During the week ending on the 31st the action of the meeting of the 28th,
60 Golden Chariot ft .......................efuitediseinctseach About a wq tak ar... the on of the thntel
I6 olden Chriot,1, 9--. irdonth;sf"thte amount needed to pay off was a change in the direction of air- aroud the block." daon s t ultimo the headera of tie Sutro tunnel who h is of special interest to the reei- --
1200 Leeds, 1i t1.8 detailed as a eio f aired a conversation with was advanced 99 feet, te last 60 of dents of Eastern Nevada, who are in re- centennial T bles
215 Mexican. statement of the expenditures. This currents passing through the hafts of Mr. Gamble for some minutes and as he total length of the tunnel on terhe t ality the ones to receive the greatest B T Y O
445 Overman, 19, 18, 1SJ, 19J, 19Oa would have been an effectual preventa- the mines from Ophir to Hale and Nor- left, said: "If I hadn't seen it, I length of the unne on the t benefit, and who, we have no doubt,
350 Gould and Curry, 8J, 8 i, 8k tive of ,11 irregularities, had it not not cross, inclusive. Since the change the wouldn't have believed in it at all." instant was 17,611 feet. will take hold of this matter as eagerly n I ...AND....
110 Bet and Belcher, 15 been or thfact that money was co- follow are cast on Vi Mr. Gamble afterwards informed the Master Barton Clancy wishes it dis- and readily as do the citizens of Truckee. en emen
20 hollar, 27 ing in from another source, upon whichas Con. Vi rginia, CHRONICLE reporter that he never put tinctly understood that he was not with Truckee to-day is alive with enthusiasm,
350 Caledonia, 3.80, 3.85 the company had not reckoned. The Savage, and the two south compart- the slightest faith in it until he saw the the crowd of boys who threw stones at and the same can be said of Boca and BILLIARD AND POOL
50 Savage, 6 Ophir 'Company have for some time ments of the Gould and Curry shaft. practical workings of the invention, windows the other day near the come- the many mills which line the Truckee .ILI
50 Alphna, 11 -past been in the receipt of from $5,000 The Ophir, C. and C. and Hale but considered it an Eastern newspaper tery. At the time mentioned he was river. Every man has determined to do' H A I /iV DA| MFR
140 Yellow Jacket, 48, 8 to $6,000 monthly for hoisting Califor- and Norcross shafts, and, the sensation. half-way up Mount Davidson, heaving the utmost in his power, and when even UlHMINilaR Y PALMER-II li
125 Ophirale an Norros, .40, 4.45 nia ore. For the month of May the two north compartments of the MUSIC IN THE AIR. quartz bowlders at goats. a few hundred of us resolve to put for- HAS BEEN OPENED
245 Belcher, 3.30, 3.35, .30 amount received was $4,983 44, and for Gould and Curry shaft are downcast. Mr. Fredrick then set a music-box Superintendent Jackson, of the North wardourmost powerful endeavorsuccess 'I.TAMES NIMBLE SIXPENCE AGAINST
165 Bullion, 7*, 7 June $5,979 92. The account against This change of draft is by no means an on a stool in the store, and while it was Consolidated Virginia, left for San will surely follow. The C. P. in senti- J the field of BLOW aHILLINGS, and hopes
5 Con. Virginia, 29 the California Company was made out insignificant matter, as a mine whose playing held the instrument in front, Francisco by lightiiing express last ment are with us, in sympathy are with to carry away the prize by giving all who call -
725 Justice, 9, 90, 9k, 94 on the 5th of each month, and it was shaft has the downcast draft can be and the different airs entertained the evening. He will be absent about a us, and when we commence the work on him such .i ducements for CASH as will
800 Exchequer, 61 promptly paid on the 6th or 7th. But worked to much better advantage than crowd in the Fredrick House for some week or ten days, and when he returns they will be with us in dollars and make it to their interest to call often.
the amounts were never credited on the that which has the upcast draft. For time. Some notes were heard more hliopes to be able to fix the date when cents. To the citizens of Virginia we GEO R SHOAF
Assesismeeis lilt. months during which they were earned. instance, Colonel Fair estimates that faintly than others, but when quiet was work will be resumed on the mine. have a few words to offer very briefly :
Following is a list.o outstanding assessments For instance, the amount earned in May the recent change in air-currents has maintained there was no trouble in It is well to walk in the footsteps of A committee was appointed at the last
and the date 'ofi which they will become de- was credited to the June account, and been as good as a reduction of $50Q per hearing the tunes. This was presently the just, and in order that one may meeting of our citizens, consisting of THE PRICE TELLS
11,u23n 'Itithe Board.: so on, so that there would always be day in the working expenses of the interrupted by the clicking of a tele-. more easily do so, he should buy his Messrs. Brickell, Schaffer, Burckhalter
yon-50 cents; August in theoficehere a sum approximating bonanza mines, as the men can do a graphic instrument from some outside boots and shoes of Noltemier, No. 104 and Lewiston. These four gentlemen These are the rt ENTENNAL TABLES
south End -10 cents; Agust0 $5,000. great deal more work in a given time, source, and it was found that the wire South C street. It is the cheapest store will visit your place during the month, AND THE PEOPLE TELL THE PRICE ever setup in a public parlor, although thou-
Belcher-4; August A rumor was current yesterday that since the change, than they could passed alongside a pole of the Western in Virginia, and the goods are of the and we can assure the most skeptical sands have been sold sinee the Centennial Ex
Silver Hill-41; August 11. Sam Curtis, instead of going to San before. Union line, and the vibrations not best quality. Call and examine quality that whatever is told them by this com hibition-where they took the first Prise for
orth Con. irga-30 cent August 11. Franiie,had gone East, but upon as This Lawyer Cowle ? ordinarily observable were communi- and price. mittee they can rely upon without fear. HAT FURNISHING GOO use h private parlor
Cenennia-5 nt; August telegraphing San Francisco it was Attorney (to witness)-Now ircaed to the telephone suciently to And now come Banner Brothers into anWe from aong our largest property TOBACCORUNKS, CIGAR
S ugus ascertained that he was at t aldwin interrupt at times the other sounds-a the clothing war, and there is a pros- owners, so that theio r interests wil be STATIONERY, TONS, Etc.
avage- -; August 20. s n that he wa at the Baldwin state to the Court all that you saw of fact that goes to srw the etmThe pee that befo they stop lowering the o in many was
Globn Consol rustd-o cents; Auguost 28. this fgbt at Smith's house on Wednes. sensitiveness of the instrument. 1o THE NEW PAyoLrOs8
oWells 0r0o-26cents; August 27. Colonel Weller left Virginia last d sy s didn'tng se of A BADLY-FOOLanI CROWD. stock (which they arc ordered to sellwoft ec EienNt odiscus ths RER IKTH TH E PAA
ASSESSMENTiS DELINQUENT. evening. He stopped at Carson last svri nI e a o Some one at the Fredrick House sent "rardhess of pice") a fellow will be s PLACE, e back of GRANT ISRAEL'S Saloon (o.
Following is a ist of stocks upen which night an to-day started for San Fran- iAtt ry e ny)-I'd like to know th following message : "r. Fredin ick given a chiromo and a pair of boots to maein than hoe t h iu wrge
Gsessments are deJinunt.i The day fsae cisco, by iJay of Lake Bigler ad Atorney (sterly I ha h uon o ef coLd '. r go a ss co uto lotahned a t p o te xt met squarely aud fairly, and the con- Ross' old etaud),
esMies are J t ornb wyill trict e ac liming 1500 fe sir, why you did not see the fight, has a lunch of cold turkey ande chain- take a fst-iass suit of clothes fod next gidetions presented which interest PALME R'
isafxed: i Truckee. He will probably return Witness--Because I wasn't at Smith's pagne, and invites you all up. Come to nothing. Look out forna grand a- every resident there, among which are NO. 4-6 SOUTH C STREET.

eAugus 1.a e m Attorney (dubiously)-You'reasm and there was a big walking match i alsote f t PLACE O BA A
aiic 5 c. micmlrfe wov i rngbass e. T he is fine ero w. nne e
Overean.-er ; augoust t.e oulColen wasn s owpe^re en k v a teerinTy high, alsoa the nr to ex S tthet asthe
Crownhpoint-Si;-Aur ust 1. csatsofita he c ru ce the i wrk- felo.tate d Tconld reive an fWate x-Orde r e s o t Srh ales ooman ah obtaining lumber and No expense has been spared in makingFthese
woodofexpenset oft h p lo a lon ew it ga a th ad they 0 r
rra t force, from $4,000 to $5,000.per month. o found they had been sold, but all were the public believe that simply because Banner nish the market cheaper, notwithstand- MOST ELECANT RESORT IN THE STATE.
A rrg vaAs ls tiller ntig h auy old C. -i eo Averaging the Labor Bills, invited to take a drink as the next best. Brothers' immense stock ofSpringf and Summer m n g even this pripe bars us out, owings
Di nr glyeor E s T JayG old mt et e. D the month of June there werething. They punished a demijohn of Clothiug is arked at prices that would ruin to their ruinous freight charges. CalIn eefryore
Gea pron Jh a crykmn n enll erm Nicholas Ew t en and J. F. Baxtmern G oe 1,917 days' work performed at the Hale old r g rously. any other .olthing house in town, that the But this is not all; the clot g y
Goo Sproue John H lHejnis B Wjeeamy relocated the Lay Gould claim m and Noreross mine, at an average cost tTILIT OF THE TELEPHONE. goods are not to 'be obtained g t ta e marked fae od which aou require do and ever rOeU i0 STR E ET, G A.
F J Miller John Kelly J Morris Hill District, each claiming 1,500 feet Mr. Gamble taid to the reporter : GI EBrers received n Ho e away the W mnsrosoricsanseer
n She lode and their. This includes all the em- have found that it can be used, uder mystery cone ted wih te reset low pries, article used which must come over this Wher Goods are sold Jy m

aijo E Desmon wife & 2 chn it v Barry feet above the Oh Fca renter 5rancisco a few nights ago and wrote it Sal' -our stock for the next thirty days at prices tain you. road is not to exceed l g B n n e d
-Mrs H Bowker Mrs E ForemanJ A Baker 7 tors claim that neither the original hedown without trouble ; but the present regards ofcost. You musIt mate roo for Is at Geo. LamIo
-..FJraser J Frick locators of the Jay Gould nor their sue- Change of Poltce Beats, system of telegraphy is so complete that the immnense stock of Fi and Winter clothing miles in
Depatures Jmsnt EvenIng. cessorsliave kept up the required work There has been a change made in the Itdoute if I cld receive any faster or ra.on, ,= .m...i.mruthns oe onr wholesale of which Truckee and will variety
Js Hines P Chapin 3 B All and void, itwl take the day watch at the depot in as122measndf124ic ar b2 and 't Du.e strceN York ty. i over fifty miles in lengh, built. at a Those who pay in dget Bro s PremiumW
ATylor EaSterrt s J Gault in a singe claim. the place of Desmond, who takes the man's house and his business office, and turealof he cYothrk b o of thi e Virm gianfa t e exene hand to payeinerhest for ame .is Eatr s
Mrs .aTeywl'sCTylor irsE CSilko y 2riraeuri night watch in Chinatown. Farnsworth between police stations. It could also City amid of technicsol br y houes Virgi alone would have to receive heavy P.SLook out for my first Eastern shIp- -
GParker WA Mack WE Snencer The Siners' 'lcnlc Next Motll. oes on nieht duty iu thelSecond Ward be used in the fire department. The enables them to sell at p.sices below other patronage. To-day they are fairly meant of HATS. ant t

0 H Godfrey Frank Bell h V via The Miners' Union picnic comes Off 1a1nTraaire1ytaie'Js t'he,`day_`beat t'her'e- cost is ut a trifle, a wires can be houses, where a heavy raarnva:turer's profit coining money let an oppmi- NLY FOR A
W 13 Crane C. L Weller &d D 11 Jackson f Daniels returns to the First AVard, Sul. laid between private residences and has to be added to the I COG Of all goods. tion road once start, and matteiis $ 3 M)"Idorxt Improved
MW 31 B Welch J If Johnsin E Kenue(tv at Carson September 8. The miners o nary Banner Brothei 6 have the ar,,,est store and the 'won ELASTIC TRUSS, guar
Mrs JH ffullix4 Mrs D 9 McCar- H W Paiterssn livan goes to the Third and Glen to the do effective service. A man of ordi largest stock of auyholbi 1111be city, and any Id sadly reverse. They offer to wanted superiorthInir an,
Miss Kemp thy&2chn JohnBlack Virginia, Gold Hill and Silver City will Fourth. Kinney remains unchanged. means could be in constant communica one sell simply for a ruse, but were they bogus magnetic thing un
J W Howard Miss Ueakin Mrs Stadmiller join, and the usual arrangements to give tiou with his tradesmen and order what sale at the marked prices can beA satisfy thern- candid, it would be foolishhetonpeuwrerhoaasde principled parties art
&,wife Mrs Patrick & dint selves by cat ing at Banner Brthers', corner of a street-
the men a holiday will be made in all Quite a Change. he wanted without leaving his house. at a price greater than t Iming on the publieWat latan.
Mrs Hutigil & 2 chn Miss Giddhip 0 and Taylor strects, Virg:nia City, Nevada. would cost, for when on $LO. Beware of infer! r
Johujewell the mines. There will be among other It is a common thing nowadays to see There are three kiuds-Bell's, Gray's ce complete- Emtic Trusses, vott-on up-
attractions a shooting match between miners in the restaurants devouring a and Anderson's. The one here is Bell'$, A Remedial Airrent of Unconinjou which is only a matter of tfute-the b"y impostors for _e tion, and who see WILI
BORN. the military companies of this city- and a company has been formed in Ne w 114river. Virginia and Truckee railroad between ash
ud square meal, and occasionally remark- YorK to furnish and rent them for so IT is ft fact %vhich became patent years Reno and Carson is not worth on ex Parties cr di larorionvtitbeelditowictahlithaen.ldr
NOONAN-In Virginia, July 28, to the wife of $100 being the first, and $50 the seco the ir be e b in For the senulne artcle The fli
Noonan, a son. ing By thunder, this is something much a month. They will come into ago to the people of the U that and ties over which tb
prize. Jn addition there will be daii, Le cars now roll is
'Thomas I )dtcd States d Idl is t to e LI NIA ELASTIC
SEWELL-Iii Dayton, August 2, to the wif a of ing, good" 'music, and -in fact all the, iiiZ6 a meal Waiter, let's have some general use for short distances, but will nostette'r's Stomach B; ters is a remedial agent We hope the VIRGINIJ OURONICLE Wil it
Judie Sewell, a son. ONICLE Wili T COMPAN' removed to 615 sac.
TI10MP6ON-:-In Reno, July 29, to the wife of loading features of a regula -ore of that stu!fed inutton, and bam pre,,,.ei, M
r old-fash. in My Opinion briDg about no change in of unnixinon, power. Asa consequence of this work for the people's goo.A,'and j!t to Rtreet, San rancisco. Jels aptf A Whi
J. A Thompson, a daughter. ioned miners' picnic. and eggs oti the side ; I've been board- the present method of sending dis- recognition, its sales have increased immensely this matter squarely. (k no
CHEIItYin Carson, July 30, to the Ntffe of ing at Mrs, Cooper's, and this is the patches, unless some improvement is at home and- abroad, and it ha', rken to a fore- for an honest expression.from theEn r- YOR AN
clip FL Cheney a son. y-out I've tackled for four made wh' h will render th eni effective 1b. I I I if
Real Estate Hatters. first square la most rank among t or proprietary medicine es 0 r owned by winter ELASTIC TRUSS.
the day. in ca alysts, after submittin
months." for several thousand miles." it ab;W parties Of the Virginia and Truck so 'N Y IIGHT
August 2-William Patrick and wife it tothe closest scrutiny, pronounce D dolL.P.Ah..
MURRAY-lu Reno July 31, William Murray, lately pure, and skilful and conscientious of course the Deople's interest
rest are a get a better articiecar-om
ed V Us. to Al. H. Babington-Lot 12 in block A Great Advance lit Quicksilver:- Trickerv Extposed. medical Practitioners recommend its use PAO cilpher when coinpared to or c n1licting T for THREE DOLLARS If
41BE-At 'Warm s e wide range of disorders falls within the sco wi
Me yo infs Hotel, Ormsby No. 34, range L; deed; $100. A letter received here this morning A NUMBER Of clothing houses of its curative operation. Anion them way ththeir own. A word to the wise I*
sufficlent. LN I k.
Iy, Aug "'t 2, &V.. David McKee. have Send for lllItrated Book and nee HO'
On Richard Gaines to M. H. Babington- from San Francisco states that the issued circulars upon which gooda are marked be enumerated d3 spepsia, 11 -, Or complaint, con- LE.-TI List-
A NEw DEP,1 TURE.- e Delmonico,
TWe Wand of the Enchaniftits Brolkm Lot No. 10, block No. 34, rag. L; price of quicksilver is 67 cents, and down at astonishingly low prices, in order to atipttijn, nervus ailmentsurinary and uterine
Since the publication in the. CHMN- deed; $100, -chase affections, rheurnatism and gout. 1tisa 47 Sonth Cat e t, Virginia will ive, on MACINETTO ELASTIC TRUSS COMPANY, ing c
stronc, at that-aa advance of 25 cents, a'tract custom When people call to put On I etileaclous tonic, hasteris cwtvalesc. and after.Jul regain i. tr c DjuaerKs fmronmd 60 Sacramento street, San Fmneleco. writi...
Pre' 4to 8 coffee an et 0 f he beat 4'r Send Us this advertisement.- io2l tf BOXES,
16LE'6f the list of Mrs. Coo er's lodgers or ab ut 650 per cent., in the last three the salesmen, unable to set _,,t the figures ecu"X.ers th led and clar t, black e s Included, for 5o Sea)
p Nicholas Ewer and J. T. Baxter have or four da s. named, tell them that there is such a demand promotes sound sleelt cen c k 1; 1 A. M 60LE,
C:Woyed in the Opbir and Mexican each relocated 1,500 feet of the Jay y for the article tb at the stock is all out This is ts. You try the p '0. -JY27 tf usually
mines, a general bygirA has take 600- Gould claim in Crown Point Ravine THE cheapest and largest assortment (f only a contemptible trick to get people to call, Prices Reduced. call at
from her four houses. TI the new locations to be nown as.the F 1. HAvniG purchased the business of Locan le inein"Vave I ur liture, Carpet y, Glass and. enables the salemau to sell thernsomethim, F= RITTEl-'S,.,mguzmzloalnodaldimnkBinith
k s. Bedding. Crocker else at b g prices. Roos Brothers have bee %lar in breech und DRUCEIST AND APOTHECARY,
not stood upon the order of their going, Jay Could North and the Jay Gould in'd Plated Ware can be found at Schoenfeld & issuin- circulars giving the price of their goods, & Co., we have reduced tbc__,prlceG from 25 to s ootIng tackle, cutlery, etc. Lock.9W:ga`.' N6. so gouth 0 ltre64
but'_t1gve gone all at on". Inanother South. Heyman's, No. 29 south C street. JY30 In' and ii every instance are prepared to sell for 50 per cent.- Berlin zelthyr wool at 10 and 15 tipecialty. 26 North 0 atreet Jy,28 0
the p, iee named any article they advertise for cents per ounce. Every requisite for noldle J3,26 tf !p V-GTNTA. NEV.
da3rthere will not be a miner left in CARPETS, Furniture, Bedding of every sale. Tbis method of dealinz acounts for the workon band atlow prices. Wehaveabeauti: PTtrcEsbave been reducedrato suit the Sont:
thelrL A Fire Alarni To-Day. description, can be found at tbo 3fammoth fitet that tlic.N, command more o the pub ic ful assortment of cluuk vases bronzes :,nd times at tho Manitnoth Furnit arid Carpet JOHNS &'McCLANE,
Let Adkisou Have it 'Hedall. A tire alarm sounded at half-past 2 Furniture Warerooms. schoenfold & iloyinan's, I i 'iy firin in Vrghila, I went f:11icy gooda. 11. simn, Co., 1,9 slolltuuiory Warcrooms of Schoenfeld & lIu3man, No. 20
29 South C street. jy.10 1m t Brothers to buy and hnow strut, (Uck House south c street.
k), Sall Francisco. Jc,5 11 I
'rho morniug mail is now distributed this afternoon. It was occasioned by a whoreof i speak. A SUBzsCItlf3F1?_ Wholesale Tobacco aud Oigar Pach-uler,
"WIfIlIfTCAL SrulMOTH," priOP '3, Sold tnE beqt assortment of Cronke,'Y, WOOD! WOOD !-Any one in need (,,f no 111ter
ou the train, so that when it reaches chimney burning in a bakery near the by'all drug,;Ists, vvill cure any easo of nervous AXYTHTNQ in the House keeping lk4. 613m aiid Plated Ware in the Stateii-cluel) ior Nut P1nO W90d, C411 On 84tollel LOn 11 DEALER,
jail, It was put out, however, 61illity, upwinal wcakilois Ant] etleota of self. (.qu hu foulid at sulibicuf6l 4 ljoy 1%
caj;l-va Zqhoeujclla & Hcyu4_WH, Sou I at
the ,ostofflce it is all ready for doliv. oit th Q Empire 'BommaH WWI, Nov 01
ory III P, yory. fow minute-4 a tho ragt hon iguUQ thq Opt or 00W 147 ;1 W4 ;16h

-:L-`ii I---~I*---;~J.. I------r-l -I.-. r -IIIZI".SC~f~I... .. I-.. d" ~.Yr. ~.~-.IYILI.. .. ~~~l.l~r ~bur~FnE~'-- -1~

* -r'

jolt gdoling.

PhBl WEEK.... .. .......... Ct. rndert1akers. TRIP TO LAKE TAHOE.
Pearce & O'Hearon, 80 South C street. TRIP TO LAKE TAHOE.
FmIDAY..........AUGUST 3, 1877 Variety Stores. T UKE'S FOUR-HORSE COVERED WAGON
Furnishing goods, tobacco, cutlery, sta. U will make a
THE COMSTOCK DIRECTORY. tionery and fancy goods are for sale at the Regular Trip to Lake Tahoe
Cheap Bargain stores of And Return once a week-leaving TUESDAY
Viginia City Most PFrminelit Buin- George I. Lammon, 78 South C street. Mornings, and returning, leave the Lake
Virginia t Most rom ent Bonanza Bazar, 80 South C street. WEDNESDAY Afternoons.
Charley Palmer, 102 South C street.
RSS M0en. Wholesale liquor Dealers. Fare for the Round Trip..........$7T 00
-- M. Perasich & Co., 91 North C street. For further particulars, inquire at LUKE'S
For the convenience of the five thou. Express, C street, between Taylor and Union.
sand readers who daily peruse the ta lt .jy2
Business Directory of Virginia City and GOLD HILL FOUNDRY Bakery and Confectionery,
vicinity has been carefully prepared. &"-
If you require the services of a Physi. M a c h i n e W ork s, AND FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT
cian, a Lawyer, a Dentist, you can see LOWER GOLD HILL, NEV. OYSTERS, ICE CREAM, BERRIES,
SAnd all kinds of Game in season.
those professions are to be found. M description made to order. l orders W e:c. Faesh Bread, Cakes and Pies do-
executed with dispatch, and at reasonaml; e rates, slivered to all parts of this city and Gold Hill
If you need Groceries, Wines, Liquors aul lm GEORGE EMMETT, Proprietor. -
or Cigars, the best houses in the city FU LTON FOUNDRY CITY BAKERY,
are classified below so that they can be FOUNDRY, NO. 2 NORTH C STREET.
,fun.1 at a moment's notice. Every OFFICE AND WORKS:y23
l-rnlidh of Virginia's industry, in fact, 300 South C Street, on the Divide, AMERICAN LAUNDRY,

Sied st reprelitatsties in the an Manufactur )rs of Every Description of NORTH A STREET,
AC. Wegand & Co,38Nort street MILL AND MINING MACHINERY. HOLLWEGE & 00., Proprietors
Gold Hill Assay Office, McCullough & Co. Sole manufacturers of the McAlister Patent A LLWORK ENTRUSTED TO OUR CHARGE
Attorneys at law. A A done at reasonable rates and on-short
The names and office-locations of the CAR WHEELS, notice, jyl im
aspriipal attorneysof Virginia City are UR WORKS HAVE LATELY BEEN EN THE BEST AND CHEAPEST
as follows : k large and remodeled, which, with the
Aude, Francis L., Congers Building. addition of new and improved machinery, en-
Belknap, C. H., 5 and 6, Marye's building. able us to execute all kinds of work in our I I N G .
Graham, J. H., with Lewis & Deal. line promptly and in the best manner, at the
Lewis & Deal, Hanak's building, south C st. very lowest rates.
Medick, R. S & W. 8., 48 south B street. ANDREW FRASER, Superintendent.
Bcaniker, S. P., 85 South C street. A. J. RALsTON,Trustee. jylltf -CHRONICLE JOB OFFICE,
Stonehil, E. B Black's building, up stairs. Taylor St., 2d door below C.
Tilden, M.C.,31 South B street. A J. TTyILI, PHILIP RESSe
Woodburn, Win., over Mallon's t-re. ILLHEADS, HANDBILLS, CARDS, AND
Auctioneers. U -0 i N IR ON W O KS D all other kinds of Job Printing, are done
J.C. Currie & Co., 26 South C street. KS quicker, cheaper and better at this office than
J. a. Cyme & Co, 28 South C street. Ocflce-820 South C street, any other In Virginia. There is no longer any
GusB. Heyman & Co., 90 South C street.ON THE DIVIDE. : saving in sending work to San Francisco, as thec
ianskling eouases. business men of Virginia have found by expezi
Bank of California, southwest corner 0 and TYRRELI"L & REESE, ence, c23t
Taylor streets.
Bank of Nevada, southeast cor C and Taylor Manufacturers of JOSEPH FREDERICKS,
streets. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS No. 43 South C street,
Virginia Savings Bank, 41 South C street. OL 41 D e c S tr
Babeouse of Mil chemicals, Paints, Oils,
Leo Mayer, 33 South C street. And All Styles of Machinery. Window Glassheetr Hangings, ndw
Billiard Rooms. Mouldings. Perkins & House's non-explosive
No more elegantly fitted up billiard lamps. Constantly keeps on hand a large
saloons can be found on the Pacific coast assortment of all articles for Millen's use, n-
than the following : eluding Plaster and Cement, Sodium, Cyanide
Capitol Billiard Parlors, 9 North C street of Potassium, Sulphuriand there Acids, etc.
Giorge Sheaf 46 South C street. TOTICE TO CREDITORS. IN Orders for Painting, Papering, Glasing, etc
JN the District Court of the First Judicial promptly attended to. aui tf
Books, Stationery, Fancy Goods District of the State of Nevada, in and for
F. Boogie, 44 South C street. Storey county. In the matter of the Estate THE NEW WHITE SEWING MACHINE
Boets and Shoes, of John Hogg, deceased.-Notice is hereby
oot d h oes. given by the undersigned, administrator of the TfXAMINE THIS BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF
C. A. Noltemcier, 104 South C street, estate of JOHN HOGG, deceased, to the cred- Ju mechanism before purchasing any other
Clothing Houses. itora of and all persons having claims against m-coine. The beat needles for all sewing na-
Clothing of all descriptions can be the said deceased, to establish them, with the chines on hand, also the best thread and silk
nothing o all decritions can be cessary vouchers, within ten months after or machine and hand-sewing. A fine lot of
bought as cheap here as in San Francisco. the firet publication of this notice, to the said second-hand machines for sale cheap for cash.
Our leading houses in this line are as fol- ut linistrator, at his office, in the Virginia If you want your sewing machine to run light
lows: Savings Bank building, No. 41 South C street, and nice, use nothing but the celebrated "Para-
Banner Brothers, corner C and Taylor street's. Virginia City, Storey county, Nevada. fine Oil." sold only at the FLORENCE bEW ING
Barnert & Co, 70 South C street. A. L. EDWARDS, MACHINE AGENCY, No. 456 North C tret.
N. Dr)wn & Co., 27 South C street. Administrator of the Estate of Join Hogg, jyl9lm M.D. DHEMENWAY.
RBes Bros., 22 South C street. deceased.
Collection and Commission Office. Virginia, July 12, 1877. jy12 Im ESIT'GV .A 6 X T G -.
All work in this line promptly and UllIONS-IN JUSTICE COURT, VIRINE MEN
faithfully attended to by S ginia Townshiip No. 1, in the County of RCHANTS, BUSINESS 'LIEN, AND
Daniel Lyons, office in Wells, Fargo & Co's. Storey, State of Nevada, before Thomas Moses, .L'L all parties in need of
D el Lyons, ofustice of the Peace-C. M. BENNETT, Plain- WOODCUTS, DRAWINGS,
DeutIts. tiff, vs. IAKTHA DAVIS and SARAH ANN
Dr. A. Chapman, 148 South C street. DAVIS, heirs at law rf J. W. Davis, deceased, ETC., ETC.,
Drelsitaliling. Defendants.-The State of Nevada sends great-
iDamaCing to Martha Davis and Sarah Ann Davis, Can have first-class work done at home. De-
Xadame Chevalier, Room 28 Fredrick House. defendants.-You are hereby summoned to signs lurnished, free of charge, for all kinds of
4ry Goods. appear before me, at my office in Virginia Plain and Fancy
The ladies of Virginia-that is, the old 'Nvada, on the 25th day of August, A. D. BILL AND LETTERHEADS,
residents-all know where the leading dry 1877, at 10 o'clock A. M.. in an action brought Haps, Monograms,
goods houses of the city axe to be found, against you by said plaintiff, to answer the Cards, Posters,
but for the convenience of new-comers we complaint of the above-named plaintiff herein Views of Buildings,
will state that the chief dry goods houses on file. Said action is brought to recover a Portraits, Etc.
are those of Jidgment in favor of said plaintiff for the sum
Sto o Sth t of one hundred and twenty-seven dollars (8127) Orders loft at this office will meet with
D. Block & Co., 18 South C street. United States gold coin, and to foreclose a pompt attention.
A. Vaenberg & Co., 64 South C street. mechaics' lien the premises herein described Patent Drawings and Unique Advertisements
rugs and Medicines, in favor of Charles Adams, for $127 in United Made to order.
A. MH .ole, 88 South 0 street. States gold coin, and assigned to plaintiff, and
Sato subject the same premises Co sale, for the W. W. GARRISON.
Engineering and Surveying, payment of the said sum of one hundred and t
Gotth. Haist, Black's building, C andTayior. twenty-seven dollars (1127) in United States
Ei.ngraving on Wood. gold co'n, and costs ot suit and tccuing costs,
WW.ngravrisng ,oU nooof. ie. as will more fulh' appear from ee complaint B O IN N
W. W. Garrison, Evening Chonicle office, on file hin. Tne property on which the said BOOK IN DING
Firewood. ien is to be foreclosed and to be subjected to .... A....
Samuel Longabaugh, Empire. sale is described as lot No. 2, in blo:k No. 103,
range "A," in the City of Virginia, as laid MI s,4 II1,3ESC, 13 MX N" '-
Fortunte-Tellers. down on the offio aI map of the said city. And
Those who wish to explore the myste- judgment will he taken against you for said .... AT TH ....
riesof thefuture are promised assistance amounand for the forecloue of thesaid lien CHRONICLE P NG OFFICE
by the .following~atamgd female Astrolo- and the sa e of the said premises, with costs of CHRONICLE PRINTING OFFICE.
by followingamed female Astrolo- suit, if you fail to appeared d answer. Taylor street. 2d door below
goe-s.: .- To the Sheriff or any Constable of said Taylor street. d door below
Madame Hoffman, 89 South B street. county, greeting: Make legal service and due
Madame Smith, 39 North C street. return hereof. NOTICE TO TOWN LOT DEALERS.
Foundries. Given under my hand this 18th day of May,
Fulton Foundry, 360 south C st, on Divide. A.D. 1877. TA OS. MOSES, -DERSONS ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST
F uslies ofdthe Peace of said Township No. RC
Union Foundry, 320 scuth C st, on Divide. M. Ti Attorney for Plaintiff purchasing from any one any Town Lots
Emmett's Foundry, Lower Gold Hill. M. TLE, Attorney for Plaintiff, ast of L street, between Washington and
furnished Rooms, law S ickey, in the city of Virginia, Storey county, ,T ging House, 27 South C street. CH1RIF'S SALE.-BY VIRTUE OF Nevada, as the same is the property of the
SLodng Rous 27South C street. an order o, sale issued of the District Senator Mining Compan Jy21 tf.
ACourt of the First Judicial District in and for
Gas Companies.. -. the County of Storey, State of Nevada, on the
Virginia Gas Co, Union street, below G 10th day of July, A. d 1877, and to me TEAMSTERS
V ia o.,Uninstrtbewdirected and delivered for a judgment TEAMSTERS-
Grocerles and Provisions. and decree rendered in said Court on the 3d Call and examine specimens ot
h s i a an day of July. A. D. 1877, in favor of A. J. Cards and Billheads, ornamented
The best groceries and provisions, and Iloman, Plaintiff, and against W. T. Webb and with handsomely-engraved cuts of
imported wines and liquors, are furnished K. T. Mullard, Defendants, for the sum of wagons and horses, at the
wholesale and retail by the following $3,141 and 8200, together with interest and Evening Chronicle Job Office.
stai'.dard firms : costs as by said order fully appears, which said Corner 0 and Tavilor streets.
B atlch Bros, 20 South C street, order of sale directs the sale of the mortgaged
SJ.B. on, next to Bank of California premise described as follows, to wit: All the -
&estrtB.& Monco, 9 next to Bank of alirth fo street. follow described real estate, machinery, etc., __ t (g
lMaeltratti A Monaco, 93 North C streetC situated inthe clty of Virginia, county of Storey
Sullivan & Dunstan, 180 and188 south Cst and State of Nevada, to wit: The north one
CaGun and Locksmith. hundred and ninety-eight feet of lot three,
Fred. Ritter, Sr., 26 North 0 street. blocktwenty-nine, ange a laid dwn and EVENING SCHOOL.
Hardware, described op the official map of said Virginia
City, together with the machinery, fixtures and
Stoves, gas fixtures, hardware and appurtenances in and upon said premises, R. MACNA MARA
plumbing gooJa of all kinds are to be being the same premises upon which is erected R. MACNAMARA
found at the stores of a planing mill and carpenter shop. Notice is Gives Instructon in
John Giluig, 83 and at the stores ofouth street. hereby given that on Gives Instruction in
John Gilli, and 35 South C street. Thursday, tlie 2d day of August, Latin, Greek, English, ArithmetiUc anA
Hotels and Restaurants. A. D. 1877, between the hours of 9 o'clock A. History,
The most important problem of life is and 5 o'clock P. M., viz., at 12 o'clock noon, I
where to get first-class meals at reason- will sell all the right, title, claim and interest Etc., at the
able prices. In the following list will be of the said defendants, or either of them, of, n THIRD WARD SHOOL-O SL
found the best eating-houses in Virginia: and to the above-described property, at the THIRD WARD SO OOL-HOUSL
Amria tn Exchane N. V. orner Washing- .Court-house doors, in the city of Virginia, county From T to 9 F. V.,
Amer Exchange, N. W. corner Washing- of Storey, State of Nevada, at public auction, for.
t on and s s treets., a cash in hand. to the highest and best bidder, to (Sundays exeepted). Candidates for Schoo,
S Demonico, 47 South C street. satisfy said judgment and decree and all costs, Diplomas prepared for examination. TElHMS
International Betel, corner C and Union sts. in United States gold coin. T. E. KELLY, MODERATE. y27 tf
"Our Ho'e," 32 South C street. Sheriff of Storey county, Nevada. H ERATE. jy27 f
What Cheer, 60 Union street. Virginia, Nev, July 11, 1877. Jjy111 aw-tdW PRIVATE SC H 00Lf/
Household Furniture. PRIv mOOL.
Sohoenfeld&Heyman, 29 South C street. TO THE UNFORTUNATE MIS. H.A
Insurance Ageneie4. J__ Ioo H-bKJJ
W. B. Hickok, Room Odd Fellows'bidg. DR CIBBON' DISPENSARYDV Will open her
.Ttos.H. Ralston, room 7 Odd Fellows' bldg. nH. UBBOH B"S"'THf-K"
Jewelry, 628 Kearny Street, San Francisco, SE! L E rOT SC- E1 OO L,
L. C. utch, 28 South C street. STABLISHEDIN 1854 MINERS' UNION AL,
W. Manning, 76A South 0 street. E. for the treatment of NORTH B ST. (Upstairs),
Ladles'tHairdressers. Sexusl and Seminal Dis- .. Jul 23d 18--
Mrs J. Murphy, Lower Gold Hill S eases, such as Gonorrhba, OnL Monday, July 23d., t877.
Laundry Gleet, Stricture, Syphilis in jyl hn
&u "all its forms, Seminal Weak-
American Laundry, North A street. ness, Impotency, Skin Dis- ILLIAM B HI.KOK
Livery and Boarding Stable. eases s etc., permanently W IA HiO ,
J. P. Hutchinson, 129 and 131 South 0 street, eor no charge.j FIRE INSURANCE ACENT
mCmplee stocks of buHiig lumber, Seminal Emissions, the consequence of self- ODD FELLOWS' BUILDING.
mining timbers, doors, sash, blinds, tet., abuse. This solitary vice, or depraved sexual jy5 tf
kre ept constantly on hand by indulgence, is practised by the youth of both
^ie key & Smith, corner C and Mill streets. sexes almost unlimited extent, producing .... .. .
i Brad ey & Co., 77 and7o North C st with unerring. certainty the following train of THOM MAS RALSTONUI
Io^.p ]o.-. .n morbid symptoms, unless combatted by scientific I IA
Bwwtie loti uh B t' medical measures, viz: Sallow countenance, IRE INIStURANCB AGENT,
Money to ~e 31 South B street, dark spots under the eyes, pain in the head, RE LOOM 7,

HUStle 110.SjO ._M0 sor&l'0 etore. the loins, weakness of the limbs, confused ., jy30 in

F J. Jes up, s 15S vision, blunted intellect, loss of confidence, '
N.taries Publijc.- S & Deal. diffidence in approaching strangers, a dislike to
Ilnstarle u l oth '7"ildin-' form new acquaintances, disposition to shun C E T M RIAE REMV
Graham, H., with Lew e..,. society, low.of memory, hectic flutshes, pimplme OSTACLES TO ARIAE REMOVED.
Win. B. ickok, Odd Fellows-et, and various eruptions about the face, furred 31ANHOO RESTORED
Ricketts, A. H., Bank of CaL bldg, u tongue, fetid breath, coughs, consumption, MANHOOD RESTORED.
Palutst, oils, Etc. w sweats, monomania andfrequentinsanity. EW METHOD OFTREATMENT. NEW
Joseph Fredericks, 43 South Cstreet. n CURED AT HOME. and remarkable remedies. Books and cir-
Piatoograsla phs.'-a distance may be cured at home culars sent free in sealed envelopes. Address
.....'L -82 South C. Persons 1'etter to DR. GIBBON, stating Howard Assoclatton-, -419 N. Ninth St.,
oe & Lee, by addressing a th of time the disease has Phila elphi. Pa. An Institution having ahighs
Physicians and Surgeons. case, symptoms, le. medicines promptly for- reputation for honorable conduct and profes-
The following is a list of the principal continued, and have ,or curiosity, to any signal skill. jy6 ly
Physicians and Surgeons of the city : warded, f-es irom dunag full and plainS
Cen, DrF... 0 South C rt.r t country Uw ollarsa coin I ST. MARY'S' HOSPITAL
aCorn, Dr. F. W., 9Southre Hoel. iretins. By inclosing Ten Stofflce, or HOSP T lU IAL
DGvraon, Dr. H.B.,-olliClli's Hotel. registered letter through the ofmedi- IRGINIA NEVADA
irant, Dr. J., C i77 o inhlC street l tough Wells, Fargo&Co., a pack ion. VIRGINIA, NEVADA.
Kirbn, Dr. P. T., Co PhySicial, Gold Hill. C sul be forwarded to an of the
obnson, Dr.-Benj 17uh C street. e DRN CHARGE OF S TERS OF CHARITY
Plumblig and Gas Fitting. au71y Box 1,957, San Francisco.
John illig, 33 and 35 South C street. A Att ding Physician.,
Piano Tuuinag. M R bHANTo- ,RS, GRANT AND DEAL.
F. A. Herring, 78South C street. Your business can be largely In D G
ivate Schoolcreased by judicious expenditures .. TION OF THE HOSPITAL IS
Private Schools' in priIters' ink. Examine some of tRE LOC. eamot pleasant and healthy in
Miss Heard-Miners' Union Hall, North B t. the samples of new-style Billheads, one of e' nominations are received.
Mr. Macnamara, evening school, at Third Labele, Cards, Letter Headings, the city. All d n advance)-r per week
Ward schoolhouse. etac, now furnished at San Fran- TERMS (montAY week -in private rooms.
Saleoohl. cisco prices at the the wards extra oney refunded
It is well for everybody to know where Evening Chronicle Job Office, whequpatients Wah ve beforeex ira i n of
the finest wines, liquors and cigars are Corner C and Tavlor streets month. Foar furthlerapE iculars address
dispensed. The following list comprises m FE -
the beat saloons in Virgiia City: TO MILLMEN. ylo Ort. M Sbool.
Bank Exchange Saloon, cor C and Taylor stas n ALF
Bea Sprlnjgs aloon, 7 South C street, Babbitt llnEnR
p n o ,,North Cst r it. The Best Babbitt MetalLIQUOR DEALE
'l. .r, -- ,orybody knows where it s. ICOT NE IN LDTP utdut
i, IS GONTAINED IN OLD TYPE" Handomely enre dcta,suI-
nnC. 1 ONAIEDIN LDTYable for Labels, Cards an Bill-
teeloc Bioiro.os, -- heads of Liquor Dealers, Just
Clarke, Wi. & Co., 51 South C street. For sale cheap, at the -ceived at the "-
eteslr, l. P. & C'. lti tlowI'building. I HRONiCLE OFFICE Evening Chronicle Job Offie-,
hrt IAul i i...iS. South C strcit. FVENINC HRNILorner 0 and Taylor streeto-
M;uryp, 0 c. s .. South C streekn Er C a O
A..p-,er B tro, 46 iSoltt, C street. 0 krer Bankers, Mining Supntndot persons who were not aware that they
r, ,A. ., ot strt, dawcrs, to hae their Priting one at th coud save from 0 to 50 per cent. by getting
ISt' ir 's Iospia l5st Cntot Job ie Taylor ste et, their printing done ,t the CROIL Jo
in chargec of Sisters lf (lti second doon below C. m2 t 0 Taylor tr. sn dor lo C t




In Extent and Facilities

--B1 ANY.-


1W W..A.. i&..

Labor-saving material, Late and Beautiful
Styles of TYPES, BORDERS, CUTS, Etc., we
are enabled to turn out a Superior Class of JOB

Merchants, Brokers,

Assayers, Lawyers,

And the Public generally, in

need ot

E*3ES'W r a-?Tft- A q(s


Bill Heads,
Letter Heads,
Business Cards,
Shipping Tags,
Legal Blanks,
Ball Tickets,
Ball Programmes,
Wedding Cards,
Invitations, Etc.,




In this Department we are 'prie-,
rpared to do Anything,
from a

--TO A-


And Defy Competition


Every Variety of


--AND AT---


-AT THE---



Taylor St., 2d door below 0.

ING COMPANY.-Location of principal
place of business, San Francisco, California.
Location of works, Storey county, Nevada.
Notice.-There are delinquent upon the follow
ing described stock, on account 0o assessment
(No. 49) levied on the thirteenth day of
June, 1877, the several amounts sat opposite
the names of the respective shareholders, as
No. No.
Names, Cert. Shrs. Ain't.
Atkinson, Lyon & Co, Trs 11590 40 120 00
Atkinson, Lyon & Co, Trs.12L48 8 4 00
Atkinson, Lyoni & Co, Trs. 10497 40 20 00
Atkinson, L :Von & Co, Trs.17443 5 2 50
Blow Bros, Trustees...... 15320 10 5 00
I MA Bourne, Triste...... 15181 30 15 00
R 3 Bourne, Trustee...... 17509 10 5 00
Brooks &.Lee, Trustees....12135 20 10 00
Boyd & Davis, Trustees... 6520 10 5 00
Boyd & Davis, Trustees... 6677 5 2 50
Boyd & Davis, Trustees...10602 10 5 00
Boyd & Davis, Trustees... 13980 0 26 0
H H Brackctt ........... 13901 100 50 00
C C Butler................ 5650 50 25 00
C C Butler ..............6. 50 50 25 00
H J Boese, Trustee.......1569506 60 25 00
A Sigourney Bird......... 12862 5 2 50
A Sigourney Bird ....... 17197 45 22 50
A Sigourney Bird ........ 17108 60-100 30
John S Barrett, Trustee...13407 10 5 00
Cantin & Everett, Trustees 2411 5 2 50
GA Coursun, Trustee..... 14727 10 5 00
11 A Charles, Trustee bal.. 2783 8 25-100 4 10
AM Cooney..............15867 20 10 00
J E Cook & Co, Trustees. .130630 10 5 00
M Cieesman, Trustee..... 4538 10 5 00
W R Cheney, Trustee.....11857 45 22 50
A A Collins, Trustee ......17520 4 2 00
Cope, Uhler & Co, Trus..11155 10 5 00
Cope; Uhler & Co, Trus... 12674 20 10 00
Cope, Uhler & Co, TrusteeS1267 920 10 00
Cope Uhler& CoTrue, bal.13071 5 95 100 3 00
Cope, Ubler & Co,Trustees.132 7 20 1000
Cope, Uhler &.Co.Trustees.14579 100 50 00
Cope, Uhler &Co,Truetees.1632I 10 5 00
E Cahill & Co,Trustees.... 1439 5 2 50
E Cahill & Co,Trustee,,bal. 1771 3 25-100 1 60
E Cahill & Co,Trustess8.... 4483 10 5 00
E Cahill & C,T usteesu.... 5117 6 2 50
E Cahill & Co,Trestees.... 9127 20 10 00
E Cahill & Co,Trustees bal 9939 8 25 100 4 15
E Cahill & CoTrustees.... 11037 20 10 CO
E Cahill & Co,Trustees.... 12325 50 25 00
E Ca.hill & CoTrustees.... 14613 20 10 00
'E Cah ll & Co,Trustees.... 4614 10 5 00
"E Cahill & CoTrustees ... 14947 50 25 00
E Cah 11 & Co,Trustees ....15402 10 5 00
SCahill &.Co,Trustees ..1.. 16450 10 5 00
EC ahifl:&'Co,Trustees....17519 40 20 00
Crocke'& Suydam. True, .17285 20 10 00
Crocker & Snydau, True..17523 5 250
W H, i eke.&Co,'lr`ls.... 9084 10 5 00
W HroEtake& Co, Trus..',.13749 10 5 00
W 1Clarke.& Co, Trus...15052 10 5 0O
W H rlarke & Co.-Trus....15017 10 5 00
Wf H Cireke & Co, Trus....15058 10 5 00
W H & Qo, Trus'.:. 15883 10 5 00
Jas Coffin, rustee.......11875 20 10 00
Jas Coffin, Trustee.L..... 12701 10 5 00
Jas Coffin, Trustee........ 12898 5 2 50
Jas Coffin, Trustee.......14830 100 50 00
James Coffin, Trustee..... 14831 100 50 00
James Coffin, Tiustee....-, 16048 50 25 00
James Coffin; Trustee..... 17082 20 10 00
Callagan,Lyn & Co Trues 405 50 25 00
Calaghani,Lynch & Co Trusi1195 10 5 00
Calla ghai,-Lyncl & Co Trusll902 3 1 50
CallaghaN,Lyich & CoTrusl11903 10-100 5
Callaghan,Lynch& Co Trus 13890 10 5 00
Callaghan Lynch & Co Trus13891 10 5 00
Coffin & Page, Trustees...17400 10 5 00
G Donne ly................17274 30 15 00
W L Duncan, Trustee..... 12841 10 5 00
W L Duncan, Trustee 12896 10 5 00
W L Duincau Trustee .... 13516 25 1250
D Driscoll & Co, Trustees. 755 20 10 00
L P Drexler & Co, Trus... 7423 20 10 00
L P Drexler & Co, True...13187 10 5 00
L P Drexler & Co, Trus.. 16148 10 10 00
Mra Ann Duff........... 13105 50 25 00
F A Elliott & Co, Trus, ba113228 4 2 00
MEEnrightr..............471 10 5 00
S Elmore .............16798 10 5 00
P S Fray, Trustee-......... A988 10 5 00
C W Fox, Trustee......... 2979 20 10 00
0 W Fox, Trustee ........14244 20 10 00
C W Fox, qruste.........14803 50 25 00
C W Fox, Trustee ........ 16466 10 5 t
C W Fox, Trustee ........ 17037 10 5 00
C W Fox, Trustee......... 17524 50 25 00
RS Flo3d ................ 7716 50 2 6 00
L B Frankel, Trustee..... 6845 20 10 00
L B Frankel, Trustee-.....11098 5 2 50
L B Frankel, Trustee..... 12832 10 5 00
G F iederich, Trust e..... 15367 50 25 00
G Friederich, Trustee..... 15368 50 25 00
Fry, Neal & Co, True, bal. 7222 4 60-100 2 30
Fry, Neal & Co, Trustees..15241 5 2 50
Fry, Neal & Co, Trustees..15626 10 5 00
Fry, Neal & Co, Trustees..15749 40 20 00
E Gauthier & Co, Trust.... 16558 10 5 00
Gauthier & Schmitt, Trus. 8954 10 5 00
Gauthier & Schmitt, Trus.10899 5 2 50
Gauthier & Schmitt, Trus. 16381 10 5 00
L Greenbaumn & co, Trus. 13589 10 5 00
.L Greenbaum & Co, Trus.15508 60 25 00
Gardiner & Hooker, Trus..10883 20 10 00
Gardiner & Hooker, Trus. .16168 0 25 00
Gardiner & Hooker, Truees..17159 5 2 50
Greenebaum, Helbing &
Co, Trustees ............10705 6 2 50
Greenebaum, Helbing &
- ao, Trustees ............11627 2 12 50
Greenebaum, Helbing &
Co, Trustees, Trust a ...... 13865 8 25-100 4 15
Greuenebaum, Helbing &
Co, Trustees ............ 15516 100 0 00
Greenebaum, Helbing &
Co, Trustees...... .....15964 10 5 00
Greenebaum, Helbing &
Co, Trustees...... .....16355 10 5 00
Ed Galliard, Trustee......16465 10 5 00
I Glazier & Co, Trustees... 3943 10 5 00
.IGlazier & Co, Trustees... 4134 6 2 50
I Glazier & Co, Trustees... 4643 20 10 00
I Glazier& Co, Trustees... 5131 25 12 50
I Glazier & Co, Trustees... 7067 10 5 00
-I Glazier & Qo, Trustees... 7229 10 5 00
I Glazier & Co, Trustees... 7763 20 10 00
I Glazier & Co, Trusts, bal. 7765 11 30-100 6 65
-I Glazier & Co, Trusts, bal. 8274 2 25-100 1 10
I G azier & Co. Trustees... 8339 20 10 00
, I lazier & Co, Trustees... 8401 10 00
I Glazier & Co, Trustees... 9361 20 '10 00
I Glazier & Co, T, ustees....10629 20 10 00
I Glazier & Co, Trustees.. .107t1 20 10 00
A Glazier & Co. Trust-, bal.10901 4 2 00
I Glazier & Co, Trustees...11723 10 5 00
1 Glazier & Co, Trustcc..-.12408 10 5 00
I Glazier & Co, Trustees...12552 10 5 00
I Grazier & Co, Trustees... 1378' 50 25 00
I .l. & Co, Trustees.. .13925 20 10 00
I .l..:,t r & Co, Trustees...13943 100 50 00
I Glazier & Co, Trustees.. 143-6 100 50 00
I Gi., ,. S C.,. Trustees... 14I 10 5 10
I >u ,.I r C.... Trustees...14(04 20 10 00
r tl.-. r .X C.., Trustees....155;2 20 10 00
1 Glazier & Co, Trustees...15572 10 5 00
I Glazier & Co, Trustees...15746 50 25 00
1 Glazier & Co, Trustees...1il 10 5 00
I Glazier& Co, Trustees..16113 5 2 50
D Henderscn & Co, Trus..11705 10 6 00
.A Holmes & Co, Trustees. 6725 20 10 00
A Holmes & Co, Trustees. .8434 10 5 00
Ira G Hoitt, Tiustee... .12112 10 5 00
Ira G Hoitt, Trustee;.....16420 20 10 00
Henry Holman, Trustee...16780 50 25 00
Hosuss & Bourne, Trus..- 7919 20 10 00
Hosmer & Bourne. Trns...12520 20 10 00
Hormer & Bourne, Trus...12844 25 12 50
Hosmor & Bourne, Trus... 13260 20 10 00
llosmer & Bournu, Trus .15349 50 25 00
-Hosmer & Bourne, Trus.. .16437 20 10 00
R C Hooker, Trustee...... 8068 10 5 00
W G Hughes, Trustee, bal. 7481 21 50-100 10 75
Hall & Charles, Trustees.. 7487 20 10 00
E F Hall & Co, Trustees... 5663 20 10 00
.W E Hale & Cc, Trustees..16619 10 500
Hunt & Coates, Trustees..15100 10 5 00
Hunt & Coates, Trustees..16316 10 5 00
Hunt & Coates, Trustees..lo935 10 5 00
C II Hopkits, Trustee..... 6606 50 25 00
C H Hopkins, Trustee..... 13887 5 2 50
1 t erzberg, Trustee....... 10892 100 60 t0
J W Jotnson, Trustee.... 16088 100 50 00
.Frank S Jordan, Trustee. 17429 5 2 50
B B Keel' r, Trustee..... 17306 200 100 00
Kellh & Pollock, Trustees. 9580 20 10 00
Kelly, & Pollock, Trustees.113323 10 5 00
Kerner & Dyer, Trustees.17.150 10 5 00
J ti Latham & Co, Trns... 10748 30 15 00
P N Lilienthal, Trustee... 1889 50 20 00
P N Lilisnthal, Trustee... 9800 30 15 00
P N Lilisottal, Trustee... 9S91 20 10 00
Loveland, David & C ',Trs.12726 10 5 00
Loveland, Dr vid & Co,Trs.14214 5 2 50
Lawton & Deane, True .... 14734 10 5 00
Latham & King, Truntees.11746 20 10 00
Latham & King, Trustees.14960 10 5 00
Latham & King, Trustees.15764 50 25 00
Lathaw & Ring, Trustees.15864 50 25 00
Lathrun & KRIn1, Trustees.15994 50 S5 0O
Latham & King, Trustees.16261 50 25 00
Latham & King, Trustees.16540 25 12 50
Latham & King, Trustees.17581 10 5 00
Larham & King, Trustees.17639 ]0 5 00
C Moss...................17634 100 50 00

H H More................14378 9150-100 45 75
Minor S Martin, Trustee... 8331 10 5 00
Manning & Clarke, Trus... 8546 5 2 50
E C Morton, Trustee......14075 5 2 50
J G Montealgre & Bros,Trs 9916 50 25 00
Geo T aryc & Soin, Trus.. 5 24 10 5 00
Geo T Marye & Son, Trus.. 6008 5 2 50
Geo T Marye & Son, Trus.. 8690 10 5 00
Geo T Marye & Son, Trus.. 8972 10 5 00
Geo T Marye & Son, Trus.. 10556 10 5 600
Gee T Mar e & Son, Trus..10644 10 5 00
Geoe T Marye & Son, Trus..15459 100 50 00
Geo T Marye & Son, Trus .15479 10 5 00
Geoe T Marye & Son, Trus..16488 5 2 50
Geo T Marye & Son, Trus.16433 10 5 00
Geo T Marye & Son, Trus.16444 10 5 00
Geo T Marye & Son, Trus.16634 10 5 00
Geo T Marye & Son, Trus.17648 20 10 00
John Macphersou, Truns... 9965 50 25 00
JTotn Macpherson, Trus...15s25 10 5 00
WI JMuller Trustee... 17259 20 10 00
W E Norwood. Trus, bal.. 9369 825-100 4 15
H H Noble & Co, Trus.... 4191 20 10 00
H 11 Nuble & Co, Truns... .10044 10 5 00
H H Nob & Co, Trus.... 14083 10 5 00
I Neustater, T ustee ..... 17001 1000 500 00
I Neratatter, Trusteb.....17010 10 5 00
I Neustatter, Trustee... .17219 100 50 00
Otis & Co, Trustees .......17156 20 10 00
H E Plummer, Trustee... 1356 10 5 00
Parker & Barrett, Trus...10176 10 5 00
E C Platt, Trustee........1318 10 5 00
E C Platt, Trustee........ 15005 5 2 50
Riatte & Fernbach, Trus.. 15647 10 5 00
Riatte & Fernbach,Truse..1954 10 5 00
Riatte & Fernbach, Ti us.. 15665 10 5 00
Riatte & FernbacliTrus ball6198 8 25-100 4 10
John Rudolph, bal ..... 8901 2 1 00
D Rich, Trustee.......... 2472 5 2 50
EdRic.or................ 1521 10 5 00
Randolph, McIntosh & Co,
Trustees................15654 20 10 00
Randolph, McIntosh & Co,
Trustees............... 16640 5 2 50
E A Richardson Trustee.. 8539 10 5 (0
E A Richardson, Trus, bal.10060 45 50-100 22 75
E A Richardson, Trustee.. 12203 30 15 00
E A Rictardson, Trustee..13794 20 10 00
E A Richardson, Trustee..17572 100 50 00
E A Richardson, Trustee.. 17573 100 50 00
. Richardsoe, Trustee..17574 100 50 00
S-'.bhardsoi, T. ustee.. 17575 100 50 00
E Ai'bardsnn, Trustee.. 17676 0 25 00

Sierra Nevada-Conllnuedl.
H IT Scott & Co, Trustees 906009 5 2 50
H H Scott & Co, Trustees.156029 5 2 60
H I1 Scott & C,, Trustees.17103 10 5 00
W WV Stetson, Trustee..-.. 8910 5 2 50
W W tet-onn, Trustee.... 10601 260 130 00
W W Stetson, Trustee... 10901 90-100 45 00
VW V Stetson, Trustee .... 12975 10 6 00
W W Stetson, Trustee.... 13079 10 5 00
W W Stetson, Trustee.... 18328 10 5 00
WV WV Stetson, Trustee.... 14006 20 10 00
W V Stetson, Trustee.... 14372 50 25 00
WV W Stetson, Trustee, bal660255 50-100 2 75
VW W Stetsoi, Trustee.... 15863 10 5 00
W W Stetson, Truste:e.... 15866 10 5 00
W W Stetson, Trustee, ballOS4 1 5-100 60
W W Stetson, Trustee, ball5997 4 2 00
W W Stetson, Trustee.... 16lu99 20 10 00
W Stetson, Trustee, balI6294 10 75-00 8 40
VW WV Stetson, Trustee.... 16793 10-100 05
B F Sherwood & Co, 'E'us. 8014 50 25 00
Nat Stein, Trustee........s13836 5 2 50
E L Smith, Trustee....... 8819 10 5 00
C A Schmitt, Trustee ..... 2328 2 50
Miles tchoflceld............ 11011 50 25 00
Schmiedell, Hoehstadter &
Co, Trustc3.......... 8725 100 50 00
Schmiedell, Hochstaclter &
Co, Trustee............. 8741 88 44 00
ehmniedell, Hochstsdtcr &
Co, Trustees............ 8743 100 50 00
Sehicedell. Hochsta ter &
Co, Trustees............10280 5 2 50
Sehmied il, Hoehstadier &
Co, Trustees............ 103S9 5 2 50
Schmiedcll. Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees............10392 10 6 00
Schmiedell. Hochstadtor &
Co, Trustees............10421 20 10 00
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees, bal........ 11394 89 44 50
Sehmiedell, HIochstadter &
Co, Trustees, bal........ 11611 8 25-100 4 15
Schmledell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees............11800 20 10 00
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees............ 12465 10 5 00
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trusseo s............12474 5 2 50
Sch miedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees............12475 5 2 50
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees ............1247 5 2 50
Schmiedell, IHochstadter &
Co, Trustees............12477 5 2 60
Sebhmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees............12720 0 10 00
Schmiedell. Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees............12749 10 5 00
Sehmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees............ 13301 100 50 00
Schmiedell, Ilochstadter &
Co, Trustees............14144 10 5 00
Schlniede' Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees........... 15103 6 2 50
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees ..........15104 6 2 50
Sebhmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Tiustees............16527 5 2 50
Schmiiedell, Hohstadter &
Co, Trustees............10060 20 10 00
Schemiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees ...........17318 50 2 50
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees............ 173156 26 0
Schisiedell, Hoehstadter &
Co, Trusteeus.......... 17334 20 10 00
F A Tritle& Co, Trustees. 16010 100 50 00
W Turnbull & Co, Trus... 5691 '10 5 00
W TuTnbull& Co, TcIs...12753 15 7 50
James Tahancy .........17503 20 10 00
Chas Tamplin, Trus, bal.. 9752 12j 6 50
JM Todd, Trustee........14105 20 10 00
J Ml Todd, Trustee, bal.... 14107 2 1 00
Thomas & Cook, Trustees. 5795 10 5 00
G W Utter, Trustee ........14954 10 5 00
Vernon, Tobin & Co, Trus. 9894 20 10 00
H P Wood, 'Irustee....... 7324 10 5 00
H P Wood, Trustee....... b524 10 5 00
H P VWood, Trustee....... 8525 10 5 00
H P Wood & C, Trustees. 10955 5 2 50
Woods & Freeborn, Trus.. 8194 20 10 00
Woods & Freeborn, Trus.. 9034 100 50 00
Woods &Freeborn, Trus..10074 20 1000
Woods & Freeborn,. Trus..11144 10 5 00
Woods & Freeborn, Trus..11779 10 5 600
Woods &lI-eeborn, Trus..11817 100 5000
Woods & Freeborn, Trus..12310 16 8 00
Woods&Freeborn,Trus,bal 2 01 6 2 50
Woods& Freeborn, Trus..13300 20 10 00
Wood? & Freeborn, ',rus..13321 10 5 00
Woods & Freeborn, Trus..13131 80 15 00
Wouocs Freejorn,Trus,bal 14672 8 25-100 4 15
Woods & Freeborn, e ru 14674 50 25 00
Woods & Freeb.rn, Trus. .14874 50 25 00
Woods & Freeburn, Trus..16898 W0 25 00
W W Wright, 'Irustee .... 0452 10 5 00
J C Winans. Trustee......12947 10 1 00
S B Wakefield, Trus, bal..123:7 4 2 00
S B Wakefield, Trus, bal. .12629 8 25-100 4 10
S B Wakefield, Trustee...1636082 '10 5 00
AM WVh te, Trustee...... 13449 20 10.00
A M White, Trustee..... .13466 5 2 50
Wilson & Hutchlinson, Trs.15416 20 10 00
Wils,,'.n & Hutchinson, Trs.15419 10 5 00
Zadig & Weill, Trustees.. .10872 10 5 00
E Fisher, Trustee.......... 11208 10 5 00
H Hoffmaii,.TTrutee......17056 20 10 00
And in accordance with law and an crder of
the Board of.Trustees, made on the thirteenth
(13) day of -June, 1877, so many sh tres of each
parcel of such stock as may be necessary, will
be sold at public auction, at the office of the
Company, No. 5 Nevada Block, No. 309 Mont
gomery street, San Francisco, California, on
MONDAY, the SIXriPH (6th) day of AUGUST,
1877, at thehour of one(1) o'clock P.M.of said day,
to pay said delinquent assessment thereon, to-
gether with costs of advertising and expenses
of the sale.
W. W. STETSON, Secretary.
Office-Room No. 5 Nevada Block, No. 309
Montgomery street, San Francisco, California.
Jyl18 td -

-0 tiut of %o #eoment

SMINING COMPANY.-Location of prin-
cipal place *of business, San Francisco, Califor-
nia.-Location of works, Virginia Mining Dis-
trict, Storey county, State of Nevada.-Notice
is hereby given, that at a meeting of the Board
'of Directors, held on the 31t day of July,
1877, an assessment (No. 55) of Fifty Cents
per share was levied upon the capital stock
of the corporation,payable immediately in United
States gold coin, to the 'Secretary at the office
of the Company, Room No. 58 Nevada Block,
northwest corner of Pine and Montgomery
streets, San Francisco, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on the FI1TH day of SEPTEM-
BE.1, 1877, will be delinquent and advertised for
sale at public auction; and unless payment
is made before, will be sold on Thursday,
the 27th day of S ptember, 1877, to pay the de-
linquent assessment, together with costs of ad-
vertising and expenses of sale. By order of the
Board of Directors.
JOEL F. LIGHTNER, Secretary.
Office-Room No. 58 Nevada Block, north-
west corner Pine and Montgomery streets, San
Francisco, California. aul 5w
PANY.-Location of principal place of
business, San Francisco, California.-Location
of works. Virginia District, Storey county, Nev.
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the
Board of Directors, held on the Twenty-eighth
day of Juh, 1877, an assessment (No. 8) of
Twenty-five (25) Cents per share was levied
upon ithe capital stock of ta corporation, pay-
able immediately in United States gold coin, to
the Secretary, at the office of the company,
Room No. 1, 402 Montgomery street, San Fran-
cisco, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remaiti unpaid on theTHII TIETH (30th) day of
AUGUST, 1877,will be delinquent and advertised
fur Bale at public auction, and unless payment
is made before will be sold on Saturday, the
fifteenth day of September, 1877, to pay the de-
linquent assessment, together with costs of ad-
vertising and expenses of sale. By order of
tWe Board of Dreetors.
0. H. BOGART, Secretarr.
Offile-Boom No. 1, 402 Montgomery str et,
San Francisco, California. jy30 ti

INO COMPANY. Location of works,
Gold Hill, Slorey county, Nevada.-Principal
place of business, Main street, Gold Hill, Nevada.
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the
Board of Trustees of said company, held on
the 16th day of July, 1877, an assessment
(No. 20) of One Dollar (81) par share was
levied upon each and every share of tie capital
-tock of said company, payable immediately in
United States gold coin to the Secretary, at the
office of the company, Main street, Gold Hill,
Any stock upon which said assessment shall
remain unpaid on FKiIDAY, AUGUST 17,
1877, shall be deemed delinquent and will be
duoy adverised for sale at public auction; and
unless payment shall be made before, will be
sold on Thursday, the 20th day of September,
1877, at 12 o'clock mi., in front of the office of
the company, to pay the delinquent asse-s
ment, together with costs of advertising and
expenses of sale. By order of the Board of
Trustees. P. ENNIS, Secretary.
Gold Hill. Nevada, July 16, 1s77. jyl6 td
cation of principal place of business, Sanu
rrancisco, Calift.rnia.-Location of works, Vir-
ginia Mining District, Storey county, State of
Neva la.-Notice is hereby given that at a meet-
ing of the Board of Taustees, held on the 20th
day of July, A. D. 1877, an assessment (No.-
29) of One Dollar per share was levied upon the
capital stock of the corporation, payable imme-
diately in United States gold coin to tl e Secre-
tary, at the offie offie of the company, Room 15
Nevada Block, No, 309 Montgomery street, San
Francisco, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on the 22d ray of AUGUST,
A. 1). 1877, will be delinquent, and adver-
tised for sale at public auction:; and unless
payment is made before will be sold on Monday,
the 10th day of Septembee, .A.D. 1877. to pay
the delinquent assessment, together with costs
of advertising and expenses of sale. By order
of the Board of Trustees
E. B HOLMES, Secretary.
Office-Room No. 15 Nerada Block. No. 309
Montg,,mory street, San Francisco, Cal.
jy2t til



No. 89 South C Street, Virginia.

Casrs, Triitnuinii,S cc., of allw4iQ
kinds and qualities, constantly on hand.
I'phulslery andr t'iCabinct Work
Promptly attended to at reasonable rates. ji 23 tf



.... AND....

Celebration of Games

...OF THE....




Treadway's Ranch, Carson City

No. 41 South 0 Street.

CAPITAL, $200,000
President..................... C. HAMPTON1
First Vice-President...............C. EP
Second Vice-President..........W, H. SMeIH
Manager............. .......A. W. White
Attorney.....................C0. H. BELKNAP
Directors t
J 0 Hampton, C Derby,
W H Smith, George Sent
Joseph B MaWlon, C C Stevenson,
A W White, Mark Strou e,
W B Crane, A L Edwards,
W H Patton, J S Kraneen
C H Van Gorder, W S Bender,
Interest paid on Ordinary and Term DepositL
DepoAts received in sums of $1 and upward.
Loans made on approved real e tate, bonds,
stock s, etc. Stocks currency an'l si er bought
and sold. Exchange for sale on all the princi-
pal cities of Europe and the Orient.
au4 tf A. W. WHITE, Secretary.



Of San Francisco, at


kept either in Coin or Currency.

On all points purchased and drawn by th
Agency upon

Both In Coin and Currency; alsoin Sterling

Bullion purchased. Telegraphic TraIsfeu
made. Collections made at all points.
Stocks, Legal Tender Currency, and National
Bans Notes Bought and Sold.
GEO. A. KING, Agent
Virginia, Nev., January 10. 1876. yll t

The Bank of California

.A, r Ow 3a M,


Committee on Games :

D. H. Fraser, Win. Somerville,
David Norrie, Wm. Harrower,
John A. Inglis.

Judges on the Various Games a

Win. McLachlan, A.G. McKenzie,
W. H. Oliver, Jas Grant,
Win. Drysdale, Win. Smerv"Ile,
A. J. McDonell, Jas. B. McDonald,
George Dewar, Hector Dew,
Dr. J. Grant.

Reception Committee a

Win. Maxton, D. H. rraser,
John A. Inglis.


The following liot of prizes will be awarded
to the successful competitors:

1. Throwing Heavy Hammer (weight, twenty-
two pounds): First Prize-Pair elegant
vases. Second Prize Engraved silver

2. Throwing Light Hr mer (weight, fourteen
pounds) : First 7es Gold-lined silver
fruit dish. SecomC Prize Silver goblet
3. Putting Heavy Stone (weight. twenty-two
pounds): First Prize-Gentleman's gold
quartz sleeve buttons. Second Prize-Gold
and pearl sleeve buttons.

4. Putting Light Stone (weight, fourteen
pounds): Firnt P-izec-Gld quartzrstuds.
Second Prize-Centennial toilet clock.'

5. Short Race (100 yards) for members of Club
only : First Prize- Silver el ergne. Sec-
ond Prize-Gold quartz sleeve buttons.
Third Prize-Silver bouquet holder.

6. Sack Race : First Prize Elegant pair
sphynx pattern napkin rings Second
Prize-Gent's onyx sleeve buttons.

7. Standing Jump : First Prize-Half-dozen
each of tea and table spoons. Second
Prize-Silver engraved match safe.

8. Three-legged Race (seventy-five yards) :
Pair of polished goblets,

9. Running Jump : First Prize-Silver en-
graved pickle castor. Second Prize-Gold
lined silver mug.

10. Running High Leap : First Prize Gold
lined silver cup. Second Prize-Gold lined
and engraved cup.

11. Vaultine with Pole : First Prize-Silver
chariot pickle dish and $25 gold cein. pre-
sented by A. G. McKenzie, Esq. Second
Prize-Gent's gold agate ring.

12. Tossing the Caber : First Prize-Six bot-
tled castor, silver, engraved. Second Prize
-Gent's onyx sleeve buttons.

13. Four Hundred Yard Race : First Prize-
Silver cake bask, t. Second Prize-Silver
engraved revolving butter dish.
14. Ladies' Race (seventy-five yards): First
Prize- El gant toilet set. Second Prize-
bilver pickmeceastor. (No competition fee)

15. Old Man's Race (forty-five years anil over) :
Silver water pitheer, presented by Wil iam
Manning, Esq. (No fee.) .
16. Old Ladies' Race (forty-five year and over):
Prize of $50 in gold coin. presented by A.
G. McKenzie, Esq. (No fee.)

17. Boys' Race (fourteen years and .under,
seventy-five va-ds): First Prize-Ten Dol-
lars. Second Prize-Five Dollars. Both
present, d by W. H. Oliver, Esq. (No fee.)

First Prize-Elegant set of carver's nife and
Second Prize-Full engraved silver goblet.

In addition to the above foregoing games, a
team, consistingof twenty men each, from the
vari-us military companies "f V rein a City,
Gold Hill and Carson City will compete for


To be awarded by the Club to the team making
the most p ints. Shsoting to be conducted ac-
cotding to the Creedmoor rules ; distance, 200
yards ; each man to have five rounds.

In the State wiln accompany the excursion and
furnish music to all those desirous of indulging
in the dance.

Perfect Safety and Strict Order
Will be secured by special conductors and
guards on the train. No improper or objection-
able characters will be allowed either on the
cars or on the grounds.
All parties not holding excursion tickets will
be charged an entrance fee of 81 to the grounds.
Non-members of the Club will be charged a
competition fee of $1 for each game. :
Trains-leave Virginia City at 7:30 A. M. ; Gold
Hill, 7:45 A. M.
Officers of the day and competitors only al-
lowed inside th circle. This order will be
strictly enforced.

C ETS. ......... 30
13211 tsl

J. P. MARTIN, General Agent,

Coin or Currency, either on Open Account
or to issue Certificates therefore, payable (at the
option of the holder) in Virginia or San Fran.
RExchange For Sale on
Duoswe, ETc., ETC.
Collections Made on All Pointe.
Bullion Purchased at the Most-Fivoratblo
Rates. Stocks Bonds and Legal Tender Notes
Bought and Sold. .
J. P. MARTIN, Agents
W. ECKLEY, Cashier.
Virginia. Nen.. .Tannrrv 1. 1S78. lyt TV


'T- & T R- .
S14, the
Leaving Virginia daily at 6 p. M., will connect
at Reno with Central Pacific trains as follow,:
Leaving Virginia SATURDAYS, will connect
with C. P. tram No. 2, overland, leaving Reno
at 12:05 A. M., arriving at San Frkanc co 6:35
r. m. on f -)owing Sunday. On .all other dae
of the week will run as- 'sual via Vallejo, levw '
ine ReI o at 9 P. M., arriving at San Francisco
11:10 A. M.
Returning, will leave San Fiancisco at 4 p tt,
EXCEPTING ON bUNDAYS, when train No.
1 overland, will only be run leaving San Fran.
cisce at 8 A. Mr., arriving at leno 2:30 A. ,, and
arriving at Virginia at 10:40 A M
jyl1 ttf General Superintendent.

0 d, 1875, Trains will LEAVE RENO daly
as follows:
: 50 A. M.-Passenger Train to Ogden and
6s45 A. M.-Freight Train to Ogden d
195O A. M.--Passenger Train to Sacramento
and San Francisco.
38800 P. M.-Freight Train to Sacramento
and San Francisco.
P'90 P. M.-Express Train to Sacramento
and San Francisco.
General Passenger and Ticket Agent.
je28-8m A. N. TOWNN. General Supt
From Va. Citv. From San Fran.
Leave 6:00 Px Virginia Ar'elO:45 AM
6:13 Px Gold Hill 10.34 A
6:45 FPM Mound House 10.00 a M
7:201 :10 I"
7:3520 Carson 9:05
8:27 P Steamboat 8:08 AX
g:55 P M Reno 7:35 A M
11:00 Pa Truckee 4:50 A M
6:05 A u Sacramento 9:16 rx
9:10 A Is Vallejo 6:10 PM
11:10 A M Sap Francisco 4:00 X
Dinner on boat from San Francisco, and
breakfast at Reno, going East. Breakfast on
boat from Vallejo, going West. Sleeping car
daily between Carson and Vallejo.
99 Trains leaving Virginia on Saturday con-
nect with the overload, going west, at Reno at
12:05 A. r.; arrive at. ban Francisco at 5:36
p. x. No lightning express from San Francisco
on Sunday.

le9 tf

General Sup't V. & T. L. R.
General Sup't C. P. R. R

v- & T- 3

Sunday Excursion Train.

Reduced Rates of Fare.
further notice, the V. & T. R. R "i 1 run
an Excursion Train on SUNDAYS from Vir-
ginia and G, Id Hill to Carson Bowers' Mansion
ard Steamboat Springs, at TW;O DOLLARS for
Bound Trip. Children half-price. A band of
music accompanies the _train.
Virginia.....8:15 A. x. Steamboat...38:50 T. x.
Gold Hill.... 8:26 A. u. Bowers' ......4:10 P .
Careon....... 4:45 r. i.
Carsoa ......9:50 A. x,
Bowers'.... 10:30 A M. GOld Hill.... 6:18 P. M.
Steamboat. .10:55 A. t. Virginia......56:25 P. M.
War Excursion Ticket%, good for Sp'cial Train
only, can be procured at Railroad Ticket
offices. H.M. YEBINGI ON,
iy28tf Grne'al Superintendent.

ecutor or Executrix, Administrator or Ad-
ministratrix, and to the heirs and devisees of
ihe Estate of Charles E. DeLong, deceased.
Notice is hereby given, to the above-named
persons that the undersigned have, during the
year A. D 1870. expended for the development
of and for labor and improvements upon the
American Flag Quartz Ledges, Taylor Gold rnd
Silver Miunin Company, located and situated
in the Virginia Mining District, Storey County,
Nevada the amount of Two Hundred (8i00)
Dollars, in United States gold coin.
You are hereby further notifled'and required
to contribute 3our proportion of sal i expends-
tures, so made as aforesaid, due from3ou and
each of you, to 'he undersigned, as follows, to.
wit: From Levi W. Taylor, 800 80; and foom
the estate of Charles E. DeLong, deceased, 88.
You and each of you are also noifiled that in
case you fall or refuse to pay the respective
amounts of money set opposite your names
above, to A. B. Elliott. who is hereby appointed
our agent to re-'eive and receipt for the s ,me,
at sis office, in .the City of Virginia, Storey
County, Nevada, at or before the expiration of
ninety days after the service of this notice,
I out and each of your interests in said Ameri-
can Flag Qua-tz Ledges, Taylor Gold an:! Sil'er
Mining C apany5 will by operation of lrw Lr-
come the -property of the undersigned, who
mal'e the above expenditures on said wtning
claim in the year A. D. 1876. .
Virginia, Storey County, State of Nevada, May
11th, A. D. 1877, mWI 13


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