Group Title: Virginia evening chronicle.
Title: Virginia evening chronicle. August 16, 1877.
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Title: Virginia evening chronicle. August 16, 1877.
Uniform Title: Virginia evening chronicle.
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Publication Date: August 16, 1877
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16, 1877.


itmarked another standing by, "that
ing they are gone, instead of living to
VIRGINIA CITY, NEV. suffer in these hard times." "That's
so," answered the man, with a sigh ;
PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, "we have to feel when one of our little
(Sundays excepted.) ones is taken from us that it's a bless-
OPPISCE-Black'a Building, Taylor ing-od forgive ust-class company
s reet. Second Door below C. No. 6 is a "first-class company
hand,'' who sees to the repairs in the
sOBBssaRIiTo RATES. mine, fixes the ventilating apparatus,
Per Week by carres)...Twenty- ye Cents
Oner YearPostarrie)Il ?.T t n etc., consequently has more days work
Six Months ........... Dollar in a month than most of the miners,
Three Months .......... Tiuhree Dollars and makes better pay. His wages ran:
D. E. McCARTHY. Pubusher. January, $27 92; February, $23 72;
Agents for the Evening Ohronicle: March, $27 38; April, $24 96; May,
rion..................R. Fred. Brooks $32 15; June, $33 16. In all last year
O rso ..n......................JohnG Fox he earned $360. His income is now
mpire.................. ....James Morris looked upon by his neighbors as prince-
Relo-..........................S. M. Jamisn ly, and he can keep his wife and four
Truke........................ rele children in comparative comfort.
-- ---t- ...........................A. M. Hoine
ureka.................. Lowenthal & Ca No. 7 is a laborer in a Delaware,
Belmont.....................H. P. Stimler Lackawanna and Western breaker, and
Elko.............................T.N. Stone gets 11 cents per hour for his work. So
Tuscarora ............. ..... M. Smith ns 66 nter die
Winnemucca-................ ;.0 *Chenowetl he earns from 55 to 66 cents per diem
Candelara .................McClane & Johns when he has work. If he gets $15 for
Cherry Creek........ .......W. S. Clayton a month's toil, he is doing as well as he
WashoeCity...................... B. Smith can now expect to. He pays $5 per
Deadwoodm ity.D.T..., '..'.'.'..'.'.... Ferris month for rent, and on the remainder
... keeps a wife, five children and a help-
AT T M lessfather-in-law. He buys monthly
STARVATION IN THE I 100 pounds of flour, two pounds of
r- sugar, and all the rest of his money is
What the Men on Strike Have been expended for corn meal to make mush,
which is the staple diet of --
Earning and Living On. He has not been able to buy ni of
_meat of any kind in a year.
No. 8 is a laborer in th. ilapouse
Ten speetlen- es lInvestigated- by ihaft, one of the Ltkckawanna Iron and
the Reporter-Dry Bread, lush
and Potatoes-Meat an Almost Un- Coal Company's mines, and has been
known Luxury Holding Back earning $14 to $22 per month ; has to
Wages-The Company stores pay $4 per month rent and support a
family of nine persons. He and his for
[From the New York Sun.] a year past have been living almost ex.
From he ND A ork Sun.] T clusively on mush.
SciuxToN, Pa., August 5.-It is af- elusively on mush.
Ao, Pa, August 5.-It s af- No. 9 is an old and skillful miner in
firmed here, upon excellent authority, the employ of the Mount Pleasant Coal
that a certain very prominent capitalist, Company, and made in the month be-
the representative of a leading company fore the strike what is pronounced by
of coal producers in this county, said at the miners hereabout the best month's
a capitalists' meeting not long since: work in this county within a year.
My policy in managing laboring men After paying all expenses there was left
is to keep them so poor that they can- for him $37 02, and for his laborer
not strike. That's the way to prevent $34 51. Part of this was an allowance
strikes." From the present condition for driving a crosscut. But his ordi-
of the laboring population of Luzerne nary earnings are not above $20 to
countyy, it would seem that this policy $22, and he has been in debt to
1,en very thoroughly tested, but it the company's store for twelve
does n~appear to have resulted as its months ;was at the time of his making
originatorfyected it to do. The men that good month still in debt $88 67,
in sheer deasp&ation have struck. They and so did not get a cent. Since the
nay: "If we must starve, we will at strike began the company's store will
least do so above gound and in idle- give him no more credit, and, as he has
ness." not received a dollar in money within
Stories have been widely circulated more than a year, he is absolutely with-
by mine owners and their agents of the out resources, and in danger of starving.
improvidence and rapacity of their em- In good times he bought a little lumber
ployes. Since the present strike began, and a lot, and built a house, mortgaging
aSun reporter has visited a great num- it to the lumber dealer forhis pay. Now
ber of the men who have quit work- the mortgage is almost due, and his lit-
engineers, miners and laborers; has en- tle home will have to go to satisfy his
tared their squalid homes, inspected creditor. As for meat, he only knows
their monthly statement of accounts the color of it by seeing it in a butcher's
-with their employers, and learned by stall."
personal contact the actual misery of No. 10 is a laborer in the employ of
their existence. They were found fear- the Lackawanna Iron and Coal Com-
ful of the publication of their names. pany, makes from as low as $7 to as
They say that every one of them known high as $21, and, living on mush, man-
to have given such information will be a ages to support a family of five. We
marked man, to be kept out of work by can no longer be strong or healthy on
employers, and, if possible, starved to such diet," he says, "but it is all I and
death. In the representative cases fol- hundreds, yes, thousands, of others
lowing, the reporter has carefully veri- can get. If a man even allows himself
fled each by personal investigation, and to take a full meal of dry bread or cold
vouches for the absolute truth of the mush in his dinner pail in the mine, he
statements made. must feel that he is robbing his little
No. lisa "Ihalf-place man" in the ones at home."
employ of the Delaware, Lackawanna The cases might be multiplied indefi-
and Western Company. [Customarily nitely. Nearly every ragged man or
a miner and laborer work together, the woman min the mining suburbs of Scran-
former taking two-thirds of their joint ton-and they are all ragged-has a
earnings and out of his share pays for similar story of privation and misery to
powder, oil, cotton, soap and paper- tell In the houses visited by the re-
mining necessaries. Sometimes, how- porter-at least twenty in the course of
ever, two miners work together, shar- one forenoon's walk, widely scattered
ing expenses and receipts equally. and taken at random-there was not
Those who work in this way are known one that was not ghastly in its squalid
as half-place men."] In the month poverty. Bare floors, scant ,furniture
preceding the strike he earned $19- of the rudest kind, tattered and com-
which he. deemed a fair average-after fortless bed clothing, and empty larders
paying $7 50 for three kegs of powder, were the rule to which there seemed no
$1 60 for two gallons of oil, 20 cents exceptions. In one house, where a la-
for paper and 10 cents for soap.] The boret- his six children-all under seven
soap and paper are used in making car- years old-his wife and his aged
bridges for blasting.] .Out of his $19 he mother, lived in three rooms, the only
'had to pay $4 30 for rent and $1 for food was three and a half loaves of
coal, and on the remaining $13 70 had bread and less than half a peck of pota-
to maintain for a month himself, wife, toes. And, it should be borne in mind,
three children, and his father, who is this man has no more money coming to
74 years old. Their food was simply him, and no chance of earning any at
corn meal mush, with a few potatoes present. In another house about ten
since the new crop began -to come in. pounds of meal was all that stood be-
Some months he has, on pay day, in- tween a family of seven and starvation.
dulged in the riotous extravagance of In still another there was nothing but
buying two pounds of fat pork, but some potatoes that the man had dug
beef he has not tasted for half a year. from his little garden patch. He will
Occasionally a kind neighbor would probably have five or six bushels to
give them a little milk, and an extra feed his five children and wife on dur-
food month might tempt the family to ing an indefinite time. A dozen poor
indulge in the luxury of some wheat mothers, in attempting to tell their des.
flour and a pint of molassep. There titution and struggles, looked about
are, he says, eighty families' on Conti- upon their children, and, overcome by
mental Hill, the heads of which are like their misery, lost their voices in sobs
himself, employes in the Continental and incoherent appeals to God for pity.
shaft, none of whom is any better off And what a terrible number of these
than he, and some of whom are in even destitute beings there are! The Dela-
greater distress, ware, Lackawanna and Western Corn-
No. 2 is a laborer in the Hampton pany owns eighteen mines, and oper-
mine-one of those operated by the ater seventeen more. The Delaware and
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Hudson Canal Company owns and oper-
Company. Last .month there was an ates twenty; the Pennsylvania Coal
extra week of work in the mine, and his Company fifteen more. Each of these
bill reached the unusual magnitude of mines employes on an average at least
$26 25. During the twelve -months, 450 men and boys. This is below rather
however, his earnings have not averaged than above the mark. Then the Lack-
-or $14 per month. There is still due awanna Iron and Coal Company em-
pay for 59 cars of coal, which he is ploy 2,200 men in their works; alto-
-owvallowed to receive, and, as all gather, probably 3,000. This last com-
refused since the strike began, pany keeps a store, and so does nearly
ad been able to save nothing, every one of these leased collieries.
his family of five are on the Wherever there is a store, the mpen who
starvations trade at it believe that they are cheated
nuiner the Pine shaft, in various ways, and even boldly rob-
arkea[ "i lware, iackawana bed, while those who do not trade at it
and Western Company, and has to sup- are kept out of employment. Only re-
port a wife, six children and an aged cently, Riley & Johnson sent handbills
mother. His rent is six dollars per through their mine giving the warning:
month. His eldest child is a girl, eight "Parties dealing at the store will under-
years of age. They have had to live stand that when there is any work,
almost entirely upon mash. His noon- they will have the preference." Even
day meal in the mine has habitually where men are regularly trading at the
been a slice ol brea4, or, much oftener, store of the mine-owners, they cannot
some cold mush. Such tea as can be get all that is due them. The Lehigh
. bought from 20 to 24 cents per pound Iron and coal Company owes some of
he has occasionally bought a quarter of its employes as much as $72 each, accu-
on pay-days, when he felt flush enough mulated wages of the best men who
to nd ulge in such a luxury [or bis famn- have very small families, and it will
fly. He only knows there is meat in neither give them provisions nor money.
Sthe land from hearing folks speak Money they are always reluctant to
of it," give, even in the best of times. If a
No. 4 is an engineer in a mine, con- colliery -company owes a miner $20,
s equently holds an enviable position, they may give him $10, but not the full
SDaring two years he has been in en- $20. The men used to appeal for all
forced idleness-atone time 30 days, at their wages to enable them to bury
another 60 days, at another 90 days. their.relatives. The Lackawanna Iron
When allowed to work he was only per.- and Coal Company noticed that there
initted to make half, or at best three- seemed to be a great many funerals and

quarter time, consequently his earnings promptly started an undertaking Drancn
have averaged when at work only $24 in connection with their store. Now,
or $26 per month. On this he is sup- an employee or any of his family must
Posed to keep himself, wife and chil- be hurried in their coffins, and by them
drou, none of whom are old .enough to at a little more than others would
be of any help to him. Fortunately he charge. If a man gives an order on the
had saved a little money in good times, company, to pay any outside debt, the
He has had to expend $200 of his sav. company charges five per cent. for pay-
ings, in addition to his earnings, in the ment, even when it holds the man's
pest two years. But his family live earnings, and will not give them up
well, in comparison with others about that he may pay for himself.
them. They have six or seven pounds Doctors refuse attendance to miners'
of bacon every month, two gallons of families; druggists refuse medicines to
molasses, and sometimes tea or coffee. them without "cash in advance," for
No. 5 i another mine engineer in they know the poor wretches can
the employ of the Delaware, Lacka- scarcely hope to pay them no matter
wanna and Western Company; has how honest they may be. As for cloth-
. earned an average of $25 per month, ing, never was there such a rag fair
but has less trouble than most others in anywhere as in these mining districts.
S ettn-along, as his family consists of Itnay be seriously doubted if there is
8t* wfse an child. "I'd have three a sound garment among the men on
more children if they hadn't died," strike or their families. With nearly
'Paidb., "Y ounMy tank God," re. all, the ntlo wi that hey hi.rve but two

changes-off and on. If their condi-
tion is not bettered before Winter comes
again, hundreds of them must inevit-
ably freeze to death.
It is a significant fact the Poor House
of this county has about 200 inmates,
and it is found necessary to build a new
one to hold 200 more. This among a
people who are proverbially industrious,
and who have a peculiar pride in caring
for their own.
A Whole Familly Brutally Blotted Out
ofExistence- A Crime with Scarcely
a Parallel--Arrest of Suspected
Parties, and Their Probable Lynch-
KEOKUK (Iowa), August 4.-Gate City
reporters just from the scene bring fur-
ther particulars of the murder of Lewis
Spencer and his four children near Leroy,
in Clark county, in Missouri, night before
last. From the condition of the wounded
when the physicians were called in, it was
thought that the massacre was committed
just before daylight. The murderers pro-
cured the ax from the woodpile, and
evidently went first to the stable and
climbed up a ladder on the outside to the
loft where Mr. Spencer and his son Willis
aged ten, were sleeping, and commenced
the bloody work upon them, dealing
heavy blows upon the heads of each.
Mr. Spen er had in his possession at
.,'. a=le about $1,200, which the assassins
They then proceeded to the house,
crept in at the kitchen window and forced
open a door into a bed-room on the first
floor, in which were sleeping the daughter
Jane, aged eighteen, and the son Charles,
aged seven. Jane seemed to have been
struck dead while asleep, but the boy
was partially awakened, and in his strug-
gle fell across the body of his sister, and
was found in that position. The other
daughter, Alice, aged twenty, was sleep-
ing up stairs alone and did not appear
to have moved after the fatal blow was
Was first discovered by a brother-in-law
of Mr. Spencer named Willis James, who
went there to work. He gave the alarm,
and the neighbors soon congregated at
the scene. The father and both sons
were still breathing when found, but were
in an unconscious conditiondition and remained
so. The father and one son lived about
two hours, and the other son a little
longer. All five of the victims were
killed with an ax, receiving from one to
threes blows each upon the head, fractur-
ing their skulls and mangling their faces
frightfully. The axiwas found under
the back part of the house, beneath the
window through which the murderers had
fled. It was a very heavy one, and was
besmeared with blood. Nothing in the
house was disturbed or carried away ex-
cept a water bucket, which is supposed
they used in washing the blood from their
hands and clothes.
The tracks leading away from the
window indicate that there were two
persons engaged in slaughter. Mr. Spen-
cer's father, who is 80 year of age, and
lives in the neighborhood, on learning the
fate of his son's family, was stricken with
grief, and probably will not recover from
the shock. The news of the massacre
spread rapidly, and soon hundreds of peo-
ple were gathered at the scene. Vigilance
Committees were formed, and the day
was spent in scouring the country in every
direction. Before night 1,000 men on
horse back were engaged in the search ;
but no traces of the murderers could be
discovered. During the night vigilants
were stationed on all the roads. Mean-
time a Coroner's inquest upon the bodies
was commenced.
Was Willis James, the brother-in-law.
During the inquest a few drops of blood
were discovered on his clothes. He was
questioned about this, but accounted for
it by saying he had the nose bleed a day
or two previous. The conclusion which
hadalready been reached, thatthedeed was
committed by some one familiar with the
premises, and knowing that Mr. Spencer
had a large amount of money with him,
the presence of this blood and other cir-
cumstances led to the suspicion that
James was the guilty party. At last ac-
counts the vigilants had taken charge of
him and another named Brady, and had
gone off in the woods with them. There
is no positive evidence against them, but
if the guilt can be fixed upon them, there
is no doubt that they will swing, as the
populace are in a perfect frenzy over the
damnable outrage. The funeral of the vic-
tims took place to-day, and was attended
by about 1,200 people. The bodies are all
buried in one grave.
Every morning at 8 o'clock the
Khedive receives first his sons-who are
now respectively President of the Privy
Council and Ministers of Finance, War
and Public Works-and after them,
such of the other Ministers and chief
functionaries as may have occasion to
consult him or have been summoned to
an audience. Then, till noon, follow
receptions of the Consuls-General and
other foreigners. At noon he retires
for an hour to breakfast. Afterward,
except on the rare afternoons when he
takes drives in a modest two-horse
brougham down the Shoobia or Ab-
basieh road, he is again at his post,
giving more audiences and transacting
business till 7 P. M., when an hour is
given to dinner. If the day's work has
been completed he spends two or three
hours smoking and chatting with Minis-
ters and others who have the liberty of
making calls, and then to bed at 11

V Captain Jack Crawford-Dear Sir : Ap-
preciating fully the valuable services rendered
by you to your country in days gone by, and
being aware of the unfortunate combination of
circuit stances woich have prevented you for
some time from pursuing your pesent profes-
sion, we, the undersigned citizens of storey
county, would beg leave to tender to you a
UOMPLI0IINTARY BENEFIT, 1o take place at
such time and place as you may see fit to desig-
nate Respectfully yours,
Orndorff & Magee, R H. Lindsay,
H. H. Taylor, J. A. Brumscy,
D. Block & Co., Breed & Crosby,
J. Barneri & Co., A. Brisacher,
D.. Adkison, Hatch Brothers,
C. C. Goodwin,I J. P. McFarland,
J. A. McQaid, D. E. McCarthy,
II. C. Blanchard, John B. Fegan,
V. Lemery, W Henry aay,
John H. Shermier, W. M. Brennan,
Mark Strtouse, M. Kirkpatrick,
J. P, Smith.
VIRImIA CITY, Nev., August s15, 1877.
R. H. Lindsay, urndorff At Magee, R. H.
Taylor and others-Gent iemen: In reply to
your letter of the 14th insta t, tendering me a
complimentary benefit, I would say that since
the night of the accident which unfortunately
disabled me for so long a time, I have met with
nothing but kindness and sympathy at your
hands ; and to this last act of yours I can find
no language to express my heartfelt gratitude.
I accept your kind offer, and with all my heart
I thank you. Only hoping that I may be able

to show my appreciation of your many favors, I
am, my dear sirs, your most obedient servant,
J. W. CRAWFORD (Captain Jack).
P. S.-I have secured National Guard Hall
for the evening of the SIXTH of SEPTEMBER,
on which occasion will be presented the
" TICKET-OF-LEAVE MAN." I will also on
the same'evening recite a poem of my own
composition, entitled "The Poor Man's Solilo-
quy on the late Eastern strike. Yours, etc.,
aul5 tf J. W, C. (Captain Jack.)


No. 8g south 0 street,

jy26 tf 2p





Will be hild at
Saturday, August 18, 1877.
Professor Cara and his splendid Band; the
"light fantastic toe," footballs, swings and a
score of other amusements will be there. No
labr or expense will be spared to make this, as
all its predecessors have been, the jolliest picnic
of the season. The most unbounded fun, for
the concentrated sum of $2 for the round
trip. au7 td



....OF THE....


.... AT ....

Treadway's Ranch,


SATURDAY, SEPT. 8, 1877.

Committee of Arrangements.

John Tate, Malachi Norton,
Chas Williamson, Foster Cain,
A L Day, S J Walker,
John Cavanaugh, George Hawks,
Dennis Nevin.

Con McGinnis,
William White,
Wm Kingnan,
Thomas Kelly,

Thomas Burke,
Joseph Marks,
Richard Peters.
George Morrison.


Delaware Seawell,
A Dickson,
T R Farr,
Joseph Hebert,

Chas Carpenter,I
Chas Hancock,
Patrick Peters,
Nelson Marcell.

Floor Director:

John Tate.

Floor Managers:

George Morrison, MorrisIO'Connors.
Foster Cain, S J Walker.
Alex. Dickson, James Peters.


By the Military Companies "of Storey County.

First Prize, Purse of $100, Gold Coin
Second Prize............ $50 Gold Note


In the State have been engaged for the occasion

Good accommodation and strict order. All
active members of the military companies of
Storey county will be allowed to compete for
the prizes; also all active members of the Car-
son Guards.

TICKETS '(for the round trip), $2 50
All parties not holding excursion tickets will
be chaigoid an entrance fee of One Dollar to the
'Irain leaves Virginia at 8 o'clock A. iM. sharp.
au3 td


Attending Physicians,
_L one of the most pleasant and healthy in
the city. All denominations are received.
TERMS (monthly in advance)-$10 per week
n the wards ; $20 per week in private rooms.
Liquors and Washing extra. Money refunded
when patients leave before expiration of a
month. For further particulars address
yl0 lyr Or inquire -,t St. Mary's School.

Fresno County, Cal.

Secure a Homestead

A a beautiful climate, no fever and ague;
the natural home of the fig, citron, raisin,
prune, olive, walnut, almond, orange and
lemon ; within 2j miles of the flourishing town
of Fresno. on the C. P R. R., and nine hours'
ride from San Francisco. The Colony is di-
vided into 20-acre lots,
And Sold for $1,000 Each.
Terms, $100 down, and $20 per month, with-
out interest. Two A res of the choicest Raisin
-Vines set out and attended to, for two years,
free of charge.
A number of Gold Hill and Virginia people
have already secured homes.
20 Acres of Raisins are worth more
than $5,000 per year.
20 Acres of Prunes are worth more
than $10,000 per year.
20 Acres of Oranges, Lemons' and
Limes are worth more than
$15,000 per year.
For circulars and further particulars inquire
of S. A. MILLER, at the American Exchange
Hotel, northwest corner of Washington and E
streets. jylS taw tf

kilndmff, material, tf,
0. LONKBT. s.. aR. MITH



Principal Office and Yard :
Mill and Mining Timbers, Finishing,
Building and Flume Lumber. A large and
complete assortment of Common, Clear and
Dressed Lumber, Pine and Redwood Ceiling,
Oregon Pine Flooring, Stepping and Joists,
Sierra Valley Clear-dressed Finishing Lumber,
Pine and Redwood 8 and 10-inch Rustic Cali-
fornia Sugar Pine, j to 2-inch, Pine andm Red-
wood Shingles, Plain and Fancy Pickets, Siding,
Laths, Turnings, Mouldings, Transoms, Doors,
etc. Sash and Blinds constantly on hand.
Our Prices as Low as the Lowest
And scilftaction guaranteed every particular.
Sash, Blind--ad Door Factory and Planing
Mills-Verdi, C. P. R. R, Nevada.
Mills and Flumes-Prosser Creek, C. P. R. R.,
Nevada county, California. aul tf


[.Principal Office:
77 and 79 North C Street,
Between Sutton avenue and Mill street.
;Principal Yard:
On E and F Sts., North of Ophir Mine,
No. 160 North E Street.
zens and Mining Companies of Virginia
and vicinity, a splendid stock of California
Sugar Pine, Redwood and Oregon Pine, one-
half inch to three inches; Sugar Pine Moldings,
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Pickets, etc. Also, East-
ern Oak and Sugar Maple, 2, 3 and 4 inch.
Mill Work Orders a Specialty.
All kinds of manufactured Building Material.
All kinds of Flooring, Ceiliun and Ru tic We
are prepared to ship direct to all Mining Com-
panies on the Comstock, from the Mound House
or northward, at the lowest possible prices.
Common Lumber of all dimensions, and every
variety of material in our line of trade.
aull tf SWAIN, BRADLEY & 00C.

HOLLWEGE & CO., Proprietors
done at reasonable rates and on short
notice, aull lm

mechanism before purchasing any other
m.cenine, The best needles for all sewing ma-
chines on baud, also the best thread and silk
for machine and hand-sewing. A fine lot of
second-hand machines for sale cheap for cash.
If you want your sewing machine to run light
and nice, use nothing but the celebrated "Para-
fine Oil," sold only at the FLORENCE bEWING
MACHINE AGENCY, No. 451 North C street.
Jyl91m M. D. HEMENWAY.



No. 82 South C Street,
VIRGINIA. jy20 im

Every description of Blank Forms
used in Assay Offices, carefully and
elegantly printed at the
Evening Chronicle Tob Office,
Corner 0 and Taylor streets. tf



Finest Swimming Baths


Visitors, Picnic Parties & Picnics.
choicest brands of Cigars and Liquors, is
connected with the house. Also, Hot, Cold,
Steam and Plunge BATHS, ,ith Bathing Suits.
A fine Cr quet Ground, Swings, Fool-balls and
a large Dance Hall is connected with the
grounds for the free use and pleasure of the
guests. Excursion train stops within a short
distance of the Mansion, and light wagons con-
vey passengers to anid from the Mansion, free of
Fare from Virginia City and Back, $2
Within the reach of all. Meals at all hours of
the day. Fine shooting grounds for shooting
clubs. Charges reasonable.
For use of grounds for pninics, inquire of T.
A St, phens, Virginia City, office at 27 C street;
or to C. H. Spr ule, Bowers' Mansion. Special
inducements offered to picnics
au9 imr C H. SPROULE, Proprietor.

As am ffieexl.

Gold Hill Assay Ofice

(Late B. Ruling & Co.
and Assayed.
We guarantee our Assays to conform to the
Standard of the UNITED STATES MINT.
aul4 tf

Formerly Melter and Refiner, and late Supervis-
ing Assayer of United States Mint, San Fran-
cisco. aul t

ggtitos* X411itet. 16tv.


Tells by Different Cards & Planets.
89 South B Street.
jy26 tf
The Wonderful Gifted Astrologer
and Fortune Teller,
Consultation fee, $2. Madame S., as a
private Doctress, has been very successful in
curing unfortunate diseases, and guarantees to
give full satisfaction in all respects. No. 39
North C street and No. 41 North B street.
auO 1m.


Without the aid of a Musical Teacher or know-
ledge of the Rules of Composition, a
large number of
Polkas, Mazurkas, Waltzes, Schot.
tisches, Calops, Varsoviennes,
Minuets, Quadrilles and
Military Marches.
with examples.
Director of the San Francisco Italian Musical
Board Cover.................. .......... 4 00
Cloth Gilded Cover...................... 5 00
....FOR SALE AT....

105 Kearney Street,
jy27 tf San Francisco, Cal.


Inasmuch as every tuner who has been
here for the last four years has taken advantage
of me, because I never worked in a piano fac-
tory, to speak ill of me, and believing I would
not suffer in comparison as a tuner, or in char-
acter for fair dealing, and there were so many to
believe them I thought it would be a good stroke
of policy to leave for a while, and let the lying,
swindling bilks who have lately invaded the
place have full swing, I have now returned, and
am ready to attend to all orders left on my
slate, at 78 SOUTH C STREET, at my usual
liberal rates. All work guaranteed to give
eLtire satisfaction or no pay.
jy21 m F. A. HERRING.


Piano, Organ and Vocal Music.
Residence at 158 South C street. Squier'
Building. Orders left at W. H. Ash's Pionee
Bookstore, or at St. Mary's Convent, will
promptly attended to. jylStf

X0910 AVA i$tW atfl.

Bakery and Confectionery,
And all kinds of Game in season.
eic. Fresh Bread, Cakes and Pies de-
livered to all parts of this city and Gold Hill.
jy23 1m


S. A. MILLER, Manager.
N.W. cor. E. & Washington sts
In Virginia City.
BOARD, per week....................$7 00
BOARD & LODGING, per month ........35 00
SINGLE ROOMS (per month), from.... 7 to 10
newly furnished, and offers better accom-
modations to the public for the price than any
other house in the State of Nevada. aulO 1m


47 South 0 Street, Virginia.



Under the special management of


Fine Breakfast, with Half Bottle of Claret,
for 50 cents ; Dinners the same, with Black
Coffee and Kirsch.

Private Parties Supplied on Short
au4 tf



N '. 32 South C Street
au6 tf


S street, where he is prepared to furnish
Board and Rooms for $35 per Month.
The rooms are all airy, clean and well-venti-
lated. jyd0 1m
Srenovrted and fitted up in neat style, with
private eating boxes and a capacious dining-
room. Meals can bs procured at all hours, at
25, 50, 75 cents and upwards. Everything served
up on the square, and meal tickets at a bargain.
This is the neatest and most economical house
to get a good square meal in town.
jyt8 tf V. ENOS.
93 North C Street,
a large and complete stock of
Groceries, Provisions,
Butter, Eggs, Poultry,
Fresh Fish, Etc.
We also have a Bar stocked with choice
brands of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Cool Beer, fresh tapped, always on draught.
jy271m 93 NORTH C STREET.
completed and accommodates 250 guests.
Board....... ........ $10 per Week.
Rooms from $25 per month and upwards.
Transient guests, $3 50 and $5 00 per day.
I.. .BA ATE N, Propretors
jy22 td

hom Pvth se timeh but it can be made in
SI e three months by any one of either
ex, in any part of the country,
who is willing to work steadily at the employ-
ment that we furnish. Sixty-six dollars per week
in your own towrn. You need not be away from
home over night. You can give your whole
time to the work, or only your spare moment .
We hane agents who are making over $0 per
day. All who engage at once can make money
fist. At the present time money cannot be
made so easily and rapidly at any other busi-
ness. It costs nothing to try the business.
Terms and $6 outfit free. Apdress at once. H.
HALLET & CO., Portland. Maine. jyI6 3m*

S ker, Bankers, Mining Superintendent
and Lawyers, to have their Printing done at th
EVNINUo CHIRONIcLE Job Office, Taylor street,
second door below C. M29 tf

Oculist and Aurist, No. 143 South C street,
Virginia, Nev. aa10 lm
land, has removed his office to
Over Central Market, South C street.
anul Im
South C street, over A. M. Cole's drug
store. jy21 lm
. Nevada City, California. Per-
manently located at Virginia City.
Office, 148 SOUTH 0 STREET. Satisfaction
guaranteed. jyl6 tf
found at his old office in Gold Hill from
12 to 4 P. M. daily. Any dispatch left there will
be promptly responded to during those hours
aull tf


San Francisco, Cal.; Virginia, Nev.
Money to loan on Mining"Stocks and other
satisfactory securities. au9 tf
W. 0. THOPSONi. J. i. DoUGLAS.
took and Money Brokers.
OFFICE-64 South C street, Virginia, Nev.
mission and carried on margin.
Sliver Bought and Sold. au4tf

51 South C street, Virgintie
San Francisco correspondent, S. B. Wakefield
(Successors to D. Driscoll & Co.) ,
Office, Bank of California Building,
42 South C Street, Virginia, Nev.
MA Stocks bought and sold and carried on
margin. Money loaned on approved securities.
Virginia, March 1. 1877. aul tf

Io. 62 South C street.

Money advanced on Stock.
Liberal Margins given to Customers jv25 tf

Stock and Money Brokers,
56 South (C street, Virginia,
(Opp. Odd Fellows' Building.)

S mission, and carried on Margins. Silver
and Currency bought and sold.
Bullion Purchased at the Best Market
Correspondents in San Francisco-Greene-
baum, Helbing & Co., Anglo-Californa Bank,
San Francisco.y24

.. aBY ..
Sinforming his friends that he has en-
tirely refitted

Cor. Taylor and D Streets,
Which he has OPENED as a first-clas BAR.
The best brands of WINES, CIGARS,LIQUORS
and Cool, Fresh
Nevada and San Francisco Lager
Always on hand.
A first-class FREE LUNCH will be spread
every afternoon, aull im


Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Ales, Etc.
In the rear. au9 1m
Carried on Margins. Money Loaned on
approved security.
Correspondents in San Francisco, Messrs. J.
HI. Latham & Co.
Virginia, December 9, 1876. au9 tt

While Away an Hour In.

aul lm.

And Billiard Parlors,
No. 9 North C Street, Virginia, Nev.
jy28 tf RICHARD ROWN, Proprietor.


The Boca Springs Saloon,
No. 7 South C Street,
Opposite the Delta.

I the hands of E. Dickman, the well-
known grocery keeper who has refitted it in
first-class style, and wii be pleased to meet his
old friends and patrons generally.
The best of Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
celebrated Boca Beer, Milwaukee Table and
Budweiser Beer constantly on hand.
E. DICKMAN, Proprietor.
April 23, 1877. jy23 tf.


Step in and Take Something.

1v27 1m ORNDORFF d; MAGBB.

restores manhood and the vigor of youth
to the most shattered constitution in four
weeks,from whatever cause arising. Failure im-
possible. Beware of advertisers who offer so-
called free prescriptions that are useless, and
finally prove ruinouly expensive. Whatever has
merit must cost a fair price. $3 per case.
Sent by express anywhere. Sole Agent, Dr.
JOS. JACQUES, 7 University place, New York.
Druggists supplied, anull ly

gentleman has been received at this office,
and will be forwarded to him as soon as his
postoffice address can be ascertained. jy2tf

X00 t i&eosUtld.
JU your watch to L. C. BUTCH, 82 South C
street, Virginia, and have it repaired. All work
warranted, aul tif
persons who were not aware that they
cou d save from 30 to 50 per cent. by getting
their printing done at the CuoeICLE Job
Office, Taylor street, second door below C.
watches repaired 82 South (f street,
Virginia. [aul tfl L. 0. BUTCH.

These notices-10 cts. a line for each insertion.
and newly refitted throughout, suitable
for offices or sleeping apartments. Entrance 21
North 0 street, and also No. 26 North B street.
au9 tf MRS. C. M. BEEBEE.

_ let, at reasonable rates. Apply at Schoen.
field & Heyman's Furniture Store, 29 South C
street, Virginia City. Jy30 im

Advertisements of Wants-Thr.e times for $1
in the ciy, who is a good cook and thor-
oughly understands the business of a working
housekeeper, wishes a situation. Good refer-
ences furnished. Apply at this office, auStf
h'spectable girl wishes a situation to do
chamberwork or wait on table, in city or coun-
try. Apply at this office. aun tf
wants a situation as housekeeper, or to
do general housework or wait on table, in a pri-
vats family. Apply at 53 Sutton avenue, cor-
ner of Howard. jy27 tf
dressmaker, who can cut and fit well. de-
sires employment; is a good hand at boys'
clothing, and can cut and make loose covers;
would go out by the day or week. Leave
orders at Dr. Fowler's office, No. 90 South C
street. jy21 1m

These noticeg-10 cts. a line for each insertion.
plete (12 rooms, all occupied, and kitchen),
of house No. 23 South B street; will be sold at
a great sacrifice. Apply on the premises, inm
mediately. aul4 1w .
Cows-calves following ; 9
two-year-old and 10 yearling
heifers. This little band is now
on a range where they have been raised, and
which is unrivalled for Winter and Summer-a
day's ride from Green River City, U. P R. R.
To a party with small capital and wishing to
start in this business they will be sold cheap.
Apply to C. H. Clay, CHRONICLE office. aull tf
Sale cheap, for cash, the furniture of eight
rooms and the goodwill of the business. In-
quire at 29 South A street. aulO tf
Cheap, for cash. AppIyl y" m
at 33B North C street, room 13.

lease of the six-roomed house, 108jJ[
South F street; also, the dyeing and scouring
business of A Servanay, connected therewith;
rent, $20 per month. The property is suitable
for laurdry purposes. Apply on the prem-
ises. au3 2w
five rooms furnishedd) near the Ophir
mine, on lot 43 by 100 feet. Title perfect; will
be sold for $100. Apply at office of DAN
LYONS, Wells Fargo building, aul-tt

L (the upper hall,) can be rented two nights
in each week (MONDAYS and SATURDAYS).
Apply at the, store of HAYES & NEVIN, cor-
ner C and Smith streets, anul m
A rooms; modem improvements; cen- flJ
trally located.
of house on B street, near Taylor. B
on B street; possession given August st.
RENTS COLLECTED end property taken
charge of for non-residents. J. G. FARRING-
TON, No. 11 North B street. Jyl9 lm

4 0t = #nNtary bt | cww.
J F LWIS. W. B p11. U L.
L upper floor of Hanak's Building, between
Odd Fellows' Hall & Welis,-Fargo & Co.'s au2tf
at Law and Notary Public.-Office, with
Lewis & Deal, upper floor of Hanak's Build
Ing, between Odd Fellows' Hall and Wells
Fargo & Co.'s. au2 lm

AT LAW-No. 85 South C street, Vir-
ginia City, Nevada. aul 1m
Building, southwest corner of Taylor and
B streets, Virginia City. jy28 tf
to Marye's Building, Rooms 5 and 6,
jy28 tf

R. S. & W. S. MESICK,
.ti. n Virginia Water Company's Building,
South B street, upstairs. jy27 tf
Rooms 4, 5 and 6 over Mallon's store.
jy18 lm

Louis BAsSO; I M. 0. TmDEN.
A South B street, Virginia City, Nevada.
Money to loan on anoroved security. aS i m*

76a South C Street,




Jewelry, Optical Goods, Cutlery,

Silverware and Clocks.
Particular Attention Paid to the Re-
pairing of fine Watches.
All goods warranted. au7 tf
L Gold and Silver Jewelry to L. C. p f
Butch to be engraved, at Ne. 82 Southhak
C street, Virsinia. Nov aun tf

au5 tf
! neatest printing is done at the EvENiu
CnnROsioL Job Office, Taylor street, second
door below C. m29ti

VOL. XI.-No. 111.





Americansinlpotso.henio THE TURKISH WAR.the'^ RI T F E EASTERUinEWS. H"i^s ON "S MUSO E.
speechh ma es i per~etly clear, also, nSeclded BehtndLocked Doors from Me Assaults a Witness In Placervile.
VIRGINIA CITY, NEV. that theDemocratsof the South haveno lnus.^ t b O lert--Unbwel- Last Tuesday afternoon, at Placer- io- Dr. Gumln.-Please call at this
leo"le V1,41oo'a Confronted by a A~nrnic~ m il~ rrls ut peiu otea-vmnbavrin ~ oenu,.,lVRII
S .................. c tension hateverof allowing them- A Battle Imminent in Bulgaria Pe e Sr assas- A Ean Francisco Wo Kis Her ut Cpr the bef i sr ngd CONSOLIDATE VIR INIA
selves~~Rl Teegop bediererarmtorsrct. s
~envts s e resh rin Jay Gould is a special partner in the Seducer in New rk. t fo m the libel sui t e the Ma r wa's s -P tna s eS a .
The Evening Chronicle has more consideration of such questions into firm of William Belden & Co., the other San Francisco Chronicle is being o
than double the circulation of sterile discussions over dead issues. The Russians Concentrated In and members of the irm being William Brookl secuted, Thomas F. Quirk, a witness P N KE ATTENTION. AND A FORNA
an thr nw aer i Vir. Perhaps it will be well for intelligent Around Tirnova Belden, Charles D. Belden, V. E. A Bank Suspension in oklyn who a few hours previously had testi-
nay oer ewp men at the North of both parties to Connor, who is the member of the stock The Bennington Celebration- fled for the defense, was brutally as- JOHN CONNERTON
ginia City. exchange, and Henry Belden. In the saulted by Billy Carr, who seized him
take note of this significant speech Junction of Three Turkish Armes struggle between the Atlantic and A Montana Official by the coat and shook hinm roughly, thh Aobic G ns .o..Sturdy i AT WILD-CAT PRICES
THURSDAY........ AUGUST16,1877 Gradually it will come to be understood Pacific and Western Union stock in the Suspended, striking him in the face and kicking Ice Cream better made, richer and better
that the United States have been recon- market, last Fall, William Belden made him in the stomach. This occurred out- flavored than an for sale elsewhere. Step out-.
THE JUBLtA 'MINE stituted at last, and that more than one The Russian Army Advancing such a brilliant run on Western Union, sidetheCourthouse, Quirkbeingnegaged side, have your dish fille r and enjoy a first-t
W e pb ish to-day so e u tetio oft, Und Statmoestwilloher e m ac that Gould, whose interests in the rival Special to the Evening Chronicle. I in conversation with George C. la article, auld-2t
We publish to-day some serious section of the United States will here- company were great, at once formed a Gorham at the the time. Quirk XUOE =>XD30T2a NOW WE FOLLOW TO LEAD
charges against the management of the after concern itself effectively with the Reported Alliance of Austria and business connection with him. The Further Celeratngon othe Battle or is a small man, while Carr is power- -O -
Julia Consolidated mine. The figures legislation and policy of the whole re- offices of the firm, 80 Broadway, are fullyAugust IG.built. Noticing this dispaRCADE SALOON -ity CONTINUE OU-
useinth geerl stmat o epesespuli.Russia. characteristic in their arrangement. BENNINGTON, Vt., August 16.--The between the two, Billy Moore, the A R C A D E SAL[.O ON,
used in the general estimate of expenses public. They occupy the whole of one side of scene in the neighborhood of this vil- hackman, interfered, when Tom Shan-
have been obtained from dissatisfied the building fronting on Broadway, and lage last night and this morning sug- non, ex-Collector of the Port of San Formerly kept by Geo. Schwab. i
stockholders and former employes of TELEGRtAPHIC BREVlTIES. Special to the Evening Chronicle.] overlooking in the rear Exchange place, gested a spectacle presented by the out- Francisco, came to Carrs rescue. The I ABOVE SALONWILL BE THROWN
S e. e re r iinace Gold in New York to-day, 105. The War In Asia. the scene of the recent assault on Mr.hackmaefetongShannn. an _OOPENtot publ
theomine. They are probably inaccur- Gould. A stout doorman stands hal skirts of Chicago the day after the great wouldhave used him roughly, had not O 18, 1877,
ate in several respects-for instance, The Crescent City rifle team left New GENERAL ADVANCE OF THE KVSSIAX hidden in the doorway, so that when a fire. Hastily constructed temporary Deputy Sheriff Montell, of San Fran- On Saturday, August 11
there is no allowance made for purchase Orleans yesterday for Creedmoor. ARMY. visitor, who does not march direct to structures for the accommodation of cisco, and others interfered, and put an With a GRdNae fFeE I H UN e win be eve fning
of timbers, which alone is a heavy item A fire in Berwick, Pennsylvania, yes- LONDox, August 16.-A correspond- the windows of some of the clerks, strangers appeared on every hand, end to the disgraceful scene. 11 to 2 daily Laer Beer, Wives, Liquors and
o eps b nv ma terday, caused a loss of $50,000. ent with the Turks at Erzeroum tele. must halt and give his name, and the Cigars of the best quality will be kept on hand. FOR 80 DAYS.
of expense-but nevertheless, making B. H. Harris & Co., metal merchants graphs under date of Tuesday that name of the member of the firm he de- Farmers with their families, who had ENvious rivals are endeavoring to make Also, lunhmches of all descriptions usually kept in
all easnabe alownce, tereis ittl grphs uner ateof uesayfirst-class place served to order.
all reasonable allowances, there is little of London, have failed. Liabilities, ikff h 1 sires to see, before he can enter. Then, driven in from considerable distance, the public believe that simply because Banner aace A RIKE, Proprietor,
room for doubt either that the mine has .400,000. t general eliko has received large re- if he is to have admittance at all, he is camped out in many places. Camp Brothers' immense stock of Spring and Summer aulCit Formerly of the Sacramento Saloon.
been most extravagantly managed, or There is said to be still some chance inforcements and that the Russian cen- permitted to enter into the front recep- Cthig is marked at prices that would ruin BL
%ha ona lrgeporionof he toc th o a ombnaton etwen he iva roe-ter has commenced a forward move- tion room, where one of the young fires of hoops and fires built by private anyothecting housared apine thaowodrun,
.. that on aareportion of the stock the of nan between the rival tele. r who les or Cpatief he eti o y: CALEDONIA CLUB. ats lut hn ten
assessment wre nevr collcted. he grah compniesmont. Melikoff attacked the Turkish members of the firm, generally Charles parties for the preparation of outdo goods are not to be obtained ait the marked Mresaotte5hisat osl u
assessments were never collected. The graph p$100,. D. Belden, is. The room is richly car, meals lit up the landscape last night for prices. The following telegram which Banner
maaesrbiln utyo hdfulladriy ahe il00,h $ davne powic w eiihyCere mainls comntrehrfor fuosdolthBrosheeceieveisednodoMonday explains away the ISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES.-THE IMMENSE STOCK OF
managers of a mine must not find fault promised to his emloyes at the posed of cavalry, on the 3d instant, and peted, and has or uiure large, com- a considerable distance. President mystery conne ted with the present low prices, Prizes won at the Caledonia Picnic will
with the public for making their own end ofe the month a sharp engagement followed. The Rus- fortable Shaker chairs, a lounge and an Hayes, Secretaries Evartsand McCrary, and also show the magnitude of the trans- be distributed ito the successful competitors on-. .
Sian attack was kept up with great de- office table, strewn with files of finan- Attorney General revens, Postmaster continental business this firm is carrying on : FIA VNNAgs 7h tMnr'
estimates when a detailed statement of In Lyons, France, several failures termination for a considerable time, but cial journals. In one corner ofthe Gener ey n d contend busin es, Mrs Nw ORK, July 301877. so is r e e DRY AND FANCY DS
expenditures is not published, and in have occurred in the silk trade, in- the Ottoman cavalry behaved with re roomis a gold and stock telegraph in- Hayes and Miss Toote, passed the night o r ros ir y he o ries are request to esn on
the Otomancavalyybehvedtwthkrefroo the elegrphtin ayes ddMissToatppasedet Shllyourctockoorthunextthirypday at picesOheSEPTEMBERau 4tST,
the case of the Julia mine we have eluding one for $1,000,000. markable bravery, and after a stubborn strument, and in the other is a news at the villa of the Rev. Dr. Tibbitts, regardless of cost. You mst ak room forSEPTEMBER ST,
been unable to find any such published A Republican conspiracy has been struggle the Russians were compelled to telegraph instrument, which runs out a four miles from Bennington. This the immense stock of Fall and Winter Clothim tng f
statement. It will be necessary for the diso y ndarnedfrustrated in Madrid n hoaw. Ismael Pasha is still on the pritedt slip containing a gis of thet ur mornin the President Baind his n,bos and chlde shipeto yo by *togo AtAuto Prcsfo ah
diaoerd m any arrustsrade. frontdi e ihra. IsalPsai tl nterent news--the winning horses on the party were driven to Bennington house in San Francisco, corner of SansRome and --S S AZR0 'l-
Traustees of the mine, if they wishto clear Among the distinguished arrivals yes. A RUSSIAN DEFEAT. race courses and their time, the price of Center, at which point the First Market streets. BANNER BROS.,
themselves of the suspicion of unfair terday in New York wereMr. and Mrs. A correspondent at Vienna reports consolsin London and renters inParis, regiment of the national Guard 122 and 124Duanestreet, New York City. G R EAT RAO E I TO AKE OOM OR-
themselves of the suspicion of unfair teray Tirn ewor kwere and n Mr s. A correspondent at Vienna reports the latest advices about the Russian of Vermont was drawn up to The New York house of this firm manufac-
dealing, to at once make public a com- P.T. Barnum and Lord Dunraven. the news from Asia unfavorable to the whatever Washington news there r c o t Presi ture all of the clothing sold by the Virginia ,
City and k au Francisco branch houses, which 0 0
plete statement, showing where every The Syndicate difficulty is purely a Russians. The Kurds at Ardahan de- is of importance, failures, suspensions, the position assigned him in the pro enables thern to Eel! at prices below other -.
dollar went of the $330,000 collected personal matter, which neither affects feared the Russians twice. In these- etc. cessiion. T roedsimin t pr eabtles the to eav p ac ter --OVER THE-WORTHOFNEW GOODS,
during the past year, andof government nor the public, cud engagement the Russians lost 600 The reception-room at the end of the half-past 9 o'clock. The crowd was has to be added to the co-, of all goods.
patrted killed and wounded. These trivial su- Banner Brotls have the largest store and the
a itio which the company now inLuisDaiwasyesterday commit cedses ve n worked h e Tri u dig is ey ough people on the line gest stock of anycess, house m athe ity, and ay VIRCINIA CITY COURSE Which w
Sn ew Orleans to appear before the pse hav o wk pon h rks the office at the other end of the nar- of march. The cheers were long and one who doubts that their goods are not for aU. wic h purehai, in New York for cah
SMaking all reasonable allow- Circuit Court for selling washed revenue as t em into the delusion tit row hall into which one steps on enter- loud. President Hayes acknowledged sale at the marked prices can be-,t satisfy them- Call on us if you want House-furnishing Goods,
aces for aitemnog amreasionae alour Ciruit ou rsligwh the Russian campaign is over for the ing the office is closed to the outside the applause by a slight inclination of selves by calling at Banner Brhers', corner of such as
a n e es fo r it e m s n o t m e n tio n e d in o u r s ta m p s. e_1 t h e a u b y a sl g h i n l n t o of 0 a n d T reporters' estimates, we find at least The Atlantic State Nail Association W ter world. "That is J. G.'s private office," the head. At the grand arch the cheers
$200,000 unaccounted for of New Jersey yesterday resolved to The War In Bulgaria. a young man in the office said. J. G were fairly deafening, and a number of Pause Just a Moment. Toels Table Li n,
to, naoneagi advance the price of nails fifteen cents MAEUERIN FO P N is the only way Mr. Gould is spoken of bouquets were thrown into the Presi- NOTICE the Star Remedies. Dr
As to the charges against the Super- a e .ANEUVERING FOR POSITIONk in his own office, except when he is in dential carriage. There was a slight Van Dyke's Atl-Bilious cure is preferred to FREA Napkins, TiAie
intendent, they are specific, and are The miners at Hazleton, Pennsyl- LONDON, August 16.-The fragments hearing. The private office is closed delay on Main street, of which several all other dyspeptic medicines first, it does
made over the signatures of the accus- vania, struck last night as the 121 per of General Gourko's corps are intrench- by intricate patent lock, and Jay Gould persons availed themselves to rush up not gripe ; second, it does not nauseate; Piano Covers; Etc.
er The Trstees ma think it worth cent. reduction of June 1st would not ing at Shipka Pass. The Eighth corps carries the key. He generally pursues to the President's carriage and shake third, it is plea. ant to taste and smell.
ers. The Trustees may think it worth c r ing au Shipka ass. The Eighth corps a circuituous route by way of the front hands. One of these, a prominent Trout Oil Liniment" is prepared from Lake
while to require an explanation from be r fi of Francis stored appointed to support them is echeloned room to get to it, so that enraged an- local politician, remarked: like you tro nds the niment Inam Entrance from One to Twenty As we e losn them out at HALF PRIO
Mr. Thayer, and we hope he will be ,Francis between Selvi, Benova and Tirnova. A tagonists can gain nothing by following personally, Mr. President, but damn Go to your druggist and get a sample bottle
ble to make a satisfactory one. &Loutrel, of Maiden sane one hou e division of the Eleventh corps occupied him. e esarer adn st your policy." To which he good- i e ,ee o iree ou Oil, aa cu t Thousand Dollars,
iLodndidysedyiDuln oaavt. AantteetopThree apartments are fenced in, in the naturedly replied :"Come now, no per bottle ; Anti-bilious Cure, $1. au6 ly AlW s o u
in London, died yesterday in Dublin. Koyaraivitz. Against these troops, center pf the room, with wire mesh, politics to day." Prices Reduced.All We Ask for ur
cholera on Its Travels. The Citizens' Fire Insurance Coinm. which form the bulk of the Russian and the entrance to each is in the rear HV pchaede business of Locan XAkW O R 3EA'W. T
Cholera has been added to the unex- pany of New Jersey has reinsured its forces in Western Bulgaria, the Turkish by means of a door with a patent lock. America to be the Granary of Europe. & Co.e a redsed the ries fo SUMMER GOODS,
ampled horrors of the famine in India. risks and secured the payment of losses, army corps is steadily advancing from Communication between the different WASHINGTON, August 16.-A dis- 5o per cent. Berlin zephyr wool at 10 and 15
SThe latest news from that plague. Proceedings against it have been dis- Shumla via Osman Bazar. Suleiman apartments is practically cut off. The patch from the United States Minister cs per ounce. Every requisite afor ndl SUITS, PARASOLS,
T h e ate t n w s ro m th a pl g uew ork on hand at low prices. W e have a beauti-
stricken country is that the inhabitants missed. Pasha with a portion of his army is ad- clerks work in silence all day long. to Greece asserts that the United ful assortment of clocks, vases, bronzes and FIRST PREMIUM : DRESS GOODS ET
Tst r icke council prohibits the land- edcing in the direction of Elena. The customers are received at the front fancy goods. H. SIKRINB&; Co.. 19 Montgomery
of the famine district no longer dread ing in Great Britain of the leaves or Lastly, some of Osman's men are opening in the wire fence, and hastily States can now and henceforth control, street(Lick House block), SanFrancisco. au51m "
this terrible Asiatic scourge. The suf- stalks of potatoes from the United marching from Lovatz on Gabrova. The disposed of. Behind the inclosure to a large extent, the grain markets of PRICEs have been reducedto suit the The I rl rT ..0- Ts.
ferings produced by the famine have States, Canada or Germany, after the Russian reinforcements are more than where the clerical work is done is a Europe. It says Russia has been our times at the Mammoth Furniture and Carpet Ie Leading Busin SS FORTY CENTS ON TH
eng it, adu b they noeen are Sto31st ainrtant. counterbalanced by the troops which passage three feet wide, leading from only competitor in this trade. Under Warerooms of Schoenfeld & Heyman, No. 29 LLAI
dwarfeit, and they do not even care to the Turks are receiving from Asia. The the front office to the rear. It is closed the most favorable circumstances for South C street. jy30 Imr
avj it, but its ravages are extending The Prohibition State Convention in sanitary condition of the Russians is so at both ends with patent spring-lock Russia the United States has had the THE cheapeat and largest assortment of FOR THE MONTH F AUGUST. F
or feast. Late arrivals from China New York has nominated a State much worse than that of the Turks doors. A half-dozen neatly dressed advantage of that great cereal producing Fniure, Carpets.i, re FOR THE MONTH OF AUUST. FANCY GOODS we sell at prices whicCrocker, Glass
Sit has brok ral and resoi vedta t lis e duty that the gaps occasioned by sickness boys sit on a bench close to the wall in country. Anticipating the future and Plated Ware can be round at Schoenfeld & fancy our customers. It is needless to remark
report that it has broken out in several of all to extirpate the crime of selling among the former almost establish the the passage, to run about the offices or course of this trade, the British capi- Heyman's, No. 29 south C street, jy30 1m that we sell
Chinese ports. A steamer which reach- intoxicating drinks, equilibrium of the forces, to the Exchange when the telegraphic talists are now building six of the gu and locksmith
ed San Francisco from China, about The government declines to interfere JUNCTION OF THE TURKISH ARMIES. alarm is sounded. In another narrow largest sized iron vessels for transport. e brecandm lead m Bring Up Yor HorSes, SLKS & OTHER FINE
three months ago, brought over a large at present min the matter of the seizure box, which has glass surroundings in, tion, a .ooting tackle, cuitlery, etc. Locksmithing a o ore, iK OH IN 00
at New York of the steamship Den- LoNDON, August 16.-From advices stead of wire, a telegraph operator sits specialty. 26 Nnrth (, Jy28 tf
installmentof smallpox and was quaran- mark, whose subordinate officers were received to-day it is believed that the in front of four instruments. When The Coal Mine Trounbles,m At PooP teane Ia
tined for sixty days. The Asiatic chol- caught smuggling silks. attempted junction of Suleiman and Mr. Gould is travelling, the messages WVILKESBARRE, Pa., August 16.-The WOOD!WOOD!-Auy one in need of
Mehmt Ai Psha as eena suces. 9Nut Pine Wood, call on Samuel Longahaugh at
era, a far more deadly disease, can be Emile Ollivier has solicited the gov- Mehmet All Pasha has been a success, come in thick and fast all day, and he workmen who were driven from the Empire, who will furnish in lots tosuit. Terms In fact, we are ready and willing to olose out
transmitted with equal if not greater erment patronage as a candidate in This is an importantmovement and the is informed by telegraph of everything Delaware and Hudson mines by the reasonable. je27 lm* A PR NV mle StoOFat rates aWhich NVADA
facility. It can be carried in theclothes the Department of War, but has been Russians failure to prevent it either that is going'on. When Mr. Gould is strikers yesterday are anxious to con- THE best assortment of Crockery, HARLEY PALMER
refused. Lemeraier, formerly the Bona- demonstrates that they are confident of in his Fifth avenue house he sitsers yesterday are anxious towih P
for months. Actual contact is not artist Prefect, rns against him. their ability to cope with the combined is operator there and confers with tinue work, but the strikers compelled Glass and hPlated Ware in the State-cheap hfor
neesr.Tegrsi h to-force or that for the present they fear soemme8fhsfr h sa h them to swear that they would not cste.
necessary. The germs in the atmos- The labor leagueinWashington wants to assail either ome member of his firm who is at the work until the troubles are ended. t S NIMBLE SIXPENCE AGAINST Cme and Examnet W
here willsecretethemselves in the gar- the National Convention during the ses- office. A window opens into the is reported that some of the Delaware CARPETS, Furniture, Bedding of every N the field of SLOW SHILLINGS, and hopes a
mentsof a person, and perhaps several sion of Congress to petition for such Probable nlliaiee between Austria private office, and when there is a secret an, can bemines are on Fure Mammoh to Sy a iz b gn g a o can'
mo ts atr ad ees h m ev s redress as they desire ; favors impartial and Russia. conference it is closed and fastened on fi re F9Surntur Wsreets Sconed&Hyman 9, makittth rine st ocalo e.
undr fafterwabl ndits fore themseloes suffrage in the district, and repeal of LONDON, August 16.-The opinion the inside, so that even the operator ---
under favorable conditions for the pro- the resumption act. cannot hear what is said. A Woman's Revenge.
pagation of the disease. The only The new Central Coal Company, one ms to be gaining ground that Aus The office has two beautiful FrF ch NEW YORK, August 16.-James Wil- BLOCK O.
effectual protection to a community of the heaviest shippers, resumed work i popse t e i n a sbi teac wit rtoo. lermott was last night fatally stabbed STEPENS P IE TELLS
against the insidious approaches of this yesterday in Cumberland, Maryland, at and if need be her active support with leather chair before it. Rich furniture demt a atngtftlysabdT. A. STEPHEONS,TH PR C E I
against the insidious approaches of this ves cents, the rate demanded by Russia, in exchange for an extension of fills the room. There are news and by Mrs. Nora McCormick. When TTORNEY-A-LW OFFICE NO. 18 South 0 Street.
horrible plague is absolute cleanliness. the strikers. Another company re- the Hungarian frontier. As this might stock telegraph instruments in each locked up she said she had cut Wilder- A Rooms 3 and 4, over Schoenfied & BHoy- AND THE PEOPLE TELL THE PRICE aul lm2p
The cities on the Pacific slope, which smedwkto-da t the same rate involve Francis Joseph in trouble with corner, which all day long unwind mott because the knowledge of his hav. man's. aul6 tf
are alwnaysr openr. to importatio-nsa f I r. s work to-day at the same rate. Germany, it is arranged that Triesti their printed tape. The place is filled ing seduced her several years ago had ha16 tf
are always open to importations from Secretary Thompson and a party of shall be yielded to that power for a with the roar and bellowing of the separated her from a good and loving NATIONAL GUARD HALL. A. VAENBER & CO.,
China, should rigidly enforce all sani- friends inspected the United States seaport. Stock Exchange, just across the the husband in San Francisco. She came -ANAGERS OSB- NE & ROBERTSON HATS, FURNISHING GOODS Dr Go ds +to
taryprovisions. Those whose business steamer Plymouth at the Washington street. Gould can stand at one of the from there a month ago to get revenge. V t ANAGERS OSBOtNE & OBEyTSON TRUNKS, CBABY hRRIAGS, f O O Sl re,
it is to oversee thenavy yard yesterday. The Secretary Volunteers Pouring Into Greece. windows and see the mass of madly- e n mahef- T AONERY NOIONS Etc S0 TEET
it is to oversee the cleansing of the promoted Patrick Lynch to be acting ALANiAAgust 1-T Greek acting men hustling each other about Excitement About a Bank Suspension. T.enN S corn- STATIONERY, NOTIONS, Etc.
cities should be very exact in the per- gunner, for meritorious conduct on ALEXANDEIA.AUguSt 16.--Te Greek a g t h e hl ing ther aExcite- TUEDA a 21 1877 mnn Largest Assortment,
tieeaaExuchaeneryfloorbthcpnr- nshuering thetuirroAEEXAYmIRKguAtlgusthe16eek-The exctliate-k TU ESDAmYbkAUGUnxT -2DY, AGUST.1,--77. aarest s tylele
formance of their duties. A bunch of shore during the recent labor-disturb-, volunteer movement is increasing. A hands like boys with burnt fingers. His EW Y K Ag e excite TUESDAY, AUoUS 21, 1877. of St
rotting cabbages has been known to ances. further detachment of 120 started yes- desk is filled with few papers, as most ment over the suspension of payment WITH S. REMEMBER THE PLACE, Lowest Prises.
produce the most unfortunate results in The Coroner's jury says the recent terday for Greece. The authorities of his work which brings his papers by the Long Island Savings Bank con- CAROLINE RICHINCS-BERNARD al7tf
railroad disaster at Ocean Port, New have detained 60 volunteers intending into use is at his own house. There tinues. John C. Perry, counsel for the Gets L in nn o P L E
an otherwise cleanly city. A corrupt Jersey, was caused by John Conrow to leave, on the ground of their being was at noon, when the writer was in bank, issued a card this morning de. The Greatest Living Exponent of PALM ER'S JOH N G ILLIG
oS bf vegetable matter, combining giving the safety signal to the approash- subjects of the Porte. the office, a table spread for lunch. Its declaring the solvency of the institution.
with the germs of the disease, will act ing train without first seeing that the Tur hWr Nt linen was spotless and glossy, the Suspension of the Surveyor General CRAND ENCLISH OPERA, NEW PALACE A AI & 3 South o street,
like leaven on the air we breathe. The draw was securely fastened, and recom- Turkish War Notes* glassware delicate and the silverware of Montana. W PALA A AIN,
mends a slower rate of speed in cross- Scudamore has resigned the director, rich. A black walnut sideboard in the WASHINGTON, August 16.-0. K. With her Magnificent VIRGINIA. NIVADA,
garms multiply by geometrical pro- ing bridges. ship of the International Ottoman Post- room was open, and revealed many jars GORPS OF THIRTY ARTISTS. n h D"
gression, and what was awhile ago a The report of the committee to ex- office, and bottles that are treasures of Smith, Surveyor General of Montana, 0 0 a
, pure and healthy atmosphere may in a amine into the New Orleans Custom- A Turkish ironclad recently sunk thingsfora lunch. The food comes ferre ae e misdemeanors cFULL CHORUSI 8TOVES,HARDWARE,BRASidSTEAMOOD
few days become as deadly as the upas house recommends the abolition of the a Greek vessel cruising off the Island of from a restaurant near by. Gould saves n oce. F L CH U --
tree. An ounce of prevention is worth naval officer. It recommends the con- Cirigo. time by having a meal thus served, and Machine Shops, Mills and Mines
te. An ounce of prevention is worth struction of a revenue boat to cruise at The Christian population of the prov. can eat without being in fear of an THE COSSACKS. CRAND ORCHESTRA I Supped with a Material at the LOWEST
a pound of cure. the mouth of the Mississippi river to since of Janina are fleeing to escape from assault before he gets through. A door -- SOUTH 0 ST RE ET, ^nTsTre th ouortment comprior
prevent smuggling, and also the cut- Turkey. next to Mr. Gould's desk was observed Their Cleverness and Recklessness, This is the only English Opera Company trav- on gooS S RT "
The Cruelties of the War. ting down of the Custom-house force From reports concerning the mas. to have a key in the lock. "That A correspondent of the London Times eling carrying Full Chorus and Grand Orchestra Wahere Goods are soldI on at teel
The press is indulging at present in more thai twenty-five per cent. and ex- acres it seems as if affairs continue opens into Jim Keene's office," said a writes ; Many stories are told of the of Eastern Musicians. l me pe
some very injudicious criticism at the penses in the same proportion, many days longer not a single Christian young gentleman. "Oe can come right cleverness of the Cossacks in obtaining Tuesday Evening, August SI, STRICTLY AT ONE PRICE. la~ia n ^, Tnware,
-The new convention concluded be- will be left alive on the slopes of the in here to see J. G., that is, when J. what they need for themselves or MARTHA, mad Copperware, Etc.
expense of Russia. The atrocities per- teen Great Britain and Egypt for sup. southern Balkans. G. chooses to let him in." A stairway horses, and all tends to show that their wednesday Evening, August SS, Where all get Bargains and none get credit. AGENT FOR--
petrated in Rumelia and portions of pression of the slave trade entirely pro- There have been numerous arrests in about a foot and a half wide leads from morality is of a different type to that of THE BOHEMIAN GIRL. BABOOOK FIRE EXTINGUISHE
Bulgaria are charged directly to that hibits the export or import of negro Gallicia in consequence of the secret the narrow passageway which connects European civilization generally. Some Thursday Evening, Angus A 23, --- BABOCK F[uRE T
poewhile thu ar nery n-slaves. Egytian slave traders will be enlistment of volunteers to serve the front and rear offices, down into the of the stories may possibly have been ThrsaAEeRnAuu t AN3A".
poenterto usase ine h ve r bentace tried by court-martial as assassins. The against Russia in Poland and Turkey basement and out into Broadway. It invented, but they show the general Friday Evening, August 24,cGULLCODSSQL FR ILER
r^^ n^ T"d^ ~ il~a^u~ ^^ : ^ ^ tZy^ e1 ,,,..,ArgP. AN1A.'A ALL GOODS SOLD FOR SILVER, .,
thenticated case, they have been traced Khedive engages to abolish all private in the Balkans. is the most secret of all the arrange- tone of feeling and what is expected IL TROVATORE. '
to the inhabitants of the districts in traffic in slaves in Egypt within seven ments of the office, and would be highly from these quaint, reckless, merry Saturday Evening, August 25, Those who pay in Gold get Broker's Premium i
which the war is waged. If the Rus- years, and within twelve years in Sou. MacMahon on the Situation. convenient in case a maddened mob of troops. Passing through the streets of FRA DIAVOLO. for same.
aian army was guilty of these cruelties dan and the frontier provinces. PAis, August 16.-In a speech de. br brokers should besiege the offices. ue alatz, the thin, weary-looking horse Admlsio f.................... $1 end 1 60 P.S.--Look out for my first Eastern ship-
B u m a r y as g u ty o r i n s e c r ell e s T h r l e f r h e i n e r ati n a r fl r i v<* ^ t I n M r. G ou ld 's F ifth a v e n u e h o u s e o f a C o s sa c k fe ll s u d d e n ly a n d la y a p N o e x tra ch arg e fo r reserved seats. S eats n e w m en t of H A T S au l lS t H f- E^l
there could be no excuse, and the corn- match so to take placeratiCreedmoor slivered at Evreux to-day President he has four operators, shut off from parently lifeless on the ground. Its on sale at Ash's Bo k Store. aul6 td m-- -
ments of the newspapers would be emi- are as follows : Rifles not exceeding MacMahon said the constitution i tot each other, so that what messages he master was moved even to tears, and FARRELL T R M UR
nently just. The Bulgarians have ten pounds; minimum pullof trigger, threatened by him. The crisis it the sends byone are not known to the bewailed the unhappy fate which had J.d. FARRELL, T. R ...N,
doubtless committed eat u ti three pounds ; distance, 800, 900 and affairs of France will end when the .7is- others. He has a private office there, not only deprived him of a favorite, PLUMBER STEAM & CASFITTER
grbles oeett1000eyards; number of shots, thirty at dom of the country is made manifest in too, where works early and late. He but left him horseless just at the TUMBER, STEA& 6DAFI MONEY BROKER TO-
but when we consider the treatment re- each bne ye comptit the choice of new representatives, for keeps a set of books in which here- most interesting moment of the war. ALL ORDERS LEFT AT THE INTRER- STOCK AND MONEY BROKER,
ceived by these people for hundreds of htingsts; the ma to st two it will re-establish harmony between cords information about the stocks in A crowd gathered round, and in it nsinnl l a mpHtelote at Eerski's Book-store 1COKING, PARLOR &THEATING STOVES
years-the recent outraging of girls and days; competitors to fire fifteen shots thepublic generally and the governing w hichh deals.U e isP sa o8toownwere men tose theearts wouhl not JAS. J. p AtRELL. ILL BuY AND S.LLiSTOC ON COM- orel Woodued Pol are tsb^
the subsequent skinning of their bodies at each distance upon eac ay, co- P Every day he jots down the estimated out some practical expression of their aul6 tf W mission on the most favorable terms ; A full assortment *of
]en last has been satiated, and other e State rommittee of the Inde- STATE NEWS. earnings of the read as they reported pity. A subscription was made, and WaefromWandhT R TRAWA WHI E iTl WAR Ill ory Stockn on Margi d MaretAbPENTERSe TOOLS LOtKS, etc.0
.rtures of the most frightful character, pendent party in New York has issued The e o se to him by telegraph, and no eye but his the man, l taking the saddle from the We I oft b O th s uar o a Maretabls Butts, etc., etc
committed by the Turks-it is impos. a call for a State convention. It asks TheGene K ornl wi tha cAndaey or t bookriedtearsm, or heha acuit We Profit by Others'Qury sec.te, SPECIw
sible to judge the Bulgarians harshly, forthe imeat sideraton Gf eeraasittrele will be a candidate for --- Ar eo twersd.m Ne B W & CO eo os Mill and Mnhing -o-s I
national convention at Indianapolis, Last Monday night the room of a Mr. SAM FRANCISCO. tle horse in pure sympathy, a whistle _AVE A COPLBTE AND FIRST-CLASS a n dsk o ne a ookbers Pipe made and and urts Screens punched
THE stock operators in'San Francisco May 11, 1876 ; denounces the Resump- Irwin, in Tuscarora, was entered and was heard at the other end of the street. stock of CLOTHING, GI.NTS' FURNISH- but ARE ALWAYS IN MY OFFICE OR IN to order. aul:tt 3p
decline to accept as conclusive the as- tionAct, ndasks for its repeal ; do a d Special to the Evening Chronicle.] ho p to is f ad a G GOOS ete.. which is for sale AT PlOES BANK, ready to be delivered when called for.

section that there is nothing of import. nounces the isue otour and a halt per I LI ............ W ...... ILL will 1vlieve you ____ mo-ey
eeonin thae erreent rreoted o ir yardt the bto a abAn Sb Fo ANCISco, August 16.-A China- clever tricS was much admired, even by N. BROWN & CO., T. R. McG U RN, antaddo the a y, ho .
ence in the recently reported Ophir the people out of $18,000,000; laws to William J. Brophy, for many years man named Ah Wing was arrested here those who suffered byit. To deceive the a South C Street. jy8t STO K AND MO EY BROKER aul
trike. The Daily Bechange of the sustain labor are called for, and to con- prominently connected with the Crown to-day (n a charge of murder. He was odh ople of Gala inlanydt ansation SHARPSHOOTERS, ATTENTION. BROKR, S LY FOR AM '
14th instant says : trol railroad and other moneyed monop- Point mine, has arrived at Carson from engaged with one of his countrymen in task, and demands an amount of clever- lO6 South C Street, Virglnla. ELS MoeT Imod
Concerning the Ophir strike there were olies. the eastern portion of the State, where ba2 1m 2p tanteedsuperiorS to an
many opinions expressed--that generally he discovered and located some valuable abalone gathering at Tomales, Matin n ess seldom to be found. Another proof HIr e HGroTING NXT S DAY, n i
entertained being that if there was a THE INDIAN WAR. mining property. county, and during a quarrel on busi- of the same doubtful morality was told .ATra d O B R N ERT & (00 bo at n.
strike of auy consequence it must not be latest Accounts front he Scene of The Carson Appeal of this morning hessat ir ki ed hsp tnra df d me by an eye-witness. A Cossack hay- J OEme GuardR Ta g t G ou dr iin g ntep bi t
S h w u Acon n Mo ntana. o Theaon pea of this r hcity. He goes to San Rafael for ing cast his eyes on a piece of cheese Have Opened their Elegant 0. Beware of inferior
expected that Sharon would allow Mr. Action in Montana. says that the operations of the mint are to tHis exty. e goes or whei h he i t bun from a Plenty of Chickens will be on hand and the $.Elastic Trsses t up
toeallte d H d wo uel rt inanty HELENA, M. T., August 16.-The at present principally confined to the examination to-day. which he triask ed to buy from Phileldisopenty of Chickens will be on hand d the STORE lasirs orn
to skim the milk before passing it around following has been received : execution of the subsidiary silver coins THE STEAMSHIP COMPANIES AND THE it was in his hands he asked is l so o ln n eame Parties afflicted are inted to call and
to his friends, the dear public. We have VIRGINIA, M T., Augst 15.-To for account of the Government and the CHINESE. the prie, which was, of course, school Books antd Countling-In ous -Te- exadmiret bto byingA F e ui e E tlT
een letters written by parties in Vi overnor Potts, Helea The news manufacture of fine silver bars for de- The proposition of the Chinese mer- exorbitant He placed it under his arm Staonery t Boegle's. a t PRIDE OF NE VA DA s cOMPANY, removed to 15 Sacra.
City, who ought to be posted on the ritu. fr B ok tre d a that positors. At 2 o'clock P. M. yesterday chants to the Occidental & Oriental mand and began to bargain. As he talked his NOTICE TO MINERSmento tree, San rancisco. 8 p
action, who say most positively that an ohsu a r hs j sthe thermometer stood at 150 degrees Pacific Mail Steamship Companies to comrades passed behind him and each NOTIC MINERS At SOUTH TEETTH LRS
important develop hent has been made at the scouting tm as ust re ur in the melting-room of the mint. make a reduction on steerage rates cut off a piece. The Cossack. said it HERE THEIR OLD FRIEr)S CAN ONLY TH OLLARS
ptered ay so hurriedly fo er e of water. ta es Smi, Flyn and Farns- Three Chinamen who, it appears, re. hence to China, and an addition coming was a small cheese, the Jew that it was OF STOREY AND LYON COUNTIES. W call and examinetheir Elegant ..,jck of ELASTIC TRUSS.
Time, of course, will show the extent of worth, and there are more expected to gardless of law, were using giant pow- this way, meets with considerable oh a big one. But as the Cossackl could "-IHEMON'T PA Y EGHT Ci
the development. The peoplewill know come. lie Indians were 35 ilea south der for the purpose of killing fish, were jection from those companies. It is show it from time th ime looking "OTICE IS HEREBY GIUEN TO ALL CUSTOM-MADE CLOTHING, D' ashnucn
i~~~~~e fro timte artol time lokng OI SHEEYGIE T L
all about it-in due course of mail. The of Bannock yesterday morning; they had blown up by the premature explosion understood that the Pacific Mail is dis- smaller and smaller, the Jew, afraid to Miners working under ground within the And Youths' and Boys' Clothing, usor THREE DOLLARS /
transactions in Ophir were rather limited taken all the horses on the Upper of a cartridge on te river below the posed to make some such concession if attempt any violence, gave in to thetl foftohrenecta uSo w cahat Trunks, Valises, Satchels, Blankets. "'A word to the wtoe is at
yesterday. The bulls didn't seem to be- Horse prairie, and were moving slowly race track to-day. One of them, as we the O. and 0. Company will join them, CossacK's price, which, unlike that of ar members and reeeiv their official cards o OUR STOCK OF HATS CANNOT BE BEATEN. sulicient. Send for Illustrated Book and Pce
eve the development story. The bears DEER LODGE, M. T., August 15 go to press, is reported dead, another but the latter evince an unwillingness the Sibylline books, grew even smaller membership before Shirts made to Order and warranted to fit. LAGNETTC ELASTIC TRUSS COMPANY,
were inclined to think there was some- General Gibbon arrived at 10 A. m. ac- had his leg broken, and the third had to come into the arrangement. It is and smaller, as the article he had to Shn Sacramento street, San orrancisco.
thing in it, and refrained from going SM onday, the 1011h Day of Septeni- 609 Sar m no s et, au rne co
short. So b between the twofrained factions itg companies by Lieutenant Jacobs. He one of his arms almost blown off.- stated by those engineering the measure buy diminished. onay, the loth ny o sepe JOE BARNERT & 00. -Send us this advertisement. 1e2ltf
was dull and apathetic. was met at the hotel by all the citi- Silver State, 15th. that if the desired terms cannot be etr 18., au3 l TH R lASO ze adap thet n s who did not go to the front an Winnemuca silver Sta'e, 15th: Two made with the steamship companies a MEXICAN NEWS. As on that daythe Unions of the above counties m THE REASON W HY
SNATO LAMA hit the nail upon number of ladies, who desired to men at Battle Mountain got to biting line of sailing ships will be put on to An Indian Fight-Mexiean Troops eill appon committee examine tht ay TRAVELINE HANTS. -VERY ONE LIKES TO DEAL WITH
ENATOR LAMAR hit the nail upon give the hero of Big Hole pass a hearty greasewood, briars, sagebrush and other accomplish the purpose in view. Concentrating on the Border-Cat- notably according to the RULES AND CON- the
the head and spoke to the purpose reception. The General is feeling ex. native delicacies for pastime, and one tie Thieves. STITUTION OF 'THE UNIONS.em No man'in, ex- IMPORTANT NOTICE. METROPOLITAN
when he told the Democrats of Missis- collcnt, but a little stiff from his of them, named J. VW. Edwards, lace- Fire In Oroville. GALVESTON, Texas, August 16.-A wil be permitted to go under ground unless he TOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT A BOOT& SHOE STORE
sippi that questions of tariff, trade, wound, rated his tongue, which swelled to such OnOVILLE, August 16.-Three fires Newis special reports a fight in Mexico can exhibit licard tin regular membership ore i strict p iane e e provisiona 10 OT STBEETof
VIRGINIA, M. T., August 16.--To a size that his mouth could not contain cad of application for membership of the Union the law passed at the
commerce, currency and, transportas- Governor Potts : General Howard's it. He telegraphed here for Dr. John- broke out here yesterday, only one between the Kickapoo and Lipan tribes to which h i.. ..._. i may wish to belong By Legislature, and comiionly called the Drum- Isthat,
oder and 6-i.[ -e the Miners' Uniouis of mrees' License" law, is expected from all travel- t oelthBst
4ion" were the coming questions of the command arrived at Bannock on the son, who went to Battle Mountain to doing any damage. It broke out at 9:30 of Indians, in which seventeen Lipans 'Storey and Lyon counties in mre hts, agents or drummers," andthe Best
4lay in this country. In saying this the night of the 14th and would leave for attend to him. He found Edwards o'clock last night in the residence of were killed. CON. McOINNISS, that i'- soliciting orders in Storey count, Its prlcesthelowest
eloquent Mississippi Sonator spoke not Horse prairie the next morning. All suffering severely from inflammation of T. W. Reece, totally destroying that, Mexican troops are concentrating at President Gold Hill Miners'Union. a'ot f having obtained the required i- -
for himself nor f the Chinamen on Horse prairie are the tongue, and unable to swallow any- and also the dwellings of M. Rayman Camargo opposite Ringold barracks. resident a a' ni ens will be aet T E KELLY, O T
or imse nor for his own tate nor missing. They are supposed to be thing. He brought his patient down and E. Marks. Loss about $10,000. A Fort Clark special says Mexican SEWELL sheriff of Storey county, Nevada ALL ITS DEALINS ON E SQARE
for his own section only, but for the killed. The rear guard of the Indians on last evening's freight train, and he Rayman was insured for $2,000; cattle thieves drove 150 head of cattle President Silver City I.- ... ev., August 6, 1877. A pritor
vast majority of sensible and patriotic were still on Horse prairie, is now here under his treatment. Marks, $1,5000 and Reece, $700. across the Rio Grande on the 14th. au9 td ne, .deers Union. 1 rg n au6tf 2p Jy2o lm -

VII tal 1N i I I niBI'II
t'n WEMK................ ...... CO
THURSDAY .......AUGUST16.18i7
WEEK DAYS-From 8 A. m. to 4 P. M., and
from a r. u. to 7:30 P. M.
SUNDAYS-From 12 m. to 2 P. M.
Mail arrives at 11 A. M. and closes at 5:30 P. M.

Train.s o the V and T. Railroad will run as
follows : X. .
For Sin F,'a ,,.L' lr. a 'irgila t Fil r i,
Gold Hill. 6:10 ; Mound House, 6:45; Carson,
7:86; Steamboat. 8:27; Reno, 8:56 ; Truckee,
11; Sacramento, 6:05 A. M.; Vallejo, 9:10, ar-
riving in San Francisco at 11:10.
W Saturday Nights -Train from Virginia
connects at Reno with Overland train (12:05) for
San Francisco.
[Dinner on boat from San Francisco, and
breakfast at Reno, going east. Breakfast on
boat from Vallejo, going west. Sleeping car
daily between Carson and Vallejo.]
For Carson and Rels-Leave Virginia at 8:15
A. s., and arrive in Carson at 9:50.
F--" Ca.ricO (Afternoon)-Leave Virginia at
kins leave Carson at 12:16 and 5 P. M., and
arrive in Virginia at 1:45 and 6-.2 P. M.
The California express reaches Carson at 9:05
A. hM, and arrives in Virginia at 10:40 A. m.

Board Sale% This Morning.
300 Ophir, 15i, 151
275 Mexican, 91, 94
330 Gould and Curry, 8. 86J b5
35 Best and Belcher, 153, 153
350 California 254, 25
435 Savage 51 7
Io00 Con. Virginia, 28, 28 s5
100 Chollar, 33
390 Crown Point, 360, 3 653 70
135 YeU6w Jacket, 9g, 9J, 9k b5
15lfTmperial, 75c, 80o
10 Kentuck, 4 15
15 Alpha, 104
785 Belcher, 4, 4 55,4 60
55 Confidence, 44, 4
140 Sierra Nevada, 3 80
500 Utah, 104, 10, 11, 11f
495 Union, 4 95
60 Bullion, 7
140 Exchequer, 61, 64
15 Seg. Belcher, 28
760 Overman, 20, 20, 20,'204, 19J, 201
515 Justice, 9, 8l, 81
500 Lady Bryan, I
600 Julia, 75c, 70c
1125 Caledonia, 3 40, 3 35
280 Silver Hill, 2, 2-05
200 Dayton, 55c
210 Alta, 2 45, 2 2 40
50 Andes, 65c, 60c
740 Leviathan, 30c, 35c
100 Trojan, 50c
1 Peytona, 115, 120, li
100 New York, 25.
A r the Bioard.
SAN liRACisC August 16-3 P. M.-
Gould and Curry, 8&';Ophir, 154 ; Jus-
tice, 81; Con. Virginia, 28; Overman,
19 ; Mexican, 94; Yellow Jacket, 9a ;
California, 254; Union, 4.90; Crown
Point, 31; Seg. Belcher, 28 ; Chollar,
32; Utah, 11 ; Julia, 70.
Board Sales Yesterday Afternoon.
100 Meadow Valley, 75c
50 Raymond & Ely., 13, 13J
65 Eureka Con., 36, 364
15 Jackson, 6
1000 Phoenix, 80c
180 Alps, 80e
750 El Dorado South, 24, 2 35, 2 40
420 Leopard, 1 70, 11
1565 Gila, 65c, 70c, 60c
100 Panther, 75c
10 Northern Belle, 17
1210 Hussey, 30c
330 Grand Prize, 134, 138
150 Manhattan, 138, 13
1800 DeFrees, 1 55, 1 60, 14
100 Steptoe, 3 55
100 Rye Patch, 31
800 Argenta, 115
650 Modoc 55c, 50c
1000,Coso don., 10c
280 Minnie Belle, 1 30, 1 40
650 Golden Chariot, 80c, 76c
950 Leeds 2, 2 05
300 Con. Virginia, 28
205 California, 254, 254 b5
320 Hale and Norcross, 44,44 b5, 4 45
535 Bullion, 7 b5, 7 '
213 Overman, 194, 19J, 20
410 Gould and Curry, 8#
155 Utah, 10, 10J, 10i
45 Seg. Belcher, 274, 28
610 Justice, 9, 94 s5
50 Chollar, 32J, 32
W0 Alps 75c
685 Caledonia 3 55, 3 50, 34 b30
535 Ophir, 15 16 b5, 1, 164
955 Savage, 5, 54 54 b5
175 Yellow Jacket, 84
440 Best and Belcher, 154, 151
45 Exchequer, 64
120 Mexican, 9g, 94
250 Crown Point, 3 55, 3 60, 3 65
95 Belcher, 4 40
180 Sierra Nevada, 3 90, 3 95, 3 85 e5
B50 Imperial, 75c
Assessment lUst.
Following is a list of outstanding assessments
and the date upon which they will become de-
linquent in the Board:
Centennial-5 cents; August 16.
allow Jacket-August 16.
Savage- 1; August 20.
Globe Consolidated-25 cents; August 28.
Daney-20 cents; August 24.
Wells F.rgo-26 cents; August 27.
Hale & Norcross-60 cents; August 31.
Baltimore Consolidated-650 cents; Sept. S.
Best & Belcher-81; September 7.
Sierra Kevada-50 cents; September 8.
Mount Hood-10 cents; September 9.
Julia Con.--l; September 10.
Following is a last of stocks upon which
assessments are delinquent. The day of sale
Is affixed: ,
Bullion-91 60; August 20.
Days on-SO cents; August 30.
Belcher--1; August 80.
Siler Hill-1; September 5.
North Con. Virgimnia-80 cents; September 3.
Collar Potosi--3; September 7.
Ooodman-2 cents; September 29.

Arrivals tilas Morning,
'dall Geo Becroft W H Clark
voa F Klasterman H L Stillwell
W L MiiIs F Bell
Is Wm Fellow Mrs L Moore
Mrs Driscoll & chd
.it & daugh PH Ford
Ods .H W Frnca.c Mrs Carr
2s Golden itW Paul "Mrs B Wheeler
J B Hereford M L Burke F V Drake
Miss Fitzgerald Mrs T J Gorham
Departures Last Evening.
SWalker J Coan SW Chubbuck
C Jones G Sutro D Thorburn

Judge Wells A W Avery T Buckle
J T Davis R Dodre H Ilamihon
Miss F Taylor Mrs J Trmezner Jas Lld & %ife
R GPreshaw Mrs Sheahy W GBHurd
&wife Miss t'obarson 'Mrs J.:.hnsiton
Dr Ne*land H G lunphreyMi is L Awdan
S Richards wife Mrs V r lumnH Thompson
& dan I W Morton&wf Mrs Brown

BIDLINOMAYER-In Eureka, August 13, to
the wife of William Bidlingmayer a son.
PILLINER-In FJko, August 11, to the wife of
W. H. Pilliner, a daughter.
ELLIOTT-STONE-lu Virgioni August 2, by
Rev. W. R. Jenvey, David J. Elliott to Nliza-
bth Stone.
;: DIED,
SWEAY-In AWOd Hill, August 15, Helena Agnes
H lly, daughterof J. .. and Ellen Healy, aged
9 months and 25 days.
TURNER--In Virginia, August 9, Phillip Ed-
ward Turner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Turner, aged years and 13 d.a .
SLUKE-In Beno, August 14, F J., Infant
daughter of W. J. and J. Lske, agij 10 Wos.
OAZ-In Elko, August 10, Katie, infant
daughter of George and Jeanettu Ganz.
DAWLEcY-In Ruby Yalley, August 9, Judge
J. H. Dawley, aged 63 years.

The Sidewalk-Sign Ordinance.
The case of Mr. Isaacs, of the firm of
Cohn & Isaacs, was called in the Jus-
tice's Court to-day and continued on
account of the sickness of the defend.
ant, Mr. Tsx s is charged with having
erected a sign over the walk i4 front of
his place of business. Mr. J. A.
Stephens, his attorney, sayi' the ordi-
unnce is faulty, 'and lie proposes to
make a hole in it big enough to drive
one of Mooney's teams through.

77 iUL8A C R M me (myself among the number) have
THE JULIA SINE. been compelled to sue Thayer before
they could get their wages.
Another Chance for a Man AL. BAILEY.
Like Colonel Weller. George Albright, a carpenter, makes
the following statement:
$ ,000 Spent L ear, I worked for two weeks on Frank
$380,000 Spent Lst Sea", -Thaycr's house, about a year ago last
and $110,000 More July. I am a carpenter. I made some
repairs on this house, and was paid for
Called For. my labor by the Julia Mining Com-i
pany. I got the same pay as when I
Again the uperin- was working for the mine. I know of
Charges Against the Iuperm- various articles-such as wardrobes,
tendent of the Mine. ice-chests, etc.-being made at the
mine and sent up to the house.
The men were paid part of their
Attested Statements of Men Who wages in silver.
I know of other men who frequently
Were Employed in the Mine, worked at the house who were em-
ployed at the mine, and who were paid
The managers of the Julia Conso by the company for that outside work.
T m ge h GEo. L. ALRIGHT ,'
dated mine are called upon to give
some more satisfactory explanation of THE SUTRO TUNNEL.
what has been done with the money Wheln I Will Reach the Conistock,
collected from assessments during the and at What Depth.
past year. Several of the stockholders The Sutro tunnel is at last approach-
of this city have made complaint to the ing the Comstock lode. At the last
CHRONICLE that the management of the measurement (on the 8th instant) the
mine, so far from being economical, has total length of the tunnel was 17,600
been shamefully extravagant, and that feet. It then had about 1,050 feet to
the condition of affairs at the Ophir reach the line of the Chollar-Norcross-
mine was but little if any worse than Savage combination shaft, and about
has long prevailed at the Julia. 1,300 more to run to reach the Com-
"You complain of Sam Curtis," said stock-or a total of about 2,300 feet.
one indignant stockholder of the Julia, During the seven days preceding the
" because he gave Mrs. Cooper lumber last measurement the progress made
belonging to his company. Why don't was only 49 feet, or an average of 7
you go after Frank Thayer, Superin- feet per day. But this was rather be-
Stendent of the Julia mine low the average rate of progress during
tendon of the JuhIaro e the past two years, which has been in
"Furnish the CHRONICLE with evi- the neighborhood of 300 feet per month.
dence as strong as we had in the Ophir Taking this as the average future pro-
case, and it will 'go for' Thayer or any gress of the tunnel, 235 days would be
other superintendent on the lead." required to complete utro tunnel he Coms to
The complainant promised to furnish the Comstock lode may therefore be
evidence, and he has done so. looked for some time in May or June,
WHERE HAS THIS MONEY GONE 1878. As may be observed, it is a long
HERE AS THIS MONEY GONE? time to look forward to for any effect-
In the first place, let us look at the whether beneficial or detrimental-upon
financial exhibit of the Julia mine. the stock market from the completion
Within the last twelve months it has of the Sutro tunnel.
levied four assessments, as follows: AN ERRONEOUS IMPRESSION CORRECTED.
No. 1-Sept. 11, 1876.......... $110,000 When the tunnel shall have reached
No. 2-January 4, 1877........ 110,000 the Comstock, however, there will still
No. 3-April 5, 1877........... 110,000 remain a vast amount of work to be
No. 4-August 11, 1877 ........ 110,000 done before it can be utilized by all the
mines. The 8xl0-foot drift, which is
Total....................... 440,000 now called the Sutro tunnel, is nothing
Three of these assessments, aggre. more than a sort of advance drill-hole
gating $330,000, have been collected of the main tunnel. When the Corn-
and expended, and the fourth will be stock is reached, branch drifts will be
run north and south from the tunnel.
delinquent next month. A CHRONICLE To the north the drift will extend as
reporter has been at work for several far as the Utah mine, and to the south
days trying to ascertain what the run- as far as the Baltimore-American, these
ning expenses of the Julia inemightbeing the north and south limits of
ning expenses of the Jua mne mg what was officially recognized as the
be. The following may be relied upon Comstock lode by the United States
as very nearly correct : government at the time of the passage
21 miners at 84 per day.......... $84 00 of the Sutro Tunnel act.
2 engineers at S5 50 per day.... 11 00 THE TUNNEL TO PIERCE MOUNT DAVIDSON
1 carpenter at $6 per day...... 6 00 Besides the north and south drifts,
1 blacksmith at $6 per day...... 6 00
2 firemen at $4 per day......... 8 00 the tunnel should also, to comply with
Sropsman at $4 per day........ 4 00 the terms of the Act, be continued
I chief engineer at $7 per day... 7 00 through Mount Davidson to Washoe
1 foreman at $6 50 per day..... 6 50 valley, on the west side of the mountain.
1 shift boss at $5 per day ....... 5 00 For this purpose, besides other privi-
1 pumpman at $5 per day....... 5 00 leges (some of which are claimed to be
1 watchman at $4 per day.... 34 00 unconstitutional) Congress granted the
1 man of all work at $3 50...... 3 50 tunnel company the right of way for
secretary at $6 per day........ 6 00 seven miles from the Carson valley, be-
Total per da for labor. $156 00 sides the exclusive right to locate two
Total per day for labor.....156 00 thousand and four feet on each side of
This would make the monthly account the center line of the tunnel, upon any
for labor in and about the mine mine $4,680. lode which might be discovered by the
Add to this the Superintendent's salary, tunnel.
$400, water $400, wood $2,000, and we THE DEPTH AT WHICH IT WILL TAP
have as the ordinary monthly expenses THE COMSTOCn.
$7,480, or $89,760 for the year. The tunnel will pass the Combina-
$7,480, or $9,760tion shaft several hundred feet to the
OTHER EXPENSES. north, and at a depth of about 1598
In addition to the labor and other feet. The collar" or top of the
items above mentioned there have been Savage shaft having an elevation above
the level of the sea of 47 feet more than
expended for repairs, supplies, etc., the Combination shaft, the tunnel will
sums which may be estimated as fol- strike the Savage mine at a depth of
lows : about 1645 feet. From this point of in-
Repairs on office.:................ $1,000 tersection with the Comstock the north
Rope, etc... ................ 2,000 and south drifts of the tunnel will have
Donkey engine.................. 500 a grade of about six inches in a hundred
Oil, fuse, powder, etc............ 2,000 feet. The tunnel will therefore not
5,500 strike all the mines at the same level.
Other yearly expenses....... _89,760 OTHELLO IN GOLD HILL.
Total expenses.............. $95,260 Ag-eavIots Moore Punches file Head
As the general result of these esti- of a Rival In thle Affections of His
mates we have the following : Yesterday morning a woman came
Total assessments for the year... $330,000 st rda in a wom a Gom
Expenditures accounted for..... 95,260 into Justice Cook's Court-room at Gold
Hill and swore out a complaint against
Balance to be accounted for. $234,740 Joshua Moore, charging him with an
It would seem from this showing assault and battery. Moore was ar-
that the company should have a large rested, and when he came into Court
balance on hand, but instead of that and said he was ready for trial the
we find that it is heavily in debt, and a
that another $110,000 in assessments woman weakened, and was suddenly
must be paid next month, which will very anxious to have the complaint
make actually $440,000 collected within withdrawn. Moore remarked, sarcas-
thirteen months, of which $334,000 has tically :
not been satisfactorily accounted for. Oh, go ahead with the trial; let the
Supposing $34,000 is allowed for facts come out."
freights, office expenses below, adver- Quite a large crowd was in the room
timing, etc., there is still a vast sum of to see the fun, for it was whispered
money that the stockholders would like about town that a crim. con. case would
to know something about, be developed by the testimony. The
CHARGES AGAINST THE SUPERINTENDENT, woman, pretty badly scared at the pres-
I respo SeTo the CiUtoIcLE' T d 1 ence of so many people, still urged the
In response to the CHRONICLE'S de- Justice to dismiss the complaint, which
mand for proofs of certain charges made he refused to do, and finally the de-
against Superintendent Thayer, several fendant remarked :
attested statements have been furnished "Then you don't want any more of
this in yours? All right, Judge, I'll
us. The first on the list is that of Al. plead guilty and pay the costs."
Bailey, who deposes as follows : These were assessed at $27 50, which
I was an engi-'er at the Julia Con- Moore paid, and after the matter had
solidated mine tromn the time that Frank been thus settled, he proceeded to
Thayer took charge of the mine, five edify the spectators with his story.
years ago, up to within three months of MOORE'S LITTLE GAME.
the present time. In July, 1876, I He said that a few weeks ago Mr.
rented his house and lived in it three Bawden, the assistant superintendent
months, and during this time George of the Justice mine. had given
Alright, a carpenter, worked on the him a job and put him on the
house.for two weeks, and drew his pay night shift. After a while he began to
by a cicdrawn from the office of the suspect that Bawden was paying alto-
Julia mine;-sand he stated to other gether too much attention to a woman
parties, who wlubstantiate my state with whom he (Moore) was cohabiting,
ment at any tinle, that for all the work and so he concluded to knock off work
he ever did for Thayerindividually, he on night and see how things stood.
received his pay from the Julia mine. e hid under the bed, and the result
I have seei at different times various Hhi june what he expected. Bawden
articles made foreThayers house at the came along in due course of time and
works, by the regular workmen of the turned into Moore's bed with the
mine, whose labor and time were paid woman. Moore came ot o f his hiding
for by the Julia company. Tnese ar- place and. proceeded first to punch.
tides consisted of sleighs, ice-chests, Bawden's head and then to chastise the
chairs, wardrobes, wooden flower-pots faithless handmaid of hisen cabin. This ..oo.c .e. a faithless handmaid of his cabin. This

and stanas,: door screens and Knick- Moore, ike Othello, was "one not
knacks of various descriptions. easily jealous, but, being wrought, per-
Captain Willard Day, whose name plexed in the extreme." It is probable
was on the pay-roll as a rope-man, was that the other parties, however, were
frequently at the house, sawing wood, perplexed in the extreme, perhaps,
tin-roofing, and ..performing general when the angry Moore burst from under
labor for' Thayer. In fact, he was at the bed and began to punch their re-
the house more than at the mine, yet spective heads.
drew his pa. regularly from the Julia.
I have known Billy Morehead, a car- Send in the Lists of Officers.
center, to do work at Thayer's house, The legislative enactment requiring
but cannot say whether he was paid by foreign corporations to furnish evidence
the mine or by Thayer. IE of their corporate name and list of offi-
AIt I. S .V cers, etc., which was amended lastWin-
It has been a custom for some months cers, etc., which was amended last Win
past to pay the miners partly in silver, ter, is not being complied with by the
and when any protest was made they mining companies, who thus render
were coolly informed that those their agents or superintendents liable
who did not like it could go to severe penalties. The first section
somewhere else. Thayer frequently of the Act referred to, among other re-
prged, as an excuse for pay.- quirements, makes it obligatory upon
ing 1A silver, that the assessments the company to file in the office of the
were paid in sillyer and he was obliged Recorder of the county in which the
to pay it out. Nevertheless we all knew compaiay is doing business a list of the
that the assessment notices called for officers of such company-said list to
"U. S. gold coin,"and that silver would be corrected whenever a change in such
not be accepted in payment thereof. No officers occurs. The second section
broker in this town will accept more fixes the penalty of a failure to comply
than $5o min silver in payment of assess- with the Act at not less than $50 nor
ments. more than $500, to which fine may be
The running expenses of the mine added imprisonment in the county jail
throughout the last year were about the for not less than six months.
pame as they are at present. [Mr. Bailey
here furnishes a statement of'running EMMA GILLIS SMITH, having been
expenses, which is about the same as canvassig for copying and enlarging photo-
that'already given in this article.-ED. grapls, givas s her permanent address No. 314
CHRONICLE.] Market street,'S Jose. Cal. Orders sent to
ome of. the imen emovploy ddlreds ac promptly and care-
Some of the men employed at the ulyflllL' ivs8 t(

Testimony Elicitid at the Coroner's

A Verdict of "Accident Caused by a
Defective gnanl-Bell."

At the inquest into the death of
Maurice O'Connor, who died from the
effects of injuries received while lower-
ing a pump below the 1900 level of the
Savage, last Tuesday morning, the
following evidence was obtained :
Michael Mroriarty, sworn- Knew
nothing about the accident, but had
known deceased about twenty years.
13. C. Williams, sworn-Am foreman
of the Savage mine; had known de-
godsed six or seven years; I know but
'little about the accident, except from
the information gained from others;
deceased was one of those who went
down to the 1900 level to move the
pump; do not know whether or not the
work was being carelessly done.
John Millen. sworn-Work in the
Savage mine; knew deceased for about
six years ; we went down to raise the
pump; we have a signal arranged with
the engineer to ring ten bells, so that
he will know that we are at that busi-
ness ; five of us in all went down to
the 1900 level; went down to raise and
lower and fix pump in place ; the bell
was not working well that day ; it is an
electrical bell; ten bells mean to run
slowly, cautiously; we kept a man at
the tenth station, where the battery is
placed, on account of the bell not work-
ing well; he was to ring the bell in case
the battery did not work; the other
four men went down in the car to the
pump; as the last man got out of the
car I began ringing the signal; I
rang about five or six bells and the
car went up the incline before I had fin-
ished the signal; I heard them shout-
ing to stop her; I stopped her as soon
as possible; she went up, I should
judge, twenty feet before I could stop
her; I knew some one was hurt by the
way they cried out below, and asked if
I should bring the car back ; they said,
Yes," and I took her back; I got out
of the car and went to the bottom of
the incline and found the men and
O'Connor there ; I assisted in getting
O'Connor into the car and then took
him up to the tenth station, which is at
the bottom of the vertical shaft;
O'Connor was caught by the truck that
the pump stood on; the truck runs be-
low the car; he was standing between
the truck and the giraffe; when the
truck started up he was caught under
it; I suppose that the bells did not
sound and the engineer took what he
heard for a signal to hoist; I had only
struck five or six bells and suppose half
of them did not ring; I don't know that
they did.
Question by juror-Has the battery
before failed to ring ?
Yes, at times; that morning it was
ringing worse than I ever saw it; for
that reason we put the men off at the
tenth station ; -the bell had always
answered the purpose very well before
that morning.
Dr. Grant, sworn-Was called to see
the deceased ; it was about 8 o'clock; I
found the man suffering from a severe
injury in the right side; on examina-
tion I found five or six ribs broken, also
the collar bone; the right lung was
lacerated, and he was suffering from the
air passing through the lung and not re-
turning ; he was suffering very much
from the shock ; thought it was very
evident from his appearance that he
could not live but an hour or two; i ad-
ministered remedies to support him, but
he died in the course of an hour and a
half or two hours ; went with him to
the house and remained till he died.

MICHAEL O'BRIEN'S VERSION. her-electrified us. The ease with
Michael O'Brien, svorni- I work in which she executed the rather florid
the Savage mine ; knew deceased for vocalization which occurs all through
over two years-by sight for several the opera, was no less gratifying than
years ; four of us went down to move the consummate way in which her act-
the pump ; went down to the 1900 ing of the "Gipsy" character v-as car-
level ; we hitched the chain to the ried out. Harry Gates as "Don COsar
giraffe that was fast to the truck that de Bezan," more than met our expecta-
the pump sat on ; looked to see that tions. Although very highly spoken
the chain was all right ; all at once I of by the press of cities in this char-
heard them holler; looked and saw the acter, we must confess that the easy
truck coming up and saw O'Connor and nonchalant way in which he
was caught byit ; we called out to Mul- acted the part of the reckless
len to stop the giraffe; lhe stopped it, Don, was to us a genuine surprise.
and we went to the truck and found As to his vocalization, it was truly
O'Connor fast under it ; we saw no way splendid. He favored us, too, with a
of getting him out but by running the high C in "Let Me Like a Soldier Fall."
truck down the incline again, which we It came from him with apparently as
did, when we got him out ; carried him much ease as a G from an ordinary
to the giraffe and took him to the tenth tenor. Miss Hattie Moore as Laza-
station, thence sent him to the surface ; rillo," although a stranger, at once got
there was room for deceased to have on the right side of the audience and
got out of the way had he seen the gave great satisfaction. This lady,
truck ; he had a lantern in his hand at from her naivete, we fancy would
the time ; the truck was some fifteen be well suited for the character
or sixteen feet below the giraffe ; we of "Nancy" in Martha. Mr.
were getting ready for the truck to John J. Benitz as Don Jose,"
start when it moved and caught O'Con- displayed a remarkably smooth and full
nor ; think he was not hurt any during basso cantante voice of considerable
the time the truck was being lowered power, and received a well-merited en-
back to release him. core for his capital rendition of Hap-
HOW DECEASED WAS CAUGHT. py Moments." Mr. Frank Howard,
as the King, was a marvel in make-
William Holland, sworn-I work at as the K g," was a marvel n make-
the Savage mine ; when we reached the up and acting, the little inging falling
1900 all got out but the man who was to his lot bremarkablyg well done. Theorches-d by
to ring the bells; I said : "It's all ready Pierre waremarkablynd added not a itndled by
to connect now, is it ?" They said it to the rnard, an no
was, and Mr. Lowe assisted me in eqn- to the success pf the evening's perform.
necting the truck and giraffe ; we then dance.
went down and examined the chain ROSE EYTINGE COMING.-Mr. James
that connected the pump and truck ; M. Ward writes to the CHRONICLE that
O'Connor was ahead, I think ; just be- h b R E y
fore we got to the pump it started with- he will bring os Eytinge up here,
out any warning to us whatever; the after her California Theater engage-
first I heard was the chain tightening, ment, to play at National Guard Hall
and I jumped out of the way ; the de- for a week. She will appear in three or
ceased was just before me and was four new pieces, and will be supported
caught under the truck; we called out by the best company that can be en-
to the bellman to stop ; after stopping gaged in San Franeisco. She will be
we tried to get the deceased out ; we here in about three weeks.
found it impossible to get him out with-
out lowering the giraffe ; as soon as she The New York Milne.
lowered a little the man slipped out Captain Matt. Canavan is engaged in
from under the hind axle and rolled overhauling the machinery and mine at
down the incline ahead of the truck- i a
we then carried him up and sent hen to the New York, and will not begin sink-
the tenth station on the giraffe, ing until everything in and about the
J'ohn.Low, sworn-I work in the mine is in the best positive order for
Savage mine; I was one of the five men effective work. He will make no
who went down at the time of the changes unless for a cause ; this has
accident; O'Connor and Holland were been his policy wherever he has been in
the two first men down to the top of charge, and he proposes to stick to it.
the chain; Holland asked if the chain
was ready to connect; they said it was, A Protest Against the Reduction In
and I assisted them to connect it; Lady Bryan Shares.
O'Connor held a light while the con- A protest was filed in the San Fran-
nection was being made; we all four cisco Stock and Exchange Board last
started down the incline toward the Tuesday against the reduction of tne
pump, when the giraffe started, bring, capital stock of the Lady Bryan Mining
ing up the trtiek and pump, and we all Company, from 100,000 to 50,000
hallowed to the bellman to stop, and shares. Until the protest has been
got out of the way the best we could; withdrawn the sales made in that
when the car stopped we found O'Con- Board will be upon the basis of the old
nor jammed under the truck; we found shares
it impossible to take him out without
lowering the car; we got him out and A Victim orf whisky.
found him badly injured, when we sent Last evening about half-past 7 o'clock,
him up on the car. W. S. Johnson, a man who came here
THE ENGINEER'S TESTIMONY. -from the eastern part of the State about
Henry Lea, sworn-I am an engineer two weeks ago, was found dead in his
at the Savage mine ; was running the bed over the Marysville saloon, where
engine at the time the accident hap- he roomed. He was a man of intemper-
pened-the incline engine ; I went to ate habits and his death was the result
work at 6 o'clock, and was told by my of his insides being eaten out with
partners that the bell did not ring very whisky. His wife, who left him some
well ; that it was necessary to repeat time ago on account of his intemperate
the signals from the tenth station that habits, has been sending him money'
were rung up from the bottom of the from Wooster, Ohio, and papers found
inllie, or to see that the bells did ring; on his person show that she had comn-
some time between 7 to 8 o'clock the menced a divorce suit. He was 57
shift boss came up and said they were years of age. The inquest will be held
going to lower the pump ; that they this evening.
would give me ten bells when they got
ready to couple on to the pump and to Mrs. M. K. Kelly's Benefit
be careful, as the bell was not ringing WiHll positively take place Thursday
very good ; I ran seven or eight trpa3,evening, September 9, at her residence, No. 224
from the tenth station to the'1900 'pouth Howard street. It will then be deter-
level ; at the time the accident oc- nined who will get the sewin-g machine
curred I had lowered, as usual, to the a -
stopping place ; I stood there about THE National Gold Medal wa. ;-,narded
three minutes, when I got three quick to Bradley & Rulofson fcr the best P'hotograph
bells rung from the head of in the United States, and the Vibuna Medal ior
thie incline; I began to hoist, an t t in the world; 429 'Montgomery street,

liver predisposes a person. Far mole surely
does this celebrated anti-bilious cordial accom-
plish a curative result than mercury or ahy
other mineral drug used to cure liver disorders.
In fact, such medicaments cannot fairly Te
called remedies, since, although they may have
a temporary effect, they eventually fail to in-
fluence the system remedially, but instead
often do it serious Injury. The Bitters, on the
contrary, are a specific of the most salutary
nature, and are likewise a reliable and agree-
able tonic, appetizer and nervine. auls3 1w

The American People.
No people in the world suffer as much
with Dyspepsia as Americans. Although years
of experience in medicine has failed to ap:om.
plish a certain and sure remedy for this disease
and its effects, such as Soar Stomach, Heart-
burn, Water-brash, Sick Headache, Costiveness,
Palpitation of the Heart, Liver Complaint,
coming up of food, low spirits, general debility,
etc., yet since the introduction of GREEN's
AUGUST FLOWER, we believe there is no case of
Dyspepsia that cannot be immediately rellevtd.
80,000 dozen sold last year without one case of
failure reported. Go to your Druggist, A. M.
COLE, and get a sample bottle for 14 cents
and try it. Two doses will ve. voW. e b.
lar size 76 cents. del' eow ly T
Private School.
Peter Leonard has reopened his day
and evening school at 132 South G street Mr.
Leonard informs the public that, as he, will
give his whole attention to the school and
pupils will reolvy th'beneflt 'f ihis extended
;peou% u"ehit hopes to receive a liberal patron-
tue. aul-lm
ANYTHING in ,the house keeping livn
can b found at Sihoenteld & Heyman'sNo. 29
P,.tuth C sire t, JySiO.m

M. D, conn of Reno,

,. irAAcs of Virginla.


hoisted two revolutions of the engine,
or about twenty feet; I then got one
stop bell and live bells immediately
after; I supposed they bad stopped me
and rung me to the 1500 level, to cali
there going up; I was about to start for
the 1500 when I got a signal to lower
back slow; I lowered back slowly about
seven or eight feet when 1 got a stop
bell ; then got two slow bells and low-
ered back about eight or ten feet ; I
waited there a few seconds when I got
three bells to come up to the tenth sta-
tion. We understand the ten bells as
a precautionary signal ; our orders are
never to leave tlie engine a moment
when the car is at the water level, and
whenever we get the signal to hoist to
pull them right out of there; I never
got any ten bells from below ; the three
bells came from the tenth station ; my
idea of the five bells is that Muilen was
pulling, trying to give me the ten bells.
R. W. Chase, sworn-Knew deceased
for about twelve years ; am shift boss
at the Savage mine; I was not down
where the accident occurred ; when I
went on in the morning I was told that
the bell was not ringing well; I took a
man down to the tenth station and left
him there to see that the bell rang;
made two or three trips when a man
came up and said the pump had got to
be lowered a little to connect, in order
to make the joint; I said I would go
above and tell the engineer to be care-
ful, that the bell was not working very
well and that I had a man stationed
at the head of the incline to
see that it rang all right; lie looked
over his shoulder at me and
said they were going down on two
slow bells ; I told him that they in-
tended to make it that trip, but they
would give him the usual signal of ten
bells first; I started and went out to
the engine-room; think I heard three
bells ring as I was going out; I went
down to the tenth station again; a man
told me there he knew by the hoisting
and lowering that it was wrong; I
waited there, and could see no light nor
get a pull on the rope; I started for the
Norcross and went down to the 1700
and sent a man to the 1900; I supposed
they were in the dark and were be-
coming bewildered by the heat and
could not find the bell rope; when I
got to the 1700 level I found the car
there and that a man was hurt; I told the
men in the morning they were not to
hook the chain to the giraffe until the
signal was given, but it appears that all
the men did not hear me ; the name of
the man stationed at 'the head of the
incline was Johnson ; I am satisfied
that the bell did not ring at the station
but six times, and, as the man knew
they were trying to ring ten, he rang
four more above ; he had to touch the
bell when it did not ring at the station;
only three bells rang on top.
The verdict of the jury was that
Maurice O'Connor came to his death by
an accident caused by a defective signal
Opera Troupe, which opens on Tues-
day, carries its own choruses and a
full orchestra. It will be remembered
that the last opera which played here
had no choruses, and its orchestra con-
sisted of a piano, yet it drew well and
pleased the audiences. An opera with
its choruses cut is like a play with half
the characters and all the scenery left
out. It is settled that we will have a
season of genuine opera, with all its
accessories. The Buffalo Commercial
thus endorses the troupe : "Of the per-
formance of iMfaritana last night we
cannot speak in too high terms, for
from the rising of the curtain to the
end of the opera it was one contin-
ued series of surprises and successes.
Miss Richinas--as we w'ere wont ton call

The Water 26 Feet Below the 1900
Level of the Norcross-0 F'eet
Below in the Savage.
4t noon to-day the water in the Hale
and Norcross had been reduced to a
point 26 feet below the 1900 level. In
the Savage the water was only 20 feet
below the 1900 level-there being a
difference of six feet in the levels of
the two mines. The pumps in both
mines were making seven strokes per
minute. By 7 o'clock to-morrow morn-
ing the water will have been further
reduced, but some delay will then oc-
cur, as the donkey pumps in the Hale
and Noreross incline are out of order,
owing totheir prolonged immersion, and
are not working. Another donkey will
therefore have to be lowered to fol-
low the water as it recedes. This
will be a powerful pump, and the second
largest on the lode. The largest on the
lode is in the Dayton mine, where they
have a No. 8; that in the Hale and
Norcross will be a No. 6, special. It
will follow the water down until the
other pumps-one of which is still 90
feet below the present surface of the
water-are reached and repaired.
A car load of dry hides was shipped
from this city yesterday.
Mrs. Driscoll and daughter returned
this morning from Santa Cruz.
The repairs to the Fourth Ward
school-house are about completed.
Shipments from the silicon deposits
north of town continue to be made.
Splendid gld oved Howard
tem-winders fo$10, Uncle Harris',
San Francisco. ne.
:which the Sutro tunnel will pass the
Cocbination shaft is 1,598 feet 4 inches.
Union street was again muddied yes.
terday by the leakage of a water tank
on the hillside. The tank has been re-
Poker-Hontas will be on hand at the
poker convention of the Piutes. She
wants to have the rule of "pass the
buck" abolished.
Joseph Murphy, the nine-year-old
boy who attempted to shoot his sister,
was last evening under $500 bonds to
appear before the Grand Jury.
B. F. Lackey received the intelli.
gence yesterday, from New York State,
that a little nephew had been acci-
dentally scalded to death.
At the dedication of Grace Church in
Silver City, some time since, Peter
Geyer had six children christened-
three boys and three girls.
The Con. Virginia pan-mill was idle
yesterday, while the engine was being
overhauled. Operations were inter-
rupted for about 24 hours.
Joseph J. Farrell, a first-class plumber
and steam gaspipe fitter, will attend
promptly to any orders in his line left
at the International or at Kierski's book
Fred. A. Bierke-everybody knows
Fred.-has taken charge of the Arcade
saloon, near Wells, Fargo & Co., which
he will open in first-class style on Sat-
urday next.
P. N. Marker of Washoe City says
that a couple of days ago his store was
broken open and seven pistols, several
boxes of cartridges and a few other
articles stolen.
A fire was started in a wood-pile in
the rear of the Wasboe Brewery yester-
day afternoon by a boy who was exper-
imenting with matches. It was extin-
guished before any damage was done.
John Connerton, the well-known
vender of delicious ice-cream, will
make a stand on the e of Tread-
way's ranch Saturday next and supply
picnickers with the cooling article inany
Professor G. Thoureau of the colony
of Victoria, who was sent to this coun-
try some months ago, and visited the
Comstock during his stay on this side
of the Pacific, returned to Australia
A station is being cut out and tim-
bered at the 1850 level of the C. and C.
shaft. When it is completed a west
drift will be started, which will proba-
bly cut the ledge at a point 400 feet
from the shaft.
The collar of the Savage shaft is
213 feet below the level of the Gould
and Curry droppings ; and that of the
Chollar-Norcross-Savage combination
shaft is 260 feet below the level of the
Gould and Curry croppings.
The Gold Hill Board of Town Trus-
tees have met as a Board of Equaliza-
tion. They are therefore prepared to
raise the assessments of all taxpayers
who feel slighted because their property
has not been assessed at its full value.
Jenny Willmer, a woman of the town
who died in the county hospital, was
buried yesterday. Her funeral ex-
penses were defrayed by a collection
among the frail sisterhood. The burial
service was performed by Rev. Mr.
Simon Hayes was taken before Jusa-
tice Moses a few days ag toto be tried
for an assault o.n hi.s wife, but the
woman refused to testify and was sent
to jail twenty-four hours for contempt.
Next day she consented to testify, but
her evidence lacked vigor and the com-
plaint was dismissed.
There are but 100 men on the Ophir
pay-roll to-day. This is a reduction of
about 45 since Mr. Hardy was ap.
pointed Superintendent. Iti is his in-
tention to keep the working force under
his control weeded out in future, and
he will retain none but first-class miners
in the employ of the company.
William Barrett, the miner who fell
65 feet down the winze between the
1200 and 1300 level of the Con, Vir-
ginia mine, on the morning of the 3d
instant, and who was taken to St.
Mary's Hospital for treatment, is get-
ting on finely. His only trouble now
is a lameness about the knee, and phys-
ical weakness natural under the circum-

To Render the liver Active
WHEN that important secretive gland re-
quires arousing, it is only requisite to resort
to Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, thie national
remedy for inactivity of the bilious organ, for
constipation and for dyspepsia, besides those
malarious disorders to which torpidity of the


$80,000 WORTH






Next Sixty Days

2,000 Dozen Cotton Sooks at 50 cents
a dozen.

200 dozen Canton Flannel Drawers,
at 30 cents a pair.

2,000 dozen Woolen Sooks, six pairs
for one dollar.

500 dozen Overalls, best quality, 50
cents a pair.

1,000 dozen Cotton Socks, extra,
$1 50 a dozen.

1,000 Linen Collars, $2 a dozen, or 3
collars for fifty cents.

200 dozen Hats, worth $2 50, at $1

Cassimere Pants at $2 50 and $3,
worth $5,

Boys' Suits at $2, worth $4 50.

Boys' Suits at $4 50, worth $6.

Two Boxes extra quality PAPER
COLLARS for 25 Cents.


At 50 Cents on the Dollar.

And everything in our line at

Less than Cost of Importationt




And Don't You Forget It." FURNI'SHINC COODS.


OOH EN & ISAACS, We Discount All Our

YL~a~-boi~3.~ersareaapan~-l-~arrmr -r~ I g--~._ ~I ei rl


22 SOUTH 0 ST.,



a(l*dl~bllLC--P~--~U ~I~B~llc~i~B~i~a~imDRB4(CmAj~iYaW~


....FOR THE....




Supplies Cannot Last Forever!

No. 16 South C Street,
No. 19 Commercial Row, Reno,
NEVADA. aUl3 tf





Gents' Furnishing Goods,



Cheaper than Any House in
this State.

The Largest Assortment and the Greatest Bar-
gains in

3f'EX ZCsO3'r0L..'AXX 'rcT

Can now be had.


,or. of 0 & Taylor Sts.,


Is at Geo. I. Lammon's

Cash Variety Store,

South C St., Nearly Opp. Wells, Fargo's.
where you have been well treated by signs,
street-hawking, or any other device of a char-

If you want
The finest brand of CIGARS and TOBACCO,
Call at 18 South 0 street.
If you want
A White SHIRT, Calico SHIRT, or any descrip-
tion of JNDIRWEAR,
Call at 78 South C street.
If you want
Call at 78 South C street.
If you want '
Call at 78 South C street.
If you want
Valises, Satchels, Pictures, Bird Cages, Look.
ing Glasse,. Feather Dusters, Suspenders,
Writing Materials of all kinds, Overalls, Toilet
Soaps, Toys of all descriptions, Albums, Work
Boxes, Brushes, Pipes. Jewelry, or any article,
usually found in a first-class Variety Store,
call at

SQo% 0 street, Virginla City

CM M. Palmer, by some called "Little Charley
Palmer," by others "Tapeworm Palmer," has
no interest in this houso
GEO.. I. AMMON, Proprietor.
aul lm
3D _. J. GrRA VTT
.... E A ...
doors north of the Postiles. Jy28 tt

One More Battle and the CONSOLIDATION SALE

War will be Over !

$1,000,000 WORTH



light weight and SUMMER GOODS of
every description has arrived, and we are now
offering Men's Suits, Youths' Suits, Children's
Suits, Single Garments for Men, Bovys and
Children, Summer Hats and Caps and Men's
Underwear at prices that make the ordinary
clothing dealer weep and the heart of the me-
chanic, the clerk, the business man, the labor-
ing man and the professional man rejoice.

In order to make room for supplies for the Fall
and Winter Campaign, we are bound to

Dispose of the Stock on Hand
Even if we have to SELL GOODS FOR THE

The prices that we have decided upon aie
below anything yet heard of in this city.

Last Chance, we Repeat

40 e O 3W~ MX3W Gt-


Bemning (T1ronic.

PER WEEKS...... ......,....S CtA

THURSDAY........AUGUST 16.1877


Virginia City's Most Prominent Busi-
ness Men.
For the convenience of the five thou-
sand readers who daily peruse the
Business Directory of Virginia City and
vicinity has been carefully prepared.
If you require the services of a Physi-
oian, a Lawyer, a Dentist, you can see
at a glance where the foremost men of
those professions are to be found.
If you need Groceries, Wines, Liquors
or Cigars, the best houses in the city
are classified below so that they can be
~nuad at a moment's notice. Every
branch of Virginia's industry, in fact,
has its best representatives in the an-
nexed list:'
Assay Offices.
C. Wie.and & Co 38 North C street.
Sold Hill Assay Office, McCullough & Co.
Attorneys at law.
The names and office-locations of the
principal attorneys of Virginia City are
as follows:
Aude, Francis L., Congers Building.
Belknap, C. H., 5 and 6, Marye'a building.
Graham, J. H., with Lewis & Deal.
Lewis & Deal, anak's building, south C st.
Mesick, R. S. & W. S., 48 south B street.
Snicker S. P., 85 South C street
Stevens t. A over Schocnfleld & Heyman's I
Stonehill, E. B., Black's building, up stairs.
Tilden, M. 0., 8 South B street.
Woodburn, Wi., over Mallon's at. re.
J. 0. C0irrie & Co., 26 South C street.
Gua. Heyman & Co., 90 South 0 street.
Banking Houses.
Bank of California, southwest corner 0 and
Taylor streets.
Bank of Nevada, southeast cor C and Taylor
S streets.
Virginia Savings Bank, 41 South 0 street.
1illard Rooms.
.No more elegantly fitted up billiard
saloons can be found on the Pacific coast
than the following:
Capitol Billiard Parlors, 9 North C street.
L. Shaw, 54 South C street.
Books, Stationery, Fancy Goods
F. Boegle, 44 South C street.
Boots and Shoes.
C. A. Noltemeler, 104 South C street.
clothing Houses.
Clothing of all descriptions can be
bought as cheap here as in San Francisco.
Our leading houses in this line are as fol-
lows :
Banner Brothers, corner C and Taylor streets.
Barnert & Co, 70 South C street.
N Brown & Co., 27 South C street.
0 hn & Isaacs, No. 16 South C.
BOei Bros 22 south C street.
Collection and Commission Office.
All work in this line promptly and
faithfully attended to by
Daniel Lyons, office in Wells, Fargo & Co's.
Dr. A. Chapman, 148 South 0 street.
'-adame Chevalier, Room 28 Fredriok House.
Dry Goods.
The ladies of Virginia-that is, the old
residents-all know where the leading dry
goodshouses of the city are to be found,
But for the convenience of new-comers we
will state that the chief dry goods houses
are those of
D. Block & Co., 18 South C street.
A. Vaenberg & Co., 64 South C street.
rugs and Medicines.
A. M. Cole, 88 South C street.
Engineering and Surveying.
Gotth. Haist, Black's building, C andTayior.
Engravlng on Wood.
W. W. Garrison, Evening Chronicle office.
Samuel Longabaugh, Empire.
These who wish to explore the myste.
ries of the future are promised assistance
by the following-named female Astrolo-
Madame Hoffman, 89 South B street.
Madame Smith, iS9 North C street.
Fulton Foundry, 860 south C st, on Divide.
Union Foundry, 320 scuth C st, on Divide.
Emmett's Foundry, Lower Gold Hill.
Furnished Rooms.
Pacific Lodging House, 27 South C street.
A. M. John-oa, 73 Ridge street.
Goodfriend, 15 North B street.
Gas Companies.
Virginia Gas Co., Union street, below G.
Groceries and Provisions.
The best groceries and provisions, and
Imported wines and liquors, are furnished
wholesale and retail by the following
itaiidard firms :
Hatch Bros 20 South C street.
J. & J. B. Mailon, next to Bank of California.
Maestretti & Monaco, 93 North C street.
Sullivan & Duunstan, 186 and 188 south Cst.
Gun and Locksmith.
Fred. hitter, Sr., 26 North C street.
Stoves, gas fixtures, hardware and
plumbing goods of all kinds are to be
found at the stores of
John Gillig, 83 and 35 South C street.
Hotels and Restaurants.
The most important problem of life is
where to get first-class meals at reason-
able prices. In the following list will be
found the best eating-houses in Virginia :
American Exchange, N. W. corner Washing-
ton and E streets.
Delmonico, 47 South C street.
International Hlotel, corner C and Union sts.
"Our Hou.e," 12 South 0 street.
What Cheer, 66 Union street.
Household Furniture.
Scheenfeld & Heyman, 29 South C street.
Insurance Agencies.
W. B. Hickok, Boom 5, Odd Fellows' bldg.
Those. H. Ralston, room 7 Odd Fellows' bldg-.
L. C. Butch, 28 South C street.
W. Manning, 76A South C street.
ladles' Hairdressers.
Mrs. E. J. Murphy, Lower Gold Hill.
American Laundry, North A street.
Livery and Boarding Stable.
J. P. Hutchinson, 129 and 131 South C street.
W umber Yards.
Complete stocks of building lumber,
mining timbers, doors, sash, blinds, etc.,
are kept constantly on hand by
Lonkey & Smith, corner C and Mill streets.
Sweoin, Bradley a Co., 77 and 79 North C st.
Money to Loan.
M. C. Tilden, 31 South B street.
asic ILessons.
F J. Jeasup, 158 south C st, or Ash's store.
Notaries Public.
Graham, J. H., with Lewis & Deal.
Wm, B. Hickok, Odd Fellows' Building.
Ricketts, A. H., Bank of CaL bldg, up stairs.
Paints, Oils, Ete,
Joseph-Fredericks, 43 South Ostreet.
- Noes & Lee, 82 South 0.
Physicians and Surgeons.

The following is a list of the principal
Physicians and Surgeons of thEcity
Coon, Dr. F. W., 9 South C street.
Grant, Dr. J., 77 Nou'h C street.
Kirby, Dr. P. T., Co Phyaician, Gold Hil.
Robinson, Dr Benj, 17 South 0 street.
Plumbing and Gas Fitting.
John Gillig, 88 and 35 South 0 stre st.
Piano Tuning.
F. A. Herring, 78 South C street. '
Private Schools.
Miss Heard-Miners' Union Hall, North B st.
It is well for everybody to know where
the finest wines, liquors and cigars are
dispensed. The following list comprises
the best saloons in Virginia City :
Bank Exchange Saloon, cor C and Taylor sts.
Boca Springs Saloon, 7 South C street.
Capitol Saloon, 9 North C street.
Delta Saloon-Everybody knows whereit is.
Israel's, 46 South 0.
Stock Brokers.
Clarke, W, H. & Co., 51 South 0 street.
Drexler, L. P. & Co, Odd Fellowv' building.
Frankel & Block, 02 South C street.
Malye, G T., & Son, South 0 street,
MsurnT. R,, 106 South C, street,
Opener Bros, 56 South C street.
-ritle. F. A. & Co.. 42 South C street.
t$ HWy'S HospitaL
l.da arg of Slaters ot Charity,
Vne Ortakers<
Parw & O'H-an, 89 South C street.

Variety Stores.
Furnishing goods, tobacco, cutlery, sta-
tionery and fancy goods are for sale at the
Cheap Bargain stores'of
George I. Lammon, 78 South C street.
Bonanza Bazar, 80 South C street.
Charley Palmer, 102 South C street.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers.
M. Perasich & Co., 91 North 0 street.

Location of principal place of business, San
Francisco, Calif,,rnias.-Location of works, Gold
Hill, Storey county, Nevada.-Notice-There is
delinquent upon the following described stock,
on account of assessment (No. 4) levied on the
25th day of June 1877, the several amounts
set opposite the names of the respective share-
hlde1as 5 foll ,ows

a No.
Names. Cert.
Atkinson, Lyon & Co, Trus.5261
Atkinson, Lyon & Co, Trus.5488
Atkinson, Lyon & Co, Trus.5976
Atkinson, Lyon & Co, Trus.8763
Boyd & Davis, Trustees... .4649
Boyd & Davis, Trustees....6 012
Boyd & Davis, Trustees.... 6052
Boyd i Davis, Trustees.... 7146
Bates D 0, Trustee........ 2966
Blow Bros, Trustees.......7182
Blow Bros, Trustees ......7205
Blow Broa, Trustees.......8981
Blow Bros, Trustees....... 8977
Burling, H H, Trustee.... .6604
Cahill E & Co, Trustees... .4621
Cahill E & Co, Trustees.... 5137
Cahill E & Co, Trustees ....6230
Cahill E & Co, Trustees....6231
Cahilln & Co, Trustees... .6275
Cahill E & Co, Trustees ... .8076
Cahill E & Co, Trustees.... .8077
Cahill E & Co, Trustees....9062
Coursen G A, Trustee...... 6468
Course G A, Trustee-0..... 064
Course GA, Trustee. ...9413
Callaghan, Lynch & Co,Trus3414-
Cope, Uhler & Co, Trust's..4659
Cope, Uhler & Co, Trust's. .7492
Cope, Uhler & Co, Trust's..8335
Coffn Jas, Trustee......... 48389
Coffin Jas, Trustee 2........6286
Coffin Jas, T, ustee.........6648
Crocker & Gurnett, Trus.. .5974
Curtis J B .................63655
Cunnungham Louis, Trus...6361
Cdsgrove Felix, Trustee... .7325
Crocker & buydam, Trus...7615
Duncan W L, Trustee...... 8090
Dewey E E, Trustee ...... 6923
Eppslein & Co, Trustees...6747
Fox C W, Trustee..........6102
Fox C W, Trustee.......... 6846
Fox C W, Trustee ... .......7277
Fox C W, Trustee.......... 7278
Fox C W, Trustee-.......... 7384
Fox G W, Trustee ..........7437
Fox C W, Trustee.........8193
Fox C W, Trustee.......... 8724
Fox C W, Trustee-..........9159
Fay P S, Trustee.. .. ....9392
Fry, Neal & Co, Trustees...8230
Glazier I & Co,Trustees... 9444
Glazier I & Co,Trustees.... 2602
Glazier I & Co,Trustees... .2710
Glazier I & Co, Trustees.. .3151
Glazier I & Co, Trustees... 3329
Glazier I & Co, Trustees...3456
Glazier I & Cu, Trustees.. .4039
Glazier I & Co, Trustees. ..4044
Glazier 1 & Co, Trustees....4871
Glazier I & Co, Trustees....4888
Glazier I &Co, Trustees... 4889
Glazier I &Co, Trustees.. .4897
Glazier I & Co, Tustees-..4976
Glazr I & Co, Trustees...6092
Glazier & Co, Trustees... 5104
Giazier I & Co, Trustees. .5135
Glazier I & Co, Trustees.... .5700
Glazier I & Co, Trutees ... .5702
Glazier I & Co, Trusteesi... .5727
Glazirr I & Co, Trustees... .6552
Glazier I & Co, Trustees....6658
Glazier I & Co, Trustees.... .658
Glazier I & Co, Trustees ...6559
Glazier I & Co, Trustees.... 7015
Glazier I & Co, Trustees....87016
Glazier I & Co, Trustees.... 7019
Glazier I & Co, Trustees.... 7021
Glazier I & Co, Trustees .... 7265
Glazier I & Co, Trustees ... .7270
Glazier I & Co, Trustees...7313
Glazier I & Co, Trustees,, ..7834--1
Glazier I & Co, Trustees.... 7347
Glazier 1 & Co, Trustees.... .7447
Glazier I & Co, Trustees.~...-8005
Glazier I & Co, Trustees.. 8055"
Glazier I & Co, Trustees....8120
Glazier I & Co.Trustees... .8144
Greenebaum, Helbing &
Co, Trustees .............-3717
Greenebaum, Helbing & .
Co, Trustees............. 4487
Greenebaum, Helbing &
Co,Trustees .............44488
Greenebaum, Helbing &
Co, Trustees .............4683
Greenebaum, Helbing &Co,
Trustees ................ 026
Greesebaum, Helbing &
Co, Trustees.............6732
Greenebaum Heiing &
Co, Trustees ............ 6867
Greenebaum, Helbing &
Co, Trustees .............5875
Greenebaum, Helbing &
Co, Trustees ............ 7125
Greenebaum, Helbing &
Co, Trustees............ 7297
Gauthier E & Co,Trustees. .8111
Gardiner & Hooker, Trus... .8606
Golly & Epstein, Trustees..8318
Gardiner Baldwin 9 .........9287
Hill & Kilgour, Trustees...3438
Hale W E, Trustee-.........5136
Ha.l & Charles, Trustes.. .9427
erzbezberg I, Trustee .......462
Hoinmer & Bourne, Trus.. .0831
Hosmer & Bourne, Trus.. .7681
Hosmer & Bourne, Trus.. .7918
Hosmer & Bouune, Trus...8176
Hosmer & Bourne, Trus.. .8412
Hosmer & Bourne, Trus...8604
Hosmer & Bourne, Trus...8939
Hoamer & Bourne, Truse. ..9310
Hutchinson John, Trustee.8548
Hoitt Ira G, Trustee-.......7498
Henerath Jas, Trustee..... 6277
Hoffman H, Trustee-.......8074
Hischfield C, Trustee ...... 8361
Heaton W D...............8603
Rent R F, Trustee-.........1746
Kennedy Jas S, Trustee... .3175
Kline G W, Trustee........4165
Kline G W, Trustee........4230
Kuhl, Steel & Co, Trustees.5828
Kenney & Dyer, Trustees..7200
Ken ey & Der, Trustees.. 8095
Kenney & Dyer, Trustees .,,8527.-
Kenney & Dyer, Trustees..8528
Kenney & Dyer, Trustees..9185
Kenney & Dyer, Trustees .9196
Kenney & Dyer, Trustees ..970
Kenney & Dyer, Trustees ..9471
Kie ley G W, Trustee....... 8770
Klley G W, Trustee........8923
Keiley G W, Trustee.......4648
Latham & King, Trustees. ..4544
Latham & King, Trustees...60i60
Latham & King, Trustees...7137
Latham & King, Trustees...7630
Latham & King, Tru tees...9371
Lubosh L, Trustee-.........4858
Marye G T & Son, Trustees. 4563
Marye G T & S n, Trustees.4847
Marye G T & Son, Trustees.5394
Marye G T & Son, Trustees 6079
Marye G T & Son, Trustees.6442
Mare G T & so., Trustees.7440
Marye G T & Son, Trustees. 8S192
Marye G T & Son, Trustees. 8230
Macpherson John, Trustee.4023
Macpherson John, Trustee,4829
Macpherson John, Trustee.6904
Macpherson John, Trustee.6907
Macpherson John, Trutee.9342
Messer Nat T. Irustee..... 8177
Muller W J, Trustee....... 8842
Muller W J, Trustee3.......8858
Norwood W E, Trustee.... 7816
Norwood W E, Trustee ....8347
Noble H H & Co, Trustees. 380
Noble H H & Co, Trastees.2776
Noble H H & Co, Trustees.2873
Neustatter I, Trustee ... 8926
Neustatter I, Trustee.,,,, ,,9060 1
Neustatter I, Trusts,......92
Otis & Co, Trustees ...,. 9430
Plat ECTru-tee.n.......7386
Page, Wilson & Co, Truso. .3185
Paterson Jas, Trustee .... 7749
Qcinan J A, Trustee.......9284
Richardson E A, Trustee... 213
Richardson E A, Trustee... 763
Richardson B A, Trustee.. .1220
Bichardson E A, Trustee.. .1812
Richardson E A, T-ustee.. .1831
Richardson E A. Trustee.. .4795
Richardson E A, Trustee.. ,6,29
Richardson E A, Trustee,. .6116
Ri :hardison E A, Trustee...6654
ktichardson E A, Trustee., .8 83
Richard on E A, Trustee.. .8943
Richardson E A, Trustee.. .8919
Richard-on E A, Trustee. ..9073-
Richardson E a, Trussee.. .8074
Bandolph, Mackintosh &
Co, Trustees............65426.
Ra do'ph, Mackintosh &
Co, Trustees.............7064
Randolph, Mackintosh &
Co, Trustees ... -....... .9178
Randolph, Mackintosh & .
Co, Trustees-............9405:
Schmlefll, Hochstadter &. ;
Co, Trustees ............ 813
Schmiedell, Bachhtfldter &
Co, Trustees-.-----.,3...,648
Schmiedell, Hoebstadter &
Co, Trustees............3841
Schmiedell, Hochstadter & .
Co, Trustees-...........3808
Sebmiedell. Hochstadter & .
Co, Trustees ............ 8956
Szhmtedell, Hochstadter &

Co, Trustees ........ ....390
Schmiedell, Hochstadter & .
Co, Trustees............ 4000
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees............-4718
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees...........5228
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees............. 5827
Scbmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees5............5977
Sebmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees............6978
Sehmledell, Hochistadtoler &
Co, Trustees ............ 5985
Schmiedell, Hochlstadtr &
Co, Trustees............5987
Schmiedell, Hochatadter &
Co, Trustees........... 6989
S4hmlodell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees..........5...01
chmuledell, Hochstadter & *
Co, Trusteegs.,........0228

$7 50
60 00
15 00
80 00
37 50
30 00
30 00
15 00
30 00
7 50
15 00
80 00
15 00
75 00
15 00
7 50
7 50
16 00
15 00
16 00
s0 00
765 00
15 00
15 00
7 50
80 00
15 00
80 00
30 00
15 00
15 00
150 00
15 00
15 00
15 00
15 00
30 00
15 00
15 00
750 00
75 00
30 00
7 50
80 00
100 00
16 00
15 00
30 00
75 00
300 00
g0 00
37 50
30 00
150 00
75 00
15 00
7 50
30 00
15 00
7 50
75 00
75 00
22 50
150 00
30 00
30 00
15 00
30 00
15 00
16 0
1500 00
7500 00
300 00
30 03
15 00
30 00
750 00
750 009
756 00
75 00
7 50
30 00
75 00
16 00
150 00
150 00
7 50
15 00
150 00
75 00
15 00
go 00
15 00
15 00
15 00
15 00
15 00
30 00
75 00
30 00
15 00
15 00
15 00
75 00
37 50
37 50
75 00
15 00
60 00
7 50
150 00
7 50
7 50
75 00
15 00
15 00
30 00
37 50
37 50
87 50
37 560
37 50
87 60
15 00
30 00
15 00
30 00
15 00
15 00
15 00
75 CO
15 00
15 00
30 00
15 00
15 00
7 50
15 00
7 50
30 00
7 60
150 00
75 00
30 00
30 00
15 00
15 00
75 00
75 00
150 00
75 00
30 00
30 00
75 00
1500 00
75 00
15 00
75 00
30 00
15 00
30 00
75 00
30 00
75 00
37 50
150 00
1C 00
37 50
30 00
75 00
150 00
75 00
75 00
75 00
75 00
67 50
15 00
75 00
7 50
15 00
15 00
15 01
150 00
15 00

15 00
75 00
30 00
15 00.
30 00
150 00
150 00
15 00
300 o00

800 00

7 0


PANY.--Location of principal place of
business, San Francisco, California.-Location
of works. Virginia District, Storey county, Nev.
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the
Board of Directors, held on the Twenty-eighth
day of July, 1877, an assessment (No. 8) of
Twenty-five (251 Cents per share was levied
upon the capital stock of the corporation, pay-
able immediately in United States gold coin, to
the Secretary, at the office of the company,
Room No. 1, 402 Montgomery street, San Fran-
cisco, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remai,- unpaid on the THIRTIETH (30th) day of
AUGUST, 1877,will be delinquent and advertised
for sale at public auction, and unless payment
Is made before will be sold on Saturday, the
fifteenth day of september, 1877, to pay the de-
linquent assessment, together with costs of ad-
vertising and expenses of sale. By order of
the Board of Dsreetors.
0. H. BOGART, Secretary.
Office-Boom No. 1, 402 Montgomery street,'
San Francisco, California, jy30 td
ING COMPANY. Location of works,
Gold Hill, S'orey county, Nevada.-Principal
place of business, Main street, Gold Hill, Nevada.
Notice is bhereby given that at a meeting of the
Board of Trustees of said company, held on
the 16th day of July, 1877 an assessment
(No. 26) of One Dollar ($1) per share was
levied upon each and every share of the capital
.tock of said company, payable immediately in
United States gold coin to the Secretary, at the
office of the company, Main street, Gold Hill,
Any stock upon which said assessment shall
remain unpaid on FRIDAY, AUGUST 17,
1877, shall be deemed del nquent and will be
duly advertised for sale at public auction; and
unless payment shall be made before, will be
sold on Thursday, the 2uth day of September,
1877, at 12 o'clock m., in front of the office of
the company, to pay the delinquent assess
ment, together with costs of advertising and
expenses of sale. By order of the Board of
Trustees. P. ENNIS, Secretary.
Gold Hill. Nevada, July 16. 1877. jy,6 td

cation of principal place of business, San
trancisco, California.-Location of works, Vir-
ginia Mining District, Storey county, State of
Nevala.-Notice is hereby given that at a meet-
ing of the Board'of Trustees, held on the 20th
day of July, A. D. 1877,' an assessment (No.
29) of One Dollar per share was levied upon the
capital stock of the corporation, payable imme-
diately in United States gold coin to tee Secre-
tary, at the office of the company, Room 15
Nevada Block, No. 309 Montgomery street, San
Francisco, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on the 22d day of AUGUST,
A. D. 1877, will be delinquent, and adver-
tised for sale at public auction; and unless
payment Is made before will be sold on Monday,
the 10th day of September, A. D. 1877, to pay
the delinquent assessment, together with costs
of advertising and expenses of sale, By order
of the Board of Trustees.
E. B. HOLMES, Secretary.
Office-Room No. 15 Nevada Block, No. 309
Montgomery street, San Francisco, Cal.
Jy21 td


3 6 ..AT T0im..

Taylor trost, PA 4oor below 0

Sohmiedell, Hoclstadter &
Co, Trustees .............7278 20 30 00
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
C,, Trustees ........... 7841 26 37 6
Schmied 11, Hochstadter &
Co. Trustees........... .7711 10 16 06
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees.............8789 10 15 00
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co. Trustees .......... .8798 50 75 00
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees...... ....8877 100 150 00
Schmii dell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees............8884 10 15 00
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees............ 8975 10 15 00
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trusteesr............8894 10 15 00
Sclhnmiedell Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees............9218 10 15 00
Schmiedell, Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees .............9231 50 75 C
Schmitt C A, Trustee......2222 10 15 00
Schmitt C A, Trustee ..... 7213 10 15 00
SchmittO A, 'Irustee.... 7561 5 7 50
Schmitt C A, Trustee.....8512 20 30 00
Shotwell J Mt Trustee..... 4509 10 15 00
Shotwell M, Trustee,.....6022 20 30 00
Shotwell J M, Trustee...... 6243 15 22 50
Shatwell .J MI, Trustee......7467 10 15 00
bhotwell J II, Trustee...... 7626 20 30 00
Shotwell J M, Trustee...... 7627 15 22 50
SchultzW A, Trustee......3121 100 150 00
Schultz W A, Trustee ......3123 100 150 00
Scott H H & Co, Trustees..5327 10 15 00
Scott H H & Co, Trustees.. 7565 10 15 00
Scott H H & Co, Trustees..7568 10 15 00
Scott H i & Co, Trnatees..7570 10 15 00
Stein Nat, Trustee......... 6486 20 30 00
St John R A, Trustee...0..6008 10 15 00
St John R A, Trustee...... 6823 50 7500
St John R A, Trustee.......7308 20 30 00
St John R A, Trustee...... 7309 20 30 00
St John R A, Trustee.......7331 50 75 00
StJohn R A, Trustee......7327 10 1500
St Join R A, Trustee......58464 10 15 00
Todd J A, Trustee.........7400 10 15 00
Trumpp Wir, Trustee...... 3209 10 15 00
Trumpp Win, Trustee......210 10 15 00
Wo ds & Freeborn, Trustees 844 40 00 00
Woods & Freeborn, Trustees4097 20 30 t0
Woods & Freeborn, Trustees4909 10 15 00
Woods & Freeborn, Trustees6336 100 10 00
Woods & Freeborn, Trus.. .6584 25 37 50
Woods & Freeborn, Trus.. .7442 50 75 00
Woods & Freeborn, Trus.. 7484 200 300 00
Woods & Freeborn, Trus... 7620 10 150 10
Woods & Freeborn, Trus.. .7663 50 75 00
Woods & Freeborn, Trus... 7966 50 75 01
Wakefield SB, Trustee.....6346 16 22650
Wakefield S B, Trustee..... 6360 26 37 50
Wakefield S B, Trustee..... 0581 10 15 00
Wof F, Trustee...........5168 6 7 50
Whitfield C H, Trustee.... 56842 50 75 00
Wharton Jos, Trustee .....7527 5 7 50
Wilson & Hutohinson,Trus.7094 10 15 00
White A W, Trustee.......7007 10 15 00
Wood Wt E & Co, Trustees.8944 10 15 00
Ward Win, Trustee ........ 9346 0 15 00
Zadig & Weill, Trustees.... 4957 10 16 00
Zadig & Weill, Trustees.... 4960 10 15 00
Zadig & Weill, Trustees.... 8465 10 15 00
Zidig & Weill, Trusteeso.... 9414 10 15 00
And in accordance with law, and an order of
the Board of Directors made on the 25th day of
June, AD.D. 1877, so many shares of each parcel
of such stock as may be necessary, will be sold
at public auction, at the office of the company,
Room 2 Hayward's Building, 419 California
street, San Francisco, California, on MONDAY,
at the hour of 2 o'clock l. M. of said day, to
pay said delinquent assessment thereon, to-
gether with costs of advertising and ex-
penses of the sale.
JA8. S. KENNEDY, Secretary.
Office-Room 2 Hayward's Building, 419 Cali-
fornia street, San Francisco, Cal. au4 td

ING COMPANY,-Location of principal
place of business, San Francisco, California.-
Location of works, Storey county, Nevada.-
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of
the Board of Trustees, held on the
ninth day of AUGUST. A. D. 1877, an
assessment (No 50) of Fit y Cents (50 cents)
per share was levied upon the capital stock of
the corporation, payable immediately in United
States gold coin, to the Secretary, at the office
of the Company, Room No. 5 Nevada Block,
No. 309 Montgomery street, San Francisco,
Any stock upon which this assessment
shall remain unpaid on TUESDAY, the
eleventh day of SEPTEMBER, 1877, will be de-
linquent, and advertised for sale at public auc-
tion, and unless payment is made before,
will be sold on TUESDAY, the second dy of
October, 1877, to pay the delinquent assess-
ment, together with costs of advertising and
expenses of sale. By order of the Board of
W.W. W. STETSON, Secretary.
Office-Room No. 5 Nevada Block, No. 309
Montgomery street, San Francisco, Cal.
aull td
COMPANY.-Location of works, Virginia
S ity, Storey county, State of Nevada. Loca-
tion of principal pace of business, San Fran-
cisco, California.-Notice is hereby given that
at a meeting of the Directors, held on eighth
(8th) day of August, 1877, an assessment No.
(Il) Une Dollar ($i) per share was levied on the
capital stock of the corporation, payable im-
mediately in United States gold coin, to the
Secretary, at the office of the Company, Room
No. 29 Nevada Block, No. 309 Montgomery
street, San Francisco. CAlifornia.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on THURSDAY, the Thirteenth
(18th) day of September, 1877, will be delin-
quent, and advertised for sale at public auc-
tion, and unless payment is made before, will be
sold Monday, the First (lst) day of october,
1877, to pay the delinquent assessment, to-
gether with costs of advertising and expenses
of sale. WILLIAM WLLIS, Secretary
Office-Room No. 29, Nevada Block, No. 309
Montgomery street, ban Francisco, California.
au9 td
MINING COMPANY.-Location of prin-
cipal place of business, San Francisco, Califor-
nia.-Location of works, Virginia Mining Dis-
trict, Storey county, State of Nevada.-Notice
is hereby given, that at a meeting of the Board
of Directors, held on the 31t day of July,
1877, an assessment (No. 65) of Fifty Cents
per share was levied upon the capital stock
of the corporation,payable immediately in United
States gold coin, to the Secretary at the office
of the Company, Room No. 68 Nevada Block,
northwest corner of Pine and Montgomery
streets, San Francisco, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on the FIFTH day of SEPTEM-
BER, 1877, will be delinquent and advertised for
sale at public auction; and unless payment
is made before, will be sold on Thursday,
the 27th day of September, 1877, to pay the de-
linquent assessment, together with costs of ad-
vertising and expenses of sale. By order of the
Board of Directors.
JOEL F. LIGHTNER, Secretary.
Office-Room No. 58 Nevada Block, north-
west corner Pine and Montgomery streets, San
Francisco, California r aul n w


X. Sa
No. 15 North B Street,
(Pacific Coast Pioneers' Building.)
wishing to buy, Second-hat d Furniture.
will find it to their interests to call on the
above, au91m

No. 43 South C Street,
house of Mill Chemicals, Paints, Oils,
Window Glass, Paper Hangings, Window
Shades, Duck Sheeting, Picture Frames and
Mouldings. Perkins & House's non-explosive
Lamps. Constantly keeps on hand a large
assortment of all articles for Millmen's use, in-
cluding Plaster and Cement, Sodium, Cyanide
of Potassium, Suluhuric and other Acids, etc.
Orders for Painting, Papering, Glazing, etc
promntiv attentled to aul tf

purchasing from any one any Town Lots
kast of L street, between Washington and
mickey, in the city of Virginia, Storey county,
Nevada, as the same is the property of the
Senator Mlining Compan Jy21 tf


C street, Virginial

Next to the Bank of California Building, Whole-
sale and Retail Dealers in

Groceries, Provision Crockery,
Wooden-Ware, China Sets and French Cut
Glass, Oil and Candles, Flour
.and Feed, Etc., Etc.
Quality only Brandy, Port and Sherry
Wine for medicinal use.
We call the special attention of Mine and M1ill
Superintendent to our large and complete stock
of Oils and Candles for mill and mining pur-
poses. We offer that class of goods at AS LOW
FIGURES as they can be landed from any part
of the United States, thus enabling Mills and
Mines on the Comstock to purchase OILS,
CANDLES, etc, as cheap in Virginia as the)
could either in San Francisco or the East, with
a guarantee of obtaining FIRST-CLASS GOODS,
delivered free of charge at the mines in Virginia
or Gold Hill. J. & J. B. MALLON,
au3 tf Virginia, Ne

A Fresh supply of
A fine article of
By the Quart or Gallon,
.. AT ..
No. 20 South C Street,
aul lm


heretofore at the Old Stand,

186 andl 188 South C Street,


Wholesale & Retail Grocers




BAGS on hand, we will sell as follows :
Quarter-Pound Bags-12,000, at $1 30
Half-Pound-- 1,000...................I 50
One-Pound-6,000....................1 80
Three-Pound-l,000........ .........2 10

TAYLOR ST., Second Door below C.



And Member of the Royal College of Surgeons
England, 1869,

his profession at

No. 101 South C Street,
Orposite Palmer's new store,
Where he may be consulted from 8 A. M. till 9
P. M., daily, in affections of the Heart, Lungs,
Liver and Fidneys, Nervous Debility, arising
from youthful indiscretion, Skin and Con-
tageous Diseases.

Sufferers from the above maladies will find
A skillful and conscientious Physician.
Consultation Fee, $2 50.
jy25i f


au5 tf

Stockholders of ihe '" Absolute Mining
Company," MONDAY, September 10, 1877, at
2 o'clock P. Mt., at the office of Judge C. H.
Be knap, Room No. 0, upstairs, hmar e build-
irg, west side, South C street, Ci y of Virginia,
Storey county, Nevada, for the purpose of elect-
ing a Board of Trustees of said comp ny, to act
for one year from said 0lch day of September,
1877. By order of the Board.
W. W. CORYELL, Sec. Absolute M. Co.
Virginia City, Nwv., August '0, 1877. autO td

the District Court, First Judicial District,
for Storey county, State of Nevada. WILLIAM
COMPANY. The above named plaintiff hereby
gives notice that he has commenedan an action
s, the above entitled Court against the above
na f d defendant to foreclose a mechanic's lien
held by him upon the mining claims and prop-;
erty of said defendant situated in the Virginia
Miining District, Storey county,State of Nevada,
and known as the Yorktown Company location
on the Colwell ledge ; the McBee Company loca-
tion on the Colwell ledge; the Iowa Company
location on the liwa ledge ; and one thousand
feet of mining ground lying between said Col-
well ledge and the Comstock ledge, known as
the "Middle ledge," located by A. B. McBee and
others December 23d, 1859 the notice of loca-
tion whereof is recorded in Book A, page 152,
Virginia Mining Becords, Storey county, Nev.
All of said missing claims and property being
situated within the limits of a certain survey
made by T. D. Parkinson, civil engineer, in Oc-
tober, A. D. 1874, as follows, to wit: Commenc-
ing at stake No. 1 S. I deg. W. distant 201 feet
from the center of the Iowa Mining Company's
shaft ; thence N. 89 deg. W. 000 feet to post No.
2 ; thence N. 21 deg E 1200 feet to poat No. 3
thence S. 69 deg. E. 600 feet to post No. 4
thence S. 21 deg. W. 1200 feet to post No. 1, the
point of beginning ; also the surface ground con-
tained within the limits of said survey, and the
hoisting works and machinery thereon situate.
And all persons holding or claiming liens upon
said mining claims, property, hoisting works
and machinery, under the Act of the Legisla-
ture of the State of Nevada (entitled "An Act
to secure liens to mechanics and others, and to
repeal all other Acts in relation thereto," ap-
proved March 2, 1875,) are her, by notified to be
and appear before the above entitled Court on
the 30th day of August, A. D. 1877, at 10 o'clock
A. M. of said day, at the Court-room of said
Court, in the City of Virginia, Nevada, and to
exhibit then and there the proof of their said
Kelton & Thomas. Attorneys for plaintiff.
Virginia, August 8, 1877. au8 law3w
a District Court of the First Judicial Dis-
trict of the State of Nevada, in and for the
County o Storey.-OLIVER LONKEY and E.
R. SllmTH, Plaintiffs, vs. CHARLES OiSEZE
and FRANK BRANDI, Defendants.-Notice is
hereby given t at the above-named plaintiffs
tave commenced asn action in said District
Court against the defendants above named, to
loreelose a mescanices' lien held and owned by
plaintiffs on the following described premises,
to wit: A lot of land situated in the cit. of
Virginia, county of Storey, State of Nevada,
being a part co block 7, rage C as described on
the aforesaid map of said city, lyiig between C
and D streets, bounded south 1 y North street,
east by D street and west by C street, and ex-
teid!ing southerly from Noilth street 150 feet,
dhe width of the blook from C to 1) streets, with
the house tiherenm k' own as 194 North C street,
All persons claiming liens under the provisions
of an Act of the Lngislature of the State of
Nevada, entitled "An Act to secure liens to
mechanics and others, and to repeal all other
Acts in relation thereto;" approved March
2d, 1875. are notified to be and appear before
said Court, at the court-room thereof, in
said City of Virginia, on
Salurday, lhe ll8h day of Septenmber,
A. D 1877, at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day, then
and thereto minake due proof of their liens.
LONKEY & SHITH, Plaintiffs.
LEwms & DEAL, Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
Augusf 9, 1877. au9 td

ginia Township No. 1, in the County of
Storey, State of Nevada. before Thomas Moses,
Justice of the Peace-C Ms. BENN ETT, Plain-
DAVIS, heirs at law s f J. W. Davis, deceased,
Defendants.- The State of Nevada se ids ior, et-
ing to Martnha Davis and Sarah Ann Davis,
defendants.-You are hereby summoned to
appear before me, at my office in Virginia
Township No. 1, ina the county of Storey,
Nevada, on the 25th day of August, A D.
1877, at 10 o'clock A. a.. in an action brought
against you by said plaintiff, to answer the
complaint of the above-named plaintiff herein
on file. Said action is brought to recover a
Judgment in 'avor of said plaintiff for the sum
of one hundred and twenty-seven dollars (8127)
United States gold coin, and to foreclose a
mechanics' lien on the premises heroin described
in favor of Charles Aditns, for $127 in United
States gold coin, and assigned to plaintiff, and
to subject the same premises to sale, for the
payment of the said sum of one hundred and
twenty-seven dollars (8127) in United States
gold coin, and costs .,m suit and accinig costs,
as will more full appear from ie complaint
on file heroin. Ton, property on shich the side
ilen Is to bo foreclosed and to be subjected to
sale is described as lot No. 2, in blok No. 103.
range "A," in the City of Virginia, mas laid
down on the office al map of the said city. And
judgment will be taken against you for said
amount and for the foreclosui e of the said lien
and the sa e of the said premises, with costs of
suit, if you fall to appear and answer.
To the Sheriff or any Constable of said
count), greeting: Make legal service and due
return hereof.
Given under my hand this 18th day of May,
A. D. 1877. THOS. MOSES,
Justice of the Peace of said Township No. 1.
M. C. TlbitHs, Attorney for Plaintiff.
mO9 law 3m5


fflce--30O South C street,

Mainufacturera or
And All Styles of Machinery.
au7 tf


Machine Works,
description made to order. All ,rders
executed with dispatch, and atreasonal errates.
aul Im GEORGE EMMETT, Proprietor.


360 South C Street, on the Divide,
Manufactua irs of Every Description of

Sole manufacturers of the McAlister Patent

larged and remodeled, which, with the
edition of new and improved machinery, en-
ables us to execute all kinds of work in our
line promptly and in the best manner, at the
very lowest rates.
ANDREW FRASER, Superintendent.
A. J. RALsToN,.Trustee. jyll tf


623 Kearny Street, San Francisco,

for the treatment of
Sexual and Seminal Dis-
eases, such as Gonorrhoea,
Gleet, Stricture, Syphilis in
all its forms, Seminal Weak-
ness, Impotency, Skin Dis-
aseeetc., permanently
ured. or no charge. j

[our raSeminal Emissions, the consequence of self-
[Flonr, Grain, Feed and abuse. This solitary vice, or depraved sexual
MININ S. T P P L IES. indulgence, is practised by the youth of both
M I NI N G S.l P P L I E S sexes to an almost unlimited extent, producing
with unerring certainty the following train of
m o r morbid symptoms, unless combatted by scientific
medical measures, viz: Sallow countenance,
LQUOR DEPARTMENT. dark spots under the eyes, pain in the head.
LLIQUOR DEPARTMENT, ringing in the ears, noise like the rustling of
leaves and rattling of chariots, uneasiness about
LfN. B.-The finest brands of WINES and the loins, weakness of thn limbs, confused
LIQUORS are bottled expressly for family and vision, blunted intellect, loss of confidence,
medicinal purposes. jy29 t diffidence in approaching strangers, a dislike to
form new acquaintances, disposition to shun
n rino .society, loss of memory, hectic flushes, pimples
$fiMf8IA OS. and various eruptions about the face, furred
tongue, fetid breath, coughs, consumption,
night sweats, monomania and frequent insanity.
M Persons at a distance may be cured at home
MISS HEARD by addressing a letter to DR. GIBBON, stating
Will openhercase, symptoms, length of time the disease has
ill open er continued, and have medicines promptly for-
S L E 1T s ( II O T0 warded, fre from damage or curiosity, to any
IN- M S part of the country, with full and plain
IN MINERS' UNION HAIJ, directions. By inclosing Ten Dollars coin in
ORTH B ST. (pta), registered letter through the Postoffice, or
NORTH B ST. (Upstairs), through Wells, Fargo & Co., a package of medi-
On Monday, July 23d, 1877. cine will be forwarded to any part of the Union.
I1 Ina Address, DR. J. F. GIBBON,
jyl9 3m au7ly Box 1,957, San Francisco.


.~A. Er 0 C I VNO 0 M 3E., Next to Boegle's Bookstore.
OFFIEKIESKIS BOOKSTO the State of Nevada. Fresh Fruits and
90 0ot t iCandies constantly on hand. Also, the finest
S south C Street, Virginia brands of Cigars and Tobacco k all and exam-
n and outdoor sales promptly attended to. i e this store, and you will never go anywhere
n and outdoor sales promptly attended to. else
JylStt aul4 lm N. ANGIUS 0 CO.

Call and examine specimens of
UN DERTAKE RS, Cards and Billheads, ornamented
with handsomely-engraved cuts of
wagons and horses, at the
No. 89 South C Street, Virginia. Evening Chronicle Job Office.
Corner C and Taylor streets-
Cases, Trimmings, exc., of all DAN LYUNS,
kinds and qualities, constantly on hand. D
Upholstery and Cabinet Work
Promptly attended toatreasonablerates. jy23tt Real Estate, Collection

Importers and ealers in

Brandies, Wines, Liquors EMPLOYMENT AGENT.
No. 91 North C Street,
aul lm On CoInmission.

JOHNS & McCLANE, Houses RentedandRents Collected

Wholesale Tobacco and Cigar Offce-Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Buildsag.
DEALER, ____
Candelara, Esmeralda County, Nev FOR RENT.
jyl2 tf
TPE SB T AT head, on C street; rent ...........$75i
THE BEST AND CHEAPEST use on N street, near Washington ;
rooms.................... ......... $14
P R I T I Basement. containing 4 rooms, on North
P R IN IN Howard st............................ 12
Kitchen and dining-room, all furnished.-
The Monumental Saloon, on the Divide.. 40
CHRONICLE JOB OFFICE, House of 3 rooms, between Union and
Taylor St. 2d door ri C. Taylor streets, on Stewart............. 23
Taylor St., 3d door below C. Two unfurnished rooms, cor. Tayler and
---- G streets............................ 10
BILLHEADS, HANDBILLS, CARDS, AND Hi use on G street : 8 rooms............ 26
all other kinds of Job Printing, are done Store on South C street......... ..... 25
quicker, cheaper and better at this office than Store on South C street................. 60
any other in Virginia. There is no longer any House on South C sreet................ 15
saving in sending work to San Francisco, as the Two large rooms onu the Divide.......... 8
business men of Virginia have found by experi House and furniture, on Ifickey, near D ;
ence. c23t 7 rooms ...... ..................... 60
Two rooms on C street, suitable for an
E. N. FPESHMAN & BROS., office................................. so
House of 7 rooms, on North C street..... 40
Advertising Agents, FOR SALE.

186West Fourth St ,CINCINNATI Cottage house and lot; 5 rooms, fur-
OHIO, nished, near Ophir mine.............. .... $900
SBST ACTLRSDTOMAR RIACEIR OV ADVR- House and lot on the Divide ; 10 rooms.. 700
A IE AUTHORIZED TO RECEIVE ADVER House and lot, cor. Carson ani Bonanza 1,400
Ssemets for this paper. Estimates fur- Iuse ad lot on Sth Astreet; 4 rooms 800
nishd free upon application. Send two stamps House and lot on H street ; 5 rooms; ori-
or our Advertisers' Manual jyl7 tf lar, stable, etc........................ 40
House and lot un the Divide; 4 rooms.... 2,0
OBSTACLES TO MARRIAGE REMOVED. Three houses and arg lot. on the Divide 600
he- OHouse and lot on StLwart street, north of
ANHOOD RESTORED. Carson; 3 rooms..................... 400
S TLD T E House and lot on G street, near Hale and --
N EW METHOD OF TREATMENT. NEW Norcross ; 8 rooms.................. 450
and remarkable rem' dies. Books and cir- House and lot, North Summit, 2 stories,
culars sent iree in sealed envelopes. Address 7 rooms, hard finished, furniture in-
Howarit Association, 419 N. Ninth St., eluded................................ 1,800
Phila elphia Pa. An Institution having a high House and lot north of Carson, on How-
reputation for honorable conduct and profes- ard ; 4 rooms......................... 450
signal skill. jy6 ly house and lot on 0 -treet, near Carson.. 850
House and lot on D street ; 23 rooms.... 2,000
The Best Babbitt Metal In all parts of the city.
IS CONTAINED IN OLD TYPE Prompt attention given to the Sale of both
-Real Estate and Personal Property.
For sale cheap, at the ____


General Sup't V. &. T. I. B.
General Sup't C. P. R. B

and lodging to Owen Garity, late of the
Brooklyn Hotel and Restaurant, are hereby
notified to call at once and settle with the
uidersianed, at Justice Moses' Court, otherwise
legal proceedings will be instituted to enforce
payment. M. NORTON, Constable.
Virginia, July 23, 1877. y23 1m
the Stockholders of the Occidental Mining
Company will he held at the office of the Com-
pany, Room No. 69 Nevada Block, San Fran-
cisco, California, on MONDAY, the 13th day of
August, 1877, at 1 o'clock P. a. Transfer Books
will be closed on Friday, the 10th day of August,
1877, at 3 o'clock P. M.
a'7 td ALFRED K. DURBROW, Seec.

ist of the North and Southwestern States,
has taken charge of the Billia d Parlors, No.
54 South C Street, back of Sullivan's.
bMR. SHAW will give his personal attention to
the Parlors and make them the pleasantest re-
sort of the kind in the city.
Lessons in Billiards in private or public, and
exhibition game every evening. aul4-lm


County Surveyor. \
Office-In.Black's new building, coirer of C
and Taylor streets, irginia. aui,4 tf



On reasonable terms. -GO TO THE-
Particular attention will be given to bills sent ,
from all parts o0 the coast to this office. BONANZA BAZAAR,

Parties wishing hell), either male or female,
will please send word to this office au4 tf

wv j-j-sjDiTR 3IX- HL TOS Summit Stables. Divide.

TEBER RECEIVED THE Have for Sale About
y highest award at the Cen-D A
tennial Exhibition. The New i Jg 80 SHADE AND 2,500
York World says : It is now undisputed that *V FRUIT TREES
A. WEBER has distanced all competitors, and
must be to-day recognized as the Piano-maker
par excellence of the world, and the Musical Of the Following Varieties :
Jury has but stamped the seal of the American
Centennial Exhibition which gives the medal to SHADE TREESI
A. WEBER of New York.
SHERMAN & HYDE PIANOS, st-class, Cork Bark E obardy oplar,
medium price. Cork Bark Elm, i olbardy Poplar,
German and American Upright Pianos, with Carolina Poplar, Black Walust,
Iron frame, Locust, Evergreens, Weeping Willows.
All instruments sold on installments if pre-
,he STANDARD ORGAN, the best reed in- FRUIT TREES!
strument in the world. Send for price lists. Apple, Pear, Plum, Cherry, Fig, Grape
Direct to SHERMAN & HYDE, Pacific Coast Roots, Etc.
Agents, San Francisco. -
For volume and variety of tone, promptness
of action, elegance of case ALEXANDER CLARK & CO.,
and durability, api 1m Summit Stables, Divide

Excels All Others.
Ec A OHandsomely engraved cuts, suit-
A & HYDE, able for Labels, Cards and Bill-
SHERMAN & HYDE, heads of Liquor Dealers, just-
Pacific Coast Agents, received at the
orner of Kearny and Sutter streets, San Evening Chronicle Job Office,
FrancisBo, de7 2mn Corner C and Tsior streets.


No. 13 South C Street,
N. ANGIUS & CO., Proprietors.
always on hand. Fresh Gro
cerles (French and English) of all
kinds. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
received every morning by express. aul4 Iii
3E] IV GE X1L.AL. GV X 4a-

all parties in need of
Can have first-class work done at home. De-
signs furnished, free of charge, for all kinds of
Plain and Fancy
1Maps, Monograms,
Cards, Posters,
Views of Buildings,
Portraits, Etc.
Orders left at this office will meet with
pompt attention.
Patent Drawings and Unique Advertisements
Made to order.
au9 tf
assortment of Card Stock at the CuHnoX
olM Job Offlm mS9 St

The Bank of California

.AL C* 3E W 43 c- Mr


J. P. MARTIH, General Agent,

Coin or Cur-rency, either on Open Account
or to issue Certificates therefore, payable (at the
option of the holder) in Virginia or San Fran
Exclhan'e For Sale on
DuLINt, ETC., Eiro.
Collections Made on All Pointi.
Bullion Purchased at the Most Favorabil
Rates. Stocks, Bonds and Legal Tender Notes
Bought and Sold.
J. P. MARTIN, Agent.
J. W. ECKLEY, Cashier.
Virginia, Nov., January 1, 1872. au7 tf

No. 41 South 0 Street.

CAPITAL, -- $200,000
President.................... J. C. HAMPTON
Firs e-Presidet c ............ C. DE.iY
Second Vice-President..........W. H. SMITH
Manager..........................A. W. White
Attorney....................C. H. BELKNAP
J C Hampton, C Derby,
W H Smith, George Sent
Joseph B Mallon, C C Stevenson,
A W White, Mark Strouse,
W B Crane, A L Edwards,
W H Patton, J S Kaneen
C H Van Gorder, W S Bender.
Interest paid on Ordinary and Term Depesits.
Deposits received in sums of 81 and upward.
Loans made on approved real e tate, bonds,
stocks, etc. Stocks currency and silver bought
and sold. Exchange for sale on all the princi-
pal cities of Europe and the Orient.
au4 tf A. W. WHITE, Secretary.



Of San Francisco, at


kept either in Coin or Currency.

On all points purchased and drawn by th
Agency upon

Both in Coin and Currency; also in Sterling

Bullion purchased. Telegraphic Transfers
made. Collections made at all points.
Stocks, Legal Tender Currency, and National
Ban& Notes Bought and Sold.
GEO. A. KING, Agent.
Virginia, Nev., January 10, 1876. jyll tf

C4. X. 3 Ft.

8d, 1875, Trains will LEAVE RENO daily
as follows:
2:50 A. M.-Passenger Train to Ogden and
6s45 A. M.-Freight Train to Ogden sod
i2:05 A. M.-Passenger Train to Sacramento
and San Francisco.
3:00 P. M.-Freight Train to Sacramento
and San Francisco.
P 'O P. M.-Express Train to Sacramento
and San Francisco.
General Passenger and Ticket Agent.
je28-3m A. N. TOWNE. General Supt
From Va. City. From San Fran
Leave 6:00 p M Virginia Ar'vs 10:45 AH
6:13 P M Gold Hill 10:34 AM
6:45 a Mound House 10:00 A N
7:5 Carson 9:05 "
8:27 P x Steamboat 8:08 A M
8:55 PM Reno 7:35 A
11:00 P M Truckee 4:50 A
6:05 A M Sacramento 9:15 P x
9:10 A M Vallejo 6:10 p Fi
11:10 A M Sas Francisco 4:00 p M
Dinner on boat from San Francisco, and
breakfast at Reno, going East. Breakfast on
boat from Vallejo, going West. Sleeping car
daily between Carson and Vallejo.
4tfTrains leaving Virginia on Saturday con-
nect with the overland, going west, at Reno at
12:05 A. .a.; arrive at San Francisco at 5:35
p. m. No lightning express from San Francisco
on Sunday.

Strawberries, Peaches, Etc.

finest improved sorts, carefully packed
and prepaid by mail My collection of
Strawberries took the first premium for
the best colleoctib, at the great show of
the Massachusetts Horticultural Society,
in Boston. I grow over 100 varieties, the
most complete collection in the country
including all the new, large American and
imported kinds. Priced descriptive Cata-
logues, gratis by .mail. Also, Bulbs,
Fruit Trees, Roses, Evergreens, Choice
Flower, Garden, Tree, Evergreen, Herb,
or Fruit Seeds, 25 packets of either for
$1 00, by mail.
.C C The True Cape Cod Cranberry,
" Ibest sort for Upland, Lowland, or
C, Garden, by mail, prepaid. $1 per
100, $5 per 1,000. Wholesale Catalogue
to the Trade. Agents wanted.
B. M. WATSON, Old Colony Nurser-
ies and Seed Warehouse, Plymouth, Mass.
Established 1842. fe5 4tw

Your business can be largely In
creased by judicious expenditures
in printers' ink. Examine some of
the samples of new-style Billheads,
Labels, Cards, Letter Headings,
etc, now furnished at San Fran-
cisco prices at the 1.
Evening Chronicle Job Office,
Corner C and Tavylor streets.
advertise your business is to scatter a
few thousand Handbills over the face of crea-
tion; $3 to $4 per thousand at the OHRONiaomB
Job Otfce, Taylor street meVad door below 9,


pay amount due on Assessment No. 49:
No. of No. Shares
Cert. In name of Shares. Sold. Left.
12148.Atkinson, Lyon
& Co, Trus, bal 8 1 45-100 6 55-100
165327.Blowros,Tr's.10 1 60-100 8 40-100
2783.H A C aries,
Trus, bal.... 8 25-100 1 65-100 6 60-100
17520.A A Collins,
Trustee....... 4 1 3
11155.Cope, Uhler &
Co, Trus, bal.. 10 1 60-100 8 50-100
13071.Cope, Uhler &
Co, Trus,bal.. 595-1001 10-100 4 85-100
1771.E Cahill & Co,
Trus, hal..... 3 25-100 85-100 2 40-100
4483.E Cahill & Co,
Trustees ......10 1 65-100 8 45-100
9127.E Cahill & Co,
Trustees ..... 20 2 80-100 17 20-100
9939.E Cahill & Co,
Trustees, bal.. 8 25-100 1 70-100 6 556-100
16402.E Cahill & Co,
Trustees.....10 1 55-100 8 45-100
13749 W H Clarke &
Co, Trustees..10 1 55-100 8 45-100
12898.Jas Coffin,Trus 5 95-100 4 05-100
11902.C allag ha n,
Lynch & Co,
Trustees...... 3 1 2
11903.Ca l I a g han,
Lynch & Co,
Trustees...... 10-100 10-100 none
13890.C alla ghan,
Lynch & Co,
Trustees ...... 10 1 55-100 8 45-100
13891.Calla gh 0an,
Lynch a Co,
Trustees.... .10 1 55-100 8 45-6.
17400.Coffin & Page,
Trustees......10 1 55-100 8 45-I,
12896.W L Duncan,
Trustee...... 10 1 55-100 8 45-10o
5765.D Dri-coll &
Co, Trustees..20 2 75-10017 26-100
13187.L P Drexler &
Co, Trustees.. 10 1 55-100 8 46-100
13228. FA Elliott &
Co, Truebal., 4 75-100 3 26-100
16471.F M Enright..10 1 55-100 8 46-100
14244.C W Fox, Trus20 2 95 100 17 05-100
722.Fry, Neal& Co,
Trustees bal.. 4 60-1001 3 60-100
15168. Gardiner &
Hooker,Trus..50 6 45-100 48 65-100
17159.Gardiner &
Hooker,Trus.. 5 1 4
10705.G r e enebaum,
Helbing & Co,
Trustees...... 5 5 none
11627.G re enebaum,
Helbing & Co,
Trustees......25 346100 21 65-100
13865.Greet ebaum,
Helping & Co, I.
Trustees.bal.. 8 25-100 1 55-1001 5 6 70-100
4643.1 Glazier &.Co,
Trustees...... 20 2 90-10017 10-100
7229. Glazier & Co,
Trustees ......10 1 65-100 8 45-100
8271.1 Glazier & Co,
Trustees, hal.. 2 25-100 1 25-100 1
7765.1 Glazier & Co,
Trustees, bal..1130-100 2 9 80-100
10901 1Glaz er & Co,
Trustees, bae.. 4 1 3
16113.1 Glazier & Co,
Trustees...... 5 1 4
Trustee...... 10 6 45-100 48 60-100
8668.R C Hooker,
Trustee....... 10 1 65-100 8 35-100
7481.W G Hughes,
Trustee, bal ..21 50-100 3 50-100 18
7437.GBall& Charles,
Trustees...... 2 75-100 17 26-100
66649.W E Hale &
Co, Trus..... 10 1 65-100 8 41-100
16658.G W Johnsonl00 13 75-100 86 26-100
17429. Franks Jordan
Trus0ee.. .... 6 1 4
17450 Kinney & Dyer -
Trusteeso......10 1 55-100 81.1-100
14734.L aw t o n &
Deane, Trus..I0 16-60 8 45-100
14900.Latham &
Klng,Tris ....10 ,1 55-100 8 45-100
16540.Latham &
King, Trus...25 4 21
14378.H H More.. .9150-10012 50-100 79
8546.Manning &
Clarke, Trus.. 5 1 4
6008.Geo T Marse &
Son, Trustees. 5 1 4
8690. Geo T Marye &
Son, Truste.10 1 6655-100 8 45-100
8972 Geo T Marye &
Son, Trustees10 1 55-100 8 45-100
10556.Geo T Marye &
Son, Trustees.10 1 55-100 8 45-100
1548&Geo T Marye &
Son, Trustees. 5 1 4
9269.W E Norwood,
Trustee, hal.. 8 25-100 1 60-100 6 65-100
4191.H H Noble &
Co, Trustees..20 2 75-100 17 25-100
10044 H H Noble &
Co, Trustees.. 10 1 55-100 845-100
17010.G Meustatter,
Trustee....... 10 1 55-100 8 45-100
Trustee....... 10 1 55-100 8 4-100
10475.Parker & Bar-
rett, Trustees.10 1 55-100 8 45-100
15005.E CPlatt,Trius 5 1 4
8901.John Rudolph,
hal ........... 2 60-100 140-100
15261.Ed Bicker ....10 1 55-100 8 45-100
15684.Randolph, Mc-
Intosh & Co,
Trustee .......T20 3 17
15640.Bandolph, Mc-
Intosh & Co,
Trustee....... 5 1 4
13794.E A Richard-
son Trustee .20 3 17
9069.H I Scott &Co
Trustees. .... 5 95-100 4 05-100
10981.W W Stetson, .
Trustee....... 90-100 90-100 none
13228.W W Stetson,
Trustee ......10 1 55-100 8 45-100
15625.W W Stetson,
Trustee, bal.. 5 50-100 1 4 56-100
15866.W W Stetson,
Trustee, hal..10 1 55-100 8 45-100
15904.W W Stetson,
Trustee, bal.. 105-100 55-100 50-100
15997.W W tftetson,
Trustee, bal.. 4 1 3
16294.W W -tetson,
Trustee, bal. .10 75-100 2 75-100 14
16793.W W Stetson,
Trustee....... 10-100 10-100 none
2328.0 A Schmitt,
Trustee.......5 95-100 405-100
10280. Schmiedell,
Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees.. 5 95-100 405-100
10339.Schmic d e 11,
HoTchstadter &
Co, Trustees.. 5 95-100 4 05-100
Hochstadter &
Co, Trus,bal.. 8 25-100 1 45-100 6 80-1o00
12749.Schm ledell,
Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees.a 10 1 6m-100 8 45-100
Hochstadter &4
Co. Trustees.. 10 1 55-100 8 46-100
Hochstadter &
Co, Trustees.. 6 95-100 4 05-100
14105.J M Todd,Trus20 2 75-10017 25-100
14107. J M ToddTrus,
bal........... 2 1 1
10074.Woods & Free-
born,Trnstees.20 2 75-100 17 25-100
11144. Woods & Free-
born,Trnstees.10 1 55-100 8 45-100
11779.Woods & Free-
born,Trustces.10 1 55-100 8 45.100
13300. Woods & Free-
bornTrnsteea20 2 75-100 17 25.100
13321.Woods & Free-
bornTrustees.10 1 55-100 845-100
14672. Woods & Free-
born, Trubal. 8 25-100 8 25-100 none
15698. Woods & Free-
born,Trustees.50 8 75-100 48 25-100
9452.W H Wright,
Trustee.......10 1 55-100 8 45-100
12877.5 B Wakefield,
Trustee....... 4 1 3 -
12629.S B Wakefield,
Trustee, bal.. 8 25-1001 55-100 6 70.
10872. Zadig & Well,
Trustees......10 1 55-100 8 '-
8910.W W Stetson,
Trustee....... 5 -,..--95-I00 05-100
The public is catationed agaunst negotiating
the abeve-named certificates.
W. W. STETSON, Secretary.
Office-Boom No. 5 Nevada Block, No. 809
Montgomery street, San Franaisco, California.

l eo tf

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