Group Title: Virginia evening chronicle.
Title: Virginia evening chronicle. August 14, 1877.
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Title: Virginia evening chronicle. August 14, 1877.
Uniform Title: Virginia evening chronicle.
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Publication Date: August 14, 1877
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VOL. XI.-No. 1,09.

Tirldnina t itig iQkt tidet. THE DIRECT RAILROAD.
(Sundays excepted,) Its Advantages to Virginia, to
OPlBE--Black's Building, Taylor Reno and to Truckee.
street, Second Door be ow C.
sU s aRin orB RAT. How the Project is Regarded from a
Per Week by carriers).......Twenty- ve Cents Reno Standpoint.
One Year postage paid).......... Eight Dollars
Six Months ...........e Dollars -
Three Months ..........Three Dollars [Reno Gatette, August 11.i
D. E. McCARTHY, Pubusher. [Reno Gaette, August 11.
A proposition of great importance to
Agents for the Evening Chronicle: Reno, Virginia City and Truckee, is be.
Carson....................... Fred. Brooks fore our citizens for intelligent consider-
rson .........................JohnG. Fox action. It is for us to act as well as
Empire...................... Jmes Morris think and to be wide awake and full of
Ran. t. tt.......................S. l. Jamison
Truckea........................H. F. Greelev business energy in what we do. There
Austin........................... A. M. Home is not a resident of Washoe county who
Eureka...............Lowenthal & Calisher is not directly profited through trade or
Belmont ...................H. P. Stimlermployment by the V. T. that
Elko............................T. N. Stone mpoymen by
Tuscarora...........................M. Smith does not favor the construction of a
Winnemucca...................C. henoweth railroad from here to Virginia City. It
Candelara................ McClane & Johns is true that many of our citizens are in-
Cherry Creek.................W. S. Clayto
Washoe City.................... R. Power different on this question, because they
Aurora............................ B. Smith feel that we have an insufficient amount
Deadwood City, D. T............. EE. Ferrisaof money to put into the new road.
They also presume that the road will
TH9I DAILEY TRAGDIY. not be built because the necessary
Card from Henry C. anka, Brother money, in their judgement; cannot be
of tre Slayer-Suspension orf udg. raised. But the majority of people
mnent Asked. quietly favor the proposition and will
STo the Public : Now that the public lend it all the assistance they command.
ulsehas had time to quiet down and We have 100 men in this county who
S~t d ment caused by thew could without difficulty take $100,000
cement caused by the worth of stock in this road.
1nT edy is over, I feel that The objections to the rood as far as
0 aAlha, to write a few lines in we have learned are that it isnot apay-
295 Belchermy dead brother. The ing investment, because trade is falling
20 Confid can never come to trial off in Virginia City and the market will
215 Sierra the more so that not one not support a competing road. Further,
185 Utah, 1h has said a word, as far that the people of Truckee are foolish to
780 Bullion,is favor. No writer has presume that they can take wood over
360 Excheqg possibility that there the new railroad and the Central
15 Seg. Bides to the terrible story Pacific railroad, a distance of nearly 70
315 Ovms to all. I waited anx miles, as.cheaply as Yerington, Bliss &
1640 Justicet
480 Union i ome journalist, more Co., can over 21 miles of railroad. This
600 Lady cool than others, to pen company, it is said, and we know the
1295 Caledonlds and to admit the pos- same to be true from personal obser.
100 Balttmo re being some mistake, nation, have most excellent facilities for
72 Silver Hing circumstances, which, the transportation of wood and lumber
160 Rock Islaould change the aspect to Carson. They own a large timber
1235 Julia, 7Murder is a hard, cruel belt around Lake Tahoe, have four saw
-255 Alta, 2 should never be applied mills on the Lake Shore, two narrow '
50 Woodv.eing who has not been gauge railroads, two Lake steamers and
co~voeB at crime. What person several barges and one of the finest
reading e lines, knowing the weak- flumes in the State-a 12-mile flume
ness of hunmh.nature, in free commu- down Clear Creek to Carson. With
nication with Iis inner self, can say, these first-class facilities wood and lum-
"I feel myself fully competent to judge ber can readily be sent to Carson, and
th~s man ?" Who canrealize the teri- thence by rail over a line in which the
ble ordeal through which hie passed ? company is more or less interested, and
Is it reasonable to suppose that a man to parties and mines which are them-
noted among his friends for his high selves in the wood, lumber and mine
sense of honor, a man who would turn ring.
from his path to avoid injuring an in- Again, it is said there can be no h
sect, could be instantly transformed doubt but what Reno, Virginia City
into the incarnate fiend which popular and probably Truckee would receive
opinion has created and embodiedin positive benefits from this road, but
himn just now it is almost impossible to
I am sure in my own mind-although meet present demands, and the people
it may never be proved-that he never have not money to invest in a railroad,
intended to kill Mr. Dailey, and that no however beneficial it might be.
other human being can realize the re- The advocates of the road claim, s
great he felt. I have known him in in- among other inducements, the follow-
fancy, in childhood, and in manhood, ng reasons why this direct road to
and I never knew him to do a mean ac- Virgini City should be built: A large i
tion, or to be guilty of the slightest act quantity of wood and lumber around P
of cruelty. Could his friends have Truckee and between Reno and that i
clung to him as they did had he not won town would find a market, and so
their friendship by his character ? pressing is the necessity for a market i
The first kind word I have seen in for this wood and lumber, that fifteen
print was from Officer Lindheimer, to millmen agree to furnish all the ties
whom I am specially grateful, and re- and lumber necessary for the construc- t
great that he should have suffered in tion of the road in question. The i
consequence Of his kindness to my un- people of Truckee and vicinity say that
fortunate brother. they will contribute more than $100,-
Is it too much to ask of the public to 000 in money toward the building of t
suspend judgment for a time, in the this railroad. Now comes Reno and t
hope that when the evidence is fully Washoe county benefits. We have in
published it may be found to remove this valley a large body of agricultural 1
the stigma which is now attached to land, which is capable of more than i
my brother's name ? doubling its market produce. Virginia
HENRY G. HAWKS. City is our largest and best market. I
San Francisco, August 11, 1877. We could readily sell in that city and i
Gold Hill, thousands of dollars worth
Eyes Burned Oat by Molten Iron. of fruit, vegetables and hay. What is i
[From the Pittsburg Post] required is cheap and rapid transporta- l
tion. The new road would insure such
Yesterday afternoon a number of transportation. We also have a meat
employee in the foundry of Messr. shipping establishment which, could
Totten & Co. were casting a chilled upy Virginia City with all the fresh
roll. Nearly two tons of iron were re- spp Vi a Cy with all the fresh
quired to make the casting, and the consume. The new of thatwould open a
services of twenty men werereq consume. The new road would open a 1
services of twenty men were required large market for this industry, the re.
to handle it Wile they were pouring ciprocal advantage of which to Reno
the molten metal in the mold there and Virginia City is apparent without
was a sudden and terrific report, which farther ty ate appm ith a gat
was closely followed by a shower of further statements. With a greatly
wlquid iron. Thl edh by a sower of improved and enlarged market, the
eviqd iron. The red-hot metal flew in opportunity for supplying this market
v rydirectibonad dropped in splothe would necessarily be taken full advan-
pon nd about the workmen. They tagof. We have such-the opportu-
ran to escape the shower, in their terror cities, land which may be irrigated,
dropping the ladle which yet contained nie stock, etc. Wouldwe not improve
most of the metal The ladle was ov, etc. Would we not improve
moat of the metal. The ladle was over- our natural advantages and enlarge our
turned and great streams shot out in u naual avacities
quick pursuit of the flying laborers. Two supply capacities?
qnipnrs tofthoinglaborers.Two improved market and better
of the workmen, closely followed by postal communications with the north-
streams of the red-hot iron, fell into aste counties of California, would
adjoining pits and the metal ran i eastern counties of California, would
pon them, b n the metal ran in bring a handsome revenue to Reno from
upon them burning their flesh to a crisp Lassen, Plumas and Modoc counties,
rn places. e man'sefasce was which we do not receive at the present
burned to a crisp and his eyes were time Again when greater opportnui-
burnt out of his head, and in their ties are oee for the investment of
places the sockets were filled with ies are offered for the investment of
laces the sockets d etl with money, capital will arouse slumbering
chunks of billed metal. That man industries and cause new branches of
was George L. Ebbert of Allegheny. business to spring into life. The atten-
Walter Moran's eyes, too, were burnt tion of moneyed men willbe called to
T-rom the sockets, and his face, breast, ortimber and agricultural lands. We
arms and hands were burn to a crisp have abundant natural supplies, but
rat dferet places. Here and there the nature has interposed a few obstacles,
way to his bones.anfc
Mr. Totte was interrogated by the and factory whistles are the signs that
reporter as to the cause of the explo- andwhen she is yielding to the skill
sion, and he attributed it to a "damp she is yielding that which will
cave." In other words the sand with and energy of man that which will
which the mold had been packed was augment his comfort and give real ex-
ery dried, and, perhaps, too, distance to his life. A further marked
dried,and, so tha ps, toohe team advantage to Virginia City and Reno
would be the cheap milling of ores.
erWood could be furnished here to our
Shot Through the Heart by a Gatling citizens and quartz mills for one-third
Gun. its present price in Virginia City. Ore
[From the Chicago Tribune.] could be brought from the Comstock
A sad accident happened last even- for one dollar per ton, hence it may be
ing on the Lake Park, at the foot of seen than an immense body of low
Jackson street. The Gatling gun had grade ore, which now cannot be profit-
been on exhibition at this point a day, ably worked, could, by reason of the
and in the forenoon forty shots had indicated advantages, be very profita-.
been fired in salute. The Gatling is a ably worked. Again, it is reasonable
somewhat novel arrangement, being to presume that a tannery and woolen
mounted like a cannon, and having a mill would tbe started here, because the
hopper at the breech that, upon being market for the sale of leather and
filled with cartridges, feeds the cylin- woolen goods would, with a direct rail-
ders. All that is then necessary to road to Virginia City, be much better
turn out 964 shots a minute is to turn than at present. It is also a known
the crank and keep the hopper filled. fact that many persons now residing in
The range of the gun is also peculiar. Virginia City would come to Reno.
Naturally thia engine of warfare at- they would be our wealthiest and
treated a curious crowd. Company H, among our best citizens. We want
of the Ninth United States, Sergeant these people. Their places would be
James O'Connor in command, had filled by others and the men would do
oharLe of the gun, and was kindly ex. business there; hence Virginia City
hibiting it to the crowd all day. Care would with Reno gain by the operation.
wa taen at first to keep hands off, but We have have briefly and imperfectly
this proved almost impossible, and the stated a few of the many advantages to

sentries were not able to keep the crowd oe aenved from a direct railroad crom
back the prescribed ten feet. In the Reno to Virginia City. Now, as to
forenoon one man picked a cartridge funds. In this matter there must be
from a- caisson, and was just about to united and intelligent action. Not a
turn the crank when the soldiers inter- man should be lukewarm, but all should
wated him. At half-past 5 o'clock bear a art. Truckee, Reno, Virginia
last evening a crowd was gathered City and such aid as may be received
about it, and while Sergeant O'Connor's from the outside, principally from the
back was turned some meddler put a C. P. R. R., can without question
cartridge into the hopper, turned the easily build the proposed road. To en-
crank, and simultaneously a man fell gender animosities with any persons or
pierced through the heart. The officer corporations would be foolish and im-
n charge, Sergeant O'Connor, was ar. poetic. Let us think intelligently and
rested, soberly on this matter and be prepared
for proper action next Wednesday night
t is a beautiful starry night and the at the meeting or at the earliest
Reniors are out singing. First Senior (who moment.
Studies ahtronomy)-" Look up there and -.
ee how beautiful Orion looks." Second The foolish man rusheth out to see the-
Senior who does not study astronomy, mob, and is shot through the lungs, but
but who has a streak of rish blood)- the wise man huggoth the Constitution
"Is that O'Ryan! thank the Lord, of the United States to his boIom, and
then there i one Irishman inheaven, any. ahideth in the cellar until the evil days be
---_ -_ Vr,


Their Injurious Effects on the System
when Excess.
It must be admitted that the abuse
of tea and coffee may be attended by
serious injuries to the human organism.
The pernicious effect of the active prin-
ciple of qoffee-caffeine, which is iden-
tical with theine, the active principle of
tea--on certain animals is shown in an
elaborate paper byDr. Leven. He found
that one to ten centigrammes of caffeine
acted as a fatal poison when given to
frogs, first quickening the action of
the heart and the repository organs,
and then inducing astetanic state. To
guinea pigs fifteen to twenty centi-
grammes proved fatal, first increasing
the action of the heart, which in one
instance wassso rapid that the pulsa-
tion could not be counted, and then
followed by paralysis of that organ.
The same results were obtained with
rabbits. One gramme given to a dog
did not prove poisonous; it increased
the activity of the heart and the
respiratory and secretary organs, but
after three or four hours the symp-
toms disappeared. M. Leven, in short,
established as the result of his experi-
ments that the active principle of coffee
acts first on the heart, and quickens
the circulation and respiration, and that
in the second place it increases the
tension of the blood-vessels-an effect,
it will be noticed, precisely the oppo-
site of that of alcohol, which dimin-
ishes the tension of the vessels.
It irritates the nervous centers, the
brain and spinal cord, and also the
nerves themselves. 7It excites the
"nerve-cells," says M. Levene, "not
only by its stimulating effect on the
circulation, but also by a special excit-
ant action due to the caffeine itself."
The results of M. Leven's physiological
experiments correspond precisely with
the symptoms which have been ob-
served to occur in consequence of ex-
cessive indulgence in tea or coffee.
Coffee contains seventeen per cent. of
caffeine, and it is reckoned that in the
quantity daily consumed by an ordi-
nary Parisian there is enough to poison
five guinea pigs! M. Levon quotes the
case of a young medical man who suf-
fered from coffee intoxication. For six
months he had taken five or six cups of
coffee daily. He experienced violent
palpitations, tremblings in the arms,
cramps in the legs, a convulsive cough,
and permanent contraction of the pu-
pils. When he discontinued the use of
coffee these symptoms disappeared. I
have, again and again, had occasion to
observe the characteristic symptoms
which the abuse of tea and coffee pro-
duce. The most common are distress-
ng persistent palpitations, an irritable,
excited state of the nervous system,
a sense of dread of impending
calamity, throbbings in the head, and
sometimes an approach to giddiness, in-
ability to sleep, obstinate dyspepsia-
only to be relieved by abstaining from
ts cause. I believe it is the ex-
perience of most hospital physicians
ihat a large proportion of the cases of
lyspepsia which crowd the out-patient
rooms of the London hospitals are in-
luced by the large consumption of tea
by the poor. The disturbing effect of
;he abuse of tea on the action of the
heart was not likely to escape the
notice of so cute an observer as Dr.
Stokes of Dublin, and in his work on
;he diseases of the heart he calls atten-
tion to the following among other
cases : A gentleman of great intel-
.ectual attainments had been in the
habit of passing a great part of the
night in literary and scientific la-
bors ; during the evening and
through the night he was in the habit
of drinking largely of tea, without any
thought of its doing him harm. At
length he became subject to paroxysms
if quick and vehement actions of the
heart, accompanied by intense distress
and oppression, with a painful sense of
impending death. He became greatly
depressed in spirits, and believed he
should die in one of these dreadful
paroxysms. On examination after the
paroxysm had passed off, his heart was
found to be perfectly sound. But a
very curious affection of the nervous
system became permanent. He found
the greatest difficulty in walking on
level ground; he had an irresistible
feeling that'he should slip and fall, and
on one occasion, wishing to visit a
friend who lived near him, after many
ineffectual attempts to walk on the
level, he actually proceeded to his friend's
house on all-fours. I have already
alluded to an antagonism which I
believe to exist between the effects
of tea and coffee on the one hand and
those of alcohol on the other. They
both excite the heart to increased ac-
tion, but the excitement produced by
alcohol rapidly passes away and leaves
a state of calm or (if the dose has been
large) depression, and hence its tend-
ency to promote sleep; tea and coffee
also excite the heart; but the excite-
ment produced by these beverages does,
in many cases, leave behind it a state
of irritability instead of calm, and
hence their tendency to prevent sleep.
Alcohol relaxes the blood-vessels, and
so diminishes vascular tensions; coffee
and tea increase vascular tension. Al-
cohol, in its secondary effect, soothes
the nervous system ; tea and coffsq' irri-
tate the nervous system. In isa k. "wn
fact that a cup of strong tea or coffee
dispels the effects of slight excess in
wine ; it is, perhaps, not so well known
that a few teaspoonfuls of brandy or a
glass or two of sherry will remove the
nervous irritability produced by tea or
coffee. I fear much of the "sly drink-
ing" on the part of women is induced
by states of nervous irritability origin-
ally excited by over-indulgence in tea.
The practical issue of all this is that ex-
cessive indulgence in any stimulant,
whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, is
most hurtful. Of the grateful, refresh-
ing and invigorating properties
of tea and coffee taken in
moderation, and occasionally rather
than habitually, no one can
be more sensible than I am; but I am
convinced that if a stimulant is needed,
as it often is by men of business under
occasional pressure of work, the best
results will be obtained by taking the
bane and the antidote together-a small
quantity of tea or coffee with a small
quantity of an alcoholic beverage.
When what I have termed tea-dyspep.
sia is produced, the onlyplan is to leave
off drinking that beverage for three or
four months, after which its use may

often be resumed with impunity. Cho-
colate is a very useful substitute for tea
or coffee, but it does not possess the
property of immediate stimulation to
anything like the same degree.-Fort.
nigKhtly Review.
"Will these goods wear well?" asked
she of the clerk. "Oh, yes, ma'am,"
was the assuring response "they will last
as long as there is a bit of them left." She
seemed satisfied, and the glib clerk sold a
large bill of the material, as well as the
If you pass through the henroost with
careful eye, just now, you will notice a
sadness creeping over the countenance of
the -ld hens. It is not simply the
knowledge that they must die, but
the thought that they must be sold
for Spring chickens after they're "laid"



Will be held at
Saturday, August 18, 1877.
Professor Cara and his splendid Band; the
" light fantastic toe," footballs, swings and a
score of other amusements will be there. No
labor or expense will be spared to make this, as
all its predecessors have been, the jolliest picnic
of the season. The most unbounded fun, for
the concentrated sum of $2 for the round
trip. au7 td



....OF THE....



Treadway's Ranch,



SATURDAY, SEPT. 8, 1877.

Committee of Arrangements.

John Tate, Malachi Norton,
Chas Williamson, Foster Cain,
A L Day, S J Walker,
John Cavanaugh, George Hawks,
Dennis Nevin.

Con McGinnis,
William White,
Wm Kingman,
Thomas Kelly,

Thomas Burke,
Joseph Marks,
Richard Peters.
George Morrison.


Delaware Seawell,
A Dickson,
T R Farr,
Joseph Hebert,

Chas Carpenter.l
Chas Hancock,
Patrick Peters,
Nelson Marcell.

Floor Director:

John Tate.

Floor Managers:

George Morrison, MorrisiO'Connors.

Foster Cain,


Lulfwl, Kaggta, Gt,
0. LONKBY. E. B. LirMT



Principal Office and Yard:
Mill and Mining Timbers, Finishing,
Building and Flume Lumber. A large and
complete assortment of Common, Clear and
Dressed Lumber, Pine and Redwood Ceiling,
Oregon Pine Flooring, Stepping and Joists,
Sierra Valley Clear-dressed Finishing Lumber,
Pine and Redwood and 10-inch Rustic, Cali-
fornia Sugar Pine, to 2-inch, Pine and Red-
wood Shingles, Plain and Fancy Pickets, Siding,
Laths, Turnings, Mouldings, Transoms, Doors,
etc. Sash and Blindp constantly on hand.
Our Prices as Low as she Lowest
Atid satisfactionguaranteed qveryparticular.
Sash, Blind and Door Factory and Planing
Mills-Verdi, C. P. R. R, Nevada.
Mills and Flumes-Prosser Creek, C. P. R. R.,
Nevada county, California. aul tf


[Principal Offee:
77 and 79 North C Street,
Between Sutton avenue and Mill street.
Principal Yard:
On E and F Sts., North of Ophir Mine,
No. 160 North E Street.
S zens and Mining Companies of Virginia
and vicinity, a splendid stock of California
Sugar Pine, Redwood and Oregon Pine, one-
half inch to three inches; Sugar Pine Moldings,
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Pickets, etc. Also, East-
ern Oak and Sugar Maple, 2, 3 and 4 inch.
Mill Work Orders a Specialty.
All kinds of manufactured Building Material.
All kinds of Flooring, CeilinE and Rutic We
are prepared to ship direct to all Mining Com-
panies on the Comstock, from the Mound House
or northward, at the lowest possible prices.
Common Lumber of all dimensions, and every
variety of material in our line of trade.
anul tf .SWAIN, BRADLEY & CO.

HOLLWEGE & CO., Proprietors
done at reasonable rates and on short
notice, aull 1m
mechanism before purchasing any other
mscnine. The best needles for all sewing ma-
chines on hand, also the best thread and silk
for machine and hand-sewing. A- fine lot of
second-hand machines for sale cheap for cash.
If you want your sewing machine to run light
and nice, use nothing but the celebrated "Para-
fine Oil," sold only at the FLORENCE SEWING
MACHINE AGENCY, No. 45E North C street.
jyl9m M. I). HEMENWAY.



S J Walker.

Alex. Dickson, James Peters.


No. 82 South C Street,

VIRGINIA. jy20 lm
By the Military Companies of Storey County.

First Prize, Purse of $100, Gold Coin
Second Prize............$50 Gold Note


In the State have been engaged for the occasion

Good accommodation and strict order. No
persons to compete for the prizes unless their
names appear on the muster roll of their re-
spective companies. Twenty men from each
company to shoot for the prizes.

TICKETS (for the round trip), $2 50
All parties not holding excursion tickets will
be charged an entrance fee of One Dollar to the
Irain leaves Virginia at 8 o'clock A. M. sharp.


Attending Physicians,
J one of the most pleasant and healthy in
the city. All denominations are received.
TERMS (monthly in advance)-810 per week
n the wards; $20 per week in private rooms.
Liquors and Washing extra. Money refunded
when patients leave before expiration of a
month. For further particulars address
y10 lyr Or inquire .t St. Mary's School.

Fresno County, Cal.

Secure a Homestead

Sa beautiful climate, no fever and ague;
the natural home of the fig, citron, raisin,
prune, olive, walnut, almond, orange and
lemon; within 2j miles of the flourishing town
of Fresno. on the C. P. It. R., and nine hours'
ride from San Francisco. The Colony is di-
vided into 20-acre lots,
And Sold for $1,000 Each.
Terms, $100 down, and $20 per month, with-
out interest. Two Acres of the choicest Raisin
Vines set out and attended to, for two years,
free of charge.
A number of Gold Hill and Virginia people
have already secured homes.
20 Acres of Raisins are worth more
than $5,000 per year.
20 Acres of Prunes are worth more
than $10,000 per year.
20 Acres of Oranges, Lemons' and
Limes are worth more th7ai
$15,000 per year.
For circulars and further partlcnlrs Inquire
of S. A. MILLER, at the American Exihainge
Hotel, northwest corner of Washingtou and E
treaets. yl _ts tf.

Every descriptio., of Blank Forms
used in Assay Offices, carefully and
elegantly printed at the
Evening Chronicle Tob Office,
Corner C and Taylor streets, tf



Finest Swimming Baths

Visitors, Picnic Parties & Picnics.
choicest brands of Cigars and Liquors, is
connected with the house. Also, Hot, Cold,
Steam and Plunge BATHS, with Bathing Suits.
A fine Cr quet Ground, Swings, Foot-balls and
a large Dance Hall is connected with the
grounds for the free use and pleasure of the
guests. Excursion train stops within a short
distance of the Mansion, and light wagons con-
vey passengers to and from the Mansion, free of
Fare from Virginia City and Back, $2
Within the reach of all. Meals at all hours of
the day. Fine shooting grounds for shooting
clubs. -.Charges reasonable.
For use of grounds for picnics, inquire of T.
A Stephens, Virginia City, office at 27 C street;
or to C. H. Sproule, Bowers' Mansion. Special
inducements offered to picnics
auO9 m C. H. SPROULE, Proprietor.

Formerly Melter and Refiner, and late Supervis-
ing Assayer of United States Mint, San Fran-
cisco. aul t

Ar- ASTmsOLO(3I-E2i I
Tells by Different Cards & Planets,
89 South B Street.
jy2s tf
The Wonderful Gifted Astrologer
and Fortune Teller,
S Consultation fee, $2. Madame S., as a
private Doctress, has been very successful in
curing unfortunate diseases, and guarantees to
give full satisfaction in all respects. No. 39
North C street and No. 42 North B street.
aul9 m.

Call and examine specimens ot
Cards and Billheads, ornamented
with handsomely-engtraved cuts of
wagons and horses, at the
Evening Chronicle Job Office.
Corner C and Taylor street s




T ET13 E

....AN ....
Without the aid of a Musical Teacher or know-
ledge of the Rules of Composition, a
large number of
Polkas, Mazurkas, Waltzes, Schot-
tilches, Galops, Varsoviennes,
Minuets, Quadrilles and
Military Marches.
with examples.
Director of the San Francisco Italian Musical
Board Cover........................ 00
Cloth Gilded Cover ..................... 5 00
....FoaR SAL AT....
105 Kearney Street,
jy27 tf San Francisco, Cal.


Inasmuch as every tuner who has been
here for the last four years has taken advantage
of me, because I never worked in a piano fac-
tory, to speak ill of me, and believing I would
not suffer in comparison as a tuner, or in enar-
acter for fair dealing, and there were so many to
believe them I thought it would be a good stroke
of policy to leave for a while, and let the lying,
swindling bilks who have lately invaded the
place have full swing, I have now returned, and
am ready to attend to all orders left on my
slate, at 78 SOUTH C STREET, at my usual
liberal rates. All work guaranteed to give
entire satisfaction or no pay.
jy21 lm F. A. HERRING.


Piano, Organ and Vocal Music.
Residence at 158 South C street, Squier'
Building. Orders left at W. H. Ash's Pionee
Bookstore, or at St. Mary's Convent, will
promptly attended to. jylStf

otlids auA Xtotawman,

Bakery and Confectionery,
And all kinds of Game in season.
etc. Fresh Bread, Cakes and Pies de-
livered to all parts of this city and Gold Hill.
jy23 lm


S. A. MILLER, Manager.
N.W. cor. E. & Washington sts
in Virginia City.
BOARD, per week.....................$7 00
BOARD & LODGING, per month........35 00
SINGLE ROOMS (per month), from.... ? to 10
Newly furnished, and offers better accom-
modations to the public for the price than any
other house in the State of Nevada. aul0 lm


47 South 0 Street, Virginia.


Under the special management of

Fine Breakfast, with Half Bottle of Claret,
for 50 cents ; Dinners the same, with Black
Coffee and Kirscb.

Private Parties Supplied on Short
au4 tf



N -. 32 South O Street
au6 tf


street, where he is prepared to furnish
Board and Rooms for $35 per Month.
The rooms are all airy, clean and well-venti-
lated. Jy30lm
T renovrted and fitted up in neat style, with
private eating boxes and a capacious dining-
room. Meals can b3 procured at all hours, at
25, 50, 75 cents il upwards. Everything served
up on the square, and meal tickets at a bargain.
This is the neatest and most economical house
to get a good square meal in town.
jylS tf ENOS.
93 North C Street,
a large and complete stock of
Groceries, Provisions,
Butter, Eggs, Poultry,
Fresh Fish, Etc.
We also have a Bar stocked with choice
brands of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Cool Beer, fresh tapped always on draught.
jy271m 03 NORTH C STREET.
completed and accommodates 250 guests.
Board..................... $10 per Week.
Rooms from $25 per mcnth and upwards.
Transient guests, $3 50 and $5 00 per day.
%A. HANAK Proprietors
M a7l mf7these time', but it can be made in
three months by any one of either
l g 1 1 sex, in any part of the country,
who is willing to work steadily at the employ-
ment that we furnish. Sixty-six dollars per week
in your own town. You need not be away from
home over night. You can give your whole
time to the work, or only your spare moment s.
We have agents who are making over $'0 per
day. All who engage at once can make money
fast. At the present time money cannot be
made so easily and rapidly at any other busi-
ness. It costs nothing to try the business.
Terms and 85 outfit free. Apdress at once, H.
HALLETf & CO., Portland, Maine, jyl63m*
kers, Bankers, Mining Superintendent
and Lawyers, to have their Printing done at th
EvENiNo CoRiONIcL Job Ottice, Taylor street,
second door below C. m29 ti

Oculist and Aurist, No. 143 South C street,
Virginia, Nev. i aulO lm
k7S land, has removed his office to
Over Central Market, South C street.
aul 1m
rE South C street, over A. M. Cole's drug
store. jy21 Im
N evada City, California. Per--'
manently located at Virginia City.-UI-
Office, 148 SOUTH C STREET. Satisfaction
guaranteed. jyl6 tf
S found at his old office in Gold Hill from
12 to '4 ma. daly: Any'dispatch left there will
be promptly responded to during those hours
aull tf

=A. AW3 E M 3M M
San Francisco, Cal.; Virginia, Nev.
Money to loan on Mining Stocks and other
satisfactory securities. au9 tf
w. G. THOMPSON. a. H. DOUtlAs.
took and Money Brokers.
OFFICE-64 South C street, Virginia, Nev.
S mission and carried on margin.
Silver Bought and Sold. au4tf

1I South 0 Street, Vlrginla.
San Francisco correspondent, S. B. Wakefield
(Successors to D. Driscoll & Co.)
Office, Bank of California Building,
42 South C Street, Virginia, Nov.
WAM Stocks bought and sold and carried on
margin. Money loaned on approved securities.
Virginia, March 1. 1877. aul tf

No. 62 South street.
Money advanced on Stock.
Liberal Margins given to Customers. jv2 tf

Stock and Money Brokers,
56 South C street, Virginia,
(Opp. Odd Fellows' Building.)

Smission, and carried on Margins. Silver
and Currency bought and sold.
Bullion Purchased at the Best Market
Correspondents in San Francisco-Greene-
baum, Helbing & Co., Anglo-California Bank,
San Francisco. y24

.. BY ..
Informing his friends that he has en-
tirely refitted
Cor. Taylor and D Streets,
Which he has OPENED as a first-clas BAR.
The best brands of WINES, CIGARS,LIQUORS
and Cool, Fresh
Nevada and San Francisco Lager
Always on hand.
A first-class FREE LUNCH will be spread
every afternoon, anul Im

Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Ales, Etc.
In the rear. au9 lm
eoo. H. DANA. L. P. DItBXZB
Carried on Margins. Money Loaned on
approved security.
Correspondents in San Francisco, Messrs J.
H. Latham & Co.
Virginia, December 9, 1875. au9 tf
While Away an Hour In.

aul Im.
And Billiard Parlors,
No. 9 North C Street, Virginia, Nev.
jy28 tf RICHARD ROWN, Proprietor.


The Boca Sprngs Saloon,
No. 7 South C Street,
Opposite the Delta.
T the hands of E. Dickman, the well-
known grocery keeper, who hasrefitted it in
first-class style, and will be pleased to meet his
old friends and patrons generally.
The best of Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
celebrated Boca Beer, Milwaukee Table and
Budweiser Beer constantly on hand.
E. DICKMAN, Proprietor.
April 23, 1877. jy2S tf.


Step in and Take Something.
jy27 1m ORNDORFB'' i & AGR-E.

4" 0a4 Autga gi.
These notices-10 cts.a -ine for eac insertion.
Cows-calves following; 9
two-year-old and 10 yearling -- MP
heifers. This little band is now
on a range where they have been raised, and
which is unrivalled for Winter and Summer-a
day's ride from Green River City U. P R. R.
To a party with small capital and wishing to
start in this business they will be sold cheap.
Apply to C. H..Clay, CHraOICLE office. aull t
Sale cheap, for cash, the furniture of eight
rooms and the goodwill of the business. In-
quire at 29 South A street. aulO tf
Cheap, for cash. Apply y"
at 33B North C street, room 13.
au6tf 11?T
lease of the six-roomed house, 1036fl
South F street; also, the dyeing and scouring
business of A. Servanay, connected therewith ;
rent, $20 per month. The property is suitable
for laundry purposes. Apply on the prem-
ises. au 2w
five rooms (furnished) near the Ophir ml
mine, on lot 43 by 100 feet. Title perfect wi
be sold for $900. Apply at office of DAN
LYONS, Wells Fargo building, aul-tt
S(the upper hall,) can be rented two nights
in each week (MONDAYS and SATURDAYS).
Apply at the store of HAYES & NEVIN, cor-
ner C and Smith streets. aul lm
rooms; modern improvements; cen- l
trally located.
of house on B street, near Taylor. .Ei.
on B street; possession given August ist
RENTS COLLECTED and property taken
charge of for non-residents. J.G. FARRNG-
TON, No. 11 North B street. jyl9 lm

gttamw st gLEA.
ar LB WIS. W F. nDIaA.
upper floor of Hanak's Building, between
Odd Fellows' Hall & Wells. Faro & Co.'s au2t
Sat Law and Notary Public.-Office, with
Lewis & Deal, upper floor of Hanak's Build
ing, between Odd Fellows' Hall and Wells
Fargo & Co.'s. au2 Im
AT LAW-No. 86 South 0 street, Vir-
ginia City, Nevada. aul m
A Building, southwest corner of Taylor and
B streets, Virginia City. Jy28 tf
to Marye's Building, Rooms 5 and 6.
jy28 tf
R. S. & W. S. MESICK,
in Virginia Water Company's Bilding,
South B street, upstairs. jy27 tf
Rooms 4, 5 and 6 over Mallon's store.
Jy18 lm
Louis BRANSox. M. C. 'i s.- n.
South B street, Virginia City, NevaSew,.,
Money to loan on approved security. auS li ,

'wr. 1n.AL a 3%rTa w 3%r ,

76a South C Street,


...AND DMEER I.... -


Jewelry, Optical Goods, Cutlery,

Silverware and Clocks.
Partioular Attention Paid to the Re-
pairing of Fine Watches.
All goods warranted.
L Gold and Silver Jewelry to L. C.
Butch to be engraved, at No. 82 Southibas
C street. Virginia. Nev au9 tf

.olnnP1 ^ov lic.

i restores manhood and the vigor of youth
to the most shattered constitution in four 'OTO'I 'A- "r P' LT C,
weeks,from whatever cause arising. Failure im- ROOM 5,
possible. Beware of advertisers who offer so- FELEOW II.DIN.
finally prove ruinously expensive. Whatever has
merit must cost a fair price. $3 per case. A. H. RIOKETTS
Sent by express anywhere. Sole Acent, Dr.
JOS. JACQUES. 7 University place, New York. NT O TARY CALIrFORNiA-1't"-
IDragists supplied. ea_ aull ly____ Building,_upstairs. our--9 to 5. jy15*

~ gbannezta,

*fdal Waff.
.gentleman has been received at this office,
and will be forwarded to him as soon as his
postoffice address can be ascertained. -- y2"tf- -.

.U your waBtcfoL ,wqYr-
street, Vyrginiapr, Artf r'
warranted. '' "' ,,

watches re -82 SoutlLCjefl
Virginia. [a tc .

These noti-ces-d ce a ines for each insertion,
rooms, suitable for a family, at Mrs. M. A.
Burkett's, 190 F st., north of the Ophir. aulO 3t
and newly refitted throughout, suitable
for offices or sleeping apartments. Entrance 21
North C street, and also No. 26 North B street.
an9 tf MRS. C. M. BEEBEE.
let, at reasonable rates Apply at Schoen-
feld & Heyman's Furniture Store, 29 South C
street, Virginia City. jy3O 1m

Watttrna *
Advertisements of Wants-Three times for $1
tion in a private family or boarding-
house ; is willing to do any kind of work; Ap-
ply at Mrs. Katchenstine's, No. 47 North 0
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S in the city, who is a good cook and thor-
oughly understands the business of a working
housekeeper, wishes a situation. Good refer-
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V respectable girl dishes a situation to do
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try. Apply at this office. auBtS f
S wants a situation as housekeeper, or to
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S dressmaker, who can cut and fitwell de-
sires employment; is a good hand at boys'
clothing, and can cut and make loose covers;
would go out by the day or week. Leave
orders at Dr. Fowler's office, No. 90 South 0
street. jy l m

1'ER WEE....................25 Cents

The Evening Chronicle has more
than double the circulation of
,any other newspaper iV Vir.
ginia City.
TUESDAY......... AUGUST 14, 1877

Sir Stafford Northcote, Chancellor of
the Exchequer, has notified Mr. O'Con-
nor Power, one of the Irish members of
the House of Commons, that he pro-
poses to take up the cases of the im.
prisoner Fenians, and it is surmised
that they will soon be released from
jail. These prisoners have been con-
fined eleven or twelve years for political
offenses. They were not murderers,
robbers, nor incendiaries. On the con-
trary, they were without exception men
of pure moral character. -Their offense
was that of the men who laid the foun-
dation of the great American republic.
They loved their country and wished
tosee her free. They failed and were
sent to prison, and treated with in-
famous cruelty. Contemporary English
writers have depicted them as honest
and earnest but mistaken enthusiasts,
who sacrificed their all from patriotic
motives, and whose code of honor was
such as few men nowadays possess, and
yet for all these long years they have
languished among thieves and murderers
in the common jails' of Great Britain.
Great efforts have been made through
all these years for the release of the
Fenian prisoners, but in vain. When
the Queen assumed the title of Empress
of India, a horde' of fifteen or twenty
thousand convicts in the prisons of
that country were pardoned by the
royal clemency, but no pardon was
granted to these political prisoners.
The course of the British government
in this respect has had an effect in Ire-
land which has proved very injurious to
the government. Ireland has been for
many years the nursery of soldiers for
the British army, but, latterly, so in-
tense is the hatred of the service
that it is more difficult to
get one recruit than it used to
be to get twenty. England is in a
critical position now. The little cloud,
no bigger than a man's hand, which
hangs over the empire, is as ominous as
that which made its appearance over
the parched fields of India at the com-
mand of the prophet. It may cover
the whole heavens at any moment, and
its bursting may bring the deluge. In
such an emergency England will need
that all her dependencies rally round
her. She cannot afford to be at vari-
ance with any considerable portion of
her population. The sons, of the men
who stood by Wellington in the
Peninsula and on the field of Waterloo,
have all the vigor and manhood of their
sires, and it is quite likely that a politic
desire to obliterate as far as possible
their present hostile feeling has
prompted, a tardy act of humanity. It
should have been done long ago. The
motive will be so apparent at the
present critical juncture that the liberal.
tion of the prisoners will be received in
a spirit of triumph rather than of
A short time before going to press on
Thursday last a reporter of the CHRON-
ICLE was informed that a valuable
strike had been made in the Ophir
mine. He hurriedly jotted down all
the information he could obtain on the
subject and his report was printed.
There were several circumstances posi-
jifiely known which gave credibility to
the entire story, but several errors were
subsequently shown to have been made.
The Gold Hill News-which for sev-
eral years has been engaged in printing
the most ridiculous pufls of wildcat
mines, and thereby aiding in deliberate
swindles of the public-is much elated
because this Ophir strike has not turned
out to be much of a shower after all. It
is well to bear in mind the fact that
though -the CHRONICLI was led into
error, it was the first and only paper to
send a reporter into the mine and make
public the absolute facts. Further-
more, we will say that we believe noiw
that the strike is a very important one.
There is a change of ground, with en-
couraging indications ; and we believe
that if Sharon and his friends
had enough of the stock in their
hands to-day, work in that drift
. would be pushed right ahead. We
should not have to report only one man
there, and him "sitting down." It
does not tax the memory much to re-
vert to events a few years back, when
the Yellow Jacket mine had a magnifi-
cent body of ore in sight, which was
left untouched until the price of the
stock was forced down from $1,400 to
$200 per share (a foot). To get it
down to that figure an assessment of
"00 per share was. levied (which was
Aided before the day of sale, and
jixi a few weeks thereafter a dividend
l100 per share was paid). If a news-
"paper at that time had reported a
valuable development in Yellow Jacket,
it would have been denied just as posi-
-tively as the Ophir strike is denied to-
day. Let the Gold Hill News remember

that its master controlled the Yellow
Jacket mine then, and he controls the
Ophir now.
A Compliment to the Chronicle.
The Pioche Record of August 11th
contains the following highly compli-
mentary notice of this paper's course :
The Virginia CHRONICLE is doing a
good deed in showing up the rascalities
indulged in by the officers of some of the
mining companies in that portion of the
State. Fully one third of the people in
Nevada feel very thankful to that paper
for the step it has taken in unearthing
the fraud practiced upon the people by
these unscrupulous rascals, and if the
CHRONIOLE will continue in the good work
which it has begun it will win the admira-
tion and good wishes of the inhabitants
of the Pacific coast. "Well done, thou
true and faithful servant."
The appreciation which the people of
the whole State entertain for the
CHRONICLE's work is best shown by
the great increase in the paper's circular.
tion which has taken place. In Reno,
Tuscarora, Cherry Creek, Aurora, Can-
delbria and several other places our
agents have doubled their lists. The
work of the CHRONICLE in this direct.
Siom iU onl: irl'y begun, Our Pioche
'".1iiy VYll"4 .! '-1. hveO evi-
*.)<;iB' thalta w. itsetwd 1t it;'rcinc it,

The Eenterprise has taken up the dis-
cussion of the railroad question in
earnest. Its chief owners-D. 0. Mills
an' William Sharon-being the owners
of the Virginia and Truckee railroad,
it is quite natural that it should use
every effort in opposing the new road.
Sharon's little Penny Whistle at Gold
Hill is keeping discreetly mum on the
question, as it did on the Cooper-Curtis
rascalities. The task of looking out
for the people's interest in these matters
naturally falls on the shoulders of the
EVENING CHRONICLE, and we therefore
feel called upon to reply to the railroad
article which appeared in Sunday's Pn-
terprise. Referring to the proposed
direct road-which will be running
within twelve months as surely as the
sun shines-it says :
If the road was finished to-day, the
lumbermen of Truckee could not-except
in a rushing season like the last-send
their lumber here. Yerington, Bliss &
Co. can now, and can for ten years to
come, lay down all the timber needed
here at the depot of the Virginia and
Truckee road at Carson, as cheaply as the
Truckee men can lay down lumber at the
Truckee depot.
The Truckee lAunbermen will de.
liver lumber at the depot there for $10
per thousand feet. Yerington, Bliss &
Co.- charge $23 in Virginia. Does it
cost $13 per thousand ($78 per carload)
to haul the lumber over the 23 miles
between Carson and this place ? If so,
that is a powerful argument in favor of
a competing road. We quote again
from our neighbor :
In one payment for timber lands
they (Y. B. & Co.) paid the Central
Pacific Railroad Company 830,000. If
in this they have shown superior business
sagacity, and have secured the short line
of freighting, Truckee people cannot
The Virginia and Truckee Railroad is
not the short line." Either of the two
new routes proposed from the Truckee
would be shorter and cheaper to operate
than Yerington, Bliss & Co.'s route
from Lake Bigler to this city. But
even were the Virginia and Truckee
Railroad the short route, of what benefit
could it be to either Virginia City or
Truckee when the freight rates are
much higher than they would be by the
other route ?
The quartz mill proposition is all folly.
** ** Any man with a quartz mill
on the Truckee could almost make his
own terms with the Virginia and Truckee
Company. But where would he get the
If there were a dozen 20-stamp mills
on the Truckee to-day, and if ore could
be transported thither at $2 per ton,
they would all be kept busy. The
direct road could profitably transport
ore for $1 per ton.
Again, notwithstanding all the bluster
of Truckee, there cannot be raised $20,000
in money in that town toward a road.
Truckee will furnish every dollar's
worth of lumber required for building
the road, and take stock in payment.
That is just as good as cash, isn't it?
The Enterprise is terribly mistaken
if it thinks it can arouse any sympathy
for the Virginia and Truckee railroad
in Virginia City, but it tries very hard.
It says: .
They [ the people of virginia re
member that without the Virginia and
Truckee railroad they would have been
helpless a year ago last Fall.
The people of Virginia do remember
that, at the time referred to, the rail-
road charged full rates on all lumber
supplied to the Relief Committee, al-
though the lumber dealers all sold
lumber to the Relief Committee at re-
duced prices, and the remembrance is
not calculated to raise the Virginia and
Truckee in their esteem.
Almost every mining company is under
direct obligations to it [the Virginia and
Truckee I.
That is a stupendous joke. The min-
ing companies under obligations to the
Virginia and Truckee railroad. Why,
the money that built the road was ob-
tained principally from the mining com-
panies, as a loan without interest, that
was to be repaid in services. Sharon
controlled the Yellow Jacket so com-
pletely that the Trustees were induced
subsequently to rob the stockholders by
making the railroad a present of most
of the money so loaned. The Enterprise
certainly cannot include the Yellow
Jacket as being "under obligations" to
the railroad. Of the money which the
Savage Company advanced to the road
there is still due nearly $100,000, so
that mine can not be regarded as
"under obligations." The Virginia
and Truckee railroad, furthermore,
compels the Savage mine to pay more
for wood, etc., than it asks of other
mines, because it has the Stvage "in
the door," as it were.
There are a few other points in our
neighbor's article which require the
CHRONICLE'S calcium light, but we will
reserve them for a future exhibition.

THAT a direct railroad from Virginia
to Reno would be a direct benefit to
every one holding a share of stock in
any mine in Storey county is an indis-
putable fact. The Reno Gazette strikes
one of the nails on the head as follows :
An assessment of one dollar per share
was levied to-day by the Trustees of
the Julia Mining Company. Wood at
$12 to $14 per cord in Virginia City is
what is producing so many of those as-
sessments. When wood is delivered by
a direct railroad from here to the Corn-

stock mines for $7 per cord, stockhold-
ers will hear of less assessments.
Hence the road proposed would, if
built, benefit every stockholder on the
Pacific coast, and their name is legion.

A Reported Strike at Belmont.
AUSTIN, Nev., August 14.-The Bel-
mont Courier of the 9th says a rich
strike has been made in El Dorado
South at Belmont. Antimonial silver
ore, assaying from $300 to $800 per ton,
was struck while raising a chute from
the lower level, disclosing a well-de-
fined ledge of five feet in thickness of
this character of ore.
AUSTIN, Nev., August 14.-A strike
of a gold-bearing ledge, assaying is high
as $4,000 per ton, is reported to have
been made in Broad Canyon in Toiyabe
range, about fifty miles southwest of
Austin. There is considerable excite-
ment in Jefferson and that portion of
Nyo county over the reported dis-
A Conspiracy In Kandabar--Four Con.
spirators Executed.
LONDON, August 14.-A telegram
from Simla says official intelligence has
been received of the discovery of a Rus-
sian conspiracy against the Ameer of
Cabool in the province of Kandahar.
Four officials were executed by order of
ttic .;n.I' i or complicity i1i tae c"ja-
s airc:I/.


Sulieman Pasha Advancing on

Probability of a Junction of Three
Turkish Armies.

Frightful Atrocities of the Turks.

Slaughtering Christian Men, Wo-
men and Children.

SpeciAl to the Evening Chronicle.]
Frightful Atrocities.
LONDON, August 13.-A correspond-
ent at Karabunar writes: Appalling
accounts continue to come in of the
misery of fugitives from the districts
devastated by the Bashi-Bazouks and
the Bulgarians. Thousands of women
and children are homeless and perishing
for want of shelter, medical attendance
and food. Immediate help is most
sorely needed. It is proposed to dis-
tribute the fugitives about Constanti-
nople, Adrianople and Philipopolis.
The correspondent suggests the forma-
tion of a city of refuge on an island
near Constantinople, under the protec-
tion of a neutral flag and a neutral
guarantee from the belligerents. The
crops are rotting in the ground, and no
provision is made for Winter. The
correspondent speaks favorably of the
Turkish regulars, but severely blames
the government for employing or not
controlling the irregulars, who commit
the worst excesses. Even the fugitive
women and children who come for pro.
section to the Turks have to be guarded
by regular troops, lest they should be
further injured by these savages. The
Bulgarians are behaving much in the
same way as the Bashi-Bazouks, and it
will be impossible for Christians and
Mohammedans to even live together
again inthe disturbed districts. Even
Russian sympathizers severely condemn
Russia's conduct in first instigating the
Bulgarians to revolt and then leaving
them to the mercy of the Turks, whose
right to treat them as rebels is hard to
LONDON, August 13.-A Bucharest
correspondent telegraphs : I have
written the following as I received it,
and, from the terrible accounts which
fugitives continually bring over the
Balkans, I fear it must be too true. On
July 31, the day of the Russian evacu-
ation of Eski-Saghra, the Turks ordered
thafall the Christian men, women and
children should be shot as they left
their houses, and those who remained
within were burned alive. An order
was given to burn down and destroy
every particle of Christian property.
Many leading Turkish merchants took
part in the affair. The Turks dis-
patched a large number of Bashi-
Bazouks all over Tchirpan district.
This district is one of the richest in that
part of Turkey. It contains a very
large proportion of Christians, over
thirty churches and 500 schools and
colleges, all of which have been burned.
The destruction extended to the vil-
lages of Boghdan Mahelsi, Rani and
many others, in all about sixty, con-
taining from 150 to 200 families each.
Scarcely fifty persons escaped alive.
The Bulgarian fugitives at Gabrova and
Selvi estimate that from 12,000 to 15,-
000 Christians have been massacred in
Eski-Saghra and Tchirpan districts
alone. Soldiers were posted along the
road from Eski-Saghra to Kezanlik with
orders to shoot everybody passing.
Snlelman Pasha Advancing Upon
LONDON, August 14.-It is considered
doubtful if the Shipka Pass willbe held
much longer by the Russians. At pres-
ent the Russian army is penned in at
Tirnova and deprived of liberty of ac-
tion. This morning's dispatches an-
nounce that Suleiman Pasha is advanc-
ing through the Balkans by Recditch
Pass. This route would bring him
down upon Elena and the direct road to
Tirnova, where he would engage the
Russians and enable Osman Pasha and
Mehmet Ali Pasha to effect their junc-
tion. When united the Turkish armies
would confront the concentrated armies
of the Czar. The report comes from
Constantinople, but is not official, that
the Turks have evacuated their position
before Plevna in favor of a better one
for defensive purposes behind the town.
Both the War and Peace Parties In
England Abusing the Ministry.
LONDON, August 14.-There is in-
tense dissatisfaction over the failure of
Parliament to secure pledges from the
Ministry as to its policy on the Eastern
question. The war party is furious
that intervention is not announced,
and the peace party is alarmed at the
absence of a pledge against interven-
tion. The latter fear that if the Rus-
sians gain a decisive victory Disraeli
may plunge England into a war with-
out the countenance of Parliament.
Unless Russia gains an overwhelming
victory the campaign will go over
another year. Unless Servia co-oper-
ates and permits the Russians to march
around the Balkans, the Turks have
entire confidence that they can keep
back the Russians till October, when it
is hoped diplomacy will secure peace
on the basis of yielding the country
south of the Balkans.

Turkish War Notes.
Eight thousand troops of reserves
have joined the Grecian army; also
1,000 volunteers and many Greeks from
The passage of the Danube by the
main body of the Roumanian army has
been postponed until large Russian e-
inforcements arrive.
Prince Gortschakff has tendered his
resignation. The alleged reason is his
inability to carry'out his promises to
other nations. The Czar has not yet
decided toaccept it.
The services of Colonel Baker have
been secured by Lieutenant General
Mehmet Ali.
Suleiman Pasha announces that Ras-
san Pasha has retaken Kartova, dis-
armed the Bulgarians and re-established
order. He then captured Kalofer, de-
fended by Bulgarians in intrenched po-
sitions. and occupied Kalofer nass. The

has recovered from his fever and will
rejoin headquarters.
On Wednesday 60,000 Russian troops
tWith artillery passed by railway to
Anateshti, whence they will march to
Sistova via Simuitza.
General Gourko's force will be retired
behind the Balkans, where they are re-
The Egyptians under Prince Hassan
have begun an offensive movementfrom
Varna toward Trajan's wall. An attack
on Kustendji will be made by the Turks
after the arrival of Hobart Pasha's fleet;
which has embarked troops at Sukum
Kalofer is reported destroyed by the
accidental explosion of a powder maga-
Turkey is said to have concluded a
loan of 2,500,000 in London.

Gold closed in New York to-day at
Charleston has been chosen as the
seat of government of West Virginia.
It is thought that the remaining
Fenian prisoners will soon be dis-
The President will recommend that
the Indian bureau be annexed to the
War Department.
The Bonapartist leaders are to ren-
dezvous at Chiselhurst August 15, when
the Prince Imperial is expected to
make them a speech.
The fifteenth annual session of the
Supreme Lodge of the Knights of
Pythias commences in Cleveland, Ohio,
to-day. About 5,000 Knights will at-
Chauncey Rose, a prominent railroad
man, died in Terre Haute, Indiana, yes-
terday, aged 83 years. His charities
during life are said to have aggregated
An ambassador from China has ar-
rived at Berlin to settle the affair of
the Chinese pirates who murdered the
captain and mate of the German schoon-
er Anna last Spring.
Commander Kirkland will be tried
by court-martial in October for insult-
ing letters to the Navy Department
while at Montevideo, and for abusing
subordinate officers.
General Sherman writes that he has
an escort of forty soldiers from Boze-
man to the Yellowstone Park, and says
that he shall not attempt a campaign
against the Nez Perces with such a
Despite the prohibitory measures of
the committee of the British House of
Commons, which extend to an absolute
blockade against all European ship-
ments of cattle, the cattle plague is
largely on the increase in London.
Generals Crook and McCook decline
serving on the Sitting Bull Commission.
General Terry will probably be selected.
The Commissioners have quite a large
force of troops with them for safety.
Captain Corbin will be the Secretary.
Fifteen Mexicans crossed the river
yesterday morning, entered Rio Grande
City, broke open the jail, shot Judge
Cox and the jailer, and released two
outlaws. One hundred regulars, with
two Gatling guns, are in pursuit of
Colonel John A. Joyce, the whisky
ring convict, was released from prison
by the United States District Court in
St. Louis, yesterday, on the ground
that cumulative punishments are illegal.
The case will be carried to the United
States Circuit Court.
Extensive preparations have been
made for the celebration of the anni-
versary of the battle of Bennington,
which commences to-morrow. Presi-
dent Hayes and Cabinet and a number
of Governors of States are expected to
arrive to-morrow afternoon.
The resignation of J. Russell Jones
as Collector of the Chicago Custom
House was asked some time ago, but
has notett been received by the Presi-
dent. It is intended to give the. place
to Wm. Henry Smith, of the Western
Associated Press. If Jones does not
resign soon he will be removed.
The protest of the Scotch team
against allowing a mixed team from
Great Britain to shoot at Creedmoor,
in the coming International match, was
yesterday laid on the table by the
executive committee of the National
Rifle Association, and arrangements
made for the reception of the mixed


On Sunday afternoon the dead body
of an unknown man was found in "The
Dell," at Lone Mountain Cemetery.
Apparently the man had been dead
about two days ; he was about 40 years
old ; five feet nine inches high ; wore
dark brown mustache, and beard of a
few days' growth ; wore dark brown
overcoat, dark sack coat, dark brown
vest, dark checked pants, clean linen,
and a black felt hat. His clothes were
a little worn, but neat and good. He
had also light undress kid gloves, and
a Malacca cane. An empty whisky
flask lay near him, and a small tumbler,
containing crystals of strychnine. An
empty vial, marked with that poison,
was found in his pocket ; also a match-
box, with the letter "S." Three gold
rings, evidently ladies' rings, were
found on the little finger of the left
hand. The remains lie at the morgue
for identification.
Inl the suit of Lennie C. McCormick
vs. E. J. Baldwin, to recover $100,000
damages for alleged seduction, brought
in the Fifteenth District Court, the de-
fendant had filed an answer averring
that all the main allegations of the com-
plaint are untrue, and particularly de-
nying that he ever had improper rela-
tions with the plaintiff. He 'further
says that oil or before the date of the
alleged seduction she was not a good,
virtuous or chaste girl. He therefore
asks that the complaint against him be
dismissed with the costs of the suit.
Dr. R. S. Young, a well-known
character in this city since 1853, died

here on the Sth inst., and his body is
now being embalmed for transportation
to Boston, in which city he was born in
1813. He was a graduate of Harvard
College, and connected with the highest
families of the Old Bay State. After
leaving college he traveled extensively
in foreign lands, and on his return be-
came a journalist, acting for a time as
associate editor of the Boston Post. He
never regularly practiced as a physi-
cian, though having a diploma so to do.


Collision on the Lake Shore

The Engineer Killed and Several
Cars Smashed.-

A Collision on the Pennsylvania

The Democrats of Maine.

A Hearty Indorsement of Iayes's
Southern Policy.

Miscellaneous Domestic News

Special to the Evening Chronicle. I
The Democrats of Maline ladorse
PORTLAND, Me., August 13.-The
Democratic State Convention, which
meets to-morrow, will indorse the
Southern policy of Hayes. J. C. Tal-
bot, last year's candidate for Governor,
was waited on to-night and requested
to withdraw, but declined.
The convention assembled this morn-
ing and was called to order by the Hon.
E. F. Pillsbury, Chairman of the State
Committee. Hon. William L. Put-
nam of Portland was nominated for
temporary Chairman and John B. Red.
man of Ellsworth for Secretary. Put-
nam, in a speech to the convention,
said the financial question was the all-
important one. He considered the war
had just ceased and that we now feel
the inevitable results of that conflict,
viz.-an inflated currency and an over-
powerful central government. It was
voted that the temporary organization
be made permanent. Sixteen Vice-
Presidents were chosen and the com-
mittees appointed, after which the con-
vention adjourned until 2 p. M.
Collision on the Lake Shore Railroad.
TOLEDO, August 14.-A collision oc-
curred last night between the Canada
Southern passenger train and a freight
train on the Lake Shore road. One
passenger was slightly injured. The
engineer is missing, and it is feared he
is under the wreck.
The body of Lewis Young, the engi-
neer of the passenger train, was found
in the wreck this morning. No other
person is injured.
Heavy Failure in Chicago.
CHICAGO, August 14.-The firm of A.
B. Meeker & Co. yesterday filed a
voluntary petition in bankruptcy with
secured liabilities amounting to $600,-
000, and unsecured liabilities amount-
ing to $450,000, making a total of
$1,050,000. The assets consist of
8921,000 worth of pig iron and $300,000
work of unavailable property. The
private assets of A. B. Meeker amount
to $250,000 more.
railroad Accident in Pennsylvania.
PITTSBURG, August 14.-An accident
occurred on the Alleghany Valley rail-
road this afternoon. The accommoda-
tion train ran into the rear of a train
loaded with oil, which was standing on
the main track. The oil took fire and
consumed the engine, baggage-car and
two passenger-cars. Conductor Wal-
tham, Engineer Cunningham and a fire-
man of the accommodation train were
all seriously burned. Two or three of
the passengers were slightly burned.
Heister Clynscr on Hayes.
READING (Pa.), August 14.-At a
tumultuous meeting of the Democrats
of Berks county Heister Clymer de-
nounced Hayes as a fraudulent Presi-
dent, but said his just measures must
be sustained, and that we must rise
above partisanship and support him in
what is constitutional and right. The
meeting broke up in disorder, the reso-
lutions not passing.
Butler's Nalional RBank Notes,
NEW YORK, August 14.-A New
York letter from Ben Butler was read
at the workingmen's meeting in Phila-
delphia, in which he says workingmen
cannot be compelled to take National
bank notes for pay, but can demand
greenbacks, gold or silver coin.
More Currency Called For.
NASHVILLE, Tenn., August 14.-
There was a meeting of workingmen
here yesterday favoring the issue of
$10,000,000 of greenbacks monthly till
the distress in the country is relieved,
opposing contraction, favoring the re-
monetization of silver, and asserting
that they ignored both parties.

Americlan Anmmunition for Turkey.
BosTON, August 14.-The English
steamship John Bramall sailed from
New Haven some time Saturday night
with a valuable cargo of ammunition
for Turkey. No report of her sailing
was made to keep the Russian authori-
ties in ignorance.

Successful Experinment in the Trans-
lortation of Fresh Meat.
NEW YORK, August 14.-Theeteamer
Frig Orifique, built for preserving fresh
meat on long voyages, has arrived from
the river Platte with a cargo of meat in
fine condition. One hundred and twelve
days have elapsed since she began
Knisghts of Pythias.
CLEVELAND, 0., August 14.-The
Supreme Council of the World and
Grand Lodge of Ohio, Order of the
Knights of Pythias, are in session in
this city to-day. A fine procession is
parading through the principal streets.
Morton Paralyzsdl.
INDIANAPOLIS, August 14.-Senator
Morton arrived home with his left arm
paralyzed and his family physician
with him. Until he improves none but
members of his family will be allowed
to see him.

A Postmaster Accused of Robbing the
SAN FRANCISCO, August 13.-Nelson
T. Cody, Postmaster of Coulterville,
Mariposa county, was recently brought
to this city by United States Marshal
Marsellus, and is under $2,000 bail
awaiting examination on a charge of
talin rmnev halonerint *o anohler

r e o .-- -buas afgtero ylosing, -
rebels fled into the Balkans after losing person, out of letters which came to his
500 killed. Eleven Turkish soldiers THE INDIAN WAR. office. It appears that Cody was sus-
were killed and thirty-three wounded. pected of dishonesty, and a letter was
The Russians have advanced upon ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY INDIANS mailed at Modesto, addressed to a per-
Apulika. General Tergukassoff has ad- KILLED. son in Coulterville, which contained,
vanced to Baiklonte. Ismail Pasha is CHICAGO, August 14. Delegate privately marked, gold notes. To make
retiring from Russian territory toward Maginnis of Montana sends a message the experiment a sure test a watch was
the frontier. to Sheridan that Gibbon attacked 350 placed over the letter from the time it
The Austrian government has made a warriors, killed 150 and did not lose a was deposited in the mail bag until the
declaration through its agents that in gun or a wagon. The Indians got a bag was delivered into the hands of
the present condition of affairs in the severe punishment in the hardest-fought Cody. Shortly after the receipt of the
East the project of occupying Bosnia battle of the war. mail matter at Coulterville a gentleman
and Herzegovina is abandoned. This called at the postoffice and requested to
is attributed to numerous meetings in MORE SETTLERS SLAUGHTERED. exchange $75 in gold for the same
Hungary in favor of the integrity of the HELENA, Montana, August 14.-The amount in gold notes. His request was
Ottoman empire. following has just been received from complied with, and among the notes
Responding to the appeal of the Rus- Bannock : The Indians crossed at the given him were those marked, where-
sian government to the Queen of Wurt- head of Horse prairie to Lemhi, striking upon Cody was arrested. It is stated
emberg, an ambulance corps is being Stephenson's this morning, killing that the postmaster's defense will be
formed and goespromptly to Bucharest. Pierce Brothers and others on the route, that this was a job put up on him and
Five thousand Mussulman refugees They are evidently making their way that the money was abstracted from
are in Adrianople and 3,000 injother to Snake river valley, the letter before it reached his hands.
towns. Several thousand are expected
from Kassanlik. Thle Rev. Joseph Cook says: "e "Messrs. Eccles, Sharrock, Brothers &
A portion of the Russian Imperial have churches that, when they erect-a Co,, manufacturers of Over Darwen.
;uadmi liavoe l*'-. Kilse '-- > .. ,, ** m ..'' meil r-t s
i-. le;' ':. 2. enII,, Aimci "~lu*-*<.acl -tbl !c :i ~u : '. -

The Bflllsh Parlianemnt Prorogued.
LONDON,August 14.-Parliament was
prorogued this afternoon until October
30th. The following is the Queen's
speech : My Lords and gentlemen-
I am happy to be able to release you
from your attendance upon Parliament.
My relations with all foreign powers
continue friendly. The exertions which,
since the commencement of the dis-
turbances in Eastern Europe, I have not
ceased to make for the maintenance of
general peace, unfortunately, have not
been successful. On the outbreak
of war between Russia and
the Ottoman Empire I declared.
my intention of preserving an attitude
of neutrality as long as the interests of
the country remained unaffected. The
extent and nature of those interests
were further defined in a communica-
tion which I caused to be addressed to
the government of Russia, which elic-
ited a reply indicating friendly disposi-
tions on the part of that State. I shall
not fail to use my best efforts, when
a suitable opportunity occurs, for the
restoration of peace on terms compati-
ble with the honor of the belligerents
and with the general safety and welfare
of other nations. If the rights of my
empire should be assailed or endanger-
ed, I should confidently rely on your
help to vindicate and maintain them.
Gentlemen of the House of Commons,
I thank you for the liberal supplies you
have voted for the public services. My
lords and gentlemen, in bidding you
farewell, I pray that the blessing of
Almighty God may rest on your recent
labors and accompany you in the dis-
charge of all your duties."
The Famine in India.
CALCUTTA, August 14.-At a public
meeting held at Madras on the 9th
instant, to consider the steps necessary
for securing help from England for the
famine sufferers, the Duke of Bucking-
ham, Governor of Madras Presidency,
stated that the famine area contained
18,000,000 people, of which a large
proportion were dependent for their
daily food on the exertions and activity
of those who transport grain to the
country. The necessity for supplies is
steadily increasing, and the wants of
Madras are already beyond the means
of the Presidency. Every aid- that can
be secured is needed to save the people.
The increasing severity of the distress
necessitates an appeal to public charity.
Dr. Corrist, the Sanitary Commis-
sioner, said' that there were already a
million and a half of people being fed
and over half a million had died. A
resolution was adopted that the prin-
cipal cities of England, Scotland,
Ireland and India be informed of the
urgent necessity for assistance. The
mover of the resolution said more were
found dead inl a single morning in
Madras than had died in the whole
Bengal famine.

Thie IHoime-Rilers.
LONDON, August 14.-The resolution
in favor of Dr. Butt's policy was not
put to a vote af: the Home-Rule meet-
ing August 6. It has received upwards
of thirty signatures. The Irish mem-
bers' resolution will be published with
the signatures as a declaration of opin-

mentary party.

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Sirgrhtia UQur i rr I WEK........................ Cts

TUESDAY.... ....AUGUST 14, 1877

WEEK DAa--From 8 A. M. to 4 M t a"d
from 6 P. M. to 7:30 p. m.
SuCSnAvs-From 12 at. to t. u.
Mail arrives at 1 A,. M. and closes at 5:30 P. t.

'Trains of the V. and T. Railroad will run as
For San Pn'rcse--Leave Virginia at 6 r. at.
'Gold lill. l6:10 Mj ound House, 6:45; Carson,
7,35 ; Steani'at. 8:27; RIeno, 8:55; Truckee,
II; Shatimento. 6:05 A. M.; Vallejo, 9:10, ar-
vtring in San Francisco at 1:10..
i Saturday Nights--Train from Virginia
connects at neno with Overland train (12:05) for
iSan FranciM.e,
TDinnos on boat from San Francisco, and
.Awkfast at Reno. going east. Breakfast oln
boat from Vallejo, going west. Stoping car
daily between Carson and Vallejo.]
For Carson asnd Reno-Leave Virginia at 8:15
a. A., and arrive in Carson at 9:50.
For Carson, Afternoon)-Leave Virginia at
:45 P. a.
tVains leave Carson at 12:15 and 5 P. t., and
'arrive in Virginia at 1:45 and 6:25 a. n.
The California express reaches Carson at 9:05
A. M., and arrives in Virginia at 10:40 A. t.

Board SalesA his Morning.
360 Ophir, 114, 154, 154
210 Mexican, 92, 9
-415 tould and Curry, 8R, 8j
700 Best and Belcher, 15g, 154, 154 b5
300 California 271, 27
110 Savae, 5, 54
200 Ob. Virginia, 274
140 Ohollar, 324, 32j, 33
,210 Hale and Norcross, 44, 4 55
e345 Crown Point, 3 90, 3 80, 32
520 Yellow Jacket, 81, 8 b5, 84
1195 Imperial, 80c, 75c
110 Kentuck, 4, 4
20 Alpha, 101, 10
295 Belcher, 4 60, 4 55, 44
20 Confidence, 4
215 Sierra Nevada, 4
185 Utah, 104, 10*
780 Bullion, 7, 71,
360 Exchequer, 6, G6
15 Seg. Belcher, 28
315 Overman, 20, 2 0, 204
1640 Justice, 9j, 94, 94
480 Union, 5, 4 95
600 Lady Bryan, 1
1295 Caledonla, 34, 3 45
100 Baltimore, 15c
728P Silver Hill, 205, 2
180 Rock Island, 15c
1235 Julia, 75c, 80c
255 Alta, 2 55, 24
50 Woodville, 30c
'\5 Kossutb, 15o
1206Andes, 70c, 75c
100 LeSa4han, 35c
100 So. JustIce, 70c I
350 Proasect, 3Qe .
100 North Con. Vjri ia, 50c
100 Morning Star, 240
800'Peytona, 1 30, 14 f
50 Trojan, 50 sl0
200 Joe Scates, 25c
After the Board.
'SAN FRANCISCO, August 14.--Jus-
tice, 94; Belcher, 4.60; California, 27 ;
Gould and Curry, 84; Ophir, 15 ; Con. is
Virginia, 274 ; Caledonia, 3.40; Best
and Belcher, 154; Bullion, 74. l

Eoard Sales Yesterday Afternoon.
250 Meadow Valley, 80c
195 Raymond & Ely, 134, 132
145 Eureka Con., 344, 34
50 Jackson, 6 t
50 Alps, 75c b
80 Phoenix, 50c r
500 Rye Patch, 3 35 b30
100 Eldorado South, 1 85 a
135 Leopard, 1 80, 1 85 c
4901Gila, 60c, 65c e
320 Northern Belle, 184, 18
1305 Hussey, 35c, 40c
20 Panther, 50c -
50- Manhattan, 11 I
1150 DeFrees, 1, 1 3', 1 40, 1 45
300 Grand Prize, 134, 13j, 134
450 Argenta, 115 q
200 Steptoe, 3 60 T
50 New Coso, 750 t
25 K K Con., 3 n
390 Modoc, 75c, 80c o
420 Golden Chariot, 75c, 80c T
1300 Poorihan, 10c
2375 Leeds, 2 20, 210 b5, 24, 2 15
760 Sierra Nevada, 4 05, 4 a
575 Justice, 80, 82, 87 u
50 Exchequer, 6 b 1 h
365 Ophir, 15 5, 151b3, 15 t
110 Gould and Curry, 841
20 Chollar, 334 c
160 Mexican, 94, 94 b5 C
150 Con. Virginia, 29. d
100 Belcher, 4 65
500 Imperial, 80c
100 Alpha, 104, 104, 104
125 Overman, 214, 214, 21
.105 Savage, 54, 52 E
380 Julia, 1, 95c, 90c
125 Caledonia, 3 60
100 Hae and Noroross, 4 45, 4j tI
95 Bullion, 7, 71 in
135 Best and Belcher, 15, 151, 154
250 California, 274, 27 tf
265 Yellow Jacket, 84 a:
60 Crown Point, 4, 3 95 o
Arrivals this Morning. i
T Coffin GDouge Chas Donahue n
R 0 Buzan A C Bamilton A Baracker d
Chas Prost A B McKay Wm Wedge h
Francis WheelerG Lipman R Welch
H M Gorham Chas Murray L Kollman Y
S W KIemble J A Brumsey ID Sullivau ii
Jas Conners Mrs Brannon Maggie McCaus- v
Emma Gray & chd land
B Hutchinson Mrs Crowner Miss C Clark
Mrs S J George Mast C Thayer Mrs Kemble
W Cohu & wife John Forte F Thayer & wf u
Geo T Marye Jr A E Rowe & wf Miss N O'Con- h
AMcDonald WVM Dorchey nell
A Rogers & wifeWm McAnarlin J F Ke'chum
J it True & wf A Koyn Mary Shay n
Mrs Bennett Miss Hamilton Mrs Jones
& chd Alice Hamilton Miss Barnes t]
MKeofe J R Grant Jas Lind
N Jacobs S L Jones Albert Froeb jP
Deparlrcs last Evening. o
0 Smith P B McCourt J H Lynch o:
J R Kelly Miss E JohnsonE J Hawkey
Miss Hoffman C P Sykes &son .
W F Morgan Miss Sadler L R Mead h
Mrs E Parry Jas Carlyou Peter Hayne si
N B tossell -Jas Walette Gee Dodge ,
AMKruttschnittJohn Anderson Jac Manner
J WFajstone Frank Bell John Lauders i
i nrattbn M ail gall J B Taylor
J T McCraim- [oeff" Mrs A Daly al
Katie Daly Miss P BonifaeeO H Crandall
A W Evans Miss M C Bell Mrs Dryen u:
Jas Mandel Miss Whitney John Michael hi
Miss McCauslandM- s M H KeefeMrs E Elliott b:
Mrs E Endrew & son Miss L Webster
A Roos & wife Irving M Scott Miss Reinstein
Mrs Philip Seldner pI
BORN. di
KISTLE-In Virginia, August 13, to the wife of si
John Kis'le, a son.
PETERS-In Virginia, August 13, to the wife
of William Peters, a daughter.
DRAKE-In Hamilton, August 6, to the wife
of J. E. Drake. a son. o

HEGERMAN-I~ Virginia, August 10, to the ,
wife of John Hegerman, a son.
BELMOR-In Gold Hill, August 14, to the wife si
of George Ernest Belmor, a daughter.
DIED. fc
CONNOR-In Virginia, August 14, M. M. Con- da
nor, a native of Ireland, aged 49 years. W
IFuneral will take place to-morrow (Wednes- fe
day) afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Friends and ac- W
quaintances are respectfully invited to attend.J di
STEWART-In Virginia, Auzust 14, J J. Stew- cc
art, a native of Boltast, Maine, aged 63 years, ha
[San Francisco and Maiune papers please copy.] ,
BOSTWICK-At Glenbrook, Lake Tahoe, Au-
gust 13, Henry B. Bostwick, a native of Port
Stanley, Canada 't est.
BRANNAN-In Newark Valley, Eureka county,
August 10, infant son of Robert and Mary
Brannan, aged 8 months and 15 days. je
BOT O--In San Francisco, August 13, Arline
Botto, aged 6 years. W
SMITH-In Virginia, August 14, Julia, infant 0
daughter of W. K. Smith, aged 8 months.
WILMER-At County Hospital, August 14, 63
Jennie Wilmer, a native of Oregon, aged 32 fa
years. P

CAaPErs, Furniture, Bedding of every m
description, can be found at the Mammoth
Furniture Warerooms. lchoenfeld & Heyman's,
29 South C street. jy30 1m
PnICEs have been reduced to suit the s
times at the Mammoth Furniture and Carpet
Warerooms of Schoenfeld & IIeyman, No. 29 te
South C street. jy80 1m a

THE cheapest and largest assortment of A
Furniture, Carpets, 3f 'ding, Crockery, Glass 0e
and Plated Ware can be round nt. soelh ne-tlr A
Leoy!'t>'3, Go. 2v *c:.i C cVs.t oyj0o nu ol

A Succinct Account of Recent 3Mli-1
tary Movements nuld Their Proba.
ble It~sllt,
A dilapidated person wiith a bulga-
rian cast of couintenance, a torpedo
Boie, and a general military aspect-
the basement of his apparel suggesting
a disastrous warfare attended by a long
succession of repulses-entered the
Delta saloon this morning, and, after
taking a casual glance at a newspaper,
he approached the bar with a mystify-
ing inquiry.
"Do you know how th e ussians
are going to chaw up them Turks when
next they get at 'em, like a bag of cats
run through a sausage machine ?"
Pete Dunn was in charge of the al-
coholic breastworks. His experienced
eye ranged suspiciously over the
stranger's form, and he answered,
coldly t "I have not paid much atten-
tion to the war, sir."
"Well, I'll just show you," volun-
teered the man of martial sagacity-"a
little gin and sugar, if you please. You
see it's all strategy. The Russians are
just closing in on the shady side of the
quadrilateral with their left. Here is
Ruschuk and Nincompobalus, whiclt
the Turks will have to get out of when
the center comes in on the othercorner,
and the garrison at Ballacoop is cut
out-" Here the stranger gulped an-
other heavy drink from the gin bot-
tle, which represented the cit-
adel of Hakamasha in the diagram,
and continued : "The right will jump
in and drive the Turks out of Yeukew-
asky, and then they will all take to the
Balkans, and the Russians -will haul
'em down out of the trees, and 'push
'em over the side into the Danube, and
belt the stuffing out of every dog (f 'em.
It's all strategy, strategy, my boy,"
concluded the author of this startling
theory of the campaign, as he turned
from the bar and walked away ab-
stractedly. For an instant Mr. Dunn
was overwhelmed by his efforts to com-
prehend the situation, and then he
called oat : "Here, my- friend, you
haven't paid for them drinks," but be-
fore he could get hold of his club and
execute a flank movement round the
end of the bar, the accomplished pro-
fessor of strategy had doubled on him
and effected a rapid but orderly retreat
down Union street.
Mr. Dunn now reads the Turkish war
news with more interest than ever.

Teh-Cent Checks the Highest Used at
Faro Ganmes-People Leaving the
Country In Flocks.
The latest news from the Black Hills
was brought by an old Ophir miner,
who returned last Friday. He fully
coincides with all the unfavorable re-
ports which have lately .been received
rom the new El Dorado, and as a
:lincher vouches for the truth of the
following : The highest-priced checks
at faro games are, ten cents apiece.
When a player buys two checks and
gives the dealer a two-bit piece he is
handed five cents change. There are
some of the old-fashioned copper cents
n circulation in the Hills, so that five
cents in change is nearly as much of a
load as a man cares to carry about. If,
while playing at a table, a man wants
a drink, the dealer will ring the bell,
and the barkeeper will take the order, 1
but will not deliver the drink until i
three checks are passed to the dealer
by the player ordering it. Upon the I
receipt of the three checks the dealer t
will return five cents change and hand i
Stwo-bit piece to the barkeeper. No (
ne will give any tobacco away, i
given a chew of fine-cut being
unobtainable without the money. I
The Hills have been losing their popu-
ation by hundreds since the middle of s
ast April, when it became evident that r
rater was not obtainable in sufficient i
quantities for placer mining purposes, a
They have been losing in public estima-
ion all over the country, and no one
ow thinks of leaving his present place
f residence to go to the Black Hil.s.
The miner who brings this information
ays that as a mining country the Hills "
re pretty generally considered a fail-
re. There is some good land there,
however, and this will insure the set-
lement of the Hills by farmers who c
will be content with what crops they r
an raise as a reward for their industry.
otherwisee the country would become
populatedd in less than six months.

His Undeviating Courtesy, f
There was a rush at the American f
changee last night, and old Bill Gordon t
'as somewhat imposed upon by the in- s
rusion of a sagebrusher to his society s
n a double-bedded room. Bill is ex-
remely fastidious in his toilet artifices, g
nd ripe old bachelor as he is, he studi- b
usly pursues the science of maintain-
g a perpetual youth. When he awoke t
n the morningjhe observed the hoosier
making free with the implements of his
ressing-case, as if they were common 0
hotel property. Bill arose with a
awn, just as the hoosier was conclud-
ng his matitudinal preparations with a S
rigorous application of his toothbrush.
Well, stranger," observed ,
'you seem to finish your toile
'here I commence, and I guess \
ave to wait for you."
"Got all through now, sir ; fall I
plied the stranger courteously.
Old Bill thereupon arose, and seizin'
he toothbrush which the hoosier ha,
ist relinquished, he applied the soal
ad commenced an energetic cleansing
f the interstices of his toes and the
sseous terminals, r,
"Great hell-vetia !" remarked the a
oosier, regarding the process with a n
;artled expression, "is that what that e
,r brush is for ? I've just been scour- g
ig my teeth with it I" i
"No matter," replied the imperturb. $
ble Bill, you didn't hurt it a bit; I fi
sed it last night to scour the gall off a C
orse-collar, and it didn't start a o
Bill continued his fastidious toilet'
ensively, while the hoosier bolted to
me bar and gulped three cocktails, w
ouble-shotted, in immediate succes- h:

A New Pump for Irrigating.
A new horse-power pump, a model p
d which is now in this city, is attract- tl
ig considerable attention. It is de- W
gned for irrigating purposes. The
gent claims that he can erect a set of T
ur eight-inch pumps that will have a ei
daily capacity of 300,000 gallons, and h
ill lift water to a hight of thirty-five g,
et, for from $400 to $550 per set,
while for greater elevations the only ad- T
itional cost would be for the pump
column. If the pumps can do only
alf of what is claimed for them they
ill prove a great success. s
Another Miner Dead. w
J. J. Stewart, the miner who was in- P1
Hired in the Con. Virginia about four ft
Neeks ago, died at a quarter past 8 sa
clock this morning. Deceased was
3 years of age. lie was born in Bel-
.st, Maine. His funeral will take
lace from his late residence, 129 South in
[ street, at2:30 o'clockto-morrow after- L
------- la
Burglariin OOutrages in Virginia.
On Saturday morning a house on I ki
freet, at the foot of Carson, was en- oi
sred by a burglar and $190 taken from li
room occupied by two French miners. a
gold watch with the owner's name
igraved on it was not molested.
.ttemnts have been made on several ',
the'r 1 1!,- i the wimc vich ity. .,

~r ~ Irrr

te Comstock, is being fenced in and
pproprated to private use, and soon
pedestrians will be forced to walk down
ie hill by the grade, an operation
whichh will impose an additional walk
f at least a quarter of a mile upon all
'ho walk to Gold Hill from this city.
'he Town Trustees of the Hill should
rect a stairway from the crest of the
ill to Main street, and thus secure a
ood thoroughfare for public use.
he Pleasantest Picnic of the Season.
The Episcopal Sunday School picnic
-which will embrace the Sunday-
ihools of Virginia and Gold Hill-
omes off on Saturday next at Tread-
way's ranch, Carson. The Bpisco-
alians have won an enviable reputation
ir giving "the pleasantest picnics of
te season," and this picnic, the ladies
iy, will surpass all former efforts.
Three Mighty Hunters.
A CHRONICLE reporter this morning
Interviewed R. M. Daggett, R. H.
indsay and William Woodburn in re-
ltion to their hunting expedition.
Voodburn said he had a nice time and
killed a bear. Lindsay said he had lots
Sfun and killed two bears. Daggett
lid he never had such rare sport in his
fe-killed three grizzlies and brought
live one home.
"'UHnreIO STRENGTH," price $3, sold
, i iruggibts, will cure any ease of nervous
W0 2 .

A Swarm of Bee Attend the Sale an
Try to Secure e ie Whole iivoice.
HowQ doti the little busy beee
ImlroVe each shining hour,
And gather honey roady-made
In Currie's auction store.
--Byron's Pilgrim's Progress.
A few days ago the firm of J. C
Currie & Co., auctioneers, received
consignment of honey from San Frar
cisco. Just before the sale began
case of the honey was opened for th
purpose of giving bidders a chance t
inspect. Now a honey-bee in Nevad,
where flowers are scarce enough to b
objects of interest, isn't such a fool a
to go five or six miles each trip t
gather an inferior quality of honey
when he can just slip into Currie'
auction store and get the pure article
all made up. In ten minutes after th
box was opened a swarm of bees cam
in and began the sampling process
Phelps, the auctioneer, didn't mind th
intrusion, and taking a case in hi
.hand, with bees swarming over it, in
vited the bidders to see just what i
Ladies and gentlemen : Of course
don't offer this box for sale with thn
bees, but if you want to take the bee
home with you you can. This is onli
to show that the honey is pure or thi
bees wouldn't take any stock in it."
Just then a bee lit on the auctioneer'
nose and deftly punctured it with it!
subtle sting, causing Phelps to drop th<
box upon the head of an old womar
who had been standing there all the af
ternoon waiting for a looking-glass t(
be put up. The box burst over hei
head, and the honey, mixed with bees
trickled down her back. Then she be
gan to dance-a wild, uncertain sort oi
a measure-kicking over stoves and
smashing up crockery on every side.
The bees began to circulate through the
crowd, and whenever a man or a womar
was stung, whether on the nose or or
the back of the neck, they began th(
same sort of vigorous dance. People
who had purchased various article left
them and cleared off without waiting
for their bills to be made out. It took
just about two minutes to clear out the
store and break up the auction; and
Phelps swears that no more honey shall
ever be sold from that store as long as a
brick stands in it.
Captain Page'a Explanation of 11.
Disagreement wih Captain Lord.
Captain Page, of the Washington
Guard, in referring to the statement in
yesterday's CHRONICLE that, at the
picnic last Saturday, the Sarsfields and
Washingtons objected to shoot under
Creedmoor rules, makes the following
statement :
Immediately preceding the firing a
dispute arose between Captains Lord,
Cosgrove and myself as to whether the
clause in the Creedmoor rules, restrict-
ing the time between each shot to one
and one-half minutes, should govern
the match. Captain Cosgrove and my-
self were perfectly willing to be gov-
erned by Creedmoor rules, with that
exception, as it was entirely unprece-
dented by any similar match in Nevada.
The inconsistency of Captain Lord was
palpable, when he insisted that the
natch should be a strictly military one,
and at the same 'time held to the im-
practicable minute and one-half rule of
;he Creedmoor. Captain Lord under-
stands military rules well enough to
know that army and Creedmoor regula-
tions cannot be confounded. If a shoot-
ng-match is to be conducted under the
one, the other must be ignored; hence,
f the match of the llth had been gov-
erned by Creedmoor rules it could not
have been a military one. As far as a
waste of time was concerned, I would
state that the Washingtons fired as
rapidly as possible, and their shooting
was completed twenty-one minutes in
advance of all competitors.
Captain Washington Guard."

A Fearful Scene in a Colorado Dance
PUEBLO, Col., August l.-West Las
Animas has two rival dance houses,
owned by a Mexican and an American
respectively. There was a private
lance at the Mexican house last night,
and Jack Williams, the keeper of the
American dance house, collected a
gang and went in to break it up. A
ellow named King and a Mexican
tabbed him. All hands then began
iring. About thirty shots were fired.
Antelope Jack, a desperado, was in-
tantly killed. Jack Williams was
hot in the back. The ball is still in-
ide of him, but he is still alive. Win.
Mullin was shot in both hips and dan-
gerously wounded. Stewart, a colored
barber, was shot in the spine danger-
usly. Antonio Sandonville was hit in
he hip and hand dangerously. King
received a deep cut in the neck, a
dangerous wound. It is thought most
f the wounded will die.

eized with Cramps and Drowned in
Three Feet of Water.
The body of H. B. Bostwick, who
ras yesterday drowned at Lake Bigler,
ras brought to Carson in the afternoon.
'oQm the Appeal we learn that when
'ody was recovered the limbs were
"drawn up in a manner which in-
,d that he had been seized with
g)s while swimming in the cold
iter. There were two professional
shermen in a boat near him, but they
refused to render any assistance, giving
s an excuse that they feared some one
light charge them with murder in the
vent of not being able to save him. A
old watch was missing from his clothes
whichh had been left on the beach, but
85 in money was untouched. His
mineral took place from St. Peter's
church in Carson, this afternoon at 2
The Trail to Gold Hill.
The hill at the base of the Imperial
works, which has been used as a public
highway from the earliest settlement of

the parlors, No. 54 South C streets,
where Mr. L. Shaw, one of the best
players in the United States, has been
engaged to give exhibitions of his scien-
tific and fancy playing. Mr. Shaw has
entire charge of the billiard parlors,
and has succeeded in making them a
popular resort for an evening's recrea-
To Render the Liver Active
WHEN that important secretive gland re-
quires arousing, it is only requisite to resort
to Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, the national
remedy for inactivity of the b'lious organ, for
constipation and for dyspepsia, besMes those
malarious disorders to which torpidity of the
liver predisposes a person. Far movie surely
does this celebrated anti-bilious cordial accom-
plish a curative result than mercury or any
other mineral druh used to cure liver disorders.
In fact, such medicaments cannot fairly be
called remedies, since, although they may have
a temporary effect, they eventually fail to in-
fluence the system remedially, but instead
often do it serious injury. The Bitters, on the
contrary, are a specific of the most .alutarv
nature, and are likewise a reliable and agree-
able tonic, appetizer and nervine. aul3 lw
Uan Lyons.
REAL ESTATE, Collection and Employ-
ment Agent. Ottice at Wells, Fargo & Co.'s
building. au9 tf
WOOD! WOOD !-Any one in need of
Nut Pine Wood, call on Samuel Longabaugh at
Empire, who will furnish in lots tosuit. Terms
reasonable. je27 Im*
THE National Gold Medal wasVarded
to Bradley & Rulofson for the beat Photograph
in tl,. t:i;f,:.l S 4.,:. and the Vienna Medal for
t,' **-. 429 *ont*n- street

d Testimony of the Miners Who we
Present when the Accident O
The inquest on the body of J.
Goldsworthy, the miner killed in ti
SCon. Virginia, was held at the Coroner
a office this afternoon.
Dr. Grant was the first witness.
a as called to attend a man hurt in tl
e Con. Virginia, just at dusk on Sunda
*t evening. When I first noticed him i
the Con. Virginia works he was unco
a, scious. He was injured on the side
be the head and shoulder, and I think 1
,s suffered from internal bleeding. I coy
suited with Dr. Bronson. Neither
us expected him to recover.
", John Bowman, a miner, was about
s ten feet from deceased at the time
e Deceased was putting in timbers in tl
shaft a few feet below the 1500 leve
e I heard the cage drop and asked one i
e the men what was the matter, and the
. went to hunt Goldsworthy with a lau
s tern. I found him about forty febt be
Slow the platform at the 1500, lying a
t the bottom of the shaft. Don't knoi
what caused the accident.
S A number of other witnesses wer
examined, and all agreed that the cag
stuck fast and that the weight of th
Sslack rope caused it to drop. It fell o
Y the platform above Goldsworthy
head, and the timbers knocked hir
down forty or fifty feet to the bottom (
s the shaft, where he was found wedge
in under them and embedded in th
Smud. The accident happened in th
1 north compartment.
A verdict of accidental death was re
o turned, for which nobody was to blame

f Examination of the Boy Who Sht a
d His Sister.
Jimmie Murphy, the boy who she
e at his wayward sister, Mrs. Quayle-
a alias "the Quail"--on the 9th instafit
e was examined before Justice Moses thi
s morning.
S Mrs. Quayle testified that on th
Evening in question she was passing
e down Union street with a Miss Gran
ville-alias the Carson Banger"-
Swhen she saw her brother standing
Sin front of a dance-house, with hi
hand in his rear pocket. She the:
turned the corner of E street, going
south, when she heard the report of
s pistol and heard the ball whistle by he
between herself and her companion
SShe swore that she saw the ball, bu
afterwards reconsidered her statement
Miss Granville took the stand and cor
roborrated the statement of Mrs
The accused is a little red-haired boy
about nine years of age, and hardly
higher than the chair he sat on. H
was in his shirt sleeves, and seemed
Perfectly cool. He was not put on th
stand, but the prosecution claim tha
e he admitted having fired the shot be
cause he heard bad reports about hi
Sister, who has become quite a notori
ous character. The decision was re
served until 5 o'clock this afternoon.

Morris O'Connor Fatally Injured in
tihe Shaft this Morning.
Morris O'Connor, a miner employed
in the Savage mine, was so seriously
injured while at work below the 1901
level, at about 8 o'clock this morning
that he died at half-past 10 o'clock-
two hours after. The accident occurred
while a new donkey-pump was bein
lowered below the 1900 station
Deceased's collar-bone was broken, as
were some of his ribs, and he received
other internal injuries. He neverthe
less preserved his consciousness, and
asked that a priest be sent for. Colone
Gillette, who was at the works at the
time, immediately sent for a priest and
a physician, who both arrived as the
wounded man reached the surface.
Deceased was over 50 years of age, and
has a wife and three children. He was
an Irishman by birth, and resided back
of the Ashland House, on the Divide.
He was a hard-working man, and had
been employed at the Savage for ten or
eleven years. He was a member in
good standing of the Miners' Union.
He will be buried from his late resi
dence to-morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock.

Street Inspector Finlan Takes a Hand.
The city authorities have now taken
a hand in the clothing war which has
been progressing with such fierce vigor
for the past two weeks. A few days
ago Cohn & Isaacs put signs up over
the sidewalk in front of their store, one
of which represented a couple of mules
rampant, and the inscription, "WVe em-
ploy no Jackasses nor Horribles." Roos
also stretched a sign over the walk,
breathing threatening and slaughter
against all rivals, when Miles Finlan,
the Street Inspector, came into the field
with his light battery and ordered it
down. Roos struck his flag and re-
moved the sign. Cohn & Isaacs were
also instructed to take in their signs,
but they concluded to make a test case
and Mr. Isaacs was to-day arrested on
complaint of Mr. Finlan for violating
a city ordinance. He was taken before
Justice Moses and released on his own
recognizance. The case comes up on
Thursday for hearing.

Opera Troupe will open here for
week's engagement August 21, in thi
English opera. The troupe is headed
by Caroline Richings and is composed
of twenty-two people. The programme
as announced is Maritana, Martha,
Traviata, II Trovatore, Marriage of
Figaro and the Bohemian Girl. Harry
Gates and Pierre. Boraard are with the
party and the engagement promises to
be one of extraordinary attractions.

Lovers of this game nightly crowd

temperature at the header was 89 de-
grees, or two degrees less than tha tt at
the mouth, which was 91. The quan-
tity of water flowing out of the tunnel
was 75 miners' inches.
Robert Campbell was the name of the
man who fell at the Crown Pointbridge
on Sunday. He is not dead, but is re-
covering. His case got mixed up yes-
terday with that of Goldsworthy, the
man who was fatally hurt in the Con.
SVirginia, andwho died yesterdaymorn-
ing. He was admitted a member of the
Miners' Union on the 8th of last May,
but has since failed to pay his dues.
He has therefore no claim on the Union.
Complaints have been filed by the
CityAttorneyin the office of the County
Clerk against the Con. Virginia and Cal-
ifornia Mining Companies to recover the
tax upon the net proceeds of these
mines for the quarter ending March 31,
1877. The amount claimed against the
Con. Virginia is $3,530 79 for tax and
$882 62 for attorney's fees-total, $4,-
413 41 and costs; against the Califor.
nia, $19,003 56 for taxes and $4,750 89
for attorney's fees-total, 23,764 45.
No penalty attaches to a failure to pay
the city tax on the net proceeds of the

THE best assortment of Crockery,
Glass and Plated Ware in the State-cheap for
cash-at Schoenfeld & Heyman's, 21 South C
street jy30 1m.
EMMA GILLIS SMITH, having been
canvassing for copying and enlarging photo-
graphs, gives as her permanent address No. 314
Market street, San Jose, Cal. Orders sent to
tlh*i hove dd'r wr't 's promptly and care
S: .-i jy28tf

re The Noise of Every Blast Plannl
lHeard In the Combination Shaft.
The noise of the blasts fired in th
H. Sutro Tunnel can now be heard die
he tinctly from the bottom of the Chollar
's Norcross-Savage Combination shaft, an'
the noise made by the blasts fired a
I the bottom of the Combination shaf
he can be heard from the east drift on th
ay 1785 level of the Chollar-Potosi mine
in Thejr wer heard for the firs
n- time yesterday afternoon by th
of foremen of the Chollar an
he the Combination shaft. Earl'
n- yesterday afternoon Mr. Requa visit
of the Combination shaft, and saw tha
preparations were making to fire
ut blast of seven shots. When he re
e. turned to the mine, shortly after, hi
he was informed that, owing to the blower:
1. being out of order, work in the main
of east drift on the 1785 level had bees
an temporarily discontinued. He then
u- informed the foreman that a blast wat
e- about to be fired at the Combination
at shaft, and, without informing him o:
w the number of shots to be fired, ordered
him to proceed to the drift, and ascertain
re whether or not the shots could be heard.
ge The foreman went down and was gone
Le about an hour, when he returned and
n stated that he had heard the blast, and
8 counted seven shots very distinctly.
n This tallied exactly with the number o:
of shots fired. Had the blowers beer
d working in the drift it is very likely
Le that the noise made by them would
ie have drowned that made by the
blast in the shaft so that if
e- would not have been heard.
e. For the past two or three days noises
which were believed to emanate from
blasts in the Sutro Tunnel were heard
t in the Chollar-Norcross-Savage Combi.
nation Shaft, but they were somewhat
,t indistinct. Yesterday, however, during
a lull in the work at the bottom of the
Shaft, a short, rumbling oise was heard,
t, and there remained no doubt in the
is minds of the miners in the Combination
shaft, but that it was the report of the
blast fired in the Sutro Tunnel. To-
e day another blast was heard a little
g more distinctly. The Sutro Tunnel
Sheader is now about 1050 feet east of
the Combination shaft.
s A Water Strike Reportcd In the
SJustlice Mine.
g A report was current on the streets
a to-day that late last evening a large
r body of water was struck on the 115C
" level of the Justice. Nothing definite
Could, however, be ascertained on the
subject, further than that the Justice
folkshave been expecting to strikewater
for some time past, as they have been
drifting to the ledge on the 1500 level.
y The pumps of the Justice had about all
e the water that they could conveniently
d handle before last evening, and if they
efJhave any more water than they had
t then it will put them to considerable
. inconvenience.

- H. K. Mitchell is in town. He leaves
to-night for 'Frisco.
Mr. Parkinson,of the Carson Tribune,
was in town to-day.
n A car load of new machinery arrived
yesterday for the C. and C. shaft.
d Mrs. A. M. Edgington was among
y the arrivals last Sunday morning.
0 Professor Flint's school opened yester-
, day, with fifty pupils in attendance.
S The new boilers at the Gould and
d Curry will be in use in a day or two.
John Landers, of the Andes Mining
g Company, left for San Francisco last
- evening.
S Mr. Burchard, of the Reno Gazette,
d was in town last Sunday. It was his
first visit to Virginia.
Matt Calahan will fire up under a
Skiln of 300,000 brick next Saturday, at
Shis yard, down near the Mint mine.
e There will be a regular meeting of
Sthe Board of Aldermen at the City
Hall, D street, at 7:30 this evening.
There were shipped per Wells, Fargo
& Co. last evening 89 bars of bullion,
valued at $366,361 43.
Peter Burke has begun the grading of
the Court-house lot on the A-street
front, preparatory to the erection of the
retaining wall.
Michael Hendy of Mayfield, Santa
Clara county, California, wants to hear
from his brother, John Hendy, who
lives in these parts.
At the last meeting of the Society of
SPacific Coast Pioneers, held in this
city, Colonel C. L. Weller was elected
a member of the society.
Lon. Hamilton, the new Superintend-
ent of the Imperial, arrived this morn-
ing. .Likewise, S. L. Jones of the
SCrown Point and Phil. Sheridan.
S John Henry Goldsworthy, the miner
.injured while at work in the Con. Vir-
Sginia shaft last Saturday night, was a
native of the parish of Newland, Corn-
Swall, England.
The fire reported to be raging near
SMackay & Fair's timber track, proves
Sto have been merely the burning of a
" few trees and underbrush in one of the
old clearings near the Reno road.
Anent the reduction of the capital
stock of the Lady Bryan, the San Fran-
cisco Bulletin says that unless it be the
intention to introduce nickels in the
Board the capital stock of a good many
* other claims had better be reduced 50
:pi cent. N
f A splendid chronometer horse-timet
stop instrument, small size ; just like a
watch, the same wn ksls the $450 gold
watches ; thl hib sporting man.
Cost in Switz d-d85, price $15, at
Uncle Harrisnd02 Kearny street, Sand
Francisco. Send for it.
Sinking the shaft of the New Yo#
* 'tjne was resumed yesterday morning.
Sadts-Gwens, who succeeded Robert
Apple as Superintendent, has resigned,
and Matt. Canavan been appointed to
the vacancy thus created. He will
assume charge on the 15th.
During the week ending on the 8th
instant 49 feet were made in the Sutro
tunnel. The total length of the tunnel
at that date was 17,600 feet. The


y Bishop O'Connell, prelate of this dio
cese, is in Carson.
e The Reflex wants a reading club start
ed at Ward. It should be done.
The first Sunday school in the place
d was opened at Ward last Sundey.
t The amount of personal property as
t sessed this year in Pioche will be 60 pe
cent. less than a year ago.
Some of the London shareholders ic
Sthe Richmond mine are clamoring fol
t an investigation into the affairs of tht
e company.
d Two men nailed John Kelley and
y James Henry recently perished of heat,
i thirst and starvation on the forty-rnil
t desert, Eastern Nevada.
S The Tuscarora Mfining Review says
That the lot-jumping and street-fencing
e mania has been revived in that town,
s and will most likely continue until
n somebody is seriously injured over it.
Last Saturday night the store of M.
s Harris, situated on Main street, in
Genoa, was broken into and valuables
f to the amount of several hundred dol.
lars taken. Up to the last accounts the
Robbery had not been traced.
Two burglars entered the house of
e Mrs. A. Whitford at Genoa Sunday
I evening, but the screams of the lady
IL rightened them so that they fled with-
out any booty. They could not be re-
Scognized, as they were masked.
The Pioche Record says that owing tc
the fact that a large number of men are
Snow employed at the mills, the furnace
i and the concentration works, the busi.
t ness portion of Bullionville has been
looking up considerably of late.
S Of Raymond and Ely the Pioche
Second says that there is still further
- improvement in the quantity and qual-
ity of the ore on the 1000-foot level as
work progresses. The ore stopes on the
1000-foot level are looking very Well
and turning out well.
Somebody connected with the Reno
Gazette must have beer here recently,
as witness the following : It is a real
satisfaction to one to leave the narrow
up and down streets of Virginia City
and come to Reno, where we have wide
Streets, shade-trees and a fine stream of
running water.
Chief Justice Hawley yesterday
granted a writ of supersedeas in the
case of Samuel Mills, convicted of mur-
der in the first degree in Elko county.
This writ stops all further proceedings
of the Court below until the Supreme
Court have taken up the case and de-
Scides whether or not Mills is entitled to
a new trial.
From the Reflex, under the heading
Served Him Right:" Last Thursday
Evening while Mr. Luddington and his
daughter were at the express office on
business a brute wearing the human
form insultingly placed his arm on the
shoulder of the young lady, and no
sooner had he done so than the father
hit the brute such a terrible blow as to
knock him through the.door into the
street, cutting and bruising him in a
fearful manner.
Carson Tribune, 13th : Last evening
a Frenchman and his wife, living in a
cabin near the Western Hotel, were
awakened at a late hour by a noise in
the rear of the house, and the woman
avers that she heard something like the
striking of matches. She opened the
door, and saw a couple of individuals
run off. On investigation it was found
that a lot of combustibles had been
piled up under the house and saturated
with coal oil. It begins to look as
though this city was infested with
incendiaries, thieves and blacklegs.
Reno Gazette, 13th: R. W. Perkins,
one of the oldest inhabitants of Washoe
county, who has been for several
months confined to his bed with con-
sumption, died last Friday at his resi-
dence near Franktown. The funeral
on Saturday was largely attended.
Reuben W. Perkins was a man long
and favorably known in the commun-
ity and county in which he resided.
Several years ago he was one of the
Assemblymen from this county in the
Territorial Legislature. He was a man
of sound judgment and integrity of

ENVIOUS rivals are endeavoring to make
the public believe that simply because Banner
Brothers' immense stock of Spring and Summer
Clothing is marked at prices that would ruin
any other clothing house in town, that the
goods are not to be obtained at the marked
prices. The foll wing telegram which Banner
Brothers received on Monday explains away the
mystery conne ted with the present low prices,
and also show the magnitude of the trans-
continental business this firm is carrying on :
NEW YORK, July 30, 1877.
To Banner Bros, Virginia City, Nevada:
Sel) your stock for the next thirty days at prices
regardless of cost. You must make room, for
the immense stock of Fall and Winter Clothing
for men, boys and children shipped to you by
rail. Send similar instructions to our wholesale
house in San Francisco, corner of Sansome and
Market streets. BANNER BROS.,
122 and 124 Duane street, New York City.
The New York house of this firm manufac-
ture all of the clothing sold by the Virginia
City and tan Francisco branch houses, which
houses, where a heavy manufacturer's profit
has to be added to the cost of all goods.
Banner Brothers have the largest store and the
largest stock of any house in the city, and any
one who doubts that their goods are not for
Eale at the marked prices can best satisfy them-
selves hy calling at Banner Brothers', corner of
C and Taylor streets, Virginia City, Nevada.

Why Suffer Dyspeptic Tortures,
WHEN the famous regulator of en-
feebled, acid or bilious stomachs, Hostetter's
Bitters, will cure you? Could you read the tes-
timony of the myriads of dyspeptics whom it
has cured, though you might be of a skeptical
Turn, you would be convinced. Evidence of its
efficacy is constantly multiplying, and this re-
Jates not only to cases of dyspepsia, but also
giver complaint, constipation, urinary and
Mhuterine troubles and malarial disorders. The
gsucLess which has attended the great stomacehic
* has incited unscrupulous parties to manufac-
ture cheap imitations of it, which they attempt
to palm off as the genuine article. But, so fa-
miliar is the public with the real elixir, that
these nefarious attempts are rarely successful.
Neither imitation or competition affect the
popularity of the standard article. au6 Iw
The American People.
No people in the world suffer as much
with Dyspepsia as Americana. Although years
of experience in medicine has failed to accom-
plish a certain and sure remedy for this disease


The WIre-Paller at Work.
WAsairToN, August 13. Mr
Blane, ifs a letter here, expressed an ap-
;. prehension that e f Southern policy of
President Hayes will be 16st sight of in
e the agitation of the labor trouble, Me
intimates that he will endeavor to keep
-on top in the agitation of the labor
ef question. He states that he is fully
satisfied with the Maine Republican
Convention, Butler appears to be
Straining for the Workingmen's candi-
r date in the House, and Philadelphia
Smen have written to him, urging him
to be their candidate.
A Riot at Londonderry.
DUBLIN, August 14.-Rioting took
place at Londonderry yesterday on the
s occasion of the opening of the Appren-
ticeBoys' Memorial Hall. A number
Sof persons were injured and one fatally

FBeD. RrnE Sr., gun and locksmith
1 dealer in breech and muzzle-loading arms
I s votingg tackle, cutlery, etc. Locksmithing a
Specialty. 26 North C street jy2s ts
S ANYTHING in the House keeping lin
can be found at Schoenfeld & Heyman's, No. 29
SSouth C stre t. y30 1m

Y 39X .fX -A.LafXlPS.

* 0 ist of the North and Southwestern States,
Shas taken charge of the Billiard Parlors, No.
54 South C Street, back of Sullivan's.
MR. SHAW will give his personal attention to
the Parlors and make them the pleasantest re-
1 sort of the kind in the city.
Lessons in Billiards in private or public, and
exhibition game every evening, aul4-lm

. IsAAcs of Virginia.


....FO THE....




Supplies Cannot Last Forever !

One More Battle and the

War will be Over !

$1,000,000 WORTH



light weight and SUMMER GOODS of
every description has arrived, and we are now
offering Men's Suits, Youths' Suits, Children's
Suits, Single Garments for Men, Boys and
Children, Summer Hats and Caps and Men's
Underwear at prices that make the ordinary
clothing dealer weep and theheart of the me-
chanic, the clerk, the business man, the labor-
ing man and the professional man rejoice.
In order to make rJom for supplies for the Fall
and Winter Campaign, we are bound to

Dispose of the Stock on Hand

$80,000 WORTH .





We Discount All Our



Next Sixty Days

Even if we have to SELL GOODS FOR THE 2,000 Dozen Cotton Sooks at 50 oents

The prices that we have decided upon ase
below anything yet heard of in this city.

Last Chance, we Repeat



200 dozen Canton flannel Drawers,
at 30 cents a pair.

2,000 dozen Woolen Books, six pairs
for one dollar.

500 dozen Overalls, best quality, 50
cents a pair.

1,000 Linen Collars, $2 a dozen, or 3
collars for fifty cents.

OOHEN & ISAAOS, 200 dozen Hats, worth $ 50, at$1

No. 16 South C Street,
No. 19 Commercial Row, Reno,
NEVADA. aul3 tf




Cassimere Pants at $2 50 and $3,
worth $5.

Boys' Suits at $2, worth $4 50.
Boys' Suits at $4 50, worth $6.

Two Boxes extra quality PAPER
COLLARS for 25 Cents.


Gents' Furnishing Goods,



Cheaper than Any House in
this State.

The Largest AFsortment and the Greatest Bar-
gains in

FIErzr Ol .iCat.rra

Can now be had.


Cor. of 0 & Taylor Sts.,



Just Received at
N. BROWN & 00'S,
No. 97 South C Streefr'
jyStt .

At 50 Cents on the Dollar.


And everything in our line at

Less than Cost of Importation


ar e. -J

S, 1,000 dozen Cotton Books, extra,
6" And Don't You Forget It." $1 50 a dozen.


22 SOUTH 0 ST,





and its effects, such as Soar Stomach, Heart-
burn, Water-brash, Sick Headache, Costiveness,
Palpitation of the Heart, Livtr Complaint,
coming up of food, low spirits, general debility,
etc., yet sinse the introduction of GRaEN'S
AuGusT FEowRe, we believe there is no case of
Dyspepsia that cannot be immediately relieved.
80,000 dozen sold last year without one case of
failure reported. Go to your Druggist, A. M.
COLE, and get a sample bottle for 10 cents
and try it. Two doses will relieve you. Regu-
lar size 75 cents. de21 cow ly
Pause Just a Moment.
NOTICE the "Star Remedies." Dr
Van Dyke's Art:-Bilious cure is preferred to
all other dyspeptic medicines first, it does
not gripe ; second, it does not nauseate;
third, it is pleasant to taste and smell-
" Trout Oil Liniment" is prepared from Lake
Tahoe trout, and is the best liniment in the
world for rheumatism, neuralgia and sprains.
Go to your drunggist and get a sample bottle
of each free of charge. Trout Oil, 50 cents
per bottle ; Anti-Bilious Cure, $1. au6 ly

Prices Reduced.
HAVING purchased the business of Locan
& Co., we have reduced the prices from 25 to
50 per cent. Berlin zephyr wool at 10 and 15
cents per ounce. Every requisite for needle-
work on hand at low prices. We have a beauti-
ful assortment of clocks, vases, bronzes and
fancy goods. H. SisRixo & Co.. 19 Montgomery
street (Lick House block), San Francisco, au5 Im
Private School.
Peter Leonard has reopened his day
and evening school at 132 South G street. Mr
Leonard informs the public that, as he will
give his whole attention to the school and
pupils will receive the benefit of his extended
experience, he hopes to receive a liberal patron-
age. aud-lm
Mrs.. M. K Kelly's Benefit
Will positively take place Thursday
evening, September 0, at her residence, No. 224
South Howard street. It will then be deter-
mined who will get the sewing machine.

a. BV com of Reno.

s 0.j

PER WEEK .... .. ............a 5 Ct

TUESDAY........AUGUST 14, 1877


Virginia City's Most Prominent Busi-
ness Men,

For the convenience of the five thou-
sand readers who daily peruse the
Business Directory of Virginia City and
vicinity has been"carefully prepared.
If you require the services of a Physi-
cian, a Lawyer, a Dentist, you can see
at a glance where the foremost men of
those professions are to be found.
If you need Groceries, Wines, Liquors
or Cigars, the best houses in the city
are classified below so that they can be
found at a moment's notice. Every
branch of Virginia's industry, in fact,
has its best representatives in the an-
nexed list:
Assay Offices.
C. Wiegand & Co 38 North C street.
Gold Hill Assay Office, McCullough & Co.
Attorneys at Law.
The names and office-locations of the
principal attorneys of Virginia City are
as follows :
Aude, Francis L., Conger s Building.
Belknap, C. H., 6 and 0, Marye's building.
Graham, J. H., with Lewis & Deal.
Lewis & Deal, Ianak's building, south C st.
Mesiek, R. S. & W. S., 48 south B street.
Scaniker S. P., 85 South C street.
Stonehill, E. B, Black's building, up stairs.
Tilden, M. C. 31 South B street.
Woodburn, Wm., over Mallon's st re.
J. C. COrrie & Co., 26 South Cstreet.
Gus. Heyman & Co., 90 South C street.
Banking Houses.
Bank of California, southwest corner C and
Taylor streets.
S Bank of Nevada, southeast cor C and Taylor
Virginia Savings Bank, 41 South C street.
Billiard Booms.
No more elegantly fitted up billiard
saloons can be found on the Pacific coast
than the following:
Capitol Billiard Parlors, 0 North C street.
Books, Stationery, Fancy Goods
F. Boegle, 44 South C street.
Boots and Shoes.
C. A. Noltemcier, 104 South C street.
Clothing Houses.
Clothing of all descriptions can be
bought as cheap here as in San Francisco.
Our leading houses in this line are as fol-
lows :
Banner Brothers, corner C and Taylor streets.
Barnert & Co, 70 South C street.
N. Brown & Co., 27 South C street.
Bo03 Bros, 22 South C street.
Collection and Commission Office.
All work in this line promptly and
faithfully attended to by
Daniel Lyons, office in Wells, Fargo & Co's.
Dr A. Chapman, 148 South C street.
Madame Chevalier, Room 28 Fredrick House.
Dry Goods.
The ladies of Virginia-that is, the old
residents-all know where the leading dry
goods houses of the city are to be found,
but for the convenience of new-comers we
will state that the chief dry goods houses
are those of
D. Block & Co., 18 South C street.
A. Vaenberg & Co., 64 South C street.
rugs and Medicines.
A. M. Cole, 88 South C street.
Engineering and Surveying.
Gotth. Haist, Black's building, C andTayior.
Engraving on Wood.
W. W. Garrison, Evening Chronicle office.
Samuel Longabaugh, Empire.
Those who wish to explore the myste-
ries of the future are promised assistance
-by the following-named female Astrolo-
Madame Hoffman, 89 South B street.
Madame Smith, S9 North C street.
Fulton Foundry, 360 south C st, on Divide.
Union Foundry, 320 scuth C st, on Divide.
Emmett's Foundry, Lower Gold Hill.
Furnished Booms.
Pacific Lodging House, 27 South C street.
A. M. John-oi, 73 Ridge street.
I. Goodfriend, 15 North B street.
Gas Companies.
Virginia Gas Co., Union street, below G.
Grocerles and Provisions.
The best groceries and provisions, and
imported wines and liquors, are furnished
wholesale and retail by the following
standard firms :
Hatch Bros, 20 South C street.
J. & J. B. Mailon, next to Bank of California.
Maestretti & Monaco, 93 North C street.
Sullivan & Dunstan, 186 and 188 south Cat.
Gun and Locksmith.
Fred. Ritter, Sr., 26 North C street.
Stoves, gas fixtures, hardware and
plumbing goods of all kinds are to be
found at the stores of
John Gillig, 33 and 35 South C street.
Hotels and Restaurants.
The most important problem of life is
where to get first class meals at reason-
able prices. In the following list will be
found the best eating-houses in Virginia :
American Exchange, N. W. corner Washing-
ton and E streets.
Delmonico, 47 South C street.
International Botel, corner C and Union sts.
"Our House," 32 South C street.
What Cheer, 66 Union street.
household Furniture.
Sehoenfeld & Heyman, 20 South C street.
Insurance Agencies.
W. B. Hickok, Room 5, Odd Fellows' bldg.
Those. HL. Ralston, room 7 Odd Fellows' bldg.
L. C. Butch, 28 South C street.
W. Manning, 76A South C street.
ladles' Halirdressers.
Mrs. E. J. Murphy, Lower Gold Hill.
American Laundry, North A street.
livery and Boarding Stable.
J. P. Hutchinson, 129 and 131 South C street.
Luniber Yards,
Complete stocks of building lumber,
mining timbers, doors, sash, blinds, etc.,
Kept constantly on hand by
inY & Smith, corner C and Mill streets.
SBradley & Co., 77 and 70 North C st.
l tlo Loan.
pa.L C. Tilden, 31 South B street.
Music Lessons.
F J. Jessup, 158 south C st, or Ash's store.

Notaries Public.
Graham, J. IL, with Lewis &Deal. i
Win. B. Hickok, Odd Fellows' Building.
Ricketts, A. II., Bank of Cal. bldg, up stairs.
Paints, Oils, Etc.
Joseph Fredericks, 43 South C street.
Noe & Lee, 82 South C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
The following is a list of the principal
Physicians and Surgeons of the city:
Conn, Dr. F. W., 9 So,-th C street.
Grant, Dr. J., 77 Seo street.
Kirby, Dr. P. T., ;cian, Gold Hill.
Robinson, Dr 'h C street.
Plumb- -
J"P m re t.


91% C01o11rtt ntolt ^ Hnqunlt 9aitWl. N mtiluamtt W. 0rcsmi.1 ana Trovi'sioni. -founlrl^r.
Yvrlety Stores. Schmicdell. Hlochstadter & 00.1, .1 B M" A LL N A. j. aR entnRairsi
aricy Stores. SCo, Trustees............7278 20 30 00 J. & J. B. M AL LO A. TYRRELL. PIII RKS
Furnishing goods, tobacco, cutlcry, sta. Schmiedell, Ilochstadter & EI UtOVA L L.
tionery and fancy goods are for sale at the C ,, Trustees............. 7341 25 37 5 C street, Virginla. V N I N
Cheap Bargain stores of Schmied II, Hoclstadtlr & ce-a20 South C street,
Co. Trustees........... ..7711 10 15 00 X. 431. 4c C00 Xont LX3 W33
George I. Lammon, 78 South C street. Schmiedell, Hochstadter& 1 1 1 0 Next to the Bank of California Building, Whole- ON THE DIVIDE.
Bonanza Bazar, 80 South C street. C, Trustees.............8780 10 15 00 sale and Retail Dealers in
Charley Palmer, 102 South C street. Schmiedell, Iochstadter & HAS REMOVED TYRRELL & REESE,
Wholesale Liquor Dealers. Co, Trustees.............8708 50 75 CO Groceries, Provisions, Crockery,
B. Perasich & Co., 91 North C street. Schmiedell, lochstadter & HIS FURNIIURE WAREROOMS oManufacturers of
Co, Trustees...... ......8877 100 1500 W Wooden-Ware, China Sets and French Cut STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS
Schmiedell, Hochstadter & TO- Glass, Oil and Candles, Flour
fl0ttqUCnt Al*A Co, Trustees ............. 8884 10 1 00 and Feed, Etc., Etc. QUARTZ ILLS
S Schmniedll, Hochstadter & No. 15 North B Street, An An stles of Machiner
1"ULLION MINING COMPANY.- Co, Trustees............8975 10 15 00 NTTINES AND LIQUORS OF THE FIRST Stye f aci ery.
L location of principal place of business, San So iedrell, Hochstadter & (Pacific Coat Pioneers' Buildin.) W Quality only Brandy, Port and Sherry au7 tf
Frfncisco, Ciforni-Locaction of works, Gold Co, Trusteest.............884 0 15 00 PERSONS HAVING TO DISPOSE OF, OR Wine for medicinal use.
ill, Store oun, Nvada-Notice-Tere is Scmidll Hoistadtr & SONS VIN TO DISPOSE O call the special attention of Mine and Mill GOLD HILL FOUNDRY
delinquent upon l f eied sc Co Trustees .............9218 10 1500 wishing to buy, Second-har d Furitute. Superintendents to our largeandcompletestock A__ -
onaunt ossesment (No. 4) levied on ithe Schlniedell, Hochstadter & will find it to their interests to call ,on tile of Oils and Candles for mill and mining pur-
25th day of June. 1877, the several amounts Co, Trustee............0231 0 75 00 above. au9 Im poses. We offer that class of goods at AS LOW M machine W o r ks,
sct opposite the names of the respective share Schmitt C A, Trustee...... 2222 10 15 00 FIGURES as they can be landed from any part LOWER GOLD L N V.
holder, as follows: Schmitt C A, Trustee .......7213 10 15600 JOSEPH FREDERICKS, of the United States, thus enabling Mills and
No. No. Schmitt C A, Trustee. ......7561 5 7 0 Mines on the Comstock to purchase OILS, /ACHINER AND CASTINGS OF ERY
Names. Cert. Sh's. Ain't. Schmitt C A, Trustee......8512 20 30 00 No. 43 South C Street, CANDLES, etc, as cheap in Virzinia as they) description made to order. Al] i rders
Atkinso, Lyon & Co, Trus.5261 6 $7 50 Shotwell J M, Trustee......4509 10 15 00 ITHOLESALE AND RETAIL WARE- could either in San Francisco or the East, with executed with dispatch, and atrasonal rates.
Atkinson, Lyon & Co, Trus.5488 40 60 00 Shotwell J M, Trustee,..... 6022 20 30 00 house of Mill Chemicals, Paints, Oils, a guarantee of obtaining FIRST-CLASS GOODS, aul im GEORGE EMMETT. Proprietor.
Atkinson, Lyon & Co, Trus.5076 10 15 00 Shotwell J M, Trustee......6243 15 22 50 Window Glass, Paper Hangings, Window delivered free of charge at the mines in Virginia
tkinson, Lyon & C, Trus.8763 20 3000 Shotwell J M, Trustee......747 10 1500 Shades, uck Sheeting, Picture Frame and or Gold Hill. & J. B. IALLON, FULTON FOUND RY,
Boyd & Davis. Trustees....4649 25 3750 bhotwell J M, Trustee...... 7626 20 30 00 Souldings. Perkins & House's non-explosive ail3 tf Virginia, No
Boyd & Davis, Trustees... 6012 20 30 00 Shotwell J M, Trustee...... 27 15 22 50 Lamps. Constantly keeps on hand a large
Boyd & Davis, Trustees....t052 20 30 00 Schultz W A, Trustee......3121 100 150 00 assortment of all articles for Millmen's use, in- JUST RECEIVED, OFFICE AND WORKS:
Boyd k Davis, Trustees....7146 10 15 00 Schultz WA, Trustee......3123 100 150 00 eluding Plaster and Cement. Sodium, Cyanide
Bates D C, Trustee........2966 20 3 00 Scott H & Co, Trustees..5327 10 15 00 of Potassiu, Sulphuric and other Acids, etc. A Fresh supply of 360 South C Street, on the Divide,
Blow Bros, Trustees....... 7182 10 15 00 Scott H H & Co, Trustees.. 755 10 1500 Orders for Painting, Papering, Glazing, etc-
Blow Bros, Trustees...... 7205 5 7 50 Scott H H & C, Trustees..7568 10 1500 promtlv attended to aul tf PURE MAPLE SUGAR, Manufactu rs of Every Description of
Blow Broa, Trustees.......8981 10 15 00 Scott H ii & Co, Trustees..7570 10 15 00
Blow Bros, Trustees.. 7 20 000 SteinNat, Trustee........ 648 20 000 NOTICE TO TOWN LOT DEALERS. CHOICE OAT EAL MLL AND MININ MACHINERY.
Burling, H H, Trustee...6604 19 16 00 St John R A, Trustee......6608 10 15 00 FROM AKRON, 1OHIO. __
Cahill E & Co, Trustees....4621 69 76 00 St John R A, Trustee...... 73082 3 00 SONS ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST A fine article of Sole manufacturers of the McAlister Patent
Cahill E & Co, Trustees....6230 6 7 60 St John R A, Trustee...... 7309 20 30 00 purclhasing from any one any Town Lots WOR ESTERSHIRE SAU E, CAR WHEEL
Cahill E & Co, Trustees....6231 5 750 St John RA, Trustee...... 7331 50 75 00 st of LStreet, between Washington and
Cahi E Trustees.. 7 10 1 St John A, Trustee 7327 10 15 00 ickey, in the city of Virginia, Storey county, By the Quart or Gallon,
Cahill E & Co, Trustees,; .8076 10 15 00 StJohn R A, Trustee.....844 10 1 00 Nevada, as ihesame is the property of he AT-. UR WORKS HAVE LATELY BEEN EN
Cahill E & Co, Trustees.....8077 10 15 00 Todd J I, Trustee..........7400 10 15 00 Senatur Mining Compnn jy21 tf large and remodeled, which, with the
Cahill E & Co, Trustees ....9062 20 30 00 Trumpp Ww, Trustee......3209 10 15 00 HATO H BROTHER S, addition of new and improved machinoer, en-
Coursen GA, Truste ......6468 50 7500 Trumpp Wm, Trustee...... 3210 10 15 00 DFRUIT DEALERS& oAHn STORES 0 ablest us to execute all kinds of Work in, o
Course GA, Trustee... 064 10 00 Wocds & Freeborn, Trustees 844 40 60 00 UIT D L S ANDY S ONo. s0 South C Street, line promptly and in the best manner, at the
OoUrsenG A, Trustee ...9413 10 15 00 Woods & Freeborn, Trustees4697 20 30 CO aul lin very lowest rates.
Callaghan, Lynch & Co,Trus3414 5 7 50 Woods & Freeborn, Trustees4909 10 15 00 --ANDREW FRASER, Superintendent.
Cope, Uhler& Co, Trust's..4560 20 3000 Woods &Fresboin, Trstees6336 100 160 00 SU LIVAN & D TA A. J. RALsTON.,Trustee. jyl tf
Cope, Uhler& Co, Trust's. ,7492 10 1500 Woods & Freeborn, Trus...6584 25 37 0 PA P E R BA G S Il A
Cope, Uhler & Co, Trust's..8336 20 30 00 -Woods & Freeborn, Trus...7442 60 75 00 P G S I
Coffin as Trustee.. .s 48890 20 30 00 Woods & Freeborn, Trus...7484 200 300 00 TO THE UNFORTUNATE
Coffin Jas, Trustee...... .6280 10 15 00 Woods & Freeborn, Trus... 7620 10) 150 10 AT LESS THAN COST. TILL CONTINUE THEIR BUSINESS AS
Coffin Jas, Tstee.......6648 50 75 00 Woods & Freeborn, Trus...7663 50 75 00 -S heretofore at the Old Stand, D ON'S D PENSARY
Crocker &Gurnett, Trus...5974 10 15 00 Woods & Freeborn, Trus...7966 60 0 75 01 0 CLEAR OUT THE STOCK OF PAPER DR. CIBBON' DISPENSA
CurtisJ B...............6355 10 15 00 Wakefield SB, Trustee.....6346 15 22 60 BAGS on hand, we will sell as follows: 186 and 188 South C Street, 68 Kearny Street, San Francisco.
Cunningham Louis, Trus...6361 100 150 00 Wakefield S B, Trustee.... 6360 2 3750 er1 30
Cosgrove Felix, Trustee,...7325 10 15 00 Wakefield S B, Trustee..... 6581 10 1500 "Quart er-Pou d Bags-l-,000, at $1 30 STABLISHEDIN 1854
Crocker & Suydam, Trus...7615 10 15 00 Wo!f F, Trustee...........5168 5 7 50 lHalf.Pound-16,000 .................1 50 VIRGINIA, for the treatment of
Dunan W L Trustee......8090 10 15 00 Whitficld C H, Trustee.... 5842 50 75 00 One-Pouanu -6.000 ...................1 80 Sexual and Seminal Dis-
Dewey E E, Trustee....... 6928 10 15 00 Wharton Jos, Trustee ..... 7527 5 7 50 0 Wholesale & Retail Gro ers eases, such as Gonorrha,
Epptein& Co, Trustees...6747 20 3000 Wilson & Hutchison,Trus.704 10 1 00 Three-Pond-,000................. W wholesale & Retail Gr ers ee, u i in
Fox C W, Trustee..........5102 10 15 00 White A W, Trustee....... 7007 10 15 00 all its forms, Seminal Weak-
Fox C W, Trustee......... 6846 10 100 Wood WE & Co, Trustees.8944 10 1500 EVENI NG HRONICLE OFFICE ness, Impotency, Skin Dis-
Fox CW, Trstee ...... 7277 500 750 00 ard W Trustee...... 34 0 1500 TAYLOR ST., Second Door below C. -AND DEALERS IN- tc., permanently
Fox C W, Trustee.......... 7278 500 75 00 Zadig & Weill, Trustees .... 4957 10 15 00 ee, or no charge. J
Fox W, Trustee..........7384 20 3000 Zadig &Weill, Trustees....4960 10 15600 e l
oGW, Trustee..........7437 750 Zadig Will, Trustees....846 10 15 00 DR. THOM AS, PROVISIONS, CROCKERY, HARDWARE SEMINA WEANESS.
Fox C WV, Trustee.........8193 20 3000 Zqdig & Weill, Trustees0....9414 10 1500
Fox C W, Trustee......... 8724 50 10000 And in accordance with law, and an order of Seminal Emissions, the consequence of self-
Fox C W, Trustee........ 1 10 1 00 the Board ofDirectors made onI the 25th day of GRADUATE OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE 0 rIFlour, Grain, Feed and abuse. This solitary vice, or depraved sexual
Fay P S, Trustee........392 10 15 00 June, A. D. 1877, so many shares of each parcel PYICIAN LNDindulgence, is practiced youth of both
Fr, Neal & Co, Trustees.. .8230 20 30 00 of such stock as may be necessary, will be sold PHYSICIAN, LONON I NI N S PPindulgeIE sexes to an almost unimited extent, producing
Glazier I & CeTrustees. ..9444 50 75 00 at public auction, at the office of the company, with unerring certainty the following train of
Glazier I &Co,Trustees.....2602 200 300 00 Room 2 Hayward's Building, 419 California And Member of the Royal College of Surgeons morbid symptoms, unless combatted by scientific
Glaier I & Co,Trustees.'...2710 20 3000 street, San FFrancisco, California, oM, SONDAY, England, 1850, medical measures, viz: Sallow countenance,
Glazier I & Co, Trustees... 3151 25 37 60 the TWENTIETH DAY OF AUGUST, 1877, dark spots under the eyes, pain in the head.
Glazier I & Co, Trustees...3329 20 30 00 at the hour of 2 o'clock P. M. of said day, to AS ESUMED THE PRACTICE OF LLIQUOR DEPARTMENT, ringing in the ears, noise like the rustling of
Glazier I & Co, Trustees...3455 100 150 00 pay said delinquent assessment thereon, to- o n i o
Glazier I & Co, Truseees..:4089 50 7 S00 gether with costs of advertising and ex- H his profession at leaves and rattling of chariots, uneasiness about
Glazier I & Co, Trustees...4044 10 15 00 peosesof the sale. 03N. B.-The finest branids of WINES and the loins, weakness of the limbs, confused
Glazier I &Co, Trustees...4871 70 S. KENNED, Secretary. No. 101 South C Street, LIQUORS are Lbottled expressly for family and vision, blunted intellect, loss of confidence,
Glazier I & Co, Trustees...4888 20 800 Office-Room 2 Hayward's Building, 410 Carl- medicinalpurposes. y2 tf diffidence in approaching strangers a dislike to
form uew acquaintances, disposition to shun
Glazier I & Co, Trustees. .4889 10 16 00 fornia street, San Francisco. Cal. au4 td Oi posits Palmer's new store, society, loss of memory, hectic flushes, pimples
Glaser I & Co, Trustees.. .4897 5 7 50 Where he may be consulted from 8 A. Mt. till 9 fltfIll ltU, and various eruptions about the face, furred
Glazier I & Co, Trustees'..4976 50 75 00 It f ^ -.llt or., daily, in alTections of the Heart, Lungs, tongue, fetid breath, coughs, consumption,
Glazier I & Co, Trustees..51092 50 76 00 Liver and lFidneys, Nervous Debility, arising night sweats, monomania and frequent insanity.
Glazier I &Co, Trustees ..635 100 150 00from youthful indiscretion, Skin and Con- PRIVATE SCHOOL. CURED AT HOME.
lierI Co, ustes...1 100 1500IN-tagous Diseass.
Glazier I Co, Trustees .... 5700 20 0 00 N VADAu Dieases. Persons at a distance may be cured at home
Glazier I & Co, Trstees. .. 5702 20 30 00 k ING COMPANY.-Location of principal MISS HEARD by addressing a letter to DR. GIBBON, stating
Glazier I & C, Trustees.... 727 10 1500 place of business. San Francisco, California.- Sufferers from theab-ve maladies will finope ercase, symptoms, length of time the disease has
Glazier I & Co, Trustees.... 6552 20 30 00 Location of works, Storey county, Nevada.- Sufferers om the above maladies wiillopener continued, and have medicines promptly for-
Glaier I & Co, Trustees.... 6556 10 15 00 Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of TE CT s o warded, ree from damage or curiosity, to any
Glazier I & Co, Trustees.;;.6568 10 1500 the Board of Trustees, held on the DR. THOMASS S E LE 0T S ( :C L parta of the country, with full and plain
Glazier 1& Co, Trustees ... 6559 10 1200 ninth day of AUGUST. A. D. 1877, an 1N MINERS' UNION 1ALL, directions. By inclosing Ten Dollars coin in
Glazier 1 & Co Trustees ....701 1000 1500 00 assessment (No 50) of Ff y Cents (50 crAts) A skillful and conscientious Physician. registered letter through the Postoffice, or
Glazier I & Co, Trustees.... 7016 1000 1500 00 per share was levied upon the capital stock oi -- NORTH B ST. (Upstairs), through Wells, Fargo & Co., a package of medi-
Glaidr I & Co, Trustees.... 7010 500 750 00 the corporation, payable immediately in United Consultatioi Fee, $I 50. cine will be forwarded to any part of the Union.
Glazier I & Co, Trustees ....7021 200 300 00 States gold coin, to the SSefetahy, at the office ly25 tf On Monday, July 23d, 1877. Address, DR. J. F. GIBBON,
Glazier I & C, Trustees.... 7265 20 30 00 of the Company, Room No. 5 Nevada Block, jyl9 lm au71y Box 1,957, San Francisco.
Glazier I & C, Trustees.... 7270 10 15 00 No. 309 Montgomery street, San Francisco,
Glazier I &Co, Trustees...7313 20 30 00 California. WILLIAM B. HICKOK, BIDS FOR PRIVILEGES.
Glazier I &Co, Trustees ....7346 500 750 00 Any stock upon which this assessment GUS. HEV MAN,
Glazier I & Co, Trustees....7347 500 750 09 shall remain unpaid on TUESDAY, the FIRE INS URAN E ACENT TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT
Glazier 1 & Co, Trustees .... 7447 500 750 00 eleventh day of SEPTEMBER, 1877, will be de- aed bis will be received at the ofice of
Glazier I & Co, Trustees.... 8008 60 75 00 linquent, and advertised for sale at public auc- ROOM 5, the Secretary of the H. D. A. .a & t. Society
Glazier I & C Trustees....8055 5 7 0 tion, d unless payment is made before, ODD FELLOWS' BIIILDING. OFFICE-KIERSKI'S BOOKSTORE, up to the hour of 8 o'clock ., SEPTEMBER
Glazier I & Co, Trustees..... 8120 20 30 00 will be sold oin TUESDAY, the second d'y of au5 tf 15, 1877, for the following privileges at the So-
Gleazr I & Co.Trustees... -8144 50 75 00 October, 7, to s py th odeverisin asss- 90 South C Street, Virginia iety's Fair, to be eld at Winnemucca, Octo-
Co, Trustees ...........3717 10 15 00 expenses of sale. By order of the Board of NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS. d outdoor salpromptlt to 6th inclusive :
Greenebaum, Helbing & Trustees. n an outdoor sales promptly attended to.
Go, Trustees............4487 100 150 00 V.- W STETSON, Secretary. r HERE WILL BE A MEETING OF TE j8tf BaPoolPrivilege.
Greemneaurn, Helbing & Office-Room No. 5 Nevada Block. No. 309 0 Stockholders of the Absolute Mining A C 0 A On Sd. Beear Privilege.
Co,Trustees.,........4488 100 150 00 Montgomery street, San Francisco, Cal. Company," MONDAY, September 10, 1877, at anP rivil ege.
Greenebaum, Helbing & aull td 2 o'clock P. iM., at the office of Judge C. H. 5th. Confectionery, Fruit and Ice Cream
Co, Trustees .............4683 5 7 50 EST AND BELCHtER MINING ie'knap, Room No. 6, upstairs, sarve build- privilege.
Greenebaum, Co, 1 B COiPANY.-Location of works, Virginia ig, west side, south Cstreet, Ci y of Virginia, UN DERTAKERS, 6th.iyter Stand Privilege.
Trustees.............. 5025 10 15 00 0 city, Storey county, State of Nevada. Loca- -tore) county, Nevada, for the purpose of elect- 7th Least amount Brass Bands will engage
Greenebaum, Helbing & tion of principal pace of business, San Fran- ing a Board of Trustees of said company, to act to furnish music during the ix days of the
Co, Trustees............ 7 100 150 00 cisco, California.-Notice is hereby given that or one year from said 10th day of Septcmlter, 0o. 89 Buth C Street, Virginia. Fair. Bids tr music to state the number of
Greenebaum, He',bing & at a meeting of the Directors, held on eighth 1877. By order of the Board. pieces to be used.
Co, Trustees....... ......6867 50 75 00 (8th) day of August, 1877. an assessment No. V. NI. CORYELL, Sec. Absolute M.Co. The beer stand will not be allowed tokeep
Greenebarm Helbing & (It Ci) one Dollar (1T) per share was levied on the Virginia City, Ni v., August r 0, 1877. aul0Jtd lCOFFINS, CASKETS, BUIA Lr anything but beer. All bids must e a com-
Cc, Trusteaess .............575 10 15 00 Oases, Trimmings, 0e2., of all( anything but beer.Alteidthat the am -
G rutees... .. 875 10 15 00 capital stock of the corporation, payable i- kinds and qulities, constantly on and pa d with a grate that he money w
Gree n Kbaui, Helb 1in mediately in United States gold coin, to the be paid to the Secretary, in gold coin. prior to
Trustees............ 712 20 30 00 Secretary, at the office of the Company, Room re Uphlolsery and lCabinet Work the day the party to whom it is awarded takes
Greenebaum, Belbing & No. 29 Nevada Block, No. 309 Montgomery Promptly attended to at reasonable rates. jy23tf charge of the stand.
Co, Trustees .............7297 0O 30 00 street, San Francisco. California. The Society reserves the right to reject any
Gauthier E & Co,Trustees,.Stll 20 30 (0 Any stock upon which this assessment shall laTOTICE TO LIENiOLDEKS.-I]N M PERASIOH & CO orallbids. C. CHENOWETH,
Gardiner& looker, Tas.-,.8606 10 15 00 remain unpaid on THURSDAY, the Thirteenth N the District Court, Firt Judicial District, PERAS H & O., aulO td Sec. H D. A. M. & I. Society.
Golly & Epstein, Truttees..8318 10 15 00 (13th) day of September, 17,187 will be delin- for S'orcy county, State of Nevada.- WILLIAM
Gardiuer BaetiS .........9287 10 1500 quent, and advertised for sale at public auc- T. HIUTCHINSON vs. THE IOWA MINING Importers and dealers inN L O
Hillh & eI our, Trustees... 3488 10 15 00 tiom, and unless paye ent is n am e before, will be COMPANY. The above named plaintiff hereby DAN L
Hale E, Trustee......... 5106 10 15 00 sold Molday, thle First (lst) day of october, gives notice that heha commenced an action Brandies, W ines, Liquors
HeI & Charls, Trustees....9427 20 30 00 1877, to pay the delinquent assessmenUt, to- I the bove entitled Court against the above Liq
Berzberg I, Trustee....... 5452 50 75 00 gether with costs of advertising and expenses na-d defendat tooreclosea mechanic's lien No. 91 Northteet Real state ollectin
Hosmer & Bourne, Trus ...031 20 10 00 of sale ILLIAM WILLIS, Secretary held by him upon the min claims and prop-; ole t
Hosmer & Bourne, Trus...8681 0 15 00 Office-Room N oo. 29, Nevada Block, No. 309 cr" of said defendant situated in the Virginia
Hosmer & Bourne, Trus...78 10 15 00 Montgomery street, al Francisco, California. Miting District, Storey couuty,State of Nevada, VIRGINIA CIrY, NEV.
Hosmer & Bou:ne, Truse...81708 10 15 00 au9 td and known as the Yorktown Company location aul lm ..AND..
Hosmer & Bourne Trte...8412 50 75 00 on the Colwell ledge; the McBee Company loca-
Bosmer & Bourne, Trus...8604 25 37 50 HJALE o& NORCROSS SILVERi e ticn on the Cohlell ledge; the Iowa Company JOHNS & McCLAME, EMPLOYMENT A NT
Hosmer & Bourne, Trus...8939 25 37 60 MINiNG COMPANY.-Location of prin- location on the Iowa ledge; and one thousand
Hosmer & Bourne, Trus...9310 10 15 00 cipal place of business, San Francisco, Califor- feet of mining ground lying between said Col-
HutchiDson John, Trustee.8548 50 75 00 nia.-Location of works, Virginia Mining Dis- well ledge and the Comstock ledge, known as Wholesale Tobacco and Cigar
Hoit Ira G, Trustee.......7498 10 1500 trict, Storey county, State of Nevada.-Notice tile "Middle ledge," located by A. B. McBee and l
Henerath Jas, Trustee.....6277 40 6 00 is hereby given, that at a meeting of the Board others December 23d, 1859 the notice of loes- DEALER, REAL ESTATE BOUG HT AND SOLD
Hoffman H, Trustee........ 8074 5 7 50 of Directors, held on the 31t day of July, tion whereof is recorded in Book A, page 152,
HisclhfeldC, Trustee...... 8361 10 15 00 1877, an assessment (No. 55) of Fifty Cents Virginia Mining'Records, Storey county, Nov. Candelara, Esmeralda County, Neov
Heaton W D...............8603 100 150 00 per share was levied upon the capital stock All of said mining claims and property being iyl2 tf On Conimn ssion.
Kent R F, Trustee......... 1748 6 5 50 of the corporation,payable immediatelyin United iituated within the limits of a certain survey
Kennedy Jas S, Trustee.... 8176 5 750 States gold coin, to the Secretary at the office mae by T. D. Iarkinson, civil engineer, i Oc- NOTICE. Houses Rented and Rents Collected
Kine G W, Trustee........4135 60 75 00 of the Company, Room No. 58 Nevada Block, tober, A. D. 1874, as follows, to wit : Commenc- -
Kline G W, Trustee,..,...4230 50 75 00 northwest corner of Pine and Montgomery ing at Ftake No. 1 S. deg, W. distant 201 feet mPHE ANNUAL MH ET1NG OF THE STOCK-
Kuhl, Steel & Co, Trustees.5828 10 15 00 streets, San Francisco, California. from the center of the Iowa Mining Company's T holders o the Silver Leaf Mint ing Cont- Ofi ce--Wells, Fraro Do Co.'s Building.
Kenney & Dyer, Trustees..7200 10 15 00 Any stock upon which this assessment shall shaft ; thence N. 69 dog. W. 600 feet to postNo. pai, for the election of a Bomud of Directors, ,
Keu. ey & D oer, Trustees..8095 20 30 00 remain unpaid on the FIFTH day of SEPTEM- 2 ; thence N. 21 deg E 1200 feet to post No. 3 to serve for th ensuing year and for th trans-
Kenney& Dyer, Trustees..8527 25 37 50 BER, 1877, will be delinquent and advertised for thesce S. 69 dce. E. 600 feet to post No. 4 ; action of such ether business as may properly FOR RENT.
Kenney & Dyer, Trustees,.8528 25 37 50 sale at public auction; and unless payment thence t. 21 de,. W. 1200 feet to post No. 1, the come tbefre the meeting, will be hehl at tile
Kenney & Dyer, Trustees..9185 26 37 50 is made before, will be sold on Thursday, points of beginning ; also the surface ground con- office of the Company, Tahe Building, C street, fTORE, WITH SEVEN ROOMS OVERe-A
Kenney & D!,er, Trustees..9196 25 37 50 the 27th day of S ptember, 1877, to pay the do- gained within the limits of said survey, and the Virg:ioa City, on THURSDAY, Augut 16, 1877. 13 head, on C street ; rent.......... S75_
Kcnneni & Dyer, Trustees..9,70 25 37 60 linquent assessment, together with costs of ad- hoistin Works and machinery thersoN situate. au4 td SIME GA LLEN, See. House on N street, near Washington ; 3
Kenney o& Dyer, Trustees..9471 25 37 0G vertising and expenses of sale. By order of the Adall persons hldit g or claiming lies upom ooms.. ........... ......... $14
Ke ley G W, Trustee.......8770 10 15 00 Board of Directors. said mining claims, property, hoisting worksB Basement, containing 4 rooms, on North
elley G W, Trustee.......8923 20 30 00 JOEL F. LIGHTNER, Secretary. and machinery, under the Act of the Legisla- THE BEST AND G EAPESTi Hoard st. ....... ..............
Kelley G W, Trustee 0 ......48 10 1500 Office--Room No. 68 Nevada Block, north- ture of thie State of Nevada (entitled "An Act kitchen and dining-room, all furnished.
Latham & King, Trustee...4544 20 30 00 west corner Pine and Montgomery streets, San to secure liens to mechanics and others., aid to Nbt e tHonumental orloon, on the Divide.. 40
Latham c King, Trustees...64060 10 15 00 Francisco, Califondia. aul 5w B r repeal all other Acts in relation thereto," ap- P R N T I N G House of 3 rooms, between Union aud
Latham & Ciog, Trustees...7137 10 15 00 proved Miarch 2, 187i5,) are Serby notified to be Tavlor streets, on Start ............o 23
Latham & hing, Trustees...7030 10 15 00 HTELL iARGO MINING CMa ce i and appcr before tho above entitled Court oit Two ufurnishede rooms, cor. Tayler andr
Latlehm & King. Tru-tees...9371 60 750 to i PANY-Location of pniMncipal place of the 30th day of August, A. 1). 1877, at 10 o'clock Gm f u se e t on c. roG........ T o .... 2a10
LNbush L, Trustee........ 4859 10 15 00 business, San Francisco, Cajifontia.-Loeation A. dt. of said day, at the Court-aroom of said ficTheoe drgU on D J0
earye G T & Son, Trustees.4563 10 15 00 of works. Virginia District, Storey county, Nev. Court the Cityof irinia, Nevae, and Cuto tor A ti j House d on t street ......... 2
Marye G T & Sn, Trustees.4847 20 30 00 Notc is hereby give that at a meeting of the exhibit thn ald there the proof of their said Taylor St, 2d door below C. Store on South C street ................ 25
Mare G T & So T rustees.5945 10 15 00 Board of Directors, held on the Twenty-ocighth liens. WM. T. IIUTCHINSON. ILLIEADS, HANBILLS, House on South C s'areet. ............... 15
Marye G T & Son, Trustees 6079 .10 15 00 day of July, 1877, an assessment (o. 8) of e ietoin & Thomas, Attorneys for plaintiff. aILLHEADS He NDBl ILLS, CARDS, AND Twolse rooms om the Divide ..........
Mary G T &Son, Trustees.6442 5 7 50 Twenty-five (25) Cents peo share was levied Virginia, Augu0t 8, 1S77. au8 law3w quicker, cheaper and better at this office than House and furniture, on Biceky, near D
Mar e G T & Son, Tru0tess.7440 10 1 00 upon the capital stock of the corporation, pay- 7 roonis................. o... .6
Mharys G T & Son, Trustees.8192 5 7 50 able immediately in United iStates gold coin, to TOT ,'E TO LioENtIIOIDEItS.,-IN THE any other ins Virginia. There is no longer any T rooms .....otton C t.eet; sui.... e. s
Mharye G T & Son, Trustees.82.0 20 30 00 the Secretary, at the office of the company, IN District Court of the Fit-st Judicial Dis- saving in sending work to San Francisco, as the Two rooms on C street, suitae.e for an
Meehphersou John, Trustee.4028 5 750 Room No. 1, 402 Montgomery street, San Fran- trict of the State of Nevada, in ar,d for the business men of Virgiuia live found by expect Hiouse of.7.r.oms...on...... N.orth.... h
lacpherson Jolm, Trustee.4829 100 1500 Cisco, California. County o Storcy. -OIVER LONKEY and E. uce, 23t House of 7 ooms, on North street..... 40
Macpherson John, Trustee.6904 0 75 00 Auy stock upon which this assessment shall S VlTIi,.Plaintifis, vs.' CHARLES OSEZE -
Macphierson John, Trustee,6907 20 30 00 remain unpaid on theTHIRTIETH (30th) day of and FRANK BRANtII, Defendants.- Notice is E. N. FPESH MAN & BROS., FOR SALE.
Macpherson Johun, Trustee.9342 20 30 00 AUGUST, 1877,will be delinquent and advertised hereby given t' at the above-named plaintiffs Cs,
Messcr Nat T, Trtstee. ..... 8177 10 15600 for sale at public auction, and utiless payment have cmnniieuced an action in eaid District Advertiing A licC he near Olir mine 6.roo.s,..u 90
Muer WJ, Trustee....... 8842 10 1 00 is made before will be sold on Saturday, the Court anainst the defendants above named, to A Agents, iisbed, near Ophiriroue------------.900
Muller W J, Trustee.......8888 50 75 00 fifteenth day of September, 1877, to pay the de- foreclose a mecrcanies' lien held and owned by House and let on the Divide ; 10 rooms.. 700
Norwood W E, Trustee.... 7816 50 75 00 linquent assessment, together with costs of ad- plaintiffs ot the folloI-ilg described premises, 186West fourth St ,CINOCINNATI House and lot, cor. Carson an 1 Bonanza 1,400
Norwood W E, Trustee .8847 100 15000 vertising and expenses of sale. By order of to nil: A lot of ]aod situated in the city of OHIO, House and lot on H street ; 5 rooms; c 0l-
Noble H H & Co, Trustees. 880 50 7500 the Board of Direetors. Virginia, county of Storey, State of Nevada,
Noble HRH & Co, Trnstees.2776 20 800 0. H. BOGART, Secretary. being a part on block 7, range C as described on A I13 AUTHIORIZED TO RECEIVE ADVEB- lar, stable, etc...................... 460
Noble H H & Co, Trustees."2873 20 30 00 Office-Boom No. 1, 402 Montgomery street' the aforesaid map of said city, lying between C .-. misiments for thins paper. Estimates fur- House and lot Un the Divide; 4 rooms.... 250
Neustatter I, Trustee.... 8926 50 75 00 San Francisco, Californue. jy30 td and D streets, bounded south ty North street wished free upon application. Send two stamps Ti-ee houses and arg lot on the Divide 600
Neustatter I, Trustee-..... 9060 1000 1500 00 east by D street and west by C street, and ex- for our Advertisors'Manual jy17 tf House and lot on Stewart street, north of
Neustatter 1, Traste........9262 50 75 00 TTELLOW JACKET SILVER UIN- rending southerly from North street 150 feet. OBSTACLES TO MARRIAGE RiMOVE. Carson a 3 rooms....................-400
Otis & Co, Trustees....... 186 150 :Y ING COMPANY. Location of works, the width of tue block from C to D streets, withl Noso a 8 oms................450
PlaitEOTmu-tee. 780 60 7600 Gold Hill, Storey county, Nevada.-Pricipal ithehouse thireim k' own as 104 North C street. -Norcross; 8 rooms.......... .... 460
Page, Wilson & Co, Trus...3185 20 3000 place of business, Main street, Gold Hill, Nevada All persons claimingi lies under the provisions MANHOOD RESTORED. House and lot, North Summit, 2 stories,
Patersou Jas, Trustee .....7749 10 1500 Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the of an Act of thi Legislature of the State of --- TE- 7 rooms, hand finished, furniture mu-
auinsn J A, Trustee....... 9284 20 3000 Board of Trustees f said company, eld on Nevada, entitled "An Act to secure liens to ElY METHOO OF TREATENT. NiV eluded............. 1,600
Richardson E A, Trustee... 213 50 7500 the 16th day of July, 1877, an assesnment mechanics and others, and to repeal all other NL^ and remarkable rem dies. Books and cir- House aid lot north of Carson, on How-
Bichardesn E A, Trustee... 763 20 3000 (No. 26) of One Dollar (01) per slire was Acts in relation thereto;" approved March culars sent free In scaled envelopes. Address ard ; 4 rooums..s ................... 410
Richardson E A, Trustee... 1220 50 7500 levied upon each and every share of the capital 2d, 1875. arc notified to be and appear before iloward5 Asaociaslo., 419 N. Ninth St., House and lot on C street, near Carson.. 850
Bichardson E A, Trustee...1812 S5 3750 stock of said company, payable immediately-in said Cout, at the court-room thereof, in Phila pthio for. Au cIstitution an s D street; 23 rooms.... 2,00
Richardson E A, Trustee...1831 100 16000 United States gold coin to the Sccretaryv at thi saod City of Virgdnia, on reputation for honorable conduct and profess -____

nrdson E A: rstee.*.1796 10 :150 eof the cHdpany, Main street, ldi Saturday, the 8h day of September, tin et ejmbr, a s S
Richardson E A, Trustee.. .62 9 25 37 50 Nevada. A D.1877, at 10 o'clock A. im. of said day-,thouIIalpat f t eci.A .E
Richardson E A, Trusteet...6116 20 30r00 Any stock upon which said assessment shall ad thereto minake duo roof of their lies. In all parts of the city.
Rihardson EA, Trustee...0654 50 75 00 remain unpaid on FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, LONKEY & SITIT, Plaintiffs.P ai
Richardsou EA, Trustee.. .883 100 150 00 1877, shall be deemed delinquent and will be LiS & D Attoneys for Pintiffs Promptatt ien n to the Sale of both
Richardon HEA, Trustee...894 5 60 75 00 duly advertised for sale at public auction; and Au-'usf 9, 1877. au9tdR
Richardson A, Trustee...8949 50 7500 unless payment shall be made before, wiTEDl be
Richardso EHA, Trustee....9073 50 75 00 sold om Thumrsday, the 20th day of September, SUslMlONS-IN 'JUST;CE COURT, VIR
Richardson E A, Trustec.9074 50 75 00 1877, at 12 o'clock r., in front of the office of L giunin Townshiip No. 1, in the County of B I L L S 0 O L L E O T E D
Randolph, Mackintosh & 5the compl-any, to pay the delinquent assess Store)', State of Nevada, before Thomas Moses, --
Co, Trustees............. 5426 45 6750 ment, together with costs of advertising and Justice of the Pcace-C. M. BENNETT, Plain- E On reasonable terms.
andolp, ackintos & expenses of sale. By order of te Bard of tiff, vs MARTHA DAIS ad SARAH ANN CENTENNIAL AWARD! Particular attention will be given to bills sent
Co, Trustees ............7064 10 1500 Trustees. P. ENNIS, Secretary. DAVIS, heirs at lawt f J. W. Davis, deceased, G Parotialarta'thct tontitlienobi s
Raidolph, Mackintosh & Gold Hill, Nevada, July 16. 1877. jyl6 td Defendats.-Te State of Nevada sends t- RAND TRIMP FOR from all parts o the coast to this office.
Co, trustees,.........1.178 50 75 00 to 3111aDis and Sa-al Ann Das,
Randolpb, Mackintosh. & dAVAG H ININ COMP fing to Martha Davis and Sarah Ann Davis, Bitr.M-..llJffi.5 L PIA:]2stLO S --
CRadolph, Mackintesh & 70SAVAGE MIo NING COIMPANY.--LO- defendants.-You are hereby summoned to
Co, Troustees.............940 5 7 5 cation of principal place of business, San appear before me, at my office in Virginia EMPLOYMENT ACENCY,
Sch edell, Hochstadte 813 10 165 00 ra gnis C a iforni.-Location of works, i- Townaship No. 1, in th count) of Storey, TEBER RECEIVED THEParties wishing help, either male or female,
Co, Trustees ............. 813 10 inning District, Storey county, State of Nevada, on the 25th day of August, A. D. V highest award at the Cen- Parties shng help either male on f
chmiTrutedels, Hoestadr & is hereby given that at a meet- 1877, at 10 o'clock A. m.. in an act ion brought tennial Exhibition. The New ill please send ord to this ofice au4 tf
chmie, Trustees adter.........3648 10 1500in of the Boardof Trustees, held on the 20th against you by said plaintiff, to answer the York World says : "It is now undisputed that
Colidell, & 2ay of July, A. D. 1877, an assessment (No. complaint of the above-named plaintiff herein A. WEBER has distanced all competitors, and
chme, T Hous t adterees..........841 10 1501 2)ofOnDollaro share as levied upon the o file. Said action is brought to recover a must be to-day recognized as the Piano-maker ALEXANDER CLARK & CO.
chmidel, HoTru chstadees... r & ...3808 capital stockof the corporation, payable in e- judgment in favor of said plaintiff for the sum par excellence of the world, and the Musical
Co Trusteesll ............308 100 15000 diatel in United States gold coim to the Secre- of one hundred and twenty-seven dollars ($127) Jury has but stamped the seal of the American
Schmiedoll, t ochlitadter & tary, at the office of the company, Room 15 United States gold coin, and to foreclose a Centennial Exhibition which gives th edal to Summit Stables. Iivide.
ni, Tru ochstadter.........3956 10 15 00 Nevada Blok, No. 309 Montgomery street, San ineciaics' lien on the premises herein described A. WEBER of New York. a r I .
Coiede, Trustees ............ 390 150 ncisco, lifornia. in favor of Charles Adams, for $127 in United SHERMAN & HYDE PIANOS, st-class, iave for Sale About
cmidell, Hochstadter & 0 10 15 00 Any stock upon which this assessment hall States gold coin, and assigned to plaintiff, and medium price.
Cod, Trustdees...........remain unpaid on the 22d ay of AUGUST to subject the ame premises to sa'e, for the German and American Upright Pianos, with 80 SHADE AND 2,500
Co, Trustees............100 0 7 00 A. D. 1877, will be delnquont, and nadver- pyinent of the said sum of one hundred and iron frame. FRIT T ES
Tntiedell, Hochstadter & tised for sale at public auction; ad unless e dollars (127) in United States All instruments sold on installments if pre- FRUIT TREE
Trustees ............ 4718 20 30 00 iaynsent is made before will be sold on Mlonday, 8ad mr dton, and coss tfsthenF ol owuinIToTRfES
dlstloc.tad.ter..&5223 10 15 00 e 10th day of Septeb be, A. D. 1877 to pay as will iso tu appear h ens copaint he STANDARD ORGAN, the best reed in- Of the Following Varieties:
11, ochstadter & of dv........ 5223 1 15 00 thedelinquent assessment, together with costs on fie herin. Te property on which the side strument in the world. Send for price lists.
osate .. 5827 20 3000 of thadvertisingand expenses of sal. By order d e to be before beub ed to Direct to SIIERMAN & HYDE, Pacific Coast SHADE TREES
Huhsadter & B HOLMES Secretr sale described a lot No. in blok No. 103, Agonts, San Francisco.
cs-..... ......5977 100 15000 Office- gRoom No. 15 Ne a l N range A," it th City of Virginia, as :aid -- C ,
hsdtr &5977 100 150 Mo00 Office-Room No. an Nevada Block. No. 309 dn on the of a 1 of e said city. And For volume and variety of tone, promptness Cork lirk Elm, Lombar ly Poplar,
.. 78Montgomery street, San Francisco,Ca. Judgment will be taken against you for said of action, elegance of case Carolina Poplar, lack Walnut,
78 1tdtr & jy tdamount and for the foreclosure of the said lien and durability, Locust, Evergreens, Weeping Willows.
.........085 1 00 and the ea e of the said premises, withaOb costs ofs l l An D o U T--T E
10 2l5 00 0 A. M .. COLE,if yaou c lts ath ider. THE STANDARD ORGAN FRUIT TREES
"ter & count), greeting: Make legal secrice and due ,Excels All Others. Apple, Pear, Ihia, (herry, Fig, (lipe
't00 00 f& RIST AND APOTHECARY return hereof. Boots, Ele.
.. 89 200 30000 UGGIST AND APOTHECARY Given under my hand this 18th day n of May, 1 SHERMAN & HYDE, os "-
501 200 00 00 N. o h ree A. D. 1877. TOS. MOSES 1. Pacific Coast Agents, PRIES TO SUIT TIMES.
..5991200 300 7 N0 .t92p V8ISNIAtNCV.treJustice of thes Peace of said Towishstip No. 1.
3 5 7560 jy6 tf 2p VIRGINIA, rNv A,.1C. TILsDEN, Attorney for Plaintiff. eros, of Klcarny and Sutter streets, San ALEXANDER CLARIK & CO.,
223.57................tu3J law 3mS' Fr -cisco. de7 2m aps im Summit Stables, Divide


The Bank of California ,.g OANy
No. of No. Shares
-4 4E-3 S 80 IV, Cert. In name of Shares. Sold. Lol,
12148.Atkinson, Lyon
AT VIRGINIA CITY, NEVADA, &Co, Trus ba 8 1 45-100 6 65100
15627.BlowBros,Tr's.10 1 60-100 8 40-WH
2788.H A C arles,
J. P. MARTIN, General Agent o.e, a 'ii 8251001 65100 607520.-1Co
__ Trustee...... 4 1 8
l1165,Cope, Uller &
T HIS AGENCY RECEIVES DEPOSITS O1 Co, Tiru, bal..10 1 60-100 8 S-100
Coin or Currency, either on Open Account 13071.Cope, Uhler &
or to Issue Certificates therefor, payable (at Oth Co, Trusbal, 6 95-100 1 10-100 4 85-100
option of the holder) in Virginia or San Fran 1771.;E Cahill & CO,
Cisco. True, bal.. ..825-100 86-100 2 40-10
Exchange For Sale on 448S.E Cahill & Co,
Nw YORKa, BOSTON, S.A FLAttsoo 9 T27 ustees-....i o 1 5-100 8 45-100 "'
SACRAUeBK-O, LONDOS, PARItS, 9 Trustees Chll& 2Co 280-100 17 20-100
DuBsuM, ETC., Eto. 9989..E Cahlil n Co,
Trustees, bal.. 8 25-1001 70-100 6 55-100
Collections Made on All Points. 15402.E .ECahill & ,0
Bullion Purchased at the Most Favorablh Trustees......10 1 55-100 8 4&-100
Rates. Stocks, Bonds and Legal Tender Notoe 1749. W H Clarke &
Bought and Sold. Co, Trustees..10 1 55100 8 45-100
12598.Jas Coffin,Trus 5 95-100 4 05-100
PLynch & Co,
J. P. MARTIN, Agent. Trustees...... 8 1 2
J. W. ECKLEY, Cashier. 11908.Ca 11 a ghan
Virginia, Ney., January 1, 1872. au7 ti Lynch Co,
Virginia Nv., January 1,1872. au7 Trustees ...... 10-100 10-100 none
18890.0 a I I a ghan,
No. 41 South 0 Street. 13891.Callaghaan,
Lynch & Co,
Trustees......10 1 65-100 8 4&-100
CAPITAL, $200,000 17400.coffin & Page,
-- Trustees.....10 165-100 846-100
President....................J. C. HAMPTON 12896.W L Duncan,
First Vice-President...............C. DE BY Trustee.,....10 1 55-100 8 4&100
Second Vice-President..........W. H. SMiTH 5765.1 Driecoll &
Manager.......................A. W. White Co, Trustees,. 20 2 75-10017 2-100
Attorney.................... C. H. BELKNAP 13187.L P Drexler &
Directors c Co, Trustees..10 1 55-100 8 45-100
13228.F Elliott &
JC Hampton, C Derby, Co, Trusbal.. 4 7-100 325100
WH Smith, George Senf 16471.' M EnrtDht..10 1 55-100 8 46-100
Joseph B Mallon, C C Ste on, 14244.C W Fox, Trns2 2 95 10017 06-100
AW White, Mark Stroume, 722.Fry, Neal& Co, .
W B Crane, A L Edwards, Trustees bal.. 4 60-100 1 8 60-100
W H Patton, J S Kaneen 15168.Gardiner &
C H Van Gorder, W S Bender. Hooker,Truse.60 6 45-100 43 55100
Int on d 17159.Gardiner &
Interest paid on Ordinaryand Term Depesite. Hooker,Trus.. 6 1 4 -
Deposits received in sums of $1 and upward. 10705.Gr e enelbaum,
Loans made on approved real e tate, bonds; Helbing & Co,
stocks, etc. Stocks, currency and sliver bought Trustees ...... 6 none
and sold. Exchange for sale 'on all the princl- 11627.Graeenebaum,
pal cities of Europe and the Orient. e lbig&Ce,
au4 tf A. W. WHITE, Secretary. Trustees.... ..25 3 45-10021 55-100
AG ENOY OF 13865.Greenebaum,
AGENCY OF Helblng& Co,
T Trustees.bal.. 8 25-100 1 65-100 6 70-100
4643.1 Glazier &.Co,
Trustees-....20 2 90-10017 10-100
THE NEVADA BANK 722.I .... Glazier o ,
Trustees...... 10 1 55-100 8 45-100
Of San Francisco, at 82711Glazier 2 25-10012500
Trustees bal.. 2 25-100 1 25-100 1
7765.1 Glazier & Co,
VIRGINIA CITY, NEVADA. Trustees, bal..11 30-100 2 930-100
10901.1 Glazier & Co,
-- Trustees, bae.. 4 1 3
Kept either in Coin or Currency. 16750.HenryHolman,
Trustee8...... 10 6 46-100 4 60-100
.3:CJ -AS:IT!S31- 38608.R C Hooker,
On all points purchased and drawn by th 7481.W G Hughes 1 6500 8 85-100
Agency upon Trustee, bal...21 50-100 3 60-10018

SAN FRANCISCO AND NEW YORK Trustees ...... 20 275-1001725-100
66649.W E Hale &
Both in Coin and Currency; also in Sterling Co, Trus.....10 1 5-100, 8
16658.G W Johnsonl00 13 75-100 8|
LONDON AND DUBLIN. 17429.FrankS Jordan
Bullion purchased. Telegraphic Transfersn 17450 Kinney & Dyer
made. Collections made at all points. Truste14734. es aw ....n 55100 845-100
Stocks, Legal Tender Currency, and National Deane, Trus j-"' 1 5100 &, 45-100
Ban& Notes Bought and Sold. 14900.L ath am & II"
SKing,TrisB.... 10 155-100 8 45-100
GEO. A. KING, Agent. 16540. Latham &
Virginia, Neov., January 10, 1876. jyll tf, True ...9150-0012 50-1
8546 Manning &
aV g.l Clarke,Trus.. 5 1 4
6008.Geo T Marye &
Son, Trustees. 5 1 4
S- g= 1 8690.Geo T Marye &
SE *. Son, Trustes8.10 1 55-100 8 45100
f- Il8972 Gee T Marye &
Son, Trustees.10 1 55-100 8 45-10
10556.Geo T Marye &
7N AND AFTER SUNDAY DECEMBER Son, Trustees10 1 55-100 8 45-100
jd Id, 1876, Trains will LEAVE RENO daily 15488. Geo T Marys &
as follows;: Son. Trustees. 6 1 4
2 50 A. M.-Passenger Train to Ogden and 9269.W E Norwood,
East. Trustee, bal.. 8 25-1001 60-100 6 65-100
6:45 A. M.-Freight Train to Ogden -"d 4191.H H Noble &
East. Co, Trustees..20 2 75-100 1725-100
1S: 05 A. M.-Passenger Train to Sacramento 10044 H H Noble &
and San Francisco. Co, Trustees..10 1 55-100 845-100
3100 P: M.-Freight Train to Sacrament 17010.0 Meustatter,
and San Francisco. Trustee .......10 1 55-100 845-100
P'OO P. M.-Express Train to Sacramento 8856.eHWPlummer,
and San Francisco. Trustee ...... 10 1 55-100 845-100
T. H. GOODMAN, 10475.Parker & Bar-
General Passenger and Ticket Agent. rett, Trustees.10 1 55-100 845-100
15005HE C PlattTrus 5 1 4
je28-3mn A. N. TOWNE, General Supt 8901.John Rudolph,
JOINT TIME TABLE OF THE hal. ......... 2 60-100 3 40-100
VIRGO-IA & TRUCKEE and CENTRAL 15261.Ed Bicker.... 10 1 55-100 8 45-100
PACIFIC RAILROADS: 15634.Radolph, Me- .
From Va. City. From San Fran Intosh & C, 17
Leave 6:00 P Virginia Ar'v 10:45 A Trustee.......20 3 17
6:13 PM Gold Hill 10:34 A 15640.Bandolph, Me-
6:45 P m Mound House 10:00 A N Intosh & Co,
7:201 9:15. Trustee....... 5 1 4
7:35 [ Carson 9:05 18794.E A Richard-
8:27 i P Steamboat 8:08 A M son, Trustee..20 3 17T
8:55 p M Reno 7:35 A N 9069.H H Scott &Co '0.-1 0
11:00 PM Truckee 4:50 A M Trustees... 5 95-100 4 -100
6:05 A Xt Sacramento 9:15 PN 1098.W IW Stetson,
9:10 A Vailejo 6:I1s Trustee. .... 90-100 90-100 non
11:10 AM Sap Francisco 4:00 P 13228.W W Stetson,
Dinner on boat from San Francseco, and Trustee .. 10 155-100 8 45-I1
breakfast at Reno, going East. Breakfast on 15625.W W Stetson,
boat from Vallejo, going West. Sleeping car Trustee, bal.. 5 50-100 1 4 56.10
daily between Carson and Vallejo. 15866.WWrustee, btso. .1n, 1 -100 8 4-100
S Trains leaving Virginia on Saturday con- 15904.W W Stetson,
nect with the overland, going West, at Reno at Trustee, bal.. 105-100 55-100 60-100
12:05 A. m.; arrive at San Francisco at 5:35 15997.W W bhtetson, -
P. M. No lightning express from San Francisco Trustee, al.. 4 1 3
on Sunday. 16294:W W 1tetson,
H. M. YERINGTON, Trustee, bal.. 16 75-100 2 75.100 14
General Sup't V. &. T. R. R. 16793.W W Stetson,
A. N. TOWNE, Trustee....... 10-100 10-100 none
gle'? tf General Supt C. P. B. R 2323.C A Schmitt,
Trustee....... 5 95-100 4 05-100
"'VT- 0 'I'. R ,- -E 10280.Schmiede I,
--- Hochstadter &
Sunday Excursion Train. co, Trustees.. 5 956100 4 05-10
Hochstadter &
Reduced Rates of Fare. co, Trustees.. 5 95-100 4 05-10
Further notice, the V. & T. R Will run Co, Trus,bals.. 825-100145-10 6 80100
an Excursion Train on SUNDAYS from Vir- 12749.Sbhmiede I,
ginia and Gold Hill to Carson, Bowers' Mansion Hochstaditer &
and Steamboat Springs, at TWO DOLLARS for C, Trustees..10 1 Sb-100 8 45-100
Round Trip. Children half-price. A band of 14144.Se m iedel,
music accompanies the train. Hoehstadter &
Ce, Trustees..10 1 55-10 8 4-10
TARGET A ND PIGEON SHOOTING 15104. Sch mie doe l,
EVERY SUNDAY. Hochstadter &
TRAINS WILL LRAVE RETuRSNIN, WILL LEAVE Co, Trustees.. 5 95-100 4 05-100
1410. J M Todd,Trus20 2 75-10017 25-100
Virgtinia.....8:15 A. M. Steamboat...3:50 P. M. 14107.JMTodd,Trus,
Gold Hill.... 8:26 A. M. Bowers'......4:10 P M. bal........... 2 1 1
Carson.......4:45 P. M. 10074.Woods & Free-
ARRIVE AT born.Trustees.20 2 75-100 17 25-100
ARRIVE AT 11144.Woods & Free-
Carsoa......9:50 A. M. bonu,TrusteeB.10 1 65-100 845-100
Bbwers'.... 10:30 A. M. Gr.Id Hill....6:13 P. M. 11770. Woods & Free- -"
Steamboat..10:55 A. a. Virginia......6:25 r. born,Trustees.10 1 55-100 845-100 ..-
Ia Excursion Tickets, good for Special Train 13300.oods & Free-2 275-10017 100
oely, can be procutred at Railroad Ticket born,T tee20 2 75-100 1725-100
offices. "H.M. YERINGS ON 1321.Woods & Free-
of Grener~al upenintendetat. h born,Trustees.10 1 55-100 846-100
upe14672.Woods & Free-
born,Trus,bal. 8 25-100 8 25-100 none
NOTICE TO CO-OWNERS. 1i698.Woods & Free- :
born,Trustees.50 6 75-100 45 25-100
J ecutor or Executrix, Administrator or Ad- Trustee.......10 1 55-100 8 45-100
ministratrix, and to the heirs and devisees of 12377.S B Wakefield,
the Estate of Charles E. DeLong, deceased. Trustee....... 4 "1
Notice is hereby given, to the above-named 12629.S B Wakefleld,
persons that the undersigned have during the Trustee, bal.. 8 15-1,0
year A. D 1876. expended for the development 10872.Zadig & W g W tt-
of and for labor and improvements upon the Truste ..10 1 6'00 8 45-100
American Flag Quartz Ledges, Taylor Gold and 8910.W W Stetson,
Silver Mining Company, located and situated Trustee....... 5 95-100 405-100
in the Virginia Mining District, Storey County The public is cautioned against negotiating
Nevada, thme aioun of Two Hutidred (2005 the above-named certificates.
Dollars, in United States gold coin. W. W. STETSON, Secretary.
You are hereby further notifled'and required Office-Room No. 5 Nevada Block, No M09
to eontribduts or proportion of sal expendi- Montgomery street, San Francisco, Calforoea
each of you, to the undersigned, as follows, to- e-
wit: From Levi WV. Taylor, 96 80; and from itd4
the estate of Charles E. DeLong, deceased, 88. 1
You and each of you are also notified that in

case you fail or refuse to pay the respective DIVIDEND NOTICE,
amounts of money set opposite your names E NOIC,
above, to A. B. Elliott, who is hereby appointed O'-FFICE] OP THB CALIFORIA

can Flag Quartz Ledges, Taylo Gold and Silver 15th. Transfer Books oed until 16th instant.
Mining Company, wll by operation of law be- auD td 0. P. GORDON, Secretary.
come the property of the undersigned, who l
mae te aboe above expenditures on said mining N TI.
claim in the year A. D. 1876. DIVIDEND NOTICE.
D. J. ELLIOT, I Francisco, August 7th, 1877.-At a meeting of
FRANK PEREIRA, the Board of Trustees of the above-named Corn-
EMMA STEEL, pony, held this dy, a dividend (No. 86) of Two
JOHN STEEL. (2) Dollars per share was declared, payable on
Virginia, Storey County, State of Nevada, May TUESDAV August 14. Transfer books closed
llth. A. D. 1877 m16 901 until.15th instant.
Sau9 td A. W. HAVENS, Secretary.

. and lodging to Owen Garity, late of the VJL all parties in need of
Brooklyn Hotel and RestauraInt, are hereby WOODCUTS, DRAWING -,
notified to call at once and settle with the AWIN S,
undersigned, at Justice Moses' Court, otherwise ETC., ETC.,
legal proceedings will be instituted to enforce
payment. M. NORTON, Constable. Can have first-class work done at home. De.
Virginia, July 23, 1877. y23 lin signs furnished, free of charge, for all kinds of
Plain and Fancy
_ the Stockholders of the Occidental Mining s Mon ,
Company-will he held at the office of the Corn- c Viewss, Poster ,
pa ,"Ronm No. 69 Nevada Block, San Fran- Views of BRlldinus, t ,
disco, California, on MONDAY, the 13th day of I'rowtrlt Et o "
August, 1877, at 1 o'clock P. a. Transfer Books
will be closed on Friday, the 10th dy of August, Orders left at this office will meet with
1877, at 3 o'clock i.u. pompt attention.
ani7 td ALFRED K. IDURBROW, Sec. Patent Drawings and Unique Advertifemente
Macde to order.
assortment of Card Stock at the CRoN W. W GARRISON :
cLs Jot) Offlca. m29 tt f.tI "

e "'3Y``U` I I I sll IP I I I r ,- I I I I -- --

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