Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: June 10, 1909
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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-- --.----.--. - --- - -'----.-- -. -. -

M' .GeorgeW.
Bllwck; T's.e of the.e john turr ock
Notaries, . Emmohs, A. H. Brake, P. Bu.
lock School Directors. G. W. Surber. Sr., T. B.
D. Gather, M G. Post, A. H. Brake; Postmiaster,
Mrs. .' Rose. -
'Panama, Cy--Postma.ter, Mrs. Belle BootffE;
Deputy Sher4ff AiHogeboom.
killville-Postmas fi.... Justice-, of
S the Peace, Gt. M. B- Hmis CGonstable, J. H.
Daffin. .
ParkerPo'Straster' ef. YM. Boutelle; Notary
Public, W. ,:f"arker ,
Calloway-Potsmaster, M. N. Carlisle.
Allanton-.-Pstrliaster, Andrew Allan.
West Bay- masterte, .............'
outhp r-_sPstmiaster, R. Barnett.
Gay-Pbstmistress, Mrs. R.tGay. ,
, o Bayhead-Postmaster, M. Mashburn.
Copk-Postmaster, J; J. Fowler.
Wetappo.-Postmistress, Mrs. Dyer.
Murfee-Postmaster, James M. Muree, .
i Peloun 4founty, Cromanton- Postmaster, Not*
#armdale Plnmaster W. F. Woodford.,
Baptist -Church Wyoming ave,. and Pearl st.
Sunday School every Sunday at 1o a, mn.
Methodist' Epistopal--Chnrcht Washington Ave
and Chestnut St. Sunday School 9:3o a. m.,
every Sunday. Re1v, -F. Winernan, pastor.
.Pf byterian--ehuch corner Loraine Ave. and
rake St. St6d4y School at 9:30 a..n. every
Sunday. John turrock, Supt. Ji I. Rbund-
tree, p rstor. ," .
Catholic Church ,'corner Wyoming Ave. and
Foster St. '-

Parker Lod.ge NO. 142

Regular Cojmmu-
nications on the first
and third Saturdays
in each month.
v i \ingi lIroulhern'
Z, E PALMERt, Sooretarv

.IU$A N i4S8 ) 1it ETOR I.
Notary Public for State at Large; has jurisdiction
to administer oaths, take affidavits, legalize
ackfowledgements. etc. anywhere in Florida.
S^-JaLtention lS a tol6o and cgQOqvalces
t bal it 'parties Ubee at the Buoy ffmce.
t. Andrews.
S doctor of Medicine. Graduate of the University
S of Bonn, Germany. Chronic Diseases and dis-
eases of Women and Children my Specialty.
Notary Publicfor iStte' ft Large. Solicits official
business in this, jurisdiction.
Office &t Bank of St. Andrews.
Nl1Oary Public for State at Large. Office t Store,
corner of Loraine avenue and Cincinnati Street.
AH Notarial work solicited and given prompt
.i tice of the Peace, Dist. No. 5. Office at resi-
Sdence in West End, St. Andrews; but carries
his seal with him at his business and is prepared
to apply his jurat to instruments, wherever
found.. Attends to official business in his juris-
diction, Collections a specialty.
Notary Public for the Stae of Florida at Large.
Office at Parker, Fli. Conveyancing and pay-
lfltetof4t. txex for non-residents, specialties.

., How Ha.WLrktd the Artist.
This account of how an intimate
friend of the gIreat artist Kyosal ob-
I inieil one f tle pitinter's drawings is
froN 'Lri's. lugh Frrazer's "Letters
From. .in itin:"
,Kyosai always rfused If asked out-
tight.for a sketch. So his friend be-
g.aff lt rnegotiatit')t by offering the art-
.st atn excellent dinner. When Kyosal
bad drunk deeply and -eemed In a
mellow humor his host 'called for
drawing materials, saying that he felt
alii artistic fancy taking possession of
him. 'No onhi was surprised, as Japo-
lese genItleni'n often amuse them-
selves In this" way after a feast. The
servant then brought an enormous
sheet of white paper and spread It on
the floor with the brushes and Indian
t iV beside it. The crafty host, with-
Ot t looking (it his guest. Rslink on his
itees and. began to draw. apparently
as6rld -ed his oCcuflttion. but Inten-
tiotlally producing weak and incoher-
ent lines. Kyosal' watched the feeble
effort in silence and growing irritation.
and at last jumped up. dashed the tyro
aside .and tore the brush out of his
hand, exclaliting: "'Out of the way.
you, wretched bungler! I will teach
yo. bow 'to draw!" And the result
wax i priceeless sketch, which' remain-
d In lthe possession of thI wily enter-

A Max O'Rell Story.
SBefore he attained fame *ith his va-
rlkt books .M. Blouet (lax O'Rell),
wfto, vwas for' several years French
Inditeff1r rh' '*St. Paul's school. related.
f *,w fre obtained his-post there. After
ftrre r three earlier applicants had re-
Itffre4, unsuccessful from their inter-
tfe 'Wfth IPr. Walker, wt1o Was at the
tnim. teat'-nster of theb school, M.
lfluffrl's turn caine:
wantant' said the doctor after a
few >word1. "'a Frenci m'ffster who can
pe.ce (d4Hipl1iy.." My -l st was a'
r'rrfet gentleniatl wid ia goed fellow.
but I-f could not keep thy classes in
rrder. The erd of it 'was fliuat after
ll',inX .'h worried by. one' ofthe
tfoys the p('r feflow went home and-
phtet himself."
"RSi." replied !Max O'Rell. "that is
,'-here my count?)r'"lfn' made a little
SIstake. I -., uld hate' shot the boy."
The dA'tor rose, says M. Blouet, and
grasped my hand.
"M ,,l' net." he exclaimed. "you are

subscription has expired and that two
Ot'three extra numbers wiill be sent
you that no break' iry occur should
you choose to reneW.

The Buoy is no. apologist for the
inmmnoderte use of strong drink. The
person who has so little regard tor
his physical structure as to destroy

vest lnent. Stockholders only vote
in the corporation, electing the di-
rectors. Ordinarily their voting
power is proportionate to the num-
ber of shares they own. A bond is
quite a different thing. When a
corportaion wishes to borrow mctf='
ey, it commonly does -so by issuing
and selling bonds. A corporation's
b Id 1*..; i.-, i-,,,n r t na n.P

. :Don s ats promise To. pay a cer-
it by keeping it soakfedtin alconhol is J

But the claim of

not fit to live,

the prohibitionists that a reasona-
ble indulgence in spirituous liquors
destroys the intellect, is an absurd-
ity in the extreme. It is an his-
torical fact that many ot the
brightest minds. the world has pro-
duced have been too much addict-
ed to strong drink. Take, foi in-
stance, some of our own brilliant
minds-Daniel Webster's and Ste-
-phen A. Douglas's greatest address-
es were delivered when each was
so badly intoxicated that he had to
lean upon a table or chair to main-
tain an attitude. Stephen C. Fos-
ter, who wrote more pretty songs
than any other American poet,
wrote his best ones in saloons when'
badly filled wtth booze. The list
might be extended indefinitely; but
^Ise wUIj suffice for example.
WrePci" 0 m % Af' e fintellegt -
must naturally go with it, but it is
a mistake to accuse alcohol with
destroying the intellect before it
completes the work of destruction
of the body. And the intemperate
use of many kinds of food would do
the same thing.'
-0-e -*

Pensacola Record


stops the sale of nice cold beer and
supplies its place with coffin paint.
.........I do not oppose prohibition
because I am a friend of liquor,
but because I am a friend of liberty.
I would rather see a few boozers
than a race of bondmen.---- .Strip-
ped of all its trappings the thesis of
prohibition is this: 'Some men
drink to excess; therefore none
should drink at all." The question
is this; "Can we afford to sacri-
fice our liberty to save the sot."
.........If you really want a sober
town, have the keepers of your li-
quor stores put their booze on side-
walks in buckets and signs reading:
"Help yourselves; funerals furnished
free." Men would then run away
from the very smell of the stuff
who now sneak up dirty alleys and
pay for the privilege of poisoning

The difference between stocks
and bonds is analagotr'f to the dif-
ference between the deed to a plece
of land and a mortgage of it. A

tain principal sum of money at. a
certain time, and to pay interest at
,a specified rate annually until the
principal is paid. Bonds, like
stocks, may be sold or transferred
at will. The ownership of a bond
does not make one a member of
the corporation; it makes him a
creditor of the corporation on cer-
tain defined terms. The corpora-
tion may not distribute any profits
among its members, until it has
provided for the specified interest
on its bonds. After interest is pro-
vided for, the remaining profits,
may, at the discretion of the direct-
ors, be divided among the stock-
holders. This distribution is made
in each proportion to the amount
of stock he holds and is described
as a payment of dividends. The
interest rate is fixed by the terms

rate fluctuates from xear to year
according to the profitableness of
the corporation's business.--New
York Evening Call.

Taking the United States as a
whole, it had in 1900 nearly twen-
ty-six inhabitants to the square
mile. The most densely populated
state was Rhode Islafd, with 407
inhabitants to the square mile, and
the most sparsely populated was
Nevada, with only four persons to
every ten square miles. Speaking
generally, the North Atlantic states
were most densely populated, the
South Atlantic, North Central and
South Central regions coming next
in order, and the Western division
having the smallest population in
proportion to its area.

Following are the names of jurors
that have been drawn to serve at
the spring term of the circuit court
for Washington county:

J D Dykes.
J M Payne.
M'S Suann.
J D Raley.
J D Nixon.
J M Hightoww'r.
L.evi Johnson.
J W Bow en.
Dallas Finch.
David Miller.
J G Grant.
R C Horne.
John Kent.
W J Levins.
J M Brrok.,
J M Harper.
A D Campbell.
FAM Russ.

S W Sigler.
C P Mills.
G F Gainer.
W J Par sh.
J L Buchanan.
W 0 Hutohins.
G Worthington.
R L Scarlett.
J F Juss.
M M Berry.
H D Mercer.
M P Williami.
M Sripes.
C C Carter.
W I' Tbarp.
A R Wells.
Madison Bush.
0 L Pippin.

"wr .Mes wwr rMur rne
won't b1 etny a tonustanttld
can't exist wit men. "r.
"Nonsense." tHd4 Ma, Cynthia.
"She'll bnve to w she es to HJl-

Mazle talked t it on over late
with Sereua Sea .
"You see, I m Constantia at the'
seashore the so I went witb twl
Merrills, dfid I tely clothes, and
we lived at thegn t hoteWs and did
everything in thai approved way.
"I told Consta that when I was
at home wit-h Cynthia I didn't
have aedthe ad Wtges and thatt rff
outing with the drills was Just their'
farewell treat, before they went
abroad. "Iut C ltthlila can't uuner-
stand what ite 'a:HlLaton s,. ani she
.will expect a ga '.le." ,
"Well, It's an'.illwin'(n that -blows
nobody any good." sald-Serbna scaren.
tiously. "P'ertaps' I. will llnw u.s up
a bit."
"ConstanUta would d lit'en upr a niun-
nery,".Mazle told hbe,'"but iltonu is
hopeless," .
Letters coming 'oin Coustaotia told
of her l'repIrail. tI .
"She is ge. lug lots, of pretty ctlies,"
Maile reported to S'rieua. ':nd where
i.s she going to welPr thein.'j"
Ulit Sorena, Irp t( o 1 her 'nhne; would
not worry., :'She '4I11 delkItt our eyes
with them." sle sL$d. "I iaven'tseea
an up. to da-te gon'ifori "s long that
I'd rather gaze oir ittlhau. olU a:Item-
The day cf (C.."itanti a's trrlval Md-
zie put the big ',U f.l-,)ui),-l Louse In.:
n'der. while Aunt (.'yn1mh li take' dte
:ectt~i!)e things.
S'rcena ,,ears cn'p.i. in I,(1 n frnoon
'If (Con.:'t;ti i;)i J ,a {fI good taste
'ynthll:i's ten an u ir d cocoa
ulit ck!c she's a beighted individual.'
'aid she.
"Put think of Constantin trailing
>ale blue broadcloth on this old rug!"
failed Mazle.
Mazle walked to thejstatlon. but
:he brought Co.Atantia back la the
nly cab the town fforaied. It was
habby and rnmshiackle, but the little
'lorse was plump, aud.5so was the
"We feed people' an animals well
u HIlton." Mazie c(-\' nod to Con-
'ta:-tin. "Eating is our o:ily dhier-
Conistaintlh dlinmplod. "I thiuk IIliton
4' dear." slie 'ntphiuivied.
But after they l;.i!d driven a little
w':y she s:lIl s'4tienlv ";'Iazie I-ang
ley. I don'l't believe vpe rsen .9 sin
S n sinc. we d e I I ( ,I n
gle ln':t' i X1-0141. l., a-':flirt."
"There arti't at' ;s., i' fc rmed
'her 1 v ,arnI,~yfb 4., 1- yv, ou' i,
ny hltte'rs th!t Hiilt'a w::s deIadl

(onustnith' s ,l:ih-"i rlppl il. "Oh
on gooslO." sli' said. "'as if I cared!
!t vill be a Ires- tlh%, Lare nice-
I r't or r) : !'f: r gu'L i)!iri'(:,1ste."
N.' 'i', n< lod(Cl. "'There sla nothiiing for
:ne(n to do la tlhes Hamlpshir'e 1hIlls,"
;he ,: "':, naild except few uniwrclunits
ind Ahe mi'I)lt.er Ind, ,(iie dotor there
iron't' a:ny."
"W-II. I wl:h Alaiv, l)y-Yer .could
'ear that." (',n- ltla lhmuI ireld.
"Who i.4 IHoble)I D\yer'?" Miazle de-
n ,unded. i "1 ;,
"Toblie." Const nitI e.ln Laovd.- with
labcrat, ird s'raim" Pfr :Tr'si scorn-
'ul.iess, "iL, a lord of ereatoit. I was
u i ':ed to him until oil- day he tried
to dl.t;ate to me! Thl'en. of course. I
)roke it off and told fil.lm there were
on'0111 worse thi-.is tlill' being tin old
niild. and h'e fluih l,.l-vjatn r i tihat he
ihoulki lIo single.- ,..tj eoirirk n'ver
ruit a womiin a 'rmin: '-t4'fTwn I 1fo1d
'il'n tIhat aii old nail' wavs rhapfrfer
.a, i I,, hclor. and li slilaif i I rled
" ''7 -" *,, ** -,+ ...., 0 *; v ,, "-')u. !'-(l


ments sent out from the city," sihe
said. "Everybody here has beern si
kird that I want to be hostess before I
Aunt Cynthia was induced to con-
sent, and the girls of Hilton got out
theft best gowns.
When the caterer came with his
host of assistants Aunt Cynthia sought
Constantia In a great state of excite-
ment. "You have ordered far too
mueh." she said.
There was a faraway look in Cni-
stantla's eyes. "They will eat it up.'l
she promised.
"But girls have such delicate appe-
tites," Aunt Cynthia protested.
"Oh, girls!" Constantia murmured
and dropped the subject.
But when she crime dorqisffrfs fo
greet her guests she was so radiantly
beau'i ul in pink and silver, with her
eyes like stars, that Mazie caught her
breath us she looked at her.
"Constantia!" she cried. "What has
happened ?"
Just then from without came the
'honk-honk" of a motor horn, which
was echoed by another and another,
and as Mazle flung open the door, with
the bevy of pretty girls behind her,
there rolled up to the step a big red
car in which. were half a dozen ia-
Ilant youths, and in the second car and
In the third and the fourth, so that in
all there were twenty-four men to
match the twenty-four girls that Con-
stantla had Invited.
"I IforTl Bobble to bring them," Con-
stantla said as she made the introduc-
tions, and when they had all danced
away together she said to Bobble .
Dwyer, who was hanging over her
adoringly, "Men have their place-at
a dance."'
"H6w about brusbands?" he demabd-
ed very promptly and' authoritatively.
Constantia dropped her lashes over
her, happy eves. "Oh. well." she caolt-

or refectory, presdPont's fodgingss, lit-
tery and kiteffci. T'he students' Vle'mr'
generally occupy the upper floot,.
William of Wickham. the celebrated
architect, wisely placed his taller build-
ings-the chapel and hall-on the north
side to keep off the cold winds, the
'ow'ef buildings on the south more free.
ly admllt ing sfitishine.

Rainbow Upside Down.
Not very many persons, ha'y ever
seen an inverted rainbow, although
Tfe phenomenon sometimes appears.
At the Italian geodynamic observatory
of Itocca de Papa not long ago the di-
rector and d? partly of visitors were
fortunate enough to see one. The
morning was showery, and as the
)'tftty looked down from an elevation
; of 2.,300 feet they -saw in the Cam-
I pagna a perfect rainbow with Its con-
cave side up. he middle point bearing
to the northeast. From the Eiffel
tower In Paris one hasW also' been seen.
In this case the rainbow being dou-
ble and extending above and below
the horizon to ferm two concentric
circles nearly complete. Generally the
PtrYerted rainbow is to be seen only
In the moufftafl's and then very rarely.
The phenomenon, -of course. Is due
merely to the position of the observer,
which must be above the refracting
agent instead of below.-Pathfinder.

An Old' AsFt Wednesday Custom. ,.
At one time it was o6' Aish.. Wednes-
day the custom to appoint an official
of the English palaces to crow the.
hours of the day, like a cock, s- a re-
mfnder of lb.'denial of St. PeFer. Thi:-
practice excited the firrfoaw indigna-
tion of George II. His Ignorance of
English made it very difficult for the
courtiers to explain that the royal
cock crower was not making fun of
film. The cock crower was a salaried
officer at the English. courati is Iite as

I ,

ei'11l us!" And lia plji of The' trag- ifateI', sio'l t, faie ti
edy of her recital Const:itia liighetl. to bhe1, .1tQd.'tfobiefted P .
W i glad thefd aren't -ffdo ine 'I- U9t "ft" w attW-
tlbre- Ibate t hem!" i4Aing- op kft three' l is: fasi
Maizles face glowed. "'We Wift ste faif a dozb.eigsa tntmen .w' &v I
SJo4y saltime -If you feel that. t*y." no ea'd hiln. t ow ameondJhini Ura
Sabe said. i Ale's aN4 her own.
Just'.thad f i' famslnckle paly found- "I told you the ll wind .tou'- 1eW
edI fl cirve. an tflierd was lio' o( d some god,"' lie sfIe t. *'' Mew dupil
h di e. mW44It Aunt 'yntlhiat t fie.fti-fi tltd l*1wrI Co6 nsedtlfAL.
:aqw and tlhe liglft sliniing our, ehnind '
"Ier, a nid they wenti in and lldl tef fi Costlier Thui trtfrr s.
"*d ndtidiis anid.l)th r caks. anid .Ma-. They weBe going out. -(otlbed.'ide
.- feasted ter ye on .ihe pi-lnre theben. llsow.4 r look so- oiighl8 in.
Mohstantia mad Iph lt lmli:dishgo v4. at. the t bepiutifuiLW ooMfgul of whit;
..e next I. Ag S:roIua P s kai+ e tables 7.an. a 4tir, roses ,thlat, bq; ;4
4y;S,'. g* '. .a "h JB g nd hgvp' c oa
1'i4 ld..'me' how i'r y ro :,'.ng'w- -
$toe sanid wontln'-,and .Jtord -s '
mB.. te" you tharU 1 ploitnruo. ".1ourT l a eti ofltoat, 'si." sauil.tt
S-re l thdl ai whole art waiter lrmly. "Ydu,are not allowed to

S.enane: pretty "and ttittering creatures. a few inilnutes.t
who hnng inlout Constantia admiring- "No matter, sir." said the walter afnd
ly. took his hlt and overcoat vfith an air
"I Iove girls." she said w(tiff they of determinanilon and'disappeared.
had gone awa "That's Iltk tlirfd timee" Ighed he.
That.night n.,re glrf came, and in "that I bave started to go home; met
the afternoon tlire was a girls' tea, Uiebody and parted from my hat and
andoet igh sat a feind the alaxy came oat to treat them. If It happens again
moved corn a sand the re and pog. p- the tips to the walterW fof &ke&ing my
ped corn Constanl nrd lleMao Ws n t to hat and coat wfit amount to more than
hen Constanti ad Maz Wnt to the sum I have paid for the treats."-
bld that night the i'fetft guest re- Ne ork Press.
marked, "I love girls," but her voice
lacked eager enthusiasm. Ancient Derricks.
Several days later Serena. S 'zlf gave Probably the oldest derricks still in
a ance. use are Iie two built at Trier. In (;er
"Of course there *ioh' be any men," many, ini thi year 419 find the one
she said, "but we can all dress tp and built in'1.54 it At'dernAeh. also in 41er
dance with each other, tand the girls many All these three derricks are
are crazy to see that white chiffon of tinit (in the same principle in, the
yours. Cnt la middle of a' massive At frame tower is
Put wh un Consantih was arrayed 1i located the swinging or mainin boom
aill her glory she surveyed lherself 20 by 20 incluh-s. whose Iron pivot
thoughtfully In' rfbe mirror. "It seems moves in a pan shaped bearing cup,
,a bit wasted," she mu'fnurcd. "Bbble On top are fastened tit 1. uy ropes and
always liked me In white." l he cay. whh'ft fi also minovable. TheP
The dance was not a great success, derrick can be moved by crossbaras
It' lacked something, and that some- fastened to the main boom The load
,thing Constantia said equivocally was is chain lifted by tread wheels sixteen I
men. feet In diameter. .,,.
In the days that followed the girls .... .
stI4 fluttered and admired, but Con- -The Go0gi e fx46F1W6 '
stantla looked at 'them with speetlI- tach college is built round a quad-

"It's a pity," she said over the tea- range with a large entrance gateway
cubs to Mazle, "that so many lovely which often rises into a quasi tower
girls should not marry." The rooms immediately ovnr th- gate.'
"I thought old ma.idism was the hap- way are invariably designed foi' the
priest state," Mazle ventured, residence of the wf'rden, p o6Wt 6''
p "Of course for me." Constantia said princ'WiPl of the college, so that the eye
hastily, "but for you and Serena and of the master may be over all who en-
the others-oh, you ought to meet ter or leave the place. This mode of
some nice men"- building still exists hi India, .having
SAnd all that evening she was been introduced into Europe by the'
dreamy, and before she went to bed wMoors when they conquee'd Spin. I
she wrote a letter where we find that the compound, or
' Teir-tht plalt'd to .reI a t-llol l. quaid, is still used for the tetheliag ol'
before shle left town. altids of anhnmar. Aroun 1 the qnuad
"I wfill have tha fanvw r nud refresh- are arranged the chapel, library, halt

S failri AiAwef.'
This story Is being told a m Sw-fe
in central Kansas who was. gvrin to
excessive use of the biottl.' 11,' was
working at a certain iw4i deing idt4
Jobs, and the daugshs of th' IftsV
knew .of-i BMaliehtp nih 1f 4r
thobtfit IBft-al1i4.-mag A- 1 to re-
monstrate with bhta on o01'0ia

"Why." she aiked. "ire' you Iot
ashamed to spe& ild. yailm wp*W-olli.,-
amake yo*r, T ife. (ialA,..hi aubfit
Why dnW'r .wrdhri W te p .nmmu p."u'p;
'"#l." b~ at'ateM'4. heteM e a, hI
come besides fly war "
"Oh, Isf tbe"rt sar, s1 flkit Aa 1ef.
somewhat mollf led .
"Yes." he said. "I h:ve an lit rome "
from the queen of Swetidn "
"Whab for?" iMAke ihe virl- r
"Pot idiindri' mf nRV l' t*' OrtH .
'wered the Stedei 'g f"" "a witt tIkr
work.-Kansns ('fty I-tru.

FIW Troubles of a French Aeadem .aR.a.
The candidate. ontce' eloe 'tst 1. tnitn
to pronounce a hairangrni't t.'f*r b br
allowed to take part hi thli% wu'tit ,f
the noble body Thr d'r ,tooll ff*thff
pelr! to' e i'n' ore# nWist'i WulPir ,'L .
oration is invarial)ly. tr stf lpa'n't df
be. composed first of thanks. more ,r
less humble, for the grant inriatvr.s,'tti
erred. then of a MpneAgyr t of the" n-li-
pt ofnO's )redecenor. And. abh. ~r*t
6iflicult that aonwtuliueIs mIter W fvmorv'
thl6t' one hoiMs rIf'li til O t'f4 fAsV#w"
dia, then to' the llbrariet o as l tI get
some clear notion of the liulmrillot nmmortal! Then fate Is ,often, lronl.nl
A historian may have to v'elpebrfile the
talent of a writer of HIht,l 'owdk.' c
~egtitiinstt nmay have to pnoio.-a StWl.it
ist. or else f'ip tfiw' eiv -tvl suiuls>r
may have to spenl of t- mwtuon .itI-
mate enemy.-Jeanne Mar'tte I
lantlc. .. ,., -
Wagner to 'the Mu "'---
Wagner's little adlnlt!,,tl .' ",
wusloriun was mmt, ..*frnii tsrutti. ....1.
worthy to he tlout'il' tyf fM W I f '*0
'hestra of this d-iy "'**.,irtte eit. fvr'*
iald. '"1 beg of yoiu ivt to t-i:," menr
fortissimo too vrl'1i'h \lVh ri. ,q'.
see "W*" mi ;kt4* -lin '1p I ll it lo I *'in pt)'' *'
play pilhnis.ti'i' ve, l ei ii'et ,l' how on '*v
of you thrP Iiro e < i< l4woi, ,., wno*
the oini pio'vl.- nal.igi Iv'il1,-r'i ':e i i:l "t *
ier'r alonl'e non the. 't:igp .\ultiiidaai a
'I'eriunlri i lte'iilv-' ,' "

W. H. Milton, President. I M. Dillon. Vice President. John Milton, 114. becy-Treas.'

Milton fla n d an Inrve1stxxent Cxonmpany, t

C A P I T A $200,000-

Buy, sell and deal in real estate, notes stocks, Secure Court, official and other bonds,

bonds, etc. Receive, hold and disburse money and act as

Fire, Accident, Burglary a nd Fidelity insurance. e trustees and agents for others.

Lend nnd borrow money, both as principal and By special agreement will lend money for oth-

as agent. ers on approved security and guarantee its repayment.

S DIRECTORS-4John M. Dillon, John Milton, jr. W. -H. Watson.o Milton; Ill. H. H. Lewis.]. E. Gammon, J.. BBrooks.d A. Band W. HL Mil.on. .
Address: W. H. MILTON. President. Marianna, Pforida.


--- I-- --~-"C r ----~-~-r-_ I1-~UL;---.

mt they nmst b-bamBttastar( i
they wonitl iitw ti w:pte.rc I' flsr wsl- .
Nor we don't -wifff i'lieinn 1'ilnl.' For vif'
husband woim'f ieam to isucl i
"rrenise send within l ive dty tanS
If satisfatory bill will ie Ij pad at (luiE.'t
-Youth's Conipnn'Ht.

Curly Hair Means Cb,1i4;
The curly headed mait m It.aered an f.
nlamato)n of maze. ,
"Strange'." 0 a;l ". tfit b'vstt
driawt fot jiff sif' nnd Ifi0ikt. iPt
I have never se'A'rl,, 'tfh,.' ,il'twivrt
challenge nRs. I i"-til, t %1\1*,1"
"It is yoF it c4i '.t' Writr,' i v s hit-
yer. "A c.tffrlMy ,'iefd INH Al'kt ii Iffit'
Hle alwityit ea'tHs'Of fI ea d!W.r.e..-
"Thatf is ot true.! ,Y1 iiunmie ht I'
ciazy." Said, l6, ptjir.
"If is the i4ApetruAth." th 1wM*F
persisted. "c('nrltf i ag t-T','i', is ',Ii f.
nate as fYuT11 v' T'e'y 0il1)sk ,Ute.rk w'v
it all They disagree wi!t rve'yluihdv
"It Is be.tause." is' 'lia> steihd Jiiv a;t:4
"their curly hair mniakea tthm inW o. i
looking. In l ldlihoroel .',i Ni' Y ';oiili,,t
by their 'inflitat dfff^I ntviiO ri). woo-
men spoil them. fullitng in tlov wtivf
them on every side $.o, lwy #'fl"nt
conceited. lThey drlW^^s #6os-F
body. Lawyers the wvtornts-rr imre, i v:-
nize that an Jutrywmeun Itlw%. weafl, in cr
do."-New O$e ,Bas, T4ewHluM'.esa

. I


4 :'

. # -j --", V. ... .. .. .. .' ... .. ... .

M A K .1:i i

M. E.

The Tarpon arrived from the
sou ib.at 9.o'eokeC a. ni., Friday
and 'fn.m Mobie and Peiisacuola at
9:30 o'clock a. m. yesterday.
The steamship Manteo, arrived
from New Orleans, via. Mobile and
YPeaacola at 5:30 a. m., Tuesday.

Proof Positive.
A .:rtT9,rf' prc(;inieint- uT-d ep eelhl)
lawyer utf C( jctgo. lut <(:I- of t
quietest and nmst fr"(brrusive' f 1 n
steals around nofsMr "lY with. hI'
hands meekly Ciaspld < -itI h -i 're:as
atod a seraphic and wper; tul :"i:tle. A
Stoftmot at i's expcnt'e t told of the
.ate" Efmery Sterrs. aI !-rfli -,t -4(TV(
alte' and atl tcqufsftf wit. He wJ nt t'.
oe lawyer's flee m:d lilquir d foi
him. bit wvas f':.r-.", th'rt he wat
out. "Oh. no- he isn't." he re lII d. "I
know that le ls in." *U t I as11uirc
you, Mr. Etcrrs. te is not in." "Now,*
*i4Ronoed Mr. Storrs, "I know -bttert
TTP mnst i he In. It Is Fostill in ther"o!'

The followviig table record, bh bo mal
Innrnu, wiinhinu eahd mean tempera
ht#es tbh r!iwaltli anid' direction of the
wind'fur the twenty-fonr hou:s ending
at 7 o'clock p. min., us indicated by U. S
,l trti' m ea nt I . . i

June.. 2 92 84 83 ,y( sv
&" 82 --74 7.8' 1.50
4 88 75' 8' .00 v
S' "' 5 '89 73 81 .01) v
6 91. 71 81 .00 v
7 94 70 82 .00
8 90 72 81 .00
190! 74 1 82 1 1.50 I

A T'filling Rescue.
11o0 Seept*r. Lean, of Cheny, Wash
was saved from a #frightful death, is i
Story t0 thriltt he world. "A hard cold'
lie writes, I"lbrought on a despdraot
1hun trJoDble tlat baffled an expert doc
for hew, Then I paid $10 to $15 a vis
iit to-a lung specialist in Spokane, wh<
did riot help me. Then I wont to Cali
fornia, but without benefit. At last
.Hecd DrKi 'lag,'s New Discovery,, whicl
completely cured me' aadr xew I am am
well as ever." Fo" lung trouble, bron
chjitits.cohglis colds, asthma, croup an(
whooping cough its supreme. 50c. an<
$1. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by A
A-A.. Brake and T. B. D. Gainer.
T'"b 1rp.gon Tred.
The ed'Hlion tree of Tenerlfe is per
hapq tO et strau:ti-et ve-:etnil)t i!n the
*world Ilt Is th u hlit "to Ie, a kind ol
li" f 1t*' .e- w'. ,~6e d(ad hranche,
rerve ;(,":s *,* f- u 'i');)frt f"r [h ic < ,'.':,.,
Nevw 'oo's "aS t!hey c(.i't' lVito IT 'u'
encircle Oird 'eticeal t'.I' original ftem
'. vil Ii' i fair away in-de1 nad the
rorts wl'h Iieome -o etanli' d froin th(
stem may be s en Ihanylng withered In
the upper tree. Tbe ti'unk is general
hollow. and in the case of an old tree
whigh was destroyed in 1I57, theri
war a' spacious 'chamber whicN U'a(
served tfie natives as a temple for gen
rations. The tree was forty-elgh
feet around and ninety-five feet higl
and is supposed to have been 'orlgl
Daily watered with dragon's blood
Which is the name now given to the
a 'p. This is a regular article, of corm

,,Wgrked Too Well.
A hotel -proprietor, noticing that
Some of his customers were evidently
S.:'trying to eat- their suppers in 'thi
.. fthortest possible"time, lest they should
0.1s4 gthe boat which was waiting at tha
wharf, thought 4t would be funny t
frighten them. Accordingly he wen
SIto a back room and gave a remark
ably perfect imitation .of a steamboat',
.-whistle. The Joke ,worked well:. Th
S e beeard- the sound and rushed t(
ie boat. Tr e Joker laughed long anc
kiud until suddenly It 'occurred to hin
*thaot the men had gone off without
paying ftor their suppers. Then h<
stopped laughlnm.- London Town an
" ': "Cotlntry Jcurnat.
S' " It Didn't Fall Out.
"I see your hair Is falling out, tir,'
.1 frnarked :tlhe :hairdresser. who wai
S;gtttlng rea4y. to work the hair toni
idea on the customer.
"YpUdon'tasee anything ofthe sort.'
r.oSn9ed his v.ictin. "Wbstyou pe(
*' tti1'Begjfto.tl a fallfng out between.
'1rft" Codgers and myself."-Lond~o
". eJ W rs,.' :j .. .... .

"- .. The Taitor's Patron Saint.
',e tailor's shtit 'is St. John the
Baptist, but why we do not know, for
as far. as sacred writ informs us, "bis
Slothfb was'of camel's hair and a
Sleatber frdle ajiot his loins. -Taflei
and Cutter. -.
{ +p~t ;..' + "y i "

- The. Buoy office presents a pleasi, g
-ppearanee in its new coat of paint, ap-
piied by iAessrs. Knight & Peel,
.-Fashionable souvenir baronial en
velovel" embellished- with beautiful
Floridasnowy bhon, atthe Buoy office.
S-W. B. Wynne'fi erecting a beat
and commodious residence cottage on
the lot immediately north of the Oaks.
-FOR SALE--A Good Horse,
- Wagon,'T:St of Har ",s& and Saddle, At
the oid Brackin Store. P. STONE.
-An inmense stock of Star' Brand
Shoes-heads the list of atll shoes on
the market, just received at J. R.
Thompson & Co.'s. i
-Block 20 -of she northeast quarter
of Section 1, Township 4 south, Range
15 west, is for sale at a bargain-title
'perfect. Call ot St. Audruws Real Es-
tate Co.
--Capt, Vanhorn of the Jolly Rover
hbas just had printed a quantity of
pocket Time-Cards, whiei will prove a
great convenience to parties proposing
to ride on the Jolly Rover.
-Capt.. Splcer informs the Buoy that
at each. excursion, he makes with his
lauch,. Imperial, he has to close the
gangway and turn passengers away, to
keep fredm beingoverloaded.
---144I t Warranty Deeds, new-rt-A
vised, improved short lorm printed on
good linen naper, 25e per dozen: also
blank receipts-100 receipts in a block.
x 10caach. at the Buov office
6. -Mrs. W. I. Singletary'of Millvil'e
has the thanks of Mrs. W. A. Emmons
g of the Buoy for an exquisite boquet of
mammoth purple hydrangeas. The
three flowers upon one st-tu were a
sight to buhold.
d -Dr S M. Jenkins of Enid,.Okla.,
vv is anxious to-get tidings of his nephew,
s Raymond Onins Stsaff, who left his
S'home in Central Texas, January 6,
1908, was in Punsacola, March 17. 19L9
s It is believed he is still in Florida
S -tianudsome letter heads witlt t
Andrews Bay date line ana views ol
either St. Andrews BlulT, or Buena
Vistal'oint, at 8c per dozen;, alao,-map
. of thu St. -ndrews Bay--country on
a buck of a letter sheet at 15c per dozen-
' at the B-iov office.
- -The Buoy is advised that John Gil-
- bert, who shot and Instantly killed En-
- gineer Eugene Wood last October near
o Southport, had his trial last reeK and
- was found guilty of murder in the Sec-
I ond degree Tf sentence has been past-
h dc, it was not learned.
S-A cleaning-up fever appears to
. have broken out in St. Andrews. Many
d yards that were -untidy have put4 on a
d new fbce, trees have been trimmed and
Sbuidings 'painted- and wheli We all get
through, St. Andrews will be mr.ore
than ever a place to feel proud of.
To Students itfhie Gulf City Busi-
e ness College, St.' Andrews, Fla.:-
f The Jolly Rover will now give twenty
s round trips from Millville for only
$2.06, from Panama City for only $'.t'0.
Theset rates are so low that non-resi-
" dent students may board at any of
these towns.
S -Last Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs.
T. B. D.'Gainer's two-year old boy ran
e out and his mother ran after him. Be-
e fore she could overtakee him lie stum-
f bled into an apparently harmless pile
Sof ashes. His feet were first and "ie
t went Ifoward on his hands. Hi moth-
er caught him up with his feet and
hands slightly burned. Mr. Brock
e scattered the ashes and found a yery
- deep bed of live coals. In cleaning va-
'Cant lfos a good many piles of ashes
Shave banleft and'thi one, being made
of refuse wood, held its heat.
t --* '-- --
f The CharacterIstic National Meal.
e It is lnot only In S-ttl'i;dl t!'rst briak
[ fast Is thel.chlrh a rit- istit<- l ltios ml iite l
e Travel wihei'e you nilmy. tlihe ti't nieal
O of the.tdaty is tin' oine thatl strikes the
t foreign note, lunil-eon iml (diitw'r ha"v
- lug gradually aolsorlitd cosiitopolital)
s. qualities tihait are not fv't-i (-oiniedl to,
e- hotels But y"u never feel so iniu h of
o an Englishnin as whln SwitwrilnUd
Gives you rolls nitl ln!te'r and hlon.v
Sand nothnlug more with your cof'Tee 0
t when France makes this hirt one ex

e quisite crumbling croissantt." with at
Inch or two from a yard long lonf, o01
when Denmark adds ereti in instead ol
milk to the. coffee and a danii-.l'rous
piece of pastry to the black broud niul
f round white roll. Yetu our Englishl
s breakfast becani- e l.It It list itlutoin oul
c in the eight'eeit", I, fii'ury.-',.s fore that
only. -royalty iir-ikfasted off muat.
bread and cheese and ale. The comn-
e moner. such as Pepys, took merely a
Smorning draft of buttered ale.-Lon-
S'don Chronicle. ...

Got Even.
e "I'll nevrr jffer to be a sister to an-
other man."
"Why not ?"
s "The last one under the guise of
mothertu'ly advice told pme some very
"r unpuakttable truths."-- Louisville Cou-
r jer-Journal.

l --


a.IL DRUMMONI, Press dent.I

- -I $15,000.

Fm BVLLOCK, (Gaslhier,

Judge L. J: REEVES .
C. B. DUNN. ,
L.. M.1- WARE'

. Your Patronage is Respectfully Solicited.

o the Honorable J. Emnmet Wolfe,
Judge of the First Judicial Cir-
cuit ofqFlorida- ', ,
Sir: We the Grand Jurors of
Washington county, .Florida, duly'
empanneled. for the Spring Term
of 1909 take pleasure in submitting
to you our general presentment: .
Some twelve cases wero present-
ed idr our consideration, in six of
which true bills were found, and
six, no bills. ...
However, very .many cases were
presented that, upon consideration
were not thought to be of much in-
trinsic worth, being chiefly trivial
We have also made careful exam-
ination of the Poor House, or Farm,
as also the Jail and Convict camp,
and found them all in a very satis-
factory condition, except the two
houses of the Poor Farm, which
need some repairs and which should
be promptly 'attended to.
We have 'also inspected the of-
fices of the various .county officials
and are plealsert to report that, a
far as we could determine, found
all of them'in a most -creditable
The Grand Jury also deem ft
their duty to call the attention of
county commissioners to the im-r
portance of having our county
roads very greatly improved as
compared' with their present con-
idition and 'trust the same shall
have the necessary attention and
as early as possible.
In fine, we are unanimously of
opinion that the immediate im-
provement of our public roads is of
the very first importance and would
urge th -t same be very promptly
attended to.
To this end we would recommend
that at least one road be promptly
undertaken, leading from kVesnon
to any speciffe point'thait the coun
ty commissioners may select 'always
keeping in mind Vernon -as the
starting point.
Thanking the Court, District At-
torney and all6f our Court officials
for courtesies extendaedrand, now,
having performed our labors,! Ne.
would thank the Court to be releas-
ed from further duty- '"'.
Very respectfully,
R. C. HORNE, Clerk. Foreman.

'Where the Cow's Kept
It was examination day at a council
school in the. outskirts of Leeds. Six
rows of neat little "tykes,"- with pol-
ished faces and clean collars, had
been carefully coached by the teacher
li the 4lfficult art of evading tla pit
falls set by the wily inspector. To a
buy they were ready.
The class room door opened and ad-
mitted the dreadful personage.
"Now, boys," he commenced In' his
most insinuaiflngi''netc u''ahnan4 of
you tell me a few things that are made
In Leeds?"
"Clothes!" said Tommy Jones.
"Itight!" said tjhe lnspector. i
"-ngines!" yelled Ramnjy Jenkins.
"Right!" said the iPspector.
Then the replies came to a sudden.
"Now, then. you bright boys, hurry.
up!" said his majesty. But the drea
ful silence was unbroken. "'Well. now,
boys, what Is the skin of a cow used
for?" asked their examiner in order to
jog their memories.
Little Johnny Binks fell off his seat
in his eagerness to be seen.
"Please, sir-please, sir," he yelled,.
"the skin is used to keep the meat In!"
-Liverpool Mercury.

A Bad Man.
Herman Whitaker wrote a story of

the Tehuantepec rubber plantation.
Guadaloupe, the mandador on one
plantation at which Mr. Whitaker
stayed, was Informed that he was to,
be one of the characters in his story.
"He never failed to question me each,
day as to the things I had made him'
do--n the story," said Mr. Whitaker.
"When one mtoni-og-' :riformuad hlin
that I had'killjd him off, he expressed
-great surprise -
_-.-"'Porque, -seneo, porque?'
"'Because you are a bad man, Gua--
daloupe.' Which was perfectly trub.
"'I, senor?' he questioned, greatly
'SI, Guadeloupe, you are bad. Think
of how many men you have "killed, ac-
cording- to your .own count.'
"He -thought' for awhile, then looked
up with a humorous smile. 'Oh, well:
Did I put up a good fight?'
"'You bet you did, Guadaloupe.'
"Whereupon eyebrows and shoulders
went up ini a shrug. 'Bueno! Bueno:
Then it ees-all right.' "-St. Louis Post-
Dispatch. .

"Laziness Is responblle for too
Smtuch of Ihe ui-ecry we see about us.'"
-ald a clergyman. "It Is all very well
lo t'laire alcohol f r this twispry, t(
blame opplression aw d hnju-tlce. bu
to what b 'lbts rmigbt w.' nt n.'l hiv -0
climbed Ilrt fcr (-ur 'l",-'Ios? Vi'e ar
tco mu' h like th'0 :-leun mu'"! lrve I
the drama." ip w~nt rn. "wh 'l'd .t
center fromr the ri-:ht anttd aay, *M31y h r
'he carria-ge .waits."
"'I.o(k h(re. 'u;tr,' r:Ah! tbh" stna.
'aana'-t(r o-"i r f.'it. 'I wn:'t "'u1 t
ome on from the l t i':"-t-',d -f tlb
rlizht afier thi-. 1(1I } :,v ,"t you t
tranm7p( s \ ;I M !',e9 t, :L' fIt ru
her- after. "The t(ani:i e" waits. r
lord." '
"'Tlie -;-.ptr I r '-:'d t; : L;, :'.(m t ; P,
*'M Ioe study, In rt'e .:ry!" I


_ ----~~._~__5

North tt"ri :rui. r flan.g'
with asflaminug' red backgrotfid', from.
which yBds o'it in bold t'elif a great
cyclopooain.eye. In4ide the lilothou.se
is a min In'blue coat and brass but-
tons, who vis thile water front and
passing crnfl ibro F'-h a long telescope.
This ls hlle sqvr\l-,or of the harbor.
Hl dtl4s .rxejo see thaf the regula-
thons are ob el ed in the East river,
the uljr 'hny'nd Ilthe Hudson. river,
that tlH'Ciia(tils are Lept free of ob-
structions nd lin:t the cIlty's docks
and ferc-s are bittg Iuioked after as
they should be. 0 s soin aits lie steps o0
board bis v.9,eJ ile tiiiltue ensign is
-ral-ed. 'It p1 gnItM _s to nil inautical folk:
"I've ot Imy e.4 on you.. vWatch out!"
-New iorhk

I So*e-Handicaps.
Ir. I wish to niarry your daughl-
+to'." ij.jPd.-t he -young tnari.
j. e,.do,, eb'' exclaimed the fond
parent. "W ell. : -haave been rather ex.-
peOting ,hibn-tindpfo be thoroughly or-.
thie alde,7l yoi :Doiy.iu drink':" .--
"INo, sir. I abhor liquor "
O.u.do,.A ?. Smoke?"
"I ie-eise4 laceto In any form."
"W.T11-1; Mlidb't' sit.lnsp' yp'ii ate ft
Do y3u frl'tiquent the race tracks?"
"I Ovenr-pawia. horse race iat'my life,

"j Play Cards for money?"
"En lpiuatrae yfl .o, sir." L
S"W~~ ,l.i y ngian, must say you
ar hav4yiifalnd' n''lped. My daugh-
ter Is a thr'pngh ftociety girl, and I
can't 'ithp dfe- of -me see what she
Is gol g to.,lo with you. How t'-erI. l'
her fanril.iYihd if she wants to' un-'
dertale tH j<-:.l bhy. God bless you
both! -Wa^.tllgtqb l1Post.

'. Woman's Work.'
After. S -' "othir ywiig ft-
ar'l lil r .: -t{tarted ,to !pea'k of
theit respp s.@. ,dtities, and s(oln all
argument, at \\ liher the husband
or the wvife id the h:irh4st uvork to
:perf,,ru YIQin full swing. First
Brown wurmb.ld and then wifey salig.
"A wife," r irjpd the good lady, "has
to cook,,waai ishes, clothe the kids.
scrub thle floors, sweep the house.
.make thuei LbdS,,iild the fires, carry tip
coal,' ihff sflak on "the back fence.
Is t hiit'nil?" sair 'islleally interrupt
ed MIr.'Brnwn..-
"No." ~wn l ne 'prompt rejoinder of
MrI I.i \iw !'tq"Ih additionn to those
duties every wif Ni.is to 0ipeep. her bus
band 'fl'Mt' vinfliktu' it fool-odf himself."

. '- Akchrc-i' Him
"' JI: v-l-+t n' 11i 't. I" -..i. wlth a certainly
t'ouitr '-i'irli I ",., t ,r'' uii'zti t" said u
mh t, <'. ". I vi.s tt.l, tle truth. "'and
her fatilhii t I |e ,... h too I d(,es 't
Ihi lk [il I i if iI'. ah;( lieI followed '11
aliont fil'ri, r ihii iti rion i n-wouldn't
Iet 'is 'i .,,lt.'t-:f lii: sti ln for a tini
litl \.l'. I .I I t~- Ilu ol0di n1man was iin
ufti'tll II. III \y.j i l I t uli ut' l tip a
seinl':ie I tc ri'i--.l\ ldrI'opi ,'1I ai hoifr
dollar tir i itnir* M ii, 1il le41it' was loo<
In g iItu .0 I i.' i J AMI .t Im foot
Ill IfI luir'\ '-'f ..' ru-11 l [ it-i" ti l ; party
blro e l; p H' 'i A l' it tIt i .llltgv' Ul'' u iiU t
heat It tn-i l '"tI''. I u'lr,1e'iv-..i."--Cleve--
land i -n'1 r i . "
S ---'---
aI *' 1 Adfre 'ce.-
F Fldrt11i I I\ t h miiudry bill was
anot ThIEr A'l I iI,,rr. 4o1. w\i'JV were
sev'Er:tI.lit ,' t'ir wrtilflln "
v'i. i :.nL-'d the new cus-
tomer I- "
"T"l'h, Ar1,' ti i IM ,lr,< s we coplted
a-..-.-ir .. f t,-i,. utd s',f l
'w'e iind. -l y .i ',, l ,I ,irii-li th.cm \vithl
"the IJnla so- if "Ill11 ii--r.oni(rs havt'
not put t i '1 io"u nll :Inl i11.Ie else they
wou't be ~i'.i-New Y,-rl l'reos:
-- f. --------
.4kile "' Was More of It.
AIr l' p il t 'h.rl h ly a linir on
his hbe4 .1q jtpd :it the ,,inong barber
otn ( ). t.e ldiDn Iuf a liuir cut:
"You nr4 n the lh,r,,ll.gbh workman
youlr t'fthil wa., mnly tu'y iHe used to
take a 1. 1' hour to cutt my' hair."

ore Than Liberal.
llt Hi SlntliA- -Ti gave your son a
' lberui eldun.a~nl. l1d you iot? Mr.
Mutiitelurilr-DlsgutiInly libernl. Hlls
four y.f- kir lNrh'-e cos ,'oe $27,000.-
C hi h'iga.'ribniJt
Tl .'rfntejt- irn:Iin In the world may
stacd-o;s'idb? in need of the meanest
'as I qi4fftt does him--Fuller.
1. r-':. x- --- ----
.,-. y He Quit.
"Sou.yn bandoned tne simple style
of spj ling ?"
'"Tes," responded thle former advo-
eate of the fqd. "I f,'nd it so difficult
to Wake people understand that I
knew better.'"-Philadelphia Ledger.

As-G0od as He Gave.
L e is my seat, madam, but can-
dor uipels me to say that I think you
ace wel1le tto) stand as l am."
-, it nepiss compels me 'to say
'T btk 1ou, lr.''"-New York Journal

I i s.

l.t 'I(-

:y it

they i(
a big '
for an,
plade t
little w.n
right-. f
1- J

unfol e
is tfi


"S T E

The Foolisfi Rmi'roadS. -
;(ge f :re fri-nl iiunts'il49e to
St\v'.?t' v-t'i\ tn iles- was $1.50.
p t c.:iiri .(T 0 lh ivn m'l. 't a tl had
'I.IP'I lhr I';>:tds v.-e2 "( 0o l j d-
' c(ol!,lI' noi t inIIl I lhe si:. ,I a
'. t' i c .in t ll i r l pi ,iceS-.
lo.W tloV'elingl, lbut tlh'v.' got
'Ihe sft'auallioat fare frony
(t St. ltilitS ill there earlyy tif-
t7, Thrt im'rtfiult'd staitei'oolt
t aud, if the boit was held
Sor tWo oun a sand b'ir the
AttiWt'.-tel on without ex-
e-' "bo steambu1boat owners
o',etd ti-i'r'lrodads could sue-
ioontiypte'with them. Tnhe yY
ed at it people wouldil't be
,travel 100' or 200 miles tied
Sspdat in a simall.ctar w-len
rbe enjoying uth f'reoidonlof
0i'lrd'soinely fnritiihed boat.
Ui'e they going' to nd rooin
ptra and a d.;Pie.eI" Ih. old
I.) wanted to know. "No
Jor drink; no roonf to m6ve
i;t. stlil ait day long on' a
n bench. Why, it's do''vn-
Itess!"-Maeoni Republican.

ye on the Red Flag.
.many odd bits of bunting
the breeze in New York
^yt'tei oddest of all perhaps
'i + -ithit nflutters from the
tcja raft that rounds the
m tp ro ri j '4 4

C.a IaS Ccn.CWzv.
'{lf. liii-ih ttad,'''y (nee h';fd print-
ed a f',Xv c. o)ies f lin tliuipostiit ,wo
four fr"..:'.; ,ioi to scuit for i'lgnei'rl
who, frbm trifre'i I't(o l;Iti'n'i'' ltI the s. I.
entilic wt'rhd. 'erp I.(' ;% .i' it vdl to lb
honoresl wi'o tj.i r :1!' i .;'t. [ Io- fe.-sort Air.i.
the astronin':r royaf: vs's requn'stI.-
to make a selection: (;f tlw' imems. A
few days after hi' hiad s('it i Liihs list
he was informed .by the stcr(t:iry io
the admil i:Rl that "miy Iloid" were
struck by-tfb*itt'nuitbcr of unknown
names Included auld hlat they u\'l.he
to make anl inquitVy sr'--ti-l subject
Alry asked tihe s'ir:iry for soinu
Epecif I'at! ins as to tlp Hn'1) es referre(.
tob: "., *'. A "
"Well. as I11 ('e1i pr.;(' sfid the seP(
retair.". "h ri Is'te isi th i u fi 'f 'Profes.s ,
C. F.I (taruss of (Xthing'n. WhoI Is hoe"'
"Galuss *is onet' .I th.gr est mat it'
miatlciats of t he nige icanl sia nids a oiontg
the two er thlie iuioft bt'iiulnt masters
SIn physical ;ustroiom)y M6'W living
Who else do you ishll to know about':'
"No oue else. That will do," replied
the secretary'
Weston, Ocean to Ocean Walker,
Said recently: "'When you 'feel down
and out, feel there is no useslivi'rf-, just
t,,ke your bad thoughts with you and
walk them off. Before you have walk-
ed a 'miT'e 'hinis will -look rosier. Just
try .it." have you noticed the increase
in vwaLking oflate in eyerv community?
1 A- ..1 1"t1t L I in". \ Ileln 's,.F t-REa-. ie ants ic pow-
to 'be shaken int6'the shoes. gives to.
th inillions now using it.-" As Wcston
said, "i has real merit."
Di 'ctIt Advice.
MIrs Riiy<" -e was tHilklng to anot'hwi
ou1' wv w iiio n a;t ;a ('t
'I.w deritlet'ly better off a man111,
-.vnrluh lp V" heiirl ;Ia' u1IT '"-.Voung WEo
inim. "'I h. t iUld tnly lak e his wife's
;',"d '"'- ... . -' +- -*
itc itrute. my dear." said Mrs
Rlny e. "I've ndvIled my (ihorge thme
Irid 1i tiePago iii not to bet on horse.t
'i:t don't win. but he will do It." -

Women as Well as Men are Made Miserable
by Kidney and Bladder Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind,
discourages and lessens ambition; beauty,
vigor and. cheerful-.
wflew Soon disappear
when the kidneys are
out of order or dis-
--- eaised.'
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
'that it is not uncom-
S mon for a child tobe
-.M born afflicted with
-.. J*- weak kidneys.,If the
child urinates too often, ;if the urine scalds
the flesh, or if, when the child reaches an,
age wihehi-it' should be able -to c itnrol the,
passage, it is yet afflicted witl; bad-wet-
ting, depend upon it, thec ausc ot he iffi-,
'culty is kidney trouble, and' the 'first'
step should be towards the treatment of
thzse importantorgans. Thisunpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of
the kidneys and bla4der and not to a
habit as most people suppose.
SWomen as well as!4iepro made miser-
'a.l: wi th kidney and,bladder trouble,
a:n I ':.th need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swanmp=Root is soon realized. It is sold
by'druggist's, in fifty-
cent and, one-d.ollar l UsIa 3
size b.ottles. ..Youi niAJ"
have a ample pttle' .
by mail free; also a. g l lH
pamphlet telling all
about Swamp-RdoOt, Home of Swmp-Root.
including many or the thousands of testi-
monial letters received from sufferers
who found Swamp-Root 'o be just the
remedy needed. Ir ttitting-Di. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and
mention this paper. Don't make any
mistake, but remember, the name, Dr.
Kilmcr's Swamp-Root, and the address,
Binghamton, N. V., on every bottle.

Tat For Tit.
They were sitting out in thi consorv
atoryv S4.,m sat on the sofn and Sally
sat on Sam ut it was all right. for heI
hl4- .Just asked her to marry him. Shei
find suifd, "I don't 'are' if I do." and
thus they v eii nigagd.
"Sani. dear," she lhgan. "am I the
only girl"-
"No*.". look here. Sillyy" he Inter
rn'iftttl. "'ion't ask Ime if youl're'o thi
nl!y girl I ever ht ('ol. You I;hiow s:1
\ill)i as I d)o"-
"Ch!. 'Intl \wtv:'st't ttl :;i."," s '" r wi'rd "I "as g T to
itI tt I 'ltes Tli'm 11o ; 1 r11 who wou:(
;ty, .- yV' "- L.iondo Answers
Could Not Be Better.
No one has over made a salve, oint-
ment. lotion or balm to compare with
Bucklen's Arnioa Salve. Its the one
perfect healer of n'u.'ses, sores. scalds, boils, ulcers, <:c-.
zema salt riheum. For sore eyes, cold
sores, chapped hands its supreme. In-
fallible for piles. Only 25c at T. B. D.
Gainer's and A. H. Brake's. -

I. l ia-1 \V ul I ''; '! i!-'t I1l ;V1 04111t'V
";llr ,t," l i of !, .i:j ai 1 \ l nl l Ir

r -!:i.t. f ( "iP!l r ;' ls tl 'th ; f
'I ;' t 'tt tl + t l i <- v.' ;i t r i a :' .- I' I- | :I' ir:t i n ,
rtI tll t he 1 i'ilhi links i'l In1 h Y :e
S'"' it wa ';- s 'a l ;i 1 n i wnit i thi a
(e west In Ih tic n **" ool'y: ith .hou"le
i,!'I'r 'e ,. !i -' i~i' a w' 'll of whch
r :tt rlke t('. e l;:li 'stol to' *.ne p i :(
ar;lini the i'atersi ar i w ith th.
I "Ivy \vwa;ic djfpcidiii)< :stl,
I'hl (i ke' ;! !d tii i ,'f'. '' r .ti !u t l to sth
'*\I I'o t. thd ink:'l r +'he 1i st. ;i il ,I ,i'I11 l'!'irt'rs (i( 1 's1,- sto are
,f tlh st;Ikes \ns so subll}Slltlat l that
\;,s ;tlh, to l.rill .1 hoodly house
in ill: (';rano;ten; :e. in n \;rit of whirh
th, dnko 1re"d a sito'ne to t e p d
b.peirilp ths I'btlrse iiearias witht th
urbtto "'ltar ale sure." c tribute to the
,ollbblse's drivil powrs'. Piatersonte's
*"hcp'eop \Vo I1o',"!l"too saervivers todav

o r aThere is e .
possible ipr c'.ncnt i cedS,
butit takes time :'orry. We have
been improving ^ fowver n;:l vcc'etable
U people are vor in to make Ferry's
D. M. FERRY & CO., Dwtroit, MIch.



*uryou o men: ".

or nervous, tired women, we recommend ,-
dui. Cardri is a woman's medicine. It acts specifi-
caily on' the female organs and has a tonic, building
effect on the whole system. It contains no tinfutl
ingredients. being a pure.,vegetable extract If youd
Buffer fomI some form of-female trouble,tget Cardu
at once'and give it a fair'tfal. ,


SIt Will Help You '

frsm. WW. W. Gardner, of Paducah, Ky., tried Card-i arid writes:
'"I think Cardui is just grand.; I have been .ii.g it for eleven years.
I am 48 years old hd Ieel like a different wobmail' meL haxe heen
taking it. I used iu suffer from bearing dow.,,,aiis, neriosnees
and Ileepletmness, but now,.the pains .arc-all gone, an!d I sleep god.
highly recommend Cardui for young and old" 'I ry it.


I------------^ Iil "-I "-I I

.Foiled. :
Noiselessly. but with sl his ,might.,
the burglar tugged at jIe idyessf!g ta-
-,ile drawer. It dT1 In. It refused to
open. He tugged again. ,
( I ivI a u i o t h e r j e tr s a i d a ro i "e
-,4K,.n fit' ti.. "' | .
SThe burglaruned., |-|
SThI e wney if twht hbriA was f tting
up in lbed aty lookilig at' hinm wV,b an
expre-ssio+i. of the deepet f,lnterert oI
his face. '*
"Jerlk it again. There's a lot oftavf'.1
.aubIf property I, that drawer, bit W#
hauvel't been hiep to op "e It VOW O tho
damp weat fr began. If you cwt p'fl
It out I'll gire you a handsome poyal-
ty on everything that's"-
But the burglar had juminpr out
through the window, taking a payt of
tl. sashb with him.-Esc-hane.


Tuesday. 8:30 p mn.
Wednesday, 4:00 p. m
Wednesday, 4:00 p. m.
Wednesday, 2:30 p. m
Thursday, 9:00 a. m.
Monday, 6:00 p. m.
-Th.nrsdav, 3':00 p. m.
Friday, 1I.30 a. m.
Friday, 11:00 a. m.
Friday, 10:00 a, m.

Pensaeola to St
Pensacola to A
St. Andrew an
Pensaeola to MA
l'fe above' rates int

C __~I __

a St. Andrw & GuO
:AA M S H I ) I'P V Y'"



v. -VA QW1 ,stir.
SCHEDUL-L- -- -. -
S01 NGO S U'III. "11 A'.RIVE.
,: Pcnsa(ola.. .
St Audrew, Wedneiday, 8:00 a. m.
.! 1 amsCity, ldnesday, 0;00 a. m:
.rMillville,,-.:., Wedneti.y, 1.0:00 1. m
Apialachicola, ThursTahy. 6:00 a. m.
Carraibelle. Thursd y, 12:00 noon.
Mobile.' Monday,6,06,a1. in.
C'arratb-elle. -
St. Andrew. Friday, 2:0(. a tn.
Parainma City, : Friday, 12 min.
Millville. l Frida', l:3I p n.
Pensacola... Friday 1-.I3g0 p m,

. A nu rrew and. i] ivi ei .e. $.01. ." '' '
palachictila and Cu rrabollfh, $7.50. '
d Milluville to A- alichicola, $5.00. ''
obile, $2.50. '.....
ulude mines and berths. ,J. R. SAUNDEMII,
Gen'l Frei hlit and Pass. Ags. Present.

Ask for Allen's Foot Ease,,
Apowder for swollen, tired, bot, smart-
ing. feet.' Sample Free..-Also Free Sam-
ple of the Foot-Ease Sa'iitary Crn-f
Pa1t, a new invention. Address Alien
S Olmsted LeRoy, N. Y.. ,' .
Parliamentary Prdcedure.
"How about my letter of proposal?"
demanded the young coingr'ssnIIn
"It hais beet idflvturivud to E se otltnd
reading." answered theI hutiglity \\'ash-
Ington bh lle:- rans.'u s t'itv .,iurnial.,
A Diplomat.
"Doest he alviiy 4 spli:k thei truth?"
"'1 gtess Rnot. All his friends |praise
his judgnient."- I etroit Free I'ress

He.- Who swearg- dTRtrtusts 'h qwni
words.-Latin Proverb.
.. ...+ -o-

NI. H. 'LI OMI'VSON. C1. OT E ..


sI11 P,9ai M o Br cli a ii 0 iLe!



A. Full" Line of Furniture c

Freight Paid-n All Goods- Except Meal, FIlobr nd Feedo'Ia An '.'
SPst0ffie on the i a ? "'.'l"" ,,


Ware Merocaile> Co.,


'm R N: TO S:', I, I ANAG EIL



The Old PIONEER STORE "Business.-
"I .. . .. ; ,

Founded ii 1-878 .n:d built up by t Le -ate L. M."Wa 'e,
now Thoroughly Reoruanized uinder-'New 4adahitaeit

Solicits the Patrcnage of lid Patrens
of the House, of thv Trfading Post, and of new ones as
welt, iand gULiratees uniform ftir andt i .iOteouls treatfnel ia' -

W e Pay the Freight 4nii i Go el t ; tio. al ly 'n i '


n *

'4 l hrst a Jane 10, 1909.

x per'. lb "'t ,; p'cr lb
SGranulated .Q. 1-4 Ike No ........ 55
Goffa' Gttfpowder .... 40
S, Green 1.i2at20 UJncol'djap,. .40 co
SAbu1e lb 20 Cond milk per ca
SCingrir'lSps ... o Unswcetn' .... to
iCfanckeems soa ... 10 Sweetenedl..... 1o
Tobacco, Plug ..30 ~05o Baking Powder
Raisins Royal .. ..... 5so
,*%- i.d larye1r x 15 CampLell d..... o10
Valenoia ....... 10 Canned fruit
alenia ..6 to. S Peaches ...... oa2o
y Ricles""" Tomatoes ... 10o-15
asorated 10 Apples ........ c
r ed Peaches .. 10 Pears ......... ,15
*" aI oil pr gal .... 2o Plums ........ 10
line ....... .... 3 Apricot ..... io-2o
SiidA Syrup .... so Strawberries Io to 5
t ...... so Pineapple ... .10io-20
gr" ........ 3`0 Canned meats
e- r b. .,. 2o Roast Beef ..... 5
ler ... 34 Corned Beef .... 15
i rgienne ... i Chipped Beef ... 15
r ......e... to 13 Lobster .... io& 15
....... Canned vegtab toalc
Baked Betns ..s5toe
Lin.eu .ce Corn ........ xoatl5
i e p doz .. 29 Peas .......... io
Pumpkin .....
idur 'Pork
StarofS'th ', 3.;, P. S. prldb . ... 1
Obeli-k .._.... 3-0 , Bacon Sides .... i
'tn MNeal pr t.u . po Fresh ........ 8aio
Olt Meal pr rb .... 4P Br'kf'st Bac'n 16-2s
"n prbu ...... .00 Ham canv's'd .. t6
Pratoes e Shoulders ..... x
sh ....... ... Beef
E9rly R'se seed .. i .' Corned ........ 8
weet ....7 ?toe. Fresh ...... iotors
t r sack ... .oo. "Dried ......... 25
Stable .......... S Milkpr qt........ o
NKils prl'... 4as a Ax, with handle ...i. oo
S- Galvwire do .. 7to8 Hoes, each.... 35a59
.lItgnillh WPe.. .li2tO8l ,t Copper pai.4t, can... 60
SStO~esl cook ..$8a$25 Linseed oil, tal. .55a6o
pipe pr joint '.5: 15 I
.4 I., :DRY. GOODS.
Prints pr yd . sa7 / Checks ........ 6to 8
heetings ... ... 9 Flannel .. ...., 5a4o
]lu.ln ...ga. x L' 3hread-pcr spool .. 5
.Jeen ...:.... x5a45 Shoes ladies .....
...$, $2.7S. $400
Men's . $.4o a4.oo
,'Hay pr cwt .... 1.25 Oats p ....... 7b
i' ran ..... I.7o Brick pr M.... 13.00
SRpe Sisal ..... .. 7a Lime pr bbl .. x. .5
S FRUIT- ,dNUrs.
Oranges perdoz... 30' Pecans pr t..... 5
pples ...... ... 20 Walnuts ........ 20o
Lemoos ......... 30 Almonds ........ x
11 shell pr 1,000 .... 2.0o Opened pr qt ..... 20
'I" .. LIVE 9TOCK.
roses ..... 5oa o Cows ..... $25 to $5o
uls 50a$175 ,4ogs ........ $3to$6
Mu le s ... 5 o a $ 7 5 . t
DJI pr yoke .... $6s Sh.,. ........... $2
hckrens each .oaso eco each ..... 45a5
'tys..... goat. 50 Ducks. 2.......a5X
Mullet pr doz ... 25 Mullet pr. bbl 6.50
Trout ......... 25: Trout ..... ...6: 50
I Pompario pr'ib.: 10 Popa.... 10.00
SSturgeon ......10 Mackerel .... 8.oo00
Flooring Ceiling
Heirtper m... $4.0oo Heart p.r ... 44.00oo
Face "..... I2.o FPace .. 12.00
Sap ..... 1:oo Sap ... 10o.oo
Drop Siding 1Clapboards
ifeartfacepr m 1.0o ix6i prm.... $12.oo
a mp "b.e.. to.oo Finiseiinghlum-
Sliuff lumber ... 8 at i2 ber, d .... $I2a$15
Heart shingles .. 2.so Lath,. prm ..... 2. oo
Sap ... 1.50, Boat lumber,
S, dressed '... $20

Ileatt'ntss Caitil1riit b4 t'iirln.
I>v *ocal appi,i tri'nl ;i l e eh il (; irhlut
reach the di. oild ,i l.i..ii- of t e e; .
There is onli' oiet qwivy 4ti) nIinte deafness.
ati lfth l is 1V coli.lsitui ioual remedies,
Qea finess is m.usRdI lIyv 'ti inflamed condi.
10.ion of lhe ntciiiics lining of the Eustac-
ean tube When th.l tu.e gets inflamed
Vou have a rumluling sound or imperfect
nearing, and when it is entirely closely
ideafnesp iN the result, niid unless thle in-
flinin nation can lie taken out tin1 I1 is; tljinl
restored to its normal conlit ion, li alri g
will be desei*tyed t'ore'ver;, iin cna of ten are cat.sed by cal earrl, wh'lli is
n'ithlii bIut. aln inflamed -'n.m lition of t1ei"
inucoui sur.'faces.
We will give One 'undri'ed D)oliars for
tny cas' of d4 i fuess (cau,3ed ly cata rrh,
$, 't caiinnot le cured vy H[ill's Catarrh
OCre. Send forciruelars free
F. J. CHENEY &CO,, Toledo. 0,.
Tike tlal'm Fanmil. RIills for eiiiMtipst-
t i Or c 'r . ,. .

R al i.t.ill I h. stiisg" itr d whi'h:

itiasiin" a nimit thr thu I ii 11 >\ Tti'
  • t- h hllt ti ll It' .'' +..s t.. .. 'P.. .I'. +i 2 i i .. i i ii
    hi -H i ii i P1 :iimi tl i ll*' ii.:i o |'$ 1 n t ii
    SbyI tll io ta l l i lli 1 I ,I.: i I t ilt

    ,Uti r n'l 'li,, t ''rr "L, i;/;i e l'he pliUn
    ,t ,, i li.'l llt ,'' ,'-l t foI ir teet.
    SIt" i i.',liths :ire thilkly ,vo iTled
    Slh qinill laeit'v rand stidded with
    ti." fdsr. lh'e entire plint. stalk and
    we B w,. I "Ut within a f'w tll'tin of
    et d i,,,, i "' nt i' "'the nn to y
    S ,,., lhe..,. ar, thti, rlit.rii t te O

    l e stn!:iin ti'dl tp: i i, a;ll "l' ;>its ('(u -

    4~.i' ~ a'a'ld~ s is l i stlls tl *1t

    C.0tiI it u ii 'a M iii'nl Vtindard

    +~h" lw'thr mater with the hac&


    -Special Kcuort ti thin buA. ,'
    News not so very plenty.
    Miss Francis Kearns left on the
    Tarpon, last week for Pensacola, to
    nake her home there, with a
    I brother.
    Mr. John Modlin was perambu-
    Slating arqui4d this village a few
    days ago, antd while here made ar-
    rangements to furnish bread for
    sale with one of our merchants, and
    it goes like hot cake. John knows
    b how to bake bread as well as to
    run a schooner.
    Rev, Thompson has moved out
    of the White house and has taken
    rooms at the Bates house. Mr. S.
    P. Morris goes into the White
    house, "' .
    Mrs. Ecker leaves this' wek for
    Birmingham and other northern
    points, for thesumnler.
    Capt. Roy Ecker was home to.
    see the home folks the last of the
    Mr. and1 Mrs. Braiitley now re-
    port the hotel in first 'class 'conli-
    tion for, the traveling public and
    Mr. E. 'Mosher is enjoying the
    luscious ripe Waldo Peach these
    summer days.
    Memo .
    g ,n l:ll boy we tiil into a S(otlh It i
    i allrift s ore wrinkled hIs I :i't,-
    ; leatd his lh':id(l tlld rIt- l as1td ls it'l'
    ia li v a atIifvn hii las iir it lt ' ivu in t
    .I hA tN II iIIn v 'lle solmt thing tI. t Ilt l:
    S:tIpeld hili
    \I.' 1" liet l- tlll, "w ill yoll tell nII.
    i a i ti' alf tti plh'liti i r l it- we Ainlt r
    ";iINs ti;i'' ts iI;iI.: s,11V li'rrsT"
    "'(irt ShliertdIi?" .
    "4 il. no. It's farther away thtii
    t ta t "
    "The l'tllpptlnes?'
    "That ann't uist It. buit It's soni,
    viher a r' n(iid tI her'l-r "
    "I'*erhlap you in'In Matil!\HnI?"
    *'MutinUl That's rl.-hit: .1 kn w I
    w\V'ou:d get It afier at liwUi ,, I I t iit a
    ', i l t nin il" I a 'ii etrX l ',e' ntev rini
    l'hiv'r !i'i1' tol h:ave' i e ir '.imu "- llos-
    ,e ll I 'c 'a d '

    CId Time Tempnrance.
    Th: ltirst tl'ttlpe'roane orel't,'y (f nid
    o h ave beeni fo I.'rderhk V" In li10), and It I Instrune.
    'i",e to learn that the ndble. mitntmbwr
    Sf that society Wer,. Imonnd by a plodgel
    gwad for two yoeart not to drink mIore
    than seven bumpers otf wine with any
    meal nor more than fottrteen hu)innper.4
    a dny Thpy were. however, )permitted
    to brer !"td to drink ne' gins s of whisky
    on the side. iy. this id-,,il of nlsten-
    .ti(n int'v ly h i gv Ini' t!hiP rdin:iry drink-
    ing lihabits otf our forefatiuers In the,
    ;:.'p A old tinis vwl'n kliiighthod was-
    4* ..l awaer -A-onA IIia liiult In. irh,

    Women Who are ,nvied.
    Those attractive wrmen who are
    lovely in face, form and temper are the
    envy of many who might be like them.
    A weak, sickly woman will be nervous
    and irritable. Conuipati,'n or ki !ney
    poisons show in pi,imples, blotities. skin
    crup)tiors and a wretched complexion.
    tFor all such, El.rctri: Bitters work
    wo ed'ers ''They regulate stomach, liver
    and kidie' vs, purify tlae blood; give
    strong nerves, bright eyes. rure breath,
    silnOllh, velvety skin, lovely complex-
    inn. Many charming wothen owetheir
    health and beauty to them. 50c. at A'
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    His Walking Papers.
    "*'My sistet'r "ll Ibe down In a tinute,"
    said little ('larnaee. who was enef'r
    talnlrng the yoi mtt man in thi jpirlor
    "I' heard hr telint' natiw a llttf wihileh
    i,"' o iI;tt sit' \l ;s.: gbofli to giva y''ll
    varr wvrlttet i.t'rilissiaaii to termbiilti
    ara toaiilgit \\lhat do vol. re' kl ii sie
    ri ;il't'" Isy htt t ''
    "I t litink I ki, v. ('l;r( icr >e," silil thP
    voani u i .itn. re:i' lii- ; far Isl lint "'You
    lti.vy tal ha'r if you jpl.use, that I liarv,
    (I;' id'd not to wtIf'mffi.".-Esia(ge
    .-*; .

    Barring It Out.
    Irate Parent No you think my
    daughter lov e you, sir. and you wish
    to marry her? Young I.over 'TIt's
    what I called to see yonu lbsout And
    If you don't mind I thoanlght lI'd justi
    ask first If l'here Is itnny I.sa Inity In .oii'
    family Irate I'rarint- Na. sirr .imi
    .there's not going ,to be any.-Londoii
    Triuble- Malker' Oustted.
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    Dyeing Real Flowers.
    "Every oiinr, hi awhile soiIc florist
    gets lauiy and pats some odd colored
    blossoms In ht s window at s an extra
    'wttraeffoul fo trhe d(spfty." hlsaid ,i cliY-
    a mall "I tJ1-4 ta)ti. 4t oee dowiv tlhe
    D 54tret. It .<.#eif.qst'd of a bunch of I-
    I possibly green carnatons. At first
    glance a good many people thought
    they were made of paper, but they got
    Interested when tb,,y found out that
    they were, *natural.' Now. anybody
    who wauts,to have any of these freali
    flowers can get them by buying some
    kind of aniline ink. any colur destre6
    Carnations are the "sl te t)> color -
    white ones. of (cor,'St. inut their stems
    In a ghfl.s flett"i \vi fili' Thfir stenlis
    aIre soft. awld in a short wt'lire', '
    nrgper t .11iI lin thetr petals Iar' tired
    wtith thrie Ink. IL'oi'l let J thi'in nliorlh
    too mutch 'tlihr Thel.v y 'ara prttlir
    with Just so inmuch Thio r.itj ivp
    them nard pit them In an use o f ill
    Witter .lleh5s of the vates i rul t i lin
    selves to tills shlien al-a Ili fai'l.
    amy white.' soft stennimed l]iv.-,r 1:1 i
    he used "-- 'lhil.!(l(>lhH!;t (,.ortl.

    On y,.vfnc4.
    "The late Janiis M,Il,,.."" sald a
    mnuse i)ulilshl r. "'w otf, {l ,,',;-,>n
    songs now and, tl h'n. lut I' 1- -i l'K
    author of '"Iovt's ('Id 'S-'9i S..ng'
    that he wl!l tie hleinI.L eri >d
    "Yet his. hlminir w\vs '.. I I." -
    *bright. ('ltli ;-nd +r -4l.';".i4td to
    mnakr frun'of I ,plie wli,, II,,d In till"
    coQtUnfry. I cnlit' i(Aird hiln say fn
    London to a Devon nmani:
    "'Why do you Itve in teff country.
    "'So as to save moneyy' was lhe re-
    "'Are vege t ) s 1' 1 ifr ni+l< rid n t
    el'eaper?' i:,
    "*They are. n ;.Pe ;r":ir;. 'ffgi'ghly
    den rer'
    'How do yon sa.ve. tlhel?'
    "'No opera. $7,0( a ytar. No 'restau-
    rint dftinfrs. $100 a year No theater,
    100 n year No txi"ih far,'sr $.o0 a
    .ear. No dlstracti<'ns of any itid.
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    'couldn't yon s ie Iv'r'-y If yonu
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    ry bladder or kidney trouble,a ind want
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    ian Leaf It is A safe and never-failing.
    re_tlator. At Druggists ot' by mail 50
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    Her View cf Art.
    An old gentlet'ni. who owned a fine
    ,estate not fir front the country seat of
    hbe Duke of lDevonshire (whc'hh Isbpen
    to the publc wheti th e it duke is not
    :here> one day drove with ia party of
    friends to this f:imons residence. tal(M
    frig with hhl hins Iulioi'eeepei'r. Martha.
    a good old soul who h:id been, with
    lit a g.'reat ni;niy ear:r;-.
    Arriving at 'h:itswr,+h. th.oy passed
    slowly through room atrlla ro t't of al-
    Illost priceless ii tires. liut Martha
    .spake never it word. nlthoutgh It "was
    evident that she was not missing any-
    thing. Each and every picture that
    .h r,;ee.,Jit on ibdeorwent a most rigid
    scrutiny, much to the amusement of
    the rest of the party.
    At last her master turned to her and
    said, "Well. Martha, what do you think
    of it all r
    "Why," exploded Martha rapturous-
    ly,' "I canna see a speck o' dust any-

    Department of the Interior
    U. S. Land Office at Gainesville, FIt
    June 5, 5909-
    Notice is hereby given that George M. Russ,
    of Bayhead, Fla,, who, on April I5, x904, made
    Homestead 'Entry, Ne. 34145. (Serial No.
    02539), for Ws:2of SWi-4 Section 34, Tp. ss,
    Range 13 west, Tallahassce Meridian, flhas tiled
    notice of intention to make final five-year proof
    to stab ish claim oto the land above described,
    before the clerk of the circuit court, at Vernon,
    Florida, on the 27th day of July, 1909.
    Claimant names as witnesses: Duncan Buie,
    Wesley W, Lalley, John C. Oliver.and J. M, H,
    Hancock, all of Bayhead, Florida.
    E HENRY S. CHUBB, Register.
    Editor's fee paid.
    U. S. Land Office at Gainesville, Florida,
    June 5., 1909.
    NOTICE is hereby given that Nancy L, Miller
    of Ebro, Florida, rwho, on November 16, 1903,
    made Homestead Ent,y, No. 33168. (Sertal Num-
    ber o063o) for NE% Section 33, Township x
    South, Range 16 West, Tallaftassee Meridian, has
    filed notice of intentionm to make Final Five Year
    Proof, to establish claim to the land above de-
    scribed, before the County Judge, at Venon,
    Florida, on the i4th day of July, 19o9.
    Claimant names as witnesses: A. Sugg3, Lafay-
    ette Suggs, Henry Taunton and George W, Mor-
    rell, all of Ebro. lorida,
    Florida, HENRY S. CHUBB, Register.

    DIxPARTMivTOr O Tll 1 INTElilOR.
    U. S.L.ind Office a Gainesvillc F. .
    May 22. 1109.
    A sufficient contest affidavit having
    baun tiled in this oftico by J. H. iLyon,
    contestant, against homestead entry
    No. 33262, made November 23. 1903, far
    swi section 6, township 2s, ran,,ge 14w,
    by Ed, Blue, Contestee. in which it is
    alleged that said jEd. Blue has wholly
    abaindpned said- tract: that he has
    changed his residep c therefrom for
    more than six months since making
    said entry; that s tid tract is not set-
    tled upon and cultivatet by said party
    as required by law; aud that his ab-
    sence therefrom was not due to his em-
    phiyment in the arnv, navy or marine
    corps of !the United States in time of
    war, said parties are hereby notified to
    appear, respond and offer evidence
    touching said allegation at 10 o'clock
    a. m. on July 8, 1909, before the clerk
    of the circuit court at h:s office in Ver-
    non, Florida, land that final -hearing
    will be held at 10 o'clock a., m. on July
    22, 1909, before the Reglter and Re-
    ceiver of the United StateiILan'J Office
    in Gainesville, Florida. ..
    The said contei nt having, in a pro-
    per affidavit, 'file 1 May 22, 1909, set
    Iorth facts which show that afte due
    dliOgenDee personal "ervice of this no-
    etice can not be made, it is hereby or-
    dered and directed that such notice be
    given by due and proper publication.
    H.-KNIY F, CnHI'BBr Register.
    State. of Florida-C)iinty of Wtah.ington.
    J..H, Lyon, being first duly sworn on
    his oath says that I.e served the within
    notilee by delivering a true copy thereof
    to eae h f the within-named contestees
    at the folio ving-named times and plac-
    es, to-wit: To Ed. Buie, by-.registered
    rmail,rat Baingridge, Ga., and by post-
    ing two copie- on the ormmises describ.-
    ed on June 8, 1909. J. HA. LYON,
    Subscribed and sworn to before me
    this'8th day of June,,1939. ,-----,
    William A. Enomohs seaj. .
    Notary Public., ---.1--'
    My com. expires November 9, 1911,



    Mr. George Rotzie4, who l a
    been visiting his ist. Mrs. E
    Hand and family ftor the past twvo
    weeks, left o.i the Manteo 'ester
    day morning for Peasacola,
    The Milton cottage j" Old, Trown
    has been furnished and will be oe
    cupied forthe suinmer'`by the fol-
    lowing, who ayprveiSu rdav: Mrs.
    W' H. Milton and-faily, Mrs. Ba-
    ker and daughter. fMiss Elizabeth,
    of Marianna. ..
    Mrs. L. Wiselogel-'f Mariann:,
    and Prof and IMr'. Fetig of Carra
    belle visited St. Andrews on an ex-
    cur.0ion, Iesterdcny and favored I i l'
    Buov with a pleas~ t call. .\lNr
    Wiselo*rel, whoain ft er days atit.
    at frequent visitor .te had not
    been here for the,past 'ive years lan
    her h'a)ts o." old Lime "friend w.'er(

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    j. __ __o --3.,ade-hyt.hoJ.O.AyaL/-"', Lo V 1itsa.-
    Tieir Foritu te Cpae. ..
    Thry h. r til i:il .iPe ri rfgl. A Realistic ,"::.' -.
    lh' l j;: ik :vt a' si!L~t l Y. ild ishe nl \\ .Malcolin was three yranrs old 1ip"
    a] k 4' 1 r : e4't d. lie ip, 'tl tod stock still In the inidtdle, f tihe
    U. alit' irL.t t.e y' jaoi.r. aone ar,, a'xtt ,F;id'tl ,ha,'i:'.iiti, ll,y..

    of their seat hnimersedI n ihlook 'I'her l hi. saw i'fie door opwn
    agitated conve(rshtloyi q nl rihmii. "Shut the door, M>alcoInI phtis'e." slit
    "Oh. It Is too dlre dul!" sli shid- sald.
    dered, coverhign her i<(e. with lbtr No response She rople:le.d hpe rs-,
    hands st 4f to sh ut otit some unlir- quest. Still no respaiom.s
    able sight.. "Maleolmn." shai s:tid mi te sa'rmii'. "1
    ""ea' rfuiI" he n-ratl. deeply moved asked you to sh:! tha'w di,'r"
    ntrd mionpping the profuse persplration I Still Malh'olnt st, al In rh,* 'ir!fdla of
    from Ihis brows, the :floor wilh lhis armni utsti-rlithd
    "Iorril).l". ~f Pe added "i cannot an l did not m0v'
    bear to think (f It. The loss of bope, "'M'il eolm." s. id his mother. "If you
    ha piness, l)erhaipseven life Itself"_- don't shut the door ut aaone. I h:inll
    I" Hush!" he* interrupted. "Let us h;:lve tA' pit 'Int you.
    strive to think of It no:more or It milly I atlli larsf in. o ters arid fiung
    grow to prey upon our minds." himalf a s mothers kiws. "1ut
    I'Pardoul me." ,said the old man on vr.r" h *'cried. "I wns hein' 21 wivn al
    .the end of the boWim'h. his watery eyes sin. an n' wo(,adn sign. can'tt slihuti
    distended in lively apprehension. "'Has doors. "-Womin's Homne Conipa nion.
    there been some awful disaster? Hav6 '
    you been forced to look upon some aw-
    fU) tragedy?"
    The young couple rgfhrded each oth-
    er in some confusion., Hdsftadtngly the
    youth answered: i .t ,
    "Y ijP. P. will purf and vltaNsiyon.
    "No sir. Yo see e e ust be- blood reteagodappetiteandgiveyor
    c'-eme engaged. and Oae were talking of wholesystemtone and strength.. ..
    what a calainttv lt"would have been A prominent railroad superintendent at
    ," .Savannah, suffering with Malaria, Dyspep.
    had we never miet." sla.and Rheumatlsmas: "After takln
    a~ndRheuatli sfti "A Ing

    Her Greenhotr Mother.
    "I was going to Patchogue." iald a
    woman at the Waldorf.' "when I saw
    sitting near by a [~tl'e' girl with her
    mother, the mother evidently a for-
    eigner., the child hnt in this country,
    both surrounded with bundles In the
    foreign way. Thlm. 'vllr was six. The
    coanductor (enme a'tiog. andl the child
    he;d out the tickets.!
    "' want you to pht us off lit I'"t-
    hoeglue.' 'e! said smhiiigd uat hill. *Uand
    !ielpl us with o"' hutidl's. please .1M
    mllother's tI greelhtD rn. Seli doesnt'l
    know anythli:tg nliut traveling.'
    "'1 watched her until the two ar-
    'Ived :at their dei'~tln:lloht. it(d I think
    I, have never es Sa.a .re. rp-m'e litti.
    grl or a more 'IemRingly du(tifui
    daughter. It was qtlite'evident to my
    mind that she meant no' disrespect to
    her mother by eniltling her by whlat
    would seem to us to be an opprobriou.s
    epithet. She had merely adopted one'
    of our slang words as the very best of
    English."-New York Press.
    A New Part, of Pork.
    The teacher hadlw,. reading to her
    !l:iss of the Induistries of IRussla
    Atnoang others' mentioned was pig rnts-
    ing The pig is used t nio-ti exclusive-
    ly as an article of fo(q. very little of
    his body beilg vihlued, exQept his Piest
    and. his bristles. ,
    "The Russians ,lriv *;nu: h to lea'r!
    from the Ael'ieauns; I .this repeat,'
    she contlaniTfd. "In Anitrl<'-: all F.irt:
    of the pig are-used ec'ceplt hi.s s.iu.al.'
    At this pol:it n pupiiu r:il eil her hbnn
    and :iske: in all ltnn ece:
    "Wh'Ir rlirt e" .cI' ,Omrdtnf.l, Is> th
    elnuef?" -LIppi;pcptts. ..+,;:

    lo ('r;: v a a inr:tlf!t:rt a oautr <'('iit' 'm
    por:aries Is not ''i',lilitl It fttliftli
    Only t stin llti pot'hiT(, i t tf l<'ilt iid a
    preat w'nit ef cortesi'I -Di'arltI

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    P. P. P
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    ula, Old Sores, Malaria, Chronic Female
    Complaints, taka

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    Prickly Ash, Poke Root
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    The best blood pMflrin the world.
    '. V. lPPMAN.
    Savannah. Georgia.

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    iIce Cream
    AN D
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    pairattion ofatyouatr te'"rE : flkttt lia iifi't'i'

    resvii aaat'* ot "Al'i~l ~two "- t'yoll
    aims -1,d t h v privi of llurf ill- 'E'~ it

    I al lsnefl[Vely the plibile s1L 5Et5 iff, t 11111
    vtt i'-the,' p~pi'h~f*to'p(aT' sli iviy. the'
    Inevit~able re'iuotniiflit-he' tirirahg dayvs.
    l~the.ofl x.al cir~t~ice fim thei store full of
    vager lansycra. atftttck to seize ionch an
    oppo)tunttlty Tirlts lit' only half the
    reduact lion t''oily'eaaiart tt
    ofle Is klrislifefrawitholit It t'ifgiltltIfon.
    edthle other h;I:. Iati-itia'S5 "Ith It.-
    Lorin V: IDehlwisdli-A a.

    A Wild Surmise.
    -Whiittdo lsi 3 suipro!re the first mea-
    Fage fre!in Mars will he,"-
    "What's thte score'" Sporttig Life.

    Why Mrs. Adavt's ItI'P Idtf N e
    Tkha*tC1e'. IDr -(ffmft ff il-sAQ "t4(fa'
    edged a grmrt Irrt-tacher. a ind '
    also a close 1stndellf. 4140 'INh' rft
    osloip andsqI jhoy a ilyr'7t el au"rkT&O1

    aiddi-" Oesif&IV 11 ou't'ived 11t 1 e'110t '
    ffml ttU I haby flail tisfifi i ffi i t is uf
    foners fhe had hot )f~~lu fi~.d
    duties as a spr~triualle:.S*wt f'-
    ternitiledto call obp fl .'io e
    fils church.' ond liattft-zf fpvro-et' ff
    the .Chtrich, tie dreeld f, -16v t pfpflv-
    bet lca ly. -I*'Ob nd t vnfuey* ~q %I",
    Adeams. so to 3Jt'iA4%fv*'(ie'ae frv'-
    lutely iCe"tlbtte fflt~utwill uisatio? levtt
    Afternooli. Stf I Mi. Adairni m.*stv.!W
    at horne. mild h.tl&
    "Not ot bom#""'eeNv M trd Ipasn

    mubl)Irrassed gfrt. '
    But the pastor. o4 thy ""
    tva9 em xnrrtT'f do tw5i. hrhattrs the'
    girC Iwal'4 -tv'lalfbflg. fro he 0lPsfkiti.~t
    -VWheryN fiI SMeg. Adrftfi.s retll.?" w

    -Too ly'don't l &rwqsf.~z(,d f 11"wd 'h

    'Uav~e ire* U-no f gini fannl h j

    a''l' TIoW w s. !.fr'4 s t~he cfin"-
    efiry lvur'ifrS her fbtimft nd."-.(

    Yoiu tn"' l1"t' to e.) r~ ~
    worry. Itut you can, di.on.' n'4V
    wrork at at tMt.



    ManUfacturers of and Dealers in




    knaBlso s % to tall Orders At Oneo It

    No Order Too Large; None Too Small!

    -Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    T. J. MC SWEEN, Manager,

    Ir. ~--UI Dp~ : : I~ ~. -



    .._I --

    it. H PA:RKER,

    eal Estate


    e r

    I (

    . 4- -.

    --The Art 61y* g. '
    .With very few9ie.titus all tAser-
    (lon, w be dlidead4nte4w4 ii Uusd {hfrettis. Lies are.these as-
    efIttoZ which the person eklNing
    Ul doenot know t'br,'to. "
    . LIs help to emooth ofi t ithf ( ogb
    placs obf Ifts. 4LIN 0, If It were joi
    for lift ife woHM be almot ftliaeit-
    able. It *tWid Wb tnoetlabie, to ~ay
    the least. If we laa to cofi0e our-
    silvee strictly to the ttithl cnversa.
    Stood would be limited to s ek plati-
    todes as "two and two are four." "the
    dMliettept the hypotenuseqis seqUat tet
    .t. ,b 6lB thie squariss'6f the othef
    two sides," "the eidfti tIa round," "the-
    OWn Is on time today," and the like.
    Whereas truth JIs limited, minutely
    #ad painfully exclusive, one has not to
    be at all particular about ites. They
    lay take any form and disport In-any

    A lie never has to be verified. Nev-
    art~heless It is Just as well to bear In
    aliqdl that the art of lying requires a
    0I8tilit' dgi~6gr of consistency, for lies
    ,ell told and flrofotot husisrited upon
    havil been known to pass current as
    tt, ftr centuries, often to the annoy-
    nace and beadlessness of those who
    OWed to set things right.
    1it lie it- human; to tell the truth m-.

    Coloring of a Water Snake.
    Among snakes even partial albinism
    Is. "arif while wholly whtte Individuals
    S are unknown. Considerable. Interest
    tlierefore attaches to an account,of. -a
    copwmon water snake ofj the former r
    type given by r. Typltejnu a 'Beti-
    natural history, Journal. The speci-
    Muen which was obtained In the neigh-
    erbood of .Berlin and Is preserved in
    ile mn-useu$i of that city,. Is not alto-
    gether colorless although much of the
    coloring Is very pale. On the back i re
    sa number of brownish red spots. There
    is aiso a pale yellowish neckband with
    S' Al,.dkHiL brtw band behind It In
    teye, the Iris preosnts a number of
    yellowish brown pigment spots, and
    the, pupil Is mainly dark red. Very
    noteworthy Is the fact that the tongue
    ip white Ipatead of the normal black,-
    .-^Vleld ' -, l.atM .
    - ,t .. .,
    SThe ltrbrig, ilenit Man,
    Y'.ou know the chap-broad shoul-
    dered, %square chinned, a trifle gray
    ib6ot the temples, -with not much to
    - aIbrbhlmabelf, but so strong? Every
    one admiresiihim-not. at first perhaps,
    hbt always before the end of the last
    set,. -4tfo the strong, silent man's' ex-
    fitence to confined exclusively to the
    (t l .:,'",. ,'.,' -,, g '"" *'.
    Ita eal life It Is praclIcaily Impossi-
    $11ibibte a strong, silent man.
    We know a man who when a mere
    boo thought that bie would be an 8. S.
    t M. Whdt hilppened?" Did relatives
    -i 0ock round, murmuring, "How excep-
    flonally strong and silent young Her-
    .ert Is?" Not at all. When h6 timiled
    yniclIly instead 'of 'pswring ques-
    lonpS he I.was accPsed- of su-klness.
    When. he laughed short, Ilulet laughs
    the charge was changed to one of
    Oudenes.. The thing Is literally iimpos-
    Oble' -.ff the stage. Women always
    Ibve the quiet, determined men--on the
    stage. Somehow their' tastes don't
    seem to lie In the same dtrectlon,"'off."
    "It Is the silly ass wttR'a'smirk, who
    knows all about the;ftrth:omling light
    opert., wiho*-eems to corral the sex."
    ays 'a: mere' man. Tie strong, silent
    thman may be foupd, as a rule, In a cor-
    per fiddling with a .photograph album. ,
    In real life h never seems to get sa
    .hance, as he does on the stage. No
    Freat heroism or tremendous renunca-
    tlon Is required of -him. He is practi-
    Sone of the unemployed.-P hiladel-
    p04a Record.,
    Keeps His WordA
    A traveling, man stopj.A at a little
    town In Araunsns, a adiad e there he
    n*,de Inqul ies of tbth postmaster as
    to ithel*e:rty and honesty of a cer-
    itNhf eocfcr who lived in the next coun-

    "-*"What srrt cf a man-is Dr. Brigso?"
    he qicrHed. "I'q he a- man that-ean be
    trurte.d-pteord (-o tcr"' -
    "Well "' answered the postmaster
    t'jt'tuhtfult'.. 'thgt depends. He's
    heen dootr' 4awpti* here fo? some
    ,, ..n.-rt vw-fin't, doln' much lately.
    fhcu"'h. ;PPetena he was sent for to go
    to teee' ci' yl' Henderson, what's been
    dyin' for Poin' on thirty year. 01' lady
    Itd the noo-ral-:y pretty bad. Doe' he
    girfe her. a d2Pe o' iaud'num, an' he
    'rnis, ")I Herdersot. you'll go to
    fseetp P"w. an' you won't be bothered,
    rith tha non-ralry no mo'.'
    A '1'he. went to sleep: that wns las,
    ,IayI an' It's giftin' to'rds fall now
    Sho ain't. wnked on yet. an' sh, ain't
    Evrp t+wen bothered with the noo-ralgy
    either. As a doctor I guaes Briggs
    atn't much, but '.he always keeps his'
    'word, .efr-.lways."

    Hungry Thefplans.
    TTbey, looked 11te actors, or. rattwr
    the. looked as If they would hare ht, e
    actors If some manager witB more
    W 1t te'h usual S 'ernmtntet would ir.-
    egnize their ability and give them ir
    Jbb, says the Rtroller in the PortlandI
    (MPe. Express. .Just now they were
    staring through the window of a pop-
    ular priced restaurant In congresss
    steet, absorbed In the unerring' c(.-.
    eay of, the chef as the grtddlecftoje
    we ,flipped Into the air by'hlm. only
    qto It gracefully back Into 'the grease
    mark they had Just quirtedl. The tall
    man. Jnpgled some keys 4 'his pocket.
    and the little one pulled jils belt an-
    other notch. '
    "Lodr!" said the big o&i. "I'm hup-
    pfy enough to eat my own words."
    -rm ut just as bad,'l complained thp
    111tt on ee an, though 1 could
    1olt a' t dbor."

    Astmalsar sd sctriefty.
    ,. Us;l uch m u kl tnater power of
    eeetrlcalt rqeeltawee or much less ewas
    Peb~l(tt than many other animals.
    lbeclh placed upon a copper plate
    *Wlnc rmts 'upon' a, fcgw pete of
    cbtell ttaiable to crawl off m acunt
    ef the %feeble electric action excited
    s, the contact ef the metals. Borves
    ate trowNed by slight differences of
    oitftIaL AD or tawtef for r ewmg-
    tfsmn wftb electrlcety succirmbed to a
    uhrreni( labsolptely I9orEnsive to nmsi
    No Mystery This Time.
    Mr. poppj-fy gosh. fhor once in my
    life I know where my cuff links are.
    Mrs. I'.-\Where are they now? Mr. P,
    --The lnib,, s 'bwaliowed'emol- ev elant

    A Very Restfu! Rest.
    Adolf Mii'iel. lihe raninii n ati-t. was
    at ohnetihe elinage1d on a niUtM't deco-
    ratiorn. He haid tiggad up at scaffolding
    in his studioo. oil whi-h his model was
    reque.ste~- to stand. l'ot two 1opg
    hounl* the po, lposeur stood tip ailofl
    In a minost fv~u...ii; posture. Menzel
    l' the tifteiaiitlie wotkled at his sketch,
    heedless of the faithftlht his model was
    growing tired.,->.
    At litttlti ttf mnodl -fdound it neces-
    sary tid af eak. "Herr professor." said
    he. "how about ia recess?"
    Menzeli a)pologlzed.;profusely for his
    forgetlflness. "CertauInly, certahily.
    my dAelit' a said he. -"Come down,
    and rest yourself a lbit."
    The model had cla mbered from the
    scaffolding to the hialder. which led
    down from it to the studio floor.
    "Stop!" cried the arti-t suddenly
    "That pose Is fine! Don't move a mus-
    And on"e more the model was forced
    into siralned rigidlty, while the enthu-
    siastic draftsma'i set about sketching
    At the erd of half an hour Menzel
    looked up froni hits work. "There,"
    said he: "that will do nicely! Got back
    on the scaffold. We have had out
    rest. Let us get bank to work again.'
    What the model said is left to the
    reader's imagination.

    Protective Coloring of Insects.
    A 'well knotwi little moth .vlth pale
    rreen hiottlid wings Is the only case
    In which I have myself watched the
    protection afforded by colhr at work.
    It was on a summer's evening when I
    saw this little moth zigzagging up and
    down with the most extraordinarily ir
    regular flight and a bird pursuing It.
    Twice the bird swooped and Just
    missed his prey owing to a sudden
    turn and drop on the part of the moth.
    And then to my great delight the moth
    flopped against the stem of a tree on
    which was growing a greenish gray
    lichen. The bird swooped again close
    to the tree, but failed to see the insect
    and quitted the chase. It took me an
    appreciable time to detect the litt'
    moth resting against the 1-. hen and
    "losely matching it In color.-Sir E
    Ray Lankester in London Telegraph




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    'wes Quarter of Section 1. andi the
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    ter of Section 2. T'owmiiliip 4 south,
    Range 14 west.
    Lies About One Mile North-
    east of Millville
    formerly Known as the Mrs. Pet-
    tis Place

    A portion of thi l&ndit has beep,
    I cnltivatio in tines iast; but im,
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    /, -f toi* heart
    Sar ty ed he titWIed that without
    ChartJyLS" JlltJpg ftr him to speak Nella bad
    orrlt n her own letter of forgiveness,
    R ew ar*d. "I ddmt knew that there. we.re .
    S flmy olt clothes in town," he de.
    b, MUkRTEL HAYNES. lared waderingly, and owe of the
    -J .. workers d ieted him-briskly toward
    Copyrighted,'1909, by Associated O"n ot:th| plet.w
    V Literary Press. Thli1ssayA the first lot," she said.
    AA A A ATha t tVtlgien',-and boys' clothes.
    "Dicky Ames, yu'rl tWst pro- o0U,4% -Apt those straightened
    "- out? Wy,W* t4enivortedftoguhlyby
    Voking"- -. .
    "But best brother that ever lived," Dlk fo.owed. the elamnple of the
    concluded Richard Ames. "Look here, other meaine the room and slipped off
    Maude; ,1'1 giVe pi# my intention of his.coat before tlb attacked the pile of
    taking Miss HethIsted out driving and gin'-letatrGiw f. ,.
    devote the time instead to the noble' Here were clothes of all sizes and
    cause of rummage, but only with the weights, .4nd asB* picked up the first
    understanding that if I give up the so- garment, one fot'ie men on the other
    clety of the beautiful Miss IIempsted side called to'1laiw:
    for sweet charity I am to pick my own "BetteR' sFtb-:thwugh all the pocketif
    company, first. If ton. dollar bill In rs vest
    "The way you fired me at Nells awhilie tXQ,,..4 .Cheevers did' tettef
    Brewster's head the night of the tlhat that, He 'pond two y.
    church sociable was nothing short of "We stl~ild ,vye them- in the cloth-
    indecent. If she doesn't want to speak ing," suggested Dick. "Perhaps the
    to me again, why should you deprive donors puV4lt i-there on purpose."
    her of that satisfaction?" 'They forgot them," declared the oth-
    "It's not a satisfaction," Insisted er:man'is HNeturned to lay a coat on
    Dick's sister. "Nella is as utterly mis- Its proper heap, and Dick agadif bent
    erable as you, and you know it." toihi ta1iC.
    "She didn't look that way this after- 'The pile of clothing seemed formi-'
    noon When I passed her skating'with daidat bit wt f a dozen men work-
    Ben Harkinson," commented Dick. Ing 'lad disposed, of tpeJ
    ,"She's game. She wQuld smile-If "betfl I wmounuds "*emn-
    she hdd the toothache and happened to IndtIwes -sorted. .
    see you coming," persisted Maude. It -W "She wouldn't let you see that she was wors, th ,4oprgptten. Ile roild not1
    hurt by the way you have acted, but- forget because 'he never seemed to
    well, any woman can see that she is know anything, '
    dreadfully hurt." The left rs that were handed him he
    "So much hurt that she 'could not failed to ('6lli4ern and then lied. out of It
    answer a letter of abject apology I when he-w-il ied.' Now Nell was,
    sent her," suggested Dick. 'atgry btUlit Df)k had 'not answered
    "'Did you really send it?" demanded her mr"-rt a01t`p note. and he coull
    Maude curiously. "She says she never rot blanqi her'when he knew that phe
    got it and that you didn't even answer never hldi received any of ibis more ft
    hers." cent letters I ', ,
    "Because there was none to an- He slipped "lthe package into ll:-.
    swer," retorted Dick. "Come on, now! pocket wih-t a word of thanks to Chee
    Let us get down to the church and to vers, nod (tlin he left the turmoil o
    that charity which is Its own reward." the rummage sile- to look for ^e!l't.
    Maude paused uncertainly. It was He metihiei',ust leaving her horn
    the first time that Dick -bad. aoken and as :hie0rime'up the walk she r
    freely about his quarrel with Nella garded lil l tiotl'" ,.
    Brewster, and she wanted to sound "' .aneted'delive wtmy letters in pet
    the trouble to its greatest depths. But "o0i an] to make certainn of their C
    here was Dick drawing off just as she ivd'n- u ftinel ick. "Can yr
    had seemed about to reach the bottom. giv ftes
    That the trouble bmd been trivial at X "NllW(^d 1h0e to Teeter tr
    the start she knew, and with two per- obe, l 'wl s"tc6 wi e to .lre
    sons like her brother and Nella It was 'hepo0t. ,- ,
    hard to tell, where the .trouble might "I' *Wel~ ire- It, u !e aIt the rn'e ov
    end, but the chances, were that they ni i il i'd. C'hears
    would drift farther and- farther apart.; utd the better; in h Alexatder's
    Meekly she slipped Into her wraps rii.:le t "tit1"hi-k that whle
    and prepared for the walk ,to the _. ,-t ,. .t..k ne-Alex--
    church, where a rummage sale for the overcoat on ft- hnI e'e me to the d-'or
    poor was being prepared. but he p9ouhited.-,o deliver it to you na
    Old clothes were pouring in to be once. U it8d0MFthf -delivery seem to b,
    sold to the needy for whatever their to stuff' -tatfnstin'Lils pocket and for C
    slender purses could afford. When get all. abbIttBem-"
    Maude led Dick into the Sunday Nella~trtt tts she recognized Her
    school room he whistled In .surprise at own letteL tl ;hiastlly she glance d
    the stacks of clothing, over soimf-t tlteny.- She saw iit a m),
    -"They are stopping all the time to meant wohaf-1,kti hrd already realized
    talk about'styles," explained Cheevers and hIer:llMpstrembled as she recalled (
    'The moment they get a dress that Is the mILe0r,'.ihel-ad suffered since th.
    out of the ordinary they all stop to see quarrel. ",;,1 > '
    how It's made." ..She loved ~-t-k 1vory dearly.: evein
    "I heard Gradce Chester say that at well enough to ffcr forgiveness whei,
    last she could be certain that Mrs. she had fatUtl re^was i'l the wron i
    Pomeroy's dress wasn't silk lined," an- and to hav*l M Icke no reply to tih
    .iwored Dick. with a chuckle. kludly Icid;hfliurt Loth heaunt ai_ t
    "By the way,' went 'on Cheevers, pr;:e. -rf ' "here's something I. ford in the over- Now he. cduld see that Dichk ha<
    ,oat of that little darky that the promptly. concealed i's error ard tha
    Drewstera brought up from the south all the 9iuffertflg:hnd been .aused b. !
    with ,them last winter. Looks .as one cma,'1lnd L-vry blick you' gr;ter
    hough Alexander had been holding who had toeeu -Brouhthl'me front h,
    ut some letters on you. south l;eMaW* it 4#fid.see'ned Foo'ente.'
    He passed over a thin package of "I am' frt'Ml that- Alexander wl! T
    letters. and DI)lk gasped. The envel- never trO 'ati messenger for Cupid.'
    >pes were grimy and worn. but he said N.la softly. 'I am so r cy
    wouldd see that they were some letters' al-k. thit entrustedd too much to him
    'ro.t himself that never had been de- but I hd no idea that he was so care-
    'ivered and others from Nella that had leas. Tfltnt }0ft-bhe trouble that lie ha?
    shared the same fate. caused us. both.' Will you come in
    Hie recognized even the letter la and'*"- -

    vhich he had sought to win hcr.for-
    ;iveness : for all he had said during
    heir last quarrel-a quarrel which had
    started over some of her letters which
    he now held in his hand for the first
    There twas a 'bulky one fromp;Nellao


    t. S. Land Office at Gainesville, Florida,
    May 22, 1909.
    NOTICE is hereby given that Alexander
    Wslchei of McMillan, Florida, who, on April 45.-
    1904. made Homestead Entry, No. 34147, (Se'-
    rial Number o2540) for SE%. of Section 8s.
    Township x South, Range 14 West Tallahassee
    Meridian, hfs filed notice of intention to make
    Final -Five Year Proof, to establish claim to the
    land above described, before the Clerk of the
    Circuit-Courot, at Vernon, Florida, on the 3rd
    day of JIy. ,1909.
    Claimadft names as witnesses: Barney Young,
    Iouis Floyd, Joe Talbext and Sam Kirkland, all
    of McMillan, Florida.
    HENRY S. CHUBB, Register

    U. S. LAND QFFICE at Gainesville, Florida,
    May 8, z909.
    NOTICE is hereby given that Robert Brow,n
    of Southport, Florida, who, on January 28, 1904,
    made Homestead Entry, No. 33684, (Serial Num-
    ber oxox3) for NY of SWY4and N 1-2of SE 1-4
    section 28, Township I South, Range 14 West.
    tallahassee Meridian, has filed notice of. iten-
    tion to make Final five year Proo_ to'ief a tiitsO
    ,claim to the land above described, before the
    Clerk of the Circuit Court, at Vernon, Florida
    on the rs.th day of June, 190r9. .
    Claimar,t names as witnesses: Louis Floyd,
    Sam Clay, Alex Carroll of McMillan. Florida and
    Lonzje Byrd of Southport, Florida.
    HENRY S. CHUBB, Register.
    Editer's iee paid.
    Department of the Interior
    U. S. Land Office at Gainesville, Flr
    ,"May 8, 1909-
    Notice is hereby given that Robert L. Purcell,
    of Enconfina, Florida, who, on August 3, 1904,
    made Homestead Entry, No. 34686, (Serial No.
    02775), for Sr-2of NWI-4 and W I-2 ofSW 1-4
    Section 32, Tp. i north, Range 13 west, Tallahas-
    see Meridian, has filed notice of intention to
    make final commutation proof, to estab ish claim
    to the land above described, before the clerk of
    the circuit court, at Vernon, Florida, on the
    isth day of June, 1909. .
    Claimant names as witnesses: J. W. Purcell,
    J, W. Brown, B, B. Ellis of Enconfina, Florida.
    and J, M, Porter.' of Bennett, Florida.
    S-HENRY S. CHUBB, Register.
    SEditor's fee paid.



    _toek mew,

    Fresh and of Guaranteed Purity.

    Offers His Professional Services (q the Citizens of SI, Andrews her
    h t ,Surrounding Country.
    v I)e ',,,|, '.,i,,t.,,ce ,, I i,,sa;, "ve ,i -i., i ,,i .,e e

    "Make 'o' i 'isked Dick" promptly
    "To 1' sdr'1:-iil "anid cnly too glad
    to do if." i'
    She led"the '*6a* to the house, and'
    as thb &renV'till d40r' swung shut be-
    'hind l'tnim he caught her in his arms
    and i'cdie'liirufat ~a Vith kisses., A
    1 Miltl 1 fthbe far end of the
    hbil 'd tiufb&i them, and without a
    word Dli t&iittlt down into the shad-
    ow s. 1Y , ,_ ;, .
    There f6fiowed *i-ld yells and the
    soutrd hr'@-4 iiiltlves. Dick came
    ba'lkfluS hcd, llt.ml!ng.
    "1 sliooiC lrit-some." ie explained.
    "for bothr.cu n6d me.-Wasn't it just
    like Alexabder to be hanging around?"
    "lIe will b-iSent home'," declared
    Nella. "We- clith t trust hiu. again.
    You wer~a dear, DI-k, that you didn't
    kill 1hm.7' -
    "I wanfredto,' admitted Dick, "but,
    -then,- whwffal.te use?' I've got ,you
    again. And All because I helped Maude
    at the rumibage sale. She said that
    ehiarlty, ')lke virtue. was its own re-
    ward, -titt I didn't realize the high
    premluhi*lt ild."


    C- Opriged: 1909, by Associated '
    ', t. .,Lierary Press. *
    -' I, ti r- ,
    It rqillwas a beautiful.bat. big
    and vgveey and loaded with violets,
    and Tl1Apdor .0 new calling gown was
    of whbl~ broadcloth, and her hair was
    Just th9 right shade of yellow tp set It
    off, aa4 the bat was Just what she
    needed towe ,to the hospital tea.
    "J,1 stnply -must have itr" said Theo-
    dora. ,,^,
    "lAe nk yo ,4i.ke very foolish not to
    buy lt," rtBr. ,ma*gd. Cecilia Ray, who
    :,was,.ltth hber. ,,
    But ,3iljeodora. resisted the tempta-
    *."1*'C glfap and. count up, my pen-
    ,16est *qW-dd. "I'm living on an
    'allownce Vow, and last week I spent
    evtythlng, I .bad for that jeweled
    But Cecilla was not listenilr
    "I'm going back," she sa, aifl ask
    Mine. 4she to put that Jaht asidb. If
    you decide not to takeI, I shall."
    Theodora i,,taui&.
    "If you by That hat first, Cecilia,
    I'm your en pliy forever."
    C"eillsa n tfff a little grhimicee.
    "Ohil. ou'd(aike ijp," she p)roplhe-sied

    Theo." They t,afclted her tri'utianhtnitog-
    But she went back, and Sitnte. Ashe tess tlihrour'i' tl rooms, and when she
    agreed, hffifliig. "No one else shall see came up to tHifft .ferry Arnold was ftM
    It," she promised. her trai.
    But two hours later, Wheff Cynthia They pounced on her. "Where did
    Albright had tried on every hat In the you get that hat?" they demanded.
    place, the complacent milliner brought For a moment Mazle hesitated, for
    out the violet beauty. "It's as good as fastidious Jerry Arnold was at her
    sold," she said, "f t if neither of the elbow.
    ladies takes it P6 taly have It." "I inmde it nid'fg..f." she confessed at
    Cynthia tilted it ovet f he eye. "It's last sturdily.
    a beauty," she sighed, "and fItst What "What?" they fdperd in consort.
    I want for the hospital tea. I'll come "Why. It i s exa(tf like the one at
    in again tomorrow." lMme. Ashe's."
    "No one else shlli see It," madame "That was sold," MazIe told them.
    promised. "to a gorgeous lady who iftancked of
    B"t when, after sc-hool~, Mazle the stage."
    Marchmont, having tight aft day. "Who saw it sold?" Ceclia 'di
    hurried into the millinery shop Mme, manded.
    Ashe had jrone to a belated lunch, and "I saw it go,
    one of the languid young ladles who With heart fult of woe
    served her customers unearthed the chanted Mazie and flashed a gfuttc't 9f
    'violet hat and #4 ed It on Marie. 'eFay Arnold.
    "It suits you exactly." she said. He smiled back at her. "Who ever
    standfiug fff *ud surveying the pretty heard of a schoolteachefi trimmnlg a
    girl lu the't sftbby gown. hat?" I
    "Oh, but The Prkie!" Mazie objected. "Behold the scholarly reasftf" tff 0
    "I simply can't afford it. Take it away. Mazle made an elaborate couff(g.V.
    It's too tempting." For she was think- Then they a~i' laughed so gayly that
    ing how it would brighten up her old a half dozen bored Harvarld estliorst
    crape afternoon gown and how she came over at once and asked fot (ea.
    would like to look her best with Jerry In the hubbub that followed Jerry
    Arnold home for the holidays and sure said to Malie.
    to be at the hospital tea. "I wish you would give me the frght
    S"geow ftde si*htthing cheaper," she to buy all of your hats. Maie.'."
    said. with a sigh. u0t. while the lan- Mazie opened her eyes Vfy wide
    guid young lady superciliously get out and asked. "Are' you askflfkg me to
    toques in green andtpicture hats In marry you right 1ere In t#fhi crowd.
    blue indd tailored hats In brown. Ma- Jerry?"
    zle's eyes went bauk -to .the velvet Jerry flung up tils hod, andf fls eyosa
    beauty. shone. "I'll shout it from tifP houie-
    "It is the only thing that is really tops if you'll let me."
    becoming," she salO, itad she fried It "Little boy," Mazie's vol-f was
    lT agtl6ff and noted the simplicity of steady, but her heart was beatfrfi, vio-
    it, the curve of the brim against her lently, "what would' yu do with A'
    burnished hair and the way the violets wife? You haven't finished college."
    were maiissed on the crown. "But this is my senior year." lie as-
    "But I can't have it," she sa!d as she serted, "and after that my Ofloey Is'
    took it off. "I'm sorry, but hone of the my own. and if I want to fby your
    others suits." hats for the rest of my days It's no-
    As the latigulJ young l;dy started to body's affair but mine."
    put it back into the -box there swept "And mine." Manze reminded him as
    Into the shop a regal individual, all rus some one came up for more tea.
    te -tnd perfume and glitter, and she "Look here." he whispered as .she
    ploun' ed at once on the violet hat, an. dangled her tea bull over a pale' ,KF
    !before Mazie had finished planning on cup, "can't you slip behind that Japki
    lier veil the liat was sold. nese screen presently, where we ctn'
    When the regrtl tudividual had swept become engaged decently and In or-
    ')it again Mazle said to the girl. "Oh. der?"
    !ust let me have one more look at it." Half an hour later, when Cynthf~
    And the languid young lidy, unbend. asked, "Where's Mazte?" Cecilia fliti
    nlg graciously tit the glow of a good ed to the screen.
    sale, smi'ed and said: "It's much more "She's over there with Jerty JAr-.
    beoming to you. You are younger nold," she said. ", ran Just see-the
    and prettier.'" top of the violet hati
    Mazie laughed and blushe:l. and suJ ,' i -
    denly her eyes were lighted by an When LinccflE C'-d.
    Idea, and she rushed out' of the shop Terrible as was f he' tr-igedy of flthat
    and Into a big department' store, and April Aight. It is still true that Ilncoln
    the next hour was spent in buying may have died" itt the right time for
    velvet and a hat frame and violets. his3 imperishabhl fame. lHe hd4 'cor-
    At 5 o'clock she hurried to Cecilia ducted an Immen-:e 'ailon thr ugh-the
    Ray's in time to meet Theodora and most tremendous 'hivil war ever Wio'r-d
    Cynthia, who. with Mazie and Cecillia. and never committed a single serluei
    were to serve on Mrs. Ray's table at mistake. IPe d;d 'not possess' '1hift f-
    the hospital 'tea. ton's brillit en teulus. bbt 'Ilt?flton
    Cecilia took them Into her own lux- never saw the future more sagnd'rus-
    urious sitting room. and they had tea ly. Tie made no Iretensions to Danile
    and muffins In the glow of pink can- Webster's magnc':.Ic oratory, but Web-
    lies. ster never, put mcre truth in oratoi!eatli
    "And now w t shll w w foraim for D'p'ul!r ,i flince. ti e pos-

    sensed Bcnjnlmiln Franklin's Immense
    common sense, and that. twenty line
    aCdress en the bittleflrld of Gpttya-
    btir 1:5 the hi:-i vntc'r hiark 'f Amef'i-
    can scntetfl'lW elcqt1uei<(e. It Is 16ttlig
    that after such : shouJd be the last to be lost in that
    stupendous struggle. e, d 'cieitfe
    over 200,COO heroes to I'y di 'n their
    lives, and then his ownu liWe .
    down beside the hum,bl.,'-t prfvat'
    tier or drumnimer Loy cf. Gettysbur&
    Chlckamauga.-nRev., r. T. ,. C V
    In Homiletic Revi ew.

    in an Allinator's touthl
    The alligator of Sou'h Amert,'rt. says
    a traveler In tMat re--lon, is the repffle
    most disliked l-y the naflves. That
    terrible 'reo'ture f"eds on fl'h. cnrrlnn
    and animals which It i4 stw'cessful
    enough to Furprise as they come to
    drink at the Wntcr's ed-e. Mhn 'also
    frequently fall's a victim. and f-r that
    reason the natives f pla' es where the
    *lilgatcr Is common h ive devi'-ed varl-
    Sus methods for lfl'tnn It. Ther- wie-
    a pr'd'no nr where I was rn--e tying.
    where th" wi!d attl' went Il hirdq tr'
    drin',. -rd there huni r-r u~'d to Ii-
    in wilt fcr them. Cre day one <'f t1rv
    hunters, goln- Into the Wnter. ca-'n
    across an alligator, whLkh scl:-eJ hihi
    by the knee,
    He began to rn'l for, help, but li.l
    comrades, instead of i"- to hi- r",-
    rue, ran nwny. thil',in bn h rid fallen
    Into the hiainds -f t' e lb.sti'e ratives.
    The nlfirn'-r Ir'd '-t a o' d Id h d tf
    his knee. Lut wu'd Tr't lot ~n, while
    the man strur-'ed. The hu,'tr had
    presence of mi,:d e"u'e-h however,, fe.
    become Ftill a-d r-'tenrd that he Was
    dead. "'",reur-n the vPHll-'nor loosened
    his hrld to 4ko a re"- and securer
    one. When it -did So the ian pnuled
    away hi-s kn.e -rd internored hf, nm
    which tht "reit're nt once sofzrd-' so
    r'.-r-ry n,-d rm'y ithat It was Jerked
    (Cit of the man's h"-~
    S A Fnamc.s"i .i "
    It Is conteup l tnt the -ear 10.;
    il fe not e0ej'i*rltie:< antl pers(ils of
    g-n'1is to the (o;l t',rli"i a' ny other
    .Y"0r of the lnlHtetlln h century. Anjon.
    tho:'e wh. wfpee fort'i P.i thit mnenora .
    ble ycer were Aiffli.h:ni I.l1icolf.'. idgai
    4:lan Poe. Offver Wendlell Holmes.
    Willliam Eitrt Glandstone. C arles Dar-
    -in, Lord IIonghton, Alfred Tennyson.
    E&ward Filtzgernald, Professor Blackie,
    Mary Cowden'Clarke and lfeflft Men-

    SL. M. WARE,

















    the Workman and crii fboli.
    ft is related In "Volct and Viblih. *
    that "a well known orcheasal condu*t-..
    or was once much ann6yef lUy the coD'-
    MfE~t tuning of a violin. Wilthcoiintbh,
    ifd1 long after the musliclhs were' at
    their desks, whereupon ioh remar'tid
    rather sharply to a novice 'IMy deaif -,
    feffow. do, ple@s stop all' t'int. tuningU
    lfu "ought to :be able. to' ptky, in tune
    when the strings are not exactly col?
    ,Thls calls to mind two' occurrence "
    In Washington. On one otnasion a cer-
    tain foreman of binding &i' tlie govern;,.
    meant printing .office was compelled to'.'
    call a bookblndei's attenflbn to a poof
    piece of workmanship. '4ie binder"
    made some reference to lBts poor tools, A
    fhereupou the foreman made the epi-
    grammatic remark that "i good work-
    man can do good work wtth any klnnd
    of tools." ,
    Not long ago the newliipers had a
    story of a certattin 1ild lti y 'w*hosep,
    education was sadly neglected. Hew
    Was employed In a clg'ir sto l' Penn-
    'rylvania avenue.
    One day after flnisldng l'behores the'
    robprletor and several oiters saw himl:
    sitting on a box with a ne~Wpaper, ap-
    parently reading. The- poit4tfor,
    knowing that he could Atbt reat'. said
    to him: ; '
    Abe, where didl *i6't Warn to'

    and. by the way,-
    paper upside do
    "Nit's all right. boss; dat's all' tViw1.
    A good reader' icWn, Ir'ei is' r a8.
    ways." "

    Sea Rose
    The sea rose ls a leatliery lobkfrti
    creature which attaches itself to 'a'
    stone at the bottom of the sea iht' A
    Infancy and ultimately if'ftaflis- *A
    about three Incahes in iZgtb and' an
    Inch and a half id' breadth. When
    qult and feeding under W*ter Its top
    Tpens a'-d Ilossoms Into'4i'"semblance
    f a Inrge )pink rose,. witli sthrel f!.fl
    : I':ch!i lotg, a really liktidsomy elt,
    , t. A soon as it 1: dlstfbrbed, lib't0.
    ver, It lrits Its'lr resolutely Bit~of 1
    "ther d. -
    s 'lis Specitly:i.y ': ,
    Prieied-That new garderer seeins to
    be an ery hard worker. Suburbanite
    --Yes. tha.t's- ,his spe.flnty. Friend-7
    What? Working? Suburbanlte-M-Not
    seeming to:-Town .Toptc ...


    For Ske !
    We offer for sale a trip fre thbe
    south side of the norttb half of lile
    north:v-ost quarter af se*Oton 10. toWn'
    ship 4 south, range 14 west, a*oinmg
    from the school house to WatUme Ibayou,
    adjoining MilIville on the south. Will be
    sold in acre. quarter, e half-acre lots.
    The price asked will p according to
    tiatlon.t W A CMtWiP -" "

    TWO MAPS.,
    A 'lAP (OF 'ST. ANDIII,W 'f 'Il
    30x50 iinchel, correctly platted, anl
    4howiig all the nm'ae iniipoaiiI .t
    btildings-is of great va!ne- i ady-
    onie e'nteaiii|platii ng plit eIrasi r||-
    a.i^ ir' I'it 'i. Jt i'aui era ahln'tat hui#r
    ;iijeKs ( c,''st l iii , eXt'riidilig 'ea is,
    A' arl frntlii 1) ver' I' ii. n t ), |l M-
    bisieing hl1 St" Aiil i', iti Gr.
    rai ln DI),llarI lit tlhe JI ('V ('liffi.','.

    A "IFTY tE1"I'T FOl
    A SECTI(lNAL MA'POl'I 111: s'r
    Showing all 1he }u,, dip.,F, ol',H
    i he aJicinnati (',mip[ sy, al|. Ictf tiff-
    Farrisoni. Talrk er. (h'rat niani a'nI
    ladjmsp 'natry. '11 1 ). 6 il' i- 4
    Iots isi nol si own. lhut iiy i. e ,,af
    ilit n in a the alp|rl..ihn)ite lra:iitir.'o|l
    Aniy rt iN easily i-tevitiied.' l,' e
    Fifty I evlits, at the -Blitov 4, vie.
    iitiher map will he asm' il r tail to
    1alV ailflie s or. receipt 'of l li e' .
    Il v 14 ie


    Sold in St. Andrew's Bay by 1. W. G. MlfAkhfe
    CALLtt FOR Fr aaMPLL
    C H H - - r o i -e ~
    S Foieheid '1' .;,
    Stand before a' mirtor ald look it
    your forehead. Doe' It slope back?
    itso It denotes a fondnesaiw fe art and
    a talent for music or patiafg-ot both.
    If your forehead Is higfIt' Is i, gdd,
    sign, particularlyy If it is ell develu-
    oped about the eyebro s. Shoulll tbese
    have a perceptible lhilto.' ot' are a
    calm, cool. dellwrnse thittufr.
    You will probayl.v be sueessful la
    business if. with limiing e rypeibr-t.
    yo f thave a short. narrow forebl.ipi.
    I readth of f'r lietiul indlcates 1i*Ai
    mindedness. Of(ti'rP 's a irt*i8l' f .s-
    head may be part of a weqik ffl P. il I
    a weak face with a bro-ad (fttitd' Ia:
    not so favorable as a stron' ftit'e-' atil
    a narrow forehead.
    If your eyebrows bhlpl- andl your
    forehead slopes graduall. IMaeki you
    are highly sensltivp and-yout are' a,
    poet.R-London Answers O


    many. I

    ]llTl H i Il il oretiarantees If you ue
    fT sI 'L 0
    PILES Mai plidL-
    Graded o,.,ol., Staate.vlle, C., wi.: '
    they do all you elaim for them." Dr. 5. M. iS
    Raven Rock, W. VA.. write.; ",Tbey git mniS
    nation." Dr. B. D. iMieGI rksbug l o e s,
    "In praci,oe tMi year.s. IteM found n",t;
    qual yrn.i..- A N., bU M a piow eq.
    by Druggist.' M"rmin RUDYv ,. rit7h.

    St. Andrews Real

    Estate C

    ~~~- f :,




    mlawMi All I P I L L g.
    A SOs, CRTAiN RxurmF for SutIusg.D MbneytanwAm.B
    faction 2uarantee1 0 e1 y nefael.. Sent pvlatpi4d
    for (1.00 per box Wi'i .td them on trial,to be paid for
    when relieved. Sample Free. If your druggist doeiAot
    have them send your orders to the
    UNITfO MEDICAL CO., mox 74,. LNCam StiPa.
    c CI es j -.. c ....' D.... .. nL . J

    --- ~mum

    ------- I Ir -sr



    ..: .:-'"'"'

    "And. now. what shall we wear?"
    Cynthia asked.
    "Our very besteat." said Ce"llia.
    "My'beste t isn't much." salj Mazle
    bravely. "I've made over my mauve
    rape anJ put some touches of go!d on
    t, and it d esn't look bad. but it isn't
    line by any meanss"
    Cynthia smiled at her. "You are
    prettier than any of us, Mazle March-
    nont." she said, "so you needn't wor-

    Mazle smiled at them lovingly. .That
    vwas 'the dear thing about these three
    rich friends' cf hers In the days of
    poverty since her father's death--she
    lind never been left out of any of their
    "Shall we wear hats?" Theodora
    "Of course," said Cynthilt.
    And then there was dead silence.
    For each girl was thinking of that
    riolet hat--Theodora how It would
    perfect her white broadcloth, Ceclla
    azilly anxious to look her best. Cynthia
    leveling somewhat conceitedly in the
    effectt 'her high bred loveliness would
    iave on certain haughty Harvard sen-
    ors, Mazle seeing herself beautiful In
    ferry Arnold's eyes. .'
    . Presently Thecdora went on some-
    vhat hurriedly, "I shall have to buy a
    lew one."
    "So shall I," said Ceclia.
    "It's an awful bore," Cynthia
    Irawled. "but 1 shall have to get a
    ow one too"
    Put NVazle Mrchhmont said nothing.-
    nd that Ii-"hlt when she 'went home
    he kisc-dl her mother and Inquired.
    lid ihe itl.hin. tomne from the store.
    another. (lear?"
    Atrd mu other ('der answered. "Yes. but
    rhat In the w-rld. IMaite?" and Mazie
    iuthed ua'.nd solId, "I'm going to trim.
    hlnt "
    And just at that moment Theodora
    lecd up Ce-'ilia nnd aske-d In an aw-
    ul toe. "-DI)id y.raltbuy that hit?"
    Cecilia retorted: "Of vour.fe not. I
    rculdn't do ru- hi r mean trick."
    "Well, of all tings!,'' .said, Cecillila
    And so. when the day of the hospital
    ea arrived, Cynthia wore t white lace
    Picture hit. and Cecilia's was rosy with
    Ink plumes, and Theodora was charm-
    ig In a pale blue one with an algret.
    Mazle was late. "Poor little thing!"
    nlid'Cecllia. :'It's too bid she can'tt
    aive pretty things like ,thea ietl of us..
    I -love her for' h.,r i'-, ide" 'dence.'
    nld Cynthia. "-he Is so 'e',r and con-
    Onted and uncouiplalini"g. |ut every-
    rdy Is so dressed upl t d-iy that I anm
    alf afraid to see h er hii her old"-
    Put Thecdora int'-rru'ted her
    Look." she '-nsp d. "look:" And. fol
    owing thb-'rire-tlon of her eyes, they
    aw coming toward then down th-
    ength of the luxury us room the violet
    "Ard that." murmured Theodora. "is.
    he creature who bought my hat."
    "Why. It was the hat I tried io
    uy." raid Cynthia.
    "Well, of all thethilngs!" staid (Cet-fltfa
    lav. "'It's MAlzle Marre..mnt'"

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