Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: July 9, 1903
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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Volume ID: VID00082
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Resource Identifier: oclc - 33065309
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lccn - sn 95026996

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Of IJ. .. ]IlLU'U LY. [PUBLIBHED EVERY THURSDAY. t' 4 o1 *{ .- I'. S. STinator- Ist uJi.t- l,'t. .S. H. M al \T -*T .\ ]iM .\', FL.\ I'"re yl.t'ee ini1i, it is shil, ,i(1 I111 ,.',n pa(/.,, ,| r .. ..t.,l" 4i., l Tl "'i-' p,'r.,-' n ,' ly. [.,.o ,,- I..,v, ,ill else, I Hsk you tot -to take me.""
t, ry, I'*- s...',,lh, "-',i l^Lc t,, J. '. Our liul l'il : l' lr il .dlita n : : q'.,Il.l, tVot ,l. '.n ,vviitll,, I -talt. 'th t %% l il, id litn ;Iv, anud aill I L" ,i .ontig *C hl rh-y lt not e p ,ltnt.'" (_r,.'- M arion said, catt ing Cressy In his
..,.. t e~przes entativ e-- l't Dfi stri ic% S. 11. i'v,,ve u.il e~r altl] I l ulq l lh e 1 ll--.- ,, ,,I with,, ally b ,I e h ytlq~enn to sid. sw nliow ing hil I l 1 ..-' ., lit. arm s. Charley darted awry, sw hearing
Sparkman, Tampa; "-1 .l.,t.ri(, I [',r..i f .. r I' 2. ,t ~I. 1ni r kl.l .I ou a d.-f winti.i I. v .u. under ais breath Jfmrw y,? Jimm
W [D vis. PaJatka; 3d h) itr t W m. fl .. ..I n- n. m.l,. sis~er kee r, 1'.,r rll illU i,,e:-, 1" h.4 u the 0e' of :s et, h', i'. a l a d, .linlt-,ih t.'tl illuv u nder his read up n i other's; sJoi
,i l i l r r "o l 1 I ny h p _,.~l' l I i t i,., t ,! ,i II ,. Ui p u t hi i s h e a d up o n li l k n t hi t h u -
L ia m r, Tallaha e -.- r .,i %arh, -. lie mn y i ev0 V lit h l t'e h10il, it I v,, .- .-.,p, ]1 he .'., ol. U" r....I,. t ,,l, v. it der a d cri for the first th of j der and ied for the tirst tme since he
.a m l,4 t h ., -- l .i ltvV.ib e c-lw ii i ill~ln lit ......... ... .. 11k~. Pu l-.Ill l qL -r.I. w s e i e rs o
W n creiver, . bk U;.. In ly inva e l i lly -n Sn lhm c ,1 |, ,,,1. h e rw -i ck w ,ll ', l.u ".'r... l ...., Ji y how tilen.* w as ten ye rs old.n de
,.ille. W I L I A M A E M M O !N S I.% ,th ing Li bl iil, e i, If itn inei, and 1,0 ,-. C% i d cl, t, k ,;,-%, Lo w I' .nt ,,,.i t.. of ny w horkinw th r O ugh five w alt els d
.; tAt -overnor, W in. S. JEo-u1,in .-, %- | m - -' I. allOn llhit.lla. ,'1,, ,,,ihc, t l,,,,. 1 ,I '. ofwr'ini l 'i lli b. 010 if ).-),
secretary, H. C. *raw-ord, T1r:- j 1 1 ,." II a10 1. all In'lte ini i ho %liel. Bun irell.- **i tH! vlni j :ilowm b. n .l 'u i-- i If ir ..-> lor .111 . ... ** yi rs trylug to save the homestead.
uecr etr; Y, C. '.r- A tord e |.-- :t r i pel ti *, h n i I ll *Ill I" %I-*r tri I: 1 h', --: r l- .lt 1 -..'" mi'ortgaged to full value. Cr ssy helped
G-ne-3l, ,J l. \hirnti.,Id; TaJla-l ha^ .*--, "i''1 .l *l3. rn ,".*i l,-'' I 'h1 I,,' T i. l- Ll -, A".IS t're<1 w, t;,t thr, ,11 .t ...1.. I him, sin g about the p1lte.e her
Complroller, .A J. Cr'-I&m Sup,'r ni lsn h ad ,.si,, Jiul e. tr.aor.lmar;. e Ilse I hi a"ci l.i ,ip > 1 ]i .i ll ine .-n ,i,'d Il , d _li', ] lh l r IN,,-,I ver h I- i,,'* su* I ee lw l ys sUstiushny, her temprs nil
'4 intendent of Pu7 blic in.r--ru i:Don. W ci,,ln i l,,n rat. -... iby t t ... .il., cally l' h uiiaheiail. a', th, it r... i t.. l noihl luff'r a r lnih,, l ih h i, i Jim*,.L, .11' civ,, ti..l..i,.y i,i. .. ,i,- ^,.r llown away. Still th e w;.s rejoiic-
"ft Shlis; C.>ninlll_--ru ,nn"r of Arif i _-i. sere.'ih0.h .' ia v'g..t lll0 I i" ,ta nc aT I. 16 1i 1 '. n 't;ii ,--; 1 .it.i I ind d w hn ill .it- 1 i .,-
r Ba ji a . 'L b,, . ... . WI InRi .. I. r yW vr lah It k.ow vl i fro m n s the her;,ondie w it .n i
GJne ra l. J C R ..or T h*t l .l tI t h e -tri a ric le itl a laIg o 3 111'.a ',, t i a i d e ., I i I 1 * * ano h t o. .. m a i l .. ... ll i s l u c.. .
: h .u i r ,t^ t 1,^ .l- 1, o iI. Il ot. i .,l .. i- r alr nl l t, inl h ic h v. *Ic h .l ig e a ln .U !- m e . l 0 ii e i a ., *, : 3 .- A s ,I n mm r w e n t un h ,, Ho t. h w 1 La :1w 1re.lie s hrei Ii d i t'l1 J im n'-e d
,.Id er 'iats Ci.'t l inia ag il iill int11. al % b 4.1t

', a ei gton Counii y- R epr DeL tatnive. ; "--s L III -li., a .l t ... .e la ne, pn k ,,st '* l l r ot a rti ltie l Il gt Nalnr dr ,., 14 ,11 i w i llr, ou gh i n th in goow 01 of h4s tlou in

1 ) s n f o r d ;~t m h L A C o l l c t o r J u n .2 1 : 5 1* A sa n Jn on *a~ u vn w e nta u po I l l w pet L r-as. 4tp e e t e a k J e e u e- p I o s r t o e n t n ~ r iWeo us h i ld l trd L t 1 e J i m a g o
I bu.he in. %% M ihi;A icrhi-' i i ine l-.1 ~a t cu, > tie 8- im en L i rai o h, l R er i ri Tax e A( .r. [ oel j i mm l I i ,c h ,Il, ue 1( 1 L rt oe lt 1 ,,a< l .,
sor J J. W el l-; hirk ,. e p- ' i th a ra o y "a o b h e -- ga"i_* At. le .. t thit i.,, ll,, ,. mu t, a:, n ma n :,t ...... ,.-'. ,1

--ounty u e itn e t .L rtS n a e i h ,w p dof b fr h bck n 1sa.1 -- -VrIid -lI t th deir l ." anti of ata t I ~ t pon i
Deeds. W C. L.)ckey; Sboneriff. J.N .S- ile il's>ems t en., ,>- aio l lhiv a i ln, b -- o" o-..,. (_Ilw ,irln-y lI..l r-,ii,,c binrlt h:x ii d e rCl ,, th .,-vI lip,.S, 3 ,' hl, .....* ir tri7g
I f rKithi aV ln P ..J. .V J.n. ..c.o C l r,,n Liti C il i a 1 0 ,1 0 I h ,ll ,it I. v h 'i n ,.i r l f, c ou o u alrh t h i di. n r,,it,. ,i o J . . :. .. .
WIInford; Ta ry Co i u. .,, l r, ;,lk [il.\ o, gi.m', ilr-h ule i ll t n '" lt' h la k i l .,, ,,,c i l I ,il..( ,/.-., o'.'r a t o I, \.;i;mi: T l; rcihled "S d l, i ,. l : ..,., 1
nompson St. Andrew; Treasurer, yoli choose to renew. and uniitimely higns of wear; it should Mr-m Y --- Hllw c,'ilI 1,s horn upJ m he called: uSadde e tt aor ins o. t Io ,
Louis H. H~owell, Vernoni.; Tax A- .... ., .. .- H fresh~ horse, Jlmmy. The best you've '-- .........
ssors, J. W. Will eia pus, Ce hipclye with a rag oyer night ant doubted, -" -e "t he minute this lIs sie d I must A Th m this I. th Im.

se s r J W- w il E m m ons T hip ey bo de riode iliakine t r w bs q e t w ll n or i f a n n b o ther! de il "O n se r of w A thiiti iiw-aniIti, d1
C,, iuiv Superintendent, L. L. Pratt, >Srin lll ite r eight. wiped off bef'ora the blacking is ap- c n ride like the dev nl." Oneh of Atla-nta s nd..,t in,!:,tt. ik
.VHe Barn trel o, I E. .ox ern, Pos- 1 ofo er undkCarbolfic Aaid tofuiri "What's up?" Jimmy demanded. 1 its athrn o lsI y etuig rn we mios iii-
teH l, ourteyo Co 01 mmissi ne It. points and lgows, it comes and oes. ptlied in the morning. A teawipoonfull Three eilg arey 1u- father clutched his shoulder, leane d lopTis ha b a,er 1 fuedt fo eu y
Jr W. Cravey, o hu., Miller's Ferry;s A ong the glorious leaves; of the same onbstance added to every ench one ol is own e prienc and w rh e o n inth e edge o f ruied "n. I lgt a v hson. ;-1 itf
Ae W. Weeks, Duncn; John Nels Silver it seems, then f old reveals p und of flour used in bred h and twho others, i n m hieh Iica carbolic found out early this wornin' that (.Ill Of s!)ttU lieg it lie handed it b, c tl 1:1 his
Chipley; J. h Jackson, Cl.rksou; O'er tops of summer trees. towoh u a aoverer to yn c ocdounth earl y th w rin'. tiart l ey tis fatHik.r t a e b hi ,nht i it iorutc had
W. I. SingleJtary, Millille. ake-lnkpg ,s a great inpro.nt,"ne acid was applied to ;. il,,. causing ba d r t ater to d ost f L ordr t t
i. ds tie of the Peace, A t ,ars h intttce Both doughs will be shorttr" n in nediato csiation of %nv, ith no ty money. And e on his ond for h thlt d .a the hlt o er tht.
Jon Sturrock Notu ar le t k Asifrto t>reff(t< te articles when baked kee) fresh $50,000 I trusted Gill like my own A l dy tr, h v, the

W.tsu 1-P Barcatell De. t ro8 nnarrlks i igrn wa s susqun aw9 or rom beggrl n eparo ve i Jb dd
niolt CI.ourt W.e IA.pu na C AA r As i bolder grows, its radiance thwln ug beq d F ally a at l sbsequon t f wdling or lii aini nation brother" yore! thanher sr d t sodnthiie he wanted
School Ditirectors, -. A. Surber, Sr., Wide, far, in all its strength. ro uch longer. Finally a Uableapoon- The corroded skin caito off in a few "There, there, Uancle im," Charley mor<-than h ea s did the intr ist, ao asked
W.- H. Bartell, I. E. I)oxtader; Post- (ul of glycorino to every pound of (ays, lo avig a new ski ani causi interposed. "Walls have eanrs some- htu s l father to pbasere Itirn to dom ey.
mistress, Zadie H. Ware. On mountain height, which in its flight, fruit nsed in making ianm will often a uey naonvenience Or trou- hole in this precious do t It'v a loop- t'it the do e rhf d no not far

0 P o s tm i to m s~d ~ r E e y T m p e i r I on1 )ti m esw va ndqw er m u st on ottl e a vetho n e al o op pinaio nn ge te it. t h e s otrt sa m a du n otio to f or
tatirisi u ---I'ost Liistress, M rs. M R Se eu ms nearest to the sun, absolutely i IT H co on usle b e ld pove
o.lnk ptoOst r, enr ovi r I easing light floods xith delight, do away altogether wlth the early b]e, not cvena scaa or or trac.tio of d(eed of gift, Jimmy. Uncle Jim makes th W ony. tnd w unless be could prove
3ilt ^, .ste lit, Dykes; Its joy has now begun. cmyuscl lit one case a ,he burn was o to eryth g-land, money n hand him the $

BahadCon tasablr J OHC.Dafn No pis ti h isotarydub th tharit y hffousewfe D.O o L M e h in edcl esstokand th c rop ts. brte n" cenhlaelli ued tohim theh$5 wauhis.
q-o Jthemeater J J. lOhit handcrops." t l mTh:m youthful financier looked both
oyns abe, Jo H.Daffin; s O'er distant stream, morn's light doth l c l very extensive, coverig the etire "Whut for?" Jimmy asked, his eye Tizz t fd and happy, then ls cklt -
Iler aste ,rr. gleam, Kitheh We .lt anI Measures. e face. neck. ahid ands, and in wide. Charley laughed shortly. "For nance cleared. lie called the colored
it r -Postmaster N t Two cupfule n eqal a pi ut. this case ie gav a h oderuic in- the best of rason--to sa ove himself butl er.
Nottr Pub W.0 if. Lik e silve serpent winds; Two cale ifo equalk orat Piint. l a v, .s...ay from beggary and keep a roo over his "John, dtd you see me give father $5
ianton-Postmaster, Andrew Allan. () nearer lakes, it lin'ring wakes, Four cup eqal a quart section of morphine The patient head. But I've written It down for a the other day ?"
A o -Postmas S. W. Ander- And there content it ind. One teaspoonful of alt to one recovered without a iglo scar, al- consideration f $1 love and natural He ws answered In te afrmatve.
llPstoiitrl. Tosss.e rs R GF. d by thil. e risi,. if l wind. the waves t though there h affection. Sign, quick, Uncl e Jim. Un- Then he put the saue question to his
sond. Tossed h thenris I wi th w s thouh t ir wa )h a u less this goes on record before Gill Ma- grAidfn ottwr.
To apkins--rost ster, Emery Tomp- Recive. the gentle morn; 01to teat poonl.n of salt to two end of th nose ana riaif t ear.- gee's pranks get wnud, It will be worth a, t e ti

e ^ T0^ ^^^r11"-3 ,-- .. 3* 0un a 3^ >.'h**H- :. In ..t ae Me.amsh ovdt hrebemte Mi^^ ^s ---- ll as^ sh:a xie,
kn s.. Ope" .widen *er 'e tiri ar msil 8 ?i lwesso th an t ohet t d h, pto m a tI h e you n on "
kills d opk S. it isrth i ..-ss o i .a-a m 1 Dr. Otto L. nMue.o ua a rs t hea r t s w t chlave.. turned to his father trium-
o *- n aster, 0a. Fo r ,.,anhrn ie pC.T. .r of f r t's hardr the old man moan e, tL he pa yt the t s
Cksylle"ii (*** tiDi1 I:tnj t~i *I.-m a li liiiii t e is Of n l... bn ppn Aa)^A ; r.. u w a ls an I d ? '
\\,iC ..k W o ritress.r yr T cnfn o f 1h Intr e a w "In my old age too! I never did think "There, father, I have It In black and
'.t il ,.- Po stastert.N. utuWhat colors fa 1 o o i ie ar spread everywherel-, o .l a m I could l h e brought to any of them coe white." a ll y t the te
Po.\ l-iUpo( N H n Ot o ud. a.. verin' up tricks. I've been so proud tO Needless to add, he got the money.--

RELIGLOU < t Above the" iearthino ii.hn lan "ii t|o, ofr upar~is dxn talp ooul one hqip caI e to himove e ould *im m.r i *Y.t fa.xt v t-meow papple, no t m atttr cin tyo an od wa auisut ed fond a ItD
ir oUb MAIloe cp flyd (ofeno oo e ,ln he:t r folks t y, 'Aul s aidlnet as a t kh n Atlanta Jour ed. om a a s
S,,, r ,o,,,, ,..,, ,,, ,A,,.,, ,,a. d, W r t-.-e bei. upo' I A eyite r ,, d But what else can I do? I'mt a t eda c ad h i
W hit ohl.--e

Lcr. .i' i.Lk I, ,l *.ikinl i 4. L ls 'oiih atl osyeast i o si m il o ro, a pto lt Up Io t" t h re b o e rn a liltio, Vcse io t town they tell d
V.l, I'v. a .. .' \\ F. "" ,- Ma" K,., i ,i ar d ,in Brol (,int of liquid oec u MT e ii n Cupoch. s y'I- to hr l,.,rn ot he e ent aked wit h ia '" md ot th e orL the
W11 10 m. VelviSl'l" Io th lE.a, ". O e me, e no mette oie of al old n to tie. fUoue in t stor y on o yn u Sh n WA the
S .. . 1-r ;..%A .. h ... . , o f i.. i ,,, ,.I .',,,o ,,,, Itie ,...|.,,,.,, (,f t ... t. i l. ,o e ,. a l,,l tic .. h e to bin s o ,,, d who cohe ser ,. h
"I'Iii^';MAII, IG- l,,..I,, lhril -,'nfT.,... n.^ ll ka .iwhut cu,,es." Jimmy Said, lifting his -ill towns, wh o "* after *i
.11. 1m0 ,,fl,,l 1 ,C-,' vm, ohr.-po m t tue od 1, >u r thru hS au t. We urgiNo to "heu od" a case a who hasee t
Sn',i,-o ,I 1.5 %1ihn. u d A f t t e l r e p o n o f ak o e t e haA, Iw eI 6e l. 13i. .. h : a bThad .u thro.e h i sI' .'k old airm aiot hi r Ied Iy I,]leU o..--
r tt' -ol' ok .e' %,,, a- InN 1, 10 tho s ,o whf c qua-t e 1.o p loud 1 -re wt.r I attoi .n ll t ant Jirm Mat ri o we tw o le rst with hin I o e.epac e t t ot. sed t he it c

L d, crnn Lo ie I n s m, o you wo'tine l rn Irni tog the eve rtokns ecy "I pI tstit in woe U u l coep l rom t he s.
K.1.. ld r al t, R e- O' C. 'l b o., e 'o t w orl' w, Ia. pw ro ],e e n tab spoon of n l u,0 4 equ lr I alit lvl iil al l ed toor hit. J- I i, ne t Nyiet i a ad ialo ly, a s she wa li- ao

A.ve i .ula .c. . a i :' 3 ipe v e ta bl ,o o n fu l ,.e b ' .t n d e t s ,Ir mr a t 1to w h e tr e i oth e nroch e the i in e o t heo

F;pyp str ( ,i"n t,,-uIwiseiha .o,. Jlear n r Mn ingtri ss t .ored la.'sh- .. .. 'u ....... ,b!o e,..,i -n 'lih_. ....L _- ,t ,,1 ~i ,1 ,
a I l.%t' I '-- -d ... t h e g t s o P r ie c t c p ou l o i u o sv w ot l... I sI r to he r fe et and th C I n. vun oph y e l n oiw h

t "10 a Kur .h S. L ynii 'in-". -., f ri" "'y w i-ul .l)u p le d ozen efg our w eri"be.. olene d hit ew o r _ul lt e matleh i.nt oto t ce S n les a o, ont. yo trust ., .tr. -,t .o e. rt. do' you wha n t,. i tl

a ve., an atrS.W ocacduo ysgt w and on- l cufl of pov cerwo rds cat? h haskd a on etfr l? I cm id hiew th ainl neer tand appreh nsin thlr' ofch alys Jg"mdicin? d
no tI wt e o y i m e u n ih k .e i : o n e i d i tpc a haa d onettl pu dNa wa n w ee trI

&in o'-,v e.. a' nd" -i,,,i'i l i .de M a .Tre e u,'r t eqnas ons ot bakin po wd er n e'a s y hallt beu pic r'ou w Cn r oa he an' thlags y Jnr w y ors ce anm io' t doom yose t ore uii s t o he r s let o her m edt ae
i y ', Kid n es o u re A le lt s eme it on se l on e ,cant ou fl 1ou i q t you r wIn never e n- t tm, o ther to Ibe a Thu s t m41e r1 li t

mC ker kidneys nd lddr r ig A erfe dl hot u cup fulos of four f or ba e hadrwi t e 'e.:ou, "eB the o ,e mat ter b a ld, m fby lthe lorde washsotan ot o ta lt ion l ea down n toile. t
-iO I o. now .t>e otoe a roe ac o nd w ith e e -n obo Cirtt ke s o ve- ir oto tk, an on e ca red t lay h ir s i exh;!;ii< wereo hlind ao te wrorse e rl

B l.m t1 eerhfaCTOR w. To fittind ro make of meat or bone tor soup stock. Bide her. "You need' try to run l tas, on t o--myttwr of a minute. apy between Linz and Budweds, In o
fl~nanti (ihird Veom ng av ro t

\W44. A. h-MM us h e did o ue: weve tasoosf o dry ma- knowin all the way you elt bad, an "A tud Charley Ink hans. m rye Locomotive railways were dw
s- ,i l'Circuit Court ,C,,lerk and NotlI, Alth ough not tied to stake, ial eri al one even tS l lespoonful. I reckon I know whf t a tl., .ou" ht crihd, with the n tensest much longer coilne The first line n c
at ~ ~ ~ v 10f S.h.Rv .L .-u trlni, al.O sdzneg bad wihos wlas w i ed ,3ee onl,n the tLrisee. thayUe your way ow' Giyso ne tru st toir. uz s'll titeft sado to wate Wiethor

let.,,m. for the Wtate at La rg tf I was to post. Foui pepercorns, four cloves-a one "You don't! What Is it l Dressy an- scorb ",ehet Lore you? e hate can- o ld m ed e t'n was opened from Paris c
j M u,,lr t E.b. Isc. o pad --m hur h ekn awled- *adoehl ons saying nothin a UI br ath igmy laug he- rage dof y ou t tr n eyt. bpe akqink. t~ o St l whe eltoai wagn 13, utr lwasye or t
1 i av an C es t i Suorday yM atyr tapof u sm e ba o wr ac a yhil "h3eced 1a lb ea, h "t t a0 n0t m1 rEL tant Sa n neatly ther ved a
S a m. eer ny Om kr o "s e t. a in withhim. I e th ae
t 7, ..r lawfully uali.ied parties. Crisp from emotion's flame, t o uarthat r Creasy demanded 'Ill "He's com i ps d t e o t leto Brussels-Malnes line Inn Belgium. Bel- s e
liq ui upont anevemr le rn l-i (tt r' a s ever sat ock anl't i s to.". an"e ca l e puts city and me s J ,"repiu ed raid a hlt-

A a d rh e Huo y O S bvAn d r e w s B to re i n w h uw a y h l Si x a c e a l es o f c a l l e t od y T h a t'i w h y J i m rinen I t n e x t t f r Oi yn Pofures S h e te a si o th en t h e r o l n t to w a y .
q Huev e r -u y R VTh u MS t-d- f rt ho- Uin t o tr i e levn at h a n w a t e r skEs e q u a le r o c u p f u l. o r ae t w d o c o m a nt in Tr e f i lr e s l o w s t w o n 't ,-kee t n l e s s I c a n k e I tu. "
B l rgtg bacagel Jt m sa d np-r oub_3mptlt ry followg bsfednn te- + ins 18i 5 andphy st rla u ro ared wih
"tryiLI .u t Andre iy in The bT may search the realm hl tuhu of uc er d oah -s mW ut th nee srter, it m r am osin e ar t ere tn he i
P1. anrk St. S vl t a I I a- uoldlin tThing And you r d. OId h re s aki. t"e oid whint melwt Ian ot n d o leh s on. Euro'y o f ro m Pa ris "ao Roed ne d

grn wit So -Atir W he Beyo d he wioofbird, a I *aeclare I1 s al o e over it c otppfdrmy may e yeo crae d? Chrnley brok opened in May, hha. co pa wet
7:0PnI.cowe tthgatmes of'e Paraiser ora nepud an horse wle bout pik o~urz road an"oY kJmy o' omyu to oe\l~nst e qemt-

l l, Upi--' f^ tten And fail to reach the subtle charm wor a thousand years!" said Mrs. think nigh ac macn of him as they do both of you. If ho still refuses to tave Value. et the Lesson. a
-o ey S. K L utdn mteat ma re- Thatl ett iers en kine i aor-. O"ne s.ulifulyt i uia--n. 'b d "fa.th a l thi i pt It I Mrs. Bilu ns-Do you think tt l8 w!t

yuire t 1yer. of Notary. he w dYou ought to hate him. ly hnt power worth while for my daughter to go on fa
t*** The hi.es of Mammon's honey bee6, youraCresy demanded. aIn ogy htared Mrs. Marion nertled close to her son, taking going lessons? She has been t

I>Rt. W. G. MITCHELL, Beneath the cloud capp'd pile, "Not get over what?" inquired "Hate hmf~" be repeated plo .,*T. "Why Her husband broke away from them t it for five years and cannot stag let
hysuIau and Druggist, Commrct. Hold not in all their vaults athe wealthy Mr. Y should I he im"i He ca e to rep and leaned from the onpen window. y etw n. ca
''t oert sf Of one hope-wafting smile. tl .wht he s-hmrt an. "ih bn Jimmy's eyes followed the father-l professor von Note-Dit yon expend pr
i. Arn ti n S f aesrtidnced r e T h atesooe n s adorable hypbmot- good lookIn'-l no mot e 'n Iw help be- gaze as it rested upon the familiar her to learn to oing? She vill ne er '
['htllV Cr lui CoutGcka ( oay A tog o idt tk ,na q a u vntbepo fl I b'eenk on know awhut a E~."w r n It u? wil crie d t wo leitt the g ne nt banch toge (o hg The fis0ie n

'ue Vista avenue The clammy handsof Charity, s! Mr. Montage did it. You what I a" r elds, the trig barns, the deep shad- zing in e vide vorld.ped ol
t With all their boasted cheer, know he h such d wt t that?" C owy woodland ng the clear land. "Then why didn't you say "o long it
D. J. KESTER, Yield nothi half so sacred y enca crisply. Jimmy drew adt rt e Could they give It up and go awayr ago?"an n t O

nomoeopathid c Phys.cian and Accou- One symp pahethyc tong eye, and when he looks at you "A born tool," he yaid hu eti yi- .1 strangers in a strange land? bk I thought you merely wanted to p"
ceur. Oce Pioneer Drug Store, you feel that he can look right down ot ense enough to know Stronger, more Insistent was the strengthen her lungs." go
C. v Do- mefore i ar wotrld ery sord io e eetd h fan o ot beara h n tou tofC sy. ow ho dabe-

W.SpecaARaKERtentio g8 twhandelept-soayour inner taint dd te" to bater frui Chaey t o" ?N ob .otedant.. In
Notary Pu.blic for thrae StRate of Flor- n w an oeep, eost toul, and you feel unco"forta- better of is." you w except hsor work! Somehow the word The reason some people "never have Not
Ida at Large. SnOffice at Parker Fla. Aface with signals of relief, ble and shivery Ohit "You are worse tha a con- was a tonic He faced half about a l-l with pnts" is sometimes mIp
Convyacing and payment of tax That a who run may read. was ovely made one," resy cried p drew his mother in front of m and because the drainage is defective. A ah
afor non-readents, specialties. B or h Youngwife siged. "Anh you won't stand up fto iosrrelf. tai d with many breaks: "Charley-I- pian t will not live pt n a heavy, sour i
Give me the handoff flesh and blood, don't see anything enchantiu o won't even say you -aint talk with you. But the Lord- sogy soil, such as ills a pot whenA
The spirit of the dove or adora'ol I rivee eto tell you Il ki helpo me-to show I-ncan work with the dra inae is not complete. This Is
C. WH.SE A O BARTF, Mkied with skeyilowoolyt firme, of than wloater. nead. opened hes. bu he mat flp w
Notwr a'nd,, onehal cupfuls ofy pow- cght catk," he m a ske d. prlomeprd- hit
nowthei. n' wihi fae- elld diu itl mae you-e In t. Reig ber voc an e crieaki : "For vits e1 Ih o. The is r at thren were in l
ti~~~~ir~~~lldre sugar equal yeroeprec nTebr mysac te an fTy n e pound. an' rd Oeldt YOU le pickl thew road a gan'sto'd ysel- i y don't doo yeson ur !ope wasl( f~rom Prs to h r oui ue n m th-
Foleyu~n ,ua,'s l Pdenso C oureh- letter cam infs-O eclare cushaul nof liqidtoe itw go yolur Ie own Pa pp a m face of al inowe' to unceggary. Ity A o fpenred Wn M a iy, 8r3. ti
bl tr-, .,llo adsodiers wr d A ere ctn bhe st "Iwo'e I ac i elI hoing you bird deart go.')dpa ant.ar SpaVI m y
m~,akekde,,lyt, s and ese Igen- uforl of flousan yforP baidtr.ehrk.g lr muc of h go on bhy dbohear you. q4If e still praefusen all sa e fu arae htrno al

Ofu t tuw lte~rt oatn n all o y krneach th lsu tl mysef," Crsy a.ad!b al il o frI my b hi ieL

R. W ........ quare of o ae t i c ling wheeling help ... kno t, b im rp y eor." 's-e .alpy--r ue t ho s p oam a t hin h rtail
I t. t oo k h i es o f m o s tnh a ngs o no b o e a m a t t e r o f aw orln u tv thv n wi n z a n d m y d a ug h t er g ls I n
13 Lo T ItEC I.T itnga s esm k ;oretorh n o o p sok i e as h er. "Y u nded. ll t y stord "They M ari ,o t met e," c los y e to erso lAkugstia. gFltswso ins worin orde bee
'y "'W,_ away husban mroe hea from theI bee 'h, fI ieya ad ants e
I,.W. A. MNITCHELLoin-1 tewy oieltbd,BeneaThu fthe udicppd pil'etae, rot getven te aspoonsq(if r ed "it a thit erp td atic G' helpo flnbphshnsIi12. Lwno- alaswr
east ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ V You! hoviw offers wits tprof s-ens much lonot cung The firsr liunts thn welherl hudIhtehm ec n endfomteoe idw e.
I-s i rcua s r ite C uto Cle r aizns Nof tar Altho ugh notw tiedt s take h! equ l t ho rrid even rables hpoo f l.ot g 'eonl I ki'now moru' a4 sc rn "What arbo?+-at c n ld'l a p n d r m P rs
[,I.-tfrw tu iii ty. S eiec o- cI gaz asp It reste too post famtlia her't Wha lear tt -Cress an-ii e
tuei Vi ta aen e. "'Is FomyhnsoCaiy u r peppr orn safu l- cloes ot. ouine 01a m"fedteti anth ep hd igi e ievr
to ad iitrOahtk .on rd whut In abethat. C'risy laughed y oy -wito u modl n ey o-ltrin s? the St.a land. "Th n wh idnt 1835o u t ralay og i
Atla s le heeWith Floila theirbaste cheer teasow oeh suhnel eca t ranquilply. "Imm fthdrew a letei: reah Cold- theye giveid- lt mxd eb o ec W it day an' alnght wa," Ji-deeopmn?" ralyhnee y
DR.ts ef any. KquTaIt Yiel wathin hfor sou stock.d my said eyes,~y Chaue drew back aok teril acietyoue a
'poeHa i ghyivian t andAcoul- "&bore un foo l. eth e ral hub Chrly. "B a strnep, his fac straitnge e land "al thought yu 182.Terne xt wasnthed It
cbur. (|See itonee rg Soe One sypa thic f tear. yoseymhttpathokyihow o eneeoght nw t ll[ Srngr oe nitntkntowteghe e uns"g
W. and marriage Give me the heart Skim merly stores tedee est de th an who]r li "Whain t wh ite to ha ve Cha t-ayo y ga li fteys bar hei r ? li, w n ot o a Beg r uses Ma linesl ln ntBlgiu. Bel n
f,, fo o-e idetsll spealitiespatis Crisp from emotion's flamee,. "hAn' eyou wont msandeupf,. .yourse. com- hi ohri rn fll n ~ as h rlaeI eetv.& ]~

office St. A drewsBrir,, inoreof heven thn all he-I"ilk,-atincremtislk-with thanu.thButotherthLordthinkofgCresy.iSh glumwhsaaloftlesirst ountrytonbe
IttldUY1-l 1 7. r iv In' tody Thtell wyo 10 ruuoin wilhlp r--t sh ow in-i-v ang work ift tb riaeoti keen -plete Thi T

-- Lit by the torch of love. ely. f1 you enjoy it perhaps we can broke in. "You been kno Squire Maron stepped beside is g
ou w ee h been fool Squire Marion stepped beside his tagnant moisture Is sure death, but it
SN "DE NTIS T. -0. H. Wilmarth manage to spend the summer some- ence you were kneew hih heYei you son, linked arms and said: "Ruin or no holds true of any pot grown plant.
U Lwhere where they have the ague." might fetch yourself to i ne-an' ruin, Charley, I'll do as Jimmy says.
East Bay. Half a Mile W st of A 31anid at a Duster. "It isn't like that. You feel a the place-t If the money must all go, let It! Lord. It tapa'nl Joke.
M, iBrio love-the ,s Inter- what Is all the property' in the world "I think it is so sily to see a baby
.artin Bu. A maid and a duster strong, irresistible will lowle gain- oelre i. sor beside findin' that I've got a real man biting his toes," remarked the young
At Mt. Andrew Every Saturday, Once made a great bluster ing the ascendency over yours, and soer, ma mI da I, I tIle Mar- fer my son?" mother.
a.4lt Mrs. C. Wells'. ill t ,ig lie nscenaency ovor yours, and pvs"n^~n 'the Afar- fer mv soil? niotner.
Vhs.L (. TWll'.In dusting a bust on the wall; a s p o a s. An' It has 1hr." n, is went "The best man in the world," Cressy "Well. I don't." spoke up the young
POSTOFFCE. MILLVILLE. But when she had dusted hear a soft impeaous voice calmly is e' sence ,.. In cried, breaking tempestuously from an fath.r. "It shows that he is already
... -----.......--.-. The bust was all "busted" suing coniands that it seems a plea- "I know," Jimm l.1 w,i uly "but ambush of tplf closed door. "I had to l.arjig how to l.e thrifty."
Foley'S HOney and Tar The ltust is now dust-that is all. sure to obey, and you- don't let that blh. r .,,k r u.1ret come home right behind you" she mT bloriht v?
Ul~r jv**.^ am f(r:,,-A Boto maid 9 year old., '..t 'a r inil' in panted to Jimmy. "It- it Is not true 0- kt--:isnt lie uamking both endsa
cures COlds, prevents paneumonia. --A Boston maid, 9 yearsold. *" ake a foolish delight in making ",,t us two of tl.. ,I,, ,, i. what he said." noddidn toward Clar ',; ,it i naki New.
0, n' u hno 4iaid, ( r. C .w -
1^ ... Yo uiel I ',, *:., .,, Ii .bt he sad no dn to ar .'ir ,~?' -,Pia o ev

i ....... _'+ '" -." .- i' .' .t. . .


NO. U;. :

FTe ";'<:",. .i !.... u s ,e 7;,.," o-fti O( .
thle ;'>,"* i,;.p~i!:,r I, ,',,,*< (,l tl>' ht.-teri
UN wn pi ;rt !;,, ,' ;, ., i-. :"' s;id to bd
sltualte (,0. ;! l i -i M, o, f ibe Afri-
cain co;ist. 'I .; i represented :
as abounillh ,* p
houses and t :i.j..- ,, , o. i O si
Of w which si>>v; ; .: -I "* :. ) ni *
The leg! nd ai; .- ,.., : the
time of tl1 ,-; ;;',i apnd
-ortugial l h tin t, , .. | -
tiibitaiits fled in o., 1. ;- i ,. ii oo ,;s-
ape .slavery., s rt:i i,-...,-;.s, rolowted
by ia groat liutvlht r of i; .,p!e, took to -
ashpl s !sit l ,lut !'..lv (ly on r; blil ""- ,
se.as. Aftur t..; sitig about for some "
H 'iL,;(* !leyo iil:;(!l on )n h '.r,,,.i ;.
1il4l. the falrous spot which i : after
years beIw-a, the scat of thile "SWett

n' .) iT I. r till one f*'
_, 7 I l .,,i- .1 t ', ( t -- '," " -r -

IT, -. w. L,b l,,,. V... .,i e r:, niihr- .
ii] -.,rc mlId -t..r ,, I', T ,i ll. niv.,tiriollo! I,-
Il11, i, -I% .|;T, || il.!r.i l I.n,% tIt enrly
rln' in ti Ini ,, r.i e. i. ., ti ill Ioanl'h
of It P.id never tret.riteli were dopular-
ly believed to have 1icen detahied bye
Its inhabitants.
The- Model Army of tlhe World.
What army was the strongest of its
time? Judging by results, the Ronlalnt
army was so from the fifth century
l, C. onward until the division of the
empire. Its fighting orgHnization was
ta complete as and possibly more prao-
tiial than that of any army of today.
It wis based on a territorial system
which minhitalned the comiradeship of
locality without bringing It into an-
tagonism with that of the corps, for
each of the thirty-five Roman "tribes"
was required to furnish to each legion
four "centuries" of 120 men, each of
which worked together as a local unit
The legion was divided into five co-
horts or battalions, of which three
were troops of the line, two were a
kind of militia and the fifth was a de-
pot battalion. For almost eight centi-
les the army thus constituted not only
conquered the then known world, but
acted as explorers beyond its limits,
and at the same time made and un-
made kings and emperors in Rome it-
Aelf. In modern times tWhe IPrusalan ar-
my, which won Sadowa mnil Sedan
and overran both Austria arid France
was the strongest the world haac
known.-London Answers.
iv atber und Son.
What a fath-,r can do,. if he will, l to
make his own experience and knowl-
d f:> i- n in s p.rnl..,I p.irt ,f tlie ih tl-
l .,ih: l '"nd spilritwj i ,juilin .nt r.f hIi
on. Ibut t:-I- Aln j.i rii ,. i bh n he
aS-'A pq) mn ch il;J-t.o' It i. io i1,.kr. It a '1
I!al i lI^.nly <;i..l,-<; of h~is l!'*sifo tfr i --'- -- -- c

tand alopf and let the precious y-eairs
go by, willing to give anything and
rvrytlhinar except themselves. The
Bret amnd great reward of course sla the
ne that comes when he sees the boy
pou the verge of manhood going out
ito the world to face the Inevitable
angers which confront the novice,'for
he life of a man differs from the life
f a woman In this respect-that at
iome time or other, sooner or later, the
me must come when he shall stand
lone, relying on his own strength to
conquer if he be sound and brave, to
all if he be weak and cowardly. %
Where Conneet<-t 0"t TtX Wtam",
It might be ininagilld that Connectf-*
ut is called (he "hItd of steady hab-
s" on- ac.iui h. J r upl,Iry con-
uct of i.s ,-irizts a. Rut It obtained
bat title i na i.t .lit '1l4 lnnrf-r. A riti-
en of that st.INr c'j4pfin-i tb. matter
bus: "In th.- e-tr l.I bItlal t inwa tt ,
as the CU -tn l id pvld, e*'trv one .
ho assistefl at .J'M1,tin. church
building or barn raising wiftb a 'hooker'
o good Jamaica rdin. These functions,
eedless to say, were popular. When
he charter creating Connecticut a
rown colony arrived, there was, of
course, a celebration. The: first govern-
, John Winthrop, refus(id to provide
um and in his inaugural-address de-
ored the custom of tippling, saying
t did not lead to steady habits.' There-
Don the Nutmeg State had a title to
and down to posterity."-New York
s olkvin i.
Patrick, a thrifty tradesman tn the
*ighborhood of the Dublin docks, was,
e story goes, a man who never ep-.-ut
penny more than he needed to sfpnd,.
it he was nevertheless as .-'<:,,,J 11 nsn
the nlalhlig ,, n l' liiilh bull ;.3 any." ""'
ho lhsd betw-en llantly andl TRally-
Having one day occasion to send a
ter to a place some distance, Patrick
lled a messenger and asked him hias
Ice for going such a distance.
"It 'ill be a abhllin'," said the man.
Twice too much!" said Patrick. "Let
be sixpence." "
"Nivver," answered the messenger.
the-way is that lonely that I'd nivver'
) It under a shillin'."
"Lonely; is it?" said Patrick, scratch-
g his head. "Faith, an' ye're right. "'
ow, man, I'll tell ye what we'll do;
ake It sixpence, an' I'll go wid ye to
tpe ye company'"


bridge to carry the weakened and
starved system along until it can find
firm support in ordinary food.
Send for free sample.
SCOTT & POWNE, Clihnists,
409.41S Pearl Street, New York.
5,4. andfltlf'o ; ai icii,. -. ;"

re i.

ST. ANDREW, FL .. JULY ;., 1m:\.

NOTEi. t must I remembered that the
wind is not a wholly reliable motive pow-
er and if the sailors sometimes find it im-
possible to make schedule time it must be
charged tothe elements; they do the best
tkey can.

Thoe teamer Tarpon arrived troum
the south on schedule time. Friday.
11ho arrived from Mobile anii. Pensa-
cola at 12 iu:, yesterday.
The sclr. Cleopatra arivcd from
Pensacola. Saturday evening.


Makes regular trips between St. An-
drows Bay and Pensacola; business con-
fined strictly to freight i...i '.. ." ,,.
work and local business ... 1.. .1 -.1 .

N W .T I. '' i, Pittsurg, F'la.


f'eavesSt. Anldrews lav every Tuesda1
leaves Peniacola every I'vrida
weatherr permittingg. Special allell
tion will le given forwarding freight tor narlies living on
East and North Bay, iJassenge.rs fo
pointson either lillr of the Iay ca.
depend upon securing prompt trans
a portation at reasonable rates. For
SI'rflh I ia (,riiiltion apply to
L. i[l. WnRN, AgI.


C.irriea the East Bay iMail beltwele SI
Andrewep Bay, Weltapi aild iniierniiidi
pteloilnls. Leaves SL. Andre s ail a
iexccpl S lunda'y) ait :00 a. fi1.; arrive, a
Welappo at 1":30 p. it.; leave Wetlappi
at 1:00 p. in.; arrives at St. Andrews a
7:30 p. ti. Makes landings regular a
U.irison, Cronianiton, Parker, t'itts
Iburg,and Fariintale. Freight landed a
any postoflice wharf. For passenger nm
freight rates, see rate card in the sov
eral postoffices.
F. A. Wlriiiumii.. Alinagcr.

A Week's Weather.
r'he following table gives the maxi
mnum, mininium and mean tempera
tures, the rainfall and direction of th
wind, for the twenty-four hours ending
at 7 o'clock p in., as indicated by U. S
government self-registering thermom
ters. Max:Min. Mean, [I'n W'd
July... 1 91 72 81 .00 sv
2 90 73 81 .09
3 91 72 82 fil
4 91 70 81 .00 v
.. . .- c" 0 .0 0 .

.F I 'II
Parker Lodge No. 142 a

iy' Regular (Jonuinni- a
,-_ cationss oni the first G
k. tanud t6ird Satuilrday or
Si in eacc mulhth. s
"^ Visiting BIrother's M
W. 1F. PARKER, W Mi. t
W. A. E.MMoNs.Secretary a:

Cholera I.fantum. w
This has long been regarded as one of el
the most dan er us and iztal diseases to it
which infants are sul j'ct. It can he cur- in
ed, however when properly treated. All b
that is necessary is to give Chamberlain's ol
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy ei
and ctaslor oil, as directed with ea,'h bot
tie, and a cure is certain. For sale by L.
M. Ware, St. Andrew and Bayhead aind
all medicine dealers.

.A tlUtln !iX1's C;" or. Ck LIC i CCSltl,
If the u'';"! l),winir. ,with ia 'am l
i'mnaireU's iliioll,. 1-'t ll rf low lhxx
goest ln for extrn-.v:uga:t fads, but the
MIJtta who ii;A-iaiuluCs go.d ':'cinl posi-
tLou alld iwhoi to btllt:Ce iup l p< r;.ni! ;f-, ;unt for
the year. it mi;.,lt cot:ain these chargess
without o'.mparative extravagance: a
House or apartment and ervice..... $10,000
Valet .................................... BO a
Clubs ..... .............................. 1,000 O
Tr ._- rarnt ti d" .-iu.r I ,n m -.. ... 1' *'J t
Clfthlrax ........ ......... ......... 3 -l
Aul'..t oi 'Ir 3 ..... .................... .. j
Chairter.CJ y .. ht ... . ............ 1i. li
Car.:i .. ............... ... .. ...... ...... b. '
iJB.d loans ........ ..... ........ ... ai .,
Eursea., coach, grooms, etl............ i. .I'u.I
-rousa ......... ... ... .. . . -. '
-tese ure the tr? nr.r oar i or rti\C l It
Items of expense, and any one who w
has ever attempted to keep a personal er
account knows that when youi have
put down the necessary expenses you
may add almost hs nmui for the
tbous"d and one things that may be ei
groped conveniently under the head as
of "Incidental expenses." In a' gen- t
eral way it may be said that the ril- Be
lonaire bachelor who spends from I
$7i000 to $100,000 a year is living his n<
lif fIn accordance with the demands mr
of the time on men of wealth.-Ains- It,
One Better. to
Mr.L Witherby-We must give some "I
sort of affair, dear, if only to maintain I
our position, yo
Witherby--I suppose you want it to yo
cost as much as possible? no
'"Oh, more than that!"-Llfe. to
Tlnt It. ha
bear you are going to marry old Y(


-Read Iloskin's ad. last colunin this p
-If you want good bread, try that
Elite Hlour at J. 1. Thompson's
-The Buoy will have a few bushels
of LeConte pears for sale at 50 cents a
bushel, If any are wanted, leave or-
ders at he Buoy office.
-Blank Warranty Deeds, short lorm.
printed on good linen paper, 25c per
dozen; also blank receipt tabs-100 re-
ceipts in a block, 10c each, at the Buoy
-I. Godtrd's Ice Cream parlor is
the popular resort at present and will
doubtless continue to be so throughout
the season. Re has plenty of ice and
can serve any who call upon him.
-Rev. J. E. Northcutt, member of
the Methodist Church South, of Ever-
green, Ala., will preach in the St. An-
drew M. E. church next Sunday after-
noon at 4 o'clock. All are invited.
-Wizard Ink Tablets, Price per
box 10 ots. Put up eight Tablets in a
box. One box makes ten ounces splen-
didink. Economical permanent; abso-
lutely indellible, convenient, non-corro-
sive. At the Buoy office-
-I T. ,... ,.. r i., l- i, l- a i -.I

.tn r, .n .. , ,,J ;i,,,' ,[ t.[
St. Andrews Bay country on back of a
letter sheet at i5c. per dozon, at the
BUOY office
-Otway Ware, while fishing from
Ware's wharf last Friday afternoon,
hooked and landed a shark which meas-
Siured elevyn and a-half feet in length.
, The same fellow took and broke one
d hook; but not satisfied with that hc
" tried it again to his sorrow.
n -Capt. E. P. Maxon has sold his fine
- yacht, Nellie; C. L. Lathrop becoming
' the purchaser, who took his trophy to
his home at the head of East Bay. yes-
terday morning, and Captain Maxor
will henceforth give his attention to
his blacksmith and tiJning industries.
-11 you are thinking- o buying prep
. erty in St. Andrews or immediate vi-
- cinity, you cannot afford to purchase
v until you have conferred with the pro
o prietor of the BuoY. If you are short o
I money and want to buyon longtime foi
actual settlement you can be accommo
- dated.
- -No man or woman in the state will
hesitate to speak well of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets after once
trying ,them. They always produce a
pleasant movement of the bowels, im-
prove the appetite and strengthen the
- digestion. For sale by L. M. Warec
a- St Andrew and Bayhead, and allinedi
e enue dealers.
g -Probably a more quiet Fourth of J u
. ly was never spent on St. Andrews Bay
n- since first it camo ir.to public notice
d than was that of last Saturday. J
w there wcre any orations or public demo
s onstration;, tie Buoy failed to hear o.
w them Tl,-- St. And-ew people coin-
w rnUl'.,.,d a iil L-maii]ner. ia observance
--th tri.'htl h,.,f. .i.. t ',* ,, (,rofTsemnu" on

bhich wan participated in b. a largo
delegation from Millville. Next day o|
n impromptu picnic of Sunday school l
children and others was participated in
t the home of Mr. and Mrs. P_ M. Im
drills in the West End; while the col-
red people went on an exeur-
ion and picnic to Crooked Isllan' pC
Iillville followed up with a big dance or
t night. At Parker the anvil from co
ho blacksmith shop was brought out ph
nd mounted and a salute fired at daty- ro
roak and another at sunset. After F
Nhich Masonic lall, which had been pl
learot for the occasion, ,had its capac-
,y tested with as happy a party as over
idulged in th-t recreation which has e
een fittingly de-sribed as the poetry er
f motion," and thus ended Independ- w
nce Day on St. Andrews Bay. in
'.'.-s In .7 'm>- g
1:.-,rlip:'!w d is L;o4t i sil1 which otne
i> !:y oi t :'', do r of the ilbinty lit in

*, llns tile i-ny ly ir';;i:r *'h."In sBie cl
: t ;1 "p <;P f it; I-- :1151. l; il s:S p(
'-' I i;in h in r-;.'r ;i!l r.--i -1I in sng-;ir. m
hi.' :li o;.t trl:llii<>n jri l iraktiast of to
;':I CIs c omnl i. i 'i;mr. which it btrolhlit in on a m
vd l-.iequr tnry, is tlw droll-st affair. n<
Ih : vihnds :a e In thil y ups i i- h cil v- t
l.s, fl -' aimoi~g ti nm i'e -ulch daIlntles pe
s a hashed sparrow, a stuffed prawn, ot
sal!t swcetmie't, seaweed with sauce p
nd a sugared chill. At'ter these dishes, m
vhihh are more "'frills," the substan- t
:il paIrt of the meal is hfigun. A wood-
n bowl bound with copper Is brought
l filled to tlihe bril with rice plainly
, ;1 .1 i:. w .,i r I'; [i th :- i lh i' ,r.- .*r It
f .i, i i l, ,' [ ,i I ,,,1 ] 'l' u' iolu |,
*I .Cird. h.,thg t luj i>m d It alth.a biI 4t'q
n.,. t.. 'or il -. th l t-h l.. e.l l ,, th rt I ts *],.
t to her mnoth and crams it down ct
'ith the aid of her chopsticks. Thus pm
nds her dinner. ci
Refused to Sell a Book. 01
Some of these secondhand booksoll- ca
's or sellers of secondhand books are co
i Independent as a fool farmer on a tr

wo acre patch of ground. Desiring to w
*cure a certain book long out of print, ca
tracked a copy to a lair in a street It
it far from the postoffice. "How th
uch?" I asked. "I don't want to sell sa
," said the dealer. "But I must have yo
." "I must have it myself." "What's ye
worth?" "More than youi would care wv
give." "Five dollars?" "No, sir!" di
t sold for $2 a few years ago." "Well, O'
won't sell it at any price." "I'll give it!
ou $10. "I won't sell it." "Would
iu take $1007" "No, sir! Nor $200
ir $500. It's worth as much to me as
any one. I need It in my business."
have my opinion of a merchant 4,ho
s things to sell and won't sell.-New to
'rk Press.

dres." Sorches'L
"For land's sakel" Cannihai Chief-What was that I
"Yes."- Baltimore American, had for dinner?
Cannibal Cook-He was a bicycle
It is remarkable how virtuous and rider, your exceallenic.l
generously disposed every one Is at O-nnihbl <(T, f- -I thought I detected
* piay. We uniformly applaud what a burnold tnste.,
to right and condemn what Is wrong Cannibal Cook -Yes, your excellen-
when it costs us nothing but the sent* cy. He was scorching when we caught
Ument-HazLtt. im.
ft C I 1 wi,_

mit ft
r e

si t.i

Dit a

T'rhus S.uSOCC'Ml1tght.
Soait-citi 'i tt hliipptns that a severe
lowk (.restores hib';;lth to persons who
are suCIffring fronti nervous prostration,
flsini this is how the pheIoiuenol I s ex-
plained in a foreign medical journal: A
"Every external stimulus impresses
the utfT-reut centrilttal fibers, or, rath-
er, excites the molecular waves of
change. The latter In turn decompose 0
the unstable molecules of a flexus,
and, through the intervention of other
fiber. this decompostllon. being the n
sourcee of new molecular movement
gives an impulse to a certain mass of
connected fiexus.
"The uew vibratory modification thus
obtained forms a new nervous fluid.. A
portion of the current tlows over the
afferent tigers to the contractile mus-
cles of the periphery, while the other
portion is propagated by the reverber-
atio 'iOf i.-iIstinct waves to the most
rtalili d centers of the organic econo-
my, and thus a complete and natural
nervous diffusic( takes place."
Physicailii. of course, understand
what this ilineaus, but how many lay-
men can interpret it'

For a lazy liver try Chlam ach and Liver Tablets, They invig r-
ate tihe liver, aid the digestion, r. gulate
th biowiels and piircvent bilious attacks.
t l . V ,1 . . .. I

\ lio0 ti-' not love a traiiquil heart,
Svei't tl'lilpwr-i, bflitie t life? It do
Slot i.iniiv wih( Twr it rains or shin
Of wiht ini, il iiit (co ii) to those prl
I sessing Othl'se uit-:gsSi fl r they are i
w, W ys ;sv.' t. .tc'H :.u;id calm.
That 'x|isMite poise of chiaract
Which we call s r-ie;ilty is the last less
otf culture;: it is the floweriljg tf 11i
tle frtllitage of tih' oll].
It is is tpreciIts as wisdom, me
to le desired than gold- yea, then ev
S:ir i 1o'dW. lHow ote(nptible mne
Smoneiy w'-'Ilth llomks ill comporils
Swithli a ri.T life- life which dwe'
. In ,tlh-o(cean of truth, bem ath t
waves, beyond thie reach ofC tempest
iU t it ir1'lina l v l i .ul!
1lHow m.lnty piopl[I we- know w'
sottr tl-i jiv's, who rhuill al that
* -weet a;ii ld,'aatif lU ly 1 'xplosie tel
Saeors, who dhlsiroy tlhir poiise of Ser by iaid bl od! In fact it is a qut
io u w litter thf i'gl;lt majority of Ip(
lo (!o mit rul-i 1thefr lives anml In
f their l ,ilii,'Css :)' lack of self conftr
flow ft,\v lm',pmil' we ultm't in life wv
t- tre wil l.ai;.i-','- xwho have that <
1.lisite' p ise(. wh.<-h is c 'i-i r:c-ter'isici
Slihe inish.'d chircllter!- success.

'raking a citaece..
9 He looked Iuippy penomugh as
Walked illup to the liostt.tice box, set
huge bundle on the floor and b(eg
taking pretty square envelopes the
from, dropping them by twos a
" threes into the rbox.
"Big hlt ofi letters," remarked t
- policeman. "Nice day too."
y Letters!" said the happy man. .
e dear fellow, thise are not lell'.t
f They are wedding Invitations."
A stern look came over the face.
the hitherto friendly policeman.
f 'y friend," he said, "I am sorry
- disturb you, but I must do my du
e Come with me."
", ^
"On what charge, sir? This is an
outrage "
"Not at all. You are advertising a
tttery through the post"
The man went along.-Kansas Citj-
How t-o Skyrockets are made for two pur
oses, for signaling and for decorations
* celebrations. For signals the charge
onsists of 12 parts of niter, 2 of sul-
hur and 3 of charcoal. The decorative
ticket is the one we see used on the
fourth of July. It is composed of 122
arts of finely pulverized powder, 80 of
iter, 40 of sulphur and 40 of cast iron
Thie main part of the rocket is a
use, made by rolling stout paper, cov-
red on one side with paste, around a
ooden form, at the same time apply-
.g considerable pressure. The end is
ien "choked" or brought tightly to-
ether with twine.
The paper case thus made is placed
- a copper mold, so that a conical cop-
er spindle will pass up through the
soke, and the composition is then
poured in and packed by blows of a
allet on a copper packing tool made
) fit over the spindle. The top of the
ise is then closed with a layer of
olst plaster of paris one inch in thick-
ess, perforated with a small hole for
ae passage of the flame to the upper
art or "pot" The pot is formed of an-
her paper cylinder slipped over and
lasted to the top of the case and sur ,
ousted by a paper cone filled with
IIts Name Obliterated.
In some country districts in Ireland
IS II,.t I .tl to -,'- tj .* I .V r r -
i1n ll i i i i i'- 'I.it .'.' '>r, '.t .- ;.1C C- .'
hlJl. '.i.. h i l'l'ur -r tO ( niri[Ily. lth
I.Il r .-iitliL,. ,: r,'Fit 17 i T iT 1
istom lends itself to the playing of
ranks on the part of "bhoys" mali-
ously inclined, who sometimes rub off
ie lettering and thi-rLy .-ris the cart
owner into trouble with the police. A
ise of this kind having occurred, a
instabulary sergeant accosted a coun-
yman whose name had been thus
iped out unknown to him: "Is this
rt yours, my good maniu?" "At coorse
is," was the reply; "do you see any-
itng the matter wid it". -"1I obsar-ve,"
id the pompous policeman, "that
)ur name is o-blitherated." "Thenp
*'r wrong," quioth tlie countrymana
ho h.ld nievr c iome across the long
:'tioni m y word I:icfore. "for n me name's
helily, iin' I don't care who knows
"- Liveriool Post.

C r

Women Need
ai constant supply of blool-making ma-
terial or their Wystems will break down.
The complicated female organism is
so delicately .,iui.i-.1 as to be easily
thrown out 0o balance. As a result,
health andL -tOuLthi r mfi"cfted by
divers (I'--a-.' M,,thirliho,,, family,
society all levI such rains upon her
strength that wost women break under
1h>e n,-rvi-., t-'',1C 'I. Th,- demands
1p I n li -r ni.-r%',' *.l -I.tu tl are much
cr.--hat.r tht.ii, ,nTil:r .1,h ir nds of the
*iplio-ite t.x. -tmti'e, s-i- nutist be sup-
ili -,l in -rt-al.r m ,I-a;I ..- % ith the ele-
m.-nt-ir'il-ttiat giva stre-ngth. The
rt-a-mu wnli.-iiiJet I tirel and worn out
amiiauti-r frm-,n h,-adaehe, pains in the
ba,.k anl il>I, l,:-.,C i- I,.-cause they
h'ive t|-..d upl their supply of iron.
Mentnrali,',u t*out-le is largely caused
by lack iof iroiu

Dr. Carter's

Iror Tonic

supplies thi -I meni. It enriches the
blood nad re' >rt-s wiha strain has
used up.
.\\I,;U I, Ark 31 yv 1%, Wil..
"Afllr hfm',ng fol'ai Dr. Hart-r'- r'ialfd1li
.t thir yv oirB I i^ n ,:n $trt l.I [ ei'or i nrd
rg tr m I d
n I I6ie .ilfav rlir.ar
taSr'a ,r o m oo.niI :rid woul-,
r,,i pr ;ln ml
q '| i l 't..rl,,, 1 ll .t T .. w k w ,,r .o I
u V n ii '.,5 1 '''' .. .. 1 f, 1' ,. ,
I\ tillfd, I r-t' .1'. t, lv *l,', se ^

"I ;. ." , I r i : i .' 1 .
r ;: .lv~,.l 1t z,,, n'I o,, ,!, 4

u, .3 f I ". },.. ,4 ,

ii- .- ,-
If.,," e.C I-'ernl..
l'or a memenil
subdued tihe sm
remarked, "Y,
"What do yuti
"It was a Iutni-
"Don't be ails
"And a a("iii

. .. o T,",i ,
d d. imiurily.
t looked as If she had
all brother. Then int
must be pretty old,

im.. in?" she demanded.
pr,.y "
r.1 Tommy."
mu.Ld story."-Brooklyn




Bruillly Tortured.

A case I irt,
ont and ablil. i.

S' : i t.i.,; for persist-
l t i nm tI.. has perhaps

never been eqatled. Joe Golobick of
Colusa, C.' ';. i "t .. "For 15 yoars 1
endured i ....,t.,,.1,. pain from rheum-n
atisim and nothi g relieved me though
I tried .. ,' ,.in. known. I came
across L', i .' L hitterss and it's tihe
...t. -t ,r-. .i .. .i.r earth for that
ti.- i.., . ] .,' i- ..-. of it com pletely
r.. i '. ., :' .. .. Just as goodjfor
liver an:d or .;. trouble and general
debility. O 1' 50c. Satisfafaction
guaranteed i ..i... -
S. ull itriu. . .. + ..d &,ir- .
From t-'-i m1 ;in iincrnsliig por-
cent'ge of 1 -hil'rie' relinquiish tUe
id'a that : ,ri.' necessary in the Jokie
rnd -ir]i-a'o i, .'T"- I'l''r'-unuIm l It'-c'uni s
t i i- 1 I. .i,- : .i l i : >. 0 .. . ,t

. ,r l . I ', I I '. ,, j,
'T i'..' .1 ,t r. I. -, ,'l iC- 't'
t" l.C' I r ; i, a ., I .. I,. l '" C I, i

ral instincts r I to imitate thbe adults
of 1-T reivir 'oient. A:, .1 1 t..,- 1 slet
loses '. : r - -:.. - I, I as liltliherto
lhnred wv!,t i r l.' ,i .id becomes
go Iod prey f. I i 'r "-. ,,',''i," scllnlcs.
This s"'ins ", ..'vclop tihe lboys' teas
lgai>iu lit S, I -' r i while b-forie hinovl
all their ti '-t were on their own sex,
l.MOW the -, .h If their fnl tas reco-rdet'd
is to f, 'i'l.f ,. girl or to im n k hei
look ; . '-!. .i I. .\ boy of twelve il

iiustra'. ri
tmitxed li..
for shi.I -
playid \ .-- -
crackn i.- l." "I
and .. .. i

Mlstalie In the Programme.
"She married him to reform him." .r xWOid C
"'And what was the result?" 1 woud
"She wishes she had reformed bin g.' w -it
marry him."-Chicago Post. Alexandi-ia, i
any sleopI. I
iaractet ald good reputation i ;ch f Ihigtfty
te (one in tliis county required)ito frihtfully i ,.,
present ani advertise old ostablislhed othe '..., i. ,
ltli-y business house of solid i Sfi ICilI title of i. i,- m,
nidiug. S ularh ,-21.00 weekly wv ith ex- ly .,, .-r,
ise ,, iddilioinal, il pavabile iln cashI c ri
li W edlneslay direct from head office. It's iu'.'-.. :. .
rse nil ct.Airiage fnrniishied when ne- couthm ...
ryv. RHeferencuces. Enclose self' ,d- all th i ,,ut '.,'
ssed enve'ope. Colonial Co., 334 auld *$1 'J i
arbornu t., Chicago. Brak('a.

i,. I:eney aand by his
i--.-s further miaterllil
"i I-, best joke I saw
i ri..: a bunch of tir.-
'I w that ,were not lit.
I ., r."-Century.

las Her Terror.
.ugh nearly all niglh
- *'has. Applegr t.e, of
S- ., i.! could hardly get1
ad consumption so bad
a block I would cough.
ii; blood, but when al
ti,.._1 three $1.00 b t-i
N. . Disc ovry whol-
l i... i I, S pounds."
guaranteed to cUirc

icoto in
)lil rmlu'
rtn-d th'
(cali'fullfy ;

k ksid, (1,

of twoi

cel%- iA I

I~ ho, r-*
FeTiiARO '*.IC C

----alyf(l.TC-CI ,"t i< -'III 'vI ithr- I
- ., m. . ,i '.., 3B rom o -'.' .r ,,,.'T able
All drugg:its refund the money if
fails to, cure. E. W. GHUOVE's sign
ture on every box. 25c.

tsoodf Teel h.
l)n:'t fail to poud(1r ocecasioiUally C
'ih,'-I lt'is: That without good toet
ih-r.'e ciantot l e tthorouIgh) ustication
VWitholut thoroughh l mstieation thei-
eanil.t be perfi'Kt digestoni.
'Withtout pc-f't diligestion there cal
nlot be pro wr iS-s.nilhtion.
Without piirop,'r assimilation the]
canno(,t bie ".' '.
Without nutrition there cannot t
Without he'ulth whIhat it; lift, worth?
hence tbhe paramount importance i
good teeth.

No Pity Shiown.
-For years fate was after mie contain
ously," writes F. A. G(ulledgt, Verbor
Ala. -"I had a terrible, cas of pi!
causing 2.4 tumors. Vhebn iall fail
Bucken's Arnicta Salve ruced me
Equally good for burns and all ach
and pains. Only.25c at A. H. Brake

P INE '' A R.
1 have juost made lot of IPINE TA
sulfliicnt to l-up ly ai '; it want. whi
l wil se-ll at 1s ci s., per Galloin,
my hlomie on Eait J;av, -near Ltaugli't
aliyou, JCl'u-ttia;se'i (;) ii1id tlcir ow
ves3e]-, or 5'0,; r- r rr xl -vheru I fu
nish it. AUGUST W1LSON,
I .. -- . '-i -- .. ..- F I.


.1 I.,

* . 1 *'.* 41,1

C [ i'. i '- C 1 -C I. I i r t
if, then O : .., only th i. chap-
8 ,, ., m .. ..|t .I t..
S I '.. C I.1" 1 C "1 ,- St l u i ,-m t

r:, ier and Hair Dress-.,

ing Parlor, .
, . .. . i .. .. -h ,
.ul. ,. C , C t I I i ii ii o.,I.
,..5.. ,- . I r .' I I .
o'UemtU t u- it. ml 1us ri I uo.-, 'i ".

lief, then s-ill "Ah, only the chap-
.in! Thank goodni'ss!"

0. D. KN! Q LES'

arber and Hair Dress-

ing Parlor,

Commerce Ave. East of Buoy
fli"'WEverythil;. new, i nat iand
cleall and paLltronls givnl the mnst
courtoolns andi <'ai clfl attention.

Geo. S. Hacker & Son,


3-I NUF'ACT L'R t ;S

Sash, UNOR, BliNlS,

'- ..'""-, .2 i, r _k
.-- .--, i l .'K

A N T)
Building Material.
,C1 dow and Fancy Glass a


are piniltert I" f--rxe
arnd gardeI'lruliil

I ,'ipp4e bronchil -s ad A SA L
,. trouble. Price 50o s N NE-R A L VE
t.t tlk_ free. A. II. the most heakng salvo in the world.

Pensacola St. Andrew & Gulf



L! t'i, mntiqiuary, "was
1. ', ., 200 years
vhlt a belle
1 i l The good
Ir .- i..,.ketbook and
'C I. hi i hiad copied
....,i- .il.. y volume of
-," t.o be always
Sii Is attended by
, c.l, It discom-
. ,ne's necker-
h hhl, h roll and ruf-
.... , Iuteli aiice."
i i..... motherr sheet
S.I il .t I,.? would now
,LI, i l)Ve letter, a
S. i ',, ei( hte nthi
-: "Thut the
i i: ist affection
.. I willingly re-
,,i .- i i.1 xou:r tender
Sl '.,lng ip thce
; I '. i '. love and af-
S.... ,ely turn the
.. i .vill nd un-
i- t'<'i''l the goldenl
illsulry ('consed imid
'..- iftr paige," said
0 .s-'iit.''e runs onl."--

0 1i - aIh. .
fact lil;lt ,t [!t.' h'-'!' '- ir iv 'i
orate-s Sloe-,I .!;.V t;:Cli1v : .n *I I. 1;:i;i';A U 'e.
No piirc'!.i!t lc !;a 1.1 '\ ; ,',:.'.uio has
been detected t a ;i t'millierature lesis
than :ail> d;,gre; FP., but if hea'ted in
tens-ly it deco:nposes with n Iunill that
few persons find themselves able to en-
dure. It burns with a pale tlume, sim-
ilar to that from alcohol, If heated to
about .00 degrees andl then Ignited.
Its nonevmaporative qualities make the
compound of much use as a vehicle
for holding pigments and colors, as In
stamping and typewriter ribbons, car-
bon papers and the- like.
If the pure glycerin be exposed for
a long time to a freezing temperature,
it crystallizes with the appearance of
sugar candy, but these crystals being
once melted it is alhaost an impossibil-
ity to get tlhml again into the con-
gealed state. If a little water be added
to the glycerin, no crystallization will
take place, though under a sufficient
degree of cold the water will separate
and formn crystals, amid which the
glycerin will remain In its natural state
of fluidity. If suddenly subjected to
In t .- .- ..;. i. i i -r.. _i-... in 1 f,.,ri
a rliii ll i' l ir i. 1] Ill"in i '1' I
tmr-ly il. l. ..i r;. -. u t! .,,. .\I1 ,-
g e tt n. II .14 .1 1 ..I -' l l 'j l .r l t" ,-

\v,,i ,.1 i8:00 a. mi
Wednesday, 10:9)113a. m.
"I i,, *I 4t. 0 (i 0 t. im-.
Thursday, 12:00 noon.,

F,',ila 4;JO a. m.; .
l- , l-ii 11 r 1 1

'ei,-at'il:s to St Andreu and Mivillvili ,. $6. l00 T; ;p, $10.00
lensaco!a to Apa!achicoia andt.nreabl'lle, 'v i .,.I..i Trip, $1t.00<
St. Andruw and Millvillc to Al.ali-ahicola,. $6.00-Round Trip, 8$1.0o.


fO J


ii -

a, vf r .

Roiig l! ~ ressed ai!il ijl i.1Ui0 ii


Dealers in general rchandis,

Dry Goods, Groceries, Provisions and F.J.

North Uarliiia Uori WahiiVhr,

AT $150 .75, .00 AD $3,00 PEE GCALLON.,
--. 1)lli',;( T '1 ( tON SUt 1iEl{-

Amd N .iii-> clI iigi- d :11 y Il '11i packages of htim ga11llon III71
to hlits (d 1tile SudI' mml, X1041, ( I'miipui. -Fills~: Gash
\\IL) oler. W fit h)I Jevilp v.c iCuilir'5 of \Vj.ies uld

O. 0 1.OLLL C (herryVi, Nc) r. Ct


A 1.1 Vb.T II A i W,

Ask i~io Ajou ,,it(2it ~ r.1

'ES C .e-t -t E W4.-. n---- -.

flik n

1 1,.\ I.I .; IN

GEry:E E Goohs, SANrISE,
Dry GoodS, Staple and Fancy Groccries


Provisions and Feed Stuffs.

Corner V'ashingt-on AVenue and Bayview St.

I p~ay 1 (I "ah for Glo1ds and must d.

a sirivlly Juits01orReady Pay

Thti-' is iii Ily Pa!i roils iitr' a is'lwel as my Own. ('all iuttd
Con i ilior' Youl-sel I oflithis Ti-ilth.

.13 1' 1313a'ttFIN.

-9 , S- ^ I -s itS


Ship Chandierys- -

Notions, Paints and Oils, Nets and

XVI. lhA lsI

~T 1. R.


STwines, Saill,

Clothing, Gents' and Ladies' Furnishings.


ITr 1nks and Valises.

AOG E FOE All Goods uvI vaN TO
AMERICAN EXCtr -p Mail Orders!

St1 & Wth 6o, at. Grain an
Made in Iron. ny PGsi iiie Gladly Sent
p -I,1 T, | on thie 8a 0 An i, f
w iina Wi f| rilC i I C) ul -,, .. . < ...

Brtech -Loading WeAre

S "eyt 8 (; 's, E N

*Bst Cioppe' aiiit. Oniv $5 50O .E
R, F I ACK I & SO-N.

r f -




'Tuesday, 8:30 p. m.
WVednesday, 4:00 p. m.
Wednesday, 2:30U p. m.
Thursday, 9:00 a. m.in
Monday, (i:00 p. ini
Tluruda.y, 3:t0 ), m,
Friday. 11:30 a. 1 in,
Friday. 10:00 a. nm.

-- - -- .l-" L a-W vl



0 6, i- !w .-M --.

~l__L__1_ ___L_


cii'uis;,itol ti.
.At. A e h-c.',,
a ii lil l ill ,

G' 0;(1 NG(IN( ) RTi I I.
Petnqs acoisa.

Thursi~idaiv, July 9. 1903.

S T: A N 1)rE X


I it, I :

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WVEST END. The Fourth at Gay.

At it pF14ivi' 444.ti,.* L'im'I~l~ -.1 0 N1 1.1 Editor Buoy: One of' tie biggest
LIT1 N il. 1, ,i- ,. ,, v%,_ E,1 F4.I I tlmsslsg. I 1 OI ii"hitijJsy nit i.Ly, Fh.i iii,
\-''I I e%, tli.Ie 4444. I~ttv i,'c W%* i'' tue 4. I'. I I 11 ..1'I Etl" Ft.-tII, 441-
13'ity Iiidici g Srid .,.lIlr 11e.-l.e *3--.11i:-uly by the people tit buth culur-,.
lledl, who celeiiiol 5 l [ie gloirsuli At; anay as 5010 people, i'rliai.h,
l~uurtl: not by viewing the Declara- nwet at, ibid little toli~t at tho iu4.-Lipa-
t ion oflu dependtsI kC(`, or singing; but Lion (of [ion, Ri. L. McR'nn.ie, t it'

114 4 1444 .. N ItI I'- 4FF II tit 11. I 44. c:I i C, itId ol*,I 4I I ',''5 1 1 4

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dIOLM IL W' T F Ot1 14, .I't':, I E; II-T1 I 1 11 If~ t, Kid
ia. cs. n hon,.. lo- 114.'ji'i. o.4u44,
fi CIi 1t bI t lIr.V,. ~ Iiu.4 B I 11. ali I or.4 L-.r
W j44.4FIJ'1J..4 %%LI4' 4 I, it' P U jUI I [.. .4 VL, I % re-
P1 i Ii~~ L1U1 I-.PrtIes... I I idJL.as. laud.
F1'4.'. loldupiS. bl-zz;,rjisj~. b~roke-n
I -ridWgl-;, forest tires a14.14 ru ua %Na 3' .4 m re
i-pr~nlzt4d In to tisteC arid thb. rt.-.ult
vvns :I inutrvelous coriglonuitarau tit JdLae
nov.-I. epic'. racing aumals auti lu1:aI 4 b .
Etv'n the slowly Wtired perI-elitilr.hI
of' tg, tourin,r: F.IltoI titt I'tiui i eno

t.-llpr. and] wIhl' M r. Li..ri,' 4..ft ti."

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.)tJ 4'I 21444! I kt'v D, 'I 1 1!-)! ,
ou't Intok mnuch like 'Is p*I'J.~ [F441 '04
11111i'at bemet, tht's ) 'Ll

N' l,. A.. J. Gay.
"U* FOlirED RE1'olf'iI2t.

.4t44'F4 'I,,,,,. 4,

S'I. Ih Il t.
I 1 with your back to
', todi.y to throw the

Li I '', 1 l mII n1w,of'I 41tbo !Spots
Ii. 4 ,. k 4;l, O'LLIck','p the(.
.4, i. r 'I'll hiu4 to add

1 di" F I 21d ).vyou

I~ ~~~~~~h I 'I'I jI,'4 l4lrs h
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0 F i4 h'.'

Cil.$410 WIT ''- 11,-, 1 L-4.. ,- ,,,-,P il- -1 1 A .-

t),. t IIFv Fm -I iL A .,I'I4.F''Id

so all.

1-11r-I -l S I W,1 I

I'i'~'~4For' YOUNG LADIES. Roanloke, Va."'1 ,'I F4ILiJl 1,4 "

L. M. Ware Will.4iF T I Bac

I 1' 1 I '1 L ,, i '.141 j.1F .1AFI'j,' 4.41,4W,4 I

I~~~- T I4, 44i'' I Il. s2 1 'resid,,ntt. lonr'. 1 F 4 I;4'I i.41 F

!.L.I, IIc -41' fa 1..i ', 4 '4 44

A ii (I I'~~~4v r Yrm 1IFI" hi 1..14.4, --'revF4 F
N 6 LTI .44 F'

I- . L1' ; '

iDry Gool' r1d, Nliin, la Sliii,. tlilwdlir, PI.iilr Oil Silli

GROCERIES and Fisherman's Supplies.


______________________________________- V... E i. r'- '--S -.i

I F1

Grove's Tastelss Chil Tonic
has stood the test 25 years. Avewr.-g, Arnial Sales over One and a Half M
bottles. Does this record of merit appeal to you ? No Cure, No Pay.
Eros h every bottle is a Ten' Cent, p (ack.,e o Cove's Black Rootl Liver Pills.


r ,l Tt i'"

4.- 4.1 111
_ I il

Il 4, I ll l
i,, .1 1 ,, ^
fl l I.IP' III
,Ih -l l4l"'
1 1 :
0:4 ,V
-I --- ~



r q) tor a 4.

u 4 iire w.'
kilt M4VI)
B11s.r "Iii

rk th c'ur-

h I.'., SI, 114.

F i t 4 5,'
)~ V if4
I. 4 ,iix



*b .- -we !, *.

i l'r r I.-. i if

Ki' "rtl"

I, *' i IL I t L :
it l l l

\ '.- 1.' 4 j .i,'l'r LIlor t1 r "I hL L. .n-.
t; "-il tih. ml-'LTr.
'I --2.', hilr. tiW 's -Ild uF)p with a
-...rih,.J nrmi "\'e v. 'r,. trying to see
iVli I t iitld I .tr.n nut ,(r the 1i,'1doI.a'
riJurllh.-.-, laMid Tommy WIoin."
i'rRI": BLl'lli I'Ol siiN, CANCER,
If you have offensive pimples or
eruptions, ulcers on any part of the
body, aching bones or joints, falling-
hair, mucous patches, swollen glands.
skin itches and burns, sore lips or
g'umis, eating, festering sores, ,sharp,
gnawing pains, then, you suffer from
serious blood poison or the begiflminig
of deadly cancer. You may be per-
.maneuitly cured by taking Hotaitic
Blood Balm (B. B. B.) made especinl-
y to cure the worst blood and skin
diseases. Heals every sore or uleer,
oven deadly cancer, stops all ache]F
and pains and reduces all .
1,otanie Blood Balm cures aill nali-
gfn-in't blood troubles, such as ccze'ma,
scabs and scales, pimples, riinniiiug
Sores, carbuncles, scrofula. Drugg'is t,
$1. To prove it cures, sample of Blood
Balm sent free and prepaid by writing
B:ood-Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. Describe
trouble and free medical advice sent in
sealed letter.

Is the Place to Buy

Clothing and Gents'
Furnishing Goods
At RIock Bottom P'rices!
.\ i Iis Store may also be found Con-
.Ilantly on Hlanid, a Fnl! Line.of
General Merchandise
-- A _XA-Ti.-Sho- -
i U ll i II i4-l lih ,' 'li ill h I l l ,- l I. *
lorl'd ample opportunity fo.i tlio
Repairing of All, Kinds of Tinware
Here are manufactured tile

Sheet Iron Box Heatine Stoves !
Which are so deservedly popular.
A call at B. V Brock's Store will
,.invince all persons of the genuine.-
ss of 4his4 goods ild Iovlowniss'of lhis
1.i tees. ;

ComeW anBeCovina071I0 '

Foley's Honey and Tar
for ciildren,safe,sure. No opiates.

Killed by a Dead Mtin.
In the sec'indl Afghan war an Elhglish
otticer, d well known swordsman, rode
oitt to t.,iCl.e an Afghan chief who,
itf'tr tlh- fa-Illon of his countrymen,
b'i., cli(illro-e:. all and sundry to a
Ill:h.i Iklbi 'vre mounted. They rode
r-.irl ,..' h. bI.,er, watching an opportl-
nii .. isIl 1li,.- Ehglishman found his
1,i.r i inthll .. t.o soon. HIe rode at the
.\f Igh an aId1 i' ii him through the heart
ri-t u,, li' ";:i8 swinghig his heavy
,. l io'..- his head. The Afglai
,il. ld ItI it sword came down and
-p.ilih- ,.i51 i"si ..r' kull. The unan was,
I ul o..ii.. llOad, but the weight of the
iurnl rlioilghlit down by his falling
bod.ly wa euuugh to get the blow hQme.
4* / J1 .




44~4.4 I
4 "-. I -
"I-' -
4 4' I 4 .'.. 4
'I -' F.
'SF '. ~
U. -'

4 ~

.4' 4'

1, ~.'

-' C



The Causme of Rid G(rIs.-

al' 3-1"''Ol.Y

;.4 ,'iiw W fiF L'r 4, I 4..it '-- '('1111542 1& 1.v!
F4.. II!, III[ '44 I' ll I !. esI T t 4'F~' 1. l OW'l(
il1': 11 i:1E nM, 1 1 wea "Is('14e lI.Iij

I oi Ill loili', 1%hat 1You Are ''ak-

IF 4' vilig H1 0 4 i t! i,

.-'ice' 50r.

ii '.~i I A" I pliysi

1.1:,hia I. un, "I halve
lil Wkt 11171L1 1 L' SllIi 47QIl 1 1141 o1
[tL ,I~ .14 a .. vii ~ iF'I' Imiproved inior-
all I I.%,II--n7cij ~stlIsIu, I 1 1F1'i Irng. Acute
IlIIlan, 4a4I II 11144, -'v'. ],1 1 ,iiI brings the
fin I I-'it l ose to U-'ntb ..ft-,ni has a bone-
4:1:41 ,U4'lt iipeli t the (1i.po.sitlofl, but I
.4414410! :igr4.I'wi~thi th.' 445'4ertlofl which
I 4.4 frI4~lJic-itly bt-Ur twid414 In the pulpit
ttbit Sut'i'4'41fle uisu..all, the 1fl41AT145Of
r- [L.IjfI Int. t 1~, F''Si.'.1 4 feW isLolated
,'~ II 14"w IOU, Ibls iii.-. .4,1. butit Itis not
tb.' iruli,'b, ariiy anv mtaa-The chronic In-
. id ,-] 4 11('10-t s ,,Iv selfishh and
Ii" % l~li. rind It k u a hrd task to find a1
nur', .who' III) wan 424d ibe strain of such-

The Best Prescriptioni for Malaria
14,14. ,~.I I. 4.1 e4of (.ito' F

Tommy Wein.
Tll- I r anti k.'~ ll t41-ttil-Ut. fl14' U
sit'. -13n j 4F .1fir 4.1 ,h -01a1u-11 ~ Iat



24 I



2.4'. IL

I' F
1 ....-.4.i

4 1,4 IL

'F I

-I 1'

F Ill F
I-. F.


4.. IL

II ',i F '..''
I, I.

1 .'11 I I
II "
F F1 I I l

-, jF,4 4
.94 .4 ilL.



'I I'.

ii I''
Iii '.4
11 2'.
II 4.
II 42
L24'2F' 5"

F , ', 4 I

,. I !

I.... I,.
,,l' ,.
., ; ,

.1 Ii

I I,
--1 . l I -

I .

4 '2,

4 I I
F'.'.'. I I.
I 4
4 F ''I2.~'' I
F,. I. .4

4' 4' 'II
'I II,.

4 'IF 'IF'

I 4'''
I ill.


1~-' 1-.

'I F F



4 444 4' 444
* .' 4',
~'4 a 544

N' '1
4. I F I Ii.,

.4 II',
I' 'II I ri,.
2 .

141.1 Fj
F. 1.1.


1 1444
'4 4. I'

F '1
I .:..~ IF II
I'' II
:24.'. ii

III .44 I'
'4 ri'4

t~ior4. 441 114 4.j1i4'florui-F t solrs turIkrA 4 i i I F t 414 ngpr;
~.u I't, I 4 ',. I 1 F rFTB~t

14L- I il*'. ; ltvhl:ti 1w Il'-F ,4151 ,i i-d l.f aF'4 2 'I ~ F 'II 141 c t
S'1 1.1n. 4 I -I ..',1 ,It 1 .14Le '. 544I4Id 'I4hItill2.''
it. it I-r. W 1 ;, 111.

like it. If you kwdliI A' -4r's "Aad iar,"Oevu

Ague Cure, "ou cer j-1jroink do P,'t '


__~____~_~_ ---

Your Hair

"Two years ago my hat: ..,
falling out badly. I purchased a
bottle of Ayrr's Hair Vigor, and
soon my hair stopped coming out."
MAiss Minnie Hoover, Paris, Ill.

Perhaps your mother
had thin hair, but that is
no reason why you must
go through life with half-:
starved hair. If you want
long, thick hair, feed it
with Ayer's Hair Vigor,
and make it rich, dark,
and heavy.
St.00 a bonic. All druggists.
If *..u.r dtrugrl. caliiunt supply you,
001ld us orne a.Tlaar and we will express
*,'u i bottle. Ho sure and Live the name
'f uu.r nearest exlrF4 % s..l t.e. L d., ..
J. i'.A El. Cl .I L. u e. -.*,.'


Here are Some of the Best Pf Reastots why YPL, shitsi4.!I qjiti!vtI)A
Very Liberal 514a45e1(it' Yvoonr (.> i-.i.,'
I lbandle aW'XELL-SEI4ECTLID iST,.WI TsFA I -1, F -1-t1.1" IS.4 44 I,4"
as.4 you n~eetd )''4ver Flay, alld pay I,-- Is, .-iLT 1-1, .11 '' F45 1- 1-11f, 5I4I4id
f0eed t0 a4ny' ostofflee 440t 1le4EmLast 1-13 [C.4.1. 1 o. F
I bl~y judw11iol~isly, paying cash 1 1 I I, [Le' 4 .g slie L -1.4 t

1t 1 -) '.1 4ith tl --414 11 -14. 1'4,:4'.% 4 4 1 144I gF~.I NJ-. I I.1 4 --IF1 N'' i 5 l

'rI 4'
14.4 2It 'Ij 4Hg1.4 .4.1' ('4 cII I I LisC 4''11 it4 1 i Sll',I


Sewing Machines anti !1.edles!-

Pumrps, Furniiures, Etc.

1. 1"1111 l[ine Otf l 41isde takfir 's lp

p~lies. an11( 1 iliiral 4 a'Ii4eW

G I-V E -A- 1 ,'jI: .\ 4'.


-- sit i ti 3 ill, u:rr, q IT= i nut.I mm! 11





~~~~P~Dastsruc~s~as~r~ rl~rl--r


---' ---~ ~



Mmas. MlFal- ?- Tolt Aiis

I Handle no Quack Nostrums.

f . 1 L Druexi ist.

BpDaIrs in Real Hstatp,


And Payment of Taxes for Non-Residents
', 1 Iv I 11 il I, I' \ [ 1 1 .\ 1"1 1 N '1 '


hi Ef re Ai i A 12.01.
i .' I "; ,,i, !. 1 1

, l
. II iI


I ,
r i i ,

111heleffive Id Opinion.

-, I,"e : 1I.If I: --.I tn .1 ,

JL A t a

I kz2-. I0., -*

. ..........."""'"

in--. I -,




Fresh and
9R. W. G.
OGems His Professiona

M'ty be i o dil at his re


ANt) crb
Corner of Bayview

\Wrhtt you can't. find a

Hot "Meals
...i.I.. In tl, Clup of Co0f

inf ha e y i f. L '-.
Cie .I 1 '-in

;3,lc :- "icnros- .the i l; ;icl!. ils.' :i'--o
) ai ,'ld ft 'u omie iit t.' l"l'' Iil-T .
t'iougig nobGloy knew w", i c.-tt ,n

Of Guarant "You evid-ntiL dr't ni rstandn t
MITCHELL, PROPRIETOR, In.tei" nI dot it iss.,a s
:; beyond may understanding,." he an
al Services to the Citizens of St. Andrews and revered,
Surrounding Country. "W,l. is! a system tfhat i not waih
ilieice on Biinoiiti Vista aventT at i igalt. ;,ut m leth>td," replied tihe otfl'ir. "Yo,
-ild not roulize( it, but it was a grL'e ''
-_ .:h\lbitiot n of sLock for yomir benclit. !t
K E T lS TR 0 I E wouldd lbox-e licn a prat deal of trou
le to have ytiitl you on olie of the re-
1 p Yv I)I S'I' A U I.) A N 'N1'r m,-,i',, ,LoteLi and brought all c-f th.
1. IR IJ 1 A U 11 A\ N 1 oGds h) the sti re asto d leraia(ti- thl-tlo
and Wyominz Avenues on Bay Front. f "s yo, t,.-t I ofr
e. Tinware and Notions! to, tli:e a tour 1thn estallihmIinit
p)-u g et n g-uwral view of the goods h)
t any otheil Store, coeit I) tlhe R A C K E T t eah de(iparti;e: t. Do you see the ad-
S T 0 R E and1 get. ,lO.tiin": stm luRv"
.. .. .. "i l)lic-o thalt yolu are right. my
at. All Houi of the Da v-';,ov, for that Is the only rational ea-
at All Hour of th Da l-na.tion of the proceeding." -Nvw
fee, 5 Ct. *.,1 Clip i of Teal, (;is. Illlll Xok H-r:ld.

Great 'Vordl Buildingr contestt .
0ee- how iialnvy wOrils you can mi0a k
..at of the Ie'it<1rs giv-n i elo-.v. Do i)ot
.1:0' any othir -'ttors save tl.ose given.
You (cU u.:e projei namlines, improper
'iAiXOtS, Vdcl, oiw '_, i -, "o''-. prepo-
sitiol, co:l;j;in'etionl: and articles. Do
not ie anly one letter ni('re than eight
times in one' word. U'se only nice words.
Here are the I(et(.rs:
N 0 P Q It S T U V W X Y Z
I-1- in - I 1 ,-0 ,, r ,i' -o-. "if- rini.h', lan
k .-r I.p 1, 1.i _r ,-t li .,r if wo rd. 1,..'

rnil, s ,, I' .'. n, t I-',,ir I ,1t 1-.[r i. ri.i

- ---- C. I _

He invites the purchasing public to call,
Examine his stock and GET PRICES.

FPays the Highest Price for Green Salted ALIGATOR HIDES.




One Month, postage paid.. ........................ .$ .60
Thr e Months, hostage paid..................... 1.50
Six Months, postage paid ......... ..... .... 3.00
One Year, postage paid.. ... ...... ... .. 6.00


Semi-Weekly Edition........... ..Six Moniths $ .,-50
semi-Weeookly Edition...... .......... One Year 1 '0O
All communicatio"s aInd remittances shioun l bI a(dies ,edi to
The Florida Times-Union and Citizen,


steak inlaid with turquoises will h)e
awarded; to the second largest num-
ber, an elastic glass bottle; to the third.
a pound of medicated pastry.
Every guess must be accompanied by
a coupon from a 4 per cent government
bond.-New York Telegraph.

A De.d of Darkness.
He sits alone in a darkened room,
alone in the fading light. Why are
his brow so heavy with gloom and his
cheek so deadly white? But though
his heart Is faint with care, his cour-
i.e never flinches. His eyes are fixed
iil a 0ahissy stare. What is it his firm
!,and elinches? "A little courage," be
murmurs. "Yes. a little, and all is
won." A choking gurgle, more or less,
q Casp and the de'.ed is done! Without
a shudder or eyelid wink--Ah! It
ma.keo the hart recoil that he so quiet-
1y, calmly (difnk a l ioic e. of castor oil--
Loudon Tit-Iits.
i'lant ilos.
It is from the rootiets or small fiblera
of a tree or plant that its subsistence
Is ibntained. and in the performance of
Its duty nature hns given these dell-
'mtt-, tender parts vondenf'l'u strength
aind persistence when exerted within
rules. In their search for food supply
they will tometimns even penetrate
soft rock to reach favored ipotsa.


B tju if, "' -
blent ierof Cmui
B u itiI v- r, v6iu-
trlc-rth e fu?- Let

hifl*C tiC t! lne u,:


il';:. of -it. I
RI ica -tLul 111
lI1iR.irt.1i44 rilR
of 1i'. l v- t t-.
t I ''ri RI *.I f I 1i
anid pert u-.;l.
3rd.- 11,
of saulid C.jinI
eil into z-har..
sand doll .tI I
Payable t.,
till Of '1"
ditews Ba'.'.
da, the i .. 'a
f fl'tt P.' I


uii lor Charter.
. R L. McKenzie, resi-
li., \V. M. G ,rdon, J.
%kill-, D.B.Jones,.-esa-
us. ,Georgia, and W. 0.
CL.ipley, Fla., hereby
we shall make appli-
Patent incorporating
i--3, iat&a corporation.
th tie laws of Florida,
ime_ charter:
e of the corporation
:. Audrews Loan and
'omanp:y, and its place
\i-ndi'e, Florida.
~e.ral nautre of the bus-
iw:tcd ia the conduct of a
t.1A. and improvement
iCOuilingt iof paper, loan-
'.1 b.i.,rruwing of same,
i:i.Rout land mapping of
b,t. i iii., and selling of
l):-Iou.Ll property, the
rnd 6.til. on commission
d i.:-'r.,ial property,and
ii .iIva-ing,morteaginZg
It i.. .lntll of said corpora-
;ili- Vui property, real

Fig!5ing L oardo.
The ring necked lizard of the Arizona
deserts tois not a mere devourer of weak-
lingi He Is always ready to light,
whether he is challenged by another or
cornered by a man. When brought to
bay In some hole, he opens hils jaws
and dashes bravely out, snapping at
everything which opposes him, and so
fierce and sudden is his rush that it is
Impossible to face It without flinching.
lby" holding two of these lizsads Iooselyr
by the small of the back and allowing
their heads to clash as they struggle
to escape, one may be able to induce
combats such as must occur every dayy
In the desperate lizard world.
Forgettlng that they were captives,
they would seize upon each other Tind
vent their thwarted rage to the utmost
in a fight which, but for timely inter-
ference, would doubtless lead to the
death of one or the other. Stwh bull
d'0og pugnacity is rather nilooked for in
lizards, but a student of character
could easily read in the set jaw and
pouched throat of this species the signs
of u.,,iii blood.-Country Life In

Fvft tt7 ~ ii -h~llc tF ti i-m t-

'ti"I .dh, ~i th "1 6, ne F ire I.ft ii.. ,flI -it- I r i-v.
D ih- I -IS. 10% V13 LP P -kI JL-,t-dn

I i' hd'IO i:r-.,T -101 ~ i oR~ih.Uu-

4) ii.- T lr.. '.,li ,) etih :l ,.'.*.i-1 for .A,> uh -'.." hlte,'.upls t.e lunn *',' I o
ifl .,,.: i- f, I I ,. il.i le, i,lliU .lii- aspires to pessitmismi-"iand then they
iii,. L. it, Pt tr. gt lmairrld and he goes to the bank
,.I,---l'i..t 1 n and draws, for that is his cue, unless
I' i ' "i'-'I ,'' I 41] i ,,, .... 4e wise to be frozen." (For the bene-
Juatn d o.Jl b -" '- dI. (P. O. the unsuspecting reader, adds the
an rd ''- -, rd 1 Nr ..,i'- at .i- r. u,a lItmor- American. we will state that
mcetting in '', ,,f .,... "cue" and "frozen" also are billiard
Board of Di. 1" .11 be elected at t-'rms. There are still more than might
the renlar I.- i stkholders in lie worked into the little jeu d'esprit,
October of a .h ',r. I"_- Board of uchl as "scratch," "break," "drive,"
Directors -1i. hliave' ip er to create "tip," tablele" "run," etc., but lack of
the otorce om c -i.k'- ri d elect a Vice- space prevents carrying the theme to
President L 'r ,.-i,, 1n it n ecess- the bitter end.)
ry at its r. l, Iin tog Or at any
meet. meeting t. I1, 1 : lr.It -lection A. J. Italn in Maulll.
Gay, shall it. :-,ri.rr d R-. L.Mc- "When it rains In Manila," says a
Kenzie siilt b- o r- tr-. and Treasi- mau who has been there, "you think
l'. The Ii..-,, of Directors shall con- the first time you see the spectacle
sist.of A. T ,a:I. R. L. McKenzie, W. that the end of the world has come.
M Gordon .1 1' H'l1, \'. A. Hawkins, Why, one day In September that I was
D. H. Jon .in. '' ,itlr"' there it rained thirteen Inches. Think
6 n.-T..- 1. an. ut of .indebt- of that, will yon--more than a foot of
Cedno to .I t., ,, ion can at water! You would think that would
any t e i. l $100, ioo weary the elements for some time, but
Wo, t1'. r ,'min -inroriorators It didn't. The next day it rained halt
ubcrib -L"'tl" l'.. tlhec following' a foot, the day after tbht seven inches.
abmoun'ts of '.-,, I ''t" That month we had fifty-seven Inches
A. J. G .f"- : -'-tres. of rntu."
R. I. ".i K. -''..' .-five shares. 'Where does all the water go to?"
V. M ,f;. "';. -'rie share". "Right back where it came from,"
J. B. H'ri, .,, '-"'*' :l. rcs was the prompt reply. "After a down-
W. A. H.im.l:-. 1 1 -t:,hares'' pour the sun will come out hotter than
W. Ji.--. ti' ,' ever, and you can fairly see everything
Statc .,! I ,'i' j a I steam. And yet there are a great
County (',i ',. .,,, many people that wouldn't live any-
.Beforee "l '. d-.l'l*-. r, a Notairy where else except In Manila."
P public ..,r -n1. .'\l ir, l TT.
Gordon.I ii,. ..; 1. a i n,-. 1 .- Tin,.. T ie ,l 'Va Toi n Rln.
HB Jones, I .U.! 0 P I .r I. 1:i.' i ,,i, I A rF in rl--. y. iiL. ter i, njr Re-
rm e to be T ,,i'l "al- ,1*.-,' 1 ai, !r ltulrtiiin.-f wrIn 1ir., s 1. r. id on hI,< s v-
acknowh.l.- ..,, ,f r''1- !,., i.n" "-. il, t ea ll, ".,Ja5 v, ;h n I.,i nui.i'u il -l110
he uxec. i .i ... I, ;L n i.!-, in r. a .. s i in.I*t
for' the -..- ,tM,J 'in ,.- I. , r, l r \ ,< .. l i," hu l- -iil.le
Sfort h. ., .. -.h a.isdl' : .ilh 'el e-,,-!s.d, r i ed
Gim i .. ,i m t o..w. !, ....... ,,d r,",.,,, 1,1c ha

i' vt i /, -* I. b.ee. L ill-t l i n ,.t. -.a-l t-e

"17-'--, T- "'I I I I'fit i Mf Jl IUr- ors tt,'ismy- ibe t -a"
lie, ' '. J, ( and l W hat he saw c i.s l,--') I,. l i..; n-,. f,,r .
I. L McKeni ;.,i to b' two le raised lila -yes suddenly and said _
,., )i,,. ,, ',, ) : u,-- w oaderingly: :;
.. ,. i m I, T, h d."e ar, l a r"'Why, mother, this cow couldn't have
.- h_'.. -.'t beeitripe!"-CurreDt Literature.

I',, i i J .' '. The Thorn a lthlie loyse.
ti ll,,,ill '" I.. ,h* af I',n, Mrs. Tempertoun-I'Wv gotl the denrest
.i :,i.' !; ir M J'. t' il darlidnb (if abusbaud that ever hap-
...H penned. Hee uag aw awful temper, and
..... ,i 'r I.,... ',. about once a month be gets mad and
:i;;'iSM l', '" i ''iui;;i w' o Oiv-::! -! h ',. ,' ,I, .'0 to a roomfu Miss Singleton-And you call him a x
-onir.-,s t .: ili a n ;I:.~_,4 the. on thr dear old darllngafter that? How can
;Ii py.ct '.i. ti a il ,. "W hen you you? b
1.arry." .,, -.i ', "',,Deose a woman Mrs. Temperlon-Well, you see, he
t-'hi il a s:. 'i i 4ii lii'd lift ift.'b." always has a fit of remnore next day
*Go d g,.,r,,,..i'" Stntu." re- arid buys me a better one.-Chicago
;aarkw ,;. r 1 .'.I .' : in alarni. Nf.w
n0o they e(,.. .r ,, ,spu sr.e.
---iR" A ,Rsoutherfn e judge who had a fine lot
I en.I l. I te ,ofThe o ogs one day met a colored man no
ni f rh. ,,, uthprey torious for stealing you've alwnd said to ys bee a
s '. .... .f >..,.l :s '1, ,, t, th rsing "Uncle Jack, I'll tell you what MI do.
'4m(r.,i-, ,., I 4, t, I is "*e fact that You pick out twi of those bogs you like
the ,,,,l.'r. It '* .,, i .d o pr- best, and I'll give them to you, provid-
loun. ,l,` I. ,, -'p r feet indca-dYOU won't steal ny of the others"
lols ,,A ,,, n,ro o to'. ,, the ir The negro pondered awhile and final- So
l ;sh s ,,.ri, ,,lii,- d of La tin ly sud, "J~dge, you've always been a P!(
spoelird ,aslhi l '.ls d o f Latin good neighbor, an' I likes yuh, an' I sh
word ,11,1 n lt- wants to do right by yuh an' so accepts fr

Overheard In -he Garden of Eden, de offer yuhb makes, but I wants yuh to at
.. .... ... know dat I'll lose meat by It."-Phila- F(

"You are a l"1,;', mean, norriu Oll
thing, son .hr-'f exclaimed Eve.
"I suppose ne-t you will threaten to
go home to jnafma," taunted Adam.
Then, realzlf g the bitterness of na-
ture's *handlca Eve hurst into tears.-
Philadelphia 1 cord.
I he Wife.
"Suppose I fvpre an absolutely per-
fi,.-t woman."i JshO renamrki-.ld oirily.
-Ini ..,u I' ll- I.' Y .ICU 60'l 1 '-' "
N.. d h r hilit-and.

1 V.'. "*' M "- y B had lnot.-
"-t'-.'1... 'll ,"1 ad n i ,

lng to growl a j-t."

"You asked fr fuatiir for her hand?"
"Yes." i
"And he r.-fved you?"
"No. he didt lie said I could have
both of them. '-C'leMrimalI Plain Dmal-
Is One a4e3nd as the Othert
"Poverty is iio disgrace." said the
young woman ttbh ideas of her own.
"No," said r's Cumrocks, "it's no
disgrace, but certainly is extremely
unfashionable. -Wahilnaton Star.
Langu e of Flowers.
Edith-i 'o y understand the lan-
guage of li-wiwe r
Ethel-I do.
Edith-Then bhat does this bunch of
rare orchid-I i t Albert sent me sig-
Ethel-That ool and hibl money are
sotn l ..,alt.d.--.T ge.

VI %Tr~-.r-
*er .1. . '.t1,
Capital, ., (:01nn~
ei itsmr for..

nd lmot-lI Ii Ii

enoicips T 14 Fl
t-nhut. A, :


r r..ta larged
tr-l ri titahie lollc
11-110 %% ekly -l
ca~h :c ih
4 flr.R fl l1(f

delph a Telegraph.

Ended the Dispute.
Two ladies at a tea party got quamr-
reling about their respective ages. At
last, to end the dispute. one of them
said in a concill:,tory tone of voice:
"Don't let us quarrel over the matter
any mowe, dear. 1. at least, have not
the heart to do it. I never knew who
my In,-tller wr a fi' .r h, -1 .-rt.--d ri. '
w.'li.n I ii |i in.i uni 1 in i L-nofig '
b il .il .'iii. i,"ii it i i'. h in 'ir lah .,rt.
l'--'. p t' it'" i --.o.l i-,'. --i.Ilv.

A Silent Man.
,Jorklna-Thlri's Perkins-you know
Perkins?-entered into an agreement
with his wife soon after their mar-
riage. twenty years ago, that whenever
either lost temper or stormed the other
Was to keep silence.
Bob-And the scheme worked?
"orkins-Admlirably. Perklas has
kept silence for twenty years.

The Cheerful MIlan.
Give us. oh. give us. cries Carlyle,
the man who sings at his work. Be his
occupation wbat It may. he Is equal to
any of those who follow the aLname pinm
suit in 1slent suliN1nness. fle will do
more In the same time; he will do it
better; he will persevere longer.

The 1.r. ,,t .,' ,H.
-ir l r \ ... . ..|l..,-i in an E f n

-.1 [..~ -. \. I in''
-I,' I i-I i l,~ -----I

- *'- -In 141' II --

- I ..iinIi ml of

.11 Ii
-- -'I.






Of St. Andrews Bay, Florida.

A 81(C' K () 1,

High Grade.

Trinlined Hats Etc.; bought of the gre:le.t. most aggressive and progresivo
W wholesale Ilouse in A ierica! I invvie the ,nllic to call, exa ,osine sily
stock alid get my prices, before purlhli..i ing c.h wetle.
At Mrs. C. VW ells' ohld t1iat11, <. ">1ntere.Ae Ae., Kt. Andrew, Fia.


LG risI iao u se,

PESACOLA, Fla. oIl)osite Waiinlg ioomii of Union Depot,
Is the Piace for Passengers Coing to and from
Rooms Comfortable! Toerns Reasonable!


T 1. . I. ,i. |,j.i l , I -,, ,

I IIf* It rm m :i I I .,s I~'I' i-II
1-1 w igh o. h ft- III '. i '.mt

ItlliRgIg (mld, 2 a ,hovuL of.0I seit w t- in
adleit-,4 a hitt to -u.5 iarake. '\-X .111

-- tile tia-tik-Y I'ier', 7 5 I


in ,in
~ '~,.-, I
.-Z~-L I


- .- '

fr0ei-ht In St. Andreows Bay al Ilt one idLlhir, irkin 'ho( piow., I. 1 r 1
1$.'0. ut t U Brv p,)rop-o)s to (do ) .ti than this and will send the u'.y
one -yoir. ami fu'-nish one of tlihsc piows coiiCmplete. at th) factory for $4 .">
IIUclihaasr to piy freig it
Th'1e plow nmay b see in operation at the uilOY Farm at anT Ii ni
Or 'der fro41 the IrUOY direct,

Oplum, Laudanum, Cocaine and all Drug Habits
permanently cured, without pain or detention from business, leaving no craving
for drugs or other stimulants. We restore the nervous and physical systcins to
their natural condition because we remove the causes of disease. A home remedy
prepared by an eminent physician.
Confidential correspondence, especially with physicians, solicited. Wrile today.
Manhattan Therapeutic Association
Dept. A I13b Broadway, New York City
. . . . . . . . . .. .

-it it "I itl-i t; tw- I

wt iir- l. L iu z-i 1 4d' '1w
'hoLe l rmjr took iii tl:o kbituzii I A; 11101

0Asandlvich." rl!eitihn eu'il
Htave i11iiWO"
"Do[ Youk i',-w IihoIA)Il-C l''
'r~olit kimw i '. onfrc tO I wv-T'I
in"No; I'm D oi."

"nin~.; in-Cl Pn
"N o;li mtthstry g l', IC .mt '

COi"YRIGHTm-, nu 4
ArI5'nesneruing a ,kef.li and .lm-grran -.. ii .ti

I, I I I ~I, i II I
Scientific fAmerican.,
I'l I...''' J 'I n e i. T- -i r'

MUNN & t6,36filma! a New York
t1~ii~'Ic Slt'~l'in'i~~A, 'I.

*"Oil h.H sio,w.i "Oei t'! t 111W I .. 1'

-i f! h, I I r A' 1r; ,i!'" :',; A\ !
A,-AP(> .A MkAP tf S'I'. ANDI)H1KW (lt y

Forl' Sale! >)0 incline, corectly |>plaftre( i
b- w ing i ili tic )ic e i t))) ir ;i (i
We offer for sale a strip from the Ifitli,,g ..-i, of gleat v all3 e to any.
luh side of the north half of tiheI i
northwest quarter of section 10, town- Il0 cl to i il'l il i' i'iliaitig ,pro,-
hip 4 south, range 14 west, running I t O 1 r.s aIlm t four
om the school house to Watson bayou, oiR .s O f c t' l'e, exind'iiiug eaist-
djoining Millville on the south Will lie 1'n l, ioi y'eir's ioint to el)il evni-
old in acre, quarter, or half-acre lots. aI I iuig Ohi St. Anioid iws, nitil cor-
price asked willbe according to t( oldlit g th-i tan te y ult lr'.
cation. W. A. EMMONS & CO. One "ol)la, at tile I BUOY onPice-
u n Do lui'r, at the BUUY Of(ice.
Nothing has ever equalled it. A SECTIO'( (NAL MAP OF TIIHE ST.
Nothing can ever surpass it. ANC(tEW\S BAY (UN '',
i iowilng ill iLe landilis disjtlO.e, of by
Dr.S Ol (ilgn 1lknl (ilol\'ill ..ig'

N e igDiscovwery atV ""r.< " ", "i t 1,Y t,,t o,,,f

For E ' ', V I J lo i,"Roi sl ,.,Ri. i t, tly i.l o fn

A Perfect For All Thruat and (I ,, .|
Cure: Lung Troubles. 11 o aliji optf oh tp iae.
Money back if it fails. Trial Bottles free,
IIor _l.. : E i LL!..* s

A S.", C.- -f.,SmmoA
n~$i h-iWI i I Iif
Zae e t,., e ,'l -roder1.,l-
IfdTtIM M'DiInAT CO4. ,', .Im.-. -C.P.

DTZ -iI ( iL'11' )IdA 'jul I'


0i 1I %1' '' I-

At Dr-. Mitc"&Il'z rur, tlrc
1, t '.1 '

Uur. uIuIJniIg LIST.

Th lBU Ollhit S lmdef VetyaI,.I r. I -.

11ile vrall A eIllt A 1, Jfl di ll -I

h-sfi. II i"ittI o I11 11 1 h 1 co in-

4 'e r-i clif.iI

J ,,it,.i
tn 'I II 'o. ; .. J I

it I I t% T. :

Cit-tis Grip
in' Yvvq Days

"' IqOn ever-yj

C~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .m -CI_- CI- --~ .-*nraraa~S~;sB~RB~1



The Most Stylish,

And Attractive

Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes, Specialties.
I. ( OD_( l tD, l',,i, rii etG.



1w. :M. LI raX

L[ead i I *)ow PriceO' and sGo(l

S To Cure a Cold in One Day

Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
Seven Million boxes sold in past 12 months. This signatur', <"



l~m-~. -----~--CIPUU~C--~- II -


'-" I



I ._I~




\. ..tTi



V ;'F



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