Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: March 22, 1900
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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lccn - sn 95026996

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4 '-.


First Last, and all the


\i)L,. IX.

ndr a'


iUOL i-

LA.. MARCH 22, 1900.

AQ-.inst the World,


F F IC iI A L D 1 IF: EC [01. Y,

I'nn .t k ivni-

Us a ,i,. Ii. Hdl-s Ic--i

i arp 95 -itti' r.-I' 1.- 1'. W ii R. M I's

turaiim is. W' i ho-ilu. 5 -1-1ai, t

eral Pai ii- "l'io i .

tu -Z- L. I S Wir Ai rl .-i P is ni.

vat it1,. 1. It
NVLsItu- -T-N Ci:5 !rt-.

Cllerk- ,Iu C.url. C-111,l t'ls Ii.lis, -'i

S 1,s A ,12. 1; A~llil. tulrisipl 1's...

.1. Pitish. sir I Is it-l .--i

tlr-li~i-ge 11;11: lii [s ss I. I ~ s.-
it~ss .in -s Ii I ii..il-si. 6't A\i.-

i~sI0-i1 .... Il I Iss. .11 Stuinock;
Ii i I I- W X. A. Eimuinp, C. H.,
,'I- ii eIss-rI i Circutit Court Clerk.
%% I, iii -4 iS school Di rectorq, E.
P. II n--s G~ VV Surber an., H1. A. Dii
Ir'.lsst M~r L. W t Ware

M m i ii ii
!-..lri~'tRi[liri' ti-s-.

% 1 s *


/i i si I ', i t
,, h 1.1. I ,''

lot If
F- trm a o icit p i I..
I A % -I i i i-l is i-, [i1~s i I .-.. .
I P; l eLi1 1 d 1r.

r I - I--, I -

rss(. L ---i-ri ,-1,fi

-s sir. s-- -r rG.uii.s.r.i.ri .ii . -.-.

IVAs '1i I, ilirs il it G I. .Il .-.l . -. i.

.1 nan licit,1 IC I- liii t;IHI si 5;I'I'll-I. Iii
Wsl~. A- Isri~l i '

I h ss~isn~d sud Iss' lfi ~ i'I it

is' l u hi t- .-si 'ils i4. Ih 'h I isI
Ih "UOY (Ilh-nce,-St. Aindrwlr B-oi.

il. .1..1 IKE:sTEP,,
, i,,uin^ l.ath ic P hy .ician evil .A'1 -
l,,ilh r. i lisi,. ['inv ieii ID u d ," i,,'',

,tii,-lr, ,I ,,.ll ;: l.niili anli \} "l, i -

r.,: : 'iil l I
i i 1 .. . i ,

-i, ,, i 1 X -

1 i i .

i>' if,. i p lintil ,

daa ulffiar a 1Year in Ad rance. 'I i iisL Ii: i ..I
-lie --': iit O ssll: sIs, 5~t s

E dIto r a nd P ro p ri et or. i 0. i 5,I-li '- --

rI ii.s.t, s rs i irilsss U ..lllsj ll il I IIsI t L v I I t I I hriir ll.? ld-

sis1illI es111 iiTI it II I li

Thie Mi .'- '.y r-i.
TI,:I l t ,L i eis en in I .i -. ',, .
Y .' il a i'll i- ilt-ep a- i .ld l-ir,
n':i-.': cI- i.th!. s i i wb il ii Shi su i ie. ,
\V ;t Ih lit hii .. !i t :i i .1i .1 .l- r.

AL.s vi te l L Li imn TemiT-d 0lj.,r-r neIar.

The,- k[r \ built j .. Th.ir -uoul ail
-.111 1,2i
ITh oi ii lth:il h e.art- r, i' Ia.i.
fl .' l i : ianii Io t r.-.i' ..n i r h1 ..i i i hit,
T'.hi i a, n y i \t ni i el- ..i l
PFer Ibitrim lie ith.. no..n. .in gi ml it
T' lill il t i-- nih. ii !...ri.

-'tilt', n,? tlin_ l.,;...-i. ,oli r ti ',_ dn,] 1i,.. t,
T in ll- 1'i0i ,.,il' ,.nl 1[tV ui,,1,
L ik.- I.s iljO? l i' l .tsr1. I sIh 'li,) -rl, ,. t
(ti .till .'Is'- it. sI i i1;2 r,:, .
I .l l i f 5 , ,I i i ,' t .'i i t n d .L O t
M 'ial !it l ui i i.,,i I. k [ (-..i !
Li-t vi.iht-I dreamed I was a child,
I dropped my weary years,
I felt the mother fingers mild,
That sooth4 my childish tears.
And when I woke with longing wild,
My face was wet with tears.
-Post Wbeeler in New Yosk 'ress.

A Twentiieth ( 1Century Drama.
The Woman she sat in her dusty den,
Her papers all scattered about.
While she toilsomely sought with pipe
and pen,
Tu straighten the business out,
When a sudden cry.
Of agony
From her husbaoid smote her ear,
"Help! Help! Be quick!
<-b, it makesme sick!
I litl Idie if you don't come here!''"

T", i: i .. -tir.
.\i I i

I I t-s C.1 bIi i ~ t I ji"i s111111iaIn- I IV,, [[.11
lit, Ili-ilsil ,tt A lt :1 11 iiisi-.1ohs -1 si lii'-:
-s II Ii 11.11i t sill h-lssi BI L 'L -' s ise
I itit Ll'1 1veonet e eaI 's L % 111%1 '-
,l mssi. uit i en'1..It wii an .1 (as c "dsl

fV 1% 1 L .s-*1 1 CL ll Llkk Qsk 11.4
Is O it: .1 11--1 ts. k I iftJr lieI' 1 v -

t Is 'n I 't)ssi -)-N.. I Is I h- Il l is.41-I

i un b.--ink. aisis1t'.nsi ai pai 11Js 1In 1I.-.tss lit!
1iiijAdsIt? A-I he ,ILlcut IiCsiI UIslesi Li'%

hen. ['-i'vL .Ist the I .slsj u'1 it.I er tree

[ tIr,,-IlCllt O W ,s i.i -il .1

i' 1-1,I~s1 s s' Iilk It,- h -il ., siis

vy g"I IIIlL 1 ill
1 1.1.1 a gi e tnh. 11 ,1 1 1-I -A IIll'

3 1 ,1 1 ins, is'11.1 g, RpsA
-Il IIiss Orlitpli tlnI% jIli

I- lslo lisit :t IidIs lr-iinnA $1 lill~i ili (isllt
"l)11-V 11,11" Iii, Ii ii'- atiln- lsiit
sOui~llsstl' aei. tts~trlpVe-llicluL Salld
b.s-i( te.i~sc n.in~lg up lti: inm t.LbIlCO-

l-.ili~zii~ n tl.~ tle sl anlntirg t e- n -.-f ol' lle 1i111I al sitmnelf, nunnae inl
rin.l-lv-sICan, Le tn:ss.l Lsat'Led l. I-aiginnnI ji-tc In.uCi.

I llt it tI ,l'C) I U-o t, ,l.d .fl >( his
lil.Mil .le' eyes up. -il the I o I ul
brownstone apartment houses tl.at
lined thie riirTosile eide of the street.
Suddenly a gleam of hope lighted
the eyes of thie manl at the trolley
post. Had the car, after all, taken a
"spurt"? Had the wind changed?
No; the track was still clear as far
as the eye could see; the vane of the
nearest church pointed unwaveringly
to the east; but, the resigned man
had made a pleasing discovery,-ihe
had tound a companion in misery.
In tthe tinrd-st,'ry side window of,
an Apartment house diagonally oppo-
,ite, a picturesque, black-eyed young-
ster stoodi diunninig on the window-
pa;ie and sco linhg out into the brick-

A vawii In giin Convulse]d Bud's
.snn, I leatiiie-. Flinging his lish-i-lne
into a flower-pot, he clinmed through
the window and disappeared. He
was gone only a few moments, but
when he returned he bore himself
with a new air. A largo sombrero
sat jauntily upon his back curls;
fiom his left arm hung a cil of rope,
wliile his brown right hanul bandish-
ed above his head the.loop of a lasso.
As he stood there motionless, the
hand holding the lasso poised in the
air, he looked a perfect pocket edi-
tion of the Texas cowboy. The man
at the trolley post would have wager-
ed a large sum that among thie thir-
ty-five ilnsumainrl small boys' repn ted
blv te last census as living in Bos-

. thefloor, paved area. oin whicii the window toLn, there wasn't another! boy like

!pe e(' wxtith a disappilrovaii tiat Bud.

i 1

S.* . - . .'. .1 -,i. tioe lan at the t r i- 1Meantime the ms aiii, ii nt c.haiiml d his
l''l I i5 i it'l ;-
.. 1. m tu e fro t.i-. ell" to "Hold
i ..i i I,. . i .. .... i i .\vas a "-i i..... witit n i Yoi ul Ih ad Up, Ho ian," while the
-i;" .i i. ii ._ ,,,, i,,. oiI, was ir- Uonfkey had I n..-r.I. l ii fiii thal
l .. , I ,. -i,. r.. ., .. ,,r i . *" ,, . .- " I-s i. .r
Si i; al1 v.u p- Texi, w.-.e'- i rnil:s1. 'l'xnase%| and
'.5 ii ,n hhi i I s, i -s tot tilrii hundred and i .11 I s-.-h.irl -in n l. nu antdi .'f.igelth-
it ,. days in vi , :.,' i wlnere eO .'.r1' iili his .l l let' I chatter aiid the
"nt ,, ..i ,- o. .,, with his coat' ery day iie cuiid wander out on the graceful twirl with which he pocket-

A.'o 1I.- s-,- ,ii ti,, i, of his toe plains andu kill something. And now eted copiers. had attracted every
**V.,i.t a -:-. _.t- -jerk of hin tail Otth, ie -,- cme to d this cl d. d isr nal ity child wi hin a radius 1o lhui blocks.
y where he hiad to wear shoes and a Pennuies rained ulnini bln. like i,,sea
It will Iun up w mclotne, I know! Fianiiielrs y suil, and stay in when on a 1-rvorite primta l.unna, -tid the
ho I'.is- -1,ails o lare.; the east wind blew. F-or two hours little fellwV was put Lo sore stlails to
And itis mouth-soe he-re;
Oh, it's going to jump! Be quick! l hie had been waiti-.g for the sun to collect the rich suwer. In Hud's
Tutns :e Man wailed on c Iiiei s ait'i hle had ,ii Anost reaind Y -sence lie had iI n'elled 10 the top-

TiI Lhi u house woas gone
Scared off by the Womian's stick.

The Woman she smiled at his pretty
In a fond, -. -, iir way,
While he strove to check the bursting
As he breathlessly watched the fray.
Then the Man to the floor
She helped once more,
And lovingly kissed and caressed.
Her strong arm she wound
His frail form around,
And he wept out iis fright on her
-Blanche Trennor, in Harlem Life.

Kissing Our ioys Good-N'ight.
Oh, what a change comes over things,
What quiet tills the place;
' The winter evening slowly drags,
The purple flames that race
Far up the chimney seem to shed
Less cheerful warmth and light,
' When, putting on their little gowns,
We kiss our boys good-night.

We follow them as off they go,
With ri-ivn n l.: :h and shout.
i T I',irl i s.\ il.'k iti i It i Ihi..'i' bl-d
., l [..llt i '.- l 1lsu i iglht out;
i.'1 ~i. d a1-'.-I i '-ii-. another's arms,
-* . -.iiu. .,il'i -ti,. and tight,

'' i_-', i ,,-u'i t,. r wit : worship
\\ i, u ~,- i-.i-- our boys good-night.

And as they drift to slumberland
We linger round their cot
For lo! a strange enchantment
Binds us voiceless to the soot,
And life somehow grows sweeter,
And the vexing cares take flight,
When, bending o'er their sleeping
We kiss our boys.good- i.l1,!i
;Ti,-i, looking to the future,
Into whose mysterious years
Si must go to meet life's i-ssue, 7
Now with gladness, now with tears;
, We pray that he may lead them
Ever in the path of right,
'. i ,.' more beneath, our rooftree
',- nuia.y ktss our 1- good-night.
-Galveston News.

- - ~ n~ -- .- o-mo '-Cure Oct1-,

AttAa'nmeY'at Law',
C~stim.at, \\r.SHtINCITONC'srrv

S ,iI i.r .. ..i 1 -1 I . . iJ h ,ig hly. It 1 1
i re 't -' l'e s- 'it '- r r ." It .'1 -- what
c.u oeat mind cures indigestion, heartburn
and all Irloni olf dvspepsia.n. -R. F. Brack-
FLA in &, S.ju

tlie end 4f iris iles.uirce-s. most balcony of the seyen-story
Ainirti, but int quite. A moment atartineut house, and was nuv reieL-
iater, as lthe resigned man iwvatched iing on the fourth on his dowinard
tlie little Texan staiiding with his process, when hi, 1.rigiht evye caught
inose flattened against the pane, Isis sight of anotheiit ~fl.riiug that wava
round, bright eyes peering down into being thrust til..utl tihe window
thie nisit, lie saw himt open tile wil- upon tile second story 1.alc,,ny of the

dow, anit through the iron grating uf
the balcony survey thle scene below,
Then. with a coldtsh leap, Bud dis-
appeared into the room.
A moment later his agile body
wriggled out onto tie balcony. It

next house by a child tii,,e Ichiiingi
than his neighbors. Tlhiis ,houe
stood on the other side ol a common
area, barely fifteen teet wid', and the
offering lay was dieetly) ol,-.,csitLd tli-.
one where the litle l .-i,,,.tis cr.,.ucltld,,

was a small, rounded affair, filled with but sonic tenl feet iel-,,r.
potted plants, and situated on a per- Tne monkey took if the situation
pendicuiar line wiii similar b.a conies with twinkling eyes. T'r-an, after a
which belonged to the suites below. b Kief chattered .s...lil,,,niy, lih humped
In iOie sne in,,diahteiy nider that up his back and drew himself togetlh-
in which the small boy s..ood was er ready ior a spring.
plaecd anong ithe geranium plants By tithis time the man mt tl te lilley
and Iudia-rubben trees ginas globe po1,t was breatluhess with excitenient,

containing several laI h goolifili.

Hanging out over the railing, liaBu and tin e i I'.-k ,-' j1il e .i. n oO time was
tix,,d hi- ,ye,- , trhle gla i. bo, an.i i ike watching t.elOir, Wo
. ....... ... h oishe l t i .li l gS. I;I I 'ris.' k By a q'-i i A,r e'"ev. i,
ly ihil, e l oom behind illi, A '. :- h DO ieN O that il ,i- th ilml.,nikev v'a
,. r ,v l;s i,, .-rg ir.,- l ... it s e i e*- the- by'
i 'ih' r. o ,s i .i ;,s stun, diung l -C.. hlrxey -- l.N teii edl
i" ti^. I- It ii.'i -; is' o.,, A In ii, hi .; o" i ,. in" u lk.e tiln ni~% i- I 1. i\ I liang
c..ei-i .,i ,i ,, is.i is t e j uty bis t- L't "t i iI ol int- '" t, i hi eads Ia
u-l i,. k i aded among the .. i1i-., t ., -i'-'-il 1 .- t Oi al li in a
'['luee 'wa a ielt ttwis. of ie lHine, a Ieanty it.- I, ,c-, u i t e L I ,ose
splasi alil a solot i hing yciln ci le d il ..*r ...- ; tis iu -....* ..l,,iv-
aid -. '.. , .i, the tir, | ered W ili, Ir... ...i n ,,i c .ii .iU; but
anld a iM nime t I tterl a large .- .,-..i ti .. . -' ,,,,,i.jt-,. ed.
lay bir>athilig its last in a big i er ) The 'ie cari ., .1 I .u- n lio 10111
pit at the rAots of ani la dini-i bber s\cw Y hi-'e-'" l- c'n-l" ..I the
It,-,. i ..-. - 1 _---
Ontce morv 'i i.. dId ". am .. '.' .,ugh
the um ar at tho i j,' i -t J i .. . .. ,. (. r. .; 'i..J i U2,,, us
ino waited ". i' ., hour, but if r the ... .... ,T .r ti. ..Ip l ,iU n
Itoitent bhe had a .1 ..-.. the east of this i,- , .. . i ,,. it .i res
wind. the '. ea. c r, and i n .. .. i L, ...i
ii -I i "" ,te'e. .
he w anted to i I i' i..t i. i.
.' .. loss i the boy ,,. i. . . .,

pone of
Fourvartr-p ttd ld6in seenn

'liilS tlo lhav~
i essntiaki
. in is stom
;led less that

"I'm all right," said Lem, tapping
t his hip.
s There were several offers of com-
pany. willing on-., but the young law-
yer rejected them all.
Ie wi allied rapidly across the street,
lent ing the crowd happy and silent, in-
'. terested and full of adinlratin. With-
- out drawing his gn u 1Leimn went
n straight up to the door. shoved It open
and stepped in cut of sight. and not l
shqt wasb heard uort an oath nor a fall

It wns lnl as ilts-rt ns i r, rec. iie4
ci,. r r.I ti,. (.-fc-r wondered, -lute-d,
avI h.l nUiJ wonleIrid out loud. Ot.;t ht
tL,'y -itI to g,. ovrr nni.l see what wil
In,? MN. I,, a ku'fe i G,-.I liAW before
hne ,r-nlil !'raw. T i.n riip.I,'Is tltst rFiusedi
It r r f';llv, tlir t1i, ., I.,-li, '-ve in L.otn.
It,] tn.v , ,;O,.lnI ;ia..in In.l a gain that
i .''\v',i Ir'tqhr "r..nv,- 4imu 6C." And

ii \01 ::. ,- '!,. -n In two rutin
1 i' [s- ?. .r,- t...i '.' ,rl Ikl( T h:- th-
?- ;, ;,. i: n ,,,'i. at the door of
: IIr .lshrnil, v ', i :, 'i -tl. wa tch'd [.tiu
.Ii li .-r o i ,.i tr th,..- an I is-d niul-di r-
(-r. (re-.i-.r tI-. who as. a, mee-k as a
N :,; 1'.
'11Trt n.-i S -i Il.'r],- nrw' In IDRung
',"--n. V(.', I i ,. s-n. i ,'.r but u.-.t
S.. r :.- -i -. T s,. v. l fig all
, I.. ;,' I. 'ni .!. l it il coli fr-l int 1 tf '.r
*^ ^." t ^ r ^ .
N .v I i, 1 i i I-i: -eutW ill, and..
\ 'i i- i ,-... i i r lnft', w it i i il thi-'
C,'i! : i r- i lt ,li I .ils Ht on. -T,- tii h ofc
;i.,. ."- ;, .. ,.] ], i,.l[i ii t 1 h j ily bo x.
il.',- i.-" I., i s r, wI :s l-,P a ; 'ar,-,l to de-
I',.n- ;i .- .. ; 11: -. n ;,li.-., it 4 -I'ily .,-I
tl, -i*=. Hle hs..wvd ilh:t Y., -,,w .Mike
'-.. - I. r nr .I" n "n.-i .,-,o. sIg i ;- is r.
.,) tl.;i i '.. i.i. it hi I \\-.14 r i nim urder.
( if ('rill -, ** :-,lli[ i t-I it -;'-i n-.- t the
*,: i l l in, I.... i!ie li.i i to I- g,- t rlid
,-.f t',.-i .'..,.i I y '. i ~i nii ihL- b tone
i-1r,, irrli d a fi .'ll Fi the tillm .ti. But
that custoin was not only unjust-it
X-as s'or-lsighlted. If a white man had
a ,!i:-t to Fhcot a Mexican. a Mexican
on;1:ht to !ir'e the same privilege, or
t;.F '!:; i'0s vwhilch this great re-
p-tbih v as fa .undcd were naught, and

. A Youlg Itlbiard'.s Coniin.:ti'l-
mentIi '.. .
tl, It riliit tel.
1. 'hiln Msliall .in n olthel nia;:
int IInt .
S 'Thlinni n s .lt not li.ivo i 'lhotii-
-'la. li or any other liken .es o"f nl\n
olthier man lltha thy hnlj.baind.
3. I'ihiu shalt not keep it in se
i'rf-t ir wir lhip it. for I. tby hIn .
band, ant a .j-nl.tiais lniibanl.
4. Thou shalth nIt -peak I leins
band',i mnanie W-iln I vity..
5. H<,nor thy liusbani ans uIl..e_
himn that totu nlinaest be long in IIIl
litil- e le has given thee.,

I.an.I to wear a ui Iii. .l..- ihliii, buni
-ihall keep Iis clth ing 1 in I I I I.e-
7 T hou -] .ll iI l -1 ..- toI 1;V. III
-1yle with thiy neiglils r nllt.hi tih.
iilijn b.ii.i is able tu su|l.p- il it.
'1 Fri.ieiiiller ihy hiii l.,ai- l's e..nii
ILUdllIllli lltb .i L tI p Itihell ridL s t'Ci l.
1t). T hou L al t ll 1 t I 11111 il11 .Ig. 6
i.,sl- at the SlOle t lich il1 lillu l'iill
is unable to foot, for verily he know-
etl his mineans,

A red, red rose, whose heart of gold
Damask petals with graceful fold
Encircle round-
That red, red rose with heart of gold
Unto my heart a secret told
Of love profound.
A fai'd roesp. tlongh scar end dead,
Its :reiifl l. '.us' ly -n since fled,
Is Iv. a I still.
The hid (Id hii ) i f that dead rose
The v,. 1;i v.. nt, but mi y heart know.
And *i r c will.
-Good Iloasekeeping.

t^A 7 A 7 A 7 A7 A 7 A 7A^

I 0oofCu' hro t (ase

A Lawyer'.3 Succcszfu! Start Ina
S Vas cr-n't own- Ho Served a
> Va atae a.d rked *<
t- Lpa LX.Saiacn.

Everybody said Lem flooley would
succeed in life, and the confidence in
him was not miip)liaced, though the
stated reason for it was not very sat-
isfying. He went up to San Fi..u-"...,
...1; law, Dung T, 1, 1..t .. .iu i,
I. .use hewas such a ma. ..'a..-.s s. '

-.-i bottom t o (doubt the l ....,,.-: I..
.-.-d in Loei because they liked him
i.., wanted to hear z -.. 1 things of
wi.i. a substantial bails of a prophecy,
iuce they might give him business up-
on his return if they wanted to. Again,
Lem was shrewd. Indeed, he was
tricky, "slick," the town said, laughing
the while, for while slickness was a
part intolerable to western prejudice
it was acceptable when the trickster
was straightforward about it. A mer-
ry thief might be a "good fellow;" his
surly "pal" couki go bang.
Lem had great luck. When he came
back, dressed in city clothes, he got a
case almost before he got down from.
the stage.
"Sumpin's up," said the driver as
they turned into the main street.
He pointed with his whip to an ex-
cited group of Bungles standing In
front of the store.
"Maybe it's a shooting, and I'll just
call it murder and get the chance to de-
fend It," said Lem, throwing one leg
off over the end of the rear, ready to
jump down.
"Hello, Lem!" "Say, there's Lem
Hooley!" "Lem Hooley, s'help me!"
"Hello, Lem!"
Thus they greeted him, and he drop-
ped among them, both hands out, to be
shaken and to shake eacn hand. He
was glad.
"But what's up?" he asked.
The crowd turnetf, with a laugh, to
Cooley, the sheriff, who had a piece of
paper In his hand.
"Cooley's got a warrant to serve,
and he's a-skeered to serve It."
"Skeered! Well, I guess not, not if
there were 50 greasers 'stead of 10. I'll
serve it all right."
"Well, why don't you serve It, then?"
asked Lem merrily.
"Because I can't get a man with the
gizzard to swear in as deputy to help
"What do you want help for?"
There's ten of them over there." He
pointed to a greaser shanty across the
street. "Will you go along?"
"What's been done, anyhow?"
"Greaser Ike shot Yellow Mike, you
remember, 'ITho used to tend bar in the
dance hall, and the Mexicans In the
county is bound to see him out of the
"I don't see much in that," said Lem.
"Why don't you go ahead and arrest
your man?"
"Will you go along as deputy? It
means shooting, and a lot of it, against
kfiives, too, and you'll want all the
good eye you used to have."
"No, I won't go along as deputy to
you, but I'll tell you what I'll do. If
the crowd won't string the prisoner up
when I take him, I'll go over alone."
"All right. It's a go," they answered.
"Better take my gun," said Cooley,
offering his six shooter.

if he dil not move off, bat after his
word&; to tie girl his aim slowly fell.
There was s;;enc; for a minute, and
then the bsse of the gang said:
"Cuss me, but you've got nerve! Sit
down with the gal and fill up."
.It was accounted a strange thing
with the "rushers" to see a little girl
among that band of "bad 'uns," each
taking turn and turn about to carry
her on his back, and both guardian
and ward found themselves among
Indeed before the new diggings were
reached Jim Agnew and Scott were ac-
counted "partners." It was stranger
yet that little Ethel had a liking for
At Wooua Walla the child shared the
tent or shanty with the two men. Child
though she was. Scott treated her with
almost as much formality as if she had
been a girl of 20.
Agnew treated her as a child, and,
the,.., his ways were rough and his
Ppevh shocked her at i' -_ .. he wou
her 1 .iitr more than the other.
'ii 5 r ,.i.iii i. i [ir.' n, L ii '! r:Il.i ,of
i -.- ..... V. o "..sL, t sr .ii -
n ; '.1. l i ,. I ii n I s *,5. : i:, ,- i .: tI .
i,'n l i -1-i !.. r.. i,.-i! i,-q-i in silence
for :iu Li...u v. .i the id IJ i'..3 e-
about or watched them andI wuundlred
If they had Uii:.ii:s h. %3 aud by
Pcott looked up *rl--i.i3 and said:
"Jim, we are downed here."
"For sure," was the reply.
"Let's move on."
"Up the creek, down, over the hills,
anywhere for her sake. I'm ,!.,wn to
stay down. and the end is not far
away. but I'd like to make a stake for
in thi girny of the morning they took
tLeir way over the hills, one arl-.iri;
the packs and the other the girl. Fifty
miles away. on the banks of Brawling
creek, they made a camp and two
hours later were prospecting for gold.
They found sufficient to ene.-_urage
them to persevere, hut not In quanti-
ties to rejoice over. On the third day
the men left the girl asleep and moved
farther down the creek.
She awolie and went searching for
them up stream. She had walked for
a quarter of a mile, calling as she went,
when in trying to clamber up a bank
she caught at and uprooted a bush.
With the dirt and stones a nugget of
gold rolled (d Vu into the stream and
lay there like a spot of sunshine. An
hour later Scott threw down his pick
and said:
"Jim, it's the richest spot on the face
of the globe. There'll be a rush here,
of course, but we'll have our claims
entered first. I'll start for Woona
Walla within half an hour.
In 30 minutes hlie was on his way
over thie hills, and in three days he
was back again. It would have been
no use to try to hide the new find. He
had to state its location in order io file
his claim, end the very official who
madt good his papers was at his heels
as he made his way back to cailp.
"I've got It." he said to his partner
after picking up the girl and kissing
her. "Here it is-the 'Ethel claim.'
There'll be enough for both of you-
aye, enough to make a dozen men
After supper that night the child
climbed upon Scott's knee, and he
stroked her hair until she fell asleep.
For a long time after he had gently
laid her down there was silence be-
tween the two men. He was the first
to break It by saying:
"Jim, the girl Is to go back to Syd-
ney and be brought up a lady."
"Yes," replied Jim.
"Deal square with her and give her
"For sure, but where do you come





feel raw? And do sharp
pains dart through your

Don't you know these are
danger signals which point
to pneumonia, bronchitis, or
consumption itself?
If you are ailing and have
lost flesh Iatc'y, they are
certainly danger g The

"Have I the vitality to throw a
off these diseases?"
Don't you know try SCOTT'S
SdangEMULSION "als which polast re-

S sortt" There Is no remedy
equal to f t for fortifying the
system. Prevention is easy.


prevents consumption and
hostsof other diseases which
Don'attack the weak and thosetryTT

the .ne standard remedy for

Inflamed throats and lungs,
for colds, bronchitis and con-
suystem.ption. It s a food medi-
cine of remarkable power. A
food, because it nourishes the
body; and a medicine, be-
SC s. aniEMULSo, l ION Is.
Sthe TT & stOWNE, emisted Nw Yor
for- lds, bronchitis and con- -

S,-OTTf & BOWNE, Chemists, New YoP.

Scott sat in the door of the shanty,
with his face upturned to the full
moon. It was three or four minutes
before he replied:
"Jim, you can't understand."
"But we've got gold-barrels. of
"And I'm an old man-a drunkard, a
gambler, a swindler, a wreck. Money
could only bring new vices----ew degra-
dations. Can you understand?"
"No, hanged if I can!"
"But you were not born and reared
a geutliemau. I wanted to make a
stake for the girl. I've made it."
"And now what?" asked Jim.
1icutl kunelt down beside the slecing
., --'- --'.- -----

MEP. -

' an ii ] I....-Ol trl. v. 1 I.01 n. i.rosfe:
Ii .'l out his hLand to ias parult.ri

*". I,.. old mana; give her at n riii r

s,. I ,.O t--yr .ll"-
I'.r- Ii C11 I' ,T'r i W't O ;I;.? l -[..>r!"

,U'I I'p t e lhi r Or.(.kk. N-:.t iluoruing
.L.y r,.':-, I I.i d.i u ,l l. y l.al' a.; m lhi
I ,: tr tir or. "
.- i. i.> c: l.h,.i *l'ii to loo.., a.t the dead

".'. 1.1 ', I.;,' !!1 !. kill hl..ise!f?"
:: - l, r.ii 't-I '.r ,-t rhat hl
.i ., :' .i .' : l.a;-i:n."- Philadephii d


.*I .. I I. 'b lI l l rs li- i iI..'.11
i l i,- ii .= ,ui 'rL -it- 1-:; - . .'
"' 0.. I :* i [ .I lll: ] I .l l f'l. i
g ...'. I'll I h ihl .-, t :. I -, 1, -.- t .tl tle
a,.. l..1..1 nL,. '. i .' 11 t e. laO'ial'
rh ':: \" V .;' ,i l, l ,,ili 1a le a,-i,-i
'y-;' ,.* t 1 ;r 1 1 I t to n _. iit .l;ip-
,-.. 5. I'., I I a id ",1.., r-k, d1e- t I-., e-elh try

t.,; u '. l ilr it il m i l t' i,' I . ill i't lA i

L.,- .[.il ,i'. i l 'i'* l liIe lh Jl 11vr ,. idh
get thiou hgut that j, to,. [ "- .
"T ie fact appi .ars to be that we ao'
al.i a t.rO t; srh*rk th e pree' nt j.. k',
Ve n n vwon in a feeb oh o:' ot of way.
aR:! thit Lst x! tlh.Ag we tackle we a;'e
going to db: right up to t-he ianude. I.lu
wl :i Nwv .stri o tlit. when tlhe;t e-
eozr.es te i rei'ent wortk, doa't ire try
to sg iik ti;:t th od \y I ,1.,. la ., 1 .1 'Ab T
that'; w iat rwe do all through l'i;i o' .i-
ty putting oct our best endeavors tail to
morrow. Kiad of a Loia..ril tLill" rot
Ho, isn't it?
"But occasionaly ywa .i c a roart d
who puts in his best iek itV:'ry di.!,.y
and rejoices it the labor. Ill li.-.i i'
eare a continental what the next day
is going to bring to him-he can handl-
It, whatever it is. Just now he's enz
gaged with today's labor, and he does
that up thoroughly and comnplt.iely and
searches out the last nook and cranny.-
He isn't trying to see what he can
pass by, but what he can root out, and
hlie goes home satisfied with his work,-
and he's the one masr In a tldet:sand
that leads all the rest, andu hi pay eor-
responds with his labuLrs. "-N York "

Flu d II Aill Fixed.
The Y.-o.th' iCoump:iniun sa. that the
(doe-cenlant of a New England Puritan
divine has i hisn po,., .-s un au old sr-
m'n written t. v his auce-'t,-lr wbhllih ,
Elh-.1,5 cli f I l iE ptit Preacher d?d niot rriall
entirely to the Impule of tlihe n ilurt
wh,-u diellvtring his discourses. Tle
mnn s,-.rii,t is writto'n in a strange,
crabbed harld and plentifully besprln-
kltld witlih marginal references. 'teand
slowly here." the minister adounishes
himself Iu on.-' uot. arid "to be given
out very Inouil au clear" Is tlhe t4ug-
gestion for alotlit.r ,"tIs. .'u. "Ilinry
a little, with tiie." ne wvrojte- In several
places. lie tn,..-t L tlhatile and Im-
portant pail ..r the wiole serrLiju Is
indicated by. a ijuhi un-lsriuLd w1ar-
ginal note.
After hearing stories of t'hi nal.irly
old time preacher it is am:nu-iumn to
know that he deemed it wise and even
necessary at the clihnax of his elo
quence to "yell like one pn.,esed.''





't'o attempt to keep,~ track of tite boy



Carries the East Bay Mail between St.
Andrews Bay, Wetappo and intermedi-
ate points. Leaves St. Andrews daily
(except Sunday) at 6:00 a. m.; arrive at
Wetappo at 12:30 p. m.; leave Wetappo
at :0 p. min.; arrives at St. Andrews at
7:30 p. m. Makes landings regularly at
Harrison, Cromanton, Parker, Pittts-
burg, and Farmdale. Freight landed at
any postoffice wharf. For passenger and
freight rates, see rate card in the sev-
eral postoffices.
To thle Deat.---A rich lady, cured
*of her Deafness and Noises in the Head
'by Dr. Nicholson's Artificial Ear Drums,
gave $10,000 to his Institute, so that
deaf people unable to procure the Ear
Drums may have them free. Address No.
1221 The Institute, 780 Eighth avenue,
Wew York.

A Week's Weather.
The following table gives the maxi-
mum, minimum and mean tempera-
tures, the rainfall and direction of the
wind, for the twenty-four hours ending
at 7 o'clock p. m., as indicated by U. S.
government sulf-registering thermom-
eters. Max:Min. Mean. R'n W'd
March 14 75 60 68 .00 sw
r 15 69 50 60 .43 nw
116 1 h9 38 j .00 w
17 16 t :8 41)1 .00 ne
18 65 44 54 .00 se
'19- 66 54 61 2.00 se
20 73 54 64 .25 sw
Forweek...-t: 1 4 1I 1'.t |

Parker Lodge No. 142
F1. & .. MC.
Regular Coinmuni-
cations ou the first
and third Saturday
in each month.
Visiting Brothers
W, A. EmNoss,.Secretary

actual settlement you can be accommo-
-Mr. F. G. Holt and Miss Carrie D.
Spiva were married last Thursday
evening at 7 o'clock at the residence of
the bride's parents on North Bay. The
happy couple immediately commenced
housekeeping at their own home 'at
Myers' turpentine camp, where Mr.
Holt has a position with the company.
-L. T. Travis, agent Southern R. R,
Selina, Ga., writes, "I cannot say too
much in praise of One Minute Cough
Cure. In my case it worked like a
charm." The only harmless remedy
that gives immediate results. Cures
coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis, and
all throat and lung troubles. R. F.
Brackin & Son.
-Mr. and Mrs. Jas. P. Fox, of Par-
ker, Fla., mourn the loss of their five-
year old daughter, Lizzie, who died on
Thursday fast, the 15th inst. The Buoy
is not advised as to the nature of the
ailment. The parents and family have
the sympathy of the Buoy as well as
their neighbors and friends in their sad
-On Thursday, the 15th inst., Mr. T.
R. Brooke and Miss Lotta Chadwick
were united in. marriage, W. A. Em-
mons, notary, officiating. The con-
tract ing parties are w ell-known Watson
Bayou residents, and they start upon
their matrimonial journey with the
hearty good wishes of many friends and
-The Buoy has a limited quantity of
California sorghum, or sugar cane seed
for sale at 5c. per ounce; 40c. ,er pound.
This cane grew ten feet high and two
inches through at the base on the Buoy
Farm the past season, and is very rich
in saccharine matter. If ordered by
mail, add Ic per ounce for postage.
Also a few Nonesuch strawberry plants
for sale at 50c. per hundred.

Levis Dennis, Salem, Ind., suIys, "Kod- -Taxes for 1S99 became due Nov. 1,
ol Dyspepsi:, Cure did mo mere good ,
h.1 a4m. liiug I ever took." It digests, and all those who are depending upon
what you e.n and cannot help but cure the Buoy to attend to the payment oJ
dyspepsia and stomach troubles. R. F. theirs will, of course, remember that ii
Brackin & Son. they have a sufficient tax account cred-
STOOD FOR STONEWALL. i it to coyer the amount, the payment
TOOD FOR STONWA will certainly be attended to; but if
When Jackson Gave an Order. it they have not such a credit and satisfac-
"Was Obeyed to the Letter. tory arrangement to that end have not
The following dialogue, current at been made, they just as surely will not
the time, between one of Stonewall be paid by the Buoy.
Jackson's soldiers and the provost
guard illustrates Jackson's tact at elud- -We have saved many doctor bills
Iag his enemy and also the obedience since we began using Chamberlain's
rendered and the confidence reposed in Cough Remedy in our home, We
him by his troops. keep a bottle open all the time and
The orders read on dress parade the whenever any of my family or myself
evening before Jackson left the valley begin to catch cold we begin to use the
to take part in the seven days' fight Cough Remedy, and as a result we nev-
around Richmond were that In case er have to send away for a doctor and
the army moued before further orders r have to send away for a doctor an
the answer from every soldier to any incur a large doctor bill, for Chamber-
and all questions except those connect. lain's aCough Remedy never fails to
ed with the army, shall be, "I don't cure. It is certainly a medicine of
*now," On the march the provost great merit and worth.-D. S. MEAR.
guard found a soldier in a cherry tree KLE, General Merchant and Farmer,
helping himself. when Ithe following Mattie, Bedford county, Pa. For sale
2b)uk place:
"ho are you?" demanded the gard. by L. Ware, St. Andrews and
I" don't know." replied the soldier. Bavhead and all medicine dealers.
"'Where I your command?" -At about 11 o'clock last Sunday
"I don't know."
"To what command do you belong?" forenooi, just after Elbert Burk and
"I don't know." Laura Myrick, (colored) were married,
"What are you doing in that cherry Burk started in company with William
"I don't know." Curry to go from the widow Miles'
,"Are those good cherries you are eat- lace to the bay, about a quarter
don't know."" of a mile distant. When they were a
"I don't know."
"Is there anything you do know?" few rods from the house they were met
"Yes." by Lucius Garrett, another .negro who
"What is it?" came towards them with a ,evol ver in
'"Well, the last order I had from old hand, and when within short range,
Stonewall was that I was not to know both he and Bark began firing, and one
enything until further orders, and. gen-
tlemen. I will see you all hanged before shot from Garrett's weapon took effect
r will know anything until old Stone- in Burk's upper lip; the bullet glancing
wall takes that order off." Waco from the teeth, passed along the jaw-
Times-Herald. bone and lodged below it and near the
throat. Burk immediately came to St
Robbed the Grave. Andrews and Dr. Mitohell examined
A startling incident,, of which Mr. the wound and pronounced it not a dan-
John Oliver of Philadelphia, was the
subject, is narrated by him as follows: geous one, but did not consider it pru.
"I was in a most dreadful condition. My dent to probe for the bullet. It makes
skin was almost yellow, eyes sunken, an ugly sore and was a close call for
tongue coatedr pain continually in back Burk's life. There appears to have
and sides, no appetite-gradually grow- d blood between the two ne
ing weaker day by day. Three phyis- been bad blood betwe the two ne-
eians had given me up. Fortunately a groes ever since Burke began paying
friend advised trying Electric Bitters attention to the young woman, and it
and to my great joy and surprise, the seems Oarrett has frequently threaten-
rt bottle made a decided improve ms Garrett has frequently th
ment. I continued their use for three ed to take Burk's life. Burk has al-
weeks and am now a well man. I know ways been considered a quiet and
they saved my life and robbed the peaceable citizen, A warranthas been
grave of another victim." No one issued against Garrett, char-gyng him
per bottle, at any drug store, with assault with intent to murder,

bles, Round Tables, Stands, Centre Ta-
bles, ,.Couches, Baby Cabs, Dressers,
Hat Racks, Small Bureaus, Wood Safe,
Bookcase; Oil Stoves, Gasoline Stoves,
Heating Stoves, Lamps, Street Lamps,
1 Milk Shaker, Bridles, Trace Chains,
Rubber Hose, all goes in this thirty day
sale. In fact every article in stock ex-
cept Groceries, Patect Medicines,
and Unddrtakers' Goods goes in this
Thirty Day Cash Sale.
Never in the history of St. Andrews
have the people had such an opportuni-
ty to buy goods at the price they will be
offered. T. C. DANFORD.

Editor's Awful Plight.
F. M. Higgins, Editor Seneca, (Ills.,)
News, was afflicted for years with piles
that no doctor or remedy helped until
he tried Bucklen's Arnica Salve, He
writes two boxes wholly cured him.
It's the surest pile cure on earth and
and the best salve in the world Cure
guaranteed. Only 25 cents. Sold by
all druggists,

The Future Population of Siberia.
This is a question upon which much
'is been .aid and written, some writ-
,rs taking the stand that Siberia is to
lave a l)Oipuition of 60.000,000 or 80.-
0, I.i)00I within the next4,.t u. -.
v!'iea oilers 'hold this e'v e.---

A writer of thel Intter belief. Armini-
is Vainlery. using The Pall Mall Mag-
:zine !s i nmediumn. has this to say on
ie nibji'ct: "'With regard to the future
oluonization of tits outlying portion
,t" t he eiipire of the czar, there is no
Iounlt that an unmistakable gain will
,e derived, for the growth of the pop-
:lation In Siberia, where an area of
:3,400,000 square miles Is inhabited by
mnly 7.100,000 souls and where the ex-
raordinary wealth in minerals, woods
itud arable land still awaits exploita-
:ion. will certainly proceed with great-
'r strides than heretofore.
"Without giving Implicit faith to
Russian official statistical data, It may
fairly be assumed that owing to' the
particular care the government has al-
ways taken to further colonization, the
eminently agricultural Russian will
probably avail himself of the offered
facilities and that the population In
the hitherto empty lands will consider-
ably Increase. It may be objected that
Russia, the most thinly populated coun-
try in Europe, will hardly find a sur-
plus to provide for the newly opened
territory; but It must be borne In mind
that the Russian peasant is noted for
his migratory propensities."

G. H. Appleton, justice of the peace,
Clarksburg, N. J.. says, "DeWitt's Little
Early Risers are the best pills made for
constipation. We use no others."
Quickly cnres all liver and bowel troub-
les. R.F. Brackin & Son,.

Pulmonary tuberculosis is not a con-
tagious, but only a communicable dis-
ease. The contact per se of the con-
sumptive Individual does not convey
the disease. It Is now well known that
It is mainly the tuberculosis expectora-
tion, which, when dried and pulverized
to dust, constitutes the main danger of
Infection. The means to prevent Infec-
tion from tuberculosis expectoration or
saliva.-expectorating only In proper
vessels, spittoons and pocket flasks,
proper use of handkerchiefs during
coughing, etc.-are now also universal-
ly taught.
It is absolutely demonstrated that a
tuberculosis patient, If he takes proper
care of his expectoration, does not con-
stitute any danger to his fellow men.
In sanatoria and hospitals exclusively
devoted to the care of consumptives it
Is of the rarest occurrence for an at-
tendant to contract the disease, the
hygienic precautions being so thor-
ough. It may Indeed be said that In
these houses for consumptives one is
less liable to contract consumption than
outside of them.-Dr. S. A. Knopf in

It sometimes happens that while a
man Is watching his enemies his
friends get the best of him.-Chicago
An angel Is a being who can watch
another being poke a fire without of-
fering suggestions.--Indianapolis Jour-
To Oure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggsits refund the money if it
fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signa"t
tu'e on every bo~r. 25e,

left w.-'a. fr[ him to come at once on his
return. He also bought a bottle of
Chambe lain's Gough Remedy, which he
hoped -A.,I.l give some relief until the
doctor sqeuld arrive. In a few hours he

return Fr d
core, ias

Cough I
f;iri'd- i
for it frroi
sale byI

Bra iicl
\ici i:v
getic si

saying the doctor need not
the child was much better. The
Mr. Otto Scholz, says the fami-
-I.e recommended Chamberlain's
emepy to their neighbors and
btil he 'has a constant demand
an that part"of the country. For
L. M. Ware, St. Andrews and
and all medicine dealers.

)le man for Manager of
.itlice I wish to open in this
I a.'oil opening tor an ener-
Lb'r man. Kindly mention

tins pal PI when writing.
S A. I.. Morris, COncinnati, O.

It1j '11

cl O!,talo-tic 4 cts. p'i'tage.

1;. F.

('uo n niil t( t t'.ll. ]
The members of the Executive Com-
aittee of the People's Party for Wash-
ngton County are hereby requested to
meet in Veruou. Saturday, March 24th,
at 11 o'clock a m., to consider such
matters as properly come before said
committee The presence o1 Populist
supporters generally, is desired, to
counsel and co-operate with the com-
mittee, H. D. MERCER, Ch'n.
Attest: A. W. WEEKS, Sec'y.
P. S, Written communications should
be addressed tome at Vernon. WEEKS.

MARI T I E. L OC A L, DR I F T -Agood big Tablet lotr 5 Co and a
AR. L, good thick school tablet with 175 leaves
Sfor 10ts; all with handsome covers and
-For Furniture, Springs, Mattress- good, ruled paper, at the BuoY office.
-l es, etc., go to T. C. Danford's. -A young tornado broke loose ,over
-The L. B. Q will cure a cold in one St. Andrews Monday forenoon and for
day For sale at the Pioneer Drug a time shook -things up pretty lively,

J '-The Kalamazoo Celery Nerve and sending sheets of rainwater into the
Blood Tonic is the best. A guarantee houses through every crack and crev
certificate goes with every bottle. For ice, A telephone pole a few rods north
sale at the Pioneer Drug Store, St. An- of the Buoy office was blown down, but
-l drew Bay. no other. serious damage has been re-

NoT-.-It must hle renemlered that the --Mr. Elbert Burk and Miss Laura ported in town. AtMillville, however,
wind is not a wholly rcliale motive iow- Myrick, (colored) were married at the the corrugated iron roof of the new
er and if the sailors sometimes find i im- Widow Miles'. place, near Parker on mill was halt torn off and carried sev-
pchargibto mke elen -dule time mdo the est Sunday [morning last, by W. A. Em- eral rods from the building.
Sev he do the mons, notary. -The largest watermelon ever
f --Our correspondents will please near grown, weighing 1491 pounds, was pro-
Tle bLh,.i<,ner Nettie failed lur inmindthattheirfavors must bemailed duced from W. M. Girardeau's "Tri-
el'aeicola Friday forenoon. early enough to reach us not later than umph" seed the past season. The Buoy
The schooner Lucy H rr e Monday evening; otherwise they cannot has a few packages of tne seed of these
h schooner Lcy H. arrive Mony eeninothewihe wonderful melons, and will give, while
Friday fooi ronlt Pellbci,,ia apnear in the current issue. wonderful melons, and will give, whil
TheFay nooir fromak Pencha n -Bringyour ordinary schoolink bot- they last, as a premium to every sub-
The 1 0hing smack Sophie Burn- tie to the Buoy office and for 5o get it scriber of tht Buoy, who asks for them
ham of Pensaeola, meelig bad filled with Arnold's celebrated Chem- and pays $1 for a year's subscription,
weather in the Gulf came into l1he ical Writing Fluid-the very best ink (either new or renewal), seeds enough
ay on T sday las, al rined made. Must have yourown cork. of these great melons to plant twenty-
ayntil Friday. ls-Just received the finest stock of five hills. Order at once and say you
perfumes, candies. genuine maple su- want Triumph watermelon seeds. The

rack ET -C(HOC-ON E Lar, figs, dates, prunes, English car-Buoy has also a few packages of Giant
T "O Erants. apple butter, quince butter mince Beggar Weed seed, which will be given
rants, apple butter, quiceerto subscribers on the san~e conditions.
1 "l~ J'lE. meat in bulkhat the Pioneer Drug Store. State whether you .wish-4elon or beg-
.* a t :- ne w. li., 5- t..'it-. -rianisorme letter heads with St. gar weed seed, our only one of the pre-
LeavesSI. And;ews ,iy every Tuesday, Andrews Bay date line and views of miums will be sent with one year's
leaves Pen6acoul every Friday, either St.AndrewsBluff, orBuena Vista subscription. Take your choice and be
(weather peunitling). Speeiai atten- Point, at8c. per dozen;also map ofthe sureyou name your wish, or neither
tion will -hie girn to receiving and St. Andrews Bay country on back of a will be sent.
arding fright or parties living on letter sheet at 12c. per dozen, at the
Eih and North Bay, passengerss for BuoY office
poie, tduon either ar- of the Bay cant
Sp scoring prontpta --It you are thinking of buying propAno-ion t!
depend r pen srat ing popt l tra -It re hnkng of bung pop- On and after March 26th, for thirty
portation at reasonable rates. For erty in St. Andrews or immediate vi-
further information apply to cinity, you cannot afford to purchase days, I willseltat and below cost, for
L. until you have conferred with the pro- cash only, my stock of Crockery, Glass-
L. M. WARE, Agr. until you have conferred with the pro- Qar Onae C i

NAPHTHA LAUNOCH, .prietor of the BUOY. Ifyouareshortof ware, Queensware, Tinware. Clothing,
Tr In, --r ,money and want to buy on longtime for Furniture to-wit: Beds, Springs, Mat-

Mrs. C. E. VanDeusen, of Kilbourne
Wis., was afflicted with stomach trouble
and constipation for a long time. She,
says, "I have tried many preparations
but none have done me the good that
Chamberlain's Stomach Tablets have."
These Tablets are for sale by L. M. Ware,
St. Andiews and Bayhead and all medi-
cine dealers. Price '5 cents. Samples



How a TenAerpt Accidentally Dis-
covered Tlis.Wonderful Bank of
Gold and Why He Didn't Enjoy the
Richness Therdof.
They were telling mining stories In
the courthouse, and Dee Reese, the
lawyer, asked:
"Did you re" hear-. of the lost lode
of the Gore.rauge?"
The othe4-Qawyers sitting around
him said they had never heard of It
and then wafted for him to begin. Mr.
Reese borrowed a fresh chew of tobac-
co and told ibis story:
"Hundreds) of experienced and inex-
perienced miners as well have spent
a great dealI',of time and money looking
for the lost lode of the Gore range.
and they are searching for It yet.
This famous mine was found and lost
in the fall of 1896. A party of' men
from Iowa visited Roift county, Colo.,
in the fall of 1896 on a hunting and
fishing trip. The party made its
thadIJII t-rs' at Steamboat Springs.
In the latter part of October the party
moved up tnd went into camp on
Rock cree j in the Gore range of
mniifititm- rdial *'uns thrgIgh north-
ern Ce-Iorlil o. One, of the party was-
a druggist, who had gone on the trip
for his health. He knew nothing of
mining. He had been warned by an
old miner before he left Iowa not to be
fooled, as many a tenderfoot had been,
by what is known as 'fool's gold,' or
Iron pyrites. So this druggist paid no
attention to the rocks, but attended
strictly to his hunting and fishing.
"One afternoon while hunting for
deer he started a fine buck and fired at
him ard wounded him. The buck fell,
but goe up and ran before the druggist
could get to him. Where he fell was a
pool of blood, which showed that he
was badly wounded. The hunter trailed
him bF the blood spots on the dead
leaves and grass for a mile and there
found where the buck had lain down
and tten rising had gone on again. In
this vay the chase continued until
sundovn, and then the hunter, who
was exhausted, sat down on an out-
croppbing ledge of rocks to rest.
"In the enthusiasm of the chase he
had not noted which way he traveled.
and he realized that he was lost In the
heavily timbered mountains, with
night coming on. He knew it would
be useless to try and find the camp
that night, so he gathered a pile of
dead limbs and kindled a fire against
the ledge of rocks and laid down with
his feet to the blaze and prepared to
sleep. While lying there he noticed
the rocks sparkled in the firelight. HeI
got Tp and examined it, supposing it
v,1i, the 'tool's gold' he had been warn-
ed acaluot. But the rock looked so
pretty that he broke off several pieces
and put them in the pocket of his
hunting coat, intending to carry them
back to Iowa with him as curiosities.
"The ne*t day he wandered all the
forenoon, u.l then found the Gore
pass road ',-" i the range and followed
it to the oimp., That very afternoon
a t' it.>4)io..ii.h] u -u-.term began.
ffi iu:. returned to,
St, .i .t,. Springs and from there

"The dr'uz.,-t, whose uMatu I have
forgotten, staid in Denver for a few
days on his way to his home in Iowa.
In the lobby of a hotel in Denver the
talk drifted to mining, and the drug-
gist mentioned the specimens of stone
he had found and was taking home.
An old miner never misses a chance to
examine a,spt..:eii nii and in this group
in the hotel lobby was an old prospect-
or. He asked to be shown the speci-
mens. The druggist went to his room,
fished up Til- old hunting coat from
the bottom of his trunk and took out
the piece of stone. The miner exam-
ined it closely and exclaimed:
"'Mai. ti.iIt' the richest specimen
of gold l,.arishZ quartz I have ever
I. ii- dJti:--.1 thought at first that
ur I. LI. joked with, but at last
lie h-l oniur induced-him to take the
[ ,..I t. I.irlingamne, the best as-
.i Ir LI [ i.-- r. Burlingame assayed
i [,']. :i h, .liartz and reported that
i .\ i I,-h .1.1 it the rate of $17,000 to
it. [l) I I.litted another piece of
ier I,;ii;'. I., other expert assayer
:i,.l .t a r,.i,..it i at It yielded gold at
Ij, r ,i ,f 4 1-'. i'.'i to the ton.
"i r ijli:--!-I returned at once to
,.I, :l1;.11 i .. IL'.-. but there was snow
in the il..i ir -- lIe went hack to
Iowa .',,1 i.'ll',iid to the Gore range
the :' ..i spring and has spent every
sunitt'r since then looking for the lost
lode. ;lii| oilers have searched for it,
too. l.i: t. trace of it has been found."
-Kaneas City Star.

A wise Girl.
Carrie-Tell nle. Kate, how was It
you did not marry Mr. Tyler?
Kate-He told me I was the only wo-
Mtaggnnyr-i i rved. If a man will lie
to you before marriage, what stories
won't t tell afterward?-Boston Tran-
It isve y hard to stand idly by and see
our dear ones suffer while awaiting the
doctor. An AllBany (N. Y.) dairyman
called .it a drug store there for a doctor
to come land see his child, then very sick
with crop. Not finding the doctor in,he

Wet hing the Baby.
The weighing of infants, a part of
the routine iu children's hospitals and
of the greatest value as an indicator of
health or disease, is unfortunately not
so common as it should be in private
families. Dr. Graham. discussing a pa-
per by Dr. Griffith at the Philadelphia
Pediatric society, says, "The rule that
a child has double Its birth weight at
the fifth mouth and triple at from the
twelfth to the fourteenth month makes
a very good and useful working rec-
Don't Be Selfish.
Don't live for yourself. and do not be
afraid of diminishing your own happi
ness by promoting that of others. He
who labors wholly for the benefit of
others and. as it were, forgets himself.
is far happier than the man who
makes himself the sole object of all his
affections and exertions.

The original word translated apothe-
cary in tihe Bible is believed by some
antlorities to be better translated by

That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you, if you used
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers have proved their match-
less merit for sick and nervous head-
aches. They make pure blood and
strong nerves and build up your health.
Easy to take. Try them. Only 25 ets*
Money back if not cured. Sold by all

Browning and the Cook.
To Robert Browning a man was a
man, whether he was served by many
people or was the servant of others.
On one occasion his son Barrett had
hired a room in a neighboring house
to exhibit his pictures, and in the tem-
porary absence of the artist Mr.
Browning was doing the honors'to a
roomful of fashionable friends. He
was standing near the door when an
unannounced visitor made her appear-
ance, and of course he shook hands
with her, greeting her as he did the
other arrivals.
"Oh, I beg pardon!" she exclaimed.
"But, please, sir, I'm the cook. Mr.
Barrett asked me to come and see his
"And I'm very glad to see you," re-
turned Mr. Browning, with ready cour-
tesy. "Take my arm and I will see
you round."-New York Press.

Discovered a Iew Answer.
The Professor-I have a new conun-
drum for you. Why Is a'mouse like a
The Doctor-A new conundrum! That
had wvhiskera wlten I,.was a boy., A
mouse Is like a haystack because the
cat'll eat it. New conundrum! Ho, ho!
Ha. ha!
The Professor-That isn't the an-
swer at all. The points of resemblance
are these: You can't find a needle in a
haystack, and you can't find a needle
in a mouse. Some people weary me
exceedingly with their affectation of
superior knowledge.-Chicago Tribune.

of the womb with its pains, weariness,
sickness and misery is permanently
cured by....

G. F. P.
Dear Amunt:-I hardly know how to express my-
self r o fothose bottles of G. F. 1. I had
been In bad health for live years, and don't
believe I could have lived another year had I not
taken the G. F.P. I am now able to work and
keepmyselfup. Iean recommend it toall women.
W hitehall, Ark. LIZZIE E. McKENNEY.
Try G. F. P. at once. It will 'make
you strong, vivacious, regular and cure
you of any form of female weakness.
Write to our LADIES HEALTH CLUB In charge
of ladies exclusively. Explain all about your case and
they will advise you fully on how to regain your health.
Address "LADIES HEALTH CLUB" cae of L.
Gerstle & Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.
If your druggist does not handle G. F. P. ask him
to send for it, otherwise send us your order an. $1.00
and we will supply you direct.
L GERSTLE & CO., Chattanooga, Tenn.
Boomerangs Not New.
The Australian aborigines are not the
only users of the boomerang, nor were
hey the first to use that missile. The
Egyptians knew all about it, just as
they seem to have known all about ev-
erything else. At the present day the
boomerang is used by some American
Indian tribes and by the Dravidian
races of the Indian peninsula. The
missile used by the last named differs
in that it Is thicker than the usual
form and does not return to the throw-
er. The return -of the boomerang Is
due to the action of the wind, the
shape of the weapon and the manner
in which it is thrown.

His Request.
Husband-My dear, I want to ask
you one favor before you go off on
that long visit.
Wife-A thousand, my love. What is,
it? i
lItirnhiand-Don't try to put the house'
in o!',]- r Iefore you leave. i
Wi ife'- It isn't :nrd work. I
IInstulii (i- P-r'l:!ps not, but think of.
L:' r :' e",-- of t' i igi-riphing to you ev-i
-iv ri ;:iut to find atything.-Col-'
.' y V ', . i y .

CLARK r cl !~5~~T"~" ?dB

255 Tons Burden. Passeicigr Capacity 50

Mobile St Andrews Bay and 5 00 St Andrews Bay to Apalachicola.. 2" ,
Apalachicola....... 7 00 -," Carrabelle..... 3 0
Carrabelle ............ 8 00 Apalachicola to Carrabelle........ I
5th, 15thand 25th at7 p.m..........Mobile............12th, 22d and 2d a. m.
7th. 17th and 27th p.m... St A rewsBa ....} th stand t a.m.
8th, 18th and 28th a.m.......... Apalachicola.......11th, 21st and :ht p. m
9th, 19th and 29th a m......:.... Carrabelle.... 10th, 20th and : 1110h noon

Connects at Apalachicol.i itn ithl,-n.. up Ct'hatahoothee Ri'el. At
Carrabelle with C'. T. & G. Raiload lor Tallahasnee.
For further information, freight rates and special rates fo' lnr ;e p arlic
Address, CAPT. dAS. CLARK, Mobile, Alnhanian

HELPED DEWEY OUT. nostons. Four ncI say ns..
----- A good deal is to I' .. ,rgiv t-i .'hrlon I
How a Russian Baroness Prompted Higginson in V%'ow of his illyy .ill I
Him to a compmaitient. most admirableI irul it 1ielry .,!mlul .
Dewey once aitlended a wedding There are four hi.._.' I:|,.nr v.'in ii I.', -
breakfast at which the afrable Baronu ton partlcular:,y' .ii.1' h, r -.Ir' N i."
.ess de Struve, wife of the .Russiau made one of til .-'. w ie'' ill', i.- Iisu-lJ
minister at that time. was present. ries of life. an II ill ..i-. '-, i., i'n
Dewey had niet this fatnous woman necessities. 1'. i ;.i '.rui rI..h in-
several times before. The facial plain- other. ; I \.,- ,: -.'. i!,. y.
ness of the l)aron ss was quite .. ,l e d.. i,, i !'.r .'" 1 Mi..' i.-'.LP1 I'-
belief, but sie v.L';i one of the most hb l;!. )buit quo'. ,l I,- i n ,- i .l.
brilliant, lovable nuJ klud'y women the till 'd. "T..11 .n .. ... 'i" I
ever elected to guide the social affairs perfectly well 'I I -, -. n i t li ;
of the dpiomunatic corps in Washington., of ivward i i ,. i i .<
A lady who overheard it tells of an po'rs to ,-
amusing passage which the baroness Ihv;-e ln !e! ,' .. ie ir" i ,1
and Dewey, who, If memory serves, ii:atliiiilw e i -r '. i.'--
was then a counnauder, bad at this mnatk'le.. "'i,.. i.
particular wedding breakfast. "Re- i (osl p')li i .
ferrying to leather," said tile baroness -'os::;)po!diian ,I.;I, '. i- I.
amiably after some playful remark a ven in i;s (i ..'i. ;, .
to the splck and span polish of Dew- :.lail and Expens.
ey's sword belt-he was In dress uni- --------
form-"the most remarkable bit of Sllnke Into Your Slioes
Russian leather in the world is my .llen's Fool Eae, a powder. It. cures
Dewey was always a quick thinker, rainftul, snvrtin,. nervous feet anil in-
Dwy wa lwa quickthinkeril and instantly takes the
but this stalled him. sninz :i.t of corI's and bunions. It's tbo
"Madam," he said after a pause, "I ggra'-st comfort discovErvof the age.
am but a rough sailorinan, and this is Allen's Foot Ease makes tight or new
a heavy demand which you make upon Shoes leS e-elle. It i- a certnln curo for
me. I am not eqi,.Il to the emergency." ,'tatir'_. cuall -u and hot. tired. '-lhing
"Of course," said the baroness, tap- |i- t Trl. it TO-DAV. Sold by all druL-
ping him with her fan, "I should have in sts d Thiae lr'e By iral fr" 25.
to consider you hopelessly rude were in tar lenS Trialspack Le FREE. Ad-
you to agree with me. But you can ieRo, N. Y.
preserve your neutrality-naval officers P .. - '
are, taught to do that,. are they not- AIR BALSAM
by telling me what really fine eyes I MmH,.., anI d beaLutS t haMl.
have. They are fine, are they not?" rle'a tovriiBt resrawO
Thus assisted. Dewey rose to the oc- ad. oI&A fl1 .
caslon. The baroness' eyes were. Ina lq ,Sdl, atl D tV-70- M
truth, magnificent.-Washington rPost -PATE l --
ff||otTo PATE IINT Good Idea

Japan Is a corruption of the Chinese i ma y be aecured by
word Shli-pen-kue. which means "root iHE PATENT RECORD,
of day." or "sunrise kingdom," because Baltimore. Md.
Japan Is directly east of China. sutmbritls.oua r, Thb i'aet IecorTc t.w per aunurm.


__~ ___~__

,, F c,--- *


. . . .. . . ... -.. . . .

D Do You Want to Grow Them?

AIS handsomely illstr and de6cri.e'
OEENthe beASWAR, new and os HAPD ulWA r rEs

1 the southland, and i',vc- lrull In'.iru .,nae fr
Catalogue Free Upon Application. planting and caring for them. Ih al-o
^ explain s why
are superior to all others for the rose garden. If you have not succeeded in sruwing
Beautiful roses write to us and we can tell you why. Address -



Corner of Bayview and Wyomin: Avenues on Bay Front.

Glassware. Tinware and Notions!
Wliatt you can't find at any other Store, conie to the RA C K E T
STO RE and get.

Bread, Pies and Cakes, Specialties.
1. GODA RD, PI,.,[,ie. i .


PESACOLA, Fla. Opposite Waitil. "oomn of Union .l
Is the Piace for Passen gers Coingto and from


Rooms Comfortable! Terms Reasonable!


Captain, JAs. E.

_ __









* ., 7'.



T'hirsdiay, Mar. ?' 1900.


Aif.-ar, b' Tba, tb
Gr.i .itle, ..... 6 HeNo....... 55
S Col-,A .... .5 Gunpowder... 40
L.t brown ..... 5 Uncol'd Jap.40-60
r.tfe, Conl.d inilk, i t .,tuI
'.r en. 12 r'd 2 I.I n .;,-ti,' i III
A rlt, le. l. l. 12-15 S -IlM1 .... 8
linger .nps p .3 It- 25 I.kinn; pn'", Ir
)ra ker, ',la. l I ,,i .,l .. 50
,,a ', pI g ,0 l n 11a . 10

Lu n h i .n e "u 1. r ...-l.:- lil ,'0
'.Vale tncia ..... T ..'i t.,- 1 ..,12
tict ... .... A I', l ... .... .. 10
Splhl I'e . . 15
iie ap' R ed... 1 A pria t 1. (0
D. ie, t ,ach ,s I ,\Rrk .I' I1-9,0
9.,al O il pr il . .'t i. .' . 1 20
,as. line . .- i i,, al' t h: 1"-20
7"loril.t .1:vS tp tl I' t li.i'l M -l -
... .. .. I a i i ,t i ..I 15
- ,.it .ai7 . a a. '.' ...**J l** a.. 15
l Iee e p' li ... 15 C-l ppf..ed ltiell !. 5
B matter ...... 2.'-30 l.otst.r ...... .a t
L ard .... .... I .1 ali.n .. I
leans ... ...... 4 f.t' n ... 1' t -.
Cocot aiIail p l .l I I -ik,,.t l It'.aT 0 I0
Fiuit Pdi'e 10 Corn...... 10@15
Jelly, g tla Peas ........... 10
Lime.ld .. 4... 4 I'uminpkin ..... 12
Eggs per do. 15 "
floatr .l'Prk
Am'nitS.5ia .; ..--'. D. S. pr lb.... .7 1
Ma. ejtdi ... 2.75 Bacon Sides... ..84
C.,I i Mlea I .prbu 0-70) Fresh ....... 81110
Oat Meal pr lb.. 5 Br'kf'st Bacon. 11
0omr per h. ... 55-60 Ham canviassedl24
Potatoes Shoulders..... 10
trih. .. ... 1 20 Beef
Earl It'se seed 1.20 Corned......... 8
Sweet ... '"a0 Fresh ...... 8al0
,ith, pr sick .... Dried ....... ..25
l aitle ........ 5 Milk prqt ...... 10
Nail;. Der' lb3'a4j Ax,with handle. 75
Galv wire do.6ar6 Hoes, each.... 355aiP
Manilla rope. .9a120opper paint, can 45
4t.oves cook,. .$8a25 Linseed oil,- l AS t.' I tr,
Pipe, per joint 15
F'rinta per yd.. 5aS Checks ....... 5ats;
,iecintIV .... 5a9 Flannel ..... 15a40
Iluslin ... .. 9all Thread per spool. 5
Jeans ...... 15a45 Shoes,ladies.$1a2 75,
Ke tra p.Atls 1.it i 225 Men's. 1 40a300
Flai pr cwt. .75al.05 Oats pr bu ...... 55
Bran .......... 1.25 Brick pr M..... 13.00
Rope Si l .. 7@9 Lime pr llil ...... 75
Oraniies pr doz.. Pecans pr ItI..... 15
Apples ...... 12 Walnuts ... ...20
Ie nion ........ 25 Allmonolds........ 15
n shell pr ,000 I1 51) Opened pr (t .. 15i

H ,or e .. ; .il '" '. *. s ..... .-15 ..
Mul .1 :in." lilt [.. .... $3to $4
xe1n. pr .Auke 4$:0,i a ,- 4 p...... $2.
O 'l ic k e n s e h I --'. ti ,..:-- ,I. , l a. 'i o
I .irken s .. ;5 I .1 i.1I In k ... I."' .,*
l., 5 1..5ill .

ST ront . "f il* I I.11
i ,ar ,, p 11'a ii ,i ,, i 1
t tl n . II. ll ,. l i .i I

Floot ing, C '. i .
H attil, mti .$14.i11 H,.a Il, .11 4"
Fua e ... 12.1'" Fac. .. 1 .00
Sap I0,"1a S.' 10.00
Drop idJinah -.'ia .lI'.I 1 . ,
Heart face WHn I in 1t .\ i in. t -. I't,
7aao HI ali Fi'ti-lhih luia-
Buff lItauler H:.'12 I ler, d.. $12 15.00
Heni shingles. 5it Lath, tm ... 2.00
.ap 1.5 Boat limber,
dressed.... 20

Deat'less ('iiintol be C'iir(-t
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portions of the ear
There is only one way to cure deafness
and that, is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness i- cauaa-d by an inflamed condi-
tion of th mucous lining of the Eustach-
ean tube. When this tau'-e gets inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or imperfect
hearing, and when it is entirely closed
deafness is the result, and unless the in- t
flarmmation can be taken out and ti is tube
restored to its nqrmarl condition, hearing
will be destroyed forever; nine cases out
of ten are caused by catarrh, which is
nothing itl an inflamed condition of the
mucoans surflaces,.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
iny case of deaal'anes (caused bly catarrh,
that cannot be curd by Hall's Catarrh
Dave. Send for circulars free.
F. .1. CHENEY &CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold hy Druggists, 7.c.
Hall's Familnv Pills are the best.

Pbtladelphia's RI ('lock.
The clock on the Plilad.lphlia city
Ball Is the highest In the -world It
has the largest dials. If the dials were
out of the way and tracks were laid,
two trains could pass each other run-
ning through the holes. The glass in
the four faces Is fastened there by a
ton of cement. The glass, if laid on the
ground, would make a walk a square
long and ten feet wide The minute

hand will finish each year's journey by
completing a 110 mile trip. It Is ex-
pected that this minute hand will
travel 110 miles annually for many
years to come. The clock Is strong,
and the minute hand is phosphor
bronze and weighs 250 pounds.
A Man's Calls.
A man must think when making a
call to leare bla umbrella, overcoat and
overshoes In the hall, though he may
carry his bar and stack to the drawing
room. He must nrlse whenever a lady
enters the room. and, whether caller or
host. he must never look at his watch.
Except In hils own house, he should
never find a sent for another. He must
not offer his o"-u chair to any one and
should remove his .lr~oe before shaking
handls.-Leah Lannceford In Woman's
lomre Companioun

Hedaete oftc-n results fiom a disor-
dered condit ion if the stomach and con-
slinalion of the lhrowtl. A dose. or two
of Cnanhlerlw n'e Stoma.ch ralid Liver
Tablets will correct ll.-se di-.urd,.r. and
cure the headache. Sold 1. L. MI. Ware,
St.Andrews '- id Baybead an'l'ill m ,..'i..o

A Thousand Tongues.
could not express the rapture of Annie
E. Springer, of 1125 Howard st., Phila-
delphia, Pa., when she found that Dr.
King's New Discovery for consumption
had completely cured her of a hacking
cough that for many years had made
life a burden. All other remedies and
doctors could give her, no help, but she
stys of this royal cure--"it soon remov-
ed the pain in hay chest and I can now
sleep soundly, something I can scarcely
remember doing before. I feel like
sounding its praises throughout the
universe." So will everyone who tries
Dr. King's Discovery for any trouble of
the throat, chest or lungs. Price 50c
and $1. Trial bottles free at any drug
store. Every bottle guaranteed.

Correspondence of the Buoyt
jiay E, Jalmher took a boaiload of
Parker and Harrison young people to
Miilville bulnday school last Sundaliy.
Mr. C. D. P'orti-i who was pr.s
tiated by a shock of paralysis a few
days ago, is slowly convalescing.
1 have ju..t heard that E. .Palmner
and f: tnily are going to move to -la-
rianna, inmediately, although the
family knew untthing of it ihatlselves.
What next?
Reclining in any c.ouch one day, re-
cently, reading some **.l:,.;-" of time
\, Kinl,Iy a.lh ni stratiou, with va-
I e le.-l i tli- ,ist lj e'l..n ii.i t, i ,
I fell asleep. At last I awoke with
a start, and saw, but a few feet froi,
me, a snake crawling over the floor.
I rushed to kill it when, lot no snaki
was there, ter had there been. My
daughter sail, "Mamtma, you are doe-
luded;" but it took soine moments to
convince te( that su ah was thie !act.
Last Frihayvwe attended the burial
of little Bessie Fox.. This makes the
seventh internieit in our cemetery
a nce last Saeptenmber. However, but
two were tof Parker.
The death of little Be.sic will
cause an acliing void in the health i
love.l ones at hone; but who could
vish lher' back f thieo' ileaveilvy
home to which stie has gone? for Olne
hath truly said, "Of such is -the
kingdoun of heaven."
Softly through the silent hours
Of the long and lonely night,
O'er the couch of little Bessie,
Angels flitted pure and white.

All unseen, around her bedside,
Soaring, flitting everywhere,
Seemed to wonder, seemed tdflinger-
Shall we take the flow'ret fair?
Then touched lids with icy finger,
Pressed her lips with kisses cold;
Gathered ut) the little Bessie,
BI'i 1, r to the Savior's fold. ***

S_'-r r. pondence oft he BIiu.ov ,
.ala, Spring, Stpriang. beautil'nl
S 1i.,,! How we all welcome ..i
lh'Ic. Thou art sure a n.-lI ,ili-'
guest. Al: nature seems to be choke
uf!l and riun0iing over with niw life.
Th,.- l.ial is up to miet the sun,
The bee is on the wing;
The ant its labor has begun,
The groves with music ring.
But oh, hlow .le little sand-flies do
bite and the frogs do croak anid dis-
turb our seep; but. don't ye know,
everythtnglhas its opposite, and we
have to take the bitter with the
sweet as we go rattling down the
longth, bump) and uneven pathway
of life But if the frogs could be in-
duced to croak less and ilae tiny
gnats to put. a washer over their
pointed drills, so they wouldn't pene-
trate quite so deep, it would suit us
a wltole lot better; but let it pass.
tuch is hlfe in the far South and we
must put up with it and call it sweet.
Plum, .peach and pear trees are
loaded, not like the Indian's gun,
with buckshot and unessegers ot
death, ibut with naillions of pink and
snow-white blossoms, and myriads of
beautiful little three antd five-striped
golden-banded honey bees-those in-
dispensable little beauties-are pol-
letizing the fruit, beautifully, and we
may look forward to a goodly harvest
of ftiir, thanks to the little busy
bee. -
'blhe aeighloas iall about us are
busily engaged in gardening ani
preparing their lands for field crops.
Mrs. George Linton is convales-
cent trom ter serious spell of sick-

Mr. Paget has moved to his new
home on Moccasin Creek aud taken
charge of his grain mill there. His
old neighbors wish him success in
his new venture.
Last week the schooners Nettie
and Lucy H. unloaded their cargo of
provisions for the neighborhood at
our wharf, which was a godsend to
the people and came just in the nick
of time, for wi wee getting awfully
short on oyster grease.
I will see you later, but for the pres-
ent will call up the words that are the
saddest that tongue can utter: "Good
bye. Brother." PICK ME UP.

Size doesn't indicate quality. Beware
of counterfeits and worthless salve Offer-
ed for DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, De-
'Witt's is the only original. An infallible
cure for pile. aindoll skind.isases.--R.P..
Lba.kai &.S.Son.

What shall I make of my life, love? What shall
I bring to you,
Flower of fair color, song of tremulous sweep?
Bird that o'er \avers of tears on a faithful wing
to you
Fin's her way with a leaf f'ir you to keep?
,hell in whose ring to you
Chimes of sleep?
Bird that homes to you? Song that will sigh and
sing to you?
Flower that knoweth not passion er faith or
Shell that whispers a musical memory out?
iay, I wii make ol m3 life two hands to ciing to
'assionate hands, my heart, that shall' clasp you
afi. tt l;ng to you,
LivL. .j u d yi.o,. daylight and dreaming
-C:ac-k anj WlSiie.

ill t "'I r' o'l ho'rs<,s dl',!rhlt to at-
'rk v'"v-v y;i". rf,;::s an(". %! w 1ll kill
_:(u' if I> h;!e; .: l's hl ve the
1 en1, ".erf!'l 1lnh!)t. lmh s theyv neo
adlr -h iin fllo :,e of "ilhi bell n 'ire."
'1wi i:s the qi'tet 'i .-f t!w h t rd a kitldly
'.ntltu e v''o !:; ) rl'Tc-. ld .tnd. fad with
-emsi. Wev !'i.a' R tinln!:; i n:l.boult her
'neck. If 'ite Shorts defiance of "any-
.ii:Ig. all1 htr fo:lowtrs rush to the at-
tack. If '.i" sulf's t;!'.er:i'net they pass
it bIy. I all thitigs they obey her ab-
Back in the old days, when horses
an1 mIulIs throughout the southwest
we-nt to niarket in ilr'oves. the rongh
iting" hix h'layinalla of that epoch Ill-
ways tried to capture "tlhe bell" and
make off with it. knuowlig that notihlig
could keep the drove front following.
Similarly, drovers tried always to save
'the ;'ell." She was led. never ridden.
;o that in event iof attack she might
be fresh for a game run. A light lad
led her-the owner or chief drover
brought up the rear. The lad had
strict orders at the'first sign of troulblea
to go his very best, caring for nothing
but "the bell."
Right and Left Eyed People.
People are right or left eyed ;ust as
they are right or left handed, and just
is the right hand is usually the more
powerful, so is the right eye. Only
one person in ten is left sighted. It is
very probable that the use of weapons
during countless ages has had some-
thing to do with the extra power of
the right eye.

Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
How To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set-
tling indicates an
-unhealthy condi-
tion of the kid-
S i neys; if it stains
your linen it is
evidence of kid-
S,, ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
pass it or pain in
. the back is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad-
der are out of order.
What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-
Root, the ,: tr.a kidrne r- ned.i,, fulfills every
wish in c.Utiig rlh'iumatir:.mr. pain in the
back, kidney. ., i'e r. bladi r and every part
of the urinary pata.ae. It c tne,: inr alii
to hold water and scalding pain in paying'
it ort a e :- s l.'.ll.':.',rig use of lqu.sr.
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled tgo often
during the day, and to get up many tim,'
during th.- ir), t1. The mil.j and the extra-.
ordinary eiiect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won-
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
if you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and$1. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery
and a book that tells
more about it, both sent a Seia
absolutely free by mail,
address Dr. Kilmer & Home of Swamnp-Root
3o., Bingharton, N. Y. When writing men-
ion reading this generous offer in this paper.

Land office at Gainesville, Fla. )
Feb. 19, 1900,
Notice is hereby given that the fol-
lowing named settler has filed notice of
her intention to make final proof in sup-
port of his claim, and that said proof
will be mane before the clerk of the cir-
cuit court at Vernon, Fla, on April
7, 1900, viz:
IDA L. FAY, of Farmdale, Fla.
Hd -28552 for the fractional Section 21,
tp 5 s, r. 12 w.
She names the following witnesses to
prove her continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz:
Mrs. Josephine Deaderick, Miss Rachel
M Davisot Farmdalo. Fla., E..A. Fay,
Selden Williams, of Wetfppo, Fla.
W. G, ROBINSON. Hiegister.
igEditor's fee paid.

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Stick to Ferry's Seeda and prosper.
1900 Seed Annual free. Write for It.
D. M. FERRY & CO., Detroit, Mich.

F. W. Hoskins f) OCromanton, who
for two years or more has been en-
gaged in T. J. B. Mauger's store, left
on the Nettie last Friltay for Pensa-
cola, where he ho,b'e3 to secure a nosi-
tion. ...
L. M. Ware,jr., -who has been ab-
sent for several mwnnths, came home
on tlle Soplhio iur iaha1 1 lanta. Thuts-
day and expects to remain pernia-

ril1s for FiL'e Millin Ladies.
Thie 1Most Retuarkable OiTcr
Ever 31.dtle by i: Rellable
Editor lBuoy: Please annoancet l.at
If'r a hlini tittle av\e will give, absn,-
luielv Iree, art t.l.',t il sterling Msiver-
plaled sagar-shell-choice of any aof
our 40c p1atterns-to every married
lady in tlie Unilte, ..l .., wtho will
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first request for one ot out siouvelli
gifts. We will I.roanri|tly se'nlil iifis-
trati.on; frt be liadta. Tl"'l..I' i .- .tling' to pay.
The gift is i..., ht '
Our, ,ii .. in a .kin,: t'is sensa-
tion-t- , r rr "1 s a Km|tple of
Qua.ki'r Valley al,.-, \ ,a into every
htolne in th, ladtii. Wpe b-lieve it to
be the matst ,'ln.* ave advertising that
we cant do. We will int se:.l tlhisu
-ngar shells to li..ts of nianlils. This
is too expensive a ift toi sinl it tio
pli -sons iwhro iln'lut, ask it fo'r thelm-
selves. Therefore each ladly will
pleae 'clKen her oiwa name onlly. But
ine to a family and none ti children.
Ladies, please %iite today, giving
fall postoffi o a'.l.lr-.s.
Morgan aiI HItarrison Sts.,
Chicago, 111.

The Peculiar iintidl \l ieh This Cn-
rious 'taialtrit Ii jeets.
The cuttlefisit, i, i .aig-'ht in great
numbers off tihe' 'tiu'.:till coast and
are used as a I iti l.. thil couger eel.
for which this p:arit f the world is cel-
ebrated. T'fitu.il n'u possesses no
real inouth, but ia'. a long, cylindrical
sucker with which it adheres firmly to
the bait. The method of ':.iltin.rint the
Lish is as follows: A long line from
which are suspended from 2(.) to 300
hooks baited waih portions of pilchards
(almost thl only bait the cuttlefish will
.ake) is let down into the sea and al-
lowed to slop there for about half an
hour. It is theu d'awu up, and the
cuttlefish arne'found Ihanging by means
of their swe!ers to i-. lbait.
The nmomeut thiatt tiey leave the wa
ters they eject with conshilernible force
a great quantity of dlep, black. viscous
substance which is about the consisten-'
cy of treacle, aud tie stain made by it
upon the clothes of the tidhermen is
permanent if it happens to fall upon
them. I
I 1.1.1 a ,, .h-i . ,i ,rlj :.: mi an

chlar''.- in tlu h.' .. ia beh f a'.s 'ur',l me
_[bat beyond the .-ai-,L "i.-'i as most
uaI3i.- l-i.'n. he felt no L i'..unvenien,:-e at
all, no smarting or pain in his eyes and
no bad after effects.
If any of the liquid gets upon the
nets, It rots them beyond repair un-
less It Is washed off Immediately. An-
other curious fact is that this fluid
will not injure cloth In the slightest
degree beyond rakiag a permanent
stain. One man told me that he had
used a jersey for several years which
had been squirted all over at different
times by these cephalopods, but that
except for the cloth being stained it
was as good as ever.
When this "ink" Is ejteted under wa-
ter, It hangs in a sort of cloud and does
not spread.-London Leadl.r.

A. R. DeFluent. editor of the Jouinal
Dovlestown, Ohio, suffered for a number
of years from rhleu:catism in hi6 right
shoulder and side. He says: "My right
arm at times was entirely useless. I tried
Chamberlain's Pain I;.t:mn, and was sur-
prised to receive relief almost immediate-
ly. The Pain Balm has been constant
companion of mine ever since and it never
fails." For sale by L. N. Ware, St. 4n-
drews and Bayhead and all medicine deal-

Easy Banking Methods Which Cause
Americans .Incbh nrprisoe.
"The continental baking methods
are a great surprise to Americans,"
said a resident of New Orleans who
has just returned from a trip abroad.
"When I was In Paris last month, I
met a friend one day who had an
English draft for 11..1 on one of the
largest banks in the city and, wanted
to get the rutm~u y.-i t~i nobody to
identify him but sAd. half jokingly,
that he was goine t5 try for it any-
how, and we "vent to the place to-
"We were shown u' stairs to a large
reception room aset aide especially for
customers, and presauitly a messenger

came in and took th draft. About a
dozen other people cure a!so waiting
In the room, and aftev a delay of about
ten minutes a well d.'-ssed young gen-
tleman came to thelaor anid Bawled
out in a li-ud ',i':-e. 'ir. John Smitli!'
My frien.1 i.anil Lin .John Smith fur
short) go. u, ;audl ns handed a bun.
dle of bank notet-. ,'4o quciltious werce
asked. .;
"I was n-I.,ui-lIr! .n dl. in going out
I took or' itsi n t,, :,-- t1.1 w.1ll rlessel'
young g',i't. i,'nT i 0 ,'t."iir iae ,-Ifink
w wasn't tr,': i. '.i, 'i.-. c rl. i.e dain:
business t iii .* I ri 1. :t- erni h b ,ann
fasl'on. IIl u hn '. I' hliiinr'il, open.
ung his a. I r. I) ex\;l:il. nu.-I
hi1e b e '!. I i"1, .' r, '\Va" la\n '
never to .1 I ... i' r. ald."-Net\v
Or leans 'I i i'. .t.

W ANTED-:-E- EraL F.1-1:tHT ANID
HONES rpotnti rr,'-p.a nt at 1a4'
Managers in this itniI l.k'eh in .w.wOicln '-.
Salary '.1 .,lil Vt-.ia ,r.'1t d J \ air]. i '. ,ii, hlt.,.
bona-fide. no [at .-. i ..Vs a'- i., a ry. l'..'i-
lon lperm LI 0l". O. ur rl',1-r>..j' -c,. an hi i k
in any tovrp. it i; in.I tl :ii o' ., k :,.i
ducted ath,'aa-. i-, i R i ','. Li,.Ir..1 ? eu-l-
addressed i-Ftanped e. *. Irin Do-
mi.xioN Cohi-A.x Dcpt.tS, Chticagu.


a. "a
fMtr^a qmmhm6i 1

fi1 4Bt


An is it nrt due to nr.rvous
e:;ia.-...t.on. T;iirgs always
1lok So itivch irighter wlitn we
are in I;: J health. How can
y.a have courage when suffer.
ihr with teadach!e, nervous
prostration and great physical
Wou!d you not l;te to be rid
of this depression cf spirits?
How? By removing the
cause. Ly taking

It gives activity to all parts
that carry away useless and
poisonous materials from your
body. It removes the cause of
your suffering, because it re-
moves all impurities from your
blood. Send for our book on
To keep in good health you
must have perfect'action of the
bowels. Ayer's Pills cure con-
stipation and biliousness.
V/rose to ur Ooetors.
Perhaps you would d like to consult
some eminent physicians about your
condition. Then write us freely al the
particulars in your case. You will re-
ceive a prompt reply, without cost.
Address, DR. J. C. AYER,
Lowell. Mass.


An E "periente In the ieankey TeCn-
ple at CE-enares.
On the occasion of our visit to the
monkey toemlle at kaPnires we had
provided ourselves with popcorn ani
other goodies which we expected to of
fer their holiuessts. Il't the u.onk.'ys
'did not give us a chance to do tlat.
They snatched the dainties from oui
hands, un when o'ur sup1,lies were ex
hausted' they amused theLswelves by
minmicking us.
One of our party, who had a bad
cold, used his haindkercl-'if wNith con
siderable emphasis. Sar'ely had hei
r- '1 t,.-] his haalnkerchit'f inu his pock
et when a monkey seized t1lw p:'o'rud
ing end, pulled it out anl gave an el
cellent imitaticn of the act. Then,a l
course, some of us bakl laodi;ks. au.
; .nvr we had taken severtti ii'tu't'
another personification of i!t)midenec
picked up a little block of wood whicL
lay upon the ground and with it took
several snapshots at us. \`
A third ill conducted simian (a vain
female, who deserted her infant for
the purpose) -:.1il i.,l froni my should
ders a red chuddar scarf and in a few
flying leaps carried it to a lofty mina-
ret. There she put it on and evidently
"fancied herself" Immensely. But she
was not allowed to retain her prize.
In-about three minutes at.least 40 Inou
keys had bit a piece of my precious
Then our native guide informed nme
that the monkeys -were very fond of
scarfs and that they captured a great
many on the stone "ghats" near the
temple while their owners were bath-
ing in the river. Perhaps on the prin-
ciple that "misery loves company" he
seemed to think his item of news
ought to console me: but, although the
"monkeyshines" continued as long as
we stopped in the temple "compound,"
I no longer found them quite so lu-


Dyspepsia Cure.

Digests what you eat.
It artificiallydigests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon-
structing the exhausted digestive or-
gans. It is the latest discovered digest-
ait and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in-
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
SickHeadache,Gastralgi a, Cramps, and
all other results of perfect digestion.
Prepared by E. C. DeWItt a Co., Chicago-
and sold by R. F. Brac in & Son. St, An-
drews. Fla,

Geo. S. Hacker & Son,



Sas ors, Blinds

Building' Material.
SLdow and Fancy Class a
aijV1- '.?

k L"Hi6 R L





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1-1F. J.I i I-'.L -1F. I. Eii'1;7I ? 1t r.p Eat

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Ust ay Cah S.

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quality........................... e0 29 i,'. .. r-rl,ti ir..r foil )-w.lel Ie
9 Sugar Sh16, t ''i"- pl.ae, besi quaL. 6 30 D. -.,' '. h,-j.l.-., haade, e
10 Stamppi. .. .Trlih ,!V'1.-r '.... ,, ,,ri . .. .. W0. t
A 11i Knife, KI .. K i ''. ','. L,,1. ;5 il !* ' at5 .ih- fit!.- l,s i, th
12 B ,' rI r KnilfAt. 'er. ,. tr. C r. '- r 'hla"-iii ...1. tiU
I. U sdl ....... ...... . ....... .') l32 it' .',iv r, CAlr .a .sl.,.aIL2, l
l l...... . ......... ..... ,F 34 ,,'- t i a'...r r..-. .. di -
1 ILd....... ...... ..., ; i .. .. ........ ...... l n
16 i _-f fa1 l --Am-, I -l -i ... ...... . ... ... .... .....l l)
r. r a Ah rITr Cl, kt, nr ...:i 5..... s ,i r ...In, .- .. s, u .....lt u ... . u
o At ra t A.'BL, OVE'a OF EPIRts'e..ra O E 3ar,.i.,.- *
U 1 Bi r,: l t r.'I p..:.. ..,1.. t ,36r 'n ,v h. r R .u.t.r i: L h Ono n.
1 ', i, i: r,'T t p... a in.. . .. a 1 .- 1.... .. . i... .... ,.......
o Ci" v. ,', p'.. i 6 Lt .I, t,,.- l ri I, I-..,,i ,r, ..Lim |.,r.l..ii rn a^.r l. h',l ^.
S "- ir'.lia .. r al'. ...... ... ..... 10,A- 4 D.? l -"i ,t ...r i- ta-A" . '
a reht lr i-,... .. ............ ....- i, .. . .... . .. ,a v
21 1 h l a 'o, Ka ar, and Fork, _r I. Lo
3L 3 SIa each, afeDiia aap R. r, tro r .- ru. .u'rl. ..... .... ......3u 4u
nai k.Fork,. bLi Fal.s.-l g.:..,', a. .. bUu 4', RcoiI I MtL-a. Li .I. I < ach D ,.fidu. t0
Special Noti1e C Plain r" Ti ,r Tr. ,,Ta .iit SSur t .t i,--. Lwar no m r.m U
Spec al No ltar r print,- n .i-, nr-r I.I.o -t,.r',,t I ,- i .,r ., t .'.i. ',
bi ut will t... r df. in "AS.H ,:a enttiarj f u ntiyeellc W^

I BEAR IN iULNI uhat a dime's W!rth ofr
ll last longer and aJfford more pleasure than a dimel worth or th
other brand. MVIAKE THE TE T-r I
SSend tags to CONTINENTAL TOBACCO ., St. LO'iS, M i o.

*'*.. . .. .. . .. .. ..... ..

A Tidbit Tliht. '-r.s Not on the l'es-
taurt iat il] of Fare.
The force of childhood recollections
and the truth of the quotation. "A
toich of nature makes the whole world
akin," were shown graphically by a
little incident in a restaurant the oth-
er day. A quiet looking, middle aged
man of prosperous appearance was
eating his dinner when another well
dressed man took a seat opposite him.
After giving his order in a bluff, genial
manner the newcomer took a sip of
.water and faced around. Suddenly a
queer expression came over his face
as he watched attentively th actIeons
of his vis-a-vis, and apparently with-
out resizing what he was doing he
blurted out in a loud tone, "Well, well.
well!" ,
Every one at the table, including the
quiet looking man, started, and the
others, observing the ihUt..:iv n of the
speaker's gaze, turned their eyes also
upon him of the quiet appearance to
see what had caused the exclamation.
The man who had com.. n first wtas
In the act of stt.'a.dir" su-izr ,M.%r a
slice of buttered bread, and when he
realized that all eyes were turned upon
him he blushed like one detected In a
heinous crime and almost fell off hlIe
chair. It took him a minute or two to
recover, and then he said to the tall,'
in general:
"I used to get bread and butter and
sugar for being good when I was a
child, and eating it is a habit which I
like to Indulge in even yet. I know it
Isn't upon the restaurant bill of fare,
but I couldn't resist the temptation."
"I must beg your pardon for my rude
exclamation," replied the other man.
"My mother ifsed to put bread and.
butter and sugar In my lunchbox when
I went to school as an .tenir-old up In
the country town where I was raised,
and I haven't eaten any since my
childhood, and I guess I'll join you In
a piece now for the sake of old times."
And he did.-Bangor Whig.
It D depends.
"Don't you love an old fashioned
snowstorm. Pauline?"
"Yes, If the man who takes me out
has a new fashioned sleigb."-4-Chlcago
If we did but know how little some
enjoy the great things that they pos-
sess, there would not be so much envy
In the world,

Hats were first manufactured In
England by Spaniards in 1510.

A Trick rt Carts Thst t-r.-.':rd Those
Who Wtlt:!sfnt(I It.
"I saw a man do a trick -*-ilt .ear.'i
once," said Godfrey A l..ton .\iliin.t.
"which, although ih, a.sur'd me :.4
wholly a trick andu tinai there wa,- Lo
second sight or rind rtdl::::z ,' 'i-. -
ed with it. ha's ni wa:.-s a- t .1 il, -a1
unexplained cu tijitnl n i Lil.
"T -. '. w-:v ,"r f i,- .., -" | .'.
e nu l i n- itr ita Ij ''.. ] 'a] t ror a
'.Io tL; u a ., ,1.- a. I. I u '.. a' uj 1t 1
tl e I i 1 1 1i .C T .. II ,' I i ". ;11 t
cartd Il I bI lMi.i'j. L I 1 .1 i. .j', it fti oii
t l '.'' i r.. I 11 r ; . il. .-r i .' I
II'.n .J l :i l '.ifrJ it v .. I l.- \H ': t'i t )Y
h l!l-;I r ,,- ,. 1-.. 1 i 11t.1
C.I Lilt._, r I V .' "i. r, h i ,U ,A 11 t,)
t r,. i i_, iy il I5'.-,' n. 1 irit l: : im J
va u I I i. IP i.... i 0 ,: ta l,. lia 'r.
"I la I .I" Lta .I t.'ln., .'a ni .ll' n. utlpl: '.

L i ,' I :

t I' i. 1 i i , I i. i -

S . i ,t. i t
t., : I' .I l l ', . t i r ' i ; -

.I, .-,,' t a . i l .i .:i a i tt -
Tu rnd8. ''. >. ,''o 1 .1 1 tI Il:,' , l'j \ .t ,
trt., ai.g I..'- iih i,. l', .i '. I lr ; .-,.a_.s \a L'i
S.':atd J nt, Ia r-hUtl Utlrl a-it,, lj. Ti' ahlt
r',\,. I,-rig lje i< n u .,i in ui;l ..l, ftc'
turlr._tl I,1' i.ialle ia \i':al' I it ;i:ild Itela',
sure t-n...utglR. u nas t 1i. i-nil Lf dlallm int is
trarisixtid upo.n lihe l'jiuI.
'lie so;e it \was a trick. but for
the life oi.f ime I cnunnot se how it wa.-r
done. None oof us was in collision wllth
hlni. I am sure the cards were not a
fake pack, nud I am equally certain
that 1he was so blindfolded that It wnar
wholly Imlpossible for hiit to see. Yet
be accomplished it exactly as 1 teU
you."-New York Tribune. #

Turn About.
Mars. Weed--Oh. you rIunind me so
much of my tirst huslanid'.
M r. j'ee,Is- l'rm gI:l to hoar It.
You've bs'n rc.nj( i ilIra in io t l him adi
oftenr.- llll;l.i i l|.h!I; 're..%

S I i i; tare1 i l t' -' .-i. n a -
01a Ir l ,i I ,, l. i -r, . '. i- ,

or th ie Ln 'e w ill LIe I,.r.e a i.n ilt, t!amtI
ot llla n 'll olip. Lci I i k i.%% i' k.
Diia rd Dix '.i5, l1'9;l. A.i\ .nlhlinlrtT


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Address- The Woman's World, 9, High
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Where Dr. Johnson was Married.
One of the most interesting entries
in the parish register of St. Wer-
burgh's, Derby, relates to the marriage
of Dr. Johnson and the widow Porter,
which was celebrated in St. Wer-
burgh's. It reads:
"Mard.-Samll Johnson, of ye parish
of St. Mary's. In Lichfield, and Eliza-
beth Porter, of ye parish of S. Philip,
u B'lam."
Why lthe couple should have traveled
'romi Birmingham to Derby to be wed
is greatly dark. Even Boswell con'
f'ess'1 that he could not understand
he reason. Johnson, however, gave
him an amusing account of the jour-
y. They must have looked a queerly
*,aatch.l pair as they walked up the
*iie' of St. Werburgh's. he an awk-
a ward. big boned, shamlbling man, she "a
',mourgl person of nearly 50" and pos-
,.essed of scant attractions.-Westmin-
-;ter Gazette.
Wouldn't Trust Him.
Mean tuea continue to exist, and fre-
(ncout examples are cited of what Is
lain, d to ble the meanest of all. The
redou n'a Kan.) Citizen steps f..,r. ar.1
'..ili a stoiy of a man in that town
wvhio. too mnan to advertise land he
ventedd to sell, put a written notice in
.*11" of thie hotels the other day. A
'nau who was inquiring for a small
ft'm was referred to the written no-
::.'ce., when he replied: "I can't buy land
at a fair price from any man who does
e his owu advertising in that way. He
t ..... steal the fence, the pump handle

O nI the ibarn doors before gave up
e possession."-Kansas City Journal.
n Miss Proctor's Mistake.
a Miss Mary Proctor, the astronomer
s and lecturer, frequently gives her per-
is sonal services toward entertaining
g poor children and adults. Generally
her lectures are well received. Now
and then there are exceptions. On one
y occasion a bright eyed little boy, who
h sat In the front row with his eyes
fixed upon the speaker, was asked how
he liked it. "I guess," he said, "it was
pretty good, but she ought to talk
about lions and tigers. That's better
for everybody."
At another lecture a youngster crit-
clised her as follows: "It's all very well
to talk of weighing and measuring
stars. There are some people, of course,
who believe that sort of thing, but if
she thinks she can fool us boys with
such fairy tales she's very much mis-
ts ken "


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,.= ,_,xS IUNE t
ST ". ... was lying
u .: : a ilap of earth
_nte s si .*, of Mauser bullets s
vc i -a h picket line p
. sSh;t'e %. g'c,0.p of trees not
i' .,,t ;,, o'. oaitaly a guerriila f(
.,a: 'i.psIol; C message of deft-
In. e nt. o tl P lip i I 'i cg'lisch g
The sergeant I ., -.! to a New
Yor:: re n t .', I tl hurried to
ihe front ..'... ..'.. congress had 11
)Ii(-iaiiy .. '. ::.:it the United
States was at wqr with the proud old t]
,and whkih had ti... n the trouble to w
discover re. h d
"It seems to rie," remarked the ser- I
;dant as he (asu.ally in.-pected the n
iinumber of cartridges in his belt, "that r
this business is growing very tiresome.
Vhat we need is a little diversion, a tf
littlee of the rouniRce of war."
"WVell, irepliooi ,'rnig lDe Jones. who I
foormerly ,|.Lr. ,.I figures on a trial g
i)al.m 'e i' ". ', 'i get m au re ro- a
uan( i'.:. .,-k: ,. o: if you don't lie a
little i *-. ,j iu '. . ,." w
Th; .... e guerrillas Iad s
troe ...1 , ' r-" ::. Span- h
"Bl I ... i I n i',; b:.ik to-
ward Sauntlago by a rattliig fire from .
the 1:1. .- ,--1 rifles cf the volunteers. .
The weat'.er was entirely too hot to
follow up an i'., :i i 1 :* i, over a
few rice f'd con scripts, and Company
K was restIng a bit and wondering if _
the cominis-'ary department would call
upon them that day. ;
"Teddy" Wilktus was smoking the,
i. :',llv colored meerschainm which
he had brought from home. There had i
been no tolaecco in the rich brown bowl
for days. anili the sergeant was content-
edly pnflng at some of the dried grass
of the country.
"Hello!" exclaimed De Jones. "Here
they come to our pink tea! I wonder
how they found out we were receiving
this afternoon. Get out the Boston
waters, Sarg, and I'll hunt up the sou-
venir spoons."
I "They" proved to be a slender young
woman, who Walked with a springy
step, and an elderly woman, who was
anything but sylph like, who seemed
to roll along the brown earth. There
was a look of terror in the eyes of both
of them. They advanced toward the
American soldiers and held their hands
above their heads.
"Mercy, mercy, senor!" cried the girl,
in broken English.
"Tell them to sit down on the sofa
and make themselves at home," sug-
gested De Jones. "The young one Is
rather good looking, at that."
Sergeant Theodore Wilkins of Com-
pany K bent his stiffened limbs, ad-
justed his cartridge belt and went to
meet the newcomers.
"We beg protection," said the young-
er woman. "We have come from the
city, and we beg to be spared by the
chivalry of los Americanos."
Wilkins, who remembered somewhat
of his Clendort, ltt,.-iLtd to say some-
thing in Sp.an-, which he meant to be
.ring. T"hi girl shook her head
- .\..--w-... .
"D-,, not spili t Spatrish iot,.', set:Or,"'
sb-he i:'.l. "I ta'e rIth. Engiskh very
well. I went to school in Connecticut."
Whereupon t e men who had been
engaged in the sientl occupation of ex-
changing c(.mlilluturt-s with Spanish
foemen bur-t inti"' an uproarious guf-
faw, to the great annoyance of Ser-
geant ThL-o.1dn' WIlkins.
"That Sl,-ltih 'of yours is great,"
suggest, ; ihe,,r L; oiioal.
A ii-ut-rant cam, up Just then. The
two w..ini sIll that they had Just
come fr'-,a I'~ilgi'u-red Santiago in or-
der tit thl.-y rieglit escape death in
the t..rlI..ar.huenr which was sure to
come. Ti.: li.--tenant told them that
they ueted t.-ar -no danger, for "los
Americ:,nrio" ,'id u,.t make war upon
women anl1 i:liliren. He ordered Ser-
geant .Will.:i a.I a ciruard of two men
to escort the visit:.,'r out of harm's
Teddy Willlips was very young. He
was so i.il,fi'hl tlint he had hiad hard
work ii ,-.ttrng nt. lthe regiment when
he enlisted ab'jut a year before. He
had been i.iciant -il in a military school,
and tih. ii'ri iuitii ot drill seemed a
second alitm.- to hiim.
He *-i.-iiltr.r- 1 as he escorted the
refugees th"nghb the chaparral that
there was a -luuai..n in a grand opera
which was L.A so very different from
the one In w-i.ii- he found himself.
He wondered if Carmen were as beau-
tiful as the Cul.(-am girl who picked her
way amon'_r iit fallen branches and
the stones wh; I lay in their pathway.
Then he trikd to convince himself
that he knew a girl in Harlem who
was far more so. The more he ad-
vanced his proposition to himself the
more was he convinced that it was ut-
terly untenable.
"'N... ,r '." sa-i I, "you are very
kind. '- v-'a r very valiant
knight." f .
Teddy 'itins' y-.uth often caused
him to srp'hs Lmatiii'. He glanced at
the young .-um"u' mother, and, being
convinced bt hr li .lI: of entire stolidi-
ty that the du.inmi d<.l not understand
English, he; riimark,-J in a low and
supposedly j1-o.h-r voice: "I wish that
you would |ay 'my' instead of 'our,'
senorita. Ijbshould be very happy if
you did."

Th- ,.un% woman laughed and then
checkedl her,-l if.
"All, s hi..," .be said, "I have left
those Lb-tiir.l who were very dear to
me. I thlul4 unly of being reunited to
their." '
"Let me iu in search of them!" ex-
claiimr.d tb young sergeant. "I will
go e(-'.-wvbwhiir., t r dnl them in order to
win e .n a -itiile fran you."
"S--n.'r." !re';..n. ,1 the young wo-
man -"',-i,''. is u.-thing in our Span-
Ish t..l-'ie t- t, h h-s.iibe one so nuble.
You I.ie i-nt'"-.l a Sir Galahad. They
carnjc irL, u n- n,.i were frightened
'r. n lihve no donlit that they
:,', .~ t -.. ,in : l--a .; ug them -
. ', i...,.: ',i .-f lon A.m eri-

r nT'f, i- HI NE 'T er-,r..-to I r,'rsent us as
?.uiL i ."? i? lh;lia a nd cld-, Iv counties.
Salit liiaIl '. veitranI d n .. Straight,
bona-fi ..'. nire no icss salary. Posi-
Iion II.,`'Iti rilnt. t.'liir references, any
bank i. inp ti,.?'. It is mainly office
work ,,' i l i.o. Reference. XFa-
close l.JI. dl -..-il -lamped envelope"
TJ |Du.J.It.,. CuVA.u:i, Dept. 3, Chicago.

The gwf:' stehpedl a ick i at co uIs!
-ay so that the young sergeant ia'i4ht
'alk beside her. The mi'e ihe talked
-ith hey the more he was convinced
hat she was hiding a great sorrow.
here were lines in the classical fore-
ead which showed that the young
'oman was more worried' about the
safety of those whom she had left be-
ind than she would tell even the sym-
athetic sergeant.
y*.:,, -ni Wilkins as he walked along
elt a violent attack of jealousy.
"Your sweetheart perhaps," he sug-
The girl shook her head,
"Alas. senor," she said, "not so. If It
were a few years ago, I could truthful-
y answer yes."
The sergeant was sorry, but at last
hey rea-ched the rcar. The young
rouoma and her mother were taken un-
er the ;.r.t.i : .,. of a branch of the
led Cross. The sergeant rrcinaied
ear them as long as he cou0d and then
reluctantly started back to the front.
"Perhaps we shall meet aat'ain," said
he girl just before he went anvay.
"You give me great hope," replied
'eddy Wilkins. "tf I can ever be of
service to you, no matter where you
nay be, yon rinist let me know."
Tie. girl smieil nind saidI that she
+ouid never fli-get him. The young
e(*: ;-it touched his cap, and, with one
last I n'.ering glanne, he went his way.
[e v. so pt 'oc('cped on the way
ia.' t':at the soldit-rs with lio-m ex-
.,o:;d sly winks and tta.suued ex-
i:I:,i-.s intended to be exceedingly
tIC:! :en Theodore' Will-ins found lit-
'o t.ino that n:glt to thin': of the fair
n;e"::i. The Spaliards advanced,
i:-' it ctok ial the vigor of the exhaust-
1 (ol:teer;'s to hoLl them in check.
Yet eveu wht n the Mausers filled the
tlr v iiin weird' sons tlhre come to
T,,i' iy" nVkirns t1.e v;'iJon of a face
'i'a +'1 in d'ri rk hu'r nd the sound of a
v'- *vi.hi wa u!'scal and low.
l 'aoa of hard t -" followed, and
w'-i, it wpi a!l over erSr:eaut Theo-
'.. ;'i Ukin'.s we: t in sea0ech of her
-i.o l:d called hinu a Sir Calahad. He
:'o:,d her. too, wt'lin the protection of
:.1. Armericn liues, sheltered by the
L' cross and 1iippy., because she had
,)e) i eunlitd w:tth hIer ow.n--her hus-
I a ::" ,ad ho' f-o'r children.-New York-

flow an Or'anist Sought Love S
Through a aMediuin and Found
It Through Accidoat.

The vestry door of the church of St
John the Evangelist opened about an
hour after the Sunday morning service,
and a spruce figure passed slowly down
the asphalt walk to the street pave-
ment. It was M. Auguste, the little
M. Auguste had come to a determin-
ation within the past hour. The sun of
prosperity was beginning to shine upon
this iii.ldi: agcd Alsatian, and he felt
the elation of spirit. He had a good
position as .: : t I .m id a large
music cles; I, _.-:' ,. .'..i a s'tccesl
ful march: he had a bank account. He
would have more; he would share his
happiness; he wonld marry.
Practical thought caine back to him
with the eating of his Sunday resTaur-
ant dinner. His pint bottle of cheap
wine stimulated him to on act courage-
ous. He.would eek the wife of the
minister and ask her help to find himl a
suitable minte. Ie had heard that she
made many matches among the church
In this state of mind he went to th
housecf the minister, Dr,-Dihl, and war
announcedd to the wife of that gentle
man, to her great surprise She bid
merely a spa kirg acquaintance with
the rprnce little organist, but she canm
to him at onco and expected to hear 10
tale of voe or distress. Her suririsE
may be imagined when the excited
Alsatian, in a compound of bad Eng
lish,-German and French, parlird fort
his heart's depirne', his th or t g, Li
hopes and bescught her resistance o
finding him a proper life coni,,anior
The hopelessness of the talik struck hei
at once, but the e4artietn-es of tho or
ganist gained her ynpathies She
questioned, she dliiberated, hesitated
and was lest. Ere in hour had passed
she hid promised him her assistance.
"I' will introd ce you to snch ladies
as would be suita:lo, yon nluderctand,'
she said; "you tutnt do your own court'
ing, etc."
"Oh, yah, suitable," he nodded smil-
ingly. "Zst i-s snat you a suit me, as
'tis great affaire for ae, you ua'er-
Mlrs. Dahl watch't him away in the
direction of the park with misgivings.
Shrewd she might be, but she could not
fathom the feeling of this poor alien,
who felt that now at a late day he
might build a nest and find a heart
Mrs. Dahl was a sympathetic wom-
an. She entered tlhe interview in hei
diary and memorandum book. On Mon-
day she discussed the matter for a halt
hour with her husband, then prepared
a list from the church record of sauc
widows and maidens of uncertain years
as she thought suitable toM. Auguste'!
age and circumstances. The next stel
was to bring about meetings. She ar

ranged some for a coming church social
She secured a widow as a piano pupi
for him. She asked two spinsters to tei
on a certain evening and invited M
Auguste to meet them. The seventh
and last candidate *she would ask ti
ride out with her and include the or
ganist in a drive to a distant park
Then monsieur would confide in he
his choice, his emotions. The rest cou'h
take care of itself.
No fault could Mi'rs. Dahl find witl
monsieur's conduct. He appeared a
the church social, obedient to her hint
as to appearance and deportment. H
was soon presented to several ladies
whom he treated with reverential po
liteness, but his gaze kept wandering
to the bouquet of young maidens wh
laughed and joked with the youths o
the Luther league and the Endeavo
At Mrs. Dahl's suggestion he eve:
escorted one of the wijows to her home
and 'vas cordially in-vited to call upo:
her in the future. The widow pupi
was exceedingly kind to him, but h
regarded her w ith curious eyes-eye
that had something pathetic in them
On the occasion of Mrs. Dahl's tea M







A ngnste met tiPe t.o !--r.'n ra eI s or aa- ..P-
l PILE d.S,. ,,- e PILE 1Pp.1an trv !
Dahi bhc a s:: o it:l to: (tv e E S: Ii ul Y Slu.onti8
fore a i 0 d av .d 1 o ,L for him , ',.', ,',: etlo,'r'; ', .,
ve$y l I \,, a *, ', ,', 1 f.,'i,,; F 1,
r. . c -j l .' i" .:*i ... '. ...... ..... .. -..

L Dahi ii by ti pi f Q;n, '"e. L .
wife chclc:e by e iext fir;e dy for her Sold at St. Andrews Bay, Fla.
drive, and p~aecd by the sde of the At Dr. Mitchell's Drug Store.
sensitive org:.nist iie last of her seven QiTCallfor. freesamule.
eligibles. Tais c;,i;date was younger, ---
handsomer and more worldly than any A SECTIONAL MAI
lady the aspiring iiusician had met.
She was merry, she was pleasant and
exerted herself to please monsieur. He
smiled freely. He was even voluble, but
he made no Agn to the astonished Mrs. and G
Dahl that he had any choice. Instadthe
his eyes kept their puzzled expression B a y C 0 u n t r y.
during the whole drive.
Mrs. Dabl requested monsieur to call
upon her the next day, and at the hour We have made at .Iugm'n.l.t by
swept into the room with something of which we can furnish this in e .MAP
indignation in her mind. The little covering about eighteen iil.- ....iuare
organist stood at, the window and of territory, incut.li- C tilt ( incintnati
bowed quite as gracefully to her as C's Tic:t, al., Harri.-,,
ever 's
"W ell, monsieur, -and have yoe I'': .i., I 1'i- I.,i iitoi, alnd al.I1a .'nt
found a suitable lady among those you eniti r
have met?" (iNE D[ILIA.R.
Monsieur looked at the minister's ,. 1 '. -,
wife as a terrified child looks at ita .
torm entor. I', tl, 1- ,,1t l l. ti m pTi t i the I, c i t; ,n o
"Good madame, are doze all z l..1'li. l ,i'i ft i*e: ,! i t 'e ( ici'rlnat
zu haf zelecte.dfor me'?" he stammered.. "' '1" -,-i-,- at.-I rtm- t -
"Why. you've seen seven. That is a or, parties may stendl Ii f1 iandi tihir
great many to select from, is it not ?ption an ill I. their
"Zey are all old ladies, iss it not? des, ipton and ll their
Zey air not fraish, zu call it-not full lot4 tnd retllurn the M;!p ly %. Iail.
of feeling." Address 1 THE liiuv.,
"Man alive" cried Mrs. Dahl, for- t ". Aii n.. Fla.
getting her politeness in her vexation. For 5 cash n;i ,,i *. .. n ;Ii i ag
"Did you expect to meet young girls- a premium, I Secti'.' i 1 p i.' ihe t iay
to marry as if you were young and country. or Map ot ih'.. C't r St An-
fresh yourself? Why, man, look at drews. Either man -..1.1 -,i.-:l-
yourself I You are past middle age. _ ....
You are not attractive to young girls.
Look at yourself!" Our Clubbing List.
She pushed him in front of the long
mirror. The poor little organist looked Tlie'BUOI has made very liberal )CIl,
long and hung his head. Then he bing arrangements with a few of the very
sought for his hat, and as he took it he best publications in the country asnd fo
turned and spoke: the present can send for a whole year
"Madame, zu haf been kind, verra 1ile IU7OY Ind
kind. Zu speak truly. I am nicht Leslie's illustrated Weekly for... .$3.0
young. Ze work, ze study, ze poverty Dnmorest's Magazine ............ 1.7,
has made me old, but I forgot, for ze Detroit Free Press (twice-a-week
heart has yet ze youth I may nefer and Yer Book) ............. 170
find ze lady dat I seek. I grow old. The Fla T. U. & Citizen, daily for $9 05
Madame, I will return to my musique. do weekly, for $1 5t
Forgive me, madame." Scientific Americnn' ... 3 50
"I wanted to cry, and yet I never Farmer and Frut Grower" ... 1 55
was so provoked," said Mrs. Dahl to loid cl Agriculturist .. 2 55
e"11de clubiof 5, each *.. 2 f'
her husband. "Is he or is he not a Farm Journal, Philad'a, monthly I 19
fool?" Cinciinati Enquirer twice a week
Her husband did not reply. 8 large pages each issue..... 1 75
In the dush of the evening M. An- AtlantalConstitution '' ... I 75
gnste leaned from the attic window N.Y. World (thrice a wtek)....... 1 65
The magnificence of sunset was in his For a or eitheof sunsetwas inisForitf t above public
face, the silvery n:Con rode high in the ions i,i connection withl thle 1 I_'ii', d-
east. His eyesehowcd that he had wept s all orders to TH' ie UOY.
Now a calmness ;s in them, the cahii s .n Andr,lews, Fla
ness of a resigned hope A pile of music
lay on a chair near him He would soon
go down to the church and by the sin
gle gas jet lighted in the vast room give
his whole soul up to h:is oddhss, nmsic G* IU I R
She would be richer hy the death of a II p,'1m, i"o 'i
hope. the rude dominion of a foolish .'ftI) 1) F'FN('E P'oS'I''N
but ecstatic dreaun. ;,, ,,,. i t :. -n i..- I' ,,
There was a timid knock at thedoor i ,,,,. ,. , .. ill ni.,
When he opened it, tb:-re stood a tall l,. .
eli"ht 'ir! Sb" a .i vC1 yoi v'lr a
- t- t -r 1im-. ,m-,r-r- r -tr.r---'---^--- .. -_.. ---'__lli
ket, from which she tok a I..: for A iAP
Zt.L, to zn. Mile Margnerite Of the cit Or t 1
Could not ze small l;rauzer come wiz ze .i
article? Nicbt zu'' Gi ,' ., t' .. .11 1. ,
The giil colored and tears c'rme into i ,, ,- i i.: .
h e r ey es. t.-
"He is sick. There was no cne else. t .t i-i L tl t ht 1'" ,li' i :t Ittip i ,
Mother hopes the mending will suit t. A..II'.V :1. t it.,l\ i'. It .-., s
you and that you will have more.' ab.it
"Yah, oui. I nIean yes." said M. Au- FOUR MILES OF CO ST LNIF.
guste gravely "I will come to see
small brozzer tomorrow. It will bee Fx ..\i:iliiL,' ,.,,zIv\: I .iti l> r'
great plazzir to ire. Tell him I will t',.i l, i i ilir t ..l ,v.i ,.i'
go down ze stairs wiz zu, naderuoise le (. ii.v. -, il .i,, > .'i...i ,
Zu air one brave girl--one goot girl." public usiess places. p vat-e ei-
They proceeded down three flights to docks, etc., alt e ery lot i.
the street door. In the light the organ- dces, dc etc al e l i
ist saw the traces of tears on the girl's each block and the -, "*,.. addi-
cheeks. His heart melted. Another tion to the Cincirnati C. iCiI..I,'i
wept in sorrow, one so young and who land with a full description of' it
would, were it not for grinding poverty, same.
be fair, be happy His voice was very The Map will shef w owners of lotto.
gentle. in the city just wLere they are i T -
"Go home, my child," be said. "Ve cated, and is of value to th...,- -hci,
must all suffer mooch. I will not forget g of buying property.
to see ze small brozzer tomorrow. If he ing of buying property
is in great dangair, come to ze church Size of Ma1p :1Ox5.0 Inches.
for me zis evening. I play ze organ to The BUOY wiJl send this map to any
ease my soul. Good night, mademoi- address on thl receipt of
selle, I will not forget to pray for ze
happiness of one so young, so sorrow- O N E D O L L A R .
ful." ( Or give, as a premium fr' 5 yeei'
He turned up the street, but as she cash sulI scintions
hurried away the gill smiled at him
s-- -,t -. at. ansl a f-EXPERIENCE
I i art.lr gour f
h, i iin.l h m t h- t t r ,-n a-l c, nr,:,re .

SI-, d o,, t ii ,. 1l t iti-,: s 1chart
t- '.,:, t .. l. 1, i it, ., ne lto a his un-
gry h:ar t on us: n S cti.--Chicago Her-

- Anvnle as.idi|ng a rlket anddle ltrtLt imar
1 i- '. I t i 'i. i 'lt|. i., r|t'| : I Ihu mni nl" prcb an y cl att>.bte-. Tomni '-
11i i, | ,1, l- I i, r I l '.,1- .l rt r. Hau db k al ,l ---l

e i .i .. i ,1 .. Pt t.-. F. i tNN & COr,361uo'd un, SW Yoirel
p .. ,L .i i',,l. 'ar,,- Oae. A F... St., w. erng.an. I. C

-T -- -







A FRll LinRe of Caniiefl fI

#Burial O ket

M[ast, Foos &;CoinM- any's

Double Acting Force Pump,

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