Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: December 14, 1899
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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Volume ID: VID00063
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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lccn - sn 95026996

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S4- p_


First Last, and all the


Washington County

* West Florida

Against the World,



NO. 08-.

4- -,.

::Ri.!,L Di RECI10 .

ii iiI '
i !nn ' 'i l, l> l l."l t .

ari, isI. I" ,lii n
.,.'( I.1i..:-- i'.]: ete V .' ll.? lil )Il
: .- .. i:--H .. a ,'it 'f'h ;n,,-neari t,.

* ..: or- -'.' i~t. l'lo n; .nie -rel.> ,
'u .. .: L .i i a ;,l'or .l: l.. r 0
1.0 i i! d, ..[It .. -, n er:l Vm n I1 -
rn i C.';. t-t''iler, '.V if R .'u.oidL ; .'-
S(!-'illle.i:-ld Ill 1 l l l u lic [l l-tri,tit i. .
N . ~! . I';,.n I -m i 'nL-r .)it ,. .~l '. -

8 r\\. S,-F.NA' '-, t
S, !' n v-!illh biilr;ct--..1. 3.B Ularke, Y,'< -
'&iii chkt .. 1
W\V m-liN .'rOTN C'our'Ni'.
S .! ive, W.G C lr,1' Vernon;
.'} e ." i vn l,..-, D. I ,-l ir. Vernon;
Cic i I' ,i> C,.iiIt, .'uuiiintv Clerk, it.-c'irder
Sof LP*.is, W B. L.isiit I: r, Vernon;
Sl erItf', C. G. Allen, Chipiey; Treasurer,
i;. J '.LriSi., Vernon; Tax Collector, A.
Q. Jones, Vernon; Tax Assessor, J.
W Wilui.ims Chipley: Superintendent
of I' .I,l,. Instruction, W. L Lockey,
irlh : Surveyor, P. L.Horn, Orange
J istice of the Peace. W. I. Singleterry;
Notary P'tublics, W. A. Emineon, C. H.
Crippen: Deputy Circuit. Court Clerk.
W A. inimons: School Directors, R.
'F. Brackii, W. I. Singletarv, L. M.
Ware: Post Mistor. L. M. Ware
* Pastmistress, M'rs. M. B. Jenks.
'oat,nams'er and Notarty Public, ,W. H.
7?ostmistress, Mrs. Hassellorg. I

*' .in'itiel:1, S. W. Anderson
PMistmaster, Mrs. R. Gay.
*:".'. .4i'.vi. M artin Post.
,J., ,: *'AVKMD.ALE.
'\ -Postmnaste II. *l. J ohnson.
Postmistress, AM rs. Dyer.
P ..tiinat, l P. N. Hutchinisot.
P"ot4.1.;,: ,ii Laird's Mill Bayou.

.' m.H .1 N CoUNTY-COMANTO olirv |',l.,.-, Franik Hoskisl ; I'(iatniaf-
'e, hos. J. B. Mauger; (Cuuty Com-
./ r,,i.- ,..,.'", Hirm, M Nopi n<'; Dep" Ytv
'I.-ul-. I ourtg. S. T. IWaiklyov

l E i 1i I t, iT I i .' .
... Methodist-Church cor. W ashington ave
and Chestnut st-Rev. I.. -. G ;.,
ior. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30
o. "t. every alttrnlte Sunday.
Y.8P. 8. C. .-Prayer meetilig at the
Preslhveriian church every Sunday after
i,,on at 3:30 o'clock. All are invited.
Iaptist-Church, corner of WyoIming
Avenl :3 and Cincinnati street. Church
outferer ,- i utday before fourth .unday
at 4 p. it. Sunday school every Smundayv at
4:30 a. im. Preaching second and fourth
tSundavy in each month. Rev. S. L. Loud-
v'rmiik. pastor
!'r-shv terianu-Church coiner loraine
P, e'".and Drtake stre-et; Rlev. R. J.
Mcllwain pastor preaean ig on second
Sunday Of each month at 11 o'clock a. m.
.,i.d ;i,7 p. in. Sunday Sclool at 9:30
a. m. every' Slandays John Sturi ock, Supt.
.atiholic-Churche corner Wyoming a*-
mn-e and Foster street,
iie northern wail, via Anderton, Gay,
l Lvhead and UCiple y departs every day
except Sunday .at 3:00 o'clock; a. in.;
arrives every dav except Sunuay at
i:40 p. ti.
aist Bay ma-il for Harrison, Cromanton,,
Parker, Fanmudale and Wetappo. leaves
St. Andrews going east every morning
at. 6 o'clock and leaving Wetuppo at
/ o'clock, arrives, coming west every
evening at 7 o'clock.
SCHEDULE OF RATVS:-For each five
minutes, or fraction thereof, use of
Between St. Andrews Bay & Gay.... 1 5c
,, *" Bayhead 20c
Clhipl'.y. 35c
,, Chipley & Bayhead........ 25c
.. '.. Ga.. ........ ..30c
Bayhead &pay........... 10c
F-or ransmisdion telegraph 10c
'-,'/ extra not including tei'graphii" Mervi'.e
-'.- W. .V- A. EMMQ.NS. Gen'I Mir.


Deputy Circuit Court Clerk and No-
tary Public for the State at Large; has
jurisdiction to administer oaths, take
affidavits, legalize acknowledgments,
etc., anywhere in Florida. Special at-
tention given to land conveyances and
to marriage services, and license issued
to lawfully qualified parties. Office at
the BUOY Office, St. Andrews Bay.

Homeopatliic Physician and Ac-
coucher. Office Pioneer Drug Store,
corner of Shell avenue and Michi-

gan street,
it. Andrews


'i'v.ieialn and Drugigist, Comrnerce.st.,
eamst of Bayview, Offers his professional
services to the citizens of St. An-
drews and vicinity. Residence on.Buena
Vista avenue.

Notary Public.
Willattend promptly to all businessde-
mrntiding his attention. Office on Bav-
view street, one block northeast of T.
0 Dnford'nrt' ore


Jne iullar a Year in Advance.

Editor and Proprietor.
I'isplan iid rqte- 5fic per inch per mouth
positionn and extraordinary condition
rales Sul.iec't to special aereemenl.
' l.'.eal Drill." c per line. fitpt insertion
.2' h -'.lq-fi:eur. D)isplity locals
d,qj ld -.,, : rules.

Our Fairy.
Tli-ere' a fairy lives ir. our house-
Don"c' \o j 0 i-h \ou lived there too?
".i st f ILA '6

S. i everi n that's "blue."

She is io svi pi tlwt;1!
When you loimo~t crack your br-.u.
She'll bathe it with her sweet cologne;
She'll sing- when you're in bed.

If your horrid, dull old jack-knife.
Slihs, and cuts your hand most off,
Si. hI bind the wounds with salve and
(She gives candy for a cough!)

If sometimes you are careless
And tear your bestest clothes
The fairy's sorry for .yoo;
She finds her thread and -ews

The holes up tight and handsome
'Fore anyone can scold.
This F'air-, 'z very pretty
Though she's very, very old.

Her eyes are bright and snappy,
And she's fond of every game,*
Though she wears a pair of spectacles
And "Grandma" is her name
'-Home Queen,

TlieGirl I Want.
The 'iil I want has light blue eyes,
As calm and clear as summer skies,
As sparkling- as the dew;
A Dair of rosy cheeks has she,
A mouth as sweet as sweet can be,
And captivating too.

The girl I want has ebon hair,
A sylph-like form, a face as fair,
A heart a3 pure as snow;
The sweetest laugh you ever heard-
It thrills like call ot woodland bird
V,'te rc tropic bseezes blow.
TL -.jLr. L u.. tg . L or r i.
At any time, do anything
Her station may require;
But i -ash and iron she don't know how,
She cannot cook or milk a cow,
She's never made a fire.

She cannot make a dress or shirt,
And if she could she would not flirt,
Nor yet my sad heart haunt;
But she can sing and sigh and say
"I love you, darling,"'every day,
1o she's the girl I want.
-New Orleans PiK:ayunt.

The Bell.
In my reverie I hear it
As I heard it oft of yore,
When a boy I hastened onward,
Ere the closing of the door;
Tho' its tones are now the sweeter,
Tempered softer is the knell-
In my memory-and the ulan1uing
Of the

I can hear its rattling ding,
I can hear its booming dong-
And again I hear it sing-
"Come Alongl Come Along!"

And I note the clattering rattle
Of the clapper as it swings,
And I sink into the musing
That the mem'rv of it brings-
Faces gone, and hands that touched me
Hearts that slumber in the dell,J
'Gain are near me, at the clanging
Of the

I can hear its rattling ding,
I can hear its booming dong-
And again I hear it sing-
"Come Along! .Come Along!"

'Tis the dearest privilege granted
Thai we're given eyes to see
Back the years that Time has offered
Unto you and unto me-
But the fondest recollection
That is drawn from boyhood's well
Is the memory of the clanging
Of the
I can hear its rattling ding.
I can hear its booming dong-
And again I hear it sing-
"Come Along! Come Along!"

Through centuries of losses
Since Eden's happy years,
Old earth has kept and cherished
Her priceless gift of tears.

We sigh for those in sorrow.
Where laughter ever sleeps:
But God, in mercy, pity
Th^V. hhoQ^ t4 t+ **-l no /vkv -i-ni;

117t"*"lti ?I 'iu;e near t n never weeps.
Attorney p.L'Law, J. B. Clark, Peoria, Ill, says: "Sur-
CHIPLtR. WASH1 NTO14lot COUNTY, F.&A geolts wanted to operate on me fOr piles,
hut I cured them with '-DeWitt's Witch
g'-Land Titles and Collections we Hazel Salve." It is infallible for piles
lake a Specialty. and akin diseseses. Beware of counter.
make a pcciay. felts, R. F. Brackin & Sou;

C --
Andl Nothini But Nice Fresh
Ones Would tSastsy Her.
Only une nlolal can be attaclohed to
thii story-
Don t pick rnit from the top of a
A young lady of somine 18 or 19
firmt-iale inInineis I. tlie heroine, anid
she resiiles in a tlnwi ni t a thoaiianiil
tiles away. 'his l ainea tt.,wn, lthuilgh
meielv a village, and a telriiIrinice
,n-. at that, is fanme fi r the nian\
111 h Ll,; ..lk ?Au..i.. i 4it 4 tkd&b -ii. ul e

Thiso v.)Umg woman was born anmi
raised in the place, and all her life
breathed the exhilerating ozone from
the sea. This environment also bred
a fondness (or grapes, and therein
lies the story.
She wanted grapes their other day,
so she went several "versts" from the
habitation in quest of the fruit which,
in fable lore, was libeled by the fox,
the latter making some preference to
the acidnlation. At any rate, gi apes
wete what .she was altei, but in oider
to reach them she needed some sort
of stand,
No step-ladder was handy, so she
took a barrel. With her little feet
giving the head of the barrel concu- -
sion of time brain, sl e plucked the
truit of the vine, and was happy,
very happy in her pristine miaidmnly
way. No picture could be more en-
ticing than a lively maidein standing
on a barrel-a barrel that had served
its original usefulness-plucking the
*i.,i ,. ii of the vine.
She was perfectly happy until
something happened. The head of
the barrel, pulsating with the etnbar-
rassument iad joy at bearing sunch
lovely weight, gave way, and our he-
roine dropped within the confines of
the staves. There would have bee-i
no .'cc.--itilt of this story having
been wrliten if ur her'iiie had been
attenuated, scrawney, etc. But shl
was not. She is a plump, pleasing
young woman, and if she had been
measured for a barrel she would have
required a size larger.
This new wooden hoopski, t was a
close fit. While it had not a Pari--
ian finish or a Worth or Redlern
touch, still it had a clinging effect and
there was no escape.
Nothing was left in the line of
feminine argument bat to scream.
This was what the lady with the lig-
num overskirt did. The barrel was
full of girl and the girl was full of
grapes. A plethora ot grape juice
has, in many ages, caused trouble,
but this was a case of the plain grave
of husbandry, or wifery. At any
rate, the screams of the girl did noth-
ing but put dents in the atmosphere.
In the meantime her vocal strug-

5,000 Our Grand 5,000
Ornithological Contest.
Something entirely new and interest-
ing. Read what joun arc to do. You
may get 200 cash. Oue oontest is to se,
who can make the largest list of names
(or kinda) of birds fropn the followiu.i
letters: W D 0 0 C C K Q U L I A
We will recognize asa bird anything
belonging to the featired tribe, whe-
ther it be a Hen. CrQV Singer or- any
other kind. You can,tue any letter as
many times to make name as it ap-
pears in the list of lott above: for in-
btance Woodcock. 514i r. Snow Bird,
&c. To any person a list
of 25 or more 10 birds,

s-dl Daily.
When you have mad4ot your listfill
out the line on the bo ton of this adv.
and send to us with a stamped Ad-
dressed envelope, th en if you are
awarded a prize you can if you desire
get the prize by becoming-a subscrib-er
to the Woman's World at th e rate of Id
a week. We shall award prize to ev-
ery person who sends th name of 25
Birds, and our gifts will bY as follows:
For the best list received each day, a
Gold Watch; for the second best solu-
tion each daV, a beautiful Imported Tea
Set; for the seven next best solutions,
each day, a Konrah-Sakih Diamond and
Ruby Ring; for the next beat solution,
a Gold Piece: and for all other correct
solutions, Prizes of Good Vailu These
prizes will be forwarded daily,you will'
not have to wait a long time in ancer-
tainty before you know the result.
There is no element of lottery in our
plan, it makes no difference whetherr
we get your solution : late or early in the
day. All you need is, to post this adv.
to us, and on the day it reaches us. if
vour list is the best, you .shaSll hatRe
tile Gold Watch or if second best
the beautiful Tea set, and soon. We
guarantee that we will award you a
prize. There is absolutely no opportu-
nity for deception on our port-we can-
not'afford it. We Aant to'get 1,000,000
well satisfied subscrlbe "s. and for that
reason we don't want you to send any
money until youth kno' exactly what
prize you have g.aine.d bv answering the
puzzles. As soon after 4 p. inm. each day
as possible, the examiriets will judge
the lists to the best of tlteir ability, and
will designate the pri zs. We will
write you atonce notitying you what
prize has been awardeil you, then if you
are fully satisfied you cap send your
subscription t)o 'he Woinpan's WVorld
and your prize will .Ao A' returnof post
carefully packed. To 4 ersoni tI nar-
roUv idca-i it seem? imp i,6ibl', tlat we
should be ab tle l ekti uch a gigantic
offer. but v.e 1 f monen, brains
and r,- piti'oaulr, "',,i'fjj Lis-. -"
,'v., ar.- doing, and if el egfftate-
ly gain a million subscribers by this
grand idea, we know that this million
of well-pleased subscribers can be in-
duced to recommend The Woman's
World to all friends- thereby building
up oar circulation still furthers We are
willing to spend 5,000 in this contest
in building up a big subscription list,
and when this money is spent we re-
serve the right to publish a notifluation
that the contest has been discontinued.
Don't delay until .it is too late. The
contest will continue until March.
We give a Bonus Prize of $50 in'e-
pendent of all othe-:s to the person who
sends in the list gotten up in the best
and handsomest manner. Our ( om-
mittee will decide and award prizes
Daily, but the special 50 prize will be
awarded in March. Any bird's name
founa in dictionaries accepted.
The Woman s World is a tho,'oughly
reliable concern, we are known to do
exactly as we advertise. As to our re-
liability we refer to mny Advertising
Agent or business man in London.

Name.............. ..............

Street............. ... .........

gles had caused the barrel to upset Town................Country .........

and it was impossible for the maiden
to right her prison. According to
dry measure 32 gals. make one bar-
rel. This was proved to be a ba-se
misstatement. This one "gal" over-
flowed one barrel and the other 31
"gals" were excess "baggage."
To simmer taee matter down. our
heroine found herself in a quanda:rv,
aid, tucidlenlt,.ly.. a barrel. Shlie wv
_________________ I

on her ,idtl, aniti nur ciis. V4 .,i-ie,' ei'i
naught, but in fact they were nuot
naughty cries, but still something
had to be done, and the unfortunate
miss, while she could not rise to the
occasion, did the best to navigate the
barrel toward home.
She was without compass, chart
or rudder, but she started to roll in
the direction of home and mother
Ever and anon she would halt in
her peculiar style of locomotion long
enough to send forth piercing crnes
for aid. One half-hour had been
consumed in this barrel-narrow-
gauge system of locomotion-when
her cries pierced ears that were not
Assistance arrived, but it was not
until after the hoops had been cut

Address- The Woman's World, 9, High
Street, London, W., England.

Why the Professor Knew It.
Miss Helen Gould is a graduate of
the law department of the University
of the City of New York. and her in-
structor was Prot. Isaac Franklin
Russell, dean of the law college, who
is retscp.-ihle for ltlie adruni.~ioni of
more ~wo n_ to L* h di rI! qhan v otvI-

"*'i -a .!ditio: to
er nar.: in the worid! .. ,
"' 1 tc is lfamed
his learning, Prot. Ris y in e
for the lucidity of wI t
S. T- make the most
during. He is able t as clear as
perplexing legal proben to the mind
simple arithmeti, o Once the pro,
of the dullest pupils- ,
fessor was lect'ring 1la contracts be-
cYoin ng women.
fore a large class of ug woen
S . e ques;i,--1of
He was explaining e o f .:7
.e of the It, .'Is
consideration. and orf.u, .ith
C --. Ii,-cul t1ith

found tile siubi,.ct
wonderful patience t hi
over the definition a11
half a scoieot times.
"If you will turn
the text book beside I
you will read: 'a ha?,I
eling bag with his

and the staves yanked away that the keeping. or the :,(

poor girl escaped from her wooden

neighbor to deposit
credit in the bank. ]

A vow has been registered by the cases we have to tin,

young woman to the effect that the
next time she stands on a barrel she
won't stand on it.-Salem. Mass.,

Iy taking revenge, a man is but
even with his neomy; but by passing
over it, he is iuperiot;--Bacon,

tion in the trust an.,
posed by the bail,'ir
This principle.' he aI
treated in the trnimou
vs. Bernaril, Sminith's-
199," e
"M," 'exclainmed tl
Wombthed amazement.

1 ,prti'esotor went
,i' J illustrations
Fuumafly he said:
to page 170 of
on, chapter 28,
ir leaves a trav-
friend for safe
rhlaiit asks a
S$1,000 bill to
i each of these
-the consider
confidence re-
in the bailee.'
Idedl, 'as illus-
came of CIggs
leadlhrg ca es,'

Impil i t wide-

'1trus;t,'' cuitiiiit'i lie ploftNer-s-,

..Oh, dealm, il!"'retiurmvel the 1.nj'il.
'ddoli't nid'er.'tanil it a tilt bolt ,.
But Wuon't, ou ;'lear-e tell ini I,,;%%t v-.tt

Ofl all 0tlmiituiff ill 1tha81l1u,111dlne'.k?*'
"P'erhaps ,lie Irewsiuu,'' ropli.dl Ii'
prtIfemusor, a has iein imed.ti ti lie next

Sllj,'-. t

migle .1 IeJ iLilt-

:ilni, 4 that I WiUlq that li-I, il

titmok.''-PlmiHla'le lti Ielr.t-

or -
ne r."

iA specnfi corpiue-, ,nd I u I,. -;
A specific lor pile,, aned fik do.-



Grou ndl Seati on the English Cort m
wVihiU-h V> reca Vesme:ii on Calmt
s:y,--.'irpe tSwen!rs Strike aWith a
V'o:'-re of a Tom to the Square Inch.
Mia.-n vi; itors to the cast are sorely
:i7z.:: .'i v i :;m a hboutmn'ai either refuses
Sp. )t' If .om the shore, or at most
') i'- i',;o Innd. on :i day when t:ere
n ii '' '.;. or on approaching storm
:tnd tihe' x- ter is only moved by a long
tl e-:'. th rolling, swell.
A. ig. nent is of no avail. and if the
old salt is pushed for a reason lie will
only r'p'y with some cryptogram'nic re-
n; ;' t'r a;out "the ground sea." the
quel-sthior t!hen retiring more bewil-
d-rd(ii tilniu l'before.
It is hard to understand bow such a
gi"'1i4' s-,;''11 n1tn presage danger. linut
to i'xpr'i'ti'd u'( eyes it gives a warning
that must b- heeded. All along the
west i.' l part' of the south coasts of
Fi'z'land and Ireland. as well as the
,'- .I ,.o::st of Si,-.ilhnd. uncounted
:- .. .1 -,. rold of ships which on a per-
S i. luil uli,.v linr-e been within a
ia hniu'rs ir-It eatnht by a gentle roll
f .t \.~ iOr in ud tii;:illy thrown on a
-:. .,.i l shore liy the dreaded

'. ,, .I*.l'.r--'nil thi i nr rions inarine
-' oi. ii. I it niu.-.It hi borne in mind
t:t; ou Ion u tie .tinndih waves are of-
t.un fo'rniei t- a heigli cef 40 feet. Driv-
at ;t rate of frof u T-', to -'40 ill-1 rn
hour. Traveling at such a .rate. they
soon get out of the wind swept
area. But even though. for them,. the
storm Is past they still roll on in fury.
their undulations often being felt 500
miles from the (idint of their creation.
Id the region of the storm these
waves are fierce. itIeaking billows; but
as they get farther away they settle
down Into long. rolling ridges, which
travel onward in long, unbroken llnes.
perfectly parallel with each other.'
Out on the open sea these ridges of-
ten stretch out for a distance of over
30 miles; and they travel In threes,
each successive wave being larger
than Its predecessor. The sight is an
imposing one.
The farther they progress the small-
er they become in height. but this Is
compensated for by the fact that their
motion Is communicated to the mass of
water below, until the roll can be de-
tected fully 50 feet under the surface.
This gives them the name of "ground
In this peculiarity their danger lies;
for when a becalmed ship is caught in
them, her draft, the resisting power
that enables her to ride out a storm,
becomes the fulcrum which the liquid
mass uses to hurl her onward to de-
On a calm day any sailing craft
caught in the "ground sea" near a
rocky shore is as good as lost, unless a
wind can spring up and enable her to
beat out to sea. Many a ship has met
this fate. The reason many more do
not get lost Is due to the gentle swell
that so deceives a landsman and warns
a sailor.
As the "ground sea" advances it
pushes a certain amount of water be-
fore it. This also forms into ridges,
_j-ll.-, Jtt- ."',,_u,.'y hit n-.f_._ .L hh-' mind.
approximately no depth.
The "false sea," as it is called, is lit-
tle more than a rolling swell, but it
gives a warning of from- 20 minutes to'
two hours' duration, enabling a ship
to either run into port. get out to sea
or securely anchor; while at the sea-
side resorts the boatmen run close Idn
shore to the surprise of the "trippers."
When it is remembered that a wave
20 feet high, which is often attained by
the "ground sea," strikes with a force
of one ton to the square inch, the ne-
cessity for caution will be recognized.
All waves that come in parallel
ridges, however, are not dangerous, as
there is & "wind billow" that is Closely
allied to the "ground sea" in appear-
"Wind blll-'.as" are due to a heavy
wind blowi but a few miles off the
land. but as they have had but a com-
paratively short distance to travel they
have no depth. Consequently even ,
rowing boat is perfectly safe" d them'
if properly handled.
These waves usnally appear wheni
there is a comparative calm near the
shore, their great point of difference'
from the "ground sea," in appearance
being that their unbroken lines are
nearer and are all equidistant, not
travelhig in threes.
Generally the "wind billow" does no f
break -into foam', but occasionally this
happens when they are coming in
against the tide. Then It Is hard to de-
tect them from' ordlnary waves, the
product of a local windstorm. These

always break Into foam at their crest,
the "white horses" of the marine poet.
Remewilering these peculiarities of

it.e I avniliol. \: "eps 0 ll s:ive tiril'n-i
(il" hlp'ralnl|. ,iknilpoiuntm ent w il' n w [.s-
er livnd- lll rthei l kieep to the land.
for, to the-tu. IuO lol)par,tit rensou. while
it nmay P-eep thi-no frim r'i-li-inz Into
niukkown dan r-i-'e. tile ot]li-r 'act Is
nl'o %,wrtlty of niention. n-; it mav
prn,. or .ad'- tvern lze ih s'.]l a botli drift
ort rr .r',n N ith a ;in ti-'xperl'lenced crew
a ,'I n[ -p ,1, llln[11 '- s al r.:(i eilt.
l'l-tni. if In "gr'umiiul .-i-a" I; "*rnnlnur."
set yoi'r iiil atI l e,9'e-. r'ir youI (an
,steer Iy It. a,. -in the English and
Irlqh -' a onct, at ha-nt. it al ayv cne.w.s
froni i nor trthvmsE.--Pearsonu's Maga-


self in a n ih. 'Two men entme id
blaicLu 'rryiuz. and 1 had to get out4
'I'ly l'f-Yk.d nmv wherd I was going. I
baid to l handford.
S"Tln'.uv lt tered to show me thd
war, hut Wo bhad not gone very far
Ihefore we ill1 t two police Inslectors.
'I' ly a'l;,,, ule to go into a public
lion,, aidl iv\' an account of ni.r elt
T'ri- wi-.r-- Ipnitticularly anxious td
I ,-,. If I hI|l mark on my right arm.
I e,''iz th.,' :iin. was almost up. I tried
Io( 'l:e-h thli.m',-l the public house, buf
It wa rio floilI. aind 1 was ((collared. t
w'i e aft.-rn .til sentenced to elglif
v.arI.;"' |I-nal -i.ritulI' fomr the burglary'
iil rli t.'lifron hotel." l.ondon Tele-
-4i -o:YMI

A9P~~ICd~~rw -~~u;-aw.~~ -,


fairly confident as to my appearance.
I walked down' the road and saw a
imilkmnan, who I afterward fioun gave
iuformition aboft inme At a little place
I') miles from Portland I concealed my-

Vi-;T;. tl,, l':th .\. '. StA'warf one
.' ', I Jii hl tourist n-].,-d Lhow it
had been po-s.ilhl to luithil up so great
an enterprise as the Stewvart business
in a comparatively few years and how
it wvas possible to keep i rninnni', itlr
the clocklike regutilarity for which it
-was famous. For reply St ewai't tool
the visitor through the establishmunlt;
showing every tloor and every d'-part-
nment. froni basement to roof. Then
Stewart explained hiO own ceaseless
vigilance, his long loitis of persount
attenliion t# the store atd tlthe elaboi.rat
rules which his emplurt'es had tto fo-

Leaving Stewart, the' Euglishmanf
called oiln ormiodore Vauderbillh. inei
alive, put a similar question to hinif
and told of Stewart's business ina-
chine. lo'r reply tine colmmohlore open-
ed a drawer iu lis dlsk. It enoutaiued
a s:iall ac:ouut book and some loostf
metuor;I[tdla ou sheets. ''The coniulo-
dove said hle kept all his g'records in
that (rawer!. Moreover., he said be wnas
not a believe'- in long hours, but Id
rapid( work and daily relaxatioil.
The visitor weut away tadre Im-
pressed with W 'i"derlh!li's metlhod that
with the dry goods stan's elaborate
display. The .sueess oet tewart. iu tile
En'lishman's view, was a reavirkable'
example of What may be donte by a
perfect system rigidly adhered to. but
Commodore Vanderhilt's success seemi-
ed due to pure genius.
$650 to $1206 a ear.
We want reliable and energetic ine i
and women in each State to travel and ap-"
ooint agents; salary $6e50 to $1d2() a year
and expenses, gnar.nteed and paid week"
ly? no experience required, we instruct
you. Local 1Ri-p eentatives wmaited also,
Send stamp tor full particulars. Address;
Tih Bell Copipiany, Department A.,
Philadelphia, Pa;

Him Luek of Tact.
"It's no use!" exclaimed Willie WisIP
Ington. "'I (an nev'?t edarn to tay the
right thing at the right time. t told
Miss Sliniuins that her .eyeS shiue on
me like the stars above."
"That's old. buu pretty." answered
Miss Cayetne.
"Yes. But she is one of those rentnrtc-
ably tail girls who resent any r'e'f-
ence to their height."-Washingtoif
Why oti ien Don't SiAttliner.
"Persons who stammer." said the
pseudo scientific boarder, "d- 4 v Be-
cause they thflIk faster than the$ ead
'Is that the renabn," asked the sav-
age bachelor. "that we so seldom meet
a woman w}ho stalllnret'?"
Love i- the salt that prcse'rves affec-
tions atnd actions from thie cortiitlion
of life.

The Only Prisoner Who Ever Man-
aged to vet Out of the Great Eng-
lslh Prfsoni Tells HiIow le Accom-
plished (the DiLltalt Feat.
Wilnnian Tnrtlett, a well known Eng-
lish burglar, is the only inan who ever
effected his escape from Portland pris-
on. an escape which is the original of
that described in HIawley Smart's
novel. "'Broken Boundtl." Bartlett told
the story of his escape to a reporter as
"The correct details of my escape
!hive uev'r been told," lie said. "I'll
tell you whvlit actually happened. In
;(Sts I 'rco'ivi id a s ntitence of ten years'
lenai servitiide. IFrollm 'entolville I
was t;.ken to Portland. It wx-as awful.
I ilii;i iiup liy mind to escape-a feat
nev-u-r ,bel'(ore accomplished. One day 1
omahi.t('e to pick up a sinall piece of
hoop iron. That seemed like a godsend.
Every ti:ne I hal the chance I took
that iron hooping with me. and worked
like a nigger to make it Into a saw. I
did it in fear and trembling, for the
slightest sound. would have betrayed
me. A stroke of luck awaited me. 1
found a convict who had got a little bit
of a lile. He ihad no ambition and said
the tile was no good to him. I gave
him my dinner for it. and with the file
I was able to complete the saw.. Then
I nmanna.:el, by working stealthily ev-
ery eveniing after 1I had been locked up
for the nigl. to sawthrough the wood
flooring of my cell. Every night I had
to replace the boards. so that the ward-
ers should not see what I had done.
Then ani awful disappointment await-
ad me. The space be-ucath my cell was
lined with sheet iron: I.nt. r.,hilinz
'lIn I ali1 iiiin :, n I:r l-haft. and after
three nmonlths' hard work saw my way
clear to liberty.
"At last the opportunity came. It
was a dark night. and all was still.
With my sheets I ha 1 made a rope.
and, s hinck would have it. I had pick-
ed up a piece of wood, called a 'dog,'
with iron hooks at each end. I put my
stool underneath the quilt, to look as
much like miy body as possible in case
the *warders should look in, and then
went down the passage it had taken
me three months' hard labor to make.
After lifting an iron grating I found
myself In the open air and managed to
throw tihe hooks on my linen ladder
over a wall. By this means I got on to
the roof of the officers' quarters. There
was no one about, and the only sound
I could hear was that made by my
beating heart. From the roof I had to
jump on to the boundary wall, about
10 or 12 feet dista:it. I dare say it was
a bold leap. but you don't stick at
trifles when you aire escaping from
Portland. I made the leap and was
successful in reaching the boundary
wall. Th6n I got to the ground by
means of my linen ladder.
"Unfortunately the hooks vere so se-
cure that I had to leave the ladder
where It was. and If it had not been
for that I might have been in London
in three or four days. As It was, I had
an awful experience. While making a
desperate tug dt the ladder I heard
footsteps approaching, and I rushed
into the garden of the grove public
house. I turned round and saw ra
guard looking dt the ladder. A few
minutes afterward shots were fired.
and a bell was rung. My escape had
been discovered. Guards were running
by In all directions; but, unperceived.
I got through the window-of the Ro-
inl-tu ( Lnul- oe._'l1 In r-onc',.a"led I '
',s'lf lhiiuiathi rihe crlimmunlon table,
which proved to be something very
much like d' box. I could hear the
sound of hurrying footsteps all night,
but no onet came into the chapel untif
the next morning, when service was-
held there.
"It was not a pleasant position to be"
In. I can assure you. A squeeze or a
cough would have betrayed me, but
fortunately all went well. But I got
very hungry. So at the end of about
33 hours I stole out and broke into the
Clifton hotel. I there found some bread
and meat. cheese and tobacco. What
was of more consequence, I' was able
to steal a hat and some clotheS. With
the clothing and the food-the sweetest
food I eve austr.d--I returned to my
hiding hlflaLe- in the chapel. Out of a
black coat I made a pair of trousers,
and put on another of the stolen coats,
*lhich happened to be made of velvet.
The food I divided into six portions,
and for six days I was concealed be-
neath that communion table. There
were frequent services, and, what was
still worse, the priest used' to come
In at Bight f6r private devotions.
"At last I had more than enough of
It and broke into the priest's house
with the' object 6f obtaining some mon-
ey. 1 (0uld find none, however. There'
was son'e silver plate, but that was of
no use to me. 1 obtained a white stole,
however, and with that made some-
tling resembling a shirt. Feeling now

J q 1 t] la

* -t'.'i';. :.





y" m



-ANON ., ___..t

I :

-------~Im- n~mr

iff "#,M






I If so, thkre must b sortie
trouble with its food. Well
babies are plump; only the
sick are thin. Are you sure
Sthe, food is all right? Chil.
dren can't help but grow; j
I they must grow if their food
.noudshs them. PVlAas 4a
i mistake was made In the
past and as a result fte di-
i gestion is weakened. f that
is so, don't give the baby
a lot ot medicine; just use
your every-day common $
sense and help nature a
Little, and the way to do B
it is to add half a teaspoon-
ful of



Ito the bai,'s food three or
I four times a day. The gain .
i will begin the very first day 7
you give it. It seems to S
correct the digestion and
I gets t]Maby started tight t
agai^ f the baby is nurs-
ing but does not thrive, then
the mother should take the i
emulsion. It Will have
good effect both upon the
I mother and child. Twenty-.
five years proves this fact.
;ac. and t.m. all druggist.
LLO. &U 3 LS, NtaI,New Yoark.
L ... .., . ...._ .. .... ..... : I

,I I I


No E.-It must he remembered that the
wifid is not a wholly reliable motive pow-
er and if the sailors sometimes find it im-
<'ossible tu make schledi le time it mrus t be
Ci a.rgdeo he elements; thev do the best
they can.

'rh,, 0i-hing i'n;.k thenik a I., olI
0,- O,:ea., cwome in,, to The V la.,

ilX lxl g" set. I do si~te I' I Vo I I

telliie d rxur L.'dil ,Il' (i y 1"l tlt ( nhr 1.1

Dmin; g iti. %tjv, IIIV O e qdjti of .Idit.
Iil'IVIvn~'~ rnte'f,,a least of Im[
''114 liaullly 11 14 -111el~. h n u

- , i. 'r, lawn',,, ,e -

DA NOtD, I .r

P.',n 1,:^ ia -d i' ;le n-

1.4. .,i ',t t r, tI it' living 0o1
i2d.t utd Nort, j y, a ,sengers for
lpoits on e.iher (pit1 of the 14av -all
depend U:H i t '4'0 to Pl'olil)t r i:SI-
portatio,,n a t rea, ,, le rales. lFo,
lfurthe t ,r t i,? ; -pp (i ,
Ja A o, Agrs

C'AP'. 1. VW1rmlH,.L.
Carries lie East Bay Mail between St.
Anrlliew,, UBn I, Wetappn, and intermedi-
ate Ji)inls. Leaves St. A:.drews daivy
exceptt Sindi.a; ) ial 6:00 a. im+.; arrive at
\Vetappo at, 12:3f0 p. in.; leave Wetappo
at 1 :0 p. im.: arrives at SI. Anidrews at
7:30 p. i Ma. makes landings reaularlv asl
Hii prison, Cr'lnanitoi, PIarkier Pitts-
;' 4 4 I r1mdaiie,. F -reight lailuded at
an px)ofliM'.e wihairf. For pl:ssicliger and
1 ( s, see rIate rlid ill tile sav-
.r.. p sto S "_e"o

A \* eel"'.s Thl follovingf table gives the maxi-
n ,m. Pninimmin and mean tenimpera-
S' he 1 a4in n;,ll and tircLion of lbhe
wi.d, for the twenty-tfou+ hour endtin~g
a ct o ouo )k I. In., as i1n4 icate(d by 1'. S.

S', -* .. -, .'.'L 4 1 ,
i ; 4.'i ,
; 44 4 .,, '.I

e ^,.er ko c:e o. 142

o,.* l, tio on 11l filTi
-. i e h rd /.

.V .. EM,,as. S-,rtetarrv
......,.. A-4h r,
A CRE AT record of cures, une-
Sijl>_*.d in r. I history, proves
Hocd's Sarsaparilla possesees n-;rit un-
known to any other M ';. i E.
A new and verdant postmastter in a
i' .i rural town had received instruc-
tions to advertise all letters uncalled
for at the end of a certain le'-,gtlh of
time. He obeyed orders by inserting
"the ful,. -idg advertisement in the vil-
lage weet;iy paper at the cud of the
first week of his term of office:
'There are ten letters In the post-
eic e that nobodxly has called for. If
them they belong to don't take notice
sud call by the end of the month, the
S litters will be sent to the dead letter
' I-A l .' expecting letters they
' .' ot can come and see if any of
;. .i.-,-> L .- to theiu All take

.'. '.. .. ,. : .


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Blood Tonic is the best. A guarantee
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drews Bay.
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plete as soon as the Lucy ',H arrives
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gain counter on goods to close Some
for 10 cts per yard worth 25c.
-Our correspondents will please near
in mind that their favors must be mailed
early enough to reach us not later than
Monday evening; otherwise they cannot
annear in the current issue.
* Ci .bii.- Ualkiui., nd'aix-rti.:*-

ments, speak for themselves. They are
going fast! New arriving, same good-
Come and see-.,e will save you dollars!
--The editor of the Chipley Banner
calls upon his subscribers for some *'ta-
ters." Grow your own "'taters" and
peas, Bro. Jones, as the Buoy man
doe, and then you can snap your fin-
gets at delinquent subscribers as far as
these edibles are concerned.
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erty in St. Andrews or immediate vi-
cinity, you cannot afford to purchase
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prietor of the HuOY. If you aro short of
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they are getting the best that money
can buy. Hence it will pay to "Watch
his Soace "I
-The Buoy has a limited quantity of
C i'ifor.i, h srl.hiiinl. ori iln ar cane seed
f. V --dle at .: hIer oun -e; 40c. ,er pound.
T 'i, .ann .-'V..r t. 1, f. .t high and two
',,_ ; ir. i. 3, e on the Buoy
. . -?..!. L
,,,., *. 1 'o, r ,lni r e for postage.
Al'o .. 1. ii,-.,:-lh -.t rawberry plants
for sale at 50c. per hundred.
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and all those who are lepien;ling upon
the Buoy l.o attend to the payment of
theirs will, tof cIrsI'. reni inmbr that if
they have a suff(lieot. tax account cred-
i to cover the amount, llie payment
will certainly be attended,to; but if
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tory arranaemnentf to that end have not
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)'One -Minute Cough Cure is the
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coods. r, its une.qualed for whooping
consh. Chifidi> lik- it;" writes H. N.
1'.lianis, Gentryville, ,nd. Never
fails. t is th, only harmless remedy
that gives immediate results. Cures
coug-hs, colds, hoarseness, croup, pneu-
monia. bronchitis and all throat and
i troiblcs. Its early use prevents
consu-nmption. R. F Brackin & Son.

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ago I persuaded him to take some of
Clambnerain's Colic, Cholera and Diar-
rhoea Remedy. After using two bot-
Iles of the 25-cont size he was cured.
I give this te-timolnial hoping some one
ailildarly affi~ettd may read il and be
S '; .' .', C. BOWER, Glen-
.' L. L. '. Ware, St.
: and all medi-

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es. the progressive up-to-date merchant
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can best cor tribute to the hanpines and
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,=liis re-'m.t. "t .indrews is particular-

1\' frilunate in the ,' ide-awake "finiT
H. F. Brackin : Son. This year the-
elder Mr. Brackin went early to the
wholesale markets with the cash in his
pcket to command bargains if any such
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To the Deat.--A rich lady, cured
of her Deafness and Noises in the Head
by Dr. Nicholsan's Artificial Ear Drums,
gave $10,000 to his Institute, so that
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Drums may have them free. Address No.
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Where the Tall Went.
Do you remember the story of Harry's
and George's rabbits-how Harry's rab-
bit got out of its hutch and disap-
pE. r. d L, ,1 iri-.. .i..-..,..t ',, f .._. t
when Harry cried bitterly over his dead
tailless rabbit. George tried to comfort
"Don't cry, Harry. dear; don't cry
It's only the body you seel The tail
has gone to heaven. -" Memories and
Fancies. by Lady Gordon.

Great Rejoicing!
No More Medicine!
The Dr. King Chill Pad cures Chills. If
it fails we rfund your money. $100,O000
lo back our guarantee. It is a sure 're-
ventative. If your druggist does n1 l
keep tnemi we will mail you one on re-
ceipi of rice-$1.00. THE IR. KING
CHILL PAD CO., Memphis, Tenn.

Why She Enjoyed It.
On Sunday. as a certain Scottish min-
ister was returning homewards, he was
accosted by an old woman, who said:
"Oh. sir, well do I like the day when
you preach."
The minister was aware that he was
not very popular and answered:
"My good woman, I am glad to hear
it. There are too few like you. And
why do you like it when I preach?"
"Oh, sir." she replied. "when you
preach I always get a good seat!"-
Scottish Nights.

It takes ":ut a minut eto overcome tick-
ling in the thront and to stop a ,onghi by
the use of One Minute Cough Cure,. This
remliedv quickly cures all forms of throar
in. lting troubles. Harmless and pleas-
ait to take. It pevet is consumption. A
t'iailnou,. specific for griope and its after
effects. U..F. Br.-.ckin & Son.

Shoes! Shoes!
\ ll, ,.i,., l....lv k n., s R I".

44'. I liet! 41
C ~~c~l1I l '''hum &' t, ile 'low me ner.

a ii *- --I _. .--.._. _

S .. .'; I .
-' t -, of
i. ', i, '. ' t *, o jarring
, .. str*,et. Upon tihei si I'-rfa of
the 'inlie a coating of lyeopa
niu nfpowder. The1u taiw powdered
('ha'rco'aoi .i I draw a slr; .it; bhl'ck
line two ihIl;cs loag u pon the coating
the' ino should be uorthi aind'soufh.
After this is du ne lay t1pon the floor
t stick so. that it will le eiA y piral
1ei w tb the charcoal hue. An.y' %at"4ion0
at.ry object tn the room 'will answer tas
;i .- it is pI:.'-. lel with thel
lue. If the bowl is ieft und:lstU'l'bd
fen several hours. It .,vill 1;, senl li,
the black mark has tI.'urii:-, tov-IIr.i, thi..
'- '-.i..: object a111d has moved i'roil
past to wes-t. in a direction op)posit.'m' to
the movement of the earth on its ..axis.
This proves that the earth in -revolv
Jig has carried t'.he water with it. butl
ihe powder on the surface has beevn
left a little behind.

Br'.e Men Pall
Victims to stomach, -liver and kidney
troubles as well as women, and all feel
the results in loss of appetite, poisons
ia the blood, backache, nervousness,
headache ond -tired, listless run down
1. li.'. But there's no need to feel
like that. Listen to J. W. Gardner, Ida-
viie, Ind. He says: "Electric Bitters
ari just the thing for a mtan when he is
all run down, and don't care whether he
lives oi01 dies. It did more to give me
strength and good appetite than any-
.;' I ,:.. Ei1 ;ike. T ''-ir n -.v; aI n *.;*-
i :.!.' .i ,i *I !a. : a ri--. t>' t ,'- U 'i !, i-
, .I . ., ,. i. v.
t -' l -': ,.,"i .th t %',i

d xOrasO' .ta- 4n4 ricxton of 'which has al-
-*1 -. m'1adeax xix jirxun The
,, ai i: fi t ",.en on;iv obstacle
in the way of this r r. nationtion is the
wani, of two ins)rJ44um'nts and the money
toby theIS wI b. tio x 0oui"x x en not.xx (
feeding' able io ,o J.v ix 1hi pek,. s
to mttl the exoene, ,. have fo'ind
,e-re - "c.4e Creet g'ood iiisAtruimentsI
on the instaiim.ent plan. aund have about
made arrangements with the firm to
get them'. Through donations and an
ice cream supper they have secured
partly cuoigh1 to imalce tljo first pay-
inent, and in order to rIi,ise thel balance,
the idea w:.s pro -p xscd to give a mas-
querade b 11 o4 t1ie naiht of the 26th
inct "A 4 1 .-xlro ct 'OtL,.s

irdli nis %'veinriloqun lats.
Many birds form their sounds with-
out opening their bills. The pigeon is
a well known instance of this. Its
cooing can be distinctly heard, al-
though it does not open its bill. The
call Is formed internally in the throat
and chest and is only rendered audible
Iyv resonance. Similar ways may be
o:. ,'Mcved in !4any birds and other ani-
mals. The clear, loud call of the
cuckoo. according to one naturalist, is
the resonance of a note formed in the
bird. The whirring of the snipe, which
hetrays the approach of the bird to the
hunter. is an act of ventriloquism.
Even the nightingale has certain notes
which are produced internally and
which are audible while the bill is

nibt., and devoie Ith proceeds to this
purpose, and arrangements have been A certain Irish member of parliat.
progressing to furnish the most unique meant. popular and a bachelor, had been
etertainmentSt. Anidrews hasknon very polite to the daughter of the
for many a day&, .ond to realize some- house where he- was visiting. When
thing out of it, it has been decided to the time came for him to go, the too
charge thie nominal admission fee of 10 anxious inamma called himn in for a
cents, and 25 cents a number for dane- serious talk "I'm sure I don't know
ing the entire evening. This, it is what to say." she went on. Tis re-
known, wilt net no great amount; but ported all around that you are to mar-
i i u ry Letitia."
it is thought vitaise enough foria- ..j"ust say that she refused me,"
inedi : -:, sons, realizing -he value of a good band San Francisco Argonaut.
to the town have already made liberal --.
donations, and if a few others will profit $6 a Week to Start.
by their example, St. Andrews will We want intelligent ladies, or gentle-
soon have a band second to none in the men to accent, periranient position in ownii
state. The talent is here and all thae town"; salary to start $6 a week, guaran-
Sneeded i enouraemet and a lit teed, and commission. Many make from
Needed is encouragement and a little $12 to $-24 a week. You 'can devote all or'
timely aasstance. By all meins, a your spare time. Send sta np for full
'end the masquerade whether you par-1 piarticilars. Address. The Bell Company,
ticipate or not. Dept. C., Philadelphia, Pa-

Of St. Andrew
week erdi
Present enroll
Average duilv
Number of abse
Number of Tare
Number of pun
Number of visi

1 4

Bay School for the
g Dec. 8, 1899.
*nt................ 46
ttendance........ 32
uces (days)........ 70
"inesses.......... 16
shmALnts.......... 6
ors ............. 0
i. HADLEY, Teacher.

The Old Settlers' Association of
Cromanton will hold its ninth annual
session at Cromanton on Dec. 27th.
Visitors welcome.
F. W. HOSKINS, Pres't.
W, M. CRPntAN, SOc'y.

Mal a Note of It.
Within a few days, R. F. Brack-
in will return with the largest, best-
selected st Anidrews. ~e|ng on the ground with
the "spot,"/h lias made deals that
will be a s rp se to our patrons and
an1 t 0

0 e C ill si' e ii 'i.ll.ar's.

N E RYES must be fed on pure, rich
blolc. Hood's Sarsaparilla is the
best nerre 'onic. By enriching the
blood it makes the nerves STRONC.
S(Jo ivina..; Aneaer.
Thera:e ill: many people Vwho do not
care for lib"r( ries who pride themselves
on havng "only the books they read"
about ,heiM. but the answer nwade by
a li- *' ,- '-'..,.I scholar to one of those
persons very well illustrates how valu-
able Is this idea as to what a library
should be. 'hie scholar was connected
with au institution of learning which
had bcen greatly helped by a liberal
man of the neighborhood, but the liber-
al vian was not much of a sympathizer
with the idea of increasing the library.
Wien appealed to in the matter, he re-
"More books? Dear me, it seems to
me you've ot more than you can read
now. Have you read all you have al
"No." returned the scholar. "and I
never expe( t to read them all."
"Then vi ly do you want more?"
"Let me tsk you," said the scholar,
"did you ever read the dictionary
"Cert:;ii.; not." was the reply.
"Well. 0 i said the scholar, "a libra-
ry is may ,li 'i.ii.'y."
'TI, :::.. ,r was convincing, and the
merchant ovided the professor with
the 1f'tuds he wished for.-Pittsburg
To C'ii e a Cold in One Day
Take Laxa ive Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All drug its fund the money if it
fails to cu e. W. GROVE'S signa-

A olnplleated Flag.
The Spa ish royal standard is most
complicated. The red and yellow of
the Spani. flag Is said to be derived
from this ceurrence: In 1378 Charles
the Bold l ;,f,. his fingers in the blood
of (;,.lr- ', count of Barcelona, and
Irew th': ( down the count's golden
shield in t ken of his appreciation of
the hiter' bravery. The shield, so
marked. If came the arms of Barce-
lona. wail ) became part of Aragon,
and its aR' 1s were taken by that king.
Now to lie royal standard: In the
first (,1:1r't r or upper left hand part'of
the tlag iar the arms of Leon and Cas-
tile, th ilin I and the castle; the second
quarter is taken up, one-half by the
arnis of A agon. one-half by the arms
of Sicily. 'he upper third of the quar-
ter directlyl under the first) shows the
Austri4n ( lors. the lower two-thirds
is divided between the flag of Bur-
gundy and the black lion of Flanders;
the upper rthii of the fourth quarter
shows the checkers, another Burgun-
dian device while the lower two-thirds
is shared 1 y the red eagle of Antwerp
and the go den lion of Brabant. and on
the top of 11 this are two shields, one
showing t PIortuguese arms. the oth-
er the Fre ch fleur-de-lis. Considerable
of a flag t at!

W kIng Night and Day.
The busi st and mightiest little thing
that ever as made is Dr. King's New
Life Pills. Every pill is a sugar-coated
globule of health, that changes weak-
ness into s rength. listlessnes into en-
ergy, brat -fag into mental pdwer.
They're w nderidl in building up the
il:alth. 0 ly .23 cts per box. Sold by
all dru i .3

SVof ery Old After All.
i tt Tgie cLurchiyard at
fickenhill,' in Warwickshire, is a
tombstone upon which is Inscribed the
age of a dear old maiden lady who de-
parted this] life In the year 1701. Her
age, as testified by the engraver's art,
was 708. Born before the Conquest
and dying underr Queen Anne. Again
ai Chave 'riory, Worcestershire, the
age of a "rfde forefather" is similarly
Inscribed '3W0. Not to harrow the read-
er, we may say that these portentous
figures are strictly the product of the
engraver's art. The monumental ma-
son of those days was nothing if not
Ignorant, and his idea of writing 78 or
39 was to -write 70 or 30 first and 8 or
9 afterward, meaning 70 plus 8 or 30
plus 9, etc as, the case might be.


ive Years Constant Use

Without a Failure.
The firstdndication of croup is ho irse-
ness, and i i a child subject to that dis-
ease it may be taken as a sure sign of the
approach tf an attack. Following this
hioarsenesk is a peculiar rough cough. Ift'
Chamnberlain't Cough Remedy is given as
soon as tl e child becomes hoarse, or
even aftrir hie croupy cough appears, it
will prevent the attack. It is used in
many thll) sands of homes in this broad
land and never disappoints the anxious
mothers. 'We have vet to learn of a sin-
gle inslanem in which it has not proved ef-
fectual. )I, other preparation can show
such a reiord-twenty-five years' con-
stant use without a failure. For sale
by L. M. UWmre. St. Andrews and Bay.
head and 1ll medicine dealers.

"It is en 1l F'i-d

P1 at [owsK6'r'!" "

That small ache or pai or
weakness is the "ill w. 'd"
that directs your attend: n to
the necessity of purifying
your blood by taking Hood's
Sarsaparilla. Then your
whole body receives good,
for the purified blood goes
tingling to every organ. It
is the great remedy for all
ages and both sexes.
Dyspepsia Complic.ted 'with
liver and kidney trouble, I suffered for
years from dyspepsia, 'wiih severe pains.
Hood's Sarsaparitta made me strong and
hearty." B. Emcrton, Auburn, Me.

only .'. I'M i* '. I .I I. .. ..H t r 4 r.
A Ballet In Hil Drnin.
I .. . .- . i.... i i -.,n l I n l1 t n

to forego the unfolding of a bud.

WonderfTil Development.
Watts- The development of the sense
of touch in the blind is something al-
ways a wonder to me.
Gotrox-l have it pretty well devel-
oped myself. I Lave got so I can tell
a borrower two blocks away.-Indian-
apolis .ournal.

"Have you studied any language be-
side English?"
"Yes," answered Miss Cayenne,
"three-golf, baseball and yachting."-
Washington Star.

The man who reaches the railroad
station two minutes after time and
sees the train steaming out of the oth-
er end derives no satisfaction from the
proverb, "Better late than never."-
Berlin (Md.) Herald.
The Final Touch.
Ready for all that might befall, the
female detective prepared to venture
forth on the track of the desperate
criminal. At the threshold she paused
and cast one more look back.
"Is my disguise on straight?" she
asked.-Philadelphia North American-

L. M. Ware guarantees every bottle of
Cnamberia n's Cough Remedy and will
refund hIe moneyV to any one who is not
.,l'sfied after using two-thirds of the
contends. This is tlie best remedy in tlhe
world for lagrippe. coughs, colds. croup
and whooping cough and is pleasant and
safe to take. It prevents any tendency of
coid to result in pneumonia. Sold by
L. 9M.Ware, St. Andrews and Bayhead and
all medicine dealers. *




Hats : and












T Eli.^ iI~^T


T .i- IS

Ten s

., .. .. .' .


orr rly i.' to .l. nth.lr an who was visit-
ing the invitation recently and said:
"That man has for five years carried
around a bullet in his brain. Five
years ago he became despondent be-
cause of poverty, put a 32 caliber pis-
tol behind his left ear, pulled the trig-
ger and fell apparently dead. The
ball made a small, round hole and re-
mained lodged somewhere In his head.
A few hours after he was brought here
he regained consciousness, and, great-
ly to our surprise, he made a rapid re-
covery. The wound was never probed,
and no effort has been made to locate
the bullet. After he was able to walk
about we noticed that he was a trifle
irrational-not inad you know-but
weakininded. A considerable portion
of his brain must without doubt be en-
tirely destroyed. The human animal
is certainly the hardest thing on earth
to kill."-New Yor'k News.
Red Hot From the Gun
Was the ball that hit, G. B. Steadman
of Newark, Mich., in the evil war. It
caused horrible ulcers that no treat-
ment helped for 20 years. Then Buck-
len's Arnica Salve cured him. Cures
cuts, bruises, burns, scalds, felons,
corns, skin eruptions. Best pile cure on
earth. :'5 cts. a box. Cure guaranteed
Sold by all druggists.
HIs Plea For Water.
"If there is anything I dislike," re-
marked Colonel Stilwell. wiping his
mustache with impressive deliberation.
"it is a bigoted person. Some of the
people at my home In Kentucky came
very near taking permanent offense at
me, but I held out and finally con-
vinced them."
"What was the discussion about?"
"It was the old controversy. Some-
body mentioned water, and Judge Mor-
gan stated his opinion that it was
something that ought to be abolished.
The mnaitor argued for its use-in LnoideL-_
ation, but the judge wouldn't have it.
I was sorry to disagree with the judge,
but I stated my arguments and clinch-
ed them so that he had to give in. I
called his attention to the grea'tachieve-
ments which all the world is now en-
gaged in applauding. I recalled to his
mind the glories of our naval heroes.
the men who are so proud of their
country, the men of whom their coun-
try is so proud. Then I pointed my
finger at the judge and asked him how
those naval heroes could have done
these glorious deeds if there hadn't
been plenty of water for them to sail
their ships on."-Washington Star.

Trains. Worry, Direase and Death.
Late trains are it source of annoyance
to everybody. The, British Medical
Journal dwells upon the very serious
result produced by them upon the
health of travelers. The rush to the
station to catch the train which may
perchance be punctual; the weary wait
on drafty platforms or in stuffy wait-
ing rooms: the dilatory journey-all
these, we are told, add seriously to the
labor of the day even in the best of
times, but when the weather is cold
and daml) they are still more injurious
anmd in that they are largely responsible
for those "colds," as they are called,
those conditions of depressed vitality
which are the starting points of most
of tl e acute diseases from which men
suffer and from which the elderly and
the feeble die.

Genuine Courtesy.
Surface manners are like cut flowers
stuck in a shallow glass with just
enoug-h water to keep them fresh an
hour or so; but the courtesy that has
its growth in the heart is like the rose-
bush in the garden, that no inclement

Read, Pies and Cakes, ,s ,
I... \ ; Ax.


PESACOLA, Fla, Oppsuie wait ,,, ,,n \J,'a +u, ,x +rx
is the Piace for Passengers Coing to ard rfo


Rooms Comfortable! Terms '3asoable!

C u' lf .o. .l -

Captaih, JAs. E.CLARK

*a ~

255 Tems Burden. Passenger ~i

Mobile to .St.AnCdrewsoBan .n 5 00 St Andrews Pay to Apaiachicola
Apalachicola-........ :. 7 00 ..
Carrahelle ............ 8 00 Aj . i I to ,

5th. 15thand 25th at7 p.m.. ........ .. .
-f1 i Oi, (1 ->h 1mSt An1rtA w" . .
"tlb 17th -a nd 2-+Ith nr '." "'

8th, 18th and 281 h a.m... ..... A
9th, 19th and 29th a .... .

Connects at Analachicoliv with bsttri+.l x 11 ( '
Carraballe with '. T. & G. Railroad for Tal In 1,;s,.
For further information, freight rates and s ;c5.'i r tI,.:e. fr-
Address, CAPIT. ,Ax. (CLAN1 Mb>1i>U1> ,,.' ,..,

*-- 00 0 116 00 00 1. *
-f H I o it 4 (

6 Su aE Y2


z remedy for female troubles is z
2 a.F. P.
For any affection of the womb or oiar:s., -
leucorrhcea, tumors, painful month,.les o'r
| sterility. TUOR REMOVE.
The wife of one of my customers was so
badly afflicted with tumor of the womb that
she was unable to go about. After using
=three bottles of G. F. P. the tunor was ex-.
pelledi and her rapid gain of heahi was some-
thing remarkable alter that.
SRtatcliff, Tex. J. H. RATCLIFF. s
Try G. F. P. at once. It will m ake yo'
strong;, vivacious, regular and cure you
of any form of female weakness.
Write to, or LADIES IIEALTI CLrull in charge of
lAdies exclusively. Explain all abt.ut yuur case and
tiey will advise you f1*lv on h,," t V in your
health. Addlres "LADIFS nBAI'UFF1 I,. eae of
* *i.GERSTLE &CO., Chaltano.ga, 'tAn.
If our drufgist dras not h. hV;, n. i'. r a.'ick
*him to *enl f"r it., S, ,,i >v) ,* '4 '- yi ur ordtr i.
aud ..00 a.ud we wi; Ui** ;' ; "1
L. GEfSTLE & CO., Chal.,o-'ga, T1'n.
eM..... ^-< !* 4-****-"- *

People Who Sitarien Their '-.
Recent studies uf the KIadrs, -.
of short, dark skimaed, curly .,
natives living In the Anamala :,,.
of southern India. show that -
possess a remarina'! la.,- custom not i-
where know' iu ,.t ; :-1,. Z -,.
eDnl g of trH it, r i '1 '
jaccom pli h !_,. ,,* ; ... . .
S point. gli .' i ,.' ij --, .

I." -*4 l 'A r -".I

j ';* 's '"' ., .*., S

.r -' .

.) na
*],3 ,' . ,.. ,

and Go ndbn .

(= .-lipa


-- I


. ... I

Tr`dm. ~iN~ ---


---r ~--LLI

RACKET S T 0.1. E !

Corner of Bayview and Wyc rin ,, -..

Glassware. Tinwa:i : (
W lt yon can'l find at any m h, r Silor. ;, .

STO R E 'xx

IC____ __

---- ~LI


r 1., KAZLI V 10,1 AILU-L-" IiJ .wi --ab


Bb~-~ --IIIIS~LiZCI~I~'. Ci~ jli. "IL~U ~PBIL~mli:.~II


1 _

, H-

i-- -.~

Feeding Their Dead. Millions Given Away.
Twice a year, in the first week of It is certainly gratifying to the pub- A mt
April and October, the Chinese feed lie to know of one concern in the land town
their dead. They think, very sensibly, who are not afraid to be generous to to loo
that once thoir friends and relatives the needy and suffering. The proprie- so lon
pis leave ts n.rta coil theyd oht to tors of Dr. King's New Dfiscovery for ihe ci
release ths .rta coil they oht consumption, coughs and colds, have
stay away from this world and to pre- give away over ten million trial bot- not W
vent their return Ihey f'.ithf-.l;" trns- thes of this great medicine, and have ;nn-
mit to them all the necessaries of life. the satisfaction of knowing it has abso- il'luvx
It has been discovered by oriental wis- lutely cured thousands of helple-s when
dom that the way to transmit serv- cases. Asthma, bronchitis. hoarsenes, he cu
ants, songs, plays, books and money is and all diseases of the throat, chest barely
Thursday, Dec. 14, 18)9. to manufacture them in paper and ond lungs are surely cured by it. Call proper,
burn them. But actual eatables must an any druggist and get a trial bttle c
free,regular size 50cts and $1. Every the bi
S T. ANhREWS be carried to the srave bottle guaranteed. or price refunded.' The
R CES UR R E N T. on loads of roasted chickens, pigs, k'ersonal. police
GROCERIES. ducks. various sweetmeats and fruits John D. Coffma.;, o: Chicago; one ont
Ogar, lb Tea, are taken to the cemeteries. The food Go
Granulated......6 He No ....... is piled before each grave amid burn- of St. Andrews most popular and asked
oree,Ate..... Gunpowder.. 40 ing red, carrot shaped candles and joss \welcome winter visitors, arrived last "Ye
Srown'.... 5 Uncol'd Jap.40-60 sticks. Then the living prostrate them- '1'.Tusa night and will, as usual, o
Stlree, Oondmilk, cal selves before the dead and beg them
Gireen... 12@20 Unsweetn'a.10 to rise up and enjoy themselves. Chi- spend. the winter here. anid later be drug
Arbuckle,tl 12-15 Sweetened..... 8 nese wines are then sprinkled liberally joined by other members of h*s fami- pleas
singer snaps 31b 25 Baking powder over the graves, while some graves re- of Chicg The
,rgirlers,soda 10 Royal........ 50 ceive boxes of cigars and packages of *' ad qite a pty o iicag took
'.,i,acco, plug 20a60 Campbell .... 10 cigarettes. fi iends. He will at once proceed word
R tiitiiia Canned fruit "Th
I.,,idii.. layers.8-15 Peaches.... 10a20 But you must not suppose that the with the erection of his new house hae
Valencia ...... 8 To toe Sa2 tables are leftback on the graves.own. theOh, d
ties ....... 61 Apples ........ 10 no! That would be throwing too much back of Old Towa, the d
pples Pears ......... 15 temptation in the way of heathen "bun Kile er Ver Iste
I.viperaed... 12 Plums ......... 10 tramps. In about two hours It is be- Aan Killed Near Vernon. Instet
)ried Peaches 8 Apricot......10-20 lieved that, the ghosts got the essence Early last Saturda. morning, .nie want:
o(al Oil prgal....15 'tra:1ihleri ine-... 20 of the eatables conveyed to them. and N. S. Townsen sh,,t Mr. George l'a - le
;..(olhile .. i 'ii ripple .-. l-'.) thou the devotees gather up the offer- Cleve
.11 .. ll 411 i.i Nly i.et an d \- rrl h n i i u o I' i i- ni ea Ver.noi, n froi which w(,.tilt
m ... .. -. feed to their own material bodies. BLut he died a le\\ hlinuih I:tlei, Town.-e
i',e p. lt .. I h ,llcId l. i. i '- the cigars and cigarettes are burned left iittne-liately alter the shottiig. Son
.l .. .-- -- .,,hier 1 ion the graves. .nette
2'1 i3r .-. "I.-:0 IeI. 1i I saying he was coining to Chipley to port
.ard . .. 10 11n ,ll - 15
'.... ......... 4 1i ilned Vegetiables Xmasl Xlnas! surrender to SheriffAllev, but instead three
.., p 10 Baked Beans.. 10 shoul
10' ('-% .,1,' tS 1 ... 10@ IS Thid year R. F. Brackin & Son of coming her. li he ent to DeFuiak, the
Ie3 ', t.-- I1 ,'- Peas ........... 10 have, the c-Htilence to display an : -. where hlie was arrested. He claims it obtai
.'.1 iedo. ... 4.1 Pumpk se stock Everything for o)l was don* accidentally, but aI no one was
np1 do?.. 15 assert
P1tOV ISIONS. I,,lks, iontg people acn-i children. was present when the fatal shot wa. judgE
IPFlour1 '. .225 .Po rk '. Yop ha;ve ets. Brackinn's is Sania fired, and Parish never spoke after net.
Am'nSwai r ..2.5 1D. Sh t pr 8....... i to tel es c ider
Maijestic .... 2.15 Bacon Sides....8. Clans headquarters. See to it that being shot. it is hard to tell how, cwooider
('iii 1 .i 1 tl'64o-70 Fresh ....... Sit ,1 whv it was done.- Chipley Banner. w
Oat Meal pr b. 5 i r'kf'st itcni. 11 he remenibelr thlein. O-f t
Corn perht ... 55-60 HaIin canvassedl2A CIured the Curlous Youth. give
potatoess Shoulders ..... 0 A SIeri. to. mpiaton. pa il mell(
Iris ...... 1 20 Beef In t!, Ino,.usianu. 1f -e: ;t Teunesseet- "Paw f < la' tglashe sliia .d I m
Iis 'se eed 1.20 Corned ..... 8 the natives. or ra-ihe- toe lower c(ire, a favorite annusen anET a Icrt i glass
Sweet ..60 5 Fresh.........810 of native. t.!'e mnnny lierties witi, set of.idle yots," s.d a hoei c sent(
t, p ak . 85 Dried ......... 2 the vee i I' ;:-sh. A physician who yestor( y. "'Any itter their
Tab1.' .. ... 5 Milk pr qt...... 10 .ac- e; in ghot r.-. n t-!!s cfnn in ,i o 1 .. . k 1 1 i was
tI A RDWARE. domi ilus~,'ti of is. e. ha a pa- name, ti'r oh bet 7; p a;l; '.iy noun
-,i,., ior i1,3; i t4' Ax,witl haidle. 75 .e n.' w o V, ; !>; b ,;n n r sl d l] by r gratify id' ,('P io-ity b) y, ti il- i prept
(;aiv wi, do.9ti2 Hoes, each ....3)a5) fled. On<," day the dyc 2 I Tjis d oil. da5 said to 11io 4. als. Last fll; an idit rt to t t ,' ox t.
S .,oe> -i,. :i iLiusDeedoil, i55 (B 0 ,i Q, ie it' eived a sevee h,:. n 60. i: ne.
\ ii) OS Liu....-!, house. l ,U 2b tlet
?' + oODS "Binl aair 11-'- ly a.d tay. Do ouse: :Do,:,% matt
S. a Chicks ., aS Jim res.Tonadd. "EHis wbhoe Inervou i.' vg ratlir i r' Ii ele.
5,;a,.i b unea . 15i4U system seem to be in a perfect strat- he 1 'n a:c t *ei iI a w' .it
as 1 .i ,rel T let p er S egy. -Me mphis Sci it r. of o i- : >i : IO l .;. ',) : Mis
-- ___'... ______ W'' .... i e" (.h --ien '1 ; S,
. .." ,.,.. fl. \ o l, ld ..' h (1,[,, t; i- . iT et i
. K o Io
i. i. I :, I I ., I '. h .. | i :ta loo n ;,i 1 I r . . *
., . ': 1 H: .-', !t i*[ll i)' "ed O 1l al' " all i'-
7. t!,,i '..,* 1.l wl ). <1li-- I to reva ., ,a ls
S. I ', -1: 1 .'ai, iolM ofr : the'
S.-, ... [ .1 l .. .l t. -. i iu i w would 'at e. ti l.:y i l '. *. ,'. ti a i,, '
-, ,* i .- !:ut i h ?--L iile (N Y .. 1 t' r]r ; r .1., .-.. ,L3 lhr.i ..l '.
] .' ', .,t li'. h tn ..: i,' I ,' ,i* ;t l ,,[ i. M k A '
ed th;It L, v,;.-, ti; l lil<.' to Ih;l;f ;1 cu' ']
*"" "' ,,; ". t ,.. -" '.- ,1 1 ti e h. :
., . l a i '.' start. quarters that hie 1,:In asked I'or litter '
.1 ... u. Ia. i out under an asstuiud Inamie wns regarded "1
.* I as so improbable tLat they h-ld him
..' .. s I a-. h b- w until tel, '*rii pldic l.intil'ies could be :''.'
I". k n/i. ". ( 'Il .it: I I ti :Ir i hi-m s 0a1. tn ,, e

- -I,. .-. Ivv lin d hy the

;.* II~
I .~ dl
' I. l~

* . 1'1

-- .d -. '.-.~
I,. -
- I

ii"'I'll is?

I' -lIII

I 01 Ii IiI gt a 111.1(.6 hen
'iii j4, i *I irvv- i g~ to die ip ther
*1 ,I I m rilelia IIIli ri. ii ('11 1niI -e r-
.11I I -i13 J.lk c-,Jm ,-'ue a %I-id e pi u -iel
-.ni-ii (.L it* i :1 -n

L I *~ I it-1 h i i feI i 1 11 1d m IIucIhani I. a i'Ihfit "ii

i tI 0 *fill I zi...''fi-c ie itIl I ..-i. M otl s. ~t

was no
the sea
of amu


i ..m.

]:tli t T ll d icine

i d T h e D is1o i . 1 t '

S[- I I. -IW..- w IC tlv M
I. ''*'i' mude 1-I Ilia i-tI- lit Ill. B .1 v al i1 te41AIm:.v fit- i -r
L -1 1. l o 1I-vv i v r i -i lt
Talk- li) 0 I-------11 1.ii d 111 I-.Il-Id.tm' OI- 1alt he v ta
II il( .io fi Ill. 1 .ai i [I li U i.
Curc__________ 1- .1,~ )1- ... II 2- ilV r m :IiI, T en-

It IIk I i it d I-'c o k ..1
I-l: : av lit-' II I -tI M 1:..I v,' Iu 41 1, ba,1!.JI
'~A I- U1110 'a- 'it:. ~ I '

it i.- 1 (1 lad- II

A"', r III 'I -3 7' 1 ''IPA1- I fi tatI i

1.3 Geo

I- fAE? j Ii u X ia ,* I. I '.

~l.'.'.m ice~r in v- v, -,, If I i.. -
T. i.3,4. j- I
wv h u -' ,'it'.ir LL *I' ill I j- I 'I I '.1 ~ - f ~
l 'i L~i ntI3 59 I~i~~

.pLdarrlwln. IJ It i 1'erath ic tcorci iLIrd VL. PL r b[lLtLt


Convincing a ConnI sena ,
ule y.e'ir. ago th e Il e IDr. Colo-
undertook to make a bottle of
that, should not cos more than
*pence which the !est' judges
Id be unable to dis-ti i.iEs1i from
highest priced wine t iat could be
ned in the island. The preparation
compounded opehly before a large
mblage, and three competent
es Were selected to test the prod-
The basis of this compound was
. colored with an infusion of log-
I. To this he added 0 few grains
Lrtarie acid and salt bf tartar to
respectively a rough 'taste and a
)Wed appearance. When three
es of this compound and three
ses of recognized port were pre-
d to the judges to taste and pas'i
verdict, without bein,"g told which
which, they unanhnnously pro-
ced in favor of the doctor's cheap
ration and rejected the genuine
What they would have said the
morning if they had consumed a
e of this preparation remains a
er of conjecture.-London Chroni-

's Annie E. Guniilmg, Mi h.
'"I suffered a long time from dyspep-
et fl.:-h :iind IecIame 'ory weak,
I Di rirep-i.I Ciic.' .c-,nil tely cured
Ii dii;e-ta ali hi Vfou en and cure.
rnim ol -tmn lih ir.,i..lle. It inevCr
to _,ive imimedii.to ieli't in the worst
. R. F.lrirkin & k .&ln ,
S r. II c cc i .i .,.
S ,. : i .'.; i now n as
i :I- i' 'i, down the
i Tr I Iof [. I L.l.,liri one day
I 9 l, .::i l a .ii l i remnarkl to
i,:"- I Iin t. "!'!';ll I- '.ie fam ous
i']r l.. iii' d 1 I i far." H e
-1 i n. :il \'i -:il. n [It his "not
'1,1 ,.i 'i.ili -1I) ,:" 1 **You lie.
,' I ..1 ii : :1,- ni J. ,but not a

Directory Fiend h
nan wilh a grip entedu a down
drug store and asked permission
k at the city director Y. He was
ig about his search 'at one of
lerl'- got to wa('l1ii h him. and
thlout resnits. The n was ap-
Iy) l,&Ok throw ghie business
as ot the back of th book, and
ever he came to a pa he fancied
t it out with a deft movement,
y detectible. The clet called the
etor. and between th ii they saw
uit no les lthan five Ipage from
n the proprietor b oned to a
eman just outside the windoww and
up to his customer.
t through, with the book?" he
s, quite," was the re ply. "Much
ed. Is there any cha te?"
s; the usual charge said the
store man. "Ei t dollars,
e man looked at t proprietor,
in the policeman a "] without a
produced his wad l d settled.
his is not the first time people
mutilated my di ectory," said
druggist in relating the Incident,
It's the first vandal caught at It.
ad of copying the feW names he
t Le pefrerr,,l to 0t out whole
s. WItI. he paid r11i hli] fun."-
land l.ain Daler.

If you have a weak
throat you cannot be too
careful. You cannot begin
treatment too early. Each
cold makes you more liable
to another, and the last
one is always harder to
cure than the one before it.
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protects the lungs from colds.

Help at Hand.
If you have any complaint
wh-atever and desire the best
'" medical advice you can pos.
',sibly obtain, write the doctor
freelv. You will receive a
protnt reply.
!3 Address, DR. J. C. AYER,
-'. Lowell, Mass.

ConquerorN Coniquered.
It is a remarkable and instructive
fact that the career of four of the
most renowned characters that ever
lived closed with a violent or mournful
Alexander, after looking down from
the dizzy heights of his ambition upon
a conquered world and weeping that
there Were no more to conquer, died
of intoxication in a scene of debauch.
or, as some suppose, by poison mingled
in his wine.
Hannibal, whose name carried ter-
ror to the heart of Rome itself, after
having crossed the Alps and put to
flight the armies of the mistress of
the world, was driven from his coun-
try and died at last of poison admiuis
tered by his own hands in a foreign

t the Clicago crook. but he got ;:I", .-. '* land, unlamented and unwept.
re ofthis life. and you may rest Il.,,',i Il .* .* .':.i ,'l too appears Caesar, the conqueror of 800 cities.
I that lie has dropped that form to hav p f':1.bI inu ..ilrte.-y to the fair and his temples bound with chaplets
segment from his Indulgences." sx'. for. wvieu ri-I thait a brother dipped in the blood of a million of hi,
jtil .- iwolll iiint sit that day. on ac- foes, was miserably assassinated by
Eminent Kidney comii of hoi'ini Jiiui los.i his wife. be. those he considered his nearest friends.
who wa*s r'ttedl with a Nantilpr.e. re- Bonaparte, whose mandate kings and
d Bladder Specialist. plied: **Hna. he? That is a zude excuse emperors obeyed, after tilling the earth
inl-,id. I vish we haild ii'lie same." with the terror of his name. closed his
1UrAN'I'E---E ER AL lBRIGHT AND days in lonely banishment upon a bar-
E HONES.I' .per.i.,ti, to ri-pr-.t-ct us as ren rock in the midst of the Atlantic
,. M-ihi.e r- in ihi. iani l,.ise '.'!y counties, ocean.
S9110 .ilii .J ,i ytar and expeniies. Straight, Such the four men who may be con-
I,, ..t-tide, no monr. no I le-s i,iaryv. Posi- sidered representatives of all whom
I:,,i n p-rinai.eni. Our reierenced, any bank the world calls great. and such their
n an j ''tniri. It is mainly office work con- end-intoxication, or poison, suicide.
Sicit-ld ai hn,-i H l'-rence. Enclose self- murdered by friends, lonely ekile!
Sad-N-.ud aI i'tmr.-d enve.lope. THE Do-
IeNION ,_'.PANV, Dept. 3. hK.,go. Queer Sight. Abroad,
SWhen I was in AIx-les-Balns last
To Our Readers. summer, I saw a stout German woman
Here is a Great Bargain sitting at another table eating from an
r is a rea Bargan enormous pile of plates. I thought at
.......... I I WE HAVE TO OFFER YOU! first she was carving or doing some-
ovcrer of Swamp-Root at Work T thing of that kind, but as the meal
overs Laboratory TH BUOY and progressed and the lile became no less
is a disease prevailing in this THE TWICE-A-WEEK I made inquiry and found out that she
mo:t dangerous because so decep- DETROIT FREE PRES w"'as extremely nearsighted, and the
any sudden deaths are caused by DETROIT FREE PRE pile of p!ates-exactly 19 In number-
r disease. pneumonia, heart failure B",th 1'a1et,. One ePar was necessary to raise her food to'a
e:y are often the result of kidney .%nil tlie Free Pre-s Year Rook point where it would come within her
If kidney trouble is allowed to ad- a Eiclcelopeml ia for 1900 range of vision. She was no less a
he kidnc.,'-poisoned blood will attack personage than the Duchess of Sles-
Io r-an or the kidrnevsthemselves FOR ONLY $1.75. wick-nolstein.
:.. n and waste av.way cell by cell.InI l te n
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out and the sufferer has Bright's 4 c.0lcit.led hv all to be Mihigan's lead- windows on account of the expense
the '...:rt form of kidney trouble. ig,,, and replace it with wood or other ina-
.;,r' .wanip-Root thenew dis- Rin-ncl,,iithat hlvtaking advantage of trial. Iu order to relieve the moot.
;it irl. e:.-:ifi for kidney. bladder sh1,1 ,.,,',ii,,tii,,ln vutl g.t .-2 copies of the ony. I suppose, they have a habit of
.ii t.ek. It has cured thousands i,.T,.iY td 1114 ,cpie' 0l thbo REE painting household scenes on these
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.\ .\


% Tf-

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W.dlml a




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The silent stars looked down thirougl
a clear, still bight upon a host of slh'e'
ing men. The lurig:de lhinl adva;:('e(
by forced marches and now lay within
two miles of the dervish camp. 'To
morrow's drawnn wold 'oee tho n'a ul

low whispers, for it was no the utmost
importance thaIt- the enemy should lie
taken by surprise, and the orders as to
silence were strict.
"Buck up. old chap. you'll come
through all right. And if not. what
does it amount to? You've got no wo-
men folk to bother about."
"No, thank heaven. It is in times
like this that one is glad never to have
niarried-like poor old Harcourt."
"'Why poor?"
"I was thinking of his wife. I should
not care to be tied to an ugly woman
"That's all rot., lamilton," retorted
the othlier. "I don't believe it matters
a row of pins. so long, of course, as
she isn't repulsive or underbred."
"Think so?"
"Yes. The most unlikely women
sonweties attract most."
"Well, old chap. I'm precious thank-
fiul I've no thoughts of woman to both-
er nIle tonight. I shall try for a lead
tomorrow. even if I have got the
route. We've a good chance of being
first Into the zareba."
"We will give you a race for It. any-
how. Ilut we'd better try and get a
sleep. for this awful heat takes it out
of a fellow."
The tw.-o went to their separate posts.
A. ] nas he lay sleepless the thougihts
-;amei to Hli;!ilton that it was some-
a'helt l:)!oesomiie to think that no womn.
Oil's eyes would till at the news of his
:leath: and lie looked upward at the
stars above him. wondering where his
soul would be tomorrow.
The shadow of death lay upon him,
,is at times it does upon the bravest
soldier: lie would fight none the worse
for It in tlhe morning.
Th(e sun had risen.
In the previous short half houtr of
__lan the sahulat had been delivered.

--- U---~ 1T~~'a~ 81

tie dervish forces had been driven
fr'om their Intrenchm cents and now
the black, grinning "Giippys" were
fraternizing and triumphing with their
laughing and calling white comrades.
Backward, across the half mile of
plain, the surgeons were busy. Away
to the southward could be heard the
sounds of pursuit as the British offi-
cers chased the flying Baggara.
A field hospital at the front is not a
pleasant place, neither can it be de-
sceribed in cold black and white. War
correspondents, as readers of the
dailies have no doubt noticed., judi-
ciously avoid more than the merest
mentfon of such places.
There were some ghastly cases, and
both surgeons and assistants had been
worked hard. But the pressure wvas
over and at last there was time to at-
tend to the wounds which were not
"Now, Hamilton. let's see." said
Surgeon Major Murphy, -approaching
an officer who lay motionless on a
stretcher-who had so lain half an
hour at least. The doctor looked his
patient over, gave a low whistle and
beckoned to one of the orderlies who
at that moment turned his head.
"Look, see. Dawkins, here's a bad
ease! He must go back to the hos-
"Bad as that, doctor?" asked the mo-
tionless man faintly.
"'Tis so. Now you keep quiet."
Lieutenant Hamilton had been to-
tally blinded by the explosion of a
shell in an earthwork as. well in front.
he was leading his company. He was
sent to the rear-to hospital--and Sis-
telr May was given charge of him.
He had not much pain. only he was
blind. Treatment appeared to have no
effect on this. It seemed likely to be
a long business. The days began to

hang heavily. Thien came tLe u.01
story, "Love In idleness."
Hospital sisters do not cease to be
women when they take up their work.
Sister May was just as susceptible to
love as though she had been a silly
young thing of 18. though. In fact. she
was ten years older. And lie? Pity
being akin to love the recipient of pity
runs a double risk. Her voice was soft
and musical, ier touch was soothing,
her care of him seemed first motherly,
then sisterly. and then-
So it was that by easy stages they
drifted into that strange attraction
which the world calls "love."
And her one fear was that some day
he might see again. The surgeon said
it was just possible and was advising
a consultation with the world famed
Professor Augenowirte of Glaefrath.
She prayed against that possibility, for
in her own eyes she was plain-nay.
ugly past redemption. Yet, thol'gh
she could not realize it. her too large
mouth and prominent teeth, her irreg-
ular nose and all the fancied imperfec-
tions of her face mattered little: for
her large gray eyes were soft and full
of animation, her skin was like vel-
vet, her figure and carriage perfect.
But, womanlike, she could only dwell
upon her facial defects and was full of
al)pprehenision lest some day his sight
oh"md he p'i-.""-i "."i ","'ing her fea-
lures, ne snoula loatme ner.
Her cousin Kate, a sister nurse, see-
Ing how things tended, chaffed her

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r*Oh. p"-. r: tlere's Iwo. lIut I
know lle o~ on m you ean now."
And ile I u. shown into the waiting
"(;GeVlleik :11 wunits me? Who can
it"- Theul the door opened. He start.
ed forward'l
"My lord!" he whispered. "I knew
you were Ilea;utiful. I have come back
to claim yc u."
Site'r I;1iie, drew back startled. For
the iniin,.niI she could not imagine who
this 111:111 Iir the shade over his eyes
could be. I tIhat moment he had
drawn he' to 'him and was wildly
pouring olut his love.
In that stlonin,'t also the door -again
opened, atid Sister Mlay, looking in.
saw all.
She falterted and stepped back. the
eating of her heart choking her for
the minute.
"Stop. sir!" said Kate. regaining her
senses. "You must be Mr. flamilton ?"
"Yes." he answered, amazed, releas-
ing ner.
This frivolous little voice was not
that of ris love. This overfl'rizzed
hair. theset shallow eyes were not
beautiful it the second glance. What
had he don.'>?
"Are yuS nlIt Miss Johnstone?"
"Yes. ,late Johnstone."
"Kate? .And Is your sister"-
"Is she ot here?"
"Yes.1 said Kate, with a smile.
"Stay lir I will fetch her."
"Whyt Jay. you there?" she whis-
pered, on'indting her at the threshold
and wopneriing If she had seen or
heard. '-Here is Mr. Hamilton.
"No, ne'er! I will never see him!"
she pantd l between her heart beats.
"Nonse e! He has come back on
purpose .jr you, and his eyes are all

"Y- a (Id be expects to see a pretty
girl like tou!" retorted May bitterly.
"Look: here, May, don't be a fool! Go
In.- He is ,waiting."
But Hami'lton had already grown Im-
patient. The door opened, and he saw
them both.
"Here *fe is," said Kate.
"Ah!" le said.
Sister .i:ay looked down. trembling.
"Are y~u May Johnstone, my dear
nurse?" he asked, his voice full of
tenderness and love.
"Yes," he whispered.
Kate had disappeared; they were
alone. I
"Mly darling, I have come for you,"
he said.
"But-you can see now?"
She looked up recklessly, and their
eyes met,
"Yes, thank God. I can see my love!"
Then lhe surrendered herself.-
Cleveland Herald.
King of Ethiopia. and the Toys.
Formerly very little sufficed to enter-
tain Menpaek, and It is even related
that the ,first sugar loaf which was
presentedito him caused him ecstasies
of pleasure and that he and his con-
sort wereqdiscovered with that blessed
product f civilization between them.
licking ittvigorously. But those good
times are past. Europeans have brought
him so nmany toys that he has become
critical. When a new traveler Is an-
nounce(d. he awaits with impatience
the customary present, trying to find
out it-foielind whether It is some-
thing n-.'.. in which case the audience
is speedily granted. Ile is much inter-
ested in dill machinery, which. includ-
ing wate'i t lW he Invariably takes to
;jif'f,- Su i, I;[;].Ls, 11 -lL'ie.i ls to I.n- irI-I
..'nt :it 'i hbl,. I[.h1 : "lf lh th'fllter'-
-- ., ," P? ;'k&': i a-it, oh .

i-.[ II ,., ,. < ]:-z. L S 'h ilur.,r
''Ii'h:m '.,,,< ;' niuse hilm vastly. "If
I )iil no ,,,, l kingg" lie remarks at
l Ilt'S. "I [.l,iild like to have been a
'untoinl le(t otlic*r."- Vicomte de
Slt(",luj. i -\,li'lt,' nThl Century.
HI- 'StT persons to represent us as
Managery$ii this and close Iby counties.
Salary $9 year and expenses. Straight,
hona-fideno more no less salary. Posi-
lion pertinent. Our references, any
bank itty town. It is mainly office
work coIlucted at home. Reference. En-
close seLaddressed stamped envelope.
TIH DOmioNQ COMPANr, Depl. 3, Chicago.

On the Verge.
He considered it a parental duty to
see tha his daughter kept only the
very be. marriageable company.
"MIary' said her father, "you have
been gcag with that Mitchell fellow
for mUortan a year now. This court-
ship inq come to a termination."
"O'h. how can you talk so? He
is, oh, s c:.ou. and nice!"
"A!" And the fond father arched
his eyebrows. "Sweet and nice, eh
Has he proposed ?"
"Well pa, not exactly." And the
girl hg her head and fingered the
draperof her dress. "He hasn't ex-
actly Ppo..ed: but, then. last evening,
when % were out walking, we passed
by a ,te little house, and he said,
'That'Slie kind of cottage I am going
to livex some' day,' and I said 'Yes.'
and t hlie glanced at me and
squeez my lanid. Then. just as we
got by lainm.-'M back at thie cottage,
and-a I squeezed his hand. pa."
I "Oh'h I see! Well, we'll try him
l"I'" h'1 .-; o0r1 two."-- -

J. F. DRAGO, M'r.

Vt li'q rr

su met n, 6-, .aaA1 U.M... .....-
never hears anything else. Then tell
liim something pleasant. He will glow
like a schoolboy. and both of you will
feel better all day. Don't tell people
lie mean things you hear about them.
h'liat is inexcusable.-Atchison Globe.

I)o You Want to Make $300?
We want a local manager, lady or gen-
tleman, in own town or county; no can-
vassing required. You can devote full or
snare time; or evenings only, in connec-
tion with your regular vocation. i200 to
$300 can be made before Christmas and
it will require Very little time. It is not
necessary to have had experience. Send
stamn f.ar full particulars. Address,
The Bell Company, Department B.
Philadelohia, Pa.
Just What Was Wanted.
It is related of a Hibernian parade
in Chicopee that one of the officers
of the day telephoned an order to a
Flolyoke stable for 15 white horses for
the use of marshals, aids. etc. The
liveryinen tilled the order, but it some-
what taxed their resources to find so
tiallay white horses. Judge of their"
surprise a day before the parade to re-
ceive an1 order for tive more white
t' iv. !ii<'rv ten d :Al qutle extensively
i l':'.4;':; ;ai h:i! l>ut that d&:y receive
('I ai oni:':'; :! '5it of young and un
triedl animilais. Cons,"qu,I'ntly they were
doubtf"u! about senuldng lary of them
to take part in the parade. They sent
word to Chicopee that it would be im-
possibhle to fill the second order, a-s
they hail "nothing but green horses onm
handl "
Insiaintly hack (can e word, "We'll
take tilt green horses all you've
ot." Spring-tield Homestead.
M. J. Sheer, Sedalia, Mo., savcd his
_<*ii~palijo \^ npMinrpC-03fh camrp

Doctors had given her up to die with
croup. It is al, infallible clre fur
coughs,. colds.o la grippe, pneumonia.
bronchitis and throat and lung troubles'
?. F. Brackin & Son.
lihI..i mm ,AK ihld Allnimals.
When you see an animal trainer per-
formingu with ferocious beasts you
may be quite right if you imagine the
mnan as a fearless master of them,.
but if you think for an instant that
there is no danger, you are wholly
wrong. A trainer never confronts the
beasts and compels them to do his
bidding but he literally takes his life
in his lianAs.
Hie is so used to- the danger that be
does not think of it each time. and he
holds his mastery of thetu by a sort of
power that becomes habit-second na.
ture, as it were-just as lie eats his
meals or performs other common emti-
Of all animals, keepers say, the tiger
is the worst and most treacherous. It
Is necessary to keep the eye fixed
pretty constantly upon it, or it miay re-
volt at any moment. There i, only
one secret, if such it can be called, of
handling wild beasts, and that is to
be brave and make them fear you. If
they have the slightest cause to think
you timid they will take advantage of
it instantly, and they are shrew'l and
knowing in their way and constantly
watching for some moment of a tem-
porary forgetfulness or timidity.-St.
Louis Globe-Democrat.
Not So Poetical.
"She has a complexion like a tinted
china cup)."
"Yes. It's a beautiful mug."-Cleve-
land Plain Dealer.


C- M" -E5


Are prepared from Na.
ture's mild laxative, and
while gentle are reliable
and efficient. They

Rouse the Liver
Cure Sick Headache, Bil-
iousness, Sour Stomach,
and Constipation. Sold
everywhere, 25c. per box.
Preparedby C.I.Hood &Co.,Lowell,Mass.

St. AndreMs Poultry Yards
G. W. SURBER, SR., Prop.,
--Breeder of Pure--


S 2 :P' 2 1= ='_ A. 1=1

Eggs for Settiun, $1 for Fifteen ,

Within the forest's meadow bordered hem.
Poising, light tilted, on a si'c.;!h 4t m;
In lonely beauty, seldom se Than tl:ree comlpanioas at the f:;r-st door;
I hail thee as a messenger of grace
Sent to enliven sunless wold anJ space.
Slim petaled wonder of a race too few;
Shy cousin of that tossing: r'in -
Which top with splendor the tall mea 'ow Truss,
Jocund are they with all thi sprit-s :hit pi-s
Bee, bird and zephyr. Ri t t.Bit-u h!tho tt alone
To brighten here the wood's umbrageoui zone.
Looking the dense roofed fo-est up and dnn,.
Nothing sees more imperial then inl, iTro.cm;
'Tis never far from knoll or meadow side,
Never uplifted wi.h Lou, aun in. ;) i .,.
But comes, in all its glorious gairl) rrayd,
Beauty's evangel to the iloo: una il Miadle.
-Joel Benton in Illarpei'a Wcel.ly.

+ -+ + + + + -!.+ + + + .. + + + + +

+ How an Officer Proved That '"
+ Love Is Elind. ";

ago ; : o .. ..YOU
yet the firsl good going uyo.:
tenant "-
"He will awavs want uu;'
Kate," sh- It''I'* in xcuse.
"Ah! but D -. ha,
right and 1 ? (o::ss :.
won't wamnr rt'thil thi
Sister 'it 'i;;' oT at ., ,-w .
A week I .er tamilto I-fi t0e -
pital for C, 'fr't') ful of iop -l :.
night previ us to s d.,airtr ..
came to a i n'til.r uon -.,,.:
and thon.rh he wouiu not give i -
qualified a:i ter to his pilt !:: ..
had not th courage to stop hi" a. ,,
gether. reckIn esness She aI." .
herself to G' ik in tle sweets ,i
passionate ,'(,'t.s: they would at .': .
rate be a I P1lo:1' relameinlbrance, ev'
though on 1is r'etur4 he should cast
her off.
The oper iOn was successful beyond
his hopes. ti in a few wte" s h, >v a
rushing I:,i.l4 to his love-eyes shaded.
It is true wI' with the 'cermaity that
in a short tiue his sight would be fully
"I want t.6sa1 lMiss Johnstone," he.
said to the da'(herly at the hospital en-
"Miiss ,Ioh tone. sir? WVhich?"
"Why, t hItll'se "
."Yes. *-rjlW; tret''s two of thet'.'"
'"V' v..ge e h ry good lo()~un.



St. Andrews, Fla.
For 5 cash subscriilers, we will give as
a premium, I Sectional Map of the Bay
country, or 1 Map of the City of St. An-
drews. Either man sold singly--$1

Our Clubbing List.
The BUO' has made very liberal club
bing arrangements with a few of the very
best publlications in the country and for
the present can send for a whole year
The BUOY and
Leslie's Illustrated Weekly for....$3.0C
Demorest's Magazine............ J.~.
Detroit Free Press (twice-a-week
and Year Boiok)............. I.'
The Fla T U. & Citizen, daily for $9 05
do weekly,for$ Il 5
Scientific American' ... : 50
Farmer andFruirGrower" .. 55
Floiida Agricnlturit 2.. 55
doe clul) of 5, eaco 2 5
Farm Journal. PhiI:id'a, imonthiv 1 1 (
Cincinnati Enquirer twice a eek
8 large pIges each issue. ... I 7
Atlanta Constitutitoi o .. 1
N. Y. World (thrice a wuvk). ....... 1
F or any or either of the above public
tions in connection with the BIUOY, ad-
i'-ss all orders to THE BUOY.
St. Andrews. Fla

Is prepared to cut
and deliver them at r.a:;ionable rats.
_Tf x p need l) qhor with to',m -(eil liinn

l- \\ .. : ;


Of thu Citv of St. Andra
Gotten up with g -at care by the
publisher, who has :spared no pains
to prepare for the p: 'lic a map of
St. Andrews as it really is. It shows
Extending eastwaild :om Dyer's
t'oint, taking in the Old own site ol
St. Andrews, and gives location ot
public business places, p vate resi-
dences, docks, etc., alhi e' cry lot in
each block and thle adjoining addi-
tion to the Cincirnali Companvy'
land with a full le.s, ril;tion of tile
The Map will sh( w oitvners of lots
in the city just where they are lo-
cated, and is of value to those think-
ing of buying property.
Size of Map 30x50 Inches.
The BUOY will send this map to any
address on th3 receipt of


giver, as a premium fer 5 year
sul-scritionl s.

Anyone sending a sketbch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whett,' an
invention is probably patentable. Comm% "ai-
tlons strictly confidential. Handbook on Pat 'I
sent free. Oldest agency for securlngaptent.
patents taken through Munn & Co. recex
special notice, without charge, in the
ASicntifi Jmerican.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest cir.
culation of any fcientiflc journal. Terms, $3 a
year: four months, $L Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN & Co.361Broadway, New York
Branch Office. 625 F St.. Washington, D. C.

A Giftt to Give.
It is often difficult to decide what
to get your friends for holiday gifts.
Here is a suggestion:
"God moiiiing. Jennie, 1 hav,
brongUgt vou a nice present ",. ii
Gelt tule, as she handed her h iea d a
a neatly wrapped package.
The pale, weary looking girl, wh
.vas I.owly recovering 'froli severe ill-
Ness, opened the bundle and held utI)
a large bottle of clear, rich medicine.
*IHood'. Sarsaparilla!" she ex-
claunied. I have been reading about
it today and wished I had a bottle."
On New Year's Day Jennie wan
able to be out on the street, and to
her friends, who remarked how well
she v as looking she simply said,
"Hood's Sarsaparilla," and every one
of them knew it was this great media.
cine that had given back her health.

A New Sensation.
If you want to enjoy a new sensa-
tion, tell a man you have heard some-
thing about him. He will think It is

ed; that's how It is." was the answer.
"We want those looks for our exanm-
inations. brother: so you must get theti
lack for us. But as you are cold and
hungry now come In and join tra It
our supper. It is not much. but such
as it is you are welcome. Her. a rv 20
copi'cks for the beer. Run and fetcb
And the three ate anl drank togeth.
-.r, for hospitality is a religion and
ciiarity its foutniation.-Londou Te'~e

A Pra.-tiletal Jke.
A b)usiIneis man front Baltitno.:
found himself in a pecuhlar prldlair
I::ent onlle iy. ,:I's tLe :New' Yoz,
I'Yess. lie visits New' Vork about onc--
a tuonthi. He sleeps with lhis glass- ,y.-
in a tumbler., aud tl:e;-e at f;'ielnd l :uml
it oi'e iI!o': ::.:. iT' sight su -' st *I
a prm'i-tical joke-put the eye in Mr. X.'s
overcoat pocket. )Dol: \\'hen tlihe
riel(l departed. b<,ing short of tmioney
for lite mo1otucnt. lit p:tw'ed his u\rin
overmco.t for $10. In time afterl'o-
there came an urgent t:l'granm to .'.
X., who lad been nuti. .le to l'a v' h-,.
room on account of the lnisrti4n e F.-
and whose fraine of .mind was all d.a-
torted and warped. The friend 'franlk-
ly confessed:
"Bill, I meant It only as a, .i. n p
Joke. You will find y r eye our eye h
overcoat pocket." But it was not tCici-e.
"It must be. because I put it t:rl.eu
myself," urged the joker. The coat w:,s
held up by the tall and shaken.
"By thunder! I wonder if I cotui,
have put It In my own coat?"
"Where's your coat?"
"I've pawned It. I didn't want to
borrow and needed a few dollars."
"How muih t It8 in for?'
"T'.rn rtnllnr- "

Mr. X. Produced $10 and the- c.,at n,
redeemed. The eye was In rl,,. Ini,i-e
;pocket. He carefully washed it, slip-
ped it into place and walked out after
.12 hours of solitary confinement,
Naturally So.
The Albino-The ossified girl is alto-
gether too proud.
The India Rubber Man-Yes. I never
saw anybody as stiff with her fritnads
as she is.-Kansas City Independent.






A Full Lino of Canned oods


Mast. Foos & Coma, any's

Double Acting Force Pump.


50 YAS



| --




F, -


Irr~lrr K~a ~b~uuq Lt C41lj1r ViW t--~;~

-- ------ -~


r a := 2r... -


;4,mm"11 . T',- iI Ai

mo. l


tLLIEwr,3 -00

n nuov's t^r
ilLES PILE i'Jsij
s guaranteed to cure PILis,
and CONSTIPATION bleedingg ichin prtrudi,
refded Itgives instant relief, and elfects a radical
and permanent cure. No surgical operation rei|uired.
ry t and relief your su s. Send for list of t
eni.als ad free sample. Oly 5o ct. a box. For sale
y druggists, or sent by mail on receipt of price.
MATIN RUDY, Reg. Phlmaclst, Lancaster, Pa.

buiu ab au Anurews Bay, Fla.
At Dr. Mitchell's Drug Store.
CiCall for free sample.


OfS fAlnroWS
and the

Bay Country.

We have made arrangements by
which we can furnish this fine MAP
covering about eighteen miles square
of territory, including the Cincinnati
Company's Tract, also Harrison,
Parker, Cromanton, and adjacent
country, for
Or given for 5 cash yea:ly suiascriptlons
LB .tlie aid o(F this map the location t
I ands 1 *ii a -.I a -th -Ir1cj -%t.
Company can be easily ascertained
or, parties may send us $1 and their
desoiiption and we will locate their
lott tnd return the Map by mail.

A Cae of Confu d'TelepaH*i.
A very remarkable occurrence ba,
been brought to my notice. Early last!
week a well known lady, who shall bed
called Jones, dreamed a ridiculous(
dream, as inconsequential as most
dreams are.
Mrs. Jones drc-Ai:md that a dog of
hers had died and that ahe rzcelved aa
, official communication ordering her
either to cremate the rtnmanis or to her
self skin the animal and throw the
body into the river. Mrs. Jones chose,
thl latter alternative. but having halt
skinned the body and becoming tired
threw it as it was into the water. Tl'.
dog disappeared for an linA.ni and
then reappeared on the sut ic aiivfe
and swimming across to the .;...,.-
bank trotted off, evidently In gtki a;,t
fearing. There ends the dream.
The next morning the postmtao
brought several letters. The first onl
was addressed to Lewis Jones, ixjq
-there being no such person-and ran.
as follows: "Sir. your dog eros wd tih ,
river last night on to my pr-oporty,l bost
being very severely injured it wa:s
found necessary to kill it. Should yovi
wish to have the collar, whiUb bear.-
your name and address. I shail i !..i.
py to send it to you."
No dog belonging to irs. J.ones had;
died nor had she lost O,..- ..'.

In th hi e s i ie ll ,MR 1 ,, ,,- --i -
England, just published, there, are
some astonishing revelations as to thel
amount of money wou and lost by men
and women whose naiLOes are as fa-
miliar as household words early in the
present century. ':. i e are re-or'ds of(
200.000 having been lst at a s.iting.
and the loss of t5,,000 apl)ears to have
been a very coium ona occurI'rce.
A gambling story is told of C. arl.
James Fos that rather reacts on his
honor. He wa one of twhe ardent ad-
mirers of Mrs. Crewe, a noted beauty
of her (lay. and it is releu stb'it a get>
tieman lust a rousi(leiiile sum to thlli
lady at play, andl. beiig obliged to
leave town suddenly', gave Mr. Fox the
money to pay her, begging hirj to
apologinse t her for his not having
paili the i,.bt of honor in person. Fox
lost every .. ... r 'it before i ;rn-
inIg. Mrs ( -w .e 0ien .:' posed debtorr afte't. ".!i, and, surpris-'d
that he never -oll<;e'-ed the circu~m-
stances. at length delicatoiey tilted th-
matter to him.
"Bless n.ew!" Hid he. "'I paid the mior'-
ey to Mr. Fox th;'ee months ago."
"Oh, d('.! you. sir?" said Mrs. Crewe
;ood naturedly. "''Then. pohaIbly, h! e
(it)id 1te', and I for'g.t it.'-BostonLisr-
Trro Students ail a ThtieT
Some months ago two hug'.-y uni-
versity students in the sou-,L of itissia.
coning home to their one, bare room
'after a hard day's work for their liv-
ing. caught a thief rotu uig otff with
their books. "A*re you NIW fellow ithl
stole other books of ours yesterday'?"
they asked.
"1I an. little fathers, but hunger and,
want drove wme to it. I am ,-.i.' i.:."
"So are we. brother, or next door Tre
It. and yon ought not to hate hit pon

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