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Title: Gainesville Citizen's Report
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Title: Gainesville Citizen's Report
Series Title: Gainesville Citizen's Report
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Language: English
Creator: Gainesville (Fla.)
Finance Department
Publisher: City of Gainesville Finance Department
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: 2003
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M- c.






I I I I I I I I i ,l I I)1,') ,I l 1 It II~lllll I," l 'll i i ii iill IIIl ( II\ I.l
(. Illi, i\lll I' i 1). Ii1x11 I)II'I.IIIII," 1..1 i111 11 III.l 1.11
ii lh lll ll II I, 11,IIhI h 11, IIli''. I-. l I I \. I, )l 'l 'I .IIIl I, W i.'. Ill
S11111111.11\ ) ( I1\ I,,' 11111. 111l .Ir( I I111.111 I, lli I ll ll II '
I I ts h h II1 ) I. )l a\ II1' iI Ii h I I I l l IiiC a,,i ii tll)l l iIIh ll
\ l, t 11 l1 11 11 ll. I (,1 III 1111/. 1 -111 1 111 h l l III 11. l1-1 1pita I 111.11 1II IIII1*
I,.I, hC I III, \li, ,'ii.ii I l,' l Ih 1,,. 1,111t\Ll (l is, i i Ih '
(~In II~\ IiIls 1 Itallel| (lill.. IIII I, I 111 Ilw "1 1
I( ,,i1k II I ll l ti tl ll. ( ,ki l IIPhal .i t ll, 1 4t I. I l' l iI ll
I~ II,' 1) 11 h Ill II4I ) II l~ l 11, 11d h lllhll (,1 li i I h0 1, 1111 )IIII-A,. 111 41 111
organization, issues a separate report in compliance with its bond
The financial information presented here is in summarized form
and does not substitute for the City's Comprehensive Annual
Financial Report (CAFR). The CAFR outlines the City's financial
position and operating activities for each year in great detail and in
conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. This
Citizen's Report, because of its summary nature, does not conform to
generally accepted accounting principles and associated reporting
standards set forth by applicable governing bodies. Some statistical
information is from the City's Financial and Operating Plan (annual
budget). Both the budget and the CAFR have received awards for
outstanding financial reporting from the Government Finance Officers
Association. City documents are available at the Alachua County
Library You may also find other information regarding the City,
including this Citizen's Report, on the City's website.
www.cityofg a in esvi ll e.org
In keeping with our commitment to excellence, we proudly present
this report to you. We hope this report will give you a better
understanding of the services the City provides, its accomplishments,
and its overall financial condition. We welcome your comments and
suggestions to improve our presentation.

I,, ( ,,. Il (..Il t. l,- .
Sli i l I I I h. C ,I I I il l l l
h il anl II i Is : I( i l ii 1
I.1 11,1 1.11 *l ;.l III 'N,111\ I lll. l
no i ul.l l l lII 1 1 1 1 1 .-
liiiti l.ii* A .*.i l II i \li I i I (
i 1 11 1 i ll | )il l l l ii I :, lil
h] [ |1 1. [ 1' III l Il l I Ill.l r

Ii.l ( 11 \- Ill \l lll 1 _111 1 : ,

the City's most recent
population estimate made
by the Bureau of Economic
and Business Research at
the University of Florida
was 117,182.

(,.Iln. -A ill.- is a beautiful
.iil plI rI I '' .-I\, city, a
1 id.ll III pitll l outing
iiii-lli. i. III iistainable
*lot ilI \ I. use canopy of
11i *'* Iii-.III. i the description
il (C. iri', N\ ill. as a "city in a
hi l'-, I I Ille20th
I ili,', III -\. \ear, the
N.IIii,.il \i bor Day
Foundation honored
Gainesville as a "Tree City
Gainesville is home to the
University of Florida, the
State's leading research

institution, and Sari.l I I
Community Colleg. i
provider of
and vocational
education. i
Gainesville has
one of the largest n. lll. ,il
communities in the
Southeastern U.S., .i l i- .1
center for commerce. II
and culture in North ( IIII.I


operated under a
Commission-Manager form
of government since 1927.
The City Commission is
responsible for enacting the
ordinances and resolutions
that govern the City. The
City Manager, who is
appointed by the City
Commission, is responsible
for the operations and
management of all
departments of City
government except those
controlled by other charter
officers. The City Manager
implements the policy
directives of the City
Commission. The current
organizational structure is
depicted to the left.
Gainesville provides its
residents with a wide variety
of municipal services
including police and fire
protection, comprehensive
land use planning and
zoning services, code
enforcement and
neighborhood improvement.
Construction and
maintenance of the City's
infrastructure are significant
ongoing services as are the
planning and operation of

the traffic engineering
systems. Cultural
opportunities, nature trails,
parks, and recreation
programs including a
championship golf course
help make Gainesville one
of the most livable cities in
the nation. Gainesville
provides refuse removal and
recycling services through a
contract with a franchised
commercial operator. The
City owns and operates a
regional transit system
serving the community, the
University of Florida, and a
portion of unincorporated
Alachua County. The City
also provides the
administrative services to
support these activities. The
preceding services are
accomplished through
various City departments
under the direct supervision
and leadership of the City
Gainesville owns and
operates regional electric,
water, wastewater, natural
gas, and telecommunication
utilities system. The General
Manager for Utilities, who
reports directly to the City
Commission, oversees the

utility operations.
The City's
financial statement-
are organized on th.
basis of funds, each
of which is
considered a
separate accounting
entity. Government
resources are
allocated to, and
accounted for in
individual funds
based upon the
purposes for which
they are to be speni
and the means by
which spending
activities are
controlled. The Cit\s
funds can be divide 1
into three categoric-
governmental fund-
proprietary funds,
and fiduciary funds.
The following pages
provide descriptive
information about the
major services and
programs of each City
department, as well as an
overview of the City's fund
structure and the
resources that finance those
services and programs.


Froam rfl to light.
Commissioner (Craig b. it ,
(District 4); Comnnissiloni
Tbny Domnenech (IDisn u i ['
Mayor Cnommissioner I'i,
Thin Chuck Cheinil tif,Ifril I
I f. t I III ( ,llll/llI'~/lll ( I

I tmmi ,n11 II \l ri I I ,bei
.iifiIIIIli% lnitir 11 l'ir uiltl\
(I. i l I ,9 .*iill
ComrInu%', II- l l' \r I. iti
(Ati ai

eCity Commission

I), I ,.l l', ,i .\ ,
, 1 \ ,.i,. i l \ lilli- ( Ill/I II '.

.|)HIII I l It'll i' ( li ii ( Il I -.I i
.II. 1 l ll t ill l l IIIIIll \ tal i I,'
, .li, Ii I i l t.il
(I I 1 l l 1' l .1 I1 1 h I [. \ | l
III. li i 'l I ilIll I I" il l li i ll

i 11 11 1\11.111 1 .
t ll. ', Il I'

( I11\ ( tl ill II l l l l l
I t Ilit l I\ *ill I I

i, 1 111,1 11111i IIII ,
Ill l iii ii i l l
itl /lill I .1 Ill.\t l
. 111 I ll ll
, tal l ll Itll, I1

1t 1 111 11 1H I

St lllll lll ,It l lllll I
, lll l Ill '
talill lll ,Itall .1
i} Illl I II ll li
11 Ill I. ()11 ,1 1
Ill ) i I i. i I I .I l
II ll la r rill |II
I. 11 .111 1 Ill 11
l. )llllli lll ll

I lI l I S> I 1 t ll I ,
I lS i l.l I I I l E ll 11.
I tell I l Il II I 1II 11).
Ili a .l \ l .,1 1 1 \1 I.

ittiii II( \ i ttiiiiiii i'' ii

i 'itl IIl il' l iii l \ ii i
I," t 1hl lIt ll l' \. I l e' l .11 ti ll
i l, ,,I l i, \ .'-Il. l |I tll I '* I II ,

1 11 11111 \ 1 i, k ill, III tal ( ,,il \III \

.I ll, ( \II ( II\ l \lI
S11. ll 1 11 1 I ll l i
,ll lp tlllil'-, ll' ( 11\ ,' 1

li, ll I I lt'l t I II .I ll I I
lIii~ It 1 111 ).I .i'i I .


2 You'iI\ Ci ( c r.IrIIis, N p

City of Gainesville
Map of Voting Districts

City Manager Wayne Bowers
and Assistant City Manager
Barbara Lipscomb

--zCharter Officers

City Manager
I li. ( i\ N I.lllager is the administrative head of City government, responsible for the
.uinliiiii-ii.iiill of all departments except for those under the direction of the other charter
oIIih 'il I II. ( ity Manager's office oversees all general government programs and services,
is i,'~poiiIIsd. for enforcing all City laws, ordinances and policies, acts as purchasing agent
lo i l( ii\ pl epares the budget, and performs other duties as assigned by the City
( omiimii--niii Fhese tasks are accomplished through the selection and supervision of the
\--wI.IIII ( II \ Manager, Administrative Services Director, Police and Fire Chiefs, Public
Works Director, Community Development Director, and Human Resources Director.

City Attorney
The City Attorney has three principal responsibilities. First, the City Attorney is the chief
legal officer for the City of Gainesville, prosecuting and defending the interests of the City in
lawsuits and administrative proceedings. Second, the City Attorney prepares legal
documents and provides legal advice and opinions to the elected and appointed officers,
employees, and agents of the City. Third, the City Attorney represents the Gainesville
Enterprise Zone Development Agency, the Board of Trustees of the Employees' Pension Plan,
the Community Redevelopment Agency, the Gainesville Code Enforcement Board, and the
Nuisance Abatement Board.

City Auditor
The Office of the City Auditor is an independent appraisal activity established to evaluate
City programs by means of financial compliance and operational audits. Functions include
reviewing the reliability and integrity of financial information; reviewing established
systems for compliance with policies, procedures and laws; reviewing the means of
safeguarding City assets; and conducting reviews to determine whether program results are
consistent with the goals and objectives of the City.

Clerk of the Commission
The Clerk of the Commission attends and records the proceedings of all City Commission
meetings, is responsible for the preparation of City Commission agendas and minutes, and
provides administrative support to the Mayor and the City Commission.
The Clerk affixes the City Seal to all official documents, and maintains the City's vital
records, ordinances, and resolutions. The Clerk publishes the City's notice of public
meetings, hosts a public call-in and e-mail Hotline, and facilitates the appointment process
to City advisory boards and committees. The Clerk updates information for the Clerk and
Commission web pages, publishes legal notices, records official documents, and provides
research for information requests of public records.
Website: www.cityofgainesville.org
> Government Information > Commission Information


SEqual Opportunity

B I II I 1 111. 11 ) If[ I II I II\ ( ) I lli ll \ I t i]ll ) |||| Ipl l n, I 1\ 111l. 11 Ill \ 11 1 1 11111|.
I l_.1 1 1 l l t I I 1 i l l I I I I I II Hl l II 1 .11. 1 I I I s1 1 1 1 11. I l l l I. I I\ 1 s I I l l ( I j, | | | |.\1 l I I. I I I 1.l i i lI. ,

^ ^ ^ B IS (III IIrll I.' Ill Il / | s H I .|1 t1,111l-.11 I I | | I l i. l lllls. 1 1111111,l 111 1. 11 .1 11 11 I I

S I lI. I tll | l ) I i i l k ll \ III l l \ .111 1 i li l l. III ii ll hl i l s l 1 ti ll iI l I'l\ .11 ll 1 it \ I s


General Manager

for Utilities
^t^^ ^,Iii a ge m t i m iI N Iii i Ia I I Iiliati o le i c f acitlitit, l wiii itm rl o I s
I,= III l i )i) b lI III I l lti l \ I .I I I I. t l l ,11t lll Ii l 1 .1 ii. ( i l III,' 1 l ll,.1 1 I I li. tll ,

l l, hl l l l. 1) I(, I ll llll l ,lllt I IIIII. l, ll I lp aII I I I C 111 1' ll I' Ii l '

1 I0I0 II, iii IIll l,'l0l tl h II ( P i li 1 1 I Ill-l lill.
\IIIII ~~ 111~ 111, Il l 1 11114 I l 11. III 1 11 \ *Il I.' I I\ l l, l ( \ .14 11 \L 11.1
i l l l i 1 I l\11 1 I I I [li\ II I \1i

through TEA helps keep prices lower for our local customers.
This past year GRU welcomed 1,100 new electric customers through

agreement eliminates duplication of electric facilities, which improves
community aesthetics and helps keep costs down for customers. GRU
,,I^III",' lis currently engaged in a process known as the Integrated Resource
Plan (IRP), designed to include customer input in determining how to
provide for the future electric needs of our community
The Gainesville City Commission serves as GRU's Board of
Directors and the residents of Gainesville, GRU's citizen owners,
receive a return on their investment in the form of City services. GRU's
revenues are transferred to the City's General Fund by a predetermined
formula. These funds support vital City services, including police and
fire protection. During the past year, GRU provided the General Fund
with $25.9 million. These funds represent almost one third of the
City's annual General Fund budget.
Citizens interested in a full accounting of GRU's budget may
request a copy of the GRU Annual Report for 2002-2003 by calling
(352) 393-1449, or by visiting our website at www.gru.com.
(352) 393 1449, or by visiting our website at www.gru.com.

GRUl's 1/'air ,,l I II\\,'.l\.umrilu ,,.is., undergo
igci ous iandclward-VwiJnnnlIl. n linltrl 'pace"
training that prepares lthin, tliI r unr a I fallen
coworkerfi m a potential i/. i i- ,it i-nvironment.

4 Yr 1i Cll \l; l i C) l III ERS

Assistant City Manager
I i. \Ns.iI Iii .ii 1.111. piils 111, 1 II\ i, Ihe City Manager and acts in place of the City Manager in his absence. The
b\- i. II1 ( III N I uI.Il ii.Ii ,1 ii i.i ... .lI lli, ix.1. activities and functions of the following departments: Building Inspection,
i( uIiii. \ll.,II I, o1rin.l. I).\ I.-liop.III Ii duties Management, and Recreation and Parks. In addition, the Assistant City
\NIhI2,.i is .Ils, i..ponIbl. hII lio .,iilll(niIIi Ilie City's federal grant lobbying efforts. The Assistant City Manager's
,mlu r i lll.l I\ I ...-\,P- ,. III .s iII 111h. I III Cliy M manager's budget.

Building Inspection
The Building Inspection Department promotes safety by
enforcing the following Codes for new and existing
buildings: the National Electric Code, the Florida Building
Code, the International Plumbing, Mechanical, and Fuel
Gas Code, the Florida Fire Prevention Code and the Life
Safety Code. The department provides a review service for
owners and developers who can request permits by fax,
known as Fast Track Permit review. Customers can pay for
these services by cash, check, or major credit cards.
Inspections are done within 24 hours of the request to
provide efficient service delivery.
The department's First Step Development Assistance
Center provides a convenient one stop location where a
resident or developer may receive permitting and
development review assistance. Services include Public
Works, Planning, Building, Utilities, and Life Safety.
The department processed over 7,400 permits in 2003
representing $366 million in building valuation. The
department's goals and objectives for fiscal year 2004 are to
continue providing prompt, efficient and quality inspections,
plan review and permitting services to the residents of
Sr .aM. Gainesville.

Ui I *-

t:'b .


Cultural Affairs

The Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) is committed to
providing a range of services that increase access to the arts
for all City residents and visitors. The community's needs
and interests in the arts are identified in the Cultural Plan
for Alachua County, the Cultural Element of the Gainesville
Comprehensive Plan, and the County's Visioning Plan. The
department assists in the development and marketing of
cultural tourism, including nature and heritage tourism, and
serves as the Local Arts Agency for Alachua County. City and
County grants are administered by the DCA, and technical
assistance is provided to non-profit cultural organizations
throughout the county.

Top Ilie City's Single Family Inspector checks the
i/ir(r tll nations on the approvedplans.

Bottom: Leeann Dodson 's hands-on art exhibit at the
Thomas Center Galleries intrigues both mother and child.


filjol .I VmI l \vi iin f'10d I .11il lik,"
lii 1 lt 'tt' ii ', lin M t(' -\,t l F l all. I lll
Ilit DO() illM nit1 I t.-is \ nil 1i d A I n Itsi\ ..

'rlilc1i r st'ldIt it' iI .. il//

Apr 1ill. 1to (i Nle It \'ai' s i x.

W wrimlt ;nI1 rlili \l i 1 C n .I il
I ll v i E lid lo 'IIt.

ul lihiI iia il in, hi' alll

i Ilh iiit i (' Nt' l tt iL ('il il\. i d itt\,
1 l n il 1n. lll Di I Iuh ,

a l hiii ll I ilil itti Ilt Il\t. It l h. ll/,
I( il Hill, lhil ( q il3ll. \ lirilhlinls sii11 .i
ILIIh111- 1 111-' [ilhal d w ) ) I )lll(l 11 ilt* ll l

"V. 1ui11ii I
it1 i l, (r, i eD (*-'A :i,.Ji ,11 d t ill Ili

l lt ll-lh --l i 1 t11-t11 1S ll' i l ll t I lIt,

rtlljl[u '1il\ di u ll lil c'l il]| 11[I l l .11111t I ll

hliiltlll. ll, IIIi
fi t l I ll l l -ill( i

Il All ilisl Si dnil i. and ill.
Il't l in i i ( t'ril ti I \l i lsiti'al li rsi .
illT.d l(I t -\ .i l (dlllios .l ll I. 11.l

li'll l iuis, I v ('111vi Lll i, i i
\ in li h u'h dis lituii lii.i
j)il[ Irll i, nl i tsll i it'' l ix 'l, l

1 lPS ilf' A LU lil l ( II F ; 1 ( 111111111
,uilt t i ni t rt, ili- \-in lh-l\ il II
". JL tlli [ i' ( 'lt abio II I
dI llv la pl a ni'tfllh lo tl I I,. n Ith

Ir tl' l of our i ril'll l i l '

TAL EXPENSES $1,919,559


e elopment
C ( ti (1 i nle ville i trlttll
1. l- 1(' r )p, t*Ilrin rli I- iL l' it lll" III

f i i() ,

and at tltnd

(..if p. ippir PI// I' f, h1.1n/
/llll it t Ir'.llrI illilllt

li i i\ Ii'. 1 ,11 1'111111iii iit iii,'

1(l l 111111111111\ l I II |.11 i'
(1 ll I IIlll.ll \ [ ll d [I Ill,"-.

,. li\ ill|ii iiii )l i~ ii.il' i\i i tii ii '
() l l II ( 1 )I I.~l illilll II I P '

Vl1' 110 ,l 11.11 1111 11 .
i II\ ( l ll .. II IIII, ll
1)1011,'\, l \ <) 1 h i,.

Sii ii i i i i ,l i ti i i i> l i "ii, illIli"'
lii I I.I I 1 ,i l itill. ii I i .1 I iI

lI .111.lll 1ol' I % II' Illl 111II
H.llll l l l.l lll)IIl I "i1). Ill,

S b.lll e wl.11'- lli II oll 1h l.
FI, I| lll,[I.Il liesill II 1\H11
(,lell I w cll.f alin 'll .ll\ S III-
thill i,".s ls h ,i 't Ill tII
I II1 'i |i1 I ,'/ till,' '-. ili ....
*.,i'._;i,i' i i' ,ill, ,i lh> .11, .1' 1 1

- ll) rll 1 Ill\ h1 1. 1p11.1 ll I l Ill111
(i l. u 111t1i i iii.i I 111s 'u lii iiiit< I.\h

Il ( 1111i '"\ ill' I i, li III l\ ti
i I. lll |ll l .'. ,'II 111, .1 > ll- |,lll, ",,
I II 1, 11 1 1 1 lIhIll ; I lll ,l ll l lil, Ill I l

i, I III'. I I I ll I I \ll lilll II I -l l l I'l k
\ H i ll II I I .I 1, 111i l hs .11 I hill-lll -

l. \ 1.i li>|) I. ,11 11 II 1 ,. \. I li \ ,1 lil s

ill .llll/.l ll ill",
Website: www.cityofgainesville.org/


I I I Ill. S [1. 111.1-_;. Il II. I I (h l |l l| .
1( ,11 l ll)l l ll l 'l l, l ll l I i l l l I lkI| I II l
I I S. l llll| l l ll\ I II, lll,"-l l.l l l l ) | ._
1i. 1111111, ll '_t ll \ ( lil ll i 1 1ll. 1 l ..

, )IIII I I \ 111111
1. 1 I a i l 111. 11 | 1 1 1 (I 1 1 1 II Il all Il
- l. I, I II ( 1(I III I l '1 1 l Il, l( l I *l I II, I I I lll l
",ls l ,i l li (ll (i.. I ,I ll .
i S|i, I,|i' ili'ii sll s d "., ., i1i 1 ill i 11 I l I t
I| '|Il s 1 'lil ll 'lll 0I I 1s 1. 1 1111'1.1 100 1 .11
I ll '.','I" \\ 'l l ,| I' l I lI ill \\()l -
( ()lllli)() Illl( l

1I )III I ., ll.- I, lll aii liI,1 \ ',11 Ill,
I ) iI lt II l t' l i ll l 1i 12t 'il'l| lI l
111. 111.1 ltttrlt I i l l \ I' ll l l II
I I .l l l. il- | l l 'l ll .l .\ |. Il l Ilil
I, ll i illI Ill[ t ill ( I I t l ,%'\ 1\ l V. IIh II
. 111 1 11 II I II ~.1 I IIi I l ,l| l I| I \ l ll l II ll

._'. II I. I ll h it I,i, I. IIII t, ,l it i _,. 11t 1. 11
( >\ ,' II l II li. dI nlll ll -,s .i ll i ll Ill illll \
. i11 1(ll. ll n li 'ii. 1 .\ s i, ili .1 ,11. -


and Parks
I I' Nl l 11 III : .IS ,111 ,I ll \ II IIIl\ \ ,,11
\it i 't. i'-,i iii i ,' 'iiii-, ,ii I i ii ttiiit \

It i, i l. i. I t I. I t 1 i. ,, i I ,I' I i i I'

| ,II- ( -l l. Is I Il|\ |I I ll i, I( i(I II I H.1|
\ 11 .1, i ll .' 111 'li l 1,, 1 111,, 11, | 1i i i

t ill 1 1 11 Z ii IIII 11 I l l\- ,, 1 1 ill.
i IIl, l. il | | II 1 1 I I| i i dl II l I III'. l l.

\ 1\, i t s I ll i || I lt' l ll\
is i ll l i H it ll 111: i t. 11 I 1 11
(I I1II IIl 11 1 i1. 11 ili)' ( I I' s, 1.IIIi I l I,
( h I 111 11 ( illI\ 11. IIlll
I IIl 1 I II 111 11 Il l H I ll .|| (| |s sI I Il I IIIn' I
IIs 1I|l II II Il .11 1\ 1 11 1I

A I I \N I C I I NI \IN \(,I I .

II I I 11., I11 1 l k ).l i i l ,, I I i 11 .' 1 ll11a
I 1I\ l. i u 1 \,l I k l ,l l dl l ll l. Iill Ill ,
i l III Iv i hII l .11. I l ll i .-lll 11
\l |I", ', ll l l.\ l ,',II. Il. Illl I hI ,II l .l\ l 1
\ II. I III ,l.I' I\ \\l 11. 1 I I 1\ ,1 \ '.1\ I. IIi
.a in. d r 11 1 soc 11i I. ill Midnight 11 r' 1 I .11

special functions, dances and other
activitie11s are offered every dall y at the'lliIll
I [ itll 1,.111 I l l 1 h11 11 1111' 1 1 111 I

Mar11 n 1111 Luther King, Jr. I Multi Purpose
CeerI III IIult sports programs incluei
I l l l lll l l ". l i \ |||| i ll l ll ll l lll, l' l

and indoor soccer. Midnight
basketball, indoor soccer, youth and
adult leagues, community meetings,
special functions, dances and other
activities are offered every day at the
Martin Luther King, Jr. Multi Purpose
Center. Adult sports programs include
indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball,
and coed and men's softball. Women's
soccer will be added in 2004.
Over 32,000 rounds of golf were
played at Ironwood. Ironwood
continued to host Special Olympics
Golf, and providing training sessions
for coaches and athletes alike at no
charge. Ironwood was the site for many
fundraisers that helped local civic
clubs and charities. Investments were
also made to improve the quality of
play on the golf course. For 2004, a
continuous loop of concrete cart paths
will be constructed.
Free programs serving the
community's youths and adults
continued to expand in
2003. The City's free after
school program continued to
excel by offering mentoring, a
tutoring, educational
sessions, free-play, F
organized games and ot
computer instruction. The
department also added an
afterschool snack program
in each of our centers to
promote nutrition and
healthy eating habits. The
Thelma Boltin Center
implemented a senior day
program. Programs offered
include computer classes,
exercise, bingo, quilting, and
Exciting special events
included Santa Calling, Fun
& Fitness, dances and other
special kid and adult
activities throughout the

year. They culminated with the City's
annual Blizzard Bash in December.
Over 13,000 participants were treated
to over 80 tons of snow and many other
great activities.
The Nature Operations Division
continued to develop and conduct
environmental educational programs
for the Alachua County School system,
community education classes, nature
pre-school programs, and weekend
and summer camp programs.
Environmental land assessments and
habitat management of undeveloped
City lands were performed. These
procedures included prescribed burns,
plant and animal inventories, non
native pest plant removal, and others.
Special events such as the Native Plant
Sale, Farm and Forest Festival, Cane
Boil Event and the Great Air Potato
Roundup were held to provide both an
educational and recreational
experience to participants. The
division also provided security
maintenance and operational upkeep
for the nature parks and preserves.
The Parks Division maintains all city
parks, trees, and landscape areas,
including the historic Evergreen
Cemetery and Thomas Center grounds.
Over the past year, the Parks Division
has completed a number of
community-wide projects such as new
play structures and site amenities at 14
city parks, culminating with the grand
playground at Westside Park.

New decorative border fencing was
installed along Westside, TB
McPherson Parks, and Evergreen
Cemetery. Improvements were made at
all athletic fields by replacing old
wooden bleachers with aluminum. A
new "Off Leash" Dog Park was
constructed at Northeast Park, which
was greeted by grateful thanks from
many pet owners citywide.
To help maintain and preserve
Gainesville's tree canopy, the Parks
Division received $100,000 in grant
funding from the Florida Division of
Forestry to help Gainesville recover
from the 2001-2002 Southern Pine
Beetle epidemic that caused the loss of
20,000 trees from the urban forest.
Tree sponsors were solicited in

neighborhoods where the tree canopy
was particularly impacted. New trees
were planted at Cedar Grove, Oak
Park, Evergreen Cemetery, and along
the Archer Road bike path. Springtree
Neighborhood Park was
cleaned up and 120 new
trees were established and
labeled. These improve
ments enhanced our ongoing
mission to maintain and
strengthen Gainesville's
urban forest.

Children enjoy their
leisure time playing at the
newplayground area at
Westside Park.


Administrative Services
I lt \i llt lll s||ll ll\ s ,, I ," s I ,', h l I, IS) II1 ( II\ I Il l ,I lh l I)1 I a.I I) I ll hIIt)
I (l i I. d IIIl ,lh. -II III l l ll I I I h Il l l III| ll ... I l ~ h I l 111 IIlll I I I l ... i III .1111
lid I .. Ii l 1 1. 111. ill Ix .111m ii 111. I iiI -ll I %. 11 1 illIllI I i Illiii 111.1 II~I ip iall I
" l l I'. II-" I l l l. l t I l, I I I -' ., Il II I lI)I l hll l II Ill- ( II\ \,Il% [ll l .ll ll ," l ]
S()() I( IllIsI. III \l l .l l i( I III 1() I I il I II Il I IIII l \ 111111 l -11 111 p 1 11 li S i, i lI
.111.li\ SI .11111 1. I 11.1 ill,' S l 4.IL1)II IL .1 h IL l II IIIIIIIIL )1111111 it s

Computer Services Finance

I 11S1 llll. v k) 11 li( 11v I l, q IF1I
lrjlll*lh [ s'l li \ '.ir lio't, v I llii ( \I

*i eni a S s es. linld 1-|ll |s I
e ll C cnh'll ll .11i111( fill ,
I ,ll I i lI

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I. I I)El t IY I ll f A I' t lF I il l1 .il] I

l1 upgrading suil ixxllrl IiI1-]r li III Ill
it(l iii 'iln. Sysit tis. hd iiii|)i-. i
] hi( ls, 111-- iiiFII N IM n J 111. Ill I i) I, .i

in Jalllnhil 2 11113 H1i pilii ,| I
II fili(s ll ith% ('11dh < hing I I I
(1I I t'c(li x r I d xii I(h,.
T IO a lV-iltlUi GT U hall ,l [( ,I

I tf TOTAL EXPENS ( Si 3 ,()1412 1111 1
Snix( Itv d 1a I I liun ili II Ii i
I nl' ll'( i'lt I ria I h l le lld l l I I ii
llb[iIl Q1, 1, l lit' I 1

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;il.l eini i l'i e l IIsI IIIxI) I

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-pa I Ill 1 1 IIF i 1, Illl

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1~~), 11. 111' iii '.liliI Iii1,~ 111. 11 I

i l.ll.llllllil 1.11~1 1 l~iill .1 i .111.11'
*'11 I. Ilml' lii' lilli 111111.1%[till III Il
III' ( 1 pi11 Il l[,,"h II il I l lilil i 1111

00111\ 11111111. 11 1111111H .111 111 lil),I 111.1l
, 1 I 1 1) ( I[\11,1 11. 111" 1111, [I[-, I 11

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1111.111111.11 1 111 1.11 till. [till Ill '

I.i%.lfilll. x \ .ll ill I 1.111 '

I iiii11P l.1111iiii111.11 ill t 11111 .lt), ll
1).I\1 It'll 1\ 11 .11111 -ill fill,
ill. I~ C~III\ III" 11. Iwi il. l 11 %I. 1-1 il l.C

1111l~ lll 1~ 1 1 111111.11 [tl 111 111 ( I\ I)II
111\~ 1 1111 11 1 1 1 11111% fill. Ill ill. ill i~

SIIt .I ll P. II I II II I till > \
Website: www.cityofgainesville.org/

Fleet Management
I I ') ( *11 ili.i' lli/ 'i I I, .111.1lg i I III

. ii ll 11 I .ll i ll II i I' 11 I. '* i i Ii
i.111 11 .. ii t 1.11 (.i l %l 1ii l"( I 1 11 % i \'l I i
\ '-ll I, 111 1 l 1\ l ,'l 1 ,1 '\\ I I ll' I, 11 ,
I Ii N| 11 1111 11, t ll\ \, 'II, 1 1 Ii 1 llI

. .I II I \ ,' IIIII) III,'III \. 1III, IIj lia h i ,".
I, a ll li I ll I ll )lll III .l ,I I I 11 Il li Il

II II k II I II. k II .l ll ll '. I/. I111 1
It .o II ,1 I II.lI)l ,I I.l ,I IIt. I

.I.l l ll ,.-1 .111 11I I 1l l 1 \I I i IIII 11k

p A I) IIN I I.: \ I \ I S I.:\ I I I

I% I I IN I I. I ll 1, 1 1. II, I ,rii ll
I I I. 111. 11 I I. II I I I I l. I I. il l

Sl. Ii. b1 i~ 11 i,' I ,I II ll ,111. II, i
| l | III|,|II I.-,1 I h I | | || I I I II I I. 1 1. 1
1 I I I .1 II 1 11 ll i II\1 I, 11 11 1 1 I, I. I. I l
I<111 11. ,. .ridil,. l l ii .,ili I le*,,.i
N Illll ,II. Illl. ii \ 1 I .i < .pl.i. tirll'-1 ll
I I l ll ..I 1 .Ib1 li IIlll. Ilh, h IIIh -
l l[llr l\ I.'III II'. III l ( ,t rl. 1 '11 l l
( l\ ,' I ll ll [il l I, ,'l l. I Ill l l '| ,l l llil 'i ll

1 1all'hl e 1 ,1 11\ ,\IIIi 1 1 ( I 'I Ii '.i\ l u h
and innovation. Over the past four
years teamwork has been credited as
the main contributor for a reduction of
four staff positions and one less level of
supervision. The overall result is a
safe, environmentally friendly fleet that
allows for maximum utilization by our
internal customers at a minimal cost to

Management and

The Office of Management and Budget
(OMB) have two major roles: strategic
planning and budget
management. The strategic
planning aspect involves analysis
of a long-range perspective. This
activity is intended to protect,
preserve, and enhance the
financial stability of the City of
Gainesville. Our strategic
planning projects include
annexation activities, revenue
diversification, productivity
analysis, program evaluation,
collective bargaining activities,
long-range financial forecasting,
preparation of the Capital
Improvement Plan, corporate
goal setting, and performance
management. The budget
management aspect of our
operation includes the
preparation of a biennial budget,
monitoring quarterly and annual
results, and position control.
OMB also administers the
City's internship program that
was established in early 2001 and
has providedjob experience to
over 70 university students. At
present, 13 interns are employed
by the City of Gainesville. These

students are the resource that allows
departments to accomplish goals and
complete projects that might otherwise
be delayed. The goal of the internship
program is to provide employment
opportunities that will equip students
with practical, real-world work
experiences that will help them
transition into a successful career in
the public or private sector.

Risk Management
The Risk Management Department
manages the general insurance and the
employee health, accident, and life
insurance benefits of the City. General
insurance activities include a self
insurance plan for workers'
compensation, automobile, and
general liability coverage. Risk
Management provides employee
health services through a City clinic,
which includes health, nutritional and
psychological services. LifeQuest, the
City's wellness program, received a
Platinum Award from the Wellness
Councils of America for its
commitment to employee and retiree

health and wellness objectives.
Gainesville was the first municipality
in the nation to receive the Platinum
During the past fiscal year, the
department has expanded the wellness
initiative to provide access to all
wellness services for retirees and
spouses covered by the City's Group
Health Plan. This expansion
represents the City's commitment to
build and maintain a healthy group,
thus ensuring the future financial
stability of the City's Group Health
TOTAL EXPENSES $16,454,148

Small Business

The Small Business Development
Department (SBD) oversees the City's
minority and small business economic
development initiatives, promotes the
diversification of goods and services
provided by such businesses, and
strives to continually increase the
City's spending with qualified local
minority and small businesses. SBD
provides counseling and
technical assistance to businesses
on issues related to small
business start-up, and how to do
business with the City. The
department also manages the
City's Minority Business
Enterprise and Small Business
Enterprise procurement
programs, and ensures
compliance with related federal
and state laws. During fiscal year
2003, City government spent over
$3.4 million with local qualified
minority and small businesses.

The University ofFlorida's
Baughman Center, located on
5 the bank of Lake Alice.




D opment
j l Iili Inf p I lu h.x iI hii1' il,

S|l lit- ll ) L l | I Il 1 III II

S1 afii l I i giiuii liii, s p u1il 1. 111ii i 11
1 iLll11l l l s iini l I llls l li l l I I

Ti i l- ain Dli )kiviskion i*rh \,i f i ,i,, i p. 1.11

i 111(1 llH il 'x'lu ul .lllsI u oll | 1 uj| i\ iiiili

' I{ '\'J{' .X l) )llz "- l I ( ;1<11 l.,,lll is ) II .11 ll 1. s | II
i t'i pi ril o i il lt pi l1, l iitII I. I11 ,11111111i l

d ai. 1)I ht uhxi I ii n I' l i | ix vl,
[I )l (ihilr I i Sill 1 li I (il l i. 11 i ll 1 ,1,
U -%v lo in i l tl itl ll1id", ( ii \ 11 ll 111 lii i I',
S'I iti-lll i n( i ll, -,. 11 ~11 1

m iii riut iiii k tri' l \ ()l I 1 .I I ili,,i i f 1 11111ii i1 .111

iur icIn uol jiti' 4 liiiii I I-, I i i, ,f l l l l .I I iiiil hl.
l'lh l .tlN) lle' "r ll r ,llklll I 'il"ll i ll l I' l n I i, l III I II
'ix leoi ;ussisl x 1% rions p ho illi ( lo I'[ IIg-III iiii i l' o

I iu ci'i ),ii thi e'i ini'nl ( ls ii < ii e'iisx, ii s i iiiiiiiii ii.l I
Im l il(' l cI, ll. I rn' \ h i itl' i11i i l ll i' ii, \ liii \ i) i 1 i i i, 11i

l s i ncid I(,( hnic al 'i. i i ..1111 i,1' li I' i I '\ 'll ill "I .1

di i)i 1(;i fl el ,lMh Ir)I sIrriit) ii Ir I11ii il i il l I li i l1,1 i hl i

FI5 ).,e ) I( [ilu ie,' 1i i [)i iill I i.l i ii ,'Ii ll, I- t i 0 11 1 ii

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Y',,tlv o llx I Vl ii( g'M H tI ,,ll Xi 1 1.1i 1i I '-,1 l i Il Pi IN I I I
i i i i lit-f '.1 m I "11 1111 Ill I I II x '1

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1 l 11 dopl), i ln1 n ,l %0 Ildlllillit III i I( 11llllillit
eIl I lil I o I I I i im('.l I t '. li I i Ii 11111 11 11 111 11 1. I1
LI'll.d, ,nl l '[ "a i i( i i I lil ,1 21.1 1 hHIll l iuili I
t )l hl(l Plb H J it] I ill\ II I I I l ll'41 III IIII | \\, I l,
( l I.i ( i k)o drllcitV I I II II l I I I(I\, ,'I,.III ( I, (I I()
) ,il pj, Ila ill II\ 1 1111, l111l \\1 IIII .

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ili(-, and l pl(o)l ll ,
q ll ll lil.'

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Illli l 1 Vtn i l'ln ll
l'ion iil n-ih-id li and s

t111i ( IIV ou-l o f -

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.I t I ll Ir .it r l

i 1111.11 I hSI \ 1 11 1 1 1 IIII i 11 \ 1I l i. i II\ -i lit iI I( i 1lllI
11, l llih llitit l-,t Ill. Ill l l llh .111 I. l\ 111, 1 p hl. ll Il,. l I', ,
Itu l lII.v 111\ i, lli Ill',

Fire Rescue
11 11.1 I* l.l i t,,l I, I \ .11 I I l ,l.)-_|' Ir i ( ,,ll.. 11 1. \ Ill I II '
I<'-, | I .1 1,\'| \l l 1 Ill 1.11 1h -1 [j I oI, II IS, 11.1\
1111.111 I |.1 1 1| If\ ,I 1 1 11 1111 11. 1 ,11(1 1 it ( 11 1 RI I I I S .I II
11..III h. I l I I I 1 1\ ,,1 I l l ll 1 .111 11 II I I II I 1 1 I h I 'I-I)rIl. t
Ih"1 < I II" I" It l 1 1 11'l l l Ill .111 ll1 l I II I 11. 11 I I l 1
I I. II, ll Illl, l I H IIIIIll, ht I1 1111 ,111 1 -i I I h- ,1 1 ,l l l\
m1 1'1, I, p I 1 1 I ll ls Il'l s .l i I|1 | I ll. 1 s
I ,l| H 1 1| ,| | Is | ( |1 \ II .IlI\ I\ 11, 1 II. I I I. \ ll ( ,1 1I
I), I' III ll \ I I, l 1 l i Ill* ll, I. l 1 11 11111111 IIl I II, II ,
-. I l II~I 1 11|1| I). 1 |. II 1 ,|1. II Il l l\. 11 i I) 1I, I I, .II \1 I\ iii

I .III I I 1 111111 Ill l 1 i( ll ( | I l I. 11 I III I- ll

Il \ I I I, III. I, Ii ll ll I ll- I l I l ,I I l111\ I l 1, 1 II I t 1 1l
,.11 1,- h\ 14 1. 1 1, I ,* '-.111 1i t I) .I III II l~l 1i 1 1'(I )ll 1 l l').1111' o.
ill, hl Ii l l hII ii l I 11, \*,.l l Il \\ 1i\ 1 11-ll i |ll \ I ( \ \ .l |l
Ill/i II i l ll Ill II '1 1. I l l I -,,ll 1, \ ll, |II K, I II I Iii lih I
S1l II l, I s ImII I h l' I h l I 1111, l .1 \ 1h .1%. ; II1 1 i I ll l u ll

( ,1 I ,II I I II 1 Illlll h I11 Ill I l II II I 1 I I.I, II ,.
0 1 11 1 1 1 11 1 I ll 111 1 |

Sih It ,l I lli I 1 1 ,11l
1) 11111, (i\ Ill()l l',IIIIlll~ i ll

jiIl II i ll II ll N llI.
4" R i /(ir- l t.' \ I lillii ill
I, l(I, lliIIIl I IIII I l,.
Ii IIl~ lI)\I I I I llls i l l

.'.f i f I il l (hlliii I I II t .11d

lil, ". 1,, lb

S C (i r' I 1I N I I DI \i I I 1 'r N I FI I :

R I s i I

dl. p.IIIII i. 1 i 1 i, 'ii. 1 il 11 tIi. I ,pi. l .11 11 l., I i. III, paper ork
.1ll III ll.lk. )li l.lllil"s lin I11,- 1 Ih ll lill\
\\ 1111 I 1. 11 l11. Il | I llll l I ll s I. II S HIII || 111
11. p.IIIIII.III \ I 1 Ill. |pd ,i \.. 11 111.in iti i ili inim s I. m ain.
( IIII \ illH I I R 1\ II i 1 in t.) In l Ik. p iil. In civic
min il\ l in. III .i n |1 1 .11.1i i sl p III Ill.. r. I I mi ii it, (.F R
I 1 1IIII.1 1. I .IIl IIh ''l i-_. 1. 1 1ippm pP r_ ni PI011. 1111, .11 extend a
Il*-lpmr 11.111i. 1 l II i iii1. 11, Ii.iiu rn-sri 11. \i. II. III. I it's a bicycle
l i iI ili .1 I i i i\ .i ll. I ii.i 11 ins I II ii', t i, .re less
l, l111111. 11. I, i l u,' l.- l i l l ,11 I I ll, 1 1' I .I ll ,
h *in n iim, 111.11 ih ll. ih- i i I i l h l i il. 111,.11 i I )vstrophy
\Sh l)l l lllll iill
TOTAL EXPENSES $12,536,343

Human Resources
The Human Resources Department develops, implements
and monitors systems and programs to recruit, hire,
motivate, train and retain a highly qualified and diverse
workforce. Services are provided to all City departments.
The Human Resources Department acts as a consultant to
departments and an advisor to management in the
interpretation of personnel policies, procedures and labor
agreements. The department is involved in several areas
related to creating a positive professional working
environment for City employees. The department also
provides career counseling and training to foster
employment growth and development for all City
During fiscal year 2003, the Human Resources Depart
ment implemented a new employee ID system, negotiated
five labor agreements and conducted 195 job audits. Over
14,000 employment applications were processed resulting in
615 positions being filled. The department offered 228
training classes that were attended by 2,814 participants.
Other activities included the administration of pension
benefits, development and implementation of a new
evaluation tool for the Regional Transit System, and the
production of a monthly employee newsletter.
Website: www.cityofgainesville.org/hr/

During 2003, the Gainesville Police
Department (GPD) continued its effort
to make the City of Gainesville one of
the most livable cities in the United
GPD has started numerous new
programs that are designed to
strengthen their commitment to the
citizens of Gainesville, as well as make NL%
GPD the leader in the area of

GPD's new "state-of the-art"
in-car laptop computer

community policing. In August
2003, GPD launched a
comprehensive drug plan to deal
with street level drugs. This effort,
which cost $307,000, is designed to
reduce the visible drug activity in
neighborhoods. As a secondary goal,
the program includes developing
more community partnerships that
will help to deal with drug treatment
as well as help reduce the demand
for drugs.
The money used for the
comprehensive drug plan was part
of a $5 million forfeiture GPD received from the Department
of Justice as part of our agency's involvement in the arrest of
an international drug smuggler. Another expenditure from
this money was the purchasing and installation of laptop
computers for our police cars, which will be completed in
GPD was very aggressive in acquiring grant dollars from
both the State and Federal government, acquiring over $2.5
million during fiscal year 2003. Two important grants GPD
received were the Domestic Violence grant and the Internet
Crimes Against Children grant (ICAC). The Domestic
Violence grant will allow GPD to assign full time detectives,
which will not only investigate but also assist at finding
solutions to domestic violence issues in Gainesville. The
ICAC grant will make GPD only the second agency in the
State to have a task force that deals with the ever-increasing
problem of Internet crimes against children.
This year also saw the continuation and enhancement of
the Data Trac program. This program is designed to identify
crime and quality of life issues or problems in City
neighborhoods, and then plan strategies to respond to them.
The Traffic Unit started gathering information and making
presentations for solutions during the current year, and there
are plans for 2004 to expand this program to the Criminal
Investigation Bureau.
In the coming year, GPD is going to continue its focus on
crime prevention and working closer with citizens and
businesses to do everything possible to increase the quality
of life for the residents of Gainesville.
TOTAL EXPENSES $26,935,716


Public Works
I Iii l1 11 \I\l k's lD ,l 11 1 nioinil l
I'(1l ,l l Il. Ii l l ilIV', ,. 1, I
= i(ll l lll'l- >|1 1 I il) )i III II I
rieHit ari ll t Ill (P

i rlSrn iiitx idi, I i1k l"
LJ (D o( -LJ rI\ l tlri ll R 1(i 1 II1s

a l l)'i l (l ;I I II l( )lt f (l Irll IIl illi
.I \lo i ll dl [ I~io l. l l III h ll i
F iiT ll L tll i o n Ul ll h s lllll. I 1 .
i (H Ill 1l liIliai N ) ilrbli il Al l NIl 0 l \ I

ri'llR ih 1111 1 i I.''111 ll irne' l i l\lt'l il lll 'iii' .
'h)i,-,pl ri si lli i N ll|a)l prl ei t ,,. i n. s ,
-\ il l Il I l \o.il'1 ll (d \ ,Il I i ( \-l IIi

l < ll'I 'iid 'l .l I\ I I Ii

Siil ,l11 1'- ,11 1 11 11

^V ^ mrll i I 111- mt unllllil IIIl | \ \ ,\
,, klrl:t cI n i 1 i n i)( h.Islll i )ll|
I l I a ll )i *,,, II
Including I\\ 2!''" Romir arid N\\ l'i'
,lI r'-*I I 7'' i vi tie I, \ t li',r I 111 1li, l I Ih, l 1\ ,oll I k \\

i23 1 al l i ll I ld hli i l: i \ in. l, .11 r111 Ii.ll II ii III. I 1

I ll ll i l l' iNsi l i\\l l is .d I li lIIi 11111 n. II. 1i ll 1
( Ii lrlJ.I I II ( l (prll[l It. v I lliiii I l i \ m .11 .II I- t1
WiV I )h-lt -s( I h ( t-- ll M I II ll I 11111 IIIIII I \ 1 111 kl lltll ,

l.l 1(g illllllo p i -. I.i l ll ll I II,. I IIi,. I \ i lll l,|I ( l

sida lkl ,, (1 1 ll Ii- ll 111 1. il\ I 1 711 (I,11 ( )l 11
J s a $ m1 n llion h r 'lr Y I il lil,)ll .11 ll, s i I lln \, Io
II.11 A( 'xP ', l0 1 nIll 111i I I\ I il' *1 il t11. ill Il hI
r-ad vl-\r hol11 l idin Ihe Ii 1 1 1( I I ,11I 11 I IllI it .i
1-. t Il Ill I h It( ( )11 t111i Iu i l l ) I il l \ II, II l II Ill. M 1,\l 111 ll,

Ih .( iili. v lli, i n )\ii i .i il I (r Iii i i liii- 11 1 1 .11. I 11
lml % l li.\ on ll-(i. Ii il -- 11 11. I .ill I l l '
\ I ll d Ill, I i ,I\wI )1 (sI t li i tI 'tll 11 i I I I 11 k
: Pll h l I N il li nli l l ll i ,.l I lll i IIIb I I -l Ii l i t I :
li d'1hilil, and v'll ili inc, lit \bi t iI pll Id, 1. 11 1 il i. [ i i i..

d p h--, -111 1. I (I i I 1 7," 1 i ll Ill .11 1 1 (
tiW -alks. 1 I .11 .11- .1111.11 11111

,-w \ el ill ll p()[l ilII Il()I"' I 11. ( 11 1. i 1 1.
a llim a l)r m I i.J lfil I lI,. 1. il lil. II I 1.
i llth' .i l d Ih 1 Il l l 1 l I I it \ II I\ 1 1"
V\\ .[ilt I l. 'In l l I I 1 1. 111 .- .I I i. 111" I I -.11
'I lit-% p i(pit( It 1" a ll-ii.ll il, I. 1 h \ Ill.I h1 l 1 1 i
])t.[y) il t-ih ll II [ I I l i-I'p llI ili i lt i I. I I lli, I'lll i l.

IhP, ,i 1, d 111 C 11, I I i ll. I ll*ll l\, ll'
Id Ih a 'h'll s\', ll I ll I l lil I .all I IIlli.' I1

10 | l- (', [ inN (i i0 Ill 1'-- .ll I I 11 1ll

fit)II PIh il .11111 1)11\.1 ".ht lillib lih I

if H IIi ', he. 1..I il~ il, .11, 1%1 IIIhlt Ill I1\
1 2 D jI.I.\ Ihl I Mll N IP I lll h iI 11 \V I ]II. k

7,i-.\i,'l i~ li N l'; P i~l'l: < \\',,I.:K ',

,ml hl. In l. ,11n'u1,I II',,IA,

I IIll .I It 1 IIIIIII ll lll I1,//.1
I dfit lhe i in Id
/iI."If/, 16 1,11 P ,i.1f

lII i I I 1. l 1 l 11 I I, I I I

\I\ iI iii1 ii l I 1 11l11 1 11

,1111 II 111 1 (I III I- Is II

dI i l l l \. 111 l. t I ll .1 li'l

(I' 1111 1) I m111l11 11 ,f \l. v .Iw
I 01 p .1 ,o .1, 1.., Ih l (d |lll
( iI ll i lil \.,'Il Ii III ll. I I

TOTAL EXPENSES $19,869,607

Regional Transit
II' li l 1 l ii t l il\' | s i I li. I( l il l i ll I .
11.1 p II 1. 1 [Ii II I h II,, Il1 1t11 h

1 1 1 1 C1 I\ ,, 11 .. 1 1i\ ill, I 111 1111 I. I ll .' l li ll
II. I I 1 I II I I II .11\ til l 111\. 11 ti 1 II II' l IIIl II 1111 lI \ 'l
1 S".. I, S 1 1 11,11 I lill 1 1 1 1 111111. l \ ll, '
d 11 1 Illll 1ll) ll Iti l '. I 111. ml l 1 111 1 I~1,1

Ii l l ii. I I il 11 1iil 1 [1 11I' i 1iiii III. i 11, II 11 1 i ii ii il I

I 1. I | I,| I I II |. I | I | I. Ill l,|, | II II p.| I I .1111| 11 IIIp ||I I S I l *111.
SI. I ll ll I ll' N I I Ill ll II il l

.1 1 le I, ls| i sll |( >| Ill ||. i s.' i 1 1 IitI | .11 11 11\ I1 I IIII [I Is II I
\ ,I ll I )lhl II S 1 |l I', \, IIII 1. I ll ll, I I I I ll \ 11 1 1, S 11. 1
\II l ll 1i 11 1, s 1 III ,' I .I l l l 1 I II i lp 1 III I ( II .1 11i l 111 I I Il
S I I \ II .II I l l I II 111 I ., ill- I .11 \ 1 ) I- I l I 1. 1 111 ,l l l,, l

I III IIIII ( II.I ill- II | 1 1\I 1 1- IM11. I, 1 1 1 kI I
I ,l l lII l l ( I, I.l, ll tal ) l l \ 1 "I\ 1 1 1. III l .1.\ I ill ,Ill ,I I l ll

11 11 1 I If 1 11 I I I'Ml\,[ l \
TOTAL EXPENSES $19,869,607,349

R ,111. 1 1ll 11 ll I I l l I II:. Ihs -. l1 l 1,t iNI liil d111
I1 I111" 11 | '1 I, ,I '"s s I l 1 1\ 1 i, .l 11 1 ( 1 111 1' 1 111 1 1. I ,,11 11 1 I l
\ 1i Iii1 1 ( tal llllll\ ltai ; 11. \ ,, l 1- I l -. 1 1 1 Idl, .i -.l lllil I. ,i-. 1 ,.

I I I l l I li l l l i l l ll h ll 1. 11 \ .11 1I I illlii| lll\ I I IItI ll I l
II 11I i .l 111 ,1l \ 1 i l I lll. i ll I-II.l l llll i I, l l, l.isll il I 1-ill I 1
I ll II 11 1,'1,'\l | I I I 1, "1 1I'I. 1 I 1. 1 ,Il llil il I 1\I. .I I Ii1 -.lll
hs | \I ,Ih II1 11 1ll l, llhn i I ||.shop i l ,.\, Nl | |lll ,ll Il

,I, 1 ,111 -11 1 1 i l I) I, 1 111-. ,111 I I,. II 111 ,\ llh-11 I Il ii
1l,' 1 'l ( llil, ll I '.II 1% 111 11 ,1 \,,1\ II1, I1 \ 1t ( l .. lll, 1 1'

I* l R ll,. II. I ll ,l l \1 \ l ll i ll I I lll I l i\,. l

R I1 .(,1,, l T1 -I:1\ ",1

6Aru d^//X/r9CZ-PV

Economic Outlook
I II I ( ( ll llllt\ Illl. I il ll I lll I s" I It

till lph' i l llI I I I i ll I Irl I 1 1( I ,1 hl 1. j 1 1 1 1 'It I o II 1 il \ ill I1 \i
I) llr I h ll ill il 1 '1 il l I t M1.1 11 .1 .1 1, l1 .1 1 ri l ll, IIl .11 11,11 ll
l l l I( l l il 1 ,1 111. 1 l i ll I )1 1. 11 .. ( I(\ l l I a 11 III l ( 11)11l \
I Itlll 'ii 1. ,l i\ II ( I 1)\l -1 \1.1, .1 1l ,I (lil 1 111 111 1.II II Ii II
h il l |ll sl II llill. h ll 111 111 Ill | l\ l ,", r liil I1l 1 llls II ll l Ih hlll

I .. Ill l i i I I' 11 1 II Il lh llll h l l i i l".. lf) I II II I 1111 1

[illl\% 'l ll\ ( I 111 1111 l l l lI I i I 1 111 1 1 l ilih i l, l (1k I. l ll.
llllll IIlil' 1,1 l'- I.11 \ ,',11 Il mIll I Ill Y1 ):: I ) l 1/7 %,: 111
I I l i ll I I ,' ll l 1l 1 I 11 I I l I II III II -l l 11 l ll l I I l ll
1I lr I 1111 ,iiin iiin I Ii il l ti I* i I..|tl ii l\ 11' Illi | |\
I llill 1111 ill* I'Mltll I ll lll I l ii. ll,'' rN I 1111i' 11 1, 11 l.11
I I1 l hll I llS l I l. II II lll,'' 1h l1 ti ll hi Il, l ll ll 11 1111 \ 11 I
,illlll ,ll ll.lIl .l\ l\ Illlhli ll

Major Initiatives

For the Year

Pension Plans
( III N 1 11, 1 I II : I Ill I ( II I i III I I'. Ii \L l I ll lll1 11
S ill ) 1 1 lll ll I il li Ill%. 1 ,l,1 11 Z11111 : \ lll ll 1111/ i I Ih I ) I ll I Fi II
iIIll s I' W 175 .1 11h1.111.11" i I ,1 1 .11' '1111\ ( i\\ lj/'11 1 Io io II\ l
I ll l i I I l I I I, l llll( 1 II l u l l 1 h I ti \S I 11 1 i II ll II I I .III

Ilsh ill .111~'1~ 1. 11~, 11 l 1 till 1s4 1 1 .11 Ill.. 11 l )II 1 1. 111.
I I', IJ i h ~llll,' I I~, Ilhl l Il" III l II I I, ,ll I i l, l i ll,~ I
IIII 1 1 1,} 1 .1 t I I 11 < < II l jI I I II.ll I I ol l II, [ l I .ll l \ Ill -_
ll ll llll Ill Ill i ll l I \ I ll lllll ll I( 1 1 ( ,111 d 1 i

I11I '1 1 .11 Ill. l 'l l, 111 il lil.i ll lI.l ll ll 11.411 4Fl III
SI II ll II I .I IIl l, Illl t ~l ,i 1'i1 i 11 llll l, II'll. 1 \ \lI I. ISlr l

I)1 i II 111\~,ii .. IIII IIs,1 I 1 11 1 l X1111 '1 1 1 II I il I II II I.

rIng 3 3e 3 bu et 3s 3 C
Tax (mlillFaHBF r ateefciveOcoer1s f ac ea. n ml
*3*^lUTMiE~l~~t~t^ 3tlM *5 .33S533~i egg..^^^

age raMtes releied based^ ii on deb srice ad operaingP needs.^^^^^
The current propet t3ax *l 33g. ate 3 *
saixteenhconeacutive3 ye .r in *3 the C *it' si irte has
KJe H3itherreminedonsn o c .

. *Proerty 3 R 3e*enues *re e % h t a n
fund r .. . ..gh t ta.rtehsde
10 . .3*.s ag, p y t. T s 3
pr*mar*B.iy d to t i nre ae in
3oae in th* cit liit as deemie by .3 e Cont Pr3op3*3 y
Ap.aier an. annxaio of3 ura frng ar3as

S lIN \N( l \ C oNJI)III)N \NI) RI I' I N(. 13

Alajor Initiatives For the leai. continued

GRU's Integrated Resource Plan
I[ rllflr hl' pali \-Car ( ;ait l tl IlIl" (t i ii'. i ii II\ i \, ii .1 I l ilt I \ \ 1 ...111 ( .1' i
i *11,IlL ll .lgll .t11 1 .~Irt( I I( I'd 11 I III -.1 lidl \'.\ A1\ s. II II. ". Ii ( ,k1 1111i.'\ ll,. s
:U_1.,. [ II \ '.-; w rv i,', ,,- ,ihll. d h \ I(, .( ,i.,I....li)lI i i ( R li l%
n.(a('lv i" Q Q h';IIllllH ( ;11).1i i 1\ I Zit,21 11 it PII1 ''1 II-,hIl. I--'[ho1.h11111
lfll I (Fi ll 11111;S I ** .I)l( 11i('l \ It, 111111 11 1 h i t ill i( 111 ,11 ( .11 i ll l
:: :::: F 11111111111 r illir I o | I I n oI I it sinI it I 1 1 ili i I 1 *i .llln 1 lii4 11lli I ill

iC1 L kw lt()l illll F'll\, I 11 1 % 1. 11I lI II III I I 111 1 1. I t I ll I /.II t l
h r llll il \ .11111 ( (1 ln11sillII"I %
[l l (lillllll ii ill ili ll \ V.i i t ll, i II liu 1 11I l11i I I lt l| i ,.1 1
II[1 1lli 1)n li lP (m ]it\ ol T l l l l I(l l l l ll t I i. li l I I\ i .tl i| \ II\ I1 1 i ill illl ii ll.l Ill
il( ( o iil .iIII Si \1 [lIt" d il' tCli l i l t l il ( I1\ ( hlllllss iil.l i ( I i s )il |ll[li, il| ll s
'111 11 v dll d[ ll (11,'i )' I 1l. ( cill S I I l n, I S Ihlnill l i\ ll, ( 11\ ( iiI IIIl o l tll iii

if ll ', Itt l111i l.l i '11111111 i IIII 111l .
iI'l il il iil i t l i ll lll 11| 1it 11 1 t 111 lii

*IN.\IsIC h.\h C(tNJIiIIItt \-iRihtilIIINJCft p'Ilt
Depot Regional

Stormwater Park

(Ih [h'illi Ill i D f llC'Il IRi ll l ",011iii 1 .i,.1 IlII k.
ai3 m ik I and ll ( sI 'III( l .iI -I 1.11 I. IIIi 1 lila, I ilI\ -1

l.il M ai 1111 o'Irl "-i l' ll l i' 11111 Il 1 %.Ol WI*l",i*
a i)lln1i sliid( il l lin 11lit-ris oli ; li'ill 11i 111i111,i nt 1\J

,ig illl fih l i g.
A\ S[ ,.il l )l l l 'll ill h I ll 1111' II ll : ill l '
' 11 c ( ill nii ,ll lll ir t( i 1 11 I II i ll il ll. \
0i't ([ ( ,,'lI' [ I l, llll.hll ,IiI lsi |\ Ie .t MI3\J
I'II m w %i ( 11w II I I 1 l i 1 1 1 4 I 111 .1 \II s -,li \
illll) [ l l il lt l irn ipl\ If I,1 i .II slii v lih I [,I t Iii ,

Imhr-Q, lw d to' obltain |lil li itllll,,ll,- iil
_I i I lihltl ill I l I ks ll l I I IIL

W||| l' \'l ii('li \W 1 l Fo b Si l il l ilt i. 1w o1 tII.Ili i Ol mm iiIlI iiii I Ii (I l\
SI I Ilil. hi ( i v l i il l)\ I, l I i i I I I. I ll I I I II I

lii t' .lrt m lP o l i [ 1l IIII \ I ,ii il l I Iipp III tilI I I, I lllh' ( II\ (l ilp illn-Ih1I11
S 1hi' h 1 vI l b(' S1 111111111i ll, Il l ,11, lI II I". l, ilt 11111.11i 1l ll Ill 1.IIl I
II 1 hIs ( 4id l hi'.l iAs i lkil tII al Ill, I h 1l4 h Di i i 11,I III s 1 1l
lliti llia l P l )io w ( ilfl (Iv.1 i d 11, i i l il li l \ 1 ,Iil it lis l I ),'[ ii Ii| ,'ii ii
Hv i l 'l I i i '. I Ii 1 I,.ll I l II 1 I tll ,lll ll Ill tl 'lil 1 .Il ,
i i l 1 I lll Ii tII i lI
S ( I ll l 1 ,- -. l ll, .IIll l ll li t I', l ll i, llr 'I (. llill it l llrll 11 l l l111.11141
hih 'li h Ir )" O pIP midlli.llm W I m m11 -11 I ill,' h litlk, i (, tlI) ,'l 111i 1 i ll l Il li\ l 'I
xii X It t hlI ll illt ll l Inl ll lr Ii .iI llll Ii rlti l ,llll' (,.ll,

[',11 /.IN/ I f"1t fit t l, 'ldt l I 'll fft. t /, itllilinlit /I t (, .I11
1/D o11 llif i %lit ll, l t 'lll l IIpt/lo.li" fil/li IIt 4 /1 1 Mll"

itJIllIII ( IfI l 1II.t.I//h -f/ I/l/ t, m llmIlvI Il i .//, Ill I/.t
.,? .2till.7' If, fi. lilt 11 ,1 h .I ljIt hll i [/I ( s ,,l it.

4 F I N \ N ( I .1 C N 1) II I N \ N I) R I' 1.: II N (

Judicial Complex and

Parking Garage
III I .,' 1, 11 I 1. 11111111 1 1 ll N I l, I I 1il. Z il il
Ill, i 'II I I I 1 1 I ll.. I,.1 1 11 1til ll*
\ ,1. l lll,. l ,.111 i., iS l ,'II)I) I I, .111 III I,1'.,11 II, II, II ",,i
N\ ll tII ll, II III 1 1 I I I IIlI, 11111 II111 11..II l t1, IIII

1I 11, 1,11*1111i) ll ll ~I, i l (1I \ 'llII --d Iltll I. 1 1 ", hill
IIlII.It l' l ,ll ll 1. III I ti,' i. 1 111 t ll l w. l 1111hl ll
I l ll l till I ll, 11 II III 11. I all ill l ll ll ,11 11 (

ii ll b ll( l iiiti I 1, liiitii t |,,Itti 2003 2002 2003 2002 2003
Sill -li Sii I s4i.ll' t'i i,1|iiIi i, ii'" L lnd 'II1f. I 1 1 4 22 2 1 1 ll -2. .llll4 I l55 i.
S I>. : lii ill ill, I ir, F l nl 'ndE p i 1enl l 1 1 11 I ll .i

1iiii en AI.slo .111- ii.ih' ,llll\ 2i i ll I 11 ll
III,' 15. l0_2 I5 & I05, ,ll Ui lI2 mll 'l ... II l lI I ,lli i

I II '1\ IIV 111],
III I\ i II.i I \ I Illl l l lI I | IIn i i I
I)iiikI Iii.li.lllll Si il I dl l 11 ,,1 111 ., l2l5 1t il
bIIC I 1 411 11 ,tb )l) (11 1 N11 5'"1 1, -I Ill
I I s l illIII I a jll l \lliII. l l\ 1- I ,- illi l l .11 i ,l I

i 11 o tlll II hol111111 0.11. 1* pill|* I IN EN I IIII Iall

h111, I IItli, hX lh IInl

,III i( II|i, i ). IiIE II.IIi CIIII a II,\ 2003 2002 2003 2002 2003
.Ill IIII 11t.1.II 1 f 1iIIl I I ll l Lnd 1.14 71i 1.114i 1. 141 1.,1 8 1' I i55 1,

E tilln .l,550 11 I ngll. it I, ,h
I m11r ll. ",1111m 111 1, '11 ll I -. ll' ,,l lllh'
.111i II1 III ll i l I 11,\ IIs l I, II I
I| I ~tal'^ i" lh l.. ll nl \ h lle l. lchiner, sind EqUipmen w 11 -T1 I) 1" Ri. -:i5 18R-1I
C capital Assets..I III .i II\ s ,|||I hlimi, g Ii-t tre17 1 8 75 1.
Ill, II I 11% II l l" 1 I'1, lll l h lll hIlll hl l 20 .103 2002 200 in Progress1 200
' lll lu llli l \i l', II, lll l Total J97442 193l 550 S 702'723 S 1 67-01 9 3 S800 165 $7

1I11 11. l\ 11.ll III I l.lli ll 11o w

' lill l | i l e tll.l t ,1 | Ii 1 \I hlul [INldnl^ 1 ^ ^ -^1^ -l1 .

Inprilne n- 1 1-,l N \ N I l I' 'h11 '11 1 I 1]

F I N N I\IIII IC N,, l' l INIII I \N I R I IIIII' .N 1 5
I) 1'-" Il,1i,5lh,-

Net Assets
As of September 30, 2003 and 2002
r000's Amittprd

Capital Assets
Total Assets

97,442 93,550
252,539 159,032

Long-Term Liabilities Outstanding 129,420 41,697
Other Liabilities 13,325 14,664
Total Liabilities 142,745 56,361

702,723 674,893
1,131,774 1,110,834

452,689 421,413
306,057 252,050
758,746 673,463

800,165 768,443
1,384,313 1,269,866

582,109 463,110
319,382 266,714
901,491 729,824

Changes in Net Assets
As of September 30, 2003 and 2002
(000's Omitted)

Charges for Services
Grants and Contributions
Property Taxes
Other Taxes/Licenses
Other Revenues
Total Revenues
General Government
Public Safety
Total Expenses
Increase before Transfers

Prior Period Adjustment
Net Assets 10/01. restated

$11,863 $10,267
9,652 8,495
16,342 13,714
17,739 16,189
2,825 2,810
1,635 1,640
6,098 1,765
66,154 54,880

15,062 17,122
42,574 39,241
9,358 8,847

18,403 13,336
85,397 78,546
(19,243) (23,666)
Or IRR Or 1'1

102.671 100.216
102.671 100.216

$229,450 $214,226
10,922 14,061

6,468 7,507
13,945 5,504
260,785 241,298

199,324 183,082
24,003 22,415
223,327 205,497
37,458 35,801
/ORR I\ /t)R 101\

(75,435) -
361.936 427.691

$241,313 $224,493
20,574 22,556
16,342 13,714
17,739 16,189
2,825 2,810
8,103 9,147
20,043 7269
326,939 296,178

15,062 17,122
42,574 39,241
9,358 8,847
199,324 183,082
42,406 35,751
308,724 284,043
18,215 12,135

(75,435) -
464.607 527.907

Governmental Funds by Fund Type
Revenues and Expenses
\S II 1 l. lh ll.llll. : : 1 I l: .ll ll 1 11 1

2002 (Decrease)

,pe,:lal Revenue
Debi Service
: apilal Prljec:ls
Total Revenues
',pe:ial Pevenlue
Debi Service
1 apl. alFProjecI
Total Expenses

1.731. l

11 742

1J2 3; ?

$7 875

169 1 35

8 181
1 r, r .1r

9 155

98 ;58
$8 245

Governmental Funds,,.,,..,,,
.I, a tlI I l I h[I I II \ ~l l)I )l ll lli 11 1111, 1 1\1, I, 1ll ll)\. II .11,'
ilil ( 11\ s l)\ ,'l llllli' l I l II ll 1 \ i ),,'s
I Il, G general Fluid iII -, i IInl.iiiil 1I\ III Ii'. lII nI, il
.i( 11\111\ I)l 1 )~11i 1 'I ,s \. 1 I 11111i ( II\ \ll 'i n11 1111' III .1
ItI ,,' I ,','. 111t 1 11. 1111' 1 Is i t all i i,'itl. ( It\ 4 d ji,1),lttti ttI

D iIll)I II.
Special Re\enlue Fundcs .,n ilu i. 1 I lI ,11 ,III li I
II III, ID I' 11 ,s tl 111 11 l 1 11 s i h i I
I.\ I, III. lu I I.i hS I I 1 ,, | |i. lii I 1 11 n 3 )', IIi I n.'llD .I.. II S D| I| li. ,.
lii11Is I. 1 Il h l. 1 I.h1 n1 d ,l l h 1 1 11'- I i.|, ,'. | | | |s 1 .,S. I1 ll l,11. S ,||..

1), l\1 111.l ll 1 "| i II 'n\ I 11 I i 1 [ 1 IUII) l ,I 11 l II 111 1 uII .11 1
I1 ll ( I1 I I\1 ), ;i111\ I .l 11,'l l h) nlls .| ll (III l I it l ll n -l l l,|l ll .
p. II I ,i I ll IIIi l ls.II I IIl I. III II I Ii\ ul| I. 11. 1

I)() I-. ( ) Ih| ) ,l l tl n,. \,, ,. I l u h111/ ll l l I I,.l n I i,. I illilln i .ll 1
\I 1) I I 1 11 )| 1 i .I I7 1 11hn11l u 11 1 11 11 III 11 D Inn I. Ihni I
k)n llnI l')1 nn, I lII ( 1 ll\. Iv, o ll (-. l I ll ,1111.)11II l Id h n I,

SI:: 11111 I()[ I u I) | | S III|. |I 1n 11 | l | l |, I n1 Ill l 11 1
\l 1 1 .\ I III III I .I I I ,1 \1 I ll ( I I
Il ',I II '
Capital Projects Fullidls 1 iiinni hIm linn,11 iil i.11 ,,ln, ,'s
II I I n"I ( I I l ll I l1(. .1 II I Il ll l III i lll |, s | ll i l I lilll l l II ll.ll ll
I, I In, ll \ ( ,, 'n ,'l l ,l I Inr l lll l .l I 'l l ,l I i ,.
111. Ir I \ l i ll-Il II I 1 1 1 11111 11. 111 .11 III 1.l 1 II IS 1111 l\ \1|111. |1
,II l ,l .h u l l | i., .l Ill. ( in\ l nl l IS n. ,l l| i,, I ,1\ \*, I ( a, u Il
Inn l nil l, I ll ,'III I'S,. |.Il. 11i II \ .,=. h laj l,|tl 1h \ Ih. II\
( 11111111 1 l all III *,'l) l,'lllh ,'l I l Z IIII1

1. 4 :151

( ;85)

2 587;


The schedule above reflects the revenues and expenses
of the City's governmental funds for the fiscal years 2003
and 2002. The schedule includes the amount of increases
and decreases in relation to prior year totals.
: i ::r ii m a n ii

*, C

SFIN\N( I\I C NI) II I N \N I R i I' I IIN(. 1

roprietary Funds Proprietary Funds
on for Fiscal Year 2I0i,,i,,, I ,, I ii,, I. I,,, I i, "I ,,,,.,,, llh 1(h IIil"
I\i IIIIlle eII I Eiliu ll / .I IIpiii l d .IIII dI 1 11\ 11.11
I, l111111. 11 Ih s IIIIh, l,'l l hII l lu t i h i Il I) Illi.,ll, h H 14
I I 'II\ l in 1i( d Il li ) I, ( II ill Ill (11I,' I IIII IilI '"
.111I I lli'l li l '1 l it ('
Enterprise Funlldsis i i -p,\ llr llle l II st11s ll 4ippoi ing
., II l l lit* 11 lt\ lit S I\ h I0 1 lilt- lil h it o II 1i Is1 t-1
lI: n_ ': Ihmi. I lhit \ .11ir 1111.l t li' 'l .111 Ol i. l, t' Ill lilt,
il1,ie I \ ,ll I\ 1 lli li '",-, I)*'l.llI ll' Illl ,l I h o o, l
lII( t" VIIIIII* Il, I)l i )\ l t-l a ( ) l 1 lhl (I1 w,'l \ I( I( [ ll I'
jI~lll l(t \tll allI,' Mll -- ll o l l (11 otp-I)* .l lliHl" \11\ [pl illI.,
.11 ", IllID h1 h 1 II ll, 11 111, III\ i ll. I .I 11IIII" 111111
Inerinal Ser\ ice Funlds ,11' IIw I hI1 .1. 1III
.11 I II Illll its1 I( I 1 \ l i l ia' I)i1)\ l l,' h \ 45,11* I(,\ '1 1lill**[ll.Il
,11111\ Itr llh il Ii I ?t.\tll *lllI' I 11111\ il II' i.1 *, l iH
IIl .. I ,I i1 (I '.,l411. i' l hi I I1 i li t a 1\ 1 iiIll\

Note: E eclude s 3 R, naI Ujl Uwa .. Pe..nu. ,:'f o ]:i nll,.:.n
and E pen:e: o:-f '. mn lh..:'n

Proprietary Fund by Entity
Revenues and Expenses
\ ,sI i'' .l .ill I 1 i I 1.1 III .2
III II II 11 11111111h

2003 2002 (Decrease)
Transg $.13198. 111 4R '. 1V 81
Ulities 235579 201572 17737
Sl.:.miwaler 5991 5941 I
Ir.:nw.:,.:.d ':11.:. :urs 11127 1 232 (2' :15)
S,:.ld \"asle 6-1 5 50, 36,.",J ')^ ^H...
Gl-enerI Insurance 56.35 4 6.1 1 1
64eel 1 4'974. 1 7..,
S-I 1I9-1r 11711
Total Revenues 288 :8' -., 4,4 25 59i.
Transit 111128 1.1 085 1.2 04
Ubllbes 227 2-9 209 167 18082
SIl:,miwwaler 4 1286 4 08 199
Ir,:,nw,:,,:,d (3:,11 C:urse 1775 1 63 138
S:I'd "lasle 6 311 5 805 506
General Insuirance 5 1 0 7 168 1 998)
F~4 J0 I6J, 296.
I-l I-I 12 .39 11-10 I ? 40.3
Total Expenses 27; 89,8 21 996 19 902 RI

Shortage of Revenues
OverExpenses %134-91 $7803 $5688

1I N N ) RIPO Io I if

Fiduciary Funds
I Il ll 1.11\ I1 1 II I .11 .i IkS, 1 1 Ita I l tI.. I I t 1 I I S al lr ll I I I II I
I ll 1 I I I I I1 1.Illl 1 I. I Il I t II I, i l, tII II h l lI l ,I'" II I II. 1
IIJ llI s'. ,||i Ilial ,l|\ ,ll.i, |l i,. is lll s "-, hI s lI ( 11\ -. in\ II
| I t1 s1. 1 I I I I II 11 I li ll 1.11l \ I l |1 1 '\ 1 I ll III l e li
\'s l I l, l ll II 1I I I lli s ll J iJ Il llll 1.J1 i |1. 1
thelI 1 21 111 11\ I

Debt Administration
I l II ( 11\ l 'ts 1111i. )i III 11)1. 1 .l 1111 l ll 1 ) 1 lt i \ liI.I lll s t ll
I 1 l-, l ll llll | 'I II \' 1, I, l|I l '111 111' l lll |. \ 111 1 II l i ll J1111 l
ll" ,, |I| \ l 11 1:: i I l ,' 'll\ 1'l i|lll l 'lll I,' 11 I |, | |ll '| | l \
I l, II I lll al IIg (1 ll4 I I I I II.I III 11lll l l tl l l ,I 1 I I I)I Ji| I I .II ,
1s I I \ I || || l| | | l \l .|| |, S | |
1 I I F, I Ih II ( II1\ke 11 11 1 1 I. I ll. hIll .11 I ll i d I l
Il l III Ii I I lJ llA l .11 v.l. I I 1III I l I ,ll : I I II IIIIII, II II I

( II\ 1 1, I :l l Ilil h i ll ll l IIII s l i, I I l t ill,41111 I I I_ I l \ .11
IIIII 1 1, I, IIl til l Ill. I. -II l h s IIIII l 11 111,ill il l l

Component Units,. ,,,.. ,., 111,.,
S -, l. lI.llI 11 t hli ll ll III Il l Illl llr. 1 .1 lll -, I(I
,' illl l. I|s /,' |Ill. \ ,11* l. r 11 i\ -,, |1.1) .i 11 1 II ill, 1 ( l II\ I ll.
( tal l lll1llllll~l\ l~~\ '\ 't)l li ) ll lll \ .i |I \ ( 1\ \1 .1 11 1 Ill '
( .,iiii' S Il|i I I I 'III ir i 'I. / tI ll ), .\ illll I,.ii \ .ii \
(( .1 / 1) \ I v I. I* 1 I.i.I I 1 \ I ll II II J ll I ll ( II\ II .II I\
till[I I II1 lS 111111111111( 1* I\ li I \ I I 1 1 I \ (I 1
I I M ill, li ,1 II\ ( t lillll i--I tall ,lJ)J) 1ilill Ill 1h 1l.1141
() I lil ". 4 t ,lg lIll/. ,IIItal-,b. ll ,II) J i "I.t l hll II 1 1i1 i .- l
( Olll llllllt llll\ R d e oldl pll elll .l elllr jlIllliP-,. '- Is
SI ll, I I I ll l l 11 11 i I ll II. 1 I II ll l II Ill\ i sI ll II ll lllI I

'II II I I l ll, l II 'S I Its i I |S ,I I I. ,1 \ 11 l llll.llI
, II I .1 I IIII lll\ II,. I ', I Ill'sl | |H I MII% H
l Ill I ll,\. IIh II| |I I I 1 Il I1 1', II 1 l ll, fIlI\ I

( 1 I S .1 1I '-. l.1 1('i I i lll 1111 ll l 11 11. III l, l l\ I III, [ I
(lll l tl lh l l l \ II 'l /.l lli i i tIl l-l lll I S, dII I, I hIII I
-III 11I III 1 11, l ll *III l .11 1'I I I IIN I l ll )( III h) l' l
t I ll llllli llll\ J /I ll l i, l lll l \'t J lt l| Il Ill III, lJ

IlII II III ( ()\l II I II ( ,IIIIl -V IJ .
I ,l ,ll I ) I llll i)\\ 1 11 1 ( 111. 11 ll.i

,ll. I II. ll Ii ll II II 1 l l IIl ll. I 1 1
Gaines\ille Enterprise Zone

IIs I I1111 1L.' ,11 il t,( 1)-1111",1, 4 I (
IS 111 1 .III .0l I \l 1' 1 \ I "-lll r ll lll
|, \lli II .Ill. I sl ('ll lllI I Illll, |U

Ill\ J J I lll Ill\ II I I lll 'l* III IE il
.IFII Inlll Kll. I I, I| \ ll' lillill
iJiil i ir ,is i in[l, ill n illi i tlf,
l l)II(, I IIIIII lll\ I It ll '.11 ,I I l '
[l isl Ill I\ III J I'llll i .i ll [ii t li\.
Il lls i s (|S|| i Is || | | | |\111 ) 111 AIl 1
\I. 1 .. llll's\ l 11 [> ll| / ]1|| :,(

ll|| |||111 -ss-,"s l .I||, II' ,|| || /( I, | .11111,ii
1:5 11 .\ |l), \ \. I I ,.) | 1,11 11

S \ 1 C MNI) II I N \NI) R I I'ti':1 IN(



Gainesville has long been admired for
its participatory style of government. The
City has many advisory boards and com-
mittees that provide residents an oppor
tunity to contribute to their local
government and participate in signifi
cant policy decisions. Current boards and
committees are listed below. For further
information, please call the City Clerk's
office at 352-334-5015.

Art In Public Places
Trust 5 member City/
County appointed com-
Smittee is established for
each major public con-
... : structed project.
& Bicycle/Pedestrian
Advisory Board 12
members: City (4),
County (4) and MTPO
(4). The Board shall
-- study and make recom-
mendations to the City
Commission, the County
Commission, and the
MTPO on all matters concerning planning, imple-
mentation, and maintenance of policies, programs,
and facilities for the safe and efficient integration
of bicyclists and pedestrians into the urban area
transportation system.
Board of Adjustment 5 members City resi-
dency required. The Board of Adjustment hears
and decides appeals of administrative review and
special exceptions on zoning and building code
Board of Trustees of the Consolidated Police
Officers' and Firefighters' Retirement Plan -
5 members City residency required for the two
(2) members appointed by the City Commission.
The Board of Trustees oversees and administers
the pension plan of the Police Officers and
Firefighters for the City of Gainesville.
Citizens Advisory Committee for Community
Development 15 members City residency not
required. The Citizens Advisory Committee for
Community Development (CACCD) makes rec-
ommendations to the City Commission and City
Manager regarding the Community Development
Block Grant and HOME programs and lends sup-
port to, and seeks support for, desirable programs
and projects.
City Beautification Board 15 members City
residency not required. The City Beautifica-
tion Board studies, investigates, develops,
assists, advises, and makes recommendations
to the City Commission on matters pertaining
to beautification.
City Plan Board 7 members City residency
required. The City Plan Board gathers informa-
tion and makes recommendations to the City Com-
mission on the comprehensive plan of the City of

College Park/University Heights Redevelop-
ment Advisory Board 9 members To the ex-
tent possible, members of each advisory board
should reside or work in the district. Appointed
by the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).
Development Review Board 7 members City
residency required. The Development Review
Board is a citizen board that reviews, approves or
denies development plans submitted for review
pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 30, Gaines-
ville Code of Ordinances.
Downtown Redevelopment Advisory Board
- 7 members To the extent possible, members of
each advisory board should reside or work in the
district. Appointed by the Community Redevel-
opment Agency.
Eastside Redevelopment Advisory Board 7
members To the extent possible, members of each
advisory board should reside or work in the dis-
trict. Appointed by the Community Redevelop-
ment Agency.
Fifth Avenue/Pleasant Street Redevelop-
ment Advisory Board 7 members To the ex-
tent possible, members of each advisory board
should reside or work in the district. Appointed
by the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).
Fire Safety Board of Adjustment 5 members
City residency not required. The Board serves as
an appeals board, authorized to hear appraisals
and to vary the application of any provision of
various fire safety codes.
Gainesville/Alachua County Cultural Affairs
Board 15 members City residency not required.
The Cultural Affairs Board advises the Director of
Cultural Affairs in the promotion of fine arts, liter-
ary arts, performing arts and crafts, develops lo-
cal art resources and assists in the planning and
implementation of community arts involvement in
and around the City of Gainesville.
Gainesville/Alachua County Regional Airport
Authority 9 members City residency not re-
quired. The purpose of the Authority is to man-
age and operate the airport and airport facilities,
an independent special district.
Gainesville Code Enforcement Board 7 mem-
bers City residency required. The Gainesville Code
Enforcement Board has jurisdiction to hear and
decide cases of alleged violations of Gainesville
City codes. Members also serve on the Nuisance
Abatement Board.
Gainesville Energy Advisory Committee 9
members City residency not required. The Com-
mittee advises the City Commission on energy
policy matters and reviews the continuing work
of the Gainesville Regional Utilities.
Gainesville Enterprise Zone Development
Agency 9 members City residency not required.
Created to carry out the economic development
and redevelopment purposes of Chapter 290,
Florida Statutes.
Gainesville Housing Authority 5 members City
residency not required. The authority establishes
policy and is responsible for the planning, financ-
ing, construction, leasing, managing and main-

training of low-rent public housing, subject to ap-
plicable laws, and contractual relations with the
US Department of Housing and Urban Develop-
ment and the City Commission.
Gainesville Human Rights Board 7 members
City residency required. The purpose of the
Gainesville Human Rights Board is to enforce, file,
process and hear complaints of discrimination
based upon age, race, color, sex, religion, creed,
national origin, disabilities, marital status and sexual
Historic Preservation Board 9 members City
residency required. The responsibilities of this
Board are to update the official inventory of cul-
tural resources and submit recommendations and
documentation to the City Commission; develop
programs to stimulate public interest in urban
neighborhood conservation policies and goals;
and cooperate with City, County, Regional, State
and Federal Governments in site, building, struc-
tures, object areas and districts, both public and
private, for listing on the local Register for Historic
Nature Centers Commission 12 members City
residency not required. The Nature Centers Com-
mission assists the City Commission through rec-
ommendations and advice given in respect to
developing programs, ordinances, use regulations
and resource management policies as required to
protect the natural system and other values to the
Nature Centers of the City of Gainesville.
Pension Review Committee 5 members City
residency not required. SUCCESSFUL INVEST-
The Committee shall assist the City Commission in
carrying out its fiduciary responsibility as Board
of Trustees of the City's pension funds by acting
as an Advisory Committee on investment matters
and Board referrals. The Committee shall also re-
view investment policies and Investment Manager
Public Recreation Board 9 members City resi-
dency not required. The Public Recreation Board
advises the City Commission and offers recom-
mendations as to the needs of the City on all mat-
ters pertaining to recreation within the City.
Regional Transit System Advisory Board 9
members City residency required for City appoin-
tees. The duties of the Regional Transit System
Advisory Board shall be to advise the City Com-
mission on all matters relating to the Regional Transit
Tree Advisory Board 5 members The Board
shall act as the technical information collector,
clarify tree regulations, act on referrals, guide the
creation of a Master Tree Plan, assist in the devel-
opment of the goals and objectives for the City's
Comprehensive Plan with respect to trees, and
serve on the Tree Board of Appeals.
Tree Board of Appeals 3 members City resi-
dency not required. The Tree Board of Appeals
has been established to hear appeals regarding
dangerous or dead trees designated for removal,
including those recommended for removal by the
City Arborist.


7 y 0 -6 a

As a citizen of Gainesville, you are the best judge of the quality of
service your City Government provides. I know you expect the highest
quality of service and to be treated with courtesy and friendliness. To assist
the City in delivering high quality services, please take a few minutes to
answer the questions on the next three pages.

This survey is designed to help the City staff and Commission evaluate
public opinion of City services and programs. Your household has been
chosen at random to participate in this survey. To accurately reflect the
views of all people living in Gainesville, we would like you to utilize the
following method to determine the respondent in your household: Please
select the adult (anyone 18 years or older) who most recently had his or
her birthday.

Be assured that all your answers are given in complete anonymity. Let
me stress again that your participation in this survey is very important,
especially because you are one of the few households being asked to *
report your opinions about City services. It is equally important that you
choose your household's respondent by the method described above. If
you have any questions about this survey, feel free to contact the Office of
Management and Budget at 334-5032. When you have completed the
survey, please return it in the prepaid envelope.

In addition to the Citizen's Opinion Survey on services, I am also very
interested in any comments you have regarding the Citizen's Report. If
you have any suggestions on how the City can improve the Citizen's
Report, please contact the Finance Department at 334-5054.

Thank you, -

Wayne Bowers
City Manager

This questionnaire is included in the 2003 Citizen's Report, which is mailed out during the Spring of 2004.
The addresses were selected from a random sample of GRU customers within the City limits.

1. Overall, how would you rate the services provided by the City of Gainesville?
O Excellent O Good O Fair

O Poor O Don't Know

2. Please rate the quality of each of the following City services, and the importance of each one to you.
(Check one answer on each side for each response)

Police protection ................................. ...
Traffic enforcement ............................. ...
Fire protection .................................... ... O
City parks e.g. Westside, McPherson .... O
Cultural events and exhibits .................... O
Recreational programs.............................. O
Nature parks and greenways...................
City buses (RTS) .................................. ... O
Building and Codes Enforcement ............ O
Recycling program ............................... ... O
Trash collection (Waste Management) .....
Street maintenance and repairs ..............
Maintenance of the City's tree canopy..... O
Ironwood golf course .............................
Mosquito control .................................. ... O
Planning and Zoning ............................ ... O

3. In the past 12 months, have you or your family done any of the following? If yes, how would you rate the
helpfulness of the persons) who handled your question or problem?

(Check one answer on each
Called for a City paramedic ........................................ ....... ....... ..... YES O NO O Excellent
Called for mosquito control ................................ ..................... O YES O NO O Excellent
Called the City or Waste Management about trash ..................... YES O NO O Excellent
Called the Gainesville Fire Dept. ................................................... YES O NO O Excellent
Called the Gainesville Police Dept. ....................... ..................... YES O NO O Excellent
Contacted the City to report poor road conditions ..................... YES O NO O Excellent

side for each response)
O Good O Fair O Poor
O Good O Fair O Poor
O Good 0 Fair O Poor
O Good 0 Fair O Poor
O Good O Fair O Poor
O Good 0 Fair O Poor

4. In the past 12 months, have you or your family done any of the following? If yes, how would you rate your overall experience?
(Check one answer on each side for each response)
Attended a City-sponsored concert, art festival, fair, or event ...... YES O NO O Excellent O Good O Fair O Poor
Participated in a City athletic program........................................... O YES O NO O Excellent O Good O Fair O Poor
Participated in other City recreational programs ............................ O YES O NO O Excellent O Good O Fair O Poor
Recycled paper, cans, or bottles from your home ......................... O YES O NO O Excellent O Good O Fair O Poor
Ridden a City bus .................................................................... O YES O NO O Excellent O Good O Fair O Poor
Visited a City nature area; e.g., Morningside, Ring Park................ O YES O NO O Excellent O Good O Fair O Poor
Visited a recreational park; e.g. Westside, McPherson .................. O YES O NO O Excellent O Good O Fair O Poor
Played golf at Ironwood golf course ............................................. O YES O NO O Excellent O Good O Fair O Poor

5. This question evaluates your general impression of the services of the Gainesville Police Department (GPD).
Your opinion of personal safety in the City of Gainesville .......................... ..... O Excellent O Good
General quality of service by GPD ................................................................................ O Excellent O Good
Your impression of professionalism of GPD staff .......................................................... O Excellent O Good

O Fair
O Fair
O Fair

0 Poor
O Poor
O Poor



O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good

O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair

O Poor
O Poor
O Poor
O Poor
O Poor
O Poor
O Poor
O Poor
O Poor
O Poor
O Poor
O Poor
O Poor
O Poor
O Poor
O Poor

O Very
O Very
O Very
O Very
O Very
O Very
O Very
O Very
O Very
O Very
O Very
O Very
O Very
O Very
O Very
O Very


O Not
O Not
O Not
O Not
O Not
O Not
O Not
O Not
O Not
O Not
O Not
O Not
O Not
O Not
O Not
O Not

Questions 6 10 evaluate GPD's response to a specific incident. If you have not had any direct contact with GPD
in the last year please go to question 11.

6. Reason for your direct contact with the Gainesville Police Department.
O Ticket 0 Suspect 0 Victim 0 Witness 0 Traffic Incident
O Community Activity 0 Other (please specify)

7. Evaluation of officer/GPD staff contact.
Manner in which situation was handled ..................................................................... Excellent 0 Good O Fair 0 Poor
Level of courtesy and friendliness ................................................................................ Excellent 0 Good 0 Fair 0 Poor
H elpfulness .................................................................. .......................................... Excellent G ood Fair Poor
A attitude .................................................................................... ................ ........... Excellent G ood Fair Poor
Level of officer's concern .............................................................. Excellent Good Fair Poor
Level of professionalism ............................................................................................... 0 Excellent 0 Good O Fair 0 Poor
C o m petence ................................................................ .......................................... Excellent G ood Fair Poor
Appearance ........................................ .. .......... ... ..... .............................. Excellent 0 Good O Fair Poor
Length of time for officer to arrive or return phone call (if relevant) .......................... O Excellent O Good O Fair O Poor
If you were a victim: Information about rights provided? ......................... ..... 0 YES 0 NO
If you were a suspect: Information about rights provided?.......................................... YES 0 NO

8. Did an officer/investigator/detective follow up on your case? ....................................... YES O NO

9. If an officer/investigator/detective followed up, how satisfied were you?
Amount of time to contact you.......................... ............... Excellent O Good O Fair O Poor
Service provided by officer/investigator/detective ................................................. O Excellent O Good O Fair O Poor
Level of courtesy and friendliness ............................................................................... O Excellent O Good O Fair O Poor
H elpfulness .................................................................. .......................................... Excellent G ood O Fair Poor
A attitude .................................................................................... ................ ........... Excellent G ood O Fair Poor
Level of professionalism ............................................................................................... O Excellent O Good O Fair O Poor
Com petence ................................................................ .......................................... Excellent G ood O Fair Poor
A appearance ................................................................. .......................................... Excellent G ood O Fair Poor

10. What could the officers) have done to increase your level of satisfaction with the services provided?

11. Are you a member of your local Crime Watch organization?...................................... YES O NO

12. Do you know who your neighborhood Police Officer is? ............................................. O YES O NO

13. A. In the past 3 months, how many times have you visited a
City nature park (Morningside, Bivens Arm, etc.) or a .............................................. O 1-5 0 6-1C
City recreational park? (Westside, McPherson, etc.) ................................................. 1-5 0 6-1C
B. If more than 0, how would you rate
T he cleanliness ......................... ........... ..... .......... ...... ............... Excellent
T he level of safety ....................................................................... .................. ......... Excellent
The attractiveness ............................................. O Excellent
Maintenance of the park ........................................ O Excellent
Maintenance of the sports fields ............................... ...................... Excellent
The educational value............................................... Excellent

14. A. Do you feel the City of Gainesville needs more parks?................................................. YES O NO
B. If yes, in what sector of town? (NW, NE, SW, SE) .......................... ..................... NW O NE
C. What kinds of facilities? (baseball/soccer fields, pool, gym, center)

SO Over 10
SO Over 10

O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good
O Good

O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair
O Fair



O Poor
O Poor
O Poor
0 Poor
O Poor
O Poor

15. A. In the past 3 months, how many times have you used the City bus service (RTS)?
00 01-5 06-10 Over 10

B. What would encourage you to use the City bus service more often? (Check all that apply)
O Nothing O Smaller buses O More frequent buses
O More friendly service O Cleaner buses O Extended hours
O Lower fare O New routes O Buses being on time

16. Rank the order of issues which you feel are the most important problems for City officials to work on first. Put a '1' next to the
issue you feel is most important, a '2' next to the second most important issue, etc.
Condition of Streets & Sidewalks Pollution of the Environment
Crime Sustainable Development
Growth Management Taxes
Jobs & the Economy Traffic
Litter Control Waste Disposal
Parks & Recreation Facilities Drugs

17. For statistical purposes, please indicate family's total annual income BEFORE TAXES for 2003. (Include money from all sources
for all persons living in your household.)
0 $0 10,000 0 $10,000 30,000 0 $30,000 50,000 0 Over $50,000

18. Your gender: O Male O Female

19. Number of individuals in your household: O 1 O 2 O 3 O 4 or more

20. Your age: 0 18 24 0 25 34 0 35 49 0 50 64 0 over 64

21. Your race/ethnicity: O Black O White O Hispanic O Asian O Other

22. What zip code do you live in?

23. In the space below, please make any comments you have regarding City programs and services. (Remember, this survey is

24. Did you answer this survey before reading the 2003 Citizen's Report? ............................. ... ................. YES O NO

25. Did you like the Citizen's Report? ........................................................ .................................................. YES NO

26. D id you find the report easy to read? ........................................................................................................................ Y ES NO

27. Do you feel this report provides useful information to City residents? ................................ ............... YES O NO
If no, why?

28. Is there any information you would add or delete from the report?............................................. .................... O YES O NO
If so, what?

29. At a cost of approximately $1.40 per copy, should the City continue to provide this report to its taxpayers? O YES O NO

If yes, how often? O Annually O Every 3 years O Every 5 years O Other (please specify)

30. Please make any other comments you have regarding the Citizen's Report, in the space below.

If you would like a copy of the results of this survey call 334-5032 after September 30, 2004, and a free copy will
be mailed to you. Also, check out the City's website http://www.cityofgainesville.org.


For numbers not listed below call (352) 334-5005
Persons with disabilities who require assistance to participate in City Commis-
sion meetings are requested to notify the Equal Opportunity Department at
334-5051 or call the TDD phone line at 334-2069 at least 48 hours in advance.
Adm inistrative Services .................................. ................ 334-5013
Assistant City M manager ........................................ ........... 334-5010
Building Inspection ....................... ........ ......... 334-5050
City Attorney .............................................................. 334-5011
City Auditor .......................... .................. ................ 334-5020
C ity C om m mission ............................................................ 334-5016
City M manager .................................................................. 334-5010
Clerk of Com m mission ................................................... ..... 334-5015
Community Development..................................... 334-5022
Computer Services ............................... ......... 334-5033
Cultural Affairs ................................... 334-5064
Economic Developm ent ............................................ ....... 334-5012
Equal Opportunity ............................... ......... 334-5051
Facilities Management ............................................... 334-2140
Finance .................................. ................. 334-5054
Fire Rescue ...................................................................... 334-5078
Fleet M management ............................... ......... 334-2261
Gainesville Regional Utilities ................................... 334-3400
Human Resources ....................... ................. 334-5077
Ironw ood G olf Course ....................................................... 334-3120
Management & Budget.................. ................... 334-5032
Police ..................................... 334-2400
Public Works .......................... .............. 334-5070
Recreation & Parks ......................................................... 334-5067
Regional Transit System ................................................. 334-2609
Risk M management ............................... ......... 334-5045
Solid W aste .............................. ..... ................. 334-5040
Stormwater Management..................................... 334-5072
Streets ..................... .................. ............. 334-2161
Traffic Engineering ........................................................... 334-5074

The Government Finance Officers
Association of the United States and Canada
(GFOA) has given an Award for Outstanding
Achievement in Popular Annual Financial
Reporting to the City of Gainesville for its
Popular Annual Financial Report for the fiscal
year ended September 30, 2002.
The Award for Outstanding Achievement in
Popular Annual Financial Reporting is a
prestigious national award recognizing
conformance with the highest standards for
preparation of state and local government
popular reports.

Check out the City's website at www.cityofgainesville.org

City of Gainesville
Finance Department
PO Box 490
Gainesville, FL 32602

PERMIlT 111:1 7f,

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