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S Published ru SUAYV,TrHuRSDA.', & SATURDAY, aL FIVt DOLLARS a year,] F B UABy MIFFLIN & PARR, No. 99 South Second St.,

,Ifinler .-ki, ras-aeli** lo \VIN['E[{ \ARi11{Nt;EM;EN1 ELt'o>*il(lina t'l l antl stationaryy Auditior'Jolice. dredandsixy-fourdolarsiwiingoutof all thatcar. TH E toabau
w ~~~~ ~ T)'L *^ e.a '^ ", .* a^.^ .. Bit,. n.H ^ e- F .K.ltw y, Irthe Dirie Con eCityand C~ounty 1,111OLS t lneo gon. a iSnsaie^ r^^ OnN y .V N A I he easto 6
O ~n a rid a ft e r \ Ve d ,,c s d a \', -2 3 d in s t. q l Aell 1 4 s" .. Il l a til e l | a il a ft .S al e ', al m E n -ic ei s I w a 0 th i
6t f hShuylkill 81ht street. between Pearl and Wood .IN PE N Y V N A sal
I I 9 -a. 1nMaId Line, Aeadmg, Berks Unfrly, Pa. o lLiplphia. an ile agIrInC of Sprnih. Garden. art Penn' Townieta..r, the.,a nahr p
DS3f'1iI .^'"a TATTLV TO THE SOUTH. HT E subscribers are prepared At their establish- George B Reese, t. labe usel Sur Alias \ end Ezra. in ilia county tof Philadelphia. cont~lrolnm; Iifront ur IBB 11601rI^Mlll .1 h ..
i S _AIL 1 .ment in the above place, to execute orders for of Johh A Bro~n, I I., breadth on said 811 si b W reut arid 3 telriie 1i1, . ra
" t .. L & A.l miY p I-R. LINE The only Line carrying the Great Rail. LOCOMOTIVE E,-GINES, of every size and de- Ir )i SepiemberTrrm,1840. in length or depth eastward of the same width 70.__ . eo s
CAUNAAnnHtKA lM hsi h nyDily Line. scriptioll and confidently refer the public to, those Williarn Fryer IJ od. 48 feet; bound) thnotbyWdirel on lthe 2,'y- ** '."-''*'/~--iwlehr"W we it again Lion wl
FTrvellers for the South are heretofore constructed by them, arid now in use on T TOTIC g Ma ge lh u 1ew alcl aseoakir, .obesoadt b
FOR NECW \ I K. 'r i v. Vdusith Try aveler forine, Souh re pin andC, cofienl reler the public peron Ineetdithho11 ya Sfe iealy aldPalsre~r .1 .. Il
SAT SEvN O'CLOCK, A. M. .. .. - fe, at bi h inhe Philadelphia and Columbia Rail-road, and the lr.n in# above cae, afir fruit. Ihe ens y ground coney y Win, Fryer to Jona- 'r a ovnalla
F A R E'-- T I I I ? E D OLH D 0 L'L'A R S % aBltmr w Portage Railway, State Roads, Pennsylvania, on the thedsaleyet.e terlof- .. Jb
I ~ ~ ~ .. ."`d .' i ,. a t B ah tim o re t or; %%, sl, C. a lirh:,h.tIl 1.,D. Il dar i_. tare h R a il-ro ad S o u th C aro lin a, N o l 1 itl l O~ tL 1 6 11,11 lrerl t o i c i e l
-lirVP or, Bio.,go wibeallowed t, at 4 P.M they-pr. ,-.,1..] i,, ,I',\--,.t*'A'" ourt to rr,' 5. ,.te T ,1wi e lo dt
I" ea h pa.- r ir 11, this LiLne, and passeagesare de y, via W .:, Fr-,l,.r,.k.l,.,i l,,T.".-.. an at fh r nis. I gron situate-on ege A uto of Co ates rel That the Ac. app oin e by i la C .e
I e%1,,11.111 I-4t.,lh ili,. IF,, .,I, lag -,v thing at Bag. Pe ersbarg, l\i I-.-r ar,t l \Vilt..."gci ..: ," '-rL irlt .r and eastr~e Aieofurne A e ue e ee .1".o
"n.,., -I -Jl,. usual forms. and Bag. to equal thos \ 1 guaranteed to equal those of any kiltihe Diairici of H Ga puir.iMEnt al his office, No. IOUsouth 4t Street, in t -he
g~ae l..n erh,,g app r.l, %%lawl will be at the q f:. r,6. hi .,. Cl,.,rl .l..:,,n the second morning after Ther
roak .d ,l owner l,.-v,,,iL Roli-,n.- ;l- 3 ,. I tea one day in advance o oiher estabhli meant inn, i n a lhe In tile ciuwu P. o. the ao I.
S'Thtie navlg, ,,n ,,I fle Delaware being obstructed 11'. V, Lre--lhe C.'panies an the route being H a ri.d .) I Ii the Patent Right of Catssr a, i-llgfp ArEnna, rd al auTd all persons are requid Io make their claims, or be I muniyA
by lee. Lte, ab,',e Line ietves Walnutst Ferry daily, o.-ir, oV I } ,t. I.,swi,-ferGenekral. to make the foab ,oates see madI exIdIubre rmc migi pn dln T T M L T R O V N I N eh
it..- ^ h^' Ruc f i "l I 'r v can4 execute orders for thence eatwhardl' aling The north ni oe f At he sae b P whih l
1 Sot.h excepted hv Zlbamboat to Camden, by cars lowing quick Scitedule 2 M.-reach Baltio e f, I. to*..i .Jrmlt eelt ,*h,'f I Engines, and which 6t arid ne-yihilidof bi n p-- -- If
Newt V,,rk ; t uch m otBurlii gton, In depe nd n pltordentown, p. M ., 961'1"1,,,d ...... ' "7 r,6,.1,r -,18, .- ea a o t1e an ,Is ,J,,,,,'',,1a[Fo,,i-i
ST ,lNll.. Heuchh.r,.;,-A. Sp,,, .%.,,,i and Amhoy. e Leave Baltimore, 4 P.M.-rreach Washington, 6 coal, or both, as may be required. then we&e of s l wenihuned C I Agreeably to tile reswelution p.ed by the Mili- 'm1
Sa dilti H lci~.%it S I it is also not considered improper to state that the street 613 tee. 6 intie.e an~d three-etghirhg of an inch .0 1SU -t il .1*
R, Iurn,,,t IhIs I.I.., r ,.-. er- at A. M, 40 mIiles, in 2 hours. ",,outside connection" now in approved use,w t hesouth it ro n ro as the somy of iuma nventio n which was eld in ohi.t place I, appontr
,rden ub,)UL IL d Both.,., S 1 Leave '.,..l.,."reach Fredericka- introduced by Charles Dotterer, of Charie,,on South T arJaary, 1 1l, a number ofofficers from different 'last x .oe
IOfIo'rl h, 1. AlM burg, 12 P.M ',I' wil .es,'in 64hours. Carolina, and has since been continued with distill- ao ln e od alon the
-FARE- L30 ,"Fre,'ourahrI M--reach Richmond. :lh.I ,u;,sest, by Eaton &Dotteer, ofthat place, inches o the el ttleal4fe
I",,rwar.! De- h, I'Aa'e. 2 25 Laeave Richmond, 5 P. M -reachPetebrg, 7 I lrr o of Rhence alongtle 7 ,, I, I h ave progedandsr" y el n ty, was appointed chairrm, l Maj. Jacob R
l 0 P 2 m l s i J h u s '$ -hd l l',m e r b u ild e rs g e n e ra lly o rv b egi -hng Ipi t rs -, 'egnes e
.m o .0 P .M or m ilesi urg in 1Shu s.I ,creo o thtns r cto nd i p ov m nt.
po,,d p 00 Leav- P,er,,re 7 P.M.--reah Weldon, I A. fLocomotives, to which every bl attention Ah. tn eul. ertld 1.ugihs n moa by ..L.t, L a
Freehol, it 2 00 M,60n,,les.,it4,1 ,.or.Ior ee- I[ ii lo LirS pipacd -1yrerpa t gro"illd a tol.i DR. SWATNEIS COMPOUTND SYRUP OF a committeeof nine tie appointed, whose cluty it !e'"'tSs ,te rmr beto hc
5reod 0 M, 60nre I ,n 4 .r c WilingonIsP has been and will be paid, they are frrepared to irhe ,%-i vine air Delaware 2dsre.lewvaLti. W L H R Y rprdfo n Etato e Aalb orpr h a e rteofcr h r 8t i
.pe ISOhlhw e 1 J %%t[.I mk ST,',,n, I A. M.-reachfveydescrip- cutingon PI.D ap r oa Sinll-l,," I 1 00 M 16,1 miles, in I , hour$ tion, and 1o execute orders for' drill and Factory Philadelphia air tho.e or brvi>.ll pr age,
Bordeutown,1hr, I etLea t e%'I '""l ,,,,,. ,,,I P." M. '--resell Charleston, 5 gearing, Car wheels, and all work connected with a 16 a,,, ad la l or depth 1;6 lis, nearlyhevery a P. M.. whic was are ed to h at tedl
Di,nor;' 0 rfii Breakfast provided at the Wal- 6:i, mt'h-. i, 52i Hours. D.ea! maehve Ist.bhshment, & aridh l he atwP ihe*.
*~~~~~~ ~~~~ ta.ui^;e er,Lr IIIk _, tar ar al Juh Do.rr&I"Wdcle~eo ^ *^d^o ^ ofus-whirb forms, a leading ingredient in the above _Me.r. Rutter, Bover, C. Seller, Rowermaster, Repo-6w'**""nall~n
Warn ylttre ,-t.PIh - 1. H Do.....&Co.woudD'alsocalothtattntin % Co.rd io-uhedrea sodf uullt. adhertattentionFloe ne, arpeter i'hrnbbEansari J.Sea'abl an
RAIL -R __ __ 'L- NE, As thi Line c.,rlr tAo Gr-.- ,,1 l ,;,'% M ..r,n,-tro ofproprietots of Furmices, and c ,1 117-4 about enter- byhmvul Al id i -i William F lrner.l ual e Mediine. NF oe heralufbre has ever l e w appointed Piorm mlo
RAILH ROAD %% A Y L I E 'bM elir 'lve.I .7,J .. ,I wo ew-rel) .- Ri r,.,*,l Lih.II i. ing into the "Anthracite Iron "*,. ifs. to -" T- A. tot Al.l hhi.1 u l erlal, warehouir. i a rur been so su riful in ealratting the eurauJira a of
For B,,,hl,,.'n n, d Bordeateton, at 3 o'clock. P.M ,AlA ,'.e ,,, .I atonce that the Traveller,unleas in TERR'S PATENT BLOWING fCY1,0LDBS," which they ,l r. A motion wai made by COL Re ittrfnd read as*du
The Camden and Am- some exlraordinary .n..,bh,,.,,-t. i sure ofa couier- will construct ofa all sizes, on the roost advantageous ihcF,',., ir oniirg,i.,g,iL i .1t uo ihon eaDsrsigCuht, Br o i- offic ers
__ boyRailRoad nowbe.ion ,i,.,..b. M. I.t .1 ... evident thO a I Roadl n w be- ,n ihe_ _t.,inr ,n .o ,.4 evident t Fogs, Ctagh. Ironcht. Regovid, Teatadll mil.tary ein boedat hfl.fD.c"Rsolieioh.tand1bilitaryloficersmowlatith
Reroved Tha allat mrhtarr oficr nowl atr n thr rasnifhem
i, ;n complete e parr, Rough, %%.r v )d Storms, must often occasion do- The subject of BLOWING APPA"aTUW" being of E r" in ol
^a55 M ,he regular trpsofthe lJay in a route, more than two-thirds of which by great interest at to present moment, and ss also ,, he ro l 11 10,nthsa w.osernetw hve th o rm w i
Rla ld Rotd Way Line the Bay, the Traveller being also subjected to Sea- being ot rfi r, ii.,r,.iir that the best rnd most reqese to, r ,ar.l conventaon.
SRKift S 3= ,|| be resumed, conl sickness, and incurring unnecessary rik foam Boats approved , 1,.,(^ rn ...uld la brought into use, they ael'.,H L .,Ae d by flad Xraiberry al ld llkego aead procr Sdthe aittnveo me. h I sreh
A.enilh.ll .M.Saiurday ihe 16i1 trita, and leave Wal- being urgea to the top of their s speed, to compete are in -1.I It. lil,.re fil publc the Itllowing 1, riri*,idrlit u] ,0jFy dwon id use good a di nd to cure the wo uld Whic was agreed to. the pre$ hr I~l pn the 1011owig ie. a..rfrm i
nul sstret, larrt..l..,v. i hSul.ias excepted) at three with the more direct Inland Route. ,."4 certificates : e 'irtlJ t-) ihe alwje desfrvrred l..i aF,: uOilri On Ttotion ordered that the several officers pre. '
u'rlock. P M lur ite d.Lre places. The above Line will be found rot only the most I-) 4iuud uie 4-1 m1 nBid !'1Jhh KItus and after. saoi nd the many painful hours and distressing sent report themselves with their grades to the seiol
Reitrnr~ w.ill Iese Bor en, wn at 8, and Bur- certain and expeditious, hut the most.attractiveDait Coleraine Forges, Sept. 29,,1829. ni, or Rirhrr hur. fights trned into tranquil restandsweet repose. At- secretary ofrthe convention sent t e
lnr,.,n atSA,,',e%, morning. passesthrough tit SeatofGaverrment, andinght D. H. Detterer, Sir :-With pleasure we hand you I-,e J ..rll my rertain
Fareare hv B" ,%%n,50nhots.,f o0r cestabyof Mount Vernonugla byerdthe tl lowng.sttemdt witrregad to heepaenthoeItolliowingeroniyt musttiewcrefurandnot gaspt[amesaotereeiverbyete priter.] t.hdlelue
.~~~~ ~ 'l-eftlehl sli 101 or^^ ^ ^ piecedr .-youu^ e of^ gr-i!- I^ -feceepond whha A motin was made, thathen thi convention If (rK S ;"
1 Bur~legion, r 37i ickshurg, Richmond and VifusIr.r,, the largest arid blowing C~ylinders put uip by you in upperColeraine b110htgog. ,Atu.1 Cn te wa il. 1, 1 o' ost.e2 OLlf may i xprncd o pudsw ch l. d t ilajunto etat3a s
.TFv,gt, taken at the lowest rates moft flourishing towns in Virgnia.een in uoe eor two.year ^I'LeD ll.h .nd Lhealu i ..... ihe 1110.1 d s""i "P liesows and fall;you must They 3 wow pI 011.01
SWhtWM. H. GATZMER, Agent. It is also cheaper to Richmond, and as chemp as and six months, duringg which time, with the excep- (:r y f PIla,.elptii. ouniaming ar ir.ini or brc~ad-i be let in believe, and experience will teach you, that Which was agreed to. Wt t
lBaggige ag the rili ol ia-r the Bay Route to Weldon, and travellers have no eri lion of te oil used, the expenses for repairs, &c. has on .1gl d.l Im.1 feetl|and in lenli or dph 66 feet you are building a foundation for a serious diseaseaif On emotio adjourned until 3 o'clock this after. Gen eDienses fo reis h oa de
'TEANMBO\T- Ili| S eAiloAnas ui bsuhueesmxueTeeoeyowo
r o .T his is also muach the nearest, q u cest and cheap ri the other three, a haffrey fire attached to each nm e .,I J an t Ben ..ii, now o1' me L n i ol R UI Wil are. affleie w C n m i r y o n w hi I R e m
For Burlington, Bristol, and Bordentown. eatroute, andthe<.,,,l.t,,r,,,,,- to the interior of forge fining fires have all been worked sin- ]l,,doch, i.. me by the next hereaier do in d sa no tme in or thmedich Convention met pu ad to b
At 2 o'clock, P. M. Virginia, North anil %.urh I',r.,hhl,, at Petersburg, gle handed, and during the last year 600 tons al,.rned lo1 ol grounI rat ilia &-jut, by g,,ur. i..I or The committee a noted to se1t officer to den le, ,
The steamboat BUR- Va., commence the route by way of Raleigh, N. .., in. Tai., we expect to makefrom 650 to.700 fire onthehirs ,l J-ims Kerr, deomectd. and of, the %i.h liis been tested by the most experienced phy. irond To,,r t dlbrto of dtty tt mkfl5t70.efraiodetr
49122" LINGTON, Capt. Kest-r, 145 miles of Rai!-road from Petersburg to that city. tons, and during the ol blast the most that could be east by *2d strel siians, and pronounced superior, and inferior to none ported allows: therl
%.. it resu r me her regular Ft,g, Lii.k: i 1-r . ^i d-SElripi to Burimngton, Bristol, teo.n- ',..ln.,,I Liae,to M,hi.,.,,.,,.,l M that there never has been any thing of the kind as- four story brick tenement iIlseor, erect siuae in COMPOUNDSYRUOFWILD PresiYenthGe. Whe
lR^t a~deBwrmle i.o-iim,, -.n. to Knoxv IllIe, (Tono.) . ,. tablished equal to them as(a Forge a regards blast the San! L ly ul Plan^lle p~ut. on the east side of COPIH YU FWL ~LR~~h Vice Presidents--Gen Joel Bailey Col Bartlett Diller"t*M-ke'*Gn ~ey
Inon Wdna he h oJanu.a la, This is the only daily Line to Richmond and Pe. a saying of wer. Strawberry alley, an been n use for upwards of three years Col John Thompson, Cat W. b
a n d s a v i u o ft w a t e r n i ,t r w brd aa ve y a neH l f J n i r i I -.Id a d j u i r i g h e o n e a b o v e d ie h "W t C l H o .
hetir r bu Crul wrta tersburg. Wedeem any further comments unnecessary, as sribed, oaiing in fe lIi and extend during which time thousand of persons have been
t I Clock.P. M ,da,Jil. ,Iund.v I excepted.) Passengers for the Raleigh and Gaston Rail-road, they need but ca be tried to establish the utility of i length or breadth westward from the t above raied from their bed of sickness by its use. to the Reutter B. vision a
FA RE. 0 pay through to Petersburg, Va. them. desi.= bed 65 feet to the Sl .Strawberry aley; enjoyment ofheinohn
T o B urln gton or B ristol, 6 1 cent .. r- For further inform nation and T through T tickets, V ery respectfully, y o r c.b u ed as w d by t e R d r in b ve es i -Aai t e ,
To ,odoon do apply a t r he office of STOC KTON, F A LLS & CO ,, G. McCAMANT, ed Lives The groundfu wswar ofyi medcin ar od
.1I* oBrdec~theownr, 25d r adjoining thre .Philadelphia Rail-road Office, Prat DAVI .K e dT lo ofgound wstad b 3 heiihaa d Strawberry highly substantiated by nuuroo. recommendations Which was adopted. brgae >Ftr. doheofcsiahei.
, **Freight taken at the ]o%%est r-res, DAVIDid GARETT "Phiaeeph, southward Obyce thet migrudnwolaet
SH WM A rZAEP.Ai. steet, Balimore. SWOPE & KIG, the heirs of James Kerr. dceaed, and northward from individuals ofthe firt respectability and soH T P
jan 20- -tf be oJ ne dal F or41 sot hre speihrd strete te p i ladel o tBedford Forge.0 f F r h in c a io li e t d declared it full r ed ,nd I
be obtained at No. 41 south street, Philadel- I now or late ot* the heirs, of Robert Hsydock, do- spared and prolonged,) which can be seen, to proceed to business. y J Y cure a p
Riiril-roard itye for -/rew *phia, o WARD iC. BUTLE.R Agent. Huntingd.onFurioire. Oct. 9,1829. ceased. I, ,.., ,b clln a hePRNIP.OF)EHoit desiartenedebyGnddmile, au publish-" avcain hectie
W..A:.- DearSir:I-This is r.he iiiM] ml.-i ttt we have No.o 4 All that uni-i-fd third partrof and in all ,e EIG.HTH street, Philadel whr hthe and read as follows: sodrd err
.drr havinc bernhii made since you rdpt up your patent Cylinders at this that-certain thrwl..r bric iauge r lennid oh you peulhe Thatacommittee of nins be appointed neced thre ,.,r
i b c k t j t ai t io r l t ~ id i4 a e~ l c m medicine can alw ays be obta ined. P rice $ 1 C0 per T h t a o m i t e f
'SS a ^ l..ft,' w trle ,,"iira. aihc C *ard "'t "J*t f al, DAILY. I.riluiwsfrtecnieaincfh ov
M S 1 .kw l I. land aftr FriJ,, te, ou t m ost sa iguine expectations. W e have now an situate NO. 18, W, Lu e e t f e ul S r- d trelrir alle s. bt t le rsix b urde n fo r $5. A mention R e au er ?
.. qomcmh ninrhru~U ,he:' ^ he public are r. I,^~ ^~ at all limies, -and we consider the cootainingim firun, .-r breadth oil .Sirdberr) alley -which was agreed to. 4DOM03id a ugustweeapitd~
as I I,h inii &ot fl n l ires 11he m-o,.rn, @ Dep,,. hen. sp etly m ,r, c"-d ah.,d ,,rl ,.if biast talti e,
,, ra,., r,,n the old plan ubout one-h. We con- 15feeta, and in length or depth. feet moure ,r le. Gn Aor tGn S. Wil
sivitton corner of Front and Harrison streets, daily, thi it the Express Fe I. c Pa h l lnaotoehl'Wecn 5le0 wteP~ca atGo
atAu'okA Mand 5u'clock PM thus ao s ider ,the principle on which they are made to Also,5All the f., wisurground 'a Hay, Gen Middlecoff, Capt J. S. Snell, Col E. Fp ofRDo.seWcE
ato,A.M anea halfour. to feet toilia and o L ,,r aurpass any ting of the kind we have ever and giXtheeB story bra k ert.o h a ryDeS n p o ii Tthef 0 So B
n trio~~r ,.%%ll ('rt "1 ^^~ p i~a .1 commence run. iseean&C. erected, numbertJ I.,r Sneriptli-s a iS, 6. 7. 6, 9), aria COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERY Bnemp J'1""adCoM.ceeithtwednerheln neciv
Ditpr. Ohmio,, ...el will cill, at the principal Ho- RRYh K.nnnc Boyer seen, apoite saided numerm mr t. e
tels, and artla'r'l^ al the r~irnrd anti ni *,.r e -?,-- -en Philadelphia and B ^We are, very respectfully, yours, 10, being parts ofth following described large lot throughout the United States, and some parts of EuWe force,ve a oayoeaecfdsc pus
Willow streets, for r~scii,,r- ash,l and .i-ai ey them to P~s~r"h a n ,l~ h 5r nln.DAVID MITCHE LL, or piece of groundtee andal onteual tri west sidee ,.al.. TPhird ande thr mih Iesm"idvua"whwoltoiturnte s ftecneto:Lndheot
I e xI .C,% P ,'ker, i.uleave the Depot, No. GEORGE ARMSTRONG. teenth street, and south Bid et
Lite Depot at a small eeipens,. in, ludling their bag- 274 Mae ,re ,,'er-tr6oeh aset Tml
gage at Mr Dai H otrgingatheonr
B'g- , ,ft1. h- o~ii-i'ialiin ,1ri,i P i distance -.1 'W IMe4 riuILlii1ra fromi N e .,-is h ie al ion of this medicine, by attaching the name of evening.- cauctor Dia d ena p n o aleatf rdy,
The h.,arte ear' on this road will on and after this to p,ii,,.,igi, ir, ,I diitQ.
da Tile P..ier L|. -%-0 leave the above Depotdeve- July 29,189. thel.,isiricto.p.gGarden.IllLaet.uty ofVt., 1 WILD CHERRY" to some hatched up nostrums T On motion, the convention adjourned until 7 te lrl o bprd,-
stopFrankf"a.B rg.Brc Holmear ry night, AL 12 o'clock. Through to Pittsburgh in 4 Dear Sif:-It'is now three weeks since we put the ladeipiti. in Iro,,l brenm on Thirseenkh street and therefore some persons who are not particular, o'clock, pa t. tha wt, 'o to Pn in 4m D S: ioh
The L ple ,.g B T t P o al patn et" in operation in my Fore, and it gives 90 rteta,, ad ested,r,g in langih or iv-h westward Reno
r ... NR a 0Th Boats of the above Lins hav benrft ed n t be llos you cheatio ea 1w e nteprhteo hsmdcnawyt ntn B a pa.Rtvs :,Izbt o n o -m lauet atrsups 5feOilddUl .i ,rb b h adPal .muir
ton, B,, I a!,a. Y bork, rew- style, and eovnerym aOoPOUtD will convention met in the evening. m5f tt, rtancaed ut,
aik and Jersey City, to New York-through in 5 superior soypaendgeers. J.a wl Ae rn- o most.olDRlee expectations. Theydo not Gen Adamo D r efrom the committee to pre
hors p a ssnes J. DU K, getf as much in, l-r. % nfi I, raee firfs.cidiortei.d Onat rin[-rl bygrun ofM ih w M t. F WIDCi it't ngtbe eevd htb.parn
Pao. pound 25ft Barisrn thre leer~e todr Alleh paten thee onl prasseatirs, fro DUhK, trent wihaspe ao ,akdadobiedlveomke Rg
97- 511 oundsofBnacgllaied toeachp .ar 2_ plan to blow one. T'h,: a..I lr,inas .1 these m. arn ir,r, thews, and pri L Iy a terrar insprt athed aed obtaine leave aoly ane te o
gt. wrdnerl,,I cor,,,,Jer^' "h -rgebut, ,ear" I masterare almost incalclable.-Iudeed, w Io.ull n1ol le. ladind teaLtonldard rai Tht c ow n int
gr,g aridrt., nhr 'h 1- cnr-J] h hu 9Sr, n g!e risk ofC.HANGE]' OF HOUR . oisiI. Iei oa s.g
Ing pa~rt". vhie %%ill OFr in01IH or tters fWant theta for one year for flat- priel!. -if'hem, .d e~l^ *l* sre.adothgindtarputonfmilaogsadngrdgo- Onrmtion, the report of" the mI o of the tease ahe
I'' *"l .No 5. Ail lbt three store brick me-ueirge und lot nce
I is owner C'. H1,,4K LE. Agent. F o r S m y r n a D e l. whnthin very rdn w se iipwho ha L rheuk in u e eil .. wh Committee ap oite bytr l t eS c tayo ai, o puls
d o e I f A o r a nd a f M o d. th in k e i n n pa It n e o1 i * D R U G G IS T S P H Y S IC IA N S an d o th e rs w h ae apte b y the S eneu r o f a r i n opi ni n od
.**']___________. -T, %.S b~ 'fa .noY' ",0'1" N. RIE ^ ,i.d Perlsrei. t,oj~oo expect to obtain the above medicine, will please or.- rh I' snto tWs oit s Zthty lT IIIh.,con~ob;
' -1',1.-at -11 ietm elh ta or rly, .JNO. IRVINE. Eareebt eh\,e,,dPal sree
L P H i I L A LI E 1. P H I A & R E A D A N U I _ _, -/ f. a t. set,,, K E rN T C athe R steam. Y o r tse,r bet % en t i ad
.PHLA ELHI &RK~lU.."A hi! .. -. KET Capt. R os, in .rostaon Ir,i-., t ,,er i al l. V -, :arid ..e,,,wi,,, der direct from the PRINCIPAL OFFICE, No. 19 wa Isieay convenio imendtobhld lesed
_2 he same biestdll t, It-8hlJ1 About 6i Joel. begihjl.o,n ColT EIGHTH STREET
Rj.'I I L- Iti 0. 1NX I % -k'''[vl'anve Arch street Wharf his is to certify thatw aeNrDHD amni~gethe od
L.ur R.SIn-IC.yS W^K l"~ae~etetwdouaya the cliote-e bhafeetatrou tileDottereride of %;.r,-NORTH EIGHTH STREET, Philadelphi, and notthee r wth tereport ofth Jupjori .e
WINTER ARIANGEMlINT. 4 S ..ry Monday, Wednesday patent Cylinders now in use in o,," IlHri,"e for the Ae BuUided on .he este hirietain airei~ne Ofthecommiteeon Beamsuectberetbtp ed
and after s,,ndlt. N,, ah,. lru]a,, HO ,...h. A M halting copper ore, and for t he south 6ygp-u~d l.te,...r olthew M auhwe. ar,,l relied upon.0to th committee on t. III sen t t o
and aemberl r 1840, the ;', K i.%. ,.g Rg %,,rIa.-l l-.e i Iinding on Du k Cree past it ties been driven by horse p )wer, and sinae by pA y r- 1% to thatc te eresentatites on the a
al fc 'rai swill start at the follow- e.r,* 'ue,,Jay.Tlh,,rs,J. and Saturday, at 7 o clock, a stea'engme. They operate welland lullyan. Lntsare, onle %:t b~g-und lateof relbfurd Chennuisroe,;Mrs.Pakr. Beach street. Kiu .an-ng- thenat they rn upon ttu t The l.
ii *ho ,,m r w I t A.M. 1-, 7. swer ourhighest expectations. .. J. anA o".ihe crib 01110T ground of WJ toton; Jaitph Pryu. Sund aid Poplar On "oto 1111-ou ol the House of Rfprewn. add raised h him iot
r"oa h ,ielph nl al',' Ill M. t ,,, D, ,. 1 0 ALBERT C \ MMANUi. D..1!cl,.r. Foer Creek I 0 a ca a. ch iNB
5r"'R;14 lP 0'1-l,,d,,; .6. All that three story brick maessige and lot [ tionery Store of J. Davis, 449 Market street; Samu. convention, so far as they were ppliabeff
Fro R er of, B roa and PC.e.r I.. n el ,. N c C s e,0An ti E sa tm Iron W ork s, June 4, 1829. of gr u d o th w e t s d of D t ,A a e r in n I el S p F a ki ll; J n R te h u e. p o ieH r i l
D ,Phil.dIIcareapl Ira c rh r Delaware City, P ~nnsgrove, N.J., D.-. Dotterer, Sir:. 0t s.1 !it ge t Adjourned until 9 ha m r ig an at
tFare-l, .l^ah Cars, $2050 The Mail Stage for Dover, Milford and George. bellows put y- Convention met. opeto Caji
I.( ,rr i,,'l..,'ni 1. Reading and return- town, connects with this boat. much the best method of blowing ether a furnace Botig at the sad an vmhreaJtto &n e-dv Janouthe nfearly er
-(.irnTl h- i Reading and return- Breakfast and Diner provided on board. or a forge, that I have ever seen or heard of, &c. Gen Adam Diller, from ,gte Committee on reVo. vonv e BrdBonann hra
AIL trains %% till bp lt way JOden erd eat the p All baggage at the risk of the owners. d I T. B. DWIM. Thirteenth s on the south by t
,, u u l p i t .Is e p 7 -- d tf B a ld E ng le F u r n a c e O c t 6 1 8 2 9 b e fore d e s c rib e d ; o n th e w es t b y g ro n n tt la te of T o lli o k r v c a d e s sr e mP E M ; E .C p
sa po.. D..,, H. -- -- V ~ ttr ----D Dotterer DearStr:- hatvewitnessed with Breaod and^ Jocsdo h.otb te ing. It is heldto be settled principe in this contry were al^T
s Day. of Staring of Freight Traansd atfacttheoperation o t roundof T rquire no argumentto vince you that all that a standing army in time of pence is odious,
From Philadelphia on Wednesdays aiud Saturdays, PITTSBURGH, WHEELING, CI'CIN- blowingapparatusa p n odfferenthe IsIdT
paetboigaprtsa ispae ifr nt io. 7 A it! 1hall three bsiry brick me'Auage and bit J, itle. Chlden su onro ae rmteadwl o essandb h epe h nyDl
at 5i A. M." NATI, 7c. iron works in this county, find in my opinion they o gu on the w di ( If"na rh"- --ii
From l.lg on,Tuesday and, .,d..'. 5 are much thobest for either a furnace or a forge, street, adjoining the pre leee w ht a t, is a g
AM ., U'J-i VaRi-road Line to Baltimore,rdarily. ta aeee e. -a,:;i. ire,, consideration the easil pecev truot the folwn sip b h evrlsatsi ucttane st bigmd
V, -. eastern anti Southern Met" ad vantages obtained ,,), i., t, % ar go water and con, out the miltae streadth oftie onty roplyrd
]l-('%17Pya C''141jfle-r RI.1l-ritio-ro1:1 Lin12e. :_PA,I I, 'l ,anrts are respectfully intermed fjls hn i ol ea c fijs-igtr aebedh%-L1r ~u 5fe.B-Reteses udnft feynfefl eeih
mrr... ~~~~~~im n atthe distance -if eighty lost IrUn Ithe r,on and l eesbtltltrssisfnesitit oth aduo rye egny di per oti
Ie .Reil.oad Cars will -.ave '.., freight will be received and tl were to withhold f erom you a knowledge of ,g ainbitt-
mumI111,11t1he.dTo aysteCrs wotel nBrad fowre bya .he Phiadnpia fittengto and~de -ihe ilgh estmaio by which. an bites thhieb seeminpg to obtai re e conenie street thede preen film ispoitosfr edo
M a a n a rR a c e stre e t, a t 7 J o 'c lo ck B a ltim o re R a il -ro a d C om p a ny (v ia B a ltim fo~re ,) to b lo w in g & c A B E R R Y IJIL L te e n thy attre e td wit c o ug hl d fyu t ohf b retathi ng ,
I n tile inrning. ,l1L. cars will leave Westchester Pittsburgh, Wheeling, Cincinnati, and the interior of gap 15ll_________,andJoy andonthenorthbyothe bowel complaint, inflamma-ion of the eyes, andstng syte is peetent a ofehe waste ofcma
at 0 1 P. M. z I w. P. SIARPLESS, .Ohio, soulh-western part of Pennsylvaciia-also, A-.-Ar- M. ASHTON'b Wi Fryer sores behind the ears, convulsions, &c. Thosewho
Superintondent. toanyrtf Kentucky, Tennessee, VirginiaIll
Maeh pains thas been fallen to make Ample arranage- I .1VF IS- AND FASHIONABLE Nof.rudo h etsdeo eaaeTitet
Frci~~~l~~l, 10~ I'rl l ^^ "'*r0'^"a^"""^ ^^^^ taa and Cap lanufa~tory, .stmt djfniugt~he6 ^ ^ preisela dernmenJ cii r iiarnodlairhewr heou.r1"8
Frel'gi llit ilo 2-v|9|%|)|lgi- l mentsio Baltimore to forward any amouotef Met- Ha n ilfla ufcoy WtotD.PRS EERTDAEI enet ii rfalt.cnutntewro h
BING(;IlA M.s' LINE. ehandise with despatch to the above mentioned tetajiigtepeie atceiaie.Cnim1
have LdNE TrMecatw ho hathergs No. 216 Market Streset, Ing in front on eeni street 1a feel, wnd ......d. CAN SOOHING SYRUP" for Children Cutting owr southern frontier. 7,1eI rentrund1e all political Oning m/runt on T
mm= M-M Trio arira s t forwarded With safety and despatchawill perceive ill' -0- -f- Third door above DecatursouthsidePhi. inglhesame breadth %esi%.rd ahout 65 feet; be. Tooth, by which they can prevent many alarming feeling, except that which animates the bosom of undr ,I
SSS ,U.l mple arrangoments to forward I"ff1o^^^etlpMhi,where ariamanufactured,and con- g Iurgt the distance o, miieiy-l.'ve feet from the symptoms which often prove fatal. every American citizn, anxious foir his country's On~o-^?^m~~~~~sln**"i
,ht itbrh u~ gte tha superior advantages obtained in sending their 9 iai",i~ hr r auatrdadc n- g innn tte dof nc Vlnht
111 ,e: B..ltPuhigidrnt~ -""' ^ .1,/o sAile, a great variety of Fashion lnorth Ald of aria street. Boutnded on by Thousands of Mothers and Nurses can testify to honor, and the welfare of his follow citizens. GeM ,0 0"0' oJyi* fn
er, ,t1.1 rt aI~ o , Cnambersburng, and freight by this L mne. 4 1- _e rtIy Iait Gen Fa hoBothed fV e sre.
S' a %.,i ill. Friht f Batmoe Wahington, &c. received l aTS and C'APSofwaanted the immediate effects of this invaluable Syrup when In the opinion oftin convention the regular ar. Thintendbr dc ,enhh otebye
AVipdll -oad entrusted tther Zara will be shipped and forwarded daily, as usualodr esta befr dsribedon th tee by. If. lated of ill pain 'n my ofthe United States is at present insufficient ay other ebih Peednd adJoy
withoutdol h I.%s rali9-- r el-I FOR WILMINGTON. *,ry Mere b supplied uponthe mclib ground t William Fryed its gums, the Syrup when applied gives immediate ,,0 fTeT ^ FOR WILolved, TCt the pod, pe
Bei M Freihi .r %% lr . Newark, ElktonSusqUe- er m I ese b -, opening the pores" and healing the gums, ,r ,fro. signed b u o r o 9 A
-at. belowrki---ll- L,E,r,,l ..,,.Lreceivedandforwarded o,,h) side .1 De. i rn It' thus preventing convulsionsec., to the happinessorgr?&tndn w At M idAdi
fI / 'J a. .\\YE-'. ON CONVEYANOIG atr,=bi. adjoimgthe r emsss~ecie o.last h al fLnh it e f
i Company's Warc-hose, N. corner Broad New Edtion. taming i front on Thirteenth street 15 feet, and ex- and enjoyment of theirkd ty-five hundred miles. is now excused to Indian
SJalroadiC an no& Alnov 19--otf N. W. the Broad t of the the .egioatog ,l "lARd.ilLGEc
w rtI Th io M. Train '^ ^ r7A -^M' 'Of~ ~tl. / ^eeden san Practical'frt lcaed aloe Notes^* ^ S S S -~ r Sl- ^W
^ j ~acued .Ir S,,tard yh i",e :, STEAM ENGINE & MACHINE HOP, Barrister at Lw~n~^ ^ v^ ^^ y~ ~ A yh~o ^ ^ rf Te9: ^^^~ ctp ~ so n~ -r^ K^^^
instani Prime ,Street Ral Road, bet ee Fourth and T. & a J.oWksOllSr, anrJye. ann IMTAnO with sorth byeatos othe ground otegaio.Thsrulinwecneetob eayof
The Tr,n cn.-irngilheGre.tS,.ui'lc'ani'dWest- Fifth streets. No. 5 Minor street. No. 10. All that threesoybik msug n h w r A I'G N I E S O H N nieyiefcie n sls at ftepb "* o h ~S ~ s iaf n n s
er^ al, le*eSa^o, 6 M-rkL below .T E\ E ,~.^ ^. -----worC K D High Prsue fa id n ^ el t 't bd cn ^ lotof E m^ ^ ^ ^ eco eatv A^Baon m o *eu )~~
The Ac..mmno,Jatii..n Trj;., rfi-r WilmingtOn will y,^^ ^[l ngMcinr.v T. SHEPHtERD, being thankful for past~.iiigi rno 3hsr~ 5ierdstn-HS18sgaueIPESDi h has ntu iiaysrnt ftecutyawl r
leave ciiiiv. ,ei, pt S.,n, da..M-oand after Monday, IRoB xaBTIKBs, Biowmso Cx~r~l~nts for FXJB- Ite vors conferred by his friends and the public ing the same breadth westward bol6fetBetelaes&cofhegnitenaef rPRgnidmlta eatv parphbn(aBtldtoovy
1he lst ]ii,a al *'./..l -Iuk.l' -*,.,,. BCIe, ScaAn MILMS, ]ROiM~q MIUM, COTTOB generally, would respectfully announce to the same, ginning at lt itn o12le fothnrhIS*pltiaAoyoeRwemtesuius Eernchsabnnlyswnht chr-c.'0"1"1" e nitpegrta
deld-il L SHMADAge tsss",, gw M_, 'GinysTMi~s, or other Ma- that he bas received, an~d now mar~e up, a large sup- side 0t Vine street; bounded on the ea b13hS.terar(wbsispuUBnPLIBOTE g*lload imco dsnteis ndt A'oe,"8"*
^ PH.I .,L AI)EP II AN D TRENTON AI hieY^yexcte op lYMRlC^n n4voal&TWNEtems m~arkt fthtim^tll ahoabeegawysddsros'ttto^ nlas^h ony :n=n thethe^ ^^ ^ wetS

P H L I ROAD Plns and Arra ,^ge cnts for ul wor ex cue m< e halams^^ sellled such goods for ca no tail'o toe^ suit th nd o te b th r gru d
WPay Fare Reduced. tho above'- etbihnt, ilb md ntheo fice N.B. Always un hand, a large assortmentnofCoatsA so An tbe folloigd~rbdfv oso n v num~~ ,e htte a emnt8t ""61 ~hterglram.Te inwihhv ogepue a^aao
tol an To~ r en ton,' a wthe ut charg. Ordrrs mav--.en to Pant and Vess, w bich he w ilt sell low for cash gro und, n fv ~ l r b~ k o ~ s h r o r ~ e 4 ^ ^ ^ ^ r r v e n o et e r c u t y u r a "11 ^ tl a d T e t n h ________ --- > n *l p* ^ ^ -s e l v l r c e ,n m e e o h rf' a e 1 " t w 1 t ") l l lc ..~ 0 0 a d u d s i ln dt e r l c du d ryu g..' " "n r L enE ~ i
^^ --& 1..,,^~il..nheo -THESPEOR ATTENTIOoN Coali e*ir~ ther screened or tsre^ 12, 13, 14 and 15, being, parts of the allowing de- tempts la offer a spurious mediene, to endangerteofcsofteeulrriywthwoteyae^'"''^*"""*Pedruht
^ B ^ Bff l e|rA vm..e D) pot, Ken- ity BUY EHS from the SOUTH and WEST and for g^OR ,sutal f o' r bunig i, orfo stece.erthed large lot of ground situate at the .oi-atlso hs ttl epei fp ns"so db o cuitd n nw o hyhv ocni .p ,^11'"" '"1" 1" """
Sf~nx'n'rTS.,^^ A M1 antd i.i the following a~srtment of GOODS--which the sub- gre ~ h prn Gren, tob eieeinteba oa tayp~tcre lt Pand oodnstreet, in the cut fh^elg.pitda n eie yteelse~ ;advc^h~cea.l n' 6-"""**"
o'clok, P. M, scriber iil ,J@,. ,f [ s.,,:t.-H lpri, es am will apy0 h le 'iuiio imw wv^*paldlhacnann nfoto rat nWo OIT.MsLyok a ampd Toy Sthre Rive Schuylkill, or fi. hhei Copn' Spring Gadn n Pen To.""-''"'"rinh~miiiili
Fare Io Tret,,.. 50 cents, repay t,,l nl,,lr I,.r,,,i*,l,n i,t amining hi~s socl, wharves, mlt osi ucaes pi Ue 3fe' n in ~gho etn 13th stee suitnu psrceeers Applyrer Be Philadelpnia c lw^mavdvth~e^ 'r ^ ^^coet;^ai1'66'0
,' to Bristol, / 25 "' To CASH purchasers at the present timo, extraordi- ,., .,. J.rk. sMAeeL. streetl- 69 3 !eet, an dd in '" lengt gori dept onn Joeh13r eod n olrLnE i.h H 8
< t ~ r w l 5 "n r n u e ~ t i l b f ~ e -W h a r f b e l o w M a r k e t et r e e t Sc h ni y l k im -o r 6 9 t ea t 3i t he s ba lo u n ,d e c esd;o soo uw ew a r d b ,5 "i s n a r yh i n u c md w i l lw i l b ee e s o ff e r e dl C S .s W [ L L [ A M S a tq e n l M a r g a r e t H an do a d e cr hse d d s r c d 0 0' "0 ' l e *mr g mn l od r
"an I--dtf C. ItINKLE, Agent. g'00 i.if, '..,.,.'v;r"-i,, d ?, a!.hMtig.hipirn'l,r.W. er tahewr b i ad1ihsreadtwlt n hent .W imorykllFfh"wl ntB rtnedMtig44 5-4, Ameica ci"zn 'ol. Dal.lnat "gn.en 11y enjoyh equ. anorth
Sl'tRIK AVrm-s.^ R'-tic 6-4, Wh.-ll it..l ....!,dl'L,:;'.,ere,1 WORMS! wORMS*.[ WORM *.!! No. 11. An' Ila O itry brik store addel 4 aktre;Sme wpFakbd onta onr' eec asd dwelti. men, Marotak|etff'""!1!1"'*"
Brands--La Fhrr, Aureorw, Mada-tobr 10 1 II. rl, KP,,,c-. I t i jiii',, .,.*sotment of Wil- r ,, O remove these troublesome and dangerous in- mg an~d lot of ground, oi hwetsdo elarRlenueppieteTllgeGmaon;bveseliedolesYttercosofuroin I" "81l'!oboghhiim
whales ilo and retail, byJ~O SDERJ.K,,nt ton, Br ,el iu ,,.:,I. l',,r: -, ,1,.1 Heamp Rugs. habitants of the Stomach arnd Bowels, which 13th street, eL--ieeii WooanPer teac-an gntgnelyhouotteUiedSts rmoeainBwlanvhlitpin, .tM "i '':W uefrc sBm fm.
JA O SNI ER Jnne 280|,, ,t. \',,,1l-, \v,,..le,. ('otton, Hemp, (n- go often impair the health and destroy the lives of tanni .lr.n.g.13h .et-,ot 3*ee 0 Pic 0cet. oI03r,,r0]^ ^^^^" .''" "*r, o,~i.e inc eg~r i
deaB17--ldt ____ 3 Wa nu ...... :" ra Venetian andi 81,-, k "r ,-,hf~~,.,. AnelgtChlrnue AN'TOC Em-UKidead lthofa cadexednth -- -. r -.., --- gietomltaenaldinoBvcinhelnligTetuliniempee adwl
1L TKt hv r LVNXI\\ tllt-'r-. iK' ItIaiMI-] ...,,,; ot Wilton, B ..i.... s,^,'.i,:, a.dn English, acranan aepeaaio o h eoa o h aebethw wrVe- 6 ot one n h feCtJed~tJw cy tconpbudo an engageaen byd sail orepaatir for the emodofiivvnoofthhexin
t^'MI'. .; P AKI I~ i^ B >M NLr-< .\NO t.,' ,,,i.i..... D amBsk, at. various kinds of Worms, Dyspepsia, S u Stm a..., the east by 13th str,'et, on tteh uhb.P alsreC B B B tteUntdS~e r y h ra h e ua f "1"a po e ,i d M a ujel1,0o rsrie

TLE- :N'N .'K\" MO AIN' L El J 1000 dozen Men'm and Boys' Caps comprising of Appetite, In er and Agueand De" on the west by group late of M. Art a dANDBULLEIN OF ME ficers and soldiers Partin A eating in theiaae action and Aua De- h
HlATS. l,..6 her with a fine assortment of B~oy'.ad great variety ,.1 t',,,',. Seal, NutrM,. Muskrat and Co- bility of the Stomach atd B owels ,and.Organs ofOat [ .b ohrlu fsi Wn re.Eie b ONBLM etrrolteI,.r pkno n em ftehge rrie lee'lmw ~ v "
'hildren'a- F.4ANCY CAPS, for sale at HARE'S Iy la r, Seal, Sealette, and Cloth Caps. tion. To be had at No. 20 south Third street, Ph" No.12 All that two story brick slot and dwell.edie is somethmn- ting wrong ina a system producing ouch fliFb,,fd .yE MD ce & I a p n"is iC
FGthionable lat Em porium No. 161 Chesnut b low )0 do an A llicant M ats, assorted sizefi adtelphia in g andl or f Physicians ooaa el.e w st
o th at. n o v 1 60 d o M/n.illa d o d o Pr ice 5 0 c e n ts t O- -_.t 1 d th stre e t a djothin g th e la st d e e d b e m ises, c o n re su l s Pti s dewill c on c e ra o ur m ilet a t e n t h 11 O lt
3pg~ I| [~% a0 .bae Fr t ..eepknch, Baskts oomprising every o descri- OFFICEaUOaF THE DE LAWARE G )Al, CO." Nann anwe trou the nueosapiatosfrti3tbraoztno u iiiaoekp y
rF-nd|,r ,p ,,ir,.i,-]i500iingo pair Venetian Blinds, assortments, angde nd W reetmhaipkten atmpe nit pb dsaceoe1feefeinhscnt*ive,.fa nc yanonc ha higetfaorbsewdbyver. incensefetv f vr eesaytoobdee" rn Nielt ennlp~iin tdco~uiy1
A ~~rece~~~veden'fiure aende srfM preventk th imostin atepe on th pub ditac Io" 13 feet~i 0~ r,0t inhe and "lL', WARE, .[ano inc tty ................ that Venhea great labor tbensofgued bnd the0 predn the imp siube hne bud]880"
UrSeqandI uee ';11. Coke B.kei-. i g % 1 lie, by persons offering other coal as" Peach from the north side of Pearl street; bo n tor in preparing it for the press, ard the consequent insurrection at home or repel invasion from ab d t _' ,lc ."olbore. hf e0
eriety; lue ( u. C -l C ,Q od 3000 patent Venetiin Blinds, asrortments, figure Mountain, it i deemed proper to state that the Do. east by 13th street, on the soilh hi lhe premises last labor necessary to is typographical accuracy, will and to make the citin soldier to feel what ho fgres. o t 8 d p e tsetha,
Branches. Chamber d,-; Uir- sh Plate, Dishes and d (ol. s aware Coal Company," are the sole owners of the before described, on the wea: h, ground late of M. delay the first number until the latter parofthe really i the hilwara of rpun governmn g herd ng
C^e10 nests Cubes or Sitchels, aborted, embossed, .t tract oflandin thu% full county, known by the Hamilton, and on the north by ulCaaor rrStnd ot' said e lwdn craee, o e pi o m on b(r
and Forks. L.Iiei.a '1mt S,-ie Fri 1% 'i -.C i other StrI ilcnan oplt t h is lceer bebde a hud
nL eathe, Straw arid Oil Cloth. name of ,Peach Mountain." Tb mines on it are An Fryer. A Practical DictionaryaofMa trs& Modica; inelu. k
rpn'. Cupa. ,,:. o -11 u h,ar- 5000 dozen Combs, assorted, Tortoise Shell, Brazil- worked, and the n All that two story brick store and dwell. ding a large number ofo Wtmporaneousn. elsrolled la o a full eq for hii)l 'a in
duced prir..a, ili Slt Cher- lianShellBrn, Ivory, Brass and Wood, comprising shipped, by filerh.l,, 1-1.1 All the Peach Moun. g lotoferutd on the westid. of Delaware onthe bass lrne Sheo, oorof Ivoal, drr ans Wood, comprising iu se-
.ftatoryoliautcriler. W.corner 5th and l ae st asortment of every variety. tain Coal reriliii a1 611.1o. is landed an the 13th street, a e,)ing the last deribered promises, nde P cy on B M c nquency. 'This regulation would not only op "t ai a blds o nery net, aad le
ry streets 30O dozen Whip, assorted. \\Wa..- .,j Carriage, Company's wharf, 2d below Marketetreet Bridge, on contains rate equally pi the rich and poor, but would
.AlMa l i rge .l P -Poons.ew Pli,i ra',Drovers', i-,. .r -.r .',1 4-1 Leath. the Schuylkill. on which the company have erected che and nl and Pnttedands w b l d aawwo gf df.e..y d'd1 n
Patterns. of their ,L--o make, now oil hndand fnor tarad21ts ndetnigtesmebedhfxue
p e n o. u6n make, w . or e with Germar .. ,l r ,< I,ory and extensive sheds for the coal, and from which it will Westward about 63 feet; begiadng at the distance of q Te ry i aAR y A pr il, u ly bnd p bi she dr eat e ande of the ex- size, nd
sale cheap. Bn Rountirigs. t I be delivered in the best order, within the paved hI 27- f 8 inches and 4 10ths o an inch from the north e Dollar am. payable in advance, by 27wenrefusig to do military duty should be er-
1000 dozen Painted Pails, Wilson's brand, its of ii., ,1 0 ,-,,l districts, at the following prices for side of Pearl street; bounded on the east by 13th at, HASWEL!, BARRUNGTON, & HASWELLmitted to vote fo any mil ffier; as it is maniN
CRHEAPRE-ADING. 1000 nests Cedar Tubs and Buckets; also, Churns, cash, when ordered, viz: on the south by the premise last before described, on jan 1-4tf 293 Market st
IN ONOCAL vols. cons. . p- water Cans &c. Per ton of 2,240lh. ,0%,S- i gr-ndlate or M. Hamilton, and on the fogst that the system has been brought into disrepute &j. Per R m aB ,e0b n
E TONICAL o I brary 4 poll., eonsisti only1 .-S ,- tog,.It, r v.ih an &ei it- -,.;'ortment In clean lump, unbroken. $6,00 Ilr,, bi Oihor groui.d uI raid Win. Fryer. | sl ution of Partnership. and subjected to ridicule by the election of incoto- 201 Iy G7e The above, tn, r ..lo by
cents pe rt.,mFor.0Ii pe I m at Good,,o i a,, I-,- ri.ii .. Ware, Broken and Screened .6,50 No. All that story brlck sioriand dwelling nHE late firm of C. M. PAGE & T. WEST. patent and improper officers, a F LP rb
cet.N RY IN F, ANNEIRS. Featherandt Bristle Brusill, Looking Glasses, Ma- Fe-r Coal, 6,50 andsolblnioun
'148 Chesnut st. oppusitp the Arcade. hogany and (,ill Frames of every pize hnl deserip- N,.., Coal,],5 street, adjoining the Ism dsrbdpeificotn-Pgtheproswo r netdtoheimlng ihidfirn untemltasye.PAT
tion, are M anufactured, Iopirted, and selected ex- Also. s elected superior quality Broad M ountain ing ro n h e u erc
ja ldt pressty fur the Southern, Western and State trade. antd White Awnt, Coal, and 2-l1tths of an inchadixedn h aehvn ead ilpeette o eteett
LOT 'R vi R J. SDNEY JONES, In clean lumps, unbroken, $5,0 with great expensean.lssofy e*un g.jA d
GROUN -EK "IO No 18 north 2d st. Broken and Screened 6,0 (anceof 41 feet6 inches & 6 K0hs ol i. men Iinn No. 3 north 6th street. feetelves to march foremost in their country's
ROTND RI T. ---P' .. Coal, 6,00 the north side of Pearl alre(Toundcdn the ilb The iiriher begs leave to notify the public efence. They are Principall composed of th
LOA Lo r on the eat side of Se, r.n.'l ir erl between w o'i" | ttf .ltil ii 'EB*1* i.,, Coal, a,5tcthahn
I ranking avenue a nd 1-1-nit; Ketring. Milo'H TERM, 1841. Orders received at the wharf, and by dercribednon the %Vd" bv ground late MrA. Harud. stand, at which place he will be pleased to see all ing their country it time of peace. We now &&r.SiYRNA theS
ton, 118 feet front, extending back 115 feelt, to -10 11PulOSE l,...r...,,,,, intend making application Frederick Brown, corner of 5,h and Chtinut sts- tonandon thenorit, by other ground ofWm. Fry- thm portons wo may wih their busineofare. neati) ricoiamind to volunteers cnIn aid onili is. nfrph
Lo~t coti n e ste veral a_.a nea G irard Cnun March Te.a 1i4 wPldawj Rb rrisnnh, corner 8th and Alruh sts No. 15 Al thaty twonde sto. brick_,_ and., ,_ dwell THMPO pWrfrmin tb~ 604a ruxe yIw tl ~ddIo n Elii ir n
Aee wide stair n e veral Jce erGrr ,callupnhe enuig achTerm, 1at 1 wie O d o welal,, obed I.,..,,Panel, corner 8th and ArWainou5.Altattostr rrttr d.del TOPONWta.T hchwUa eer.daelenhuch ^ "r .e yPIL1S I'SK
OT whcwilgv rueiesteghBdcaatrfor sale b
A legs .S -"m Sto a. No. 3,riorthfh street, wlioh has been nsic- And at the office of .,,Cp N,^o lL uih3d ingandlotofground~ontheW e o de e 14-dtf I No. 3 noth 6th street (r 27 117 9ulht
Sa-.eral Lotaon Pirrwh Aireet. Jighth .irF.el cWel operation for the test eighteen years, during street. CIIARLLN S. 3t isLLlA Ma, 13-h street, adjoininto [lie voutr system. Pi arms and store,
A LW ,>Tenth, hd, Pi i| which time the proploro have obtaied the dis- See targ in front on 13th street about 13 feel 10 inch- [op Coat have heretofore not been dulydpec-ed; a great Ftainlngino nt 1bthr
Four Liis on gacsbelpee- Telhli 3nd "Thir- charge of thousands without failing in a single in- 0t-The f'..m[,ar, ..,offer for sale a quanthe etnrneI
leenih tirefl-. 1 stance. The subscriber has hid Len years practical Screened i,.! 1', ri.,L.Cl Small Coal, suitable for hreadth westward bum rU lem; be% Diumoad-Aguied Bespr ci-iin IUP COATS. causing a deficiicy or krnsg s Lhe J
A LutunCall,,,%hill,eenh.. re.. experience in the .1.-.: ..-d,,-;r./ the last eiihien Stown I and Limehnrners ct. d muBo ofh`5 feet inches ard M-ths ol an inch made by the heart workmen and alter the Islei fBh- T
SS.x Lou oilairIi1,41. ,,vl~l~n~ib.-.r-..-i months.l w w i i ii.,,. V" 1;o the sole mana-l from the north side of Podit Lreo-; bounded on the ion. Genilemen wishilg to furroih themselves vh ih The ac p robcness innuaf aro Do
T rir .y tw o L O B on i l federal e iree .lbel t e ~r Nn lh rEet of th e entir e PIr.f. .i r-y 13th lree l, on lh e houol bynh ehproais lapt C loh ing .ewill lw ay4 find a gen eralassortm ento ls for th e w hy b Rlil -Hfr an all n ua l apll too P il
and Tenth treouts. Apply 0in S .. or r PUge & 'I. Woe>tto, til he l. eaum.'s l.e .s (ope ar B .ly i cle' b-'"* -""*"bed, on ihe eibygroul lar o( M. boao Matealnd fic LL p6rpo0e. fthe d thousand at N aJ. b ym.
EC (. 5 WViGlT.ur tlent to continue it in r.,,.r. t Jni received and fi daole bv Hamriton, and on ihe north by Wood a.
D. FULLER. *'l Ito.'i' ON WESTCOTT, -I. S. REIFF, No. IF All a tertlin yarlygronund realoftohUn- Ho. 9 Che"Ut stee. this approprition lUr a number of eai Mqval
:ai*26 ldI w .No 7.9AthItrBiv. .1 No, 3 north 6thst, aug]4-dtf No-7N.8ft , d




the Coustryo

1. f West. whoe I
______ . .- 1n the E ditors of the Pen ylvanian I. M E MBERS or C ox Rzss- APPO lNT MENTS TO [], T'8 TO [n om the .e por te t or the a n me f the HJanuT 'y 30, 1C*. R A
I *,-& HARRISBURG, Janua~ry 29lh, 1841, OiFHC L.-11 1 a fact worth nOLlCig, after all the TO FO"'E n N EivR,S with'that of our country. It i.the foreign milltooi INTERMENT 'S f~ e 11 3 ^ " hll c "". D
2MB a In my lost, I furnished you with a briel c- clamor uf Ifedirdl %% higgeiv before the elecdion, I f si te wh ose o f pTo litic hsR o n e,,,,er In the City lfPhl adetphaSauth rk, J
In.Tehsiiy fte eea at gis -try ltorthe purpose of' promoting his own cner~st .ot m
J a Iount of certainfsmall matters, which Ithoughtt aallisi appotatliig iimemIibers 0ol Congr"ss t... ,ergnersd o oo nave,,,edafromropowessionra, ismn,,raPeincre,,TnowhnshowipN
,would server toshoweto your readers how little office, that the sag s e party, after the elections e Inseekanasylum in this land b w fre i do future si a r y wheretleiiicuto f ath e alou. an ---i----- __ t *ri .n., it .
they have gained by a change ithe political seems to think that members, of C ingress in deeply routed that it breaks oa unalloccasions. 1 t
>- t . .. harsoter of their legislators at this place. en d general are precisely the peopite who should e I tah e S ome spirit which gave .t > t .ecA l taw, I Froin t h *3 0 te a J I Y ork, 51 no2
T le AS V A NIOM will now giveyou a short history of theway receive appointments. n n P t in dunst 0the-einof errur 15
Tm~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~n~~~ ~ Allows hasv recently in h l(e uedBlhi. I"hI b enIFtmanged byine rie d ot tt THEw n uus U RE^ 58 OFina an aIT''eMtl ARIV"I 1 cirhuDofItru1SEtS. :"-b, Cn FInko-d 1
n w h ich these reform ingoWh ig s. w h o prom ised the subjoined artic le giv e nsa th l or,)with exp sure Aoi ah s r ue 1ani cit e s of -h e UI EAte l ,.
T ,, eo e.e .. h .. ou. c ho ue s i h av e i et e In t h e S en a te of th eo (J o t e d S t a te d .
lP L P ] r oefets hwodahv employed them- tothisgrcss ilicnititency. 'rho, remark -f tho"pe-eretioo)and b
blh esfL tIl & a ftheK b inperoft seles sic e lathoi opokeningof thesession. Abou t. h ,e Post aretfcl of inte wrestfd. BriketcodineIwothlhck.AI

Pu ls e softh.. ei La sobh n t,1.S a es idel es si n dry the l o peni g cf heses i n A bo ut the Post aeri e fullo i ntye ere s t -i s skle tchin w ithy e th t O J fafoyei ner th e en r nscin il A i gai British a dmbitio n m ust h dave c onsur a. --bsc esso r ioa 01 Bru| T o val, ;6 33 1ao~ il c n. '^ ~ '
-0 p a m month has elapsed, and w hat has been done fidelity the m od e in which matters are now the State H ou rse here, brings the i t f i e d t he te he a t ions. A a t|y I-- F l. li
I----at nnoZ A11 0 y W7111 WAL N T in the timel lJust nothing. It has li efen all managed by the friends of the now adminis that party tow e forcibly to view ia our minds.. Tc e p iog" e s, o f n .I ndiae ,- ui taed Casu lty 2 0 t M e slsm 1 to Cor e

T,ex~~laM, Mangosv *eut. 1f4u. North~ca Ca d a aeu tteWla e t.t ucaeo omo n ae aadr.. ^ ,,,, ftefd r olinart i n d r a wion to th er sucese s inAtic s, a s ht e nto g df dd L,., o |2 l ,7 o umebrn V
t a l k t a l k t ahk ,oa d e l u g e o f w o r d s R e s o l u r a t i o n i n t h e i r oi ng s p e o pa s h i gt o n : der. M a n m Sd e at or l f o r te C de r o m ien a a n d -thr c nt o pe n h er i o ug h t o C ro up 0 1 O 3g I 0 t o WIII F

T hD e R 1 SNa io n Tl G az e rtte of il a Blester a th e n s l a i to p y o m t i g l k a t o u nd a d b in g ath re Ween sthe ing to pn : n r a In ,c e pb l ym d it m ilo n M r. e xl ude fr o m itsan a bel~ e : "ie- i f ateri u tu h e p r dmfa y P op l ; me rta Ciny th o e ol i- I nl a m me io ol 1 10Si r u o f to r I. to to B rad b I H
We r egret t I S Mi.N Tim&rte d o the e t d eat th ions introduced y these Whigs reformers, re ki.- No Ilan can have forgotten the camor which t O Coiln s po,,a wh Pox I I F reo fron B

m o rni n e~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~ ~ Ill D olt o J aIN-o b G re e n P re tos o Fia c itstiz e n s o f thes U n ited"e f n G re a t B th tid" "ta in n o t re m a rkoa bblewh ch w ad h e rd o m u c ? fa i ip o m cy s a uien e r tth e tom oop adaets-tyn o f 4,7 0 T Lt
K P H i 'vIN G n early ex ec uted atoth s office.niv e to th e sub -trea su ry a s it is c a lled w ere on ,u e raised d u rin g ith e n ead m i i str tion o f ffiG en eral git a t2e ln d N ito orn 5 uee ndei
0 be fo re th e S e n a te si x t ee n d a y s, in th e C o u rs e o f a nd t ge u se lec ted m e m b e rs o f C o n g re ss It g re w t enlo u i f aor inte re st. M a ethrs. C la y of K e n tu c k y a n d 1tr. t rit. a rm s .n e l I R enti ng 0 1 Dpow h

G* t Yr Ieen wa an ph e Itm able r anndi i ual i w hiva e c hl e g e Mr. P i eenroseg a i oa t s spoker n ak n thirtement fromtM r e ther f er l'en f r a~ndA ir n tiu Whan ,ot t Sen a tor ilBuld thelir succes hs oy in C ios dis g o t unexpe ted cand --Briain 0 1 1 6Ule a d Sor 7 i and C lI'.- isie n e h ir lS M
THIRREElt Ip tEblS A aftEEI"K-5 1.lV a larla ~~t per Slocum. W li m so el eh us- rR e w or to be an article of the Whig creed, that me br f. Dsrb t,0 1 T ra,0 1 1 fr
li and a b le A t fw y n oill a veri te do cr at. And af Congrese were not to be appointed to offi ee -the nu ad ains t aine d bv C l oit mg, thati e o f ou las e n goo doom o l th a t nit y t ropsy I U 7l aon of After (5, a*
Sudepa r f toen t. Teta. Ml0a su receivedas t -Mr. Pearson two, and Mr. Spackman three, practice, the cnted e, se nat Ation and s ub lI lj nd, fo m so me cne e o r o fr govern. lager i eao the cothesdeds sibl ve r orruhpdo n andsub- sect to = eke sIco a odi ou'. -*

vth e sa m r a t u r l s ine. .nl s b t r a l r itou t o s N o o n es d i ti c t o a g i s I'n dt s u g g e str th ate of t e a i e Mhr ni n d a u l c > l n a ~ r g eh n t o t e os C ele stiald ej s t m.ay eDis ase of H ea rt s 0o 1o -o -0 dp ar oi g e. ofa ^ a
th e sotb esid es su nd ry sm a ll sp eec h es fro nt e sa m e, s en athey wdotes ted it s evio m ex I m ake sucr a o rr
GIARD plar f m eIn. either nortc upon the m e subject ande tesed the max i m.thattosfrmtihehicatoroflon gs y the T sa Fill in withdrin g Dici ts. -Li ver *hereneees lo tal,2 3o f s aid a F
P H 1 1 IIIy p o n t h e s a m s u j e c B t t is:o u b le s t e d t h e me n im y th wat s"t o h b r i c t rber y of g sth e m m I W e g i v e o u r r e a d e r s s o m e e x t r a c t s f r o m h i r e L o n f m t l e e a t f C i a o i s e x e i y a t -i o a cI 0

qu ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ bes ita am utd accodin to the Whign addresior Ih ix cnrs iln~ ae m c eadfr oT : eo^^^^^^ 1 iref * "'of tunhe pr e. 'Cno,-uh ere isa no ,dou.t, ofprd a~l afla Drwnhpe^ ooad nI 0 fhe aboe thuere Wer u,1. tot- ^
,PH iess lWLP I II prei all for reform nm a d it m ust be vastly 'PO marks te orde tdHoh th r e n tt;

lion.~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Its Woll wepeu eteoheili ruh fradta h *rfres myhv eong e myt o "ic o tp rfl "eea Jako w a rs atond to obai hecoietrcs tbu neo tothngtriteer naturew av -ndie of the r n our. ain ee rate r.lrigil.herqi
e i i i F e b r ua r y 2 a nd di r e c o n o m ic a l a n d andop p ortu ni t a geo u s p r ting a w ay m months w e d ecid edl a m o nt e d, a c in g wi t g oo d t e w h g o n em iill t t oe o n voi n t e n ,he m fthe inju icent p rop osed o r an io rr s T AT E I 0 tfer I ye i
a l Ik by au o r y a s 1th e d o c ont ot i al a n d t a f et e e o t i e draw i g p g hwu t haep wu r c h a s e o f o p i n i o n an d a a b a s e a b a n d o n -D iamb
t o w i c h t r e i s A y t e m d o t h e c o m m o n w e a l t h ,e H ou s e o f Rt ere sts o f t h e p e o le ; i t w a s t h e c o nsoe n cy o f t f a n o t yin r e lt ion t oop e t ht he pIpl e o f e of w h ic h P oi e r t t o 2 e tn u n d e r " 1

apowe ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ set ofl the. domthsereoealve.I s"altltlk"i htboylk-hw t otd the peole; t ws thv i ...... thei eondae twhrds g__ore inersh ..... -l"* vhina sad forew"* h "" ln~~ "H. i ^^"~rS
T he N a tio n al G az e tte o f y e s te rd a y s a y s : P en n s y lv a n ia to p l y so m eth in g lik e a th o u s a n d said bu yiN g th e r e pre se n ta tivesin o pen _h ear kon d u c ttor w ard oC a d .. ..... 3 8. 4 1 4 1 ,' .. ... .. -Cr o h "-3Lw o
.xW e regret to announce theav t dollars a day to the legislature for such work General Jackson himself was by no means frNein rep o Mr. an romeendiy bm of tilo wh ot s5 0

I orn g ofe D ocl orsJa cob G rende r oth e ssr ow f tao u proi bite ing to M .Pne ro se ,n w hile tes fro m in tof the pract ofice; eh d hs, u rvey r. t~hat s i~tM ight W hat, after 1. all w as e c r thi privilnge o p e yesp Iu~ n' suralr enelI r once to Euro pe ano u _U 2 s 1 15 t0 3 Prodada If w~ a
mor ninr.ofDotortJono"aneendeProfessorLofnabliste nwhing avt.Pe osubjet, whianelhee eedetian oo dicho wner e wdeardesh had Wriadpll carr dtlhnr thegotu paiB nio2
Chemistry in Jefferson Medical College. boen de a y to congreventually lead to a general o distribution of office a rt aue 4 f h aO to 40
Green TWOBT .-rh New York convince h among members of Congress.' He at a c a a ol the lentil No. W t a sale oe whe s aland a- ginsar We ntheto b aa m pe r 1 40 to 50 '
G e e. wa s a n e s t i m a b l e i n d i v i d u a l i n p r i v a t e c o l l e a g u e s t h n c n h p t in ap p o i n t m e n tre fr o m t h a tei t e w th e b y p ri e f d o ne t o b th e G gnsto o, 1al a r m e d>todHp5ea 1P
life, and an excellent teacher of his im portant and is sta c verita ble d em ocr at iv e the tw o h He appoin ted M r Be r "dra:: r C t n not W the w u bei all its Jieph 5 T
oetn shdepartm tet o h s e ipo M>n. it aly m et is hed ein te d u y lon the e Iene ett t hie ora int T gi e o ae a Hn e
e tH e w a g a l s o &ls u c c e s s f u l c u l t i a l l w h a t p o s s i b l e e ff e r o w fr o m th e se n evnr o f t e U i tf e d b d ete Se r n ae t t o ny o u m ig W e an d a cta i n e d t o t h e w ing i n ag a int ll > dow for hhein a we r wo ma wno ne s 2 0afe d ot nio 0 765o e 1 0nen e r P R Y O R & ,
I i o t p Ing a knownt' so uch alkingand. pubi o lands, fron t so e cause or other, d not t y ltr is the of the oh co e em-a over whm O r 11 t a nce I 0 b t 90 1 a
vator of natural science. ni-sub-treasury resolutions! l N o one for a and "t member of ca n et, Mr B r ive, Irom a t li sdn a erag e an two d r
T N o x a sm o m e n t s u p p o s e s t h a t t h e p re s e n t c o n g r e s s w a s a S e n a to r w h o se te r m ot se r v ice h a d j u s t b e Itc h V on tproo e n tsd a re o r e th asns t h9 m i ni m u 0 P a tron oe .
G ta otD cO e l eanoGIRARD of lerrn from the In- e r e than or wiiu abu po te b (ot ha the success of the - "
& ve ry iourt price.' The reason oif this we Brtish ahe Asio of words. wie but againat Britiet he r oo l ddu aver 27
quir er th at a srep yiho the rec ent rdd sess io ns p e t ther eress w i no a v ae thega t to r ew Iothers ao mt ens of h e sad m ini st were rhre e he pb l ac lands of t 25, eithe 72

was otht ab rele.owy to the re ng geentad rs of the nextslatures w lld do buina essa m ~uc h t r oeg r fo ew l o there whappointmen ts lefgthe s bam e d cas w rM y esiy o je p son ttther Ai;- soi. ^ ? te T i fac i inc n wA meirofb w in' Of BOAhD ab v th re wee front the Alinsouse, Philaa. I~a .. t
hee nsrutins T e hoe waters mer ely w etvef nos ofr Ignco -sales, combine for the purpose of keeping down the diplomacy wheat adjusting itsdfi utqe iosw h lam n.
Trustees of the Girard Col tege, is in prepare thes therecwo uld be w sho rtsession, tis. To the y a unceP e wdoS l 51po
cdtcres. to ofiep oprc e ofa it e s ofea t h my o pe r tgan ws -mounda queso n wianc e s intoneral Jacso wa ........................
finn. It will, we presume, be official in its brought forward that the ,'reformers" may have C onre pfife of i mem r, 'rile N E Il ofah Bo ad Mat, 4 r ri ,
C o nntr te r d t h e i s t r c t A tgra v e y ta d d ir t, a n d t h e r e a s b e e b t a h a b yna b e d t o o b ta i n t h e c h o i c e t r a c t,; a t b u t o e o f t w o t h in g w i t h t h e O re0 de tiot e we h a v e-.a n d h e oM U M Rh C L i
are sirngted with these'id usioso'-haigbe
chraw-.r tre and and and pt opportunity of rating away months of deidedlyadverse, and withgood reas, since it cent, above one dolran
a, well backed by authority as the document time and thousands of money. might tempt them to barter their votes and their a akre. Now what is the great prnd w hi e eor e, A au i r d ut to kell r a to We
to which it replies. Any other mode on re- So is it likewise in the House oftRepresent- support for the toward of -a large salary.The mor e Theai e t i', : So IT.= wn P ST T OF T ToERNI____-R. anllyr per sons bilI ?

D j i r h ^ ^ . o T o B u t h e y a e d o i g w o r e t h a t h K T h ene m i ro n b ye t S u cd b i l l ? I tu rni s n o t h i n g m o r e t h i n t h i s ; 9 on d b a m b i i o ut o r w r u1 2ulM~c lolcl ..'3, .iinv ilw Aipa y,,en t.,-iat ]
sponge, T~ll scarcely do at this li e of d ay. Honest old m an carried out these vie in of dp- of the m an to the wiunhrin d athe l i m mense nc eas of Britis h P. 2 3 k nent h i
ap~s wl sarey o t hs im f ay Lives. 0 It is '&talk$ talk, talk," in that body like- p-ithaenth. Neitwer gfes icollehtors of the sports
Ti he spub i after w waiting toe n y ears, are now w ise. I do not know how m any days t re- o f th e o r t a quartermectio n of thero ehishlog could B ost nd e bv o its dreadful o oe e an ot hand O n bonday, J n r 4,f the ter. 2erecv2a st te of t i lnttis o b
ha vi o s lt h a r ha t o e p a rt ie s h a voe t oe 'a n fo rm re p re s e nta t ive s h a v e c o n s u m e d in ta l k in g N ew O rle a n s w e re m e m b e r, o f C o n g r es a heithe r ee d, tr thet n t" 9

for sthemselves land unera th ei r own Sgl n s. attb psou t h proib tin gofs an hte s frombers ofthe onaval. Wof f oricers ber turneeto! d- out^0 ofa toush e a ri amd by c an ged a bodec tosrems y" a"D pute by go 28 3- 43 45- L A~r te ". E> N
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biares. I temtrr inarryin ravesubjctrertanlyandectticcefrPotmaser$ f thse ttoedwerem orpecoattrmastemayhavecasthislongngiees toeknw, tat i ailprobbiliy, font elrpt toBurf 8
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GroEt eWORa T .i he New Y ork Sun states at a cost of a thousand dollars for each day,i, -Yet were the Whig speakers and Whig journals sale, but is reserved of the actual se ttl e pd a itiot s ub aon e tra mp aa d el o, -7- t leture
Fit ~~~he pays lor it in cash at the rate of one dollar and of the British soldier. Let the aeab~ard also knowo ubill

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tht B. ollnd.h h e n o urse o, the a reformed Whig House of Representatives. In such appointments uv he made from congress, few thus by possibility, lose one, two Fro w to lay BostoneweBalimre ar R BY TE of AV )
paragraph which created the impression having all my acquaintance with legislative proceed. and cautious as they were. The Whigs thre e wereI so eah$acr e, ns ing tot aehe nd. A n shlsl h ic r ses i n peoyofr orto Ric, e $ MM^. th e 3 ms a 1 0 c k w ho l h e PSl
o risin terr in Nw Yo r k wa s in g s in th is p l ac e a n d I h a ve k n ow n so m e th in g ve he m e n t u p o n th is p o in t, so pa triot ca lly e th e e a c h sec uri g to rt ma n hi s s l t d o r thr e e fr o St yoar s lo toi s ian ds t o bl erv e do P h iladepian b it o e 9 5t u l t)M a L it.,

Hiue, ndd wirin tle hmge et ters n she haset home.hi onpiaeus n eeit lio .eS ^vn Thi is the auto t"~,oo~er eot.alo cthebenefi tohi pu r epare it s foaa oosd rne gdiv.e i' ti ule deteoce bof i w r.* 2 She, Mechnic int, e 3~ 3e5 ofhs li agt Her-n_~ f s6eto~
of ouseafd are atnumbr of years, Iihave never near, o inflexibly determined, that you might sup. and the loss to ihe Treasiy without yrhgi but le *he know too th wU,.
ments found against Ilion on the pipe-laying ac- known soumach talking and so little working- pose it safe to take your oath that if they ever i9 h acutt
count. muchso muae hlery and such a very small crop of wool, Co me into power no m member ofiCongress would t case, i fn hto e a inot the yova ar pr e- pio n lae fo r I e cie m t de adulwr shae n eu nr I I do risidenR ca of bs b r -lat I .5o s
----I deonrs.e s t y p, Ihav g i s vost l heed a ndPrivate ers would o v wher v e ll e h ut wi andBritishActeraFir
The New York Express says: James B. as the present session exhibits,Lel t w higpowr- re Gem under any circumstances whatever receive an of'cultivated by a brave and hardy population. 3luee; T'emonoywhere ha
Gluwrh nitdfor misdemeanors, up- tics of the Senate being tParticularly remarks- cl.Geealor Harrisonbhimselfast, o bliged y himelflet.Thattedshehaslonets ha enbmd thAterForigiar.nof i
pear td ha court on Saturday with his counsel, be e for their profusion of words. Th e wh i ex t th p of" bestowm g of e ate prent t regluMeha e o fe
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e I ris, aho e e r d la n h h so ty b lie s tales O F by private en try .This co i ti r a i f w ar never w would 1e ended.-- ll pgrlies rwo uld o p. e ,
wags no nale owf ng to the e n yer t bu s of th legi heslaore would b e a r i uoilt y o f tb e We dw is th whc they t roverltib e. enw kn o the weg hdea Jtanur 6nt obtainedeavt the immediate-y of otr nt onnrpogel in tiae bd OS puh Front
put their hands They instantly make arrange-d bgso afor the B ritr an tii pn es as bro ughted --- $15O L hg sx m-5 75 100
a after a sid e b ar c o nversatio n b etw ee n M r. t0 ting u ish ed for its ind u story a nd d isp atc h A s b m eni fo ld p rc algin co nst nc th b pseo r.n i th e gr ea r P ert of the fed e l hi th t o p ur h asein th-r r ar! Pa k .m \l a n

.te 1 t w r o h i d t o n o a t r l r e c l i h ch n c w e r o e r d g hov e r m et a mngdteme m b e r s o f C o n g ret os. a e v e ryoo th erth eo rm w h y d e-W eIha v e o nl ro o m f o r aefe w liih id ragoing af e rakf s e eg a g ed al E u op e 5 0 i - | m U< ~ S B k~a l c a sh e vr d a y sl i fl a tul 4 9 i lo t) M a k in g a n
Conner and the D district Attorney, they with. yet there has been but a shabby realization of Art fo rrn ent ling otheomembers oftCong edress Inyt othem topurchaepriniegeo5
draw. ; the promise, and the peoplershould be ena Who is to be Secretary of State? M r. W ebster, ny s to ale ge o ha sog a ref e rnd to o. th l e s e were v1.Bd
--- ble d to s e e h o w g ro s s ly th e y h a v e b e e n d e a m e m b e r o f C o ngre ss Who tn e A ttor n eyhGe n h o m e fl i es nom o p p es io n a t A di ed t l a n d t hey Uite d a te s i ,7e. 11 4v E it o rd

Mew. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h thed Attrne Gen.l home an Makes hlley wa into the West this unhqalle therefore Nothingde as well asf ao Graneralds Weso to. do. do. 60 acaiyin uridpnec? I th da.,'ies f h vsel da w flatb 4. 50 B l d o Mlagdo
h ve no papien ce widw thtile unn atural oir.-r,,,,,,i ., b-,.,7dl t
The BarqueValparat so, Lockwo ord, arrived reaved by false professions. eral? Mr. Crittenden. a member of Conigr ass.frinds his batnitation, at thersame time places his . 4 ,
atN wYok n udyfo C no adIWholes talked of tor the War Department!.M.boyaebr;r gis teatak-. h a ,,-,, e or 5ed Grad k, d ost bebed
a e r ko n S f r o m fo n I t w a s m e n t i o n e d i n m y l a s t t h a t t h e W h i g Brde e l, b o, d a s a bn I pdo n t h a t I t o o t h e t r o 1 b l e t o 1 0 dou t h 1 2 b fl a t P 1 i0 th e ra n t
Ma rnilla, with Macao dates to the 22d of senators had voted themselveslleach a copy of Be tt hey preof Cong wores e ta. n thisinstet agta ok of ihd n ou b i aro. -e sn hve desire t see a not c h hor II te 5a Wo do _p 5 -3 j 50 tee aCd

o r.A ugu s ta d s m l d^ ^ g i n p e e t e o te. I m u si c thei n and d ois a io n g w orhse n tha ne thi Te m em b g. a gef o' t e w h rich y o u r p o i c e h a s lete d oe n th a tfer o c r d k n n s f s i w e re.e h o u s h ol _.- - B S __ a t o o r Oleb l L P B S I R
Poto'sD g st ic ots sI aesictrontier. SuchAlones thus furnish stronger eva- disp o ues. If England be ambitious fur wro ngutT)P bi
budget. P ureo n s ths h o sts, as p er aredt a re d vivid in g an o ng them selves the offi ces of den c e of th eir fidenty to the c try pu r, w os e fo r ll til e b r2 t
T he ship Laconia, Lore, has also arrived, ascertained, eight dollars a copy. no w profi t. W ho is candidate for the place of D district t o ter Jient n th l cI G RAPE I
hi c m citizen s A o tfs oria an d sh e ia dheprte in va o r e, alo io On Monday. J aryt 41, b ew ltheRrnt o n m rF
having left Macao on the Ist September. The be added that yesterday, after several Perevious Attorney in this city ? Ogden Hoffman, a member mrd l en st h t h0y effe do by do,
n e fn ll tea t a oE attemptscOft the part of the members of the of Congress. Whow(or the post of Collector! Ed] peat in of he undvilhef of wrengpaon right, les offoheunate oenure. wll Esq. all of* thi *iy Marks
I D R. U lo--------- House, which had failed through the refusal ward Curtis, s member of Congress. W ho r T for he l.ta tion .was ma de hby them inalmost ev .
of Cm a rcy of or the dem o rat s t endt t h ve s Office of FPostmaster, ? Nathanial P. oallm d ge, sa sta nce. A m an w is m erely does this, m pey

DR B THNECIPLATIOK.-- BVwillA b e seenI --- -- neinhe oocfnrwil btohoana democ^ g ^ ciatslea t h troh fre D lend themselves it M Ib lf a heFreg ete Ofte h~ I~.S rizlSu{r
from the announcement in another column, thate t o s ha m asue the ew efo re dewi member of Congress. For every .9 .r uf peOFAhisinten tolll ee ha e bn favon before 1e lE nactr
plhtBpon ctybe b. ocallat tiont th whiv -histo vr memer o h pos e d ant hensered e b y se t l on the izeligetl e mo f h i laty b ute
D r. B ethune w ill lecture th ~s ev@ g at half ed their courage to the sticking place, and ot thi Rerseit, a tig S ena tor of dm em b er he H gdrh u thatctdtaodS e l n u d y n grit

ofth AtiSlvey8oiey. o. l .5t ^ ^ ora enalfaniur o f Re presentatoinion is rearC~di e Weharto thica i o e- Wa~nwho maesa settcslemeta h i p~u blic gentlemanu of tihe nciy dartds. Chy re oix ope. 30. SCOTT.L \f 5 yers oAS ,
past seven o'clock, before the Athenian In ti-ed them selves, theirtoff icers n cle r os, .,rea hin e flm s alleg theapp on e i in d forI couttrier- noent a t s l e oa s ftNEr At LAW. fora
tub t de, on ,lver d by the sam edis tinu ishedo a copy of -the said Po rdon thus, in a addition to have been an ticipated in the sam e m anner, that the w ea f w t o G ov e rnm e o f eye s eve e cou te A n n l ish b of wacren. Ogle Pe r Johnurrow
Bc er b t h m s the. little f in" I wrote of before, taking members of Congress engage to support each oth. ,ell werhaent ht a pehe, bl res in th e vain t i co, a ie A ....D..
speak erl ast w inteb r i n N ew th e w as cow ., sign each others reco m m e nd atio ns, a n d give ig wthsu een th e i e se ura t ed to th a sae o l c w h fr eon
s p e k e l s t w i t e i a N e Y r k w s o n ~ e t h o u s a n d d o l l a r s a t a s w o o p f r o m t h e t r e a o e aeho t h e rohr p i eesllev n b e f o eith esrpicaloa t orne nw hono fa sv eo oec oln gts .
mended in the highest terms, and as he hasenrytfort- the iracs ow n priat e us e an dnefi t. Thrri b.,,t the eat ofgobernmen u A an T rent n, NewiJerse, Re gon te 3th v w. Mr A

m w t fo ,n fo m~ i~ nsh erh, for theriint C I wY p rC~ iv E C S ~ d b a iate uefoe ah od co m pla Ofin t e t o o. ev ry a be i oming N oi t ato pu c asl ~e a th m gl f c t ln " '* y o se w ih t aa~ corierlybl bAeltoWds", CH A f ^ M r e r e: o r
I ~ ~ r u h r~ B et ee therai Se at and- ^^ the. H ouse not^^n ^ S u m uch; lo ki g ARAH A K NO Nr, in rthe 40th y a nd M anhis la g r
fruse n d tof repeati i ti beo ntici p the at, a d tueh. who does not happen to belong to either kou as,a ud him out of possession? Such m i igh o bs but fo the n umbe of men seen upon 0 II B;-i-
nsiy be a t le s s th a n fo rte e n h u n d re d d o lla r s w o rth O f w h o c o m e s to W as h in g to n in p e rso ny e r o t os g e s u p p o r c e if i w e n ot f
CH ARLE a I onra. C e anre d ons Digest has been distributed among his claims for office,islookeduponwearitold, Eown prt, the bri gwy came uperfher I- ..

into ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ m with part Iai shalle alay Marct cheerful asr anwTewoeo h iegadjr. *?S lu ^ ^^dd frohe rapeaen ranef the i mmnt erio Jote hr h nS. B u Oflow Le89 sal e d street aboe Coates, thsB link ]"'3 ,.7, ,l. -
Ro O y.A me ri wa re y rl members at the public expense. N ow how an interloper, treated with a sort ofwcontemotetas aupong c o Int lb pt b- be has E t ien ed ,s wa P a ve, b u d t lcng thal- Ieaut, 2 DPns1
Hart have publi d the 17thand 18th numbers m bete is this, e asklta ne on man wh is meddlingrwi th m te rs t uth of thie ro- att P heonfcthisctr
t ebeteir this, le men t han the extra editiol of "ehamrl g ofMm tloyo Ibapt Wo e t ot h s omertyr i go n tee g t tl i ng tveg e to the a ctual t s y i tofter lOa dihgst Capt i Sttes, toi prohe3ht Ecoediti
he directirDragon, of it h a trw wes llenyrave d pay of the last session which was so much per sphere, and is called *uf office beggar. whether he has emigrated from ttwal ig he Br ofhis Se. I Patro tc So
ulki h iel ii Ma ahust talked about and which kept so many of those Is it o mtning ptaet ians o oe r y i tho aneie d cl tosh at of impr oeonhis cid or has fled by oto the might a nd the open.ctuonraf tts rays ueghorn. then of i a. OT S-in-law Cro-kett's F
and amusing illustrations engraved by Yeag er. own prole sst n o log er th n whi We now is d et f ,yr. upn the ha ie y of the h old ch e with M r Won sKhru o, No. 305 henc e t a t'.v i r ----- At

^ ^ J ei to~~~~tl\ Bt hom y w ho votd, fo ^ ur o i e t eponclui c nhe lo okr a ofesio inmec thein olrdr wpno ^ oorld, ^ to live underan the pr- n gro sf rop o i ears n old st gurk a ed, wit h thei r n o Latra U a sie 2ro o'cock DiaLiF K U An;? TO^ NRI
T io e of twh .1te fr mont Lent. Theerain. bolk power; that the moment hin s th e obc dan y ee le c eion of o bl i nst itutions,
.so n e of th e m os t r i g h eop p o f to it. T h e le g is la to rs w h o a re g u il ty o f th is it is to b e to le ra te d in di sc a rd in g th e m a s su d de n-n o u thep ub ic a n i o n s. tyeelf vhann. p r od c e rig m ori n, 3 1st J a n tNE FR D 2 i a k So ni e
B, Mesf r Cae an of hav e i e petty larceny (to use the language of one of !y as poor man succeediot o g e es lo tet Th e ce t of wh ac e w asari emedat llysaon An Voe l tohi [e hoav eee Depre
themselves) might be guilty of larceny on a by bi e oldbcoati T osinconsistencyt&bepushedbrot b. B ana n o ccu pid the go relater prtof the d at, i d e ae t t ve 9 t o
lage s alifth c an ewee ff re absolute indecency; is sincerity to be a bye word in the discussion. W e have only room fur a few This-morni g after br
t hmpbe roClock, editionwM e largerdsna L OOK R -h Ne IE Ndandajest;are politicians toube permitted to stand extracts. T s mf ae b s we g ed a b f a il r t wt eer 1
i ump hrhey p atlOa k at this w i th ti ee eds on to te cOEll IN VIE N A forth and say that the principles fo r withey He (M e B. nou l e no t corrstadd the re presennation of the mase and ersed Br -Iarv C .-o.ltp o forkJaua. bale anW AtH
da o"attisti e f a were once so zealous were professed merely to feeol tion which had been maieso etm wih[lleu nnt n mm nd ,n RIH D IRCE WM YA L YJ.A.. fb2- i
U r DSTATES, M tL I rA uY M A CA1 INE g NoRMA.- The delightful opera ofNorma is to the people; and that now, having efet odIhetLbEWeISt.ioe ne
be repeatedothisoevenin, "HrdtteebenefitmofeMrallctstheyipreied lthm nightongerey home
oft s ud adD ra.N 7Bn 'Aly Bailey. The run of this unequalled musical Nothing in now left for General Harrison to. do. sted' cicsn ,ridpnec'I h asteP s fi e
.pjpositethe Exchange, have published theenetim nissneriscoeTekn aragmnsohifredsaehma1esieofhevsl, d sweprahdtey0
sba~h and seventh numbers of their Military etran er t lsthat the pub- t ekn ra g m nso hsfinssv i 1of the h lu,,-uiAn osc eluyw sfl o rne n aedt R IA N E A T R FM IS 0
Maga ine whch n aditon o te iter-I~ngtieooulbdowel toavalhee tive tewfreplae, etwo m de coldclae w rdsthe braehIish enFveehmnIadiGshmuitnhapy ndnIIhmhads t udaparntl-ARIVE.tCOSEh50
Maai e hihi d~ n nt h ilrsigli ol o elt valtes'vso vr that he would propose i* measures to Congress, esmantehvigthirliwhy Eatrn at 2Asidrn a
lit etrakycontents, ,wititen expressly for, th o e s n u o p ru iy twl e long indeed, arid put hid veto 0n no measures they m ight pass. e o gh h
Wok otisahnsml ooe uleghbefore such a combination of excellence is This strips him of hig properattribuesiu hasd foughtthe hattlesdof lbety.O heCnraitfI wuk 5m&8~ 0
1 eeso o mdr Seat iwot0again presented to them. hInmusic, acting and legislation. In the second place, the members of of thesea ser outice, thwast rmagaeu is hmbtInve eiet e nte uhhr eten:5A& iM Wsen"A & i ,2
n eo t e saea d Le a t;a v ew f senic effect, N orma, as performed at the Congress con cert together to dispose of the public policy of the G vr m n o al wt e o p r
fh ~ t l f r e n a d p r t d C h esn u t S tree t T h ea tre c o u ld n o t b e Su rp ass- o ffic es. T h is tak es a w a y an o th er portion o f h is .ehr oaiceh o e losuilr v acant la nd se re l As s u o b 1- ~
th; atte ofN~w Orlansandu ,spirted egal authority. They assesmble in a caucus and Case orivcan cti ladsupnstesmetrsihha utfiredasltw ihhsbe nwrd. h ioavlh, r'1'
aol red faetch of ca leis a W es thoe w oP ay.- Aes e ctr ed. io a rie il e de- e mn h t h hl l p ca eso f Arda ind ganMr. B c a a ,i e l oM .C w e c h lvrw l esl oH vn ,w eeI Be e rgE ia eh eak Be e 0
'n m e :Congress next spring or summer. Here they tend an- spe skieg of the privilege of pre-e optionn, sup oeohsfufrt nt
a tt er #ent o n to unv l lo rf i n i rt u a lles t i. h s h a L c u e o a i n l r d w l e d -u su rp h is m in isterial a u th o rity G e neral H a rrison a k ds p o e t e e u f r u a e C e t r s w l e a B r g S a 8 e l i r l a n e h r ,J n 51
1te tont n1 r limy nate',livered this evening in the Juliann Street is thus to become like one of the old sluggard 'owatsdesdta o n? IW a si rnie oS a ihm ses- am d .B i lz b tR m n tn i v u ,So aeb
Ch rc orthAWrtIn tiut. .tin sef ra ce a bratineum y, Wh esd itrnsc 'SAe*L torwnen edtobdfrw rd d ybheLt Ihe- I1
EMANCIPATION ; BY WILLIAM E, CoAxNiNvix hrc, frthnatenttue ither office nrwl, a buethi lyang mumm Ny h a value? It is merely a contest betweetiescua rpoPcksadthrvslsdetsdinhefA
The Rev.ether voiemnor wil, butiony'a recent ?p. ..ter and the actual settler, as to whether the former D G E R IR M S bvit ns elfe ieFrinLte fi eI
Thlex R u1 Ee.W i pla d o. C ha s bga ecent pare- JELROANTFANCY FuRNtTUaE.-We are de- Evening" Post- I shall be permitted to purchase the so fln m .M alyai oai utarvdfom u tis hldlhaEcagai otrpe l o
pihled nt hispo ity.,mandcipatiornW eat ha beeoffice Sired" to call attention to the extensive and very Te aeg prondtevedn. T eeprvdadrnee alal yteti fth e- VwY rhveltl ruh rm Paito h fieheo.. .cie n
lashed in this oity ned iR for Hle at ~ ~~the teelegant assortment of g(ods--comprisinguse- T. .,sf M ~ e adt aa~c.- hr el u x e
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the navy. but also tlhemlBrehant vessels 4 tthe w torn, when he got off. leaving a large item oith absurdity of the positio"n wit ,o^t c*h'- e u om ,en d th o.tags ic, invo ee duch T< I e P e" P ^ W* n e Ii ^ m. at W ,,
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Un ite Saen to, .the fullest extent of theirwlr w whnn o niai s rfumetl It may be a ha~rd case for McLeod, dae ,ieiiders 11 -il. Se..a,a~r iA4 requ the history ol tatoi feels as though, he were actuary in the beu Brig[oa.Mh ar ryo at W dmntn NC 2d ll
U united Sta tes to tho fullest extent of their , at g rf e t behind. Both of the villains succeeded t wmen.ald bumnt n eW dOhutd-
requirmentsin g m takim g te p p ape. During the conflict a pair sad the circumstances would undoubtedly furnish tit$ country- he v--11 o ,,,dta h eou tldCaeadcol t(hretb
fquineente trin baing eIo tw lises in silver frame, and five ground for a strong appeal to the clemency of the tionary C.j,,,gi n,. 11 nt e juneo that tried mer.' After having witnessed this interesting and eit. rom Gi
--^ -- f ineble ia^st4i)hBinsilerfraeand Exe cu^tive, should he be COFIiL-itd. But that the souls, ha., t, d" ^thoeseoreignersoen tto'rndia exhbtinlwiosttwndr huitna.degArrca ore, a Vl rioindas ?EyA L W h. eovdhiRffe
HUMBLING Co SlXSStO.-H t y Y,0Crane-...silverspoons,lo long and nmitlo bowl, dropped from operation of our law$ aw i a a t'n peac isttme 01b peace i.hto be olseoor s andeal.tolaed t hem not awJ more "et'D exh a not wnd e thiation it -ewsi rig America o w at 7 ibov. 84d A NSe
tV i S p e a tt r o f t h e H o u s e o f R e p re se n ts t ir e $ h i p o c k e t w h ic h w e r e a ie r w akr g to t h e M a y -h, o f 0 B ritafn i l;. 'u c w it h t he e r e a ,,d f e el a s su r e d a n M i n New a nd for o n io o ii Mh 71 N to N o .
of Ithode island, lately madai speech before I or's office, where they aay b e peso. Tlfor B ortncies ,edr s eine rtB Che arbirar wil1 of,,ii Ge Brgait 14 lnd nai wl ,,d nntubig American citizens. Here Ban 8
tht od nA ic h ai- I hl b a y'hd U~ ~b uili11001 b urngLhr a" ,Rposition that cannot be maintained for a moment. ,l 1 r all nsathe uk d fL ,, .1 t ugust 14, and nt ilfn ntepbi f P iaepi h 7hol o imntn C
thatbod i hich he said t hashould ake pic, that we way U *y nd uirui b ee stilemand firstrpath usame com mensurate patronage which has been be B u rigOn i p eS, that we y he e 1 truh rn
is n th e la tw e n ty -e ig h t y e a rs to ; i nt. sh o w bo th t P o uba cts and th e go vern m en t of E n g t.t 1 eLosstod In 'Ilie a.'., aE *t tile ost m a u nt^o tai-.
be employed in doing the small chores of Lhe F land anid al t tW g #Entries that our laws cannot ti t, %nc, wegtr ffcNo4S
FoePRo)FAt9 S Wvt soAfa l young man calling b illdadorctzn ~ rae pnay Iie aulo, inelrtpon-,Itale. ,,were at that day hold to norsse iy- hl u.1 asfo uk sad n a plttegto
party, with who m I act,, which other persons' himsett Cdlm, wad yesterday mulcted into fines and sue raio a l rted nd ceur If t he ps uarty t pona nyoo p -by the Revoutioniary cougres. H col ntbeha er
todld ix e fun todq. -M ran tonbe tc (rvial petnce Ifthepary hattotc Po i etteain IM ithildfarifbtnt rom Evey unealsayaD Jhnsnhayjusly e fooimT rksveryd
c upid n o. b fou nd to d o." M r. C ra n sto n b e- cost, be fo re the Reco r der t lhe su m nf 6 7 1 f or session of the C arolin e acted un d er ord ers in a l' th eehatice"taa htwopissed uro
longs to tihe feral party. being intoxicated,a an utkertogvomethipg like twentyI th them e flow plage thatpfehrb tnigh rDeeyas
rl eush n h jgtSars i / ~t (etknown butter than to [,ave obeyed such order. If Ito mContelatino pootediticalNev Yakitalt oyuttc
The Rail Road f-rom Havana to Guises, on ear rwet--h ___ tihey did not know better, it is time to teach them th a nature I wih ooasroshesefur- the; and
sTgnersiwhoRoay havem HavadaortshGuisetteonoisasathe eeetsof whi
the l .land ol'C uba.,peudueed in 1839 a total r k PORTIED RoT UE g vilVA X .] be it~r by 3 wholesale example, in order to prevent ,ig e ,, u pta ha d led oru phall s etle a upo n N o negev en t uofw ich t Wa n ue ,c te a re pd. it m*
revem of$307.678, viz- F171,011 from pas- a rtpetimn oA f fte tiieriament.-[N. Y. uh. IM Amuiboeju-.Lb. FLuI the beginning it h death, is tosleep on our post at a siege; but to Shtr Mearw reotyThomas, was up at charlestilu
a i saight. UENERAL SESSIONS. '. p, o pull, y I, pe- w iareqh-r, to purchase and settle omit nod
setrad$3i03fo rih, i 80February 1st, 1841. AV- 'N wYok u..;,eI'sP.uh I. l =,an'd.. l I Athali not now, for .the o i i l gei osepa a tak 8hult o iu
t h e i n o m e r o m p a s s e n g e r s w a s $ A s 4i;tlif.. . ieret urr ke --r o w n a u ho u se ^ ^ pnV1 n, h e n c e a t Wi miT n g t o n
= . . . .o n ka tu r J a y w arn in g a st 9 w Fc wp g e eA P tm r 1, a lpre e utlp h r otll. I W ilt W Ent lo w h t t h is N .i t R
freight, $173,83b. Towal, 3 .,27. 1n. fed I cent and costs. v of Le.. ........ .. "et'e e .... .h.d polit.. [l ie .,<....y MONTHLY REPORT 'lun NC I LrC arolbnar u Lombardehen ceat "l ..g. 'nea.estand
crease of revenue fromn 1839, $37,394. twori.. r ,lery, white, convicted of the larceny boi.e l rvv erein othe -Iound i ,aRubbe tr.m ,o -w thd erTr e d- NTiI a ao...*r
of a shawl, spe#E dLek eto eight months imprison- M Wr, nFonti.gefi,...... ih.ito bt n'il p --rliil uruilei--vu-ipetTh irr--l' nsrncAnuiyen, theh U. uNahceae a ~uk I ,Idy
--- e of boiler, glwed fo eigh by .o i Company Of Philodelphia, report tsao 13 petrsonsOfor elided. ? 1, 1111. L'y o ,". .
aBd rlhee allS -li O Rite of th t t ee o Rt a ed a tery n snd W illiam B. eet in diameter, was throw n Ot t.he T h ae bep !a their ou c,, Dec 1o t
ar ed. .btl. s aware thate a pabllsed i ti attrib u. a over the houses on the opposite o sEt es. m of .^ l- LlRe
%%'Olso ways ound gulty of'Y~utp m assaul andran GAdingd, lL eStock itaeprc att, Icoati street
tiAg wonderful curative pot repr ed to gal 'andil'l y l F ra'Jk^- street '1hebuilding was omuchn antlt. rso, tka uu. u a iJ IIh st I il .'io~deavoir oa 41 Mercants Schr Hen ingfDaec keart Baimoe u "'-o Hinto1

fltw retw le jrl-4. Z B M?.i Le- [Viae eplaev aH^ O o!UA foreigners^ 4 Clerks, rat 1. LOTi of .b R S ~ d .e.h
br n dy ,especall y g in nard n t he. h s p0 lal w ft Ja o i e r" e q- i l flo nn a t* It fell. o the story over the, utleir e norrh ti des fr trer i mi p..t r*A ttier i.> avenee noose P i .1.ip .n"" "
ra .doy eaet nll i,, re g arth to g e a oezk wol e e h o ,uri n a iu s ac on d eg- w h oud o ,pse ,o n P arr.u. tree ba s et w o rkw ere t ro w nd ir- a-l')erdI r
and "*u er a kfl ehll n,) of that nature .4198 6 soult a d battery. Ico c. the b e ba of t e bs dly I terror. (b, a U Ml g a h. 'i i."U l i H 01. iha( l am j q e^ ,r te g -12l 1 our l it
published by a Mr. Lee, of Shields, England, Th ise in oftHarriet Aitken, charged with mar- Ao, ther oo ..m vere y .'th.pu. dsuits ,.c instant |2h Jar.-
butt ak-l ad EI ', eutbuidng too rant h Sa .v lf tUlpotlyA ppie
lt a valso ndre p she d in this c y, arid.p der$,d wse ti cuded, and after being. out ple.s tttan .. ...f,"- ". .. ..stan abroad,ann ayd0,1 d ^Wea Sa h L I ,l
t h lso lb e n rep ubl is jheu s cit and ho ar A ,, l f e i t ry retu rned a verdi f n ot ly, e n r e t t ai w4 0 )M s c bi be ma ad a t g.* ''bey ae po r p e mia y oTert eo tel t. fWm aeehoeo
many are.,dog i n tbtless now trying the receiptfca ls> g a d hss,wasvery Am n etvelopo in bl th h yree r insre f y500 and over, 4

U ulii ni ~tnshn.mywlev~ gbuit, when The pr smeo bm op~ife ( .<" ~rwa .. X ~-faginte r l"3o*lpS81 ^foS}u-rs was rshbeathos^ 11 N_______ WARD--- -.FILL.?
As toiet efficacy. we sire not prepared to giv. a greateifficR ty the feMas ^werea/ e;tFiesptp ,fro [ il ,uutd. a rh eou1 ai. hope bl t to. 3 a n4or rd h &c. 4 **e"" > 7r wrchetO''
I i-fB. N -A h e r p e iiorsi u a tua e e penr L f arn 6 1l A, m e e t i n g 'o f t h e ,, lG :
an opinion o M r. L ee w rite s earnHastly and evi- T H .9 i i o teLO WchnFg. M hei pe is t t Pl t IJlt f o aAA J B .Iffm nly 'r a ,u5 h eldpo nTiuteey yeama evening February 2d, D l m w(sXto. no u al win e; h--ouse
dent]y Las tLike Utm ost ee di en e s bin.thetruth iret h o. P.rE euhtlaton, of A. ^ ^ ^ A m erican coi- ni y a id w '-ibc- ,I' n1-nL.n nl.nto c a rket s t a ow e 12 11- LO r o n d
or what he Says; but aUliln c jaje rkn v itun QO Un tv0 Ithstio otlffa e se n alelob h epe liiie n iht Whn t11O bkeal ilrlSi L4f4. T er oa,1 ld1t street, north side, fr the pUF11-1ve Uluv .. 1i leran-
t _o Loadon Comw AnnualS'" ... -alhnt Londot or* inns a roost distattnt being a ; 4 ,a of, Im have leaped out, and been savedbu't' ". postallul u_ li d, ti,,neuy touryougilesdo e io 's n. 10 tef peu,,e, r Z,,,c ran-.ludave1 Bytolarreel Marlrloeauon. 8ee

.^e^^ a~hU ^^"^ ^ ......i...".... V D^^ -^ ^."1, ^ --~~~a-^ .......e ^ ^^BBRNTO.* A
tens hrmnectgslhighate| ~ ` "`` Its tor- toryprom--- al by -a c av -, It~wea.mpos'ible t Jyo odayh e. hepr.d e)In Ihe11111. u o ulr uanheperhoe ieI adstoheny- heely diiin N rhiar L t o
)Aoifro t)thneeootate. ^^tfl^ :,9f stwotee:LIy j&nulu ui *e p1.- 1, -- -ayinto two Wards, with a pirt of another
w smile: gom tbs nearly ftOWstt Ctsro nf Land, tfnd ioth *er I N or th0 eerd areiivited to atend....hou ,l Lc
"'sur--i Take the' libbe, ly ofsd~retslang yew lf~ r~t a eiyb b~nd o h a i Lb reeiaf- turnitt o I-luls'oweg, n avnaeBlordsrcin es
I. the brady & ewmttwa figm edwith bynwnerm in the stamp Way. The government is V.yy I ., -... SI lirml Dew-,.t that m a u hc o a as .fb1-~ orLi
Ared ll twns a' -ttl"- d fti r ar aia- I i purly rpubican 'un ead. The'uenegineer, Wh e a~t standing by *the l'JIifPtenta l.[Ba Eew Natin ld kin hsco tre t te t
'istg'koael aphide the abuv bad b.-ath Dirapesrd.Siecfh oewhn#elig u isP ldlhato;W rPomig '
administered almost wholly by a ored people. two other %nwho w~ere near.e lictlpadvihvr w &I8of.OohneilioisudlasadWANTSRC TH TCbe edin'eiALto(
a i r a n y W a y o f' A p l iy mg id t h e se w it o u ts id e wo n st A g r ic u ltu re iis th ri v in g a n dgrlie L r| d m g .ilttl e ii rnry I t h ,ioaJ t h m e e tin g e ri l l a llum
a day & ; the randy in twice every our. its e eitx thriin e a d sit o lln di exhnd inu ry.s ti edls h %Be a i inl wHl 10p w r0 rd ue e slyi o T eba tflda a o at ere h hlsp ialS cey it tetnerC e~ t 1)do
F o u r P f o n un g p l e d l gS e 1 0Ar 8 Ln t T w p a cy [ e h u d in t e b i e a d t h t it s .... e4 r,010 0t o1 1h oId whse- i l h m 1 k
my wife ate at mg nqersmeopieocmp pl ... .. .. arf,-tAt, m gort to h nl d c e that ete rcevdha gt s loWllteFy~w- t-oro W desa)m rnna Iocok
is s u m tim es ly A ta liA tu n mhmb g m I gee lo -g| D u tchom e tawa e re n th tat r
takes the abuy ~oltst u in in har tea, & irglare due csue h of at re o igniert s omeca hao tf rtbow rdF, lte010M una aerw n e n.prinjtn ht ie vrS"u u -m n. Rt'K on) s n o h bs higth h fb2- aP IRrRE Sso' S oy
henft." minudittrs are s gageJl in reJ ou s teaching. MesIt [ .... .t b ?b, c Fu r URe 144tiday o wr shotrIyMou t u Pr o 1wta o h mar iafid so rs
"Sir ywr M......ede.t y f 'ei wi fiei ~rJny run0t our ind eprLolyaces-dsrerditoln.thWINrecmaoi '36-ih
'TOURwr A~dSnt RNE. abbath schools ateregularly Aktloded.- Keystonte. A D Xn E .. .... dnstris.vs-A writer alne.en ilte uIp~ ~f adfriy o-sprtto. T edad o'teFlm ucm nB X ueirM sa ie
'-P. 8. Sir a noyber of rain Tidle the nbu v a i odnppr oAarliSQsoalnqeo oeIIg r vr Iesoiedmmirmoe l .n~uleiu
a nifia b etnS ad skald ed k tn ie U l k y T here is a village in oLIsn wielannigainfl ence aver le la deaLonIt v naersedialoguer entnne rA- w'gelte nean,,flaenere w aertt
~~' 5do'* Cirioitht re l s % t arln ad
s o I L Y. ,S u c h a D u E tt l e op i n i u n -- ta i i t w ~d n p li rl e c t l y t sa i r ,a Lm rg .e see
*A gnli fo P at th 11111 sstdll, a wevvilf it w ,as awl ville, which the atrumry people hoereabbitikd YtAlrn li # rm, bg n 11411W N hm eve a u h a h[ hycl s H L IS& B S I R t A I
te l eweaif f M ,J s ~ ~ e i ~ t~ s et.otich'a irr rspo rts i t'ia po w *[ t un existence. It piece of acting ; a A ~ I6 s e W e u ly g o N d b
Wil~y wel, lorthtie brandy lhCrdhswlt&into the euphonious i higl m4-J* s51IlyzlO h W"&P Sk0O h@IA -it2auhwavs a 3d
it. to I*$ )~~~' it "Uctk 9 Ioreif r' i n dige n e Iliac I d rea d a n d n o t Bo th t e e d a s a r r p a tE to ig .
-1111111he'd got the N ish to C r i oka. ..., e ''

rA gtd Brig. biirlhon "201 i.ris. will be
t .ready 'o Imad ahb.,t ith. sl Fit-trusury.i ,,ld
lake a freighl tu M,1arAeiie Gcnr, .ir iGihral or and
advances ie make if re,4uirrd Apt.pli ito
I'IIILLIPI' ,& t .-S lrl,',
j -nn *? --,]l'" 'J 6.,,ih i ihir :s
Jr.. s II ...J .v t.s '.. 0. Ii, IIt' lalr Line.
I'lir and Only V ia_,.-l- 1n Sea.
i' s "lTh e i SIGNL I', r.aplain To'dra
S ia nmw loading, oni >nil sail s i, the rfrit
ndication of Ilei.
'hl., rin, .% .it please send thnr roi slaoiluriisde f n-
mediatly. us .rtie will be the uil viteael Iur Ih a sea.
son. -
For hal i ,i, .1 Iieeghl, which till be laken at the
lowesi ritert ul1y IO
dec '.-- t5 sti'imvy inurtrs
It l S-' i O' t; h i', l 'c r.u p.' c-i" for
JuMHbfi hter fra I-. %is LUierp,,-,. 1.1 1 irhi rile
ship -,i l n.,t t I isr.joI tur itJ| i.ldeln],,a ie 1 e
anmiddle ofeac.'i monilt. r n d., s.o bI tpplftit
to 'L-.i'l ll.7N B ALI%'\% N
jan I'.1--lil S \ ,.or.-.'r Froht ,r-I, ti\'!li'%n I.
B Ptr- ,or a h 't!A i, t ri.. ne g i,.,,.re I',.r
tI IW r F r enh l. in fi,tI r'lte ships, to sail Ifron
Liverpoi l ir P,.lodelphm thItE 1I and middle of each
month, ,art du Ei fi nr.>.li? 's ,,
S. W. corner Front and Walnut sts.
ec2"8-dtf- ____
S Passiafge dromin Lonio derry'.
,JC.ln i s vs ishinri Ineriate ,rf earr I,-r ilntlr
= Irnetds in to r iia raie Sai ,.pi. it siil Irom L., 1.-t l-
derry l.,r Phiiladeelprh,a iiext Sprin. vin.-
Ime ISrh N1ir l. On,:. "'- 5ti M,,rcli,
me ath April. Ow-2 .0t1rh Ap.r,t.
Oune li .Mal, One I1ith My.
May nou dp sL h y applying4to
No. 5 Deecatur street.
N. B -TVhe /INr. Captain Clairke. and thePRO-
VINf'I LIN1 I', pi un M. Nellage. are exi acted to
be tie taA iirst ahij,. Dirr3 nextseason.
ne t fi-dtf
oIt A goof VESSEL of 800 to 1200 bbls bur
bunrthen, to load for a Southern port.
S ppV toa JAMES HAND & CO.,
ait 21 --d 58 south wharves.
l'aosi~atge iroui iiiv-rf'uoi.
Persons v.iohirne itj eheae p'.--dte fir Ih-ir
ifrieind-. iii f r.i r-[ e lhi I,,b- i i hir.' l [.I.-,
pul Ijr ilhil ,,it|.,,, on tlie Istand 15th 1 Of every
month, may nowdo no, by .-il img to
mar .10--dll N, .' [hilhir N..
J I P persons wishing toi engage ta,s,.e, for
iihPlir Init inl, a itri rtrite ship. ', f s I from
C, r I ir 'Nv., \',iI..,, iti e V.iti- March next, may
now do -.. hv applying to., .

nr.i 26l- dif

N.. ;"' [iet sl.rr .Ir,..

wal ItC iale, Veraon OSt.
Near the Second St. Market.
On TUISDAY, Feb. 9th, 1841, at 7 o'clock in the
t teirng. %ill l'e 'old at Public Sale, at the Phila-
d,-Ji].hl"., I s, b.,ii.f
fl A three story brick message with two and
= and a halt story brick back buildings and lot
or g1airi I. ,iA,.ole Io the east side it Vernion street,
mritun,,g Initm S.mtil or Cedar street to Shippen,)
b, ti eot Dil.,ire Front iand Second streets, con-
taining injronit 18 feet, and itn depth 65 feet.
''th, property is more valuable from being situ-
ate in the immediate neighborhood ef ithe Second
street Market.
Clear of all incumbrance.p
M. THIIOMAS & SON, Auctioneers,
V Ar frame? 4l inlltiig iiii Jiri ireet. Souliiwsri,
and ilher pr'periyy. % ,il [.e sulI iie e0i111 evtiiii,
jan 30-i-lIlaI
Tiaver Nianad W'ainehd.
A NY person having a licensed Tavern in the
..City or County of Philadelphia to let, and
wishing to dispose of the good will, fixtures, &q on
r,-atria,'le terms, can do so by addressing a note to
J1 I,. II. at th office of the Pennsylvanian, No.99
south Second street, stating location, rent, price of
good will, when possession will be given, &c.
jan 30-d3t
IE1iplo witetil \\ %% l.,'2 .
A MIDDLE; aged man is desirous of obtain-
ing a situation, to do either in door or
out door business. He is acquainted with keeping
ordinary accounts, and writes a plain hand. For fur-
liter p.i.rti il ,,m, address A. B.atNo. 99 south' Sec-
ond irp. I ia27a -dlw
9la ilillt-t''il 4.uai'ed.
DR. (C tMS7Ut.A'.- 1,,iS, E.\XHIBI'UIN /,V
'O .tAL ia M,..ASTICS.
A CI.\%s Or STAMMli.ILH.R ai.i Students ti
t.ij, bli,h i Uinder |ir '"uni ,iu'k, tillgive a va-
riety of recitatoions, at thIe Vocal Gymnasium, (en-
tranre Iy. Harisied Court, Fourth street, above Ches-
nul,) Ot '1 ue,,j.i) evening, Feb. 2d, 1841. Tick-
ets 25 cents each-and may be obtained at Osborna's
Mesic Store, two doors below the Court. aci ticket
will aJmnil -u f ,, aid i vs, ladies.
Tihe t ierte% i1 .ll ,..i amt-m, e at 7 o'clock.
^r''l'h Ins 1i,ii,1,it l u|i.1rn from the first of Sep-
teinbertT ill ie lati Us J.tii --durinm J.ult au, % n A n.ii-
there isa vacation. _\(1 iL J ruu -I'miibron. i t i .i- 'it,, I
for there ctir9 OfS IAM.Rii. a.,j.L-. iN'G. or improvement
i EL." it .'ON lU,ty It ir1 ite rrcii ,lionsof
N DH~tV 1.0M 'I'OUK, M. D.,
No. 100 Arch street, Philadelphia.
the numerous recommendations which he has obtain-
ed of ha SSYSTrMI o VOCAL GYNASTtICS, are append-
ed to his Circular, which shall be sent to any one who
may wish to know more upon the subject el his Insni-
tutiir.. Satislactory references will be given in all
the principal cities throughout the Union.
jar 2i-.11' -il
lAlacnunity. against LOsN Ior
Damage by Fire.
The Spring Garden Insuraannce Company of
M.AKEl Insran'es eiither lemp.irary, or perpeto-.
sall.'gastjnit L(. 1- LD),uttuibe by Fire, inTown
or Cuthtry. t.i, H.uit.a m i B., l n J Bii, l.Jd i.tJ of all
kin Is. Ot l.umsehoid Furniture, Merchandize, Hor-
sea, Cattle, Agricultural, Cimmercial, Manufactur-
ing Stock and utensils of every description. Vessels
aid their Cargoes in port, as well as Mortgages, and
Ground Rents, upon the moat favorable is!iu,,
Apr.liCaiin lonsr Itu..rai,. e, or any ir, on,
the .atbrn I1i1 n11e D iaje either personalty or by let-
ter. at itic C.Iiii-apiv Un(e. atl the North West cor-
liatr ut iSitXh ill, ,id W t sri'tsii
MORTON M'MICH*EL, President.
L. KtuMEnAAR, Secretary.
Morton McMichael, Charles Stokes,
Joseph Wood, Archibald Wright,
P. L I.Agtereuit e. Samuel Townsend,
Eli-ati Dallsi, Rout. L. Loughead,
George M. Troutman, R. W. Pomeroy,
Charles W. Schreiner.
jan 16-ifdlm
I Tl Thie damages to the Bran'h Railroed,
:MSeF- between Bordeniown and Trenton by
311a the Ite freshet having been r.-'f.g,
ly rpepairedl, ihe trips of theTrenton Line, vita Lt Ir
den, will be resumed on M-nd,y. iel 1st of Februa
ry. and ieave Walnot tiirel F rry daily (Sundays
eimepte.,j at three o'clock, P. M.
Returning will leave Trenton at seven o'clock.
next morning. Fare, 50 cents. a
feb 1-dl w Agent.
Oi111 E.
'Far Burlington, Bristol, and Bordentown,
J41 2 o'clock, P. M.
+'Tl- The steamboat BURLINGTON will
ontt0 and and after Monday the first day
Side ..oj 'i Ieritar leave the wharf south
side of ,'hleinut ireei,. i-)r iih un- .i places
feb l-dlw Agent.
1 HOLjLCS ALE anid rel..l ,e.,ier it.rMaps, Guides
V A -' .'eMti.r.irt, ,i.i 6. .1, No 189 Chtes-
nil strri-l. l'1,n 1,1...[ph, ,.
G. W. Al I, IZ,
RUSII M.HNli-t., No. li Market street, above
itlh .irei.,nppotioe the Western Hotel, Phila
N. B.--Smith's Bellows made and repaired.
lHA\'RE; l) (T;IAC'E PIlOP\ RTh' .
M ,elr sale or to let on ground rent. Houses and
l,.ts. buij,Jil. luts. vh l rt Itr.t,' rt)t &c., situate
near the Bas,n ,i the Tide ,Wu..r i.aiiil. the PhilS-
delph-a atid B atlF1itror Rail R ,ad. and the Chess-
peake Bay--ugethcr with a mrni of 106 acres.
A plan ,i, iiiii, and recent improvements,
mat' % ix3ni.n"-, at my office.
The sttb-frctier will attend at Barnum's Ilotel, in
Havre de I;race?, ',it Monday and Tuesday, the 8ih
and 9th uol 'eobr.ari next, to show tLe property to
peraons wishing to purchase or lease, Apply to
Real Estate Office, 104 S. Third at.
jan 0O-d7t
LiU;If E-LASl'TIt' slI- i 1.
UsT' received, 12 Cases India Rubber SHOES
a splendid article-ftr sale by thie case or dozen
a t he South east c'troer of5th aid Market sts.
S M' NA Flirt,.
50 DRUMS fresh Smyrna Figs, hourly ex-
O peced, for sale by
jan 1-d6t 29 south wharves.
MADDER & l'ln 'ltl.
8 C'\S -L .. .1........ ,'.l: ,.l., ....
W uivnt'uha fuiLL ''..r huL' by
J.hJ.LItl It r\ \NS.
jan dtt 31 aruah whiarves.

3 75 REAMS 27 by 4' Primuig Paper.
t460 do 28 by 38 do do.
810 do 26 by S9 do do.
4S90 do 24 by 37 do do.
,00 s "24 r.y a0 do do.
60t du *- ,ti 32 do do.
,h0Q at,> Br-tan t1,i.
17 0 0 d ., -e.. i ,M ni Vr p p itt ib ,
971) tCO Duuble t'r.,si 40
35,000 lhs. *uper,,jr Bot Boairda. vnruots niitro
Together with a general asortment offLetter aend
Wriling Paper. V\'h'loLesale or Retail at the lowest
prices and hevt lernts by F. A. SERVER,
No 4 Franklin PIr Ce, near tC'hestat street.
joinO 7-dtf

Co-iBnrtncrtshlp No'iee.
^T[ HE su ,,h,. rs r, lirs ...I" llh ,.iy 4 Philadel-
j phio hr,,r. Fersr. d ,il, f j. Lt ii-.i Parirei i.p
u rind r th e firne -.1 J.U'il [.'.l A.. A 1 P I '- A4; i I,-r trip
.urpi .e lt irtn. i. ahhL I -.iNIEAL "DaY Goouis COM-
'I r.E P irtiErAp ,nrancieed, on the first day of
.1 .niri- I' ll. i.,l iiii terminate on ithe thirty-
i:,.-,I 1 1 ., -nt er. rt34--it being in accordance
%% oh iilie .. i .1I -e-i,tit entitled "Au Act relative
J I.' iiIng-.iti .rihnecs r ,-il J.OliverPease, are the
i.-.-ril jt.itiei.. J.:- phl, II. Seal is the special part-
rtr *r .'l hl t. ,r, ,r, ii,.1. ) ihc d tapit l olstid'Partner-
ship. Tw i "ii ji Tl i. u hil~e D,,ll r+, in cash.
Philadelphia, January 1st, 1841.
jan l-d6w
1T HE Co-partnership between the subscribers, un-
S dar the firm of M. REED i4 SON, is this day
dissolved by limitation.
1I%1l.L.Ol.i;liUBV H REED,
ll .- CHAS. J. THOMAS.
Philada., Jan. 1,1841.
Agreeably to the provisions of an' Act of Assem-
bly" of the ('.,iriri.r,%,ilttd aof Pennsylvania, rela-
tive to Limnit,'.J 'snrert.i, ., the subscribers have
formed In,,ed partnership under the name and
firmof KILLi, t8ROIll.Rl & THOMAS, for the
transaction of a Wholesale Dry Goods Business, at
No. 177 Market street, in the city of Philadelphia.
%% il...,clihy H. Reed. Henry H Reed, and' Chas.
J. Tli.rmi. mt.- the general partners interested in the
said Limited Partnership, and reside in the city of
Philadelphia. Michael Reedl. riiJna, in the same
place, is the only special partner interested therein,
and has contributed to the common stock of said Li-
omited Pittr pi.lp, ,r. %,. r,'-lly paid in cash the sum
ofThiri) T'ti-,, l l,, ..I ll.tri. The period at which
the said partnership commences is the first day of
January, 1841 and to continue until the first day of
January, 1843, when it will terminate.
Philadi., Jan 1, 1841. jan 1-d6w
N 0 ILII C .
AGREEABLY to the provisions of the Act of As-
sembly relative *to Limited Partnerships, the
nder_-i-.-. d have formed a limited partnership, un-
ile, Ihe irni of MARTIN & IMI I'll," for carry-
'i, ui. the Hardware business in Philadelphia
I'i. general partners' whose names only are in-
cluded insaid firm, are GEORGE H. .3 tlUTI.\ and
NEWBIt.RRY A. SMITH; the special partner is
JOHN HOOPER, and the respective place of resi-
dence (if the two general partners and the special
partner is the city of' Philadelphia.
JOHN HOOPER, as special partner, has coatribu.
ted to the common stock the sum of FORTY-FIVE
The said F iri r h 1,. .t,Frrenii, i on the tst of
January, 1841, and terminates on the Istof January,
Philadelphia, Jan. 2,1841. .jan 4-d6w
T HE subscribers have entered into a Limited
Partnership, pursuant to the provisions of the
Act of Assembly of this Commonwealth, passed the
21slt of March, A. D., 1836, entitled Act relative to
;'.';r,t I',rrt,..,i.'. underthe firmi ofC1IARLES
ml, INl lrE., f r i,h.) transaction, in the city of Phi-
ladelphias, f a General Commission and Importing
buainesi. The name of the only general partner, in-
terested in the said limited partnership, is CHAnLKs
MclNTicat, who resides at No. 138 Walnut street, in
the said oity of Philadelphia; and the name of the
only specialJ partner, interested in the said limited
partnership, is THOMAS FEigMING, who resides at
No. 327 Walnut street, in the said city of Philadel-
Thomas t'l,.nihin. ihe special partner, has contri.
buted to the common stock, of the said limited part-
nership in an actual cash payment, the sum of
Fani th.usand Dollars.
lih f'rril at which the said limited partnership
is to commence is the fourth day of January, A. D
1841, and the period at which it will' terminate is
the first day of January, A. D. 1843.
THE Co-partnership of the subscribers heretofore
.*ii.,nig nu.i,erthe firm of ROGERS, BROTH-
'-.u',v i u, having expired by limitation on the
first inst. persons having claims on the concern will
please present them for settlement or payment, and
those indebted willimake payment to Wm E Rogers,
or the now concern ofl Rogers, Brothers & Co., who
are authortsed to settle the same.
Philadelphia, Jan. 25td, 1841.

William E ','g- r -iil AugusF. Shapleigh, hav-
ing associated th-emselves as partners' under the firmi
of ROGERS, BROTHERS, & CO., will continue the
Hardware business at No 62 Market street, where
they Bolicit a continuance of the favors of their
friends and the public
Philadelphia, Jan. 25th, 1841. l jan 28-dlw
Co-partirrhlaip Notice.
WI NGATE & GASKELL have this day assoei-
atad with them ROB ,RT SCOTT, br the
:r. .,.,r ...,. el t'll'tn.'L : ri.J BONNET busi-
tee. f, dv.r il,- firrno ..I I N'L, A I';. GASKELL, &
OT r. ,t |I iil ttn'l N..,. m.i6 Market street,
Philadelphia. PETER B WINGATE,
Phileda. Feb. 1,1841. feb 1-d6t
Nto? it C E. ,
HE Co-partnership heretofore existing between
the subscribers under the firm of LU'Z &
DUFFIELD, is this day dissolved by mutual consent
The affairs of said firm will be settled by Smniul
Lutz. whfio will continue in the business at the old
Philada. Feb 1,1841. feb l-d3t*
Valuable B8uildin Lots,&c.
No. 1.
A LARGE lot of ground on the east side of Dela-
ware 7th street. 65 feet north of Poplar street,
187 feet on 7th street, and in depth 190 feet to Har-
per street, (uow called Marshall street.)
No. 2-
A large lot of ground on the west side of 7th
street, opposite No. 1,196 feet north of Poplar street,
197 feet 6n 7th street, by 165 feet in depth.
No. 3.
A lot of ground on the vwet side of 6th street about
440 feet north of Poplar street, having a front on 6th
street 330 feet and 180 leet in depth to Marshall
No. 4.
A lot of ground on the west side of 6th street com-
mi-it tic 280 feet north of No. 3, in front on 6th
aLro-t *;u feet, and in depth 180 feet to Marshall
No. 6,
A lot of ground on the south-east corner of Jacoby
.and Montgomery street between 12th and 13th street
and Race and Vine street, 135 feet on Jacoby and 85
feet on Montgomery street,
No. 6.
A lot of ground soith-east corner of Wager street
and the Germantown Road, 200 feet ot the German-
town Road pnd 200 teat on Wager street.
No. 7.
Also, a valuable clay lot,. situate on the south-
west corner of Wager and Elm street, near 2nd
street, containing about one Acre and a half.
No 8.
A lot of ground with a two story brick messuage
situate on t',e north-east corner of Delaware 6th
street and Cresson ,l1, ., ,liaiit,: in front on 6th
street 16 feet, aid it,, ,i>pi,, >i, liri.
Apply to SAML. L. CLEMENT,
No. 202 north 6th street.

jan 7-ifd6t&2aw3w
Flydropedesiac Elixir,
A Sovereign Renaedy for the cure of Con,
"1been offered to the public supported by testi-
monials of a character so decisive, from sources as
respectable, or that has met with more general fa-
In the first stages of this disorder, the Hydropede-
siac properly used, will effect a permanent cure; and
in the last stage it '. ,,I -,, -r extraordinary reliefieven
in the worst stage, by allaying the urgent symptoms,
it will sometimes remove the disease, possessing, as it
does, expectorant, diaphoretic, demulcent, sedative
:.-J ni,i.c ,,qaaliiiv- lfrp il n ,nd judiciously combined;
.I A0I |rmole e\.,t., and ease the cough; it
will sheathe the fauces against the asperity of the
inhaled atmosphere; it will give tone and strength to
the whole system, and promote the healing of u cers
in the lungs,by producing afree transmission of blood
through the lungs, and assauging the influence of the
urgent symptoms.
From the numerous certificates recently received
proving the extraordinary efficacy of the newly dis-
crvered Hydropedesiac Elixir, the proprietor has sE-
LslCTEDIthe following:-others will be published
shortly in a Pamphlet.

Copy oJ a Letter from the Rev. P. Morris.
ROCK HILL, April 25,1840.
Dear Sir-In consequence of the benefit 1 have
derived from the use of the ydropedeslac Elixir, I
have given my consent to give publicity to facts
which live occurred in omy own case. For some
thiee or tour years I have bees afflicted with a se-
vere cough, which affected my breast and lungs so
much I could scarcely speak for nearly six months,
at the same time accompanied with frequent dis-
charges from my lungs. I had recourse to many me-
dicines without the least effect, when, upon hearing
ot the flydropedes. [- I iN I irlu. I i i.. pu:-
lhtise one bottld r 1t. > i ut -'-L,,r J me i m....-i'r ,t.lI se-
lief. I purchased the second bottle, and before using
two-thirds of it I was restored to perfect health,
Yours respectfully,

Sold It. C, DUIIURST, Baltimore.
V \ LI-.,i 1 N & DAVIS, co. 3d and Race ats.
E, HIGGINS, Callowhill above 6th st.
sep 1-ifeod9m
CONVEYANCER, No. 101 South 5th street,
above Prune, jan 13-d6m

M Y Saiiour:or Devotcmanl ,ledilai,.ins. in Prose
and Ver6e, on the uine- and iirve, t the
LoIed JesusChrist. By'the lie e John E't-st, NI A -
Fifth edition. JuAt received and for sale by
jan 88-it ;'J"J Maript sm.a.


Clhets iii( .ireet I'itealre.
SThe doorsopen al 6A-c-ulainm ries at o'clockk,

Bub., $i I'll, '.I (.its.
Mr. and Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Bailey, and Mr.
Will be presented, 12th time in Americathe Lyri-
cal Tragedy of
+ Norma,
Trninslated from the Italian oh o e iuletirtgished dra.
matist Felio urnati. and atiaptedW t the original
music of Bellini, by a ,ietlciinn uof Ihs city.
Norma, chief I'liestits. of filD L)rud. Mrs WOOD,
Elbenra,ayouimt, M R.'IMLEY,
Claudian, the Rorr, sn Procor1"ul. Mr \VODH
Orveso, chief df the Druids, Mr. BROUGH
This Opora is now produced at the Chesnut Street
Theatre in thc sirerih eril rd ccurs, y of the Crtrns
and Orchestra-the splendor, and, at I he same time
the strict historical fidelity of the scenery, costumes,
and dacorations-and in the acknowledged ability of
the principal vocalists, is placed beyond comparison,
witna any musical drama heretofore presented upon
any American stage.
To-morrow evening, po Performiance.
Thursday, F n.tIv ci an'.Iturday evenings,
NORM I k !
Aew AaltiOlial Theatre,

Boxes, 1st tier, 75 cts-2d tier, 50-3d do. 75-Pit, 37
-Colored Gallery, 25 tse.
Doors open at 61 o'clock-Commence at 7.
THIS EVENING, February, 21841,
Will be performed, the very humorous Cemedy in 3
Acts, of
Or, Charles the Second's Merry Days.
John Wilmot, Mr Burton; Middle, Mr W H Wil-
liams; Countess Lovetaugh, Miss Cushman.
Alter which for the first time,a new original satiri-
cal sdetch called
1841 & 1891.
Or, 50 Years Hence.
The Manager ofa Theatre,.Mr ilirIr,. Cbroird,. Mr
Porter: The Genius of Amaeri, Mi. st'-jtisinii,
Ai 4!KA'A "l 'I'llL %l'& a-.'
Doors open at 6 t12-Curlsin rises at 7 o'clock.
Boxes, 1st tier, 50 cts.-2d and 3d do 25-Pit, 12j.
TIS EVENING, February 2.1841,
Will be presented, 2d time in this city, a musical
romance in 2 acts, called
Or the Fairy of the Lakes-
Lanty 0' Laughlin, Mr Charles.
Ned Ryan. Mr Hadaway.
Kate Kearney, Mrs Flynn.
To conclude with the highly popular drama in 3
Acts, with all the onrivii,l ni,,,,i ai .led tie -
Or the Phantom Ship.
Peter Von Bummel, Mr Hadaway; Toby Varnish,
Mr Blake; Lestelle Vanhelh, Mrs Flynn.
On Friday. Mrs Flynn's Benefit.
Chesnut Street Theatre.
M RS. BAILEY respectfully informs her friends
and the public, that her BENEFIT will take
place on Tuesday evening next, February 2nd;
when will be performed,1Jellini's grand lyrical Tra
gedy of
The principal characters will be sustained by
MR. WOOD, and
Box Boak now open. jan 30--d3t
RaVmugiond &, aring's
Walnut Street, above Eighilt.
Monday I ler,,,ln-Ki-li t .Iin r La Forreet.
Tuesday I"i,-r,'im--[: rtrrilrnary Perforanances.j3
Wednesday Eyening-Benefit of Mr Buckley.
Thursday Evening-Juvenile night.
Friday Evening-Benefit of'Wm Long. costumer.
Saturday Evening-Benefit of Mr Garson.
Admission-Box 50 cents; Pit 25 cents.
Doorm open at 6r o'cldbik-Performance to com-
mence at 7.
'J. BLACKBURN, Equestrian Manager.
feb 1--d6t*
Grand ilusical Festival.
For the Benefit of St. John's Orphans'
HE public is respectfully informed that the inn-
1. sic of the Grand Opera of the Magic Flute,"
, composed by the inspired Mozart" will be per-
formed for the first time in America, at the Musical
Fund Hall, Locust street, on Monday Evening, Feb.
mruary 8th next.
In the attempt to produce this splendid Opera in a
style worthy of the Great Maestro, no expense has
been spared in securiig the services of the most
distinguished Vocal and Instrumental Performers.
Mrs Seguin, First Soprano.
Miss Poole, Second Soprano.
Miss Wallack, Alto.
Mr Manvers, First Tenor.
Mr Latham, Second Tenor.
Mr Phillips, Third Tenor.
Mr Guibelie, Basso.
Mr Seguin, Basso
Chorus, Eighty Voices.
The Orchestra will be the most efficient ever pre
seated to an American audience, and will consist of
sixty.four Professors and Amateurs ofauperior skill,
several of whom have been engaged by the kind
permission of Mr Burton and Mr Pratt.
Leader. Mr L Meignen,
Piano, Mr B. C. Cross,
12 1st Violins, Principal, Mr Keyser,
12 2d Violins, do Mr Helma,
9 Contra Bassos, do Mr A. Schn-itz,
6 Violincellos, do Mr J. Pelle.
6 Contra Bassos, do Sig Casolani,
2 Flutes, Amateurs,
2 Clarionettes, do Mr A. Fiot,
1 Baoset Horn, Mr Pfaff,
2 Oboes, Sig Ribas and Rienstein,
2 Bassoons, Messrs. Rink and Beck,
2 Horns, Sig Stolte and Treius,
2 Trumpets, Sig Capuana and Bailey,
3 Trombones, Sig Rudolph, diller andL
I Ophocleide, Mr J. Fiot,
Tympani, Crabeile,
Bells, S g Salano.
9$ Tickets, for the admission of one person, two
dollars-'rickets, for the admission of three persons,
five dollars-are for sale et the Music Stores.
jan 26-dtfsb8
ilaigulerre'i Dioranuas
Brought to the U. S. of .merica, by M. M.
Maffers 4 Lonati, and just arrived from NV.
York, at Masonic Hallfor a short period.
AMONG the many exhibitions which have been
seen in the U. S. up to lime present *time, sev-
eral have taken the name of Dioramas without being
entitled to it. M. M. MAFFERS and LONATI respect-
fally inform the ladies aud gentlemen e1 this city,
that they have jsst arrived from Paris and N. York,
with a RIEAL DIORAMA in every sense of the word,
painted by M Daguerre.
The exhibition is now open.

The magnificent view of VNiceE aOn a FESTIVAL
NIGHT, and the admired and unrivalled INTERIOa of
resenting a MIDNIGHT MAss. Open every day from
11 until 2 o'clock, P. M. and from 5 until 9 in the
0yrPrices of Admission.
Front Seats, 50 cents.
Second Seats, 25 cents.
Children tinder 12 years of age,half-price.
jau 18-dim*

Panoramas of Jerusalemn
and Thebes.
THESE PANORAMAS are nowopen for exhi.
bition at the new COLISEUM, corner of Ninth
and Cpri- eiret Le
Th.s f'. .Vii '[.t ,.tA OF JERUSALEM is a splen-
dlid painting of the largest class, covering a surface
of ten thousand square feet, painted from drawings
taken by Mr Catherwood in 1834.
painted likewise from Mr Catherwood's drawings, is
superior, as a work ot art, to any Panorama before ex-
The Panoramas are brilliantly illuminated every
evening by upwards of 200 gas lights; and explana-
tions of the pictures given in the forenoon,atternoon,
and at 8 in the evening.
Open from 9 in the morning till 9, in the even-
Admittance 25 cents to each Panorama. Books ofh
description may be obtained at the door, at 121 cents
sep 2f--1tf
Royal Mail for Liverpool.
South West corner of Third and Chesnut streets,
next door to the Ledger office, Philadelphia.
Letter Bags for Cunard's Royal Mail Steamer,
ACADIA, for Liverpool, via Halifax, will clo at
i. offwu'e ni Thursday and Friday, the 98th and
"s'ti .1I.,r r.1 3 o'clock, P, M.
Take Notice. The whole Postage on Letters to the
Cmuntinent of Europe, must be paid in advarnt.
The full Postage on Letters to any part of the
1 nied Kingdom or France, can, if reqteested. be
paid here, or they may be sent from Bostoe, and. the
S'..-,, 1' .tage paid in England.
I <.i.' te Seamples, and Bundles of Goeds,will be
received at this office and forwarded to any part of
the Unitdil K ti-t, Join or the Continment.
Take A F,.., I'tIc re. must be no LETTERS con-
cealed in any pachaye left at this office.
J. W.LAWRENV'N AtleII. Philidelphia.
)No.4 Louer atlie street,
tIARNDEN & CO.> Liverpool.
) No. 8 Court st Boaston. -
jan 22--ifeodif
LLULI' remcvt.d, and lort sale, \o4. 18 Pickenng's
X Reports
Also, PuWeo's Digest, 6th edition, to Oct. 1840.
Also, Watt's Peni'a Reports, Vol. 9
jan 8-41d&cp Nu. 5 Minor t.

., OT I CE.
In the Nioholson Court of Pleas for the State
of Pennsylvania.
State ouf Pernylvania
t, s L'd prt.i -O t. Oilly. ,a
The c.ummi.viralili um)
The perso.,silainmnn ti-
ile to, or interest i, tece- B.fill to perpetuate teati-
verai tracts of land et moay.
forth in the Bill whereof b
the loiluiing is an ab- i '#
stfact. J
AT a term of Ihe "Nicholton Court of Pleas tor
.' lihetLate of Pentsylvania,' unvovnei in tie
Itorjugh ol Harrisburg. Pa., Jan. 20, A. D. 1441. in
puraantie or an act enillled An aCl ttoetLle the
estates ofJohn icnoilaon. and Peter Bsyitun," paRs.
sad April 16lb, A. D 184U Upon trie psEiuon pre-
seated and filed inr, our vsid cunrt by iotiert Uri,
John, Duigar. and ii Iiliuim PCiniroue.Esqu Irs. Cam-
iil-..,.,ie,' app.rtied as provided in the acl alore-
auid-reprc-eiing that whereas It apti'ars from the
r-corda i thle oc 0m aitth .eSecretary ol tie Land
Urfiie ol Penriv. artia. that -%tlliam r' Brasy applied
lur aid tu-at ut oL iothe Land Office airessid, fillteetn
warrants, all baarring date l\ovId. 1793, in ite name
ot John Bready, Tlmhonssa Hamiltlon. iliam P Brea-
dy, John Boyd, Wiliarn, Wllson. Beniamiu F Young,
William Gray, Wiliam Cook. E.I.-. JjtAn Cowden,
Bernard flubley Tihomas Graiti, Aex.anider Humer,
Samuel Scott, James iHepburn. John Carsun;-arJd
also the five following %arrants. all bearing date
March 14,1794, in tihe name.ul I'himas Rese.Tlho
mas Grant, Samuel St,:onit, I hromas Hlaildton Jeremi-
ah Jackson, or four hundred acres each, adjoining
each other, in their programme order, returned in
Northumberland County, as described and set forth
in the certificates annexed to said petition, number-
ed 12,81,-aaid whereas, it ,ippeari. by a receipt in
the office of the Secretary of tie Larnmi trfce, kore.
said, dated Jumse 2. 1794. a certificate wneteli is ales)
to said petition annexed that William P Brady paid
into the Land Office aforesaid 200 in specie, for
said twenty tracts, amounting in all to a00 acres, to-
gether with 10 office feres;-and whereas it also ap-
pears by the-certifieates of the said W illiam P Brauy
legally executed and acknowledged, bearing date
August 13, 1838, the same whereof is annexed to the
petition, that the twenty warrants above mentioned,
were all paid by the said William P Brady as the
Agent of, and for the use and benefit ato John Nich-
olson, Esq. for the sole use and benefit of said Nich-
olsan, and was paid for with money placed in his
hands lor that purpose, although from thei baukb in
said L',iid oli. ( e. .* that said \\',ll i P Bra-
dy rece.,vid crtm-dil I;,r ite p.ichaae nmosey of said
warrants. The peuitionera frther represent that
the said William P Brady, the witness whicltohe pe-
titionershali ur proom of the facts stated in the
abovc bill is now very aged and infirm, the petition-
ers therefore pray the Cunrt that a rule may be graut-
ed before said Court to take the testimony ol the
said William P Brady, now of ihe county at Indiana,
and Itate of Pennsylvania, t',-,hitig the aforesaid
twenty tracts ol land, on due nice thereof to all
persons interested, tha. the same will be esatered of
record in said court at Harrisburg, and perpetuated
agreeably to the direction of the Constitnition of this
Commonwealth and the acts of Assembly in such
ease made simd prt ided Slt to make aireS further
rules and ortier ntreurI a a it, the Court shail seem
just and proper, &c.
Whereupon. January 20, 1841, the foregoing peti-
tion being read in open Court, arid the residence of
the persons interested in the lands thereino mentioned
not being known, the Court order and direct that a
rule be entered to all parties or persons interested in
said lands to shew cause before this court to be held
at Haarisburg on the second Monday of April next,
why the testimony shall not then and there be per-
petuated as applied for in said petition, and the
cuurt further order that a copy of the said rule and
order be published in one daily newspaper u the ci-
ty of Philadelphia, one day in each week. oar six
weeks successively, and once a week lon inhe ynm,'
period in a weekly newspaper printed itn Noritutir,.
berlandCounty,(wherc the land li)sl prior tLu L'.,e
said second Alonday of April next.
Witness the Hon.Joseph B. Anthony, Judge of our
said Court at the borough) of Harrisburg, this
twentieth day of January, A. D. one thousand
eight hundred and torty-ole.
H.C. HICKOK.Cler L.8
ja I6-.a,6w
Auditor's Notice.
SIn the Orphan's Court for the Cospty of
HE Auditor appointed by said court, to audit,
settle and adjust the account of Sarah Iaulings,
executrix, and T. M. Bryan. H. Cowperthwaot, and
Jainmes School, oexeoutors of the estate of Dr. WiL-
LIAM E. HULINGS, dec'd, will attend to perform
the duties for which he was appointed, at the office
of 0 F. Johnson, No. 44soath 6th street, on Monday
the 8th of February next, at 4 o'clock, P. M.
jan 28-eod5t
In the Orphans' Court for the County of Phi-
I VM1E Auditor appointed by said court, to audit,
L settle and adjust the account of'Timothy 6M.
SBryan, Hulings Cowperthwaite and James Schott,
Trustees of toie estate of Dr. WILLIAM E. HU-
LINGS, deceased, will attend to perform the duties
for which he was appointed, at the office of 0. F.
Johnson. No. 44 south 6th street, on Monday, the 8ih
of February next, at 4 o'clock, P. M.
ian 28 -eod5t
S hereby given to all persons whom it may con-
cern, that in consequence of the loss of the fol-
Io.' ing described CERTIFICATE of the Capital
Sto.t ,.I the Bank oftha United Slates, upplicanun
is iniended to be made to 'he Prtsi'ent and Direclors
of the said Bank, for a newv Certificate in lieu there-
of, viz:
No. 10,316, dated April 10, 1839. for Six Shares of
Stock in the name of Anna Maria Povall, of Phila-
delphia. T. L. SMITH,
dec 22-3taw6w Executor.
IS hereby given to all whom it may concern, that
in consequence of the following Certificates of
Stock in the name of JOHN HASSALL, having
been stolen, application is intended to be made for
new Certificates in lieu thereof, viz:
No. 105 Pennsylvania Loan, of 18th Dec. 1828, re-
deemable Jan. 1,1854, for $300.
No. 2281, dated May 8th, 1837, for six sharesofthe
stock of the Girard Bank; No. 672, dated August 25,
1837 for 5 shares, Nc. 781, dated May 23, 1838. fort
shares, and No. 2475, dated Aug. ;22, 1839, for 9
shares of the stock of the Mechanics' Bank.
Dec. 28, 1840. ia.n 11-2aw6w

Auditor's Notice.
Allen JUNE T. 1840--No. 1400.
Panormo Fi. fa. S. 40, 456.
T HE Auditor appointed by the Court to distri
bute the fund arising from the Sheriff's sale,
under the ft. fa. in the above case, will attend for
that purpose at his office. No. 45. south Fifth street,
above WalIut, on Friday, the 5th Februaary, 1841.
at 4 o'clock P. M., when and where -"ll perrotis is.-
terested are required to prlejat their claims. or te
dobarred from coming in on smid fund.
jan 26-dlOt Auditor.

Auditor's police.
In the matter of the Estate of Zilphia Logan,
HE auditor appointed by the h.norabsle the Or-
phans' Court, for the City and Cuumy of Phila
delphia, to audir, settle ad adjust the account of
SAMUEL H. SEXTON, Administrator, and to re-
port distribution of the balance in his hands, will
attend fair the purposes of his appointment at his of-
fice, No. 62 south 6th street, on Thursday, February
4th, at 4 o'clock, when and where all persons inter-
ested are hereby hotified to attend, jan 2fi-eod5t
In the Orphans' Court for the C.ounty of
Est ite of TIOM A S DESILVER, Junior.
OTI( E, ;s hereto y aien to all persons interest-
ed in ite ee" It, iuent of the account of Jo-
seph T. Hiliborn, acting executor of the Last
Will and 'Testament of THOMAS DESILVEItR,
Junior, d ceased, that the Auditor appointed to au-
dit, settle and adjust the said account, will attend
to the du .ties of his appointment, on Wednesday the
third day of February, 1841, at 4 o'clock, P. M. at
No. 147 1 Valnut sreet ifrponi t office) ,pposite Wash-
ington S (luare, in t:e city of Philadelphia.
tan 22 -eod5t
Office.ofthe Philadelphia, Wilrmirgton and
Baltimore Rail Road Company.
WILMIN0OOn,. January 1lth, 1841.
7'1OT]ICE is hereby given to the Stockholders of
.'Y thi s Company, that at a meeting of the Board
of Directors held this day, a dividend ofTHREE per
cent. was declared on the Capital Stock of the Com-
palsy for the last six months, payable to the Stock-
holders or their legal representatives, on and after
tha 15th day of February, 1841, at the Offices of the
Company, in Philadelphia, Wilmington and Balti-
And it was further ordered that the transfer books
of the Caipital Stock be closed on the first to the fif-
teenth of February, 1841, and the transfer books of
the Loan, redeemable in 1844, be closed ou and after
the 18th inst, to the hat of February, 1841.
Jan 14--dtl5thFeb Secretary.
January 23d, 1841. S
A MEETING of the Stockholders, in the Phila-
delphia Gas Works, will be held on Tuesday,
the 2nd cf F. hruaryn rtxt. at 1 rn'clock p. M., at the
office ot the I'ruoiees Hlall o1 ihe i franklin Institute,
it take into ,,nsideratlon the Ordinance, entitled an
,Or'iaora lor the further extension of the Philadel-
phia Gas Works," passed by Councils on the 14th
insmt. F. A FERGUSON.
President, pro itern.
W. FENN U, Regulator. ian 2"5-dt2ndFeb
A SMALL nv-ice i-f Fairbanks' Piaten Counter
Scalca wilh Bras. Dishes, luSt received .and
lur ,aw by PllILLlPI4i BUSSIER.
29 lth Ahsrves.
feb 30-dlt Agent for tlie ansulaitures,
N. B FaIIIriank' Patenl Scales of every size arnd
frm t. n- lniilly on hand's New York Chan-
cery Reports, Vol.: 1.
JUST rereiied and lor sale-Reports of Cases ar.
gued and determined in the Couit of Chancery,
ol there. tale of New York. beloie the assistiarnt Vice
(.,narn-celior ul the first clrcui', the Hon. Murray Hoff-
mani. 'ol 1. T.& J. W. JOHNSON.
leb 1-d6i No 5 Minor street.
i O' CASKS Ilekimer county Cheesel
lJ00r 10 ht(a do do,
W0 do Pine apple Cheese; just recoa-
ve anfor saleby PRILLIPS & BUSSIER.,
jab l-d61 a outhL whtrves.

by T. Birch, Jr.
No. 84 Soutch Second Street.

T. B. jr. would respectfully invite the attention
of housekeepers and others to the sale oi furniture
this morningat 10 o'clock, atthe Coffee House auc-
tion store, No. 84 south 2d street, comprising a large
assortment of exclllent articles.
C ARD-lIouskeepers wishing int di..,'se of part
or al I Of their Iurninure, aid TIOt iliinlg 10 cull a sale
a th eir premises, can have it sold by removing it to
the auction store. No. 84 south 2d1 street, where it
will ,1e carefully attended to. and pio[erly arranged,
inord'er that it may be sold to the best advantage,
either at public or private sale. Public sales twice
a wei, Tuepdays and Fridays.
Piano. Fortes, Carpets, French Plate Pier Glass-
aes, &c.
This morning,
At 10 o'clock, at the Coffee House auction. No.
84 south Second street, will he sold, by catologue, a
large assortment of superior household furniture,
comprising, viz:
Su perior spring sent sofas, wilh plain and figured
hair seating, mah'y French and half French chairs,
mahogany French bedsteads, hfghposr bedsteads,
elegant pier sideboards with marble slabs, spring
seat lounges, wardrobes; dressing bureaus, of a va-
riety of patterns, mahogany French and high post
bedsteads, pier and centre tables with marble tops,
pier si.iebowde. do du. rocking chair, of vaiaious pat-
terns. esteLrmniin arid c.,lumn dining tables. ottomans,
tea poys. fire- screes, music rn,.k' live top card ta-
bles, elegant work tables, enclosed washstands with
marble tops, elegant dressing bureau and wardrobe
combined, wofa tables, piano stools, secretaries with
barckoases, butter trays, candle stands, pier pedas-
tals. glassware, Brussels carpets, chamber ingrain do,
F"rench plate mantel and pier glasses, ladies' work
a'tands, hat racks, toilet tables, plain mahogany and
-maple washstande,' superior leather beds and hair
mattrasses, rush and cane seat chairs, china and
glassware, mantel clocks mahogany spring seat rook-
ing chairs, &c.
At Private Sale.
Chinese Tea Puys-An assortment of richly gilt
and lacquered Chnee Lea& poys, tea caddies, aegar
boxes, backgammon boards, &c.
Cabinet Furniture.-Also, an assortment of supe-
rior cabinen furniture.
Itt '. IV. L, I'reenian,
No. 60 North Sai A Street, near Arch,

On Saturday morning,
At 10 o'clock atthe auction store.
No. 50 North Sixth street, a quantity of handsome
furniture, from private families, will be sold,
Comprisingsideboard, sofa,mahogany dining, card,'
breakfart an'4 other tables, mahogany and gilt frame
mantel, pier and other glasses; parlour, rush seat,
windsor and cane seat cNairs; high, field and low,
prse bedsteads; mahogany bureaus, feather beds,
bolsters, hair mattresses, 2d hand piano, brass spit
toons, marble top waslahstands, 2d hand windsor
chains, mahogany pillar and claw dining,card, break-
fast tables, &c.
Kitchen Furniture.
Also, a quantity of kitchen furniture.
To Executors, Administrators and Assignees.
Appraisements made, and sales effected for Execu-
tors, Administrators, or Assignees, of Real Estate or
personal property of any description.
REAL ESTATE-At Private Sale.
1. Elegant and very desirable private residence
on Spruce at. between Broad and Schuylkll 8th.
built in a superior manner, with three tiory brick
buildings, bath houses. Lot 20 by 83 leolt.
2. Three handsome private residences, situare on
the east side of Schuylkill 8th street, below Spruce,
three rooms deep, marble fronts and side yards.-
Lots 25 lee by 60
3. Inilndsome private residence in Arch IrebSet,
near Stnujiskll 6tb, four starices high, basement sto-
ry, &e.
4. Neat private residence north 9th street, be-
tween Wood and Callowhill, back buildings, bath
house, 4'c.
5. Building lot, Coates at. between 10th and llth
ste. I
6 Building tot, S. 10th street, opposite Ronald.
son's burial ground.
7. A farm of 360 acres, 10 miles from the city of
Baltimore, halfa mile from the, Falls turnpike, and
1 mile from Limestone, naturally fine land, suscep-
tible of very great improvement. Will be exchang-
ed for city property.
8. A small property in Kenkington.
Also, several other estates.
Handsome Private Residence, Coach House, &c.
The desirable private residence, situated on the
north side of Filbert street, a few doors above
Schuylkill 7th, finished in a superior manner, with
stable in the rear, lot 19 feet front by 106 deep, is
offered at private sale. If not disposed of in a few
days it will positively be sold at the public sale to
be held about the first of March next at the auction

Sales by v Auction.

= I

iYI i A ft 1i SIN +7 maple high post bedsteads, field do, centre tables, dn .. -.
LOAN OF $15,000. windsor and cane seat chairs, with other articles, With other valuable city and county properly
LOAN O $5,0 which will be sold at reduced prices.
SoEALED PROPOSALS will be received at the A very handsome and superior Brussells carpet. i i 0y Po 1reft & Jones.
office of Saial. F. Reed, Esq., No. 48 south Sixth u r 1 Plir
tueet, for the Loan of $15i.00 at 6 per cent., per an- lY Saniuel % athairalts %urnrs to S. Pol nerer.
-mum.,.redeemable in 16b1, on the fhith of the AUCTIONEER AND cCO 11ia0N MnRacHsmAeTr. WEJ'ERN AUCTION S TORE,
township of Moyamenising. No. 62 North Third Street, above Arch, Ilesa sias '. 446 Market street, oert saide, above t12th
Persons disposed to propose, are referred to the
following Sections of an Act of the Legislature, en. CARD. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE,
titled 'an Act relating to Orphans' Courts, and lor The subscriber having a commission ofthe highest On Wednesday morning,
other purposes," passed October 13th, 1840. class is authorised to make public sales of dry goods, Jan. 30, at 10 o'clock in the auction room". No.
SANIL F. REED, groceries, hardware, watches, jewellery, clothing. 445 Market street, the whole to be sold poiltiely
J.,\S. ENEUI.Jr furniture. Bankand other stocks, and all and every and without reserve
P. A. FAGEN, kind of goods and property whatsoever. Mahogany recess sideboards, large mahogany di.
SCommittee, Sales upon the same will be affected at the lowest ing tables, breakfast tables, mahogany card tables,
Section 23. The Commissioners ofthe township of rates, and any day or evening will be set part for mahogany bureaus, spring seal soles wilh pilluc .
Moyamensing in the county of Philadelphia, be, and those wishing the same. Liberal advances will at ingrain parlor carpets, Venetian stair and entryd..
they are hereby authorized and invested with full all times be made free of charge. brass andirons, waiters, shovels and iongs, gilt iramin
power to borrow, upon the faith of the corporation, ADVANCES MADE looking glasses, mahloqany framedo.latlies"'idsihog.,.
the sum pf Fifteen-Thounsand Dollars~to enable them Onh
tohe pay certain permanen Thousand temporary lto enable them ndOn hand, $12,000, to be advanced upon reasonab ny ork stands. ancy, cane. and windsor chatr..hiial
otho pa certain permanent anow due by esad tcoremporary lton, rands i ,inee er sn ll amuurItil, upon Merchandit; glas-ware, crockery, gilt frame prinms, cherry drng
Section 24. It shall be tbhe duty of the Commis \V,,iches. Jaloiveller. ( lshitg. Furniture, and goods tables, breakfast tables, domestic carpets, ingrain
siers of the township of Ithvamern.tii. i., 'et spar-m i'ev try descripiioni ofvalue whatever, chamber carpets, bird's eye maple washatands. ma-
slohers of tie troun of t ri e Those who are in want of cash cn be accorumo. hogany do, superior high post bird's eye maple bed-
each and every year, out t the proreedoil tie isies dated by applying to the subscriber, steady, field and low post cherry do, cot bedaiea.6.
or other reveousand dollars, to constitute aSinking Fund,; At Private Sale, chamber chairs, a large assortment of blanket. al,
oni thousand dollars, to constitute a Sinking F'und, llriQ ION HET atsanubrf peorelh bd.hli.
to extinguish the present debt of the said township SIK SliPL'RIOR IRON CHESTS, qaIlts, a number of superior featIar I edg. b,.lter.
the said fund to be immediately applied to the pue Made upon fhe mci approved manner, combine. and pillows, toilet tables, dressing gla.,sa. 4c.
chase of sluiddebt, or ifitcann,,t be purchasedatpar tion andsecretspring locks, well adapted as safe Kitchen Furniture.
or less price, the said Commissioners are hereby au- and convenient articles for counting houses, store Also, a quentirv of secondd hunl fuiUure.
th.,rifedto invesl said lunds in sitf, ks of the state of &c. Will be disposed ofa bargain. FURNITURE 8AI.E,
Pennsylvanta.ithereniy ol Philadelphia. orofthe BRANDY On Thursday morning.
Ciy IlI Philadelptit bei b uied and .applied to the HALP Pipe Armagnac Brandy, At 10 o'clock at ithestore. No 455 Malrket sairpl.
payment ofte debts of the said township, as they AL Bore aurxn no the entire stock of household, cabinet asn kllchtre
may be purchased as above directed or become 40, do od onanx do. urn ire o a dealer de basins.
due._. jr iod 15 -do30t W do. A. Seignette e Comprismng, large sideboard with marble top and
due. jo 15---dno 20 do do Rochel e do. A Ss g mirror. mahogany dressing glass buteaus, 6 superior
niverSilO of Penni lvh'a a. PBrand, i noatoi1 1 high post bedaseads with eannelld head boards,
cLrRESe oN d ENGLISH LIfERATUJRE. jan 28--dt8t 31 south wharves. field do; several selts of cane and rush seat chal's.,
fU L aSecond Lecture ol the l;.-,wtutg i Ourse Orf Windsordo; mahogany pembrake tables. cherry fi.iJ
SPu,.i.,.- Leclure- on EIngibsh Poelry.ty IEi HF.NR1 R MOVAL, l hooy bieakfaetand dinirngr iblea. crdbi, mcam '
REEDL Pro'ep...r EKngli.h Literature.i, willt be de. HE Offi -a of the Camden and Amboy Rail-road andriherry a shwtands work table and chamber
livered on Monday evening, January 25th. sl half- T Company is removed from No. 22 south wharves sands. looking, eastern ch,.rkz leamlpr beds,
pest seven o'clock, in the College Hall in Ninth to No. 6 Walnut street. mattresses, clddisen's chairs, astral and mantel
street. dec 24-d3m WM. H. GATZMER, Agent. lamps, hanging do, br lifeales and weighiusci.i;nz
S LECTURE I. Introductory. General plan of the------overed sofis, cradles, low post and Frn,. I, lfd-
Course. Prnciplea ut Criticism. Prevalent opinions ReKemoval. sends. prints crockery, spring seat rocking chairs,
of the studyi PoerIr), l'i estimates of it traced to T1HE Office Qf the Mechanics'and Trad amen's Brutanniam ware, toilet glales, kitchen furniture,
their sources. r- Insurance Uompeny of Philadelphia, has been &o.
LNCTUlE Il. Defense of Poetry: the philosophy moved toNo.64 Walnut Sreiet rtI lU-tinm Copper Still.
oh it its "ins irattion," uropoae,. and relation to the Remono al.- Also, a superior copper still.
Fine Arts. the moral uses .a cultivated imagina-. RASMUS C. PRATT has removed from No. Stoves and Grates.
tin 11.Earlyeommerce street, 'to No. 102 Market street, Also, I large corkinp stove.
LctaE d Ii ar y of English Poey.-- Id floor, between 3d and 4th streets. I large cylinder store stove.
Age of Edward IIi. 'aHaucxR.
LECTuaR IV. Age of Queen Elizabeth. SPzENSz. dec 1I-d3mn 2 superior new grates.
ECT ___________________s__.________________] chamber grate amuse,
The minstrelsy of England and theScotirh Border. WI.,l 1 rd n chamber grate soe.
LECTURE V. SHAKSPEARI with notices of Eng- arraniald garden eeds. CARD.
lish dramatic Poetry. CROP 1840. Regular Monthly catalogue sales are held in thn
LICTURaE VI. Age of 'thefirst Stuarts and the Green and Hot House Plants, Flower Seeds, large rooms over the auction stare, about ihe ,1L.
Commonwealth. MLTON, with notices of English hTools, Books and h leachmonth. These s#aes@comprise a large and
sacred Loi TOr Agricultural Tools, Books and opleiments. "meloc assortment of very superior i oad
LTcrue l 11 DRDN. THE subscriber (late senior partner and Horses arid .rages -Our regular sales ofhor-.
Lz uxVIIL Age o( Queen.Anne. POPB fo~under of the celebrated firm of Hirst drrinmgeaand harness, will be renewed esri 1t.
LEcTu REIIX. Poetsof the latter parto a the_18th -& Direer," at 97, Chestnut street,) has as- Nlarch Due noce wli be Elven.
L.CTng1 X. Poem of the latter part o. thecl8.h _J s,,Ted wth imhm broher. t P." M."- Hirer,__
century. Goldsmith, &c. CowPici. scuated with him his brother, P.M. Himet,
LTCTua X. BUS.NS, with notices of Scottish PoFe di s now located at No 2 south Fourth Waied io Ke t,
at treat, 5th above Chestnut street, eaooraboveshesPnutree esl, i- PWhne -f
tstreethd ab h et, WAts E ". A MOT)ERN built. handsomely finished 2or 3
a ctrUREXI. Soor',with notices of other Poets ladelphia. where, at their extensive SEED WARE-u r ac ln n
of the 19th Century, Rogers, Crabbe, Milma. Shel iUS e-,T Jare mPhlsdphshey offer forey. stred htue. Gwei a ck Mk e mi n
layTLGRDNGA.~n FLOWERyard. iuated between Green arid Market sadil hI
WAARRANTEL) t;ARDEN, GRAiS snd FLOWFKR stud 12th streets Rent not tO esceed $450. Pu-yes.
ley, &a X.SEEDSof the finestand pureetqaiailitis,;oth t, t ie- sid1bto ees t May Addrss to 4!'!,
L CTUR XII. CoLss10 ( 0) LNantHO HObegiven nal ay Address Box No 4!,9.
LECTURE XI1I. SOUTHEYI. last season, (1840) GREELN aee HOlT HOULSE ptt~ offis.*.encl-trng palitculars. Jan 27i.lth
LECTURE XIV. BYROUTHN. PLANTS of the finest kinds; AGRICULTURAL P- 'enchngp ula. a .d
LitrbtiaXV. WORDSworrT. BOOKSTOOLSand IMPLEMENTSI STAND- torretl Re uetio for Cabi,
'I hle Cuure will be given at the College HaliARD and the NEWEST kinds; FRESH BIRD T I r 1a weekly lectures. whichat is r -i. Lu, of the purest qaaltty These last are care-u
NIdth re heMonday (the1t of Jan-lly S"creened and re.cleaned before beinga l, a WASHINGTON BOOT MANUFACTOnY.
sd to open on te Mocircumstance of the highest impor tance theBird :48 Suth ta St, op/.osit lthe Court H,..
Single Ticketsfor. the Course, Five Dollars.Tick- Fancier, and pertijrmed aRNO a ter establishment in IIHE Pubscriber having given the credit ad c orir.
Putlalrplla. m J system of doing business. a trial at several
Ibe hal adttNIng a Ladye' n tS'ktrt corner of Fiftho BIIa) CAGESef the beat patterfis, Bird Founts, years. and having proved itto be alikeritineous isAse
and 1. sustreetsadat A Hariras,- Fish 0,lobe., &c. seller. and purchaser. He now begs respeitf ili o
(hesnuLsLreel.t "HENRY B & P A] HIRST, offer ,il hl numerous friends. custesmr, naid the
Smnie 'Tckea rior the Second Iecture to be jan 23-dim S*Jimen aid Florists. I pblr generally. a RFDUTrION fto oper nt.
ada the sanme plckesa jar Seon -dtetob 7 VER-- FORt oASI1 ONLY.) op all wock, eehar purehastu'
badtL theosame places jan 23-dtFebl A VERY VALUABLE~ESTATE IN or ordered Wi. H. EIMEGOOD. & SON.
-AT-T-PR H S.CHESNUT STREET. jsn 8-d6m Pror.rieora.
WANTED TO PURCHASE. The subscriber offers Fot Sle the very Goodwalxlesher call skinhbots.'*am'*4 h0to 88.
SA modern bulit two or threestory brick J valuablepr.perly he now occupies as Wme Th dwsllinp ofthahMue i rna is well suit-
Orouned for a Boarding howaf.
HOUSE, with kitchen above ground, in one Stare The lot t is 26 teet front on Chesnut iLtreet by d for a Borig uM.
Main streets. not more than a mile from the 17 leet deep toacourtt running into buh streee.,wilh W[(NT IV AIft-ANGEMENT.
State House. Price 3000 to 5000 dollars. Ground subsaniial brick buildings, the whole depth olf the
rents on cash will be given in payinment. Address lo, The store can at small expense be conveited A&I .7*WeW IVierk.
--Riley" but No 283 Polst office., stating location and into two stores. and the properly made to yield a MKWH-ANT8' TRANSPORTATION LINt:
prices. large meincome.-'Few properties in the city offer greater 0',OO roreaeie s n seal sano ferwardedi v 'he,
11 a house as above described be not met with. l advantages. Apply to- sG abose Lintin New 0Yok. raM the uppeee|J
vacant lont, well located, 17 to 20 feet Iront. asp PETERWAGFL o (IIQwuI, sUlevmLk waf.-
aboul 80 to 100 reet in depth, would be laken. No. 173 Ckhil Utrqq% d tq aid& CO..
jan 29-d6ii jin7-i-d6M&aw3w dqe 1 -d( bws have


Sales by Auction


By. J. M. iMillrr & Co.
At 10 o'clock at tle .Salb Room. Nu. 2 Liberty Sat.,
ati it juiAciai winh Maideii Lsne.GalirLk'scartgo,
Two Hundred Packages,
Comprisibg that portion of the cargo saved from
the packet ship Garrick, containing in all about 20u
packages bundles, 4-c.; among which are table ana
mall cutlery, table end tea spoons, files, butts, wood
screws, locks cof all kinds, saws, curry comb., rlion
squares., sauce pans. lea keltles, frame pulies. hoes,
scythes, &c. feb 1-dtFeb4.

r --ALSO-
S At the Sales Room above mentioned,
Consisting of absut 400 packages of fresh imported
Birmnhain hamiii Sr.effielj Hard ware. together with
American goods, consisting of every variety of artil-
dcles in the above line.
A liu,. 100 cases Guns, Pistols and Rifles.
Also 10 Iron Safes, a.sried, single and double.
Sterns, 6 months rcredi. lor approved endorsed
notes, lor summ of $100 and upwards.
Catalogues and goods will he ready for examina-
uon two days prey lous to day of sale.
. lfeb-diFl'eb8

Sales by Auction.
Bly KichardsA & ;t tpham,
J'4. 34 South frown

Thisa morning,
At 10N o'clock. on t e.inult street wharf, will be
sold, 365 nhil. orlo Rico molasses,just landing roam
This morning,
.At II o'clock, at ihe avciion store, will be sold,
50 boxes verva superior cavendish tobacco. of Kirck.
,uiu & Co's brand, just arrived frnm Riuhmonid.
t77s motring,
A"]I o'clock, in the long room over the auction
store, will be sold, e small invoice of young hyson
and pojchojng lea. coni.ting ol about lily pack.
I Alao. 37 cased cassia, an entire invoice, in lots to
suit purchasers.
The tean will be-arranged for eanmination early on
morning of sale. ,
Postponed on account of e A weather.
7'V8 morning,
At 11 o'clockat the auction atre., will be sold a
general ss,-iment oi Gruceries., tuaisting ol
100 bags Hsvann coffee.
10 hhIds molasses,
2010 boxes bunch raisins.
50 do Canton sugar;
50 boxes Boston soap;
25.000 Spanish iegars.
lull file gallon demnilohns:
20 kers rnanufacliured tobacco.
100 bags siipeire
5bU has Engli.h walnuts;
lu tasks whale oi; i
20 chests young hys.n lea.
20 half cbests Y H Lea;
25 ckhelt powichong tea.
JI (aasks barloy;
'25 boxes pimento.
Havanna Coffee.
Also, 100 bags Havanna coffee.
At 11 ,o'clock. at the auction store, will be sold,
for account of whom it may concern,
60 half pickle boxes Canton sugar, slightly dam-
Also, 10 casks winner whaleoil
At 11 o'clock, at the auction store, wul be old,
50 bags fresh English walnuts.
9P A In.,. to clore sales, 280 bushels of Mainr p.o-
tatoes, in ilout., sul,. purchasers.
At Private Sale.
000 Ibs \ er-lr.Br r a(kss
350 casks dry and sweet malaga wine.
100 casks brown, gold and pale sherries.
100 bales Rnssian feathers.
010 boxes 0loz tacks.
100 M Spanish segara.
15 tons boiler iron.
lly E. 'T, 'ilB,
No. 47 southi E igA st reet, a few dal-s below
i lJevnut street.

E. T- W. would call the atienlion ofhouiekeepers
and others to the sale of genteel household furni
Lure, to be sold this morning at No. 47 south 8th at.
at 10 o'clock, consistingof a greaj variety, both new
and secondhand furniture.
This morning,
At 10 o'clock, at the auction store, at No. 47 South
Eighth street, will be sold, an assortment of holse-
hold furniture from private family i moving,
Consisting of mahogany sofa, mahogany tables, do
card. able, superior mahogany chairs, do French
pattern, ladies dressing bureaus, itahogany highiost
bedsteads, feather beds, hair and wool ruatuaBses.
windsor and cane seat chairs, venitan blinds, astral
limps. single French plate mirror, windsor sete-'s,
gIasi la mps. spring'.ee ro, chairs, andirons., sho-
vel anil ltune. carpettling. stIair carpeting, china
and glass ware, chamber glasses, washstands, vent-
tian blinds, brass lender, footstools, chamber fables
and washatands, with many other articles of hou,w.
hold furniture.
Also, several good stoves.
Hemp Matrasses,
Also suerrl henmp ,rilraases
On Thursday morning,
At 10 o'clock at the auction store. No. 47 south
8th st, will be sold, the neal huulehold lurniLuie,
principally from a family relinuiiiilnr.g huseakeep-
Comprisingfeather beds. mattresses, an assortment
of good bedding, mahogany card tables, end ta-
bles. rush seat and windsor chairs, brass andirons,
superior field and low post double and single bed-
steds with sackings complete, lagrain carpets, do,
mei ic carpeting shovel and tonga,bureaus, gilt frame
mantel glasses,mah-gany frame do, springseat sofas,
mantel lamps, ornaments, mahogany d ming and other
tables, enclosed and open washstands, basin and
ewers, with the usual assortment of kitchen furni-
Also, several cooking and other stoves for coal or
Feather Beds.
Also, several superior feather beds.
A large mirror suitable for a storekeeper.
Also, a French plate do.
Kifthen Furniture.
Also, the usual quantity of kitchen furniture.
On Tuesday morning,
Feb. 16, at 10 o'clock at the auction store, No.
47 south 8th at a large assortment of household and
kitchen furniture. Housekeepers and others having
surplus articles to dispose of, can hau them includ-
ed in ibis sale by sending preLiou Iu the 12th.-
Those wishing to purchase will also meet with a fa-
vorable opportunity, as many of the articles are of a
superior kind, and will be sold without any reserva-
[Particulars iereaftler.]
At Private Sale.
A superior gold lever watch, manufactured by
Mortimer, for S I Tobias & Co,jewelled.l
A very elegant and superior mahogany dressing
bureau, pair handsome dining tables, several solas,
plain and figured seatiags; mahogany bureaus, wash-
stands, plain and enclosed toilet tables, domestic
carpets, leather beds, hair and wool imattrasses, ele.
gant mahogany high post bedsteads, office tables,

By Davie p itevenbon & Cu

JBy Catalogue.]
On Wednesday morning,
Feb. 3, at l0J o'clock, on 6 months, :iX
packages and IouL el superior cloths., cassimere., esd-
tings, satinets, London print. Marseilles. Iris inhn.
ens. summer cloths, linen drilling. blainksts. no'ire
ue lamines. mulls, bishop lawns, brown cotton hno,
beaverteens, cords, lawns, diapers, gloves, children's
cotton hose and gloves, silk hose. braces, plaid nlmus..
lias, madras hdkfs, turkey red do. 5-4 plaid Ahntils.
Aalstchesier ginghams, knit shirls and drarrsi, laii
sheetings, Berlin colds, check, plaids, &c.
Of& Saturday morning,
At 12 o'clock, 50 do&. superior wine, consising of
Bingham. Madeira, sweet Port, Sherry, Harris &
Sul, a Porut. Gerard Claret, &c.
Uy In. "ilooina. amnd Ot,,
V., 1051 Chestnut Streetl.

Elegant Furniture.-Our sale at the auction
Wednesday neil. will be worthy aUtention, cimi.ri,.
ing. in addition to the articles already adverisEl. a
set ollp.egant mahogany chairs, with crimson liuh.i
seats; elegant sofa to match; vrry Iliandnimep mii,-
gsny centre table, with Egyptian marble slab; sin,
gle plate French pier mirror, with other stlt Is
Irom private families.
The whole are now arranged for examination.
W Catalogues now ready
REAL ESTATE-9th February.
We shall hold a sale uf Real Estale on the second
Tuesday in February.
Dwelling Houses--Souihwark.
This sale will inclide~a three story brick mes-
suage, No. 13 Vernon street, between South and
Shippen and Frunt and Second streets, near the mar-
Also, a two story frame dwelling in John at. near
Second. Southwark.
Descriptions reedy, in handbills.
Private Sales of Real Estate.
CARD-Persons having Real Esilie in offer at
private sale. ran have it entered in our Prit&Ie
Sale Register tree of charge.
%e have a laiges amount ol valuable. properly
now lr sale.
CARD.-M. Thomas & Son have takes e ad-
joining rooms, second sory.and have nruw ite ergeit
Furniture sales room in ihre city
Handsome Residence-Pine Street.
CARD.-Our sale on the 23d ilst. will incluA the
handsome wel built dwelling huuse, N K cot-, of
Delaware 8th and Pine t.
[Particulars in afew days.
CASH ADvaNCE -Liberal advances will tie n",.
on consignments of new and second-hand furniuu
when desired. ,
CARD.-Persons wishing to dispose of iheil furn,
lure withouUl holding sales at their dvwellings. ca, d,
so by sending iI ir thbe auction rooms
And ol new Goods, just received per Aigonqum,.
and by late arrivals at New York
Fine English and French China. Englil arnd Ame-
ricar, plated Glassware. Fine or Arblu Abirul
Lamps. ('anielabrass., Mantel and Ill.i Lamps,
Superior new style Sheffield Plaiel Ware. Ge,-
man SilIer, Elelgant Plated Tea Trays. Harnd,.in u
Ilousehold FuritLuIe, &c
On Wednesday morning.
Feb 3. at 10 o'clock, by Iatalogue, at Ihe auictin
r nms, an extensive assortment el rich goofeIds.
Comprimrig the Itll'Hinrg desirable lauuseaekpirg
Gold band French china dinner sets, buff and
gold band china do; find English irn stone china
inner setlls, fancy pattern, plain uhile Fretih chi-
nadinner setsi; white iron, stone chita dinner hei.
French shape; plain dinner sets. rich ErnglI.h tea
sets lor silver, gold band do. fine china uilfi .ei,
complete wilh slop jars, foto tubs, 4c. 1 very rich
toilet t of 15 pieces, rich cut glass sets, cunsising
ofdecrnters. tumilers, wins, chsmpagnei, pitliEtia,
dishes, goblets and salts. of the newest patterns. al.o.
decaniers m in sets. tumblers., wines and chompagnes
by the dozen.asiral lamps with rich cut salides. or
moiu astral lamps, bronze and gilt do, or molu cain-
delanras. with cut primat pair handsome bronze and
gill mantel lamps, wnith cut lumires; rich gilt and cut
glass astral hall lamp it hb lusires.
Rich Plated Ware.
Comprising cakie baskets, new style; plated wait
ers, do; candela bras, astral lamps, handsome square
and revolving castois, covered dishes. handsome
plated te ansd (offee set. do c.,flee urn, lilu2r stand
cut bottles, egg boilers, coasters, rich silver mount-
ed wine bottles candelabras. &c.
Also, severalhvery elegant painted tea trays, dif-
ferent pallerns, wilh vaartery f rn h goods.
Elegant Breakfast Setl.
1 very elegant and complete breakfost set, con-
taining upwards o1400 pieces.
Desert Belt.
I very rich green and white desert ett, contain-
ing fiuIlt baskets, dishes, plates, &r.
Also, 2 secondhand Brussels carpets; 3 ingrain do,
Venitian entry and stair carpets, handsome floor
cloths, &ic.
Mahogany Bidets.
Also, 6 handsome mahogany bidlets, French pat-
Work Boxes, Desks, &e.
Also, an assortment of fancy work boxes, portable
desks, 4#c.
,- Elegant Saxony Carpets.
Also, superior Saxony carpets lot two largelparlors.
upwards ol 100 yards, and two splndid Lonk4u,
rugs to suit.
Fine Oil Paintings.
Also, 3 fine paintings, by R. Street.
Fine Engravings.
Also, a number of fine engravings and several oil
Also, Brufels carpets.
Also, 1 very large and superior Nut stove with a
large quantity ol pipe.
Also; set& moreen window cirtainr, with muslin
inside curtains and ornaments, complete.
Also, 2 sells damask bed captains, complete.
Also by order ol underiwriers, several articles of
plated ware, comprising handsome c,.lffee urn, wail-
era, forks, &c. e.
Any of the above articles can be packed by an ex-
perienced packer.
At Private Sale.
Real Estate.-A large amount of valuable proper-
ly. including several very elegant private reside
ces in Walnut st. Arch at. &c.
New Jersey Farm.
Also, a Farm of 123 acres, with good buildinva,
onths Burlineosn toad. ahBout 4 mileHs irom Cai-n

dent of the New York Evening Star, has thi
following in reference to a viaduct, which will
not be without its iniereat for those who pay
attention to maitts e annected with civil engi-
neering and intern o improvements:
L.ast week was cornipleicd the greatest work, ol
its kind, ever executed if (ireat Britain. This is
the Stockport Viaductl. The contractors being
I.verpool imen (John Tompkiins.n and Samuel
and James Holmnes, builders,) hundreds of people
from this place went on Dec. '21.t to view its com.
iletion. 'The Manche.ter and Biminmgham diiec,
line uoi railway now runs iter, not hroeun'. the
twin of Stoekport. The arcie. literally stride over
Iht large mown. Itandming in a valley, in Creshtre.
the town ol Stockport is too low for the level ot
railroad. Mr. Burk, the engineer, hid the first
stone laid on the 10th of March, 18,, and the
last. or capslone, on the 21st of December, 1840.
Thus, in 21 months was completed a viaduct,
I aved on the solid rock, of 26 arch,.---2 of till
fet -span aid -1 of.0 feet span. The length is
17i-6 foot. It stands 111 t above ithe Merrsey,
whih flows beneath, and is lhus 8 feet higher
than the Menai Bridge.
The foundation, in the sand stone, is six feet
.1- .-A Of-* M .--. .-.6 -

-- uep. ana l reel 01 stone work above ground.
DEMOCRATIC CI1'V WAtL) .t.. i.... From lthance to the springing of the arches the
Nlo-.nav.P rAsitus L I. 1841. pier. areof brickwork. and the huge bends of lhe
The Demiwratic Ciizu. iPl tie -dpeenise rs%. ar-I. ,ama material, llBrick was used as less likely,
era rlquIe.t-d ii ameet itl fiMONDA Y., Ftbruary J.I. when well made, to chip, splinter, or decay The
Jdil. at : U'LI,. lur r,e purp.,,Pe 1 el- .a, Firvedey.
Lidlegutes io r t jLan tVisrid iIn Ithe Democr ri,.c quantity of bricks used amounted, to I 1,000,oo00,
G:erIeal War oinnmitree. wh, are to eect Nime e- there were also used 400 uOU cubit feet oh stone,
Igailealo reprevco-nlihet('lyul Pnli ndelphia in Ihe DP- and the wholecosIl 70.000. The utmost seltmng
inuerati Convni.n.). to be haIldi at dmrrisburg. un in the whole work after taking Ihe wooden sup.
tha Fou'thL11 M Narch.
''hbaWail'%ll eet at the following places.:- porters from the arches, is hal an inch.
Upper Delaware Ws,,rdt-at tIhe hose of Philip .- A great saving has been effected by raising thin
W.,r.. 41h .tr'eirab.. btieKs o Oha. viaduct to such a height, as it reduees the works
Liier LDelawte-i hthe hjuse nf Win. Dohnert, on ca h side of the valley, and lessens tbeexpense
corner ui i5h and Ha-e.lrealt.. 50,000. It has been made 1786 feet long, be-
Hima StreLt-kt Duugljas. Hoel. 6th street, below cause they had to span alt the street. It is the
cArcb. I 'I i I first time that, for such a work, brick has been
Chassnut--at the Bitlli' Hoed. Strawberry at. ,. '
s'alnut-atreullH. N. \a. conti uol 'alnut andchiefly employed. This great (ork will long be a
\Valnul--at tre'.N.\. cornerlAil Walnut and
Water st- matterof wonder to the world.
Duork-at llio house of Jolmh Divin,No.83 south 5th
street There is a family in Montreal, the father of
Piges--a Hogan'a 4th below Spruce at.
New I arAeit-ar W\,rrein's. 4th and Gaskill sits. Whjch is a Frenchman. the mother a Russian,
Ledla--at D ,yle's, 12ih andi Pirie .,. the eldest child a Maltese, the second a Sici-
ofL -At-ia th LgIui lMama Van Buren corner ian, the third a Spaniard, and the fourth a Ca-
or 12h an.1 L,.:u.I -id
S.Auth-atl Muionay a, corner llil a1111,nd Georgi. nadial. -
atit~t- .. .. ____...
M,,dle-at Fega.'s. Nare. remt of Schu)lkll We are authorized to state that Col. WM.
eli street.
N.,nrh-at the White Beir, Market street, west or Bozorth will be a candidate for the office of
.c.h iylmltll I7th,.Conyheex aec
Sth lullk erry-t Miller., corner of 13th County Co0mmissionerat the next general ec-
itand R.e i tion.
SNorth Boyee's, corner of Race and ....
orh sixs. Now oaK o S7 ATE -LbNATIc AsYLUM.-By
By request of the Delegates. g, +o
B .. of-the -gttes-- ) the annual Report of the Commissioners, trans-
lAtL. RoaitBER.--'wu mu.iil a.1 a 1 .% I"" minted to the Legislature on the 13th inst,, it
ed up yesterday morning in an alley running appears that the saim of moneyat the command
from Water street to the wharf, above Chesmniit of the Comimissioners for the past year, was
street, with large holes cut in ihemin, and the $95,000. This sumn has been expended, ex-
contents entirely abstracted. One of them cont- ept $3186, mostly on the main front building,
famed the out-going Elizabethtow.rn minail-the which has been nearly completed. This asy-
other cannot yet be designated. T'he knife uaed lum is located about one mile west from from
for cuyting open the bags was found In thIle al- the city of Utica., on an eminence, and when
Ily. r is presumed that the bags were either all the buildings are finished, they will not
stolen or that they fell flroma the mail wagon only make an imposing appearance, but stand
on its way fromn the office. Some of the letters as a monument of one of the noblest charities
have since been found under a stall in the Se- ofthe age.
cond street Market, all of themn broken open,-
It is not believed that anything of great value ( [For those ennslvanaian.]
was taken. I JUDGE BARTOxis LEcTURtl. hefnro Ika Mar-

EaRA-ra.-In the notice of thIe Insane Poor
Asylum, copied from the Telegraph, tread 01N0-
000 as the price at which an Anylunt and farm
can be procured, instead ofl'SI-,000.

The residence of Governor Reynolds, near
Fayette, MNissouri, was destroyed by fire on
the evening df the 7th of January. Nothing
but thb furniture on the lower floor was saved.

THE TIORtn CAsE.-The Boston Post of
Thursday says-The argument, for and aain-t
the entlrtainment ofl the libel against the Tigris
was concluded yesterday Attorney General
Auitin, on behalf of the British claimant, had
thi close. No decision, however, was made;
but the Court adjourned till to-morrow, when
argu nents upon the incideiltal question, whe-
ther, if the owners shall be required to give
stipulations for the amount of veisel and cargo,
Mr. Jackson,. on the other hand. shall not be
hold to give bond to respond in damages.
should the final decision be in favour of the

SEntATOR FROM M. Nme.-The Whims of the
Maine Leyislature. at a meeting oi Monday
evening, agreed ananiinouslyto support the
Hon. Geo. Evana as a candidate for Senatorin
Congr-ess. The election wasasssigned to take
place 'Thuisday, and Mr. Evans is undoubtedly
Sanford Kingsbury was nominated for thie
office of Secretary of State.

A young man name-d Win. Ward, while ri-
ding with a young lady named Martlia \Vil-
Ilams, in Pitsfield Maseia., on Sunday evening
missed the road and drove off a precipice aboit
fifteen feet high. onto the track of th- rail-way.
He had at, arm broketand his head injutied.
and the young lady's ankle was broken, and a
comb driven so deeply into her head that it
could not he removed with the litgers bhe i.
now in a very critical situation, but is expect.
ed to recover.

FANNY El.ISLit.-A Havana coitesponent
of a New Orleans paper;, writes (Jan. 9)-
"Fanny Ellsler is daily expected here, and tiei
managers ulf the Tacon Theatre have engaged
her to perform 10 nights at 1,000 dollars pe.r
night. She will then have a benefit which
will yield probably 4 to 5000 dollars. as our
'rJtm'ur!" always strive to be pre-emineiint in
their charity to actresses, and deal out their
doubloons without the trouble of reckoning
dollars arid cents."

Iows.-The seat of government for this
young Territory is to he rtimoveed next season
from Burlington, its present location to Iowa

A report has been made in the Legislature
of Malsachbueelits, i4 favor of abolishing all
laws which forbid the niarriae of blacks and

shall Institute, on Thursday evening last, waa
one of the most brilliant efforts that we have
had the pleasure of listening to this winter.
iHis subject was "Brother Jonathan," in which
he beautifully described thle intelligence, the
perseverance, and the untiring industry of our
Eastern Brethren. He made a very feeling
and eloquent allusion to the landing of the
Pilgrims on the rock of Plymouth, of the
unmerited and unkind feelings which actuated
the British writers with regard to this people
-of the pretensions of Captain Marryatt and
the miserable old' woman, Mrs Trollope-of
the ignorance of the British writers with re-
gard to the geographical history of our coun-
try, he eulogised the Yankees as being the first
Iiunders of the Common Sehnol system, the
land in which the genius of Liberty was first
nursed and fostered, the land from which by
far the largest proportion of our eminent poets
and men sprang; and in conclusion gave such
a vivid and beautiful picture of their eccentriei-
tlies and general character that it was impussi-
ble at times to hear the lecturer on account of
the continued and almost incessant applause
that was elicited from his eloquent and soul-
stirring appeals Our limits will not allow us
toent-r more fully into the detail; but suffirpe
it to say that every one went away highly
pleased with the lecture and the lecturer.
The room was crowded to excess by a large
and brilliant anuditory, principally ladies.

BuR0LAoi; AoiuT.-Last Friday night or Saturday
miornt.g. rn atnenpi wa invade by some burglars, to
enter ,lthe dell-,.g huse of, Mr, Robert Edgar, in
Fraikli r.stre6I abue Willow, by boring the Ironui
mtinnlh. saluILer in ihe basement story. From some
'ause ariknmfn they did not succeed in getting into
the lijii,-
TIhe same night. r morning the dwelling of Mr
Barrias. in the same street, about two squares above,
was attitupted in the same way, but being unable to
push up the window sash they failed in getting in
here, and no harm done except to the shutter, out uf
which a pretty large piece was bored.

t)r N Most,. AND SccosnruL..-The same villains
rnod.,ubi swicreeled it, gei-i ing into the dwellinghouse
ol Mr. % L Kirk, No 24'; north 7th street above
Gr.eri,. by -,ornig through the front window shutter,
and SLt Ie several articles of wearing aparel and some
wlver spoons.

Ftsic.-The carpenter shop with some work made
up, and a large quantity of tools belonging to Mr.
RobertT. Ash, situated in Coales street, between
llth and 12th, was destroyed by fire on Saturday
morning about 9 o'clock. Mr. Ash has been truly
unfortunate, as this is the second shop he has had de-
trui ed by fire, and on one occasion had his'shop
blowin down, He deserves to have at least a dozen
of extra good jobs ot work at once, to help him meet
the loss he has ustamined.

Suictni.-On Wednesday last, John. Burroughs, a
laboring man, living in Beck street, below Frot st .,
took a large quantity of laudanum, and died the ne;t
day from its effects lie was about 50 years of age,
and has left a family to deplore his untimely end.

ThIe Lowell Souvenir gives lthei particulars
of a most lamenteabe occurrence which took CaOONIR's INougs'r.-On Saturday evening the
place in Altteaid, N. H., o. the 6th inst. They Coroner held an inquestin Plumb at. near 5th, upon
relate to a Miss Caroline Murphy, aged 17 the body of ra black man named Burril Jordan, who
years, wlo was drowned in Cold River. The died suddenly. Hie came home from work in the
circumstances are glver as follows: evening and died soon after.
n"rnihid abi outto allatii a (,.lltll n party that
evening in o.utipury wtii a you,. main by ilime .ms BOUND OVER--lr Samuel Lewis was yesterdayy
of T'hiey were ia a wagon, and I, at. taken before Nlayor Cainun. thirged by members ui
lenpiung to p'.i H tiar- [iIe watpr came into 4 the Second Universalist Church in (ailovhlillsirelet.
rood, andt time --urrnt% wa&s -vati the wagon w a5si pii 1
set. aJd lotk were preerti iRvd iii hto vairsn.m. Twne .l, t.surmg a crowd of persons to collect around the
youngI mn -ittlng i. the cluak t.l the VoIlluig I iy Cniltrnn aid obstructing the paeage *ways thereto,
wil'i orie in, asd wiltIh thia either he i 'rot auid ordered to find bail in the sum uil iUU It seems
or branch ,n a tree. Tne y.ung lad's A cloask, how. Mr Lewis, who is a respectable citizen, has been in
everc-arnn ,ff oser hsr head. wirt.,-ut unhooking, the habit of standing At the gate-way oh this church,
aid she was waslied d,.sn ihs stream. T'he young
ateam was soon rescued, but the body of the youmilVu.r-peantd occasions, with tracts and relg;.su is.
tad was m,.t itmu,,d,till Ih itiet &morning. Sh- had a").. aihl urcag them into the hands Of the congre.
be.-ii casiried twI miles d.,wn ithe stream, and when nation in passing in and out of the church, and by
found, one hand wsaegrasped aroumnid the limbofa dispuilatmina annoying the melubers and eating a
tree, ad flroen. lier budy was exceedmgly bruis crowd of persotsaround the place. There was a de.
ed and mtileted
Tnis ralamit5 is solemn and awful. Hers %as a sire expressed to leave the matter drop, ifMr Lewis
youig lady. beaulilui. aui.tlle end asctomplshed., would pledge himself to discontinue the anuoyanee,
oItteild iI hir nail rORMi aliire ledied by tihe asde of but he woulti make ni promises.
her l, ver. lu titumn iria 'ew a bshult liiJIth5 al CeX-
peeted to be uniitrd in the holv and oh o wedlo-k GNRA ')IN
doiabiless iedtatlng many years cf haippineas ail d GENERAL SESSIONS.
social eniymenit with im whIlu sat by tier Side BWeORE JuiDOES BARTON AND DORAN.
when. suhldeaiy.and at nnrce, both were precipiiatuiidl January 30, 1841.
mitu the m,dde-sd current tier loIter wasi sdv.ild, Mr Brun c.ncludcd hit arguielti up.,r his nrmiioni
,hila iiar st siqpedily ushered a world I s.-r in a mis tne ce u ..n It. c -vit
o~~ fr aS[lw risaI II Iia eastute of .t,.ta t .l ,Jvitted u
it. W''le larn thali her lamlily were uf giai reu.we, l ..
imtliliy and oh ligh suandinginn uciety. How rud. Fialabui 1,Ler-Jms onoi time cuurLt uI ueglvun oil
914sslyr are- fttinea, caLein ourrn the load of heir t be Saturday.
loiea~l~ daughter-. md ouhrn lh t-rrmitr e ernuluns John.Wiudside. fihneJ $1 and costs, for an assaul:
ilowied daughier-aid Ah.I heirt-rendiriffemolvinid ore
sruu~s lwvda,aafilte bosom 4 lyound Atiderwun -lII the otjaJForbes,:
M p ir s e tin Yoai "on "iV 0 h Samuel Brown, colored, was found guil ) ofarasn.
S ls I e noThis is the setu plan who, two days b,, was ,.-
--- [qunited of thli change of iurialury al ih same tnme
TlE Ca&nLg5TOWN CruNVENr.-A proposition "ad on the same preinmes vitWrIe it.e irnon was asle.
ias been made to ihe Massachusetts House of g.d tLo hate been committed. It seems that the bur-
S e . glr' sei e tl throuh p nit$nl of ath oor after he bad
Ripresentattr es, and so far entertained a-, to be &jar set tre is the paitel of'hidoor after he had
P ad '10 be o hdeh through it, which toct attKe it appear
rfterr-d Lo a selcet coinlttteeB, to pay, from tlile strange, deed, that Brown should have been ac-
State Treasury, the aniounit o01f damages us- l V ,8ii- l tle one Ofenuce and Luunmd guiyfi ul'tlieotl.-
tained by the desitructtion of the convent at Jt,,po t he 'giAerabpitl o i phnGen
Charles owo in 1U43. TFbe question has once ,mJarmeiiJ gtr.i riui altd asauilt aid bAteIry 'T'hi t.l e
before been agitated in the Legislature, amd I weriLo uhe Jury at dark and no verdict rendered.
wa, t diacredttabhya decided by a large lime e~asmm omi of Alired it. Davis as acaes-ar)
wai, taostdic ably decided by a large l ter [the Itt eo ino murdiert oi Jula .Ann J.-irdan.wia
majority against tlie memorialaist,' postponed until next k riday.
.. The following order was made That on Friday,
ATAnD1 tIe Aa"sa .-A reent the bbh dsyut Febrirary. tie Petit July will be da,.
MARTYRDi IN een charged untl MNI.nday. the 14tn of Feuruary. ilhe in
London Evangelical Magazine gives ihe mel- terruidtiate lim e Io be appr.,prnated to the duput tnion
Ul c ,u ,1 i o lea amid m nid s -rtprn ice Ciesa nuton oira lnNew rI-
anciy intelligence that sixteen of ti perse., al nd tie mitelialaneou business of the court.
cuted Christiatns of Madagascar, whe had fur -
along Lime succeeded|in concealing themselves ,
from thier pursuers, had been apprehended, 'o Tie Ladiesa' companion" for February,I
and that nineof their number were cruelly published by W. W. Snowden has been re-
speared to death on the 9th of July. Among ,ceMved. It is embellished withb a steel engra-
them were BamiBasiy, the wife of Davis, one ving of a passage w Buns's *- igs o' Bailey,"
of the vefugees now in Eagland, ahd Paul and and contains contributions from aJtrgs number
his excellent wife, aofwhom mention is made of distinguished natiyjr writers. Mr. 0. Ro-.
i the ,nNarriun of Pereutiw s in Madagas-. gers, No. 67 south Second Street, is the agent
cat." for the work In this city,


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13111ia b trims.
K PRINTING neatly e.ecuteed ar ihis iffire
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THREE- TlIER A W.EK-.S Itull'"rs per rnnum.
Payalde half yiwrii, is adowm'e.
S nsri-riloN roau'l'as.y lotiAuts received at
the Pame Iat,.

PIil d lt UELr H IAu :

Monday, Februar) 1.lI, 41.

at the people should elect the Canal Commis.
ioners, but these seli-styled Democrats were afraid
trust the people, believing thathe 51, of them
ho happen to hold seatehere are more competent
select proper persons, than the whole people. It
as a strict party vote, So much for the Demo-
acy of these elf-styled Democrat.. An amend.
ent was adoptued precluding members of the Le-
slaiture from being elected.
Mi. M'Cilly offered an amendment that the Go-
rnor should nominate to the Senate threat per-
no, who should confirm the nomination. This
course was lost by the same lote.
Mr. Barr oTered an amendment that the collec-
ro employed upon the Public works who should
ye faithfully performed their duties, should be
ained in office for one year. The anti-spoils
rty voted down this proposition by the same
Mr. Wright offered an amendment somewhat
idified, again committing the election to the peto-
s on the second Monday of May next. Several
ie speeches were made by Messrs. Wright, Lusk,
nniman. Fuller and others, in support of the
eendment. On the question of its adoption, the
is were 46; nays 49. At about half past seven
lock, after the House had been in session nearly
1 hours, the previous question was called upon
i first suction of the bill. Itwas not sustained.
mediately afterwards the question was taken
on the 4rst section, and it wqs agreed to-yeas,
Says, 46,
The bill then posed seeottd rea*ding,and at about
The House adjourned.

In the Senate a large number of petitions were
'eented similar to those in the House.
A resolution was adopted directing the Speaker
transmit the instructing resolutions on the Pub-
Lands to Washington, inasmuch as the Govern-
in consequence oh his absence had not trans-
ited them.
iMr. Williams, from bthe Judiciary Commilattee, to
om had been referred a large number of pelt.
as praying that meekanii and working men
y have a liena for their wages on the property of
ir employers, reported unfavorably to the pra).
of the petitioners, sbtwitbstanding the open

I Pennltylvalta tegialature.
[Correspuonence of the Pennsylvanian.]
HARtisaunU, Jan. 28, 1841.
In the Rouse, this morning, after the present
iton of a few petitions on the uaual subjects,
Mr Keple offered two resolutions, which wi
adopted; the first for the appointment of a Sel
('omrmittes to devise a mode for siiiipl'vfying I
accounts of the Canal Commissioners. and
arruetling the Internal Impretement Committee
inquire whether the number of olhcers and i
amount of salaries on the public woiks, could i
be reduced.
A number of local bills were reported.
The bill for the prevention of intermarriages I
twien blacks and whites, came up upon sece
reading gain.
Mr. Kerr, of Washington, (a whig.) moved
amsend the first section by introducing a provisi
for the appointment of Inspectors ol U,-lor. vi ev
County of the Commonwealth, graduatring the d
ferent shades of color tup to fifty, and providing
penalty for the different shades. About an ho
was wasted upon this ridiculous amendment, wbi
it was voted down. But this Was nothing to i
scene which afterwards occurred.
Mr. Clark, of Dauphin, (a whig member,) p
posed an amendment which threig into the sha
everything ever yet attempted in the State
Pennsylvania, in the shape of legitlauioin. I se
you a copy of it which you may publish if y
think proper, in order to show how much of 'I
form" has been effected by the change in the I
litical complexion of the House.* The Whip
some of whom were ashamed of the course of th
colleague, exhibited some symptoms of dissatisfi
lion, and desired the mover to withdraw it, but t
yeas and nays bhating boei demanded by i
Flenniken and Mr. Bonaall, the Speaker decide
that it could not be withdrawn.
Mr. CoxI, for the purpose of preventing the i
peaiance of the amendment on the Journals, i
pealed 1iom the decision. The appeal was argue
until half past two o'clock, when finding he w
likely to be defeated, he and his friends avail
themselves of a contemptible quibble to effect Ithi
object. They discovered that the amendment h
not been seconded, which, it is true, the rules r
quires, but which is never done, and this effect
the withdrawal of the amendment. The bill th
passed second reading.
'The House then adjourned.

We omit the amendment alluded to above,
of too coarse and indecent a nature for insertion
our columha. The member not only forgot wh
was doe to bis station, but was guilty of a gro
insnit to the House, when he ventured to prere
sueh a paper. But we presume that this discred
table conduct is part of the reformm" promised 1
the party no* having a majority in the Pennsylv
nia Legiolature.-Ens.

In the Senate, petitions similar to those in tl
House were presented.
The ISub-Treasury resolutions came up o
third reading, and were passed finally by the fo
lowing vote:
Yeas Messrs. Brooke, Brower, Case, Cochrat
Ewing, Heister, Huddlesmon, Killinger, Macla:
Mathers, Pearson, Reed, Smith, Spackman, Ste,
rtat, iStrohm, Sullivan, Williams, Penrose, Speak
Nays-Messrs. Brown, Coplhan. Crispin, Fegely
'lek-ming. Hyse, Headley, Kingsbury, Miller, Pal
person, Snyder--I .
A bill for the incorporation of the Philadelphi
and Havre de Grace Steam Tow Boat Company
meseed third reading, as did a resolution abolishin
he salary of tho Recorder of Pitnrburg, after bein
mended by Mr. Brown to include the salary 0
he Recorder of Philadelphia.
Mr. Reed attempted to amend the last bill b
adding the bill for the re-establishment of the May
r's Court of Philadelphia. The amendment wa
0ot agreed to.
And then the Senate adjourned.

HAaRISBURa Jan. 29, 1841.
In the House this morning a large number of pe
itions were presented, among them one from thi
Kendington Bank, asking for the repeal of the lis
squiring the rotation of Directors; one from the
lechanics and Manufacturers Savings Tnstitutioi
king for Banking pivilegea; one for widening
he Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Canal
nd one for a repeal of the law prohibiting Marine
insurance Companies of other titates from esta
liehing agencies in Pennsylvanih.
Mr. lVright gave notice of his intention to bring
n a bill abolishing imprisonment for debt.
The bill incorporating the Philadelphia and
lavre de Grace Steam Tow Bpat Company, pass.
d finally.
The Sub-Treasury resolutions were brought ir
om the Senate, and made the order of the day for
rhuraday next.
A resolution wasoffered instructing the Judicia.
l Committee to report a bill legalising the acts o
rotaries Public, who have neglected giving bondi
1resablv to the actof 14th April, 1840.
Mr. Flenniken offered a series of tasolationa di.
mcting the Bank Committee to inquire into th<
xpedieney of reporting a bill containing the re
rictions on Banks recommended by the GovernOm
his first message. The resolutions were agreed
without much opposition. excepting the ten dol.
u provision. After some debate it was agreed tc
-yeas, 48; nays, 45.
The bill for preventing the intermarriage oc
acks and whites passed third reading by a vote
64 to 25.
Messrs. Higgins, Luek, and Funk were appoint.
1 a Committee to investigate the Lewistown
The bill for the appointment of Canal Commts-
oners, after beino considered for a short time in
ommittee of the Whole came up on second read.
ig, and a scene ihen took place without a parallel
the annals of legislation in the itlte. The
majority who rule with a rod of iron, resisted all
)peals from the members of the minority who
ished to speak upon the subject, and forced them
a vote without extending that courtesy which
is never yet been refused in the Legislatire of
Mr. Lusk of Susquehanna offered an amendment

mouthed declaraions of this gentleman for thit In-
terelta of Ihe people.
A bill for the election of Mayor by the citizens
of Lancaster, ald the sbolition of the Mayor's
Court of ihas citj, piased its three readings.
No other hurlheas was traii.aeted of a-1y public
ta. imporluirtv.

are .%l[atriiiBuR.I, Jan. 30, 1811.
ct The -.pealsker laid beil'ore the Hlouse the Annual
Ih Repor ts of the ?ernnylvsnia Bible 'o.:ieliy. and of
In- the Pennsylvariill Iitlutio II t r the Blind.
to Among Ibo eumeious presented was
tlIe one of iguliari character Irom Pitlitsbuig. It was
t the pelitton ol Charle. Bonhain, asking Ifr legis-
lalive id., becaiume he ihai 13 children, ul whom
were boin al ontltimn. in December last.
TUne bill fr Ithe election of Canal Commissionere
be- by the Legislalure, came up on third itading.
id A motion was msde by Mr. Bonsall to go into
Cemminte ol the Whole, for ibh purpose tl igene-
torl a[mendmenl. 1 his que*iton %as debtl'id until
near two i'clork, whkn the gag wae, applied, and
11on thke hIl pasatid by a llct pap y otyt.i. Ilad all the
?ry democratic mnieibsis been prenenl the biH could
dil- nut have pabsud, as Juhnson ol ArTttiing. voted
g a against 1t. Several of the jem-ocratic rnmrnbera
ur wetl ak did ,IL .u L cr r.nily abieni. The bill was
sent to iihe Senat. %ho refused to concur in the
ien amendments mae by the House, and it wras sent
he ba i to that body. who were still kept in session by
the force of party dtiscipline. The house refused
ro.- to recede frorn its amendment, %hiich precluded
ade members ofthe LegaiLture from being elected, and
of a committee if corifaeence, consisting of Messrs.
CoX, Brodhead, and M onn',meiy, were appointed.
nd It was three o'loek when this was done, and the
oun HOuse adjurnrd to meet again at half past four
re- o'clock.
po, On assembling again at the hour designated, the
Committee reported that they had agreed to strike
go, out the amendJmient.
eir After some debate, the House agreed to the re-
ac- port J tlhe tonimmitl'e, asod the bill only requires
he the siginatuir ot ihe Governor to become a law.
dr. Thus has been consummated by the unavoidable
led absence of the democratic members, a plan of up.
pointing Canal Commissioners, which was tried in
1830, and rejected in the following year. A little
OP- explanation ,a necessary in order to understand
ip- the peculiar action of the House. The amend-
ed meat which was the bone of contention between
sthe two Houses, was offered by Mr. Washabaugh,
ed a Whig, and wa| warmly advocated by Mr. Smy-
aser, and voted *for by Messrs. Bard, M'Clure,
ir M'Curdy, and Faurs, all Whigs. Those six Whigs
ad, wer very tenaeiotol the amendment, talked loud-
re- ly of being actuated by the purest principle in sup-
ed port of it, and led the Democrats to believe that
nothing should drire them from the course which
en they had taken. The result proved how much re-
liance is to be placed on Whig declarations. It is
shrewdly suspected by many here, that the motive
which operated on these gentlemen, was the pro-
as mise of office from those who expect to be elected
in Canal Comimissioneras. How this may be I know
at not, time may develop. Some strong influence
must have acted for so sudden and entire a change.
di- In the Senate, the usual number of petitions
by were presented, and a number of local bills acted
a- upon.
Thetbill for 'the incorporation of a company to
construct a Rail Road to connect the York Road
with the Cumberland Valley Rail Road, and thus
ruin the trade of Philadelphia, passed Committee
he of the Whole.
A resolution was passed directing the Canal
SCommissioners, to correspond with the State au-
thorities of New York in itelation to a junction of
the North Branch Canal with the New York im-
n, Mr. Fleming, from the Committee on Banks, re-
y, ported the bill for incorporating the Lancaster
r. County Bank, was committed, with a recommends.a-
lion Lhst it be neiatived.
The Seneite then refused to concur in theamend-
meat. made by the House, to the Canal Commis-
Y' sioners bill, appointed Messrs. Peers,.:,n, Ewuig,
t- and Brown, a Committee of conference, and ad-
journed to meet at four o'clock.
i On assembling at that hour, they coneurred in
the report of the Committee, and immediately ad.
g joaurid.

g Twenty-i4lxlh Congresu.
tf SECONtD SE~alUi%.

Friday, Jan. 29, 1841.
S Mr White, of Indiana. pFresented the resolutions of c
s the Legislature olr, ndisa, in favor of the establish- I
ment o1 a National Bank. Mr White, in a few re-
marks strongly commended the object 9f these res.o-
They were laid on the table, and ordered to beo
Memorials in favor of the passage of a Uniform
Bankrupt Law, were presented by Messrs. Tall-
mnadge, of N Y, and Norvell; of Michigan. a
The Senate, alter the consideration of some pri I
Svate bills, resumed the discussion of the permanent
a prospective pire-emption bill. The question betinki
a on th, nioliouna Of Mir Criillenrdern i oe-coinrin tir eil t
with ini tcjcir ltt i. tepJiRt n bill r rn il si tnbuitti, Si
g of it,. pr.:-oedv if the sales of the public lands s
I' airll Ins Me littiS,
MNIr CNay. ul hy, resumed and concluded his re-
i m sK ei yesterday in favor of the distribution bill.
Having in the course of his obstrvationte asserted
thai ar' arsunirnt had been advanced during the last d
se-1ion 1.y it)'- democratic Senators in favor of the t
i reduction of the wages of labor,
Mr, rose and inquired of the Senator from e
i Kenlucky what Senator of the democratic party ad- c
vsnccd any such argument.
Mr Clay said it was a fact notorious to the Senate
and the country that it was done, but he did
riot choose to recollect which of them advanced '
Sit v
r MrTappan then proceeded to revl1 ti other por. -
tions or lr I" a remarks, and was hlt,,,s.-d by
Mr Wright, who alst replied to some remarks of
SMr C, personal to himself, which were explained by o
f M r Clay. a
Mr Linn also followed in explanation..and alsi t11
urged the propriety and ne. e-i, uo appropriating v
money for the purpose ..f PtL-.' imbi itiintiton in a p0- v
sitzion ro mairjtaih her honor and defend herself Iroirn 2
foreign ieasaiun, instead of dividing her revenues [
i among the States.
MrTainmailte ceritenuled that by dividing the m- '-
ney amntilg ti- Slif. i'- tie devoted to the purposes d
of internal improvement, the best means for national e
I defence was adopted, n
Mr Btr ha.,,ii.. lie had but a very few words to
say 'tlime 'e,,r~ir lirnti Kentucky, [Mr CLay,] in itfe
C CutrS uhit i.ttmarkis t, oy ilii t senrel that Sefas- Li
t-.r. irnasrmJy lo to. pres-etl 'Jdmmriairalrorl bad ar-
t; .iel ait itme i'lt eCstnai-Mm .. lavs.r ul ite rtediiction of al
the ise g uI lahnnr Wlie,, calr- upotO b)i ihe Sene- rn
* tur treeI Ohi.. [Mr Tliupar) rn Inei.mntit, In.t iamaneso a
rny auth anti.ii.., i.t s. Irlie-. It> tiu ply wilh the
I request he (Mr B+) presumed ir m courtesy to thote g
implicated in the charge. His speech at the lasi t
earifnuii niris'trof the Independent Treasuiry Bill, s(
ta far ,is reialed i,) the ieges uf labor, had been si r
extensively mnmrmprr.enrte.l, oum ul this House, that em
even at the risk of having it suggested that he had h'
made an applioation of the rem irk of the senator to
himself, he rose to disclaim any such argument. He
had never risen in the Senate, he never could rise in
rhe Senate, and use at argument in laver r-f reduc- m
,ig irie ages uf the poor man's labor He was in- qt
Lapalole I Jdt',nnlg any such proposition. He hi
had disclaimed any such argument, over and over fe
alain at the last sessioa, arnd ne iRuuld escer dis,?sl'm
it as oftn as it might be imputed. 11 the Senator
from Kentucky, or atty other Senator, should at any gr
time think proper to examine his speech, asd at be
t tempt to fix such a charge upon him, he should at |l

ly, however profitable in particular cases-which
ust have given to mere speculation a most un-
ealthy impetus. The effects of the Chinese in.
lligence have been already felt. The price of
a at the time we write (three o'clock) has fallen
given pence per lb.,1whilst that of East India cot-
n has risen. The cause of the former change is
vious; the cause of the latter is, that large quan-
ties of cotton which, had the war continued,
would have been shipped lor this country, will,
lhen the usual trade shall have been again open-
at Canton, be sent to that port; and we are
rare that in August last one native merchant
emnset Jee) had in his possession, waiting the
rn of events, upwards af 100,000 bales of this ar-
icle. Matters have thus already begun to settle
own to the level of a wholesome standard.
The following extracts take different review of
a Chinese question.
(Fron- our ornhbay Correspondent.)
Now all these professions are regarded as mere
etence on the part of the Emperor to get rid of
or force which is an unpleasant proximity to his
pital. The general opinion appears to be that
i good can be done until the Bogue Forts are de-
toyed, and trinat the Admiral and Captain Elliot
ve allowed themselves to be completely over-
ached by the Chinese, and that an indefinite pe.
id will be consumed in negotiations. Mr. Astell,
merly of the Company's factory, is of opinion
iat affairs cannot be settled amicably. Mr. Clark
ffers on that point.
The following from the Bengal Herkaru, speaks
Ssentimenrs of the great majority of the Indian
We laid before our readers, in our yesterday's
xtraas, tne substance of the intelligence from Chi-
We are apprehensive that they, a well as our-
lses, will experience a feeling of no little disap.
intoment upon the occasion. It would seem, that
though we have a prospect, or ratheA a promise of
nurmeration for oflanoes offered by the Chinese
thorities, yet we have, as it appears to us, from
Swe can learn, very little security that these pro-
seas will be fulfilled. We are reluctant to say,
ist we belive the Chinese Government has gained
point. That it has referred as to a land of prom-
, and we have consented to forego a possession
d accept of the bond of promise. Some little
me ago, we stated, that if we wished to make an
aprression upon the Chinese Government, we
usiat trike at the heart and not the extremeties ;
would seem, that we have mdse an ineffecualI
ow at the heart which having failed, we have
am referred very cooly to the exittemestiss, and by
doing we have given the Chinese authorities, be
Emperor or Mandarin. a ban* whereon to erect

The packet ship North America arrived
New York ou .'iaiurd..y morning, after a #ei
s0ort pasiiage,lrorn Lterprool, bringing Londi
papers tHie tir arndi Liverpool to the 9th
It will be seen that the newffrom China,
to the slet October and is highly important,
well as that from Egypt atnd India.
MI., ,i11u l'oI iFiltg, l'Wednesday, Six o'clot
a. m,.-The Meisenger, the official evening pal
of Monday eveningcontains the following te
giiphic d J.paich :-
-Msa.seilies, Jan. 2, Six p. m.-Malta, Dec. 28.
".Kurruck Sing, King 4f Lahore. died on the f
0' Nuou'ntber. During his funeral his success
N'ow Nebal ding. perished by accident. Shere i
ascends the throne. The affairs of China are
the point of being terminated. The Lnt..'li-h t
to receive three millions sterling uas .derutii
Dost Mohammed has definitively surrendered
the English."
From the London Mercantile Gazette.
LosDoN, Wednesday evening, Jan, 6.
The Ul,,in,, tuestlion is settled-the war
CWbool is terminated,-and Mehemet MXi
thoroughly and effectually subdued.
We are to day enabled to place before our res
eta important intelligence from the East, whi
cannot fail to be productive of much gratification
to every individual who can so far divest him&
of pony feeling as to rejoice over the signal sat
cesses of Great Britain abroad under any adinin
The news from China and India we have I
ceived by the overland mail; the intelligence fro
the former having been conveyed to Calcutta I
H. M. S. Cruiser.
Our advices from Alexandria are to the 24th u
and we are in possession of journals and advic
from Malta to the 28th.
The itelligrnce from China is as gratifying
it is important, and it is especially satisfactory b
cause it bears with it this ,_rerlt zi--it was une
peeled so little importance had been attached
the progress announced by the last overland ms
to have been made by the Chinese expedition.
appears, however, mthat the Chinese question
thoroughly settled-that the occupation of Chusi
ind their i,..ceeding of Admiral Elliot have broug]
Ite Emptri.r of China to his ensese, and that I
has offereil I) send plenipotentiaries to Canton 4
Ningpo, for the arrangement of all matters in di
feience with Great Britain.
S Shortly after the capture of Chosan, Admir
Elliot, in proceeding to the Pecho river, was m
by a mandarin of the third iank of the Chinei
Empire, though some accounts say by the Emp
ror himself, while others affirm that Admiral Elli,
had arrived at Pekin, and had an audience of th
The Emperor has agreed to pay 3,000,0001 fi
the expenses incurred by the British in makir
war; other authorities state 2,000,0001/. sterling t
indemnity for the opium seized, and 1,000,00C
far the expenses of the war. The Emperor, eithi
himself or through his officers, has expressed pacif
intentions to the Admiral, and hlie disavows the at
lions of his commissioner Lin. This tatter, indeed
has fallen into disgrace, and the Emperor offers t
surrender hint into the hands of the British, to 1I
dealt with as they may think proper.
Chusan*is not to be given up until the treaty I
It is stated (and certainly there is nothing mn
raeulous in the fact that his Celestial Majest
should be so influenced,) that the Emperor ;
greatly annoyed at our occupation of Chusan, an
his Minister hinted "that the Admiral's visit ha
prevented the march of fierce soldiers to retake th
We are sorry to add that dysentery prevail
among our troops at China, and tiiat the climate
was very unhealthy.
The news from India is also of the utmost in:
portance. The Cabool and Affghanistan war ha
been terminated. By our advices thence, we lear
that Dost Mohamed, alter sustaining another deles
found it necessary to throw himself upon the met
cy of the British, and, accompanied by only a sin
gle follower, had placed himself under the protect
lion of Sir Win. M'Naghten. From Seinde also w
learn that the happiest results had followed th
steps taken. The Beloochees had sustained further
defeats, with considerable loss on their part, and
:omparatively trifling sacrifice on ours, and hat
beea reduced to subiission. They had recently
plundered the country in every direction, but th,
greater portion of the pillage had fallen into ou
hands. Khelat was on the 4th of November occupi
id without resistance by the troops under the cou
wand of General Nott.
All fears of hostilities are also at an end; for w4
ire informed that Kurruck Singh, King of Lahore
lied on the 5th oltNovember, and that during thi
funeral ceremony his successor, Nou-Nebal bingh
vas killed by accident. Shere Singh has ascended
he throne. With the tw6 former, who were con
sidered to be especially adverse to Great Brotti,,
all dread of threatened hostility has vanished.
Our intelligence from Alexandria states, that tht
rip of the Great Liverpool, from Falmouth to that
place, with the mails, had been made in fourteen
lays and one hour, for only twelve days and ons
hour of which time she was at sea.
The plague had appeared in Alexandria a month
earlier than usual, and three deaths had been offi-
ially noticed. Ibrahim Pacha was still with his
rmy at Damascus, to which he returned in very
II health and best by the mountaineers, hoping (ti
was believed) to avail himself of the Napier icon-
ention to return to Egypt peaceably and by sea.
lehemet Ali had again written to Admiral
ltopford on the 21lst ult. and proposed to send an-
ther message to expedite the return of Ibrahim
nd his army. Sir Chsrles Smith had arrived in
he Hydra at Alexandria, and having had an inter-
iew with the Pasha, placed the Hydra at his set-
ice, to convey his despatch to Marmorica on the
2d ult. Sir Charles left Alexandria in the Great
.iverpoul. Serious sickness had prevailed at Acre.
'he storm that visited the coast of dyria had pro-
uced an alarming scarcity at Beyrout and in the
mountains, where the new Turkish governor had
ecklessly stopped the supplies of grain arriving,
nd the mountaineers were again nearly driven
ito cllittni wtilt the eothorities by desperation.
No hope is entertajned that the Porte will be
ble to govern Lebnon, now that the population is
e-armed. Mehemet Ali was still raising batteries
ad it-,.sinhin, his troops incessantly, and had
iven notice to the National Guards oh Alexandria
iat they were to consider themselves his regular
soldiers. At the same time he was making prepa-
iteons for the better cultivation of his private
states, asd had appointed his son, Said Bey, and
Is grandson, Abbas Pasha, to be resident adminis-
atore in separate districts.
It has seldom fallen to our lot to publish such a
ass of vitally important intelligence from so many
tarten in which deeply valuable British interests
ave been at stake as that which we have thus re-
reed to.
The results cannot fail to be in the highest de-
tee satisfactory. The power of British arms has
sen recognised, or vindieated,-the expense of
ng-protracted and distant wars has been saved,
ad an end has been put to that instability of aL.
irs-ihe most dan erous to her commerce gener-

a i"mighty big lie." The empire f China exlita
on a "mighty big lie"-thr y will now swear that
they, that is the Chirs;: Grniernnent have made
u. knock undi.r, that is again to say that they have
lboiced us to go io ( anton to Sttile preliminaries.
and we shall be placed just in the position ante bel.
Lum. We have thus lost out opportunity, we shall
be itblthgeil to do that which we ought to have done
at first, to strike at their heart."
tGreat sickness prevailed ,rnt-1r,i.l tho troops at
t.'hiti',,r Iy I lit rni,nh of the .,nitr,,r; ,tirn arid 2W
.i, the 6-ir, -,rf til .,jr .1 i), art lt I l, efly -i' 11
W .1.1 .-I i.M et >n ,J [a ie tl ;it, pr-.i- nw ben t s fil Irn i.,
Calcutta. Theisland lit.'ell. r,,re'r, statied ,o i-
unhealthy. Captain Austrutherof the Madres rnq.
,trir eren iirnltttlhicy [iptlred by l the h-isti-
VWnld Stb i'tlilig e t .tliiniha mire ul the town eo C'itn-
i in i. A l es 1 i' 1 1.1.1e. h -e Kite asid the Ilnu-
durn Inb,, rnd tr.e ulliLers and c1ew of the
former are in ihe hands of the -Chinese and AiN .1.
Opium was in great demand on the coast, and had
advanced to 900 and $1000 per chest.
l'he letters from Liverpool of the 7th, speak favor-
ably ufith COULItoi hkei., and the condition l o1mo-
iey irnalifra.
LONDON, January 6-2 o'clock.
The very important itews fromm LChina ha i ot coarse
given a Jilt to thin funds, wbicti have been very buoj -
ant. The business, however, has been in money bar-
gains, speculative operations having beun comipara.
tively restricted. F,,r ,r-,,-ini tr.,n,fer Console have
been marked 891-4 I % ,J% a.Je,,il nd or time 89
3-8 to 1-2. Banik stockhas advanced as, .rn tiae pr
cent. being marked 160 te ]61, ai.t ,'ai India
Stock has risen from the previous notinal price oft
238 1.2 to 242 ex-div. Exchequer Bills are 7s to9as
Yesterday afternoon the fordtgn exchanges were
heavy again. Bills on 'arot were taken at 25 52 1-2
57 1-2, on Amstsrdam at 12 2 1-4, on Hamburg at 13
7, and on Triteste, at 10.2 12- to 3 1-2.
LONDON, Jrn i6.
In another partof our paper will be found an atb-
stract of the produce of the revenue of this countr
in the years and quarters ending 5th Jan. 181u. ard
5ih Jui. 1841.
It appears by this that there ts a decrea,r ,,n tihe
latter, compared with the fruinorii % or juiritine to
.254,000; whilst there is an iL re-e '..- r ihe lis ,,tiar.
ter, when comnparea with that ending 1i, Jinuiry,
2840, amounting to X8,602.
'The two great departnients in which I|,| .e
crease has occurred, are the Customs ar.d ihe PitI

LIVERPOOL COIPTON MARKET. up slai., Plddeiphns tnaiitae.,a,i , ID
TUSDAi.Jn i 5 ,. ...,
The sales to-day are 4000 American a: .., d in 7d ..
and 10 Uon speoIulation. --
Jan. 6.-To-days sales If cotton amount io 45.10 sl'U 0 | P il "i.-="eb. I1
bags, which are made up chiefly of Amrcin .rcur e-- -
serlpttons. and nearly all to the trade. Litretmne pit. ARRI' LD
ces have been obtained IbW all qualities of American
descriptions. Ship Adelaide, Dubfhs, from Canton and 'Manilla,
deoriptons eses r u d14e5,ta. dslid 88 from Java Uead, with teas, &c to
A good active business %a& .ldui- in duly paid bond U at. f I%).
Flour at steady prices for l'intir. "ilaie. bui 'anada 1en eM t'.
was about 6d cheaper Flo.r mn bond 26s. Sack flour m1%", In-h'er. 'rydvle. 19 daIs from NOrhaans,
very (Jll. uir la,.,( c s *'i'y.
very dL w pBri Ptil. if.,rdi ii dasfrom Boshlmr.wilhmdza
6 (,n nI l'l & a nlil.
/ FROM FLORIDA. hfig Rimamn n,lI Buclisporti) Eustis, 20 days from
Correspondence of ithe Savewnat Reeublican. Aux ',)ee. vIt, log*o..,- i Samuntl I hurchna.
ST. AUGUSaTINE, Jan, 22-7 am. -.:hr lU-' 1, loAnid. S days ifro im i\ ,ls i4 m mo-
From an authentic source at Tampa ,Bay, under laese. t 11 Kir,:K .n v C.j
date of the 24th Dec. we learn that on the 19th an Sichr Msary Ai ,a& Citrline. Tomrlin. 21U d, ye from
Indian came in with the white flag, bringing with Fran.klih. La ilnh nm, ti Am0r 'Patlua.
him two of his children/which he lelt as an evidence Schr Isaoella, Baker. 10 days Irom 'a.ihingion. N
ofthe sincerity, by which he was influenced, and C. with naval stores, to Armer Patton.
sni oui to b i111 ti the balance of his connexions Schr Billow, Stevens, 4 days frum Neusbern, NC.
Aleor brirgmnt ihenm in, he is to go in pursuit ofCoa- with naval Stores to A Patton.
ca.. te -..r I, J L nt, whom he says he feels pretty CLEARED.
sure he can induce to come in also. Holatoochee, Brig Independence. Graham, AnttgonaJohn Wash.
tthe principal chief of the delegation from AiDri W n n rshnn euegs
kansas, ha. been sometime at Sara Sola Bay, Brig W. J Wals, Marshman, .'erluego. R F
about aixty mi es to the south-east of Tampa, ft. .,pe ,
about sixty mi,es to the south-east of Tamps,.: Brig Paul T Jones, Ireland, Charleston, Joseph
awaititug the arrival of the Semmoles. who are Hand.
expected in, as three of the delegation have been Brig Acorn, Howes, Boston, Grant & Stone.
some time in search of them, and succeed in col- Shr 8 Schuylkill, Dazey, Wilmington. NC. James
lecting between 50 and 60, who were ready to come Palton & Son.
in and converse with himn on the subject of' emigra. s,-rr .,gt. Tindal, Norfi and Pterarg, J
lion, but learning that a body of troops were approach- 11.r, ,i 4- LC..
ing the point where they ware collected, they took htir Junin Jay, Nickerson, Provnience, Moore &
the alarm, and dippersed themselves in the woods Harp em
again; and it is ex.iected by the 4td of February. they Hap
will be all in at Sara Sota, when the delegation will MEMORANDA
meet them. Sh.p O'aie.nMickke. sailed from Callan 6dayabe-
One of ie delrgat;on went after Ilcho Emathla, fore ine s-hr da. usete. a Baltimore, in 69 days troni
the chief A ilnthT.l.arasises who was his nephew, lslay, Par iiE Ocuin
who finding the old man, brought him to Fort No. Barque Rosalba, Spencercleared atNOrleans, 15th
4, near Cedar Keys, with all his family, and some ult lor Balumore._
other Indians. The old chief ma sending out for the B-g R dail-ph. Goldsniih, cleared at Charleston
balance of the tribe, and declares himself willing to on T.espla, lur Ptl,ntld.
emigrate. BipH iu1,all 'Aa. clthw NOrleani 19iht ul., doubt-
---ga-- -- Ic- m pm tlJter. lhom Apilachioila
MR. FORiESTi-The great rti.eod;an bids us adieu EB tg- h,. l--r-r, il '-red ati CharikEsin e Toes.
t.,.r.iehli as we uniderstand.l iV rd hoped to see dn i \ imiin -i him end tohave tine to do betterjiistice to ltrh5-'sllers.i,.,,Chuseif thlalelpf-ha .wasclear-
those noble shapes that he has evoked to adorn and ed s 1taltimre -iJn WIrned.y, for Montevideo, by
dig ity our stage. He appears tonight in a charac. H hI.
ter new, we be believe, to our theatre-onme which is Brig Gov Robbins, Keen, from Ea.rpurt.lw is at Ha-
strongly identified with his earliest reputation- vana li dni,i. .;tc- u,,'.
"The Gladiator." Those who have seen Mr Fnr Brig "',.nte, 'i,,se at Matanzas ]6th ult. from.
rest, thruntr h the past week, with their own eyes, Kitigston, la.
and n.i by he spectacles of stale and muty criti. Brig Ganniclefft, cleared at NOrleanrs, 18th ult. for
cism, will probably agree thatithe chiefeat merit l Phat.
his acting is the living, glowing soul that animittes hr Qil Bias, Howes, 18 days rnm Curraroa s-,
ail his characters, and this merit pervades the quiet- rived at NYork oi Friday S, hr H nt Teua. t'rowel.
er scenes as remarkably as the itnf'a,riun-id iilh ild, day lur '1Yurk. Leflt schr Love. God-
him the subtle sides and lines itari ae ennrnlipd trey, olor N\ t'ori itlltiaf.
and suffused wi h the golden light of feehi.g-toh;m !. hr'('eie., lRoytlui,%'ns Ioanling at Maarnzia 14th
as to the ancient statuary. the ex,-titii. it mniul, of tIl. I-in PId.
mechanical beauty bringing not content till it step- ';.r t a- tor. Millhnir,ri. at Baltimore on Thurs.
ped firomn its pedestal, a moving, breathing, speai', in daInroen, -a'.alhat,
being. Mr Forrest's recitation ispeculiarly ieatitul Schr 4rmer Patton, Thompson. cleared at Babti.
-because, iu the midst of its studied correctness, it more on I'hiili-. I-m.,r Philadd
goes to the heart, and in the combination of these Schr I.hann,,e. Ktinriin. ienn6eat Nehbu-ypn-.t2wtih
two merits, severe art and glowing, exciting spirit, he alt.
has no equal on the stage. If we may judge from MANI.a.-The ship Lu,:,nia was ato ql for New
the manner in which his performances have been Y,,rlatalit the 10oih Sept. The Rhberi Buwine sailed
received here, his audiences have oeen pretty una- Ion Newl ,"rk about the 10th Aug
nimously of the same opinion. -
[Charleston Murcury. NORTH WARD
------- A meeinn of the ciizens of North Ward wll tbe
CHESNUT WARD. Ieli- ,-ni Tie.djvi ee,.inr. February 2J. ali
,".f .r tif til.) Iarrbs.k.Me lurkel street, h ,t i'ceii Hilh
In accordance wi-h public notice, the democratic ,,ad 13th 1relnr h .nit,.e. for the Ipose ot taking
citizens of Chesnut Ward convened at the houe -if I.,, tMsi delatlnl rie report mnde by thrpose H.. inWr
John P Vanleer. (Bull's Head, Strawberry street,) on B. Reed oI the Senate, to i-ncrease the ni"ber of
the evening of the 27th inst. John Ashton, Jr., wa; s Words fO rteuity-herehy dividing North Ward
called to the chair, and John Lockrey cho'len Sec.into ,1, Wards vih a i,,rt of another. The cit.
relary: when the fonllonwing nomination was made tnto '.'.. 'fade'.mlh a turt of another. The citi.
retry; when the following nomination was made zens of North Ward are invited to attend without
from which will be selected by ballot at the iueeliAg distinction of party, as early action is .uaenallty lie-
On Monday next, lst Feb.. five citizens to meet the cto i-
general ward committee to choose delegates to the c arys.s, I.'el- 1-d l
4th of March Convention: 'l',.: mIr,ir.itMC. L cCt Imi us PlPN Nsrl %ANiH -- i nd
NOMINATIONS. Annual meeting ofthe Ilfsa,.ritan sonemey ot Pent-
Owen McGirr, John W McGrath. In a.n; will he held atthe PhllosopiealFlail, over
JohinAshton, Jr., Michael Ryan, ihle lhilrnum, this ieriiln a7 no-'. cit. P MN,
John P Vaileer, Henry MCormick, feb l-It .It i1tt R r VSO S.Nee'rv.
Thins AT i,,niitiir-, Joseph H Newbold, FIRST % 'ARD, N. L.
Lewi I'Tn ,n., Robert Davis. mer.inn, ,,lhr. Democratic Association of the-
Jacob llolahan, Ptr, i'Dan;el. Fit \'W mr.J,-,\orthernm L aitriue. sill be hehil at the
John O'DoUnnell, Wn,'lmr,zr :, houseof Francis Miller, Frt%' Ward Hotel, talluo-
John Lochrey. hill street below BSe- Ltd. ihis et' .r'.ing, auI fr e0rlick,
JOIHN ASUTON,Jr., Chairman. P.M. for to elect d r',id Av.octa ion Pun.I -
JOHN LOCIFREy, Secretary. tual attendance m r-'qUt-ted. as thcre will ho .,thar
The democrats ofChesanut Ward, will meet at the buae oimrdance r .e s he re w b her
Bull's Head, Strawaerry street, on Motid,,. ec,,,;g business of importne r
iext, at 7 o'clock. ja ti -L-d'lt feb 1 + JONATHAN SCOUT. SecreLiry.


The oftener the bqautilul Norma is looked upon-
the more Irequently ti,. I, I lriouis inunic is listened
to, so much the more 'vni, annid c-liJnrrit becomes
the impression made Ar each successive represen-
tation, another and another charm is discovered-a
new beauty springs into life, and aome little gem,
hitherto unnoticed, shines forth in ail its new-born
,,ll,,cv PThe delicious and ravishifig melodies
"Ii' ilir,:.uh itf- mind, and revel in the imagination
1-,r.- :iter lie m'triil sound has passed away; indeed,
to sn great an extent does this atosorbing recollection
sway the every day actions of the most damure four
fellow citizens, that in the drawing room, in the
street, and "in the mart where merchants most do
congregate" an almost inaudible strain-a kind of
noiseless hnm, is constantly heard, which to a stran-
ger woutld'be inexplicable; but which to ears attun-
ed, may be made out to mean something like, "Havo
I not proved thee," &c. 'The third week of the Ope-
ra has commenced under famous auspices.

To-night Mr.. Flynn appears in her favorite char.
actser ot Kate Kearney, in the haily drama of that
name, which is announced for the first time at Din.
neford's popular theatre. It is produced with all the
original music, comprising smie of the sweetest sir,
in the langyrsg To increase the attrsetion of the
eI-,r. mtire rmanlic drama of the Phantom Ship
,ill ie to.r.tlurc-t with pic uresque scenery, dresses
and decorations. These dramas have been a long
time in preparation, and n successful run ilthe pieces has attraction
sufficient to draw a crowded house.


Jan. 30.
$400 State 5's, 1870,
."i00O Lehigh 6's, 1845.
et:ct. Draii m.n New York a t sight,
: I I. Ui S anri,
50 do do 4 days flat
44 do do 60 days flat
2? do do 20 do a flat,
300 do do N W
50 do do 3 ds flat,
83 do do
30 do do cash
200 do Vicksburg bk,
100 do Girard bk 30 ds b flat
10 shares Wilmington RR cash
25 do do
10 do do cash
100 do do opening f4tat
50 cash

After First Board.
$10100 State Fives, 1864,
1100 do 1870,
190 do Girard bank 35 ds b flat
100 di do 40 days b flat
10 shares Wilmington RR

2id BOARD.
8 do Wilmington RR cash,
112 nn,.r .m
100 do do 3 days flat s
100 ,
3 du Nn.rihern Lilety Bank
-'fuit,ltdratLtiiNewV'rk ii atighLt


87I 100
76 100
1001 lio
104 1(10
50$ 100
91 100
34 O
341 W
40 wt

861 100
34 50
391 s3

9 50

42 50
loOj 100

738 shri. U States bk, 504
310 do Del & Had canal. 95
375 do Vicksburg 9
-200 do Patterson RR 50*
495 41o rir,)ion 31
600 do Hirlern ; Hl 3i.
10 sh8 Mohawk RR 6 6r
407 do Long Island R R K6j
65 do N Jersey R R and Trans Co. 75
11 do Utica RR. 132
Sales at New York, Jan. 30.
1050 she U S bank, t
865 do Del ann Hudson 94
965 do N Am Trust 30
335 shB Vic kburgbk. 91
5 hmr BUou s and Providence RR 93
7775 do N Y. 'rov. & BostonR IK 31
Exchange on Philadelphia m aj
S -xchange on London, 7a8B-PFaiO f2Sc.

rVF [I' E.
11%4'f icc
T n Tri.i masaii tO the Bran-h Railroad,
^ Ogf ttaeter, Bjrdentcwn and Trentn by
ili- Jr, 6 reIhet having heor, iM-. igh-
ly repaired, ihe tripseof ihe'Trent6n .in,. via Cam-
den, will be resumed (on Mi,d ,). lihe at of Febroa-
r). Iand h.,te VWaii',i sir,-Ie F-rry daily (Sundays
eP,. ert.t'.i a] lhrirr e u't' k I'. M
Returning will leave 'renlon at seven o'clock.
next morning. Fare, 50 center.
feb l-dlw Aisvnt.
1.110)"TIg_ e
For Burlington, Bristol, ani jordentlowsi,
At 2 o'clock, P. M.
S. The sa eamboat BURULINGTON will
'on ,,dt' and after Monday the first day
"' \ ebruary, ledve the whar'f ouith
side of Chesnut street, for the above places.
feb 1-dlw Agent
i O|>:irrlnvrji ll police .
%WINGATE & GASKELL have this day asmoei-
w atud with t,.-n KUUiB HT SCO'lT. for the
transactiitn ofage ,oril SllJu: aii1 BON NE 'T bus-
nets, utodor thefirm .. i WI NGUAT. GAS.KLLL.A
(;OTT ,atthe old s*Md. Nu. hli6 ,Mrtei ireei,.
Philadelphia, P1.TI't B WI,'\1,\ \'G E
hOB.ri'T' '-o rr.
-Philada. Feb. 1, 1841. feb L-dSt
N 0 L (1.. --'"
FnO U It lL.
TII+E Co partieprship herelufura existing blweeam
t- he *-it,strther urJder the firm of LUrZ &
DUFFIELD, ii ih s d ,t di..slved by mutual Abaent
The affitirsof's.d firnm ill bh< settled by SamueL
Luz, who will continue in the business at iha old
Philada. Feb 1.1841. feb l--dBt*

To an Ordinance, entitled "An Ordinance fur the
further extension of the Philadel pia Ga s Wurkh," J,.'nu.ry 14th, A. D 1ill.
S LCTION I BA it ordained and encted ly the
Sctizens of Plitadpephmu ine .et e and Co'mman
C.r', sta .iblsAfed., Thai il i'he lat,ir, Aldcrmei niri
Ultni.z-.n ut Phhad,.-Ip.llahell lise pis.ession of thu
P'rhninlelph Gas W'urke at amy time belure the yesa
l141 ilen the hall pay I i tihe T'roles uof'the asid
,,.-rl.s 1pr Ihe leiniefil .,II the etekh-,ldeis. Ihe sum
of thirty thousand rine haindred aim twenty emght
dollars and furteen cniii., beiig the i hole amount
lof lie s,,kirng rand l tine said C,. wurk, antl its ac-
,'Tirul tiinor, intie Ist day of January. A D 1841.
with interest at the ralre it si per ceni per anmun.
from the 1st day 'f January, 1841, up to the time-
at which they shall so take possession, in five per
cent loans ot the city of philade'lpia. having twenty
year. to lun, or in cash. at [Ihe oplontOiii l ih laid
stockholders, in lieu of all mlaims upsn the samoid sink-
ingfsd. u d
SecLt 2. And be i further ordained and armed by
ile authonty aforesaidt, That the ul I the
eight, ,e( itun of tine Odinanc-e tI- vhch his is a
NippleLe1iU, be asind the samei is hereby repealed;
1n1ll ii the Swockholdhera oi the said Ga works ac-
cept ihe terms j-it the Ordiriance to wrich tini as a
SuJplenIll., in pUirsuair e ol the ninth aeci.,n thb-re-
of, ihe iiri a.tmon eil hiisO , ahtlI be blninulg
on tine lVy r Aldrrmen nld C'lliea olf Pniiladjl-
phi.,; ai. ttit,,igh it hit been inrineritlodj Ireni, iji the'
place ot the sael proviso.
Enacted init., i i Oniinanee at iie city of Phila-
delphia this 281i day of JIn.. in Ithe year .of
our Lord ,is treoukandi eight hundred and

Attest-J. C. FIsHa.
I-b I-li

Presidert ul t,.rnmmon f.',in(i.
President al Seleci Council.

Clerk of the Select Council.

0 O[ CASKS lierkImer county Cherse;
0 100t hux a do do,
-,W0 do Pine apple Cheesae; jist recei-
wed and for le by HILLIPS&USSER.
jb 1-pH 2LL9PS&thBUShaERve
Jobl-~ 1 29 soothi w.harve&

On the 25lh int. by I-e Rev R W. Cuqhmgn,Jon
E. ADDiCKi. lWj i ,RARITAlT l daughter o0 trieo It
Cail. Jhii T.iiier. all (t 'has city.
On i hr. morning otl ithe 28,h inr atl St. Stephan's
Churr'l, hb ihe R HIe' Ja. sI',n Kemper. u D..
CHAl).Ht -. iiHlSON, In S.isl, iidauglhter of J.
C- Hinommann.
On the fith inst by lU. Hev Johtn Chamhers. Mr
THOMursoN iHANlS, of Wiln.,irigtoii, Del. to irs AiNN
Foi.i,.l. ,6irl,;+ ri'y
0, ile *vith i,,t. by ihe Rev S A Mealy Mr HN- I
RV Bui.ixiAkrr. Jr ltu Ali.. li.ilinrii L'C, daugthLer
,il Henr, liter bilhof P'hilad.
On I hur-J *y rer'ning. Jrnlary 28ib. at St. Peter's
I',ur'h. h'y ith- rv \ 11WI Odetrnhepmr,. leiAL PlEs-
BtR rTi PLIA .AN r-. to Esrrz DaINKERta, daughter
u ihe laile H.,.ry S. Drinker.

On the 24th ult. Rrarccs Jomrs R'TTtLa. daugh-
ter of Samuel Rutcr. ddercnsd Il lcol Lhi. city.
On the 28th nlt. MrsSARll BowxaN, wife of the
late John Bowen, &led .iyeaa.
'In ihe tJ.U, ult JisiFPll JnetMK, :s" or the Isle
Jufetlh Ht. Dry. in lthe .rit. year ul hi aIe.

I'rst ldealllta Bois I ollof 'Iruade
Monthlf Comrnmittee for January.

Post Office.
Eastern at, 2 A M Eastern at 4 tM
N. Vnrk s A m & 2rM N %'.ifik "51I1l&8 1pu
S.)Ulhertni .A at ] initirn 1t PM
Woiert, "5 AAM&5PMI Vei.-r a i M & Vi P

.11 Ihe Pi.l/'i r nr.
Ship Archer. M',rslatur,. P.e Orleans. soon
lre-nii bn hLiliabil., VWencie. remrnei ouan
Brig s>ua.i G..l. (gibraltiar odn Leiviurn. Jet. 25
BrHg F.lAatbuth. Re-iningiut. lavufiti. o0ul
I, All Letters intended Ito be forvilrded by the Lb
verpouxl Packu-8, .1id othnr ve.mels aderneed it alaIe
aboeistl. a nul be lefl SI the norion lrI r,.ift.

all times be prepared to rpel it. and prove that no an
suvli d 'i-tine was .'u, luin-d iii his speech. t
MNrClthou.tit rose and did he had but few re- ,a
marks to make; but a very general wish for adjourn-a
meet being expressed, m
The Selate adjourned. he
Mr Burke asked the consent of the House to offer Sm
a r.s,,iuli n. that the select eommitee appointed at to
Lte laslt sn .i on ihe EuiOjeci ,l stationery and the ob
letllur hl tie CierK, hb re-appuiietj..
Objhier ton btin made, t it
bir Burke mote- to suspend the rules; but the wt
motion wast negailived. w
Mr Monrris el to. asked leave to introduce a ed
bill entitled "An act to repeal an act entitled an av
act to provider for the safe-keeping, transfer and (j
disbursement of the public money," approved July
4, 1840. t
Uimclteior, being made, tic
Mr MNnri< moved to spend the rules, do
Nit tlMdtl said that he would call for the reading
rfit; as he Ala, very aliious to know what subit th
rule his claJllgige pr.uiiosd f(r the law now in force,
and %hmrh vaTs sought u be repeal I.
(rhe bill was then read. It proposed so substi-
tute.] pt
rfie lqnitluin was thei taken, and resulted-yeas ou
79 inys 87. ci
The Iloua then went into Committee of the
Whole on Ih Tre.,surf NOit. Bill
Mr Wise concluded his remarks from yesterday. str
anl was followed by Mr Hubbard, iu favoi of the ha
b ll. "red
Saturday, Jan. 30, 1841 dif
Mr Rives, Senator elect traiom Virginia, appeared
and took his seat.
The miscellaneous business of the morning was the
confined to private bills, petitions, &c- co
The Senara proceeded lothe cnsideratton of0the
bill ior e.ialishing a Periai.enL Pr.ispective Pre- EX
Emptnn System na
iMr Calhiun addressed the Senate at length in re-
ply to Mer ClIy. ol Kcniunhky, Mr langum nd otlh.
era. and in favor of the uf Ca-.iur, which he Pa
had proptised 4 14
The debate was eoatinued by Mesara. Mangum, rei
Websier and Yobug. al
T'ile Sernanthen adjourned, all
,--- mi
A renolutiiMe was adopted, calling on ii.e Presi- its
dent lir niormaatolii as w the recent seizures of ise,
American velmeli, on ime Alucarn coast, by British an
Several conraunicationn from Executive Depart- 'tI compliance with calls of the Housue, were itl
presented t n
Several rasie hills were read twice and refer. it
rod. Ie
The House then went into Committee of the bo
Whole on the Treanury Note Bill., which was dis-
caned by Messrs. Ilubbard, Jenifer and Cushming ll s
the adjournment. It