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Florida Association of the
American Institute of Architects
104 East Jefferson Street
Post Office Box 10388
Tallahassee, Florida 32302
Publisher/Executive Vice
George A. Allen, CAE
Diane D. Greer
Assistant Publisher
Ray Reynolds
Editorial Board
Charles E. King, FAIA
William E. Graves, AIA
Ivan Johnson, AIA
John Totty, AIA
Robert G. Graf, AIA
Post Office Box 3741
Tallahassee, Florida 32303
Vice President
James H. Anstis, AIA
333 Southern Boulevard
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
James J. Jennewein, AIA
102 West Whiting Street
Suite 500
Tampa, Florida 33602
Mark T. Jaroszewicz, FAIA
University of Florida
College of Architecture
331 Architecture Building
Gainesville, Florida 32611
Regional Directors
Ted Pappas, FAIA
Post Office Box 41245
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Howard B Bochiardy, FAIA
Post Office Box 8006
Orlando, Florida 32806
General Counsel
J. Michael Huey, Esquire
Suite 510, Lewis State Bank
Post Office Box 1794
Tallahassee, Florida 32302

Journal of the Florida Association
of the American Institute of
Architects, is owned and pub-
lished by the Association, a Flor-
ida Corporation not for profit.
ISSN: 0015-3907. It is published
four times a year at the Executive
Office of the Association, 104
E. Jefferson Ave., Tallahassee,
Florida 32302. Telephone (904)
222-7590. Opinions expressed by
contributors are not necessarily
those of the FA/AIA. Editorial
material may be reprinted pro-
vided full credit is given to
the author and to FLORIDA
ARCHITECT, and a copy sent to
the publisher's office.
Single copies, $2.50; subscrip-
tion, $10.00 per year. Third class


Summer, 1983
Volume 30, Number 4


11 Unbuilt But Already Honored
The Unbuilt Design Awards Competition

16 Preservation in Palatka:
It's a Gas
Lora Sinks Britt

18 Cesar Pelli in Jacksonville
Joanna Cenci Rodriguez, AIA

21 Orange County's Civic Center
Says Florida Inside and Out
Bill Charvat, AIA

24 Building and Landscaping in
Lindy Stalder

'. 26 Four Parish Churches
Thomas S. Marvel, FAIA

30 50 Years of Architectural
HABS Has Been Documenting America's
Buildings for Half a Century
F. Blair Reeves, FAIA

32 Reflections on a HABS Summer
Leslie Divoll, AIA


5 Editorial

6 News

Cover drawing of Blossom
Estates Residence in
Palm Beach courtesy of
Charles Harrison Pawley, AIA

36 Product News

39 Letters

41 Viewpoint

44 Student News

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. ...- -,-- ^ .,,


Nero fiddled while Rome burned.
Architects doodle while attending meetings.
I submit the following evidence. A prototype for a
future race of men, a new logo for the American In-
stitute of Clams???, a design for a whole new inner ci-
ty (based loosely on Michelangelo's Campadoglio with
apologies to the former) and a new logo for a well
known Daytona Beach architectural firm.
Each of these exciting designs was produced on a
napkin or a piece of hotel stationery during a meeting
of some sort which only proves that meeting rooms
and lecture halls breed genius.

Diane D. Greer



Above: Rep. Steve Press and Jim Anstis.
Top right: Arlene and Don Sackman and
Michael Byrd. Right: Wayne Betts of the
state Department of General Services and
Dwight Holmes, all at the FA/AIA's
legislative reception.

Architects Host
Legislative Reception
The Tallahassee Headquarters of
the FA/AIA was the site of the 1983
Legislative Reception which kicked
off the 83 session. This year's
reception was well-attended by
legislators, public officials and ar-
chitects. The Gallie Alley Patio
allowed guests to spill outdoors for
the annual April function.
In attendance were a number of
legislators including Represen-
tatives Grindle, McEwan, Combee,
Hill, Brown, Clements, Davis,
Hargrett, Casas, Selph, Harris,
Bronson, Cortina, Smith, Simone,
Mitchell and Cosgrove.

Fresh seafood and the informal
atmosphere permitted a perfect
forum for the legislators and ar-
chitects to chat informally and to
tour the new FA/AIA Headquarters.
An exhibit of paintings and drawings
from Florida A & M Professor Mary
Lou Stewart adorned the walls of
the headquarters and drew many
comments from visitors.

Governor Announces
Design Award Winners
The Burns Auditorium in the
Florida Department of Transporta-
tion was the setting for the second
annual Governor's Design Awards
presentation. Governor Graham
presented awards to five projects in
the areas of recreation, education
and transportation.
This year's winners were
Buildings 1A and 1B at the Universi-
ty of South Florida's St. Petersburg
Campus designed by McLane,
Rados, Alfonso Associated Ar-
chitects; the New World Campus,
Phase 1 at Miami-Dade Community
College designed by Ferendino,
Grafton, Spillis and Candela; John
U. Lloyd Beach State Recreation
Area designed by architects Hat-
cher, Zeigler, Gunn and Associates;
Stephen C. O'Connell Center at the
University of Florida designed by
Moore May Graham Brame Poole/
Architects Inc.; and the 1-75 Inter-
change at SR 45, Sarasota County,
project manager Angelo Garcia.
This year's jury consisted of
Chairman Mark Jaroszewicz, FAIA;
Charles Benbow, Architecture
Critic, St. Petersburg Times; Bob
Graf, AIA; Dr. David R. Epperson,
Architect; Melissa Luetgert, ASID;
Fletcher Sessions, Associated
General Contractors; Stephen Trud-
nak, ASIA; and David C. Weaver,

for -- -0 th accedte trade.0 Ofern th larges an0 mos
copeesv 00 ecio 0f fin 00niur and accssoie 000000da'
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Florida Engineering Society. Sub-
missions were made in eight
categories of eligibility. Any agency
of state or local government may
nominate a project which was
developed or acquired using public
capital outlay funds and which has
been completed and in continuous
use for a minimum of two years.
Historic Preservation Day
Proclaimed in Florida
Secretary of State George
Firestone announced that Historic
Preservation Day in Florida was set
for May 11, 1983, which was in the
middle of national Preservation
Week, May 8-14.
"I am pleased that we are able to
officially focus attention on the
preservation of Florida's heritage,"
Firestone stated. "Not only is such
activity important historically, but
preservation and rehabilitation of
Florida structures contribute to the
economic and social well-being of
our communities."
Historic Preservation Day, the
first proclaimed by the Governor
and Cabinet, was organized by the
Florida Trust for Historic Preserva-
tion in cooperation with the Florida
Department of State. The itinerary
included morning information ses-
sion and open house in the R. A.
Gray Building, and a noontime lun-
cheon and awards presentation for
Florida Trust members and
Legislators at the Old Capitol.
The 1983 Reference Book had the
following errors which are corrected here
with apologies.
Lyn Graziani was deleted from the
Fellows section of the Florida South
Chapter, AIA list, of which he is a member
and his name was misspelled on the
Fellows list.
Sandu Rapp, AIA, is an Emeritus
member of the Florida South Chapter AIA
and his name was deleted from the
chapter list and misspelled on page 106.
On page 10, the photographs of Bruce
Hartwigsen and Charles Braun are revers-
The correct address for Arthur H. Hoag,
FAIA, is 1200 Edgewater Drive, Orlando,
Florida 32804.
The correct listing for Richard D. Pritts
firm is: pritts architects pa, 501 South
Fort Harrison Avenue, Suite 212, Clear-
water, Florida 33516. (813) 461-2331.
Jack West, AIA, is the State Director for
the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter AIA.
Robert Town, AIA, is not.
Please note these corrections in your
copy of the Reference Book. Thank you.

Historic Trust Moves Into
FA/AIA Headquarters
The Florida Trust for Historic
Preservation has hired an executive
director and opened an office in
Tallahassee. The FA/AIA has made
space available to the Florida Trust
in their new headquarters facility
across from the Capitol. The Florida
Trust will be using the space for the
next four months until permanent
headquarters can be found for the
newly appointed executive director,
Octavia Copenhaver.

Builders Schedule
Awards Competition
Architects, builders, land plan-
ners and designers throughout the
southeast will receive entries in
May for the fourth annual Aurora
Awards competition which will
highlight this year's Southeast
Builders Conference (SEBC) in
Orlando, October 26-29.
Recognizing achievements in
design excellence, quality construc-
tion and innovative land planning,

the Aurora Awards competition is
open to all builders, architects, plan-
ners and designers actively engag-
ed in residential and commercial
construction in southeastern states
from Texas to Virginia.
To be eligible, projects must be
open for sale, lease or rental after
September 1, 1983, and must be
bcated in the Southeast Region
which includes Texas, Louisiana,
Alabama, Mississippi, Florida,
Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky,
North Carolina, Virginia and South
A team of nationally recognized
housing experts will make up this
year's panel of judges, to include
editors of national building trade
publications, an architect, a plan-
ner, an interior designer and a
marketing consultant.
Winners will be acknowledged
and receive grand and merit awards
at the Aurora Awards spectacular
and banquet the night of October
Anyone interested in entering the
competition should contact Mike
Taggart at (904) 224-4316.

Han... ,

FLociA has been
cratn s tim lain.5
fucioa enirnmnt
Whte tes etigi

FLtoRIDAta AcHiTEcTSME 1983er

Candela Testifies at
Tallahassee Conference
Miami architect Hilario Candela,
AIA, recently testified at a con-
ference entitled "The Commercial
Applications of Defense R & D:
Enhancing America's Economic
Security". The conference was
sponsored by the RGK Foundation
and its attendees included a con-

gressional panel including Florida's
Don Fuqua, Lt. Governor Wayne
Mixson, Secretary of State George
Firestone and chief executives from
leading defense contractors and
prominent academicians.
The intent of the conference was
to explore avenues for transferring
military aerospace R & D
breakthroughs and technology into
the private economy. Candela's

Designs by

Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock

The Master Architects
1155 Louisiana Avenue, Suite 101, Winter Park, FL 32789
(305) 644-2656



testimony was unique in that it
came from a profession not directly
related to military R & D, and in that
it addressed the application of new
technology in the building design
and construction industry.
Candela said, "Florida industry is
rapidly becoming more oriented
toward the high technology
associated with military and
aerospace projects. The economic
benefits of this trend are substan-
tial, and we must make every effort
to create the kind of business,
social and cultural environment that
will continue to attract these in-
dustries to our state."

News of FA/AIA .Members
Anderson Parrish Associates,
one of Tampa's largest AE firms, is
expanding its office space after less
than seven months in its present
space. APA President John D. Par-
rish says that the expansion for the
firm's present space in the Paragon
Crossing office building will in-
crease their total floor area to 7,700
square feet and allow for four to six
additional staff members ... Diane
C. Holland is the new Public Rela-
tions Director for Architects
Design Group of Winter Park ...
Nicholas N. Patricios, professor of
architecture and planning, has been
named acting dean of the new
School of Architecture at the
University of Miami. His appoint-
ment was effective June 1, 1983.
Before joining the UM faculty in
1978, Patricios was a visiting
scholar at the University of
Michigan and UCLA. He holds a
doctorate in architecture from
University College, London ...
Charles E. Block, AIA, has an-
nounced that his associate, An-
thony J. Donadio, has become a
Registered Florida Architect.
Donadio has been affiliated with the
Block firm in Vero Beach for two-
and-a-half years ... The Evans
Group announced the appointment
of Terry O. Nichson, AIA, to the
Orlando office of that firm. Nichson
has eleven years of experience in
environmental planning and ar-
chitectural design. He is a native of
Michigan, but a graduate of the
University of Miami.




Miami 33137. 155 NE 40th Street. 305/573-5533
South Miami 33143. 5838 SW 73 Street. 305/665-5733

I i I 1]



-~ TB:~ED~P: -

Unbuilt But Already Honored

The Unbuilt Design Awards Competition

"I didn't see an idea," one of the
jurors lamented after reviewing 137
designs by architects from Florida
and the Caribbean. But he and his
fellow jurors did find individual merit
in twelve projects entered in the
Florida Association's first Unbuilt
Design Awards competition.
The competition was initiated this
STUBBINS year to highlight projects of promis-
ing architectural distinction. The
twelve winning projects were
diverse: A fire station, a hospital, a
resort and a public library in the
Caribbean, a stadium for performing
killer whales and several houses
and offices were among the chosen
The jurors were unwilling to nar-
row the field further because of the
r nature of the competition. Juror
Ehrman Mitchell, FAIA, referred to
the drawings and photographs of
the proposed buildings as "card-
board art." He said it was difficult to
determine which projects would
result in outstanding architecture
MITCHELL because they were not real and
could not be viewed in context.
"I don't think there's architecture
until you can go out and touch it,"

Mitchell said. "Between cardboard
and reality is a long bumpy road."
In assessing the overall quality of
the submissions, the jurors were not
complimentary. Mitchell said he had
hoped to see designs that belonged
in the region. "I was looking for a
regional character that one could
recognize as a response to a
place," Mitchell said. "But what we
found was architecture that you
could put anywhere in the country."
Juror Hugh Stubbins, FAIA,
agreed: "There are an awful lot of
cliches. What it says to me is that
architects are not doing very good
Mitchell said that submissions
reaffirmed one of his concerns
about Florida architecture.
"One of the problems I have
always had with Florida architec-
ture is that it is so plastic. What the
architects need to strive for is
something more of an image of
what you see rather than what it's
going to look like." Mitchell said ar-
chitects in Florida and in southern
California seem to be more in-
terested in designing buildings that
say, "Look how I look."


Hugh Stubbins, FAIA, is president and principal architect for Hugh
Stubbins and Associates, Inc. in Boston. Mr. Stubbins was responsi-
ble for the design of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and
Citicorp Center in New York. He has been involved in the design of
the new Dade County Administration Building in Miami.

Ehrman B. Mitchell, FAIA, is partner in charge of overall opera-
tions in Mitchell/Giurgola Architects in Philadelphia and New York.
/ His firm was commissioned to design the new Parliament Buildings
in Australia. Mr. Mitchell is a past president of the American In-
COLBERT stitute of Architects.

Charles Colbert, FAIA, is an architect-planner in New Orleans. He
is a visiting professor of architecture at Tulane, Rice, Wisconsin and
Louisiana State Universities. He has written several books, and is
especially knowledgeable about school design.





Public General Library of
Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico
A. Marques Carrion, Architect
(Manuel Bermudez, Project

---J _A .

Apalachicola River and Bay National Estuarine Sanctuary
Apalachicola, Florida
Johnson/Peterson Architects, Tallahassee

Loew's Hotel
Antigua, West Indies
Fullerton + Associates,
South Miami




Cancer & Chronic Disease
Research & Treatment Center
University of South Florida, Tampa
Joint Venture: Stuart L. Bentler,
and Heery & Heery, Atlanta

Mesa Houses
Texas Hill Country
William Morgan Architects,

Jacksonville Convention Center
at Union Terminal
Jacksonville, Florida
Reynolds, Smith and Hills
The CRS Group, Inc.
Register Engineers and Planners,
Saxelbye, Powell, Roberts &
Ponder, Inc.



~4 jZh


Theme Center,
Opa Locka Air Park
Adaptive Re-use of a blimp hanger,
circa 1920
Opa Locka Airport,
Dade County, Florida
Norman M. Giller & Associates,
Miami Beach

Blossom Estates residence
Palm Beach, Florida
Charles Harrison Pawley, Miami

A Bahamas Island house
Chub Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
George F. Reed, Coconut Grove


Harbour Master and Yacht Club
Shelter Cove, Hilton Head Island,
South Carolina
Eugene R. Smith & Associates,

Ft- F I- T -1--T T


North Elevation
Fire Station No. 6
Tallahassee, Florida
Johnson/Peterson Architects, Tallahassee

Shamu Stadium 84 for Sea
Orlando, Florida
Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock,
Winter Park


------ -- ------ - ------------ ----

Preservation In Palatka: It's A Gas

by Lora Sinks Britt

Preservationists in the historic
old northeast Florida city of Palatka
have succeeded in turning a down-
town eyesore into an attractive new
building. An abandoned gas tank
has been converted into the head-
quarters of the Palatka Gas Authori-
Robert E. Taylor, AIA, who has
practiced in Palatka since 1974,
was architect for the transforma-
The Palatka Gas Authority had
initially planned to tear down the old
tank, which was built in 1929 and
used to store LP gas until 1959,
when natural gas came to the city.
But when the directors of the gas
authority found it would cost them
$15,000 to remove the tank, they
reconsidered. Taylor was asked to

design a building that incorporated
the old gas tank.
He had a unique structure to work
with. The 12-sided tank of reinforc-
ed concrete was 43 feet in diameter
and 16 feet high. Above the tank
was a steel frame of an additional
16 feet, with columns and vertical
tracks that moved the original cover
up and down to pump the gas out of
the tank.
The exterior walls were of
tapered thickness. They were 13 in-
ches at the bottom, and 9 inches
thick at the top. Galvanized metal
lath was nailed to the concrete and
then stuccoed. Inside, where the
walls were perpendicular, drywall
was applied.
Taylor's design required only two
openings at the ground level. The
front and rear entrance were cut
with a jackhammer through the wall

of the tank, which was reinforced
horizontally and vertically with steel
bars. Windows were positioned
above the reinforced wall in the
6-foot, 8-inch addition of block walls
that enclosed the second floor.
The two stores and 314 square
feet of space added at the rear en-
trance yielded 2,760 square feet.
The first floor of 1,330 square feet is
the reception and billing area. About
half of that area is open to the ceil-
ing. The mezzanine houses the
authority's administrative offices.
The total cost of the project was
$165,377, or $59.55 per square
foot. Richard O. Newman of
Leesburg was consulting engineer
for the project, and Sheffield Enter-
prises of Palatka was the contrac-
Lora Sinks Britt is an active preserva-
tionist and former editor of the Palatka
Daily News.

Top right: The 1926 storage tank as it appeared when the architect began his work.
Bottom right: The tank after it was converted into the new headquarters for the Palatka
Gas Authority. Above: The interior of the building used for reception and billing. Photos
courtesy of Lora Sinks Britt.



Cesar Pelli in Jacksonville

Pelli's Museum Tower in New York.

by Joanna Cenci Rodriguez, AIA

The Jacksonville Chapter of the
AIA sponsored a presentation in
February by Cesar Pelli, FAIA, at the
Jacksonville Art Museum's
McManus Gallery. Many of those
present were already familiar with
Pelli's taut-skinned crystalline
forms, most notably the Pacific
Design Center in Los Angeles and
the Winter Garden Rainbow Center
Mall at Niagara Falls. Pelli discuss-
ed these and similar works, but he
also presented a rich, well-
developed and lively chronology of
his exploration of the building skin.
It became obvious that Pelli is quite
conscious not only of where he has
been, but where he is going.
"If an architect does not consider

well the source of his ideas, the
things that influence him, then he is
continually at the mercy of the ideas
of others," Pelli said at the begin-
ning of the program. He pointed to
some of the historical precedents
that have influenced him ranging
from African huts to the Shingle
Style of the late 1800s. While admit-
ting that the solidity and mass of
traditional masonry architecture
can be effectively reinterpreted by
modern architects, Pelli said he
prefers to take advantage of lighter
weight steel frames that allow the
building skin to exist as an element
apart from its structural supports.
While Pelli's use of historical
parallels was interesting, it seemed
that in some cases the points of
similarity were being stretched as

tautly as the skins of those African
huts. The use of glass curtain wall
construction is a quite logical evolu-
tion for many reasons, among them
economy, speed of erection and
availability of materials. Pelli's
choice to concentrate on the
development of that particular
aesthetic seems motivated more by
personal preference than by
historical relevance. This became
especially obvious when many of
the projects presented that evening,
regardless of location, building type,
or size, were essentially ex-
periments in different configura-
tions of glass curtain wall. They
were not always appropriate in the
context of their surroundings.
Pelli was born in Argentina and
educated there and in the United
States. He had been experimenting
for many years when he launched
his own practice in 1977. After
graduating from the University of Il-
linois in 1954, he spent 10 years in
the office of Eero Saarinen and
Associates, where he was Project
Designer for the TWA Terminal at
JFK Airport in New York, among
other projects.
Pelli left Saarinen in 1964 and
moved to Los Angeles for 13 years.
From 1964 to 1968 he was Director
of Design for Daniel, Mann, Johnson
and Mendenhall, and in his projects
there were the beginnings of what
later grew into a bolder confidence
in handling forms and materials.
The COMSAT laboratories, which
were designed and built during this
period, demonstrate a marriage of
two of Pelli's conceptual strengths
- the articulation of the building
skin and the use of the circulation
spine as the organizing element. Its
juxtapositions of facets, curves and
rectilinear forms, while somewhat
awkward in aluminum panels and
glass, nonetheless contributes to
the spirit of high-tech flexibility and
change, which is correspondingly
reflected in the open ended spine of
the plan.
In 1968, after completing more
than a dozen projects for DMJM,
Pelli moved to Gruen Associates,
where he was named Partner for
Design. At Gruen, Pelli distinguish-

t~. -r

~-g,. .

t~~ ~.
-5" :'
3"" ;


sF;:lt-r' :
I C~


Cesar Pelli and model for the World Financial Center in New York.

d 95~9
'4 .lw 2
-i ~ 6N~i3Uzkuu....


il ir il
(C~~- mearlrlrrr

ed himself on a number of notable
projects, all of them further
refinements of existing building skin
technology. Of the projects discuss-
ed in Jacksonville from this period,
which included San Bernardino City
Hall, the Pacific Design Center, the
U.S. Embassy in Tokyo and the
Rainbow Center Mall, Pelli was most
proud of the Commons and Court-
house Center in Columbus, Indiana.
A city known for its patronage of
leading architects, Columbus
seems to have embraced this glass-
enclosed town square enthusias-
tically, and Pelli's slides depicted
dynamic spaces packed with peo-
Its weakness, however, lies in an
almost total disregard for its Vic-
torian surroundings. That complaint

also has been aimed at the Pacific
Design Center ("the Blue Whale"),
which is situated in the middle of an
older residential community in Los
Angeles. In an era in which contex-
tualism has become a sensitive
design issue, Pelli's bold approach
may be questioned. However, no
one can argue with the Commons'
success as a public space. Its
popular acceptance is similar to the
even bolder creation in Paris,
Paiano and Rogers' Pompidou
Pelli's acceptance of the position
of Dean of the School of Architec-
ture at Yale University in 1977 pro-
vided the impetus to open his own
office in New Haven. His work since
that time has been prodigious, and
has included some refreshingly sen-

sitive interpretations of high-rise
Pelli's design niche seems to lie
in the context of a big city. His re-
cent work on the World Financial
Center in New York's Battery Park
has even prompted an uncharacter-
istic burst of superlatives from the
hard-nosed architectural critics of
that city. Called the "finest grouping
of skyscrapers since Rockefeller
Center" by some, the World Finan-
cial Center is situated on 14 acres
of landfill directly in front of the
nondescript, yet monstrous, twin
towers of the World Trade Center. It
consists of four office towers rang-
ing in height from 33 to 50 stories,
two nine-story octagonal structures
which flank the main entry to the
site, and a large "winter garden,"



.. ;.


--lci, sdi"s~

The "winter garden" of the World Financial Center. Photo by Kenneth Champlin.

similar in size to Grand Central Sta-
Working from the 1979 Master
Development Plan's guidelines,
which Pelli described as "useful
and appropriate," each tower is set
back at the third, ninth, and twenty-
fourth floors in accordance with ex-
isting buildings in the area. The
towers are sheathed in granite and
glass, but the proportion of granite
to glass becomes smaller and
smaller as the buildings rise, so that
the pedestrian relates to a more
traditional stonework surface on the
lower levels, while the buildings
transform themselves into what are
essentially glass towers at the up-
per levels. Each tower is capped
with a shaped crown, which recalls
earlier skyscraper forms of the 20s

and 30s. The "winter garden"
space, enclosed in a glass vault, is
reminiscent of the highly successful
turn-of-the-century Galleria in Milan.
It serves, along with the public
plaza, to unite the entire project in
to a grand public space, avoiding
the isolation inherent in many high-
rise buildings.
The World Financial Center is the
largest-scale project Pelli has had
under construction, and attention
has been paid not only to the macro
but to the micro. One of the most
pleasing aspects of Pelli's presenta-
tion was the slides depicting the
elegant, beautifully colored adapta-
tions of William Morris wallpaper
designs revealing his attention to in-
terior details as well.
Another of Pelli's recent projects,

the Museum of Modern Art Renova-
tion and Tower, is interesting not on-
ly for the almost musical "variations
on a theme" of its glass tower
facades, but for its larger issuesas
well. The highly controversial pro-
gram called for a 56-story apart-
ment tower to be built over the ex-
panded museum, thus providing a
continuing source of revenue. Pelli,
with his reputation for producing
noteworthy architecture while still
being agreeable to the demands of
his clients, was seen as the only ar-
chitect capable of meeting the
Pelli's ability to adapt his designs
to accommodate not only existing
technologies but complicated prac-
tical, legal and financial situations is
part of an amiable yet forthright ap-
proach that Pelli explained this way:
"I have always felt, unques-
tionably, that there is strength
and energy flowing all around us.
There is energy in the projects
themselves, and I like to tap that
energy and not fight it ... Agree-
ment is energy, it allows you to
go much further. If you go in the
direction where people will sup-
port you, you will not only use all
of your own energies, but you will
also use theirs. If you go in the
direction where they will oppose
you, you will have to spend
energies just to overcome their
objections, and you're still not go-
ing to get all you wanted. That's
energy. I feel that it allows your
work to be more important and
better, given your resources and
Pelli also admits that there is
tremendous energy in the ideas
native to one's time. In the World
Financial Center, the MOMA tower,
and even the quirky, yet delightful,
observation tower at White River
Park in Indiana, there exists a com-
fortable relationship with the ideas
of a more recent architectural past,
more relevant in scale and context,
and devoid of historical gimmicks.
Pelli is clearly a post-modernist
only on his own terms, and without
abandoning his own past.
Joanna Cenci Rodriguez, AIA, is with KBJ
Architects Inc. in Jacksonville.

Orange County's Civic Center

Says Florida Inside and Out

Orange County Board of County
Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock/Architects,
Inc. and the Luckman Partnership, Inc./
Architecture, A Joint Venture
Wallis Baker & Associates
Tilden, Lobnitz & Cooper, Inc.
Gensert Bretnall Bobel
Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan, Inc.
Interspace Incorporated and Swimmer Cole
Martinez Curtis, A Joint Venture
Michael Sanchez Associates

by Bill Charvat, AIA

When Orange County passed a
tourist resort tax in 1978, that fund-
ing was used to begin planning the
first phase of a long-awaited con-
vention and civic center. The center
was completed earlier this year and
is already drawing visitors to central
County officials presented two
major challenges to the designers
of the massive building: create a
functional convention center and do
it in a way that reflects Florida and
its environment. To meet these
challenges, civic center officials
selected a strong central Florida ar-
chitectural firm and a national firm
experienced in designing conven-
tion centers. Helman Hurley Char-
vat Peacock/Architects of Winter
Park was chosen to work with The
Luckman Partnership of Los
Angeles in joint venture. HHCP was
already well known for its work at
EPCOT and a number of other cen-
tral Florida projects. The Luckman
Partnership designed the Los
Angeles Convention Center and
New York's Madison Square
Garden. Luckman had the design
lead on the project and HHCP was
put in charge of overall project
To meet the requirements set by
the county, the civic center design
had to include the support facilities


and flexibility structures that con-
ventions and trade shows demand.
It also had to say "Florida" to all
who would visit.
A "Florida" style of architecture
was achieved through a careful
selection of materials and lavish
landscaping. The reflective glass on
the outside of the building mirrors
the Florida sky. Throughout the in-
terior are the landscaped court-
yards with native plants and rocks
and lots of water. The local wildlife
which inhabit these environments
are cared for by the staff of Sea
Courtyards are surrounded by the
glass walls of the building's cor-
ridors. The grand lobby also
features a courtyard with waterfall
beneath a sloped roof with skylight.
To reflect the movement of the
water and the colors of the plantings
in the courtyards, a reflective
aluminum ceiling system was used
throughout the building.
Meeting room walls are coquina
shell precast concrete. The shell
was selected because it is a native
material, although it had to be sand-
blasted to remove the shell's
naturally sharp edges.
The design team worked to make
the building flexible enough to ac-
commodate a wide variety of func-
tions. In the 150,000-square-foot
column-free Exhibit Hall, an
acoustical 40-foot movable wall can


The reflective glass skin of the building con-
trasts with the bold forms of the concrete
grand lobby. Photos courtesy of Helman
Hurley Charvat Peacock.

be used to divide the Hall. On either
side of the wall, tractor-trailers can
drive directly into the building. One
event can be in progress while
another is being set up or torn down
at the same time. The acoustical
walls facilitate use of the building a
much greater percentage of time.
The larger side of the Exhibit Hall
holds 5,698 movable seats which
can be folded against the wall into a
ten-foot space. All of the seats can
be assembled electrically in 25
Throughout the floor of the Ex-
hibit Hall is a 30-foot utility grid. The
utility hook-ups include water,
drainage, telephone, electricity and
an empty conduit. All of the utilities
are serviced from a 10-foot square
tunnel that runs the entire 500-foot
center line of the hall. The tunnel
functions as a utility hub for all ser-
vices, and also makes possible
special supplemental utilities which
can be fed to any 30-foot on-center
location in the hall.
A catwalk and lighting platform
network stretches 40 feet above the
floor of the Exhibit Hall. The cat-
walks are used to hang banners, to
position security guards, and for
speakers and special sound and
lighting equipment. An electronic
scoreboard can be raised into a
26-foot truss so that it does not in-
terfere with the 40-foot clearance
below. Because of its design, the
hall can accommodate circuses,

professional sporting events,
rodeos and almost every type of
trade show.
The meetings rooms are the other
main area of the center. Up to
22 meeting rooms can be created
with wide flexibility. The major
meeting rooms have built-in audio-
visual booths and floor utility boxes
are located throughout the 22,775
square-foot area. All of the meeting
rooms can be divided by acoustical
movable walls. Kitchen support is
provided by a secondary circulation
system that allows the food service
personnel to move about outside of
the primary public corridors.
Supporting both the Exhibit Hall
and the meeting rooms are
computer-assisted air-conditioning
and lighting systems, a flexible
sound system and a multi-zoned
communications system. The
center has telephone capability for
every 10' x 10' booth in the Exhibit
Hall to have an individual telephone
line. Local and long distance calls
can be made from the booths, and
bookkeeping is simplified because
the exhibitors receive their
telephone bills when their show is
To direct the flow of people
through the huge structure, the ar-
chitects chose a concise, easily
read signage system. At a uniform
9-foot height throughout the
building, a 3-foot red stripe contains

all signage and graphics. The entire
building was designed as a single
story, making it totally accessible to
the handicapped.
The civic center received its first
test February 25 when Al Hirt and
the Boston Pops performed in the
Exhibit Hall. The acoustical re-
quirements of such a musical event
were demanding, but all of the
patrons appeared to be pleased
with the center's inauguration. The
center continues to receive praise
from convention and meeting plan-
ners, trade show organizers and
concert promoters as they test its
The first phase of the convention
and civic center has been com-
pleted, but the architects planned
ahead for a second phase when ex-
pansion is needed. When county of-
ficials acquired the 60 acres for the
center, they also arranged for an ad-
ditional adjacent 45 acres for future
expansion. Historically, civic
centers around the country have
doubled in size within seven years.
Because of the success of the first
phase of Orange County's civic
center, expansion could come even
sooner. The county and the ar-
chitects are prepared for that

William Charvat, AIA, is a partner of
Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock/Ar-
chitects, Inc., in Winter Park and was the
principal in charge of the Orange County
Convention/Civic Center.

A network of steel trusses supports the
huge skylight over the grand lobby. Inside
the exhibit hall, more than 5500 seats can
be folded into a 10-foot space.

Building and Landscaping in Harmony

by Lindy Stalder

It's tough to create an internal en-
vironment that can compete with
Florida's natural beauty, so the
designers of the Orange County
Civic Center decided to bring
Florida's sunshine and greenery in-
The Center is punctuated by a
dozen glass-enclosed courtyards
planted with slices of central
Florida's tropical environment.
Trees, bushes, flowers ... even
waterfalls, ponds and fountains
abound. And there is always plenty
of sunshine.
The landscaping is the work of
Wallis, Baker and Associates, a
Winter Park landscape architecture
firm. Working in tandem with the ar-
chitects, the landscapers sought to
capture the Florida image in the

Wallis, Baker, and Associates,
wanted the courtyards to allow
visual exploration of the many
species of plants inside. Benches
surrounding the courtyards provide
a place to linger and study the
native flora.
The plantings in the courtyards
were selected for appearance,
growth patterns and ease of
maintenance. Pond bottoms were
painted black to hide debris that
sinks to the bottom, again in an ef-
fort to reduce maintenance and
keep the areas looking clean and
Big palm trees, some as tall as 30
feet, soften the 70-foot high building
around the courtyards. But the land-
scapers were limited in the kinds of
trees they could plant, because
masses of utility lines run
underneath the courtyards. Some
SCALE 1/4" = 1'0"




landscaping of the mammoth struc-
Around the waterfall in the lobby
of the building are palms and ficus
trees, all lit with spotlights. The
waterfall creates action in the
space while providing a tranquil
background sound.
Around the main Exhibit Hall and
the meeting rooms are glassed
courtyards, which are filled with
a variety of native trees and
flowers including everything from
guava trees to peace lillies. Sunlight
illuminates the courtyards and spills
into the surrounding corridors. At
night, artificial lighting illuminates
the greenery.
Bill Baker, vice president of



plants and trees had to be avoided
to prevent intrusion of roots.
Outside the civic center, the land-
scaping was much simpler, but the
problems were larger. There were
two major challenges outside -
overcoming a sea of asphalt for
parking cars and humanizing a huge
structure without distracting from
its design qualities.
To make the 3,000-car parking lot
less imposing, islands of greenery
were planted, most with two or
more big oak trees. Berms of earth
planted with trees shield three sides
of the parking lot and the service
Large clusters of trees were used
to balance the impact of the huge

building. The exterior landscaping
already growing nearby palms,
pines and oaks. A band of native
sand pines serves as a backdrop.
Baker added more than 800 addi-
".-- --" tional pines, along with 300 palms
and 200 new oaks. The trees add a
.- vertical contrast to the horizontal
'-" .building and provide much-needed
shade around the building and in the
parking lots.
Some plants were included
around the building simply to add
color. India hawthorne, yellow
trumpet tree, crepe myrtle,
oleander, European fan palm, sago
palm, pampas grass, lilyturf, juniper
and pittsporum grow in the
perimeter plantings. Flowering
plants also grow in an island in the
center of the formal drive, which
leads to the main entrance.
In the landscape, as well as in the
building itself, future expansion was
considered. Landscaping on the
side of the structure that could be
expanded consists of large trees
that can be transplanted.
The Orange County Civic Center
is an excellent example of man's
structures being able to harmonize
with nature. Because the Florida en-
vironment is such a major aspect of
this civic center's statement, land-
. ... scaping is the art form. Environmen-
tal elements work with manmade
structures to create an exciting,
S. definitive Florida setting.
Undy Stalder is a former editor and free-
lance writer currently working for Frailey
Wilson in Orlando.


courtyards and is visible from many areas
of the civic center.


Four Parish Churches

by Thomas S. Marvel, FAIA
In the past fifteen years
throughout the United States, con-
siderable effort has been dedicated
to preserving buildings of historical
value. Puerto Rico has been no ex-
ception. After the discovery of the
island in 1493 by Columbus, the
Spanish left a long and rich ar-
chitectural heritage.
The first permanent construc-
tions were largely military, due to
the constant pressure of European
navys on Spanish colonies and
fleets plying through the Caribbean
in their quest for gold. As Spain's
concept of a combined church and
state dictated, priests were sent

with the military to convert the New
World pagans to Christianity. From
the first settlement churches and
convents were considered as
essential as forts and barracks.
As towns and parishes were
founded, they were planned on the
basis of the "Laws of the Indies." A
plaza was the heart of the town
bordered by a grid of streets
generally running north-south and
east-west. The important public
buildings, church, city hall, and
market surrounded this urban
space. To this day, all 78
municipalities in Puerto Rico reflect
this original urban form. The church
and plaza retain a mutual and sym-
bolic relationship, the church giving

dignity to the plaza and the plaza
providing a proper setting for the
Original churches were humble,
expedient structures, but as the
towns prospered, more permanent
buildings were constructed. The
parishes were responsible for rais-
ing the funds and constructing their
own churches. Although not much
is known about who designed them,
it is surmised that military engineers
or master-builder priests were
responsible for crude plans and the
supervision of the construction.
They were built by the townspeople
(parishioners) themselves and, as a
consequence, many early churches
were long years in construction.

U 3J


This church was the earliest of
the four churches, finished in 1729.
Its walls are thicker than the others
and it has been speculated that it
served a double purpose, as a
refuge and fortress to thwart off
possible attackers as well as for
religious services. Prominent on the
exterior are buttresses and small
apertures for windows. The height
of the interior space is dramatized
by the light of the six lunette win-
dows penetrating the spring of the
vault. As the exterior walls were so
massive, niches were located in
these for images and statuary. The
front facade and choir over the en-
trance were added in a restoration
carried out in 1955.

Apart from the Cathedral and San
Jose Church in San Juan, the
earliest parish churches existing to-
day date from the 18th century. Dur-
ing the 1700s, Puerto Rico pros-
pered from agricultural develop-
ment as the threat of invasion and
attack diminished. As parishes were
able, one of the first projects they
would undertake in a common
cause was the construction of a per-
manent town church. From the
outset, buildings were plagued with
natural limitations. If hurricanes or
earthquakes didn't destroy them,
termites or wet rot did. Under these
circumstances, the master builders
opted for heavy masonry walls and
brick vaulted naves as the best
alternative at the time. In most
cases, their choice was ap-
propriate, although tremors have
caused some vaults to fail, even in
recent years.

The architecture of these early
churches were austere and prac-
tical. Most of the tedious effort was
directed toward raising the heavy
masonry walls, constructed from
rubble and brick, and the vault over
the nave. Characteristic of the plan
was a linear progression of space
from the entry, baptistry through the
nave to the altar. There are no
trancepts or side chapels. Or-
namentation was limited to an occa-
sional detail, most of the embellish-
ment being located in or around the
altar space in the form of images or
hand wrought silver decoration. The
most fascinating problem to be solv-
ed wap the illumination of the in-
terior. Because the walls and vaults
were so heavy, penetrations
through these masses were
minimized. Ample doorways in the
principal and lateral facades suf-
ficied for lighting the floor area. The

more dramatic lighting of the vaults
was achieved by opening up
clerestory windows in the most dif-
ficult structural connection between
the wall and the descending vault
Another detail typical of these
churches was a circular brick dome
over the altar. To illuminate this
space, a lantern was placed at the
crest of the dome, thus providing a
soft light over the focal area of the
church which stimulated a celestial
source. This lantern, seen from the
outside, was often given a whim-
sical form.
Of the churches that still exist
from the 18th century, four are of
particular interest because of their
relatively good condition and in-
dividuality. They are located on the
plazas in the towns of Loiza, Toa
Alta, Bayamon and Coamo.

Construction dates from 1776,
although the church had experienc-
ed additions and alterations through
1868. The barrel vault spanning
33.3 feet, is largely braced by ex-
terior buttresses instead of heavy
walls. Compared to Loiza and Toa
Alta, the interior is classical, the
mouldings, arches, lunette win-
dows, chapels all coordinated in an
integrated design, unusual for the
Also unusual is the flat arched
cornice on oversized pilasters on
the front facade, almost mannerist
in its composition. All these
elements make one believe that an
architect had a hand in its basic

-, *-,. .-. -
~"* . -*

Records describe the construc-
tion of the church starting in 1752,
but the brick vault over the nave
wasn't finished until 1802 and the
actual work finally completed until
1826. The most remarkable vault
over the nave, measuring 38.6 feet
wide has survived several earth-
quakes while suffering only minor
structural damage. In a recent
restoration, the brick of the vault
has been exposed. However, the
original structure was always
plastered and painted. Never-
theless, the nave is most dramatic
and powerful as a spacial ex-
The interior pilasters and frieze
were added in this century. Most of
the front facade is original, except
the espadana (bell wall) above the
entrance. A curious detail is the or-
namental frieze and Corinthian
capitals at the doorway, both rare in
these churches of that time. The
facade is delicately detailed and
and has a serene aspect relative to
the town plaza.


c i


-~+ -i

There is conflicting opinion about
the dates of this church, but it has
been concluded that it was built be-
tween 1750 and 1783. It is one of
the most noble of parish churches in
Puerto Rico. Coamo was a large and
prosperous municipality and its
church reflects its socio-economic
prominence. The design broke tradi-
tion with other parish churches of its
day. Coamo's church has a central
nave and two side aisles, all vaulted
and structurally balanced. It is still
in excellent condition which speaks
well of its original design and
maintenance by proud parishioners.
The interior is visually more com-
plex than its predecessors. Views
through the arched openings into
the side aisles with the light sources
from doors and clerestory windows
leave one with a sense of layering
and mystery about the space.

The exterior is both dignified and
spontaneous, the mouldings,
oculus, curved parapets of the
facade contrasting with the almost
frivolous pinnacles atop the walls.
The church is set on a platform
above the surrounding plaza, as-
serting its presence as a piece of
sculpture in an open space.
These four early Puerto Rican
churches, as we see them through
20th century eyes, are perhaps best
appreciated as studies in simple
masses, light, and shadow. Each
fulfills its function as a house of wor-
ship, evoking this image by location
and form, and has sustained, over
two centuries or more, its dignity.
Thomas S. Marvel, FAIA, practices in
Puerto Rico and is a principal in the firm
of Torres Beauchamp Marvel y
Asociados. The material in this article is
the subject of a book, The Parish Chur-
ches of Puerto Rico, by Thomas S. Marvel
and Maria Luisa Moreno, to be published
in 1983 by the University Press of the
University of Puerto Rico.

50 Years of Architectural History

HABS has been
America's buildings
for half a century

The Burnsed Blockhouse, in rural Baker
County, documented as the oldest example
of hand-hewn construction in Florida.
Photos and drawings courtesy of F. Blair

by F. Blair Reeves, FAIA

Many of the 17,000 buildings that
have been documented by the
Historic American Buildings Survey
(HABS) no longer exist. Many more
of them probably would have been
destroyed had the HABS program
not stimulated the preservation
movement and encouraged an ap-
preciation of the country's architec-
tural heritage. This year marks the
50th year HABS has been building
its architectural archives and train-
ing preservationists.
Since it was created in 1933 as a
part of the New Deal, HABS has
surveyed buildings across the coun-
try, including many in Florida. Fort
Dallas in Miami and the Castillo de
San Marco and the Fatio House in
St. Augustine were documented in
the 1930s as part of an early HABS
program. But the program was inter-
rupted by World War II and remain-
ed dormant in Florida until the early
A "windshield survey" by Univer-
sity of Florida students in the early
60s developed into a HABS photo-
data project of significant architec-
ture between Lake City and Pen-
sacola. That project recorded 20
buildings and stimulated local
preservation projects, especially in
Monticello, Tallahassee and Pen-
sacola. Students and faculty from
the University of Florida and the
University of Miami began working
again in HABS field offices. They
measured and drew Fort Barrancas
and other structures in Pensacola's
Historic District. They documented
Fort Jefferson and the Tift-
Hemingway House in Key West, and
eighteenth century architecture in
St. Augustine's Historic District.
Because local officials participated
and contributed financial support,
these projects helped convince
citizens that architecture is impor-
tant both locally and as part of
the national heritage.

St. Peter's Parish Episcopal Church in Fernandina Beach was drawn by HABS in 1974.

Students and faculty who worked
on HABS projects returned to their
studies in Gainesville and Miami
and documented buildings in those
regions. Courses in architectural
preservation were created to meet
student interest at the University of
Florida. Archives were expanded as
students recorded buildings
throughout north and central
Florida, and the archives were used
as teaching resources.
As part of Florida's bicentennial
celebration, field offices were
operated in Jacksonville, Fernan-
dina Beach, Tampa and Pensacola
during the summers from 1972 to
1976. The offices documented 40
more buildings and produced an
average of 60 drawings each. An
exhibit of Florida architecture, com-

HABS students measure St. Andrew's
Episcopal Church in Jacksonville.

posed largely of HABS photographs
and building records, toured the
state and stimulated additional in-
To mark the 50th anniversary of
the HABS program, exhibits of
HABS photographs and drawings
will be displayed in September in
the Old Capitol and at FA/AIA head-
quarters in Tallahassee. The ex-
hibits will be a testament to the
HABS project's contributions: It has
produced a high-quality archive and
a cadre of professional preserva-
tionists, and has introduced many
people to the benefits of architec-
tural preservation.
F. Blair Reeves, FAIA, is a professor of
architecture at the University of Florida.

The Dr. Richard P. Daniel House in Jacksonville was documented by HABS in 1975.

* ? .; '- ;. *' .'.

R.eflectins ..

Sa: -ABS $t


U'estie N T, A1A "

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I .,. .-
.. / ;.,, <;'f >. ,. .. .
. .: ,,

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" 'i


,% asstgR to 4athe "NHAB.' N.':...'*
Rf~CdMrstanakip&de 6. Iinin.fl ;
for becoming' l:architectl, .learned t.amwork.
elementary surveying, acqufate measurement pro:.
tes. andi eision dra g Far. mp
% d q nd craf ,.
r'Inctiv ectu t Iad f e t -
tirri. I learned to appreciate architect as an ex-'
pression of economics and community standards, -:
,%.'ten wee4 y r team ogra teasute.dta
d $ thf 'tibr s ea s Ita .': *
-Si~~ ah 18 1try r nt's ho
(now.a museum), and a wh'rf-side dou fe townhouse,
theft functioni.as a bordelto. We als-,researched....
trip ped erl s W.gd throi o centis

luhisltoridt t Not e, e nwh w.. doind -
tive'work on Newport's.ctolnial society and
econoTm cs,. *.;:-:. : -.:... ..
m t-re ars apr the

a'ndthe. valuefhat work fti e noQW pracfi'tin
art-ite ct. .. .. ...
S i nce our f trnwas organized in 1976.. about 8 Oeir-
fur b 1 ted to hkf$iC prest"
....hoBl.AS._tB. lence; fli bt that."3S i.
*ffTrnWould haVe recognized'the niche .m the
marketplace that needed filing. We would not have'
done-survey w.rk that led to Orlando's two historiL;
-'A..S wi.tt. M.Jop bodk..f .fedeve.. 7:':
-6 rheoEdt ^t 6 d abovae;..i,i built t'Ct has ,:.''
become an important design objective ih' all our work,
and.I can trace (hat standard directly to my HABS
.;.., ol, .,,.a princip the Orl#Q ; no ofD O.
bYwS& She .isii. 6of many 'tthitecis whMo gied expatiefe
thr6iojh a HABS.proiect Othes.-such as Fred .Wedenmann,-
AIA, John O. Crosby, AIA, Cathy Berlow, AIA, Rihard Crisson,
AIA, attd Peter .Dessauer, AIA, .alt worAed with HABS.
"* '. Z.. . : -" '"* ,.'





.i tti



'' '`

An automated drafting breakthrough, from Bausch & Lomb.

New Producer-it's like hiring 5 experienced drafters
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This is the drafting tool you've
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rising costs . and the growing
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Bausch & Lomb's ProducerTM,
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A the Interactive Station, the
drafter sees the drawing
take shape on the CRT
as it is created. The
drafter can scale the
drawing, rotate it, zoom
in and look at it, or add 'k
detail, merge drawings
and sub drawings and
easily revise them-all very
quickly, all to four-place accuracy.
And all with more creative power
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edges, erasers and templates that
Producer replaces.

A the Digitizer
-an elec- -
tronic drawing
board-the drafter
can take existing
drawings or rough
sketches and enter
them into the
Producer system where they can be
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nd at the plotter, high-quality
A to E size originals can be
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co now, jobs can
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Whether you run a small shop or
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The low-priced Producer is
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IBB B A photographer
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P.O. Box 7755, Orlando, FL 32854 (305) 425-7921

Prfsional Insrac Associates

Sevn Flrd an GogaPfesnalsSne17

In Thir Inuac Costs"'.
Hug Ho Vc P en
(404) 971 8 8
o[ *

custom design,
fabrication, installation
member I.F.A.I.

(305) 844-4444


3009 N.W. 75TH AVE.
305-327-0830 305-592-5000

of d4finction


:041+, a .,. rc-. rcu I F I I L T A j f j ii
-;~ 1?- :j~l-,1f~

;-':e J,;~ .& .-; C s~


4~~p -A-L
.#); ~ ~~ VA -, -, ~.,~' "F_;~'' Wi

- ~ t: .:' -14 -F.. x- 4 4-. ~ .
-b ..L ..I -C -- ;L -6

..t~. i~i.t


New Silicone Structural
Fabric Is Developed
A new silicone coating of struc-
tural fabric has been developed by
ODC, Inc., a joint venture of Oak In-
dustries and the Dow Corning Cor-
poration. The new fabric is being
promoted as a covering for stadium
roofs, sky lights, greenhouses and
other structures that need a roof
through which light can pass.
ODC points to a wide range of ap-
plications for its new fabric because
of its zero to 90 percent translucen-
cy, its potential 20-year life, its self-
cleaning properties and its ability to
pass water vapor through the fabric.
ODC says the stuctural fabric can
be used not only for air-supported
and tension roofs, but also for entire
structures such as geodesic domes
and curtain walls. The product also
has non-architectural uses in
agricultural, industry and
The silicone-coated fabric is now
being used in the construction of an
18,000 square-foot greenhouse-
garden complex in Callaway
Gardens, Ga. It is being considered
for the roof of a proposed stadium in
Pinellas County to be built by the
Pinellas Sports Authority.
ODC, Inc. is located at 4291 Com-
munications Drive, Norcross, Ga.
30093, 404/923-3818.

General Elevator Begins
New Orlando Headquarters
General Elevator Corp. broke
ground recently on a new national
headquarters near Orlando. The $4
million, 120,000 square-foot
manufacturing complex will be
located on a 26-acre site in Ocoee,
a suburb of Orlando.
Since it was founded in 1963,
General Elevator has emerged as
one of the largest and fastest grow-
ing manufacturers of hydraulic
elevators and elevator components.
In addition to General Elevator
Corp., the new facility will house
Elevator Components, Inc., a sub-
sidiary that manufactures pistons
and other components for General
Elevator as well as Otis,
Westinghouse and other industry

The company also made its debut
in the international marketplace last
year, with formation of General
Elevator International. That sub-
sidiary has the responsibility for ex-
port to Latin America, the Mideast
and the Far East.

Appalachian Hardwoods
Available in Florida
Florida architects can now use
solid natural Appalachian hard-
woods in their interiors. The three-
fourths-inch thick tongue-and-
groove, kiln-dried paneling is pro-
duced in West Virginia, in the heart
of the Appalachian forests. The
paneling is available in oak, cherry,
maple, ash, hickory or walnut.
The paneling is shipped with an
unfinished surface so that it can be
adapted to a variety of interiors.

Over 50,000 Items in Stock
AUTHOR Rush Delivery Via UPS
Call Florida Toll Free Number
DEALER 1-800-432-3360
635 S.W. First Avenue/Miami, FL 33130/(305) 379-4501
415 N.E. Third Street/Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301/(305) 763-4211


(producers of Fla. Natural Cut Coral)
15162 N.E. 6th Avenue
Office: 945-4223 Miami, Florida 33162 Plant: 245-4716

. .J.

KEYSTONE-a Florida natural cut coral:
Ashlar Pattern. Random Ashlar Pattern; Split Face; Roughback;
Flagging and Keystone Coral Rubble.
Special sizes available upon request.


695 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(813) 823-3564

Design and Consulting

Architectural Acoustics
Building Noise Control
Mechanical Systems
Noise Control
Industrial Noise Control
Sound Reinforcement
System Design
Product Design
Expert Witness Testimony

Because the paneling is solid hard-
wood, no glues, resins or urea-
formaldehyes are used in its pro-
The Appalachian paneling is
manufactured by Leslie Brothers
Lumber Co., P.O. Box 8, Camden-
on-Gauley, WV 26208,

Dow Introduces
Thermal Storage Panels
Dow Chemical Company is enter-
ing the passive solar market with a
high-capacity, thermal energy
storage panel for residential use.
The lightweight, rectangular
panels, made of Dowlex resin, have
been designed to fit between the
studs of conventional residential
frame wall construction with
minimal design modifications.
The panels will be available in
July, 1983. According to Dow pro-
jections, approximately 200 new
homes will be fitted with Enerphase
panels this year.

Sunview Windows
Designed for Florida
The sunview window by Alcan
Building Products has been
developed to meet the wide-ranging
window requirements in Florida
construction projects. The new win-
dows are designed to adapt to the
climate and building codes in all
parts of the state.
In 1980, Alcan decided to develop
a single window versatile enough
for the entire Florida market without
the need for add-ons.
Innovations in the areas of struc-
ture and strength conquer wind
zone variations and resolve the pro-
blems of glass blowout and water
and air infiltration. The glass can be
replaced from inside the building
without removing the entire window.
Sunview windows are available in
single or insulated construction,
and with clear, tinted or reflective
glass to meet differing energy code
requirements. The windows are pro-
duced by Alcan Building Products in

Testing Services...

Time Measurements
Sound Transmission Loss
Impact Noise
Community Noise
Product Evaluation

Member: NCAC
National Council of Acoustical Consultants





be the most

Association Administrators & Consultants, Inc.
19000 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, California 92715

* 'r


Dear Editor:
I was extremely flattered to learn,
through your Spring edition, that I
had won an AIA award for designing
the office of Catylyst Inc. It grieves
me that I cannot add this excep-
tional piece of architecture to my
resume, but I must set your records
straight by crediting this award to
Brooks Weiss, AIA, Ray Scott, AIA
and Ed Spelman, AIA, the talented
principals of Catylyst Inc. At the

same Mid-Florida Awards Cere-
mony, Guy Butler Associates was
honored with the Merit Award for
multi-family architecture with Hun-
tington Condominiums and provided
the architectural coordination at the
Villa Nova Restaurant for which
Raleigh and Associates received a
Merit Award for interiors.
Guy Butler Associates has since
become the nucleus of the Spillis
Candela & Partners Orlando office.

Peter Spillis, AIA and Hilario
Candela, AIA have a legendary com-
mitment to strong design disciplines
and the American Institute of Ar-
chitects which stretches back over
many years. With mentors such as
these, our Orlando office will active-
ly participate in the next Mid-Florida
Awards Program.
Guy Butler, AIA, RIBA
Editor's Note: Apologies to Catylyst for
this error.










1301 N.W. 27th AVENUE

Phone (305) 635-6432


Dear Editor:

Editorial is GREAT.

Bill Graves, AIA

czar ttorc
As an Emeritus member of the
Palm Beach Chapter, AIA, I was so
pleased, and interested, in the
Spring 83 issue of the Florida Ar-
chitect, that I just felt impelled to
write you, and the staff, some con-
gratulations for an excellent issue.
You are all making sweeping pro-
gress in the format, illustrations,
and the content of each depart-
ment. The current review of EPCOT
was quite provocative I have just
spent three days there and I do
not agree with some of the material
- but let the sparks fly ...
Keep up the GREAT work!!
Reed B. Fuller, AIA

Dear Editor:
I just wanted to extend to you my
sincere thanks for my copy of the
Spring 83 Florida Architect. I am
enjoying the many articles/other in-
formation provided in this excellent
publication and will be looking for-
ward to receiving further editions.
With kind regards,
Tom Lewis, Jr., Architect
Deputy Secretary
of Transportation

Letters to the editor are en-
couraged. Write to FLORIDA
ARCHITECT, P.O. Box 10388,
Tallahassee 32302.


1928 D5PHCH


275 NE 59th ST./MIAMI........... ..............
4180 NW 10th AVE./FT. LAUDERDALE....




Architectural Education: A Quantum Leap Backwards

Viewpoint is a forum for ar-
chitects and members of allied
professions. It does not
necessarily express the opinion
of Florida Architect.
by Constance L. Bigoney

Horatio Algier has died.
His chances
For advances
Shot down, along with pride.
All for lack of college degree
And by something called IDP.
The concept that higher educa-
tion equates with a superior
knowledge, while undeniably long
cherished, has statistically proven
itself to be fraudulent, somewhat
akin to the Piltdown hoax. The
recitation of statistics is boring at
best; think about the graduates
you've interviewed over the last five
years of so. After 2-3 years of office

For high-strength, easily placed,
flowing concrete there is no
alternative to Grace's
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Superplasticized Concrete from
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Construction Products Division
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Pompano Beach, FL 33060
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experience they are theoretically
able to complete the registration ex-
amination and open their own prac-
tice, and often do. Yet they are
about as qualified to protect the
public's life, safety and welfare as
they are to pilot the space shuttle.
Colleges have no monopoly on
education, no secret formula to
teach what needs to be learned;
more often than not colleges are ar-
chitectural ivory towers, and lack
the necessary practical experience
to adequately train for the real
world. The etheral version espoused
by so many graduates regarding
purity of design clashes severely
against the need-to-eat syndrome
permeating the architect's office.
Beyond the over-emphasized ex-
posure to design, only cursory
glossing is given to the more mun-
dane aspects of architectural prac-
tice and virtually none to the
business side. Be that as it may, the
powers that be in Florida have
decreed that these graduates may
be allowed to become architects.
But what about the man who has
had the equivalent number of years
of practical experience and who is
probably far more qualified to pro-
tect the public we're so concerned
about? Why is he sufficiently
qualified to practice in forty-odd
other states, but not Florida? What,
pray tell, is so bloody unique about
Florida? Nothing, absolutely
nothing! We simply leaped onto a
non-existent bandwagon (structural-
ly unsound due to incomplete
syllogisms) pulled by the pseudo-
omnipotent NCARB (in violation of
OSHA because of faulty harness of
The wagon then proceeded to
IDP Intern Development Pro-
gram. Another masterful stroke of
ineptitude proving once again that
you too can become a paper-
pusher. While the basic idealistic
premise is commendable, the prac-
ticalities of engaging in a (hopefully)
profit-making business have been
sadly overlooked.
For those of you not familiar with
IDP, and a recent survey of one
large, cross-sectional chapter in-

diciates that at least 89.67% were
not, it consists of the accumulation
of VU's (Value Units) by the aspiring
exam-candidate. One VU is
equivalent to 8 hours of practical ex-
perience. It requires 700 VU's or
5,600 hours of "appropriate training
and supplementary education" in
specifically apportioned units to
comply with the directives. Daily
work sheet data is transferred to
quarterly Periodic Assessment
Reports which you, the employer
(Professional Sponsor), review with
the Intern-Architect who then,
reports in hand, meets regularly
with his Professional Advisor (not to
be confused with the Professional
Sponsor as they are totally separate
entities). The PS reviews the
reports, determines their validity,
makes suggestions and certifies
these compendiums of proficiency-
achieved which are then whisked
off to one of the great citadels of
processed lumber pulp, Tallahas-
see, and are given their rightful due
- filed.
That's the good news.
Of the 700 VU's, 465 are taken in
training and 235 in supplementary
education. Based upon the list of
prescribed training areas, examples
of qualified work listed in the blue
book and SupEd guides, it is
estimated that 32 hours of a 40-hour
work week would be the maximum
time applicable to valid VU's and in
most offices the figure would pro-
bably be less. Thus, ideally, it will
take 2 years and 3 months to com-
plete the practical training, provided
no time out for illness, vacations, fir-
ing or layoffs. In addition, he will
have to spend 16.5 hours per week
of his own time in outside, approved
education during this same time
period that two-plus hours per
day, seven days a week.
The time frame, however imprac-
tical, is not the main problem; it is
the requirements set down for fulfill-
ment and the recommended
methods of the implementation of
same which are the cost-defective
elements. Essentially put, you will
be paying your Intern-Architect to

play puppy dog, to follow you around
and watch what you do. While few
would dispute the need for a certain
amount of the monkey-see, monkey-
do approach, it is exceedingly difficult
to justfy 32-hours-a-week worth, or
even 10 hours, in the old overhead
and you certainly can't charge the
client for it.
IDP is as yet untested. Whether or
not it can work in practice remains to
be seen. It seems likely, however, to
deteriorate into one more check-off
sheet to be filled out, filed and forgot-
ten as offices find that they don't
have the resources to serve as non-
endowed college extension cam-
puses; the idyllic precepts are unlike-
ly to survive the harsh realities of
daily existence.
Innovation and improvement is un-
questionably needed in Florida, but it
appears we are engaging in a
heedless, headless rush to be the first
to go nowhere. By all means, keep the
education requirement and en-
courage our colleges to produce a
useable product, but let's also in-
clude a 7-year, 10-year or some other
reasonable practical-experience
equivalency provision.
The profession and the public
would be far better served by having
a test that actually determines a can-
didate's technical abilities whether
he acquired his knowledge by being
wafted through hallowed ivy halls or
via the school of hard knocks. To ar-
bitrarily exclude a person from the ar-
chitectural profession simply
because he can't afford a college
education violates the most basic of
human rights guaranteed those lucky
enough to live in this country and ig-
nores the personal abilities, in-
telligence and perspicacity of anyone
capable of doing it the 'hard way'.
We seem to have lost sight of
something very important the
American Dream. How do we justify
closing the architectural door to
someone's right to life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness? We have much
to lose in human resources and a lot
to gain by reassessing this law's
quantum leap backwards.
Constance L. Bigoney is an Associate
member of the AIA and an Alternate State
Director from Broward Chapter AIA. She
is Vice President and Comptroller for the
Bigoney Associates, Inc.

Jones, Wood
fessional land surveyors, were an in-
tegral part of the Orange County Con-
vention/Civic Center construction team
being responsible for all overall horizon-
tal and vertical survey control on the en-
tire project and on the Center's main
The firm also has been responsible for
all surveying control at Orlando Central
Park since 1963 and therefore prepared
the plat of record for the area in which
the Center is located. The record plat
set both the horizontal and vertical con-
trol monuments used for all actual
physical work on the Center ground,
controlling its confines and construc-
Jones, Wood & Gentry, Inc. has been
active throughout the major growth
period for Orlando and Orange County.
Some of its older major projects were:
Martin Marietta Land Acquisition (this
I includes all surveys for Orlando Central
Park since that time), Interstate 4
through Orlando, Florida's Turnpike
through Orange County, the Bee Line Ex-
pressway and all major electric power
Right-of-Way surveys for Orlando
Utilities Commission since 1956.
In addition, the firm has prepared
Condominium Declaration Exhibits
relating to land surveying on almost 100
Condominium projects throughout
mill i.2 ,. ll g


& Gentry, Inc.
Some of the more recent major pro-
jects which the Orlando based surveying
firm has completed include the precise
layout of horizontal and vertical control
points (within 1/4 inch) working up to 40
feet in the air on columns that also in-
volved horizontal and vertical spiral
curves on the automated guideway tran-
sit system (people mover) at the Orlando
International Airport. Also, the firm
prepared surveys for the restoration of
the original government survey of the
3RD Standard Parallel (1843) through
Lake and Orange Counties with a suc-
cess factor exceeding 85 percent. All
surveys in Central Florida are based on
this original line.
Currently, Jones, Wood & Gentry, Inc.
is preparing Right-of-Way surveys for
Alfaya Trail Extension South of State
Road 50 through the new Martin-
Marietta site to the new proposed Curtis
Stanton Energy Center in Southeast
Orange County.

Jones, Wood & Gentry, Inc.
Telephone (305) 841-2122
136 East Robinson Street
Post Office Box 2367
Orlando, Florida 32802

Craftsman Masonry, Inc.
Office & Plant
1'r95 r W 16th Street
Pomponr Beach Flornda 330C00
Teleprore 13 I 5 -QJ -1 '36
IErler rt. F.:..erl,re I-1 I

Sawed Keys Coral
50 Varieties of
Rubble Stone
Flagstone & Slate

Stone Fabrication
Stone Installation
Retail Sales

Majestic Fireplace,


State of the Art Design



.* .-. .* ... I

TILDEN LOBNITZ & COOPER, a multi-disciplined Orlando Engineering firm has long been recognized in
Central Florida and throughout the Country for providing unmatched levels of engineering expertise.
TLC's diversified staff offers a wide range of engineering services through its various departments:
electrical, mechanical, structural, civil, electronics, communication systems, lighting, acoustics, energy
conservation design and computer aided design/drafting.
TLC's high degree of flexibility and long standing reputation enabled the firm to be chosen to provide
design for the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems for the new Orange County Convention/Civic
Center. In addition to the normal engineering functions TLC was retained as special consultant for
lighting, acoustics, energy, electronic systems and special control systems. This project features state-of-
the-art design for all of the engineering functions, incorporating proven engineering concepts with new
computer age technology.
The Orange County Convention/Civic Center is another example of TLC's professional commitment ...
Excellence in Engineering Innovation in Design.

= Consulting Engineers Orlando Cleveland Ft. Lauderdale
940 Highland Avenue Orlando, Florida 32803 305/841-9050
11801 Clifton Boulevard Cleveland, Ohio 44107 216/521-4667
500 S.E. 17th St. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33316 305/523-0027


The University of Miami's winning Sand Castle design team.

Sand Castle Design Sans Sand

by Patti Stough, AIA

For 26 consecutive years the
Florida Central Chapter of the AIA
has sponsored a student weekend
which enables students of architec-
ture to spend time with practicing
architects. This year, under the
leadership of Chapter president
John Ehrig, AIA, the program was
one of the best ever.
Rain prevented the students from
participating in a sand castle con-
test, so the sand was replaced with
paper and pencils and the event
was brought indoors. The results of
the contest were reflective of an en-
vironmentally conscious and
historically sensitive group of
students. Judges John Busby, FAIA,
Vice President of the AIA, Patti
Stough, AIA and artist and
photographer Leon Hill chose a
group of students from the Universi-
ty of Miami as winners. The design
team consisted of Larry Kearns, Jay
Nelson, Kevin Archer, Scott
Muizenkes, Monicue Chan WaiHong
and Rod Overlander.
The April 8th and 9th program
was kicked off with a tour of the ar-
chitectural offices of Mudano
Associates, Architects, Pritts Ar-
chitects, Anderson Parrish
Associates and Prindle Patrick
Associates, where an informal din-
ner was held at the end of the tour.
Following dinner, two classes were
conducted for the students. The first

related to the compiling of resumes
and portfolios and was conducted
by John Toppe, AIA, of Harvard Jolly
Marcet and Associates. John Ehrig,
State Director of the Intern Develop-
ment Program, then gave a talk to
the state's IDP.
Saturday morning, under dark
skies, the students toured the Per-
forming Arts Center and Theatre
which is currently under construc-
tion in Clearwater. The building,
which was designed for the Frank
Uoyd Wright Foundation, proved an
interesting atmosphere for discuss-
sion. The Sand Castle Competition
(sans sand) followed on Saturday
afternoon. Saturday night, despite
the rain, a colorful indoor luau was
accompanied by a talk by John
Busby. He related to the students
the need for design excellence and
the importance of communicating
the architect's role to society.
He also discussed the need for a
special effort on the part of all ar-
chitects to become leaders in new
areas of technology relating to the
practice of architecture. The
students who attended this year's
"weekend" were, according to
Busby, "reflective of a new breed of
students with a high regard for the
environment and a keen knowledge
of the AIA's concerns for 1983."
Patti Stough, AIA, is with Mudano
Associates, Architects in Tampa and is an
Associate Director of the Florida Central
Chapter AIA.

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Tile shown: Perma-Shake Blend. Builder: Classic Construction Corp., Boca Raton Bath and Tennis Club. Robert Crawford, Architectural Designer.

W A A Flo

This- publication- is. copyrighted. by- the- Florida.
Association. of. the. American. Institute. of-
Architects- and- is- an- official- journal- of- the-

Limited permission to. digitize- and make this- electronic-
version available- has- been- granted- by the. Association-
to- the- University- of- Florida- on- behalf- of- the- State-
University- System* of F lorida.

Use- of- this- version- is- restricted- by. United- States-
Copyright- legislation- and- its- fair use- provisions.- Other-
uses- may- be- a vi olati on -of- copyri ght. protect ons.

Requests- for- permissions- should- be- directed to- the-
Florida- Association- of. the. American- Institute. of-
Architects.- Contact- information- is- available- at- the-
Association' sweb site.

Florida architect
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by Robert G. Graf, AIA

By the turn of the century Florida
will be the fourth largest state in the
country. That growth brings with it
tremendous planning and construc-
tion activity which is heightened
even more dramatically by the FA/
AIA's commitment to unify the Flor-
ida-Caribbean Region to an even
greater extent than it is presently.
If Florida's architects are to direct
and shape future growth in this
state, we must become more in-
volved in the political process at ev-
ery level and formulate policy rather
than merely react to it, Supporting
the FA/AIA's Political Action Com-
mittee is one way that members can
be more involved in the political pro-
Our Association is facing ever-
increasing pressures to eliminate
architectural services which protect
the public in areas of life safety,
building codes and construction
standards and the selection of
architectural services on a bidding
basis. We must resist all intrusions
into our profession in order to main-
tain the highest degree of compe-
tence and performance.
The architects of this region must
go farther towards expressing con-
cern about our profession. We must
consider the visual environment of
our communities. An essential ingre-
dient towards achieving this is to be
involved in master growth and de-
velopment plans in concert with
other professionals, city and county
officials and legislators. Long-range
city planning and zoning concepts
must be established and there must
be a redoubling of effort on the

architect's part to design energy effi-
cient facilities for public and private
The Florida Association of
Architects Foundation, Inc. has
been established to promote new
membership from the public and
allied professionals interested in ad-
vancing the architecture of our state.
The purpose of the foundation is to
solicit, receive, and expend gifts,
grants and legacies, provide archi-
tectural scholarships, establish pro-
fessorships and assist architectural
education and research. To that
same end, Professional Develop-
ment of all practitioners is another
challenge facing our professional
association. Programs which bring
all of us up-to-date on the latest
techniques, products and proce-
dures for practice must be designed
to reach the greatest number at the
least cost with the best results.
The future of Florida architecture
lies not with our youth, but with the
quality of education they receive.
We must begin to insist on adequate
funding for our schools of
architecture to insure that they be-
come centers of excellence and that
adequate facilities are provided to
accommodate the growing number
of architectural students. A closer
association between practitioners
and students will help us to keep our
young practitioners.
The 80's present a challenge. We
stand at the juncture of our dreams
and our destiny. We are confident
that we can shape the Florida we
have inherited into the Florida we all
envision for future generations. As
an Association, let us go forth con-
fidently, as builders of the future.

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Florida Association of the
American Institute of Architects
104 East Jefferson Street
Post Office Box 10388
Tallahassee, Florida 32302
Publisher/Executive Vice President
George A. Allen, CAE
Diane D. Greer
Associate Publisher
And Director of Advertising
Ray Reynolds
Editorial Board
Charles E. King, FAIA, Chairman
William E. Graves, AIA
Ivan Johnson, AIA
Peter Rumpel, FAIA
Robert G. Graf, AIA
251 E. 7th Avenue
Tallahassee, Florida 32303
Vice President
James H. Anstis, AIA
333 Southern Boulevard
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
James J. Jennewein, AIA
102 West Whiting Street
Suite 500
Tampa, Florida 33602
Mark T. Jaroszewicz, FAIA
University of Florida
College of Architecture
331 Architecture Building
Gainesville, Florida 32611
Immediate Past President
Glenn A. Buff, AIA
4105 A Laguna
Coral Gables, Florida 33146
Regional Directors
Ted Pappas, FAIA
Post Office Box 41245
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Howard B. Bochiardy, FAIA
Post Office Box 8006
Orlando, Florida 32806
General Counsel
J. Michael Huey, Esquire
Suite 510, Lewis State Bank Building
Post Office Box 1794
Tallahassee, Florida 32302
FLORIDA ARCHITECT, Official Journal of the
Florida Association of the American Institute of
Architects, is owned and published by the Asso-
ciation, a Florida Corporation not for profit.
ISSN: 0015-3907. It is published five times a year
at the Executive Office of the Association, 104 E.
Jefferson Ave., Tallahassee, Florida 32302. Tele-
phone (904) 222-7590. Opinions expressed by
contributors are not necessarily those of the FA/
AIA. Editorial material may be reprinted pro-
vided full credit is given to the author and to
FLORIDA ARCHITECT, and a copy sent to the
publisher's office.
Single copies. $2.50 subscription, $20.00
per year. Third class postage.

Postmaster: Please send address changes to
Florida Association of the American Insti-
tute of Architects, Post Office Box 10388,
Tallahassee, Florida 32302.


May 1983
Volume 30, Number 3
1983 Reference Book for
The Construction Industry


1 President's Message


4 Officers
5 Staff
6 Board of Directors
11 State Organization
12 Past Presidents
14 By-Laws


AIA National Officers & Directors
FA/AIA Commissions/Committees


28 FA/AIA Awards for Excellence in Architecture
30 FA/AIA Honors and Awards 1949-1982
33 Fellows


34 Florida State Board of Architecture
35 State Agency Director
Florida Legislature
39 Statutes of Importance to Architects
40 Practice Act
44 Rules of the Board of Architecture
54 State Architectural Boards
56 State Associations
57 Building Codes and Standards
60 1983 Document List


64 FA/AIA Chapters
93 Florida Architectural Firms
110 FA/AIA Membership

Cover photo by Steven Brooke.

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Bopk, 1983


Robert G. Graf, AIA
251 East 7th Avenue
Tallahassee, Florida 32303
Graf is a principal in the Tallahassee
firm of Graf Nichols Elliott, P.A., Archi-
tects and Engineers. Before establish-
ing his firm in 1972, Graf was Assistant
State School Architect and Assistant Ar-
chitect for the Florida Board of Regents.
In 1977, Graf received two awards for
Distinguished Architecture from the
North Florida Chapter, American Insti-
tute of Architects and in 1979 he re-
ceived the Professional Service Award
and two Distinguished Design Awards.

James H. Anstis, AIA
Vice President/President-elect
333 Southern Blvd.
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
Anstis is a Principal of Anstis-Orn-
stein, Architects and Planners, Inc. He
is Chairman of the Palm Beach County
Citizens Task Force and a building offi-
cial for the Town of South Palm Beach.
Anstis has served as President of the
Palm Beach Chapter of the AIA and on
the national AIA Commission of Re-
gional Development and Natural Re-

James J. Jennewein, AIA
102 W. Whiting Street, Suite 500
Tampa, Florida 33602
Jennewein is a principal in the Tampa
firm of McElvy, Jennewein, Stefany and
Howard. He is a former president of the
Florida State Board of Architecture and a
former president of the Florida Central
Chapter of the AIA. Jennewein was the
1965 recipient of the Anthony L. Iullara

Mark Jaroszewicz, FAIA
College of Architecture
University of Florida
331 Architectual Building
Gainesville, Florida 32611
Jaroszewicz is Dean of the School of
Architecture at the University of Florida.
He is past president of the Detroit Chap-
ter of the AIA and former director of the
Michigan Society of the AIA. Jarosze-
wicz is a Fellow of the American Institute
of Architects.

Glenn A. Buff, AIA
Immediate Past President
4105 A Laguna
Coral Gables, Florida 33146
305/443-1084 or 238-8090
Buff is President of Glenn Allen Buff
Associates, Coral Gables, Florida. He is
currently Chairman of the City of Miami
Urban Development Review Board. In
1978 he was Chairman of the National
AIA Task Force on Market forecast. Buff
is the 1977 recipient of the Anthony L.
Pullara Memorial Award and in 1973 he
received the National AIA Honor Award
for Design.

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983


Ted P. Pappas, FAIA
Regional Director
P.O. Box 41245
Jacksonville, Florida 32203
Pappas is a native of Jacksonville, Flor-
ida, where he is currently president of


George A. Allen
Post Office Box 10388
Tallahassee, Florida 32302
Chief Executive Officer of the FA/AIA re-
sponsible for general management and
administration subject to general direc-
tion and control of the board and offic-
ers of the association.

EDITOR, Florida Architect
Diane D. Greer
Full responsibility for the production of
Florida Architect magazine including
editing, writing, coordination of layout
with graphic arts consultant, printing
coordination, advertising sales and dis-
tribution. Also, assists in general com-
munications for the association.

Pappas Associates, Inc. In 1977, he
was elected Chairman of the Capitol
Center Planning Commission in Talla-
hassee, a position which he still holds.
He is also Chairman of the Committee
on Recreation for the Jacksonville Com-
munity Council, Inc. Pappas has been
the recipient of design awards at the
local, state and national level. Most re-
cently he received the FA/AIA Honor
Award for the restoration of the office
building which now houses Pappas

Melody Gordon
Responsible for membership adminis-
tration and records; maintaining bank-
ing and financial accounts; coordination
of seminars and workshops; coordinat-
ing design award competition.

Ray Reynolds
Full responsibility for the sale of advertis-
ing for Florida Architect magazine. Other
responsibilities include some graphic
design and writing for Florida Architect
as well as assisting in general com-
munications for the association.

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Howard Bochlardy, FAIA
Regional Director
P.O. Box 8006
Orlando, Florida 32806
Bochiardy is Chief Executive Officer and
Manager of Reynolds, Smith and Hills
Orlando Regional Office which serves
the Central Florida area. He was the
1975 recipient of the FA/AIA Anthony L.
Pullara Memorial Award and of the Mid-
Florida Chapter of the AIA's only Special
Service Award for outstanding service to
the chapter. In 1979, Bochiardy was
advanced to Fellowship in the AIA by the
Jury of Fellows.

Bobbie Anderson
Responsible for coordinating the
marketing and sales of documents and
books; coordinating exhibit sales for
conferences; supporting advertising
sales for Florida Architect; and general
receptionist and secretarial duties.

J. Michael Huey
A member of the law firm of Akerman,
Senterfitt, Eidson, Mike practices in Tal-
lahassee and provides general legal
advice to the association and provides
direct legislative services for the benefit
of the profession.



Daniel E. Adache, AIA
550 S. Federal Hwy., Suite 200
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33301

William Bigoney, FAIA
15 S.E. 9th Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33301

William Osborn, AIA
724 Garden Court
Plantation, Florida 33317


Lee Mayers, AIA
326 S. Grandview Ave.
Daytona Beach, Florida 32018

Larry Robinson, AIA
414 Halifax Ave. N.
Daytona Beach, Florida 32018

Tyler Upham, AIA
P.O. Box 155
Ormond Beach, Florida 32074
Francis Walton, FAIA
P.O. Box 7555
Daytona Beach, Florida 32016


Katherine Durham, AIA
635-28th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33704

John Ehrig, AIA
1189 N.E. Cleveland St.
Clearwater, Florida 33515

John McCormick, AIA
1411 N. West Shore Blvd., Suite 107
Tampa, Florida 33607

Donald ZImmer, AIA
2740 E. Oakland Park Blvd.,
Suite 205
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33306
Connie Bigoney
15 S.E. 9th Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33301
Daniel Moul, III, AIA
533 N.E. 13th Street
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304

Edward Reefe, AIA
15314 Stonecreek Lane
Tampa, Florida 33612

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Perry Reader, AIA
1155 U.S. 19 North
Palm Harbor, Florida 33563
Richard Kimbrough, AIA
7011 Central Ave.
St. Petersburg, Florida 33710
Richard Pritts, AIA
501 S. Fort Harrison
Suite 212
Clearwater, Florida 33516
Jonathan Toppe, AIA
210-14 Avenue North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701


Robert Town, AIA
1900 Main Street, Suite 300
Sarasota, Florida 33577

Bruce Balk, AIA
290 Coconut Ave.
Sarasota, Florida 33577
Richard Allen, AIA
25 North School Ave.
Sarasota, Florida 33577


Fred Vyverberg, AIA
1831 N.W. 13th Street
Gainesville, Florida 32601

Edward Snowden d'Avi, AIA
805A South Magnolia Ave.
Ocala, Florida 32670
Terry Tougaw, AIA
P.O. Box 1623
Gainesville, Florida 32601
Paige Poole, AIA
606 N.E. First Street
Gainesville, Florida 32601


John Evans, AIA
2870 Cathy Lane
Clearwater, Florida 33520


Christine Reinke
Regional Director ASC/AIA/
316 Mahoney
University of Miami
1101 Stantond Drive
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

' FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983


Don Bizzell, AIA
2010 Lee Ave.
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

John Hayes, AIA
1351 E. Lafayette Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Mike Alfano, AIA
1803 Trimble Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32304


Bill Bean, AIA
120 Willing Street
Milton, Florida 32503

Don David, AIA
P.O. Box 1030
Ft. Walton Beach, Florida 32549

Sam BIImling, AIA
407 Kent Lane
Destin, Florida 32541
John Senkarik, AIA
51 South Jefferson/Plaza
Pensacola, Florida 32501


Walter Martinez, AIA
Suite 204, 1800 Coral Way
Miami, Florida 33145

Henry Alexander, AIA
5995 Sunset Drive
Miami, Florida 33143

Don Sackman, AIA
3265 Virginia Street
Suite 11
Coconut Grove, Florida 33133

H. Samuel Kruse, FAIA
1600 N.W. LeJeuene Road
Miami, Florida 33126

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983


David Morton, AIA
5995 Sunset Drive
Miami, Florida 33143

- "- -i
Robert Browne, FAIA
2865 Day Avenue
Coconut Grove, Florida 33133

Michael Bier, AIA
975 N.E. 127 Street
North Miami, Florida 33161
David Harper, AIA
250 Bird Road
Coral Gables, Florida 33146
Ron Robison, AIA
4217 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, Florida 33146


Lyndon Pollock, AIA
8800 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 200
Ft. Myers, Florida 33907

Dave Moyer, AIA
473 Third Street, South
Naples, Florida 33940

Bill Mudgett, AIA
2030B West First Street
Ft. Myers, Florida 33901


Jonn w. calmes, AIA
1125 12th Street
Vero Beach, Florida 32960

Thomas Culler, AIA
P.O. Box 610
Vero Beach, Florida 32960

Robert Gaskill, AIA
28 Forest Park Drive
Vero Beach, Florida 32960
Terry Kellagher, AIA
2015 38th Avenue
Vero Beach, Florida 32960

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983


John W. Barley II, AIA
P.O. Box 4850
Jacksonville, Florida 32201


Harleston G. Parkes, AIA
13936 Ketch Cove Place
Jacksonville, Florida 32216

Tom Reynolds, AIA
510 Julia Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Howard Davis, AIA
24 Cathedral Place
Suite 406
St. Augustine, Florida 32084
Richard E. Pryor, AIA
510 Julia Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
L. Linn Day, AIA
P.O. Box 4850
Jacksonville, Florida 32201


Gene Bebermeyer, AIA
P.O. Box 8006
Orlando, Florida 32857

Charles Braun, AIA
1155 Louisiana Ave.
Winter Park, Florida 32789

Bruce Hartwigsen, AIA
145 Lincoln Ave.
Winter Park, Florida 32789
Walter Bowman, AIA
P.O. Box 369
Cocoa Beach, Florida 32931


Rudy Arsenicos, AIA
2560 RCA Blvd.
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410

Harry G. Morris, AIA
4015 A Palm Beach Circle
West Palm Beach, Florida 33406

Larry M. Schneider, AIA
115 Woodland Road
Palm Springs, Florida 33461
Michael P. Corbett, AIA
6662 Westview Drive
Lantana, Florida 33462
Emily V. Obst, AIA
2326 S. Congress Ave.
West Palm Beach, Florida 33406
Philip Steel, AIA
100 North County Road
Palm Beach, Florida 33480

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983


"Modern achievement in every line of
human endeavor is largely the result of
organized efforts." It was with this con-
viction that 42 qualified architects met in
Jacksonville and formed the Florida
Association of Architects in 1912.
For many years prior to the formation
of the State Association, the few qual-
ified architects in Florida were com-
peting unsuccessfully, under the usual
disadvantage of unorganized profes-
sionals, with hundreds of contractors
and builders who advertised as archi-
tects, but weren't. With a strong desire to
remedy this situation and to protect po-
tential clients from the consequences of
unqualified architectural service, a num-
ber of Jacksonville architects assembled
on several occasions to consider steps
to effect the formation of a State Associa-
tion. With preliminary drafts for a Con-
stitution, Bylaws and Code of Ethics in
hand, these Jacksonville architects sum-
moned their fellow professionals from all
over the state to a convention to be held
in Jacksonville on December 14, 1912.
Among those who attended that conven-
tion were some of the finest architects
ever to practice in this state R.A. Ben-
jamin, W.B. Camp, Mellen C. Greeley,
J.H.W. Hawkins, H.J.. Klutho, M. Leo
Elliot and LeRoy Sheftall, to mention but
a few. Many of these were men who had
contributed to the rebuilding of the City
of Jacksonville after it was totally devas-
tated by fire in 1902. H.J. Klutho would
rise to fame as the champion of a new
Wrightian style of building and he would
also become architect for the final addi-
tion to the Florida State Capitol. Each of
the founders of the FAA was a pioneer in
his own right, each would leave a signifi-
cant list of contributions behind.
George 0. Holmes of Jacksonville was
elected the first President of the Florida
Association of Architects. The Constitu-
tion, Bylaws and Code of Ethics were
adopted unanimously as drafted and the
association began in 1912 with 36 char-
ter members.

The Florida Association of Architects
was granted a State Charter in 1914,
under which it was allowed to operate for
99 years. In 1945, it became a part of the
American Institute of Architects and has
since been called the Florida Associa-
tion of the American Institute of Archi-
The accomplishments during those
first years of the organization were many.
In 1915, the Architects Examination and
Registration Law passed the Legislature
and Governor Park Trammell signed it
into law. Members of the association
worked vigorously to stop the practice of
the State Board of Control of persistently
awarding architectural commissions for
state buildings to out-of-state architects.
They also worked to establish a require-
ment by some authorities that plans for
certain types of structures be prepared,
signed and sealed by an architect with
Florida Registration.
In 1941, under the banner of Unifica-
tion with both national AIA and at the
state level, a committee was established
to promote the state organization as a
single entity rather than chapters operat-
ing independently of each other. Follow-
ing World War II, unity was achieved with
the merging of the three chapters, Flor-
ida North, Central and South, under one
set of officers and directors. The mem-
bership in the FA/AIA at that time was
70, and there were 615 registered archi-
tects in Florida.
In the years that followed committees
were established to deal with important
issues as they arose, issues surrounding
additions to the State Capitol, expansion
of the Capitol Center, education in the
State University system, and the found-
ing of a Florida Architect magazine. In
1945, the decision to publish a state
magazine for architects was made and a
secretary and manager were hired. Ex-
cept for a brief period of cessation, the
magazine has been published continu-
ously ever since.
As it exists today in its new head-

quarters building in Tallahassee, the FA/
AIA is directed by a Board of Directors,
which sets policies and priorities of the
organization as well as initiating new
programs. The Board consists of repre-
sentatives from the thirteen local AIA
Chapters and the state elected officers,
who comprise the Executive Committee.
The representatives from each Chapter
are elected by the Chapter to serve a
three-year staggered term on the Board.
The Board of Directors meets four times
a year.
The Executive Committee is com-
prised of the President, Vice President,
Secretary and Treasurer, two AIA Re-
gional Directors (who serve on the
national AIA Board of Directors repre-
senting the profession of Florida) and the
Past President. The Executive ,Commit-
tee meets several times between each
Board meeting to act on matters requir-
ing immediate attention and reports
back to the subsequent meeting of the
There are a number of standing com-
mittees and short term task forces which
recommend and execute policies, plan
and produce programs. Membership on
these committees is drawn from the FA/
AIA membership.
Nominations to national committees
are made through the two AIA Regional
Directors. Florida, the Virgin Islands and
Puerto Rico make up one of the 17 re-
gions within the national AIA organiza-
A competent full-time staff headed by
an Executive Vice-President and located
in the Tallahassee headquarters handles
the day-to-day operations, fulfills the
directives and policies of the Board and
is available to all Florida AIA members
and other related construction organ-
izations as a liaison to the AIA and infor-
mation center.

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983


1982 -Glenn Buff, AIA
1981 -Ted Pappas, FAIA
1980 Howard Bochiardy, FAIA
1979 -Carl Gerken, AIA
1978 Jim Greene, AIA
1977 Ellis Bullock, Jr., FAIA
1976 Nils M. Schweizer, FAIA
1975 Frank Mudano, FAIA
1974 James E. Ferguson, Jr., AIA
1973 Thomas H. Daniels, AIA
1972 Richard E. Pryor, AIA
1971 Robert J. Boerema, AIA
1970 Harry E. Burns, AIA
1969 H. Leslie Walker, FAIA
1968 Herbert Rosser Savage, AIA
1967 Hilliard T. Smith, FAIA
1966 -James Deen, AIA
1965 William T. Arnett, AIA
1963-64 Roy M. Pooley, Jr., AIA
1961-62- Robert H. Levison, FAIA
1959-60 John Stetson, FAIA
1958 H. Samuel Kruse', FAIA
1957 Edgar S. Wortman, AIA
1955-56 G. Clinton Gamble, FAIA

1953-54 Igor B. Polevitzky, AIA
1950-52 Sanford W. Goin, AIA
1949 Robert M. Little, FAIA
1947-48 Franklin S. Bunch, FAIA
1943-46 James A. Stripling, AIA
1941-42 Robert Law Weed, AIA
1940 Elliott B. Hadley, AIA
1938-39 Russell T. Pancoast, AIA
1936-37 Frederick G. Seelman, AIA
1935 Theodore H. Skinner, AIA
1932-34 Richard Kiehnel, AIA
1931-32- Henry L. Taylor, AIA
1930 Bernard W. Close, AIA
1929 Nat G. Walker, AIA
1927-28 Robert Greenfield, AIA
1926-27 Robert B. Crowe, AIA
1925 -Franklin 0. Adams, AIA
1922-24 F.A. Henderichs, AIA
1920-21 Franklin 0. Adams, AIA
1918-19- Earl Mark, AIA
1916-17 Shields Warren, AIA
1914-15 George L. Pfeiffer, AIA
1912-13- George 0. Holmes, AIA

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

-R P-'


As adopted by the Membership at the
1977 Convention and amended in 1981.

Section 1. Name
a. The name of this organization is
the Florida Association of Architects of
the American Institute of Architects,
Inc., a non-profit incorporated, state or-
ganization chartered by The American
Institute of Architects and the State of
Florida; however, excepting for reports
to governments, property transfer and
transactions requiring legally correct
identification, the name for common use
shall be contracted to: Florida Associa-
tion of the American Institute of Archi-
b. In these bylaws the corporation is
called the Association, The American
Institute of Architects, The Institute, and
the Articles of Reincorporation, the
Section 2. Purposes
a. The purpose of the Association
shall be to organize and unite in fellow-
ship the architects of the State of Flor-
ida to combine their efforts so as to pro-
mote the aesthetic, scientific and practi-
cal efficiency of the profession; to ad-
vance the science and art of planning
and building by advancing the standard
of architectural education, training and
practice; to coordinate the building in-
dustry and the profession of architec-
ture to ensure the advancement of the
living standards of our people through
their improved environment; and to
make the profession of ever-increasing
service to society.
b. The Association shall function as
the statewide representative of and
unifying body for the various Chapters
and Sections of Chapters of The Ameri-
can Institute of Architects chartered
within the State of Florida on matters of
statewide and regional interest affecting
the interests of such Chapters and Sec-
tions of Chapters.
C. The Association may borrow and
lend money and own property of all
kinds, movable and immovable, and en-
gage in other activities which may be
incidental to any of the above purposes.
d. The Association may act as trus-

tee for scholarships, endowments or
trusts of philanthropic nature.
e. This enumeration of purposes
shall not be construed as limiting or re-
stricting in any manner the powers of
this Association but the Association
shall have all of the powers and author-
ity which may be conferred upon
non-profit corporations under the pro-
visions of the laws of the State of
Section 3. Composition
a. The Association shall consist of all
members of The Institute in its com-
ponent chapter organizations in the
State of Florida.
b. The domain of the Association is
the State of Florida.
c. The domain of the region shall be
the Florida/Caribbean Region.
d. The membership is organized into
members, Board of Directors, (herein
called the Board), officers and commit-
tees with dues, privileges and
classifications of membership; functions
and responsibilities of the Board and
committees; and the qualifications and
duties of officers, all as set forth herein-

Section 1.
a. All AIA Members, Associate Mem-
bers of the AIA, Professional Affiliates
and Members Emeritus of all Chapters
or Sections of Chapters of the American
Institute of Architects within the State of
Florida shall automatically be members
of the Association. Qualifications, ad-
mission requirements, and privileges of
members are those stated in The In-
stitute Bylaws.
Section 2. Student Affiliate
a. A student in an architectural
school or college in the State of Florida
who is a Student Affiliate of The Institute
is a Student Affiliate of the Association.
b. The Association or any Chapter
may establish and sponsor student
chapters in schools of architecture in
Florida under conditions established by
The Institute. When sponsorship is by a
Chapter, the Student Chapter is related
to the Association through the sponsor-
ing Chapter. When the Associatibn

sponsors a Student Chapter, the rela-
tionship will be directly with the Board
which will supervise the preparation of
its constitution and bylaws and obtain
approval of them from The Institute.
Section 3. Member Emeritus
A member who qualifies for status as
Member Emeritus of The Institute, shall
be exempted from payment of dues ex-
cept as noted under Article X, but his
rights and privileges, benefits and
obligations of full membership shall re-
main unabridged.
Section 4. Honorary Associate
a. A person of esteemed character
who is not eligible for AIA membership
in The Institute, but who has rendered a
distinguished service to the profession
of architecture or to the arts and scien-
ces allied therewith may become an
Honorary Associate.
b. The nomination for Honorary
Associateship may be made in writing
by any member of the Board at any
regular Board meeting. The written
nomination shall be signed by the
nominator and shall give the full name
of the nominee, reasons for the nomina-
tion, the biography of the nominee, a
history of his attainments and his qualifi-
cations for the honor. When he is
elected by two-thirds votes of the Board
membership, the Secretary shall ascer-
tain if the nominee desires to accept the
honor. If he accepts, he shall be pre-
sented with a certificate of membership
at the next annual meeting of the As-
c. An Honorary Associate shall be
privileged to attend the annual conven-
tions of the Association and speak and
take part in the discussions threat on
all matters except those relating to the
corporate affairs of the Association, but
he may not vote threat nor shall he pay
Section 5. Professional Affiliates
Professional Affiliates are non-archi-
tects, registered to practice their pro-
fessions where such requirements exist
with established professional reputa-
Professional Affiliates may include en-
gineers, planners, landscape architects,
interior designers, architectural photog-

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

raphers, sculptors, muralists and other
artists, professionals in government,
education, industry, research and jour-
nalism, and other professionals whose
work is related to the practice of architec-
Section 6. Other Membership
Other types of membership may be
created as the need arises and when
permitted by The Institute.
Section 7. Status of Members
a. The status of a member admitted
prior to an amendment of the bylaws
relating to the eligibility or qualifications
for membership shall not be changed
because of the amendment.
b. The grant to and the exercise and
use by a member of the rights and privi-
leges vested in him by the Charter and
bylaws shall be conditioned upon the
payment of dues to his Chapter, the
Association, and The Institute.
c. The secretaries of the Florida
Chapters of The Institute at the begin-
ning of the fiscal year and mid-year
shall file with the Secretary of the
Association lists of their Chapter mem-
bers in good standing by name and
classification and shall inform the
Secretary of the Association at all times
of any additions or changes to the lists
Section 8. Termination of Membership
a. AIA membership shall be ter-
minated by the death of a member, by
his resignation, or by his conviction of a
felony, or by his default under the
conditions prescribed in these bylaws,
and it may be terminated by action of
the AIA Board after it finds him guilty of
unprofessional conduct.
b. None of the above Members,
Associates of the AIA, or Professional
Affiliates may resign from the American
Institute of Architects or one of its Chap-
ters or Sections of Chapters and remain
a member of the Association.
c. An Associate of the AIA or Profes-
sional Affiliate may be suspended or ex-
pelled by the Chapter of the American
Institute of Architects of which he is a
member and shall automatically be sus-
pended or expelled by the Association.
Section 9. Privileges of Members
a. An AIA Member in good standing
may exercise all the rights and privil-
eges granted him under these bylaws.
b. An Associate of the AIA in good
standing may:
(1) Serve as a member of any
committee of the Association that does
not perform any duty of the Executive
Committee or that is not concerned with
disciplinary matters or Institute business
or affairs;
(2) Speak and make motions at

any meeting of the Association and vote
threat on any matter that does not con-
cern the affairs of business of The In-
stitute, or the nomination of a delegate
to an Institute meeting;
(3) Hold any office or a director-
ship of the Association as directed with-
in the bylaws.
c. Professional Affiliates in good
standing may serve on Chapter commit-
tees. They may not make motions, vote,
serve as chairpersons, hold office, print
or permit to be printed or in any way
use the name, title, initials, seal, symbol
or insignia of any component or of The

Section 1. Annual
a. There shall be an annual meeting
of the Association and the
Florida/Caribbean Region of the In-
b. Time and place of the annual
meeting shall be fixed by the Board if
not fixed by the preceding annual
c. All members in good standing
may discuss the business and debate
the issues brought before the annual
meeting. The voting necessary to enact
the business before the annual meeting
shall be done by the Chapter Dele-
gates, and the President of the Associa-
tion in case of a tie vote. The officers of
the Association shall conduct the busi-
ness of the annual meeting.
d. Delegates of the annual meeting
shall be selected by each Chapter.
(1) The number of delegate votes
entitled to each Chapter shall be based
on its number of AIA Members in good
standing with Chapter, Association and
Institute and whose dues have been
paid in full to the Association thirty days
prior to the annual meeting, as certified
by the Secretary of the Association.
(2) Each Chapter shall have two
delegate votes for the first six and one
additional delegate vote for each addi-
tional seven (or fraction thereof) such
certified AIA Members.
(3) Each Chapter's votes will be
equally divided among its accredited
delegates. After accreditation, the dele-
gate votes are not transferable.
(4) Chapters shall be furnished
with credential cards by the Secretary
of the Association and these shall be
certified by the President or Secretary
of the Chapter that each delegate is in
good standing with his Chapter, the
Association and the Institute.
(5) The Board, at a meeting held
prior to the meeting of the Association,
shall elect three AIA Members having
the qualifications of delegates to act as

the Credentials Committee of the meet-
ing. The Secretary, ex-officio, shall act
as Secretary of the Credentials Commit-
tee, and the Committee shall elect one
of its members as its Chairman. The
term of office of every member of the
Credential Committee shall expire when
the report of the Committee has been
accepted by the meeting.
e. An Annual Report shall be made in
writing to the annual meeting by each of
the following: President, Secretary,
Treasurer, Regional Directors, and
Board. The report of the Board shall in-
clude such committee reports and spe-
cial reports as the Board deems advis-
f. Approval by the annual meeting of
the Annual Reports and the recommen-
dations contained therein shall con-
stitute endorsement of the policies and
proposals reflected by the reports.
g. New officers for the ensuring year
shall be elected to succeed those
whose terms are about to expire.
(1) Nominations shall be made
during the business session of the an-
nual meeting.
(2) The Nominating Committee
shall report its nominations to the annu-
al meeting following which nominations
may be made from the floor. If the
Nominating Committee finds the mem-
ber nominated from the floor eligible to
hold office and his nomination is
seconded by two accredited delegates
from different Chapters, then he is
nominated for office.
(3) In the event no contest devel-
opes, the election may be declared by
(4) For contested elections, voting
shall be by ballots made available to
each delegate. A ballot box, shall be
open for voting for not less than four
hours after nominations have been
(5) The President shall announce
the results of all balloting prior to the
conclusion of the Fall Conference and
declare all elections.
Section 2. Special
a. A special meeting of the Associa-
tion shall be held if a call therefore, stat-
ing its purpose, is made by any of the
(1) The annual meeting, by con-
curring majority vote.
(2) The Board, by concurring vote
of two-thirds of the Board.
(3) Not less than one-half of the
Chapters, provided each such Chapter
has obtained the concurring vote of not
less than two-thirds of the membership
of its governing body.
(4) Written petition to the Board
signed by not less than twenty-five per
cent of the total number of members in

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

good standing of the Association.
b. Chapter representation shall be by
delegate, under the same rules govern-
ing the conduct of the annual meeting.
c. The number of delegates for each
Chapter shall be the same as for the
last preceding annual meeting.
d. A new Chapter chartered subse-
quent to the last previous annual meet-
ing shall be entitled to delegate votes in
accordance with the Secretary's count
of such Chapter's AIA Members in good
standing fifteen days prior to the special
Section 3. Notice
Notice of the annual meeting or Spe-
cial Meeting of the Association shall be
served on each member and Chapter of
the Association by letter or in an official
publication of the Association. Notice of
the annual meeting shall be served not
less than thirty days before the opening
session, and in case of Special Meet-
ings, not less than fifteen days before
such meetings.
Section 4. Rules of Order
All meetings shall be conducted in
accordance with Robert's Rules of Order,
latest edition.
Section 5. Voting
a. Voting may be by affirmation, un-
less a vote by roll call is requested by a
qualified delegate, at which time a roll
call vote of the delegations shall be
b. The Chairman or acting Chairman
of each delegation shall cast the votes
for his Chapter's delegation, but Chap-
ters shall not be required to vote as a
c. No Chapter may vote by proxy.
d. An officer of the Association shall
be entitled to vote only as a member of
his Chapter delegation except that the
President shall have an independent
vote in the event of a tie.
e. Minimum number of votes re-
quired for action. Unless these bylaws
otherwise require, any action or decis-
ion of an annual meeting or other meet-
ing of the Association shall be the con-
curring vote of a majority of the dele-
gates voting, except that on a roll call
vote any action or decision shall be by
the concurring vote of a majority of
those accredited votes which are cast.
f. A quorum for a meeting of the
Association shall consist of no less than
25 AIA Members, and at which meeting
there is present at least one AIA Mem-
ber from a majority of the Chapters in
the State.
Section 6. Letter Ballots
No vote shall be taken by letter ballot.
Section 7. Delegates to the American
Institute of Architects Convention

The Delegate representing the
Association at the Annual Convention of
the American Institute of Architects shall
be the President of the Association.
Should the President be unable to at-
tend, the delegate representing the
Association would be, in order of des-
cending priority, the President Design-
ate, the Secretary, the Treasurer, or a
Director elected by the Board.
Section 8. Suspension of Bylaws
These bylaws may be suspended at
any meetings for the transaction of any
special business by a two-thirds roll call
vote of the delegates present. When the
special business has been consum-
mated, the bylaws shall be immediately
in force again.

Section 1. Membership
a. There shall be a Board of Direc-
tors, in these bylaws referred to as the
Board. The Board shall consist of:
(1) The Officers of the Association.
(2) One or more directors from
each Florida Chapter as hereinafter pro-
(3) The Director/s-at-Large, who
shall be any member of the Association
who is a Director of the Florida/Carib-
bean Region of the American Institute of
(4) The immediate Past President,
who shall be a member of the Board the
year following his term as President.
(5) One student representative
who is a member of one of the AIA stu-
dent Chapters in the State and who
shall have voting privileges.
(6) An Associate Member of the
AIA who shall be elected annually as an
Associate Director-at-Large by the an-
nual meeting shall serve as long as he
is an Associate Member of the AIA.
b. The Directors, one or more from
each Chapter, shall be elected by each
Chapter at its annual meeting.
(1) An Alternate Director, one for
each Director, shall be elected by each
Chapter at its annual meeting to func-
tion for the Director when the Director
cannot attend Board meetings or serve
as a Director.
(2) The number of Directors from
each Chapter shall be based on the
number of regular members and emeritus
members of the Institute in the various
Chapters as determined by the member-
ship roster as of January 1 of the current
year. This shall become effective in 1982.
The distribution shall be as follows:
No. of Members No. of
in Chapter Directors
1- 100 . . . ..... .......... .2
101-150 . . . ..... .......... .3

151-225 . . . .... ........... .4
226-325 .. . ...... ............ .5
326-450 . . . .... ........... .6
In the event that the total number of
directors to be elected by the Chapters
exceeds 37 based on this system, the
Directors would be reapportioned by the
c. The Florida Student Affiliates of
Chapters of the American Institute of
Architects shall be represented on the
Board by Student Representatives who
shall maintain liaison between the Asso-
ciation and their Student Chapter.
Section 2. Vacancies
Vacancy of a Director on the Board
shall be filled as set forth in the Charter.
Section 3. Authority
a. The Board shall manage, direct,
control, conduct and administer the
property, affairs and business of the
Association, and between annual meet-
ings, within the appropriations made
therefore, put into effect all general poli-
cies, directives and instructions
adopted by the Association at a meet-
ing of the Association.
b. The Board shall issue and mail
such bulletins and publications to its
members and to others as determined
by the Board.
c. The Board shall establish and
adopt rules and regulations supple-
menting, but not in conflict with the
Charter and these bylaws, to govern the
use of the property, name, initials, sym-
bol and insignia of the Association and
to govern affairs and business of the
d. Each Director and Alternate Direc-
tor in the absence of the Director, shall
convey to the Board the actions and re-
quests of the Chapter he represents.
Section 4. Meetings
a. Regular meetings: The Board shall
hold at least four regular meetings each
(1) Time and place of the meetings
shall be fixed by the Board.
(2) A regular meeting shall be held
immediately proceeding the opening of
the Fall Conference meeting and another
meeting within thirty days after the begin-
ning of the new fiscal year. At least two
other meetings shall be called at the
discretion of Executive Committee.
(3) Ten members of the Board
shall constitute a quorum and all decis-
ions shall be made by concurring vote
of not less than a majority of those
members present.
(4) Upon the request of the Direc-
tors-at-Large the Board shall convene
as the Regional Council.
b. Special Meetings: A Special Meet-
ing of the Board may be called by the
President or by a written notice by a

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

majority of the officers or by six mem-
bers of the Board.
(1) Time and place for the Special
Meeting shall be fixed by the person or
persons calling the Meeting.
c. Notices and Minutes:
(1) Notice of each meeting of the
Board shall be sent in writing by the
Secretary to each member of the Board
at least ten days before the date fixed
by the meeting.
(2) Minutes of the meeting of the
Board shall be recorded by the Secre-
tary and approved by the Board in its
succeeding meeting.
Section 5. Rules of Order
All meetings shall be conducted in
accordance with Robert's Rules of Order,
latest edition.
Section 6. Removal of Directors
If there is not more than one vote of the
entire membership of the Board to the
contrary, the Board, by secret ballot, may
remove any officer or director of the
Association for refusal, neglect or failure
to perform the duties of the office or
position; or for any act contrary to the
policies and instructions of the Board
deemed to have injured the Association.
The Board shall offer the opportunity to
such officers or directors to be heard in
their own behalf, but its action shall be
final and conclusive and without re-
course. The vacancy thus created shall
be filled as provided in these By-Laws.

Section 1. Election
a. The Officers of the Association
shall be members of the Board and
elected by a majority vote of accredited
delegates present and voting at the an-
nual meeting.
b. The Officers of the Association
and Board shall consist of a President,
President Designate (Vice President),
Secretary, and Treasurer. The Officers
shall be AIA Members and shall be
elected by the membership of the Asso-
ciation at the annual meeting as desig-
nated herein.
c. The President shall not be elected
directly, but shall assume office by au-
tomatic succession from the Office of
President Designate (Vice President),
except the President shall be elected
when the President Designate (Vice
President) is unable or unwilling to as-
sume the Office of President.
d. The Secretary and Treasurer shall
be eligible for re-election.
e. All terms of office shall begin with
the calendar year.
f. Any or all Officers shall hold office
until their successors have been
elected and qualified. If a vacancy oc-

curs in any office of the Association,
other than the expiration of the term of
office, such vacancy shall be filled as
set forth in the Charter.
g. Only such members who have
been Officers or who have served on
the Board for at least one year are eligi-
ble for nomination for President Desig-
nate (Vice President).
Section 2. President
a. The President shall be the admin-
istrative head of the Association and
shall exercise general supervision of its
business and affairs, except such there-
of as are placed under the administra-
tion and supervision of the Secretary
and of the Treasurer, respectively, and
he shall perform all the duties incidental
to his office and those that are required
to be performed by him by law, the
Charter, these bylaws, and those that
are properly delegated to him by the
b. The President shall preside at all
meetings of the Association and the
Board and shall be Chairman of the
Executive Committee.
c. The President shall serve a term of
one year.
Section 3. The President Designate
(Vice President)
a. The President Designate (Vice
President) shall possess all the powers
and shall perform all the duties of the
President in the event of the absence of
the President or of his disability, refusal,
or failure to act.
b. The President Designate (Vice
President) shall perform other duties
that are properly assigned by the
c. The President Designate (Vice
President) shall serve a term of one
Section 4. Secretary
a. General Duties of the Secretary:
The Secretary shall be an administrative
officer of the Association and shall act
as its Recording Secretary and its Cor-
responding Secretary and as the Secre-
tary of each meeting of the Association,
the Board and the Executive Commit-
tee. He shall perform the duties usual
and incidental to his office and the du-
ties that are required to be performed
by the law, the Charter, these bylaws
and the duties properly assigned to him
by the Board.
b. Specific Duties of the Secretary.
(1) Custody of Property. The
Secretary shall have custody of and
shall safeguard and shall keep in order
all property of the Association, except
that property with which the Treasurer is
(2) Issue Notices. He shall be re-
sponsible for the preparation and issu-

ance of all notices and all calls and no-
tices of all meetings of the Association,
the Board and the Executive Commit-
(3) Conduct Correspondence and
Maintain Records. He shall conduct the
correspondence, keep the membership
roll and corporate records, minutes, an-
nual reports.
(4) Affix Seal and Sign Papers. He
shall keep the seal of the Association
and affix it on such instruments as re-
quire it and sign all papers that require
the attest or approval of the Associa-
(5) Prepare the Board's Annual Re-
port. In collaboration with the Officers of
the Association, he shall prepare the
annual report of the Board.
(6) Meetings. He shall have charge
of all matters pertaining to the arrange-
ments for and recording of meetings.
c. Delegation of Duties. Delegation of
the actual performance of his duties is
the prerogative of the Secretary, how-
ever, he shall not delegate his responsi-
bility for the property of the Association,
or affixing the seal of the Association, or
the making of any attestation or
certification required to be given by
him, or the signing of any document re-
quiring his signature.
d. The Secretary shall serve a term of
two years non-concurrent with the Trea-
Section 5. Treasurer
a. General Duties of the Treasurer.
The Treasurer shall be an administrative
officer of the Association and shall exer-
cise general supervision of its financial
affairs, keeping the records and books
of account thereof. He shall assist the
Finance and Budget Committee to pre-
pare the budget, collect amounts due
the Association and shall have the cus-
tody of its securities, funds and moneys
making the disbursements for the Asso-
ciation therefrom. He shall have charge
of all matters relating to insurance,
taxes, bonds, instruments and papers
involving financial transactions. He shall
sign all instruments of the Association
whereon his signature is required, and
perform all duties required to be per-
formed by him by law, these bylaws,
and the duties that are properly
assigned to him by the Board.
b. Reports of the Treasurer. The
Treasurer shall make a written report to
the Board at its regular meetings and to
the delegates at each annual meeting
and other meetings of the Association if
required. Each report shall describe the
financial condition of the Association, a
comparison of the budget to appropria-
tions as of the date of the report, the
income and expenditures for the period
of the report, and the Treasurer's

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

recommendations on financial matters.
c. Liability of the Treasurer. The Trea-
surer, personally, shall not be liable for
any decrease of the capital, surplus, in-
come, balance or reserve of any fund or
account resulting from any of his acts
performed in good faith in conducting
the usual business of his office.
d. Delegation of Duties. The Trea-
surer may not authorize any person to
sign any financial instrument, notice or
agreement of the Association that re-
quires the signature of the Treasurer,
unless such delegation or authorization
is expressly permitted by these bylaws
or the Board, but he may delegate to
assistants the actual performance of the
clerical, bookkeeping, statistical, col-
lecting, and recording work of his office
and may authorize designated assis-
tants to sign, under their respective ti-
tles, records, vouchers, receipts and
other documents if such is not pro-
hibited by the bylaws.
e. The Treasurer shall serve a term of
two years non-concurrent with the

Section 1. Composition
There shall be an Executive Commit-
tee of the Board composed of the Presi-
dent, the President Designate (Vice
President), the Secretary, the Treasurer,
any members of the Association who is
a Director of the Florida/Caribbean Re-
gion and the immediate Past President
who shall serve on the Executive Com-
mittee the year following his term as
Section 2. Powers Delegated to the
The Executive Committee shall have
full authority, right and power to act for
the Board during periods between
Board meetings on all matters except
that it shall not:
(1) adopt a general budget;
(2) change the policies, rules of
the Board or the bylaws;
(3) make an award of honor;
(4) purchase, sell, lease, or
hypothecate any real property;
(5) form an affiliation;
(6) fix assessments and annual
dues; however, it shall be allowed to act
for the Board on any of the foregoing
accepted matters which have been
delegated specifically to it by two-thirds
vote of the Board.
Section 3. Decisions of the Committee
a. The President, who shall be the
Chairman of the Executive Committee,
shall fix the time and place for the meet-
ings of the Executive Committee.
b. A quorum of two-thirds of its mem-

bers shall be necessary in order to
transact business at a meeting.
c. The Executive Committee must
actually meet in order to transact busi-
ness, otherwise the acts and decisions
of the Executive Committee are not
binding on the Board or the Associa-
d. The actions of the Executive Com-
mittee shall be recorded in minutes and
ratified by the Board at its meeting
following such action.
Section 4. Rules of Order
All meetings shall be conducted in
accordance with Robert's Rules of Order,
latest edition.

Section 1. Executive Officer
a. The administrative and executive
offices shall be in the charge of an
executive officer, who shall be known
as the Executive Vice President. The
Executive Vice President shall be em-
ployed by and shall report to the Board.
b. The Executive Vice President shall
be the Assistant Treasurer and shall
perform such duties in this capacity as
the Treasurer may direct and under his
direct supervision.
Section 2. Duties of the Executive Vice
a. The Executive Vice President shall
be and act as the chief executive officer
of the Association, and as such shall
have general management of the ad-
ministration of its affairs, subject to the
general direction and control of the
Board and the supervision of the ad-
ministrative officers of the Association.
b. He shall stimulate programs under
the various departments and coordinate
all inter-department affairs.
c. He shall be the officer in whom the
Board shall place the responsibility for
carrying out its general policies.
d. He shall maintain contacts with
other professional societies particularly
those in the fields allied to architecture
and with trade associations in the con-
struction industry so that he may be
constantly informed as to the activities
in those fields, extending the coopera-
tion of the Association as circum-
stances may warrant.
Section 3. Functions of Executive Vice
a. Administrative Functions. He shall
direct the administrative functions of the
Association office as provided in Article
VII of the bylaws. He shall serve as
Chief Executive Officer of the Associa-
tion in charge of the administrative and
executive offices, and shall maintain
liaison with professional societies. The

Executive Vice President will limit his
employment to the Association.
b. Editorial Functions. He shall be re-
sponsible for the publications of the
Association, including the official jour-
nal, carrying out Board directives as
formulated by the Publications Com-
mittee and the Board.
c. Legislative Functions. He shall
establish continuing and effective re-
lationships with the Florida Legislature,
carrying out Board directives as formu-
lated by the Legislative Committee and
the Board. He shall serve as Legislative
Representative for the Association on a
continuing basis, with such specialized
legal assistance as may be necessary
from time to time.
d. Legal and Accounting Function.
He shall coordinate legal and account-
ing functions of the Association as re-
quired, acting to carry out directives of
the Board.
e. Liaison Functions with State
Board. He shall establish and maintain
effective liaison with the Florida State
Board of Architecture subject to the di-
rection and control of the Board and
supervision of the officers of the Asso-
Section 4. Assistants to the Executive
Vice President
Upon the recommendation of the Ex-
ecutive Vice President, the Board may
employ assistants to the Executive Vice
President to perform such duties as
may be assigned to them by the Board
and by the Executive Vice President, in-
cluding the details of the administrative
work of the Association.
Section 5. Council of Past Presidents
a. There shall be a Council of Past
Presidents consisting of all past presi-
dents of the Association.
b. The Council of Past Presidents
shall meet when called by the Presi-
c. The Council shall give advice and
counsel to the President and shall per-
form such peculiar duties related to the
Association or the Profession best done
by a prestigious group as the President
requests and the Council agrees to per-

Section 1.
The Association shall est ^oh com-
missions to act as supervisory and
liaison agents for the Board and the
Section 2.
Each commission shall consist of a
commissioner appointed by the Presi-
dent and a vice-commissioner with
approval of the commissioner with con-
currence of the Board.

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reterence Book, 1983

Section 3.
The term of office of the members of
a commission shall be one year and
that shall coincide with the term of the
Section 4.
a. The number and type of com-
missions shall be as necessary to fulfill
the functions and business of the Asso-
b. A list of Commission Committee
jurisdiction shall be published in the
Rules of the Board or in a supple-
mentary publication thereto.

Section 1. Structure
The Association Committees shall
consist of Task Forces required for spe-
cific short term activities of the Associa-
tion, and Standing Committees, estab-
lished by these bylaws, of two types:
a. FAAIA Standing Committees which
serve the special needs of the Associa-
tion and cooperate with similar com-
mittees of the Chapters or Sections of
Chapters of the Institute located in the
State of Florida.
(1) FAAIA Standing Committees
shall be a Nominating Committee, Com-
mittee on Finance and Budget, Com-
mittee on Governmental Relations,
Committee for Conferences and Con-
tinuing Education, Committee for Edu-
(a) The membership of these
committees shall be selected by the
President from the membership accord-
ing to these bylaws and policies estab-
lished by the Board.
(2) The President Designate's
(Vice President's) recommendations for
committee chairman for the following
fiscal year shall be presented to the
Board at its last regular meeting for
Board approval and advice.
b. Task Forces may be created by
the President or by the Board. When
created by the President, the Board, at
its next meeting thereafter, shall review
such action and may continue or dis-
continue such committees, or make
changes in personnel as it may deem
(1) Task Forces shall expire with
the fiscal year, but may be recreated to
continue to function into the following
fiscal year.
(2) Chairman and members for
special committees shall be appointed
from the membership and their terms
shall expire with the committee.
(3) The President may, at any time,
discontinue Task Forces, alter classi-
fications, or make any changes in the
personnel of Special and FAAIA Stand-
ing Committees and report such action

to the Board at its next meeting.
Section 2. Nominating Committee
a. There shall be a Nominating Com-
mittee whose duty shall be to nominate
members in good standing with the In-
stitute, the Chapters and the Asso-
ciation, qualified to become officers
and/or Associate Director-at-Large in
the Association for each of the offices
about to be vacated.
b. The Board, at least sixty days be-
fore the annual meeting of the Associa-
tion, shall ratify the committee selected
by the President composed of a chair-
man and four members from separate
geographical areas of the Region.
Chairman and members shall be AIA
c. The Committee shall apprise the
membership of their nominations prior
to the convening of the annual meeting
and shall report their nominations to the
annual meeting at the first business
d. The powers of the Committee shall
terminate with the adjornment of the
annual meeting.
Section 3. Committee on Finance and
a. There shall be a Committee on Fi-
nance and Budget whose duty shall be
to prepare the annual budget for the
Board and to recommend fiscal policies
for adoption by the Association.
b. The Committee shall consist of five
members who are serving or have
served as a Director or who have held
office in the Association, appointed by
the President with the Board approval,
to serve for the initial year terms as fol-
lows: two members for one year; two
members for two years; one member for
three years. As their terms expire,
appointments shall be made for three
year terms. The President annually shall
designate one of the senior members to
act as chairman.
c. The annual budget for the fiscal
year following the annual meeting shall
be presented in draft for the Board
meeting immediately before the annual
meeting for its comments and report to
the annual meeting.
d. The final recommended budget
shall be prepared for the Board ap-
proval at the first meeting of the Board
in the new fiscal year.
e. The Committee shall provide for
long-range fiscal planning for the Asso-
ciation and recommend policies related
to funding, investments, travel and ex-
pense accounts, control of service pro-
jects, supplemental income and other fi-
nancial matters which will enhance the
Association's financial stability and
accrue benefits to the members and the
total profession, present and future.

Section 4. Committee on Government
The Committee on Government
Affairs shall be under the Association's
Executive Committee. The President
may appoint any additional AIA Mem-
ber to serve with the Executive Com-
mittee on this Committee. It shall be the
duty of this Committee to promote the
usefulness of the profession and the
Association to the various governmental
bureaus and agencies having charge of
the planning and designing of public
buildings and monuments and their en-
vironment; to promote the employment
of architects in private practice to plan
and design such public works; to main-
tain liaison with the legislature of the
state to forward statewide and local
legislation that will promote the welfare
of the architectural profession and the
construction industry and the public
health and welfare.
Section 5. Committee on Conferences
and Continuing Education
a. There shall be a Standing Com-
mittee for the Fall and Spring Con-
ference consisting of at least five AIA
Members. Terms of members shall be
as such to assure one retiring member
per year.
b. The duties of this Committee shall
be to recommend policies to the Board
for its consideration, to develop prog-
rams, format and organization con-
sistent with the professional and edu-
cational needs of Florida architects and
consistent with good public relations.
This Committee shall report to the
Board for its consideration and ap-
proval the suggested program and
speakers before invitations are ex-
c. The Committee may invite the AIA
Chapter located in the area of the Con-
ference site to sponsor a social event
and to request the wives of members to
consider ladies activities during the
Section 6. Committee for Education
a. There shall be a Committee for
Continuing Education consisting of
three AIA Members. Terms of members
shall be such to assure one retiring
member per year.
b. The duties of this Committee shall
be to establish and maintain edu-
cational programs to the Board for the
profession which programs are to be
administered by the Association.
Section 7. Operations
a. The Secretary shall notify the
chairmen and members of the various
committees of the names and ad-
dresses of their respective committee
members and their various assign-

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

b. The President shall be ex-officio
member of all committees, and the
Secretary may act as Secretary for the
committee if so selected by the com-
c. Committees have the right to re-
quest and receive all information and
records in possession of the Associa-
tion and necessary to discharge the
duties assigned them.
d. Committees shall act as advisors
to the Board and shall report their find-
ings, recommendations and actions to
the Board.
e. The majority of members of a com-
mittee shall constitute a quorum. Find-
ings, recommendations and actions of a
committee shall be made according to
the concurring vote of the majority of
members present at a committee meet-
ing or a concurring majority vote of let-
ter ballots.
f. The chairman of any committee re-
quiring an appropriation shall submit a
written request to the Board for the
amount required and reasons thereof,
and if granted, file with the final report
of the committee a detailed accounting
of moneys appropriated and expended.
g. No committee nor any member or
chairman thereof shall incur financial
obligations unless funds are available in
its appropriation and it is authorized to
do so by the Board. No committee nor
any member or chairman shall commit
the Association, orally otherwise, on
any matter unless specic'ally autho-
rized to do so by the Board.
h. When their terms expire, com-
mittee chairmen and members shall
transmit to their successors all informa-
tion and records necessary to continue
the work of the committees.

Section 1. Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of this Association
shall be the calendar year.
Section 2. Dues
a. Annual dues equal to the pro-rata
share required to defray expenses of
the Association for the ensuing fiscal
year shall be recommended by the
Board and determined and fixed by the
Annual meeting.
b. Each member shall contribute
annual dues in an amount determined
by the annual meeting.
c. Obligation to Report on and Liabil-
ity for Payment of Firm Dues
(1) Reporting. In addition to the re-
quirement that each AIA Member pay
his regular dues, he is also required to
report, on a form provided by the
Association, as to whether or not he has
an obligation to pay firm dues. Failure to
so report will result in the termination of
his membership.
(2) Payment. If a member has an

obligation to pay firm dues, then he
shall pay such dues, or be responsible
to see that they are paid by another on
his behalf. Failure to do so will result in
the termination of his membership.
(3) Who is Obligated to Pay Firm
(a) A firm will be required to pay
Firm Dues based on total employees as
of January 1, or as of a date to be
established by the Executive Com-
mittee, of the dues year. The amount of
the dues will be as approved by the
annual meeting.
(b) For the purpose of this dues
structure, the following definitions
Firm Any entity offering architectural
and/or architecturally related services,
regardless of ownership, in which an
AIA Member of this Association is an
employee. This would include, but is not
limited to, sole proprietorships, partner-
ships, professional associations,
corporations, development-type firms,
chartered groups or other types of
organizations. Not included would be
governmental organizations.
Employee Any individual receiving
compensation from a firm. This would
include sole proprietors, partners, archi-
tects, engineers, landscape or interior
designers, technical and administrative
staff, secretaries, office boys, etc.
d. Member Emeritus
Members who have been granted
Emeritus status are not required to pay
regular or firm dues. Such persons may
receive Association mailings for the
payment of $15 per year.
Section 3. Termination of Membership
for Non-Payment of Dues
a. Default
(1) Regular and Firm Dues of every
member for the current calendar year
are due and payable on or before Janu-
ary 15 of each year.
(2) Every member who has not
paid full Regular and Firm Dues owed
for the current calendar year on or be-
fore February 28 of said year shall be in
default, and shall be given thirty days'
notice, in writing, by the Secretary of im-
pending termination because of said
b. Termination for non-payment of
dues. If a member is in default for any
state and chapter dues as of March 31,
membership will be automatically ter-
minated, retroactive to January 1 of that
Section 4. Remission of fees and dues
The Secretary, in exceptional in-
stances, and for what he deems ade-
quate cause, may remit the admission
fee to AIA membership or the dues to
be paid by any member of the Associa-
tion, in whole or in part.
The Secretary may remit from year to

year the annual dues of any member of
the Association while he is actively en-
gaged in the military, naval, aviation or
maritime service of the United States of
America, and for a period of six months
after his return to civil life.
Section 5. The Treasurer is authorized
to resolve questions relating to the ap-
plicability and calculations of dues.
Section 6. Contributions
The Board, at any regular meeting,
by a concurring vote of two-thirds of
the members present, or at any special
meeting called thereof, may authorize
the raising of, and, and thereupon raise,
money by voluntary contributions from
its members, in addition to annual dues,
for any designated special purpose
consistent with the objections of the
Association, and prescribe the manner
in which such contributions shall be col-
lected. Non-payment of contributions
shall not abridge, suspend, or terminate
the privileges and rights of any
Section 7. Funds and Securities
a. All moneys received by the
Association shall be promptly deposited
in their original form, in a depository
approved by the Board.
b. Every disbursement of money, ex-
cept for petty cash, shall be by check of
the Association, signed by the Execu-
tive Vice President and countersigned
by the Treasurer or any officer desig-
nated by the Board.
c. The Treasurer shall establish petty
cash accounts as authorized by the
Board. These funds shall be disbursed
for the usual petty cash purposes, by
the person named in the Board's
authorization of the account. Statements
of expenditures shall be duly recorded
and the expenditures approved by the
Treasurer before the account is re-
d. Reserve or funds in excess of re-
quired operating funds shall be de-
posited by the Treasurer in an in-
terest-bearing depository approved by
the Board. Or when authorized by the
Board, such funds may be invested in
short term government or municipal
bonds or equivalent securities.
Section 8. Annual Budget
a. The Board shall adopt an annual
budget at its first meeting each year, by
a concurring vote of not less than two-
thirds of its membership present. The
budget shall show in detail the anti-
cipated income and expenditures of the
Association for the fiscal year.
b. Unless authorized and directed to
do so at an annual meeting or special
meeting of the Association, the Board
shall not adopt any budget, make any
appropriations, or authorize any ex-
penditure or in any way obligate or in-

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

cur obligation for the Association,
which, in the aggregate of any fiscal
year, exceeds the estimated income of
the Association for such year.
Section 1. By Meetings of the Associa-
The Charter and Bylaws of the Asso-
ciation may be amended at any annual
meeting of the Association provided:
(1) Written notice stating the pur-
pose and reason for each proposed
amendment is sent to each AIA and AIA
Associate Member not less than thirty
days prior to the date of the meeting at
which the proposed amendment is to
be voted on. A copy of the proposed
amendments shall be included with the
notice circulated as set forth in the
(2) Voting shall be by roll-call only
and shall require the concurring vote of
not less than two-thirds of the total dele-
gates votes present at the meeting.
(3) Every resolution or motion of
this Association amending its Charter or
Bylaws shall state that it will become
effective only if and when it is approved
by the American Institute of Architects.
(4) Immediately following adoption
of such resolution or motion, the Secre-
tary shall submit a copy of the amend-
ment and the resolution to the Secretary
of the Institute requesting Institute
approval. Upon receipt of such approv-
al, the Secretary shall enter the amend-
ment and record its approval in the
proper place in the documents with the
date of the amendment and its
Section 2. By The Institute
The Institute, unless the statutes for-
bid, may amend any provision of these
bylaws when the Association fails to en-
act amendments made by The Institute.
Each amendment made by The Institute
shall have the same force and effect as
if made by the Association and shall be
effective immediately on receipt of the
notice of the Secretary of the Institute
containing the amendment.The Secret-
ary shall enter such amendment in the
proper place in these bylaws and notify
the Chapters of the change.
Section 3. Title and Numbering
The Secretary may rearrange, retitle,
renumber or correct obvious errors in
the various articles, sections and para-
graphs of these bylaws as becomes
The Association shall not be re-
sponsible for any vote or statement of
its officers or members nor be pledged
or bound in any manner except by the
approval of the Board in conformity with
these bylaws.




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Howard Byron Bochiardy, FAIA (1985)
7120 Lake Ellenor Drive
P.O. Box 8006
Orlando, Florida 32856
(305) 851-0840
Ted Pappas, FAIA (1984)
100 Riverside Avenue
P.O. Box 41245
Jacksonville, Florida 32203
(904) 353-5581
Gulf States
William H. Beaty, AIA (1983)
2175 Germantown Road South
Suite 307
Germantown, Tennessee 38138
(901) 755-7180
Robert V.M. Harrison, FAIA (1984)
P.O. Box 4899
Jackson, Mississippi 39216
(601) 362-4899
Donald J. Hackl, FAIA (1984)
845 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(312) 337-5800
John W. Jickling, FAIA (1983)
909 Haynes
Birmingham, Michigan 48011
(313) 647-1777
Middle Atlantic
Samuel A. Anderson III, AIA (1984)
1011 East Main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219
(804) 649-9303
Theodore F. Mariani, FAIA (1983)
1600 20th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 462-5656
New England
Kenneth John Filarski, AIA (1985)
43 Page Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
(401) 861-2030
Robert J. von Dohlen, AIA (1983)
281 Farmington Avenue
P.O. Box H
Farmington, Connecticut 06032
(203) 677-8556
New Jersey
Romeo Aybar, AIA (1983)
605 Broad Avenue
Ridgefield, New Jersey 07657
(201) 943-1717
New York
Laszlo Papp, FAIA (1985)
222 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, New York 10605
(914) 949-1851
Peter Thomson, AIA (1984)
36 West 62nd Street
New York, New York 10023
(212) 265-0482
North Central
David E. Lawson, AIA (1985)
15 Ellis Potter Court
Madison, Wisconsin 53711
(608) 274-2741

L. Jane Hastings, FAIA (1984)
1516 East Olive Way
Seattle, Washington 98122
(206) 329-9600
David A. Pugh, FAIA (1983)
900 SW Fifth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204
(503) 226-1431
A. Notley Alford, AIA (1985)
120 West Third Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402
(513) 223-6500
Melvin Brecher, FAIA (1984)
2401 Locust Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
(215) 561-2401
South Atlantic
Elizabeth B. Lee, AIA (1985)
407 North Elm Street
P.O. Box 1069
Lumberton, North Carolina 28358
(919) 739-9460
Richard A. McGinty, FAIA (1983)
11 Lagoon Road
Hilton Head, South Carolina 29928
(803) 785-2444
Benjamin E. Brewer, Jr., FAIA (1985)
802 Lovett Boulevard
Houston, Texas'77006
(713) 529-3011
James A. Clutts, FAIA (1984)
1201 Elm Street, Suite 5464
Dallas, Texas 75270
(214) 747-2423
Nancy R. McAdams, AIA (1983)
University of Texas at Austin
i,.:.e.>:i Pl3anning Services
".3 .,r, .,u dicai 206
.auui Te-ad 78712
(512) 471-1292
Western Mountain
Philip Wade Dinsmore, AIA (1984)
4905 E. Broadway, Suite 200
Tucson, Arizona 85711
.(602) 790-9100
William C. Muchow, FAIA (1985)
1725 Blake Street
Denver, Colorado 80202
(303) 295-1805
Student Director, ex officio
Robert J. Klancher
President, ASC/AIA
1735 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 626-7472
Chair, Council of Architectural
Component Executives, ex officio
Lowell Erickson, Hon. AIA
320 Newbury Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02115
(617) 267-5175
Public Director
John Naisbitt
1211 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 710
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 833-3822

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983


Committees and Task Forces
of the Executive Committee

Budget and Finance
Don David, AIA,
Ft. Walton Beach
To provide long range fiscal planning for
the FA/AIA and recommend policies re-
lated to funding, investments, travel and
expense accounts, control and service
projects, supplemental income and
other financial matters which will en-
hance the FA/AIA financial stability and
accrue to the members and the total pro-
fession present and future.
Bob Abele, Mark Jaroszewicz, Bruce
Balk, Larry Schneider, Bruce Hartwigsen

Glenn Buff, AIA,
Coral Gables
To nominate members in good standing
with the institute, the chapters and the
association, qualified to become officers
and/or associate directors-at-large in
the Association for each of the offices to
be vacated.
Charles King, Ellis Bullock, Charles
Braun, John Ehrig

Long Range Planning
Ted Pappas, FAIA,
To prepare a long range written plan for
the FA/AIA to be presented to the Ex-
ecutive Committee by July 1983.
Glenn Buff, James Anstis, Don David,
John Barley

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983


Honor Awards
Jim Anstis, AIA,
West Palm Beach
To receive nominations for annual hon-
ors and awards conferred by the FA/AIA
and to make recommendations to the
Executive Committee for approval by the
Board of Directors.
Recognize persons and activities which
make a statement in keeping with the
Association's philosophy beyond self-
serving issues.
Ted Pappas' Glenn Buff, Bob Graf, Mark
Jaroszewicz, Howard Bochiardy, Jim

Legislative Policy
Carl Gerken, AIA,
Ormond Beach
To monitor relevant issues involving the
architectural profession in Florida and to
assist in the preparation of the FA/AIA
position statements and to coordinate
these policies with the FAPAC, Minute-
men and chapters of AIA in Florida.
Ted Pappas, Glenn Buff, Jim Anstis, Bob
Graf, Mark Jaroszewicz, Jim Jennewein,
Howard Bochiardy

Headquarters Facilities
Trent Manausa, AIA,
To make the headquarters facility a cen-
ter of excellence for the profession by
reviewing financing, maintenance and
Rick Barnett, John Hayes, Mike Alfano

Group Insurance
Martin Gundersen, AIA,
Ft. Myers
To work with the Association Administra-
tors and Consultants Inc. to implement
the group life major medical and disabil-
ity insurance program for members of
the FA/AIA.
W.C. Zoller, Reese Harvey, Nolley T.
Nance, Rudy Arsernico., Maynard

Commission on Professional

Membership Development
Angel Saqui, AIA,
To coordinate efforts with the thirteen
chapters in Florida in order to bring
about efforts to encourage membership
in the AIA. To bring in at least 200 new
members by mid-1982 and to encour-
age growth of membership for associate
members and professional affiliates.
Guy Butler, Fred Vyverberg, Octavio
Santurio, Michael J. Maxwell, John

By-Laws Committee
Ivan Johnson, AIA,
To review changes in FA/AIA operations
and propose changes in the FA/AIA
bylaws as required.
Irvin Korach, Angel Saqui, Edward Spel-
man, Jerome Filer

Jim Jennewein, AIA,

Collegiate Relations
Peter Prugh, AIA,
To organize a student design competi-
tion at the Fall Conference, involve stu-
dents and schools in FA/AIA activities.
To develop a policy to keep them in-

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

formed on relevant FA/AIA activities. To
develop a policy for distribution of funds
from the Association to encourage stu-
dent participation with the profession in
Thorn Grafton, John Ehrig, Jose Barbo-
sa, Stephen Cold, David Fronzack, D.B.
Young, Jr., Donald Slager

Sam Krus6, FAIA,
To work closely with AIA in disseminat-
ing to the membership instructions for
preparing and submitting nominations
for elevation to the College of Fellows of
AIA. To encourage and assist chapters
and individuals wishing to make such
Charles King, Ellis Bullock, Samuel Mos-
kowitz, Charles Braun

Commission on Governmental

John Barley, AIA,

Florida Architects Political Action
C. Ernest Daffin, AIA,

To encourage and stimulate architects to
take a more active and effective part in
governmental affairs. To encourage
architects and others to understand the
nature and actions of their government
and to assist architects and others in
organizing themselves for more effective
political action in carrying out their civic
(To be appointed)

Minute Men
Lemuel Ramos, AIA,
To maintain liaison with members of the
Florida legislature on all legislation and
governmental issues effecting the archi-
tectural profession. To attend legislative
luncheons in Tallahassee during the leg-
islative session and to participate in
other legislative functions. To organize a
communications system throughout the
Grassroots level of the architectural pro-
fession in Florida so that issues can be
quickly disseminated by telephone calls
and responded to by the profession.
John Barley II, Thorn Grafton, Carroll
Peacock, Jorge Garcia, Armando Cazo,
Wade Setliff, Angel Saqui, Dave Fron-
zack, Roger Paluzzi, Michael Byrd, Phil
Clark, William Ervin, Bob Graf, Pete Tag-
liarini, Bruce Gora, Carlos Marcet, Sol
Fleischman, Phillip Reeves, David Leete,
Wade Setliff, Tim Seibert, Larry Ladefla,
Jim Ruyle, Ludwig Spiessel, John Ehrig,
Perry Reader, Mark Jaroszewicz, Jack
Moore, Dave Fronzack, Bill Ervin, Paul
Donfro, Michael George, John Hayes,
Harold Odom, Jim Roberson, Roy Ricks,
James Chapman, Bayne Collins, Stewart
Morrison, Glenn Buff, Robert Boerema,
James Ferguson, Norman Giller, Sam
Kruse, David Morton, Michael Simon-
hoff, Ted Pappas, John Dragash, Nils
Schweizer, Douglas Walton, Rudolph
Arsenicos, John Marion, Kernardon Spi-
na, Herbert Pecht, Thomas J. Graham,
Ernest Straughn, Garrett Kuhl, Robert
Dykes, Bob Bitterli

Liaison Florida Board of Architecture
Carl Gerken, AIA,
Ormond Beach
To maintain liaison with the Florida State
Board of Architecture in order to insure
that the Board of Directors of the FA/AIA
is kept informed on all issues pertaining
to the profession and to make recom-
mendations on actions to be taken by
the Association on those issues.
Rick Fernandez, Bob Bitterli


Governmental Agency Liaison
Ernest Daffin, AIA,
To maintain liaison and monitor relevant
activities with the appropriate officials
with the Department of General Ser-
vices, the Department of Health and
Rehabilitative Services, and the State
University system as to rules and regula-
tions pertaining to design of public build-
ings. To establish task forces which take
an aggressive stance on public and
community issues impacting the archi-
tectural profession.

Bob Darby, Nils Scheizer, Irvin Korach,
Ellis Bullock, Bill Morgan, Richard Pryor,
Dan Harnly, George McElvy, Robert
Edge, William Elliott, Angus Smith

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Codes & Standards
Katherine Durham, AIA,
St. Petersburg
To serve as a clearing house for new
rules, regulations, codes and standards
promulgated by various state agencies
and review existing criteria where re-
quired at the direction of the committee.

Don Cahill, Gary
Bigoney, Jeremiah
Taylor, Steven Bruh,

McDonald, Bill
Lahey, Robert E.
Emanual Abraben

Commission on Professional

Dwight Holmes, FAIA,

Seminars and Workshops
Fred Vyverberg, AIA,
To assist in the planning and implemen-
tation of a series of seminars and work-
shops on subjects pertaining to the
practice of architecture in Florida. To set
definite dates, times, places and pro-
gram participants for those seminars.
Michael Yaros, Jerome Filer, Tyler Up-
ham, Jack Sanders

Spring Conference
Charles Block, AIA,
Vero Beach
Develop a spring conference program in
Tallahassee which highlights improved
marketing techniques for the profession,
better understanding of management
techniques, financial planning, use of
time, and broader understanding of ex-
panding markets for architectural ser-
Bob Gaskill, John Howey, John Evans,
Charles Pawley, Ed Hoon, John Calmes

Fall Conference
Bill Charvat, AIA,
Winter Park
Develop a Fall Conference program in
Tampa which expands the education to
members on the State of the art in de-
sign, new production techniques, and
marketing opportunities; format to better
facilitate the awards program and create
a meeting conducive to attracting allied
Bob Graf, Tom Woodruff, Robert
Browne, Kathy Durham, Ron Singh, Guy
Butler, Ray Scott, Jim Anstis, John
Howey, Brooks Weiss

Intern Development Program
John Ehrig, AIA,

Create a workable structure of volun-
teers who will work with professionals
and interns to assist and advise partici-
pants in the IDP program; develop a
policy and planning guide for FA/AIA on
Robert Lamkin, Kenneth Gregory,
Robert Hoenshel, Donald Sirini, Joseph
Hamzy, Jesus Cruz, Merlin Redfren, Dan
Powers, Paul Dritenbas
Commission on
Public Relations
& Communications

Robert Browne, FAIA,
Coconut Grove

Committee on Publications
Charles King, FAIA,
To set broad objectives for Florida
Architect magazine. To monitor the
magazine and meet periodically with the
staff. To maintain and enhance a high
degree of quality for the magazine, the
handbook and miscellaneous FA/AIA
Peter Rumpel, Jaime Borrelli, Mark
Jaroszewicz, Bill Graves, Ivan Johnson

Public Awareness
Jan Abell, AIA,
FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

To broaden the public awareness and
understanding of the architectural pro-
fession; develop a statewide public
awareness program on the role of the
architect in our society that can be util-
ized in media throughout the state by
chapters, sections and the state asso-
D.W. Leutholo, P.A. Crannell, Ross
Spiegel, Ron Robison, Bobby Cresap,
Carroll Peacock, Digby Bridges, Jaime
Borrelli, Earl Starnes, Ray Scott, Ramon
Arronte, William Criswell, John Stefany

Design Awards
John Howey, AIA,
To administer the 1982 Design Awards
program and encourage such programs
at the local chapter level; assist in ex-
ecuting the awards program in the Fall
Pete Tagliarini, H. Dean Rowe, Mark
Jaroszewicz, Don Singer, Ray Scott, Carl
Abbott, Tom Hurley, Charles Pawley,
George Reed

Media Advisory Committee
Ted Pappas, FAIA
Planning Committee
Ted Pappas, FAIA
Secretary's Advisory Committee
Howard Bochiardy, FAIA
Jury on Institute Honors
Tom Marvel, FAIA, Chairman
Affirmative Action Committee
Walter Martinez, AIA
Minority Resources Task Group
Walter Martinez, AIA
Component Resources Committee
Fred Vyverberg, AIA
Member Services Task Force
Gene Bebermeyer, AIA
Documents Committee Task Group B
Jack Moore, AIA
NAAB Board of Directors
Ellis Bullock, FAIA

AIA Insurance Trusts
George Allen, CAE

Council of Architectural Component
Executives, Executive Committee
George Allen, CAE

Historical Resources
Blair Reeves, AIA,
To develop a workable procedure for the
generation of a major book that would
serve as a basis for an understanding of
.what Florida architecture has been and
should be. To encourage documentation
of all history in the Florida Architect.
(To be appointed)

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983



Honor Award
George F. Reed, FAIA
Arquitectonica International
Henry C. Alexander, Jr.
William Morgan Architects, P.A
Pappas Associates, Architects,
Kemp, Bunch and Jackson,
Architects, Inc. and Schweizer
Associates, Inc.

Honor Award
John Howey and Associates
Bouterse, Perez and Fabregas
Boerema, Bermello, Kurki &
Vera, Inc.
Firm of Record: Severud,
Knight Boerema and Buff
Alford Associates Architects
Jack West, AIA
Donald Singer, AIA

Carl Abbott Architect
Donald Singer, AIA

Bouterse, Perez and Fabregas
Wolfberg/Alvarez/Taracido &

William Morgan Architects

Honor Award
Baldwin & Sackman, Arch.
Rowe, Holmes Architects

Pappas Assoc., Arch., Inc.

Greenleaf/Telesca Planners-Eng.
Architects, Inc.
Kemp, Bunch, Jackson, Arch.,

Honor Award
Carl Abbott, AIA

Clements/Rumpel/Assoc., AIA

Hugh J. Leitch, Architect

McDonald and Gustafson

William Morgan Architects, P.A.

Rowe Holmes Assoc., Arch.

Merit Award

Robbins & Bentler, Architects, Inc.

Williams & Walker Architects
Architects, Baldwin & Sackman


Aguilera Residence
The Overseas Tower

Alexander Residence
Oceanfront Townhouses
Neighborhood Senior
Citizens Center
Orlando International

Gregg Beachfront

Private Residence
Boulevard Shops
Miami Free Zone

School of Business
University of Miami

"Reflections One"
St. Armands House
M. Sterling Clothing
Lido Bayfront Residence
Corporate Headquarters
of R.J Pavlik, Inc.
The Bouterse House
City of Miami Heavy
Equipment Maintenance
Federal Buildings-US


Single Family Residence
Museum of Science and
Farm House
Office Building Renova-
N.W. 20th Street Transfer
FJK Kent Campus


Deering Bay Front Resi-
Center For Training, Re-
search & Education For
Environmental Occupa-
Hannah House Restora-
Lincoln Villas Community
Parking Facility and
Ridgewood Junior High

Restoration of Sacred
Heart Church
Heritage Park
Brickell Woods Town-

Dade County

Coconut Grove
Atlantic Beach


Island near



Ormond Bch.
Ft. Lauderdale

Ft. Lauderdale


Ft. Lauderdale

Miami Beach

St. Croix, VI








New Port



William Morgan, Architects, P.A.
Charles M. Sieger, AIA

Honor Award
William Morgan, Architects, P.A.

Merit Award
Don Sackman, AIA
Rowe Holmes Assoc., Architects,
William Morgan, Architects, P.A.
Architects Design Group of Flor-
ida, Inc.
Don Sackman, AIA
Rowe Holmes Assoc., Arch.
Lemuel Ramos, AIA

Merit Award
Prindle, Patrick & Partners, LTD


Boyer & Boyer Architects

Daniel Adache, & Associates
Peter Jefferson Assoc.

Robert G. Currie & Assoc.

Bouterse Perez & Fabergas Arch.

Honor Award
Peter Jefferson Assoc.
Robert Bradford Browne, Arch.

Robert Bradford Browne, Arch.

Robert Bradford Browne, Arch.

Merit Award
Roy D. Smith, Architect Planner
Edward Seibert, Architect, PA.
Borroto & Lee, Architects Planners
Zoller-Abbott Architects Planners

Honorable Mention
Joint Venture of Charles Sieger,
Denis Arden & Robert Altman,
Rowe Holmes Assoc. Architects,
Rowe Holmes Assoc. Architects,
Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Arch.
Engineers-Planners, Inc.
Charles Harrison Pawley,
Frank Folsom Smith, Architect &
James Holliday, Architect
Boyer & Boyer Architects
Pancoast Architects & Bouterse
Borrelli Albaisa Arch. Planners,

Dickinson Residence Gainesville
Sieger Residence Miami


Police Memorial Building Jacksonville

Private Residence Coconut Grove
Architect's Office Tampa

Sea Garden's, Inc. Seminole
Re-Creation of Ft. Beach
Christmas Christmas
Mayport Junior High Jacksonville
South Miami Gardens South Miami
Clinic Building Tampa
Private Residence Miami


Sarasota County Jail Sarasota
Miami Beach Youth Miami Beach
Third District Court Miami
Court of Appeal
Mandarin Farm School Mandarin
Adache Residence Ft. Lauderdale
South Passage Vero Beach
Sear Ridge Condomi- Gulfstream
French Market Arcade Orlando


Jefferson Residence Palm City
Jacksonville Jewish Jacksonville
Ocean Pines Yacht Club Ocean City

Rio Mar Rio
Grande, PR
Rayburn Swim & Tennis Sam Rayburn,
Club TX

Community Center Lauderhill
Vacation House West Coast
Borroto Residence Key Biscayne
Greenhouse Restaurant Siesta Key

Apogee Townhouses Coconut Grove

Arbor Office Center Clearwater

The Loading Dock Tampa
Valencia Community Col- Orlando
Office Remodeling Miami

Siesta Key Chapel Siesta Key

Hideaway Mandarin
Miami Police Station Miami

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

William Morgan Architects, P.A.
Oscar Handle, Architect

Architects Baldwin & Sackman

William Morgan Architects, P.A.
William Morgan Architects, P.A.

West & Conyers/Architects & En-
gineers, Inc
Robert C. Broward, Architect
Ferendino/Grafton/Spillis Candela
Architects Eng. Planners
Borroto & Lee Architects & Plan-

Honorable Mention
Donald Singer, AIA
Rowe/Holmes Assoc., Architects,

Honor Award
Donald Singer, AIA

Merit Award
Freedman/Clements/Rumpel, AIA
Freedman/Clements/Rumpel, AIA

Robert C. Broward, AIA

Honorable Mention
Donald Singer, AIA

Ted Pappas, AIA

Honor Award
Herbert H. Johnson & Assoc., AIA
William Morgan, FAIA

Merit Award
Freedman/Clements/Rumpel, AIA

William Morgan, FAIA
Robert Whitton, AIA
Robert Wielage & John McKenna

Carl Abbott/Zoller Abbott
Honorable Mention
Charles Harrison Pawley, AIA

Hal T. Reid, AIA
George F Reed, AIA

Honor Award

Merit Award
Edward J. Seibert, AIA

William Morgan, FAIA

Donald Singer, AIA
Charles Harrison Pawley, AIA

Honorable Mention

Bouterse/Borrelli/Albaisa, AIA

Dunehouses Atlantic Beach
Cypress Place Office
Complex Ft. Lauderdale
Kearsarge Woods Resort N Conway, NH

Hilltop Residence
Oceanfront Condominium

West Residence

Dake Residence
Renovation of Douglas
Lee Residence

Klein Residence
Francis Bellamy Ele.

Central Florida
City, MY

Coral Gables




Private Residence

Sawgrass Golf Villas
St. Mary's Episcopal
Church Renovation
Sawgrass Racquet Club

Medical Plaza
Miami-Dade Community
College Downtown
Katz Residence


First Federal Building
Morgan Residence

Florida Christian Home
Professional Offices
Engle Residence
Hillsborough Community
College/Dale Mabry
Weld Beach House

Walter Goodman Resi-
Barnett Bank of Ocala
Gibbs Residence


The Stanley Switlik Ele.

John D. MacDonald Resi-
Oceanfront Residence

Jacaranda Country Club
Lemon Tree Village Con-

Boca Raton





Atlantic Beach





Key Biscayne



Coconut Grove

Broward Community Col- Coconut Creek
lege, North Campus
Isabella Ambrosey Miami
Berczeli Residence

Honor Award
Jacobson/Currie, AIA

Robert Whitton, AIA

Merit Award
William Morgan, FAIA
Reynolds, Smith & Hills, AIA

Honorable Mention
Freedman/Clements/Rumpel, AIA

Antoniadis Assoc., AIA
Borrott & Lee, AIA

Honor Award
Frank Folsom Smith, AIA
Drake/Patillo & Assoc., AIA

Merit Award
William Cox & Charles Harrison
Pawley, AIA
William Morgan, FAIA

Honorable Mention
William Cox & Charles Harrison
Pawley, AIA
Fisher, Broward, Shephard, AIA

Honor Award
George Reed, AIA

Freedman/Clements/Rumpel, AIA
Ferendino/Grafton/Pancoast, AIA
Master Plan Consultants

Merit Award
D. E. Holmes, AIA
Abraben/Bennett/John Assoc.

Honorable Mention
Robert Bradford Browne, AIA

Honor Award
Lemon & Megginson, AIA

McLane, Ranon, Mcintosh & Ber-

Barrett/Daffin/Coloney, AIA

Milton C. Harry & Assoc.

Merit Award
West/Conyers, AIA
Russell/Melton Assoc., AIA
William Morgan, FAIA

Greenleaf/Telesca, AIA

Robert Bradford Browne, AIA

Southeast Palm Beach
Branch Office Complex
Firestone Residence

Florida State Museum
Terminal Complex-Tampa
International Airport

Eugenia Coleman Memo-
rial Addition to River Gar-
den Hebrew Home for
Antoniadis Residence
Urban Renewal Project I


Sandy Cove
Church of Our Savior/

Boca Raton West Golf
Jacksonville Children's

Charles Harrison Pawley
St. Peter's Church/Epis-


Arthur Rudolph Resi-
Florida Junior College
North Campus

D. E. Holmes Residence
Sands Harbor Inn Con-

William Johnson Resi-


Imperial Estates
Elementary School
Headquarters, West
Coast Chapter Assoc.
Gen. Contractors Assoc.
Killearn Golf & Country
Sebastian Trovato Resi-

Sarasota City Hall
Lynndale Homes
Place-by-the-Sea Apart-
Miami Lakes Sr. High
George A. Smathers

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Delray Beach

Dade County



Coconut Grove


Boca Raton







Juno Beach





Dade County
Atlantic Beach





Anthony L.

Award of
Honor for

Award of



ship Award:


Gold Medal:

Anthony L.

Award of
Honor for

Award of



State Member:
Ted Pappas, FAIA
Florida South

Dwight Holmes, AIA

John L. Culbreath

Beth Dunlop
Miami Herald

Steven Brooke

Linda Mack

Linda Mack
Nils Schweizer, FAIA

State Member:
John Stefany, FAIA
Palm Beach Chapter

Peter Rumpel, FAIA

R. Lee Menzies

Beth Dunlop
Miami Herald

Bob Braun

of the Year:

Gold Medal:

Tommy White
Ivan H. Smith, FAIA


Anthony L.
Pullara: State Member:
Ellis Bullock, Jr., AIA
Florida South
Award of
For Design: Hilario F. Candela, AIA
Coral Gables
Craftsman of
the Year: Robert E. Ray
tion: Charles Benbow
St. Petersburg Times
Award: Steven Brooke
Coral Gables
Medal: Robert M. Little, FAIA
Coral Gables

Anthony L.

Award of
For Design:

Award of



State Member:
Carl Gerken, AIA
Florida Central

Robert Browne, FAIA
Coconut Grove

Malcolm Johnson

Senator Edgar M. Dunn,
Daytona Beach

Craftsman of
the Year: James W. Browning

Award: Jesse E. Bowden, Editor


Anthony L.

Gold Medal:

Award of

Award of






State Member:
Don Alford, AIA
Frank Mudano, FAIA

William Morgan, FAIA

Harris Mullen

Herschel Shepard, FAIA

William Bigoney, FAIA
Ft. Lauderdale

Frank Pedroni

Charles Benbow
St. Petersburg Times

Lewis J. Bellamy
Constance J. Kamer


Anthony L.

Jan Abell, AIA

State Member:
Glenn A. Buff, AIA
Florida South

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Award of
Merit: Dr. Lawrence Tanzi
Award: J. Michael Huey,
ship Award: Charles Wade, Foreman
Award: Kurt Waldmann


Anthony L.

Award of

Award of



Craftsman of
the Year:

State Member:
Frank R. Mudano, FAIA
Florida Central

Guy Chandler Fulton (In

Robert E. Hoestetler,

Arnold F. Butt, AIA
PPG Industries
J. Velma Lamb

Frank Folsom Smith, AIA
James B. Holliday, AIA

Early A. White,

State Member:
Howard Bochiardy, FAIA,
Florida Central
Hilliard T. Smith, FAIA
Lake Worth

Marshall S. Cleaver,
WLCY-TV, St. Petersburg
Sam Gowen, U F
Libraries, Gainesville

Otis E. Dunan, Miami

Bill G. Eppes, AIA,


Robert C. Broward, AIA
John Albert Weller, AIA


Anthony L.



Craftsman of
the Year:

Florida Central

Craftsman of
the Year: John Pendarikis, Artisan
Wood Crafters
West Palm Beach

ship Award:

E. L. Thompson & Son,


Anthony L.

John E. Stefany, FAIA


Robert Green, Concrete
Boca Raton


Anthony L.

State Member:
Nils M. Schweizer, FAIA
Florida North Central

Gold Medal: Marian I. Manley, FAIA
Award of
Merit: James L. Larkin, AIA
Service: Donald S. Williams, AIA
Craftsman of
the Year: Stanford Moree & Al
Lino, Carpenters
West Palm Beach
Guy Travaglia & Thomas
Cooper, Plasterers


Anthony L.

Award of


State Member:
Robert Boerema, AIA
Florida Central

Carl E. B. McKenry, AIA
Univ. of Miami

William K. Jackson, AIA
Thurston Hatcher, Miami

Gold Medal:

Award of


Craftsman of
the Year:


Anthony L.

State Member:
Howarth L. "Hap" Lewis,
Jr., AIA
Florida South
Robert H. Levison, FAIA

Roy Simon, AIA, Delray

W. J. Bowen, President,
Florida Gas Co.

Alfred Browning Parker,

Herman Maleika, Mason

State Member:

James E. Garland, AIA
Palm Beach
Gold Medal Francis R. Walton, FAIA

Award of

Craftsman of
the Year:

ship Award:



Nils M. Schweizer, FAIA

Ellis W. Bullock, Jr., AIA

Donald Garber,
Altamonte Springs

Hedrick-Brown Const.,
Col, Inc.
Palm Beach

George F. Reed, FAIA

Kurt Waldman

F. Blair Reeves, FAIA

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983


Anthony L.

Gold Medal:

Award of



Anthony L.
Pullara: State Member:
Myrl J. Hanes
Palm Beach
Craftsman of
the Year: Chuck Dodson, Mosaic
ship Award: John Dec/General
Ft. Lauderdale
Service: Robert E. Hansen, FAIA


Anthony L.
Pullara: State Member:
Hilliard T. Smith
Palm Beach
Gold Medal: Archie G. Parrish, FAIA

Craftsman of
the Year:

Award of


Robert Adjemian, Atlas
Holly Hill

Philip Pitts, Tallahassee
City Planner

Craftsman of
the Year:

ship Award:

Willard C. Hundall,
West Palm Beach

John Dec, General
Ft. Lauderdale

Anthony L.

Gold Medal: H. Samuel Kruse, FAIA

Award of
Award of



Craftsman of
the Year:

Anthony L.

Earl Starnes, FAIA

State Member:
Thomas H. Daniels, AIA
Florida South

Craftsman of
the Year:

Robert Graham

Alfred Browning, FAIA

Richard E. Pryor, AIA
George F. Reed, FAIA

William Morgan, FAIA

John J. Powers, Plasterer

Florida Central Chapter
James Jennewein, AIA
State Member:
Ivan Smith, FAIA, Jack-
Florida Gulf Coast

Albert Lang, Metalworker


Gold Medal:
Craftsman of
the Year:

Anthony L.

Florida Central Chapter
Jack McCandless, AIA
State Member:
Barnard W. Hartman, Jr.,
Mellen C. Greeley, FAIA

Larry Abbate,
Broward County

Richard Coxen, AIA

Awards of the
American Institute of Architects

Award: William Morgan
Atlantic Beach, Florida
William Morgan, FAIA

Merit Bandstand and Park
Award: Pavilion
St. Petersburg, Florida
William B. Harvard, AIA

Merit Howard Baxter
Award: Residence
Miami, Florida
Robert M. Little, FAIA
William G. Crawford, AIA

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983


Anthony L.


Jesus Eduardo Amaral, FAIA
578 Maximo Gomez Street
Hato Rey, PR 00918
William F. Bigoney, FAIA
519 N. E. Third Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

Howard B. Bochlardy, FAIA
Post Office Box 8006
Orlando, FL 32806
Robert B. Browne, FAIA
2865 Day Avenue
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Ellis Bullock, FAIA
1823 North Ninth Avenue
Pensacola, Florida 32503
Franklin S. Bunch, FAIA
1320 Coast Line Building
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Jorge Del Rio, FAIA
301 Sorbonna St.
San Juan, PR
Horaclo Diaz, FAIA
Post Office Box 1211
Hato Rey, PR 00919
Carl Feiss, FAIA
3716 Southwest Third Place
Gainesville, FL 32607
Andrew J. Ferendino, FAIA
800 Douglas Entrance
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Miguel Ferrer, FAIA
Box 9656
Santurce, PR 00908
G. Clinton Gamble, FAIA
1628 North Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Lyn Graziano, FAIA
9630 Red Road
Miami, FL 33156
Mellen C. Greeley, FAIA
6457 Pottsburg Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32211
Mark G. Hampton, FAIA
3900 Loquat
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
Robert E. Hansen, FAIA
311 Southeast 16 Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
Thurston Hatcher, FAIA
7900 Red Road
South Miami, FL 33143
Arthur H. Hoag, Jr., FAIA
Suite 110
6220 S. Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32809
Dwight Holmes, FAIA
100 Madison St.
Tampa, FL 33602

Mark T. Jaroszewicz, FAIA, Dean
GPB 331, College of Architecture
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611
Peter Jefferson, FAIA
407 Atlanta Avenue
Stuart, Florida 33494
Charles E. King, FAIA
Post Office Box 506
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Sol King, FAIA
2860 South County Road, #308
Palm Beach, Florida 33480
Henry Klumb, FAIA
G P 0 Box 3884
San Juan, PR 00936
H. Samuel Kruse, FAIA
1600 NW LeJeune Road
Miami, Florida 33126
Samuel M. Kurtz, FAIA
3849 Northeast 169 Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33160
Robert H. Levison, FAIA
1189 NE Cleveland Street
Clearwater, FL 33515
Robert M. Little, FAIA
18131 SW 98 Court
Miami, FL 33157
Charles H. MacMahon, Jr., FAIA
Post Office Box 1630
Deland, FL 32720
Marion I. Manley, FAIA
4060 Battersea Road
Miami, Florida 33133
Thomas S. Marvel, FAIA
Eight Mexico Street
Hato Rey, PR 00917
E. H. McDowell, FAIA
Post Office Box 3958
St. Thomas, VI 00801
William N. Morgan, FAIA
220 East Forsyth Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Samuel Z. Moskowitz, FAIA
24 Maui Circle
Naples, Florida 33940
Frank R. Mudano, FAIA
1189 NE Cleveland Street
Clearwater, FL 33515
Lester C. Pancoast, FAIA
3370 Mary Street
Miami, Florida 33133
Ted Pappas, FAIA
P.O. Box 41245
Jacksonville, Florida 32203
Archie G. Parish, FAIA
112 Rutland Building
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Alfred B. Parker, FAIA
2937 SW 27 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33133

George F. Reed, FAIA
3050 Bird Avenue
Miami, Florida 33133
William Vernon Reed, FAIA
3537 Mineola Drive
Sarasota, Florida 33577
F. Blair Reeves, FAIA
University of Florida
College of Architecture & Fine Arts
Gainesville, Florida 32611
Peter L. Rumpel, FAIA
45 West Bay Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
T. Trip Russell, FAIA
1800 Coral Way, Suite 204
Miami, Florida 33145
Carlos R. Sanz, FAIA
Post Office Box 10116
Santurce, PR 00907
Nils M. Schweizer, FAIA
Post Office Box 1471
Orlando, Florida 32802
Herschel E. Shepard, Jr., FAIA
2111 Corporate Square Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida 32216
Hilliard T. Smith, Jr., FAIA
1123 Crestwood Boulevard
Lake Worth, Florida 33460
Ivan H. Smith, FAIA
10460 Sylvan Lane, West
Jacksonville, Florida 32217
Wahl J. Snyder II, FAIA
1177 NE 79 Street
Miami, Florida 33138
Earl M. Starnes, FAIA
431 GPB
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611
John E. Stefany, FAIA
102 W. Whiting Street, Suite 500
Tampa, Florida 33602
John Stetson, FAIA
249 Peruvian Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Osvaldo L. Toro, FAIA
Box 9656
Santurce, PR 00908
H. Leslie Walker, FAIA
5200 W. Kennedy Blvd., #250
Tampa, Florida 33609
Francis R. Walton, FAIA
Post Office Box 7555
Daytona Beach, FL 32016
Donald S. Williams, FAIA
1445 Court Street
Clearwater, Florida 33516
Marion S. Wyeth, FAIA
Post Office Box 2436
Palm Beach, Florida 33480

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983



Paul A. Donofro, AIA
Paul Donofro, AIA, practiced architec-
ture in the Sarasota-Bradenton area be-
fore establishing his present office in
Marianna, Florida in 1970. He served for
six years as Chairman of the City of
Marianna Planning and Zoning Com-
mission and he has been a member of
the Florida State Board of Architecture
since 1979.

H. Dean Rowe, AIA
Dean Rowe, AIA, is Chairman of the
Board of Directors of Rowe Holmes
Associates Architects, Inc. in Tampa,
Florida. Rowe is a member of the Coun-
cil of Educational Facilities Planners. He
is the recipient of the 1977 Medal of
Honor which was presented to him by
the Florida Central Chapter of the AIA
for consistent design excellence.

Bob Burke, Jr.
Winter Park
Bob Burke is president of Lewis and
Burke Associates, Inc. of Winter Park,
Florida. Burke has served as a board
member of the Mid-Florida Chapter of the
AIA as well as serving on the Winter Park
Planning and Zoning Commission.

Jeffrey E. Schaefer, AIA
Orange Park
Jeffrey Schaefer, AIA, is a principal in
the firm of Garlington, Schaefer and
Associates in Orange Park, Florida. Mr.
Schaefer has served as past-Chairman
of the Clay County Zoning and Building
Code Board of Adjustments and he is
past-Chairman of the State Board of Ar-

in Miami Beach, Florida. Giller is
Vice-Chairman of the State Board of Ar-
chitecture and an Adjunct Professor at
the University of Miami, School of Archi-
tecture. Giller is the recipient of numer-
ous architectural design awards and he
is the author of An Adventure in Archi-

Marvin Grant
Division of Curriculum
and Instruction
University of North Florida
Jacksonville, Florida

Herbert Coons, Jr., AIA
Executive Secretary
Herb Coons, AIA, began practicing ar-
chitecture in Jacksonville, Florida in
1956. A former president of the State
Board of Architecture, he has served as
its Executive Secretary since 1971.
Coons is a member of the Governor's
Committee on Energy Conservation and
the American Institute of Architect's
Committee on Education. He is also an
Adjunct Faculty Member of the Univer-
sity of Florida's Department of Architec-

Norman M. Giller, AIA
Miami Beach
Norman Giller, AIA, is a principal in the
firm of Norman M. Giller and Associates

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983



The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Bill Gunter
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Jim Smith
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Ralph D. Turlington
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
George Firestone
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Gerald A. "Jerry" Lewis
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Doyle Conner
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Gerald L. Gunter, Chairman

Susan Leisner
John R. Marks, III
Katie Nichols
Joseph P. Cresse


Jay Hakes, Director

Alex Steverson, Director
Gary Rutledge, Secretary

Land Sales and Condominiums
James Kearney, Director
Hotels and Restaurants
Sen. Sherman Winn, Director
Lt. Gov. Wayne Mixson, Secretary
Joan Heggen, Secretary
Robert R. Dempsey, Executive Director
Vicki Tschinkel, Secretary
Public Schools
Carey Ferrell, Director
Community Colleges
Dr. Lee G. Henderson, Director
Vocational Education
Joe D. Mills, Director
Board of Regents
Dr. Barbara Newell, Chancellor
Planning and Budgeting-University
Forrest Kelly
Director of Capitol Programs
Robert M. Brantley, Director
Thomas R. Brown, Executive Director
Division of Building Construction
and Property Management
Albert E. Bass, Director
507-A Larson Building
Wayne Betts, Asst. Division Director
Bureau of Construction
Bill Scaringe, Chief

Bureau of Maintenance
Herb Hawkins, Chief
Bureau of Property Management
Mary V. Goodman, Chief
Surplus Property
R.C. Covington, Director
470 Larson Building
Nathan Sharron, Director
The Capitol, Room 213
David H. Pingree, Secretary
Paul Reilly, Medical Facilities Architect
Robert A. Butterworth, Executive
Wallace E. Orr, Secretary
Dr. Elton J. Gissendanner, Executive
Louis L. Wainwright, Secretary
Fred Roche, Secretary
Randy Miller, Executive Director
Paul N. Pappas, Secretary
Chief Justice James E. Alderman
Supreme Court Building
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Justice James Adkins, Jr.904/488-8421
Justice Joseph Boyd 904/488-0007
Justice Ben Overton 904/488-2029
Justice Parker McDonald 904/488-2281
Justice Raymond Erlich 904/488-8761
Justice Leander Shaw 904/488-0208

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

SENATE 19 Gerald S. "Jerry" Rehm (R)

District Senator
1 W.D. Childers (D)
5901 Memphis Avenue
Pensacola 32506
2 Pat Thomas (D)
222 Senate Office Building
Tallahassee 32301
3 Dempsey J. Barron (D)
P.O. Box 1638
Panama City 32401
4 Karen Thurman (D)
1202 Palmetto Way
Dunnellon 32630
5 Bill Grant (D)
215 Fraleigh Drive
Madison 32340
6 George Kirkpatrick (D)
1338 N.W. 13th Street
Gainesville 32601
7 Arnett E. Giradeau (D)
4215 Ribault River Lane
Jacksonville 32208
8 Joe Carlucci (D)
1622 Avoca Place
Jacksonville 32207
9 Mattox Hair (D)
5357 Oak Bay Drive North
Jacksonville 32201
10 Edgar M. Dunn, Jr. (D)
34 Iroquois Trail
Ormond Beach 32074
11 Richard H. Langley (R)
P.O. Box 697
Clermont 32711
12 Curtis Peterson (D)
P.O. Box 180
Eaton Park 33840
13 Bob Crawford (D)
1109 Cypress Point West
Winter Haven 33880
14 George Stuart, Jr. (D)
P.O. Box 1188
Orlando 32802
15 Toni Jennings (R)
1032 Wilfred Drive
Orlando 32803
16 Clark Maxwell, Jr. (R)
P.O. Drawer 1539
Melbourne 32901
17 John Vogt (D)
3500 North Atlantic Ave.
Cocoa Beach 32931
18 Jeanne Malchon (D)
2400 Pinellas Point Dr., So.
St. Petersburg 33712

135 Main St.
Dunedin 33528
20 Mary R. Grizzle (R)
120 Gulf Blvd.
Belleair Shore
Indian Rocks Bch. 33535
21 Betty Castor
3020 Samara Drive
Tampa 33618
22 Malcolm E. Beard (D)
P.O. Box 16516
Temple Terrace 33687
23 Pat Frank (D)
238 East Davis Blvd.
Suite C
24 Pat Neal (D)
P.O. Box 89
Bradenton 33506
25 Warren S. Henderson (R)
P.O. Box 1358
Venice 33595
26 Harry A. Johnston II (D)
P.O. Drawer M
West Palm Beach 33402
27 William G. "Doc" Myers (R)
P.O. Box 1044
Hobe Sound 33455
28 Don C. Childers (D)
2700 Forest Hill Blvd.
West Palm Beach 33406
29 Peter M. Weinstein (D)
9815 N.W. 20th Street
Coral Springs 33065
30 Tom McPherson (D)
5273 S.W. 106th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale 33328
31 Jim Scott (R)
1732 N.E. 35th Street
Fort Lauderdale 33334
32 Ken Jenne (D)
2200 North 47th Avenue
Hollywood 33021
33 John A. Hill (D)
19506 East Lake Drive
Miami 33015
34 Joe Gersten (D)
1050 Spring Garden Road
Miami 33136
35 Jack Gordon (D)
48 Palm Island
Miami Beach 33139
36 Carrie P. Meek (D)
6830 N.W. 28th Avenue
Miami 33147

37 Gwen Margolis (D)
1451 N.E. 162nd Street
N. Miami Beach 33162
38 Franklin B. Mann (D)
P.O. Box 1268
Fort Myers 33902
39 Lawrence H. Plummer (D)
861 San Pedro
Coral Gables 33156
40 Roberta Fox (D)
Ponce deLeon Blvd. #310
Coral Gables 33146


District Senator
1 Tom Tobiassen (D)
Webb Apts. #15A
Old Chemstrand Rd.
Gonzalez 32560
2 Virginia Bass (D)
1325 North "A" Street
Pensacola 32501
3 Grover C. Robinson III (D)
2400 Connell Drive
Pensacola 32503
4 Bolley "Bo" Johnson (D)
3021/2 Elmira Street
Milton 32570
5 James G. Ward (D)
350 North Eglin Parkway
Ft. Walton Beach 32548
6 Ron Johnson (D)
3440 State Avenue
Panama City 32405
7 Sam Mitchell (D)
Box 306
Vernon 32462
8 James Harold Thompson (D)
211 E. Jefferson Street
Quincy 32351
9 Al Lawson (D)
P.O. Box 3636
Tallahassee 32301
10 Herbert F. Morgan (D)
219 Capitol
Tallahassee 32301
11 Gene Hodges (D)
P.O. Box 339
Cedar Key 32625
12 Wayne Hollingsworth (D)
Route 7, Box 120
Lake City 32055
13 George A. Crady (D)
Route 3, Box 778
Yulee 32097

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

14 Carl Ogden (D)
1250 South McDuff Avenue
Jacksonville 32205
15 Steve Pajcic (D)
1520 Avondale Avenue
Jacksonville 32205
16 John Thomas (D)
5827 Martin Luther King Drive
Jacksonville 32219
17 Corrine Brown (D)
136 Phelps St., Apt 1
Jacksonville 32208
18 John Lewis (D)
3203 Hermitage Rd. East
Jacksonville 32211
19 William G. Bankhead (R)
1706 Belmonte Avenue
Jacksonville 32207
20 Tommy Hazouri (D)
10327 Big Feather Trail
Jacksonville 32217
21 Frank Williams (D)
Crystal Lake
Starke 32091
22 Hamilton D. Upchurch (D)
P.O. Box 170
St. Augustine 32084
23 Sidney Martin (D)
P.O. Box 51
Hawthorne 32640
24 Jon Mills (D)
P.O. Box 12607
Gainesville 32604
25 Christian Meffert (D)
7 East Silver Springs Blvd.
Ocala 32670
26 Dick Locke (D)
304 South Seminole
Inverness 32650
27 Bobby Brantley (R)
1351 Markham Woods Rd.
Longwood 32750
28 Samuel P. Bell III (D)
444 Seabreeze Blvd.
Suite 900
Daytona Beach 32018
29 T.K. Wetherell (D)
5006 Riverside Drive
Port Orange 32019
30 Tom C. Brown (D)
3709 Jackson St.
Port Orange 32019
31 Winston W. (Bud) Gardner (D)
1850 South Park Avenue #1
Titusville 32780
32 Tim Deratany (R)
1216 South Riverside Drive
Indialantic 32903

33 Marilyn Evans-Jones (R)
321 Lynn Avenue
Melbourne 32935
34 Carl Selph (R)
600 S. Lake Triplet Dr.
Casselberry 32707
35 Art Grindle (R)
115 Live Oak Lane
Altamonte Springs 32701
36 Tom Drage, Jr. (R)
P.O. Box 87
116 S. Orange Avenue
Orlando 32802
37 Richard Crotty (R)
5959 Village Circle South
Orlando 32807
38 Bruce McEwan (R)
96 East Park Lake Street
Orlando 32803
39 Fran Carlton (D)
1250 Henry Balch Drive
Orlando 32810
40 Alzo J. Reddick (D)
2116 Monte Carlo Trail
Orlando 32805
41 Daniel Webster (R)
6828 West Livingston
Orlando 32811
42 C. Fred Jones (D)
504 Arenson Avenue
Auburndale 33823
43 Rick Dantzler (D)
P.O. Box 192
Winter Haven 33880
44 Gene Ready (D)
4728 Luce Road
Lakeland 33803
45 Beverly B. Burnsed (D)
511 Woodward Street
Lakeland 33803
46 Everett Kelly (D)
P.O. Box 618
Tavares 32778
47 Charles R. Smith (D)
21398 Truby Road
Brooksville 33512
48 Raymond B. Stewert (D)
123 Lemon Street
Zephyrhills 33599
49 Ronald R. Richmond (R)
2016 Riddle Road
Holiday 33590
50 Peter Dunbar (R)
1968 Bayshore Blvd.
Dunedin 33528
51 Byron Combee (R)
1429 San Juan Court
Clearwater 33516

52 Betty Easley (R)
801 Camellia Drive
Largo 33540
53 Dennis L. Jones (R)
534 Plaza Seville Court *64
Treasure Island 33706
54 Dorothy E. Sample (R)
3110 First Avenue North
St. Petersburg 33713
55 Doug "Tim" Jamerson (D)
1510 Alhambra Way South
St. Petersburg 33705
56 Peter Rudy Wallace (D)
2235 Brevard Road, N.E.
St. Petersburg 33704
57 Patricia L. Bailey (D)
8401-52nd Lane North
Pinellas Park 33565
58 T.M. "Tom" Woodruff (R)
8380-17th Way North
St. Petersburg 33702
59 John Grant (R)
10025 Orange Grove Drive
Tampa 33618
60 Mary Figg (D)
18406 Timberlane Drive
Lutz 33549
61 Carl Carpenter (D)
P.O. Box CCC
Plant City 33566
62 S.L. "Spud" Clements (D)
314 Terrace Drive
Brandon 33511
63 James T. Hargrett, Jr. (D)
2002 East Emma Street
Tampa 33160
64 Helen Gordon Davis (D)
45 Adalia
Tampa 33606
65 Elvin L. Martinez (D)
4602 North Armenia Avenue
Tampa 33603
66 H. Lee Moffitt (D)
610 N. Fla. Ave.
1618 Exchange Bank Bldg.
Tampa 33602
67 Lawrence F. Shackelford (D)
6505-28th Avenue East
Palmetto 33561
68 Peggy Simone (R)
3500 El Conquistador *341
Bradenton 33507
69 Thomas E. Danson, Jr. (R)
2002 Ringling Blvd.
Suite 152
Sarasota 33500

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

70 Bob Johnson (R)
27 South Orange Avenue
Sarasota 33577
71 Fred Burrall (R)
P.O. Box 1028
Punta Gorda 33950
72 Vernon Peeples (D)
201 W. Marion Avenue *201
Punta Gorda 33950
73 J. Keith Arnold (D)
3745 Maxine Street
Fort Myers 33901
74 Fred R. Dudley (R)
P.O. Box 535
Cape Coral 33910
75 Mary Ellen Hawkins (R)
739 Fifth Avenue, North
Naples 33840
76 Bert J. Harris, Jr. (D)
514 Lake Mirror Drive
Lake Placid 33852
77 Irlo "Bud" Bronson (D)
1620 Lyndell Drive
Kissimmee 32741
78 R. Dale Patchett (R)
2116-28th Avenue
Vero Beach 32960
79 Charles Nergard (R)
405 Abeto Lane
Port St. Lucie 33452
80 James C. Hill, Jr. (R)
205 Center Street
Jupiter 33458
81 Jim Watt (R)
8170 Swaps Way
Lake Park 33410
82 Ray Liberti (D)
2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.
West Palm Beach 33409
83 Eleanor Weinstock (D)
2 Sloan's Curve Dr.
Palm Beach 33480
84 Ed Healey (D)
3412 South Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach 33405
85 Frank S. Messersmith (R)
110 Detroit Street, South
Lake Worth 33460
86 Steve Press (D)
750 Egret Circle #6406
Delray Beach 33405
87 Carol G. Hanson (R)
2198 N.E. 4th Avenue
Boca Raton 33431
88 Jack N. Tobin (D)
511 S.W. 63rd Avenue
Margate 33068

89 Joe Titone (D)
10182 Ramblewood Drive
Coral Springs 33065
90 Peter Deutsch (D)
11360 N.W. 37th Street
Sunrise 33321
91 Bill Clark (D)
2200 N.W. 32nd Terrace
Lauderdale Lakes 33311
92 Robert J. Shelley (R)
817 N.E. 10th Avenue
Pompano Beach 33060
93 Debby Sanderson (R)
4800 N.E. 20th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale 33308
94 Tom Gustafson (D)
601 N.E. 16th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale 33304
95 Anne Mackenzie (D)
1500 S.E. 15th St., #315
Ft. Lauderdale 33316
96 Thomas H. Armstrong (D)
316 Bayberry Dr.
Plantation 33317
97 Fred Lippman (D)
4315 Buchanan Street
Hollywood 33021
98 David J. Lehman (D)
2450 Hollywood Blvd.
Suite 104
Hollywood 33020
99 Walter C. Young (D)
1311 S.W. 68th Blvd.
Pembroke Pines 33023
100 Ronald A. Silver (D)
2750 N.E. 187th St.
North Miami Beach 33180
101 Mike Abrams (D)
19601 N.E. 18th Court
Miami 33179
102 Elaine Gordon (D)
11866 West Dixie Highway
Miami 33161
103 Michael Friedman (D)
1175 Normandy Drive
Miami Beach 33141
104 Barry Kutun (D)
5002 North Bay Road
Miami Beach 33140
105 Harold W. Spaet (D)
7441 Wayne Avenue
Miami Beach 33141
106 Jefferson Reaves, Sr. (D)
3160 N.W. 48th Terrace
Miami 33142
107 James Burke (D)
870 N.W. 85th Street
Miami 33150

108 Willie Logan, Jr. (D)
P.O. Box 1036
Opalocka 33054
109 Bob Reynolds (D)
14601 Lake Candlewood Court
Miami Lakes 33014
110 Ileana Ros (R)
9020 N.W. 8th Street
Miami 33172
111 Roberto Casas (R)
335 East 20th Street
Hialeah 33013
112 John Cosgrove (D)
19 West Flagler, #910
Miami 33130
113 Humberto Cortina (R)
3431 S.W. 10th Street, #1
Miami 33135
114 Elizabeth Metcalf (D)
719 Paradise Avenue
Coral Gables 33146
115 Tim Murphy (D)
1000 S.E. 1st Nat. Bank Bldg.
Miami 33131
116 Art Simon (D)
11321-A S.W. 109th Road
Miami 33176
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FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983


Below is a quick index to certain sec-
tions and chapters of the Florida Stat-
utes of importance to architects:

Section 95.11 Statute of Limitations for
This section describes the time limits
during which an architect may be sued
for errors or omissions.
Chapter 120 Administrative Procedure
This act establishes the administrative
hearing procedure utilized by all state
agencies such as the Board of Archi-
Section 287.055 CCNA
This section establishes the selection
and negotiation procedure for state and
local governments when employing ar-
chitects, engineers, landscape archi-
tects and land surveyors.

Chapter 455 Department of Profes-
sional Regulation
This chapter sets forth the general li-
censing and regulatory scheme for oc-
cupations and professions in Florida.
Chapter 481 Board of Architecture
This chapter sets forth the specific li-
censing and regulatory scheme for the
architectural profession in Florida.
Chapter 509 Public Lodging and Food
Service Establishments
This chapter establishes the licensing
and regulatory scheme for construction,
maintenance and operation of public
lodging and food service establish-
ments in Florida.
Chapter 607 Florida General Corpora-
tion Act
This act describes Florida's require-
ments for operation of a business as a

Chapter 621 Professional Service Cor-
poration Act
This act describes the procedure
whereby a professional or group of pro-
fessionals may operate as a "profes-
sional association" (P.A.).
Chapter 682 Florida Arbitration Code
This code allows arbitration of disputes
and establishes guidelines for arbitra-
tion proceedings in Florida.
Chapter 713 (Part I) Mechanics' Liens
This chapter sets forth Florida's mecha-
nics' lien law wherein parties who con-
tribute to the improvement of real prop-
erty may encumber the property to the
extent of the value of their services or of
the material provided by them.
Section 725.06 Limitation of Indemni-
fication in Construction Contracts
Thi ti li it h l l i dA ni

IIs0 Os cIJI Ill n I s lJ 1 0 wIu ii UM -
Chapter 620 (Part III) Uniform Partner- fiction of architects, engineers and
ship Act others in the construction industry and
This act describes Florida's require- requires modification of the standard
ments for operation of a business as a AIA documents.

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

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Office: 945-4223 Miami, Florida 33162 Plant: 245-4716

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(ss. 481.201-481.233)

481.201 Purpose.
481.203 Definitions.
481.205 Board of Architecture.
481.207 Fees.
481.209 Examinations.
481.211 Experience.
481.213 Licensure.
481.215 Renewal of license.
481.217 Inactive status.
481.219 Certification of partnerships
and corporations.
481.221 Seals.
481.223 Prohibitions: penalties
481.225 Disciplinary proceedings.
481.227 Prosecution of criminal viola-
481.229 Exceptions; exemptions from
481.231 Effect of ss. 481.201-481.233
481.233 Registrations remain in force.

1481.201 Purpose.-The Legis-
lature finds that improper design and
improper construction supervision by
architects of buildings primarily de-
signed for human habitation or use pre-
sent a significant threat to the public.
HIstory.-ss. 1,19, ch. 79-273.
'Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended.

481.203 Definitions.-As used in
this act:
(1) "Board" means the Board of Ar-
(2) "Department" means the Depart-
ment of Professional Regulation.
(3) "Registered architect" means a
person who is licensed under this act to
engage in the practice of architecture.
(4) "Certificate of registration" means
a license issued by the department to
engage in the practice of architecture.
(5) "Certificate of authority" means a
license issued by the department to a
corporation or partnership to practice
(6) "Architecture" means the render-
ing or offering to render services in con-
nection with the design and con-
struction of a structure or group of
structures which have as their principal
purpose human habitation or use, and
the utilization of space within and sur-
rounding such structures. These ser-

vices include planning, providing pre-
liminary study designs, drawings and
specifications, architectural supervision,
job-site inspection, and administration
of construction contracts.
(7) "Townhouse" is a single-family
dwelling unit not exceeding three stories
in height which is constructed in a series
or group of attached units with property
lines separating such units. Each town-
house shall be considered a separate
building and shall be separated from ad-
joining townhouses by the use of sepa-
rate exterior walls meeting the require-
ments for zero clearance from property
lines as required by the type of construc-
tion and fire protection requirements; or
shall be separated by a party wall; or,
when not more than three stories in
height, may be separated by a single
wall meeting the following requirements:
(a) Such wall shall provide not less
than 2 hours of fire resistance. Plumbing,
piping, ducts, or electrical or other build-
ing services shall not be installed within
or through the 2-hour wall unless such
materials and methods of penetration
have been tested in accordance with the
Standard Building Code.
(b) Such wall shall extend from the
foundation to the underside of the roof
sheathing, and the underside of the roof
shall have at least 1 hour of fire resis-
tance for a width not less than 4 feet on
each side of the wall.
(c) Each dwelling unit sharing such
wall shall be designed and constructed
to maintain its structural integrity inde-
pendent of the unit on the opposite side
of the wall.
History.-ss 2. 19. ch. 79-273; ss 2.3. ch 81-318 ss 27.
48, ch 82-179
Note.-Repealed effective October 1. 1988. by s 2. ch
81-318, and scheduled for review pursuant to s 11 61 in
advance of that date Expires October 1, 1988. pursuant to s.
48, ch. 82-179, and is scheduled for review pursuant to s.
11 61 in advance of that date.
cf.-s. 553.73 State Minimum Building Codes to consist in
part of Standard Building Code.
1481.205 Board of Architecture.-
(1) There is created in the Depart-
ment of Professional Regulation a Board
of Architecture. The board shall consist
of seven members, five of whom shall
be registered architects who have been
engaged in the practice of architecture
for at least 5 years, and two of whom
shall be lay persons who are not and
have never been architects or members
of any closely related profession or

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

(2) Initially, the Governor shall
appoint two members for a term of 4
years, two members for a term of 3
years, two members for a term of 2
years, and one member for a term of 1
year. Thereafter, members shall be
appointed for 4-year terms.
(3) The members of the State Board
of Architecture who are serving as of
June 30, 1979, shall serve as members
of the Board of Architecture until Janu-
ary 1, 1980, or until all members are
appointed pursuant to subsection (1)
and s. 20.30, whichever occurs first.
Hlstory.-ss. 3, 19, ch. 79-273.
'Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended.

1481.207 Fees.-The board, by
rule, may establish fees to be paid for
applications, examination, reexamina-
tion, licensing and renewal, reinstate-
ment, and recordmaking and record-
keeping. The fee for initial application
and examination shall not exceed $200.
The biennial renewal fee shall not ex-
ceed $100. The board may also estab-
lish, by rule, a late renewal penalty. The
board shall establish fees which are
adequate to ensure the continued
operation of the board and to fund the
proportionate expenses incurred by the
department which are allocated to the
regulation of architects. Fees shall be
based on department estimates of the
revenue required to implement this act
and the provisions of law with respect to
the regulation of architects.
History.-ss. 4,19, ch. 79-273.
'Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended

1481.209 Examinations.-
(1) A person desiring to be licensed
as a registered architect or architect in-
tern shall apply to the department for
(2) An applicant shall be entitled to
take the licensure examination to prac-
tice in this state as a registered archi-
tect if the applicant:
(a) Is honest and trustworthy; 2and
(b) Is a graduate from an approved
architectural curriculum of 5 years or
more, evidenced by a degree from a
school or college of architecture which
meets standards of accreditation
adopted by the board by rule based on
a review and inspection by the board of

the curriculum of accredited schools
and colleges of architecture in the
United States, including those schools
and colleges accredited by the National
Architectural Accreditation Board.
History.-ss. 5,19, ch, 79-273.
'Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended.
2Note.-The word "and" was inserted by the editors.

1481.211 Experience.-
(1) An applicant for licensure as a
registered architect who passes the
examination shall be entitled to be li-
censed as a registered architect pur-
suant to s. 481.213 if the applicant com-
pletes an internship of diversified archi-
tectural experience approved by the
board in the design and construction of
structures which have as their principal
purpose human habitation or use for a
period of:
(a) Three years for an applicant hold-
ing the degree of Bachelor of Architec-
ture; or
(b) Two years for an applicant hold-
ing the degree ot Master of Architec-
(2) Any person engaged in a pro-
gram consisting of 7 years or more of
diversified training in an office of regis-
tered practicing architects on July 1,
1969, and who notified the board of his
training within 1 year after July 1, 1969,
shall, if otherwise qualified, be per-
mitted to take the examination required
by s. 481.209 only if diversified training
is completed before July 1, 1985.
History.-ss. 6, 19, ch. 79-273.
'Note.-Section 19. ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended.

1481.213 Licensure.-
(1) The department shall license any
applicant who the board certifies is
qualified for licensure. (2) The board
shall certify for licensure any applicant
who satisfies the requirements of ss.
481.209 and 481.211.
(3) The board shall certify as qual-
ified for a license by endorsement an
applicant who:
(a) Qualifies to take the examination
as set forth in s. 481.209; has passed a
national, regional, state, or United
States territorial licensing examination
which is substantially equivalent to the
examination required by s. 481.209;
and has satisfied the experience re-
quirements set forth in s. 481.211;
(b) Holds a valid license to practice
architecture issued by another state or
territory of the United States, if the
criteria for issuance of such license
were substantially equivalent to the li-
censure criteria which existed in this
state at the time the license was issued;

(c) Has engaged in the practice of
architecture as a registered architect in
another state for not less than 10 years.
(4) The board shall certify as qual-
ified for licensure any applicant cor-
poration or partnership which satisfied
the requirements of s. 481.219.
(5) The board may refuse to certify
any applicant who has violated any of
the provisions of s. 481.225.
(6) The board may refuse to certify
any applicant who is under investigation
in another state for any act which would
constitute a violation of this act or of
chapter 455 until such time as the
investigation is complete and disciplin-
ary proceedings have been terminated.
(7) The board shall adopt rules to
implement the provisions of this act re-
lating to the examination, internship,
and licensure of applicants.
History.-ss. 8, 19, ch. 79-273,
'Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976. as amended

1481.215 Renewal of license.-
(1) The department shall renew a li-
cense upon receipt of the renewal ap-
plication and renewal fee.
(2) The department shall adopt rules
establishing a procedure for the bien-
nial renewal of licenses.
(3) A license which is not renewed at
the end of the biennium prescribed by
the department shall atuomatically re-
vert to an inactive status. Such license
may be reactivated only if the licensee
meets the qualifications for reactivation
in s. 481.217.
(4) Sixty days prior to the automatic
reversion of a license to inactive status,
the department shall mail a notice of
such reversion to the last known
address of the licensee.
Hlstory.-ss. 9, 19, ch. 79-273.
'Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended.

1481.217 Inactive status.-
(1) A license for which a renewal
application is filed within 1 year after the
end of the biennium prescribed by the
department may be renewed pursuant
to s. 481.215 upon payment of the late
renewal penalty.
(2) A licensee may request that his
license be placed in an inactive status
by making application to the depart-
ment and paying a fee in an amount set
by the board not to exceed $50. The
board may prescribe, by rule, con-
tinuing education requirements as a
condition of reactivating the license.
The continuing education requirements
for reactivating a license shall not ex-

ceed 12 classroom hours for each year
the license was inactive.
Hlstory.-ss. 10, 19, ch. 79-273.
'Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended

1481.219 Certification of partner-
ships and corporations.-
(1) The practice of or the offer to
practice architecture by licensees
through a corporation or partnership
offering architectural services to the
public, or by a corporation or partner-
ship offering architectural services to
the public through licensees under this
act as agents, employees, officers, or
partners, is permitted, subject to the
provisions of this act, provided that:
(a) One or more of the principal offic-
ers of the corporation or one or more
partners of the partnership and all per-
sonnel of the corporation or partnership
who act in its behalf as architects in this
state are registered as provided by this
act; and
(b) The corporation or partnership
has been issued a certificate of author-
ization by the department as provided
in s. 481.213.
(2) All final drawings, specifications,
plans, reports, or other papers or docu-
ments involving the practice of architec-
ture which are prepared or approved
for the use of the corporation or partner-
ship, for delivery to any person, or for
public record within the state shall be
dated and bear the signature and seal
of the licensee who prepared or ap-
proved them.
(3) Nothing in this section shall be
construed to mean that a certificate of
registration to practice architecture
shall be held by a corporation or part-
nership. Nothing herein prohibits cor-
porations and partnerships from joining
together to offer architectural, engineer-
ing, land surveying, and landscape ar-
chitectural services or any combination
of such services to the public, provided
that each corporation or partnership
otherwise meets the requirements of
(4) No corporation or partnership
shall be relieved of responsibility for the
conduct or acts of its agents, em-
ployees, or officers by reason of its
compliance with this section, nor shall
any individual practicing architecture,
engineering, or land surveying be re-
lieved of responsibility for professional
services performed by reason of his
employment or relationship with a cor-
poration or partnership.
(5) For the purposes of this section, a
certificate of authorization shall be re-
quired for a corporation, partnership,
association, or person practicing under
a fictitious name, offering architectural

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

services to the public jointly or sepa-
rately; however, when an individual is
practicing architecture in his own given
name, he shall not be required to regis-
ter under this section.
(6) The fact that any registered archi-
tect practices through a corporation or
partnership shall not relieve the reg-
istrant from personal liability for neg-
ligence, misconduct, or wrongful acts
committed by him. Corporations shall
be liable, and partnerships and all part-
ners shall be jointly and severally liable,
for the negligence, misconduct, or
wrongful acts committed by their
agents, employees, officers, or partners
while acting in a professional capacity.
(7) Persons seeking to incorporate or
corporations seeking a change of cor-
porate name or amendment to articles
of incorporation under the provisions of
this section shall first obtain approval
from the Department of Professional
Regulation prior to filing articles of
incorporation or amendments with the
Department of State.
(8) Each certification of authorization
shall be renewed every 2 years. Each
partnership and corporation certified
under this section shall notify the de-
partment within 1 month of any change
in the information contained in the ap-
plication upon which the certification is
(9) Disciplinary action against a cor-
poration or partnership shall be admi-
nistered in the same manner and on the
same grounds as disciplinary action
against a registered architect.
History.-ss. 7, 19, ch. 79-273.
'Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended.

1481.221 Seals.-
(1) The board shall prescribe, by
rule, a form of seal to be used by regis-
tered architects holding valid certifi-
cates of registration. Each registered
architect shall obtain an impression-
type metal seal, and all plans, spe-
cifications, or reports prepared or
issued by the registered architect and
being filed for public record shall be
signed by the registered architect,
dated, and stamped with his seal. The
signature, date, and seal shall be evi-
dence of the authenticity of that to
which they are affixed.
(2) When the certificate of registra-
tion of a registered architect has been
revoked or suspended by the board,
the registered architect shall surrender
his seal to the secretary of the board
within a period of 30 days after the re-
vocation or suspension has become
effective. In the event the certificate of
the registered architect has been sus-

pended for a period of time, his seal
shall be returned to him upon expiration
of the suspension period.
(3) No registered architect shall affix,
or permit to be affixed, his seal or name
to any plan, specification, drawing, or
other document which depicts work
which he is not competent to perform.
(4) No registered architect shall affix
his signature or seal to any plans, spe-
cifications, or architectural documents
which were not prepared by him or
under his responsible supervising con-
trol or by another registered architect
and reviewed, approved, or modified
and adopted by him as his own work
with full responsibility as a registered
architect for such documents.
(5) Plans, drawings, specifications
and other related documents prepared
by a registered architect as part of his
architectural practice shall be of a suffi-
ciently high standard to assure the us-
ers thereof against misunderstanding of
the requirements intended to be illus-
trated or described by them. To be of
the required standard, such documents
should clearly and accurately indicate
the design of the structural elements
and of all other essential parts of the
work to which they refer.
HIstory.-ss. 12,19, ch. 79-273.
'Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended.

1481.223 Prohibitions;
(1) No person shall knowingly:
(a) Practice architecture unless the
person is a registered architect;
(b) Use the name or title "registered
architect" or words to that effect when
the person is not then the holder of a
valid license issued pursuant to this act;
(c) Present as his own the license of
(d) Give false or forged evidence to
the board or a member thereof for the
purpose of obtaining a license;
(e) Use or attempt to use an architect
license which has been suspended, re-
voked, or placed on inactive status;
(f) Employ unlicensed persons to
practice architecture; or
(g) Conceal information relative to
violations of this act.
(2) Any person who violates any pro-
vision of this section is guilty of a mis-
demeanor of the first degree, punish-
able as provided in s. 775.082, s.
775.083, or s. 775.084.
Hlltory.-ss. 14, 19, ch. 79-273
'Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended.

1481.225 Disciplinary
(1) The following acts constitute

grounds for which the disciplinary ac-
tions in subsection (3) may be taken:
(a) Violation of any provision of s.
481.223 or s. 455.227(1);
(b) Attempting to procure a license
to practice architecture by bribery or
fraudulent misrepresentations;
(c) Having a license to practice ar-
chitecture revoked, suspended, or
otherwise acted against, including the
denial of licensure, by the licensing au-
thority of another state, territory, or
(d) Being convicted or found guilty,
regardless of adjudication, of a crime in
any jurisdiction which directly relates to
the practice of architecture or the ability
to practice architecture;
(e) Violation of any provision of s.
(f) Using his seal, or performing any
other act, as a licensee while his certifi-
cate of registration is suspended or
when current renewals have not been
(g) Making or filing a report or record
which the licensee knows to be false,
willfully failing to file a report or record
required by state or federal law, willfully
impeding or obstructing such filing, or
inducing another person to impede or
.obstruct such filing. Such reports or
records shall include only those which
are signed in the capacity of a regis-
tered architect;
(h) Advertising goods or services in
a manner which is fraudulent, false, de-
ceptive, or misleading in form or con-
(i) Upon proof that the licensee is
guilty of fraud or deceit, or of neg-
ligence, incompetency, or misconduct,
in the practice of architecture;
(j) Violation of any rule adopted pur-
suant to this act or chapter 455;
(k) Practicing on a revoked, sus-
pended, or inactive license;
(1) Offering or accepting anything of
value for the purpose of securing a
commission, influencing his engage-
ment or employment, or influencing the
award of a contract;
(m) Having any undisclosed sig-
nificant financial interest which conflicts
with the interest of his client or em-
(n) Aiding, assisting, procuring, or
advising any unlicensed person to
practice architecture contrary to this
chapter or to a rule of the department or
the board; or
(o) Failing to perform any statutory or
legal obligation placed upon a regis-
tered architect.
(2) The board shall specify, by rule,
what acts or omissions constitute a vio-
lation of subsection (1).
(3) When the board finds any regis-
tered architect guilty of any of the

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

grounds set forth in subsection (1), it
may enter an order imposing one or
more of the following penalties:
(a) Denial of an application for licen-
(b) Revocation or suspension of a li-
(c) Imposition of an administrative
fine not to exceed $1,000 for each
count or separate offense.
(d) Issuance of a reprimand.
(e) Placement of the registered archi-
tect on probation for a period of time
and subject to such conditions as the
board may specify, including requiring
the registered architect to attend con-
tinuing education courses or to work
under the supervision of another regis-
tered architect.
(f) Restriction of the authorized
scope of practice by the registered ar-
(4) The department shall reissue the
license of a disciplined registered archi-
tect upon certification by the board that
he has complied with all of the terms
and conditions set forth in the final
History.-ss. 15, 19, ch. 79-273.
1Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended.

1481.227 Prosecution of criminal
violations.-The board shall report any
criminal violation of this act to the prop-
er prosecuting authority for prompt pro-
Hlstory.-ss. 16, 19, ch. 79-273.
'Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended.

1481.229 Exceptions; exemptions
from licensure.-
(1) No person shall be required to
qualify as an architect in order to make
plans and specifications for, or super-
vise the erection, enlargement, or alter-
nation of:
(a) Any building upon any farm for
the use of any farmer, regardless of the
cost of the building;
(b) Any one-family or two-family resi-
dence building, townhouse, or domestic
outbuilding appurtenant to any one-
family or two-family residence, regard-
less of cost; or
(c) Any other type building costing
less than $25,000 except a school, au-
ditorium, or other building intended for
the mass assemblage of people.
(2) Nothing contained in this act shall
be construed to prevent any employee
of an architect from acting in any
capacity under the instruction, control,
or supervision of the architect or to pre-
vent any person from acting as a con-
tractor in the execution of work de-
signed by an architect.
(3) Notwithstanding the provisions of
this act or of any other law, no regis-
tered engineer whose principal practice
is civil or structural engineering, or em-
ployee or subordinate under the re-
sponsible supervision or control of the
engineer, is precluded from performing
architectural services which are purely
incidental to his engineering practice,
nor is any registered architect, or em-
ployee or subordinate under the re-
sponsible supervision or control of such
architect, precluded from performing
engineering services which are purely
incidental to his architectural practice.
However, no engineer shall practice ar-

chitecture or use the designation "archi-
tect" or any term derived therefrom, and
no architect shall practice engineering
or use the designation "engineer" or
any term derived therefrom.
Hlstory.-ss. 11, 19, ch. 79-273.
'Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended.

1481.231 Effect of ss. 481.201-
481.233 locally.-
(1) Nothing contained in this act shall
be construed to repeal, amend, limit or
otherwise affect any local building code
or zoning law or ordinance now or here-
after enacted which is more restrictive,
with respect to the services of regis-
tered architects, than the provisions of
this act.
(2) Counties or municipalities which
issue building permits shall not issue
permits if it is apparent from the ap-
plication for the building permit that the
provisions of this act have been
violated. However, this shall not autho-
rize the withholding of building permits
in any cases within the exempt classes
set forth in this act.
HIstory.-ss. 13, 19, ch. 79-273.
'Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273, in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended.
1481.233 Registrations remain in
force.-Registrations of architects in
effect on June 30, 1979, shall remain in
effect under this act.
Hltory.-ss. 18,19, ch. 79-273.
'Note.-Section 19, ch. 79-273. in effect provides that
this section is repealed on July 1, 1985, and shall be re-
viewed by the Legislature pursuant to the Regulatory Re-
form Act of 1976, as amended.

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

(AS OF JULY 1, 1981)

Purpose 21 B-11.01
Board Organization
and Officers 21 B-11.02
Administrative Headquarters 21 B-11.03
Committees 21 B-11.04
Probable Cause
Determinations 21 B-11.05
Official Seal of the
Board 21B-11.06
Board Meetings 21 B-11.07
Adoption of Model Rules
of Procedure 21 B-11.08
Official Records 21 B-11.09
Approved Schools
and Colleges 21 B-11.10
Quorum 21B-11.11
Educational Advisory
Committee 21 B-11.12
Definitions 21 B-11.13

21B-11.01 Purpose
The Florida Board of Architecture
has been established by the Legislature
pursuant to Chapter 79-273, Laws of
Florida, in order to protect the health
and safety of the people of the State of
Florida through the regulation of the
practice of architecture.
Specific Authority: 120.53(1), F.S.
Lau Implemented: 120.53(1), F.S. and
Section 1, Chapter 79-273, Laws of
History: New (1979)
21B-11.02 Board of Organization
and Officers
(1) The Florida Board of Archi-
tecture, hereinafter referred to as the
Board, shall consist of seven (7) mem-
bers, five (5) of whom shall be archi-
tects and two of whom shall be lay per-
sons who are not, and have not been an
architect or member of any closely re-
lated profession or occupation. Board
members shall possess the requisite
qualifications set forth in Section 3(1),
Chapter 79-273, Laws of Florida. Elec-
tion of officers shall be held annually at
the first regular meeting of each fiscal
year, at which time a Chairman and
Vice-Chairman shall be nominated and
elected by an affirmative vote of not
less than four (4) members of the

Board. Newly elected officers shall
assume office immediately after ad-
journment of the meeting at which they
are elected.
(2) The Chairman shall be the
Executive head of the Board, preside at
meetings, appoint all committees, and
direct all activities requiring authoriza-
tion and direction by an officer of the
Board while the Board is in recess.
(3) The Vice-Chairman shall per-
form all the duties in the event the
Chairman is incapacitated or otherwise
not available.
Specific Authority: 120.53(1), F.S. and
Section 3, Chapter 79-273, Laws of
Law Implemented: 120.53(1), F.S., and
Section 3, Chapter 79-273, Laws of
History: New (1979)
21B-11.03 Administrative Head-
The Board's administrative head-
quarters shall be maintained in Talla-
hassee, Florida, and shall house all rec-
ords pertinent to the orderly administra-
tion of the Board's activities.
Specific Authority: 120.53(1), F.S.
Law Implemented: 120.53(1), F.S.
History: New (1979)
21 B-11.04 Committees
The Chairman of the Board shall
appoint such committees as required to
provide for the orderly conduct of the
Board's business.
Specific Authority: 120.53(1), F.S.
Law Implemented: 120.53(1), and
455.0115, F.S.
History: New (1979)
21 B-11.05 Probable Cause
Probable cause determination as to
violation of Chapter 481, Chapter 455
and rules promulgated pursuant thereto
shall be made by a probable cause
panel of two (2) professional board
members. Said members shall be
appointed as a standing probable cause
committee at the first board meeting of
each calendar year and shall serve for a
period of one (1) year. All proceedings of
the probable cause panel shall be con-
ducted in accordance with Chapters 120
and 455, Florida Statutes.

Specific Authority: 455.225, F.S.
Law Implemented: 455.225, F.S.
History-New, Amended
21 B-11.06 Official Seal of the Board
The official seal of the Board shall
have the words "Seal of The Florida
Board of Architecture 1915" inscribed
thereon around the perimeter.
Specific Authority: 120.53(1), F.S. and
Section 2, Chapter 79-273, Laws of
Law Implemented: 120.53(1), F.S., and
Section 2, Chapter 79-273, Laws of
History: New (1979)
21 B-11.07 Board Meetings
Board meetings shall be held as
are required to transact the Board's
business throughout the year. Special
meetings may be called by the Chair-
man or by no less than four (4) mem-
bers requesting such special meeting.
All meetings shall be conducted in
accordance with acceptable parliamen-
tary procedure.
Specific Authority: 120.53(1), F.S.
Law Implemented: 120.53(1), F.S.
History: New (1979)
21 B-11.08 Adoption of Model Rules
of Procedure
Except as hereinafter provided all
administrative proceedings of the Board
shall be conducted in accordance with
Chapter 120, Florida Statutes, and
Chapter 28, Florida Administrative Code
(Model Rules of Administrative Proce-
Specific Authority: 120.53(1), F.S.
Law Implemented: 120.53(1), F.S.
History: New (1979)
21B-11.09 Official Records
The Board shall keep a book or
books to contain in proper order the mi-
nutes of all the meetings of the Board.
All of the records of the Board are main-
tained by the Department of Profes-
sional Regulation and are to be found at
its headquarters in Tallahassee, Florida.
Specific Authority: 120.53(1), F.S. and
Section 8, Chapter 79-36, Laws of
Law Implemented: 120.53(1), F.S., and
Section 8, Chapter 79-36, Laws of
History: New (1979)

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

21B-11.10 Approved Schools and
A list of the degree programs and
colleges of architecture which meet the
standards of accreditation adopted by
the Board as acceptable for admittance
to the examination shall be maintained
by the Board as an official record with
such additions or deletions as the
Board may determine by an official act
from time to time.
Specific Authority: 120.53(1), F.S., and
Section 5(2) (b), Chapter 79-273,
Laws of Florida.
Law Implemented: 120.53(1), F.S., and
Section 5(2) (b), Chapter 79-273,
Laws of Florida.
History: New (1979)
21B-11.11 Quorum
Four (4) members of the Board
shall constitute a quorum; but official
action shall not be taken upon any
question unless three (3) members vote
in accord. To suspend or revoke or
otherwise discipline a licensee not less
than four (4) members must affirmative-
ly vote to take such action.
Specific Authority: 120.53(1), F.S.
Law Implemented: 120.53(1), F.S.
History: New (1979)
21B-11.12 Educational Advisory
The Board shall appoint an Educa-
tional Advisory Committee which shall
be composed of not less than one (1)
member of the Board. In addition, the
Committee shall consist of expert staff
retained by the Department of Profes-
sional Regulation. Said staff shall be in-
dividuals who have knowledge and ex-
perience with curricula of architecture
and national accreditation standards for
professional degrees in architectural
programs either as a college faculty
member or as a practicing architect.
The Educational Advisory Committee
shall examine and review applications
for examination or licensure by
endorsement made to the Board, and
make recommendations to the Board, in
respect to the following matters:
(1) Proposals for additions to or
deletions from the list of approved de-
grees as provided in Rule 21B-11.10.
(2) Evaluation of whether the archi-
tectural curriculum of applicants whose
degree program is not on the list of ap-
proved degree programs meets the re-
quired standards of accreditation.
Specific Authority: 120.53(1), F.S.
Law Implemented: 120.53(1), F.S., and
Section 5(2) (b), Chapter 79-273,
Laws of Florida.
History: New (1979)

21B-11.13 Definitions
In these rules, where the context
will permit:

(1) The singular incl
and vice-versa.
(2) The word "archit
architect currently regist
pursuant to Chapter 79
(3) The word "engir
currently registered engi
pursuant to Chapter 79
(4) The word "Ian
tect" means a landscape
rently registered in Flori
Chapter 79-407, Laws of
(5) The word "cor
mean a corporation o
association duly organize
prated in the State of Fl
rized to do business in th
(6) The term "resp
vising control" as appli
79-273, Laws of Florida,.
to activities involved with
architecture shall mean:
(a) Personal super
architect exercised throi
velopment of the particul
project or a phase thereof
(b) Review, approve
tion, and adoption, as
acceptance of full resp
architect for such work
tural instruments of sei
plans, specifications or
pared under the superv
chitect, in the architect's
employee or agent of the
ty of which such emplo'
and such architects ar
(7) The term engageg
tice of architecture" set
8(3) (c), Chapter 79-273
ida, and in these rules
practice of architecture
Section 2(6), Chapter 7
Florida, including the sig
ing of all architectural
acting as a principal, c
or sole proprietor with
sponsibility for such arc
Specific Authority: 120.i
Law Implemented: 120.
Sections 2(6), 8(3) (i
ters 79-273, 79-243
of Florida.
History: New (1979)


Rule Titles:
Grounds for Disciplinary
Procedure for Disci-
plinary Proceedings

udes the plural

ect" means an
ered in Florida
'-273, Laws of

neer" means a
neer in Florida
-273, Laws of

dscape archi-
e architect cur-
da pursuant to
portion" shall
r professional
zed and incor-
orida or autho-
e State.

21B-12.01 Grounds for Disciplinary
(1) Pursuant to Section 15(2),
Chapter 79-273, Laws of Florida, to the
extent not otherwise set forth in Florida
Statutes, the following specific acts or
omissions are grounds for disciplinary
proceedings as provided in Section
15(1), Chapter 79-273, Laws of Florida.
(2) As provided in Section 15(1)
(h), Chapter 79-273, Laws of Florida, an
architect or firm shall not "advertise
goods or services in any manner which
is fraudulent, false, deceptive' or mis-
leading in form or content". A false,
fraudulent, misleading, or deceptive
statement or claim shall include without
(a) a material misrepresentation of

onsible super- facts;
ed in Chapter (b) a failure to state any material
and these rules fact necessary to make the statement in
the practice of the light of all circumstances not mis-
vision by the (c) a statement or claim which in-
ughout the de- tends or is likely to create an unjustified
lar architectural expectation;
; or (d) a misrepresentation or implica-
al, or modifica- tion that could reasonably cause an
his work, with ordinary prudent person to misunder-
onsibility as an stand or be deceived.
, any architec- (e) A falsification or misrepresenta-
rvice, drawing, tion of the extent of an architect's
Documents pre- education, training or experience to any
ision of the ar- person or to the public at large, tending
s offices by an to establish or imply qualifications for
e business enti- selection for architectural employment,
yees or agents advancement, or professional engage-
e members or ment. An architect shall not misrep-
resent or exaggerate his degree of re-
jed in the prac- sponsibility in or for the subject matter
forth in Section of prior assignments;
I, Laws of Flor- (f) a statement or claim in any
shall mean: the brochure or other presentation made to
as defined in any person or to the public at large, in-
9-273, Laws of cident to the solicitation of an architec-
gning and seal- tural employment, which misrepresents
documents, or pertinent facts concerning an architects
general partner, past employment or work, with the in-
professional re- tent and purposes of enhancing his
hitectural prac- qualifications.
(3) An architect, corporation or
53(1), F.S. partnership shall not practice architec-
53(1), F.S., and ture under an assumed, fictitious or cor-
c), 12(4), Chap- porate name that is misleading as to the
, 79-407, Laws identity, responsibility, or status of those
practicing thereunder or is otherwise
false, fraudulent, misleading or decep-
tive within the meaning of subsection
(2). The name of a professional cor-
poration or partnership, if otherwise au-
.IPLINARY thorized, may include the name or
names of one or more deceased or re-
tired members of the firm, or of a prede-
Rule Number:1 cessor firm in a continuing line of suc-
cession. Corporate, partnership or ficti-
21B-12.01 tious name shall not be used or dis-
played except in conjunction with the
21B-12.02 word or words "architect", "architec-

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

ture", or "architectural" clearly indicat-
ing that such corporation partnership or
architect engages in the practice of ar-
(4) An architect or firm may not be
negligent in the practice of architecture.
The term negligence is defined as the
failure, by an architect, to exercise due
care to conform to acceptable stan-
dards of architectural practice in such a
manner as to be detrimental to a client
or to the public at large.
Plans, drawings, specifications and
other related documents prepared by
an architect shall be of sufficiently high
standard to inform the users thereof of
the requirements intended to be illus-
trated or described by them. Such
documents intended to be illustrated or
described by them. Such documents
shall clearly and accurately indicate the
design of all essential parts of the work
to which they refer. An architect shall
meet a standard of practice which dem-
onstrates his knowledge and ability to
assure the safety and welfare of his
clients and the public.
(5) An architect shall not be incom-
petent to practice architecture. Incom-
petence in the practice of architecture
shall mean the physical or mental in-
capacity or inability of an architect to
practice architecture.
(6) An architect or firm shall not
commit misconduct in the practice of
architecture. Misconduct in the practice
of architecture shall include but not be
limited to:
(a) being untruthful, deceptive, or
misleading in any professional report,
statement, or testimony whether or not
under oath or omitting relevant and
pertinent information from such report,
statement or testimony when the result
of such omission would lead to a falla-
cious conclusion on the part of the
client or the general public;
(b) offering directly or indirectly
any bribe or commission or tendering
any gift to obtain selection or prefer-
ment for an architectural employment
with the exception of the payment of the
usual commission for securing salaried
positions through licensed employment
(c) knowingly becoming involved
in a conflict of interest as to an employ-
er or client without the permission of the
client or employer. In the event such
conflict is suspected or determined to
exist an architect immediately shall:
1. Disclose in writing to his em-
ployer or client the full circumstances
as to any possible conflict of interest
2. Assure in writing that such con-
flict will in no manner influence the arch-
itect's judgment or the quality of his ser-
vices to his employer or client and;

3. Promptly inform his client or em-
ployer in writing of any business asso-
ciation, interest or circumstances which
may be influencing his judgment or the
quality of his services to his client or
(d) soliciting or accepting financial
or other valuable considerations from
material or equipment suppliers for spe-
cifying their products without the knowl-
edge of the architect's employer or
(e) soliciting or accepting gra-
tuities, directly or indirectly, from con-
tractors, their agents, or other parties
dealing with the architect's client or em-
ployer in connection with work for which
the architect is responsible without the
knowledge of the architect's employer
or client;
(f) violation of any law of the State
of Florida directly regulating the prac-
tice of architecture;
(g) use of architectural expertise or
status as an architect in the commission
of a felony;
(h) failure to preserve the con-
fidences of clients or employerss;
(i) undertaking any activity, having
any undisclosed significant financial or
other interests, or accepting any contri-
bution that either compromises profes-
sional judgment or prevents an archi-
tect from serving in the best interest of
his client or employer;
(j) failure to protect the safety,
health, and welfare of the public in the
performance of his professional duties.
If an architect's professional judgment
is overruled by any person or entity with
the result that the public health and
safety is threatened; an architect shall
inform his clients, employer, respon-
sible supervisor and the responsible
public authority of the possible conse-
quences, and shall not assist or ac-
quiesce in the establishment or con-
tinuance of such threat to the public
health and safety;
(k) use of an architect's name or
firm in a business venture with any per-
son or firm which he knows or has rea-
son to believe is engaging in a fraud-
ulent or dishonest nature.
Specific Authority: Section 15(2), Chap-
ter 79-273, Laws of Florida.
Law Implemented: Section 8(a), 15(1),
(d) (h) (i) (I) (m), and 15(2), Chapter
79-273, Laws of Florida.
History: New (1979)
21B-12.02 Procedure for Disciplin-
ary Proceedings
All proceedings involving disciplin-
ing of a registered architect or holder of
a certificate of authorization shall be as
(1) A formal accusatory instrument
entitled "Administrative Complaint" shall
be filed by the attorneys for the Depart-

ment of Professional Regulation and
served upon the party complained
against pursuant to Chapter 120, Flor-
ida Statutes.
(2) The Hearing on that administra-
tive complaint will be, as applicable,
heard by a hearing officer from the Divi-
sion of Administrative Hearings, or the
Board, at a place and time designated
by the Hearing officer or the Board in
accordance with Chapter 120 F.S.
(3) The place of the hearing may
be in any county designated by said
hearing officer or the Board.
(4) The hearing upon said adminis-
trative complaint shall be in accordance
with Chapter 120, Florida Statutes.
(5) Upon issuance of a recom-
mended order by the hearing officer the
Board shall render a final order setting
forth its findings of fact, conclusions of
law and penalty. Promulgation of said
final order shall be in accordance with
Chapter 120, Florida Statutes.
Specific Authority: 120.53(1), F.S.
Law Implemented: 120.53(1), 120.57,
120.59, and 455.013, F.S.
History: New (1979)


Rule Titles: Rule Number:
Experience Requirements 21 B-13.01
Credit for Experience 21 B-13.02
Educational Requirements 21 B-13.03

21B-13.01 Experience requirements
(1) The diversified program of arch-
itectural experience required in Section
6, Chapter 79-273, Laws of Florida, shall
include training and experience under
the direct supervision of an architect in
the following areas of practice:
(a) Programming-Client Contact
(b) Site and Environmental
(c) Schematic Design
(d) Building Cost Analysis
(e) Code Research
(f) Design Development
(g) Construction Documents
(h) Specifications and Material Re-
(i) Documents Checking and Co-
(j) Bidding Procedures
(k) Construction Phase-Office
(1) Construction Phase-Observation
(m) Office Procedures
(2) An applicant engaged in a full
time teaching position in an architec-
tural program approved by the Board
pursuant to Section 5(2) (b), Chapter
79-273, Laws of Florida, shall receive
credit, not to exceed one year, for the

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

internship required in Section 6, Chap-
ter 79-273, Laws of Florida.
Specific Authority: Section 6, Chapter
79-273, Laws of Florida.
Law Implemented: Sections 5(2) (b), 6,
Chapter 79-273, Laws of Florida.
History: New (1979)
21 B-13.02 Credit for Experience
(1) Continuous experience prior to
graduation for a period of at least three
months but less than one year shall re-
ceive 50% credit.
(2) Continuous experience prior to
graduation of one year or more shall re-
ceive 75% credit.
(3) Experience acquired after
graduation shall receive 100% credit to-
wards the time required.
(4) An applicant should begin his
experience file with the Board at the
time of his graduation and report to the
Board as to his ongoing experience
record at not less than six months inter-
vals. The Board will verify all experience
reports received, and make available to
the applicant their continuing evaluation
of his experience.
(5) An applicant's experience rec-
ord shall be based on written state-
ments as to employment from em-
ployees or supervisors of the applicant.
Statements shall set forth the quality
and character of the applicant's duties
and responsibilities. The applicant shall
also submit any other information which
would further explain or describe both
the quality and character of the ex-
perience. Should the Board find that the
information submitted by the applicant
is insufficient or incomplete the Board
may require the applicant to supply
additional evidence regarding his ex-
perience and background which is rea-
sonably required to evaluate the appli-
cant's record.
Specific Authority: Section 6, Chapter
79-273, Laws of Florida.
Law Implemented: Section 6, Chapter
79-273, Laws of Florida.
History: New (1979)
21 B-13.03 Educational
(1) Evaluation of curriculum and
standards of accreditation for approval
of the degree programs required in Sec-
tion 481.209, Florida Statutes, shall be
based upon an overview of programs in
architecture within the United States in-
cluding those accredited by the (NAAB)
National Architectural Accreditation
Board and evaluation of such programs
and schools in light of the definition of
the practice of architecture found in
Subsection 481.203(6), F.S.
(2) An acceptable curriculum or a
degree program shall generally con-
form to the following pattern:
(a) approximately 225 quarter
hours required in the total program of

study for the degree granted.
(b) approximately 60% of the total
hours taken should be required profes-
sional courses in architecture as fol-
1. design of structures or groups
of structures which have as their prin-
cipal purpose human habitation or use,
and the utilization of space within and
surrounding such structure approx-
imately 25% of total quarter hours
2. technology approximately
20% of the total quarter taken;
3. Architectural History, theory and
planning approximately 5% of total
quarter hours taken;
4. graphics approximately 5% of
total quarter hours taken;
5. approximately an additional
15% in the above or in other course
work that is related to architecture.
(c) An applicant must have
obtained at least a five (5) year profes-
sional degree.
(3) The evaluation of an applicant's
transcript shall include a determination
of whether such a transcript is com-
parable to the above mentioned model.
(4) In order to meet acceptable
standards of accreditation the institution
offering the course of study in architec-
ture from which the applicant receives
his degree must be adequate as re-
gards educational requirements in the
following areas:
(a) Auspices, control and or-
ganization of the institution and of the
architectural program;
(b) Educational programs and de-
grees conferred;
(c) Maturity and stability of the in-
stitution and of the individual educa-
tional programs;
(d) Bases of and requirements for
admissions for students;
(e) Number of students enrolled in
the applicable college or division as a
whole and to the individual educational
(f) Teaching loads and faculty
(g) Physical facilities and adequa-
cy of the educational plant devoted to
(h) Finances and investments, ex-
penditures and sources of income of
the institution;
(i) Curricular content of the pro-
gram and items of student course work;
(j) Provisions for keeping the pro-
gram current.
(5) In order to verify an applicant's
curriculum and architectural program
the Board may require evidence from
the applicant's institutions) as to the
the areas mentioned in 21B-13.03(2)
and 21B-13.03(4). Passage by an appli-

cant of the NCARB Qualifying Exam may
be used by the Board in evaluating
whether an applicant's institutions)
meets acceptable educational stan-
Specific Authority: 481.209(2)(b) F.S.
Law Implemented: 481.209(2)(b), 481.
203 (6) F.S.
History-New 12-23-79, Amended 11-

Rule Titles: Rule Number:
Written Examination Designated
General Requirements 21 B-14.01
Content of Examinations 21 B- 14.02
Grading Criteria 21B-14.03
Passing Grades 21 B-14.04
Grade Review Procedure 21B-14.05
Reexamination 21 B-14.06
(1) The Florida Board of Architec-
ture hereby determines that a written
examination shall be taken and passed
prior to any applicant receiving a li-
cense to practice as an architect in the
State of Florida except when said appli-
cant applies for licensure by endorse-
ment pursuant to Chapter 79-273, Laws
of Florida. Examinations shall be pre-
pared by the National Council of Archi-
tectural Registration Boards (NCARB)
and shall be administered by the De-
partment of Professional Regulation.
(2) All applicants (except appli-
cants for licensure by endorsement)
shall be required to take and pass a
professional architectural examination
which shall consist of two parts. Part (a)
shall be a one day/twelve hour exam-
ination. Part (b) shall be a two day/six-
teen hour examination, which shall con-
sist of four sub-parts, each of four hours
(3) Security requirements set forth
by the Department shall be followed
throughout the administration of the
Specific Authority: 455.007(1), F.S.
Law Implemented: 455.007(1), F.S.
History: New (1979)
21B-14.02 Content of examinations
The professional examination de-
scribed in Section 21B-14.01(2), shall
consist of two parts.
(1) Part (a) of the examination shall
be a practical examination on Site Plan-
ning and Design. Part (a) shall consist
of a design problem in which a candi-
date will be required to draw, either free
hand or mechanically, a solution to a
problem involving the following draw-
(a) Site Plan(s) (including environ-
mental considerations)

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

(b) Floor Plan(s)
(c) Building Section(s)
(d) Two significant building ele-
(e) Diagrams of structural sys-
(f) Diagrams of environmental con-
trol systems)
(g) Typical wall sections)
(2) Part (b) of the professional ex-
amination shall be a multiple choice
examination consisting of four inter-
related subparts. Applicants are tested
on their ability to exercise value judg-
ment in actual architectural practice
situations. The examination covers the
following descriptive areas:
(a) Environmental Analysis
1. the interrelationship of land use
and the environment in which it takes
2. assessing the feasibility of a
given use on alternative sites.
3. assessing the feasibility of an
alternative use on a given site.
4. evaluating the environmental cri-
teria relevant to the programming and
design of given uses on given sites.
(b) Architectural Programming
1. converting raw data into negoti-
able useful information.
2. identifying and seeking missing
information and discriminating between
pertinent facts and irrelevant details.
3. evaluating implications to data
for design and analyze those influences
which lead to major form givers.
4. establishing realities and explor-
ing alternatives.
5. abstracting program require-
ments to their essence and finding proj-
ect "uniqueness".
(c) Design and Technology:
1. Understanding the three-dimen-
sional physical implications of two
dimensional photogrammatic require-
2. analyzing the advantages and
disadvantages of alternative design
schemes and concepts based on
photogrammatic requirements and
technical constraints.
3. analyzing the criterial deter-
minants of key schematic design deci-
sions based on knowledge of architec-
tural, structural, and mechanical system
4. evaluating the advantages and
disadvantages of selected design de-
velopment decisions and anticipating
possible problems and conflicts.
(d) Construction
1. understanding contracts and
construction documents.
2. understanding contractural,
ethical, and legal relationships and re-
3. knowing and utilizing construc-
tion techniques, details and sequences.

4. understanding construction
management procedures relative to
control, quality, cost and time.
Specific Authority: 455.007(1), F.S.
Law Implemented: 455.007(1), F.S.
History: New (1979)
21B-14.03 Grading Criteria
(1) Insofar as Part (a) of the profes-
sional examination is not machine
graded the Board deems it necessary
to set forth the following guidelines on
which grades for Part (a) shall be
(a) Site Consideration including -
vehicular movement; pedestrian move-

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ment; grading; drainage; parking; land-
scape; service and emergency access;
handicapped access; zoning regulation
compliance 25%.
(b) Building Plan Consideration
including spaces, activities and prox-
imities; circulation patterns; configura-
tions of spaces for activities, furnish-
ings, and equipment; building operation
and security maintenance; building
code, occupancy, fire safety, and
egress requirements; handicapped fa-
cilities; expansion provisions; pro-
grammed efficiency ration 25%.
(c) Building and Site form con-

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FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Beautifully Convenient and

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sideration including orientation to
climatic influences; interior and exterior
material selection; use of available
views; use of available setting; con-
struction detail, use of natural light; use
of natural ventilation 25%.
(d) Technological Considerations
including choice of structural systems;
choice of materials and methods of
construction; choice of HVAC, lighting,
and acoustic systems; energy con-
scious design, program budget range;
building code materials, assemblies,
methods, and requirements 25%.
(2) Part (b) of the professional ex-
amination is a machine graded multiple
choice examination in which the exam-
inees are tested on their ability to exer-
cise value judgments in actual architec-
tural practice situations. Part (b) is pre-
pared as a single examination with four
areas by the national testing service
and NCARB, each of which must be
passed. Accordingly, no relative weight
is assigned to those areas tested. It
may safely be assumed, however, that
questions shall test applicants good ar-
chitectural judgment in given architec-
tural situations. The determination of the
correct answer shall be based upon ap-
plication of sound architectural princi-
ples to the question presented to the
Specific Authority: 455.007(1), F.S.
Law Implemented: 455.007(1), F.S.
History: New (1979)

21B-14.04 Passing Grades
(1) Part (a) of the professional ex-
amination is blind graded by at least
three examiners designated and
approved by the Department. Each
examiner mudges the individual appli-
cant's entire work product pursuant to
the evaluation criteria set forth in Rule
21 B-14.03(1). Applicants are graded by
each examiner in the following manner:
0 incomplete, 1 poor/fail, 2 margin-
al/fail, 3 satisfactory/pass, 4 ex-
ceptional/pass. All applicants must
have the majority of the examiners re-
viewing the work judge such work to be
of a quality so as to merit a minimal
average of three (3) for all of Part (a) of
the examination.
(2) A passing grade on Part (b) of
the professional examination is defined
as a converted score of 75 on each of
the sub-sections set forth in Rule 21B-
14.02(2). The raw score necessary to
achieve a grade of 75 is determined by
NCARB and involves the determination
of a factor by which all raw scores are
multiplied. Said factor consists of a mul-
tiplier determined by the relative difficul-
ty of the questions and the relative
capability of the group of applicants
nationally taking the examination. Aber-
rational questions and answers are dis-
counted. The minimal score necessary
for passing is then set at 75.
If an applicant fails one subpart only
of Part b of the Professional Examination

and attains passing scores on all other
parts, the passing scores will be re-
corded as the applicant's final grades in
those parts of the examination passed.
Upon the candidate retaking Part b, only
the score in that part first failed will be
considered in the retake record; and if
that score is a pass, the applicant will be
deemed to have passed all parts Part b.
If that part is failed a third time, the
candidate must take the entire Part b
again. This provision'shall be retroactive
to December 1977.
Specific Authority: 455.217 F.S.
Law Implemented: 455.217 F.S.
History-New 12-23-79, Amended 9-
21B-14.05 Grade Review Procedure
Any applicant who takes the pro-
fessional examination may, at a mutual-
ly convenient time, examine his answers
or questions, papers, grades and grad-
ing key upon such terms and conditions
as set forth by the Department of Pro-
fessional Regulation at the office of the
Board. All such reviews shall be subject
to national and Departmental testing
security requirements in order to insure
the integrity of the examination.
Specific Authority: 455.0114(1), F.S.
Law Implemented: 455.0114(1), F.S.
History: New (1979)
21B-14.06 Reexamination
(1) An applicant shall be given credit
for passing Part (a) of the professional
examination for a period of five years sub-

=-- ,

sequent to the date of passage. Failure to
pass Part (b) of the examination within the
five year period shall require the applicant to
take the examination in its entirety.
(2) Applicants who have passed Part
(b) of the professional examination shall be
given credit for having passed Part (b) for a
period of five years from the time of such
passage. If the applicant fails to pass Part
(a) of the professional examination within the
five year period stated, the entire examina-
tion must be retaken.
Specific Authority: 455.0114(1), F.S.
Law Implemented: 455.0114(1), F.S.
History: New (1979)
21B-14.07 Foreign Licensure
(1) In compliance with Chapter
455, F.S., the Board hereby determines
that an examination, written in their na-
tive language, shall be offered to candi-
dates, qualified under Chapters 74-105
and 75-177, Laws of Florida, to take
such an examination, as set forth below:
(a) Those candidates who met the
statutory requirement of completion of
the required course of study set forth in
Chapters 74-105 and 75-177, Laws of
Florida, shall take an examination sub-
ject to the following conditions:
1. Any qualified Foreign Licen-
sure candidate, certified for examination
by the Florida Board of Architecture and
who took the English NCARB, four part
written examination in 1976 or 1977 and
failed to achieve a minimum average
score of 70 on said examination shall be
offered a four part written re-examination
in the subjects described and outlined in
Rule 21B-14.02(2). Candidates will be
given credit for parts of the 1977 ex-
amination in which they received a
grade of 70 or higher.
2. Any qualified Foreign Licen-
sure candidate, certified for examination
by the Florida Board of Architecture but
who did not take the 1977 English
NCARB four part written examination
shall be offered a four part written ex-
amination in the subjects and outlined in
Rule 21B-14.02(2).
3. The re-examination offered to
these candidates shall be written in their
(2) Grading Criteria-The grading
criteria for the candidates described in
sub-section (1) above shall be in
accordance with the grading philosophy
described in Rule 21B-14.03(2).
(3) Passing Grades-A passing
grade is defined as a score of 75 on
each part of the four part examination
and candidates shall be permitted to re-
tain part scores. A qualified foreign
candidate shall be given credit for hav-
ing passed a part if such candidate
scored a minimum score of 70 on such
part on the 1977 English NCARB ex-
amination, or if such candidate scored a
minimum score of 75 on such part on the

examinations offered to such candidate
pursuant to Rule 21B-14.04. Qualified
foreign candidates may retain and
accumulate part scores on any part so
passed until the expiration of all re-
examinations to be offered pursuant to
this Rule.
(4) Reexaminations Reexamina-
tions shall be offered to all qualified for-
eign candidates for a period of five con-
secutive years. Such reexaminations
shall be offered twice in each of those
years, so that a total of ten reexamina-
tions are offered to all qualified foreign
candidates. The first such reexamination
shall be offered in December, 1980,
which shall be the date on which the five
year period shall be deemed to have
Specific Authority: 455.217 (1), 455.11
(2) F.S.
Law Implemented: 455.217 (1), 455.11
(2) F.S.
History-New 11-26-80.

Rule Titles: Rule Number:
Architect's Seal 21 B-16.01
Description of Seal 21 B-16.02
When Seal May Be
Affixed 21 B-16.03
21B-16.01 Architect's Seal
Each architect shall provide himself with a
seal with which he shall identify all plans,
specifications or reports prepared or issued
by him and filed for public record. The seal
shall be of a type which will make an impres-
sion on the surface of prints or other suplica-
tions of drawings upon specification pages,
and other articles of service.
Specific Authority: Section 12, Chapter 79-
273, Laws of Florida.
Law Implemented: Section 12, Chapter 79-
273, Laws of Florida.
History: New (1979)
21 B-16.02 Description of Seal
The seal shall contain the name of only
one architect and the registration number; it
shall be circular, approximately 2" in dia-
meter with two circular lines between which
lines shall appear, at top the words "State of
Florida" and at bottom the words "registered
Specific Authority: Section 12, Chapter 79-
273, Laws of Florida.
Law Implemented: Section 12, Chapter 79-
273, Laws of Florida.
History: New (1979)
21 B-16.03 When Seal May Be Affixed
The personal seal, signature and date of
the architect shall appear on all architectural
documents to be filed for public record and
shall be construed to obligate his partners or
his corporation. A corporate seal alone is in-
sufficient. Documents shall be signed per-
sonally and sealed by the responsible archi-
tect. Final official record documents (not
tracings, etc.) shall be so signed. The sign-
ing and sealing of the index sheet or sheets
(if it identifies all parts) of drawings and spe-
cifications shall be considered adequate.

Without such index all sheets and pages
shall be so signed and sealed. An architect
shall not affix, or permit to be affixed, his seal
or name to any plan, specifications, drawing,
or other related document which was not
prepared by him or under his responsible su-
pervising control or by another Florida regis-
tered architect and reviewed by the architect
affixing his seal. An architect shall not use
his seal or do any other act as an architect
unless holding at the time a certificate of
registration and all required renewals there-
Specific Authority: Section 12, Chapter 79-
273, Laws of Florida.
Law Implemented: Section 12, and Section
15(2), Chapter 79-273, Laws of Florida.
History: New (1979)


Rule Titles: Rule Number:
Professional Fees
and Penalties 21 B-17.01
21 B-17.01 Professional Fees and Penalties
The following fees and penalties are here-
by adopted by the Board:
(1) The fee for initial registration and ap-
plication shall be $200.00 broken down as
(a) Application $ 25.00
(b) Part A of
examination 65.00
(c) Part B of
examination 100.00
(d) Registration 10.00
Total $200.00
(2) The fee for reexamination shall be as
(a) Part A of
examination $ 65.00
(b) Part B of
examination 100.00
Total $165.00
(3) The biennial renewal fee for indi-
viduals shall be $40.00.
(4) The registration fee for a Certificate of
Authorization by a corporation or partnership
shall be $75.00.
(5) The biennial renewal fee for a Certifi-
cate of Authorization shall be $40.00.
(6) The late renewal penalty for indi-
viduals, partnerships and corporations shall
be $100.00.
(7) The fee for licensure by endorsement
shall be as follows:
(a) For those individuals holding Council
Certification (blue cover) from the National
Council for Architectural Registration Boards
(NCARB) $90.00.
(b) For all other applicants $200.00.
(8) The fee for requesting voluntary inac-
tive status is $50.00.
(9) The fee for replacement for a lost, de-
stroyed, or additional certificate of registra-
tion shall be the cost of reproduction and
Specific Authority: Sections 4 and 10, Chap-
ter 79-273, Laws of Florida.
Law Implemented: Sections 4 and 10, Chap-
ter 79-273, Laws of Florida.
History: New (1979)

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983


The following is a list of architecture
schools and first-professional programs
taken from the lists published by NAAB
starting in 1945 to the present. Prior to
1974/75, schools were accredited and
the professional programs listed.
NAAB has carefully reviewed the lists
from 1945 to 1974 to eliminate the list-
ing of programs which are not first-
professional degrees in architecture
and to include the listing of programs
which were phasing out but had not yet
graduated their last students (from an
accredited school). When schools were
accredited, not all programs were
listed. In addition, some programs were
listed without clarifying their status as
other than first-professional programs.
Since the Restructuring Study of 1974,
the lists have reflected current practice.
Programs which are continuing are
shown by giving the first academic
year of listing followed by a dash (i.e.,
B. Arch. 1945/46-).
Programs which have phased out
with no NAAB action to terminate ac-
creditation are shown by giving the
year of the first and last lists on which
the program would have appeared
under current accreditation proce-
dures (i.e., B. Arch. 1945/46-1952/
Programs for which accreditation has
been terminated by action of NAAB
are shown by giving the year of the
first and last lists on which the pro-
gram appeared followed by an X
showing that NAAB withdrew accred-
itation (i.e., B. Arch 1945/46-1952/
Since procedures have changed over
the past thirty-five years, it is possible
that when a program was in the process
of phasing out, some persons may have
graduated with a first-professional de-
gree after the last year currently indi-
cated. In any case, where a first-profes-
sional degree at a listed school is not
identified as accredited or terminated,
NAAB should be consulted so that a
search of the records can confirm the
status of the program; and, if appro-
priate, this list can be revised.
The classes graduating during the

academic year indicated are consid-
ered as holding a degree from an ac-
credited program (or school). NCARB
considers those who graduated two
years prior to the first date indicated as
holding a degree from an accredited
program (or school). The academic
year is considered by NCARB as begin-
ning July 1 of the first year indicated.
The listing which follows was prepared
by NCARB after review of the NAAB list-
ings and corrections by NAAB.

Tempe, AZ
B. Arch 1961/62-
Tuscon, AZ
B. Arch. 1963/64-
Fayetteville, AR
B. Arch. 1958/59-
Auburn, AL
B. Arch. 1945/46-
Muncie, IN
B. Arch. 1972/73-
Boston, MA
Certificate 1971/72-1978/79 (Accredited
on same basis as degree-granting

B. Arch. 1979/80-
Buffalo, NY
M. Arch. 1979/80-


Berkeley, CA
Grad. Arch. 1945/46.
M.A. Arch. 1945/46-1954/55. (Equiva-
lent to B. Arch. degree.)
B. Arch. 1955/56-1975/76.
M. Arch. 1968/69-
Los Angeles, CA
M. Arch. 1977/78-

San Luis Obispo, CA
B. Arch. 1966/67-1976/77.
M.S. Arch. 1975/76.
M. Arch. 1976/77-
Pomona, CA
M. Arch. 1978/79
Pittsburgh, PA
B. Arch. 1945/46-
M. Arch. 1945/46. 1970/71-
Cleveland, OH
B. Arch. 1947/48-1948/49X. 1958/59-
1962/63X. 1965/66-1971/72X.
M. Arch. 1971/72X.
Washington, DC
B. Arch. 1945/46-1949/50X. 1953/54-
M. Arch. 1945/46. 1977/78-
Cincinnati, OH
B.S. Arch. 1947/48-1972/73.
B. Arch. 1973/74-
New York, NY
B. Arch. 1967/68-
Clemson, SC
B. Arch. 1953/54-
M. Arch. 1972/73-
Boulder, CO
B. Arch. 1965/66-1975/76.
M. Arch. 1975/76-
New York, NY
B. Arch. 1945/46-1975/76.
M. Arch. 1945/46. 1973/74-
New York, NY
B. Arch. 1965/66-
Ithaca, NY
B. Acrh. 1945/46-
M. Arch. 1945/46.

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Detroit, MI
B. Arch. 1965/66-1971/72.
B. Arch. 1979/80-
M. Arch. 1972/73-
Philadelphia, PA
B.S. Arch. 1973/74-
Gainesville, FL
B. Arch. 1948/49-1975/76.
M.A. Arch. 1975/76-
Tallahassee, Florida
M: Arch. 1980
Atlanta, GA
B. Arch. 1945/46-1975/76.
M. Arch. 1973/74-
Hampton, VA
B. Arch. 1970/71-
Cambridge, MA
B. Arch. 1945/46-1954/55. 1957/58-
1970/71. (Prior B. Arch. may be
changed to M. Arch on request.)
M. Arch. 1945/46. 1955/56-1956/57.
Honolulu, HI
B. Arch. 1978/79
M. Arch. 1972/73-
Houston, TX
B. Arch. 1959/60-
Washington, DC
B. Arch. 1950/51-1978/79. (School did
not continue accreditation; no adverse
action taken by NAAB.)
Moscow, ID
B. Arch. 1971/72-
Chicago, IL
B.S. Arch. 1945/46-1950/51.
B. Arch. 1951/52-
M.S. Arch. 1945/46.
Chicago, IL
B. Arch. 1969/70-
Urbana, IL
B.S. Arch. 1945/46-1953/54.
B. Arch. 1954/55-1975/76.
M.S. Arch. 1945/46.
M. Arch. 1973/74-
Ames, IA
B. Arch. 1947/48-1972/73.
M. Arch. 1971/72-

Manhattan, KS
B.S. Arch. 1945/46-1951/52.
B. Arch. 1952/53-
M.S. Arch. 1945/46.
Lawrence, KS
B.S. Arch. 1948/49-1961/62.
B. Arch. 1962-63-
M. Arch. 1973-74-
Kent, OH
B. Arch. 1962/63-
M. Arch. 1974/75-
Lexington, KY
B. Arch. 1966/67-
Southfield, MI
B. Arch. 1974/75-
Baton Rouge, LA
B. Arch. 1962/63-
Ruston, LA
B. Arch. 1978/79-
College Park, MD
B. Arch. 1973/74-
Cambridge, MA
B. Arch. 1945/46-1971/72.
M. Arch. 1945/46. 1972/73-
Oxford, OH
B. Arch. 1954/55-1976/77.
M. Arch. 1978/79-
Coral Gables, FL
B. Arch. 1974/75-
Ann Arbor, MI
B. Arch 1945/46-1975/76.
M.S. Arch. 1945/46.
M. Arch. 1970/71-
Minneapolis, MN
B. Arch. 1945/46-
M.S. Arch. 1945/46.
M. Arch. 1974/75-
Mississippi State, MS
B. Arch. 1979/80-
Bozeman, MT
B. Arch. 1958/59-
Lincoln, NE
B. Arch. 1953/54-1975/76.
M. Arch. 1972/73-

Newark, NJ
B. Arch. 1978/79-
Albuquerque, NM
B. Arch. 1967/68-1968/69.
M. Arch. 1969/70-
Old Westbury, NY
B. Arch. 1977/78-

Charlotte, NC
B. Arch. 1979/80-


TECH- Raleigh, NC
B. Arch. 1950/51-1976/77.
M. Arch. 1972/73-
Fargo, ND
B. Arch. 1971/72-
Notre Dame, IN
B. Arch. 1949/50-
Columbus, OH
B. Arch. 1945/46-1949/50X. 1953/54-
OF M. Arch. 1972/73-
Athens, OH
B. Arch. 1966/67-1968/69X. (For the
1974/75 list, a visit did not result in ac-
creditation with withdrawal of University
support for the program.)
Stillwater, OK
B. Arch. 1950/51-1975/76.
M. Arch. 1971/72-
Norman, OK
B. Arch. 1952/53-
M. Arch. 1972/73-
Eugene, OR
B. Arch. 1945/46-
M. Arch. 1945/46. 1974/75-
Philadelphia, PA
B. Arch. 1945/46-1975/76.
M. Arch. 1945/46. 1969/70-
University Park, PA
B.S. Arch. 1945/46-1953/54.
B. Arch. 1954/55-1961/62X. 1966/67-
1978/79. (In transition to a new program
which is not yet accredited.)
M. Arch. 1945/46.
Brooklyn, NY
B. Arch. 1947/48-

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983



695 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(813) 823-3564

Design and Consulting

Architectural Acoustics
Building Noise Control
Mechanical Systems
Noise Control
Industrial Noise Control
Sound Reinforcement
System Design
Product Design
Expert Witness Testimony

Testing Services...

Time Measurements
Sound Transmission Loss
Impact Noise
Community Noise
Product Evaluation

Member: NCM
National Council of Acoustical Consultants

Princeton, NJ
M.F.A. Arch. 1945/46-1968/69.
M. Arch. 1969/70-
San Juan, PR
B. Arch. 1973/74-1977/78. (Retroactive
M. Arch. w/B average or better.)
M. Arch. 1978/79-
Troy, NY
B. Arch. 1945/46-
M. Arch 1945/46. 1979/80-
Providence, RI
B.S. Arch. 1953/54-1967/68. (Retroac-
tive B. Arch.)
B. Arch. 1968/69-
Houston, TX
B.S. Arch. 1945/46-1960/61X. 1963/64.
B. Arch 1964/65-
M. Arch. 1973/74-1975/76. 1976/77-
Santa Monica, CA
B. Arch. 1977/78-
Los Angeles, CA
B. Arch. 1945/46-1971/72. 1978/79-
M. Arch. 1972/73-

Baton Rouge, LA
B. Arch. 1970/71-


Lubbock, TX
B. Arch. 1957/58-
New Orleans, LA
B. Arch. 1947/48-
Tuskegee Institute, AR
B. Arch. 1970/71-1975/76.
M. Arch. 1976/77-1978/79X. 1979/80-
Salt Lake City, UT
B. Arch. 1953/54-1969/70.
M. Arch. 1970/71-
Blacksburg, VA
M.S. Arch. 1947/48-1956/57. (Equiva-
lent to a B. Arch.)
B. Arch. 1957/58-
M. Arch. 1974/75-
Charlottesville, VA
B.S. Arch. 1945/46-1956/57.
B. Arch. 1957/58-1975/76.
M. Arch. 1971/72-
Pullman, WA
B. Arch. 1972/73-
St. Louis, MO
B. Arch. 1945/46-1967/68.
M. Arch. 1945/46. 1968/69-
Seattle, WA
B. Arch. 1945/46-1977/78.
M. Arch. 1968/69-

Lafayette, LA Milwaukee, WI
B. Arch. 1972/73- M. Arch. 1974/75-
Syracuse, NY New Haven, CT
B. Arch. 1945/46- B. Arch. 1945/46-1971/72.
M. Arch. 1945/46. 1974/75. M. Arch. 1945/46. 1968/69-
Philadelphia, PA
B. Arch. 1978/79-
Knoxville, TN
B. Arch. 1970/71-
College Station, TX
B. Arch. 1948/49-1972/73.
M. Arch. 1969/70-
Arlington, TX
M. Arch. 1976/77-
Austin, TX
B. Arch. 1945/46-
M. Arch. 1945/46. 1975/76-



James H. Seay, Secretary
Board for Registration of Architects
418 South Perry St.
Montgomery, AL 36104
(205) 832-3684
Nancy Ferguson
Engineers & Land Surveyors
Department of Commerce, Pouch D
Juneau, AK 99811
(907) 465-2540
Judi Ross, Executive Director
Board of Technical Registration for
Architects, Assayers, Engineers,
Geologists, Landscape Architects, &
Land Surveyors
1645 W. Jefferson, Ste. 315
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 271-4053
George Wildgen, Executive Secretary
Arkansas State Board of Architects
P.O. Box 2233
Little Rock, AR 72203
(501) 375-1310
Lynn Morris, Executive Director
State Board of Architectural Examiners
1021 'O' St., Room A-510
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 445-3393
Mary Pablo, Executive Secretary
Colorado State Board of Examiners of
617 State Services Building
1525 Sherman Building
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 839-2271
Architectural Registration Board
20 Grand Street
Hartford, CT 06106
(203) 566-2093

Carolyn M. Newman, Administrative
State Board of Examiners and
Registration of Architects
820 French St., 3rd Level
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 571-3281
District of Columbia
Andres Izaguirre
614 'H' St., N.W., Room 109
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 727-3673
Herbert Coons, Jr., Executive Secretary
Florida State Board of Architecture
130 N. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(904) 488-6685
Barbara Wilkerson, Executive Director
Georgia State Board for Examination,
Qualification & Registration of
Mitchell-Pryor Building
166 Pryor St., S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30303
William A. McAlister,
Board of Engineering & Architectural
Department of Public Works
P.O. Box DD
Agana, Guam 96910
George M. Arine, Executive Director
Hawaii Board of Registration of
Professional Engineers, Architects &
P.O. Box 3469
Honolulu, HI 96801
(808) 548-2211-X103
M. D. Gregersen, Director
Occupational License Bureau
Department of Self-Governing Agencies
2404 Bank Dr., Room 312
Boise, ID 83705
(208) 384-3233

Gary L. Clayton, Acting Director
Department of Registration & Education
of Architects
320 W. Washington
Springfield, IL 62786
(217) 785-0800
Otto C. Andres, Executive Secretary
State Board of Registration for
State Office Building, Room 1021
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 633-6790
Lois Kalleen, Executive Secretary
Iowa State Board of Architectural
1018 Des Moines Street
Des Moines, IA 50319
(515) 281-5910
Jean Barbee, Executive Secretary
State Board of Technical Professions
535 Kansas Ave., Room 1105
Topeka, KS 66603
(913) 296-3053
L. Wayne Tune, Executive Director
State Board of Examiners & Registration
of Architects
P.O. Box 22097
2216 Young Dr., Ste. 3
Lexington, KY 40522
(606) 269-6004
Teeny Simmons, Director
State Board of Architectural Examiners
1987 Dallas Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
(504) 925-4802
Dorothy Leavis, Executive Secretary
Maine State Board for Registration of
477 Congress St., Room 717
Portland, ME 04111
(207) 774-0039

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Helene Houston, Administrative Asst.
Maryland Architectural Registration
1 South Calvert St., Room 802
Baltimore, MD 21202
(301) 383-2134
Florence Carlton, Secretary
Board of Registration of Architects
Government Center
100 Cambridge St.
State Office Building
Boston, MA 02202
(617) 727-3065
Jack C. Sharp
Bureau of Realty & Environmental Services
Department of Licensing & Regulation
P.O. Box 30018
808 S. Land Avenue
Lansing, MI 48909
(517) 373-3880
Lowell E. Torseth, Executive Secretary
State Board of Registration for
Architects, Engineers & Land Surveyors
Metro Square, 5th Floor
7th and Robert Sts.
St. Paul, MN 55101
(612) 296-2388
Karen L. Toups, Executive Secretary
State Board of Architecture
P.O. Box 16273
Jackson, MS 39206
Shirley Nixon, Secretary/Treasurer
Missouri Board for Architects,
Professional Engineers & Land
P.O. Box 184
Jefferson City, MO 65101
(314) 751-2334
Lisa F. Casman, Administrative
State Board of Architectural
Department of Professional &
Occupational Licensing
LaLonde Building, Room 7
Helena, MT 59601
(406) 499-3737
Arthur Duerschner, Executive Director
State Board of Examiners for
Professional Engineers & Architects
Box 94751
301 Centennial Mall, South
Lincoln, NE 68509
(402) 471-2021

Gloria Armendariz, Executive Director
State Board of Architecture
800 East Sahara Ave., Ste. 2
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 732-2431
New Hampshire
Andrew S. Isaak, Secretary
Board of Registration for Architects
616 Beech St.
Manchester, NH 03104
(603) 623-8442
New Jersey
Lisbeth Citrino, Executive Secretary
State Board of Architects
1100 Raymond Blvd.
Newark, NJ 07102
(201) 648-2378
New Mexico
Virginia White, Administrative Assistant
New Mexico Board of Examiners for
P.O. Box 5361
Santa Fe, NM 87503
(505) 827-2463
New York
James W. Rich, Executive Secretary
State Board for Architecture
99 Washington Ave., Room 1839
Albany, NY 12230
(518) 474-3930
Architecture Unit
State Boards for Architects &
Landscape Architects
State Education Center, 3rd Floor
Albany, NY 12230
North Carolina
Cynthia B. Skidmore, Executive Secretary
North Carolina Board of Architecture
501 North Blount St.
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 821-5746
North Dakota
Bernard Hillyer, Secretary/Treasurer
State Board of Architecture
P.O. Box 813
Bismarck, ND 58501
(701) 223-7500
William N. Wilcox, Executive Secretary
State Board of Examiners of Architects
65 South Front St., Ste. 305
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-2316
Ms. Lexie Hopkins, Secretary
Board of Governors of Licensed
Architects of Oklahoma
405 N.W. 15th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
(405) 521-2456

Eleanor L. Gundran, Administrator
State Board of Architect Examiners
Labor & Industries Building, 4th Floor
Salem, OR 97310
(503) 378-4270
State Board of Examiners of Architects
Department of State
P.O. Box 2649
Harrisburg, PA 17120
(717) 783-3628
Puerto Rico
Carmen Ramirez, Director
Board of Examiners of Architects,
Engineers & Land Surveyors
P.O. Box 3271
San Juan, PR 00903
(809) 725-7060
Rhode Island
Joseph A. Baretta, Secretary
Board of Examination & Registration of
The Robinson Green Corporation
2 John Street
Providence, RI 02906
(401) 272-1730
South Carolina
Barbara P. Harper, Executive Secretary
State Board of Architectural Examiners
2221 Divine St., Ste. 244
Columbia, SC 29205
(803) 758-3598
South Dakota
Mrs. Ardys Theis, Executive Secretary
State Board of Engineering &
Architectural Examiners
2040 W. Main St., Ste. 212
Rapid City, SD 57701
(605) 394-2510
Betty A. Smith, Secretary
State Board of Architectural &
Engineering Examiners
590 Capitol Hill Building
301 7th Ave., North
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 741-3221
Philip D. Creer, Executive Secretary
Texas Board of Architectural Examiners
5555 North Lamar
Building H. Ste. 117
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 458-1363
Paul T. Fordham, Director
Department of Registration
330 East 4th South St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 533-5711

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Bonnie Rampone, Secretary
State Board of Registration for
Office of Secretary of State
Pavilion Building
Montpelier, VT 05602
(802) 828-2363
Virgin Islands
Arnold M. Golden, Secretary
Board of Architects, Engineers & Land
Department of Public Works
P.O. Box 476
Charlotte Amalie
St. Thomas, VI 00801
(809) 774-1301

Lester G. Thompson, Executive Director
State Board for Examiners &
Certification of Architects, Professional
Engineers & Land Surveyors
Two South Ninth Street
Richmond, VA 23219
(804) 786-8818

Robert Theriault, Executive Secretary
State Board of Registration for
P.O. Box 649
Olympia, WA 98504
(206) 753-3873
West Virginia
Kenneth Martin, Secretary
West Virginia Board of Architects
West Virginia Building, Room 313
Huntington, WV 25701
(304) 522-2632

Laurna Landphier, Program Assistant
Wisconsin Registration Board of
Architects & Professional Engineers
1400 East Washington Ave., Room 178
Madison, Wl 53702
(608) 266-1397

Andrew Pappas, Secretary/Treasurer
Board of Architects
500 East 18th
Cheyenne, WY 82001
(307) 635-5703


Dennis Barton, Executive Director
Florida Engineering Society
P.O. Box 750
125 S. Gadsden Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32302
Paul M. Thompson, CAE, Executive Director
Florida Home Builders Association
P.O. Box 1259
201 E. Park Avenue
Tallahassee, Florida 32302
Henry T. Vinson, Executive Director
Florida Society of Professional Land Surveyors
119 N. Gadsden St.
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
William H. Lippold, Jr., Executive Vice President
Florida Association of Realtors
121 North Eola Drive
Orlando, Florida 32802

Dick Shelton, Executive Director
Florida Associated General Contractors Council
P.O. Box 10569
134 S. Brounough Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32302
Gary W. Loveless, Executive Vice President
Associated General Contractors
P.O. Box 2519
2144 Rosselle St.
Jacksonville, Florida 32203
Bruce C. Martin, CAE, Executive Director
Florida Roofing, Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors Assn.
P.O. Drawer 4850
Winter Park, Florida 32793

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983


The publications listed are available from the organization indicated following the title
and may be ordered direct from the organizations listed.
Prices are subject to change without notification and AIA assumes no responsibility in
this regard. Please add the applicable sales tax when ordering within your home state.

Basic Building Code (1981) BOCA $28.00 -
Life Safety Code (1981) NFPA $9.25 -
Life Safety Code Handbook NFPA $19.50
National Building Code (1976) NCSBCS $6.00
One-and-Two Family Dwelling CABO $10.00
Code (1979)
1980/81 Combined Amendments CABO $5.00
Standard Building Code (1982) SBCC $25.00
Book of Standards (for use with SBCC $22.00
Building Codes only)
Uniform Building Code (1982) ICBO $37.05
Basic Mechanical Code (1981) BOCA $22.00 -
Standard Mechanical Code (1982) SBCC $19.00
Uniform Mechanical Code (1982) ICBO $23.35
Basic Plumbing Code (1981) BOCA $22.00
International Conference of ICBO $17.40
Building Officials Plumbing Code (1979)
1982 Accumulative Supplement ICBO $5.20
to the ICBO Plumbing Code
National Standard Plumbing Code PHCC $15.00
Standard Plumbing Code (1982) SBCC $19.00
Uniform Plumbing Code (1982) IAPMO $15.50
Basic Fire Prevention Code (1981) BOCA $22.00
Fire Prevention Code (1975) NFPA $7.25
National Fire Codes in NFPA $150.00
16 Volumes (1982)
National Fire Code Supplements NFPA $40.00
National Fire Prevention Code (1976) AlnsA $3.00
Standard Fire Prevention Code (1982) SBCC $19.00
Uniform Fire Code (1982) ICBO $23.30
Basic Energy Conservation Code (1981) BOCA $15.00
Model Energy Conservation Code (1978) SBCC $4.00
Uniform Solar Energy Code (1979) IAMPO $8.25
Lightning Protection Code (1981) NFPA $5.25
National Electric Code (1981) NFPA $10.25
National Electric Code for One- NFPA $6.25
and-Two Family Dwellings (1981)
National Electric Code NFPA $22.50
Handbook (1981)
Basic Property Maintenance Code BOCA $13.00
Standard Housing Code (1982) SBCC $7.00
Uniform Housing Code (1982) ICBO $6.30
FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

National Fuel Gas Codes (1980) NFPA $7.50
Standard Gas Code (1982) SBCC 19.00
Uniform Sign Code (1982) ICBO $6.30
Model Sign Control Ordinance AIA FREE
Standard Swimming Pool Code (1982) SBCC $7.00
Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa and IAPMO $8.25
Hot Tub Code (1979)
BOCA Official Code Interpretations BOCA $11.00
Life Safety Code Handbook (1982) NFPA $19.50
National Electric Code Handbook (1978) NFPA $17.50
Standard Codes Interpretation Manual SBCC $10.00
Uniform Plumbing Code Illustrated IAPMO $22.00
Training Manual
Uniform Plumbing Code Study Guide IAPMO $9.25
Administration of Building Regulations BOCA $6.50
AInsA Standards Catalogue AInsA FREE
ANSI Standards Catalogue ANSI $7.50
ASTM Standards Catalogue ASTM FREE
ASTM Standards in Building Codes ASTM $100.00
Volumes 1 & 2 (1979)
NFPA Codes and Standards Catalogue NFPA FREE
UL Standards Catalogue UL FREE
HUD Minimum Property Standards SOD
4900.1, Vol. 1, MPS One-and-Two Family Dwellings $20.00*
4910.1, Vol. 2, MPS For Multi-Family Housing $19.00*
4920.1, Vol. 3, MPS For Care-Type Housing $18.00
4930.1, Vol. 4, Manual of Acceptable Practice $22.15*
4940.1, Minimum Standards Rehabilitation of FREE**
Residential Properties
includess Revision up to 4 years
**Contact Regional HUD Office

NBS Index of U.S. Voluntary SOD $28.50
Engineering Standards
Supplement 2, Order No. C13.10.329 SOD $9.35
Standard Amusement Device Code SBCC $5.00 -
1982 Amendments SBCC $.75
Standard Building Code Book of Standards SBCC $22.00
Standard Codes Interpretations Manual SBCC $10.00
Standard Excavation and Grading SBCC $5.00 --
Code (1975)
Standard for the Design and BOCA $10.00
Installation for the Fire
Suppression System for Life Safety
Standard for the Installation of SBCC $2.50
Roof Coverings (1982)
Insert SBCC 17-1 SBCC $1.50
Standard for the Installation of NFPA $6.00
Sprinkler Systems (1981)
Uniform Building Code Standards (1982) ICBO $51.60
Uniform Fire Code Standards (1982) ICBO $40.00
Codes and Code Administration, BOCA $11.00
An Introduction to Building
Regulations in the United States

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Codes Enforcement Guidelines for BOCA $4.50
Residential Rehabilitation
Dwelling Construction Under the ICBO $7.80
Uniform Building Code (1982)
Dwelling House Construction SBCC $6.00
Pamphlet (1982)
Perspectives for Code Administrators BOCA $9.00
Readings in Code Administration BOCA
* Vol. 1, History/Philosophy/Law $13.00
* Vol. 2, Fire Protection Technology $12.00
* Vol. 3, Building Materials/Systems/Standards $12.00
Complete Three Volume Anthology Series $33.00
Standard Code for the Elimination or SBCC $5.00
Repair of Unsafe Buildings (1977)
Uniform Administrative Code ICBO $6.30
Uniform Building Security Code ICBO $6.30
Uniform Code for the Abatement of ICBO $6.30
Dangerous Buildings (1979)
Building Standards Magazine ICBO $15.00
one year
Single Copy $3.00

Lab Data UL $3.00
one year

Official Magazine IAPMO $3.50
one year

Standardization News ASTM $9.00
one year
Single Copy $1.50

Southern Building Magazine SBCC $12.00
one year

The Building Official and Code BOCA $15.00
Administrator Magazine one year

Single Copy $3.00

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

1983 Document List

Owner-Contractor Documents

A101 Owner-Contractor Agreement Form-
Stipulated Sum (6/77) With
Instruction Sheet Wrapped .........
A101 Owner-Contractor Agreement Form-
/CM Stipulated Sum-Construction
Management Edition (6/80) ........
A107 Short Form for Small Construction
Contracts-Stipulated Sum (4/78)
with Instruction Sheet Wrapped .....
A111 Owner-Contractor Agreement Form-
Cost Plus Fee (4/78) with Instruction
Sheet W rapped ..................
A117 Abbreviated Owner-Contractor
Agreement Form-Cost Plus (3/79)
with Instruction Sheet Wrapped .....
A171 Owner-Interiors Contractor
Agreement Form (3/79) with
Instruction Sheet Wrapped .........
A177 Abbreviated Owner-Contractor
Agreement for Furniture, Furnishings
and Equipment (5/80) with Instruction
S heet ...........................
A201 General Conditions of the Contract
for Construction (8/76) ............
A201 General Conditions of the Contract
/CM for Construction-Construction
Management Edition (6/80) ........
A201 General Conditions of the Contract
/SC for Construction and Federal
Supplementary Conditions of the
Contract for Construction (8/77) ....
A271 General Conditions of the Contract for
Furniture, Furnishings and Equipment
(12/77) ...... . .... ..............
A271A Instruction Sheet .................
A305 Contractor's Qualification Statement
(3/79) ................ ...........
A310 Bid Bond (2/70) ..................
A311 Performance Bond and Labor and
Material Payment Bond (2/70) ......

A311 Performance Bond and Labor and
/CM Material Payment Bond-Construc-
tion Management Ed. (6/80) .......
A401 Contractor-Subcontractor Agreement
Form (4/78) ......................
A501 Recommended Guide for Bidding
Procedures and Contract Awards
(3/82) . . ....................
A511 Guide for Supplementary Conditions
(7/80) . . ....................
A511 Guide for Supplementary Conditions
/CM Construction Management Edition
(3/82) . . ....................
A512 Addition to Guide for Supplementary
Conditions (8/81) .................
A521 Uniform Location Subject Matter
(1981) . . ....................
A571 Guide for Interior Supplementary
Conditions (1982) ............. . ..
A701 Instructions to Bidders (5/78) with
Instruction Sheet Wrapped .........
A771 Instructions to Interior Bidders (5/80)
with Instruction Sheet Wrapped .....

Owner-Architect Documents

B141 Standard Form of Agreement Between
Owner and Architect (7/77) with
Instruction Sheet Wrapped ..........
B141 Standard Form of Agreement Between
/CM Owner and Architect-Construction
Management Edition (6/80) .........
B151 Abbreviated Owner-Architect
Agreement Form (6/78) .............
B161 Standard Form of Agreement Between
Owner and Architect for Designated
Services (11/77) ............... . .
B161A Instruction Sheet ...................
B161 Standard Form of Agreement Between
/CM Owner and Architect for Designated
Services-Const. Mgmt. Ed. (82) with
Instruction Sheet Wrapped ..........

B162 Scope of Designated Services (11/77)
with Instruction Sheet Wrapped .....
B171 Standard Form of Agreement for
Interior Design Services (3/79) ......
B171A Instruction Sheet ..................
B177 Abbreviated Interior Design Services
Agreement (5/80) with instruction
sheet ............................
B 181 Owner-Architect Agreement for
Housing Services (6/78) with
Instruction Sheet Wrapped .........
B352 Duties, Responsibilities, and Limita-
tations of Authority of the Architect's
Project Representative (5/79) .......
B431 Architect's Qualification Statement
(12/79) ..........................
B727 Standard Form of Questionnaire
Between Owner and Architect for
Special Services (6/79) with Instruc-
tion sheet wrapped ................
Standard Form of Agreement
Between Owner and Construction
Manager (6/80) ...................

Architect-Consultant Documents
C141 Standard Form of Agreement Between
Architect and Engineer (6/79) with
Instructions Wrapped ..............
C161 Standard Form of Agreement Between
Architect and Consultant (6/79) with
Instructions Wrapped ..............
C431 Standard Form of Agreement Between
Architect and Consultant for other
Than Normal Engineering Services
(4/82) ...........................
C727 Standard Form of Agreement Between
Architect and Consultant for Special
Services Instructions Wrapped
(4/82) ...........................
C801 Joint Venture Agreement (6/79) with
Instructions Wrapped ..............

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Architect-Industry Documents

D101 Architectural Area and Volume of
Buildings (1/80) ...................
D200 Project Checklist (8/82) ............

Architect Producer Documents

E101 Technical Literature for the
Construction Industry (7/72) ........

Architect's Accounting
Forms-Manual System
25 Sheets Per Unit


Cash Journal (1949) ...............
Cash Journal (1949) ...............
Cash Journal (1949) ...............
Cash Journal (1953) ...............
Cash Journal (1949) ...............
Cash Journal (1949) ...............
Journal Form (1949 ...............
Payroll Journal (1953) .............
Payroll Journal (1949) .............
Payroll Journal (1949) .............
Ledger Account Form (1949) .......
Job Expense Record Form (1953) ...
Employee Record Form (1953) ......
Fixed Assets Record (1949) ........
Note and Investment Record (1949)

Architect's Accounting
Forms-Manual System
50 Sheets Per Unit
F501 Trial Balance (1953) ...............
F502 Balance Sheet (1953) ..............
F503 Profit and Loss Statement (1949) ....
F504 Indirect Expense Factor (1953) ......
F601 Time Record Sheet (1971) .........
F603 Expense Voucher Nonpersonnel
(1953) ...........................
F605 Billing Record (1953) ..............
F701 Billing Extract (1972) ..............
F703 Aged Accounts Receivable (1972) ...
F712 Project Payroll Cost Worksheet (1972)
F714 Detail of Expenses (1972) ..........
F716 Time Distribution Summary (1972) ...
F721 Project Estimating and Budget
Worksheet (1972) . . . . . . . . .
F723 Project Progress Report (1972) .....
F725 Project Summary Report (1972) .....

Compensation Guidelines
Forms & Worksheets

F800 Complete Set of 2 Each of 24 Forms
Needed F810-F860 (1978) .........
25 Sheets Per Unit

F810 Scope of Designated Service
Worksheet (unphased) ..............
F820 Phase Compensation Worksheet
(Unphased) .................. . . .
F850 Project Time and Payment Schedule ..


Standardized Accounting
For Architects Forms
25 Sheets Per Unit




Cash Receipts Journal (1978) ......
Cash Disbursements Journal (1978)
Trial Balance (1978) ..............
Balance Sheet & Income & Expense
Statement (1978) ............. . .
Expense Voucher (1978) ..........
Fixed Assets Record (1978) .......
Notes and Investment Record (1978)
Time Record (1978) ..............
Staff Expense Record (1978) ......
Payroll Journal (1978) ............
Staff Payroll Record (1978) ........
Project Time Distribution (1978) ....
Project Expense Record (1978) ....
Billing Extract (1978) .............
Invoice for Architectural Services
(1978) ..........................
Aged Accounts Receivable (1978) ..
Ledger Account (1978) ............
Journal (1978) ...................
Accounting Worksheet (1978) ......
Acounting Worksheet (1978) .......

Architect's Office and Project Forms

G601 Land Survey Requisition (6/79) with
Instructions ......................
G610 Owner's Instructions for Bonds and
Insurance (11/78) .................
G611 Owner's Instructions regarding
Construction Agreement and Bidding
Procedures (9/81) ............. . .
50 Sheets Per Unit
G604 Change Authorization for Professional
Services (3/79) with Instructions ....
G701 Change Order (4/78) ..............
G701 Change Order-Construction
/CM Management Ed. (6/80) ............
G702 Application and Certificate for
Payment (4/78) ............... . .
G703 Continuation Sheet for G702 (4/78) ..
G704 Certificate of Substantial Completion
4/78 .............................
G705 Certificate of Insurance (11/78) .....
G706 Contractor's Affidavit of Payment
of Debts and Claims (4/70) .........
G706A Contractor's Affidavit of Release of
Liens (4/70) ................. . ..
G707 Consent of Surety to Final Payment
(4/70 ............ ......... ....
G707A Consent of Surety to Reduction in or
Partial Releases of Retainage (6/71) .

G708 Withdrawn/Replaced byG710 nd G713
G709 Proposal Request (4/70) ...........
G710 Architect's Supplemental Instructions
(3/79) with Instructions ..........
G711 Architect's Field Report (10/72) .....
G712 Shop Drawing and Sample Record
(10/72) .........................
G713 Construction Change Authorization
with Instructions (3/79) ............
G722 Project Application and Project
Certificate for Payment (6/80)
with Instructions ..................
G723 Project Application Summary (6/80)
with Instructions ..................
G801 Application for Employment (6/75) ...
G802 Withdrawn/Replaced by F5002
G804 Register of Bid Documents (4/70) ...
G805 List of Subcontractors (4/70) ........
G807 Project Directory (4/70) ............
G809 Project Data (4/70) ................
G810 Transmittal Letter (4/70) ...........
G811 Employment Record (4/70) .........
G813 Temporary Placement (1/74) .......

Architect's Handbook of
Professional Practice Chapters

HBC 1 The AIA Handbook (1973) .........
HBC 2 The Construction Industry (1969) ...
HBC 3 AIA and Related Organizations (1972)
HBC 10 Interprofessional Agreements (1972)
HBC11 Project Procedures (1969) .........
HBC12 Construction Documents-
Drawings (1970) ...................
HBC 14 Construction Documents-
Specifications (1972) ..............
HBC 15 Construction Cost Analysis (1970) ...
HBC 16 Selection of Contractors (1971) ....
HBC17 Owner-Contractor and Contractor-
Sub-Contractor Agreements (1973) .
HBC 18 Construction Contact Administration
(1973) ..........................
HBC21 The Architect as Preservationist
(197 1) ..........................
HBC/A-4 Professional Options (82) .........
HBC/B-1 The Architect's Office (1980) .......
HBC/B-2 Insurance and Bonds of
Suretyship (1981) ................
HBC/B-3 Legal Concerns (1981) ............
HBC/B-8 Marketing Architectural Services
(1980) ..........................
HBC/B-9 The Architect's Communications
(1980) ..........................
HBC/C-2 Interiors Practice (1982) ...........
HBC/D-3 General Conditions of the Contract
for Construction (1981) ............

Architect's Handbook of
Professional Practice

M104 Architect's Handbook of Professional
Practice (Set of 3 volumes) ........
M104A Architect's Handbook/
Contents Only ...................
M104B Architect's Handook/
Three Binders Only ...............

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

1928 DPCH


275 NE 59th ST./MIAMI............................ 305-757-0315
4180 NW 10th AVE./FT. LAUDERDALE.... 305-772-2260
4901 WEST RIOVISTA AVENUE, TAMPA... 813-885-4711

:Cocrete! Craftsman Masonry, Inc.
R~-b'r, z rOffice & Plant
.i6a de er aiorin. rust 1995 N.W. 16th Street
store ks an spplingin' a Pompano Beach, Florida 33060
uharine, envirpnmreht can bk Telephone (305) 974-1736
desin d Outo r cncre (Enter off Powerline Rd]
.- "with the use ofOAREX -
Sawed Keys Coral
For complete details' ad 50 Varieties of
specificationA eontac: Rubble Stone
Flagstone & Slate
Stone Fabrication
,- n race e . Stone Installation
-o= ~ B1200-NW.B 1Bth. erue Retail Sales
,.o.. . --O -. ,o Majestic Fireplace,

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983




"EFFEsR1 JAc=son WSAULLA LIT.r.y -Oo
















FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983



Broward Chapter

George D. Storrs, AIA
2190 S.E. 17th Street, Suite 301
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33316
John W. Szerdi, AIA
3181 N.W. 18th Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33311
Mario Cartaya, AIA
808 E. Las Olas Blvd., Suite 104
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33301
Ross Spiegel, AIA
1061 W. Oakland Park Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33311


Emanual Abraben, AIA, 2691 E. Oakland Pk., Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale
33306 (305)564-2314
Daniel E. Adache, AIA, 550 S. Federal Highway, Suite 200, Ft.
Lauderdale 33301 (305)525-8133
Thor Amlie, AIA, 2501 PalmAire Drive, Pompano Beach 33060
Robert W. Bentley, AIA, 1250 Tamara, Pensacola 32504 (904)438-
Robert W. Boeglin, AIA, 6251 N.W. 18th Court, Ft. Lauderdale 33313
Paul M. Bradley, Jr., AIA, 2004 N.E. 49 Street, Ft. Lauderdale 33308
Donald E. Bryan, AIA, 290 N.E. 51 Street, Ft. Lauderdale 33334
Ishmael A. Byus, AIA, 1225 S.E. Third Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33316
Gustavo Jose Carbonell, AIA, 960 Southwest 28 Street, Fort Lauder-
dale 33315 (305)524-6686
Mario Cartaya, AIA, 3077 East Commercial Blvd., #200, Ft. Lauder-
dale 33308 (305)771-2724


Russell C. Chase, AIA, 734 West Las Olas Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale
33312 (305)467-7892
Alfred A. Cilcius, AIA, 7761 N.W. 42nd Place, Coral Springs 33065
Robert Colavolpe, AIA, 2691 East Oakland Park Blvd., Ft. Lauderdak
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Cary B. Cook, AIA, 411 South 21 Avenue Hollywood 33020 (305)920
Lewis G. Cooper, AIA, 3110 N.W. 40th Street, Lauderdale Lakes
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James C. Crawford, AIA, 3600 N. Federal Hwy., Suite 301, Ft.
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Robert M. DeCamillo, AIA, 3006 E. Commercial Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale
33308 (305)771-2820
Thomas H. DiGiorgio, AIA, 1701 E. Atlantic Blvd., Pompano Beach
33060 (305)941-3055
Richard W. Dodge, AIA, 2770 E. Atlantic Blvd., Pompano Beach
33062 (305)941-3055
Gregory D. Edlund, AIA, 3460 N.W. Ninth Avenue, Oakland Park
33309 (305)563-2558
Sam Engel, Jr., AIA, 4800 S.W. 64 Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33314
Luther L. Eubanks, AIA, 7301 N.W. 4th Street, Plantation 33317
Jeffrey Falkanger, AIA, 614 South Federal Highway, Ft. Lauderdale
33301 (305)764-6575
Linda Martin Finch, AIA, 1933 Coral Gardens Drive, Ft. Lauderdale
33306 (305)491-1706
Angel T. Franco-Rivera, AIA, 1512 E. Broward Blvd. #108, Ft.
Lauderdale 33301 (305)522-1667
Arthur A. Frimet, AIA, 208 South 28 Avenue, Hollywood 33020
Jose M. Garcia-Lavin, AIA, 403 Southeast 12 Street, Ft. Lauderdale
33316 (305)522-0906
Alexander A. Gartner, AIA, 3140 South Ocean Drive, Apt. 1, Hallan-
dale 33009 (305)458-0539
William A. Gilroy, AIA, 533 N.E. 13 Street, Ft. Lauderdale 33304
Jerome A. Goebel, AIA, 1720 Harrison Street #1735, Hollywood
33020 (305)920-2120
Alberto F. Gomez, AIA, 403 Southeast 12 Street, Ft. Lauderdale
33316 (305)523-6546
Daniel E. Griffin, Jr., AIA, 401-C, S.E. 12th Street, Ft. Lauderdale
33316 (305)463-3096
Jeffrey Gross, AIA, 1816 Sherman St., Hollywood 33020 (305)925-
Otto E. Haack, AIA, 2733 Northeast 14 Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33334
Kent D. Hamilton, AIA, 2803 E. Commercial Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale
33308 (305)772-7240
Oscar E. Handle, AIA 2060 N.E. 55 Street, Ft. Lauderdale 33308
Richard Van Harren, AIA, 2114 Northeast 21 Street, Ft. Lauderdale
33305 (305)566-3251
James M. Hartley, AIA, 4600 Sheridan Street, Hollywood 33021 -
Richard Heidrich, AIA, 540 S.E. 3rd Ave., Rm. 200, Ft. Lauderdale
33301 (305)765-8679
Randolph Henning, AIA, 105 N.E. 30th Court, Ft. Lauderale 33384
Jarvis H. Histed, AIA, 915 Middle River Dr., Ft. Lauderdale 33304
George H. Hohmann, 5059 N.E. 18th Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33334

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Russell E. Hope, AIA, 2787 E. Oakland Park Blvd. #305, Ft. Lauder-
dale 33306 (305)565-1441
James G. Hundley, AIA, 7501 N.W. 4th Street, Ft. Lauderdale 33317
Herbert S. Johnson, AIA, 1144 Gulf Shore Blvd., South, Naples
William E. Jollay, AIA, Suite 305, 2787 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Fort
Lauderdale 33306 (305)565-1441
Ronald I. Kall, AIA, 19 East Acre Drive, Plantation 33317 (305)587-
Kenneth C. Katz, AIA, 13491 SW 28th Street, Davie 33330 (305)472-
C. Edward Keiler, AIA, 1305 Northeast 23 Avenue, Pompano Beach
33062 (305)941-5647.
Randall F. Keller, AIA, 2831 N.E. 28 Street, Ft. Lauderdale 33306
Craig W. Kenyon, AIA, 915 Middle River Dr., Ft. Lauderdale 33304
Charles R. Kerley, AIA, 2787 E. Oakland Park Blvd. #305, Ft.
Lauderdale 33306 (305)565-1441
Michael J. Kravit, AIA, 2911 S.W. 87 Terrace, Davie 33328 (305)474-
Harry Kurki, AIA, 2617 Bayview Drive, Ft. Lauderdale 33306
Donald S. Macneir, AIA, 1628 S.E. Tenth Terrace, Ft. Lauderdale
33316 (305)523-1085
Theodore R. Majdiak, Jr., AIA, 2800 East Commercial Boulevard,
#212, Fort Lauderdale 33308 (305)772-1510
G. Marshall Martin, AIA, 533 N.E. 13 Street, Ft. Lauderdale 33304
Robert E. McDonald, AlA, 303 S.E. 17 Street, Suite 604, Ft. Lauder-
dale 33316 (305)525-9625
Charles F. McKirahan, AIA, 2400 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Ft. Lauder-
dale 33306 (305)564-9625
Robert E. McMahon, AIA, 1300 N. Rio Vista Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale
33316 (305)525-0975
Claus R. Moberg, AIA, 12130 Surrey Lane, North Palm Beach 33408
Gene C. Monaco, AIA, 4331 N. Federal Hwy, Suite 402, Ft. Lauder-
dale 33308 (305)491-6373
Daniel H. Moul, AIA, 533 N.E. 13 Street, Ft. Lauderdale 33304
William L. Osborn, AIA, 724 Garden Court, Plantation 33317
J. David Owen, AIA, 3408 Dover Road, Pompano Beach 33062
Gail R. Palmer, AIA, 8202 S.W. 23 Street, N. Lauderhill 33324
John Kenneth Payne, AIA, 2930 Southwest 87 Terrace, Davie 33328
George Howard Peabody, Jr., AIA, 440 East Sample Road, Pompano
Beach 33064 (305)942-9131
Jeffrey L. Peal, AIA, 6400 N. Andrews Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33309
Francisco Javier Perez, AIA, 8611 N.W. 51st Street, Lauderhill 33321
Raul C. Perez, AIA, 9330 N.W. 38th Place, Sunrise 33321 (305)741-
Joseph E. Phillips, Jr., AIA, 26 Coral Center-3045 N. Fed, Hwy, Ft.
Lauderdale 33306 (305)564-3346
Romuald K. Polujan, AIA, 2740 NE 26 Street, Pompano Beach 33064
Elwyn N. Powell, AIA, 1200 Ponce de Leon Drive, Ft. Lauderdale
33316 (305)566-3251
Phillip E. Reeves, AIA, 527 East Sample Road, Pompano Beach
33064 (305)943-8170
Richard C. Reilly, AIA, 2500 North Federal Highway, Ft. Lauderdale
33305 (305)565-0341
R. J. Rischia, AIA, 4140 SW 53 Avenue, Davie 33314 (305)552-5200
Pamela Rosenbloom, AIA, 909 E. Las Olas Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale
33301 (305)462-4111
Richard S. Rubin, AIA, 6110 White Oak Lane, Tamarac 33319
James S. Ryan, AIA, 1500 W. Cypress Creek Rd. #412, Ft. Lauder-
dale 33309 (305)772-1553
Edward H. Saar, AIA, 160 S.W. 12th Ave., Int. Cir. 101, Deerfield
Beach 33441 (305)421-4041

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Mark L. Saltz, AIA, 5900 Johnson Street, Hollywood 33021 (305)989-
Miguel F. Sanchez, AIA, 401-C, S.E. 12th Street, Ft. Lauderdale
Marvin, Scharf, AIA, 1971 NE 185 Terrace, N. Miami Bch. 33179
Vincent Schulman, AIA, 2221 North Federal Highway, Hollywood
33020 (305)922-9588
Joel S. Schultz, AIA, 11510 West Sample Road, Coral Springs 33065
Harold Seckinger, AIA, 4201 N. Federal Hwy., Suite E, Lighthouse
Point 33064 (305)785-6551
Michael A. Shiff, AIA, 1061 West Oakland Park Blvd. #2-C, Ft.
Lauderdale 33304 (305)563-1000
Franz J. Shropa, AIA, 4547 NW Ninth Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33309
Morris Simon, AIA, 2701 East Sunrise Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale
33304 (305)566-3100
Donald I. Singer, AIA, 13 West Las Olas Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale 33301
Roy D. Smith, AIA, 2601 E. Oakland Park Blvd. #301, Fort Lauder-
dale 33306 (305)563-8351
Frank C. Snedaker, Jr., AIA, Suite 220, 1881 NE 26 Street, Fort
Lauderdale 33305 (305)561-4455
W. Douglas Snyder, 7301 N.W. 4 St., Suite 106, Plantation 33317
Ross Spiegel, AIA, 1061 W. Oakland Pk. Blvd., Oakland Park 33311
George D. Storrs, Jr., AIA, 2190 SE 17 Street, #301, Ft. Lauderdale
33316 (305)525-0089
Matt Sumner, AIA, 36 Coral Center, Ft. Lauderdale 33306 (305)564-
Walter E. Swanson, Jr., AIA 3750 NW 109th Ave., Coral Springs
33065 (305)491-1706
John W. Szerdi, AIA, 3181 NW 18th Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33311
Robert E. Todd, AIA, 1260 NE Second Street, Pompano Beach
33060 (305)941-7340
Robert William Tuthill, AIA, 808 East Las Olas Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale
33301 (305)527-0007
Oscar G. Vagi, AIA, 2929 East Commercial Boulevard, Ft. Lauder-
dale 33308 (305)491-1706
William T. Vaughn, AIA, 909 East Las Olas Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale
33301 (305)462-4111
Robert S. Walters, AIA, 808 E. Las Olas Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale 33301
Edward T. Weiner, AIA, 4080 W. Broward Blvd., Plantation 33317
W. Pinson Whiddon, AIA, 6631 S.W. 70 Lane, S. Miami 33143
Mark R. Whitman, AIA, Post Office Box 620, Jeddah Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia ME656
George C. Wiesman, AlA, 1505 Southeast Second Street, Pompano
Beach 33060 (305)972-7660
George Richard Winne, AIA, 550 South Federal Highway, Suite 200,
Ft. Lauderdale 33301 (305)525-8133
John H. Winningham, AIA, 1050 N.E. 45th Street, Ft. Lauderdale
33334 (305)771-8900
0. Daniel Winter, AIA, 3077 E. Commercial Blvd., #200, Ft. Lauder-
dale 33308 (305)771-2724
Louis Wolff, AIA, 3006 East Commercial Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale
33308 (305)771-2820
Robert J. Wunsch, AIA, 909 East Las Olas Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale
33301 (305)462-4111
David B. Zelch, AIA, 938 North Victoria Park Road, Fort Lauderdale
33304 (305)525-0975
Donald F. Zimmer, AIA, 2740 East Oakland Park Boulevard, Ft.
Lauderdale 33306 (305)564-3860

Constance L. Bigoney, 15 S.E. 9 Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33301
Michael J. Brosche, Jr., 4201 North Federal Highway, Lighthouse
Point 33064 (305)949-8800
Carl R. Burgermeister, 2221 North 45th Avenue, Hollywood 33021

Hibbard Casselberry, Jr., 5221 NE 17 Terrace, Ft. Lauderdale 33334
Vita A. DeBillis, AS, 1816 Sherman Street, Hollywood 33020
Bruce E. Frendahl, 8410 N.W. 45 Street, Lauderhill 33321
Allan R. Fried, 6340 SW Sixth Place, Margate 33068 (305)920-2120
Ruth C. Goebel, AS, 5209 Harrison Street, Hollywood 33021
Leo Hansen, 311 S.E. 16th Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33301 (305)463-
Jack W. Hugentugler, 1750 South Ocean Blvd., Pompano Beach
33062 (305)763-5033
Clark W. Ironmonger, 9087 N.W. 35th Place, Sunrise 33321
Steven M. Johnson, 826-B N.E. 18th Court, Ft. Lauderdale 33305
David Johnston, AS, 5495 N.E. 25th Avenue, Apt. 501, Ft.
Lauderdale 33308 (305)844-5459
Paul W. Just III, 812 N.E. 18th Avenue, #1, Ft. Lauderdale 33304
Harry Munoz, 10811 NW 21st Street, Sunrise 33322
Earl G Nelson, 4341 West Oakland Park Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale
33313 (305)565-7791
Robert Romeo, 5841 NW 57 Court, Apt. J-105, Ft. Lauderdale 33319
(305) 726-3153
Marc C. Saval, 26 Seville Circle, Davie 33324
Robert C. Schmid, Post Office Box 348, Fort Lauderdale 33302
William R. Scott, 460 N.W. 34th Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33311
Michael E. Sipula, 3501 NW 33 Ave., Ft. Lauderdale 33309 (305)763-
Jeffrey J. Smith, 1670 NW 61 Avenue, Margate 33063 (305)763-5033
Donald D. Swaby, 1404 S.W. 33 Court, Ft. Lauderdale 33315
James P. Thayer, Sr., 3460 NW Ninth Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33309
Irving Tutunick, 6820 N.W. 81st Street, Tamarac 33319 (305)563-
Angela Uhler, 1663 NW 56 Terrace, Lauderhill 33313
Robert J. Vick, 808 E. Las Olas Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale 33301
Howard H. Whitcomb, 5631 NW 77 Court, RR #1, Box 640, Pompano
Beach 33306 (305)421-7393
Charles L. Colwell, 1984 Southeast 16 Street, Pompano Beach 33062
Erwin Gerber, 506 Bonnie Brae Way, Hollywood 33021 (305)966-
Elkan W. Groll, 3100 North Course Lane, Pompano Beach 33060
Barnard W. Hartman, Jr., 2652 N.E. Sixth Street, Pompano Beach
33062 (305)942-2992
Joseph T. Romano, 4630 Northwest 12 Drive, Pompano Beach 33064
Carl C. Sanford, 3221 Spanish River Drive, Terra Mar Isle, Pompano
Beach 33062 (305)781-8139
Milton L. Scheingarten, 2998 N.W. 48th Terrace, #330, Lauderdale
Lakes 33313 (305)731-0599
Cedric Start, 1457 Jackson Street, Hollywood 33020 (305)922-7362
Courtney Stewart, 2517 Northeast 13 Court, Fort Lauderdale 33304
William F. Bigoney, FAIA, 15 S.E. 9th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale 33301
Robert E. Hansen, FAIA, 311 Southeast 16 Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale
33301 (305)463-8568
Professional Affiliates
Charles A. Cangianelli, 1115 NE 4 Ave., Ft. Lauderdale 33304
Alberto 0. Castineira, 11510 W. Sample Rd., Coral Springs 33065
D. Allen Johnson, 4215 N. Federal Hwy., Ft. Lauderdale 33308
Paul W. Just, 5249 N.W. 33rd Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33309
Charles M. Laird, 1100 East Las Olas Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale 33301
Charles Ben Mallicote, 4440 NE 8 Ave., Ft. Lauderdale 33307


Sharon L. Miller, 8081 N.W. 11th St., #F, Margate 33063 (305) 974-
William R. O'Donnell, 501 S. Andrews Ave., Ft. Lauderdale 33301
Douglas M. Ruth, 1212 E. Broward Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale 33301
Jacqueline Young, 2320 NE 193 Street, North Miami Beach 33180
Executive Secretary: Ketch Hess 305/763-7216

Daytona Beach Chapter

Alan Paul Cajacob, AIA
1260 River Ridge Rd.-Rt. 3
Box 249
Deland, Florida 32720
William Jerome Miller, AIA
1324 N. Peninsula Ave.
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32069
David C. Leete, AIA
140 S. Grandview Ave.
Daytona Beach, Florida 32018

Joseph R. Blais, Jr., AIA, 326 South Grandview Avenue, Daytona
Beach 32018 (904)255-6163
Alan Paul Cajacob, AIA, 1260 River Ridge Rd., Rt. 3, Box 249, De-
land 32720 (904)736-2810
William A. Faust, AIA, Post Office Box 2264, Daytona Beach 32015
Rudolph J. Fletcher, AIA, 1011 Chaffee Place, Daytona Beach 32018
Carl Gerken, AIA, Post Office Box 155, Ormond Beach 32074
William R. Gomon, AIA, Post Office Box 1671, Daytona Beach 32015
William P. Greening, AIA, 615 North Peninsula Drive, Daytona Beach
32018 (904)252-7882
Elmer E. Heimo, AIA, 1830 Elkcam Blvd., Deltona 32725 (904)789-
Alfred G. Kemmerer, AIA, Post Office Box 5595, Daytona Beach
32020 (904)252-4376
David A. Leete, AIA, 140 South Grandview Avenue, Daytona Beach
32018 (904)253-1785
David C. Leete, AIA, 140 South Grandview Avenue, Daytona Beach
32018 (904) 253-1785
William Jerome Miller, AIA, 1324 North Peninsula Avenue, New Smyr-
na Beach 32069 (904)427-6323
William G. Palmer Jr., Al, 37475 Atlanta Ave., Daytona Beach Shore
32074 (904)788-8606
Larry W. Robinson, AIA, 414 Halifax Ave. N., Daytona Beach 32018
Joel W. Sayers, Jr., AIA, 326 S. Grandview Avenue, Daytona Beach
32018 (904)255-6163

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Lee Sayers, AIA, 615 N. Peninsula Dr., Daytona Beach 32018
Ronald H. Smith, AIA, 83 University Circle, Ormond Beach 32074
E. Tyler Upham, AIA, Post Office Box 155, Ormond Beach 32074
Gordon A. Yager, AIA, Post Ofice Box 9490, Daytona Beach 32020
Wilfredo L. Brito, 54A Vining Court, Ormond Beach, 32074 (904)673-
Eliana M. Sayger, 3 Cardwell Court, Palm Beach, 32037 (904)673-
Dana M. Smith, 174 Grove St., Ormond Beach, 32074 (904)672-9453
J. Bruno Basil, 26 Alamanda Dr., Ormond Beach 32074
Ernest H. Notz, 104 Van Avenue, Deland 32018
Francis R. Walton, Post Office Box 7555, Daytona Beach 32016
John V. Ward, 2007 N. Baytona Ave., Flagler Beach 32036
Professional Affiliates
C. Conrad Kenerson, Rt. 7, Box 253 MM 70, St. Augustine 32084

Florida Central Chapter

John Ehrig, AIA
1189 N.E. Cleveland Street
Clearwater, Florida 33515
John McCormick, AIA
1411 North Westshore Blvd.
Tampa, Florida 33607
Richard Kimbrough, AIA
7011 Central Ave.
St. Petersburg, Florida 33710
Perry Reader, AIA
1155 U.S. 19 North
Palm Harbor, Florida 33563

Clearwater Section
Dennis O'Keefe, AIA
1822 Drew St., Ste. 6
Clearwater, Florida 33515

Jim Graham, AIA
1208 Cleveland
Clearwater, Florida 33515
James R. Johannessen, AIA
P.O. Box 4688
Clearwater, Florida 33518
Polk Section
Michael Furr, AIA
P.O. Box 48
Lakeland, Florida 33802
Vice-President /Treasurer
John R. Curtis, AIA
537 Queen's Loop
Lakeland, Florida 33803

St. Petersburg Section
Steven Lange, AIA
10500 Roosevelt Blvd. North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33702
John Stearman, AIA
10500 Roosevelt Blvd. North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33702
Mario Ferfoglia, AIA
2714 9th Street N.
St. Petersburg, Florida 33703
Bradley Appier, AIA
893 Paseo del Rio, N.E.
St. Petersburg, Florida 33702
Tampa Section
Enrique A. Woodroffe, AIA
121 Aranda Street, N.E.
St. Petersburg, Florida 33704
Daniel C. Bourassa, Jr., AIA
3111 Fielder
Tampa, Florida 33611
David S. Wildes, AIA
102 W. Whiting Street, Suite 500
Tampa, Florida 33602
Nicholas V. Puglisi, AIA
610-1600 North Florida Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33602

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Ms. Jan Abell, AIA, 839 South Newport Avenue, Tampa 33606
William A. Alexander, Ill, AIA, 1437 So. Belcher Rd. Ste. 120,
Clearwater 33516 (813)536-7811
Frank A. Alfano, AIA, 1189 NE Cleveland Street, Clearwater 33515
Cesar P. Alfonso, AIA, 3509 Nebraska Avenue, Tampa 33603
Bradley W. Appier, AIA, 893 Paseo del Rio NE, St. Petersburg 33702
Robert J. Aude, AIA, 1321 U.S. 19 South, Suite 300, Clearwater
33546 (813)536-6561
S. Keith Bailey, AIA, 100 Madison Street, Tampa 33602 (813)223-
George H. Ballans, Jr., AIA, 10817 North Edison, Tampa 33612
Eugene H. Beach, AIA, 11809 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa 33618
Eric D. H. Beall, AIA, 7002 Pelican Island Drive, Tampa 33614
Christopher J. Bell, AIA, 610 North Florida Ave., Tampa 33602
Nick (Nachum) Benjacob, AIA, 5027 Casilla Way South, St. Peters-
burg 33712 (813)866-3493
Stanley R. Benjamin, AIA, 2215 Kent Place, Clearwater 33516
Stuart L. Bentler, AIA, 515 Bay Street, Tampa 33606 (813)253-3465
Paul A. Bergmann, AIA, 3303 Natchez Lane, Louisville 40206
J. Ramon Bernardo, AIA, 515 Bay Street, Tampa 33606 (813)253-
Walter G. Bertossi, AIA, 1044 South Florida Avenue, Lakeland 33803
Robert F. Bethea, Ill, AIA, 2906 Janice Way, Apartment 211, Tampa
33609 (813)228-7721
McAllister Blanton, AIA, 3707 Santiago, Tampa 33629 (813)272-4114
Daniel C. Bourassa, AIA, 3111 Fielder, Tampa 33611 (813)872-2755
Ernest T. H. Bowen, II, AIA, 573 Nebraska, No. 1, Long Beach 90802
Arthur W. Brown, AIA, 408B Howard Ave., Lakeland 33801 (813)686-
Douglas A. Cameron, AIA, 4735 Shore Acres Blvd., NE, St. Peters-
burg 33703 (813)876-2411
Charles S. Canerday, AIA, 200 First Ave. N., #206, St. Petersburg
33701 (813)821-4772
Joe Chillura, AIA, 2005 Pan Am Circle, Tampa 33607 (813)870-1460
Phillip J. Clark, AIA, 5750 B.N. Hoover Bid #104, Tampa 33614
R. John Clees, AIA, 2714 Ninth Street, North, St. Petersburg 33704
John R. Cochran, Jr., AIA, 4616 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa 33609
Rodney L. Collman, AIA, 748 Broadway, Dunedin 33528 (813)733-
William N. Criswell, AIA, 11300 4 St. N., Suite 100, St. Petersburg
33702 (813)576-1041
John 0. Crosby, AIA, 2912 Perry Avenue, Tampa 33602 (813)974-
Charles F. Curry, Jr., AIA, 4023 North Armenia Avenue, Tampa
33607 (813)876-1620
John R. Curtis, AIA, 537 Queen's Loop, Lakeland 33803 (813)688-
Gerald G. Curts, AIA, 2709 Rocky Point Road, Suite 1, Tampa 33607
Joseph P. D'Azzo, AIA, 1510 West Palm Circle, Valrico 33594
Manuel J. Del Campo, AIA, 770 Village Lake Terrace, St. Petersburg
Gordonn Dirkes, AIA, P.O. Box 2470, Winter Haven 33883 (813)293-
Carl William Doozan, Jr., AIA, 3704 Euclid Ave., Tampa 33609
Alfred T. Drake, AIA, 3375 34 Street, North, Suite E, St. Petersburg
33713 (813)526-7716
Terry K. Dunlap, AIA, 711 Grand Central, Suite J, Clearwater 33516
Katherine L. Durham, AIA, 635-28th Avenue, North, St. Petersburg
33704 (813)822-5174

Robert L. Dykes, AIA, 2120 West Brandon Blvd. Suite 205, Brandon
33511 (813)685-4521
Ronald E. Ebersole, AIA, 1402 Phyllis St., Lakeland 33803 (813)682-
John P. Ehrig, AIA, 1189 NE Cleveland Street, Clearwater 33515
Ted. E. Fasnacht, AIA, 748 Broadway, Dunedin 33528 (813)733-0491
Paul R. Felix, AIA, 4134 Whiting Drive, SE, St. Petersburg 33705
Mario Ferfoglia, AIA, 6615 26th Street North, St. Petersburg 33701
Arden A. Ferrell, AIA, 1326 Marjohn Avenue, Clearwater 33516
A. Fesko, AIA, 235 4th Avenue, NE, St. Petersburg 33701
Sol Fleischman, Jr., AIA, 3300 Henderson Blvd. Suite 101, Tampa
Howard H. Fleming, AIA, 1321 U.S. Hwy. 19 South, Clearwater 33516
W. Neill Fortune, AIA, 201 E. Kennedy Blvd., #1739, Tampa 33602
Stephen R. Fowler, AIA, 1189 NE Cleveland Street, Clearwater 33515
(813) 446-1041
Robert M. Friedman, AIA, 4100 Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa 33609
Michael B. Furr, AIA, Post Office Box 48, Lakeland 33802 (813)665-
Carl A Gaines, Jr., 201 E. Kennedy Blvd. #333, Tampa 33602
Eduardo Garcia, AIA, 3300 Henderson Blvd. Suite 101, Tampa 33609
Genaro Garcia, Jr., AIA, 1111 N. Westshore Blvd. Suite 405, Tampa
33607 (813)877-5222
Sanford M. Goldman, AIA, 923 First Avenue, North, St. Petersburg
33705 (813)896-5300
Charles Brandt Goldsmith, AIA, 13303 U.S. Highway 19 South
Clearwater 33516 (813)536-0456
Jacob L. Gottfried, AIA, 1111 N. Westshore Blvd. Suite 405 Tampa
33607 (813)877-5222
Peter M. Gottschalk, AIA, 102 W. Whiting Street, Tampa 33602
Thomas J. Graham, AIA, 1208 Cleveland, Clearwater 33515
Robert B. Greenbaum, AIA, 7959 Ninth Avenue, South, St. Peters-
burg 33707 (813)345-0055
Crawford Greene, Jr., AIA, 3603 Granada Street, Tampa 33629
Robert L. Grundman, AIA, 1135 S. Pasadena Avenue, Suite 300, St.
Petersburg 33707 (813)381-1700
Richard J Grusdis, AIA, 11104 North 19 Street, Tampa 33612
Joseph C. Hafner, AIA, 20-B Adalia, Tampa 33606 (813)253-0421
Norman E Hallock, Jr., AIA, 2434 Hollingsworth Hill Ave., Lakeland
33803 (813)534-1511
Walter W. Hamm, AIA, 5501 N. Himes, #1112, Tampa 33614
Thomas A. Hammer, AIA, 100 Madison Street, Tampa 33602
R. Daniel Harnly, AIA, Post Office Box 18405, Tampa 33609
William B. Harvard, Jr., AIA, 2714 Ninth Street, North, St. Petersburg
33704 (813)896-4611
William B. Harvard, Sr., AIA, 2714 Ninth Street, North, St. Petersburg
33704 (813)896-4611
A. Reese Harvey, AIA, Post Office Box 270719, Tampa 33688
John R. Hause, AIA, 314 S. Missouri Avenue, Suite 207, Clearwater
33516 (813)446-8403
James C. Heffner, 201 E. Kennedy Blvd., #1739, Tampa 33602
James A Heim, AIA, Post Office Box 333, Avon Park 33815
Steven Heiser, AIA, 1000 Charter, Tampa 33602 (813)872-8206
Warren L. Henderson, AIA, 1814 Sharondale Drive, Clearwater 33515
Frank M. Henderson, Jr., AIA, 1318 Swann Avenue, Tampa 33606
Edward C. Hoffman, AIA, 105 Bananna St., Tarpon Springs 33589
Robert E. Hostetler, AIA, 107 North Cirus Avenue, Clearwater 33515

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book. 1983

Bruce S. Houghton, AIA, 515 Bay Street, Tampa 33606 (813)253-
Harry J. Howard, AIA, 9459 Koger Blvd., Suite 109, St. Petersburg
33702 (813)576-0071
Graydon R. Howe, AIA, 2462 Moore Haven Drive, East, Clearwater
33515 (813)876-2411
John Howey, AIA, 101 South Franklin Street, Tampa 33602 (813)223-
Dennis William Hughes, AIA, 1815 Jetton Ave., Tampa 33606
Jerome A. James, AIA, 305 12th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg 33701
John Charles W. Jaudon, AIA, 4023 North Armenia Avenue, Tampa
33607 (813)876-1620
James Jennewein, AIA, 102 West Whiting Street, Suite 500, Tampa
33602 (813)228-7721
James R. Johannessen, AIA, 2156 Drew St., Clearwater 33575
Wilmer A. Johnston, Jr., AIA, 200 S. Hoover Bldg 219 #290, Tampa
33609 (813)876-0104
Blanchard E. Jolly, AIA, 2714 Ninth Street, North, St. Petersburg
33704 (813)896-4611
Richard M. Jones, AIA, 5141 Seminole Blvd., Suite C, St. Petersburg
33708 (813)393-7810
Richard P. Jones, AIA, 5141 Seminole Blvd., Suite C, St. Petersburg
John Cutler Kelly, AIA, 11308 Laurel Crest Lane, Tampa 33624
Richard A. Kimbrough, AIA, 7011 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg
33710 (813)384-1844
Alexander Konstantinidis, AIA, 3300 Henderson Blvd., #101, Tampa
Kenneth P. Kroger, AIA, 3716 Tacon Street, Tampa 33609
Eric J. Kuehlem, AIA, 610 North Florida Avenue, Tampa 33602
Larry J. LaDelfa, AIA, 200 First Ave. N. #206, St. Petersburg 33701
Steven Douglas Lange, AIA, 11300 4 St. N., Suite 100, St. Petersburg
33702 (813)576-1041
David W. Lawson, Jr., AIA, 4112 Cypress, Tampa 33609 (813)879-
Donald M. Leech, AIA, 7110 Wrenwood Circle, Tampa 33617
Maynard L. Lemke, AIA, 102 West Whiting Street, Tampa 33602
Edward G. Lunz, AIA, 402 South Kentucky, Suite 570, Lakeland
33801 (813)688-8539
Harry A. Macewen, AIA, 1408 Swann Avenue, Tampa 33606
Enrique M. Marcet, AIA, 4611 North Lincoln Avenue, Tampa 33614
Peter Marich, AIA, 410 Pegasus Avenue, Clearwater 33575 (813)461-
Daniel W. Masters, AIA, 102 West Whiting St., Suite 502, Tampa
33602 (813)228-7721
Thomas R. Mathison, AIA, 9600 Koger Blvd., #206, St. Petersburg
33702 (813)577-2832
Hani F. Matta, AIA, 2901 58th St., North, St. Petersburg 33714
E. Phillip McCormick, Jr, AIA, 5729 N. Hoover Blvd., Tampa 33614
John R. McCormick, AIA, 1411 N. Westshore Blvd., Tampa 33607
George R. McElvy, AIA, 102 West Whiting St. Suite 500, Tampa
33602 (813)228-7721
Donald E. Mcintosh, AIA, 515 Bay Street, Tampa 33606 (813)253-
John J. McKenna, AIA, 4100 Kennedy Blvd., Tampa 33609 (813)872-
Frank McLane, AIA, 108 Alameda Dr., #133, Tampa 33609
Michael S. McMurphy, AIA, 12403-2 Oak Cedar PI., Tampa 33612
Fredric E. Melby, AIA, 2555 Enterprise Road, Suite 143, Clearwater
Walter H. Melody, AIA, P.O. Drawer 2198, Clearwater 33517
Robert L. Miller, AIA, 6200 Dartmouth Avenue, North, St. Petersburg
33710 (813)345-7773

William F. Mills, AIA, 1700 Park Street, St. Petersburg 33710
Frank H. Morris., AIA, 1215 Drew Street, Clearwater 33515 (904)446-
Jay F. Myers, AIA, 1405 Cleveland Street, Clearwater 33515
Nolley T. Nance, AIA, 234 Park Circle North, Dunedin 33528
Clack C. Nelms, AIA, 8201 Forest Circle North, Seminole 33542
Peter Bancroft Nelson, AIA, 2424 Manatee Ave, W, Bradenton 33505
Dennis E. O'Keefe, AIA, 1822 Drew Street, Clearwater 33515
William A. Ott, Jr., AIA, 1405 Cleveland Street, Clearwater 33515
T. Michael Owen, AIA, 4123 W Corona Street, Tampa 33609
James R. Page, Jr., AIA, 16 SW Kings Bay Drive, Crystal River 32629
Donald G. Parish, AIA, 405 Central Ave. Suite 112, St. Petersburg
33701 (813)822-3246
John D. Parrish, AIA, 11300 4 St. N., Suite 100, St. Petersburg 33702
Charles S. Partin III, AIA, 514 US Highway 19 North, New Port Richey
33552 (813)842-9581
Richard D. Peattie, AIA, 735 San Christopher Drive, Dunedin 33528
Robert N. Pettigrew, AIA, 2115 Oakhill Drive, Valrico 33594 (813)272-
Al Picallo, AIA, 84 Davis Blvd. #211, Tampa 33606 (813)251-4732
Peter A. Pizzi, AIA, 109 Hyde Park Place, Tampa 33606
Alexander Plisko, Jr., AIA, 1405 Cleveland Street, Clearwater 33515
Alberto Portela, Jr., AIA, 3300 Henderson Blvd. Suite 101, Tampa
Daniel S. Powers, AIA, 3006 Bay Court, Tampa 33611 (813)223-2771
Ted H. Prindle, AIA, 1321 U.S. Hwy 19, S., Suite 300, Clearwater
33516 (813)536-6561
William E. Prindle, Al, 226 Park Circle North, Dunedin 33528
Richard D. Pritts, AIA, S. Ft. Harrison Ave., Suite 212, Clearwater
33516 (813)461-2331
Nicholas V. Puglisi, AIA, 610-1600 North Florida Avenue, Tampa
33602 (813)223-2771
Jorge E. Ramirez, AIA, 515 Bay Street, Tampa 33606 (813)253-3465
John F. Ranon, AIA, 515 Bay Street, Tampa 33606 (813)253-3465
Alexander P. Raymond, AIA, 2279 Ranchette Drive, Palm Harbor
33563 (813)839-5341
Perry J. Reader, AIA, 1155 U. S. 19, Palm Harbor 33563 (813)784-
Edward M. Reefe, AIA, 15314 Stonecreek Lane, Tampa 33612
Arthur K. Regnvall, AIA, 211 South Tennessee Avenue, Lakeland
33801 (813)687-3573
Bruce A. Renfroe, Jr., AIA, 2600 S. Florida Ave., Lakeland 33803
Paul R. Renker, AIA, 2700 11th Street, North, St. Petersburg 33704
James Gayland Reul, AIA, 5644 North Dale Mabry, Tampa 33614
H. Glen Richmond, AIA, 5813 Bayshore Blvd., Tampa 33611
Joseph C. Rinzivillo, AIA, 4441 70th Avenue, North, Pinellas Park
33565 (813)866-5740
R. James Robbins, AIA, 610 North Florida Avenue, Tampa 33602
Henry L. Roberts, AIA, 115 Magnolia Avenue, Tampa 33606
J. Priede Rodriguez, AIA, 3716 Swann Avenue. Tampa 33609
Mark J. Rogers, AIA, 10005 Baypines Blvd., Lot 1831, St. Petersburg
Todd Bryant Rose, AIA, 62 Fourth St. N.W., Winter Haven 33881
H. Dean Rowe, AIA, 100 Madison Street, Tampa 33602 (813)223-
Gary Lee Rucker, AIA, 918 E. Busch Blvd., Tampa 33612 (813)935-

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

James D. Ruyle, AIA, 5010 West Kennedy Blvd. Ste 212, Tampa
33609 (813)876-9306
Roger D. Samuel, AIA, 4210 Stonewall Drive, Orlando 32806
Billy Dean Savoy, AIA, 4506 San Rafael, Tampa 33629 (813)254-
Philip V. E. Scalera, AIA, 11534 Forest Hills Drive, Tampa 33612
Clifford M. Scholz, AIA, 4120 San Pedro St., Tampa 33606 (813)253-
James F. Schroeder, AIA, 1909 Derbywood Drive, Brandon 33511
Melvin F. Schultz, AIA, 204 Discus-Owens Bldg., 748 Broadway,
Dunedin 33528 (813)733-0491
John M. Scott, AIA, 313 160th Terrace, Reddington Bch. 33708
Wallace W. Setliff, AIA, 215 East Lemon Street, Lakeland 33801
James A. Shawhan, AIA, 2714 9th Street North, St. Petersburg 33704
Larry W. Sibley, AIA, 1901 Kentucky Avenue, NE, St. Petersburg
33703 (813)796-7145
William H. Sims, AIA, 1906 Heather Avenue, Tampa 33612 (813)238-
Ernest L. Smith, AIA, 237 S. Ashley St., Tampa 33602 (813)226-2626
Eugene R. Smith, AIA, 10301 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Tampa 33618
George D. Smith, AIA, 4023 North Armenia Avenue, Tampa 33607
J. Bruce Smith, AIA, A/FBO Department of State, Washington, D.C.
Ray M. Smith, Al, Brittany Drive South #13, St. Petersburg 33715
Warren H. Smith, AIA, Ste 570, 402 S Kentucky Ave, Lakeland 33801
Ludwig SpiessI, AIA, 210 W. Palm Drive, Lakeland 33802 (813)646-
Nelson Spoto, AIA, P.O. Box 10428, Tampa 33679 (813)875-1945
Walter J. Stanton, AIA, 1715 N. Westshore Blvd., Tampa 33607
John Edward Stearman, AIA, 2401 Fifth Ave., North, St. Petersburg
33713 (813)323-2200
Donald Roy Stere, AIA, 1189 NE Cleveland Street, Clearwater 33515
J. Benton Stewart, AIA, 201 E. Kennedy Blvd. #333, Tampa 33602
A. Ernest Straughn, AIA, Post Office Box 48, Lakeland 33802
Jon R. Summers, Al, 102 W. Whiting Street, Tampa 33602
Stephen D. Swanberg, AIA, 3121 Bordeaux Lane, Clearwater 33519
Robert H. Swilley, AIA, 3202 Carleton Place, Lakeland 33803
Thomas S. Szumlic, AIA, 515 Bay Street, Tampa 33606 (813)253-
Pete Tagliarini, AIA, 102 West Whiting Street, #502, Tampa 33601
Peter S. L. Tan, AIA, 1445 Court Street, Clearwater 33516 (813)443-
John L. Tennison, AIA, 315 Madison St., Suite 414, Tampa 33602
Jonathan R. Toppe, AIA, 210 14th Avenue, North, St. Petersburg
33701 (813)896-4611
Henry Trimm, AIA, 10342 SW 114 Terrace, Miami 33176 (305)666-
David V. Tudeen, AIA, 6727 First Avenue, South #210, St. Peters-
burg 33707 (813)345-6332
Gwen Valdeck, AIA, 5801 Whispering Pine Way, D-1, Lake Worth
33464 (305)964-5534
Frank S. Valenti, AIA, 2005 Pan Am Circle, Suite 500, Tampa 33607
David L. Vaughn, AIA, 3716 Swann Ave., Tampa 33609
Robert D. Vodicka, AIA, 1960 Kansas Avenue, N.E., St. Petersburg
33703 (813)527-3226
F. William Volk, Jr., AIA, 5201 Seminole Blvd. #7, St. Petersburg
33708 (813)393-5125
Peter J. Volmar, AIA, 265 108th Avenue, Treasure Island 33706


Edward H. Walker, AIA, 1445 Court Street, Clearwater 33706
John M. Wallis, AIA, 211 S. Tennessee Ave., Lakeland 33801
William Webber, AIA, Post Office Box 22003, Tampa 33622 (813)872-
William F. Weber, Jr., AIA, 5329 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg
33710 (813)321-2340
William R. Webster, AIA, 2105 Oakhill Drive, Valrico 33594 (813)681-
Robert R. Wedding, AIA, 4112 Cypress Street, Tampa 33609
John C. White, AIA, 2600 S. Florida Ave., Lakeland 33803
David S. Wildes, AIA, 102 W. Whiting, Tampa 33602 (813)228-7721
R. A. Willingham, Jr., AIA, 235 4 Ave NE, St. Petersburg 33701
Robert R Wilson, AIA, 10301 N. Dale Mabry, Tampa 33618
Enrique A. Woodroffe, AIA, 121 Aranda Street NE, St. Petersburg
33704 (813)223-2741
H. Smith Wright, AIA, 330 Roebling Rd. South, Belleair 33516
Gregory H. Young, AIA, 11300 4 St. N., Suite 100, St. Petersburg
33702 (813)576-1041
Donald F. Zahn, AIA, 726 Tradewind Drive, Brandon 33511 (813)237-
Maria Elena Zas, AIA, 817 Hollingsworth Rd., Lakeland 33801
Stephen Roy Zimbler, AIA, 1408 Swann, Tampa 33606 (813)837-

Andrew A. Chomick, 227 Fourth Avenue, South, St. Petersburg 33701
Graham D. Clift, 1445 Court Street, Clearwater 33516 (813)443-4585
Jerry L. Dunlap, AS, 201 E. Kennedy Blvd. #333, Tampa 33602
Nanne D. Eliot, 370-G Pinellas Bayway, Tierra Verde 33715
John L. Evans, 2870 Cathy Lane, Clearwater 33520 (813)442-2200
Robert C. Foss, 11300 4 St. N., Suite 100, St. Petersburg 33702
Franklin Gates Frail, 13462 B. Gouvernors Drive, Tampa 33618
David B. Gingerich, 11300 4th Street N., Suite 100, St. Petersburg
James William Golden, 907 Imperial Palms Dr., Largo 33541
Alejandro F. Gonzalez, 6705 Amunoson St., Tampa 33614 (813)884-
Mark N. Griesbach, 510 N. Trask, #202-B, Tampa 33609 (813)876-
Avram M. Grossman, 4415 W Vasconia, Tampa 33609 (813)933-
Roger H. Grunke, 1906 W. Morrison Avenue, Tampa 33606 (813)253-
Richard Hartman, 10201/2 S. Rome Ave., Tampa 33606 (813)251-
David M. Hawes, 2301 Benbow Ct., Apt. H-6, Tampa 33612
Vaughn D. Holeman, 4360-A S. Florida Ave., Lakeland 33803
Cary Simns Jacquette, 2802-A Americana Lane, Lutz 33549
David Lee Jass, 236 20th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg 33704
Henry St. Jean, 1445 Court Street, Clearwater 33516 (813)443-4585
Robert N. Kay, 610 N. Florida Ave., #1600, Tampa 33602
Sarah L. Kendall, 2450 Gulf Blvd., #1-D, Belleair Beach 33535
Louis G. Lamboley, 1710 Park Circle, Tampa 33610 (813)886-5931
David P. Lenox, 1600 Exchange Bank, Tampa 33602 (813)223-2771
Michael A. Luskey, 4007 Kensington, Tampa 33609 (813)872-2755
Douglas M. Mann, 403 Green Arbor Drive, Brandon 33511 (813)228-
George P. Price, Jr., Post Office Box 1401, Auburndale 33823
Robert N. Ray, 610 N. Florida Ave., #1600, Tampa 33602
Wayne V. Reed, 3026 Forestbrook Drive, Lakeland 33803 (813)686-
John Simon Reiter, Jr., 10500 Roosevelt Blvd., St. Petersburg 33702
John W. Richter, Jr., AS, 4112 West Linebaugh Ave., Tampa 33624

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Sheila L. Rydell, 610 N. Florida Ave., #1600, Tampa 33602 (813)223-
Calvin B. Samuel, 1600 Exchange Bank, Tampa 33602
Brian D. Seufert, 1600 Exchange Bank Bldg., Tampa 33602
Barbara Stessel, 3013 San Carlos, #8, Tampa 33609
Patricia M. Stough, 1189 N.E. Cleveland St., Clearwater 33516
Anna R. Wallrapp, 610 N. Florida Ave., Suite 1600, Tampa 33602
Emmett Walsh, 2620 58 St. S., Gulfport 33707
Larry Gene Wilder, 6042 Santa Monica Drive, Tampa 33615
Truett H. Coston, 817 South Hansell, Thomasville 31792
Horace H. Hamlin, Jr., Route 5, Box 54, Thomson 30824 (404)541-
Edward W. Hanson, 314 South Missouri Avenue, Clearwater 33516
Lee Hooper, 11 Sandpiper Road, Tampa 33609
Glenn Q. Johnson, 4285 45th Street, South, St. Petersburg 33711
Ernest King, 3224 McMath Drive, Palm Harbor 33563
Martin T. Lott, 2707 Fifth Avenue, North, St. Petersburg 33713
Jack McCandless, 2711 13th Street, North, St. Petersburg 33704
Frank P. Patterson, 2615 S. Dundee Blvd., Tampa 33609
Harold S. Pawlan, 133000 Indian Rocks Rd. #1501, Largo 33540
Norman F. Six, AIA, 2515 Jetton Avenue, Tampa 33609 (813)253-
Lucas E. Bannon, 19 North Columbus Street, Beverly Hills 32665
Mark G. Hampton, FAIA, 3900 Loquat, Coconut Grove 33133
Dwigh E. Holmes, FA, 100 Madison St., Tampa 33602 (813)223-9771
Robert H. Levison, FAIA, 1189 NE Cleveland Street, Clearwater
33515 (813)446-1041
Frank R. Mudano, FAIA, 1189 NE Cleveland Street, Clearwater 33515
Archie G. Parish, 112 Rutland Building, St. Petersburg, 33701
Charles F. Schillinger, 1028 South Duncan Avenue, Clearwater 33516
John E. Stefany, FAIA, 102 W. Whiting St., Ste 500, Tampa 33602
H. Leslie Walker, FAIA, 7926 W. Hillsborough Ave. #D, Tampa 33615
Donald S. Williams, FAIA, 1445 Court Street, Clearwater 33516
B. Lynn Elliott, 610 N. Florida Ave. Suite 1600, Tampa 33602
Sanford Roth, 8509 Sunstate Street, Tampa 33614
Roger Saunders, 800 Twiggs Street, Tampa 33602
Thom Williams, 707 Franlin Street Mall, Tampa 33602
Executive Secretary: Evelyn McGratch, (813)937-6926

Florida Gulf Coast Chapter

Jack West, AIA
Rt. 3, Box 910
Gainesville, Florida 32606

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Tom Walter, AIA
P.O. Box 4093
Sarasota, Florida 33578
Mike Ritter, AIA
2121 Main Street
Sarasota, Florida 33577
Jim Padgett, AIA
2121 Main Street
Sarasota, Florida 33577

Carl Abbott, AIA, 1218 First Street, Sarasota 33577 (813)366-3005
Richard G. Allen, AIA, 25 North School Avenue, Sarasota 33577
Bruce Balk, AIA, 290 Cocoanut Avenue, Sarasota 33577 (813)366-
Stuart H. Barger, AIA, 2300 Hillview, Sarasota 33579 (813)365-6065
Bernard N. Brizee, AIA, 5255 S. Tamiami Trail/Box 5979, Sarasota
33579 (813)923-4555
Douglas E. Croll, AIA, 511 33rd Street, West, Bradenton 33505
Patrick B. Davis, Jr., Al, 4000 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota 33581
Kenneth G. Dean, AIA, 1266 1st St. % Stuart Barger, Sarasota
33577 (803)365-6056
Charles A. Decker, AIA, 4678 Ashton Rd., Sarasota 33583 (813)924-
John D. Friday, AIA, 2335 Pine Terrace, Sarasota 33581
Richard M. Garfinkel, AIA, 2269 57th Street, Sarasota 33580
Richard Gillett, AIA, 514 Blue Heron Dr., Anna Maria 33501 (813)365-
Erwin Gremli II, AIA, 1400 Siesta Drive, Sarasota 33579
David McKinley Harris. AIA, 2121 Main St., Sarasota 33577 (813)955-
Samuel C. Holladay, AIA, % E. J. Seibert, AIA, 81 Cocoanut,
Sarasota 33577 (813)366-9161
James G. Holliday, AIA, 116 Pass Key Road, Sarasota 33581
William N. Hollman, AIA, 3331 Seaview Street, Sarasota 33580
Gary B. Hoyt, AIA, 1742 Shoreland Dr., Sarasota 33579
G. Kent Keech, AIA, 4610 Longleaf Lane, Sarasota 33583 (813)922-
Harley P. Kinney, AIA, 1301 Sixth Avenue, West, First City Center,
Bradenton 33505 (813)748-1001
Morton Z. Levine, AIA, 400 South Tamiami Trail, Venice 33595
William J. Lindh, AIA, 329 Miami Avenue, Venice 33595 (813)488-
Richard B. Lyttle, AIA, 81 Coconut Ave., Sarasota 33577
Arthur Mead, AIA, 2020 Mill Terrace, Sarasota 33581 (813)921-2904
Robert A. Morris, Jr., AIA, Post Office Box 5979, Sarasota 33579
William F. Oliver, AIA, 165 Bryant Drive, Sarasota 33577 (813)388-
W. Terry Osborn, AIA, 2477 Stickney Point Rd., #114A, Sarasota
33581 (813)922-5666
Michael D. Pack, AIA, 251 South Orange Avenue, Sarasota 33577
James C. Padgett, AIA, 2121 Main Street, Sarasota 33577 (813)955-
George Palermo, AIA, 1444 First Street #A, Sarasota 33577
Charles E. Penuel, AIA, 4000 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota 33581
Mark H. Ramaeker, AIA. 741 South Orange Avenue, Sarasota 33577
Alva D. Ramphal, AIA, 4630 5th St. W., Bradenton 33507
Michael P. Ritter, AIA, 2121 Main Street, Sarasota 33577 (813)955-

Donald C. Roberts, AIA, 4632 Stone Ridge Trail, Sarasota 33582
J. R. Schneider, AIA, 1755 Dawn St., Sarasota 33581
Edward J. Seibert, AIA, 81 Cocoanut Avenue, Sarasota 33577
Robert L. Shaw, AIA, 3400 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota 33579
Herbert S. Skinner, AIA, Post Office Box 4093, Sarasota 33578
Philip E. Skirball, AIA, 1509 S. Orange Ave., Sarasota 33579
Frank F. Smith, AIA, Post Office Box 4216, Sarasota 33578 (813)365-
Edward A. Stanghellini, AIA, 4000 South Tamiami Trail, Suite 400,
Sarasota 33581
David R. Tichenor, AIA, 635 S. Orange Ave. Suite 11, Sarasota
33577 (813)366-3777
Edgar Tornay, AIA, 900 Town & Country Lane #303, Houston 77024
Robert Morris Town, AIA, Suite 300 1900 Main Street, Sarasota
33577 (813)957-1435
Tollyn J. Twitchell, AIA, 25 N. School Avenue, Sarasota 33577
Thomas Walter, AIA, Post Office Box 4093, Sarasota 33578 (813)922-
Jack West, AIA, Rt. 3, Box 910, Gainesville 32606 (904)322-5370
John J. Whelan, AIA, 1620 Main Street Suite 4, Sarasota 33577
A. Anthony Wildrick, AIA, 81 Cocoanut Avenue, % Edward J. Seibert,
Sarasota 33577
Don G. Wilkinson, AIA, 32 South Palm Ave., Sarasota 33577
Jerry N. Zoller, AIA, 818 13th Street, West, Bradenton 33505
William C. Zoller, AIA, 6375 McKown Road, Sarasota 33505
James A. Berrigan, 222 N. Jefferson Ave., Sarasota 33577
Craig Birckhead, 468 Sunnyside Drive, Venice 33595
James R. Blauch, 81 Coconut Ave., Sarasota 33577
Scott R. Conklin, P.O. Box 3313, Sarasota 33578
Thomas C. Denslow, 290 Coconut Ave., Sarasota 33577
Stephen E. Lattmann, P.O. Box 15635, Sarasota 33579
Larry D. Leman, 2144 Hyde Park Circle, Sarasota 33579 (813)957-
William E Maddox, 2435 Twin Drive, Sarasota 33580
John C. Mahre, 741 S. Orange, Sarasota 33577
Matthew Ploucha, P.O. Box 957, Anna Maria 33501 (813)955-8370
Frederick V. Rossa, 2717 Lake Drive, Englewood 33533 (813)697-
Gregory K Wall, 81 Coconut Ave., Sarasota 33577
John Andrew Ziemnicki, 4112 16th Avenue, West, Bradenton 33505
Rudolph H. Blatter, 2606 Grove Street, Sarasota 33579 (813)953-
Harold H. Hoskins, 1635 Fleetwood Drive, Sarasota 33582
John E. Sweet, AIA, 5744 Antietam Drive, Sarasota 33581
J. P. Trouchaud, AIA, 3710 Bayou Louise, Sarasota 33581
Fenick A. Vogel, AIA, 32 Sandy Cove Road, Sarasota 33581

Florida North Chapter

Peter Prugh, AIA
423 S.W. 10th Street
Gainesville, Florida 32601
Thomas Gyllstrom, AIA
3300 S.W. Archer Rd.
Gainesville, Florida 32602
Ralph Reeger, AIA
3911 Newberry Rd.
Gainesville, Florida 32607
William Hunter, AIA
2606 N.W. 6th Street #2
Gainesville, Florida 32601

John E. Blassick, AIA, 3300 S.W. Archer Road, Gainesville 32602
William W. Brame, AIA, 3917 NW 20 Drive, Gainesville 32605
Laurence C. Brown, AIA, 1942 NW 24 Street, Gainesville 32605
Arnold R. Butt, AIA, 101C AFA Complex-Univ. FL, Gainesville 32611
Edward Snowden D'Avi, AIA, 805A South Magnolia Avenue, Ocala
32670 (904)732-4593
Alexander G. Dompe, Jr., AIA, 1831 NW 13th St. #8, Gainesville
32601 (904)376-8384
Bill G. Eppes, AIA, 423 SW Tenth Street, Gainesville 32601 (904)375-
Ernest Erxlebean, AIA, 2811 N.E. 53 Court, Gainesville 32601
Jack Fenwick, AIA, 355 Tigert Hall-Univ. of Florida, Gainesville 32611
Joseph A. Garcia, AIA 3629 N.W. 29th Street, Gainesville 32607
Raymond W. Graham, AIA, 606 NE First Street, Gainesville 32601
Thomas H. Gyllstrom, AIA, P.O. Box 1086, Gainesville 32602
Myrl J. Hanes, AIA, 403 Mahogany Cr, Key Largo 33037
Charles F. Harrington, AIA, 3111 Southwest 81 Street, Gainesville
32607 (904)372-4459
John D. Hodge, AIA, 904 Carr Street, Palatka 32077
William K. Hunter, Jr., AIA, 2606 NW Sixth Street, #2, Gainesville
32601 (904)373-7501
David M Jackson, AIA, 3911D Newberry Road, Gainesville 32607
Bertram Y. Kinzey, Jr., AIA, Univ. of Fla., College of Architecture,
Gainesville 32611 (904)392-0205
Lester N. May, AIA, 606 NE First Street, Gainesville 32601 (904)372-
James D. McGinley, Jr., AIA, 537 NE First Street, #5, Gainesville
32601 (904)378-2705
Rolland A. McKelleps, AIA, 502 N.W. 16th Avenue #7, Gainesville
32601 (904)377-7501
John M. McRae, AIA, 903 NE Boulevard, Gainesville 32601 (904)377-
Arthur D. McVoy, AIA, 1207 N.W. 39th Drive, Gainesville 32605
Jack Moore, AIA, 606 NE First Street, n- it.-.Il 32601 (904)372-
Richard H. Morse, AIA, 3453 NW Tenth Avenue, Gainesville 32605
Roger A. Paluzzi, AIA, 1831 NW 13th St 8, Gainesville 32601
Paige Leslie Poole, AIA, 606 NE First Street, Gainesville 32601

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Peter E. Prugh, AIA, 423 S.W. 10th Street, Gainesville 32601
Merlin L. Redfern, AIA, 3300 S.W. Archer Road, Gainesville 32608
Ralph L. Reeger, AIA, 3911 Newberry Road, Gainesville 32607
Gary D. Ridgdill, AIA, 3380 NW 37 Street, Gainesville 32605
Craig H. Salley, AIA, 3911 Newberry Road, Gainesville 32607
George Scheffer, AIA, 2818 SW Second Avenue, Gainesville 32607
James M. Tatom, AIA, 610 SE Ninth Avenue, Ocala 32670
Robert E. Taylor, AIA, 710 St. Johns Avenue, Palatka 32077
Craig B. Thorn, AIA, Post Office Box 2016, St. Augustine 32085
Karl Thorne, AIA, P.O. Box 14182, Gainesville 32604
Terry L. Tougaw, AIA, Post Office Box 1623, Gainesville 32601
Frederick L. Vyverberg, AIA, 1831 NW 13th Street Suite 8, Gainesville
32605 (904)376-8384
William G. Wagner, AIA, 309 SW 26th Street, Gainesville 32611
R. Michael White, AIA, 2139 N.E. 2nd St., Ocala 32670 (904)732-
Phillip P. Wisley, AIA, 5510 SW 18th Street, Gainesville 32608
Thomas V. Lawrence, 627-C SW 69th Street, Gainesville 32607
Charles Perrin Ross, AIA, 3555 SW 20th Avenue, #24, Gainesville
32601 (904)372-1378
Susan Tate, P.O. Box 12727, Gainesville 32604 (904)378-5952
James L. West, 328 SW 40th Street, Gainesville 32605
E. Bryan Duncan, 1225 SE Eighth Street, Ocala 32670
J. L. Grand, 1908 N.W. 10th Avenue, Gainesville 32605
Mark T. Jaroszewicz, FAIA, 331 Arch. Bldg/Univ. of FL, Gainesville
32611 (904)392-4836
F. Blair Reeves, FAIA, Univ. of FL-College of Archt,, Gainesville
32601 (904)376-7303
Earl M. Starnes, FAIA, Univ. of Florida-431 Arch., Gainesville 32601
Carl Feiss, FAIA, 3716 Southwest Third Place, Gainesville 32607

Florida North Central Chapter

Mike Alfano, AIA
School of Architecture
Florida A & M University
Tallahassee, Florida 32307
Bill Ervin, AIA
1728 Thomasville Rd.
Tallahassee, Florida 32303
FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book. 1983

Dave Fronzac, AIA
215 S. Adams Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Guy Peterson, AIA
420-3 E. Call Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Charles L. Alby, AIA, P.O. Drawer 12339, Tallahassee 32308
Michael Alfano, Jr., AIA, 1803 Trimble Road, Tallahassee 32304
Richard R. Barnett, AIA, 225 S. Adams St., Tallahassee 32302
Pearce L. Barrett, AIA, Post Office Box 12339, Tallahassee 32302
Charles J. Benda, Jr., AIA, 2416 Old St. Augustine Road, Tallahas-
see 32301 (904)878-4163
Wayne E. Betts, AIA, 618 Larson Bldg.-Dept. Gen. Services, Talla-
hassee 32304
Robert J. Bitterli, AIA, 215 S. Adams, Tallahassee 32302 (904)224-
Don Bizzell, AIA, 2010 Lee Avenue, Tallahassee 32312 (904)488-
Harry E. Burns, Jr., AIA, 211 E. Jefferson St., Quincy 32351
Cecil Cannon, AIA, 1311 Executive Center Dr., Suite 255, Tallahas-
see 32301 (904)878-6125
Richard K. Chalmers, AIA, FAMU-School of Architecture, Tallahas-
see 32307 (904)599-3244
Joseph N. Clemons, AIA, 2027 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee 32303
Herbert Coons, Jr., AIA, 2333 Clare Drive, Tallahassee 32308
Forrest R. Coxen, AIA, 292 North Magnolia Drive, Tallahassee 32301
C. Ernest Daffin, AIA, Post Office Drawer 12339, Tallahassee 32308
Robert W. Davis, AIA, 1728 Thomasville Rd., Tallahassee 32303
Paul Donofro, AIA, 310 North Caledonia Street, Marianna 32446
William Robert Elliott, Jr., AIA, 3086 Bayshore Drive, Tallahassee
32308 (904)222-7442
Warren Emo, RR 3, Box 567-E, Tallahassee 32308
William L. Ervin, AIA, 1728 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee 32303
David Fronczak, AIA, 225 S. Adams St., Tallahassee 32302 (904)224-
George Michael George, AIA, Post Office Box 1503, Tallahassee
32302 (904)222-2203
Robert G. Graf, AIA, 251 E. Seventh Ave., Tallahassee 32303
Mays L. Gray, AIA, 511 North Duval Street, Tallahassee 32301
Rolando J. Gutierrez, AIA, 6419 Bold Venture Trail, Tallahassee
32308 (904)385-6153
John C. Hayes, AIA, 1351 East Lafayette St., Tallahassee 32301
Jerry L. Hicks, AIA, 4716 Tory Sound Land, Tallahassee 32308
David T. Hollister, 1554 Yancey St., Tallahassee 32303
Anthony Huggins, 5684 Doonesbury Way, Tallahassee 32303
Ivan E. Johnson, AIA, 420-3 East Call Street, Tallahassee 32302
Forrest M. Kelley, AIA, FL Bd. of Regents, Collins Bldg, Tallahassee
32301 (904)488-5251
Robert M. Lamison, AIA, FAMU-Cons/Unv. Phys. Plan., Tallahassee
32307 (904)599-3197
Bob Lamkin, AIA, 3219 Shamrock South, Tallahassee 32308
William F. Luger, AIA, 2979 Huntington Drive, Tallahassee 32303
Geoffrey B. Lynch, AIA, Route 4, Box 286, Monticello 32344

C. Trent Manausa, AIA, Post Office Box 4207, Tallahassee 32315
Richard B. Marshall, 251 E. Seventh Ave., Tallahassee 32303
Hedvikak Meszeros, 411 E. Carolina, #223, Tallahassee 32301
Nathan Nadler, AIA, 3028 Corrib Drive, Tallahassee 32308
Harold Odom, AIA, P.O. Box 3255, Tallahassee 32303 (904)386-1398
Guy Wesley Peterson, AIA, 420-3 East Call Street, Tallahassee 32301
Jim Roberson, AIA, 2551 Blairstone Pines Dr., Suite 201, Tallahassee
32301 (904)878-7891
Connor D. Ross, AIA, 1019 S.W. 6th Ave., Gainesville 32601
Jamas E. Rozzelle, AIA, 1320 Eleanor Dr., Tallahassee 32301
William D. Rutherford, AIA, 2027 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee
Frank T. Sheehy, Rt. 1, Box 543, Micanopy 32667
Lawrence W. Smith, AIA, P.O. Box 1794, Tallahassee 32302
Winslow Elliott Wedin, AIA, 220-5 Belmont Road, Tallahassee 32301
Andrew H. Welch, 207 W. 3rd Ave., #9, Tallahassee 32302
Edward T. White, AIA, 3006 Avon Circle, Tallahassee 32312
Charles R. Yates, AIA, 1204 Gardenia Drive, Tallahassee 32312
Randy Atlas, 2730 Oak Tree Drive, #1109, Carrollton, Texas 75006
Douglas S. Barlow, 310 E. Palmer, Tallahassee 32301
Michael A. Byrd, 7605 Sandstone Boulevard, Tallahassee 32304
Robert Clayton Cresap, 1300 Executive Center Drive Suite 206, Talla-
hassee 32303 (904)877-4750
Sarah A Dowlen, 519 E. Park Ave., Tallahassee 32301
David Robert Gibson, 1728 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee 32303
Richard H. Gregorie, Jr., 3900 Commonwealth Blvd., Tallahassee
32303 (904)488-2455
Thorbjoern Mann, FAMU-School of Architecture, Tallahassee 32307
Enn E. Ots, 1104 Winifred Drive, Tallahassee 32308 (904)877-7456
Deborah Rolfes, 2731 Blairstone Rd., Apt. 86, Tallahassee 32301
Jerry W. Ruis, 4027 Sonnet Drive, Tallahassee 32303
Bill Sabella, Jr., 642 E. Beard Street, Tallahassee 32303
Ronald Shaeffer, 2600 Bantry Bay Drive, Tallahassee 32308
Paul Stresing, 2616 Mission Rd., #108, Tallahassee 32304
Robert H Brown, 500 Wilson Avenue, Tallahassee 32303
David W. Potter, 112 Barbara Street, Tallahassee 32304 (904)575-

Florida Northwest Chapter

John Tice, AIA
1823 N. 9th Ave.
Pensacola, Florida 32503

David R. Epperson, AIA
P.O. Box 1470
Pensacola, Florida 32597
John Molloy, AIA
1823 N. 9th Ave-.
Pensacola, Florida 32503
William Amspacher, AIA
1901 N. 9th Ave.
Pensacola, Florida 32503

William H. Amspacher, AIA, 1901 N. Ninth Ave., Pensacola 32503
William R. Bean, AIA, 120 Willing Street, Milton 32503 (904)623-9594
Samuel W. Blimling, Jr., AIA, P.O. Box 1395, Panama City 32401
Audrey Lee Brians, AIA, 1205 Bayou Court, Panama City 32401
James G. Chapman, AIA, P.O. Box 1056, Panama City 32401
Bayne Collins, Jr., AIA, 11 West 23 Street, Panama City 32405
Walter Lewis Culver, AIA, 1823 N. 9th Avenue, Pensacola 32503
David Glenn Currie, AIA, 1823 North Ninth Avenue, Pensacola 32503
Don W. David, Jr., AIA, Post Office Box 1030, Ft. Walton Beach
32548 (904)243-9158
Dennis F. Diego, P O. Box 1007, Pensacola 32507
James R. Dowling, P.O. Box 1030, Ft. Walton Beach 32549 (904)243-
Randall E. Draughan, 8110 Northpointe Blvd., Pensacola 32504
David R. Epperson, AIA, P.O. Box 1470, Pensacola 32597 (904)432-
William E. Graves, AIA, 207 E. Main St. Marine Term., Pensacola
32501 (904)432-1912
Kenneth L. Gregory, AIA, Post Office Box 12744, Pensacola 32575
Robert A. Heffernan, 325 S. Palafox St., Pensacola 32501
R. Scott Holland, AIA, 325 S. Palafox Street, Pensacola 32501
James Kendrick, AIA, Post Office Box 1030, Ft. Walton Beach 32549
Hugh J. Leitch, AIA, Post Office Box 928, Pensacola 32502
Donald R. Lindsey, AIA, Box 2493, Pensacola 32503 (904)434-5179
James H. Look, AIA, P.O. Box 12771, Pensacola 32575 (904)432-
Sam M. Marshall, AIA, 325 South Palafox Street, Pensacola 32501
Jon Richard Molloy, AIA, 1823 North Ninth Avenue, Pensacola 32503
Henry L. Nichols, Jr, AIA, Post Office Drawer 460, Ft. Walton Beach
32548 (904)243-6723
Carlton W. Noblin, AIA, 445 East Government Street, Pensacola
32501 (904)432-1014
Edgardo Z. Palag, AIA, 1823 North 9th Avenue, Pensacola 32503
William F. Parks, Ill, AIA, 4600 Langley Avenue, Pensacola 32504
Michael G. Provancha, AIA, P.O. Box 1941, Ft. Walton Beach 32549
Michael C. Richardson, AIA, P.O. Drawer 12526, Pensacola 32573
Roy L. Ricks, AIA, Post Office Box 1030, Ft. Walton Beach 32549
Clemens B. Schaub, AIA, P.O. Box 1007, Pensacola 32595 (904)433

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

John M. Senkarik, AIA, No. 51 Jefferson/Plaza South, Pensacola
32501 (904)434-5551
D. Bennett Shuman, AIA, 226 South Palafox St., Pensacola 32501
William D. Simpson, AIA, 2727 Bay St. #17, Gulf Breeze 32561
F.J. Sindelar, AIA, P.O. Box 2158, Pensacola 32503 (904)432-7150
James R. Stokes, AIA P.O. Box 1030, Ft. Walton Beach 32549
John Tice, AIA, 1823 North Ninth Avenue, Pensacola 32503
Kenneth H. Woolf, AIA, 100 West Gadsden Street, Pensacola 32501
Larry R. Barrow, 1823 North Ninth Avenue, Pensacola 32503
Charles W. Clary, P.O. Box 1395, Destin 32541 (904)837-8152
Glen P. Hamner, Jr., 1231 Bayshore Drive, Valparaiso 32580
Frederick Henderson, 120 Willing Street, Milton 32570 (904)623-9594
Gerald S. Jernigan, 1901 North Ninth Avenue, Pensacola 32503
John Paul MacNeil, 1823 North Ninth Avenue, Pensacola 32503
Steven F. Sommer, 1712 E. Brainard, Pensacola 32503 (904)438-
Douglas W. Whitfield, 120 Willing Street, Milton 32570 (904)623-9594
Howard Whiting, Jr., 1823 North Ninth Avenue, Pensacola 32503
Ronald E. Williamson, 1823 North Ninth Avenue, Pensacola 32503
Guy E. Yaste, 207 E. Main Street, Pensacola 32501 (904)432-1912
Ellis W. Bullock, Jr., FAIA, 1823 North Ninth Avenue, Pensacola
32503 (904)434-5444
Professional Affiliates
Luann Hecht, 1823 North Ninth Avenue, Pensacola 32503 (904)434-
Robert B. Lamar, 3640 Cortez Drive, Pensacola 32503
James J. Mallett, PE, PA, 416 North Baylen Street, Pensacola 32501

Florida South Chapter


Raul L. Rodriguez, AIA
800 Douglas Entrance
Coral Gables, Florida 33134
Jerome Filer, AIA
250 Catalonia Ave., Suite 801
Coral Gables, Florida 33134
J. David Perez, AIA
1441 Brickell Ave.
Miami, Florida 33131
Robert A. Koger, AIA
7600 S.W. 87th Ave.
Miami, Florida 33173
FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book. 1983

Frank B. Abbott, AIA, 9421 SW 30 Terrace, Miami 33165 (305)445-
C. Robert Abele, AIA, 1450 Madruga, Suite 304, Coral Gables 33146
Hernando Acosta, AIA, 2890 SW 28 Terrace, Miami, Florida 33133
George J. Acton, Jr., AIA, 9605 SW 120 Street, Miami 33176
Adolfo M. Albaisa, AIA, 2964 Aviation Ave., Miami 33133 (305)442-
Julio R. Aldecocea, AIA, 10241 SW 16 Street, Miami 33165 (305)552-
Henry C. Alexander, Jr., AIA, 5995 Sunset Drive, South Miami 33143
Humberto P. Alonso, AIA, 3663 SW Eighth Street, #213, Miami 33135
Victor Alonso, AIA, 7900 Red Road, S. Miami 33143 (305)661-5375
Aramis Alvarez, AIA, 1110 Aduana Avenue, Coral Gables 33146
Delia A. Alvarez, AIA, 9521 SW 29 Terrace, Miami 33165 (305)940-
Raul Alvarez, AIA, 710 Ridgewood Road, Key Biscayne 33149
Ralph A. Anderson, AIA, 241 Minorca Avenue, Coral Gables 33134
John A. Anderson, Jr., AIA, 2527 49 St., Sarasota 33580 (813)533-
Manuel Angles, AIA, 4411 Laguna St., Coral Gables 33146 (305)445-
Juana Elsa Anguita, AIA, 7452 SW 127 Drive, Miami 33183 (305)552-
Jorge Arango, AIA, 3920 Wood Avenue, Coconut Grove 33133
Aristides E. Arche-Unshelm, AIA, 2320 SW 57th Avenue, Miami
33155 (305)266-6633
James F. Armstrong, AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables
33134 (305)444-4691
Scott B. Arnold, AIA, 6350 Killian Drive, Miami 33156 (305)667-7596
Lawrence Edward Arrington, AIA, 12968 SW 91 Place, Coconut
Grove 33176 (305)448-2732
Gail B. B aldwin, AIA, 3265 Virginia St. #11, Coconut Grove 33133
Giorgio Balli, AIA, 8303 Old Cutler Rd., Miami 33143 (305)448-6017
Barton E. Barag, AIA, 1801 NE 186 Street, N. Miami Beach 33179
Alf 0. Barth, AIA, 7581 SW 58 Street, Miami 33143 (305)284-3121
Lawrence Beame, AIA, 5960 SW 57 Ave., Miami 33143 (305)666-
Peter C. Beggs, AIA, 151 Crandon Blvd. Apt. 541, Key Biscayne
33149 (305)592-5930
Les Beilinson, AIA, 4055 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables 33146
Francisco A. Benitez, AIA, 8431 SW 28 Street, Miami 33155
Oscar S. Benitez, AIA, 7855 SW 100th St., Miami 33156 (305)271-
Jose P. Benitoa, Jr., AIA, 2370 SW 17 Street, Miami 33145
Willy A. Bermello, AIA, 100 Biscayne Boulevard Suite 1400, Miami
33132 (305)371-7942
E. C. Berounsky, AIA, 2000 South Dixie Highway, Miami 33133
Michael J. Bier, AIA, 975 NE 127 Street, North Miami 33161
H.J. Bob, Jr., AIA, 11380 S.W. 136 Ave., Miami 33186
Robert J. Boerema, AIA, 100 Biscayne Boulevard Ste. 1400, Miami
33132 (305)371-7942
Jamme E. Borrelli, AIA, 7000 SW 62 Avenue, South Miami 33143
Allan G. Borroto, AIA, 7743 NW 53 St., Miami 33166 (305)592-0286.
Robin Bosco, AIA, 2400 S. Dixie Hwy. Suite 201, Miami 33133
Donald R. Bouterse, AIA, 1441 Brickell Avenue, Miami 33131
Ralph Joseph Bouza, AIA, 15620 SW 113th Ave., Miami 33157
Philip R. Braden, 8925 SW 148 St., #9-B, Miami 33176 (305)255-
Arthur L. Breakstone, AIA, 6740 SW 88 Street. Miami 33156

Glenn A. Buff, AIA, 4105A Laguna Drive, Miami 33134
Paul A. Buzinec, AIA, 250 Bird Road, Coral Gables 33146 (305)448-
David J. Cabarrocas, AIA, 11 South Prospect Drive, Coral Gables
33133 (305)661-9597
Jaime Canaves, AIA, 6520 Southwest 46th Street, Miami 33155
Hilario F. Candela, AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables 33134
Sheldon H. Cantor, AIA, 9301 SW 92nd Ave. B-314, Miami 33176
Daniel D. Capotorto, AIA, 5960 S.W. 57 Avenue, Miami 33143
George H. Carleton, AIA, 9121 SW 72nd Ave., #F-7, Miami 33156
Thomas M. Carlson, AIA, 8025 SW 107 Avenue #222, Miami 33173
Ignacio Carrera-Justiz, AIA, 4620 Granada Boulevard, Coral Gables
33146 (305)666-7712
Hernando A. Carrillo, AIA, 3440 S. Dixie Hwy., Coral Gables 33145
David B. Case, AIA, 250 Bird Rd., Suite 100, Coral Gables 33146
Charles Edwin Chase, AIA, P.O. Drawer 341549, Dept. Adm P, Coral
Gables 33114 (305)444-4691
Matthew Y. Cheng, AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables 33134
Robert E. Chisholm, AIA, 251 Alesio Ave., Coral Gables 33134
Robert W. Clark, AIA, 101 NW 12 Avenue, Miami 33128
Lester F. Clayton, AIA, 7000 SW 62 Ave., #510, Miami 33143
Sheldon Cohen, AIA, Post Office Box 341939, Miami 33134 (305)665-
Stuart Cohen, AIA, One Grove Isle Drive, Miami 33133 (305)858-4836
Richard G. Colville, AIA, 257 Sunset Drive, Islamorada 33036
Alexander P. Connell, AIA, 243 NE 103 Street, Miami Shores 33138
Jose M. Corbato, AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables 33134
Juan Corbella, AIA, 238 Palermo Ave., Coral Gables 33134
Charles Richard Corda, AIA, 4066 Park Avenue, Coconut Grove
33133 (305)446-2125
Mosche Cosicher, AIA, 1666 Kennedy Causeway, North Bay Village
33141 (305)861-7936
Charles J. Cotterman, AIA, 1711 Columbus Boulevard, Coral Gables
33134 (305)552-5200
William Cox, AIA, 4621 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Coral Gables
33146 (305)661-8525
Juan A. Crespi, AIA, 227 NE 26th Terrace, Miami 33155 (305)573-
Charles L. Crumpton, AIA, 375 Grand Concourse, Miami Shores
Salvador M. Cruxent, AIA, 799 Brickell Ave., Suite 600, Miami 33131
Javier F. Cruz, AIA, 3400 SW 105 Court, Miami 33165 (305)444-5714
Jesus Cruz, AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables 33134
Ted B. Danek, AIA, 811 N.E. 79th Street, Miami 33138 (305)759-8172
Homer F. Daniel, AIA, 9300 SW 87 Avenue, Suite 3, Miami 33173
Robert G. David, AIA, 417 Barbarossa Avenue, Coral Gables 33146
Victor E. De Konschin, AIA, 7050 SW 86 Avenue, Miami 33143
Pedro De La Horra, AIA, 8830 SW 21st Street, Miami 33165
Jorge Arturo De La Llama, AIA, 2150 SW 122 Court, Miami 33175
Carlos Ruiz De Quevado, AIA, 7900 Red Road, Suite 23, Miami
33143 (305)661-5375
Eduardo G. De Zayas, AIA, 175 Fontainebleau Blvd. #2K-4, Miami
33172 (305)553-2520
Gerald F. DeMarco, AIA, 9400 S. Dadeland Blvd., #622, Miami
33156 (305)665-9241
Antonio DeSoto, Jr., AIA, 3900 NW 79 Avenue, Suite 100, Miami
Jorge R. DeZertucha, AIA, 9470 SW 15th St., Miami 33174
H. Carlton Decker, AIA, 311 Granello Ave., Coral Gables 33146

James Deen, AIA, 7500 Red Road, South Miami 33143 (305)661-
Julio S. Diaz, AIA, 6701 Sunset Drive, Suite 104-B, S. Miami 33143
John Richard Diehl, AIA, 8526 SW 103 Ave., Miami 33173 (305)279-
Carlos R. Dominguez, AIA, 161 Almeria Ave. Suite 201-W, Coral
Gables 33134 (305)442-9631
Homero N. Dominquez, AIA, 4326 Alton Rd., Miami Beach 33140
Ronald J. Dorris, AIA, 225 NE 8 St., Suite 3, Homestead 33030
William Dorsky, AIA, 444 Brickell Avenue, Miami 33131 (305)373-
Jorge DortaDuque, AIA, 5645 SW 87 Street, Miami 33143 (305)940-
Seymour Drexler, AIA, 9830 SW 77th Avenue, Miami 33156 (305)274-
Donald J. Dwore, AIA, 6924 SW 114th Place, Miami 33137
John A. Eggen, Jr., AIA, P.O. Box 592098 AMF, Miami 33159
Carlos M. Estevez, AIA, 6036 N. Waterway Drive, Miami 33155
Jeffrey L. Evans, AIA, 2550 Tigertail Ave., Coconut Grove 33133
Andres Fabregas, AIA, 1441 Brickell Avenue, Miami 33131 (305)358-
Teresita Falcon, AIA, 4061 Battersea Road, Coconut Grove 33133
Eugene D. Farmer, AIA, 10300 Sunset Dr. Suite 155, Miami 33173
Rodolfo Feijoo, AIA, 11220 NW 59th Avenue, Hialeah 33012
Gilbert M. Fein, AIA, Post Office Box 531052, Miami Shores 33153
David J. Feinberg, AIA, 11255 Cutler Ridge Blvd. #204, Miami 33157
Jose Feito, AIA, Suite 200, 3663 SW Eighth Street, Miami 33135
Christ A. Fergis, AIA, 14411 South Dixie Highway, Miami 33176
James E. Ferguson, Jr., AIA, 2901 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Coral
Gables 33134 (305)443-7758
Juan S. Fernandez, AIA, Suite 207, 1575 West 49 Street, Hialeah
33012 (305)822-7425
Ricardo J. Fernandez, AIA, 6850 SW 40th Street, Miami 33155
John E. Fernsler, AIA, 150 SE 2nd Ave. #1111, Miami 33131
R. Jerome Filer, AIA, 250 Catalonia Avenue, Suite 801, Coral Gables
33134 (305)444-5714
Robert S. Fisher, AIA, 680 N.E. 64 St., #300, Miami 33138
Phillip Fontanills, AIA, 2320 SW 57th Avenue, Miami 33155 (305)266-
Thomas H. Ford, Jr., AIA, 7421 SW 138 Ct., Miami 33138 (305)387-
Bernardo Fort-Brescia, AIA, 4215 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Coral Gables
33134 (305)442-9381
Pelayo G. Fraga, AIA, 3663 SW Eighth Street, #200, Miami 33135
Eduardo (Eddy) Frances, AIA, 1385 Coral Way, #204, Miami 33145
Markus A. Frankel, AIA, 1521 Alton Road, Miami Beach 33139
Donald J. Frederick, AIA, 140 W. Flagler St. Rm. 1204, Miami 33130
Robert K. Frese, AIA, 40 Northeast 54 Street, Miami 33137 (305)754-
John Pierce Fullerton, AIA, 6701 Sunset Drive Suite 104-B, South
Miami 33143 (305)667-4200
Roberto J. Gambach, AIA, 1200 Stillwater Drive, Miami Beach 33141
Jorge Garcia, AIA, 12235 S.W. 31 St., Miami 33175 (305)964-3000
Jorge H. Garcia, AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables 33134
Miguel A. Garcia, AIA, 763 Northeast 75 Street, Miami 33138
Osvaldo 0. Garcia, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables 33134

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

James E. Garland, AIA, 123 Almeria Avenue, Coral Gables 33134
Paul Mitham Garrett, AIA, 1641 3 Ave., New York 10028 (212)410-
Fernando Gavarrete, AIA, 824 Genoa Street, Coral Gables 33134
Ronald J. Gee, AIA, 2780 Douglas Rd. SW 37 Ave., Miami 33133
D. William Gerberich, AIA, 3790 NW 167 Street, Miami 33169
Paul R. Gershen, AIA, 11507 SW 64th St. Unit E, Miami 33173
Charles Giller, AIA, 1301 Dade Blvd., Miami Beach 33139 (305)531-
Claire D. Giller, AIA, 1301 Dade Blvd., Miami Beach 33139 (305)531-
Ira D. Giller, AIA, 975 Arthur Godfrey Road, Miami Beach 33140
Norman Giller, AIA, 975 Arthur Godfrey Road, Miami Beach 33140
Leopoldo A. Gimenez, AIA, 6850 SW 40th Street, Miami 33155
Stanley Glasgow, AIA, 2901 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Coral Gables
33134 (305)443-7758
Pedro Goicouria, AIA, 4021 Laguna Street, Coral Gables 33146
Pedro Gomez, AIA, 3902 SW Fourth Street, Miami 33134 (305)448-
Jose Andrew Gonzalez, AIA, 412 Eaton Street, Key West 33040
Jose Gonzalez, AIA, 415 NE 114th Street, Miami 33161
Ricardo E. Gonzalez, AIA, 191 Giralda Ave., Coral Gables 33134
Ricardo J. Gonzalez, AIA, 1451 Brickell Ave., #200, Miami 33132
Alberto Gonzalez, AIA, 874 West 70 Place, Hialeah 33014
Julio Grabriel, AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables 33134
Edward G. Grafton, AIA, 580 Avenue Puerta, Coral Gables 33143
Thorn Grafton, AIA, 69 SW 11th Street, Miami 33130 (305)358-3232
Andrew P. Gray, AIA, 334 Minorca Ave. Coral Gables 33146
Randall Greenbaum, AIA, 2802 Columbus Rd., Coral Gables 33134
Joseph I. Greenberg, AIA, 4111 Laguna Street, Coral Gables 33146
John 0. Grimshaw, AIA, 4750 Pine Drive, Miami 33143 (305)591-
Melvin Grossman, AIA, 2951 S. Bayshore Dr., Miami 33133
Avinash Gupta, AIA, 934 NW 106 Avenue Circle, Miami 33172
Juan Gutierrez, 145 Madeira Ave., Coral Gables 33134
Manuel R. Gutierrez, AIA, 8550 W. Flagler, #121, Miami 33144
Theodore E. Hall, AIA, 8950 NE 8th Ave., #415, Miami 33138
Jonathan D. Hamrick, AIA, P.O. Box 431528, South Miami 33143
David M. Harper, AIA, 250 Bird Road, Coral Gables 33146 (305)448-
Milton C. Harry, AIA, 2780 Douglas Road, Miami 33133 (305)445-
William E. Haynie, AIA, 175 Fontainebleau Blvd., Miami 33174
Ronald (Richard) Hedlund, AIA, 2300 South Dixie Hwy., Miami 33133
Paul Heineman, AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables 33134
Richard J. Heisenbottle, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables 33134
Burton H. Hersh, 197 Santander Avenue, Coral Gables 33134
Robert P. Hertig, Jr., AIA, 250 Bird Road #100, Coral Gables 33146
J. N. Garcia Hidalgo, AIA, 227 NE 26th Terrace, Miami 33137
Lewis M. Hitt, AIA, 13500 SW 74 Place, Miami 33156 (305)235-3212
George J. Hladik, AIA, 1600 NW LeJeune Road, Miami 33126
Jan Hochstim, AIA, 5940 S.W. 73 St., S. Miami 33143 (305)666-0966
Terry L. Holt, AIA, 1800 Coral Way, Suite 204, Miami 33145 (305)856-
Thomas A. Hooker, AIA, 4115 Laguna, Coral Gables 33146 (305)443-

Bernard N. Horovitz, AIA, 13582 SW 48th Lane, Miami 33175
George C. Hudson, AIA, 1550 South Dixie Highway, Coral Gables
33146 (305)665-3612
Robert C. Hutcheson, AIA, 1190 San Pedro Avenue, Coral Gables
Jorge E. Iglesias, AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables 33134
Anthony Jerome Jachim, AIA, 5960 SW 57 Avenue, Miami 33143
Douglas G. Jackson, AIA, 100 Morningside Drive, Miami 33133
Richard K. Johnson, AIA, 680 Northeast 53 Street, Miami 33137
David W. Johnson, AIA, 5100 SW 74 Terrace, Miami 33143 (305)666-
Todd Jonas, AIA, 369 Granello Avenue, Coral Gables 33146
Santiago Jorge-Ventura, AIA, 8801 Fountainebleau Blvd., #212,
Miami 33172
Silva Jorrin, AIA, 1411 SW 85 Ct., Miami 33144
James W. Junkin, Jr., AIA, 6819 Barquera, Coral Gables 33146
Joseph B. Kaller, AIA, 710 NE 171 St., N. Miami Beach 33162
Louis C. Kallinosis, AIA, 8955 SW 198 Terrace, Miami 33157
Robert W. Kenworth, AIA, 8470 SW 43 Street, Miami 33155 (305)226-
George H. Khoury, AIA, 4131 Laguna, Miami 33146
Jorge Khuly, AIA, 4440 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables 33146
C. Frasuer Knight, AIA, 8955 SW 87 Court, Suite 208, Miami 33176
Robert A. Koger, AIA, 7600 SW 87 Avenue, Miami 33173 (305)595-
Yahya Taiyebali Koita, AIA, 3746 Irvington Avenue, Coconut Grove
33133 (305)444-7660
Irvin S. Korach, AIA, 175 Fontainebleau Blvd., Miami 33172 (305)552-
Sidney L. Kotkin, AIA, 7221 Coral Way, Miami 33155 (305)261-3257
William C. Kreidt, AIA, 200 E. Palmetto Park Road, Suite #206, Boca
Raton 33432 (305)994-1833
Thomas M. Kruempelstaedter, AIA, 2780 SW Douglas Road, Suite
301, Miami 33133 (305)446-4362
Garrett Kuhl, AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Miami 33134
Ermina LaRocca, AIA, 353 Alcazar Ave., Coral Gables 33134
David E. Lair, AIA, 9475 SW 116 Street, Miami 33176 (305)591-1671
Sonia Lama, AIA, 5055 NW Seventh Street, #206, Miami 33126
Eduardo N. Lamas, AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables 33134
Robert J. Lamoureaux, Jr., AIA, 480 West Park Drive, Miami 33172
Osvaldo L. Landera, AIA, 8790 SW 54 Street, Miami 33165
Clifford F. Landress, AIA, 11431 SW 84 Street, Miami 33173
Lawrence W. Lane, AIA, 6311 SW 138 Ct., Unit 5, Miami 33183
Alberto R. Lauderman, AIA, 6241 NW 110th Street, Hialeah 33012
Monte S. Lee, AIA, 975 Arthur Godfrey Rd., Miami Beach 33141
Richard A. Lefcourt, AIA, 16372 NE 26 Ave., North Miami Beach
Samuel J. Leftf, AIA, 15825 SW 82 Court, Miami 33157
Matthew A. Leiner, AIA, 6405 Fletcher St., Hollywood 33023
Alan D. Lerner, AIA, 7000 SW 62 Avenue, #D204, South Miami
33143 (305)666-3535
Richard Levine, AIA, 3814 NE Miami Court, Miami 33137
Charles K. Lonsdale, AIA, 2801 SW 22 Avenue, Miami 33133
Thomas L. Lopez-Gottardi, AIA, 2450 Cordova Street, Coral Gables
33134 (305)442-9954
James E. Lynskey, AIA, Post Office Box 650113, Miami 33165
Rosendo Enrique Marcet, AIA, 6434 SW 30th Street, Miami 33155

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book. 1983

Alfred R. Marchesani, AIA, 1326 SE 3rd Ave., Ft. Lauderdale 33316
Elmer Marmostein, AIA, 29 Almeria, Coral Gables 33134
Jaime Martinez, AIA, 6845 SW 69 Terrace, S. Miami 33143
Victor Martinez, AIA, 1750 W. 46th Street, #130, Hialeah 33012
Walter B. Martinez, AIA, Suite 204, 1800 Coral Way, Miami 33145
Eric Maspons, AIA, 4021 Laguna Street, Coral Gables 33134
Roney Jorge Mateu, AIA, 2420 A SW 27th Avenue, Miami 33145
Edward A. Maxwell, AIA, 16372 N.E. 26 Ave., N. Miami Beach 33181
Charles E. McCoy, AIA, Post Office Box 10, Key West 33040
John G. McGraw, AIA, 8002 SW 149th Ave., #B-305, Miami 33193
Dorothy McKenna, AIA, 3450 SW Third Avenue, Miami 33145
Donald McLeod, AIA, 261 Westward Drive Suite 113, Miami Springs
33166 (305)887-7799
Bill McNeel, AIA, 5301 SW 77 Court, #108-G, Miami 33155
Claudio G. Mendoza, AIA, 10361 SW 20 St., Miami 33165
Hedvika Meszaros, Al, 411 E. Carolina, Apt. 223, Tallahassee 32301
Joseph Middlebrook, AIA, 6301 Sunset Drive, Suite 204, Miami
33143 (305)661-7594
Roston H. Miller, AIA, Post Office Box N 7114, Nassau Bahamas
B.W.I. (809)323-4543
Paul S. Miller, AIA, 6607 SW 139th Ave., Miami 33183 (305)279-3688
Edna L. Mingo, AIA, 5018 NW 7th Ave., Miami 33127
Firoz R. Mistry, AIA, 811 Malaga Avenue, Coral Gables 33134
C. David Morton, AIA, 5995 Sunset Drive, Miami 33143
Michael Allen Mosher, AIA, 16300 NE 19th Avenue, N. Miami Beach
33162 (305)949-0024
Larry L. Mounts, AIA, 7220 NW 36 St. Suite 410, Miami 33166
Carlos J. Mourin, AIA, 814 West 71 Street, Hialeah 33014
George Mouriz, AIA, 1450 Madruga Ave., Coral Gables 33146
J. L. Mullett, AIA, 3230 Morris Lane, Miami 33133 (305)592-5930
William C. Murphy, AIA, 10405 SW 124 Street, Miami 33176
Don R. Murphy, 6606 SW 115 Ct., Unit H, Miami 33173
Luis E. Naya, AIA, 3740 SW 89 Court, Miami 33165 (305)221-1040
Raymond Nelson, AIA, 795 W. 75 St., Hialeah 33014 (305)666-2884
Nujim Nepomechie, AIA, 1230 NE 173 St., N. Miami Beach 33162
Terry Orson Nichoson, AIA, 5890 SW 50 Terrace, Miami 33155
James H. Nunn, Jr., AIA, 1145 NE 133 Street, North Miami 33161
Raul Ocampo, Jr., AIA, 3325 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 500, Hollywood
33021 (305)621-5222
Frank E. Offerle, AIA, 7000 SW 62 Avenue, D204, Miami 33143
Efraim B. Oliver, AIA, 8920 SW 18 Terrace, Miami 33165
Otto H. Oppenheimer, AIA, 4012 Salzedo, Coral Gables 33146
Dvidio Oxios, AIA, 3420 SW 61st Ave., Miami 33155 (305)858-3030
Rocco W. Pace, AIA, 1451 Brickell Avenue, Suite 306, Miami 33131
Carlos J. Marin Pacheco, Al, 7841 S.W. 54th St., Miami 33134
J. Ronald Pales, AIA, 2699 S. Bayshore Dr. #800, Miami 33133
James Palma, AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Miami 33134
William A. Papy, AIA, 147 Alhambra Circle, #227, Coral Gables
33134 (305)445-8381


Felix Pardo, AIA, 2901 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Coral Gables 33134
Quentin D. Parker, AlA, P.O. Drawer 330028, Miami 33133
Robin Z. Parker, AIA, P.O. Drawer 330028, Miami 33133
Jeffrey L. Parns, AIA, 7540 SW 59th Court, South Miami 33143
Charles H. Pawley, AlA, 3011 SW 28 Lane, Miami 33133
Philip Pearlman, AIA, 3325 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 404, Hollywood
33021 (305)947-2667
Wilbur Pearson, AIA, 6880 SW 98 St., Miami 33156 (305)665-1166
Jorge Pedraza, Al, 711 N.W. 23rd Ave., Suite 304, Miami 33125
Carlos Perdomo, AlA, 13470 SW 25 St., Miami 33175 (305)854-1900
Jose D. Perez, AIA, 1441 Brickell Avenue, Miami 33131
Osvaldo Perez, AlA, 12237 SW 113 Lane, Miami 33186
Ramon G. Perez-Alonzo, AIA, 2000 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 216, Miami
33133 (305)856-3855
Manuel Perez-Vichot, AIA, 705 E. 9 Street, Hialeah 33010
Daniel F. Perez-Zarraga, AlA, 2324 Southwest 23 Street, Miami
33145 (305)358-2211
Paul George Pergakis, Jr., AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables
33134 (305)444-4691
Roberto J. Pesant, AIA, 325 Cypress Drive, Key Biscayne 33149
James W. Piersol, AIA, 10135 Pan American Drive, Miami 33189
Edward E. Pilkington, AIA, 8881-A Fontainebleau Blvd. #501, Miami
33172 (305)553-4352
Rafael Piniella, AIA, 3290 SW 17 Street, Miami 33145 (305)665-9241
Rogerio Plasencia, AIA, 142 W. 37th Street, Hialeah 33012
Richard S. Pollack, AIA, 5190 Northwest 167 Street, Suite 210, Miami
33169 (305)624-1475
Allan I. Poms, AIA, 8955 SW 85 Terrace, Miami 33143 (305)274-3451
John R. Porfiri, AIA, 369 Granello Ave., Coral Gables 33134
Rafael J. Portuando, AIA, 1046 Almeria, Coral Gables 33134
Craig J. Prandini, AlA, 6915 Red Road, Suite 210, Coral Gables
33143 (305)665-5436
Juan A. Puentes, AIA, 8150 Old Cutler Rd., Coral Gables 33143
Jorge R. Pupo, AIA, 300 NE Second Avenue, Miami 33132
Carlos Ramos, AIA, 6511 SW 16th Terrace, Miami 33155
Lemuel Ramos, AIA, 7000 SW 62 Avenue Suite 510, Miami 33143
Mark Reeves, AIA, 517 Minorca, Coral Gables 33134 (305)448-1174
Paul L. Reiner, AIA, 1000 NW 28 Avenue, Miami 33125
Alberto P. Renaud, AIA, 201 West Heather Drive, Key Biscayne
33149 (305)947-2667
Christopher D. Renegar, AIA, 10700 Caribbean Blvd., #302, Miami
33189 (305)252-0149
Manuel Rey, AIA, 11660 SW 122nd Place, Miami 33186
Manuel J. Reyes-Otalora, AIA, 1417 Palancia Ave., Coral Gables
33146 (305)442-4237
Rafael J. Reynaldos, AIA, 9540 SW 51 Street, Miami 33165
Henry A. Riccio, AIA, 1778 Sans Souci Boulevard, North Miami
Robert A. Richard, AIA, 1111 South Bayshore Drive, Miami 33131
Charles E. Richter, AIA, 3900 NW 79 Avenue, Suite 100, Miami
33166 (305)592-0589
Donald C. Rider, AIA, 18131 SW 98 Court, Miami 33157
Ronald W. Robison, AlA, 4217 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Coral
Gables 33146 (305)445-0537
Octavio Robles, AIA, 1437 SW 1st Street, Miami 33135
Angel Rene Rodriguez, AIA, 7271 SW 13th Street, Miami 33144
Jose A. Rodriguez, AIA, 3663 SW 8th St. Suite 200, Miami 33135
Mariano Jose Rodriguez, AIA, 7500 Southwest 81 Avenue, Miami
33143 (305)595-4755

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Raul L. Rodriguez, AIA, 4440 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables
33146 (305)448-7417
Hervin A. R. Romney, AIA, 4215 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables
33134 (305)442-9381
Morris Ross, AIA, 940 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach 33139
Theodore L. Roux, AIA, 116 Giralda Avenue, Coral Gables 33134
Rodrigo J. Saavedra, AIA, 4864 NE 12 Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale 33334
John Sacco, AIA, P.O. Box 68, Coconut Grove 33133 (305)443-7838
Don Sackman, AIA, 3265 Virginia Ave. Apt. 11, Coconut Grove 33133
Vivian Salaga, AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables 33134
Gerardo Salman, AIA, 5710 Maggiore, Coral Gables 33146
Alfredo C. Sanchez, AIA, 3334 Chase Ave., Miami Beach 33140
Ernesto L. Santos, AIA, 265 Aragon Avenue, Suite F, Miami 33133
Octavio A. Santurio, AIA, 781 East 35 Street, Hialeah 33013
Angel C. Saqui, AIA, 940 NE 79th Street, Suite E, Caveway, Miami
33138 (305)751-0269
Jaime Schapiro, AIA, 1025 Northeast 89 Street, Miami 33138
Robert Schroff, AIA, 1625 SE 10 Ave., Ft. Lauderdale 33316
Richard Schuster, AIA, 2901 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Coral Gables
33134 (305)443-7758
Steven B. Schwortz, AIA, 18350 NW Second Avenue, Suite 402,
Miami 33169
Richard S. Sciandra, AIA, 2650 SW 27 Avenue, Miami 33133
Thomas E. Selck, AIA, 1464 Angona Ave., Coral Gables 33146
Maria R. Sellek, AIA, 520 N.W. 120 St., Miami 33168
John D. Shelton, AIA, 4135 Aurora, Coral Gables 33146
Terry A. Siegel, AIA, 6425-A SW 116th Place, Miami 33173
Charles Sieger, AIA, 9300 SW 87th Avenue, Suite 6, Miami 33176
Irene Silva, AIA, 3834 Utopia Court, Coconut Grove 33133
Rolando Silva, AIA, 4105 Aurora St., Coral Gables 33146
James F. Silvers, AIA, 279 North Hibiscus Drive, Miami Beach 33139
Jerry P. Simmons, AIA, 1777 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami 33132
Michael Simonhoff, AIA, 3503 Main Highway, Miami 33133
Ranbir Singh, AIA, 10115 Sunset Drive, Miami 33173 (305)666-5474
Isaac Sklar, AIA, 1300 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach 33139
Oscar Sklar, AIA, 1025 Kane Concourse, Bay Harbor Island 33154
Donald Slager, AIA, 5960 SW 57 Avenue, Miami 33143
Laurinda Spear, AIA, 4125 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables 33146
Peter Spillis, AIA, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables 33134
John Ames Steffian, AIA, 600 Biltmore Way #518, Coral Gables
33134 (305)444-5009
Harold Steward, AIA, 7925 NW 12th St., Suite 301, Miami 33126
Wray G. Succop, AIA, 1100 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables
33134 (305)444-1514
Barry F. Sugerman, AIA, 12601 NE Seventh Avenue, North Miami
33161 (305)893-6055
Robert M. Swedroe, AIA, 1674 Meridian Avenue, Suite 409, Miami
Beach 33135 (305)673-6002
Manuel A. Tapia-Ruano, AIA, 1753 SW 23rd Terrace, Miami 33145
Amaro Taquechel, AIA, 23 Almeria Ave., Coral Gables 33134
William Cooke Taylor, AIA, 225 W. Dilido Drive, Miami Beach 33139
Francis E. Telesca, AIA, 2650 SW 27th Ave. G/T, Miami 33131

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Juan Rodriquez-Tellaheche, AIA, 1522 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral
Gables 33134 (305)448-3280
Douglas A. Tilden, AIA, 2699 S. Bayshore Dr., Suite 800, Miami
33133 (305)579-5901
Clyde H. Toland, Jr., AIA, 413 Viscaya Avenue, Coral Gables, 33134
Kenneth Treister, AIA, 2699 South Bayshore Drive, Miami 33133
S. W. Trujillo, AIA, 5252 SW 8 Street, Coral Gables 33134
William E. Tschumy, Jr., AIA, 2346 Douglas Road, Coral Gables
33134 (305)446-1789
Loyd F. Vann, AIA, 101 NW 12 Avenue, Miami 33128 (305)324-8496
Michael P. Vascellaro, AIA, 640 Santander #3, Coral Gables 33134
Nestor Vega, AIA, 9232 SW 127th Ave., Miami 33186 (305)854-1111
James E. Vensel, AIA, 1550 Madruga Ave., Suite 240, Coral Gables
33146 (305)666-9706
Wayne E. Vensel, AIA, 2250 S. Dixie Hwy., Miami 33133
Reinaldo Vera, AIA, 100 N. Biscayne Blvd., #1400, Miami 33132
Antonio J. Verde, AIA, 711 NW 23 Ave. Suite 304, Miami 33125
Roberto S. Vich, AIA, 2850 SW 139th Ave., Miami 33175
Donald R. Vizza, AIA, 7521 SW 58 Street, Miami 33143
Robert C. Wade, AIA, 7220 NW 36 Street, Miami 33166
Freeman L. Walker, AIA, 950 SW 22 Road, Miami 33129
Ralph Warburton, AIA, 420 South Dixie Highway, Coral Gables 33146
Mark L. Warner, Al, P.O. Box 529100, Miami 33152
Robert L. Weed, AIA, 4801 North Kendall Drive, Miami 33156
Maurice S. Weintraub, AIA, 1550 Madruga Ave., Suite 120, Coral
Gables 33146 (305)666-8414
John A. Weller, Jr., AIA, 5200 North Kendall Drive, Miami 33156
Robert C. West, AIA, 2250 South Dixie Highway, Miami 33133
Pinson W. Whiddon, AIA, 6631 S.W. 70 Lane, S. Miami 33143
Daniel E. Williams, AIA, 3333 Rice Street, Suite 8, Coconut Grove
33133 (305)442-1208
Wayne C. Williams, AIA, 1626 Micanopy Avenue, Miami 33133
Peter C. Wilson, AIA, 5940 S.W. 73rd Street #206, South Miami
David A. Wolfberg, AIA, 5960 SW 57 Avenue, Miami 33143 (305)666-
David A. Wolfberg, AIA, 5960 SW 57 Avenue, Miami 33143
Shirley 0. Wooster, Jr., AIA, 9660 SW 148th Place, Miami 33196
Carson B. Wright, AIA, 420 South Dixie Hwy., Ste. 4-J, Coral Gables
33146 (305)667-8083
Warren C. Wuertz, AIA, P.O. Box 8433, Coral Springs 33065
Eugene Yaros, AIA, 7801 Coral Way, Miami 33155 (305)266-2123
Michael A. Yaros, AIA, 155 NE 40th Street, Miami 33137
William C. Zeigler, AIA, 7900 Red Road, South Miami 33143
Bernard Zyscovich, AIA, 3326 Mary Street, Coconut Grove 33133
Humberto P. Alonso, Jr., 3663 SW 8th Street #213, Miami 33135
Ahmed A. Alvarez, 6701 Sunset Drive #104B, Miami 33143
Ricardo Aparicia, 2696 S.W. 18 Street #306, Miami 33145
Jose M. Arenal, 340 East 53rd Street, Hialeah 33013 (305)445-0611
Ramon L. Arronte, 745 SW 35th Avenue, Miami 33135 (305)445-7768
Jorge S. Azze, 5433 SW 149 Court, Miami 33185


((9 R(XIaz Z2aoa/"Ied
" '..' .,' (.-up adt Pe&,_,, ,


1301 N.W. 27th



Phone (305) 635-6432

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about Kohler Plumbing
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All State Pipe
Supply Company, Inc.
2253 Dennis Street
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1045 North Mills Street
Orlando, Florida 32803
(305) 894-4850
1520 State Avenue
Holly Hill, Florida 32017
(904) 677-1141
Lawrence Plumbing Supply
31 S.W. 57th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33144
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405 N. Flagler Avenue
Homestead, Florida 33030
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Standard Plumbing and
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620 S. Woodward Avenue
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0 FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

At the edge of your imagination lies a new frontier of comfort. The Super Spa, 103" x 86V2 x 34" of sublimity. With
optional fixed or floating teak.\ ood table for added pleasure. Installed indoors or out. A practical alternative to a swimming
pool, serving as both hot tub and A rnirlpool Sho',, n in Sequoia, one of a variety of exciting colors. To learn more about
this and other Kohler plumbing an.' leisure products see us.

"t9 outof 10


are energy,,

1981 Survey of Florida Builders and Home: ner. -tr

aJorge S. Miro
S tged J. F.M. Design Group

Watt.Wise Homes."

According to a recent survey, 97% of all
homeowners are energy conscious.
And 90% of them think a Watt-Wise
Home is a good idea.
So it's no wonder that's the kind
of home so many architects are designing.
Electric bills for a certified
Watt-Wise Home can be as much as 25%
lower than those for a similar conven-
tional home.
In addition, FPL strongly supports the
builders and designers in its Watt-Wise

Program with both technical and promo-
tional help.
Call FPL's toll-free Watt-Wise Line at
1-800-432-6563 to request a visit from an
FPL representative or a packet of informa-
tion about Watt-Wise Homes.
We're working hard at being the kind
of power company you want.


Harold B. Barrand, P.O. Box 610341, North Miami, 33161
Antonio G. Barrios, 7801 SW 58th Ave., South Miami 33143
Richard L. Bennett, 175 Fontainebleau Blvd., Miami 33172
Marina M. Blanco, 9401 SW Fourth St. #412, Miami 33174
Jonathan Glenn Buff, 9720 SW 114th Street, Miami 33176
Federico R. Cardoso, 11258 S.W. 71st Lane, Miami 33173
Ralph Choeff, 16372 N.E. 26 Ave., North Miami 33181 (305)944-2381
Robert S. Collins, 3250 SW 3rd Ave., Box 507, Miami 33129
Kapil S. Desai, 9760 SW 85th Terrace, Miami 33176
Rafael Diaz, 5761 SW 13 Terrace, Miami 33144 (305)266-6991
Cheryl Dolin, 3484 Chase Ave., Miami Beach 33140
Andres M. Duany, 6612 Le Jeune Road, Coral Gables 33146
Editha M. Fuentes-Santos, 11202 S.W. 203rd Terrace, Miami 33189
Susan Goldczer, 9955 NW 10th Street, Pembroke Pines 33026
Cesar A. Gomez, 4011 W. Flagler St. Suite 503, Miami 33134
Ward Bennett Grafton, 580 Puerta Avenue, Coral Gables 33143
Randall Greenbaum, 2964 Aviation Ave., Miami 33133 (305)442-0193
Nelson E. Griffin, 1520 Palmetto St., Clearwater 33515
Luci Hernandez, 8126 S.W. 83rd Street, Miami 33143
Antonio Herrero, 4428 SW 136th Place, Miami 33175 (305)442-1193
Ken Hucker, 275 NE 59th Street, Miami 33137 (305)757-0315
Robert W. Keller, 14330 Northwest 11 Court, Miami 33168
Fred H. Kirsch, 1320 S. Dixie Hwy., Coral Gables 33114
Alvaro S. Lopez, 9608 SW Third Lane, Miami 33174 (305)579-6666
Carlos A. Marin, 1441 Brickell Ave., Miami 33131 (305)358-2211
Catalina Martin, 10948 SW 71 Lane, Miami 33173 (305)595-1688
Henry G. Martinez, 11281 NW 33rd Street, Coral Springs 33065
Michael J. Maxwell, P.O. Box 340906, Coral Gables 33134
Angel E. Milanes, 100 N. Biscayne Blvd. #1400, Miami 33132
Juan A. Montalvan, Jr., 10631 SW 28th Street, Miami 33165
Bruce William Moore, 9229 SW 87 Ave., Apt. D-8, Miami 33176
Marcel R. Morlote, 6804 SW 82 Court, Miami 33143 (305)666-5474
Dean Newberry, 800 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables 33134
Daniel B. Nieda, 1150 NW 72 Avenue #600, Miami 33126
Thomas W. Norlie, 129 Corydon Dr., Miami Springs 33166
Peggy Nye, 1320 S. Dixie Hwy. #1320, Miami 33124
Enrique A. Paredes, 6175 W. 20th Ave., Hialeah 33012
Thomas D. Phillips, 915 Palermo Ave. #202, Coral Gables 33134
Joseph D. Pozzuoli, 9931 Haitian Drive, Miami 33189
Manuel Reus, 7743 NW 53rd Street, Miami 33166 (305)592-7540
Alberto Rivas, 1865 Brickell Ave. #A-811, Miami 33129
Maria-Luisa Riviere, 7755 SW 86 Street, Miami 33143 (305)595-3017
William A. Russell, 1800 Coral Way, Suite 204, Miami 33145
Howard Snoweiss, 3315 Rice Street #9, Coconut Grove 33133
Octavio Suarez, 4410 Alton Road, Miami Beach 33140
Douglas P. Tachi, 2699 S. Bayshore Dr. #800, Miami 33133
Vijay G. Varki, 2099 One Biscayne Tower, Miami 33131
Michel T. Victor, 8840 NW 4th Street, Penbrook Pines 33024
Mark L. Warner, 17801 SW 111 Avenue, Miami 33157 (305)552-3239
Edward C. Wright, 2125 N. Bay Road, Miami Beach 33140
Peter K. Zelmer, 1632 Madison Street, Hollywood 33020

Samuel S. Block, 11101 SW 88 Court, Miami 33156
Carl H. Blohm, 4821 Granada Blvd., Coral Gables 33146
James E. Branch, Univ. of Miami-Post Office Box 248294, Coral
Gables 33124

Jules P. Channing, P.O. Box 628, Miami 33137
James H. Church, 290 Northeast 89 Street, Miami 33138
J. Henry Etter, 6224 Leonardo Street, Coral Gables 33146
Harold E. Hall, Eight Canterbury Road, Mobile 36619
M. Louis Kroman, 385 East 56 Street, Hialeah 33012
Bertil Lindblad, 12785 Maple Road, North Miami 33181
William A. McCarty, 424 Hunting Lodge Drive, Miami Springs 33166
William H. Merriam, 1155 SW 22nd Ave., Villa 3 Bldg. 33134
Dane D. Morgan, 34 Sunset Cay Road, Key Largo 33037
Samuel M. Puder, 11195 SW 70 Avenue, Miami 33156 (305)661-0680
Edward T. Rempe, 700 Catalonia Avenue, Coral Gables 33134
Donald Rowell, 4130 Braganza Avenue, Coconut Grove 33133
Jerome Schilling, 1270 NE 102 Street, Miami 33138
Gordon Severud, 81 Marsh Creek Road, Amelia Island 32034
W.E. Tschumy, Sr., 620 Palmanito Court, Coral Gables 33134
Charles H. Vann, 1100 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Coral Gables 33134
Graziella R. Economou, 2801 SW 31 Avenue, Miami 33133
Beth Gilberts, 7311 NE 1st Place, Miami 33138
Thomas W. Graboski, 3315 Rice Street No. 7, Coconut Grove 33133
Mary A Kubit, 5838 SW 73 Street, Miami 33143
Winston K. Lippert, 5840 SW 91 Street, Miami 33156
Renee Marshall, 19521 NE 19th Ave. No., Miami Beach 33179
Ronald Piper, 1961 NE 206 Terrace, North Miami Beach 33179
Nikki Rutenberg, 299 Alhambra Circle #404, Coral Gables 33134
Suzi Salowe, 520 NE 195th Street, North Miami Beach 33179
James M. Smith, 2740 SW 28th Terrace, Coconut Grove 33133
John W. Wyatt, 4814 Vincennes Street, Cape Coral 33904
Robert B. Browne, FAIA, 2865 Day Avenue, Coconut Grove, 33133
Andrew J. Ferendino, FAIA, 5081 Burning Tree Circle, Stuart 33494
Thurston Hatcher, FAIA, 7900 Red Road, South Miami 33143
H. Samuel Kruse, FAIA, 1600 NW LeJeune Road, Miami 33126
Robert M. Little, FAIA, 18131 SW 98 Court, Miami 33157
Lester C. Pancoast, FAIA, 2964 Aviation Avenue, Coconut Grove
33133 (305)442-1193
Alfred B. Parker, FAIA, P.O. Drawer 330028, Miami 33133
George F. Reed, FAIA, 3050 Bird Avenue, Miami 33133
Wahl J. Snyder, FAIA, 1225 NE 101 Street, Miami Shores 33138
Executive Secretary
Nancy Dunlap (305)854-4790

Florida Southwest Chapter

Richard Fabbro, AIA
546 Val Mar Drive
Ft. Myers, Florida 33907

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Steven Brisson, AIA
Suite B-201, 4085 Tamiami Trail N.
Naples, Florida 33940
John Dyehouse, AIA
473 3rd Street S.
Naples, Florida 33940
Patrick Carroll, AIA
Lee County Motor Bank
Ft. Myers, Florida 33901
George H. Bail, AIA, Post Office Box 310, Ft. Myers 33902
Joseph A. Barany, AIA, 15401 McGregor Blvd., Ft. Myers, 33908
Larry L. Bouchilion, AIA, 2080 Bay Street #A, Ft. Myers 33901
Alvah Breitweiser, AIA, 6326 Corp. Crt. SW, Exec. Pk., Ft. Myers
Steven J. Brisson, AIA, 666 Regatta Rd., Naples 33940 (813)261-
Mary Elen Bundschu, AIA, 5900 Enterprise Pkwy., Ft. Myers 33905
Daniel F. Burner Jr., AIA, 6296 Corporate Court SW #B202, Ft. Myers
33907 (813)482-7545
Donald B. Cahill, AlA, 9331 N. Tamiami Trail, Naples 33904
Patrick E. Carroll, AIA, Lee County Motor Bank, Ft. Myers 33901
David G. Cooper, AIA, 1145 Fourth Street South, Naples 33940
John K. Dyehouse, AlA, 473 Third Street, South, Naples 33940
William M. Earnest III, AIA, 9600 S. Tamiami Trial, Ste. 173, Ft. Myers
33907 (813)936-2442
Richard A. Fabbro, AIA, 546 Val Mar Drive, Ft. Myers 33907
Nelson A. Faerber, AIA, 900 Sixth Avenue, S., #101, Naples 33940
Raymond F. Fenton, AIA, P.O. Box 275, Sanibel 33957
Robert E. Forsythe, AlA, 900 Sixth Avenue, South, Naples 33940
Mark Freeman, AIA, 2300 McGregor Blvd., Ft. Myers 33901
Alfred French, AIA, 1300 Third St. South, Ste. 301, Naples 33940
Bruce T. Gora, AIA, 2300 McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers 33901
Martin G. Gundersen, AIA, 2015 W. First St. Ste. C, Ft. Myers 33901
Fred Hemingway, AIA, 738 Moody Road, North Fort Myers 33903
Edward C. Hillstrom, AIA, 3525 Presidential Court, SW, Fort Myers
John Hobart, AIA, 851 Fifth Ave., N. Ste. 203, Naples 33940
Walter Keller, AIA, Suite G-1262 Third Street, S., Naples 33940
Mario LaMendola, AIA, 41 9th St., South, Naples 33940
Gordon T. McGee, AIA, Lee County Motor Bank Bldg #A, Ft. Myers
Richard W. Morris, AlA, 1207 3rd St. S, Camargo Hs. #1, Camargo
House 33940 (813)261-7318
David Moyer, AIA, 473 Third Street, South, Naples 33940
William A. Mudgett, AIA, 2030B West First Street, Ft. Myers 33901
Robert A. Pahl, AIA, 1044 6th Avenue N., Naples 33940 (813)261-
Wiley M. Parker, AIA, 2030B West First Street, Ft. Myers 33901
William S. D. Pattison, AIA, 2B3 Broad Avenue, South, Naples 33940


Raymond E. Pigott, AIA, 2156 Johnson Street, Ft. Myers 33901
Lyndon T. Pollock, AIA, 8800 S. Tamiami Tr. Suite 200, Ft. Myers,
33907 (813)936-4761
William L. Rivers, AIA, 2156 Johnson Street, Ft. Myers 33901
Bernard E. Rowan, AIA, 402 NE Depew Ave., Port Charlotte 33952
Herbert Rosser Savage, AIA, P.O. Box 639, Marco Island 33937
Eugene C. Schmitt, AIA, 1384 Wainwright Way, Ft. Myers 33907
John B. Silver, AIA, 6296 Corporate Court SW #B202, Ft. Myers
33907 (813)939-4344
Charles E. Smith, AIA, 1224 Burtwood Drive, Fort Myers 33901
Timothy L. Stone, AIA, 15401 McGregor Blvd., Ft. Myers 33908
David A. Titsch, AIA, 1930 Park Meadow Drive, Fort Myers 33907
George A. Tuttle Jr., AIA, Post Office Box 907, Captiva 33924
T. Fred Underwood, AIA, 6313 Corporate Court, Ft. Myers 33907
Frank A. Vellake, AIA, 1429 Colonial Blvd., Ste. 101, Fort Myers
33907 (813) 939-4999
Ronald G. Weaver, AlA, 15401 McGregor Blvd., Ft. Myers 33908
Jack J. Worth, AIA, 8800 S. Tamiami Trail Ste. 200, Ft. Myers 33907
Bruce A. Cutler, 21 Watercolor Way, Naples 33962 (813)774-1743
David M. Humphrey, 700 Valley Stream Dr., Naples 33942
Stephane J. Kluesner, 2060 B. South Street, Ft. Myers 33901
Gary F. Krueger, 900 Sixth Ave. S., Naples 33940
Victor J. Latavish Jr., 27 NE 20th Ave., Cape Coral 33909
William T. Martin, P.O. Box 1544, Orange Park 32067 (904)269-7643
Arthur R. Tolp, 8800 South Tamiami Trail #200, Ft. Myers 33907
Randall D. Williamson, 8401 Estero Blvd. #308, Ft. Myers Beach
Clarence M. Bauchspies, 104 Wilderness Dr. #241, Naples 33942
James B. McByrde, 2120 Mcgregor Blvd., Ft. Myers 33901
Burt V. Stevens, 1155-26th Ave. North, Naples 33908
George E. Johnson, FAIA, 5870 Wild Olive Tr SW, Fort Myers 33907
Samuel Z. Moskowitz, FAIA, 24 Maui Circle, Naples 33940
Indian River Chapter

Charles Block, AIA
2015 38th Ave.
Vero Beach, Florida 32960
Matthew L. Gore, AIA
628 Acacia Rd.
Vero Beach, Florida 32960
FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

John J. Schlitt, Jr., AIA
321 21st Street
Vero Beach, Florida 32960
Lynn M. Silkworth, AIA
3328 Flamingo Dr.
Vero Beach, Florida 32960
Charles E. Block, AIA, Post Office Box 1206, Vero Beach 32960
George F. Bollis, Jr., AIA, 3715 20th Street, Vero Beach 32960
Larry D. Brown, AIA, 1025 Flamevine Lane, Suite 5, Vero Beach
32960 (305)231-1094
John W. Calmes, AIA, 1125 12th Street, Suite B, Vero Beach 32960
Thomas C. Culler, Jr., AIA, Post Office Box 610, Vero Beach 32960
Robert Leigh Gaskill, AIA, 28 Forest Park Drive, Vero Beach 32960
James E. Gibson, AIA, 3328 Flamingo Road, Vero Beach 32960
Matthew L. Gore, AIA, 628 Acacia Road, Vero Beach 32960
Terry Kellagher, AIA, 1125 12th St., Ste. B, Vero Beach 32960
George L. Powell, AIA, 1505 E. Colonial Dr., #100, Orlando 32803
David V. Robison, AIA, Post Office Box 610, Vero Beach 32960
John J. Schlitt, AIA, Post Office Box 2589, Vero Beach 32960
Lynn Michael Silkworth, AIA, 3328 Flamingo Dr., Vero Beach 32960
Robert E.A. Terry, Jr., AIA, 4004 North Milton Road, Fort Pierce
33450 (305)461-3311
John F. Binkley, 2015 38th Ave., Vero Beach 32960 (305)567-3488
Cynthia M. Bournique, P.O. Box 519, Vero Beach 32960
Anthony J. Donadio, 2015 38th Ave., Vero Beach 32960
Paul U. Dritenbas, 65 Royal Palm Blvd., Vero Beach 32960
John E. Mintern, 1141 27th Avenue, Vero Beach 32960
C. Ellis Duncan, 24 Pine Arbor Lane #101, Vero Beach 32960
Professional Affiliates
Elizabeth Anne Gillick, 2001 Ninth Avenue, Suite 209C, Vero Beach
32960 (305)567-6649
Lester Solin, 1540 Highland Avenue, Vero Beach 32960
Lester Solin Jr., 1540 Highland Avenue, Vero Beach 32960
Rebecca Jane Starr, 3103 Cardinal Drive, Vero Beach 32960

Jacksonville Chapter

Richard T. Reep, AIA
KBJ Architects
510 Julia Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
David B. Boyer, AIA
1974 San Marco Blvd.
Jacksonville, Florida 32207
Jack W. Smith, AIA
P.O. Box 4850
Jacksonville, Florida 32201
Stephen F. Lazar, AIA
7825 Baymeadows Way
Jacksonville, Florida 32216

James D. Alford, AIA, 2245 St. Johns Avenue, Jacksonville 32204
Sharon Apperson, 510 Julia St., Jacksonville 32202
John M. Barley, AIA, Post Office Box 4850, Jacksonville 32201
Richard James Beyer, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Edward E. Blakely, AIA, 1936 Gulf Life Tower, Jacksonville 32207
David B. Boyer, AIA, 1974 San Marco Boulevard, Jacksonville 32207
John T. Brickert, AIA, 1454 Arlingwood Avenue, Jacksonville 32211
Delmus Brim, Jr., AIA, 100 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville 32202
A. Robert Broadfoot, Jr., AIA, 6321 North Arlington Road,
Jacksonville 32211 (904)743-2770
Robert C. Broward, AIA, 1922 Felch Avenue, Jacksonville 32207
Geoffrey John Brune, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Cecil B. Burns, AIA, Box B, Winn-Dixie, Jacksonville 32203
Charles Burrell, AIA, 306 Tidewater Circle, West, Jacksonville 32211
Edward W. Castellani, AIA, 3935 Buckskin Trail East, Jacksonville
32211 (904)724-6204
George Lawrence Chapman, AIA, 720 Gilmore St. Haskell Co.,
Jacksonville 32204 (904)358-1600
Sharon A. Clark, AIA, 510 Julia St., Jacksonville 32202
James E. Clements, AIA, 2063 Oak Street, Jacksonville 32204
William G. Cole, AIA, 12 Linda Mar Drive, St. Augustine Beach
Edgar L. Coleman, AIA, 8449 Glade Lane, Jacksonville 32217
John M. Creamer, AIA, Post Office Box 4850, Jacksonville 32201
Edgar M. Crenshaw, AIA, 4057 Carmichael Ave., Jacksonville 32207
Suzanne Morgan Daly, AIA, 58 Fisherman's Cove, Ponte Vedra
Beach 32082 (904)285-7350
Robert F. Darby, AIA, P.O. Box 4850, Jacksonville 32201
John E. Davie, AIA, 2223 Astor Street, Portofino 2, Orange Park
Howard Wilton Davis, AIA, 24 Cathedral Place, Suite 406,
St. Augustine 32084 (904)824-0471
L. Linn Day, AIA, 407 Timber Lane, Sewickley 15143 (412)741-7946
John J. Diamond, AIA, 1652 Shirl Lane, Jacksonville 32207
Walter D. Domingos, Jr., AIA, 2810 Yale Avenue, Jacksonville 32210

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

H. Lamar Drake, AIA, 1636 Shadowood Lane, Suite 106, Jacksonville
32207 (904)398-6763
Spyros D. Drivas, AIA, 501 West State Street F.Jr.C., Jacksonville
Sylvester A. Dulgeroff, AIA, 1153 Catalina Road East, Jacksonville
32216 (904)356-5503
William P. J. Ebert, AIA, 220 East Forsyth Street, Jacksonville 32202
Dorian L. Eng, AIA, 2965 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville 32205
David L. Engdahl, AIA, 720 Gilmore St. Haskell Co., Jacksonville
32204 (904)358-1600
Floyd 0. Erich, AIA, 4310 NW 65th Terrace, Gainesville (904)358-
John A. Fischer, AIA, 720 Gilmore St., Jacksonville 32204
George R. Fisher, AIA, 1710 Shadowood Lane, Suite 230,
Jacksonville 32207 (904)398-1011
Matt A. Flach, AIA, 3287 Hermitage Rd. East, Jacksonville 32211
Norman H. Freedman, AIA, 3604 Darnall Place, Jacksonville 32217
Allen D. Frye, AIA, 3221 Park Street, Jacksonville 32205
J. Patrick Fugeman, AIA, 838 Florida National Bank Bldg.,
Jacksonville 32202
James L. Garland, AIA, 10105 Leisure Lane, North, Jacksonville
32216 (904)791-2251
Carl D. Garlington, AIA, 2828 El Dorado Avenue, Jacksonville 32210
Dan E. Glenn, AIA, F.P.O. Cincus Naveur, Box 8, New York 09510
W. Stanly Gordon, AIA, 2614 Independent Square, Suite, Jacksonville
32202 (904)355-0440
Charles D. Grant, AIA, 1784 Peachtree Rd. NW, Atlanta, GA 30309
John P. Graves, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Joseph W. Griffin, AIA, P.O. Box 4850, Jacksonville 32201
Russell Gustafson, AIA, 1539 Parental Home Road, Jacksonville
32216 (904)724-5911
J. Brooks Haas, AIA, 3740 Beach Blvd., Suite 201, Jacksonville
32207 (904)396-4478
Taylor Hardwick, AIA, 7933 Baymeadows Way, Suite #9,
Jacksonville 32216 (904)731-1515
J. B. Harms, AIA, 6732 Oakwood Drive, Jacksonville 32211
Thorolf Heinrichs, AIA, P.O. Box 81, Middleburg 32068
Warren C. Hendry, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Robert D. Hoenshel, AIA, 1384 San Mateo Avenue, Jacksonville
Christopher N. Holmes, AIA, 3907 Gadsden Road, Jacksonville
32207 (904)358-1600
Howard H. Humburg, AIA, 7820 Arlington Expressway, Jacksonville
32216 (904)725-1889
Allen Isaac, AIA, 148 Heather Way, Orange Park 32073
Robert E. Kelly, AIA, 1840 Southside Boulevard, Jacksonville 32216
James 0. Kemp, AIA, 4151 Woodcock Dr. #100, Jacksonville 32207
Richard G. King, AIA, 718 Sixth Avenue, North, Jacksonville Beach
32250 (904)354-7728
Donald C. Kluge, AIA, 838 Edward Ball Building, Jacksonville 32202
Christian W. Kuhn, AIA, 1158 Greenridge Road, Jacksonville 32207
David M. Laffitte, Jr., AIA, 791 Tremont Ave. Apt. 118 West, Boston,
Mass. 02118
Jeremiah K. Lahey, AIA, 754 Florida Nat'l Bank Bldg., Jacksonville
32210 (904)354-7728
Dennis R. Lane, AIA, 754 Florida Nat'l Bank Bldg., Jacksonville
32202 (904)354-7728
Stephen F. Lazar, AIA, 1223 King St., Jacksonville 32204 (904)387-

Catherine D. Lee, AIA, 2111 Corporate Square Blvd., Jacksonville
32216 (904)721-2111
Robert D. Lee, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Duane W. Leuthold, AIA, 4401 Emerson Street, Jacksonville 32207
William Alfred Leuthold, AIA, 4401 Emerson Street, Jacksonville
32207 (904)398-2902
Robert M. Lurie, AIA, 4151 Woodcock Drive, Suite 101, Jacksonville
32207 (904)396-0289
William L. Lyle, AIA, 2831 Chelton Road, Jacksonville 32216
William H. Marshall, AIA, 2414 Kellow Circle, Jacksonville 32216
Thomas A. McCrary, Jr., AIA, 220 East Forsyth Street, Jacksonville
32202 (904)356-4195
Patrick Ray McDonald, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
James A. McDonald, AIA, 1539 Parental Home Road, Jacksonville
32216 (904)724-5911
Byron Mclntyre, AIA, Post Office Box 4850, Jacksonville 32216
Ben F. McMurry, Jr., AIA, Post Ofice Box 4850, Jacksonville 32201
Radhe S. Mittal, AIA, 5023 Somersby Road, Jacksonville 32217
Don R. Morgan, AIA, Post Office Box Drawer 1208, Keystone Height,
32656 (904)282-1400
William T. Morris, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Robert E. Olden, AIA, 9454 Conifer Road, Jacksonville 32217
Harleston G. Parkes, AIA, 13936 Ketch Cove Place, Jacksonville
32216 (904)387-4722
Charles E. Pattillo, AIA, 1636 Shadowood Lane Suite 106,
Jacksonville 32207 (904)398-6763
Jose M. Perez, AIA, 9088 Golfside Drive, Jacksonville 32216
Larry N. Ponder, AIA, 838 Florida Nat'l Bank Bldg., Jacksonville
32202 (904)354-7728
Theodore C. Poulos, AIA, 3706 Buckskin Trail East, Jacksonville
32211 (904)398-1128
James Frank Price, AIA, 4019 Blvd. Center Drive, Jacksonville 32201
Richard E. Pryor, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Frederick N. Reed, Jr., AIA, 3740 Beach Blvd. Ste. 201, Jacksonville
32207 (904)354-4478
Richard T. Reep, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Tom Reynolds, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
William K. Rinaman, AIA, 3661 Jose Terrace, Jacksonville 32216
James E. Rink, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Albert F. Rodriguez, AIA, 4455 Confederate Point Rd., #7F,
Jacksonville 32210 (904)353-5581
Joanna Cenci Rodriguez, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
John W. Ruth, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Charles B. Salem, AIA, 949 Overlook Drive, Jacksonville 32211
Jack 0. Sanders, AIA, 6737 Southpoint Dr. S., Jacksonville 32216
Bernard D. Santos, AIA, 1901 N. 1st Street #202, Jacksonville Beach
32250 (904)241-3497
Daniel J. Schaefer, AIA, 4431 Worth Drive West, Jacksonville 32207
Jeffrey E. Schaefer, AIA, 1106 Park Avenue, Orange Park 32073
G. Edward Shafer, AIA, 110 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville 32202
James E. Shelley, AIA, Post Office Box 4850, Jacksonville 32201

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Frank D. Shumer, AIA, 4490 Southside Blvd., Jacksonville 32216
Albert L. Smith, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Jack W. Smith, AIA, Post Office Box 4850, Jacksonville 32201
Kenneth Ray Smith, AIA, 2614 Independent Square, Jacksonville
32202 (904)355-0440
J. Douglas Snead, Jr., AIA, 7601 Alton Avenue, Jacksonville 32211
Willis L. Stephens, AIA, 594 South Edgewood Avenue, Jacksonville
32205 (904)388-6404
John P. Stevens, AIA, 434 Orange Avenue, Jacksonville 32211
Augusto U. Suarez, AIA, 9983 Merlin Drive East, Jacksonville 32217
Walter Q. Taylor, AIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Donald Eliot Thompson, AIA, 534 Laurel Grove Lane, Orange Park
32073 (904)356-9491
H. S. Thorsen, AIA, 627 Florida Nat'l Bank Bldg., Jacksonville 32202
David S. Tillotson, AIA, 1724 Orlando Cr. S., Jacksonville 32216
Corneil E. Torbert, AIA, Rm. 200 218 W. Adams St., Jacksonville
32202 (904)353-4589
John W. Totty, AIA, 819 Palermo Road, Jacksonville 32216
Rick Lane Traylor, AIA, 5075 Lincolnshire Road, Jacksonville 32217
Daniel M. Urbanus, AIA, P.O. Box 4850, Jacksonville 32201
Richard J. Veenstra, AIA, 415 East Monroe Street, Jacksonville 32202
William E. Wallace, AIA, 627 Florida Nat'l Bank Bldg., Jacksonville
32202 (904)356-9154
Lea Wells, AIA, 66 Hypolita Street, St. Augustine 32084
Lynwood G. Willis, AIA, 415 East Monroe Street, Jacksonville 32202
Robert C. Wise, AIA, 1515 Goodwin Street, Jacksonville 32204
Thomas A. Woodruff, AIA, 947 Greenridge Road, Jacksonville 32207
Robert D. Woolverton, AIA, 3551 St. Johns Avenue, Jacksonville
32205 (904)384-7359
Emilio Zeller, Ill, AIA, 1000 Riverside Avenue #600, Jacksonville
32204 (904)355-3758
John Zona, AIA, 720 Gilmore St., Jacksonville 32204
Samuel J. Arrowood, 133 J. Patterson Drive, Jacksonville 32204
William H. Bishop, 9645 Baymeadows Rd. #785, Jacksonville 32216
W. J. Clark, Jr., 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202 (904)356-9491
Matthew D. Connolly, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
John M. Cotner, NCS/G Arch. Inc. Amelia Is. Plan., Amelia Island
32034 (904)261-7124
Lisa Cotten, P.O. Box 458, Orange Park 32067 (904)396-2011
Gonzola I. Gaitan, 200 E. Forsyth Street, Jacksonville 32202
Garry Gerard, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202 (904)356-9491
Kim S. Goos, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Emil J. Handzel, 9735 Macarthur Court South, Jacksonville 32216
William W. Kilgore, 133 J. Patterson Drive, Jacksonville 32205
Melody S. Linger, 101 Century 21 Dr. Ste. 215, Jacksonville 32216
Mark T. Longfellow, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Gary L. McDonald, 7601 Alton Avenue, Jacksonville 32211
Harry R. Overly, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Robert B. Stewart, P.O. Box 4850, Jacksonville 32201 (904)396-2011
Janice R. Young, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202 (904)356-9491

William K. Jackson, .510 Julia St., Jacksonville 32202 (904)356-9491
F. Stewart Roberts, 838 Edward Ball Bldg., Jacksonville 32202
Walter B. Schultz, 5536 Clifton Road, Jacksonville 32211
Franklin S. Bunch, FAIA, 510 Julia Street, Jacksonville 32202
Charles E. King, FAIA, 218 W. Adams St., Jacksonville 32202
William N. Morgan, FAIA, 220 East Forsyth Street, Jacksonville 32202
Ted P. Pappas, FAIA, P.O. Box 41245, Jacksonville (904)353-5581
George Peter L. Rumpel, FAIA, 2063 Oak Street, Jacksonville 32204
Herschel E. Shephard, Jr., FAIA, 2111 Corporate Sq. Blvd., Jackson-
ville 32216 (904)721-2111
Ivan H. Smith, FAIA, 6000 San Jose Blvd. Apt 2-A, Jacksonville

Mid-Florida Chapter

Guy Butler, AIA
201 E. Pine, Suite 602
Orlando, Florida 32801
Richard Zipperly, AIA
P.O. Box 1471
Orlando, Florida 32802
Brooks Weiss, AIA
69 East Pine Street
Orlando, Florida 32801
Douglas Walton, AIA
P.O. Box 5688
Orlando, Florida 32805

Lawrence H. Adams, Jr., AIA, 201 E. Pine St., #1424, Orlando 32801
Clyde A. Allen, AIA, Post Office Box 69, Cocoa 32922 (305)632-4681
F. Donald Allison, AIA, 1004 E. South St., Orlando 32801
Bruce K. Andersen, AIA, 889 N. Orange Ave., Orlando 32801
A. E. Arthur, Jr., AIA, 301 N. Fern Creek Avenue, Orlando 32803
John K. Awsumb, AIA, 500 S. Magnolia Ave., Orlando 32801
Richard N. Awsumb, Jr., AIA, 635 Swallow Drive, Casselberry 32707
Forrest L. Bailey, AIA, 131 Columbus Circle, Longwood 32750
L. E. Bebermeyer, AIA, 7120 Lake Ellenor Drive, Orlando 32809
Alan B. Berman, AIA, 723 East Colonial Drive, Orlando 32803

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

D. T. Black, AIA, 100 Starling Lane, Longwood 32751 (305)862-3794
Bruce G. Blackman, AIA, 301-B Park Ave. N., Winter Park 32789
Nelson Blankenship, Jr., AIA, 431 E. Central Blvd., Suite 220,
Orlando 32801 (305)841-5050
A. Oru Bose, AIA, 180 Park Avenue, N., Suite D, Winter Park 32789
Walter C. Bowman, AIA, 7001 N. Atlantic Ave., Cape Canaveral
32920 (305)783-0700
James R. Boyce, AIA, 11801 S. Apopka-Vineland Road, Orlando
Clyde A. Brady III, AIA, 600 Courtland Street, Suite 380, Orlando
32804 (305)645-3495
Charles S. Braun, AIA, 1155 Louisiana Avenue, Suite 101, Winter
Park 32789 (305)644-2656
Erik J. Briffault, AIA, 96-06 66th Ave., Apt. 1-A, Rego Park, NY 11374
Gary F. Brock, AIA, 200 E. Robinson, Suite 1140, Orlando 32801
Benjamin P. Butera, AIA, 400 N. New York Ave., Winter Park 32789
Richard G. A. Butler, AIA, 201 E. Pine, Suite 602, Orlando 32801
Brian C. Canin, AIA, 201 East Pine Street, Orlando 32801
Jay G. Carroll, AIA, Post Office Box 203, Maitland 32751
Roger F. Cartwright, AIA, 400 E. Colonial Dr., Orlando 32803
Bienvenido N. Celones, AIA, 204 Doverwood Road, Fern Park 32730
James A. Chandonia, AIA, 201 E. Pine Street, #500, Orlando 32801
Charles L. Charlan, Jr., AIA, 200 E. Robinson, Suite 1140, Orlando
32801 (305)841-9157
William C. Charvat, AIA, 1155 Louisiana Avenue, Suite 101, Winter
Park 32789 (305)644-2656
Norbert F. Chmieliesky, AIA, 212 Harrogate PI., Longwood 32750
Gary S. Cox, AIA, 2300 Maitland Cntr. Pkwy. #320, Maitland 32751
William A. Cox, AIA, 200B East Marks Street, Orlando 32803
Henry D'Amico, AIA, 709 Florida Avenue, Cocoa 32922
Leonard R. Davis, AIA, 1505 E. Colonial Dr. #100, Orlando 32803
Robert W. DeBoard, AIA, 3309 Cullen Lake Shore Drive, Orlando
32809 (305)859-8380
John P. DeLoe, AIA, 1410 Casa Rio Drive, Orlando 32807
P. Donovan Dean, AIA, 615 N. Magnolia Avenue, Orlando 32801
Gerald S. Deni, AIA, 5796 Valerian Blvd., Orlando 32811
John S. Dickerson, AIA, Post Office Box 2226, Leesburg 32748
Leslie Divoll, AIA, 122 North Orange Ave., Suite B, Orlando 32801
William B. Doan, AIA, 2776 Pembroke Road, Melbourne 32935
James M. Dorsey, AIA, 1155 Louisiana Ave., #101, Winter Park
32789 (305)644-2656
John Dragash, AIA, 145 Lincoln Ave., Winter Park 32789
C. A. Ellingham, AIA, 1108 New York Avenue, North, Winter Park
32789 (305)628-0620
Donald F. Evans, AIA, 131 Park Lake Street, Orlando 32803
Leonard Feinberg, AIA, 600 South Orlando Ave. #201, Maitland
32751 (305)628-2412
Stephen Feller, AIA, 238 Park Avenue, North, Winter Park 32789
Theodore G. Fery, AIA, 2720 Santos Place, Orlando 32806
David R. Fiebach, AIA, 1205 Webster St., Leesburg 32748
William G. Foss, AIA, 7120 Lake Ellenor Drive, Orlando 32809
Gary J. Frick, AIA, 1200 Edgewater Drive, Orlando 32804

Lyle P. Fugleberg, AIA, 1660 East Amelia, Orlando 32803
William Leonard Gabriel, AIA, 605 E. Robinson Street, #230, Orlando
32801 (305)425-2431
Richard L. Gaines, AIA, 585 Osceola Ct., Winter Park 32789
Keshavji R. Gala, AIA, 932 North Hyer Avenue, Orlando 32803
Louis C. George, AIA, 909-A West Magnolia, Leesburg 32748
Steven Jerome Gertel, AIA, 173 Tollgate Branch, Longwood 32750
Ernest G. Godyn, AIA, 6022 Hardrock Cr., Orlando 32811
Hubert A. Gonzalez, AIA, 1350 Guinevere Drive, Casselberry 32707
David L. Goodwin, AIA, 3911 Newberry Road, Gainesville 32607
Michael Lee Gordon, AIA, P.O. Box 867, Mount Dora 32757
Thomas Flournoy Griffin, AIA, 2102 Bryon Road, Winter Park 32792
Melville Grove, AIA, Manivest Bldg. 424 4th Ave., Indialantic 32903
Carl 0. Gutmann, Jr., AIA, 101 Wymore Rd. Suite 11, Altamonte
Springs 32701 (305)869-6700
Norman E. Hallock, 2434 Hollingsworth Hill Ave., Lakeland 33803
Donald R. Hampton, AIA, 1460 West Fairbanks Avenue, Winter Park
32789 (305)644-2606
Arthur Hargrove, Jr., AIA, 118 S. Indian Circle, Cocoa 32922
William H. Harmon, AIA, Post Office Box 114, Palm Bay 32905
Robert A. Harris, AIA, 1218 Alabama Drive, Winter Park 32789
Bernard P. Harter II, AIA, 1284 West Fairbanks Avenue, Winter Park
32789 (305)647-5767
Bruce Hartwigsen, AIA, 145 Lincoln Avenue, Winter Park 32789
Jerome Headley, AIA, 69 East Pine St., Orlando 32801
Wayne D. Heasley, AIA, 3200 Chelsea Avenue, Orlando 32803
William T. Hegert, AIA, 3512 Deerfield Rd., Casselberry 32707
Alan C. Helman, AIA, 1155 Louisiana Avenue, Suite 101, Winter Park
32789 (305)644-2656
Frank A. Herrera, AIA, Post Office Box 1525, Melbourne 32935
John A. Hollifield, AIA, 2331 Randall Road, Winter Park 32789
Tom R. Hunton, AIA, 600 Courtland Street, Suite 38, Orlando 32804
Thomas R. Hurley, AIA, Suite 101, 1155 Louisiana Avenue, Winter
Park 32789 (305)644-2656
Ellahi M. Ishteeaque, AIA, Box 144 UPM Box 1685 Dhahran, Saudia
Arabia ME656
Jerome Lew Jeffers, AIA, Post Office Box 790, Cocoa Beach 32931
Paul R. John, AIA, 644 Donnelley St., Mount Dora 32757
Harold W. Johnson, AIA, Post Office Box 40, Lake Buena Vista 32830
Everett R. Johnson, AIA, 431-E Central Blvd. #230, Orlando 32801
Nick A. Jones, AIA, 1330 Bowman Street, Clermont 32711
William L. Jordan, AIA, 2300 Maitland Center Pkwy. #320, Orlando
32751 (305)629-5757
Robert A. Koch, AIA, 1600 East Amelia Street, Orlando 32803
Andrew Kutz, AIA, 133 West Airport Rd., Sanford 32771
John B. Langley, AIA, Post Office Box 729, Winter Park 32789
Roger A. Leibin, AIA, 608 Florida Blvd., Altamonte Springs 32701
Richard L. Lemon, AIA, 2222 South Washington Avenue, Titusville
32780 (305)267-7972

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Ralph P. Lovelock, AIA, Post Office Box 730, Winter Park 32789
Ronald Lowry, AIA, Post Office Box 730, Winter Park 32790
John Lubenow, AIA, Post Office Box 8006, Orlando 32806
Donald L. Lurtz, AIA, 350 East Pine, Orlando 32801
H. James Malloy, AIA, 2519 Tuscarora Trail, Maitland 32751
Ronald G. Mauger, AIA, 140 Trismen Terrace, Winter Park 32789
George M. Megginson, AIA, 2222 South Washington Avenue,
Titusville 32780 (305)267-7972
George T. Middleton, AIA, 2156 Blossom Lane, Winter Park 32789
John A. Miller, AIA, 600 E. Gore Street, Orlando 32806
Gordon V. Monday, AIA, 1460 West Fairbanks Avenue, Winter Park
32789 (305)644-2606
Thomas D. Montero, AIA, 303 East Semoran Blvd. #328, Altamonte
Springs 32701 (305)339-5789
Thomas W. Moore, AIA, 140 North Westmonte Dr., Altamonte Springs
32701 (305)862-2424
William G. Moy, AIA, 1500 East Kaley Street, Orlando 32806
Mark P. Nasrallah, AIA, 200 W. Welbourne Ave. Suite 5, Winter Park
John H. Newlin, AIA, Suite 101, 1155 Louisiana Avenue, Winter Park
32789 (305)644-2656
Richard E. Nyros, AIA, 119 Shannon Drive, Sanford 32271
Charles O'Bryon, AIA, 5726 SW 36 Way, Gainesville 32608
Richard J. Ostrander, AIA, 2304 East Aloma Avenue, Winter Park
32792 (305)628-1959
John W. Page, AIA, 416 Fairfax Avenue, Winter Park 32789
H. Maxwell Parish, AIA, 1704 Shawnee Trail, Maitland 32757
John E. Pattinson, AIA, 455 S. Orange Ave. #400, Orlando 32801
Thomas E. Peacock, AIA, Suite 101, 1155 Louisiana Avenue, Winter
Park 32789 (305)644-2656
Calvin H. Peck, AIA, 2410 Shoreham Road, Orlando 32803
Sara Perez, AIA, P.O. Box 730, Winter Park 32790 (305)647-1039
Lonnie G. Peterson, AIA, 200 Metcalf Bldg.-100 S. Orange Ave.,
Orlando 32801 (305)422-4076
Roger A. Pierce, AIA, 200 West Welbourne Avenue, #5, Winter Park
William E. Poole, AIA, 400 E. Colonial Drive, Suite 1702, Orlando
32803 (305)841-0010
Traian J. Pop, AIA, 2812 Norris Avenue, Orlando 32803
George Powell, AIA, 1505 E. Colonial Dr., #100, Orlando 32803
Tom Price, AIA, 201 E. Pine St. Suite 500, Orlando 32801
Fred H. Pryor, AIA, 600 Courtland St. 380, Orlando 32804
Robert S. Rabits, AIA, 449 Homer Ave., Longwood 32750
Isaac S. K. Reeves V, AIA, 255 Sylvan Boulevard, Winter Park 32789
Wayne B. Richard, AIA, 758 E. Michigan, #196, Orlando 32806
John H. Rogers, AIA, Post Office Box 730, Winter Park 32789
William E. Rogers, AIA, 1402 Georgia Blvd., Orlando 32803
R. S. Rokicki, AIA, 206 Sweetwater Creek Dr., W., Longwood 32750
Herbert J. Sands, AIA, 2013 South Melbourne Court, Melbourne
32901 (305)727-7727
Mark Schweizer, Jr., AIA, Post Office Box 1471, Orlando 32802
Raymond Louis Scott, AIA, 69 East Pine, Orlando 32801

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Lawrance M. Shaw, AIA, 305 6th Ave., Melbourne Beach 32951
Kenneth Sheber, AIA, 139 Rosebriar Drive, Longwood 32750
Fred B. Shipman, AIA, 24 Gumtree Ct., Winter Springs 32708
Claude W. Shivers, AIA, 600 Courtland Street, Suite 380, Orlando
32804 (305)645-3495
Donald F. Sirine, AIA, 3104 Harrison Avenue, #D26, Orlando 32804
Rand J. Soellner, AIA, 369 Dolphin Rd., Winter Springs 32708
Edward A. Spelman, AIA, 69 East Pine, Orlando 32801
Richard T. Stagg, AIA, 8660 Astronaut Boulevard, Cape Canaveral
32920 (305)783-1320
L. Duane Stark, AIA, Post Office Box 1471, Orlando 32802
Peter N. Steigerwald, AIA, 1025 NASA Blvd., Melbourne 32919
R. Norman Stoehr, AIA, 101 Hillcrest Ave., West, Altamonte Springs
Robert L. Strobeck, AIA, 1200 Edgewater Drive, Orlando 32804
Craig A. Suman, AIA, 3275 Pineda Avenue, Melbourne 32935
Edward L. Thomas, AIA, 1401 Edgewater Drive, Orlando 32804
Tom E. Thomas, AIA, 201 East Pine #1424, Orlando 32801
Robert N. Thompson, AIA, Post Office Box 1176 E.G., Melbourne
32935 (305)242-1211
Robert C. Travelstead, AIA, 1517 S. Mills Avenue, Orlando 32806
James P. Ulrich, AIA, RFD 2, Plattsmouth 68048
Joseph R. Vislay, AIA, Post Office Box 1525, Melbourne 32935
Melissa A. Wade, AIA, 428 Wilderness Drive, Longwood 32750
Douglas E. Walton, Sr., AIA, Post Office Box 5688, Orlando 32805
Robert F. Webb, AIA, 854 Division Street, Oviedo 32765
K. Brooks Weiss, AIA, 69 East Pine, Orlando 32801 (305)841-1925
Joseph J. Williams, AIA, 329 Merrie Oaks Road, Winter Park 32792
Henry R. Wolf, AIA, 2310 Castlewood, Maitland 32751 (305)644-2656
E. Kayden Wood, AIA, 8660 Astronaut Boulevard, Cape Canaveral
32920 (305)783-1320
George E. Wood, AIA, 607 Desoto Street, Clairmont 32711
Robert E. Yohe, AIA, 891 Arapaho Trail, Maitland 32751
Downing B. Young, AIA, 649 North Mills Ave., Orlando 32803
Maria A. Zas, AIA, 817 Hollingsworth Rd., Lakeland 33801
Paul Gerard Zelones, AIA, 412 MacArthur Drive, Orlando 32809
Richard W. Zipperly, AIA, Post Office Box 1471, Orlando 32802

Robert L. Biscardi, 131 Strawberry Fields Place, Winter Park 32792
Stephen R. Cold, 200 West Welbourne Avenue, Winter Park 32789
William S. Cooper, 5735 Eggleston Avenue, Orlando 32810 (305)647-
Richard E. Forbes, 153 Pinecrest Drive, Sanford 32771 (305)322-
Michael J. Gallo, 230 SW Ethel Circle, Palm Bay 32905 (305)242-.
Soo Chang Huh, 375 Newfound Harbor Drive, Merritt Island 32952
David B. Hunter, 5231 Kailua Lane, Orlando 32812 (305)897-1566
Craig J. Kosuta, P.O. Box 6005, Orlando 32853 (305)423-0627
Patrick Laughlin, 35 Patrick Lane, Rockledge 32955 (305)254-7666
William G. Morthland, 542 Spanish Trace Dr., Altamonte Springs
32701 (305)629-5757

William A. Nassal, 540 Douglas Ave., Altamonte Springs 32701
Donald G. Nord, 7007 Sea World Drive, Orlando 32809 (305)351-
Craig Rader, 600 Courtland Street, Suite 380, Orlando 32804
Randy Reyna, 4841 Sandbar Willow Court, Orlando 32805 (305)423-
Stuart Ivan Seidman, 69 East Pine Street, Orlando 32801 (305)841-
Francis P. Shaw, 462 Victor Avenue, Longwood 32750 (305)647-1223
Thomas F. Troy, Jr., 387 Spanish Trace Drive, Altamonte Springs
32701 (305)862-7385
Richard Jourdan Waterhouse, 7007 Sea World Drive, Orlando 32809
Robert B. Murphy, 1010 Valencia Avenue, Orlando 32804
Richard Boone Roger, 511 North Mills Avenue, Orlando 32805
James Gamble Rogers, P.O. Drawer 730, Winter Park 32790
Rhoderic F. Taylor, 253 E. Newhaven Ave., Melbourne 32901
Clifford H. Warriner, 1041 Cottontail Lane, Maitland 32789
John T. Watson, 8982 LeValley Court, Orlando 32811
Professional Affiliates
Laura M. Bailey, 201 East Pine Street, Suite, 420, Orlando 32801
William H. Baker, 820 South Denning Drive, Winter Park 32789
Kerry Blind, 301-B Park Avenue North, Winter Park 32789
Robert Braun, Post Office Box 7755, Orlando 32854 (305)425-7921
Carl G. Carlander, 124 Live Oaks Blvd., Casselberry 32707 (305)339-
Gary E. Chase, 1210 Edgewater Drive, Orlando 32804
Ned Chatelain, 8100 Presidents Drive, Orlando 32809
Barbara McCarty Cofer, 950 East Eau Gallie Blvd., Indian Harbor
Beach 32937 (305)773-5066
T. Lynn Craven, 1597 Grove Park Shopping Plaza, Lakeland 33801
Rosemary H. Gillett, Post Office Box 1361, Winter Park 32789
Donald L. Goulet, 3794A Silver Star Rd., Orlando 32808
George W. Grant, 1210 Edgewater Drive, Orlando 32804 (305)425-
Frederick Halback, 112 E. Concord, Orlando 32801 (305)422-1449
Janis L. Harlan, 3615 Palm Ave., Apopka 32703
Donna Kirby, One Purlieu Place # 268, Winter Park 32793 (305)671-
James W. Kuhlmann, 5985 Windhover Drive, Orlando 32805
Penelope E. Patterson, Post Office Box 2688, Orlando 32802
Christopher Raleigh, 122 North Orange Ave., Orlando 32801
Mike Segal, Post Office Box 4419, Winter Park 32793 (305)671-4433
Angus Smith, S.E. Bank Bldg. #602/201 E. Pine, Orlando 32801
Thomas A. Williams, 201 East Pine St., Suite 420, Orlando 32801
Howard B. Bochiardy, FAIA, Post Office Box 8006, Orlando 32806
Arthur H. Hoag, Jr., FAIA, 1200 Edgewater Drive, Orlando 32804
Charles H. MacMahon, Jr., FAIA, Post Office Box 1630, Deland
32720 (904)736-2810
Nils M. Schweizer, FAIA, Post Office Box 1471, Orlando 32802 (305)

Palm Beach Chapter


Larry Schneider, AIA
115 Woodland Rd.
Palm Springs, Florida 33461
Philip Steel, AIA
100 N. County Rd.
Palm Beach, Florida 33480
Stephen Yeckes, AIA
784 U.S. Hwy. 1, Suite 16
North Palm Beach, Florida 33408
Randy Hansen, AIA
860 N. Federal Hwy.
North Palm Beach, Florida 33408

Spanish River Section

William Romberger, AIA
2411 N.W. 29 Rd.
Boca Raton, Florida 33444
Kenneth J. Hirsch, AIA
2200 Glades Rd., Suite 302
Boca Raton, Florida 33431
Paul Slattery, AIA
2101 N.W. 2 Ave.
Boca Raton, Florida 33432

Stephen L. Abshire, AIA, 6444 La Costa Dr., #205, Boca Raton
33433 (305)392-7380
James H. Anstis, AIA, 333 Southern Boulevard, West Palm Beach,
33405 (305)655-2540
Rudolph M. Arsenicos, AIA, 2560 RCA Blvd., Suite 106, Palm Beach
Gardens 33410 (305)627-6000
Frederick L. Astle, AIA, P.O. Box 6019, Lake Worth 33461
Dwight R. Baber, AIA, 712 Ardmore Road, West Palm Beach 33401
John G. Baccari, AIA, 1200 NW 2nd Ave., Suite C, Boca Raton
B. Jeffrey Backman, AIA, 8895 N. Military Trail, Bldg. D, #201, Palm
Beach Gardens 33410 (305)627-0336
James H. Ballou, AIA, 1023 Casuarina Rd., Apt. 3, Delray Beach
33444 (305)368-5577

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

James T. Barretta, AIA, 400 S. Dixie Hwy., Bldg. 2, Suite 210, Boca
Raton 33432 (305)368-2220
Robert Leslie Bell, AIA, 316 Monceaux Road, West Palm Beach
33405 (305)655-9673
Lowry M. Bell, Jr., AIA, 209 Banyah Rd., Palm Beach 33480
Ted Bessette, AIA, 425 NW 12th Ave., Boca Raton 33432
William A. Black, AIA, 748 Tradewind Drive, North Palm Beach 33408
Roland E. Borglund, 825 Parkway St., Suite 10, Jupiter 33458
Stephen Lynn Boruff, AIA, 10800 N. Military Trail Suite 219, Palm
Beach Gardens 33410 (305)627-2244
William W. Brainard, AIA, 206 Arlington Road, West Palm Beach
33405 (305)832-5030
Digby Carswell Bridges, AIA, 124 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach
33444 (305)278-1388
Ben F. Britt, AIA, 402 East Parkway, Stuart 33494 (305)283-7633
Robert Lloyd Britt, AIA, 3669 SE Salerno Road, Stuart 33494
Steven J. Bruh, AIA, 5307 45th Street, West Palm Beach 33407
Kemp Caler, AIA, 361 South County Road, Palm Beach 33480
Robert J. Ceravolo, AIA, 715 S. Wymore Rd. #3, Altamonte Springs
32701 (305)788-1163
Howard Chilton, AIA, 446 Brazilian Avenue, Palm Beach 33480
Michael S. Christensen, 5134 Palm Ridge Blvd., Delray Beach 33445
Michael P. Corbett, AIA, 6662 Westview Drive, Lantana 33462
Philip A. Crannell, Jr., AIA, 2090 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., West Palm
Beach 33409 (305)683-3301
Robert G. Currie, AIA, 355 NE 5th Ave., Suite 6, Delray Beach 33444
Edson E. Dailey, Jr., AIA, 433 Nottingham Boulevard, West Palm
Beach 33405 (305)832-5599
George C. Davis, AIA, Post Office Box 1000, Boynton Beach 33435
Theodore E. Davis, AIA, 10385 Ironwood Road, Palm Beach Gardens
33410 (305)622-2236
Armando A. Dehesa, AIA, 1420 NW 2nd Ave., Boca Raton 33432
David N. Deinard, AIA, 4 Palm Road, Jensen Beach 33457
Donald R. Edge, AIA, 444 Bunker Road, West Palm Beach 33405
Joanna Frost-Golino, AIA, 1500 North Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach
33480 (305)844-5536
Stephen J. Ginocchio, AIA, 2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., #301,
West Palm Beach 33401 (305)686-4405
Benjamin J. Glidden, AIA, 2000 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, West
Palm Beach 33409 (305)684-6841
Angel E. Goitia, AIA, 190 Woodland Rd., Palm Springs 33461
William F. Gossett, AIA, 631 36th Street, West Palm Beach 33407
Richard S. Granfield, AIA, One East Ocean Boulevard, Suite 002,
Jensen Beach 33457 (305)283-6032
Joseph A. Hamzy, Jr., AIA, 340 Royal Palm Way, Palm Beach 33480
Randolph C. Hansen, AIA, 860 N. Federal Highway, North Palm
Beach 33408 (305)626-6223
William A. Hanser, AIA, 340 Royal Palm Way, Palm Beach 33480
F. Jack Harden, AIA, 7980 Edgewater Dr., West Palm Beach 33406
Glen P. Harris, AIA, 1308 13th Court, Palm Beach Gardens 33401
Kenneth J. Hirsch, AIA, 2200 Glades Road, Boca Raton 33431
Lindley M.F. Hoffman, AIA, 211 Bermuda Lane, Palm Beach 33480
L. Edward Hoon, AIA, 3725 SE Ocean Blvd. #200, Stuart 33494

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Kenneth Jacobson, AIA, 342 SW 1st Ave., Delray Beach 33444
Lorne C. Johnston, AIA, 1280 Singer Dr., Singer Island 33404
Christopher M. Jones, AIA, 911 Ninth Court, Palm Beach Gardens
33410 (305)627-2244
Paul Douglas Kelley, AIA, 1027 SW Spruce Street, Palm City 33490
Eugene Lawrence, AIA, 205 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach 33480
James K. Lee, AIA, 4440 PGA Blvd., #601, Palm Beach Gardens
33410 (305)622-7550
Howarth L. Lewis, Jr., AIA, 501 South Flagler Drive, West Palm
Beach 33401 (305)655-4063
Jeffrey K. Lowe, AIA, 415 Nottingham Blvd., West Palm Beach 33405
Philip F. Luchner, AIA, 784 U.S. Highway #1, North Palm Beach
33408 (305)626-0400
J. Patrick Lynch, AIA, 311 E. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton 33432
John B. Marion, AIA, 1551 Forum Place, Suite 400A, West Palm
Beach 33401 (305)683-7000
Edwin Alexander Martin, AIA, 3725 SE Ocean Blvd. #200, Stuart
33494 (305)286-1141
Howard E. McCall, AIA, 311 E. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton
33432 (305)395-1543
Paul A. McKinley, AIA, Spanish River Plaza, Suite 10, Boca Raton
33432 (305)391-2020
Douglas McNeill, AIA, 2267 NW 30 Road, Boca Raton 33431
Ronald H. Miller, AIA, 40 Southeast Sixth Street, Boca Raton 33432
Ralph S. Moe, Jr., AIA, 1122 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth 33460
Fitzhugh L. Morris, AIA, 3408 South 55 Ave., Lake Worth 33463
Harry G. Morris, AIA, 4105A Palm Bay Circle, West Palm Beach
33406 (305)686-7931
Paul E. Neff, AIA, 1101 Belmont Place, Palm Beach 33405
Sidney K. Neill, AIA, Post Office Box 2837, Palm Beach 33480
Emily V. Obst, AIA, 2326 South Congress Avenue, West Palm Beach
33406 (305)964-8700
Harold A. Obst, AIA, 2326 South Congress Avenue, West Palm
Beach 33406 (305)964-8700
Ed Oliver, AIA, 2000 W. Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., West Palm Beach
33409 (305)684-6841
Jeffrey A. Ornstein, AIA, 333 Southern Blvd., Suite 203, West Palm
Beach 33405 (305)655-2540
Joseph J. Paluga, AIA, 1551 Forum Place Suite 400A, West Palm
Beach 33401 (305)683-7000
R. Carroll Peacock, AIA, 501 South Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach
33401 (305)655-4063
Herbert A. Pecht, Jr., AIA, 1129 Okeechobee Rd., West Palm Beach
33401 (305)832-5501
Robert F. Petersen, AIA, 618 Macy Street, West Palm Beach 33405
John A. Petrekus, AIA, 885 E. Sumter Rd., West Palm Beach 33406
Angelo A. Poblete, AIA, 2535 Pepperwood Circle, Lake Park 33410
Fred J. Popper, AIA, Bldg. 1, Apt. 8, 800 North Fork Rd., Stuart
33495 (305)287-6000
Joseph Rainwater, AIA, P.O. Box 3257 Lantana, N. Palm Beach
33465 (305)626-1133
Robert W. Richardson, AIA, 157 Everglade Avenue, Palm Beach
Norman Robson, AIA, 700 Chillingworth Drive, West Palm Beach
33409 (305)683-5050
William A. Romberger, AIA, 2411 NW 29 Road, Boca Raton 33444
Kenneth Rubsamen, AIA, 250 Royal Court, Delray Beach 33444
Richard L. San Giovanni, AIA, 5601 Corporate Way, #314, West
Palm Beach 33407 (305)689-4020
Richard A. Schmidt, AIA, 3253-3 Kirk Rd., Lake Worth 33461
Larry M. Schneider, AIA, 115 Woodland Road, Palm Springs 33461

Ronald D. Schwab, AIA, 340 Royal Palm Way, Palm Beach 33480
Lawrence N. Sehres, AIA, 940 Sweetwater Lane, Boca Raton 33431
John T. Shoup, Jr., AIA, 500 NE Spanish River Blvd. #10, Boca
Raton 33432 (305)391-2020
Roy M. Simon, AIA, 100 NE Fifth Avenue, Suite 2A, Delray Beach
Paul Slattery, AIA, 2101 NW 2 Ave., Boca Raton 33432
Donald E. Small, AIA, 825 Alamanda Drive, North Palm Beach 33408
Kenardon M. Spina, AIA, 2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. #301, West
Palm Beach 33409 (305)686-4405
Herbert Staruch, AIA, 11 S. Gateway, Toms River 08753
Philip Steel, AIA, 100 North County Road, Palm Beach 33480
James M. Stergas, AIA, 825 Parkway St., Suite 10, Jupiter 33458
F. Kirk Stetson, AIA, 339 Hunter Street, West Palm Beach 33405
Charles R. Stinson, AIA, 742 NE Commercial St., Jensen Beach
33457 (305)334-2502
Dimiter Stoyanoff, AIA, 4115 SE Jib Lane, Stuart 33494
Alan M. Strassler, AIA, 1145 Rainwood Circle, Palm Beach Gardens
33410 (305)627-0336
Jerry D. Tillinger, AIA, 2021 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach
33409 (305)689-5566
Charles M. Toner, AIA, 11211 Prosperity Farms Rd. #104, Palm
Beach Gardens 33410
Paul M. Twitty, AIA, 340 Royal Palm Way, Palm Beach 33480
Ronald L. Uphoff, AIA, 2000 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd-501, West Palm
Beach 33409 (305)686-9100
James B. VanderMale, AIA, 1123 SW 35th St., Palm City 33490
Emery G. Vass, AIA, 1763-4 Florida Mango Rd., Palm Beach 33409
Robert L. Vickers, AIA, 219 North Ware Drive, West Palm Beach
33409 (305)655-4063
John L. Volk, AIA, 206 Phipps Plaza, Palm Beach 33480
Ervin, G. VonWald, AIA, 932 North Federal, Lake Worth 33460
George K. Wasser, AIA, 7544 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth 33463
John T. Wasukanis, AIA, P.O. Box 2429, West Palm Beach 33402
Richard A. Wensing, AIA, 2405 Mercer Ave., #8, West Palm Beach
33401 (305)659-1788
Armin Wessel, AIA, 522 Driftwood Road, North Palm Beach 33408
Larry J. Winker, AIA, 1499 W. Palmetto Pk. Rd., Boca Raton 33432
Edward W. Winter, AIA, 2021 Broward Avenue, West Palm Beach
33407 (305)655-3339
Stephan A. Yeckes, AIA, 784 U.S. Highway One, North Palm Beach
33408 (305)626-0402
Philip L. Zentz, AIA, 340 Royal Palm Way, Palm Beach 33480
Jacqueline Albarran, 102 N. County Rd., Palm Beach 33480
Mark B. Beatty, 5657 Chase Court, West Palm Beach 33406
Robert Bransome, P.O. Box 12337, Lake Park 33403 (305)848-0142
David C. Buergler, 19113 Fernwood Drive, Tequesta 33458
Donna S. Coen, 401 Executive Center #H-210, West Palm Beach
33401 (305)848-9661
Thaddeus L. Cohen, 554 NW 47th Avenue, Delray Beach 33444
Pedro I. Corrales, 1258 Fernlea Drive, West Palm Beach 33409
Eugene R. Fagan, 501 S. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach 33401
Samuel J. Ferreri, 2180-C White Pine Circle, West Palm Beach 33401

Ken Ferruggia, AS, 4302 Kent Ave., Lake Worth 33161
David A. Gonin, 132 Wettaw Lane Villa, #117, N. Palm Beach 33408
Charles F. Gronauer, 9156 Green Meadows Way, Palm Beach
Gardens 33410 (305)627-1234
Maynard C. Hamblin, 501 South Flagler Drive, Suite 500, West Palm
Beach 33401 (305)655-4063
Lawrence Janssen, 5251 NE 15th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale 33334
Joan Jefferson, 407 Atlanta Avenue, Stuart 33494 (305)287-5755
Ervin L. Keel, 4455 Westroads Drive, West Palm Beach 33407
Freddy T. Lee, 25 E. Ocean Blvd., Suite 200, Jensen Beach 33457
Daniel J. Loos, RR 3, White Birch Rd., East Hampton 06424
Joseph P. McCarty, 2 Knowles Road, Jensen Beach 33457
Mitchell O'Neil, 784 U.S. Hwy. 1, North Palm Beach 33408
Eugene Pandula, P.O. Box 2105, Palm Beach 33480 (305)683-1198
John C. Sagin, Jr., 325 Gatling Court, West Palm Beach 33406
William J. Schimpf, 2738 North Military Trail #99, West Palm Beach
33406 (305)689-4020
Daniel F. Seggebruch, 6808 SW 42 Place, Apt. D, Gainesville 32608
Edward H. Sheahan, 501 Flagler Drive, Suite 500, West Palm Beach
33401 (305)655-4063
Jeffrey R. Sherman, Post Office Box 1352, West Palm Beach 33402
Jeffery W. Smith, 2326 S. Congress Ave., West Palm Beach 33406
Mark L. Troen, 3546 S. Ocean Ave., Palm Beach 33480
Yizy Weingarten, 2501 West Edgewater Drive, Lake Park 33410
Robert Timothy Welsh, 214 Surfside Avenue, Port St. Lucie 33452
Richard J. Wilson, 4145 Tanglewood North #365, Palm Beach
Gardens 33410 (305)683-3301
Professional Affiliates
Robert A. DeCesare, 15 North B. Street, Lake Worth 33460
Mimi Hutchison, 900 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach 33444
Wallace McTammany, 3450 South Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach
33480 (305)588-4105
Robert G. Mizelle, 1006 Almeria Road, West Palm Beach 33405
Joseph R. Scharr, 1331 SW 5th Court, Boca Raton 33432
Robert J. Shaw, ASIS, 270 South County Road, Palm Beach 33480
Susan S. Smith, 501 South Flagler Drive, #507, West Palm Beach
33401 (305)659-5477
Chester Albert Cone, 216 Northwest 16 Street, Belle Glade 33430
John K. Cross, 4642 Kittiwake Ct. Quail Ridge, Boynton Beach 33436
Reed B. Fuller, 240 Ashworth Road, West Palm Beach 33401
Henry K. Harding, 75 North Federal Hwy, Delray Beach 33480
W.R. Johnson, 361 S. County Rd., Palm Beach 33480
Lawrence Monberg, 301 Spanish Trail, SE, Boca Raton 33432
Milton T. Sherman, N. Dixie Hwy./Plac Mar 803, West Palm Beach
33407 (305)842-6619
Peter Jefferson, FAIA, 407 Atlanta Ave., Stuart 33494 (305)287-5755
Sol King, FAIA, 2860 South County Road, #308, Palm Beach 33480
Kalvin J. Platt, 2295 Corp. Blvd. Suite 231, Boca Raton 33431
Hilliard T. Smith, Jr., FAIA, 1123 Crestwood Boulevard, Lake Worth
33460 (305)585-6448
John Stetson, FAIA, 249 Peruvian Avenue, Palm Beach 33480

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Puerto Rico Chapter

Luis Flores, AIA
Centro Commerical Bairoa Ave.
Bairoa 2G
Caguas, P.R. 00625
Horatio Diaz, FAIA
P.O. Box 1211
Hato Rey, P.R. 00919

Laura Cordero Agruit, AIA, 164 Suiza St., Hato Rey 00916
Pedro Luis Alfaro, Jr., AIA, 154 Calle Ganges, Urb. El Paraiso, Rio
Piedras 00926
Jose Davila Alvarado, AIA, Calle D-8 Villa Verde, Guaynabo 00657
Guillermo Alvarez, AIA, Munoz Rivera #1000, Suite 7, Rio Piedras
Aureo Andino, AIA, Box 7602, B. Obrero 00916
Luis Aponte, AIA, Box 3868, Rio Piedras 00930
Carlos A. Archilla, AIA, Box 807, Hato Rey 00919
Manuel Armenteros, AIA, 410 SW 132 Ave., Miami 33184
Willim M. Balbi Kruse, AIA, Box 6671, Loiza Station, Santurce 00914
Jose G. Baralt, AIA, Box 2254, Hato Rey 00919
Norat H.I. Bonilla, AIA, 359 Hostos St., Hato Rey 00918
Carl B. Brunner, Jr., AIA, 1018 Ashford Avenue, Condado, Santurce
Segundo R. Cardona, AIA, Almirante Pinzon 129 El Vedado, Hato
Rey 00918
Rosa Navia Castano, AIA, Quinta Canaima/Calle Comercio,
Caracas-108 Venez PA384
Samuel B. Cherson, AIA, #1 Taft St., Apt. 14-F, Condado 00911
Jose R. Colberg, AIA, Box 1913, San Juan 00903
Jose Luis Collazo, AIA, P.O. Box 2481-Old San Juan Sta., San
Juan 00903
H. T. C. Davis, AIA, School of Arch. Tulane Unv., New Orleans 70118
L.R. De Arellano, AIA, 701 Ponce de Leon Ave. Ste 215, Santurce
Miriam B. De Rodriquez, AIA, C-9 Park Lane St., Bayamon 00619
Pedro A. DeCastro, AIA, M251 Villa Caparra, Guaynabo 00657
Alfredo Drouyn, AIA, P.O. Box 10367 Capara Hghts St., San Juan
Lina Rodriquez Dueno, AIA, Calle E #F-1, Villa Verde, Guaynabo
Rafael A. Dueno, AIA, Calle E #F-1, Villa Verde, Bayamon 00619
Eliezer Escobar, AIA, 18 Amalpola St., Cupey Bajo, Rio Piedias
Mark M. Faingenblat, AIA, G. P. 0. Box 983, San Juan 00936
Jorge Lopez Feliciano, AIA, 221 W 21 Apt 18, New York 10011
Lionel Fernandez, AIA, G. P. 0. Box 685, San Juan 00936
Carlos A. Fitzpatrick, AIA, G.P.O. Box 1015, San Juan 00936
Luis Flores, AIA, Centro Comercial Bairoa, Ave. Bairoa 2G, Caguas
Pedro R. Flores, AIA, Matienzo Centron #111, Hato Rey 00917
Kevin Foley, AIA, San Francisco 351, San Juan 00901
Ivan Fracineeti, AIA, 800 Roberto H. Todd Ave., Santurce 00907
H. Simon Fracinetti, AIA, Ave Roberto H. Todd 800, Santurce 00907
Luis Rodriguez Garcia, AIA, J-9 Ramirez De Arellano Blvd., Garden
Hills, 00657
Antonio Suarez Garcia, AIA, Box 486, Itato Rey 00919
Augusto R. Gautier, AIA, P.O. Box 11591, Santurce 00910

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

J. Torres-Gaztambide, AIA, 269 Uruguay St., Hato Rey 00917
J.A. Marcelo Gelabert, AIA, 216 Palm Ave/Palm Island, Miami Beach
Alberto Ferrer Gonzalez, AIA, Box 9656 Toro Ferrer & Assoc.,
Santurce 00908
Alfredo M. Gonzalez, AIA, 659 Marti St., Santurce 00907
Diana Gonzalea-Villamil, AIA, Taft 15, Apt 401, Condado 00911
Jose Raul Grande, AIA, B-2 Torremolinos, Guaynabo 00657
E. H. Gutierrez, AIA, P.O. Box 13171, Santurce 00908
Hernan Hernandez, AIA, G. P. 0. Box 2192, San Juan 00936
Fernando Irizarry, AIA, P.O. Box 477, Hato Rey 00919
Manuel Antonia Lemos, AIA, 653 Mckinley #9, Miramar 00907
Ivan Hernandez Lopez, AIA, P.O. Box 914, Santurce 00908
Fernando J. Lugo, AIA, P.O. Box 1872, San Juan 00901
Antonio Marques, AIA, Ste. 201 Ponce De Leon Ave. #701, Miramar
Manuel Canelas Martinez, AIA, Villa Clementina, E-17, Guaynabo
W. Martinez-Roig, AIA, Villa Clementina E-17, Guaynabo 00657
Guillermo A. Menocal, AIA, 1000 Munoz Rivera Ave., Rio Piedras
Jordanka P. Mezaros, AIA, 709 Miramar Avenue, Santurce 00907
Eduardo Molinari, AIA, Apartado 1943, Hato Rey 00919
Miguel F. Molinari, AIA, P.O. Box 10914 Caparra Hgts St., San Juan
Nitza Iguina Monrouzeau, AIA, Costa Rica 109, Apt. 70, Hato Rey
Efrer Morales-Serrano, AIA, P.O. Box 395, Hato Rey 00919
William Barron Newlin, AIA, H-6 Calle 6 Tintillo Gardens, Bayamon
Roberto F. Nin, AIA, Milan 5-A, Villa Caparra, Guaynabo 00657
Malcolm W. O'Neill, AIA, 607 Condado St., Suite 501-502, Santurce
Romulado Olabarrieta, AIA, 281 Domenech Ave., Hato Rey 00918
E. Padilla, AIA, %Palmas Del Mar Call Box 2009, Humacao 00661
E.O. Pina, AIA, G.P.O. Box 3484, San Juan 00936
Sonia Landrau Pirazzi, AIA, Box A., Rio Piedras 00927
P.F. Pou-Lines, AIA, P.O. Box 11490, San Juan 00922
Felipe J.V. Power, AIA, P.O. Box 3679, Safat Kuwait ME636
Pablo R. Quinones, AIA, P.O. Box 12337-Loiza Station, Santurce
Rudolfo F. Ramirez, AIA, Box 1273, Hato Rey 00919
Jose Canto Ramos, AIA, Calle Dildo F-11 Alt. S. Maria, Guaynabo
Jorge Rigau, AIA, Ave. Las Marias 855, Hyde Park, Rio Piedras
Raul Rivera-Ortiz, AIA, 81 King's Court 12-B, Condado 00911
Jorge Amaury Rodriguez, AIA, 504 Darlington Bldg., Rio Piedras
Carcia Luis Rodriguez, AIA, J-9 Ramiry De Arelliano Blvd., Garden
Hills 00657
Jose A. Rodriquez-Barce, AIA, Parkside Cond #804 Cappara Sta.,
San Juan 00922
Daniel Gonzalez Rosa, AIA, Box 2144, Hato Rey 00919
Werner Salden, AIA, 801 Cond Belair San Patricio A, San Juan 00920
Hector Ruben Salico, AIA, G.P.O. Box 1531, San Juan 00936
Luis S. Sierra, AIA, Maribel St #1509 Apt A, Santurce 00911
E.R. Soler, AIA, 1606 PonceDeLeon 512 Wometco B, Santurce
Sal Salvador Soltero, AIA, Carrion Ct. Street #11, San Juan 00911
Eduardo Lopez Sotelo, AIA, Calle E G-13, Urb Torremolinos 00657
J.L. Tate, AIA, Pan Am Bldg., Suite 902, Hato Rey 00919
Hector Torres, AIA, Pedro Bigay 311, Baldrich Hato Rey 00918
Luis A. Torres, AIA, 107 Calle San Juan C-4, San Juan 00901
Wilfredo R. Torres, AIA, 900 R Viterbo St. Country Club, Rio Piedras
Edward Underwood, AIA, G.P.O. Box 4403, San Juan 00936
John G. Uphoff, AIA, 6909 Rendina St., Long Beach 90815
Marcos A. Estro Velez, AIA, Cond. Montebello F-211, Trujillo Alto.
Julio A. Wright, AIA, G.P.O. Box 328, San Juan 00936
Rene Acosta, J-15 Maracaibo St. Park Garden, San Juan 00926
Francisco Alonso, P.O. Box 10519, Caparra Heights 00922
Pedro Manuel Cruz, Camelia No. 27WK, Urb Los Angeles 00603

Martin Davila, San Claudio #400 Sagrado Coraz, Rio Piedras 00926
Robert Feliciano, VillaDelCarmenCalle 5 Ca YY6, Ponce 00731
Julio E. R. Frau, Office Architect Caban Box 450, Old San Juan
Jose M. Garcia-Gomez, G.P.O. Box 1174, San Juan 00936
Dario Gonzalez, 165 De Hostos St. #A427, Hato Rey 00918
Balmor Miguel Laforet, Calle 3 #48/Flamingo Hills, Bayamon 00619
Gabriel Romani, Cond. El Monte Norte #A-725, Hato Rey 00918
Alberto Sobrino, K.M. 14.1, Rio Piedras/Caguas Rd., Rio Piedras
Jesus Eduardo Amaral, 578 Maximo Gomez St., Hato Rey 00918
Horacio Diaz, Box 1211, Hato Rey 00919
M. Ferrer, c/o Torro Ferrer & Assoc., Box 9656, Santurce 00908
Henry Klumb, G.P.O. Box 3884, San Juan 00936
Thomas S. Marvel, 8 Mexico Street, Hato Rey 00917
W.V. Reed, 2537 Mineola Drive, Sarasota 33577
Jorge Del Rio, 301 Sorbona Street, Rio Piedras 00927
C.R. Sanz, P.O. Box 10116, Santurce 00907
Osvaldo L. Toro, Box 9656, Santurce 00908

Virgin Island Chapter

Robert C. DeJongh, AIA
DeJongh & Associates
P.O. Box 6587
St. Thomas, VI 00801

William Karr, AIA
DeJongh & Associates
P.O. Box 6587
St. Thomas, VI 00801

John Garfield, AIA
9-B Norre Gade
P.O. Box 6375
St. Thomas, VI 00801

Phillip K. Benoliel, AIA, 6A 26 Scott Free, St. Thomas 00801
Frank Blaydon, AIA, 5 Company Street, Christiansted, St. Croix,
Kendrick Bragg, Jr., AIA, Box 2235, St. Thomas 00801
J. Cabaniss, AIA, P.O. Box 7864 Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas 00801
Edwin Cordes, AIA, #304, S. Pebble Beach Blvd., Sun City 33570
George F. Emery, Jr., AIA, 365 West End Ave., New York 10024
Paul Faneuf, AIA, Box 9005, St. Thomas 00801
John R. Garfield, AIA, Box 375, St. Thomas 00801
Frederick Gjessing, AIA, Box 1844, St. Thomas 00801
William B. Gordon, Box 156, St. Thomas 00801
Michael Kane, AIA, Box 1154, Christiansted, St. Croix 00820
William M. Karr, Box 156, St. Thomas 00801
Allan R. Kramer, AIA, Pavilions-Star Route, St. Thomas 00801
Edwin Kramer, AIA, Pavilions-Star Route, St. Thomas 00801
Gustave Levenson, Box 6900 Christiansted, St. Croix 00820
Delvin Mercer, Box 156, St. Thomas 00801
D.B. Mourning, AIA, Box 1414, Ross 94957
Joseph O'Mara, AIA, Box 9547, St. Thomas 00801
Lambert R. Pierce, AIA, P.O. Box 2389 Kingshill, St. Croix 00850
Frank Prince, AIA, King's Alley, Christiansted, St. Croix 00820
John R. Rollings, AIA, RR 227 Golden Rock, St. Croix 00820
Daniel Sullivan, AIA, Box 240, St. John 00820
Herman Terwee, AIA, Box 5207, St. Thomas 00801
Glover Thompson, AIA, Estate Zootenvaal, St. John 00820
Charles E. Tilton, AIA, Box 2216, St. Thomas 00801
Richard Veit, AIA, 14 Crystal Gade, St. Thomas 00801
Douglas K. White, AIA, Red Hook Center, Box 33, St. Thomas 00801

Donald A. Williams, AIA, Box 3069, Christiansted, St. Croix 00820
Thomas E. Wilson, AlA, Box 774, Christiansted, St. Croix 00820
Raymond L. Wright, AIA, Box 3014, Christiansted, St. Croix 00820
E. H. McDowell, FAIA, Box 3958, St. Thomas 00801
Adolph J. Adiletta, 9913 52nd Terrace North, St. Petersburg 33708

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983


Listed here are the firms which include members of the AIA who responded to a survey requesting
information earlier this year.

A & E Design Inc.
5644 North Dale Mabry
Tampa, FL 33614

APEC Consultants Inc.
2780 Douglas Rd. S.W. 37 Ave.
Miami, FL 33133

A/R/C Associates Inc.
649 North Mills Ave.
Orlando, FL 32803

Carl Abbott Architect
1218 First Street
Sarasota, FL 33577

Frank B. Abbott, AIA
9421 SW 30 Terrace
Miami, FL 33165

Abele Associates
1450 Madruga, Suite 304
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Jan Abell, AIA, Architect
304 Plant Avenue
Tampa, FL 33606

E. Abraben, AIA, RIBA &
Robert Colavolpe, Arch., Inc.
2691 E. Oakland Pk. Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33306

Hernando Acosta, Architects, PA
2890 SW 28 Terrace
Miami, FL 33133

Daniel E. Adache & Associates
Arch., P.A.
550 S. Federal Hwy. Suite 200
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

Akel, Logan & Shafer
110 Riverside Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Julio R. Aldecocea, AIA
10241 SW 16 Street
Miami, FL 33165

Henry C. Alexander, Jr., Architect
5995 Sunset Drive
Miami, FL 33143

Alexander & Associates
1437 S. Belcher Rd., Suite 120
Clearwater, FL 33546

Cesar P. Alfonso, AIA
3509 Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33603

Alford Assoc. Architects Inc.
2245 St. Johns Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Clyde A. Allen, AIA
P.O. Box 69
Cocoa, FL 32922

Richard G. Allen, Architect, P.A.
25 North School Avenue
Sarasota, FL 33577

Raul Alvarez, AIA
710 Ridge Road
Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Amspacher & Amspacher Architects
1901 N. Ninth Avenue
Pensacola, FL 32503

Anderson Parrish, Assoc., Inc.
11300 4th St., N.
Suite 100
St. Petersburg, FL 33702

Ralph A. Anderson, AIA
241 Minorca Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Angles Architects
4111 Laguna St.
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Anstis Ornstein AssociatesArchitects/
333 Southern Blvd. Suite 203
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Aragon Associate Architects Inc.
600 Biltmore Way, #518
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Architects Design Group of Florida,
255 Sylvan Boulevard
Winter Park, FL 32789

Architects International Inc.
227 N.E. 26th Terrace
Miami, FL 33137

Architectural Totalis Corp
3663 SW Eight Street #213
Miami, FL 33135

The Architectural Group, P.A.
201 E. Kennedy Blvd.
No. 1739
Tampa, FL 33602

Architectural Resources Corporation
15401 McGregor Blvd.
Ft. Myers, FL 33908

Architeknics, Inc.
2000 South Dixie Highway, Ste. 216
Miami, FL 33133

Scott B. Arnold, AIA
6350 Killian Dr.
Miami, FL 33156

Fred Astle, Architect
2828 Tennis Club Drive, #204
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

B.R.P.H. A/F, Inc.
1311 Exec. Center Drive, Suite 255
Tallahassee, FL 32301

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

Dwight R. Baber, AIA
712 Ardmore Rd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Bruce N. Balk, AIA
290 Coconut Avenue
Sarasota, FL 33577

Architects: Baldwin & Sackman
3265 Virginia St.
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Giorgio Balli, AIA
8303 Old Cutler Rd.
Coral Gables, FL 33143

Stuart H. Barger, AIA, Inc.
1266 First St.
Sarasota, FL 33577

Barrett Daffin & Carlan, Inc.
Post Office Drawer 12339
Tallahassee, FL 32308

Barretta & Associates, Inc.
400 South Dixie Hwy.
Suite 210, Building 2
Boca Raton, FL 33432

William R. Bean, Architect, P.A.
120 Willing Street
Milton, FL 32503

Beilinson-Tinney Architects Planners,
4055 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
Suite 2
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Robert L. Bell/Architect, P.A.
316 Monceaux Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Charles Benda Assoc., Architects
2416 Old St. Augustine Road
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Francisco A. Benitez, AIA
8431 S.W. 28 Street
Miami, FL 33155

Oscar S. Benitez, Inc.
7855 S.W. 100th Street
Miami, FL 33156

Nick Benjacob, AIA
5027 Casilla Way, S.
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Alan B. Berman, AIA
723 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

The Bigoney Associates, Inc.
15 S.E. 9th Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

Bruce Blackman, Architect, AIA
301-B Park Ave.
North Winter Park, FL 32789

Blais & Sayers, Architects
326 South Grandview Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL 32018

Blankenship Kelley & Swickerath
431 E. Central Blvd., Suite 220
Orlando, FL 32801

C.E. Block Architect, Inc.
Post Office Box 1206
Vero Beach, FL 32960

Carl H. Blohm, AIA
1258 SW Third Street
Miami, FL 33135

Boeglin Architects
6251 N.W. 18th Court
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33313

Boerema, Bermello, Kurki & Vera, Inc.
100 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 1
Miami, FL 33132

George F. Bollis, Jr., AIA
1866 Tenth Place
Vero Beach, FL 32960

Booterse, Perez & Fabragas,
1441 Brickell Ave.
Miami, FL 33131

Borrelli & Associates
7000 SW 62 Avenue
South Miami, FL 33143

Allan G. Borrotto, AIA
7743 N.W. 83rd Street
Miami, FL 33166

Robin Bosco/Architects &
Planners Inc.
1400 South Dixie Hwy.
Miami, FL 33133

A. Oru Bose, AIA
114 E. Comstock Ave., Suite 201
Winter Park, FL 32789

Ralp J. Bouza, AIA
15620 S.W. 113 Ave.
Miami, FL 33157

Walter C. Bowman, AIA
7001 N. Atlantic Ave.
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

Boyer & Boyer Architects
1614 Mayfair Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Philip R. Braden, AIA, PA
8945 S.W. 14th St. #9-B
South Miami, FL 33176

Paul M. Bradley, Jr., AIA
2004 Northeast 49 Street
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308

William W. Brainard, AIA
206 Arlington Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Arthur L. Breakstone, AIA
6740 S.W. 88th St.
Miami, FL 33156

Brians & Associates/Architects,
Inc. AIA
1205 Bayou Court
Panama City, FL 32401

Digby Bridges & Associates, P.A.
124 N.E. 5th Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Steven J. Brisson
666 Regatta Road
Naples, FL 33940

Britt Britt Architects
Planners, Inc.
3669 S.E. Salerno Road
Stuart, FL 33494

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

A. Robert Broadfoot, AIA, Architect
6321 North Arlington Road
Jacksonville, FL 32211

Brosche & Nichols, Inc.
4201 North Federal Hwy.
Lighthouse Point, FL 33064

Robert C. Broward, AIA
1922 Felch Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Robert B. Browne, FAIA
2865 Day Avenue
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Brubaker/Brandt, Inc.
6313 Corporate Court
Ft. Myers, FL 33907

Donald E. Bryan, AIA
290 N.E. 51 Street
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334

Glenn Allen Buff Associates
Architecture Planning Interiors
Terrace Suite
4105 A Laguna St.
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Buigas, Dorta-Duque & Associates
5645 SW 87 Street
Miami, FL 33143

The Bullock Associates
Architects & Planners Inc.
1823 North Ninth Avenue
Pensacola, FL 32503

Daniel F. Burner
8660 College Parkway
Ft. Myers, FL 33907

Harry Burns & Associates
211 E. Jefferson St.
Quincy, FL 32351

Burt Hill Kosar Rittelman, Assoc.
8800 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 200
Ft. Myers, FL 33907

Guy Butler, R.I.B.A., A.I.A.
201 E. Pine, Suite 602
Orlando, FL 32801

Ishmael A. Byus, AIA
1225 S.E. Third Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

Don Cahill, Inc.
9331 N. Tamiami Trail
Naples, FL 33904

Alan Paul Cajacob, Architecture/
1260 River Ridge Rd.
Rt. 3, Box 249
Deland, FL 32720

Kemp Caler, AIA
361 South County Road
Palm Beach, FL 33480

John W. Calmes, AIA, Architect
Professional Association
1125 12th Street, Suite B
Vero Beach, FL 32960

Jaime Canayes, AIA
6520 Southwest 46th Street
Miami, FL 33155

Carlander & Associates, Inc.
124 Live Oaks Blvd.
Casselberry, FL 32707

Carr Smith & Assoc. Inc.
123 Almeria Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Ignacio Carrera-Justiz, AIA
4620 Granada Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Catalyst Inc., Architecture
P.O. Box 2769
Orlando, FL 32802

James G. Chapman, AIA
Box 1056
Panama City, FL 32401

Charlan, Brock, Young
& Associates
200 E. Robinson
Suite 1140
Orlando, FL 32801

Russell C. Chase, Architect, Inc.
734 West Las Olas Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312

Howard Chilton, Architect
446 Brazilian Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Phillip J. Clark, AIA
5750 B.N. Hoover Blvd., No. 101
Tampa, FL 33614

2063 Oak St.
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Clemons, Rutherford & Associates,
2027 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, FL 32312

Stuart Cohen, AIA
One Grove Isle Drive
Miami, FL 33133

Collins & Associates
11 W. 23rd St.
Panama City, FL 32405

Richard G. Colville, AIA
257 Sunset Drive
Islamorada, FL 33036

411 South 21 Avenue
Hollywood, FL 33020

David G. Cooper, AIA
1145 4th St. South
Naples, FL 33940

Lewis G. Cooper, AIA
3110 N.W. 40th St.
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33309

Juan Corbella, AIA
1450 Madruga Ave.
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Moshe Cosicher, AIA
1666 Kennedy Causeway
N. Bay Village, FL 33141

The Cox Partnership, Inc.
200B East Marks Street
Orlando, FL 32803

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983

William Cox, Architect, P.A.
4621 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Douglas E. Croll, AIA
511 33rd Street, West
Bradenton, FL 33505

Salvador M. Cruxent, AIA
238 Palermo Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Cahaci & Peterson, Architects, Inc.
200 Metcalf Bldg 100 S. Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32801

Robert G. Currie, AIA, P.A.
355 N.E. 5th Ave., Suite 6
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Curry Smith Jaudon Architects Inc.
4023 North Armenia Avenue
Tampa, FL 33607

Henry D'Amico, AIA
709 Florida Ave.
Cocoa, FL 32922

Edward Snowden D'Avi, AIA
805A South Magnolia Avenue
Ocala, FL 32670

Morgan Daly & Associates
58 Fisherman's Cove
Ponte Vedra Bch., FL 32082

Homer F. Daniel, AIA
9300 SW 87 Avenue
Miami, FL 33176

George C. Davis, AIA
P.O. Box 1000
Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Davis & Associates, P.A.
1505 E. Colonial Dr., Suite 100
Orlando, FL 32803

Theodore E. Davis Architect
& Associates
10385 Ironwood Road
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

H.D.C.A., Inc.
311 Granello Ave.
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Charles A. Decker, AIA
4678 Ashton Road
Sarasota, FL 33583

James Deen, AIA
Architect Planner
& Associates, Inc.
7500 Red Road
South Miami, FL 33143

Armando A. Dehesa, AIA
1420 NW Second Ave., Suite 1
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Herrlin-Deinard, Inc.
4 Palm Road
Jensen Beach, FL 33457

Victor E. Dekonschin, AIA
7050 Southwest 86 Avenue
Miami, FL 33143

The Design Advocates, Inc.
237 South Ashley St.
Tampa, FL 33602

Design Systems Inc.
6740 SW 88 Street, Suite D-105
Miami, FL 33156

DeSoto & Associates Architects Inc.
3900 N.W. 79 Avenue, Suite 100
Miami, FL 33166

Destin Architectural Group
P.O. Box 1395
Destin, FL 32541

Eduardo G. De Zayas, AIA
175 Fontainebleau Blvd. Suite 2G3
Miami, FL 33172

John S. Dickerson, Architect, Inc.
Post Office Box 2226
Leesburg, FL 32748

Thomas H. DiGiorgio, AIA
1701 E. Atlantic Blvd.
Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Gordonn Dirkes, AIA, Architect
P.O. Box 2470
Winter Haven, FL 33880

Divoll & Yeilding Architects, Inc.
120 North Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL 32801

Richard W. Dodge, AIA
2770 East Atlantic Blvd.
Pompano Beach, FL 33062

Carlos R. Dominguez, AIA
161 Almeria Ave, Suite 201-W
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Dompe, Paluzzi & Vyverberg
Architects, Inc.
1831 N.W. 13th Street, #8
Gainesville, FL 32601

Paul Donofro, AIA, Architect
310 North Caledonia Street
Marianna, FL 32446

Donovan Dean & Associates, Inc.
615 N. Magnolia Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

Carl Doozan & Associates, Architects
1615 Watrous Avenue
Tampa, FL 33606

Ronald J. Dorris, AIA
121 N.W. 18th St.
Homestead, FL 33030

William Dorsky Associates
444 Brickell Avenue
Miami, FL 33131

Drake/Pattillo & Assoc.
Arch. Inc.
1636 Shadowood Lane, Suite 106
Jacksonville, FL 32207

W. Kenyon Drake & Associates
3706 Buckskin Trail East
Jacksonville, FL 32211

A.T. Drake, AIA, Architect
3375 34 Street, North, Suite E
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Seymour Drexler, AIA, PA
9830 S.W. 77th Avenue
Miami, FL 33156

Katherine L. Durham, AIA
635 28th Avenue, North
St. Petersburg, FL 33704

Dykes & Associates Architects, Inc.
2006 W. Brandon Blvd.
Brandon, FL 33511

FLORIDA ARCHITECT/Reference Book, 1983