Title: Pinellas news
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Title: Pinellas news
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publisher: Potter Media
Publication Date: July 10, 2009
Copyright Date: 2009
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Pinellas -- St. Petersburg
Coordinates: 27.782254 x -82.667619 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00232
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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PJ11 Nil Er 1, L, LA. S5 1, 1Ilf 1yw 3
S1 PINELLAS-NWS. Frily, July 10 229 252

Kermit Weeks awarded Bronze USF basebalL Awarded BIG EAST
IPPY for "All of Life is a School" Academic Excellence
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1............... Friendship TrailBrdg
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Today, JULY 10, 2009
-at B .ay, ad JL e- 1 F .

Iunda. liL I2, 2 =l0091
Phuc-In pGm. welg ln me 0 rand award! a]+ b m
a T I aP M i A la t om. a Mm's dcsM, o

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Maeonday, J aly 1 a I a a
-a n Mght ow.-na 17' p7-BrM67.

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Waaedn esda, Ja r ulyl1 2009 t is i irSM2di&.~ls

TJuedy JDuS'BlFray 1 ap, 2 or0a0 dfD5iMsum 003r lS
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Tusday, JULY 14, 2N9

Thusda, uly 16, 209
Coik yMtf XteWk- HoaoCipSaa-m Pg qaim

Road Construction Plan

Ahead and Expect Delays

Infrtio e~n Offcrforlli pInerstase Construcio .er- ~,Mtoidal t ronbeaw nulp ma- ba m un
rOfficeno h e s Flord Departmente of gwa Trn Dort .on g "" L 1"^^ Ao wnn 4e roudt teor ~s
around Tampa Bay. tescfion, Depening on the destination, trafc
OetoirM o State Road E0 II lTPA will then 1 roultdi 1 -275 or S R. 60 .sing noca

lighted message s ds aierti( of the cosures and da thr Mondy Jly 6. I 1 or nis, DE.

T+affi wil be^ direted off r-275 at the Spruce welonyKenned'ya'l~o~etar mr'Gwh~chm.lmylseo
Eb1 n -T-Rlo &.ST bO N R "E d CLO URE | r!"1.5 n ". m~
CF m t. n+hbmd[.75,orKeney B~d Mihtlad n e ntir one "s"rucehear ear s

Traffic will be directed oHf at the Spruce Street exit, LneB Closue onH Cires Sir~eB

NS gt i. + lo^l"; o. e" acuran ey c m p."., S:3 nda+ y thr ough Sna Jl 12 andgh r,
.sto tw o a. S w~il cdm ie o +.mbo .. Tap aBn 1-275 ""'o w 54 *1 Av.St 545l1
Parkway frm Memorial Highway to Reeky Poit Ave, M,
Die ra pm. to5 am.Su day Jrug nd o [-275 Sunday n ght, July I",

StrFee, Tampa Internationdal irporand -^7 may 1-275 fnHn veB. to fRO HillB, 1.h RIRB
eor ro 2amTo m. MI da through be -lb~ -n+rm+o.~b~+b7 n

Mond t aJuly Mean13 mornings crew' o hrije two rune+ on outhbound-2s 5 as twe S, Th dso, T -
VB ETOand MIm il.bI I= twB on p- m to I d .m. through thurday July

60,h tlin wllitme Radthe Ro aPit zdrv a~t nd Moe"s Nightsn tm e ll ~g m ao
/ stoundla R lc ro/ lh~n MemI'tri 1 Aig Ia an Hlw a lr~t'da n acm wl at
d4 ghway tbrough Suda I 12 m orni n Ste ud [-275 fm 9 alme o h p.m. ond

s..'boum eo+.;= igw^+s. ''1 bilOck C lt.e.m +++ o Lanea elSt [ "75 ro e+ 7 pm"l anwa am Sunda
-.d.1nday hrough 1 und ty -nights, t us h W u M. ly Sn
tHlepeast Paoth in n Me noal Hg f be e d La j bb Ie u

wsbound Ind epRead ene Par way l under M eor Nia t J ly n 6-10. o mei veu t -7
On, an's o ".i."e' ]s Ar i ne

^.OT~^T~,Bl1-275.lS aiS s, olAl. .heMil

S utbundayuy -2is Theorl H nighwa mayi between Julyts 6and5 pSmFday Jhrulyh0 Thrdafi willy e de-
sMe nihrghts. d -13 in E No~ltrdthbud ignllStre .jet1, noh Ton
=Z, the Cbl,,I 5b -1t u i 2t3Bwl~n ne n oeatng

11 1ijbII i^~az _Is ..' t___Y^K
on. I- R 1 13 to1"" th xtt eor niha a es Mlddrn ass on t c DillsAeneu o alei.

eor ~ ~ ~ 0. 1., -e ll -h. -,b-~e+euokt

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Nihtaene knor m M hea Handsaad El G-~ Ivnebtwee I re Lb d + 1 -~ 1tr7."'

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'boy~ T ep~db o _,rI a -yde .-mm -,MY J.1o.
5 =d.,dt:. I. A .-12?$ 11 a

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depndn Prka~ny~cl~d~twenI:~ doth toub "' aJ" 6 10 .
L.,- an~~.~ at~uh oday y -3 ig adesd yla nlog onGM, s... be,, atatl75
tinales. het mutan Hwo, .t t ~hie se.o, w.17D = b
bban -onIhlet 1275l ft. 9P e.t..t J b.y 4 p-ht an r .db. to F-,m ona

masuplefil"m +wen nad, M.e a ss" I:3 a Tm. .1k b I- .
+mama+Ch~~ ~~~~~t te 27 ..... b+ ...... b~~ omo~: s. LaMIS...... +
Ashlenenc Y ~ + unaot onorI SooUI 10.t,,orh
SH.'_ SI~a fe m the l= t an, E m_ at ua ade r ak ny ust de. west INfl H lim n Asned

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Thb -11- o~ud - l.+.sy + Tm

13 to.+ ad.+ day ln lsno as G,. asses .11,+

lonm~ and M+ln l T u +-jT .9+, o, n T.+ Y+.,. .

LOCAL E 1........ UF Researchers sayVuiture
BRIEFS o, are a Stubborn Flock

Fees inr e lefor tietreo tsburg t eihu

n ifiit its^ L In tip h T Tampa
givehi yle regis i on U inovemtd She C.I- e n
ME' ds,y On ls:.ld.
s VOr p iu uoiWie u = Mary Gardiner Everto
to Appointed.TO Florida
1 0 i 0 0 s 11 Barh Citizens Forum

lb, 0 h eV1i AUe Ior., b T liip.

ne Ind loar ,li^'lwn mlh' ee s~an~ allfpof the West e itr a el Aey 5Dprmr d ocaete f-tiis onsoltesuyintmatt
mO ut' i~ 0i Co oiip ~shlihsh pyC~iuinfAa

S^' 'si^ ^rs 1o "'e Th efgh as t v lu cz'n a pr e in .e' B J't In e Uniterosil y of g v ae d sprinkles In e spr nkler Soe peopl thin the I
Mosi Celebrates Cs uohei purioeia~ muit rl 'aartoituutgutmtuuto'a~m ma 'ii w,-tiuttot -o iata-or tma
with KIds Party long- vaui The la tlcU
TAMPAk M0S[ lleis MGy'r t Pit of T e Jo risaWl i fite ate maer i rmit g black vultues wllkwtion the

htpptgpflooiipioi "tt ipiiiififl Uragmet.t iWhn he isuue perits US- t oudy adPuodo s deput
tOT uon f |Ai |||at io EPertz is res nt o eth in UhatT s happ d re ot t bco me lomeel m es n a ta king [td hem as.
aidsin~ h r irii hthiy tiy ne tm seount decades aVi LL'--t n th dt iu l d aerescrnbed hake Le v U tere iboir he Pusaid.
On t0 tlyHro ihAre V for tht pt a EkVnderP trdtl r s ua PiuiOeenanmetVnilO PtVnand sers diim ntU utufsand.

Thilbe froyml Commereaci al Ne sProfte v'bteuiders atF/IFeleesaS m FPAr ndeoebrds weeto e B uaionl di~utut
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studied atF <;T e Unn I r t ytfa I elatur, es. themagr eound reaig inseaiblo rtoions ofheplan s that wi ll d ip ove pep ale' liea,
Journalist It e] I and s planned forthi sait and, acork stTding toTe S t il ,educig Am eri ca d nd cy
pon News u nouncd odayht h Ttiiipre Ond Otii~sBrld ws o -wuniutiuidon us. ois aat hwtemtea
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CIopyrigted MateriaI .
T11 Ob,~d=~~ a ~ p~n bieP~ c h ad t, 1. Urehoi-n de kiatd. ,

gT hhiV i tihei~i a u pulation, Vit ma i- n~ ue ou ilpips, 7 OttO
Syndicated Con~ten~t TO TO t P` d ......i ... .. ...

valuable from mmeia News Prviders" -UIFAS Partners t Build
________ Cllulosic Ethanol Plant

ur C ABC I, ipopiipV sVch sich 0 -o-lt -b... i Odar

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Whe t. find ... Boe E



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Honeymoon Cottage
Lake Lure, NC.
Full Kitchen,
washer & dryer,
King size bed
Maximum Occupancy:
three (3)
chair bed or Futon
for child twin size
Pet Friendly
Minimum stay: 2
For complete details
and availability, go to
listing # 45240 on

OOPPONE RESULT Wpnning Pitcher Losing PMtcher

i AL EAST STANDINGS E? "- '-1 "2
Wpp. Jays WI3-P W 3.~23-(I 1) -M -U (1 P -4)
Ams 7 N 5-5 2-13 P N N angrs LS-2 Fld 1n 3,t (7 2) a 3.70(6-6)
6 a-2 i N 1 A s eIi 4 w.P PP .l A A- BRangep L12-4 2 I LandEP6 18(2-) Prie5.212 -)3)
A-47 47 135 4P6 w 2 242 14-27 A Rap LP-1 6 3.18(12 1) ri6.79(4 5)

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