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rots + ,o tmsr,.Lnits H a

i1 than a year, 1I Pr month.
er br the yearr 00
or tessthan a year, 80 rentsper moti.
oba dunugthe emon ofCorgrem 1 00
a &&a 0)oijJ pr )em then two, or to the IlT..
ntfour ia.tha.w. ortnotfbemrecl,.J. BY BLAIR & RIVES.
ydidunnnl their pepepma any ume by pay-________ ______
6ey ha, ;eceived triem; mi t notrwItt,
.ribe og a year. ad do oi, at ihe Limo, 0T O AS I TON
* a dtlcr.ndnua&. a Lth end ij 01 1i, witu bt CITY O WASHINGTON.
bem unuJ they order the Iu 13 etoppedl,

sad pap uarlargea---- -- -- -- ---'
manes Poe ABV7aTaBInO.
l..raxedve ruuor snw, heetmarsed i prprin II30
joMlny adveruMmen charged in poporio. people are very apt to consider a cold but a MRS. TURNER'S, oppr.-sute Brown', Ho-
A liberaliaounit made t Ihoo whoiadveniMebythe year. Irnfl eg matiir, and o10 thimk that 'it will go away let, Pennsylvania avenue, to continue open only a
Ail payeystsa io be made in adveence. Thate who henot
penprtanilyof paying mhavrwate mayremita by'all, at our ofte/f in a day. or two," and they give themaelve' few wecs longer fr the reception of new pupils,
rIk, postage paid. The Posinasai'..,erufii'ate .f a..-h re nto double about it But to such we would ay. "be laily. Ladies me' at I I a. m. n I 3 p. m. Gfit-
aittacbetshalla nukficiera eri|.itheTeor. The notaf oar, raieful ol your colds"-do nol tamper wiuh your ilemen ai 4, 5, 6, a, d 8 o'clock in the evening.
'.WW, ib-p',aiynsi birla will be i e.ei-ad. cn
aten l beag'aesra onyorader, ,ld. taae ema, r.-nsltulluons,. If rou desire to live I, "a good old The exieniive paironage JAS. FRENCH hi-
or a Poiltater'a ceritceise tha it hasa been rei:t:di, a- ase r,"be careful o tlakr such remedies as will re,'elved at ihe Cuiy of Waahmrron wh n the lal
BIrpaettest. ir, efft an rasy anil a ,pe'.iv core DRn three ear;, t.igh,-r with the very Imberal ,uprrt
ar Lettersto tee Prospa d titp:a, w-.'t SWAYNE'S CO.NIPOUNDSYRI iPCF PRlUNUS that J. and B FRENCH ae? tow favored with, it a
N __ --- -- VIRGINIANA, or WILD CHERRY, has cured ufficient pro.f of mine .uper.ot metrit, O ih l.' -
RINTING OFFICt. FuR SALE -The sub- more col.Js than any ou-er miJdicite fired oInr iem of instruction
scriber. internding to melinquh hir occupa- 'aile in this country. The ieriificales of cure- Therefore, w! tiel confident that uii .rsiern ofl
ln ll, offers fIr sale his .-hire If the office of ha' 'arcl'eI by thi- invalaut-le medicine, which the Praciicil Penmnian-hip is capable of rerirming any
'Cainaenati Advetiser and si Wt.'eni Journal proprietor i daily receiving, are o0 the mosi grail- hanitd-wriming (i a tec ea-y lesion.i to a style .f'
The subscription tL laigA, anal daily increasing, iving character, anrd lead I., 'how is ;arnalive pro- unifornity and fa',iliy truly becum ig and elegani
and the advetitsing and jab pairrniage is go.od. The p?ruie-, andl the high tank it h.ilts in public etlima- Ornamental Wniting, Pen-making, and $rieno-
adcLartages this esiablishineiitII'irs are nat equalle'd ton -.lhdical D'finer. graphs al-o taugh,.
by any in the Weiist, tf in the Lnion. For ieriri, For sale at the b-.ak site of R. FARNHAM, We solicit immediate calls. For parIuculars ee
gpply t@ GEO. FISHER. tewe-n 9th an.l li)thireei,-:ole agenutor ihe city han.bills.
--- L-f- f'Waihinzion. Retreneey.-H,,s,;. Henry Hubbard, Rane,
"5 R9. HEMANS'S WORKS COMPLETE Mlay 9- Irraw Cranion, anrid Calhoun; Peiter Furce, Mayor; Dr.
,. A new and bauiuIl cdlaitn priced on L--- -------- Laune, an I Rev. Mir. McLain..
fine paper, with a pc.rnrat of the arnhure-s. ol d[-LASSICAL AND MIILITARY ACADE Mav 21-. r3t,
the com p!ete Works ot Mrs. Hemarin's, with a IJ MY, Coc.periawn, Olir-o, cc. N. 'V Ff32,
.Memoir by her sister, sodil anEsayon her G-niu, W. H. DFra, A. M. Piincipal-Isdil. hifully siltn- n" HE HISTORY OF THE FRENtII RE.
by Mrs. Sigourney, in 7 royal 1m'an volumes, ated up,,n the bank. of irte Su-qnrhanna, in the j VOLLiTION-By M. A Their'; tianalaict
bhnd,.,mely byund in embossrd crlth or in extra immediate vicinity 01 he Ot:ee', lak-, and coii- s-ih roles dad iluosirmaoura irnimn lra-.[ aurhei'ic
i'b-idig" mandin! erxensoce views of the lovely scenery sinurce*, bv Fredrick Shiolerl, in 3 volumr-., as ihi
This is the only complete edition of the Work' around it, anrid in a conniry remarkable fur us day published anrd Inr sale- by
of Mrs. Heminan., and convaini many new poems, hfalihiness. The Albany and Utica railroad cars W. M. MORRISON,
loagcther caith other matter IDt embraced in any pa-s Fort Plain daily, which i. only twenty mile- May *0 4 doors wt'i or Broawn' HOiiel.
other edition of her works. Amuoag the new po- dis ant rrom Cooperstown, and between the villages- __ ___ ~____
ems will be fttrn De Chartillion, a tragedy, A a stage runs every day. i- ETTERS FROM THE EAST AND FROM
u'e of tbe serciL Tribunals; Supcitt lion and rThorough instruction in the Clas-caI,Maihema- L THE WE.T-By Freilriek Hall. M. D. is
Revelation, A T.ale of the f,.urtrenth Century, tical, and Englih branches, iq united with suirh a lor sale by W. M. MORRISON
Scenes and Pa'sages from Govelhe; Selecti, ns from 'su'ordinale course of military insirucLuon and ex- May 20 4 alors west of Brown', ',ti.I.
'Juvenile 'Voems, Englanrd andSparn,andWallace's erci'ts, a.; i-i conuidereI. to be-t promote he phv-- -- ___
Invocation toR BRuce Ju.l pubhlheJ, anil lor sale cal condutmon Pf the pilptis, and inipart to ihein a '"7TERV DESIRABLE PRIVATE RFSI
by., F. TAYLOR. manly and gent'emanlike dep--rinent, with hsbi. s DENCE FLIR SALE OR RENT.-The
A lo, just published the complete work. of Lord of nealnes, order, and punctusauity. The iludenlis mo s;iroy rrk House on theeornerof 141h andl
'lbyron, published an a style similar to the above, in reside wiuh the Principal. Nooiul-doir or daily H ,trret, is for -ale or rent. It is one f.1' Ihe
eight beauitful volumes, large type. pupils are received; no corporal punishment is per- m-ai healthy arid de-irahle locations for prirate
'Also, Memoirs and Letters of Madame Mali- mitled. Entrance at any period of the sear. The rem.l,-tn.e in ihe city of Washingt i. n. Pern -ni
Sbran, by the C6unless De lMetrlin, 2, untlnfrm .s neat and economical, and, to save ironu- wihin to purchase or to rent, will plea-e apply to
April 29 ble, ia providled by the Academy at fi c.-st. nime. Po.-ssmion can be had iminrdiamely. There
The next term will commence tan the 17bh u- a handsome vard anj vorden, and carrinae house
UY FAWKES, an -Hiitrical Romance, by February, 1840, and ihe f,.iowine term orn the 1 ith and 'sale attached. E. DYER.
W. Harrison Ainsworth; alo, he sNecid ofr May. Terms, $2-25 per annum.
part of she Tower of London, by the same author; Applicanon to the Pincipal will receive imme- PTIHE OHIO GAZETTEER AND TRAVEL.
are this day received and for sale by diae attention. LER'3 GUIDE cnaing a decriptn
W~~~~~~~ MORSN naelon - LER'S GUIDE, containing a de;crpliir-n
_. AI. mORRISON..4 RrrnEsNCEcs.-H,,n. J. H. Prentiss, M. C. heeveral wn, township and cnie,
ft the t-everal twn.% townships, and counties,
.THEGOOD HOUSEKEEPER; or, the way Washington; Hon. S. Nel.on, Chief Jiistice, New ', ih other sater c,,uri;e, roads, inmprovemeri.,
t. to live well and to be well while we '.urk, James Fennimoie Cooper, J. M. Bowers, E ninperal prortuioos, &c. c. tgether will, an ap-
aIe containing directions for choosing and pre- B. Mlorehonse, Robert Campbell, eqrs. Rev. F.T. piarixdh or General Regiser, embracing ianle.: of
pauig food in regard to health, economy. and taste, Tiffany, Rev. A. E. Campbell, Coipersoown; Hon. roads and li-iances of post ,ffiei, their Ilnaan
by Mrs. Hall. For sale at WM. MIORRISON'S- D. D. B.rnarl. M. C ; lion. A. C. Flagg, Gen and dic-ances from the capital oa the Stae andil ofc
Book and Stationery sioe, four west of Jno. A. Dix, Francis Bloodgood, M. T. Revni Brown'a hotel. March 13 S. De Vilt Bloodgoir.d, esli. Albany, N. ; H:,- menits of the s".-eral ,tficers :.f i-,. Same, their re.I-
---------------------ratio Averill, eq. Troy, N. Y.; Thc-s H. Rorhes- .ence, &i: ; ol ih- cllrgee and their officers; of
OrF'|I: INDJAN ArrAiRit, ler, Rochester, N. Y'. Jan 23-c3m hanks, their officers and capitall, Ar. &c. reviled
April 25ih, 1840. ---- -- -- edtuion by Warren Jenkins, 1)39, it for sile a: the
NOTICE TO PURCHASERS OF t-:HOC- 7f IHOMSONIAN INFIRMARY, on F street, Book anid Staiaonery store ot
TAW ORPHAN RESERVATIONS.-Nn- I between 1 lith and 1l-h surceL< -Mr. JAMEi WM. MORRISON.
rice is hereby given to purchaser. of Chociaw Or StACKicrc.roD reepecifully informs the fim-nds of March "tt Four dorms we;t of Br.wn', Ho-Itel.
Sphan Reservations that the first of the bcn-ils be- the TJiomsanian Boianic ;ysfyti, and he? public in --- -- -
comie due and payable on the 281h May and Oih general, that e hehas fitld up the above heu-en- an LILED PAPER.-W. FISCHER haa lust
.Juie.text.Aud with a view to the accomm, daltion Infirmary, where he is now ready to receive pa- e, rceut'e.l b ihe ch,,.ner Vicio v and Mar-
-l. the parties interested, asi far as possible, authc- tienis, of bath sexes, who may desire Io go through nirin, a lar'e quaulil i'f hiloe and .blue P\irt su-
jlty 1s given, by the Secreraty of war, for payments a course of ireaTment. Having been Tucee.sf'uly pertine, superhne, and fie Leuter anl CAP Paper.
,4An of New Orleans Dep ,iues may ihere- engaged in thi, prac'iee fur the la't inao en,'ta_, with ruled for snhc.ohu c-,iinunr: sn-I f-tihe nae,
fora be made in the Crizeims' Bark of thai ci y to ihe late Dr. Benjarmin Th.amson, lie flaters him- :or sale wholeaa'e an r'.,:il ai S.4anionei'- Hall,
the credlt of Win Selden, Treasurer of the Uni. slf lhai he will te able lto gire vrntral -asihacuton whi-re eirtsy ricle it the -liatUcirrv lire A'f the
S tel Sllates, on -pecial deptsute, (in specie ) Dnphli- those who may put ihemselvec under hbs charge, very b, st qualate is cerialanily kept for sile, at tea-
. cat celtificalies of each deposuie will be procured A separate apartment will be appropriated for fe si-oable asiti unifuom price-s. Mlay 16
fromn the Bank and forwarded to ihis office; on the male', which will be under the care of Mis.
recepLion of which ,he will be surrendered. Shackelford, who ha hail an extenalve experience I ROTHER JONATHAN, the laigset andi
T. HARTLEY CRAWFORD, in this mode of treatment. B mr.o-i beaulitful newspaper in lhev..-.rld-
Commi-sioner of Indian Affairs. Mr. S. d-ems is unnecessary to append any cer- larger, by fift square inches, than an% other new.-
To hi published in the Chickasaw Union, at tlfieaties to thus advertiement, but would ltate that paper it the United Siate..--published Satiiurda.-ii, i,
PoDLiotoMcIsiss.ipi, and Demnocrat, at Columbus, there are oiany persons in Iia ciy, whi., alier at 160 Nassau sireel, New York. Price thice: ...o-
Mississippi, every other day until 6th of June, and having been llr years under '.me aif the mooi .;iil- lars a )car. Two copies fur five dollars.
foliwa/l tbea bills, with a copy of the paper con- ful physicians, without deriving any bene-fit Irom The prprielora of this matimoth shee--the
t4ifjg lOhe advertisement, to ihis office for pay- their treatment, have been speedily relieved by the "Great Wes-ern" among the newspapers-have
m t. Aptil 25--eodL6uune use of the Thomisotan remedies. Theie are mal- the pleasure of spreading before ihe reading public
--- -- ters of fact, and should awaken Lhe inquiries of the a weekly perio.lical, co.niainoig a greater amount
1jEW WOR9, by the author of Nicholas reflctig part of the ommunity. and varely u' Peful and ei.ltaining mit.cellany,
1^ Nicklebv.tD Number one ofala-.laer Huna- N. B.-WHITLAW'S MEDICATED VA- than is o be J.und in an, .-imilar put.licatirn in
piirersy' Clock, 11 Buz, wil be received for sal.' ty port BA CH. ai ,riproieda parnci;,ie, ad,. at a c.. iL.c .iorlld.
F. TAYLOR, on Wednesday mcrnng Tnis dured pr:ce, may be hail iat any nine. Alio, o- PFach number .)1i the pap.:-r contains a large an
numliber will criatlatin a Portrait of he author, en- tanec Medicines ol eveiv descrmpino, prepared and amount ot readir, matter as si found 1u ii'ioum,- ,I
graved on steel, wa'h numerous illustraituans. ,,,ld by JAMIES SHACKELFORD, ordinary duoi-e:i.i, .., 1 hich c0'ti $2, and munre than
April 265 F sircelt, beitwveen 1 ith and 1I1h sliecls. i- contained in a volume of lrvir,2'" C.-ilduinu, or
.----- --------- Apti! 13 Banicrot'; I-Isic.-ry ,.-f .A-nerica. which ,3 a
"JANT'ED-ILLINOIS AND MISSOURI v,,_______________________ _____vlume; and all for ihree dollar, a year For $5
W BOUTY LAND PATENTS.-Persons T'o copies %itl be forwarded one year, cr one copy
hiving such for sale, will please address Ihe sub- r, PHELPS.'S COMPOUND TOM ATOI tam. tuarc.
scrler, through the Post Office; any communica- ,e PILLS.-The testimony of hundreds o t] c tle he publication of :jr origrnail prospeci.o,
ilonwillbe promptly attended to, or call at No Physucians and dtstineutshed Pidsvidunle to ihe the Brothe r J,.nathan has been enlarged, and nt,
2 07, north Sixth sieil. J, J. MOORE, curative effects of these Pills, t every varety e of r, ampl,: beloro, has t,ee.n so mu h increaed,
April 20-ddiIm Phladelphia. clime in the United Slales, Tcxas. and the Cana- that much mtce lhau he !-.rner quanily of the
April--Padelphia das; establishes them as the mosl pleasant and motil tiiereirg literature ,f the day is embracr-d
S ELIlPF'S OrriCE, March 17, 1840. efficient medicine ever discovered. t
In the Court of Common Fleas of Bradlc.rd coun- In addition to their being the most agreeable and ma p1ammnent ani celebrated write" lr he dallh
.', in the Colimoawealth ot Pennsylvania. Ac- efficient cathartic that can be used, in D),pt-psa, alltit i.nselhmng it c;senu;atnd whatever is nes t,
tior, of paruiuion. Corntipaion, RheumaLsm, Headache, Wornm, r ch, cc rare, i irmnei st aei traralenned is te-
Elnathan Goodiich, InflamImation of the Bowel, Liver amTecions, columns. All the conribuLr.ns to periodicals of
a Al'e a w Bilious Somach; Cold.; and the commencement ol American wrticrs of repute appear a, tic papez; arid
Lyman Alexander and Minerva Alexander, who Fever-; Sea sckrness, &c. hear operation is power- thie i,.ues u" the foiten pre.s are laid under ct.-
has foor her guardian Stephen Pieice. fully directed to the glandular sytein, all Inbu-In-, as -oon as receiv-d ,n thi, cunity. To
n10 all whom it may concern, not ce i hereby obsiructions of the glands wherever situated; the Mitscllaneous an.d Liprarv D.antment, the
Sgiveni, that a writ, is.-urd aut of1 said coait, Scpatrosities and Scrofulos saints, mn their incipieni loset ataenton i; and in nil he -e'eciiona
in the above entitled cause, has been placed in my forms; and I persevered tu, affording all reasona- arid orgnal conmiubuhon,, irjnc care a .ev1oel to
hands, commanding me to make partititn, accord- b'e relief In cases cf confirmed and neglected .v,,t. It that may touch ilum iahe opini:ons ot any
ing-ro he laws of ihis Commonweallh, of a c-natin crila. pay in ,livi.n .r politics.
ttatit of land si-uated in Columbia tiwnship, in ihe Taken either a short time beft-re or alter expo- E, r i- tece hit ung aughir uh ; ith.t le hal marked
c.tincy and Srate airomiaid, bounded as tollose: on sure, thuy render the system less liable to contract out a pith i',.r ,urs.l-,s. .in which all a.rts of pea-'
the north by lands ot idow Cogidetll, on ihe east contaio,.u,or epi.dcmic dr-eases, and should te re- p, lightgt to ,.Al, he Br-,ther Jonaihan shall
by lands of Jam.e- Lam, con the land. of sortend to by persons re-tidlinam in low and marshy c ninte, a it tearn, tio be a bll, rpenile, ueiugha,
Jere Adams, o he west bLy lands- ofl Eu Baird, situations, ur when travelliog, or exposed to couia light, jra v e, e mc'ryea e, ', wt1W' smoalit, da,-h-
containing one bundlie. and sixty acres, between gion. Also pat-Ions attending the sick, who. by i, c in.n- nmprle ne-
the said Elnatihan Goodrich and the said Lvinan long aaiching and fatigue, or exposure to the p ap, iersi7. It ipirte-, a,, n,..tinparhable new-all
I paper. It -_nail b,? a t-iropen louJi cro urli.i hetcm, all
ani Minerva Aleander; slitch said writ I s-all eflluvia of the ,ick room, become dctilhialed, and the wotli will start rlcoled Ii shll ec-'ata bhe
eccute upon the premise, above described, on I,.se iheir appetite, wall fiol gr-at ai.auce from r,.tL beaulltll of Nc velz, Roimsc,-, ard Sinr, -
Tresday, the 5,h day ol May nei, aIL 10 o'clock, ihe.s Pills, inm cnovating atud purifying ihe system, for boihl sesea,-Fay Talea f-r l -erl'ihe inar-
a.m. IRA H SrEPHENS, and resioring the function,s t, a hualihy latir. veiou-.LenI-s [a at.m.uarianPat arale
High Sherir oaf Bradford county, Pa. Person ,lebitltlated Ly uiler ear, li I.n apt,.in i -. a;t ,-nion .- Nai anr:l Ri,-in. f.-r .mrt.wii, l e, d
Marc I :.3-si- tla Ian h% to bu,,nes ,.r siuly, aedi. those a I...- ,I .-I anlar) forie .' ,-,,- e a'' I,..era-S. ,ii.
----hbat,. wit ll derive great benefit fium an oreai-rial it ia-. m n min i. Ai t-acael r -Slmim ,i-
Oar ai.,-' CouurT, April U, 1I1 u. n-ci ofl t. s- rI.'a ae i-- i -npc ,an,- a.dLt. q : errl,r5, -C-11ic -ris
Iistri ct of Colunbian, W'ashintun county, ilu lwi: F .r congested an.l ,lrtr.,,eet iiale i:,r he rI...r e i' t r .- ,' I ., -
IN the caie of Lew-i Jilunm..., admituinalor ol s-tem, which occurs in milie uIInia and commnince-. vire a.. r nil, be Alre-A ".'d .
JLWiltrrm Otis, lrea-sed, ib adin nis ra'o;, with fluent uf istier, th-se Pill. ar' painilularly appl- k W I of)N c OMP.% N ,
tim approbation a-I1 bhe Omphans' C.,tr', hab ap- cable, in preventing rhaumatasm,ai',ughs,crage.ain P hrfnN & Brot JNY.,n ,,.
rp.inimrd the huti Tuer..lay in June rnet I,.r hb. *c'- ol ihe lung, &c. and lace pra.lougeJ in;tnya tile, Mar- h 13P-ua-is u Brothe r Jiin ',m., k.
i.eraent cl :ali e-1-1e, and i..-r pay ment and dsi.ri- which <.iilets'ase would have been a sacrifice to Ihe ______________
t.-toa-i, under the Court's drccti.u and coinrl, it changes, of seasons. EW UIC.--Jui r e e ,
lisa ieet. to the adm.n'm traLors hati-,s, so lar a' Be particular to trau ic for Phelps, and .ee thai rt l EY of b eC.-J uai receua ed, the oul na ing
collet .d anda lured trio m ,oney, to the creditors the prnaprneloiS" signature is ott ihe label, tatl no t di c-I ii t he ot ce.
of said drcen-edl: povi., d thus noamme be publih.hed portrait on the box Price 374 e.-nis. 'ore, lWp d,,",r3 ea~t .l the Cily PO.I ,Bo,,
to the Globe asdl National Inielligencer uewepa- G. R. PHELPS, M.D. D.V,.. The e f Cashere. FISCE R. I
pers of the ciy of W.mshinihin once a week for Proprictor, Hartford, ConneciicUi. he.i repo;-The Ro'e of Calhmere; Beneabr caI L
three weeks previous to .!ai 51xt. of Cmrlumbra; alo, in momt ol ehr lurns in the mrry 0orn1; The minutrel of the Tyrol, You,,i
tat of amlubia als, inmo~ um he twnsin h ose, Oh, my, heart m_. with my lsate: Hurrah ionr
True copy.-Testi ED. N. ROACHi, United Slale.; where circulars containing particu. ,he .e Tomov hai lef't re to my 5, mrr. Haprv
April 30-w3w R."Si-gser of Wlls.Ir.ns, and ir,umerots tes.timonials of the higlhetv moare nw ra-m he never m le. apsy
____ ____________r, ,f h i r cn' n 'W [clrr'I ll.i g-, Bie ever sm ilf'l a.i llll
-r,____ ni,,c,:abulhty may be ..een. I' I hail ],,, ta-sr fc- r he,'; Dumb .wile; BrigJht morn
Walter Mutchell, cx. ol J. T 1 D. oe-di m d'i of lai and waner i toe; In her"
Mitchell, ; March T1 rn, l 81u ohe,,.endwdr hm; r a____________________________rk
t r "In Equ ty. eye; My own rrc,.'n l-'c; O'er hill and da'c; When
"Walter A. Halship and we. J J AMES RIVER AND KANAWHA COlM. fri-naiip nod li,,ce;Ste !.aeye n c h.n thennt-os
DERED bythe Court, thatthe'alea^ fPANY--.NOTICETO CONTRACTORS.- light; Oh! ha ttr rcf ...Wh. napret,vgitl, Weep
anal by Ih Cier ti thel ,heicaloea Prepoa s will Le rcceived aL ihe office of the James mi,, thou Itvely oer Kind ansoil gen ie.she; Low
aad reporird by Ralcr Mtipll, tpeeuore Rerand Kanxwha C.,rapany, un Rirhmona, Va. s"ved ,he surr.nm r s..d: Illh mo-her's lamen,
apomited tiustee for the sale c-f ihe property an the onhil the Suh July nest, for uh,: cor.s'rueion o si,x Where arl ihou invt; H1w _wc,' 'mis ii, relaun'
poeedmngsa ilhus eueauemeaieniroid, he tae irdand dama, with river lack-, .t le built acres. J.a.e- Come vhrre he vn-ol' blair, Tie old pear it--
,onlrmed, unltsscau.e tu ihe con:,ary t.e shown, river, between Linchbura and the month of Notibh May ,m in E gnld; Whi -n gentle ot .c ti 'rind-
'a or be-.ote the Ihird M il-uday in Augusi next: isr, trg; To're ttm ,iier n.ti .h, Smi aging exeu ,plifned by
Paridhd, A copy of this ,-der be ,nseimed n a.,me These dame ate to b.butt ol heavy, solid. slonte Coke. Slav Oh
new.paprr pnblished an the City ol Washington, at masonry, having soch part laid in cern-nu as the
Ilast once a week, Ior four w'eks, be- specifications ehail drslsnate, and with s.uch alul- PfI-HE' c, inprehensive ant trinmpant intellec-
fore the said hird Monday in August nei,. The tenits, edc. as 'the enginrer shell exhibit on the s tuMl science oh Si,1veyir, i vssemized and
Upon states the amount ul sales Io be 9J9286. plans. They wull vary in height from s-vyn to explaunad by the proper and rrlieial mel.tid,
EOMUND0 KEY. thirty-two f'eet. rcquiimung only on.i week ol interestin? ,n'lrucian,
Tiuc clspy--Tes: JOEN BA RNES, A'so, poposals will bi. received for the lock and a iranvbous kno, L'i'ge of i1h tir t five rule, ,I
Clerk of Charles Count, Couirt. gales of twenty four locks, tbeiween the peinlt common arithttmlote fi.r immediate and -uccessful
May 7--awla4 albve namd, with tuon work s-m,lar to uho-e pructiee.

EW NOVEL, by thi Zulhr of "Philip Au- below Lynchburg. The great and fertile pi mnriples of malliematicr,
agatus," "Dailny," The Gentleman of the The plans and specifioationsx of said dams and dissupa'ed and mystitlied by ilt' cc mmnor routine>,
"ld School, &. &c. The King's Highway. a norel, lock gaies will be ready to be exhibited by E. H. ac, by thlie above rca ihod, caillecled and kept in
by &. P R. Jones, in two volumes, ts this day re- Gil', esq. the engineer, on and after the 15th day of view and u:e, an- the noions completely
teived for sale'by F. TAYLOR, or for circulatimuon June next, at his office in Lynchbure, whaie con twpl away, which enables the student to acquire
a.m ig the ,habscriters to the Warerley Circolaltig traciors may apply for such information as will en- at onne those commanding views which alone di--
Lbrarr.-Terms for the Library 65 per annum, able them to make pioper proposals. tLinguh the accomplished .,urvyor, ean.-ner, na-
a,.l ? for a single month. May 9. Payment for the wt-rk will b.e made in the same vigator, aStronaomer, rr statesman, in tle promo-
--, --.-manner as for other works on the line above ion of his country% welfare and civil or military
II W NOVELS -Every Day Life in Lon- Lyochburg, which were lel in Nowvember last. lefenice.
J on, by James- Grant. author of Random ie.- The lime for the completion of the above work, For instruction, reference, Ac. immediate appli-
ac!etMjObna cf the Lcr.ds and Comamon!, The Greai will be March, 1842. The Limber for the leck gates cation is respectfully asked to be made opposite the
a N oplfts, &c &c. in 2 vols. Also, the Husbaad will be required to be procured and laid away care. General Pest Office, fifth door west from the ear-
'lilnhier-or, Dac Schikisal, by Denis Lytnatius Mo- tully, as ihea.pecifcatlons direct, ner of Pennsylvania avenue.
i' y;lbqi; authorof tie Wife Hunler,,in volsy B. WRIGHT, DAVID H. HACKMAN,
It"s _tfi_"aed-lb-and for ale by WM, ,I ORBI1 Chief En&giaeu James River and Kanawha Co. Author of the above method, and a Maithemau-
* Hi Wp.M 'rwFfofBi6n's 2hotl. Itrch- Ilhaozd1. May 4-a.-.gwdartl)J cal CarlT, May 92-3t


-DM IJ'-

tMa The Steamboat PH(ENIX
will make four trips a day br-
tween Washilnton and Alex-
andria, on and after the fist
ol March, as follows:
Leave Wa.hingion at 9 a. m. ard 12 m. 3 and
5 p. inm.
Leave Alexandi ia at i8 and 10 a. m. 2 aid 4 p. in.
uniil turitier notice.
Fl. a9--dw&3iaw:2w
PThe- Steamboat JOSEPH
-JOHNSON isn,,w tI complete
order, having been thorough-
ly repaired in hull, machinery,
and bItlers, and will cimmence running on Mon-
day next, adhering Iu [he following hours of depart-
ure, V'z
At 10 and 12 A. M.I At9 and 11 A. M.
A, 4 arid 6 P. M. Aj 3 and 5 P. M.
C_='Shr will alo make a daily morning irip be-
iE.'en GeirEPtown and Alexandria, leaving Alex-
an Jria at 7, and Georgetown at I' o'clock, until
lunher rioice,
Mar 21-lvy IGNATIUS ALLEN, Captain.
fn il11_ will leave Washigi;ton ior
p on Thursday, 30th
thaMI- insi. at 9 o'Clock in the mom.-
i,,. Returning. she will leave Norfolk on Saiur-
da\ et irig, at 3 u'-l.:ck, and will continue to do
:ri untI -11hd r nrime- Ps-.aee and late, $;. She
.i!i i.ik p arnd :darid "prreri.- at the differ- u
lainiraigs on the Ptiomac, and retiurnina
The (Chr:.apfal,,, cn her reauin ir,'m NorlJli, will
uanlk.' a tiip d.-.wvn iha- Pitmac b, Coie river, Ni'-
Ih,-artti i ,I <..uray, Va. She will l ave Wash-
n.b..n ,r 'er7 Mriiday morning aL 6 o'clock, uitail
i.ii h'r no,:i. Reiurating, 'ie will leave Cone
ii'-r Ti ,daiy m,,ring, ILr \'ahinr i ,i.i She
v%'l ialet up arid IdIlI [.a',engers and i.eight at the
did recni landings or the Piotmac, going and rc-
iuarainn; pa-iage and fare a. cu:i.aruary.
N. B. For any trihnk .t1Ion, pleae relrr to The
ageri,Tat,) CLiLKEND..REn.
Wa-lir,.gan. April 9-2-iif

The Passenger trains on this road will
laily start as f ult>wc, viz:
At 6 o'cClock, a. m. and at 31 o'clock, p. m.
Ai 9 o'clock, a. mn. and at 4 o'clock, p. m.
Pastcngers by the morning train, itf proeeding
ff.;twaJldly, can connect with the Weslern traLn on
ihe Baiimoie and Ohio rail road at the Relay house,
reach Frederick in time for the Western tiage;
that lea.e there at 12 o'clock, noon, or Harper',.
Ferry, in time for ihe eventag train to Winche.ster,
;nile pa-sengers travelling eastwardly are con-
v.?yed through to Philadelphia without unneeezaarv
leitetiurn at Baltimore, reaching Philadelphia in
uimt fuar the evening line to New York; and thu
accumplihine the journey from Washington It.
New York in one day.
Under nat circumstances whatever can the trair
be ,tela)ed beyond ihe hour fixed for staring. It
is, iierelure respecillully suggested that pa-zengerI
ptocure their tickets the previous evening; to ena-
Die them to do which, the office will be kept open
ull hall pai seven o'clock, p. m. By order.

December 13, 1837.
IT i, r,-ppa-afnlly made knoiten that merehaa.l.iee-
c(r ,iher comamodhtles reeeiv-d aR tre ryanept,
i'rr delivery in this city, or to be forwarded ,:, Ba!
iimore, or to p0in ion ithe line of The road, will
hc-eal'ier be -uljert to the following regulation, otl
watch thoze inieresteid will please take notice:
li., The lfre;hi and charges on all so.-. conr
signedd to individual- in this citry or Its vicinm
maut be paid before their removal from ihe Depoi
2d1; Cominmtidiie offered for transportation mu-i
be di.iAncily marked, and be accompanied by a
liii, in duplicate, of the number and detcnpurn c.
packages lo be forwarded, the name of the con-
silniee, and of the party forwarding the same,
ot i'rwie they cannot be received.
The Company will not be responsible for damage
ar, ang from leakage or breakage, nor will they be
*epnnrible [for damage alleged io have been re-
r.itved by any goodsi orcominoditiesti ansported by
them, unless ihe claim shall be made before the
ccr. val of the goods from ilihe Depot. Further,
if goods which hall have been transported un ihi1
rodd be not received or taken away by their con.
signer' or owner, on the day of their arrival at iLhc
Depot, the Cimpany will not be respon-ible f'
,ar pay any claims for loss or damage which Ca
')e u.talined t.y such coed's; in other words, i
;...".', as ab-ove described, be perminted to rematii
,a o.r an the cai. on [le railway, or at the Depci
,ne or more nighis after their arnral, they wit
reilaain .o at the exclusive risLk of lthe owners c.
Th ihouirs for receiving and delivering good!
will, until further notice, be from 9 a. m. unri
I p. m. By order,
Dec 13 SAM. STETTINIUS, Agent.

tjle dfer WejridJay ii'Nii, I-'t April, a pa;ieragr
car wall I.e Jdepjtchcd .daily texcepi Surila..yi tilI
hitie lrlinage rain, which leaves ibthis ci'y ai IIJ
' Jloit a. m. By his cnave)ance;er- ale
atr>,rded an oppoiinluiY Ol reaching Baltiira r;
lia" ie, ltoaneQiCi wilh the evenng Ltrain c 'cars for
Phihladellphihl, or wibh iha WeViern niail tram ai the
rcl., ii '*li asid iht. -naiting them ,0 reach PhiI
ladJel(.hia bty II, anrd Fitlerticn by ai o'clock the
aime nmglmi. By airde r.
March 3Itj
P l-EMfI: COTTON LA.ND3.-The un.lersigned
cd' r- for ale akairiy thousand acres of Coltun
lard, a -lIanivem,,uily lc sled in the StaLes of M|,l
-t -a'pI, Loul'tana, and Arkaiins, on the banks of,
or ctniaiitiii. to, navigable siteams, having con-
lhanit commuole~ictn Wiih the great cuminircial
martt if ihe Soutih.
Thi';e lands were selected some veart ago by
'nrveyr r, well aciuauiited with the Ioprigraphical
silualtOn of the couniti tlhy wete .n(leil'J tin re-
fererire 1o their productiieness and exemption
fiom inundalian. They will be sold in ,uaniitiet
to anti purchaeerc, at tooderale ptices, ani on Jlibe-
rI, crcdlitt.
Genl'emen .-I the A'ltinntc Stames, posses.'in an
unproinctive slave pra-pr iv, wiaBog to itans.fer it
It, ite ('erimle aslut al valley c t~r the S..nthwe.t,
wa.ulI, do we'l o examine tlieae lands.
Appl.eatho m.,y be made to the underaii.nEd.
by le'ter, .at Alesan.dta, Louisiana, or tu Col. W.
L. Bpert, Wiehinron; by th"iB all neci"sary in-
aorutaiion will be giren.
Tittel ate todputable, having been derived di-
rectly from the Government.
Jan 25-cif W.!NICHOLS.

A CARD-The subscriber would tesreciillly
inform bis trends and the public in general,
that he still continues thi Black and Whitesmith's
hu-ine 1, in all its varielis, on C, between Ji0th
and ll h dfireets, wes', where all orders in his
line of business Will be'thankf'ully received andl
puncLtualjv attended to. He siil continnes to make handrailiDg to order on reasonable lerms;
I ghtrung rods made to order and put up; bell-
hanging done in the best mannerand at the short-
c t notice. C. BUCKINGHAM.
N. B. P re Engines repaired,Heserepaild in the
beat manner, Hose Reels made to order and in the
best manner, and all other work done appertainuing
to fire apparatuqs. M y21-law3w


D. S. GREGORY Sf Co. Managers.
For the brnitfit of the town af Wellsburg. No. 5 tor 140.
To be drawn at Alexandria, Va. on Saturday, 6Ith
of June, 1?40.
$35.9-)4- l2,31'u-- I 0,0U0-$5,000-$3,Lf00-
$2 5UU--9uuOO--l,9;5--l,G00--$,5uO--2 uf
$1.250-1 of $I1,20.--0 it 1,0oU0, &c.
14 Drawn No,. in each package ot 26 tickets!
Tickets $10-halves 95-quartets '2 50.
CeriLlicates ,i packagesof'26 whole lichets$130
Do do 26 half do 65
Do do *6uiarter do 32 50

Fur endowing the Lesburg Academy and for
oher purposes.
Clais No. 5 for 1841).
To be drawn at Alexandria, Va. on Saturday, 13th
June, 1840.
It ND i aPirvl
,31).00 $ I lltuO--0s5,000---3,000---2,50U-.
$I,0i17-101) of $1,00lu, &c.
Tickets only $10, halves $5, Quarters $2 50.
Certificate, of package ol -t5 whale Lickes, lJ30
D.- do 25 half do 65
Do do 25 quarter do 32 50
Class A, lr 1840.
To be drawn at Jel .-iy Ctv, N J. on Saturday
20th June, I640.
+ 2,afiU--l,7-tiJ-$,l,,0--1.l,5oU.
2 of l,252 UI *. -i -.f $2tl
U of 12,110 j 20 of 41i0
20 lt 1l,uOui1 40 -il 300
&c. &c. &c.
15 fiawni numbers in ea.:h package tf 26 lit.k -._.
Tickets only $lij-Halvhes 95-Q-ualterns $' 50.
CriLtificatesof packages of 26 whole tickets $iu
Do do 26 half do 65
Do do -.$u quarter do 325 50
For the Dentt of ihe Pa-ersburg Benevolent Me-
chanic As3ociation.
Clas- Nu 6, I,-r li4f0.
To be drawn at Alezanda, Va. Saturday, June 27,
t10,000-10,000-5.5.00-$ 3,500-43,07.0-
93,000t- 2,500.
40 prizes of 01,500 50 prizes of $250
6u of 200 &c. &c. &c.
Tickels 910-Halves $5-9-Quarilrs $2 50.
Certitficatesot packages of O5 whole ticket, $130
Do Do. 25 half do 65
Do D,-,. 25 quarter do 32 50
For Tickets and Shares, or Certificates tit Pack-
age; In the above Splendid LoLtetieF, address
D. S. GREGORY and C Mianagers,
Washington city, D. C.
Drawings .eni, immediately after they are over,
Io aTl who order as May 2-2-2aw3w

F RANCE, by Gov. Cass, just published and
thi- day ra.'eived aor ;ale ny F. rAYLOR.
FaaNCE--i s King, Court, and Govtrrnment, by
an Amertcan, 1 vol. octavo. May 22
STATES, and Precent Siate anrd Future
Prispoccs ,i the Cuniry, by Publiun. Juat pub-
lished in pamphlet at New Yoik. This day ic-
ceived and fur sale by F. TAYLOR. Mav 322

-Hisiory of the New Netherlands, thePro-
ince of New York, and the State of New York, in
Iwo volumes, by William Dunlap, is just publish-
ed, and this day received lor sale by
May -22PF. TAYLOR.
I rhirteen teetva--aiamea, last edition
1839) neatly bound. Price for the etl$18-pa)b-
il-ed a i 2 50 per v.-lina-.
May "22 F. TAYLOR
on the cultivation of the Mind, formunation
ti Chaacier, and the conduct of Life; I vul.
Dr. F. Hall's "Leitters from the East alid from
the We '," I vl.
Leciure on ihe relation tetweeii the Holy Sctp-
aires and some paits of Grological Science; by
J,.hn Pye Smith, D. D. F. G. S.
Jusr received by F. TAYLOR.
Immediately east oa-f Gadbj's Hoiel.
one octave volume of 600 pages, hand-
somely piot(d, with many engravings. Also, a
eries of' English iranslatos 'lf the most celebrated
auihr' in the higher d-partineuii of German ard
Fratch literature, in Six volumes-lor -al<- by
lalil into French. 4 v.aIs. Pari, I_ 10, with an In- and E-say, by M. Guiiit, on the influ-
ence an.I characitr of Washington: just imported.
April 25 F. TAYLOR.
DIAN'--Cheap: both contained inr one r-c-
tavo volume of 700 pagis, well prinitd, and litand-
sor.iely bound, with nui.tes and an in-Icx ij each.
Piuce or ihe whole, $I1 75.
cie(tf ,I--
'21) pcas riDc Frencli Muslins
10 di. light-culored Fri nch Chiniz
Wi d:i small-tgmired Jaconeis, very ch.ap
AI-o ra'itaminmg, a few ofl tih.e beatlilul Che-
riay Mu-ltn;. D. CLAGETT.
HEAP LETTER PAPER.-Fine lenrr pa
per, well mad-e, and well fiuihed, of guou(
maienial for '2 25 per ream, which is equialeni
io eleven cents perquire. Goi.l common letter paper
*uitable Ior schooll or store use for 61 75 per
Also, just receive! a large supply of superior
B!aaak Books of every 'ize and de-craption, of first
rare materials and manufacture-offered for sale at
prices very materially lIwer than they have ever
before been sold tnr In Washtrlgton.
71n HE MADISON PAPERS--The greater
p" itmon ol the 'icreotype plsers of this work
having been saved from the fine whteh consumed
the edition recently printed, anoi?.er ediuaon stll be
put tl press as soon a- papsr can bL manufac-
Ab:'ut 2tl0 sets have been ssavcd ornm the fi e.
anla may be had, on applucaliun l.
April 11 S. D. LANGTREE.
Ecr ber has received, by tIme brig Etiher, a
latge supply ot cate s-a,, acroll seam, htth balk,
an-I ntatsery Arm Chairs.
OC hand, a go',J assronment of Cal,inet Furri-
lure, Wmilst-r and Fancy Chainr, CI.ldrei'a Ta-
be and R,-cking Chicr., Haiir anal Shuck SMat-
uesie--manufaciured bv cepenienee~l workmen.
Alto, Maniel, Pier, and Dressing G asse', Chsna,
Gilss. and Lterpaol Ware; wh eh will be .s.old
law for ca.h, o0 -n time, for approved paper.
Old Furniure iakcu in exchange iro new.
Old Furniture and Chaira repaired or re-painted.
Mahtaiany for sale.

ia-Funcrals attended 1t.
At his now stand, Pennsylvania avenue,
4 doors wet o 4 1 street.
April 24-law3w-
Watibtngon, May t21, tI40
NOTICE.-The annual general mafting of theI
siockholders of the Chesapeake and Ohio Ca-
nal Company will be held ii the GCy Hall, m' the
City of Wattiagion, on Monday, the 1st day of
June aexlt, ommeancing-at 12,o'elolcrk, M.
May 21-preoltllJ pt Ca G-.,Q.C. Go.

FARM FOR SALE.-The subscriber, de-
sirous of moving ta the Soumbh, offers for
-ale the Farm upon which he resides, being beasuit-
fully situated about one mile north-east of the
Capitol, and coinnanding a fine view of the city.
Il contains wiihin a fraction of one hundred acres.
TIhe improvements ae a cnmmodtonus and. comfur-
table Frame Dwelitig, containing nine rooms,
with a l.rre kitchen atitched. Also, a large and
subatannally built barn, wtih stables, aranary.
dairy, coru-house, smoke house, &-.. There tI
al.o a well of excellent waler in the yard. There
are two fine orchards of peach and apple. Its
proximity to the markets makes it desirable to any
one wishing a dairy larom, or for the purpose ot
culit aiin iruilt, anid a market garden.
For particulars enquire of Mesers. B. L. Jack-
son and Brother, south side Pennsylvania Avenue,
or io the aubscriber, ona Ihe premises.
May 22--aw3w, JOSEPH HUGHES.

Chancery Coure at Htamtlingden, in the Wetler i DitL-
saon ijsaid Slate, February ,term, .1. D. 1840.
ALE IANDER McCCLLi.CH,sr. plff.)
vs. Atachmnenibill
JUHN Wirunia, deft. )
O N ins day the plaintff appearing by counsel,
Sii made to appear to the court by affidavit,
and the proceedings and record in the cause, that
defendant John Withers is a non-re.idemnt of ihis
State, and that he resides in the Distici of Colum-
bia; that said bill of aitacliment having been duly
filed im this c,,urt as required by law, a writ of at-
tachmeniitSued ihereon, and on the 18th of Janu-
ary, 184, uai duly levied on nine hundred an.i
filly a:res of land in D)er county, the property of
said il.ferid ni, described more tully in said kvy
On motion, nt tI oIlered by ihe cuort, that publica-
ionu be made in the G ori-e, a newspaper published
in Wa-himngic ciiy, tor siX sucresive weeks,
-tviln nalice ia sad defendant, that he be andl ap-
pear betuie ibs hounojable chancery colt, to be
holden at the cjurt-ha u e nto Huntingdon, on the
first Monday it August next, then and there to
plead, answer, or demur to said bill uf attachment,
or ihesame still be taken pro confei and set for
hearing er parte, as allowed by law in siltch caies.
A copy-Tisi:
Cleik, atnAd Master of said Cc-ur.
This bill states that the said delendani is indebted
to the plainltif in the un fit $l ,'I266 2-3, due Ist
December, 1639; that defendant is ihe owner of
nine hundred and hliy actea of land, being an un-
divided interest of a Iweuiy-three hundred acre
iract lnmg in the county of, in the State iif
Tennestee, and prays for a sale of the amne tI pay
and ea isly said debt, &c. May 22-w6w

Cheneery Court at Ituntingdon, ins the IW'satem Bivi-
sion iftsaid State, february tarm, 1a40.
GCORoE WV^aRsoN and Attachmentbill.
WVMi. CMu.%CK, deflit.
N ihis day came the plaintiff by counsel, and
it appearing to the court, byaltidav,., and the
proceeding con record in the cause, that defend-
antI Georg- WaLersou and William Cammack
are non-res dents ol this State, and that they re-
side int ihe Ditlrict of Columbia; that said bitl ol
aitachment having been duly filed in this courl, as
required by law, a writ ofatiachment issued there-
on, and on the 18ih of January, 1840, was duly
levied on 950 acres of land in .Dyer oounly, the
property of said defendants, as described by said
levy. On motion, it IS ordered by the court that
publication be made in the Globe, a newspaper
published in Washington City, for sIx successive
weeks, giving notice to said defendants that they
be, and appear before ibthis honorable chancery court,
to beholden at the court-houie in Huntington, on
the first Monday of Augusti ncxt, then and there to
plead, answer, or demur to said ball of attachment,
or the same will be taken pro confesso, aind etl cor
hearing ex parte, as allowed by law in such cases.
A copy-Test:
---- N lJpy ItWBAMQl, 4i&
anal Ma.-ler of said Cc.urt.
The bill stats ilha ih-a rerldauisa re indeb.ed
to the plaintiff in the urnm of -1,583 33. due the
first ot Dtcember, 1839; that detei anis are
ihe owners oi 95U acres of land, being en undvided
interest ofa -2360ac-re iract lying in Dyer county,
Tennessee; and prays a sale ef .aid tract oL land,
lo pay and saiisly said debt, &c.
May 22-w6w
Ckatnceryj Court at Hunlingden, in the IVesfem Divi.
ston of said Stale, F' bruary tenei, .A. D 1840.
ALEX asNDma CMLCLLOCR,mr. plff.
vs. Attachment bill.
WILLUsi CAM5s,.sA, deft.
HIS lay came the plaintiff' by counsel, and
it is made to appear to the Court by affidit
vit and the proceedings in the cause, that the d4
tlendan,, William Cammack, is a non-resident of
this State, and resides in the Distfict of Columbia
-that said bill of attachment having been duidy
filed in the court as required by law, a writ of at-
alihmeni issued Ihereon, and on the 81h Jaiuait,
1\84, was duly levied on 40Bacres of land, the
properly of defendant, situale in county, as
more fully de-cribed in said levy : Wherenpon,
Ln motion, t it i ordered by the Courl that pubica-.
tion tie made in the Globe, a newspaper publiihfrd
in Wasrhingtcn Cityv, far ;ix suoce;.'ve wrels,
giving (imce tlu 'aid defendant, hat ha be and oa-
pear before ihis honorable chancery c.url, i, Ie
holden at the ccu't hause in Huntindon, on he
hti, Ma.ida, of Ausustnexl, thcn and there to
plead, answer ar demur, to si.- bill of ailaoh-
inert, or the saire wil be taken pro coisfesto, apdi
sei tur heati,,g ex farte as allowed by law in such
A c,,rpt -Te;t:
and Master of said Court.
The bill states that the defendant is
the plaintiff in the sum of 91.433 1-3-thae raid
defendant is a'ldenit,, and has no personal
prioperly in this Stale, but is the swner of 400
acres of laud, an undivided part of 2300 acres,
lying in D)er coonmy; and prays of the court for
a decree to sIl said land to satisfy said debt, &.c.
May R--w 6w
'9 Sun (London) Daily Newspaper, a splendid
Map of China, on a large scate, comprising the
Indian Archipelagia, with parts of Borneo, 5u
ma're, &n. earending from Ite Ganges to Pekin,
an emhmracing Calcutta, Asam, Barmah. Cochin-
China, Stain, &c. 'vt'h the whole line of S. acoasi,
Bay,. I-lands, and Ye'lamw Sea, c'ealy defined.
The Map presseri a portion of India, Thibet, and
lie whole of Chit a, at ene view.
The Sun of Ihe same day will a'sn contain a
history of the Ch.n,'so Empire; its Population;
Natural Pi'oiluc's arid Pecultarite.; tegerher with
an account of the origin and progress of the Opium
aue-maon. Als:a, the preparations making for pru-
secuttog the war Wlh China, &e. The Map is got
ua under ihe superintendence ol Mr. iJAsS WxTU,
Gem.gri phrt t Ihe Q.ueen.
Cuopies e this psper will lie rent 01tt to the
Uniiea States, isana,'a, and the Wesi Indiec, be
the publisher., anIl will be for sae in Wa'hisgton
city, at an extreme low price, by F. TAYLOR. A
,mrne.: number of copies only wilt be tmportqd.
Tho.e wi-lihne to secure copie of what it is pno-
,nised shall be lIe minis prrlfect map extant of a
tion of the globe now of great and increasing trie-
rust, will please leave their names.= at the adver.
taer'6 bookstore, immediately asl of Gsad-hy's-lio.

I-1. MaI, 2-3
is for sale by ,,
May 20 4 doors wrar of Brown* H,-el.
S ,AND ORGAN.-A very godod.d Ort 0 ga,
U pllyin;gten tlne, belongikto o Kw
fl -as been left aL itt' ner'afllil far aale,iat
he reduced pr'ce of r 35. i
JOHN t. 8A'YNE, '
Fhf n--nonBftWq- t T- HS...s "
Fab 25-3ammew - i .


properly appreciated by a generous public, and that
a commensurate patronage will teilIt therefrom.
This House possesses every convenience that the
subscriber could devise, and is universally pro-
nounced by viitore to be the mot replete in its
internal arrangemenls-,its construction for light
and air being superior io any other house in the
In addition to the many advantages and ccm-
forts over mount hotels, it has p living spring cf
p'ce soft water uponi ihe premises, which, Apart
'ro=i ita.intrmsic worth as a vholesome beverage,
so unusual to be found /n the lower part of thi
cily, adds very much to the safety of the establish-
ment in. case of a fire oh or. near the -premisra; a
powerful force peelop being attached tu the well to
force water tlhteftbm, as well as t'iom the vari-
ous cisterns iP IhI yard, to the r.eeeioira ufider the
roof, from vihich, by use of .the hoe, waler ran
be forcedover any part of ihe premises il an in-
aIsnl, '
Ip'shprt, this establishment hqs been got up
wjAfsout reference, to cost, and'i t is the intention of
fie subscriber to base it stand .among t.e very
best hotels in the conniry. lie hopjs to be favored.
with a- hare ofpubl.i patrptsee.
April 24g-md DdN.D H E WAi R.W
T HE June number aiof the "Work'1iq-
Advrate Nwill conuam-
Ilt. Tim Old dmlrd n ds, a.
9di The Doctrine.fState S "t -
3d. Th encluamt of l .. i -- aA.'.
retiion tf the Ganadav e.itory$of f*fiaur-
&A. -EBdsauion-f W k pl
.,m._.: r.
3t-s odF 'rn y B o
Ig ",)tttt-asfmaInlb.4. 'am ( l*y priqe of
i.17 r* t2WsYarJSA.t.

11 1. .1
V~oT~jW "Ofta Ahf~tCirfl^
LIFIt. A tM.w abgtia .ot.i 'lcrebf
and ildlseaseis of the LNGS8 and WMl DPIPE;
-xtensavely used and recomnmeidled by the Medical
Paculty, to whom the Recipe has been freely
made known.
HOADLEY, PHELPS & Co. wholesale Drug-
Sgists, 142 Water street N. Y. General Agents.
I. COVERT & Co. Proprietors, Aubtmn, N. Y.
The proprietor of this medicine, having wimess-
ed, with minch pain, the great and Increasing de-
struction of the life and health of so many of his
fellow beings by Consumptidn, Bronchitis, and the
various and numernua other diseases of the Lungs
atid Windpipe, was incifeed to direct his attention
t id inquiries no the discovery of a more efficacious
Saedy than has heretofore been presented to ths-
With much care, consultation, andsindy, he has
,ravared a medicine, which he now presents to an
intailigent and discerning public, with the utmost
jojfadence in its virrues and success uIn thecure of
Ae diseases for.which it Is recommnended--ahd
shith he is willing to submit to the moat scrlil-
.izing test of the Medical Faculty, and to rest its
reputation upon their decision.
It contains no ingredients that can impair the
constitution under any circumstances. It wilt'be
found greatly serviceable in Colds, Coughs, and all.
,lseases of the Lungs ant Bronchia, such as
Phthisic, Asthma, Whooping Cough; Croup,
Acute and Chronic inflammationsofthe Lnngs and
By the DYSPEPTIC it hbs been need with de-
cided advantage, and is serviceable top peIsolat i-
boring under debility of any kind ifu ed according
to the directions. To lhe CONSUMPTIVR it has
invariably afforded almost immediate relief, and lIh
several instances has wrought a permanent cure.
It is not, however, expected to effect a cure upon
such as are in ihe last stages of the disease; but
even to Such, it will be found to give, inch relief,
and greatly prolong that retinaut of life Which has
become so nearly cxiaguaished! by thie dread de-
The proprietor is now receiving' i osrdaily,
testimonials of the highest respeetability. from phy-
sicians, clergymen, and others, who have become
acquainted with is nature and 'effect, among
which are the following:
"I have exaliined a recipe for a compound called
the Balm of Life, in the hands of Ret. Isapc Co-
vert, and have to tate that I consider it a s-alfe and
us-e'ul combination of medicines, calculated 'to be
very beneficial iu chroflic daeas-, of the luhgrs and
air passages. AVERY J. SKILTON,
Troy, June 97, 1839. Physician and Surgeon.
1 fully concur in ithe above recommendarlton.
T. S. BAaazrETTr,
Physician and Surgeon, New York city.
This cerlifies Ithat having examined the Rev. I.
.oven's Balm of Life in all its component parls,
we do believe it to be one of the iet compoTmds
or coughs, consumputons, chronic inflammations,
sic. utl' which we have any knowledge, and do
most cordially recommend it@ use to all afflicted
with the above named diseases.
J. W. DAtIELs, M. D. Salina.
W. J LOVEJioy, M. D. 5Ba
GGORDONt NaEEPAuI, 1l.D. Onondaga.
E. Law.rENCE, M. D. Baldwinsville.
The nature of the composition of the Riv. I.
Covcri's Balm of LYfe, having been fully explained
to the following medical gentlemen, they have con-
senied that they may be referred to as authority for
Its utility as an expeciorant in those chronic cases
of pulmonary di&ea.e, in which that class of reme-
dies is indicated.
D. M. BRags, M. D. Professor of the Theory
and Practice of Medicine in the Albany Medicdal
J. M'Nsn,1TroN, M. D. Profe.sor of Anatomy
- ad Phystology in the Fairfield Medical College;
MARn STEpHnaasom,.M. D. New Ybrk cily.
Doct M. McK.mioNT, New York city.
J MIrTCHaL.,.M. D. bPhiladelphia.
The fullowing named individuals have also given
their testimony in fbvoro tbheieditiae; whose cer-
tificates, together with many otbe.s, may be seFn
by application to any ol the ageli'...
Rev. ISAAC STo Eoa, Lynder, it, Y.
Dr. JOSEpe T. PIHT,')
Dr. E. HoamPnnEZs, ) Anljqq, '. Y.
S N. WEaVER, M.D. 5
Rev. D. MoOax, AVrplaus,.",Y.
Rev. H. BANNIrSTER, Caenovia, N. Y.
WM. Moaiss, SM. D. ULi'N, Y.
R. GLovzEI, M. D. New York City.
Rev. TtMoTyav Brow, Elbridge, N. t.
JOHNs WIos, M. D. Albany, N. I
J. 0. SiPMAiN, M. D. Fayetteville, N. Y.
S. R. izav,, M. I 7. oiek Oly.
C. .. ToMsrN11 ,a. .D. Albany, Y.
A. STRET'r, .I D. M Troy Y
L. STaKzaTEr, M- D. TS y,. .
A. H. NEWCOMBs, M. D. Salmoa, N. Y. .
For sale by most of the d.ruln is n Washing-
ton; by
J. J. MSAYRs, AJejaundjia.
0. M. LitntcuM, Georgetown.
J. F. Ch a*,- BaMtiap-er
J. C. ALLAN, 180 &WphiSecond st. Philadelphia.
B. Erarnso, Noifolk,
And in most of the towns in the United Simaw"
where pamphlet, containing particularas ad ni
merouos teastimonialu, omay belha4il.atis.
I OWARD'S HOTEL, Broadway, corner of
j Maiden Lane, New York.-Thts hotel is
one of the most commodious in the 'Union, having
a front upon Broadway of over one hundred feet,
and upon Maiden Lam fifry feet, wah two large
wings extending in the rear one hundred and thitiy-
five feet. It is sir tories high, exclusive of base-
ment and noder cellars, and containing over two
hundred bed chamber, each well lighted and ven-
lilaied with grates; besides numerous private par-
lors, with sleeping rooms attarled, and'public par-
lore, dining, reading, apd oiher rooms. Tni ere are
two elegant dining saloons, the floors of wklch, as
well as the spacious halts in tie first and second
s-,ries, together with the reading and other public
rooms, are paved with I'alian marble. There is
also an extensive and pleasant room fronting npon
tiroadway, fitted up fo. a ,Ites' ordinary, ant! the
ladies are provided wilh attractive public parlv-s,
and a private entrance to the hotel from Maiden
The subscriber having fir nine years past re-
ceived a liberal paira.nage from merchants, and
principal/y from genl'eten r.f tiu.anes at hi's foi-
mer hotel in Broad sireet, is satisfied from expe-
lience that early meals to many are more accepta-
ble, therefore he has had his houae so consrrncted
as to be able to verve meals to such at eatlybours.
The hours adopted for meals are a, follows, viz:-
Cn gentler.aan's dining room, upon Is, or, break-
fast am 7, or half past 7, wilh refe',nc tou the s'a-
son of the year. Dinner in same sl 2 ,'clock In
gentleman's dining room, upon 24 sa'ry, and also
in ladies' ordinary, breakfast f-urn 8't l0 o'clpclr,
and dinner at half past 3. Printed'blfs or fare are
daily got up for the different dining rooms, and as
it is nptional with gentlemen to tale their meals in
either of the gentlemapn's dining rooms, wlihbut
giving any notice of their choice, the subscriber
hopes the extra trouble and expense in the attempt
to suit their convenience in this respect, will' be

. i!

-* '4!





.! .N jd lbb | | B p | ^ ^ ^ h I.j| .^ K .^i l i ..., h
B yI ea . WiftH by-word sand a reprouh-I- it not too him, Otd the ople, to parent i p n their APPrOaching In the hndsota t ht Whig pw. l ... m rlha 10.- J% W'1A a
" I to ,I Dpoet".T UsCifi AN EgLCTMO It affsedIt, f oal ty for mueh~l thtey should attmpt to rob MIT of our. him! They receive letters addressed to him, andd ie evidence thar, vaxto teeheioj gg| totheitniaiion the PI0t"^*^ ^ ^
2211 ttA I a NIW YOlt. 'ts guideoinfthe i folthe Government, The Federal practice of changing party names reply to them; but, instead of saltjlying the anxious in'hat Stale, a*h-as.ceoncerted to amBpti wt1)
[CNLUE I and impiously pro ,ed the name of Democracy merits deep consideration from the people, as an inquiries of an honest people, they tell them that ihis object I the most enormous frauds in the feBt- inrshy,dariaembaanes or the nation himself A WORTHY 8ON O .W "OH|'-
S o ITSCL.N C ]a nOeM by inertLing it rn it4 publi-hed cred. And how evidence o0 di-hne.;t principles. An bon-st man th- p,,.iey of the committee ia: elections. The State adminislratuon were making supended, by a desperate effort of the Wh:gpary And shsUNew York abandonhr I.e ,
But for the war of 1 ourcontvy might have have its boasted esbeen flfiledl L' he never changes hit ne b-catise his honoeay "Ty.T THE GENERL MAKE NO Fr1RrHER DLCL- tkeavy eirpendrurs upon inyireal improyenis, to coniummale the fraud, and accomplso
jyed a I$o period of quiet and prosperity an-history ofthe last few months fonoh the answer makes ,ith norable. A knave f-eioely changes RATION Of raPRINCIPE% FOr THE PrBLIC rE, and recent lebsl.ive inves,igat.on v have shown, usurpaiion; and the Federal Whig mjorthby h,. prinepe
der the mild dominion of that principle in Govern- rnIr step which we propose to note since the h s, wth h. place, because it is his inlereit tot toWIT Lsr CCPING FIT-. a PRESNT PorrTo." tha the tmnney of the S,ate was employed to con- Legielature of this S-ate have deliberately -an. le, hs vrusand his firmness t .
meat which contents itself with the least portale complete ascendency of Peddealism in this S-at,, be kiii The Democratic party marches onwar 1,. These were the words of David Gwnne, I. C. centre n great numbers of persons from other ied the fraud by adoption oacoc lhoelen are below medcrity, wh d
abridgment of human liberty, and the least Pont- was the u~heiing in, at Ike commenerm-nn ofthe proud of the name which i s principles have mpd. it, ,d a ... SIIr, a Committee at Cincin- Sla es, and foregner not naturalized, at parite- soluAon, met o weak and vacllat.g, wh anly e
b ea o f n lrory, e ar n d of he eat-n. present ,es o u r the Le ilai e, ofthe Ga ver honor rble; wnle ie sntsoni changes ihs name nan in reply Io a fiiendly It-er or inquiry fromm lar points, wih a view to counteract, by the~ r A ter these e eidences, who will venture lo iay, hsive, wh oe p m s a'e equivocal, who insult
W ar ti a form idableenemy toDemocrat. tow-es a Th dcu entem n d o w ihevery cha nge of c rs tance _% bp alwa ys theO wg Unon As-ocbaion in thisState. illegal suffrage fraudulently admitted ihe voue that there is not now a party in the country wh eh ihe pe ,ple who.. su ffra e he asks, by dny
make it cientitMust be carried on with a slrong thehef Magistrate of the Sinte--ihe conce-led the strunge% wirer, tIN plrcples arela as, known. Here we haee a candidme for lte highest slatiin of the freemen of PenDs)lvania. On the day has as deep a contempfrtherhlsof thepople *hem access to hsm, and refusing to answer he
hand. It soto s the mind of men to the sawi- head or the party ipower,ad may be uppsd to Andtis thesame dh.nem ivewhih inthe people's g,fi, cut offrrom all tnercour.e with ,.I the election, parties armed with clubs beset a was ever expresd or felt by Adams.rHam.- reonableinquiries who plceshimelf bind
eeof idvidalberty h f i conin a specimen of the principles by which the duces it c,.nstantly 0o fix rIa.e name, upon h" Dee ihe per.pile, an,t reheus,g tit answer their honest in- the polls, to intimidate any one who* should at- ton; which does not hesitate to lame from -ra yu ntn Jfprui
rary power. It tends to make men thnk that all Federal party are actuated. Without descending ,nbea ic Patc y as well a% its o wn. In the im,- of. q.ries in relat on lo his principles, or even to per- tempt to interfere with the intended fraud, and, in fraud their right to govern, and which would n, t but tat H may nat em What moive h
government, to be1 eeffientmostresemble thatof todetals, we pointto it s a a ue of sphisirs, Jeffer0ont caalid us Ja.or's, nfidelev-ler. culttt to be done by other! Whether tihe oG- someases, violence was actually committed. The pa it down by force, if they would do it without geatSae oaband- AVORITE SON
an army. It crrupts the morals of men, and ren- hypoeriy, ans evasion,; abounliz in appeals to aorarian-, A&c.. &c. and under Jacksontthonored ueral ha. w,' f ly n e iterposed ,hig screen between hands on the pub to works were marched to the the hazard ir their own necookow
ders them comparatively indifferent to all hama1 passions and prejudice-to sectional and seciarnan us with similar appelaion-, and has superiJJed h,m annd the people, or whethtTr hiuppuorers have poll.V by the con factors, and vested under their in- Are e leading Wigs of our State bet,know he principle of
rigts, whether of hfe,hberty or property. That irests,and lackingdigniyi,.ncerity and rh. he lerm ol Loc Fc,! An tis an inelligent peo- f-c.d him into thii potin, f,.r the purpose of section, with an undersTandin that any one who iho.e of Pennslvanal Did not nearly all 'her hepes hois Bepiedtob pod upo
which they seedaily and remorselessly destroyed i The reports and documents emanating from the pie view with in.difereace, so far as it eireeets them, concealing a; well his incaptcvy a, his pinc,ple, remeued to vote the Whig ticket would be lma presses and orators defend applul Goree or pl
the movements, subsistence and operations Of State officers, in imitstion of the Excniive mes- and a one olibe means by which the ani-Demo- itis equally degrading 1o him and Insulting 10 the mediately discharged; and, to prevent evasions, Ritner for h4s attempted nrpation. ardjonh,m coeedwh pinc'es is eqredo gi
lss, they ease to regard as sacred or valuable.age, have been Putorth abound in misreprec,aiparty disgrace and reader disreputable every freemen on whoe voles he rehe TO place him in that ticket was printed n colored paper. The in dnouncing as rebel the pairioc citizes hose uphrach'nsandherpincipsadsu n
War also bring a with it tareaion and pubicdebt, senaationsand pervtr~ionn ealcuapeai to conceal name !ht-y adopt the Presidential chair, contractors were frmnithed with means to manage courage and devotion defeated the nf. Aious der herself, hoodwnkedand ronded, into lh4
drawing heavily upon the fri of present inu- important facts m the management o the public Federalsm was opposed t every exlei,)n of An. what have we n lieu of that frank and no. their hands, by an increase of pay made under shem? Do OL all heir members of Co,ge,, hand of a ranger, who has n he ,ales or
try, and mortgaging the soil and the sinews of the finances. Funds sacredly pledged by the constiT- the tight o01suff'age; but 1he Demcratc -pirit in ble intrchange of1" opinion upon subjects of hih the most feriolous pretense, aud often in direct their pies-, and their rades,eee akecre ol hmsel!
citizen for an indefinite period to the creditors of the lion and laws for a specific purpose, and invested ,his State and many others, has rendered that op. public concern, between the candidate ana ,be peo- violation of every sound principle, if not of the Jersey fraud, and of-nounceeThe Dr m ernic ra jo ueyths o uc oako be ,h
Government. And th burdens of the people are nThe stock of this State, hvebeen coverly d- p ion unaaiin, and made italmost univerl. ple which becomes a t c n free country, and does now, the letter of the law. By such means, a township rity in Congress. who have mainained me hs acrifie (,f ,he man ol er choie, he hoda
much enhancd by thepiacy attendant on ex- ted from their purpose, the fund ddistrbed or Federal Whitery is now compelled report to as it ever has done, dslinguiesh the Democratic called Youngwomanstown, in Lyoming couny, of the peopleagainst fraudulent ,i.upa ion endea leas. avesme m ,ie of lofty bonor or ond
penditores onnected with astute of warwhich broken up, The s-o'ckt orced intomarket at a time theirr mean to defeat the great objects of that ex- leaders and their parly7 containing less than o. hundred President Voting 0 protect self under -brcoa Iseala" aud pe,pte~o sa~cify h aet. She should haw
in tedemoralizatioof passing scnes, itisdf of great pecuniary embarra-smen, thus impairing esion, and still keep ih Government in the We have degraing appeals to the presumed ig- voters, was made to give about 60 votes! legal forms Indeed, wehave seen fads o a smehing morntaland appr.prte ha
cult restrain, and Imposible to prevent the credit and wastng he resources tf the hands of the few. Te.e means are multifarious, norance and prejudices of the people, as if they Milville, in Adams county, c.ining ss than similar character, on a smaller scale, pracused by bardi."arfical "g abi." and am
The war of 1812 had its natural effect on our Slates, and the avails loaned to bank which and are varied as cicam-ances require, were as debased as bad governments have made the 500 voters, returned upwards of 1,600 votes, and the same party onrelve.. In addmon t o-smehn more s fcory than tha th
Government and Io. It brought with it asa- were, in Rome instances, of dnub~ifolcredit, for a BFEDERAL ,snREPFESNATIONS. populace of London or Paris. Instead of an nd. the same game was played in many other places.,he intimidation of dfpendtnt and lab-rilng men, pbhc shall hear nothmg frn h Ferl} d
ton, immense expendiure, dlemoaliaion, and term'ofr. years. All this, too, was done while th The first aie reprenation to their on a a l hwn dress, appealing to high principle as the guide of The Whig Leeislature had passed a registry law openly practied by rich and oveibearg Wh g da ,n relan hs opion or h purpo
increased national debt. By it disasters, and State. by reason of the grcs m-minagment f prnciples and objec-,a. well as those of their p-those who wre to raly under the Harrison banner, for the special benfi of Philadelphia and it i our cies, we kn.:.w ,hat men have been bru. wr e occupy hpie.e ponon.
the difficulties with which it was proscuted, it eJThe finances, was unable 10 pay the laborers up.on poren.. Their own changes of names, and the the Harriesburg Convention evidently projected si.precincts, like that recently passed by our Leis- from other Sae. and sent fr.m cr y 1 city und-r Condentha her prcple as well her
many honest minds to think that our Government ,L public works. Nor should t te ior.,.pn lthat practice of giving tdous names to their opponents, multaneous movement throughout the country, by latur re for the city of New York. Though the pay, to nutralie the -uffrages of th repeople, rd, New York wil finJ abundant o i o
administered upon Democratic principleswas tall form n of a proceeding ounjifiable an i constue aparl-ofhs game. They think a De. meetings and conventions, ch-words anddevices, professed object of this lw was to prevent frauds, and throw the Governmet of oneCtes and our adhere her honored on we e h-
stong enough for national defence. The m,nd of high-haded was withheld fiom the Lelaure nocat c people are so oenorant and simple, tat to bring to their aid any o her faculty of the people, it was mae the manle to cover some of the State into the hand of a minority. i, make h eeroS an acrfi whih
many who had fought [he Republican battles lwrng from he Exeutve Deparnme bythey may be Induced by -a name to vote against than their reason and goodsense. Glorly to th most daring frauds of the elective franchise, ever Democrats of New Y.rk! we have recaila ed wll ae her frm he race of d re .
1798-1800, veered round more or less tothe no- resolutionsof inquiry. And where are ihe bless their own prcn.poes. Here of Tipp.oamoa became the sbout, and the attempted to be committed in this country or any the.e facts to Lhow you the character of theeneny su'l. Wnhsuehmoiivesaddressedtoourrcople,vo
Sons of the Federal party, and they began to think ins, which were to be vouchsafed to a confiding Devotedio a N.onal Bank, they tell the people achievements of Harrison were now, for the other. The registry of voters was rquitedto be you have to encounter, and thempltnce of exer oureles s 10 be v,ooo. Tocothe
it necessary to inreae the powers and strengthen people at the hands or a Whi Leilature As a that question issetled: but omit no opportunity to first time, celebrated in song, and copious liba laid open for public .inspection ; any c n the duties you have to perform. There i much n dusso and aco, we uarante of
the hands of^h GeneraGoverment. whole, the long session has beenbcommeedby the make impressions c.n their minds fvorable to such ti+ns of I harl cider" are poured oat to this at. had a right to challenge a voter, and in ihat reason to believe that n 1833 a ronetal comb- ir,umph a surea ruih and patotu n ito
In this bias ofue'n's inds, a National Bank, majority in the manufacture of material for the an institution. I-ficial e"od -of battles." Though living upon event, it was made the duty of the corn- nation of the Whig leaders wa, formed 10 caury .oral.
the most effective enle of Federal or anii-Demo- next campaign. The buiners of ordinary and Wnhie mte Government fnnids were deposited in a large farm, and enriched by a sinecure ofce, missioners to write the letter C opposite his name the elections by falsehood and fraud-chae
erati,,nfluence, wee reLstabshed. To create a *useful legislation has been thrown aside for pnlit ithe Siate bank., They called those institutions the he was decated to be a poor man, and "the Upon careful inspection ot the rg'sier, as made people out of their right to overn--ez. Bod, That the fearlessoess .nd stesdinss
an fore ur mon broutnohe cal resolutions, partisan repot. and empty ha- "pet banks," and abused the system without mea- poor man's candidate His file frame house out in one of the precincts, the Democrats disco- the Sate and General G.veinment, andhan- of pu, wth whh he pret Chef Mas
TreNury by unusual and unreasonable eraonrangues! in denunciaon of the G.eral Govern- sae; bt the moment the Government, on account was conveyed intu a "log cabin," and the wine veered upwards of three hundred names of persons in first their principles and then their fo trade f the United Sae h brought forwd and
upon the labor of the people, arght was claimed men-the ancentgag law has been revived to of the faldr; those banks to fulfil iheir oblige with which he refreshes himself, and enertains his to them unknown, and demanded that the leterC Why ele are the attempted uurpations on uained,a a period of general pecuniary emb
to make rodnand digeaal throughout tUnion. stife free disuion by the minor iv, and the vi,- ion, to the public as well a individuals, proposed gets, was converted into "hard cider." Mimic log should be written against them. Th:s the Whig Pennsylvania and New Jerey so universally de rasmen, he measures wich he deemed esary
The osummaon of thingrad scheme to enlarge lne wih which power has been exercised would 10 plce the fund- elsewhere, the "pet banks" be. cabins, eider barrels, mugs, and canoes, graced the commissioners rfed to do, until compelled by a fended by ilm There is reason to believe th opoc he great ineresof e country and
the powers of the General Govermear, and aac- have been worthy of Federalism in its palmifsi came great lavorites with them, and the new sy.- processions of Federal Whig conventions, with ban- mandama s from a court. And when the election the same plan has recently boon revived and maintain i ced; the prudence wh whh h
omplish the endsaimed at bythe the pursuit 1f official taion we chal- Iei sggeed was denounced with a violence Dena of similar import, and human beings tippling came on, only about ten voters appeared, out of tended, and -hat a struggle is before us in which a hascoductedaconroveryolpeculiar dticacy,
under the eider Adams, was checked by h lenee either aucient or modern i.mes to furnih a never slupa s d. and mumbling gingerbread. Degrading themselves about 3240challenged names. More than 300 were honest Democrary will have to encounter the pI w- relnou 10 our NortheaItern boundary, aIMrtig
of President Monro, but. was, nevertheless still parallel. Nn place (.f hun..r trust, o,r enolumn, They tailedd that the Independent Treasury and insulting the free and intelligent people of the evidently fltitious names, intended to be voted by ersof falsehood, the wiles of fraud, the terrors of he public tights, on the one and wh firm s
pereeringly pirsed by its ontrivers and advo-Toh their r hab,lis been passed by; but the wa a device 1o give the public money or its use to United States, these assemblages met and dispersed men imported for the purpose, or persons passing power, if not the bludgeons of violence.- Alrady ad, nd affording, on the other, no Cn
Carlos. whole session has preseured a rude 5cene0of"-cram- Executive offers, when ihey knew its only object without addresses to the people, or any ennobline from precinct to precinct under different names, the gigamic machinery uf a purse-proud aristoera. *o ampul+ 10 me Untird States a want of modern.
SE N T AMISTIN r THE ble and inige lor tffic--Lf removals and ap- was to prevent rs being used for private purpo es, act or declaration to atone for the foolaries with or what is quite as likely, to be represented by bal- cy is every where in motion. Almost half of the "ion or cha jus spirt *foncihatn, which has
ToUNDoZt ADMS. pointments. Neither fi.lelitv or experience, eleva- .hroogh ttie itstumertality of banks, and cause it which they have disgraced themselves and their lots fraudulently slipped into the ballot boxes, by House of Representatives has become an eec- always ditigiiied our National C>,uncil; nd
Theoalition of 1824-5, which made the younger Or humly, manhood or age, have teen tobekept-acredly.heuseofhepublic. country. While their candidate is shut up from those who had the charge of them. Doubtless tioneeriug club, with their Secret Executive C he e n e e wc ae h i
Adams President, and avowedly relied on tihe pow- spare; but ail alike have been mbn ,.e logive place They Knw that if the public money be put in the people, what rational motives are every where with the same vigilance, similar arrangements mitles, levying contributions and carrying on cr- deparmeni o( the Admmiaiion, have fullyju-
er and patronage of the Governmentto sustainit to the rapacity of rhe ruling dnatv. Nor is banks, it will be tendered unsafe by being lent out, or any where held out to induce them, in ignorance might have been detected it n other precincts; for, repondence throughoutthe Union. tted he cdenceo" the Democracy of the Un
hadthe suc ess of this grand ceme among the thi all Although Icudly professing ,he docrines and that in the hands of individual depositaries, of his principles or designs, to give him their sup- in the result, it t appeared that above 1,000more When public station is tha ab-ed, and awand omm ng he Gvernment hs hds, ad
most cherishd of its uimate objects.of etrenchment and reform, numerous unnecesa- bound to fidelity by penal laws and heavy bouds, it po What a feast for the monarchists of Europe votes were reported in the northern precincts than order ourag-d. to mislead the public mind, it be furnish abundant proof tha he public good wil be
The incident of that election, and he latitdina- ry officehave been created by law, fur no other will be kep for the use of the public only; yet they will these foolerie afford! How will the character there could have been voters; and recent disclo. comes THE PEOPLE to take aairs into their bes promoted b hsre-leo.
iandoctrinesvowed by the Adminitraton which uose than o give sii,ons to drill sereants of pretend to be most anxious for the sfety of the Go- of a American citizen suffer in the eyes of all man- m ures justify the belief that theexcess was pro- own hands, and provide for the securityof 1heir in. 2. R d, That he asserions of th eade
grew out of it, roused the Democracy of The land ,he Executive, and to c,,mpensate them for p+ihlin vernment funds, kind. duced, not by Votes frau.-ulenrly given, but by b.l- valuable rights. The foreign iufluencee ow of rhe Federal parly, iha Mr. Van Baron was op-
toanther del ie effort to ring back the Go- cal services out of the people, Treaur. In hort. They pretend that this plan puts "the purse and Concealment is neeeIsary to the success of" Fede- lots fraudulently put into the ialo boes either bfire brought to bear upon them by the great cabal at restd to he wr. are who'll dsute of truh, and
vernmeut to iI& Republican tack." The patriarch the season has practically exhibited Federalism as the sword" into the hands of the President, when ralismin the United States. No sooner does it raise or after the eletwon, ficlitious names having been Wa-hmion, they must counteract by effort s athe resolul..n whch th-e reckless parisans hane
of the party, in his retirement, could not forgethe s-wanion, ferocious, aid overbearing--ready they kn..w it does neither, as it doeo i v not give him its true colors, than it is put down by the people, previously put on the egi.ter. home. The money 0 fhe Treasury and Ithe free- pl sd as havng ben reduced by hm into a
priniplesofhn f youthorrefrai from expe lgLo acquire power by any mean to exerci-e 1t p.)weroraease a single soldier; the power to lay The monarchists and arisicras in thedaysysofJohn Notwithstanding these monstrous frauds, Gover- dom or the mails, so recklessly put in requisiion iubc meeng n Culnba cnntv adverse lo
to the friends with whom he corresponded, his hor- without scruple, and to retain it any hazard. I ,axes, raise armies, and declare war, remain in Adams, let out their true principles in private cir- nor Porter, the Democratic candidate, had a deci- to delude the honest and unsuspecting, and ake he war and aanst employing the il in ofen
or and apprehension from the degeneracy rf the preended regard for the public weirareha been Conre..s, wiout being in the least degree affected cle., but not the public and it i remarkable that sivemajorilyf the votes reported. Federal Wlii- the people instruments of their own enslavement, si opera, base frery, s. far as he
times. After the promulgation of he younger manile~ied in litle tut mock resolmtm, andl 1s 1 .r impaired. while volumes of letters writpn by such Repub'i- ory was not, however, inclined to give up its must be counteracted. by association and dig
Adams's frat message. in December, 1825. Mr. Jet. love f,,r the people, exhibited, at a lime of grea They pretend that this plan will put the public cans as Franklin and Jefferson, have been given to -pwer. It had a majority of the Sunate, and the among the people themselves,. Io Ln diore are In.-.hlDd byoa eaers r the
ferso u wrote to M r. Giles, in the following strain, pecuniary depreswion, by making large alcd,,tuns mr-hey within ,he reach 01 the President, when they tne world, the private correspondence of such nmon term of Go y. Ritner was not yet expired. If that NECKS111ITY~Or ORGANqIZATION--AND'I" BICT.I*nnt olyt>rorait:tssa eulfbi
iz: to the public debt, and in mortgaging ,he land Rnd know that he cannot tmuch a dollar ofitby borrow- asHamilwn and Gouverneur Morris has never party could defraud the people outof a few of their To our Republican fellow-nthezes we arn, tiu but to pec'are ,hat oh .urh of the Lend.-
"I see as you do, and with the deepest affliction labor of heihole for the benefit of incirporations., ing or oherw-e, with.ut a direct violation of the been permitted to see the light. To say one thing tlepresentatives in the Asembly, it would be in recommend the formationof DE.MOCRA.TIC JS. ,ure and aTl the acts of r. Van Buren during
the raipd strides with which the Federal branch BuL why vex the public n din by ainemplir-g I., aw, and that under the former system he could and intend another, is one oo the arts by which man. possession of the whole Government, at the next SOCUTION'S in every townshllp in the county Bsif uhe embargo, he non-,nierenr, and thewar wtth
of our Government is alvancing iowards the conlrosr the practices with the proles sons or Fe- .Dorrnw it I rom the banks to any amount, without kind are Subjected to monarchical and aristocrat,- session *f the Lexislatuje. The county of Phila- it every ward Ui, the tit. The objects of ve-e a-- Great Brna, affrd te most triumphant proof of
consolidation in itself of all the powers, foreign deral Whigery. The wh,,le is before ihe people any check or control, cal d. m-nion. But from peculiar circumstances, delphia seodso e ght members to the Assembly. siciations should be, not to imitate the Whg. in his devoed patn'.tlsm and of has unwavering sup-
and domestic; and that too by constructions In profession it stands forth Ioua, boailul and ppe- They charge the Pre-ident with hostility to the Harr.son cannot speak truth or falsehood, without It happened in this case, that the majority of the violating the laws and filling the land with fale pors cf Ihe war and the resric'ive measures whih
which, if legitimate, leave no limits to their pow." tending-in practice false, hypocritcidl, and de- banks, when their only authority for itis hisknown destroying all his chances of success. In the North House depended opon these eight members, No'- hood, but to explain the true principles of Demo- pre-eded 1; an than an sdtress wr tien byhia
era. Take together the decisions of the Federal sinm- hostilty to1 heir abuse. He was their friend while he is represented as an Abolitionist; in the South withstanding the outrageous frauds of the Whigs, cracy and maintain the rights of the people." ahd pub i hod under the sanctio of the Dwao.
Court, the doctrines of the Presi.Ient, and the T"H" OLD wKDERAL AND MODERJN WHIO PARTY iDne- ,hey obee.l ithe laws, and no longer. The Wnigs as the advocate of slavery. To say he is one or tbe ihe Democratic candidates had a considerable mi- To inculcate without ceasing-that '(tte Dome- craIemtb rsor" ihe Le-itlsiure who nomjtd
misconstructions of the eonstlilt'onal compact. ICAL. were their enemies while ,hey obeyed the laws, other. would lose him so much Strength as to de- joity of t,e vote< as counted. Certificate i of (lec- cracy is pure morality-that truth is its only safe Diniel D Tompkns for Governor 1 ,be spring of
acted on by the Legislalure of the Federal branch With these evidences before him, can any man nd no hner. Their friendship bean when bis stray all hope. He has not nt, therefore, the usual lion were, ibeirefore, given to them, signed by ten weapon, and jutlice its only proper obj*t4--hat 1 ]3, Mr. Van Buieu Jeclartd, theteverg mm ht
and it is but too evident, that the three ruling doubt that the party now calling itself ` Whig," is ended. He desires to see them subjected to the resort of Federalism, to say one thing when it outof seventeen re uru judges. Six of the Whig when it resorts to falsehood or fraud, evening re- i" I" an' infMl an lin a wilt ythatwAB
branches pf that deperiment are in combmaiinn to the same party which, under the nime of "Federaf- lawh of the counirr; they do not; vet they claim to nutar, another, and finds safety only in silence. ,etura jtidges, however, held a separate m-e ing, taliation, it strengthens the hands of its enemt, and and wB ALOE, way eur onl, rtfage from natidmal
strip their colleagues, the Stale ithorts, of lhb id," wa5 encountered by Jelfenro and his asso- be the special friends ofr "Ehe "Constitution anl- His condition is much The same in relation to ihrew out the votes of ten out of seventeen eiro'ion when it has recourse to violence, except in the last duraaion--tr only oiiru onatiena prsjprily"
pow ers reserved b y them and to exercise th em c rates in the early days of'the Republic. layrs!" They charge Democracy with being op. the abuses of the banking system, the tariff, Inter. di.trc's, and thus getting rid of the De .oeratie resort, it commits s oicide; and ,t the caus es which have led Io n "*it k
salves all ftitionx foreign and domestic 11 Look at facts and prneiple.s. More than n'ne posed to a aound eney, of which they claim to Mal improvements, and the public lands. Oace maj roy, made out return for the Whig mem- That one of the fundamental principles isms !eund icn/o ootineeivrhmun efflmou
Anlate Januaryv9th.1826, hinanotherletterthe lengths of the individuals known as Federils in be the exclusive fr-ends; and yet they r,cmmend sdded upon the backs of a people who have taken bere! ar*UAL.T. OF MEN IN CIVIL A1 peL.TICANLE
aiJd:"I fear withyou all the evilwhich the pie- former das, now rally un,'er the bannersof Whie a,d sustain the is sent lowering aspect of our political horizon so ery. The principles and practices of Fedetalim thus defrauding the people, and depreciating the tee. ,'with something akin to generous confidenc-," so bdrelaced would have been countenance. for a R LITT: .CRED nnTV t.P Evav RtL *MIB CAN TO caT
omioonliv portends. That at some fuore day, and Whigery are identical. Who were, in flimer currency, while the Democrats insist that the bar.k. wihichht4,in ila,n Engh. III "for better or for wone,- momenttby anyoneinauthorityin this free c -uniry. That the right of every man to use his IT IN TrT ATTITUDe, AD OTECCID*I. vwor
A. whieh Ihoped to be very distant, the free princi- time ,he advocates and srppnrters of the Bank rof shall be required, by redeeming iheir piper on de- he may rrdithEm a% he please without viola,rint nowevtrunprircipled aidrieCiles<.yeY hetWngSe- hands and h ; head fr hi< own advantage, not in- THe s- oR n TO DO sr."
psofourGovernman mightohange, withacchanse the United Tht Feeraliis. Who are the% mand, to keep i 1 at ll times at par with eie. a declaration or a plfdse But will a free p.-.ple cretary 0 o(-ale, whose duly t ta. to communice flinging upon the ligh ofths of others, is the reReslved, Thr. we regard the sheme of di-
of circumitanes, was to be expected. But Icer- nosl The t Iigs. Who, in former day%. They represent the leaders of the Deroirrniic coneei-t 1o be thua hojdwmkei, saddled, bridled, the returns to ,he Hou~e, at the ,im-aof uls annual this eq'al,t): v.lmg 1he proceeds of the public landsamong lhe
tainly did not export that they would not ouilive the extension of the right of scifrage, and dernerid ratty as cleprous of reducing the price of produce and mounted Whenever they do, thly may be- a.meeling, resolved, for the purpose of retaining rhe That to p,olect every man in the prop" use ol .aes, as a measure of nhe most dangerous ten-
the generation which established them. And what ,he capacity of ,he people for self gireirnmeni? TTre and labor, when heir only ot-ject'it to secure pay- ware of, the whip and the spur. ,Ipower of the State iq the hands of his party, 1 to hi- right, unobslructed, should te the chief object dency, at war wnh Ihe spirt of abe Cootuin,
I still leos sexpcted was, that my favorite WeiLern Fedrralists. Who are n ,. mot oi-trustiul ol r,me ineet 1o ih- farmer and laborer in a currency ELEBCTIONRING BV PEDtBAL MMBA.RS Or cOm- -withhold the true returns, and send in the false. In ot levislaf;oa: ,nd with ,be terms of shear cesion to lhe United
ddnlry wag RW be niade the instrument of change, people, and seek by registry lawi an,1 other .de which ball be of a fied nod certain value when onEV. thib desperate resolve he was sustained by all the That the protection of properly ihuQ a24unred. Siae,, calculnld 10 render the Si&,eB depor-
I had ever and fonly chorlehed ih oier of k vices to embarra he re Or light .hey can- -ey gel >,eandno, liable to become oithle in There ; another enomu enne at work to lenders of bWhig party. Nor did the design ta me right of the owner t-d,.poe o'accnn dencsof he Federal Gvernmen, and to tmu.
country, relying on it As a barrier against thed ,e- not withhold? 2The irhigg. Who passed lawn for their pockels. o mslead the peaplt.aad nuce thehe blindly togive stop here. By the aid of, a majority so secured in to his will, is, next to the preservation of personal aie them lo rck'ass espendture; 10 deprve the
Alnesacyo-f public opinion from oor ortinal a.d ,he exp plaon ion of forrignetm from the country, and I he Pre-ident is rep!esentlej in ona, place as an the r ,uffrages to the chosen c.ndidaie of Federal.- uoth Houses, it was determined ontheximination hberiy, the first duly .rf government. Un.n of e f its legitimawe anice of revenue;
free priuciples. But the bait of local teiesis, 10 prevent emigration hither, though "L.btruci.rng Abrhi.onist, and in another as s an advoce of Ism. Recent developments have disclosed the of the vtes for Governor by the Leg stature, to That facilities for acquiring property cannot be roenrailraaon, direct rrindnrect, uponhep-
arifully prepared for thoer palarea, (Mr. Clay's rhe laws for naturalization of foreigners and refti. slavery, when in fact he is neither; as an enemy to fact, that the Opposition members of Congress, in- reject enoue h ofug the votes hiven for Gi n ernor c-,nferred by law.on one man or company of men, pne, fr the purpose of meniug yhe drfieieoey oo-
system ef internal improvements,) ,has ddcoved Ing to pass others to encourage thrirr migrtirn ,he right of suffrage, when he was one of the most meadofdevoting their time to the business of legi- P., ter, to placehiminaminority,declareG'vern.r wLhout givine them udae advanteees over other cWi'honed bY diverghg a pornou of uhe pnbhin-
them from their kindred aUachmeunts, lo alliances hither," r.y the king of England, was :ei foorh iin he efficient instruments in procuring its extension; as lation~h.ave cursiItuILed themselves into an ele-. R-Iner re elected, and carry on the Government of men, and thereby destro)in; lhat equa iy of'rights come from i s proper objects; and to eageiidoet
alien to them." Declaialron of Indenendence as one of the causesof an etemy 10 the last war, when he was one of its pioneering association, with their Executive Com. the State under thi, usurpedi authority. The evi. which itis thie bounden dutyofGovernmenSae admrtra ons a spirit of erAvaian,
rIUBMPH or DEMocaCRaCY AND Lt eno Or WZAIL '.he Revolution? Tae Federalists. Who are now most decided .iir-portfrs. mittee, who are engaged in appointing county corn- dence of this design is found, not only in the cir- serve: subveruve of all thole maxims of economy which
JACUO. in favor ol excluding (oreigrnis from office and There is indeea scarcely a word of truthin all mittees throughout the Union for mere electioneer- cumstantes of the case, but in the published letter That grants by law of special privileges affeti ar. the best secrty ot a Repubhcan Govern-
These were the feelings of old Democrats who from the right of suffrage, and are gelilng up ,hat is said in the Federal Whig papers about the ig purposes. With the compensation allowed of the Secretary of S ate, after the results were persons or property, to one man or set of men, ar mont.
had lived through long lives in the pure faiih, Native Amer can 8ocieies, and resorLin? lo Prer.esient, his principle, practices, or designs, them for d,.ing The people". business, they create a known, advising his Wh friends to "Itsel tiete- attacks upon the rights of person and property of 4. Rulvii, That we consider the plan propsed
uwerred by temporary ineidents, and unseduced other mean to embarrass naturalization, wilh the While they represent e every thing about him as set- fond for printing all sons of documents, misrepre- Biot as if/ i had not happimed." every other man in the commniitv, in ple a, by Mr. Van Bran nf rollectng, keepig, ad dis-
by the glittering objects of unstable ambition, same views? Tim Whigis. Who passed the Sediinu fi-h and corrupt, There never was in fact a purer senirg thie principles, acts, and designs of the Ad- The Lgure met, and the Secretary of State ubversive of justice as to take one man's labor or ursnhe pubcmnysby meanof offers p
Uniting with the junor Democracy under the act, to prevent men from speaking and wriiingwith and more diminterered Administration, or one ninisriaion, an.l with the aid of the franking privi withholding the true returns, sent the false ones property for the u.e of another, without COPTrea-
banner of the Hero of New Orleans, a second freedom upon the doing-, of ih, Congress or Pre't- which has kept the rights, interests, liberty and lege conferred oa them for public purposes, they bionooh entiaaleue:rury ofe United Slates ind pendent ofu banks, aa
victory was achieved after a desperate encounter, dent of the United Siate.? The Federalts. Who happiness oflthe pe.-eple more s readily in view. distribute these papers to their county committees The Senate containing a Whig majority, unhesiila- That money in the hands of the people js a par, ,he only effctual method of securing the fiscal
over the combined foraem of Federalism, with all are now pressing a bill in Congress to curtail the FEDERAL CANDIDATE FOru THE ;PnZ cY. and others throughout the Union. Not content tingly admitted the two Whie candidates for the of theireir property, and that a course of le.-]aion, concerns of the Government from the nfluen of
its means of induence, as decisive as the first political rights and privileges of a large number ol If deception vs thegainoof the Federal party in with this monstrous abuse of that privilege, they city and county of Philadelpphia, upon these re- whether in relation to banks or otherwis., wrrcr ,hosefuuitaiioos n the business trantactoas of lhe
The consequences wer also the same. As the our citizens holding offices under he Govermentl relation 10 men in power, t is no less so in relation do not hesitate, when convenience requires it, to turns, known to be false and fraudulent at the makes money more valuable to day and leas s to utry, whc he spinoff pecuniary advture
alien and sedition laws, the army, the taxes, and The Whigis. Who, under the reign of Hamiliun 10 their own principles, designs, and mode of opa s transcend its legal limits, and commit palpable time. In the House of Representatives, the true morrow, is an attack on the rights of property, as and a vicioustat of lhe currency are but too
the bank, with all the devices of an ancient Fe- and Adams, were the advocates of a national rationw. It is well known that a vast majority of breaches on the laws of the country. In addition members presented themselves, produced the proofs direct, in principle, as taking one man's property cerFain 10 prdue.
deralism, fell before the triumphant Democracy, debt? The FederaUlU. Who are now attempting, that party preferred Henry Clay, and very many to ?he application of a part of their secret fund to of theirelectIun and demanded their seats. The and giving it to another- 5 Re/id. ThatIthepantheBankoftheUnita
headed by Jefferson and Madison; so the sys- by withdrawing from the General Government iq of them Daniel Webster, as their candidate for the the support of the Madisonian, a newspaper print- Whigs, to a man, were in favor of admitting their That individual debts, d ts, State debts, and na i atei has played in lhe game of expansion, whioh
tern of internal improvements by the General Go- means of support, to force it gain into debl? The Preidency. The proud, unbending Federalists, ed n Washingwn, they have undertaken to raise own partisans notwithstanding the notorious and debts, are productive of a condition ff riepen- has, cr a ee of years deranged the regular
verment--the Bank--and olher devices of rob- 4iW W t-o were the ndvocars, in the t-me of the surivorof- the John Adams "reign ofteiror," snb. r.b-rs lor a, various parts of the country, palpable fraud on which their claim was based. Fi- dence de'lruc've of equality -m ,rg men and free- ro--r-e of bo-rnLs- Ahroughout the county, itenor.
dern Federalism, fell before their new leader, ~nAas fhg ae n xrvgn x referred Web. ter, because he was the consistent, and la seoil it under their franks. And, as it would nally, the two parties. organized separately, each doe of ac~i..n among Stales and naiion loa. spemiaiions ia cotton and *toeka; tbe era-
Anodrew Jackson. That the modern Faderal )endttures? Tita Federalists. Who are now the uuchar, ged advocate ol their ancient principles, be inconvenient to frank them in packets of two party ehoo~inif i's Speaker and Clerk, and each Tha, Democracy requires the sacred fulfilment barrassment iis example has been prmncipally in-
psrny were not at onca rendered as powerless as advocates of htgh taxee, under the name of dluties ;Con.-idering Mr. Clay as an apostate Democrat, ounces only, wh'ch is the legal timit of a member's with the claimar, tss from Philadelphia conn'y, hv- of. ail ezistinz obligations, bul denouncrs and op- srumerata ,n brino.Jng upon thecommerenal ciauaie|
was the ancient in the lime of Mr. Jefferson. on imports, and assuming direct power over the they never looked upon him with the same coati- ordinary prtvil,'ge, and as they have the right to ing a quorum for bnsmness. It now became appa- poses ih., abus- of" ,ndividal credit, the increase of and uTS disrepu'able shafts to avonI the dischars of
and still dared to contest the afceodeney with eternal affairs of lhe country, such as roads and dence or respect. But as Mr. Clay was not alone frank public documents printed byCongres wiih, parent that lhe Whigs, haviiig the Governo r and St~itedebts, andthecrestton of a national deb : Is p'cani.iry obiigit-rs, must prove r0 all honest
the Democracy, 11 attributable to the more ez- c"nals, in' domng the same shrug indtrtc'iy, by ino his aposiaey, and the younger members of the out limitati ,n of weight, they endorse public c do- -Senate, intended to sustain this usurpation, and g" That vilr, lnt chiinges a'e not sanctioned by~po- meuLie ft.lly r.f seek~n for a regualaor of .he cnr-
tensive means of influence il had acquired g[ving money to the Staten lo be expended upon Federal pany scarcely remembered him as a cuments" on these newspaper bundles, and frank on with the Government. Such au outrage upon licy orcalled 'or by ju,iice; hat that by mild and rency ,nary m'n'yel ins, i'uion.
through the Bank of the United States; the in- ,hem, thus enlargine iocalculably toe puab1ic ca- Drmocrai, his bold and decisive charactergavehim them assuch. A member may, by litling the mails libeitya~nd the elective franchise, pr, duced its nt. gradual r-furm uur G',ivernnint should be (i. Resleda~i. That the mou.t efffacial rtg'nlatorof
crease of overgrown wealth, and the misdirected pendiinie,? 7Te fFhsigs. Who, in ,he tame of advantages over rheaumad Webster which made him with all sorts of tras.L, abuse the franking privilege tural reults. The Democ'ai.-, like their predeces .roughs back tor the pare principles ani practices ,he currency, so fir a the sovereign auincr ty of.
legislation of the several Steles. The Democra- Jlefferson and Madison, took s .lea agamnst the~r the favoiire of the party. Bui lhat parly had no hope without violating the law; but here is a palpable sots in the Pre-i leuthal el~canon of 18UI. avowed from which it has so-widely de,/seed, equlalitv 01 ,he Union t< concerreit, is t" be found in a rigid
tic prmnciple looks to the rights and interest of own Government in every dispute wtnh a fore go of success upon itr pricncpl ,s. Its only chance was breach o!" law, and a fraud on ths post office rove- their determination not to sobia'ttothe usurpation, rtahis restored among ourcitizens, the rights of prn- aLhe'enre on ihe parn rf the Gene ai G,.verunaent,
the rndtvrdual man, as the only sure basis of a power? Thte Federalists. Who did the same ,hing 10 induce, by some conir,.ihng motive, a portion of ue, in fraukiriig a newpspper t'.oni a printer to his appointed a committee of safety. jnet Government. It repudiates all laws which ,u the time of General Jaeksoiil Tht fWhigs. ,he people, utho really, abhor its princip'es-, to vole ubseribers, and cover, ng and lacihnatine~the fraud, lhe freemen of the Stale totally in support of their the laws enforcedl, and tree ins'iliions preerve ,r. fi cil trarsart.i.n.I
give to particular men, or companies of men, Who, in the days or John Adams, oiT-red per- for ,,s candidaie->. The Anmransonic anid Abolition Wnat a sparcable is here presented by the Oppo- r ght to be governed by their own represent itives, in substance as well as in f.rm, a ,d ,he ble-sinis 7. Resolve't, Thml 1he extraordinary multiplies.
rights and privileges, which cannot be enjoyed by sunni ,ndigurtes at tbe capnsol 10 Jeffe'i.,n. parties present-d tie only resources fr. m which s'tion in Congress. Instead of being the honest Toe Whigs, more detrerined even than their Pe- o( order, liberty and peaae, perpettally entaiied "on ( f nak.. durnni a few yea'* pan; lhe cintrao-
others, who are members of the same community andolph, and oiher leading Republican ? ueh auxiiiane were r0 be expected. The Aoti- and faithful representatives of the people, devoted doral predecessrs or 18+tl, resolved to sustain their upon our glorious and happy cr.tunry, t~ors. aqd expan.iiins o1a currency conm, sl-
Ol' this character are all monopolies, which in Th Fedtraliils. Who, in their mobbash pi- masons would not vote fur Mr. Clay, because he is to the duty of making the necessary laws for their usurpation by force Troops were ordered out Let s Sparriularl enjrin upon yoi, whether net noi't (xclurmvly ,,f bank nrtes; the gfreat i,.rea~e
their operations discourage private enterprise, bnng fades wtlh shouts and mock music now mn~ult A Ma'on; ihe Abohtmun,.itswould not vole for him, country, they have converleu iham..elves ii(oampi- and marched to Harrsburg. Governor Rimer ing indiv,,duallv o1 in aS.OCtaiOIJ', to avoid the ofhe t.aper circuJ~tiun of the country; the apirntof
individuals mn a sltee of interested dependence, end and deride leading Democrats al Was-hirg'oB. because he i-. a slaveholder. A con, proinise was iiites.ed committee of tlictioneerern By obstructing even called on the General Government to pur recklersne~ssyou see, and tie violence you have s~eculjnon 10 which overbinking has eiven btuth;
elevate one man above his neighbor by the par. and alarml shear t'amilhes in the dead of" niiohL? hit upon. There wa' a superannuated man, living the public business, and protracting lhe session of down the risine spirit of a free people; but be call- reason 10 apprehend, frnm our desperat.eopponent-; hte hat, i of exiravegamce ii tns ,niroidnred; and
t~liriy of law. Among ihe most mtschievous and T"e Whigs. Scarcely a puinciple o~r a practtce .nathe banks of tbeOhio, called Will]am Henr Cou.are.- th'y getl 0 f the Tressury the mean! ed in va.n. Threapiiol wa in po'ses.ion of th+ [f'tr,,e D'mocr~cym'st perlih,leitilno d e bv l!< teenrreEiiarny ilhas prod ucedin lhe rpera'ioe of
xltenajve influences which have weighed down can be n*"ned in which ancient Fedeiahism and Harrison. To the olJ Fedeialisis he would noi be to priut or buy. ,heir e'ecunn'enmg papers, and by Governor'. troopp., tie people were organizing an I .,wnhin-'s If .he people see eq ,al reckl. ne-s o' inlusiry, hane prove41 in ,be I'ighfs degree preju-
the nDee of the people, and deranged the currency modern Whmgery are Jiot entirely parallel, In. unacceptable, because be was himself a Federal's, an abuse ul the lrankmns prayiloge and violations ol arming through,,ut the State;and every rhing see.Tn- law, painc~ipe, and peace on b, h ? d~s, they w,,i ,ll.'nal to fair hustoesi men, and tended to ueae tie
and bueiuessof the country, may be numbered deed, those w'ho remember the history of. the ol'he ulds shool, having approvedih*ehngh-handed the! lw, thev make ihe Posl Orfiee Depsriment con. ed 10 portend tl]iodL~hed and en'hil war. In ,hi, no be able 10 dn-erminate uhe one from the nih r. all s'und notionsof commercial honorary id publio
with that o{ excessive banking. Fouod useful for amnes, cannot have forgotten, lhat lhe one name is measures of" John Adams's admmnisirai~on. He vey them, without charge, 10 the ex,,emes of ihe satae of shines, urn of ihe Wh, s proved loo hones, or hnow hnh are iheir true friends. Il n t'e.ter, "'^r mo'al~ly.
commercial purposes, these iuslirutious may have the dtreet descendant of the other, only in ,he '.e- was ntt a Mason nor a slaveholder, so ,hat hn Union. Thus Ihe people are made to pay for the fr lhe occasion, and recededd fr,.m ,h~t ir (end- ,n reitee, lhal Whigery sht.uld obtain a temporaryy In, 8. Risolv'd, Thai in.4usry and frugally, lhe fa-
been unduly multiplied and extended, until nnt cond decree. Federalist was orrgna]ly a popular could not be peculiarly repugnant to AntimaKou and open vwolaton of" iheir own laws andl in- itncH.,use ,.f Assemb'y, leaving the~n witiout a ump then ,hat Democracy, bv/ imilating, ts prac vpr,.e maxima r~f Frai~klin aodj.nren, are com-
the commercial, but ih maoufaniuring, mechanic, name. Il was borne wtth prtde bytihe ant.De, and Abiohtiooi't He had moreover been aGe. s,,tuiion and at the same lime, for ihe means of q'lorum. Tnus depraved ol'tineir pow,.r 10go on lice ,->hc.ulJsaorifice that character, which makes, mindel 10uf, boih by 1he drduectoas pf reaio
and farming interested, are directly affected by therr moeretic parly, until .11 was disgraced by its neral in the last war wn~h Great Britain; and. al- delu.-iun, which are intended- 10 induce ,hecn 10 vole w,,h she Governmrnt, n1 consummate iheir usur- 11 cherishedt and confided ,n by an honest pe ,pie and the ,e. ,imony of epernence, as the only pnia-
operaztons. States rely on them lo sastaiu their owners, and .came to signify_ an enemy ,o hibe'ty, though he had not achieved "*a vici...ry of New for the nuie candidate ol .North Bnl, in opposition patnon no.Jafr con't~uliuidal formis, the Whigs, de- Bat mere ,s nm danger of a lFrdecral triumph, if bur ciples by which ,he c'-'nltlon of a nation or of aa

credit, and the whole people are dependent on aan pary en cast 11 on, and look the ham- O leans,"or any thing like it, the glowing pens an.] to the frank Democrat now at the head of the Ad. nouncirg he seceders as traiurs, and the Demo reasonable effort are made to counteract he ar id.vdual can become permaenly prosperous,
them for their currency. The enormous expan- of National Republican," a popular appeila- flaming tongues of Federal Whigery might be able mirdsiralton. crai- as rebel-, reluctanily gave up ptbeir des.gns. and exertions of its disciples. Thep-ope have an and a< ,he belt guarantee e" an honorable mde
sions and contractions for the last few years, coin- tion. This, also, they soon disgraced and repu- to magnify him into a hero ofr'he first magnitude For st:ould it be forgotten that, while these men After this eshib,t.n, let noman say thereis not a inherent and natural aiacbment to honesty and pecadence.
meaning with the late Bank of the United States, laited. Tney then, after ca-tng odium upon every and thus catch a little of that popular enthusiasm promptly voted for an act of appropriation pro- party in the country, who would put down the truth. Half the exfrnin devoted u0 the d.,emin. 9. Riiolvei, Tnat the conduct of ,he Federal
and extending its evils through the whole system, afcion to which chance gave birth, by adopting which they supposed had raised General Jackson vdlig. through their own pav, lor the means of rneht of the people LO govern themselves, by fraud lion of truth, which the Ftderahlst give to ,he rry, ,n passing a regiry law far the Democ'an
have seriously affected the value of property, and ils cognomen, a-sumed the ancient and honored to ioh; chair of State, and u+lained h-m there, carrying on Lht political warfare, they have so ob- or by force, whenever they have the opport.uanity or spread of falsehood, will movie than countrrset al, city of New York, agatet the feiMustraoCeS of
the markets and the price of labor have been ren- name ot "Whig," and, for a few years, have in- against all their cour, pibons, pamcq. and denuncia. strutted the progress of business, as net only to the power; and if ,he same partly had then wielded their efforts, and insure lo Democracy a glorou, thecomm,.n cocl, the city d-rgation in the An-
daredo uns',dy and uncertain by the same nase. In ascribed that upon their banners. It was as a piry nons. For theie reasons, notwivhiandig the bring to a stand many objects 0o' great importance the power of hhe General Government, and c.Goverintorynd m- victory and a lati conquer, oaly, and. as iq proved by he ree *leeio,
short,so widespread has been the mischief that it in each caie that they threw off one name and horror of the Federal Whigs for milary chif- In the civil and military service ofhe country, but handed its armies, what might not have been the To action, Democrats of New York! Meetwiih the wsesf more Mhan twenty-n thoand of
has crippled tha operations of the institutions them- took another; asa party, they threw off the name plains, the weak and vain old General was selected that sin.e the first of Janc-ary last, every Atne of Democrari Pennsylvania l tlena the fasnghoods of the enemy; by organization hhe free el-clots of that city, eonstimlng a large
selves; and in some of the States, that they may ex- o" Federalist and look that of National Republi- by the convention at Harsburg as the candidate of and judical officer of the Government has been An exibiton similar in principle has lately been among yourselves, coonterac their extenove orgn- majority of those entitled to vo e--nod at the same
tend ratherihan cortsat these evils, they have thrown can; as a party, they threw off the name orf Na. their partly, without pay, not because there was no money in Made by he same partly in the House of Repro- nizaiion, which has IEs: centre in Wa.htinpton tame refusmg 10 make the law "10 prevent illegal
off all their obligaliogs to the public, whenever ia tional Republican, and took that of Whig; the And upon what principles ddd this great Conven- the Treasury, but because there was no appropipa- sentativesof lthe United States. Members of Con- means in the Treasury, its facilities in the mails vrng, app],cable to the seent FBBAL eilies in
sited their convenience. A bloated, irredeemable party were essentially the same under each name, lion recommend the support of their "milnary lion. gress are eleet.d in New Jer'ey bv general ticket, and its hopes in violations of the laws, and delu- lhe Slate, where ,he preventtn of electron Iranda
currency was the favorite scheme of the early Fade- tor how 'can the Etlht.pian change his skin, chieftain" to the American people? Upon none Will not thepe@ple a.k themselves, in all fort- At the last election, one of the Whig and five of SIOS of the people. Call out the yun to uhe dts was ns much needed as on the Democrato ctty of
rah~siB; and me modern Whigs, true lo their early or the leopard his sputa?" In the language ot" Mr. whasoever. They gave to shear country no rea-ioo ousne's, what a party, who thus abu-e the, r pri. the Democratic candidates had a majority of lhe cus.-ton of" your pure principles, and let the old as New York, is a high-handed, partial and arbitrary
fanrh, have manifested their attachment for post Jefferson, "Tories are Tores still, by whatever for heir ch -ie: they published no address setting vileges, and violate the laws to acquire power, votes. But the Wbhg reurnn o officers at Mill- sist by their voice and their couneel-; convnce measure, ad wall brng down upon the heads of
noteQ and depreciated paper, as ofen as an oppor- name they may be called." forth the principles of their candidate and the po- would not do 0 remain it, at'once placed in their tlte and South Amboy took the liberty, in palpI- every Democrat that his duty to himielfI hIs post. Ihose who "eel power and forget right," the con-
tunity has been presented. The Demociat has reason to be prjud of the con- licy he would pursue, if elevated to the Chief Ma- hands! ble violaiiun of law. to withhold the v,:,rei of those iruy, hLs country, and mankind, forbid hi- neuira- demnaii.n of every friend of jn't and equal laws,
roDa*LIsM IN THESTATEIOFPNEW YOR. trast which the history of party names affords. His gis'racy. Perhaps the task of doing so was not FEDERAL ELICTION FRAUDDS OF 1838 AND 1839. places, leaving all the Whig candidates in a maju- liyy in this war of principle and libeity, against pro and wil awaken a pi, among the fres citizen of
But while we invoke the history of thaeast, for pary bhave never made their party name unpopu- easy. To catch the voes of" Federalits and De- We have already alluded to the vain attempt ofr rvy. II was the duty of ih Goverrnor and Coun- fligacy and usurpation. Tell him that he cannot the S~a'e which will convince nhe tyrants that ths
an exhibition of the fell spirit of ancient federal, lar and odious, by their dishonest, unpatriotic, and mocrtas, he must appear 10o be neither the one nor uhe Federahs o" the John Adams school to dedeeat c11 to examine the returns, senJ for any votes not absent him-elf from the polls without endaonerine free-born elecnof of a city or county sre not 1 be
ism, it may not be amiss to remember that weave traitorous conduct. His principles are truth, ho- the other. To be voted for by Bank men and oans- lhe will orf he people after 1t had been distinctly received, and give a certificate of e ecion Lo hose rhe blood-bought privileges which he has reIeeved di.fraochised'and iramp'ed down by a puiprond
now, within the capital of *or own State, its p,. nesiy and patriotism, which never disgrace the Bank men, he must nri becommitted on that pint. given in favor of Mr. Jefferson. who had a majority ol- the popular suffrage. from his fathers, and is bound by every sacred lie ariseycray, beanse a majority of those citizens
lical demonstration; shorn, to be sure, of its an name which is made to embrace them. His To secure the vnes of Maons and Antimason, he Bute we have a stronger and more recent case Though the Governor was informed that the vote t0 transmit unimpaired ,o hschildren, have "swtrn eternal hoslhcdrv to every form of t-
cient dignity and sincerity, and robed in hypocrisy o7 y exists from generation to generation, under must appear to te nei her. But, above all, as he r-ccurring since that party assumed the name o, Of Lnese places had been wabhhe'd, he refused tlu DzMOCRAoTC CNDD*TE roa THB Fatintucv. runny," and vole the Demonrc rcket.
and falsehood, yet retaining all its hatred to the twhesame name, respected and admired; while he was to be the candidate of slaveholders iin the Whig. Some years ago the dissensions of the send for them, and gave the certificate or election Though prinriplel should be ehe reason of the 10. Resoled. That the legislative measure
people-ite disregard for the popular will, and ir sees hi antagonist every few years casting off a SSouth, and Aboltoniiss min te Nr, wout would not Democratic parny threw the Governor and a ma- to all the Wnir candidates, although he knew the Demnocrat in all bh political contruversres h brought forward by the dominant party in ths
tyranny and rapacity. Into what hands, may we names nede odious by his principles and pact ces. do in say a word on that subject. lority of the Assemblv of Peonnylvanta in o the reiurns to be fraudulent. New York Democrat has ar additional incenttve Ste, to lake from the person, immediately chuea
oot ask, in a spirit of deep humility, has the Ea- andasassming one more popular, as a means c.f But the precautions of our modern Federals-E hands of the Fderal Whigs; and the Bank of the With this certificate, notoriously obtained by to ao-ion in THE MAN whom he is calledion o by ,he ppie of he ciy of New York, th power
pire State fallen! The Tespoe is leady--ito the Minin ste"ngth withthe few who mistake ame did not a op here. Some of he freemen o the United States, wan-ing charier from the Sie, fraud, the Whig candidates presented themselves a, support as the representative of hn principles al lhe osppoinrne heirownnspectorsofelectiou, their
hands of Federralis, It came to power in in evil for prmcip. And now, after exhaming the Republic, nout caring to vote in the dark, mightike found means b to bring over a majority of the Be- Washington, and demanded seats in the House, head ofthe Goreinment. In singleness of chara, potc constables, and of organizing the fredeart-
mnomenttlpon prol.%rions of a superior regard for polltal c oel huilary in selecting a name, we see the not unusual liberty in .his country ol asking lna.. TeTe high-handed measures adopted by Ihe with a view to vo e for Speaker, G.her officers, and Ler and uprightness of life, he has no superior. In meat, and ID give the appointmru of these dames-
the public good, and promised, like Satan, in return this Federal, .allta, R.lBkaH Wig party at- the candidate for 'heir iuff rae what were his prn. Stale Gwvernmenl, constuied bya overnr d prmer, aiWill as in all acs of legislation. And, devr,,inn to principle and firmnesof purpose, he ngetsof epeopie nto the bands of ojami.
for ats acquisition, "ill he kingdoms of the worid.,' tmptig t fl t lam f D) It repudiasedthe doettine of otiaps aas delo. 1 it net enough that they hasa always been per. public distaeion, and the old man might thwar in tphe public mind. Extraordinary measures were attempted usurpation by the wh-le Whig force if. has succeeded. Alike unmoved by corruption aad oumerou other measures ofba oharsete eall
nliatl and lieeeponlit, and i.eleted1 M.11 : i. Wind to chume n saior thllaaslves? Aner the objeete of the party by giving honest replies. necearyloderaatthewishefof the peple for a leHoa~e! Ii wa gravely maintained tat he terror, he pwraehis public career with the aalm, partial, tyrannical, and anei-aepubliah, araso hc te t
"aiyi.1i.l |it.& _lha r( d fa artjtal I1 ih v! h kitchen and teuldering &cogulde was, thererore, ulterposd between can4e of olef Ad ke" Wehe poww f ahn tale "brod ofA be Governor, obtained fraud, enH of onw ious inteitredemJ to preserve ioo ensiuipveevtdeiH of bdM

)cbded justo at Albany, by ea-
Jin f ihe bands of the Execotive,
W l[ase so d6abt on the mind of any reftere-
lag er1 diU the lineal de-ceudanra of blaek
doeo p p ednlism, by siratagrm and dec-ption,
- have gusd temporary po,-seeion of the capitol ol
te Daeecratic State of New Yo k.
I. Reslead, That since the Federal State offi
curs eathe into power, they have issued stock on
the pledge of the faith and credit of the people, to
bthe'amount of more than rOUa SMILLIONS OP D,'L
Lam, and have expended about a million end a halQ
erfI dollars in cash, which They received from their
predeots ors; that laws have been pissed dutine
the pte-iei sessioa for i'sauing additional iock to.
canal', ana to be loaned to ratlroa.l crnimpanies
amounlring to over rooa MILLIONS o0 DOLLARS; ihus.
creating a new debt, which is virtually a mortgage
on the land and the labor of every citizen in the
Stare, of at lea.i EIGHT MILLIONS OF DOL-
LARS, before the expiration of the two years for
which the present Federal Governor was elected.
This is about one million of doll ir mort than the
outstanding debt at the completion of thea Erie and
Champlamin canal, collrrt-tel in a period of NiNte
Tear;; and exceeds by b tween two and thie minl.
iona of dollars the smin nt b debr heated in the
TWELVE years preceding 1839, and duringe which
twelve years, the sum tf fire millions of the origi-
nal canal dent was paid off.
12. Rtesolved, That the Federal maj.rty in the
Legislature, alter spending three months and a haf9
of the Uession in matters concerning ih.- legic'atiin
of Congress, in ahs~ng the General Governmeni,
in clearing new offices to appeas- hungry piritsans
all of whom could not be provtdled for under ex-
isring laws--after thus- wating th. p-.rtd f',r deli
berate legislation in manufrcintir.g p-iticali apital.
by all orts of s:hemnes and devices, cruwdine
nearly all the bIlls which were to affect the vital
interests of the people, into the la-t lew days of the
session; the ma ority of the A-.,nmhly, by a patty
vote, and by the u-e of the previous que.-ion or
"gag law," refirired early all the money bill toin
select cummintees of three 0to report romp'ele; thus
forcing through the Huuse laws for inirteatini
every farm in the State, for the bpnent of railroad
.eom1,anie, to an enormous amount, wiirf'ii af-
fording an opportunity for that calm and dilibe
rate discussion, in committee of the whole house,
which experience has shown to be induiprnsible to
safe iegislaueo; and refusing, by a party rote. in
every state of the proceed ng, to engraf uppon these
money bills sucb amendments as were rirereil by
the Democratic member, and epre ahsolutelV ne-
ceasaiy to guard the people against. I by the un-
faithblulneis of tho'e who were to expen.l the mo-
ney, or by the infidelity nr inabiity ol the compa-
Ives T0 which the money was loaned.
13. Raclred, Thai toe reckless course of the do-
minant party, in using the credit of the people to
the amount of millions of dolldiats, withrut having
any soba animal security, either for the p,,ncual
payment of the Inieres', nr the ultimate redemption
of the principal, milt', if p-rti-led in, destro, ihe
credit of the S.airte, and entail ab oppre-sive debt on
the present and future geh- rations; and the irmpro.
videni legislation which we have wtne.-el within
the last three week', in loaning the money of ihe
people tn railroad cnrporaiitns, without any of that
examination itilo ihbe condition Lof the companies or
theit means of paying the loins, which the 'ame
individuals who voted away the people's money.
would have exercised if they had been I',aning
their own money, has filled us wilh alarm, ani ha'
impres-ed us sironely wi.h the belief that the tnme
has arrived when, in the impre--ive language of
Mr. Jefferson, '" ws mu-st mike our election belweeen
S0sfnRyi and LIBETY, or profusion anid SEnVITUDrE,"
and that tO prlierl'e aur INDrpNDrsNCE. We mula
iad l st rulers load us with PaRPa.TOaL DEBT."
14. Resolved, That while the Federalt.,s charge
the General Adm nitra'lin with a de i.n to reduce
the wages of Inbor, which has no foundation in
fact, the Stale officers have noto.tiu-ly paid the
laborers on the canal in a depreciated c-irrency,
thus takingtg from the mouth of labor" a prison ol
"the biead it had earned;" and during ihe pa-t
winter they have rejused to pay ihbose whio labored
on the pubhliu works one nalf of th-ir eatnig', at a
time when they had eight hundred thousand doll rs.
which was borrowed tur the extire-s purpose uf
payrg these contracts, and wh ch suim had been
loaned to ceeran pet banks of the State effi-ers,
wltholu inseres.
15. Resolved, That the Federal majinritv, in
passing a law at the present session, inJOlicing a
penalty of five hundred dollars on any person who
attempts tn recover a fugitive slave-a minasure
S designed to catch Abolition voie--and at the same
time giving their support to General Harrtsun, wb,.
tod ina the Ohio Legislature to sell porr whiti
men for slaves-furnih an apt illuiration of their
principles and Iheir c ns.siency; ani if the bil hoai
paeedt ait was originally prepared by the judicidr,
committee, and in which form ii wag urgel upon
the Hj'ase, IlheFederal candidate for Vice Pies.-
d1nt might have been oent to the State prison for
ten years, provided on- of his slaves had taken
refuge in this Stale and he had attempted to recover
him, in the manner prescribed by a law of Con-
At a meeting of the Demnocratic members of the
Legislature, in the Senate chamber, May 4th, 1840,
SAM'L. L. EDWARDS, Chairman, and A. 0
CHaTFaILD and C H. BaRy ON, Secreiar ea, the fore-
grwg aduiess and resolutions were unanimously
Joseph Clark, D. S. Dickenson, S. L. Edwards,
Sumner Ely, John Llunier, Dan el Johnson, A.
0. Paige, Avery Skinner, M. Tomrkins, H. H.
Van Dyck, David Wager, Samuel Young, 0. M.
Allaben, Daniel Bilker, Gilbert. Bedell, Daniel
Bellinger, S. Boughton, Nathan Britol, Richard
Brower, Benjamin Brown, C. H. Bryson, Georee
Burch, Aitemas Cady, A. G. Chitfield, L. S
Chtlfield, Z-uas Clark, Nelson Diwley, Robert
Denniston, Peier Devendorf, [Daniel Dickey, B. S.
Eillsworth, Benjamin Enos, Thomas Farrington,
S. B. Fernis. Win. F. Fraser, W. D. French, Chas.
Goouyear, Paul G on', David Halsey. Adrian He-
geman, Tbthman Herttell. Norman Hliceok, Guy
Huleit. Anain Koibloe, Wm S. Little, A. M. Ly-
hblt, Win. B Maclay, C. A. Mann, John I. M,.r
gan, Sylvest-r Nichols, Abijah North, E. J. Fonter,
Andrews Preston, J. I. Roosevelt, jr.Jc.s Rus-ell,
Saxton Smith, Thr-mis Spriffoid. A's Spracue,
Joseph S rang, Sole'm.n Townaeud. J. F. Triw-
bridge, Juhn S. V. eder. Charles Wa'ker, A. B.
WateeB, George We~r, 0. W. Wilkturson, J. M
Williamson, B. P Winant. Peter W.od.
A. G. CHaTriELD, and C. H atns.n, Stcreta-

At Saint Augu-.ine. East Fiorida, on Ihe 13-h of the Rev. FRaNKL|N VaIiL, Dr. HENRY
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-,iq,Wbrn '10.

XiR8l S|1ON.

SA'ruIDAY, May 23, 1840-IN C'INTINrUaTiON.
Mr RUSSELL then moved to the
furb-r cnnsidrration of the bill until Fri.lay next.
He alluded to 'he gieat length -f time which had
elapsed mince tihe da'e of the claim, say 1793; ard
eijn-idering that, as-ked what g-nileman there wa,
who woulo undertake to sty that we could have
arty thing like a correct knowledge of the occur-
reices of thai time. Gineraitons haJ pas,-d away.
and now, when after ihe lapseof so many year.,
we were called upon to act upon ih claim, wae it
not proper that we should obtain a' correct informs-
tLion as pos-iblel Wnat waq 'he inf, rmation whbch
the House had before it. and on which It wac asked
it grant this claim? Wh,, we were obliged to rely
on the hIail memory of man fur the evidence in re-
I ation to it. But were here no other s., urers from
which better information couldI be obiatood? Cer-
lainly there was. By a reference to the papers at
ire Treas. ury Departmen, it could be ascertaineJ
whether Government ever received ihis money .r
not. He wished to cast no ln.puaiicn on the gen-
tlemen whosupporied the bill; but if it should, upon
invetitat on, turn out that tis money had never
been realized by Government, who was there, h-
would ask, who would vole for 'uch a claim?
Wha' gentleman would, under suc' circum'tancts
vote for the passage of the bill He was ,ure th-ie
vole, was not a snele man who would g-ve hi-
if it coulJ be shown that the money had ne.erbeen
received by the Governm'-nt. Now hi infiorma-
tion wa-, and he believed it to be correct, that the
money nerer had b-en pitd intu Ithe Treasuty, an,1
that ntt a dollar had ever been received by
Government. He believed the facts in the report.
in rela inon to the conviction and irpnri'onmrnt rtf
Matinew Ly,.n, ueie tue; and, also, that the
amount of the fine was raised by .is polinecilI
friend;, and the money was deposited with the
marshal, in whose cnst.dy he was. Bur, nn Mr
Jeffero-n's coming into p ,wer, ati. before the mo-
ney was pail into the 'reasury, he t elihaveed the
fine wa r millted, and returned to the source Iromn
whence It cams". New wh-t he wanted whs. proper
lime to examine into Ithe real state of" he fact',
and it was lor ihis reas in he wi behd the finrih-r
consideration of the b.l postponed until Fiiday
Mr. BUTLER of Kentucky wished to make a
few brief remarks in relation to 'he meri'- of ihi-
bill. I ha4 been said tinat, in all prohabrtitv, ih-
money had never been rrceited by the Goveru.
ment, and that it had bWen returned. lbhj', ihe
believed, was nol the Srate if' the cage. It wA. nOtt
true ti at the bill hb dev-r been r-jc'ied On the
couilraty, it had been reported be co.mim teeq frim
year to jear, all ol which reports were in favor o1
ibe claim
But there was one fact which would verve to
show in what erroneous grounds g-'ntlem-n would
sometimes base thrii argument. against iolls of rhi.
character. Ti-.e genilemin had -a.d that the fine
wa, remi ted wnen Mr JifTer-o, ua.'ne into power,
whereas the money was paid when Lyon was ti
jail, in 1799, nearly ihrre year. before; and could
it be p euminrd hatl ibthe rar-hal k-pt the money in
his hanis .11 hith tine?7 It ih-' gentleman had b"-n
so informed, he wa-i very much m staken. He
was ure i.a' no evidcnce c.,u d be brought to show
that the ine hal. been remitted; and on the other
side, there was abundant tetlimoniy to 'how that it
had been paid, n.j mattiler whether by Lion himce f
.r by his frtendi. He arppealel t3 the Ho-use
wheher it wias nnio a dg',ace to the county hal a
claim of this character had remained unpaid fri
the lapseof so many year;. Bi:. he saw ,heobj,'c-
of the genileman in wishing to posiponre it His
o>.ject was t kill it by time, in which way it had
been the practice to kill other bills, when no good
reason ciuld be assigned asan-nt their pas'ag-
He irpeatid, that there was attendant t-stimony ic.
,how that the fine had been paid, but there was no
t violence t-, show that it had b-en returned.
But the gentleman had said a great deal about
the money having been paid by the fr.end, of Mr
Lyr-n. Now ol what consequence was thai? What
dJid ii matter, and how could it affect the cme, whe-
iher the money had been paid by Lyon him-teif or
hi. friend'?
Mr. TURNEY, after alluding to theygreat num-
ber of )ears which this claim had been suffered into
remain unactel upon, aski-d whether, dilring the
dlape of all thal time, such a around rif rppniiion
'ad been taken b.for? Of all the lepcris which
had been made on the eubj'eci, n(ne ever attempted
to deny that the money had bemen received by Go
vernment. The only ground of opp-s'itmon had
b.en that the money was rat-cd by the irnfns if
Maiihew Lyun invea.d Lf hbmt--if ainl that if it
were r-pail, it world g'eirito the hand' ofih. s-
Alo hid paid noihirg Now the que,,in wa' noiot
whether the money had been raied ty Lyovun r.r hi-
frend-; the que-tion was whether Government
could cmn-cientiously retain money in the Trea-unr
paid undtr such circuoitances. As was siatd by
his friend from Keniucky, it was not likely tha a
nine paid in 1198 i be remittled by Jffer-on
three years afterwards, in 1801. It was nrot Ikeli
that the officer wouJi have k--pt pthe money in hi-
hands all the time, wih,.ut paying it into th-
Treasury. If the fine had ever been remitted, the
fact would be shown in some way or o her. For
his part he had not the least idea hut ihit tbhe mony
was paid into the Treasury, and has been u-ed b%
Government fr,.m that day to this. But if, afte
this bill should pa's, It should Ie made to appeal
that Mr. Li-en did receive back the money, then
if no gentleman would move a reconsideration. he
wou'd certainly do it himself, in ordrr to re ain the
bill in the House. Of lhat, however, he had no
Mr. RICE GARLAND, after some preliminary
remarks, said tha' when this bill had been under
cr.ns deraiin in 1832, the commites applied to the
Treasury Department ini ascertain whether or nut
the money had ever been paid int.i the Treasury.
and a letter in reply, directed to the H-n. W. R.
Davis, stated that the books of the Treasury De-
parLnment ordered no such evidence that the money
nad ever been received.
Mr. SMIIH of Maine was surprsed to hear
gentlemen say that they would not v-ie sor this bIt,
utile-' there was evider.c' i,, show that the none-y
had been psil into the Treasuty. Now that fact
did nu.t 0i era'e with tim a .single straw. Could
gentlemen believe that a man who had been con-
vicd u'der that ]Iw, ar.d sentenced under that
law. had not pdid ,h penaliv, whither it went int'..
Ihe T.easury or no? But the g'nitkmen who op
posed ibis btil, talked about "livine witnesses," and
our having to depent on the "frail memory of
man Now, in our ].geslatve tran action', almos,
esery day, did we not ait upon, and place imp cii
relian e on the same kind cf evdenc7 Tiern
were a great many fic,' on which the vertleman
htmse f was lauly sat-fied i .upp. r e by the -a.e
Kind ot evrience. Bul the aenrlenin coirrpliu-eti
that ltire was no evsuence in tie Tes-ur, De-
par m un that the money hal ever been p.aid
Wnar, ne would ask, w.s, the ab-ence r.h such tes-
timony to ,iutweieh the eidenceof iwen'y win-s,,e.
tbat tie muney hail 'ean paid, no mdttir whether
it ever reached the Tres.ury or r.ot
Bit the gentleman had ,,i.l ih t he had evidence.
-at.s'actry to his own miiI, thai tie finehal ,e-t.
remilted. Now, on what kind 'f ev d', c- hal he
r lied, in support hi. Opinion that tie fire had been
remitte ? Was te not derived Iri.m "living wi-
ne,-ses," if at all? f.r there was nit ierord in the
Tred,-ury Dpartmrri-t i scow that the moery had
ever teeu rep fu'ed to act upon evdence derived fri m the "dia 1

memory of man," in favor ol ihe bil, wonhit, 1ii
se, med, take that same kind of evidence against it
Another objecti.on was that the mi., ey had been
paid by the friendsof Matthew Lyon Now what
did that amount io? Hnw could it airffect the ca.e,
su far as we were concerned. whether the money
was ra sed by Lyon hims-lf, or his friends? If, how-
ever, it had rbeen raised by his friend, ihat fact
tola a great deal in his favor, as the fac, of his hav.
inz such friend., who expended their ewn money
for his release, was strong evidence of the injustce
of the sentence, and of the character of Lyon him-
self, which could thus induce them to act st
promptly in his favor. For his own part, he did
not believe there had ever been a claim before the
House which was supported by more saisfactory
evidence. Here thibis claim had b-en b-fore Con-
giesis a long series of years, and had been reported
numbers of times, after undergoing the most rgitd
scrouiiny; and was that fact to have no weigni?
Why, the very fact of the bill having passed
through the strict scrutiny of the Commitiee o.t
Claims, was of itself almost conclusive evi
dence that it ought to pass.
But the Huune bad not only been told so once,
but they had been thus assured twenty ties, thai
this was a just claim. Now how did the genle-
man propose in act? Why, in the face of all this
evidence, his cry was, that we had not sufficient
time, and that the blU man be postponed until Fi-
day next. This wuas probably tlme oe wy at the

lI aesssiou, and at all previous sessions, when it
wts found that notlIg el'e could be said against ii.
If this billt should be deferred until Friday, the pro-
babilityr-wa that it would not conie up agiin dur.
ing the session, and then, at the nest session, it
would come asrain in the jam of a ma's of other
bills, and very likely would not be rphchedi lutl the
end of the session; and thus :t woul]i, as had been
ne'l oserved, be ki ltd by time, and n,-ihing el.e.
And thus It was that gentlemen proposed to deal
with rightehous and just claim'. He hoped, h,,w-
ever, that justice w.u'd prevail, an] that the bill,
which hid been delayed so many years, would pa's
now. 7hive wa; evidence to show that
the money had reen paid, but there was none to
-how that i had been repaid.
Mr. BRIGGS -aid he should vr.ite for the pr-.s'-
ponement. The I tier just read by the gentleman
from Louisiana slinwed that the money had nor
gone intot he Trfa ury. If so, that was sufficient
r-ason for taking time to examine huw the case
sio-d. There was at least presump,;ve Pv,-
dence that the money had been iepial, if it
hal ever bhen paid ast all. He would re-
mind gentlemen that this tr;nsaretcon to-.k place
at 'he clo e of the Administration of the elder
Adam-, who was succeeded by J3fferson, and, with
him, a rvoluron in public opinion. It wa? well
kno n bhat Jejieron remixed all unezeculed
judge, ents founded upon the sedition law. Blt
what answer cold gentlemen make so th,'? If
MaItthew Ly. n pi-. the money, whv did hen. t
c-me before the C,,reie- that 'ucce'ded? Why
had a peri odL of Lrtwety-five years teen suffered to
elap-e b.-btre the claim was piesenel? If Ly.,n
had paid the nmony, wa' it not ,, be inferred that
rle would have c.,me before the very next Con.
gress and dm-ndcdi r sou inr7 anl when a ma-
j.irily in b.h House if h," p litical friends woul.l
have Leen quick ,t restore ihe money. I mifhtl bhe
slid. however, that ihe party in whirh Lion be-
lonzed, had conscienOiiout ,,crirle i on ih' ur.ledl.
But a reference to iheac sol Jriferon and h- C.n-
grsa at that time, showed ilat they hrd n)o iu'.-h
srruples. Mr. B. concluded by say vig that 'he
lact f no clatm beinz presented to that Con-
gress, was pr, sumptive e it ler.ce that there was no
clai.n to mike. i He would iherelfre vmote in favor
n( the pc.s purement, s5 Loit the irue facts rrnight be
Mr. JAMESON sai-l the only question was.
whe her toe m .ny had been paid. Of that, in hi'
m-nd, iherecoul I te no doubit. It vas. true, the
claim had not bren presented fir a number or
ears, but that was rrohnahly owineg o the pride of
Lyo-n, kept hi.n from appying s oner, and
it was only when p. verv c, mpellird himn, thi he
at list preened his c aim He uimseif then ppieti-
u.inei, and the facts are, that he paid the miney.
Fise or x roimmltt-es have rep.,rted that the
mor.ey has nevFr been repaid to him, and that was
suffic eat. Wth ihese views, and hevle7ing that
the bill oseht LIo be pas-ed at ornce, h- moved the
previ.-.n. que-tion; but subsequently withdrew it at
the requ'-t of
Mr. WADDY THOMPSON. who w;,hrd to
say a few words on ihe s it.jecti. Ii did seem to him
thai 'hf Huse, in rej-cling ihis bill on the suppo
i,.n ibhit the money bad not been paid, nnd iht,
too, in opp,'itnO to the reports of is own c.m-
mn tvee4, wtuld estibluih a prfcedeni, whrh would'
oe fouod to be ex-remely inc.nrivrnienr. Tne great
obj-ct in reierring ito o a comnMii[ep had I een Ii
a.certain that fact, and afier the rep' r hadi been
made, he fnot one would no' undIrtake to qu,,tion
-he iepn, rt, unle-s ihe evi'crce io the contrary
should be ver) s rorg indeed. How very -irong
was he evidence in flavor o01 ih claim. It had
been lhe -uiject of numerous reprin, c-.onlv two of
which were aler.e to i1; it ha.d been hefor-e Con-
Eress f-r ltntyv year', and )el, alter thu lone
period, for the fiit 'ime, thus new objectiron ua.
-lare.-1, "ithat the money' had n.0ver tern paid "
OuJ of all the repc.tts. there had been but tIo ad-
ers? to it, and even in thuse n 'Ihs slizhiesi in-
put-i.tion was made, that the money had not been
The hour having arrived, the House took ti.
usual recess.
A after theI rce.-s-
IMr WADDY THOMPSON was about to re-
sume h trFmak,, whtin he gave way Io
Mr LINCOLN, who wished t, say a few wcrd;
in explanaoiin of the vote he gave in the m-rruing
agan-t the bill.
Atenr some remarks in relation to the Alien and
Sedi in liwvs, whih were not heard by the Re-
priter, Mr. L. proceeded to say, that o.her'
tntrigs he dewned in be understood by his cc.nsiruu-
enis war, that one niollJe for voMing against he
bill was induced by the cinsirucltive principle which
will alone pictect the Treasury and the country).
and which would always induce him to vi.'e
a'aini appioptiation,., utiile's the rea-on- wer- Iuf
ticfnilv sirrorg lI warrant' him in -uppuitine them
In bhat -iitaionu. sa-t Mr L. wa.s I piatel lh-
mo inn', wren I was called upon to vo'e on a
question, which it appears ha' been argued hers-t-
iur- lin he cuuncils of this nation, arid on uhich a
dlfrence ot opinion had existed amipg the men
who had alier direction i. ,hose c.,uneil-?
H.-w soud the cast Why. Ihe bil. vhich had
beet comoi ie-J to a Cmn.,lutee of ithe While f.r
-he express purpose of dhba'e, had bcen r.porie..
from the commni tee wiLthuut any opp(triunty for
deba e. TURNEY and BRIGGS here mad.- some
explanadtioiLi as 10to he reasons for reporting the
Mr. LINCOLN res,,umed. He sud he did sor
mean to complain of the cm.nluci of any gentleman,
out rdi ojeci in ri-inrg was imply to give the tei
s.ns why he could not vo'e for the bill; and th-
fact f its beingm reported frc.m the Commitlee of
me Wn,,le, without oppor'untv for del-a e, wa;
one ot Lhoe reasons He wi-he I hb. rea,'ns ro be
un.erilod by his old Republican friends at home,
thbt his obje:ti-,n4 were founded on strict Demnocra-
nic piinciples. He would repeat, that on- areas n
why he had voted against the hill was, that there
waa no oioporiunily for discu.-ins and understand-
inri the ie Iti of a bill, wh ch nale a claim in r-
latoi 1to an event friy-ltwo yFars ago, and which
propo-ed it take uh.usands of dollars ito-n the
rreasuuy. Tne b'It had b-sn referred to a Cow-
nuintee ot the Wh, It. i-.r te purpos' of havinsi rs
merits ditcussed, and yet it had so hippene.l, thia
ilt a'. t.ken tuot .fcommrie. by
without any ipporuunuly for getting Ihe iuf.armatlin
inat was :oJilt That was ye-ternda; arud ihe
nrmsts ira-.t tnl m.,ining the bIt was presented for
eng'os'ment, and the previous questiun asked, and
He appealed to gentlemen and to the countrv
whether it was right to call on him, a new mem-
ber, ti vote to take three or four thi-usand dollars
from the public Trea.-ury, when there had not been
the .htrhte-t opp,.riunity for discussing the merits
i.f the claim. He was perfectly willing to go to
'he country s.n thas question, and in the position
he had tate- n. He a so arpealed to those gentle-
men who reatI vo-ed in favor of the bill whether it
wa-u ,heir ,ulty .o to do, before they had fully and
fat-Iv d the ma ir, anl satisfied them-
selves that the claim n was one of debt and of law.
He win, ed 1.1 be understood as having no objection
e. ans ju'i ciai To, and if, after it had b-en sitisfac-
t.o tly .-bho n hat thin. Matthew L)on, or his he rs,
were ia rny enmumiet tJ the money, he would be one
oh the fi sit grant it
lihi- was ihe defer ce for the vote he had given.
Bus he woalt no. rentit there. Hewas oneof
tho-e who would ever take the respon-ibtlity of a
n-eaiive vcoe, whuen-ver he could not, for want of
ourheueni anu- saltifactory knowledge, g ve an af-
firninaivee ne But ,f this money had been paid
ba Lyon in 1798, was it not to be inferred that,

when J, offers n came into power, it would have
been re nored? Tnen are we not bound to infer
mthat lull and prompt justice would have been done,
and that the money which had been wrested fri-rn
the poclkeLs- of a cutzn w'utld be restore t? Was
it likely tuat the administration of Mr. Jefferson
would have refused that just-ice, which we nrir,
forty years afterwards, were called upi.n to rendeil
Weie we now more Democratic, or more jealous
than they?
In adverrnng to bthe alien and sedmtion laws. Mr.
L. in >he course of his iemarkl% was undera-iold i1
say, that although he was not u old as tho-e reco-
lectnns would -eem nto imply, yet he had catntd.
great deal from the history of bhn country, andi what
had down lo him foe his foiefat tier., who
with himserf had ranked among ihe true Demo
cracy of the country, until 1835, when he believed
he ceased tl be endorsed by the gentleman f(im
Maine a- any loiig.r a true Republican, but a de-
generate branch from a true vine. No withstand
ing ihi-, however, he believed he wa< sill as Itrue
Republican n inmeer ty of hesrt as ihey were.
Mr. W. TH)MPSON of South C rolina here
clawed the floor, an he thought the gentlemen
wiuld. alter the evidence he was about to give, be
perrcily saisfied that 'be bim ought to pa-s. Fit
claimed ibe floor for the object of sa sing hIse friend
frium exerting his acknowledged power against ih
bill. After he should have made his remarks, he
would venture to say that there was not a single

mai upofl that door who would vot againeat &ie Mr. L. WILLIAMS moved to lay the bill on
bill. He would pledge himself that after he had the table.
done, no one would be found who would question Mr. TURNEY asked for the yeas and nays;
,b'he fact that the money had been paid, and that it which having been ordered, .
had not be-n refunded. Mr. L. WILLIAMS withdrew the motion. it'1
How stands this matter? Why, a man who Mr. WELLER con'ented to have the preryloir
ranked among the patriots of his country, who wa' question wuihdiawn; arid ;'
cat[ into prison under an odiou' law-one who de- Mr. SLADE went into a statement of the fa.cts
served a monument, and had it in the heart oh of the case, the conviction sf Lyon having taken I
every true man, and who sroo nup, one in ten thou- place in Mr. S's district. He stated the circum-
sant, against power and corruption, yet ibis man stances of indignity accompanying the imprison- 1i
was entitled to no thanks from those who came men'-his being parade through ithe ditrieml,
al er hbm. Here was a man, who. like the illus thrown into a loathome jail, and deprived of the
itl uo parriol of England. John Hampden, had use of pen, ink, arid paper. The Democrats of the It
stood up against power in high places, for which day gathered in a great as-esnbly round ihe Jail-
he had suffered ignominy, and been thrust into the an assembly not eq iallea by any Mr. S. had ever it
cell if a felon, and yet, in the',e times, objection s.en, save the gratid convention at Baltmore-and d
was made to remunerating his heirs, because a voluntary cniniribution was calle.l for and laken
the man had been too poor to pay the fine up: bit before it could be applied the fine had been S
hmser. That country muOt be base, in paid, ci her through the iniervenii.n of Col. Lyon's 8
deed, which would sanction such a plea. Thai friends in another county, or by his own means. tl
country no longer deserved to be free which As soon asLyonwas at the jail d,.r, he proclaim-
woutd deny justice to a suffering patriot on ed that he was on his way lo Congress. The ca- i
suinch grounds. In all the reports which bad been valcade which attended him was halfl'a mile long- -
made. it had never been denied that the money stopped at his father's house, and there all partook c
was paid. Yet eenilrm-n, at this late period, of cakes and hard cider, in true Democratic style.
thought proper to start that objection, and upon ru- Mr. S. did not believe the fine had ever been re-
mor, mere floating rumor, had expressed their be- mitted by Jeff. reon or by Congress.
li-f that it had never been pud. But the opposition Mr. S. concluded by renewing the motion for the
cf gentlemen was not cousistent, for, first, it was previous question.
contested that the money was not puad at all; and, A question of order arose as to the time when their
second, that the money had been raised I-y Lyon', bill shouldhave its third reading.
riends, and that, on that ground, the bill ought 'The previous question was seconded, pur, and
nnl to pass. But were we to legislate in this kind carried, and the bill was orderel to be read a third o
cf a way, where was the use of our referring sub- time now; it was read accordingly, when E
j-'ct of this nature to committees, if we paid no Mr. TURNPEY moved i1e- previous question,
regard to the reports t.f those committees. Yet the which was seconde.1, put, and cairird; and the
teponrt of committees were disregarded, and reli- main question being on the pa-sage of the- bill, It
arcs place I .n mere rumor that the money had was decided by yeas and nays, as lolILiwsyeas 124, I
n.-i hen poiJ. Mr. T. hete produced a copy of nav.ys 15.
Ih.- sen ence 'if Mailhew Lynn to lour months' rim- YEA--Mits, Al'.,r.l, J .In Alln, An.l[1w' IA,|Ahrrenu
prs,,nineu, and a ihoiand dollars fine, with costs, Brl, Bear k,, Uerr, Bird Bit, Vtri Brown Albert e'. d
Br n, Bi'fe, V,'tlslm 0 tBatler. (_Cartounr Vtllint B
and which required that he shoautd stand committed C'imor-ti. Carr Curter Casey. (.Chuar.minur. Chimnn i'iTird a
until the sentence had been complied with. He Cois. C,.n.r..r J, mes Cioot-r, Mark A Ca .oer. Wlith'n R a
Co.aper. Critnb Ci-,1'-'etll Cr.,isis, Dina, Divee. J-,tn Davis, ,
also produced a copy cf the oid-r of the President C-lreeD7. Coelet C.:-,s Dcli, r,-, Enasn. l
of the Unitedi Stales to the marshal of Vermont, Ely. Fine. Floy.,.Jameee irlir.t. IGerirv.GErit.fl..i--titins ,s e.
requiring him to keep Lyon in cu-tedy until the Gfl,.. Haretham. Hsin.r,..rJ HndrJ JInrI laitric. Ilw
'kin* |enrv, uH t o 1 ir fnia J.,11em ,n it,,lne'% HH r ok-i,
fi e and costs were paid. Yes (said Mr. It.war,. ti-ur.JactJr.r,. June.. Janmesr Cres Johr
T.) to keep him in jail until he rotted, unless sion. Natuhniel Jures, Kini. Kemr.sihall. Killi. Leadbeter. n
the money should be paid. Mr. T. then produced rLinarn ew t, llMre. neianr, Me(.M .,nch Mc uay. Mal'"
Mry, San-id Mecli, illMuerShMeir. Kt~tenPri'n auel W"'C1
a c'py of the certificate from the marshal that the 9-.rriw. Movie. Parrish Parr,.c,. er pe.raion. Popr. Prr.,.r
'erIs of the fenLtence had been compl;el with, and Ramnloph,heyn)itis, ttei RL, R.'.nr. Ed'ld R.).b
,hat Matthew Lyan was consequently dis-harsed. ue).JI tei R,-gret.H'lval, Isil,. 18.,shaw shepard .nnot
ton, ola."l, Alnert ,-,.lhh. Ji-hn onllohTrioma-s ,n 8,ark.
ThuL was dio dl the 9,h of Februiry, 1.99, four wraiher. Stier, ... Sir..urb .',u ri.Sumerii. T-eA 3i.cer,.Ta,.,Sr, t
m..n'h after the sentence had been passed. Now, t-a'c .y T.arrmpsor,. Jae,- Tnip.'.-n TSuoi. wTreccnL
said Mr. T. will any one say that the marshal had ra',ev ,t' A amewr, w sE er.War~." S'c-rSVi', ,clIc,5c2
a to ilcharge atthewareS,, WViliatny ind Henry %Wtlsna~-tii
a niht 1o d,,charge Matthew Lyon beforetheterms NAYS-Mesre. BDrige's. an-i-in, D. ie. Debarrv. EA-
if 'he sentence hat been complied with Will any wards, Hawes, William .lorne.,, Pa ttin,
one suppo-e for a moment that the officer dared toro, 'Trumbull a'd L'ewis Wihiams-
So the bill ws pas~ed.17
discharge him before the fine was paid? But gen- And theHose adjrned.
itlemen contended that i this money never came into a
the Treasury. What had that to do with the q.ies- By some inadvertance, one manurcr;pt page of
l..r,? If the marshal had not done hli duty by not the proceedings of the H .ue on Satur-iay, on the
firwaiding the money Lo the Treasury, was that bill for the relief of the heirs of Maithpw Lyon, was
any reason why NlMatihew Lyon should not have omitted in the Globe .- Saturday. Tne pri-ceed. -
j.-tice? Would gentlemen contend, because Swart- ins are published in a corrected frm inthesem-
wout had ab-co-nded with Government money, that weekly Globe of this day.
the merchants of New York were bound to pay weekly Globe of this day.
over ag-in the duties cn their good,? Certainly ----
nit Then he was surprised to hear gentlemen From lnthe Ohio Statesman. a
areue that because it was doubtful whether this A VOICE FROM THE HERMITAGE. c
fine a.- ever paid into the Treas-ur, justice s-hould Below we publish the reply of the venerable
ot. be di ne to this patriot. As for the fine having Hero of New Orleans, to the letter of a commlt,'e
been reemed, what evidence was there to lead to appointed by the last Legilature, inv,,ng him ,o0
such a brief? He apprebeoded that Mr. Adaosjoin the citizens of Ohio in c-lebrating the next an
d,.i nor remit the fine; there could be no rea- niversaryofourNatlonal Independence:
4.on ior iupposing tha,; and as for its being re- nvemrsarTyO, Mao 11, I130. n
mited by Mr. Jefferson, was it likely that a fine GENTLEMEN: I hail he honor to ret.ive, by due I
paid in 1,99. w, uOld be remitted three years after- course of mail, your diertng communication ol
ward;, in 18011 Here were the terms ot the sen- the 17th February last, enclosming the preimb e and
ti nce, condemning Lyon o0 four months' imprison- resolutions adopted by the Lei.lanthin polOhso, bv
merii arid a fine of 91,000, with costs; and here, which am invited o unite with them and o he peo i
i,.o, was the certificate ,f :he officer that the terms pe of that Statem u celt bratuing ithe approaching an-
of these nece hadl been complied with, anrid that niversary of our Natgon he I n depend ice.
ihe man was accordingly d;srhargid. The date of An answer to ihi cltnmuri canon h-is been de
the cmmt.lment was the 10th i ,f October, 1798, 9 ferried thusitn, because ol my earnest wish to ac-
jd i he date of the certificate Februay 9, 1799- ceptit,should the state ti.f my health have c.rl.nar Il
just ilur mnnihs, the period of imprisonment de- such as to authorize the hop.s that I could perform i
gnarISiedl. Now A hat could gentlemen want more But fi ial y treng has no
iii -atisf'y them that lhe mosey had been paid? But she journey'. But find~ng' inst my ntreng h has, or-,
I' -a*sy *theam has dh money had been paing? Butlatterly increased, I am coni-traned to aive up the
o h .w the area danger thee was in taking only agreeable wish, and mu teq.isi you to c,.nvey I.
reparte I-Simony in such cases, he would astveil e and people of Ohio my s ncer re-
I, the piper read by his friend from Louisiana, tha it willnot be in my power to wait up-nr .]"whih tatd tatlerewasnogret tha tit wiii not be in my power I(, wait up..-r,
[Mr. R. GARLAND.'o whichestated lhat there was no them in person, and thank them ior the very d...
record in the Trraury Department of the moeytingy i hed honor they have paid me.
having been received. Tras parer was a letter i hail ever feel a debt of gratitude to the p-oplc
addre sed to the Hon. Warren I- Davis, than of Ohio for the many proofs They have given me o.
whom a man with a purer heart and 4a better head their respect and c rnfi.ence; and t is micreised by
erver lived. Now what did Mr. Davis say in his thei repc andcnich ih;ir Rtpresen anvea n b
report on the sujc7Why, in spai of the the cordial term' an which ih' tr Represen ative; i.n
repmon he subjcL? Why, in peaking of this occasion have t.eean plea-ed 1to enew other ap
money, he said, "which was paid, as appears by probation of my conduct whilt in public s-ivice. L
,he arc h res of the proceedings," etc. How. dan- Ina country like our-, free and intelligenti. publi,-
g.rous was i1, then, to take a single scrap opinion is the great Icier by which tihe Govern-
,I testimony, without embracing the whole, meat is held to t proper runcin, and we are au-
Tne gent eman from Louisiana himself dis. thoriszed, from all our experience. ita lok it oi a.-
c. 'eied his error., and with '. prmpti he best guaame that our insitite ns vTill as per
mude which di.I him ninhl ,e, r rdt, furnished he bestguaian e Dh um l. gl l I
to hinm (Mr T ) the certificates he had just read. manent as they haese ce., hitoeto gloriu to ire I
cauzi. %u .rP ,ax hoerty. To be, I-~ m
He gave ihe gentleman from .oia nagreart dit cnduc h, n iubjcteart Io mi cxaned ie. cm,.
lor his constant vg-lancein watching Over the inte- bear the favorable juidegment expre;s-d by the Le
retl, o0 ihe cgunry; but It was evident to all that gislatuteof your State. is thersiore an hont.r of the I
iheie wa-greatdanger in relying up..n expert lesti- ,highest kind, and one 5t which I feet that I am
mony. Now, alter what he had read, would any indebted more to their kirdne.s and lt-era itv ihir,
2enileman get up and defend the Government any meritofmyown,sae hat f an hone- mien
against this claim Would any one say that this tion in all my public ac to pursue feanre..iy whan
Ly,,n could be di-charged without payment of his l onght wouldloyduce ct) ohe interest I of my cown-
tine, any more than a defendant who had been thought woucondue e interest o my con-
committed for debt, withr.ut payment of that debt? try is particularly grailing to me, gentlemen, to i
Here was the testimony of Mr. Davis in his report, be assured by your Ly gi-taiure that mt, e ground on
'peaking of the money as having been paid, aand which I reted my y oputltun t ihe encrachmen's
alo the certficaie of the marshal to show that the of he money powep a retoenarded with favor by c hm
fine had been exacted from this patriot, who dared people ot Ohio. The drner., of thav power, now I
ro ian-di up i.r those great rights which Milton more evident because they are brought co.r etoh- i
trhi.ed as above all others which man could enjoy, observation and busine-s concern, it all clA'eS or01
v z" theright to peak, to white, or to publish. It our citizens form, in my judemeiut, the only cloud
was nothing to us how the money was raised to in our political horiz.n. In all other aspect the -
pay thut fine-wheiher it wai rais-d by a prize in influences adverse to the genius of our inis.mionia 1
the lottery, or by a subscription among his friends. seem to have yielded to the demands ofthe people
the tact was, the money had been paid. But (said sad such I doubt not, will be the case wi th thps,
Mr. T.) if there was no oiher way of getting rid of aw shdy tho noet pwer as l oon as ehe public
the money, I would bum it, rather than itshould re- wielded by anothe moe power uniy o acting upon s the pubmc
mani -lete aylne.Teco-voice has another opportunity o," acting upon them
main I p.jlu.e the Treasury any lAnlr. The coun- All that we have to do on this sutrjeci, is to perse-
try ought tI be glad of any exco-e ofgetting ridof vere a little longer, maniining the ducrint ol
money wrung from the pickets of a patriot by such tee Constteniion sil the -ngte.- .ons .f corn
an odilus law. If no other way could be found to men sense. We know that our fathers who
d spo.c of ii, it would be far beer Io born it, ra- fae the Constituton give to Congres no
,nir than i, should remain so pollutie the Treasury. e ardert a Bankiaid we cannon err, there- n
And. t l were an all inclined to be superstitious, I por in saying that t c0ur Government had never
.n..iod b-heve that all the evils which have affect- forle, isan that if example, we would have hrd
ed ine coiotnlry -ice 1799, maybe attributed to the pr fro the ei ape a- wu have h
d,,-u, floe being deposited in the Treasury. Mr. none of the cuilt wrh-h nov sill i-i us in conse-
.quence of bank suspen.ions, and an irtedeemable'
T. concluded by hopina that no further opposition
would be made to the bill, as there could be no one paper ourrency- We know mhute if the Govern-
hut who bettered that the law under which the mint deposited none of te~e torney of" the people
tinewas rooedwas laviolationof the Costwith with banks, these ir,-itiut OnI woull have no I
ine was poeprd was a violation of the Constit. oe o endanger the salt' of the public mea-
Mr. WELLER believed with the gentleman sure, or to influence, imp, ,,erly, qtestioneof poL-
frono Suuth Carolina, that ,the alien and sedition lic policy- We k,,ioa 'hat hank-e do not make I
law was a violation of the Constitution, but at the money, but only ictat,leac their paper em,.--,tu
same time he believed there were those in the coun- wh t ace, g heir hapa-
try who believed it to have been in strict accord- city to redeem them win th r-pie, and hence that I
ance with the Constitution. If he remembered tere n he n lo n ndr pec e long a. h
correctly, he thought he had read a very long argu- maintain the right to sw..penI spece payienis at
ment, by a gentleman now a member of the House, pleasure-
in fvorof tat aw.The entema frot Soth From such truths ist appears to me to be self-
C favor of lhat law. The gentleman from South evident, that there is now no relief i.r the people
Ctrolina had said enough p o satnt fo every one thao be t in theadoption of ihe Independent Trea-urv ie-
the bill ought to pas.,, and the only question to be commend 4 by the pre.ent Admtntitiatton of the
decided was, whether the monev hat been paid. General Government. E! ,h- plar,, the hnancal
If the money had been paid by Mat-hew Lyon, it o
seemed to follow as a matter of that it ought operations of the Treasury will be simplfies., and
to e epad.He believed with the genileians, the people wilt have the stronge-t guatantee that
to be repaid. oH b lone r w o he guntlema- the money which is rat-ed frum them by taxation
that the Treasury ought no longer to ,b ontari- will be applied according to the requjremenit of the
nated-no, not.feor a single day, by money drawn Constitution If, in addition to ih,s rerotm in onr
from the pockets of a paiot, and placed in s nancial system, Concre.s woull at the same time.

-It would not do for gntrmen to say that the pass a genera bankrupt law, by which the
m toney ld nevert r ed h ury, banks which are now in existLence, or may be
Money never reached the Tneasory, and make hereafter chartered by the States, would be
that an excuse. If the money had been pad over bound to make an equrable distribuiion of their
to the officer, and that officer squan.lered it, was effects to their creditors when they reluse tin redeem
that any reason why Matthew Lyon should suffer? their notes with specie, it cannot be doubled that
Because evidence did not appear in the Treasury there would be an end to the evils of a depreciated
Department that the money had been received, waspaper currency. These meaures bein adopted,
That rooverthrow the great massof testimony which but little tim would be require to en able ihoe
appeared, that the money had.been paid by Lyon banking insittiutions which are sound to reean the
q Was it not just that the House should act on this public confidence; and the labor olt the country, i he
I qusion, after it bad been delayed for so long a farming, manufacturing, an l mechanic interest- at had been already delayed long enough. would son revive: that credit system which is
Year after year had passed away, and wae n based on real capital, and which goei hand in hand
very ungratefnl or us, i n 184f, tlo deny justice, with the labor and enterprise of ourciltizens, woull
1 whichhpadbeenbneelo edfprsos, longafrterodel Hey be enlarged, not dimtntshed, by the operation of
Shaped the bill would pass, wi'houni further delay; these measures.
anid, believing that every gentleman was of the Congratulating -OU, genlemen, on the bright
l ame opinion, he moved the previous question, but a o e n se ih
wuihdrcw It at the request of prospects which are beJore us in respect to the
Mr. POPE, who wished tostate a few facts in adoptionof proper nentedy for ihe existing dis-
S Mr.POP, wbis climf n rdersof our currency, and tru.ting ihit our coun-
Irelation to this claim.
Mr. P. then went on, at sm length, to a trywill soon be free irom the wihering influences
n Mr. P. thea ention, t at some leyuaih, nte -tle of a money power which is not reccgntsed by the
. that he had been intimately acquainId wih Mr. Constitution or ihe true interest of our country, I
Ly, u, *h" served in Congress wi h him, in the r wt senments of profound respect a
time of Jefferson, and that it was never doubted remain, with sentiments of profound respect and
d ratitude to the people and Legislature of your
that the fine had been paid. It was understoodnae, idt yourtepves
However, that the money had been made np by Mr. State, and youfriend, and ellow zen,
S Lyon's fti ends. On concluding, Mr. P. according Yor fried, and fellow-tze JACKSON,
e 10 his pledge, renewed the motion for the previous To Samuel Spanler, Dowy t r, JohnE.
.... I.t- Sme Spansler, Dawt.ty Utter, John E.
e qurtin.... Hoot, on behalf of the Senate.
A Mr. PErRIKIN moved a call of the House, but To Ge ge H. Flood, Ruus P. Spalding, John
e it was not in order. .. H. Blair, Henry West, Edw. Smith, on behalf of
S Mr. SLADE earnetly appealed to havew Ithemo- the House of Represestatives.
e tion for the previous quaution withdrawn, when



By and with thew adve wand cswMy of the Sate.
ordinary and Mnmister Plenipoientiary of the Unnteu
States 10 Russia.
AsONr VAIL. to be Charge d'Afaires or ithe Uni-
ted States to Spain.
Lriton REa, to be Marshal rf the Middle Dis-
trict of Florida, in the place ot J. 0 Seaicy, who
declines that app'.nntmeni.
Jo- ps B. Baowua, to be Marshal of the United
States tor ihe Southern District of Florida, frnm the
8ih day of June next, when the term of service ol
the present incumbent will expire.
THoias GaTEwooo, Naval Offiaer for the Dis
nrct of Noilolk aid Portsmou'h. in the State cf
Virginia, from the 6Lb of May, 1840, when hisu late
commission expired.

In the Senate to-day, a message was received
from the President of the United States, transmit-
ring copies of a Idtter from the Sultan of
Muscat and the reply thereto, which was
ordered to be printed. The debate on the
Bankrupt bill was renewed by Mr. HuB-
BARD, who opposed at much length and with
real ability the bill reported by the majority of
he committee, believing it to be inexpedient and
cf doubtful constirutitonality. He expressed his
determination to vcte against any bill which
authorized compulsory bankruptcy against the
agricultural classes-and contended that all
the objections which were urged against subject-
ng banks and other incorporations to the opera-
ions of a bankrupt law, would apply with as
much force in the case of individuals He con-
ciolded by saying, that if the subsittute proposed
by Mr. WALL was adopted, with certain modifica-
ations, he would probably give his Vote for the
Bill By agreement, iThe question on the substitute
was posipined until to-morrow.
The House was occupied all diy in the reception
of peitrons from the several States, and the reports
from ihe various standing committees.

This day's semi-weekly Globe will convey entire
to its readers the "Address of the Democratic
Members of the Legislature of New York."
Within the last six months very many speeches
and addresses have emanaltel from the public men,
and from the public assemblages, of the Demo-
cratic party: all of them excellent in their kind,
many admirable, and some of them profound and
p.iwerful. But the paper now presented s'and-
out from the general mass, as one not prepared in
baste and conuaion, on an isolated point, or in-
tended merely for temporary effect, and destined
to perish among the vagrant incidents of the times.
It belongs to that class 4f documents occasionally
brought forth by those great emergencies in the
affairs of a free country, when the thoughtful,
-he ju-t, and the patriotic, are summoned to a so-
lemn conuhlation by the multiplied dangers that
P(Ssi tie public liberty. li ii an appeal to the peo-
ple in behalf of heir own mosi sacred nghts, and
t 'peaks to their reason int the calm seriousness of
iruih. It draw. up, in full review before them,
he two great parties, wi'h their conduct and iheit
pr.nciplfs, when iII and when out of power, from
h.! beginning ofthe Governmen', to the preieni
eriod. A, it comes from the hands of the Presi-
dent's most intimate friends, personal and political,
rum theState where he and they were reared and
chooled in ihe principles of the Jeffersonian creed,
it may be supposed to declare those principles and
Lhe objects of the Democratic patty, as the Pcesi-
lent himself has been taught to understand them.
I', therefore, thee be any one hitherto insufficiently
idvied of the doctrines and intentions of this par-
ey, a recurrence t'j this address will go far, it is be-
lieved, to ci.mplete his inforitnuaitin.
"U' 16a idLure. w.s_ Of the Federal party, we
have no means, bnit heir past conduct, of u 1,-.W
For now, the first time in our history, lhai party
ixhibts its chief arid its candidate muzzled and
-nuts before has inquiring countrymen. What are
nis public principles? what, if elected, are to be
-is measures of policy are questions he sullenly
refuses to answer; whilst the bankers and lawyers,
hy whom he was nomrna'ed, and now is guarded,
,ttnly order the people, in his nam-, to be gone
wrh their questions, and expect to lead them to the
ballot box, like beasts, with blind bridles upon
them, le-t, if permitted to see, they might start at
the danger that threatens them. If an honest citizen,
sensible of the deep stake he and his children have
in the government of his country, and anxious to be-
,tow his vote in a manner best tending to1 its preser-
vation, presumes to ask these men the question,
"with what propriety can I vote for a man who
conceals his sentiments; or of what value to me Ii
the right of voting, if I am compelled thus to
cast my vote in the dark?" he is answered, in
derision, with songs and pictures, with buffoonery
arid jests, and requested to behold the "hard tider"
which the banks intend to administer to the people.
And thus ,he Executive power of the nation, with
all its mighty responsibility, is sought to be obtained
from the serious thinking men of America, as the
clown obtains h's subsistence in a circu, by frivo-
lities and merriment. What a contrast is here di,-
played in the conduct of the two partie,-and
how great the moral this contrast inculcates! The
tnnm, through itj candidate, and through a thousand
public assemblies, proclaims its principles and its
policy to the remotest and humblest citizen of the
land-the other, in full convention, solemnly re-
solves to conceal its seniiments and objects, and
even partially to secrete the person of itu candidate.
This is the principle of secrecy on the part of pub-
ic men, in public affairs, now for the first time In-
triiduced into a free country, Lhe very first step to-
wards whose freedom was a dectaration of bdepeu-
detct, a declaration of tights and principles, boldly
publishel to all mankind. Secrecy is now to
screen the sentiments and motives of those who as-
pire to the public roats, from the eyes of a people
whose whole system of liberty rest on publicity,

and whose fundam-nial laws have, for that very
reason, secured the freedom of speech and of the
press, opened the doomrs of the legislative halls and
courts of justice, that the citizens might
be present to witness all that is done
which may affect their happiness, and to pass
upon the conduct of their appointed agents. Yet
it is in such a Government that a candidate for the
Executive power, at a time when public questions,
involving all that is dear, are dividing the senli-
ments of men, demands the votes of his conntry-
meni, whilst he refuses to tell them his own senti-
ments upon those questions. Suppose that both
candidates should do the same-suppose that all
candidates for Congress, for the Legislatures, and5
Ior all other offices, should withhold their opiniJbs
on public questions until they had obtained y6dsses-
son of power-of what use, then, would be the
freedomm of speech or of the press-what would be
the value of the right of saffiage I Let those who
have this right, answer this question, and let the
man, if thete be one, who is fling thus to sport
away this, his most sacred purilege-let him, when
about to do so, look hig children in the face, abd
say whether he be not doing injustice to AhM-
whether buis sport lkay not I d in their Wmdas0

*R FeiaLafwill not hesitate to deny tha
ra -o -- Evr day shorn this
i^.aiJ|H |^ioof nyeon, ma promote
o b'their setStpdoB hey denied that Ha-
iSON was a Federalist--. friend of the elder
ADams during the reign of terror-although charged
y JoHN RAmnOLPH, in HAIaMS'os presence in
*Jongress, and expressly admitted by the later. He
-qnivocated, it is true, ia his reply, about his taking
in active part in polities, being only a delegate
from a Territory, in CongrTss; but what will be anst
iis Federal friend, Judge BuRxTwr, reply to the ei-
plicit testimony borne by a venerable gentle-
mnan, Mr. MrLLs, one of the vice presidents ;it
,he great Republican convention, recently held in
[efferson county, Indiana? Mr. TAYLOR, one I
he candidates for the Legislature, called out Mr.
MILLS, an early acquaintance of HAR-ISOr, in re-
an.d to his politics at the period alinuded to. In the
reported proceedings it is stated that Mr. TAYLORa--
"In speaking of the principles of the Federal.
and comparing them with thone of the Democratic
party, asserted that General Harrison was a
zealous and stenuous supporter Of the "alien aorid
edition laew" administration of John Adams, and
called on Mr. Mills, one of the venerable V -'
Presidents, to substantiate his charge. Mr. M -l1
was helped upon the stand, and said, in a v, .;re
nfeebled with age, that he was in Cincinnati wl.e
General Harrison returned from Conaresz, at one
time, during the administration of John Aanna,
uri a black cockade s in his a! and that all the F-
leralists in the city followed his example, an I
noisied the odious badge of Toryism."
The Federalists; to impose on the Democracy,
deny all the facts which ever recommended HARRI-
SON to their favor. They 'e'y Joit 'IRA'DOLPo'J
statement-they will probably ny ts.1at of Mr.
MILLS; and, since they are horror-s'ruck with il.e
idea that an organized militia must prove a stand-
ing army, they will probably deny that HARRICNr
was in favor of JOHN ADAMS's standing army, and
opposed its reduction. We now make that charge
against him, and challenge a conuraliction.
HaoDUAxRTas 7 7TH osrOIMoENT OTF IrITrnv,
Forl Micantiopy, May 1, 1840.
GENERAL: Captain Rains being ino badly
wounded to make a report of his affsa r with tihe
-nemy on the 29th uhimo, I avail my-elf if th- in-
lormation obtained by Lieut. R. C. Gatlin, Adju.
tent 71h Infantry, who returned from Fort King
yesterday, to lay before you a detailed account ,I'
it. It appears that about 10 o'clock, a. m. on ihe
28ih ult. Capt. Rains, wth a party of sixteen men.
were attacked by the enemy in force in a small
hammock two miles south of Fort King. Toe
first intimation of their presence was a volley from
heir rifles, and it was soon perceived that ibe pirtv
vere entirely surrounded. A charge was made to
ihe piney woods, to the south of the hammock, bat
finding the enemy in force there, and the tree toJ
small to afford a shelter to our party, the hammock
was charged again, and a strong line of the ehnemv,
posted on its north side, was forced. Trces we.-'e
mten taken, and a firing in retreat commenc-d.
rne ground was contested, foot by foot, for n-asr
,alf aa hour, when, the leader of the enemy having
,)een killed, the firing ceased on their part, and our
iarty withdrew to the fort.
Our loss was a sergeant and one man killed;
Capt. Ramins and two privates were daneero irty,
Ind a corporal and private slightly, wounded. Tne
enemy's loss was four warriors killed; among iliem,
it it supposed, a chief of some importance, as their
ring ceased immediately after his fall. Capa'a
Rains estimated their numbers at evenly, but priet-
vate Kyle, who lay concealed in the hammgck un-
il aftet they had left, states that he citunted, as
they filed off to the southwest ninety-bthree war-
riors, fifteen squawo bearing off the dead. (fiur,)
ind four negroes. His statement may be relied
To Captain Rains great praise is due for hi
courage and skill in extricating hi' pal I trom the
rery difficult situation In whirh they vere placed.
['he conduct of his men is highly coinm'ndable.
'hey fought with true courage against an over-
whelming force, and prolonged the eonte-t, not for
their own safety, but to protect and br ; off their
wounded companions.
Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Lt. Col. 7th Inf. Com'g sub division.
Gen. Z. TAYLOR.a,
Commanding Army of the Smioth,
Furl Fmintiue, Ea.t Florida.
"rnn inc -'--J, hik --hampions of their caun-
tUyl Whether, triumphant as Tell, the first Na -
au, .jr Washingtorn, ihey change vas,-al province-,
oppresed colonies, into m-ghry republic.; oi,
whether, like Hannibal, they fiee from bondage ii..
-lortous suictde-de'escend alive in the grave, dug
fur them by revenge, deriding with bitter m'scker,
theur merciless foe, like Jugurtha; succumb, b,:
frayed by man and the fates, like Ar.ninius, Cirvil,,
and Kosciasko, after many a well fought baitl-
rheirs a glorious hereafter! Alike undying thi-
names; alike borne down to after ages. One swep;i
along by the ceaseless torrent of Homer's lava-
straintus-some carried high and effulgent on ih.
oracular leaves in which Tacitus has written their
imu ortality-others on the pages where the frien.l
of Scipio and Laslhus has indelibly engrave I
Cane, Thrasymene, together with Zama-other..
it the honest chronicles in which Diaz the
brave, anticipating the judgment of history, h s
recorded, next ino the high darings of Cortez, ithe
martyrdom of Mexce's last emperor; and annth -r
again-the heroic Pole, embalmed in Campber',
verse, ever after to live on earth, even when Hope
shall have stretched her anvel wing, and flown up
to Heaven! This destiny of deathless renown thou.,
too, wilt share, dauntless Tecusseh! Is was 'vi;
sped! The ball entered, and buried deep in the not'..
breast I Is brought to earth the manly limbs, r,..
the buoyant, indomitable soul!
Twenty-five years have passed since the Miarn
chief thus fell, and seemed to have breathed ou' h a
un-ubdued spirit; and yet I saw him this mornt c.
it was no dream of a fervid lancy; 1 saw him ini
this very city. Before me lay the warrior, the
spirit still lingering in she clay, but already com-
tnuning with the mighty souls of pasr.ots of by-
goue days-with Guatimoiztn-wsth the deep phi.
,nx of the defenders of Mexics-wth the
uf all the red warriors, who, ever vanquishe I, il l
contending, have fought fur three centuii' he
Iberian aad Saxon aces, from the shores of .b,
Atlantic to the gaps of the Rocky mountains.
Thy chisel, Pettrich, wrought that miracle. Eut
thy arl, inspired artist, made me blind to that utt
itself. I foriot thy genius in this very creation c1
its noblest effort. It was the dying chief, and not
a statue. I felt oppressed, as I'watched him Iran.
ing on his tomahawk, the vital breaih'gushinp nti
his blood out of his lungs. The well 'angot pip l
of Thorwalsden has not elaborately sonens to ax-
press the writhings of the living flu-h, 1s would the
vulgar chiseller. The deep sorrow, clouding tie
warrior's brow-we feel it as we look-ws n't

gathered there by bodily anguish. Though', not
spasms, tortures the noble frame; nmadudening
thoIght! his death-ithe death of his race!
Thou art a poet, Peltrich! Old HoBer breathe
his spirit in thy fervid fancy; that spirit thou knead-
edst with the clay: and when thy work stood com-
plete, thou didat not invoke a god to make ii live;
potent magician, thou forbade it t die! Other
forms, vague and indistinct, flitted across my vi-
sion. Statesmen, eloquent and wie, seeming o10
meditate the rise and fal of empire; saints, mete
sojonrners of earth, riing up to heaven in devo-
tional aspirations-a beauteous maid, ioo, with
eyes fixed on the stream in which she has dipped
her line, gazing, I wot, at her own reflected imug-;
thy wife, thy children, the handiwork of thy genius,
were therr'e! Bat an image, a form, having no
likene on earth, or in heaven, riveting on me
eyes.l1onrlesi, filled with dread speculation, and
Iwi hell's latent fire, would have arrested my at-
,fition, if-artists know this well-a mind, once
pose.'sed by an object of deep interest, could re-
ceive new impressions without having first rested
Its overtaxed faculties. I will again visit this tudiql
and perhaps again express my judginent of these
other productions of Pettinch's genius and art.

S pleated a Mephistopheles and the Dying
eumseb. These statues are in clay, and weie
made for exhibition only. At the end of eight
days they will be destroyed. The Studio will be
open for visited on Thursday, the slat linst. atd
continue open until the Sl$, ilncahslt. Hours of
-iEibitioa f om nine to two, amd froa four to
Ueq M mw walesi cidMnW M half price.

- -, i- i -

A? ^ ^loi^ ^ B!^ ^^TM~j~aefOafelksI iwev thattt-thel~eW ^' ^t 'fr~~ i'_A\"B PRSf11ftilt OP THlE tTN7Tr.D IFT&Ttii. l LENN't INDIAN HAUL OIL.-This ale.t
"c.lai may he adjudicated b officers, gree-. N pursuance of law, 1, MARTIN VAN BU- lN pur-suance of law, I, MARTIN VAN BOU- gut article has been i n ,eral use for the
llN, Pr,'itetI Bi f fi .ably i i.i tiimee t dREN, Pre'tRdent of the United States of Amnr- 1 REN, President of the United States of Ame- last, ten year, and the conLiUnM demtand.Jor it is o
triea, do berey *tSra 11 -t - l6;,li do hereby declare and make known that itea, do hereby declare and make known that pub- an evidence that is good qualifies are duly appre-
apu.ho ~ l ie.,th H-ael ',l | nlIT: sales will be held at tIhe undermentioned lih'ales will be held at the undermenuuoed tad ciated. The INDIAN HAIt OIL is highly recom- t
iteee, iu | taite i t a., oommenctneon Iald thai declared jH(|and floes, in thI State of A ransse, at the periods offices, In the Stale of Louisiana, at the periods mended fir nourishing and strengthening the hair,
MondAy, the iith day tir Ju-litl, lor Iixe dipo- torfetied. . ". hereihfter d,--ignated, to wit i hereinafter designated, to wit: and prevening IL from railing out or trning gray, r
Fat ofthe itblic'land, withbinm1he hic of the .. 's WHITCOMB, At be lar.d rt, fce at Wahingr;n, commencing| At the land office at Ouachita, commencing on giving it jrengthand cauig it luxuriantly r. grow,
derme-ttoned townphtgips and frantiotial twnsrips, CArmmlu Ser ofthe GITneral Latn Uffice O Mond-ia, the thirteenth day of'July next, for the Monday, the tenth day f-f August next, for the dia- even on bald place" where the rooLs of the hair 1
to w.-i: 1 THE IRE-IDENT OP liNE I NITED TIATaES" dii.poal ful" lhe public land% within the limits of po-al of the public linds within the limits of Iown- have not been de tro)ed. 'Ihs oil remove the
JvNorth oJlhe base lin rail east of the mrdimt. UN pursuance, l law, I, MARTIN VAN BU- Ile undermentioned town-hips and fractional town-' ship twelve, north pofthe 31 Of latude of range dandruff,. and give; a g.vs.y ..oltnes in the luck 1
ft~~~~~ ~ ~~ s iP4 ,tIt h e w s fth r n i a e i i n truly beautiful. It hati alsto iic sin reilar pirl-petty
Townships twenty-on and twenty.-two, of range EN, Presidet of the Unted States of Ame- i wt: I three, west of e l. ha lar prpey
thr, e. rica, do hereby declre and make known, thal South of the base te o wit ef the fifth th pa- At the land office at Natchitoches, for the norlh- of wakming light or red hair, uwhikers, aind eye- V
Township ltwentyl-ae, twenty-two, iwenty-.three, public sales wil be held at the undemntlione, meridian. Western district of Lnui-tana,commcncig on Mitn- broc,, several -hale% darker in ,.lor. It is plea-
,Fractional it.wn,..hip roureen, 0 the north side day, the tenth day Of Aagut next, for the dIspo-el -anly perfumed for tressng ih.' hair in general,
twenty-four sad twnty-five, of range four. land offices in the State of Mszoti,, at Ihe periods of Red river, of range twenty-fight Iof the public lands within the limits of lhe under- and tor keeping it tI curl it is much esteemed. r
Townships twenty-one, twenty-two, twerty-lhree, heinafier esgnate, w. aci na townh e, eeve, and welve, intoned t lp and frtonal owhps. PIce 50 n. I
twenty-four-, twenty-five and twenty-siX, of range A t the ltndl office at Spr in gfiel d, com mnenc itg on Far crin On town-h i ten, et- ceti a t l ti e t own hip and fra tio a T h p ice R M cat,-
b-vnrerin odn the Ctocaw b--,tfn-iarY, of range thir- Abi'thsfthe 310 oftalitde, avd west eJ the teidhan ROMAN RALYD)R.
Tew. i twenty-e,,Monday, the furth day of May nest, for the dis- t,-There. Tuwhp twenty, range nine. For removing Pimple', Freckles. Tin, Sunburn, b
Towilship twenty-One, tweiy-Lwn, twenty-three, posal oh the public lands vat-bin the ILmits of the At the land off,1ce at Little. R-k., ctmenn, onn Thai part of tiwnsibip seventeen, siLuated north l,.tches Redness of the Skin, Morphew, Tetrer,
twenty-our, twenty-five \ twenty-six, Ohf range ut etoneM tot ship, to wi, Monday, ihe ibh ia\ of July next, 1.r the dispo- of Red river, of range thirteen. Ringwoiu, and other oblatinate cutaneous affec- r
.conalownshs wn-one and twenty-two, .brth of the base ine awd west of the Jifihprincfpal sal of Ime punic land-, within the limit of the un- Fractional sections three, nine, ten, eleven, four. t,.on, ihis i- a safe and ctlain pri-paraticon, and ive- i
Fractional townships twny-one meridian. lermeanioned iown.hip,, v z: I teen, ifteen, and iweriiy.onPe, .eclon twent)y-toc, a clearne-,s to the skin truly beautiful. No la,'s I
borrg on Lake Haron, townships twe nty-three, T wrshp oh ty-sx al ,y eght, or range .Vorthofthe base line and et fJ the fifth principal nd fractional sections tweniy-thre,'e, wEnLI,-,x I-to,,let should be wth-.ut i.
seven. Toohips wehtiiy-five and tiirty-i and town- meridian. thiiV-five, ar.t Ihirty-six, all situated south ol Red INDIAN HAIR DYE.
Forrcitial township hwentyy-two bordering p ontnr- xan Ion Town;hip four and seven, of rane'eveteen. iiver, in township iwenly, orange lourteen WVartranied, with one application, in change
FraetHional Owship twenty- oein on h p onie, xad e.en, A the land at Jo.hnson e..utt-hous', cOitt- Lands appropriated by law lar he use olonch,,oe., gray, l-iht, or red har, to a handsome brv.wn or
Lake Huron, twhps twenty-three, twenty-tur, of range hiteen. men oa na e e venlh day of..- m ary, r oher puro, wll be excluded Ir e, lac in a e hour, ,hou ,a,n, h.k,
twenty-five and twenty-sx, of rarge eight. Townrship thirty-five, of range fourtien.cae-rl dcsk
1 t~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~y n c-si, f r, r ith e d r- p c-a l o f th e pu b lic la n d s w ith in -a le n u t e itc l t u e ci t e h i ; t e c l s p r
Fracihonai townships iwenr'y-tlvo, twenty-hree, Towrsh ps iwenty-eght and iwentyi-nine except yhe nex, tr "i" of the -le lrmrn, 'd wic lands witin eae or anridtill enor riube ol o itle hat;he c.l.hnet.r i, per-
twent--iour, tweny.five and twnty-bix, bordering section tix in the latter, ,.f rante ninee-n. acnal nhip, unle-s the lands are sooner disposed of,) and no t the -le I. appted at nrshr, nn C--g in be.J, the
Ora L a~ke H uron, of range mine. T ort n ship ttseniit; eipht, tow nship tw enty-nine, h f Viritaacc d tri i hlJopr n ip l l ge an o r v te e treoo a d o th o w c ar c n b o po e by n viz:; i t- p e1 a a
nLandks rappropriaed by law, for the Lst' of except sct*-n one, and townhiphiy-n'vean orth of te bt line and andi if the shicipal stger, and no private entries of land the t.w- ehar-ae n, eomp'ce by ,orn; th' pt,-epara-
school-, mihislry, or other purposes, will be ecclu- try-six, c-frauge twenty. Towhp ridianoe, sf hpsooneredeen. wlbe admted untl afer thees- p,..nict nsainy b adic, an.]or nwm v-h;ier wsth ;s
c fo saeT0 ihp L i11Iyce e ,11 r n e iv r yo e To wnship one, o1" ran ge nini teen. rpiration of the Iwo weeks. per i etc v;,lary by [adie.. Orgentlemen; v. hiaherismayv i
dcd from salt. Toj i-hip tvwenry--even, i.l ranrie Iwenty-ouric T-'nshtphtn, ofrange tr rt--r. Given uider mv hand at theCitry of Wa-h1 g- b,?died with prea tacitv.
The sale will be kept open for two weeks, (un. At tle same place, in conlinu',t,.. commencing Town hip en, ol. ranie tihr ir-ir i en widhr mytwant-a the Cday of pa.hlr.. an omd with grea lacilE W. H
less the landsaren sooner dispoid of,) and no long- on Monday, the ei-h eeth day v-i May nexti, for Townip aen, vt ran-me .hnr v ore. In .t Chhe twenly-fourh day of April, anni Dum,na MICH \ItX'S FRECKLE WASH. I
er;randnoprivateentriesiiaid in the townships Fractional i,,n-hip Ten. oorhr,nc on ilia Che- 1840. Th,.. is a d.],covei., (.I the celetra,,d Dr Ch,irlek J
er; and noo prevd .wk entries Ii aids in the tow uships the d p-posal i-i the pub',e I ind, wihh i the hirrir- of r,.-kee b,.iun.,drs, *-f raire hi'V-i,.1'.' 1\1,. VAN BUREN. Micha-m, irmucly Pr t .i Arat--to at Laze,
so offered, wt be admitted unit atier the expire- thee tnderirceoioio ed d ,i- i-_i{p,', to wiI:. M~ctani r i trmehly Pp ..l,, r-f Anai aB Lteer d, :
lion of the two weeks, .oA vth Jtte a< ie and .erl o] iifJi/'t, priri,caul Frac. ,.nal ,nwn.h,p i en, t.rd rni T n Lh 'hrr,- E he Pr denr, ,n Fland.-r', an may .'eetly b- oechrrB,,,l, -,. t ,,l a
./e t..hear have rfine iarn.dre? w-.- a/VRITC,.,f.illB,
Given under my ha d, at the city of W ashing- 1e -,m;,,v. i ,r .he,. J, ITC.IB cf-rtar, renFl .r Fr'ckle-, a-, w-l a-, .ih r ,-'T c-.
Givefund r m bau a At the li. i fi--i e at, cn. in-i~rci- C umminl.v mirt e of the General Land Office. i-ti-- t4 le kin, a- T rin.I S inbutin, &.aL-t e-
fan, this ltweniieth day of M arch, a mno Domini To'un hps it rl; -uie, uhtIV-LWvo, Ili' y-ih .,-c I le n .a,,J ,ii' e t l F.,e ,lt Ia, c.rr.tnt,,c n imrrnrr rthe Gecral Land Office. why re idn. a. T.n, I-,nU h, &,r Gi le-
1 .. M .ay ,he,,eh ay irl J l nef-rt, l', rier iy-e.. T tac hL' irc a -td ih B I u IM pr
M. VAN BUREN. TO.wift.p- hiir, ih rn.-I t llv-to, It b .u and Ihu. pa t I',: publh- larnJd within ths limit, o. the NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS lie are, (t.i l ca.,lU-d h -.1 l I I *.. t.
By the President :y. Thr, ,_v rd, t t., tl, td r ,it vcid twns i a lni.. t fra,-ciiual tuvn- Every pet.ron claran? the right of pre-emp,- un ci iahne toap- II shavtni , il ,,.l In i n r, t. -er,,i
cy- W H ITCMid, ly., heip,,.i r .-. n.p, s iz: ti any if the Ihn.d- deipnaledl in theabri e p;.ela- remedy.
!amras W ,'rcoM u, T.,i ti- ,ps thirty--e' r i,-r.II ih ry-eighb ."rre .\irr cf the beartine h ue td (tf t.e bheJifui ptrejin t m a riin, r- riueneI t., prcrve the samc ,o the Satipo- AROM ATIC ROSE TOOTH PASTE.
,.,namislioner of the General Land Office. twent h. ,idian. tacron of the te,-icr ano receiver of the prtpei To th<.O who value hand-.oe ech hi: prepa. -
-- ~ ~~Tvitn~hlpi III(Et~ryr-fiveP, Lwveniv-.e% en, mhit-~, T ,,,hpt.,n),elridian.'ete l-~e land -)fea n 01k Ptmoa theefo To thr..o who valu. ,1 e tt ,, 'h a ln abcle I h ..7,:,c a- 9
lqurICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. aTd -hir p t.wen, uCrar- ient--e, T,,,vnhip twenty, oi mrase twenity-nine. land -.fficr, aind nake p ,ainen tt herefor atd as Va Ill be Icu-I. %,c' valuable. li c-c a
of pr -cui tico hi nt -- s-en tif rane i t nt) u n-.F a cviii sal 1- lvi hi p mta r i t -o re, (-I range th irty. preactiral l It it ? ms-in ;: 1hiui s i n' t o order th1.t the p',In- i i 0 the i l, firtone-- t- h e gio nu -,
Every peaon claming the right oFT poeenpl. T oh iL.uty--ivc, iL o ,-. tcriy-sevc, Frac tinal iown-h-p twenty-orc, o' rang., thLhri- claim may I-e adjudc,:aed tv ,h se ohr. er r pre arlc : t,,ac y It .t he leh:ai a rmned ,p; the pr,h,,r Cn ,
mato iuny the larends designated prove the above p1osla- a t ih. L,-:ind, ihr ar- Lxin,. i, rn one. abl V'. in du I rpri the 2.2,day 4./a das in The teeth. It -ao perfectly safe ,to.r c
m eatiun, is neijoeuied to prove the samne to the saris- A\t the o i-:tn, ,hee" am L ictam ,..Ii, ,', oiiunetncn -. T ,.,',- ,, h p-. on cfr c e tn and It cHIVy, and traect-na v n 'r r.', t t,': e 1- [re-.,,upisiir,. Iw ltf 1 3t w i/tl mr t -sr I~ hat n,,. v uiLton r- r,-,titire., and b-. ug ire-- t,, t hiti le
facLion of the Register and Receiver, and make pay- M -unddv, thi iwernt-ti.lh da u Mal n. ,-t '. hrt ti, n nhp kta us-,.,n ,t Ii ranee thins -Ic*o. n ,,tsit. al all ciaTr ri--i July made rnniown sc-, 1,rn t ht r- h p ine ,,it r-, i, 'i ldt n .,i -cratl it or de ite 1.
nent rherefor as seen a pracfl-abl afler seeing thli ,ti, t lihet pub lic lands i hin the hut e T- n p u i st f c li,, l- n- i i's-n p I r n t, aJnd alltca n -ul made b snoi n i a -. P n it .i no hrirb
"ne m i- n hisa di-- zip T,.wn.h-.p iwtel-oy :1,,{ frae-ii,,n'l ,,.,,n~hjp liven. ".n..I [..r tprIL- to that Jar,, ar,." reelared b-y law it,, te een ,:;f,,r ,- ,, n tt no Iai t3 1
areflrr, in order ihit the clatit may be aJtudirated un,lerm-,.inc.- i.,.v-n hip; and r.i, i,.,nal ,woh p r,.n r, ut, t, hrre,. t t.l .r l. .JAs VHITCOM B, t re enam, nd '.- f,,iin o not ia.l I.
-t tict-e li officers agrceably to law, in due time, pr i, it: ,IHor and is tcf:hI--r e c-'nvenieni ar-.I ccvo-
,, he S.21 t4.i of Jaly ucxL. whui hlie pre-emp- .'..,Ath tf tit base line aid unit of the./iflh principal Frctn- l t.,wn.sht1 weL,,---ne, of range ih ree oCmmAi.ncfi C a L d Oi i
ti-,u law of 1638 wi1l expire by hmtlurin; and all lawdir. Laudt afpr,'priat,.,l-v law fr iht use of chouls, RTIAL POSTPONEMENT Oi PUB[aIa, GLENN'S SAPONACEOUS
c,.ims not duy ade known and paid for prior to Tu i,,:hip fur ,y an- frac,,,,inal iouwn.,p L. -r pr l la rth u-cob rch l PAoA P S ON M T .O e B GL N ALA E
military c orl lod her I LAND SALES ordered to te ted at D ,
the date aforeisa 4, are declare by law to be f..- fifty and fi, s-,tie, t f ,il ,rtiver, u f -ale. Buque, t0 the Terrtir or Iowa; at C bt ie.. and
felled. JAB. WHITCOMB, ,a,,g.- ,h il. -The tale. i,ll e-ch be I;cr.t open i,,r tw-.i week., Galena, in the State if illhnot.i; and] at l[r.1., n
Cosmmnrionter of the Genwral Land Office. Al the land office al Fayetle, ccinimencng tc. uln ie' are i mhe Sae ol Mieha..
16far-t~ 20-Iawrfiiuly. M monday, the ele.h day o Mas ni I i File- the and I. are d t.aIteol of e and n o the Sia ge of Mth e o n -h
IMarch 20--lawt6July. _____ MondyV the e',venth dayol Me ,n..M,lur th,:,t,-.h-n"er aun.[,t'ateenr,,:,llO^,mte^,w- , BY TEl Patg.lDEthr OF THE th lEl! :nalE.. pI ,1 a w te r.a i ; ihe b ads wf the t 1 the i, the declared B g e .aale og c,,a ,,php
p01s hlls so. n-Ira, lit ill be adm irrel ti llii aften ih.' ex- de l rd oP the public sate- ut certain Li pa bee inslurra n mb
IN pursuance of law, I, MARTIN VAN U- undeimcnni ilip, t i: rraion uaeks an heeore rded be herdat .. ha baen .n uoe o ra numae DB
",nfrlO/ q,[ the Ihavu eik.e an Jweet ofeolr there 'falll a u u ue of yearr, anti has vilVrU a&
SREN, Piesadent of the United Staes ufAme- VtrihoJ theba elineand wst of 'efihjr/i pvial Given under my hand, at ihe city ol WahinLiornt, uheTeriti.ry olf Iowa, and at Cnhicago and Galena, ha1fa, a a a
rica, do hereby declare and make known that a meridian, this 3,d day cf Marh anno bomin I-lU in Ithe Stale o Illinois, and at Detro,r, in the State ai i icn a ar ar
public sale will be held at the land office at Tt.wrships hliy-n;te and vy, Mf rais enty l VAN BUREN. of Alichian, as fc-ll-.w: tcle f vthe I d ver rc-er
Dubuque, in the Territory of Iowa, comntiencinr Towutz-ips fity-nue asnd sxt.y, ,f rate iteni.l- By the Pre-iden: The public ..le of I.:,wnhi:ps numbered eighty, Ubto tshe publc-lo.r a rich an, Ie
on Monday, the t.enry-aecoad day uf June next, one'. JvEs WIT,,I egh-,oe, and ehy-seken, of rae one; t emlather, hh'hi
for bthe dposal of the public lands within he At Lhe In office at Palmyra eomiencing on CoPmImsionerof th, General Land Office. twn-h,p numbered evenly-nine and ehy .i wl nodry ea,ly up.a he
CM' esain i o a e r o fet hehG e n e r c i t L e n d O f f i c fcrn i t p ifnu m b e r e ddse srnt y nnn lnc- u
imimtaof the undermentuioned townships, to wit: Monday, the eghieenh lay ot May nerl. tor the _ran.e iw,:.; ol tovnhip seventy-naie and eqghy of i a lr .il ii
N north of the bae line, and west of tleJifa principal o-f the pulhlic la. slthin the lL, c-frh. NOTICE TO PRE-ENIPTION CLAIMANTS. rane three; ,o:f Iracr, al wnp seen-th oth prpetes hch present ran t he
rnerildtan. idennielLen ih It.-A 1 I ti-p t, in of E%:
Townships eightyi.hpee, eighty-four, eight fivev, .Vorth ,ftie sate line, and treat of the fifth principal 1,, rr'n lan t, he r t l pie-erpion and io shp egh , e eh .oap a beaaev rubcc-.tmd ,tr ire u." It h .e are,' ,lii
eighty- ru cu e u t -s ra ge I Othe, titan. h., -I tI he I .nd- ,le-Renated1 in the attl ve procla- range tfour; ,r-,I slaCdIual township eiht, sn-i ,,..oap- be yIIa t
eiihly-c,,x, andl eighiy-s.eveD, 01' range two. ~ i~ n pel~ 0[nv h mali-ii I, ihele-ri toi -hipi e~githl-.nv,eihvl'i n eiehiy-s ol ane V meIand iherei.-.r c It~m of fr(Iin(Pe
Tuvwlihp eighty-four, eighty-five, eighty ,ix, own-hip. sxy-oie. y-,hree, by-e.ur and i,,m er,,ve the st, the sat- .pe he -i an e andg peu and eretr mrte ,he p 'te inan
eig ty i, sui ei ti y-e ve n o na ee l- h x y-t or an d tma nn r J e p Re-,,t t r alno p Rt- everte 4 l t" he p ar shpe r ei ght-; o-nI,w h p e ehn l, -ttn .o an d etch, y--t. o ra n ge ,. i Ilc.'t" Il an e nam e ni, ,deg ree. I, i. p ci op to n ea t
and eighty seven, ot range three. sil-r, -, oi rdnge elyen. lacii.l i t ine and realia andR, ice n h proper -i IrClnal ,o:wrhhip eieghi v-two of range :ev:n; all covered jar;, an-ierinn all the pirpo;e c- aa -lat-
Townhips eighty-four, eighty-five, eighly-si,, Townships- s y-iwo, --,xy-thre, ie, sixty-four and oIr nig , pn :er hat i ho no rh :.I the bae Ilns and east of ie 5Lh prrcpal, c.,x, and will tla-t a )ar I a per-on who shaver:.
and eiglrt!.-seveo, Ofr~aoge to ir. xl--five, nfrant e twelve. r tat N Bi Imh ti the late bl made ott
Tond e sgh ip-s;,en, tol-'f ra eig ht-eeef .T ownship; x y-threc and sxrc-tair, of range l may me .jdicaled by ihnse t rficers agrer a- ienr, dian, adverni-edd cn the -.2d n-f January lau every da4. .
Townbtp.; eihty-six, eigb>y-seven, and eighty- ,Triwi-h*ps -.xl.i.hree and sixtv-lfutr, of range N, R.|,^,^ ;^ \~ ~^ ; ,, Wit this copon flip land~ ,..-c ma, Duonu,,. h ; f ^ ^ S
Sftolaw, in due tme, priorto the 2-2- day of June be hel-i at the raoi itfice at Du Buque, the tihe ta'e. and ret tnoh tibobn. itret-re a tiher pine-
Toig tht, ofrneh-s, 6 ~ hysvn .n evgy Ihirieen. next, 0101t ltei pre-IN111tfon lair rf 13. willt fprptr by If.ourth daY/ of May n-it, I,; po~rponeI uotIa,d th ae q ot ,h bez.r, ahre,,r ~~~rp
Townships eighty-six, eighty-seven, and eighty- Lauids apprc'priate.] by law, fore the use c-I n~l ctn te pe~elitn lt fl3 itep c bihwl day ciI is %t i it n itt i-. rautc- foi of a iu o m f c-naaking h e o i
limitation: snd all claims i,: dulo manle hrin-At, w cllonmmence on, Monday, the -ixit day oflJut,
eigrih, of range six. echy -cls, military, or other putrise, will bees. cnll pio oo prior to ta cx-npaea iee
Township eighiy-eighr, of range seven, clouded Ifrom taile. oani paid ior pieS HiT Tht public tale o aiwnehip numbereeled. bh, la
Lands approprtialed by law for the use ofschool,, 1he sales will each be kept open for two weeks, to be l'orlerre f te. \eHI"CC nMB, ThOce a public s.ate of rn otown ihp nunberie y Ciethny plar. crr., e I-
military, or other purposes, will be excluded from (unless the lands are sooner disposed o1,) and fi. March '14 lti '7Ju Lv eight of range lo-a; on iwnships elghti-thrpe, e-re Splic n .0 a u. 'itr l at cp .In, that 'havir.
sale. longer; and no private entries of land, in the Lown- .va_ -__ '_-eighty-eishia80 nDel one of range three, LI it"n- rh1 i -a aI, uI i ph ure' U S Gc. lne.
Thesales will each be k ept oper fer two weeks, 'hips so offered, will be admitted until after ihe II reEgthRtreiLNh1 -FTEhNI.TED T Trs chp eig i y-e isht aid nue, one of iovnprange three, tf i-..n- ,,,,nL ue .,ir.- Ihe t.. te.
..'h~ -tip eiy-oiy-elpht of ranve tour; of to w.ns.hip s- 'The' S,,p,,rnaceeu. Ciopaun~t i- tlie to. t pr' pa-
(unless he lands ae sooner disposed of,) and no expiraiton of the two weeks. N P .. n e la I, M AR IN VA i ,L)'- e, e.ghiy- .ur, and eihie tve ,, rhn,. raon extit for having purpose, Ir-w I e .er,.ivl.V
onger; and ro prvae enrres of landing the to,- Given under my hand, at tl'ie city o Wa.h EN Pree he ued Sa- .f Amc- five; and of township seee,ily-.rne mv.ih the etcp patr,', and de.,t I,, Li:, reiry cnonman
ships so offered, will be admitted unil after the ex- n", this lwenty-second day of January, anot. rca, do hereby de.are and make known, that a ITon cf scct two, three, tLur, ne, en, elv,,n wh, .hate., h.m-[t should buy i."-Pidalphta
ptraution of the Two weeks. D.Wini, 1840. public -.ale wit be held al th lantd office at lonia, -ourteen, and ifeen, as herei,,ore de:ignaied, .f -.
Gsven under mv hand at thecity of Washington M. VAN BUREN. ,r, ihe S .fIe ,f M-ch-gan, conmenm<,nn ,.n Manday ranre six, all north of the base line and wet i, the We leg to call he aireti,,inr -f the hearde.l pnir
thistenthdayof M arch, anno Domini, 1840. By the President, ,he elit t t'i day ot ,ti xi, r Ithe di ponalof ith principal meridian, advertied t u the 2-2 ft in-n of our ub,.,:r,bers ir, ihe Sapnac,-.,,s Cmi
M. VAN BUREN. JAsIEMs WtTCOMB, the piubhc Jani.s tiitin the linois .f the under January laist to be held at lhe land office ai Dd donind. It te, without crepr,-.,. the be i -hating
By the Presidonl, Commaionerof thte General Land Office. mentr-,ned ti.wn'hip. to wit: Buulue on the eighteenth ol May next, is po,,po.ned cat we ever u-e1.-l-'h/,.l,lphii Tranrnclpt.
.JA.,ES INlrf-g el aeEtnlw's fl,,e~~n Tre Sapor, aceou, Conp-,utol 1,.r ,nat ing ,.- the
JaMEsWurr.-sB, -"X-t ofthe hVe /i'nt ana weat of th- inevid n nl. ti.I, asnd trill commence (.i, MUnday, the thrd Te spc- a coeuu. Cnpmpr I. r hating e .i
Cormminsioner of lthe Gee tal Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Twnhips tIreny one, twenity-tin, en3y- dav of Auzu next. best-pethars tip very e.:; ai.-le in u- .r
--n e oEvery person claiming lhe right of pre-emplion thiee, Iwenty.l-four, isenty-five, iwenly-,.ix, i'we-ny- The pubLic .aleol own-r,-hps numbered forty four crapint the beard trazr the human face div ine.
NOTICE TO PRE-MPTION CLAIMANTS. to aay of the lands designated ain the above procla- ,even, riLe.,y.eighi, Iwenly-nine, and thirty, ol and f oy.,xf ane cisht, and tuwnshp u Whaih a n razor and copod, yu
Every p. n claiming the right of pre-emption nation, is reqne'ed to prove the same to the salts- range eight. bered ry o and by-ix c rane ine, al yhave our ace in hall the ime yi are pvc-
to anry f L- Tansd design ated it the above pro- facnton of the register and receiver of the proper Town-ship. twenty-one, twenty-IwO, twenty- north he o bael n nd a i ofheih d pMcpa] all haihen,,l,.dferl. ti n an anomaly in lanln..eaate,th
clamation it requested to prove the sameto the land office, and make "paymen, Ith. refor a s on as three, twenty.,-iUt, tweniv-five, Iwenry--ix, and meridia, advemted on the *2.1 day o January s a very od .-.have, and yet no -have.--B,,toe
satisfaction of the register and receiver of the practcable after seeing this notice, in order Than the weny-seren. Land fractonal ownhip twenLy- last to be held at the lan office at Chicago,, i the TD eaLovearleaefor sale by the e I-
land office, and make patent therefore, as soon as claim may be adjudicated by those officers agree- eghl, twenry-n,,e, at, I hitry, bordering on Grant Stae of IlOis, on the f ourth day o Ma netL, tfor sale by he p -
racticable eer seein thin notice, in ondcr that the ably to law, in due time prior to the day appointed Traverse Bay. of range nine. pi.,ipon.J uaid. and writ commence (i, NI-Moday, priet.--r. L. 'IV. Gi. no, intit,'iacurer an-i importer
^ ^ d^ S S E? ^of PeT^ llumery-., C'..,.ree ,^.^. (- -- -:':.,n-^ ^ ^ \' p .i.N..
claim may be adjudicated by those officers agree- Air the commencement Of the public s"Ie; and all TIN-ar -lp tIen.-one. int-enty-two I -en.I.three. the seveuth day cl Sef., near. aof PI4 Souh Th-rd ireet, ol-'' ,e the E,,chanp-. '
ably t.-mola in ae n doe ti e prIo o c M -aif a riit 1 Re aI rersaid, are declared by law no, be Am the in, place ,,w-oua,,,-.n, commencii3 tw tenhy-,r e r te with rte ex ption c-f th 1ehur ,h ,alte .. ha s iawa- of, hind it-, ts ou l',te aten-r e
for the commea.e.ment dr-epnomic l ; an a- oeied. on Mtnday, it weny-sixith day cf Ocr{er i,e ,, .,rzeeunoneand two, o aheretofore ,esgraiad) Ia,,ndts inp his ne ln bendu toi the Uli.ed
ejairn'not duly minde known and paid for prior Io. fowietied.
no rt saiy arede clar d tn la w to befr JAM ES W H ITCOM B, it.r the d -p,.,.al of tin public hnod. vwithin -the on rar, ,th aae, ari nd at pi--s sl,,ca n-inn-it Icn pleai..
the date. aooresa idare declared by law to be lor. Ctrnistloner of the General Land Office. .mls .f lhe u.lndiermntu.nrd ,tIn.r,hlp, and Itroc- b hile,: Price current; of the van, ui asu'c-', he has i.-.r .ale
leited,.in lt~ ~ t, o v e
fld JAS. WHITCOMB, Jan 23-wt25May ionel it's n-hip', to 1: it1 .ecions one to ix, t,,,elusive. a; thretofore de- hoi riarded o those who desire ,him, andI a vat il-,
Lorninasdionereoftlhe General Land Oice. 110 TIIE PREDIi, LENr F o I HE tUNIri, SI ATES .\bti O, tie blhe b /i hne an west vol the mvndiin. signaled.) ol range four, all north r-f the ba.e Itpe -f eafu -hovbill furnished irantt o tvillO-
March l--at tne r c lrN pursuance ol law, 1, MARTIN VAN BU- Town-.hp ,er,'-i.x iracqoni-l town'sship iwen- and Oat ofthe fourth principal meridian, adversed mtnr_- Thnt abuve ari,-le, may be had c,( q,ary of
M a rc h 1 1 l a w t S Q n n IN p uaun c o la w ,v IN A T N V N B T w n h p m r : ~ a n
.LREN, Prestden of the United Siates. i.f Ame- m y seven, iwe.G-eahi, Tr'vr.tynie, an- thiy, on the 2. day -. January last to be held ar h e Iruggi:', p'rfuners, and other, n the print-
BY' THE PtREsIDNT OF THE UNIrTLD STATE- rica, do hereby dec'rare and make known, that a birdr-ru .,n Grand Traver- Ba uf range ten. land office at Galena, in the State (c Illln. roi, pal ccaire n.i n1. Ins n, the LitenI S'ate-.
IN puisuanee of law, I, MARTIN VAN BU- public sale wll be held at the land office an Ionia, Twnhtps iweniy-oneiwentt-wc., h theniyhi., th e eiteenu dy ay nxt, i psipn uniF.rr -.e bv LEWIS JOHMNSON, t'urdr ors
REN, Presaidedi of the Untied 8,afs of Ame. m the Slate of Michigan, commencing on Monday, tweniy.f,.ur. tiwen,-nive, ant.1 veiey-:ix, and frac- d h il ci mmence on, Monday, me fipon ia,. a. I o il C P Oice, Penni aa aenu.
rica, do hereby declare and make known that pub- the eveniteenth day of August next, for the di.por- ti:al;. twenty.-evr-n, iweriy-eiehi, Iwen- October nfxi. P FeL. 21-i3mrOi
lie sales will be held ai the undermetttored land sal of the public lands wi thin the limits f he un- ty-,tni and nih tv, b rdet nig con Grand Traverse Noltce i atl-. hetcbv given than the public saleHE O RF--D -- u in t-
offtices, in the bState of Arkansas, at the periods dermeinuoned townships and fractional townships, Bav, o! ranr, eleven. adverled un hexihl t February la, t be IHHETOWER OF LonNDON.-A-u Hnei-
liereinalLter ',-gnated, to wi,: to wi: T.nithi iter,-, itwreny-two, [went -three, at Deir(.s ,I o U he State o f Mechigana n the cIl Roc mance, b ty W'. H-arr .,n Ainv.,.iLbh.
At the land oLice at Batesville. commencing on North ofr the bate line, and west of the lf ,ii/iaa. the:nl) huru, trient, -fise, ,ieiy-sm, ntni-even. aleve trh oiMay netS Stot h l Mdipo hal o n nlhe ut.- author of Jack Sheppard, (Gty Faw-li-e, R.coks,-i.d
wr'~vn eleent olMynx.iriedioa fte1U. `richlo~n. Illu~trm,, dIr..m De.,g:A by Geu.
londty, the seventh day of September next, for Townhip twenty-one, except ections five, six, .ieni)-.,, an-I tracional t.wub-hips twen'- ic la,,- wMah nhei.s or the deo all'of toin n- lb chi. llt-ti d tr.m De by Ge.
the disposal of the public lands within the limit, of seven, andi eight, and such pars .of sections fo.u, nine and ihrn, b:nr, on Lake Michigo rae hren as of he r khan, a c,-k, rI be putl.-heiI and ir fibers. Firli
the undermentioned towashrps, to wn: nine, seventeen, t.nd eightren, as are iuhit the range ilnct. pal meridian, is poiponcd utul,I and will c,.m- ,mber his 4ay purh.set and ro snale hv WM.
.Nbrthof the bam tIs, and west of the fifth principal limits of an Indiin rvervaii,n; townliip twenty. Land. aniproptaed h law or he use of mence on, Monday, the 'xib day.f July next. MRRIN, pos el Bron' hol.
meridianm. two, except sectionss t'enly.iine, Lhirtv, Ihiry-ine, sch.rul, military, ,r ,ni,.r purpcse-, ilt bte ex- Of cour-e the residue of the lanr,.. ihe -ale of March -26
Townihips eight, nome, and len, of range Ii'- and thirty-iwo, and such parts ol seciouiS nineteen, 'tleud from sale. wi I n T ,
tean. twenty, lwenty-one, twenij-eght, and ilr -:hrcee, TI-n .alesI il' ,c-h he kept open, for twn teekI, wich nothecearoipned, wil [. .1 a -.l e:d i.T NIVE SAL HISTORY, by Tyiler, tn sx
Tow sh pseig tand places, as hereicofore aicerit-, dI. m l (J n t n m o n te e c lr
Town. hips eigh e, n e, ed ten, of range six- as a,e tiit the lirte of an In lian r-servaiun, on s. the I.od-. are -,.,-,n r d,-p,-,-id of and t imes under my hand, at the city ,. 'Va._'-brie. arii vri-n m ,'l' ,hi o tr l e to rn"; ,) t hrle r. i [lar ir
t own s town-.hips iwenty-thrue, iwenty-fe'ur, Ienty-five. ',.e; anI to prevat-' enine- in land. in e lowa tot, this thirdday ut, April, anne- Dm in,, [Si0. Fa ,Iy Lit-,any is j-rn pol ,-i.-ed an- Ir -ahr' rny
TowDhip. e~htand ten, ol'rane se vee 'en. tiet,,y-sux, Iwenty seven, and iwenni e-gh, and 'hip' ,,, I' ,r-r.,i, tril t.,: atclinieJ n,,itl after rhi. Il. VAN BUREN. "V. \V. MORR- ON.
At.the land miritee at Fayeimeville, commencing fracuonal townships twenty-nine and thirty, box- e .rain titn rl e 's,,. 0 k. By the Pre-ident: ________ M '-_ Km _____ *__.
on M onday, the toucteene.h day of September next, deentg on Lake M ichigan, o.l range Ihunt e. c'teen urd-.v r yV lam ,I, a the city c-' W ashinmg. Jaurs VuiTTcsrn, HE B T ON A CnT titian.
flr the disp.salu of he pubuodeandSewith,n the hmrs Tha i par' .t tl asu,.nh,p Wena y-oe, l ; t I.,ul niin, l .tt tw ny-.l,, ,l ar A p,,l. anno DR N.nD,. m Cor ntissiorr of the Cc-syal Land Oficfe. I Ju-, r,.,vcd an Siarone r' Hail, die in or
of to r undermenhnonw d townu hipsEsd fractional fsit I onTdian reiersiion; that partl ci w s Ir k-lith I M ItAN BUREN. l Ce rhe puhl- .her. u -U c-c- -i-' ai Si'.,nie r Hal-.'tms's
townhi-ps, to wlu west of thi fifth p, rinpal twenty-two, lying nunirh of a,o Inudan reervatn r B te P,'edilet: NOTICE TO PRE EMPTION CLAIMANTS., er. i-f Crutch M-ic, ernracg alt ,1" -f
toth Jtlebae l te, S5ot o t ,wnships twenty-lhree, Iwenty-fonr, twen y.-fi Ji, W uVH -rsre.B, Et.-ry person claim og the righl ,.i pre-m p ,.n i s b, c-it-.n, w it nh-c n ,.t p-polar p-_ahn ant
Townshipsdeigh au ian u enty-six, and twenty seven, .nd fiac ,,moral to^t, C^ .c ,i't-,,er of tie GtilterI Lcud Ojflic no any Ianf the public ate ,0i w h t ,s heer v t i ,nn tunes, anrhemni, ;cn .- .ie.i, chair., 4'- ,I
Towoships eighteen and i enly.ou I.I range ,nuhips itneuy-euye ht, ttuim -nune, and ilnrrv, bird. i ",,,nd. r rl l-r.edJ L, p. e e the saim e u-i Ihe s. t-- sod ne' ; roeet lcr ,r'ib irany beaui lint pieces,
twenty-nine. rig on Lake Michigan, c, range (outr.en NOTICE TO PRE EMP710iN CLAIMANTS. ,-,, the e ran-i Recover c-I the proper i,*r" an- set-,t-h'n-n the lula. e,- aend
T ownship eighteen, of range thirty-oue. Towntihnp s, en '-e -ne, Iy'ng 'Gutla v,- an Ind,-. Etetv p,:r..r, clarrim ti the rgh, ti pre-etupt.,.,, Ian I ,.ficr, ,- .-,r to the "2 d ,rise of J o e ni-i,, t-hir i,,-nk, -i" Flay-Ic NI- ;'.a }Be--' h,.:, ,, P-u ,., u-
Fractional l own.-hip twelve, bordering on nhe reservahun; than parr ol ot .wn, h p iw-nil,-Iao, : I-, -"'.y ,." 'f .' lind, -' ,gnaaid 0n the above pr-.cla- -,i.-,'.. ,,. it na.,,,m Io curbh p ct,, e i n 'r.1n ill h-. I.,i -,, ra*r,,r. Ch i mut., ..nmt. ,i. I\,,,. r iWeb t,
CO erotee boundary, of range Ihihly-:hree. tog n -urh '-I nIn Indian rescuvaih n, and I'ra it ni arr!, .r t, '. r'*I, i I, it t, he tihe u, the -a- uhir- i by Iant f.,i "., L,',l, C nr K,:,r,,,. t r.t.nI r : 'l'...m \ ,, b-_i.r,
At the lard office at L itte Rock,cnmmenr.n on c ol c n,.hola i.|" ii -three., tI,.c .i..ut iweerfi i;. i l ,od i.i t ce Ic;;,:.n-r aid R.-eert r ,.l ,h" Land I \5M E V W IH ITCf ,iM t?, . u-.i r ,n.c ada ip .r i', to C ._z ,. -'-, ...t1 ... ; hee
Sic-n itty, the tw enty-first day ot Septem ber next, iL, '.x iW p{v's -.e rv n, it'civ-,v.e, ht, an e iwi r,.n l-It'h e:i, a min I p Iu'n utp i thprm !'r ii i-s,, i, ,, pr-,r I'., .. ..itt, ;,f le (G.-i na J La i. 11_. / l,:u-'s c '. ? nn at -' c-t, rE 21eat d p , .ri i
I r th e -l"Iu p sa l o f th e p u b lic la n d w ith in th e hi m it s ,nm r ber, rt e r r o n B e a r L il C d p L a k e, a r i'" ,,. a. f t "re , r, Ith u acn -ire. n ,.u .r t h an t h e c la iun A p ri | j- tt > n ru -i ., Esi u ic t c u rI' ,,,.e
ol he Ui,' lerm enm uone, i-w n hips, to wtr: L. k- M i, h-can, 0of rarnde-:r nic n,n \ cr n.'.l0:,,a- 1 .,I i ,' I l.i.'e t lie ,' 5 anti a ly -,:b .... . i_ ,.-r t -i n, E r, '. .h, ai n ;. -- r-- n-d tn !.r i, li i-
.\ ,tthn oJ the e tite, a-i, ,est c L ej j prin r i pac -Thlpat f, r ,nt i ,iw: 'i- p I.,.:'-..n, I- 11 5 _-i lt tl I c-i Ii .t l t' rn rni i i,,t ,re. t.! I l' i, ', t, ..t 3 ,, ie i--.m, m, ly ct .. A mtri -
inerida an Inlt, n n r,.;..r..r aion, thl,ai p n of li. -h ..n al ti,. n- ],r in., t'i/, t ic pr'-cr.a.,- tin ,rie i ,rti P T E T A I',E N Y r"LA SSIC A L. L 'L l ,,.i' ,,, i .I I .:. I i ,i i,'e ,' byIr? d o..'n.
T han part of row nr hip seven lying no rth if the -h ip iw enen -;- vo, ry ,,n n.-.,.h n l if lih,., ,nJ r ,'r a- pie I.- i. i tiln i ntd all c -l.ire n. I ,d s, -i m ode I r i' 1'N A TF e M enu l, t- -t .1 v- I CH E R .
old Cherokee boundary, ofrance sixteen. tine;and fr.,'-,,,nalnowtns.:,pf, tw,,,, three,,went;'- .*c-o alh ef line'b s~e line, and e t ...i c/' tine .i;. h p eticip ol Po or, tw en ty-ti e, t e'en ry -; a, a ndJ' SC ~en -sce'. ,,i 1.'; lie, I"', Il (i .i d a T tu' tint' ,r ten et, a -in -Irl '] ', of the U n nv,'nT yj, or[ .l I t S 1 1 F i u ~ DC I h l I .
niltrdiemiH b~oiderog ,-,t Lake Mi crP~a.' -,,, e'on> -2.: L~ J.\S. 'iV[I ITC OM B, Vt, ore. ti-i ope,,ed a .t i,.. It-r the iusirotr ,,:n n-I W{ (t C L(,[IILiE .CU ..P --T In ,.,p has nl~ ls -
T on su hips two, three, anti four, of range seveni. T hat parr cf.l I racutunal I,-,es n-r iph } t ire-l.,n,, .,- I '.i s,, 't;, o j t ,f it. Getl, ral Iansd Ojii-:e. p ul.,, in uIhe s'am units Li a,,,d ,.f a ihorr,,igh en ,. .lt..,I ,I, c of_ v-'ip. uear,,., ar, d lvs-'ert dty mT ore
T ow nship Po or, of" range e clii. tnp 'onu h i-f1 an I, dian r,. nesr t -a~ r, and that p..rri .AptI d",- 1 I .t 26g) c atla,. A t--cc.. the--' ,''l hi' t no~ltr the G rcrc-I cc-letr.t,,, I th-an en) other ,i u-eu ;rn cc' tide, ir ire
T 'w nshtp fo ar, of range rin .e of tracuromual tow n ship ua n, y-L o, lyr=e nortt ..-La n aol..rench an, n .. I a di.i..h p pm p e
D'{ 1"i1" I'R "DI.N I O "I~ (: I. trLD 'i',TI '' D ra mg.aXn. h.Irulii i.i.; i-ul the pre'-.-it ta[,n c-fine ti-cub and
Town-hipsex h l iad sofceeven,a hmnan-I eight,cu rOf H rang' ten. lum.I dusan vreterac-o,u . -I-obtt bordering ort Lat; M ud o,, rite. r0 1 [,.' iht-iF my tE i,,, t nh ut tit eulEc. ,r h .,, Drawing.c bl: il a ;u ,:tt. .. t,_c ,:.,t,.l +t' r ad, 'o e n

M in u ic n g o n M o u i d a V t h e t ,wi n I y e _e h i h a y l, S e p L n t L [ [. ` ,. p r i aiJ IL I L q I tn f.j i l lh e . 1h. 1. 1a1 1 t"01c. 1 lh u l a' e l d M ,n l, t ,a Ul n, c T he r m.rl c < n, r-,- n r t n , a n ,{, a a u d t.,- arn d t ,. .{j i:,,jI. pr.r. niy2n-
lember next, for rm-e dimposal of The p r lle, la.n" tnlhlary, ,,f ,o'ihir w, will te exclude N 1 i =.,,1 [, -+, i. ,I, iii.-a M r xf, t, pr M In-1e l, Te uera l ar*hay e r i t ID lr ah.e a ,i r' u n I.hine .,u.IL and ha,*- .. t hc l '-, and
S r ^ ^ her d^i., % Iay ,, ^ ,u I+ jilud1,,l r- k% ,i,,x,, ti,, ,, z,^ ,, several are aircadl .:rig. -,:, it I; di. ral-lc h, II qi,-. i.r 1u1,htn; mu.,n, and haidlt.hl and
and Iratamnal Lnwnihinp, to wit: I' e -l L r ]: o e k n r *-'*, an*I Ja n u, la )', 1h pL...] ,uried ih e. nat I t. a p,..r Ii e., ini'iihiiui-t liaat ,easd ;r. h iT.e-n,, pam I l ., a &r. [.cin
Vblh ofilic bsei line, and teset (ft efi.iipint-pal 1e4 ,- The land, are -.,urer di.poued o*. aiTd 1 ],r, '.-1 inwn ue a0 t, e en ,hc r- Eaf1 b
meridian. girl and no ni-' e c.ruinIeS .f land, i n the LT1, U I A -r' r, e ,. Pibl exami*iaati.- n wi a be ,tie l the end 'ry F. HOW A RD,

T-*n larvierwfhA B r n hri. n w i M n~ ii, o d. I I ,,'av en day ol A e,,-, are~ dnm u. l O. inbr as o iahe G [.honil.I and\ipa~.h--n------- --- .
'rmow nqbp two, of range e .hteien. h,p. -,3 ,ere d, vill t,- ad ,,td unit af'er th ex-. lhe. I-- tieduna: h c, u J,, Ter o r. Pa y end h u rter ly, n n .a,-e a a r lh d C ..-,d t' ing 1,1r
Town-hip Teal, of range t hirh tTy. W V 1 11 PU r. uhe mRL Le .a ts 1r M. D ieb a te m r.n hvil III, nldrug Em io-pul lih. d

FraCenhptlorarhit'-o- ioN ofTICetw TO L kR-.MTO CLAIMANT 1.,11 -Cr-f il --l' 11 --- P.S Agee lyinai-n loul leach Vance or.:. igoicihn original[ an.]-,irol,pid huidl. Ihnie dc
Y r c o n a l t o w a ts h ip e l e v e n b o r d e r i ng o n th e L j, v , n u n d e r t oy h a n d a t t h e c i ty o r W a .. h i g i on m, h e i,um b r oifl r nerL ~t h v , r c y g ,uthi r v T h e v andc.' n e w i l lg o u c o n t i n u e. a n d g i v e_ ih utteh U n r d
iaieroker bounda, ofe range thirty-three.- thii oel eighthh day of March, A DOMLEC 1 ON ol handat c ity of Wasring n, .ur a n rt ean undnr, piaed ws- on thSbe abo Eve larigu,,, a; Ih, b are,.
At the land ofice at. Wshgn, commencing one th.uad egh t e aeogh hundred Wnd I aie Ler my and arranged, mg , pa esn i, h blemanguage:, a.di Feb "2eao I u rhtf
-n monday, theo wefftbktyofOctobe onext ,for t.heA BU on, lh -- :venittdayof April,. anooDrimin.N40, in the German, hlidan, and dpanh. ............
M.VN UENl. VAN BUREN. REaiREN--r;,r -Me- r-_-..Alexander Dimiiry,...rpI PAPERS OF JAMELS MADISON--
tdeKosALO'the publthllani withiwthe limi of the By the t.Presis dt: Orley, J S.'Wilson, and h,,. numeronsl : T- n. m- Purcha.0 de C,, .. ,l.

towoehr p sootfeed t witi be ,ds,,t l d Byth nnld!i:I .fvr" P^"^ ,^ ,i^ chaOIC LC LLeruN ben a'ne It border^ .^ .-J W HA H T O HC ^-ird z tOrin )
stah -oft bue lin e, and weaer q. the fifth 'principal Cem p nr l f JAeS Ge er l e pd re J.A Wc,,il-. 8, receiving private Ictons, a FI of whom may be Cot rm ponIr nee ar and RACp01ti ol D, D Caie! ,t] riug the1
meridian. Co rd lci ms nt d el Lade KnowCo, nm i s oner ofth.e nent, e l Land Offi ce. -.een at the academy. Cungrf( ." uf the C,^ \i~un ( Cu,,te.-r a n.-I hi, Repeo ,. )
ToWn-hip ta olVe, of range Dhirt ni. NOTICE TO PRE.EMPTION CLAIMANTS April I'7 CHA.RLES KRAITSIR, no.D U. Deba,ed a he Fr,n ,eF ove lhnntoi,; now puan-hed
Cownshptwdve; ofr age h i Trt)-01.e. Every person claiming lhii rtaslt Of pre-emphou A COLLECT'ION i of Peuh.-eal Vrnl-ings of P.S. A gentleman competent 10 Leach The Lr.i., loe allh original mar, uscrf p. a d .itt-ir, tnlhe De-

By~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ln r~~ f A-.W i C M l~i'- d b w ervn vJ h ar y br a anin cfC E an fnds em.po e rtinntI w fll reo v all dirp .,nIc 01the J- lLbirar
.i~aud appopt'mt~d b law for th use, oftbools ,o any ofl the landi desfgnate. -n the at-ov e prorla- Wt I a LeCeer, selculed a aon .n ]i, e p artmen ,,f ^.m by darrcanlc t h J.,,n Il, cor.
m ilita ry o r other p u rpbses, w ill be e xcluded fro m mp,, n ,ym.lnst h. d t ~ b ,a e ~ h ~ s t= t a I r t e t ) h o ,r ~ g ~ k y e p ci m n in the fam ily O f a gen tlem a n rc~ td ir,2 C u.o rn u ee co C ur gre -s, u i.-cr the 4u p~ rim nt de jc 'e
'Role. nn.,una, ik rOg,.Marc f d 1. "ao i t ren i c h G -ner H ..ior i n Iwo ,ar the D itirict of Columbia, by upply'n,: Io ,h. if Heary D. Git r, inth 3 V-,2.s5. L for ,ati at nd
l'ecion ootre Relhir and Receie erof the Land volupoes, i, tr.o o ale by subscriber: one abhco to Leach i -ie also) would Dre Bhksot St atin.uery Stre of
The sales will each be kept open for two W?.k1, Office. arid maF.e p yment l.melor soon as prnc Whe. NI. MORRISON,
(unless the land are sooner disposed of,) and ", ~c~eatrs gI~ okt re htth ~ pi ord:r ete rw' o. preferre j. Nov 1--if W,. M. 11,0RR1ISON,
loC'r acndl afte sreeang entrte notce lind ,n de htteLa pi 1 F ur cret(IermtH, March "210 4 d.,ers west~ oft Biownil Hctc.
longr; nd o pivae etris o lad, n Lie.may be adjudica, ed by those thieerb agre.'ar,I Lv O
Townships so offered, v /I be admitted unttl after !Lw, ,a due Time, Prior to lthe "]2.1day of lune ixf, "1_83'01'OICA L CLLLEG rlON, b~em,n a eo'ne, d-1 EORIGIA SCENES, CHARACTERS AND
Lifeexpiranin ofherTwo weeks. Hhnh reprna(f 3 ~lx~ey ial ca-c,. c -vn of ent.M.rtamg Fact,-, Ta.h- k,.1W INCIDENTS, in the firil half ce,,u, y (4 j"'OOTHATCHE! TOOTFIACHE! TOOTH
G 'tv e n t u n d rr M Y hl a in d a t t h e C i t y o f W l s h i n g l i m s t j.i n ; a r id Fi ll ela i m s n ,. ,t d u l y m a d e lI m o t , B ,n t a p h -c a l S e t eh e -- A d .L & t h e R e p u b l ,ih b y a n a t i v e G e o r g ',a n ,U C C IP .J e d i- AH' [ V R' ,, C e i t 5
ton \V o rh dyo a noDn ii 80 t tw o ,rto iIv l~ ,io d ) W hi,r, un ::.trcet, B,.:l,.n. a ha.; injvermed ;,it
t~n~ hrS f urt, d o M a a nn tmam 8.10. and p RAt xot p rior to that date, are declared by law ,a uir.g h,., II,h ? IT ory ar,.I arL,,: ll'n[e C1 %,re y ,lwn ,, 11ht or~gul tl~ l ,sr t ns i vhu e t ,: article w ill remt, ve Ihi,, lotifr noting pa in-- r.-
-V ,A X 'B U D A N.: 1 0 b .' lu t be ~ e d in M e s8 5 ; h U S (tt.,, w v ith eo ( a p~h i a l d le -c rr w,,L jn tee ( v e ,d, f ur s a le b y F T A Y L O R m v l o e e s o e t a d f t i c -
By the Pirmideut- JA9. NVF]ITCOM'S1, Ilitirdt'd i:,, 9,.,0 eigraving-, by Juhn Warn. ir NEW ARTICLE--Marn'6 tarpjoved. anuI will reu' all emrpire~an, r 1cioarthebie-alhi
J Ja s W re,' ift Crnt, ( ic'erof he Gtteal and of]. e Barbr.euthraolCoLeifdicl, 1 blBather.iloeaautBnder #ofd Co.,n szes forIeutr Iasi51ory dcactv, c',.,.I 15ec-j l
4mdt, t Gero tzstn'rat .L'ad O+Te, MsRreh 230 --h 1WLA toi7 Tw.os, Eleni,.5' ol 0Oerer.d Hi~iory, &e. Juzt ie.
.e v e a r i d -I s a le1 )_,, i n a b i. o k hl k e I I n .lo t to to , : ,.N L J I L {c p ,a m p ,h l e i -: d -.r ,d r -y t h e i rn h A bt u st,13 1 I I J1 ,- 1 I.- n a g i c a t a n d
.N tOT IC E T O 'FAR K PIT.IPT IO N CL A rG U A N T s 00CR E'S "III-SH M% E LO D IL ,,E _l' T O ,e v d a d ,. s e ty W M 111 O11RR tO N Flew ffa fer s', ur any pa [,erl- to revalar o tkir. 1_3 valuable disc oje ',; th,.usand h ,LVe already availed
111y1m'H~ m i g. l r ,-tuolf peg plS o I M M U-61C ,-K ary ,,,f btem arra r, ged for tw o, M ay 2 Four dtoM s (21M oil'B .-r,w oel. dies'and gentlem en are tleq ufeed to an.exam inal i ,hem strlvc, O 1" This never, lailing jernv~dy. F,.r ih r
To any 61 tM e labUdg-ldos ,nat .i r tia ig ab ov' q% ja -, hrme,,4TI4, fo ir v utCaS, W illi a elaq o aeCom papl- of ,he above article, w which 1s for ta iaJe, w ITu lES .,e isebuiue ar hic ~c, call I6ir 'W in Bro~vn', Extract O l
xiidktioi IN *,udsed ,lorpf~ohe -oflu.~tie, to .tfirale, m~t-. P' In I leven nximbeirs,h'6ndonn ad,- SCROFULOUS AFFECTIONS eradicated from aWd FealtSao.rsH ISCER For sale adKroot TOD W oDsrug mysioutue.
[action of the Reg,,,er an 1 Reeeiver Or the proper r19Ah"*'A J41ilentil:cpy 'for sale tji .- he cous, s'tu~ton by a judiclot, s use otL Dr. Phelps'b .I'SIIR o al tTD' rgSoe
leaid off, c, and pna ke p yr riat~ therefor asm ,m4 M ay 14 F. TAY LOR. tomato PFIls. April 13 lBole agent for: the manufac'uret. .Tan 30

[M B'r AVlNU.--Rl' celebrated VlRBl.
BW NA CREAM .SOAP, the best ankle car'
offered for shaving; for sale Dj Dr. Walkins, S. J.
9[od~d, Charles llltqttL ... $.Patter-
M ; W 1,rw i l.'~ f' NN'. James., F.I
Ho riird,in Wash inglon; 0. M. Linihicua,IGeorle-
own, and W. Stabler and others, in Alexandria.
medicine Is r, ow offered to the public, as the best
emedy now it u-e lor ihecure .-fthe above named
l'.,''jes It ii exiein-ively recommended by Phy-
-,Carns, C(. rgei and others, to whom the recipe
has been Ireely made lenown.
See circulars cr-niaining particulars, and nume-
rous ceeificawrs which may be had grana. ,f all
he agents. Hoadly, Phelps, and Co. Whole-ipl
Drug-gis, l4'3 Water street, New York, are ap-
pK,'mnled General Aentr, and are prepardil to sup-
ply venders on the Prr prieror's t.'w t teruit,.
1. COVERT & Co. Pr(.preiors,
Auburn, New York.
TO PILLS -The:.c Pill."ct, niinue to main-
am [he ceLebinv which iley so rapidly and tXICu-
sively acquired, and have proved themselves arn
uneqalled rernedy as an alrernaire in Llyspepsia,
Chronic. at,,I Gl.irrdular di-eas'es, and a5 a Cathar-
ie in all Bdhous affciiors, an.] Family Phtsie;
a. lr,',m the-ir nature and componiion Ihey are par
ictilarly mid and saluiar mIn their (,peraiin
Tne le-,tmi'nitdi O tftheir isperior bcnehcial etllci-
rr, m Pht- ,,,ani and di,.n"uiihedi individtia".i,
places them, e'yond bhe dout'tful rimefic-fr.f the
lav, and 'arran,- the propr in lr 10 claimirig l,,r
heII I. tre or c.,or -aide;raih>n.
-.1 As Ihree air oih(r and dalTrr, t Trnialo
Pill now nri-fieriied, andwni.e even L3- "Phtlpl'-"
ht,',c Wivlting tile enruilre .LihIod be particular to
elt those "igncd G. R. Phelps, M. D. Hartford,
*,..nn. For teiiimonial., see pamphlet, 't ,n the
hlnll ot'all th.',sc who sell them.
F,,r :ale byv ihe poprietlr, hJarilord, ConnEcti-
cut; an.d by asenii in m.11A 01 the principal tu'vnt
i. the Jnitr.d State;.
B IFLES, MUSKLIrS, 'ISTOL &. ,,&. -c -
I,, q RYON, r4ON & C..., N.- 13-1, North '.
SilLet, PhLia.Jel'iiha, NI.Lndl'AiC urLr- ,.,f FLearien't of
e rv darid'rt~li.,n, a liri, h tn their e\inurn.ive lr.ilj-
tie.c and king experjinl ''"i can fill all ornkr' en-
ru'tied IL- th.fu, wLith, and un the best
te nil.. Dce 14--,in
'AP OF NEW ORLEANS--JIui rereie,1
'.1 a Siaiioner.' Hall, a few ,f Tenmpel'. Map
ki New Ori'an', Lin roilrr-, mraeur+rz fi, e Ival b,
fiv; l.?el three inch(, b. ,rig ,he in-n, nceiTraie an.1
Lieauilluil| executed inat, in i|:>? United SitaPrs,
w lhfch, earl, appl e.I lor, welllli t ld at les. than
[he *ut.,cripion price. W FISCHER.
Match 2 I.
C HITTY'S PRECEDENTS.--' Precedents in
ph 12n., 1 I2 h ctploul+ notes on Practice,
Ple.idinz and Evidence, by Ja+. Chily, jr. to Iwo
volumtr. Jut rtce ied f1.7 sale by
Thez- vluimei w:ll the eminently valuable and
u-o. ul. I The iorms ol f elclaralirn v ,Il hbe
f,-.und, Il' tieare rui to uch mis.laken, a very great
iumprtv.-in:nr upon Ihe &nciritt iOrUms, and a very
a,;-ceptble aJddiion 1,, our present *lock. "
Ithe rnrie, aie cfrpiuus and r aluabl-."
April I
Llai ;couion cf nearly ihre,, bun hired diff,: ren,
FIL.wel, willh Iheir [,..w rs t 'l language, with eu-
i,..,'.l ilne ju-i recrtved rnr .sale by F. TAY-
LOR, imirrdlaily cate-_ of Gad.ll holcl.
Match 3U
--One ,4 ,he hlst and n m, through reme-
Jic.h knotwn 1for itII, iroblesome complaint. Il hat
rr, i r r.r leciry an inicoed the purpose lor which tl ii
iriended than any other rnow in common uR, Boil
affrd, irnmmimle and peirniiem rthirf, bolh from
lhe disorder itsel' and .as accompanying Eympicmin
Luf pain ,in the 1, in;, \ernrEo, headache, Io.c( ol' ap-
pehie {ri'Js"li1rn, and w.a'lk:r toaiks ol dellh .
P]ice, $1 for bt.lh baiCll ', Oni ntrril and Elec-
luary, tur 50 cen.i when buL only is wanted.
For s-ale at
April 10-3m TODD'S Druz Store.
RHEUMATISM.-Per.o,:,na subjeCI 10 this pain-
fill diease may a-:~urredly expictits recurrence
about [he:edda)s i.l" changeable weaiher and lem-
perature. It- a.niacks can'alwaYs be prevented t'y
,he timely usr "m' Dr. Phelp 's'Comrpound T,,mawo
Pills. Price 371 cents. Ft.r agencies see adver
r',iHE PLUE BOOK, lr.r PA40, ,1ju., 1t.r-, ivtl
.1 auid lir .ae by WM. MORRISON, 4 d,.,Oi
we_. o1" Bruwn'. hotel. Match 31l1
IN THE UNII'ED STATES, by Thcroln Mel-
calf and J,.Ulaha, C. Perkins, l'., tie completed in
three vr ludrc,], ,oCItVa embracin !the dei.:1.Ij is tI
all the c.utIIiuf the different Siane,. and ,f the
Uoiied Siairn, (excfpitng ,he court of Equili,) las- and arranged alpriabeli.vally a'e to tuiijtCci'.
Tro, fi,. vic.lumie just,:J, at.d ,hi dav rt-
c.-ived and fur eale by F. TAYLOR.
April 18
CURLING OIL--The gtauiri, Buffalo Oil
is lat lakipg the place fl" all the preparati,.n, to
promule the grjih at,, l'aunTl',i the han. When
the lh l' .ec_., dry, and l beglito fall off, 1tis a
,cverein rmmdvs- it has r, cinily bcrt, proved I'ar
suplr,. r ,-, Bat'.. Oki, or any other an1iAl f pr pI-
rat,on- ii ,l ;,_- a iaLIn K ]o,," and causes ilte hai I.,
curl bcaji,;ull,,; el'io, Iheie ,;' nLihtn lhke il Ij pic-
tn,-,i,, ihr at,.', 'h rl whl-kcr.-. Frl s-ilp by all the
dlru;7.l2-:, and perl'uin.,'e eenuri ."u~n l '"s
*.itn-ed ti)y the pr,. p.'ittr, \VM. BROWN. Fur
sale at TODD'S Drug Sto're.
r| HE BRITISH' DRAMA, in inwo larte ,oea-
', v u Llum, 5of' eight hunilried. phi'" ra:h,
well prmried a,,d bcundl, with engrav-
ing tt,c niamini one hundr''d ol the' ~t',t p'ay,- in
the lan .naf ,.e-ielJ.!,r, Shali'pfare'' ) Price fi'r
.:ei, hi'ur ,h-.ilar. -ti|UiV-al.-',l I0 liOF canits forr rach
',{a). Jii |r [.ccnedt tv F. TAYLOR. Aprdl 11
E pO,)K (,F THE BOUDOIR FOR ISi-u, anl
&-Sj "] i.'.t ll ..-. ui Finr, i. t. !.:"l .Lr ax, I ir 1 4,11
l'I ii ,'%; .j', .t.rhi ]lil l,"Ui.| ltu Turlke'i i..r' c.'.,,
i .. L n ,'t thn; Ja ,'-... l l l .?' d r. I,.,r -,ilb. I.., ["
"]T AVlLL'R>- 'l,,-",- ,t,, ,I t,1~ii pt,'e ht.{ct,..lIii ha,'-
in",2 Lei:lh erei',,n 11,riil, L, -le~t. dull tir each. A p 1I1
'a-^O,.',PER.., NEW NOVEL.--The Pohuri d'ef,
^ _, {1" tAO Vu.lturir., I)' ,ri nhi'attr ii ili.; "I'Pto-
rie~ir-," "Th,; Spy," &~c ,> rJi piil.,t,.'h.d a,,. l,,r
s*ale b,> F. T,\YL<,R, or f,..r ciLruldliuu ain,:n:,; the
*.uti.'^riber-. to lhiC Wav'i liav Clneutatlng Lihrary.
C ORI'ORAT,)N STtuC.KlI --\a hi~n~iuC,.[-
pi,,,rau'u t per centli, RnrJ .,[,..i C,-nh'.. F',.r j.l
by \W. W. COltCORAN.
AI"rrl 10--3t

rr HE DUKE, a 1.-,', t.y M,_i. Gray, ir, tw.o:
jfL f'L_.I'i e all.), lb w..rk. Wl" M r', Htl;1.1n',
.', a to rirI.%r 1 1, h r isli-r, and es-ay onm her
ri nit., Iy M ..' t ,,,,rrei, in cr 1e 6 L uJ tii.
I his d.i [.ubl[.iz,,.J, an-,d ihi. dd) for s eaie by
Arpril 15 Four dor; l ct of B;o, an' H,.itl.
S_ BnCRjrT:ONSRcce,ved 1',.rthe f,-'.owir ; Rt-
ul iew, at the B--,,k Sture ol W. M. MO|RRI-
SON, i,.,,ir do..,rs wewr o1' Browi.': Hulel. The
Wt.inrnm.,ier Review, Edinburgi Rcview,L',ndon
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Bc,,tle,,. M .cdllary. April 15
EW ENGLISH BOOKS.-Imporied by F.
_N TAYLOR. Thisday recevd; Ei dell's In
dlu-try of naionq, 2 v-,ls. oclavo. New Bfllish
C ,clor^'i..a. l.1 vols. ociavo. Sir F. Palaraves',"
Rie atnd F'rnre.sot~f lhe Engli-h Commonwealth
dunnr, the Ang.lo Saxun terrd; in 2-)nerlo vr.-
Iouile'. H rne ,rc,,kc'a Diter..irnsof Purley, nhr.
eihi,,,n, London, 141). _Douc'ls Jllusira-nas ,of
Shall(Tpee, ard of Anrceal Manner-s, I vtul. ocrawo
D,,Ity'- Sha|,pcrian Dienonary. Briltih Alma-
nic arnd Year Bu..k of Iinirrmatiou, fur 1840, pub.
I,'hcd by the L.oclety ftr the dium.-..n ulf .elui
0." And many other r.,:w and valuable elandard
wurlc* in ew'ry class rnef hreravure and cipffoe;
on Geology and Mineralogy, on Civil Eogineerng
aRN Constrtictinn, Military and Ntrval Scmence,du,
April 18 I .

tion kf heat i Rooms, Heallst fcieoien, Steamboats, Railroad Cars, A I. Alsor _w -
ing several apartments by one gto v.-GM.-- tu
llthe advantages of the Sioe m4 flitwuc.
A lot of the above invaluable Stoves has beep,
received, and for sale at Francis Naylor's Tin
and Sheet Lron Factory, Pennsylvania avengef
south side, near Third street, west. Comfort
economy, and ueatness, combined; all who avae
an eye 1o those three essentials, would do well to
call and examine before purchasing other moves .
L. Durability.-The ease can never bum oat.
The interior Stove is rendered stronger and more
durable by the patent flange conductors.
2. Comfart.--h d]stribules a mild, summer-like
Lempiperature equally in every part, so that it is not
uncomfortable near the Stove, from the heat, nor
uncomlortable aL a distance, from the cold.
3. Econoa-y.-A conm.derable amount of0fuel s
avred by ;%curing the radiated heat usually lost.
4. Scrurilit.-No injury i,. done to furniture or
gu,,d& by radalutn.
5. Convcncnce.-Scvc,I apaitments may be
hea'fd agreeably by one Stove. Though intended
l,-r the Parlor and Hall, it may, if preferred, be
u-e'd to heat them ftii m beluw, in the manner of a
G. Cleannen.-No dust from the coal is thrown
oui, nor d101s the exterior of the Stove lose its color
rom heal.
7. Ease of nuuiagement.-The management is
simple :ind similarr to thal ofoa common Stove.
b. {'cnttlation.-i has an arrangement for ad-
milling the air to be h,-aird, in any way desired.
From J B. Burlei.,, e-q. No. !2, Fayette street,
Mr. Miller put up his Patent Air-healing Stove
in tmy ofl-lice h.l, tl Iwo months ago. It keeps up a
hlcl:., cieula!]ii ofr hecatd air, and bahdecided
advaniai-_i 1,ver any Lhat 1 hsve ever sehn In 6M
in r, raid V1halth, coinjorr, a4,d ecoUnaY.-MarCh
From Rev. E. Hutchinson, Plincipal of .aedemy,
FImelte street, BaLltiie.
"I hatc tu'ed Mr. Miller's newly invented Air
hraoun Stove for several rninihs, and am Con-
vinced thal it is much superwr to every oilher Stove
that I ha..'eseen. Ih is so con-irkrted that it may
be made in heat several rooms with very luItle extra
expen-e. I c,,rdially reoi-imend ,i to the public,"
From Mr. D. Burnurn, Proprlor of thie city q/otd,
I put up Iwo of Mr. Miller's Air-healing
Sove_ in my Cily Hotel, and have found them
a-Imirably adapted both to large and small rooms,
in preserving an equality i-f temperature, and i.0 my
opinion more conducive to health and comfrt lthaa
lir,e ordinary Strivc'. I think Ihe m also mtA more
itormmi-eal in respect to s'itvm orf fueL."
From Messrs. McLauglhi and Slrannard."'.
"We have used Mr. Miller'. Air-heating Sl1ves,
and our opinion coincides with Chat exposed
arot e by Mr. Barnum.--Baltimore, Feb. 1839.
Erctsr( front Public Notices.
"The invetioon of Mr. James Miller of this
citi strikes us as being unsurpassed by any Of the
modern apparatus for warming apartments. It
difflitses a mild and uniform heat throughout the room,
and is 'o coB-ii ocied that two apartment maybe
heated with n at about the same expense of fuel as
IS required in ordinary Stoves for one."
Baltimore Transcript and Com. Gai llt
We attended the examinatioa 0o an Air-heat-
ing Stove placed tn the Reading room of Mr. Bar-
num' City Ho,-1. It has a decided superiority
over every other Stove which we have seep.
[Fibjuary, 1839.--BaR. Rrpublician.
From Re,..4A. C(. Thomas, Philadelphia.
"1 have had opportun,,es of witnessing lhe ope-
ra,,en of Mr. Mihler'N Air-Healing Stove, and have
no hesiation in recimmending 1t forseveral desira-
ble |ialines: Isi, The inconvenience and discom-
l'i~l 0l radiaiiun i nearly avoided,, lius adapting
the stove It,.hlfr,,l r,,,iins and meetings for public
wur-hip, an d d, the fuel cua.umed is considerably
lr, iliar, wa.; required Lo produce an equal degree
(t heat. by the Stuve removed ,o make room for
Mr. Miller's improvemenl.--M-arch, 1839.
Extract from a itlter of R v. S. WI. Futter, Phila-
"DEAR Sin: The model of Air-Heating Stiore,
%ubmitied to my examination last winter, led me
to believe that in several essenital provisions it
was decidedly superior to any Stove I had ever
;een, and I am happy 1O add, that my belief in its
superior properties was soon after fully confirmed
by feeeig one of the Stives in operation. Your elf,
hiiris and success in providing a Stove so well cal-
culated to promote the comfort ol your fellow-iti-
z.ue, de.trve, and I doubt not will receive the pa-
trunage of a dtitceing public."-May, 1839.
Fromn the Proprietors of'the Globe.
We art now uinz Miller% SLOeS In Our office,
and consider them superior to any we have ever
For sale at F. NAYLOR'S,
Nov 8-ly Pernsylvania avenue.
J contnues to undertake the agency of claims
bef-re Ci nqres-s, and other branches of the Go
vernnent, including commi-sioners under treanes,
and the various public offices. He will attend to
pre-emption and other land claims, the procuring
'of paten-f lor public land-;, and the confirmaition
by Cungress ol erants and claims lo lands; claims
for hires and other prciperiy loit in, or taken for,
the service of lhe United State,; property de..troyed
by the Indian, ,or while in the pobses,,on of the
United Srate4; invalid, revoluo nary, navy, wi-
dow!' and half-pay pensions; claims for Revolu-
tionary .services, whether for commutation, half-
pay, or bonnty ,ands-as well those against the
State ol Virginia as the United States; all claims
growing out of :ontracts with the Government, or
damages sustained in consequence of the aetion or
onduci of the Governmen, an'i indeed any buei-
ness. before Congress or lhe putblie offices, whtch
may require the aid ol an ae'ent or attorney. H"Is
ena, e, wlli be moderate, and depending upon the
*i.iourl t f the claim and the esteni of (he aerwice.
He 1s ati) Agent ttrr the Life lBBU.
rance and Trust Company, whtch has a capital of
vgo tiltlliorB of dolla,' paid in; and for the Balti-
ni,,re Fi;re Insurainee C.'mpany.
Mr. F. A. Dickinm : klt, wnu [o most of thoem
w-ho have becen |n Cjn~ress within the lest few
y,-ars, or who have occupiedl may public Emlaion a
Hts ,,L'e is rnn Pennsylvania avenue, second
.h,,,r r',i'm l.'jth .,,ree'.
All lencer, ,r,|nt be poet paid. July 18---aly
OFLI~ri'I.WIOR'.--F,.r ,he cure of
Ci'i,;h I''ld, "W i,..,lf,,,? C ,,:h,, Pnlhi-,ie, Sore
St.m.niah, path >r, 'tiL' ..,,i, ain' a!| dira~e- tf lhe
Ljrig'. F,.r ,' ,'' trj',,prlaiiii?, lifp medicine.
stands univailic' Iur ,1i. c-tleacy--il is prepared
iwhclly from ve~eiibl,."'.. Ahio, iii, f-f17anri for Ihe
cure ulI ih.? Livr Cumpl ,in,, ,s hill e*il.,bu-hed. I
mfot'on [he ntames o, hll a few oli Ihooi'ands who~
have been ettird, by Ilrtii invaluable mirdicine-r:,r
placc of re-idence, si.e dtrecil,:.ns. .Prie .50
C. Ellh, M. D Eh,-ha Hornon, D F. Woodhuiy,
Tho.-. Hasliin', jr. B. F. Rruwn, Hotaee Gail,
Mi-'. L. H,.waid. arid E. WVlhnms.
Fur bale at
Jan 209 TODD'3 Drug Store.

Whop SulphI r Sp.png;, Gre-,nbrTrremn-
,il, Vjrsinia. The undfie.iguird announce to the
public itil iey are e-l'enivily eng--gld in Irana-
porning thi., c, iebriraed waier bo'h in Bottles and
Barre',, as may ,be dtsirEd by tnachasfrr.
Thevy d '.ei It proper in inlorni the p-blic that
,he ie uh .,il In, and. exien~ive experience has ful-
j esiablh-hEd the fact. ma by carefully depriving
the w'or,, 11 wh:ch the barrel is tMaJ, fall ,ta acid,
and Pth-rwise preparing 1i vor lhe purpose, the
barrel Ls renJeretl completely efTfecual for traas-
porung and Dteferving this water in ts purily and
mirdical efficiency.
Pers,.n; %ishig hIe ,na,efr i botiles, ean obtain
it fr',m vntr \ihole;al- aerent: Alexander Duval,
Richmondi, Virgriva; J. L. Pcabo.1y, Washingou;
Richard N,.ri', Balhimore, Rushron and Aspm-
wall, New York; Chaile, El'is and Co. Philadel-
phia. Tt.-., vt.hir.h iooblain it in barrels must
send heir ordei, to the undersizzned, who will de-
liver it at any convenient shipping point to which
it may be ordered.
WiM, B- CALWELL and Co.
If, 9 ILMANS GrBBON.-The DtM e and
Fa, F'll of ih; Roman Empire, by 'Mqherd
Gibbun, wth :nules by ihe Rev. H. H. Miolman, in
4 vols. with viaps-juni received for ,al4- 9 F.
TA',LOR, immediately Batl ofGadsby'shtel.
Also, Paleys Natural Theolosr, 2 volsobeing
-the 961h b nd >7th vollime. of Harpe' FtPdily
Library. : .jeh0