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Group Title: Mimeo report - North Florida Experiment Station, University of Florida - 57-5
Title: Stilbestrol implants versus stilbestrol in feed for fattening steers
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Title: Stilbestrol implants versus stilbestrol in feed for fattening steers
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Creator: Baker, F. S ( Frank Sloan ), 1921-
North Florida Experiment Station
Publisher: North Florida Experiment Station
Place of Publication: Quincy Fla
Publication Date: 1956
Subject: Beef cattle -- Weight -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Beef cattle -- Feeding and feeds -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Diethylstilbestrol -- Florida   ( lcsh )
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Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references (leaves 3-4).
Statement of Responsibility: by F.S. Baker, Jr.
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General Note: "December 11, 1956."
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December 11, 1956 1 FEL 6 1
NFES 57-5

by F. S. Baker, Jr.
Steers implanted in the ear with stilbestrol pellets gained faster, yielded
heavier carcasses, and made more economical gains than similar cattle that did not
receive stilbestrol. There did not appear to be any difference in carcass grade
or marbling in the eye muscle between the control cattle and either those implanted
or those fed stilbestrol.

Steers implanted with stilbestrol gained slightly faster, yielded heavier
carcasses, and made more economical gains than cattle that received stilbestrol
in the feed.

Based on results of this and similar trials conducted in other states(6)(12),
one implant of 36 mg. stilbestrol appears to be the best recommendation for yearLing
steers fattened in dry lot.

If stilbestrol is implanted,do not feed a supplement containing stilbestrol,
-- -- -- -- -- ------ -- ----- ---------- -- -- -- -- -- -- --- -

It is generally recognized that diethylstilbestrol stimulates gains in
fattening cattle. Work at the Iowa Station(8), which has been confirmed in a
number of other states(5)(13), has led to the widespread use of stilbestrol in
fattening rations in feedlots throughout the country. Feeding trials conducted at
Iowa State prior to July, 1954 showed an average increase in gain of 19 percent and
saving in feed cost per unit of gain of 11 percent from feeding the recommended
rate of 10 mg. stilbestrol per steer daily. Stilbestrol appeared to have no effect
on carcass quality in the Iowa work and in a number of other tests(9)(11)(15).
In contrast there have been some reports that carcass grades have apparently been
lowered slightly by stilbestrol feeding, but differences between carcasses from
treated and untreated cattle have been small in most instances(10)(13)(14). In
three trials conducted at the North Florida Experiment Station, feeding 10 mg.
stilbestrol per steer daily increased gains an average of 11.3 percent and lowered
feed cost per unit of gain 5.5 percent with no apparent effect on carcass

Implanting stilbestrol pellets under the skin has given a similar gain
response to feeding 10 mg, per head daily; however implants of 60 mg. or more have
generally resulted in lower carcass grades((1 0)(7), Recent tests with fattening
steers have indicated that smaller implants (below 60 mg.) will boost gains with
some evidence that the small implants will not lower carcass grades(12)(6).

Quincy, Florida

Table 1-580. Results Fattening Trial...
:Control : 10 mg : 24 mg : 36 mg : 48 mg : 36 mg stilbestrol
: :stilbestrol:stilbestrol:stilbestrol:stilbestrol : implant
: : in feed : implant : implant : implant : (2 implants)
Lot 1 Lot 2 Lot 3 Lot 4 Lot 5 Lot 6
Number steers 8 8 8 8 8 8
Number days 124 124 124 124 124 124
Average initial weight 770.1 769.4 769.4 766.8 768.4 772.0
Average final weight 1024.0 1049.4 1059.8 1060.9 1050.6 1056.1
Average gain 253.9 280.0 290.4 294.1 282.3 284.1
Average daily gain 2.05 2.26 2.34 2.37 2.28 2.29
Average carcass weight 634.8 638.8 663.6 656.6 659.3 654.4
Average carcass yield (%) 61.99 60.87 62.62 61.89 62.75 61.96
Carcass grades 1 ave. choice ---- ----- ----- 1 ave. choice
3 low choice 4 low choice 4 low choice 4 low choice 3 low choice 3 low choice
4 high good ------ 1 high good 4 high good 2 high good
1 ave. good 2 ave. good 3 ave. good ---- ----- 2 ave. good
1 low good ----- ---- 3 low good 2 low good
Mkt. value cwt. carcasses* $ 35.52 $ 37.04 $ 36.07 $ 36.03 $ 35.55 $ 36.05
Mkt. value cwt. on foot* 22.02 22.55 22.59 22.30 22.31 22.34
Average daily ration:
Ground snapped corn 11.69 11.69 11.69 11.69 11.69 11.69
Citrus molasses 9.12 10.51 9.62 9.67 8.80 8.68
41% cottonseed meal 2.50 2.50 2.50 2.50 2.50 2.50
Coastal hay 2.80 2.72 2.55 3.18 3.32 3.31
Feed consumed per 100 pounds gain (pounds):
Ground snapped corn 571.15 517.86 499.35 492.98 513.73 510.34
Citrus molasses 445.40 465.54 410.85 407.65 386.45 378.62
431 cottonseed meal 122.11 110.71 106.76 105.40 109.83 109.11
Coastal hay 136.78 120.63 108.78 133.87 145.70 144.30
Salt 0.86 0.64 0.84 0.63 0.43 0.28
Steamed bonemeal. 0.49 0.40 0.63 0.62 0.70 0.47
Feed cost per 100 pounds gain** $21.83 $ 21.15 $ 19.27**- $ 19.40*** $ 19.76*** $ 19.54***
Choice carcasses $38 cwt. and good carcasses, $34.
** Feed prices used: Ground snapped corn, $35 ton; citrus molasses, $27.50; 41% c.s. meal, $65; 41% c. s. meal /
stilbestrol, $75; Coastal hay, $25; salt, $30; steamed bonemeal, $90; stilbestrol implants, $20
per thousand 12 mg pellets.
Includes cost of stilbestrol implants.

NFES 57-5 cont'd.

A fattening trial to determine the omparative value of vari6ub iow level
stilbestrol implants and stilbestrol in the feed was conducted.

Forty-eight good quality Hereford feeder steers in medium flesh were pur-
chased in Mississippi, trucked to Quindy, and divided into six approximately equal
groups. All groups were confined to dry lot and fed a fattening ration composed
of ground snapped corn, citrus molasses, cottonseed meal, Coastal Bermuda grass hay,
and minerals. Following were the various treatments in this trial:

Lot 1 Control
Lot 2 10 mg. stilbestrol per head daily in feed.
Lot 3 24 mg. stilbestrol implant at beginning of trial.
Lot 4 36 mg. stilbestrol implant at beginning of trial.
Lot 5 48 mg. stilbestrol implant at beginning of trial.
Lot 6 36 mg. stilbestrol implant (24 mg. at beginning of trial, 12 mg.later

The stilbestrol implants were made beneath the skin on the back of the ear.

When the trial was completed, the steers were trucked 3 miles to Quincy,
weighed, and this weight was shrunk 3 percent to determine the final weight. This
one final weight was used both in calculating gains and also dressing percentages.

Results of the fattening trial are shown in Table 1-580.

Oral feeding of stilbestrol (Lot 2) resulted in increased gains but did not
give as great an increase in carcass weights as in preceding trials(2)(3)(4).
Similarly there was not as much reduction in feed cost per 100 pounds gain from
stilbestrol feeding as in the past. As in previous work, there did not appear to be
a difference in carcass grades between control and stilbestrol-fed cattle.

All groups of stilbestrol implant cattle (Lots 3, 4, 5 eand 6) gained faster,
yielded heavier carcasses, and made more economical gains than the steers that did
not receive stilbestrol (Lot 1). There was no appreciable difference in carcass
grades or marbling in the eye muscle between the various implant groups, between the
implant and control groups, or between the implant and stilbestrol-fed groups. In
this trial, the 24 and 36 mg. implants gave best results.

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NFES 57-5 cont'd.

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and Martin Stob..
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(15) USDA Release. 1955. USDA-2444-55.

Stilbestrol implants for this trial were furnished by Wick & Fry, Inc.,
Cumberland, Indiana.

Stilbestrol premix was furnished by Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis,

250 cc

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