4 -~ I-

ftj: $33 50 IF PAin ONE YEAR 1* PV4N(
A loertise:nents of more than half a square, a
fot exceeding a square, $1 50 for three insert
.o -ce a week' or in three papers in succession,
the option of the advertiser; 161 cents for eve
additional insertion.
Advertisements not exceeding half a square,
for three insertions, as above; 12j cents for ea
additional jsertion.
Probate olices of every kind, not exceeding
square, $1 50 for three insertions, once a week.
.No paper discontinued till all arrearages
paid, but at the option of the publishers. Persc
swishian their papers discontinued, must give not
at the Printing Office.
WTe privilege of Annual Advertisers is limi
to their own immediate business-all extra adv
tiherents, such as auctions, probate notices, 8c. s
in by then must be paid for at the usual rates.
6 1-4 cents a line will be charged for notices
socieliei, catd.ns c. for one or two insertions.
It I "se -

FHE subscriber has now on hand, a complex
assortment of BOOTS and SHOES, of
kinds, which h- will sell as Cheap as any oth
Dealer in the County,for Cash, viz:
Gent's Calf and Goat and Horse Sl Do do do thick and thin;
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Ladies' Kid and Cloth and Calf Ties;
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Do Gaiter oots
Misses' Calf and Kid Slips and Ties;
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Children's $hoe, of all kinds,
ICLj7BooTs and SHOES rnade and repaired
short notic,--ai the O ld Stand. Cabot Street, there
doors South of the Old South Meeting louse.
Beverly. June 11 2ino
The tReli ious Magazine,.
F OR July, 1838, hts t)ben received by th
Ag-nt tbr this city,
Pernicious Influence of Bad Exampl : Th
hearts upon which it operates are inclined to evil
Our -ocial nature enhances its effect.
The .sandwich Islands : Extracts front the Let
ters of Mr Stewart to Dr Ruscihenberger.
The Last Day of the Condemned : The Archi
tect-T-'h New Guard.
On the Duty of making a Public Piofession o
Religion : A commoon mistake respecting this dut
Study of the Hebrew Language : Importanci
of a knowledge of Hebrew to the Mlsla*ionry who
is to labor amorg the Jews, and the nations speak
ing the Arabic language-Affinity of the Hebrew
and Arabic languages.
The Obedience due to Unrighteous Govern
enent: Instructions of the Amneican Board o
Foreign Missions
- Ear!vy uain or iun M.,insiry ir i.
of a learned ministry.
The Firsiideo t Julia the Hunchback-Shop
Foreign Evangellcal Association Its importance
--Difiealies in the wa;y of its success.
Literluy Noticer. July 9.
Flour and Oats.
1 i(f BBLS pri'ne Brand. Genesee FI OUR
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L ADY'S Rook for July,
J Biblical Repository, ('
Religious Magazine, "
Museum of Foreign Literature, "'
New York Review,
Parley's Magaaine, '
Blackwood's Magazine, for June,
Bentley's, "
Just received by
July 9.
New Books.
A POPULAR Treatise of Medical Philosophy,
or an exposition of Quackery, and imposture

in Medicine, by Caleb Ticknor, M. D.
The Young Yady's Aid.
Proceedigs of the American Health Conven-
tion, assembled at Boston, with resolutions and
addresses. Just received and for s:tle by
July 9
B LACKWOOD for June,
American F4mily do
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July 9 Stearns' Buildi g
~TIli L.I.-9, V' SOO1 K
F OR July i, received. Contents :-A Bin,
graphical shetch of .Irs Siaournev. aconp.i-

SThe cutest trick yet. The following trick to the insect 0ee, If so, we are taking the part from seeing how much I love them. 1 have made these little visits of attention, wa madam
O T R PIraise a good bottle ol wine free gra.tis for nothing, of our en ries agaitt our friends; and it may not had much to give my children, for we have the bearer ofsome message to thp doctor, th.
S E T It is the "cap heafl" of all the pieces of impudence he our pe ution,of tie birds which has calls- had1 great disappojntmeits in the new countries, clergyman or the apotleary, for which h
we have hrd onf latly I., t he present instance ed the ts Its to increase in numbers to such and ave hwein what aire called vt y poor folks; would never accept an offered payment. A
or PRIZE POEM. a gen eel looking loafer entered a store tin this irty, an extend that many doubt whether tiduler so I have been more anxious to givethemn wha nutl h the time arrived willelt E physiCIas oone
aT CHARLES WADSWORTH, LITCHFIELD, CONN. where he knew they had a splendid article in the present c curraTstn es, the iure delicate kinds little knowledge I had, and to make rth:u fetl seel toe er ta tw
MRshape of wie, antd at a time whn he knew the of fruit i wort the trouble and ellttie of tha aod !has given them a portion in the birds co e ad reg for George,hate
. MA S, left ha gone to dinner er and nobody but small cutiv tito and the flowers, his good apd heaitiftil crea- terceded w;tf thie proprietor to give him per
CE. buy lelt in attendance. Entering with all the im- lion.' nision to rive itI ston, as she never l
"The beautiful is vaniah'd portance of a regular wholesale dealer, our loafer 'i otherala s ss,' said n t, d e stone, as she never tauld
nd And returns not." commenced with If one th f t'lotler always says,' said Lyman; and there ronsent to r' left at he mercy of the author f
n olerdes llensten.If oneent of the pereveri atteni and seeming to remember that I was a ranger, h her late misfortune. The reqest served t
Coleridge's Wallenstein. -Is Mr in" labor bes Uwed to so much ilrl'oe in rubbing stoppe,'WfWat mdoep tthter alvays saya?' I raie ptQe tr, "l et im eei u
e1rt _i me w h "No, sir-he's just stepped out-gone to dinner, down at erring tehoe akin o s I 'What doeo uringie welwys soy ?' a rae QevOe stil aghetF ei t(h eralkiten e
ery We miss thy song when summer wind. are sighing sir." bestower by tie hman ace in keephem 'She ay we cn enjoy looking out upon terdhy the lY l Il
With low tne, Oh poet ohe heart! hat tie do you expect hi back, oy" elves oo condition, d a little teti atif pros a s llg the owr, blige hr, and early to hve it er
1$ We mUss thy song when vesper sounds are dying, "Not short of an hour sir; it generally takes were pail to diet apd clothing, colds, neb uts al hearing the lirds slig, J4tst as pinchg as if hrt he was devoted to the comfort and t r r
ach And sunny hues ftom fount and flower depuati him about an hour to eat his dinner." diseas.srnd stonaoh conplaipt wtldI -l as c we co.I1 say they are mine I' (lg0
We miss thy song. "NIt under an hour? Well, I'm told Mr to form r large an item in tihe catalogue of hu. we ll, is it r e t1 l r hs stomi he co nset ed--and th
^ ^SnTe -- 3^"^81has a fine specimen of old Madeira. Hie matl 11i rice. followi^ d
We miss thy song when eve's first star is bending, told t me to call anrd taste it, but as he is'nt in and m ties not our Father in Heaven give! his child upon the box, to wcrd hti ay to the ca ,
ar Over the haunts where kindred hearts are enot, I am in something of a hurry, F wish you would -- ren a share in all his works? 1 often think,His tent to the passengers, hi prudence
nic AdBy gentle words withall richve sundthare blended g h ring out a bottle as a sample and I'll see what it O q &aW-E nglIEit o wdheon I look out upon the beautitll sky, the driving and his temperate habits, rwerv
e B te ee e e l s te ds he clear moon, the stars, the sunset clouds, the theme ofconversation the whole distance.
wet; Yessir," said the boy, who immediate tely At a ort distance fimn the village of dawning day ; when I ha tr the birds sing, and The same attentions which had first madsQ
terd We mis-fs thy song, brought f orh a bottle of the pure to old stuff f ,a la i itself on t t fa ill, an somewhat retired anl tre him an object
er- W sthnThe loafer took the wine, held it up to see its elteio te oaile, lives er y te ich as 1W'a f 'l t te muvt wen he gIeifna y hteo
enWt e miss thy song in lonely vigils keeping i d dr phelterelfironi the roadside, lives a fani er b not so" (uch dif;rence i the osssi of .lth t. e e,.t t when he ente by
ns quality, and color, drew the cork, took a small sip, lthi e rich aud poor ,s some thitk; 'd giveth doire, inenoe a ro
Watch with the stars, o'er faded hopes to pine, ucld r,, the nay of Lyman, He is 4an idt ious, te 'ch nd poor soe t k; *Gd giveh dire, ii rn g, to be e ae fa
SWhen memory's lightning wing i wildly sweeping, "'By, have you any ice?" It telling ae nd honest man ; and thortgh yg l k a liberal, nd plBraidth not." ter to his employer. On opening t at hi rs
--- O_ t*he plirit, w~l ,wer divine: N. hr wv er o .r ..;, 1 as ltl i1 irn, an that lying n Ileak., hi ht 't Bie y t ly, '' tr he (r prietorhi wtas hi ghly compliienteui
S1-- We e,"ssi-1 s "Never mnid, it's about cool enough. Any i tol -e has, foy ,int ofi wor g alow It prll., s it i e. is tnI ,lit,.es i eonser ine
"We miss thy hallow'd sneg, sweet bard and true' thing in the sh'pe of crackers and cheese 'ahout aplyii" m his mind to his labor, and living fru- k w am ipl l i o
S I tones like aigel voics breath'd a spell 'J hey help to get a correct idea of the wine.'" gp1ly, uMt mn.v losses aid crosses witlloult be. ows r t elnd ltdealth, alt yet, instead of p's r oftwenty dollars, ten o t --
Theo fe-verish pulse of a oicn tobreathdue Nothig of the kind, sir. ing cast down by them, and nis always had a tw nga nld eoirpi)lianing, sl is heermfl and sed might be gen to George, for'takigsh .
nThe 6,verish pulse of.ias.sio, to subdue, ++ ol h kin, sir.C ll 't ld e lion his ld p a
And the sad yearnings of the heart to quell; 'All the samne thiin-1 believe I have some in "corfortahle ihone fIor his ebhilenl ; aulnld how njoyll fl th s i pleasures that atl taly 'enj)y iT excelelt care( of tlhe thgage.'
te We miss thy song. my pocket. I ,.lwaI s c.irry them with me whei eaontirtale is trhe hone of evwin thte ilhumblest s hy will; or te kin y ado of nle alunds Two weeks honm thit di e, t eorge wis surt
1 I a,, out prrchas1ng," at the s,.m' tiuie taking out New g d er wh plenty to sati With t ll: I is 'dly ws q liscile of prised to find a letter directed (A WIsefl, ttoh'Q
er Woe for that gentle lyre! Earth's sweetest tone a paper of the above mentioned articles and corn- thle physical alts iof nan, with plenty to give Ctrst; tlls was tle tdi ndtsc i n of hrt peace; -fist he had ver receivedand fl'rm Indy pot
Grew silent when its silvery chords were parted; mIencing muncl.ing and drinking. *'I his is a to the few wandering poor, anul plenty wlire- til te her wise, cllhee'ifls fCld wrist do nut nit. It was froem Ms B., warh informed he h th psh
A hariaiony front ill life's sky is gone, delicious article; what does your master ask for with to wel-oime to his board lie fi'iend thatdl wse cerf grated spijotrne- ad pursed a lerrige, (ador the purpose of
A soft voice still'd that cheer'd the broken heart., it'" comes to his gate. Altnd, added to this, lite h as ondgick. Journeyng more leisrely, apd as she knew of
ed! "I dont know, sir." hooks to reaI, a weekly newia|),.r, a ictol no one nature t faithful wtlka, himfelW iif tl,: Twic
dWoe for that lyre! "') ot r't knowa, h? G Gut much of it.?"his a 'u i whici to wia'irshL H E S T A D 1) I V R 'ls a ptth foside off present hof tVhirdin
Ciut jo derable." ai( kind nteighblors to ke part in bis joy, ua l dress a nt, ers a present o a t
But joy for thee arown'd one! for ever wearing "Well," faid the new sample of the Diddler gather about himn Ii, mim of trouble. S.l dress, to Iler C yhrn, This was too go
oral gry t i he fiihd hi cckers and chean be l o h hd cr e n c ieese anmd nn is sheltered f 'om niany of the wants att dome time in the ynear 3821, passitl through tro be rejep 'tI ts m wpgth thF (aropreto' w
Baad of etrty! in teiunsrphl bearing e'the last of the old ad ira,'Well ra, 1 tsould like 1discontt.nts of those that are richer thlin I, t t, w of Athol in this Cotmmnwealt, a, were unwilling to lose hia valuable, iae
A lofty part in even wet hymn,or r tat a gno;ntlem alon secured ionti the wants and temptations of a 1ci ent ocet rrem is thle stage coahteortio of s cony di, ch re w e hadl loe so nul for the repuation of t
Joy, joy fr thee! called and examined his wine, and has a very f those that are poorer. 1 wis crn taly dozig, which rendered i lie, they ade te sacrifice fo his good,
vorable opi ion of what little he has seen of it. Late last winter Mr Lyrnan's daughter, Mrs tcessa"'y to take anotlier tead--ail, as a alo t- jivised him to kacept immediately. is tWh l
We wou!d not win-thee hack; thy lyre o'en here Go jaood afternoonn" o our, renernrir- haOn O owkimw- .lYs Georg too lave of tuii. wbrp p en1 Gte
Par rallyl, reiurm'el fi'otn1 Ohlio, a willow witlwt oh lp
t Breath'd the undying musicc of the sky-- I ay. had'nt you better wait until Mr tllreey, reurn. Mrsd f raio ly and 1 were olw fllow, wit rose w driver- all ppey looking s pGeorge took leave ofI reayi r w h
SIts tone was not of earth, too sweetly clear comes in? He'll be along hortly." ws ao treut itweltrey ychees of tge, The passed ti e exielntli .te really j h
To blend with aught of life's sad harmony; No. i ometh,,g of a hurry n'w. hut to the samne district schlonl, alith we had always gesc fi'n vehicle so w rc eirc not in wnioushetions of t Uen1
To blend with aught of life's sad harmony; iNo, m i soethigof hurry now, but fildo, When we were young girls we went vrs having cogratledte of themselves on thei or then inellptI lysp pfeis eart. He
Woe for that lyre! will call again." So sa) mg the loafer departed, it to te same district school, antd we had always es avpe o"natld themselves on their llee in Vther loysip se oPfUt er
''hou wert thirty for living waters well i needless to say he has not been seen since. ove an r ectd one another. Neither she o unafe, were s sections of the Union, whe
F h[N. Pis needles to s anor y thhouehglt it any reason why we should lbeginnig to resign themselves to nodding she began to waste away, till it was impossible
F omrthet pue fonntai:- s f the land of rest, no, that shie lived on a little famrnu, and in an "ubers, when l determined upon another to pursue her accustomed rides from one tow
e By t b eat ast, Of r ebrdweli g NEWS FOR MARRIAGEABLE YOUNG LA- old small house, aid I i one of the best in change of position ; aml ther-tore lby the po. to another, any longer.
Joy, j.y nfr thee! y P -A Yankee from the Green MoutaFins who e village ; nor that she dressed in vetr coin- lteness of the driver, who ceke te horse It was a of
t0uiY f clothes, and that irn eig pUphntin who Ied in Wountel the hbo at his left hund. The driver's that q<'ge drove ump to the door of an inn,
J oy f or th ee!Il n C lO e nt, a n d t h ati n W i vil i pliod inan "
Fr ever t y by h bright hope printing been travelling in the West, writes to a friend thel city, were a little letter andl starter than t lt is alway a gqPo d if tlleTap at the tl e tNw pf .. in the southern parrN
Fe Dep in r hl earts, wiy h the b rigt h 'one tr staM in New York in the following interesting strain. any buulght in the country. t was not the Ii oel an oibliging wel 'g o es, wihal a of Connecticut. His mistress was so feebat
I Deep in our hearts, with thee e'er long to stau,dto
- Where love's .ofi hyrr unceasingly is ringing "The west has not a rival in the world for op- bonnets and gowns we cared for, but the heads etpuogstaphtic knowledge of Vh s route, a travel that he as with difficulty conveyed to
Through the swet v4 ies of that babbath land, portunities to get married. One of the mlosat r- and hearts thlipe bontnes and gowns cover- .' reust be y woligty wlho doei nt love to chamber. A physician whom George lper e-h
We know thee biest. dinary kind o' women came into this here settle- ed, view strange scenery, which is coutilaly va- diately procured, ascetained that an ulcer had
nient thi- other dav, and set up the taiihring bus. The very morning after Mrs Bradly's arrival ryilg as lhe gazes, broken ip hie lungs, which lad been long gatlh
Yet we are Aad, and it is well perchance iness, aHd bhfir., night, she had mnre offers to be ill S- her eldest 'on, Lyman, a boy ten A little cotlrtdsy on my part soon drew 'Iring, and whice! peleu he d life in immipent dni-
That genius should not lingter front its sky, married by nije thaimn she Gid for work. Some fot- years old, came to nak mte to go and see his Georg e to conterstion. My first opinion, ger. Instead of being alarmed, witl trfe pris.
f.Making our word too glorous wih it glance, Iow offered themselves tlree or four limes. ut nithr, 'Mother,' e said, 'ws not very wellr tht he was at inrtellgetit and oiligilng young tiar fortitude the sent for an attorney to assist
y And lihf with lls tri,1iTplhant hlarmony, shie pomuptly told (lhem she wonld look round a lit- stand w;altetd vervy nch to see Mins ,-- .' man, was confirmed by a variety of circtmstan- her in arranging ler papers. George was conl
Too ddep!) blest. tie first. Supposing you get our girls some new lo I went homHe with him. After walking half ces'. I ascrta'intd that George was an orphant stantly devoted to her,t alld s otwed that he felb
e Amsterdam (.N: Y) Intelligencer. teeth, and send them out ?"' a mile along thi ronr), 1 proposed gettingov, His father and mother both died in one seso, ore alr for his mistress than sheC fLIo
the fine and goiit as we say in tile country, letviog him at the htlj!ess age 6f two years, herself. When the lawyer had completed hiq
SCII H ePICR-ANCE We find in the N. I. Cour- 'cross lots.' So, we got into the fiPld, anl! ur- without a trllltli, to thle m.r'y of those into labors, Mrs B. called George into her room
SCHIL O, ler, the Allowing very sensible remarks in relation ge otur way on e noilos lite brook lie Inmight ttei. ow lie lhad been She informed him that she felt the cold cl'ill o
"Ilow beautiful!" rang out a girl, to the cause of' Temlperance: cutting LynimaH'su r fam in two, witlds its way to tae J rte of, op hy whol l e cquld qA t tell; death upon her--bt,' anid sle. 'Georet don'
S A fair young girl at play, "The friend, of temperance have taken their the hI'll, soioetimrres taking a j p five or a l"a't he .la armed huwilling. At ths e age o t he a misedlad the loss, Proidence haii gjeqt
As boun.ltg trih, she p!,ck'd the lowers stand, and nothing will dri.e them from it, until s:x fe't, then IrnTmuring over tlie stones, or troug several fni- e the mea d di to o rewar mert
Sihat bloon'd b-ride her way- victory shall crown their exertions. The onward playing round l the bare roots of the old trees, a a plud hi ih an upright know you are witho k r-almot w
That bloon'd bes ide her way- .u f out friend-at a wide 'od c/ se to a
H- ow ,vvher far they a -,. tl- U hroW,;im4 Tf against the current, instead frIi HYI ih. Rtoen d&t otii -J d PTosed toa va;
ant,--mof.--' ." .' "' till &t(vantagelfs i t .1Ol, 141m toited _tll_"is
Than any gem of diamond stone i resting, its progress, wivl be borne away by it ,l illinit crdin;tls and snow-wlite clemntis, till ,isi..e
That ever sparkled there." like as a feanher flies before the wind. True, many it mingles wi'h the river that wint through pogIn and tri', til s ietecntl yea s experience has abludap y derrontrated ou
et men of ye ,s, wih whom early h.bits and associa. our meadows J would advise my young friends reputation fur honesty, soriety and ntitlil- niatu o di a r
That voice-what music in its tonp-- lions are strong, may inot go with the friends of to clhoost the rields for their walks. Nature less, induced a stage proprietor in a neighbor- in hie world. My husband, ul. ., an ting
So silvery and clear; temperance up to the work of prohibition, but has always sornethirg in store for those who isng town stitution give hit e imoyment as a driver; lisman by birth, ied seventeen ye ag,
Like th"se unearthly, thrilling sounds the young men now just entering on th busy love her-tind stk her favors. You will be ile constitution being evident enfeebled by leatingat my entire disposal an immense prop
I'hut charm the dreamer's ear! swag- of life, and all the youth who ate closely.fol- sure to see more birds ip the green 'fi-lhs than the constant fatigues of a fiarmt His master, erty in the West Indies. But as I have neith
Th.t step-hoaw airy i,. it. grace, lowvi:g in their footsteps, &re fast arra..gilg the- o the road sie, eure fio the boys who perftly nvinceofe e y of his pu r children nor other relates, an as ha
And fawnlike in its glide- selves upon the side of temperance; and ten years may b he Itliihg along the round, ready to let s 8aing a different line of business, with great sought in vain the ;qst tel y0ear Qof y life, tq
'Twas"*notlon's po-trv" indeed, he,.nce, rr:anv good men now engaged in the trafftlic fly stoi:w at them, they rest longer on the kindness of heart went thirteen miles to a hsitre find an help to thij family, I now by these pa,
Not found in hall of prde! of intoxicating drinks, will be astonished at then,- tlerih, aid feel nore nt home there. Thr n as tle proprietor that George's character was with- PIer, leave all I have both here al' joi t le 'Wes
e e:ves, when they think that amidst the, light tht Lyrnutn and I did.l, you will find manyi a famlil- out a bI!emish. Indies, to you ; and recollect you are only a
Oir dark )ee -0, tie eloence sh0,e on this business in 1838, they could have iar flower that, in these by-places, will look to Whmn I was in the stage, George had been steward under Providence, and while you arp
The bliss de-inn ence pursued it ; still more surprised will be that popu- yol ike the fce of ; and yu may one year on the line-pdas | afterwardis learn- fitithfitl, temperate and honest, it will conduce
S Without a gilof cae- Irty loving fie seeker, who was weak eppugh chance to nke a new acqaintance, and in ed, had se d the friendship of all the prlnpri- to your happiness and respectabilityy'
Herat-the sane period to believe tht the road to is- that case you will tnke pleasure in picking it etors, and the -steem of every stranger who 1fqre night this benevolent woman was
erTokening there tjoy and irth tinctithen radthehighway in hich march- and carrying it homne, and learning its naimmne of ehnce Lrought to Isis coach. corpse. It is unuecesary t eil pp-
Od the gream array of temperance advo' at-s, wlho .g k cuitinstances of the funeral and the astonish.
Of a young spirit shadowless t some one wiser than you are. Most persons TIhere was an elderly lady on the back seat, innt of the goo dral e aNtorgh
Untouch'd by aught of earth. tas o the evils of int..,peran-e in this ifand re curious to kiaow the names of men anid to whom I related George's story, when I re.. -t ot R ad took p obsession of his
0, childhood! holy. beautiful, f:o going do n to sleep the long sleep of death. woItdrnen whom they never saw before, and nev- su'med tay former place. This was MrsB-
I weep your earth) pride-- in the drunkard's gav-s, leaving suffering families er muay see again. This j idle curiosity ; 1lp wltse hulte waIs it Porto iico. She had been estates, more ample than he cotul n have atii
Aye-all too soon its light is quench'd to feel, when they are dead, the sad effects, of an olten in learning the name of a flower orn plant, over various sections of the united lrit'.te; in Uiated:, he trr:ied aq r eti nate little
And thou with wo- allied! evil whi-h popularity-ioving otlice-seekers feared we lear, something of its character or use ;- the vain hope of recovering hier health. Such U ierjd ter, he rd fti oe
0, Time, a Spoiler sure thou art to attack, lest a few votes would he lost to them 'bitter-sweet,' 'devil's cream pitcher,' or 'fever- was her interest in Gor'ge, from mlily account while he was a driver, who was paiently wait-
To mar so br ight a thing, from the hands of those who handle the inrtoxicat- bush,' for example. of huimn, that when we arrived at Lancaster, a in have her goo George lay p fw h'n
And hbight so fir a vision ing-cup. Sooner or later it will be a losing busi. 'You like flowers, Lyman.' 1 said, as he pleasant town tlhirty-five miles from Boston, irm ,'oln," to begin the wGorhl witlamp aw in
As life within its spring! pess pto public men. to shrink from the-ir uty in scrambled uip a rock to reach some pink co- thel eud of his route, she presented hi,, with he wo.lhi somlltirr thewrre a prw'ith. i
the promotion of the cause of temperancee" nlumines thint grew front its crevices. a silk pocket >andkk rclhirf, il one cornier of h wGerle C- i s c e o 'eQm
... '(Oh, yes, indeed I do like them,' he said ;- wliich was a dollar, in consderatiop, she said, wteorge C-- lis now one of th' tlmos,
THE FRIENDS I LOVE. USEFULNESS OF BIRDa. 'hut I am getting these for mother ; sle loves of his 'care.fuhilness with iher iagggge.' George wealthy'slectal anI benevolent gentle.1
How sweet, when wearied with the world, The usefulness of l.irds-in tIte strict sense flowersabove all things-all such sort of things,' was sensibly aff eted with i.er kiidmness- n Por ic-n tterni f, both fithfnitl ant,

'J'o shut it from the sight, of the termi-is sadly undervalued and over- hie idded, with a smile. assiued r ie r l1 tinoteint, a t'esewt, mr li honest. Over the door of i principal dii,,i
And let the m:nd its joys pursue looked. They render services to society which '1 remember very well,' said I, yourr mother had dope PPno mpe taip is duty, and the sauie room, are intd wos .fr tI onti
With strange, yet fond delight! give them substantial claim to our considera- loved them when she was a little irl, ind ahe he did for every one, 'Well,' said Mr's B- r ofervantandvitoe rof
Upon the soul they .rentiy fall, tion, and which the utilitarian himself may not andl I once attended together 'some lectures 'n 'always take ae tar of the bagg4ge, ad y)q %yill b baggage '
Like moon beams oni the deep, rdepiise. n tlhe following passage froni M A. botany; that is, the science that describesplants he iprospereL.' George bowed respectfully, and
And over feeling's hidden fount Peahlody's official report onil the Birds of Mas- and explains tlheir- nature.' the new coach iln which we were located, drove
'1 heir falithful vigils keep. sachuseits, made Ity order of the Legislature, 'Oh, I know, mna'an,' said lie, 'mother re- from the door. Our next river was a bloated- EGYPTIAN MUMMIES. MNr fcwkinghuarq,
some of these services were properly brought trne'bt rs all about it, amid she has tauglit faced, abort, swaggering, swearig, whip-crack- gives it as his opjuijti rh1tt there are nmt fes
I love to think on that friend's voice into view : ne a great deu sihe learned tlien. When we ing Jehl, who rail his horses one tnloinelnt, a nldi than one huiredt millions of'mummies ento.
Which soothl'd my aching heart, 'But a more important object of' the survey- lived oUit in Ohio, I used to find her a great condemned them fir not trotting the tnxt.- ii p E ; atnd le describes three situ ulna
And wip'd the hitter tears awiay, or is to raspertainm, with respect to many birdsI trany flowers she never saw before ; but she The contrast betwixt him and George wa4 Q us.' tlat are now made of them.
M hen ang uishi bade them 'start: which man ptulruets with umrel;titing ven- co('ul d Ilis them, she saidl, though they seem- apparent, that the passuenge'rs exclait d h was i For fiel. The peasants of Egypt procutre
I love to think of her whose hand genace, whether they nre really as injurious ed like strangers, atnd she loved best the little unfit to manage a reint. In a moment, owing tthe,, break then) in pieces, and use therm aqp
Remov'd the cup of grief- as is cormint lv supposed. The crow anld oti- flowers she hmd knov n at home, and those we to his uminskilliiness or partial intloicatiou, we tol ; an as they have lite qr no r qqr those
Bouid up the vouinds she did not pause, er birds of ,th at description, do certainly make used to plant about the door, ahd mother said never cothl detemnitie which, the horses sprang dri!d human bodies serve thetie j ijs stead.
Anid kindly Lotonght relief. havoc with the tortn. Thie cedar-I'irds, roj-nshe took confirt in then in the darkest timess' fi-rom the road, andt the py;TJage, passengers andi The r-sinous matter and spies wipl were
ins, cat birds, and others, make large demanldsI1 aiA tittiies I kIlew my poor friend had had baggage were thrown into clhaos dopw a prei- used in embalming them, re.paer the quite |ju:
+ I love to think of her whose smile uilon il[e garden, ; lut it is certain that the -miuch sickness, many deathsy,nany, mnny pice of fifteen or twenty feet. I liave nJ leis- fl,,amr,,h|l, and tIhe odor whticn is given ote
Is like a ry of light; grutls which they devoou'r, would, ift suffirted sorrows in her family'; and I was thankful re for desc'rilbig the particultas of the f:e!)e; when they are burning, is said to be quite de
It cheers ters sorr my lone ay, tp lie, destroy all the promise of the yeari and that site had continued to enjoy such a plea- it was so'wi asceritined, however, t'it Mrs B. ,ightfu. B-
Ad skaters sorrow's nit while We halve llin but the bir to pltect sure s flowers ar'I to those that love them. wits iadly injured. Oine of ie irses was int. F' medicinal purposes. In most of th
I love to think on pleasures past- -e th' tray
Of pleasurs yet to conae, us frotin these destoyers,thiere are some means As we, approached Mrs Lynn n's, I looked mediately detaclle<, frp,i thl1t carriage, onl which Io|i.s there is found portions of hitumen, op
Wheen I shatl join the friends I love already known, ud many others will e dis- form frieWnd, exlpeting she would come out rode wihJouit a saddle anln almost without a rsiads drug which was used in embalm.inig
Around my native home. covered, to prevent the birds from taking more to meet me, but I fund she was npt able to do bridle, back to the village tor- a physicians. As This is taken out of the bhdiesnand sold in Inrga
thap their share. Ift' any one will consider so ; apd, whel p I saw her J was struck with I knew no one but George, u'il thanking that so qtjp toq rHerant t i'o and fi,
These are the joys, whose gentle tones the subject, lie will see that insects are by iar the thought that tde wonud never living leave good a driver was pi'olahbly taking as gal care t e itis sent to Po irtgal. Italy, Frappe, an
Come o'er ine every hop r, tihe most fbormidalle enemy man has to contend the house again. She was at first overcome at of his horses as lae had of hIs cliarge t-tpro we Enrtland, even. where it is ppiverise( 1hy "tiio
And .wake affection's tren'lous chord with. The mosquito, fbr example, occasions mneetig me, bhut, after a few moments, she left him, I rode up to the stable doo0r, andIl to apothecaries, done up inni paper, and sol
By their sffi n' gic power;- thr more suiffeluig, and is actually more feared wittedi away her tears anrd talked cheerfi lly.-my great joy fp in washing the horses.- t xcl to re inward brise
They kindr fond desires and hopes, than the liaon. Other enemjes equally contelop-1 I h'o)etl, she said, my journey would have done It was unneesury to relate the dIisaster-le and frtis purpose hundIereds of pounds of
Bright prospect they ien.w. tilble, are busy lthrouighouit the 'utmfper ortur- me good, lbt I think it has been too much for anticipated my words and in ten nl isuters this stfor is te every yeartdeds o frounids j
That I shall see them,' ere to earth ing outr heasts to madness, pIud destroying the me ; I h;ye so longed to get back to father's motedI the doctor on on-e of Ihs feetest nags, hi o eyptian eyrnnai.
- .: -... ... ...... ... ,.. ....... ,,.. I! .... _/ o lon f is q ets. .. .....s....side -if' Eg y tannmt

Car~ I I I i I I I~ Its
.. .r I ; c~ r-........- .,.......,.... ,-

II Ir I --- '~P~P'



No, 01.

Lf2rs'^^~A.kaK~-s3_aL~aLA'nfI--ii^^--A?' i*liiy^'w--i3~sSI~~x a'ryEa)tirf'as

(in niiton f ol Aivriik ihe votne 'wlrel, tthe o!l Sunday iorfin) the, ITousp was yet I .n'r.ion, I hcit. [ie has proved himself on vamus ocea- and vold unanimously to invie the nc nlcet if
hlubrr Bi!l m IAtd been ieje, td'ltI tSlhit, was re- butI witliout a quoruni.-The v( hllpl~le Soegeant sln,,L to be ;in eloquent nd unflinching., advocate ,a.-?x-18, to be present on this joyous occasion.


.friends accidePnVIly I ,ue,,ing one day, wore led
in conversation to conclude thatsome men have
no conscience. 'There is neiugibor T.' said one
of them, 'who has borrowed Irom me no less
than three umbrellas, and seems to make no
conscience of bringing them back.' 'Ah' said
a student, I have several such neighbors, until
11V library consists of odd voltnes.-'The case
is bad enough,' said a mechanic, 'but not so bad
as mine, for 1 have been working for tie rich
Mr F. for the last twelve months, and he hIas
so little conscience that ie always puts me oft
when 1 ask for" payment.' 'Well, wel!,' said a
physician, 11 have always found that mten liave
less conscience in paying the doctor's bill, than
any tiling else.' 'Excuse me,' said a country
clergyman," if I doubt your conclusion. f la-
bor Lard, and live poor, and although I atr a -
ways descantingon the pleasure of a good conl1-
science, that is, a conscience which accuses us
of no neglct of duty, yet I seldom find my par-
ishioners with conscience enough to remember
the poor parson's quarter day.' While this con-
versation was going- on, the puhlislhei of' a
newspaper stept up) and renmiked, 'Gentle-
111615 I:One of'yon halve so much Cause to (com1-
plain as 1 have. 1 go to tile expertise of buying
presses, types and ]papcr; I hire workmfien wjlo
nLust be paid by the week ; I send ouit a daily
sheet of news, and yet some of'my subhscribers
iave never tande it a matter of conscience to
pay mie a cent 1or tie last, three years. And
when I send them a bill, they threaten to cense
their patronage if* dun them.' At this, r!ost
of' then] present agreed that it was, true that
1,m 1V had very little cotscielive in plm it)( -01r
A newspaper. Pcrh:ps they filt guilty them-

M ,rRCH oF .MA.ND. ,An honest fatrtmer ill the
Sate oflPetnsylvantia nina'ried a Mis f' -ni a
fashionable boarding school for lis.st coml %vitI
*- .-......l^ e wasr II d rum b w i'.hl ri,. ctop ,iice, 1;,d
-*. ]gupedl witll w\ondlr it Ilis wifi's l.-;;niiig :
"You must (said lh ,) Lore a 11ole l1i1ro1Iudl il.
solid airfh, atkld chuck i a iiilli s;iWos M I u ltic'il
tcll you to 'I siiavinl how lo< ll t ile. < 1:1'1i be
in going cicttir tlhi \w. S !_ i lizis l lit l it !,istlf
.111d co( itki yolol'y, aind t iks a 1CAl|) a11o101 Ox
liticsK a ild co' 1i'iiia l fii liiii;s. I tIs;,(! 1, to lhil:k
tilhat it w as air ti'at 1 .-ll kc ld ill + vc 'r litsn ,' lihial
] eapire'l ; iovvso +IlwdevcIr, s-ite il ed 11e( tlIit
She khlouve.I (;.kfl- StilI ti llid ll e llat I had
l>p,-> stirkliing it two kinds ofv-in o>'; i-M !id
lii .iu ly ,iltaMs ,-- l'tin a lu ilet(lod v [I
tto-o ,,lal tri purnl'alice iii!im ), 'ii1d yeqt. t}d\'o )c( 'l1
(d rilikiii-1,4 ox 1,111 "I'd li11 1 -iy l l 1:11;! Itiy !il;..
1FI'O,! t,' e Sp,'is~f~ie l Bep hlr+)i.u-n.
The Sub-Treasuiy Vciig rLow pos!pontd, it is
well ;o look back and see wliat we have :iincd.
in thie fali of 1836 M r Vain ilurt'e was eirct d
Presidhenlt. VVe take the votes in 18 -tales at thlt
election, to coiitrast \viih tie votes iu ll(, s:,ine 18
States since. The following were the votes given
in Noveflwer, 1836.
I ;3 6.
Sla les. '.T l m i n i, n. Opposition.
Maine, 22.900 15,238
N. lla;upshire, 1S..722 6,22S
Vermnot, 14.039 2W.990
Masss:ahuselts, 33,23:7 4 1,099
]'hode Island, 2.96-4 2,710
Conntect icut, 19,284- 19,719.
New York, I i(j,S 15 128,543
New Jfirsey, 25,5.)2 26,137
Pennsylvania, 91,41i5 87,11
RMarN laid, 22.163 25,852
Noith Curolina, 26.9i0 23,3;8S
Georgia, 22,104 4-;,4786
Kenlucky, 3:1, 13'5 3'.,9i5
Indiana, .32.4:,8 41,28 t
T1,lllessee, 26, 120 .3175,95 2
Al,b,-,>ma, 20,5;A6 15,61l2
MisNsiisdippi, 9,979 9,(8S
Arkansas, 24,4.i I1.238
Total iai 18 States,. 59!,128 57t,518

elections held since Nov 1?:3? Here 3oa lha'e

"-" -"' considered, Ay Ill theSenate, oi Friday, Ar Davis, from til e Payard then moved to recommit tie bill, with rant for about eighty fugitiWe no. mjut.'. Il is be- pedieb'y. The following is lis letter to tie (Cor- ceivmg them in such a nan0er us tie cireurstan-
I-nlteeol o sntrie, r epo rVrit'saendoent.-- edthatuttosvikf.s amendment.-- lived that but few, if any, ol'ed the sunmous, mittee of A..:ingL.I,- at the orcester Cele- ces required. 'lhey were escorted to this city by
Altio directig the Secretary of WeTreasury Is After various propositions to amiend these inatrue- n in ILI 11 invitaton to a~tnd the a d.lgai os o ur-b-o,
... ..in l e c~ ~ y t U t ie s r o^ ^ ^ ^ ud b - "- .... ..... ..... .... ... fc.ti al:---C a o mpa y in fine style, the Boston con-pan-y show-
cause to be m ade, under die| sull erint ndence o fl ns,T .s at last agreed t a th b d- t h | o be fes t Cuni a J une 30 h 1 3 g th t t lhe occasion w asone of. the d,,epest inter-
1ir Hlassler, one standard balance lor each State, c it, wthat ifistai te ro, o trea sur y.-_J tra'rA 3LVA, l S to themS,
to be delivered to tbe respective Governors. It *'" poviding lhat, if Ihe state of the teasy. GENTrLEM tN tOF THE CMMITTEE, Lc. It sta ied t y. he e r o No 6
was can iled tth ugh die p ,rimary stages and ord cred required !t, on all single appiopkiatio us over $ 12 ,- ud, ,i
to be engiessed fir a third reading. .000, fifty pet cenrt~rey slou'd he expended the .:+: .. ..8-3s,_:.would .. :_..-..... .... brt o n e gr t e a4th J uly, di tonjtia previours eu ae- u gfrin stotec nte howt01e v a prpit
t he bil avsro i 'o h aoe c n ite e orte d aprce duering tile renhg esin t er port ed back Hum Amuru hl he Press t he lPeoplc's iiigrits 1.,intan), flint prev'e,,t ie. '1 devote that sacredl day to speech, inlhlee eeo re cu do p
thebil i' t he tHouse, frMeirtim ivrvenzent o ai uiglh vnn esonrpre ak Unawedt by Influmtenet, Iund 11rib'd by G~ai:1 ; (he consider tion of the means of "etAWetig thetaespesttdhruh"p.Jo nso
harbors, w i hi am endm ents. It w as for the present W e bill, m dii ed a ec ordi ng to these instructions; M, e Patrt Tl h ,r h ious lhecpl. d,aw,v o plete idetnud ce of this N a tion of theoti ral- I .No I t beau tu n r V\e re et very
laid on the table, the amendments wvere agreed to r.d the bill was l'"gud Ito Ru ,l 1ih rty and Law. domn of IntemperancO, a pp wer levying heavier uh tB w a not al to g e h e gr e or
T he q question arose w whether this day w as to be passed and sent to the H house. 7 .-. taxes, and exe rcisc l n g a um re grievous ty ranny than selb that h eard it n ot
considered one of the three last days of the ses-1 Ereving session. The Senate took up all the CITY AFFAIRS, Great Britain ever tlirpatened to impose on llhe need be szaid in is praise It was answered by
sion, under the 16t4 joint rule, which provides that Pension I=Bils f-oni hellouse, winch had been fQ- CT "A colonies, sfeems to me to he a legmmtae employ- Capt lni, t b a e g st natu-
"no bill that shall have passed one house, shall be vprably reported on by the Senate conmnmittees, At the meeting of tMe Comnon Council, on mernt of tie anniv.rsary of our political freidow, raI to t gntlhatn; he stled, that the eonparly
sent for concurrence ta tle other, on either of tle considered them and ordered thetito a third rca- A1undav evening, a communication was received i and ;in excellent use ofl thrl( : allowed as-ociatiols
i as w+l ash. vi T* *i /^ i t i^T i ^ i l},'fmi~ i, fetn more r(!gr(et itan joy, tntiat
three last days of the session." Tho President of ding. fRom the ayoer, as chairman or the School Corn- connected with the day. May tle det .sted sway this Wnelr, uson one of whose ,ides was repre=
the Senate and also the Speaker decided tMat Sun-i The Foaitification Pill was+ next taken up, anda(1"aytiWne
the enat an als theSpeker ec~ed tat Sn- he F~nfia~o B w. nx akn upanda ^ ^ ^,,,, ,~p,,af~n oltlu fat v~eof'fothis fallb .0,0.Sehexterd a aos nobe ad da ingecheenenvm
day was not to be regarded ns one of the legisla- long discussion ensued in regard to Pea 1 atch Is, ttee in relations to an additional appropriation retu this ith e oi fonal ve *roi lfO r itha tt senteda i tn i
return of the Nati,)al Jubi~ee, so that voun~ay defence oflo,'yudi urucefthr
Live days, ex t on extraordinary occasions, such d in the Delawae, and an ppn of 10, r To support o schools, efred to Joint juicee not only, as now, that a low has been duty, shou conliueto unfold its rious re
as does not now exist, and that therefore this was! 000, foir Fort Delaware on that |ilad. The bill Standing Committee o( Public Instruction, and struck ogibiat the great evil of our times, but that menmbr.ne ov r their heads. t. Roe1 the
to be regarded as one of the three last days. \ was finally passed with a proviso thaM one half the s u cohern-nce. iA ius been so et'retual, as to leave but a subordi- presented, by vote of the company, two spldid
Several private bills were discussed and dispos- amount or eppropimtion should be pad durin the n it any ulterior n a sd B l the f r upa of t.neurrarncto
ed of oiite natemIorHn anct e t ayuhriruiasrksneesayBells, %whic ochssftneaereltob
ed uf. ~ ~~ ~~ye :nr lS38 _, and the rel aind i r g half during the y .ear A rep ,ort ri'on the jo ,int star( n o mi l e o
The Post RRoutebill from the House was taken 1839 t the Fire department, came down, accepted, from I fro I,, i|, e woLi -ie "think nothing done equalled-
up und considered, and various amendments fiom The New York Fire 1111l catne .own from the he Mayor and Aldermen, acconipinied iy -an rOr- I aught elieinils to do" to secure the results of last t o 1) t. I I
the committee ofr the Sen au e were ang r ed to. IM rI- I-ouse and was passed.! A es di c
the c~mimitee o( th Sena~e wre agreed o. Mr Houe and waspas..dd., allowing those mnenbers of 01C Fire Depalt- vvil~l~ s %ic"oy. A re-action, after so glormiois an ihive.Tew c paeshe macd
Clay of Alabama, moved to strike out lhe second In the HO I.SE, after the disposal of some lo- re I. l I W adva ce, woud be An cbolv inded. but if ew,- s w'. The tw t marched
section, which goes to suppress the Express hail. crl arid private hits Adams cotnud his 'Texas MO nt wose yar expired ri last, tJe a-. ,nious onin an. in .vor s i e
lie gave a statement From ihe department in favor speech until the expiration of the .mornig hour, mount of their poll tax. Report accepted, and the or tir law dhos lut hsalf li s dty ( in srtaining it, I Eugi ne tlse hey p(toor of a
of continuing the nmail. Ilhe. amiend ent was agreed when li e gave way .fwr li0 o ders of r lthe dav. Oi u'eInt.--s d in <:oncurlenl e. th,.;re isp no roim to apprehe, nd su;- a di ia-t er, e ,wdinlli(e s'malhtess of p lace, til e o.
to y as ,!9, na)s 13. A t hlalf past 2, tie S en.te Dion s oole w;s hnxIOus to reply. Ile :p-peal, it lrced to lake a recess ti!l itilf pist 4. to the h house, and de ir td !d a sur pe',sion oft Ile report hroi tulili su 'au.e co m itt e. I canAl
grosgm& dy d..Itwrious pulait, nuisawive is a tVk~ie n a lle
to' tl I li il rn e p e thcverifirs ord r.bA terrr fi'rhder.thepelve
IIn the i-:oue, on Friday, M r Adams took Ihe rules, in o:der t!..' ho nn lht c ,Ft.nttie I ,neryr U d wn, hceepl d, a cOmlanied by an Order. appro- i ( ,n, ,o |,,,e b wUv ler.d fo rau in w ich a nn p it e ngs a
fl"or-in conli~ oion of his sprech on tire Texas "ndd 10 de 1 "he Q 'in Co "inAe- rating 400 for die co stcuction ,;f ;i Public; Cis- + sos me very ionin st and wone iv ciizens) is too sl.,illow
qucsiion, and ;al. 1h1 0 expiration of the m rningm luj ur husilts an;itisn t hlie C ii.niiAte..!. A tr s im c d t i n B oad s tr t, near tlhe ia ersec io ) or to hecar ux .'Im intioo
had~Ai u!!oawdaotlsr~m ks rtovad aski- bate',,th l oeti'o lto() si 0 st S %vd as sor lng
had not co~nddIdlis remarks. r asd b tieoolwa !,..seels. Accled, ad paed Thegislature love a right to prohiat die WOW- too!,. theid d ptoed e
cd whecth r, it' the geull:";nan slinud not conclude epoi-ts weivc al'ei fur f o ( J i d ; >;'t coulnit- Ing of side arms, poc!k.At pistols, and b(v&ie knives, en i pg cheek r ilie :iti d coI,,,>,r ,.
his speech the' present s,.shin, it would be in or- tees, nd the liouse wns ocnphed wit! -them t^1 *n rot~et Qrr.ca .nd other d.ru.aeroos wvven.p s, wlhenever the pub A....ge
'd. I under tthe rules or tii lHouse to answer hWim Bhe renes... ) cGC"? ;r (;ivur ->ultnitted tb e fulft ,oio g !.esolves, lid g,,,d)l serna s lo Ithi tu require su'cl At pogihii- (.gven 6v Ca nt. wobe h ,l
- h,_.. iftrr. 't1hei (or the decision &f the 1 house wholn the caso con- on I iiin Adi 'ai s, [ppo,t.A.d t ih biii foh rennin%, the t hae Pks osioncil al-l'sie in on. .o. 6 --t or a Qasand but b May
t w,p'at ld should arise. North Ei-teii n to., lan wI,., it, i d- .o r.,niyv w tnh I'Mouse BTe t h utlh t; o.be,
fI o b ite a lo l, w ith M r lV tc b s t e >' s a ,,ir .d1- l st ie ,t to tile ai ne l +e nt o i" the Ilo ns ,, :s |;,! ) o '..lion, .in, uirfg forth t hl.l Imh lunt; cm /:] lhe ru I= h i- T t and li, ,tO(ratlion l, delivered d ,i mtho f 4th (r"ortion Of cases to justify tle interference of e un- 0
in n o t zai ld i n o tl o s % a a~ l the law v. so or s :!lk ing c~gay or st erling p un- ~e al'.
up, aud after it short d;slrl ssion, the a, t l-e d me dten t he o>j-ets soih tetdd a. I inits I il.! t re mH for i a:;t, ---' tl.t h ..o i, ,ittee ; :\rran. ,3,1 c-:ts t^, powder, in the midst of ; great ci( Y, acts liirmless The Fire .Dep .rl n1 t of Sahm- May rhey a!-
WHS c icuired in Several bills B.on die S hte, lit th eht to,0 1h:u.t1oi;(l tates lian t a coear 11gt to li'e ;h:l p ,e' i y.-} repi ns; dwt01phi
e\:i of ie ame foulred in uziS cuseAerabe tobhepubic n '1"o,,ne ase (o t otahun red'was 'ni
nmost:y private, wc e di.-posedt of. A !)'!l 10. re- w .ole of l 1 the turrihory in di' puntc. A'so express ,ig ,& ..h u 1 ,1'11 For i. it b- t lia l) i occasionally to produce mischifsu r out. any intait ru tinin and sustain that ahigh reputation
vive a act to i 'co r-p rat fl' th'd medicala l I i i arne t \is li; Grpat ii 6 0 no I n 1 l wei ing their d ng and therefore wily to which thc a al a bo e, a osg lhe rtier.
t hre | (i s l ic t f ( A' o i u w il.y a an te r a n an d l n t (ipl o s ;to" n r i-f s.a ot K a n l o o r j u s t c l. .ih rs tb y t ,ir o rn i i ] [ o .-ia 1 ,3 o h/ r v ,], ,. tha t h an ks., o fu tl (, C i~ v C o u n c il b e In o ,/ l i ed" o c r e g ii a i ed at t l e d i + cr e t io | o f t h e lir n .R n o f t h e wo r ld .
b v :',r l .tP i! i ll ,n a n d o th re is w a;I s p. as cd l r in !t ,i, w ay o l a s l d ; aw d u S tinu ,n t h is v e x p r'e :i.. l d to d.os Kp i, A ;.O N I)S i ; q O ,r ,i s e r v i K ; y ^ s E d ito
T' fh e F a lm ui ih andu A lh:x 'y id l idail R .ad bd h i i, atiou ,, q es'ix 'n ', \T im eso lutt n, w :is ".'g !,'Ic i to c .'s a,,d nx erti ns. in lth ;' p i r(p a^,'li ,, o f 31u r-i a i(l : 'llh at th e isu se o f s spirit a s d 'r 'm k i at+ mad e e rie elusio n that th is i';:r:g in e C o n p any w i th o the rs,
ufler considuralo dub,te, w;\is laid 0,on tire ta ibu ly L ; ,( w;;i> tle bi 1 l;aid e-i t ).' t;;l',w., :and o:(i.red to !o the ( h()l, f r tn;:;r sKiifif l l p:rfinvances on per cent of tile population of h'e' Sttate, paupers, are tekng a stand (or the lenperance rt.fo, action' ,
a v t," or sw; 1.t 7:3. e pl i .t( d. th +t Oc'r;i.ionI. | we are MHOi.ii ly Informed in the printed dor'ufieliti and showing, ti at while their chief business is to
A lAiBl rom thne Hi;enate to restore t.,) cerl;in set- 'i ln, bI I nutlioizin,, lIhto pp'op'r of!. idi t o taike ; 11 ,;o/;'e,!, 'i .;,t the th: i-s o!f the (itv Cou 0'n t ltor the gov.',nr ment. Thal the same cause 's oe- pot down fire l,v tl', use nf c(li! water, they ;ir
tli;rs tei rigillt of pr ,- jlhiio>, w LsS tal.fe;i up anId the prplii..ii na p :t .s hfor thiir adh "is,+i! lnte th"-jit p, i.s ,ntihd t.1 tot h ic ojr r,'-tois of' thI l first P ap- ca.sioned two thirds of lie crimes anoi g us, for also deta rnmi.ed to put down lle worst of all fires
di.icussed. [1,cforn; ann decision on the W&ill, lth Ul,ioi, was ,ojr oited! by (Ie c0om ;:<c;. on rrri- (tst Cllfr+-h, for the g n,,ous ulan ofr the use of tlve last frrty or Rifty years, can haid;y be dispuled. viz. tle /ire (f .lcohol in Hit ]n'mun breast-N-
L.our or r-ceess arrid eii. WI.la.n ,rev ". vx twice an:d 1'1 t' rrcd to n t o.iin i or ,iiir il,i ( oil llte s a1e, oec,,>i i That those who pay taxes to s pppIut hllese p' p upers, and we thinl lt t the loid l,.ople should feel
rif I!AY, July Gt.-Eiecingsession. ::K- V~i+|'e. ... 1and \vi, suff';r under these, d imes, have tile right nlore warmly, altahed to onr "ire Departnent,
Hi In lhe .:.N.\.Ti, the ( "I lib:bor ill& i-o'" the. n \fi^l |, l lde : report Ol th su i 'et o !- .,---cLos. u i .. OU, by expres-ly proldhilng the ninuniture Fee ions; thus n. n t, ta our
IloB Me was taken ig. 'iq.i% bill Qi ipprop]ites about cl. but sawid he did not t :i(i''st an acliuo lt,pon the p!ce(.,ding coluiiins, we have given an account of of them, is as ptiin ets tle right of seif-df-feiie, ob'ig;lios shall be paid (if triey can fe peid) in
a mitlkion ,nd a1 hal"' o0j dollars towards the o cou-. I'lte ot during tlh | pre-ent 1 -(essi,), (u ?s.'L,.- fr ,i 14'day's ail atuLda) 's procnetdiugs --the session; 'i lhai society has the rigit 1t close, and that it soolucthng more lastiig thr;n dollars avd cents.
tinuince of works hecetofore comintneud for .the thle Ya, c eonm ittee, m ,de a ..ni.ority v,.p.,rt. or Shtundav having co: .tit ued until 8 o'clock on ought if it car, to W hut forever the flrod gates X.
c2 yfor tho e,.;m!nttee on k t ti's p(eus!
"il~ a orth' ~n~it~e n r bla'lns pti- 0 thirough~l which evils so ctiorwoiis flow lit uponn s
im provementtof hairlors. tin asked a con nlu>r.,ftion uiutil tl.e next st `ssion, S nday *moring. T he NIational 1nt ,iM encer uf cannotgh w iehe ei ls so .wt Ol'o|t S flow i t ipea us,
Davis, on introdo.cing it, give a brief explana- whichl was granted. Monday mornintg-s's-- j:amts ,or w hich society is otrmed, and government there w as i g l. brUi n o f t le l"ulh
Li on of its provisions. Scniu; ssion.--A f tie rT hces, the Ho use 1 ; is the la t d :y of die ,s n; and on this in stituted, the protection of property, life, and lib- Ju ly in tha t J i so I l s el( ga1 *
i'restoni opposed it :as iexpedient, and in thOl resimcd the vo sideerain orlih Set=l bIll p:ro- day, under the s, I bill can,, s e \ihr l o se rty. ,
present cicumstances of th r Treasury, extrav- ]>il,iiing tfe circulatioin ofsmallt blk in the i)s- I of"( Igress, i r can any bill o, joint ,resolution lHut I owe you an apology for enlarging thus de'orat<.d fr te occason. amuel llale presdd ,
an ant, aw;d moved that it be indefinitely pot- tiict of Columbia. A ,j% otio to lav the bili on the tha h pas..d b,,th i ouses be on this day prese up on sideralions so obvious in themselves, and ds.ise A b number o 1 astsn e re a songs
po ed ta l w, IS'* e, ;i, ,. r whc t pe .i lous ,, ques- Biit ha~s pa~ssu bonth i loustya be on this a (y presen- I p ncnieaion sol obi u inmle ofna ve toamd were Ain o
l0'1^o .ed,, ta-ie was rejc,:ted, aftr wm ilch h,; lprc|us ques- t red t be resident of the UI States for his signa- which nust hav already occurred to you threwere un dyhe aseur|,idt ys mddwersd y
(av, ,of Alabma, trade an anti-iuternali im- to.. was ,ienrin ded, and being ordered the bil! was tte. forcibly than I can express them.
provement speech against it. lPavis -nd N,,orv.ll read ta ,' d time and pt sseua, h[n !usiessof the s.sin ther.fore is clo..d, Ihave the honor to be, the ry I.ttle and h ev tw s a 'I Lm-
mide sptid ed defenses of thle n measure. Buchan- 'I ha How-e thii went int,> the committee of the e I lept as o s of de ssion of thel reiet us o the I Very repectfully, yo r bd't serv't
an and Vrigiht urgrd rthe necessity of immediate whole, and a storn|' d.+bte arose on th.e roprl t, bliswhich are ,at befor him, and suehol ,ItoI;T IANTOU JR. CreLrr Ab o 1 -a, /?t,/,s;^ ((spit ad we Ueing
:,clio,,. or e la3i g aswde the e -v l arb,)r bill, on w icleh t ,; : p doy the w ay w hicli is alw ays fou i-d on the
l he question was lhen take%, on the motion of Conl,mitee had on Thur da Ccompe to no deci,-ion. hies, F if a ny h ,, ,,h,.pdoes not seem prohlble.)i pa t,\ ispe w wpercli e blydrt louth ouna e
as the two lthmses way'agree to suspend thei
ind.lina pos;potneme tli, ua d u.gativcd; ayes 18, i.'inlly tie b,!l the li!l was laid aside, and the biol the billw as iair tne U, o Ve copy the following well-deserved tribute to sideofr corrc pi ciples, u pgto this fact, so
"ays 21. Co nmilittee took up ,he Senate bill, autlhoriziog the "ti1. a Faithful and etIieient public odicier, [A ._ l I ere \\'riht then roge and expressdirg an ap rlw, ,'- s de o <:r c ar ia bonds oftLhe United t:ttctw ank be- ''6s tg onoha.ote e o gc s r LTp'ON s flit e lwllC u ir fS t a t. h Por f it i e ,d s n t o m c
i^ ^hl~~~r~~w;^lllT~~~r~~Th sa~g of s i i ,n l h a t l it e r e w o u l d n o t I e n ouc n o e n o u g h t h e i g t o ( V e r n1t f i l-e I, t urI ., > i f n t 'f n r e, d, t d u ; 're~sury t lo m eet li lhee de de sia upon itU, he CaS r itruleng s ipp rtcd thee banl at some l rgth ,., ^ li l th re m
stit hie would not, upon any acvount, agree to I5,i.,.im,,ted tht were it not for the ceitaty f a saiguereerad yesterday, morning, and 'h Lowell Courier. dri NMe ic P lure theo, g t lear t o
hring forNaid or support anther proj w,ct Ior Uaising or .Ike 6 per cntt i'reasryv Notes being bought up e H use o r ntver u 8 o'clock ye:.tel8 dy o a d o hs- Mr Editor-I t&i well known that the rmornet of wh ON
any mnone .l it. ,ethnrlO e oict v..d to a ntud the h. by theU L. ,'. iiank, their wold have been no he- ,,l the no-t three h ours of the sitig haring criminal business has vm'y much increased in ths t p 'i e sso
so as toprovide th .it the r iey should b eea e /e.d cess.ity for the introduction of this uieansure. ,e otuh ied in tredae orh to curspo!te l at en-; ctu y inb s a few years past, not per l i"', sot>tell le r. Jo a
o r w /h e d a t t h e d i s c r e i o on ; f M e P r e s e n t A f t r s o m e r e m ua r l i k i ', o m ? e s s r s S ar g .a n t P, e il e nc e o f a q u o r u m t o g oe w i t h b utin .s ."et1. 1o u eh fr e tii a c t u a l i c r e s e o c, n o t e a s f~ o u a
T hhe ploi)o sition prevailed. A3"es 199, U lys I -- and Pope, Iliacise replied t(, th e a ,g.um oont urg,'d in .| v .lruv to '* \ b. mwch hei s e o d uc e imotti a
'hi-4 inc. iid Clay vf'ry luucii. who decl that Gvor oA t llhe bill and proved that the same p'ea Ihad s Th-e -' or yesteray gi g cai many of adisn evev bonv whod w nts to e ^n. AA
lie would ralher cut oHfld tie ,|ip-opriatmn altog< .h- formnel"y buen urged Cbr its pass..e, belure thd ie uportanlt i ls i N overnot acted. l,,,n at all; a- cut tJ of.dvisirg every body who wants to uinjure lee we-
e l a e c o p e l d i i w a t o 'i p ii t e r e .'u r v nro te s i q.., e s 'io n w e re i 4 .^ +_ ^ .. ..'l ^ ^ u i eu lt j'ttii t^ 111 v ., it, e hli' mi' n y ? lh e N ;,'-^ G G r-rrf ry a n d p io e tur e :, ii il ,e l,,,, ,i o r l h r ea t- A d a mn s ll as v m p lo y e d t ie r m orn in g h o u r in l l i e
... v .y, J'. .nr nt --;. t rr y' rf "*. .frf lg-a K T e ti gtrg fic tf ir n u pon Cella ( i n ooo ds tuC -.t~o v ,d l~y "'o r tSi~ i; lilt l itit,:r ati<,tn al ( C ,p ,r ig ht l~il]; thiu l ill !e n tliin w ith o n e u ,nle ss lie w ill y iehld to tm de d ~a nd lto u se o fl' e presc n tatives at WV as thing ton in his
gret at this ext|'- ordinary i,|torpoiatioii pnp i tlhe bill. tire ;>t the co,,fl "Tgration in the City v oi \V>; { or]. 101r the reer..a rn~za iio ii 0f tlhe m iliti'a, & c { e+ b 'sedl o ni the' w icked expectation tlh:,t most men fa m ous speecli upon tlhe report of llhe C om i tni'tee
i3't lI} and som e othe ts w lho iave alw ays sui, por- Ilull!m aii m ad,. an el ,quett apptea! 01; bellaif o r A m otig llhe imiportant il ils tpass+'d ,,o S aturd ay, \v"lt sooner p~ay n money tha n lia\'e the|," claract,-r, on 1'orelgn Relattions on the subject of T exas.
ted tlhe system, of harbor im p~ovenm ents, w ei e de- the mierch ants oFN ew" York, w:h o sufi'..i,'d, by ilh~t w ere the O)ld Ila rbor P,/ill, e,,iitainiing appropria- o1" tha~t* of* llth 'i fam ilies injuir(d either by a coin,- lie lhas fairly succeeded in o4at-generallhng all
ter mniued not to be d iive nt fio m it hy thlis untow aid dre a~dful eahtl:mr', lie adve~lt-i to lhie prineiiple or tio lks to the a amount nf a m iill ,n ai'd at hailf for the' p elaint to the G rand Ju,'y or th,, igt om iny of a pu b~iec the ad locates of gag law and hais contrived, in
pirevision. 41 al com le,'cial n~aions, 'tsat tlhe cons+uiuer ought cuntinu'i,,,in i)l' iiiiprovemri('ils alr+'ady COiiite,)cedt; .1 t''^. A lew thiOUS~tnis whi,'i lhave been obtained llhe courIse of thlis speech, to discuss the whole
Tthe q), esth('n was ihien put on tlhe eugrossment to pay tile lax.' tHe shored thatl tiieg "uds so des- anld thet ligh luus I"UKIi, whiirh i-, repr,.sented as "1' thlis w~lv alnd ,oised abro~ad, llave ince'ased tlle subject of" l'atton's gag resolution, the right of pc-
arM ttin d reading of lthe bill. The aiyes were troytd were on1 thie tiandsof merchants at tle tlime, be'in-g the. nst valualile and ju}dicious bill of thie practice^ to an a!larm~ing ,extcit, and tile. c,,urts are! titiou,'and even thie "'sacred" subject of slavery,
18, the. noes i8. T ile V ice Presid i nt not being a nd, c onsequenti'., up on uo econsid eraltion wh ate\'- srto' w hicih lh:;slpasse'd for many years. 'ilhis bi;I ow w waiting Ior aigood opportunity to make an ex- notwithstanding the effo~ts of th+ Southern mneni-
pr,,sunt to give the casting vote. tlhe bi'l w as rejee- er could tlhe house refuse to act upon the bil. w al" reported by M r .enator lDavis. It contains a- fI f t o e w o l a e e c u a e1 i 1 e s t u i h r p n p i t f o d r
ted.- 'etrike ni m oved to strike out tlhe enacting" chause.,,|ong, otlher thi,,gs an appropriation towards thie e- 'l'he Courit of (Coiniiilin P'leas hat juist closed ;an Astoni !led at tlhe adroitness with w which M r Ad-
After which~ he Senate adjourned.. Cu=ihman opposed llhe tbill on tihe griiuiid that the. re dtiar of a light l ou e or, (arif, rd's Re,,f, near: '1 txtra session tiy ailjnurnmett, Io d;.pose, of the un- ares has evaded their contrivanees to prohibit de-
!ntle O U E ,(l e il f om (l e en ate, m a- !louse w ouhli thierely b~e com e involved in innutner- <'ape Florid i, w here so nmary v'e ssels are aunuua'.ly usual am ount of cril|}inai busi|ness--and p probably bate, and aharm ed at tlhe effect of hisi eloquence,
king itll ,,ial for an \, ofi~cer of lhe IPennsylvania ab!le claim s or sa,,e lind, an,] w would iai fact be- h{^1-t' tlicre lIas never b~een a ter n w !,, n -the falCt that thie thay liave lutterly exhilbited great a anxiety that lhe
lBanik oF' the Unit,+d Sta,,.s to reis: ue Ilhe notes o;f come an Inslrance ('oip +ny. ()ne ,,f dhe provis,>s thsc, ted into this bill, will ,m m+,oniweahlh is intdebted fior ,ma,,y of its cases to should bring hIs spe,-ch to a close, iu order filet
the late Bank ol tlhe U united S tales, w us taken (Ca mnbreleni^ supp[orted llhe bill arid gra\e a detail- m ake; so mhe flutteritn, a mno ng llie ,lih'ie holders. It! tt'*l b'd pa-sions of m en. lias been m~ore fully es- thley m ight have aul opportunity of answ ering hiun.
up. ed statement of the amount o( losses, is provided tha:t ,,, (Collecto, ,nf lhe Custoums shiaill labt'i'hed; a nd il+ is due1( lO tihe very }ibte p ros('eut- 511" Adams Ilas coolly replied, lhat having succeed-
Prentiss o~f M issisippi, spoke ngiinst it, as a 'Fhe question wvas th,,;n taklen on llie niotion to receive( over !;*-.,)!.0, no naval oi'lcer over ;. ::, .,n ;{ 1ig oilicer of tibis district to say, that the abilhty, ed in obtaining this opportunity of speaking, he in-
m easure intended '.o deprive lthe people of a good stri!k o out the enaclingy clause, and it w as rejected nio Surveyor o ver .f-250 0, a nld :io oIler eastomrn I 1h' despatch),* the i mlpaitiality and pu, fect fai|'n ess te nds to speak as hon ;as he sees p~roper. A s fri~
currency, aif a !li;h-,]anded i,,lerf~renne with S" tte1 lIy, a |:arge vote. iotse officer ov er, !500. T hie weighe,'s, g,,aners, w illh whhclh he lhas disdhiu'ged his- ailueus duties the gentlemen whio are so anxiouss to answer him ,
ngh|s, a n~d likely to be ve~rv inconvenient to IMiS Adanns su[ppu'ted thne bill w ith nmueh war mth, a'nd that sort of g riitry, m u.-t prepare to ,elinquisl thlis ter m, afibrd the m ost pleasing a,,d satisfactory they control tlh e a clion of lhie I'o,,se on thlis sub-
c oiislitluents, w hio used tlies i.; no ifcs al,,.ost exclu- le said it w oald be ai case w without at p -ralle! in a p(I llrt io (,f thie spoils. p)ro ofs of tlhe w isdom o[ lhis app,,intu pent, H is pro- j o0!t; they Ilave gagged it, +,nd they can re move

sively lor northern remittalces, the history ofthe civi!iz+ d world, to exact a duty The bill remhttig the j.uti',s on goods ,les,,ov- lessional courtesy, Ils urhnue andbliging manners, the gag. For himself, lie' is unler thenecessity of
Wise followd, and spoke at length against the on th *t which had bcet destroyed by an act of ed by Mhe great fire in New Yo, k,-tlhat act t,fius liave given him1n a personal stand at tlle bar, which improving the present,,lppoitn,,ty. 'I lie support-
hi'i, diverging ito a general attack upond te financial God tiWe which has been so long delayed--was also can only be measured bVy Ils loss. ers of the gar law are lhus f.,ily ,aught in their
policy of th,. administration. lie cuidwlaintd that The debate continued for some lime, nnd sev- prisseid. Tlhe government is bound to protect all its cili- own Irap. Ada,, Is ,iiriifd Ie taibles upon then.
thi bid! li:id been bought forward at the vey end eral amerndmonits we% e ad. pled to the O'net WhKt The provision for the dikcntiiianee of the- ex- "ens, the prosecuted among the rest ir lHunting- They are gvgged, while he enjoys the right of
of the session, wvheln t ule was no ltimle for a pro- in all cases where ;it itidulgence has beeol ganted press madl was fiua!;' stluck out of the Post Or- ton possesses the taknt or power, rare in a law- speaking. dllus.
per discussion. oi lhe bonds, a dieduct | sh:ll be ",adte ec al lo fi,'e BitI, and the pet establdi ment of Amos Ket- yer, of truly re ppsseelinin the e r etnoh(--tul. d n government is's success in g', g ging" the
Jenifer succeeded W ise, and spoke a long time the iteres: on the bond&., whih ines m iiiatd at 21 da11's wil continue in existence a year longer.' resp et, and of never suflering himself to be tis- s,,e rs in turIin their own weapons a-ainst tlhe
inst the b,!l. ''he confusion v-,s so great that per cemt; and also wh,.re any potion hia been C. R....... ..... -*d fTr a moment by tire mere love or fame of get- e emies ofs free disc ssion, a. well as his) p rten-
lie could sce+rcely he heard, lie spoke of tMe bi~l received Flo n an insurance, tWe ammuits so receiv- CASE OF" D. GRAVES, AT LOWELL.-The thg his case. tous disclosures of the scenes of the last and
tto suppress m th e notes of" the Bank as originathi g ed shad l be d uuctcd, er which, the co ni'tlee case of Dr. W im. Graves, indicted ffor the lm murder r th los g ,s'at virtu e iao se cutin.t tfhce -i.l aiost present administration for the pounder of Mexico,
iith A.ir Grundy, lately a Seirtor from lKnnessee, rose am r, pported.,of Mary Ann \\ lson, by procuring a abortion of and even e e o f his ene t iies, who mayce anydtione f Heing anterehn the G lo e sla vieo t
and now Atuoney ('ney facnal of the Ucited We.s.-- 'the a.end.|wsa ta.g bp,, co,,curd in,,?ash- "t ing i,s
Tl is individual, ho said, was tlMe slrument of m;un mov ed to lay thie Wi!l on the talle,. A divis- win ch she died, is now continued ta lle October combi,,e and go before the Grand Jury and mature p:,roxysm of rage and fury. his notoriousjou-
Wle Executive, in this business, and he-.-pp 'aie. t.,o ion being called, this motion was rej-ctc-d. Term of the Court, on motion of the Government, ttheir .J,11m mAlie and revenge into an indictment by nal proposes aiong other things to abrogte the
the lious.' whether exe<-utiv; influ~n e shouldi The bill was then read a thOd ti:,.e a,,d pssed, 0o1 acmcunt of the absence of Isaac Pollard--the ex pa, evidence, da the expense of tlle Counmo- rule by which speeches congIened during the
u "etru t ahe entire action (if Congress. Ile ask- 7ehe bil lfor te sale ;f aied States E ;o ndn, hour .er of a child; it houn m ay be continued frsom d-oy to day
ed if it was not enough Onthat h Presidentt, with- was also pa-sbd. tllllu ste ,fL ed tares ti od t f a(]l to lpe r, (hal. etizn at,! his fmndly.and impfdr his n,-aps to ed- ,il| finished. It is not Mr Adams's speech alone.
out the authority of law, should ke,.p tile Sub The l, Huse then took up tlie Iill 'est]ishiN Ig one 1"0. Butters, (wiho has had considerable ucau. and support them. which has sugeslpd to the Globe this change in
T eusuivy yst,;,, in operation! W erp we 1o allow certain p. i.st-routls.' as utne d, d by the Senate, counexion wPith the case in one forum or oiber, and Ai ,d it i, feared, in this respect the criminal law the rules. Mr Bond is famous speech wa. deliver
t him to dictatin measures to Congress in prontotion st, i.ing o.i t that se, tlio whlich pio;J,ilis the Po4st- who iL was sworn, has attempted to suppress other duty of'a11 who1 ) ofe';s to be lawyers and decent during the me hou, o n s everal osuressive -
of his poli,.y to demarg" the currency aud embar- "mater General from .ntilig i : lto w c6turacts testimony ii the cj.se, started fron Lowell in yur-
rass the country? foI the Express MAWil. e /e,, to give all p ,ssj,!e ifomatioi to t-e govern- gained in that speech ranle deep in the hea~t of
\O hn Jenifer concluded, Andrews moved Tho After "-me debate on the merits of the Es.pters suit o or lFold immediately after the Couit, on ment o this subj *ct, ;in(i stem the \ ick,-d and im- the Globe. It would per!:ps tst answer th+ pur-
previous quesltin, which was ordered, and the hidl Mails, thl, amiendment of the' Senate was agreed the 4th June, decided to postpone thecause--witlli moralizig ide of malicious proseeunion anti con- poge proposed to establish a rule forbidding iha
was ornieded to a thid reading 1y a vote o" 87 to to, and the bill finally passed, a view to prevent his being produced as a witness, spiracles to extort im,|ey or indict, which have \W'hig meaibers to ake speeches at all.--b.
79. rhe bill was read a third tie and lpassed.- The 1 loosQ. went agait into, theo. OAUm;-Ibe v ,-f ,od ,u tr, ud thw e te .f he Ihy rers fo th ,*'1o--n< d i,t tiis Court and
Wlie inen g~ve notice of a m.otion io *,eron-d..r, the VWhole, and took up the OWd HaTbor 'll, as Qis i ctd nd 0wartud tile e Ns 0 by reworks froi the Bonch-and it is also the do. dIMP(nef ShA BO t B!I I
G uve ime t. o s cue e aten anc of N w t- y o &Ithe (Joults to break alny h yer or j+idg o
he having, vt. ed in lWe ,m jo'ity for the [purpose.-- amended ,\, tlle Senate, aimd the bill ,al.i. ap. The Steatnboat il o, beom a l of' the
The liouso r,-Wed to adon The motion to re- I .ropri ,t",onfr the current expenses of the imnn ss. who shall be detected in promoting th,.m, Win lains s.er promeoalaw of t
consider w v,, con-inered, and the prevleMs question D ep rtme,. AFter so me debate the iend nts II hepd(, lt Vt the pr ev ais o n, o, l i an
was 'rtd to tocuo!'dhate pon MAt, and tile were concurred in, adttile C ,ittee reported 1CTEMPERANCE CAUs.--Vith great sat- [-The paperrom which we have made the proprty.Pe s however;t;;portnt
m oio on t o r,.e<,oid .or w as r,ej, vt d. Ma ny, the W AtotIs t the Il~ouse, P1hich al~o concurr ed, isfhction, w e t,'an fer to our colum ns, the !'ol w i|ig a bt~m e extract, contain -s a list Of FO aR TY-T W O crilf- O r all, is a se to i tr d c d n T h s ay b M
Wl~igs (!id ,;rot hik it expedi~nt to" ol~pnse this Dl:'rin. a drtebato~e h*Im obe isfili( we, rmeri~u biol our~ca be.-lt~s \VeEolw~gr'0 xrlt otin lls r^'-'v rm fasTa Ecto R.due nTu~d yM
hili. V came perfectly outrageous, because the. committeee article foim the Mercan-ile Journal; al;id, whatever ver ,aI cae. emlraeing almost every variety of crime, Wy tie htBSTEi .
Saturday, July 7ih drowned lis voice by tla e cry of'ouesion.' our views may be in rgard to the political course 'which were disposed of and finished, at this term th isprietors of stabot Fo n'ries or loss+

In the SENArF, a communic.ation was pr.esn- Mr D. at last excl'dmed, '\Vell, i don't care- of ir IR.ANTOUL, we heartily accord in the praise of the Court.-Eds. 27eg.] ev, in consequence of the bursting of the boilers
ted riom tDom eNew York Chamber of' Comerrce, I want to make a speech, but it' tihe Comlmitlee will Iestowd i, pon tiat grentlernan, for his bo'd andcllpsesc, 1 r
forwaidi, tWe proceedings at i1 m eating ef that allow tie to publsh it, as il it had been spoken, ein efforts the cobleh-iaf of the !)P COimn nrip pidpn.
body h l y -p pro v ui g a*i r port tecently mad o b y w hy I d on 't wind .' fi ent e do as in behalf of llye ad ypeiance C o M i .,N IC A T IC to. -c h a g I
the Committee on Coimnwerce on the subject of 1 Ihis nnnuncihtion was followed by!y loud shouts Cause, and especially for the part he took in the Aessrs Edilors, theumsel Iv proving th.t telos o r |,jur h,,
light-honiscs, ,nd recontii.cding lhe passage of ofrAgrepd .P '1nu)a!'i." 'Wel done, O(hi "P Legislature, in support of the new License law, I hive not observed any notice of the cele- 1)ened wilhutay ni, iiige)c, of the piopr'etors,
he bil re,",t,,d on that subje,.t-. (11Whe rport a- Ille Iighl louse ,ill was also pinsed with some which th e lem .dvertiser and other Ioco-foco brnation of the Fourth by Engine CinoNo. 6, iu or a"y person in their employment This will
bove nientined wnis ft,, the pen of Diovis of amendments in which Loth Houses concurrd., company with lh,.&r old friends of the Ex 18 of make pr ietorscareful as to the pesons whom
Massachusetts,. chirman of the Conmittee on TO bill conis a chuse-which provides that pi have characterized as a "BILL OF ABOM- Bo.ton; and I am sorry for it, f.,)r two reasons;- tiev eblll asa, c u cls-- e pa' e

States. A 1 ti n lnSi' n. Oppo<;i! in.
Maine, .3:3,879 34,358
New |Iawp.ltire, 27,67S 25,221
Ve rnitit, 17,730 22,260
Massachusetts, 32,987 50,595
tR. lhand, about 3,600 4,000
Connectirnt, 21,482 27,096
New York, 140,460 155,883
New Jersey, 25,859 27,36S
Pensylvania, 91.132 85,S!9)
Maryland about 23.000 25,000
North Carolina, 30,000 35,(0 00
Georgia, 33,417 34,179
Kentucky, 23,955 47,416
Indiana, 2S,125 53,867
"'ennessee. 33,606 53,479
Alabama, 21,500 17,753
Mississippi, 12,q23 13,651
Arkinsas., 2,745 1,788
Total in 183tatos, 604,33.5 714,8i3
RI-.1,' hig M ijoriti, 110,488
By putting the above two sums together, we
have the great result:.
within the last eighteen nio thls,

v ;. -... .. ...-.-.- .. .... .. ...
waste of public money in ;,.i attempt to subdue
the } F.orida Indians, was enoughh to have bank-
rupted a government with twice the revenue of
O iU s. 'I lie exact suMn lhrown aw;iy we SUpp)Ose
ill never be know:i, but is vastm. has st:r'ied
civu'y body, and led to thle upq ;iry, Itiw wf it
possiblee" A recee, ip'rt ,t w ide by the (Com-
mittee on Cl:jims of tOw llouIeIO ,f le.,esentaltivt.
shows lhow som.e. of it went. '.!'he cirumiustances
are these:
A regiment of mounted men, consisting of 417,
.vera embarked at St. Louis for the FDotida war.
"-"They were transported by stuan)660als from that
ciiy in Octobier, 1837, to New Orleans, and thence
by vessels to Tampa Bay, where they arrived on
the 26th of November, 1837. The cost of trans-
portat,1iou was $40,88-1,45. On theii passage the'y
'lost hiiia ly aill their horses, and a portion of the
few that ai rived were unfit for service. To pay
for these imrses Congress has passi d a bill appro-
priating ,'35,000. When ilhe regitnent reached
Tam)pta Bay, it was found to b'e too large, and in
four days tlhireafter 183 of the ineii were dischar-
ged, and were p iid $,19,259,i6, were allowed
$20,818,00 for tlh ir horses lost, and had previous-
ly received $ 17,942,09--making in anl $58,019,25,
,expended without the least possible benefit to the
country. In addition to thi sum, wais the expense
of ro-transpoiting them to St Louis, of which no
account had been received, and which will proba-

10 o'clpek, at G G Newhail'g.
09 Essex street,
4 Bpots a Slho.es, by order,

&c. at Auctiop-.
t 11 o'clock,at .o 103 yed^
soid at auction without rt"

with eliptic springs -
hwaton C spring
do eliptic spring
d(19 do
rait springs
Wagon, with eliptic spring
Wagons, with iron axletreel
els, with tire 5 inches wideq
nted Chaise Harnesses
do do
orse, 6 years old
may be examined previous
tion toEzRA Lvmmus, NQ

G G NEWHALL, apct'r.

th July, at 12 o'Wloc, \
ding Ropm, Bogtpp.
res in the Capita! Stock of
il Road Company, will b4
the assessments are previ.

STEAA OA,. rACING. We are sorry o see FOURTH OF JUI ACCIDINT. rntish brig Preston, from Newport, Waes, ar,- birig-----"" i" ... \ f'0 pso ge tedan -.
tathdagrous pracie oe li,.eam, Boat racing ""t, ; '13 ", "th 59 o's 'ol "1,AlMA NA CK. irsy
that the dnro acce o' i Boat racing About 10 o'clock in theevening, ani, f11l lioi, rived at Boston o( Tuesday, with 259 tons iron AL ANACK. i lon 2 30, big T 'ee,
has been introduced into our New England waters. the roof of a four story house in F'r.I.nklin P'lnce, for Eastern Rail Road. One mpre vessel is yet to t -JULY ,- SUN sun MooN -tUL uey, o pstonfor Rotterdam.g OieFCa13
Philadelphia, on which lie had gone in a state of 1838 rises s ri l 3, off Capes of Delaware, bg Ove Cham-
The steamers Narragansett and John W..Richmond intoxication. e was immedi, tely conveyed to arrive. Ia rises sets rises borlain, from Hiavana for Boston.
b~~~~Thrdy. -ntoxicat-on. 7He was 46fd.itl conveye Juo 4----.--_ --..._-____| t nof Capvlatea shpowrth fi'm 'iO.MORO
arrived at Providence on Monday morning, at half the Hospital, and no hopes were had of his recov- C 12f Fnursday... 4 ", 7 36 10 46 2 43 July 4, off Cape ateas, ship Bowditch, from
6 COUNTY COMMISSIOS1ERS. The iew Board 13 Friday....... 4 .35 7 36 11 10 3 24 Poston for Ne Orla TO MORRO
past 5, having made the passage in a few minutes cry. oson o
was organized in this City on Tuesday last. 'lIon. 14 Saturday.... 4 36 7 35 11 34d 4 11 July 8, off CapeMay, sch Packet, from Phila- ."
more than twelve hours from New York, and ar- A lad in New York had his right hand shattered Asa V. Wildes i chairman. We understand that 15 Sunday ...... 4 37 7 34 morn 5 l delphia for Bosto. SMALL
driving at thewharf nearly neck and neck. The by the bursting of a pistol, and another had his Moon's Last Quarter, 14th, 2h. 3im. M. 'Bam= e ---.as,.- .ss -,,..,, of a me
in dI a considerable number of' applications for tlpolhe- Zh.,,36m. -- 111.--- ---J ly 1
New York Conmmnercial, speaking of this affair says: hand dangtrously burnt by the explosion of a a coierLe numhvbeo a deo dfr et A--- ... F.. T... I. .... T i 'S,- ^f_.- ^t *
S'W h h ta p bic d ty to rec d t e ct, quantity of powder, carie. Licenses have been made, from diltlerent T A RI N E J O U l N A L F O -
"We hold it a public duty to record the fact, (arry
and to denounce the conduct of all concerned, in A German was drowned at Nutlman's Place, in t(U%%, in the county. O S< A N Cu ly, at 01 SATU1W
the very strongest language wecan emnp!oy for the the Passaic, where he had gone in to bathe while : O P o s ASINGTON IIAMS, Court Street, extrT
occasion. Have they already forgotten the horri- in a state of intoxication. RATHinuN ACQUITTED.-At a quarter past MONDAY, July 9-ARRIVED serve,
ble catastrophe ofthie Mosele, or the still more h McManu, of Albany ot intoxicated five on Fliday afternoon the Jury in the case of Ship Suimatra, Silver, Sumatra, last fromn Anala- O O L ST TU, c
d,'eadful disa.Mternoftofe Plbaski goOr do they im
dreadful disaster of the Puhski? Oro the on the 4th, went home and bt his wife and thn ijain Rathbun, whose trial for forgery had boo, March 4, via St Helena, May 13, with a full consisting of the following striking likenesses, large 1 do 4
agine that the community has forgotten the m ? Or told her that he would go and drown himself been going on several days, brought in a verdict of cargo pppcr to Jos Peabody. left no Am vessel as life :- 1 do
finally do they mean to set public opinion at defi- which he ef ect d by jumnng of the wharf at the NOT GUILTY. '-When the verdict was announ- on thile coast. Brig Nabob, Putnam, for Pulo PC- Execution Scene f Gibbs and Wansley, Pirates 1 do
ance, as well as the obligatious of humanity o Are foot of Lydius street. ced" says the Buflfldo Commercial, "the court nng, sailed from Assahan, Jan 25. Ship Calumet, they stand in all the proportions, lineaments'& 1 do
the lives o their passengers and the misery of be- i room rang with applause." We should like to Shrevc, fromt Batavia, arr at Si IIelen., May o10, coloringoflif, with the same clothes, 1 do
reaved families-and friends of no account to them, DREADFUL. At the celebration of the Fourth know, what were thle precise in gredients of this and sailed 1 2th for Cowes. roves, &c as at the execution. 2 do
when put in competition with the insane and crim- of July at Ellicott's Mills. Baltimore, a man nam-. burst ot popular ecstacy. The miserable wrecth c't Retrieve, Burnham, Philadelphia. The Dutch Girl, kept and afterwardspoisoned by 1 pair C
inal impulse of this miserable rivalry ?, If it is so, ed Jackson Isaacs, hiad his eyes blown out and his who forges an order for a barrel of potatoes or Sch Republic, Jameson, Weymouth. Gibbs. 2 new B
we do hope they will receive a lesson from the arms shattered, in consequence of the explosion of five dollars worth of clothing, is trundled off to WVVEDNESDAY, July II-ARRIVE) Z E. K1. A VER Y, of Stackyard memory, nd Sd- 1 second
public which they outrage, such as shall make the charge of a cannon, at the loading of which he the penitentiary amidst the hearty g'ee of thile by- Sch Antares, Flowers, BIelfast. rah .il Cornell, his victim.
them feel the enormity of their conduct by its effect assisted. standers, and servedd him right," is the best evi- Sell Champion, VWasga;itt, 1oston. Richard P Robinson and Ellen Jewett, of New A first rate
upon thir interest." e learn from St. Albans Vt. that two men dence of commisseration he can expect to receive, CLEARED-lBrigs Pairiot, J C Liscomb, Maran- York Tragedy. The above
MORE STEAMBOAT RACING. r we er n severely injured on the 4th by the acci- but when a man who has forged either by himself ham and a market, by Jas Upton; Old Colony, (of Jesse Strang, and Mrs Whipple, his paramour, of to the sale on
MORE STEAMB~OAT RACING. Wie learn were so severely injured on the 4th, by tile acei- but. ....ian
from a p ener from the Eastwad that the Au- dental discharge of the un while od a to or by procurement to the amount of a million or Pembroke) Osander Mayhew, Boston; sloop Jack- Albany Tragedy: 10, Federal s
gusta and Huntress came up last night at the rate render amputation necessary. two of dollars, and is acquitted, the joy is so a- son, Gauss, do. and a number of others equally as interesting-
of twenty miles an hour, racing the whole way. bundant and so boisteoous that even the very court Sailed-lrig Patriot. forming altogether one of the best Exhibitions July 9
In coming down t"e rivh r tlacinguth e a y Sv- DREADFUL DISASTER AT SCHENECTADY. room where lie is tried must be disgraced by an ---- ofthe kind ever offered in this country. -
In, confing down the river th'e August3amade sev- c '"l ]rYST
oral attempts to run into the [luantess but filed. The celhbiation of the recent anniversary was at uproar equal to the applause of the pit in a third FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. ._'The public are assured that this Exhibition Y T
So says our informant. 'Eastward the star of ra- tended by disastrous results in Schenectady. The rate theatre. WVe hope tile Buffalo authorities BEVEIl'LY, (News Room) July 10-Arr sch is gut up on a different plan from any ever before .TR
c,, takes its wa "-Boston Express i *'|will never hereafter think of prosecuting any of Louisa, Woodbury, Grand Bank, 26th ull. 16,300 Ioffi-red for their patronage. The figures are new, ONU
Cngta lway" ostcn. l css. Democrat contains the particulars, and says :- the smaller otffenders. It would be too bd to fish to Wim Lovett & Alpheus Da~is. Spoke May and the grouping effective. at B
'Nothing occired to mar the festvties until the punish a counterfeiter of five dol'ar )ills, tor thle 1, sell Ariel, 2000; 17th, Dove, 5000; 21,t, lox- Doors open from 10 o'clock, A. M. to halfpast Fi'HE follow
Tir.E \%VE.ATrHER. Fromnt all parts of the country pyrotechnic exhibition commn,,ced in the evening, forger of fif:y dollar orders-at least, during the er, 4200; 2Sth, Fredonia. 6000; Exchange, 6000; 9 in the ev-ning. Admittance 12 1-2 cent&. the Eas
we receive accounts of the extreme heat of the The apparatus for this exhibition was placed in a present session of thie Court and Jury that have June 2, ;etscy & .lza, 5000; 9th, Eliza Jane, Salem, July 9 epiS sold at auction
present season. Thursday last, was the hottest boat, which was towed out in the canal basin 20 or just tied enjaumin Ratl.bun and acquitted. him. 10,300; 15th, Mary &. Eiza, 5500; Triton, 2000; ----- olsly paid, viz
30 feet fiom the shore, and crowded with bo\s.- \ We know very vwel! how then r...1-, ,,...,*I t...- --- ,, S nit Ptt.rsoni. 6000: 21st. PaR- C i APES X T. Amos Sawte
day we have had for several year,, some of our After tlH% i'nh.,hge of a few rrckets the manager answered. WVe shail ,e told that we know noth- gon. 1,300; Mechanic, 13,500; Cyrcne, 10,300; .,.p. ^ <', T-'nrm Js ,,,
thermometers, in shady situations, rising as high as let off what was termed a water rocket, whiwh, ing about the merits if the case-that we did not &eventh -on, 7700; 25th, Lodi, 13,000; July (, --' ERY VIIIPPLE has just received a ca0e AS Fo 1:5letof x9at.agtern d-..aer rAcot vi-dat eA n t
102 degrees. We had a thunder shower on Thurs- after performing sweveal of its detined serpentine har the trial, and have therefore .no right 1o ex- Angler, from Western Groed for aeverly, 22,0(5,0 r ,DY\IE LETTxR P r o f2 j
day night, which cookd the atmosphere, and Fri- ottions in the water, bounded back into the Loat press an opiior, ad all that. e h tame the right -repl'rted the 1ary Susal. ith :30,00 15h. (broken) which he offrs at the low pce of Shl
atmono thee mast of rockets still undischarged, and to judge. We do know whtt Rathbun has done. Heard frtom June 12, ( arolin, 9000; 15t, On oar Smith
day, Suturday and Suntday were quite comfortable caused them all at once to explode. All the indi- anwi now, we know what this Jury has done-nad President, 7000; 18th, Waterioo, S000; Ann, Sa- (A .Ia a e- J sSheo-en
days-but on Monday the thermometer again rose kiduals standing round or near theem were more or we shall speak of them us we choose. lem, 4000; 19th, Alpha, (6000; 'al adium, 12,- A^ As--Def,-cti e Braudywine, hot pressed, at J Woodburr
to about 95, and at :2 o'clock on Monday night, less buined-some of them very sevyeely. In tile .. Y. G tz. 500; 20ih; Caroline, 10,000; Jrerson,, 8000; A- .ul0 er ream. street
stood at 82, a degree of heat, we believe unpar-- midt of their agony they jumped into the canal, ---..--.- eren900; Ldy Cf the L ke, 600; 21st, et- P ord
alleled, at that hour, for many yeans. Th1 win and .he .,ost (f them swam to the shore in saf.lty, ORDINATION.-On Wednedday, June 20th, 100.lza, 8000; liza Jne, 12,000; Active, ooks. Boson, Jun
while others were drowned. Tlie extent ol the 1 G J. : w in d 1 P> o of i '. S ern ne, 1 \el r i"*
chann,,pr to til.e easiwa-id on''n or *udiy Fi, no nn -,, -n I* i i < Mlr JOEL L Ei KN NY Wit day O Uan cd a S Pa?0101lH __ I.- '* ]t "S 1.( 1'!(0('C
changed to the eastward on Tuesdaiy forenoon, and calan.it, is isnt f ullk known, as it lhas been found M r JoELan's \Oit,--a plIa by James Sherid n ll
the cool breeze was refreshing. The wind was a- ilipra'ticob!e to drain off all the water f6om the khptist Chiurch in \Ven(ham,. Reading of the Ss' I A sTER, ETC iKImnowles.
gain S W. yesterday morning; the thermometer canal basin. The bodies of three young men have Scriptures-and Prayer, by Rev. Mr Mansfield of' o lo aa or 1 l stn, ln Cifford; or the iu of Refo, b On ESDA
was about 80 at 7 o'clock, and rose in the course een discovered, which were So dreadfully Jdifig- Wenhaml); Sermnon, by Rev. J. Bnv;rd of Salcl; hol, on rid flernooh ilst. C t I lft the .author of: Paliv. M. in fot N
a uled that they could bo identified only by soints1 r a in J ust, e. 3I r o -a' i p n a a a n S'trd]> i>. p. Just published, arid for ale lvb l o l ll th
of the day to 100, in some shady situations. In article abO 't their persons. Their ltno are The- P ay r, by M. Carlton of alm; p d landed i"at Nantucketn Saturday, ad po. Just bl a d 1 i 0 b alt
the afternoon we had some thunder, and a slight odore Allen, John Rogers, and -- Johnson." Charge, by Rev. J. Vayland of Salem; ight cr. stlculat and ,ghtrs 'o Rav a *o, on 0f 12 tears dg. NE.Vsupe
sh o w er *l" I "C i- i o -h ip b y R""'e v N % V \V ;i. t, ,es o f tl e 'a0 1 () t hi" r r .lu rl th e sh ip h a d d isa p p e a r- J-ly
show er. ,l d0of .'elo p, by "ev. N ". .. .. ..f 1 sec nd
---- o Id a;;d was inot to )be fond. It is supposed that '1
The New York Gaz tc sg ;. that Mondiv was T 1, ivy; Conclu ding Pla er, by Rv. Mr Kni-ht she (i;ed, ll vr a: sk ,, 'he .y ,t,,, ,t ,s) Ie dP) i n ilTe 2 new lh

W, ptI
Otice, 2

alls, 6
DAY, a
will be

wheel P
Gig, sta
Light \
art Whet
rass mou
I hand

family H]


)AY, 14
,gs' Read
ring Shar
tern Rat
, unless

y 4ith

e 1 18

:, HTn
C. at.
iT N PX'
o 24. St
1e manuuf

irior Car;
anit C.


S rdoS r



'" ^ [ 1,OLLSol' 25 conts p.ap ,r H ngi,,s, finish
- '4 whole sheets and good colors-this 4 Chiises, brass and silver mounted
day received aid fjr sale by 1 second hand do
%v & S B IVF, S 1 Buggy WVagon
July 12 r il. sc ndan a gons
v_ t e ,ns I u i,i g 2 sec, n alt n \\ ag ons
7i nw -[rss mounted Chaipe Unnmesses
renolHOlglrcal B tS S 1 set Car agte Harnesse, first rate
"T"OR sale by 4 second hand Chaise and Wagoen narnesse
1VES & JEWET'T, (6 Eing'ish riding Bridles '
July 12 193 Essex street 4 Saddles
N"- V J- OO_ -. Ctamise and \Va;nn .C!'lals, superior Travelino
INeW BooS. iTrun!,, WhVip, &c &c
- O.YOMAN'S Wit or Love's D)ig,,ises; The above stock was ,)anufa.cltred in the hb(t
' Dewey's Sermniorns, New E'dition; manner, of superior finish, by Mr JONATHAN
Ellen Clifford, or the Genius of Hefoiin; X \V\kD), of this City. The sale will be unlimilt d
Towndow's New Caligraphic Work; affording a rare orpoituuity to those in want o('
do Stenography, a beautiful work. such articles.
For sale by thie Dozen or Singlp, by JAMES N. ARCHER, Auc.
IVES JE.WETT, July 12 (az. & CoQn.
July 12 l133 Essex street ~ n A '- n~r Ti 0 *i i '
July 12 Esex street ON SAT i'RDAY, Julv 21, at 11 o'clock,
Sewall s Pencils G. G. V EWH.ILL'S Office, .Y 209- E ,
SND lrookman and Lanadon'8s, sex Street.
SA. For sale by te dozen or groce, IX Shares in the New Market Mlanufacturinr
IVES JE bWETT'e S Comipany-and a claim on the Hlouse of Jol)m
July 12 ook nd Stationers' Store. Gardner & Co. of Rio Janeiro, for 9,289 milreas--
July 12 Boo and Statioers' t pledged as collateral, july 12.
July Periodicals. ...
O,70RTI1! Ameiican Review; Spirit of the Mag- TIC K' S
.N tzines and Ainuals M;i s ackwood for JuneI
(^..,,),, A t^-t....- -- -.-*. y. "- "Tees-f q-'i"X5yIq- yi^^ri'i^^ ^^^ WF-'.-'-
New York .Leview for July; Libr;ly of Fealth. Fr sale by V. 8 S. IV.S
e vic d Se1v a u

letirned to Nautucket. The N. 11. lhid a cargo of
35 otf r ...."' boxes white sugar. ThPere is an in-
surance at several ollices in 1onton of .' 00,000 on
Sthe vessel, 10,000 on ihe freight, and 37,000 on
the cirgo; and .''70,000 on the cargo in London.
'The Nthil Hooper was a fist class vessel, of 427
tons, on lhe" second voyage, ainJ owned by Nathl
1jrougli;on, Esq.
From ltd evening's Transcript.
T' 'j'IIP NATHANIEL O-inOPER, front ll11a-
vana, was fallen in with on Sunday efveiuing, by
brig Owive (01o llberlain, from Havana for Hoston,
who put four men on boair', and on Monday, by
schr ClimKax, Sluddard, on a mIackerel cruis,, who
put three men on boawd 40 miles E bv S. of Chat-
hiam, and b .d ] hid 12 hoursTair wind from the spot
filien in with by the 0. C. The ship hliad six feet
of water in her hold.
The Mercma;tile Journal san3:-
'1 lhe Nathaniel Hooper aup ived in Boston Harbor
this aft-irnoon. hlie muiSt have drifted off the
siwal du ing the absence of the Captain and crew,
a.d w.th a wstlerly wind was soon out of sight
plf tih shoil.
ho sa!v;,gn wvil; aniount to something to dhose
limcy fellows; who picked her up, as we learn that
theie was inistirancte onl the vussel and cargo to tiu
amount of -147,(00 dollars.


k .





of BvUerly Far1; s.-[Com.

The "Essex County Olive BDraich Cicle" w
ho'd a sale for the benefit of the Am. Peace Su
city, at No 2, County Street, on 10-edoesday tl
IStlh inst. to commenceo at 10 o'clock, A. M. ai
co)ni:iue through the day and eveningr. Fr--e a(
mitltance, 'I,. L. DUGE, Sec'y.
July 12.

[Reported for the Daily Adverti'er and Pitiiotl
At market 200 !eef Cattle, (40 .unsod6 I,
week) 15 Cows and Calves, 1930 Sheep, and 22
Swine. All tlhe Swine were reported last wee
120 Reef Catt'e, and 20 Swine remain unsold.
Pi'rciCs-Beef Ctittle-Dull; a few sales onul
effeted, purchasers refusing to pay the prices al-
ed, ai.d the Drovers refusing to submit to a redur
tion. \VWe quote first quality at 7 75 a S; second
quality ,7 a 7 50; third quality) 6 25 u 6 75.
Cotes and Calces-Sales were iade at $25
30, 32, 35, aind "S,
Sh ecp--Sales quick : lots were sold at 2 b3,
50, 2 67, 2 S8, and F3.
Stwie-Dul!; no lots were sold, and lIes thm
',0 wer' r',latid at about last week's prices. 'J'Th
demand for Swine hias very much abated; coins
lu!;.ilty D~iices must di.'clnitt.

Th, meni)eirs of Enngine Conipany No 9, r.-.;I
tllhdir sincere thanks to the Memnbers of Engin
Company No 2, of' Sileut, for their kind rcptIlo
and icl collation 4iven theim on the 5th inst. A
so to the Membtleris of E:igine( Conmp my No 6i, f
their polite attentioni and g;('t erois ho-pitalty.
DI')VWAil if. RIIODLS, Clerk.
Niagara M ill, Essex st.
I.)iiII J16). 9. G

n sses, Saddlery-
, July 17, 9 o'clock, A,
. Pete '" st;eetC, Sale ;I, %A
actured Stock of said Shop a

yalls, fitted f)r 1 or 2 h1 r>-
sprn!o ChoisesOfsuperi
SlIrinu; Chalises of superit;.,.

..-', D .. . EATH BY LIGHTNING. IJz l)-lll lAOW, nocPw I
the hottest day experienced i, that city for a long 2 and timeline Low, ag d 14, d uahtrs of tr
time. "The mercury in most thermometers has in. ,Loww, residing e Spartanlurgh Co iiit
stood as high as 9S-several of them were at one I ouseS (.., were killed by lighting on TTues-
hundred, and at the Navy Yard, at Brookly n, it day, tle 19th lt, The young ,woman had gone
stood at 102 1-2 in the shade! An average of the toa plumb orchard at a-ltledistaince from their
thermometers in the city has probably indicated father's house, shortly after reaching which it
niiadyi six- ninety five at least." I I ** i i1 1
ninelyx-ninety five at least." commenced rainitng, when they took shelter under
At Poughkeepsie on lThursday last, -the ther- a tree, and were struck dead at the same moment.
mometer rose to 97 in the shade! and 150 in the Another person, about 15 fo't:t off, was struck
iun senseless, and received some injury, but is now,
JUNE 18 308 .1837we are pleased to s:tv, rapidly recovering.
JUNE 183S. JUNE 18;37.-
68am 2p I 10p/i 6Tam 2put lpin The thunder shower on Thursday evening, was
1 52 S 57 1 a55 67 61 3 very severe in Ipswich. A p-ir of oxen and a cow,
2 53 67 56 2 59 7S 63 Ielonging to Mr Moses Richards, of Rowley, were
3 53 70 59 3 62 74 63 killed b) the lightning.


4 57
5 57
6 57
7 57
8 58s
9 57
10 63
11 70
12 74
13 70
14 67
15 63
16 67
17 67
18 62
19 53
20 51
21 54
22 63
23 62
24 63
25 58
26 62
27 58
28 61
29 65
30 632
Mean heat


1838, |

v^AW*- --


SUBLIMAT'E.-A young lian by thle 1nare of
lates, in Jessamine co. (Kv..) was afflicted by a
ring-worm or tetter on his chin, and ws advised
to use the above as a remedy. Hle did so, and
shortly after the application, was seized with vom-
iting, and other alaruming symptoms. Medical aid
was called in, but without avail: he continued to
grow worse, and died in a few days.
BRuTAL SPORT. An English paper slates that
a priz., fi-lht for .20 a side, lately took place in
thle neighborhood of Newcastle upon Tne, be-
tween t[ o noted pugil'.,ts. After ti !hii.g an hour
-aid t.v, .. u i.. ute o IQ tl a arpant
at d ',hli t ., ;I the re- ii; ed ,pe':;atorr o (ne c,
them received a b ow on the j g-l.hr vein, which
knocked him sensclcss, anid lie died thle samet
rier states that a child in that city, of respectable
parens, came to its death hy l:ivin adnini-gtrrd
to it a dose of arsenic instead of ni'eia, which
was put up by .1n apothecary's clerk, in thle ;ib-
sence of i his employer. 'lhe child died in about
two hours.
Henderson, the counterfeiter, who lately escap-
ed fiom the jail in VWashiniigtont, has been captiur-



0, of cIarheilchen., 3000; lv)th, Saully, w,, 0000; lHal.
ante, do 0);; 2 lI, Maitha, do 10,000; scent,
" Salem, ,C0(;"($ )spray, ,Larb ehead, 12.000; !.ea-
"r Iq d) 7000; 211t, ebucca, do 9500. tiernd
from, June 20, Vanio, do 70L ; fahine, d.) 1' t,
,000; S.siex, ,do I10,500; lalMa, do 9000) ; 'atritt,
'do 13,000; E izi Ann, 15,000; Mary, do 6500;
| ,aarhe!wead, do 10,000; Good Exchlange, do 6000;
John Q(incy Adams, Salem, 5000.
Arr at Pliy mouth, O0th, sclhs Linet, Gruiind Bank,

^"*r- - e*- "- --- -
{' FISH '..l 1 .E N.
'; A tr at A la i ,.-A,3 1d, 'thl, sI,:i Cvres, RonndvY, 61
rB lank, 12,,00 i-h -: absent 4 1mo0ths, and reports
i tS.o..;y ..carce'. Spoke June 15, schs (Garland,

'ub '-i o ,A.,
July 12 198 Essex street,
New Books.
o y 00h S.
'Ty'ORAL Views pf Commferce, Society and.
lAil Politics, in twelve Discourses, by Orville
Vv'oiwan's Wit, or Love's Diguises-a Play in
five acts, by J. S. Knowlus, author of the 'llHuch-u-
b)ack," &-c. ^c.
Ellen Clitibrd; or the Genius of Reform, by the
author of the Palfras. Just published and for

J illy 9 ...... ......

.....' ." "; ". -" .:A ":' 4 -; .

...,:.. . .
". .. ,-,% : i^
.. .. ,' .. "'. ,(.- .' g ,,

F I ,E subscribers respectfully give notice, th
Ti they continue the
at the Old Sta'd, M *"-'et W har., tont street, di,.
r t a--.-- the -rke eP.se, Slem,--wher

M ablee and Slate G-"ave-Stones, ar,"w" M" menti
1vork of every desci-iption-Soip-Stone Fire-Place4
aild G3rates for Coal, of various Mid Imost approve
paitterns-MIarble a!-d Free-Stone Ilearthw, ptnj
.',''' ....'; ".'. ." *7 -/^ /~ J Ill.I.,, *L.*^ .' '

build work of a1 r indsp e usually found n tie sii- '
an establishment.

Tley have oit hand avtfine assoitmntl of Italiaq

arld Americand S ble, for Grave-Stones, yyhich will
be sold at the lowest prip-ces. t
S.Their friend, and ofe public in the neipp'ghbo.v,

townb,,in want of any article in the above line, art
united to call aod see for themselves.
Salem Iapil 30 A. & D. LORD,
-: "" --.- % --- ... == --- l .:.,

^'T1"'' L"LF7' E -

TO-LET, on a Lease of 3 or 0
.. -r v' --. year. Store No 8 FI ront t- silit"
"- l -!o for a T ailor (-o-in Sie-,
Esbscribes rsappYt l J. SHAT iW et
tjhy 5 21 Front St.

at the O Fd It :, 1te V Wtr, c rontat, eet, of,

rt back f te ^MretIt o, pSa t l -h
.rb a d S tiie use 252 EGsrex siroet, c(;onve-
b d w r f: nicet for a smaall fal ily. Ef iu,, e tlCPA
S.254 Essex street.
July 9 i

Thek, Colton, afoolln fand Linetmn Dyer
-Ii)s'I WN-
Con>I 1INU ES TO ayE AN) Fl H I 1 IN THE bL,
Al A N N IF' It ,
,ted ROADCeLOTIiS--Ctshimores,
ESae Saprti0s-- Lii. rin)s,
Crapes--- i'lnai;,
Sik Tiln O L CoL ,on!. Veivelrs,
Wi.t-.d Carords--e lnd Fnttita
Caml yl air. Silk 51nd Co n Srlawst.

hiIat of JnI 10e

66. lTherm. highest

61 63-100. Hlinghest 83:

91-lowest 51. lowest 48. ed on board a steamboat at Cinciinnatli on his way r )r EVA ay1,,hving app-inted .M:sssrs V & 14,000 ish,; Enterprise, do 9000. Spoke Eliza- July 12 1<8 Essex street.
to Texas. S B IVES, f Salehm, Agents foir the County of Es- bith, Maiblehead, 5 weeks 4000; Only Son, do 5 ..... .
Sx w u1 i < ctfuly Ake known to the do 50A0; Statesmani, do 11 do 14,000; Edward, Sperm Candle.
-APPOINTMENTS BY TilE GOVERNOR, Th e body of a man was found suspended by ,l do if,000; (ene, Beverliv, S do 10,000; Supe- s Sof S1emde Sperm Can1C
With the advice and consent of the Coancil. th- neck in a patch:l of woods, between East Cam- rtil' Of 0 O ,ior, ilcn, G do 0ooo0; Vesper, do 8 do 14,000 5( dlus, paetwc s n wih
bridge and the C colleges, o il S ailurdav in~o tuiliug : hat th ev are tile G en u al A Delt~ e [s'," foi-r the sale or ,
COMMISSIONERS FOR REVISING THE, Ip IiIU1t ; I1 1 r V V s ning. r iALES.ved a for le upon BOs-
COMI IONR S .FOR R VIS G THE From pi t),rs found in his pocket, it i supposed to the i vlluahle icitno, al led EVAN]S' CA'outA)A i W HALERS. .,
Levi LincoMILITIAof orcester. be leutu;u W eston of East Cambrdge. MILE and 1' N T PI'i, and a'so the cele-, CId at Boston, lith, ship Louisa, Wooley,' At- t7 ll 12th opposite Central street
Thomas Twining of'Sandisfiold. The Plhiladelphia Ledger snys that there were brated SOOTHING, SYRLPjur Chitl.ren we/z lantic ;and Indian O(eans. -...... .. ..-..
Martin lirimmer of 'Boston. upwaids of oe hundred ga,inmg tables in opera- cutting their eth. Arr at New-Bcdford, 8th, barque Winsl,,w, Gif- \\I CommTon SChool
George Peabody of Salem. tion on l:he hill opposite Fairmount, on thle 4th It seens unnecessary at tlhia tim, when the a- foid, Atlaulic Ocean, 1 00 bbls sp oil. Sai.ed 9tl, 139, Emacig Education
Osmyn Baker of Amherst. inst. bove neeincie is so well known, to speak of its ships America, Coie, lid Ocean; Albion, Smith, do. ,,Astis, rMaxims, Anecdotes, &c &c.
Solomon Lincoln of Ilingham. 0 :I1ns o the at tent n of tlhe )ie,k bt we are "id froit Nantucklet, 4th, ship American, Uaker, id, ad for sale by
e uon Lwinco of Iir.ngha.1 ti rThe t ( h ileaveland lera.A, in giving an account of assured that thre- are great iiunitlers whlo hlave Paific. N JuJ Vpe & Er sae t
Thomas Twining of Sandisfield, to be Shen fl'of a public execution, states that hundreds were not had the advantafres of" this valuable aid mid Ci At Nuw-Yor-, ft!, ship Etdw- ard, D, S y
the County of Berkshire, in place of' henry C. i present in wometn's clothes." Never was ,theic a remedy for the diso d'ers iicidet;t to the hun1an Adntic. Jr;Iv 12 9Et,
Brown, deceased; John J. Clarke of Roxbury, An- 110,ore deserved sarcasm. system. m Silve.
erd LBassett of Taunton, Fl iln IDexterF 35 elk ehfefs, the manufacturtfcates which Dr Evans has received A-HIVALS, CLEARANCES, ETC. CASE of superior Gernan Silver Tea nd
war C Lrig ndJoep \iia:d F ~son 3;3 silk lvandkerchi'efs, the nmanufacture of" the If he("'
,a re any V i;d i( '.;tt itn (of w h ich u p w a rd s o w d A rr a t B~o sto n, S th bil (UOq u C A S Er'lrr ck
William Porter f Iee hnd Thoras oison o Westches-er Silk Company, were so!d at auction a y t (o wich upwards of tnty Arr at ston, 8th, baqu vat, erck N Table Spoons; Desert and Tble Forks; Cas-
Adam s, to be Masters i, Chance. last week t from 1 75 to 3 each, i single lots. jice usand l have been received) then it is indeed Or!ens, 22d, S\V Pass, 24th ult; brig Two Sis- cut Glass bottles; uter Knives, &c-
Adams, to si in ancy. a Medicine which is needed alove all others.- ters, Parkinion, do XW Pass, I18sth; sch \WVarri:r, ts withC ut fo bthes uter s, c.r
Henry A. S. Dearborn of Roxbury, Commisis- MoiiE TiouBLE. It is staled in the Augusta c(amoile is highly ;lpp-oved hi every physician, lHanimiond, do do 20th; 9th," brigs Caroline, O)ri- lowus, liolnpt n d retail by
sioner to supenrtend negotiations with Senuca Age, tht )r iotuos, who was appointed by (ov-. and lhe mann1er"in wi0ch tllls is coirpounded ito ver, do do 14th; \V'asIingtoi>, \Weston, do do 2lst; low w d tl CHASE,
Indians. ernor Kent of mi ine, to explore aid survey ite Piliils is a (dcsider tuin long wilhed for. ; 10Ih, ship Gibraltar, D)ulbl r, Havana, 2St); brigs oppose Central street
[By the Resolve of April 19, 1838, the 'new puTlic lans on the Aroostook, has been ordered Ths Medicine is the only one which h:as the nd- I'restonr, (Br) Fi.sh, Newport, Wales, May 24, with 7 opst
Board of Commissionors are to report to the nxt ot lthe territory by the 13 British authorities, and has proval anid reconnmendation of the Medic:>l Facul. 295 tons ail road iron; Favorite, Kendrick, St Jo- Coper's Rivets,
Legislature such a revision of the laws for lhe or- retfild hole. ty; atd the General Agent for Essex County, has, seplhs, 20:h; schs Bann.ir, (unig;ham, rinidd, Ill sizes, jt; impor.td and for sale by
gpnization and discipline of the iti itia as tVey It was tlhe saying of Sir WVillian Temiple, thut withl "l week, sold one dozen packages to a phy- 19th.); Della, Sutton, Baltimore; llinois, iaker, VM 11 CHASE,
shall deem expedient.] the only way for a rich man to be healthy, was to sician for his own prescriptions, in one town of his Phi'adelphia; sloop Abigail, \Voodbury, Beverly. 7 o t oppos Central eet
,ager" 7 trio 2tredopthsibearque Blnseee
----live as if hie was poor-by exercise and abstin- agency- Cleared 9th, barque irney, [Iopkiis, Crontll ; .........
A BUGBEAR. It is become quite fashionable once. For a list of his sub-agents plouse refer to his brig Tenedos, Pralt, St .aino; lOth, ship Azelia, Fi'O otV- 1-OA'*
of late to denounce all persons, who avow them- othur advertisements. Fisk, R icIhiiond. Sailed 9th, barque Bilnley. CIA IN-FIRST VESSEL.
selves in fvor of temperance, of keeping the U cio. P Lowell Courier says tlt S P\\EL., 36 Cornhill, oson, Arr 11 th, ship Nathl HIlooper, from Havan, hav- ,
Sa b t h lo o '- ow -G a r(, !e'Og,,sf r .asst chis"'/s. w, been fallen in with; br14s Mss-seng,!r, lligi ,
Sabbath holy, or of any of the great mol prici- an ijuction uinst th Lowell iaks proceed- General etsfor sscs/. i been flin in wih; ris Mesener, iin, ack sl L i, lw ,
pies of the day, as fadtics. The fear of bvein, inn- any further in its t-isiess wa., issued on Mon- \V & S 1B IVES. ( 'ndiz, June 5; Garlet, Thatcher, urinaum 16th --.lrw llm.et wi m p d to pa ..
called a "fanatic," has prevented many an individ- day l ty ltie S u te Judicial (Coart ii sessio, in ap. l 10 .-g 0 for f.;/'c Co.',,--- l ilr.- Cleared, ships Triton, urg .ss, and G(roto.n, o. RO-P S pssage a l
ual from fo!Howing the dict:ites of his conscience that city. T-'=-.....,--. -^ -..r-.cTvy.C :---. '. Brown, Cranstadt; Chliarlesto), ID.ll, New Orleons; Smith's whaul .
and throwing all his- influence into dhe scale of big-i. Caroline, Driver, Gibraltar. i
truth and virtue. The n however, ii geling The WVestbrook Bank Robbery. Fifteen hun- t.. Ar at New-York, Sth, sloop Warsaw, Godfrey, Phidadelpia,
d i edut h fi fyd o lir t uw re. 'lfldhl l i l l cev ,,i lho w e v e r ils g eN e v Jt i1 1g1
too common to produce a piniranelt ill effect-and dred ad fity dollars were fished up from the loot In this city, on Tuesday evening, by Iev al- Salem; 9th, ship John Jay, Spencer, Gottenbu g,
already conveys a meaning quite different fromll il- of tlte Steamlboat w\linf in this city on Satiiday- aid. ,ir Joseph A. DanlUorth to ..s Saraih E. Nich- y 25; lri'gs Volant, \Wright, 'alerno, 93; 510th, ,-. THE Sch TEMPERANCE, Loach
liberal, narrow-minded zeal and bigotry. Thile ;1350 in bills and .s200 in gold. It is supposed olis. Olinda, Savory, Havana, 28ih ult. Cld 6th, shliips master, will sail as above in one
National Gazette, speaking of this kin( of "fanatic- litee were five robbers, as tie above surn cufbra-, I n Maib!'ehead, by R cv Mr Norwood, Mr Isaac Louis Phiipp-, Csoff, iavre; 7th, Severn, Pae, ., week. For Freiglt or passage, ap-
s"I o'W,.I..-pool; 9 1,toathsonSasterion aboard ;rCow
ism," which isso frequently denounced by the de- ces aboutone fifth of the money stolen. The rob- Stone to Miss Mary E. 1Iown. Liverpool; 9th, Samson, Sturgis, L.).ndon; Cow- I pl. t the master on or t
lenders of intemperance, infidelity and Sabath- ber prubabi) csciped to Buston in the SteamilLoat In otor., by {ev Samuel La;tson of rrighliton per, [euichinan, S;ivanna!. E. & E. R. SECCOIB
-breaking, says, "would to Heaven it abounded f tie 2d ins and faring detectioni,thrrcw Its mo- Mr Zebuloi W. Da\ison to Miss Abby Kenp, o:h Air nt Plihidelphtia, 7th, sch Edwin, M'Kenzie, July 5h. Forrester's Whf.
more than it does. Better that than the hundred, 1(y ilto tle w:.ter.- porutand Alu. of Gloucester. Sydney,, CB. 21. Below 9th, ship St Cloud. Col- .. .. ....
of taverns, the rud, oaths, the dismal evidences I .. .. ..- ... ... burn, fti loidonrderry. Cld 7th, sch New Union, I'O L Ei.
of ostentatious, biazen immorality, that are en- Among the affecting incidents connected with 13 ch, salm The western end of ,,welling
countered in our streets to the dishonor and defile- the loss of the Pulaski, we find it stated' by Ca1p- In this city, on Sunday, Sarah E. Willis, aged Cld lat Charlreston, ads"lhip, Narragansett, SamP-. ..,. Iouse, No 14 Alin street,- has
nment of the land." Mer. Jour. tmin Rooks, of thle schr. PI'loughboy, of Boston, 16 years. Sol, Liverpool; barque Turbo, eauchap.do. recently been put in perfect order,
Arr at New-Orleans, 2d, barque Nimrod, Patter- ,,,- ."- "',:- aden eu toro e rtW ft-
that having been driven to the Soutli during the Il Miss Eliza Chipman, eldest daughter of Dea. R., A ordat w-ur ld s hbaique N(or, ater- convenient for one or two fa
ABRAVE OLD OAK. I n a recent interview m ; ,.ir1 ir11* ii' soil Bordeaux. Cld ship Chatham, (Goihanill, U1v- |I 1^n '^ni~
ABAVE OIL\ OAK. In a receDt interview ale, on the 26thi of June, lie fell in with a wreck, M. Chinman. o s. App to WM. P. GOODHUE,
with lon Inhn 0 AolnmQA a m ,lie rlir ,ns d his vis.t- ... r -.... ... ,: ... .... .- .1.. ... erpool; bar ue GanIes, F ord, M arseilles; sec Con- i., t I I I. .

Is health dOsirable?

A Real Blessing to Mothers. Extreme Purgation not necessa- NEW ARRANGEMENT FOR THE
Dr J. L. FP.MR 1.N 'S ry to the acquisition of sound X st w .eNt ,OIdgiDl
On their Teeth. EVANS respectfully asks the attention of! .
r Child ting theirthe read for a few moments, while: he P. '-
TO MOTHERS AND NUflS2S. proves to hima, to a demonstration.that Purgation
HIS intallible remedy has preserved hund (as claimed bia noted Quaci, tf'the pie-eat d ).
reds of Children, when thought p-istrecov is not necessary to the acquisition ot sound health,
ery, from convulsions. As soon as the Syru ;"s but that "n the contrary the enjoyment of health Fare reduced to Cents
rubbed on the gumsin the child will recover. This depends wholly on pie-erving t: e comnplicnwd -WiIiE above Stages will run daily (Sundays a
preparation is so innocent, so efficacious, and so functions of the STOMACH, LIVER, IN I ES- cepted) as follows over the Salem Tat
pleasant, that no child will refuse to let its gums TINE and LUNGS in healthy ad vgorons s, oe the Salem Tu
be rubbed with it. When infants are at the age tate, through the operation of which the BODY pike. i:- o'clock
of four rnths, though there is no appearance t receives its growth, its utitn and ts support; Leave Salem at 1-4 before 7 o'clock
teeth, one bottle of the Syrup should bd used on and when these are detinged the whole system 8 A.
the gums, to open the pores. Parents should becomes disordered. The blood is made from half past 9 "i
never be without tho Syrup in the nursery where the contents of the stomach; has its red color at -2 past o'clock
there are young children; for if a child wakes in and vitality given to it by the action of tne lugs, at 1-2 past 3 P.
the night with pains in the gums, the Syrup im and as it perforons its duty in circulnting thro ghi at 1-2 past 5 "
mediately gives ease by opening tihe poles and the veins and arteries, has its Nellow or bili.us Leave Boston at 9 o'clock, A. M.
heeling theaguns; thereby preventing Convul- excrement, which may be termed its refuse or 11 A
tions, Fevers, &c. worn out sediment, collected and discharged by "* 8
0- PROOF POSITIVE OF THE EFFICACY the liver Now there -are various causes that 44 < 4 P M4
OF PARIS'S SOOTHING SYKUF. will affect and derange these organs with which 46 6 P. M.
To the Agent of Dr Paris's Soothing Syrup: the blood has nothing whatever to do Thus I" 6 J
Dear Sir--Thie great benefit afforded to my the stoma-ch may be utter y debilitated in one Books kept in Salem, at the Lafayette Coff
suffering infant by your Soothing Syrup, in a moment, by affright., grief, disappointment, House, and at the Stage office, Wewt Place;
case ot protracted, and painful dentition.-must iteitof ihe weadmer, or any other nervous ac Boston, at Doolittle's City Tavern, Brattle Stree
convince every feeling parent how e seminl In a tion; and be wholly unable to digestits food WILLIAM MANNING.
early application of s'ich an invaluable miiicinte -Is the blood to blame for this? A nervou, May 28, 1838.
is to relieve infant misery andl torture. My in action of long continuance will produce set- --
far t, while teething, experienced such au.nte suf ted DYSPEP:IA, with head ache, bile, mental I'ifiutl ble Real. EN't 'fe for Jll ,
ferings, that it was attacked with conrvu!sionrs, and physical debility, and a funeral retinue of That valuable Estate, sit
and my wife and farinily supposed that de-th other evils Is th.> bhi od to blame for this? In- ated on the corner of Essex a
would soon release the babe from anguish, till we temperance. by iifiainma the coats of the -toach t <'roibie streets, measuring 69 fe
procured a bottle of your Syrnp ; winch as soon and leaving it in tfl.-cd prostrate weakness; and o 5 n1-2 inches on Essex street, a
as applied to the grls, a wonderful change v as ;an undue quantity and contiouane of purgative 15 feet on romb1-2 inhes on E street. It will be sold enti
produced, and after a few applications, the child medicine by pr,.ducing the same effects, I be divided into four lots-two of them will enti
displayed obvious relief, and by contiauling in ius this oriaus almost out (,f use for digesting whole. or be divided into four hots-two of them wi!l
uise, I atm glad to iufor Mnyou,the child ihas coni .some soad food, and thus imapoverish the blood good building lots on Crombie street, measuring
pletely recovered, and no recurrence of that aw ad tile whole sysmen Is the blood to blamne for by 73 feet; on,- lot on the corner, measuring on I
fui complaint i is sine occurred; the teethi are atis ? Agaii, in regard to the LurnLs, it !s well sex street, 24 feet, and on Crombie street, 65 fe
'in nating d:ily and the ctild l vys perfect known, itiata lm*>i.. cold,. IIIi R.u I ... u -n
ntt. I gv~-youy cheerful poeranssion to fe'ot or a current of air, will in fl.me the bron- repair, which with small expense can be made i.
make this acknowledgment public. and will glad chia ail down through the branching air tubes of a good dwelling; the fourth is oni Essex street
Iy give any information on this circumstance. the lings and create either excessive in mcuuins there nieunring 45 feet 5 1-2 inches, and 79 1
WMN. JOilN ON. or that d.edt'ul insidious disease, (Coiisumnption. feet deep. with a cart way of 15 feet into Cron&,
aji A gentleman who has made trial of 1)r with pustules and suppuration of the lobes., hich, street-on this lot is n large 2 story wooden buil
Par is' So thing Sy:up, in his family (in case of tho.sgh timely remedies may prevent, no eab-tlily ing, oak frame, in good repair, whih is capab
a teething child) washes us to tate th found skill an cure Is the blood of the fair and bloom, with small expense, of being made very conve
it entirely effectual it rehev inug pain in the gl, ts. g victimn to blaine for this ? So the liver, when ient for two families. Apply to the subscriber
and preventing the consequences which some- clinate, sedentary habits, intemperance or other he premises. X. 11. SHAW.
times follow We cheerfully comply with his protrating causes have withered away or parely.- Sale, Jan22, 183
times follow W ceers. y co zed it with distention, becomes unable to carr lem, Jan 22, 83
reqouest.-Boston lTimes. off the bile from the circulation, and instead of Countryi evidence for Sale,
bthWe believe it as generally acknowledged discharging it through the gall bladde,, I-avs it
by those h, have tried it, that the Soothing to aoine through the skin in janiced and sal. Plena.antly situated in Chestt
Syrup for C children Cuttinig Teeth, adve tied low fluids and to rush upon the st..mnach in irreg N h11. on the main street, contain i
in another column, is a highly usefil article for i
hecte aded. H.ght ular and excessive quanwittes. Is the ,infortu as'I I two and ;a half acres of first ra
the purposes for which it is needed Highy ate blood to bIrme for this? No: ahese vital or land, i. high slate of cultivation
respectable persons, at any rate, who have made aus are never affected by the blo<,d, until after and a large number of fist rate fruit trees. 'I
ust of it, do not hesitate to ive its viru.r,s the blood his been affected by them ; 'hey are its buildings are a large aind elegantly furnished to
sanction of their names -Boston Traveller. makers and masters, ;and it is nieiely the work story L house, with five roomnis, five charihers. fi
9.S POWE-LL, 36 (ornhill, Boston, is the and their passive agent rate cellar, and wood house, stable, and chai
pS POiVedtLL, 36 Cornhll, Boston is the Knowing this to be a sound and demonstriled house connected. The whole are entirely ne
General appointed Agent for the sale of the above fact in science and experience, DR W EVAN-'S and fini-hed throughout with the best material
valuable Medicine for the State of Massachu. system ,,t practice it s I tailihfiil accordance with and in modern style. The situation is very des
Belts., of alem, ar it. He aigs to keep the Stomach.the Lunias and able, being within half a mile of the coge ogtii
11 7W. &S. B IVES, ofrSalem, are appointed the Liver nII vigor,,us ard regular action as the ai eeting house, and a mile of the Baptist me
Agents for the County of Essex, and they three great utains of h alh and lie Fr ths The pot office and pl of bui
authorized to point Sub-Agents in the other purps h pecribes hs beautifully efficacious g hs The post office and place of busin
towns in the County, and to supply' them with APRIEN PILLS (enowled by nedialre within a few minutes walk, an be expect every con
the medicine. The following are some ofthe me who have analyzed ad recommended the.. ence. The society is of the first order, a
Sub-Agents now appointed : to be equal to any in thle world) in, c;ses which residence. 1 he society is of the first order, a
Danvers-J. G. Shetl. require the cleansing of the srom. .hI and bowels, the wlole together make it one of the most desi
Lynn-C. Coolidge. and his celhbraaed C MO MIL or ITONI; ble country residences in NewEngland. The st
Newburyport-CharlesWhip.le, Bookseller. PILS, in cases of n.ovus irritmttly, stomachic scriber having entered into bu.ines in anot
Arneshury-J. Masoni weakness or general d.bslitv. H lS APERIEN place, is desirous of disposing of it on very reason
Beverly-Stephen Baker. PILLS will do all that ANY PURGATIVE mned. able terms.
Topsfield-13. F. Adams. cine court, it do -that is, I horuigh 'v vlense the F,,r further particulars, enquire of JOSEPH
Manchester -A. H Trask mid Co. stomachafhd bowels; and his CA.MOMII LE Of LEAVITT, of Salem, Mass ; of WILIAM
Glotucester-George Saville. TONIC PILLS, combining as they always do the BROWN, Editor of Zion's Herald, Boston, oi
oucEsse-harlesorge ter.monst deliiLhtlul ANOttYN E known ina medicine, the subscriber on the premises.
Essex-Charles Dexter. iwil do, have done, and are continually doing JAY T. UNDERHILL.
Rowley-Oh Blackington. more to strengthen, restore and sustain the bu oIChester, Nil. May 7 ,1838.
Haverhill-JIoathan P erley. nin constitutm.n han any other medicine that --
Metlhtien-S. T. Varney*. lis yet been discovered Of this he has innu- r O Let,
April 19. ly nimr,ble prlots, and this no man ci ai deny without Part of a House in All
S falsehuod street;-A Coopers Shop nt hE
Sherwood's Electro-Magnetc Di W EVANS'S medical preparations are for A street ;-A Coopers Shop t hs
all Stemachs and Nervous Diseases Indigestion. 1ioof Allen's Wharf;-Al.,o, seve
Remedies Dyspepsia, Bilious Affections or liver Con .House Lots in the Eastern part
FOR CHRONIC DISEASE3, plaints, Heartburn or Acidit3 in the Stomach the City. Applh to
Of the class Hypertrophy, includingall the forms Tghtnebs at the Chest, HyDoclhondraism, Low Salem, April 26 DAVID ROBERTS.
fS....ia, .. .. Spirits. Nervous, Irritability, Bodily Weakness, -
-... .. ................. ''" :- li .teri Head Ache, Night Mi.r., Gout, Riheu- I t,
SdSoide, Limbs, Head, Stomach or Bar. i elna ttNo 6, East street. Enquirer of
Of the Spleen, King's Evil, Flushiugs of Heal and Chilness A4utation, An __April 26 tf 13 Summer t,
Of the Kidnies, CLeucorshas a or Female xiety, Bad Dueams, Spasims. will in ev -rv case pr t amm
epin Me norrhagia complaints. tb relieved by an occasional dose of Evan.s's For sale Or to let.
THESE are lint different modification of 'the L.ais oaurn the time of pregnancy, are often aThe Dwelling House in Lyn
same disease, arising froi the same cause, dis- troubled with Sickness, Vomiting. Heartburn. > street, now occupied by Rev.
tinguished by the same diagnosis, and curable by Head Ache, Tonth Ache, Hysterics and other H V illiarns.
the same remedies Their common cause is an troublesanme symptoms ffectually removed b) d- Also to let-A Store and Hlou
irregular action of the Electro Galvanic forces these orepamati.'rs in Essex street. A Hlouse in Charter street, a
in the system; they may all be detected by pres- MrS. POWELL, 36 Cornhill, Boston, is the part of a IlHouse iu Sewall street. Apply to
sure upon the sides of thie vertebna and glanps appointed General Agient for the sale of the R. BROOiHOUSE.
of the neck, which elicits the Electro-Gaivanic above valuable medicine for the State of Mas May 7.
Symptoms, and they may be cured by these Elec- sachusetts.
tro Mignetic emnedies. These late, ate accom-. *Messrs. W. & S. B. JVES, of Salem, 1 ./f,, iI' Pf A* CO.
panied by a compendious medical treatise, ex are aplpoimnted Agents for thIe Contnty of Essex, Silk Cotton, Woolen and Line
which they are founded, and staying the ma.ner and they are authorised to appoint Su b-Age-nts M d
in which they are to be applied. In this work in the other towns itt the Cotunty, and to sup- Dyers Maden,
Dr Sherwood demonstrates the fact, that every ply them with the rnedicine. "ONTINUE to dye & finish in the best mann
part ot the human body, together with every The following are some of the Sub-Agents IJ troadcloths, Cassinieres, Sattins. I.ustring
particle of animate aind inanimate matter, is eitlh now appointed. Crapes, Silk and Cotton Velvets-Wovuted Co
er in a negative or positive state of electrri(tt Lynn-C. Coolidge. Newburyport-Charles -C(amel's hair, Silk and Cotton Shawls-Hosie
and that every mitico, in all matter, whieh er in WVhiiple, Bookseller. Amesbur--J. Nasoli.- and Ribbons, &c. &c.

ho largest masses or ira the smniallest partici-s, is Danvers-J. G. Shed. .Marblehead-Samuel iC* so-Ladies & Gentlemens Garments
produced by the attrnetinlg and repelling forces B. Russell. April 16. every description. Coloured and Cleaned.
of his universal principle. The morbid action Orders received at the Store of the subscribe
which produces disease of thai organ -or i-obs To all afflicted with the F'iles No 6, Federal street.
he proves to be occasioned by the undue prepon.- April 23 3m ANN R. BRAY.
derance of one of these toices in the system. and 57'1RH Piles are so well known to all, that a
his remedies restore health by subduing this ir l description in a public print will not be CHAIN CABLES &SC
regular action to an eq ilibriumt. By this means thought r qui-ite, but the proper cure requires
the very seeds of the disease are eradicated and futrherconsideratior
a permanent cure effected, even in cases where i Many are the remedies proposed as a vereign -JAIN CAB.ES, of all sizes, from 1-2 inc
all hope of relief from other sources is abandoned but they often fall short of what they promise the to 1 1-2 inch, furnished at short notice, fro
The Electro.-Magnet:c Remedies ;are ti.e only I'he remi.dv heue offered is an ointment, prepar- highly approved Boston Chain Factory.
preparations applicable to this prevailing class of ed from the recipe ot a highly eminent practi ALso-TOPSAIL SHEETS AND'TIES, fitta
disease, and they never disappoint the confidence tioner in onre of our cities, has been long employ- to order, at Boston terms, on application to
reposed in them The symptoms of the class of ed by him in his piviate practice, and now first IS, AC P. FOSTER,
diseases t, which they are applicable, can be dis. presented to the public Each box is enclosed Jan 15 No. 109, Derby Street,
covered, under the directions contained in the in a plain treatise on the disease. ard the best N. B. The Cables ate proved and warranted f
work which accompanies them, without -the aid method of treatment fully explained. Multiplied two years, provided the size of the chain confonrr
of a physician ; and they can be used with per and various certificates of cures performed might to the tonnage of the vessel, as specified on prints
feet safety and success without dieting or incon- b published but for delicate and obvious reasons cards, which may be seen by applying as above.
venience, or any further advice than this work The respectability of the proprietor's agents it i --
affords. Price $10, for sale by hoped will he considered a sufficient guaranty NEW GOODS.
ELIJAH PORTER, for the good effects promised In all cases the UST received at ANN R. BRAY'S,
260 Es8cx Street, Salem. orntmennt can be returned, anid the money refun- .
March 22, 1838 lawly ded it satisfactory benefit be not received No. 6, Federal St.
...ASK FOR HARRISON'S PILE REMEDY French Prints. Fr.. iIulghiam,
(17 STRIENG TH ENIY Prepa.-d frlv by J. S. HARRISON, No. 256, Scotch Ginghams, Printed Jaconets,
SAT Essex Stteet. For sale in this city by Eirganttrinted Lnawri, new atyle,
P L A ST EI J. S HARRISON, and l.ondon Prints, Low priced Prints, new pattern
Dr. S. C. Hwett's (Bone-Setter of Bos- pG. BARTON. Boxes of Elegant Wrought Collars, will be sold
Dr. iwetts (Bone-Setter of Bos- April 2. ep tf. about half the cist,
ton, Mass.) celebrated Strengthening -- heapn hosiery, Rich embossed Men anid W
SAL VE. Lawson.Hi tfOFp, men's Silk Hose,
IT HIS Salve is a vast improvement on the old SUPERIOR COMPOSITION, which on its Gent's half Hose, Children's do.
celebrated Dr Sweets PLAS I ER, which application to Cloth,completely removes soils Black. Pink and Blue Ribhons, at 8 1-4 cet
s su;,ormor to any other plaster ever yet invent- f every kind, grease, paint, &e. It is in the high- Rich Mantles, Low priced Mantles,
ed, and which has been in use about 100 years est repute, wherever it has been used, and many Fancy Handkerchiefs and Shawls
Dr H. has eold upwards of 20,000 rolls within the creditable references might be given if necessary. Linen Hdkfs, all prices from 12 I-2c to 1 50
pas year It is recommended to be apolied in For sale by J. G. SHED, Cha ly Shawls, half mourning
the followitg cases, viz For pains and weak. Nearly opposite the Monument, South Danvers. Black do new style. Mourning Calicoes
neos in the Back, Stomach, Sides and Loins- -ALSO, FOR SALE AS ABOVE- Purple French Calicoes. 4-4, at 2s
Rheumatism, the effects of mercury, corns ; the A general assortment of DRUGS AND MEDI- Good P,int, warranted f, at colors, at 6d
effect and consequences ol sprains, dislocations CINES, on reasonable terms. Bleached and Brown Cottons, ft color s, at 6d
and fractures; i Dyspopsia ; and in many cases The usual variety of PATENT MEDICINES, Bleached and Brown Cottons, of all kinds, at th
of fellonas and ulcerated .ores, for cleansing and &c. &c.st cash prices. 6w June 4
healing thelii ; and in fact in all weaknesses- South Danvers,. Feb 8,1838. eoptf D .&i* J. P T TLS IFE R
particularly iii children. None will be genuine,9 ,aD.& -. I E
...... .i..- i., i ;- o;-. ..a ... a k .. ,4 h ... ..... .... ,,rir'n 0sl W Q IrrlO I i ATV c- Wv2.... c ^, __





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ra I

C. '


Scai*nMa ex-itmine.i. e iung B;ooks. .-A ; t.f -3 ..0 JOi;N H. N-
July 5. Every i',iit,' t'i, hta- t~.-wc ,,., :,,: in;:c ----- .--..- .
0 )!W{'E as hereby ,r v-..tt tihu ubsc ,.rm iin his nature; ore, N ) -FOC
.li hds been dui:vy ppoinitd administrator u the TiE L RINI II' I.E O r i Y g-od tonedsco
en estate of TH OTtiFR, ) P. TE r saIle I
aend RICHL R(OE, THE PI INCI -LE OF1 DPA'.A I. .......
rl late of Salem, in the county of Ess,.x. wid S, ionr a*'hie pricneple ofte its. o- d-in,'.s, Iar gCy BC
of nw, deceased, and has taken upon hi:,r,.-lf tbhi ai,1a 3 i NJOVl V.;'.a .V su(f.1v of Flat an
trust, by giving bonds as the law directs. All When tio principle of deaih sicaes takes 4 Be'lows, iludin Some.
y prsons having demands upon thie estate of srid l w is tCls acu,,d fr' ? received and for sale by
Sdeceased are required to exhibit the same; ,3 is iiS p fo I ,pi jun 2e5 W
0y thea ),nto- ,0,- of ., Ineat the prin pe
all perao,,s indeht.ed to said test'ta a'e called o .s i ,- i-- ine as th i -.... -... .... .ar....
S to rtake 0 n .t. ....., .................... .
s a o1411.14 UHtotfARD, Admn't.WI NtrirT "' "' : T O.
tl's--the pores-the b''weis-a-ni ail the iTher -1 ^V This day
.l'OTII'E as hereby given, that the subscriber exoretor.ea of the bdy, Otmchrer these deca ed EDWAf
S[ has bet duly appointed e;ecutrix if the purtoles as fa.rt as thley are grner.atai. e aro in byjune 25, 1838.
tst will anrd tesiantnt of a state of hlath.; we are tree from ths presence --
e t JO'fN P PAGE, of disease. Needl
'de late of do a'em, in the county of Essex.* marl, \ 1n,14 'r'rn hreithinfg an irpure atmosph re, TARREN'S diamond a
rnor, decened, and has taken upon herself that livi-,g in the vicinity of swatigs. or -here w V les, in boxes of 100 t
Strust by giving bonds as the law directs. All are in the cen -tnt n.biht of o'iiig iii conltaut 1n la
ise protosp huvinLg demand- upon the estate of said with bad silmells-efflivia arising Ir m noxitusra, -
aid .wtmased ire required to exhibit the same; and accrjmuiiattions ot aninail or vet.tublc boihes tIs a Flower I
all perso'isindlebted .t. said estate are called up- state of putridity; being infected front a iiviogi REEN glaed and com
an to mnkp tavmon t AE, body under the iflenrace of disease in ia mal:g sale by
E[,IZ ABETH D. PAGE,exec'x. nant state ; or sedjniary occup,,taon.s ; or, in
Salem. July 5, 1838. short, amay causes whiohl promote decoimpositiun J
]JOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber later than the stomach anld bowels and the other (,g'g Thin C:
:3n N h.as been duly appointed executor of the exeaetoniescan remove-naturally. We are thtn U UST received two cases
last will and testament of an a at ne of disease. And should the cause wsichi extra quality and going
SARAH CO1TES, produces thi state of the body rema n, and no- DRIVER 8
er ite of S.lem, in the County of Essex. widow. thing be lone to drive these accumulated and
[s, deceased, and has taken upon himself that trust, accumulating impurities out of the body, the J
rd hy giving bonds as the law directs: A'l persons printcple of death or decomp -sition will become
ry having demands upon the estate of said decea Pparamount, and the last glimmering of life depart gUP
see, are required to exhibit the same; and all from the once animated clay.
of persons indebted to said estate are called upon How then shall we c-unteract these Death dis-
pto make payment t pnsing injluencas? How?
to make paynient to u --.es--I say, purse I The
NATHAN'EL APPLE'rON,exec'r PURGE!- Yes-1 ay, purge The
Salem, July 5, 1838 magic in that wora shall yet be understood, if
this hand or brain can necoimplish so, mighty an
OTICE is hereby given. that the subscriber explanation. Yes,purge!- be the pain in the head,
has been duly appointed administrator of the back, the bowels, the toot, thie stomach, the
the estate of sie, tile throat--Does it arise Irom internal or
SUSAN BERRY, external cause-I still say purge!-For I know
ch late of Salem, in the County of Essex, wid- this self evident truth, that pain cannot exist TlhlE G .E. A
mn Ow, deceabed and has taken upon himself that save by the presence of some impurity, some de- O RNAMENT to the humid
trust, by giving bond', as the law directs. All posit of decomposed particles uron the organ or O Ed of hair. It has r
ed persons having demands upon the estate of said part where the pain is seated. And purging di. ed that the genuine BUFFAL
dsieeased are required to exhibit the sa ne; and chiadats this impurity by the bowels, and contain egn reedy for Baldness, pre
till persons indebted to said estate are called upon t"ng the practice daily will cure every compli- n renuedy or ness, pr
to make payment to cation of disease; and will prevent any one from coming off, promotes the gr
7or GEORGE E. BERRY, admr becoming seriously indieposed.even w:,en in con- uxuriance, and improves the
nrI Salem. July 5, 1838. stant contact with the most malignant tever- period to any other animal or v
ed which cannot by possibility seriously affect :he case of fever, where the hai
Misses and Children's Shoes. body, it we are continually careful to preserve it begins to come off, there is no
A. COMPLETE assortment Kid and Calf Skin in a pure state by frequent and effectual purga fectual in restoring its beauty,
A Misses and Children's Shoes, of various pat- ton.-HIPPOCRATES says "Purgation expulses healthy state.
rns and prices atd Children's Shoes, of whatever must be expulsed, and patients find It is put up at a low price,
s aVRd prices, at relief ; if, on the contrary, they are tormented have access to it. None genu
June 11 DRIVER & BUSWE by portion, at is a proof there are yet matters flat bottles, with HAIR OIL il
S June 11 238 Essex street. which must be expulsed." Also, to prevent imposition,
VIN EGA E The subscriber ofthis has resided in every via- he sole proprietor, WM. BR
V2 0"riety ofclianate.,aad by alwavYs pur z min the Wnahingtonstreet. Retailtd
ST ALIONS first quality VINE-first appearance of'sicnies has entjyd for the Fgor saleby .s FrO. oW.
, G A R--just ,eceiyv.d and for sale last ten ears uninterrupted health For we may SOX, ELIJ.dH PORTE
a by SYLVESTER PHELPS, call such the state ot him who is never s ck for A
June 11 If 20, Front street. mort than 6 or 8 hours, about the time it takes NJV.I, GEO. P. F4RRI.A
- to secure th. effect ofa purgative. The pura- TOX/Y, Salem-THOS. DA
SUMiM EIt BOOTS, tive I make use nfis my grandfather's Pills,and -S B. RUSSELL, .Marbl
ENTLEIEN'S Calf and Seal Skin Boots they are tom any certain knowledge the m.,ost judi. 4 RHODES, Lynn.
tr Summer wear. just received and for ciously balanced purge in existence I have used Oct 12 ep
eale cheap, at 180 Essex tree, opposite the Man tlhem for months daily-in doses of from 2 to DR. KITTiRE
sion House. 16 pills per day, to satisfy myself as to their in-
SMay 10 G. SOUTH WARD. nocence. It therefore cannot be doubted It is AROVW LATZC W
Inly opinion that any person, be he ever so pros- 'TJ0S
Nails. treated by disease, provided he is capable of tak- ri HESE Bitters have been
OMMON, Floor and Fine Finishing Nails,con ing exercise at all. may lengthen hi- Ile to (0 tensively used and mnan
MN Floor and Fi b years, hy continuing to ASSIST his natural f'un ,
stantly on hanard fr sa by tons with the B[AtRETH VEETAB.E UVR ions can speak from personal
e FARLESS & WESON, SAL PL.s D s cant never ,ake place, until eSne ofthr efficacy and pacul
march 29. No 7, Neptane St. the PhiNcI. ,,r t)gcoPsmliaoN spu ,t the ating and Sumer complain
H-Foks lamp ,,f life. Arid that woula si,,inam be bef.reellmraole. They are cota posed
Hay Fo rks 60cr 7t1 vearg hi ..u..i.... ;.,1 ,r...... ,i....products of the wve-etable kii,,

C'HOLS, President.
) R'I'TE.
(u.d hand PIA NO
nquire at this office.
d Swelled Top Fancy
e of a French pattern,

'M DEAN & CO..

S priine irtecrn Oats
landing and for sale

nd drilled eye Need.
each. for sale by
mon Flower Pots, for

,if Roots,
thin Calf Boots, of at
239 Essex st.

an body is a splendid.
gently been discover.
Io's OIL is a sover..
events the hair from
owth, continues the
beauty. It is far su-
vegetable oil, and in
r becomes diy, and.
P application more ef-
and renrdermig it in a,

that all classes can
tine unless put up in
pressed in the glass,
it will be signed by
ROWN, Boston, 481
at 37 1-2 ets.
q VIS, .JNewburyporl
head; PROC2'TO


long known and ex-
my thousands of per.
and grateful expefi-
liar adaptation to the
its incident to this
of rare and precious
doin naul ithir ,nn_

h- I J 1[ "






CaWf kin Boots, for $9 00. PERlTATi tAL .SIOZENG ES OIL.
Seal do. do. 1 75. A REMEDY FOR EFINED WHALE OIL, a superior article ft
A NY gentleman in want of a pair of light Sum- Dyspepsia and Costiveness. -v R etaiers.
Smer BOOTS, of elegant style and finish, oANUEL assurance of the benefit ALso-CURRIERS' OIL.
will find it to his advantage to call at the store of ON I'INUD assurances, waf tie pro. For sale by C. PHILLIPS
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AND NEATS' LEATHER "BOOTS, which for anuy roublesl heneedy foar -PersuiA*S p le IDEl- ., COFFEE, &C.
price and quality canCot fil to suit. to optression and pain at the stmaf.o fiier cat -.
SYLVESTER PHELPS, ng. (which is always cunse.qEnt ulspo indiers. ANILA COW nod BUFFALO HIVES,
Nos. 23 and 256, Market Square, tiun) uizziness, drowsten~s liss of appetite head 1 COFFEE,
20, Front Street. ache flatulence, Liver complaint, and a bad cona RATT Nz,
May 28 tf edition nf lhi digestive organs generally, witt ,x- BROWN SUGAR, slightly dsm-
S *ALE BY perience permanent rsliej by using this nedirine. aged -and a small parcel of Shea'hing COP-
OR MICALE BYEL SHEPd, To lemales in particular, as well as' all ,.her P1rlt and NAILS-,tor sale bv
persons ot sedentary halhits, who suffer so m.lch 8. C PItILLIPS,
'hte I'ar'go of braul 4I hte okee, from con.tip:ited bowels,it is especially directed July 1 India Wharf.
10,000 lbhs Prime and Screvollos IVORY; These Loaenges are so agreeable "o the taste, I Co ncav -
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5 bbils BEESWAX; others may he induced to take them, after rejec- Cast Steel
10 boxes GUM ARABIC; ting the usual nauseous remedies. Masters of
ASS \FCErIDA; SENNN; vessels,and others, who have resided in, or ab..ut f SI1IS day received an Invoice of superior Cast
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GUM COPAL. april 26 these Lozenges, being well suited to the corn full supply of best German Steel, warranted to cut
..- plaints incident to that climate. Numerous m-s, well. For sale at manufacturer's prices, by
CAR P E TI G 4 respectable people can l e personally reltrred to WM tH CHASE,
who have been entirely cured of Dvspepsia, after 7mo 2d opposite Central street
JUST received, and for sale, a new assortment using all kinds ot popular remedies, & receiving
< of fine and superfine Carpeting, new and ele- the best medical advice to no purpose. New Books.
gant patterns, Brussells and Calcutta hearth Rugs, A gentleman of Salem, who has had Dysoepsia HE Credit System in France, Great Britaimr
locking, Straw ,Matting, Cabinet Furniture, Fancy for several years, had taken the usual remedies, and the United States-by H C Carey.
and Common Chairs, Looking Glasses, Ottomans, such as the sails of Iron, Nitrate ol silver, &c. Sketches of Young Ladies, by Quiz
Fancy and common Bellows, floor and hearth without benefit, but by sing only a few boxes of Part Second of Oliver Twist
Brushes, Stair Rods and Eyes &c &c &c. the Lozenges, is entirely cired; finds itno longer Just received by
At No 205 1-2 Essex St. Derby Square, third necessary to confine himself to simple diet as July 2 IVES & JEWETT
door east of the market (up chamber.) before, but. e'ts any kind of food without any bad"
May 3 tf T. NEEDIIAMT. effects following; his cure he attributes solely to Superior Hyson Tea.
yt this medicine. OR sale at 109 Deib street
WVindow Curtains. Seafurisni people are invited to take these ] R sale at 109 c e by street
Wido Curt LrsLzenges with ,hem on their voyages ; several AxAso, choice quality Young Hyson. Hyspoi
CASES more ofgreen Window Curtains, for entlemen have infirm ed the proprietor that Skin, Souchong, Powchong and Imperial Tens, by
3- sale at Manufacturer's prices, by they are the best article they can fse to Obviate May 21. ISAAC P. FOSTER.
---_ -- T ROPES. Jr c.>iBstipat.ion, to W.lii NO. 191. ESSEX STREET. sea my -Muslin Capes.
N W h One ndvidual says,h "1 closider my.elfu SMALL Lot Muslin Capes, and another lot
SSTIL.M.N WEST informs his friends d( of costiveness, to which 1 was always sub- of the low ,ced Collars. Received arnd
S Band the public, that he will BIND, arid RE- ject the momentt, I left the 'and, solely. by the will be sold chea nr 223, Essex street, under the
BIND Books of every desciiption, in all the varie- useofyyour medicine." irst Church. Pa
ties of" st le. Mr Milhai, the agent in New York, writes, June 25 J. T UTTLE.at
Having had in Boston, a veral years experience, "I think it is unneceissarv to advertise to the ex- June 25 J. TUTTLE.
und-r the best inder-i, lie feel confident of giving eo as erntofe ; the Lozengs are now well NO Q A C iR
perfect -atisficti.-n to all. known 1 am daily rncevirinr the most saltifac. h s UAr .
.Merchants, nd Incorporated Companies fur- tory accounts trom them, and I shall always r HERE has beer nothing offered to the public,
sled with Blank Account Books, ruled elegantly; Ire'omnmend them to my customers" wh'ch can compare in SAFETY and EFFIC-
durably Bound, and haindsomie. The proprietor offers them as a cure for Ner- IENCY with
191 ex street, under the Gazette Ofce ons Headaclit, as well as general neuralgic RichardsOn's Pectoral Syrup
191, Eex street, under the fGazette O e. affections Very re-narkable cases, night be r rdially ring Pectoral Syrup,
Jur 5. tf Gaz. published, if thought iieoessary, where the ically curing,

Gen lem n's Imitation French patents have experienced the reaest fihe most violent Coughs, Colds, and pulmon-
It is now two years sii.ce this med cine was ary affections.
Bo ()lS. first offered in Salem ; the general approbation This article is not one ofthe humbugs of the tay
AT DRIVER & BUWFLL'S-a very superi- with which it has been received into our first s been received into our first nd dnot profess to cure the incurable, but i,
or article of Ihitation French I oots, msade of families, establishes its merin's and makes further the result of the experience of an eminently surces-
the best calf and morocco and in the latest style, remarks unnecessary. The Lozeiges are put ful physician, who after years of observation, dis,
superior to any before offered in this market. The -uip in boxes at fifty cents each, and are the most carding all other remedies, relied solely on this, in
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every description, constantly on hand, at bed on e u tehe t a cy wtph G. Shed, South D E Roberts, South Salem ; Jos
may 21 238, Essex Stheet. F., s le in this ctv by DniG. Shed, Soul ihrd Danvers Nort; Jh Parish Sdell aen
N w V-rtin J S HARRISON VL.J H 'ORTER, Danel Itihards.Danvers, North Parish; Stephens
NeW Vriting Book. GARDNER B\RTO, B F I IOWvNE, Baker and A. N. Clark. Beverly ; Thomas Nit hol.
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G,'id to Caligraphy, heing a new & complete Dinvers, PlIO('T4 o' ; HjII by most venders of aediiis., in the County of Es
series of finehand Copies, expre-sly ad ipted for the Beverly, EN il' OTT ex. ly. Nov. 20, 1837.
ase of S'etool and Private Tuition, hvy'1 T,,wn- Marblehe.id RU-r)LL 1 ..raffe ,#r tr iq. Fi' -.
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sale by tbe dozen or single byhv / rtdoer i.BOTT, ",v insure SiOCKa n l ndS. Butding
W. & S RB iSS ..,-.rl WtlIPFa |t .-.t o-.her properly. i iSlum and vkinity, against
ia tru aan.r atans iout'htrsi .n'. n as.- *e .0. ., C f fir l. ;, .hq te:rn ,of t.o years. Application may ba
Instructors and o h. r. in roted, ire invit a, .- ---,-- .
.. . .. ..~ ~ C o... ... ........ ..

Essex register
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 Material Information
Title: Essex register
Uniform Title: Essex register (Salem, Mass. 1807)
Physical Description: v. : ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: H. Pool, W. Palfray & S.C. Blydon
Place of Publication: Salem Mass
Creation Date: July 12, 1838
Publication Date: 1807-1840
Frequency: semiweekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Salem (Mass.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Essex County (Mass.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Massachusetts -- Essex -- Salem
Coordinates: 42.516845 x -70.898503 ( Place of Publication )
Citation/Reference: Brigham, C.S. Amer. newspapers
Additional Physical Form: Available on microfilm from Readex Microprint Corp.
Dates or Sequential Designation: New ser., no. 1 (July 23, 1807)-no. 151 (Dec. 31, 1808) = Whole no. 749-901 ; v. 9, no. 1 (Jan. 4, 1809)-v. 40, no. 105 (Dec. 31, 1840).
General Note: Publisher varies: Palfray & Chapman, <May 9, 1836>-
General Note: Motto: "Here shall the people's rights maintain, Unaw'd by influence, and unbrib'd by gain; Here patriot truth its glorious precepts draw, Pledg'd to religion, liberty and law."
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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Sondence the Baltiinore Patriot, under the order of the House. Such appearss est moment of my life. It is glory enough for had done me fr this country thli a!I The p1hi-;lahinlwd -,ith a burstaofhlitter feeling, Oh Grace,
--,.---- la-e: ea-- t,-s --- rea----pa, t.-ted .ot'ever--yo.-

PUBNISHN D OTURD S, W -iTO Voarc 2,f836. to be the practice there ; and if it is to govern anry one man.' cans that everlived." race? ci' .." be real-parted forever-vo"
oNDYS ND THURSDAYS o, arch here let us have it in its purity. The resolu- "Sir, saidR Mr P. I liad also run out the gra- Ben1on.-" believe so! 1 ,' so!" laterless--I a m 'rdirer'-and all i a few.
p ExPtUNGIG.--A FARCE.--SCENE THIRD. tion, therefore, proposed by the Senator, is en- cious answer which the President would have Port.--"So I thoungt. ie then w,,t on to hors. This morning'-but this morning-and{
BrY Porter commenced st noble speech this tirel, gratuitous; the thing can be done, and, made to this loyal and affectionate address, but award to the re"Ident grett sagacity, n inldomita- we -tod there, so hppy, so full of hope--oh.
orrci-No. 185, ESSEX STaEET, coRNER. OF morng cn R ep enton, ie has complete- strictly speaking, onght to be done, witth0t any I felt I was ti-eading on1 grond which I elold wto is h isen,,;t pfi,:nd^ty in, te ay (od. why was I permitted to work all tlis,
CENTRAL STREET. ly demolished tie Expunger,-blown his argument action on our part. The President himself, ac- not approach, and I therefore abandoned it,' 1eetai f iends, characteristic n,.-e .n.re .p- we
4v "L ', sky-high, and left him not a yard of ground to stand cording to the excellent rules of Parliament &c. &c. rh nt, l"emrifr thai whlan shown in ahl inflriptio, i' ace laid her hand on his. She yielded t"
S A YEAR-PAYABL HA YEALY. which the gentlemran recommends to our adop- Mr Portei then citended that the Senate p h e uidt1 A heS h w in o nonofheregtf feelings which crowded
SThe party force did not assemble in so large num- tion,-has the right to send for our jy ourroal.s-, and had no more power over a .Jo-rnal of a former notte his p b i duti Al h hes 0he aswI toad- to r; lat. a lt f. e ot tle nature of prayer to,
...... awC.- C7N T I D -. isan w r' hi h t e Pr sd n w tl ave hime.- So It he or ht. no" li oehrastil] ad: to eheal 't. 1it isnurot t e ln atu eol pallerlla,v

I lvertisements of more than half a square, $1 50 bers as yesterday. I saw nothing of Blair, and the make such correction in them as He thinks fit. Congress, than over that of. any other legisla-. .. "t ot compari.on crawn hy :Ur Ben_ strentrthen the stul for a time, as does humaa
AirPote c mm nc d a.,os labe.pe ch hi tre In b t i. ar tile t rut fte i elt p u so a t a w ty 111 ido Be t ,.-

or three insertions, once a week, or i3 three papers cheerful face of Mr Lane of Indiana, the fine intel- That Senators may see I am not mistaken on tive body in the world ; and having dwelt at cicero was politician, said Mr Iort r, a resolution, and !;y 11 bare again to the ravages-
in succession, et the option of the advertiser; 16R lectual brow of 1r Smith of Maine, and the portly this subject, 1 beg leave to quote to them the some length upon the position, he added a rislides was ai politician, tMye Dewills were politi- of tIhe passions. INo-fith and resignation
cents for every additional insertion. figure of'thie graceful Mr Vanderpoel faKinderhook, following illustrious precedent, derived fi'om the very strong argument, based upon the liability 'Ians Chatham was a politician, I-.ncor!, HIenry, mai y need guarding, but their strength is eqt.al
A.vertisemenets not exceeding half a square, $1 were among the missing. Rives, of the Globe, act of the renowned & sapient King JAMES TIE of the Secretary of the Senate, under his oath Ireirson, and Frianlsiin were politician.,--ad to the need of their possessor. Grace, I hae
for three insertions, as above; 12. cents for each was on duty, and Everett tle seeker after something FrasT, of blessed memory, of office to preserve the integrity of the Jour- while he would not make a comparison that would, said, played her and on that of her cousin.-
additional insertion, he will not find, was duly escenced at Benton's el- "The House of Commons in England, sir, nal. oIe contended that it would be no justifi- do injustice to thle President, hie must say that ill She, thle bereaved, was about to administer ep
Probate Nolices of every kind, not exceeding one bow as usual. Mr Wall read Elackwood's Maga- (said Mr. P.) at the time when their gloriousan cation on the trial of that office for permitting tomse politicians put togethlier had done at least solation to the bwreaver. The light of a pure
su $1 50 for three insertions, once a week. ine, (without turning over the aves often,) Gov. contest between the preroatives of the Crown the public records to be efed, that the Sen- jus as much good to t world as the ter! spirit bIok over Iis face, her black hair flly
6 1-4 cents a line will be charged faor notices of Hill pretended not to listen, and for the rest I ne- ,and the g. rt in f he People ws about to comin ate had passed a resolution that it should be Then followed some notice of Mr Benton's bank lack from her pale forehead as she raised it to
meetings for political and other purposes, notices of er knew Senators and audience more attentive-. rnnce, passed the following resolution : done. Hisduty was prescribed ba y thie Consti- ravings: and a comparison o'f the currency sabsti- look upon im, and she appeared in her spiit-
,societies, cards, &c. for one or two insereions. Mr Porter began by contending that this Senate 'The Commons now assemled in Parlia- tuition. This argument made an obvious ir- tutmd for the United States Bank notes. -He laugh- uai healty like a initHi-ig angel, -rather thdn
The privilege of .Lt annual advertisers is limilea had no more ight over the Journals of a formernen, being jus ly occasioned thereunto, con- pression. ed soed humoredly at the Goldflam, and held pR a mourner sorrowing over the dead. Her lips.
o their own immediate business-all extra adver- Congress than over those of any other legislative sundry liberties franchises and privil- Mr Portr bein exhausted, gave way to a to view the picture now-presented of he great in- were parted to speak, when a heavy tread and
events, such as auctions, probate notices, c. sent body in the world ; and le so lucidly described the ernio Parliament amo'nget others here mtn- proposition to postpone the subject until to crease ow hanging capital all over the country.- a roughi voie wiaa-s heard in the passage.d
in by them., must be paid for at the usual rates. elation of the Senate to each Congress, forming a o nee oI maklu t n protestation flowing: that me orow. o pitving concluded, the subject was laid on te ta- e. missed,' exclaimed Blair, 'they will in-b.
Nopai, hwoetionuof ithep ibhs. P o er lution no p loweroin. River oft h in a Gls i tob e liberties, franchises, and jurisdictions of Mt. !, .p--Suntia Founet cldpe reo Henatory, .May v rceir e iv
wishin b their papers dicni ioPalimnt are the aneietand Otndodbted birth- comibrt-o m ,ho hi s voice was choked
A.vetsemnt nt xcednghaf square,= & S ^, ,iS~e $1 "'^ ,, ,*- -' ^ a^, L I

g the Priutn Offisco. i"t ge notice acargonthat t e avthery dnd inheritance of the subjects of Eng- _T ". atd wrcrowowtore I 01" GALTipESsessor.O- thI ,,. eflledwithacrowded
fo thre PinstinsO sbovthI2e Hsee to weep it journ th utal i s poereSeadings d; and t the ure nt and d ous affairs uien tpagai ereite lis roigeOL respondent of the N. Y. Courier and Enquirer, si volene an the roo. .
NOT IC E. The Constitution does not exclusively allude to con- concerning the king, state, and defence of the it the listte par ofan he Vice Pores- gives the following >rahie- and amusing at ila mor hng sd shone in upon tohe corpsel.
r Many unsettled accounts yet remain upon stitutional proceedings,-it includes all alike, wheth- realm, and of the church of England, and the ia dlc the witl er a thoe order-and count ofa scene at oash"gton, on wednesday nd Orace Suthgate was'still kneeling by it.-
the ks ofthe senior publisher of the Register, er constitutional or otherwise. If tins were other- maintenance and makig of laws, and redress ant call the whiispe dng sqds to oce anu last week. occasioned by the antipiated infle- Stl e kneo w not thie t the dawn had broken-she
which it is important to him should be adjusted wise, the Journals of Congress would present a very of mischiefs and grievances, which daily hap- and sthe "u n t e called u tion o'a speech from the Honorable Isaac Hi!l, cared not that the flowers were awake and re-
without farther delay. Mr WARpwlCt PALRAy, singular appearance. But they were intended not pen within this realm, are proper subjects and -and othe expomge" went on. the Governor elect of New Hampshire. joie0 g in their dcay. The rattle of tle wheels
senior, is fully authorised to settle these accounts, merely as guides to the understanding of the enact- mtter of counsel and debate in Parliament; Mr Porter of Louisiana resumed is remarks. When the land bill Was called in order, in which had borne Henry Blair to prison was
ad all ersons indebted for the Register, advertis- ments of Congress, but as beacons, warning against and that, in the handling anid proceeding of He said some doubts had been expressed asO t he Senate, Mr Hill rose to read to the chair, stil sounding in her ears. She was playing
n p toJa 1, 1835, are rested to make errors.--"Leaving then all the extraneous subjects those businesses, every member of the Houe we her te journals of Congress were by legal The scene which ensued, begars description, for h him, and her entreaties went up to th;
Sentg to plitm either by cash or note. introduced into this debate, the Bank, the panic, the of Parliament hath, and of right ought to have, on struction matters of record. He thought all e ngalleriesw pere filed to overflowing. It Iost High as a rich incense ; for they sprungit
payPie n /-, sen., is likewise an authorised pressure, bank rags, gold money, the president, glo- freedom of speech to propound, treat, reason, phecedenut iand usage made them sob-and that had been werispered throughout the refo, that from a heart, which, like flowers, yielded its
aent for the collection of dues to the firm of PAL- ry, and the old federalists," Mr Porter said he should and bring to conclusion the same; and that the e :e Constitution, by making it oblidatosy on M. Webster was to speak; and thM rfore all sweetness in greatest abundance whd it was
TerAY & CHAPMAN,. discuss the question upon its merits. He consulted Commons, in Parliament, have like liberty and nded the to keep these proceedings, oabi so in- tat entered remained. But as Mr Hill rose, it leost severely Irwuised. S he enclosed not her
Salem, March 17, 1836. the Constitution, and showed that it requires the freedom to treat of these matter's, in such order tendes them to re .tId the proceedings ol con- wvas buzzed througom then galleries, that le was eyes, and !otr voace, like tones ofsen iotentus'i
SSenate "to keep a record of its proceedings;" and as, in their judgment, shall seem fittest; and that goress be not recorded, he argued, there can e about to commence. Ifthe dSerjeantat Arms, ceased not to asond t e promise of strength
St ins then went into an enquiry as to what was meant, every me r ember ofthe said House hath likeilee- o journal and i the unal be tprserve, ts, had been ordered to and faith was ouchsafed to her.
P O E T Y b B- verbally, by this requisition. Any unlettered man dom from all impeachment, imprisonment, and thne the Constitution is not complied with. clear the galleries instantly', they could noit have 'Those who camo to prepare for the funeral,
ik re ts c sa ci n ,po ba t e oice, c. ent b aoly bythe isorld ;a d lequ sit on A y nlutce ed]an d rai'om allimpe eh m ,itprsonpentkan theetn C o stit tioyistoteonpl edndth
inu~t b pa~idfor at he usu l rate. formig a eg s of P rhanion amcneaothers heral en-ipr posisioatoypstpone theoSub ectoUn ilave Trease fwhoncaf4ectotaprepovee tlerCtlr1tifuneraIl.

or woman from Maine to the Sabine, he contended, molestation (otherthan by censure ofthe House Mr Porter then took up the precedent in a- accomplished it in double the time. The rush looked on the calm brow of tihe young girl an
L HaviYntogetceonclddtile soubjet o- h id voie w o as, fi1a ntond iser ,.ecamed:Bai, I e' w ....

THE STAR OVER THE WATER. would answer that question as soon as asked,-and itself) for or concerning any speaking reason- vor of expunging, so triunphantl adduced by to get beond the sound of his voice was, for a wondered
SbrOWN correctly : but the law makers, and s the gentle- ing, o declaring of anc y matter oi matters, Mr Benton as conclusive ofthe subject. When few minutes, alarming. Younger and old, nalae ". r '?S'" t,- was buried on his own ground
BY MARY ANNE BRow men fom Missouri called them, the "hair splitters" touching the Parnianent or Parliamentary bus- it was aInounoed, and the Senator from Mis- and eal, gent and simplefriend and foe, jlst ... .. ,, uh. precipice at the "lack of thd
See that glorious star on high, of the Senate could not answer it so so readily.-As iness. And that if any of the said members he sour had begun to read a precedent for such oved in one dense body down the narrow ouse. A large aple overshadowed his grave
Shinipg o'er the tranquil mai! far as he could understand it, "to keep" meant to complained of, and questioned for any thing an act, Mr Porter confessed that he was struck wind stairs, until they reached the rotunda, ar d wild roses eblossomed thickly about it.-
ich appears a econd sky, record and present, in the sense used by the Con- done or said in the Parliament, the same is o wlth surprise: and he felt an irresistible im- and then congratulated each other that they One thing was remarkable regarding the fine-
Where that star mayve ag stitutio : other definitions doulbtletss could be given be slhown to the king, hy the advice and con- pulse of curiosity upon the subject, which had had escaped n burt, amidst this moving mass. ral-old Mr Hinman was not present-nor had
NMOr rtd in cahn prity sbdt tat Was he only one thnt cold stand the t es nit n ..theC ote bectntliteningpartiansins-a esW tilefolow
Mirror'din thegassy ea. Thegentlemanro, Missouri h gec n other sent of a ohe Commons, assembled in Parlia f)nd vet in words. le had asked a question ha lefthned co plimentto the new Ge- he been at th e house since the morpng of its
dTiefiniti on hh sad ha it doe no ea t ment,Cheuore the king give credence to any pri- of the gen-tleman,-and was reproved for doing doesmaster's deathi. It was said thatd he was ill
Now behold the evening breeze ad furhe d itio n n i an ate information. so, very justly, hiee admitted, apd kindly. r t when Na ncy returned to nurse him he re-
O'er the quiet waters sweep; what has bee d d in Scotland 'and' "The Sovereign just alluded to, sir, (said Mr. B. le alley the point he had raised, as to te -...-proved her sharply r dessrting the poor or-
That bright image in the seas, added Mr Porter, Inreland, famous fo tit precis- P) on learning this audacious avowal of rights time of crasin tlat record f'om tile journal of From the Portland Magzine. phan, and commanded her tp return, and no(
th emhook s withe theniorepblishe go dheRgiser costtutonl r ohewis.ef hhswee ohe-aa .' untw t e ntlreatdwaslc Sheentwnotditr[e awIna boait-li

Trembles with the trembling deep; Jourdli to record id on the part of the Commons, was extremely in- 180, "a small point." Small or not, Mr P. con- leave h again untilshe was sent for. I vai
But departs not,forthie star preserve pd i ueedingsee f"Now the Consttution ,e- d ignant le dissolved the body, and, calling for tended that it had o kind of application to the T I E D A U G H T EI R. Nancy, who truly loved her father, besough-
Stillis slhining from afar. quires, the Senators under their oaths, to understand the journals, struck out the resolution wlh his iprese; t case. It wals at the elode of a session, het telnd.o he STEPHENS. Icl l 0 r to remain with him 'Grace
So the Christian's Heaven ipears, that requisition to mean "to record and preserve," own hand. -tHere had been a memorial sent to the Sen- was calm,' she said, 'and kept about the house
ing, &c. up to an. 1, 835, ar requesed to mk;. er.,s,-p' eaving.hen.allte extaneous ubjectsteosewbsinesse, everyinterabreofeth o1on"e0t' refhecscen which tnsne ed eggarstescripton. forhimaapeherienreatieswentyup-tonthe

inrror'd C ife'sit acidsHe ea -the gentleman from Missouri construes it to mean ."Now, sir, (said Mr. P.) 1 propose t"at we ae wtct was recd a rcep thon u it reflected [Continued,] all the time, never appearing as if any tsring.
So it hines through happy years, toe obliterate and deface." He then went on to shall in all things, conform to the right royal o d htd tth o tf re r As the young girl lay with her Hns foladedth ad h eened, only once in a awhile, whe
In its pure serenity. depict the result of a different doctrine being estab. precedent. Let there be no hal-way work.- reyohe Jodho dfe l pt" l on the w deow-sioob, her mangiithol cheeks iOillowed some of her fthher's books or things aa
For undying hope niust be lished. In the fluctuations of party, the journals of Let us carry out the glorious example in all, its to.e e pcoceea1s o1the senate. the Seateewas npon thembtand her frank Irow exposed, by hler the wsay r and then shle would go aboN t iher
Shadowed from reality, the two houses would be liable to constant erasures length, breadth, and proportions. do l o n lt at d. ad theSenate sat the curs, as the night-wind lifted them playfl] 'v work with the tears dropping from her eyes
and alterations, according to mere party whim, and "f however, the ho. Senator, will not go the ay, it would have been done, upon the .. er. temple Grace arose and stole softl for an hour at a time and her smile had
But if tempest should arise, from page to page would show nothing but expr- whole, I recommend to him, (said Mr. P.) to ret n"ig' o .Ift Journal, as a matter of course,- fiom the room The poor girl atd been awak strange kind of lo about it, just us if it wouli
With the storm that hope may shake, fgatons and erasures. This Mr Porter said, had come as near it as he can, and Ihumbly submit t .having been done erroneously. It was ju ist ]enintr to the voices fiom below i s ,t et ri' say, oh, hbw my heart ahes!'f ld 'itllia
Though reflected from the skies, been anticipated by Benton as special pleading : and to him,n whether he had not better so amend, or s t s wt 'orts of jusic, in whose records wiin sound of the hammers whih rivet his sott i hls great easy-chai', with his iaud
S It can never quite forsake; the reason of this was that the Senator was aware rather so modify, Ins resolution, that we may etros my be corrected any tlme during thle scaohd,. A thin partition only divided heoir-on lntped on li knees, and large teaars iollin1
And will still, while surges roll, that the same charge would be brought against his invite the President of the United States to vis- t"m. he Cer'k may correct the c.ler c"l cr' th wotm"n who were m ,king her father'. one by Qne down his cheeks, as Nancy gavd
Tremble, and yet light the soul: arguments, and that he would therefore forestal the it this body, and be himself the instrument by rs on the records of the court during ter shro. She heard th, co nsTlt on tlhe frm this simp dcscription of her friend's suffr'
other sideia u sing it. In style ofnacetiousness and whieh this stain on our proceedings shall be re- a tti. he Secretary those on the records ow nld meat sreg ent he hes s ithe oou d i. his daughter looked in his care-worn
[FOR THE REGISTER.] Srcastcl irony, peculiar to that witty and talented ,T I wold( propose (said r P.) stuc an the S .,, dnng ", day. T -ey wer.. nt flin n, caution thlnm 'o Sak soily" ht th fae and y t was pac< for sehad ne
So c nSenator, Mr Porter then went on to give some prac- omodmnent n sl u t a ol hctor o tl stel ey tl at ,ere e dt i r- 't not plished, it .t d ..e t th e..l1r ser n him sick r tftbtal o ', "ah ea" doeu

ly, last Sabbath evening" ng eaer instac e nended, I am afi"ad it would ot b"e cour r ou wast t memor"al all ye shle did no,01 nove, no unclose er1 ch- not e me-thee Wattwer to dU, for sh.
tthe i. T> t eet the ca .00 m 's ea g ,as hors t a' eI r '"y.1'6 tadop sue i a c ours lt i again iricecon- '" *t^ton tii p1c.eig ot t e to e e 11 i, 1 < ,a u, do' cat scarcey anv thin, anad botler Jame
n the sadgeand cheerless hour for reply, that that word has thirty-six meanings ter, and give is proceeding the shape I pro- ied tran te mnoi s aIb lrts within ler, like a ting of dis- okd tote care of thigs.

eIt wtllprop thy lonely bower, according to Webster's dictionary, and that as one pose. The Scuator,e see, (said Mr i.) sigo- rocet tinct life. When all was still and her vo'n D At th me stay hith soihsnae, Mr Hdm
And when all is dark and dreary, of these meanings waste to copy closely and that hes his dissent, and I wour we must swallow tle us .... .. o u.... ess on rc"" wat.. a or asleep, she stole down to mourn a mh- suddenly unlocked his hands and turned
"I n) q forstta tondesredt- Iorl .

Courage failing, ife seems weary, as-the groom coald not do that with toea liore, he dose asuhef as porepared itabut hogaintao r my- itn got r mp atl tce(] e tle dead. She passed th.onrh twe kitchen- deniarkably pale. He hal started from his
TrIt twill aid thee for the fight, had turned him out How would the gentleman suggestion might be vorably received, M hatt- a a twtonc lsiwe tl rueco Went f two mn were strtcined alongthenclairs asleep, h aire and( ih trMnlmg lips exclah eds

strengthen more the moral right. from Missouri like tht ? And so with a book : sup- W hs mning before coming here, carried out esent tnme in c ertm cases He tihon al- hl oh. s in a shadowy corner, with his ,Do T"t naine hi;- tas l yo11 don't name himu
pose the Senator from Missouri should give a friend the whoIle scene in my own mind. | o toPa vete btse othr das upon a motion te tured gtles tad wall Grace was too -then suddenly cieckipg himself he fell back
Trust the pledge-a lofty mountain, a bookf'to keep,'and afterwards asking for it, should I had imagined, sir,(said Mr P.,) eIe Senate oto rec e tntor ad a ed t was a wretch1 ed to notice them, a-d glided unseen to to-s scr I 'Leae te r N
There is within r a livng fountain be told that "to keep m eant (according to the conveed; the members in their seats; our t- en n th preset le y the parlor. Sh opened th door, and te corpse y a ae cfrone no hiarm.
Where the weary, ftg rover dictionary) "to nourish," and that as the book had d Secretary at his post. The approach of thie i t gentleman rom Missouri at accr- ar e re th e un" It would le aos t impossible for a person tq
Ga his faing strength recover, refused all sustenance, it had not been kept: how President is announced. Immediately our Scr- n tot, the vote he gave upon Mr Cal covered; the rae clots immrd in the lie lt more completely alone, thn was Grac
WEvery member looks above, wond that suit the gentleman' s idea of ely n ? gant-at-Arms, a very grave and discreetprson o s mot- relative to te action petition? h and were slitlyutel b a cur- Sth e by t dth of her father. Brought'rpa

Trusts its virtues, shares its love, And ther Mr Porter asked Mr Benton "supposing who each day so clearly announces, "mes- Bt wet'er it was a precedent or not, the re't o a e whc s t oe- ahov-sucke 1> en-irely in llis society, living almost aloe o
Finds a fotoflife forever, hat y ear s ago, when I first had the pleasure of sage from the House of Representatives," ,-c. Constitution, which is the true gte, pointed room wth fr- th him om ildhod, she had centered all
Smooth rthe channel of this river. Mting that gentleman on the pleasant banks of te c., takes his station at the door, and, in a ot te e t pth, and against tat orpan'sh t rewfai tho ly affections of her hmhe and loving
Trust the pledge-it fondly cherish, Cmberla river the e y o yo some ditct and firm tone, cries out, the Presi- a precedent availed noting. t h nailedto the cas- et n ti tstce. Never in her wole lif
Miro~ i tl gasyse.set fal il.,Comns ssmbe i Pr-, fud e t i od.lie oher ake t quesna ntion W a cf hnedconliens tone Gv.h` en ittt(,'osesn ce]theI ou orrn t nmefit,

It neglected, soon you perish; air friend had given him a lock of her hair,hto keep,' dent of e n t n t et te r he ew oo then iunile s he eeenetor ary"othe nnh h-ndas pred ooarsh word or act
Resolves the brightest often fly, in remembrance of her riendsip and section, and rise from our seats, joy glistening in the noxious resolution, tlie Senate had transcded she had tried with tn were now rekin onng rom him. o second object had found

without the pledge, they soontrdie. years afterupon her asking for asight of the rei eyes of his friends, dismay pictured on the their legislative duty, and ad assumed judi- the moonliht as it trembled throunsh theen place erhart, till tte arivl of Henry
Press forward then, without delay, he sold tell her that he had tied to comply with countenances of his opponents. He traverses cial authority, Mr Porter was equally explicit and flickered over the face of the dead Slow- and even then, the love she bore her pt.

Enroll your name, this very day; lier wishes, but he had been puzzled to know wlhat the room wih a firm Stop and dignified air. and dccled. For one le could say tat lhe ly tle orphan advanced; she started and her rent seemod to expand with her capacity tt.-
ThriST THE PLEDGE-itvwill avail thee ws mleant by "to keep, and finding upon consult- yon [the Vice Prsidenr i] rise from your seat, ihad never imputed any t Pling like criminal mo- heart leaped within herfor t. lihdtt quivering loved another. Suddenly, in a moment as i
Whe n temptations strong assail thee. lti e that it meant "to pasture," he lhad sir, and receive him with that grace and urban- ive to the President-nor did he believe that over t" face of th or it pr wr, tIe su p ort of her life, the oak to which
at bhiag thee, Iturned the lock of hair out to grass Would she not e cr s .nina tly distinguish you-you the Senate .ihad done so. Whatever of evil ance oflife Se bntie h checl ite n- she was the vino, Was cut dodn forever, and
Sseda casenbei t kely to cal t h om a deceever salutM nir with affectionate co oplacenc. P. ,t.re was in the conception of the matter, it cold and stiffened; heart contracted itself shth oved hrised, b ecae an isolat-
r S embrC CoNstRatveois. ome years and a harsptter an give you no idea of thea rs ,r salutation with kindness and g- originated with others. For himself, le hoped a. 11. She shink on er s ees and stro to ed cur eatue by t..tlo wickdd wolhth. 1 o l
us t de pats no, f mem ot ire str,- sronein tang ae, to ke e ao u waso othy o eo r dtol t eh ap t .. on yanxemyi.. that tl. e experience he ,iad enjoyed in a judicial t. er .T h.t w s rD AU a,"on ,, o t1Vragtingey iud nlot die tsolc n-that her heart, so.
t wpe reservt mtdienc twh w c Nownth.os ituTti nre a oed othebo alv is t, r ny yac woul" v "' r- c I Wtl ocsn da ln pe wand tender, had not broken i the up
F nd of brandy and water tha he was moreor less Even Benton could not forbear a smile, althoun bessed att si ounent with the cl ^ i ng impeac.ab le matter as the ground of a drops breaking over her upturned brow, she rooting o its gentle tendencies. It ght b
intoxicated every day. At the close ofthe- session, evidently deeply chained to see his pet definition and th e su solution in the Senat, regard to te e XC- struggled for words of prayer. A painful e h w'o 11 the wind o the shol
.he attempted to justify himself bv saying that he of "keeping a journal" fairly lauhed out of exist- "Te preliminaries of reception passed over, ive tlten supposed a case tat might il- fort, a they broke from her lips. 'Oh God a ly. Gae h don er hl e tift to
came there sworn to truly represent hi constituents, ence. and the bustle attending it terminated, a solemn state the power the Snate m the matter oh God help me to hoar this mine affliction.' wi she clg w fmiin .
and he was satisiedi from personal observation, "But the gentleman from Missouri," said Mr silence prevails. You slowly rise r sm -ou lthe discharge of their Executive daiis one Straightway warm tears rushed to her eyes, inas exsnry Bhur. She knew that she never

.that a large majority of them drank too much when- Porter, "has great resources. He has a reme- seat-the President docs the samo- you pause omones before that body, nominated for office' the grasp of agony was taken from her heart, could marry him1'! with her father'., blood on hia,
It ever they could get an opportunity. ai r d r for every difficulty." He then exposed tee p or a moment, and cannot conceal tle emotions te 'al y t o lds a another office under govern- nd she wetfreely. Long and holy was the ands, however innocent he might be; yet she,

,. ., fallacious argument which Benton based, you which the affecting scene gives rise to; you m10)!-a''d thoro are complaints, meanwhile, conimnumain Grace Suthigate hold with he~r co"Ild li So it shinesnthroughhhappyoyersond olt Ie. itdwastenter-"

A thocying accident occurred on the Charleston will remember, on the fact that there were over are, however, at o n st composed, and you ad- that he is not fit, by reason of malfeasance in God, tsh re, by t ler father's deatre cowch. Hr e ingry to ily him-to feel that one in tlhe
Railroad 6th st at Blackville, to the locomotive a thousand printed copies of th Journal dis- dress the President in these words: oli t odlt anot the Senate quire nertw as pervaded with a sweet and invisible t'l wh o saed her lineage, wonid rehe-

leitl d7by whi a sofn n tdlT 1 rnen tributed by law and kept-and that one JTour. "SIRE: The Senate of the United Slates have "to ,~~l" afwt'" I s quahnication, 3,bec{aus influouce ; a calm, blessed feeling, such aq hiu- b(rher ib'byithliton0 t"drnes rsh had been wont
rsfrad wiu e y, he sual, namely, the Manuscript, kept bomy the Secw imposed on me tI e most agreable duty of raern- athoe ri ay ateornwads e l man pen ran never describe, took possession i i d n er or h n.
eol tspur sae, dithin ber day h l retaryihe, b teing only one, it was not important to nouncig to you tee object which has induced t cin to o ripeacd for that e u statnceh of her spirit; and h, who had knelt down ifhirs t eral- t was a form, sie though, necessaryq
TRmstToe rudenyihoemus adi theowke w ee nt bt. Before the clear efinsnucidation of Mr P. them to quest your prisnce in their cham- et havteed Mr i enton to .ok at thie s tiing a agony, arose resigaed-nay happy. The light to insclaracther. To s e acquitted publicly byt
o t obe w d o tea e this fallacy faded away like smoke which fol er. Deply impressed with te value of your ttle ore deeply, to te he ark and answer was still on her er' face, and a smil pure sl ow on ght lessn his own regret,

inf the ooon fie door, werheldedxose to t thea 10 lws the discharge of a cannon. services in tlhe fiekd and in the cabinet; con- this [ItRnton" gve a Lord Buerleght nod of and hioly, such as lhis mortal lips lhad never a"u lit gave lher comfortt to anticipate the time
Wb hentemptate nstnd ywr eoon assa ibl bue.o s The argument of BENTON tant tre parlid- vincd that, under Divine Providence, you have ts.e t ] "There can t e no maleasance, known, lay like a promise o frheave upon it. oppi- s elwase, thougli she ..t..,, that she shou, d

and both, the engineer's^ lesi additon so bdly mentary usage of Great Britain, from which rendered more services to mankind '"than any subjecting a.n officer to impeachmeont, without Grace stooped and pressd her lips to the cold seel""^;l(*I~m, himi noin liorr,
fractured that they died shortly after being brought we have our parliamentary rulds, sanctioned o iher mortal wo has ever lived in the yule ofu titentioe, said Mr Poter. W ate ei y. As she raised her het another shadow plne i. i w er s -
back to Charleston. exp~~ang ing the records, was yet more signally times,"* they ar ht anxious to show their devo- Benton had alluded to tie nril of Judge C olase 1i antiwart tl.e corps.. It was her cousin who ,lc;est su vtt o t neithuer, Jfane ad lta kei
S t t so ulisoverthrown, and by an answer that every child teon to your person, and their sen.sibiliyto illustrative of Is position. He iad assumed h stood before Ier. Very pale he was, d his .1t.e opportunity to visit dacewo receivetl
Steamboat Explosion.-The steamboat, Free will see the force-the conclusive force and ir- our fm. t is with grief that they are under that the chrg of te Senate against the P ident cou nnce looked solemn and deathlike in kd, or e had prrid ny ie-
,Traode, Capt. James Young,t was on her return gas- resistible porter of. t he necessity of saying that thereis aound on implied an oerence as h nch inpoachahir as that the dim light. Grac moved not, nor shrunk ly oilictr s or her since her bereavement. Its
isatage from Augusta on the 14th inst. about 50 bnie "With what semblance of justice, then can their jouret l a resolution of this body, whi is preferred against Corase by thOeHouse of rihSereor- as le laid his cold hand on hers. Shic kne. vt hi wore a sai w t.I -, np.bre, n"d tIs manucr.
from the city, when one o the boilers burst. The it be urged that those matters are to be rgula- is unworthy of them and of yo. That resolu tltvs tat had killed her tr, but she knw as even more ta ommonlysot an insu-
captain was so badly headed that he died in six a by English parliamentary practice? Thie t ion declares that the Senate difter in opinion Mr Porter examine the specifications against also, tat his will ad no part in the dd. He tn Alr some sition, he informed her

hours. One colored man was killed, and two other e introduction of any rules on the subject intoI with you on the lawfulness and constitutionalm- tht olhcor, d sowed thlemt Oiply gross dere- so, a hOs vow mwe lo and heryn ou ne tlat H ry Blair s trial would come on m about
.died soon after, the mate, engineer, and three col- the Constitution excludes such an idea "; and ty of one of your public acts-a declaration, uimtn of t slcl sty d a l teasance in oice. t.e a week, and inquired if she could mention any

ored men were scalded, but theeerwe hopes of t te rnc s themselves, inconsistent witt those sir, which they had no authority to make, and there told hepno o" l m the cSases. n 'I did not think to f..d you hero-"h' told witnesses whom she wished to have suimt i,
their recovery. The boat was much injured. The prevail in England, forbid any such cnclu which is untrue, inasmuch as it dissens from omn H nxth referred tothei extravagant adulation l -.- me yo were ill-I a ine to look on t d>ur ed In is beraii.l. Grace tlKane d nhim ant.- ,ole.
tow boats, loaded with cotton, escaped without inj- si o n, a rto i the opinion of you, the wisest and the best. iAierd by entonpon the Presiunt; h l elve it while n keeper, sl .'pt-to-morrow 1 ei o to swi W ,er Et RE IT.dd'Let us, however, (said Mr. P.) follow this The Senate a Itav resolved that it shall be ex to be somewhat exaggerated, he saoic bnnT seill oern-t aid he iv i.atey ou ande k holyik me t ehhasy o hoi exculpation, saye m in.a y Ie h
Na ket ith ilk b tter a little further. Ifnas thehonorable Sen- punged from their journal, as a warning to kw lta nt n thr are c paints meanwhS ile o en t _, co e-" aond hertsoh n ruese nan

T his s charak isic a fid ento u erpreson e thasres a to r says, w e are to be governed by the E english posterity that ti ts branch o the L legislature he t ims n lft dynrcasot ot al bas n eN o,' r I(ol l' ow "- '.t ..."h 'no- c d ...ou be t,: o it tv nuos-to wedat one o the
al t 1 c"e9 dilter alt rIT) a- eo eu. Frkt "", ," "

Ltons hunters ofthe whale. The delicate fabric, practice on this sullrect of expunging, I pre- shall, md all tne hereafter, keep within its con- Imhtot s s k ,'as the gentleman from Missturi. 1>< he<-,' l<'n ide, lad yo harbored a thought 01r'" e '1 S^ '( Imitation, 'I foar
,alof the one employment is in singular contraBtl to the lsutme we must take that practice entire; wearo stitutional powers, and express ndontopesw Ms: on eally soo d to at. upon the old enaxte, of nude s. oumooacive t rnnatureofmy vidence-
.La ndfayette, dange whichthe engin a nd eone f ir m a n ot at lb r to tr c one pea of a aCtoerel ln l lv1Si e ; ,' ,' .i
. OR EldlS excen tngater which the arn ssoatBd notr be no dtibntin y atovbtokeep." tofit a nd tthe.-- Sct the SenateeD'thsUyited Sthte Ie into t ,n u a ,, a h,,e s' r
nanlasuSabatheveing desndibeItoofridotswslloote.'Air'nou laysidthaastt I h. ..s
iloomoivewassud enl ch cke, ad te t o car- seto ary, sbei rryo n gly o rse, twa notf. ivpery s ttab mule wathsojet h chhaaidu ed th m t~o f b te i pea ched fin" ltu1ofthn l'aae" `ye t shed'idh not u' "mov~l e, \a'n at un'" ote, ]* O le' lchsntr]ee]la| --t, ah er t, r she ktohogh.", neressay .
ilal]rc I s nie r etnt oo tti tigan us ds es~e v, h ...r~, ;.on's tn-astScrelynything, ail]ntro either Jam
sons~~~~~~~~~~~~~n menioedthow frwrdit nthirkneskepot.ueor'teolerlh-idahooourrs. hewitrhustyenhprseceiIth-rc au- e-1 -
Ti rust ofthe P boGEier, w ilere x otedctothee f o bem e p t .i ala y Hae d aask t l iesgr oom o keep"himh o aop-b t suchplyit,< rscourse.va Bfutr htl m r ee l ,tot eth a ka d n w r I ,"1 Senate,,... ', ..: h sfel w e li h es e is o n re r t
When themopenafirdon tor, bend elddont yth eee!t-ndonwskingh ow d hisha s be ea nndone, leseeives end to the ]ion.dSeator o"ink of cailet icn- tls.]Batn av hLod I'eI'hno o,..,'"o,,f!.....and ff," do nora," inDS ,t tno",e ad t av nrthe stt..iockteth:tn

t Ot tdoq let] ,l a, th ou dl ll h anshIth
and give hisdrbe littleirPortervoreo1
o a rd~~fo rft e t n e t e e e a o r b y b r e p lyt h a hear m e t wo rdB h a s o tb at thi r-a v n tth teud e s hne P ra peee v o h1e tepe a.ro -l r s n O o m 1 a, o,,h t akr'epo i e .'"e t p o n i t'0'e '. s1 1 .. s.
Ine-tlevea andehparesiarnen ta y -srulessaninongs te mor, to n ee.lve '.th l eo'"inenin) sidC Prtr.s-v A serase eethad aoae sadw t l 'h"m s .' .
i l rt o h I : c a i i n g w t i n h r i e h l o f Iln i lt i s \s el l'l~ q n v s n ] 1, 1 1 n u
Iat will po p to hyba lsonththely bdwed hrtl, aaccord rogt pning t Wbther'sdctonary, w asnyethtasorsgna le pse. they aenanxouIseeo(said thir ') Iego- Ben~ton ...hat ailued o hetr'd ni m dweaChsc. ,a. 1fa_, thwartMe. th, erpen a "ll was sil, dhe'ryoung I. ,h. ucsqull p mtmyii"ttoevstltb-GaeJa'Swo arevqa~!
A d w e al isd r:a d d e r ,of erthese a d b a n p asnoc p lsw e ly,"hatnedry that l tish sdi sseo3o n A't,ad If arw mu s the sr alloswb tit(, pt o ceedl ings.ra t e ofhall po bs ileso ll ti e t r eord.as m d t o o e n r_-r ie ean1 ..
Stembot Eploion--Te seaboa. Fee illseethefore-theconlusve ore an Jr yur hin. i wawtchereftattasleepner silohechrgeoolhe enaewanito te h'cidet IIInne )]l'oldl oSundde-nldythunloc'ked his d.,h.at- h. hd.perandtedruny efen-i
outag fi1ng lfesemswery a(te romeo"doehscelasprpard t;eu hpigeha mbisine oovOdeemcrtittme,]iers
Itg wiFrom theestaor the 1f bi ns.h bot,50 hndi t urnedW i mh w utsemblance of uld ce th entleman stheirtiotntlalia t-bes fao rablyn of ct i vebdy, wI cha peirrdlgant hae ry ha os e oa pree ent-fr aso lie- la ersid heis clh and on Il ehe rs. sheke w o e wor e ail! sihow .,i b i-,i,,s,.ehcadI is maned"
S tr engthe ncity, w hen n m h ora l eright.r omt. Th Mi ssoeurigied that ? the seomat t hrs are bt o kbe :r su p-tt- is mu n inw~fothy oft lmm a d ofyo T at e o u-tativ peseth t he haekiil d l st" m it er, ut he k ew nsTIC, ore han eolnfnl-sof a d1in in,
t',c rid o t. w il n te i D nt el ine< v hi ri- trial would coutnme ho n in b u
ib ou s. O n co ored m an as k lled and tw o oth ers i tro ut ioSnatorf a yrom s O tb5t -et i t w t e l on t e l wf h e s a d o s u ionali t o atq fi e ta d so w edthecth r dto imply go ss re soteiodnh t v in e a shwandovy c r y n our, v.....
died~~~~~ ~~~ sonabrohemtegner n he o k-,toh e ep,'st andaton erwardes askich flide at, hud Ity adof" o ne of yourpublid AcrP.)tsaheclarateonntction foi-a dtand mlfaskned fit owasce.t--hisuseatwe, .and.I,.nquired t ile'ould mentinalcy*
There iswihnwresa living buntainrewere'prscedent binsdtingse ontiloesprententh thseesiwhyiwrtetchhddnoaothoitytomaheand'Teretscldgbidneparlnelenntho ases. '
I be told hat "to kep" meant iaccor'I diodtile ctnened;otheiembersuihtheir-seat;told- witnesse(s.wtle parlorwSshed toe tileedoormanti tt.
Wtheirrecovewery fainting mrovejr e. Te lid.. --'l-ot .the..... ..gentlemiannrue iasuchasomdisMnsss'oouernitreerrd otceexravgatId,, twoualdne he eralmostcaust imokpnohssdiblden rfsberla Gac thnkd om ndtq
tow hi boat lnslaewtrhetong sae ~hu nu in the recovoer.n te isstand a'l Othe 1bes o t inhed h e vou-ptehe Prgavleupnt;heAb2IL3-d C whle-ykee s~t-onorw1-o1 dsee amy h esqpsdr .6 .
refse a lltsustoenaner, itsaid not.bee.kepto:ow Prsienis anouce. nssnryael orto h-.iscveed etexraeulotestionI sayslltie Ie ,lmoeompetlyalne thn as hc(
E ey m m e lok ab vw odta sutt eg nl mms ieor ep Tlg Seant at e hsa veryesolve a ddtl t itscr l e et x- tnlo b s m ton relat ivex tgg tedle sab id I 1sti olp ll ht trieP dbrhIl",,,,,, an W.......ly utenn t tiinb) 11
Trsta isnituets:,-on-harel- ints ovte, sik As n ds ., at er l Poefrther asked Mr ehnon "sporb esei png W o ea hd ayi' o ctl ea- o rnlsasnao wance, i1ng Bto n wth~ e nther ni t o w aswaprec dn t 1 imi na, :n uly o'not, t.h,,e.. I, %"u fyher (' u t-se." b inga the n, cly per o fn heres atent 13htmam-
that yars ag, whenI firs had he plesure o sage rentof ailpwhicosexif over hon.vs l1u)rdintilreiIv favor olii'hi amoftiao'lS.
FTinds caa futerstofl thefo e nter,- r toef- ostriyth the ios b ae hof R te r e gislaure.S t io, esi whe idch imsel, ht he ctrue guide, pointedledi sdt' stihckloe n.c 'dibt, hitsgh~lt be romdem arase~ndreune~~t hsreset~ake crss t e
Smothth cannl f hi rier .lfa ats, s saysZnt t illopn asead iledtherom gollficntedul hi fon cthdoo, hehadceteedal
.tahS nnersofthewhae.Thedeicae fbrc pameetingthatssebtlema snthofexplesnt bnks of ther c. ae-sl hisnsaltion eratfterhkep wooruatd, in- uthesothrueandth reteat hnaufindoagainst i t fnhda '' t, e adwt nie"eiaio,' et
,ofthn~~~~~~~! allempoymntcedentsguar anvailedthesunothming.ke hagprctiece.-ttTileear poorona orprhan'sepres n opnin o releyseeedte litupo;tthne mxiarthhly u--a'o m brt,, hsrt otankvru isueuhle te and olmyevietre-
ofi fridae ~sctd ~h n dta hadgienrt imo a o ckd eeofner pat toke p,'ta d ent. ,.-
.b re ss fo rw a r d ath e rsw hitho u e a 'y ''e shou l-d yte lelth e C h efh egrt ttehTa tS e n t e,, f o uaaditottrie.. t. .. ... ..p l. .. ..w-ith.. ..vc -o t 1b l ttlhie mv o o

the other. There is to be erected at Nantucket by ject another. There is certainly no rule in our have considered, sir, that it would be more "Nolne of itanuststk!" vyou sa' lie, tremndilig violently Ul leanlling .. ... :-,
.the Atlantic Silk Conmpanv, a steam factory which body which prescribes lhow it is to be done ; we grateful to you, and more conlbfornmiable to pro- e th went on as follgws,-ir nrly so nst the window f racame for support. y e oked p i astoni:hot 'Mr IIin-
,Is already in great forwardness. must, therefore, imitate the parliamentary pro- ceden s drawn from thepures periods of ritf "The gtlI wenutnn toil us that Ih ,reshi(nt h'ae. is a nlkrla"1 Si tlle assomnt, it rne ush- <',' s* sl 'na tlterin voice, 'you do n t
,Nr1,,cedents throughout. Now, (said Mr P.) if I un|- ish history, that you should expune this o'os ,lu 'I *lle S more fon this e pantry than alld f b i the blpoliticias l ha flowiIin nih ope h.e rat;i s-,,nu to s y y1oa know anglht m ore than tla,
EISHI o. ORCOLIMNTs. ,"Well Dinah" derstand the precedents righttthey establish the resolion wil your own hand. Tle manner that had ever lived." wi d lin i t opn s. He is- 1horied thacctal discharge of.
-said a would-he belle to a black girl--"th-y principle that, whenever the parliamentary pro- in which llthe expurgation should be eflected is nto .-"Ilia"hk-piti.,s,n -I said--Hac/.po- ed his ,hnml ild1 enwfilly remnoved ti hrlised y hlhreh e aif ale diear of
say beauty soon fades-butdo yousecany signs ceedings infringed on lthe rights, real or sup- left entil-ely to your discretion. To crase tlhe [iici.., flowS 1 m and when le looked up his eyes wer'e i n('Vv ent
;of my bloom fiading-now tell me plahinly- posed, of the Executive Chief Magistrate, hlie resolution by drawing black lines around it, is ]o:'ter. ... qote from my mini'it".,. The prin- f" "1 te'rS. 'Miss iutlgaul, i grie tves me to say 1 do. I
..without any compliments"--,Oh, no, missa- sends for the journals, or comes to the House, the mode preferred byI many of your ti-iends, ted report said "thaaiol a the m who had saled "l- fresh and blooming yrt- dny has wouid g.e my ri'ht lhai( tliat 1 did not-f ior.
but den me kinder tinks----" "Think what, and strikes out the offensive matter with lhis and particularly by that distin'uisled anl lIih- down the tide o>f lim;B"-lt lhe gintl n0 n say, nt willred theml' hle said in as'lrr'owcul loim, my Ill(ledge, our whnit has passed, may be
pinah--you's bashfiul"--"Oh no-me no bash- own 1hand. When, on the contrary, thepowers minded bo'b, the Virginia Le.gislature. I pre'- 'hack-politicians,'-nnd if I ndlerstnud thelterim j aceompmed liby one of thllos! "pinaiil smiles ronsmru, ful -hbtdlen me kinder thinks as how missa of the body on legislative matters are impugned sent you, sir, this pen, that it may, in your own aBree witllh him: vet I suiispct hni would apply thle whicl ssmriig froi th very dro,'s o! misery ; to, but. we did inol assimilate--he was passion-
lon't r etain her color quite so well as sister Phil- by the vote, order, or resolution,or areimproper- hand, avenge your wrongs, and'shall only fur- ermin more generitlly,-anild tllat he would he under. then wit.. a u'del g'sin- pr( fd,)espair, le lur- ale It liaughty-1-(It tlat is u"in'nportant,
esey-Scip's hlJubly rose. ly exercised, the erasure ia nordl by an offi .er, 1li-or sa;;ly, sir, t'lat thiS i -., the app)ist and pl'rod.1- oond to s:y t0'1l.l he bhelievr l that l'rsideniit Jairal.:,: ed to tho nlifi';dv ont.-.l'rh' l ibeh i' l hi \, ;nnl eox- 'Voiui< w a tIils passed helwool1n ,9 1.

I ." .i~ i ~i -.1^llo vnfl i(tT 5I ;Q o adjourn, whlich, vyditI te yells and navg upon i .t I --.i _- t_---~ ~- -,----* I- knocked'har down; lie replied, I diid ft because sP&
wa W Uto lyear hap s'ka,S-- ti"thl I ain that I :this. 4ho.so sheddet!, ina,,'s blood,, yfly OtrialS). oa 9rn. Ic, hie eda,.j o)uo I .- -....."-- koke "a, ;li ep-, i6i fsan.
1 .d b s lier].i.d b .ill consumine twenty minutes. 11' ih,-minority 1 SALE M- was drunk; would 'ot you knock down your wife"
wbas rude to yon-but if' ever a liu, d s.,i--d shilll ills HOC e I Correspondence or the Baltimore Patriot. : should determine tospeak against tillme, (ill twelve: if she was drunk ?
to re f ,or giv e f or o u tra g I ',:r *s I ] e en w ih i n .u l tiTlie d in h a b i- ^u sh in g lot n F r id a y A l .r ch 2 5 th : o 'c lo c k th e [t lo u se w ill th e n hir e f ,r c .d to ad j ,)urn T U.,S D A Y M AR-. 3 I 8 3 8. ^ 'l li a m L ui- ,'e- i ea rd t he c ry o f m u rd e r a
Grace, who hind bllli growing {.itllif and P'yn.s Hfill, eve~n Nvild its ris,.u,,t.< THURSDAY i.,ilon odiInARuCIarI :yni li ihu -tii;tequ.lao .icoc po h onmdtelatwtes
weak with apprehension, interrupted him, 'Do tants, soldomi contained so dens v(i 1 ad as ,' Ca hon d ni a r o iu t wihoaut;'tughe tniquestion, or ta!len.tiilponl the e onad lie l )o' ccud ig,
itlub- ---- .. ---------------*----'".. ...- : h oa ie ili 'te rdyngt -
not torture me, 1 .ra vot-hbut te!l ,,itl K that collected to \witlessl trl' on.' pet consoerteedri ncy of passing g -orawhichc ladwefor to cy abhte at.ativew Nill1ndobt- i;ri;t,;;\-vri;iri t boicttittve-twooursrl w o r s t a t o n c e B la i r F r o i t U i g h t t O t e l u i l t i e o r nkein g p oi ngon d e-t h e e x p d i e y f p s n g a w i st h a d be ot C l in, lo i I; l r t h, .. i r. ', c a
Mi is s S i t h g a te .' r e p lie d H im wn m s o le umn ly p| )l c P I Ch d b e e fl o c k i g t o t il v illa g e f1 ro m uill k e e pi n g oifoe j oCru :,s ;o fdgrets, d ti n g T h e N o ith C a ro liti a D el e g atl.ion o w : o tl i sts o r .H re p a t, w t ,m i b hhr l,, ri, ,r,,,,,l'1-(!d. ,elo m l a in e d a ll tsi.e ti ci e o f e x t re m e aa in a b o u t the
tyou haven't igott. thatd oaled heron direction, som t e foottIsehaveootet'r.teutrte," dns etr-back, pens a. ep.ltie.1dtmeacnh.o r t eA e,'-s." siLiiier Ihnishian w as ee nti tfo rea now th e r- any. part --o t. s- .s o seven held re. witbesey all' ag"e tat rracy
tile mrifrernoon Ofy'0111 lather's d.-atlh-VoU lay it"d others crowded into tile numerous ~agIons *^,^ ,,tiie i Prs toni cie fhl y i rhmtecs il ervrsd. h ..O tSS c ;-"'o'lt-' nTusay ui eespoal
rcenluinbarwliat l-as scd between us, but yent whih llned the et-, e of either side of tle forcible aI co,,vinciuw re,,iarks, showing that at' and the vote of the State, iu ease the election of Pres- that tie tvife was also. e this as it may, Miehal
cannot eoneeive of .the kter dlisapp~ointmcnt umain street. preseit tis C.ousiitulio,t i !Xp:icitllv makes it [the duty .idnt or Vice Presideut should devolve upon the FOR-. PRESIDFNT\ OF, TiER u. STATES, aeedtcstificdthataboutlo'el'kontbat dayshewas"
with which 1Ileft youi" presclme, f had been 'Ha l.oo, you Zophi potter, jest wait a minute oF Congress to keep Journas, and yet that there is House, would bce given to* tde Van Boiren and, Jack- ait his bocrdiu (fill 11 Use and he asked ier to drink with
-hut upon thle hills alone-1 did not ooel ill the and I'll be vou" copompany,' cried Benjamin or ". In) statutory provision rendering their falsification or soil ticketD. D itAN I ] NL W ER" S T E -1 hlint; she drakt a gillfol rum; he had a pint; lie had.
'nrood for returning g hoei r 'tfer you," unkind W he:.lcr, a tall-, iithy frarnn ', as lie tucked a dolacement penal. 'T his he thought was an ornas- ..... .. ..-...... .. or MAssa eHusETTs. "got it for the use of the family. "
-Sneverity, and wandered, I knowa not how, to wooden rmn-bottlT under his arm, and hauled and recent circumstances having called hi at- '; THE' INDIAN WAR. Oil- O Saturday. at 3 o'clock hit the afternoon, an
the opposite hill. As I ,stood resting on my aItin pail ofbuftter and an empty molasses jug tention to tie subject, he had suggested it, and hop- L.oESP FROM FLOIDA. FOL VICE PRESI'DENTF, inquest was held. Dr. Thomas'H. Thompson waI
rite, t nd i ndlg[in i'ithiemlyoovly thoughts your from under his wagon seat. ed that the Senate would consent to the referance LATEST FROM FLORIDA. present and made a post mortem examination.
I. I .. rise to, itso happcntd that 'Wal, come along then, for these 'ere dried he had proposed, as a matter of duty and necesi- Tie Charleston papers of Monday, 21st inst. .F .2 ['iSA ]Eg, He testified there were no external marks of vi-
nnd eouisii pmssed without por. apppl;suan'tnone of thetlightest, Ican tell you,' ty contain accounts front St Augustine to the 13th. nOP NW- YonK. olence. The abdomen was very much swollen.-
.;iin."I .I' Blair was pressingl some reiqust replied Zophliaih, stopping short and settling MrBeaton opposed the resolution as intended to The mounted regiment of South-Carolina Milit. In the duodenum, thee or four inches from the,
la i aX "previously made-Lthey stoIpped a f;\w a w |il packed bag more firmly upon lis slhotil- interfere with his own on "the expunge." Ie thop- arrivd in that city ou the 9th. stomach, there was a rupture an inch n lengtl.-
PrcesF'ron, nu-I was not in a fit temper tbr dotr, 'corn, hurry!along for I've a tarnal long ed that it would cot prevail, as it was obviously in- Letters troin St. Augustine state, that a member S'TAIIT 011ICERS. The adjoining parts were much iufiamed. There
j. ;,,;.,.-rh. ,,, andrellreat d quiet. 1 soon learn- list o' notions to get afbre 1 can lg&o in and see tended to forestall that Which he had offered. He of the Irish volunteers, named.Kennedy, ard two OR GOV'ERNOR, were no other morbid appearances. A rupture oc
.J r, ., ;.,, h ad e[en a-ki,;g for your hand in, that eolle.ehat) hauled over th eCoals.' went oil characteristically for a halfte helr i 1hr in Vthis vein, lter of CasieldUp D aSornfinaC a'paro eaenedLiy c A RD V E 1s e T T ad dul
marriage. Your fallie was gentle, lbut steady Ilonjanni gathered his merchandise togeth- and wnts followed by Wint and wa dee n srnt Pat of a deah T .ture of the duro,-
in ]his '-.filsa!. BJlair gcew al)(ry, nd l .ann nr, a n th e two hogan to navigate their way Mr Cl'yton;who, as cha irnian oftie Cobemittee nent of"20, who had been sent on t to proc nre fuel, FOr LT. GOVro u n is always fittal. w ite had ros doubt the rupturA
more and more pefeornptory and hil~petuotts it thro,,lhthte( noisy crowd collected bfo rth onteJdiilyrpeedsesugtonmaeb lad been firetuponibythereudJuscwitin,2repelleOdI sonic U in ths instaneewbs Ge cause0f deathEAHfUt.
m ore ad. !e ,o y and i.co ni to th Mr ctenton, that the report or that committee would yards of the camp, which resulted in their death L down stairs would not be likely to produce such a.
his d.-1, nd % our athtr lookled surprised and store thecy wished 1o enter.----.-..-..wo teec dptud,,-bu..,I_ t ,b mpy psot mh
disp ].as led. A t tlongth lair descended to a- 1Bv gracious, ok at them 'are go ggYl e- ex- be exparte, front the nature or its constitution : there 'T wo of the m w vere Scalped, a nd the th ird had, in ruptue bt Pnaby pipe rson, i l, A upo nu the sto macn h
lusive epithlelsaod Iharsh !anguagu,. Your Fl- clainied Zephahan faing round to a ahah,,beingfour opposition, and one a'd*1ilistranSe-r Indiang are snidnto have llsodirgedl a hirty of fi.tv he CIT --rt' ,. consequent ineflantmationl,wohuldf necessarily produced
other turned sorrowfully away, an., as your who, with green spectacles on his nose, and tor upon it. Iewas in for othe passageofrtlie ronda arsid to lbve inrmed cable mbrt ofif th City of Sal ,'ginl a habi"nlistributed amongst our extreme pain.
cousin followed with fre'sh arruumlents, lhe'said two huge lhw books under his arrn, was Lila- resolution a ein calsedn o I citizens in tilr official shape. The pidb social altera- -Dr. Jonathan S. Warren confirmed the opi
aloud and witth some asperity, 'Henry Blair, king his way to tie court house, the conu'y, by tphn let o e nei Sorh lud gof sto. c itions front tie original draft, which we notice on a i.on expressed by Dr. Thompson. Ile was iot
~ ~ ~ ~ il. Gen. Scott luind gone to Black Creek, whence lie tion, n h rig'a ta ,@~e entce onaionlxrse yD.To~io.H a o
-ask her rot of me, she is my all, tile sw;-et copy v A's Zplhuniali stood a pin gat thio groen-cyom tiun. proceeded immediately to Fort Domire, with the hasty perusal, are the folowing: 1st. Instead of peverlwitneseieoftetbody.
of her motlcr--I cannot tear her ro n y lawwser solew,; roguish wight in tHe ercwd phluk- r aoe, (wha sy perusa l ,rtefolonn o: en-I Georgia voltetoers and the Regulars uuder Major e le ti nd appoint teao or f C Seeaityth e eessed t oh thshe defeldnc stesth lsat
lioLe to place h.r in the hosonm of" one who ed alt the bag "behind, "the strig gaveowY wal es. .
m ~~~~. n o c m a d o e r h s o n p s 'i n a d l f)i o t a e t r i s cl p e y d o e s h is eo n i ma n d a n t u p o n a l l o e ea s io o s ,) w a s o p 'Y a td c a s d t odeh ms l w n s a i s t -
Ms; no command over hI; own pas.iions.' A- unit halft ot is load mnad' fowr itself at speedy o. There was a party of Indians near Pieolata, a Offficers, subordinate officers, &c'. at the close of the stairs were tien, covered with ice,-and that.
in vour cousin broke in with vehement ex- pasS3ge to the ground. poe it ution 'Cause vyl I 'will tel y company sent 6 drive them away, which thev the Term of the City Can'ncil, the act now requires iu with stanr ero the to was brouas.
,os:tulations. His uncle shook off the youth's 'Now if tliat an't too bad,' exclaimed Zepha- T,,,h.lmakeey difuol qir he ach ilusg to keeat conteny wasnla feoo toho them, bwt wht eo theyIn- the tere of th all bei hoe "ac now reqre thenfticult to gain a foothold.
Jora-Vro.Iteat spsL otm did--tlhiv catte upon themr, but not before the In- that these officers shall be chosen "as soon after "
1.plt( on hern"Verygo~td. b ftile aConttee as 'on te .i- dash iet emetesle le uhthe orgauiization of the Council as may be conve- thc' eveniig taking tile evidence. At the openain
.,alnd from lhis arm, xexcabiming with some niah) settling, down liis hag and pationtly stufri- p|ated to bie reported bv th~e Committee on th~e .)u- damgeb lad rie tosreat they soelves ro miuc' one ognzto fteCucla a ecne ^ *'" ''.""' ilsvnocoki
warmth, 'Harry, I will listen to no ncre- 1 ing the strings of'apples back to their place. eti n by a retreat. They however killed one .
ntigbt death call s c dietary by this resolution, he House, by its actio nglo and wounded several Indianw, but did not nient." 2d. By the-aet as finally passed, the power of the Court on Tuesday morning, Jonathan Chapl
ot ig b td at a eparat e meil f ou Ily A.s lhe w as So oeutplo ;ved, his fri'nd- 11 n,11, w ho pm U i ac %-l ntre e th t e s cfc co i- c g o
chihld,'"nd as if to avoid life'her importunity he was always up to aejoke, took his mnolasses iug upuiotal du-ty o the ,Senate! 'r'lint being unconstitu- succeed in taking a prisoner, of the City Council in regard to property is thus mn, Esq. conneenced air able and ingenious args-
,,Illutina duy ft. S nat hatbeng nc nsttu ent, Elit cf~ o fmence prisn er.blea d ine nioas f argu--
!,urried down lhe till, and stepping upon that and pail in one hand, while lie knocked Zephi's timial, hIe could rot vote for it! Moonshining Mr Fromn the Jacksonville Courier, March 17. modified : The Council shall have authority "to ed by tl A or Gner for he wasccution-
ock yonder, was, preparing to discharge his hat over his eyes, with thl. otherV Walker! fow datsily ie your consdieuce satisfied I r TiEw nETWnrrh GEroe. GAutons let and sell what may be legally let or sold, ex- The Chief sticcharedt conseralc ngth
-inl. Blair was always passionate. Then, hIs 'i say there v, ot ]B Vheelr, 5i you had Mr Calhoun and Mr 1c wing made a few remarks AND POWE LL. The force which went to the" nept the coinnn, ad to pur'he plropert'y, ithg t crs T a e ias lengthe
.isappointment drove him to ifury. Seizing just as lives, '1.1 take care of my own hat,' cried additional, ard then relief of Gen Gaines, under the command of Gen. I lase proprty real w g clearn T cse *usgven to tl
,is rifle lie lilled it to his shoulder, exclaiminn', thU sufferer, tugging to get the rfractory chap- Mr Sheplev solemny rose and proposed to lay the Clinch, consisted of fiur companies of mounted -prsonal, in the name andforhalf past two The Court Room was le
Th eon by your dcath be it!'- -and before ] ea u fo t over his great nose, which projected resolution on the table. volunteers friom Alachua countty, one company from city, whenever its interests or convenience nm y, in The prou ioner wits ea h a d olen ed. r >"e is -
could prevent the ftl al ant, hIe had fired. You like a wved: h between it and his.face; 5 Mr Calh eun den ded the ayes a ud oes,which Ht, req ire it." parentlyi ut forts vearn s ofari e H is al
know the rest, yet I would add my belief, that Ben broke ofr short in the horse-laugh vhiehl were ordered.. Thle gag of Mr Shepley was carried enty friendly Indians and some regulars, in all h presn d of t At half past four, thle jury came in ,itl a verdict
the deed ofguilt was perpetrated from the blind followed his n mtuly exploit, and drhew back will by a vote of 19 to 15. Had the other 14 Senators aboit seven hundred men. Verbal report states w f Guilty or Manslaughter--,,,ly Adverte
fiary oftho moment, and not front premeditated instinctive respect, for a young female il d op been present and voted, it would probably have that the Indians, are getting short of lead., will be retained until next year, when the city will o lly ofiMauslaughler.-Daily advertse.
tn'fice. have now told you what my evi- mourning passed him at the moment, leaning bees carried by one vote. So you see the first frults With this force Gen. Clinch went to the relief of be di-vided into six wards. Six Common Co'nnil R RATT-S'S SPEECH AlTTIE WH CON-
dcece must be bef1rc a court of justice.' on the. arm of the county sheriff:, H-er large of the change iu the Senate. Gen. Gaines. The night before his arrival, Oseula men arc to be chosen ia each ward this ar-far VNT E A T 1-
_I'c-ae made no answer or ecrrent. Sho sorrovu| ey es Wore raised for a moment as Mr l.enton was not in his place when the vote (Powell) sent a negro to the camp of Gen.- Gaines, it each ward hereafter.
was sitting with her elbows on her work-;ablel he passed the boisterous man, as iflin wonder was taken; but came in while the yeas and nays requesting an interview, and promising to step *_'he Bested Atlas furnishes the following
and hortface buried i her lands. Not| a'sob that any thingcould be inerry at such a time. were'beirig called, and innrehed up to the Secrarysl killing white men if he would stop killing Indians. in additionto the persons heretofore named as sketch of the Speech delivered by Hon ISAAC C.
nor a groan broke from her lips as this proof 'It was tierfialher the chap7) killed,' whisper- table Very pompously,-desired to be called, bellow- This propostion was agreed to, and Oscola was candidates for Mayor, the Landmark and Advertia- BA T"ES, of Northampton, at the Whig Legislative
of erill was laid b eforo tier, arid she wits so ed Bell to hI sf' ndSw o h d st his nos e at ed oat aye, and gain went. out. In the mean Lit n,, tld t cv n x d with a white flag, they er ofye~sterduy have give,, tile ua e- f G ot
I Iwoud hva t tlk lle ofGE nCF,'Convention, held by adjournlnent Just Th'ursday
,til1, that it almost seerme that her breathing liberty aind(, ,as aunahi shouldering his bag. ftle I ion. EuLilogist of the Kitchen looked round proud- wo~ ae akwith hll)u. I'he Inext day, ill .P z ,. aay 3_''.P I[3ELID VDeeig
11s^ ;~~i,, IS^ ~ ~ s;r rK;%S^ = company with^s -'"b" ante d 0 B"-'P II_~3PR~_v ,Deeig:
"ad stoppc -. She remained thus immovable You don't say so-wal, I swow, I hope y oar applause, for having so successfuolv choked conpabi with another c. lie came to within e
m i s op e & e e m i ed th s m ov b o '\ t d n' s y so w a W O op f te res Yu ionP .^t oun P atiioti c-IrS h cp- a1,out o ne hundred" yar ds of the f rt, w aved hi P u -T ^- M, and P n i~ r P 't'.--A E sqrs. In M r B A 'r Es said-- I is ow n view s and feelings-
arid speechless fb;- a thime, as i'fstupified with they'll hang tl a th i. fte eouino.1rCihu. aiii. ISu-rbu oebarc yr' ftefot ae ll ninAadt.LY U,A1, sr.Tt MrBTSsi-'ionves rdfeig
the g euilt of ohr atst earthly blject of' love; v -Vhile tle two friends were making their ley fvwlite flag around three time., and sat down up- regard to one of the candidates ]eretofore named, were iin exact accordance with the resolution
Still ... bus-alti ict As to wb, hat else took ptace in the Senate to dy, I on a log. Three olGaers i'rom the eaanp went tle Boston Daily Advertiser and Patriot makes the- which had just been read. He though t it might b
Still~~ ~~ he ln itsbs ath naein wyt teso e, rac thick mhad ntm ered know riot. Disgusted with the Sight of impurity arid' to meet'theil. "tken for granted,--if any thing could be takenfo
of the Ist few weeks flashed through it in the court house. erthekmornngvi.corItinwhr oltoro vey t'ig adbenjurst raiueine te tatGe. lichWs u uWowngjutreorb:serveosrv tatthgrntdtnthseTpeaIIIdsjininItme,
,^. ^^ e~i T ; 1ou ^^^ g pto, wee ihrt veytSigha ertpr 0sooa ifrmed them that Gen. Cllinchl vas oil -,- ---- '.v r^ ^^
q(lick review. There was one hope. Ilinrnan. was drawn over her tace, as she took the most and patriotic, I left the Chamber,, and with a half his way to join them with a large number of horse- S-'ALTON STALL 1. named: as a candidate for the that the institutions of the Conmdonwealth are safe,
hated her cousin--he might have spoken false- remote station on the seat prepared for the deterntinntion t enter it no more. "lHow is thi fiae 'en. "He expressed his willingness that hostilities olc s of Muyor. Any city might be prood of sueh and the elections next Autumn will show it to be
ly e She resolved to go to the blasted pine and w iliesses, and drew her black shawl tighly gold become dim!" cease, and to give up his arms. The o oilers re- a man f yor its chief agistrate I-Ie has all the lso There are o ccasions, however, when it be-
narI k the position of the faal rock- -if it was around her person, as if that could cone al her In the House the contested electio u q nestion has quired t oi o l to sig article s. of agree neot, by which man f its c l ha all t coea re oprt mi t how ev e r, when
concealed-if a bush or a treo, large enough to from observation. The room was crowded, been nnder disqussion again. The proposition now he Iouud himself to proceed immediately to Tinn- courtesy, intelligence, activity, purity of intentions, co nseratiorster ght tosbe ergedwan
llbe ndrdsusinai. iepeosto owlehud isl t rce imdaeall iain~or considerations ought to be merged aid
iide the farm of a man, grew between that the judges and jury had taken their places, and before them i., to recommit the whole subjectto tlie p't Bay, und there embark for the .Vissi-sippi. and weight of clracter, which fit him in an emi- all barriers overleaped, ai and for the common
"and the spot where she had seen her cousin [eury vBlair was at the bar. His free was Committee orlbel Whole House. There issomcad- Some Say thatOseola objected to this mode of re- nent degree for the, office.." cause; acting upon the maxim, that the safety of
Standing, she determined to believe in his in- pale atd bore a settled expression, as if hle had ditional testimony on the Speaker's table, received moving, aed wished to go by hlnd. Others tdat the people is the supreme low. He approved of
loeence : ifnot, her heart sickened at the al- called fiorth all his resolution to go through the since thie discussion coinmarced, and this will go be- .e would not promise to go at all, but wished to the resolutions confirming the nomination of the
ternative, for then Hinman's story must betrue. approaching trial ; yet occasionally, when lie fore tile Committee, in caso this proposition is accept- live the other side of the Withlacoochee, and to IvxcrpE-to get purled n the newspapers.- Governor and Lieut. Governor.
Without speaking, and heedless that any one encountered tie curious glances of the crowd, ed. have that for the houudarv line between tile"n Ind! Set up a little seven-by-nine yourself-employ But he thought the honor of the Commonwealh
was present, she arose and'left the hlouse. his brow would flush Crimson, his lip curl But I do not thliukthat there are "an'y two ways (he whtes. Their session was interrrnptcd by your brother-in-law to print it-if he is inh his teens more involved,-di ore conspicuously, if not mre
Hinman saw the direction she ,was taking and haughtily, and those who gazed shrunk friom about it." "'he seat of Mr Graham miust be vaca- deeply,-in the next Presidential election than in
followed her unnoticed. She walked very the flashes of his indignant eve. When Grace ted to make way for Mr Newlandl, "whether or no," Osoola inquired low they were off for provisions, si n u ebete-e wil be more, likely to do our State elections. The nomination of Mr Web-
slowly, as iffiearing too early conviction. Shie entered, the proud composure of his look van- -rind the result may betn liftle wli'le protracted, They told him, they had plenty. lie said he knew exactly as yon want him to. If you do not in such stern, formally made by our predecessors, met at
paused a otoment at the spot of trampled grass wished, at mnist atnde'oever the eyes and with t a-but stilltitewnlrobeetihya oa f y o c evt -rgt soaul idteen eiaeh-ww he teo
where her father's body had rested, and then half stifled groan, lie grasped the r-aililg of force of party er, lie would give shona two beeves ard a bottle of nater" is not "human nater." batten of the Whigs of Massachusetts. He had"
went illp the hill. She reached the old pine the bar with both his hands, and letting his face The beast speecljn mnd'e to'd ay, upon the subject, r n. not the honor of an agency in the transaction, bat'
and turned slowly with her face to the rock. fidl on them ,remained till the clerk arose to dr- was by Wise. lie made one ofhi- beat efforts. Fie As.Geei Cliuch apae h n Ieheartily concurred in that wlich was done; anti
It projected out from the face of the hill,, and raign him.. The charge was that of wiftd -egan.y say ig that these were dangerous questions d eri g t \sle Indiaabttneehu ed CHAnLSTOVN TOWN M ETING. The he had not known a moment since, in which hb
there was no tree--no bush to obstruct the murder. Grace Suthgato bent toward in pain- f-f politicians to settle--espeeially for luwyer-paliti- yards, thec amp a telGu. aine, riwed b V h o ie g carredatei town oters n Charles- had ttedi. It was an honor dueto that gen-
viiem--ean'd'heacrevicesrtt-offlee-hoidrg-powitieiuu anxiotyashtee wad'ilawyerelyafiv-owed byocueitownpon!Monday, byubouwhoopmwhichtwasFormth. townidereMondays servbout In00hmajority.use. the
view---even thecrevicesandspots of moss were ful anxiety as the indictment was read, and non ""w"i"h'u r mt i te aho fIrom the hostile Indians. Tile men immediately -1ee, or his sevic s in the Whig be
plainly discernible. Ier father had been when thecler turned to tile prisouer'and de- d oingthaarde mpeaisp a eardey, ibrmedw loon. The d ean ast two years, the Radicals have succeeded. Forwoullsifyt ertheo r
dered. A pang came o, or her as if her heart manned, in a loud and solemn tone, 'Guilty, or receiving the new ,timonr,) suIh were apt to be were closely pursued. A runner then came County Treasurer, Keyes had 819; Prescott 93. Ie could edd nothing to lhir just enown andit
had been cleft in twain by a sharp knife. Vis- not guilty,' sh,, threw her veil suddenly back, biased very materially by their party inflne and fronl Gen. Gaine ,odering thm to step, and in- This vote makes tle election of Keyes certain bap nwaspr coldanoto hn adseea todeiract tom it asseemsd
ise eyMtral yterpl-yill01CSadI-11GJ1. aleodrn hi oso, rdlt Ili oeia il lcino ee eti ywas consolatory antd cheering to reflect, that it had
ions of the gallows-the alter-and her cousin and i fixed one long, piercing look onit the(,e of p(brin For himself he acknwledged this to tered them that Oseola was treating with them. o. 5 .
the murderer, for a victim, flashed through her the accused. Ile saw that pale, anxious ficee \ h te fact. wouhr bele would distrust himself in such At firt those n pursuit coul not be restrained ; tc ; to iave been imagined: True it is He hase fougti
innd. Her brain reeled, and she would have exposed unheedinvly to the public gaze, and n Yet in thn present instance he could not gete bu.t theo cry of "Treaty," "Tr eaty," soon chocked no battles; but his field of conflict has been one of
fallen headlong from the eminence, had not his eyes were unflinchingly fixed on hers, as how there could be any great room for partiality,. tthem. ( ell Clinch then rlrned and proceeded to Ship SURAT, 3.16 tons burthen, built' oil the true glory, in defence of the rights, the interests
James Hin,'i-an sprang i'fonh behind a neigh- hli answered ill a firm and disiiuct voice, ;Not Both candidates had professed to be in favour oftthe tle camp. Merrinac in 1834 of white oak, salted on the ie constitution and the liberties of his country.
boring tree and caught her in liis uiri.% guilty of an intent to Mi.' same mau for tilh next Presidency, and he was to The following extract of a letter, written after stocks, heavily copper fastened, and coppered about ,.ginhar, it hmay be added, that from smble ori-
Be sat down on a bare root of the pine and The black veil was suddenly dropped, and presume that neither had changed his mind on that their arrival, contains some interesting particulars:1 i6 months .since, Sails first, has a full inventory, 'stn pat io n he spber hs o wn
laid her head on his bosom. What .were the those who sat near the orphan heard one long, subject, since he came to Washington. (IHere he a n ) tMTERs CAM Iz, F) & s by auction t a uet strength, passed through all the spheres of society
thoughts swelling that bosom it beseens us not broken siglh, and then saw tear drops, largo and looked somewhat of thl e keenest at Mr Newland, O tih Withaoo*lie March 8, at nigt rwa! sold by auction at hsoz Tuesdav, to the exalted stationthe l uow honors, and to t
to say. Ci retain we are that Grace Stithgate, bright, gli'minicering beneath the thick crape as whose "embarrassment" has by no means as yet e arv at tis pos o o 21,1 4 arid 6 months. rantk, in the order of intellectual beings, lie now
tIe pure, and beautiful, wo-ld never have re- they fell ini rapid succession to her lap. subsided, since the first day lie took his mcat here.) "We arrved at tis post of tie evening ole
rnained there, had strength bbeen given her to [Rcmaii?&cr in our net. t.A Mr Wise repudiated the idea, hitherto so care- 6th and found General Gaines's army ill a state of he knew, unsurpassed in any other. And lie hat
remove fi'om a pillow 'so polluted. But she ,-.- ..., ..-_ r. fully kept up since this discussion, that this question starvation, eating horses, dogs, &c.; loss than a gil l "' SUPI SIE COUI'.T.-BOSTON. pleasure in stating it, because this progression had
heeded not her resting place, for she might of evidence i3 to be discussed and settled upon legal o corn wa sed ord tions e brmornin, ,on Tracy was put o give h acquaintance witb all classes of meu,
have Deen stretched pon the rack without her vo DAYS LAT FROr E OPE. By technicalities. The House is not co ut small quantity ot provisions with us, and I trial for the ailesed murder of Iis wife. Trace is
knowing it, so busy was her sick mind .with arrivals at New York, London and Havre papers bound by legal .rules, as to the admission of evidence. believe there are but a few men in our camp who ai Irishman, his-w
thoughts of guilt and .death. She turned hier to the 15th of Feb. have been received. Their ; The question is rot whether GRAHAM or NEzW- are not hungry at|Iris tree. Wiefoud ple.t were married in Nova Scotia, the 14th day o Mlay ween ho woued, q fed hi forbe of to arl
head a little al]d opened ,ler meek ontents are quite unimportant. i- o.onosof, ,.N have a .eat on that floor; but which have/Ah India n stwo niles an 33 At tile time of her death, they had one I embodies, especially ard emphatically, ou
as tie' were ben on er wi an expeession., ,firstSecretary.to the Russian embassy at London, People eetl? They are not to sfllerby the lach. some e wanted t pursue i, but the General di- child, fourteen months old. They lived in the principles upon all qnestons of a national character,
which she h ad never net before 'is there no !,wil loprn aledotletI steer r to Wasngton. a nlect of'those individuals. The House, said rete oth e Tc ave had Gefer ,oon street and Saan Court
competeyusrrouded'orsevralhtam. l']least ose fatntse orneroMoon. street, ari d h s a ng x o rs upandthe chasnil estrate theinb mhsarkts.f politicin
street, opposte Reto tilTa or's elmreh..he aside--ouicm-seekerscution oe-holdrs--specul a
hope, no dot.t mu s h te (ie It w.is as the i' xtproce'..6u ; :to thtote m~sLitedanStatSreea-o.sngad.or na" s are"13 Isse'h Mr W -., irappearte to have forgotten what is tlhe trute ourP arrivul; he hd fough shvrall h days bepre hous ef'tsn Moo stret an h n tas awigdxtr -tosuon the-chances and temre offiehldr-poetcala
0 ve'appeah g te the sm p nt Txcl tded fro, the Roussi l re adding Tooe lenc
tGra S, "<"' I .". t t "i g "" I lie Ina itain ."d'that if evidence in this case is oI- wi din back from that half ofs the front p arte stock-jobbina, if the question could have been put
,.,ace Stithat. l ,-,l0d8ai~l llran slowly n llrm l(,atc fGn lnh h fios atfrhs it l IE'R r OY.AL TLOPI-11,11,T' Patris, Feb. 13. aile lt iifo te ciooth Hue,,,mates. Iera heatc f o Cic. t fier~Stilttsre;laiwIti vrt h oi ns ftego es fteAnr
imnresive],, there is ,I va-I can save eIte I t i s n sp-etOda- t tire T series, where the- 0 ... twee it re in "on of Lhe Ols e e "g,"le s ,ed1i to retie t'ronr e C s e bw this widgc
-v oamI'I3 il" o ss'ocel tt eTuleiewhr ti no whether it be in timei for that of tile Committee. ". conv-ersation Wit" O"oo a, advisedl l"n to retir.ndte las name street, back yard' From this PeOPI in his opinion, -the nomination of Mir Wet
-Inarry inc an I will." i til last nanted !streetina bdisplearu.,FthattPrinceeopltotilehislopinion, whie noeyiwenton tile Camp.-e
a a1 I w1 .. I Irh a a nr flight of step | uoh a Committee had decided that tl parties have no l" ey t t fe of s l o teback- ster would be sustained by a majority of votes.
cold shudder crept over theplepooreirla. Pic omte ddeie htteprishv o intoree ammching whearip en.they chwe u ndto te ca ll
sPl0 ,eshtlt~ll~etellet over e phoor0 gu'l--iCharles ofNapples and Miss Smith have sailed for ,jmore time of the Cominttee's for Itte purpo,4e lpro- Onreaehingthea"p, Gen. Clin fundits in- dof the font part of the houseeto a platform on Contrary, however, to expectation; contrary to'
r "e broke fely from nis a01s ad sat up-L t)tle United States. In their flight the Prince has IlMaducin, b- n t.ey b o ., tes in great distress. They were literally i th ide ofthe wing. From this platform out about sound policy; itn disregard of the claims of Mr"
i *-u in eti oyb tnth tth y b ,tp rm te 1,i i
right on tie ground. I would go home,' shie : assumed tie name of Mr Richard O'Connor,andt Ino tate. of starvation. They had killed and eaten h
said, 'I would be alone.' Ihistair companion that of Mrs. O'Connor .. ted ,ral horses and dogs. One soldier, having stolen a s f t^. t t o th stairs ab anoted it nerto hy series, he!
'pomsetia yu*wiltwaitf ht h b"towatlntritto euto tstrirefifobaneseil-etIe1 otilicameoonteiig.Thsosbtainedrha-benaanondaiteto-yote Sats.-
'Promise that ye will thrk of what I have A new treaty" of commerce i1 spoken ofl between lea daf as added's aud blind as uts to llie good of (o au illcd it, sold one of tile quarters for tire f oithe eh Tr of the wife Thisisee yar ha -been abandodes.
Ved!llass.deal'this actdofsstealblind aslirisotostheigoodof 1Occupied by Tracy ,and his wife. The yard's ell- No--not he--Massach~usets has been abandoned.
said,' replied Hlinman, supporting her as she Englland and ;Tranee, the country,'and tile purity of elections. The de- dollars t or tllhis aet O stealing, killing, or sellg,
17 c losed onl Suit Court street by a fence sufficiently Be it so--hie for one, as a citizen of M'assachusett,
av IThe Emperor of Russia has confiscated more of poitios taken, ad tie oso must see standing i the yard but was content she should take her Way alone. ie liked
'I will think-I will pray to d tire Polish e.rrstates. I and discuss Othecasedupon them. One man gave six dollars for a piece of horses not so sgh i as to conceal the platform. The e yard the solitary grandeur of the position into which she
said, shrinking hisfrom hias praarm andd ceollectingtb Sheher Clause 'nhaS b lbeen a otter battle between a Marsal As to tle upplvtiwn of Court rules to this ques- e trals, a uitab lU d fnot ng" "rFive do h Sars were o given gte. i gho this fence, opens inward at the bo to had been thrown. He would not exchange it, at
strength to descend tire hill. tion, Mr \Vis. contended that Courts, especially e)r ,sf the stairs. A model of the house and yard was this moment, for the position of any other State in
I.Chane'y Co.1ts, will never allow rules to interfere We forbear to mention an oto d howing produced in court. the Union. He had rather fail with Dauiel .1_eb-
herselfmi her roolm, and kneeling with her bi- inst. that a melancholy and fatal accident occurred, i tet: u, hS situaed mus le corp, h ntust suf'rn in a saag ilenes Yet there was a brought in as^te were rcqtui'ed to testify, wil brn wi Ttb it oth omonwealth^ orof.
h le before h er, search ed d ilig en tly f or" su c h en th e L exington and 'O hi o BRail-.road on the m orn q u e tion here is, 'uw a is the p public w il ? -< n o d a i n i t v r a a r m t" S o m n T s e h t h a l a i t r n t i l c
passages as related to c,.pital] pttnishmnent. She tag of the, 1th, not far from Frankfort. It appears No^ rat takes t da. ht- thle di~scha.rge of his dor '"y. Tlhe Alaehua volun- pasing by tlhe lmuse thiroughi ,Smi Court street a- "When rthe favorite son, of the West was put in.
read, reflected, and prayed, and her opinion that as the locomotive, withl its train of pussnnger "tears cheerfuilly distributed their Ibiscuits and'core, hout Falt past 1 o'clock, on Tlntrsday the 11th nninaiii;tii,n at the last election, Massachusetts did.'
was fort:ed fr'om thie host of'sonrees. She ],ad and burden ears, was crossing a high ombanlkmeat Correspondence of the .Journa~l of Commerce. reserving none for tlmmselves. It was afletling lo day of F ebruary, and leard a man' and woman inbtrph refi t evst rs f'o a efd eB
no1 dotuht of her cou~sin's guilt. Shef knew it to about two miles fi'om Fraukfor't, it was, fi'omn score WASINTco'o, -Sat eddy,, M;u'ah 2(ilh. witness the greediness,. and tlankfulness withi which alt'eution. I-ooked up and sawr Traey and lhiswife __ot wra btrselfnde vestresuctant cao setardl sup-
be impossible that lhe could lIave killed hier fhl- unknuowVn cause, throw from tie truck, and pro- The Senate did not sit today. The lHouse of R~ep- they received a whole or a halt" biscuit from tlleir standing on the p~atlorm. She was leaning on] the -- Kishe di otrndrav rluct anterold tard wnsuat
their accidentally), situated as the two parties cipitated to tie bottom of the embunkmeut. "The restoratives at twelve o'clock, took op the" Repo,'t deliverers, ehhte otf a barrel, and he had hold of7 her and was po't No-h w aenItcpromt bodvande t oo usly windsa
were at the tim;e of the, murder. She te,'solf sutdden termiaiation of its course and action, caused of tlhe C'ommuittee on elections, o n the subject ofllhe Tie oveuing of tlhe day on which their interview trying apparently, to get somethl.g which slhe had one du we ^nt ropy,0 boldly anid jbideutly is-
3-iw, him raise, the rifle delihbwrtt, y to his- the paissenger ears to be thrown off, and fall on the North Caroliaa Contested il.lection, aud tie ques- was interrupted by the arrival of Geaeral Clinch, in her bosom. ble said "Jehn let me lonee" but to^ tmiheenfet womsii nowdlgt to hoaar n or lbi edte s
shoulder-; an'd: though h.-,.r eyes had been turn- opposite side of the' embankmneut--whichi is from tion heing on the resolution witlrwhiicb the Re.po,'t Oseola sent wo,'d to Geu. Games, that if he would at lengtlt seenmd to grant hIs request, and they sue; waudi thataene u, wsaid Mb nw deigt toho orned
ed before the'precis:;, aim was tvken, siho hnd 2") to 30 feet iu ]ieight, and so steep, that tim cars concludtes, declaring that .James Graham 'is ntol en- send away tie horsenmen (Alachua militia) they went lute the liouae. lIas known prisoner a year tu complain. It does imot become us. "W hat now
seen tlhe ef~ect. What would her evidence In 'a u-'t onec" to tbe bottom aud were clashed to pie- titled to a seat in this House, and that David New- weald coome and surrender their arms. W~e know 01 two. is t be dfone, is the question for tlle people off
but a confirmation of Iimnman's ?--*ind of the cess.-in thin fearful concussion, but one passen- |;ead is entitled to a seat iu thlis Ilouse, Mr Graham not whether froin suspicion or otherwise, the Iorsc- Elitz: Dctk 5T. Stiekney--Occupied tbefi'ont chain- Massachusetts to setlel.
truth, of his statem-nt sh" had 'almost positive 1 go,' o"t of fif'teeu escaped unhurt. Onn putsch withdrew his motion to amend |lie reselutiuo, and men were not seant away. After waiting tltree days ber that makes the corner of the two streets,.h In Mr B. said he wats never partial to any oblique"
proof, fo llow cold hp ha" 1-'was tn'l i instant 1"1"1y skilled' und twol others so severely in- his eolleague, Mr Bencher, offered a aeries of pro- to hear more of Oseola, and not having provisions the back side of her elambe- there is a window o- movements, either Io the right or left. Hle was-
pofbrahw, asedud hIoe haveli- *kindow-n tht hn. iured a I''"s to oeeasiou their death in a short tim o af- rositions all coming to tlhe connlusion that, curtain to remain longer, Gen. Games returned to Fert ver the top of a tlighit of. stairs. On rte eleventh not tactician enough to comp~ebend all the evolu--
hado aske h,, m^n'oftli* hefhlther.a hd~i ben Pre d 'terwards. The persons to whom the accident lind votes being rejected, and others received, Mr Gra- Drane, at which place. Oseoha was to meet him,; of February, about two o'cloek, site herd the cry tions of the times, 1,ut he liad ever liked the sim--
upondindthe(T -rnoun fthenm-'r hehd i[o ha erp heardii the onerstwp io he afirm- son,' Indiuai'; Ml.'r .Tiud,1' efWoodford county .lenmbe" oftlhis House~from the twelflth Congressional he trinsfcn'ed the eomnmad to General Clinch, and was leaning out of tim window over the top of tlhe w\,^ MA.RtCH. A'nd lie was happy to see fen-.
ed to hve taenpr f e. ht-twn the' tteF an (tKy.) aud a child of a Mr Tutt. The wounded, District of North Carolina. Upon 'this mot~iu arose left ir New-Orleans by the way of Tallahassee.-- stairs called to ler; "Ma, this man is knocling his tlenten present--generals, under whose tactics he"
nephew-'. ? *l.r*l*' Ye fil!] cn inced of *c'^" the~ er" mr r le!ss severel'"y, i]a'e Archibald Goodhue, and a debate which continued widuout interruption, till During seeme of the engagements, he received a wife dowu stairs." She went immediately to tie had, in fr'n~er times, been drilled--wbo were as:
as ^ she we% th on- *rl felt jutfe 't-J aI .a*tii!, of Y1adison County ; Mrs Hale, and the present hour,--soven o'clock, P. M. 1,i,'hts wound ; "the btall passing through tis hat lknoeced widow, and saw the wife laying on her back on partial to it as he was--wie could not be made, at
ins '" the lil If'a hn l 7. "t an'y s*'teeili'lc M'r l\V~oods**", n -f Ietgion ; Mr H. J. Eastin, bare been brought into thie [Tall. and a, streag deler- outt two of his teeth, blut its tbrce being nearly the ground, at the bottom of tle stairs and against the command of any stipendiary sergeant, or by
even thoul" ha a co m te t ,o grh -vous of 1_r'is ; and ..Irs. Wilsou, wife of M-r Wilson, of umiuatiou is nmanifested to finish the subject to nigit, spent, it did htim no thrther in.iury. the gate. T'racy was in the act of jun ping from the exam p~le of any political fugler, to turn short"
er ime of shaing a fiellow mant-lhereown almost ladison, indiana.--Tlie last three were but. slight- and au equally pertinacious effort i. making, on the This naovement of Oseola,'in requesting an mn- the lower step on to tile body of lhis wife. tHe corners, or left about face--who were not easy
Klolized rar,;rt 1,1 a i~o mleut o, o i insan passion, ly in,,'ed : und aapostscript in tie Intelligencer states ether side, to keep it open till next week. Many tenr -lew, wben General Gaines had been entirely struck with both feet upon her stomaeb, and caught an snple eunugih to yield to such appliances.
Ihlere was to i~dfmnn. p)unislhment it was tiat. all the foundedd were iln a favorublie condition motions have been made to adjourn, and suspend s"a;onnded by his followers fio" several days, is iu-! with bis bands on the top of the gate, exclaiming In, his view rthe course Massachusetts eught t6-.
deathi or acquittnl with) Lluir ; "and Gr'aic" and lIt'ely to recover. JThe accident occurred the rules for the purpose oftnaling tlho subject the! explicable, anld scents to have taken all by snrprize, with an oath, "lie there." take wos very obvious. It was straight ah'eud--
Silttgate "was cue ot'thosa wlio shudd,.rcd at alma| .' o chor in thri enornig, three hours after order of tlhe day for Monday next, and every other ] 'hetler it was an! artifice devisnd on bearing o!,; Ch,,rtles P. Gor,]a --K cceps int W illiamn Locke's the course upon which sle had entered', iu support
thes~alilgl ,irycery fort httmn.. il;,. which is tilie t.'aii: !|at'left Lexinglon. day till it is scnlhod; but they Ihave been rejected b~y the approach ol" a reinforcemlent, to gi e, time. to I .rosl store, undel" R~ev. M'r Taylor's nmectiug of the candidate she hadl haoed. It was the course

ont|i oonunuel ny Om-l tws while thiose- very -..-......... decided ma jitis The yeas aud nays have been i n atllca sle rnnetreat, or a stratagen lby wilnel, aner house, opposite the yard. Between one and two of Hon'or--th only Course of honor. The course
],tws. pt.l n b, ,.,." ait tl,3 _,,ost. Vigh .' SooE on ],.A.T -R'. Thle Baltimoere Patri- taken half a dozen times, and, in short, every neau I int'roducin five hundred hdians, within tlhe breast-- oclotk February. ak'tn, leard a ',,', of nn'rder from of inteest--f independence. The way of surety
.yrith viprisoazieni aInl Ji/ne. otstatesli that oil Wednesday last a person was ar- has bIen resorted to without. success, to prevent work, under tile pretence of surrendering their t il,-house opposite, slid immediately after heard -the only way left to her. What! after we tiane
Legislators-ye who mnke a eerncommon sp.- "ysted in ;t ity at the prompting of the IT. S. the question from being taken to eight. Mr Graves, I arms, 11e intended to miake an attack with his lnuin" sore heavy stilstalnc strike against tie gute. Tlhe made a nomination! tlhe nomination of such a ean-
taele of human -.,-" ,;,, ,' tI.- &chlio" th, he' !rf a 'y, ol a cha;raun oftbcig Concerned in bitni- nof Kentuckv, his the floor, and, during,, the intervals f' orce d lal adatage of tle confusion, to re ormiurder was in a female voice. Called to didate! After we have done it before the.country,
ofthe pnllhi th,.rcbv-i-c,,:r usnot to'thec s-" n lug thTreainrv Iildiu,,s three years ago. The hetweeu these motious, and the calls of hellu use,: uutssaere the whole belbre (oneral Clinch could Mr l,coke, who was in the cellar, uud then ran and beol'e the world, shall we abandon him!'ot
tilre fec" i .I.." ,.'", VeIn ( iiul depph'rl o{' ernil wlas, it is" added, i"istiSlated" by persons wiho. &&n. slips in a few pa ragraphlls of Iris speeh. rIuder them any assistance ; or, as he says, lie is ilnledialel\ f'rom the counting room across the consent that lhe abandon us! lBecause other State
blood [. I 1 .. .- i] l 'n:lf cn l'd "rauds OiL *ICe Pension ollice, rp Nig,-ht o'c/ook.--The l luonse lias just refused to rallv tired of' urdrirg wit,; nen. (;crie street to tlhe yard gate ; tried "lo open the gatc ; refuse to follow, shall we, like cowards, turn backt
saiod he., .I-. l i ... li I ],sae ; rist ;tl|''l s or( ted to that expedimt to destrv th e'otroy the evidleice orf adjouni,r ycas 74, nays 101,---which is a sufirielut n, '1t urriwtl, sooner thau it was autieipated, eouhl open i't'luhlvlo or throe inches, :as tere Especially, shall we abandon the Massachusetts
said,lle. who hiniphdw th d":-it st t! i. or' th, ir ilt. "'h"' prisoner passed t.!rouz~h Rlti ,viduuee era (eterminatioa el" tle Iliu to sit out ltrnvc"1s us I1o1 detcrmiius, dud time alone ca was some obstrheion withiu; in a short tinls the candidate oftor ithe attack whiich res been mado
sh h e l m sh d w i h d e t .? I w t th a i1 '1,, re o il F rida y i l Ch ar'g e of ) erritl p oim iee o lleel ill'!q u eo liun .-- a ad th e fih alv oe giving "ir N o~ w laad 1n .) d ueid L gate op e nled and t h o lhen f!ou nid 110 o b ect O il tile upo n hl a!in l fin e C o ngress of th'e U nT ie ~a e
p la in a s 'th e la NV q _- 1in s t n olird e,--lr, nnli h' l v 1 1 "7fth is eiiV a nd B la l oy o f P h il ad e lp hia I t i s i his s! a ,i -ii l l eI l' i hlyal ntl ti t'! sii ue "gte. I Mr IG C n. I ick s w,,'h ile a t .' .n .l lw .l e sh ip groat nds o pra a n d w irf one r d oijdi u tg n ea r th e .N o ur 'in !. h e resis oth e n a i tha tiated tas !
not refilled it- down by h ttv in '! ll-I -ti' n ? dt'" r c l' ;'oet (Iev of Ph iI is liis (m l wlr ( n; i h iir i! On ni llih speevh, I M r Gci > i, yltur at w k ,ll i~ro t h i a ru nd; as y ad wift terr s n tlieonevrr fi de i n hat wvey, no,
Nfay is thaolre n sin no de dAivin e, r aw w ti'i h v i l, i h e s, ch urg e, i O hi* ,.Ve ro t and vln t i' ." y w ill;savp h ou twi. rs Io n!,, ;-lfor, w hen ev er lie of' a f llo w \su' ai uian, a nld'ex lirod wvilh iuit n-1 roa n a unt ered a l roltii le windo w v tlit h clie k locked hl i si s tha n seetlr disaeu int o the w hirpool, and plung -.
YOulrrcourtn.ofiustivco rond(-r to th,2 eter I :t ;r : 8 v y'1,"- York., Ibee iie figk Id sl oille f'r a onoa fu lls l w ra n, aim l 'd h i irr(I w fllioi "on. wif edo f,,u lltu irsw tla lie asked l ins down s e Ni wedraw into t ro of- an pur;-
j >" loi,.b.isao.jjps F.iltpigud, si>:e friin~i'wm ll mnake' a motion Ili:: dcnl v, as oc;a'ai-irl"

podtic;, ingulphe.d and lost! Who wil consen, to r STEA.M-BOA T MAIL. -" --- -..-.-... ..-
see her used as a. mere thing of convenience by I ,JWe received last evening the N. Y. Coi. N T I C E
political titaikleers-thrown into the scales of par- I Advertiser of Tuesday evening. The only inifor-
ty to make a balince, or gveo a preponderance, iasi nation of any importance contained in it, is anl I MEETING of the Inhabitants of the
small shot are used from an apothecary's counter!! account of the proceedings of thie lHouse of Rep- Ji\ Town of SALEM, will be held at the
Who would have her hurled about by the hand of resentatives at Washington, on Stturday night, on Town Hall, on MONDAY, April 4th, at 10 o'-
It juggler, like a waxen ball to swell the precarious the North Carolita contested election case. It clock, A. M.: fr the following purposes, viz.
stipend of his vaulting, tumbling attaches, and to wa- one of the iost disorderly und tumultuous h
the great amuinis nt, if nothing worse, of thle rest sittings ever k:own in Congress. The majority 1st, To choose a Moderator to preside at the
of the world !For one he had rather she should were determined not to adjourn until they had de-r meeting.
be blotted from thie mnap of the States while her prived Air Graham of his seat, u;ilthough he had |
name is uiitarnished, undishonored. What uiman produced fresh evidence to prove that lie had it. 2d, To give in their votos, on the question of
in Massachusetts who values Whig principles can rightfully--hnt the minority bravely contested ev- adopting an Act of the Legislature, passed
turn from Webster himself to the undefined shad- ery inch of ground, and finally compelled the ban- March 22d, establishing the CITY OF SALEEII.
ow of Webster W'lho that ever had any 1\ h.- ditti who rule in the House to give" way, and an
principles, can turn from him to either of the other adjournment was carried at half past 4 o'clcok on Per order of the Selectmen,
candidates What good to the State can possibly Sunduy morning! JOS. CLOUTMAN, Town Clerk.
come of such a course Say you-tho offices !- On motion of Mr Howard, the further consider- March 28 Rt G A 0 L
What are they to the ntass of the people Our ation of the subject was postponed till Monday, at
State interest !-Where was Mr Van Buren when one o'clock, and Tuesday at 12, if not by that G RE AT. BAR GAINS I
they were put in jeopardy ? He was adversary- time disposed of,
colleagues with the South against them and against
1us. In the event of an election hby Congress, stand- MECHANIC ASSOCIATION. A Lecture (I'7 R IC 'OOD ,O T COST.,
ing upon Whig principles nind adhering to the will be delivered at the Mechanic Hall, This HE subscribers, having taken the Store late-
Whig cause, our delegation will give such an ex- Evening, at 7 o'clock, by Rev, Dr. EMNiERSON. ly occupied by Mr IsAAc II. FICTHIGionIAM,
preasion to the voice ofl'assachusetts as the exi- March 31. No 22, Essex street, respectfully inform the citi-
gencmayterqireitisot necessary that zens of Salemn and its vicinity, that they will sell
gency may then require. It i nor t rniecesn nitt -=-- -'- ," their STOCK OF DRY GOODS AT COST,
our candidate should be made President ; but it is. A RRI I)VD. consisting in part of the following articles, viz
necessary that we rtiaints our own consistency, At Beverly,.MrJohn W. Davis, of Boston, to-Miss i Eloadcloths, Cassi iacees, sat-
or oswn chasticte ard haor t Elizabeth L. Lee, of Beverly. tinetts, Flannels, Calicoes, Patches, Brown and
Massachusottsl ha., a charter to t maintain. i At Beverly Farms, on Thursday evening, by Rev Bleached Cottons, Cambrics. Muslins, Laces,
here, among ourselves, we estimate it highly, it Air Gilbert, Mr Wm. West'Eldredge, to Miss Mary Edgings, Bishop Lawns, Merino Shawls, Fancy
will Ibe deemed an excusablle vanity, if vanity it be. Elizabeth Obear. Serving Silk Hks and Shawls; Ribbons ; Plain,
Wrong as ,sho has been, South Carolina stands At Lynn, on Sunday last, by Rev. Mr Bonney, Plaid and Figured Silks ; Hosiery and GIlvesa -
next. Viriniac has nothing left of her glorious day Gustavus Atwill, Esq. to Miss Almira Mudge. Also, many oilier articles too numerous to men-
but the ', -',1h1 Passing over the other States, tion, and comprising a complete assortment of
he asked, what are some of those near to us? IE FASHIOAA'BLE GOODS .
What but ansall change,--no--he begg'd padrnED
not small hang-igots-goldeningots-and so In this town, Benj. Franklin, son of Mr Benjamin The ucoav Goods are offered for sale to close
much the worse,-used by their politicians-the Hinman, aged 3 years. Purchasers are respectfully invited to call and
collectors, marshall, post masters, deputies, et id Mr George Smith, aged 54. examine lor themselves
onme genus-to purchase and pay for the offices A son of Mr Benj. Ingalls, aged 1 year. D. & J. F. WH EELOCK.
they hold He did not wish to see Massachusetts Miss Mary Eustis, aged 39. [Funeral this after- Salem, March 241 tf
humbtnled to such degradation. noon, at 3 o'clock, from her mother's residence in
He concluded therefore, that the only course for Essex street. mailor's iaagazine,
Massachusetts was to sustain the nomination she Yesterday, Capt William Webb, 3d, aged 35.- OR. MARCH, 1836 CONTENTS :-The Lifl
had made.-Her position involved its responsibili- Funeral to-morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock, fiom ._ Boat, a Parable ; Sketch of Bethel epera-
ties ; but ifhie knew the people of the coniuon- house No. 9, English street. Friends and relatives tions at Savannah ; Communion of Seamen, No
wealth they were equal to the emergency, and are invited to attend] 2 ; Important Legal Decision ; The Sailor be-
MOIcomunicATIol, ,come a Missionary ; First Voynge of a Bethel
will triumphantly sustaill Massachusetts arid her COMMUNICATION. coe a M1ssionary ; First Voynge nf a Bethel
candidates, Webster ad the Constiti Granger Mir Williaim Shaw, whose death has been announ- Flag. Naval Journal. Ti Cabin Boy's.Locker
andi tie Sprebsacy of the CLaws, cad, was an industrious, worthy man-beloved by a Poe "try, etc etc Just received by
and the Supremacy of te Lawslarge circle of acquaintance and the family circle to manr 31 IiENRY W ItPPLE, 225 Essex st
---- ....-- -- -. which he belonged. He was a kind and affection- HotiCe 0 toLet.

STATE LEGISLATURE. ate husband, and fither-a dutiful son-and belov- ONE HiALF of a large and
ed as a brother. convenient Brick Double House
On Monday, in the Senate, Mr Flint, from the se- ."The sweet remembrance of the just ,in Pickman street, containing 7
lect committee on so much of the Governor's ad- Will flourishtwhen they sleep in dust." roonms,a a Ki then, Wash u and
dress as relates to capital punishment, made a de- -.....-----.......-.--..-... Bathing Roomns, Aqueduct above
tailed report thereon, concluding that it is inexpedi- ALMA NACR.' and below stairs, Pump, and a large Garden well
eut to legislate on the subject. The report was laid stocked with Fruit T'Frees and Grape-Vines. Pus-
'on the table and 3000 copies thereof ordered to be MAR. & APR. sn r MOON FUL. session'given in May. Enquire at
pointed. 1836. rises sn. at risa sea JOJHN El. IVES' Bookstore

[Mr Flint's report is said to be a most able ano
conclusive answer to the arguments in Mr Rantoul'
Mr Flint, from the same committee, to whom was
referred the bill from the Hlouse, "to abolish capital
.punishment in certain cases," reported that said bil
ought not to..pass; and said bill was ordered to a 2i
The bill to increase the capital stock of the Low
ell Rail Road Corporation, passed to be engrossed
Mr Parker's amendment, which was adopted las
'week, was nullified by the adoption of an amend
ment proposed by Mr Sturgis.
House-Ordered. That Massrs Kinsman of Bos
'ton, Caldwell of Ipswich, and Whitney of Deerfield
be a committee to consider the expediency of offer-
ing some suitable token of respect, en the part of this
Legislature, to the commanders of the Navy, who
:are natives of this State, for their distinguished ser.
'vices during the late war. Sent up for concurrence
[In Senate read and concurred, and Messrs Fair.
banks and Parker were joined.]
The bill to encourage the culture of silk, passed
to be engrossed.
The Report giving a quietus to several propositions
for Constitution tinkering, was accepted.
On Tuesday, in the Senate, the bill from the
House, in aid of the Western Rail Road, was read,
and committed to Messrs Hudson, Chapin and Fair-
.House-The bill in aid of the Western Rail Road
Corporation, after discussion, passed to be engross-
ed-only three members voting in the negative-and
was sent to the Senate for concurrence. [This bill
authorizes the Treasurer of the Commonwealth to
subscribe for 10,000 shares of the stock; or one
million of dollars, which will increase the stock of
the corporation to three millions, a sum believed to
be adequate to complete the work.]
Bills passed to be engrossed:-To establish the
following Banks, viz: Attleboro', Lowell City, East
Bridge-water, Essex in Andover, Farmers' and Me-
'chanies', Haverhill, Manufacturers' in Rowley, Me-
chanics' in South Boston, Neponset, North American
in Salem. Powow River, Quincy Stone, Randolph,
Southbridge, and Village in Danvers.]
The bill to icreaste the capital of the Naumkeag
Bank passed to be enacted.
Afternoon-The House went into committee of
"the whole to consider the Ten Million Bank bill-
Mr Whittaemtore, of Cambridge, in the chair.
The Atlas says-Mr Foster, of Brimfield, advoca-
ted the bill. He alluded to the horror of corpora-
tions entertained by the gentleman from Gloucester.
It reminded him of a man he had heard of who
would go miles out or his way to kick a sheep; the
gentleman was equally ready to go oueat of his way
ito kick a corporation-and if it happened., to be a
bank, he enjoyed-the entertainment so much the
more. The gentleman from Marblehead had spok-
en of the chains that these corporations were forging,
and had complained of feeling their weight about
his neck. Mr. F. thought that the gentleman was
only troubled by his collar.
Mr Simmons of Roxbury spoke at length in fa-
vor of the bill. He said that the bank is wanted
to supply the vacancy occasioned by the withdraw-
al of the funds of the TJ. S. Bank, and to bring spe-
cie into the state. Thie growing enterprise and
trade of the Commonwealth require it. Self-de-
fence demands it. .While the other states are in-
creasing their banking capital, we must increase
our own, that our mercantile establishments may
not become mere forwarding houses to the mer-
chants of other sections.-With regard to the wants
of the community, we have the testimony of 5000
witnesses-men of business in the city and country
-bank directors, merchants, mechanics, manufac-
turers, middling interest men, from 40 different
towns. He then examined at length, the argu-
ments of Mr Rantoul and Mr Robinson, against the
bank. Their objections he answered, very fully
and very satisfactorily.
The committee rose, reported progress, and ask-
ed leave to sit again..

Wednesday, March 30.
In the House, the debate on the Ten Million
Bank was resumed. Mr Park, of Boston, made a
very able speech in favor of the bill. Mr Rock-
well (Sneaker) moved an amendment t ,. redu~m lth

31 Thursday... 5 45. 6 25 5 2611
Friday......... 543 6 26 j 20 1140
S 2Saturday ..... 5 42 6 27 7 34 morn
3 Sunday ....... 5 40 6 2S 8 62 0 1O

) Full Moon, 1st day, 5h. 22m. A.


MONDAY, March 28.-Arr schr Emeline, Gould
from Baltimore, with flour and corn to E. Seccomb
WEDrNESDAY, March 80.-Arr schr Elizabeth
SKnight, fi'ro Belfiast.
Sailed, brig Fair American, Willis, Pernambuco.

. Arr at Boston, 27th, brig Smyrna, Perry, from N
- Orleans, 4th inst.
Sailed, ship Geo. Cabot, Williams, Sumatra, &c;
- barque United States, Webb, E. Indies.
28th-Arr barque Valhalla, Stevens, from N. Or-
I leans, 4th, SW Pass, 5th inst. 15th, off Cape Flor-
ida, passed brig Billow, Brown, from Neuvitas for
9 Boston.
Also, brig Levant, (of Lynn) Caldwell, from Cape
Town, Jan 31. Passenger, Mrs Caldwell.
Cleared, brig Hamilton, Paine, Gibraltar, &c.
29th-Arr ship Caspian, Patten, from Charleston.
Also, brig John Hancock, Brown, from Aguadilla,
PR, 9th inst.
Also, schr Cordelia, Card, from Salem.
Cleared, ship Paugus, Moody, Mobile; brigs Geo.
Ryan, (Isaiah Woodbury, of Salem) Batavia and
Canton; Emit, Curtis, Mansanilla.
The crew taken out of the Hemy.Clay, who had
f refused to do duty, have been. set at liberty, and S
have returned on board: the other four being ring-
leaders, were refused, although they wished to re-
30th-Arr Sicilian brig Maria del Carmine, Cam-
pane, from Castania, (Sicily) Jan 4, Gibraltar, 28th.
Also, brig Eagle, Whitney, from Trinidad, Cuba,
9th inst.
Sailed from Providence, 27th, brig Splendid, M'-
Kenzie, Sedgwick.
Arr at JVewport, 24th, schr-Science, Swett, from
Marblehead fur New Yorlt.
Sailed from JVew-Haven, 26th, schr Vesper, Free-
man, Norfolk.
Arr at JVew--York, 27ih, ship Francois I, Castoff,
from Havre and Plymouth; Feb IS.
Also, brig Ceres, (of Salem) Winn, from Buenos
Ayres, Jan 6.
Also, schr M'Donough, Nickerson, from Glouces-
Cleared 26th, barque Mary Ballard, Wainwright,
28th-Arr barque Marblehead, Barstow, from
Buenos Ayres, Jan 29. Left ship Fanny, Frazier,
for New.York, uncer; Hewes, Marshall, do 30 days;
brigs Plant, Perkins, (from Cape de Verds) for Bos-
tori, ready; Creole, Benjamin, for Rio Janeiro, do.
Sailed 23d, brig Delta, Francis, Havana.
Also, brig Corsair, Byram,' from St Jago, Cuba,
11th inst. Left brigs Angola, Winsor, for Trieste,
next day;" Carrier, Brown, Boston, ld'g; Ellsworth,
Adams, disch'g; Leander, Richardson, unc; Effort,
Copeland, do. Sailed, brigs Violet, Ames, Europe.
Also, schr Echo, Caswell, from Marbleheaid.
Cleared, barquel (late brig) Neptunee. Ward, of
Salem, Bahia, &c.
Arr at Philadelphia, 27th, schr Hannah Rebecca,
Hallet, 8 days from Salem.
28th-Arr schr Delta, Norwood, from Gloucester.
Arr at Baltimore, 25th, barque Poacher, Foster,
from Trinidad, Cuba,-6th inst. Left brigs Sarah
Williams, Ellis, front Boston, arr 4th; Ekgle, Whit-
ney, for do load'g. Sailed 2d, brig Gov. Winslow,
Willcomb, New Orleans.
Sailed, schr St. Cloud, Blanchard, Salenm.
Arr at Richmond, 27th, brig Jas. Caskie, Young,
45 days from Havre.
Arr at Charleston, 21st, ship Newport, Eldridge,
40 days from Rio Janeiro.
Also, ship Vandalia, Sprague, from Havre.
Arr at Savannah, 20th, brig Adriatic, Rogers,
-from Boston.
Adv. at JVew-Orleans, 9th, brig Marine, Davis;

March 31

0 A ., olUce.
I SPECIAL meeting of tire lPioprietos of'
SA thire SALEM LYCEUM, will be hinlrde lu
the Lyceumo 1lll,on tie evening of Fridav. April
8. at seven o'clock, for the purpose of cosidering
the propriety of altering tire time of holding thire
Am.ual .iMeeting of said Corporation.
By order of the Board of Manrigers.
Mar 31 President of the Salem Lyceum
iiother's MaagaSic,
S OR March 1836,just received by
arch31. HENRY \ HIPPLE
Chain Cables.
C CHAIN CABLES, 3-4 inch, with the An-
S chois ftor the samine, for sale by
Mar 31 T P PINGREE, Union Wharf

N; auImkeag Bank.
T 'IHE Stockholders of the Naurmkeag Bank,
... are hereby notified to meet at the Bank
Room on WEDNESDAY the 13th ofAprtl noet,
at 10 o'clock A M. 'To take into consideration
the Act for increa sing the Capital Stock, which
has been passed at it.the present session If tire Lo-
gislature. By order
March 31
A-tablic ,Votlke.
P ROPOSALS will be received by thie sub-
sc:ribers, for building about one hundred and
ten rodi of Road. lying in the Eastern part of'
Wenham Further particulars may be known on
application to the subscribers. -P'ermons desi.-ous
of contracting, will ased ion their proposals on or
before the 10th of April next.
JACOB ) DODG.E, ) Conmmitee
Wenham, March 21

R ROWELL, induced by the request of a
leare iuinbrr of uIs friends, will give a-
notrier lANCY BLL,n at Concert Hall, ol
WEDNESDAY EVENING, April tili- the
nighL before Fast.
Ig Tickets, $2 00-to be had at ihe Salem
Hotel, and at Mr Mead's store, opposite.
N. B. The next evening of the School will be
on Wednesday, March 30th.
March 28


Opposite Lafayelle, i7 Essex St-ret,

CLOTHS,-Ribbed, Striped aiU Plain
BUCKSKINS iand CAS"1MERES, of every
desirable shade and quality.
A t.so-A richly variety of VESTINGS; ME-
UMBRELLAS-and every article in tire TAIL-
ORiNG Business-all of which will bo eisold at
the lowest C'nsh prices.
(1y Gentlemen iii want ol Clolthing are respect-
fully invited to cll. Garments mado in tire first
style wllth despatch.
A good assortllueU ii C.'USTOM siAiA i CLOTHING.
March b8 Swepis do. on
ran aId ( asiuh.
TPHIE Stockholders of tie GRAND BANK
arereequested to meet at the Bank noomn ton
FRIDAY, the first day ofApril next, at 2 o'clock,
P. M. fir thi purpose of acting on a pitoition prio-
sented to the Legislature for additional capital -
Also, to act ou any other business that may come
before then. Per order.
J. SPARHA WK, Jr. Cashier.
Marblehead, March 21, 1836
*k .^*SQ#CX

iSil LS- .& LACE GOODs

S S. PIpps & o.;
8 No. 77, Kilby street, Boston,
70 cases of "Lace and Musli-na
Go, ds, LINEN', &c. c miprinig a very exten-
sive aasi ,irl -,t .,f W hite G .o'ds, viz:
Cases o wrouglit and tambliur'd Muslin Capes,
Collar., Fishercts and Pelerines.;
Do do do do Lace ao
Wrought and loom sewed Camblic insertinga and
4-4 and 6-4 Jaconet Cambric Nansook and Mull
Muslins ;
Pacisicnne and Swiss Muslins;
Bsshops and Long Lawns )
Linen Cambric Hdkl's Linen Cambrics ;-
Imnitation Linen Ciambrics, & Im. L. C. lldkfs;
Jaconet Cravats; Birds-eye Diaper ;
Fine and extra super Linens ;
5-4 and 10.4 Damask Table Clotlis, wh & brown;
Linen Damask Napkins;
Plain Lace ;Satin figured large and small cileck-
ed Cambrics ;
Jubilee and hair cord Camrbrics ;
4-4 and G-4 British and Swiss do;
WVVlte aud black double and sin.ale Foundations ;
Crown innings ; Curtain Fringes.
Cases of Thread Edginga and Insertings ;
CGlp) Thread do do ;
Factory Edgings; Dutch Laces;
4 4 and 6-4 13obbinet Lacs s;
Illack Bobb-net Lace ;
Blacik Lae Veils ;
4-4 figured Blonde and Bobbinet Lace;
Bobbluet and Blonde' Qillings; -
Grecian Nots and Quillings ;
Worsted, Silk ard Thread Blonde Edgings.
175 cases British, French and
American Goods, consisling'of Prints, Ginghamis,
Shirltigs, Shteetings, Cloths, Cassimeies, Satti
netts, Siaummer Stut's, Silks, Bornbaz:nes, Merino
Shawls, 1-landkerchliefs, llosiery, Gloves, &o
Boston, Mareli 31 epi.6wt
'^rcaach ooala.
2A CASES, consisting of colored and black
Hki1 ;Bomibazines; Linen dldkfs; do Cnambric
1-ldils; Linen Cambries.; col'd F'ior-nees do
Satin Vestings ; Gentlemen's andt Ldies' Black
and assorted colors Kid Gloves ; Pins, &e &e for
sale by FREEMAN COBB & CO.
71 ,Milk Street, Soston
Boston, Feb 29 ia6w
lri'sh Popliass, ilks, A&c.
ENRY PET'TES hasjoust received, genu-
Sin Irish Puplint ; blue black, jet black and
uoluured small figured Silks; Velu'ur de Soie
Sl awls, large and small s zes.
234, Washlingon treect, corner of Summaer treat.
Boston, Feb 4.

j ENRY PETTES has just received a largi
as-sortmuent of Linen Goods of superior qual
ity. The Certificates of the ManEfacturers, itles
srs WM. G1ioN & SONS and ROBERTs WArsoU,r ar
annexed, iu preference to any other rocouunenda
BA.I-LLYMKNA, Doo 21, 1835.
Mr hleSrnT PiTrtas,
Sitn-We hereby certify that in exeriuting your
order we have pun up LINENS manufactured by
ourselves, that they are entirely made from Linae
Yarn, amnd in every respect sound and merchants
able Goods.
PERS, on the Invoice herewith, are made express-
ly to your order, and I warrant them to be pure
Linen, and of first rate manufactumi.
Your's respectfully,
(Tie originals can it seen at the Store.)
AL>O0-2 bales LONDON FLA NNELS, man-
ufactured to order, and warranted not to shrink
in washing. No. Q21, Washington-street,
March 5 Corner of Suminmer-stleot, Boton.
UST'i received and for sale by
--Yo. 17, Central Street, Boston-
A large and valuable assortment of BRITISlH,
GOODS, conaisting in part of the
following articles, viz:
Medium, Superline and Extra Brouadloths, in
Blacks, Blues, Brown, Green, Olive, Dahlia,
Fancy, Drabs and MAxtuures
Medium, Superfine and Double Milled Plain and
Fancy Striped and Ribbed Cassanmerus
Superfine and Common Kersoys, in Drabs, i
and Mixt ires
Comnnon, Superfine and Saxony Satinoits
Ited arid Mix,d Parddluings
Silk Satiin and other Vestings, new st) les
-8 and 4-4 Whitr Irish Linens, in whiulo und half
pieces, .Dimask Table Linons; Brown Linens;
Col'd arid While Cambrics and Mlushins
Bishop Lawns Linen and Imit n likfa
SILK GOODS--Heavy Pouls-de-Soie, Spring
colors ; Gros do Naples, Spring colors ; Gros
de Naples, plain and figured ; Gos do Swisse,
blue and black ; Italian arid Germari Lustrings
and Snwinv;s; Synchaws; Sarsnets; Caumblets;
Ponugees; Flag aird Bandanna Hdkfs
Spitalfield, Gornman artd India Cravats
Stocks, Suspendeis, Gloves, Hosiery, Threads,
Buttons, Pins, Pins, &c.
Henmquin Co. Super Scarlet, White and Black
lerinun Shawle in gu eat variety
Sew ing Silk, Silk -1uslis, Gauxe, Crape and
Barage Hldhkfs
Biown and Bleached Shirtings anrd Slietings, of
all tih varieties in market
Shirting Stripes und Checks Drillings
Tickings Bleached, Brown anid cold Jeans
STumnier Stuffs, Fancy Goods fur Childroen's
wear, &c ic.
If Oe are daily receiving new ant additional
stylesof' Goods, waich, added to our present
Stock, we trust will enable us at all times to offer
our friends and the public ns good an assortment,
and oas as favorable torins, us can be hid inu th
SBiositon, March 10 Gweopis @tto. one.)

C 0 -GOOD halis removed tni the room over
o thio Meorantiloe Bank, No 7 Central Street.
'liheo room will be open for visitors fruomt 12 to
o'clock P M1 ep If March 31

FHROM the subscriber, yesterday morning,
F. MOSES D'\Y, an indebted A porenlice to
tine Carpenter business, about l(i years if urage.-
All personsare hereby forbid harboring or trust-
ingr him on n v n ocnoulnt. as I slhllnov tit) debts of"

capital from ten to five millions, and two-fifths in- The Rome, Jenks, from Canton, was at Manilla lateGEORGE W. CCGGSWVELL, of his contracting. PHILIP STRONG.
stead ofonle half to be subscribed forby the State. Nov 11. Boverly, will meet within immediate payment, if Marblehead, March 31.
Mr Rantoul followed in opposition to the bill and The Sachemn, Meacom, for Bencoolenm and Bata- presented to r a O M S
the amendment, and continued to speak till the via, sailed from Padang, latter part of Nov. FRANCIS COGGSWELL. oFO .1 o i
adjournment without concluding. The Hanover, Leach, fin Providence, une; Globe, Beverly, March 28, 1836 SwL*
-.. .--. .-...-.-. -... .. ....... Foulke, for Sourabaya, to repairandload; Mary, Fur- Beef & ( ion r NC ERl. IRN E )
BRIGHTONer, for New York, 16, and Diantha, Dvis, forBos- 1 BBLS MESS EEF Master,will meet with dispatch; for
BRIGHTON MARKET-MA-RCtI28. ton, 20 days, were at Batavia, Dec 5. Sailed prey. is nnsrse 0.B1 dSEF;F 1,Fe,,,tIsI
At Market, 440 Beef Cattle, 50 pairs Working Boston, Wheatland, for Sincapore. 30 Hds 100 do No. I do Frelassest or iasAg pl D
Oxen, 12 Cows and Calves, 240 Sheep, and 50 The Plymouth, Gibson, uncer. was at the Isle of 50 Bags Od Sumatra w COFFEE s Wo has now lndinlg ar f,,r suli,
Swine. 50 Beef Cattle unsold. France, Dec 27. r wgs 0;d Sumatra COFFEE Who ha now lndin.r and l;r ..le,
Swine. 50 Beef Cattle unsold. France, Dec 27. 30 Cashs Raisins 'Loring's' B3raud "1400 Bushels Prime Yellow CORN,
BEEF CATTLE. Last week's prices were The Telumah, Barstow, from Mobile, was off Liv- 50 D rums Sultana 'Iorisinrs- 100 doBushels Prme Yellow CORN,,
hardly supported for a like quality. We noticed erpool, 13th ult. For-sale by 200 Bbdos Bait. Howard St. FLOUR..
a few yokes extra takenr at -15s. Also, It yoke of The Perdonnet, Ingersoil, for New Oleans, and y HOYT & KIM BALL, mar ch 28
two very fine, fed by Col. Asa Stebbins, of-Deer- Tuscany, Prince, for Newport, Wales, sailed from March 24. 3w No 15, Front Street. F Nt
field, sold on the hoof, probably at a higher price. IHavre, 18th ult. I_,O 1 3 EnAGS Frosh Castana Nuts
We quote first quality at 39s a 42s 6d; second do The Toucan Hamin, 63 dirys froml Bostonili was ro io I Io En.rlish Walnuts. fresh and
at 33 a 36s; third do 28s a 32s. iat Montevdeoan, 6 5y fo oFEW Groce Superior Loco Foco-Roman prime. 20 bI;,g Filberts. 30 boxes and halt do.
at 33 s; third dOXE. Sales a 32were.made at 5 The Cvideo, an 5. Tpers and ,uncifer Vlatces,-lle corner No I Soap. Forale on favorable tei ms i
to OXEN. Sles were de at $51 The Canton, Stevenson, witig ft., and States- a irt rae convert rice fr Cigr smokers. JOHN KNIGHT,
to 110. C VESn, as. Salesfield, do. were at Rio Jneiro, Feb 8. VWholesale and retail at No 198 Esex street, march 28 No 7 Derby Wharf
Co$19ws AND CL Sales were noticed at Tie Champion, Hersey, from Boston, arr 13th, m rch 31 IVES & PUTNAM. -..
SEE. ots re t19 to $35aen t 2s d to 48s. ind Thorn, Barnicoat, for do 15 or 20 days, were at--- NAcCo7dions 7s r Whta.
S$1 EP. Lots were taken at 28s 6d to 48s. Perna[buco, Feb 17. ToLe, it & e Ac Olas.
SwNvE. One lot of 880 sold at 7 for Sowas and Pe ILbuco ,Feb 17. r T'O LSetE .FlEN-Eight & Six K.-yed Arceordiona ; also
S for Barrows. Several lot. 30 sore at 7 foere wanted at he Leader, Graves, for Bostoni, 7 days, was at r'-WO Rooms over Apothechiry's shop tn South aI serina of Lossons for the Accordion, rby
the Barrowsc. Several lots m8 for Sows anted at9 fo rt au Pr since, th inst S.,em-one of lhem finished, and suitable .1 13 D)ohuey Professor of thin Acc.rdi,,n, price Oine
e sau riow e. t retail, 8 or Sows and 9 for The Vespasian, Winisor, for. Cronstadt, sailed fin fir a Counting Room. Innuire of dollar Fur sale at NtNo 198 Esi.x-et, by
Mtrows.zas, prev. to 14th inst. Mit 31 if N.'TH. C PEABODY. miarcl 31 IVES & PUTNA.M

O17 foston ti vertisemeterst.

SHEEP SKIRTS, On WEDI)NIESD \Y, April 6, at 11 o'clock, A. aO
At the Warehouse of Livermore Sf Kendall,
-Quincy ail, Boston-
5L00 500 shorn do
2500 salted do
30 Seal Skins 700 Kangaroo dii
Tiho auove were irnpu,,ed in the shlip Tybee,
from Sydney, New South WVales.
The wool on the anslhton, sheep skins is of su. e-
rior quality ; the skins are heavy, and thie while
invoice is worthy the attention of wo .ol pu!leat
and leather t essers. The skins will be1 r.e-dy litr
examination .on Monday, the 3d of April.
Boston, Marchi 31

1A 9 BALES Wliite Gorralis
10 do Blue do rmdiumrn qual & small
3 do Salempores
10 do Striped Nicanees
10 cases Bleached Plattllas
5 do Bleached Shirtings
3 do 4 4 do v.ry super. quld.
2 do Super checked Mindlirina
3 do White Jaconet
4 do White Cotton Hose
4 do Lambswc.l half do
5 do White Cotton Fringes
2 do do Muslin Robes, Emb'd
1 do do do variegated & emb'd
10 do Plate Furnitlires
25 do Fancy Prints
30 do Cotton ilandkerchi,-Js
3 do' Srotchli Madras do
6 do Tirkey Red aoi
8 do Verona do
2 do Spring'd Lappets
3 do Scotch & Striped Worsted Caps
1 Bale Spotted Frocks
( do Scarlet, Green & Bilk Bombazatt
10 do 7-8 &4 4 Black Levantine lidfEs
6 do Fancy Pongee do extra qual-
ity and superior style
10 cases Ginghamn Umbrellasi
3 do Silk do
1 do Red Tiffetts, 12 yds
I do Sas lricordies
1 do Velveteens
Entitled to d1 benture, and for sale by
Fit;EMAN, COBI',. & CO.
No 71, .Mlilk-sltret, Buatno.
Feb 18 episif

couarrp1 KERING & Co
Importers and Dealers in Dry Goods,

William Courtis, 5
.rithur Picketing,
ta cy Courlis. ) Imo aroeli 3

tOU.'RT3-1, P ClkEHI NIG& Co.
AVE received by the ships Liverpool, Now
Jersey and Chathaum, a great variety ol
-among" which are-
Black, Blue, Invis. Green, Lt. and Dark Brown,
Dahlia, Roman Purple, Burgundy and Mulber-
ry Broadcloths.
Ribbed and Plain Cassimnercs
Do do Buckskins
Indigo and Logwond Kersoey
Silk and Worsted Veesings
Fiaured Velvet do.
White and Wove Quiltings
Printed do..
Eimincts aod Lama Clotha Slmmer Casmtllts
Crapo Lastings Black Lastinga
White and Brown Linen Drills
Beaverteena and Buffalo Cloths
Rich and Common Furnitures
Light arid Dark Londion Prints
9-8 Fretchl de
9-8 .laconet do
Lighit and Dark Fancy Oinghiame
Pink Check do
Blue and Buff Chamrbrayc
4-4 and 6:4 i, lhite Cainbri a
4 4 anit 0-4 Checked and Figured C(ambri.rs
9-8 and 6-4 Jaconets Bishop and long Lawns
White and Brown Linens Linen Damask
Brown Tublo Covbrs, all sizes
Silk and Tabby Velveits .Silk Serg e..
Satin Vestiugs Chloppas and Bandantiaz
Brittania Hldkfa lumii. Cambric lidkif
Bttlaps and Ctequillasp Red Paddligs
Canvas Paddmiis Suspenders
White and Brown Cotton H-lose
Do do do do Embioidered
Kid Glove's Thread and Spun Silk Gloves
Marshall's Thread Spool Cottouu
Sowing Silk and Twist T''.pesS
Flexible and Lasting Buttons., c &ea.
For sale at 69, Water Stroeet.
Boston, Maich 7 1 mepisur s
iPreuicha l'iltN, &c.
C U. CASES French Calicoes now patterns;
Zl .d 4 cases Embroidered CaFes, Collars, &ej;
5 cases Riclh Silks, new styles ofuScarf's, Belt Rib-
bons, Cravaits, Shawls, Etu.
Just received and for sale at wholesale and re-
tail, by HENRY PETTES,
Boston, March 14 "224 Washington St.
Hoys' iMarbles.
C-OLORED, SlonU and White Marblea,by the
Thousand, Hundred, Doten,'or retail-at
March 31 JOHN l1 IVES%.
Whereas may wile Margarelt
has left nmy bed and board, this is to forbid all
persons harboring or trusting her on my account,
as I shall pay no debt's tof her contracting.
Salem, March 31 *

For Saie,
1000 to 1500 Cords SPROCE WOOD.
100 Also-IHdRD WOOD, by the
cargo, to arrive Apply to
Beverly, Marclh 31 3Sv
One Chain and Anchor,
T EARLY new, for sale by
March 31 S QUARLES
50 DOZ Cast Steel atd Conmmon Shovels,
5 received and for sale by
march 31 206 Essex street.

Boston 3d. Nails.
TU OBTON 3.TDi''0TorTasait T2()6 Ess x st byy
.iL mar 31 W.V. CHASE.
Brittania Dish Covers.
-E1,TI'TS rilLtana Dish Covers for sale by,
raW M. C HAS E
march 31 206 Essex street

Repository and Observer.
T liE Biblical Repository and Quarterly Ob-
server- No XXII-lor April 1836.
Just received by
march 31 225 Essex .strot.

CNo'e yasnis' Cofug !h .r
nY Tillt USE Ot THE
O'llN't omiost. popular nd et'-ctual reume.y fur
iL Couigh's, Colts, .' sthjn.a, Consti.ntpitiun, JnilJI-
enza, li'h/onn ijn Cough, Spiltling .if blood iandl l
PIu.lmonIriM .I.#cVtioiu, is extracted enitirCiy 1'fom
vegetable ubsta ncees, and most rlighly esteemed
b) those ws ho hnve had an opportunity of witness-
ing its hto linuti piop ties. Many letters ind er-.
Liln-nes Ifoni Well i kuo-wn individuals, will be
fiutid on the envoleope to each bottle-and the pro-
prietor hais permission to refer to several four
most distinguished citizens, who liavei brh. currd
of obstinate Coiiihs by its use, but feel justly a-
vetrse t-> havllns their nions hnilnlhea d in the nuwiv-
papers. [ifj P'rice 50 cents a bottle.
Sold w nitesalu and retail, by
Essex Si Salem
Jan\ 18 latw3umi

Uiou.e F' tts-gaui're at auction.

3' T 1 1 Sr DA Y, at 9 o'clock, at Houelo irS
SuIliner sIreet,, corner of Higlh stre et,
rcfiH E Furnitute in said hoiusef viz: BOreataf,
i Tablas, Redstadas, Carpets, Chairs, Crock-
cry and Glass Ware, Kitchen Furniture, &c
G G NEWHALL, auct'r.
larc.i- 31, R&o
Vaaa.-'.Ae iaea6 Elisale.
On TIIHUfSDAY, 3st inst. at 11 o'ofock, will
he -'otd at ruct in, llthe eal Estate of Messrsi
PAG & ,Itits., sttuEvd on Derby street and
Union Whorl viZ:
The "-orner lot. on which are a.
fe- r r le Store 20 by 30 feet, a
'r t'.,' Store 27 nv 33 feet, and wood
'. .i i ..i. bi..ioun ded nortlherly by Derby'
At I 55 feet 9 inches, easterly by
a private way called VWharfs, reet 61 feet 6 inch.-
es, siutblrly by land of IDavid I ,..:-..- 54 feet 10
iilchesa, westeTly by Union whav i -i, feet. Also,
tire hlt of lard on wh;ch J Nichols' blackasmith
shop now standia, being 35 feet 3 inches on Unioru
wharl, and running easterly to Wharf street afore-
said. Sale tobe on there premises, where condi,
tons will be made known.
Also, immediately at:et the above, sundry arti-
cles of Store Furniture, 400 gallons of Cider Vii'
egar, Casks, Boxes, &c
BIr order ol Assignees.
Mar 61 GEO. NICHOLS, audt
lguldinHg' MaftC iaISas at auction,
THIS AFTERNOON, at 2 1-2 o'clock,
will be sold on the premises,
The nw ilerials of a Wooden
Building in Old Paved street-and immediately
after. at GeorgUe Ni-hols' Office, in Court Street,
t quantity of W IN DOWS S, FRAMES. DOORS,
COUNTERS, etc taken fiom said building
Alai 31 GEO. JICHIOLS, anut
NEXT SATURDAY,at 12 o'clock, at thi Derby
1', alnd appurteni nees, 300 tons register,
A' '. a-'*ils fast, carries a very large cargo, wai
Iuilt in Salem, by Mr Brigga, fur the late
r- P 'irckeriig Dodge, Esq of the best iare,
ria's, copper lastened, salted on the stocks, and
has been re-ralted several times, is perfectly
strong, stanch and sound, has recei.tly beei
caulked, sheathed r;id coppered with heavy cep-
per, is 16 years old, remarkably well found iro
sails, rigging, spais, etc has throe chain cables
new within 4 nr 5 years, and can be sent to sea at
a rmall expense. She has been recently opened,
nd will roem in so till the sale, a' ich will be psa-
tive. Sterns easy-can be examined at any tmUo
in applicautii.n to G G NEWHALL, auct

NEXT TUESDAYi, at 11 o'clock, at
George Nichols' Ofice, Court St.
WII.I. BE 801j.),
12S harcs in Naaimkeag' Bank
15 do Merceants Bank
2 do Andover do
31) do Commercial do
10 do Mercantile do
15 do Asiatie do
20 du Lynn Mechanics do
6 do Andover do
8 do Salem do
38 do Asiatie
12 do Commercial Ins Co
6 do Beverlv Bridge
1 1-2 do Groeat FPasture
Mar 28
Executor's %ale oaf ,'urnitunre4
Dry G(oodd, &c.
UN WED)NESDAY, April 6, at 9 o'clock, at th4
Briek House by Essex street, recently oseupied
by the late B. Varnry.
tLL the FterniTruR, in said House, viy-SoA
in s, Bureaus. Tabless, Chairs, Beds, Bedsteadi
& Heddrllg,t'arlpots, Trockery & Glass Ware, As-
tral Lamps, Fire Sets, Silver Plate, Travelling
Trunk, Kitchen Furniture, &b.
AT 1I o'L) ock.
T-i- reIrimlnder of a stock of 0nrf Gookit. -
AT 12 1-2 O'CLOCK.
A collection oa MARIsn. SiH.LL, ,omne of which
are r.re and valuable. Also, a quantity of Groett
lHouse Plants.
By order of the Executor,
G G NEWHALL, auct'r.
MSarch 28 nitG. & A.
EBuilding at Auction.
On ViLDNESDAY, April 6, at II o'clock, will b8
eold on the premises,
The two story wooden biiilding
if- in Mar borough Street (ip proved
ri?? for n'it y years by Mr. Cole and
ma I a nlow by Mr. H. K. Oliver as ai
21-31.S iippa atti; belonging to the same.
March28. GEO. NICHOLS, anct.
Real Estate at Auction.
To be sold at Auctran, on FRIDAY the 8th day
of April,
,, The iBatchelder Es-+
Jate so called, situate in the Upper
Paris of Beverly, near the Far:sm
,of"tlif late Joiseph White, and ad-
jining wthat of the II. William Friend-. Thlii
Estate contains about 75 acres of some of the fin-
est lidin the County, is beautifully laid out iri
fields and pastures, and wholly fenced in widl
tone 'Wall. is well watered with Springs, and
supplied with wood tsuifficient or ene family. Thio
Gardens are stocked with the finest Peach, Plum,
Apricot, and PRac trees, and a variety of Grape
and Quince Bushies, ard thie Orchard with the
choi-est Fruit trees impk.rted from France The
IHuise is three stories high, having two Parlors
facing the street lon the 'south, and combining ev-
ery conviilience. Good Shed and Chaise House,
with large Bael, &c., and an abundant supply of
soft and pure water in wells'. The premises have
recently been most thoroughly repaired, at an ex-
pense ot iver 1000 dollars, and is crisidered one
of the most desirable situations in the town.
Also, two Wood Lts in the Creek Woods in
Wenhaut, and one hi t in Mackeiel. Cove, so cal-
led, in said lievcrly. Tffoether with all thie stoclt
ol Catame, Initleiments and utensils now upon the
pre irises.
T're iwhiole will be sold without the least reserve
n...r- I ..,I. .-... n m of Hlie pnrcihase money inay
,,. to sutf tioe convenience ot'
the purchai'or.
1000 dollars is insuiired n the House, and 400
dollars on tihe Barn, for a number ol years, at the
Danvers Mulual Office, which will be given in.
Sale on Ihe prelisos at 9 1-2 o'clock, A. M.
Bv order nl the Executor.
(; G. NEWHALL, Auct'r.
Beverly, Mar 28, 1836. t. a.
Disssolutiolof Partinership.
11 E Fr,n liiilherto existing under tihe title o(
by mutual consent 's dissolved this day, March 1.
All tlheaccuunts of the firm will be adjusted by
who will continue the
anrd deal in Broadeloths and L'assimeres, as usua.t
at lie old stand, Ao 6 Derby Square.
On hand--145 pieces superfine and low priced
hoidr-'othis, of varilns cr.lor. 50 pieces Cassi-
irtres 1) tire ptr'-i" or otherwu ise.
fl-JtI'rrung'remnths are beeni made with d fir-
Ci gn hotisefr the constant supply of Wfoollens,4 c
he. support of the fiormnr customers is asked.
M.uch 3i 3w

Shovels, Hoes and Forks.
SDOZ Aimerican uhovels, ibackstrapped
Sa and plait, .
12 do7,. do. do, cast steel,
15 doz. EnI> sl- do.
25 d z cast steel and common Hoes,
21) doz. dio di Manure Forks;
Fr salo by WILLIAM DEAN, 4 Co.,
Ma irch 30. No. 207 Essex-streel.


S'.. Parlour Flowers. '~School for Young Ladies.
SELECTCI0D G OO 3S. A G GEAT'I variety of CameelrIisa, l Ioaen, Cere-.
-LA t1A ur.Vnins, Lillies, lxiis, Oxrhs'o L,,|clnaIlimas, f 'l]E SPRING TEriaM f llReSlirol at MAsoric
aN. # j ff *a' 3 E' '1' AMlnutils Batlinas, tactis-, Ac A.'., itamong hLaL.. u ,dL, r i lIe itlltiictllona or NI Mi and
".S. r a ir Hiciv. oM, which are- -1- S. ID K IVEh1, nli .n'irir ,.c on llhe hst f
P RIM r0 ust rnleirl f BOA I )CLOTS, Yellow Nisette ec w Tlm i ,,i I 'mon no Tea April. Puiiil- e can ter at aty utier tuie, if de-
A [ASOI l VES'TINGS,& &c Roses. Lady Mary, Invhr,lrrriti MT.xira, and s.v s.red
t A .l I\ 1 1 r. V E L S T eN G S & c, & e.- O, r I n w, ie es ,^ip ,', ,nao wti rcountly i mn p,,rt. ,Thn. { l tr tio-i ai r,,l Tr 'n chs.o
I .r sa at. erilry m.derUte 4 prte, S t ed from England, Tle otic ri !ofi urals iiioinraes illa IIh branches of
1 r lasT to call at r'o. 54, W later Street The ablove, ..' I. il it great variety of rolh- a tilimi.i .., Education, together with the
-er Greon-heu l I' in.. 0m e now coming into L.ui,, (L,,r .'..! 1'reilch Iri, to tifrps.
N. B.- The TAILOR1NG BUSINESS is flower, and w,,hll un1lr, n itleautiful and agreeable '.i, ttn i touring in IR.;l nl ., Wit1inig, Arithno-.
conitinued at the above starind, under the supt rin- additir to the Pl!milr and Sitting Room. tic, (t rfioiiTr. i G-' g aui,'ii t il lory, with Plairn
tcIla.nce of Mr. BESJAMINt EuwaInIs. Form ile at thie BIook and Floral Store Of Nili,, \V ,,k, $,5 pi,' q,:irtir.
IVES & PUTNAM, Fii iiiaruiioin in ih.O tabova, together with the
RTwWANTED IMMEDIATELY-Six or eight MrIt' 1 3wis No 198 crtlt iiitri ilioof' Maps, Uoif Globe, Natural P'li-
first rote TAILORESSE5. Apply as above. 'o nphr ssex Ntreet. li,!luv illustrated with apparatus, Natural IHisto
March 28 3w vo 9 V'y, Mn'ral Philosophy, Algeolbr, and iiny onei of'
thie avoe Languages, with Drawing aund Orna-
FOR SALE, 1r IGG aN & W YM AN, mental Needle WVrk, $6~per iqarter.
The Schooner WIf.lJAM h iand .XI l V'l' just received and offer for sale, a lini F"!r instruction in all the above, together with
LOUISA, lying at l ; 11 aortment of C:omelry, Logic,intellectual Philosophy, and the
SMITtl'S Wharf, 73 7.5tlh) ilns tiroe Languages, $7 per quarter.
lo.w deck, anmd easy ui,,uh, 01or ,it.- Spring and S summer Goods, fhrre barguuges, $7 per querier.
r towur deck, and e. y & 6ter,and in good ordur-thapi heo, tol. consisting of nIols of tlie School, will devote particular attention
played in~the Coasting trade. Foru lthicr partic' BROA DCLOTIlS-black, blue, olive, dtilii, to NwE:oLE-WORKc andi DitAWIo.
ulars enquire as above, and every desirable color; Application may be matdo t S., D tiF.R & Co's
Salem, March 28 CASSIMERES-plain and striped ; Shoe Store, or at the School! oonm, Chase's Buil-
,elw, ,Piian ll ,o1 at r [l 1 uBB A great variety of VESTINGS; mding, Washington Street.
NieI T ie O t hrtOC iskbiiC. HsBlack Satin and white Linen Shirt Boitlmi I 8alem, March 14 3St
'tis sweet wen .u on is~ beaming Shirt Collars: Nock Stocks ; Glovs ; --
0 Star of ainiy n thlay, rimu Suspenders; Fancy and plain Buttou[s, &0 n&o. glemn Cligss&te l SC1o001..
WVheo the Eveuimg Star afiapears, Love
Watched the re fu 'venaiiders, Lotr -Garimentsuof every dearriptioi lnilti ooiurd-. liE above establishment will be closed on
When I b;heild t an ichior iweigh'd inn to measure, and warran!lI. T theI 1st of Apr.l next. Theo subscriber ten-
SWhen 1 bn, eld tiv anhore gMarch 21 a A If tdors Iris grateful acknowledgments to his patrons
My own, tmy nativehome n y ___-.. for the very generous support which he has ro-
Lifo-ti cantata, written by W M Tolkein c'? .u ,<4'.,G("- cuived. 11. K. OLIVER.
Emigiranti '..., Home and friends farewell! "rERD'S Grass, ('i, .. .,.1 lieCd Toup S i, --,
Our h .i : .: \Vl Whito Beans, MIrrownht P'as, Ltid, 1.h1i- 'cItool0 for Og iLdgudies.
tnm just eighteen and quite a man ter and Ch oeese, xes Bri Hlavan Sngrr, IN MONDAY, the olevenith day of April next,
ThIe Prinded o'er thsofPortuga's Waltz Casks Now Rice, Bngs old Sumata Cotffee. Al- the suscriber will openi a School for Young
'e'ramn'A Trusrtpet Waltz so, 1 case Bentgal Indigo, together with a general Ladies, at his School House in Federal street.-
lrin's Trumpet Walz assortment of Teas, Wines, and Groceries. For Ho will be assisted by Miss MAtraA L, STEARNS-
Cohe rides MWaltrch sale by S. CBAMBERLAIN & SON. an able and experienced Instructress, in the gen-
GCneral Von Scholten's March and Quick Step March 21 26, Front street. eral business of the School, and by Miss GrRAUD-
Louisville March and Quick Step tj II-THE ESSEX INSURANCE COM- who will take charge of pupils in the French lar.
Clare De Kitchen. a popular Comic Sng PANY, Igunge. Instruction will also be given liy a.suita-
Just received at W & S B IVES' Bookstore, "Th7'Ih a (APITAL STOCK ol 'pb pi ror'i in uatrinadornwim hwntel N dleadworte
AlMar 28 No 232, Essex st IT 'P i CAPIA STCKo Th e syte Of' Ianst ructioma which wili be adopted a
Mar 8 o 3, Essex st 00 comprises a very thorough ad extensive course
Oriental [SU'rancee ComIpaiay. all of which is paid in and of English Stundies, together within the Greek, Lat-

notified, that an annual meeting for the choice of
NINE DIRIECTORS, will ba held at the Office of
said Company, on MONDAY, l1th of April next,
at 11 o'clock, A M.
By order ol the Presihlent and Directors.
5Mar 28 N. PEIRCE, Jun Sec'ry.
London Pocket Telescope.
T- ONDON Pocket Telescopes of a strong pow-
_ rA er. Also-1 Telescopic Cane, a convenient
and useful article. Imported and foir sale at the
Store of IVES & PUTNA M,
Mlar 28 198 Essex st
Pears, Apples, Phlus*6, &e.
H grEALTHY SCIONS, of all the best Pears,
A lpples, and other Fruits, from the Nursery
of R. MAsKistiG, Esq.
The above includes all that list of Fruits men-
lioned in the last Report of the Essex Co. Agri-
cultural Society.
These grafts are warranted true to their names,
and will be packed and forwarded to order in such
a manner that they can be sent to any part of the
Price 50 cts per dozen, or $4 per hundred
For sale, in any quantity, by
March 23S No 198 Essex street.
ui i ,: Lon dion Gemsl$.
FFHE Book of Gems, with 53 Engravings by
as many artists of Great Britain illustrating
5i2 Uitish Poets. "A most delightful Gem for
the Parlour."
Finden's Beauties of Byron, with Portraits of
the Female charaetess in his. Poetical works-su-
b"r found.
T,. Elementary Draingi Book, ;n a series
of Easy Progressive Lessons ftir Young Begin.,
The Angler's Souvenir, bvi many Piscatory
Characters, and illustrated by numerous Engrav-

Coleridge's Selected Poems.
lJast imported and for sale by
Mar 25 198 Essex st.

ROIOM Bellini's Celebrated Opera La Som-n
narnbuia, arranged for the Piano Forte, just
received by W & S B IVES,
Mar 28 232, Essex st.
Retailingff classes, &c.
W ANDING at West's Wharf, from brig Gen-
eral Brooks,
,12, hhds. St. Jago Molasses,
of superior quality for retailing.
10 bbls Muscovado Sugar
80 bags St Jago Coffee
33 bales Cuba leaf Tebacco
110 sticks Lignamvitie.
.Also in Store,
100 bush. Herds Grass Seed.
200 do Red Top Seed
50 do White Beans
20 bags Old Sumatra Coffee
10 boxes Brown Havana Sugar
10 casks Rice
20010 Ibs. Dried Apples
10,000 Havana Cigrrs. For sale by
Mar 28 No 26 Front street.
Anti-Slavery Miagazine.
T HE (. Qnri.-rli Anti-Slavery Magazine, edit-
ed t, 'I:, i tir. WRIOHT, jr-Nos 1 and 2,
vol 1-published at $1 00 a year. Just rec'd by
Mar 28 225, Essex est
T RANSACTIONS of the Essex Agricultural
";-'!r.. for 1834-including an address to
the Society at their annual Cattle Show, Sept 30,
by Daniel P. King, Esq. for sale by
Mar 28 225, Essex st
Christan Library.
" OS. 42, 43, 44, 45, of this valuable family
J.l work, '.r.s,',;, Tiames' "Family Monitor,"
and "Christ.in .i-o.r'e Present,"-published
weekly, at 6 1 4 cea a number -Just received by
Mar28 f'f(i, I.,.sepx st

Mother's Magazine, for F'eb-
ruary 1836, just received by the Agent,
Mar 28 225, Essex st
O NE 9-nch new Heimp CABLE
One 8-inelh nearly now do
Just rec'd and for sale by
ilusuphrey Ciinker
ILLUSTRATED by Cruikshank
The Club-Bro,ok, by various auilhors
1.osaminnd, by Maria Edgeworthl
Herbert-Wendell, a tale if the Revolution
One in a Thousand. A,o, a new supply of
Stories oftihe Sea, iiFnzi, and Jahliet
Mar"28 1V f ,4- PUTNAM., 198
Herbert W'enda lI,
A TALE of the Revolution, in 2 vi,ls Club
Book Cruik's Illustrat4d lHumiphroy Clin-
ker, complete in one volume. At
JOHN M. IVES', 1!93 Rlsex st
Also--a r iw sriipply of Accurdions will bIoolia
Mar 28

1 0 -0 13BARRItI'L-, ? Galleo Flur,
U.,. and It) I hal I ,f'ouprsrior quol
barrls, suitable for families or l ri bpril rini u .
sale by IV I CHAEL SHE l'-lA lt.
WMareb 9, 3w

f. h SMALL drums superior FIGS.
2' Jost, received and for sale biv

invested according ito law, hereby give notiee,
that they continue to insure against Loss or
DAA.t u Lto
Vessels, Freights and Merchandize,
not exceeding
on any one risk.
Office N.o. 170, Essex Street.
D. L. PROCTER, Secretary.
Salem. March 14, 1836. G A o I10
Lamtpblack and Coffee.
2600 lbs AFRICAN do
Just received and for sale by
White and Blue
IXT Knitting Cotton. A fresh supply of
the above article of the best quality, just re-
ceived and for sale by
Mar 21 207, Essex street
IfOlR sale by
200 hbls. Howard St and RichmondFlour,
50 do GeneseeFlour,
800 Matts and 10 cases Cassia,
20 (Casks new Rice,
50 Sacks Beans,
100 Bags old Sumatra and Java Coffee
200 Sacks superior White Sugar.
Marhl 21.
E SSENCE of Peppermint-Coloane Water-
Essential Oil ofSpruce-Stoughton's Elixir
-Cherry Brandy-Brandy Bitters-Lemon Syrup
-Bot-led -('ider-Spawaish Cigars, &G .
Mar 14 .NaO. 304, ESSEX STREET.
Hysorn Tea.
250 CATTY Boxes Hyson Tea, a prime
25 article for shipping, Ior sale by
Mar 21 Head of Forrester's WVharr
f3l O BUSHELS, superior White Corn
S3j00L on board Schr. lylas, for saleby
march 21 Forrester's Wharf.
-V INCENT & BROWNE are ready to contract
V for GANGS OF RIGGING, 4c. They
have spared no expense to render their machinery
perfect of the kind, and can furnish an article e-
qual to any manufactured elsewhere.
3 BOLT ROPE sizes.
2 COIAR CORDAGE from three to
five inches, suitable for Warps, and a complete
assortment of RUNNING CORDAGE &c. of
their own manufacture.
Wai.ar,at GEO BROWNE'S,No 30 31 Coat-
NMERCIAL STREET, Boston, or at their ROPE-
WALK, PLEASANT STREET, Salem, will receive
prompt attention. 3w law
Salem, March 7, 1836
INFORMS hi friends and the public that he
has taken a Steam Power and buildihlgs, of
the Salem Lead company, at their works, Stage
Point, where he is prepared to receive and exe-
cute orders for Machinery of all kinds, particular-
ly Steam Engines, of any number of Horse Pow-
er, on the most improved plans. Fire Engines of
any size, large Sorews of any pitch of thread, for
heavy pressing. Rope Makers Machinery, &c.
&e all of whieh will be warranted to perform
Orders from the country addressed as above
will receive immediate attention.
Salonra, March7. 2mep
e, valuable Farm, sit-
i* "l ted in Ipswich, consisting of a-
iI. f. a 2 0 ,ueres rnf Mowing, Tillale,
''. '-" Pasturing, and about 50 acres
of Sult Marsh. The Tillage land,
being about 60 acres, lays in one body around the
buildings, and is of excellent quality ; tho Pastu-
ring, about 70 acre, is also very good, and re-
quires no fencing ; and the Salt Marsh lays to-
gether adjoining the upland. On the Farm is a
good two story Dwelling House, and two large
Barns, and all in good order. .
Said Farm is under good improvement, but may
be mrnade much more productive with but little ex-
ponse, as it pmosseses unusual facilities for mak-
inng manure, having the salt water on one side.-
This farn will be sold on very liberal terms.--
For further parLiculars, application may be made
Lo the tenant on the promises, or to the subscri-
ber, No. 47, Pinckney Street, Boston.
Bilton, Fob 22 istf
CO41, C.
flAY, LIME, WOOD and 13ARK,
For sale by WMA. TREADIWELL,
March 14 o No.33, Water stretct

20 do Old S rniitr(i di
15 d)i Greeo Java do
For sial by
Fefb 5 No 7,Derby Wharf
Swafmt s Panacea.
OR tsali by EILIJAtH II'OI1!.'1r Essex six'
F |op,,i'o Barton qusana. J"-uly 123

in, F rench, Italian anand Spanish Languages ior
any who may wish to pursue them
The pupils will be arranged, according to their
acquirements, into three departments, the studies
and terms of which are as follows o
Islt Departmenti-Reading, Writing, Spelling,
Arithmetic, Eunglish Granmmiar, Geographiy, the
elements of Latin and French, with pliin Needle.
work-$10 per quarter.
2d Departent-The preceding studies contin-
ued or finished, with English Composition, Histo-
ry, Natural and Moral Philosophy, Use ilGlobes,
followingg Astronomy,) Drawing, A!gcbra, the
elements of Greek, and French and Latin further
advanced, together with ornamental Needlework-
1il2 per quarter.
3d Department-The preceding studies contin-
ued or finished, with Book-keeping by Single En-
try, Geomnetry, Natural History, Chemistry, Bot-
any, Logic, Rhetoric, Intellectual Philosophy,
with the Spanish and Italian Languages-$15
per quarter.
Thie means of Instruction in such of the above
studies as require to be illustrated by Apparatus,
are ample, having been collected at very great ex-
pense. A Course of Lectures in the Fall and
Winter Terms will be given to all the members
of thie Sclhoiol.
From the 1st of April to the 1st of October the
hers of attendance will be from 8 o'clock, A. M.
to 1 o'clock, P. M.; and from the 1st of October
to theI 1st of April, from 9 o'clock, A. M. to I o'-
clock, P. AM. As, however, many parents of'
younger pupils prefer that their children should
attend in the afternoon, the hours of attendance
for such pupils will be as follows :
From the 1st of April to the 1st of October,
from 8 o'clock to 11 1-2 o'clock, A.M. and from 2
1-2 o'clock to 4 1-2 o'clock, P. M.; and from the
Ist of Octobet to tie 1st of April, frorim 9 o'clock,
A. 5i. to 12 o'clock, M. and from 2 1-2 o'clock to
4 o'clock, P M. excepting the afternoons of Wed-
nesday and Saturday. The School House being
thus opened, those pupils who attend in thie morn-
ing onuly-and whor-tmy bo desirous of coming in
the afternoon to prepare their morning lessons,
can do.so, and will be assisted by any one of the
Teachers who may be present.
Jan 14 H. K. OLIVER.
F I[HE next regular Quarter in the above
SCHOOL, will commence on the first of
The Counrse of Study includes all the branches
of a thorough English Edueation, with a- knowl-
edge of the Latin, Greek, French and Spanish Lan-
Instruction is also given to such pupils as de-
sire it in .Misic, Drawing, and in plain and orna-
mental Veedleoork.
The accommodations for tihe School are of the
first order. A Library of several hundred vol-
umes, and a valuable Philosophical Apparatus,
have been procured.
Instruction is given in both the Male and Fe-
male Departments, by a competent number of
well qualified teachers,--the entire services of at
least FOUR, two males and two females, being
constantly given to the School ; and no effort is
spared to merita continuance of the patronage
with which the School has been favored
['Sclholars from abroad, especially if young,
should be placed under the particular care of one
of the teachers, or ofsome responsible person.
Applications for seats, or for further informa-
tion respecting the School, may be made to
School, at Franklin Hall, Newbury street.
Residence, 81 Essex street'
Salem, March 3


M ISS HUNTINGTON, proposes to give los-
sons to young Ladies on the PIANo-ForTE
Her terms may be made known on application to
her at her Mother's in Federal Street.
She is permitted to refer to
Salem, Feb 4, 1836.
Streckecr's Chiliblamin PPlaster.
II IS remedy soon removes the itching and
a hardness produced by this teasing coin
plainly. It is warranted. In all cases of old
swellings, &c where Judkins' Ointment is good,
this plaster is a substitute, hardly inferior in any
respect, and being more cle:inly and convenient,
is tIherefore preferable. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by
Jan. 4.-3mi .No. 5 Holyote Place.
fe5w in EF-irst Baptist Church,
for sale.
P EW No. 88, on the floor of the Fwi-st Baptisr
Church, with Cushions, Carpet, Books, &c,
will be sold at private sale, low.
Oct 8 No. 6, Derby Square.

Sheet Zinc.
ECEIVED this day, One Case thin Ger
man Sheet Zinc, a superior article for cov
ring buildings, &c by
Feb 22 opposite the Market.

A two story building about 36 by
18, lately occupied by the subserib
S ito as a ha; factory. Essex street,
opp3iiit a CA.rtisstreet.
Feb. 15 : sppuaosh themarket.

For Sale.
THE Eastern halfofa Dwelling
Houso, situated in Essex Street,
oopposite the noew Ston Church,
til owned and recently occupied by
--tinSarmuel Mansfield. .For tmrns ap-
ply to the owner in Lynn, or to the subicaiher in
Court Street. GEO. N ICHOLS.
S~']ir, Oct li2 (noinly )

.V'otice. \
I IIIE viltibctrilia lavinyn, sold his Slock of Hrird
.lt Ii'r, uotl to t\ WILIAV\ CHASE, who
will il fliiiu'c i muiudimit thr bm-iniess at tie told
stlIand, he fniroi Cr CiDLtn)els ot L!i su.bS-criln'r r ae
.., .1 irs 'iito co itrm tl. ii r :ttliu'iir e.
I w II rod'ii. r it nci'ssarv 'it
all wflo lia v,, iun tiled acco mntq withth e subscii
ber ti iall arid adljuoitsl the samo, whiuo at pre.e:ij
mi y e fii,u d at his f',imrn r stire.
'ih, sbile if SPERim OIL, CANDLES,
SIlIEEl' LEAD anduLEAD PIPE, will be con-
tinued as heretofor by
T'iifsit fl M. Chase.
Salem. lst mo. 14th, 1836

P ESPECTl'FULLY info:ms his friends and
Sthe public, that he has purchased of VWM
H. CI1A"i, lhis entire Stock of
&fltrid- I'Ware Goods,
consistiing of a complete assortment of articles u-
euially f',und in such a store, which lie offers lor
sale at the old stand, directly opposite the mar-
ket, on terms as favorable as can be obtained else-
(yrThe patronage of the former customers of'
WM. H. CHASE, and ithe public generally, is
respectfully solicited,
Salem, 1st mo. 14th, 183G.
500 PAIRS, Mrn's, Women'sn, d Mis-
0?5 O5 5ses Rubber Shoes. For sale by
ON I~ltiD-A complete assortment Gentlemen's
first rate Calf Skin Boots and Shoes. Also,
Men s and Boy's thick Boots, iLadies first rate
Kid, Morocco, and Calf Skin blips, and Lace
Shioes. Low pric'd shoe of every description.
Rubber Shoes mrended at short notice.
tiJ Cash paid for Old Rubber.
WANTED, as an apprentice to the above
business a lad about 14 or 15 yeais of age.
Feb 15

OCT. PEABODY, has removed into CmrAn-
S TER STREET, third house fromrn Central sitr.
and continues to operate on teeth, according Io
the latest impro nements. In addition to animal
teeth,lie caan furnish mineral teeth of the best
quality from a single tooth to a whole set. Teeth
powder and English teeth Brushes.
[]0'Beetlonut teeth powder, just imported, and
seteemned superior to niry other.
Salem, aug. 24, le35. I aw tf
.il{A C('ai /E j1/S .I.VEA%5.
NFORMS his friends and tIe public that lihe
will c rntin ,, at thie old stand f I. S. tlILL
& Co, thie manufacture of MACIllNERiY, of all
kinds, as usual
Orders respectfully solicited. and prump'ly ,ex.
ecuted fwv Feb 8
1 Biaastuasaie ag-amahaFt S'Fire.
It RANGE COMPANY, continue to receive
Proposals for Insurancc on Buildings situate
within tIe County-iind insure on as fair terms
as at any other (Office. Application may be made
to the subscriber, at his Office in Danvers.
'TTho Directors meet on Ihe first MUnday of ev-
ery rmronth, at 6 o'clock, P. Mi1
JOHN W. PROCTOR, Secretary.
Danvers, Jan 1 lawtf
Vegetable Compound laudian

'rIIIS Medicine is calculated particularly for
the Rickets, or other diseases of debility. It
renders the blood healthy and active, and gives
strength and energy to the whole system.
Prepared by LEADER DAtI, No 49 Hanover St.,
Boston; and sold by BENJ. F. BROWNE, whole-
sale agent, No 1, Jeffrey Place, Salem-also by
Wm.R. Herton, and George P. Farrington, Sa-
lem-and by Druggists generally.
sept 21, 1835 ly
iVew-York & alric oummer-
cial Line of fPaclkets.


T HE following vessels will comprise the above
Lino of Packets, one of whicli will sail ev.
ery Saturday through the Season from each place,
and will take Freight at the lowest rates.
Schooner EAGLE, JI. lrAIr..rrTT, Ma.terr
The above vessels are insurable at the lowest
rates of Premium, commanded by experienced
masters and Prilots The public may be assured
that no exertions will be spared by lthe Agents to
make this Line worthy of patronage, which is re-
spectfully solicited. All goods from the Country
will be stored free of expense, should the packets
not bu ready to receive them. Punctuality will
be strictly observed on the days appointed for
sailing and no vessel allowed to lay over, except
detained by wind or weather. As this is the first
regular sailing established line of Packets from
this port, Shippers from the Country, and in this
place must be aware of the- advantages they will
receive from the regularity of their sailing. Their
regular trips will commence in April.
L0 Enquire in Salem of JAM ES DIMON, or
in New-York, of Messrs P. 1. FARNHAM & Co.
N B. The subscribers will furnish transient
vessels for any southern port, at short notice and
on the lowest terms.
Salem, March 14, 1836. tf

Dispalsch Line of Packets 1'or
rj a r

Copartnership I ssoIved
flII firin Icreiofori- existing under tlie tit'e of
is this dav b isvd y mutual e .c-ent All ae-
c u ni t i ilw l i' a,!jiostiid tby
Vho will ofnl nie to n mina l..-rt:i i i, tntto e and
repair I'IA.NO FOk)TES ,it IhI old ldstrnd.
No. 275, Essex Street.
March 5th 136C.


J. *, 1 6S T f CO.
S.IAV3E 'just received a new assortment of
ConsistinT of" BitOADCLOTHS. PETER-
A few pieces of Buckskin and Ribb'd CASSI-
MEItES, a prime article for Winter Pants.
SOMa, &,c. &c. Salem Oct. 22, 1835
Salcm,m and Lowell (Stages.


... : -- .

C ONNECT'ED with the Stages, Ifrom Lowel
to tihe Interior of New Hamipshire, Vermnont,
the northerly part of New York, Upper and
Lower Canada.
LEAVE Salem at 1 o'clock P. M. on Monday.
Wednesday ard Friday, by Lynnfield Hotel, Southl
Reading, Wilmingtojn, nd Tewkbbury to Lowell,
RITURNINaG, leave Lowell at 8 o'clock, A. Mi
on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
LEA.VE Salem, at 6 o'clock A. M on Tuesday,
Thursday, and Saturday, through Middleton and
South Andover to Lowell.
RETURNIN leaves Lowell on Monday, Wed-
nesday, and Friday, at the arrival of thie Stages
rom the North.
The Proprietors are not responsible for Baggage
or any other property, sent by this Line.
For sats, please apply at the Lafayette Coffee
House, Salern, and in Lowell, at the Stage Office
Central Street. apr G
or %allc.
The dwelling house owned and
.fl, ,i'r,,pi-d by ithe subscriber, aiid
,A A-'- '1 .-. i. L -.I on Essex street.
'.... terms or more particular des-
c" : of the estate apply ti

Car~peaIter's amad Cooper's
ECEIVED this day one case Undeihill's
Cas, Steel Ed nd Ship Car pnter's Broad Axes, Shaves, Shing-
ling Hatchets, Cooper's Axes. &c by
3d inn Ph 206 Essex street'
Strecker's Pills for Dyspepsia.
r Ii E principles on which these pills are cornm-
posed, are almost entirely different from any
others. If the dyspepsia was produced by taking
too much Calomel, these pills are particularly
suited to such persons They keep the habits
regular, and after cleansing the system, leave it
in a slite requiring nothing but temperance and
care to effect an entire cure. If they affind no
relief (after being used according to the direct
itons) which the patient thinks worth the money,
will be returned on application. Price one dol-,
ler per box. For Saleby W. R HORTON
Sept 28 tIf No 5 Holyoke Place.
iRedford and Sarailac CrowIn
WinHdow Glalss.
T' HE subscriber has been appointed Agent in
Salem, for the Redford Crown Class, and
will keep constantly for sale, at the factory prices,
at his shop in Washington Street, all sizes of the
CROWN WINDOW GLASS manufactured by
that company.
This glass is of superior quality; and is manu-
tactured from "white flintsand," obtained near the
factory. It combines all the requisites which dis-
tinguish a perfect article, and is particularly te-
markable for its strength of enamel, beauty, and
evenness of surface, transparency, lightness of ol-
or and uncr'mmon brilliancy, resembling the fin-
est description of Plate Glass It is the only crown
glass made from "flint sand" in this country, and
is capable of standing every change of climate-
nor will it lose any of its lustre by age -being
all made of double thickness. It will be found on
comparison cheaper and stronger than foreign or
cylinder glass.
sept 15 I

T HE Subscriber still continues the BOOK
BINDING business at the Old Stand. (No7
HioLYOKE PLACE,) where his friends and the Pub
lie, are respectfully invited to call. Books bound
in all the various Styles of Binding, in a cheap
and durable manner,and warranted to give sat-
infinc ion.
BLANK BOOKS made and ruled to any
pattern All orders gratefully received and
punctually attended to by
Mar 2. (G A L)

ILLIAM ABBOT has removed to No
4, Chase's Buiiling, Washingtou Street,
where lie will keep for sale,
On hand, 1 0,000 pounds WHITE LEAD,
ground and dry.

IAVE, Iroim their extraordinary success s
N' giving insti alnt chf, atid in-curing Co/di
C. ,.', .It. .nus, Difficulty of Breathing, Wheez-
I, .I ... he Ch st, J'in in the bide, Spit
tihg of Bilod, l hihlnoss and bShiverings that pre-
cede l''vers and l.ing Comiplaints generally be-
coime one f thi m,,st popular .Medicines known,
and are sought altir frinm every part of the coun-
try on account ofi the astoniiisliing success which.
has attendcd their administration in the above
complaints, frequently cutrig the most obstinate
cases, a!;d ivinq tee most unexpected relief, af-
ter evety other remedy had failed, and persons
had given themselves up in despair of a cure !
They have been-.known to cure persons suppos-
ed to be far gone in consumption, and exhibiting
all the appearance of approaching dissolution.
And such have been the salutary effects of these
Pills even in hopeless cases, as so far to mitigate
the sufferings of the patient, as evidently to pro
long life for days and weeks, and give to it a posi-
tive comfort they never expected to enjoy. The
operation of the Pills is wonderful in easing resp:
reiior, quieling the cough, and procuring comfort
able rest.
Common colds are frequently removed in a few,
hou s.
U "A lloughli, (says a person speaking of these
Prills) my wife has tried various medicines of the'
first celebrity, for an Asthmatic difficulty, (or ef-
fiction of thlie lungs) which at times was exceed-
ingly distressing, confninig her to her house for
days and weeks together, she finds nothing gives:
her the relief which Relfe's 3sthmalic Pills do !-
easing her respiration, quieting ih.r cough, and
giving her comfortable rest." And ihis is the
testimionv of hundreds and li/osands. The relief
which aged people, as well as others, experience
from theli use o these Pills, is truly astonishing,
and lenders ihemr invaluable to many, and ate in,
fact to some. an essential auxiliary to their com-
fort, and ahnost to their existence.
o'A Physician informs the Proprietor, that a
gentleman in the country observed to him, bIe had
reason to believe the use of these Pills had been
the means of sav oing his life.
Price- whole boxes. 20 Pills, $1 ; balf do 12
Pills, 50 cen.ts.


F OR sore or inflamed Eyes-nothing known
gives such immediate and comfortable relief
On recent sore eyes, ithe effect is most salutary.
Where the complaint has been of years stanodming,
and in some exceedingly bad cases, the most un-
expected and desirable relief has been found in
thie tse of this EYE WATXER, after, every othlier re-
medy had failed. Persons who have used it, pro-
nounce it without hesitation the best preparation
for these complaints they have ever met with.-
Price 25 cents a bottle.
(fj' None are genuine unless signed T. KIDDER
on the wrapper, (sole proprietor and successor t6
Dr. CONWAv) by whom they are for sale,. at hit
Counting Room. No. 99, Court street, Boston-
and by his special appointment, by
Elijah Porter,
Henry VWhipple, Salem.
J. D. Chandler,)
Russell, Marblehead.
Proctor 4f Rhodes, Lynn..
Burritt, Newburyporl.
Bartlett, I
Wim. Endicott, Beverly.
J. Dexter, Essex.
Phelps, Gloucester.
Smith, Ipswich.
Abbot, Swift, Andover.
Feb 4 [No. 2.];
A VALUABLE Medicine, lately discovered
which, if rightly applied, will be the means
of snatching thousands from the jaws of death. It
has been found very efficacious in the following
diseases, viz :
OU"Consumption, Hooping Cough, Common
Cough, Colds, Difficult Breathing, Influenza,
Qutinsy, Asthma, Phthysic, Spittitng of Blood,
Flatulency, Indigestion. Looseness ol tte Bowels,
Fits of every kind, Cramp, Rickets, Scurvy,Cho-
lic, Catarrh, Dysentery, Faintings, Hypochon-
driae Affection, Head-ache, Sicknesas at Stomach,
Measles, a preventative of CONTAGIOUS Dis.
eases, Gout and Rheomatism
To all whom it may concern.
We the undersigned Physicians, who have
proved the efficacy of Dr .lonathant Moore's Es-
sence of Life, conceive it our duty to patronize
the Medicine, and are of opinion that, if general-
ly used, it will be of public uifity.
Abel Duncan; Samuel Stearns, LL D Dum-
merston ; William Town, Westminster ; C. W.
Chandler, Andover ; Abraham Holland, Walpole;
Jonathan Badger, Westminster ; Nathan Stone,
.New Fane; Prescott Hall, Chesterfield ; Charles
Blake, Keene.
[-'For sale, kilolesale and retail, by
No I Jeffrey Place,
may ]S ly Salem

Strengtilening Plaster.
ENsE'TI" Celebrated Strengthening Plas-
ter, for pain or weakneas in the breast,
baciil or side ; also, for Rheumatic affection, Liver
complaint, and Dyspepsia. This medicine is the
invention of an eminent Surgeon ; and. so umne,-
rons are the instances in which the most salutary
effects have been produced by it, that it is with
the utmost confidence recommended to all those
afflicted with these distressing complaints. The
sale of thie remedy commenced in the city of New
York in 1827, and thie sales there, have been ex-
tensive. ]t affords thie Proprietor great pleasure
in stating, thlit out of these numerous sales, scarce
an instance lias occurred where relief has not
been obtained in cases where this medicine was
This Plaster produces no disagreeable sensa-
tions, and may be worn without inconvenience at
all tunt is Price 51 eo., ts.
For sale nly by WV & S B IVES,
No 232 Essrx Street, corner of Court St.
Feb 29 R o Sin
gpxmish. Y'I} Powder.
lIS article is su' dralth to Flies and Cock,
..L roaches--Price 12 I 2 cents a piper.
Prepared by Leatder Dam. No 49, Hanover St.
Boston; andsol by hENJ F. BROWNE, whlte
sale agent. Ni 1, J'ffri'y Phlice, Salem-also bn'
Win. Rt. niton and Georee P. arrington, Sallty'
-and by Diuggists generally in Essex count "
and elsewhere, ly spt 21r 1886

T H E Medicine now offered to the public un
der the name of Peristaltic Lozenges, or
Aati dyspeptic Remredy, may with little danger of
disappointment be relied upon, for the cure of
sh-se most distessing symptoms consequent upen
Dyspepsia,such as pain and oppression at the
stomach, arising from debilily of that organ, diz-
ziness of thie head, drowsiness, &e. Especially
for contliuned costiveness, they have been proved
inestimable, in numerous instances. As the lim-

its of an advertisement preclude the enumeration.
of pll the cases in which they are applicable, and
will be found useful, suffice it to say, that for,
most complaints arising from Indigestion, these
Lozenges may confidently be expected to afford
permanent relief. Several instances of their effi-
cacy, in the above mentioned complaints, having
come to the knowledge of the proprietor, they are.
now offered, with fqll trust in their medical prop-.
ertics. Price fifty cents per box For sale by
Apothecary, Essex Street, Salem.
Dec 21 islawtSl -
03- For sale in Beverlv, by WMa. ENDICOTT;
Marblehiad, by S. B RUSSELL.
Medioo-Chirurgical Review
O. 0G r6ceiverd by

^ ^. S 2500 feet FRENCII WINDOW GL3SS, va
rious sizes.
F 1THE following vessels will commence running u The Painting, Glazing and Papering busi
It in April between this port and Philad elphia ness continued as usual
and continue the season, v:z:- sept 17 ly
SOCRATES, S I. NicKEnsoN, do. evw Eii'Sllanld RUIBn &C..
(NEW) War. CiOWElI., do. 50 t60 B.gs of Pepper. For sale by
Tle above named, are good vessels, and ably J B. KNIGHT,
comminanded, for which a share of freight is re- March 7 No 7, Derby WVIt .
spectfully solicited. For particulars apply ait G.
H. Smith's Wharfof Fp cTOT'CE is hereby given, that the subscribers
JAMES DIMON. 1 l have been duly'appointed executors of the
Salem, March 14, 1836. last will and testaumnt of
REMOVAL. late of Danvers in the County of Essex. tanner-
de(?oased, & havo tnken upon themselves that trust
Img by giving bonds as the law directs. All per-
l sons having demands upon the estate of said
S deceased, are required to exhibit the same; and
Small prson indebted to said estate are called upon
to make payiirit tr
Danvers, March 7, 1836. exec'r,

.. Supcrioa' Dctor-gett Soa0 p.

TW illiamll hopes & Sonm r' illS SOAP is particularly recommended to
.AVE removed their STOVE and GRATE -JL Seamen, enabling them to wash their
ESTABLISHMENT, to the LONG clothes in salt water as effectually as iffresh were
Room, larston Place, on Washington and Fron used. To Painters it is useful in removing paint
sterote, and oil front their cloth s, cleansing their brushes,
Aug. 24. tf. pots. &c. &c.- To Mechanics, Blacksmiths,
TOLet- I Printers, and others who require to wash often, as
TO e'Let, preventing the chapping of their hands, and in
'TIlH STORE, opposite to the curing those disagreeable attendants on frequent
Post Offien, Essex street,. lately oc- ablutionsin colol wenthe'r.t For family use, in
cupied as a Dry Goods Stoie 1the cleansing of coarse woolens, washing fl ots,
_ton Apply to stoves, ss,aisloin)e hearths, &c. il is invaluable.
S. S. WH1IPPLE. Constantly on-hand and flor sale in packages,
Dec 14 t.f varying frorp 23 1b3, to 300 lbs. by
Tea .1 v.i uniac 7? WM. H. CHASE
T RAITS oft lie Tea Paty-boin,r a imernmir L.A K P PE,
of Geo. IR. T. flewes, one noftile last of its 4-F n superior quality inanonlactunedin Salem
som ivors, &c -by a lhostonian. JA large supply of every size, constantly onu
For sale art hand, and forsale upon the best Boston terms, by
march 21 225 Essex Street. sopt 2 e If Agent for the Mlanufacturer