Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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: tar, xmin ___ W
Tel: Printry 2691. Editor 2610 ST A R
U.K. Media Rfprsmnt*ive: DOf MINICA
Colin Turner (London) Ltd.
122. Shaftefbury Ave. W.l. Viate. Pauc* comate 7ortun p
Friday Ju" i 4 1976 Editor PHYLLI SHANb ALLFREY *. *WStC LOVWS ai4W
C -- 1976 -o-I --0 w stc La--.-- c"

THE OTHER BritishCaribbean States
have been waiting with surly iVpatience
upon Dominica's decision: to continue
pegged to the sterling or to shift to
the # U.S. like all the rest. The latter
choice would harmfully affect our banana
growers and relatives of U.K. migrants
who are helped by their people. We can
hardJy blame the Minister of Finance for
his rpugh language in this instance,
John S8Pector comments;-
"The present hysteria which has seized&
the Eastern Caribbean since the Govern-
ment of Trinidad & Tobago decided topeg
their dollar to the US instead of the
,a 'a pathetic indication of the immat-
-ity of our rulers and the/apparent lack
It financial statistics and fiscal deci-
sion among our civil servants (auid by or
I mean the whole Easten Car ibben)."
(Continued on Page Two)

Annual Convention
A leading lady
member of the Bar-
bados House of As-
sembly will deliv-
e or the feature ad-
dress at the 8th
Annual Convention
of the Dominica
Freedom Party to
be held at the St,
John's School Hall
in Portsmouth on
Sunday June 15th,
(Read report on
Page i Four)

The members of the Antigua dele-,
gation who interviewed Camella Fran-
cis, Hyacinth Prancis and Lawyer
Vere Bird Jnr. in Antigua on Sunday
16th May, 1976 have written to the
.Premier, the Honourable Colonel Pat-
rick R.John, refuting certain erron-
eous and misleading stat events made
by him in a broadcast to the Nation
on May 24th and 25th in connection
with the. Desmond Trotter. Affair.
The Delegation firstly asserted
that they were in fact a Delegation
and not part of the Desmond Trotter
Defence Conmittee as the Premier
repeatedly stated.
They further ass rted that the
object of their miseionwas merely
to verify the authenticity of anj-
Affidavit purported- to have been
-worn by Camella Francis (contd.A)

-, ,. .... 1.. C H R I S T I A -

SMeanwhile, The
SChristian Council .
"The Christian
Council confirms
'that it accepted
an invitation from
'the Deasond Trot-
Ster Defence Com-
.i mittee to form
.part of a delega-
'. . ."- tion to'go to An-
-'-* "tigua to authenti-
B. E.E rmA cate the affidavit
,other Principal, SM.A l(turn to Mge six)


hW low )A a MHB ttWe"
Arif<^ (tt^,~w ssWteToM*-


Page 0 HE S T A R Friday, June 4, 1976
w(AXj I rtain Oiy D e1 I ng CA IThe 14th Board of Directors' Meeting
(fr.p ) ertainlynamealEl ng by Iof The Caribbean Association of In.
Dominica't Finance Jinistf is t jdustry & Commerhe has been postpond
much help, but the srganisations a 'frm June 12 to June 25/26*A review
shout d ) :by .mis oeekhave ben ble'- of the currency' 4uation and CARI-
to come up with th -c.- iht anwcrs(i.e. COMt' s proposal. for expansion, of the
CARICQT. (, istai IlXs ntyre) 'or 'r W.I,pech,isaiktatnce Shere to iceuce
Im.Demas" pf" U rdban DeviBahnk')o
appear to be i,.artiv :r saieent. Pvate peonn a i
The. question of. which .-currency enda,.
peg our dollar to, islhigrhly techn1GA
and involves each individual ooun(trs : .A star proserutionn twitnss inf he
U.S. dollar earnings from tourism, D976. d th circaumtanbncs su1 t rund
dollaruiiep petrcpm.r sduc ts.; UR, preparation of the said A4ffi-
petroleum poduchatses chlas, o dayoldvit .by Lawyer Vere Bird.Jnr.
petrolumprdctslas,The Delegationas lly stfed
chicks, -fertiliserso or cattle feed thahe Delegation .was utlly tisafied
plus oonsideratliohn interest on. thatthe Afdav.t as authent a
National Debt, interestt on bor things, the liht ofr thae allegations cqn-
e) capital valuation and debt- aied therein fe that a oiis-,
etc,.), oaIital valUation and ebt ion of Inquiry be'i~aediately set up
servicing costs for loans and grant The Delegatio rather st ed
from the British Development Divi- that they had no investigat'ive pOtpsr against rants. nd/or b row- nor did they pretend- o hdavx any,Th ey
:Sterling fa.lit -td 1 1h a3 i atus and rather deemed it1 proper .to leave this
s n o ing a c s ad to a free and independent Commission
A rbetr : a i on' dof. Inquiry an aaccordingly.ugedo &l 4
grrot: dea od;considerat bn of I T_ ged U :
Bk s.ourse, of acton
Bnt isalso evolved d Ar- Deletion went on toadeplore'al and Industrial Danks and Nat., Mhe" Dlestion went an thh'de tPre
nal. Ba&is3 set up forh island devel-,the aspersions ast by the ifoS
Spent mostly borrow front the. Caribe r qr n the inte. .ir' 't o
bean Development Bank or the Capibbea poit Jo -thn~~Del 6lson and felt
Investment Banik -both of .which are, th his was totally unwarranted,
tQ some extent fande4 ..bythe., 1I r The Premier himself -haid Wsloned d. on,
termational *Monetaj ;4d "World atulated pri sd sad i.thanke dte
BaRnI). *Tho worldd :Ban urn obtains said elogation for .hei Ineres ai
its ;g~& om investment by 0conacen tp see Atjuti. de dne,.
dov 'io.g p. ideCd :t, -ase'ex- :The Delagatilon finally urgeo tha
te y transnadtinal corporations a c6nstructiv.6 -nd realistic' c Aprqach
. by as~ i l P o ratinsebyourae.Pr r.
and their money copios in the last r. b taken by th io Rnourebl1 Pre4tor .
sort from the consumers! pnct dealing with t4:aS geriouts matteir,
whether in Developed coImtries, IMDOs What the pDelegation has contn
or LDl : maintained ts that, if the allegations
r th hoh'v the m .... '" contained in the Affidavit are true
Lf those hoi s e e st $ iC.s then it raises more than reasonable
of subh earnings iRndlt ak ef P rt; doubt ab ot the guilt of Desniond
linanroia stab ,it-y .coeo eorwnard and Trotter and seriously undermines tho "
gotB kPsy in a co-oporativ toagether- prosecution e iai the 0nT
neq, gather than :ong$ap a sln ig (i d ) ^ted rS(n, Sn B
mat efogged by aignpao4 1hO ; ireAgn ,A U PAfi
decidQ after due. deliberation. d Chair4t- ancANTde floseau, A"'n
if th decision is po btho U, S,dollar tMtaryta Acade Roseau inlca +
iet it be pegge .a rate favourinzg 3st May, 1976,
the b4nanaa-exporting blaandsa' then PUP OR S
contgAOct with Oeept Indu;trieop .o a For sale, one healt1Vblgok male pup
unit f account basis with a high US (ovwor in Hospital), I)me near Brio'
dollar& contend ,. John cpooF," B e 'at i e a. e 00
." .."0. !' 0-, ;0,',,
8P~cF. 1 r~b. O


JI n .' 1-17 T64 S T

)OB! .,THE. VWetfTIAN:

Radio TW1k sponsor by ttie

Defamation' of Character

Most of Wou will be fJaimlar, with the Shakespearian
quiotation .whosteals my purse steals trash 'twas
mine, tis his :and:as been slave to millions but he that
fi)cheth ~rm.tne my good name robs me of that which..
iot enricheth him .md makes me poor indeed,' I hope
the Shakespearian scholars among you will forgive any
ernors of memory in that quotation. ,.. :
The law o defamation of character is designed to
protect tiose who consider that their good name has
been besmirched :and the law gives them a right of
action. either br Libel or for Sander. In- acienttimes
the, difference between Libel. and ider was regarded
as the ,diffeeace. between the written word. ad the
spoke word but, in iooe modem times,with the advent
of motion pictures, tape recordings etc. the better
opinion is that a Libel is involved when -he pubished
wjrdw are in peunaet fonn while it is Slander if the weoa
arein, transient foam; thwrefoef for example, if I. w .
which COd forbid, to.speak any defmautoy woeds during
this broadcast which is being tapedI would -I think b
guilty of Libel iand not of' Sander evea though fthi
words a you hear them are being spoken.
T: e a'.tion of Dteihtion of Character lies against
anyone' who falsely pu lishee of another wolds which
bring that other into hated, contempt or ridicule or tend
to cause him to be shunned or avoided. You will note
that I have said "who Itely publishes and both these
words are import ent th& aw recognise in every person
a right to have others opihbio'nb him unaffected by false
statements to his discredit and it he follows that
if the statements are mue the person matng them has a
perfectly valid defence to his cLivil action. It is als
necessary br the words to be published, that is to be.
brought to the attention of persons other than the speaker
and the persondefamad;ifI call you athiefto your
face but in the absence of any third person there is no
defamation because the words have not been published,
Having established. therefore that if the words are
published,=ad are false they will give 'rse to an aciom.
for Libel or Sander as the cae may be the next question
ise what defenses are opin to a erspn against whom an
Action for defamation is brought. Broadly speaking
these fall under three main heads-
:1) The plea of jiatifation that's that the word
are ttre has already been touched upon and it remains
only to say that it is up to the person speaking the
words to establish that the words are true in substance
and in fact and it is a very high burden placed upon him
because it must be remembered that if y3u speak or write
defamatory words and then allege that they are true
,without being able to establish their trith the damages
given against you are liable to be heavy because it will
be considered that by attempting to establish the truth
of what in Act was fadae the damage has been aggravated.
2) That the words were published on an occasion of
privilege. This head again can be sub-divided into
absolute privilege and qualified privilege. On an occasion
of absolute privilege the speaker isprotected absolutely;
. the two best known examples olf his are piDeedings
Courts of Labw and Parliamentary proceedings. No mat.
tar bow malicious or spitedl a statement may be if it is
made in the Course of proceedings inCourt,or Paiament

By Alec Hughes,

then no liability will arise' listeners will appreciate
that if this were not so a person, giving evidence against
another would always be in fear that if that other were
Snot -foud guilty it would then be open. t~him tobring
i action against th witness who claimed to have seen
Shim steal or kill or commit any other criminal ofence,
A, n occasion of qudified privilege aries .when on
: giounds of pblic Iplicy and convenience a person may
I. make ePstatepeits about another which are defjnatory
ad. i dtnfact 'tnrne wi'thut incurring any legal liability.
:On such occasions a man stating -wat he believes to be
Strue is protected in so doing provided that he makes the
statementss honestly. aid without any indirect oor im-
pxper. motive; these last few words fonr the main dif-
'ference,: between absolute privilegsad qualified privi-
Slege. On an occasion of absolute privilege it does not
matter what is the, state of mind of the speaker while
on an occasion of qualified privilege any malice or
i' :direct motive on-the part of the speaker destroys the
'pivilege6 there are many examples of qualified privi
Slge hch cannot be dealt with here but one of the
beet examples is. that ofa. person who is requested by a
tm er employee to finish him with a teferece;: on
u' ih an occasion the employer has a, putic.duty to.
give his honest and forthright opinion andf if his' ex-
pressions are not tainted b~ malice the law will pro-
teot him.

C D.Bl Repor
T~he President of the
Caribbean : Development
Bank. M. Wlliam Daeas,'
has reported that the
granted of loans has been
speeded up. In 1975 greater
eap ihaBst was placed on
implementation than pre:
Separation and, appraisal, pof
p ojects, so that dis-,
raements Increased ly"
317 percent over the cumu-
lative figure ftor the pro
.sid yer0'.


At the end of .1975
CDB disbursements had
reached $ ,318,467 (US)
$- 22287.607 mov thar
the total at the aed of 1974.


Welcomes Supporters
to. Its
SUNDAY 13th JUNE 1976
St. John's School Hall
Imnpoant Issues f Tody

I ~ I-ll l l I .

.. . . .. ...... .. ..... 3LIrJ I I i


June 4, -1976

Pace FourTSia u .1

Miss Billie Miller, barrister and
representative for Bridgetown, will
speak at Portsmouth on the topic of
leadership in the Caribbean today.
Miss Miller, Ata is a member of the
opposition Barbados Labour Party, re-
cently won her seat in the by-election
for the constituency of. the .capital
-of. Barbados. She will be spending the
weekend in Dominica as guest of the
Leader of the Opposition Hon.Eugenia
Charles, and 4ill hold discussions
with executive members- of .the Freedom
. -i 1f. _- sT.* .w 3 ^... .3 s .3 -

A DRAW: without spinners. West Indies
failed to dislodge Close &, *Edrich on
a broken-up wicket. Final scores, Wst
Indies 494 & 176/5 decl. The match
was called off without last 20 overs,
Highlight (2nd day,last Fri.) was V.
Richards of Antigua (232 & 63 his
6th test century)T A.Kalicharan 97.
D/Underwood 4/82, C01d 3/8O,J.Snow413
England 332 & 16/2.D.Steele 106, 3.
Woolmer 82 J.Edrieh 76 n.o.W.Daniai
4/53,s Holder .2/66 &.~ BJulien 2/7.5
The match was played at' pWp g eg,

Friday, June 4, 1976

Page Pour


rarty, MISS ra1er 8 VSLeo I s parM uV "IT WAS JUST DISGUSTiG'"-Hugh Lawrer*
the Freedom Party programme to streng- upon St
then links between opposition parties e awas lk uon St Luci as
one of"d r best' neighbours. 111, alko
in the Eastern Caribbean so as to ex- difone o r st nebours l al ke.
change ideas and assist each other, difes W4 M look alike.
Every year the Party invites a guest However, nearly two years past we
speaker from abroad to address their listened tea Mass whichwas cele-
convention on subjects of particular' brated in a St.Lucian country area,
interest to Dominicas of an we ha' to think that the Catholic
Party leaders will also address tr Church wa- being ridiculedSecondly,
supporters oni relevant issues over someone from here who attended a few
the past year and assessments for the cinema shows there told us it was
future of Dominica. A booklet con- just disgusting, for the crowd gets
training a Party Declaration and pol- you so embarrassed with their shout-,
icy statement will be issued to those -using rather unpleasant words,
attending To crown it all, on Sunday past
-- ... _____ __________.. whilst the cricket match was in pro.
COMMONWEALTH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION gress, we almost closed down our
It is revealed in CDCGs annual repao radio, on account of so much shouting
1975 that CDC's three projects in Dom from an unruly crowd, causing our
Inica total ~14.7 (electricity supply, boys (I am sure) to get nervous. It
mortgage finance and agriculture). A seemed that Laurent was the one most
further long-term loan for home-bor- disliked. We should have won the
rowers of'almast.EC$3.5 million hasd match. Hugh Lawrence,
been agreed in principle. Governmrnb LHE 50 OF HIROONA
bought Melville Hall and Castle Bruce Although suffering from appendix
estates- to. establish small farmers a1 trouble, which finally took him to
the lands, sold by CDC on very long-- P.M.Hospital,--Alwin, Bully put in
term credit at' a very low interest' some terrific work adapting. G.HC.
rate in 1973; complete with plans Thomas' texposives novel of politics
for the division of the estate lands in an island state into drama; and
into gmall..farms. In electricity 0 everyone hopes he will, be back to
company has been negotiated for in direct the. play at St,Gerardis HKall
which government & CDC will be parts o.. oJune 11, 12 & 13 (8 p.m.).Though
A lot of people are not -really aware we were not favoured with a notice,
of CDC's activities and aims or of 1tD we wish thbas exciting production the
large sums of money they have invest-' success which is a foregone conclusim.
ed in Dominica and other regions of We understand it has quite a caatJ
the world.More on this subject soo. W--. MEnHER M -
W, MR. EVENS AND -.AUGHTERh BACK VIndustrial action is the answer"svs
We are glad to welcome back- Miss. NoLma VIEWPOINT, writing, of the. fobbing off.
Stevens and Mr, .W.S Stevenswho we.t of the Service i.n is fight for new
with er to 6i',. where medical salaries. "We have been too cduchant
teat.tient restored her to better hea pineQ Savarin left,"one member oaid.
so nat no operate ion was necessary.

I ,heEi of Appliclon for Cataficats of Title a Notins
tero & Caven for week Sfin a. of
Kat( ^oyiik Ps on Pro g, i t it o r equst whqe}
thor Certfict f Of
Tile of NotiLn tharieon
or Caveay.
iloqurst dated EIleen Greli Application of .F.len
,.2j, 76 by her Soficitor Grell for the issue of
'ratnted M Eu.IE a first certificate of
i ~ 70. f title. in resprctof fa
,1 1 .,.rl, portim of Lnd at Tra
Ailaar in tk l Parirh of
0448 aq fr cdf t,!x A
,4orth-Wo.i WestC Liod of Ivy jolbse & othkters il Lend of
Srr Dick Jnhsman A Lirnd o1Government rf .'n;mi!'i S li
SPt:a-u Treftlgar PUica Rtoad
s ^ it 4At Feirrlli i ot
S5, 76, y hier Itha I ,US Ld r ita is
Vttd 8p af I ral crliti.
Sle 6, 1 Iby h"tis o fa V id l for the is

ntof a .wo u f aetI i"

-, 1- ^- bl Eifi o .r E ,it07 .for the Ir

I, *, 7 Charlste ot tiL Juith epect
.t t.2 at. !of la pLrtion of ln c
.owa. ,a a at
Lat4i __! V.... .#
m BP." iti- te tierl
* '*' .-*etI i6nttr dia truo
a oliow
LMttb West ad of Agelta Cffy No Earihs Lan of McFri
Leasnc. South Ea st.i os Angels Culy South Wesi Lund
*f Angels Cufft
atMer d AbUrtih Cnequt for the iGsem
1 1y 76 by iern a farts carlieaute of
1y 7 \ Clma t*.In rePt of
r t a oof a ptkxonowa
Sth day 9f May a lot at Ra b
17 at 1205 p e Pari h
eu insris oW t
Domainas cfota inies
410 cpuare hfot ad
orth and Aers Charles lend las od k .wrI
lf u snd John Jass eMW L lot irn td of Edf n Joseph
11 14th Ca I I aP thtskcu

st IfW-
't 40 Q a>

'ltiomlU f.!r h/. loar
itf rtit Me trm e ofW
$0 il rt.,ptl of a
ot aft .Nw Ir"w
ange, Cofctaotigg

NOTICE is hereby given that I,Chris-
tOpher LTaa iacoll have been appoin-
ted .ecpiyer for the Debentaure -od-
er' The oyul B1ai of CeLiada and that
at1l aaete of hoe aid4 Cotnpay aqe
o lt,v te d t i4 I ;, : ,' .. -,,
OCre'ditorse aeP requested to advise
their claims a Bsoon -i- possible.
DATED the 2nd day of -Ji' # 1176
(8s1ed) C04. MAA8OLL, eivever,

The ground 8flor of a two, story 141ho
siruate at the Angle of arr MtrS og
Street ad Upper Laoe, i nth Tows of
Roile8a, suitable for Busics :or fs,
PFo Priculars apply to Mrs, Mary Bl.ii
semo AddreIs or telphone.Nc, 3958 .*

oan 1 bw Wof TtI Hews Seo'n tm (it s o -V ol!
frgg",^ ^un wbb T Bytbtw< ..~~N>|0 ft^

who 4011res 1 o)ct t P

otir ochefule Nw l TAMR
or frohm %be m iwmn 0t0
nd is.O or sC


Friday, June 4, 1976

CRICKET: ST.LUCIA SHOCKS DOMINICA1 Although it has changed its name
Dominica emerged with only two pointsto the more bureaucratic Dominica Gov-
in their drw-mn match vs St.Lucia at ernment Band, the brave and devoted.
Castries after convincing wins over members of this ensemble which gives
St. Vincent and Grenada, and are well so much pleasure to us all is still a
poised to retain the Heineken cham- group of genuine music lovers. We
pionship which they won last year congratulate them on their 25th anniv
when Heineken took over sponsorship ersary. They look terrific in their
for the first time.* Scores: Dominca smart: bougainvillea-coloured tunics,
147 and-395 for 9 decl.R.Shillingfor military caps and dark pants, and the
43 & 29, N.Phillip 54,LISebastien 58 sounds they give forth are fine.They
Irving Shillingford 174 not out (and start toor-r'ow to celebrate with a
he shared in two 'century stands with grand dance at Fort Young* then a Ros.
Grayson Shillingford (4a)100 for Ie eau Cathedral Service at a.m. on
8th wicket after Dominica were 171? Sunday (march past-& parade after)Ion
and Thomas Kentish (11) 124 for the Monday the members have their own par-
9th wicket. For St.Lucia, F.Thorpe ty; Tuesday, we'll hear a DBS panel
3/34,H.G.Francis 2/18,Etienne Dor- discussion; Wednesday a grand con-
ville 4/39 & 4/130. a St.Lucia 209 cert at Goodwill Parish Hall; and fol-
and 273 for 6.EFraites 41 & 40i lowing their tradition, a free open-
F.Thorpe 77 & 107 n.o.,M.Francis 25 air musical on Thurs, at Windsor Park,
and Carl Glasgow $3 n.o. GShill- A week from today,Friday, have fun by
ingford 3/23,T.Kentish 5/88 & 3/81 watching the Music Lovers vs. Police
and K.Laurent 2/6 .TEST SC0IRES -p.$ at a softball football match at DGS,
LEAGE:, Bardouille gets lst century. Congratulations .to Bandmaster Casimir

Peter Bardouille of Blackburns got an his gallant P.S.Alfe
the 1st century in newly-xIenovated CHRISTIAN COVUNCIL TATE fr?.' p.lT
Windsor.Pa rk. ,100 ..a gains tDeftence.. ,#,. .alleged to have been made to and
force last weekend. .Scores:Blackhna signed before Lawyer Vere Bird r, .
220 & 150 fqr, 6 decl.t.F. ll4,&:91 The Council accepts the report ofits
Gurti's Augustus 5/09 and 4/25.* In Secretary on his authorised visit to
another Gregoire League matchC Gutter Antigua that it was indeed CamellaPa.-
Crowns lost by an Iinings to Saints: cis who had. testified in the case ag-
Scores: Go,.52 &.110.Saints 173.Les-i snst Desmond Trotter who has nowslged
lie Etienne 71. the affidavit.
BASKETBALL: At the halfway stage,Cast. The Council declares that the quesI
In CZarry Cardinals are favourites of whether or not thea allegations ~ad
to retain their last years champion. in the affidavit are true or false is
ship. Last Friday there were shock -for an officially appointed Coc.misabn
results,: Bata Pros defeated C'ntC of Enquiry to determine.,
Cardinals 69/62 whildt :oots (con- The Council, for the foregoing reas-
sidered weakest) did likewise to the on, has joined in the request to the
young impressive Fanta Strikers:0-491 Premier to'appoint such a Commission
In a Junior match,Bata Pros (48)beat of Enquiryi
DGS jets(16). The Council wishes to make it clear
The Windward islands tournament by this statement that it is not mak-
startedhereon-Thursday nightOur team ing any judgment in the Desmond Trot-
C.Jno.Baptiste & D.Burton coocaptain;ter case. (Sgd.) A.Didier,Chairmaan
G.Andres, A,Etienne,A,Harris, T.Inight,i S.A. W. Boyd, Se cretary,hristian
W*Leblanc,ELoblack,C.Roberts,A. St. Council.
HilaireH.Shillingford & 0,Skerritt A
St.Lucia: K.King,Capt.;DAlexander, AN ALL-OUT EFFORT SUCCEEDS
IAnds nEl J+Ge idee, c. Salisbury Schaol gets its sewing madi-
t a. i 'aR1I ;e ~ ere ine: this practical addition to the
't A B _i- . ..

pupils' eaucat.on was acnievead though
Principal WSebasti4n,teachers and
sevpa we.wisea cont ib uti n~ .
Puplls,11rents Sz singer _o.e

Printed 6 Published by the ?roprieLor
R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill House,
at 26'Bath.Rd.,Roseau,Dominica W.I.

-- -- ---


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