Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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I-- 162 EAST 78 S* ST R r
: o E d i n . .

ttditor I'byIllis. Sbat Allfrey

A y1orid A ______

YT T i T I.q-1 _______ Cent -- 2iric

~T.-.1 VYTTT' Nc_ 18

We wish
our repd-
ers safe
and ha ppy
,. hotlda ys .

.ki%-tee~n C~ents, 1&4~


"Questions in the House seem more We approach Natio%&el-Dy,Nov.3_
important to our rulers than Acts reflecting on three types of nat-
passed to control our citizens" ionalism: 1) nationalism of place,
so said a prominent Member of the 2) nationalism of raee, and 3)
Opposition, to us: and at that Sess- nationalism of language,' habit and
ion on Thursday it was certainly so. culture (i.e. tradition, which
The Premier being abroad chasing grows, deepens and sometimes chan-
markets, he had everything he con- ges with the years.
sidered his province postponed.Hon. For nearly 100 years Dominicans
M.Douglas stood in for absent Mini- have heard the quotation "this is
ster of Finance. A one-minute sil- my own, my native land". We all
ence after a tribute to the late should know it from the lips of
Isaiah Thomas wat held. Postponed: Iteachers and politicians. But all
PQs on Police Dogs, the Premier's joking aside, we heartily believe
car, and Self-Help Scheme; the 1st in the first type of nationalism.
and 2nd Govt. Bills; Hon,Douglas. One has to respect nationalism
withdrew/ his Port Authority Bill; of race, while dreading some cf its
added a Bill amending the Dominica worst protagonists., and feeling
Agrc.. & ~frdustrial Bank Act. that it does not blend with.a multi
During the presentation of the blooded country such as ours, cil
Taxes (amendment) Bill, Miss Charles any Westindian island. Even the
said that the House of Assembly was Caribs now realise that we belcng
the only constitutional body which to a mixed society:
had the right to tax the people of It is nationalism (3) that w
Dominica. Must a person who had paid mainly celebrate in these coming
a tax which should not have been im- days: the English language through
posed continue to pay it? Pat Stev- poems, stories and many ancestors
ens described the possible effects and teachers; contest and calypsos
of amendment (7) as "tantamount to give us Africa, France and the W.T.
embezzlement". It was passed,anyhow. So although this is supposed to
Some wry humour came into the be a socialist State., and national-
debate on t'he Small Charges amendmt. ism has never really been loved by
Would not her own father or H.E.the Socialists who prefer a world order
governor be liable under this Act,as and the brotherhood pf man have a
they always "walked abroad" with happy national time,locals & visits.
canes? She had considered wearing FRST BTE:e o the Gov.'-o---
a grass .skirt, but this would be an ice dogs bit a Policeman who wa1
offence. Clad only in a pelt if taken to hospitals i oo' wdna.w hopes
one wore socks or a bowler hat what certain Government Members,notably
then...? These were some of Hon.MJCJ3 Hon.Douglas (who_ had asked for a
.allies. An amendment was agreed af- division) voted other than with
zcr much talk, and for the first time the Govt. 11 ayes, 2 noes,5 absten.


O'riday, Octobey 29, 1976.

The meeting, resuming at 2.30 p TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT
ended at about o.15. It was not Schedule of Application for Certi-
somnolent, but reached a point of ficate of Title and Noting thereon
acrimony when Pat Stevens, hearing or Caveat for week ending the 30th
his father insulted, retorted in a day of October 197.6.
is er insuDate Person nature of re-
measure which-ew retorts, so tie Presented Fresenting quest whether a
Speaker threatened to eject refrac- .. certificate of
tory members of the Opposition or ITitle or Noting
to resign if Government members !___thereon or Chveat.
did not behave, 'saying his job was Request da.Roosvelt iRequest for the '
only worth $400 a year anyhow... -ted 27th, Williams issue of a First
Lennox Honychurch's motion that Oct. 1976. by his IGertificate of
reports be speedily given to the Presented iSolicito3 Title in pes-
S. 28th Oct, -Cilma A*M, pect of a poj?-
public drew a rebuff such publi- 176, at upignyma. tiG of land at
cation might "embarrass the Govt"' 11920 atm, i Wesley in the
.. Minister Christian agreed on hparist of StAndrew in the State of
the need for renovating the two Dominica, containing 6,870 sq.feet.
schools named (Wesley & Woodfoie and bounded as follows:- North-West
Hill)- and self-help was suggested by land of Sylvester Harney; North-
The inconsistency of Government in East by land of Roosvelt Williams;
this confused' session was seen in South-East by a Public Road; South-
't hei refusal to rehouse Pound West by land of Johnathan Charles.
their refusal to rehouse Pound 1 J
people as requested by Miss Charles quest da.Swantton Applicatin of
"because we already have plans"; ted 22nd Carbo:n Swanston Carbon
to fiup the Gerieva Bridgel fr' Oct. 1976. by his for the issue
SPresented Solicitor of a First 'er-
the same reason; yet, and again fo 28th Oct, Zena Moor tificate of Ti-
the same reason they accepted te 1976 at Dyer. tle in respect
Eastern electrification motion an 3~~1 pLm.m. of a portionof
the repair of schools. land in Roseau in the Parish of St.
A paltry brush-off was given to George containing 611 square feet
Mr. Casimir's attempt to get an and bounded as follows:- North-East
allowance increase for the very land of Nugent Thomas; North-West:
poor. His motion was rejected be- River Street; South-East and South-
cause a member referred to the West: lands of Cylma Richards,
suitability of Government MPs giv-
ing up their pay or cost of livin REGISTRA'S OFFICE, Hezr~ Dyer,
allowances-to this end, when the Roseau. Ag. Registrar of Titles.
question of "where is the cash to OTE: Any person who desires to ab-
cnme f ror?" was ra sed._ ect to the issuing of a First Ccr-
WE ARE OFFERING 10% DISCOUNT tificate of Title on the above ap-
plicationsmay enter a Caveat in. the
on the following SPRAY DEODORANTS .'bove office within six weeks front
the date of the first appearance of
RIGHT GUARD, !this Schedule in the Star news Pap-
ODORONO er published in this State or from
SURE and COOL the date when the Notice prescribed
for the balance of this month' iby law was last served on any occu-
pier of adjoining lands in respect
THE DOMINICA DISPENSARY CO. LTD of which these applications were
2N-i I 'made.
7-O,\s -, 4 A- .. i T* -

er Appl cat ons on Pe ; )

_ __

Friday, October 29,1976


da Octor 29 16 TE S



I .


schedule for weeK onakn Goveds,196

STATE OF DOMINICA iRequest daVeronica equest- or
TITLE BY RISTrATION ACT ted lth f Augustine the issue of a
Schedue o Application for Certi- Oct.1976. nee Benj First .ertifi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon Presented min also cate of Title.
or Gaveat for week ending the 16th 21st Oct. knoWn as in respect of
day of October, 1976. -1976 at Neny Benj a portion of
-Date PIerson Nat-ure of re-11.14 amS. arain and I.ard. -at Portarw
Presented edsedenti:g quest whether IMatthew mouth (Lagoon)
a Certificate ,: Augustine in the State co
of Title or By their Solicitor? Dominica, con.
Noting thereon Cilma A.M.-Dupigny. {tainxing 7728
; .or Caveat. 1- ----- '.-----.-s square feet.
Request' da- Wills Requestt for and bounded as foll6ew;-
ted 1st Sept Dorgette the issue ofa North: by land of L.Douglas;
2976. [by his Fitrst Certifi4South: by land of Josephine DecoteatV
Presented iSolicAtor eate of-Title tast: by a Public Road;
14th Oct. fcilma AA. in respect of IWwst: by land of Theresa JoSeph.
1976 at' W tpigny. a portion of Request:'da Lenn'ard.Heqest 'for the
3.00 plm, land at Ma- i ted-22nd. Laville issue of a First
,go tin the Oot,1976. ) by his Iertificate of
Parish of St,Andr w th the State Presented )Solicito Titla- in res-
of Doudinica, containing 8,,000 sq. 2nd -Oqt. CilTmaA.1; peot o- a por-
feet and bounded as fo-lows:- ._ 197623 upgn o.a : land at
North-West by land off laiel Laville\- .-...- -- l orth-End ar
North-East by land of Oliver Dorsetbe jgot, in the Parish ,ofSt.Anewm
South-East by a Public Road separa- Uthe State of DominP a. containing.
ting it from land of ChristabelJones ;6376 sq.ft, and bounded as follow
South-West by land of Allison James.' orth by land of E elina Grifffh
Sn Q 'and Janet John BjpftSte; SouthaEt
RShedule for weoik ending Oct.23 1976fo a Janet ; bWohb nb
Request' da- Hildreth Request for the o Jr ia J EYn.Bap at esc ey

ted -6th OctJAndrew issue of a lana of John Josep o
1976. Johnson First Gertifi- eRequest da-Lennar Heques, -Iorp tne
Presented by his cate of Title ted 22nrd Laville, I .ie of a fBr s
20th O'ct. Solicitor in respect of. ~g~976 byhis ertificae o
1976 at cllmaA.M. land at Wood 22und Ot 1 i ..I a portion ofep
33.53 Pm. Dupignly. ford Hill, in a977 42. pi\ p aild at .or th-
the Parish of te P S
StAndrew in'the State of Dominica d Ma i taee oPs'Bn cl
containing 2,529 square feet: and 1a0~ig 105 acres and b eouned as
bounded as follows:- ollow:- rth by landed of Oscar
North-East: by land of Enoch Anthobrq Antoine; South by a Publ Roads,
North-West: by land of Artufam Jo-ssph- East by land of "ohn; Joseph i
South-Iast:by land of Evadson.. Edwards; North-ast. by land of JohX01 oseph
South-.-est:by land of Sylvania Valmaii by. land of Ralph EPWton.
< --- : -i-^, -- -^ _____ , ,1 ---- i ------.-- ^ --_ ____ > ___ .


Henry Dyer,
Ag. Registrar -of Titles.

NOTE: Any person who. desires to object; to' the issuing or a First Cer-
Stificate of Title. on the above applications may enter a Caveat in. the
above office within six weeks from the date. of the; first appearance
of this Schedule in the Star News Paper published in this State or
from the date when the Notice prescribed by law was last served on any
occupier of adjoining lands in respect of which these applications
were made.
fT ip- ril--*r -*- f -<- n- ~ -i-1r -t-ii ^ -r~u ^.irn i.M'Hu' -m J -- ..T -j _. i --TT., i. unrmi TIJL _.J-_-1 ,' -i.n -.. U - -fij

_ __ __ ~_~_ __ __

Friday, October 29, 1976

Page Three




Friday,October 29, 1976

^-, ----- ----- I r-- -
S 0 T I C E
The Management, Staff, and Worker5


L. Rose & Co. Ltd.

Congratulate the Government

and People of


on the Anniversary

9;z4 'J:

CIV.IL". SRVATS.: .... .
Don't forget the C.S.A.'s Annual
I General Meeting, which takes

Lawrence. hen so many of our men
in the State keep on so much hair
and cover half their facE with
beards, actually refusing to spend
a few dollars to have themselves
look neat, thereby also helping
out our poor Barbers (some ofwhom
have large families to maintain,
and rents to pay monthly)., what
can one say?
One Barber suggested to me t-iat
these unshaven and un-trimmed men
should be taxed, as the total cash
saved by them annually amounts (he
estimated) to about $150,000.
I did not agree with him,though
our Minister of Finance may think
otherwise. H.L.

by W.S.Stevens

I place tonight, Friday Octooer z2Y, Recently in the UT.S.V.Is.,Prem-
at h at 8 pm. ter Patrick John, accompanied by
at the Goodwill Parish Hall. Mr. LaBassiere of the Dominica
SMarketing Board, signed a contract
Rub in HUXLEY'S WINTERGENO to supply fruits,.ground provisions
and get rapid relief from the and vegetables from Dominica.Since
pains of Rheumatism, Sprains, then, the Premier has paid another
Strains, Lumbago, &nd Sciatica. visit to those Islands, with other
Advisors. I will later have more
Penetrates deep into theTissue. to say on the whole business,which
$2.25 per, tube at closely concerns the question of
supply and demand and cost to
TH.R ,. DOMINIOA' DISPENSARY the home consumer.
-7 "3 Earlier, however, Nr. LaBassiere
was deputed to visit agricultural
districts-to explain the situation. He ran into a storm of questions,
comments and observations at Marigot from farmers. He was 'accompanied
by Mr. ES.Lancaster and Mr. Elford Henry; Mr. Eddison James of the
Agricultural Bank doubtless eager to get some agricultural activity
off the ground was also in attendance. It is a pity that neither the
Chief Agricultural Officer, Mr. Colin Bully, and Chairman of the D.M.B.
Mr. Joffre Robinson were able to grace this supposedly god-sent ag-
ricultural inaugural meeting with their presence. Mr. LaBassiere,whose
flanks were exposed from the beginning, confessed that he was respons-
ible for "Top Prices" over D.B.S. radio. He distributed a long price
list and had to explain that prices were not immediate...
(See page five)

- -L r-f

.... 1-I--L-~--i--




( For G. T. N.) Dominica's Private Sector will
be represented at an internat-
We give praise to GOD for ional and CARICOM Tariff Sem-
I The untiring souls who labour inar to be held in Guyana from
for the general good; Nov. 2-11. Mr. Bellot is going
Parents who lovingly fulfill there under the full sponsor-
their parental duties; hip of the Commonwealth
Pastors who wisely preach the Word and. fud. for Teohnical
fearlessly combat evil ,in word and deed Coopepatiqn A Govt.
Teachers who intelligently live up Official from thisa
to their calling; State is also expect-
The Rich who unstintingly share ed to attend.
with the poor and needy; Prsctical operations of
Fighters against corruption, deception, regional preferential tar-
injustice, ,opression ..,; iffs to facilitate Devel-
Those who relieve the suffering; hoping Countries with ex-
Those who uplift the lowly; ports, the new Lom4 Con-
Those who guide aright the wayward. vention and other matters
And thanks be to you all: will be reviewed.
Angels of mercy Mr. ,Bellot Joined the
till living among us; DAIC last July. fe was
Brothers and sisters in Christ formerly Manager of P ,W
living in brotherhood: Bellot & Co. Ltd, and feals
You who help it is extremely useful that
d evotedly the business conmmlunty is
to make Life to be represented. He hopes
worth living, to bring back much infori-
~~t n. .. ... .

W.S. Stevens (fr. page 4), He pro-
duced a price list but had to ex-
plain that prices were not immediate
They would materialize by the end
of the year as produce became avail-
Premier John was not there to ex-
plain why, he signed a contract so
hastily to supply stuff without
first commntting the Agricultural
Division to a for east of what was
available from now for the nex:,six
months or 'ore. The public awaits a
ta-te.ment from "Agricultural" Prem-
I return without an apology to the
Banana Inquiry Report, subject of a
resolution in the 'House this week.
Was it not an insult to the House of
Assembly which voted..earlier in fav-
our of holding this Inquiry, to pass
it to members of the DBGA or the
local Banana Management Committee?

r^^- *"--- ^ --- ^^''^''""* ' -11 - I I II : ,_ ^ '
by I,.C Loblatk '
Madam, the Government wants to
heal their wounds, but there isno
Doctor: the big rumour that is go-
ing on at the house Johnson built
is that Government asked the CDC
to leave out the red arrow andthe
words rubberstamped in red "l
Government Sales xTa ALdded" from
the light bills, because by Inen-
tioning the Government's name on
those bills, it destroys their
image, (Concluded on 6)

Did this show confidence in the
members of the Inquiry who gave of
their best to produce this report
and make recommendations? And
what of the growers and taxpayers
who had to pay nearly. $0,0 00 for
the job done by the Commiss-oners,
Six long months and still 70
recommendations remain unimlem-.


1"i5ay, Ootobepr 8, 1976

P9is Five

Page S-ix


A R 1Fiday,October 29, 1976
=, : i '" .y ---" -r rT 'T lr'L -. ,

0OTBALLE : genxaborbugh ThrduJ-'To Is vrIze=:To' shor story -Mic.hael
K.0 sia. -Kensborough United Bney ~ Abd~ill. "i`t-prize for
complthly dominated their match poem Randall Thomas of Portsmoutha
against Spartans,beating them 4-2 I:;- On Sunday at Windsor Park,10am,
to mo-vo into the knockout finals, INational Athletics Sports begin,
"Jerry"Lewis scored a beautiful eft with athletes from all over
footer and Dana Hurtault evaded sev- CUBANA BOMBT:' -Tt-e original depor-
eral Spartans defence to give Kens- tees and four others are now under
orough a. 2-nil lead. Algernon -con,
awrence eat Cletus oolrnon arrest in Venezuela, for complicity
with a ball which bumped betw eno Guyana refused to attend Barbados
them to narrow the lead for cartans Committee of Lnquiry
2-1. On resumption Roy Murphy and DESMOND TROTTER-DAY Saturday Nov-
Cecil Elwin got goals minutes apart ember 20 has been earmarked.
to make Kensbordugh 4 goals up, A DOMINIANS WAKE UPIL -E..LCpblac1kp
penalty converted by Jeffrey Law- In the same breath, the people are
rence gave Spartans their 2nd goal, saying they would like to know what
In a quarter-final match replay, Government do with the livestock at
Spartans gave Spurs a 6-nil beating Goodwill and also with the livestock
Spurs played four men short (all at Londonderry?Some of them say af-
put out by the referee for nadty ter the Govy. have squandered the
play).Spartans had one man sent off life-blood of the poor taxpayer by
the field for retaliation. Harlem taking trips in many parts of the
Rovers managed to earn a one-all world, they are now asking them to
draw versus Kens, scoring in the join self-help schemes,that is, to
closing minutes of their match. Re- give Government free labourt And a
play will be after National Day(s). few of them.add that Christmas is
*-In a 2nd division match, Kensbor- coming but they will not be able to
ough United upset-cup favourites buy'a piece of meat but Goverament's
S.M.A,,beating them 2-1. $41,000 dogs will have plenty meat
CRICKET: Pakistan Thrashes N.Z. to eat, Some also say, if thls G(v-
Pakistai forged on to an unbeatable ernment get Independence,Dominica
2-nil lead in the 3-match series will be like some savage land,whbre
against New Zealand, winning by 10 the weak are- slaves and the strong
wickets (having been set one run fcS bear command, and the Masses willbe
victory in the 2nd test at Hyderaba4 looked upon as their degraded sub4
-and amassing 473 for 8 declared. jects -- Government will rule them
The Mohanmmed brothers made 101 and with, brutal force.
103 noo. the 1st time Pakistani I say, Dominicans wake up from
brothers have scored centuries in your sleep E.C-Loblak,
the same match. New Zealand could
reply with only 219; forced to f0l- ERRATUM: Line 12, left hand col.of
low on, they mustered 254. page TWO: for tyeart read monthly.
ATIIETICS:, National Athletics Start The Speaker a4ded that it meant his
,.,on $un. 24th Oct, with a "walk paying more income tax,
ing race" of 6 miles Belfast to -
Roseau;Phillip "Lordie" Baron was Pimples, Blackheads, Acne
first (54 rm4in*G4 secs.);2nd C,Fer- V e n i s h
reira of S.M,A. & St.Joseph(54 min When You Use
07 seo)Policemen Thomas & Cuffy
were 3rd & 4th, with the only wo- VA N I S P T
man (Heather Elwin,SMA)in 5thp3aoe $200 er t be t
hn the afternoon cross country race. DO CA DIpTSAR.
Reynoid Harris and bFrancis Orl THE
both of SMA took top honours.

krxated 6: Published by the Proprietor, Hobert b.Alitrey or Uopt ha
16.11 House at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.



~__~__~~__ ~~ ~~ ~ ________ __


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