Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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:OR THE '~TrHL-Y ..'
162' i1O sr i ,R

STel: Printery 2691. Editor 2610A
U.K. Media Representative:
Colln Turner (London) Ltd.
122. Shaftesbury Ave. W.1. Virtite -puce -oite yortu te


Vol.XX II N.o26. FridayJune
I-*i- --.- .^M-*..*1. .J 1,. <- ^X -,.. -- n... j- -TT -lml l1 T-- *l ^ _
When Premier John returned frcn his
trip to Britain with two Ministers,
one Attorney General-cum-Governor,
and a Civil Servant, heralded by out-
riders and surrounded by Police, he
found an unusual reception to face.
At t Ah b~A3?ir ta deputation with pos-
ters greeted him. Their import was
that such journeys were a waste and
you must go",Pat Stewns and his
father led this group. In Roseau
over a thousand persons gathered by
the old bridge, with placards such as
"Next time go-to China" or "to hell"
castingg taxpayers money" "Paying
three Governors" "Leo Austin must gc'
"Nolle Prosequi'(Marigot) "We pay
your salaries" and many more 156
of them.The Premer gave the clenched
fist and a radio _lcture.
It is becoming increasingly clear
to me that there are three solutions
to the eternal banana problems: 1)An
immediate return to purchasing bana-
nas on the stem, using the weigh-
bridge, paying the grower a rate
strictly in keeping with the Green
Market Price in Britain, and allow-
ing Geest Industries and the Dominica
Banana Growers Association to do feir
selection as before.
S(Continued on page five)

The long-lost Inca capital city of
Cuzco in Peru, covering some 12-15
sq. miles, has been discovered by a
dedicated Peruvian historian, who
pin-pointed the ruins in a jungle
valley entirely from records of
the Spanish conqueror Francisco
Pizarro (1532).

The Asta Hotel- is the scene of a
lively get-together: the 45th Board
of Directors meeting 6f the Carib-
bean Assoc. of Industry &. Commerce,
After Dominica Chairman Mr.Waddy As-
taphan.welcomes delegates of the re-
gion, CAIC Cha.5iman.Mr,0CIA.Maynard
will take over. Currency problems are
high on the agenda. Barclays Banir and
Ro al laflgve a reception for the
, onl riday at Fort Young.

Over 150 people died,hundreds were
injured and. property..worth millions
de-stroyed in a riot in the-- tndtfe,
township.of Suweto nr.Johannesburg,
sparked off by an order .that. AfrikasB
should be a compulsory schools knguaag
Helicopters,armoured cars attacked,
L. ROE & Co. LTD. .
The above vacancy will arise. when our
present Manager retires early 1977.
The selected Applicant should be able
to take-up the Appointment by the .st
October, 1976..
Applicants,preferably over 30 years
of age male or female with suitable.
qualifications should have had expeg
ience in a similar position of resp.
onsibility. The selected Applicant
will be responsible for our account
budget control and organisation and
control of office staff and must be
able to deal with our fruit suppliers.
Starting salary will be negotiable
according to age and experience.
Applications which will be treated in
confidence should be addressed to the
Attorney L.Rose & Co.Roseau, Applic-
ations must be in writing and the
envelope marked Confidential,
.. 862.1/1

IAI~-FSTA 1976 will go on --- ---. -
despite Jamaica's Emergency from WAS THEIR JOURNEY REALLY NECESSARY?
July 23-August 2, declared its Chair- Read the British News Service release
man Director this week. on page three.

...*cv~s~slr~ar~I1IY ~CI--IPN

I I L --;- -- __ -:! A' 9

Ih--LILLY-m~--- -il~~ U-~-

17 97

.SIOS S '1 1"TS JLE~Ro JohnEpe o Cr ANDID COMMENTS WS. Stevens
I attended the first night of The LEST WE FORGET: 500 Years of Wm.
Ruler and if my comments touch any Caxton Printing Press 1576-1976
point in the production that has al- In 1964 the civilized world paid
ready been remarked on, I offer no high tribute to William Shakespeare
apologies, only congratulations. My by celebrating in grand style the
opinion in general is that the Peoplds anniversary of his death, Dominica
Action Theatre under the direction of did its little bit when, assisted
Alwin Bully is as advanced an enter- by the British Council in Port of
tainment valicle as any theatre organ- Spain, we mounted a drama festival
isation in the Caribbean, The play it- to which the UWI drama group was in-
self, based on G.D,..Thomas' novel of vited as well as several E.Caribbean
Westindian politics Of the 1950s & 60s groups.The next'ysar, 97Sthe Dom-
is a fine adaptation, and some et i a A l was esta1975,the d
prefer it to the book. Its generalap- iicah Arts Jouncil was established
peal is to Westindians' tolerant aware with Mr Joffre Robinson as its duax
-ness of the.petty corruption and stu- man. Without the Printing Press est-
pidity of the men in most of the is- ablished by William Gaxton at West-
lands who were (and still are)chosen minster, England4 William Shakespeare
to rule themD would hardly have been heard of. Of
The PA.T. group give full measure all the inventions of man, the art of
of entertainment: in fact it often printing is one of the most inmportemt
overflows. Not for them a straight Civilisation as we know it could have
play, a comic opera, a musical comedy been centuries behind, despite the
or a tragedy; calypsoes, dancers, Ohinese and Japanese pioneers in
steel bands, mood music, screen pro- printing before the Christian era.
jfctions*-in fact anything visual or Thanks also to Johanan Gutenberg of
aural which will (hopefully) fit in Germany, Laurens Coster of Holland
with the main story line is co-opted, and others in Europe who pushed on
A bit of this hotch-potch was slight- with printing while Oaxton was. prino.
ly tedious: the, projections,confused ting the first books in.England,
by the painted flagdecked screen,cdid Education in particular ought to
not quite come off and although Miss take the opportunity to mark the oc-
Ophelia .Olivato used her wonderful casion in a manner, befitting the
voice and presence magnificently, her anniversary's blessings which came
style is not specifically Westindian to mankind through the printing- press.
but more American-Negro-Blues or Ella Without it, freedom of expression
Pitzgerald than Calypso Rose or Sing- would be largely'meaningless,Every-
ing Ftancino. I enjoyed the dancing little newspaper, such as the STAR,
and choreography but only one of the which fights for the right of ~ant-o
three girls smiled on opening nightly say what he thinks regardless of
Of course the voting figures were despots, is a testimonial to Caxton.
ridiculous; small island polling sta- *
tions each cover lesq than 1O00 votes I want to mako a noontribution
total by offering two prizes foteessays pn:
The open theatre with simple set THE'.BLESSINGS WHICH.TEE INVENTION
and quick indicative scene props was OF PRINTING BROUGHT TO MANEIoD,
excellent. Acting? Nearly full marks One prize to V'& VI Forms of the
all round, with a special bonus for Secondary Schools, and one to the
the lead players, I would have liked VIth & VIIth Standards of the
to see Sonia Mole deliver her tirade Elementary Schools. I shall invilt
against Jerry Mole in a Dominican way tho co-operation of the Education
- breaking-off, turning fiercely away Dopt. in arranging and judging this
then coming back away and back .-two contest, and hope that teachers will
or three times encourage pupils to submit essays
-3it part players who nearly stole just:before the long holidays (Aug.)
the show, such as the boy, the idiot _____u t l a(
and the evangelistic lady T.Unionist 'last night in Rosqaupro tem, is this
kept the first night audience rocking- Sunday, Lucky people,you with tickets

F y, June_ 25, 1976-,

..I 'I

Friday,, June 2,, 1976 T E S T A R .Pae Three _
Last week, Premier John went off to Britain with his cavalcade to talk
about currency, banana subsidization, and independence, Independence is
the business of the people of Dominica. Answers to the rest may be seen:-

'(British News Service Barbados June 21, 1976)
A major British Government financed support and development programme
for the Windward Islands banana industry is expected to go into operation
following'a meeting in St.Lucia on 10 Jne. The meeting,chaired by Premier
John Gompton and attended by representatives of Windwards Islands Govbs.*
WINDAN, Island Banana Growers Associations and the .British DevepIpment
Division, agreed the substance of an interim support programme for 1976
and the broad principles of a major four-year programme to begin in 1977.
British support for the two programmes could, depending on circumstances,
exceed E.G. $20 million, '04nm pounds sterling).
The pre o osed p .: anan ia"
The proposed programme follow a series of setbacks to the banana in-
dustry in the period 1971-75,mainly climatic but also resulting from
greatly increased costs. Production fell from 120,000 tons in 1971 to
90,00 tons in 1977.
Following ian approach to the British Government by Windward Islands
Gpvts. in January 1973,British assistance to the industry from that time
until mid-1976 amounted to E.C.$12 million In the same period the banana
wholesale price.-in the UK (the Green Market Price) also rose 1by two and 4
half 'ties, .But productionn costs increased greatly.
Much of the aid in the period 1973-76 was devotedrto sustaining the.
industry with subsidies on the price of fertilizer. But where-assistance
was concentrated on farmers adopting. WINBAN s recommendations, as in the
Rehabilitation S4hemes and Growers Aid Programmes, numerous farmers demon-
strated that yields of ten tons per aoce could be achieved, compared with
an overall average of three tons. The emphasis of the new programmes will
be on increasing yields with the aim of raising production to obtain the
Maximum possible share of the British market.
.Britain is prepared to continue with large-scale support for the pur-
chase of fertilizer and other inputs while growers progress to higher
yields, A&so a range .of facilities such as storage sheds and vehicles as
well as costs of additional .staff and services, a're envisaged under the
four-year programme due to start in January 1977. Depending on circumstan-
ces, this support pgogramme could amount to over EC $19.2, millio.4 Any
local current adct'stment could lower the value of this aid, to the banana
Between now jeid the end of 1976 interim aid has been agreed to maintain
previous efforts prepare the ground for the .comprehensive programme.
The estimated cost of this interim assistance is approximately EC $2.4mil.
Its main componentsare continued supply of fertilizers and other inputs
and the maintenance of the existing development staff while further staff
are recruited and the management of the industry undertakes a reorientat&n
and training programme,
A Farm Ianagement Survey to identify more accurately the real needs of
the farmers will also start as soon as possible. Trials and demonstrations
will be carried out to show the advantages of controlling nematodes which
destroy the roots of the banana plant, reduce its capacity to take up
fertilizer and cause it io topple ov-.r in high winds. (Underlining ours-Ed,)

__ ___

I _

Pae6 F

Friday Jun 1976

__ ~ __. ----------r ii

Scheduleof Appliction for Cert fate of Tid E & NotIngs
thereon & Cayvest for week ndia f .g |f~s Ja I .
0g ge Jue m- -

oDte Requested Person Presentlng Ntr requ tw
Sther a Certificate of
Title of Noting thereon
or Cavet.
teque.t ated Fton t.Ro Rquest for to ise
the 11bt dyr of by his Soliitor of a first ertifcatc of
JWue 197 Cilnat A.M. Utit in respect of a
Presented the Dupign y orilton of land at
15th day of Mone Proser i the
suo 1976 at Prih of St 0o inf
33s jnin 43e0 Stato of DoMimnica
----- contalnlg 4380 sq ft
awd boundd a. follows~
Nortlaby Isad of Charlie St. Rse, Southtby tand of Watclif
SteAaw. Estby ond of Alice Timothyj Wesutby land of
Afexarfae St. Roset

,1teMest dated drew Edwar equest or, tdage
th* 29th day to' by hi~ SoJicitor of a frat ortifcuate f
M rSh W?6 C Cil A,M itle. in WrOpect of
Presented the I Da y portion of land at
Im dray of j Cra4 BOy i the P4
Jn I6S att ri"aof St Patrick a
,31k the State of Domlance
---......-- *. coDtaming 886
and boade au foaUow e .
No nh- st by land of Vaughan Clealtlat South-Eost by a
Public Roadq9 uth-WWest by land of Gertrude Duverey,
NImthlWest by land of Ernest Gregotre
f r. .^y,^^ ^,w! ^^:- ,* Kiimr--iui-i. ,



Application are invited for the post of Con-
fidential Secretary to the Manger.
Applicants must be able to type and take,
shorthand, as well as have a knowledge of
fiing systems etc.
Experience in a similar position widz an-
other Company would be an advamnage,

SApplications should be addressed to the
.'a e Domnica Eljctridciy S
Ltd, P.O. Box 13 Roseau to arrive. rot
later than 3Oth June 976.
(a I A 1/2

I."-'---U C -- --- I

Se~g..i. ,,mc, ,Remry Oyer
lfwMau, Dominic. Acting Reitrar of Tidas.
SNOTE:- Any person who deisre to object to the sluu of 3
First Certificate of title in the above applicaticnmay enter a;
Cavett In the above Office within six weeks from the dsate rco
the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newiptpre
published in this State or from the dat when th notice prf-
cribed by law was served on any ownerr or ccupler of adjolnin.
%4 in rWspact o which thf applfaton is made.


in the



San4 help your fellow Dominicans to build their own homes.


at 5% ,


per annum

of $500,00 and over are acceptable

(l~ree of Income Tax).

For tfuyther particulars write to :

The Dominica Building

& Loan Association

42 Field Lane,
or call 2825



r"pnL? e A Iel



Looking backwards even a week to This will put an end, view, to
a Convention or Assembly meeting is the slavery and exploitation which at
a stale exercise; of the two the Con.prosent bedevil the industry
vention'in Portsmouth was more re- 2.The combined operations of Bana-
warding, probably because it was mor na Field Officers and Agricultural
serious and dignified, ,officers could put an end to the hope-
Elected: President A.Armantrading lessness over lack of aricultural-
&* V.Pres.Rupert Sorhaindo, as well assistance and advice (characteristic
as Acretary Kelvin Francis,Treasur- of people who do next to nothing in
or WOSeverin and Auditor Star Les. agriculture despite their many "top
trado retained their posts with ace- level" pretensions in the profession),
lanation; the Parliamentary Members 3. A rapid improvement in Feeder
did not of course stand for election Roads everywhere and anywhere bananas
but are Executive M.embers exo-officioare.produced. The help givm by the
Pleasant surprise was Rupert Lancet s..C.D*C. is particularly welcome,espoecO
election to the Chairmanship, also tally when our recalcitrant Ministers
the youthful nominee for Roseau Al- have done nothing much for Feeder
vin Phillip, (Names of the other Roads in the past seven years.
country-wide representatives,several There is absolutely no reason why
of whom are women, will be printed the banana grower should be a slave
by us soon). The Policy Outline in the-marketing of his crop, over
*souvenir had everybody silent study- which.he has previously wbrked so hard
ing it for a while at the meetinglIt and spent a great deal of money.It is
is 'good on health and leadershipand my opinion that a subvention from the
its conclusion that "A government U.K., however (if granted, eQndeffort
6an be ousted at any time"- is valid, have been made in that direction)
On Independence, too, "it is a matte would only aid the banana industry to
.for the people" sound ideas grvail maintain employment for lazy salaried
Sorry there was no room to restate officials and s strengthen Geest Indus-
the immensely important aims & ob~~t tries in .a monopoly which shortens
of FPP, founded firmly on civil eight the lives of some Dominicans.If I am
As this page goes to press on Thurs. mistaken, give.,me a logical answer.
Freedomites and many others who are Latest news I have gleaned is that
dissatisfied with Government are out an American Firm is asking for all
with their placards and posters (p.l) Dominican bananas at a price that
QUOTES from the House of Assembl: would be equal to approximately 18 -
"Implementatioi- of the recommendat- 20/ per lb, and that this offer is
ions in the Dreads Report is long giving the D,B.G.A. a good deal of
overdue" A. Casimir. During the headache -it happened while the Prem-
Lotteries Act, V. i Riviere: "We are ier was in England negotiating finan-
trying to eradicate the element of. cial assistance to increase: the swght
c-rapntion".When Riviere, on another of the load around the necks of our
tack accused M.E.Ohables of remov- banana growers, W.S. Stevens.
ing $71,404 of Fort Young money to _._.. -... ... ..
a private company, she riposted that THE LOOKERS-ON
if such a thing could happen, what We have heard'from some Portsmouth
was Government, a shareholder,doing? folks 'and one Marigot *man who did not
She also stated that what was said attend the Freedom Convention: the
by her in St.Lucia (subject of much Portsmouth follows just peeped and
bitterness and rudeness from Govt,) eavesdropped in a friendly manner.The
was worth saying. Pat Stevens des- D.F.P. did not encounter any hostility
cribed the itinerant Ministers thus: there. Thus, from Portsmouth:-
"The Ministers are.hopping around "We suppose you were happy over the
like Kissingers of the Eastern Carib mass attendance at the Conventionit
bean",an4 Miss Charles wished that was amazing to us. When we strolled
one Minister "would spend more time" by late and saw tho thick crowd in
on his homework and less time in bd. the verandah,"(coc2ldel eart3et e 1

'PH'EI S'f~;hR

'kriAnTr- =Tr~nn 31=,

Page Five

Page Six TH_ E S T A R Friday._ June 2j_ 1976
CRICKET: The second Test; Match betwa
West Indies & England at Lord s ended N 0 T I C E
in a'draw like the first one. England A number of issue vouchers for
batting 1st, scored 250 & 25;B. Close quarterly allocation of fertilizer
60 & D.Steele 64. For W.I.,Andy Rob- remains unclaimed at the offices and
erts 5/60 & 5/63, V.Holder 3/35 &2/- boxing plants of the Association.Some
and M.Holding 2/56,s*West Indies with-of these vouchers are in respect of
out V.Richards (out, after his bril- fertilizer allocations for quartersas
liant double century in the 1st match far back as 1973.
through a virus infection) 182 and Growers are advised that the Assoc-
241 for 6,chasing 323 for victory. nation cannot hold such fertilizer in
For W.I,,A.Greenidge 84,C.Lloyd 50 & their storerooms for. indefinite per-
Roy Fredericks. 138 (2nd innings his iods of time. Vouchers for fertilizer
6th test century.* For England D. Un-allocations which remain unclaimed
derwood 5/39 and J.Snow 4/68. and unissued for more than six months
LEAGUB: Saints inflicted an innings shall no longer be valid, Growers are
defeat on Trafalgar at Windsor Park therefore notified that those who do
in one day.*v In another A.G.fixture not take up their fertilizer alloca-
at the Botanical Gardens, Celtic U. tions within six months of the date of
moved tao.84 points with a 6-wicket the issue voucher will thereafter for-
victory over Smartians...Billy Doctrox feit their right to obtain such fert-
(No.3) played sheet anchor roles for ilizer on demand,
Smartians, carrying his bat through Fertilizer entitlement on those
the 1st innings last man out: in andd vouchers which ,go beyond six months
Scores: Smartians 101 & 61; Celtic U. shall be limited to an issue of-fert-
107 for 9 decl. & 57/4. ilizers equivalent in value only to
16 players were. chosen to represent the cess collected from the grower fcr
Dominica in the Windward Islands such entitlement under the prepaid
trials for the Benson & Hedges Youth scheme.
Tournament (1976). Irving Shillingfc V.E. WHITE 8
is manager. The team:Thomas Kentish General Manager.
(Kents) captain,Algernon Lawrence (. 23rd June, 1976.
tans) vice-captain, W.Joseph,G.Pros- PRESIDENT GISCARD DTESTAING
per,G,Vidal (St.Joseph);M.Durand, R. President of France, by his extreme-
Richards,E.Williams (Kents);J.Scotlandly cordial and successful UK visit,in
C.Bethel (SMA); B.Xavier (Grand Bay) which he stayed at Buckingham Palace,
A.St.Jean (Boetica); CConstance(DGS) had a dinner in his honour given by HM
GVidal (Salisbury);L.Andr6 (6thlbrm the Queen, and addressed both Houses of
College) and K.Sablon (Mero). Parliament, left England with good
BASKETBALL: In Senior matches, Flames hope of far better relations between
76 By-Trinee Ambassadors 71. Flames Britain and France than ever before.
defeated Fanta Strikers 70-59. Bata
Pros got the better of an improving THE LOOKERS-ON p(fr. p.2):"I didn't
Roots 53-406. ash t'n Carry Cardinals think the audience were inside, but
superiority easily carried them though outside& To my'great surprise I saw
Ambassadors, 60-51. In JUNIOR mat- the inside was filled to capacity.'
ches, Bata Pros' Jr.42-SMA Gnats 26. A Portsmouth lady: "I was stunned;
Bullets 77 DGS Jets 48. Sorry space I wanted to squeeze inside but on
prevents noting some of the interesting account of my family I have to pass
individual scores in all these Basket- as a Labourite, "A m8. (Glanvillia):
ball matches. 'I hung around the streets and chatted
NETBALL: Heavily contested matches fis to many strangers but I put my name
season,with standard of play above re- for Douglas, so..." Marigot non-at..
cent times. Specials (last years chanp tender, contacted by the Editor:"Of
Acme Goldies, Poetsmouth Dazzlers course the road between Marigot and
and Spartans have displayed their sup- Portsmouth is hopeless!" (He was re-
eriority.-,' BOXING/WRESTLING:World h/w preached by the presence of people
camn Y.Ali fights wrestler nni 2 Ath .from Salybia and other far points)
^^1^* 61 360^ne^^er^^ e.r e house
a is eat 6 a at 0, oeau,;o*~icoa s Ines,

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