Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Tel: Printery 2691, 'Edior:2610
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Colin Turner (London) 'Ltd, "
122 Shaftesbury Av,. W .
Friday, June 18 76B

Wr HE STAR Domni"ca,
DOMINICA eineken


Page 6


The motion by Ltnox Honychurch that a comn
mission of Inquiry bi held on the Royal Domini-
ca Police Force was defeated I6-5. Not one Go-
vernment Member vwted for this Inquiry which
is strongly backed by public demand) to take places
Introducing his private members
motion,MirHnychuroh tried to res-
tore a note of dignity and decency
to the House, but certain Government
Ministers declined, to follow this
example, reverting instead to their
morning clowning and vulgarity -un-
curbed by their leader, the self-
styled "Doctor of Mepuis".(See )


Ia the East Carib-
bean region CDC'a
total capital commit-
ment in 35 projects
totalled EC$169m at 31:
December, 1975. The
Corporation continued
to discharge its manage-
.meat and consultancyv
,responetbUties' f or
electricity projects in.
Guyana, Trtnidad and
Tobago, Barbados and
the windward sJlands:
However, due to the'
economic conditios of,
the islands,both grouo p
of projects generally
experienced lo wer:
growth rates. CDC
also has extensive
tourism. i nte r e te.
Generally, recession
in the industriatlsed

,countries continued to
'depress, in varying
degrees, the economic
prospects of the coun-
tries In the region,

tDuring h e year thbe
Corporations connltued
its Investlatiou into.
thesposlibtales of sup'
por for agricullre n.
the region, and the itn
creasing awareness of
Governments of th e
seed for this develop-
ment is encouraging.

The-CDC is a statu-
tory body responetble'to
the Minister ot Over-
seas Development. t
has borrowing powers
but if not subsldleed
by tbo Govereoent.

Bil&lie Miller 80eags at Portesmout
Young Barbadian lawyer-MP gripped
an audience of 800 at Freedom's coin-
vention by her forceiaul and hopeful
speech. Telling of a childhood vis-
it ("I love Dominica she could be-
come the region's mar.cet basket"),
she criticized CaribboauL politicians
who perpetually denigrate Oppositioas.
"Govt.parties have strayed away from
the people.Oppositions must know vtat
people want and do not want o'escrib-
ing the: arrogance of b.anikrupt govts.,
she sa:td there had been no financial
audit :in Barbados for .0 years;Jamai-
ca was broke; all that 'destabilisa-
tion'*s;uf. was a regional ruse and
just chiit chat. "They have elevated
themselves into Field M%rshals and
Colonels. .feeling impor-tant in high-
circles with their posturings & poses.
Conmnitment was the impor-tant word..."
But change is inevitable....Hiroona
is everywhere. Hiroona iE1 Dominica' "
The case of a gynaecolo,gist who
applied from Barbados for a. job
in aiis homeland and'nlysaterious3y
resigned in a couple of months
took up 175 lines of a written
Parliamentary answer. Lai;vsuits
are pending over this sadC affair.

This fine topical pl
draws crowds to Saia
Gerard's Hall during
week-end nights, 8 pm.
Don't miss it
before the players are
enticed abroad....

Gary Didier as MOLE '

Virtu&e 1Duca dnm~,rr ''14~rhnna

Pn n prm .. Tr rT

At the Xon.aam. session,Oppositin
leader M.E.Charles was subjected to
a lot of rudeness,especially from to
Minister of Finance,who in a reply
to her question on revenue after the
deletion of income tax wrote of her
"gross ignorance.,age and senility"'
He .later accused her of being asham-
ed of not being married, but Miss
Charles hit back by saying she pitied
some of her married friends who led
miserable lives, and even pitied
some of the wives and concubines of
Government Members.(Any Dominican
woman, unmarried and without bastard
children, or even any woman over the
age of 15 should think again before
voting .or Government, men who, only
prize them for breeding and bed pur-
poses, and would otherwise insult
them because of age &Ij childlessness
They dontt value brains and virtue.-
Coimment).At any rate, Govt.refused
to answer that question and the one
on the National Dlebt,
.: Of the Acts passed, the Sport-sAct
was devotionally read by the Premier
followed by a, Finance-promoted Lot-
teries Act. (to keep the tiioney spent
on overseas pools in Dominica).. The
Opposition .will watch to see if it
encourages other more sordid forms
of gambling or the entry of Maffia,
gangster-or other such casino-orien-
ted types, The Currency,Act was a
catch-up operation passed in arrears
The Act to provide for protection of
wild creatures of all sorts may be
heartily:welcomed alas it is too
late to save some of them,notably
certain birds. But -who will call the
common house bat" precious enough
to cherish when it fouls and disturbed
some dwelling houses? The E*mployment
.& Traiping Act is long overdue. The
way wa o paved for it at the I.L;0.0n
1960 by a W,I.Federal Minister.
'(OtLe:c quotes and comments on this
Session to follow).

Dominicans in Bridgetown voted for
Bill'ie Miller,and they sent greet.
"I d an unrepentant Federalistt ",..:
has Jbeen an exception. Having weather
as a living example of how important
must be continuity. Closely following

ST A R ridav June 18. 1976 __

Marie Davis Pierre
It has been said that nothing lasts
in Dominica. How true is that state-
ment when we think of the bands that
have sprung up over the years and have
all died natural deaths But A''ly shad
this be so when Dominicans are consid-
ered a musical people? The fact is
that these bands'have had no musical
foundation on which, It is
very easy to make musical sounds but
without a musical base one quickly ex-
hausts one's imaginative powers andis
then left with no alternative but ei-
ther becoming stereotyped'or copying
the style of other people,
S The Music Loverst Government Band
ed the storm for 25 years it stands out
it is to have a musical base if there
in its footsteps is to Swinging Stars,
d on page six)

A poor response from publishers of
Commonwealth books for children has
led to an appeal from the Commonwealth
Book Fair (9th August at Leicester)for
late entries, to arrive(duly marked).t
the National Book League,7 Albemarle
Street, London WI, by July 15.

Dr. Robert J.Moye wants to exchange
letters and stamps. His hobbies are
stamp collecting, snorkeling and
flying, lie visits the Cayman Islands
frequently. His address ils 4129 Gen.
eyeer New Orleans,Louisiana 70114 J

In Vancouver,Canada, from May 31-Juie-
11, the conference HABITAT (United Na-
tions discussions on liugan Settlements)
took place, at which delegates inc-
luding social workers, architects,VWHO
personnel and many others looked at
the global dwelling places and habits
of the world s citizens.(Report to rm)

"DOGNAPING" in the United States
A new form of abduction is now taking
place: the "luxury pets" of wealthy
Americans are being kidnapped by or-
ganised gangs who demand large ransoms
for the dogs they capture. An Illinois
man has started a move to thwart the
thieves through "St.Francis Society
for Disappearing Dogs."

2~ -~ ll .

Pare Two


J-- l- B 97 T .r .- ,,m,~~-~- <4ia . i 1i l i

From: Citizenship Our Concern
Radio Talks sponsored by the

Series of

DefamatG of
-lo I g



By Alec Hughes
Last week The Vincentlan published the first part
of this talk, It dealt with two of the three main defences
open to a person against whom action or. defamation
is 'rught namely juatltiomton atd prlvilegE. The
talk continued.
The third head is that the words constituted fair conm-
m entmade without malice on a matter of public interest.
The law -eoggnises the right of anyone to indulge in
fair and honest criticism on matters which are of public
interest; this right is not, as some seem to think, re-
stricted to. 'eweppers, and the right of criticism is
open to anyone provided that the matter on which the
comment is made is a matter of public interest and that
the comment represents the honest belief of the com-
mentator on facts which have been tdy stated; it is
important to note that the facts on which the comment
is based must be truly stated because obviously if
false statements are made about a person, comment
based on those false statements can never be regarded
as fair, this however the conduct of public
men and public affairs is always open to comment and,
as a very learned Judge expressed it 110 years alp
"AClergyman with his flock, an Admiral wi(t his feet,
a General with his army and a Judge with his Jury are
all the subjects for public discussion because whoever
fills a public position renders himself open to public
discussion and if any .part of his public r.ct is wrong
'he must accept the attack as a necessary though un-
pleasant circumstance attaching to his position." It
was stated much more, recently in 195'i by another
Learned Judge as follows:- "Freedom of Speech like
the other fundamental freedon is freedc under the
law and over the years the'law has maintained a bal-
ance between, on the one hand,' the right of the in-
dividual whether he is in publd life or not to his un-
sullied reputation if he deserves It and. on the other
hand but equally important the right of the public to
express their views honestly and fead esly on matters
of public interest even though tat involves strong
criticism of the conduct of public p eople."
These then are me main defenses to au Action for
Libel or Slander and I can only hope that none of my
listeners will ever find themselves in the position of
having to make use of these defer ,ce. A good rule
to follow' is that when in. doubt i'"hut your mout."
lime is nMning out fast but I thick there is time to
mention one other main difference between an action for
Libel and an Action for Slander, tids ii that in any
case of the publication of a Libel the Injured party my
bring an action whether he has stuff red damage orD ot
exr certain well defined instances a person

if he cai show that he has suffered act~a loss, known
t jf tt> jaw as special damage,. by reiW. o t' tW publi-
cation of Lhe sla;der. The exceptions an ,i) w-2.a the
words impute a crime for which the plaintiff may be
imprisoned (b) where the words impute to the plaintiff
a contagious or infectious disease (c) where the woods
are calculated to disparage or belitue the plaintiff in
any office profession calling trade or business cared
on by him at the time of publication and (d) where the,
words impute adultery or unchastity to a female.
may time is up and'1 have merely been able to touch
the fringes of a complex and interesting subject; I
hope you have found .this little talk informative and
though provoking and I conclude by. emphasizing that
what I have said is not and is not intended to be an
exhaustive discussion of the subject.

INVEST in the -
and Help your fellow Dotin*

Scans to build their own homes.
Special Deposits of $500o.00
and over are acceptable at .5
per annum (Free of Income
For further particulars write to:
The Dominica Building & Loan Associaion
42 -Field Lane,
Roroeau, of cl 8t$
8AS- g.

The Board of Directors ot J. Astaphan
& Co (197o) Ltd- wishes to inorm the
general public that the Company will be
closed for stock taking on Thursday Ist
July. 1976, re-opening for business as
.usual on Friday 2nd July, 1976.
Any inconvenience caused is regretted.

Guyana-born Mr.L. I.Austin is Ag.
Governor of Dominica during the
of Sir L.Cools-Ii'ttigue.

June 18.1976


It. is a few weeks since I have I canr see that Her Me sty's Roy-
appeared in these coluims. But I have al Police Force of Dominica have a
gained tremendously by my enforced lot of work to do. They may have to
visit to Jamaica. Quite a good deal work in adverse conditions because
of violence took place during my vi- for the past sixteen years 'and one
sit there. But I learnt a lot about month Dominica has turned into a
Dominica tool For,instance, I read country where dishonesty, .,on, ,
how our Coloael Premier did make a road to success.
bid to make Dominica a Department. On June 14th I went to the House
of France, as is the case of Marti- of Assenibly with a hat that cost me
unique and Guadeloupe. But we all $20.00 less 5 cents., I rested that
know he had to be satisfied with a hat on the window where the meeting
stadium and ttec-hnical aid includIlg was being held, I went downstairs'
a promise to have some of our neglec- for a little while; by the time I
ted and aboadic d re-a se"n t,. returned the hat had disappeared.
Prom letters in tte Prov.' and I pointed all this out to the Police
from conversations in place, and we looked everywhere the hat
homes and work places, DominicanBs could not be-found, So you see if
are beginning to see a damir.,Atreak of people can steal at th HIouse of
light on the. polit.v-1 ho orion. I Assembly in big daylight while it is
hope the light wil.t, bc~ur' clearer guarded by Policemnno.. what next,
and brighter, even txorgh th1 gener- ,E.G. LOBLACK, Roseau
al election is a log v of. None- G .
theless enough is hippie now..for ArO. HOU
the electorate to priess -- an, Mrs. Margaret Rose' BlackmanM1atron of
thy-ut -flector ate ft the o:ple Prince'ss Margaret Hospital,roceived
The Pa-trick Jhn cvtarT t owes the order of ribetr -of the British
Dominica the 'f.l owaatg- .* Empire on the Queen' birtbds!..
IOW: Publio:aeJon for all of .HIRO0A A HIT --- I)
the Dreaa 0-port,, -ohairman Had anyone. told us that we would sit
Re*AKStheUao L, Widied ^ -x DO from 8Qpm to nearly 1 am.on the opening
blica~ti^on ^o2 1 Ba. night of a play at Pt. Gerard's. Hall
ana Inquiry report. C we would have been. derisive. But we
J se = r of heP .D did so, and. it.was worth it,despite
i nation Reo r o.fthlE ,oh coming ome wi+thNWK1Ad&6h4PdVmI&bj
tnaquiry Report. ira John Bully sing a good party afterwards. Muoh'
,l :In.y r. aamela admi-ration must be expressed for the
a ... .I. Ifry t C-.a adaptation, presentation(laack of-wase
'ranle-eont Tx- tier a ir;
A': f ll snguo.ry..-.O a^ apect time through scene-shlF. etc.) and.
A full 'Vnqui ce h gto etei aspects
e-a~the-Ra oyal.Domi af Po irce Tbrce casting of this ufa;i'ating-.u- anda still
(deste tha. I crusLhir...g~fa,,`. hl lay topical s t 0o-raEma,. The
Honychurch's motion It e Huse); original author re holding -
HA o f'iny moTquirtion n 5 he f+loe) wthe hand of the b:ll:jiant director-
A full Inquiry i to the I ky dr a
Youth Camp affair, wih an 6,plana- amatistl ;'the ei*: call for i?
tion of the rumour that the W.German to tell youthe 21t-or. .. -1:. yo e: .
A really see it fo.r o:J-',.:es, .I,:;.u.."..,v.S.
Evag elic s withdrew their .promised John S ector's co ir t ui~l n. r .-
support (finaxial) towards building oh is a plty wcitih Je- oagcr l.g
a Reform School at Portsmouth after th nv bl wh., 1; a 4hrt
visiting Domia, but never boring; wh.S has a-hart
visi a feeling for history and a mral;
Is the Opposition,satisfied with and you'll recognize your own l cal
Patrick John's arrogant "No" to the characters among the 3plyr3s -. .
demand for a Statement of the total ------
debts which the country owea? indication that those in iutho.rity.
This refusal to declare the posi- intend to "flee the c':iZtry" if
tion to tiW people my. well be an things come to the worst. rac.:
" ".* -z - "*dv I '- "y J_ rc .;

JAiday, June 18, 1976


BPge Four

'P . June 18 ,A .. .. i-- --

Schedule oa Application for Cert fl"ate of Title & Notings
therm on & Caveats for week endin l Amui e Jun' 19.7
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature o rquestW
thor a Certificate of
Title of Noting threon
or Caveat.


equt e tont Request for the its
he 1 Ith day of by his Solicitor of a first certificate of
June 1976 Cilma A.M. title in respect of =a
Presented the Dpiny portion of land at
15th day of Morne Prosper in ta
Fune 1976 at arish of St G'so?9e i
1.30 p the State of 1.-ri;.' V.
-c inr:afs 4'36C c '
and bound d as fo koms:
North;by land of Charlie St, R5se, SouthbPy IPf .P; Wa. tifc
Seg.ose Et by land of Alice Timothy, West: by V aioMf
.^ xanx ria .Sr, Rose "
Requestdated Anew ~ar Requpa : W F, -
the 29th day of iy hAi S1fieto of a hfir cti:T .
March 1976 CiUea A.M. title in renp.: 'U, .
Presented the Dupigny ortioa OG t.i ;.
15th day of Grand oFko h .
June 1976 at rish ofSt o ',.
3.10 p.m -the Sntate sof
3...10 .... containing US Hsa
and bounded as facUct; w
North-East by land of Vaughan. Celestln,9 o ,-s t
pu~TlC Road, tfouth West, of'Gertra i vdiy
North.West by land of Ernest Gregolre,

Request ated s Va ?.'.-d .s
the 29th day a by k '- f .'...
May 197G 1 ,1, ,3, t: i ?al :. "''y.-.,:r ,; ,!
pr eomed the Ca pa t '
26th dayof am a r t a .. .
May 1878 at C ;j 3 :.?
State Of >.:..
cone cs-
North-Eastsby land of Lawrence jno Baptiste & j~... ..
South*East by latn of James Rapha South-W c JA .4 .,.
Valentine ~ean MarH NorthWest by land of e o.i ;oe
and lend of Lawrence Jen eaptiste. ,

Request dated rwistletoat Stofte
the 2nd day of B' bwrttand
JuBne 1976 by his Solicita
Pretented the Cinma A.M.
3rd day of June Dupgapm

Request fort!:; ~' ,
of a first vor ."' ; -':
title in rtjip-,:t C. i,
portion of tn' al D.v-
an;o in t'a P arki -



Application are invited for the post of Con-
fidential Secretary to the Manger.
Applicants muas be able to type ad %ake,
,shha-.nd, ns W,- as have a tknowledge of
failing Spre:i=. C-
Exce ence ia ?> or tr **posenif wiit aon
ott Co0mpany --u d be an advantage.

Aricmatons sh tld. be addressed to 'the
'M ugtr' aidea Electricity Services
Ld, P.O. Box 13 Roseau to arrive not
C' than 3o0h June 1976..
. _ _ ___ _ _ _
7'- WedSe- ysdy and Thursday you
b- able o buy some items from us
t Discount Prices. Check with. u fr6m
I::t Week.. ,,
T'it Dominica Dispensary Co. Ltd.
;* r- *- : l


Oof LuEggEa Rack fits most cars,
R ig. STAR OTFICE'- 2691 or 61to
for a ,Pogntment to view.

The around floor of a two storey building'
sti. a:t the ADgle of Great Mariborough
Street ead Uy-p-r Lane,'in the Town of
Roseu, suitable for Business or Office.
for Particulars apply to Mrs. Mary Elwin
same Address or telephone No. 3058&

11976 at 5St Andrew ia ta s aItRrer'eO fac FFrnry Dyer
Sin 1t., t o fr fllau, Dominica. Actiln Registrar of Tiles.
andboun dd as fowkr NOCTE:- Any person who desires to object to the issue of' a
SFirt Certlficte o(fTitle In the above applicatioromay enter a
North-as by fand of Hovey Son) South-fiut by lend of laraml C'.astt in the above Office within .six weeks from the date of
Audain South.West by a Public Road, North-Wa-s by ri A's the rst appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
Rosd oaer land of Twistleton Bertrand separagtli is frei Ld ;; p bfhid in this State or from the date when the notice preo
LIlIan Casey. j e-rhi.. :1y tlaw was served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
$p 4ew bt of which the a pplhlt on is ,mde.
I,~ljDE~!LJ 5!tL b%_ EnnSl~ d~t l~

,~_I ---- - --r~s~- --


- II~-*~--- I-- ---

Pnane Five

*B-SJft e-VA 0 .

CRICKET: Function Marks Presentation aid-seeking Goavermnent
team led by the Premier ha-- just left
The Heineken Tvophy was presented for Britain in a bid for emergencyaid
by Mr.Waddy Astaphan, agent for Hein- & advice due to currency problems. (;)
eken Breweries in Dominica,to Irving GRENADA GOVERNICENTIS DEETS
Shillingford as captain of the victoP Lacking money to pay Civil Servants
ious Dominica team, at Astaphants promised back-pay for a long period,
Supermarket on Weds. June 16th. Grenada Govt. has docked its Ministers
At this function the Hon.Premier salaries and held up payment of nat-
(Minister for Sport) addressed the ional debts.The Civ.Servants are nLo
gathering and announced that Irving satisfied with the arrangements.
Shillingford and Norbert Phillip will
pursue coaching certificates in Eng- MUSIC LOVERS GOVT. BAND (fr. page .
land; and young Thomas Kentish will Swinging Stars, which has been in ex-
do a 3-4. months coaching stint with istence for the 'past 17 years. This
M..CC, Mr. Waddy Astaphan in his band too has had the experience of a
address revealed that sponsorship by musical foundation;same of its members
Heineken amounted to $20,000 annually -and its director Mr. Norman Letang-
Mr.Gransworth Lafond, Manager,Dominia were foundation members of the MLGB.
Team, said it "proved a boost to Wind The two able directors of the Mus-
ward.Islands cricket," underlining the ic Lovers' Govt.Band (Mr. Cecil Belli
fact that $5,000 was for coaching.Mr. retd. and Mr. Hesketh Casimir)are to
Julian David,Heineken salesman,moved be congratulated for their worthwhile
a vote of thanks,An enjoyable functik contributions to the State, It is my
CRICKET LEAGUE: Police moved to 52 belief that had the band its full com-
points with a victory over Gutter plement for which the musical scores
Crowns by 51 runs at Police Grounds, were written, it would have achieved
Canefield, last weekend.Scores: Polic that harmonious balance that is so
138 & 162; Gutter Crowns 115 & 131. important to tone and colour.The band
*This weekend, Celtic United with 72 needs to be strengthened and I would
and Smartians on 60 will clash at the certainly like to see many young peo-
Botanical Gardens. @ ,-vLEEMARD IS.:in ple become members. The audience was
the ~turent tournament (10th June), a little disappointing especiallywhen
Antigua walked away with 12 points we hear so often that Dominicans are
after StiKitts had taken 1st innings musically-minded. If that is really
points.Scores hovered around the 200 so, let it not rest with only one type
mark;Antigua 201 & 213.St.Kitts 206 & of music, Calypsos and Reggae,but let
140, Paul finished with 12 wickets 2r it encompass a v'ry wide range for
Antigua (6 in each innings).Defending only then will itose words be no idle
cham-ions.Nevis also came back from boast.ongratulations to the Music
behind against Montserrat, who batted a
behind against Montserat who batted Lovers' Government Band on their ach-
first (299).'Nevis replied with 286.
Montserrat then crumbled for 145ieav elements over te years- M.D.P.
ing Nevis to get 159 for victory, for JOHN SPECTORt Swrite-up on HIR00NA
BASKETBALLAt a', amat will await more space next week.
es continued. (Juniors):Bullets 54 de-TEST MATCH CRICKET: England resumed
feated Ken Stars 34.k* (Seniors):Amb- 2nd day at 197 for 8.An unexpectedly
assadors 69, Panta Strikers 44; Ctn C stubborn stand by bowlers Old & Under.
Cardinals 53, Harks 30. wood carried England score on to 250
ATHLETICS: F,(Rosycheeks) Dorset,for- all out 3/4 harbefoim lunch.W.I.lost
merely of DGS Won the half marathon Fredericks on 2nd ball of innings (0
race (15 miles) in only 93 min.46 secfor 1 wicket);Richards not playing,
- R.Harris 100 minutes; From a field young Gomes took his place out to
of 23, two SMA boys came 2nd & 3rd Snow c Woolmer in the deep 28/2.At
after Dorset FOrle 96 min,41 secs, lunch,Greenidge hit out 40for 2,but
then Harris. .Kallicharan out for 0. (Press time)

Printed & Published by the ProprietorR.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill Mouse at
26 Bath Road Roseau Domihica W.I.
(egGAGGOVERNOR: Mr.O.A.SaignoretCab.Sea.,holis the post while in DU:1

Page Six


Friday, June 18, 1976

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