Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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... N TO 2L Y- r ^ B .,- ,\
I .V@1Z P M H T AR tL
Cgt-- Star, Dominlna A R ^
Te: Printery 16t Editor .1 610
U.K. M edia RprAesent Al jMA cowe:
Colin Turner (London) Ltd. ta
122 ShaftealMry Ave. W.I. H t ', 'e T',ic ot *- ------t--.. l...__
y--- SHAN 16- WE6-..-6
Frd~_~iday; May 28 1976 .----___~;I

PRECEDED by a fine rs'urm~berg ftufare
the nice Anglican refrain of th'; nat
ional song, der kleitler Kolonel (Hon.
Col.Patrick Rolance -J"ohn) iade et
another speech on the subject of the
Desmond Trotter sentence.
His radio talk was about a dfleg-
ation which went to An' tigua to ~'ov-
er the facts about an asffidavit for
themselves and for al1 Dominicans,,
"Th3 (. mnosition cf Ithe convittte"
said Hon.,P.Jo.u, "sped. C for itself."
W st did het mean? ti de from hr.P-
ing on the fa( t t at tn so i, rY of tberm
were eivil seivants (but f-ith 1- O
unempLoymeni;, nmost of t' esmplcged
people of tbi;i 3laR. an : ,ft $st ';at)w;
and c ~lling a krowtn ..a ir2,e ssn.te-taxJ
baker" proprietor P ":.i dJ, rl r- 'rr r,-A
out mn nation X l: a-, s es -emed clorices
Headmaster and other~ cf nc te, 'j,
John s Aid that2,he wa.J romo tiIng /A
investigatio;j "alon3 proper l;1 a and
by ti1 iro,-.jr autlio,1 ti s." Y. t'
haion aior ie imt)o1tus of the .log-
tion b,, r , hbis toa'tda thU t,',clonJ*
9, /oral ex:ttfaori': rl;,: faPe le~ s +
3.,.I1 to us patent in th4,a Ae'l''r.'s
*.c ;r, t spoeoe 1 is I ,e nti;0 J t 10
'tbhc young i1rl Hy.c'.rrl PiS4f018s,
who rett,,,1d ,o coci :,.) to r)ti ni.oa
to give evidence at ie High,.C our
tl 1.'l ; a strateM rnt; ", am ,lla '.n-
c01 'in the BHigtC ,o urt,1 ;.iro cht i t.D
no c tao foV r :Ce.r (. cpt thAt I
w~s unw:illti r hc) b.rif,, '' Poli C,
iQ during .-d, ti-al, (I,i-sa. W )

'4. Pisr re Ma~sPs .4
^yr r & Youth Micir .,Er
An)>thc' poa;rait cf thi, 'l
FPv-c5h Miniister ,,ho i. ,
re-pornsible for tror with. a Stadi~-, Ar,.

, A' daLuci Iv l Dorhea

Windward Islands

RPge 6


AL O. fIUDES to&,se r; ow: after 7
S17. of voluntary, exile from t.e.
(4teaa ioune oV flukhse flpmthevs,
ddi Ja en haof senttivesD. r
^cri Jagan tas marA i't 1p .rjv
I.s old' friend of ea4..r Mrx^ ,&s
,orbos turrrnham, and r,,,ente1'& ar-
iamen6 Witta Ud o 13 PPI*oirat ,
I,'ne big break cmie over els,
to"ae.. fr&t.ds e':d d postaa. v tes, Ka9
ge: -togetbher i0giakls arnot htL. Lj -
atd )tep O .t'or tbo ^woonerati S]c-
is.list State on w-lc.h soevraxi LVic
il.Lands with birta:c paton <,-
efs are iodelli.x; tn;isviv;, -
.. .

Off to Ainnial Geierai MeA'- n,
of West Indi. Comnmiute
A big wel.4Wle aW .itAed
Dominica's wclt .~ roTs
cent, s., rianz in I, ,aor:+
who flew o1t ,it hist
S', daugh ter, Hon. F, ,. ., I a
SCharles, to attit\c. !;I:le
SAGM or" the W, I.1. ot'
which he has been Ln
.*"...... ^ iznti er.aleO d me -' l.'or
:. tg. Zarles I,.uny yearsr,

o /fWCl5; Second Win 2

Page Two T H E S T A R Friday May 28, 1976

Writing a short short storyis an An account which .ight.. otherwise
art %ewt, Last wok: a vaert W SpalifY for the true story of last
trixbuor wrote one qabe n1i. y a - hsed b
aside fro aking on a mozal (the cause it was unsled, bi ho,
aside should be ing on a themo ta) events at the Roseau Councilwhe
moal should be ili in the tale) the Mayor is said to have removed
it was good, because it related abhn- his chain a ter heated words were
orous dramatic account of a local exchanged 9 have',telephoned for
t the Police to come and puit out a
I have been,reading a new book by Councillor.
Francoise Sagan, one of Francets xa, ..
popular writers.'To say popularmeans WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION ON SEXUAL
to some mediocre but this Is not EDUCATION: At a recent meeting in
true of Mlle.;Sagana -he is an ironic Geneva the WHO made various recommen-
intellectual, who produced her first dations, not only about the training
bestseller at the age of 18. of health workers and even physicians
The title story of this book 'Les on better attitudes to sexuality,
Yeux de Soie' (Silken Eyes)i-a a ong- marriage and contraception, but also
ish Chekhovian tale with a loving end. about services for sexual health c r
The.others are very short just the The meeting reviewed educational pr-.
right length for the STAR, if we could grammes in some 20 countries and the
ever af-ord onel A Snob Death is aoly education of.medical students,which
about 1,000 words long.Shorter even 'is particularly neglected in this
is the Corner Caf6 and 'Une Soiree'. respect. "Every person has a right to
These stories are fleeting glimpses receive sexual information and to
into life and death:they fascinate, consider accepting a sexual relation-
The lover in Rome who attends a ship for pleasure as well as for pro-
pre-arranged cocktail party at which 'reation,"'lthe meeting decided.
he intends to get rid of his Swedish i Health Workers eve~friereshare
mistress who has lived with him for the same beliefs, myths, and super-
two years has a dramatic volte face. stations as others in their culture
Sagan's characters are inter-national and they may themselves have unresolr
set and smart; sometimes too smart, ved sexual problems, which their pre-
The English titled lady who locks her- sent training does little to dispel.
self by accident in a train lavatory Physicians are better prepared to core
and nearly panics because she may., with pain and disease than with the
miss the station where her impoverihi- establishment of sexual wellbeing.
ed French lover is waiting, longing Health Workers must have accurate
to marry her but expecting a rebuff, scientific knowledge about the facts
finds herself so changed by the ex- of human reproduction and sexuality,
perience that she falls against his and must establish rapport with their
shoulder in the Station, after a last patients, says World Health Organisatn.
minute release, and murmurs: "When do LRATS-
you want us to get married?" CRT ORTON IL ALT
I wish that ore writers in Domin- a disclosure of this top-secret
I wish that more writers in Dommn-
ica could master this art, and there Foreign Office Report by racist MP
Is also a crying need for journalism s Enoch Powell caused a furore in Brit-
to larn how tow briefly (pecisain this week. Thousands of Indians
to learn how to-write briefly (precis -&
ost of the stuff we turn out in this Paistanis were being infiltrated
Most o the stuf W turn out in this in UK through a mystery continental
island is far too wordy and lengthy. t.UK onuea mystery continental
One of the best stories I ever chain. continuedd on age six)
wrot- was a short-short, and it got 'Guardian, He did so, and then he
far more attention that I expected. wetback and wrote an-article much
After it appeared in print, a learned ger ta my story on his opinion
gentleman on the staff of the Genfer ger t han my s tory on his opinion
Echo (Geneva) wrote asking if he cold of the subject and the author. That
come to London and interview me about was called The Rainoat; it
that little 1,000 word tale in the / w sad and eerie.

, May 28, 1976 THE STAR Page Three

The Order of Francisco de Miran- We think Dr. Royer should have a
da wvas presened.t Premier Col. Ji look at the 21 line "letter" in caps.
by the Foreign~,r VCuezuela, who written by some anonymous person (he
has decorated several Westindian sounds like an erstwhile member of
island rulers including Col.Bradshaw the special or secret police,because
and Mr. Autin Bramble of Montserrat. of his absorption with guns, punish-
The order is usually given to those ment blood and death,)
who struggle ,for Independence. This document purports to be a cry
L I A T A6 p s a from the grave by poor John Jirasek,
L I A T Avr planes are grounded who was murdered in Dominica, and for
for renovations "The Islander" air- whose death the scapegoat Desmond
craft will serve the region in a Trotter was held responsible.It has
sort of way meanwhile.No bookings, a necrophiliac tone: Jirasek (may his
soul rest in peace) is supposed to be
NO MORE IMPORTED VEGETABLES: tinned speaking from the grave, as I said,
vegetables and other foodstuffs whidd and this kindly little American re-
can be grown here are to.e banned tired postal worker is given words of
as from Janif,1977. The principle vengeance and support for Police au-
is a good one if not carried to ex- thority. "A young man shot me out of
cess, but it will hurt some consumers hate, it says."He was tried in your
and shopkeepers, and babies or in- Courts and found guilty. I go on re-
valids who need certain preparations. cord in declaring that he is in fact
SPRE-R SPEAKS FOR HIMSE guilty: as well as the other two who
E PREMIER SPEAKS FOR HIMSELF t p.1 have escaped your justice."The writer
- And the Premierts remark that the of this bogus cry from the grave :nat-
possession of the murder weapon is a rally does not sign his name. Since
piece of testimony that is being ig- he calls certain young Dominican citi-
nored (by Desmond's unofficial inves- zens diabolicall, he therefore pro-
tigators). It is up to them to answer tects himself from a libel suit. "Do
such charges, and we understand that you not know that you must answer to
they are doing so. the slander charges you have levelled
Now we ourselves, standing on the at Pest(a)ina, Toulon, Joseph and the
sidelines, do not know positively if others...?" ask Mr. Anon. But it is
'Destrot' is innocent or not.We think really those persons who have to an-
he probably is, though not ruling out swer the charges, when a full Inquiry
other involvement. Obviously the Pre- takes place. "Let me rest in peace,
mier does not study the "Roman Polic- or justice has been done," says this
ilbre or he would know that the man w o e can only sa:
pulls the trigger does not hug the Justice must be seen and known to
hot-gun to him and let it be found inbe done, and should not be confused
his possession (under a bucket) a with police regulations or politically
week later, in circumstances highly devised law#
suggestible of a frame-up, taking in- P.S.A.
to consideration the affidavit of Cam C~ICK the Hiei.eken Cup (fr.p.6)
ella Francis and the behaviour of thelDominica were all-out for 1147 before
police concerned. Col.John should tea Thurs., only Norbert Phillip(1..)
really read the works of Georges Sim- stemming the bowlerst tideHowever,St.
enon and Ed McBait (French/American). Lucia wickets fell quickly for 65 at
It is as well,however, that the Prem- stumps; Fraites (Capt.) & Thorpe n.o.
ier said that something more is being at 21 & 19. Fraites was out Fri.mid-
done about this affair, If Desmond day, c.I Shillingford b, Kentish 41;
Trotter may be innocent, what about but St.Lucia had overhauled Dominica
the innocence, of the non-involved before lunch Friday to their home-
REpo SORli RESPECT FOR TE POIcrowd's cheers, and eventually at
RESTORE RESPECT FOR THE POLICE res time were al out for 207.
ress time were all out for 207, *
ERNMEiNT BAND ON THEIR 25th ANNIVERSAIltibassadors 53 Roots 36. (mtre nxt Sk)

Friday' May 28, 1976,

Page Three



(( Le sport e une

necessity ntionalso

:. -. .
*^c **k-- .: .; i;,
t 11 *daa *' h "** i***'t&

M. Pierre Mazeaud, Sports & Youth Ministezr
IH.MAZEAUD en coimpiagae des rs sportBifs
Tenders are invited from interested
persons fort.-
ONE 5-ton Diesel Truck No. 141o. This
truck was purchased new in 1968. The
Vehicle is not presently in an operational
condition but it would not require too
r3uch to make it road-woithy.
A prospective pur;haser wo have to
tender for it as it stands. Persons, wishing
;o tender must note that in addition to
the tendered amount they will be required
to pay whatever Customs duty is necess-
.ary at the timeti of the sa-le
The vehicle wili be sold at the discretion.
of the Manager and not necess~~r ily to the
highest bidder,

Tenders most be submitted on or before
31VP May, 1976.


ear .UnidaiunteA bY
t rumoul of
Military Ivagwv
1^h ibe pIeople 'd

The two-wee pro-

i duamfa itUp feabi
whin a feauty electr*
(a1 fitting mabed. a
moare about sachine"
gunnabg at a #o aI

wer ; i ~d SIn the

OuMSn.a Mfntter ha,
charged that his oonn-.
iUy wis 04e object of a
xoudtIe aCipaiga by the
naws *ned at sef overall .



Westel2 HRemtnsphre
ontriatr, including thE:
United States, and said!
the aim a ght be -
of elven pave 0tl1f *wav fj
UmHt" xae~ '~au

The ground floor of a two storey buiki. i,;
situate at the Angle of Great George S .et
and Upper Lane, in the: Town of R. u,
suitable for Business or Office.
For. Particulars apply to Mrs. Mary I .
same Address or telephone No. 3058 ,,

The Dominica Civil Service Associaton
will be holding a Special General Meeting
on Friday 4th June at the Goodwill Parish
Hall starting at 8.oo p.m.
The Agenda for the meeting includes the
latest on the Salaries Revision and Soci,
All C.S.A.Area and Sectional Steering
Committees are requested to make Pris
arrangements to ensure maximum aven-
dance at this meeting.

. *

.m..l.alf 'r -"- -

~eYI ----- ------~


* :. f S ,


--------- ----- c- .UlwU,..

~-- a----5---,,



1FridCKL.Mab~~o fl lO7Ar



Request dated Ferrellina LouI Applicat on of rre ri
5. 5. 76, by her Solicito lia LoulS for the is
Presented M. Eu emia sue of a first certifi-
25. 76, Chrles cate of ti te in respect
at 11.00 ai1mr of a port ion of land in
iSalisur tin the Pa-
rish of t Joseph, con.
tainio:;070 sPft and
bouandct follow:
West By land of Mrs Wilfred Bruno North B? land Mrs Francis
Lynch East By land of Heirs of Veron Louis iouth By a Publicl
Road u ...I... --
equest: dated Gorges idal : pli nation rof Geor-
9, 1. 761 by his Solicitor ges V idal for the is
Presented M. Eugenia sue of a first certify
25. 5. 76 Charles cate of title m roes a ct
at 11.5 ar.. of a portion of land
.-. .. Iknow n as a lot at
Bioctie in the Pariah
of St Peter containiop
6988 sq ft and boun-
ded as follows;
Nirth West Land of Angela Cuffy North East Land of McFleld
Leclnte South East Land of Angels Cuffy South West Land
of Angela Cuffy
Retqest dated Albertha Charles Re' lest fcr the issue
1Sth day of by her Solicitor f a first certificate of
May 1976 Cilma A.M title, in respect of a
.Prented the Dupigny por tion of land known
./ day of May \ s i a lot at Roseau in
>.-6 at 12,05 pa\ 'the Parih of StL
..... ..... orge, in the State
Do minica containing
S4 D spuare feet and
"bot funded as follows
North b/ landof Alberths Charles East by lands of Elizabeth
achel Paul and John Jean Jacques South b y land of Eden Josph
est by land of Randolph Nicholas

equest atd Elvfta William tprcattvii of Elvit
20. 5 7& -by her Solicito; W~ illiams for the issue
Presented M. Eu ia of i first certificate of
2&o 5 76 Chales title e in respect of a
at 11.30 'a pon tion of land known
,_ .... hlot 5 at New Town
in A the Parish of St.
Geot rge, containing
2990 sq.ftbounded as follows:
NorthsA Road, East~Vlctoria Streetf South tLands of May Laclbad
and Elvica Williams WesrA Road & Lot 8 Id kott met co"d.

Schedule of Application for Cerrtficate of Title & Notina
thereon & Caveats for weak ending, r of I
Date Requeted,[ Person Presenting Nature of requestt wh 0
ther a Certificate of
Title of Nr,ting thereon
*or Caveat.
Request dated Eileen Grail Applicati mn oflEileen
1, 2o 764 by her Solicitor Grell for the issue of
Presented M. Eugenia a first c certificate of
25. 5. 76, Charles title in respectof a
at 11.10 aim. portion of land at Tra
--algr in the Pariash of
*StGeorr e containing
20448 s ift and boun
ded a" ft low,
North-West West Land of Ivy Johson & others East Land of
Mrs Dick johnson & Land of Government of Dom Inlca South
Roseau Trafalgar Public Road ___

..._ ..- m -H

t** ta\ we.esr M ^22 W 6
I -quest dated Peter Adrien Application of Peter
1 8 Adrien for the issue,
1 81 S 76t of a first certificate
P rented of title in respect ofj
2i 9. 5. 76si a portion of land at
at 9.10 a.m. __,_ payard in the Parish
of St Paul containing
0.9012 Acre and bounded as follows %-
SN( rth-.Eatlnd of Crawford Bardoullle) South:iind of
Frn incisca Dorlvatl South-East'Belfast Estate, West land
of. Rennel Adritl_
Reqt selt dated Si'on Francis Application of Simon
1, 41 76, by his Solicitor for the issue of a first
Prese mnted M. Eugenia certificate of title in
18, a B. 76. Charleslrespectof a portion
a1 11,,20 am. 6{:of land know as a
20 am --- .-Lot at La Riveire Se-
Iare in the Parish of
t Patrick containing
1.343 Acre and boun4

West: Land of Sirr o. Francis ded as follows:
Noath. Lnd of Henrllt Letham, EastiLa Rlvie.a paree separa
Sing It fro m lanp of Onlrl Baron, South:Land of Oscar Baron
cheuw le 4o we;ek endlti w 1..l fti
Request d t ie- ralbert and Apelication of"Emil
21 8 75 Doroti Talbert albert&DorotdTa
Preeseted by iis Solicitor ert for' the issue o
.13 & 76,. M.uEensa a first certificate of ti
at 9.30 ra. Cm, harles tie in respect of a po
tti son of land at Lou-
biers in the Parish of
St George containing
8880 sq ft an .d bounded as .ollows
Norti ICght of Way separating it from lots 8 & 14 of the
Madroelle Housin ,. Scheme) EastLCt 13 of the Madrelle Houstn
cheme SouthtLl I of Penteiostal 1 sembles of the W restlinl
ast: Public Road sep ,arastin it from ,lands of Mrs Llewellyn DouS.
asp Ignatis Lngadoo' Eloch Jno Baptl, ate and Heirs of Dllfoe Ine

Reglstnlr' Offices "-'- '-^i: 1? e'::--:-" ---
Rosen, Dmlnlca. Acting Registrar of Tide.
NOTE:- Any person who desires to object to the issue of
First Certificate of TIt,. In the atove a ppllcatlor may enter a
Cavest In the above 0 officee withlr six vbeeks from the dae bf
the first appearance of this Sched ute In t he STAR Newspaer
published In this StMe o *r from the date when the notice ,re
ascribed by law was nrve I on any ( ownerr or t ccupier of adjp nin
land in respec ofwhich t, he application is mtide. /
- ,, . J C /' n " i'1' ii - - -

Pa:e Five
STAR ----

The Building an Ld L which -hitil
r scently, housed the Blaehein a Generat-
big e-quipment is for Sale.

Anyone interested in aoquirifi this
pi ,operty should apply to the Manager,
Dorminica Electricity Services, Castle
Street, Roseau, as sooi as possible*
L 4



Pade ix E S F

S-,-Ts-AiR-S-P@ORR-TS Morchris ton -
Irving's Becord Innings *- After the
smashing success of the Dominica team
in beating Grenada by an innings and
7 runs 410 to Grenads's 159 & 224 -
Irving Shillingford scored a WindwaiCs
record of 184. no. and Sebastian 80
those two stalwarts appear to have
3.lsted on their laurels in St.Lucia.
yesterday. Electinr; to bat, 3 wicket,-
fell in the first 40 mins.and Sebastln
a&nd Irving were out for 9 & 4 respec-
tively. Richmond Shillingford proved
worth.with a dogg d opener's -,3,
D miDmgi a were 75, at lunch,( iurn
Spae or3 o more, c ress-;ime s-as)

.LEAGUEi: In the Augustus Gregoire is that Guyana will become a one-
League, Police inflicted an.innings party State. It is the alleged threat
defeat on Somerset (St.Joseph)at the of foreig- invasion from across hos-
Botanical Gardens.- Scores:Somerset tile borders or interference by out-
84 (2 men absent) and 159(1 man short) side powers which brought the est-
W.Jno.Carbon 28yG.Joseph 37 and :. ranged couiades together.
Ravalier 35. For Police B.Daniel .3/19 Two Big' Brothers are now watching
& 4/58, A Samuel 2/27 & J.PierreVA41. the Guyanese. Large illuminated por-
Police 280 runs (blasted):J,Pierie 83 traits of 3urnham and Jagan gleamed
L,Joseph 59,S.Parillon 34& R.GorQon30. ofer the 10-year Independence anniv-
For Somerset 16-year-old Kelly S.muel sary celebrations, said to be costing
.4/41 and D.Charles 3/43. three million dollars. We do not know
BOXING: ALI WHIPS DUNIT whether Mrs, Janet Jagan returned
Muhammad .Ali retained his worlc, heavy- from the'Soviet Union in time for
weight crown when the referee topped the opening of'the House. Sle-is not
the 15-round bout in the fifth: round, an M.P., however, any longer.
In one of his greatest ring di .plays The Guynne-se have cause to rejoice
Ali knocked down Richard Dun 6 times they have acquired by nationalisa-
(3 each in the 4th & .th rounO.s),This tion and' compensation of $102,500,000
was Ali's 8th defence of the titlee all Booker McGonnell assets in their
since beating George Foreman,in Zaire land, Which a:re worth a lot more.The
in October 1974.* A top Prese. reporter payment will be made by instalments.
who saw the last fight wrote,: "Dunn I ----
deserves a medal for valour beyond the SECRET RET ON ILLEGAL MIGRANTS
dall of duty," What made the British public and
ATHLETICS (Junio.,): Rose:.'i Boys' press mad was the fact that such hap-
School (RBS) emerged champions with openings had be en kept secret at all -
38 points in the all-isla il finals of and everyone wanted to know how the
the Primary Schools Athle4ic Meet, at leak hac occurred. P9well must have
Windsor Park,Sunday May 2It' Castle informers at the Foreign Office.
Bruce came 2ndwith 33 p Wesley School '(18 points) led the "Secrecy is th.eenamy of racial toler-
field Castle Bruce 13 points and ance. It breeds mistrust and fear.
St. Martins S,:hool 3rd 'rith 12 points. A Government must speak the truth to
36 Schools from 7 dustrilcts competed the peo.le." Flenewed bitterness over
the 11 (al ert-ry of darE-s; inned
in 22 events. Speeches ,rere delivered people quld effect West a.nans too.
by the Premier & the Chief EducOfficer EST G S: ( 10)J e A e .
Best boys: (under 10) T'.Jno.Baptiste, BEST GLS: under 10)Julie Andrews,
Tete Morneg(10-12) McClaude Robin, Wesley & E.Etggene (Grand Bay);
Marigot,& ,itztoy Joseph & Lewis James 10-12: Verge CorneliusCastle Bruce;
RBS); 1l3-5):Flobert tan,Castle Bruce 13-15^ Serrg t St. Jos e h. BASKETALL
Fitz Lawrence (Goodwill Junior HIS.) see p, Pi. Fid lished by e
ProprieAlley of Copt all Mill House at 126 Bat. Rd.Roseau 3:SrX

Trinidad Govt. has tied its currency
to the from today,Fri.
'body will meet on Monday June 14 at
10 a.m.
Mr. N. Brooks relieved Mr. D.C.
Buck as Regional Chief Executive of
Cable & Wireless based in Barbados.

REUNION IN GTYANTA from page one
It is interesting to recall that
many people supported Burnham in the
early days' of his ascendancy as a
crusader E.gainst Communism.Our guess

Fridavc~Ma~tT 28, 1976

Pa~e Six


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