Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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.'--- BRART

.. e: a4 EAST
Tel: Printery 2691,. Editor 2610
U.K. Media Rep2resentati ve: "
Colin Turner (London) Ltd. :X,'N
22. Swfteaur / Ave.W .jV1tut __Taomtt ortn.

)1elegatioR Confronw Premier


'ynhe DESTROTt case haa taken''a new
dramatic turn.. Needled by rumours that
the Antigua affidavit of Camella' Fran-
ci~ was bogus, a delegation of Domini-,
can citizens of kno@vn probity went on
a research Tr saion and interviewed Mr.e
Vere Bird Jr.,Camtell6 and Hyacinth, a
witness of certain events. They repor-
ted back to their sponsors, the Trot-
ter Defence Coimmittee, that the docu-
ment was valid --Uand. made other valua-
ble cocnments.
Meetings have been te king place at
the Social Centre. It was resolved to
seek an interview with the Premier and
present him with a resolution calling
-for a Commission of Inqliry into this
affair,, with a .view to granting an im-
mediate free pardon to Desmond Trotter.
"If the affidavit is true, it strikes
at the very root of the administration
of justice," said a Magistrate delegate.
(Continued on page 3)

The sexy magazine tom- in
. gave Dominica, a bad. reputat.oa, ;h
other day;: we don't deserve it~ -nd
don't like being tied in within "*en-
ada, either. :Here is the pass ,:: -

For sex it's Club Mediterrande, hands down.
For violence, it's Grenada and Dominica, hands
up. To dispose of the tough staff first: It's kind
efa shame to steer you away from two of the love
liest islands in the Caribbean. Grenada is a rich
collection of spice frees and taster Parade flow-
ers. Dominica a green swatch of wild and uart.ily
vegetation. But Grenada has its own verior- b6the
Third Reich, complete.with miniature C .ta, as
Prime Minister Eric Gairy continues to ler'cri''
and diapoe' of people he considers pclii.caify t.-
desir, able. Tgurista are, in fact, safe:there as
they undoubfy are safe in Albania-- but there's
.nothing restful about a police state in the'su., Do* D
minica is dt even that restfql.
A number of tourists have ben'arobbed and *W "
have been killed there these past couple of : :ars,
the result' of politiBal agittion. The to ur; .a;., '
will insist it's safe nc"w to jo backpacking ti-- '. h
the underbrush: ti s government hb's been ro, d-
ing up the dissidents and doing God knw -ei5-t .
with them. ,'Iit we'd suggest that a Greei r
would be more Useful to you than, a green b.. -
at least for the next year or so. )


i';.~P Pro Par a? r ,TO P
.. , "
'' 7'

found by Carl -insto.'


". ";..- :, , .. '.* Jg,.

'.^. ',"' '. Wh6n the Arawaks. ,i : ','
.,,-'; . *down to a meal two 'thousand
""" ' ., years ago, they didn't just'
S ;d.'rip into'a calabash for their
pounded rianioc or '
'" ":-: 'served the. family dinner' in f as-
cinating pottery platters and -jars
'"ith symbolic handles portraying the ,
'4ia,':- nature creatures they loved and
,the clay figures have a human look .


.4 ',:

' **. .

j^2__V^ sdL .1l-96

4 alVWAiW11 -.1



~x~N- s~

i 1
~n , ~ ,


SE"A -'~-R- ..-. .. --,----------------- --*'"**C-----*1- "*-*
1A short story by our youngest writer
S Paul Blanchard S.M.A.
holding its Annual Convention at Mrs. Farmer hsd a daughter
Portsmouth this year, on Sunday June named Juliette, who attended a secon-
13th starting at 9.30 a.m. Place: dary school,and was 13 years old.
St.Johnts Convent School. one bright Sunday morning when
Details to follow. Juliette was in the backyard, she
__________ _started to hiccough, and soon Mrs.
DOMINICA BANANA GROWERS ASSOC. Farmer heard her: the poor child
The Annual General Meeting of DBGA could not stop.
will take place at St.Gerard's 'Hall The mother immediately ran
on Tuesday, 25th May at 10.00 am. out of the back door and screamed,
Addresses by the President of WINBAN "they've spoilt my daughter I will
Mr.Ivo Sinson and the Hon.Minister of die., After five seconds she ran
Agriculture Mr.O.Seraphin and adop- back into the house, and with no
tion of Report & Accounts are inclu- hesitation called the doctor on the
ded on the agenda. Chairman, Mr JJ telephone, "Doctor, my daughter has
Robinson. Meanwhile' the report of IwoOh te and canlt stop. Come at
the commission of inquiry on the local: n 7-, sirV9 she said. "It seems
Banana A association is out: it mekes it; ve spoilt my daughter,"
over 70 recommendations AbTout two minutes later, the
Doctot-rs car was heard coming up
COMMJNITTY BOOKSHOP GOES COOPERATIVE Devils lane, where Mlrs. Farmer liwd.
Yesterday, Thursday, the Community on his arrival he asked, '"ihat do
Bookshop Co-operative Group we you tb;in1. of your daughter? She re-
officially presented with their Cert- pliLed. "Well Doctor, for me, I have
ificat t ofRegyl ration as a full- made up my mind that I have a spoilt
fledge a en nister of Ed-artion child, and the only medicine that can
Mr. H.LWhristian. A three-day Semin- cure her, must come from a Dream,"
ar ends this Friday evening, and all She refused his treatment, so the
members have received their lengthy Doctor left in disgust. But while at
and thorough co-op ules. A panel his home having dinner, he thought of
discussion and finally a film show a txric;k to heal Juliette, who was na-
were included in the proceedings.The weakc and gasping.
enterprise deserves every good wish. lie went to Mrs.Parmerts home,and
.________________.told her that he dreamt of a medicine
Se h o v a his W i t n e s s e s for Juliette,. Mrs. Farmer was very
Set Circuit Assembly of Jehoa!:s anxious to hear, so the Doctor told
eMd Bay Government School on her that Juliette should drink a cup
'Sat.May 29th, through to Sunday 30th) of coloured bush tea, and the hic-
will have as its theme: '"Are you cough or wochette would leave her.
doing what God requires of you?" '- ,` At once Mrs. Farmer prepared a
Discussions & demonstrations and a cup of this bush tea for Juliette.
public talk by EN.Jackson, Watch Though she was gasping, because Jul-
Tower representative (Antigua branch) iette believed that the cup of col-
as a climax on Sun, at 2 p.m. poured bush tea would do her good,she
drank a little, and it did her good.
FRENCH MINISTER OP SPORT HERE HIer mother made her drink it every
At a'Fort Young luncheon on Monday morning for a: long while. She was soon
May 17, the French Minister of.Sport well. tihatever your mind believes, my
who was guest of honour of Government friends, is final. No man can take
spoke of co-operation between France away your belief.
and her friends not being limited to About 75% of the sick population
the field'of sport, but extending far has mental rather than physical
beyond it, Eight officials accompanied sickness. As the Bible puts it, "as
the Minister to this 85-guest lunch, a man. thinketh, so is he.;
which incLded opposition Members here, E ...


Friday. Mav 21. 1976


Page Three

FriC_-v. -Nav 21st. 1976

There is no doubt that most mem-
bers of the delegation (and their an-
xious listeners outside) found the
Premier's reactions disappointing,
According to another member, Col.John
said he had intended to have an In-
quiry (into the validity of the Affi-
davit) but when the delegation, went
to Antigua, 'he changed his mind,, so
was sending the whole works(affidavit
resolution etc,) to the Chief Justice
of the Associated States. From yet
another member we hear that the Prem-
ier said he hadn't heard of Camella's
affidavit until he went to GermanyJ
A Government release dated Wednes-
day contains these words (our italics'
-LHe(the Premier) also repeated his
early promise to do whatever is just
if new evidence comes up indicating
that Trotter is innocent."
Meanwhile Desmond Trotter is still
held in the security block of H.M.
Those who want to know more on this
subject in general will doubtless be
listening to a Lagon meeting tonight,

Now "Playboy" may have studied
reports of Government broadcasts on
Dreads and subversion, but that does
not excuse such pronouncements with-
out investigation, and the harm dons.
However two good U.S. friends of **
Dominica who lived for a while in a
friendly house in the South of the
Island, wrote a sharp protest to
"Playboy" which we had intended to
print here and now, but it is mis-
laid. We should be most grateful if
this couple, friends of rW,. & Mrs.
C,B,, would kindly send us another
copy of the,protest they wrote to
"Playboy", so that we may print it.

.The L4th Board of Directors Meet- a
ing will be held in Dominica on June p
11-12, Among subjects to be discussed t
are the CARICOM Process List, the f
Regional Food Plan, Incentives to N
Agriculture,Export Promotion... with V
special reference to the L.D.CsAlso \
CAIC's responsibilities to the Soc-
iety as it grapples with its problems.

R E A D E 1S V I E W
A Word of ,Pit y

adam,I am a Negro or Afro bominican
and proud ofi, but I face the fact
that we Westindians as Alister Hughes
rightly spells it are a mixed lot.
ITow I have heard so much over
the radio (all kinds) 'and read in
Westindian papers (Guardiai :& Advo-
cate) about the terrible slaughter in
Beirut, Lebanon,'betwee. Moslem and
Christian, Left and Right HNow I no-
tice on the faces of my non-Afro W.I.
friends a great sadness and I believe
they are grieving for the suffering
of their ancestors country, as we
would grieve if the best cities of
Africa would be mashed up, Now as I
understand it, Beirut was a wonderful
civilised place, and the Lebanese who
came here came as good Christians who
mixed in well.
I only wish to say that we should
feel a great pity for those among us
who grieve for their oldtime home, as
people of English and French blood
gieved for London and Paris wiaen the
Germans mashed those cities up,
I will tell you a funny thing -the
other day I was in A --s supermarket.
and I heard a man like a gospeller
going around sort-of preaching and as
he went out he said I dontt know why
I buy anything here them Syrians are
a pack of Jews.
Can you beat that for ignorance?
Being a Dominican afraid to print.
my name I sign myself CO
Three cricketebs' mothers and one
cricketorts girlfriend have signified
that they'd like to jpin such a league.

it a meeting betvwen Premier John and
senior Officers of the RDPF,concern
ras expressed by the Premier and others
It a breakdown in morale among junior
>olicomen,who showed lack of respect
;o offidrors; there were also unsatis-
'actory relationships & accommodation.
oeed for disciplinary rules and for-
lore suitable candidates wore noted,
fE SAY: What about the public demand:
"or an inquiry into the Police. Force?l

_ ...,. I


:jM*^&.^|^ ^Mn^^^TO fD.^^*^^^n l^lrYL (I\(Yul^tt^.i^i^

1976 WINDWoA(', I- NDS


LAST y e a-',r .- '.r : f s y 27T4
.,ewers of Heinskn ek fev ;.. ,
d: tMhis annul he I( ni;ng are the
Swme' up o ?." i. 3 ts year's?
,'.O00, and, CA' r-p. *>! C"p Crcket
S d
.. i May -,, p .s c

,.;' kid' to L,''i yea9's
r Peter 91r sse,
'wir:wr of te Wadi--
:'-ard & L e e w v, r d
.eued' Ltd., b&e'w t m
,o Heineken Beer and
Malta, when te defe.d- I
g champions play- the
A Lueia am in S.
. .. dsis- game I

Vs. 81 V ine r C n
Oednnica,; May 22--25
| r-*,irw : v.*V, Granadas
V, Do>;i.'s.& A t. ia 27 --
0 St. Viwe. t s.

St. "'- r S Luci'a
irn St, ? .':r. I

Tenders are invited fro3, interested
persons fs for
ONE 5-ton Die'el True'.- '. 14o0. This
truck was purchased ntor in 1968. The
Vehicle is not pres.noiy in anCopirational
condition, but it would n' e requmre too
much to make it roadworlhy,
A prosp-ecive purchaser w,3ald haue to
tender for it's it stands. P*- '. -, wishing
to tender must note that in addition to
the tendered amount they will be required
to pay whatever Cusicas duty is necess-
ary at the.time of the sale,

The vehicle will be sold at the discretion
of the Manager and not necessary to the
highest bidder,
Tenders mintt be submitted on or before
31st May, 1976.
A3s-a 31

iN ):4' OR1AM
To the 38 victim's of 01omne Prospel
accident &of 21st '.'- 1975 o.- e
year today -on their way to a oru~,ade,
Only those w'c cnow., can tell
how sad to paY b "without fai E l'E
Reimembered always by your parentss.
children and other relative'-..

otice is hereby give- tas after the expiration
of Eight days Application will be made to a
Judge of [he High Court of Justice, State of'
ainica for Re Se.i;:::' of bhe Grant of Probate in
the Estate of A' .:*. Duveraey of No. -6
Keate Street,, San :r.-:., o,:o, Trnidad graDted'
by the High Couc of' Justice of Triaidad and
Tobago on The 7th day of June 974 --^. -
Dated iatb dy,- of May, '-.'
Yoaya Dupignay, for Il.^^ .-^ r'
U ^ 9 f ?r ~ r ~ x 1r 'n r ~ u n P uoa a ~la~ u / r u

The Buildi:ng- aad Land a which, util
recently, ioused, t~ie i3leaheim Genierat-
Ilng eq.ipmnent is for Sale.
Aaone inter ested in aotuiriing tlcis
property ethoul.d -a .y to lthe Manager,
Dom:inica Electricity Services, Castle
Street, Roseau, as sooa as possible.

A portion of land at Bense, in the Parish
ofT,,S Andrew, adjacent to the M* ."on
Land, Dorinic.icontaining 19,514.9 Square
Apply M.,Eugenia Chasl~,..
Chambers, a...
I -" .. .. ......... .... iI I. . ":

- ,I

Friday, May 2.1, 19 76
l~- iii~n i iir iiin. n ii 1 1 I 11 i*i'|


C-*-~h --~UC-^ -L'-LI~UI~Y

rid THE

Schedule of AppiIcaLon for C.rtiafl.:ae of Title & Notlnrs
therson & Caveats for weak ending )f itma d j j47
late Reques:td Person Preasenting Natre of request wh*.
.her a Certlfirate of
'itle of Noting thereon
or Caveat.
iwAal~~lm~~m illliii r~nili .iimiin -rrn..f- ---^ --Ynii

' .quest dated
2a. 3a 76
13- 5. 76
at 10.00 a.m.

Mowbra& i Letana
personal represes
tative of Joseph
by his Solicitor
M. Eugenia

AppuiCation of Moaw-
b an Au Letiarg person
at representative of
Joseph Daniel for the
issue of a first certifi
cate of title in respect
of a portion of land
"at Tomb in the
heights of Thibeau in
the Parish of St An-
drew containing 1,01
Acres and bounded
as follows

rthd.ast:by land of Jan Letang. South-East by land of Jean
. rang. & Benele Belslje, South-West by land of Nedora Bontiff
i4 Ald-rh Paul North-West by land of Nedors Bontiff and
9,dlith Pault
~qte dat ed---

,\ 3. 76.
:5, 768
. fols Zix

Mowbreau Letang
prsoFail represent
tativ of Joseph
hb i~ Solicitor

Application of Mow.
bropsa Letsan person
a1 frpresastative of
J"..,ph Daniel for the
iassi of a first certify1
cate of title in respect
of a portion of land
at Leaoma in the
heights of Thibeau in
a Parish of St An-
draw containing 3.75
At-- r. and bounded
n. frlowsa .

.*htby land of Varcival & Avaris GrahoC, ..a, land of Perc!
SAvaris Grano5 South',by i:-.d of NeaJsr;, B ntiff & Aidrth
West bS and of is" Watson Petrko .

; 7S. peraofl rew 6arese bureau Leta4g person
Ment^ tati O Jo oserph ad repre.itati8e of
5, 7i ta Daiel Joseph Daniel for thel
t'.;1i aisn. by his olicitor issue of a first certify
M. Eugenia cate of title in respect
Charles of a portion of land,
,t Jopp in thbt
hiNits of Thibeau in
the Parish of St An-

rw containing 3.75 Acrs and botnded as follow
r't.byf land of Robert Royer North-East by land of Rufus
s and Famine Patrick, South-East by land of Nedors Bontlf
aith Paul, South-West lands of Mrs Thomes Augustin
request dated iarcely Fo ntain4 He"uest for the issue
Sth April 1976 by his Solicito" -' a first certificate of
S:sented I Vanya Dupira title i respect of a
1h May 1976 1 portion of land at
tt 10.34 a m i Ga Ad Fond in the Pa.
irish of St David in the
Stare of Dominica con.J
;iing 2.568 Acres and bounded as follows t
rthl.Lands of Rogiste Roberts Ivan Fontaine and Thomas
tunilne, SouthT,A Ravinn separating it from lands of Mable
corwThomas Fontalne and Oxillia Polydore. fst. lands of0,o

... .Pase: Five.

Q ril ALE _____ _ ---_----__ _ _


8880 sq ft and bounded as follows
Northia Right of Way separating It from lots 8 14 of the
Me Irelle Housing Scheme) East.Lbt 13 of the Madrelli Housing
Scheme SouthtLand of Pentecostal Assemblles of the Westindle<
East Pulic Road separating it from lands of Mrs Llewellyn Doug.
as, Ignatia Ltngadoo, Eloch rio Baptiste and Helrs of Delfoe Jno

Request dat ld arcely Fontaine Request for the is.ue
26th April 1976 by his Solicitor of a first certificate of
Presented Vanya Dupigny title in respect or a
10th May 1)76 portion of land at
t 1034 ant, Grand Fond inthe Pa
rish of St David in the
** 7 State of Dominica co
training 2.568 Acres
and bounded as follow
North*Land! of Rogiste Roberts Ivan Fontaineand Thomas
Fontaine SotuthI A Ravine separating it from lands of Mible
Hector 'honias Fontalne and Oxillha Polydore, East: lands of
Ford Pascal and J,rn-es Mckenzie, WesuLands of Rogiste
Robets Molry George.-nd -Mable Hector.

Request dated Peter Adrian Application of Peter
18, 5# 76, Adrien for the issue
Presented of a first certificate
20. 5. 76, of title in respect of
at 9.10 am. a portion of land at
Payard in the Pariah
Sof St Paul containing
0.992 Acre and bounded as followsat

NI rth.Eastiand of Crawford Bardoulle, South:land of
Franclsca Dorivali Souh-East :Belfast Estate, West-land
of Rennel Adrleni
Re-uest dated Simon Francis (Application of Simon
t 4 76 by his Solicitor for the issue of a first
Presented M. Eugenia certificate of title in
18 5 76 Charletrespect of a portion
at 11.20 a.m. of lnd known as a
Lot at La Riveire Se-
pare in the Pariah of
t Patrick containing
1.343 Acre and boun
West:Land of Simon Francis) ded as follows of Henrlla Letham, EastvLa Riviere Separe separa,
Ing it from lanp of Oniel Baron, SouthlLand of Oscar Baron j

Registrar's Office,
eossau, Dominica.

henry Dyer ,
Acting Registrr of Titles.

NOTE:-- Any person who desire to object to the issue of a
First Certificate of Title In the above appllcatlone may enter a
Caveat In the above Office within six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
published In this State. or from the date when the notice pro.
ascribed by law was served on any owner or occupier ofadjoining
land in respect ofwhich the application Is made.
l l I I I I I' .. I I II t . . . I I I I I lI n I ^

- ..... ----- --I

Sc I, foU r -w nedn Ai 44 19 Coe,
Ford Pascal and James Mckenzie, W*stlLands'of Rog;- I
Rob s Molry George and Mable Hector.
e-uest dated Enie Talert and P.P cation of Emile
21. 8t 75, Dorothy Talbert a ert& DoroeyTal
'Presented b his Solicitor ort for th'e i6 -te of
.13. & 71 M. Eusenia a first cetn rfic' t of 6i
at 9.30 a.m- Charles dte in respect of a poo
S9tion of land at Lou-
biere in the Pa rish of
St George cot~ainiig


I I l I I II


T erA D




Paoe Six F S A }ri dair 21st. 1976,

-S-T*AR-:~*S*P*0R*TS* Morchriston
CRICKETt Domi4ica Set To Regain Cham-
pionship Kaleb Laurent, the
veteran off-spinner who has bowed
superbly over the last decade and
could be considered unluck-y not to
have gone to England in 1969 wwth the
West Indies, seems to be more deadly
than before. He captured.13 wickets
for 120 runs in the match against St.
'Vincent at Windsor Park.Last he cap-
tured 29 wickets for 217 in the tour-
nament and became the leading wricket-
taker in the Windwards.*St. Vincent
saved the follow-on by 10 runs but
still scored less than 324 (amassed
by Dominica) in their two innings.
Irving Shillingford scored 96 in
Dominica's 2nd innings and fell to
his opposing skipper Stanley Hind
when he looked like recording the 1st
century in the new-look Windsor Park.
The captaincy of Hinds in the absence
of Michael Findlay (in England wixth
the'W,I.) was of the highest quality
- his performance was most inspiring,
Sco-ls: Domitica 324 & 226 for 9 ecl.
L.Sebastien 88 & 42,E.John 38,G.Wla3sh
31,GShillingford 57 n.o.,I.Shilling-
ford 96 and T,Kentish 21 n.o.*Hinds
4/86 & 4/65,' Bonadie 3/79 and Adrian
,King.4/52. ,* St. Vincent 184 & 139.
Warner 24 & 27,C.Browne 80,Bonadie32,
D.Haynes 30 and Caesar 25.*-T.Kentish
3/44 and K.Laurent 5/76 & 8/44.
BASKETBALL: By-Trinee Ambassadors
snatched 2 thrilling victories inthidr
last two matches,beating Bata Pros by
4 points (2 baskets) Fri1l44h 50-
46 after scorer tied at 44-all, This
week Pros-'triu.phed over Harks 62-57
after Harks (trailing at interalT)had
stormed to a 7 pt.lead': 37-41. ',n*:-*
In other senior-matches, Fanta Stri-
kers 62 vs. Roots 31. C'n'C Card-
inals 58 vs. Flames jl.*-In junior
matches, Irving'Williams got 34 of
DGS Stars' 66 points vs.DGS II (12).
Ballets won 48-44 against S.M.A. -
BOXING: Muhammad Ali will defend his
world heavyweight title against Brit-
isher.Richard Dunn at Munich,W.Germ-
any, on May 2th
FRENCH VIPs (from page two) :Offici-l
talks were held on areas of coopera-
tion France/Dominica,inc.technical
aid for a. Canefield airstrip,Schol-
arships, and road repairs.,
Rrnd ubli ghep dy, the,, Poprie t&

The names of my fi*v best women
friends are like the five sweet sym-
phonies in D.G.Rossettits poem which
I once taught to girl students atVWES.
One Pixie has a modern de Falla
ring; Adele is the Pastoral;Eugenia
Beethoven's 5th (the Resistance);
and Edith, Sibelius. But Seraphine -
she oversteps the ranks of a symphony
- now as tender as Chopin,now like
Dvorak's Songs my Mother Taught Me.
Seraphine is now dead: but not to me.
Perhaps because. I was a victim of un-
happiness and unable to attend her
funeral (unforgivable in Dominica un-
less you are yourself dying), there
doesn't seem to be any finality about
her departure from that human life
which she so enjoyed until a monster
disease struck her down and laid a
film.of piteous suffering over her
sparkling motherly smile. For her
greatest quality, and the bond be-
tween us, was her motherliness. So,
not feeling that she has really gone,
I feel I may still rumble up St.Aro-
ment Hill and drop in for a talk,
But Se-aphine Dechausay is no more-'
--and she was one of the best women
I knew.' When we lived at the top of
the rise, I saw her often; since thn,
limited though our island topography
is, I saw her seldom: and that applrs
to friend Edith too. For the thing
which came between friends here was
the de-cline in Dominica's fortunes.
We all got poorer, more harassed,
caught in a ferocious struggle tolsep
alive. Without help,w~ithout funds,
without time and liable transport,
how can friends v4sit each other?
I am privileged to have known Ser-
aphine at the peak of her well-being,
when she -served in a well-stockedshop,
supervised her beloved children,kept
anniversaries with her husband Joe,
and dispensed words of calm wisdom.
I saw her more and more rarely. Yet
towards the end she seemed to wish to
tell me something'- perhaps abouther
little children,Now I w.ll neverhear
it. In vain she asked me for a song
I tarried late, I tarried long;
Now she can never ask again,
I bring her all my songs-in vain,
-- To Seraphine, with love from
Phyllis Shand Allfrey,

frq 1 s ey o 0iuse ________________
at 21 Bath Rd.RoseauDom=inaca, WI, I. s -:-m- W':*: *;*::I-*

Fridav, Mar 21st. 1976

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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID ET81I2PES_G6LYZ4 INGEST_TIME 2011-11-10T21:16:54Z PACKAGE UF00072476_00904