Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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NEW YORK 21, N. Y.
..SI YP;x .i N ,t9

Cable: Star. oomlnics
Tel: Printery 2691, Editor 2610
U.K. Media
Colln Turner (London) Ltd.
12. Shaftesbury Ave. WIl

SP 2 3 197

' *^ '-i -^ nf iTu


- ~ ~ 1 A 2~~4'r~ A'


A .Splendid Meeting
The Freedom Party's ml .: concen-
trating on Independence. dre, a large in- b
restedd crowd to Lagdn la'to Monday t
night. Hon. Lennox led off g;e place to
Party Leader Eugenia Charles (who .
struck sparks on the beggar Premier with f
.is big car) and spoke again to tremen-
doAs applause --er on.
Miss Charles ,hcl. of the in-
eptitude of the Premier; even while 0
ministerr of Finance he did not seem
to know that buc tary aid from U.K. P
for Dominica had ceased and that '
was two years ago. What Mid.nister Is- f
:.isah Thomas said '-a fa.-e,, Other
:lnanicial aid fIom Britai. -was still
available if used in the tr.ue inter-
,asts of Dominica, but these resources
nad been was-ed, anda the kEglish are
Aware of ifc* continued on next page
,iolenrc- and. horror i.n Kingston
Jamaica this week curfew, imposed,
for two nights a- a home guard of
militants being torganised C .. these
were the nes lashed fflh romr that in-
dependent sister country, once a
member'of the West Iidies Federatiqn,

but speaks of cooperative
socialism (His Masters Voice)

Pe.cunia non ofet
Those who fish in the waters of speculation
ai hardly expect the support or sympathy of the com-
wunity, and they should cease looking so.pained and sulky
when they are asked pointed questions. It is also a ruff
or' democratic participation in planning, and a style, of
government which is becoming altogether too familiar.
; & ,0 T : A .. ., ; 1 T1rue, it was Juvenal
who held that 'Pecw~iin .o olet' money has no smell..
laat is what the lords of money would like us to thin.
Experience has taught, however, that it is a smell whbii;
socialism must eliminate,

The people of Dominica have
ofh looking and feeling hungMy fo'
he past week, Few: of them :'ave h. Q
crust of bread to chew on. And you
an imagine what that means to a p.- .
little country where bread is. a. st;' e
*ood and often the entire lunch of a
choolchild or a whole family,
No flour, no br. ad,, was the, .t
letd like to know how and why the larder
f this lan d ad its shopkeepers gi,' so
depleted. It indicates a sad lack c
planning. All kinds of local' starch
substitutes have been. se.d by deprived
families, ?ut there is, no real sub-
Witute for bread
SSt oet Domiaic

Re 8ealig, of Praobate

iNotice is here~b: given that al er
the expiration of, eight days Ap-..
plicatl oi will be made to a Ju ~i,':
of the High Court ,of Justice ,&- ..
of Dominica for Re-Sealiig ,of t'
Giant of ..Pxobate iLa the Er":-ate /'<
Augustus Iie rmey of No.60 Ke.:
Street, San Fermnando Trin:.a A
granted by tho High CGo rt of Jun...
twice of TrinidAid, d Tobago on .
7th .ay of Joi7e 1974D
Dated the 12th day of. ay, l. 17
Vanya Dtupigy .
Solicitor for Executors

TWO Party men died and were buri .
a few days ago. Freddie Shilling
ford (Freedom) and Walter George,
imown as Centipede or Santa-pee -
(Labour), Both ;.ere poor men, de-
voted to their Parties, Sentapee
was bellringers and towncrieo for
the Dominica labour Party as a
founder member. Concluded on p. 6


,~M,, h~;L~L ~ ; .11 S : 111 0-MAM"OtW6U~)- ~ -IUI


-' lray, 7.. M.y- . .. _- ..--.-..~F. ..



11 Benjamin Lane
6th May, 197E6

My name is Cyril Valentine John,
brother to the Premier of Dominica,
Patrick John. I wish to make it
clear to the public that I am not
at all affiliated to Patrick neither
am I in his political activities; as
a matter of fact the Premier and I
are not on speaking terms; and that
I have no profit at all in his Prem-
I have emigrated to the United King.
dom a few years ago and constantly
continue to visit my home land as
often as I can.
I wish to make it. the public
that I want to be looked upon as an
ordinary citizen, a member of the
working class who invests in his
country. I would not like to be held
as a victim for Patrick's political
activities, please exclude me from
such matters. I am the Premierts
-brother of course but it is only by
name and no action.
In such circumstances I will subse-
quently support the Freedom Party
whenever I am in Dominica, and in
the United Kingdom,
I wish to assure Patrick John that
there is one thing he cannot do and
will never succeed in doing .is to
deport me from Dominica. I am a true
born Dominican and son of the soil,
the land of beauty which I so thor-
oughly enjoy.

Note: the above statement was handed
in to me just before the writer left
this country.- Editor.

In addition to the revolting pol-
lution that Roseau suffers from such
as rubbish and defecation on the
foreshore by the Post Office, resi-
dents, tourists land conservationists
were horrified to observe on Thursday
'hat resembled a white toil spill:
stretching from the Fort Young Hotel
to past the jetty.
Closer examination revealed that
it was caused by several cartons of
(next column)

Friday,May 14, 1976

Freedom Party realists.see the cam-
ing of independence to most lands -
as a fact of life, but- (as chairman
Lennox pointed out in reference to
the Dominica constitution)it must
not be foisted on an unaware, un-
prepared or unwilling people:there
is provision for a referendum with
a two-thirds majority for or against,
The Freedom Party speakers insisted
on this referendum. Moreover they
want to know with. whoim they itigt as-
sociate afterwards and want no part
of the present local rulers in the
running of an independent Dominica.
Star Lestrade spoke third,pro-
claiming 1) A.G. Leo Austin must go
2) Radio Dominica must be revamped o
become part of a national reconstrue-
tion process to build citizenship,
rather than for "brain-bleaching" our
tomorrow's citizens; and 3) a full-
fledged inquiry into the affidavit
of Camella Francis. These,he said,are
prerequisites to Independence.
Alvin'Armantrading spoke with his
usual suave, civilised persuasiveness
Ard of course that old stalwart
Loblack had to have his say,however
brief. The meeting was then'opened
to the floorn the streets of Lagon,
and a young unat.1i speaker came for-
ward to deliver a stin~fppeech, aco-
.using Dominica's youth of irrespons-
ibility and indifference,especially
during the last election. He used
his vote, he said, and although he
lost out, at least he cast it in the
right direction., ,' An Inspiring sietin
CARIB COOPERATIVE 300 acres 7has
been earmarked in the Reserve for
this. Chief F.Frederick & delegation
1 u w f e yB vui nthis wk

forms for airline reservations,
which must have numbered-several
.thousand pieces of strong card
floating on the top of the water,
One presumes on close inspection
that they must have been dumped by
LIAT (perhaps to discourage sea
transport?) as being outdated by
computerisation, or for some other
Is there any law to stop this
vandalisation of our Bay Front?
13.S.76. JOHN SPEbTOR, Roseau



Page Three

PriAdrv. R.4...;. iA 1O7

The Building and LXan& Wh.ich, until
recently, housed the mleah.ifl Generat-
ing equipment is for Bale.
I yone interested in acquiring this
property should apply. to the Manager,
Dordinica Electricity Services, Castle
Street, Roseau, as sooi ao possible.

Schedule of Ap- location for Certificate of Title & Notings
thereon & Caveats for week endlhg 'tday f
Date Requested Person Preenting Nature of request who
their a Certificate of
Title of Noting thereon
or Caveat.

Request dated
19. 3& 76,
4i S 78.
at 12.20 pm..


Floreatine Application of Flores
N icholas nge tine Nicholas ni Ed
Edwards wards for the
by her Soli tor issue of afirat certifi.
M Eupenia (harles cato of tile in respect
b-- 0f & portion of land
at St Joseph i the
Parish nf _f .ntJkolh

and bounded as foltowsa- containing 306 sq. f
NortdPubiic Reod separatin# it from tend of Everline Neeo
Sou ; land of Laureacla Thomas) Eaet; land of Errol Jno
aptite, Weastland of Rosallnd Pierre.
Request dated Lionel Hurtalti Application of Lior
1 4 76 by his Solicitor Hartault for the
Pres ted M Eugenia sue of a first cert
4. S. 76. Charle cate of title inlrespe
at 11.2E am. : of a portion of lai
known as a lot at L
dat in the Parish
St George containil
3.852 .Acroes ndboi
ded as follows,
North-EuasLand of Edward Rall & Manix Magioire, Easti Ls
of Harold Hodge., South-Eas Land of Kenneth John Baptltte
i South-West land of Colonial Development Corporation, W
A read separstlng it from lands of Michella John Baptitte,Llo
Hurtsult and Francis Ro!le '

Ieques. dated Avendale Giraud Application of Avon-1
13. 4. 76. by-his Solicitor dale Giraud for th6
Presented M Eugenia iasue of a first certify
4, 5. 76, Charles cate of title in respect
at 11,30 anm. of a portion of land
kcown as a lot at
Fond Canie in the Pa.
rish of St George con
tainin; 0.841 Acre
and bounded adfolows
North-Eastriands of Faihd Abraham and Torrance Simon
South-EastjRoseau River end Public Road separating t from land
ofTerrance Simon, South-West; lan of Central Housing &
Planning Authrlity, North-West;land of Simon William and .
public Road, Wescland of Simon William "en itcolr


I --

Request dated arcely Fontain etp t or the is ue
26th April 1976 by his Solicito firt certifat of
Presented. Vanya DVpy t p tin fpect of a
loth May 197 portion of land at
at 10.34 am 1 Grand Fond in the Pa.
S m rish of St David in the
State qf Dominica corn
taiinig 2.SQ6 Acres
Sand bounded as follow
Narth'Lands of Rogiste Roberts ivan Fontaineand Thomas
Fontafne, South-A Ravine separating It from lands of `.qle
Hector Thomas Fontaine and OxIllia Poiydore, Est: iands of
Ford Pascal and Jares Mckenzile WestLands of Rogiste
Robets oiblry George and Mabie Hector,

Registrar's Office,
Rotseau, Dominica.

Aflnry Dyer
Acltag Registrar

of :.cle..
* v

NOTE:- Any person who desires to object to the iL~v of a
SFirtt Certificate of Title In the above applicatflormay enter a
al In the above Office within six weeks from the date of
is- the tirst appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
:ifi published In this State or from the date when the notki- pro.
t crlbed by, law was served on any ownte. or occupier of adJolning
id tlnd in respect of which the application is made.
in. ~~~~- L '1 11i ^ a-i 1 11 1i i n i 11.1 1.ii*. <:1


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P~' R; iimy
Pri~y- A-1 a7r, HE SAR


.. ~~sap~

TffE S~aR

Request dated Rebecca Rolle Application oQf ~ eco
17. 12. 76. as persorali reproe ca olIe as ~'ei .ra
Presented eneative of Marie i epreaentatutr af
4. 5. 76. Poltier deceased Marie A, P~ e.i de.
at 12,30 p.m. by her Solicitto ceased for the sue
M Eugenia Charle of a first certificate
of title in resort :f a
portion of i.-,~ the
Town of Rosew.t in
the Parish t St
SGeorge contai'.c-ir
3280 f. ans ;;oun.
dad a foilow$',-
SNorth East By Hanover Street South West by land of Mary
Se*gnoret & Ines Seignoret North West By land of Pear
Iper and Mattil Alexander South East By Ship Street

Iou4 vr aI AI" .L1
____________________ -.

Friday, May 14 1976


: RoseaU

serie de secousses

a la Dominique
Plusleurs secousses sismiques soott
actuellement ressentles et ce depuis pl.u
sleur's jours,dats il'e de la
Domirniqrque.L'6picentre est siti6 sous. la
capital Rose au.Devant cette situa-
tionl'observatoire de Trini4ad a
transf6. saur place tne station d'6tudes.
La crises qui affectetile volsine est sulvie
tries attentivement d'atttant que sa situa-
tion giegraphique ne put que l6gitlme-
mentimqiduter !
James e as the most popular Christian name for
boys an parents who ir 1975 announced the birth
of a so in columns of The Times, Jamesand Sarah
are th~i 'names which top the poll,
S. ...from B.fC. .ondof Letrr
Tet~ders are invited from interested
person for..
ONE ,.ton Diesel Truck No. 1410* This
truck 1 purchased new in 1968. The
Vebic ii-is not presently in an operational
condition, but it would not require too
much make it road-worthy.
A #ospective purchaser would have to
tender for it as it stands. Persons wishing
to tender must note that in addition to
the tepdered amount they will be required
to pay whatever Customs duty is necess-
ary at the time of the sale,
The vehicle will be sold at the discretion
of the Manager and not necessarily to the
highest bidder,
Tenders mnst be submitted on or before
31st May, 1976.
NURSES WEEK Back pae83




Produced and Bottled in Great Britain by
Vino Products Limited, Kingston-Upon-Thames

A portion of land at Bense, in the Parish
of St. Andrew, adjacent to the Mission
Land, Dominicaycontaining 19,514.9 Square
Apply:- M.Eugenia Charles,
S--_____ --

. . .I I I I I

_ __ s_^--.

t a liTAR


., 9U - *am-

,nrday Mr1,1) H

visitors: M. Max Vincent, of the
tadeloupe Cabinet, flew in on May 6
rith a 4 man mission to prepE.e for
.he May 17 visit of the Fren,,h Sec.
'or Sports Monsieur Pierre Nassou.
Engineers studied the site for: a Sta-
.ium at Canefield with 1,200 seats,
nd a, landing strip .p tQ 2, '00 feet.
'rench Govt. construction ecrly 1977.
V ~~.- ,- _j, I.- ... .--- -
staying with his old artist friend
the present Carib Ch'ief Al Akong,
iho hopes to see much of Dominica now.

fatherr Francis, until lately Dean of
he Cathedral, has been recuperating
.ere after a serious operation in his
'arish, St.Kitts. Fr.Francis had an
interesting encounter, with glimpses
.nto Dominican history. His surgeon
w,.Fosbery was a great-nephew of one
Mr. Brookes, at one time Agricultur-
il Supt. in Dominica. Anyone remember
The name? Is it recorded in our his-
;ory? Mr.Brookes died recently at 90.
;-rM.S.ESKIMO will help Dominica to
determine the origin of the local
earthquakes here, through the firing
of five explosive changes W.of Roseau.
These took place on May 12 (Wednesday).

CASTLE BRUGE expects to receive elec-
tricity through diesel generators by
the end of 1976.
CANADA is leading DoRinica Coconut
Products a Mech.Engineer under the
Canadian Executive Overseas Scheme.
pis name is Mr,Tom CJenkins. Another
(EOS Adviser (to PW Bellot & Co. Ltd.)
is advising on food analysis,process
WO!M.,T WINS Miss Billie Miller of,
Tom Adams Opp. BLP won the Bridge-
,own City By-election this week.She
defeated 4 others including Govt.
B3RITISH TUC has accepted 4' limit
on pay rises in accord with UK Govt.
DOH8 look out orU Oo-operative
Seminar in Roseau from 19-20 May
A rather horrible name "DISASTER COM-
MITTEE" for a group to prepare for
emergencies in the event of a major
disaster has been stated. Mrs.Yolanda
Beatrand & Mr.Cleve Butler went to
BEagos for a CERO Seminar,aided by UK.

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title & Nt : -s
thereon & Caveats for week ending 1l- of "'" i
Date Requestd Person Presenting Nature of request h-- .
their a Certificate of
STitle of Notktg ther-on
Sor Caveat.

Request dated
20, 3& 76
13- 5. 76
at 10.00 a m

Mowbreau Letanj
personal represea
tativ of Joseph
by hia Solicitor
M. Euania

Application of Mow.
breau Letarn pzaon
at representative of
Joseph Daniel for the
issue of a first certifi
cate of title in reispet
of a portion of lbnd
at Tomb in he
heights of Thibeau in
the Pariah of St An.
drew containing 1,01
Acres and bounded
as follows

North.East:by ind a eoren Letang, South-East by land of jan
Letsng & Benele BeliIJ South-West by land of Nedors r P tiff
and Aldith Paul, North-West by land of Nedors Bontiff 'Ad
Aldlth Paul
Reaqest dated Mowbreau Letang Application of iMow
29, 3, 76. personal represea breau Letang person
Prested tative of Joseph .l representative of
13t 5. 76 .aniel Joaeph Daniel for the
at 10.15 a by ia Solicor issue o a fira fscrtia
M. Eugena cate of title in respect t
Charles of a portion of land
at Lacomna in the
heights of Thibeau in
the Parish of St An.
drew containing 3.75
Acres and bo\. ,ded
a. follows
North by land of Percival & Avorls Graho East by land of Perc
val & Avarls Grano South by land of Nedora Bontiff & Aldith
Peul West by land of Mrs Watson Patrick
Requst dated Mowbreau Letang Applitioof Moow
29. 3. 76., personal represent bureau Letat person
Presented tative of Joseph Ia representative of
S13. 5, 76 taniel Joseph Daniel for the
at 10.30 a m by his Solicitor issue of a firt certif
M. Eunaia cate of title in respect
Charles of a portion of land
at Jopp in the
heights of T ib,- .1 in
the Pari~h of St An-
drew containing 3.7
Acres and bonded
S'as follows
Northtby land of Robert Royer North-East by land of Ru'js
James and Famine Patrick, Sout-East by land of Nedors eanti
Aidith Paul South-West lands of Mrs Thomros Augustin,
Registrar's Offce, Henry Dyer
Roeau, Dominica. Acting Registrar of Tii. .
NOTE:-- Any person who desires to object to the IstuS f a
First Certificate of Title In the above applicatioremay -n -e a
Caveat in the above Office within six weeks from the d.* of
the first appearance of this Schedule Jn .she TAR N wpier
Spublshed In this State or from the date when the notice 'fe--
icrlbed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adjotng
land In respect ofwhich the application is made.

f~---- IIII~C--~bL--I ~-__

C--, -JC- t -I- I I IU Il J

Page FiW


Page 3-. T 9HE" -%S.T iA R- Friday, nay I4, JL'f
M*S*sT*-A.R*S*P*0sR*T*S.-;. Morchriston THE FIND WAS HISTORIC I
Dominica start. their defence of
the Windward Islands Heineken Tourna- IR.ember our front page query of 16th
ment championship today (Friday) at April? Well, the fragments optery
Windsor Park vs. St.Vincent, For 2 picked up by an artistic young man
consecutive years Dominica has inflicorking on a Govt. road project near
ted defeats on the other Windward Is. Soufriere- and he is Carl Winstqonof
teams; 1974 (when Grenada did not take Giraudel district proved,according
part) and 1975. Starsrts ook for- t PetitjeanRoger o ar
ward to seeing 1 Dominicas margin of tinique (archaelogist) tb be relics
victory maintained. At Press time: of a 2,000 year old Aratk craft.One
(See page five for latest cricket of Dominica's earliest historical,
scores ieTase) a- ces. This is a great discovery.
In a warm-up macn against a Cana- Dr.,,Petitjean-Roger, visiting Lennox
dian team now. touring the W.I.,D6min-- Honegchurch and holding talks with
ica won by 163 runs in a two-day matc4, famous Douglas Taylor ('who really got
Scores: Dominica 175 and 202 for 5 del the investigation started), said that
C.Elwin 34,9.,hiUlip 1,G.Shillingfad judging from the ornaments he has sen,
27- KLaurent 25 n.o-, T.Kentish 22,E. the potters were Arawaks, whose earl-
John 35,1 shillingford 34,N.Phillip iest settlement here seems to have
34 n.o. and Gifford Walsh a blasting been about the time of"Jesus Christ.
undefeated 45. For Canadians: Walters Acknowledgments are due to Mr.Oliver
3/25, Patel 3/31,Sealy 2/25 and Persan Green,who put Douglas Taylor in touch
2/41 (2nd innings). Canada l146 and with the Editor and started the chase.
68. F.Dennis 46 (best innings inmaith)It involved several abortive attempts
Sardine 27 & 25,Walters 27 & Williams to track down the relevant Mitisier,
22. G.Shillingford 1/25 & 3/15, N. -- ...
Phillip 1/16 & 2/23, K.Laurent 6/53 & DOMINICA ARTS COUNCIL
2/10, T.Kentish 2/24 & 2/04. This enterprising body has taken over
BASKETBALL: Last Friday night Ken the Old Mill at Canefield as an Arta
Stars (W4) easily outpointed SMA Grats Centre. Alwin Bully and relative new-
(32) in a junior match. In senior fix.comer Mrs. Freddie Goode are chief
tures, Harks beat a slightly improved motivators, .This centre will mean a
Roots 52-36. That night the most'ex- lot to the community. AL,
citing, keenly contested season's
match was between Fanta Strikers and CONTRAST IN FUNERALS (from page 1)
Bata Pros, By the interval,Strikers But poor Santapeets May Day burial
lead 14-12 in a dull boring session, only drew recognition from some 15
On resurrtion the match picked IV no-' followers. What an ungrateful snob
mentum first one team and then the Partyl How forgetfull On May Day, tca
other led, By the final whistle, 'Freddie Shillingford, also a very
scores were tied on 34 each and the poor labouring man despite his not-
match went into extra time: able name, brought out.a vast congre-
the five minutes ektra time wore gation of mourners and pympathisers
played out, Bata Pros led by 1 point, to his funeral and subsequent memor-
Final scores: Bata Pros 43 and Fanta ial service, Freddie's body lay in
Strikers 42. Outstanding players were state in the Cathedral, like the Un-
the two St.Hilaire brothers,P.Christin known Warrior, as his home was too
& No,9 of defence (Pros);L.Rocque,C. humble to accommodate all followers.
Beaupicrre,D.Guye & ELoblack(Strikas Both these men have achieved their
Weds.night in a keen fast match,Stri- eternal rest no more Party strife,
kers defeated Harks 72-59;whilc C'n'C
Cardinals won easily against Roots IKNOW YOUR NURSE I
6s-38)., :- LATE SPORTS EWS: Britain re International Nurses Week was ably
uset entry permits to RODESI4N cric- celebrated in Dominica. An Open Day
eam:,orers from Sports- Ainister graced by HE. the Governor and his
Printed. Published by the Proprietor wife, exhibits and radio talks stim-
'Robert E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill ulated interest in this devoted corps
'Rue I iJBath Road,Roseau,Dominica of public-spirited, trained women,

~n -I I~CII

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