Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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162 EAST 78 STREET NOV 171976
NEW ml&Yri 21 N., -

7p" DOMstar.Nn |7
Tl: Printery 161. gtor 210 ....
U.K. Media Repre",tativew DO MINI A1
Colh Turner (London) Ltd.
1S. Ave.:. W. __a "_rts

~arn .-u~cn


We: think it is unfair: of the Deputy
Premier to say, as he did in public on
May Day, that England is pressing Dom-
inica into Ihdependence,
In fact, it is not only unfair, :but.
SRecently the British Government made
a statement that it would not push lhe
people of the Turks & Caicos Islands.
into Independence against the. will of..
the, population. Those six last words are
the vital and operative ones.
The Ag.Premier Mr. IThomas went on
to say.-in effect that because Britain
was poorer.and aid from that quarter
was diminishing (according to him) that;
the island of Dominica was being forced
into,Independence and the seeking of aid, .
(meaning money) from other sources,
The present Government of Dominica is
already running here and there looking
for financial and other aid from foreign
countries even before tdj approich of
Independence, In fact, as far as we can
Judge, on the French Lt^ of these i;.,;cur-
sions they got a rather cool official
:reception in Britain. N21ow- they have made
Jan even more mysterious pilgrimage to
'an anonymous industrialist in West Ger-
.But there is.. the important matter of
aid strings, and these fall into four
strands or categories. (Gat.jmagg)

The Building and .LEad which, 'until
recently, housed ;the TleJlheit~ Generat ing
equipment is for sale.
SAnyone interested in acquiring this prop-
erty should apply to the iManager,Dominica
Electricity Services, Castle Street,
,Roseau as soon as possible.
*__________________t A ^

SCotmpulsory French
* Hon. .L.Cthritian, Minister .
of Education., accompanied '
by Mr. Francies Anr~E Vent
.to an Inte.rnational Assoc.
of Parliaiientariais meeting
in Mew# York,thei. on to. Paris
where they held talks With
the Agency for Cultural -and
Techldical Coopoerattion,: J..i -
had:- a.: "very' .bod -reception
f:omn! 81'h~ic; h o-u^. FS'rench-speack-
ing ptogranrnme will benefit*!'
.J'ru Se- ternbeor, .-ench will
be a 'ormpulsory subject. in
minica schools.Professor i,
Danvice (Sec.-e n~,oIf the Ag-
exicy) swill p'ay us a. visit' to
appraise our linguistic sit-
uat-irnl, Aid f'Erm PFa~iXe in
the': forr.n; oi teachers & n-mater-
al.' is prc;,a1i' U ".

ixitTmert*.i-d netrons for:-
OiQiE. 5-ton i'ord Diesel Truck
nj o. o14,10, 'f:i s', trues k/ was P); O-
chased, n.'w in" 1968, The vehicle
is -rot ;;e;ntblt y in 1aja opera-
t :n, .conditi'ot..,but it would d
n., 'rquixre too' much to make e
It rordwaorthy,
hiav7 to tender for. it as it
Sotoi In., persons iqishing to
tender .Lmt is ote that in add.-
itionl to the tendered. ---
thef will be requ rea to pay
w, .- ,'to, ms '.'.n"s i8
i ecesai;y Lt the tites of the
The vehicle Will be Bold at
the Eiscretiona of the Mantager
atd rot necessarily to the
highest biAder.
Tenders should be submitted on
or before 51st May, 1976. a,-

rrsasy, may.1M, 12- b-- -l- --.------.-------^ ---

Page Two T H E S T AR Friday,May 7, 1976
AID S T RI NG S o CANDID G.OINlT by W.S. Stevens
1) Economic strings whereby all cap- Independence for Dominica?
ital eqiptaent' ust bo .urchaedd frpm Before iTch unfiniShed business
the donor country 52) 1olltioal (ais- oan be cleared up, comes up somethji
guided as~ technical)strings,whereby of impelling inpgorwance to Dominica.
technicians are supplied by donor la~a; Of course the sole purpose ay be
3) hiddenn motive strings of a subtle to take your minds off the 101 dread
neo-coloriial type aiming at a long- or dreadful issues which keep tax-
term strategic & trade stranglehold; payers busy these days.
and 4) Aootouting strings whereby tbe The big issue before us is I~iD-
donor country ensures by close in., PENDElaCE. Minister (Ag.Premier)Thom-
spection that the aid money is spat as served it up nicely by saying
only on hf' approved project or pro- that the pressure for Dominica and
jects. other territories going independent
Naturally it is a relief to is from the British Government.His
any so-called 'mother country' when speech was doubtless drafted and
her healthy dependencies are able to timed before Premier John went dnad.
stand on their own feet --preferably While it is true mention _a made
without Mafia or Krupps crutches.But of independence prior to the general
note how Britain has treated Anguill election last year, the Governmentb
Gibraltar and the Turks & Caicos Is*, brief span in power has proved to
of whom she said that the would not the hilt that they are not the sort
push them into Independence! This is of people we would feel confident in
surely not shaving ex-.ppendages in- placing our independent existence
to the arms of moneyleaders, with. Everywhere Govts. have to cope
Many Westixdians felt uneasy how- with inflation and unemployment,but
ever about the way Grenada went it our Ministers are obviously unable
alone, and are watching the fate q to tackle these problems capably.One
Nevis anxiously, disqualification was the Budget pre-
To return to aid strings: that sented by the Finance Minister (oama
notable international documentary "Apart from the well-known fact that
Swiss Press Review has this to say a certain amount of development aid
(April 26). .o."The West has been whe given in the form of money -
accused of giving aid witi strings, goes into the pockets of corrupt
and these stris-igs have mainly taken
and these striligs have mainly taken politicians (which is obviously in-
the form of sotne kind of survey on furiating to contributors in other
the part of the donor country to see art t or t a in whice
that the aid hbs been used for legit- paint s of t he world) the beeay in made
imate purposes. *.those Who make the spending decisions have been made
imate purposesa,..those ho make the has often been highly questionable,
sacrifices should be allowed to see and the result is what we see in too
that the sacrifices a;e worthwhile" many developing countries today."
Pointing to the Con,=mAuist-inspiredI many developing countries today*"
Pointing to the Conuaat-inspired. Has the Opposition in Dominica
propaganda against such aid with ever bgei consulted about the way in
strings, and the tightness caused by which British money has been spent o
the recession in U.N. d d Western misspelt?
circles, the article goes on: "But I the ition beingcons
disillugiornmnt with the 'aid without on thi question of independence
strings foxnrla" has been more impor- o e agree wsth the UW I students c w
tart in explaining the decline than e resolution that no assodia-
molstpolit~cians ever ave to say..., passed a resolution that no assolia-
moratpolit cian s (sever cae to say.,i ted state should be rushed .'t' In
Donor counties (said AMerican diplo- dependence without a :Referendum. We
mat Moynihn) are justified. in divid- know there are some (including one
ing the deVeloplgs countries into of our contributors) who believe the
two (or more)classes: tSlose which use of the people c best be show
money given to them iri #he f orm of will of the people can best be showva
develop given to them prope,and to ose through a general election. We hope
development aidicni will stuy is and
which do not." It goes on (cpol 2) I penence some day ,- S but

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title & Notings
Lhkreon & Caveats for week ending 8- 'y 6,

7iwest dated
,3 .76)
S. 76.
... ; "aso~.5
iJrn n n iijuri

Squei Perso Presenting NatIr- of request wheW
Sther a Certificate of
Sa' | Title of Noting.thereoon
I "or Caveat.

Floreatine Application of Flores
Nicholas nie tine Nicholas n4e Ed
Edwards wards for the
by her Soli:ttof issue of a first cartifi
M Euenia Charles eate of title i. pac t
-i '.. of a portion ot land
at St Joseph in the
Parih. fl St ._fnptaih

,vzra y s -, Sr .aIJ XVID
For those
which can be persistent, we e e coC Vounding
which gos to the root of the trouble.
Only $2.oo per bottle t-

3260 sc;. f. and boun-
ded as follows,-
Nori Ea~t B Hanover Sutet South West qy land of Mary
S' aorer & Inez, Segnor. North West By hlnd of Peart
Pti r and Maa la Alexander South East By Ship Street

F.eque-t dated Peter Adrien Applicajor; of Peter
ti ,id Aprif Adrien f *r he issue
!, 76 of a first certificate
.esr-nted 27th title in t aspect of a
lVAprii 1976 at portion ot land at Pa.
S1i.00 amr yard in the Parish of
-t Andrew in the
State of Dominica
containing 15.73 acres, and bounded as follows
:torth Latd of Hertford Estate West River separating tt from
t rtford Estate South Las of Orina Leonard Joseph Austrie
I S Lsncasa r Tlhomas Isiere Wilton Stevensor Crawford Bar
i oullif & euben Adtricn East Belfast Estate
i. M wir r fi ri r 1 i rri L1 rirm ri rll lllllll I I .- g

Snd bounded as follows- containing 306 sq. ft. iRegistrar' Okffi7, Rfenry Dyer
', ortPubllc Road separating It from lndt of Everlne Noel, Roseal Dominica. Actirt Regitar of Tiles.
ath'land of Laurencle Thomas, Eae,-,-an- F 1E-rrt* No,
Sapte, laWed of L o salind Pierreo NOT';:-- -Ay person who despite to object to the issue of
S.... ..te I W- .d of Rosalind P -.err.. Prstt Cartsifcate of Title tn the above applicatlormmay enter a
-.: t dated ILianel HFutslt A.. .".' n ,f L5(< .e ti t. 1a.v OT:-: within six weeks from the date of
S 4. 76. by his Solicitor Hurtault for the is the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
1 kdsented M EEugenia su e of a first cesdtii pfj.i ihei ir ;r h Sfete ur ftrn the date when tia notice pre-
5. 76. Charles cate of title inSrespe;: crlbed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adj)inlng
11.25 ama .of a portion of lat 4 land in respect of whih the application is made,
--- .. knowns s a lotl at L,,t x- --. ----I *--- -
dat in the Parish ;
St G(eolgea'' contmaisi g
3.8 52 Abces anibo: n L.ADUPIGNY & CO. LTD,
ded As followsi -,
,rth-EastLand of Edward Rolle &' Manix Magtoire, East~;Liad
Harold Hodge> jSouthEEastLandof Kenneth John Bapsiste, Vsis Us Yo
iath-West land of Colonial Deveiopment Corporation, Vi'aSi US F r O r SupplieS
road separating It from lands of Michelle John Baptltte, f)neel

i.q'equest dated Avendale Giraud Application of ion,
13. 4. 76. by his Solicitor dale Giraud fce the
Presented M Eugenia issue of a first tfiresh Vegetable Seeds
., J. 76, Charle cate of title in r: pect
I~t ll a.3n I. of a nnrtion l, .

Sknow: an a I .. aA
Forn' Canic in .1 e Pa
ris'l' of St Goot i col
taisar 0.,841 Ac et
and bounded a i olows
rth-Eastflands of Fahld Abraham and Terrance Simon
sth-East)Roseau River and Public Road tepar;tlng It f -c land
Torrance Simonj South.Westlane of Consal Hou!n;. &
. analn Autharlty, North-West;land of Simon WilliA d i ,d
fblic Road, West;land of Simon William m (fia',t ,



ii1e tdv A sitse c.e the Favour-

able Weat r. and get Your

Seeds Sown Early # 4

.______^ ________ 8

~ ---N I_- ICI--L - -IILILr-*UIOI~-~IIYIULL(

Pa" Thre


, ........... ......- ---

Request idatjd Reb;cca iApplication of Rebec
17. 12. 76. as rwi,.ot .. repre ca Rolle as personal
Presented sentativet o4 Mario representative of
4, 5. 76. 7. P er r -/ ased Marie A. Peltier de-
at 12,30 p.m. by he Saolicito1 ceased for the issue
SM Engna: Ch~ arles of a frsti certificate
-- --f titl in respect of a
portionn of. land in the
Towni of Roseau in,
the Parish of St
CGeorge containing
\ )Brt^ sC. t. a' bO jO^

.*,_1 flE CTAI- jfl_ 1

'Fridy,. 1976

.3 M m a-iree ^r a X-04;r 11 1.1
_ _ ~ -

Tenders are invited for ,h p& rdhase ,f
the following vehicles:
ZI One (I-7 ton Bedford tn k Regis.
tration No. 979
S2. One (I)-7ton Ford truck Registra.
S ion No 3 739'
3. One (1)- 5 ton Ford truck Registrs'
tioa No 3792.
These trucks may be inspected by ar.-
rtngemeat with the Operatiors Manager,
Dominica Banana Growers Associatipn,
, 3 Hanover Street, Roseau.

Applications are invited ifor this post
which will shortly become vacama. Appli.
caots, preferably over 30 years of age,
- would have a recognized professional qua-
lification and between five and ten years
progressivee experience since qualifying.
"'his experience should include service in
similar eubstanive position with the re-
.ponsibility for Company secretarial Ac-
:ounting and administrative work includ-
ing the organisation and supervision of ac-
counting staff, budgetary control and the
preparation of reports to management and
the Board.
-Starting salary will be in tre r4nge of
EC $15,0oo to EC $2osooo,

Applications in handwridil.g giving de-
tails of education, qualification and expert
ence should be addressed to:-
Dominica Electricity Services Ltd.,
P.O. Box 13,
Roseau, Dominica,;
Envelopes should be marked "Confiden-
tial"and should arrive by 15th May 1976.


Offers in writing must be in sealed en-
velopes marked "Tender for Truck and
addressed to the General Manager, Dom-
izica Baanaa Growers Association, Ro-
seau, to reach him by 31st May 1976.

The Association
accept the highest
27 April, 1976,
26- )I/

does not bind itself to
or any ,offer.
r. C, rish,
Ag. General Manager,



W- ines

Produced and Bottled in Great Britain by
Vine Products Limited, Kingston-Upon-Thames



---~~-n -L~- '~c


;~pe ..1F;uarP

mi. CTAD)

fff ZZ-7:Z `1-

Friday. M.a -7, 1976' T MTA PagER
Madam, .mone who movd: Premier John and his. wife are. in
like to start an 'i "abn Guyana for a few days, following a
here in Dominica because I think quick visit to Germany & .Switzerland.
too'.much cricket S ing our :,.I.Thomas is in Grenada; at.a meet-
youth and. we adutsti.m and t- ing of"Labour Ministers which is r.-
youthzs and we adu~ta ..t~ime and pat-L
ience too, Please keep my name "t vicw-ing the 'activities of the ILO in.
presently 'this .area, -trainngof. Labour offices
Imagine .I am the mother of two etc. Hon..Midhael Douglas was among
.1 i,1 ..... ?^ th6se who signed the ratif-cation .of
sons and they only li e for cricket '. o sined the, .. atn .
which one of them is 'od at. They the W.I.Shipp-ing Corp. agreement last
will not undertake any work which, week* Financ for 4 sh.ipss coming
does not give them time,off to fol- ,from the. Caribb.ean D velopment Bank,
low the matches that they p-lay in .r.Doulas also attendod-a LIAT dis-
different vi.llage.s. .cussion. ^ -
I doubt I will ever be a grande 1 PARRO I ....' i-
World champion calypscnipia Sparrow
mother because .my boys taeke more .n,-WorL champion Ioay ,parro
.terest in their sports clothes and .oond up with a ery- sucss sho
at the' ARBEEeDEE CihecmaPdtsmouth,
Things and. other cricketers than in. at the' ARBEEDEE Cihma PO.tsmouthr
girls. All I am for them is someone ,then headed for performances in Rcmau.
to cook tood to \make them .strong fo1
that game cricket which is like a .;NDE 1E FO DOMN v ,S. .
religion. It puts me in misery. (finale)- ,see pages 2 & 6.
Cricket is a danger wicked tYes, Britain should take time over
game as it was seen in Jamaica when granting Indep ndefce s.i e she
they nearly played those p'or Thdias, responsible 'n a large measure or
... the hopelessness of She D "
They say sport is .better than war: hopdl.ssness of Domi. " the
btit I really blame the English who should help to set our house in order
introduced here a pport to take boys h8 f pulls out le.ting us loose
and men away from serious things and And' there must be no Independence
women to -do a lot of show-off, before going to the. people in a gen-
I would like to hear.from other eral'.election'-(rather 'than areferen-:
women and girls too who agree with I dum).We need .strict:stipulations.fisE
me, Please let them send. their names 'i) the' Legislature to be reduced, to
to your office. If I get enough sup- a reasonable level, with comarable-
port I. will tell my own name then. reductionn. in Cabinet .ii) cutting
CRICKETERS MOTIER down oxpenditure drastically, elim-..
(address given) .inating frills.,,as I have constantly
-REQUIRED FOTAL ~PATIlW -g proposed.
A patient at St. LukeTs tells' us '-We must have tim-to t:o. go into all.
that the folks there are longing fr the above proposals,. with registration
*a TV set and another social orof voters. due in Soto aber next,.
a V se and anot4r. GO TO ,.THE 3- ~OP E
together: wehave sent his letter to th continue bd and
the DIM)HA Can anybody help them? If they continueo to be ba,',fooled and
the D I.... ,. any.od h thalem-? 1 bribed again, thup sensible aid pat-
BIG BRTI ,GRATS l riotic Dominicans il have done
Grants of 363,000 to UWIfor Tutri ..thir best. ,S:.teens.,
trition Researc. which will. help PREMIES BR R HER .
malnourishedd children and others; Cyril V.o,.. *o.r- bi of
and 237,000' for road~ft,'ovement Patricl Joh I dropped into
OK trainers and road maintenance: fom inia again this oken route: -
equipment. On the sub eotMinister Canada toa tej. up a ciors e oonsrued
ichnael Douglas said quoted on mdio) his 'd p d
Domicas are the worst roadsv n a statement byI i-inwek
the Caribbean." 'An alry a-. .a sOtate O it by hi _Oi. ,..eeks,
2239.00 for heavy equipment was' 1 I IN. T ;N LAG ^ 1
granted by the British Government ... ..

Page Five

Friday, May 7, 1976'


PAae Six' Fric,. Ha v. T,1976

.ST-A*R*SPPO-i0*R*T*S 4Morchriston
BASKETBALL: Last Friday evening,
Flames defeated Roots 60-30 in an al-
most one-sided affair. For Flamies;P.
Skerritt 20 and R.Alexander 12. Bata
Pros, taking an early 10-nil lead
moved to their second win,defeating
Harks 53-41, For Pros N.Christian
14,A.St.Hilalre 13 and R.Joseph 13.
For Harks, BJones'12, G,Andrew 11 &'
H.Shillingford 10. In a Junior Match,'
S.M.A. crushed D.G.S. 49-15.For SMA:
M.Joseph 15,D.Shillingford 12 and
E.Lancelot. 10 .
On Wpeds.night(a rainy night)C'n'C
Cardinals (49) got-the better of Am-
bassadors (34), C.Roberts 20 & C.Jno.
it i-* - ,'r- t ^ - .5 % t q--- '/ ^^ -

N E W S B R I E F Si Roosie Douglas
paused in Jamaica, escorted in his
flight by Canadian Mounted Police on
his deportation from Canada following
a prison sentence after the Sir Geoirf
Williams University affair;'He gave
praise to broadminded Jamaican off-
icialdom, said-he was on his wayhane
(to Portsmouth, Dominica)'. -';HH-: r-;-a.'
Dominica Police have found caches of
Marijuana plants in flash raids on
Colihaut, Trafalgar and River Claire.
Barbados women must have 12 weeks
maternity leave with pay and not be
deposed in their absence. Employers
failing to comply with this new law
will pay $500 fine'or 3 months injail.

Bappiste L topscoreoa for aron. W.S.Stevens:COMMENTS on INDEPENDENCE
while A.Etienne & GJohn got 10 pts. (p.2)hardly a year ago. Our lower
each for Ambassadors. In the season's Courts are ludicrous places of enter-
most keenly contested match to date, tainment. This is not surprising.Wlhy
Flames edged out Fanta Strikers to does the Dominica Government employ
win by 6 .points,Flames leading 20-10 superannuated people over 65 and 70
at thE interval.Resuming (score 34- years old? Can they dignify the ser-
24-),Flames. still maintained their 10- vice? The policy also builds up hate
point lead 'until improved shooting by and envy among a large body of com-
Strikers took them to" 38 against,40, patent, qualified younger folk who
when they tried to force the play and are hungry. This is further aggrava-.
threw away some vital baskets.Flames ted when certain persons hold three
then extended the lead again. Final jobs paid by public funds. In my view
scores Flames 46:T.Dickson 18 and S. some Government institutions are run
Didier 12.Strikers 40: E.Loblack 10 like firms operating for profit and
and L.Rocque 10. Only ingredient lac- constant raids on public. funds)such
king, a large crowd. In the fastest as those indicated in the PWD, do not
moving game that evening (junior matci produce remedial action; there is too
DGS Stars, edged out Bullets 50-44. J. much condoning and collusion. The
Williams(23)topsoored for DGS,whilst Police Dept. is obviously ripe for an
L.Xavier (10)did likewise for Bullets oinquiryand I thin Government is to
CRICIET: The arrived in Eng- blame.
land on May 4 for .their 4-month tour Turningtb themMinistry of Educat-
(which.includes 5 test matches).*Dom- ion, despite warning a school was cn-
inica will play a match against the structed in the heart of traffic with-
Canadian Cricket team now touring out a sportsfield'- in the city of
the West Indies,this wkend;Windsor Bs Roseau. Now teachers and pupils spend
MOT~HERS DAY -'SUNDAY, MAY NINTH'I a lot of their time clearing dust &
Sb .l ...d b h P. p -r muck from their eyes,noses & throats*
Printed & Published by the-Proprietor In Agriculture, the *Banana Indus-
Robert E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill try ia rolic of the Bsatv system
Houso at 26. Bath .Road,Rosoau, Dominica whro ins a manr s earnings arIe confis-
SWe st, lndies. -,.y.--:*-':..-..:--,. .w rei a'.. ,ma s:ea:-rnin,; .s ar. con .
.West..Indies.. cated because his money is too much'
The Citrus Industry seems carefully dovetailed to discourage the 'small far-
mer;there are too many top-salaried people in this ministry who promote pro-
duction by talking at Church-time or on evonihgs over the air in tormes
that ti-ed farmers do not unt~stand;and some officers draw pay for, no work.
HEALTH-is the most neglected service rendered to tho people hero. "No neco
essary drugs available" is more t~ t thA he exception. A 35-bed hos-
pital in the UNDP plan is cut oui~see bso heFpresentativos. BRITAIN
may well be fed upbut she must give us time...(Final para. on page five)

rp H Fl .,c~ rp A R

Frjdav, Tla~:7. '1;976

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